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Full text of "The history and proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the present time, containing the most remarkable motions, speeches, resolves, reports and conferences. v. 1-14; 1660-80--1742-43"

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O F T H E 

Houfe of Commons 



The nioft remarkable Motions, Speech ts, Rs- 
soLvts, REronTs and Conferences to be 
laet with in that Interval : 

>moAexaAK«Tt MATES of the Chi^ of Covrmment t 
Swk of the PuuLtc R«veni;b j thcRire anJ Growth of 
Ibe National l)EnT, Expenct of the War. Proceed- 
ings on Ways «nd Means, SriECHEs and Messaoes 
from the Th'one, Adorzi&es, «nd Remonstrances^ 
al&i the Number) Pro utd Cm upoa every Divilion, t^i^. 

^iujr of wkich Carious PuticnUn «cr« never before piinted, 

CoIIc^^ from the bcft Authorities, 

Camparcd wlih th« Joulkals of die tlovsB t 

Alkl illi>AratcJ with a great Varutr of HuxoKiCAL m 
ExPtANATORr Notes. 

Tcgciher with a large APPENDIX, 

£xa<fl Li!T( of evcrr Pari.iamekt, the Name? of il« 
SpeAKCXs, tlie-.r fcveral Pon* urtder tlie Gbvctmncnt . 
uid gihcr valuable, Supplcmcnial Pieces. 




L U ,V O O K: 

^fD CriAXDiiK, itnd ToU at the Ah;^ witiiou; 
. fl' »r,d u: Tt-i seJ 5'(irAr««r'^. !■ 



T O 

lHis Royal Highness, 


Prince oiWALE S, 


OUR Royal High- 

nefs having conde- 

tnded gracioufly to ac- 

cept of the Three former 
Volumes of this Work, 
We beg Leave to infcribe 
the following like wife to 
your Royal Highnefs's Pa- 
tronage, and remain \rith 
the utmoft Gratitude and 


Tour Royal Highnofs's 
Moft oledient 
Humhle Servants, 

The Compilers. ' 




Fourth Volume. 

'he Firft Sellion of the Second Parliament 
of King George II, 


HE Pai/iamini mitl January 14, 


Mr Arthur Onpw rt-tkHfd Speaktr^ 

Tht iOng's Spttch at ^nlnt the ^rfi 
Stjfian cf ihi Staod ParBamtnt, 

Mr llisrri^i Mttisnfer an Jidrefs tf Thanh, 

Drbatt thtretn. 

An Aiirifi if 7l>aah agreed tt and prtftmtit 

Hii Miijtfl/i Anjwtr tbrrrtt-, 

Miiioa, in the Grand Ctmmtttt sn fbt Sop^fyf /nr 
graaliag 20yOO0 Meitfsr the Sea-Senaa, /cr tht 
7fiv 173s, vnlh the Dibble ihreitt, 
MrtY Ttrnfind Men vtttd ftr tht fold Struct, 
tr Sandji't Maim far an Jddrefi ts the Xing^ fer 
an Ai(&tta ^ tht Expences tnnirr'd, in isnii- 
^tiU ef the Fetg tf Credit paft'd h^ SeJ^ 
[ wtb tit Dttitt thrtdi. 













^fhatt Ofnctrning the Number of Laad-Forces fir 
the Tar J735, ji 

fi(V 'James Campbell caWi to Order, for rejle£l'ing on 
Mr Enkine, on atceunt tf his Brother the Earl 
ef Aiar'i being tomern'd in the Rebeilwiy Anno 

17IS. 71 

Mr Plumer's Motion fir laying before the Hiufe 
the Sng'i fTarraut far permitting Litters lopafs 
fofifree, 73 

Sir William Wyndham'sMslion fir referring the Efii- 
maiii of th Navy Jor the Tear 1735, to a felt£f 
Cemmitieet 74 

Mr Plumer's JlSilion for eppainting d Cummitttt la 
inquire into the Po/i-O^te, with the Debate 
thereon, • 86 

Sir tyalter TV^gjlaffe Bagi'^s Mmim for a Claufe 
to he added to the Mutiny-BHU reLt/ing ta the in- 
iifitig ofSoyi^rs, with the Debate iherton^ 


Tbanh fir to MiSf/iyt 

1 06 





I *thc Second Scffion of the Secoo J Parliament 
of King Geohok H. 

~l/, .iwttntmf' -4, 1C3 

' '.:int fa- lii A Hktlkt^ 105 

i'i:.:i^ .. _. iJ-jjUni li'tttn .,.,_./,.>(f tf 

cm mtku kbiftM fir tfft CsuiUy */ is'k^ 
VftCmmimjUirip <fr 

HAmt m a Pftitint . ^' tf ja aadxt ZitffUn 

fir iht Cm^fj- 1/ furftH, 

-.fir Cmtmry, 
■M {'futim :i ,y'i."cvT Chtsty Ef^\ nmfkhnng^ am 
Mwb Bkmm /ir Hnirp^ixu ; mtb iht Dtbatr 

IJ Ptiuum af Rithtri Bktfipard^ B^i tmpkiiimg c/ 
am amdtit EkSfim fir Smthwark i with ilM Dt- 
^■" ''^■"w, 115 

Sir 't^t£tr'\ M^imjtr 15,000 Mm/m- the 

Hn-scr.jTt fmr lUY*^ iT3fj \ icith th$ X>thmJt 
ttrnftme, 1 1^ 

Dftatf M Mr Phfifftft Maiem fir referh/rg rht 
£fiim«tt rffh .Ni.ay fir ttt frar 1736 la afiUil 
Ctmmitrt^ J2| 

^^iajlttna Mk~. •■-■'^'"'■'^■ISiitfiir dfoT' 
H^ I'rtr Htdnititn 136 

mMrSsm^i't J4uun Jcr lajinz, tuilhiH Ibt Ttar, 
m tie Si^fitt m*(t3atif>r tbi mrrni Strvitty i ji 

r Dtkeit M tbe fimif^OisH^ 1 33 

lfc_<lfr HtUhnMt oHfJ 'A.rv tUSedfir StMlbvfd'-i^ t^tt 

Md Ptiititn f tbt r i/rt Ptatt ftr MiAIUda^ 

H^ at^n^ the titityp-^t 'vj,€ n/Sfiiritueui Ufiurs, wl^tB 
H it rderrtd u CemmJfa if tit wbeJt Hmjt% ib. 

V/jttr Ktfihuitin tfthefiiJ Cmmiiut itmrtt^, ib; 

WP'biiA RtfSkiitm art oirttJtt tj tk himji, 147 

Pmnihxf in tbe Pttitimj^ Sir XmifiiiJ fFin, 
UKpinmi tf am mitn Skltunfir the Cttnij ^ 

b n 


, /t BiStrJfrtJiot fer Smititigthr Nunltrt/C^ws 

^^^U * in ttt Haiji ^ CtmmtHu 

^^H Sitmi Dtiait m tht Yvkfiiiri Eitff'm^ 

^^H Dthtat pfi a AftfisM fir imbHng tht JGng it bvrtw 

^^H 6oo,coo 1. df 3 I. pel Cent. fhsrgtaMi on tit 

^^H Sitithtg Fund, I49 

^^H Father lifhu tn ttt Yifrl^rt Bkffimf 151 

^^H jt Pitiiisn tf th€ SNottTi ffft XtS/fy relath^ tt 

^^^1 tithtt \ end a Biu trdtrii !n attgritig^ t jX 

^^M Sir JaM) JeJhrltt Mstisn ftr a Duty / 30 s. pa 

^^H GaUan ta it .'aid en aS %nNtnu Lifaitr, 15] 

^^H M^ Fuhttuyi SpM(h axalnfi the Mttim, A. 

^^H A*iuiittm in Biha'/ ^ tht Ai>lm, I57 

^^H Tht Maun fir lejmg a Duty ^ 20 8. i)Ct Gclbn an 

^^H ell Sfiirilitm} Liimrt sgrad ta in tin Grind C4m~ 

^^H rmitftt wh) n^ alp. That aH Rttailtn ihtrt^ 

^^H fiaifaf 50 I. yttrly fir a Littitci^ . 159 

^f Cr- /Mir/ tf'alpele mj^ei. That th Ctmmilttt might 

^^^ ^t egaiM, n mek gaed wltat D^dtmin migk 

^^B l»»n in the Ci-M Ufi, ^ tfm clm^t Ri^iktimi 

^^^m 'vtbith ii darted te, lb. 

^^1 7/v fimfi prarted farihtr fin tht ttmtfttii KkUimAr 

^^H Tvimrt, eitd refilvi. That fttthMtri in tht 4fif 

^^H J^ haw A Right h veiefar Ihights ef the Sfir^ 

^^H A Petttian tf irt Dnitgipt, tit. nrnfilsiitinf ^r/v 

^^H tunpulJiMti/t HfM Viw, dud tht ptrmduu PrM~ 

^^H titt tf SmaggSngy I 

^^ Mr Pbmmtr^ Mtim fir nptaSng the T^-AB^ \^ 

■ Tit AtHtv fir rtptaSag tk* Itfi-AR fd$ii in tht 
H iitgaih*, 172 

■ 5ir RiiyiTt tyj^psU'i Prepefiih, thai tht Lap tht Ceui 
^^H Uji might Afian hj th Dntin m Spintnmt id- h 
^^H fmn, injght h HW gtad hj Jvm athir fwiU^ B 

^^V ti It tht SivHng-Fimd ; ttn/A tbi Dthaa ihtnmt ifl 

H 7tw Rt^!miitm in Pu-fitant* thrrt^^ tM 

■ Tht j^fir'r Bin trdrrid ta ht finmd^ fM 

■ DtttOt M a ASttiati fir en Aaimstt rftht Praduxt tf \ 
W tht Exciftyfrm iTittt^'j^b, lb. 
^k Ptmiaits fram tht Citrgj agexi^ the ^altrt Sill, 17^ 





Ur Ji^ Jthlj prtfinii t$ tbt iU^ lit BH agaU^ 
fyiriramt L'fmn i vMihit nuvt rtad okJ uv- 

7i-. £M:Un£ tbt Siijnifr sf (^teri ia iht 

4B*tiAm tf thi ^Todtn ta tht BriiiA Sui^r-Calt- 
tati in Ar. ' ■'.-■' r :.,g fg Sfiri- 

tKmt Ltfi^ T, ib, 

J Ptritim ^ iic BruiiiMit.: .nfi iht Bill 

rtiHi^t It Spirimm: L^utrs ; ...._,.. j/i tbt ttvtr- 
AiiTihMit tQ tbt fimr Pu^piji, j 78 

T /»K.*^</ 19 fi\>ew any ubtr Sort ^ Bt^mli 
<Hij Cf^f^atitn it Englandt (79 

Anher tM^tt tenifnang tbt ^pBial'uH ^ tbt Rt- 
conen a'i/iK^ tj the Rnoilhig ff Sfiraunij Xa- 
fmrit ib. 

Ditmtt ttvtridng tahat Sitm/bmU It graniti It iht 
Knffir fioMKgjkib p^iunty tt J/nuH Mfptn 
im the CiiKlUJi bj dJiering tbt Duties tn SpoTtti- 
w Idfum'St j8o 

J^ftmtmi fir [rtntiag mff 43,000!. ftriiat Pur- 
rcf. ]8i 

- granting 7O»D00l. M that Ausunt, 183 
^.■t' .i'iumtnti fir gtMiing m men tisan 

4}.000 I. 187 

\mttr4 ff ftr wbt'- ^ ' ' 'oUhvit- 

' iK^ihg gmd ihe L.' .: nay fcq^ 

ft» tm tin Chdl li/t^ ty ibi biii niuiing It Sfi- 

Cai tJ agaxKjf the ^eitrs BiHy ib. 

, . '94 

.rfwr/ tf iht RtfimieM if iht Ctm- 

Vjiffly 7ajOOOl. fc. 
■', fc. 

^n ftvtm' Sf tM d>9Jt Rifil^an ff tht 
-""./, 1.99 

gamxtt ia tvosarifibt JUfoktimi ff 

rt^t /* tg'vr mlb llv Cimnntta in 
V 71: . -V Lfi, %ot 

/r.'a.S dTiT\i ! zai y tin BiS 

.jri, a 09 

v^ The C O N T E N T S, 


ArgurmnU again fl that C/aufe, 213 

farther Argsnucnti in Favcur ef the C'aufi, 2l6 
'Ibt Clauji iffer'd far excepting Putub oat of tki Bil' 

relating to Spiritusui J^iquort is rejt^ed, ISO 
Tbe Bill relating to Spirituous Liqu}rs ^ajCi^ ani 

fent up to the Lo'-ds, 221 

Furiker Dehatf on ths .^laken 3111^ ib. 

Further Proitediirgi on toe York/tire E/eilient ib. 
Mcti:nfor an Addrcji to the King, on the Marriage- 

ef the Prinze effyaleSy ib. 

fht fakers BUI ordered to l-e engrcjfei^ *i%$ 

Farther Debate en the ^akeri Bill, 3k. 

Th Quakers Bill pa/s^, •230 

Dcliaie jn a Bill ta prevent SmuggSng^ ib. 

Ol'jefliens to the BiR, 'iji 

The BUI agiiinft Smuggling committed^ ■ *234 

The ycrkj&re Petition dropt, ■ ib. 

Debate on a Brilfir explaining the Brittry-^, fb. 

Th fdid BiHpaffe'd^ *%2S 
Tkt Bill agoiiifi Smuggling read a third limey and 

Jerit up to the Lerds, •136 

Debate on an Amendment made by the Lords, 3). 

H^iek is agreed to and the BiH pajfed, •237 
The Kin^s Speech at putting an End fa the Sutnd 

' Sejion, ib. 

The PetrliaTrent prereguedy '238 

The Third Scffion of the Second Parliament 
of King Geob,G£ II. 

THE ParRcwoit meet, aiS 

The Lcrd Chancellor's Speech^ in the Kem if 
Lards CsmmiJfjentTi apptinied by tbt Sag, at' 
cpening the Sejfien, Feb. 1,1736-7, 126 

The Commons Jjdrefs of Thanksy 2*4 

The King's Anfwer thereto, aag 

Petition relating to en undue EkHitn fir iht Cttinty 

of Norfolk, 1251 

Sifilution of the Houfe upon Ufls ^ Cmtrtutrttd 

Filers, with the Debate thereon, 23a 

Debate en a Petition rsmplatning ef an mdut Eltc- 
tisa far the Bormgh of Flinty 234 




tfw Spmh f lit ItrJt Ctmmfmm raJttn im 

Dii-at/ an tbt Ainfitr t/ LinJ- Ftrcts /tr ibt Vtjr 

•737» 339 

Ur Pmimtff Mitim fir an Aiirrfs u tbe JBng Ig 
fitlit 100,000/. per Annum upiu tkr Pn'mt ^' 
ffaru with th* Dfhalf tbrrf^n, 37; 

*"' "^''^ •"'I ^ tht Cemmiitu ef Stif^lf^ 34I 

' Aim tF^HU Muitf) firp'.innttg tt his A^Jif 
■iDOCOoo/. fir naming of lir 

atnai'd Cefital ef iht Sfu^ :. _. .-_.*, tem- 
wm>f tmStd on SaUlhSta AnwttitJt wHh 'At 
Ditgif thtron^ j^j 

ir Jttw RiVKtrfi Mtiien far rtahUng the JSitg tt 
TtifF Atmtf if Sale iff AimtttUs/gr Yiert, er 
Iftin, tr *r ttrrweitg at jl, per Cent. Inlfrtfi, 
I" 'ittmm ^^ ""^ Miv Siulh-Sia jiit- 

'■ fA/ IMaft thtTMBf 38J 

■; Maiwfr taking ^ fmb loxti 
•I .!■/■ r:.-ji furtitm/imf 19 tht Ptar^ and l» the 
iUnxfa^fnrtrj, ttjiett a\ iht N^itnal Ddt/^U 
k rt^aai tt 3/. pet Cent. Jnttrtjl, witb tbt 
QAut thtrtm, 454 

P JEitrr/ H'ifftl^i Methn ftr inifig a Dvlf iifm 
ft»wr ma^f ^-^ ' ■ '', vfitb the Dtiatt thtrtm^ 480 
W Mr a •• >y. An A/f Is diftbll AW- 

If'iltta, t^,Jrtm tjiingy W&Vf c «- 
^tt <r Piatt ^Maipjhwf in iht City 
,.., «r ff/iwbert in Crtat BntaHf and 

.t in thtjUi Ckf, 4tm- 
■HHi'-i (■■MJot.iHM/ff, £iii flf" tuttttftnfiijf 
r^th .AMi^-SMp ?« ff-thtji^ Cjth 
" " tit fimtr, fio6 

'I ^fmh et ^tiMt «* Ad ^ ^ ^^if>^ 


DireSions to the Bookbii»der, 

AFtcr EcfoUows •Ff»*Gg. CaocclFf, 
Page 22 J. C^cel F. 33^ 330,131,132 
and you'll find one Leaf in this Half Sh« 
to fupply thofe Four Pages. Cancel Sf f 2. P. 
C07, and yon'U fiod a l^f to iupply ir ac the 
£ad of the Index. 

ER R ^T /t 

TIAOEstS, liMiB, rMiptcMM. P. aw, L. C. n>J Sir WUlM 

IMVi p. iw, U la. — J We i ifii ii J iii M K. P. Tii.r)aiil4Ba*~ " 
^ — . — . --,,aij itaHKl MoM«. 

nrew. r. 5^4^ *, 
], L> SI, T>>J wtkar 


<|pM att. P. J44, b )|4 «^ JwM Eiftw. BU. L. |o. 

ikatk Suppl/ he granted Itn 


MiMuTBs, Gff. (if /^ Fifth Session ; 
■ ty way ef introduflion /p, 0/7^ Iltuflration 

^kr^, thf D K B A T F. 9, ^C. 'Uffmh J^UoW, t9 

^■j^ ErJ oj tbifaid 

HI S Xfi}cAy'cair)c to ihr MmIc cf Pictrt, and opentd the 
£ ESooH^h a r. . i-'uiSpMCh (ram ikcThrtjtc, 

MbKh >•;* p.jir ;-/>, . ifoc A'ldlTl* And ihC DcbuU 

-it oaranctir', ^^-p/ ; + i. ic. 

Til* 51b itir li.iiilf fcf'ilrr<i 

Tbr Otb, Oi.crco... iiutti ef Acmiiitt CO be Iftid 


aiC'j!. !i,ii Ilti M.irlly b« addiHTcil for fetcral Mc- AiUrc& for 

■«f«b, : the TfMty of Sc»ille, rtiari^g to* 

9am CO! ' . &c. lo tw tttii Iwlorc Uum. ty liI Srrilk'. 

■Sluli Ii.;n , ,^ .{ bctoii? ihtiHdore. 

A UacHta urai maiJe. and ibe (juclUon pu(, lh*i hu Majefty f^ Motion fot 
hi addrcfcl 10 \»j Admlial Hjiklock'i I nilruftii>i» bctbre aIimiiI llu!. 
IWbi (I fwllcd 10 ihe Nc^iive, on m Divifian, Ajrc* n^,ioc\.'tXtAt\,c- 
Kan I *:3, 9m ihr Lkb»te page );q, ic. Alter i^tticli » vrai r'*j*" owt-ns- 
•OTtd that fevenl Fjptriitbting CO S|»nif}iC;iIKiirctt!« laid '* ' 
ydaam il«n, wtiich fttH'td in ihr Nr^livc : A^t IIO, 
Hon loo :^ tte IMnK, f»j;e 369 Arc. 

The lith. Tbe Houte agrcfd to tbe K<poft «f YeAcrday'i 

Rx&'lLirTff 38 the ^uppljr, VIS f(«foU(tI, ihki li.oooScs- 

Me i<tvi« ofirte Vmt 1719. 

(1 noi exceeding 4 1. pti M»o per 

■ng ihe Expeoce* wf the Ume 

...:i» DO t^B ^ttjtply omc to ihi 


■^">* Man b* pawrt W Liod Forcn 
r i7j9 On a Divpfton: Ayn 

6*7,5491. Iti. ]d, be gtinttd l«r BiBiiiuitiBg 


^^^^'iff t-tfi^U 1 aovi .lJt« omy. 

Kc rctittoo. 


Tktt 128.061 It b«gm)te<irortlt«G)iTtraniorMtaoKS. 
Gibialtar, Georgia, tn. 

'rtijt 37,17x1. be gnaud for Oit*Peiifionns of Cliellin. 

That ;04i 1. be granted, for dcfreyiog TcTcn] cxlriordi* 
Mry Kxptncci iocurreJ in 17J8, and mx provided for by 

The lOtb. Read a third tiin«, and pnfTcd ihc .Malt-Bill. 

The 33d Read a (eeood ticM, the Bill for puriOtioj 
Rogues, VagabonJi, Jtc. and for ihc Relief of Luoatia* 
Bod I'oiindling Children. 1 

Received a Petition ftotn the Weft' India Kferchasm 
ttnding (o Amciica, and another Pnition from the Mer> 
cbint^of Bnftol : See Page 417. 

After Debaic, OrieteA that the Petiltonen be beard hf 
tHemfelvet, (not by Counfcl) on two Oivifion* 1 Aye* sjj* 
241, Noei E08, zgj. 

The t6th. Reetived Pctittoci relating to Wcftmtn(!er> 
Abbey, St. Marnret's Cburcb, the African Companr, and 
tfic Colony ofCjCorgi). 

The j8[h. Rccei\-eda Petition from fevera) GUftisalceri, 
Brcwcri, Sugstboilcrf, Smitlt}, I>ycn, &c. Confumcn of 
Canli, complaining of the Abulci and l-'rauJi in n)hancii| 
the Price, «i)d praying Helief. 

Rrferr«d 10 tlic Consideration of a Commiticc of llM 
whole Houfe. 

Marti J. Received a Petition from the Metchanta of 
E«)inbeTgh. MpicfliAg iBtir DiiUttifAdioo 10 ibe Coafia- 

Referred to the Ccmmittee oti ihs OonvttMJoe. 

Read a third time, and pafTcd the Mutiny- Bill. 

The whole Houfe wai called aver, according to Older. 

Tbe 6[h. In a grand Comitiiitce, to«k the Corvcntiott 
Into Confiilrration, and feveral McTthanti were ciUnl m, 
Itai ensiined, nrUting to their Loifti (utiaincd by the Spa- 
aitrdi; CipttiQ VaugKan, and Cafmn * Copittiomc wen 
sUb examined retaiing to their iWci and cruel UUge. 


* TIwCaie oJ Richard Cupiibomr, lok Ow&eraod VUlhr 
ek Ike Ship Betif Galley. Bonhen t ;o j om ; rclitiDg to 
kn being ukcn by the Spaniard], ind the Loffn fuftaiood 
by tiimlcll and the Ficigbtcn thereby: bumbled nddid^ 
fed to tlie K«n«rabk the Hirufc of Conmoaa, 

Ewfft M*at nLth't Titrr 

Tilt Stip bttvi^ btn rmitw im 
' t^. «•■//!•* Sn^rrtrigtiu ik'j All tU famudilUt ^ 
• p»i ^if QUim fir tbt J^ tHrnft hub btn, fmrfi^at m 

^P Tlw TtJi' Rcccivod two Pctitmu fiom ihe Merdiuti of 

H^Seodiad. >e>iaU tbr Convention. 

V Rdared to the Coerideniioii of (be CoiDmiitec, &c 

Onlncd Kn Aiidtcls to hb Majcttf to give Onlrn for 
ending a mare (picioni Edifice, for the bcircr Roception uf 


ib Utjffy't CtmwanA f^MtfitJ tm tbt Uiui»* Cat^m. ami 

SitiM^a£nm, and afirtbndivg frim ibt ffertfi ef hii Maj</!j'i 
■^ gntif^i Sp*itt, iiuti fh SaiiifeSin ttnv JUpalated rt- 
ianrj tmiy » CmfiMTti ('■ /imirk-m, ihtj tarnhfy ^ Iftive la 
watt tiat Cafi hmun at liii y^nautt, uM dettt'ti tut lit 
fnM L'mJtt/i V 'Au /^M«w<t£/r Hm/4 wit frvoiJi Mtttu fir 

7^ fMd RubardCt^tbvMlHing b»amd v/m a f'VH* /'"* 
Mrfimm n L»md»a,<tvM, mfm ikt i^ii> lii^^ »/ J "iif, 1727, 
mimttd hj n S^mi^ Privaltir andrr Twij/* Ci^^M'ii and 
tfm Sfft/al It finii, lin Privaltir thargtd hin ivilb hit 
*^Jt Tirt, atii b^eritd hm ixith a grtal haiattr nf \ttir, 
^ttki wtiij[td btm I* l«ki ibi tmrfary mfnat far in O'ftmt, 
mmi thtrdy fir(id thi Emmy H pat iff, litr-Ji^s oUul ibirlj^ 
ifc- ^(a irtnrd, -siJ* ^vtrt rrdiutd It ih* Nu'^tf ^ t^ag « 
Mv Unfi f*fi, Ri/iing, aitd Sidtt, wttft tinj ttaid^JI it/rui 

'.* { Ihi 3itn lh»i ir/l tm hard, mj «M 

«^ .41. -»/-', .,j „.ji£iu, iM ardir i» rtigim itJ MtH, inuMJ 
Ht Shf S 'ftfmd timt, Kvili Slini- P«li, Pnudlr- Phjii. mud 
PtU-^lma; Vfm ntihUh iki /aid Ctfilhtm* diLhargtd kit 

I /TM/ C?>u k^a vtilh dnilt-ieund uad Paitri^u '•■"it eU 
iii Smm.'.' ' « 'tdmi lUt famt timt Jul Ft't U bit P&Vtdw 

C^iti. -diht a^rof a ftivd timt it tttiti. 

•JUatvtKi jiaJtag ihrrtsaJd bet frit k:m It /ali.fiii,T/^ivtd 
(Iwvtmg lath tr M U-'iiJ) It ttit ti-l Sf'ip '^ 7rMW, aiiJ if 

! **■# NMfri u rarn Ur fa tit J/U'd ef Jl^"^", ("^m «w 
MZn /djiM!} thrt It dijln% ibe Hu^ uftM iht Hatkt, mxd M 

i mry Smi ta ftt Swtrd; *i jj/itrtaardt nfftartd It tt tttir 

^k cifuiarui jS»diag bimAff m ibii ift/ierj/i Cfdiiita, ^aw 
^BOnAri M t^mmrr /*• Httm, ■u.'buir trtugh itrt PrivtHttr j./airg. 
^H*i «W tMag Ujt (J ibM MvAatait, firiJ Hj Qaii tfain 
^^^dtd tu i^v i iabu& mtt tnlj cut lln H^'ff' >/ lb* PfiVJi- 

ihtr, Mtd ma^ifftd mawf r/ htr Oar), iai »lj> laid *«r Bftn 
HmCmrMM, i»Un fir* .' ■ " ' ■■— -- -Hamad 
irr i)«B4(; dara^ ^ f »f tht 

imm tmimsrd Ctfttknu i m^, ni^ifu *'"•' ^J'--^"% ^^V'> 

Took the Convention into further Confiieratioo. and 
examined Mr. Sttrt, one of the Com mifli oner), relating to 
the Merchant* Account", and tho Demands of the King of 
Spnin, and other Wimcfles were examined, as to the l.imii* 
of Carolina, Ice. 


SaU', and R'S^ixS' "Wrt/ ih* famt lim* a coitlinual fiie f,3m 
t^e Privatter at his cl'ife ^arttrs \ aitJ ihi Spaiiiariiian boitrd 
tKtri bj tlitir av:n B»at fufflUd -with frtjh Men and A'nisi 
and tee famt Seat terrielt aff ibtir Dead and Weundid. 

After Jiiie, er ntarjix Mnirs Engagenitiit, CBpifSerne'i Did 
tbto up by Aeddtnt ttviwuiw, iht Bili Htad fafUi^fiat »pCK 
Dni, and tht B^i^y fren <ht fmrttaftU St thi fttmt liiMt fir^d a 
V«Utf tf Small-Shtt into ibt Cabin. By tb* bprvjing up the 
Dte.i, Copitlxme's Ftrt •aiai taktn in htliuitn ttuv Planks, 
•whith itpi dim fafi far an Q^tli of th* Emmy's Crmlty, tiii.o 
fmapp'dfivtral PtfieL ttndGum atbimvAilfi in that Condilicn i 
and loty firiffd kim, and'uirhent hUrey battrr'd, cat. and 
fiabh'd him fi inlnunanif, thai they thtmfihts bdirod him to 
bi dtad as hi lay upin tbi FImt, naked and •uir/trii^ in Blind, 
jifiirftmt limit and fiith ftmi Di£teulty, tbejgel bis Feat cliar , 
and byfaw Mm U/i'd bim ufen tbi Dtci, and from tbtnti int* 
thi Boat, and carried bim on board iht Pri/oatier, tcbire be i/^i 
in tbi mofi mifcrable Ctndition, tiaitj,fir nine Days bfftr* ht- 
luai landed ; in tvhieh timf the Captain of the Privaieir and 
ComfoMj put it te ibt Vott •wbeliir tbejjbonU mnrdir tbi Pri- 
Jhtiri and tarry tbi Ship-to It^Jfa or Miiyerca, te difpcfi of at 
tbtytbought Jpari tbi Prifmen Lrvei and carry fbtm 
M Malaga, aeetrding ti tbiir Orders ; and it tvai carried by a 
Majority cf /n*» or tbrti Votes only, to fpari our Lives an^ 
ftamd" A far Malaga. Paving ibut refilved, ibiy kept tbi 
Prifaneri an board tbi Privateir foarlet n Hours •without a 
Drop of frtjh Water to rilinie them', •tvbitb obliged fwo of ibem 
in ibal time to drini fall Water fiviral limesi and ibey fup. 
pliid Mr. C»pitborni luitb no otbtr Su/flnauce than Biiad and 
Fifi Bones from the Captain of tbi Privateir's 7abli ; nriibir 
•weul.t li-f\ grant bim a Stile Spirits to ivajb bis Wounds, nor 
in the Heat if the Day allcu' bim tbi Bemjit of the Arntnr 
•tuhiib tbey bad to htp off the fitrfhiftg Sun, bnt dra-Htd it ojiat 
on purpefe to tcrmeut bim luith the Heat i lubieh (biing naktdj 
kliftered bis />o.A in a msfi difmal ntanner, and lb* told Df'i'i 
of the h'igl-r fu'l-i:^ afnttvardt, gave him as much thfaltiiifi 
ai ihi If^enndj i-ie rectiffd in the V.ugagemml. Having It-nt 
aft J bim fir nirt Da^s. tltey cairitd ''"rt it.'o Mrti'ii^a, -i-Jiri 
ht vnt'irfiirtrrd that tbt F.nrmy had lap lix'i-.i' f..'i or /tiv/.-v 
^■m hUn, and bad a ionjiderable Sambtr ■iifunded; aid tii,y 



TlMttk. T" ■ Co<»Bii«iM wok the Conffwlfio inta 

fcfiacr CoDi' •vtcft r( wm novH. tb.M an Addrtfi 

rfTbaakt bt fr«t.-Kt(4 bis Mijctt^ Tm obainirg fheCon- 
voKtott I •■>< ■ gnat Dcbv? ^toie iherrupoB : titc liic Dc- 
b«t u Ittp, Votane VJ. 1^ I . &«. 

Rece i reJ 

vMcft NUbttm UdlpvMy, Eff. bii Mt-jt^r'i dnfiil, nuiJt a 

Dtmmmd aT ifc i'n^ m»J Cm-gr, mmJ uli P^mm^i /# hr nmJi 

mA .Mudf^r jipfiltmum iv«i 0^ siiirir it it. y^tjir 

Jfivr. rH^xAiH- frtm ibt St»tt> Gorr»l. ibtr. at MJiriJ, 

*—^ ■< ifnf" »l GilrttUar, J'ltm tiiwa ^r/.i/ Htf't 

•<-• ■' lieii lb* ^inftnJC.TT^'JMtifUtt ti^trtdt* tbt 

ii» Umm^tt maJe gta^, artwiia^ Is fit ttta 

— ' :\t* PifLmiaary .^rtiilti : Rut, (smliarf 

. . , tinrt iaim an Oratr frtm Madni 

ftr tit Vir ff it* fvtt Ctip/fti, 

I' 'imtii^t lit '■ ■' ■'-, rial tit PreHmharf 

Jrt- H'n'* it! i'A:.. ■yiV*ii7S7. M ^■ 

wA i. e --- ' miu Otiyi bfjvft iki f,i.' M liikim i 

rf yart. IT I 7, All C'l ' "J'/^.l •'• 

■/, tt^' it aiiainta tiitn 
mr i and »/m itt 23^ 
-■.'i---r aiJ iht Camf «f 
..Mr Menth it "jiaS fat- 
■Jt faii Prixatttr faiUi 
I ti* Six Ctafi, •wbitb 
^JL Ji laiai. 

I .. ...... ,1 tnoj ^Jvtrtissid h t(i4 

U- ,' Jfril I -50. that idltht Sufftr- 

n Mi .. 1. J ,-., ,1 .- . .BT ^ivaid fi-vi im tmJ wf'^t (Of it C/aiiwt 
iftm O^'i. it trdif ■'• utftut Sriiiiathni iJiitij •iiivdmilj 

■ .■ - ' : • ■ * iih, 

'*:tJ A'iui.i. It -jai Jtut\ i;iji^iMtd it ixfi'ii il'^rji, [iuU 
JmmAttf Xfji^'itim jitM ii mad* n tin Su^.-rtrt, ^v/Mi»t 
I fifit^tft ftv*9llr jirrieln e/ rif fau Piilirsixajin. 

tur^t *»« 7«»*» jiffUmtiut ntdi m ibt «y ft' 
hi ^lU frtjf»i mtumu: Jftr Rtirtfi im tin ^^»ir i uni 
thd C*fitkv^tt bitA maiit » 'Jn'si^ <m Px-yi't li ft-.-i/Ir, 
tm^MU^dtJiiit Cemmifarifj ^hmt i"'"', it Hif' < 'i^ 

S^m/UiefHt/irtiim/U/ tuJih 4'l>r StJ-rrr^Jfij . nf- 

■' immi/f Jah^UttJ t» tit Ctn^Jeratim ttnJ 


Received the Report of Yeflerday'fRffolulion, which gave 
Rife [o the Debate, to be found page 43. &C. 
' The 12th, the Houfe went with their Addrefs to his Ma- 

jefty •. 

The ijih. Received a Petition of the Merchants, CIo- 
thicrs, and Dealen in Wooll. complaining of the Decay of 
the Woollen ManufdAory, and praying Relief, &C. 

Refer'd to K Committee of the Whole Houfe. 

The 14th, See pige 76, 

The 15th. Agreed to the Report of YcBerday'* Refola- 
lion on Ways and Means, viz. 

Refolvcd, that Two Shillings in the Pound be granted for 
Land-Tax for 1739. 

Refolved, That no Drawbacks ftiall be paid on the Ex- 
portation of wrought PUte or Manufactures of Silver, that 
Ihal) have been wrought about 10 Yean before the Entry of 
the firae for Exportation. 

Ordered an Addrefi to bis Majefly, to congratulate him od 
the Birth of another Prince. 

Ordered a congratulatory Mcflage to the Prince of W«I« 
on the fame joyful OccalioD. 

Mr. Speaker reported that the Hoofe had attended hit 
Majefly in the Hoaie of Peers, when he gave the Royal Af- 
iem to the Bill for punifhing Mutiny and DcfertioD, and to 
two private Bilii. 

Tne i6th. InaGrand Committee took into Confideratioa 
the feveni Petitions complaining of the Clandclline Expor- 
attoo of Wooll to foreign Parts, and alfo of the Decay of 
the Woollen Manujidnrc, and came to fcveral Rcfolutioni 1 
which See pige 71, 

The zo:h. Refolved, That bis MajeAy be addrefled , to 
order an Account of the Sutc and Condition of the Biitilh 
Sugar Colonies, to be laid before the Hoale, 

Read the Land-Tax-Bill a fecond time. 
Petition nf Received a Petition from the Merchants trading to Sicily, 

the Mttchantt fcding forth that upon the Defeat of the Spanilh Fleet in 
SdlY**"* '7'8f the Merchants rcliding at MeiBoa were impriloned, 
their Ships, Goods and EfTeCts feized, con6fca:ed and fold, 
by order of the General of the Spanifh Forces in Sicily, where- 
by the Petitioners lufilred great Lofln, which were claimed 
and proved before a Committee of the whole Houfe in 1728-9. 
and the EAimates of the laid LofFcs then delivered in. Dupli- 
cates whereof arc reaJy to be produced by the Petitioners, 
who have hatLro Rellitution made them i nor, as they ap- 
prehend, did inc Lommii'kiies go ihro' the Difculfion of the . 


* 'Tiii Aildrtjj v-aj natprinltd in lit f'tla si pjutil. 


|,Sictly. or miVe «ny Riipctrt of ihrii: hni llrerv- 
ihitng fhfl Cal« of (he f ttuioneti (OEn? Conlidcn- 
|3hi ef tKe Houfc. kod p»^tng lodi Relief, a* lo die UouTe 
■^feU kem meet. 
^H Ordnvd to lif on the Tible. 

^P The jsd. Received a PetiiioB of Jainfi Buclaatun, <nd ^nj of Jimn 
Baibcn, utCfcUoJ in tbe Sliip bcipioi letting Tortti, Itini t he Bu>4iao«n. 
I^llid tUitp hariflgukro in her Cirgooiiibe Coiftof Afria. 
KSKfitlDj of Ncgccet. Gold-Diit), and Btephim't Tceih, to 
tW Vilaecrf upwirdtdoool, iinil 1ailio£ from (hence to Jz< 
■IKS, luvifig toadied on the llbnj of Bxrtudoc], wai oa 
■te i7[& of Odobrr I7;6> nkcn on the Higli Sea b^ s 
^ freaca Sliip or Vctfel, and aixM into St. Pecei'a in the 
^LlflMd of Nfirtiniquci that Soon ulier a frolecccton wii 
^PtsnaMiKcii igainH ihe Captain before the Couit of Ad- 
' Biir.' ■, rounded on * Pretence that flie *i\ ad\ing 

la L ..lion to a certain EdtA tor frttlin^ Limit* 

fftutai to untawfol Tniti boi tkat, opoo I ml, the 

{■IfR ffcn of Opioion. thai tbe Chaijc wat gronniildi : 
IfWvtbrMs the latrutlan of the Kiifl not litving bcca 
^obfitd, ciK JwlgtM wcK oblif^cd lodccUrc the faid Ship 
aad Cujp daly coti£lC3Ud i and that thereupon the Cip- 
Mio appRieil to ihe Supreme CtMrt of Martinjqoe, who 
ma Exantiuitioa anauUed ibe Jtidgmcnt given by the 
Uvt of Adaiitslty, aai decreed him Coll), atid that be 
kouU b« again put into Poilcfliori of the bid Ship and Cu- 
p. Aadt^t uiheUi.lC3puin WM prepniiEg to take foT- 
Itfiaa of hit i^hip and CZirgo, be rccciy«d ao Otdinaace 
bintbe lotcndant of the JfUnd, wlikh tmvwvni ;fae D>- 
adon qC ibe Culloras to appeal fium the Judgment of (be 
SapeMoe Ceuft, tn the FicntEk King in Council i but nevcr- 
Ikclc&erdeTvd the i**d Sblpand Cargo to bercfloixd, on hia 
mdncisg fosd and loiTictent Sccvitij. Intiabicint* of the 
masd, br lbs apprailed Value of the IJme : And that the 
bid CapCBia not being utile to po.curr ire Sccu'iiy infilled 
nconfcnt to UirSilc bl hi! Stiipand Cargo, 
che Moocy in titr Huidt of iii* Securitict. 
rOtould tie decided bv the King ind Council ni 
That trie dA Caftiin d4 ibilKiie ofienitniet u 
LPam; bvc to on Pu-'polc. he being at length loid, ihai ih!a 
Sup in ContdL Ibould pay fat a F:cni:h tilup, called the 
, ukea Same tiaw ago. That upon Pcirtioo lo hii 
r, AppticAiiaa had been made bV hn Minilter U 
tat Hut th* fuat had not iti dc£red F.ffiA, 3n4 then- 
ting 1^ Hook n tike the PrGmiOea icto i,i>t,t^t- 

Xfcc Jjd. Sk F»«c 77- 


Pnitioa of JoanoA Steplioa, 
Mn-JtcflKniijpgi^tj, iliittbc fciitiOKcr dki, fur IfiiDc Vean h& fttt 
becK foStStA of* Method of preparue Uciliciftta, whieik 
ut (ounii>y KxpoKfcc tn be a lufeand cffk)ui| Care br 
Ihe Scon«, and by which flirtuii bcr prtkni Subttoic c | 
thtt tcvenl Perfoat cf DiJtiDAioD bavc ewlcaivoiired » nita 
tin Ham of t.ix>ol. hy Toluntary CoairibiMian, in order t* 
porchilc ol bcr tkc Method of pre|ittriiig and giviag the 
bid Mcdkcine*, uA have accoidingly niM the Sam of 
I 3(171 I 3(. for thji Pur|)ofr| but Tee no PrAtMbtlity af con- 
plcaiing the whole Sum of 5000I. aad therefore pnjiiog, 

Referred lo it>« Corrmiticc o« die Snpflf t Ofl ft Divi- 
fion. Ayci 106, Na« 6;. 

Agircd to tbe Rcpcvt of ffUxj't Rcialutioiit oo the Sn^ 

pi). «*. 
Fells «w the Rcfblvid. Thai, for i)cfr.iFii>g the Cblign of hi) MtjHif't 

lofftr. Mini. Hnd tbe Coinage of Gold and Silrn- Vtoiwj-t, aad 
thcicby (0 cDcoutagc idc bringing in of Cold and Siirtr to 
btcoiwd, a KeveDueof if.ocd.per Annum be lettlfd sad 
liECarcd hu {eveji Years, fr 001 the ttlDa/of March 173IF. 

That 39,1 14I. be griflicd far ndiictd Offlceri of hii M» 
jcliy'i X^aiid f'orcet aodMirintt. for 17J9. 

That jQ^cl. ba graatad for pacing of Pcafioos to ilie 
Widows of rcdoccd OSkcra for 1739 

Th»l 30.000 i. be granted for rii« further rettlifig and im- 
fioviitg tbf Coloov ^Ceorgiaiin Aoicrfn. 

That 10.000 I. oegraotcdrurtbeMuDUaiiKeof tlwBfIa 
lifll Poiti and Sctilcraeats in Afiica. 

Tbat 10,000 I. be griated towacdt the Snppoit of Gnci- 
wich Hol^piitl. grstnted to repItKe to the Stnkiag Fuad 
Ibe like siun paid oat of lOc fame 10 make good the DcSciea* 
Cici of Ibc A^iJiiiaiial ;>uinp Ducieiat Chriftnut 1737. 

Tbitao.oool. begraMEd loicpUce to the bid FuMlthe 

like Sum paid ou (^ ibc Utm: lo ibc Gorerooti uid Csoh 

,jiuy of tM Bank of fingUnd, fir one Year'i Inirrrft on 

500,000 I- hj ibea lent on ibc Credit of the S&ll Daiici to> 

irarda UiC Supply of ihc Vrar I7S(- 

The 38th. Otdfred 10 a BtU lor Licertfing TftgediM« 
ConuBtdin. t^i sr« to be ft^ed at Bdbburgb. 

Tbe }oib. A Motiofi was madcind tbe Queflion briai 
put. that Leave be gfrcn to bring in a BiU 10 repeal fo sivcS 
ol » AiX ptiSxi In tbe 3;ili Year of the Ktign of Ki«g 
Cbaclci II. iotiilcd. An Ati for prrvmitiD; Dangm whm 
may happen from I'opiO) Kecufaeir, iioblrgcth all Perfou^ 
Wha trt iiattnd totu to/ O&cf, Ciril ar iiiiiury, 10 rtr* 



C« ) 

rltftbe Sacnmrot orihe Lord'» Sapper, within i Time li- 
ned by ihc laid AA, anH lor rxpUining and i.mcniiing fa 
ach cf the (»id Afl 35 ttUisi Eo itte Dcdaiaiiun iigaipft 
rnsAllMlititutian , 

t< paSafia the N«xiivei on a Divifianr Ayet 89, Noes 

^^iJ 3d. RefolwJ, That towaidi raifing ijoOol. p<r Velbtiiiljom 
Anntt.1. !«(- dclmying lUe Ch»rge of hij MajeRy't Mint. anJ op W«jnnJ 
lk« Coinage of Gold sftd Silver Mo;tie) i the Duties ol 10 1. M***' 
per Ton be Uitt upon all Winei, Viiifgar. Cyder and Beer, 
nnforiit] into Gtcat Unnioi.ivhicli wcreconiinutd for Tcven 
V<an. be £irihtr ^onunucd for fcveo Years loflger, from the 
£r« &»7pr ^fcrch, 73a 

Tfc>t3ll the Tcwcji. Privileges and Advantages which 
■rr» granWiJ by 9(1 Afl of tlie itiih King Oli.irliC! IJ-foreo-^ 
tvMtf. ng (be Cotr«ige p) Uoltl ai>cl iiilrcr, be fmihci conii- 
ant^ fof l«*n Years. See V'al. VI. page 7*. 

Ttte^lb. Rec^rvH th>; Report of ilie ^'oifiagc Bill] >R>1 
f orieni it ro be mgroffed- ' 

Thr lO'.ii, RtceivtJ Peiinons ff-om t)i? City, Univerlily EiUnbiir.gliPe' 
ind Merchants ot Etiinburgh, fetting forth thai thtfTratie 6f v]!"."J'^T!^ 
ih."! City is not able to oiaintain a Play-Houfe ; that fucli ^* '^'' *■*' 
itnds on']' [D the Debauching [he i\frr:i1s of their Youth ; 
Oin the Parliament has already prohibiied under very fcverc 
Pcnskies the perforniing any Pby, &c. within five Miles 
of the City. of Oxford, and Town ot Cainhtidge, and that 
Edinburgh, as a Univerfity, Ihould be indulged in like man- 
I acr, &c. Tbercforcpra^ingthat the faid Bill may not pafi 

into a Law. 
, Ocaestd to lie on the Table till the Bill be read a -Tecond 

. time. 

' Rnd a £rll time a Bill for prohibiting the Importatinn uf 

I Eagtifh Eiookj reprinted bbro^id i nod fur limiting the Prices 

of Books. 
[ Agreed to the Report ol Yellerday's Refolution on the 
I Supply, viz. 

Rcii»Ivcd, That 5000 I. be granted as a Reward to Joanna fCKi-^V gf;inf(,; 
Sctptcos, upon a proper Difcuvery ro be made by her, for ti'Ji aiii?*S(-- 
Ike U e of the Public, ot her Method of preparing her Me- J''^'"""' 
dKirtctfor the Stone. 

The ; 7th. Received a Petition of ievpral Captains, Com-> P<^t'i''^" '' 
■asders «nd UlKceu of the Koyai Navy, praying to be 'j||'*;*^'":^^'^_: ' 
kwd by Counlel, againll the Bill for preveniinj; Oflicera of 
Ui Majeily's Ships uf War, from carrying Goods and Mer< 
tlbDd^zes on Freights, or Trading therewith. 

Rtfot»rd, That the Ei!! be read a n'cr.nd lime upon this 
^jkloathi on x Divifjon, Ayes 134, Noes 80. 

b In ^ 

■ (X) 

In I grind Cominictn took tW Ccnl PiSi'ir inio CouM 
nbom aiier ikbatc, it wit tr.orcd that rfie Cbiirinin c 
Invc tkt Lbjuii Mrhich pafkil ia ■■« AAtrai4ti«e, Mm>'. 

Tbe iSih, See Vol Vr.Page 72. 

The 19th Rowi » lirlt time a Bill (or *xjittining an A< 
Rtchird II. Inntlnl. No Mas uT Liw (hxll be jHitKe 
ASiKC IB hit own L'ouatij. 

Mr. ST>c3k« icpwicd itiai titii Hoiiro h»S attCK^Jed I 
HiKcn o loG. Majrlly in ibc Houje of Pccm, when lii> Mijeliy ■ir< ti 
Royil Aflcot 10 the Und Ti^cB.ll, the Uwige-Bill. U 
Uiuh-Bill. &nd 10 13 ptiv^iK Uilli. 

Read a firrt time a Bill fqr »king off [he Duiiei opt 
WmJIcs Bod Eaj'-Vain, usportcJ Irom IrcUnd to KngUna 
MdCar picrcniing ibc EjipvfUUORof Wooiiofiuti^<ii*ui 
See Vol. VI. Page 73, »tiil 79 

M«y td- Kod a Iccoml tune and cotsniiKeil the Bill fi 
firovidiac • Rcwaid to jouni Sicphcni, tipon » Dilcovci 
bf hti Medtcinci for the Stone, Dpon a Dirifion, ^et 9 
Noes 60.* 

The jd. See Vol. VI. Page 80. 

The loih. Receivul 1 Melligc from hi* Mxjetij, 6fM 

Geotfc Htx. 

Hli hl»j«ily Ijeiiig truly rolktuoi for tfee Pen** and Wi 

.lure of ihcic Kingdooik, nix) definxi to coDtnbutc. at f 

Miitlb(toa''at in him liti, toAirdi prcreming the 'Public Tinnquilit 

^(ca<7 fiti> and il^C BiUi>« of Power ia Europe, hath cancludrd wif 

ihc KiDg ot I>e«imtk a Treaty a^reeahle to ihu wtijcn e 

pired to i7}7. *Rd hai erdcrrd tiic lataC 10 bt Imil bitot 

ihi* Hedfe ; tbat be may be enablod to nuhe good iltc F> 

^gcsicau. which be hnitiiticicby CDteied into. 

Afi tt Eveet* ntty ittf^ttit during fuch tiinf, Ai tl may I 
tnipolEblc for hi* M»yiiy to hive the iinmcdtaie Advice a 
AMancc of hii great Courcil. upon my Kmct^encj atdh 
fton the prcfeot I'^iiKir* ul AITtTi in Euiope. which 
pearly concern ihe Hooonr, Inirrrft, and S*ftiy of 
Cingcoini t lit* Majdij bopn be 8u3 be embkil and fa 
ported by hi)P*rlianic*i tn maktng luch luiil>cr r^i^^meoi 
rion ol til Forcci, either by Set or Ltnd, :. .or 

abtolutrly DKcfinr^. and 10 i:iintrriirg toch \.< .t tj 

Eaigcacy ol AAiirt miy rr([ui-r{ und whticvrr K.Kpnii 
lull be tlicrrby occ>lWiic-J ihtU be n'adc in ai frugal 



i/r \UjiPfi Qnii U/t, at war 1^/ /« /aiA C';&j la/va 

ra* ii |>n€ibte| anil an Attoant tliemsf fbiQ belauJ 
thii iluufcibc neitSrfiiQa uf i'arliuiKVC. 

MCd p»fioiii Mci&ge be refcrrwj la the Canfidcmcioo of 
ibe Coair iffluje, (o whom ir it fdvrred 

■i«oahLlcF P y (;rantr<l to hit MEJeily. 

Wb« inia » CoTiitnJiiec upm the Surpl)'> snJ CMOC 10 

KtnX HtialniKmi to be teiorttd nn Mtioili)'. 
1Wi6th. i*>tlml ilwfitlliocxflitiD >n Atl, (hit oo Mfta 
l^W IhiU 6( Juihce of AiJtn TO tiit own CouniTy. 
HkxiivA Uie Repeat of l-ndiy't Rcfoluttcint tn ■ Com- 
•poo tl -'- ""'■'. whicB <wef« tgreMJ 16, vil. 

j;««d. I ?j/. 6/. 8/ be enntrl (O H" Ma- V««oalb« 

."t Lc*y>Moncy and StiMid^ piykblt (o*'-^P^^ 
.'.rk, puHtitix to itic Timv Uttiniig Date 
l^ta lm; ui ftlwcb i7jd-9. for tlte Sctvttc of the 

joe, con/ tJr gno'til towards «m!ib1ing hit M>- 

10 oukc luch fuithcr .-\ugnicntniian of Mi Korccs ei^er 

LabiI, s( tKKybccoiBeaM'nlutely nKdSL'y, ana ti 

tmr of Afjiir* may rrtjuire. 

Tk>t 6o,ooof' bcgnntcii. txin^ the ^^wm kcknowlciigcd 

IV ^'^ f\sK Uota Gmt SriLttn to Sp4in*, nful igi«tl to i* 

voxion figncd at tbc I'.irJo. JaEuaty i^. ■ 7j9. 

y^^_^^ u t:c iin'iiCT!, if^eiher with the lorthrr Sum of 

^BB^- ■' tht Cr«vvn of iipain, towardi 

^^H||^ . .- .Majelty't itijur«J SoljtCl*, for the 

^^Egn ihtf btra lAlUmcd bj itic DcpmUaooi of the 

T TV't 49*0 y br gniaied lOwirOi tkc npairtRg ud Aoilh- 

f "- ^"^ '-■ Atwr. 

M paBwd tot the fimlxf Repaif and 
^HD'.^ <(-r I ' tcr and Roof of tbc J^aiilhCbaKa of t». 

^^" , rftj w ih« Report of Vefletdij-'a Rcblu* 

I n. itue ot Wi) I and Munt i viz. 

I Fc'-x*!:^. ii.u ':vward) raiftng [l>e Supply granud to hit ^q^.-^m L 

F M-.'^'l'. rt<r- hr !!?[»£*! m»<i applied Uia^um u( JOO.Ooof. grmnteJout 

, luv< ankn, or Ihatl w may ■nle. o*" 'if^ ^''of *^ 

^^^^ ■ '-ei, or OvcrpliM k(oa»s conunoiiiy ^',i|^^gF^ 

^^^Hai ,; i'uad. 

^^HB: .'rty brnvblol (oilTucapd apply tbe fiirtbcr 

^^K of ;ao,ciou /. (Mf of (be growiai Produce of tb« Aim 

^HpkiLji fomJ, or to Loirow ibe fame by Iiisai or &Kbe- 

^B b s qucr 

( xii ) 

quer-Billi, 3(3/ per Cent. Intcreft, to be charged upon, 
And lecurod l>y the faid Fund. 

Ordered in a Ijill accordingly. 

Agreed to *hc Report of Ydlcrdaj's Rcfolution in a Com- 
mittee upon the Supply, viz. 

The xid. Re(o;ved, That 5000/. be granted to his M»- 

jeily for making Satisfaflion to Solomon Merrel of London 

Merchanr, for hiotfelf and others, late Own^rg of the Ship 

SanAa Kabella, a Spanilh Mar. of War, taken by hii late 

Kinjclty's Flei-t near Scily in 1718. and fold to thcni; 

which Ship wti at'terwards delivered up to the Spaniards, 

purfuant to a Treaty between the two Crown. 

_. Jutti the ijih. Rcfolved, That an humble Addrets be 

tu the Amer^ prefentcd tt> bis Majelty that he would be graciouily pleafcd 

can Currency Co lay before (hem (the next .Sefiioni of P^rlMment) at what 

Raie) atl Gold and Silver Coins were accounted in an^ of the 

Eritilh Colonies in America, in the Years 1 700, 1710, 1 720, 

%nA 1730- And what Rates they rfcnow accounted at, or 

fold for per Ounce. 

Refolved, That an Humble Addrefi be prefented to his 
Majelly that he would be pleafed 10 lay before them, the 
next SelHoB of Parliament, what was the Amount tif the 
Paper-Bills, or Bills oF Credit, whi(h fubfilled or paded in 
Payment in the Britifh Co'onic;, in the Year 1700. And 
•Ifoan Account of the Amount of what Paper-Bills, !cc 
hive been created or iSjed innny of the faid Colonies lince 
1700; witii the Amount of the Value, in Money of Great 
firiuin. oftiicti Bills, at the rctpeflivc Times of their creating 
and ilTuing; and what Provifion was made thereby, for the 
finking or difcharging of any fuch Paper-Bills, &c. together 
with an Account of tie Amount of the Bills that have been 
funk or difchargcd in purluance thereof, and alfo of the 
Bills iubfiiling or pafling in Payment at this Time in any of 
the faid Colonies or Plantations, with the Amountof their 
^'alue in Englilli Money &c. 
R*>Tal AlTvnr The 14th. His Majelly cmie to the Houfe of Peers, tad 
■iTL-nioJevcral gave the Royal AJTvnt to the following Public AHa. viz, 
fii^*- An A£l for granting ic his Majelly five Hundred Thou- 

fand Pouous out of the Sinking Fund, and for enabling his 
Maje% lb raile the further Sum of five Hundred Thoufand 
Founds out of the growing Protluce of the faid I'und, &c. 

To enable his Majelly to fettle an Annuity of 1 .,'noo I. 
per Annum, on his Royal I-!ighneli the Duke of Cumber- 
land, and his Heirs, and alfo. one other .Annuity of Z4000 I, 
per Annum upon the Princelfcs Amelia, Caroline, Mary 
and Louifa. 

For taking off the Dulles npon Woollenand Bay-Yarn im- 
ported from Ireland to England, and preventing the Espor- 
mtioB tbenoL For 

C xiii ) 

For granting a Libertj' to carry Sugars, of the Growth «nd 
Produce of his Majeliy's Sugar Colonics in America, from 
thence direflly to Fore^n. Parts. 

For the more effcdual preventing of excc^ve and deceit- 
ful Gaming. 

For the better preventing Fraudi and Abufes ia Gold and 
Silver Wares. 

For prohibiting the Importation of Books reprinted abroad^ 
and firlt compofed orwriiten and printed' in Great Britain. 

To reflify a Miliake in an A£l made in the 6 King George 
J. for prevenring Fraud) and Abules in the public Revenaes, 
tiC. And to obviate a Doubt ia an Aft for preventing hii 
Majeily's Subjefls from trading to the Eaft-Iodica, imdor Fo- 
reign CommifTions. 

For explaining and amending an A&. 8 King Richard II. 
That no Man of I^w Ihall be Jullice of Allizc in his own 
Countrj-, &c. 

For continuing an Ah. 8 Queen Anne, to regnlate the 
Price and Afli7.e of Bread. And for continuing and am^d- 
ing an A& 2 King George II. for the better Regulacioa of 
Attorniei and Solicitors. 

For allowing further time for InroUment of Deeds, and 
Wills made by Papilis, Ac. 

For the more eafy afleJBng and levying County Rales. 

To impower the High Court of Chancery to lay out, upon 
proper Securities, Monies belonging to the Suitors of that 
Court for their Eafe, &c. 

To obviate fome Doubts in an A& 1 King William ud 
Queen Mary, concerning Tanned Leather, ice. 

For providing a Reward to Joanna Stephens, npon a pro- 
per DiJcovery to be made by her, for the Ufe of the Public, 
of the Medicines prepared by her for the Cure of the Stone. 

To enlarge the Powers of the CommiffioiWn for building 
Weflminller-Bridge, asd to enable them bf a Lottct7 to 
laife Money, Icq. 

For efiablifhing an Hefpital at Bath. 

For improving and preferving the Navi^tion of the River 
Lee in Hertfordfliire, tec. 

And to feveral other public and private Billi. For tte 
Xing's Speech, See Vol. VI. Page 86. 


I » O T U 8, &£. of the F I K ^ -f S fi S- 

1 1 an ef the E\GHT\\ Parliament tf 

Great Britain j hf va^ ef Imroduflion fff, 

ami lliurtraiion &f, /&■ Deb A T f s, CSc. 

nabicb/bUceu}^ t$ the End oj tbe Jaid Sejfm, 

Fi^'unn. th fiii. 

IT *»! 9.ef(t]9tii. 'I hit tr. ihc Fetitiba of ait)f PlefiM d'tt:J« r 
Flrdon, (i»f »ny Coutity. Citf «r Plicr, fcodine .\fnn t* BJreti-^.--. 
ben u) ^■;>ti)priiii)ng of in uniluc (■Jrttion and 
l-tfBni, aed uW, : Ioim ftl\tr Pcrf^n wtt duly 

tkQtdf am} «Jog»- ' f-nj retitfiitd, the fimng Mmb 

kr, tn cctnptamrd cl. ciign: drmnd and riv me 

't*!:»»«»^i ot foeh I'erfoi., io nllrdptx! to b^ . =il, 

'ninnir <« ifitich frtlon hail lirit>«l( )-ciiiii^< n) : 
mion wia declared to bt a Handing; Order af 

Dw I ;ih. A Motion far ccfiiin ^ccnunti (^'Pjt^ 4^trilputc lUM 

hitfif; bcra matie, anraft'd an- .<an. Henry PrI-OiiUr. 

kai, L'.'a: in itd in ■dji^urn, ul' . -iii un a [horl Ot- 

Imabn I'ccault ie wathid. ihiti when a i^ltion 

tad t"-- .. .nd lor iREiir rime detaaud, the Heutewit 

foe ilrdioa nr it. ih.iii it cooU oocbe put otlbj Ad- 

■ - ' "'•: DslMr SpcaktT 

iiiiB.ihe Kalrmrn- 

li-i: •! 1 irr.f ; iro'Clucfc in 

>- tJiai HoMt, I' i:iot> iitii bccD 

. i( WaMltotfgtiI K iri%-. IM- put off Itf 

jn» u>>itni>i> Conlc.u; Whrrfopoo 

i luinieg.ftbKb waicvTifdiDilM 



•J 74* 


&»^ 35.iiW.Sf. }W. 


i;,744 Men, for Gasnla and Garrifon!, and other hi* 
Majefty'"; Laml- Forces inGrcat Britiin, Guernfey.and Jerfey, 
for the Year 1735. See the Debate, Page 51, 

On the 2itt of february the HouTe went again into a 
Committee of tbe whole Houfe, (o confidi:r farther cf the 
Supply grui:cd to his Majefly, when ihey came to feveral 
RclolutiODS, whKh were on the z^th agreed U by the Houfe, 
tnd were as follows, viz. 

ThataSumnotexceedii^g f- zi ^ijiol. 6.'. ;<]. be granted to ' 
his Majelty, for mainuitiing hi^ Majclly'^ Forces and Gar- 
rifonsin the l'laniation>, Minorca anti Gibraltar, and for the 
Frovirions for the Garrilons at Anapolis Royal, Canio, Ph- 
centia and Oibraltar, for the Year i-jj. 

1 hata Sum, not exceeding 10,2731. is. 7d. be granted to 
his Majeily, for dtfraying (everal extraordinary Expencei 
knd Services incurred Wnm Dam. 1734, and not provided for 
by Parliament. 

That a Sum not exceeding ig.Sjjl. ()>. 2d. be granted t(k 

hu Miijelly, upon Account, for Out-penii oners of Cbelfca- 

Hofpital, fur the Year 1 735- See P^gc 73. 

Malr-Aft CJn the ztlthof Fcbrutiry, his M^ijelty camcto the Houfe 

palled. of pncs, anil the Houlle of Commons being fent for, his 

Majctty wai pleafed to give the Koyal AlTencto the BJII, 

entitled, An Ail pr caH:iuuit.-^ tht Dutitt upon Mall, l^i. n 

■ that Pan 'f Gnat Britain celled F.ii^land ; and fsr grantli^ 

/« bis hlajifly ctitain Dulici upm Malt, i^c. in ibrit Purl ^ 

Gnat briiaiii tailtd SctrhaJ, fur the Service of the Year 

1735 i and 10 one Naturalization-Bill. See Page Bg. 

Other Votes On the 7;h of .March the Houfe relolved itfelf into t 

on the Sufply Committee ot the whole Home, to confioer funhcr of Ways 

and Means fortaiUng the Supply granted to his Majelty,' 

and came to fcvenl Kdo-uiions, which were next Day 

teporied to the Houl'e, and are as follow : 

That towards r.iiiing the Supply granted to his MajcHy, 
there be iSijed and applied the Sum of one Million, out of 


Tear 1735, « Mtcuni if tht latt H'ar, in thii Anidt cf atr 
Army inly, amtarti /« 182,215/. i8j. 7*/, /o ■u.A/ri wr natfi 
add an adJitianai Exptmi m 1735. in tht Arlitit nlaling t» 
lot Fircfj intbt Pl.ta/a/itm, Giltiullai, tSV. 1/ 11,713/. 9'' 
id. l-fifg in the it-hi-U 194.029/. 7^- 9. 

■J- Bi lamfaring tht Sum f^ranirJ bf lie Jirft rf thfft R/faU- 
litin, •-.•.•ilh the Sum gi nnttd for thf ^;j.;f Puif-fii sa the pn- 
ttding Strait, cur Rradets ivM fee, that eur adJilisKal Ex- 
feme upon tbii A' title Jar the turTtHtYiar,etaauntt M 11,711/ 

n 174/",. 

d iJills were brough: in foon after, purfuint to thefe 


the 12th of the fimc Vlonih, a Petiiif>ii t.f George IVtiilnn of 
Ot. Pfoi'oil of the Rdyai Burgh "fH'iJditiytoii in Scot- GKiie"^ lUrri- 

Ro(M;rt Kotreli, Brewer tlicre. Julin Hay, S:it!'.er there, "^1 '*<^- 
ge Hunter, Wheelwright there, ard George Walker, 
icr [here, was prclenied to the Iloule, alledging. That, 

Applrcation made the ;4th ofOfloberthen la I), by 
I Ercftine, John Claddel. Andrew Wilfon. and others. 
ing to tbcmrelves the Name of M.-igiftratcs in the faid 
1, and complaining that the Petitioner* had i.!il1urbed 

in the pretended Kxcrcifc of their OlHce;; Che Hon. 
;w Fietcher of Miltcun, one of the Judges of the Court 
liciary, and slfo of the Court of Seffion in Scotland, 
b there was evidently no Foundation for fuch Cotn- 
. withoot lay Jurifdidion to judge of the Merits of the 
on of Magilirates of the faid Burgh, without any No- 
ivcn to the Petitioner;, or any of the other Perfons 
mcdi and fo, without hearing them, or cilling them 
! him, gave forth a fummnTy Warrant, direfltd to aU 
rswbotn itconcerred. Civil or Military, to fearch for, 
aad apprehend the Peribni ofthe Petitioners and luany 
1, to the Number of furcy Burgcfies and Inhabitanti, 
Bof fe»cnieen were aclrrg MngtiTrates or CoLnfcl!ors r,f 
rd Bureh. where-ever they (hould be Ibund in Scotland. 

ing as Commandrr in chief of the Forces in Scotland, to tbc 
commanding Officer ofithe Dngoons then qu^rtcr'd in Had- 
dington, to aiiilt with tiis Dr.igcons in the Execution of the 
Warrant; that upon the zjih Day of the faiJ Month of 
Oftobcr, the Peiitioneri ivcre ftizcd by the faid Humphry 
Colquhoun ; and though the next Tuic Prifun was that of 
Haddington itlclt, or that of North Berwick, and though the defired either to be committed there, or to be car- 
ry'd to Edinburgh, the Seat of the Cotim of Juftice, where 
they might apply for Redrefj; yet he told them, that his 
Orders were to carry them to the Prifon of Dunbar, and no 
othcr,a Place twenty Miles dlAant from Edinburgh, and eight 
Mites from Haddington, and three Miles further from Edio- 
burghthan North Berwick; and though the pretended Crime 
was bailable, and Alex.inder Hepburn, the ShetifTi SnbfU- 
tute, to whom the Petitioners apply'd, was by Law impow- 
Cred, and willing to admit them to Bail, the faid Humphr/ 
Colquhoun told chcm, that he could not difmifs them upoa 
Bail, hi) exptcfs Orders being to take no Bail, but to commit 
hisPrifonerstotfaePrifonof Dunbar; where they were accor- 
dingly tmpriCon'd from the 2;th Day of OAobcr, to the 
27lh cf the faid Month, till, by Warrant from the Hoa. 
David Ercftine of Dun, another of the Judges df the lud 
Courts of Julliciary and SelTion. the Petitioners were iet at 
Liberty, and Execution of the VVarraqt was Itaid againft the 
reft.Qpon Bail given by the Petitioners and them i and that 
fincc that 1'jme no criminal Proft'cution has been moved fofi 
upon any of thefe pretended Crimes charg'd againll (he f^- 
titioners or the rellj (hat thefe Proceedings, as the Peti- 
tioners apprehend, and are advifed, were utterly illegal and 
and oppreiiive on the Part of the faid Andrew Fletcher of 
Miltoun, tending to deilroy the perfunal Liberties of every 
Subject, the Freedom of the Royal Burghs, and of Conle* 
qucnce the Freedom of Election of Members to ferve in Pa^ 
liament for fuch Burghs i and as the Petitioners can hope for 
no Redrefs but from the Jullicc of Parliament; thcrefbif 
. praying the Houfe to take the PremifTes into Conlideration, 
and togrant fuch Redrefs therein as may efieCtually prevent 
fuch Oppreflions in Time comirg, and as otherwife to tltf 
Houfe (hall feem meet. 
Mofion ami f^f'*' 'his Petition was read, a Motion was made for refer- 
D!TirHtntbcre-"nK it to a Committee ol the whole Houle, upon which 
on. there wasa long Debate; but the QueHion being at lall pat, 

it was, upon a Divilion, carry'd in the Negative, by 197 to 


Though this Petition relates to a private AfFiir, yet it ii 

of fitch ao excraoriiinary Xaiii:e, and has fuch » clofe Cod- 


being accordingly read, it was moved, 'That Leavt '"'^"^' 
)t beg^vcn to bring in a Bidfcrexphining and aniend- 
ihe laid Aft ;' and the fame bring Pgned Co, Mr. 
fa, ihe Lord Polwarth, and Mr. Sandys, were ordered 
g it in. 

Monday the 17th of March, the Houfe refolv'd itfeJf Votfs on the 
Into a Coirmiitee of the whole Houfe, toconfiderfur- Supply. 
' the Supply granted to his MaJeAy, whin ifaey refol- 
gnnt t)is MajcUy the following Sums. viz. 
r Sum of . 0,393 '■ S '• ltd. to complect the Sum of 
! I. 5 B. lid. for Services incurred by augmcnitng hit 
y'l Forccf, and in concerting fuch other Meafures, at 
igOKf of bii Majelly's AfFairs required. The Sum of 
^7. 139. 4d. npon Account, for reduced Officers of 
ijefiy's lAtid Forces and Marines, for the Year 175;. 
uili of 3780I. for paying off Penfionsto the Widows 
h reduced Officers of his Majcfty's Land Forces and 
ts, Bi dy'd upon the ILltablilhment of Half-f^y in 
Britiio, (and who were marry'd 10 thcin before the 
if December 171 6j for the Year 1735. The Sum of 
9 1. 3 s. 9 d, for the Charge of the Office of Ordnance 
nd-Service for the Year 173;. TheSumof 24,693 1. 
d. for defraying the extraordinary Expence of the 
of Ordnance for Land-Service, not provided for by 
ment. The Sum of 36,40; 1. 151. 4 d. to make good 
cficiency of the Grants for the Service of the Year 

•■•*i _** . r ._! _ . -J *■._.. .!_: i 


tb: Collegiate Church of Si. Peter Weflminfier: And tht 
Sun. r,( 3;oo 1, fur tlie Repair ofiheTower and Roof of 
tnc i'..,in Church nP?:, Wargaret Wtflminller. 
1 iif th- ^'' ^•^•'■"8 ''"'"''^' Sjins to tht Sii.Tit b.'fore graniej, viz, 
iuii:u J. *""' •'^'^■'•"';" i.jfo.oocl. For Lnii.i-Fo:ccs, 794,529!. 
4*. 7 d. I'or Garrifon, si;,7iol. 6 s, ; d, tat tx:ia- 
onirur; Fxpentes ineiirrcrt, 10,275 '■ • '■ ?*'■ ^''^'' Out- 
Peun nt-rs (if L iidie.i Collc^.-, 18,8^0!. 91. ad. And lor 
the iJtnjiiaiiv 'lfe:ity, 56.2^0), Oar Readers Will fee. that 
tlic tiupply granitJ tor this Viar, amounts to 3,150,452 1. 
45. yd. 

0.1 th ; i^tli. it was otdcr'd, that Le.ive flioold be given 10 
hring in :'. Bili fur ihc bciter r>curi:g the Freedom o( Par'ij- 
ini-nrs, by liiiiiriing ilii; Niirr.btr :.i Officers in the Houfi: 
of Cuniiiion' i and Mi. ^.i:.dyi, Mr. Wortltj. Mr. How, 
Sir J;h;i iiir.d Coityn, Mr. \V,nkin Williams Wynne, and 
Sir \Viliiari Lmvih'jr.' ordciol to prepare and bring in 
the lame : whIL'il^\a■' I'^voidingly prtk'nttd to the HouU on 
the :ill, by Mr. S.-in.iys. 

T;ic '. nw Hiy, shi; Moufe having refoN'd itfelf into a 
Com iiinL't' of the «ha!e Houf^ on Ways ai|d Meaiis, refol- 
yed. 'I h.'.t uwanU r;.iling thcSiipj^ly granted to hii Mrfjefty, 
the t'u:ii ot '.v.'o Shil.ii\gi in the PounJ. and no more, Oiould 
be ruiie^i m ti.L- Vcir 171^, upon Lnnda, &c. and that a pro* 
ynicion:'' c €■.■!!• (atcjrding 10 [lit 9:0 Article of the Treary 
of L'liJ-'.i.) f]i:;u'j re laid lipor. tlut P.irc ot Great Britiio 
called Scjibrd: .4r'ti a Bill, pon'uant to this ^efuluiioD, 
w,i5 f.r Jer'j 10 be brought i.i. 

Riivi' .*. r'i.nt O" ''^■'^' "^ ')' '^'^ -4^'' '■'^y ^f March, his Mi-jefty came 
givki; c.i it.i;. to the Hoj'^ei-f iL,.ij, arid gave the R&yal AAcnt loihc cwo 
lulAcii iollouirp pj'\i^: Bi:.'. viz. 

An .'ici :c ; .•..■ifi. Aj'ut:ny sriJ Dcrertior, and f:ir the better 
raymv-nt 01 ilx Ai .■■.■,y ard their ^;!artcr^. 

All Acl '.'i iri.'unui.l/ i'crfjns wt,o hive omitted to make 
and liibJiir.t;.; tlii: l.'e^.antion'. ct^nta;:i;ii ir.u.i; Ad of L'nj- 
forinily, rf itie i :ih and i.;th Vf;.rs of King Lliarks II, 
wuhin the I'i.r.e i;:^i:i('('. by Luw, and for aiiouing t-jrcitcr 
Tine ;or do.r.i^ :J'i-itr.f 

Ard 10 t'*'.o iiii:^ tor repairing; KouU, and two private 

On ;r.E 77;)!. z L'('i!imti;cc ivn; .■ii']"jini«l to toiiiitier toe 
I.nw;. i;i i'cii ^ 1. ...■.;;,(^ Cj :lii Maintcinnre and S.'ttfentciii of 
lue Vo-.r. ;.i..i :■ i-.j:...J.r wfi,;C lu-ilur rjo\i!nii;j tnigiit be 
lAti:.;;. I ■ ;.. :i (■■.■■■U't lii -'..■; anJ hin[vv> intnt ; .'in'.i the 
ia'.^ i,i:'i r h'. V,- ^; CM, li 'it'll ail J eXJtniii'd ihi' .Alfiir 
with f.ii: I Li-r- -li.d .jtt^'iiliui., CuUiC ii''ltiei:il l^i-lolutionj 


E of the Poor, that a public Workhoufe or Work- 
e<, Holpital or llofpitats, lioufe or Houfes of Correc- 

fae eliabl fhed in proper Places, and under proper Re- 
Lions, in eachCouniy. 

■ That in fuch Workhoufe or Workhoufes, all poor 
mi, able to labour, be lit to work, who fhall cither be 
thither, or come voluntarily for Employment. 

That in fuch Hofpital or Hofpitalj, Foundlings aod 
r poor Childien, not having Parents able to provide 
hem, be taken Care of; as alfo poor Perfoos that are 
stem or infirm, 

. That in fuch Houfeor Houfci of Correfiion, all idle 
difordcrly Perfons, Vagrants, and fuch other Crimioali 
all be thought proper, be confined to hard Labour. 

That towards the Charge of foch Workhoufes, Hot- 
s, itnd Houles of CorrcAion, each Parifli be afielTed or 
I, and that proper Perfons be empower'd to receive the 
ty io to be aflciled or rated, when collefted, and alfo all 
Dtary Coniributioui or Colle^ions, either given or made 
uch Purpofei 

That luch Workhoares, Hofpitals, and Houfes of Cor- 
DS, be under ibc iVIanagcment of proper Perfoni, Ke- 

being h^ to fuch a> ihall be BeuefaAors to fo good k 


That fuch Perfoniaifhall be appointed for the Manage- 
t of luch Workhodci, KofpitaU, and Houle* of Lor- 

nn hp rtne Rndv nnlhir tn l_'iw rsnskMe In Tii^ nnd ht 

f viii] 

KeTalved, Thit ruch'Pcrfoas asfli::!] be tppoiated (or the 
Management of fuch Worlchoufc!, Hofpitals and Hoafei 
of Correflion, be one Rody politic in Law, capable to Tue 
aad be fued, and of taking and receiving charitable Contri. 
batioDs and Benefaftioni, in Money, for the Ufcoffuch 
Bodies politic. 

And then this Rerolution foamndedi waa agreed to by 
the Houfe. 

On the zSih of March, Mr. Oundafs prcfented to the 
Houfe (according lo Order] a Bill, for explaining and amend- 
ing an A£l p^lt'd in the Parliament of Scotland, in iht Vca'r 
1701 , cniitlcd. An A& for preventing wrongous Imprifoa- 
ment, and againll undue Delays in Tryals. Which WU 
rc^d ■ tirll 'I'ime, and ordir'd to be read a Iccond Time. 
AFetltiOB On the iGth of April, 3 Pec'tion of the then late General 
ottheBcneral AfTcmbly of the Chuich of S.-oiUnd, was prefenied to the 
Aflcmblr of tiouTe and, rcprefeniing, That Patronage: have, fince 
Scoilana. the Reformation, been deemed by the faid Lhurcb a very 
great Grievance, and not warranted by the Word of God, 
and have at all Times been flrugg'ed agiinlli that, foon af- 
ter the Revolution, an A£i of Parltiment was made in Scot- 
land, aboiilhJng the Power of Patrons to prefent Minillersio 
vacant Churchei; and at the Union of the two Kingdomi, 
the EDablilhment of the Church of Scotland, in all its Rights 
and Privileges, by that and other A£li of Parliament made 
or ratify'd after ilie Revolntion, wai declared to be a funda- 
mental and elfential Condition and Article of that Union; 
ftnd at that Time, it was the Right and Privilege of the faid 
Church tobe free from Patronages i but that, by an ACt psf- 
fed in the loth Year of her late Majelly Queen Anne, enti- 
tled. An AAioiellore the Patrons to their ancient Right! of 
prcfenting MiniOer) to the Churchei, vacant to that Part of 
Great Britain called .Scotland, the aforcfaid A& pafTcd in the 
* Reien of Kirg Wi[|iani, was refcindcd, in fo far ai concern- 

cd tne Power of Patrons to prefenc Minillers to vacant Pa- 
jiOiei, and other Advantages, which had been the chief 
Thing! bellowed on Patrons, in Lieu and Recompence of 
iheir former Right of Prcfentation, were neveriheleU ruffercd 
to continue with them ; and therefore praying the Houfe to 
psft a Bill for repealing the aforefaid Afl of Parliament, paf- 
fed in the 10th Year of Queen Anne, in fo far as concerns 
the Power of Patrons to prefent MiniUcrs to vacant 
Churches, in order to rcftorethe C'hjrch of Scotland to tha 
Rights and Privileges Ihe wat polTefrcd of at the Union of 
the two Kingdoms. 

fn Purfuanccofthts Petition, Leave was given to bring ip 
■ Bill for thii Purfole, and Mr. Plumer, Mr. Erefldnc, Mr. 


" V Si» JamM Fergafoo, atd M*. Mane 
111 t» p(e|«^c anJ bfing in the&mot 
lsum:£i l' '. -^wi iirntncd by Mr. Plsner oatbe i9th,bat 
lU eoi [v.ti. 

, Ibu/fiUy 1 i ■ ' (h« King Mine- to [be Ron! Afftnt 

jnf PfFrt.Ji iy fciii fuf, hi« Mijcliy t'»i:n tuUr^ 

gin liu kaval Au.iiiit> litE t-jllowingpatitic BiUi, *i3. (>1 ACtt. 

BX, i« b« n-lc(i in GrMt Briurn for die ^crrjcv of the 

An Ad Cor m!>iiiig tii* M.i>e:1}- tn «ppl.v the Sum of One 
lillMiROUiorUit^tnkji)£ I'uLti, tortlicScrTice of the Veu 

llllMlR OK I 

J- *ft f. -.^ 

^f f n*irin-i ir 

'H*- Dndet Dpon SaJt. 

-■ firlhtr Term iif 

L. .J If ^1. .iij. ^..i.ii., 1 ii.n- i«r(he Pa^oicnt of 

Ed lube (tuU furUic loiJciiiurei and CdbitiAi 

'ion of llic Renit aan] Profit of 
:!>; Atuikdeu of Jj.nies kte £iul of 

M¥t(«' Us*! therein sieniioncd, for 
nJ G;!i'fTnmenl lif Sujnen jn llie 
-gof PifiX* of Dorer, 
. eventing FtauJk in iho 
:ii iBc ci^iivdeiiinc Kunamg of Goods. 
tt Oft oF the fiiiiilh PUnc«(ioni id 

an AA pilfeil in tKt (Ui^ Y«r«l hb 
i*n, enfittcd, An Ad lor griming 

any P%n of ' ^ard 

■aw (dicf L^vn thirrrin v 
nenTcif the nvaking of i 



uf bMOOtigcincnt of tDc Suk M.taul4UuR> ta 

•sUtUig ihe qmrrcrirg ■ y, i!i;ring 

■ mi 1,1 M--ui)e(i [d It . . .JifliDcnt. 

. whohfvc omirtfil ti>i]iit- 

^, ... , -1.- ..^iigiloynecmtutitn ibcXtaw 

imi uid for allowiug luribcr Tuoe Ut tlm 



An Afl fo i Pfotcttant Piirchifrn of Fv. 

fjipifls "^inli - - - - -J»e* of t-'oritHutf-i l*'piilt uc — _ _ 
CO. for rcK Imving tntollrd tkcir EJtim, in purfotK? of as 
AA'ord)* 3d Ynrof Kmg Gro'gc I. Tm lUi Puipofe. 

An A^ to f-kpUtn aaii antcnd jia Afl [uiTeJ in tlM fictoad 
Year o( the Rcign of hii prciiai Mudty, cnsiikJ, As Aft 
tot the Relief df Dditon. with ntpeH to ili« InpHfoa* 
ment a1 tl>nr Pcrfbni. 

Aq Ad fur tttc AnicnJiacBt of (he Ltw icUting to Ae> 
tieoi an t- r nt Ilu« arui Cry. 

AnA^i .rin^ the Liwi morecStAm) fof pmitAi- 

ing t' ::s A> fbill wilfuUy jbJ cDitlkiwflr pull dnn 

anJ : .rii}iikt> !.-i rc,-<«t'irg Uightvi)'*. oi I>xlu,«r 

other Wui);; circled by Act of Patlu R)*hi fn-makinj^ Rirtrt 
Bavigibic 1 and tor oitirr i'urpoicttlicrtin mentioned. 

An Ail iut ilic piblK r<:gill<i inj>, all Drodi.lec. vi'it^m 
tbe Nofih Rnli'g Qi'thc Cotini/ «/ Vcrlc, •feci ihc aytb oT 
ScptrdiHf 1736. 

An Act for (he tir,cotiTB[;Fiii«tit of the Am of Dcfi(«I*(t 
Eflgnving and Lichiag brtioiiciil ind otbcr Prmtt, by is- 
Vcflmg the Prc[«riy ibcreof in ibe laveeiors uul Eagmntfi, 
during the I'imc ihrrcio mcT'iioitcd. 

And xa ten KbbJ and oihn Biili nf • privntc Nannr, wd 
ta (iictnn private B:tl>. For the Kieg'i Sfuch, Stt page 

The Nonlwr of contcHoi Etcfiiontat the opeoiag of ibB 
ParlianMiU'i] feverty one, 

Tbc AcL-nunt liiJ liclorc ibe PirliamrM of B)f68l, li^ 
coned by lugmniiing h^i Ma}clly'i Fotcn. and concfrttng 
fucb MnluiCiit the ExJitrii>ry ol Aflain h*vc rttjuucd . ui* 
ruant to ihe V'o« of Crei'ii, f-'meily memion«xl, U ir. iob- 
EbncT. va.. ir^ocj Ooivu, being a Motny of sjoooo 
Croum piyaliic by I'rcJtir tO the Rmg of Deiundk far 
i^vy-Monrv I'tir a Bod/ of6oooD<ini(h Irooft*. and 61500 
Crownt, \mmgt Moiety of t^oooo Crowni. Bank MoMjf 
of H'Oiboigh fiyiMcioihe Kmg ofDenoiarlt foiananBflil 
SabJidy, puifuini iechcf*id 1>raiy, of whicliaC^nrr be' 
came dm the igih of Dewmber, O. S- Tha rcA of ihk 
Sijfi'*!. WM f^ir (purcM^ the right R«gimenn of P«4r 
Irom Ireland la ilii) Kir.gdom. and lor fjCT^'Moncy umt^ 
tnr^e tli« foid Re;iinifl(«, and ilie fokdisf Stx Compute 
froii. • . '■ 'f to Jjinaica. 

- -,:r>tiKurred in ilw Sea Senrjce, Auio i7Ut 
jntli-tiaiu (itcAitd Vota of Credtl, MBoaatrd toitf.i4sL 





Houje of Commons y 


Firrt Seffion of the Eighth Parliament 
oi Grc.1t Britain. 

I N TociSiy. Janarj 1 4, The King came ji™ t c^ «. 


W the Houfc of Fcers, jnd cKc CoinniORi 
bdDK fntit for nM iiticnJir.g, hi) MajeAy'a 
Phafun'wi) iijrnified n> ihein Liv >He loird 
High Ch>:i»Ilor, tbcy Ih.ould return 
CO ihcir Houfc and chute a Sfxjiccr : The 
ComkOtU being KtufTi'd accor^^ingly, tint' 
RBciuud/ dicfc Arttiiir Onflovi', Eta; Mt*'«»o*aM 
of the I»« PiriiamcBt. 

3 }, The King ijunc to tlic Wotxle of L/>nb, and 
pscfcnird tbcir S^rakcr tu hii Mijdt/ for 
piotMliaa : Hu IVU>dly lu»ts{ ipptou'd tlwlt Choice, 



My Lon)» ani3 GentictncOi 

TH E pnrftDt I'ofliire of ARJifs in Europe u fo p-cU 
knoun to jxiu ill, and th« good or bad Canfe- 
XSH'Sf'&u^ *■ ()Utrflcn, tlut raajf itrife, and afiifl L'j, fmta the War 
^fwlw inwL " being cjttinguifh J, i>r being carrinl oa, are h obriom, 
•* tliot I am (tcrfuadcd voa «rc met togrlher fnlly ptcwcd 
" and dcccrmincd lo dili:liir,''.ft ike grt\e Tmlt irpolcd in 
• ■ y^a it thii cTiCic^d ConjunAurc, in lacli i Manner, a* 
•• will belt ror-iiiliute lo ihe Hanonr ind lotcrefl of my 
" Cmwii and Pcvplr. 

•* I opened ibc bit SelEon of ilw U» Parliament by ■<- 
*< qttuntlne then, tliat » I W3.i no wnyi engigcd, but t^ 
" ^'y go°° Offices, in the 'I>itttlatliont that woe tlccbrcd 
■' to be the pdDcipal Caulb md Moiirci of llic prHcnt War 
*' in burope, it w» iKcdTiry to ufo more tlun otdturjr 
'* PntJcnce ami CircunrpcClionf and the utmoA I*f«cautio(i, 
'■ not to dclcrminc too hattlTy irpon lb cridcal and Impor- 
*' tanC > Cocjjn{\uK ; 10 cuniinc the I'a^ alleds'd on 
" both $*4e>i to waii the Rcfult of the COuncilt of itwfc 
" Power*, ihil ait mote aext\y lod Jmiuediiiel}' intrTeflol 
*' in the Confwjocitcci of ihe War, &iid pirijcutu-ly to coB- 
" cert with the £utci Central of the Uniicd Proviru-ci, 
" w-ho ire umler the fame Kt.gagfmrnH witH Me, foch 
" Mcifutcs u ihsutd be tho^t;ht melt aJviJihIe for Our 
" couuBon Safely, asd for icltotiog the Peace of Europe. 

" We hat« tccordinely pmcerd«d in thit greit A<Fstr 
" wicli ikc mutaal CooMcnce which fubfifh l>ctween Mo 
" wid lite Rtpublidc ; aed having coofidcntl ti^gcthcr «■ 
** OIK Side cli« preDing Applicaiiunt made by tfir (mpetii] 
" L'oo.-i, both here and in HoH.ind, fot obtaining Sunoun 
" agiibli the Powen U V/xi with the Emperor, and the 
" r«pnteii PtohSiani imdc by t);c Alliet on the oth«:r Sidi^ 
•• of ib-ir fiivcere Difpofuion to put an Rnd lo ihepfdnc 
" Ti -n hODOurahle isd fotlj Tent**. 1 concurrcil 

" in . i>on cntea by the Sutn Gcncnl, tn tmplof, 

" uiihoui Lofi of Time, Out joint uul smell tntatKn to 
" brin); Matters to a ipcvdy and 'I'ppy AeconunoditiDa, 
<* bcfoic wc tlii'M come to t ITcteriuijmiao opoa the Swc' 
" (.out* liciiuiutfvl by the Ein[rmr. 'I'heft !nn»m Al 
" tMt at firfl produce fudi explicit Anfwcra from the eon- 
" tciuling Pjulin, u la enable L'l to nut jinuK-Jiutcly ia 
RxrCiitioii our impsriial and fincere Dkfifcs for liat nr- 

pofe : RdoIroJ Jii-iccver t < 
a Work, and tu pfivrnl ' 


*• Ac 

'\ and Ctlutary 
'.■am being unse- 
.-W OlTer of Oiir 
I nsf, u w uboin ao 


ctfiHMioa al iLcta. 


( } > 

" la conJie<iiiriu.c of dm Acceptttian, Ami of Our Dc> 
■ cUritiuci audi: Uicitupon. 19 the rcTpetttrc i'on'tn «d- 
• r)|(M in llw Wur. no I'inic ku been loll in taking ftxh 
' McaAuT>, AS (hfultl izr mpll proper Co nuke tlic bdl vfe 
'of Uuui grK>i! Difpodicioni for rc-cftibliflibg tbc'J'nin- 
' quiliijr oiLuroj* ; And I hiw Uw SalisJafiion to ac- 
' 4**i^ yog, Uwi 'iTimgi SIC tww lK-i>aj;)ii to fo grcst a 
' Fonnnlticis, ilist I liope iu a fhon Time a Phn will lie 
' eCbt^ to tbc CxifiilcT^tioo of all the PirtiVi ctiagrd Id 
' Ifceprif-'^i u'ar, ai 4 Sdfii for a GcDcnl Ncgotatnn of 
' tacr. h the Honour Md IntercA of all PaniM 

' h.:" jited, x.fii.1* rlic Cifcn^TV^ ofTiiirf, 

' 3 ; Poilunrof Affiiin wo*i 

' ■ i^iii.- upon Me to arfwer for i.-.L- .■L!c«/1 of a 

' Nc; :^: <ia. whcii: fii many [Jilfcrcni Intcrfib arc Co be 

' CfEi:^ 'JIrI ; t>iu wlurn n ProccaJing ii foun- 

ifcvl ., ...d IjrmrJ frotn fi»cli Ughttoi ci« l>e 

ItoJ, u L^ tK.ctt iBi '}{ CO kivc aitcnipicd a Work 

wUch may [vudncc ■ iicfits inJ Admntaf^, and 

CM) fce of no Prejudia;. if wc do not fuflcr OurleUy* lo 

bi lb far arauual by Morci, that may pdSbly be oftcr- 

' waiA dx&j^iated, u to lave Ourfdm nrpoled to real 


" 1 luve made ufe of ibc Pbwcr. wbich tir hu Parlja- 
Mnit inirBDol .Vl« uilh, Kithgmt Mo<I«rttioa ; aiuJ I 
fcare coocJaJed i Ticaiy wiiji the Crown of Dctun&rk. 
of g^cat Iniporttncc in the prrlViit C'cojim^lure. It ii 
ImjkjClik, tiheii «II (lie Coutti of Eiito[K arc baf}' and 
io motmti, m furore to liiaufclvci fucti Support) uTime 
sad Ocdlhn m«y rrtjiiire, ftw Me to iic lldi, and necl«A 
OKiuiaci' -1, ifuocc lud, m.iy noi culy be irre* 

TTnrmbk. > ■ f i' frric'v to Oitr PrrjuJitT, tu they 

rtnt to mr AL . \tlj t«cured i 


■ iikii. 
of i 

.'f ^Jiooght a jtill 

■ '.■cclijry Conndctj«, pl-iced 

p — -aitt to my Eadcivours for tfc 

f tSf Houfe of Comnioni, 

.-<tl t!)c Account: nnJ Efiimates to be pre- 

tfore ycm, offucli c.»:ijordimrjf Kipenco. 

d !aJi Vrjr, and of fiiCti SririMi. ti 1 

' on and jtrovidcd for t 

iball be found MCclTary 

.;> lb ii ua be done ronfiUcsriy 

■ V. 

Ii tl« Crown of Deiiniarl: n at- 




( 4 ) 
" I nfftke no iottht bot f DuD Hod \a thii Houfc of 
" Cocntnoni the buitc ZuJ. Duty, and Aftdioa. at I haw 
" experienced (hrou^tt the whole CouHeof mjr Ilcigii i »nd 
" thai )'Dii will ntilc the ncccHiuy Supplies with Cbcarral- 
" ne&, Cnanimtty, ind JDilpaich. 

' " The Senlc of ike Nation ii IkA Co be lexnwA hy thq 
" Choke of tfaeir Reprefcouiirci ; uid I am prrfudci), 
" that the Behaviour and CoadoA of my ^ihrul Cominoca 
'• will demOflllraK, loall lh« World, the Dafhakcn V'iMitf 
" and Atcadupcnt of my good*Siit:q<& to my Perroo and 
" Gorernment. 

My Lords and Ccntlcmen, 
" It ii our Happinelt to ture cofiittiDed hitfinto 
" Stale of Pc^ice : buc whibl many of ihc priocipsl l*ou- 
" of Curope arc enraged in Wir, ibc ConrcquoKCs in 
" nidre or leis aSoa \Jt ; and ai the bcH concerted Mra- 
" furci ate lijlilc to Uoi;ertainty, We ought to be in a 
__ " RcadiocTt, and pi cpircd •gainfi all Events i and if Oaf 
T ^ Eicpences aic in (one Degree increalcd, to ptevcnt gr«a(> 

" fT, and fiKh ai if once entered into, it would be di 
. ^ ^' to fee tbc Eikd of, I hope My good Stibje>fb will 
" repine at the necefliuy Means of procuring the BIi 
" of Peace, and of oaiverlal Tranquility, or of pu 
" OurfdvB in a Condition ts afi that P:iri. which nuy 
" BCCclEiry aad Iscvmbeni u[«n Ui to uke.'' 

^Aa. 37. Mr Spaiccr hamht Kiwrted hi* 1i» 

-""^ SptttUt Mr Hjrrii, Member for Pow«y, mov'd, ' TW'i 
bumble ;\.l<Iier: be fvcfenird to bit Maiefly to rctun 
ILt'jtSky (he Thanlii ol that Houle. for bit mtill pmt 
Speech livm the Thiouc ; To acHnoKiedgc hii " " " " 
wiUciin iml (HXidocfi. in purfuing fuch Meifaia at 
toward) procuring Peace and Aeconiniodattot), ratKer 
invoira lhi> Nation uid all Europe too ptmpii.-itciv in 
ocnland Woody War: To cxprcft ihcjmlScii(e tfui ' 
bad of ha M-ifrfty's tender Regard (or the publick tt< 
■nd TniMjuiliiy, and of hii tinwaricd Kndcamoun in 
in|, in Co'iici! with the Sutci General, fuch a Plin of 
goxrd Piii^C2iiiio 41 hii MajcHy, in hi4 "reat Wifrr - 
conceived wa» coR&flenr wit'i (he Hupoor amflntrfeft 1 . 
Partif . -. die Ciicuinllaiicn of T^nie, ;md lb 

fcot J'- -tT'iirs wnuld [Trmil • To afTur- hti Mi 

iKat 1 1 nould cbdrfully and c ' 

•Sojiplii .Id be nec^ltary lor ihr -retfJ 

rity ofhuftljjcftv aad hif Kingdooii : Aodv.: . iM 

be ibe SocceJi tf itk Majdiy'i 

gracLoui Pud 
rare ibc lUeftnp nf I'oce t,nd unenl 'I 
tmttk bk Majciy to aA tlai nn ubi 


■'■em, ihey woald chcmrnlly an*! 
upplica, M Otottld be wi ; ~ ' - the 

of Ku MAJt&y and li .miB. 

»/jH «4 /i^ Enftitcti f pe iacBrr/a ij sh< ilttf 
I vjitf uMdrr th: famt Ex^agrmtnit tvift ttrit 
\m*t the* in-ooh'cJ in tie tf'ar .* And whitcvcr 
_^ _ iSuoocfiof hii Mijclly'i gracioui EadcnvQan 
dam the Blcflinvi of Peaw ^m) gcoenl I'nnquility, 
hk MijcA^ to >jl that I^in, wiiich Honour 
uJ tbe tnio Xsicidt of hit People fhouM call 
>eni!cinen diiliidnz the ftrft Part of thb Ament- 
cpb Jclcyll (iffrr d an Amcodmcnt to (be A- bi.jtita. 
»cni prvfim'd by Sir William Wj'ndluiB, u iollowi: 
t&av '' " ''-'■'■, ■'i^E that Houji; would chevlully 
tijLi Lich Supplier, u Ibould be necff&iy 

[Hofiouj 4uJ iicciirily uf hii Majdly and Wa Kiae- 
fi« Pttpgttitm t» tic Exffnta it ft incurrtJ fy 

iha, aaJ mt ittn im/»iv'J in lie t^^r : And, 

tUxii be the Succefi of b» Majdlx't gncioos 

19 ptoc a re th« Blefllngt of Pace ud gettenJ 

17, vriMld ciabk hii Ntajdlf to k& iku Pan, 

IF and Juitxc. and i&c Inic lotrrdl of hit 

IciU upon litm o underttlcc.' 

~ ~ Utt Aaiaidmcat wu fircsuoall}' fappon* 

:li. Lord Noel Soinerfti. M r Shjppen. iji\ ' 


{ 6 ) 
fl_». Kf a. II. P.irticulars of his Mnjefiy's Spet'cli : When lUcy were to 
"' ' ' approich tlic King, aail to ilL-darc tlicir A!Fi.-flion and their 
?'iJclity to him, iluy thoiiglic it was incoDfillcnt with that 
]-'ii!clity they were ta Jccl.ire, to approve, npon that Occa- 
Jion, of any miniUcrial Moiilures, oiid much more fo, to tle- 
darc their Sat isf;Ldiuii with Mcafures they knew nothing a- 
bout. 'I'his Houfi- i.t the grand Inqaclt of the Nation, ap- 
pointed to intjiiircdiligcntTy, and [o rcprefcnt faithfully to 
the King, all the Grievances of his People, and all the 
Crinn-^aiKlMifnianagcmcnts of hi^ Servants; and therefore 
it mull akvays be a Breach of our Fidelity to our SovereigOi 
a:' well as a Breach of our Duty to his People, to approve 
blindly the Condufl of his Servants. When wc have exa- 
mined diligently, and corlidcrcd di:liberately the ConduQ of 
iiny Miniller, and are at lajt fully convinced that he has 
ULtcd prudently and wifely fur tlie publick Good, it is then 
o'Jr Duty to return him the Thanks of the Publick, and 
to repreCcnt hJm as a foithfid Miniller to his Mailer ; but 
tnnMke Pancg)-ricks upon the Cundufl of any of the King'* 
Servants, lieforc we have examined into it, is morr like 
the Language of Slaves and Sycopliants to a prime Mi- 
niller, than that of lo) aland faithful Subjefls to their So- 

' I muft acknowlcdgL-, Sir, that the Motion now nods 
to us is more general, and more adapted to the ancient 
CuHom of Parliament, tJian rttoti I have heard fincc I have 
had the Honour to be a Member of this Houfc. I hope 
u-c fhall not lind that this extraordinary Modelty proceoli 
from a Confcioufiiefs of Mifconjufl : For the Sake of the 
Publick I heartily with we may find that it proceeds from 
fnperior Merit ; which is, indeed, generally attended with 
fuperinr Modelly ; but as I have always been, upon fuch 
Occafion.t, againA general Kncomiunis upon Minillcn, nod 
as the Propofition now l>efore us, or at Icall a great Pan 
of it, implies a general A)^robaiion of all our late Mca- 
fures, pariicuhrly thofe relating to the prefent War, which 
the M.ijnriiy of thi:> Houie are, in my Opinion, intirelyig- 
norainof, 1 riniiut agree to it > txicaufe I have not yet 
kurr.ttl Cumpbil'incc enough to approve of what I know 
r.utiiii^ abo'Jt, much lefs lo approve of what I violently 
l\,.ptii to Li; wrfirg. 

' I i.. d the lI',nour, .^ir, to be a Member of this Houfc 
■, tin i ;ii IV.rlir.mcnt ; a:, i I rtminilii r levi,jai Motions were 
I'ltn rii..ile, for ^etiir;- I'jine Irifight into tiie State of our 
f'" ■! .AlV-ii:. r.,.d nur I .:e 'J'(".>l^.uii:)ll^ ; Motions which 
.f ") r:;-.- r>-^)i'y i:::f .:'.-.h''.; ii-.J c wn ab:blj!cly ne- 
1 ..i ..■ ■■> j: (.»n;-'li.:d w^ih, L-.f j!e tlic \l •■.-.(i: otiiid reafoo- 
>.. V ..'' .;i;';' v.i:h the Dciiiai.di ;]ijt ult.* liien made upon 


{ ? I 

Bet crery one of thde Motions bn) a N<jitire p« m»« li o». il 

lit I hiVt a\viitrt bad a StirpkMti oft)ie Wi3tk» of '™" 

ida i I tk> not liic acjr ConJsU ihu cannot ihnd the 

It NotMi-Day : ind tbciefere t wn «fraid fome of 

■•sr TmilaUioiii aic Aicli u no Man could ifpmve or, 

ty vrcrz cxpukd to pubLck View. Wc have been long 

' with I ti-(v cf I'liint exinctdintty Benefit!, thii «cre 

to I from our tn:uiy ledioui in<J ciipea- 

ariiri •■t;havc been loorin Ejcprflaiion i bot 

^ ■ :iUoo wni OWr, WC mve been almys lolJ 

' iKC, (lie tHU:c nni to ^nomptilli all our Oc- 

■ c acrordingt^ haJ a cmt drat M ra-'imoci 

lu !v ai I C3B COafttheni. Y am obfen-e no Bene- 

tltat liarc Kcrucdi or arc like to accrue i but, en tiis 

. miftf Dingen anJ UrCidvanttges ; So iKif tlw 

riio of our Ule Kr_;7:i;i-t!i7ns really &cm to me 

been calcuUtcd fbt i ':'.M, but to exiricsie i 

'pezsl«d. petfJcKii :■- ,, .r, from fome former 

liy wUch tSey lave gcrcrallj' been led into b fc- 

if Trarfc Cotitn]uo)ce thin the fiitt i Rve-ry (ubfe()ueiic 

jB fvirmi In me to lu^re hid no other View or Dc- 

-. lo get r;^ "' !'— - Ihlenunii we were throwu into 

•lie fccTDM 1 a- ive weihoiiriit DuHcIn;?, afcer 

i^oJ of \i,KirT ijiLui. if we ccud but recoi'er oiir 

rCcniukin. Ini'horl. Sir, iranyGcntieiQ2n«iI1 Hfc 

dKw me 
I '■irhrr to i. 

id ijv -.■ 
>iptiutt i 1 . 
licca put 16, All 
I fca«r, tkr.baot :tt 
a^Tte lo Jill) 

dcw A(^■ 


To. I liiall a> 

P.i-pence thim 


_ in. 

■Ajon U'iih, nut Lkc M- . . , : ;.i f f:iml, 'till 
■ jppor w m-:, iliii th^l-r pn ; vivace 

ibco) ro»e \^'jiy UilUoccd by .'.^i..^.i^l Advaiw 

. r - 1 ■■ 

very MicUii'^ 

- -' <■ ■' ^ Motion r »m, iaileed. fur- 

iii, to 11)111:0 our AcVnow 

j'K;.. It net invulvUig tbc Nition 

:kmI^ Wjr, i», ill mv flpi'iinn, very 

\: it iinpuf" 

•■iji dr> injr 

. thing 

., ihc Na- 

, ;tni acconluig to the Utaia of 

to li\-Iii. .1 

Mm t. G». n. 


( 8 ) 

Cng ourielvei, and is alwaj-s an Infinuation, that from fix 
a Man's Malice, or his Weaknefs, or Imprudence, we atpeb 
cd fomc notable Mifchief ) and therefore when wearedil 
xppoinced, when the Mifchief is not fo great as we expedttl 
we fay, by way of CoDtempt, that we are obliged tolun 
If none but Minifters were concerned in this Part of ih 
Motion,' I fliould have let it pafs wichout any Remark, nf, 
1 fhonld readily have agreed to ii ; but as his MajcAy a cat- 
ccraed, I hope the Gendemen who made tht Motion wiF 
take Care to liave it fomc way altered, if they are retoM 
to have it ftand Part of the Addrefs. This (hews. Sir, ho" 
apt People are to fall into Blunders, when they attefflptn 
make extravagant and forced Complimeiits ; and therefOitl 
wifh wc would refolwc to avoid fucli Dangers, by coni^ 
ing our Addrefs to a general AclinowledgemcnC of Thaail 
to hii MajeJfy, for his moll gracfous Speech from tit 
Throne, and a, Dcclaracior of our Affeftlona towards iia 
of our Attaehnicni to his Family, and our Zeal far to 

' However, Sir, as it has been granted upon all UsA, 
that ti&thing contained in our Addrefs can prevenr thefr 
tore Inquiries of this- Houfc, or can be a Bar to our CM- 
Turing what wc fhall upon Inquiry find lo beamift, ibm- 
fore I Jhall prop&fe no Amendment to the former Pan i^ 
the Motion : Cut I mutl tate Noiice of one Thing whio 
i* apparent, wichout any Inquiry, to evciy Man in ia 
Houfc, to every Man iiho luiows any thirg of publick A'' 

< 9 ) 

'mid T 4ti^ wiJrt mii4*r ih* fame EMgagrmrHti ivilh tli'i 
and »9t tttti i<rvchf4 it lit tt'ur j .And wlutever 
be the Sumh of ixn Mijclt>*> grjcious Eudcavo^in 
ere ihc BrSixiei ct Vti<e x-hI jjcncMf 'Intm-iihiy, 
He bi* Mtjcat (9 ».& th^i Van, whkh Honour and 
and ibc ime uucrrll of lui People ftoll call upon 
j^nrwrr tn ihcfe ObjcAioos, and ia Sttpfort ofthc Mo- 
Mr Winnin^ioii. Mr Hc&ry PcDunt, Sir WUIum 
'tngt, Mt VMiven ilul Mr Oglnborpe lu^ed die follow ; 

Ai Gcctkflicn, who baw froke in ibii Dtbare, fcem 
to minx X mccli mofe thorough Kefbrraatioo iii the Mocioii 
^^aw before us, than thxt f>n>poi«d by tbc AutcndiBcnt, I 
^Kiull.tMS Ixavc tatakc Nixkc of what llicy tfavo Ijud in 
B^cccr*!. before I came to fpnlc to the Ataendmem pnmbd. 
Bwc hira been taid a great iJrnI, Sir, of (he UQaeni U^gc 
IDJ CilAam nf PulUiucot, )v:(h rcfpcd to tbci: " of 

W>^(>^Ak(tlw Kin{, b}- wjy ofKciumio hi': >in 

Hbqik : What [he Gentlemen may mcati L^' uw. m- 
I'&gr, Or 3l whic Time ttitry lure a Miai to luc i(. 
r:i;t Vr f.w ; Ivut I am rcry fiirc, lt*l eve: (irxc I hid 
I£c Hcoout tu tit u Puliament, 1 Qci'er knew an AJdrcfl 
pflfAfal (d iwm gnveral 7'emit ihin that nsw bfinrc us i 
I IrT?fr>.-c I .iin .-iLit tA oondiulr, thai u> Acldtcfi can be 
bac whftc fomc Gentlemen iviU find 
... . '■- vrhh thehauoarxlite Gmtlemeil, 

QDC of (he ( of our Meeting hrrr, ii to in* 

,ifi.;.._.:. . „, i,j,,n,^nj fjiUifuliy to the KiajT. tlie 
icgcrnnMt of hu Semnts, ai vv«II t\ ttc 
OncTSM;; III Ml fcopte i bvt ulicn his Mijtjly iui gtvcn 
•a ta Anmnt of hit Ondott, funiy tliat doet not hin^t ui 
&OC0 iBakicg hi3i {ach ^tnKuJ Compliincnti, for iKe Ac* 
tjoaan be &» txcc plcalrtj to give ui, m mil not obdruft 
ou; fntiiR Inifuirin, or prrvtiit our Cenrdrc), in aCe He 
SooU iftrrmitlL mut, tluu »n}- of bi> Scn-ant) had aQed 
mhiiiifjSy at iffl])vudcsd)-, even with lelpc^ to thoTe icry 
A&tn be bad been pfealco to give us Ui Account of in hu 

S!<B ukitowMjrd. that the Motion before ut 

rnl than it'lvit it ufual upon fuch OccjAuni ; 

■ ^~.Tni, il fcemi. th« thii cxmsnliiury Mo- 

ddir P- ma ConfciD=f[ve& ei MtUonduU. At tlii» 

:!■, <r-f iJCTillriwn i*hj fare t'.c Honotu to fcrve 

*ir» I Cm. n. 


I> (... 


( 10 } 

D^if/ otthit HoiaCe i anJ if they propofc a Aort AiUrcft, 
antl cxprclFcd in tbc rnotl octicni Teniu, Ialitiua<iof.t irt 
then nvtdc, ikat their Moddiy prDceciis from a Conrddu/' 
DcG of Guilt i Ibtliatlct llicm (nul'cwlucii way iJity mil, 
it js impoirib^e for thviii to avoid Cenfune : Vet. even thtt 
AddrcA. genc.-al ai it ii, », tt fccm;, to t>« looked ouai ab 
Kocomitim apoa tlic Miuitlcn, and aa an Approbatioo 0^ 
wlut we know- botbins ^bout : Imt, in my Opinioa. ff wa 
examine the frvcia) Par^^nplu, it will appear to be neitKcr 
the one rwr the other. 

• By the firll Pamgraph roonJ Fiull with, Ji « propofcd 
to acknowledge kii Majcfty'i Wirdom and GooJocii, in pui- 
fuing Tucti Meafnrei aa tend to«i:nb pfocuring Peace ani 
AtcomnxxiAtion : By thU, Sir, we do not declare, tbaiMs 
^I>jl-Ilr fau purfucd fiicii Mcafciic;, oor do wb approre of 
the MeaTQret he hju puCatd i bat when tliofe Mej.rur«i ue 
Oudc pub'.klc, if it llMNild appeal that tbcy v.-crc fuch W 
EruiGd 10 prucurc Peace ahd Accominoduion, farcly this 
It^ufc, nay cLe wWc World, ocgKt to Aclcnowledgt hit 
'■ ' Goodncft and Wtrdooi in ihtt Re<peA i and all 

I > >ie fujipofed to be ffleaiil by tlilt ParaeraHi '», ra 

ac]iiju»icvge thai ihcrc i) niore Wi(<lom and Goodada 
ill purfLiiujr iticb McoTum loHiiirds ptocuriog Puce, tlun in 
]'<i(fuing (uch Mnfurrv, ai mi^t t«nd to involve ihe Na- 
tion and nJl Europe iDO predpttaicty in War : 'T\ui then 
tinnot. I thick, be fuppulcd to be an Kncomiiun upon any 
MiniOer, nor iin Appiobattott of uijr of the MofuRs that 
haiv been pnrfKcd. 

' By tlie oclicr ParMraHi >< ^ propored. to exptcfi the jott 
Senfe **c iiare o* i>i» UijelXy't Rc^jrd for the publicfc, 
Truici'uiliiyi and of h'u Endeavour to lornit in Concert wiib 
the Stacn GencMl, fuel) a Pfai. of PaciAcation, u hii Ma- 
jcAy conceive! it conlilVni uiiii ilv: Honour ond InlcrclloF 
an Partici, ai far s> the Circumdanco of J'tmc and Ow 
prcfcni PoUurc of AfUln will permit : Here aratn we ap- 
prove cf noth'mj : Wcdo not appiOTCol' ihePlan that u 
to bt c^red i wo do doc To mucli tn amrore of any tne 
Step that hai been taJ:en in il^c fotming of [hat Pla& t we 
only lckr47v>Irdgc liii KUjcfly'j tcodcr Kcgard Tor the pik 
7" — [uility. in crideavouring to foim fuch a Plaa tt 
.' ii : ThU Tardy i> wUm no Man can deny, nor 
•' ■ ;^i sckcowlcdgiog ; and I bclicn 

'granted, that it wti better to bnn 
'<•» Centra], than to form 
^t I canool re;t!!y cum- 
r-rtitd to be ua Eji- 
•MUoa cf any Mcx- 
And therefore, iba me. bae* a^Va^ «l ^ '" 







Ct^i J ' 




(hat luve Ixea paifunl, pa/, du}' wc even }pi « vjp* 

nt Sii/p4C^ ihu viionj T'' l-inrbceo purfiicd, ocr- 

Lker ntir l^amtcf nor o'.: ii can be anjr Of^ec* 

r- of tha(e Parj^ripii:, 

41 Jgiiorincc or ilic Meaiiirci diac lure been 
'I, u u ccit^ln ui; are ig;noKiat ora gr»c maDjr 
ij it i» ncccfljri ": i>.c!l4bc (o; kt wiiii k- 
I ck Ttsntitiu' Jly tliofc willi J'i>;c.j'.n 

■ibCotuicly ri«i.! _ ; mioy of them Jlw'jIJ 
: far (evcrj Ygu» alter ihcy arc patted i ur* 
,ine thi-C ovgKt fcir ever to jcina:D a Secrat: 
tliu »ay TranfiiAiori un itnuiin a Secret lotig iricr it 
bica anunoniciicd (a chii Houfe, J believe no Geniiis 
mil fnteai to affirm i for tW the Mcmbcra of thi« 
HiTHfc miglae pcrhapi Jcpcn^ upoa tbc pid<:Uiy and (Jk S«- 
ovcy of oM snolhcr. ret u'e CAimot anfuer for ibe Stran* 
Hn tku na^ be aroongit u>. '^I'bK, Sir, «vu chc <ml^ 
Bafxi. tilijr tkm Hottit uu plca^ to put a Negative upon 
Ike Miuiocu pDinled at by the hoaeunble GendemcB i and 
ai 1 Iwl likcuile tbc Honour to be tiicn a Mcmbar of thi* 
Uovfa, 1 boud focb RnfiMU given for not crKnpl^ingwitb 
■j^^alr }dc^>'jii^, o) oonvinceii me. t)ut a Coinpliacice mth. 
^^K -foM luvc brcQ one of the gitaicl! Id- 

^^He: -^ '■- ii^K daQc oar Counuy : Jt watnrn due 

tbc Au^on of ihofc Ttsnfi:^i(ii» were afraid, on (heir own 
tbat tlie TniU&'tcm they bad been coneeraed 
I be e.tpofed cd publick View i it wat jmpollib^ tC 
he ' if tl)c} had been poiTefinl vvilli asy I'ucb 

^ It i given (he kalt Gronr.d to fufpefl ihcf 

: ii), It Mtj^UO Juve been i gnod, and 1 um porfu-ided a 
jRnilicg Kcofba fgr tbu Houfe to have complied with 

* But, Str. M to tbc SnrpicKnw tbtt feme Gentlemen 

■If cacmun, witb npad to all or ai\y of our palt Mcf- 

t( b uncMJSIiIe to ^y any Tbiog of tbem, uiileCt the 

leJ (o acoitaint u* <v^ ibc Croaads 

_ Su^ii. . ■■ ucn they do (bat, it our cabtps be 

ntJeiacn's Povtct lu flx«v, tbit ihoie GmurJi are very 

• — .• K>lid. Tbey talk of our bavuig bcca for a 

■Aiiied witb Hopes, and of o« luving baen 

1.1 :o liiFr pAlicTK : 'Tia iru«. Sir. there arc f«ac 

^mv^ a*. IKK is iJkc Hoafc I hopci but m liic Nicion, J 

-le are n grcu nuity wbo bare been bng b- 

lopoi, wbo ht*c had a great deal oF Patience : 

jidcGd, boen aniicr a connnual Courlc of Pa- 

f.« iSe Bc;::ntiifc of the Ixte Reign : They 

■n Of- -y toMf never fee tbai Event 

ij /«!£ bopj'ng for, whicH 




' ( '4 > • ^ 

Pawer, fft fwor cf them mij be blind (o Uieir own Int» 
(dl ; n-iy, it It vciy pniSoble fcnic of tlteni alwny -' ■'' ' 
an) are M-c in ncjlctt what it ncccfliry (or oaromi ^ 
or to icJub coQlribuling Any J'Jliug towuds fudier^^ig ui 
TC&oriog the .B^Uiicc of fowa, bcuafc tvciy aae nS tfa« 
otbrr Panic* coocemcd will not coutiibute liicir pioport>a»- 
sble Slurc ? 'I'fcis. m my Opiojoa, would be * very odJ 
,j><Ml of bljixin ^r Ui U) Li/ down t it i> fuch a ouc ju f 
hope will nncT be infiJlrtJ oii tn Oie Councils of Grut Cn- 
tain. Suppole, fisr Ex^juple, our Ncighboais, die Suid 
Gcccral, moald be- fo blind ui Uk lul louici: of thw 
CouniT}-, 3i !9 look quietly od till liicy iJw an/ luc of i^« 
VavKn of Europe cxiend their ConquciU (<t fir, as W t)e 
Hbk C9 gii'c flic Ltw to all the relt j wouU that be a fta> 
Ibn for our bckaviof. in the £unG Manner F NOi Sir, let 
our Ntigbboun do what they will, it ii inctunbcat upon oi 
to luoi( lu Tune to oai own Security ; and 1 bope wc Jhiti 
almy* be re»dy to do wbat our Hoaour and our Snfcty nujr 

2|uiic, opon every fudt OccaCoa -, for if ever wc iboal4 
olve to put ouifdvet to no Uiargcs for prcfi^rving t^ 
Balaaoe of Power, unlcb the Subs General, or any otbcr 
NaiiOB in Europe, ttx)uld a;groc to join wiiU lu, and to 
bear a proportiaiaklc Share ot the HxpcDcc, we Ihould from 
that Mutnent become dependent upon tbat Otticr litMc, aaA 
coafcqucnily Iboald be pi^lcfled arid defpiied by ^ t^ 
oibcr Powers of Europe. 

* Tbcreforc, Sir, ai the AmeiKlaranc piopol^d istidit ia 
my Opinion, towards Quwing a DifBduce in his Mni'Dv'* 
Conil^l i and ai it teo<Is lowanli placing thiiNatton in 
of Ucpcndcocy ypoootbot foH'CTi, J ounot bat be ■^aiuu 

To the aba%-e it wu replied by the CuiW Mciobert, wh* 
were {(X the Amendment, a^ foliowi ; 
lAi Speaker, 

' Alibouf^h J iwv« bad the I toRODf to be long a Mcaifccr 
of ihu Houfe, yti t fiul I nwei knew tke whole of wf 
Duty till jft- Day ; loi I alifityi inugtticd thai i*< roe: hen 
to (!'> 10'! noi 10 make ComplmcflCj. 1 Ibalt nciv 

be a^ . .-tfJitut our Loyalty and our ,f iWiti- to mt 

S ■.ctrrigti, upon evcty prop«r Oecafion i bccul* 1 takff H 
to be DO Complinwnt, I ukc it to he oar Duty, n'-'' •'»- 
HKfltotuI Cullum h:u rAabltltbal it xifuch, ai the Ek^ 
r.4 ,,,.„ ^.,.„.„ gf Piuliiiiww i bQt to appUiMl bi 
i-.ii Goodiwli, ofid hit tender Krgml 
1 ruj'ir in tvrry Part of bii Condofl, which he rtjy ec 
picked to tpcntioo io Wa Speech, ii i Method of opnfSag'. 
o-^'hidi octglit indncd to be called Complies' 
called nothing olfc, bcuulit it tHAcat be . 

< '? ) 

_»iawc beftow tboJe tiigh Kpithets upco what we know ut«> e^ r 

abcmt. Thii, iniJen), I riever \xtoTe unt!etllot>tl to ''•*•*■ 

'Part of our I>fltj'i and i am furc ihe Cullom is iwt 

il i fat if GeiitJemcn wJQ look but a very litile 

rbatk ia out JournaJi thcj will fee when ic began ; and I 

aatf iif. I am forr^- tt wu ever begun i fbr, in my Ojh- 

I - ildogito lijghly &on the Homkif and Dignity of 

:u, aad liron tut Sioccfity aod SioipticiE/, ht 
I wrjKH tint Nition wu, in xndent Timcit, fo ddervdly 

1'bc bononnbk GciuIcincTi appear under a gmt Con- 
Im thete who hare the llonoor to (erre the Crows : 
'7hi{« my Concern (or tbcm Is noc lb grcJit ; and R» Utii 
kedba it mux be. ilut I (!o nut think dieir Taflc fo hsrd i 
I GoafcA tku wlien I obferve any ModeAy in them, I mn 
ja^Kf^ 19 (uffttX that ic ptooeedt Trom Coniciooroefi 
mhcr ln*n from ConfeiOTfaeA of Merit ; and is 
■'•'■' fiw AddrcSei they hare of lale fo very frlikim 
k. i^Hf. thit I wu furprizcd to End the leafl 

' - iif it upon the prcfcnt Occaiion. However, 

: be |4«1 tliat ibc Moddlr they have now fl-.cwn 
I It) •fly i«rec tTccffive ( for m ihe Spcccfcct from th* 
TlktoDc an, Dj the Cuftom of ParUirae&l, fupfofed to be 
SfBtdio firaiD llic MiniAcn t and ai hii MUjcRy'f CbadufI, 
«|U9 te ootan (o be coofidcKd in thit Houle. it alwjiyi fap- 
anfed tc be the Cotidu£t of hb Mcmllers. 1 cannot allow 
tbofc. who propofc that vrc Ihoulil ulk fo much in 
eft of tlitiif WiCiom and GoodBcrj. mid of their 
Keiprtl for the pnblkk Rcpofe and Ttaocjuiliiy, 
rrl'M any extrlfive Degree of Moddtr. though it 
whajn 3j>pear ts be a btile loore than wnat his uiely 
atvi upon futh Ocofiotu. If the Ccnilcinen bail been 
I B have UJ: out the mo Pangnpha ia whicii theft 
!i»eaa arc caotiine^, thcJr MotleAy finely «t>uld 
'been greater, udthcuTuflt would certainly have been 
r, bcciu&ikcMation mold have bocntttortct; and I airt 
■>auld have gimi more SitiilaAioci to tKeMajO;i- 
:!ja. and I hope, to the Majority cf this Hoafe. 
1 a,iiik bft S*i, ] un not a bttle furprized to heir 
jGcstbxuA ftadcrtakc to lliov, that nritlicr of t!>e 
[ finBd Fault with, conuin an tLncc-niunt itp- 
(In. oe BB Approbation of any Mcafuie : 1 am 
Man vriihotit Doon that reads ihcni will 
, -K I in r.invir,.-\! ifiat all thofc, who 
-tenti in Politicly, 

( r6 ) 

fee ib»t thcf defentd ihoTe fine Epithcti we an to givtf 
ttiem : Thry n ill not confuler that (Iflc £ne ExprelEoni art 
■.fdigfict] Oftl/ as CotupluncDti, uid (kertfbte do not n^Bittf 
aojr SiDceriiy. 

' At la thcliiAPanigTapb, tke hoooimble Genllcffiait ku 
BckR«wtcdgcd, tlut if ibe Wuidi f»# p^dfliaitlj had net 
been put in, il would have been a DecUnitioa. at lofl. dtK 
it will neither nced&i/ not inrambeet upon ut to enj^e h 
the ^Vu, wbich wu a Dcc'^ration thii Houft co^ not de- 
crotly nv-kt. u-ittwjt Icnouiing romntiing nton* of our bts 
TrTniaHMtta ckui have been yet cunununicated to lu : And an 
hoiwaiable Gcotkman. who fpokc bdott him. has (bewod, 
I thbU, toaDeRMnftraiion, that die putting c/thofe Wordl 
in OUT Addrcfti wtU carry an JdiDuacion, nhich I hop« m 
Man u-ill appi)' to hi» Mjjclty, whaicvcr may be di i 
rrl()CJl to tbi,- Miniflcn ; Bet the I^ujt^pb, rtni wi: 
Vr'onb, unpOits ■ DcctAralion from ui, that it «x>uld luvs 
be«n piecipiUlc, ic uxwtd li.ive been tifh. to have iiivolved 
tli« Niition in W^ir bclorc thii Time i u^hKli ti a Dcchrad- 
on »c rniDOt, in my OpinioD, make, withoat more Ligfati 
tluui we tiXn at prclent before ui : But fuppofe ihnt wc SB 
ci>nvi(Kcdof the Truth of tliii Dct^xiion, w)ui are ws 
ihcii to do r Wc are to acknowledge his MajdtT'i Wtliloat 
«Bd t;iiodne(», Or r^ither the Wifdoni and GoodnHV of kift 
MintHcn, in nw having been guilty of a nifli A^ttofl ) mJ 
whetlwT rtKh an j^ckoowlcdgment be onriltent «itli Hm 
Dignity of thii Houle, or even with conunon ScrTc, I maft, 
teare to Gcntkncu to judge I 

• With Mgjrd to ilic other Paragraph, allow me to ^pt 
pofe. Sir, that wc were by the Trenty of Vienia, or oAer^ 
wile, obliged in Honour to fcDd immediate Succoan to the 
Eflipcrar, would it not look v<ry odd in itt, to malie our Kb- 
IcoMwIedjracacs to thole who advifed hii M»jdly to intrr- 
pofe only aa a Mediator, ubni he wai ta Ifcnour nblioBC 
10 os;>ge ai a Parly in the Oifputc ? Let ire foppofc agan^ 
ihu there were fercral I^rpuiet attd JUilTcreDcri riibfiA(B| 
between thl: Nation and nny one of the Pjriiei c on cwBgl in 
the prc^l Wuff. whieh Diffwtef and Difi c rctte M we bad 
Hepci of actonuaodatiiif; in a friendly Mawer ; and wUdl 
IMK of fucfa a NAtme v CDUld not be gtvcn up. mthovt 
|iitiiig both the Huuour and the Intcrell nf the Naiioct 
fiKh a Cife. could we have had a morr proper Option 
Id viidicale uor l-loiiOut and our jud Kighii ? 
«e BMke any ;\cki>uwlcdgn)ciui to ibolc who h^rc ad 
Ida MajeOy not lo lay bold of fuch a fair 
Then, at to our Concert with the Dntck. w 
hiJ batx any fuch ot not, doc3 not, I un fure, appr 
utj fiblkk Step they bxvt taken \ tn& ^ctctm 1 

< '? » 

^luHrwccsDnakcoor Acknmvlodnneincinthal Accooni: *^.*,'J7 "" 

T hope, bowevtt. ithiat I hope they have arteJ in Mety 
''hing in Conceit with la, u well at we )uvc Jchic w'tll 
em. I bclicie it b Acir InEcnlt ai ucU u oun lo lA in 
bat Manner ; but a Mstioa idaj milbke itioivn Imeirfl* 
id iherclbtc t n)3)r fuppofi; that ihey huve bcpn from ibc 
^y Beginning of ihij War, and even tiefbre it binke oiii, 
ngagtd in a irpamr Intcre4 i if fo, can t«-c make aoj- Ac- 
kiivwIcdgiiWDts to thoCi: wbo hare advifed hi* Mnjdtj to con- 
cert any MuTiitu with ihem ? All thefc SuppoliUont maf 
Lc me, ("or wliat wc kcow ; and )*« by agrwHng lo tbJi 
Paiagripb wc mull prcfuaie crcryonc of ihcm to be fulCct 
otherwiic we mtiA ajipexr to be incoBfilleot »vitli ourvch'fj. 
'I'hut, Sir, even (O take thefc two Paragrnph» in ihs 
ife tbu the honourable GcMlciRan has put upon ehcni, 
>e mull fuppofe u-ewere no way engaged, tithe? lo lionmit 
Intereft, lo take a Share in the prtftnt War ; litv ic 
>uld ti^ve been precipitate and ralh in ui to hive engaged 
it, and that the CuUh are CDgised in llie lime [ncerett, 
have aAed in every Thir.g in Coixcrt with ui { which 
arc SuppoGtioiu wc h:tve not, I am afnid, nny gruE Re;tfon 
to nuke: But Mr OxiAiciKnt;. the People who tcot u9 hj> 
thcT, ood wiiok good OpttiKm we ought to prererrc, wifl 
go fimher : llay will, from tbefe two Pangrajihi [ii our 
Addnft, fiippoCe, that the MeaCures potfued by (he Mini- 
ften, fyr procuring Peace and Acoommodaiion, have been 
wife and good : tint the Plin of Peace is fiicli ■ one u it 
(Might to be, »nd thai the ntoA pntdcDt Meaiiirei hafe been 
taken to make it cficAual ; and if the/ fhould «rtcrwtnli find 
Ihemfdvet millaken, wlat Opinion c^n ibey have of our 
Wifdorn and Goodn<f» f I am afraid it will be but st poor 
lixcofc, to an boncit, finctrc Country-Cicatleinaii, that he fa 
never to k>ak fbi Sinccrily io the AddreOa of Out Hude, 
aid that we never mean any Thing but Coinplimeni by any 
geiieni ExpraAiont in them. 

' From whati have hud. Sir, I think it will appear, that 
both our IgnoraDCc and our Sufpiciom »n good Argumcnn 
sgainfl our malttng fiich hhl) Camptiinmn to the Miniden ( 
for it h upon them ihefe Cocnpliniena are, by the CuAoia 
LA^Parliainerxt. pniiimed to be bellowed : llii M^jrdy has 
j^Hmcem in the Debate, and therefotv we nay Uat the 
^^^B wtih tbe more Freedom. Our I^o/^nre, k to :i!t 
our late Trati&dions, Ij very great, and if future Pjtliinienik 
IKould be alwayt of the faine Opinion ihc lall wa« of, we *:e 
like to remain for erer in the moH profound Ignorance i for 
I did not bear one Argomcnt made Ufe of in tlic lalt Pit!ii> 
ment againil ihe Motion^ (hen made, for fome InGght into 
■or Porcigq Affiuta, bu What wlU for ever be a> &tOn« v. \\ 
■ VoL.1V. C *ft»^ 

( '8 ) 
wu u ttui Time : Tli« M«Jont then made were not lor a 
Difcon-ry of any ol' the Tran£«Aigiu then upon the Anvil : 
Thefe Motioos were only for {ome Papcn, rwting m Tnn- 
failion* ll)Bl lud been <[uice linillied {tnnl Von be Tote i 
cad tliF only Rea(bn i bard gi?ca ht icfiUtug ui tlut F*- 
vour was 1^31 ibe publifliing of TkIi Par«n, the diCcoxer' 
iaa of ludi I'nubfUoni, might open old Sofct, thry tiught 
rcmc fooie way or iaotkci- to the pre(eK Tniniiidio>ii> and 
thcKforc it M'a« net [iroper ii>ey IKonU be hud bHbf« ui ( 
nay, wc ivetc not fo much ai All^«d to call for tKcui, in or- 
der (o hare h^ that AtvTKcr frooi bb MajeHy, fiooi wboia 
ooly ic A^M propcT Joi Uiii tIo«re to take any fuch Asfwci. 
At tliit Kaiv, Sir, wc Ihall bcver have any Aetouni of tb* 
I'liRftfiiooi of any Moulicr 'iJU fonte new Favourite but! 
up, lod refidres to di^mcc hii PrtdecciliH-, by etfoABg 
the Wickcdflcfs or the ^lly of hii CooduA. 

' That oar Jnte C«nduA bat not been qutce (b pmdent 
ii, t am fure, very much fu^eAcd by the G merilily of tlitt 
Mation, whritcver it nuy beby the Msjotity oltiih Honib 
Wr iuvc been lor;g amuicd. Sir, we h.ive had a great deal 
c{ Pacicncvi but it it no^ ;>ir, tiut Sort of People, suut 
by the honourable GeDtlemen, who have been Co unufcd '. 
It i* n--i thr D.f ffcfleJ, (fie (vDcmin to hii M^jefty't Fimily 
tfodti' ''-^ppx Klt^Uihincnt, who havt been obliecil 

10 hi,'. . ! iH>, Sir. fitch Men are. I b<IiCi-e, (lad (■ 

fn fuch Mczimcsparfucd : It i* ihofe who are well a&Atd 
towariis hit MajcAy, tbufc who arc rr«1 Friendi to Uie m> 
feat tlUbliOiiiieii-., -'nfi have been lately amafcd. s»d it 
mult be Bu:k[uiAk>J);<;>' (hey have had a g;cat dcti of Rl^ 
Itnce. Thatihe Ksiion Lubem nSroncrd, ibatouTndl 
has been inicitjpted, that oaiMcicbanii hire been plm- 
deted, And our Seamen oiolt craclly ulcdf arc Fohts not to 
be cennvrrted. Whether they hive proceeded from thA 
amiilcimis Projedi of foreign Coura. or fioo^tke Btuoilcn 
of (ume of our own People si home, n a Qoclion thii Kooft 
ei^ht to look into i and for that PunxjU; wcought lu in£A 
Vfon bavngall wcelCu-y I^his laid before lu. But fcr lia 
pmni, I fli^l foppoTc. that tlicy bave all oroceeled 6^ 
ihc Mnbitioot PiojcAi of foreign Coum -. What SatW&c* 
tfam than bavt wt obbuaed for the Jnfutti and ludigRitlA 
«e have fuffereJI What Repration have our MtrduAs 
rot for ihi: Lota thry have futLimed * Ii thit NatKm 
hrooiihi folow, thaiive muit fubmii tofufTiri-, robediftttb* 
nl, ^ the ainbitio«« Vtvp&i of (brctjrn Caorti. withou 
daring roc* ttr inUlt upon an adcquaie SattUitAion, a full fU> 
pukim ? t bnpr nor. Sir; and 'liQ anadr:;|iui£SAtItf^tiea 
mad fuU RcfianuioQ be obutocd, I fltall rot be ludy i« 
•igite M fo^ Cotnxiliincnu kiE^Ai o>u \a!ic CgnAaEk. u«« 

, T 

,1. r. t- 

( >9 ) 

.*r lb finall DifloibiScc*. if oar Trade 
I, wliu Advantage lutli tW publidt 
r---f-u; iron; :.-Lt lujpy Sate w« hare bten en ? Wtui Part 
tC thtf puUtck Debe havt «>« difchaigedf W|ut Taxei 
BT« wv tilicvtd Uic People fioin t Surdy, Sir, if wt have 
boa hir fa nun^ Vesji in roeli a hapfy Sutr, a gmc Put 
of oiar Dcfats ciight luve been dtlcJurgei}, jnd Icvcnl of 
: noA giicTOui Taxci taken offl But the Fi^ ii other- 
'! I wt tav» b*™ ev«ry Vcir kcrping op great Armiw, 
oot ereai Wtza, and putting the N«io« ro a vjil 
r. in Oiort, Sir, «« have been for thcfc fevcrxl 
J Yen> odd Sott of Store i we have had War <vithout 
uA Peace withom Qaio J and while the Ni- 
'noo in the fame mongrel Sort of State, flull this 
high Cbnipliinenti oii the CecxIuQ a/ our M»- 

To fttvtenJ, Sir, that the kmioAmetX dStrtA >nl) fliew 

l J^ncc tu iiN Majdl/i CondoA, » to tell ihi* Hode, 

tkai ■»: ra«fl nrvr: frtoflimeDd anj" Mciforcs to o«r Sove 

Ktf- ■ Mictfieit of our Siwcreigii ; wEucb 

'- ■ ■ .. ,r of ihii Hottfc will, I kope, adnii: 

dj-, Sir. we iTC not to oeglrfl our Duty to our 

,, or to ODt King, iof fear of giving foiti^a Courb 

Ki Uinilc thai we have a Diffidence la hit MbjcAv'b 

^ Sarli Surmifa we arc aivnyt to ilifrvgaid. nrcn 

N-ataoo were In tnuch greater Oaneer tian ic it at 

soil for thh Me hairr minj Prvccdend. hoc one 1 

Noijtt of. Mhich i ihir.l; ifireAly lathe Pemr. J 

fe il mil be gnnteJ, that in the- Year 1701 thi» Na- 

\w:!i in greater OaRgei tliJti ii can be feppofed ac pre- 

wc had then aAiuliy ilcclared Wxr againfi Fnitce 

ieain, who lud at that Time in AlluiKc with thtm 

'i>%ol PottujU. (he Doke of S3V0>'<l the Duke of 

a, wheett iv< hud none but the Empe r o r and the 

l« m that Tear thif Hoiife not pnly rtxcmiticrKi- 

I thr Utr QiKen, to pfcvail with the Dnich to prohibit 

: with If aiicc and Spain | but oAiully naJe ii one of 

litiMii of tha Fouef ihey pre hr- rn -. mnent her 

a, wmI th^ no fcstsgn Troow fiie (^ -nto her 

X, Aioahl entrt intet Englim Pay 'iji> ui-. i^ofutuioa 

ninphad with. I do n&t do-jbt but (he Houli: mu 

iSnU, iltsi foch a R<«omraenctatK>n, noch uvnc fuch 

jtioa Aiuiexrd to t>iii Granr, wooU fticw a MiflniA 

NJedy'i ( )iiii they tbough( it th^r Duty 

p, and til- •:y hai ro Rffgud to fuch Ilin- 

tt and wt alt know, (hit their BebflVtocr Ha» itteBd- 


Anns t. Oca. U. 

An A'mfi cf 

( 16 ) 

* The Babnce of Power in Europe is certainly of as much 
Confcqucncc to other Nations is it is to this ; and when it 
comes to be really in Danger, it is not to be queltioiKtl but 
wc fkiU find other Powers as ready to join with us u we 
are to join with them, for i[s Prefervation i and unldiwQ 
Ihcw too much Keadinefs to bear all the Expence, it is alfo 
certain, that ihofe who arc in equal Danger vmII never re* 
fufe to bear their proportionable tjhare of the E):pence. Bnc 
if ever this Nation (hould fet itfclf up as the Don Quixote 
of Europe, we may tlien cxpeA that molt of the Powers of 
Europe, who are not immediately attacked, will leave the 
whole Burden upon us ; and this, I am afraid, is too much 
the C«fe at prdent ; for ps our Neighbours the Dutch .ire 
more expofed to the Danger than we are, I mull conclude 
from their Inaftivity, that titlicr they do not think the Ba- 
lance of Power in Danger, or otherwife we have given them 
Koom to believe that we will t^e upon us the Defence of 
this Balance, without putting thfm to any Trouble or Ex- 
pence ; and for this Reafon I think i[ is become abfolutely 
neccllhiy for us to gire ftxne fuch Recommendations to hit 
Majefty, as is piopofed by tbis Amendment, Jn order to 
convince the World, that we are rrfolv'd not to fet ourlctvcs 
up ai the Dupes of Europe. Such a Refoluiion can fub- 
je6t us to no Dependency, becaufe it is a RL-foluiion we can 
iihcr whenever we have a Mind j for iffiirhaCafe (hould 
liappen, as it is hardly pr.fllble it ever wiir, that moll of 
the Nations in Europe l.iou1J rcfoKe to look tamely on, 
and fee the Balanre of Power <]uttc over:urned, I (houM 
tlieii think it the Duty and the Honour of thii Nation, ra- 
(h«r to play iho Don Quixote of Furnpe, than to fee our 
o\vn [Jberties fwallovved up ia the Ruins of thofc of our 

Then the Quedion being put for agreeing to thcAmcnJ- 
mcnt, it puJTird in the Negiiivc by 26; to 18;. Where- 
upon the AMreis agreed to, without any farther De- 
bate; and E Committee was appointed to dn-.w up the fame. 

yam. 28. The AddrcA was reported to the Houfc by 
Mr Hedges, and apecil to. 

yai. 29. The fame was prcfcnted to tlie King as lot- 

r« .■-:!.;f.. 

M-^P cncious Sovereign, 

WE Vour M:ii-(U'. n-ii-'ft Duiit'ol anJ Lnyil Sub- 
jvi'-i, the Ciiiiitn^ns of Great Brit lin in pArh.imenc 
airemh!".!. («g l.eavc 'O return Our humlitcll Th.Tr.ks. for 
^'oiir M.iriih'a moil gracious Ppeech from ihe'Ihrone; 
-'f(I to nckni'-^' ledge, in the moll grateful Manner, Your 
Af3fci?v'i tc(;dcr ard ^5ttLwiu".£ Corww. (or the VVcl- 

I 31 ) 
bn rf Yoar Pedpl*, is ataMy piifuirg fuch MeaTurw *•"•« **». 
ai hnr wiJod uwutb Peice and Accommodation, ra- "*^'' 
Ibtf tluB to nnolvc too prccipiiatcl)' thi« Kingdom, mJ 
aQ Esrope, in a geuiol jnJ liloody Wsr. 

* Anong in miRj' ■! : icrciU and contmtixog Pow- 
«n »S!ipd in the p.:. :.^,; ,., , ii ij Your Majefty'j Wif. 
dam utd Goo<lnru aloDC, which could have r«ci«I to 
U» <^ prdtfK h»(>f,y Sit«iadon ; nnd liie Crown of Gr«t 
ft/iUiD «wld iTver sppear with greater Honour and La- 
Nw, dan by YoorMairfly's intwpofing Youf good Of- 
&aa b«<i»««n the cofiltiiding Puiie* : And u tiicy hare 
muvb! iliBB wuh due Rtfjf)rii, tvc caimoi but hcpe, 
tbnr OW0 Pndeece will krip to compleat To dcruni>lc « 

• I: :■ -iiT Duty, md we bfg Lemre to expreG thefcm- 

: ie to Your Majt-ilj, for the Care «id (Jon- 
,1 ma(( have attended Your unweorkd Emtea- 
boUt in beginning nnd carrying on UieTe gcxHl Of- 
i-Tivri, l--n> Hi.'rTiicd, hare brought Thing* to b 
jr I Plan, in contett with the Siato 

l>t...,^., ^-.., .:,..;..:., ;ime be aU'ercd 10 the CAnTiden- 
tKN of all tlie Puwrn rirjjaged in thr Wnr : which, not- 
'lag the great Dimcoltin that maA attend fo grett 
iniy fcrve for the Bafuof x gcnenl Negotiitiaii 
. dMliftf 'tic [lonour and Intetcil of all 

_ nfitii ' nliancMofrime, andchepic. 

Sanation of Aiiiiii will permit. 

' If tbcfc McsCufO, rnnccticd for the oomnon Repofe 
■ npalltf oi il,\ turope, Ihouldatififtnnly meet with 
■ipfuaiBBcnt, YcMir MnjcRy'i WiMon and Care 
be acknowk'tgcd to bare dcTcrvcd that Succef^ 
V i>r i.'iVil Counftli cumnt alwaytcommuxl. B«t, 
mr n>»y be, Wc beg Leave lOaStin 
. ; int thii Iloofe will Chearfulli» and Ef. 
IT r<ich Sufiplies, Bi ilall be ncccdiiry fi>r the 
:iur iiud Sccunty of Your MajcAy txd thefe King- 
_^ uid enable Vour KblrQy to aA that Put, tvhi^ 
■aatf, aaid Jui! ' itic true IjucmII of your Pcq. 

feiflcBllnpDi: < '}«Ay touDdntakc,' 

Tvthii hi* yu^Af bWc the ^Dowiog An/wct* 




Kc >r TIUllIu Tor thi> dutiAil ud lo^tl Ad- K>Mt)ttT^j 

.'-. I .-:t<Ad«itirrlv upon Yoor Fidelity and AF. ''•"^^"^^ 
irii Your due RegW lo the puhlick WdftJC, 
— f.. ,\.,yf,gg^i^jj^ ASafura, 

*u*]MlM>ii. '• Honour ani I&ureA «f My Crovra tnd Veoflt Shal 
be Uu) Rule Md Gtitdc of aU My A^liou* aod Ri 


■virtu, Ikflfa 


ftiraoKji 7. Th* riwi& being ia a Graad CoumUECt 
the Supoly, * Motian wm auiir. That 3o,m>ci Mtn be em 
njpy'd Mr li^c ;i«a Service Ibi the cnTuing Ycu : B-it fam 
MeJabcn (bnlnrtog tku tiicy tuaugfn 10,100 Men rutTii-jmi 
a gnat 0«bua esV^ufd j ariI uic \I<xi4n (or }o,or<i Mc 
WM fu|)^nff<l by Su Robert W«ip(^ Mr Hor>lM Wolpoli 
aikl Mr C^leihOTpe ju feUowt . 
Mr Spciiluu-, 

' Witb rvrpsa to the QmAim now bclbrc lu, I bor 
no Gentleman expcftj. tnni lor hit SAtisfiibon liii M.jcil 
(bauU be oLligul «> dirclofc to ibii Hixifc jI) tbc Sai 
bit Govtnunnt. all ibe Ncgoei^txiR} bo i» now a. 
en wUh fofei^ ?owm, and ill Uic pnviie Inrortruti' 
OMy b^*^ iKeivcil, in Kbi!on to lUr Viriri »«l i! 
of tji« fmral Pow«n now crgigcd ia War ; N« can ff 
•iFfcAvl tiiat his M^JeSy ftiouU liow declare pofuivclj^ 
m what he is rcfotvcd t» do, lu relation to hi) c:'g^ 
or not enpgJDS m [he ptticst Wu- : If Jiiy fjcli T 
covld be cone, t bdicrc ii tsoalJ vewy Tooo pat ad 
to the Qa«9ion. bat no fuch Tbii,g hu ever )ci b^m r>ii 
lif^. nor has thii Houfc ever t'nudghi (ach a fi 
ct&ry. for inducing tbcm to a^rre i^ wiy i>«oi;i;.- . — 
by the Crown, and I hope ic nna will, b'or if wet 
ftioiiid coinu to be tho^igbi ncccHuy. 11 woulJ lay ihii 
tioa u(»der s very gnat I>if.idva(uiigc * bcdofc it ouwet 
wmOed that what o oan ditlofed, iit Tacb 3 uune 
^SaBbly, OiOiUd conunue ions a Secret ; fram whenc* 
JiMpnvnucjKc would nndCmly enfue, ihai foa-i 
nigbt, it all Times, proceed Kith gteai SecKt 
Me't'utei, for (lie I>«AruOioa ot DiHubance of t!.' 
wbilc wc (oi'ld do noUiiog to umoy our Encm:c^. 
be proiniUii fcr our own Ocfenc*. but in (be mol) open 
puUick Muincr. Na^, if oiu Kitif Owald «( uy Ti 
wt InJbnnaiioii of the Deligai of nar Enrmio. he 
beoi)l%«i to difcovfr 10 tLii Uoafe, cKst ia trv < 
would be obliged to tcU our Encmici, fracn Mrti>' 
th- ' ''-'-.alioa, and en focli a Soj^pofitioo 'tlt{ir;>^in 
Ji- : vmoltl ever b; given to lu; wv to\,'A ne 

J(i.,>'j .,ny j'htog of the trcrrt Dcfigiu of Our Etmuts*. 
the vfiy Maount a'' ifacir Kxeciuion t and ihectiim^ 
natt q wc lndc . tbu Ibcb a Mxxim tn iliii Ha-jfc wwli 
ayal«tely tnoenfilkni with the Safety ai am LaaaOr- 1 
IJB> ReafiM w« BuC, in ibe pr«<eotCaJe, and in all b 
Clio* Like tic Aifinicimbi^ ^QiawtkU ifpun in' 


( aj ) 

•» Si«rt, flnd from ihofr puUide Accennts, *luA abu « a*. i 
as lEEsMrn ;o ever v 'jcnUcman in the Houre, Upon this 
F>-Ti-,p, Sir. ar«l i.jioii none Other, QiaU I prtrume co ehti 
t -i» for ajrtciiig fo the AttgniHitadon fropoJcd i 

t^, ;<d, upon (liti I'oMUij the Kearomaic, ifliUf Opf- 

iBO. fo r^-nicnt ard lb llrong, thai thcfc » tio Occaii«n 
brraqniiing tot" a:i>- Secret'', In order to find other Ren- 
iw fcir our jgic^.iig u ihu AugmoKation. Piontwhic 
lam yrt appurcd we are not, 'tis tne, obliged to tn^t^t 
m iW Birfeiic A'lr j f^r m tiic Motivn, or at lead the r>r»- 
UKkd Motives of the rcUic eniirdj' to the Ailiir 
WPaIicm! j wid u thjii ii an AiTxir In nkich tbe Intereft 
rf dn Nation i» nt> Way concerned, we ire not ob)ig;cd to 
^pp in ibf War upon tlinc Aauun! : The Emperor h*i, 
hJtmi, c^llrtl upon lu ' .ixoiiri, which he pretcods 

uc B^litcd bf ih 'J ( . i^liftu^ between ui ; but ss 

»» nt«, by iiny "I reiii . efrjpgfd to fuppoit either cne 
Of .1 - ,.rhi-7 in PoL.ind, or to fuppori hii ImpcTui 
jwt rcUiirg to rh« KirgJum. thcrefbte 
ii«t liiiiK-. 'lurtrUeA obliged, by :uiy I'rtrJiy flibUlinS 
at, to runiil!. Mm urih Succours in a Wsr, M-btcE 
ocaiioiKd. ai it iTitendeil at leift. meerlj' by (he 
Difpaie about tUo Ekfliun of a King of Poland, 
•r Mrerc abfol j that the Mocivci aff^iied 

the re) ai'- ■■«■' Ttif thf jirrroil Wir; 

S ^ "."'gt*' WnuU 

OIT7 ,' grant that 

6cr« wtmIiI have been :i far our putting oitrftlves 

M sf E*jictKc, orir •■•■ c be now lui)- SeceSty for 

6k Augtneotabon pioiKilnJ; but tlin Si what we neither 
eaoU u tiie Be^-" ' " ir CAn yet depend on. foreiga 
Coon mzy bavr 1 .: which tsnnot be inuDcdiatdr 

Miiiiiii iT I but hi>, by ufb-Jng ro interpofc hii 
Oficn, has uken the nioll eiTirAu)! Method ior dilco- 
chc fcoct \'icwi of all ihc Parties cotcerr^d ; and 
cbr Intrrpofitinn of hii good Officei he OiOald dif- 
Ifciil ciihci 'Arilc* c'tg:gcd in War will w- 

ofnorafooAL vc iiu}' ficm thence condodr. 

tb< Afftir of r'^lirfti wn not the only and real Modve 
Wtf 1 but tlui u:>iJa thit Pretence there Viu a 
ittftncd (a oreftvin the Bslarce or Powi-r in Europe 1 
» ere K- (Imul.t tw obliged, bmh in Korjiur ard 
•y, nui on)}' [o take r Shnte in 
,-. ,_>. .... ill our l-'ofce againS that P^nrtjr, 

: Cmo.: ^ed fiich a Dei^tta 


( U ) 

ta put it Ia ExMutifti). h« mDlt have tome Hope* of 
The Ambiiion of Oat Mcighboun, Sir, u wut Wt 
pmnic, bat we suy. t^ proper Prtcanticfu fcaTottiht) 
d<^rc dicin of all Hope* of Succdi i and bjr lo <]< 
Oull itlwi]-i prCTOiC their aunnpting lo pui their D 
ExccutiiM. Frani llvis Maum we may (te the Wi; 
ilic MciTnm taken bS \*it : Hit MnjcAy did t 
bimfclf oblij^cd 10 ukc any Share in the War, bni 
Anbition ot dther «f the Panin eegagi^ might 
inrolra tllii Nation !d the War i thcreroic be ol 
imcrpofe his tood Officei for brioging about an . 
noditioB : WEotcvcf iniglit hiVe been the Views 
Partia engigcd at the Beginning of iIk W^r, yet up 
lag ihii Nanxi pui itfdf in facha PofiurcofUefcnc 
alfthougot proper to drop any tunbiiioui Vtewt thg 
then cjitcrtain, by accepung of ibc good OAca B 
je&y had oSered: Their ready Compliance id chii : 
cui be attribtiicd to nothing buc the PrrpaNtioiu w 
Ult Year, and the Powcn ihM weic granicd by l&ft 
of Parliikmenl to hh M.tjejijr i for by cbcle w« A 
ttetn of all Hope* of focccrdicg in any of their u 
Viem. Ii wat this, Sir, that produced ao Actq>uiKi 
good OKcei hit M^jedy h;KJ ofiered i nnd if wr 
tlickea ui our McaTuid, ifwcfhould difcontinDe a 
piraiiuns, ii U'Ould render u& delpicible in the 
«U the Tanic-* cttngod in War, tad. utmM con 
diCsppoini the gooa Eflcfia we hare Reafon to 
fiom iluc .Acccjidtion. At the Ibginning of kit 
it niu very well known, thAl ihc French H-ere £nii 
large Squadnm ai Brclt, aad wcie frovidii>g T 
and A Lind- Anny to be feni along with that Sqoftdn 
dcrPraKcocc of rdicviag D-tntaitk. In fuch a Si 
Sir, r Ibould have thought ihnfe, uito had the Hi 
advilic ihe King, very impmdeni. or vcty unbitbfuj 
feUon, if they had not odvifnl him to put the Nat 
ncdiauly in:o a State of Defence : for tliflugh it w 
twble, odiher ifie French nof an/ otha POwet 
tMtii lu whdc MC continue neutral, yet it b cerraln 
iliBu, and alwaviuUI be, very much th^r Ftench 
to hi-ye thi4 Nxtion of it> Stde t attd il ihcf ba 
{tn. or ihouJd upon any fuch Ocofum lee, that it 
b« enTy to Awertum our (t'lVrtnmciK, by our oot be 
ficiciiUy provkdcd hr Defrr^ce, aud tviiIJ, by om 
our Covemmenr. get Numbcn of thti Naifon to ) 
ihem, it wwild then hare been, nnd abnyt will hi^ 
ihctr while to mjke the Actompn ; thercforr. infl 
pTrCerte (he Peace and Q<^t of tbc Nitwn, «c On 
w»j3 ta be upon our Csud, lal^ w^wna^Cw 



bcttl Ptov^iioD for our Dtftoce, when a=> vf tfor Neigti. iu»( n,». a. 
iotti ace JUttng UiU (ugc S^iudroiis, whicli tnsy pniTibly be ■":•:'• 
■■3fl ufa of ta aiuck ot iarailc ttm Nuion. i'hii. jir. 
m»\ &m Rafaa. aad thii vm then, I Uiiak, 3 Aifficvnt 
Kxafaa fer liu t4jjdl)r*5 <lefirir<g 10,000 Men (he laft 
Scfiao of Patlunmn, for Sn Scrvkc t bat from what 
hu fintt hamn'd, ihii Rnlbn fteitu 10 tiare gitbrm] a 
Cttl« mse wejjht 1 for thn' iherc was no particdar Rca- 
fan to fojpe^ thai the French Squadron wai itefignci) 
•fUBfl Bi, jct lEkm wai no otiKr Place in the WorlJfoc 
«rtidi it omM be dcSgr^, ex»p< Danizick ; and whether 
U arxi defimnl ^ Diatxick. ur not, it k crrtain it ilid 
|o L -It for we all know it coniioiwl at BrcA 

AlUr 1^ l.iS Sd&onof t'otlianiPiK had .if;r«ed to the 
wvooo ScJTaen Jcfiict] tiy hii Vfvjcll)', Iw an Account, 
tkst bettka ti»c S^tiodron liciing out at Brtil, both tlM> 
tt^tdt and the SoaiuatJj had givm Ordcft for filling ovx 
lU their Skip of wai, lying in any of ibcir Po>t!, from 
Tnoltx) romci zn BnH ; fmtn whtim lib Mnjtl^. nith 
grear R«aiaa, thuuglit it ablolutely ncccflirjr 10 nuke a br- 
iber Addition 10 lUi Naml Pwna for wfaidi Purpofo he 
qfiitd D hit Piriianicnt for a Potver to do fo j anJ ui Por- 
AnacQ at die Powen graoiwl him upon thac Appjiuiion, 
k itai finer made aa Addition of 7000 Mm to tiie Sea 
bnriot. fo tlt4t CUT pn-lcBt Naval ElbbliOimtnt cmiCils 
of 3;,DOo Mat I ;ovo a{ which ontft b* reduced, if we 
ftottU i^ce (11 grant bat 10,000 Snmoi for the cnfuing 

Haring (hatt Sir, Uid the f tcfeat State of oar Nant 
otn before yea. let ut confiiler tiie pitCmc Sute of itit 
AMairt of Fjrape, the Ctrciuniiincn our Neighboutt are 
r, a-H t:i- I r-'.initiDco wt am in ouifelvti. At to the 
ACi_ ,t u certain they ^l^enl 10 be in M te'i 

^M^i. .. . ...,v uuo they w«tc Init Ynr; bi> Mije%'i 

Boa U£ilo trc. lodccJ. actrpicd of, but that Accc^atioii 
Ib tM a< yrt producrd the wilh'd-fur Effect, nor cui it be 
nfr<itA It t!-.nold, if hii Majclly ftuMtU apfear to be Ie(* 
when he CDOiea to ofTtr Terms of Peace, thin be 
when tf mifie the Offer of bii jnx)d OBictt ; we can- 
thcr<' 11 the prcfeni iav ot iIk Atfnju of Eu- 

ra™", t'- '^tmcm for dimirulhim; oor Nivjl pone. 

n tac i.'iicninflancei ol' Mti Ncighhoim. it is very 
u'lai tiM cnly all tUc Ships of War, 6inJ ,j„[ iltUcf 
tae Fr(r--<h n ^rfoniinhi. are continccd is ' u 

aoth ihur '> :r <iiti in- M'lth the utmot) Aj.;, „ , ;e» 
W*lrTi tnd : .... 

of Force they hive m 
.a baildiag dm Ship« »[ 

( a6 ) 
War iib&u ibe^r cu t from whence I think it it nidcot« 
tiiai JDOad ef making vay Reduflkm of dw Naval FoMB 
we kad l&n Year, wc ougltc lo make fooie Addition, tm4 
tbt AiMkioD prapofeil, which is pra^ly but ]oao M«. 
li, is ray OjKoioa, the leafk that cu be tbought «f. 

• This, Sir. Bitift be thooaht AJl mon reatbiuibic, if wc 

CMfidcr oar own pankitltr CitcuoUUnon, Mid the DiAculijr 

ihcrc is of K«ttiitg oar Smnm togvthcr alter they m oats 

difperfcd. In Coaniriei where ii^luu: and u\jixnrf Ce- 

i«Qni«ni ptwiil^ ihcy have itl iheii Sttraen rc gii oi^ 

and ibejr alivayi know where ihcy lavf find tkctn when thor 

lu*e Occafiott for than : Their S«tuii«D, la wcU ai all iIk* 

«lh«r Subjefh. are ander a Son of mwtal DilcipJictr, thay 

cannot (dilent clicmfelvi-i without a Furlough, acd thcjr malt 

KRuin abfcnt no longer than ibcir Fuil3tigh givo then 

X-nvci hy Mhich MMm thi Gofer uttcjit always kaOM 

what Number they nay d^nd on upon may Eaicr|enc]r. 

Bet in thit li^pfy Country, where erery private Man ffiif<9f 

hit fuil LSvcity, wc cannot comnsml our Scaoua M fll^ 

at Home. tK>r can we ctll tfacn Ho«k when wc have S 

Mind ; fer, nntwithlhtnding the DtflicuUici which every mm 

kr.ow« wc feniul UQ Sumatrr, lo man itie He«t tbeo fittad 

out. ytl it wu oonputtd there were at lealt 1 1 ,coa BritiA 

Sailori employed -ill Utt Sumnur, on Bowd of BriiklV Sh^ 

ia the Service of Forcigncn, cither as 'I'ranfpotD or » 

tradiag Ship. In this Couiury wt never have any way tf 

praviutM; Sailort foe our Fleet, npoa any fuddcn Finfi|if 

cy, bttt by pfd&ng tbofe Sciuncn we find by Chaoc* ■ 

Hocne. or upon our ohd Coiiti i and Uiis ^tethod li ahntya 

atemded with fo muiy Inconvtftiencici, thai, in order tQ 

prevent oar being at aay Time rtdjotd to that NecdEcjr, 

tntry Mut who Ita* a dni: Regard to the liberty and tka 

Ijappindi of the SubjeA aiuA ^ree, ibai wc ought, apoi 

evety OctM&on. to begin citty to provide a^ioA my t>ui|H 

wc ihiah wv have Ke^rtxi tO kpprcbeod. 

■ lo all the Meafoici^^ have hitherto taken, rehuing m 
die pnfent Wir. cur aiKteiit and naioral Alltcs, the Diitcb» 
have oardUlly joi.-iril with ii» in cwy Thiof : They jaiaiA 
hcAriily wiibhiiMifoity, in oficrm ihrir epodOMCCabr 
tomp&Ti^ the prefenE nnlnitpv OUfMace* ra Eiin|i^ mA 
thcf have iilewile jovied with ha Majelly la eotKcrtia| %. 
paoper PUn for a Tacificitiait. It may perhaps be ia&na^ 
ed. ti-iit (')ey Ki%« [ni( lbmftl4«» to tro t'ApcBcc 0» a^ 
count of tliv: p'tfroc Wir i bui thi» b neither a yidl aor* 
true InSeiucion i for It if very wcjl knann. thac befaiv tkii 
War brute out. they hsi) refolved to h*ve aade a my coo- 
Aiictibfe knhfAioo of their Laod Fomi. Every «•» 
kaowi, thu food afttt the foKs tA \2tKtibl xhcy ndaaad 

tte Anay to tc,ooe Mm, and lor Ccvcni Ycanarcrr thay 
bpt u At liux Number ; but upon z Chuse which lia|>. 
«B ll« ACkin of Eatope, ihc)' augnicnRd » ag;iin (o 
.1,000 Men, ukl at ituil Time wc lik» ile founJ it nccrf- 
tB iacreaJe «iu- Arai> to 16,000 Men. The War with 
■Udl Evopc wit then ihiraicncd wat happUy prevuucd i 
od ai boD zi it w-u, we immcdiudx b«4n to redact our 
Amf [ we reductd at &rft jooo, uxl toon tfttr jooo, of 
the Nuaibn mc had incrcalcd it 10 1 but the Duuh aault at 
Aat Tiar so RcduClion : ihcy never thoaght of making 
mtjf BtJoAion till the very Year bcicire the prcfeitt War 
hnfcc out 1 itien tndccJ, a Rcfoluiion wu adually taken in 
faew of the Proirtncn to mlucc lO.ouo. and thi! was foon 
to kiTc b>cn falloMTd by the Reduction of another io,noo, 
■ nrin to have brotwht their Atmy to iu foimer Stamlard 
d J xjeaa Men ( aoil both tkefc RcdufUom have bc«n put of, 
«sctI7 m ncount of the pin:<eHt War : So th^t, to rpok 
Ijr, they have put themrdvet (o ihe Erproce of maio- 
a^OOO hfcn ever fince the Wai began j atxl ihcre- 
ITbOM (D be wonder d if tbey have nude no Addition 
tt th^ nm, flrpKiaUy if wc confedcr. that thcjr are in no 
of being attacked by Sea, and the bad Condition 
Tf happen to be in at prcftnt, which is occtfioned 
vad Expcncc (he/ wen put to during the lite War, 
ii Mb«ch they ivero obliged 10 nuiatnin a much greater 
.mbn* of LoBd-Fomi Uiao we majJiutDed. and wne far- 
eUiged to be at the Ejipencc of. all the Siege* thu were 

durtai the Wu. 
The Dmeh, 'tit lr«e, 8«r. concloded a Trraty of Nea- 
pality with France, with regard to the AnAiian Kcfhc- 
bi^ i but ii u Boi ftoni thence to be coitduded, that they 
(R rngifiif in any latanft (aerate (tori as. Thty were no 
••y ooocvr*^ in (he Al&tr of Poland, no more iKin we t 
if their Wrier waj fccarrd, and tlic EiUnce of Power not 
browhl in asy Daagcr, they hud (ood Kealoa 10 thinic 
Ito ao way concerned io Ok War t the fiiil they 
Ifar by their 1'ieaty of Neuirality, ami the laft 
ce«U W in n« Danger, si long u the Pani» engnged in 
[War CM&Kd thrir Vicm to what ibcy then publickJy dc- 
bot if eitb«r of thtm (boald begin to extend their 
and thereby bring the Balance of Power into Dan- 
DvidiwooU be then at Libeny. and would cei< 
do what wai iBOUtbent iiputi thtin la foch a Con- 
1 sad till tfaat CooiuDifWjc bappem, w« can have 
mtwa Cman \a the War than ihey : N:iy faither. 
■ha cnodwding of that Ticaiv of NeulrJUty, (o cartful 
>e the I>uich 10 pectcrvt to atmkim a Libeny of do* 
i^tfRnMi/dr miat tUy ikeaU 6a4 ptoftri that by an 



r ^t ) 

>»•. o* u. cxprds Prorlfion ia the Tneatj-, ihey hnte referred to dim* 
''"""• ^^ f felvn s Itiwir of fending the ftipuhted Su«t>un lo tba 
Kniperor, in cale ilicy ITiotilt) line! ii nrcrtEiry (a to Ao, 

' Thut, Sir, it appears ihai chc Uuich arc To fir Ironi 
hiving fallen lata >ny Mnfores fepinie from ut, ilutt ihty 
bare coniioucd s hrtvy Clur^r upon chcmlclvfs, in oiinr t9 
be rcidj- lo join with ui in any IVlMfurc that may hcmAer 
•ppcu necrmry, for prefetring ibc B>l:uiee of Povicr in 
Europe i and fin chat Kn&fon, u wdl lu a grul many otlwn, 
I think it it iocnmbent upon ui to put ovrfrlTes in foch s 
Condition, a may emble lu to a^ cJim Pan whtch Qrrat Bri- 
l^iin ought lo undookr, in the glorioia Caulc of ptefrrriog 
ud recuring ihf Libertiw of Furof«.' 

In Oppojitioo to the ahavc Motion, aixl to Ihew tbe Smt- 
V'f tb-ran. ficicKcy of Men for the Sci-Hervice, Sir Jobn Ihr* 
ft<M.uv-4idu. lur^. Sir Williim WvndK«n, Mr William Pultencv, SirJ»- 
i:>.l^^' ''^ J<^'=>'"< ■ndMrWillimoi, Member fJM LondoB, JtxpA 
lowing Atgammtt. 
Mi S{)cj);rT, 
< I bciwrc it WRi iwrer piciended to be hid dowfl as 
K Maxlniin thii Koufe. that, in order to iodiicc tis to itrc« 
to iHe Dcntandt made by the Crown, the King w» »- 
btigcd to difdofc to ut ill tlie SccrtC^ of hu Omcrnismi i 
but when ttv a/e to Ity hesvy Ta»ei upon i!w People w« 
rvptefent, 1 mull think Rxne other Rutom ought to br siviM 
u ibaa tboie we meet with in PubJid: Gazettes, and con* 
MM New^-Papm [ focb /\ccountt I Oull alMyt think be> 
low the N'otice of a Sriiilh Houfc of Commom i K> ■'■ 
we hofc al prrirni none ot'ici before u% I (hall cond- 
Ot ratka- beg l*i»e, to srgue Irwn fuch laformati 
wtllv ttieUeiitlriani wlio leein iodiSi:r from mc l 
ninn : However. 1 Itnpe diit Pro<1iee w-ill not be dra«.ri mia 
PneedcDt, for 1 (hnll ulivsyt think it rnconUlenl with tlia 
Honuor of thit liO'ik, and with the Duty we owe to OIB' 
Conffitornii i we ouf Im never to ground oar Opiirioni opm 
any TnbTmaiion*, [mc fucK a4 we rectiTeditH^y froni the 
Tbrone, at (xh ai arc l.iiJ before us in ifae niofl {oirmn Ma*> 
Iter 1 and if in jny Calc <^e eoght to bo cnut.ooi in ilu» 
itclprti, it ought furtly to be m Matrtn, tvhich tnay Uty 
way rehie to (he loading tbe Sul^eA with Taaei. 

* Al rto AcctiuM hi> been LimI bdon at of any of our laiS' 
Treario or Ncrtniaiioni i as we hare had no Accooni hoift^ 
t' '■ ' <"S*S*^> '"''' Rc're't to either cf th« 

I . , It ti certain, iliai it<e Argunirnt no^V 

bcioic UI mult i» ukcti np inttrrly upon the Poom^ of 
hfirrlH't Speech, and ojT ihote pablidt Account*, win 
/• '. koow-> who ii * Mrinbcf of any LoA 

I ' -ell at cvay CitMkmtn >i^butli« Horn 

( t9 ) 
bt ■ MembrT of tkii Houfe. If we look fai» kU KlajeBr'* au i. 
Sfmih, wc there find that he hu not yet cugiged bimielf '*" 
tmf mjr bst by hit good OSeet, for reconcilinz tbe DiiTe- 
WMo aX pnfent bblilling in Europe : From hu MijcAy'i 
Sfncih k cudM thercfote be prctm^ed, (hat we ire now in 
mjf^attT Oaofjft ikui we wcreUll Year, unlcT* thefe good 
Ofioi hive boca tmplo)^ in fuch a bluadcnng way, by 
Ante kis Mj)cfly bats entniited, as to tnoke ui Partiet m tbe 
DilpMc, whict) I hope no Mm in the Icafi fufpt^ ( and 
dnaofc, IVdhi hb ^4Ijefly'> Speech, there cnnoi be drawn 

Kf Shem of an Ar^Bnent for the Augroeatition propcfed. 
' Th* Argument (hen, Sir, m^lt icit uhuUy upon the 
cooiiti *vc tiaix from publick GazctK) nnd rVcm-Eaoi»- 
Ki I aai if mj Credit can be given to (itch lofbrmaiioM, 
J 01 

Cm II, 

eew ihtnk, u indeed I hai-e alA-ayt ihcujhi, that 
■>,ooa Saam wvre more tlizn fulHcieiii for the Service of 
tha Kitiaa liA Vor i ftx, confidering thar thole from 
\an vxf thing loftar by .Scj, were then dfcpiy 
ia War, it couM not b« fui>porcd that they u-ouU 
invxJe m, unleT* tbey had found iim u« were to 
np{id againlt itiem. I Ihall grant, thai it would 
hfn ivn very much for tbe Interelt of Pmnce to hare 
lid thit Nation ji>in with thero t but conJidcring ihe great 
Soarfing Army ne iben had in Bri.iin and Ireland, coofi- 
Arinf the Number af Sfaipt •*•■<: thrn had in ComroiflMo, 
ai tnnJidm-^g bow genenlly well affected itiii NaDoo ii to 
(fte pRfeBE luj'^ EAabtiflimcnt, can we fiippole that France 
Wiilil liiir ittempccd to overturn our Governmcnl Mith a 

tCnjdnia of 1 8 or *o Men of War, and an Army of 4 or 
kcgtmeati ( when by m&kittg fuch Airempt, and tailing in 
, ibeywooU liave drawn the highcit RcfinimeDi of tkb 
Kaon apoa tbcmielvt^ : and thfi aiaTinvc when thejr 
•ore decfity engaged in ^u n'lth another I'ou-er, and when 
•MllOQt hxh A Provoc.itioa they lind, in ill Appearance, 00- 
Mig to (ear ftom ihii Nilion f A jftrthctifioet founded up- 
fvch odd Suppofiiioiu ctn cii;vcr be wantii^; and if tiua 
Acnld give wxy 10 fuch AppiclKofioa*, we muA ncs 
~ u be relitnd from the Load of Oelm and Taitei 
piooa tinder. 

$ir, we hcd ihi^ loll Year (a little Rcnfon to fear 

:e had ::ny i>(fign againl) ui. that it wi^ cenain, 

which <vai lilted out at Brri, wa» at firll dc- 

(he Rclicl of Onntxict:. utd wonM probabty hi\-c 

IthitbcT lime ciMHigh to have prevetitetl l]»e Rain of 

liBg rrotcOant Ciry, if ii had nv, been foe ow ex- 

1117. a"ji. I I'lint. UTuiecefliry Afniamerti in Bri- 

noorahle GcntJr/naa took Soiirr. that Om 

i.ot ffi to JJtiBmak, Mitii feemtd fjooi ihttxM 



( 3» ) 
to tntmate, that it wai (ItCgned agaiiiA tliit Oountrj', if 
thf Dcfign HmI not been ptcventcd by oat fttpan^aat j 
but it h very well IcDown, tbac it ufit our frrpanuioni that 
prtTcatcd tJuc fleet'* Ikiling to Oanlxiclc, u it wa* tnSy 
d cfi pwJ I it ii vrry well known, tiot Spain iougincd oiir 
FWt vu defigiKd far tlu Mediierranon. in order to pif 
M»t tkoir ExpMilion 3{*inil N'kfUi. and Sic'Aj, and tbeiv- 
ieri thty infixed upon it. that ih« French Fkct (hoold 
finuio it Brtfl, in oider (o wjitch tHi Motiocu of the Ptcrt 
we we» Citing oa'. I'bii, Sir, wm, I bcUcve, tht true 
lid the oaly Rcafon why ttat Fleet did not Ipil to the Rg. 
IWf of D*ntxick i b<it tiut wu not the coly VJk& of Dor 
vat'img 10,009 M«n foiScsScTvicc ; Neither France mr 
Spain could imsint. nor could ibey, I ibO'l:, have uy 
Bafim to imigine, that we ume putting ourrdvcs to focli n 
mi ExpcDCC, ibr no other End btii to make • Show it 
Sjpiiheu or in the Downs ; they both bc^ very reit^anblj^ 
10 fufprfti ibitw« hxl lomc DcUgn Avaiait ihcmj wkI, up' 
cm thii Account they both be^an to add to ibstf Nival Pr^ 
WKntioai : fUt agaia we And, 

tiKrCMled Our Jeiloufica u^ 
rabtc Voce of Cndii, wuh 

Fcan, an<) prc^wctri ihatmemvrabtc 
which the lift f^rUamnt. T may Tay. expired : and, ia P«r- 
fiBUMC «f that Vote of Cndit, wa are now tol«l, this Nation 
hit btcD efaoftcd with muotiiiiag 7000 idle Seamen, bdulas 
tlw ta,ooo voted lift Sefton of Paitument : Thus oiie am^ 
CtfuyExpcdcepradoe'd another, andboihare oowjoin'd to* 
gcther, HOC oaly to be coniiRu'd, but aUb to produce a thlid* 
' However. 5»r, though [ am Ailtof Opinion, that 
Men wai a Number nuchvreaier than wa* ntKcSuy for dlf 
Sarvin oflaft Year, jret IfttiU nM propofe to leflea thai 
Namher fee the Ynr onfuing i but I an mHy (mfi iCti t» 
btar aa Aup&cnntiM of one half of that Number riBwl 
for. and that withe*! hit Majclly'i havinf ftgnified 10 «^ 
M(hrr in hii Speech or by a paiocuUr Mcmgr, that (mm 
Deagns were hatching aigainR ihit Naiioit in p^rticahr, or 
agaidft the Libeniei of Europe in xeneral. Hii Maicfly 
haviM nude an Addition bll Year m 7000 Men, by Vir- 
tBv of the Powcn f-ruted to him U& SeAcn of Parliaam^ 
cannot be sry ArfuDiei\t \«tth me. U a Member of tUa 
Hoalc, for patiMing that Number, unfefi lui M^efly i^ 
bom vfnfci m cemmunieue bit Rdfin for maldog i^k 
Additioi : As his MajeAy hat not been plcafed 10 da (qu 
aadaal&nof Opiaioatlut M>,ooo wu too great a Number, 
I mil coaleqtWHlr be tnere flroaKly ODaviao^ thai 17,000 
wan no f>icat a Number t anJ aa I cannot tev thai we ate 
ia any gt oter Saager ihb Year than at were Ike tajl. I 
■•4 ihrrefiMT bcagaiafl loadiiig my Coailitaena trich maift* 
aJamf ihandAiMwi KawUi fw Ut« Year eafaiag. 

ififeTcar reaHj- 
Etuigct hy Sea, itun we had Uie lafl i be- 
FoADM aow be fud. that x TixvigB SquaJron, witli 
yArmy on Boud, is to ptft by oar -vvrf Doon : 

■ naf perhaps have 3 little more Coaunand aver ihar 
oi tbaa w« l>avc, tko' I nnoot Jlow they luve 
■c deal. coafi^tTtng our Mrihod of Prcffirf -, but it b 
poCblr for bnlh tktfe Naboni joined (ogrdcf. to fit 

■ fleet, Mi€tiiy and piwatd)-, llronger than aay wc 
IM agtinil it, w bnj is wc hare 10,000 Setntei in 

: I br it it rerj' well Ioibito that if a Xlsn of 

iThMtSuIon on Bovd, and Another I'hird 

b ilwayt fuficioitly nunnc^, dthcr far 

_; f To (hat from a hot PreCi wooag ov 

ud Inlnnd Tr'dr. we could in 1 my 

I iIm Number of Men on Boftrd«irSii()a 

< «t imft, which it a gnsier Number iliM 

[Otofaa for doTiagthe lall heavy Wn. 32,000 

^Sooo Mtrinn bang llur grcateil Nnrnbfv tWt 

. ded ia uy one Vejr diuing thot War. 

FtlicMoufM for theptelentWar relate entireljr 

of I\)UnJ, (R whether w« h4d say Cooccm 

IfiW, it nkdt I iktU not. Sir, take upon me » 

, t but I think it b pntlj plain, that the Mocivtt 

_ of Spvin and Sinlini^ coiild not injr w*y iv< 

t^^Air of Pal^ ; ihcir Modm ocmiiUy pro- 

If fron fMDe b(e Tr»n(>&ioa* between tim Eak>j 

( 3* » 

ftoc to (Ku Mlnifter in FoUnd, to co-operate with the Frene 
Mioiftci. in bringing about the Elcdioa of Xing Sunifltuj 
This, Sir, U only a conunon Report, atsd thertforc I 
not take apon me to aver the Truth of it : but u 
Leturt and InAtuAiom ftitt opon ihjic Occafion ro our Ml 
ntftcr in Poland, K-Cfc moved for in tad Parliainent. tbo* , 
Neptive wu then put upon it, I hope it uiU her«iftet 
oomptied iwitb, in order to dor otir Condo^t from 

* To <leprive our Ncighbonri of all Hopes of Sncccb [ 
KRy of thctr ambilioiu Virm, b, wiibout doubc, U» no 
effeJbnl Way to prewnt iheir forming any (jcb, or at leal 
their attempting tu put ihrm ht EiCCcuiion i but Kow ii thi 
to be done. Si: i It i« to be done by a wife and frugal Mt 
nagenou «f our Affiiiri in Tines of no Danger, by trtAM 
ingall OccafiOAi of necditf* Expencc, and by rcicTrtng oa 
whok Strogih for the Day of ml Dangrr: Our Stii^i o 
War may (oon be fitted out, our Armlet may fpon be ii.fe 
and brouchi into the Field, if vie have but Money vnng 
for thefc I'urpofri ; bat if ire tun thnnrn awity oar Mont 
upon idle and vnnc<xirary Annainents ; if, by %'xin f'cai 
KM lidkutow A|>picltenlioni. wc have tun oorlclm in OetM 
or neeleAeii to dear ihofe Mongiset oar foimer Mttb 
lune* Aad rubJcAcil us to, oar ambidoui Nciglibouff J^^ 
lonk upon ui with Conicmpt, and n-ill certiinly cone 
thit it b FM iti our Power to put a Slop to their ami 
Defigni. In thi* View, Sir, ii it not cvidrni, 
more Money yn fpend in uniiccefEtry Armaments, 
hire the t>tnf^r calh upon u!, the lefs able we Ihalll 
deprive our Ncishbouii of the Hopct of Succels in afijr i 
their ainbiitoui Ptoj<^ I Neither thit N:itioB nor the ' 
bcTties of Europe are, it prefoit, in any appnixiic and 
■Dcdiue Danger, but a Time miy comet a t^Junftii 
happen, when we. aod perhaps the giratefl I^rl 
World, will be nceeiHrily involivd in a mad dan 
* rmA bloody War : If the prdent Rtnperor Hu 
fore the A&irt of Germany arc fully fettled, mrr i 
Gentleman forelecwlut mot! be the Conrr^ucaea F i 
Priacn of the Empire all ttariiig ooe another u ~' 
and enry one ol tU Nciehboun cndeavstirinE t» talu)! 
of finne Pait of the Auuriao DorainicMu : Ttti Tarl 
taeking it en one Side, the Frvneh «ttackin{[ it on t) 
and the Hahnce of Pou-«r in Dvger of betaj; loA, let i 
ever Side be the Lot'.^ucior. Thii. Sit, tt an E« 
mxy happen, I hope it never will, but ^ it U f*tSA 
ought to provide nninlt it ( and for ihnc Rcajba *< 
aot to cxhaull the Money nod ihc ircrcngih of the 
io aocdlcJa Expcaca ot uanwcC»i;f Vi^v^t^nicnta -. " 

( 3i 

«t Ami to be porfuifig a quite contraty Mcafure. Tlio' )( luu i. qb. n. 
he ID*, with raped to ckit Nibon, a Time oF profbnad ^ 'i^ 'il 
tau xnd Tnin^uilit]', J«C I rcdcoo oar Expcncc* fbrno:{ 
Toj w3I UBOUDt (o iture or fonr Millioni, which »a tnoit 
Inijj^ioai Eipcnce, a greatCf Bxpcna llunthc Nodonwai 

rtf CO in uijonc Year 9' thflt Ju^ry W»r in King WjUion't 
tin I far tbe Expcncd of Om Wu atxet exceeded thiet 
UiDjon a Ytar : And ercn during the War in Qaecn Attae't 
in, that War whkli proreil fo gtorims to tliis Nxtioo, 
« bntfieul to mry one of oui Allin. there never wta 
grWer Kiunber of Sfcta>m prorided foe by Psrliamcnt. 
An wlui ii now propofed in a Time of prt^jcnd Peace : 
Fer 3O|0M Sesmen, and 8000 X4atinei wu, u J haire al: 
tody okra Notice, Uie grc^ccll Number that wsi provided 
tm CT f^Arli-Jnent, in aaj one Vest of thit^rioiu and 
bacO/ol Wir. 

■ To prcicnd, $ir, that the Prmntkw! wv made Ufl Ytart 
or [be Ponn gntited the laS Scffloa of Parliimrni to hit Mi- 
^Htj, imdvcaKl the ActvfUtion of our good OAoe*, if rome- 
tlrn^ very fivpnuof , efpcciall]' when we coalidcr what Sort 
af an Aenptaiton we hare bMO hnmred with : The £■!• 

teltxl Attt]>hrd of our good Office* under ihi* exprcA 
iOD, that hb Acceptance Qiould not be looked on u a 
from thole Succoun, which he tnfiftrd on we were 
Bfalijnl [j> fiiniilh him, hj the Treaties now AiUiJling be- 
ewcB at : And ibc AUks have Hkcwilc nude their Accep- 
titi» coodatiMut I for thty have accepted of our good CHE' 
Oi waia titb caprrft Coodilioo, that we Ihould continqtf 
mmnk tntb rrfpcO to the prcfent Difputcs between them 
nd the Eoipmr. Can It be imsgincd that wsililec Prepa- 
atkaa wtK txttSuy, or iJut extrsotdinary Power.- f^nwicd 
ty PvltaoMSC were Becd&ry, for prodwing focli linsited 
iViijmiiiii f Can xay Man doubt bg: that l^e Iboutd )iat-e 
ataiMrf l«di id Atccplaiioa of our good Offioet, tlio' no 
ho PrtfwntiaBi had ever been made, tbo' no fitch Powtn 
W CTKT bnn gnnitd i Bui even r^profing iblt this Ac- 
otxn wu produced by the warlilw mporatiOni we made 
Tor. maJl not every Man agree, thjt (kii ecnditiOAal 
Accepation has cod m a urribJe Price, when he 
aifiden. liui n Itai coft itaii Nation 31 Ictfl s MiSiODStcr- 
And if the Pbn we are to o€er, in Purfiunce of thti 
licio, tlwuld ai Ull be niched, what Bctie^t, what 
Ota wt receite train tbcExpcocci we hjtve put our- 


<ir EncoangeEDCAt to go <in with thcic pcacefal 

trc ire told. Sir, tut the Dutch have jVireU 

■a all oar Meafom : Thh A^tiiiee, 

.. «> :r mUi imttft nw. Hew far 
f thej 


( u ) 

ti' ^cy bars ymd wit)i u* in the Tetuler of mod O&M, or 
I* conortbng « Rsn for a Pacifiauon, 1 IhaTl cot pntenl to 
decerainc : In iki tbcy may perhaps have cctttfdiiiwnMd M 
» Unk. bcuufi it coft then noibiag t asd tbey a»f aSij 
•xcuft thnnfrlvn in c«(« the Plan ihoold prove difignnble 
lo <H]ktT of ihe Piutici Goonntcd i Iwt thjii tht/ Jure pat 
d^iBielvo to the litne Expence we htrc done, or that thej 
hKt put thcfofelVM to any Expence on ucout of the pre. 
ftot Wat, UBBot IWcly wiih id/ JuAke be prM«iJ«d. To 
sdl ui. that joA before the War broke out. oac, or peit^ 
l»o, of the leven imlt«d Praviocei had come to » Refclatiw, 
to Tclucc 10,000 Men, and 10 cqkIuJ* tront tbtno tfcu 
90,000 wauU cetfainlii hjvc beta reduced, if the War had 
IMC brokr out, muU appcat tu be n very cxiraorduuTT Sort 
of Kesfaninj to every Mnn viho iiMlcrllaad> my Thi^ of 
the CoBllitution of ibat Repjblick : By their CooflitutMU, 
«wy otw ol the turvM ProviiKci ntill have canr«iuad, bdote 
that Refclution coukt have taken Elivd ( aail tho* tha iMt. 
rior Proviscei, \»ho lie remote fraai Dngyr, wert pi*hti» 
far that Rt-JuCUMO, yet (he frmiier Province*, whob «b^ 
I>e6ncc ae^inll fadibn lovifioiii-aMifilla bi the Muliitudi of 
iheir forliM T(Mm*, the Streiwth of tbtir Foni&catioH. 
nnd the NulllbcT^ of Men in the (eveni Garrifooi, WMdd 
never have confoutU to fuch a Rcduftioo ; (a thai the R«^ 
luliori bkcD h^ one Ptovinct trouid probably hart been tt 
no E&cl, crcn a* to the lo.oco ; bat 10 argue frooi i^itCTi 
iliai rliry woohl certainly hAVe reduced aaothcr 10.OAO, il 
really fucJi EUafbaiM m I am anaacd to kov in ikii Houdfas 
It really h>oli» as if fiuM Gcmlensti tboiwht, wc vmtaA 
only a Pthcikc tot agneiag to what ihry uve a Mtad lo 

' 'Tit tnie ilic Dutch did. ionnKliaidy afwr the Piaos of 
Utrecht, reJu<« fiitir y\tmy to abaul jt.OOoMan; bol at 
t)iJt Tiiiic ilwy haew, tbai all the Kiajdamt ftod Stmi Im 
Hurrjpo wtn bck of War : they couM cafily fbnAc, or at 
Icsft thmy theaghi fok thac thaee «M not the baft Daa^of 
any Rapture for &venl Ynn to ooioe 1 and thctaiian dwir 
FtOBtitr Froviacrt then nitty cenfented t» lliai grmt Si^ 
doftion ; But coafiJcni^ the vaA cxiectvc Frontier they fan« 
to guid. and the kluhiiadoof Uatrifain they arc oblifsd M 
kttp ia their own Frcmtier 1'mtni, m well ai in the Ikrr^Wk 
ToWM ibey htve in the Aallnan Necherianda, fuch a IsaB 
Noal^cf of v^uiar Tioops it alMoA at all Tine* iariiiiftlUaf 
ivilh the Safety of thfir ^tile ; and indtcover it i*. nad at 
WKOVB WW. iaeonliltnt «ith. and cootBtty to, the I'roMia 
aiid AUiaacn Uwy have both villi ik: Hmpeit^ and n. 
^Ucovdangly, both tlw Batfcor md we conplaiMd hoiyfc 
u drnTaat oftbf |tM RsUQha >hc( bad atdB i ad 


i 3S ) 
UutNAtiao is particular faul like to haire fafired by it i aimi 
Iv ^oa iJu Rebe!len, wkiebbfobc out (bon aAcr in tlu» "*' ' 
Etebm, Ii ii well Icnown c^ the Datcli could not fend 
• tfa Quota of Troop* which, upon thuc OcoJioD. ihcy 
Mr oUivcd by Treaty ca fend ut, 'tiQ we got Troopi 
■Mcfcoj down from Gtaamy lo replace (heir Troop*, bt- 
fiwti Man orUKtn could ftiroat of theGunfonhe belmig'd 
tt: Nx* Ikrtlier, Sir, it i* very well knowit, that tlie Km* 
pooc, by Treaty, payi ihem yearly ; « 600.000 Crowoi 
flitof tlM iift aadrfadieAof hit Rmrmo in iK« Ncthcr- 
ka^ I ia order to eatble them to maintain their Barrier, 
ml le kora at all Tinuo a faiSciaic Body of Troops in their 
taetkt 1 M chat if they ihould mike any prat RtdtiAMHi in 
AckAnHy, the Emperor wovid have vny good fte^lbii to 
■oplhe Pinneu of (Jut SuMdy, 

' Upea 'the WhoJt we nxiil tontiait, that if tlie Dutch 
lad nde uy BedjiQion ia (beir Amy, ind much tnure ihe 
tM> Rcdoflisni taUced of by ihe honounble Gtmleman, 
titty woold kav« afied toiitmry to tlie Tmtie* fubfiAing be* 
t"«n dva and ihm AUicN and InconTiltently with the 
Safioy of iJkcir Country ; thercfon we ought certainly to 
miuaa thai all the fmm Provinces would never bivc con- 
need to it, liw' Bo War had broke oat t and I am apt to 
kAeft tfc« Rdblution talked of. which mu a Refjlution of 
M^l^onacc ef Hollasd only, waj a Piece of meer Policy, 
HHpn siy Defisp ttai ibe Rdbhuxm thodd aSnally cake 

' Tbv, Sir, I bavr, I UiJnlc, made if eri^cDt, Uiat tbe 

DtKk have pat theinrdrn lo bo Expence on account of tbe 

Vtf, M not r*ta in the Scnfe the honourable GnKkmaa 

m {leafed to iitflS 00 1 and iadccd they have oot. of late* 

' ta MID csrdially with ui in any Thing bat good C)ffi> 

■y an fare can ncidier put them to any Ex- 

. -. L-, itwm any Other Injury. TKeirTrtatyuf Nw 

oafKy, ilia certain, they eoBeert«>d and «nduJ;d without 

' P«ii>ci[iUion i luul, I believe:, willioiit our Piivitv i 

[ tko* they have trltfrved a Power of fending the tlipnut* 

ISacsracn to ihc f^mperor, yel that does not much ilirr 

t C^Ie. If wc c-int'iifirr wku is mcasi by thcfe Succoun- 

TheStKConn their meant ire tbofe lUpulattd by tlu 

i-Trrary ^ Wnm, in which wr, "ti' iroe, got thew 

pr - i^ing Panici i but this 10 me (ctan 

t a poor Expedient, contrii-td by 

I of the : cofwerncd ii tkit NegotiaiioB, 00 

totKi'. Ill'] ticlicvc. thill wc dtd nothing 

iCoKcn with ouraticiem andiatvnl Allieihe Udich: 

''' r>^)t)Btin^ tod atlSBttKEI^tb'" T'^-iiv. 

{ )« » 

ftfUf we hid ^ne U once over Htii uid Ears Inia tha 
Tiaty 1 apd iMd tkercby obliged oar(clv«t co giunntjr ih« 
Pngtnuick SuiAwn. rttij virikm, it wu whh grai Difi- 
eolcy thnr •M«re. a^ter a long Nno^tion, bnwglu in lo ac- 
cede ta tbu Treaty, ibo' w« hitTibcn a K>b)< Lord at (!« 
Huue as oar Miatlter, who was at able ■ Minuter, and u 
good a Ncgouuor aa any wc ever had in any Pan of Ea- 
fopc: And evcD at bft they were very iu froBcemias 
plumb inu that Treaty or Ga^nniy i for th« Soctown thif 
then ftipolated n'crc then limiiol to 4000 Foot and loeo 
Horfe, or a Nambcr of Ship* in Pfopoiiton 10 that Niimfav 
of Tno|)B, at their owo OptioD t lo that wc nuy belina 
Ibe French gave themfehres wy little Trouble abqai adinl^ 
ting that Rc^rvc in th( Treaty of Ncutnlicy, tftawvib 
coKluded between them attd the Dutch. 

* Nay, fmbcr. Sir, rwtw-ithftantiiog tliii linut«d hlacaer 
of the Dutch Accxfiinn 10 the Ti<»y of Vienna, yet ftt 
clearly did they fbrdicc the CocfciiDenccs of that Trratjr ( 
that the very iKXt Day after the Accefiion ivas figned. their 
Penfionary caiiiptothat noble L^rd.who wuibeo, ai f have 
(aid, o«r MiniAer at the Hague, and ptopofcd 10 hmi, to 
enter with lu into a Treaty of Ncuirolily. iwt onty wilh 
refp«A to FliDden, but alto with refpcA to fereral «lier 
Counirici in Eun>pr, abuut which Dilpatn might artfe. 
And. t foppofe, apoo our neglediog or rcfufiog tut Pn)(0> 
fiiiOA. they tftcTU-ardi reijl*ed upM the Treaty of N'tutn- 
licy with France, and concluded it without lertiag i» into 
the Scan. Thua, Sir. the Daich have, in all weir la» 
Negotiations, talen particular Care of their own Sexarur, 
without rafliJy dil«bl<ging any Pomr in Europe ; whcrca* 
we. by oar hafly and tnconAoerate Conclufion of the Trem 
of Haaovcr, and the Meafure* thereafter parfBcd, difbUir 
%<A both the Etaprror and Spaio. without gaiotng one Ad^ 
ntiDge tD uttflelvo. By the Treaty of Seville, V wUcfc 
M>e cndcarouied to reconcile our&lves to Spain, we flill (ar- 
llic liifobliced the Km^ror, without obavung any AdvaD- 
t:;:* to ourJelves. or evea SatitfikCUoa from Spain for tha 
Depredation* committed ypon 01. And by thcTrctty «f Vfr 
cntu wc again dtfobltged Spain, and highly a&ontcd Fttnce^ 
jbll M/ithout obtiintDfaay Advanrage fpr thi) Nalioa, |rM 
on ihc coficrary eogagtag ii a very daneerous Guarvifec 1. 
Tbii, iadeed, neither Fiance nor niiy other Power bad Rca- 
(oe 10 be angry at, Ui( Frao^c knd Atme Rcjfon to be af* 
|>Cintnl at the Masacr ia which it W4t done i bcCJsfa b> lllf 
Tmiy oF Hanonr, in which Fnnce and u« were the cw* 
priocipl cnninaing Paifk*. both were c«p«:ily obliged to 
en:cr into no Nrgiitaauoo or Treaty, witlwui coaunv: ' 
i>; tM kni to the Mh^:. 

( 37 I _ 

wku the bofiognble Ccatkvaii (aid, aboat out «"»_^ f^* n- 
r afaced 8000 Men out of die 26,000 our Amy wu ''**^<' 
to «frer the Ute hmoot Treaty of Hanover, he 
ietmt <ft tfaink, tM( thU Naiioit is alwayi to be loaded witb 
uArmfoi iS.oooitlcsa.eveninthe'riiiieiofth«£mteft 
~ litjr. Bet I inaA beg hU Pardoa for obfcrring, that 

Tone of prafoiuid Tnnquiljt)-. an Army of 7 or Scoo 
' I aot wnly fu&cimt, bat u great u ought to tx kept up 
\ hiuiofi, if •* luve & Mind to prdervt oor JLibcrtio ; 
_ . tlHrdbn I muA conclude, chat if thii War bad oot 
bake flttt. «< IkooJd cctuioly bave reduced 10,000 of our 
■tg«hr Tioopi Ult Yev : For it a » nach iaoonMcnt witb 
tkStfcsyofibit Nation to Iccep up more thai 8000 in Time 
llftatK, a« it n incanMent uilb the Sakty ofchc Daich 
Q korplrii tfaui s*>^°^ ' bcuiilc wc bare no Frontier to 
idimif BOt any Girrifon to (ufport ; I'herc can be ao IRea- 
' k ifljfitJ fbc oar kwping up any greater Namber io Time 
^faett Mdeft ic be tofoppotta bated Miailler sgainll the 
bfaunow of lA injirKl PlMple. which 1 hope w-dl never 
k tbe Cdcuf thi) Kmior : But if ever ic t!houid, I am Aire 
b wooU tboi be riJKulous to call ourl«lvcs a Jree People. 
b Utii View. Sir, let m conlider tbe Charge* we kavc been 
M w atacDgot of the prefrnt War -, we havo been at th« 
OttV of til" 1 0,000 Laod-Forcet. whidi we might othe>> 
«tM £a>« TtJiottd , we have been at the Charge of 6 or 
7000 land-FoRcs wbicb have been added to our lonnci 
■WiBhui i and if wt have atpnient 27,000 Seamen in our 
fly, wv bare been 11 tbe Cliuge oTaddiin no left iJun 
iffiOa Men to our Naval Force. So that if it were true, 
tm tb< Dsteb bare kept up 20,000 Men, which they ia- 
^liti to Imv* rvJaeed, yet the Expnvcc tbey have been 
•I anM noc be equal to what we haiT been ii, nor could it 
br ^ Argoinent for tbe Augmentation now propoicd ; bo- 
':h taaat fa m<Kh » prctcedcd, that the Dutch inteitd 
tMaidvei to any greater Charge for the Year rnfu- 
tlxy were at in the Year pmll : And ibcrcforc 1 
i tlwib the honoutablc Ceotletncn, who are for the i\ag- 

propofed, wouH have done better ort tn have 

Howwcd the Docb iu chii Day'* Debate 1 for let ihcm 
fB tbe Coadu^t of the Dutch in what Light they will, it 
I Oil way nfwtr the |udeni Purpofe. 
Aa Sir tbn fluterial QueJlion, Whether or no wc oDght 
in the prefnr W-r ' It ii indcrd a m.itcriit Que* 
:t. "1 whidi no Cicnticman in thii 

Kovfe, sir tiion cm anfwer, without bc- 

ilgle: .11 our late 'I'retties and I 


t .---ui iriam I i;iiii 


( 3« ) 

and il« Wat7 Tixm wt ^Imdy gnMii mler, it b cerfa 
we ought not to inralvc oaifelvct in War. but ia « Ctfe i 
the cxuvmrit MecdEty ; ami 'till tint hapfMCM I un Ve; 
Am, tittt cyery Artidc of Ejtfnver o«gln to br molt aw 
edijr aroided. thu we «iy be the more Me lo ftippon 
Wit, whca fatal N'mffiry tlrivn i» into it whrllur w* m 
or no. If neitticr liic LibCTiio of Europe in Kr)eni,BOrlj 
IntticA «f thn Nitian in pArticabr, be ia Cugtr hf d 
pre^l War, «c kivc «lrcii)}' gone too Cu i i«, l)dU» d 
great Expence wc havr pot ouhclrci to, itie gmt Fnm 
tiorj vtcluve mtdi* mty difippoint and prevent the EffeA< 
diof« good Office, hi) Msjcft}' it cmptoying foe leftoring il 
Pace of Earope i beanfe ther may give one Side Roli 
tobope thacwvsre to join with them, which will of cani 
pRTcnt thdr hearkening '.o thofc Tcrmi of Pom thtj wm 
oiiwf wif e have been gl^d to liivc accrpcrd of j or tbof on 
^ve a Jenlovf j- to the other Side that we are to jam Kpk 
ucm, wliich will of OKrfc make them fufpcA mtir'niii 
we cin pr&po(e, for brinj-^ng iboot an Accommodation. 

* Betidd thdW DifmifxaOfp, Sir, it is cntain, ihit ij 
mu NavaI Equipment we nude Isli Ycsr, put a very jn 
Dsmp to our Trade. anJ {nve all our Ncr|;hlMun, b 
more pMikdarly the Dutch, h vrry erat AdvMitnjcov 
(» : It if true, we exjinrted a gmt Qouittty of Com ll 
Summer, but that wsi owing to the Situation and CifVM 
Ibacn of cur Country, aad not al all to our Maiuigtnm 
For while our MerehM!:j were paying double Freifkis I 
Shif-i, and double Wjgu to Seunen, the Dwtch, the Hu 
burvhrrr, and x>I otiicr Rinla in Tndc, wcic canyilf I 
their Trade it ibe afual Ritrt t wluch gave tbena a {k 
Advantage in every Branch of Trade, norc putitnlafljr 
the Corn-Trade, wberr the ufuBl Freight bean fDCb I pt 
PtopOrtiOA to iHe prime Co* : Niy, foth • Sesttity "W 
there it laft cf Se^inui is this IC'ngdam, (Kit our Mo 
chants coaU not realhr wt Ship* o nnj out the Caiyi 
of Com whieh tliej* had ready to hare b«ti rxfarted i al 
while a Stop vfM tliJi put (Q our Ka^wrtation, ibc Dwn 
and eihrn, who lixd by thii Tmie got an Atmum of d 
DcmaDd, tax out tbcir Ship, and gTulted the Mcrltes t 
Com, both la Spain and Portugal as well a in Itily ! 
that if ue had not mide fueh a ptai Naval Kquipcneni. 
U cenatn a m'.-ch grearcr Qtumity uf our Coin uould Iw 
been e x port-ri ihj.i tolly wk 

* Sal ll t)if Bri!.;ncr of Pbwtr ia F.orope, or the paitki 
tar Itt-.':- ' N'ltipv, wai rcal'y in Droger, fitndt 
Sir, V. ' ' vxTv m^^ u liifl ; w« oujltt not faM 
to ■•'•- It U to join with tn IB d 

iVi - ■ -i,Aed»; wUi 

( 39 

M tffift IK, or to defend themrelvfl. At to the y^'^ <^ "■ 
prppj tr InttRfi of iki^ Nwion, whether U be in Oaoger "^' ' 

VMi Etdib tbt prelcBt War. ffluit courtly depaod upon our 
bt> Nc(>iti»it«e* 1 aod iltciefbra it u. at preient, unpofibJa 
w m focxn aay JadgnMBt in iLu Arfpc^ becaufe I un 
Ir t y wow of our Suuuion, fo bt a itlucs to our 
A&ir* : But finm oar oot having joined in ikt Be- 
■Rmgnf tkc Wu, i matt condLidc, that lite pwtkuJsr 
aORlFttf ika N«K>o ii no way coaccnkcd in It i ud there- 
W I tanll think !i wu quiw unaaodEuj to pot our&hvt 
ti UT Cfatrf a on that Account. 

* At far the Eilascf of fovtr. it o«i|ltt ceruiiil)' to b« 
■fiiiiif lo tkit, Sir, all th« ocher Pnacc* iuu9 Siom of 
Imcwpt m u Koch. naf. non mnily coKcrncd than we i 
iteicMtK Aty onght to bar their Share in the Expcncv, 
jad «Ut tcttunly do lb when they £nd it otcttfAry. Bat 
g|^ liua Picicnoa. tn lunouritlm hodkng into erery 
' ika hipfttiu in EoK^, the Dutch, a* well ai the 
»iU ytiy prabaUy Icavs the whole Charge upon nt : 
wQl v%it£t pnwidiag in Time even fot ibeir own De- 
wken tWy ind at fiich I^pu a« to be read/, upoa 
OnaicMi id mh« ttut Pnmbon for tltcm. Whether 
kit P npM ^ em havt given dtem any Ground id thinlc 
BD( pcmri ta determine > bat a* I took upon die 
be a my vtik People, I null either OMidDde that 
tktalc £>. in wkich die «n ought not, by uiy new 
n eiGovrage then in that Opiatoni or I 
"y^rititf, rime the bahitce of Potm is not in any Dm- 
ftne tlwvb it OuU be fuppofed llue the du'eT Magi- 
to HoBiad were indiocd to facrificc tfac Intcrrf), or 
faf ety ct their CouMry. to their own Safeties, or their 
liicU printe Vicwi i yei. if the BaluKe of Power ivetv 
ly Ouipu, tibo Pco}do would farce thciB to join ia the 
. Tk M-gfl-'- at thil Rcpi^lcfe are not protcaed 
by ]Uoc-A<l»> Of by rv^ularfraop* ^^'uic'd ia the 
^ry lowvia oil tJieit Cutucry i and ihcrciaTc the People 
%gbt wd cnainljr wonld £src« them to do their Duty, or 
«wM ■■Aaitheataihfly biMdaa»hcistefive: Forthts 
^miarn I «■ iKUud to think. th«i tW Balaooe of l*ower is 
*» yvkim wmy Ouipi. ud if the Bilanee of Powep be a> 
*~ ' BO Dager, dot the pnrtkaUc laccrctt of tkii Nation 
OUa|p:r, then art,* m Ocea&Mt ibr our being u any 
■nMSOBaiaf the ptclent War ( HMcklWi is tliete 
for OBI puuisg onrAIvn en llw Eicpcfta of 
otioa pei^iofed i fer whidi Beafbn 1 oMdl be 

.vai tfffiiicd by the Maaben, vha Mere ht the •'•^ iLwr tifWe. 



< 4* ) 

GcBtlemen have of Iai« bHea {nto « Metitoi of <ftf 
psning frocn [he QocJtioo in Huid, umI tkrowinj out 
great Rany Thioga oo way rcUltng to ihc Subject tixy ^mfa 
M. Thii I fuppote they do with Dcfini lo nakt u In- 
pnfitn npod Rme that liear them ( and conAtoat thai ihc^ 
cannot convtiKt by Rcafbn, ihey cadtanat to perfuadc 
by Oratory, and by Sand ExprelEofit AO way rvlktiDS U 
the Al^( in Difpaw. Tho' it be irregular cren to (oUom 
Atm in thde Devianotu. yri. as fncii Thingi ought o(X 
lo pafi without fome Sort of AnCwtr, I bo{>s t)>c Hoofii 
will gitc lac Leave (0 make a few Konuki upon ranc 
Things thai have been &lii. Dotwichfinndinj their having 
no Rcbboo to the ASm oow bdar« us .- but firil I ftiait 
cndcaTOsr to fpcak to tbe QgefiioD ia Hand. Tbcaih' 
proper Qudilon Itow bcftfC iw, Sir, T iskt u bfe. What il 
the Nttmber of Scancn ncet&y ibr the SecnH^ of tUl 
Natioo during ibe CDfumg Yaa i Which ii a Qoeftioa thaii 
in iny Opinioo, no way ttlun to our paA Conaufi, to (Ih 
COodail of aity of our Allies, Mr to the QndUoR, wbeAef 
or DO we M^ht to take a Shut in ibc prelcot War * 

' With rdatioo to the Qocllion now before ut. hi< Ma- 
jelly biu given as, from the Throne, al) tlw Infonruitiaa 
that it pioper ot mxeOTary, and all the Informuioo that a 
1 thinic, be dcfircd by any Man who wifhct vrcU to Ui 
Country. He told oi at ibe Begtnoin]; of bil ScSion 
Farlianwsi, that htwai no way engaged in the pref<Nit War, 
nor had any Part, except l^ hi* good OlEcn, in thob 
Tranfaflioiut which had been declared lo be the Cades ad 
Motives «r it : But that he could not fit regarvUefa of the 
Hvcsu of this War, nor could he be- iincoacenied for iha 
future Coafc(|Lmm of it i and I am fare no Man. who 
hai a RMtni 10 th< Wcl&re of this Naiion, or to the Se> 
csrity of hi* hJajcfty't Peifon and GoTvnmcni. can dcArt 
JnQkiiIU. At the Begmniog of thii SefioB his Majeliy taU 
u, thai he it not yet any farther engaged, than \rf en- 
floyiag hii good Ofices. in Con)unAioo w Ah ih« Datcb, Ibr 
letoring the Peace of Europe i but ih&t bis good OflnM 
bavc not OI yet had the ddircd FScA : We are chercfarc ia 
the prc&nt (jucflioo to fuppole, that this Natioo b mc u 
yci any my mgajed in cIm War i but. ai hit Mijc#y hat 
(otd UI, the bad CmUcifacncei, thai nay uifc asd anS M 
by the Wjtr'i bebg earned on. aic obrtooi i and thry ou^ 
critaiKly tO be provided againS, let the Charge be what It 
will. Where FaAi arc Mionoiilly known to (he whole 
WotU. where Cortfatj^ieacei are obvtovt to every Maa of 
eofflmon Capaciiy, furely Gentlemen do not e*p«A that kii 
AftjeSy, dU'.ct in his S^cccV, w Xr) ^nnkwUf Mtibgtt 

+» } 

\f[ivt titii tltiutc X bog nnd MrtJCiibf D«UtJ of luclt 
&r of fuca C«tirei]tjei)C^ ; iLc lure Mcntiod of (ti«ni 
gh, ud (hat hii &l.kjrli> hi> luiSuciui)' done, both 
|(nniae of (he IrUt, and at the Bepaaia^ of ibe 
tifio 9f Pailiuacuc- 
Tlie BUsncc of Pow«r in Europe may pcrhip imt be 
£1 yn m D»BgeT : Najr, Sir. n« ate to fuppore it ii not in 
Otaftt i fgr if it were, hit Majclty would (Citjtioly have 
lujiamicd hit Pailianveot uitli it, and we Hioulil luve been 
acw providing fur A v^ofoui Wur, itillcail of providinj only 
~' »r Security and Dcftixc. Bflth Parties m yet prolw 
Cacen DifpofitioB to put an End to the prefent 
rroofalis, Upon hoouutaUe k&d folid Tcrmi, and ikcic Pro- 
tS^it ticiv at f^rftnt be traly finaic i but tlie Ercnts of 
' mt alter their Profeffions, or imjr nndcr 
< liaccTC ( and ihcfc Evenu may be h fod- 
(o cjcrrioniiisrT'f lUat wilbmt our piring jmnic- 
Ib the Wir, one of iLe Pirfici engsged taty b« ut- 
ndow - TwQ M thru ligul tuid einitc Vibrio 
in » frw Monlhi, have fucti Confinjurnm, as migtii 
lut of Oaf Vimtr to feltevc the Party coTi^iiered, or 
■'' '' 'irmii ol'Succcf) on ibe Side of the CoMjocnr. 
I ii ctnnoi be pretended, chat in n few Month* 
^.i and diidpli'vc fuch ArnticA, atol £t out focli 
at wroaM t<r r«cir.>'y, both lor tl>e D«(cs<cor otu 
EtotniiBaiu, nnd ht at&maz elTechiiUy [!ie Party in 
of tcing quite undone : Annie:, 'cii true, miiy bc 
'ntlfd ; tvji ncvoi.liJi^ 10 the cxnCt DilVipIinc now ob- 
trtri. it fr»i'!Mf_ rnmv Mcr.ihi before ttofc Amies an be 
^U. :irx>pcr to engige ngatnil no 

rJua 1 lu'd Troopi. I IbJkir I ikcvi He 

.f* ol~ V.'ur iniy tip miuned n iih one 
-r ^tanneI. but even t^/cCc I.-uid Xlen nr 
»n tami Time on Board, befbic tlicy traa 

or , I liieir Duty in the titling of a Ship t 

a Min of War, with a ttiirJ Pan of hci Men 
', L)ir Pl<u<.'t> would nuke Int a poor l-'igure 
rce, provided with Mt SAilor* 
!'i ■ '(lis R<l^i>, Sir, wheu 
furti a Ciilii, that ait 
Kiiiirr >i .[i-<iltit(ly neeelTiry f<L>r u* 
. 3nd vriUtoui Deky, in ibe War, t 
,. . I u) 10 piL nnvc, in of »il! rj Mm. 

, iiwi iJ.i;U-a!:\itt, fo ici'ii^ aoiJ to much at 
■ m eniMf !rt to r«;li>tnj [iiLmcdUtely tli>! Pair, 
te rcq-iifitr, I 
'.'pci aod itii 

( r- ) 

. tf— «. (h*. u. be done bat by Annnenuiwns TeafonaWy audc, 

|»t_:i.*J^_j n«» and Armici. 

Ai ihr PrefcT'/atioa of the Rilxnce of B 
much Confcqucncc lo tbJt Naijon, and Co imtmltl 
ncAed with our Safety, it is very rettatn. ihat w 
Power in Europe tmy projcft the owTturning of tl 
br-cc. th;ii i'oHier muft cxfcft to Karc Great Bniiin 
Kncmj', ai loon as tier Prcj(i) coniei ta be dilcorcr*! 
IB^y dwrefoK be kJTutcrf, ih.ti wlicn any Oflc of th« 
of Entope brgini to enKrtain fuch anibiiioai Vin 
Vrill uf coiufe erdekvour lo mslie a Di\-«rioa, by il 
If Lj llUad t aotl iliii they will the nwrc readily attcd 
uufe we have aU^yia (Ircng Patty inong at, w 
rwiJv to fccfliul any foreign AiteinMs, for i£t Acco 
mentor their awn Iclfllh Vicw«, erpccially if K U] 
xhey ft'.d ui iiot [vcpx-Tl^ proviiI«d for our own C 
H.ci3!<: one of our ueij'IibouriT'g Powtri u cngiged I 
^Hh iLiotlicr, wc nrc net from tlicncc to coadad 
nt'thrr of liiein will malic any AitemprOupon ihis 
for if cirlicr of lie P.irtici csgigcd in Wit has i 
IXfi^n [ft ovciium the B^Uncc of Power, tfcey will a 
ctfT.itx] thit Defign. and erJe^ruur to cm'Cr it wt 
tt&jtii uf Jolllce and Moderation *s long ai they ^ 
when ihcy find they cto conceal it no longer, whi 
find tbuuc begin tofndlcc wluit tliey um at, can 
l!tt« tl>cy will Wiiit ti!] ue r.itack them, or jot] 
tiKu CiKmiet anJnll them t On the contrary, oo] 
not to expcA that it>«y tvitl rnde.ivour lo dive 
giving u) lome Bjfinefi at Itomc? and honv do 
%« kOQw IvJt thia may be the Cjfe at ptcfent ( 
W iheirfore to provide »^a& fuch Atteinpiv in Tim 
weaty be at Lib.»y to Uo oar Duty, wticn 
Babnce of Po^vrr b really Iliuck at t 

• GcotlctDen canooi, it ((c'ii<. ilillirgvifli, <yr at 
I find tltcy vriil not dlfiinjuiOi hftwccn ihofe Ivv< 
night luve happened, and E>-enii which, by 
and PicciDtloa, veir pediapt ctrvaitcd : If by (» 
vtdine in Time for our Drl'eixe. fotne Sgnal Hifiil 
(hoold happen to tte N.-iliOfl, Inch Men wou^d thn 
Jull (teafon foe liodine Fault with ihole employed 
AdmioiRmior). And ifanyfuchTliioj lud lately hip 
I do net deaht bat llut it wouiJ hare been MOfSMlc 
great Induflry, that 0<ir Saiprw Wi» cntJrdy owing 
IMO blundering Broftien: but whra all fncli Acddei 
prcircntcd by the pi^dent Mcnfuiei that luve beea pi 
and by maluog loifofliblc acd prT<pa ProvUiana fiir o 
Arrr, (hrti it >• prtundcd vie ntvn were in any Di 


{ +5 ) 
that karc been wifely and atixSkrWy ttKomd hf aimI 
UBMakiBg,er (Hell ietfoaibie adJ prayer Proviiionii ijul **" 
tim. Sir, Ionic CieniJcfnon will sixiyt Jind fJ.iiililiic Pr-u- 
lacei lor decrying (bole Mctrura tlutt h»-t bfcn purrun), 
la tAoa be wluc thcv will. Hmrava, 1 Q12II Jw^}) tiiink 
llqp aft t)i« belt BDJ tlie wilcti Part, who chuie to ([ive ui 
Tine mmI Leifitre la roill theia in lliii HoalV, for dicir ex- - 
pcafiwc ml cuuvaonc Moiiuei. lether iban to iuvc our 
Auettltm divartcd frocn ihem hy a civil Wat Jo'iiJlcrl up, 
V « Ibrbga Army i&Mixily landeti in cite ItlmJ. And when 
• Wifuu bnAc o^t, ia wtucli tiiis Naiion migbi vcr/ 
I frabidrfyr be iwetatAt wWn our NeighboDn, and tliole 
^LKeUkUnn uo from whom we Jure moD to fat, nete 
Hjbnuc inic crai Aimio. aiul tilling nut pawcrlul &]U3. 
'it^t, t BMW litink ilut it tm at Tdll praclent in m to 
mU (bofc PrarilioBi f»r oar Security whi«ii were made Lift 
Vur* 4ftil mi we are i& (be grater Oasgcror being ii>- 
•dvaJ ib« lonjcr ike War coaiinue*, I cannot be againd 
Ai faall Atgneaaaaa now propolcd. 

' To pMttnd 10 leU (tt, Sir. what France and Spain in> 

Inrfof ra have dnm loA Year, or to pc»crvd to leU ui s^-hac 

Itojr intend to do tliia dcxi Vcar, with ibc Sfaip of War 

l^r luve eentinued in Comtaiffion, ia, I think, rotnething 

€SrvtrA'muij- Vft mty pertiap* gucJi at (blue of tbcir 

Ik^oa. box I flail always thmlc ii very itnprudau, to 

knv the fatt and Quiet of tbit Nation to depei^d upon 

hth GKr>'Wafk ) WfieaaJly when we con/ider, that they 

kfc nn OxaAon to it out any great Flen againit any 

fta«T ifi Esttipc Ital ourrdvM j and theicfoie it is not to 

It ptefiimed, that they would put themfelTei to fuch a gieat 

fipoMA unlili titcy wm fufpicioaa tbat ilte Mnfuns tlicy 

rcUved to parfite, may make tbii Nation engage 

thr War 1 aail io fwcli a C^k, I iliiiiJc it u natural to 

tbey wotik) nkr the fird Opportiinity to invade or 

Mtrh lu : Phrr Iuvc fuch an abfblotc Command over all 

tkScancn of their Uwntiy, they bate .ilvayt fucli Hum- 

hm of nfdUr TRKipt gpon their ConSs, or niiliin a few 

htj* inarch ' ' ^oi-Poiti, thai whca they have their 

Utf« ira^) (>j 1 61 for (ailing, it would be ctfy fiiir 

Am m clAp ^Aottn and Land-Force) on Board ; and they 

ii atnte iipoD the Coadt of cliii Kingdom, belore it 

be poiihli: fi3r ui 10 man and fit oor Floel fulSdent to 

teiciv, if Hr« had not made (bmt extraordinkry Pro- 

be^uvhand : Thk avcry Man muA be conWrtced of, 

bKMn iba DiScuttf ««« had to procure Stamen enovgb 

lW Sawdion we (tted out laft Summer, ExHwithJUrMttng 

I Time iv« had to look for (hem, ind the Mnhod 

whkh m vmt rrm then obJind 10 muke u(e 

f" ■• of. 

Off* n. 




( +4 ) 

oT. Nor doc* it RgtMy to ull u>. tbii >[ ihli Rue wc flboill 
alvhayt be eH/i^td to fit out Sqindrans, .irx! put oaTr<r1\i.i to 
a great B^pCDcr, whenever :iKy of oar Nc:2bbo(in btfia lo 
fit out one t for i lake it lo be a right Maxim, I rcalljr 
chink \«c oo{;lit to ptpare and lit out a SijundiOf), avbai' 
crer wc fee aay of mir Net^boure doing fo, apkfa w« my 
well icDOv the I'urpolK their Squadron Udd^ncd fbr. lu 
Eipcnie bcflowrd upon liniiig out a Squadron mnjr be an 
Expcncc to tlic ruUick. bat it u liillc or no Lors lo dc 
Nntion : ike whole ii expended axaoog ow own fropk-, ami 
it not only iinpnivt« oar Seamco, by maktng il>n» a«>]iiKlB> 
ted with the iierrue «i Board a Mao of Wjtr, but it in* 
rreile^ tbetrNuinbcr : forerery Fkvt wefitoutencourweaa 
Nuiiibci of Land'McQ to erigagf in the SeiSertke ; wEa«> 
«3, if by ncgk^ii:^ lo do to, the Kingdom fhould be iai-adadi 
tad a civil War kindln) up, the Nation »oaM in thftt C^e 
fuffbr a ml LoG, n Loia M'hkli ixif ht £ir funnouni the 
I-lipcncc tlic I'ublick couM be pat to by the fiil>>K cot of 
tu«r.t}' SipuiroR) ; Co titat We avty f^Ser by negledicg dtii 
Maxim, but qui never fuSvr hy obTcivtne k. 

' I Ihall readily giant, that ihii Nauon wtmld be mure 
formidable, if we owed no pub1i<k Dehtt, and liaii tbe 
fame fleet and ih? fame rcgnlir Army we ha<rc at prcbni i 
but if wc bad 00 Squadron ready to put to Sea. nor as/ 
regubr '1 rOk^ps ready to tike the Field, I cannot »dniit that 
w« &oald then be fo forinKlaUc ei vie are at prdcnr, cv^ 
tbo* wed»d not owe a Sbtliingin the World. Wc ill biov, 
that wbtt now nuketa Nation formidaUe, u not ihc Nuia- 
bcr nor tb« Kicbci of in Jnbabitanti. bin ilx Number «f 
Sliipf of War provided with able Seamen, and the Numbet 
of regular mCU dilcjplitied TfOopi they lave at Coounaod : 
A'^d, whatevn Ccndcineii may think «f tlic Acteptatmiief 
hit Mij.-ily'f £00(1 <M<a, I am perTiudod iliej' wouW IM 
jace bern fo readiijr oeceptcd. if the pArtin had ttot Cam 
<]i preparing to do tlitm bM Oflice*, in Cafe ihcy had icruP 
eJ to acteft of our good Tbe accepting of our good Ot- 
icet V'itl, at \<tA, fnrmlh ui with an Opponunicy of makiiH 
avfdm hctur acquainted witJi the ^'icwl of &11 ilio Partia 
cencemcd i and cbCTc it no Camliitoti iinnezcd by cither I'ar- 
ty, bat what vra* and niuH have been underAood w-bcn ««« 
njJc the OiK;/. For fuiclj, when »« oStied the iolcrpofi- 
tiT'ii i>f iiui g-xxl Oiilvi.", Hc were not to fuppofc tJiat tJie 
Eukpcior wv. hy h\* Acceptance, to pals from any Dv> 
nioiMli be t'luughi he had upon u> i ix» urere we to fupinii 
That iht Albm wottld or could accept of our good Omim^ 
unlrfi ve dntnnjed ncniral ; And while we da l'. 
poratKUis OU1 gitc no Encouragemait to either 
Ait iifoa «nruAMub!c Tetei i aor caa tliey give lU 



( 4S ) 
to dtker Side, Biikl!i mx or the otbn h.tve Views, awok gtcil 
■Mck they know to be inouriflcnt with Uic Prcfemtioa of '^' "' 
At BifciKe of Powci in f-unipe. 

* I fieJ, Sir, fo«e Genilenicn Kavegot Inio a very odd 
m of oilking, when the}- hare Occofion ra mciuioo the 
fmrfc ExTKiK« I for if it (he I»ft cx««(b a Milljoti it ii 
to be callec rw^, if it exceed* twu ii b to be ciltnJ ifiree : 
Mdbeoi prolubly liib Vcnr a liiilc cYctcl ihm 

UDotu. >; ii' i« be called bar : So thii n Million 

ihetc Oentlerocn fcem) to bv of very Un\e Con£- 
1 yet when we talk of ILii)tti(h Money, I cannot 
hit tlttnk tlutft MitlJAD, or n»r a Million, in n Siin oot 
l»bt iJrrp-iVil. r.fid one in li)Bi it furcly n nuietial Dil&rcncc 
Wii- nte wa», during (lie War in King 

'"".—..« the Nusiibcf of Seamen wnc elut 

kcTi; i; iHe late War, I (hall not now inqoirc i 

'oe u the honooruble Geniktiun hii been 
fitabd Vt rtprefrst, but I tliinic at prcfcalt 
fee wc arc oot to proportion our yewljr Expencc, or our 
Nunberaf Scums, by pail Times, but by prcfcnt Necef- 
Satt- Vrtm o3f Ncighboun incrcafc (heir publictc Bx< 
fOKx, or ilxir Numbcn chkcr of Seamenor Land-Sotdicn, 
«t noft iuCfcafe aun, oihetv.ile we may happen in fjll a 
Samke to«Br Fngaltty -. AaA -< bo4lt Frnncc and Spun, 
fan efpedftily the latter, have very mad) e&crcaTcd their N»- 
nl Force fl^^ee till War, if v,x liioaid be obliged (o engage 

£r ;wo Fowen, which I ha[>e iviU r.ot he the 

rtain we Ibould be forced to naiauin a gtcm- 
hivmfaer of Somen, tlua wc hud nt any Time dtirinjt the 
'ar I aad the (boner ive begin to provide, (he IcA Harm 
do tinrMerchaciU, the Ic&St^nation fiull wt make 
Thii, i>ir, natcntly leads me to take Moiice of the 
jG done Ui ooT Trade, by the daiaf out a Siiuadroa 
S*«imer- 1 l}uU allow, thai oor hferchanu thereby 

r4iErrd fimc '!■" 'nte, -t*^ were pi« to greater Charge 

ite afinl ftM r ht of Ship and Wagcb of Seamen : 

Bktt ' ^a'>{:»> the private InrcreA of 

jBTt', 1 tv il i and ihe 5lop that wa» 

^ to a^ 1 rjiic 1 , 11, in my Opinion, the firotig- 

A Argiuarui tii^t ■ ojght of Ibr (He AugmentaCion 

Mtw pnrpofvii ukI Iui u>ii bying it down u a Msxiin, al- 
••fiw besfneuiy tn fit crat Squatlroni, ai fooo n tba 
Om^^ ~-r begiat ID appev : l^or if ive flioald nerer 

dtok AugiBJatttkm of Seamco 'ttll wc come up- 

nBth* fvryfiriRlcofB War. we muA tale or prefi jooc 
40,000 Scaaim all at once into the Scifice of the 
, Aul if.^Li luliBS of IX or ij^ooH&tnm U1IL 



( 4$ ) 

a Ssnuner put fgch a Darip lo oat Tml(, Caitiy the nilicj 
Afloat 4»,ooo all al once would put in cniirv Stop tn 
i: : WliciTM if ih« ''^8*" °"'^y> ""^ ^''' ^"^ Sura«fi faj* D«* 
groa, fictti Men encouraged h)r high W.ign, wtU be dul/ 
cnringiaiotiicMetcianti Service i ihofeikktcntrrlliu Ymt 
fvill be Setineo kgainft the next, und thus every Y^u wtU &t 
fori A new Fleece for ihc N'av^, To ihiU in a tittle Tune wo 
ja*f haveoui Nav^ full/ prori-led, etren for the mall heavy 
War, wiikoQi purdsg at Bajf Time' any great Stop ipour 

* ' A> for the Dutch. Sir, I da not tfaink it neccAary to 
«nuT intOa Pifquijiiion »l»ut whitthvy hflveilonc, wUit 
thtf ought 10 do, otwhat Number of Ltnd-h'orcOBkjr 
be iKoeJbry for the Surety of that Rcjiublick } Kor tho* 
Uicy arc ou natanl Allitit )et furcly vr« an not in cnvf 
Thing to be direftcd altogether by thtif Cocidsd: Weuea 
ditliott N«iiori, and (W our (nterelb be mnently ehc Ikm^ 
)-c: ia fame pariiculai Ufifcs ibej- niiy hippcn to be <Uf> 
fcrent ; and wh«n it fo h.ippcftf, ne mult certaialjr feUow 
different Meafurei. The Dutch arc, 'tis true, a in>il«.Peopl*t 
bar, iu wife as thejr are, tbcy may perhiin ncgleO or 
miittlu their own Iniertll, aSMvD ai the general Inteitfl of 
Europe i and if thajr do lb, maA wo neoe^rily do tbe (una t 
1 hope tw foch Thing will be pceteiKled t for ia fuel) • 
Cafe ne fltoold becoeie in (omc manner a Prorin<e to Hol- 
land, we Ihoald bccofoe a inccr Cypherin all pablick Tnof* 
afitom, and Qtould be no way regarded by any of ttir Tow* 
*n of Europe ; {at if they could but fccurc the Dutch, the/ 
might alwayi depend i^«n geitmg m into the Iarm Mbm> 
fnrv I and when tiM OdkIi found we had fuch a thotui^fc. 
UcpenJence upon tbcn, n good ADia a* ibry arc:, they 
mi^hi pcrliap*, now ood then, make ufc of it in a Way 
wiiKh wonld no way cDtttribots either to oar lotercfi or 

* Pttmit ne now. Sir, to ukc fume Notice at the Re* 
AtAiocii that have bce« ihmnn nut upon o«r lact Nego- 
(bdom and Tmtin. As for the Treaties of Hrnover and 
fitriUev wc bid certainly veT>' good Knfam to mtrr iniii 
tiMn UtheTime ihcy wrrc fl^gMialcd and Concluded : And 
as tbcy wm approved oL by both Houfei of PwliaDtn^ 
Iih'^nk I ban noObli^'Ion to Uy any Thing tn Pavonrtrf 
either t for the Apptpbatim ofa Brititb PuiiinMnt Ibkctt) 
ft mot* auiheotkk l*roof of their Utility, thin asy thief 
tbu can be 6bd by a prlrateGatknaB in their Qaunmk - 
lien t and all ibt Objc-aiont m ihcm hove boeei aliwdy ife' 
nftrn anfwaed, that 'rii necdlcEi to icT>e'"i 'hem : But Wm * 
GrmlaiKP give ni futh a ten >bie \ I'-w of the Onnfafliwaca^ 
fha: atmy caiur in Cafr tlic prci^i.: Empetor Jhootd hap- 


( 47 ) 

M) die bffotc the Affiin of Gernuny ire fully fettled, 

I am fsfprifed in hear titcm find I'luli Kiih the late 1'reaty 

ef Vieaaa, which wu conduded for no otlier End bui to 

^WTMt lUi fjtal C^cultrophe : Paul ic would cerutdy be 

ila tk ASain of Europe in general ( and therefore I muf! 

we lud the ftroitgell Inducement to enter into the 

ty of the Prtgnulkic ^nftion, in the tnojt unliaiic- 

■ncr, V being the onljr Expedieni by which ihat fotal 

be nay be prcvenltJ. What Keafooi the Dutch 

Ikd^ lUre hi their Kick ward nefi or Caution about ciiMr- 

?Ma that Trc:ity, I do noc know ; hut if I wtn to judge 
IhcirWildooi ttom their Behaviour in that Rdpcd, I 
jtaaaM ftj I HkkM tuvctbebdt Opinion of it 

W7tk n^id 10 the Attack maoe upon the Emperor 
I ia Italy, hy the Sp.'^niaid* and the Ring ol Saidinia. it is 
tctnais, that ihjs N4Uon hat iKithcr given tJicm any En- 
[ w H« w« Bl nor any Prox-ocaiion lo do fo t and whether 
\6m Irasertal Court na« gi^'co them any jail Provocation, h 
I ASut, wtikh the McOiaton mull of couife inquire iiMo, 
i_ .1.^ come to oin-r a Phn for a Pacification. At to 
' ofPoUf-d, \khcrc the honourable Centleman had 
11^ i^ixiaition, with rtfped to what he has been picafed 
IHidMe to (u tbaut thai Aif/tr, 1 Ihall not pretend to 
i bat I msfl believe, that bit MaicJIy kaoK-i nottiing 
aey fjch AcTwren luviag cvei been givrn to the 
Ftcnch, uf iboni ajiy fuch Islb-itfiions having been fcni to 
hit Hiniilcn m Polartd : Thii I mud believe from what hi> 
MxjtAy vM la in hii Speech, at the Ope^og of lad Seffloo 
ef PaHiamret i acd if iKcre ever wai any Tucli Thing, I am 
roy forr ihu I aja not to anfwvf for aU the Meal'urcs that 
late hex* UicJy puifued, for that a one Article I know 
«0iktng of 

' To curxlude. Sir, the Nalioa hat already been put to « 
^ctl Cjcpcttee, and mud be yci put to a fartJier Expence on 
«BWB>t of iheprednt War i [^rlupt too fbnve pniate Men 
■Ky havt ban crpofisd to feme lucottrcniencici, by the Pre- 
■uMioM w« have almdv auide : but thefe Expc&cea <and 
tkcfc IncDoMnitnciei ougbt tu be bom with Patience, wlicn 
wt cQn&kr the DiSrrencc between oor Situation and thai of 
Sme of oo rMghbotm: I bdleve I nay Jallly com|ti]te, 
rt»t by the bloody and obAinnie Btttlea, Sieso and Skirmi- 
k). ta/hkh hare sln-Mlr hxppcncd fincc thii War Aifi broke 
au, eaJi of " :< ccg^gcd has loft ai leift 50,000 

Ho 1 fo tb: -i Tndk of our Ne^hbours ii inter- 

njtad, vhits a ^Eop hai been pot to all fora of Matm&c- 
amoTtiE 'Aion, while their Landi are 
.",• Ma dcilfoytd, we have 
-.- ,; i oar Miou&Aun have 


( 48 ) 
*"7- *■-"** "■ ^^'^ improved, and extraordinary Quantities of our Cora 
^ ,,i-^ ' I _|' exported ( no Britiili Farmer has been difturbcd, not ail 
Acre of I^nd laid waf!e, not a Drop of Britifh Blood fpilt : 
Therefore, while we enjoy fo much Safety and QjMct, I 
can't think any Man has Reafon to complain of the Chaive 
the Nation has been put to, or of the few Inconveniencwi 
he has fufTiTeil, for the Prefervauon of that Safety and 
Quiet nhich he has ciijoyed : And as I am fully lacisfied, 
that »'I-.:.i is now propofed is abfolutely neccflary, for fecur- 
ing OUT future Enjoyment of the fame Safety and Quiet, I 
ihall moft henrtily giva my Confent.' 
i. ,K- muiwbi 'I'hen the Qucftion being put. That 20,000 Men be em- 
£;;lMY^i;i" pl'^y''! fof ^^'^ ScaScmce for the Year 17^5 it pafled in 
the Negat've by 256 to 183. After which irwas rcblv'd. 
without dividing, that 30,000 Seamen be employ 'd Jbr the 
fold Service, 
it. sindTii Mo- F,B. 13. Mr Sandys moved, ' That an humble Addrtfi 
l^h^ic^V* be prcfrnted 10 his Majeily, that he would give Direftioni 
l';ft',^i5>c'nM " '*"" proper Officer to lay before the Houfe an Account of 
ii.i,.ninoc-i«rf the E.vpences incurred, in Coiiftquencc of the Vote of Cre- 
i.^ii.-fi'i j'tt :»'U'«n. dit pafled at the End of lall Seflion of Parliament.' 
iktuic i!«r.uii. But this Motion was oppos'd by Mr Horatio Walpole, 
K;l! p^^ii^'' Mr Henry Pelham, Sir William Yonge, CoL Bladen, Mr 
::,'\' Vffs-.' Winnington, and Mr Dan vers, who allcdg'd, * That the 
tiVu.!!.. r.'i-n. Houfe hid then before them what was propos'd to be de* 
"'"-'■"■'• fir'd by the AdJnfs ino\cd for j for in one Account th<^ 
had the wiiole of the Exp?tices that had been incurred t^ 
any Addilinn to the Sea-Service, in Confequence of 
that Vote of CrcJi: ) in another they had an Account of 
the whole Kxp.niccs tli.u had been incurred by any Addiuon 
made to the Land Service ; and in a third they had an Ac- 
count of t\ hat had lecn incurred on occafion of the Treaty 
lately concluded w itii Denmark : Befidcs all which, they had 
an Accou!)t of what Monies had been ilTued from theTrea- 
furj', for'all or cit' er cf thefe Strvices in Purfuance of a 
Oaufe in an Aft of P;ir'-p.ment, pafs'd laft Sefhon, for en- 
abling hii M-iolly to npply any Part of the Money granted 
for "the Service of !all Vcar, towards the Expencc of making 
fjch Augmentations of his Forces by Sea or Land, or of 
ccncertii'g fueh otherMeafures as he fhould judge necefliiry 
for the S.i>V;y of this Nation : That from thefe Accoams 
any M,in might cn.fily fee what F.xpenccs been incurred, 
ill toifcti'jcnce of 1i1.1t Vote of Credit i for that as to the 
Pci Scr» icr, whatever appeared from that Account to hare 
been iiicuire.l, ovtr and above what was grantcil by laft Parlta- 
mciit, far maintaining the 20.000 Seamen then voted for 
I.-II YearV Scnicc, inaft appear to be an additional Expencr, 
/rriiriuii: L'-!ifw,--;rc',-of that \'otcof CifJii; And as to the 


« ) 

A*« a. 

rviet, wkuercr i^itvcd from the Accoant thm ht- 
tfacta, relating to thai &errice, to fcave been incurml 
asd ibowe wtut wu gixcted by Ufl PariiuDeDt, ht 
17,704 Land-FoTtn incn voted 1^ be kept up in 
iBriuit), GocthCc)' uid JcTfej. Tor laJFYcv, mull beth 
OBftl EJtjwice incurred, in conrequeece of thai Vot« of 
' Crtdii i AmI m io nrlut tud been iooarmd on Occafion of 
ikc ktt Tmry with Demnark, it wai certain the whole 
«u to be placed to )>-e Account oTExpenceft tncarred. in 
cnlcqncacc ot ibat Con&dcncr, whicii w-u Co rcafbnablf 
*cM in hit Majcftf in die Ui) Scfiion of PsTliamcnt. So tbit 
^bt)> codU not poflibl}' exped any fitither or new Accoami 
tk* Addrtfi propofedi and the ptrrcntlng of ruvl> an 
ff wtNtU, in tbcii Opinion, thtv 3 want of Rcfpcflto 
flsd a Ton of }aiwifj nod Diffidence in wbat 
ahndjr ordered to be kid beioie ibciD-' 
Htifofea Mr Sind) 5 rropoled an Amendtnrnt tolusMtv uiBiMyi.' addiif diemo ibc Iblkiwittg Wordi, viz. O^-rranJ 
litfi, aftuiitb AtnMMi had airradi bit* laU htfsft 
\^Hmii 1 Uid wu fUDfMrtcd by Mr Palteney and Sir Wil- m. r^^fj? 
JLoi Wyulliun ; Boubc Mcmben who ojipofcd the Motion "'**'"i-i' 
iM propded by Mr Saiulft, ohjefled likcwife to the A- 
fWimif fl&rcd. ' That it wax not to be fuppofcJ tKu on/ 
NfeffEnnot hid bten incurred, than tiiofe comaiocdin "'■»>>u>l 
te AcnMBb then before them : Tlat ihey cou}cJ af. 't!;i*i^ 
6ra Ccwlenctt. that no Mooey bad been ilTiied from the u> « 
1>aluy, W Virtue of tbc Claslc they hod ncntioiicd, but ^(i »»■«•' 
«^ wu Oated in the AeeiKintt already laid before the 
B& I nor bad vay Expencn been incurred but what 
conaiRed in the [hrec Acoounu relating !o tlie Sea< 
the Land'Ser^iee, and the late Ttculy u-ilh Dtn- 
uk. Tjiat the preieniirgof fach an Addreft wu rcal- 
— Ibiae cuRiser piorokuig ibe Cfoivn to make farther 
sAi spaa ibem : Acd tW if w)ut wai then prOpofed 
cxoe to be a Prcccdeot, it would become DccHbr]' 
ikr Qcam to add a Certificate to every Account 10 be 
I it) bm^ritr DO Puliament, certifyibg. Ihat tbtfe art 
Ltprirf thai iaxi tttn imeurreJ, «r Ibme fudt 
En 'Tiofr, which Ihey- tboeght woutd loolt a 

..: tfacteibre ihe^ could not agree la the 
nt, but iihcD it waa difigrecd to, k the/ hoped it 
tWy <vu-jI3 f rofoTc that the folIoUnng WoiJi Siould 
by viay of AsKndmeM to the Mtxion, viz. jVj/- 
•■' rAtfT fuJt Atftmnii tf all Exfiam. that kad 
di Ltm tJrituij UtJ i*/«n ttM tit^fi : That 
w istoS nanml Amcndnicnt th^t could be nuk 
becaafi>. by ihc Addition ofthrfe Wof^, H 
if #» proper mad tfu* Ligkt, attd in thai 

( 50 ) 

MB**, 0& II Liffltt Oxy were ptrfuxded the Houlc WOuM not agms 

* To ihii it vas anrwcred by the Metnben. wko win (br 

uifiJi'l'*- ''"^ Motion, • That [hry couM not hat ditnh tW tho Mo- 
M vv. nfniwit. nun, >i it Hood al lull, woj a very proper Mocioii, btcatUic 
it wouM be nuch better and moM i}iftmn, to haw all tMI* 
Eirpcncci fairly and fa\ly Ihtrd in one AccooM, tknt w 
tuve them diipeiLil id Werat Accoodk, and confcoiuM 
fvith a great many oclict Aitklci ■ That thi* MctbM^ of 
Hjiing (hole Eipencn would be aitcnJed with Iht* Adnn- 
Cagt, ll<u it tvnuM cleaily (hew to GFritleincn, ko«v Ip wh i g 
KU Majrily IumI been in inai;ing ufe of thnt unluniced CmlH 
givoi him the bn SelTion. which would be a pmt Zwiuot- 
tnent lo that Koufe to renew thit Cre**, wkenawr Ui 
Majclty fhould ^edlc to licnurd it : Tku tbcf thought tlto 
faanovrablc Gcnilcmcn would not hive obAnQcdi bocanA 
Jt nujht pnhapt be of ^at Advanuge to them i^oQ fana 
f i(4ie Occnriod i but ai thofe Orndrmrn did not iieni to 
lit- iKit Wn of fbdns the y^ccount, tbcrtfoto tbey 
willing to maKe the Amendment propolecl to their ' 
in onJci to prtveni a Neg.i:irc'> being p« npo« a QmIUm 
of fjch Moment : Thni the;' hoped no Eiproca Im btM 
iKarrcii, in conrc(]acnre of liuc Vote of Credit, but whar 
apfrarcd ufion the fcvrn) Accounu then bcfiire them i bdt 
it uould be a great Satii£iftioit to the Houfe, to have a di- 
tv£t Answer upon th-ii ^bjcA from the Crown i for tho' 
tbry were perCradcd that the Gentlemen, who hail taken 
npoit them to alToTe the Houfe that no other Elcpcncn haJ 
been iocuricj, or Monej iRucd, but what wen contaiocd n 
(faere AccDont), icUly helined ii to be as the^ had dedm^ ( 
yrt in fuch Calet that Koole wai not to tidie ■» An/wet from 
any Member, Ibr were he the gtcateil Si^cA ia the Naiioa, 
hi) 'I'l'crd or his I>ediniioit ws& iw ParUraiMary SwiK^ 
bfiion, aor covld it be taken u fiich ; That with mpvtl tP 
the Crjtificuc nentiotW, it ww in the prelmt Ctic b &r 
from being aht'urJ, that it Was abfoJoldy oeteihrj : Wban 
crintn Sum* Mvrr gnuitcd by HBrlitmcntt and tnofv Sunt 
appropriated by Parliainmt to tcniiia VCn, (itch a Cntt- 
£cate woold. '[wai tme, be ^utte omeceiliiry, it *n<!~^ 
ridiculous lo infilt upon aiiy fuch i but wbcit ui tml 
Credit hid been granted by hrliiiRcat, and tlttt \ << 
ottlimited lilccwifc at to the UCei it wu to be apfltnJ (e, 
it wu j^olutclv DcccOiiiy to have a CcrtiJioiic in the Mi»> 
ncr mrrtioecd Dy the honoanfale Centlfmen. ccrti>r>xg tJM 
Tach Siim», and no more, had been taloen up oa that Voat 
of Ctrdii ; lod thai the Sunu (u tikrn op hid been spf>U«l 
folLich LTet, and aooc oihti : For, without foclt a Ctniiait^ 
il Kvald be impafibk fot diu Wn^ m> ktura how iW 


t 5' ) 
«r the Nation Rood i l\Ky cdnld not know but 

AM)*. r^M. u 

wmy liioocnliaa Ydr mi^ht bring a «ew DrbuiiJ. to pt». ^_^J^^ 
Cor Cxne lucpencc mcnircd, or fome Debt contriflej 


fai coaleqa 

Drtlic inliTRitcJ Cndit tlic/ 

!•»"» - Th»i lireretort it w«i inoimlKnc vjion client, ks 
Mcaboi of Uut HooTc, co dcimixl fiKh a Ctni^cacc ; liicy 
wtR bouad in Honour, :uid in Duty to their Conliilartitt, 
to lofiA Hpca bavu^ (ixh k Certi&uie, anij focJi a C«rfili> 
OK ooU IKK be bai any oOxi VVa/ than b)- prd'eniiog 
Ue Adrftcfi pnpflbd: Tlut as to tlic Anieiuimt-rE inti-nJcd 
k be wUaJ by the Worthy Grntlcmcn, in iniei to m^itic 
ArirQadboa appear ndicttlcnii upon ihc JaLii.ijIt oT ih:u 
Uamie, U did not ji all deter tliem from mfiiiing upon their 
Qg alM oB, DOtliom infiiUng vftm the Antcr^mcat ikny tud 
tKfuki : TiMt xhty tad oo C^e lo Mpe&.. t) iliac 
HoMC WmU agree to the Amendment mrcixJnl by the uof 
df GcMhon i bui if they had, it vit)-.ilij give tbem no 
nn I ftr whatrrer that Houfe might do, the World with' 
m I>«ars WMiId judge aighd/, and n-ould iix the Ridicole 
whcR ti propetlj belonged : That (lie; trautd. upcMi tlut 
Qrtiiaii, fw ilic GeoTlctua in mind of what appeared 
■pan tbcif Jovmali : Tbey rernembei-nl a r<7taia great Man 
M>. <« ft fiuiner PmUamcDi, Atcufcd of fonic vny high 
QJM tj, aad a QjeUoa wat a^luall/ moved and I<!go[m!m 
■ ihu Hoofc for a Rcfoluuoa in tbcfc Trmi^ ' That it 
' wem to this HoaSe, that /ucb a great Mao [xon/w; lim] 
' baa bacn guilty tf fcreml heinout and Fraudulent Pmo 
IM*, Ac' That chn w,ii the Qocftiw as fiii] morcd j 
the Kneftd* i>f that great Man. in order to defeat the 
b* rtnderin^ it rnJiculout, propofcd (bat (be Wordi, 
_ in ifrii fi^'t, fbaold by ftay of Amrodmcnt be 
OBt of tbe Qoitiioo : Tbil upon a l)ivi/ion thtt Amend- 
tns approved of by a corrupt Majority, and ibit the 
fa node hdiculoui \yf the AmccdmcDt, flcod to 
l>*f Dpoa their Joarnab, a£ the wonhy Ccntlemen 
it* if ihcy ploUcd i but thai ibc thui roHlering the 
wa ridieulouSt wat fir frnoi renderinf ridiniloo tholo 
■vboiud at ^A propofed it : On ilitr conrr.irj-, the Rijieule 
fc.II opoa thoie, who made the Quf^it:':':' r.diiiuhiin by their 
AuMMBcW I and accordingly at ibe Eic^'l V'V-^ fox the very 
■ecc Pufiaacni, moS of cnrm were nc^^cftcd by their 
CDUotry. ftudjaltly refttfed the Hciiout of conunubj any 
Ab R^uvCtBtatire* of the People in that Houfe.* 

ueitioA being at bH put upon tbe Amendinni, (: 
a the Nejaiive, by 167 to 106. 


14, Tlw Hoofc Iritg in a Grand Cbramiltee on ihe ^^ 
3.V, TAif lie \umbcf ol eftAive u 


Ml AivlTrW3ii>:>> 

G X 



rll. <s.i.~I.. 

( 5' I 

Mee, to be prorided foi Goaids ind GanifiMU 
Btirain, Curmley and Jcrlty for the Year i?};. b 
indodjDg 1S15 [nnlid>, «ad 555 M<n for the Scrrtcc of 
ihe HighliRiJs. Mr Andcewf'i Moiion was fupportnl by 
Sir William Yonge, Col. Baidcn, Mr Winnington, Mi 
Horaiio WalpoU, aitd Sir Robcit WaJpole. ai follows : 

' I'bou^li nv arc not u yet any viy cBgijtJ ta the 
fimt Wxr, yet fuch ErenQ miy happen, u may imkac 
abfululel^ neCfSaiy for in to engage of one Sitlc or l' 
Other. 'Hie ASiur of Poland, woich ii tiic cnly Moti 
tbevn1yB:i^c of Contention hitherto pcbiickly avowri. it 
nn Affur Uii> Nation hu very little to Jo witK i but if (hit 
Ibould appcjiT 3uc 10 be ibc lul Motive, 01 if Seccdt (heitU 
cncout3i[e ctthrr Side to oncnti their Vitw^, the BalSBCe of 
Power may 2t laSk be brtH^ht into ml Danger ; anl ihn, 
for the Sjitc of jnfetyiDf the Liberties of Euiopc, upOQ 
uhich :hc Libcrtia of ihii Nation will alwiyi dejiMd, «• 
iDdll i.itceyi priRcipol Share in the War. Thit DaDgci ntmy 
pot uerlu^ be fo leinotc it focne People imagine 1 unick bn 
made hit UtjeKy beoomc a Mediator (or reconciling the cofi* 
teoding Powcrf, bdbfc Cmnfoeb of cither bide Ihall tak* 
sway all Hopes of Soccefi tn that Way : aixl hii Ma)efljp 
hai already rufScd hit NegociiiioRi with fo much Vimir. 
itis:aPUoofF>cscewiUrocmbGdrcr'd i a Plan fo w-etl adafC- 
td to the Honour tind laterefl of sH Parties cottcerned, that 
whoe^-cr rtfufw it will thereby (Vw, that their f«;tt View> 
aic more otcsfirc than they have hithato been dccbrrki. 

' From hcAce, Sir. I mult conclude, thai uc fhall be 
Wty foon able to detcrmiTtf, whether yve maft cogigr in 
the War or doc: Ii* that Plan be accepted, then we thall 
atuio our Endt i the Peace of Europe will be rcAored, tkc 
Balance of Power will be prcfcrvcd, wiitiogi our c asagton 
in the War. without fubjeAing ihit Nation 10 my Ibcoovb^ 
nieixe. or to any Expcncc t oat if reafooable Tcrnu jboald 
be Kiu^tily rcjcAed by etthci Side, wt mult ibea occcfif 
fily t^e a Hhite in the War- It i« therefore very nuch 
Oiir Incerc-I at prdent, to take even- McaCute thai may m«- 
ttibmc lowan!) rcrdcrirg his Majdiy's IjiiVavoon lucccftfiil ( 
ihat nay eoetiiUitc eofrardi iadodnj, or even com|- 
crcrr one of ibe coattTidittf_ ppwer» to accept of ibii 
w'l.cH hit MajeAy, in ConJuriLiion with htt Alfa, u 10 
olirr tn thrm : And, in my Opinion, nothing cat) oani':''n'e 
^re toHardj tbcfc great Eoit, ihan our having ■ 
Standing regular Force, u may convbvw all Fitrti>:> ...i 
Mc nrt in cimell, aitd that we have it ia out I'uwer la 
alter ihc Scale whenever we have a Mird Par thi^ Rca* 
IM i can LuOj imagine, Uut any Gcoil>.iiiu la tin H««fa 


( Si ) 

■91 -ffpofc tlte fioaJl ADgmcsatioa cf cur Laai-fortct a» >. Ci», a 
OM* ■npofcd, when he confidcts how tainy Milliont uc '•**'*■ 
atf 01 obliged h> expoiJ, if, by rcfBfiaj I'uch a (e^ifooa- 
Ui gl"—", wc IligukI at tail oulcc it nccefluy ca involve 
ovfefvo ia s lusry War. 

* The Ftchmty of llu* Nadoo, Sir, or at leaA our S«- 
cmnr, dcpCBOt upon UwTtanqaiEii)'' of oui Ndghboon: 
Wkdt they ue at Peace, ihcy will alurAys coofunie mote of 
a«t MaiMla£u[«i thin wheti they are int-olv'J iii Kood unl 
Caofaftaii and canCtouatly wc fluU aimjrt. in Times of 
Pacr, hare a greater Demand ior the ManulaAurei of our 
CaoBtry thia ta fiat ef War. Bdlda, while they caniniM 
u face, the Boiascc of Power can be in no Dugef , but the 
Ercno of War no Nation can depend on ( and ihertfcre 
NatlOD moMg the rdt, may be deeply ailvCicd by the 
■oHdKrjr SautCi of any one Power la Europe. Let m 
Aeirfe e n grodge a ftnaU Expence, when it luay evidcM- 
h ooBinbvte towvJs rclloring Peace anong oar Ncigb* 
Mw^ o|iM wbich our own ProTperity and Securitjr doci ^o J 

Our Uoole is not at yei on Firr, but our Nei^bour't ii 
a Flaac i and then certainly it h Time for d* to pr» 
the Etpaa antiEiry f<}r prcfnTisg our own : Thefn 
a powfstal Fleet, and a fumcient Body of regular well 
iifrifilint< TroMt, n»iy to march at the fiid Word of 
CaniMnd Thb, Sir. will girc Weight to bit Mjjelly'f 
Nignei^fiont, it wiil rnake aJl the Patiiet concerred give a 
doc Aucntiaa 19 what miy be propofed, by ht»Majcfty*t 
hStatm, (be reflorifis the Peace of Eunpc ; for a Minillcr, 
iriofc Eijeipage coediJb of a Luge Sody of good TroopJ, 
Mitt alwan be better hcaikenipd m, than oik wbofe Etjot* 
pap ocwb cnly of a greu Number of fine Pages sad 
flVlcw Pcotmeii- 

' By a^jming tn ibc Augmentatioa pnmfed, we nay 
oped. Sir. ikit the I'aitict new at War will be ptevenied 
ftan liirGuoc say ambttiooi View*, either affauw thia Na- 
oiMi IB ipmi the JlalatKc uf Power ; and if any fach 
View* hwrc almdy been formed, the Projcdors will find 
AeaUvts tndcr a Net cOity cT hying them afide i by wiuch 
Uaat we Stall be able la trilore the Peace of Europe, 
mi rfaWifli liw future Secunly of thii Netion, without cic- 
fifClf <Mr{e>m In the IncoDvcniento, the Miifcttuno and 
^dt«Ut:< of War. From' ■ cnottary BeluvAur, 

uv arc lo cipeA ■ ^'ill not France acd 




Hum Li'cncc cmcJude, that ihcy nuy go en >ad 
that tticy may pbee upon the fmpcfiaT Throw a 
'. ibc Hoafe of Bourboo i and th«r ILrigUnd ii not 
taxiu^, iffprtixo£rv of tbc j^nmuig Pi>wcr at 


I'WTe Jir« Conddiont 
Iwc, BO fing^iftnun ooght to give them sn O f fM i m i\f « 
nln i fbr ihc CoKiimiace of tlie War it ■ ceruui Owifc 
qurtioe of fuch Cor.clu&oiu, aod tf it fliouU co nt ia uty W 
aallciiga^ ia it, or n-c, n wcB u the reft of Earopc) 
oMfl fubmit to be Slivet to tk« Coaqueror. Thtu the Dut 

EWnMapmng to what u propdctil, u infiaitc^ poU J 
jk «creciiig n it utcn: u no Dsngtr. and the ExpnoE it ift 
«tdUbftblft'. If it procurer a Kc-ciUbNfhnKQtcftlKpulilM 
Truqnilitj, the Vttfidaed of it in«ft be aclcnowla^|fd b| 
all t ton if it ftwld fiil of tlie Effoft dcfiicd. ti wOl 
M t* foia ^M J tty and with Vigmr in th« War. 

* *!>> BM, Sir. it n cndenc, tliu tfee fivll EKpOc^ 
MpoAd. mtf pmcw aii inAnite Eif > c e and mk 
i>tftger ; and iheidctr I ttoft llunk vrc are at ]>r«ictit (one 
ihing in the Cde of a Gcndaaaa, fupfafc i* tbc lAc . 
my. u hedt BllaR is io gicH Dtng«r « tMttig airciftwn 
k^ the Deoijr of, or Home B.-vach in, tliel* Oykea 
Klounds which were nude (o prevent Intindationi : In lid 
m Ode, ruppoTc the Can^maa't Strward* and M; 
ftottU camt t» him, and teD liin of tu* Dan^ i aad 
Ac Oj'kes aiighi ilien be iKniRd for a Cnall Ej^wQce. 
dwt o«e Flood or two ni^M mtkc fuch a Breach aa 
Calt him near [he Value of his KJtau Io repair : WooU 
iJiat Ctntlenan tie nty much in the wKwg. mould im 
he mti, nix to hnrktn to fuch Reptefematioa^ and 
fcimfclf 10 a fnall immediaEc Chai^. in otdcr to ptrnoS 
tb^ esiirc Rain of hu Ediic t 

- Out prefait Cafe, Sir. la tht very fame i one fiKcda- 
ful CaBipalgn, nao or dtiea coniplcat ViOoriai, wooU mate 
fuch a BmcK in tl«6 BtrnFn. bv whxh the libertiei of 
Europe are prefervcd, ai would con an iainitE Tmfurc and 
• vtfl Bfiiftoa of BIoQil hcfbie it could benadeap. 'Dui 
it a Duger apparent froni the CircomAaaces pobtkU^ 
InowB t bat tnerc nwy be particular private T 
eoMcrfed, «■ now ewrjuj od, which «w:ild 
die KeceiGty c/ what ia now propofed : 'i'b«A hil 
HHty probably have difconitd : and fmita the 
MW hkoe of hr» Maicl))': great Regard fiar the B«l 
noplc^ we Biiy, 1 thinit, coacliide, that he wa<dd not bm 
pKJpoftd to here tsacK any AofneUMnn of kii E^hU 
Forcn, ore* have pot UiSubjeOi to na^ addMonal Charge 
without aa evident Nccefiiy for fb doing: 1 bope tbar* 
fore GeariemeD will drpeiul upoa hii MajdHr'a Wtfakm wJ 
C'ondaA !n an AllUir, whtdi ia of futh a Mature, mim^ 
rrndcr it imnoffiblc hr hit M*jcay to Ixy faU psitxolar k«< 
Smm bcfnre this \{v»c, vi-iioM. ranninj^ the Pj& of difap- 



■hR& e»Kry GeMMM^ vraslit be mm cautious ol 
' ' aa ngmhiiiiii IB Mm (fiiolc dtabb oF ht'i 
ftquJ fix- iha Ba& oF ha hopte, or of 
■Hi Coadud in all hhtttn wUcb si* haneSif 
I hU Maw 1mm: TKeti w« C^dUou whkh cu 
tpnferiy imaght hmfan am. Ufcn cfci> Occalio»i 
d » xll oitio Ooafion of rtm fafoe Naturr, k it MS 

■H^'* >i^r^ Jm t>w B«ra <ir ^^ EVopic. bu liic Rck 

k» Mnilcn faro for Uk Bafa of the Ptopk, that »t 
IB emUm ; ie it itair Wifitaa nd CoadnA ite ai« 
«a^» MX OaBfidnauM : And, in my Optnios, thu 
fa faw Bft jmu RnJba Ri <)c|>irn(l tniich npoa cither. 
I bm tkt CaWiliilj of the Natwri Ivre ra gvtat Coo* 
CB ia oikvr I aad ihaMton, J wr fpok tlia tjingua^ 
tm GMflitMM), wfcicfa I iwpc will ahnp Ix the Un- 
f! of ika Haa&v ** oODot dcpaiid' To nuch upon tbcir 
1^ Md Caadn^ aa to load Um People with any uW(- 
J "l— ^. for no oih<r Reaibo but ooijr beciufe tiw 
ifcr htt wU tu it it necd&ry. Ttiis » x HtthoA of 
whkiL ao Mao Of^c to agree D ia any CaJit » 
' > in a Cafe wlucli ti of the neA d a aflu aia Coo- 
' LibaruV of oat CouBDjr. 

r GoukRwn. Sir, woe tetf madt la ih\ 


f ) 

two ADics hive ^Mkrol, (bat ihey have no o&tx View 
biu u ettjblifli ind pxiavc tbc Neittnli? of lol^ ; Tbefe 
uc the oni/ CtKumltaticet publickJ^ known t uiil firom ctid'c 
ncicbci ikii Nation, nor the Bnlaoct of Power, on be in xny 

' Whit particular Rnroni we ttny have not (o (mil to 
thofc Dcdaratiooi, I ihall roi prttoid to determine t but 
rII the other Princei and Statei of Europe, not already ea- 
pgc^tn the War, (ecta tp pat their TruH in them, bconifii 
DOK of tbem have as yei nude any Prqttniions. N17. 
even the Princes of German/ keta to think their Countiy 
ID no Danger, for fome of the chief of them Hill contioue 
■MDual ; and tbofc who have jo'axd In the Declaration of 
War. have grent Nambcn of 'I'ronpn unempiojttii. whkh 
Cdtainljr would be M fent to the Khinc, if the/ tho«tbl 
their CofliKTy were in any real Dinger, or that Frtan 
had a Drftgn to impofc an Emperor upOn them. WkSft 
they remain fn Iccurc, while thejr give tbeailctvn b link 
Concern .iboul the Event of the War, why we (hould be ft 
uriihljr frighiened,- why vn IKouU ianpM tltfi France haa 
a DeGgn to conquer German)-, and to place one of lh« 
Houfe of BourhoD upoo the Imperial Thro&e, I cannot cnB- 
ptchend: I am furc no fuch Intention Can be prefantcil fronr 
aay CirciunOaDix jn publickly known 1 end 1 hope wc do 
IM( think ih.u cither Spain or Sardinia hat a Mind to am- 
quer Gcimany, or that F^uice would aliow them, if eitbcr 
or both verr able to accontpliAi fuch a DefiitL From pub- 
lick CiKomlbnces, therefore, I cao fee no Rcsfon wc have 
now, or indeed ever h-id, to p« oarichro to any Charp, or 
to make any PreponttMU t and if there be any private Rm- 
Ibni. rhey mutt be fuch ai coixeni ut in particvhr. h^ 
anlir. if they rcbted to Europe in general, the other CoWi 
of E«TOpe, pGu-ticuUr^y the Dutch, would oenaialy haae 
difCDvcrM them at well ai wc ; nay, if they htd ikot* it 
woeld haTD been the Duty of our hDnttn. to hive dUtD* 
vettdthan, doc only to iHe Dutch, bat to all (he Pnaem 
of Europe 1 for wliatcvcr Danger ihere might be in difto- 
veiinj; them to tbii Honfe, there oould not fu«Iv he aoy 
Dar.gcr in dii^covering them ro thofe Onru, wluch bawt 
ai d^ a Cjoctra is we have in the Prelcxniioa of the U* 
bertio of Berope. 

' Ai no Part of cor late TraftfaAions has ever been laid 
before thin HooTe. at all fuch Lighu hare been duMi 
Of, I do not know. Sir, but there tnny be ptivsic RmAbI 
for oar beinc fenicebuly cooccmcd Ja the F.rem of the prw- 
fent War : If there ere any fuch. they noft proceed &«■' 
Ane of OUT bee Tianfaaioea 1 end in that C^, thaA- 
Taaiȣ^ta tmg,>it to ten VtM \u& beion (hit Heob tf 




^nry Beginntaj of (He Wu-, i)ut we might from isng 1*>bo iom.ii. 
im tiea ovr I>tng<i. and might Kavc {yrovideJ for oar 
Uny IB Taat- Ba: ro mliaaiic, that mim of tlie P.irtJc3 
warn tag%pid in Wir ouy hiTV amlntiouj Viewi agatnti the 
Uh'iliii ol Europe. U an InfinuxtioA thai is cantrndiSed bj^ 
4t fckitiBSr Di all (he Piincci aivi Suces of Europe not 
I rhniy fif^^ ■" the Wir ) tai tJvercfbre cinnoi, ia tny 
OpUoB, have anx Weiglii, 

Wc am QCKt toll], Mr, tliu tho' ncilber Party at pre- 

fau ksiT any inbttiatu Viewt, yet they my form IaA 

VW**, and in onlti lo prevent iheir fbrmmg any Tuch, «q 

I aoft snlw emu Pirpanitwiis i thic ihii will (hew tbem we 

aicia cusm, anil hiII nuke tJiem give Ear to ihc mfMi' 

,dhVUaVl7€aa whklihbMajelly, in Conjunction with his 

iiBaffer: Whrreai, if wt cnake no foch Prepin- 

llin, tJui Prascr •will conelude m« hive loft all AppK- 

hoiiam of the growing Poncr of ih-tt Kitig^joni, ani 

Aatwe bare lu tSncrm for the Prcfrrvalion of the BJI^ncfi 

*f Paorer. For God't 5aL:«t Sir, cm Genilcmen be (rrioua 

wIkm tiKy xtfnt ai thii R^tc ? Can France, or any Power 

OB Eartk, imagine tlut we wJI look otnety on, and Itetbe 

Lihcrtiet <rf Europe oivroimet) ; or can the t^ddillon of ^ 

or iooQ Mo) m our Army add any thing to their Dmd of 

Omr tvtMT } Tkey all knon^. aiid France in p«rticular kia 

twfeft to know, the Strength and Power of tliii Nation, 

wWb wilcly nunigril and fmieady rvnted i if ihrrefbre 

ihtj fann any antbltiout Vieiv^ if ikey rtjrA the juft 

~ . of fna that ore 10 be propofed by hii Maidty, or 

' iaf^a the Medahon that hai beat oflcred, it cinnoc 

Rron any Contempt (hey have of the real SucDgcH 

i£ thd Nukn, but fttxn > COntetopi of the Coimcib by 

wtuelt that Stragth b to be evcrttd : TItli it a Contempt 

wbci), I an a/raid, ihey hnve olmuly conceived t and if 

floaU agm: tn ilie Propoficion now before tu, witl»i!E 

Reafen for to ilotag, I am fntk rilhtr th« Wif<iom or 

of thii Hotilc will fuifcr ccnGiJcr^ibly, in the Opi* 

fof (hr World both abroad and u home. 

AiMCh«r icrribtc Tklag we nfc lJl■^ Day tamht to ip^ 

it, that SkccTi nay infpirc or; of the p!irtK-i en- 

(■ War, with aa aatbflHMu Vifve of nvfrtitrRin^ the 

of Po*»r- Thjiifci 
it abfiiliittly netfiT^'-i 
Ite War ) aklilut ih. 
<ka we may bt mdj 
■IC, before liuy arv mtc vvm 
! fli!! LjJ; dL it any Oeetkna' 

, ..-ay 
. in 

' . itU- 
I mn ihn. Sir. 
i-aii itajigine, 
mamj, Poliad «MdA/a/a>vr> f<" i tliiak I it y tww 
:_:. arr au«(4 IB ArnMfuvmrf ia ooe CarbfMMO t 

MmL Oe». 11. 

( S» ) 
or iumMag ibc Mho lo be ilic uafartnUt SUct as (kcf 
inisgiae dMt Pranw, Spun aad luly can be conqneral is 
one Cunpaign i If aiiy Ccmlenun can inu^int ftth m 
Tbin^ Kith turn 1 (boll not ptcurnd to aqpc t bat witll 
thofe «lio uBont, which I b<U;vc ai« the Minority of tfcit 
Hou/c, I tltiuk I Ruty conteaci iktt ncUbcr Sid* caa in wmt 
Cr.inpiigu be reduced To low. but tiat she tuitcd Konx flC 
G<nl BriEiin, Holland, Dcnnutk, and Swrdcn, thtDint te 
evly the mki Cwn|Mign, vrilt be (ulfickBt for their BelkT, 
UiA (or obliging the proodcll CoBqneror u> TahaiK to is*. 
fcnable 1*criD> t in nhich Cale w« tholl hare ibc wholi 
Wifllcr tD prcjurc. «di1 idl tbcn tu tiuuMj quits 
liij' to put ooriVlvci to anjr tCxpence. 

* As thii Day Icenu co be a Qty of Pandoxet, 

the rea we ti.ivc been EoU ok v»i^ t«(feft to oat Tmill^ 
We ore told. Sir. tkic the ProiMrity of dib Nitioa <lBi«nA> 
apon tbcTtAii^uilitjrof our Neigtihoani u»i thatinTioMft 
tviaxx. (kerc u fUwiyi k grcuer Decrund IVir the Mua- 
CtAnresaod Produce of this U>>untry, thftn in Time ol Wu*. 
Thitt Sir, h fo fiir from b«ingajitft MwaB io Tndf* 
that the dircA contrary b true. The chief Pu-i of the fn* 
duce of lliit CnuDUy eonlxSs in the Noofliuicit Btd bM 
the liAuoario of Life j and conlctgnntly our IrciiMMMn will 
alwa)*s confume u mech of fuch Sort of I'hjnp ta Tlaw 
of Wu ai in Tune of Peace : Bat the DiCercnc* i*, tktf 
when their Heads m not diftrafi«d, northetr Hud* dl> 
*«rted, by wy (oieigti ordoniefttck Wu. th^ htvo TuM 
10 apply ibemMlvet to Tillwe t ihcy have I'ime to inijy 
tfacmrun:* to Muiafaaarci oTaO Etndi : tbcr harr Lum* 
to think of aod to iiBprov* all the Am of Pomb i mmi hf 
to doing ihry fumiJb thcmiclvci at hooic wtlJi a gieU aaajr 
of thoit NcaCuiM which, io Time of Wu. they an dUM 
to porehale of a>. TluiH mtoajy evideiu in 'Ilteoy. nc 
it Gonfimed by EKpcricnsG ) for our Tndt hu fifln^ 
mort by (he IXimeflich InptovenMaBii made by oar H^^' 
boon, doriiig the laft long Traoqnilily in Europe, than ia 
hu done by any other Mcaui except the ban Dvtici mk 
have laid opoa Mriclvei, tad the great Trooble and aujr 
Fen and Irnieifiies we ha>-a fubjcHcd our friercbasa Wt 
both in iiDportiDg and exporting tlicir Goodi aod MarelBV> 
diss : T^cfe Incembf atwet will is Time moil ccrtaMy raJB 
mry Brascfa of o«r Trade, if we do not take Cm i« r»- 
mow iheiD fpeedily, by paying off ihofe Debt* by whidl^ 
they have been occafioa'd. And at to oui Secnrtt^, noB 
Bmr be dilhirbcd by any Brodi among onr Natgbbo<ui( 
luOeft tV Baianee of Power IhoiUd be broifht iaba real 
I>llfgcr, which DOT Sa^hoan upon ihc CoftlmW wcnld 

akc better Cue of diw Oki tot \S wc did mx iqav 

( 19 1 

dl <Vf 6a M BKv earUns fo michtv Afficious u to da it «»••. «». it. 

' Ii ii ui MiTy Maner, Sir. for any Maii, wbo hu a auA 
laHKMa KBii a Arons Inuginatioa, to htm inugiii:irjr DttOr 
ftn. In 'i'iiiw 0/ race wc arc /VigbMncd wiui Inraiiontt 
ma*St aur Ntighboiui lk.iv« their TrcMp* quiMtomi upm 
Anr Cdadf^ ukI kftve nothing die 10 do with (ticm ; and in 
TioMofWar, beouJc our Ncigtibouft have gisat Armies iti 
rtw FmU, Aa' BO Power in Europe kat an/ (^urrcl tvitb u». 
In TuK of P«wo Mfc muA kctp up a cnore nuncFOut Annjr 
Uui ii oM&ltent with tiir Liberiirs of a Bm I'eof)l«, ia or- 
d(riilpn««nt«War'*brrikingaut j >ni) iaTimeaf War w> 
■oA »ai n that Army, awl put ouiiclvc to grcai Ejcpcnce. 
itt Older ipreltett ilic publicle Tratiquiliiy. and prderre the 
BalMWoT Power, iho' no oihrr Niiion in Europe apptats 
■» be ta the leafl apprcticnfivc of iia being m Doiscr. That, 
Ur, we ai* always in a Fri^c, aod, for what I Know, our 
Apftthwflijw may at bA bocomc fi> txtnnptul j that If 
Ai^pt^ tihi fiad-India Pirate, fbonld fit cnit anjr gmicr 
Maabar of Qnbt than ufoal, we null At oat a Sqnadtiaii 
■■d tmfpimt wf Luid-Forco, fix finr of hit «oiii>n|; ta 
wmka m trnnBoo upon ui. By tUi, Sir, I do net nwan 
u> ■"*-"**■• that we arc now in 00 Uaogar i I do not know 
bo w« way : fiu wbaincr Hapt tit oaf be in, I am 
way fan it doca noc afptur fnrn any CtrcoinAsiieaf Jtt 
nbUcMj kooiVBi nor fnm any Thing that hath aa yet 
Dia oomnataaud to tlus lloufe 1 arxl ifaocfbie I cannoc 
arac to load th« Pwpte with any nr« Charga. If th« 
Ub(Cj ia foA •* cmnot be immediately cofinnvoicited, 
El HuA ba f«ch n cumoi be inunediudy apptehended f and 
If «v arc only Ulcc to be in Dao{CT, weooj^t to (oUuw th« 
ttaai^ of our wife NridUmus the Dotih, in MttJDg our 
llaM)* IS aO Expcnoe, ain ia idbviDg our tahou Stiength- 
to bo MgofDoAy cirried agaiaJl ihofe. whofa Coiute DufjgM 
Ml (ttm tmf way to tbiann tic Saftiy of Earope. 

* Wc han been told, Sit. that the DiMer of noc agree- 
iag <o «4at la pepoled it ioAaitely great i But Uixt in agice* 
tai to it there u oo Dtugcf ; Sir. in my Opinion, it ii di- 
ftSly MlwnriJe. It U ttrtaio, that ihe Rcgmd we ar« to 
eapcft 6t]m Fi-rcicneia tovH. alwayi depend apoa the EAoea 
(lif ban t»r the Sttca|th of the Nitiod, and trf the Vflf. 
4am of thn& L'onocib hr which tliat Sirengtli i» to be Ji' 
tiOBL Thr Stnoijth of the Nation dOM aot fiudy axdU 
9b n the Troofi WT ban on Foot, or the S^iaidnat u.'o 
|£eaa bat iipoa the Nnoifacr of Tnop* we are able 
|Md maimaui, and the Stiiudrooi we are able to put 
Thovfc'ie It it certaio ihJt tht AJding j or 8000 
Mtfl to eoi LieJ-/V/w)( ortotlic Sijiadtsu wc have lUeady 

( 6« ) 

£tted oof, em iM eathing la tivt Opiaiob FoteiMen tuM 
of our Scrcngdi : But the fitting ourfclm to Aim Rccdida 
Expencr, when no Msn can fay that wc m in tay na] 
Dngcr, viU cettainly give Foicigiten a vcty mean Opiafau 
of our Council!. The AiQumc'iti wc hire aiaik a» vbi 
y%e nrithCT of the Sidet eneigcd in War, but may prebitilf 
gitc gicv Offence, by wluch w« may •Iraw a W«j apoA 
cut&lva'i oar AnoaiMsu may fciy probably vniia fmnl 
ef Ebc Powtn of Europe agftwll in. while t^ tbc laiAbN 
of Chofe AnxutnenCs vft m*)' bo d<pritred of every Ally. 

' Bui, Sir, Htih icgard to our domdlkk Agun, the Ooi* 
Mf ii more apparent and much more terrible. Tlu kcc» 
mg up of a BsinerDui Scuuling Anuy, in Time of Peace, n 
abftdately incoofiAent wich the Liberties of tliit Nattoi. 
The Gcnllnaer>, or >t leolt fouM of them, who fiip p o n ed 
tha MbUon, talk of an Army of i H,ooo Mm at almjv 
KtctSitiy 10 be kept tip wubin ibit ifUiKL Thii, Sir, it 
tb« mic Secret ut thii Div'i Mocmh i thole Grailrmea 
know ifait when Peace i> iciloicd, Uic Natiun will in&ft 
npon a Redodic'O'i being nude, t-Sercforc, ilunlc tliejr, let 
II) now increafc the Arw^, ihjt when Peace it nHotvi m 
tnj ftop ibe Mouthi of the DifarcAcil. (u dir^ oil tbrsi) 
b]' making a Redu£t>oft of ihc Troops we are imW to add i 
And thui. Sir, wc IhaU have a Staadiag A'mj of i 8,doo 
McD faddlcd upon ut for crcr. A> I am of OpisioD, tltU 
■a Airajr of i8,eao Men ik at letfl 10,000 more than m 
oogbt to haw in Time of Paoc t ai I un of Opiotoi tbM' 
Coat a nameroui Amy on be MceHJiiy br no End. bat tbv 
of enibUog a Mintder to mmple upon the Ubertiei of U> 
CoaaiTj i ihercfixre I [biak ihe Motion oogbt to be njcQrf' 
Mith DiOain. 

' Ai for MiniBen, thcf maft ml expcA Rwod tmi 
EHecra from ihdr tiiquipogc, but from the WiUMi tad 
Aiiini% ai their Negotiatioai ; ht a Minifier vritb a Mim*' 
dering Head, or orc that i* lent upon ridtcoIoiD Erraad^ 
viU nuke u (brry a Figure with an Equipage of ii|i»Tli 
TVoqpr, as an Equipage of Kootmen i and I am a/rajd tb* 
Ab'i Ban will af^Kar nadi man anlokooas nidcr a wcfl- 
bumtlhrd Head-piece, than ever ibcj ud nider a weO pa*^- 
dcr'd Peruke 

' The other PanSd, Sir, that hat been dntmi u vov 
fBBch to the prefent Purpofe. if it hid been properlr uitboL 
Wc an in the rcrr Calir of a Geotlnnaii, who u t^d by bib 
S(ewa/d aad the Workmen employed by that Sirw^rd, liai 
bb EAate 11 m peat Dzitger of being oveiAowtd ' -' r 
B.tacli in thole Dykn aod bAoaodit whkb, ta xi\z 
Kvre made to prnrcDt InooditUxn. The Gentletnati n )^- 
piiicd ai thia, KBDwing 1^ Oatu«\.-cK una a«y 0ykf* 

Aual Cn. It, 

{ 6i ) 
pon Itii EftiK for preratticg tnundxtioctt, 
de by Nuore i had tkat liu EiUo: could 
(bevccdiowtil witltMt fooM aniSciil Ial«u made, or even 
or l-irc-Enginea prt^&red and fct op for tint 
He urvrcrs. you luUjr fatpniiV me, I can hardly 
: itHac ii A ro£bilic)r in )-ou rcUcc i however, 
I ilaac wiiii )'ou aik! cx^miac cvcr^- Pan of my Eitue, 
~I1 thn tifcg l<^ Meilttres u may be praaer for ptc- 
; diB IXin^ : Upon tliit tkc Su^aid and liii U'oilc> 
BCB tR in B F'i.chi, tncy know that the [nleis vrcrc made 
^ikc Wiitd-" <- - u{i, eitliff by therofetrei or b)' fame of 
^BrMiflr' "ir*, wiili clicir Comuvancc i and ihere- 

wi tfccy rij'ii, u Uird, Sir! you mdl noc emnioe into 
'tfticaWv 'Ik BtfAcJip arc of fcich a Nature due if }^>u 
nc loalfc upon iban ihcy will become hisparabk t give lu 
Itts finU Son of Money. 2nd xn Order for Tuch of joat 
faata sa wc ftulJ luine, to atteitd and aSift ui, we cin 
wt* ufly flukc up the Qrcach i but iJ jou delay, or olicr to 
ebbJm into i:, ilw Repanslion will coll yoa more than die 
/llac of yev Ellate : If fucb a Gendemaa flvonld coraply 
AliAy witk lucha Dcmuid, I am furc. Sir, it mult be 
t&M if he »Mi not mad, h« waj very much under 
: of hit Siewatd. 
the Dmich. ud all the other Suta of Europe 
d ia the Wu, ftiew fo tittle Cor^cm aboai ii 1 
Princes of Gcnnany {hew fa little Inclination 
: their w^te Siiengih upon the Oocalioni I canaot 
ft'l"-" of Power in nny tnnuncft Danger : Anil 
' Oaiiecr ibtcaicm ihU Nation in paiiicular, in GodV 
t M It be told ; wlien we know whit <t U, or from 
it ii to be apprchendird, we may et£Iy t.tke luch 
. aa may prevent it 1 hut do iiM let ui, ander ima- 
pRCeneet of dilbnt foreign Dangert. ftitijeft ou C<ui> 
I u a real, m immmettt doincfti<^ Djogctt forwlut 
I it ivai! lu K) trelcivc the tabcnin of tlarope, if under 
[ Pmsaee wo oi&ay ofw owe } • 

Ta Ail it W3< replied by the (une Memben who ruppontd 
t AbAcwi'i Jdotisn, as foUonn : 

Sir, . 

' Wlaterer Adnntage «« may invr fnm the Tr«»qai> «., w. tm^kt 
[«*■ oUcn, it it «rt»in wc ipuQ Jwiys drt»- gnat and i';?i^''^S;;^ 
> JUnatJ^ ftom our own i axxl it it u ccnaia, tha( W' tt ^j^*'' 
tDcfiim of thc'Partiei engutd tn Wkt be at pre&Bt ' 

" J will, we may be deeply coacenxd in iu cKtni. 
' the ritvlett Defigtu (houU be pulhed too far, 01 
aauatioi' Dc£giu rnreuraMd aad fa up by Suc- 
fjaaoteeSkiffr at M be krolndi aai thii U 



( 64 ) 

* I iHiU admit. Sir, tbtt France and het AlUea hM 
Blade the DccUnuoni Bitiiuoaed by the hanotinb'e GfB^ 
ticnan • a-nd I do ooc know but they may be finccn, biti I 
am fare thc^ an not lo be mifted to : For cren granitng 
that tbefc l>ecUnttaiu sr« funure, that tliey have rcaOjr 
M otbcT Vierts but wk»c they ajxruly ftofcU, ytt we kaoM 
Uai SuKcli mzy elate the Mindiol the Cooqacron, and 
may inaltic them coaceiv« tiew DeAgiu, whkk thejr oouU 
pot at firft have t}ioagtit of. And agiiflfl ibelie m« ate (O 
provide, u wcl] i> sgainA aaj Dcfi^ thcf any have ai 
prcrcnt which we bav« not ya difcovetcd i fer if fnac* 
and bcr Atiia flxHild over-Tua all Gttautiy, cflabUlb Sttr 
nilUui upon the Throoe of Poland, and obti^t the Csiriai 
(O lubmit to their reimt, I am wry &r fioiu tiiinkiag tiuu 
citbcT of tbcm would abide by tbc Dcdarationt witli which 
they bcg^n iiie -War : I am Cure, our Conftiiutioa wou.d be 
c^wtcu to m^cn grcam IHnger, tban it can be frcoa t^ 
finll Aiiilition now propofed to be made to oar Army. 

' I'his leadi rae. Sir, to confider that tervihic, thji in* 
Buoeiit Danger our Libenici art- expofcd to, by keeping 17 
a nuffleroui Studiog Army in 'lime of Peace 1 whiclt n m 
Daogtr that hai been moch ex -ggcmtcd , upon iki* lad maiaf 
other Ocaltco>. br tbc Ucntlenxn of the other Side of tlw 
QuelUoti. I could eJily (hru-, that an Army kept vp fi 
Year to Year, osdei tiic Dire<^on of Parliarncnt, aiul 
nuadcd by (jcnilcraen of the beil familKt, and fooe if 
tbem of as. good lilLttrs as any in tite Kingdom^ en cmcr 
be dargcrou* cither 10 our CBnAintion or 10 our tiiliiitiwn 
were it much moie oumcroa* than it i5, or it now tiimaiiw 
to be ; bat the keepiog op a Standifig Amy in i^tne of 
Peace it not the Qucftion anderonr Conltderattact, WiR 
GemJcsDKn fay, ch;it when all Europe ii in a Piacv, «• 
anght not to begin to make Prcparstiont t Will ihey lay, 
that we ought never to make aay Augmcnutitei, w 10 pfi^ 

Cre for War, till it it pvblickty dc<jai«d I Cm ctia, Sfb 
a la/e M^xun for acv Nation } 

* I do not know. Sir, chat any Gemlcsun bat in Oih 
Debate dccland. that 18,000 is the Niimber of I-ioJ- Fo«eaa 
which mull olway* be l:cpl op in cliij Nation. c«ca in ti^ 
of tbc profoundcti Trantjoiiiiy : Howcvcf. it hai been dlfto* 
Vcred. it leemi, ttutl thii it iho Opinion of iome Ccnda 
men I wd that the Addition now tnavcA for, ii pnpoM Sar 
DO other Rcsfbn. but oaiy tlui ihrGt Ctcntleinra any tam 
an Opfortunity ol flopping the Mouiba of tbe DiUhSmit 
br ivdi>cii.g that ndditiunal Number 11 fogn at tbe pabUdC 
Tr»m)uiltty u rc-cfbblillicd. &u, if no Rakfon haJfaani 
a^gned rar the Addition prapoftd, there migbt hafsbe^ 
liMao Room for ihn Picbunw^ • \»\ %% otber Ratam 

knt been >fi!g«cd. i» tbofe Rcafinu are apmnnt frain titc axmi cw, n. 
■tftot CirojnilI>ncn of Europe, J cunot lee how fach a , "i^" 
' ncfwnptioo ir^n be nude : But fuppdo thi> u«re really 
(be IMpiaf fomeCjcnilciiicn in liiii Houfc, will noi every 
otKcT Gcadenaa br it liberty to oppofe dial Delign ihHen 
tW Pewc ii itflartd f May not cvci^ GceiicRian, wjio Call 
■fccn luTT ite HnnouT to be a Member of ih:> Houfc, pro- 
fofc Mi pni 4 KiM!ii^ti4n M ttc plaics ? 1« it not u eafy n 

Kfe ibi Kodu>:tJau of 1 7,000 M of 7000 t And when 
I lb iU(:^7 li (a have m Opjnriuntty to make a R.e- 
a* the (Judiic*) y^ill ibcn come properly to b: irgixd, 
Nuabcr of LuiJ-l-'oicn ii uoccCiry (o be kept up in 
[iDon in Time af Peicr ? Upon [iuu Qiicllior., 1 hope 
jogreua Number v-iJl be reduced, without .-iny regard to 
tke Adduwa no^v m^ic, ui tbc Siiay of the Natian ua 
Wms of; (or 1 ilull join with the hofMurnble Gentlcnea 
Im O piai o ft , that we ougbt ncvrr to keep up a gnraicr N'um- 
W tua ■» tbSoiaul)- otccitity fur tlie iiafciy of tite Naiion» 
md iW iiapport of hu Majdtj'sCiOvetr'nctil i icx! whoc- 
V*i n af^ioA Lccpl-ng ;.-ii U'-ai Number, fliall alwayi be loolc- 
» by Be u 1 ndofi diliiffcOciJ to both 
Be£.Tr t I .•xjladr. Sir. I muil UUe Notkc that from 
ibb Dti- -m to me, th»( ilic CcnlJeineji cmptofcid 

a the A-':.- ■■ .iiOR of our Aftim are always in the mutt 
tiddifti Aiuiri.,'!. If ihey propofe to miltc frovilions a- 
piB£ Duger', bf H'hicii ProTiliou the People muA be put 
HaAEitper.ce. t'lcv'thcn ifc charged wiih railing imaginnry 
Dto gm . n thcBCc (o lake an Oppoiiuaity to 

hid ibe t >v Taxes: And their Mi>ib<lunc it, 

te the mci I' lj: ctuL ctiey have been in time palt, the Ar- 
DBMU piiw) every Dajf Itronger againll them ; bccaofe 
fMffe faruin ii Ui) to believe, that the I>in£eTs which were 
■esfce felt »wie im-veiiwry, tlio" in Jtcjjiijr tJiey were pr»- 
VBHioMlr by ihcPraviAocithAi were untie agamft Chen. 
Hovmr, Biny PcD|))e may come ni I2II 10 be axfirnud in 
n^ tTTno«oo* Opiiuoa. by which the Minifies may be at 
lif- tr<„y^- -nt-fe PnwifioM i''- • ■"■ ^fliially McefCiry « and 
fufal, any (if, :4ne Jhooid bcfal the 

.■.1.^., i..v MuiiOrn K-gtlu ii^ i^iie to be loaded vnth 
Oe luiatf of it, itio' they had ilor^e lU llut WJl in their 
fem Id vnn a* oi iha l>uigcr. 
' IcuwMnBlIy cQcnprebcail, Sir, what Sort of InforUs- 
- Getiilcmai uani epoii this Occafioa t would 
Mijedy Ceni to IrW at, thul there u I bloody 
~ in and Sardiou aminA the 

,i*fi iK-^t hit Majeily ftiould 
m » fantcuLiT MruAj^c, id oiiirr to sc^uatnt ui with % 
k^^BL ol Urtt liJi ■■ tnuna to ihe whoic WoiU 1 ^1*0 

■^ i b^ 

( 66 ) 

AB*i.(to,u. bi|b^ bi> ^fa}dl]^ ho not yc( difcorvod, w|i«ihcr «nyof 
\_'I^ .'*1—^ tie Patie» tagifcd io War hive any finhrr Vjowi tliil 
wbiS tkry paAidilf avow i this I by m*y not {wofaaUj* 
luTctxen yei tlifcovcrcd, bccaofc no Plan of an Agmncat 
kas yet been offered to the P^niet concerrcd •- Or pcrhsp* 
lit* Ma)cAy liMi iliejidy dircovcred, iKat feme of fl>« I'artin 
Conceciml hive fume fccici and ambitious V'icw>i trhidi 
will oUi^ hid to declare vtty fooo agninA tKem. la tte 
fltfl Cafe, liis MajcAy can give us no firtW inlttraiMian 
tbtn what be has nlRMy ^vcn ; bgl foffofe tb« Utt to ba 
the Ck{e, oaght Ms Majcfty, eith^kjr Meflagc or other- 
wife, to dildofe to OS the Secrcta he hu difcovertd, or (h« 
RefolutioiK he hss tilcen upon (bch IhCtwcty f WobM mot 
Ttxh a MrlTv^ be tti open and a pablick DrcUintion of 
War 1 And will any Gcntlrmui f^y, that il would be wUa 
in ha Mijdt)-, or la thofc who hare the Honour lo ad- 
vile kim, (o mkke any fuch puhlklc Declaration, belbt* h* 
hu nttde all the nccefl^ Prcparaiion, and ts juA ready lo 
tuu* upon AibOD * hi Ihort. In ui piit the Cafe whit Wiy 
we will, it h iaipodiblc we can hare, or oac;ht to harr, 
uy &nbcr InRnmntion thin whit every GcniMman WJti< 
act Doon, ai weH a> nitKui. fully knmi hem the Cirv 
CtunftuKCi Euto^ t! in at prcfriir And a* th*k are, in 
ny Opintin, more than fufiieieat for ifidiKing cv«ry fcfM, 
who legan!) the Safety of hii Country, to '%'** tn tim 
ABgncnatioa new pnipotcd, I fhall very Kiite ir^^rd wfctt 
Buy fee thoBEhi of^ the Wrfdotn or the Inicgttty of tJdt 
Houle i for lam very fure, ereiy Man wliofe good OjdnJBM 
it wiOnliddirinK, wi9. fiom our ngrTting touus C^iAiCK. 
be convinced of bath.' 

Sot&c Memben, who ngreed to the Necvfllty of an Aia|- 
nctttation of our Fortn, thought it more ctigible to hin 
foictja Troop ihait iacrciUc the Number of our Amy ic 
Home: Ami to Sapport of thif Piopofal, Mr Joka ffew* 
dood op, and fpokc u feUowi : 

* It il with great DilBdcnce and Confulion, char [ SaaJ 
«p to fpea); on thjt Occifion : I think it one of taore DtS< 
culiy, a inore crilicnl Con)tui£hire, than ever I ktttw mtir 
the Cbniidrratioo of ihut Eloufe. I cannot, Str, bttt wilk 
tlK gtnidl RrlitOaocy thiidc of adding ro the bcwy Bar> 
then ny Cuuniry niresdy Ubourt under : and yet rt WMkt 
DC the erC'ilcil Cootrrn im>giiub(e tn nw, if throogk aa 
ill-tiRi'd rJc<ctof nod HeOnndr^. I OtovU faler the N»* 
tina to be iarot* <] la Calamities, nhich feme Bsrpnect 
Riight hvc f«cvtt>ieil. In chii Strcizbt I HxmU br ghd t» 
ffrc so Of mien ; but yt*. nuft \fxv iftn 'nOK m ocean ta 


mz. fat* ii th« grcBteit Advutnge tbil can be dcfirnl Iw 
■ bte tad tniia^ N&tion : Any Cjipence which will contn- 
bau 10 caiOMuc thil Blcfliitg to ui, wilt tic Mont.-}' utl) 
^■ployed I Akd uIutunowprwoTKltODx, I fee in ibc Light 
■of » M«afare fiw P»« ; The iKWzfc of our Force in gc- 
ocnl 3fq>nn to me, id be niih an tufrtidan, rot to makf, 
b«t a> prenni Wm. Wc a^ oow in the t>gh:dl Situailon 
paCbk : Wc okc on vt the Put o/' Mcdsuon, not of 
Phsdiab or i'jrdn in tlie W» : Ma/ out good Cffiico 
be dMona] { All I can do lo make tbesi Co, I an furc t 
wA : Cjod tVnd iIk]^ may be fo F But uc muS put our- 
AlfEfl MO « Condition U>b«> Weight in whidiever Seals 
we mty (hraw «arlclve j Tor bare Jte^fom, PcifufiTO 
■Ion. «iP, I fur, have ii:tlc FiTe^. But if the ttron^cr 
f*ny u BiAiJe fcniiUc, tkil if it rcfttfo to come imo rea- 
(toslr TonUf it will not long cooiinuc Uw AToiiger PatTTi 
Obt \tedutioa wiQ be more fc^ided j and a MiniAer ulU 
be brtl Learkcncd to, whoTc Ei^uipage, infltad of a great 
ti^obo of £nc FooUncB, cooAlb of a larce Body or good 
TraoBi: I un tlierefoire. Sir, free to di-clire for ^usiing 
cnxie'wOf convinced that on uowmcd Mci'.i.ti»n mull prOv^ 
UI DsfoocdiJiil one. But, Sir, ti ibr (hi:w)ng what a con- 
tow/ lUo&rc would p!odu>..e, don bell iliuArace Thiiigt, 
let n cenfidcT what wvuld be the cuiunl £f^a of ouc it- 
dninf at mke any n^arfite Prepiratiooc. Woold it not 
be dedamg to tbt Prtoch tbat ibey may go on nnd coa- 
tav f Tktttlwy amy pIiKc upon ibc luiKriaJ Throne a 
etna of tbe Houfe of Bourlwi t That bnglmd is Mt 
BOW, u txmaiy, spprebenG*e of tlie Incrcafe oF tke 
Power of Frmta I Thu would ccrtjiinl)- be tlie Condofion 
lite Freocb wcdd kaninlly Artw fifrm otir not arming : A 
f'trTttfiTTtt oa Eoriiiliioan fijrtty Hioutd gii'c ihcm an Op- 
yorianitf lo nuke. WuUke rrcparkiiuns v,i'\, I hjpr, con- 
dncrioonkiqg Peace i and if titey lail of mikiiij Peicr, itK)r 
will aablc o* co make W«r : Tiic E;^pcncc will nciiber 
*f be loft- A iLoUe lord <vu picxfed to fay, (hat llie 
ff id [Mi il^ ( f tKit Natton dqserided on iLe Peuce and Tran- 
~ of oor Ncigtibjun . I join niili him in Opinion i 
h £ir ttul II miy be (iiiiuibcd by iberr W;iiil «f 
; if^ fjtely ikjtw wc oagbt not to rrflue »t »t'/ 
m peoeiue t!ut Peace icd Tranquility to thco, 
trkicb oar own Piofperity )< choughi ta tl;f<ci.d. £one 
cmcn Jcen Is apprehend, liut nriiun| will eOjiage tM 
« Wu. wiOmot tbe Dweh ; liu fioin ii i lor if ii Iliuuld fiH 
•f it* di^cd Sacccfi, we are till st Lbeny to :^£t aj we 
Unk bell ; B>it upon tb«t Aitide. I ihtnk it rooll ptopr: lo 
he OtBt at prckat. We miy, at ibc Couoiiy ]'ApIc«z- 
ptb it, wbm tii<' '/VsM- tfaugn^ Jc likt oar Ncighboun 
f ■> Bui 


( 68 ) 
B«)i now, Sir, at I liavt giTcn mjr CcmCeat to tbe locrtafr 
of Force* ID genera], I muA like^^ife dcctirc, that for tbe 
MecbnJ, now probor<d, of ircre&llDg iWm, bvnifingmcRC 
natkipal Troop?, I on by oa Mean» :if^v( of it. After 
wiich it nill M ezpeA«l of ne to by io what Mamer I 
tvogld have tlictn iixmtcJ f for to op^'ofe a Mexfure, >nd 
propofc Dooihcr in iu Place, it ccruinl}' very unjaflifiabic 
On tbn OculSon tlwrcfor^ [ am not fliy of dedanRg ihtt 
(he wurlikc Prcpontion 1 tarui, it bT nuking &MitnAi 
with liirtign Prince* for their Tioopi, in cafe »« call fcr 
tlietp- 1 o ikit Method there ii no Obfctiion iMt the uu- 
voitUfate ExpcBtc ; aad yet the lixptaa: of nuktMl Ttooft 
il nil! {icatcf : Even the dilbsDding of utiosil Tttx^ 
<loo not Iree ns from the Expence of ihcm t their HaU 
Pay reraaiiu i lad 'us remarkable, ihit flolf P>y Officcn, 
ibo' they hiitlly live, they ikvct die. But other Objcffiom 
Utfc to national Troop ; th« B-jrthcn they ate othawi^ 
lAd the Dai^er from tbca) b Iikcwile groter i not that I 
look on thta, ai another noh!« Lord tlon, ttaStsndttf 
Army i forit ia not to be fofjioCn), thiCihiscinbe ihe Ntmi- 
Ikt to be kept up: That it not my ObjetlxM : but I olMeft 
to the Incrcafe of natioiul Forcei, ii a Methr>d in no Or* 
cotnfbncc fo caly or faJe, >t the eogagicf foreign Oat*> 
Amisg 10 geneni I think abfolutely TMeauty t uwl w«n 
there ta other Method, I tvould coffeiit lo thit. Ow 
Boufe indeed ii not on Fire, but oar Nei^hbmin ia m I 
'Flamej I therefore approiv the incrtifing of m' Fomm 
h general, and only oppole the Method now propolcd of 
raiting national Ones, as there is a moie rjify and more coa- 
Tcoient otic of doing It, b) tnfigir.g rorcign Troopi.* 

To thii Speech of Mr Howcj it ^m replied by Mr Liad- 
by. ' That by the Augmeniaticn pronolnl, b ma sot m* 
tended to ndd new Oficcrf, boi only lo many prrvate Xlat 
to each Company ; fe that when Peace ve» rcflared, the 
Augnirni-.tiun then nade could be Teiti)re<!. u-iihoat leanog 
anv- Charge upon the Kation : That in a Time of fuch pi^ 
Itcic Dan£cr it waj ncccflary to aajtment our Forrci witUn 
the Kingdom, and therefore any rn-.a)l loeoni-rtumcict thai 
might fiom thence arife mod be bonic ivtih : Tlui by ■- 
CTOifing our own Troopi no Mot:ry wu cinud tut of tJK 
Kingtliun ; That it would add to the Kamber of oar trainad 
Soldieif, which, if any futon I>artger fbouU artCr, wotU 
be an Adrnnagp to the NatKJO ; 7'tut by a Min'i bccoa- 
iii| a SoUier hit Labour and IcduAty vru ant quit* Idl^ 
for many of then were at indulbiou!t after EnTr.g ai e«fr 
they had been before : That old and infirm Selaicn tmatt 
aSwAyt of cooife be dilVntlTcd, and r,c«- Keauin railed in 
t/ititStad, itio' no A'ScnKntiAton «(Tt etct nude. 

iuoa B. Cue. tU 
Mi ; DiUsihI 

Ul 0. Ftfibo. 

Ml fohn VrataoKni, in bvpport of the Modon A» liie 
■ tof i i ttrioii, took Notice ol tite Number of Forks tbe 
■Mck bd on Foot, anH thetr Difpotmon to aH iii Concert 
■Kh Great Btiuin.' Tbcn Ut Robat Dundiili flood up, 
BmI fipoLe sgiinA iJie Augmaiation. and mention d iLc bwl 
Pwpolcs ft)t wnich tH« Foicea were employ'd, and tan L4*c'tl 
^fea ofawrut; ufi or 1^ Rcgjmcat In tbr Abbey Uolc u 
^diBbureb. to ov<:r-a»« ibt ElcAiea of Che ScoB Fcen, 
br ot«i-4Wc tnr [-'(^ott) o) Conmoiicri j ^nd to in<luccrwck 
iPbcn u were cuncciv'd to Willi for Ttoopt. to »■<)!■; JotCt/Of 
ftwn, or otWiwdc lu tuvc iKr 'I roopt t«inov'd I'oai tiicin.' 
Totha MrDuDuni'c>rbc>*uirwcr*ii, * Tlut the Drawinj 
;op thr Tttop) tti the Abbey LbCr wu xn ofdirurjr Miiiter 
Ejcercifc of Aniu t ajid the Abbey Clofe sn ordJiury 
Sat foch kVIuHtn i uid tJuc tlicrc wu gicic .Nord of 
Fern in Scoibndt unl-^ui which the ooiorioui la- 
(bera ta Smaggling »sd Chcaiiog the Revenue, aqd 
BuittBy and rffiU the Extcutiao of legal Pioced, coold 
h« ^Il'd t nai concluded mth dilopprovtog the Pto- 
fiie hinng Formn Troop.' Hereupon Mr Juica 
IT Aood ap Jnd lojd, Mr &,&». 

, ' I an loth to take ui> the Time of the Hoofc. now it 
jb f» lite, but v the AiFur of the Ttoopt at the EicAian 
vfthc StRcen Scoo Pccn h^i been mifreprerciuni i and ai 
-I aa faSij acqoaiatcd with the Truth of Otu TnnfitAhm, 
I hope Ac Hokb will tfxIJfte-.'ne. 

I b«lie«T no Member of ihu, or tnv other former Par- 

tat ever aflenrti that a Sutiding Aimy k'3x con- 

wkh our CoRtiitutioa. e:r eren aitcuipt to deny but it 

dtafctoia 10 uur Righo aud Libertie). A Standing; Anay 

Aces Itcpt ttp. It » irae. from Year tn Vrtr, iml f[ 

iMMientcd, by pcctendir.jjtlietxigeniiciof tKc I'lnK-st 

faca Emndct, that tfae (anK, or other fudi. nuy to 

VofU'* End be prttended : &a tlnl if th« bne in«Mi 

low Spuit contmuct in Britain, a Standiog Army it for 

ID be ihcOppRtTiuo of ilji oucc fiaurilliing iilknd. 

Ai fua wn t t uc imi^nl tuo gjcntral lA ke dAcIt oo, 

(he (^MfiioR if not, Whcihet lo Iistc aa Atn:y ; bat, 

bctber loaogswnt u > Since i: iaiaa granted on aU^iJe•, 

wc matt hare .-in Anny tor thi* Year: that Uritaiii 

far cat Vur inarcr fMlmit to ikat Bai^c and f_nai 

nfSlifVfy: !* ■ ladAn^iout lo L:i : « 

Ml H Mi.L ' (l-nj>rTi' ■■ ■! I i'>d it I'Atj^n . . . 'J 

liebiiva u) io kcc 
-ddit^on Li Uooo 

■ Tilt 


t 7« ) 
* The Pteten mule trie 6f u, thtt we uJ tKe Dutch an 
to be Nkfiiiton t*nw<«a :hc concesdiai I'owcn of £«f<a^ 
and thit ucarnird Mcdui'Vi ciDOot ocduaUjr a 
}et the Durch ore to be unsnn'il, sot tmiy by Sea, but ar« 
10 aiU DOthisg to ilKtr lAad-Fomit sa ww tnit now k- 
knowiedgd : I'ho' the oth«r Diy we vrtt cold, Tlut w 
we lh<Hild inCTcxJc oor Fkec, the Sea being our lUiurJ 
Barrier i fo wodd the Dntcli augoKnt tbctr Troope, their 
Birricr bemg by Law). Bat now we (m that our Neifk- 
boon arc to fharewjdi m ifie Honour knd AdvioGHi «f 
Medtatinft, and we sre to bear all the Bunia : Yet it wbm 
neiiker they nor ive uc indeed In be MeJaton i for lut 
Mtjclly'i Speech Uji only, ibit bu good C^co, tad itar 
gaod Oficn of the Stam General, hul been accepted of i 
ami u fame Gentlenen had openi/ in the Hovic d«mr*d 
that vw wtre to ix Mediitors, they cxplsin'd the wcgpfg, 
of thefe good Offiots to be no more ihu bwcly to ftUu« iw 
lo BMke PropoIaU to the Powcn ia War. And ti <hi» all 
the niiglity Miitcr (at which our domcttkk Amy it tote 
stKinciitnl (a (MSlly i If a Qroog Artny it necelbrf tar 
ibn Pgrpor«, the Augtncnuiion >i too little: Bet any 
Augmentation in our prrfcnl CircumlLuicn u oot tttt 
Way to mmke •» eo be regarded hy ihe Poteabin at 
War. Tbey haaw oor.Cak, ilui vt ut iiwter nft 
Debo. nach wbctcof wu eontnaed fix no Parp«fr. v 
lor bail Putpofct : Aad to fee lu aAiog wifely okI tn- 
pliy, ind lo hare Money and Ocdit u lonnerlr, wooU 
give Britain the Weight it former))' had ; Md they Icmw 
that then we coutd nik Troopi ac Home, and hire Ahnvt ] 
But tbey would never bclicveaiaoticcable fof hovim i;,ooo 
Ot afr,ooo Men in oor Army at I-lotne, with MM a f iw thikg 
m oor Pockea. After all, it fixnu liaid n be bdMTcrf thM 
k la in earuA fud we ate lo be MrditHxn, or m all to in- 
eerpofr, or chai we arc xay wa^a afraid of the OaoJ^oeMH 
of the jvefcu War io Ecuopc: hot looic YcAit agp m 
ware o^r'd the M«dutioB, and then refiu'd it i no AiaM 
to fliew oot Moiclkj, and that ire wrtr not (a rum ai w 
txicc on oi IO oAcr Law> to Fraocr. » Natmi foperitr Ift 
Britain, and whom ihon we obfequiouily courted. And to 
Cay. we now dread the Progrefa «f the rVtiu of the fttmh 
and tbtif Coo/lKlcniei, ooe mttfi be tempted to thiMbaf 
• Prctm : For fo wife Men m adoiinillcr the Brifilh Alab 
did cenaiiily forefec it, and can not Ix frighted at fbfl 
Confcquencet of their own AAiomt finec all Swr'd (t 
the IntTodndioa of Don Carioa into Italy, which wa« 
by oor owa Fkn. I an, ia my own private Opinioai, 
(a little perfoodrd of the Wijilaa of ihm F^[w^i(>on, (h« 
/hopcilic 30,000 S«i]MQt'''WA^^^<KUti;dj, ondeii^s'd 

( 71 ) 
fcr » hMMr PnpoTe ; ytt it it bnter ca nuke on iblr , tho* cx- 
Skow of ihcRi ni Spitlcail, iluui (aid them Abroad to 
tIBkhieS. At\itii thi* appru* from our fuvcccilir^ Con- 
doA i Ibr it woul J Ik a high RcActtion to fuppofe liic In- 
■Bijwci of <iuf MiBtflfy fo bad, thattbcy loinvEiftt of ciie 
AISbscx when fbrnuog beiwixi Prwicr, Sfain and Sudinia, 
mi tbey could not but ferthcConfnjucncnof it. Yci ihty 
ii«dficKln»g la ttap (bat Treaty i not, when it tvu finifh'd, to 
•op tlicir Bffwer&l Armies from entering Italy, wbcn: they 
haw lad (o gmi SaccetV : and our Trade to wbicfa Cotint/y 

H BOW nam as oar Tmde to SjMin : They likewUe 

aaS k. :r3 the Progtcfa of the Freoah Anns on iho 

Mnr I rrw wM^-i did oat know, chat the Km|ieror, havings 
mu Annjr in Italy, wat OTcr-powcr'd by a Kieater j mi 
Sw Pnncr. in llte Gctraiu Vi'v, having noihiag to appre- 
ktid ftoiB Inly «r Spain, u in fottnttWtn, could iwt 
Wt W an Oer-match ibr the Cmpeior on iht ft^incf 
Tttrrfarv ai all thii lu< h>i>pcn'd, hiving ben fbrvftni and 
]U3f>*d on by our own Miniilry, the Fcbi fxKi to arifc frini 
aa>«e nak be bat tn kffvard PiTtcDce, ai well as the Me- 
dnl« wfcidl ws bad fonnerly rcTurcd. and now dkl ooc 
fmmai WM aSer'i to at • htty, iF itiviu oiberw>i(e, y«t thb 
AflfBK.nnMJun of otif Army a not the right Way lo nulc« 
■i eaafidCTsbii it. il« Meduiian, not ngpod Way to ad lor 
am M f i» , &nee wc m« not like lo be atack'd ihit Vcnr. 

' I aui'i tidp taking NoUcrofM'bat wrai laid by the Gu>> 
ikmxH wbs rpoke Ul. [Mr Dmtan F»rtei] rdaiing to ibe 
Ufrof Tfoop in Scotland. I un lorry itut Tuch ihingi 
§mM be bid of that Country, by a G<nd(inan whom 1 
Hmti lb awc^, and wbofe Worili and Learning I am not 
•ioufEr to : I dan allert the Law, aod ibc Execution of Ic- 
pi Fnofc, in Sceiland bu fm OwrT* wiAoat the Afliftanco 
■T Tr»»p* : I haw beard of do remarkable laAaaee of ibe 
Iisnofeikn of Troon in fucfa Cafes : but when it waidone 
BkpBy by ikoTe m Pawtr and Ofin. to the Opprellioa of 
tteSnt^e^, and Orertbicwof our Liberties, and coiiinuy 
IB Lmt j iRlianeei of wfaicb I can giT«, arid I hope u-iU 
h doe Time be adverted to. and ncci with deirrvtd Rf 
Tbctc are swrc InfbuKCs of Mticiny and Tuoiult 
diaa in Seotland t and more Running ot Ooodi 
1>i. ' Tbamct, than in all ScoiIiwkI for a 

ij tht MaMtir ef drviving vf lit fir- 
tlm tiiitj^lt/f at tin Ihffitu ef tkr Sixite» 
) For my Pvf t know no Good the Army bai dona 

tncttn, but making Roadk ibfo' the Motmtitm of the 
Sao Highland*, wUeb wai ptr f otmed by a Handfal.' 

Obncl HvedaifU took dp Mi tAint, a% it what h« 
W bad abovr ti* Xtgiiitein ia tU 4b6f/-Ciofe baJ ic 



*nwl. en. n. 



I i II nKtim 


( 7» ) 

Hcdcd oo kitn, wkofe Regiment il W«t i sod ttAettoar'd M 
lluMr ttiAt it wnt but an ordinary Meeting there, nml tJuC Wh 
thing coald Iv ninnt b^ it. fincc the Regitnnit luicfa'il 
fron I'own >i Mr Ouoda&'s Eledion : That be (krerT'd 
Tbuki, and nut BUmc, Tor hii ConduA by tho GcfitJcni«m 
of Ikit Ciiuntry : bat that fume wifh'd there lud bwn Mob 
and Tum'.u, and fiom tlieir i^ifspptuntaxtiE pfoccc4c4 
thdr C>im]>Iiucit.' 

Mr Kifkihc iiriii£ up to reply, Sir Jmmi Catnpbril Hani 
up likcwiCc, 3IU1 cndeavour'tl n> ftiew the NccvSity of Troopv 
111 ttu I-iighhidi J Urging. ' That fliey ought to be coetioucil 
liKKijch ibc H^hlmdcfs were, at piefcnt, iiiotil}r nrll aA 
feitcdj aud 2a>-« far Inttancc t&c ^drantagc of barini 
Troopi in Sc>)tland in the Vest iTi^t "xiien the Rrbellion 
wai raU'danil ntrin on by the Earl of Mar, Drudter M 
ttic honoui^lc Member wtio lud I'pukc lalt ogninli ibt (!«■ 
tun.' Sevcrxi Mnnben, lefeniing thu ExprdGon ai a R*- 
Sedion on Mr Ei&ine, call'd out. To Order : Hermqioa 
Mr Eiflune Ibiod np AKaio. and (aid. * That when he US 
roG: up to Ipealc, it could nor be to inrwvr tlie Mesba 
vho had nov fpoke, [Jt> yiimn Cuftfi/J/^ fat then lie lud 
laid nothing t and ibii h<; mij^hc for the tunc Rdfou pall 
by all that the worthy Cicnt'riTiin hnd rpokeiincc. ' Uefl 
&ii Jama Camp(>ril got up agiin -, but tat Hoof* wtMld lOl 
aUow bin to interrupt : Then Mi Etilcine H'ent oa, and bid, 
' That the hoDOurnUc Gcntlcuuo, vho fpo*:e be&itc, [W«m 
VtUiitt Haatta/yA) coiild DOl, on the icaft RcflcOian, imm 
{iiw that any Thing (aid nai meant againit him. tkbo be ka^ 
never, that he ksc<* of, I'een in hii life liU now ; and th«[ tb< 
Cblocd MTU not then iii Scotland, and therefore csujd oof 
be faiaiti'd for any Thing done by hi) Regtmeoi : 'I'iial he 
blani'd not even hit Ofiicen prefent, doe doubling but ibcy 
bad Order% r Thit lliu wai ikX the Time to aigue iKjt im- 
partant M»itci and flagnut Enaoachn^ni on the S'itiih LI 
bcrtia, which oi^ht cook to be itKjuir'd into altcrward* j 
yet the Account he had Rivri) of it wajjnA. ■oiwithHaadia 
the Anfmr - That the Regiment hod bvcn aHAri'J. ir^ 
in the field bui a Osy or no brforr. and therr 
Meeting on that Ihy was not an ordinary (inc : Thai . 
tiottfCv«ilh«ata i>cfiKB, and ■ liadtfnc too: That an iocb i 
Diay ibe three Cooip^inin at leiib *cn tniich'd to jolt 
ihc^ at Edinbnigb. and kept altogether under Anns dariai 
MIC lUeJliMi, anJ then imrth'd bsA. lo Lciih -. And tt» 
Mbn Foi^ii, equally or more groia. could in due 'I'tme U 
SeatOB, be tiuiie apfesr n> Ihnv that it wai done on a h« 
DrCsn : I hat thtif marching frf.m Edinburgh *t tic Eke 
Ifon lor ihc County, pwve' ' " l- Wror] 

*c ^blA^ TioCt ^' vWy v.. ; at tt|i 

lof ibi ftmt TkK the Aoeaiuioa offi&i^bi Awwi.aM.ii. 

MntaMilTitBialD<«uifiinnM4,M)dA5wadca9iiiijiiA: ThM \ __""'!^ mj 

I againA tlu Milontr, whM couttl iliejr giin 

f Aarf ftiO Us onU ths Miaanq' nap lof Advajieigi 

ii, Bcept » put dMnUvn in Uie Wioag, wiicn aSf 

: no RealbB to Iwpe tfur wouM men wiuh Pudon am 

TluK MwiBf WM tlu iUl« nncDce oT tkoCr, 

«ko wuEed ■ Hndk ib Offr^ bf Cufvioi PosKf : Tbal 

ky MolUag. the MiMrity oouU ealx opcA fucb Ruin to 

tkonUvv, u had brfilkfi hk KiaGwui bf U>c RebdUoo, 

whidi u hpnooniblc Member had, widi (6 nuch Dtftrenon 

a^JuttaftCfafeasdM Urn: Thu tlic Obj«tiion wm To tn- 

iMr 6«B tlM Pa/pofc* b> would ptfi it b/ mwAwr'd. 

M mB M Uw irii of wbai tbu boDDiinUe GentloMa hai 

^k cU BM t&* Ugb Nmiik of it re^utK him w fpcak 

PVu : TbK he lud (iJIcr'd nore by it ihui uiy Man, cmpf 

hm 6«eat,'i Fricni «b4 Rclician, who vni si ih« l^ud of 

Uta ThM fca Prindf>I« and ComioBt, with nfp«d to ifae pre- 

^■t GfabSflaac, ever fince he ntMi'd ai (fat World and 

^^fac&i M boea wiironn And firm is ill [imeudSttuit- 

rfiBat ud hit Prinds lad oAco adCKnriti^'d : Ani Ifoow 
bii p^mC rfiMii eooUi bring m laAmce to the contTary, 
tc omiaiwd ca hsrc it reckon'd tint Ik tud alnrart been 
a Tniior : Tkit, ibatbat, if tlic Occafem of(iti>pn^ out 
lb u hto^ «m1 tlw Air witb wbicb it wsi deac, hid not 
hife'd b ■nfttonntly. be mad, in Jgflioe totlte Genlk- 
I «M whs (}nfce rf. bave thM^i he iiaeri6td to do him 
I hf Aiming kit LojriiJty to hive bem to uncon- 
thM hi* aani Rebtioni, lod with wboni he had 
(a prat f'liiiiMM'lirii. ooold aat QtakE of diminifli it.' 

Mi CktOo AiiAJas* ftvoil up next, iind laid, • That i*Ck.Ai«*M*. 
ihc AUitf vai PiflianeM Clofe «vr fo bt didaai, f tlut 
(k R^incM di««a op io the fbram could not overawe 

Tba the QgdKw beiog pat an the Mmjoa made b/ 
Kl jlialii ■!. a p«fi*d IB ibc Affinaaiive by 361 to 30$, 

fA 1 7. Mr W Jeer PhUMr mov'd. Th« iJ* Poflmafler Su^SuSX 
■iwni ini|^ iaf bcfinc the Honlc a Copy of the Kiog's hr* ushJaih 
Vmac, AtrcbfT Letien wen pennltted 10 piUl Pcit-fice. ^^'^auTi'v 
^/.rf. .9. Th* «d Wamnt w«i laid Ufa™ the Hoqff. J;;^- 1^ *- 
14. Several ReMotMins of Uic CotniRiim on the 
iriiig beca agreed to hy the Hooft, Sir Willum 
r'd, * '] bat (ha Jaurul of the Houlc of th« 

/> Ai> «ry aU. iiTi.^ • .l,'-/r. 



( 74 ) 

cihorDMember 1690, in ih« r«coii>d Y«ar of WiTlitra md 

Miry, in icLttion to the Report from the Cbrr.mine«, to 

whom tlie CcnfidcHtion of the Ellanaici and Account! re* 

luing (o ike Army. Njivy aad Trcafnrjr were rcfened, 

iD^hE be t(i4 i ^tedi v*ai done accordingly. Tticn Iw 

nov'd fot reading the Joum:tl of NoiTmber 9tli, 1691, la 

iKe third VHr ot the ume Reign, to telation to appohit- 

ing a Comniiittc to infpcA tlic iitlunuc of the Kv/r for 

At Y«U' 1691, which hiniiB been alfo read. Sir WiUaat 

Wyndlun flood up agun, uid fpoke u loUowi 1 

Mr SpraVcr, 

hMkrifat' ><i(P Wlieii J lefleft on tl»e long Peoee this Nation hai Ctt- 

n4<iJiTM^«if«rjoy*iJ, I xm furfiriArd hoH- finall a Pan of our poUick OdM* 

yT^.Tiir^'^ hai been pud off i but whra I coiitidcr the vSift Sonu dlU 

AUlOuBUa. havebcenyearly ruW. that the People haire oot Uen made 

quite lire of any one Tax which the prcctcding War 

brot^bt upon them, nor my Tax, cxcrpt one only, in the 

^^^_ le^ diminilhed i I cannot contprehmd how tl u-ai polTible, 

^^^B in rrcry Ycaf of this hmg Tcna of Puce, to find rraenoct 

^^^^ for pLlting the Nation to liieh x vaA Expcncc : And I laaA 

^^^^H think, Ifour PjilL-iroesit, fat thcfe twenty Veari tail, haj 

^^^K followed the Example laid down in the freccaenu nov 

^^^H read u vot, and had always appotnt«d a fdefi ConmitiM, 

^^^H to examine the Cdiroacct yearly laid before them, it wocld 

^^^H net iu\e been poffiblc to pTcv^il with them to agree thu 

^^^^V fuch an Eicpcncr w--> neccibry. 

^^^H ' Thif, Sir, 1 viilh Aad been done by every PariiaincM 

^^^H ttau the Revoliuioa { and u thii n the firjl Se£ion ef 1 

^^^H oew l'4rliiflieai, J hope wo Qull be^in to follaw ihit K>- 

^^^H tmpie vrhkh wu Ibcwn by the firtf Partiaincnc ofwr the 

^^^B Revolution. I hope it will not be faid, bat thai Paribmcnt 

^^^H k-iJ «i g(Md Reafan to put a CotdUroce in the Admiai- 

^^^K ftntioo u ifaii Parliament hu, or u any Pirliuncni had 

^^^H lioce that TiiBc i mid yet we find that PailiaauM, in their 

^^H very firll Seffioo, palling u ASt, and by Bkttoi appoinMMt 

^^H Conuntfionen, for takwB iRd einadniM the Accnbt of sU 

^^^1 paUkh Money, and nftaving that no ht^n flto^ be • 

^^^H of thole Comoif&Qocrt, who had any Office of PnAt, er 

^^^b waa aecovninble tn ibhr Majelbn ; 'and their C«rc of the 

^^^H pvtdick h(aae>-, in their frcond and third SeffioBi, we any 

^^^H colleA frtim the Joarnal* now read to ui. For thii Ka- 

^^^B fan 1 Atn Con^incoJ. that wlial I am now to propofc CaBMI 

^^^H he thoegbi dicwiii^ the lead thfrerped to hit hilajcAy ; tl 

^^^V b only ItewiM Uut prudent Care of (he People'* Moeey^ 

^^K which vw ought 4wiyi to Utew ai iheir RqircfcBtatrma 

^^B cvoi iJie' thcie were no puticaUr Rofoa for ou bcii>( (m 

^V^ citehl 

• Sot It pfcfiflt. Sir, we have a melancfiol/ Rcafon llw a«».«m.u. 
i i fi Bi ny cU *oti«iM Uffljcflf Parliaineri: Ic ii well known ^^^ 
that BftiHHlc* hive been vveij Y«r bid before ihit Houfe 
of ill the Expencc*, vtkkh were dicn rappoTcd to be aeixf- 
CmT fai iha cafuiitg Year i and Boiwithfaading thole tidi- 
■■m NCTV much larger ihiii tvrri? cvrr before nfiul, yet in 
•my Var uvple Provifton h«s been made for the Expencxa 
<rf ihr cnfaio{ Vear. CDnrortnable to the Efltmuei laid Dcfbre 
tie Ha«fc : Thk it known to timoA wery Mm, and erwjr 
llfan i^M docs koow it nmlt tkinh it very odd, ilui in To 
AmU ft Naalsr of Vean foch a gre:it Debt Aould be cos- 
tnOti uti* U pttteu doe upon AcctHint of our fizry : but 
itfiuA a»nf^jr ftin more fnrprizing when we coniideri thit 
ltd .1 or Pttbioait Aocounu tai:ve be«ii Uid bc- 

fcte 'i', of the DeicJenctei of all fonner GrMts, 

ad i: all iicrvkei iacunnl and not provided fca 

bf ri.-ii.u[irot. if fuch AccutinU had been right))' confi- 
dmd, llKy woold cemlnly have been miule good, and the 
CtirKLK if found CD hare been netdlirily incurred, would 
ttSUftly hire been pravided far, ost of the £r(l aod readiefl 
' iW Guati Made lor the Service of the next cnfui»g 

it the ocly proper Way <i/prondiag for all 

>- red apd not provided for in (be (omtei Sef- 

ot' fa itu B wn t ; Wbile thit Method it regitlarlj war- 

d, the Soengih of the Nj^tion j* not impaired bf loMing 

NVt:1v w th Dcbo and Mattgag« j not can the People 

hi lo ' iill? |«emled on (o (iiwnit to any uaneccfliiry Eit- 

fOKe ] md ch« Fadi beii>g frvfh in ct-ery Man'« MctnoiT, 

tf taj Fraud be coached under any of (he Articles of the 

ASkc^l^ given en, it iniy be ealliy difcovered i but when 

^— Natioo ii that IccTcdy run in Ocbi, (be People being 

nt of ihrtr Rjrpc-KC, ouinci And Fault with any uT 

iKUmragnnt Meafure* wliich occafioned thai Expencei 

KA A«oanti ire tKOaght into thi^ Houfc in a lieaft 

'afier tbe Ttanlaftiotii lo which ihsjr relate ate all fur- 

k it thee iaipoffiUe for CcnileRien to difcovcr the 

I ihu msf be praAiftd in the Manner of (fating thcfo 


' UfdB fadi a Qighi View, Sir, » I have taken of the 
Acoevna »aw upon the Table, it i> not pofliblc for me to 
Mfer mm tbe piiticQlar Aniclv i but f canooc help taking 
^^Nbca cf uer - \'-'- to me appear* very cxtiaorditury. 
^■jta« la near dursea, r>oi for ihc Buikling oF 
^BMp^bsf for tiiE aiii.usigof Uoofcai whether fiichKoiitc) 
^■Mb tKoe^uy 1 Qull ooc now ptcicnd to detetmiix i but if 
rthi)> mmtt. I thinlc ie a ti» large a Sum for nay Adrnini- 
jbciea to have ejfe od ed , wiittoai a invvipus Aa ' 
K* fi 


( 76 ) 

tnm PulidDsnl i lad tbt I tm fore wm wm s&cd br. 
WhM the prefeat Age nsf tiiiak of Tuch K S«ni. I 4» 
nut know, but I >v ^^ure oar Anccflott, avea of tb^ vcTf 
Uil Age, wsukl b»-i btcd aucmcly lliy of kwdita the 
PeopU wtili At ImA Skx-jMJtce in tku Pound upon ul iJm 
JUumIi in Oreu Britau, for boiMug Houfb fur di« OF- 
fcmhdoREiDg to the Adniirtlty i uu 1 null ikinlc it t Ut- 
lU wigmwiagry to tec Minii^*, of tlieir own Ucadt, «»• 
^•fMkc to do that whicb cv«a PmIummmi of eU woald 
Jeirce ktve uiUefUkai to btvi doM. Tn trw, Pittfa- 
simu Juoe of lata b(«omB wry good utur'd, ihm' htm p«t 
(mac CsnSikKc in >Vliniaer\ aitil have Mncnllr. I BuU 
Mt fay bUndlr. *[>t)rovc(] of all miniiietiiil Maafuci : Thii 
HUy pvhiia hBM swd* MiniAcn prcTumc t little iu^hm 
tlun ibey woald othtrwift kave dono ; but I un tvry <<H«k 
tlut till vcnr ludy. no Miniller would have dami la kwpi 
dnwB ttM mtioB inw Tucb «a Hspmct witlwiii an AiiUi» 
tity from Patljiamt fat fa doiti^ 

' Tliia Attide wouM. I bolievf. Sir, iwnrc appcani a 
Uttb cxtfMirdiBUy. m the mctt BoutiDuag rirriiiriliiMt 
tku cm tU* Nitiofi wat in t but wlwi tha PMpl* aM 
gnnniiig andcr heavy Tax<«. whcQ moll of ilwlc Ttm» 
ut alindy oifig^ (or the ftjmmi of our Dtbto, I naft 
liiink II bifhly cxtftngani. Wc ought to loak* our KAiM 
OUT «vnu w» ea^ 10 ^cc it 6aai MonmM* bdhn «• 
tlunk of baaliljhac >i with coMy Boildbci. HoiKver, Sii^ 
hiaaaf u ppaft dm thi* ExfSK* wat abMuicly aiKnifciji. 
Ml ftill it iMi^ u i«n bcw pfondtd for by PialaaHt 
uftm tt wu DBdamkM, or at luii the n«xt SdSos aW 
it wa« kudeut : In tlutCafe the PitUamcnt wMdd om* 
bnbly have Uisra Cxie to h»vn f»cd a* muck upon fmm 
adier Article : B;r tlut oean^ Out being invQlnd io (a batHr 
a Date aa we ara ai pra^t woold ban baa prenBB% 
89d m mighl have bnn in a Condition for aAiag that Put. 
wUcb the pdmu (JiKuntibiKet «( Bimfc may «nk« n- 
cuibwM naon na n nndnvbc 

' The RavvBoM of s Nuiao. Sir. wJtieh ahatyi ui4a 

imm thofc TvKt the PcofXe aic 10 pay, otajr be tamfumj 

10 Ok Revenues of a private Gentleman** Eftau 1 oad cvcqr 

Gmlonan wbo hu n Rrgiri) to hi* Panuly, or 10 bi* om 

Cxdit, wiU SBTtataly prapottiw hi> Exponca to iW !(«?»- 

MBi of hk Eiatr. uUtiag Cot* to fan as much jfcntly an 

nay be necafitry for pramding for yonagw Childion, and 

for ufwe/ug fwiar< Atcidaw* of MufoitiuKi : Such a Uc»- 

tlttnn will osniider i^ai tf, by his Way of Living, he fpnnda 

nora thAn ike y«atly RewcBua of bii EAaM may, mKOnmg 

tothb Conpuanon, aefwcr, br nut ycaxlr drSroy m Ptal 

c/Au£jlaoe) indthu tlu steatcr tJlii Surpiiu ii^ tbe fimanr 




< 77 ) 
ti Famitjr wffl to niiael Let as foppoTv tlten /amn-o^m. 
Om fath a Gctttlemao AduIiI order hb Strwwd to computs ^'O^-.^ 
tbc Mtmer how he niu (o lire, fo u not to fpcod )enr1y 
MM than the kevMuc of hia Etbtc Couid hear, Klle«ing la 
■ucfc ]r«vl)' ibr C^iklrena Fomino, paring off Mongi§H, 
ar fiMof* COndngncitt : SuppoCr tha Stswaid \ni pn- 
iarihad 6>ch ■ Uxiacr of briii)}, and had fior Jevcral V«us 
fed lun wiih a Notton ihu Im w-u Cpcnding so nore ycir- 
tf ikv ki* Gibtt CDOld bear i but at lalt bnngi Irim in s 
te r rifc i e Accoonc of Debts csctraAed, bf thjic Manner of 
bn^ «4iCti IwhJm&Uhad pnlcribcd, am] gravdy tctia 
hia. Im mat fell or mongage one of kit be& Miaon for 
wrsBg off tfa«fe Debet : winu m'ouU loctk a Steward <]«• 
«m r liMTCly he mofi at Icail npeA all hit Acrounn to be 
tnmintd ts the AtiBeS Mumer, and ku UaJ1«r wouU ne- 
•Q place ft Coa&bacv in aajr of hii Calculations for ijie 

■^ ' Tlw Cab, SEr. t* tbe Guae with this Ntcion at pre* 

F'&w : Wt hen bom wait to beliew, that what wt wcr* 

I (BB^bf yatly %-M M aMM than the ytuiy Tutes wouU 

I arfiMC TbWc TaM* have biM disadial)/ vBMcd b)* Par- 

I lanuni. aad n tbmifaUy pod by tfat FUfde, in fiill Ex- 

I pdariaa iIhI tWf* MWie all that were neumrr ^ tnfw«f- 

p ^ Mr maal Expmtc ; but now. Sir, when wc are in 

' &■(» of bring biought into a great and unlbceAea Ex* 

fttB. we am totd tliai we fajue raa much in Arrear, tliU 

a pmx Otbe Au been coomtOed. ml tku ht thr Pay- 

■■I af tUi Debt, we maft rttbir nonnge ibatc Fwitti 

wfcick oagM (o be KJerved for a Tine of Dai^r, or we 

■it lay viokat Kinda upon thofa Pintdi wbidi have been 

k )■■ j|p im 1 1 II il faCT«9. and teligiodfly tpptopriaml for 

1 lamntf oa from tlioie heavy Bonleas we ■( prdent groan 

iBdcr. Wtult we are M^niben of this Hoole, Sir, we 

ttc the TraAna of ihc PeopW ; anil when the People have 

\mm MkafiWy ns mio a heavy ami uBc:i:peft«d Anw, 

!■■ «• appnv* of du Aecounti of thole Serrico by whicli 

dw Axaew hoB baea oecafionad. withont emnimnt llriAly 

WD BRIT Artkk ! I rnuft ^uak we ire, both io nonoar 

M^mi Oaaiatau, hmtful tociaBiiwtbemin the llnaeltM>tt> 

^■a* t aarf dwnifen I Oall b« leave to more. That ih« 

^k^vy El&Mtt of kii Majrlly't Navy, for the curroK 

^^^E BUy be refcncd to the Confideniion of a fcl(A Co«- 

^^^■K, and that thty do «u»<nc tiir fane, aod repott the 

^^^Bb wick tMr Opiaiflo thcrrupos. to the Houfe.' iMmr ibtRoi. 

^^^f Wafiaaa Wyndham being fetonded byMrSindys, ibe J^S^f^,;^ 

na>«cci£Mt'd a gnat Debate, in which Sir Robcti Wal- aiitLvn^i^ 

^nk, Mr Hanw Wftlpete. Mr Wianiiymv Sir Willian mwIy^ 

( 78 ) 

**^**^ "■ Ymp, and OdJdmI Blden, nrg'd the fcllowuig Argsmeui 
(_ J if iguoA iIm K&itioa. 
c^ Bu=i. Sir, 

■ Tbc AEurf of Enrope, and the naout Incident* tlui 
turv occuTicd dace the Runout Peace of Uuvcht, an lb 
frcA) in rvery Man i Mmory, ihat 1 think il fuSirienc to 
ohtem in general, that every Man, who Iroowt asy iking 
of tiic HiAuty of Europe for ibefe lad twcntv Vemts, may 
Bifiljr give a ftvifnn why we hare sot bccM luAe to par on 
an/ coe&dcnfalc Pan al the publick Dcbn. There wax to 
Motbod of pijm^ off banclUy and fititljr any o( our Debts 
fotmttly (onnaaed, but by iDcrcxficg ihe puWick Re«nor, 
or Cwitig a Pui yearly of thu which iud before been cft»> 
UKbed I ud crery Gcmksan auA icknowlodgv. tint boih 
lhef« Methods have been puifued as much (U it mt poCble; 
\S'e could not incccalc iKc pcblick Revenue by impomgMjr 
new Taxn, for oitr Teoplc think they arc ilieady buM«lM 
with ton mioy j and if any liich Method had been piopeU. 
it would certainly have been oppol'cd, perhap* by forae of 
tbofe GcntkmeQ wbo now fisd Fault witb fo fRuII a Part of 
our Debet bavtog been paid off: The only otber Method of 
iocfca&ng the publick Rcvcdih wu, by having tbc Tam 
corcfuily coUe^ted. snd tkcraby cndesTOuring to iocmfe thB 
FroduirF oF och i and this has been puifued with the ak 
I 03 that nidi of our Tua produce inoiv now 
1 . . d^J twenty Year* ajo. 

■ With refpeA to the liivinea Pan of the pvblkk R»> 
vcniie which had been bcfcte cnbliChcd. il could h* dooo 
Boath<; ttny but by reducing the Inlerefl pavabk to lh« 
Cnditar» of the pubiidc, or by reducing the puWick aoniB) 
ExpcLCE : Thr bit of theft Methodi hai bMR puifard. tad 
Inubly for the Nation, u i;b great Succdi % and uo Man am 
uricli JuHkc fdy, that fur ihck iwtniy Yun the NitHs haa 
beta put 10 any Ejcpesee but wiiat was ^olatdy wcefiarj, 
according to tbe CircundUiBccs which the A&in oi Borne, 
Of ilic At{!ar» of the Natiuo m«tc in at chat lunc : nor an 
i; been jiui loany Expencc hut wlut wai rvgularW Inid b«* 
ibrc thi; lUrlianicr^ aiid alwayv approved of by PotJinaiev | 
(j that ibe findidg Fault ivith uiy Part of oat CooduA fet 
thefc IWRity Yt^rt \mii, tt not mlly lind>ng Fault witk 
the CondoA of our MmiAcr^, but witli the Coadud of lUa|| 
and t^unnit. 

' I Iball agree with the honourable Gentlemen, Sir. that 
t'^inutt* bate been crczy Year Uid before the fionfe, of 
uhnr V- 't then fuppm'd to be Rr<eflir-y for the Service of tkd 
■ rxr i and I hope ihcy will n^rec with ir* dat it 
w.:. , ,^ I [Q dn fo 1 hut I never heard dial the GcndcsMi^ 
wlto romputed tho£e Eftimitei ind kid tlkcm befiMc tfce Hi- 

79 ) 

[ pntaMlcd B be wMitde. The Bftimates they have 

glvBi la laTc been SmaA to be defident, fomc of the or- 

aribTT Srnicci hsw been fbrnetimn omitfed, or the Sumi 

iktir < (i have ben (buad not fuflicient for aoCv/eting 

tlK a>.. - .^^ ;or which iht^r wtre appointed, utA ihb i) OM 

of the Rcafiau "hy I'o \irgc i Debt now ^fean to be doe 

ee <M.titniat of the N^vy ; Anotbcr RoJon f-. titat the 

Fsa^ iMmate^ by PuUuneni for raifing thofe Suoie, which 

wete Jisnji gniiisd by liieiii for the Service of ihcN»k-y, 

knwbwn alwajrafeotid deficient i and a thtn) Reofbn it, 

tlac the Putiomcnt have «!icti Icand it ncccKiry fur the 

Skfctr of the Nuwn. to give hi* Majefty Vote* of Crei't, 

b Purfaace of which fome addkioniil Expeoces havs been 

iBot mad, ilnre wbit were moitioocd in tbe EDimiitcs yai- 

h gncB ia »t the Beginning of the Se&oa : And -u fuch 

EspMMn wrra gcnenll)- incurred by miking jAddiiiotu lo 

0U N1V7, whkh is the naiural Dcfcon of this Natioa in 

al Ttnia of IXknger, it hs) gmdy incTCaled the Debt due 

•■ KOxMt «f DOT Nary^ XM is one of the chief Rcafatu 

lijr thu Debt a now become fo coofiderabie. 

* Same of iltoTe Account* rdattng to the Nary-Debt, 

I baa (or IcvenI Yean fuctcflircl/ laid upon jmiT TV 

KUc. aad til of them, exerrt Ionic few Aiticin which have 

ktljr imnad, «crc laid before the Uft Scfiion of Pariia- 

■BU 1 «h1 (or what Rcaloiu, I flnU not pretmd (o deter- 

MM, (he Parliament nerer thooght fit to [>rovide fer thnfe 

Daocnocs. or to pay of any Part of that Debt t^hicli had 

tan ihenby ocealKined ; tho' I muH ftippofe that, u the 

AooaBtio wtn ngulatly laid before the Parliament, when the 

ITnnfaftkitu m which they .-dated were frdhu) c»ef>' Man's 
Hcaoiy, if an Errar or h'allncy ccidd bnve been pointed 
mt, or ^ aey OhjeQion could nave been made to «ny onit 
^ .k- A,-f,.v,^ it woald notonly hnve been taken Notice 
(I . uCr. but would have been made a Sobjeil for 

CUnsTir 01 T the whole Nation i for ihi-rr ttitn-. \ have 
kcta, acd I hope chcmlway* will be. a gtcat Number of 
, GrK i eM a in thii Hoofe not only opable, hot rndy Kd 
I «t{^g IB difcoTcr any FalUcta that may be artfiUly tnitled 
■CO oar oMkk Accounts t and if my fuch Difcmny had 

Ihm iDMC( tlwlc who ate di&Se&d to bn MajeJlT** Go- 
•nmai a^bt, and u-ould certainly have from thcacc cn- 
tMMKi to MW nifed I popoUt Clamour igainA the Ad- 
riiiftnciaa: For (hii Resion I may f^-iipofe, iLn ill the 
teeonti uiKir. uogr Tabic hive alictdy bora futlicieiKly 

«*Ml. Om.U. 

tefen I cdaiiot think there ii any Oocafion 
't& Cotnni ■■-- f. r tbar /'urpofe. 
"olr. A>, - honourable GetilJe- 

tdliJ to Jii.'.:-^,-iiu by a j^nitttUr Rc- 


Lo«.tL muk, it ii cBrtitn dut HooTcf, IXxks, I>ock7iRli. m4 
"**'"' M^auna, arc u Bccd&fy Am tlie Suppofi of out Havf m 
Ship* of Wu ; and it b as ncctflary to rebuiU the (aaatt^ 
wb«a fiiUcn to Uectj, u it ii aecdUry to nbuiJiJ ibc Uttcc 
To pretend tlui Miniftcn, bv Dirc<lion» freio his Muclira 
ought AM to outer 1 Dock, Dock-y^anl, or Adminliy-Ofiet 
(D be nrniitd or nbuilt, without luviog Edt laid the fans 
bdbra fWliaasitt, Sbou to tnc very cxtnonlinuy ; it my 
be u uvll pretended, ibat iliev oa^ not to Older a Mui 
of War to bi reb-iilt or nrpaiied, wiouHU &/& lurtnf Uid 
the fainc before Parlurociii : In tiki* tdaa& tbs Sun cm 
make no Di&nficc t it ii the Ntaue of titt Strvitt oBljr 
wc ara to r^^, when we vc lo ikMrnuiM, whcclwr it 
ougltt to bv hid bcfote PariiaintBt before it be undcrtaioB i 
tUKt Inrdy n* Han will Uy. but ibal ius Majefljr, or lus 
MtuiAen b/ bit OucAion, may give Otdcn to nbuiild • 
Mu) of War, or to repatr or rebuild a Mblide Ofica, 
without kaving iiHt laid utc Affair before Parlioneiu for 
Ihur ApprobatMH. I believe it will be granted, aad if 
it were iBqairrd into it would be Ibaad. (hai aa Moaqr 
])» been laid oot in tbii way. txv anjr Ho«(e bmk, bM 
what were abfducl)- BcceSuy i and if ibcre had been anjr 
PaUacjr is ibe VcAunti relating to tlut lixpMio^ at (be|r 
Iwrv been loog ^a tbe Tabic, ic would tKtwaiy bclnv 
BOW have beea taken Notice of. 

' Thai it neS appear. Sir, that ibe Story we bare been 
told of a Steward'* xunning hit MaAci lu D^n, it o» Way 
^rallel to the mfsnc Cafe i for tint Nation baa b««n nn 
»to no esraordinnry Expense, but what bad imi eolf tba 
Authority of J^Uaiacat bcfoie it wat undeiiakn. bat tW 
AMMbtttiooof PuiiaoientaJtcritwaiiaideuc: And if aiy 
Ctbt hat been «onira£ted, i/tlie Fundt a^roptioicd for ttm 
Scrvin of the Year have prored at any Time de^dciu, or 
ifuif Senricct Iuve been ineiurcd which wcye not ponded 
for bf Pariianxni, tbofc Deficienboi ud tbofe Semen ltn« 
ben rcgulnrljr laid bcAer Pirliaintnt m foaa u ibtjr omM 
he beo«^t IMS an Account : And k k wjr cenaia, if a 
atcwam lumU nn bit MaAci into no fixpeaca but what hn 
had a prerioot Asthorily for, and flmiild fiJHyand hnilflfr 
lay before hi) Mafter every Year, oi at nftcn a* it «anM 
pttbly be done, a full Account of the Debt be had «ii»* 
tmtteJ in the pmrdirtg Year, ibac Giewsid eouU itStrm 
no Ccafurc fro« hit MaAer. 

* Now, Sir, as the naming of a {tie& Comaaoet, » 1^ 

^oire iota Aceooota and EJuwatet, it a tr«ry i <ti iniJinn|r 

Method ul' figceediot. a Method which hn dm been ptac' 

ItfciJ Ht mttj Ycuv, md neitr was olien pratiifed, we 

obA iappgft it will yti » C^noni Mam. unLva^VM^ 

•1. W. |f*»il. 

t 8t } 

taOfpae thit bittt Tnaii hare been commitieKi. Thit will 
«f imrle tbra«' a RefWUon upon hiiMaJcH^'sCnvcrninnt; 
aoJ iherdbrc I tliinlc we ought not to mter into any foch 
MtOnd wiiboui Ibme very ilrong Rcriba i and ki I iijui 
ice n> Rnlnn tot ovr ci^irring Into any Cath Mttliod, as I 
an facvo Good thai can be eipefltd Trom iny Tuch Me- 
rtnrf, -■ f -- 1 eoKVBKfld it will don gneai <!m! of Milchicf, 
by -. .'.^r» and F«ir» iniong hit Majctly') StibjcAi, 

tfaerooic i rnn£l be igainll thr Motion.* 

T« xkh it wat replied by Mr Gybbon, Sir Jo<«ph Jekylt, J,''B>^ 
Mr WiUam PaJtency, and oihci ^*e^lbe^ as foJtows : ■ '-~ 


' It II fivn ihc luiowtedgc I hare of the Klltory of this 
Naaan in puticuIJL/. ind of Earo;>e m genenl, thnt I sm 
b trntfOifea, wiili refpciA to t!ic /nufl Pin ot mr pul>ltclc 
IMm» pikl off, iM>tw iihfhiiding (he Coiiiirunncxr of all our 
Tu*, ud di« trail Suflu that hare been nifed cvtry V'ear i 
■■d the noic I CdnTidef it, the ltd I cm account for ibe 
wpmficdilr Ufe ur hive duiIc of fuch a kxig Term of 
race. Bat 1 im Hill mare farpiirtd to hcaf kny GrAilcinan 
1*7. thktall poCblr Method* have been purlucd, cither for 
'iiiiaiihng the i<ublicic annual Expence, or the umiuj Id- 
kfdl d«c to the Crediton of ihe Ptiblick ; on ihc taatmy 
I m convinced, titu all poihlitc Mcdtodi kavc been parfueid 
&r semSag the liitl, and no Opj«rtiiniti» have been «d- 
fanotd tar rrdudng ritlicf tiie Principal or the InicTtA due 
t* (kc Civditon of tbe PublicJc, but fucb as duifl not be 
nAU or Bctlefied. 

• We have been (or iliefe tvKtKy Vear* !n ft contioucd 
Cvufc of psblick Tean, at loll we have had no War de- 
^Jawi, DOT aaf Broil wiih any of our Netghlioun i and ytt 
Year we bare been rcry near at ai great an Expence. 
I «me a! ia any one Year of ths betry War iu King 
^ -^n : We bare had nuroeroiM Annin kept up 
uaOy, we hove mainiaintd many Trincts and 
r ir. lomga Coontriet. and we liarc fnit tiua)' cjcprn- 
inimnt into altnolt *ll PtacM of ibe Woitd t uid I 
■ (bd to hear a Reiibn given fw any of our naval 
isio t±ic Baltick nr the Mrditrmnnri, by thofe, 
f%K mtv for Qoi k?" ■ '-ly o" to fcc ttc KnipcTOT 

tqK of bii DoBinio*i> . i'^ Mul'i:ovy giving So- 

mtaga, to iti urigbbourtii;^ Kmgdonii. I ftOiuid be gliid 
tt hix ■ Rc^foQ r.>r Our bring lo aUrtncd at the AUaaoc, 
m^rbctui'- and rhe Emperor, by lliofe who now 

Inniiril .11 1 Treaty, not only of A''!- 
. Spain tnii Sn 

( S3 ) 

hive 11 yet so/ pttt RaTon to be alarmed U Oiii liA ASI* 
aiKC, but I mull ihink w« luil fram the Bcginninj modi 

riter RcdloQ (o be alAintcd wiih it, thin cvtt we bul ta 
nhiiacij wttk the fornwr i lod I mull ilxiak it tnoikt 
Ipw have been more julifiable to have throwa ourlclvct 
into the Amu oT the Emperor. lo bun ftcraitsi Uic Can* 
Je^uncti of Otit laA Allunoe, thsn ever it w lolkrow 
aunclirc* into Uw Anai of 1-ruicc, to prercDt ti» Oillfa- 
qtience!! of tlic fwmer ; Proiu all which i mufl coiiclilillh 
either that n great fait aS the Expencc w« have hrmviW 
bata »[ n^hi have been favctl, ot tlat our prclcof IdiAI- 
viiy ij highly iuxcafable i uiil which or ihd« Me m 
chaCe I dull love to the G«flt)nnen who luw lo AjctiBcMdv 
infill, chat for ihcTc laA intiity Yean ue have ufco aU 
poffible MethocU to diminifli our lUUiDal F.xp«acc. 

' Now, Sir, Bi to ilie tiitninifhingof the Iii(crcfi payaUv 
to the Crcditun or ihe PuUick, can it be Ciiil tlut mc havD 
taken any one Method to diminifti il, but what tha Nutum 
of the Thiqg lad the Qrcumftanco of th« Nuiw pointed 
flttt Jo plainly, that it u'ouU have been hi^kly cruniwi ift 
any Adrainiftiaiian 10 hnvc ncj^tcAed the C^portuait)' ^ Bu^ 
if n-e hul applied the Snliinj', fund rc^uily cb the Pa]r« 
ment of our publick Dtbn, li we had \*vtd tku ExfcMx^. 
Vfhich ha) been thrown away in ituiniakiicn ii«neroii» iHn 
Aimio, and {eoi'mj; o«t (nMy idle Squiirotu, and ludif 
plied all lUe Sanngt to the Ume hciiKtl Pwtpufis, the Pria. 
dpal of our pnUick Diba wouiJ haw bent ftt grb. 
dnced. tlutt the CYediton who icmaincd unpaid wwl;: -... 
been ghil to have taken whu Inteieil we flawed : Nay, I 4m 
«ot Iwow but thtPrinctpttl would, bythiaTjinc, hantiaa 
ftifffM^ Trdiuad, Oat the three greai Conpanita would 
kave been gbd t« have p«fi«d from the PaynrnK of u>y fu- 
ture Intercil upon what ww due to tlwin, la «n!ei to h«iv 
had theif Chat ten contiiiued. 

' Whether Aocoaatt wue regularly Lud befon tfce 9$!^ 
UaOKtit of the prrGmt Navy-UcbE, yuily •> it becuMihi^ 
i* whu 1 Ihall not f rctcod 1a deny. becaaCi 1 <lo aot raplb 
know whcthtrr It was lb or not i tni if thii be tnie, wkich 1 
flull, in ConpUdMice to the hoMonble Gantlcoiefl, «!■< 
it il the IboBgeA Aigumcni ilut can be given for wWE to 
DOW propofird j it iig full Confirmaiioti ol (he M f-nvr^U 
that Ifttf il tv/fy SLin', MmJbK/r u m JAu-'i £. 
and thcrefi>r«aft imaiifwf'jblc Arguaeet (or our rci.i":;.v 
(V iIk old CaOotn o( Parliament, and app.tnctiis felea 
Committees every Vear to oidider aai ewii. 
nuu Ukl bclore m : For 1 hope no Miui \ 
we ought, in Time of Peare ef['i - :u Biwti 

nidtia tbe Ycat u wilV u£v(ci - .. : i!m Ycat^ 

B&d if toy Dencienc/ fhould iuf^wn in the Ptwib gnoled 
fu eat Vt±t, or if it Qioalil be foottd that tiM Eliiiutcj 
«ov defidciil. Jl iHofe DclicitiKKs oijgbt ctiuiiily lo bo 
■idc (ooi) the veiy next Vnr. It ii cenxitily faicon&lhnt 
kntk toe p'jblicL Good to Ica«« Airein )on{ditc, becanTe 
*bea TnuleioiDi, or ilii>re nao fimnfliiiic Publiclc witli 
•hu b Becr£i7 for piiblidc U(e, nmt lie Tor Vcvt out of 
iftrir Mfloey. it h cctuin the7 nciiKcr cnn iwr will Tervt! the 
MlUck fi> citcsp, Bt when Oh;)' know tbsy are fonr of tiKit 
Moanr «itKin a few Moochi aJter tJie Goodt ue dclivcrcd'i 
ud IM JoBger aoy o/tliofe Airan Sand aapt^d, the grcarcr 
TriaAKf kOI be LhKtmi am for tnryTbimifterwaiiiM 
iM^t bt pvUiek UJc. 

' Whii rHpeft lo Minlflert, inieed, asd the Toott em- 
flcjred mfer than, I inaJI tbkrfc, &t, thit it is of grcM 
Amauge te hare iwblick Account* Smd lung in Anur i 
larf ttii Adrannsc it gmtrr in the Navy thm in my other 
iaadt ftf paUIcK Bttuidj, becufe Trndefmtn, iM othm 
«^ Am the PuUick, but cfpcrially Snmcn, ctumoc lie 
Ini CKit oF ikeir Money : If thry rannoc get tbcir Mooey 
ttab ttitr it become! due, littj mult go to (Jfuren, mini- 
Mai TMt, and fach IHce Exiortionets to fell or ple^ 
ttdr paHick Senmnei. Thii binp facii .Sccaritiri to IM- 
OBdt, ^ longer tbey are of bdng paid, the- ^nttr Dif- 
Cb(M dwy CMnc tv be » i fo that x liH they fuiaifh a ptca- 
lifal Hamfl to MinlAm and tMtr fmnnma ; for when 
ikc Difcottu npoa ihete Securities is nUei to » fafikient 
Hefhr. MlsUcn then give tbc Wjitb-Wonl to their Agena 
■d f irooriBB ra go out and porchale i and whcr th^y haw 
|K tkca tf. cr (Dort of tbem into ttieir H.-ind>, ihrn the 
■niioUl BowtLi begin to yctm foe the SulKringi of the 
pAUe Crcditort, in kanng bin h loog atit of tlietr Mo- 
■7 1 attd sttat Merit b affurocd frotn their coming to a con)- 
arCefiais Etdalutiofl, to hm foch or fuch a Claft of P»b- 
U* CVaditort piij otf: TTib Himfc ualnrayt too good nt- 
isbI to Tt:fa{c fuch • jult Rt<ladt i and ih'ui Extortioners 
1^^ Ae f::! \*aUe of tho& Securitie?:. wdieh they pu-iJiafe 
^K > gmt i>ircoant. Thli, Sir, I ih:ill not fay i* the Cafe 
^Kpvtftn I bat I moftfay I am anc to believe, if an In- 
^■tay wtH ondc iMo the Affur, it wi>ul<J b: fo9ail that 
Viet b but 1 fmall Part of the Debt, due upon the Navy, 
^■w« at thrf HaM^ nf rbe rri^nal Cmliton cn the Putdick i 
•* jei eren ■ juy Dot umkOTthy of lie Re- 

I. m Parlij-Ticni. 
the iRtcreil o! Miariltr; msy be, it 
.:_i! of the !*.V(clc to fxy offiKeir 
-i SI ftufi M jx !ibh ,- ind u I &in CQC- 
>«w« «me. or Jbrn^If. in ibit Hoofe, 

( 8+ ) 

. ti hts sfli) alwiys hiii. the Intncll or the PuUkk more U 
Hntn (hin the iDtereH of tke Mintller i thtitfoic I mm coo* 
vinccd. thni if Dicfe Accouoo hkvc bcni opoo our Tabic, aU 
the other GcnilexDCB of the lloufc are in the fane Condi- 
tion with IDC I ikcy ate (b lar from having canta&ed erery 
Aiiide of thcrn. that tlkC}' arc quite ignonnt of their having 
been ever bud upA the Tabic bcfotc this ScSioo : I (any 
GeBttcntta had but 0& hit Eye upon fucb AnotmB, in any 
preceedtng Sedion, and had obferved the Artean Handing 
luifaid. or unproridcd /or by Pirliamrnt. hii Regard for 
the Publlck, his Kc^nl far the DiiVcHcd Crrditon of ibe 
Pablxlc, uould ocrtunly have prompted him to have moved 
to have had them taken into Confideraiion, aad paid off loog 
before now i nothing cookl hate prevented i( but a NcgleA, 
which liai be«n occafKHied by iu not having been made tb* 
CoQcera of any partituUr Set of Men i and for thit Reafon 
ue never ought to thick it fufiicicnt to have AccoUDti oi 
I-.ltimuei laid upon our Table, we ought alwayt to rrfer 
(lie ConfiiJcratiofi of them to iVIcA Conanuitccs ; and thus 
by miking ii the particular Bul!inc6 of a few, we nay u< 
pcA they will nei-er be neglefted ai tho(e oow before us 
term la hare been, by their having been left to tfat Care ot 
the whole Houfe. 

' 1 mull beg I.MVC Eo diffirr with the konoanble Gc»- 
tlrincn. wlicn they fay. that the Natore of the Service u 
only lo be regarded, when «ve are to determine, wliether it 
ought or ought not to be laid before the Pariiameni i lor in 
my Opimon. the Svm to be U>d out ought like«ife to bo 
Cunfidcred : 11 the Sum be but IJnall, and ilie Nature of tbe 
Service fuch it often occurs, it may be tindeitakcn withMI 
aty pitltCBbt Authtrity from Parliamnit i but if tb< &«■ 
be liige, tbo' ihe Nacuie of the Service be luck u oftcno^ 
■.'jrrrit. aod luu gcner^iUy been uodcitakcn wilhoUaiiy fU- 
liuifir Diirfiiocw trom Parliuneiin, yet fuch DiicAioM b*- 
cacne ueceflary when the Sam it much larger than wku k 
ufaitly requiird for that Service : Hit Majdly nay, wUfc- 
ouc Di>iib!. give Order* to have a Man of War. or perittp 
hilf a Oocen in a Vear, irjmred j b«i if by aoygrvat Hu^ 
l^rtunr, it Ihoutd becocieoecelDiry to layout. In any ear, 
tHooTlhm Vcan. n vci/ large Sum Jot (Kat Pnijiidi, it 
would ibcii be proper i» by ikai Nocefigr befetc ^Bh 
oini I ted I think no Mtniftcr ought to uMlntake focb aa 
eatraordinary Service without havifg firtf obttEiied as A»- 
ihority from Parllamnu (or To doing : In (he Cafe utn- 
booed, 1 believe it will be granted, that ike buddsog of 
Hoiifo b a Scnrjcc that doea not oAm occur i and I tm 
ten (an tbc Sitro that hii been laid out, and which 
tn^kti A gnat Pui q( vu ^vj Deb*, a a oukJ^. 


( 8j ) 

ham dua wu ever lud oat » ihit Niiioo opon Tucli a Scr< 
vice; ia (o 6Dall i Nuinbei of Ytan t nay, 1 do noc know 
bat k BnoubU lo more tlian vo* ever befoie expendnl Ja 
lh> Nuioii for Baildii^ Docki or SBjr other Son of Buitd- 
iip for titf Ute of ibe Navy, or the Officers of our Navy i 
ad Atnfon, botb witb idpcfi to ibc Nuuic of the Sct- 
vioE. and the Sum u be laid ouc, it ougbc not to have beco 
■diiiilri aritlMut a prcrioui Autbotity lirom Pa/)iaiaau. 

' Six, if ibt Ntiion K» b«cn rua into any unocQcfEuy Ex- 
poBC. I Bin forry to bear it faid, that nothing hu brcn 
■■diiTiWii wiiboiu tbe ApprobatMn of Parliamcu ; bot. 
Sir, if k woe fo, the Authority or the Afpnbudon of far- 
■V I'tilianeiUi caa be no RcaTon for our fisllowing tbcir 
txamfUt in pnag our Auihoniy for aadenaklng fuch Ser- 
«kci far Vcar* to come, u ibcy have authorilcd lot Yean 
p^ I Wc are noder w> grater ObtieatMni to approve of 
wht WSt uprortd of by the very bft Parlumeot, than that 
ruhamat m King Chatlea lid's Reign, called Tir Pnfio- 

• To pccwnd (hat wbu U now propofcd will raifi; Ja- 
IoiGm iwiis the People, or give them any Sofpiciow of 
til ACi^dly't Oovenuncnt, ii &n ArgntncBt. I find, >]way« 
be biMghi in whcD any Alionpt ii made to bquirc into 
ih> Coadod of hit Maidly't Miniften : but I wouJd havo 
GeadciBra can£der, that the pioper Bdtnd* of Parliament 
H » inqubr iato ihc CondaS of Minillcrs ; and if tht 
FtopU bai thai fudk Alteapu are ahnyi orer-tuled. it will 
pre ihcn r SuTptcxm, not only of his MAJeAy'i Govcra- 
mtntt aad ibt CoodiiQ of hh Mlniflen, bo: it will gtvo 
tWm likswifi: a Sufpicioo, aitd a juJl one too, of the C<n- 
iaft of PailtanicDl . We ou^ht to confider wlut it was 
tbtt BVr the Patliaiacat io King Charles IlJ'i Rcign, tba 
imamaaaoM Epithet it a movf branded ujtli ; and if the 
raa^ froaU conccirc any foch SiUpicion of thia or aiiy 
(nntv Parttamnt, it would ralfr real Jealoufin among them, 
k no'jld Dulu theoi defpait of erer having their Giicvances 
ndtejfed to a Icgd Way, and that Dcfpaii tiugbi drive 
Una into the mall violent Method* of iixluag RcdicTi i 
nrrcfbrc I wilb Gaiikmcn would, upon all Occafioos, di- 
bapoiih a billr between hii MajeAy and bis blinilleri, and 
MTU sllmw the Itcf[«A they Have for the blEcr, to over-ba- 
hBcc tbr Out)' ihcy owe to the finsKX. 

' The Rdpr<l tnii fooncr Parliament! have Qiown to the 
WrUWm fix th« Tintc beiM, and the great ConfidciKC put 
H hrianent in their Coodufi, it. 1 am afraid, one great 
CuSe that the N'aiioo dow rcmuu under fuch a Luad of 
OcU* aad Taxci i and ihcrdbre it ii high TJioe lot lu 

RxffiuBc ihujahafy vkkb iai io omo prcved to bv 

( 96 } 

• tL.oftlie mtiR £^al Biaelit to th» Nsdoe. Wc hxte heat 
talking, Sir, oi f^tva^ onrfelvei b b Condition to co«ipd 
ihc Acccpniion of ihe Tenni of Pncc we my to propofr, 
but t tnlfa v>-e taxf not find that oor Neigliboun m toi? 
well sctiiaintcd with oar ClroutlUnGC) to be afiBid of 
sn^ TItiag wt on do ; The)> kntiw thit ear People nt af-> 
rtatJ)' u kesmljr uxeil u the^ cui bear : Tbej Icwxv that 
kU thole Taxa are almdy cngizel, chher for ihe Ps]r> 
mtnt of our Debe, or for the bopperE of our Civil Go* 
Tcrtwncflt { can tt be fupjioled that onr Menacei will hire 

StcaE InRoesce apanany of i]ieir Refolutiotu ^ Hui if iliey 
louJd find, titat tar Pirliiment w«re btpiuaaz to leak 
cfofiHy into tfae Mana^mentof onr publtck Alwn, tikcy 
WDutd from thence coiicIiMie, tbat the befi C(e would be' 
made of every Shilling hcreafttr to be nrifed i iliai c()« 
hopic would conttibutc wiifa the mote .Uuiiiy, and from 
HkOKB the/ will prohabiy be indoceil to give fome Attca- 
don to wlutcrrr w« msj tktnk nccelb^ lo prgpefr, for n^ 
ftoiiag (he Tcacc of ^n>pc, For ibis Roilim. if thciC 
«vr« on otker, we Mgbi trt xgree lo what the boidnkbk 
Gcnitrmun hu Scoi plCafal to propofir.' 

Then the Qurrlion bemg piR upon Sir WilfUin Wyng. 
haan'a Motion, it wv, apon a DinAos, cvricd in ibc Nfr' 
^tiTc, by i^Sto ifr9. 

f/A. 26. Mr Wilier flumrr mor'd, ' That the Copy of 
JTJ the^Kinji Warrant, whcrtfcy tetten were pertained to pq£t 
Pofl f rrc, whkh hail been Utd bcforr the Hoale oo tht 
19th Inflirni C-^"*^ 7] J "^^^ be taken mn Confidnv 
tion. Tlie Wimot being Kcordifgljr read, Conftenv 
were made by (evcnl Mci^wctt, that their Lcncn were aoC 
onl)' thaiged at the Pbli OSice, but that they «>erv oftn 
broke oven and prmfrd by the CIcrfcs : Thn thii PnAkS 
of bmuDK open Lctnn va brcooe fn^KSi, aai wai 6 
peblicU]' knamt, that the ttry End tor wUeh tint Ubntf 
wu pven to the fttftnaAer «a> entirely di & pp o ii itt d ; fK 
the Inlenoen herag st CtrA to dtfeoirtr any crrtfotublc Cer* 
refpondcnce that might be ctmcd oa agalnll the Oovcnx 
inem, chAt In:rntionwai rendered iltogeibrr raio, bctadb 
by the I'r^ice of openiiig Letters bctng (a fie^ont, and to 
well ksowT), it WW ceiuin that no Man woald carry uo any 
tmlbaabie Co r Tr i jWp J cpoe by Mrnif of the Pofi-Offi'- "• 
ihat (be Liberty given to break open Lttten at the iV 
ffce could DOW lerrc no Pttrpofir, but to ciuble ilir 
Cletla ibKX thgt OEce 10 pry into the prrnte A f* 
orery Merchant, and of erciy Geodcnaa in ihe K inslaia. 
At UA it WW iolilled, ihit 1m Warrsa* ihrn laid bcbiC 
itte Honle wu not the lal Warrant 2^ ' M< .Mijeiy. 
nor Ok WamM by *VWh •Ohk Vtihicb ..trd i »« 

- ^ - ■ • 

"" ^tPWTPa ' TCI' 

, Sir WkttD Wuftaff BiGpr, Bin. tloud ap, 
TlMt &D(e the Hoafe had aiade fuck > large Addi-' 
I tin Army. *ni faenwd incluMd to omtinue the f.',.,,,^^^. 
Penokicaoi Dcfancn, inil the Method of recmiit&g m- 
' bf ilui, ud farmer Bill* of the liie Nature, 
tt QMcfery to idd fonc Cbdc, to nuke 
I i a m g ao m to ifae Sub^oA : I'hxc bjr sl Cbctc ia 
«at propofrd to be cntAcd, u ia fb/mer BiUi, 
Countiy-PcUow (hogld iiiliJl witfa an Otnter 
Monej', aad aftrrwudi, wlun earned befotck 
': tu dccUnhunfelf iidilVe<luKl totflkc iticOtthi 
I by Liw, it Ihoald then be in the Power of the 
ttai Tiicb a poor Tellow to Vnfoo, »cid confiDe 
for a wlwlc Montli) cvsn tho' it ftiould 
dni liic poor Follov mliAcd when h« wai drunk. 
> wiHiBg 10 remm lIic Money be bad Mkcn, and htiP- 
he Ckuto tbi Oficcr kad been ac : That tlib Tower 
•i«| a M«n in a Oaagcon, where he mi^t be in Dad- 
Aamntf, wu, he thought, too great a Power to be 
i jhfalately to the Huidt of aay Officer : Thu it 
m»j ticCcXiry (or hii Mnjefljr'* Serviu, and migtit 
(m yrgy ConTi^Ucncc, bc<safe ii oiigbt lemfit fume 
t eo piwife all ihr iavcjglinfc Ant tht-y could think 
frith an UtctMion lo ncniit bit Mijrfty'i Forec*. 

Kn Country- Fellow I to give tbtm a Sum of 
of Cempofitioo, for being dtfchaistid from 
^— * — ** — t— 



( as ) 

' aad carrying kirn More the Jufliw, not crcecding iW 

* Sum or ftich Jultice ftould fonnnritli 
' diichirge him : And dut an Officer, guilty of iny Fai. 

* larc or N(glcA in tkb Rcfpcft, Ibould be liable to tbe 

* fame I'craidn n which Ofliccn arc nutdc liable for EiUe 
' Muften.' 

This vns fccoflded by Mr BrsroftoD, who infcfgwd ibe 
Houie. • That be wEtmUy kii«w a Cale, where a poor Pal- 
low wa* iaveljled when be wa* dnink, And when be ana 

10 be fobcr, repented, and tbttdOR rcfuftd to take the 
Oubi what earned beftre ibc Jalbee ; bot the Officer ia* 
fibd upon hii being ient to Pnfbn, nnd coolined fbr ■ 
MoBth in the Tertiu of ihe Afl of PailiimcRt, tW tire 
poor Keilow oSered to rclom tbe inliiling Monty and all 
Cbaijo I and it not being in the Ponvr, or in the IncU- 
aadon of the JulUcc to refute the Officcr'i Demaitd, ihl 
poor Feltow waa accordingly fcnC to Jail, where hermuined 
liar fcCM Time ; bui having no Viftuxli tior Drink, be vm 

11 laR compelled to go before the Jutlice and take the 0»tki 
pteferibed, U order to prevenrhii being Rarred.' 

To thb it wu Bnrwer'd fay General Wndc, Mr Hniy 
Bmmllr, Mr Liadfa}', and Mr Hay. * That what vni pnH 
pofed by the Claulc oli^.-red had ^caily been taken CareoT 
try his Majefty's Orden for redialing the Anoy, for ai do 
Soldier could be tried upon the Muliny-Afl, uxlrd he hod 
taken the Oathx prrfcribcd by that A& bcrort: iomt JuOicc of 
Peace, therefore his Mxjr&y had given on Older to >ll Ofi- 
Ctn. llut lut Recruit Ihould be broBglit to or entered in any 
Rcjimcai, 'till he bad firS been regularly inlifad, and had 
taken the Oachsprefcribed by Law, before taru ofha M»- 
}efly'i jitllkrt of the Peace i fo ihut by hii Majrlly'iOrdflt 
CTcry OiGceT wat obhged to do whu was pi^pofcd by th* 
Clatrie offered ; and u the Bill then beFore thnn wu of the 
tune NiMrr with foriittt Kill againft Mutiny and Dclertioai 
Ir woold be abf'i''rr-U- rnrctl^ry to coni>nue the lame gCH- 
ral Order to ^ ' . with rcfpefl lo ihrir cirryiug Re* 

rniit* Ix-fwc i. I c of Peace, therefore they ihoofbt 

It WA5 tinoeceftiuy io nild uiy Cliufc for ihut Purpofe t and 
it 'vxKilil be »t(«ndrtl with t'luv 'irr^veBicnciei, panictt- 
latl), ih;i; it wnuld be fontrn i-ibic for an OAccf 10 

carry a Recruit before any J< ■ ->'>iitu theTitBepDpaCodt 

or wiihin any titnirrd Numbcf of Daya* 

To limit wat rrplird b/ Sit W|t] Wyndbam. .Srf 
jobn Bamnrd. and Mr ^ndyi, * Thm die it^v C3a>lc tboi 
r '•'■ ' ■' ' "-wl Motiny Bill»»; • ■■ |<ci|il 

'■ i: W3I Ihta in Tti ■, stA 

' Lnuifc iiioie diQicult >lii'i ' 



{ i9 ) 

die Cbofc, coukf not fiy, that by aoj Order hi* Mi' ***^^^ "'■ 
ittj COttld ^vc, the Juflice of Paoe wu obliged to dif- "" " 
c&up the Man inlijicd, upoo tiii (kdan'og I>cl<n« him kit 
IwriDl repeated of wJuc be bad done, uid ttwming (o (be 
(Mett the wltltiAg Money and sll tJie Clurgcs the Ofltcer 
la4 bwn at for inlilling him ; That what w» nvpolcd by 
da Oufc wu to liy ia Ubligidon npoa die J tikke, ani to 
m a poor Feiloiv an Opportuaiiy to ect off upOin indbnable 
TcnB>, biolc he Ibould KpCDtofwnat bchoddonci Qd- 
tter of nhicii cooU be cKnusted fay any Order hh Ik^je^ 
U pna, or conU gire for rcguUttog (h« Army : That the 
Caeniice cooipljineti of wu, tbe tnrdgUns of McaioinliS, 
■d volcinfi rmpcrcy of them tAer theif hiviit^ bcco to 
^ ky tfrf : Tint ihb wu m Frirtlegc wltich they hoped do 
kOfecrr mnU Jafilt oo : Thai the MaolUh'tr.^ of thu Privilege 
Hiw «liu the Cbnfe oCcr'd chiefly jimM <t ^ utd thcrcfora 
~ d» ))»'d chc Houfc would acrec to it. 

5r Kobui Walpolc 21x1 Mr Henry Pelhim hiving de- 
dMd, Tlui they would be for the Clioie, if it could be 
k dnwB u not to be attended wi:h anv Inconiitiiicace to 
iteScmcc ; and tkcnaDoa {vopofed tiiat the Debute be 
i^tMrMd tin chc am Day, in order that fuch a Claiife 
mAi be conuircd : Ami it being ndntittcd of tlu; otiicr 
Set. that the Oaate, ai it then Aood. might perhipi ilnnd 
ia awd of htiw little .-^mendnent^ it vxt agreed to ad- 
ikin tbe Dcbait •ccordingly till next Day ; when the Cbufe 
' to, aih! added to the Mutio/-Bill. 

rfw. aS- riic 1 locfc being la a Grand Coouniwe* on the '"" '■• ■ """"L 
5en4y, and ihc Trc^y mtb Dtnnuik. dated S,ft. 19, •^'£*'"-'*- 
t7j^, torixe been refi^rTed 10 the faid Cotnmincc, 4 Mo- 
Hi wu na£ by Mr Hoiuio Walpolc, ' Thut the Sum 
rf0,i$ol. bo smtrd 10 hit Majcl^, od accoantof the 
SMdy to Ae King of Denmaitc, parnunt to the &id Trca- oimm inwMn. 
ty. fin the iinvice of the Vear 17);' Thti occafioned a ur H.W4lfab. 
^UlKDcfaiDe, in uhich Mr Walpole'i Mocioa wu fupiMncd J^ wa^!"^ 
^^k WimiwgUH). Mr * Wilki, Col- Skden, and Sir *^.>i!f?- 
■Kt Walpolc aa liinowt v «. L w^ 

'f ' Ahbm^ we are not ngagod in tiic ptelcnc War, yet, 
' 11 tke BtttMC of Power in Europe depends very nncb upon 
^Mht EvcM of it, wc may be (boa ondtr a Neceirity rj join- 
^■ng floe or Other of the Panics j therefore it n incuiubeat 
^■^M «i 10 ftrengthca Durlelvu befue-t^nd. by engag ng at 
Hmy fordp P^enu wos'io jw'n with ui upon f«h 
^ nEnat. la ihtt Situation. i( wu ratonl to rail rtir f ye 
fafl KnnrA Denttadi, tlie Intereti cf tut Nation hc.eff 
Vou IV. M gr^Uy 

. Wi^dh 

AubdB. CtB. II. 

( 90 ) 

generally the Tame with our own ; and at prefent was the 
more neceflary, becaure great Endeavours were us'd to en- 
gage that Court on the other Side of the Queftion, which 
might have proved of the moft fatal Confequcnce to the 
Liberties of Europe, and conleqaently to thofe of this Na- 

* The Experience of the laA two Wars agamfl Prance 
nay convince us, Sir, how dangercnu it ii to aJlow any one 
Power in Europe to exalt itlelf too much, and how expcn- 
five it may prove, to reduce a Power that has once got too 
great an Afcendant over its Keighboun. The Expcnce, 
which Great Briuin is to be put to by. this Treaty with 
Denmark, mull appear very iaconfidcrable to every Gentk' 
man who coniiden, that we thereby not only fecore the 
Aflillance of a powerful Kingdom, but prevent their beiiw 
engaged againll us, in cafe the Event of the War Ihould 
make it neceflary for us to join the other Side. In all Caie* 
it is certainty prudent upon any Emergency, to by out a 
{inatl Sum, when it is probable we may by lo doing prevcac 
our being afterwards brought under a NcccOity of putting 
onifelres to a much greater Expence : And this ii the very 
dk at prefent in relation to our Treaty with Denmark. 

' It is well known. Sir, that Nations are, in all their pub- 
lick TranGAions, governed by their own Interell i ua as 
al) Europe knew that great OSen were making to Denmark, 
to fecure them on that Side, againll which we might fi»o 
be under a Necef&ty to cn^ge ; therefore it became ablb- 
lutcly ncceliary foi ut lo otfcr them fuch I'ciras u ought 

9> ) 
mmk, or mora. iMrreKcd ia ibe PreTcmbon «f that Br- a<mi 
1mk> Am %yc are i ir it IboaJd cone to be in uiy mil 
DU|a', iitf would cmaialy ennge in i» Ddbier, tvith- 
«K ncsMng fnjr valuable Conli<!cTation from ns ; bvt (f 
«c BnaU be llnnys the tirii to take (he Alarm upon ic/ 
Vir't bteUaftg out, tad offer Brihet uxl PcrGom to all ibc 
FVtocei In Bvni^, ilie wliok Chat^ of prefervtBg that Ba- 
hne weaU fall imm ihii NaHoa ; and each of then woolii, 

Sm mrtrf fath Ocniion, rxptA a Bribe or a PrnGon from 
Hud. br Mot that whtch he would othcrwifc be oblt^d 
ID M lor hb own Piefavation -. liven the Dutch miy at istt 
nSA ra aftft. when the Balance of EVivr«r i< railty in Dan- 
', uilds «t rabmit to make the Grand Pcnlionary of l-lol* 
a PaSanarv of Kf^Und, and take a Number of their 
incn F^glilh Pay. 
' It h leaDy farpTiting;, Sir, to hear Gentlemen talk of 
ftiliTi' of Powcr't Mtng in Dan^r, and that we nmft 
■dv bt^is to pttKride for iti PrcTcrvation, when there i» 
maPriaoe or State in Eaiope, who feetni to apwehend 
»j finh Matter- The Dutch hive not put thcraJclves to 
«■ SUEa| EiGpcnce on accoutit of the prcfcnc War, or for 
Att MadlHiaii they Bre engaged in at wd) at ««. Tke 
Mwtt aod Statn of Gernuo^ xn Co far from being appre- 
letfvc of any Danger, by the Event of the prefcnt War, 
te famr of the iiioft conlidcnble of them have aftually en- 
f ^w i t« • Nentnlity. Kvea the Kicg of Denmartc, whom 
Khtvethooght DcttOary to engage by a coefiJcrablc yearly 
taiott, h hlmieif a Prince of the Kmpiic, and would cer- 
ahily ftf CT, by the Ovcmiming the Balance of Power in 
btope. much (boner than thb Nauon nould ; and therefore 
•t ButH eoaeludc, thai ic u cnore Imaicdiaieiy hb Inrerell to 
J •jn^ KX only jo Defence of that Bafauce, but in Defence 
I iMfc Eaftit i yet we. k leenu. bave been To gvnerotn as 
m f n al b to reward him bounttfutly fur doing what i> nb- 
Matdy BCcelliTy for his own Prrfsvabon. Thb, Sir, U a 
Ml penridoos Example, it may at bit briag the Balance 
■f Power into ml Danger, bccaulc it may tempt all the 
Priocn of Eorope to niglefl ii, until we gitni them yearly 
PnAon for taxiiig Cue of it ; and perhapi thit very Pre- 
odoR loi mnr provoked all the other Pnncci of Germany 
^la toni off. on Purpofe to rnnge lu to extend our Booaty 
^Bb ik CoK MnitKr to each of tbem. 
^■^* TotiJIu^, bit, that if mc bod mt cmcrfd iota this 
HlVeoy wih the King of Drnnurk, he might )i»ve bom 
^^ mrailtd oh to have concJodcd a Treaty with another 
T*tra. mhkh might have been pttjadicial n us, is, in my 
^BDpMws, very odd. Princt^, 'i;> itur, St>, dn mil always 
^ki Ibtir real UttrrSit iKix it we re/chc upoo every 0«a- 
^fe^^^^ « .' cafion 


( 9« ) 
r c». D- dfioo to dear tlidr Ej^cfight by i PmfiOB. I m lAaU mm 
*" " cf ihrm will «veT open that V.yn without nocfving fivw 
fuch Remedy fToni d>. Wc 3R nc\-cT to foppole thu my 
Prince of Eur«pe will cngtge againltthcLdiertieof Enrope. 
g> will peifomi an)' ibrtncr Ecg^mou, when tlrr Perlor> 
maacc coron to be apparently incofifilicnt with the Libcniet 
of Eurape, Ani CMdequcnily with hit own Independency, 
vnlcl* he be i-e;y tnvch bliodcd b>' Ibcnc particular Intereft 
of hii oun : And of all the Piinccs of Europe the King of 
I>anaarlc i>, in ihii Refpcf), tlic lenft liable to any Tcnp- 
atxn t there an Icrcrxl other Phnwi of Btiropc, who nay 
be teaipKii to join with thofc who hjv-c Dedima agiMiifi the 
libntict of Europe i bccaufe ihcy mi)' be maaeftamihcscc 
CO expeft (ome Addkioti to ihoir uwn I>aaiini«fti t and theft 
SM tjw Prineea open whom we ought to haw a watchfiil 
Eye i thefe ate ihc Priricei, !f any, upon whom h« ought 
to bellow our Pcnlioni, in onler to knp ihcm 6im to ilu 
gcnernl Inlerdl of Europe, tf we bad by a*j* Sub£dy fO- 
gftgcd the Dulcc of Bavaria in an AlloAoe > if we bad tff 
any Sublidy dlfennced the Ktng of Sartlioia from his pm- 
feat Allteai or if webad Uidout aSumof Mo<ic7 in »> 
gagJM the Poiandcn to make fuch a Uioicc of a King, m 
woola have prevrntcd the breakiog out of tlic War, [a*d 

Crhap* a tcu Sain mif^t hive done than the Bxptace wt 
re beat at on account of the Wai] there migbt havr ben 
foni« Reafon for our being it fuch vi Kxpence i but 1 can 
fee iK> Advantage we can cxiMd, from the Bxpeacc w» m 
to be at, on Ktoum of thii i'reaij with Dcnmuk. 

' I Ihall leadily igree with the honourable and Icamad 
Gentleman [Jtfr It'i/Ui] that Nation* are entirely corcncrf 
by their own iDtcnS ) but ai it n the loteretl of Owusaric, 
u much ai it is the [nterclt of thi> N'atMn. to picfevre the 
Biltace of Powet in Eort^, therefore I moJI tbiuli it «n> 

Juitc uoDKeQary for us to give them a Fee far doing 16 : 
(hall indeed grant, that they were in the Right lo us ii, 
for, I bclitve, few will rcfufc to uke a Fee for tbu,, whkk 
ia both their Diit>- and loterrl) to do without aaj Rcwtri. 
At I iarv a grot Opinion of the Honour and the Peaoa- 
tiofl both of the King lod the MiniJIcn of Dcninuk. I mat 
oaoelnde they noouBever have ratfrcd into any Emm- 
nao, that were tnooofifinic with the Libenk* MtU- 
tope . I mull conclude they will alw,i)i be ready, widmi 
May Fee er Rcwirdi to join with all their Porre in the Pk> 
lemiion of th« Balance of Power, whenever it flull appar 
10 be in any ml Dwiger. Confequendy it w» iliciptkcr 
univecefbiy Ibr at to rnvr into any fuch Treaty u that new 
)}c(brc 01, or to peiunife any fuch Sabfidy m a by • • • < ' — 
(/ AptlaKd i ud ikutfotr, u one (kT (he Rr- 


< 9J ) 
of tibe People, CO whom they hxn euruOed the lading o«t a^^*- »» a> 
H (bar Money, to ihc nwft fiugil Muner. 1 cinnot agree to ^_,.'-*'- _| 
B iKk «n aBCoefiiry Expence u wlut ii now popofcdT' 

Uppo ihi* Sir Joftph Jtkyll, and Mr Howe dedw'd, J',^^'^ 
• Thit ihey approicd of (he Treaty as liiUe as any Geiiik> 
Mb iid : Tlut tho' they thnoght it wai alEogccKcr imncccT- 
fay. to put Uic Nation to Aich ui lucpciice 'nil the dogcr 
ktcune m«e ippartnt, yet as it was the tt& Treaty bi* 
Uijc&y hAd ci>nda(l«d npoo tbe prcfcnt EiDcrgcncy, they 
inaU apcc lo the Motion i bcornlc if that Hoatc Oiould noE 
mnvttti wku hii MijeHy bad done with rdpeS to tkit 
Tmty, ]l mighc br, hk foch a ConjunAurc, of the mcA 
^ fcayroBiCoalequmce to the UbcutQ of Ewrope, byendu- 
^ftiiffae the anbbious Views which fi>me of the Partiei cd- 
^^PjM b War may now have, or hcrcafici form to thcin- 
MVCT. and by dilcoutagirtg any of the Prin^et or Sates of 
Ennpe from entering lato any Titabes with hb Majcfiy. 
, rnm iho* tbc CmamlUnce* of Eoropc Ihosld tixo kbTolut^y 
nnrv fixh Treajies lo becondudtd.' 

Tkea the Qoc^mo bcicg put for agieting with the Mo- 
bOB, ft wu cuTied in Hk Amnnalire, by 270 to 178. 

Marti e. Sir John Barnard mov'd foe brijiging io a BJI, ^i, y ranmt 
bcKArsianig the Nuntbcror Houics iorplsying of Inm- IT^I^'f^^ 
Uo^ ud br the better regnlstiog Coramon Fbyen of In- KuMn m t-^ 
ttrjodea, la Support of this Motion He reprefetited the Mif- **"^ 
thief done to ihc City of London by the Play-I roafcs, ia 
orrBp ciae Ihc Youth, cncoursgiu Vice and Dcbaachcry. 
tad Kr-- '"rjadicial loTrade andlodultry t aiid bow much 
taelir -ili be ii»creiM*d, if aoochci Phy-Hoaie (hould D,fcu,nn,,^. 

It buii in ine toy ticart ' of the City-' Sir JoliQ Bainud 
w (eoaadcd by Mr Saodyi, and fupftoncd by Mr Pulte- J£fSfJJL. 
icy. Sir Robm Walpole, Sir jofcph JckyU. Sir ThoBias tlJjT^BT' 
Sn u aJeribfl, aad feveral other MemtKn; Mr Jimei Ercf- sil - . ti^ZCIin. 
tuac in fv6a,lu redcon'd up the Nambcr of Plav-HoufM "' ' "*^^ 
On in London, m. Tlte Opcrx-Houfc, the Freiich PUj- 
Haatt in the Hiy-Market, aad th«Theat«( in CoventGai^ 
n^^^ Dntrj-lMit, LiocolaVIrtn-Pieldi, aai GoodmaaV -^ 
mb ; ud addenl. ' That it wzi no lc& rurprizing ihu Ehame- ^ 

IPHflo Cec lb gml a Change tot the worfe tn the Temper and 
tbcliuuua] of the Bntiib Nation, who irere now fe extra- 
■ *..»■■.:.. ijiii^ied tolntdand idle Diverftoni. that theNvm- 
Hl l^y Houfei in London was double to that of Paiisi 

r'l >-•' HE aow exceeded ia Levity even the French thcm- 
iclm. front whom we learned thefe and Duny oiltrr ridi- 
cabas Cclloaii, ai tnach nnfuitable to the Mein asd Mzanere ^^^^ 

Icf aa Ei^dhioan or a Scot, as they vxk agreeable to the Air ^^Bfl 

( 94 » 
asA Levity of a Mocificnr : That it wu aftoMlhiig to a! 
Europe, tlui [ulian Eumctu ud Stiven Oioulij luve (Bt'~ 
larici, Mivtl to tKofe of rite Lortb ofthe TnaXoT)' nd Ji _ 
get of Ed^ImkI Afwr ihii it wai orJcr'd, Arw. C««. Tla 
I Bill be brought in ptirfiiint [a Sir John BiTiurd'i Makw 
which wM done accordingly : But it mi ifrnvntdt d 
on Account of a Claii1« t^t'A 10 be inkncA in th< £ud 
for enlar^ii^ the Power of the Lord ChambaUiD. with Ke 
g<rd toihe Licenfingof Pbj>. 
MiBnoAMiMt- Marrh 7. Mr Branfton rmn-cd, ' That tbc CUnfc of 
^^S^!^ Aa nade in the fccond Ytv of his prrrcnt MaHAy'i Reigii 

tw hi kw^^l-tfMcBr, which relatts to the lall IVtmninitieii in tli< 
■ MUtHMb. Houfc of CocntnorM, eonctming Vwet for Menhcn toCrrtt 
in lUiiment for smy Cowity, Ciiy, Borough, CimjoePofT, 
or Plae« ; with the Gaafe nlatinf to the Oith to be ukai 
hy retoraing Oficert, Ihonld be raUl 1 kkA the Ctme havin] 
been rend .iccotdingiT'. Mr Bnniiton Rood up agitD, 
fpoke U iol)oMr« : 
Mr Speaker, 
* Bf tlir Ciiafeofthe ACi now read fo^oo, It ipfnit 
tliat the l*il Dcteraination «f tbc Hoefe of Coramom, «rill 
icg>rd to the Right of voiit^ :t any FIcAtMi, is declarrd 
be iia\ (o all Intent* and Porro<r< whatfbever, any Uijigt 
tothecontnrjrmMKiihUbnifingi fa ihn: inal! fiatorc DrIiMi 
abmt any likflion fur the bme PUcc, tbc lafl Dctcmmti' 
OB of ihii llnuft- ik the Rule, b^ whith the Right of voting 
is to be dctemiincd, and agarntl which no ATgnmetn', M 
my Ptoof am be adminnl ; Tbb I take to bt new the La< 
of riie I^nd, and coi-ff^itetniy U bmiling ai well n|on iMi 
Hoofe, 31 upon every Gentlenun who naa been fiacc tilt) 
Ad, or may hemf^ be eencemed in tny Bleditm. 

' Ac all Timei. Sif. am) particubrly ra fach ■ dangCRMli 
CoRJuntiurc ti the prcfTnc, it i> incunbcnt npoii u lu db' 
hiijh among the People a good Optnion of the Inp«ttiiJtof, 
Inteeiiiy, and Juftioe of thii Ffonfc \n all vat Proemfap 
With Reftiefl to State A-fFtin. cfpccially foch at ttfatt 
Fenign TranfaAioiu, the Fa&* arf not publ^kly IcteMI, 
nor on the MotiTei or Argunicnt) for or qgainll uiyQattt' 
on retatiog to ihembe onderDood by the Vnlgtr ; anJ uiart 
lore in fuch QuefKoni it it not cafy for the People !n 
to comprehend' the Debatei ; vot would it be poftMt 
ihrm to difcover the Itijullioe or the Pirtialhy of 
eeedingt. were it pofiiUe for thl* Hoafe to be rn3t« of m) 
fiKh. But is aU oar Procerdiftgi rttuiat to fflcfinu, the 
?eopI« in gcnemi, or at leall ihofi; who live in tbc NogV 
'loarlMS3 of' tbc Phct itWe uf Ih^Niu iuppcw •boot n 

( 95 ) 

W every Cmuinilaiice, and art Oi capable of 

: Hoiivci o( A'gumcMt for at ag^iiiift moA «f 

Jta/xu chat occur opoo tuch Occdiont, u any Mem* 

;lib Honfc : And wkeii tbc People obferrc a Concra- 

Ib our DctCTtiiiaitioitt Klating lofucli A£un j wbco 

bm ibt Rigbt of rotiiig u aa filafiioa pvta by rhii 

a one Son oF People, and in the ray nexi ScdWni, 

liut Riglu dficnDioed by Uiia Uouft to be in a 

ferail Sort aF People, ihey mult oonclade, thu the 

DUioa of thu tloufe in rrhrion lo liuiC Al&ir did 

eed Erom Jiillicc >Dd Inipartnticyt but from prime 

or from Party-Zeal. Tfeis u the Conclufion (licy 

ceflkrily form u-ith RcTpcA lo thofe A^n ilw)' 

nd cu judge of j and the Misbwtunc u, that they 

ace tatnnUy conclude, that our Prooeodingi are go- 

y tic &inc Moiit-ci in thofc ASaJis wluch ihey do 

r, nor cut judge of. 

pKVcsC in F.iTcfl To dangeroot lo our Conftitiition 
dkrc, Sir, one of tlie cbicf MociYts for mfenine 
•- - ( (tad to you in the Aft of ParliamcD£. wm 
mktn to expre6 it inTernu (o itong sad 
; oanoc, in my Opinion, be ended by any 
uge. It if now the Law of tbc Land ( 
blc, that I bopc it will never be altered or 
IjIW (o plain, Ihu I can nuke no Doubt, 
DctemiiLitMn of the Hoofe of COounont 
future, be, i.i all fuch Cafei, R Rule from 
■not dqiarr. l^owcvcr. Sir, as fooyc Gentle- 
EfuAciefltlx appnlcd of ttiit Law, ot may erjlrr- 
I that (hi* Houie will not, in ihcir liiturc Ueicrmi- 
}y adhere lo it, they may thenfere put thcm- 
at ExpcncG io bnnging up Witae^a, and mxy 
It deal of your Time with Argimenu to Qiew. 
Sht of voting at any Eiefiion now difpuced. b not 
' ' only, in whoni ii war declared Co be by the 
lof thitHoulc: Thawill be putting them- 
rest Expence, and talcing up the Time of ihii 

Purpose, £nce the lall Dctciminaiioo of iha 
bisons ii now by Liw cftiiblilbcd a» a Rule, 

1 w« cannot depart, sotwichlianding the ckaieiL 
y Uiagc to the contrary 

Dughi, Sit, to prev-cDi Gentlemai pttUiBg them* 
f needled Eapcncc, a» we ouglit to prevent their 
n take up the Time of thii Houfe to do Piapole, 

: thn Law ought to be (bine way reviv'd, oot 

■en in mjad of it, but to fliew them 

ivti lo adhere to ic in the llriAdt Manner i 

way for u* to revive any Law, b b>' 


Ash* Cio-lj. 

Hi It- lV4aiU. 
to U. Verve. 

( 96 ) 

eotninc to feme new Rerolotion in rtlatton to if, thetthrt I 
JioK tne Houfe vUl teree to the rollowinz Moiion, which 
ii.' ' Thai (he Coimta v the Bir of this tloule, or bcloie 

* tlie CoRimiticenf Prtvilc^ aad ElcAioat, be redmined 

■ from ofining FAide-ncc, tfluching the Right of ElcQJon of 

■ Memben 10 <er\-e in PvlainnK Tor xoy Citf, Barooeli or 

* Pbct, cxmtnrf to (he UH Dcicnniniiioo in the HooA 

• ufConunou) which Determination, bjran AH poffid in 

• the fccond Year of hi» pntnt Mxvdtj'i Reien, iimded, 
' ^ Jaftrtyt e^iSaai prf^'tctftg Brikrry ^mj C* rrmf t i » m 

* in iht EleSltn of Mrmicn to/rrvt im Parligmnt, b nude 

• £m1 to lU Intentt nnd P[irpo<ea whitfoc^-er, vif U(^ 

■ to tbr contnry ootwiihllaBdinf;.' 

Thii Motion beioK fecnndei) by Mr Sandyt. aitd funiortnl 
\rf Mr Wjlter Plutncr : The fame wm cbjeAcd to by Mr 
Hwatio WaJpoIe, Mt Henry Pdlixm. awl Sir Williun 
Yonge, who did no: diiGAly oppoTe the MoDon itfelf, bat 
propofed the Ddnying of it a few Day*, u loUawi, 

* I ntall own. I btve net liteljr OMAAtnA the Cka4t 
now Ttwl )0 you, and iVrrTorc am net prcpand oow CO 
fpak If) it : Bat upon the iirft View, I take the MotioB to 
be of the ntnolt Consequence, beeavfe J look npon it m a 
ReAr:iini dcfigncl to be put upon the JutifdiAiofl ofthii 
Hoafe in the moR mitnial roini, that of determining aS 
Qgefliant relaling to elating the Member* of our ovra 
Hou(c. I really acrcr imagtneil, th)i the Intrntion of thu 
ft&. or of any Cb'jfe in ii, w.n to reAratn the Hsub of 
CiTtimoni, with refpeA to rhrir DcteriBiMiioM ia Mattcn 
of F-lcAion : for in all fuch DctciTDintlioni I think we ooeht 
itnt to he under any LimitntioB, iMif eoatned by any Role | 
»nA if ikrrc had been any fuch Intcmion, I bflun« dni 
Houfc would nevet have agrenl to the Bill, or u leiA tluH 
Cfauie by which oAy fuch ReKraini was intended to be hid 
lipoo thii Koufe. 

< Jt ii Tor tliii RenTnn, Sir, that I hive altnyt tnu^in'd, 
sad flill (hint, that the Clanfc now read to j-on rdalei Oi^ 
to Rctunting OiBccT>, and was ddigncd at a T>irefl^i] u 
then, what Sort of Peifixit they were to admit to vote at 
any EMUoti 1 with refpeA to which they were by tktf 
Ctanfc oMigcd 10 take the lall Detrmtination of the w^-<'- 
Of Ci>nnoa), U a Rale to be iavinlihly obferved t 
at alt fQCCtediiic BleAioni. Thu. Sir, 1 noS (till mxK, 
'a all that wai oHigned by the Claiifc 1 for it b ern^ 
that if in all future difputed fllfAtottt, we woe to tJke tW' 
lilt Detertniiution of ibii Ilourcuan iobllibic Rule fof oar 
COodud. ■ very gnat Injorf wtxild thereby be Jom ib m 
(Mat wamy Q2l£t»iai^w»v^'vkMaiinA -, and I caaa«« 

L*|l6 Itl 

^ t 97 ) 

m»p M iSttt it wit or tlir r^tgioal Intoitienoraijr AA a...-i<-- 
•( hribmn:' iny ooc, maclt left Co gttu 

rNtobm of u.- ."..-,,..; - - ......iti. ■ ~ 

I Howtfvier, Slf, ai I ^vc not Utcljr md of coftliJcted ttie 

' 4fl, I will fioc irow pretend to te pofiiiTC in my Oriniun, 

nd rSwelb'c I hope the honouriblc Gmticinra will aoree 

W the CoeiiJnatJan of tlin Monon to fome fhort 

Motidiy ncxc if ihcyplcile, tiiac otlirr Cattkinci 

l;j will t* myielf may bave TiaK to eoii&Jcf it. brfoft we 

f «c obtigcd to giyc our 0[>u>ion m a C^ilc which u nrumty 

1^ neat CcnfniuciKc' 

To thh H wu r«p!y'd by Sir Jofeph Jd^U : 

- " I lud the H/nour to be a Membrr of tbis HouTe » ijma> 

lal^ thtf CUu{« DOW nndci- Confidcntion had il» good 

■AnBC Id pifi, I ii«U rooeinbct the lliltory of it : This 

^B^ wu not onf,ianSy in ebe Bill, bai ws\ put into it b)r 

Hotil^, Md I bclierc, with a Vicnr to ptcvcnt tlie 

' oTll ( or u latl Um it wu the Intention of iIkHc 

>|i6 Itfi cofttri^cd lhi» Chtilif j for (hey iniagiiml that itui 

iHodc wOqM Bc?n agirc to Tuch xa Ameodnitrnt : Bac when 

Ike BUt amc back to thit tluufe, ttie Gcndrmcn v.ha pro- 

■Mld (be Ball wcrr (a juAry tond of it, that thry chaic to 

^IW ID all tbc Antcndmcuu mode by the ochcr Hcreft, 

nd thii wnong the rel), tjibec than lolc fu good a BUI. Tii- 

dead M to tkb'CliijIc ihry lud a very ^i>id RcjIm for 

LWil . Fm [;,')' ii did Ujr fame R' ;V;,ir' jjron the 

iff in M«tter« of I .ii the 

of L [-■ then iht'Ugiii it - 1— . lfJc Rc- 

'nd em » necclliuy Rcilniint. in order ta prtv<ctn. 

lo comr. iluc irirT;;>CBC Comradifiion in (Mr Deter- 

buor \fith ivlp^t lo I-.Ic<£lioni| whkb hod in Time pift 

nlwied to ihe giving People n cournpiSilP O- 

lof >II the I'roce«iiiijs of ihia Houfir. 

tdturcoow read 10 you. Sir, if (Vi I " ' fonerf*- 

Tcnu Ca pbin »nd Mff ti^ (v uodi it I am 

llD hou :!' ran :o cucSdcT 

I un i: . .1 hcoi Miy Cnttlcnun, 

tt Gcntlcswa who iui vlict aiti^ndrd (he Com- 

' EleQicnt. lav, he imaguicd thi: C/jfi: wa ia- 

coljr SI 3 D:rrHicn In Retommg ( 'rBc Sort 

>o'ri':r, l. r - tj admit tO poll It 1' :i : be- 

wu giirn fay Art 



^:i l/i.: 

i-u.uuun to Uiz. 

{ 98 ) 

ConunoQs, u to Uie Right of ClefUon for Cxh Pl^cc* ; 
acd thcf efere ic wotiU hnve been fidiculodt to Iiir* ixttrtol 
tn z Ure Ad fuch a Clkde ai that ftOw before u>, if no 
more bad been inteadcd by it, than to pvc the Iknu Di- 
ttfiiofts to ShcriSc and otbei KeroiungORcrn. which were 
givM to ibera by a former A£i ibcn in fuU Force : Bat, 
without an/ fucb CoDfidcrattoD, the Ckofc before lu ii at 
itCclf fo clculy exfttOSei, that it i> impoSblc to mitble tli 
Mcuiiig i and ai the bonoanblc GcniJieiiiui iotcDti) oothii^ 
by hU Motion but to pmcnt Gentlemeni putting litem- 
telvn CO anecdlcfi Exfcntx, ard giving itiii Hduu an on- 
necefiliry Trouble, 1 can fee no ElciJon w hy «c Ihould lulte 
sny DiJBcttlty in agit«it« to what he hu popoCcd. 

' Can GnilciDni be leriooi. Sir, when they fay that tlm 
Koufe is not to be confined by any Rulo ; that wc ought 
Bot to be under Any Rtftnint, villk refpefi to our Dettr- 
siinotioas about tlK Eleftioa of otu- own Meinben • sm) 
that ihii Houle orouM aever have aereed to the Qaule, if 
Bxiy focb Thing bad bccB intended F Our DcicnninatMa 
in fuch Cala are, 'tb true, fuprcnic acd foal i but f«djr. 
Sir, even in fuch Cafes u« are cocifined by the Rulet of m- 
timl Jii(lic« and E«]uiiv, and lihewtfc by the atiticnt Ca^ 
Mill and the Lawi of the Kingdom. Let a Coon of Ja> 
(feature be ai abfolute and fupicme u ejn l>c ima^iicd, 
yei I iltould hare a vety bod Opinion of the Judj" of that 
CbuR, if they conliiwd ihemTdvet to no Ruki. roe cm 
to thofe Latn ihcy ibenilclvM h«il before made for their 
fiuure CenduA. I do not kiww but (omc of i>k Cilxa 
Bix) Boroaghs of England may have been injured by (he lift 
DetennitiAtioo of tlut Hodc, and tn fuda a Caie ii ita 
Kardlli^p to nuke thst mjoiiout I>etenniiution nbfoluic Md 
final u to them in all Tiinc to come i bot if there twefc any 
litch injurioiu Odcrminaciont made, it is the rooee acod"- 
fary by a Law to put a Slop to than. The Haidflup ii 
iilready put upon ihctn ; lh« 1,aw u a)iead>' palled i icli 
now ODC or the elUUiftied Lani of the Kingdom, and cw 
Dot (hererore be alteml or imeuded by any Uefolution flf 
(hit Houfn : It i* not tht &rH Tiutc that a Hatdlhip la* 
been pat upon pAnicuLar Men for the Good of the SoOttf 
In ger.enJ i bat in this Cafe, il any City or Sorooch hai 
been injured by (He U& Detfrmiiiition of tJic I loulc ofCoa* 
iDOtu, and thai Injurv fix'd upon them by the Law row 
nnder nur ConlideratMn, they may apply to P.iiliiment for 
Relief, and » It! ccniinly obtain an rtft of PaHiarscnt foe 
ihJt hirt' 1 b the enJy Mnbod by which tbcf OM 

now be !■. < ;;> that tlw Hardfhip, if any has beoi f^ 

opoo (licfli, niUKJi vma uoda oat Co&Adcntio* in itic 
Frtfaa QucfUon. 






■ ( 99 ) ^ 
B^lowcrcr, Sir, tin' I do oot thish it At ail ncceflinT to *'"*■ "- 

Bn a Vay to conr»lcr nf tbr pre&nt Modon, yti I ftoU ''" 
IH be iigninll t( i beuutc I wiftt il were nude * ftandiog 

Oidrr or (hi) HouTc, that no Motjon fbaold be takoi tnio ^M 

Cenfiilrmtiofl or agnced to the £une JHy il b msde : For ^^H 

tkii Rc.%run I (hall not be jgaiDll adjoumiitg the Detuic 'till ^^^H 

UtMiUy. iccording to ihc bonoanblc Gcnilcnun'i DcHit ; ^^^| 

ui 1 >i2rec to it (he rather, bccAufc I hope u/hen the Mo> ^^^^| 

uja Lis been Tall/ &nd niituivl/ conficlereJ, it fill be im- ^^^H 

■inoaftf a-^nreJ to '. Bui, on other OccatioiM, I hope thofe ^^^H 

'' r-ulcmrn Mnll tlicw (he (tme CompUifiutcc lo odiei), and ^^^H 

act ialJA. ihil any Motion they nay herrtfier think ^^^H 

ii n alike (bM \x immeiiateiy aken inn Conltdcntcea ; ^^^H 

far t/ thu fSouU be iiiadc a Rule for one Side, and noc for ^^^H 

the other, it tvould be u partial a Method of Proceeding ^^^| 

Bwu B^er pnAIki bv former Pirltancnti in thsir Deter- ^^^| 

mivaatny stwu; ELvtmni ^^^H 

It was ordeed accordingly, thit the finttef ConliiJeniioD ^^^| 

d ici«i C{adlian IhouM U- idjoumcd to the Moitda}' Morti- ^^^H 

iv rot, trbcB the Mouoii wu ameoJed thni : * Tlot the ^^^H 

' CooiM i: the Bur of this 1 [aufr, or bctbie tiw Coiiimttte« ^^^| 

* of Pririlr^n anil P.lcAioni^ bereAtainod from oSc ring £- ^^^H 

' TidciKr, touc'iiiig the LepHty of Vocci for Mcmbcre to ^^^| 

' Inn til PxAiAment, for uy County, Shire, City, Borough. ^^^H 

' dM{uc-t*oTi, or Place, contnry totbcLill Dttcrminatioii ^^^| 

' ef ihr HogTc of Ctnnmotu : Whtdi Oetcrtniution, by an ^^^| 

' AA pafle4 in the feocmd Year of his prefeat Ma)cj)y's ^^H 

' Ran. iililtrd, ^ Ad ftr ibt mort ^tiiuaf frtvmini ^^^| 

' BfilfrrmJCfmifttM, in tht EUSign {•fSfmhtn lo/rrve ^^^H 

' it PivMamrmt, M made final to all Intenii and Ptupofca ^^^H 

' wkstfecvcr, uiy U&ge to the contrary notwithllanduij.' ^^^H 

And then il tw tgnti to without any farther Debate. ^^^| 

M«rft tQ Upon the Motioq of Mr Sindya. it wax or> bM&*^^H 

it^A. TK^t I f LVf bo git'tn to bring in a Bill for the better 5^31^ iSe' 

bi 'om of PaTlUmcnti, byUmiiing the Nutn- i»ifc*< ci»w , 

ter . ,.i the Houfc of Commoa) ; and Mr Stndyr, g^'****^ 

Mi hir Howe. Sir John Hyndc Cottoo, Mr Waikin „, wmXtriB 

WUii-ui ■■ vooe, and Sir Williatn Lombcr, »«rc orderad **'*r'-7T 

M pKinit a&d bnB)[ ui the fame. CMn 

Tlie'Ud BiU wu ptcfestea to the Houie by til'w^^'*' 


ciiua lotu Coniidemcion 

tttaee ■•cR n fetlowi t 

The Report frca the Committe* ippoinled to JJ"^ 
ij»e Complaint relaiirg to the Poft-OlSce, being CjISi' 
'oniidemcion, the Rdolmiom of the f^-tid Con* rmu* 

the Privilege of franUr <>•*• 

vat. I. Thit 

Kf Lcnxn by ilic Knighu, Cii»rrai and Burgcire7, chbSci to 

rr^^l^ :hc Coiouiuts oi /W/uaiair, brgu witJi the acCV- 




( lOO ) 

;^ n. ing 2 ToBi-OSiiCt wiikio ihii Knt(diMDi hf Mt ot ftifik- 
BiEot. II. Tbu ftll Leiun, eot txceedug tWA OusMito 
figi>cd by ihc proper Hu^ of, or dire^W lo ioy Mcnib^ 
of thia. Houfe. duiing ibe bitiog of eruy SdBon of Par- 
ItuKiH, anJ iorty Viy bebio iiod IWiy I>i]ri.Aft«r nnf 
SummoiB or Prorogation, ovgju to be u/ricd >nd ddiftral 
fr«e)^ md &fdy firani all Puu of Gr«ai Bnoio uul Irttiad 
without any Cutge of PolLige. III. That it u aa lilBh !>■ 
fringcmcu of the Privilege of the Kniglus, Citiaou im Bw* 

Set^i, chof*n to rcpnfeat the CotatncM of Great Btioil 
I Pailuincnt, for ajiy Fod-nuAcr, his Daputtc* or AguMt, 
in Girat Btiuin or Irctuid, to dcuui or deLiy, 05x11 or look 
inio. by my Means whatfocvcr, xny Lciier 4ii<tW u», or 
figDcd by tlic proper Hud of «iiy Memfacr, withcut •• 
ucpldi WsTnnc in Writing, under liie Hand of OM of tin 
PnncipAt Secieutics of Staw, fgi every fucli Dcaininff, D»> 
U)'ing, Ofvning, or Looking inco. IV. 1*hki all Littm 
direAed to iny Member of thii Houfc at tay Place within 
the Billi of Moitajity. be canicd hy ii»c prop*r Officen of 
the Poll-Ofiicc to the Houle or Lodging of fach Mcnbcr. 
or to the Lobby of iKe Houfe of C^moe». V l*lnt it 
» > Dotorio'i) &«cl) of the Privilcot of the Iloule of L'o*-* 
inoDl. fix any Perfoo locoiuUcxfat the Maiul, ut ]M the 
Nuae of an/ Member of ike Houfa of Commoa* vf» tMf 
Letter, in vidcr to ptrvot it> being chareed with ilw Onxy 
tiT Pottage. VI . That rndi Pcrlboa u ftail prcfoaw 10 4a 
t\it bme, 00^ to be ptoccedod againA with tho buboA 

The £rft two of tbeft Rifolunani were agvted to, nd en 
tha i;th the tKiiJ RdohitioB wu uwaded that : rm. TkM 
it it aa nigi) IufntgrmciU of the Privilege of the Kjtiglm, 
Citizenc aad Buigcflet, chofea to reprefent ibc ConuBoni oi' 
Great Briuiii in Parltintrnt. for anjf PoU'MaArr, his Depi»- 
lia or Agcnti, ia Gntnt {Iriain or Inlaui, la open or bc^ 
iato, by anjr Menu whaifoevcf , Any Letier dow^ad to. or 
£gn(d by Utc piopa I laad of any Member, withotti an c» 
prda Wamnt m WriiiDC, BBder the Hud of om of dw 

K'nctpal Secictano of Suie, Cor every fiKh Oprtiiflg ar 
oiciag into i or » dcuin or delay any Letter, dircOed t*. 
or figned nilh the Nitne of uy IUeml>er, unle& tkon fluA 
be intf RcsJbo lo fufpcA fonM Osunicrlicit of it, wfttoM U 
( ' naotofa piiitctpal Secretary of Sote at a&ir*^ 

t- -cry fuch DciaisJng or I>(layiDg. 

TtKn the ihice Mber Rclalutiow wvk leKnO)'rci4ft 
fKot'd 'I itne, and agreed to, wkhout any AaundBKnr 
Vt^ 4"'' »'■ The B.Tl for limiting ihc Nuisbn of Ck.Ktn 
'mS.^'" &t in iSe Hooie of Ccmmora bdog md a freond 1 
ti tad a Matioa bcin^ tBkic fu ccoknuuio^ the Ume. 


( lot ) 
wdaui • (icat Debaic, Tlie chief Spoken far caamuttLns 
III Ul wci« Mi job) Pitt, Mr Booar, Mr Lndcioa, Loi3 
PdMnh. Mr Hume UmpbeU, Sir Jorcpii Jcicyll. Sir Wil- 
hm Wyndbn, lad Sir John tlynJc Coturn. The Spuik- 
n ifpUl oomrsiiling it wcio Mr btcphea I'oi, ilort 
Mr SlfplMB CtMnwaliu. Mr Lewii. (of Him^-Duix) M 
WillUms Hon. Ur Robert B/itg, Mr Liin. 
CMcdiorp^ Mr DamrvD, Mr Toom^u Cofbct, 
Utmty Pcl^an. Geornl Wade. Sir Itobcrt Wd- 
piie, awi Mr Ki<ier Um Soltciiar Gaienl. 

Im i1« Qullioa bciag u Ufl pc Air commiiting the 
Kt k mi utDcd io tW Ncgjuirc by it6, igwnft 192. 

M«r, 1;. TIh KiDgemcCD tlic Houfc of Peen, «ikI 

tk CoRimotu beinj lent for and attoidiof, his Majelly gsra 

Ui RfljrU Allni to Icvcnl Bilk : Afttr wbicii be put an 

^Ud MtlK SUn wAJn the feUnwing Speecli to bMit HouTa. 

^ft U7 Letdt anj Gentlemen, 

^P T Am cM ikc SofiwU of (hia SciTicn of Pirtituneni ii 
^P X tnukl' *■> foci* ■ Candufion, that 1 have now an 
I " OMorlKUir cf, girtng T^u rome RcccA, aficr tlic great 
^^^taa jau iMin tucen m ihc Semcc of your Canntix. On 
^^^B^OtKJ^ftn I BkoJl iK Juliicr teum you My Thinki for 
^^Vbswbjt Inllaaca you iuve {ivcn Mc ofyout Doty sn-l 
" Affefltaa to Mv Peribn and GovemiMiit, and for the 
L^ ' "* -V ^uMlMni fm have maile for tbe Pohlick l>ccii- 
V tw M tlw wuacdiatc Circai&Aincci of ASttis 

■ (• I iiMM eoaUcNd with ffwax Can uil Attcniioo tbc 

^^ frdkn Sixmnea eS Europe, and duly wdgbtd titc Con- 

' fti»T<fii>t. ihu nay trik tram the PfOgK& of the War, 

" aamt by tMsm of iu becoiiiiiig mare gcocraJ. or coDti- 

ady to be orrud on biiweia tnc Ptofwn Blmdy 

*nM A, Ckf. IT. 

M- I 

Ur OtfiltBif. 

Ml I"!*. CnbCL 
Ml iiiB. Ivatii. 

lien. WkU. 


•Iturtlte HI KM 

'** Ab AccsBUBDiUiioa of thcfe unhippy Ttoubla* ip- 
'^ouodiebr tftt hrltMeuu to prevent the Dugon. ihJt 
!r- ^' "-pnheiulal oneitli«f Si«ie. In thb View, 3 
ccaiion wu coacetted brcwccn Mc jad tbc 
.rjl«'i!h [;rea( Impittialiir. nurd not withouc 
able Grocik'i' 'o hope in Sncxsu, akho' it hath not 
lliie (Mml iStit 

It aU /bIUtc (tv^lttlianu to be biat ia ihii im[<afi> 

mwicritJca] '- 'e, moll bej^r r. 

imUKJ br fartiT" V i'ii tnnkei iti:i:, ..:', 

vtcc ai-J CtxicuntiKc 

, ajmay becotnc ab* 

" foluwly 


( 101 ) 
Alu iL Cto. u. ■' jbtutdjr neod&ry to be entered inta Bat you may be 
" affured, that My conftant Concern fiw die PuMi.k Wel- 
" fare, the liberties of Earape, and, inpanicutar, for the 
" Felidty ud Security of tuCe Kingdoiiw, will never fuf- 
" fer Me to take any Steps, but fn^ aa tiw Honour and 
" lotercA of My Crown and People Ihill call for inu ja- 
" ftify } and in the Puifuit of tiicle great and defireable 
** findi, I do, with the beft pounded Confidence, promife 
*■ Myfelf your zealoui and affcAiooate Support" 
Gentlemen of the Houfe of Conunou, 

*' I return you My hearty Thanlu far the Suppliei you 
" have, with fo much Cbearrulnefi and Difpucn, panted 
" for the Service of the current Year, which have been fa 
*' efieAually laifed, and accompaiued with fo feafonable an 
" Antnaeatatioa of Our Poroea by Set and Lntd, that I 
*' fltaS be in a Condition to make ufe of them, in the moft 
" advsntageona Manner, for thePnUick Service, ai inyOc* 
" cafion, that may happen to arife, BaU require." 
My Lords and Gentlemen, 

" The ConduA and Prudence of diit ParUament, in a 
" Time of to great Difficulty, cannot be ciiou|^ oommeod- 
" cd. The PAfinn of Ailain before oi icqoiredaU poffible 
'■ Refolutton, joined with Caution, neither to be luwarily 
" involved in the pefent . Difturbanoea, nor to remain un- 
*' provided againll thole Dangcn, which are too obvious to 
" Aand in Need of any Expianaiian, and may other diiedly 
" or remotely affoa Us. 

" As 1 think it neccflary this Summer to vifit My Do- 

Ml VOTES, i^c. nftht Second Session ^ji- way fl/"Intro- 
du^tion f<i onA Uluftration oj\ thi D E b a t £ J, -whuh pilhiv, 
ta thrEndoftbt/aid Seffm. 

ON Thurflay the 22H rT Jaruiry, the Ho-jfe having, urnn jije Re- 
jirtftol tScCommittreot bupply, lelalvi-il. Nfttltn CoKf'aiiifMti, liuil 
I Suppljf fhoulcl ht gtanied to nb Majciily, they i.iJticd, nmon?, othrn. 
(faplol)owitigFifimftii'<, S!;ne. 9Tid Accoun's k> belai(lbcfiire(lt«Htjaia,vi2, 

1, Av P.Uiin^t-i: at live OrttirKfj" of the N-'vy !or the y«tr ITjOp 
with ihr Hi(f-I'*y of tlieOfficcJ' of the N.ivy und AFarJ! rs. 

£. An K^llmatcofdie Charge for Guards, Garrjfbnsand LtkiMl Forces 
(ottbeYnr 173ft. _ , 

J-.Ab £fliii)Jie of the Charge of Ordnance for tbc Land Ser»iee for 
(Jte Y««r 1736. 

4. A &tMe efihc Debt of hii MajcHy't Nivy, at it Hood at ChrUlirmg, 

J. A>» Aceount (hswirg^howtlje Mc^ney givfn for ihe 'Wrvlcc ol the 
Yew (735. hid been dif^afeJ of, dittftigufhcd lindefttic O-r-.n' lU-'^U. 

6. An Account of the Services idcurrcd iifltl (io[ prosidcJ fiH !>y Par- 

Ofivbich the fi:ft and ftfurCh wert laiJ brftire iht Houfe next Dsy r the 
fecund, rhirtl, and fixth. on Mondny thi^tcxFitr ; and ihe lifth Ht 7 uc^Qiy 
it* J J ofMiiTcb, flnd fdlow in ihfif Onfcr aignU-dt tor, 

JhAkJhii3iflht0rr!Ha,yESTI!^ An'E'flkella<ujPrth>rem- 1756. 

f» fi/ S*(A/ Wan. //v Lo'-fl[i Cumniijji^^fii fur fxtcufing tkc OJjice tf 

LeiA H':gh .lilmiral sf G\e«t Britain. 

f. TheComrrilTionerfof ihi: NuVy, wiih theSecr;tr,rics, p / t. d. 

Officers, C^ctks, lilllrumfnti and Cotiiingencic; r,^!u[- C ;8,o62 .14 I 
iog thereto /. s ^.\ 

% SupEtjnnuated Sea-Ojlirers — — . 5'09 '^ 7 i 8667 7 

3. Penfiuns and Allowance 3>Sr '5 Oj ' 

4. Cha'hatn 1 35<^7 7 ^ 1 

1. Deptford I . jolia II A I 

I. Woolwich '^^ . . :w, 3 S L . „ g 

7, Portfrnouth /^"^ +,62 1+ 6 f ''^'555 "_* 

5. Sieernefs [ - - ■ . 181^ 46 


P!ymou;!i ^___ z\c(i 5 6 

10. Mufter-Mailers and oiher Officer!* of the O.i! Portr— 3-6-3 J 6 

it. WagC5 to Ship) and V'eflels in Ordin.iry 30.712 6 O 

12. Vifluals 10 ihc Oiticeti and Mea fervinj; therein — -™ l3i*5P S O 

Ij, Cnargc of the Harbour Mo?rin^5__ — 24,01(4 O O 

14.. Ordinary Repjiiicf his M,^jclly's.Ship5 in Harbour, i* j. 

sod of the Docks, Wharfs, EmiJinijs, Siz. . '^ ' ' 

15. Ordiniry Charge of fick and hurt Seamen .^__. i,o68 i; o 

j6. Half-Pay to Se* OiTicers . — ■_ -r-^ oi o 

" TVw*! 6f the Ordinary Ellimar; of the Nivy for the i , 

- V«r .756. 1 . -. \^^l.zh% ^^o 

-« . ■ ■ d tlOMtV^ 




■ Brought over 217,269 ^ 10 
To which may be added 
For defraying the Expence jo mainuintng, in the Royal ~i 
HoTpital of GreeDwicb. an additional Number of 
DifablHl Seamen, taken and to be taken into it, who 
are worn out and become decrepid in the Service of 
their Country, there being now goo poor Seamen I 
maintained in the (aid Hofpital ; as alfo for a fulBcient r **'»°"'' 
Number of Nurfei, being the Widows of Ofiiceri and' I 
poor Seamen, and for carrying on the Buildingi md I , 
other Incident) of the bid Hofpital for the Year 1 7)6. { 

Tbtal 227,269 4 10 

And then the Total of the Ontinary Ellimate of the Navy for the Year 
i;j6, amounts to Two hundred twenty feven Thotdud two hnodred 
fixtyaine Pounds fsur Shillingi and ten Pence. 

Kichard Haddock. Jtinei Ackworth, 
Thonwi Pearfe, George Par»ii. 
J. Fawler. 

Am Eftimatt t/lbt Ciargt ^ ibt QuarJt, GaMftu, Md tibtr hit i/bjififi 
LanJFtrtti /■ Great Britain, /ir ikt fiar 17^6. 

Hj for 365 

Davf. Total. 
Horfe Number, /. ,, /. /. *. d. 

til. Troopof Gaaida **— iSi i6,$9X 00 

xd ditto ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ' iRi 16,^92 o o 
3d ditto 181 i& 

Btauglil forwifj 

if Rcginent o/Cianli 

ti date ■ - ■■ — 

Lieut- (^<a 1~att«n*i RcgiiDciX ~- 

Utjm G<a. Birnl'i 

lrip£cr Mo«it>pte'i — 

Uot G«. WkcUum'f 

liigidier UiiiJtaoR'i -— — 
Iripjxr H4fTiron's —. , — ' 

.Jhp^ier iUmiifydc'* 

I. Geo- Stbioe'i . —^ 

Iler Pkldicu'i Rr^Jmeni - 
'itpcndut LotapLiatc* 

[adeflenbkt Coaptniei. 
E&k lali{iMkdau Companies? 
b Nonb Brluii 5 

SuT OScen, Sx. 

Gtf T r ifld CantUc -^ 

Piy fbf j6f To«I. 
Kumbtn. Dajn. /. /. / 

S"3 3'6.>97 4« 





5>.*9' »7 « 
Jj.sg9 17 o 

JJ.J5* >6 o 
'3'9«7 $ <• 


-«9,s«) 15 



9.<J33,I7 o 

— 5J$ 

9,146 17 o 

36,060 14 4 

IJ.OOO o o 

•61.96S 4 o 


J>^,z-;(> z o 


<MBb*i7 oFtlie OBicci uiraprifiiig Reyain of 
-tefehovfiB. Bimcki, PUifbrmi. Clfrucei,! 
SHMi (bt Cftrtifbfi^ Rtni*. S«'sna, andC^^'^H 
«hn tnrtCTTt Ctsrjc» — _ 

IfcUiSic -, Glbnltir. Aupolit,/ 
Pbetm: Rr.ttta . 5 

Hil(-P»)r ct fitit it: '■ hare litrvpi »«;i 

MibeTnunic-f A;- -, aFIandew.SpiiB, 

u4 M fnrenl Exptdiuoni — 


Tavari}* Cirrvteg &a iheS CGibralttr-^— 
Foru6tJMni, trf*\s C ^M'two 




1 0,090 O O o e 

70DO O 

306 o 


Brought forw'ard 

Towauls rebui'dingf and repairing the Fof ■ ^ 
t'ticiion- nt Shcernt.s - ' ■ - s 

Towards building anu Mp'i'ing the Forti-^ 
ficaiions m Kinfinouih ■ 7* — ■ y 

To.vard cnrryrng on the new Iter tiTicat ions ) 
and Bnrr.ick^ ar Fori Augullus is ihe ?■ 
Highlands of Sco:.ind - J 

One hundred Ton of S»it Ptirc ^ , ■ — 

Ezcecdings, fur which no Auowancehaih 

been nt^d>; by l^arii^iniciit. 
O.dnnnces and Stores fi-nl by liis MajfUy': Or- 
der in Council. diEcd jd A\'>\, 173;. 
loho Armllrung, fo Bar b.iJi.i:? — — . 

Geo. (^regoiy, Lew^rd Hkbda 

L. Smclr, . 
\V/, Larle, 

d. i. 

— 6j,2So 


5, coo a o 

;,ooo o o 

2,003 Q 

4,^00 o o 


79.760 5 9 

7 4 

Srrvicii inairieJ Anno 17351 "oi fr^idtdfot ^ Pstrliamtnt. 

Tbe Remainder of the Suppliet voted by Parliament th«~i 
2 41 h Dec. i;3j. tbrv.dmllJng t;,c Garrifon of Gi- I, more ihEawa; lufTcico: to latiifv tlw D;- i 

manda of the late t.ui;i.v.,'ijr, ai.d applitibie to the f 7>-'j* 
new Centra;": fur this btivicc, mstic with Tho. fieo- | 

nest Elq: d^tcd;sr 1753, w.-.s, ; 

Voted in Parliament (Liilii,. SvTvice.An. 1754. ;j,Co:; c 

_._ — — — .. ^_...,^,_ 

Peficiency Anno 1734. irice good-, 
Voted foi tiiis Service, .^^1101735 - 

■ Total of Supplies to 24^(1 Dec. 1735 

7.769 '5 > 
z;,ooo o o 

— , 65,406 

FaymcDts "made to Tnomas Revc', Y(<\i Contraclor^ 
for this Scfvice, from i';c ithof February 1733-4. 
the Cox qi CD cement of the Contr.tCl, to the 4tn of( 
September IT3^, inclufive 

The Paymeo:: from the ;^:h cf Septcmbtr, 

173 ji '" ^^-^ 4'^' of J^:ri;-.ry follow irg, 

belrg four Months, at ;S Days per Moniii, 

■ ei'.im.i-ed at , ,.. ,,- __^_ — 

Ijil'ui'.iLiie, Anno '73^ 

HxtMordinary Magazines and iieceil'.ry Re 
, pairs, cilimaccd at ■ -. .. „__ ■■.,. 

,59,350 o 10 

•I 0,349 4 = 



*; 3 




, -.'0. 


'4 1 



8 ^ 

















■ ^ 























« W«( 

















H «« 






« — 






k ■ 





J "3 


1 . 






W. B. 


^S si 
*i *■ ^ 




"^ 2 

[ Tiii ] 






























1" "* 








- o 


O o" 


ft a. 




-; o 















o o o 

o o o 

en O 


Q O 


c o 


o a 


*> o. 


o_ ■^ 


•^ o 


■*■ C<1 


o - 



M O 


O O 






^L 1^ 8 


O Q 




O •" 






^^^^^B •* 









^ 5 











A ■ e L- « 

S 3,2 Is 
% >r; ^ > - 

CO ■« 6 _" «„ 

^ ;- * " 5 

6°- ■* 


<J C « 






o O o o o 
O o 

O o o -^ 

. o o o ^ 

o_ o o o - 

O 6 Q Q 

^^ U u *JJ «^ i-'^ I VLI 

o o o \ »^H \™ 
O. kft o^ \ ". \ ' . 

On FtiiAy ib£ Sid of jActurj. It «M Ordered ihn thi 
proper Oficcr fhouM la^ Ixfotc ttiii Ileufeftn AceouncoftW 
K'lunbtT cf Somen cmpioycd in the 5cr»i« of the Royal 
N«vy, from the jittof J>ecerabcr. 1734.10 (be jifl cf De- 
ccMber. 173$, apoaaUcdimnorench Month, dilUegtiifltie^ 
what Nur^r wen borne, uid what raoAcitil ia the b.n 

Accordingly, the (aid Account «ns taid before ilie Ho«fr 
OB the 'Vbaxldij aiier, ud wu ai follotn, viz. 

KaTy-Oflce, iTtli fan. 1755. 
An ACCUU N T of the Numberof Saoieaempioyedio 
(heServKcof the Royal Na vy, from the 3 liloTDec. I731, 
tothc 3tA of Dec. ■7}5i upona Mediam cfeach Month, 
difiingnilhiDs what Nun^r were borne, and whn ami' 
tei'd m the (aid Swvice. pre|>aftd parfaant to inOtdcrtf 
the Uoa. tloaic olCoMtoiUt dated the 13d Isibni 

Namber Of Me*, 


tmmry < 







Au^uD — 


Oaofacr ^ 



ITpoa > Media 






37. ;4? 




a 8. 194 







RiclnrtUaddoefc. J. Ackwttnt; 
Tho. P<af(fe« O. Par*lt, 
J. Powler, Rob. B/c.5. 

TheaSlh. (Seetu|e lai.) ThcHooreCtfccKlInei 
i<t) KioWtd itfcW into I Cmniatnee of the whok EJtil 
conb icr fkirrhci of the 5am1v granted M kit Majefc. tad 
ome (o the /oliowiejj Uebluuontf whaoet uij Dtbin 



•r DivtIiaBi. caly W tn Sh n, Efqi maSe ■ (hort 

>i|iinlt kevpi.-ig i:p Tucb z suneraii Standing Arnjr 
LTirM ol PtMM. 

R>*oliRiM<« <vtr« ai fbllow. vie 
riu! '^' cffi-'li« Mf w be provided for 

ti— in Gfdt-BriUia. and /or Gurufef 

fry. fntilttVcAf 1736. ft)ould be (ifidudi^iSi; In- 
,ii>il fc; '/ci^ which the fix Indcpeadiot Companies 
; 4f, Icj &«rvice cf the Kighhrd*] 1 7 ,794 Men, Com- 
>n sn>d Non-ConsmiAon OAccf* inctgiittl. 
[3. Th4t a Sum not cxcrrding 649,1701. 2). fhould te 
laai to (h- M 'Xljf, for lUfrayins the Charge of the (»ii 
-4 Xi' larJ* anJ ri^-r'ifonj, >t>d othcf bi> Mi- 

ll) Cfcat BfJuiiijCucinkjr and Jericy, 

_ . ^ . . Al 


101. and lid. 


. ir. ifac I'juiuii^ini, .Minora, aad G>- 


^■t cjccteding 7144I. If. I id. Farthing, 

hit Mnjclly for rtcfnying ferersl exira- 

ty fjtf-^iHci aad .scivicci, iiKumd Anno I7}5i ud 

'dcd for by Ptrltsmrni. 

2901. Agreed 10 itve Rcfolution of Yci\»<tar, after 

wu pnftBtnl w the Iloufc tbe followirg Rcpsn of 

of the CornmilEonen of the Royti Hafpinl 

Seaoien ttumnwtch. ptu&ant m an A^ of i^tliament 

i;h Year of hu prrfcni Majelly. riKiL[«d, An Afl hr 

H'kJtMB of ihe Renit pad Projitt of the Efl tt t ] fof- 

l^ ibc AtaJadcfs of Jann tatc BaiJ of Dcnvcatviter, 

Cuikt Kadcliic. Etqi vii. 

^ HoooBnblii the Cotnmou of Grui Btitiin, in Far- 
tbsMtii alletnblrd . 

iiRice 10 tlic DircAiofii of an AS paSird in the 
ibft&Saaof Pirliamcai, iniiilevt, An AA (ot tbe Apltn- 
rril Pioiti of the T\Rua forfeited by tbo 
hit Eift ofDctwentwitef.ard Ourlea 
M^ifei i^lili ict^kjiring ibeCotncntiliiiecisar Goyetttot* of 
Roya) hjarpua! bt Sc^ineti at Greenwich, lu cootnA 
tad Mr«c ind faficient Trsdeftnen, Artificer!, or 

MhcT mt> - nnilliiiig and cgntpkatiag the h'*i Roy»l 

|l|fakiJ, ina Workman like and fubhxaiial M^riocr, un (be 
■bn iiiiimo?! rMfooahlel'crmi. acconlitig ioilicPbn hH 
t>^ic Tc of Comiavai in the fiiii SefEon of Parlit- 

^^', . L'^ .^ij Ihcir Procmluigi tlictcin, wtlb ibelran- 

nml Accflunti, befnre hii Majeflyi and both Houfn of Par- 
liament rcfpeftivf ly. 

The Couimiflioncrs and Governors of the (aid Hofpital 
do humbly rtpoit a^ follows : 

There has been rpcrived from the Exchequer the Sam of 
5282!. 131. beihg the Arrears remaining thereof the Renti 
of the Elbtc, whicii Sam hJ: La^u innlied in Bank-Annut- 
tiei3{ 3I. per Cent, until there {Vi.lII be Occa^on to tlifpofe 
of thciine, purfuanito-'iePurporcsorrhc Aft of Parlistn^nt. 

THiFc h:.s "tne.n likLwile rrcciveJ out of the Renci of the 
Eflaie, tlic t^jr.; :f2i^81, 135, id. 

As totheit I'l-.c^ line's in carrying on the Buildingi, the 
FoundatioDi of Queci': \!"r/V Court arc in a gr^r>t meRfare 
laid, and the Walls of ihf L'hrjpel and Kitchen s.-t carried 
up to the Top [>f the Ftinir., ii';ich 1!, to the Citis of the 
WimJowi of the Bale Story, the Er^yerce of which has 
amounted to ICS9I. 151. id. 

By Order of the Commilhouers, 
Admiralty Office, 

Jan. 29. 1735. Tho. Corbett. 

''J he 3iAf received the following Accoontt. 

The Exceili or Surplus of the feveral Duties, Revenues, and ^ftf^tf 
Incomes commonly called the Aggregate Fund, e(tab1i{hed f!''^ ^ 
by ftve.-al Afl« of Parliament of the 3d, 5:h. and 6ih Years "^ ' 
of his h:e Majriiy's Reign, for anfwcring the Paymetiu 
therein exprelTed, viz. 

The Money arifen ;ii the Exchequer within the Hall Year 
ended at Lady Day, 1735,00 the particular Branches 
herein GQuraeratcd, viz. 


Hou'i' Money, firlt gtartcd 7th of Will. III. ■ 

jds Tonnage ane! Poundage 1 

Arrears o! t'le Duties on Coffi^e, Tea, and Chocolate, 
before :he 24rh of Jone, 17Z4 ; and the Duties on Nut- 
meg". Cinnamon, Cloves. Mace, Piflures and Mullini— 505 It J 

Arreirs of the Increafed Duties on Coffire, lea, and 
Choco:a:c, before the 24th of June, 17:4, and the 
Duties on Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace, and 
Piflures ^ I. ■! — — 2,317 14 6 

A .Moiety of the ] niand Duty of i s. per lb. on Coliee, 
fincc the 24;h of Junci 1724. ■ ■ ■ - 1 ^ 11,820 16 10 

1 19.1 71 oil 











[ xiii 

Brouglit over 




I— 01*4 k per lb. oa Tea, fmix (iitio 
IV leUmi Duty of I s. 6d. ptr \b on CbocQisic, 

fiac»4ttte 51776 19 S 

Panhrr Rito on WiUu Ctlicoci. China Warci and 

Driij* ! S.682 19 1 

HmK Svbidf of Tonttngie »ni Pooadige — — — 151655 i§ 9 
Sarpfoi oTtlK otiui Moicfy abavc 80,000 1, pei Anoum 

(sr AflButtlt« — ■ - 

AddltMiu! Duiin an French Winci ssd Mcichftcda:!— 

PhKluioM Uiuics 

Duiiet on Hop* ^— ^^ ^—^—-^ ■■ 

Du'KtuH Eliftiid^ ■ -■ — 

Sarplfli nft)i. txcife, gfanied bf 99 Vetrs — — . 
Ditto of ihc f*'u 7ihi t>f t^J, fjicil* — — I - ■ 

X}iuo i>r the 37DD0 1. )nr Wctk Exctfv ^_ 131307 17 

pittootilie Kmnura in Anfluity, Afli ^ib, 5th, ami 

6th, .^Drf 






4 « 
r^ 10 




J 1.677 



Pitn, u' the Finti hjtii« LotKiy. lyo — ■ 

PMk. Klatuti brouglii into lUe Kxchftjucr ificr Mu 
X, i7if,ii*|iK-pmicdb7ia Vldcf Geo. 1. page 

Djiy 0* tereigi) SkilCIoth 1 , __ — ■ ___ 1,51^ £ t 

To i-T Duly of jd. pfr Biitel Ficifr, ind the tddiiio- 
tii ['jTi l:. IVn^ianiJ Al.arilen Mi<KactiDdi,r7j4.&n(l 

' ''X* '75S' *"■''•' '"^ »bov< Tij^icicnt w 
.. [ -[:xt cf 8i,Dcol per Annius, granted 
j ^Um 1710, tmnfoxi to tbai Ttnc ^^'399 7 ' 

3J4.SJ* S 7 

Tbt Eatds or Surphu of the rcrcra) Dulki, Revcnueit stid Itwoma, 
OMnmonly ca.llcfl the Aggrcdate Fund, cllablilhtd by fentnl A^U oF 
hflnmcuof tkc j^.', jib.aitd 6i]i Vur> cfhu bic Ajajeit/t Roga, 
fOTufwcriKg Uk P«>inct)U iherein cxficDeJ, «iz. 


B7 hyBCBUckatgrd on the Am^ttguc Fund, by AfU of 

i*jrluiinei)t, vft. 

Bv the pinfcofPrRianJ.on ifecir AnoaiEy of 6o,ccol. 

: 8o,occ I. ft: Abu. lot atiCcUinc 

c<|ucr Bilh) for il<e hatf Year eoiicd 

K Utl.r-daj, i73_5.p«truinc to tbeAA of it Geo. I. 

p£. 1)3. ami X Geo. II. p»g. Si. 

8j tie Stfuit Sn Caaifany to dilc^^ge Aaaaitiei at 

/. rf. 

30,000 a • 


CREDITOR. /, ,. /. 

4 per Cnt. en the Principal Sum of 393,6^5!. 81. to 
which the Samof 48i,7C>oI. fubfcribed into their Capital^ 
ii reduced by ibacingfrom the hn\e ^9,ct^i. izs. Tor 
» proportionable Part of 4.,;oo,oool. repaid to thi; faid 
Company for redeeming fomuck of their Capital, and the 
AnnoiEics atiendtng the fame, beinj^ the Remainder of « 
500,000), contributed on the firll Lottery, 1719, for the 
ialfYeartmled atLady-day, 173^. »■ — 7,8 /i it i 

Towards the Expence of his Majctty's Civil GorerD- 
neat for the half Year ended at Lady Day, 173;, by the 
A& of I Geo. II. psg. 8. ■ ■ . ■- 60,000 o • 

By the South Sea Company todifcharge Annuities at 
4 per Cent, on the Principal Sam of 751,9111. 16s. id. 
to which the Sum of 84; ,702!. is. ^d. fubfcribed into their 
Capital, it reduced, by abating from the lame 91,790). 
51. 7d. toT a proportional Part of 4,;oo,ooo I. repaid 
to the fa id Company, for redeeming fo much of their whole 
C*f in), and the Annuities attending the fame, being the 
. Rmtsindcr of i ,079,000!. contributed for Annuities Anno 
17I5> for the hall Year ended at Lady Day, 173;. v- 15,038 4 , t 

By the Officert of the Exchequer-Bit L Office, on their 
S»laries,fbr the half Year cndedat Lady Day, 173;. — • jie o o 

Jty theUlherofthe Exchequer for NecelTanci. .. j| tg g 

By the South Sea Company, and the Governor and Com- 
pany of the Bank of England, claiming unJer them for 
the balfVear ended at Lndy D.iy, 1735, on 5'7'' ' ''• 9^- 
per Ann. being fuch Part ofio,ji61. t5 7d. per Ann. 
Refidueof iz.oool. per Ann. allowed t'jem for Charges 
of Management on Subfcriptions by the A& ofd Geo. I. 
as ii chargnble on this Fund. - .. jgg* ij j^ 

By the United Company of Merchants of England, 
trading to the Eall-lndin, on their reduced Annuity of 
128,000). payable to them from Michselma;, 1730, be- 
ing after the Rate of 4I. per Cent, per Ann. on thefaid 
Ctimpany'i Capital of 3,100, 000I. for the halfYear ended 
at Lady Day, 173;, purfuant to the Ad of 3Ge0.II. 
pag. 4S= — 64,000 o a 

■77>SS' 14 |i 
ty the Ezf efs or Si rplus which at or before Mdj Day, 

1735, did a rife by the Duties compoiing the Aggregate 

Fund pir eamra (over and above all the Monies then due, 

or payable to difcharge the fcveral Annuities and other Al- 

low.incciand Payments dircAed by .4fls of Parliament to 

be Ciiisfied out of the fame) which Excefs or Surplus i* 

carried to the Sinking fund. . • — —— 159,980 IZ 7 

336.539 7 * 

of Kit Ixc 

o( R«vmiu r^Art or tlK South Se* 

J .....s., I'arlMinencol the 3J and MbVcarl 

;n, fttt anlwcriog P,i; lo ihc Soodi Sea 

tw.uli Eji«e{s of Sorplut is here fbtcd zt La:d]r 

r Jlwy «r^ af <fa Excheqiltr m thi halfTntr trndriat La^ Off, 175;. 


■^ »eii ViiKgif 

AOiimai Inpofiiiooi — 
AiUItioiHl WIuUcFiua 

OmyoB Ciiulltiknce ihe iHoTAUy, i;i; 
Afpcatkci Dni}' ItnM ditto 

/. / 

— — 60.164 ' 
j6,co8 I J 

♦7.594. I 
'3.798 o 

J«.0»J 1+ 



[7^ Eitefr orSurclui of foch Ootid or Rcvrauti. (Part of Uib So-iOi Su 
F«»^) a* ■»(» (iUblilhed by Act cf PirliaiRCot o( the v! ]l Vrvt 

el ku btE Mjjtlll't Reign, ftw ■rifweiiw Pjymcoij 1 lib Sfli 

QMpBiir >tuJ oucrs, ȣ>di Excefi or Sarplat ii hat iu:i:J ai Luf 

C R E D r T O R 

E. ' ''rmt 

111. p : , .sa. 

lmtf«na)r,COwhiCB iBtir onginai i^pital of to,Ooo,oo<}l. 
UW«ad,b}'«batintr.'ioijM.<!: Time l,i^~,^}ii>\' I ■>- jJ- 
Half-pnay. 5*t a ..a I Pari o* 4.5OQ.000I, re- 




< feK- 


-,.1 .iM ,1-, 

<'r ' r fedeetning 10 mucti ofttteif 

.riicixiccJing the (unc.mnd 

,^aat UdyOay. 1735 -—..^g^j^ „ ^ 

7.1 29I. lu. 1 It), (xr Ann. foi 

.jrig-inc-ii, (ff iwhkh ilitir Ai|<iw»nirt f' 

n wu 'i-UEcd, OD Rcj^aymcni to chc I'lid 

.cocl. ai iroiciiiil, arid ii lur the bilf 

> ^7' '7JS- ^Jfi* 16 5 

By tlic &tnriorSur|Ji».wt>KJiatci[tKro(«L>dyPar> 
!■};. did arjft by the Racci, Uutici, Iinpofiricfii and 
frr iir/ra, t\rtt ao*l .lbo¥c Li£cicn< t^ '. 

tb lfc« 5mlu»g Fund. ■ - 10.879 a ( 




Tie Produce at the Excliequer of the Duties and RcTrnncs, which hy as 
^A of 3 Geo. I. page 30J, were, charged towards making good a 
geienil jearly pund of 724,849!. 6s. lod. with the Drficienc; ihereof. 
and the Orcrplui of the fame General Fund Hated at Lady Daf , 1 73 r, 
which Overplui arifeth over and above all the Monies which then or 
before became dne or payable according to fubfequent Afts, ouc of the 
faid Dadcs, Revenues, or General Fund. 

St MfMy arijin at tie Exchequer ivilhin the l>a!f Ttar ended at La4^ Dtn, 
1735, '* ^'"''^363,4141. 13 8, 5d. viz. 


10/. Lottery. 171 1 /. /. d. t. /. d. 

Sohfidj on Goods exported ■ ■- t6,86z 10 2 p 

Two Shilling) per thaldron on Coals 27.912 15 3C 83,691 o o 

Additional Duty on Candles^ 381915 14 6j 

CUfi ditto, 1711. 

Hackney Coaches and Chairs %'l^9 3 lO 

New Stamp Duties 6,001 4 tC 

yoo I. per Week Lottery Money .17.500 o or 79'75» >6 "O 

Otter OB Hides and Skins 52,668 8 4 J 

10 1. Lottery, 1712. 

DatfonSoap S9.'70 9 *? <: _ 

Samp-DDties on Paper 7,849 o 8$ ^I'^i^ 10 o 

Clafsdicto, 1712. 

Additional Duty on Hides ' * 30.182 4 3'\ 

I>nty on Wire and Starch 5^45° '8 7 I 

Policies of Infurance .^.^ ■ . 1,680 10 5 1 - 

A Moietjr of the Duty of is. per lb. f 74'70» >9 1 

on QdStK . 11,820 16 10 I 

Ditt04s. per lb. on Tea 'S'S6; 9 o ■ 

Hereditary Excire, payable out of J700I. per Week 

Bankers Annuities . .«_ '9>927 17 9 

325,106 3 8 

To the Contpleitient for compleaiing the general Fund 
of724.849l. 6s. lod. per Ann. forthehalfVear ended at 
lady Day, 1755. to be made good by Parliament. — 37.318 9 t 

362,484 13 5 


Jplft.Producr at dtt Exchequer of the Daii» ind Revinitet, wkidi by an 
,&& oi i Gto. i. pag. P3 . wire chirgcd c^ivtMr J> mikin); good « gene- 
al Yeulf Fund 0/714.349]. 65. tod. with thej)t£dncy ibcreo* aad 
(he OrrTplii* of ihr lame General PntuJ, Aated ac Lidj- Dar, 173:, 
wUcb OvcrpJui ariftth ovcraodabovc lU tbc Moneys, wtikh'iltca. or 
before famine due aiul payable, accoidicB to iiibicqucnt AiU, oat of 
ikc fajd Dutict, Reveijuei, or Qencnl Fond. 

CREDITOR. /, , ^. 

Bf Pkynwaci dtargjcd on i^ Gencnl poadt b]> A£U of 
Parliamcai, vix. 
^ibeSoctb £ei Compacy, todirdiuge Anfluitieiat4l. 
fer Cent, on ibc principal Sum ol'7,4f],ioSI, 4s, lod, 
to wkrctt [be Sum of tf. 329,191). 3t. id, fubfcnbed jn- 
|a rbeir Caprtal, i) reduced, by abating from tbe (sine 
90&ti6£l. 7>- ad. for a ptopotUanal Part of (lie Sun of 

ESOO.oooI. repid to the faid Cocnpany, fur redccmios 
taadiofilteirwttole Cnpitil, und the Anduttiet attend- 
I the boK. being [he KcfDaioilcr of 9>>34t]57l. ijf, 
in. IS which tbe Proprietori of ceitain Orders in the 
iHtr Lofierief, 1711 atto 171 i.inJ t^ Debt ducioccitJiin 
lwlt«T( ud othcrt, were entitled for the half Year ended 

UJyDif. I7JS. — i48,4ftx j 6 

Bf dnto Coapaay, to difcharge Antiui[>n at 4I. per 

Cent, on tba prioctpal Sum of 667,1 17I. '"' 7^- '" 

(■rhicli the Sam of 748,5;; I. igt. $ d. fubfcritKd into 

Itself Capital, ti reduced,!))' aba ting frofn the fame Si, 430I. 

1 17s. lod. for a ptoportiorublc Pare of Che Sum of 

F4,{es,aoel' repaU to the did Cofltpuy (or redeemiag fo 

muth of ibrir »Jioie Ctpiul, and the Aonuittn atceodirtg 

rtlcCunc bc)D|t tbc Rcmaudcr of g47i$i4l. ;i. 8d. to 

|-«hj(k the Proprietori of (noio Tallici of Sol. were in- 

Pdadfikat «CTT iVuck at the Exchequer to tnaUc good 

iia>4rj Oefifienctri, Anno (;i6, for (he h:«]f Yejrended 

UJ* D*y. 173;. 13.34a 6 '• 

By d'tio Corapaoy. to difcharge Annuiiici at 4I. pet 
nw. on the principil Sum ol 1,079,0641. iKt. 3J. to 
^kh eke Suai ul 1,^10,71^:). t ^1. 8d. lubfcnbtd inia 
tkCM^aaiM rediKcdibyamtin^trDD the bine 1)7,727), 
pK 4^foiapraconioittlPaRoftheSum 0/4,500.000!. 
rtp*td n ihe (aid CofDpaajr for redrcming to much of 
ihor whoir Cipiul, arid the ADPuitiei attending ihe 
bne. briag i)m KemaiDder of i.6o3.ti$7/. tr. xd. to 
vkieh (li< Propnetoii of certain Army Debecturcic 
■adc ionh m the jili of March, 1719, were iiuitled far 

tit Ittif Vear ended Lady Dajr. irjj. »l.s8» 5 '» 

\ if itittf Company, [o difcharge Annoitiet of 4/ per 
h^ Cm. fB \kt priKipal Sum ol 96.074 /. 91. 9/. u> 


CREDITOR. r. J. /. 

which the Sam of 107,802/. 17 s, 4d. rubfcribed into 
thtif Cipitri it reducctt, by abating from the fame 
11,7281. 7s. 6d. for a proportional Part/of (heSum of 
4iSOChOOol repaid to the laid Compiny for rcdeemiog 
fe nwchofihcir whole Capita), aiKl the An ouitiei attend •' 
ing the fame, being the Remarnde,- of MO'.jia). 7s. fd. 
to which the Proprietors of certain Talliei of Sol. were 
onitled, thai were llruck for the Service of the Navj. and 
the TiAiia'ing thereof, for the half Year ended at lAdj 

D*y. ,73s. . ^ 1,92! 9 9 

By dino Company, and the Governor and Compuy of 
theBank of England claiming ander them, for the half 
Year ended at Lady Iky. )735i on 41671. 41. 8d, per 
Ann. being fuch Fart if 10,516'. it. 7d. per Ann. Re 
fiduc of i2,oool. per Am, allowed them for Charge of 
Management on SnorcViption by the AB of 6 Geo. I. a> ii 
dwrgeablc on tbii Funtt. ■ i ■■ ■ 2,133 iz 4 

By the SuSereri of Nevis and St. Ckriftopbert for Ab- 
Builict at the Rate of 3I. per Cent, and opott the principal 
Smn of 37,8ztl. $■■ id. Refidoe of 141,6931. 151. id. 
contalfecd in Ordcn of Debentnrcs made fi»th by the 
JDonmAoun for Afiain of Trade and PUntitiaB] for 
ibehalt YcarendedatLady Day, 173;;;. : $67 6 4 

188,008 4 9 
Ballance ii the O^Iti!, which at or before Lady Day, 
i735,didBrircby thefaidGencralFund intbii half Year. 
(when the Sum of 37>3i8t. 9s. 8d. fer antra fhall be 
made good fay Parliament) over and above fuffictent to b- 
tiify all Annuitiei and other Sumi due or payable out of 
the fame, which Excefs orSurploi n carried to the Sink- 
ing Fond, . ■ 174.416 8 7 

362,424 13 s 



"^ The Exchequer to the Sinking Fund, 


To Surplus Money unapplied at Michaelmas, 1754. ai 
pet Account fonhe half Year then ended ■ > ; 

To Sarplui Money arifcn in the halfYeaf 
ended at Jjtdy Djy, 173 j, viz. 

/. t. ^. 

Snrplot of ihe Aggregate Fond, as per 
Aeroont ■- ■ 158,980 12 7; 

Sorplut of the Souih-Sea Conpatiy's 
Fond, ai per Account _ , - . lo.^yt^ 8 6 

Sarplut of the Gencrdl {tund. (vhen 
iheSum of }7.3i8l. gs. Sd, beijig the 
Coap'einci" lu 361,42^.1, 151. jd. 
flail Lc made gooti, as pci Account 174..416 | 

The Excheqaer to the Sinking fund, per Q 

/. /. J. 

By Cath taken in full of the Sum of 1,200,000 I. for 
or towards the Supply granted to his Majclly for the Serr 
vice of the Year 1 734, puri'uant to the Afl of 7 Geo. IF. 
p3ge 264. . 1 1 3,799 '2 11 

By Remains at Lady Day, viz, 

/. $ d. 

Surplus of the .'iggrcpate Fund 134,716 11 ti 

Surplus of the South Sea Company's 

Fur.d 4.673 18 10 

Surplus of the General Fund, when the 
Sum tf 3-, 3 1 SI. OS. 8d. three Farthinp,*, 
iSc Deficiency thcrenf m this half Year, 

fliall be made good by Parliament. 1 3 3,643 1 9 3 

. 27393410 a 

!9>.834' 3 • 

This being the Five and Twentieth hnlf yearly Account made up. pur- 
tnant to the Ai'l of 9 Gro, I. I'.ig; 367, i^ hunrbly prciented the 3_ilt 
Daf of January, 1731. !'y mc 'J . *»■ 

■The Zxctti or Surp?uft of ihc fcwral Dotitt, Rcv«Qae». «nd In<oi»«*. «*» 
H nonly cslitd (!)« AggKOte Fond. ellsbIi(lK<l by fcvcml /Ub of l^ili*- 
H incr>iofihe3<J. j(h,aad6th Y«n of hii lite MajeQy'* K^gn, TorAB- 
H fv«rtn£ ibc pjjriEcntG cbcrcin exprcfkd, vis. 

Tbf Mooty urifenar ih< Exchequer wiihin the Half Vc4rend<d st Ml- 
duelmii I75S.OB (he pa«ieu!jr Bfanchei bcieincnumtMied, vis. 

I DEBTOR. /. 'I A 

' Uwfc MoKr. firft grtRRd 7 Will. III. ■ 49.*7* »<> 4 
Two ;ijiToanjgcand Pondage _^^_ ■ ■■ — - 6o,:$0 17 J 
before ihe tilh criunc, 1 -^ 14 i and Ibe Du(i» on Nui- 
megt . CtDnimoti, Oovei, \U<e, PidumaiHl Mnttro!— • 81$ 7 9 

Aiicaijofihc Inerrafed Daiiei onCtrffec.Tn, inJCbo- 
colatc, bcfciic the i^ih of June, 17:4, and chc Outksua 

INatnirg*. Cinumon. CIovci, M»(, &iul Pifturci 10454 il d 
A MoKly ot the labnd Daijr of it. pet ]b oa Cefi««, 
fence :4:ti June, 1714. ■ . ^_ i}fitg ' 'o 
Bitic nr4!. pcfb. onTea.Gnw^iet© ;>.4?> »* > 
Tbc Ibliad Out/ of i». bJ. per lb. oa Chocolate, fioce 

ditto. 4.! 19 5 7 

FnttherRtiei oaWhitc Calicoes, ChiuiWaiet aadDiugi t .;S3 o } 
Hatf SoblWr of I'onaBgr tad Pouiuhgc ■ - - — — ^ i'^i<3)S 10 8 
Satpiu uftlie otkcrMoicty ahorcSo.x-oli per Ana. 

for ARfiuitid .^_— •—— — 11,716 19 5 

AdditMfulDuUH on riench Winei «ndMer<lun<llLet I>i3i8 7 ) 

FUuxtioo I>uiic? - . . 340 tt) 1 

Dutitt on Hop* . . SM'* '* ♦ 

Pulinoo Brand/ — ■ - . ■ — — .-- ^__ 11 1870 s A 

Surplus i^if iter <>d. Fjroirc, granted Cor 99 Van 3 j--^< t'^ ^ 

Ohio of tbc tiMo 7Chi qJ f.xcirc . 11,403 if «, 

/Jiitoofche fir«7t(i'i;j. Exdfc — — . 18,091 10 S 

i>i»o of the ;:3c]. per Wcekfitcife . 3»>707 17 4 

Ditto of ike Untauci in Ansuii}' AA, y.h, ;th, aad 

*th Ann* - — - ^^117.386 i{ l» 

Dirto of the fund fof the Lotiery. 1710 .^^^ 32|>46 »7 9 
Pu&Ik Monin farou]^ht into the Exdioqvcr ifict Mi- 
chaeJimt. 171;. kppTOpriaud bv an A£l of l Uw. 1. 

Datyon lot«ign Sail-Cloth *— i^j IS to 

Arttl-voTtltc totlt 23. Aid, Anno 1716.— iS;4 iS 10 
XHucoltht lOlk ji. Aid. Anno i72S.—^ 1.^1 ^ 10 
Diiio rfihr I lib 3'. Aid, Anno 1719, — 1058 18 I 
Pi;tool the iiih 31. Aid, Anno 1731, — 6^44 1 8 
l}il(0«f tkt lA II. Aid. Anito )7jij^— 9j(;9 ^ y 

;■ ■ t9>46i> « • 

or Surpltrtofthefcvcnt DiHtn, R«vf nitrj, snd Income!, Wfll' 

IM the Ae£ttg)te KumJ, eiUblilboJ by Icvtral Afliof Farlia: 

aeac of ikc jd. jrh. and 6[h V^-iri of his lite \Ujcll}'*i Rdgn, fdr zbt 


^ Pa]«i«tt c)tar£»J «d (he A^gregiate Fnoi}, by Afli ftf 
PAtlumciit, viz. 
Kf tht Bink of Engbixi, on ittcir Atmciiy of 6o,ocol. 
(faong tilt RciMiDdcf of I. per Aon. foraanCEllifig 
tw» MtllioM of £xchc<];icr Bills) for [he balf Vcar ended 
u UichacliDis 1755. purliuni to ibe Ad of 1 1 Geo. 1. 
wt jij.uuJ i. Gto. JI. 5»ge 81. 


i. ^. 

67 iM&outh-SM Company, (otijrcfajirgc ;\niHUiic* at 
« per (.'rnl. od lUe Piindtai Sun of S9),64{ I. 8 1. to 
• nicfa ihc Sat»cr4^i ,7000!. fublciibcd inio their CVpiul 
a tniiNcd, by >b>aiii<g froni Lhc btne 43,0,41. ii>. lor a 
popenieml Psri of 4,jc>o,oool. repid ro liie fsid 
CoBfa»]r far tcJccmicg to much ofihcir Capiul.aadche 
Abmu'imti aitcnding ti>c bmc. being liic KemaiBder of 
[oo.eool. coiuibuud on ihe tirH Lottery. 1719, lor ibe 

30,000 C () 

J, lor IOC _ _ , 

: 7,87J »3 1 

rsMinli tbc J^MDCc of his Mijelly'i Citil liorera* 
ir ti« (".ill YcartBdedtt MielvieiBiii 173;, by the , 

\ Oro a p*g«S. ^ W'.<«>3 

Soiith-Sca Companyi to difeliarfC Annuities »t 
fccct. &n iht ;i;;i:f pal Sum of rji.QitJ, 16). id. 
liKh I Ac Sun 01843,70:!. i». Sd. fubluibid inio 
ipml.ii redoccii.byibtiiiigfroiiiititfame 91,790), 
ibr a p:aponionjil Part «tf 4,500,0001. rvpiid 16 
(^oaiptny, tW redeeming lo niKh ofttKJr wltoI« 
J. id tit Anauitiet uttetulifig the fame, bein^ th« 
jtdcT of i.079,ccol. contributed lor Annunir* 
171;. fttf the half Yeir ended at .MicltKclnat 17);. 
>rO£cen of the KKhnuer RiilOfice, on ibcir 
fbi tbeluirVcar cnd^j ai MMhiclnui 173^ — 
VHut of ihc Exc!ic(]iKrlor Neceil^iiici _ 

O • 

15.038 4 a 

5*5 6 
50 15 

iSboiifitof England InJ Walt-, en .(oool. per 

ty ihe Ad 3 Geo. I. for ih« Vcai ended 
Cfattai(i;jj. _ '■ ■ ■ 

lyilw&MttiSiia Company, and the Governor lad Com- 
fuf of |hr BiT.k of HngUcJ, cliiBiing under them fat 
tie iulf Year ccilrJ itMichuloiu i7j; ,00 { f;l. 1, 
l*> Ana beiii| Inch Part of jo.ft6i. tt. jd.ftt Ata. 
M&d« of ij.goot. pet Acn. allowed ibein (or Chgrgri 

'.Uu^geiam fit) SubTcTipiioiu by ilic AH ul 6 Grfl. K. 

lackrguUcim liiitfund. 

.^ 40GS 

* « 

— . iCj 



[adi J 

DEBTOR. k t. 

Toihe Duly ol 3d. per But«I £xcil«, nod tbe idditto- 
Dil Duty on Pepper and A\. arifea Lkdjr Day, (73i> ^ixt 
Tcfliag 11 Mickiclmat 1 77;, over and above liimcKfii to 
faiiify the Annuitic* of Sl^oool, per Annun), graoied 
Anno 1710, conpotcd [othuTinc. i^ ■ — —~ -^ 37,26} i^ 

59!.>J5 16 

Ttie Excefs or Surplu* of fucK Dtniet or Revsouei (I^it oTt^ SeoU Se 
yund) A) were etlablilbctS by Aa of Piitiatneni of Ike jd iiul {(h Y 
oif hh bt« Majclly't Keign. lor ■afwetingP.iymtMito lAc Souib-Si 
CotDptoy «ik1 otbcrt. Which Exccft or burplu* i* tiere Ihicd U M 
cbidinii, I7j;. vie. 


For Impofi on Wimi ind VIac^v 
Inpoft on TiJmcco . 

Inpoft on Kall-lndii Cjooda 
Adddional Impoiitioni 
AdditMiMl WLak Fins 

Duty on Caodlci fincc iCl of May, 171^ 
Appreaticct H^y Ancc ditto . 

M5.4r6 3 

To To mach of the Sun of Ji%'\. l9i. jd. Hi1fi)Ciuiy. 
beJHa Mediiim o4 the Antrnl Income of the Duty on 
roa^ tind uadtcSed Flax, uken c.lFhy ihc Acl oF ibe 
4Geo. II at would have bten applied to ibii Fttnd,lMd 
notlbefeDutiei been repealed, aadiitfarrefore made food 
to ibelJBie. oui of ihc Sun of 41:3!. toi, tid.^luiged 
OD the A{grtgatt Fusdj u per pfttnliits Accwua. — , 

'097 '5 

[x»ii ] 

CREDITOR. /. f. 

Broo|htoT« 1 17,5 JO 14 
Untied Ccmpany of Merchams of EngUmd, 
to the RjtMrcici. on liieir icctuccd Anniiiei' ot 
al. payable 10 them from Mkhvlmu, i/jo. I)*- 
r tlic Kate «( 4', per LVnc. per Ann. oa thetaid 
iy*i Capital of 3.100.000I. for the half V«r tndtd 
^ttclmfti ■73;> parfoini to the AS of jCco. II- 

mncli of the Sum of 71571. iSt. jd, beiega 

1 of ibc Annual Income of th« Out}' on roagltutd 
4 Flax, ukcn olTby ibc A& 4 Geo. H. ai W4i 
wd to the (cveni public Cmlicori at Midfuniiner 
tbe lecnaining Sunt ol 3014'. ~i. 4<]- bdngappti- 
r tlie Fuod) conipcling ihu Aggregate Fuod, before 
del oa rough und undred'd h'liix w«re repealed, i) 
e lUK charged ibercnpon.] 



16 It 

« Exrds Of Surplui, which at or be Tore Michsetm*] 
id •rife bf ttieDitiiC!, conpoTieg iheAggregite 
rtsnt'a, (over aad aboire all the Moneys then doe, 
bJ« todifchargcikcrcvcral Annuities and other Al- 
■ and Ptyinenci directed by Aflt of pMliimrnt to 
SgA Mt of (he fame} whtcb E:(cdi or Surplut it 
m the Sinking Foad. - — 409.SJ1 11 4 

" 59J.33; '6 8 

wft or Sorplui of fuch DatiM or Re«nutt, (Part of the Soaih Sc« 
) M were (H.-iblidicd by AS of PaiJiartieoi of (be jd and jth Yean 
\ hte M^jefly'i Rcjgn, for anfweriog Paymeow to the Sooth S« 
pany atid others, which Hxtxh or Sutplui i» here ftatcd K Mi- 

»■> «73S. "'"■ , . 

CREDITOR. t '■ * 

le South Sea Company to dtfcharge Anitaitiei at 
Cent, oo tbeprir.cjpalSuin 0^(1,911,0^31. St. 8d- 
iny.iowhich ihcir original Capiial rf lO.oco.oool. 
ed, by abating ftooo the iamc 1,087,9461. iti. jd. 
mny. for a piojjorltonil Part of 4,500,000!, re- 
cbefaid Company, (or redeeming (0 muchofcheir 
ipital, and the Annuities attending the fame, and 

half Year eocM 31 Mkhaclma* 1735. ijflil^' ' 4 

Company on 7,1:9!. us. iid. pet Aon. for 
'of ^4allagelcent, to which their Allowance of 
per Arm. was reduced, on Re p.iymeni to the faid 
of 4,;cD.ccoI. u afbrtraid. and is far Uie half 

,i at Micbulmai i;;;. . — ^ 

Exce&orSurplui, whichaiorbcforc^licbacloiis 

3.56+ t6 s 

arife by toe Ratei, Dutiet, It&pofitiooi and 
I fer tSKira. over and above (offieient to fatiify all 
► chargeable thereup&n, which Exccfs 01 Suip\iu 
\lO lU SiaJcirg Food. - 


kr ^ mJ 

[ xxiv ] 

TiteProdsctattiMExcbequftof the Qutiet and Rcreaun, which hy 
Aft of 3 Geo. [. p«« joi. were chirged wwanii tuking good 
Ecnctal yearly Fund of 7^4,849!. 6). lod withchc Oificiency then 
aad ibe Ovcrplui orihcf4tae GcficrslFund taicdatMJciaclaiai tyi 
wbicb Ovcfpiut xrifeth over and above all the Moniet wbicli tbeo 
tcrorc txcame doe or payable according 10 ruUfijucct AAi, out e( I 
tud Duuca, Rcrcfuc^i or GcMnI Fund. 


10/. Loittry, 1711 /. I. i. 

^ubfidr 00 Good* cacporud >j>499 •* 3 

Two Sliilling) per Ct^Idrtin on Colli 4$(ioz 4 3 

Additional Dui)r on Caodltt ,— „ 31,867 8 ;, 

p»f) diiw, 1711. 

IfacltBcy Coacbet and Chair* .^.^ 4<)'7 to 9' 

Jew Sump Duitei .^^— 9-367 • jf 

1*00 1, per Week Lottarjr Money tS.^oo o of 

[Pscyflu Hid« and Skim 58,703 3 o, 

to I. Lo;iery. 1711. 

Par* on Soap « ■ . -— 7».7>S 10 i5 

lump- Dttiici on Paper ■■ „_ 8,790 t/ 1)5 

Clartdiito. 1712. 

jibonal Duyr 00 Hide) ■ ■ 3j<979 if* f>'\ 

Dty 00 Wire ud S:uch - 6,i0 8 3 

'alicKf of InraraacG , '•;59 ig 7 

,^ Moleiy of ibe Duty of it. per lb. 

OBX«ffic« — — ij,629 I 10 I 

Pitio*! per lb. 00 Ta — ^5.471 iS 8 . 

tierqitnfy Fxcifc, pajrable oat of 57001. per WVJc 
Bioken Aaoiiitict 

/. i. 

9i'469 ♦ 

91.097 fj 


797 ♦ 

19.927 17 

376.798 9 

DeJuS to Dulbe goal tbc Deficit wy of thii rund In the 
|ia:(Yearcn<i«4«L«lj*Da/, i;j^. J7.318 9 

339'479 19 
To ibc Compkmni br cooplcatiag (br crncnl Pond 

«F7£4.8^49l 0>. tod. pcr.^Dii. far tbtba'fVrir ended u 

Pady Day, (73;, ta be !:ude good by Parliuntot. — 3:>944 14 

361.414 13 

[ XXV ] 

Tfcf Prodact It the Exchequer of the Dudes nnd Rev-eouej, wUchbj an 
Act of 3 (ico, r. pag. 3C3. were chargfd toward? making good a gcne- 
nlVnily Fund of 724,3491. 6s. lO-l. with the Dtiicimcy ilieieof, and 
the Overplus of ihe fame General Fund, lliud at Michaelmas, i 735, 
which Owerplus ariTeth over and above all Che Money!, wliich then, or 
beferp. be-nme due and payable, according 10 fuble^uent Ailj. out of 
the (aid Dutic!. RevenLirs, or General Fund. 

CREDITOR. /. $. i. 

By P»yn»cnis charged on the General FanJs by Afls of 
Pailiimenc, vi?,. 
Byibe South Sea Company, to difcharge Annuities at 4I. 
per Cent, on the principal Sum of 7,^23, 108I, 4s. lod, 
to irhi<h ihc Sam of ^,jtt<),zQTK 25. td. fubrcribcd in- 
to their Capiul, n reduced, by abating from the fAine 
■906,181'. 7>- id. for 3 proportional Pan of the Sum of 
4,^co,oool. rtpoid to the i\\& Company, for rcdecrtiing 
ia DBch eftheir whole Capital, and \\\t Atinuiiies attend- 
ing the l3.rne, being the Remainder of 9,?34,3j7l- ' ^'. 
llJ. 10 Mhkh the Proprietors ot certain Orders in the 
four Loiufiei. lyitind I7i2,and the Debt due [oceruin 
Bitikeri and otbe-n, were entitled for (he lialfTMr ended 

Mjcbaclinas 1735. - — — i-lSi^fij S 6 

By dilto Cotnpsny, to riifcharge Atinaities at 4I. per 
Cent, on the principal S-um ol 667,117!. is. 7d. to *• ^ i » F^ 
which the Sum of 74Jt,^; J 1. 195. 5 d. fubfctibed into 
theirCapita'.i! reduced, by abating from the fame 81, +50]. 
171. lod. for a proportionable Part of the Sum of 
4.;oo,oool. repaid lothefaid Company for icdceming fo 
Boeh ofiheif whole Capical.and the Annuities attending 
thefame, bcirg the Remainder of 947, 5!4l, 75. Sd. to 
which the Propncion of certiiin TfiUiej of Sol. were in- 
tidod, that were Itnicfe at the Ejccheciuer 10 mnkc gsod 
foidlry Deficicnciet, Ar^o 1716, for the half Vearerded 

Uicfasclmai I73v - — — ' — — 13,342 6 "^ 

By ditto Company, todifehirg? Annuities sl4l.per 
Cent, o-n the principal Svirn of 1,079,064!. 1 fis. 3d. to 
• hichlhcSum of 1,210,79:1. r js. Sd. (ubfcribed into 
iheiiCapiiit,!! reduced .by ahaiirrg Irora the fame 1 17,717!. 
i:j. 4ii. for a proporiional Part of the -Suin uf 4, :;oo,ccol. 
itpaid to the taid Company for red^ming lo much, of 
ibeir whole Capital, and the Annmtie) attending tlie 
lutiie, beiiJgihe Rem.airder 0/ 1,605,987/. 8j. -id. to 
irbich t'C Proprietor! of terrain .'Vrmy Dcbeni:irG! 
mdc forth to the ziH cf March, 1719, were entitled for 

tke ba'f Year ended Micha«imaj 173;. ■ 21,381 J \\ 

By diiio Compiny, todifcharge AnnLltics of 4/. per 
Cent. 01 the principal Sum. of 96,074/. g< g.V, to 
■'bKb the Sum of 107,802/. 175.41!. fiibfcnbeii into 
tieif Capital is reduced, ly abating /ftm the fame 
»l.riai, 7*. W. for a frapoiiioBal i'art of the Sum of 


( XXP\ ] 

4,5eOtOOol- repiid CO the iiid Coopari)' for rcdcrminc 
H> auKhof il»cir whale Cipitil.and ihe Animitiei atieiM' 
lag the fame. Ixi«g t^ KcmilDilef ol 1 1 0,3 1 2I. 71. 41). 
to whicii thie Piopfkton of cciuiin Tallici of Sol. wctc 
entitled, i)ui were tliuck for the Seivice of the Navy, and 
the fidnaJiDg th«r«of, fvr ihc half Vcir eotltd at Mi. 
chielmi*. 17JS- • — — ■ l.9tl 9 9 

By tlitto Company, and the Coveraer and Compojr of 
the Btnk of Eaglatid claiming «iKl«r tkriti, for ike half 
Yar rnded at Michaclinii 173;, on 4.:67l. 41. 8d. per 
Aan being fnch Patt ofio. ji6l. )i. ^d. per Ana. Re 
fidac tit is.ooot. per Avn, alhmwd ibcm for Charge of 
MinageBicacooSuWciipiion by th«-AA of 6 Geo. I.uu 
cbarguble oa this Eiun. • — ~ ^ - 3il33 tz 4 

Br the SuiTcctri of Ncvji a&d St. Cbriltoptier'i, for Ati> 
Ruitiei ai the Rate of ;1. pertcai. tad upon ilie principal 
Ssin of 37,811). js. id Rcfiduc ot 141,0931. Iff. id. 
conoiacd in Order* of DebtniiLrci made forth by the 
Coamifianen for AfFaiit of Trade aed PlaBtatioai for 
tbe liali Year coded at MKbacloia* 1735. • $67 6 4 

i88,oo> 4 
Ballance UtheOrerplns.wliichaior bcfbreMkbaelmas 
i7)ji(lidarircbjtticfaid General Faad inthii half Year. 
(wtiea \h* Sum of 11.9441. 141. wr r««rra Dull be 
made gaod bj ParliamcDi) urer aad above fuficieat to fa- 
llf fy all Asauhia* aad oiber ±>un)* due or payable out o4 
tbe Cmc. which Excefs or Surpliu U arried to di* Sink- 
ing Fund. ":V4i6 9 7 

363.4a4 13 j 

The Excfaeqner to tbe Siakiog Pun), — 

r DEBTOR. /. ,. 

TeSurpIni Uoncy twapplied at Lady Day, 1734,1* 
ptrAccttuni (utbc^f Vcat ibcaendcd 1 ■ ~— 373,o>4 10 


To Surplu* Money aiifeit 'm ibe balf Year 

ended at Michseltnaa 175;. viz. /. t. tt. 

SurpliM of the Aggrtgitt Fund, u per 
Awooat 4=>9.58l II 4 

Satphu ot the Sciiib-Se> Conpany'i 
Fond, u per Accoani ._.^ ^S-7i9 > O 

Sorpliu of tbe Gencr^ Fok), when 
(be Sun of 11,944!. 141. being tbe 
CompWmm to 714,5491. 61. tai. 
Aull be mftde gooo, a» per Account 174.416 8 7 

.649.746 I 
qia.7&> II ic 

[ ntvii ] 

Th* EKcheqaer to ihe Sinking Fund, /w Cmfra. 

CREDITOR. L i. d. 

Bj Cftfli, paitl Tcir Icterdt on the: Milion 'cut on tha 
Credit pf the Szli Duties, for ihc Supplies of che Year 1 734., 
parfoint to ihe Ad 7 Geo. II. page 104 and 105, which 
Som is to btf replaced to the Sinking Fund, out of the IitII 
Aid* to be granted in Parliament, 35 per Claulc in the iai4 
Afl.7 Geo. ll.pjge lo;, in [hat Behalf - ■-■ - — - 24,570 2 7 

B7 Cafli, taken in Part ot ihe Sum of i ,Dco,oaol. for 
ottijwarda the Sypply granted 10 JiisMsjedy tor the Service 
of ike Year 1735, purfuani to the Aft 8 Geo, II. page 
Igi, and 192, ID tiiai Behalf ■ . ^—87 5,26 j 15 ^ 

899,83; 17 II 
8/ Rem&ins at Michaelaiai 173;, twing the Deliciencji 
rf the CcDcral Fund. Anno 1 73 j. 10 be made good by 
^lr1talIleat, :Zi944 14 O 

922,780 II II 


This being lie z 6th Hittycarty Account made up, pDrfaantto the A£k 
ef 9 Gm. I. page 367, is bumbty prcfcnied the j lit Dey of January* 
'7H> by Be, 

y. s. oa 

' [ xxviii ] 

On Monday the :d of February, {res page iji) it was ordered that the 
proper Officer ftiouM Irv before the Houfe, an Account of all the public 
Debti, at the Receipt of hia Majefty's Exchequer, due or (landing ouial 
Chri mas, 173J, wirh the annua) Inierefl or Sums paid for the lame; the 
faid /account was accordingly prefented on the i6:h of the fame Momh, 
ard ordered ta lie on the Table, to be pcrufed by the Members of the 
Houl'e, and was ai follows: 

Ao Account of all the public Debts at the Receipt of hi* Majcfty's Exche- 
quer, due or Aanitir.g ouc at Chnlimas, 1731;, with the annual Interelt 
or ^ums paid for the lame. 

Annual IntereR, 
Principal, or Suin> paid. 

Exchequer. /. j. d. /. t. J. 

Annuiciei for long Termi, being~) 

the Remainder of the original j 

Sum contributed and unlubfcH- ; . o.* __ „ .„ ,. 

b.d[oth.South.SeaCompany >'*^3^'^?S '7 '° 'S''^!! '» " 

after deducing what has fallen | 

in by Deaths, ___ ■ J 
Annuitiei for Lives with Bern-lit ^ 

of Survivorflilp, being the ori- C 108,100 o O li%^l ^ ^ 

ginal Sum footributcd. — ^ 
Annuities payable upon two aad*^ 

Ihree Lives, being iheS.mre.C ,899 8 o 14.99718 5 

maining alter deduftingwhatr ' " ^ '' ' 

hai falJeo by'Deathi. j 

Annuities at g per Cent, per Ai 

[ xitix ] 


KuB Aniioi7J5, fo' 5op,csool. 

U 4I per Ceoi, per Ann . but ^ Jj 

BO P»ri tf itiiSuiu has been ' 

borrowed JuriBg ihe Time of , 

tliii Account. 

iJnt*, Tb« Land Taxes and 

Ducici on Mill being aonaal 

Gnnii. are Dot ctiajg,ed in Lhia 

Nofthe [,-oo,Qoo,I. charged 
«a the Dedudions o-f 6d. pcr 


Eifl-Iodia Conspsny. 
aDd cwo other AA^ 6an(l 10 | 

Ann^bui the Annui.y gram- >,^j^a_^o « « '^ o p 
edby ike faid Afli i^asbyan I ^ ' " ^ 

A& ^CH, reduced from 5I. I 
1041, pcrOni, pcr Ann. j 

Oo (heir oiieinal Fund at 61. ? - _ 
per Ccor, prolan J.,6oo,oao o 96,000 o o 

for cancelling Exchequef Bills, j 

jG«. I. at + per Cent. p«r ^1,500,000 O 60,000 o o 

fiirtbafed of the Sou(h-Sea C-oBi- V . „„„ -„^ ^ ^ e 

J. > 4,000,000 O O 100,000 o o 

pipj a: d>iio 5 . w u 

AnnDitiCi chafgeii on the Duties 1 

onCMlsCnceLad)' Day 1719, Ci,7jO,0OO O a ;^OjOoo o o 

H 4!, per Cent, per Ann. 3 

Dido cteargcd on che Sucplus of p 1 

the Fand for Lottery 1714,^1,2)0,000 o O 50,000 p o 

1C4I. per Cent, per Am. ^ 

Diti© for [he Lottery 1731, afi 

3I. per Cent, per Ann. trans- S 800,000 o o 2i,ooo o o 

fcinblc at the Bank. J 

/- ,. /.] 
Tcibem more for Charges of Management of their/ 

wiginal Debt ■ S ■i'"'* o o per Ann 

fw a proportionable Lbarge of Management of? _„ 

4,000,000!. purchafedofineSoinh-SeaCompany. 5 -' ' SP in. 

5898 3 5 
Sonch-Sci Company. = • 

Oiiheir Capiul Stotk and An '7 
Bttities, by Afl 9 Geo. 1. Vig.gai.ioj 5 S 1,171,088 e j 
4I. pel Cent, per Ann. .^^ \ 

■ TtiiieB aotv /or CiMfges af MsoageiBsnt — 16,991 x^ looti 

[ XXX ] 

Tbe rime Day che Houfe. according rp Older, fcColVcd 
icfelf iaw a ConmitiM, to coafiiJcr of Wayi aw) Moot n 
isiit tbc Scml)' gnntcd to kit MajtAy, inil rctolved, Tbi 
tnnanli mling iA( ixid Supply, th« Daiict on Milt, Mma, 
Cyder and Ptrty. which hy an AA of Partunteni of ike Stfc 
Vcir of bt) Majcl1}''s Rcign, had ContinaaMx lo ibt a^ill 
Dijr of Ji:tic. t7}6, fiiou'd brfunhcr continued and dBTm 
nponall Malt. whicK IhouU be iMde. Mid all Mua whn 
AioaU be made or imporccd, and *ll Cyder and Perry wblck 
fltould be nwde for Sale, witliin tke Kingdoin ol Ornt Bri- 
tain, from the 3}d of June, r;36, toihei4ih oflunr, t?;?! 
wiiicb Kcfulution «ai omi Uj/ agttcd lo by the HmHs, 
•ad a Bill oidcied to br b;ouGhi in, wbicb<m> accordingly 
BflCTwardt brougbt IB iaJ pflc j ** ufati. 

The 4ih of Feb. ib< Hoofe, accordiegte Oder, ttfolrtditkU 
ajaio into a CiMiaiitlrc, toconidrr ^thc Soppfy gnntcd to 
kts Majeliy. »B<!ieIol«d.Ths[ t Suiri notcirceedrflg 715.7601. 
3s. awl 9^. (hould be gramid to hii Mijetty for (Kc cnarn 
of ihe Office of Otdnancc for Laitd Service tor the Year 1736^ 
and that a Sum do< exceeding 4;9dI, r ji. aixl Sd. (ho«ld b< 
granted (o hii MxjeOy, for delnytng Hit rrtirieirdinary Ex- 
jKBce of ikc Office of Oidiuju (or L^ad Scrrice. not ptorid' 
ed (or by P^rliancM. 

O thc6th.LhcH<>«(e rerolvcd»Thataii humbtt A^dr*b 
fhoaU beprrfrmcd to bit Majesty, that he would bvgTKi> 
oufly pleawd to gi'e Oire^Lont 10 the proper Officer or OA< 
«eri to lay before the Hoote the followiB^ Aecount. wktck 
w Mcoiding^y hill before tlic Houfe or the ijth of til 
ftMM UoDtb, and wat u fiillowt : 

A« AccoQDt of what Disiea or Impofiiioni ar* now payri>l> 
by any A& ot AS» of AflcmUy, in My of (tie Rniift Pka* 
tatiiKii in Arainca. on the liopoiuiioo and hxportatka 
of Nrgroei, Wmei, tni other kiiul of l.tqwn, at on aay 
CtooJs, Wart*, «t Mrtckandixo. and Shipjniig. ^Aim- 
vtuAiD^ each Ouiy or Impo&uon, asd each Cotoay aad 

By IB Ad ptiEtdio i66j,u Iinp4>ll of 4^ per Cen. ii 
laid on iH dcjid COminodiiica c/ the Growth of iJm lind. 
(bippcd o)i itie fame, payable in Specie far ever. 

By an Afl pafltd in 1647, a Duty of one Ponail of Can- 
powder per Too, it laid on all ShiptnwringliiefT Pet- 

8y u AA paSrd i» 170$. • Dwy of ja. K Head b teiJ 
Dfm (ve/y Negro or Mlm SIatc imported. 

[««7 _ 

fat (M in tjiiiUjfmTut ftT sol. apM i 

n .'\f» erporieid. 

aA& pajled 171;, ihrtbUowing Duiiu »c impcfcd 
•liiinpatttd, tluciiK not aftbt Gtcvtth ot thtBrinQt 
tf. Oa evt'Y Cwt. of MuffOTMJo Su};*!-, m. Od, 
' iiDpottcd iiugac. il. p Gallon of iMoliUct, ii.6(l. 
of Run. Z( Pu4ind of CoitoB, 6d. Poun<l«f Allow, 
Cw(. cf fciaped GtD^, |J. Cwt, oJ tciliic4 4iu«b 

]>can hfM» Acuuai wecifcd fron Mr Dattid, Pr<- 
t [be L'twncil, intl CaxBtSKiiclcr tn Chief of tit* J- 
tM m i73;.{>)cre mi, bxrutue of an Ad ofilM I- 
tc ft>ll(iwiit2 Duttcf LKiiid upoutbc ImpoiUiionuf Li- 
Of of the Growth of F.ucopr, tmportccj in BiHsQi Stiip^ 
OacrtTf ?ipcorVVjna4l. io>. Tofitiflkluiii gl. i;i. 
tawr. Ale.Cydct. or Priff. il. (i. C>lli>nol Bmodr 
fbiriu It I'wrlvc Quart fiotclci of any Wio« 31. 
i^U-. Cydtr or perty u. Of Mum is. yd. 
u AlI for tail Pu/puk ttsi not bocct uuliDiltEd to 

fiOB Office 
5/. CUJinrOPHE RS. 
A [NCe<l in >7S7i »" Impo^ of 4^ per Cml. is 
iiU Coaunodiiiu of the Growth of the lOand. 
th« inme, and piyabU in Sf«c'c jor arer. 
A pd&il in I7JI. everj- Ship cawricg th*fc, thtlt 
Poucd of CunpowiJcr, actJ oncbliiiiingcuiraac 
per To». 

t Fuaii or jot. correat Mopej f<w *v«t;f 100 Torit, 
current Moacy lot every Ton iw^rtu over every 
out. britAti Ihr Powder Duty. 
aplTed in 1712, uul by aootbcf Ad pafled in 
faUamag ImpoiU 00 L'^ott xie colJcwd. Qu- 

y Pipe of M»(lein' Wiae imported, >l. Hvery Pipe 

Vcltcrn IG.tidi, 01 mixt ttiUt 11, jt, Every I'oa of 

hcnilh, or Spinidi. ;l. EfCrj^ToB of Brer, il. f.vt- 

Bviiici of V>'ii>e, t) 6d. Every G^.llon of RuUt 

Bnndy, n, OfMuniiM. fitex, Ak mkI Cyder, 

.ll», JI.6J. 

ApifrciJin 1668. » ImpDit of 4d. halffjceny p«r 
id tn Specie on ComuiodtlKi o> (be Crowta ot 
ripoftrd. Terpctujl. 
AQ fttUcd in 1676, every Vciel entering therc.ii 
Pound of Gun-poiMitc per Ttf". 


[ JOKil ] 

> Bf 3R A£) f^ei in 1697, ui ImpoA it hid m il] 

Mulcira Wii)e>r«r Pipe zl. Of the Wcfitni llUndi. 
ntixi therewith, per Trpe 4I, Frencli, RbniOi. or SanitOl 
pe* Ton 8l. And iriioctkd, per Dtatn 2t. Be«r, Alt, aJ 
Cjrdrr per Too jl. if botikd, per Doicn ti. Every GjUoJ 
erxium^d. erBreKly n. 61I. of Ruib is. Half ibe Dai] 
to be liritwn bickon Rocxporciiioa. 1 

By SH AA paltcd in \-;zt.Goodi ofthE Produce of tfei 
Ff«Kh IlknJt imponed taAniigoi, t»a)'i) foDowt.: 

Ever; Poued of rtfincd Sugar ijd. Cwt. of llruMd I 
Muftotido Sufar p. I'ound of I.uinporPow(l<c'dSu{9r 4; 
balf-penex. Ntolifl'rt per Gallon 6d. Corob per PMsd <i 
Gin|cr per Cwe. j). 

By in A& paHrd in fjzS 7. an ndditiou.) Duly o( 20 
per Pipt it Uid on all Madtirt Wine. 



< By an AApafitd in 167;. an Impolf (ir4d, half penny pi 
Cent it Uk] in Specie 00 all ibc Cotntoodilict of the Growl 
ot ibe Ifljnd exported. Perpctutl.- I 

By a» Aii pal&d >n 1699. a Duty of one Poum! oTPiRI 
roWer per Ton it laW on tvtry Veffel cniering and Rayi 
^i lloun. Add one Fuul fjr every 100 Torn. 

By anoibet A& palAd in 1699, a Dalyor ImpoA 
en every Gallon of Rum imponed 31, Gallon of ' 
iapDited 4tl. . ' 

Bran A A p«Aed in 1717, ike fo1!n^wing CoRimcx!!' 
iht Produce of t^ French IHaBdi, imported iato Nerit, 
rc-Oupped or recnowed riom cttie Sthp to SDoUicr in the Hi 
bou(» there. Ihat] pay. 

Every Cwi. of White Sug»r 101. Cm. of Brown d1tn< 
B«ry Gallon of Rum 6). Gallon ofMolaRts 11, 

By an AH pilFed in I'lj. an ImpoS (t U!d oa every Pi 
ofMadcin nine imported z\. Oi the Wefterai Illindi, 
mixt therewith 4?. On every Ton ol French, R heniCh, S( 
niH), Italian, amt Ottary 81 If Iwtlocl. per Daren i 
Errry Ton of Brer, Aic. and Cyder in Calk ». If bailN 
per OoBca C^ili i*. Ton of Rum jt. 

Thh Aft wii to expire m 17:8. but ■• firppoloi to h* 
btc* liocc conUDocd by tabrujucnt A&t. brcjorc 1; apfti 
by (he Trwiurei'i Account in 173;. that loch D<i>cs wi 
then colltded i but ihe Acl for con-inumg th« &mc hai ■ 
been tnalniticd tothe Boa>u vf TtaJc. 

By ao AA ptGU in 1668, ui IsipoA of 4!. 

Cent ii !■ ccnmeConynoiiiih of tliC Gt%w*.h 

^1L rr ii: ' ■ Ptrprtoai. 

i 1 in I "3*1 open trtry Pipe r.f Wine ha- 

le-. .-- --i- .. Ton tif Bfn. is. Ev»ry tmive Boe:Ici of 
r, t*. Dimt of cyder, n 6(i. 

7 AM Ate A. 

_, tB Afl jtiflrdin 1738. PcfprtM'I, 

"rts Ibllitwipg DutT» »r Inppfti a-v IjmI cntrerv Tott 

itfSpMifli, .T XUi;cini'.V.i,p,6!, I'oa ol ilie Weli:fi)ia*ntb 

!•■ Aaorii. r.i diix' t.'iT(-\i,;li, lit, To* of F'cnth, Rl-.nnii}), 

'I. Rrcry t>3ilon trf BraiKly, Airack cr c;h«r 

-'. Ki-^ry I'pn cf Bvr. Ale, or Cytitr. 2). Toft 

loin 01 Metbfglin. ;'. C«'i. of Ci^J•rf. I ;t Cnt.of 

•^!. Cotton jd 
ikiiiJ, I ji. In J I 


U. il. 
All Vrflii! ertrring inwiniilTOin any Place (Otfcc NVlii- 
Lwtd of . . of OtiKCTt OM Pooed of Owi-pourdar 

IfO Tir ■ -rr 

A (a ihe Southward of Ui* J'topie 

'ifL ' '■ n-pnWer p;r I'o'. per ABnum. 

D : ta i,;;4..'f«l '■}».*» loiidt 

it bu .^ ircTj oisit iiiij>o(t«<i( ot't'. payable tu the I'ar- 

Bf sa Aft piBfd ni 1734. the follawieg [>uws ire coU 

EfVTy NtgTO imported dirrAIy from Afr!-*, fr». If ira. 
[Mill Ifiniwiiiji rutniijf in Airctm. t - *ix 

MMllu Mil upvardt, ji. Il iiQC m 11!. 

IkmkKtfil. Krrry Pi[^ rf Wine o; 1 WcUeiJt 

Qiaii, i!.4(l. 8«(c, mi! CViicT. pr: 

/ lid Vrlbli B'Jt tMii)( III lU 

.•m-; r^prtfioinilieoeB, «n 1 ■ _. or 

oabouii Good* wliich Aall pay perTan«acti Voy-ige 

■ Dti1>M nnfiooUxxportrd. 
B:ji>,.i „f t- - ,j ET«rj- foot of on« Nch 
II. 6d. j^ii _k<r Drihinix: ti> pjr in rio^tt- 

Ctwjr iootc<toi iiint>er,6t. Tonoifc,9J. 

Sf m Afl piSfd IB 1A90 or tCxji, sril two adJitiotial 
AAsotilt piffnl in t^Ojirtl \-X~.'r<-:'1 VrUr! tt'noging to 

iteUU>d aMlCT4aTMi, {u; c^-.h \(jvul'c 11. liibove 

[ xxxiv ] 

40 T6Bf. 41. VcOeli belonging w Stfingefi to pay eieli 

Voyage per Ton, 2». 

By an ACl ptSol in i69S,inIcnpon iihid od alt liooon 
]ei;«ittii by Str^ngCT) Dcf InhtbirMUthcrf , vii. i-'or ■ Hcig- 
Qicad of Run or Sp ir iti, noi c]ic«e<lin|f Sa Gallom, 1 /. 10/. 
And sll nihcr Cȣk> in Ptopofiioo. fat every Son of Wine, 
Cyder, Beet, Air Of Mum, Ifliported t>y a Sifangcr, «n. 
every ripe of Wine, )l. otber Caflci or Botilci in Propottion. 
hctr.Ale. Cydeiand Mtm, p«r Moglhad, 6>. oilMf Ofa 
ot B«ii (* in [*iopotlM>a. 

N. B. TherolIcwingLillofDuricti* coBpnted la CUOllM 
MoBcyt whkh i« about 700 p«r Cent, worfc tbaaSictli»g. 


Bf an AClpsdwd in lysj-j.^iidcontitiuedbyRnoebtt pftT- 
(rd in 17JI, ibefoilowiag Duii«B of Impoftaic mfcJ : Oi 
every I'ipe of Madeira Wlne.6/- Fyal Wmc, 10/. On every 
Gallon of Viacpr, :/ Rom, 4V. ftirtel of Betf. lOt. of 
Cyder fnxn Notihcm Colocrct. tOf. GiDoaof MoItUb, lA 
of Lime Juice, fyJ. Quirt Botcl* of Btthdy or Rob SoHi. td. 
Gallon diiio, in Caw, ii. Cwt. of Brown Sugar, u. U, 
Whiw Poandof rclintd Sug^r ji/ C«(. ofCocfl^ 
1^1. Pmindof ChocoLitF, I/, etrery Cwt. of .Tobueo. IC'* 
of Butler, iCt. Ctxcfc, cr. Candlci, ioj. Tnllow, ft. iti. 
StItFilb, ;/. Barrel oi Hcning', Ntickiel, or ether pkJtled 
Filb, lOi Tnta Oil. •}/. f>J. B;ul>ber. ;j. Pork. 1/. tot- 
Crtnbcrrici, i<m. Cwi. of Beef, loi. ofbrowoRilc'jii, i<. j/ 
of white diito, :i. 6/ ntiddliag Biicutt. ?f. half Barrel of 
floor. zi.dJ. Cwt of Ham im B*Coo. iV- Soap, 1/. 

On Timber, PUnk. itunli. Stiver, Shingka, w taj atkn 
Liunticr fmin oihir PUntJiion*. so/, per Cut. 

All oihrf Wcoiien Ware. j/. per Ccct. 

On every t<xc of Biicki lion other PlantatJonii it. bd. 
Horfe sbJ \]ar« undei i j Handi fcigti, 10/. On aQ Nfror 
SUvci dircflly hvm A^nca or any other Place. cxce|>c Spazdb 
t<l<grc<3, il'ibovc 10 Ycareof Age, ic/. Ail Negrou uadfi 
10 Yean of .l^gr, (Sucklings excrptcd] ;/. On aQ laduM 
tmportid ^oi IXcrSktni, per Skin (U On evny Band t£ 
fiKltanil lar, 1/ Cwt. of fcniptd Ginger, tw. of faMd 
Girger. ir, 6./. Kegg of pickled Siwgcoo. it bJ.^iiM 
Satmuo, 21. &/. Poubd ul Picfcmt, Swcecmnn tad 3w- 
bds, jif. of Sr«riDB-(«ii. 3j 6i£ GaIlonofdi:toOil, 11 6£ 
Cwi. of Bee* VVax. 71. 6/. Salhel of Peat and IbJiaa Com 
of Mktueliuai i;}}, n. Pound of Indico, u. Bariel of 
.Ocloiti. ioj. tA Applei or Pcari, St. 6^ Pooad wc of 
Wluttcbooe. 1 1, ci Beaver, 6/ Uosta of Otter, fox. Ob 


Rkmb Skin. it. Cm. of FittneMo jj. Ton oT Log- 
«d, I or. 

AD Earofean Hoods one per Cent, on their prime OH 
b«s Europe, mling the OiSrrrticeof P.xcbangc el ^^O [icr 
OesL ia tbe Curren! Monry of Oro!ina 

C«ad«(o>d at muvcd lr:>in ane SlnpttMinothcT la the Pro* 
Tner, to f*Y tlie luiat Oaiici m ir Ikndcd, lad be CBlittcd 
■ibefanc Drobickt. 

Ouiicft la b^ piiJon Coodt exported. 

0»«»«T)f Powwl of Uon'd (.eaiber, ii/. Tann'd Calf or 
OnrSkiD, ia Raw llide. ;i On every Indian drcll Dcrrv 
Sci*, a Pomd ud opwurdt, (/. under • Pound, 3/. Raw 

Goodt iraporrcd. 

Oa e«fir Negro ibove 13 Ymr old from America, 50/. 
cadfT 10 ^a^> old, f/, cxce[>{ nrw Ncgran who hul bm 
tea fix Montlu on Shore in Atacnci. On erer^- Spanilh 
tit^ta. Itidiia, MuUee or MulUuo, per Head. 1 cc/. 

All Good* re cx|iu>icid In 6 MtMiibt imporied, (hall beal- 
imrd a Drawback of 1 hree rouitH Pim oi the Doty piitd on 

hf a» AA plTcd in 1734, l)ie r.riber additional Dattc* 
atmlri in the N^ruic of t'ori [Xiiieitoiforiirj'iDg Cbailn 

Oa tvcry PIpoorMtdein Wine. 4/. Qaltoo ofRutn, ;y. 
If Mol^fln, 1^. DuiriDf Plour,2i.6i. Cut. of Mnfcova. 
■r, zj. &V. C-3)'ed Sugar, j«. 

Tlwre bat biihcne been so A£l p:(M for b/ing Dut!eJ of 
iMportMiORor f,xporaiion in chii Proviocc. 

NORTH ■ CAROL rj^yf, 
Tbcrv arit iw l^tm of ibii Proy met in (he PlaotuiOR- 
' Ofiei . kyi>| Ouliu oj Importtlioo or ExpoftuiOR. 

Br«n Aft paOedia 1680, U>* an loipoR OAiIITobu<o 
OpgnH Per pcnu I . 

Oa ercrf llt^lliead, ir. Sterlls^. 

TWluocforencrjr 50Dlb. wt, txportcd, LBBolk.Bttdpro- 
iMOtWe fot a treuer or IcOer QuiDtur. 
Lafi alfo a Tonag-r Duly. 
Of I balf lb. of GaDpowder.Bnl j lb. of Shot per Ton, 
I. }/ Aod 6^ pet roU for evety Pttioa impntcd, ex- 

h M By 


By an A& polled in 170c, an ImpoAuUK) ontlie fUlowr 
jng Goods exported for toe Ule of the College ercfied is 
that Lo:ony, viz. 

On every raw Hide exported, 3/ tanoed ditto, 6J. drcft 
Buck Skill, 1/ halfpenny, undrrll ditto, a/, dreft Doc Stein, 
ti/. hairpennv. Uodreflditto^qn.Poandof Bcver, 3i.O;lvr 
Skin, z^. Wild Cat ^in, iJ. hairpenny. Mink Skin, 1^ 
Fox, tJ halfpenny, iz Racoon Skin3„3^. ixMulkiUl, ti. 
every E'k Skin, ^. haifpeony. 

An Afi paired in 1 726, layi a Doty on Li<]uon imported. 
Fan expired i but by tliat Pan of it Rilt in Forcf, 

Every Gallon of Kum. tjrandy.and other diUi) led S^riu 
import*^, and cveryGallon of Wine, pay* amil theYetr 1 737, 
ii^. Sterliof!. 
' By an Ad pa&ed in 17J2, every Gallon of RniB, Brandy, 
ud other diililicd Spini), and every Gallon of Wine, flnll 
pay ]</. Sterling, except fuck Liijuori ai art imported 4ii 
naiyfroiu Gicat Britain. 


By an Aft paflcd in 1704, a Onty of 1/. per Hog^WMl it 
laid on all Tobacco-exporiecl, half io tbe Proprietor, and 
jttlt to the Governor. 

By an Aft {ulTeJ in 170^, all Perfoni not being Inhabir 
tanii in the Provirxe, and exporting Beef, Pork, or Bacon, 
Jhail p;iy, for dried Beef and Bacon, psr Cnt..ii. undried 
Pork anJ Ktcf. pi;r Biriil, I/. 

By an /.ft p^ilLd in r704, n Duty of jY. per Ton ij laid 
upon the I i.r..ipeof all Sliips entering thjt Pi ovi nee, except 
i'uch ;<s, ban^fidi, were built in, or belong 10 the People of 
that Province. 

By an ACt p:.fli;J in 171;, a Daly is hid on the following 
Guod' in))oiird, viz 

On every (Jnllpn of Rutn, Spirit), Wine and B-andy im- 
ported by L-ird, 9/ by Water, ^d. evcrjf Irilli Sernntim< 
ported, I/. .N,-j^ro, ij. Sterling. 

The Gwv. riiii'fiii of this Province is in a Proprietor, who 
ii not Dbli^<:U by hi" Chiilcr to tranlmit to the Crown fuch 
Liws 1; ai< pniiLd :hcre, tor Approbntion ur DitaUowancc, 
bat the P,-{pNCTor being a R01, an Catholic in 1689, King 
Willi jin .ir.d (^irn Mdry inuk the Province under their Pro- 
t<flion, and . p.oii.rtd a Governor, and Queen Anne did the 
Uvw, '.:ur:n); ih t line the Lawt of rbe Province were 
ti:in<niit;ed tor ^approbation, amoogil which the foregoing 
Arc fv jnd. 

f:E};s ILV AHl A. 

Is a Pioprietary Govci nmeat, and there an no Afb of 


[ xxzvii ] 

Prorinct trufnittctt tu ihc PlinEaiioD-OHitt, U/la| 
"—I of Itapaimiton or Exporutlon. 

B^aii AA piflrd in 173;, a Duty it bid 00 ilic follow. 
bj (Ined) ck ported. 
'ftiry Uulhirl of Wll«t or WhcatMnl unbolctd, \i, 
looo&t&re* of;; Inchn long, or wider, ijt. Habova 
tail aodcr i}6 Inctici Icag, lA above 4J aiid uitilcr ;(>, 
1/ itu. 5& lochu tone and upwird}, z/. 1 000 of headmg 
|«l *ny Sort. (A loi. Boll t'ui Sbfci or Madiag can b« 

0^ an ftt\ paflcd i* r^jo, tayia Doty onihclmpomiioii 
|(/rt<ry r«n'nBCrtB«fiflBJ oJ' Murdtr, l-'tlony, &e. 5/ 

Sy ■!) A^ pillfti ia I7]J. • D::iy of 40 Shitlingi per 
iTcft uUiiini aJ Cbppcrexjiuncd to any oibtt I'LiDcition. 

>'£;/' ro ft if. 

A Dot}' ii tail) on tLc Imixr.'tatitiii, on tvtry SFive four 
Vtin <>!d jr.! ii.iwarii", diif^Hv from Afficn, 7I, from all o> 
. r< of WiM, »/. y». G"IIi>n of Runt, B«n- 
;.. _,i.,.. t!l.j(]uw»orSMiib, irf, .lalfi^cHny. GiUon 
Sfir.ud>lli:ic4)- it>c Picvmw. wlioltyor in Part 
fk', jd. ha rp«nny, loc/ Value of European or 
II unpolled from th« Briufl) (Saudi id the Welt. 

by an A& pafTcd m (7311 ■ Duty b laid on crcry Piece 
<f Suqodt (Sto If Oftawgu. lo/ on every Gallon of Rum, u. 
By >■ Ad piiTcd in it'^, a Duty of 3>. curteat MoiKy 
■pn T " " ^-it;ci-^ngiB,orcTc4iiiig out, cx- 

ofc "v. or wholly owned by itie In- 

iiA '!Bt» of CirMt Biiuio; and 

CKl i-nlapcn an<i New Haaip- 

ftin Urg \'t&tU. 

i I' 1-14, a Duty ii laid on empty 

ipun.-d On ' :r Kogdicaid, |i. 6^. Ught 

t/. Barrel otlm r i{,9^. Fh>ur or Bread ijli. 

1/ Hoik or Bread mil ititrel, 7«/. halfpenny. 

Tl» .r. An r.iffr-.t n r-: 1, a Od'y ii laid on crery Barrel 

•-ry Binel oJ Potk, Ji. 00 evt- 

■ ■■ '- .t l-'xeinptiooio Katrourof Cj<!«r, 

iBi Beef, from N ■ w Vork. 


.^d fufToJ in 1 7 u< tKe foUowtng Duiin wcr« laid 
i( 'od Mcrtlundi/.tk imported, and on the Vontiage 
rpioCt VOL Oo Gtcry I'lpc et Wine frwm tte Wcllcra 

[ XZXTtU ] 

lOandti i/. roj. the CuiMrin. tl. ;/. Madeira, i/. i ;t, < 
aH other Sort), i/. i ;/. HogOiud ol Rqid, t/ loi. Sagu. 
jj, Mobflc*. I/. Tol>»cco, i/. 15/. Ton cf Logwood, ^j. 
on all (Khcr Goorf'a J<^- on every zo/. Viloe i aU Goodi unj 
forced ^om Crtat Britain cxptticd. 

All MoUflci and Ram belonging to Foielgneci Ckall paf, 
fbf r>«rj HogOawl of MoUIfo^ 5*. cf Rum, 6/. All foclL 
liitpMr* ot Goodi imporiol from any otlitr Pbce tbaa of their 
CiowUi. lUal] par (iouble, 

Rteiv \'(trcl coming 10 Trad« in ibii Proviac, (•xctpt 
Sliip* aUowcd in ti>e Province, or belmiging to Great Bnlam, 
or to PtoljrlraoM, New Jeifty, Ntw Y->il:, Cbnnc^Uaali 
Khodc-IfUnd, or New Hwpplhirc,} Hull pay rtch Voyage 
5/. per Ton, oc one PouikI o( good new PiAo) Ponder Itir 
every Toa Bunhcn, ['jviog for tlitt Patt OWHd !■ time 
Britain or ihiiProvincc,oruieafontudGov«lBi 
«n cxcnpted. 

h'Ety H4MPS HIRE. 

By an A& pilTeO i» 1 701, s Duty U laid on iba T< 
of ajl Shipping, Vkx one PoucJof good new Gun-pO' 
Speck, l>» acb Ton lucb Vcflcl coniaiv. 

NOr/l SCOTt4. 

A new Corcramcnl Ml [ufkitoily fettled 10 diablilii 

Afiitmbly, ftiid tkereforeannot make I^wi or rAifie Tiiet^ 

Not allowfti to mike Lam, nor fcvtral other 
cnjoy'd \>y otbcr PUnutiooi. 

V«««* on tht 

Oatha I ithilhtHoufc, according 10 Order, rt^vcd ii 
■gain into a ConmiRce, to<;onli>JrT o( the Sopply 
hii Majdly, and cimc lu the foLlowing KefoIucKMi 

t. 'I'hjt a Sues cot exceeding 117,169/. 4J. le/ flwal 
be granted tohii Majcllj' fertile Ortlioary «f the Na*y,( 
eluding Hilf-pay to Sea OlIitcT)) fof the Year 1736. 

2. Tlwc a i*iita sot exceedirtg 1 0,000/ Qtoold b« gmate 
to hi* \faj«ny upon Account, lovntd* tbcSupprt ol th> Rojn 
HftfpiUl of Greenwich, for the better Ultaienaec oTit)' 
S«amni of the OuA Hofpiiil, woia o«u asd bocoaa 4cctrp* 
is iheScrrice of their Couniry- 

3. That a Snn not exctediag 14.%\U. loi. ftoail k 
gramad to hii Mnjcfly upun Account, fur Out Penfioatna 
CbHfeiHofpiial, for the Year t7j6,vrhich RcfoltttiMii 
next Day ag>e«iJ to by the iloulie. 

Tkc [[null, liavir^g uB ibc toUifbegW to bear 
of the PetitHM of RidianiSbcppard, Eiqicaapluiiing. 


[ XSXJX ] 

BItAioB ifld Rciurn loctbe Ooroogh oT Soothwirk, 
{• ite CouBiy of $airy, in purdnnee of the Otdti «f ' 

tic Houle, iii<t laving [iroctcdcd la iIm fud Hearing ofl 
[iK'I~buii:hT l>:iUijWLnK,iiicl'c(iiH)iier,altcT he hud cjc>mt»cd 
til hu Wiimffei in ituppurt of hii Pdilion, wjI sdvtini to 
e itpltrc A&iri whcicupon Mr Hetchcou, llKtlKn fit- 
X Member, v»s pfcvjilckl on nut i» give ihc HouJc tbe 
TrtM&'c vf cxwminiBg any WuMlIir* in Sdpfton of hU RigKt, 
ttltt pu(b ihe A&ir any furibcr; lo ih.ilon (be Tucldny nf- 
m, bae{ tbe 1 71^, tnc Houfe rdotvtd, mfm. cm tbit George 
Haiteou, £())i m» Out)- elc^cd a iiurg«U 10 ietvt inUiit 
HtlfK Parluiarnt for tbe fiotougb of l>otithw*tk, io ibc 
CRUjr ©(.Sufrj". 

0«> ib< i9tb, bit Vla)eKy cnmr to the Hoi'fc of Pcctt, arw! Roral A^cni 
fnetbc R^>f^\ Afloiio ihc Atl for contiouiag \he Dunes'! J ■=" "^' ine- 
n M«Jt, MiuB. Cy^f jo.1 Perry, m Ihil pjrtol lireu Brj- '^'' ■*'**■ 
Molicd Eog'uid I aod r>>r granimg co bis Majriiy certiin 
Oipn i;pon i\UIt. Mam, Cytlcracd ?ttty, la (hct PartoT 
G«EBt Btioin ciUctl ScotlanO, iof the Srrvice of (be Vmt 

xoih, Sir )obn Rulboat prcfcntcd 10 that Houfe (ac- B^n for n^' 
toOtitt)x Biil for the farther rejohiirg Eleaiom'-ii i^ltaiuH 
ben to (etrc (ot ibcCominuniin rarliiment, in ibat 
hn of Orm B:itaiii cilln] KrglanJ, coBUinlog (otae Re- 
p^UKUia for (ir«venitBg Dimaitt tbcui ElcAiom, efpecially 
rcTprA Id G>uatici. Thit Bill «ri» iHteirL-ceiircd, read 
titne. ;nJ ordered to be printed : Od (be Thurliclay 
!■( it wfti read a iecocd time, and ordered 10 be cain> 
I ; 'S>n K'ciincf'fj^ tbr :^h of Maic)i, the Heiur« rctiilv- 
•i iitclftsio a Laii-ni:itee on the bid Bill, ii&d mndefotne 
Tn^rcf*; b^t m 11 1« very diScnlt to frame a Bill of ttat 
KatuTfi *« «• w jifevetiiiny danger of Gtiewincci I'lGag 
bWB it, Ibme ! ' ^•^'t lUrtrd in the COiBiniitcc.wbicb 

tcaStoued th<- iig cl the Hiil tosAotker SeilMo. 

Ott itc ijthbl I iL.udt)!, (See p«ge i^S^ilic Houle tcfotv- Vo«e«oaA> 
od iifetf 3 ^-<'i" iiiiKce. lu confider funber n[ ibc Supply $<ip}il]'r 
nated to bn Xlajetty j and came la ihe fallotViiig Rclolii- 

I. 1 bit tbe Sam ofj^.i^a/ fhou'dbegnmtd tohii Mi- 

jtSy on AccaoRi «f the SuLiticly payable tu tnc King of Den- 

■irka pertuint to the Treaty bcnnag [>iiie ibe j^ih Day of 

^^CfictBbtfr, 1734, foe ilie Service ol ilxr Year 175%. 

^■^1. That a Sum not cxntdiBg ^6,780/. t8/. UMnId be 

^^ruced (D lui Mjjelly. upon Accoont for rcdotcd Ofinn of 

i^Uijefly't Land F<»crt and Mariiirt, ^t tbi Ynr I7]6. 

~ -at a Sum not excce<Jisg 3828 fliotild be graDtcd ta 

f, lui f^iiog at tcaiaat to tbe Widowi of fucli 



t «l J 

nilaeed Oficcn of his Uijefly^i EadJ I^orcM iM Mi 
» died upon the Eftiblirhmenr of Hair-piy id Grat B 
fud who were married to them belorc the 35tb Day o 
cember, 171 6} far the Yeir 1736. 

4, That • Sam not exceeding 21,696/- gi. %d. Iho 

S luted t* hii Majcftjr, to make gmxl the Oefidentfiei 
rant! for the Serrioeoftfae Year 173;. 
Which ReTolotioiu wen next Day reported, ud i 
to bf ibe Houre. 

The fime Oar it wat ordered that the proper Officer 
lay bcfijre the Hoofe an Accoant of the Kvcral Sot 
Qauiide* of Com, which had been exported from Chri 
1734, to Chriftmas, 1736; » alfo from what Placi 
Ptvti,and inwhaf QuDtitiei thcjr hid'beeii exported, 
thcT with la .Account of the Boanty that bad be« 

Thii Accoant wu prefnted on -Monday the 6th of h 
and wu u fcUowt, viz. 


i>i H\-a tr><:< — o -^^o to 

^ H c^ 




. oo 

■j^ \r\ 

^ i^v 


[^ Ota 

■■l-o - 

o» -J- ^ 


■O '-0 




\f\ o 


<0 00 

— >^ — 





oo 00 t-K 

— ^riSO 

irt r^ i^ -^-i 


3^ OS 

"T L* 



-^ * 

M - 

o- -t-^o 

o (~. Oi +•£! -^ !>. '" « 



ft ^ 

■^ i^ 



o - 



t> ■>!-•□ 

m O T H 



(>. n 

us ^ 


£ a 





-q *- 



* •• 






t^\ *fl 

-1- — + 

■+ l« M 





n »« 

* •< 



a> o -' 

*n ij^ "^-oo 




'03 C so 




"^ c 

+ — ■*- 

" — t*\ r* 


■^IGO ^ 






0\ N 


iri ^ 

r%. Ln M 

"1 O ^ i-v. ej 

i^m C? 







QO — ■« 



rf\ PJ 



— • 

# _ 




^ ^ 













o S 















■ 1 


S M 



- <* 


"3 ~ 




- si 


O i-n 


m ■* 



h to 






— • 










o *<^ 

^ U^ -* _ ^ ^ ^ 

t^ ■♦■o 



_• o 


«o c 



e^i*- CTn*^ ^t-^«^n 

•I- OS i-~ 


; Q 


c- c 


^4 •I 

O TQ ot: 

"1 M Ij'h r^ p 






* N 




^ <: ^ 

lr% -^-ij irn£ 







N r^ 


^ « 





51 - 










? 6 t 

Ji yj, 


■ \ 


. t^r- 

•»> ♦»«.♦ w» 



C q 00 O O Q O^-g >? !> "C O .0. tnoe ^ 2 







r^ In lA H 00 1^^ 

m — 



•f"0 M'O 

•nse oo 


O — 
CO Qt 




. m 



:. fStt page tjy] Tliat lowArdi nificig tkcTwoSJ 
i-. to bit Mjitily, the Sum of two Slnliingi '"'Lj.'dlf'^'' 
[Uci'^U£j,i.*ul DO aore, fflioutd b^Mifed ioiheVear i?;6,t^' 
l-^uj^, Tcncncnii, Hctttiit.inenti, Pcfifiocn, OISce>, 
Ml EfUtn, io (h» Pin of Great 8(i»in cilfcd 
in Walei, aad in ihe Pour of Berntcl; upon 
:ht[ a proportional Clrii* (accordtaj to ihe 

d the Treaty of Union} (lioaM be hid upgo 

ItM i*.iT- BTiwin called Seothr>d. 

Ktti t! or BiJi wcrcoidcrcd t» be brought inpar- 

biw to the UiU Rdoluiiont. 

Oatbe ;tb oT March, fait Konftnr ibeMifler of rh« Rnlh, MortrM'n; 
»e*td fo» Leoveio bring in ■ Bill to ieAi,iin tht Dilpoliiion ^foug' t -n] 
[tf Un*.' '■— ■'>iv the fame become unn'ienablci which J'',^"''^'*- 

I iCR -dnted, and (}i« Mafler of the RoTIi, Mr. 

'^(V!, '*■ 1 iiLe. and Mr, Ptom«r, weie orrfcrcd lo p:c- 

Gif g in the fame. Thit Bill wji prcitotrt! lo thiC 

»u>e I'y ircMiftcrof the Rolli, oc the loib »f (he fsme 
Lkfanh, and bciog received, wai ^hcn read a <irA Time, and 
rlmd (0 be rud a (<cOMt Time. N^i;i:[ Diy ihc (loufb 
ftKipfr<) tke (%id Bill to be piretcd, tni it wat > a lecond 
iSih, ant) com mi tied lo m Committee of the 


ftbii Manth to the StK ofrfce ttcxt.Pcti- 
ukeri Tj'ihe Bi;i ;Sec page i^z and 17^) 
I halfthe Ce'gyof the Kin^Joni. 
1 ■ . 'ing of the finJ Bill having hecff put off'Pri^^ctil'nRS 

f»U«M*xit)e i2:htfA[:riI,afior reading ihe Order gf the ■■"ffttiiAi.ta 
Tjkf for I'tu- rmpofe. the Coonfe! for and mjiinll the Bill ivi*'* "•"■ 
•tjc . and (he Bill br>i)g ihco read a (econd Time, 

tt£ il rniiiom sboTc-rDCniiooeJ bcirg «lfo lead, 

ft« ■>! the Petitionen of tile Province of Canter* 

hsij >-ii._ 111...1J, in Anfwei 10 whom iheCounfel for ihc Bill 
•*>« bc'id ) »td then ths Coonfel fur cbc Pci'iioncrt of llic 
, fm.wc of York were heard hjr way of Rfply : Aher 
Iv^wft live Cooofel being tviiltdnwn, Mr. Spcikcr opened 

ilei ird then a Motion being mKlc, ihit 

t <(i Afl m»de in the jid nnd 2jd Vein tf 

, An J-fl for t)ie better 

nun), Vicsii and Cu- 

I'L o) [he Lily cf Lor^on, burnt by the 

c, tnighi be rnd ) the (ume mii read ac- 



T^c RcifoN, «i tiny be fj^pafrd, for ru<)l*S ib)> StOian 

■u, hmefe by a Claulr m the Bill, eveo ai it then 

faqd. itwu propoW to be enabled thus, Thit if the An- 

M Vkltt ol fifCh TyiWi. CtlatiDU. and o(lwr ecclcfUHkal 

i 2 Pue*. 

[ xliv ] 

Dact. Right*. PjjrmeniJ.oiCbiuch Rauabtfore-Brtrrijnci 
icAti noi. nor Qi.> [l not rxcecvl the Sum of in iuci. 

tm Qj.ker Of Qinltcu ftull be I'ocd ot pofccuiol, for. _. — 
Acc.'iqi ol inc rime, inapyoibcr Macrfcr, than utxfo* 
difcA^. » in any atb<r Court! neiihcr tbtW injr luck 
'I'yxht, Ob'atioiu. or oiker Kctc£ailic*l Duei, Rigon. Pa/> 
ipca»t ttf Cliuich Ra(C). nat txccrJtng ibc btii yaii>- Voioe 
ef be r(covenbl« .-igiinil Qaikett Inany other Coiut 

wltBifoever, i>ur in aBy «ilter Mjnnrr, ikui ai bjr rbi* Ad » 
diirfied, unleft (be Inlc of lach T)'!Imi be id (^c4tMMk 
I hii Cbule, in all ihe PoKiot.iprelenudby lbeL>cr{j «• 
gainlltnc Qill, »•» called, An cicludisg tkein from (he B^ 
nciit of rbr I^w* tkcn io being for the retuvcry of 'I 
and Du", »od (hereby puiting ibe Clcjy of <*' 
bitlbtJ Church upon » worje Fauc Uuui the -.ii c/ hi' M>- 
jefiv'iSubiifl! i tficrfurc ifcUid ScAion w^ii rcid, rii '"' 
to (hewitut the nlUgningoIx proper .MrtliMtf.>t ilier<. 
cfiiy Ki^lir, ai.a Ejidutling ikc I'clant itilillnl, fiD> , 

oti'Cr Remedy, ««; nut a putting of fuch IVrfoni ttpoa i 
WorJF f-L-o: tiiiin thctvtl of bu Majv-i'j-'t Su>>j(fl>, not —" >t 
wiiliiwt Piecedeiit i for by the Atorce^kl AH of K iBp C 
II. *U £a:U for the recovering of Cbuicli Kite* vf Z^^.;.- 
jncflu, «il>it(i tbc City uf Lon<lo«i, arc to be urvugKt bciM* 
the Lord Mjywf, or, ij-on tiii Ncg^eClio extsiHt i'^- " — -■" 
(I'Dcby giincid, bcfioic the Lord CtiintcDor, a 
«f -be Crrat Seal, or luro Btr<3n> of the Excbc; 
by'bc ImJ SrtXtof. ii n cnn^J, 'I'hit nu ^'om 
ftill hoiJ Pica of .Vl'iney iluc by virtue of^Jiai .ir, 
iliBtithc IVilV't '.hereby au:r.Qtixe«l I ind yet tbc Clc 
Londcn ntvrr Kiij tompUiiied.noi coald cotnpna.ih: 
wrrc cxc'uded fruiB llieBeiitlilof the blWi DfllieLr L< 
Of that they wciepuiu|)Oaa wcrlc Foot tkui tbc icAwt t)» 
&I*J(liy*) Subji^. 

Af rr readies (he tfartdii Se^ion, i Motion wai mi^ 
fnr coriniiliiBg the BiU, upon which there ealucd a long 
D<bite, and u^iod puitmeikc Qycfiwn, (at cummutiEg ibs 
Bill, h wti, opon ■ DiiiuoB, carried in (be A&ttaattiv If 
J3I to $4 aoJ orileteil accord ingty ; after lahicli >i wurc- 
fn.Tcd, tJut ibc Bill Ihould be couuniiied [« a CoobbhUS 
of the wnoie H»ule. 
ioyi AT^nt On ttie t^b Day of M^rtb, hit MijeAy cane to ftic Hosle 

puhlte R'lll. Viz 

Aa Ait for gnntingan Aid to hit Majefly bjr • l^nJ Tu 

to t-e fiuibl ta Gtcat Biitan, (ot tlie Scivjcc of ilic Vc 



pukilliJog Mwiajr and Oefcnioa, and for (fat 
' Paj'iacm ol tbe Atmy and titCir Qatrien. 

fii\ to lepcal the .Sutuic made id (he Bt& Year of tltc 

I ul King Jioici I iuitlcd, Aa A£t'f.4iiiliCoDJuraiioii, 

ttrall, tod dealing with evil aad wiclid Spirits, except 

kJi tluKofM rcpralt &a AA oflbo (tfili Yat at tim 

of Qwen £li»b(th, igiinii Coi^jur^tiar.i, linctunt- 

, u>d Wiicbctaftt t and to repeal aa Ad pilieil in t he 

I of Scotland, in the ninih pAiltimeniofijucca 

led, Ancciii Wiubcrafit i and foi pumfhing (irli 

preuod to excralc or ii(c an)' kind of Witclicrtlt, 

lianlmcai, or Cocjuratku. 

(0 iodcmai/jr PcTram. who hare omitted u 

he Pnyett, wA make and rubfcribe the DeclaraiioBi, 

DtllQ facrcad, iii*dr. and ruUcril>ad, by th* AQ oSUtti- 

Ijr of Ihc ihuucntb and fuuttccDCli Year uf t^c Keign 

ig Clkarlei 11. wiibm the Time limiicd by Law ; and 

OWiBg (an'het Tiaw (or doing ilicrcof, 

Ad ta amend an Ad pdQnl u tbc icvealli Year ofths 

of hit late Majefly KingGeorg«J emuled. An A3t 

ttnm and nicotiiaKC llie ^^'oo^cn ard Sillc MandiiAurca 

Kin^om, and far mote dfcftual employing tlicCoor* 

>liibitLng the U(c and Wear oi primed, painted, 

, or tij'd CaHicoo to Apparel, Houliio'd-StwS', PiunU 

rottKrwife, sber tbc z;tli Dty oi December, i^js, 

laa » therein excepted) lofara^ rclacMoGoctisBuda 

M, Vara, and Couod-WooU, nanula&ut*d in Gift 

to (even Pnrate Bill*. 

he 3;tb of Mate li, a Petiiioa of the Cbancellor, Maf- ctmbrMseMA 
i S^nnhrs cf ihc Univeifity of Cambiidgc, wii pee. QJbrd ^tiu 
oihe Hoo'eand read, iettjng forth. Phat the Univer-?,'' ■*=''"' l"* 
1 the leneral CoUegci therein, wc-e faaoded and en- '««f^>*n«»' 
W the maintaioing lit Pcifoni in the Studjr of uCcfiil 
dje, and the bringing up Vuuih in L«amlflg, Vir. 
~ il>g>on : and (^: ihty had biiberio puifucd thalt 
igrtu Indullfj' and ^cccdi and that auny excel* 
d been wrilttnby the Members thereof foe tbe 
ligion, and mitny ufeful Dil'tovcriet iind great 
made in Arti and Scicncn i and thai aanf 
!>ilit)i and Gentry, hod bjr tbeir Academical fidoca- 
fa well £[t(d for ibc Service of die CJimch and 
I have proved the Ornamcnii and Supportiofbotbi 
Uoiverfiiy bad at all rimetb«forcb«en ihooght 
the CouniCDaoce of the Lcg''^'""* and coniio*'^ 
^ed by Pcrfuns uf all Oidcit and Dcgicej, em)iK»E 
anil public spirit ; and [bat, if tbe BiU ta re. 



Ilniln /alienations of Land: ihould ptr^ into a Law vithont ^ 
Amcndmenr, ic woald, as ihe PetitJo-n npprchEi ',b,j it- I 
tcndcif with ConfcqtKDces great')' pr'.j.x'^cal lo chcm .ttliit — 
Time, and muchmonfain Tirrt- tocarne.bcc:-ul'eit wr.ud, - 
Inn great Mt«:u», prevent atl Upnation) 'u lupplv prifnt - 
or future Dclicicnciet, or for any other «■{•■ .rd grent Pur- 
pofei, howurefuIandnccelTary rocV(.r ttie/fii'ghl b. inoujih;; 
Bsd that a coiiliderable Pa^t cf tbeir l-Irvrnur aro'e trnin An- 
Sb it if" and other eer tat n Paymen'* out i.f Larrlsaod 
«iherEllBt«i and that many oF thok Payrnen'.s naving been 
fixed in the Reign of i^uccn Elizabeth. nnd llilt contir.uing 
invariably the iiine, were then, by the great PxU cf Moii^y 
fince lime, funk (o far beiut* :hcir original V: lue, ii 
to be iniufficicnt to anfmr the Purpofri, for nhicA they nrt 
deCgned t and that Teveral Heailfhipi were under izo, fome 
ander loo/. per Ann. and that the :<al3rie5 of inme P.-'iti^lTsr- 
ftips were under ;o/ per Ann. and otderi, a; thofe oi Roiaiiy, 
Anatomy, and Chrilltanity, hid no KtidoMmenr ai alt j and 
thit the Income of much the grei<tell Pait of their Pdlow 
Slips wa&underlixry, ormany under forty, of Tome fo low ai 
thirty, and twenty, and firteen Pounds per Ana. and [hat 
many of their ScnohHhipi and Exhibitions amoar.ted no: to 
•bove fix, four, and three Pounds per Ann. aiiH ttiat Inme 
were even under thofe fmnllSums; and that many poor 
Stadmti had neither Scholaifhip nor Exhibition to hel)i to- 
wards their Maintenance i and that the Number or Adi-ow- 
font m mod Colleges was very ftnall in Pioponion to the 
Uu. ber of Fellows ; and therefore praying iheHoule toex- 
ceptth^t Univerfiiy, and the lever?! Colirges tfici , oatof 

[ Jthrii 3 

ihelr Fcmnder.' mufl tenuin IfflperlcA. nith- 

'.<ri'>.r% Mrn>fh hiH bmi fount] l.y luiig Ej^ 

10 I I low Oegrcet, ihit tbc PciiutnKn 

t,«i!.. CjIc wif (Joly cocfiJcreLi, iliey would 

igbi to be wiiMn any of the gcnrral Mifchicfi 

-•■'- •■"- ■^'-'iiiflBi in Mutcmaia t wid that, 

re incoiifKlenble ill rrfiMdlof 

Ki-i(i (ji r I iiuni (hit wrcc miin(ain«doBE of 

1 w the UoDuioni liie^ then cnjaycd, ■« »cll 

'.'. iheiwiiiit rKcivt, oiult !•« (olcljr appro- 

.•crroriii of Rcligioi) and Lraxiing; for 

;. r} koptO, ils«t no Di^iculuu or Dttawr;t{iB- 

t« pw in ihr ^Viy gf thofr, whcOspioat aM 

<• ibcir Afifl- 

'I, ai (wllw 

ii, mate i(UtiLUiiei^;)il m praBOCia£ 

Lmli t sMltbAiirK Pctiiionentlxre- 

J be excmpicd from rt<c Relmuits 

or that tbe; flioald meet with fuch 

41 llonit, u to d'C HouTe lliould Tmib bimc. 

n wti likcwifc nicried lo the Ccmmincv. ' 

■'i, tl»e I-IouEc of CoBunoiu nfolv'd itfelf inio* 

>~ ''iF ivliuie Hoo^, to coofidct futtlicr ofiiie 

bii ^bjdlx. aiid atat to titc (ollowiag; 

>, ouji.!* weic rcparad ud agie*d u on thei^tb. 

To Irani (o hii Mijdl/, 

1. Tke £an of ii.(H4/. 144. fw making good tlie Dct- Vatet en tha 
OCPC7 erf (he j«flc«I FttMl. Sypi'lr. 

J TiK- Sum «t' t^.;7o^ 11. 7/ to make good tbe Sink- 


■ <■ )ik« :^[tal pjtd out ofttwbmc for Inicnti on 
I. -lit iHi VrtdKoftbe StA% Di>ile% forctie^ppliti 
< , f un'u&ni (oa Cbufc in ao Ad of ParUa- 
r 7th Vox of lu» MAJflly'i RcijB- 

'^oi, towudf tbt MfliiiMMKC of die 
'meBU iMtoDttng totU Roytl Abku 

Ci^ininj Of EAgiand on ike CaaA oif Afric*. 


1 !.ir ^umul 10 000/. wwaidjUciJiagaad (ctniBgtkc 
-otgia in Ameries. 

•- -A ip. ;/ tD make SatuEk&toa to 


ini; AllI{;iKc of lh« KOaie ud 
u.>i><^ i.< iix *nd l-ldmcitJ F^tfingicB. ibiikA 
'-^tntniSoa of Bantttit^cy iilteA) Suiior M the 
C(^ii 01 cuDccr; in i7i(i, ki xacdi oi hb DcbtaoJ Uc- 
IM»4 fron one of the Mwtcit of iht fiid Couii, » tken 11- 


[ xlviii ] 

Pethl- 6. ThcSum oF ^^ifi;/. towardi (be Bailltegt. RrbaOd. 

Wl«h*(Bg).liti Rrpaii* of h» M*j«ll)''iS!iipi fotthc V«r 173*. 
***'• Onlhcjili i>/thef»ineMoi«b, a l*«ciuoioflhe Govcroon 
of the Cliafiiy Tor Relief of the poor WiJowi Bud CMUrcfl 
ofCIergymen. w»s pic^iedto the Hoo''i:, ■fxl road 1 fetrii^ 
ftfth.TIai by Lcnen Patent of King Charges J!, the Pett. 
dOMnwere cenftiraird 1 CorponttoD, for Relief tf tht^oat 
Wutovn and ChiMrra of Clcrgtrnxn, and tnnit c*}iab1« in 
tte law. n rake Lsodg. Tcumcnu and Mareditaniena. bm 
CKfedJHff th« j-uily Value of icoj. ind alfoCoodh Clut- 
|lf«, asd rhingtofwiut Nature and Qoalit)' foevtr, ■ ail to 
•ticiute and oirpofi; of tbc Citne ; which Capacity wu »• 
Itrged b/ his laie Mijclly IC>eg Geors« 1. lo jeod/a 
Voir more, and tkat (he Inftiiuiion of tb^i Charity lud bcco 
fit wtQ ettccmcd, and fupported by fo maey pioeiand w«t]> 
diTpaied Perfoni.ihii ibe Petitioiieri hid, for iiten Vevi 
pn, bcni kbIciB make ■ Ditlribelion of^/. a Vcar to abora 
803 Widows of very poor Clfrgyraco, ind to pot out many 
of their Children yearly to, utcful Trades, who othtrmle 
nuft haveb^ca burtkcnfofoB to their fefpf^liire Pirifbd. and 
tlieir Children kfi ufcfvl 10 the Commcawolth, in Ac- 
OHint whereof hid been tentnlly printed and publidied.aBd 
that the ObjcAa of tl^Ai dniiiy were ht more numcionf, 
^aii the Petitioners cou'd provide ft>r, oat of ihctrtTTDiii 
aoeuil Reveauo, and cafuil Be«cfAdioos, tbeirceriatD»n«» 
■I RevcTiuea nor exceeding 5000/. ■ Year : ai^l (hcrrfoR, ai 
Ihtt Chatity was (0 well guided, ird for fo good Piupofca, 
mod that Cotpomioti rennincd frooi leccpliDg LaoJi h-v- ' 

SX>/. a Year, and tbofc alienable in the DibTetioi. 
itioRen, prayifig. that that Corporation might be ■■ ii» j 
excepted (iiic of tne Bill then depttding in ttul Hoot, b 
rtfliaining the Dilpofit<oni of lAndi, wbtrtby the fane b^ 
aiDeunalttnibfc, orthatfiich Provifton might be nudeiKn^ 
by. that that Corporation oitghteajor tbe Benrfin introdtd 
then by the taid Royal Gr>nt», and that ike lame tn'ghi bi 
Drderved to them, tu the full Extern thereof. No Motm 
being iBBdr for rctetring ihii Pciiuon to [he Co(Daiii»e, i| 
WUOtdctrd to lie upoa llvc Table 

On the 2d of April, a PclitioQ of tbe GorrtBoet of tha 
Bounty ofQaeea Anne, for the Augmeataiioa of the KlaJatc- 
unec of tbc poor Clcigy. vrai prefentcd to tbc llouic aad 
rad t letiing (onfa. That (he GorerMrt wc^e najc ■ 
Body corporate by her lite Msjeflr Queen Anne, in tke j4 
Vetrof her Rcige, in purfuancc of an AA of ParlianicM, 
iaapowertng her to fi-itleopoa them the Revenue ot ihvFirtt* 
Fniit) and Teotht, fee the Augoieatanonofthchfa^inicuve 
rSf Um poor Ciugy, and to mike Rulo 

Ada) in !f1 rat inn nf the Came, by whkh Ststnte Li^cti 
Wo to all arj (very Perlon or Crifciis'by Deed «ih_ 
', to fuch M.inner, atij wilhin ftich Time, at, «ni rft.- 
by iIk Saiu'c made in the :27.h Vear nfthc Rcignof 
Hcerr VI 1 1, i-'i EnroUmentofHatg.iinsand ^ [Id, or bj LMI 
'Wtll or rtlUfnrciC duly exccuitJ, to grMii tu tkc fti^ GDr- ' 
|bnti»a aru! their Sucecfiort, Liindi. TrnemeBn, .Hcrpdili- 
tocau, Gooilftand ChdMeU, Coi (he Purpo'ci VWMJDMll itt 
the faiil A^ i (vliicli Cor|:orac:on hud ailo in««b)r fiill Ofc- 
c)i]> la piirrliati:. Dke, anj i^njoy any Monsv. LAni$,Ttlit- 
AM. Gooi's ar.d Cnaulcs, without any LiRD«!OrW«t 
fMii Jamxum. the Statute ot MoiCfnain. or iny othcf jtt- ' 
ite fuLaw (A the contrary noCivithiLitidifig; ind ichM aAtr-- 
ifdi, 10 purJunnre o( the Povven granfcd by ikc (Jtid SMU 
:r. tlivcit Rules arxd Orderi were Ictiied ,>nJ confinnad bf 
Ltd Ule M*jcl)y, under the Gr«ii Seal; by tbmcoTwbicn, 
.u'ct ind Orders, the ^^ugmencaiiona to be luds were 4i- 
tl ID be by way O.I ^uichafe, And not by wiy oF Profiu « 
tkt. Ilate^ Sum en be allim'J for tlic AugmeBntioB fit 
h Core, W3> lijiited to zcr/ to be inveltcd ia i Parckii^ 
the Expce(eofiheCorf>arxCion i and the bid Gov^fUflrt 
i« cnpower«d lu g<ve the fftiJ Sum of loo/. to Cnr^Mt 
ccBdiitg ];f. per Aon. (which Sum wat sftrrwirdi, Jif'Ai 
nibotity ti^tng GEorgc I. (fifteoJed to ^o/.per Ann;) 
'-Wbcre i,n> Pcitons wojld ^"vc \.\it lame or gr«i:er Value in 
Ludi f>r Tithes ; and fuch Gi vrrnors wero dirrfteJ. every 
Ycsr, between Chriltmas and E^i!er, to caufe 'he Acniinc 
of what Money ihey had lodifiributciiiat Yrnr. to he audited, 
ifld wbcn tbty knew the S-im, public Notice wi,- directed 
to be gtTcn, that iney had fuch a* Sum to dillribuce in (a 
isaiiy Shares, and th.t they would be ready to apj>ly thole 
Sbuea to fuch Cures as w.intrd the (axac, ird were by the 
Rnks of the Corporacton qu^liiied to rtctivc iliem, where 
koy PcrfoD woald add (he like or greater Sum to it, or the 
Value in Landj or Tithes for any piriicu'ar Curei and that 
the Petitioner* apprehended, that by the Bill then depend- 
ing before the tioufe, to rettrain the Difpufui'^ns of ilmds, 
whereby the ntne bicame unalienable, the Rrghti and Pow- 
cri vefted in tbcm by the faid Aft, and by the Rules ind Or- 
ders Bude in [urfuance theieof, mij^ht be great.y aifrdled, if 
Jooie proper I'rovHon Ihou'd not be made tj prevent it ; antl 
Ihertlbre praying that a Ciaufe or Claul'es might be added, 
wherry ihe faki Righti and Powers mighii>e lecured. 

After readingthis Petition, a VlfKion was made.and Ircond- 
•d, fiirordcrirg it to be rrferEed-TO the Conlideration oJ the 
Coanitiee to whom the fai^ Bill committed ; nnd tbe 
being oppofcd, after a pretty long Debate, the QucHion 


4rat pot, inii, apwi a DivifioD cirry'd in ttii) Ncgitin. bjr 
1 4j to 9; ; whtfeupon (be PetJtioQ wis ordtr'd to lie apoo 
tbc I-jWc. 

The line D«y the Houfe, secorfing toO«)er. rriolv'dlt- 
fcir inioB Committee of ihr Koufe upon the biil Bi)l> ua 
mtdc fomc Progrcri, Mr. Gibboabting in ibc Cluir i thwx 
wkkh, Mr, 'ipe»ker Tf fara'd the Cfarr, and Mr. Gibbon re- 
potnd ftoai the Conmiuec. that thtj had matte f(MBC Pnwrcb 
tn the Bin, sod had dirtflcd him to tnorc. tlui thty i&lgbt 
bavo I,c»»e to fit jgiin ; whereupon it «f«i refo'vat, (bat tkt 
Houfe would, dpon iVforJjiy then ocat, at Twelve o'ClocIt, 
ttlblve nMt\MQ 1 Comniiiirc of the whole Hoatr, to coofi* 
6et funlwr of the fiid BiJ. 

On tl»e did Paj-, being Mondsf April ;, it was norrd 
•nd lefolved, ihat «d humble Adiirefi be prtrented 10 k'u 
hUjtAy, that he wouM be gncioally pletrnj 10 grrt Dim* 
doN) 10 the proprr OScert to Hy before that Houte «■ Ac- 
owM of whii Liccnni hid bccR granttd by the Crown, a^ 
lot what Value) n(ptGive]y, to nny Pctfon or Pctfeat, B^ 
die« Potitk or Corporate, tlieir Heir* or SiKtHTors, !a alic»> 
lUin MoniTtain, lad to purtbafe. like, tod bold in Motfr 
mila, in PerpCHaily, any LanJi. Tentmentt. or Hertditt* 
inenti whatlotver, iitcc the AO of the 7th Yeiroflbe Reig* 
ofKiBg Williatn II). eiEiiled. An AQ for the £iM:oani|Rncat 
oTcbarttible Giftt >r.d Difpol'itioDi, to that prefcntTine. 

A!UT which, IOC Houlc, according to Order, refoiw'd rAtf 
hto a Committee of the whole Houle, toconlidcr (antier of 
the (iii Bill, w hea Mr. C rbbon being their Cliairnun at bt- 
Tare, the elaufc for exccp'ing out ofthe did Bill the U«J* 
VCrliltN of Oxtotil atd Cambi iJge, acd ihe (Jollegci of Ea- 
ton. Winchclter, and VVellsiinDcr, with a PruviHoo ralatiag 
to Advowi'ont, was ptefented, aiti a Moikxi made Ibrinbe- 
mg recciv'd and made Pan ottheBtU. which occaGotudfaBC 
Dibaic 1 but spon the QiirllioB being put, li wn, opos I 
Dtvjfion, airj'i in ibc Allirmatirr. by iiy to 1 )<?• 

Wiib letpeG to the Piovifo relating to AdvowGiu, Mh 
Anteadnciil wi* prcifoicd for letving 11 (n the Power ottHm 
ftveral (.^^lle^n bcioitgiag id the two Univetfitic*, tou- 
eiNnge [null Livisfff for larger. <o as eot to ii>ci«tfa tbe 
Kumbcr of Aiirowtcim, to wbicb they were by (!ie AA to b« 
rclltsiQcd, which ocnfiMird ■ new Ehbaie. aod at Wt, apoB 
pottttig the QuetliOB. it wni carried m the Negative. 

After whkK, the CoRunittcc havtaggoae through theBBf, 
tkry rrponcd the AmcadmrnKi they lud made to h. when 
the Houle ihoald plnfe to receive its fame i and cm the ytk, 
■ Prrition of ibc Giey-Cont Holp'tal in ToihJll-Pield>, •( 
the Royal Foaodatioa of Qoera Afine, vrai ptsfcBCEd tothe 


loufe had ickI, fciiiBg fbith, Ttiat by Let(tr) Piienl. di- 

'.tbc igtk Day et April, intlie ;(k Vearof tie Reign of 

bte QuMn ARne, ibe Peutioner» were coni^ iimed a Cpt- 

luoo, ftsd niic «pib!c in Uw lo »ke I.aiKls. I'diC' 

irnn, aJud HeKdiuRicait.iva!»ef«iltngth<yMrly V'«lat«f 

loc«/. ind alfo Goodt, CiMilct, and 'I'brngt of whit Ks- 

or ViIocfocvEr, Tm ttic Ba»i$i ot fmcb pooi Chitdrcn of 

?anib of St. Mirgartl. WtUmiaHcf , ai from Timr w 

^ Tunc (lMt>Mbeacl(nii(ciJ into ike i«>d Hofpiul i and rhuibe 

PctuiOBCri Itid lof IcvcmI Vean [ui), Itccs tiijblcd lonuiif 

aiii,c>MUi. ind Incii s coefideiabV Numbci of pix>r Chit- 

irea of botkScimaedhad, ftom the Timcof Ihclirfl Pcxio- 

-liion of the Liid Hofpiiat, placrd out abore ;oo ChilBiEB 

Tone to the Se^-Sovice, and othtn to ufefijl 

-.ndry Mad Houiewffery ; And ih»t iheCliiIdrca 

- oMty Ydn p«lt, were many more in Number than 

: L : ■ -;'UO«ii coukd piaviJc for bj- llie yenily &ib(cription* 
ImI Cv)]«itKm foincd tc the ccruin annual Kwenue* cfihe 
hid liotpiUl, which togfiher at thu Ttme, did ooi ext«ed 
JOOJ. B Year I (b that, ivcrf it noi for lli« cafual snd gcac. 
lew ScacMliom lie PctitiaDcri bad lecctvrd by the Bc- 
fodbof fc*CT»l piou* ae^ vKdl-difpotcd I'ettoni, ihcycoold 
«ot take Ii> maiy poor ChrUtr* into thetr Care asii Pro- 
ItAiofl, 10 be iiiaiotaincd, cloithtd, and inltruAcd i aod 
dketcfbn, in ConTideiaiion the annual Rcvcouc briongiag to 
thai Happiest wet offo fmalU Value, praying ihattluu Cof' 
poriciua might t>e cxcrrpicii out of (he Bill ttata dtpciMtiiig 
ift ciai Honle, for rcfitaming the Dilpofitioni of Lasclt. 
■ Iiertby the Umt bcci^iie unalieaaUe. or that fucb Ptovlfion 
inl^Lt be made tiicreliy, that ihc Bcocfiis iaiencicd iSem by 
■~ their Royal Fountlic^, might be preferved to 
full ExuDi. W)<it:li CcEiiiun wa>oriI«icd to 

■ a Petition of the Trofleei of the <eveni Clu- 
»i* wilkta the Cuitt of IxtciUxi and Wenminfttr. 
_ I ol Souihwatk and Bilh of Monality, to Bebslf of 
■i}Amr5> ol ;t>oo poorChddren cloaibcd aod niucated to |ho 
Ud i^ch:>-iU.nid alio in Bchalfat all other Charity School* 
I to '.JoTn, for ihr FJiicatioti tJf ihc ClH'd.-cn of i"hc 

P. .-,- i'rineiple* of ill* Church ol England, as by Law 

td, wu picfcnied toihoHoufe and read, fningfonh. 

I the Bill then depending io ihii Ho&fe, to rrilnin 

^iheDifpo£titmi cf Lusdi, whnrtby theianie become onnlien- 
IkooU pafi iato B fjiw without Ameoilaieot, it would 
rMnuay eluritable Donaiiont for tin' Pracooiitm of the 
Sch<K>>>. which were fo far from having uy large En- 
iamsicui in Lidil ot hloncy, that rcry few had fo oiKb u 

k a • 


aSchoo'-houre; and ihat, as the voluntary Contribution! dij 
not equally and regularly anTwer [he tonllani Expences, the 
Trudees in feveral Places have been obliged lo reduce the 
Number of their Children, and in others [he Schools had been 
entirely laid doMn, for want of Means to fuppoit [hem ; and 
rcprcrenting [o thcHoufe [he great Ufcfalncls of (Dole Schools; 
and aliedging, that, during the Coniinunnce [hereof, the Pe- 
titioners have placed ou[ upwards o( 1 7,00a Children, wilhin 
the faid Bills of Mortality, to Apprcjiciihips in the loM^cr 
Trades, and to menial Servicer, whereof about one Halt bad 
been put out to fuch Services, brfides near 400 bound to the 
Sca-S.-ivice; and therefore pr::ying the Houfe to except the 
faid Charity School) out of the faid Bill, or to grant them 
fuch other Relief ^s 10 the Houfc fhould fecm meet. Thii 
Petition Mas likvwife oidercd to lie upon the Tabic. 

The fame Uay.ihe Report from the Committee upon the 
fiid BjU was rccc.ved, and the AmendmcoR, with Amcnd- 
men[5 to one of theui, uU agreed to i after which, the B^U, 
with AmeDdmcn[5, was ordered to be ingrolf^d j and on the 
i5[h, the Bill wa! read a [bird I'ime. and a Mo[ioB made 
for its being palfcd, which occafioned (ome Debite : but 
upon the Qiii.-liion biing put, it was upon a Diir;fion cirried 
ID the Affirmative, by 176 [072 i and Mr Gbboouia or- 
dered to cany the Bill to the Lords, and defitc their Coa- 

Th; 30th of April, the Iloufc rcfolv'd itfelf intoa Com- 
miiti'C uf t"C wlioli: lloul'e, to conlidtr further uf Wav^ anil 
Mca!'.^ fjr railing i!ytiup|'!y granted to hia M.ij:Ry, when 
they came to ihc fUl iwiug Rcluiuiion, which wat on the jd 
of Mjy reported and agrttJ to liy the Houle, and a Bill was 
ojd>rcd to be brought in upon the bmi;, viz. 
Vot^nn'Wiys '^^^^ '''^ feveral AJdi;ioa2l Sump-Djiic ganteJ by an 
tndMeana. Aft palled in the i2:h Year of his Imc MajtUy's Keign, en- 
titled, An Ail for the Relief of the Sj. tors cfilie High Court 
of Chancery, (hau'd Lc continued from the id Day of Augutt 
1 74:, to the zd Day of Auguft 1 746. in order to tai c the 
Sum of 1 1,485/. 4J. 51/. to make Siiisf.iflion to Humphrey 
BeU. (the fiitviving AOignee of tlie EUate and Eftecli of Ellens and Edmund F<irringt>}n, againll whom a 
Commiffion of Buokruptcy was iffjed) Suitor in the Courtuf 
Ch:ir.ccry in 1 7;:6, for fo much of his Debt and Demand in 
thit Year due from John BenDet. Efq; one of the Matters of 
the fjid Court, and then remaining uivlatisfy'd. 

V« ith ;his Reiuluiion the Committee of Ways and Meani 
conclude;; i and the tiill order'd in upon this Lit Kefolu:ioo, 
was accordingly biou^hiin.and palled into a Law. 


»i tlic 5ih of Mijr, liit SlaJcHjr camfl to ibc tloufttcf Korit ACfrnc 

I, tnd w»e tijc Roy«l Aflimt w the Cx ftKIowiiiE pub- if"" "> 1<«- 
iUj • ' ^"^ r«iBili». 

II Aft for l*f top ■ Dniy upon ibe Rctiiltn of Spttituotft 
an, and for liccnfing tbc Rcailcn ibncof 
II AA for exhibiting a B^II in thit jiteiem Pattisnent 
ifttnralizing bcr Royal Highncft tbr I'rinctft of Wi.|». 
1 Att for reviving and coniinuirg tbc Adi ibcreia nen> 
I xMJ fof expiaifling and amending a Cbu(« in an Ad 

r fa) Ike TifA Yur of ihc ktigt) oThii lHt« Mtjrfiy K-IBJ 

ge I [cniiticd. ^R AA for malting the hivn for rejnii- 
tu H)£A>> >ys mote cdirClaa!) rrb:ing ro the ippftiiiiiitj 
>*gen in L'ltiM and Mirkcc rowin, and tbe ordcrinj 
tflHiiitiui for (be rc]i.;inng arJ cicanSng ibc Sirtcti 

I A& for Wemnifying Prrfoni. wko have omitted to 

fj thontcivc) fo.- Oliiccs whhtn the Time limittd by 

\ai for ai;owirg fmilier Time (of ih^it Porpofe ; and 

ucnding IbnuKhofin Ael paifcd in the fccond Ve«f of 

cvn ffbit picftrt Mijcfly, <tt rtqjirci Pcrfop) lo qua< 

ct hi OlScei before the End tf tbe ceictTerm 

:,:fli3nS) and alio for cnUrging (he Time Itmit- 

r La«v tor making and fiibfcribicg ihc DtcbMiiciB 

it TrtnfablbniiatiOfl; and for allowing furthei Tine 

arttliacfii ofDcedi and WilU made by I'apllb i and lor 

I of ProicRanc FutchafcD. Devifeet. and LeScca, 

Ad fot more equal piying and biMier collcAing eer- 

n^Lt Sums for Rtlitfuf Sblpwrickcd Manser* a|>d 

Tcil Ptrtoni. his Mijslly'j Sobjr^t in ibe Ports ofCa. 

id Pott St. Mjty't, IB the KingdorD ol Spain, and for 

L'let ufually coacnbuicd to by tue Mercltanta (fading 

bid Potii. 

&Q for the better eol^gbming of the Stretti of the 
>f LoiMlon. 
1 lu ^7 private BiUi. 

I oD TimtUdy Ibc ;o;h of Shy, hi> MijcAy cane to 
■ife ol Peeii, and gave tbe Royal Allcnt tu ibc leu to)- 
; public Bills, trii, 

Ati lot cittbling hi* Majefty to borrow any Som or 
if MoAcy, Dot exceeding 6oo,oco/. to be charged up. 
I So/plul&t, iLxtrlTa, or Overplus Money, rooiiDoaly 
tbe Sinking fund, redeemable by Patliimeot: tu 
vfiirtbct Uifpofiiion cfihelaid Kund, by pyicgoAr 
Poof. ofSouib-Sea Atnuiiiti. and for sppropiiiiing 
Ef IMS granted m ihia Setlion of Partiameni. 
Mi tor continuing, for tbe PuVpofc* (ticrcin menijoned, 
' ioDil DuticscpOB tUopcd Vellum, Patcliaiciii,and 


Taper, bid by »» Aft ptQcd in the 12U1 Vetf of the RctiH 

cfhii Uk MnjcAjr King Gcorgc I. 

A* Afl for Mtuiatizmg ku Koytl Higlincr* tlie Pfiw«& 

Aa AQtor IitdnDiitf^-ingPerfoni, ivhokaw be«>i£ailt^e 
Offccccixgiinflrkv i.atninid« tor frcurieg ibcR«v<Daoo( 
Cufloin* ttti ExcUe I aod lor cafoRing ibgfc Law* for tfal 

An ACl to prevent the LiA'og bit KUjeRy'' SaltjtAiv 
(kvc II &ol(iicn wiibwthM Ma)clly't Licence, 

An Afi to teDram the DiCpofiiion of Lsndt, whenliy tke 
{im« becocDc unaticiuble. 

An A& to cxpUin satl amend fa tnocti of an A& atait '» 
(he i<t Year of bti prdeni Mijeliy'i Reign, entidcd, An Aft 
for the more eflt^ual prcveii:ir>g Briber)' «iul Corruptioii in 
tlic ElUlioDt oF Member) to Icirc m Pitliiroent, u rclaia o 
the cotnir.cncirt; aod carrjriRg 00 of Profccaiioot gfomdd 
nftMihe laid A&. 

Ad Aft for further cncouraginj; aod rtgu'iiiof; ilw Uuv 
ftAurt of Btittfii Stil-c'c<h ; and /or the mnre eAtAaal ItcD- 
liagiheDiuiei povr pAjrabte on foreign Sailcloth iDportd 
Into this Kingdom. 

An A& ta feeder the Law more tlTi'fiiiil far prcresti*( 
.the Importatian o/frelh Filh, ukcn by rnrcignen ( aa^» 
cxpUin fo much of an AA midr in the 131)1 a«i ■41)1 Vexn 
of ibe RcigB St! King Charl» IL n rc^iici to Sh<p, - 
ing Fifh 10 the Mediiemncan Sea ; »ni forihc hri 
(emtion of the Fry of LobCeii on ibe Coalli of ScwJiro 

An A& forbtiilding a Bridge crofi (he KiTcrTbaa 
fron ibe New Pilacc Van) ia ibe City of W«UntBlI(r| n 
the oppoiilc Sbote in the County of Surrjr. 

Aitd totta prime Uilts. 

Foe tbe Xioji Speech 5« pije xjj. 


IntlieSicoKo Siitiom of the . 

Mj^Tarliament of King George 11. 

^ Hi 


the ijch of Jinunjy theKingame to the Houfe iuu9.o«7 
of Peers i ami tke L'oniiuMu Actetuling, hixl/Uy^y "t{-i« 
opeo'<l Uie Sciioa witli the faUcwio{ Speech M kath 

Mv IJMdt aad Grnttctncn, 

tH E happy Tiim which the Aluin of Europe have -n, p.irn>« ci> 
n-idcQcly uken &ncc t^c Exitl of Uil fAilidinttU, J^S^jli*"^ 
1 Ml pcriiMtieil, give jou aU, u it dots Mc, the 
1 SaiisiaQion. 
T at<|UAimc(j yoiLthni that a Plan of PadlKftlioR, coo- 
rted between Mc and the Stales Goicnl of \hr UnitDd 
nriocH, hxi been prepoTed to ihe Pirtia engnged ia 
Wr, nhich lud ikk the tStA lo prcvci^r the Ojx mn^ of 
t Ckin{8ugn ; TJte Vtmun took the FicM, ^md the 

1*^* CJiirwd on in 1obi« Parti, in Inch a Mais.ici ai 
Tcr7 juCi ApprchcnJiftai, that it wAuld Guavoida- 
DC general, trom ui absolute NecdStjrofptclcTv- 
iBuHBOC of Power, 00 which (lie S^cty and 
inMwrcc of iKc Maiiiirvc Powen fo inucb depend. 
"^Tu* Cotii:d<tjiton vl<c«niiined Me to pcrfcveie jointlx 
ih the Staco. in rrpnting Our moll modi tnlUacr; to 
r contCDdine Pamn to a^rec tt> an AimiDicr, aad ta 
«r isio X N«gouati<jn for obtaining a general Peace, 
on the Biiit of I r.c wc had then propofcd lo chcm. 
W]ii)& A^Mii continued in this Suie or Delibcntiion, 
iHciiatd Furyof ifte War abated: :n<l the EmpCfor 
f the n'lofl Chnllian Kinj;, in Coiiloquencc of thtit re- 
ited ProfcSoia of a fiiictrc Difpo&tion to put an End 
(be War h-.' an luxiourabte and folid Pc^e, concened 
I a^rctd upon crrlair. prclicdnsry Atucle* to anfwcr 
t moll dcfireafale End. An AimJlicc b fince agreed 
bv- all the Parties engaged la the ^Var i and the con- 
ing Vovta, in Regard lo the gTod OEws eiupIoye<l 
Mc ind the Sates, hare comiuunicatrd to U;, by 
IT rcTpeSivc Minillcn tha Prelim inaiiti ; defiling Out 
icotrcnce in ctiicAuating a gntcril Pacificati«o upon 

Tcffflj iltercb)- llipuiated. 

t appearing upon due Ejciini nation, that thefc Ar- 
ci do not cdbiuollr vary dom the Plan profited bjr 

and the Stats, nor contain any Thing preiaAicial to 

E^uil^inn of Europe, qt to the JUghti uti InUictU 

( '©4 ) 
Arrwg. c«ii- *' of OuF refpeftivc SubjcAs, We thought fit, inpnriiMiice 
■ » '^ 1 " °^ O"' conlhnt Purpofc to contribute our ucmoU to- 
' wards a Pacification, to declare, by a joint Rcfoluttoo, 
" to the Gwrti of Vienna and France, Our Approbatioa of 
" the faid Preliminaries, and Oar Readinefs to concur io ■ 
" Treaty to be made for bringing them to Perfcdion. 

" Thefc Preliminarin have been likewife CommoiiiatMl 
*' to the Kings of Spain and of Sardinia ; and alLho' th«le 
" Princes have not as yet, in Form, declared their final 
" Refolucions upon them, there is great Reafon to bcliere 
" that the Love of Peace, their avowed Difpofitions for 
" putting an F.nd to the I'roubles of Europe, and the ami- 
" cable Interpofition of common Friendi, will ptfivail upon 
" them to agree to what has been thus concerted, upon ro- 
" ibnable Security given them, for the peaceable Po&ffion 
" and Enjoyment of the Countries allotted to them. 

" In thefc Circumftanccs, My firfl Care was to cafe the 
" Burthens of My People, as foon and ai far U Fhidenc^ 
" in the prefent Polture of Affairs, would pemit. I have 
" therefore ordered a confiderable Rcduftion to be made of 
" My Force!!, both by Sea and Land : And if the InflnoKe 
" of the Crown of Great Britain, and the Refpeft due to 
" ihi; Nation, have had any Share in compufing the prcfflit 
" Troubles in Europe, or preventing new ones, I am per- 
" fL;;ded you will be of Opinion, that it wil! be necefTaif 
" to continue fomc extraordinary Expcnce, until there fae 
" a more pcrfi;£l Reconcili::tion among the feveral Powen 
" of Europe." 

Geritlemen of the Houfe of Commons, 

" I have ordered the proper Officers to lay before yon 
" the Elhmatc^ for the Service of the current Year ; and I 
" make iio doubt, but My Dcfires to make the Charge of 
" the Publivk as lew as poflible, will find in you the 
" fame Readineff to gnmt the nL-cclfary Supplies with Cheai- 
" fulncfs end Unanimity." 

My Lord; and Gcntlemer,. 

" I am willing to happ, this plcaling Profp<fl of Peace 
" Abroad will greatly contribute to Pimcc and good Hir- 
" niory at Home. Let that Example of Temper and Mo- 
" dcr.ition, which has fo happily cal^iird the Spirit! ofcon- 
" tiaJingPrinci's, biiiilh fitjni i^^iiong vcu all intcf.ine Dil- 
" cord and Disu-nfion. Ti.of; who tru'y wiih liic Peace 
" ar.u Profpeiiiy of their CnL.nirv, c^in r.cver hiivc a more 
" favoi!r.-.hlc Opportunity thai .if.w (-fiVr--, of didir^gujlhing 
" t^c.T.ft^ej, by (declaring their irii.-'.iifiion in the Prcgrefc 
*' a'.!ii.i.'y niiiie toward^ ref.ot;!^ thj Pul-Iiv^: TranquiUiy. 
" :i:;i! "o p;f"r.\cvr.^ v-V.Vv \i ?.V :.-s.',^:t • to bring it "> 

Tbc Comraon bdcg rctmnod to Uicir Houfr, 
pnlB UriDg Mpttittd Ui Ui^ir'*Sfeoeh. Mr Stephea 
'ox nov'^ • Tkae an ksmbk Aaibd^ U frtTcnied to hii ui wita t.rt 
bft«7, to remre bii NUjcilf Uk Tluukiof th«l Haufe M^n^ 
V iut moft gntiout Speech fnom tbc TIwom i To rxfnOt 
lOJr gnurut Senfii oT hn Majefty'* ca n diiaiJ Bs^vgun 

niton the publick rranqailky, lad lO svoid iwdriDj* 
U Natkw iwaectRinlf n the &ul rinfriufnwi of a ge- 
ml Wtu- : To eoagnttlttt Ibi Majdty iipM Uk limy 
am, which the AC^ oFEunne had oken. bjr thetruD- 
lU aad aoS Clinlliu MajcDm iuvin| ajmd to prdi< 
iHfy Aftidn for i gaere] Piaficatioa i Mod upM tlto 
HI Pnfaabilftjr of itieir bcoig aescpted bf all (iu Po«Mn 
RCcd in iIm War : And to dedaj*, iram Uw AAuniKea 
I' m^lty M ben pka&d u giTc them, that ttnb Pie* 
ifMBBi iii not tSoBMMf vntf horn the Pbn af PaciGca- 
|i Mwwwej uid ptOfiofnl b^ hi* Majcfly and the Suua 
kcnIV Awn n j<iit (^nfidracc ta hu Majcltf 'i Goodncis, 

I dw ExparieBce they htuL of hit contant »md paietMl 
n of the true lnten:ft of hw People, dirou^ the whole 
mk of thtt ftcat Bod inirk»e ^^'ork > and firom hii Ma> 
|p'« haviag dedarcd, in Cooiutitlioo With the States, hii 
frobKion of the raid Prcliminana, u pinpcr Coaditiiriit 
« nmd PtdSeukm ; that they oOuU nuke so Doobt. 
! dMjr wcrt fitch at would eive i general SatiVlfiiM : To 
ifil MS Majdtr their Thanks for his early Cue in <»fiiig 

II JmheMt of hii People, aod rcduciaff a confUnablc 
Us Fonn l>och h* Sea and Land : To afiiiie hi» 
: thcr would, with nou Chorftilncti, nilc thir 
ppliet t And, to teSify thair Gni.-cude from a 

ihe BlclSflei they then enjoyftl, and from the 
I of finure HapfHMA, That they would liippofthi* 
in fuch Meafures, u fltotUd be foani leafonablv 
ncccflWry to render that fftu and dc&nhle Work per- 
ud Isfiins.* 

Ir Fax WM fawmded by Mr Hanbary Waiiami : Aed "i«;.««i ">*' 
i TptaomH declar'd. 'That he tbought the Peace wa) u ri 
e me, htmoanble «d gtoriou!, than it was poAUiIe for 
>cxpeCl.' (ipootlusOocafionMr.'ihippenaiid Mr Walter )A 
ncr took Notice of tint Part of the Kiag'tSjKKh. which tbtvuLRMa. 
td to the RedoAiOB of riw Forcet, aod tditd, • That 
font whoV Reffiiuean wodd be reduced, and 
lofprintcMen only, as had been fortnctly 
the like Occifiou i lor ihu the leducing of 
(It^pmcnt woold be a much Krcster Ssviite to -Jic 
, than tkercdadnc of an «qitAl Number orprivata 
[That in our prcfettt ntiiarholy Circumfbnees. «vt- 
ihod <nigir a> bepn&ile^ by which tlw PabVK\i VUf 


t 106 ) 
i«> Oil. iL ney mlgkt be Dived, in order a arplf u much u potEUt 
'"^ ■ yarlr to the Paymmt of our paUicK Debb : 

' That ttw Ailrantoec of mlocitig whole Rcginentk, w«i 
a^fuat to «*ery Cractnnu wba trodd make the Calcafe- 
tioa I fM by tka EftabKAoneM cf UA Yew. k nudii^ 
Rcgimni. which confined of id $ Men, oifl ihe Pobbck «• 
bMl i;,it7l. }-evly I fi> that if ■ whole Acgimou IhouU 
be rtdticcd, then would be ■ Saving of 15,317!. aYor. 
. 'Wheieu 1/ an eqiaJ Number of privaiE Men only b* rrdutcd 
fiom that end otli«r Re^inctuii, that would be a Saving «> 
iIk Fublldc of ite Pay of To s»ny printt Men osly, which 
in S Veir umnntcd 10 but ^^17 (. fnm whrncc it ii eri. 
dent, ihxt by a RtdoCtion of Scoa Men made by ndHCM|[ 
vtboic RcgtinenD, ibc Publkk wvsld lave 149,369 1. ynr* 
ly 9 whenu, » Redufiion of 8000 Aden nade by the im 
ditane of pHrate Men onlr. Earn but 73.000 L fewly ( b 
ihK me Oificnitoc to the ^oblick wat « Snioc or 76,}te h 
>'<afly I A Saving which ongbt not to b« AmeAcd : Tail 
tbo', fiir the firfl Ycu or two, we Ibould be obliged to Ubs 
Dear one half of thii Sum yatfy for Hilf-piy to the radwei 
Ofiiccn, yei in > few Yean tJiey notdd dtiwr die « b« io> 
eotpontcd in the lU&ding Corpi i (a that we IbooU iMl 
Cjvc thit whole Sum yearly. 

' That it wM not poAble for tbcm (o find a raiUwy Ra^ 
(en why wc ought to keep up, and in whole Paj too^ ■ 
gresier Proponion of Olficen in Time of ]>ace Ums «• 
did t» 7'inie of War 1 >od ai there wiu bo Milituy hLtabm 
for lo doing, rtnptc wmld b« ape to fuppolc it wai do«a 
for 3 Gvil Rcilen ; which was n Suppofiiion uijuioui n 
hit Majcly, or at Inll to k!> Miitillrn i yad Ibf thw Rca- 
fon tbcy would tn a putJcalii Manner fKonuDisd it to as 
honeaaUeCcnlleBBanoti the IHoor. {Sir lt«tirt U'ti^Wl 
to lodooe n-liole Carp», iitl)e»J of icilvcing ptinic Mcs 

*jVn Mt Fox'i Motion wu agtetd to wiihooi D^bau, 
wkI a Conusittee onlucd to draw up aa Addrcfi icoud- 

7inr. 16, A Petition of Sir Rowland Winn, Ban. wu on- 

2^-^' finned to ibe Htnilie and read, ampkBtoing of an ibkIk E- 
" IrAjoQ jnd Return for the Lounty of Yodc, which wu or- 
dcted to be kcaid at the Bar of (he iloule on the 14th 
of Fcbnury j atid it wu ordered, that the Lift of \'aim ta 
beobjrAed to by eiihct Party, be ddivcml u tbe other 
by that Day thiee Week*. 
Jfa» f. The (.Lunraoro peefcMcd ihdr Addfcii ef 





( »o; J 

ftit Gfaeioui SortnigBt 

"E yoof MqcOf's noft datJfuJ utd loyal Sui^eBtx, 

the Camnont. of CJroa Brinin in f^timcin at- ''^' <-*> , 
nrarn your M^ty our uii/dgned lluaks for i^tol" 
awt jtacioiu Sprteh from ili« Tiirooe. " "' 

Wc arp :mtjr fcnfitiTc of ront Mijcfiy'i cariy Eadea- 
m End CO ili« War. and can aever enoi^h' 
la*'' < ]J/ Ap^iouom. will) wluch yoo purifued 

It nxM Woik, by tbc join[ Intcq^fitioo of tlic ggod 
Ben tf Voiir MajcAy Bihi'Oie Stam Gc&cnl. 
AnJ it Si, with liw »-Ann«ll Gnrilude, we MlmowledBC 
fvar Mj^tltv'i ponxular Care xni CinunfpoOion, to aU 
' Yaa I'm: edlng* not to iawoK-c tliu Nabon oBneee&rilx 

* fa iha Wm ) wbra at the ftme Tune, Voar Mildly 
■ ftmanl Yo« wtre not mrmfiblr of the iauniaciit Ibager 

* tlut tllfdmH the Ubertie* of Europe, from a long Con- 

* dnaaMor of It apgn (a un«]ual ■ I'm(< A ConduA wheifui 

* Tour Mijtfiy pbfniy prarcd, You cquily coofolied ibe 

* tanrtbte latctdU of Voiir People, and tJiat Balance of- 

* fWttr 13 Eaiopc, opon vtuih tbc Safety and ConmcFcc 
' of Ah Ni!im fa mod) depnuU : At once ttr'tng ihii 

* Natk ' tlie nelciit CaJuniiinof W«r. ml irying 

* Eo a^ :uic Ntcdlityof iu bctog at tail obliged to 

* f \ut and H:i2ird in them 

- —-.•'z bol be fallible af Your MxjeHy't WiQom 

* Md Inpan'ality, in fonnJag tbe Plan of Pacification, pro* 
' pofcii 1^ Ya«ir Msjefty and th« Statn CcnctBl, to (be 

Ponren cBjp^ed in War i wbich althovgb noc immedi- 
aidy oocepled by the axttendiog Pirtie*. nor aflTwcriiig 
licdcfircd Et^ by pnvcatiag die opening of ikt Cvn- 
pb|^i, ka> been (i> ^r adopted, that ihe mott ntatEni] and 
eXuiial Para of it hiw beeo agieed to by the Pricxcf 
oa^iaally sod pcinclpaJiy cooccmt^ to thii Rupturr, aiul 
W.— miluiIliI by them r> tfceir Allies u Pttluninary Ai- 
tidesloaGenrT inon. 

* L'pve thbkiji: , < < lie AlF^nof Furopc bavc tabCn, 
we wnk besnOy conpaaiktc with Yout Majclly ; and 
wken we eoafidcf the Affiraseei Yo«r MtjeHy ha been 
ftzfviaBy plated to g>v< W, that ili«{c Prcliminario do not 
cftnciany rary fiotn the plan of Pic:iicaiian, coaccrtcd 
Y««r Majelly and the Sutes Ccncnl, and the itady 
' it>oa Your MijcUy and the Statei General have 
~ then t a juft Confidence in Your Wifdooi, and 
nee W8 hare ot Yoor ootuljnt and pxtmuJ 
(Itc true loiCTefi of Your People, thnHgh the 
«hel« Courfe nf ihii gtcit a»d intriate Work, lam ua 
IMC tW leaA Room to cnicrain a t>odb(, but tlut the Pre- 
OaHtioBtef thbl^ti&Miao, uefoUDdol, and 
O > 


( tot ) 

' fo BPpwfgJ, M mH p»c gyacpJSMltEi& i cai in ii4kh ! 

* AhSoO ite ur JMTther BOnlnoBd, by tlie gnai Pr ~ 
' tbtn appcon to be of ihetr binng ueepted ukd 
' k), b^all tWPowcnoigtgwl bathe War- 

' Tbc ortjr Rcpid Yoar Mijf^ bni been gndouSf 

* pinfid to Skw I» thd Wdiue nf Voui People, in UJuog 

* the trA OpHRtBaitf. on thii gmt >ad fonuouc Knai^ 

* to listen ue Buiben of ibcir Gxpencw. by maktns > 
' R«il2tian of Yodt Fok«*, boik by Sea uul Land, u web 
' » M^rk of Your Cue ia confnlting tbdr UKitlt, aadof 
' , Your tndcr Coruni (or their Eaic. tluc we (hanU bo 
<^ at u^uA to our Gmitudc, >i to Vow M^d^'i Gooii- 

* ticfi^ if wc ^M to lelbfy ibe one, and uknowlcdR ttio 

* Mlwr, in the ftrai^ErQ anil nolt ^utifal Manner. AimTm w* 

* look Qpcm thii, added to iU ibe other Meafkues of Vour 

* clorioui and hifof Reig^i. u ■ Proof that tbe HBimrrt 
■ lor tb* Bnfcnt Ytu will be praportioii«d to tka Sit 

* of Afiin, tod the Potpofo to which they AuB be i 
' aen^uy ; fb «c b<g Can to iSiiic Yoar Majcfty, thtt 
' «o will cbraiful^ aoJ cflUhully ratfc (iKb SupfLw> m 
' the FoltiiR of ow pteltac happy CirauUbncn mB r- 

* ^r*. and ftifident to fopport the Dignity of tba Cnm^ 

* Olid tBc Hooour aod Uixtr^ of Your. Mi^clly'* S«hf«a> 

* and Doininioni. 

' Awtiffock Motivn oouU wut any wMhioaal Ciitai 

* ftance toenitc oa lo fulfil our Pitty to Your Majtfty i 

* oat Coontry, tho itrfeOioo on the' good EiMihei 

* ORliMry Sapplie^ gnaied the UU Ycjr to Your T 

* mall tatve bid, k cootribatiAg to biing tbia taaaJabaofL 
- Work JO fa haapy an ITm, jouied to the Caafiaabiftaf 

* the JaAoraco Vow M^b'a CoudUi mdl «w have ia 

* tho A^in of EorapBi wUU a toyal PaiUaoMai Ann it* 

* UK AtHDnaied lo fupport ih« R«lblMtoftt of a ifeifii aacl 

* onitton Ptincc, cauxx liu) to operaco with iMr 4ao 

* Weight, ta ntUng n* perfcfara in our Eadcafoan to 

* ^ a LdK lo Yotr Mifofty'ti Rriga abroad. «^4uil. if 

* poffible, to the Ilifpiatft «c eojoy irom it at htaas.' 

To thi* AMnb hii MajaOy g4VE thi foUowoi Aofiiw. 

> T Rotnni you ray Thanks for thu datiful and lo^ , 
■ ^ 4m&. I am vciy well pkafd. thu my Endnou.., 
' to nAoiK ihr pubbde I'tanaoiliiy have laet with yosr 
' AjipMbctkx) 1 utiytm nay bt klTaitd, aiy fiinaa Cte^ 
' Cull bt rmphiyeil. to the oimoH of lay Powar. lo 

th« Priee at £utop« o€r&& aad lalliii^ aad to t 

fou a levifhia^ ud aappy PcBpfei' ' 

i '09 ) 

V. 14, A PctHiw of tint Gcntlenen, Ctrrey, and o- A.-usg teo^ 
tmieUtn of the Cbimty oTNorfoJIi, wtofc Ninn uJiSi^^. 

gnu h'oaibir noiv of tte FreeUildm of tbe fiud Cosa:^, |^^^ 
oaafUutof tniiadM EkAion and Renrn liar the bii £gf***** 

tktt Imbi( aiads fer hcving iite Matter of the laid Pcii* 
dM at tlu Bu «t ib« HouJe oa the t6t& of Fcbruaiy, 
Sir Joha Hfoie Cotion flood op tai (iU^ 
U Sir, 

^P I UB tiemrUisd t& heir fucb a MotioD oude, cociluicr* »j rtiAcu- 

^p cht tlooM, bet tbc« D»ft fiact, appoiatoi the Votlc- ""^ 

^Br fWiUon to fat hcud at the Bar of ihu Hnuf* w the 

VftA «f aect Moat)), which i) but two Da^i brfetc [)u 

. On oeir aonrf far hcaniig (ht Nor&lk Petition, T&jj 

I MI a» if tW bonounblo Gmdtmn iauemoj. that we 

I mUgo tikra* die VoiUhirc Pciitiua in two Dap 1 mhercM, 

b 1^ Opiaiai^ if wc cmninc into it ai are sunlit, and u J 

k^ *» imll, it will tike ui up two Vein, ur at leafi the 

•mJ Time or twe SdBon*- t coorcfi. Sir, I b^iT bot 

kAc Koaow CO be let loto the Seoto oT any of the Vork- 

^Bc faitiooKa, ixtt J bdirve tlie hoDOcikblc Genilcmtit, 

^p» nwic the h(of io*, rt thoroughly mcquaiiitixl with thcii 

Krfud tBoil hidden Ocfigoi ; ttvrcfonr, from hu BiAlting 

^b^ • Hati>B u he hA> bora jufi bow pIcxIH to nulc« 

Jiu, I ndl caodud*. ihki the YoHcOiirc Pctiaoncn arc 

uth^ m ittp xhetr Petition, in ofe they ibenU find 

iWbUw «MUe u> utrr feme *«/)' ranarkafale ^cHioti 

Ik fit or tao^ Day. If thi^ be ically the Ctfc, the ho* 

iWiUl *^»4"*" mi much id the Right k> nuke you 

fmk • MobDB H be hft* done, with regard 10 the >2ocfi)tk 

EMiH t bn wUk wc %n Monben of tlu Hoafe, I 

Ike^ a* aa(hi opra no Otcifen to be direAcd, ia out 

Mf of yatia%, hy the prinue Opinioa or fc«m Knowledge 

d cilur MxR I and iherefbte if the h ow otiiable GcntlentHii 

of amy Oth Secret vuh regwtl t« the Vorkjlitic Pe- 

he »ill ihfid up agiifl ■ad acquaint the Ho«il« 

vKh it. tkkt wc may law ihe lame Rcafon for a^ciing 

* hn Modon, wUth he hod for maklDg it.' 

r'it I^gllBM7 ftood tip next, aiid (aid, 
I aa icry forrT' lo Gad fo ntny Potions coitiplainin{ m>'<*»<t. 
^ adt« fikdiaiii aikd Rmiu for Coundet i for the Ux- 
fBx af MMKivcnuif fech Ek&oci a Ci jmt. that ii U 
«r Gcntkaui on boat w fty the whcle out of 
t NKMw. A« the Ct(e Stimb at preCnt, when- 
■ CMitity come* tn be cam 

AHM 9 r.ra II. 

( ii6 ) 
bation among all the Freeholders of the Count)' ; and it 
will not fignif/ much to cafe the Landed Gentlemen of a 
Shilling in the Pound Land-Tax, if by the Controverting 
of EIriiions they Didl be obliged, once in every Parliamenii 
to tax themfelves, perhaps in ten Times that Sum, for fup- 
porting the Rights of their Country. 

* Injoftice may, 'tis true, be Ibmetimcs done by the Re- 
turning OfficetJ for Counties, as well SB by the Retuning 
Officers for Boroughs. But as there are fuch a great Number 
of Voters fur every County, as almoft every Freeholder's 
Ri^t of vocing mud be examined into, before the Injuftice 
of the Returning Officer can be dcteAed, and ai the nam- 
ing of that Returning Officer depends entirely upon the Mi- 
nitters of the Crown, the EleAion for all the Counties in 
Eo^and is certainly very precarious. And when any In- 
jaftice ii done, the Difcorering of it it lb troublclbme ai>d 
expenfive, that no private Man can well undertake it : In 
fuch Crcumflancet, it will always be eafy for the MiniAeis 
of the Crown to appoint who fhall be the Knights of any 
Shire, whenever they have a Mind ; for if the Retumiar 
Officer makes an undue Return according to their Orden, » 
ii almoft impoffible to difcover the Injuftice done by him, lb 
as to fnbjeft him to the Puniftiment inflidled bt Law t and 
if the Returning Officer Ihoutd hainxn to difobcy their Or- 
ders, it is but making their Candidates petition, by which 
the Gentleiilcn rightfully chofen, and duely letnmed, will be 
put to fuch an Expencc in defending ibeir Right, that aa 
Man will (hereafter choofc to jland for any County in Op- 


E Coaoty of N^rfol^ U ooe ot the largcll and raoft 

■iCDuntic. in Englimi, ibc Expcncc of coniruvcrtios 

EUlion for lUnt. L'&ua<:r mufi be much grcaKt tliin 

. Otkcn i bgt if you ajpoiat liie Peiuicn ftom liat 

mtf 10 be heaid in To few Diy>, after the Day ou wliich 

have ftppoinTcd tkc Yorki^.irr H«tition to be hnnl, yoa 

Dd (TCiiij/ i3ili4itc« even that greater Cxpmcc i bfcinis 

I tlte iitmv blonber and liie PUkiooen for NoifoUc. 
! Utvt chcir Ltwytn, AgcUi. WitDrffe!!, add all iImi 
-I impleiaetib of a ctKitrDvemd ElefUon, ACtctKJiE^ in 
vn, tad lin&g at their Eitfcnce, duneg the whole Tune 
WControvt^ about iHe Voikfliiir IVtiiion. Tiiit, I 
:>ir, moil be ihe Cafe, at kafi of che fming Member. 
Edmimd Bdfvi] becude I am prel^ welt convioc'd hs 

ic in Any Concert, aoir knowi any of tke Sccrcu uf the 
ionen for YorUhire i and the bying bim under fudi un 
kordiiuty Exf>ence, or tDdeed under aay Expcncc. is 
aore unaeccfl'^ry, bccaulc tbe only Gen:Jemin, whofc 

II (etma to be controrertcd. u dow dead, [Mr H'o^t- 
3 by which Ihfcana the Pebtlonen and their I'licali 
It, if they picded, hare an Oroortnaiiy of trying ilieir 
cS in Ihe Cooniy by a new ucAion. wiihoot pstting 
ifclvu to the Trouble or Ch.irge of coct.-ot-cTiiDg d>c 
cr t but ic fxtiti the Peiirioncri Know that ibc Cxtoicc 
ontrovrning the fomwr Ekfbao, grrat ai l[ mm be, 
be left to tbcni than the Kxpenrc of it am/ Ekelica : 
h, by the by. Sir, feeim u> ine to tw a Dciiiggilraiion 

their uniral Istcfcll in the Couiuy h doi much to be 
idcd on. 

Sot to [hii, Sir, 1 mult mIiI, ihnt I have been informed. 
ttl]y bfheve, thii the i'etitionus could not make nczr 
od a Sh^ow upOD -t new EJc^tioo, at they did upon (he 
•r f ibr eray one Woovn that on fuch Occaiioiu many 
lifei are made l>y tbofe, nho do doc depend upon their 
al Interell, but upon the unmtural aod act{di:cd Ixy- 
they may h*vc by Mcani of [he many PoSi and Prc- 
ntt thty have at tJidr Diijioiil ' And I hav- heart!, 
naoy Froniifci went made ypvil (he i*ii Rlc^on for [!ie 
ty of NotroUc, whidi have do: been fctfotnxd ; rtom 
cc It ii 10 be f rcfutnod, that the Perlbcu lu whom Ebofe 
ifei were nucc, and nho were thereby in^Iaccd to voie 
uy to tlieit ]iidiau.[:ii:i, will upon n new Kltttion vyjie 
dUft to ConfcicKC. Tltis, Sir, i am afrakl, it the true 
ID lor rtnewitig the Petition (mm that Courty, Dot- 
tind^ iti beitg cenain that th« Hearing of thefe Pe- 
I will coll ihest (TOrr tta^ - r.* H'tftioo can naturally 
:bcin f iKitu. s c^'Utfl, that a ncM 

m wgiiU b/. „ to theJs hxv'ur^ 

1 — ^ 

Amnn 9. CeS. II. 

Itir Winiiin'Tonp 
'All W- Vftt^. 

( na ) 
Snts is this Houre, thui they can be by the liearing of tlic 
Petition I and I muft fay, that the Motion now made 10 ni 
feenu calculated for noUung, but that of laying the fining 
Member and hi) Friends under a Necellicy of yielding to diB 
Fetidoncrs, rather than be at the Expence of tiering the 
Merits of the laft Elcdion at the Bar of this Houfe. 

To this it wai anfwered by Mr Wilmington, Sir Wil- 
liam Yongc and other Mendien, * That it wai inpoffible 
to forctcl how long the hearing of the Yotkflure Peutian 
would laA ; but they could not imagine it would lall near 
fo long as the honourable Gentleman feemed to intinute ; 
fcr Bi the controverted Votes on both Sidei would be very 
much reduced, and fully afoertaincd, by the Lilb that were 
to be mutually deliTcred, they could not think that Dif- 
pute would take up many Days, much ]eb feveral Weeks : 
That they would readily join in any Mearurcs for pre- 
venting the Injuftice of Returning Officers, as well as for 
snaking the controverting of County ElefUoni fhort and 
eafy ; but the concrovened KlcAions then depending could 
not be regulated by any fuch Mcafures : And as many of 
the FrcchoMrrs of Nonistk h^ cpmplwned of InjuAice done 

Btcing Member : becaufe iht PetiuaDen would 
< itwM tn Town. Iratii the Day nppainted far 
tlicir Pctitxni, which tiicjr viuciiot gthcrwifc o- 
~as do I nherens the fitdcg Meraber wai Mherwde 
joJ to be in Town, tn aria to anead iIm Scmn of the 
otfc : That thcf knew of no ProRiifea ttudc upon ihs 
ner Rlefiion. nor wtj' Di&ppointmenti PeopJe lud finee 
K with i but belicvtd < fich Repon* were withooi 
uiKUtion -. That a new tilvclioo might prrhnn be Idt cx- 
ifire tluu to tiy the Mtriu of the loll Klefhon ; and 
ffi^Hft Gcnilemrn might pcrhapi conM fooncr to their 
lb in (hat Hoafc by n new Elr&on, than by having their 
[ht upon the former PJeAoD determined i bat ifvty Gtm- 
MB had a Right to a Scat in that Hocfii upon the for- 
r ElcfiioD, it u-as noc mronU)lc to txpeR ihit he ihoold 
e vp that Right, which he mull ilo by fubmitting Iq 
VW cMtion : That befidu, if Injuftlce be done to hjni 
vdl BS ibe County upon the former Eledion, it «u a 
ty he ofved both to himfelf and hit Cuunty, to ptofcane 
' Authors of that Isjuilicc'tn fuch Manner u the Liws 
U5 Coontry direS ; and at that coulil mt be done, but 
bringinz the Merit) of the fbmicr Eieflion to be luetl at 
Bu ofihat Houfc, they ihoD^lit that the Pccitioncre 
V in the Right to infill upon it : Thai iliii w-si cerlainiy 
Duty of ihft Pcti It (inert, and il WM their Duty, as Mtm- 
I of that Houfr, to hear and determine the ASiur u (bco 
Mflible, by af^recing to the Motion.* 

mpon the Motion wa» agreed to wtthoot a Diviiion ; 
: Lilbcf contravened N^Kcn were ordered lo be idu- 

lirered by thai Day Moath. 
fane Day Mr Walter Plumer preCented to the Hoo<« iMUti«iit>if 
■Bod of John Nc»Ie, Efqj tximpljiitiing of an andue s^SCWJ^b- 
9um and Return for the City o» Coventry j and the ^"i^^Site" 
e being read, Mr Plsmcr Rood up again and laid, ' That ct-ou?. 
by the Fomi* of procndiog in that Houie, it uai ne- 
vy lor the Petitioner to prefent a I^iion thai Krlfiaii. in 
'very lame Wordt with the Petition prdentcd by him 
n the <iuM StibfcA the prectcdine Seffion. yet he had 
given hin Orders to ao^uaiol the rlos&t That in order 
avc Trouble to thr Houfc, and ooc to okc up their 

Kiy loqcer thin vru ablblutely necdTariFr h« wu nil- 
paftftOiB tvtxf Complaini in hit Petition Inenticmrd, nbw Ma 
^ a* related to the C^ulificatioa of John Bird, 
I one of the filtirg Mcmben for tlic laid City i which 
|fcr only Conipbint he intended lo in£tl on at rhe hci<r- 
Bthe Petition : And ai (he Dcicnntningof that Point 
Vnot take up ahovc kllf an Hoitr of their Ttnr, he 
r«»-IV. P tiotH. 


( 114 ) 
VKvU Utcrefnt move, ihM ikc Pctjww au^t be htaiA m 
the Bar «f the Haura' i Bw upoi dw QuAian't beitif pat, 
it {oJEkI i« the Ncgttivt. ino Um PttiuoB vu rdcrtM to 
the Cammittre or Privibget asd fikftion. 

JoM. 31 . A F<titioa of Antltotty Chau, £G|i (amphik- 
ig of xn uedu« EJcAion tai Return for tbc County at 
SBUkaapioo, wu prclentcd ta (be Houlc and md i lad it 
msardned, TW die Matter of ihe Uid Petiiionbc lMn4 
■ttUBHof tboHeuft.o* Uw^tbof Mucbi atewUch 
it vu iDond to order. Tbac the Lifti. wiih (HbiA m 
tbe (aid cootiwened EUAioft. be ddh-ercd b/ that Da^ S«a 
Wflda ; HcreuptD Mr Uk, one v t tlw fitting Mcnboi far 
ihu Cbuwy lood up lad bid. ' Tbai,)iB moU wiBli^ 
fobi^ (o any Ot^ ikr Had« SiouM mikc upon doc Od- 
cft&an. Mtl would be mdy is deliver hit LJlh by any Dtf 
thtHodftflUHldpfifixt bututbeDcftgoofdcIivenn^ ben 
Liib wa> to ftwran the Difoat^ Md to pnTOU nkiag «p 
tbcir Time with iBqalrici uio Otifedtiocu $t^iak Vvtat, 
wkicb were citlter fiiUe or {ntoUm, tW lOOMr th« TIhi 
was vfiticli WM to be picixed for dcUroiog ha Ub, boA 
ih« Pditsoner ai>4 bt wonM be mirB oobM u ahni|* 
theii LiAi i and ibcrcbsv. Ja order n gm dw HosA ■ 
litdc TronVk u foOiit, %rUtk be WM yaji avch inc^ii 
to, he ho^ the Hoafe wotild givs hin aad the hdboiB 
u nocli 1'tRK at poiEblc for nuking up and Utvcnng itMir 
UA> : That with rcfpcd to the Otiitaioiit ifUnft the V*> 
l«n ef eit^iJr Side, they were obligtd to depet>d moa (ki 
' Iufbnnstion of othim j ud in onter to pmrtw timr boag 
excludctl ftoQ ot9o£Uac apinfl anjr Pcrfon, who w« waHf 
* bad \ oter upon the othtf Side of the QudlKn. thcjr mtm 
gbligcd to put vmy Mw't Nunc >a ilicir Uit, apM 
whom they could hav tif aay Sott of Otiadiao i bit Alt 
if he Iwd Time, h« wouU, bj hiiafclT mi hm Anat>» m- 
q«irc particulATlx loto every bbjtdioa t ud woaB p^ lO 
Man't Nunc in hi* UH. if upon fwh laqitifv be §toM 
find dnt the Objefiion w not fuficicntly fiiMrtfd bp 
RaAn aad fiiridnn, by which Ueum be nyic pi^ii% 
v«ry miKb obridgathe LiA he wu taddiwm and ^M 
not doubt of iW PWitioui doiag the tunc : Thji u thov 
wot already Petibooi haa YoJtlliiie; Noilblk sad Flitt' 
fiiirr. ■ppnniKl to be hcwd Wfon the Day motM^ 
beariugof the Petition aaindhun, ii coukl aot w pt^n 
that (tic hearing of the Petition agmA bio 
mjoa the very Say the tloulc bad ftppoiocrd tot 
it : Hut tfciTcfort be thoatbt kirogiii he 


t IIS > 
Piliem>>Uun eT tbc Yorlcfhirr BMKon ar )C2(I : 
Fcdbaa for ike Csntty of NaHoHc, ar.! that fbr 
«f ftm, vinm bntii tu be hcvd before (he Pc:): 
Coatf of StKiitiamntoa cnvld aunr on, then could 
IwLfMiiUiwi, in deb/ing to make anr Order for delivering 
l>ftiw)iJi rripcA CO the UA : bvcaulc after the Dctcmtinii- 
baa of At Yorlcfhin Klefltar. the HooTe mieht order the 
liAi lor tlw Count; of fvomKinfiton to be delircnd by ihat 
Off k*tnli|)« 1 Md it Mu impofliblc the Noriblk uid Flint 
Bwiom cmM boiii ba drttrmtticd in a Week's Tine. For 
tbu ReiAa, he hoped tbe iKMottnUe Ccndenun nrouhl^ 
for tke CtaBvnknce of the Petit k ti. u well a for hit 
Comcftlnoe. ■ad alio for the Take of &<ring the Time of 
due Ho'ife, wave tike Motion he had made ; and tkat the 
KotA woold falpeod making any Order for r)etivering the 
lilb fb* tb« Couatv of Soauonimil. till afler the Deter- 
■intfiaa of llM YcoUbirc KlcAkn. 

To lUi il «u BifMr'd, ' Tlui rlie urml Meihod wa 
is- tibe flode » >{folnt a D»y hr ddinnng Lilh of all 
CbMir EMHoM, ac tbc fame Tine diey n^ipalmed a Day 
lor hCBtng (he PctttiMi : That the threr e«ber Coantf 
EIoffittiM gtj||h( fat feme Rcafen or othet be fvt cflT, or pet- 
fcapanuiidy riie-i-x. tor which Rcafi>n it «u nrreffirjr fbr 
tbofe eoi^eTneiJ tn the Soaltiimpton EttAion, to be fiilly pre- 
jpand Md rady for the Hearing, igainit the I>ty the Houfe 
bad appdnttd, which they conkl not be. nol'ds the UIIl 
were Jciiven] aninS the Day Atm mot'ed for : Aad that. 
tt Uk Cuiag tdeaoa, ti well » the Petitioner, had ilrrsdr 
W Mv a wliola Yar to inquire tnro (he Q^ili^citiorti of 
Vovn *"d the Objefiiem that cosM b« ruaSe apialt any 
of ihcn, )c w» Eo be prdsmed that their Ulb were thes 
m muA ab(id(id u they ce«Id palEb^ be.' 

Tkoi tlw QidiOR being pat fof detiTctttig the Lilb by 

^ttChy Ire Wcelu, k «ru onkd in tlic AnriruUve with- 

«ui a DiviAoi. 

jKwmtj i^. Mr Evenidd nrefei««d lo the Houft i Pe- 
litlvi of Riehxnl Stie^rd, Eiqi cocnplaJniD« of in onddc .^^^^^^.^ 
BWtioB, acid Rcmm (or iKe Boroogh of Sonihwatlc, whtch ma lwt*. 
wa* wcoidjif It rod t ftnd i Motion beiog made, and ft- tut** 
anted. iW ue Mntir oT the fiid Pedttoa be heard at 
the fear of the Hcofe i Mr W b i l n g to H Ibod up and fuA, 
Tkat akho' (he honoimUc Gcadntun, who preleptcd 
lud mXntiA to have it hned it the Bar of the 
aad allho'tkll Moition had been fcconded, and very 
pefM by the bononrabto Geatlanan, who wai one 
W tlu Etfim Menfaers for Sootibwvlc, and againfl whoni 
Ae Pniniat fcaed to be cliidly jdmrd ; yet be hoped Gen- 
mU htrt hme Hegtrd ta the IxRioorMiIc Gen- 

iiT wiMmw i. 

( il8 ) 
Ofc. fat not OBljr the fining Member deCm uti att» 
npon the Petition't bnn^ appoincKl la he honl at ibi H«r, (w 
then ftewM to b* ■ Ddign in the fttjooaxt not to iuw Ui 
Pitition hard uall. oru leallnotiluiSellioa i fiw oUa^ 
mite be woaU ceRsul)' love pceftnieri it iBiafii the liii^ 
W tw nUght «>d o«ghc lo Itm dose, wlier«M he Iwdt- 
Iifed j)rrtcnt«i| it kJinoft n km a be oxiU i whkfc tn as 
h may a ftranePtcfinnption. utat >» n fal^ of his Ptb-, 
tiDA't btiw rocB •* the fia«>g Menifatr hu icpnCntvl k w 
br ; ud if it bt ib- thera on be no finwcr Rasfin rf- 
Agncd, not odIx for in being hf%ri at tW ia, bat for Ma 

The C^ettion we then p« fn bnriD{ tlw iWiian at 
llie Btr of chc Hoirfe ; whicb apos a Divi&an wm unic4 in 
tticAfinnitivcbf 14; to 141. After wltieb tbf Qv^tal 
ml vat for heuing it at th« Bar m the loth of FffcnBy, 
Whn wsf earned in tbc Affinutivc wtttoat •DfrtfloB. 

ThM Alfdif being Atcr Hr Wtltn- Phuiwr Asod «i Ml 
lud, ' That, ildif Iw bad bdim K^wniid ibe HotA^ 
ikii Mr Nnir, pRittdoer Tor Cwndry. «« wiUiag 10 piA 
from ctvry Coinf4ai« in kb htinoo. eKC*pt i»&- m r^ 
hui to cbc Qukliiicuwn of John Bird, E^; oac of ibt 6ttmg 
Mraiba* 1 3«t thu romahing n iloi Purpolit nufbt affttt 
■pan iMr Votct, Mid to Mmk tbe finW hlaabtx dot m 
oikcT Canqiunt «oidd bo inMed ona^uifi bin. licwodl 
iDOVc, That fi(W« Jobit Nnle, Bft wlu liad ecUbriid 1 
ndciftn to dui i4«ule, WRMlaMi^ of aa uadw EScAJH 
Bid RrEimi ^ t!u Oiy of Comarf, ddtnd 10 wicbdnw 
tb« CfiMB|»io<i in Ae bid PttJciM. «xc«pi u b wbat !»■ 
UtwMUwQaalUcMMa of Ma Bird, Ufiit om ofibe Cl- 
■taf Umben for the fidd Citv. ibtRferf it nMw btm. 
derad. That tJir faid Petition (Mold be dtiiniScir ettsp ■ 
AnihU; Tlii> WAi Koonlinglr ipcad to. Tkoi Mr 
ftencreddad, * ThM « tbt exaamiiqc thcMuHr of ikit 
PcuiUji^ u it ibea ttaoA, conid m» mguire aHji losg f^ep» 
ntfoi, or the brii^ag up any WlOKfti 1 nd n n cadi 
notnittftfi lb much •> am Eveniof to deotfniiM ibai Cb*- 
eUim in the Commiiiee ) th e i efa rr be iwuU bmioc (or OT 
loAniaiao w tlie Commtitee to hear it oe that Dtf (kn< 
Wcciu'. To thii 11 wai obfcAcd. at fi bad been rs tf« fiw 
acr Uotio* tit ihb ACrir, * Tliai it wn eonovy n rb* 
n a w— M CnoHf, and thU iliere wu tMibisg is tbat Alfatf 
Co amodicia/y aa to indae* them (o bt«r h oiu of ia ^« 
GMrfc* For tlm Rofc^ ipM ilu Qsdtoi*i 

( M9 » 

TW fiiae thy the Honbc being in i Conunittet of dif ^.^^ ^ 
Hl 15.000 Men be elifdorvcl w dM Sea Scmcc fgi Um J|^'^' , 
HoMpoB Mr Wftltsr Piuma looa np ud tftiu w ibU ^i^*^ 

I I do not rUe Up n Dpfn^ die MocioD, becittir, m «rc *" ^•'''''*°* 
re «he Hifipncfi u live in u lOudt I Imk Always bMn 
Ofinaa, Oat wt ooeht ckiedy ts 6tptai opon ddi Na- 
PoMC ( ud for (ku KcbAmi I {hH sever be agaiidl our 
■ping Bp I pnny IctgB Number of Somen, even iR 
lui of tlM mit pwJiftMid Peace ud TnaquUtty. Wc 
1^ 'ni cnie, for fomt Vnn paft, folknwMm quite coa- 
ly Mtxin I we have kept up fucb a grcu Ntiubei of 
M FofCB, thit it hss not been id our Power to keep op 
h a Nomber of &caaMii iv I'tsK of Ccmc a« «c ouebi lo 
-c doae i but what hu bcrn the Contequcncc m iIu» 
kSai t It lot fofced a gint Niunfaerof otit-oative and 
Itftt Sctmoi iaio Uk Scmcc of fgtcigi) Powere, nd fioai 
ncs tgott tilt Dtficilt)- we loued oulelict io opon a Ute 
iem EsnerjCM)', with rdptd U> the fittiag out fpeedil/ 
Eimfbl SquHJran : Tbb Diftraliy lh« wbole Nacioa waa 
Ip IMblr of t ud to this Di&olty «c Oiall always be 
aftd, u^da we diihawl a peat Nnnber oF oar Laad- 
fiai^ ud facAow tbu Mom> apga kcepiaB up a largp 
If of Seancn. 
But, Sir, I riie up to pat fon ia Mind, that yo» ot^hc 
Ptaporuon all joiu Kxpnxo for the curicni Service of 
36f , Bol only (o (he happy Situatioa of your AS*\n 
^B| bm to the unhappy Situation of jvar Afiurt u 
m. Wlwever coo&dcn ikii. will never ura his Con- 
(o the landing tha prcfrat Gnettuoa or their PoUeritjr 
b B*w Taxct, and atuch M to the iiy'iag of violent 
Mbai ibc SuikiBg Ftinc!, wbaa both nay be prcvetiicil 
nr infiftaig opna the Payncm of tlufe Sunv, to which 
m JHttlx wtitied ftoB foftiga Power* i and (Itcrcfinc. 
WMB wf fD iato a Canuuttee of Ways aad Meau, 
eder to proride tor the 1 ffioo Seamen r.ow to be voted;; 
ipc you will taka uodtr your ConJideTatioo, wh» J Hull 
pralutK to aeaboB to you. 

Aa the Iteepins up of a great Number of lAiul-I^orce* 
titttitt^ii qaile ttaocceOttry, aad crcn incottcilcnt with 
Nacdta of «ur happy CjniUtution, and the Kreedom of 
t ibrrctorr, when »uy War it like lo break 
we may [mbibijr hive a Oaant, we aie al- 
I to take iofcign Troops into oar Pay : Whether 

ft boniJilhc iUghi triKB nc did fe. ii-wVud 


( 130 ) 

Z Ihall not now controrert i bat I liaTC alwayi sbfrmd, 
■ttnt no rercign Prince voaiA Iced u any of tin Tnopl^ 
wkbout our Mgpging, noc anl;' to jof tbcm, but Ed gnat 
km a Snbfidy. pertup f^ntci than tht rt^ oT thofe Tracn. 
apoa ilteir own Footing, Vfoatd have amountBi w i and tut 
even iu Ci(n whcrr tlic Princr Hood obliged, pcrhapi b)r 
fomKT Trcaiin, co ilM oi with Troop at hit own ExjyiKC 
a»d ofccn in Caf» where hUatta PtvTcnratioii tm mot* im- 
tnedLi'i^ly concerned m liic Event at the War thao ow>. 

' I'u trae. Sir, we are always oUtjed npon fadi Occt- 
Gont, to have Reccorlc to tiie Prmcet of tbe North, who 
bj Kc^OQ of theif Powty plr«d an lotbtlity co itnd at, or 
to have mdy to be feot, tbe ttipcliird Succours, uiilc& wv, 
b} a Bcw Coniraft. agree to pay ihcm a Sablid]» i which 
has fomc Siacw of ftcafor>, or u tetH of NcnSiiy, •bcs 
they raife any new Troop* for oarSerrJce; bni E acnr 
could cimpirehend either tbe lte>raa or rhe N'ccdGty for 
fuel) a frctcncc, ihfy nuke ito real Additioa to ih« 
I^tid'Army they before kept up, nor pot thcnl«h>o to 
one i-'jnbinjg AddiUoiul Kxpcncc oa Accoant of tMr 
SulHnilv from IU. Thii 1 kmw hat IbcDCtincs twa the 
Ctk tor VfJO* together, during all which Time wt have 
been fo gciKtvw aa to pay their Stthfidy rcgdvly, lee (b- 
Kblmg th^ lO deftiiy u tjqxnce they nrver were u : At 
tetift, En the psbtick Account* delivered to thb He«dc^ 
thodc SubGdka aim brcn yearly fbmd a* fcliy and ragdsily 
piiid, in Purfuance of the Trcatiea w« had bHbre apfirMwl 
of I thotigh Indeed, on AcciJetii happcr.ed not kmf ajjo^ 
wbkh gave Room to think, thai all ihak Sobfidk* had dat 
beet) fully and reguUrly paid to the Friacta fo iaitlled w 

' Now, Sir, if wentrtowly coRGderoitrCircDaOtBCEf. I 
believe we QijI) find that we are ai poor, and in «i jirm 
DifficuUiei, as the poorett Frince io the Monh { and ai' «« 
hive Lidy feoi a very Bowrrfbl Sqnadim n the ASiMca 
of a very rkh PriKe, 1 make no IXmbi bet that one w^ 
ud fmgM MittiUm tet that Prince know, before they iitai 
Mt tht Squidran, that with refpce) to him w* are s Nw 
them Power, and a« needy aa any Power he cooM «p|^ I* i 
■nd that ihcrcldrc Ihry bm obllgRi him to psy oa « wi* 
larga Sahlidy, for the powerfal S^Mdron w« Inn to hb 

* I IS rCTV litre rar Minilters hid much more Rxtin M 
initft npon fach a Sufaftdy, thin ihc Minifter* of any Vv* 
them PoMtT ever had lo i 



< III ) 

I Um Brcacii Wtwew) Spwa tind tiia Emperor ( AetefoK^ *"";^,,''"^ "■ 
wTtc oot by as/ /onau Treat)- gUigcd to fesU biin any ^ ■ ~i,~» J 
&mm:< : Then ai to itw tjrpetice, it is certun vtt hkvt 
ew^vu to >L ray canit<lctat>Ic aiUiuonil Expcnce oit 
: of ibc Abidance wc have feot to him i uid u to 
: b« bu (OPtid OoRi i)lu AlSilance, it ai^care 
'to aic* thit (kc TruK[uilii^ lie liw tnjo/cdt and doa 
Oil] n>iaT. bu been, iDd u ttili OAinj lo ootJuiig but |J|« 
uwcdul S^sMlcan wc tuvc tcKl to W AJEdancc ; wludi, I 
MM so&iifc, i) mud) laorc Uian can be laid of my AHamce 
m lave nwT got Tram tay of iliod, to w^kmii we iiavr pud 
^■ch brje asc iWh gcnerasi SabUies : To diit I mull ndd, 
thu ii atuM be uid tfcw Ilic Pfdctvadon ot tbi> Nuioa 

KuniMtliuelj conoened in tb« i:v«nt of ttie War be- 
■ Pwugal and Sp«in i which hai ^acnl\y btrn the 
witii nfottt 10 ilwfc Notibetti Prtncci to whtun «« 
^rc kithnia difltibuEcd oar Subfitlio. 

' FnM liefc Rcifow, I ■ - ' :c'd, Sir, to ihuik that 
am Wai&eji have cciuinly :i bige Sublidy r'ran 

Poruiul i xntl I luvc ukc<> .nl>iii.c: o$ it gpoa thii OccaTion, 
ady to put Geaikinai in Mind to caU ier an Account of 
Liku Saobdy. ai ;i ftupet 0|)|»rtitnJty t and to uppra^Ttate 
'it U> thr mitiiuuning the i j,ocM Seamen now to be rated 4 
n >: -cTCUt o«if being oWigcd to load the pielciit or 

lie ' ratntioa wuh addiiKUial Tazet. or to Ity vio- 

knc liaadt ooaa thai Fund, which ought alw^iyi to be held . 
iictKi Ti' ihr rayoiait of our puhlJck Debts t bjr wkxh only 
I «c -;( pour Ldiwurtn aad ManuUttuTen from titote 

Tliv, --^i' at picteJii render the NewUanet of Life fa 
NKh de&rer in liui Couniiy ihan they ire in any other* 

Th^B (he QueilJoB being |)a[ on Sir Cbaitct' Wager's 
Motioo. the Cucc wu agind to without Oppofttioo. 

Jmt. jS. A Motioo wu made by Mi i'ldteiiey, 'Tlill »*»«■ 

iWaidiBary Eilimaic of iJte Navy for the Vckt 1756) be t.»,'>id.iwain 
nittrcd toa Sdr<t Conmiitec ( opoo »hich cnfucd a Oe- ^'7ttai£l^ 
toM, in which Mr I'uUciiey't Motwci wu fopporiod by Mr ^^'jgjj'!?^'* 
"" Mr $«ndyi, Sir John Batoaid, and Mi Gibfaon, u -^ ' 


AlHBS the muiy' aoeieot Method* of Proereding in tlji^'*"*^ 
ni, drop'd by the Cotnptufance of htier Timu, I uij.Mih«a»« 
• o(M norv (iHrt&ry En be tc-dlTunied. ihao that of 
^^atiDxCa«iitic:[rr% to inrpcfilhe hJlunatC* that ate tuid 
^(^^ -. /^, -„ I . . ,.^ ttie Ueatiads made, by tlie Crown. 
I| ^yt ndmt Joarul* uf ihi> Huuie, itul 

afo) . : v a mode tor aniia'ciing tbt: Vji- 

>ea= . -Ht/y toe ll\c Ucaoor or li\(er>iV 

.:.■-, i^ ui'innf of thu Exgncc wai Ui<i W- 
- <1 lata. 

{ 1" ) 

forethiiHouCe, taA a ComraittM Ofifxiiiited MeoiDiM tlttt 
Ejiimaie, to fea whether evtry Artirlo wu hitty tkatti. Ou 
fuJumciKi in thofc Da/i were not fo complniltat u to BAe 
any focli EAiinata upon the Cradh of tbe MtniAen : They 
tbaughl it inaubwt upon them m le«, witii iIi«t Owb E/**, 
the Neoeflii>'Of cvnry Ariklc of the hmcnce propoM, b»- 
|iu< thty wouM opn thnr Purfe. Tni* Metheo of pm- 
CCndiiM it, in my Ofunion, prop«T upon all Oonfiooi, bet 
at prewnt. wiib rafp^ to the Nary, tt is became abfoliK^ 
neCB&if, bcottr« ihe jmrly ExpetKc ol the N>vy rww «w- 
^ ncMdi wti»t lE WW in fcftner Timn i wd there i* at* 
molt every Ytsr lonv new Aftide broaeht hito that Bft- 
■ute »}iiL-ti wai never belor« knrd of. 1 ^ not deny. Sir, 
but tLsl It tni}' be now necellarr fiir lu to keep up a miidi 
hi]pr FkLt, uid to keep » much greaivr Nunber a( Sn- 
■en ixi our P«y iKui we lonaerlj' □(cd to <Jo i Iml lie 

£mtt our Expme is that Wny, tbc more Room there ia 
<ler>«iMling th« Publick i and thrrdbre we ensiit to be 
t&c more cu«fu] m pttrvent loadisg the Puhliclc witk mjt 
UMteceflary Anicle of Rupence- Thde EAimiccs. 'tjatra*. 
ara Iftid yearly upon oor TAble ; but I betiew no Omtk^ 
mail, even of thote vrUo arc belt acqsainced with the AXfin 
uf our Mavy, u-ilt pnteod to lay, ibit he can (fom a uir 
Pcrufnl at (Mr I'abJe ijctennifte, wketbcr ika AitidM sf 
Expeiice [i»c!3iic<i)At in fuch ESimatcs are all ncceflair, ar 
iku no one o) them has been overchimd f Awl I ito am 
r«v how any GanilcoMa oa anfWcr to bit ConlUtucm the 
loading of them with an Expewe, a great Pair of wUck, 
fotwittt he kB0«t, may be altogether aniseeefiuy. 

' Wc Oiighr, Sir, likcwilc m take Care thai fe mtch Kp- 
ucj way bo ^nied as Ihall be aeccAry for oor yorir Bx- 
pence t fat by KAimate* >nd Grants of Moaey nvhica arc 
aAowwds round to be deAocnt, cfpcciaHy with rttoBOL M 
tbo tixtj, wvdecttvc our Confliiiientii we do lafoUnlo 
the paiticiilar M«» cmjiloyticl in die Navy, wboan^eao- 
taBy obliged is lell ibeir Clainu at a DiJtousi j ^mentmct 
the l*nce of all Materials nccdbr;! fat the Suppoet «f t^ 
Navy 1 and tvc dircourjgc ourSmnvn from enteriw into the 
Scmce of thnr Country : 'I'hii we have the more Re&te 
to txko notict ofat peHent, bcCNufe of the yrcat Dkbt that 
ha been l.<- i^M on Accoent of oiir Navy i tmeA 

cxtraonlin conMeritig the ftiort Time in Mikft it 

bu been c-'iiti>£lcd, >nJ ttiit in a Tini' of RmfovM] hMS> 
And ihf >trib^, which wx were hH Year ofaUj^ to GBIeO 
fiir payitg ofa hnof It. (wght to make t» evuciMt^ cma- 
boot i)f brir>{ again M tnto the tamm trrar, by anj 



t »5 ) 

flUy iftto tbu confidmblo Drbi. thtn •/in EfUin 
Jf UdtM^it rlie ParlbnMDt, w4iicli It iw fnm-f 
tttwii 411 Eibnikte of the whole Ekptnce necrSkTj )br ittt 
acfvia fl/that Y«r Th- Natl^ mny be atcidCTwIIy 
rffmwn kao an aiUtiiona) I-jprncc not lo he fbrclnn > bnt 
>ku Bdditioiul .Kxpcnci* cugkc ilmyi to be laid btf&tt the 
MIT «nt SHEon of Parliunent, ajid otigbt to be proVMed 
Ibr Wtlbia tile very MM Ytv. 

■ Aaixkv ConlulaTKion, ;>ir. whidi outlu SB nuke t|« 
laak tfat aerr nutOMly into all {wbUdc Accoant*, U the 
grc« Defce die N«i(m Rrojni oader. A Gcntlcnmn of an 
opdmi fonane. m\, prrlup* f*& fKghtly errr his ^tes«- 
■id** AxtooBt* 1 he ruy evm allow his Senmnti to heap up 
Htpoiwn ipon him, »r)A to chirge him with new nnd rv- 
mordvwy Af ticlei. wirhouC ini^-jirin^ MLrliirr tir m |>i!:r:- 
M* Wf nectCty for than ; bii: n Gciititrman ulir 
k detjiljr ntirttaKtd, aitd cannot even fupnott ihi. ; 
Kit^ence of bit FMnilj', witttoot Uyieg Hindi apon tiitt 
rt»t of V-> V.^Mc which Ifand) 3pp»pri;tie(] for pofing off 
aU Mr>: to inquire UrifUy into the Msiugo- 

■MC Bt - . nmf oiigbt never 10 pafa uiy Acceant. 

Min "f 'oughly coirvfnrRl of thi Npceffiiy of ic. 

'nt^ &<>. » i^ir mduieholy (Jafe at preteni : we unnot 
■nmdr. tyn for ihe eiiitfrtt Service of the Year, wffhout 
myim Hsadi vpon that Rcvcuae. which wt> long Unw ip- 
^rt ytut ed to tke Payment of oM I>tbts : and rherefnre wc 
MtgtM Ht (Bipfjeovt of ury EAiiMte, till Weatr lliorotighly 
C B U fbcri of the Neeyflity of errry Anicle i and this am 
kr liene Oftly by refemnf; them to SeleA Committen. 

* Wbcttm' nty onnrccfbry Artklci of Expcncc luin been 
tnfy bfeujfct itpea the Nation, it what I flitll not si pn- 
lac intend 10 ddrmtinc ; bot Uuc lercmt new and extnt- 
mtitaTj Ankla have been of Uit- Vcari litO'Jghl tmo nl- 
■■tt mry Fnirrntr .iTiinlly bid before u<, is wut mutt be 
boiMi m tri :T)en in iha Hoofc ; and iu> one of 

fhm hat CTCi ;-. .-.i tnqdrcd toic, in that Manner which 
k Mcrlluy vport f'jch Occaftom. Itii liltcwifr well keowrti, 
tut wc fcir* haul Qt ijlc Vmtt fcrcral WW Offic« ereAed, 
Pafe etibflfltn}. sim) new Sabtiei gniited, all of nilach, 
a OiMtfe VftM ibc ^btitic Kcrein:* i and whitevrr may 
W Cte Csfc » to thefe nevr Officn, I bdier^ cpo^i a proper 
Iiyiry, k would be fossd that ue Have many alJ 0£eet 
w CMIili 1 1 that night be Iptrod, and nuny SiLitim nfaich 
ag|ht be ahogtihtr fufptdTcd or vay ntoch dininiihed. 
If tW Nafion were en^ieed it* Wjir, cr if we were in xnf 
Omf/ft of being csgitodin War. it woaM cot pcihapi to 
pofrr to enirr upmi neb IniiQitio i but by the grtat Tnt* 
•ettOB lately nwr a/ Geattu ORetrt, J am coBTtaced ^ 

AaM« (ka.fl. 



Teta of Bttropo U im« faUr r«-dtabtiflicd i for I tm pcr^ 
fu3^<d hU MijeA)' iMuld not k&vc awk fo tntiif bnw 
Gentlnnm ul'clcfi at ColoBdi, b)' prDmuUDg dicta u he 
Genrral;, if ihcie had been tKe leaA Grouad to fufpcft thu 
wc (houU {dod be ci»gjg«ii in Wu- 1 'Til true, fiew of tbufe 
GcQtkiDcii laiclj prnmoud trill, I bclie<rc, ba bnm^l itpoa 
the EiUbtilhmtni .u General]. aM ibenkm it b to be taoped 
that Praniotion wiH lUX iecmlc the Publick RjipemrC t nrt 
ivcaic^ii prcfent in R Siateof fctfc&t I'nnqoibtjr, tlwiefoff 
it ii thr moll prop^ lime for ui lO inquire into oil otB 
p.falitlc Account! 1 and u out Navjt ouglil ■Iwbjti ts h> 
the iirft Concent of the Piuluincau of Gkjix firiuin. I flail 
beg Lave, Sit, ta loove, ■ TJtat a (e\ett Commiitce be . 

Ebitft! lo ibiittiic inw tlio EAinite of diA Mavy Sot 
inem Year.' 

To ihii it w^ inf*cr'd by Sir Kob*rt WiIpo!e, Mr 
ratio Wtlpolc, Mr Wmningtoii, Sii William Voegi'^ 
Sit Cbuki Wigrr, at (oUivn : 
* Sir. 

* I Dull not tskt up)>onrTiini witli a Difpote 
the 4Dcieni UC^ ia pArlunicnt. but if iben ever vn 
Turk Mcdttxl u tbkt menttoncd by tile konourzble G< 
man wUo luu made fou thii Motion, ujt ccrtaiB tJut 
not betn iol)nw«fI ht xaany Van i and u no CaAan i 
r.' ' ' ' !, is ever laid ahdc, widiouc fame good RctJoM 
1 ^ wc Bto to ixd'uise tfau if there cvci wia^ 

lii<;n Mcibod ffbb^ihcd. it wa> foand to be tneo(ivtatf~ 
uiiftccdTary, o'beiMife it h)d ncrcr been difconDnoMlj 
tn:in/ Vurs. 1'hisi of itfalf it a fufidcat HciJiia 
1)01 re-olTumiflg that CutlMii. uelds it omU b« Qicntf'j 
the Pvblick t^ fuScred bf iu bcres laid Bjtde ( but 
ii tbis fartbu Reafofi, tlui oor reviving fudi a CoAom i 
the pttrrni Oceafiod. would make Poopio foffied ttut 
Yciy gicat Fraudt liave been btclr cotnmilted in cbs i 
natenKW of tbe publick TftaTure i and I cannot thtMk M 
«i^'''i^"" -vidi ch*t Duly we ow« lo lii* MajcAy, id 
I any facb Alarm, wbca tboc ii aot the 

fu'iiuii^un for fudi &ufpKton. 

' Perhapi th«r* m>.y nave been fbcae new Artide* 
brou^t icio fomc of our F,tlin)ate», bat 1 «In om re 
het any lli^t are very conlideraUe i nnd tjirrc never 

ri, bui v,lu( appealed, II &rtl Viaw, 
' I'oi ihc piibUd' Soviet. l'h(Aa> 

■' lii-Ln >i:c»u to thiaL ii linpoJitUc to < 

I- out Fciulal of tb« Kdioutca at oa 

tLai ii;c Aiiii.iti of £jpcnce mcoiiiHicd in litetn trr 
erihry, end t^i nu one Article baa b«ei> oVEtcJutgcJ^ 
I aumct t>t of bit Opituon i (bf I ncnr could obkrvc 



< "5 ) 

fiitrj oihcr ie the Eftinun of the Nvry, at in mj eiher 
«* Ibd bcTorv PtrliMnBct : The Aidclu src aJI well 
bccnfc rt never exceeds what ic wm in the prne- 
Ig Y«w, without feme nunifefi Rorfbn i thtnfan injr 
bdcmiui tnajr fuffieimtljr fuitfy lumfelf sboucrcrjr Ar- 
k. bj' a bite Pcnilil « the Tkble i bat tf upon foch Pe- 
U »ay Doobt (bouM aiife, there art iltvayt, m the pom- 
lee M Supply, B»ay OentleBKit ^le to gtve kun lu cnudi 
amiuioa u be cm with Heilbo (irfirc . (a thnt there 
n cu he a Nectary (or our referiiig any Hftimatc to a 
r& Coram! nee. 

TJic Efihnta. )'c>rly laid before Petiltuncnt, hire il- 

1 omtaioed the whole Ourge necetik/y tw [he Sevrioeof 

eoltiiag Ycsr, lb fur at couJd be fordecB when thofe 

mtu were drawn op ; bnt ai it ii impoffible to forcfee 

he Accidents that majr happen in the Courfe oF a Venr, 

t£»c the Govemincnt may fMncltmen be obliged to in- 

letbf rublick Cbircc. beyond what wu contained in the 

kuie Itt'd bcTatc inc preceding Se&ion of Parliamcm : 

I it an ItKoaveiifence prcKccditig froin the Weakndi of 

>n Ponfight, and cantiot be removed by referring any 

nite CD a fclcfi Committee of Parliament ; for it h 

Able CO Tttppofc, that ay Conittittee can ibrefec 

r Thing that nay happen in tfee Courfe of i Year i 

ir )■ not CO be prefuined ibat they can lotefee Thtnn 

Uf and ckarljr k thofe, who are iinmcdiudy caocemed 

t AdninftrnioB, oader whofe Direction the EAimatea 

enerallir drawn np. And if, by future Accidcnn, it 

d be found netetTiry v> tncresrc the publicic Charvc bc> 

wlul wo* at firit piopoleil. an Account of tiuC additio- 

^rge certainly oaghi to be, and I believe has thnji 

no Ikcti laid before Parliament, at (bon u any fuch 

<unl could he regolarly made Up. I'hia wu the Cafe 

Tcfpcd to the Navy-Dtbt, fi> that it^ rcmaiiting (o long 

lifirdL could not be owing to the Rlltinate* or Acconnts 

(tug referred to a feleft C' omnu ttee. but to the tnabitity 

latioB was Bftder of proridtng for it out of the Oranta 

r TuoCKdiBg Year. 

Aall pant. Sir. ihat the Load at Debts ihii Nattoa 

rt under at prcfcnc h very great, but we ought to bear 

fa the more Chearfalnefs when we conJtder that the 

wai cratraAed in Defence of our Religion and Liber- 

' furcly DO Man will grudge cortlribuiing a ftnill Part 

fly Revenue, towardt payin? thr Principal and ln< 

I be cnnAdcTt, ilui if >t had noc been for that Debt, 

haiPcnoPrapeny at all. Bui this Debt, grcti as it 

III coiuraAed in Pdrfutnce of Kflimatc* ycsrlv delU 

J 010 Patliaflienf, no one of r.'lticii wai ever lefwici 


»9 c^tLl 


f ii6 ) 

ifbMf^ <*. to a fehfl CdvitiiitMe i ud yet it cuaoc be tOtdgei, tb 
*'" "^ the rnulfea Ptn 0f tha Dtht wu oniinBArilf oaOflM 
or that tlw Pofalidc vtu in the Inil dcmuiloi b/ ur^ t 
liiofeElliinatn. I (hall lilccwife gnnt iJiat wc da^bt i 
look tnirow\Y into ill KAitn»>a lud fador« us bat w|m 
ttiofe Eftiwaio ar« plaiu, iJiis nay be tlonc without fo>di« 
ihcu) to a f«Jc£t Oooniim ; ind In a privin Offltkaun 
E&ite be neiTT (o mucfc m ofty g ed. I IKall bora no Opiak 
afitu Prodcncr. if he Ace half a Yev poring over an Ac 
cMDt, whkh a Schooitfaof nigbt faily oaunine in hiM il 

* A* '<*' i*** OSicW. Officm. or Sdarici, ! hiw tio 
Imsk) of attf Utdv rttftxi, utd if nny of thta dtmld c 
apptDT m ihc iiAimatnilelivcTtd ino (hi* Hob^^ 
be Time noogh ta inquire mnKtiterly mat v,- 
tke Ian: fVimtotmn of Gvnml 0£cen, lbi>|XBa4-.. 
will tiad fittlt Kith it ; both bvcaurc there ww M .< 
Kspctice ihmeby brDOfbt upon Ibe Nilina. ud !: 
lUB ibfbluidj' neccfldijr to gire nur OJBcen di 
which tbrir bcnrico bam intiikd ihoa lo, in ordtt ■ 
my be upon an rqul Footing with chHr CiKrapciruu> ■< 
the Service of chofe Foreign Pawoi with whoa <ttt Wt ' 
y\Utuce I otbcrwifir, tfl ale we fliouU ind it MOtAlf 
ioiBnur Pnrcn »jh any foreign Power, an OKkt ts I 
BritiAi S«rri<e, bf oot b«iiie prtmioted fain caovgh to I 
Ruik he ildcrred, misht &ed hinfelf Onhr ) H«^firf 
iiiloBittiag to be vomaurjitd by • ferrign Ofti 
lb tons tmiim 'm th« Amy t for mry one V 
Deuchmenti nam ennfeilenite Amun. cbrOftan pami 
If roll, ftiA actOnJing lo their tUnki in the Armf, Md 
a«onling to the D.irc* of dtcir Comniffioai. 

* Toeonchjdr, Sir. if thrre wtn i«f vtty tHWM 
tnftnliRiiy Artklei ia the ^Itimaie of the N.ivy oc 
ConlidcrBii(»,if Gcnicnicn could (hewiny i^ouUfcI *. — -' 
in it, which eoald oot be iintMdatHy litt ui a dr: 
ibtfVfRight befomc ftcaron tin asrorio^to tluMo»o^ u^r 
nude tDoii buciafhaeii no Charge mil bat what itcfr 
^1. I ' * think iheie a viy Oooa&on lot eUl 
tvii . Conuniiur.' 

To this i* W9* tee'iieil hy ike htae Ucmben ahs 
fin the Motion u fclicmi ; 
fc^„ • Tl* hoBOwnWc GmtLeBwn an m wh in the Xtgik 

kii. w.ttariaa, dllfue whrihef theie W3t cm f'lieh i CaAnn. n iIm 
S'wV'->M4- t^'*>^ l^ the hooounblc Omtlmnii w^ nwde 
pt/scui. Motion, benofe it kouM be iinivrdiairtx deecmmai bf 

Arriog 10 the Jourei.'U tA ^ HmCe i it tkol 

. idoitced, that them ww odcc fudt a Mctbod of Pro- nam 
buL hOH' it cune to be kid iTide ii a QueSnn of a 
31 Namic. I ftol) sgrn, tlut « Oitem once 

Jiflictl is never bid aJi^e witlimt imac Rcatbn ■ boc that 
Ilka it often verjr fat ffooi being a good one : Indie prdent 
t, it u to be pTrfuRidd. thst thii Oifiofn of rcrmieg puli- 
I Accoaon and Rltinutr; r^ '"-'-.^ Commituo, wai IouikI 
It very ttoaWUitm to . and thu was (be true 

Ion (or K* beiw laid *ti<.'- ; cm tlih wu lb &f from be- 
B good Raibn r>r U^ing it afidr, that it will afwayi be 
•oof Aemfbn Ar K-aOtiming liut laudable Cuibsra. 

We arc told. Sir, that the rcvivicg of tfaU Cntom will 
X Peopk ftjtpcft, that fomc very great Fracdi have bem 

EiiiitteJ in cbe Mana^inent ol' the pablick Tieafuie; 
ofOpiiiioD, ttat the Nution will be nucb main 
a lall t am fure tlKy'U have mutb gmici Rn- 
Jarmcd. if thsj fee incir Rcprcfcnottve) in Hatlia- 
tcvcry year recciring EfiimaEci tor mofl prodigious Sum 
taaey, and gnt^ting ajt the Sumi deflitd bj foch CAi- 
m withaui ever in;iking the tcafl Ini^uirji iaco any mx: 
|em i fa rn priTije Life it b mall natural (o fuppotc 
k Mao wit] be cheited by fats Semnii, if he IhoolJ al- 
I na6 fuck Axxoaaa as they arc pleated to bncg id, nritb- 
wcr Cduntning into any one i and it u not to be fappo- 
Utt the Serracits of the Publick are boRellrr. or Ida ib- 
i to pilfer, tluo the Servants of prirai«Mai. 
I*hc Duty wc one to liii Mijcdy, ot^ht never, Sir, to 
'ougbl into ioy Drfaalc in thu Houfc t but it was ne\-er 
iiDpn»pcrly brought in, than it ii iww by the Gaiilc- 
OD the other Side of the Quettion ; for 2i itm Iloufe is 
itand lai]i<tl of the NjIiod, we ought to io(|utie for 
liag u well M lor the People : We arc in rmnc Maaeer 
Ijjelly*» Trudew, and ought to take Care, that ilenhcr 
r hia People be cixatcd by the Servants or Odicot 
iployi i and ihenfoic it is inconfijlcnt with that Duty 
Hre B hii Majclly, to pafsany Acoounti, or agree to 
'■Bimatn pfefmitd to ui by hii 0£cen or Servants, iil) 
i*e RriAIy cjumioed (he Truth of every Anidc. 
The Dew Ariiclu lair' ' ccd into om' E4iiDtitM, 

Mt pciliapt be Vii:/ c^ but the Charge up«a 

and the additiui:^! CLai^i: uton ^U the old Article*. 
nt yeaxly to a very tonfider;hie ijom i ai>d I cctifrr» I 
was fo elrar figtited as to fee at fiill \ all 

■Mibonil Chafj^ei were abfolutcl)' iie^-^ rhr 

:k Service. The Gentlcaicn lay, tiui (Ke Irveral Ar- 
ia Mr ElUmatcs arc aJI well knovit), and that the 
[C upon each ii likewilc known, ixcuifr it nevei »- 
mhat It HM *o the pnlcn: Vear, withoai Coiac inanif t* 

>• •tM.II. 


( w8 ) 

ReifaB : This, Sir, mi^t be ftunc SubfojSioD, if u« 
ftrttt Inquiry fcid lately oceii mwlfi una my tif o^i ESb' 
nuuo i Kit » nt} loquicy- bs been nude for muix Yoni 
wc ^ not know but Fnudt ituy hzn bees in*.riM]u£el i*v»- 
lal Yean fioce, uid concinuctl to tlm vcn' Day > thuvfoRt 
it QUI be no SaiisraCtion lo my Mui, woo lui ncTcr cxi> 
miBcd any of tkol'e Articlci, to.&t»J that they da act exctcd 
the Clur^ upoD il-<« func Aiiiclei fat Avcnl Vcan {kIL 
Bui, Sir, I ulll ukc upoo me to afiinn, ihitmoftot Uu 
Articles m all our EHinntrs t cfpccUlly ilui at' iKe Navy, 
are of facb a NitufC, liiai ic li itni»SlbV ta (sy ^nhrhrr 
they nfe oTuchHtgcd or not, without ex;' 
rvery Year: Tttit cvtiy Man mult be f 
will but look into (he fvrtrzl Aitidct of the Eltinuic o( tu 
Navy now upoe our Tsblt. Caii any Ceotlenan dctci- 
mine how much will be nccd&ry for iiuinuini^jg fupoA- 
nuatcd Sci-Ofitei), or for payixig P(uir»D?, wiihoul ii)qiui- 
ing yearly inio the Number xad Quality of fuch OEticn 
or Perifwnf ; Can any G«nilenuin dctmninr Iioa i^ ' ■ *' 
be DcteUkty for Half-Pay to Sca-Ol£ccn. wittiout i 
every Year into live Numlxr aul R^nk of I'otli Otti';in ' 
It u iiDpo&blc i txuulc by the vciy Nanuc of the Scmav 
it muft viiy every Year ; and moS of the oihn Artido rf 
the ordinary £fUinacc of tlie Nary will be founJ la be of tW 
UfSK Namrc ; ihenfbiT, I am Canrlzcd tu ti (ud, thii 
the Charge upon ui>- of thcle Arttdct cm b« well fciuwt 
to any Member of thi) Hovfe, or that in not cxtcnlicj lU 
Cbup upon the fame .^rrklc in former Ycin, clo be u 
ArgmiMai for the JuAik& of the Qur^e m alty Tijac » 

• 1 liaiY. Sir, numy QueDioc! toiSt,ahM:li I ihink oectfr 
ry fcr my lufoimation, iii relation to t\xiy Aricie of th» 
KJlinulc t b4t it nvuld be iiilicaIo<u to cxpcti di£ froftl 
Infonntuoa fnin my Guiilcicrn in ihii Houfe. were IW 
nercr (a wcU ac<]u^n[rd w.tit the A£in of the Navy, br 
cmle ci: ' Ii: ul ihi; Ultimate icfcra m j long potiill 
br Aciu I 'h OQght 10 be euiirincd. btforr any ^^| 

GendctKUi hju iuie itui: Sattsfjflion, wUkh " 
kivt u Titillcn txitli fur ihe ICbg afil tho I' 
tnif«llible for Centlemen lo ililcovcr the Frau 
ticic la an tlVmaie, or to Itatc their Objcfticr 
gular Mnhod, without euniitiin|i rerfotu, Papcn. 
oordi, which cannol be done but by rtfeni.i.- ihc 
to a ScMl Conunitiee, with proper Howe: 
IF ihia be doce, I lhi.ll think it Mtmh 
Q^cAlon u are nrcefliiry for wy Informatioa t aul I 
be gbd (o IrA the Sufptcfons I at pdcot cUKiailt 
wittout Sfiy Pwniitico- 


ttttat cUKTOiOH 

ibed lA the VSiimiits rsfhu, ytatiy bid 
wherher ihey cdouiikxI an Aoixniut of all 
u|c iLii ctTuttl be forcreco, I cannut dettr* 
or Am 'a fo liidc SuciiAAion tQ be gu ftom pe- 
CCDsaB u our Tsbic, ih« I i>cvcf g»vf m)f«]f ihe 
t bet thii I CM fny. clut i/* they conQioed an y\c- 
' all ibc Charje tfc«a Bc«fljjy. i( J( very cuinierdJ- 
K OCT Ponl^ht Hiould run nhtrK ioc,(Wol. ia Debt 
pM ihc Anicie of the Nivy crUy. TTus I aneot 
1 Uierdbtc I un afraid thai thcfe Rlitmitn nere 
«n [mrpofe to cooool, for fomc Titttc, fn:ia 
E(i|«t)U oat Metfuici liid made neccOafy j 
' tiny it « fiVQurKble Arckic, ii uru ctficOed 
Qt ux>uld readily agire. tvithaut my ta- 
' ikil Deficiency goot), wlieecver It IbouM be 
to nuilce Apf>1ici(uxi kn ihat Parpo£r- t 
Ijbfi to dricrminc wbcUuT tliere u-», cvny 
""befort Pirfufnflit au /cooant of the DelieieBey 
■HHD («■ the former Yeaif with refpefl 10 out Navy : 
Hko Arawni ww rtgoUrty laid every Var Ixfutc 
H^ il b vick 6ie a vrty Rntig Argument (ur tc- 
ttcry Acamau and every Eftlnutc to ^icA Conunit' 
r tit OrraAranogvi aitcnding our njiining into » 
iKtr vc fa eviklcni, tkst t am (titr ihii Houlc woaM 

KcJut Ancv to rntuun (o im^ uaSuubed. if 
i bec& nkefl of the Account of ikate At- 
6id, were yeu-Iy laid upon our Tibte. 
nofl of the Centlcnea oi this Huuft ex* 
a fnta B Perulil of auy Account al our 
jpit tfaerrfore &ever gire thcmfdve* ll>c Trouble ti> 
W^tm, wbidi pfoTO tlif Ncxcfltty of rcferTing all 
^^u:i ta lic ctmliwd by SekA Comnittccs. 
B viimtxtti, Ail If Uic andcnt Melbod of in- 
kno oU Aetonts and EDitmtei, by SeleA Cofflmlt- 
A laui eoellanily cbfirncil, ihc Drlit the Nation oow 
^vould nefrr hare nlen to fo large a Susi, 
i Part of it been paid oS in above himi[]r 
"Pe»ee. TSe grrat HaiW Biitdc in cofltraA- 
' flow Step! h piyirp it off. h another Arga- 
>^_ ;- 1 -'- 3 little niorc luurowly into 

b. V by Itrivimj that aOCKBC 

Itg, f^iuni inc honocraiile Genclcman hia 
with >rf[^l TO tic Eitimntn of the N'ar/ 

CBfiU ' 

I Ml 


I JO 1 

tht pardcnlar MtQatU to whkh cftdi Aiticle rtfen. Cw. 
any Gcntknun nndctlbml the very 6ii\ Aiiklc, wbkh b 
upwATdiof £8,oool, f*r Jmwum *. t^itlioa: luving looked 
into iT -:'.ir Account of what !« fwid for SaUrici uA 

flthei iJ the Lonlior the ^Jin>r4lt}', (he (JamtaiS- 

lioiu'it.ui~ Euc Navy, the SrcreUiies, OSoerv, Clcrici, ud 
CooongcneiM rrlivnp rSrrert f Or ran any Gcnlleman Etjt 
I In: I tin V iiiry, Wtlhout bAVlpg 

imd CIcrlu, arc lit octctTary for l'nppgnin| tJw Safincfi if" 
liut Office, ml that fucit Saiirio 2i« oecvury Tot liippan- 
iffg fuch OlSun > IjCC ui look inio every otfaer Arbckei 
lUc Eiiimatc. ud wc Oiall God tiic Tunc MylUry. Tbov- 
Yore, inlteul of our eot bcioK ahlc to Iliew any Article tlut 
it piyllciiou«, I mull (IcTuv ikc Genilemrn of (he otlicr Siit- 
of the (JsclUofl to Okw me any ooc Ar6clc ikai b not ny- 
lleno-^ i dpccially, confiJeniig thai ao liKjuir)' kaa btcn 
iimte intociilicr oi* titc Adiclo, I believe I may fiy, witk- 
ia tic Memory oT aey CeDtkaHn now b tliii nosu. 

' I hope. Sir, x Ncnttvc vrill not be put npon tka Qae- 
lUon i for t[ will ccrtnialy ^vc lui jiia U ;VUra to tW 
People of tht> Natiaa i tli«y will im^noi^ tlut tbn« bmA 
be £rran, and e<cn tiauds, in iKc UnnuUet and Accovatl 
dcUvcrod inio Puluuneiu, when the very Gentlcmai wta 
deliver ibrui, or «t Icall tboie vha UK f Htkcipoliy coKcm* 
c(3 ta (be tnakiog lliein up, ptcvenc any Inqttiii' iri.^>'< tic 
Jiiflkcof than: 'rbcrcforc, il Gculemcn tn -a 

dib{r(« willi the Motion, I hope for thgir own l^^iu... mxI 
for (he Honour of P^i^iiDenc, they will pat the ptrrtot* 
<: "Vadof pttttitigk N^ilivc u^ the Qudbtn 


liiE '^•■■iUQfi being tlien pot upoa (Iw Motkw, ifmm 
carrird in the Neg^civc by j;Ci to i;;. 

Jan ]•;. A MotiuQ wai nuJc, Tliu an humble AidnA 
be ptrfeiimt CO fail Majcfhr, to aejuaM bim with the Ro- 
diaa>, w^terewith hit futhful Cocan«wi» bftd a^trtcd 
Cwidaiuiice of die cxtraordhury Expcacr, «ltick . 
thoucbt Bcccibry in the pir&m lunAurc ( in wtich Kckii»- 
tioa tWy had coneorred with the grnlcr CheU^IocU. i» « 
yotcful RciuTD to hii Royal Goodacfi, ia ordering lii nak- 
drnble • Reluaiixi of hit Futcn both by Sm asd Und. 
a^ fixM u the ptdcni I'olluie of Af&in voakl pcrvut t laJ 
in full CoBfidcncti that it wu hi* Royftl iMcstna, u ftiw 
u tbere IImmU be i nort perkA Rcoaciliirioa 


t 'T 

{ 13' ) 

•en flr Pjifflpe, tr — '- f^-cli (xrther Rcdudbn 
>f hn Fweei, n n't^ht b« - a-ltf) Lbc Secumj' kikI 

')*pa*y 9f kit Majenjrs Rnvs: f erioq and Krmvmmcat, MKt 
mfcwr fftimi hijipr CoaflitutiaB t wx (toolKing, but (htt. 
fom Ui FMbetljr CiMnpAfBon to kit i'Mflc. be itaa'd Ke 
nnoBQy pl«ft(c^ to direit, liint whoitvcr Land-Fcooc Iboitld 
tMnflcr tie thoaeht nreeflary, fhoolil be etablUhnl in Toth 
Mftonor, u fho^ okiIk tlic Siviae mora ftafiUc, sad tie 
>Torc Bintfies Mi picvoui u tire Nation. 

Ttiit Uotin (Ml* (appatuA by Mr Jaha Pm. Lord Pol- 
■nb, Mr Paltcnc)-, Mr Uyhbon, Sir John Ktnuud, Mr 
odjrx, and Mr WhIcct Plnncf i and vu «ppin*d b; \^- 
nuthgtca. Cot. Blsdeq, Sir Williun Vongtf. and ' 
unduit. Bet dve QncAion being *t UA put, ia wu cannu 

the Nrpiive wiilwul t Oiviimi. 

Ftinmry i. Th« HoafcbavifigonUMd, tbu Oit prdptr 
Ricn Ibontd lay before then) an Aooooat of all the poblitic 
rbis, u the Receipt of liu Majcfi^'s Gxclicqucr, dtrcor 
Ifidiaf out ftt ChrJllmsf;, 17^5. tvitb llK-inntuJ Intrrett 
the func i Mi Saiulyi Itooil up, toil Ipoke a» M- 

tan) 9 *!■ 

:i7 Man it taw, I l>dieve, conviiKcd thu the gnat u> ^Myii u«. 
:D undfr. a a mod hCAvy Clog upon 3JI pob- '.ISJ^^j^Si. 
aad willcertiinly. while it COntinaM, pre- ^^^S'VJIa 
u being in our Pomr to iCt upu my Ocr^fion n Itli taiiMj xni 

<ur wc ouj^hr, «iihet Jn Vindication of the Honour 

Imeielt of tbit Nation, or in Defeicc of our AUie^. 

iticif U n moA icrrMe MiiJonunc, bui what Aill 

tt !». that theit Mir unlucity CiKiimftiKet are wdl 

to all mir Nmgliboan, tikkk it, I belie««, the pxin- 

JiBufe of cmr lavisg fo little Influenoc on the Councth 

r NAlioti! : uni! while thi« Lead cofltnon uc may 

bt infultcd bj Eknn, ai often u they can find 

RBcefbr (bdoins- Infuch Circuitilliinccs-dier«- 

the moA pemktout Thbg wc can do, 10 run tbc 

I tay fanbct ia Debt by creating tiew Ptrnd;, or to 

I that Fond. w*ieli wa» long fince sppiopriited. 

being tetigi<A<D)' npplied to the evtingiiillung yearlv a 

' tbar IWji coiarafted before iht Year 1716 j for if 

fo in Tiine of P««, it will convince our Neigh- 

tfcst it wnuld be impoflibli: ibr 01 to Tiippoit aa CX- 

War, which will of courfc raider 111 contrmptible 

Ryti of aU foreign Nfttiovu. And with refpeA to 

Affitrs, the COnfequenco of putfoiiw any 

Meafure an foil as pcrricioos ; for every new Moti- 

. w£ m»kc, beeomci a fori of Prop for fjpporting tbr 

^~~ '.nble 11 -or, -he ferAicr I wber«u wk nntXt 


( 13» > 

'aS pofibic Mnni to niace tlut Tqttrdl. not nnlr lor 
the EocouraEencat of Trade &au»){ is, baccocnacofc cJm 
Sinking Fnaa. wtiich would taxtie ut to pay off ai\ ent dd 
I>efata inucJi looRcr, (hin it will otbcTwife be poCUo 'ar wi 
[odo: Nay, ] aoi AlmoU certain, tlac if no nnw U<bc: 
had beeo contnAed lioce the Veai 1716, nor snr Pitt of 
the Sinking Fumt convcnn) to othct Ufn than It ww afi- 

K'Dalljr dcfijtco) lot, tiic loTcrcIt apxi all out l-'at>d> would 
ive been lorg Hocc reduced 10 } U ttrCtit- sni ■ moci 
gftaicf Put of vtt old Debt woukl have bcCEi poid, by 
which vit fhoold have brm rnabled to have taken oIF unt 
of thole hcsvy 1'uces, ucder wi)kh tj>c pOOf l^lxruicn aod 
MuuracLjjrii have gtoincii fi.r lo nuny Ycais. TJif Ion!- 
ing Podefity with new Dtbb, in order to j;ive a liiikEue 
10 the prelein Genetinon, may be a good temporary Bxye- 
dicBl (or a Mioiftcr . at-A sMy pttvciii the l'cn]<Ic'* luklif 
too fiirticulu on inquiry if^co ilut ^jcpcnce, which ha M4»- 
fitrca hivr brougtit upna ihejn : Bm ii is u moll perej- 
CUWi Eijcdieni Wh for the Roy.O Family, .irrd .'o* the Ni- 
lion in genera]. I'or wben wy Saiaof All-" iStJL itr 

liie Senk^of 'heenfuing y«r, byc«Mn<ti.^, . Ddi^ 
ind cre:um£ t ticw fund t(>r th« Pa) meat ol th&t Utbc, it 
K fuliieftinji iIk Nation f n^i 'i letil dootiU ik*t Sum id 
the End ■ bcoufe in ev . .dc, the Nuiou a 1 ihlitll 

to pay IntoKft for the Wl — , i.^.td.ud (he txipeitcei "^ — ^ 
Jeoiiu; bt ituny Ycsn, bctdei paying the I'nneipal 
ihti flicwt the La(\ the Nuion Tul^aintb^ the cctitneti^ 
of aritf (nch I3tb< tor the curreat Stttncc. By a loag 
r Mcaf^rn^ the PeopbC taay «om 10 

, and thofe Taxci (o inoch awvri 
lut t~c E.:.>u;cu( 1^ :otmcr Mot^aeci, thai it nuy be i^ 
pofliblc lur liu Majdly, or fgroe of hii Suu<l3^an, u *» 
diciic the Ri^ht* oT tlic Kation, withooi lowlia| iImv 
V.n\ heavier Vuic* than they art Me to be>r, whicb 
uuy viry piubobly rKih « |cacr«l Difiifisaian igiiift •■ 
pnl'rtvi hippy RlbbltfhineBt 1 and may btoTtluxnofl i!in^ 
l«ip Conic(|ucoce cvcd to the Ctediton tV, , if 

cici A-e QiatilJ be reduced Co fuch Circun^.— ... , ii...; a- 
tW the N.iiion mutt be rtiiited, i» ike Miblick CicdiMre Itfi 

' ■ -■-■-■'•-': -:He of the DilMwawtdd 

: > pToreat otrr 

i'-t-; 14 (■• ■..■!i-:|ini;i 'vii ' pence I hot u 

her of o^r Faica for r of ihc CDfuinf Yew hM 

letlio. 1 ti.inot now wopofe lay Oial- 

' i.cclurihi* V'rar Wo have altoiJy %,nm 

-'nt Sapplici oKeRtTj for the Servkr, nri 

jy into II Coauiuttceof Wayt aad rii 1 

(or Tsifirg LSots iufslip. What Mc^Md* puy tiKn be p^ 


( '33 ) 
, tar ttiAt Par^eJc [ do net \ajaw ; but at I am of O- 
Uut no Omltikniiian otiglit (a pnrail wilh ui to 
•ay new Debt, or lo pmmt that Fund whidi 
. ftpproprtatcd for lKc E*>ymetirof tbc old, I ffuU nke 
the Limtf t» Bukc a Motioa whicli I twpE tlw Houfe will 
^pvr u For ifwr nfoaJ Fundi oinnat lofnTr tkf Semce 
we Ittvc aJrcsd; agreed to, I diisk ii will be benci to lay 
Idcw aew Tun upon tbc Luxuiic) of Life, tla» to cmte 
im* FsmIi 1 otherwise mc run tM Haxnid of rwiadng our 
fWoitr M idc Wjt.i cvtfiVf ihc Ncwfl.irtf-^ nf Lif^ that 
cnay lii-t in Aflucncc ; fbr ihf> Rnroo. facfote 
into the Coinmilirc of Ways and Means, i lluJI ijt:« 
If to OMvc in rdbkCr ' 1 •'•Jt thu f loufe ml) T.iilc 
hill the Veir the S.ipfiliei necelCiiy foi the ciirriit Sci- 
ring CtcoiiiJcJ by Sii Jtilin fiuiutd anJ 
.3>c >■■■» ogipafcd b)" ^ir WillUto Vongc, 

Alt* (f ftwi. n. 


'■ IV riHi*. 

Ft. Ji,, 

■^iw, Mi HeaikoMr, i>nd &it Viahtn Walp»tc u ^r'nTUv^ 

pj f A* 'i«(l>M>, now before ui, depended fol jly open the 
"O tu) at prefent in tl'.r ' »t' all 

i>r. oi upon the Regard < iijouta 

fiwwo lu urn Naiton in all their Mc^aJum, a few 
Word* WfloU be tiilKdetit to lUw, tlui wv oudtt iigc to 
lo toy (j<h Relolution u hat bees propofea i fOr it to 
that *<c never had a neawr loRatacc thao we have 
It in every Liiuttol fiuropc. and thai Irlluuiteh 
upon the llro'igell Rdton : brcaulc our Neiglbours 
rery tvell, that we hare now nvo Fuub fuSdent 
Ttiog any War w« may be cngucti in, aid which 
(tpoo aey fuch OccaJion t&akc uk of, without ov«t- 
jih-: ' " <ir n'tina Diicootent in the Nation ; 
tthefc e tite l.and-Ta]C and the Sinldrg-Kilnl. 

r Ixaiai iStntliffKo woald ihliilc it bird lo py 4a. 
' fwnd I.'-f <]-Tax, iluting a Time of Pcacr, ycc ihey 
nW Dcr pudge iKnt Tax, if tlicy faw the N'l- 

OTT' r--LC > .il«d in a War 1 ind iho' the Sinkiog- 

be ipplin! in tlw noff rcligioni Manner to the 
rfoui <Ad Debt*. y«. io Cafe of a War, I bebeve 
nao will (ay, but ihit it tvould be pro{>cr to M' 
Pijrmeno ( crpc<iaJly as none of the publidc 
I an ic&Ktat of tiariog their Money) and toappjy 
1 lomrd* fappottin^ tiie Wai 1 (6 that our Neigh' 
ban Iniow axnuAy W«U that we have a. Rerenae of abotw 
1 i>*MiU«Mit, btfidca ooT afaal Supplies, which w« may 
fuppwtiBg 1 Wv without UyiDg »ny (»w Tax 



t IM ) 

' I Auir ^tuit. sir. tlut the Sinkiti| Fund tMMtld ba 
C uDcr, br the Rc<ki<ti<>n of tk? Intcrcl ptjraU" ^ip"* ^ 
oil! Fuub, Hid that it wtnld be an Admusee to cbc<Nb- 
ttofl tn haw iliv Sit-in); Punil incraM i bat t tny ttocli 
ijocliOD if it »mld Iw {lolBbtc lo reduce the rntcKfl fujnUe 
upon (Mf eld Finds lower thin it iiit nreloic. cvtBfbo' «e 
AeuM Item hcrufiErr eontnA nsc Stiilling nirw IMw- 1 
luTc indeed Iwardor* ptit nutiy IVojcAi for that Puipofa I 
and (ame ofiliMn have appeared wdl in Theory, hot wha 
they came to be (»nitnvd, it Ra* slwjv* bom fnitnd ilMt 
ther would not do in Prt^ce, and tiiennn thry tuve bra 
hii afide : BHkU}. Sir, it woaU be ao Rxperiment of itw 
noa dangertNU Cmr<K]uence, n> reduce tho Tntcrtft ptx^bk 
iipM our old Fundi tower thin it ii it fnimt. bnuie it 
moaii prababW iodoce Poivignen to draw their Mobcjf iB 
at moe out ofoiir Hutkk, wMch woald oT omrfe briog our 
publidc Credit i>ito|;nat Dtflr<r(, fttid weald dnia ut of all 
the nwly ^Specie now cirtabttoe in the Nation ; w>d if 0>e 
pablick Credit of the Nition fnoutd be once tvougltt iaio 
My gmt Diltncft, moS of Mr ou-n l^sople umiU iakt the 
Abnn, which wnold ran it Co lo\r, th» the RoOortog of it 
wjold be intprnQicablt. 

' Another CoolSdnadon, Srr, fifpneW«gbt wfth ■*, 
tr. TKtt wc aaiaot well rediKc the Intcrcfl ujwn oar pohficfc 
fanit aiy lower than it i* at prefcnr, Mithoac reil:^— - " 
ih* ftme "rSme tho Intcreft of Mooe^' in general i a- 
|«fra»d«d (be rcdaciiw the IntcrcA of Monry in pmni, v 
» tower Rntc Himi whu it i* U prefnt. wrald Erlng jncrit 
Diffionhiei upM an Rjwlo of Men fn the Kin^dom< wtth 
irtlMn b the poblick Cm^iton the Difficuloci art If^- 
trnt F At » (hinl l^.nt >- -tTly Incotoe hat bem tahn 

from ihcm by the R«l '-.uly oukIc i and tfa &ilkn 

Reduflion M e»t ff Cfwr. ihouM be m!"te. iKry «mM 
then ha^B felt onr halfof tJwl Revmwe, wiuch they fuppoU 
Ihey wrteto have when ther firtl lent iheir Moaey mite 


' f^trt wfth refpra » iba landed Gcnilemm, the »» 
^Ig^:^. 1..— f fo W would be a gr-^' ?* ■ '■'■ - •'- •^" 
•Will ;',ti! tti ui»r raeh o( tJ.c : 

leaii 5 r>- iri-ol. whcrttH when tMcrci r .ii j - 
Ceat. one half of that K«m wiD rnable them re I 
p:nf?»l Manner r (" rti»f tbe r<^liielnj < '' " 
wwitf* Uv »)1 <i*»r I flrtW Gentlemen i;t- 
' at !«tft of ■ 
(heir ytmnj^r i- 
r«piVi (othe Trtiding Part nf (he Nwri' 
. Itnonn, that ctpty Brandi of TnAt io (K= 
'ia' almdy fo Avatuxlud, dvK M is alnoQ 


( 'JJ ) 

irf our TmkfJnn to live by their Bnilntlt ; luasocw-fi, 
r ReAtAtan of Inicrell wavld dtin io muy . ''"J*' , 
. DO Man cQvld ttvc by »ay Trade be OMild 
I our Barrowcn of Moaqr, Sit. or Gntle- 
taajr Money at Iittmfl, wonU I>e rcdnool to 
i^ I fof ibc Pio&[ to be gQt by Itnlin^Moocy, 
~ f ocwy ia any Min'i Fuuid at liUerdl. woiud 
iwMia WDuM think of cmplayinglt Jn ibat 
_ ild of couWc bn'ag a general l)ctnaad upon 

4ie k 1^ Kiogdotn wtu> owe luty MoMy it IntcnH. 
Lkc iiunc Tunc would render ti impol&Ue far than 
uty Uooey for asfweiing that Dctnaad. Piom all 
1 tAUih it incoafiflcoi with tlie publtck Goo<} of ibc 
witb that of every particular Man, to reduce 
'lb spoa our pubtict Pitnb lower than it ii 
iierer m^y be the CoiUisiqi^occ mIcIi rcff«A 
D rcnr crrtain, ,Sir, it would be an hiifia. 
. CotMHi^etxx with rvCpcA to his prclcDC 
hti Pfoplc mih I'axc* which they raay 
I fo« ihc People will alway} ray valunta* 
I ftftly fucii Ta«j u they (liinlc an amoluiely oe- 

KS(ip()on of the N'alioD, but it will alwart 
I CO the King u)»n the Tbiooc, ui load iJie 
UCC3 which they think uonecclliu^' at the 
hey art laid on. Ii it for thii Kcafon that in Time 
, a GorcnuDcot nay \nitiirc to fubjrd the People 
n, which NouM Tsife Irrriblc Com^aiwi, if they 
hi nitod is 'i'lmc of Peace t and for tlw btne Itca- 
■ of OpJliOA, tiiU ax ODght rattier to coevvn a Pate 
Gnkmg imnl to ihc correni Scrricc of the Vcar. 
I Jncrede uy of' our old T<uci, ur load the People 
By »ew i fo* n there ji at prcfcnt no DcMUtid for 
mtAj of oor oU Dcbti, and ai nooc of ihc puhlktc 
mdeuic to haM their Modfy, I amconvincol iImc 
thV People would think tl iiniKCelliiry la load 
m-w I'u, wbcD they kinw ws have fuck « 
«« mty hire Recourft (or (naif i»g good thr 
cf ilic Vcir I and thcrcfotc we may pra- 
; of ihcm at ptrlrnt with any iirw Tax 
i>i&lk£buk to hai attioA Majefly'a 
kirf co n fc ^ g * otly DC a nod peral- 

bocn fiud, thai by cootnfling a new Debt, mi 
I 1 Dcw fwd liir the ourcn ^i-kc ol' the Yai, 
Mm ceoci at la* to be lMd«ii with doubk the Soui 

ECMWof the Inttnlt and t'Tprocri of Mv)«f^ 
key arr ohlj^eJ lu fo/ . i jrj)' till the Ptxnw* 
.■ tff.* / OMUH 4>Uui of (he JtiftM<& of tW 

( Ijfi ) 

, a. CikilatioR > fer, with nfyA tg the Expoico of Miig|M' 
■ Bient, ii b wcU kno«ii itini no ocw Debt «« have bm 
contntAcd, bw occdiDDed any rw>I new Expeticc i bocutb 
the Fond fbr paving olf ihxtDcbt hu alwayi bccncoi*- 
mitttd to the Oncn atteady eretlcd, (o thai it faoi i 
AoBtil ao additlouil Expcncr, boi liiai of »diliog 
two or ihirc UoAa Ortla to fbnc of ibc Of 
(ftabbihttl: And as !n th^ IntereS foid jwart^ h^' 
tiooi <lo« n« ever Mitl 6»c ih*; 

or m»kc tatauck I; <ic which he n ' 

bund tn that {•nncijaj ^um, in cafe it htid been ruled witJt- 
in the Y«r > It ««!)■ Wia tn llie NjIma IboulJ be ntJijr.l 
ihit Vear to coiutibutc lOi. tow«<l* tbt caiiroi Set' 
the Vtar, iloa not he lot: (he [nicrcll of ihu lat. :... — 
Ycaii to oaoK f And if by bocioiving a Stiin of Mmey mem 
tbe miblick Credit ai ^ or 4 /vr Crw. tk« los AtooMbe 
Icfi (D «fry piitfiie X';in** J'oclcrt, ttnj he bm buJu every 
Ycir 5 /(f C'lit. ot ihM Monc)- (o kh m lu> i'ockcl f Frew 
hence it iniill br granted. chJt the «atn£liM> of ■ oew 
Debt ai a low intocll, iD(lc:)d of nUisg if: ' ' \mhia 

the Year, ia m Advinoge latlicr tbu a Lui \at)fia 

in gMictid. 

* Ai the FoKci acctfi^ for the Senke of tlie <»- 
futpg Yerii \tmii tiy tien ind Lanl. haw been already Jgrnl 
10, U)ry mtUi be provided for lomt War ft oifaer t jmI If 
the uflBl Tm.-> Itiall br f'lund inluScicni for ihii Piafote, 
every one fehowt we bave but ihrve W;iyi la raike joal 
th»t DiAieiKy- We muil si^kc it j^ixid either b> incmfag 
fbme old Taxa, or by hy'tafi on dcw Tun, or by i^Eaif 
(o raoch front the Sinking lund at will uiaLr guod t^ 
DcAuency. Ai for the firit Mcibod, none of o«t old Tim 

I Will •dmit of 3.ny Incrcatc, except ttie L^ad-Tu 1 »ai, 
cunfideting the betny Load thai bai Ax many Vun Um 
upon Uic la&dcd GcMkacB ofthi' Kiii^dorn, I xnnaSif 

i farniied, ihit the)- hnve fo long jillonri tliralctm co ba 
(o loaded by :he 1 ndrng In^crd) 1 iherehmi itv iW like of 

I Prudence, u well ai )uitice, M-e ov^ht noc to thiok ot !•• 

I ctofing ihr Laitd Tuc i and I f o)>e, in iH out future Ua- 
furc-^, «« iliall imparl (ocli Taxti ai mj' (tU with ttn e^nl 

I Weight epce al! (Ilc^ubie^. ia Proportion to tbci.' \r-.:'.v 
Revanaet or Ptotlu, wbctJicr tbofe roily Re>fr.:io a-. 

I fiti pnxced fnsa Lind, I'taJe or Moocy. Wttii nl^w; ^ 
thefecufld Meihod, f wtlh mitb all uy Hon lineral of tic 

I Litnuno •^'■■- '• ' • - '- " '-■-!- "— ■'Ijeed. nr vwy «oe]t 

I IncTcafaJ, u ihrf arc aiigritq^L 


lliai we have anorher Fuml w which wt may lare *=.'» 
t, vnthout injanng iti the kill ihe publidc Credit af 

jVition, ar laying on}' additioiul Load upon any Rank 
[lie : Aad if wc IhooU vmtuic n{wn uiy fwh Ma- 
would not be proftcr (o make ufe of any fucli Tax 
carrctit Service of tKe Year, beatoVe it it impuffibk 
^3 how much tac Troduoe of a new Tax nill xmounc 

Aod 1 GUunH think ii would be tight to tpprmmte as 
tincrTMin Pnxlnot fbc the Payment of a certain Sum. It 
}i> wril bwnn, thai » great Part of the Dcbu we ut aow 
'oaded with, aiid of whicit tome Gcntlcnicn take all Occa- 
"••>ns to romptain in the mod gtieroui Majincr, ftnc octt- 
ircicd bjr that very Mctliod of lading on a neiv Tax, the 
fioduce cf which mull tlwtyt be uncenain, and i{<propiri> 
itiiig tiut uncrriair) Produce cowvdi the Paymtni of a co- 
ain Sum I therefore if Geotlemen have a Mind to lay any 
IC" 'Vixt* upon the l^uKuric? of Life, 1 fliall not be n^ninil 
I I bot 1 hope ibcy will order the whole Produce to rejiuin 
I- • - '■rchtqocT. in order to attend the ftirore Difpolition 
nyctit i for befoie next SelSan the Amoact of Cock 
t:iv 1 .u will be kaotvn, or nuy b« nearly gucScd at, and 
lien it nuy fiMf bt appropriated to the current Service 
f ibe then enfiuiig Vcar i or be nude a Fund kt anfMi^ring 
kc rutcmi Srrvtce of that Vcor. Whether the ufuaJ Taxes 
rdl ^ icro anfH'er the Service* aJrtadjr toied. and 

|l« .. ./tea t)ut may be thovglil ntaSkry for tne 

Miiiog Vcu, t (liall not pretend to dcicrmiiiei mit if they 
rt twt. ] tbinic it is ptain thnt we muD have Recoarfc to ih< 
nikioj r<iad, » the tnoit proper Method of providing for 
iy DeKcieiKy : How-eret, wc arc not at picfent id dctifr* 
line thi> Quellioa abCnIulely i when Gcotlemen begin tu 
iR&lcr of ways »nd Meuiu lor ni&na the Sums necejlatj 
>r the Service of the enftiirv y«r. iDcy oajht, aod ihcy 
irbkinly will sgrce to raifc iKetn in thit Maaner. which 
sU appear to be the te&A batibeafifmc to ihc People i and 
erefote 1 tiiuJc it would be veiy wtoag >ti u^ to leftnin 
irfelvc* in the Manner pct^frd by the Motion now before 

But Umt wc may be Mi sltogciticr lice to do in tliii 
efpcG what we iruy think ptof«r when wc go into the 
ammiltcc of Ways ai>d Man', 1 (hall propote, that the 
cviout Qucftioa may be put, inih icgard to the QwMMit 
iw before as.' 

To this it -waa replied by the lane Muobcri, who were u<Ii»'t>. S 
■k Morion. « follow.: •■•W-.V-i- 

' Ti hai been often obfcrvr,]. That new \f calitres muA al- 
oew Daftnnct, and i: cay a ji 


t^ook a. 

( 'JR 1 

Dbfiiinn- Tltii » the Care with lefAcA u th« Qoeftion 
DAW before to. The Doftiion adv>&;ed in fa*oar of tkac 
Mnfiire sgainfi whkh the pi«rrm QucAkn ii inumlld, aiV 
all to dcccirfiil, ihit lUty are » |>lam Pnmf tUat the M«afaie 
Biufl be wrong. Whxt Influence our MiniAm iMjr tUilk 
tbry ^^ '^ '1^' CouBciJt ol I-omgn fowen, I A118 not it- 
irrminr ; but 1 am Ttirr ii <to^. not appear ^t we lu*w aqr 
ereit InStmtcr, enbet TrORi ihe MvwMga tlut hiv« tea 
htely obuinod ht fVoiir of this Nat)6n, or fKMi thrbHt 
Behaviour of fpmeot our Ncij^hbouri tomrit a«r AUio. 
[ hope il win not br &id, tlu: the Coartt of ViniBk ud 
Miclri)! bad an}- gmt Reganl for us, when tb^ oondtiiM 
ibat Tmif of Vienna which prodgccd the Tmty sC 
Minovrr, mi\ irudr fueh a Buflle in Europr; and I !■ 
fitre i( caaaot be- faid, that the Courts of Piiri', hbdrij, 
Biid Turir. itievt^ any gicai Regard for w, wbcn ihryoio^ 
ihil private AUbflct, by which ihty parcelM oal uaaag 
them, uur Afly ttie Gmpcroi't Dominiottt ia ft>Ij>( ii« 
nn it. I think, be fai<J, that the Empcmr placed any gnxi 
Cooftdctiee In Mir Aftlilattce. whn. in onJer to eibcan a 
faiK, hcagrccti 10 j-lcid up to Prance the wbok DmiMj tf 

• I h-ive rr: tbr Hobcw, Sir, to be ^ret of Af« 

hin, (hacforc 1 mull judge from j ppcaraKai 

■nd rnmi tbcm it ti to ine evident, ihu or iiriluenee bu ^ 
lace gmtiv jrct^ni, wtd Kill, [ am afraid, AtOy more aid 
nK;n: : PmiffKn, Sir, ktimv Oor CirciuiiAaKei better tfaM 
nre fecm to do cmtlrivps r 'J'hey know thit now. tftcr s 
Term of Twenty Vean Pea<e, oiufiubliclt Oebl&ate rery m» 
ai great, arxl oor Circamflancef At had u they wtn - ' '"- 
End of the l.^fl War : Th«y kiww thai by a Liad 
3 ». in the F^aad, we cnnnot provide for the yewfy Sli;<pi«> 
vie thifdc nrtrcJEiry, ercn in Time of PtKt, witboiif raft. 
Ring euritlvei into TDntc ccw Drbi, to (ke AnMUit of c o< 
^00,0001 ytariy, or akivg Co much' fioro th« Siakitg 
f cmd I ocd tbey know that, u the Suddi^ Foad wc m« 
hare arttci wholly from our ConramjKiona bcttg mwfe 
grcata in Time of ft«t than in Time of War, the |t«l» 
cQ Ynn of li mnU be annihilated in cafe we Qtonii n|i|r 
IB a War i ftwm whkh, every PorcigncT moil cvodtldr, 
and I flMHi!d ibintc every EngTiftinufl loo, thai yntU 4 1. « 
the PtHitid I^mJ-Tm, wc eoiiid rot nifc eoo,ooo >. ■ Yea* 
taott ikin hai been fcand necef&ry ^ fii{<jiortui{ oiir G*- 
iiritimeRt in Time of Peace 1 and that ihcriAM «« tvM 
B« fuppotl a War witboDC loading ihe People with ma*f 
new Tixci, or greatlv iacreafinj thofic we now hive 1 iw 
rhcr oi which, Itm afraid, aor People woaM patiently M- 
JB^t to. 

( t39 » 

Now, Sir, gin me Lcare toconliJer tl>e nctnordisuy 
Dofinaei vlvum, for the Sti|)p)n of (bat Mcifure which 
I £he oppoRng of th'n Queilion kciM to Mini at : In the fitt 
WE vc loiJ. it viqM doc be |9oublc ibr ui k> reduce 
lie luerell payable vpm ciui old Debu, even tho' we ihouU 
' camni& ttiy new tkin : 7'h». Sir, u contraQ' to one 
the aoft cfabiil h cd MuinD, which a, Thut iha natural 
Ineereft of Money mat iJinys depend upon the ProportJM 
llieic » in any particaltr Coiialr^ bctwccti tttt Dtaaad tat 
borrowing hUoey at IcUrdl, osd che Donaiid tor bndiiiB 
Money Bf iMeitS j for u we lure a Sinking Fund capnble 
bf paWog df a very large Sum yearly, if we oevn per- 
kcrCcd aoy Pan of ihac Fund, wbich is tlaayr tite lame 
(rith oentnAing a new I>:ht, we Oiosld be erery Year di- 
blkifhlng ehe Denrunxl for borrawiog, arvl incrvaliag liK 
DaaniTfof Iroding ; fc that the naiara] Jmereri of Mooey, 
mxtU oeecl&rijy of idelf decTole, without any Piojeds for 
dbt PuiTore. 

' Thit, I faf. Sir, would of courfe happm tn a few Yan : 
but even at prelciK, if no new Dtb:! were ta be icntt^i^icd, I 
to not know Uu Metbodt might be found for rcduoiq; launc- 
liaiely the Intereft of all oar Fundi to 3 ami a buf, pet- 
lapi {o J /<v Cmr. what tWe Method* may be, 1 Jhall not 
£!:c upon mc (v meniion, bccaufe fonfl Geadcmen !«■ 
efblved thit no Propofitioo QiaB be received, mcept ihofe 
iSicred by ihemlclvcs. Aad (o fiighlcn U) from any fuca 
*njc^ we are told, that ibo Foreigners would, in fucti 
Cafe, draw iheir Money out all at Mce, and drun oi of 
II the current Specie in the Kingdom f bat to thole who 
DderlUnd the Ciiatmftancra of Europe, and arc apprilcJ 
F the Lowneli of fatercf) in fame C^ountriei, ud the Pre- 
uku&eti of the Sccarily in oibcrt, thia moJ) appear to be 
ffle«r Bogbear. 

' Befidcf, Sir, the Thing wetild either be in itlcir impof- 
bic, or it it an Event m« have no Occafion to b« afraid 
f i Air if Poreipien flioutd all at once trfolvc to Icll out, 
would dlbcr run the Pn'ee of all our Funds n great deal 
dow Ptir, or it would not i if it did, they nould be oWigeJ 
» fufpetul their RefoTution, and take 3 /vr Cfnt. rather than 
H out a tool. Stock for 9o or 90 I- in ready Money : and 
tbcir felling <Kn did not ran the Ptkc of our SiRks Ix- 
<w Ptr, we can hare no (Jcofion (o be afraid of an}- fech 
evolution ; becaiafc iheir Telling oot <oaId not rutn our pub- 
ckL'redii, and the ready SpetK thev couMuiry out would 
an be rep|j«d by the general finlaace of our I'nde, If 
« had no IwercJt to pay yearly to them 1 for it ha* been 
^^■K Yean, and while ic mntintie^. it moH nUti 

( «40 ) _ 

hsrc a Sam of 4 or ;oo,oool. fcnt ytvfy Oct of tbe 
tied, in ntder to pay the Iniacd itte 10 chem, n-ery Fanfc 
ci whi'.li ii ntinty lolt 10 u> j bcu«re ihc whole » TpcK I 
iMm tn ibciT own COunOin, or convened into Pr 
hcK, to incrcilc ihrif tutxiic yeailjr Denaod. 

■ Anoiber I'araJux, i>ilr:iiKril at^Inft tJkc QurAUm now 
bdorc at », That ihe roJucing ihe IntcrcA of Mocry in ^ 
Bind, weald bring gieu Otftoiltie* opoa ill RsaIu of Mat 
ia tbe KinpAoi, 'Chii, Sir, » evidnd)' contniv w la^ 
thCT cftaiililhcd Maxud, which ti, That ihc lowrr (he la- 
indl ol Maury it in any Constiy, the more flounUuiig it 
mull be in its 'I'ndc and Conuncrce : I Ot*\\ gnri. ihol it 
wedkl diniaiffi the Ro'cnur of oer poblick CmJiion, u 
well at of 2!! other Monej-Lenden, bui it m'ouM not di- 
mtnift their Ca&ial, tad ifaoli) ii»t coold not Jitt idly t^at 
the latoeil of ihdr Money, wovld be obl^ed to hetaitm 
tbemieUvi to Trade, at to footc oiber indobioni Eiactoy- 
mnit, wkicii migbi be a Scrritc to themfclm, anlacenui 
Advafitige to their Camtry. 

' Ai 10 the Luntd Gentlrmen, Inn fntpriaed, : 
bcXT it (aid, that tJic rtdudng of Imercll would be a : ... ^~ 
IhJp upon tkrm, D>r&dninj; hmir many, I mta afraid im 
mmy of than, uc like tl>etr Couotry, invoivcd in Dda 
md Mongtgn. On the conaarjr, it ivoujd be a gmt Ad- 
nwtigc itt every Luidfd Crcnticman in tiic Kiagdon, bt<- 
cufc, bcMo reducing tJie latcrcfl tic it to pay for the Dcte 
)w owes, if be lui any, it would greatly itxstate the \'i)m 
of Lis Landi. u well m of all iIk Liadi in the KingfHn 1 
and ai for hi> younger Children, he would be nniki t 
ceffilj* to give ihcm aay grtater Fcrtanrt ih^a hekmf 
If he wirrr, .1 Klorcgjgc of (k">o I n ^ /ur Cm. u n 
gicattr Butibca upon itn Elbte. than k M(>rt|i*(tenf half 
lh» Sum at 6 fir Crnt Intcn-li i and if iny Poji of tW 
Cfhie wrn to tie fold for tim i^ifing of that Moocv, ai t^ 
Price of Landi will Aluuyt iiTc m Proponioo at Lh« iMnti 
ut Money £ill>, when Mooey comci ■» be u 1 ••*■ '~ — 
JotcfxSt the fuue Pucd of Uuid 10 be fold, will tfrri 
tooo I, which would hire fold but for jooo I. Mhrn ;.,, 
Wa* MI fi f<r Cfwt. I do not know what iIk h M,;rjL> 
Cenilciitu roeuu by enabling younger Chlldic 
a genlKl Muincr 1 onltii he moani in sn idle . 
gaat MtnacT ) ami the fewer ihere mor 
nny t:aumty, 1 am iutt it ii tie hetiei [ 
^ " ' 111 i>t lijc Cwifc<jurftt in thcpir 

t iincn c»uid pn>pol« I'l-t tiirir j _ 

Ihouki ; It upon ibc Inteicil of the Fortune 
M-milJ luvcd thriB all up to iotue 

t .4" ) 

Icmen, we Ihould have a great Xunber of in- 
BSii trugai Tn^efmat ct Merchinu i and wbidi 
be nf moft At]vabȣC to tfac'LooDtry, u ray cafjr lo 
f( t*. Sir, s very grtai MilUke, to imagine tltat tliere 
be in any Country too great a Nambcr ol McKhant^ and 
VadcTmcn, or that 4ny Sort of Trade. wfaicK deitrre* liut 
lime, can br ot-ctQodfcd. SbopJcMping, or «ny otkn B<|- 
if^tt which tcodt to Jbpport ilic Laxary of a People, majr, 
k true, be oferJtocked I ind it ia alunya « Difxlvairage to 
B PeopJc to luirc Coo great > Nuoiber of lucii among 
on I but w for Metctuuici, Mauuf^duien, and Mccn;i- 
dur tium out never be too great 2 Numlxr of ibem m 
If CMintry i bccaure die m-jre licre ate oftbein. tJie iii'ire 
[eign Tragic Ibe Niiion miU have, the grejiet >ti txptis 
U be, and il>e more cafy will it be {<n every particular 
iu), iJ' be be tnilunnoui and fru^l, ft proviik a tiuppoit 
r hknlclf and Family. This b juitifted by Exftnaxe in 
Countrie?, and in all Times ; itui ilt«r«f<arc asnaa^ the 
ittf other Mi&fbrtunc* attending our publkk Fvaii, (his 
tf be reckon'd as one, th:>t a neat Nambcr ot oor ?eo. 
S are thereby cn-iblcd to live idly upon eIm: Inicrdl of tbcir 

B'> wbich fflul) i>c«flarj]y dimiaifh tiic Number o( our 
aits, ManitfaAuren, and MeichonKlc*. 
o itiisgine, Sir, that ibc reducing of Intncftcoj ^ 
■r. would bring arty Dtilrrfi< upon thoTc who haie Occthon 
' Moi^ry, it (bflicthrng very new i lira the more Trade 
a-e is in a Counuy, the inot« Money there will al- 
ijn be to be lent at (ncrreA ( ind thofc who have more ti'o- 
f by ihcni ihjii they cxn milcc ufe of in their Trade, will 
■rayi lend il opoa good Security, even at 1 ^ Cm- n.- 
rr than keep it m their oan Cofien. Bui epon thii Occa- 
tt J tBnnat emit tai:iiig N^otiee, thai in tlus KdpeS too, 
r pobljck Funds are of gmt Dc;riii>eef to the Trade and 
vue Credit of the Nation, txciufe the noDied Met) of 
t Kingdom Kiive fo ready s Way oF getting an [ntereH for 
it Money by Mcaniof thefc Fundi, ihnt they never think 
lendiftg their Moaty ta pHrate Men. hut at an extrava- 
it IniereA or Premiuni ; by Hrhich Mcaiu oMt private Cre- 
bctwcci) Man and Man i> >-ery much IriTcned, and great 
im of Moaey drawn out of Trade, which is thrreforc a 
y fliOflg A/gamcnt ia favour of the QuelUon now be- 

• The PeopJe, Sir, never gniJje tfat contritutii^ wlut 
aecefl«ry for the Suppoil i>f the Gorcnuncnt in '1 iinc of 
ICC, no mare than they gnidge what ii neccfliry for the 
pport of the Gorenitncnt in Time of War ; 'I'he only 
limv tlicv vrit(ti>e ii. to fifld ibe Nuinn loadcA uni^j 

5 ca,:^.'-' 

i H» } 
Brpoue diu it oat ateeJbry, or die Utmy they unmbw 
improptrty appf*"* ' >»J *^' tlie parvRtlag of ikc StaUHf 
Fund, or nunuiig the Naiioa to Debt, may prevnt tbt 
Vteple at ihc pitfeat GeDeration from beln^ (tefiblc of u 
Itniwccfliiry Eupcncr, and conf«(]ucntly nuy prrrsot thnj- in 
firing Itridly into tku Exf«ntT, yet fucb 3. MoAnr wil 
ikc the pi«ie»t Expencc fall witb donUe W«lg1tt vtm 
lir pDAflriiy, and vrbcn dicy firul thcmlclva obllgMCB 
fiibmie to htivy new Tans, bcorafe «U the Old ttaul m- 
■•gcd fbt ihe PayiBcnt 0/ oM Debts, wkkb will cemMy 
be the Cife as Iood u tbc Nauoq cmsei to Im cogj^pd fi 
uy War, tlwy will then with RealiM canplaiB, thu H !•■ 
fupporablc Load bat been ihrown apon them, for ibc $ifc> 
of a. ccnponty EftTe given to iltcir Aoccftort. TbiuMjl 
«ei7 probably rtifc a goetd OirafeOioo 10 the pntet IM- 
lifliniCBt, kDd it w^ be the aon dugerooi, beooft H 
will happen it a Time when our Eaemic* will rrn 
in Rmrndl tbout playing the Pretender upon at. Th 
fidtndon muft* iit my Opinion, have £tcat Vftlg 
ei«r* Gentlenu, who hxi a fiocere Rtf^ud Cu iIm 
oat Family now opon the Thione, and elpeciall/ ' 
Royal Prioce, wbo, '<ti to be hoped. Mill one Day fw ji;- uc 
Scepter of tba KfaigdoA ; for by ihui pervertiMg ibe tak- 
ing fund, or running the Nation iiiia new fnuunbRUKni 
ffKn in Time of Pace, be may br It-fc in fach DlftTcTi, v 
twt to hive it any Wmy in lui Power to fupport the Goven- 
nieM Willi any LuOre, or to visdkati ax Kigbn of ik 
Nation with any Vigour. 

' That DO new C^ee or Officer hu lately bcm crvatel 
may be true, bet, Sir, we kaow tlut a very |pmi aiW a 
vriy grievoui Office, and a great Number of Ofiocn. wcif 
lately rerivcd in Purfuance or the (ante Mnfnret now poTiffJ 
«ti [7ht Solt-Tajt. 5»VotlI./i. i;9.] and we hknik 
k*ow titat the cnlleAin^ of our 7'axt*, and tbc ""Mg)^ gf 
our FuMb. coll the Naiion a mod prodisiow Sum ofMoKy 
yearly, a oixh greater Som, I btlicre. than ti ntetOtry Iv 
that Piirpofe ; for if a nnrrow Scrutiny were made into ite 
/VfTiir. I am convinced it u<ould be fboDd. that the lhfiT«4 
at two or three Office* raighi be managed l>y eoc, - 
emploY'ng a greater Nombcr of Officm aod Clcrfc.' 
one. inin ii now employed in an* one of the three 1 fa vol 
fcwril Ofiicw, and a great >Kun]beT of Ottcen and Clolci 
nighi be Uid afule, by which a rcry luge Sam of MoMf 
nighi be fired yntly to the Pbblielc. Ti" «nnl,? r-*. 
frJlioie grcadv toward) prrventin]; oor In;, 
tirw i)f iilditioaaj I'mo, or m: 

( 143 ) 

falSfale of iKe Sumi otatbuy Tor tlw pablick Service i 
t^ it aof be (ir^rtiiDed, will alwayi be aroiidecl bf 
k win have die DirpoU ol' lash lucmivn Podb nd 


It luu been !i>£na>teJ, xs If it were an Adraeuge to 
IVopk CO roB the Nsiion in Debt ycaily, raibci tlua 
I die Sum* nced&ry witfajn ike Ycsr i bec^ufc the 
aef i* thcftbf &vei) n evenr private Man'i Pocket i «f 
^b he tiux» *> loog M ^ K«u it ia his ourn PoOieA 
, Bukr M Inttrrfl or « PMot of ; /<-r C'/w/. perhap* 
V I whcmi the Ptiblicic mxy borrow U 3 ^r Cf»f. or 4 
loA J aod ftotn ibc fiunc Wky of R«af»it»g, it nuy be 
wd, that it will be aa Adranttje to the tVep le to run 
Nation crcry Year into Atae new Debt, snd never pay 
w SJiillirtg of ihe old But do not we know, Sir, that 
II CouamcB, People look apoo the publick Tsxct aa ■ 
of their jszily Expcncc i when thoK Taxct are high, 
Idan mull coninid hit yeaily Expence in other Ani- 
and when the publtcic Tutetare low, every Man may, 
gncally don launch 001 a htttc into Kxpcncci upon 
Attieki, wkidi he would otheruire have faved : (a 
if by borrowbg a Sum of Money opod the pubtltic 
it for the Serrkc of this YciT, we ffliould pmcnt our 
aader a NeodSty of impofing a Tut of Ten Shilling* 
mrf Was io the Kingdom, that Ten Shilling would 
be fived and laid out at Initreft i^ any Mu in the 
, nt lekll BOt by any Man. J believe, with a View 
jafwcr hit&harc of the Principal and Interef) of that Sum 
k hid beCQ borrowed by the PnUicIc : No. Sir, ei-ery 
h woold live in hn dual Way, as if no fuch Tea ShiU 
a had been, or were ever to be paid ; ao Man wouhl 
p*fi hit ufnal aanoal Expence on accoani of hi* Shate 
thai Sana borrowed t^ the Publick -. h that the Sum 
■mowed by the PublicJc, and the Intercil (bercof, wotiJd 
kin a Charm npoa every Man's FoAerity. witkoui their 
Ing any Thing left theoi by their Ancelbr for ^mfwering 
Qmac. F.tTR the Pollcrity of the moA fragal Man in 
iKinfHm would not be One Shtllmg the richer. « ac- 
It of Out Tea Shillingi which waa laved in ih- Po<k«: 
heir Anccfloii beoafe he might hare fsved Ten ^hiU 
I of his yearly Expeiice in ar.y one Year, and would 
Italy have favtnj it, if he hvl f^tuii himieil urnler a Ne- 

tof paytng a 1'^ of lea fahilUog? to the Publick. 
', we have Iceo of lace Vcari (cveral Atiempti nude 
hrow a IXviiJon, and to breed n OilfeDlioa between the 
ided Interell and the Trading Inceteli of tins Nation : 
foch Altfinpe* will, I hope, alnayt peovo ftuitlefc, (or 
r Iptcfdb are ut&faraUe, ai»i will alwavi be tb(»^\t\ 

• (k(L a. 

Aant g. Oa. IL 

( 144 ) 
fi> by every Man who has a ReffcA for eulier. There i< 
not a Landed Gmtleman of any Stjiik in the Kingdom, bui 
knows how greatly the Rcnu of his Eltaie would be dimi- 
nilhcd, if our Trade Hiould be undore : and therefore he 
will never confcnt to the throwing of any unnecelFary Bar- 
then upon it. There if not a 'Irading Man in the King- 
dom, ol any Cnnll-quenci-, but h.-.s a View to f«:lc himfclf 
or his I'oftcrity in a Lnnd-Kit.ite, and ibrrcfore he will never 
agree to the throwing of nr.y unnccclTary Burthens upon 
Land : IJui, Sir, there hns been lately a third Intvrell riared 
up in thib Kingdom, incontinent with both : 1 mean. Sir, 
the Iitterell of tiiofe concerned in our public Kund^ : Thi,- 
h an Intcrelt for the Support of which both our Landed In- 
(ercll, and our 'i'radin^ Interell are now greatly diltrcfTcd ; 
and it is an Intcrcll wh'.li fome Gentlemen I'ctm to bare a 
much greater Re(;srd f.-r than fur cither of the other two 
i^uch (ieni'emen will, I lieiit;ve, altvays be fur creating new 
Funiis. ai long as we hjvc any Thing left unmortgaged, or 
any I'hirg upon which .i niw or additional 'lax can be bid ! 
becnuie ttie creating of niw I'uiuis will always incrcafc that 
Intercil which thev fecni t" have fo much at Mean ; and 

I «49 ) 

Bmr GcDEJnncn air lo bmk thra' ibe mi>f[ Qjifi, 
rmoH necdty AppTopri',iti()(i», Ic Calt» whtte thcic 
« Lmmctlwic nU'ulute Nncffity'lo sppl; tlicSumi lo 
mud to the Ufa for whidi tbey ivete wigioally 6e- 
i ud our ExpcricKe in tliii PuticuUr u one of die 
tc&fiinf, aod one of the llrongcS Afgumcnls for Uic 
w now beli>n! n< ; thetefure ifwe agree to the bying 
ui/ ticw Tax, t hope it will be iiuincdhtetj' afpto- 
1 n tbo SctvKc of the difuing Year. 
^ TCF)' Queliioa now liefort tii i^, wbether wcodglii 
» ftcltniiit upon ourftlvM, wilfa rrfpeft to the eon- 
of any nrw Debt, or dimiing the Sicikicg Fund 
lUfe Tor whif h it wai origin«Ily drligncJ, and la 
apptopriaicd by tlic epcptcft Wordi of ihofc 
tiuMm by which it ¥m eibblUbed t The Re- 
OOW projKitcd, it oq]/ for il>ii Sefiiun : bui t wiHi 
eSnint were (or «11 ScSiniii n> come ; nnd I am fure 
bvveuiy Regard for oar Pottericy, if ve hare My Re- 
bir tbe {xcrent illultriout Faniiljr, if wc have any Re- 
Iw tlie future H&ppinelt, I miy IJy PrcfervatiOD, of 
ibon, vve vnll at lull fat thii SelTioa aA u if we 
mitt (a(ii X Rcftraint ) therefore there can bono 
in bjing oarfelva oiider any fadi. And ihae it llie 
DoolioB far it, becuifc of the frequent Dcrlations 
re lately made from thii iKtdUuy Rule, and becauie 
I btd Ufe thu miy be made of fooir hi'- Preccdma ; 
a Check be DM ffvedily put to fuih Mrifuicd, ai all 
■iJlntlau aie bui ileenng Thingi, uc iruy cxpcA that 
Iniion will endeavour to malcc ihrmrelici 
; ofTiJie evjl Day (« tong as they can, by 
new IJcbi every Vnr, and mortgaging 
''of the Sinking Fond ai loog u there ii a Siiilltn|; 
A* we hare at prclcnt a pretty CfiuJUIcr^blc Siak- 
liiis Meaftirc miy perhspi fuppon the (>fefetit 
.:~ .. |,^g u it cfui well be rupTofnl iq Jstl, 
irb>appci» in the mean Tinu: i but Tad and 
jiT s.u loe Reckoning oertainty come lo be ai bS, 
i;ind ouifelvn engaged in a dai^erout and expenbi-e 
ir People ioadcd wiili at bcavy Taxei u they caa 
[y bev. and all ihofe Tucci mortgigrd for the I'ay- 
ofDcbu, except jutlji mjfli.i! m > "tienj for 

Livil Govrmmt-nl [tH, Sir. 

c'Tible ."ibmi, and llicicltMi: 1 «ra mcC; 

<[1 iiCl'iJIC Kt, 

IHit. That the yuciHon he 
the Mi^tive uithom a tH- 


( t4^ ) 
Fry 17. TlitHoure irfolv'it, AW. CtM. Tbat Cccu 
_ , _ HcubcoU, Elo; «nu ducly t\t£ltd a Burgeli (or Soutlnnr 
I£iJ*So*i'fe^^ Sbenpnid Ac Pttiuoaa luiving fgmc Days Ui«c« pi 
•■XiriL.'^ op the Uirputc. 


AhtA^rfdM ^'^- '° A Petitiooof hU MajeAjr'iJoilkesof (Jk Pe 
/i?Mi«ISr" '^'^ '•"* County of Middldcx, ia ihdr gpncral Quajto Se 
■Mflot.t.^ Gimi afTenblcd. mi prcl^nKil to ibe Houfe and mul, ie 
Kw^lllbi: ungfonh, Tharthe driniuogof Geueva and oOie* d^lille 
««w JU »'tat Spifiiuoui Liquon, lud for traic Yean pall anally iocra&d 
cffwcbl!}' amoog the Pcoclc of inferior RaiiL: ; uii that tk 
conAant and otdlive Ute thereof hud alrrjdy dcftnyi 
IlioafBiuls of hu Mijdlj'i SjibjeOs, and rcndcnd 
Numfaera of otlwn usfil tor ufcful LiImut and Srr«tw, i» 
biudiiog ai the fione Time ibcii Mor^ an>] ditviag 
inu all maoiKt of Vice and Wkkedndi ; and tlui tut pu 
nicioiu LH]uor wot tlica Cold, not ob\j by (he OiltiUara 
Grnna $hvpi but iiuay other Pcifou of uifcriot Tnte 
by whKb Meant, Journeymen. Apptentlcei. and Samaii 
were drawn in to talkt and by Oegtea to lilu^ •pprore, 
imaioitiaxtly to drink tliercofi and that the Pctioown ip 
preheoded liic pU>Ikk Wdf-ine xud Safety. a» tvcU u th 
I'radc of the Nation, Huuid be piaily afiicflcd by u, 
that Praflicc veu daageroui ai<d mifchictoa* to ttta HoJik, 
Strength, Peace, and Morab, and, tended greacJ}' 
nifl) the Labour Oiid foduAry ol bu M^cily'i ^l^o: 
Mwrcfivre praying iluc tlw Houfe would take tite Fi' 
into lienr (cnuin C4:nf:dtntion, and apply fucb Rmr^ 
the lloute tliuuM Jud^u moll proper. Thii Prtiiioa 
(irdcrcii Eo be rrfcrred to a ComEnittcc of tbc whole |]cMdc 
and it yat rclolvcd that tit< 1 loul'c uould (cfolvc itfii/ ms 
iCtaninuiucol ilie wlwle Uonk, on Uie 13d, to iBo6te 
of tbtt laid PciitHXi. 

Fit. 1 ). The HoKfe having rclbtvcd irfclf fan Uv ftii 
Conmiticf. Sir Jofe^h Jek-yll inov'd (at the JfJkiwiag Kt- 
f I ..: — ^ y-jj, ] 7*|iat ihe Liw Price ofSpiiiiuoui 1 ii[iMI 

^^riiicijtil Indutcmcm 10 the uwffive aod pcmi ~ 
Lie inc-mf. 11. 'I'hat tB order to prrvuu tbc 1 iiafci 
ami pniucJOui Uie of bpirKuoiu Lii^uort, A UifawWiraBHt 
ITiontd be giwn ihctto by a Duly to be Uid on w hck 
Ij^aon by Keiill. 111. 'I hat the vending, Uarcctia^ «r 
tittcrin)r (iic bud LH{uor* (houid be teHuuml to PkrfM 
fcrepiiig puhlick brandy-Shopt, ViSsalliaft Hoato. CoflM- 
Houfc), .'\lc hiaaks and IimlioUcrs, :uid to fucb ApOtbcc^ 
nil luid ^vigcuni, at ILould make ule of (be fuse by mf 
of MediJnt only. I\' That no PcrCon kcepuig acMblick 
Qr^ndv-Shup, a pablick X'isluxlting Houlc. Cofte-H'-:''-- — 
A.'e liDitfe, or bong ut VntilidAct, Qmoid be pen.. 


( 14: 

er, or utur the bid liquon, but by Licoioe^ 
ty lUfsUe theKufVD. 

AdoliuioB) wvre nil ifireed to without Debate to 
rintc, and beiiw otxiDxy j«pQit<\] to die Hoorc, 
- liktvife agr«d to. Thca it **-*» orvlcred. Thai 
be rclrrred to tie CotnmittM of the whdc 
I wImxh it WJI1 rcTcrrcd to coniiJer faithrr of Wtyi 
I ibr nifing the Suppljr. 
The iiou/e pncocdcd. acconiiag to Onler, to 

ASM) On II. 

**!■ k in *|i«t 
u try lAi Monk. 

0^ the ferml PetJlioBi, com^nining of in Wnr.'onwHiH 
au] Ketura for the Coaaiy of Yofi. ami St,'?!?'^ 
Skqaqr-dcrk of tiie fcacc for ihe KaitRUing of the -' i^*^ 
CMUy, luttng praduced feveni Booki, ai the ongtiul 
~~''~~^ the Jill) Elcfiiooj and bctri? eutnincd av w 
tad Manna of the Dairtty thereof lu 
IJBh ShcrilF of tl>e (txi County j the Count] 
> Member, Hit Miln Stspylton, Bin. sgiinfl 
atif tit Petiliom Mcre aimed, obftdcd that the litict 
BW^^tet CD be Mltnittcd u Bvidcocr, ibe date iKit 

SbflBR 4difcrcd otct upon Ouh, nor within the Time 
hf Law, aar iny Hioof prta. Hue no Altcniioiii 
basn made ihcrdn xfccr the laid RlefUan, an<J bcfoie 
od Dd'ctay. Vma tbtt Objcdion the Counfcl of both 
fadnji baud, aiic the Preamble Jiad the dhh Section of 
tA vsde In the loih Year of Qoecn /^onc. id- 
, jb AB ft tit mrrt tfiffmAl frrvntiwj /ranJnlrti 
ti, it trder to Mmitiflf Vnti for tUS'imj Kitigbli 
J&vt it PtrSamnt, wu tad, wbcrefay it wai 
Tku IB nluBg the Poll, the ShinlF, Ste. Hall 
Fbce of [he Eleaor'* Preebijd. and of ht« 
ud Audi raark jfurAt. aguaft ha fiamc, and the 
[•Qfittr flail, wtibin tweiil y liJifi, afcfr llie Blec- 
o*rf to the Oak of the Peace ail (He Poll- 
f OD Ouh mxle before the ewd ntxi J oftjccs of tbi 

i*au. f/r- wilhoat Imbcxilemenc or Attera- 

{ ud M bch Counties where there arc more than obc 
efc of the iVacr. tbea lie ftuUl ddim Uir origiRtl Poll- 
1> » OBC, ud <be uaeAsd Cbples lo [be rdl, lo be 
cn«4 sakongfl ir<e Rccordi of the Srfuxn uf (he Pace* 
E jAomafaf :ke Houle of Ibc i iih of Much. (717, 
Refoii from the CotiuatiEee of Priyile^n 

; trndong the ElcAion for the Comtty of Bixlu 

aim vhith ibe Ciid Qerk >v» again cdltti la 
1 w la laa Itupipg of the bid Book), liacc the 
fit the £ui t3Kiinjy thenof, and u to the ahing 
~, ru!Iui!T^ tlic bid Books, and u to I'nc T>ec1a> 
irril!, and other *. cei 

„. ,. fach Dfhvctv: Afu. V- 

T 1 

ccn r rwHccb 

( 1+8 J 

fbltowiBg QucRion wu propofcd, * Th» Boetn, catted Aa 
Ongiaal Poll Rook« of the Inil Rk£lion of Membcn la lerve 
in I'^liacocnc fo* thr Cr-oniy of Vork, prmliKed bv Robeit 
Applcion. Depot?' CIcik of (he Pcicc for the E»fl-Rid«£ 
6| tJi« fjid Cotiniy. and uhlch were dclivcrfd o*er tr> fchn 
by the High Shciiff of (Jic faid Cwintv in open Conn, u 
Iftc Qa.i[ici Sclfons of ihr Pr.-icr fot inc bill IUdh%. abOui 
lAo Monthi al:er i>.c faid ElcJbon, u ilic flrignil Pt^t 
ti]ien at ihc faid El>rf)Mn, »nd whicK hi\-c bcoi kept hy 
iimthctaid rVpaty-Clcrlc of the Peace ever riacc imong Ac 
JUcntit of the ScflioDs of the Pe«te for the Ctid Riiing, (b 
Ua Books nut being (Jclircrcd ovrt by [he faid Shtiif vnibiD 
the Ymv. nor upcxi Uiih. as requited bj (be ACt of llW 
loih Vc»r of the Reign of Qu«n Audc, F*r ih mmv rf- 
fiHual }rev<KnK<( framJulnt Ca^^-rfatftt, in trJir t» wiA 
tifl/ Vsiei _/ir tltHiK^ Knitkts tf Sf-irn rt /rrvt im Pmf' 
iiiimtnt, hf .idntitlnl ai Ewdenct I 

Aftn Debate, the Qoettion being put. Jt m» cutMib 
the Aftrniaiive. by t^i » 16+: Hcir^fon the &M PWt 
Boi:.k>, and Copies <.f them, were iltli.frtd in j nd ikn 
it W3S oniertd uiat the firlbcr Hearing of tlie fiid Pciicm 
b: adioarDcd to the :6lh. 

/V^. a;. Mr Saodyj moved for Lave to bring in a SII, 
A>r ihf hllir fi<Krin£ iht Frttdam if ParliAmmti, ty itml- 
tMg lit Xmm^r «f O^tert in iht H^i-fi if C»mm»itt i >*4 
Love n-u accoitlingly i;iiTa,ud Mr ^uidyi, Mr Grcfarilfe, 
Mr (tore, .iml Mr Hok«, <»/tn ordered to ptrpttrr saJ 

htms in the fame, 

z&. The Houfc procMdnl to tHe firthcr Honn; of 

l^c PrtitioRi eomvlainiiig of an iindur ttcttiin f 

ry n( Vyik, and e>c Counfel for the reijnnncr 

Winti, Uirt. ifx! thr other Pclitionei*. hjwin); 

oHcr M difqualify JoKn MAcn. >»bfi roted f- 

I at (be bid I'Jcdkm, and ihm fc. 

■'•r, to pro« by Piro!-F,nd<Ti«, 
I'rcehold ir t\e Timr up ttie {(id P>aion, ' 
v.^-i-tr 'ii- (hen fwore I'ui Kii l-tcehiiM iFi' Hr 
iF:h l^vulence wa« (4>jrA?d to 

; ...... .l.tnter, who blledgr'!. that m 

couM be adtniitcd, or rrtfived a* any Pniof, af, 

fi^i-ii a( uDOiher Man 1 .ind ihc Coonfcl oa bom ^ma oe- 

iiv. heard up<]n th:i Obic>nioi], and fevcral Joonali H3ttta| 

'. ihrfoir-i -v,JrtJ. m 

rd for tit I 

I'.'Uicur. 01 tn a I'ciiuit being 

tfcr fcJtflion, Wko fwoie I .-....'. .-^ 


Aim f Om tr. 


1 1- ^ C-*. 

( M9 ) 
Modaa Itkewife ooaQcned i Idas DiIuk. bat it 
imA die QfwQion hang put, h wu carri«il in the ASniuttve 
It^ tc6 igatRll I ci : after which tlic futiici Mearing of the 
M»tWT« of the (lid Pclilion vat aAjooncd to die zd of 

AA I?. TV Houlc having refelvcd iifeiriato aCofnmit' 
BBCtlo cBUGdcrrdrthciof Ui'3|iaad Me»nt fomiiiiig the Sup- 
ply (nucd ta his Majcitjr, umI the Surpluflci flatcdai lady- 
JHy ud Mtchafflmu havtag betn referred to the (slid Coin- 
CMJttcc, ■ Motion wu made, That towudi railinv the Sup- 
^Y snand to hit Majtfty, his Majclly be enabled to bor- 
row Mf Sam or SucDt of Money not exceeding 600,000 1. «hkhu" 
u BO luertll 001 excecJing j 1. ftr Cau ftr Ana by Louts <|h %»%S^ 
xa be ctefcd upon the SwplplTe!, Exceflo, or overplui Mo- "'■^ '"^^^ " 
ok* cabmMilj> called the Sinking Puod, rcdecmsbte by Pbr> 

Upmthi^ Motion there nai a Debate, in which ihcCour> 
tien argei, Tne Nrcclliiy of riifing, fame Wty or other, 
Smlplici voted for ibe corrcni Sctvke of the Year : ihe 
Ei[nifnlicy thji there vm of ntfing them any other Way, 
but by ihitnvmg irtc Butdcn upon tikcbndcd Intercd, which 
wo«hl he the more unitaibnablc, bctaufe ihm Intcxeft hod 
bcm for fluay Yttn overioadcd, lad obliged to eontribtiie 
atk noce ilxaii their proponional Share towardi the xn- 
Mtftl pnbiick iixpeacci the ablolulc uncotuioulible Right 
Parltamcnt h»ii (1 >iirj\jfr of the Sinking Fuftd yculjr 
b PuTpofb, V i)><:y iboutd think nioA fyr the BcDc6i 
tbe NitMB in joieraf 1 Ihe InmnreninKx of paying off 
t90 moA of the pjblick Delx «t oikc t (he Unwillingncri 
Cf tbc puUkk Crediton 10 receive tlicir Money 1 and the 
faoll Imefet the Nation wootd be ebhged to pay fjr what 
Mo»ey vu ncccKkry to be borrowed upon the Credit ofthc 
luag Fimd.' 

To ihji It waa Mfwereil. ' That the S<ippli«, neeeHary 

the cinent Service cf the Veai, might have been greatly 

uCdJ. if Tome Gcmdenien had thought tit 1 in which Cafe 

WUtiU DM have been obliged either to throw an adili< 

Bardn 00 the Unded IniCTrft. cr to ircroach upon 

Ftnd, which haul aluvayi, till ofbie Vein, been deen- 

te like hyment of oar publick Debti : That if 

in an Ml of Pijli-iincnt coald appropriate any Sum 

iuitii.'^j^sr Ufr, the Sinking Fund waa oiiginklly appro- 

le taoH exprcli Tenn», to t)y pAyment of (be 

_.jj contn^^ before the Year 17164 and the 

T thai wu left 1:1 future ParhaiDcnti, by in ori- 

.eituTio», WAi todit'pofcof IE to the Payment of 

of ih<i(c Ue4itt. ai HiooM at the Time be tikOaj.'bt 

H atctOuj' la Upud €01 TA« it would be hippy fw 


ref tb. 

H t90 mi 

'*»* r ?~- u the Ndtbo, if they coiiid pa>- off all their publkk Ikhu at 
tL "**\y- I ! "^* ' TJut tii« UnwiUin^ncfs oftho paUick CMititaa M 
receive tkcir Ucoc;' wu a ocfuin ^^ of their having an 
adrtU^gcoiD Bugkin i aitd w-at tbcraore s OcounAniun. 

I t^t it WM tbc intcteft of llic I'ubltck to pay Ihem off j> U 

^_ M poSUile ; And xiau tiM' they might pcrbafu be able ki 

^H borrow the bum then piopofal tl } I- ptr Ctmt. ytt atn 

^H a! tJw! Rjtc, it «3> uUiog to the Aatuic yarly Ei^eBcr of 

^H the Nation a Sura of |4>O0O I. Ptr Jwt. Tor txtt % «rhicli« 

^^1 tho* pejhtitt a tmall Sum io tiw Evei of Gcfutmea wks 

^H doll ui Millucu, wsi however a Suia, that might tiicrcif- 

^H irr be greatly wuuetl for the oureai Service of fane foc- 

^H ccttling Vur : Thti coolulcTiag the grut Ejycooc «c kal 

^V boBnot to the thca aiirroc Vcar, wd thrgrcat £lcfsnc« mt 

^B wne like to be pu m in tbc nas, far tbc Ddcooc oTa F»- 

^B nign Nation, ibey were farpHzcd (a find thai no SabAJff 

^B had ben roocivcj, aor Any Sum like to he hrMghs, ac 

^H lead lotiicfiublicli Account, far anfH.'criiig ihe ExpeiKe wis 

^H had b<ui, oi were like cobe at oti ibu Ckuiion : Thu w^ 

^H fosDd \rf Kxpciicncc, no Nation would lb macb ai fUMUtftv 

^B ui any AlTdlanoc. without oar gtancii^ thao a Utye aanaS 

^H Subiidy, to continence av foon a& the Pronife w» aaic. aaA 

^B n be pud. iho' 00 iiKb AtbUaocc Jhould Da be wwlBtx 

^B Thai even when iotm of oar AUia had. fbr voy valoalte 

^B CooJtiicmioar, cogigcd to afiilt us at theif own £x|iciiGb 

^B )CCubcn thai Adtluuue tKisRquircd, if -j hnil lUiiiifaiiiil 

^B PictciKci (ot voi complytng. 'till wc cng^god to AanfMBf 

^B iixpe&ce they ihould be put to opon that Account ; Tte 

^B* tlwst cutjinly ma ItaxxeA tofroutk our AUin, jud » 

^B prcrani nny one at our Nctthboun growing too povciM by 

^B cosqucring anoihcr i but it «e alwHyi Ibewol ouifdm ns- 

^B «!y b> ptotcfl lb< ivcakril Stde at uai nwa Lucacc, nuj 

^B one would land TnttiKt* for ihr'^wing ail tht Burte BpM 

^B oar Shoulden, by which Moftiflcmaff wc mufl nscbrily 

^B at Ull buxtmt the wcakcH ofall oar I>^igUaiani a^ 

^B biriiw ifatu riiCBt OUT whole Pons, aad iJtiown awaf *l 

^B mtr Mwcy in tJie ptocefting of otheri. w Ibnuld at laS 

^H nothing Icfl wbcrewiihil to protefl tu fupport nurfclMS.' 

^B To ihii it w3i replied again, ' Tfaai wt had given 

^B 'ic^, DOT h^d lately put oo;iclv&i to any KxpeDOCMti 

^B ' f vf any Nation, bat what wc irae obliged ta, 

^B y the isoA (bleian Tnaim, but eren f< r theJijlte 

^H 't: i*relcTvuinn : Thai wiih rcyud to ihc Natii 

^H pofcd to be moBi [ f^rtmif] it cm ray well loiowdH 

^r ucu'cic BJ much iueieied w the |> t-^ - ■■■' '^—■^ 

^ of (hat Nution At cf any other i ji 

^^ rhs: weti'iucfix fn>tnbeiD{ ntallttif i >[•: :tr, irj^in^r \u 

^H i.c!! Itail beeci w ixc^ ^eiv V.).^<eiucut ^itrniirg fsc 

( 15* ) 

twn Dtfesn. ani a grcu Part of the Money laid act iB 

K Previfion baJ beat brougfat to ihik KinBioiii : Thai m 

It ASut w then upon tJDe AaviI, it caMhTnot «t tkb Time 

faSt cxplaiMd, bat i Time wouUl cooic when it m%bti 

thit Time did comr. tlia Houfe mi^ thea, U 

^dKMght liit, inquitc isio it i t^MA wludi Oca^n ihe 

Hiiy. the Jnfiier. and the Wi/dom of oiu prtrrct Con- 

irould, Oifv btUcved, be ealily expSuned to the S^tif- 

lion o/ ■faoolt «vci}' GenticRUR, wj>a mi^i then hai-e 

&c Honovr of being * Member of that Hoofe.' 

Tin the Q<j«^oii bciD( put for agrecixig to the Mo> 

k wu czriied in the ACtnuire withicut a Di- 

Mtr*& a. The HouCe hivii^ te-iifliun"d the Hearing of Sr.£fllil?iE- 
jc Petuioiu rdatiag to an undue Eic&bn tat the Connty of >««■ 
'«rlc, tbt Counfcl fot the Peiicionen exunin'd Jofhm WiJ. 
I, in order lo difqualih' the iborcmcatioiicd joha Afakoi, 
htring had aa Krwhouf, at tiicTime of the (aid ElcAioa, 
the PUw whore he then fwore ihaC hit Ftechold did li« ; 
the (aid Wtlfoa beginning to gin Evidence of thu D't(- 
"' - ittcti, 1^ tdatuis (he Confeffion of the (aid Jofaa 
be WW iacorn^ted hy the Counfel for the fiicinj 
bcr. who bid. That ai the tloufc mould nuc admit of a 
\ CoaiWrio*, even bcJore than, ai an fivideoce againn 
L he had fwore at the Titac of an KleOiMi, tJwf wouM 
It ronly Admit of a Man's pnnte Coniiffion to a Nrigh- 
Ku In die Countiy, a» aa Evidence againA what tic had 
lorcst ihr Tunc ol an Elcflwo. Upon this the Caunrd 
' both Side» were beatd, and fevera] Jouiaali mi, pmi- 
klkdir th« RdoUtionof thai Hou% oE iJic iith^ol' Feb. 
^ bt. tD the Calit of the Eloai'oB of the Boroi^h of 
)uUnmk, ajpiinlV sdjaittiDg the Peiitioner's Caiiafd lo <x- 
■ian ThoR)ai Goman, in Contradiflioa to iu» Oath at that 
leAion : And (hen the fi>IIowin£ Qucflini was pro{t-3&d. 
^ ■ That the Coufifrl far the Ptiilionenbc admitirv! to 
K findcRoe, ai to ivhal a Vokt conliJIed of hii havlag 
I Freahaid, who at the Time of the Ele6lion fwcee lie 
a.' Upon cKi) Mocioo thrte wai al(b a J>ebat8t tut 
oa the Qufiioa'* being put, it wu carried ta the Affir- 
uive by isi to 131. 

Aftet [Iit> (he Co«nrel lor the Petiliantn pRMecdcd to rjta- 
M the (aid Wiifon and fcvaal other WttDcflb, in orde; 
dd4{ualdy fcveral other Perfoo;. who voted foe (ke laid 
:iiif Member tt the uid £l«£lic<i ; aad having beguri m 
uvne a WiiDcfi. In order to difqualily one of thole Per 
It, to whom the Petitioner), in tiM LiOi b/ tbctn <*«'.\- 
■'j, pnrfatnt to the Order of the Houfe of tlte tbih <A 
[yy US. had objeiM, that he was ncK aflcRcd. *^ot V»a4 


i»» (^u. a Freehold of lo i. ftr 
_!™"2L . Tra« of iKc tuA EUftio 


( '5-* ) 

Ahf. in the Fticr. when, it tie 
ion. he fwore that hii Freehold dIJ 
lie i «id it appcftnng that tbc Endcnce, whkli the Wit 
nrO g^ve. tcsded to piorc ihjt Tuch PrrioQ hsd no Prerhold 
M aD tbcre, he vBi interrupted in hi) Evidence hy the Caan 
fd Ibr the fitting Mcmlxr, wlio lAid.Tluit by the Ciiil Onfer. 
Pctirianeri ««» obliged to deliver to the Guing Mrsiben 
LiAt of (he PerA)!!* inicaded by the Pctitionm to be ot^eAH 
to, wl)o rated for the littine Mcmbcn, eivinc in the Ud 
Lilt» the fcTenl Heads of Obje/lion, and didingaiftilB| che 
Ciine a'gua^ the Names of ihe Voien excepted to : Tlui» 
the Pciiuonen had aat obfcited to thit Pciii>a tkii he hul 
no I'rrclinU n a]|, but only time he hitd iioi a Ffuhold at 

J,Oi. a Vcai, when, a( the Time of the (nid EMiion, kt 
ift'Ott that hii >'rccliokl dxl tie ; ihrrcrore no Evidence •m 
to be admitted for proving ihjit he had do Freehold H tH 
The Counicl of both .Sidei being heard upon thu OtnediiR, 
ftftcr Ibme Dehaif. ifae (^elbon nru put, ind ciiYied. Tbi 
the CounCcI for the Petitioners be idmiitcd m give Kffdtncc 
u tD * PfrTod't having ao Freehold ai all, to vrhoin the P^ 
titioaen had ohjeAed, in thrii Lift of OhjeSiom. ihAi ioA 
Pciroo had not a Frechokl of 40 % pri .fmmm. Then (te 
fivthrr Hnriag of thit ACiir va sajounicd n the ^A I>- 
The Ume Day a Petition of the Qnnlxn ww pretoUtd 
,,"to the Heiifir. and md, letting forth. ' That botwItlUh^' 
ing the lo'cnl A&i of Parliamcrt made for the note o/f 
Recovery of Tithes, Church- R;itir*, ObliDoot. and otkf 
EccIcfuAicil Duet, in a runtnury Way, hy WarruK In* 
JnAico of the Pe«« t yet as the fud People coofcicaiiaaff 
lefufed ^e Ptyment thcieof. [hry were nut only liabte in, 
but many of ihem hid undergpne rrievoai Sufn ~ - ' - ^f^ 
fixation in tbc Exchequer, Recldialtical, and 1 ' :v 

to the laprlfontneni of llieir Perlbni, aiul the imjicETnif 
ing and Ruin of chem and their Panitiei, for (Wfc feiB 
Siuu u were itcovcniMc by thnfe Afli < and ihcrrfiite {rrn- 
ing. that the H«afe ««uld be pleaftd co take ihc '^itnmia 
Into ConSdcntion, and afiurd (hem fuch Rebcf tlwrtn, Ct 
ID the Hutifc Ibnald fc«m mert. Hetvnpofl it «•*» aidto'i, 
AU Leave be given to bri(i« in a Bill to luncaj. and laia 
■OK cCcAial the Liwi tncn in bcii^ (or the mine off 
Recover* of Tithri. Church-Rate*. Oklaiioiu, and oAcr 
Ecdctalbcd Duca from the People called il^uahcn, awi liat 
"• " GUnvinc. Sir Williiin \ Vonge. Mr Heniy Archer. 


and Mr Hampden, Ihoald (vcpiie and hnmg ia tht Imk. 

U»rti 8. The Houfe Uiiw in a Gnai Committee oa *^,J'^"- 
--: Swfpix, Sir Jaftph JekyU raoT'd to nfoln, That for aU l^IIj^S^j 
I Uqaon. which any Reuilc- thereof ihcild. from ur ;. icino u*i 
tbc tAth Day of June. 1 716. be pafitited rf, ibew «",-"&£« 



' bcgnoted to his Majdly a Daly of tMcuty Sliiliing) 
T G.nllua : But thit wnt oppcM'd bjr r<:vc»l Ucmbrn, wlx) 
lu^bi Um b/ii^ en Co high a Duly mui Ja (bme Meafuie 
Piobibidcu) . And uoon this Occafioa Mr WiUom Pul- 
llood up, u>d rpoKC a foUowi : 
* I betirre it will be idraiiied by eveiy GentleriuB, that the * i. pjtm-t 
Dflfiiiil ud exctiTiv* Ufc of rpirituooij Liquors ■moog the uSUi, "*' 
ifcrKir Rank of out People, iiaPnftice which hat 01 late 
an grown to ft monll'rous Hei^t, and it <vill be u ft' 
cnll/ «i»d at rtadily aJmitted, that thii Pra^Uce ii dange- 
u)d mifchin-oiis to the Hcaldi, Strength. Peace, and 
'the People 1 and that it tendi greatly to diminish' 
.!»ur nnd Inddtry of hit Majcfly'i Svbjefti) iheie- 
1 ticlicTc wc flail all agree in tbii, that Ibcnc Method 
to be Ukcc lor putting s Stop to thii PraAicc ; hot 
:r it be ncccfEuy for thii End, to lay a total ProM- 
upon the Retail of fuch JJqaors, is a Queflioti that 
in mr Opinion, ndnii of fonw Poubt, anil dcfcrvet 
Imott fcTtom Ccnfidcniiion. beoufc of the many tnd 
fi&tiMnco with which fuch a Prohibition mat cntninly 
Let D) confidcr, Sir. that the DIfiilling Tnde is % Bil> 
which hai been earned on by Royal Authority for 
aiihutKlrtd V(sr*>3U)d that it Ilu been not oo!y highly 
td, bat wry mwh ftKouraged by fcvnal Aft» of 
ictit paflinl tuce the Kevoluiioo Under fgch pah* 
fuch {real, and futh folmio SuAioni, what Pcrfon 
IkiBgdom could IniaglM that the Trade w«i in itfelf 
"l, (it thai it was inconlUlent with the Health and 
_ "of ilic Peopici no Man could : And awwdinRly 
"Nnmben of hu Majefty'i Subjefl-., cfpecially within 
M fii'fy Veart, haw bciaken thcm(clv« to ihi! Bu- 
, sad have employed M the Money they wee Hailrr* 
pioridinj MiCcrlals proper for the BiftaeR. And faiv 
Stf, a the dUlJltin^ of fuch S|>iiiti hu ntei with gicat 
'•■•ni the LrgifKure for many Yeirt fall. So 
! of them hath bctit fo much cncoutagu], 
ic^i vt-iu>;ycd u, osd ihcic li oot n/iw an Ian, an 
or a CoAKhosfe ia the Kingdotn, bat whit 
1 nesi Put of its Pra£ti to the Retul of fuch Li- 
; By which Memi theie arc now fuch Multtrudei 
Kirgdri -ve ihclr Chief, if ROt 

f9 ibt 1^ m to ifac tcuAiai 

J. f ^ to& 

f IJ4 I 

' "Jr' « fucli Liqoort, lK»l t'My very *«II 


itttm tie 

Caif and ihe 

C(mlicleiaii«n of a Biitllh lloufc of Cconatont. The cmiy 
Coniploint now befofc ut. Sir. ii sgainll the conlUnt ad 
exunivc {Jfe of fpiiituMt fiqnon among rcrroiii> af i< 
ligr Rwik : There ii no CompUlol sgiinll the Lla) 
Ihrmfelvet, noi wu it ncr (ikI th» a tnodenu L'h 
nny fmc of fuch Li>|tioia wai hurlCu) ; tay, it will be 
cd, I bdiCt'c thxt the oKxIcnitc VCt vf them is npon taany 
Occi6oni eoflvftiient, if not nKclIitr? : fa that by a toEil 
Ffohtbitiuii of tuc!) Li<]tior^ hy Rcuil wc feeni to be cany - 
I'flg ihc Rcmcd}- inixh f^nhtr ttuui ihc Dirnfe. rvm mih 
ttiyctl to cur home Rude Spirits. &u'. witli tefptA to Run, 
1 ;im fore there ne\TT wasan^ Comptaiot aguinlt ihc eontUftt 
and cxcelTiv^ Uic of (hat Litiuor atRong faCom of inlcrior 
Kanlc i il>crerofc I e:tn Tec no Rcafon for putdne a Slop 
to the Rcuil of tbat Liquor i and when we ceafidCr tie 
prer<!ai( U>w srd diltralftd Condition of ourSugM-CoIonTrr, 
3tii(I that they arc now chiefly rup^ted by the IIaIc of t'lr^- 
Ktun, [ think nc ouglic not to put atinofl an iotirc htop lo 
the Coarumpiion of ilkjt Uqtior, wittkout Some vny Stttag 
aod very uigcnc Rcaront for (b doiog. 

' From uilut I have hti. Sir. I nope iw Gcndcnan will 
fuppofc or im.-i^ine, ihit 1 am Mg^iitg ng^nil our ukii>g 
foiiie Mtthcd for puuing » Stop loiheccnlhic aod ex- 
ctffii-c Ufr or fuch Liquors ainongtt Perlbu of Inferioe 
ftaotc. No, Sir, I null readily and willingly agree lo a 
proi>CT Mettiod tot tiM rurpofe ■ but 1 mull d«ctirc ti 
my Concern n To grvsi iW Vac Multitodci of Familic* 
In diif IfliRil sjoi in ihe WciI-Ii-aHci, who nuwo^x 
cliitf Sujri'Ort TO the maitiivj and vcndinji of fwch Liq< 
that I OPnot give my CMkfmt to acy Regiihlroii w 
will mm iheni cnlircly, and at rmze, out of the BaGnafi 
which the)- at peefcnc ow« tlicir chief SuppOft i r^^r^ait^. 
at I am eocvtnceii tlie UiCc^fc we have uhJri oor CdkG^ 
ration 6ori not any Wayi IIaix] in i>n.-d of Tuch a ^cfpctau 
Cure : Ani I Iiivr likcv.-ii'c To great a Regard for tiia Mr- 
jcdy n&J lii> ii!iiilni>ii\ Kamitv, and (ot the Pc>ce oaI 
of thl» Kingdoiiii thu 1 cannot five tny CooAmt to 
E«latim which I tarda will rai^ grtiit DiiafiiKlioa 
praieni Cjotrenincnt, and cnay produce fuch Hint) aaj Tai- ' 
multi. ai mny cr,4JaDgcr our prcfeat KfUbliAimcM, or « 
tenlt fuch n» caiimc be quelled wirlioxl fptllii-.g the B«.<Kliif 
manyofhi' '■' " *r'!oncr (UitbfulSubjecb, andpattir-,!- 
F4id to tt' :• of the People. Ii iiailtngcTri 

it. Sit, a it^Mi.. • liiDg. In i(\]iu'c nuinv ihuuf.r ' 
niiTip at oBCc ni a $[aiE cf pcrioir, w|ij.<^h wtQ ; 

f lis J 

oil of ^mtaom I.i^n ai will unDsnt to a toul ProU- 

' TIm conftsuii anJ cxcdSvc Vfvof rpiritnOui Liquot?, a- ' 
DMnglt the rnftnor Kank of oot People, is the only Coni' 
plaint r.oiv f^c^rly before at, anal » it a e^iJcnl t'tiit [Jki« 
C 1 [Qcccds entirely from the low PrKc of our home- 

a: aus Liquon, h U txn^Mi that a Duty upon all 

C' |Vi trft uun that which wnt impofcd bv the bh? 

All .'ii.Mu GcncT«i woulil prevent itie cunlliot omI ncvcf- 
Cvc LJIc of l^ocli Liqtiors amongit the infetiof Rwk ofuur 
r«»Ic: Thii, Sir, 1 ihinic it cvidcst Itoib the tSvil of 
cfcon^h Doliei wliich are likl upon Brandy and Kunu 
fot it U certain that Brandy and Rutn src tnoie cnvctc^ 
Iff tiie Valgiv, luid tnay ^liity Ix- made mD<t- pdaul'^ 
tu» ur fort of luau-nuiik Spitit t yet we hive Bci«r 
licard of jpviti Conifilaiati mule agaitm the confUni and 
cscriTiTcUfc of Brandy or Rum .imong PctToni of iofcrkir 
Rjnt ( One Rcalon of whkh cert.itni^ it, becaufe the Du- 
tic* upon lh<le Liqucrx have nifni llic Price lb high, tbj: 
cbc lantt ion of People canooc aSbtd la malcc it cottAani 
and evecffive Ul'e of i}iein i and tbciefotc it ii plain, that if 
ttm ]'nn of all bumc-nude S]>iritt wcrr, by « Doty lo br 
Uiil upon them, onde as high a\ the Price of Ruin ii at 
fimtau, ic «k>oDld orei'cnt the oonlUnt and exccfiive Ufe of 
lliaai a«w$ ilv Vulgar- 

* It cunotbr b\d. Sir. thatnothingbut afofat Pmhibi- 
■ion (as bt an efcfliul Remedy >>g.iintl (iic Evil conipUincd 
uT, becwle we all koovr that the btc Ai\ againlt ucncrs 
%vai rifcdlMl fo fir ni it went : It wu made, we knov.; to 
cxwid o^y to Cotnpouod Scnritt, aiul with rcfpcA in 
llun ll wu an eSi^uil Rancoy. for it put an eitiirc Stop 
■o tic conrUot Afid excc£ve Ufe of fucb Spirit! amongft 
•i<^<', rf iiilcmr iUnk • bat fome of the DiftiUcn iuiin*- 
beyan to ni.ilcf a fort of plain Spitii. which. J be- 
tit-ir,-. '"* -i' ■•! -jf the Afl, tbry called ParliiineM Braady. 
■ad tb i^cin People tiudc ai cflollam and aicxcef- 

6iw an C It ill, .1* they had before dooe of Compound Upt. 
liSi , 'thu wu liM Oic of tku Aft, and if it hid bni) 
aod inn<dc lo extend to all hotnc-nadc Spiritt, in* 
^^^_ being repealed, ilwie woald oever haive been Oeea- 
fion fw aey (iicb totttplaint ai thai wc have no* before 
It* . How it camct to be npc«l«d. 1 (hill not now uke i:poB 
BM lo oipUio 1 but upon reeolleflin^ what wat the KficA 
of tbat Aa. 1 ihir.'^ «« need not cue oorfcUo any grcit 
I TMub^ ificr ft Remedy for the Dlleafc new 

i coOTp)^ - '.^.'.i but revive that Mt, eAtcod it lo all 

botbe-Budc t>pii itf , ud add fame CUuliri fci praxniiTi^ any 

U : 

Vu Wa'* 

Ann 9' Cs. It. 
"Jif »S. 

911 lOTBWI 

laing (ut^H 

t .16 ) 
PcrTon'i Celling fpirinciu Liquor* tfritheat » Li«nc«, tad] 
vn coBviflccd ibc Rfmcd} u'ill be fouod to be cffrCtutl. 

' Bm admiitingthathothine but a totnl Prohibicion wtU 
do i yet, CorGod't Sake, Sii.kt luhxn lome Regan! nchc 
many poor Fantilin that arc now fi^porttd b^ the ditUQioc 
snd vendingoffpirituoui Lti^qon : DonMlettB, forGodi 
Sake, tiim dicin all at onca out of their Lirelj'hood : Let U* 
Donfiidcr bciw difficult ii is for a Man who his been bred up 
to, and tong exerctfed one fort of BufineO. 'o iitm kimfeU 
all M oocc to another, bv wlitch be mav fupport hu Pa- 
nily : Let ui coofider what a Lofs be mult (iitlain by the 
Sate of [)wfe UtcR^ he had occdton for in hit former 
Way uf BcriDcfi ; The DiSiculty muft upon atl 
be grfot. the Ijod muK be confidence i but by tuiaing I 
Multitudes adrift at once, we Diall make tlic Difiiculty 
£irn>ouniabk. and the Lo& irreparable ; for ibcrc Mill be 
inch Numbers brought 31 once to look out (or new Eoiploy- 
nenls, that it wHl mikc It impoAible for asy one of then 
to fticcced ; and there will be fuch i bigr Quanliiy of i 
ccrUtinSort of Maierblt brotigln atoncc ro the Market, that 
fWflc of them will bear any Price. In fboit, Sir, the DiiRoil- 
tict and DitUeiTet vthkb many poor Fimilie* ronft be d n m ^ 
to. raifetn me the molt Dielincholy Rcf!c<liotit, aiut tJi^B 
■udt rsife in the Brenlt of crcry Man thai btvt Rx. the ia^| 
eompafionatc Concern i thetefiire, if it be tlwugbt aMohMH 
VieaaUiy to lay on fuch Duties ai »^i1t aniotuii to a ProhSV 
tioo, I hofe they will not be laid on oU at ntKC : Wc may nan 
liy on a ftniill Duty opon til forti of Spirilt fold by R^^ 
tail, and a fin:i1l I>uty upon Licences (or lelUng by Rcca^f 
«« miy UKteafc thofc Dotics the next Sdliot), and wc "i^l 
go on incrrnfing yeirly, t^I ihey beat laflbionghtt^lbU^I 
tu ID amount » a Prohibition : By thii Method iVapIc h^| 
hive time to look about them, and uill get out of the Tn^| 
hy Decreet ; which will tnnke ■( thr lefi hurtful to c«i^| 
nrticular Man, and the mote eafy for him to liic himftirfl 
{one new Way of BuAne^ by which be may be able H 
iuppoit h'a Family. ^M 

' I bare often heard. Sir, of Somptniiy Lavi, bf wUfl 
certain Son* of Apparel, or rather Deeorationi, btve bi^| 
forbid to be worn tqr Periotit of infcnor Rank i bat I W^l 
yet h»f d of a Sumpmary Law, by klitch anv Soet of VoJ 
f uaIs or l^iink were forbid to be nt:ide «fe of by Ttifortt of 
a low Higm; i yn tlit> i^. as it *fpun to me. what ff^M 
to be now irtended : We arc ahfolDMy to (oAiU the VSe ^M 
Splriiooo riifaon to all thoft, who are aoc able to ptticlqH 
a certain Number of Galloiu uoTitse . A poo* InaiiiiinwM 
or I^bouter (halt not hive a Dram, fiuH not havr " ' S 

^^ t <I7 ) ^^^^ 

t Ttioe. irliJcb I am Tate two Thinb or oar People onnot mm f dm. 

»«fl lf»re to do : WKcreii, if « M»n k rich enough to by . '-''-Tl. 

oot ciglt or ifo Shillings »t a Time, or pigtligatc csough to * 

pim kii Coat, in order to railc ttic Mooey, be may drink 

U oath, Ik Bay conunit as many Dci»iKfaes in iliat Limior 

■ W flnfet i the Law, conuirad by ui= Wifdoni of the Br>- ■ 

tOi Ic^flatvre igiinfl ihe cxcelGra Ilrioking of Spinu, Ihall H 

pit oe RcAnisl upon any I'uch Man : If Spiritgoos Liqijof^ H 

rttB whcia bWco in (he mvft nicMcrace Way, arc of focli a I 

fCRuboiu Nsturr. tlut they ongbt never to be n£ed wiib* H 

tke jtdrice and Pidcripoon of a Ph)licun, wc OOtfat H 

afeLarrof tbc R^cli u hkH a of the Pik>.', by pw- H 

~ it ogt of the Po^%er of tbc toriser, iii we'll at of itte H 

t, CO talle ihc bewiiching Cup wiiWjt fuch A^icc and I 

J bm if tlie modcnte Ufe of fuch liqucri be b» H 

htrtfol, I can fee no RttCoa for our makiog «ny irrvi- ^| 

I PiftinSioa between the Pc« an<l ibc Rtcli ; In m ^^| 

km the miidaate Ulc of fueh Liqoort to all, aod take atl ^^M 

fnocr Method* foir ftetvnuag ibcir being immojcralcly ■ 

tU by aay. The, I think. Sir, may be <£ne by a tnuch I 

'. bva Dat^r than that now prmnfec), and therefore, iW I I 

, Wm •> gr<ar a Regard for (he Health and the Monli of the; _^| 

, ftaffe, as any Centknun in liiis Houle ; yet I cannot bat ^^| 

k auiaft the Motion now made to you, bccaafe of tbc ^^M 

mm Coafeqaeccei with which it muil aeceJIiiiiy be at- H 


h aftfwer to iJk abere Speech of Mr Pulceney** it wai Artcrum 

1 ^i, * T^ no fan of dillillcd Sotriluoiu Ltauor was ab- un.*'^'^ 

I iMtiy fwccfiiy for the Stiwort of Nature : that foch Li- 

fmt vere at Crll aCei only by Phyliciaiw, in fame dingcr- 

«« Ditcnpcn, and were never dlfpcnfed but io [maJI 

QjKtitia i hfjt when fuch Li^oors wete to be met with 

B e«cry Comer, and P«op]e tefi at Libeny ro ukc ai much 

of (koi 01 they pfea&d, kw could keep thcinlelirn within 

l>r SoMM^i, brniifo ii rmaB ^lantily deprived ihrm of 

■leir Retlaa, ind the Comtaniont tbey ufjally met with 

b £ieh Pbcei, encouraged then to drini; ro Rxceti : Thai 

^Kvat itBpBJGbIc K> ptcvcnt thi) ExccJi, without dimiDtihing 

R NuAcr of Rct^ilcn of fiicb Lttjuon, ar<d raifioc the 

fha to U{b. at to pjt them out of the Rcieh of Per. 

lem of inferior Rank, who wer» the oojy Sort of People 

ZID make a Cullotn of getting druol: u ith fuch Liquor i 
Iblt very trw of ike better Sort b^d evet been fount! lO 
ucAt I>rinucha in fuch Liqucii .- ar,ii even 
10 them, by puiung it ovt u{ (heir Fcii^r to 
Tucb Ljqnor: at a cheap Rate io any Place of 
the Temptaiion) which ttjight aiifc itotn 
-.. --j^war, Mvu/d Im eoi/rely txlien a»»y, m>4 


( lit J 

very Tew PctTou were ta ridiculoiiil/ itaiKtoMi i 
drank by themleivrt. 

* That liwy wae vrtj (enftUt of tHp DiScultWi 
aeu Nunbcn of iu M^jclly'i Subjcf^s wvald bi 
by the Duiiei to be Uud u;>on the Retail of fueh i 
but tli« loiereft of every puuculv Man moll |iir 
ilie gmcpl Inicrcll i iRd whtfc ctic PrcferratioD a 
cicty wax fo d&nUiil/ cciKtmcJ, ilic Preiud>ce of 
poittcular ri.;ror.t wunoito be Tc»rtl6<l. tlowr 
sll pollible C^ie n-ould be taken of thoTe that mi; 
by the Datiet to be UiJ upon the Retail of Spin 
qoon. in onlci that ibcy night be enabled to 
Mine other Wajr ol fupporting their Faniliet t nai 
cme would be convinccil tliai ihetr being tarccd <hk 
mdeu Way of fuppaitiag than, was occcllafy for 
lielc Good, it wu xa be pteruniRi ih» every 
)«il]ii>jj1)- futiRiii to fbicb a Rc|ulaoog ( fo th«t it i 
raiie uiiy Dif^cftiaa to bii hAijc&y » Cfovcrutneat. 

* TlMt with rrfjx^ to Rum and Bratuiy, ii wai 
Uin that the) likcwiK bad been often druk to gmi 
notwithlbrjiag tjie hifh Dutiet laid Upon tfacoi, ] 
at peinkiout, lioiii to the Mtaltli ind the Monji of 
pic, » any home m.itic ^piiii : That it would be 
to by a hijthcr Duty upon home-nade Spii its, «)■ 
(be Manufuiture of liie Suti^e^ of ihii lHwl, tl 
Rum and Bnndy, cfpcciaRy the bicer : ind that i: 
gtr-IIUncIl Jbould litScr a little by our leficntng i 
luinptioR of Ram, they couU not OMnplMDr when i 
fi-ieicd litat it v-u for the Sake nf pteufving their 
CVuiiiry, ilie gcQcn) Inwrrll of which watalm 
prcfeTied to llic pBTticdlai Iiitcicil of uty Caltm] 
any (urt of Spini fhould be exrniptetl fnat the Da 
M be LDipofcd, the Reiaiten uauld fVII atl Son»-n 
ur-dcr that nciionijialioo, aiid the J)ijlillcn would Ci 
t->rrti ill fiK'h a Muiner, that it would be impeliSi 
iovcr the ('jllacy. ' 

* That they would willingly agnt to the&fal 
pofrd by lli'* hoiinurjl<tr CrmUeoikJi, of laying 
Tri'ill Duty ^t t>T^'e,'.iiKl nifingtbat Poty hy Otfft 
i.'irj V. m TGty fnrr the liyjog oa a fnuD Du^ w 
be an (SeduJt) Remedy Gv ihe Tvil (•> loudly 
of: Ami if the Reieninieni, then in llir Nitiuo a 
SftJ- i;f iii.MI«d Spiniuuui Luiuon, dioulii he 
fu'ii '-. • ■ ■• ■- ifraid ihey would atrti '— ■ 
I I' '■' ■ r ratgnE thai Duty, boci 

111 j-io ot i ;-[- r :nit WmiM a'. . ' ^.-^jJl^.-i, w ( 

{TrikAU: Irtrrcll, to oppofe r ; .,| jjij fa 

"59 ) 
: of pitfcnt Conjanflaic, tn pot an dTt^iuI Stop M>i«»(^n. 
ace r<i long. Aod fo juSlf colafhklbed of i and for ^_A" \ ^ 
bo ihiy wctv fo/ ngceciiig wiih Uie Motioii.' i^uxkaiw 

C^udUoa betig ihen put upon Sir Jofcph Jckyirt iW|Pa*« 
[far biBC wm agtrH to wiihoat Aiif hrtll»]5efcQte i «jwS-i 


rifi: Uvc rotlowin|, viz. Tfait from ml ifici die mSiM%!d 
r 8f Juftc. I7j6. th* Smn ef 50I. yearly RuMid ^tlPSSTK 

9 hit Mijcfly, for a Licence, 10 be taken out yttaiy ^e^""'^ 
TaGja lucping 9 poNtdc ^iiicly-Sbo|>, a publick luvfaTitl.' 

ng'Haarr, (.one-Hoult, or AIe-Hoo(c, or bting >n *"*" 

T, wlio Aall VRiil, baner, or oner, any foch Spi- 


'iu.itmut nf the Committee beiftg olwat 10 nalce s !^i'!S£^'%ll 

if (tie two fo(Cgl»irg RcColDtion} to ibc HoiIC, thTolaniBn 

n Wilpole ftotxT op md moT'd, • Thintlie Com- SI^^'^ST" 
Igbt fit apiin bcfiitt any Report ww iqMJe to the ^^^jL^ 
taaSe u the Datics jnpoiix n be laid upon Spt- niteC^BLi*. 
itjoBti would ireftaitJy very moch diminifh the C95- j!!^!;^,^'';;;^^" 
of focli Sfiril*, Jl wm rioc to he cxpe^W thai the **•«««"* 
pOQ luch ^priu wodd produce fo inuch j-culf U 

lOrmctly doix t bixI u llie fbrtner Produce tlood 
itcd fcf ufwcring ccriaui Annuitio and PnymeQi}, 
Ir ta the Civil Liil, it would be neceflxnr m con* 
Wtm and Meam to make good the DchciencK-f, 
hi bipfco by the h^<> RcioUtion they had ibcn 
) : Hefeupon the Comminee agmed to ritaguB 
: A&Ir b«»bfc msifing any Report. 

0. The Houft procccdttl ftnher on the conWJled _Ti«»^^fti». 
ra the County of Votic, ftnd the Ooun&l fnt Sir '^ •■^i-hUbm. 

Winn having pnjjK-fed to difijujilify WiUbm li£.'li"„'Ut. 

who wted in Right uf a Freehold it Acontb in J*?^';;*;*"* 
write of AyDfly. v.ilhm the Cflority nf ifre City of toreiHW^ 
d Ittvicg cuDUo'd a WitncO umccrnicK the LTsge ^Tlb^au)?^ 

Air l-teeholiji lying iu th« faid Htindrrd at EIk- 

IK '■:'••.■ of York, the Counftl fcr Sir Mi!« 
, i mbcr, wav hrard in Anfvrer to the 
of uin; i';;qj3lihcatioo. A»»d a Copy of t)ie Re- 
bc LsttCTt Paii-nt g:.iti!cd by Kirg Heory VI, to 
ira- '>; W21 tnd, rccilii^ (hM the 
■1 L ' nf ;u>d in the Hmdred of 
ni giAt^iur^ tii ilitXi -itid tiicii iiQccefToTt that the. 
[red Of WajyirfAl;?. tcirh ihc AppuriemTtr* , PiooW 
td aad fty t>f i^; ;:■. jii 
ETWf^ . wf Yorf; .1 ifidi 
t to ihe AicbtKihop, Dean acj Ciupier: and all 
WM, a.*t kinai ot rrindilfcs Privdcgn, Sx. la 
ri^ t belL'Cjgirn Horupan it vnu rclared, Tnm 
wil&iti thu Part of the Co*Kity 


AiiM g. Gca. U. 

AMUMfif Oe 


Uu lOHqBirDif 
fin npAQ Tea, 

( 160 ) 

of tbe City of York, which U commoDly call'd the AynA) 
have a Right to Vote for Knight of the Shire for the Coin 
ty of YorK. 

Manh Id. A Petitioii of the Dniggtfb, and other Deal 
en in Tea, wu prefehted to the Houfc, and read j fettinj 
™ ««. ... forth, ' That the Petitionen were induced to hope, that thi 
u^uc pn^j^MB Intereft of the fair Trader in Tea would have been cffc&i 
tiiDt. ^^ ally fccured by an A& pai&d in the loth Year of his ho 
Majefty, by which an Inland Doty of 4 s. per Pound wai 
laid on all Tea, without Dillinftion of Quality ; but not- 
withAanding the, Regulationi nude by that AQ, and the 
many Penalties the Srouggien of 't'ea and their Accomplice 
were liable to by Law, die Petitioners had fatally experica- 
ced, the clandcftinfc Importation of that Commodity wm fo 
far from being prevented, thai it was carried on to fudi a 
Degree, that the Petitioners h^ the flrongeft Reafen to be- 
lieve, near one half of the Tea confomcd in this Kiogdoa 
paid no Daty ; and that thb very high Duty of ^t. ftr 
Poond, 03 well at the inequality of its being laid, were thi 
principal Foundations of the pcmitsous PraSice of Smug- 
gling, the coarier Sort bearing much too great a Proportioi 
of die (aid Dutyi and by tl^ Smugglers bought AbtoKJ it 
one third of the Price it would ftand the fair Trader a it 
Home i and that unlefs fame Remedy fbould be tf^ed ef- 
fefhially to prevent that known Evil, the Pcdti<»crs and lO 
&ir Traders would be under extreme £)ifficulties in cairjiiif 
on their Trade, by reafon of the Dlfadvantagcs they were 
iitidcr, from the I'mfticei of SinuseUnc, aj 'mcII a fiom die 


F nan Uue Daj- Scven-oiglit. refolw itrelf uilo a Ciminiuee amwOi^il 
01 tic whole Hourc, to coafidei of th« noA <&dual Mmia 
CD put ft Sit^ Co the srraC and pawing Evil aiifing fiora Uie 
WiwtfniiaUe ani] tiir^ii Methods of iaipwttng Tea and 

etktr GoO(i» into ilu's iungdon i aod the iW PctitKm was ^ 

•tdo'd to bo referred (o the Confidentiaa of (be faid Cora- H 

mitUK. ^ 
JUarf^ IS. A Motion ww made by Xtr Walter Piumer, Mrnamn 
Thai » AS nude in the i5tii of King Ctuirles U. iatitled, II^T^ISf 
Am i3 /*r frrvrttiiig Dangtrt tuhieh auif li»ff*» frtm /*#• 
/t^ Rmfimt, migbi be rciid j and the lane bcttg leadac* 

tm ibrdttif^, Mr Viuma flood up and ^oke ai JoUowt : 

^^ ' I bdicTfl ererr GcBtlcmtn that Itcan me may eafilf H 

Hj«d(l. Mrillk wtut \'ic<iv 1 have ddkred tkii A^t to be naA H 

Kipfeo. It a, Sir, wiili aPcTiga to have fome Pirtofitre- H 

piled, and atrntbcr Pirl (a amended and expUincd, as h> H 

malu it GOn&AeBt widi tlut Cluritr lad good natiuc whidi H 

tttrf Member of the Chriflun Rciigioo ought to tticw to H 

Wfitker. H 

< TW Motion I am oow to make. Sir, procecdi cliiefl/ H 

fron tbefr (bice ConltderatioiM : Thai I am, and I hope ■ 

Ih^ ftlwayi be, an utter Enemy to all manner ofPeriecu- I 

tion i I'bat I ban a great Reverence for ibat (blcniB In- fl 

Sitatioa called the SaoamcDi of the Lord's Supper j and H 

That I fluH Jways be for cvy (bing wKich I tfaiok may H 

end nmanb efiaUiOiiog and prcTeiva^ the Unity, Peace, H 

and Trade of my Country. Tne^ are Conlidenitiont wfaidi H 

I am pcHiudcd aw of si gtcat Weight with every Ocaile- ^| 

ean of tbia Houfc at they arc with mc t and therefore, if H 

^J^V Aew iJut there is any Thing in this AJl that looks H 

^^|fe PcrAcsticM, any Thing chat bfing* a Contempc upoii H 

I^^BT Inly Inihtntion of our Religion, or any Thbig incon> H 

fiileru Ailh the Unity and Peace of our People, or with tJie H 

Trade nt ogr Country, I nijike no Doobt of having the u- H 

cuiis^lcM Aflrnt of this Kaufc to what I am (o propoTc ; H 

^■VkI. tn ny Opmion, it would contribote ffttatly to the H 

^KkTT of tlut feneration, a* vitU u tbc Honour of ifiit H 

^^■Hb af ConsHMU, to have it agreed to Ntmiiu iMtra* H 

^ * 1 hope. Sir, il wi!lbewr.!rrejl ine, that the fubjc^lin^ 
t Um to a great Pcnitly \i lie lefufed to ruhfcribe to ^a 
npniiwi wkicb he ihouj^t incon&ileat with the ChriAian 

or ID join in any Ceremonies of pubttck Woclhip A 

ihcllkOvgftt finful at pcih^pi idoUlrout. i*ould be a fl 

Pciftcatioa ; and i bopc it wiU likewise Vic ■ 

11 : to Jtaier a Min Dpon any fuch Accouiu m* \ 

.-' ..Jiiity » LtadESate, or of TuccoediK lo ativ 

^*-- X UUA 

I 161 ) 

EAjite » next lleir or next of Kin, wodJ aUb Anoopi ^ 
a high Degrte Of PcirecstioD : Now in thii Suiutc wfakJi 
huuen re^d to fbu, cherr i* om Chufe v/kich enjUb, 
'■Tiut all PcTfonf tbu ftall bear Oficc, Civil or A4iIitU7, gr 
reeave any Saluy or Wagci b}' anjr Grant rram the Ki«f, 
or fliiJl luve CominiDd or PUcc of TniA fiwm vr nadcr 
luin, or flail be in bi* Nsiy cr Hoafhold, in Engluri, 
Wola, Berwick, Jeriicy, u Gucrofey. Ball not aply uke 
tlw OiAt of Saprcouc)' ami Allegiance, i* the next Tcr^, 
or at the Quuicr Sd&aot, within thtee Mooths after cMr 
Admittance, bai Ihal) receive the ^uramcni of tlic i,anl'> 
Suf^MT according to tbe Ulage of the Church of EnritaJ, 
of which ihcy are to deliver a Ccrtilicitr, and nuke Prao^ 
ai the Tune of their uking the faid Ojitht 1 in Failnrr of 
wkich tkcy an ifji Faa* difablcd to cnloy the 14^ OOcci 
or Eaip(o)'ineiits, cr uy Piofit tlicrtby : ' And by inrnlyj 
Chafe, ' PeHbiu beyonid the Sea* 01 uoder any of th^ wlHr 
lamtdinicnu iherc ncatiaoed, arc is rcceire tb« Sacrn^ 
and tdu the laid Odtbt, within foar Monthi after fueh In. 
peduncnt ronoTed.' By iliis Regulatton ie it rvi<Jmr, r^m 
no Mao can hold or onoy an 0«cc or EiDtdoyaeui, Civil 
«r Milttary, without declaring himfelf a McnUcr of t^ 
Church of l-jigland ai by Iaw elbiblifhcd j aad a> ihcrt an 
grat Numben of faiihrul Subjefb, who have the MiiAMS- 
tune of believing that fo«nc of the Opinion etablidtad Im 
.ODT Cliurcb are not entirely canfi&tiit witli CivifttaHtr 
a»d that fooM of oar rejigioas Ceremonies ttad towaiAt iT 
dobtry, (uch Men cannot fioce rely conunoakxte «itb ite 
cfiablifticd Church ; upon wbicfa Account, and wfon dMfc 
only, they may ihercfore be fubjeAad 10 PUaltica, ord» 
prived of a )carly Rci-cruc, according to the Nature (f 
the Office ihcy may be named or entitled to t far if the 
PbS or 0£cc be foeh a one U it attended with Tniwble oa- 
ly, there is ^;cMrall]r a Pcialty upoaaMaa'i rcMbg b 
fcrve it : which Penalty every Man maft pay who ti kai a 
Member of the Ct-.^rch of Et^land 1 becaue by tliia ^^"^f 
be ii dcbarted from lerving tM OAce t iriicicaa if it wot 
not for tht> Inc^Kity he ii laid ueJer, he nigiu an- 
bably chafe to ferve the OAtce rather than pay ibe ft- 
nalty t aod I would bcgUd 10 know the DiSemice betw«a 
fubjcfiing a Man dlrefily to a Penally fur xttii^tag lo Jas ia 
any rdigiout Opir)ioa or CcrcTnony. aad ibii tndmfl Ma> 
Iter of &faftair>g hint to it. by tacking to an OSee, in itttf 
BiCieHy icmpotJl, a nioA loicmn Apfrabatioa of all the rtfi- 
giotw Dofmnn and CeremODiet of the cSabliflted Cbwck. 

* A%im, Sir. li the Poa Ot Office to which a Man ■ 
nmedor intille^, bo weoClhiaCe to whkh a yaartji jaisr 
or Kcvcnuc » nowxR&i tnm tte*^! eA^nWiBniuiiM 


( '&3 ) 
lights n gxii a Right to receive tlie Profitsof diit Of- A»aa. cnB. 
See u lay Min lua, or cut hx\t, m his AneeAor't EAatr. , '^V *^, 
liicy (KiBg botii Anuded chiHIy upon the Law of iIk Lini , 
ur it oKn happm, tfat the Pufon named to any Pott or 
Omec hat b)r bag and £utUtil Servion fully deferved that 
NoMUtttioa I tatd tKii I take to be a moie mcritornxu 
Title, tfain the TUie any Man an h^ve lo the EJlare of 
hit AaOeltOtOt next Relatioa. Sappofe we llioaU hares 
ttcw brcigo War of ten Ynn Durxfon, ai we liul jo the 
Ixtr Qa«n*i Rcigp ; fappofe a Gfintlrimn of the Oiflenting 
PtrftaAoa ibottld in the Bc^nntng of that W.-it go abrOMl 
■' Cadcr is oQcof o-jr Marching Krgiincnt!, aixl in Conii- 
dcntion of mnch Blood lo4l, md muiy bnrc SerrtCM per- 
lanBcd in the Caufc of kii Cotinn)-, Ihoold be u lafl made 
Cabocl of 3 Rc^mmt, wotiid not fuch a Mu be fuUy 
BBttlfld u tiie Profis of hti ComniAan, daring tht Tine 
",y (hoold ikinlc (it to continue kim in Cammand t 

U not be downright Pcrfccution to turn bim ooi of 

Mr CannufioB. and reduce him to a ilarving Coodiiion, 
akmlr for tin fake of a Scrapie of Conftiemce ? Y« the 
Cife would be fb, if thit Law Ihnuld be then in Force ; 
Vpoa iW otil Rctnm of the Regiment to tlnglind, he 
wosld be ofatiecd, within four Moniht to^irc a|) hii Re- 
jiioou, or receive the Stcnuncnt of (he I^id'i Supper, ac- 
conjing to (he Ulage of oar Eftabliniei! Ciiarch, which his 
~ ' ' c would not permit him to do, if be fhould hnp* 
'to be a Gneerc DiKcnicr : 'I'hcrcfore 1 niiift took up«n 

u a niiicb higher Dnrceof Perfecution, ihsn i( would 
be to trader a Man, on Account of any rclipuia Optnion, 
iaopable of LolUing a Land-£tia{e. or of fucceeding to any 
BflttB a* Dcn of Kia 

* Proa wIdi I hnve faiL^, Sir, I bope it witi appear [hxi 
a Vtry hteh Degree of Pcffecution lurk* Hndor ihc incapa- 
Ciaafo I luTc ncntiooed, and tbertforc, in my tAo- 

lor the Repeal of them, I bope 1 l>i:ill hi-.e tbe CoH' 
ttjteu cg of all thofc who ate teal Eiicmiw to tbar Aati- 
tkhduic Priflin i but wbcn I codCder the Rcvcitr^ce du» 
U tW Sacrament of the Lotd'i-Supfet i n fitcred MyRety 
Hnch none ought to approach, without having Itrll diligcnt- 
}f eniBiaed thcmfelves. and to which all are En be ioviml. 
■at ccoc (o be compelled, I am forprifcd that it fhoiild ever 
M*t farcB larocd lo ftxh a prophanc Vfe. as tlat of <pn- 
9fi'm a Man (or beine in Adjuunt to a Rfgimeitt. or the 
tSOmot m little Borough. Tltii, !^ir, n perverting it to 
for which I am fjtc it wai xxver intenrtrd, and thb 
hat already produced, and will alvMyi produce, 

and ptM i^boniinat'onr. It ii we!) known how in^r> 

bc:cocar acwcrtJir Ftttikin of ttc Ifo!)' Commufiion, 

Ana 9 Cn.a. 

( '64 ) 

for the 6ltt oaiy of iodtliDg ifatnlelfCI to (one lucriilr* 
Poft or Eniployflieiit 1 it is well kncnni what Mviibic liwle- 
oenciet fome have been guUiy of, upon fucb Ooaiaw, jukI 
what ■ Scandal hai ofuti b«cn thereby giwn to Jill thofe 
who *ic ETuly d«voa[. Thjt ii lb geoeiuily knows thu it 
il sow (he coniBon Pnaice in all the Cburclt» of EngUnd, 
f«r tbe Cunic to d«fire ihe l«gal Coinmunk«D» if uy ihm 
be, I in»ii tbole who tome tlwie in Obedience m thuSn* 
tule. lu ilividc ihemfrlvei from chofe who axac there psreljp 
for tlie Sfike of Devotion j xnd, indeed, it Ui-cre to be imilliit 
thai none of ittc fomci (houU ever be Jlowed Co Coom^ 
nickce in the Prefeoce of. Riuch kb u the lame Table witk 
any of (he laner ; tor the forinR- arc ofica fo u'ell ft»d £» 
gCMmliy krwivn to be unwortby Pinokcn, that ihdr bttB( 
admiitetl upon any Pietence whaifoever, gtm gieu Ofaica 
10 the truljr Rcltgioot, and tends 10 fubvcrc the Monk «f 
(he \'uig»r. by IclTcning thai EAccm which titey ouKki n 
have for the clUl>lifh«tl Keligian of their Country, atiil whick 
wife Magillraret will always culiivaie with all poftbtc Cve S 
b.'l thit by long and general P.xprticnce we know, li pot ts 
bedoDC by PcdaI Lawi. On the contrary, fuch GuaraateM 
tat the dlabiilbcd Rdigion of any Country, sivc always 
pit>duced Piide. Ignotancc. Luxury, snd Opprefioo, tBU»|[ 
iholc of the F.Aablifhed Church, ami tanaciblc, nay, obis 
viAorioiu Enthurufm. anoitg thefe of (be contrary RtlkiaB. 
Lvrn ID ih'n Kingdom, we know, that Penal lAvaBaaPe^ 
lecuiMMi rtifn) li> high the ToTreni of Enthti£afai imoiM HI) 
that our IfJU bi ifh.-il Church wai at lafl quite ovcrwbciiiMd 
by iIm diirmling Inierell ; and hap^jr vn> it lot our Chnidi 
Uiai tlwk Enthuliait) dclboyed our CanUituiMn, a* wtU n 
OUT elabtiftied Rcligioo : for if tliey hid pHfcr ve d iIk for- 
mer, 1 jm afiaid tkr latter had ntrer been rtAored. Siiace 
the Kcprnl of inoR of o«t perfccBtii)); Liwi, the iliflinrii^ 
Jntered has daily decreafed ; and 1 am convinced thofe ft& 
miin» of it ihai are bo-v among a», are cfaicSy ovni^ to tlw 
A tt now under otir Cosfiiktatiui), and one other AA oTbwcIi 
(be fiune Niture. 

' With regard 10 the Peice ani Utkty of oar PcD(kt I 
tonft fay. Sic. il it Muter of gtcai buipnlc to me. horn tta 
l,eg>iLturc of any Countiy cuuid l« foerailcd en to aaocc 
irmponi Ri.-u^rds or Puniiluneau CO fpcculilirc OpUOM 
in Kel-gicn I cjn cafily CDDccire how DoAori migJu dtfia 
in ffrcuUinc Puintt of Divinity, a* well as in rpecutMixr 
]Vint« «f Law, PhyCck, or Poilofofhy 1 and I kao 
what Vehemence a fofned Dodlor m either of tbftl' 
coee* maimain* Su> own Opialan, and with wlutt Bfl*t 
Ixe, ud fligi-. he {urfaM Uk Adicriaiin ; bot I t^nnct 



cuAly coacetiTC what Rcalbni ibe lawgivers of iny C^awj amw p Qn g. 

coujd htvc to wbpt aad dtabliili (pccubtivc Dpiaioiu of . '_^'*"^ 

my ponjeulai DoiW in DiTiniiy, wbil« itt ibc mac Tinte 

ittcy lli«K-<xl 1 very grent IoO>{(ercnce, with regard to tbe fpc- 

oiUtive Ufiitiont of the IX^dlon in ail other Bnocli«v of 

Liuniufc : Tbc dtDfc of tKit diffcicnc ficli»taiir Id our 

mdntt LAwjjircrt, 1 £iy, I cuinot vtiiW comprckoid ; but 

vluwer may have been the Caufe, if they thereby iiUen- 

dn) to cflaiJilh in Unifbrtniiy of Opinion wiiti rdprft to 

tctrmu Ma&en, Experience hai Oicm that they hare been 

cwU M^iaudy niLUken j fee the annexing of tcntporal 

ReMtfO an^ PunlAiincaii lo fpccuUtivc OpiiiKni), has been 

(b 6r ftom reconciling; Mca'i Miadt, uui mailing ih(m agree 

is way iKM OpiaiMi, (hat it lut tender^ ihofc of difTcrent 

OptnoB* in itcltgioR, not an!y unplaobic, but moil cniel 

aad borfauoui Ecinim to otie Another ; an F.S'rCt which hji 

aenr been prod seed by I>tJIem)ce of Opinioa in ix>.y oihet 

Sckacc. la Law, in Phyfick. in Philofo^hy, ihcrc >ic, antl 

ahnf I have been , Do^lonof difiiirtnt Opinion! ; indtmow 

then too there ha\-ealwayi been, i believe, ^unc wlio woula 

(■fc cUtiJy coafntal ibeir /Idrcrfaiici by Fitc and Fageot, 

ti^Mcully whenthoy founx) th^mfelvct oetcotnc by fair Kca- 

loni^ ( but u (he Law of no Counliy ha« aJi yci thought 

it ID tetcrpofe in thofe Difpum, wc iind the FoUoHCfi of 

JtcJc TioBoin itjvc gnierAlly argued the Mattn very coully, 

aod when the Difpatc im over hare ported u good Fricndt 

31 ihey met. Thi» hu hitheito been the Cafe in all Sciences 

caccM tKrinily i but if wc (bould make a Law for puotilli- 

i^l uofc w&o did nm igicc with tbc Ncwwniaa Sy^cn of 

Pkilaibphy. or for rtnc^nng all fiKh incafoble to hold any 

^oAot OAce iaour Govcrauient, I am perfuaded wclhoiJd 

hwt, in » few Yean, ffv^t Niunbcn of our People who 

■auld bt mdy to la<iifice Life and Fortune io Defence of 

the AriCocdun or the C'ancltaa Syilem : Nay, if any fuch 

Xiw wm Dkdc againll all ihofc who did not believe that 

tW dmc AbsIcs of crciy Trtang'c, aic equal to Ih'o Hght 

Anglci* I nue bo doubt but that thi) plain Demontlrauou 

■wl be fflikll violently i^tpoTed hymu. Numbers of Mca 

■ the Kingdom i Sot when dw Pa&n* of Men arc Rirrtd 

9 by lonpani Rewardi and PuuiQuncoa. (be moll rcafon* 

Ak Opieieei arc r<jc{tcd utth Indigiuttsn. the moll ridi- 

okst are nnbraced with a fnoiick Sort of Zc^. Thcrc- 

tmt. Bit, if wc hsM J Miud to cJlablifb Peace antoag oar 

ho^, w« mult iXluw Mm to judge ficely in Xlalteiit of 

Kciifior, B»d lo embrace that Opinion liiey think right, 

mthout ao} Itopet of temporal RcKuds, acd without tsy 

£mn of tasporal PuntAimcm- 


Mr Dutnit. 

MB. I^W)>M. 

f i«6 ) 

* At u <M> Tnble, Sir, the A<}vanu{ta nv fun rupai 
in cliat rttped by the Tol<ntion A& are To appcucnt, titac 
I (hall uoi akx up your Time with cnhrgjng upon tfaac Sob- 
jc£L 1 but ID ordcT to retain thofe Aiirliatajfcs, and to im- 
prove than a much m pofliblc, 1 Hull beg Lnn to mov^ 
thu Leave be givnt to briog in a Bill to repnl lb much of 
the laid AA paHcd in the 25!^ of Charles II. intitlei], ^ 
Ad far frtvtnl'tHi Danitri -uJriih turf tmffat trtm f» f ^' 
RuHfaitii, a) oblim all Perfoni, who art admined to tMf 
Office, Civil or Militarj', to receive the Sacrament oF diis 
Lonl*s Sapper, witiiiD t Time Itmitcd by (he ItiJd AQ. sail 
fat eqtliuiug and onendtng fo much of tbc laid A6t, tM 
lebtea to the Declaration a^inA Tranrabftantiation.' 

Mr Ptymcr being Tccondcd by Sir Wilfrid LMwba 1 tli0 
firoe wa« oppmM by Lord Noel Somerlct, Lord Vifcoani 
Tyrtoniietl, Mr Daaven, Mr Shippen, and Sir Roberf 
Wahiole, who urged the fotkrwing Argumetiu agilnit the 

* Ai I hare hitherto appeued to be an utter Eoeiny ta 
all Perfecvtion, 1 hope my difagrccing with thii Motion will 
not be looked on ai any Sign of my hariog changed nf 
Opi&ioB, or of my having any Intentioa to alter my Cte- 
doA for the Tottire : So far othcrwifr. Sir. I have llill, and 
i hope Ihall aloay* have, at tender a Regard for ibc ViP- 
faten of nil Denomlnatinfu, aj any Man an havr. who 
ii a troe Member of [he Cbarch Hbl>liih«d by Law. A% ■ 
fiocerc Member of the Church of Eogiaod I nntl, aad I da 
wi!h that all the DilTeniert in the Kingdom ceiihl br eaiMtf 
over CO the Eftabliihed Church 1 but though I ivillt lor tht> 
bippy Brcot, ya I Ihill never be for attempting the Ac- 
com^ilhiTuat of that Wiih by any Method* that hxnLjte 
ItaA Tendency towardi Pcrfecutlon, or toward) doing a mSf 
iDJury to any Man whofe CooJdencc will not albv bhn O 
cmhrace the EAablilhed Religion of hh Country : fAr aC 
filch I Swll continiw to hare a real Concern 1 hoaaie t 
think thb Dtfierence of Opnion is 1 Mu'i InTiiriBlli, uMf 
not hit Crime. 

' But, Sir, the Word Ptrfitutn hu. la my Opndoo* 
been very much miltalcea by the honourable Gaidnua wto 
made yam this Mocioa i for accoediog to the McaslM hr 
has put upon the Word*, thete cooid be oo ■*hWWll^ 
Cburck, or eSabhOied Relipon is the World, but 
wnSt he deemed guilty of rerfccuting all iho6 who 
from it ; and yet thofe Gcndemcn will, i bdkre^ 8™% 
that in every Society there ought to be an eAablilbed Kd^ 
gioti, or a certain Porta of publick Werlhip rftaMiIhrd bf 
Ihd Lisa fit thu Society ; tuucfiiK we muft ted oat a 


Mtamtg tor Arfe Word* diftrent Irooi that vthkb has been *^.'»-,,Sr*' 
pul upcio ic 

* At inrre b in ntty Sodtty a cnUia Fonn of Govtm- 

aou cftaiUibed, I hope it wUl be giuiud, tiui it it the 

Daty ei cveiy Member of that Soaciy to fuppon and pre- 

JoM riiw Form cf Governincnt as loDg u Ke chink* it the 

bd tkat on be cAaMifhcd i ind on the oihtr H«nd, if 

lliCM be My Man. ot any Set of Mcd, who are coRn'nced 

ihat » difcrcBi Form of G«v«ranient would icndcr rhe Sfr- 

ckiy nuxh more happy and pownfu), I briine it will like- 

WkCc bs ftrancRt. that it JS the Doty of all focli Men 10 en- 

flaTDv, u ■ pcaceibte Way, at kaA, to bring about an 

AliBUNn. Tbtfe two Ducitt thercfbrc bring altogether 

nBoafiftvai^ nay, ercn deAra(li*v of one anoiher, it is sbfo- 

httly mtpabblc for the 00c Set of Men to do tlctr Uuiy, 

miimuai uytng the oth; r Set under fonne Hardlhin ; When 

ibaie Harnkipi are no gmccr than wWt arc abwiatdy at- 

ttSuf fat lae End intended, they are juft and Tabniik, 

tai utch u thole who are rubjcfled lo them, ought not eo 

tamftMtntft bat when |)icy arc greater tiun whii arc nc- 

dury, dtey then begiii to tike and id dtfcnc the Name 

tf OppnAon, and according to the Dcgrm of thii Uxceb, 

the Otgim of OpprcQion arc always to be computed. la 

Iha Kiaj[don tn Know there ii a Set of Men who think it 

Ihtir Doty 10 codcawur to bring aboct an Alteraiion of o«r 

pifau happy EA;^i(hmenc, 1 mean our Nofijaront who 

Mtdtat ?n; ReafoB are »di»ded from dl Polb and Placea 

• oar Government, which i* ocminly * Hardftiip upoa 

Am i but I am fun it cannot be called id OppreAoo t 

, Ut (an Lh» EjccIbCob with Refpefi to then ba caOed s 

■ Niftawnt. 

^^■^ if tberi be a Set of Men in ihi* Kitigdom wto 

^HBoa Doditncs of the obblilhed Church inconlifleac 

^pCMftianiiy, or the Ceremontci of our publick Wot- 

PB^ iddunm, it ii their Daly aa ChrilKau to atunpt to 

I nag abo«t an Alteration in our dtablifhed Religion, and 

I AtT ocra^ly will attnnpt il ai fDon ai it i> in tbetr Power i 

Uy, with all Deference to the honourable Centlcinen who 

^ fevke ttpOD the other fide of the Qadlioa, for all of 

I hare the gresicll Eilcem, I nufl look opoo thit very 

n a Beginning of that Attempt i bai ii I an a 

of the Church of EngllaDd. and think it ihe belt 

Itrffinii (hot can be dbhtiOwl. I think it my Duty to 

IWIIM tt» bci*g ever i)i the Power of foch Men to fueceed 

■ ny faA Atunpt i and for thti Parpofe. [ rhtBk it ab- 

fct nh Jy occelEuy to cvclude them from any Shane in ttvo 

Pan of out GoTtauiiaot At ItaJl ( bccaufe if tHe 

Jfm &es}d can amt to be gcncraUy in tHnt 


( 16« ) 
Hands, they would vtry probably get the LegilUtive Par. -^ 
likewife, from which Time it would be in vain to think ofc' 
preventing, in a peaceable Manner, their doing whaieve^^ 
the^ had a Mind ; and it mull be prefumed they would dc^* 
what they thought themfelves in Duty bound to do. To^^ 
exclude a Man Trom a profitable Poft or Employment, I floll 
kdmit to be a Hardfhip upon the Man fo cxduded i but u 
it is abfolutely necellary for the Prefervation of our efhbiifli- 
ed Church, to exclude thofe, who think it their Duty to 
de&roy it, from any Share in the executive Part of our Go- 
vemtnent i therefore this Exdufion can no iDote be called 
Periecation, than it can be called Opprcffion, to exclude 
Nonjurors from any Share of our Government Eorecutire 
or LeraflatiTe, nor can fuch Exclnfiou be deemed a Paoifh- - 
nent m the one Cafe any more than in the Mher. 

' In the fuppofed Cafe of a brave DilSenter'a being id- 
vattced to the Command of a Regiment, I Hull grant that 
it would be a great Hardfhip upon him to be turned out of 
his Command, and to be expofed to a fUrving Cooditioa, 
upon hii return to his Native Country ; but die <ame Cafe 
may be fuppofed with refpeA to « Roman Cathdick Gentle* 
man i yet there would be no Perfecution in either Cafe j 
becaufc the excluding of all fuch Men from any Commuid 
in our Amy, cfpecially here at Home, u, I thittk, sbfo- 
lutely neceiTiry for the Prefervation of our ConAitation in 
the happy State it is in at prefent ; Nor could fuch an Ex- 
dufion be called a Punilhment upon the Man ib.excluded, 
no more than it can be called a Punifhrnent upon a Mu c^ 
five Foot and a Half to be excluded from being a Soldier in 

( \69 ) 
frttm thf rriminnl and irrcJ^uHB Ncgttft oF the Mini* *xar^ 

>r4 Owll. 

; kul Peace of oar Poopk, I am pcr^ 
.■,cf«I of ihi: Liw, ami iuKKltcr whidi I 
;■ inttnduj. would rii/e mofl lerfible Di- 
:nd Cmfuliom ; for mth RcfpcA w 2ll i'oJb «ntl 
rr.'i tS-t ,-.^> !y El«0»oo. ivcftwuld halt all die Dif- 
:iy tDgether to bring in their Pntncia. 
.1.. ^,i <.... c btttiiaaay Riots u»i TumiiJu. AnU 
Tmle. it ilrnnds fe muck upon (hr Pnce 3n<! 
lij of the N;iUon, iliat if we luve ti Miod ta pic- 
lerrr it. a-c might not to nuke nay new Rcgalaiion or re> 

ElJ any I'ld, ifby (a doing wc run the Rif^ue of nifint 
aut-bcrtringt and JnloufiM among our People. 
Ta Ibis li «*»< Iff :i«i by Lord PoUirtb, Mr Heulieote, ^^ 
and Mr HoUm, ai fullowi i Urt 

S r. 

6! ih^ll take tip v«ry littjp of jow Time in replying (o 
t hti been btd 1 for in my Opiiuon, the Arguinenti for 
|i;^.T;rir; hr.vr been cofoKuI b^ wbai iai been bid by 
— "irpofrd vpOD theJ}iflcnler», by tlw)L«w 
iMl^ I, arc gfcaict than whit an kbibiaicjy 

j^^ccii^rv ■ — }; in their Power (o dellroy 

^Htf Efi^ilK' i e grained, ftoin what hoj 

^^tnr '' ' ; r .,,1 ri M<n Pi tiie Quetlion, tint this Ltw i« 
>pL Ltw; Now, Sir, to detennine ihisQueAiMi 

b iLr ,^l;l^.iUE11r, wc ncol have Rtcouifc to no Other Nb- 
H» ■y-'"'!!"! ■ ^Vi[K rtjard » that Nation, wt knotv 
' rtigion, witicb u hereone of oar 0U*< 
<< ic the Eftabltfhcii Qaitli, tad wbu 
:i'(t Lhureii, ti there a Dtdeniing Rdtfiftn i 
C hurch in ScotUiui hw never (bought it 
. it apftAt to be nece&ry, for ilidr Prtv 
■ ■ ! jJe t)»e>r DiScnten froui all Polls aai En- 
ih< cxccutnt Part of their Govenincnt, not 
'.".■ forfoch a Piirpofei bat do theowtraiy 
>-t and MigiAratn, .-ind miny of thofe in 
in thnt Km$i<m. go opc&lr, and in 
r, In the Epifcopil or Chores ofEDg- 
tffd tho' thi* PtaAice or fndulgtnce 
r many Vean, and cootinuct 10 this 
jlitlKd Church ia that CwjiittT ii (a fu 
■ I>iRgcr of being ovenucncd tij what ii 
!reft, that the former » daily giining 
_ .LCT J fvhich c\-idetttly Dkiv* iIk g^esi 
. ol a lejal Eilablidmic&i, with tefp& la 
:.,.. ;.'.r Afioi^ of JVfe* trc not imtatcd by nt^ 



( 17* 1 

Mil. uiQcccituy Hmtiftups puiupcm tkecn. 1 cauld likcwi& 

fUncc lidilani, and icvtr:! other PioulUai Caootrici, to 
Ihew liiAC tendcrug Di0etiten incapable of {nvi&o th« Crovn 
in any Fofl of Honour, Trull, or Profit, U a IiAtdlhtp p^t 
upna thtm, which ii fo far flora being nbfoUteiy oectEuy, 
that it » not at >ll necclbry for prcfcrving th« FJI&UilM 
K^tcKTO of 3sy Cotuiuy i ud thrtcfo^c thii H&nllb'p auiA 
in ine flriAell Senfr be railed iVriocution. cren i' 
to ihr ^fcantftg pui ufort ji by the honourable GcntI 
who hivt rpofcc on tfic otbcr Side of the Qucflion. 

' With rcfpefi lo Nonjurors and Roinin<Cu}iel>cki. 

HsnUluji* put upon ilirm xi« not for the S«ke of « ~ 

of ConlcxDcc til any Matter of a teligioui Concern, bat 

dufe they are Enemies to the State, uul to th« pccCuit 

fV EllabtiAu&cn( ; Imt I um (tirptucil to bear ii CaH that 

the rendering of them, or the Difl'citicr*. incapidtie of hoUiaa 

my Pofl of Honour, Truit, w Profit ncKicr the Crown, i» 

no PuaifiunoM, t*hcn I confidcr ilut that var^ PuoiOunMl 

hu often been infiiclcd by ParlivrKiit. ni one of the gieaHA 

PmiOuacBO th^ could infliA upon Cninn of a wy Ugh 

Hwtn ■ TSaniy ib'a legil Indpicily mult be loolccd on u 

■ PunifluAeot upon both, but with thu DifTcrence, tiiat »pm 

Nonjurors or Kdidxd Catholick*, it u wiih gm: Juftkc ia- 

fli£lc(l. but upon Difienten it it inAifltd without anj Oc- 

oiton. no Paii^ MBong the latter hieing ctct yet bon U^ 

peSed of beii% Encnua to our picfcci HiUUilhmcfit, nUdi 

the njefliiw St dui Motion flwuld cuke them (a. I tm 

fore rrtry Q o wl c au m tluu bcsn me imift S''*'^ '^l 

M fotno X)ifirtnce between a Cnpacity of bcins i Soldier 

tiw Gmrdt, and a Capacity of hotding any Poll or Pi 

meat under the Crown : The G(uri3> arc the Ktefl'a 

Scmnts. and cvct>- Mia rmy chufe wlui fan of 

he hat a mini! i fh<^rcfare no Man ku a Title to any Ca- 

Ccity or tiring n SoMitr in tho Cuardi i btu nery Sut|}oQ 
I 3 Title to a Cipicity at Icfti) cf Ihariiig ia the Ha»oan 
and Preferment* el hit Country, ami that C«padt}- 
^t to be taken (ram hin, but by way of FiimCii 
fome wrv high Crime or MiiicmcknnaT i for it i* n 
tneni fo diOiooourabtc and fetere, iliac we aev«r iit>4 
lified by our Lam upon Crime or an onliaary N: 

' J IkUl gtani, Sir, that a Minijlcr of ifie 
Church i» DOT, by any exprcfi Wcxda ia ihii MX, 
or cofflpelled lo adniniilcr the Sacnment lo an uftwnnh; 
Perlbn, who dcfirea tc only for the Slice orroiblin^ Itl 
felflo hold abcneicial CmpJoymm<i but if « Mimf 
Ibc Cliitreh of England AooU refaf* U admimnrr I 
'^crfnn, upon fuch Oocafion, and 
.^ r— V u -t..t.\ u/. i.i. o^t 


'?• ) 

a yesi'i Siliiy, be might brir^ fail Adion u ComnMci 
J^w upoQ tbe Statute of King Edward VI. a^infl luch Mi- 
nUtcr. uid would itcovct great Damage, ir tlic Cmrt 
Qwakl not approre of the Mniiiler'i Rtraibn for rcfufiiig to 
sdntlniftn the Sacrunenc to the PUintiiT; WhcrcAs. berare 
llw receiving of the Sacramcat was made ■ Qaalilicatioo 
fix B d«il URjioymait, no facb PlaJndff could have kco^ 
vend 3.ay cooltdenblc Dgjnagc i nny, I doubt if he cooJd 
have rccoTcred any Damage at all ; for lie could not pro* 
bftbly iavt proved any temponl Donige by Mi sot recdV' 
the Sacrament when he dt&ni it ; am) I do oat fee 
a Jury could prctoxl to put a Value uixia the fpirittul 
ige he might pretend to have received Thofe Law> 
lore, which ha»« madt the receiving the Satrament a 
(Salification for a civil Employmeat. hare fukjedled aU the 
Oerg/tncn of the Church of England to a very grcjc Dif> 
ficulty I bccsofe they arc by thofc Lawt, iwd by thde only, 
fubjeiiled to the Danger of haying fuch Dantnges gfven 
sgainl) ihcin as may rain ilian and their Famiticj for crer, 
In Cafe they tcfiife to admioiller the Sacianient to a Pcrfon, 
uhom they know to be a molt picAigate and impenitent 
Slnnrrt for thii a Minitlei of our Church may be fully 
convinced of, and yet it may be impafiiblc for him to laikc 
the lame appear to a Jury. 

Vo picteadr Sir, that if thofe ineapacttating Lawi were 
the DilTcniere woald combine dofely togetha in 
BIcAiont. and that thdc CbmbinatiOBS would occaftoa 
eirib!c Dillu rbancei, ig contradiAed by Experiences, if con- 
radiflcd by Kxperience in England at weD ai Scothnd j for 
ho' Buny of the DifTc^ten in England do commnmcaie 
DRietimca with ihc EfUbliihcd Choich, sod in Confc^ucnce 
hereof bTComc Candidates, from Time to Time, ftr almoft 
tvcry ele^livc Civil Poll in the Kingdom ; and tho' the Dif- 
itcredo gencnBy join pretty unanimoirfly upon fuch Oc- 
ifion*. I believe mote imanimodly than they n^old do if 
e Law* were repealed, yet wc find it never pcoducei 
jr Diflmbonce. And in Sanland, where the- Diffenterj 
their EAablilhed Chorch &re under no incapacitating 
,WS, we find that the Difpuiei about Eledioni never pro- 
ice any Diflarbaneei between the two ieligioii» Panin 
thni kingdom . alibo' U mnA be eranted that the People 
that Country ate aa violent in ail their Pefircs, a: boh) 
|nd e&terpri&i^ in their Defigns, and as tutbalenC under 
)ifappoiMmenu, a* iIm People in any Coantry, I believe, 

£a the Face of the Earth. We tnuit therefore from Ex- 
enee conclude, tkat th* Rejeal of ihote perl'ecotin^ 
isw*, which, to oor MJjfynune, are Ml in Foim »n tViw 
liiq^dom, waaJd a>nSrra whtt thm diltuib ma ^rUxix 

Umg a*.l 


Asm g. Cia, II. 

The MMioa ftr K- 
fnlir.i Ihc Ti'lt- 
A^, tiSa in ilw 

Si: R. WaIhIcI 

Pnngiala. iluiihc 

(ht Dulki on 5pi- 
hiucm Ljiiugn, 
mi^KT br made 
juod by ram otber 
Fund, >nd allihc 
I>ulii:i HI SpTiliQ' 
oat Liaaon appro- 

KiW bi Iheeink- 

Sclalc Ibcmn. 

( '71 ) 
Tranquility ; and it would certainly increafe our Trade, b<- 
cauCe ic is not to be quelliaiied but that a great many more 
ricli foreign Merchanta would come over and fettle among 
lu, if tiuy could enjoy all the Privileges of Enelilhmcn 
without changing their Religion : Whcreu, while thofe 
Laws remain unrepealed, a few foreim Tradefmen and 
Mechanicks may perhaps come over ; out rich and opulent 
foreign Merchants will neither come nor flay to fettle their 
Families in this Kingdom, when they conuder that neither 
they nor their Pollerity can afpirc to any Honour or Pie- 
ferment, unlcfs they make a Sacrifice of the Reli^n of 
their AnceAors.' 

The Debate being over, the C^cftion was put, and upon 
a Divifion, it was carried in the Negative by 251 agamll 

March 17. TheHoufe being in a Grand Committtc on 
the Supply, Sir Robert Walpole acquainted the Houfe, 
' That the Share the Civil Lift only had in the Duties on Spi- 
rituous Liquors, had for fcveral Years ktt pift amounted to 
at leaft 70,000 1. yearly, one Year with another ; and u a 
great Part of thu Annuity would be loH to the Crown, it 
was necelTary lo make it good from Ibme other Fund ; there- 
fore he propofed appropriating all the Duties on SpirituiHis 
Liquors to the Aggregate Fund, which maltes a Part of the 
Sinking Fund, and cliarging that Fund with all the Annui- 
ties and Payments formerly payable out of thofe Duties.' 

But this was oppps'd by ieveral iVkmbers, who llrotigly in- 

( I7J ' 
1 Afirr t))-t ihf ckd foilowitig Rriolitticnis «tic igiced to m<»9 Cm. u 

lidi'- I. Tim ue Dacy amd Re»enua. wlik^ i, -"r ^ 

IhoB. . Lcnce* for vcothn^ Bnady or Spiito, tu t*q KttduiirjH 

&Ub (he pfwni I>iiiie» on l^w Wir.o. StroRg-Wiuen, Bran- !*'*•«•»•*'«'- 
H'.iin .'irrwi;, and all odwr Spirii* wlietRer Foreign or 
di OuEici u QiaM ^riTc by rctulicg iIk (uat, 

- U'd i«, utid iTudc Put of tltc general or Ag* 

Pitivil cibbllflic-J by the Aft of th« Arfl q( K^? 
L and IlioulJ be iHked and applied (o (Jic Vki la 
tW UkI Fum! ii, or Iboala be made applictble. 
T' ' ' " th: (rTcra! Antiuiiies, Paj-meiw, and Appro- 
, -h were then cJurgcd upon, and payitble out 

ft! CAC iiui ii-t'cra) Duties on Sltocg-M^ECI*. Brandy, Run, 

Amtck, Of any otfirr Sfintj. ftojld be duigcd upon, and 
Bade pa)rab!« out "' ^r FudcL 

Tbc &me J>aj ■•■ ^ sjs read (be lull Tine, Tl^qMta^H 

«d ordcr'd a facond RcJaiog : li wu iikewUc order 'd to be 2*^»*«p** 

r9. Tbc Rcruluiioni of (h« Htb and I7ih in Uie *BR)ot*iMiat> 
1 of SupiJy. rebiin^ to S|iirilaous Ut^uors beinj f^7''|I,S:.^'^Li^ 
WfTC agreed tu by (i:t Houfe i and tbca a Moliou <i'~'- 
lie, * That tlic KeloJuitona reported from tbii Coiuinu- 
iW wbolr tloufc. wlio nrcro appointed to conflder of 
OD of hi " ■ ' ■ ' of ihc Peace for Mid- 
IB ihcli gcii : JiTcniblciJ, jiid agreed 
' (Jic Hotifr ii|^«o liiu j^:.'i '^! Kbiuar}', rrii^li: be tefid i 
1^ liic CiiDc being read accatdm^Jy. it wax ordered, ThM n 
^n Ik brought in opon [he Kcfo^utioiu ilira ktlirsd. led 
I BfOB IJK Rtlbliuiot" liiai Day tvported fnrni the Com- 
of the whc4e Houfe, to wboni it wa^ referred, to 
&nhcr of Wayi and M«[» for nifuijr ihr s iT-y\y 
to bin M^'rlh', end jerccd to li/ thr 

'■ '■■'-tU, Sir Chatb Turner. Sir i-.,.,... 
■■OB, Sir George Oxenden, and Mr 
1 ["c|ttTe 3)vij bring ii> the luiiC' 
A Motion u^i iiuce, Thjt the CoBinuGhner. 

iry and Tcmi 
.■:irwr i-;'i, 
ilic (t«ral Ij. 



rJaiii Kxule. 

ff t';!!If a Gri- (Jic Ciid AcMutii of tfic \a 

-Ftd TemPtnary i ■ ia 

itiaice apf- !■■- 
Brtr a IK I 



i.-f OJJ *;,ji,!t «^ li/ 

MMQ. 0«e. n. 

mM bnM* 


{ •?4 ) 

braaght in -. Bnt upon punine ike Qcwftbn, 
Odnicr, it mi carn'td in Uc Negaiire. by i!!: 

SUftJ' i6. A Petition of ihc Clfjj7 of A' 
prcTntcv! tu the Koufc, and laJ, alltJging, i ,-u: :tic !iJl 
ijrjimtiing in thu Houfr. to enlarge, amcnJ, anJ rrairr 
more cfFciliul the Laws in Being, lac iKe more en: 
«n' cifTyU^N Church Ritci, OblAtwiii, nM otl^ 
1 ;3oe* from tJit Pegjrie called Qjiafccn, « 

' ^unen conceived, if pffed iow, be c\ 
picjudicnl to thcmrelvu anil Bicthren, excluding them Itoffl 
tte Benefit of the Liws then in being tor ihe Rcawtry ef 
TyiKn ind other Dues, and ttiereby [>ii:ting the Clcrgjr o( 
[hj I.,i.i.i,,i ,^ Oiuich upon a worle Foot th:-" 'i-T-^flf 
kit ,'' -ubJFAi I and thercbirc deliring i' bf 

iheir v,':aii[ci upon ihc SiiVjcfl Miiter of the i 

Tliis Pe;ition uji or>Iricii to lie upon the 1 .lit 

Bill lltoiild be read a Tecond Time i ai>d tiuc thr iruii'iata, 
if tiKj thought fit. fhould be then hcurd by iktit Cnotfil 
wiinftit: It wat :d<b etdered tliat Counfel be the 
for the KII. The Clew from all P<ni» of tJ»e ». 
feiit tip Peiitioni to the unic Purpcfe. 

i1fj>.'i jrj Sir Jofi-ph Jekyl! prefet»t«d (o the HiV-lc. ic- 
C&n]ii»g to Order, yf Bili f<>r tajiwg « /Jji/jf it^k 
lailtri tf f^in/vout Li^trt, aitd Jtr tiirnjing tBi I 
tttm/i and the fane being teccircd, Sir [tobcn ' 
llood op, and hf hi) Mijclly'* Comnuad ac^'" 
Wrrnif. " That, if the Alterxtiom propoM t.. 
■• i!t - ^V ii the Duties chu^ up&n all S; 
" <; \i, ia a peat Dqrcc, a]G^A Ibtr. 

•* M'jtii)' 1 Civil I^rt Re\'enii«», arifing from ; 
" Msifl^, for I be Sake ol lem^yti:^ » gtfc. 
" V. rd by [)ui Bill lo be pirvnitcd, 

" *i utter Rci'eniic ef equa! Vslue, 

" aiMi dKtopnBieil in lieu o- 

Trx Ddl wM then read xt\'- 
mA a l<x«td Time : After whicti 

Thai ihe faid BJl be piHnred ; but tr.. ,>^.; ^ ,.^ 

it wai drricd in the NegitiM. 

Mar.-h \t. The t^tuJ Sill wai read a lecondTiMr, «4 
conmitlFd fn a Comnittn of the «-hoJe Hcofit. 

'ihc !- r the Bill (or limidag the fiojJbet .'"^ 
cen in : of Comraont, wai rod a fcoun 

and A M i?e for cotnmlrtinj t':.. 

Q^eHioc tvat-csrriciJ it. the .' 

to 177. l-'.' ■ 

jfyrHi- A if^naftdPitMUm 

rrtnri \^\ Una II PiTtlftt— U 

i ITS 

Aoiao. OcO-ll. 

mio>u whicli (lie Hauic tud come to IW gnnung 
lUy a Duiv of :q k ffr Gillon for atl Spiiitnaiu 
BRiy Reail, und for ibe PaymMC of tbe Sum of 
W to hi* NiajeSjf bjr e\eiy Perion retailing the 
iiiMtifiDg, at tlic Pciitiooen^iMircbcniJcil, uiuvoid- 
t A tbe Su^r- Colonies, tlio the Evil coicipliinrd 
It wile (rom tt^ fjonjuinpiwr of the Cooirooiiiiics 
Ataa the fiid Coloniet i sad repicfenlinf. la th« 
Stitc of iltcir CdTc, with regard to ilic Cnofusip. 
ttsr. Moloflu and Rum, as lE would be .ifFcAcd 
iTbrouiht in inton tbe fiid Refolutioiu ; ic ftilJ AU 
thst tie Wtlfiom of the LrgitUtgic mtouIj find 
^l^IIy lo fnpptd) tbc F.xili occAfioDcd b/ iKl- cx- 
(■! of Spuituoui Lu{ii3ir», without dedsoyutg rbc 
vlCt upon M'ltxli (he SubfiAencc of fo inaoylhoti- 
his Uijcih-'i Sabjcfb dfi)ci)ded ; aod Ihncfbre 
ibai (iie pAitioncn nujjKt be beard by cHaufclTC), 
^ikftCcJ. agiuill lu iii=di of the laid Bill, at (bey 
I mi(tu extend to their Prejudicr, or aJfta the Bri- 

he Reading of thi? Petiiinn, a Motion wn made, 

CiiJ Pctiuoii be referred to the Confidcr^ljon of the Bcwwikmu. 

7 vlmie Hottle. to vih^ai the faid Bill was 

dtai ihc I'ctitioDCT^ be heaid by themfdvci, 

before iKe faid Committee i but it bciiw 

giM^wai axKraiy u the Method of Proccvdiix 

^^HBb bear Counfel or Partin upon nny Peti- 

■REcy-Bfl), [Sr, Vou II /. .171.] (he Mcni- 

9 bid nude umj fcconded the Motion, dcfixed that 

Mtaali rdjting to the receiving Pciitions a^ainll 

ills aifiil be lud, vu. i. The jot;tial of the 

f(tM I. in i)i« [0(h of King^VIULun. :. The 

(ikc Uojfe of April i;. in the nth of King 
L The Joitrml of the Hoofc of May e. iii ttic 
tV^Stun. 4. The Jtwrsil of (he Houfe of 
pe Bth of King Wflliam. 5. The Journii] of 
,i-.;i . /,.:tr,,-:„^. g. Tbe Committce-BocA 
IIo«ifc, in relation (o (be 
i^' ■' ir '^l/^- 7- "''*»« Jou'nal of the 
m tM ijuitjf KtngWiUum. g. Tbe 
afe of March :o. in tlvc ift of Qycea 
[iKiag KCordjDgly read, the iNfcnibcn who were 

rcfpcA 10 thofe Moaey-BilU whtch weie 

AslVcniig the currcai Scrricc nf the rnfuing 

ffv «iu fame Keafon for doc sdmittu^ Pctittoom 

them 1 bccMTe fitch Serv-tco rccioircd an 

t day auU not be anied on without- 


Ai.rn g, Cto. II. 

i r6 ) 

Moncj', and they generally could not admit of any Delay : 
therefore tlie publick Safety made it often ncceiraiy to pafi 
fuch Bills with the utmolt Difpatch, and for that Reafon the 
Houfe had hid it down as a Rule not to admit Petitioners 
to be heard againtl them ; but even in fuch Cafes the Rule 
was not without Exception, as appeared from the firft of the 
above Journals, viz. June i. in the lothof King William, 
Tclating to feveral Petition; of the Bailiif;, Wardens, and 
Commonality of the Occupation, Art, and Myftery of Wea- 
vers, within the City of London, and of the Wardens and 
Afliilants of the Company of WorKed Weavers in the City 
of Norwich, and to the feveral Orders of the Houie there- 
upon ; and to the Order of the Houfe for referring the Con- 
Jideration of the Petition of the Halt-India Company to the 
Committee of the whole Houfe, to whom the Bill for raifing 
a Sum not exceeding two Millions, for fettling a perpetual 
Fond or Payment of certain Annuities after the Kate of lil. 
per Cekt. ftr Annum for every lool, and for farther Advan- 
Oige therein mentioned, redeemable by Parliament, was 
committed, and for hearing tlic faid Company by their 
Counfct upon the faid Bill before the faid Committee i where 
the Petitioners were admitted to be heard againll that Bill, 
notwich Handing the great Sum that was thereby to be nifcd, 
and notwithltanding the grcatcll Part of that Sum was de- 
figned, and was abfolutely neccfTary for the Support of our 
Civil Government, and of our L^id and Sea-Scrviccs, as 
appeared by the Clanfe of Appropriation contained in thai 


( »?? ) 

vwwe over a?, as might mabt* tbem to (tini us ciitit«Jjr *"'f,°^- 

OQi of thcTratie ; whfch mighi veiy prcbitify be ihc Cilie 

i(>ilJi rc^trfi lo tk« Sugai^Trtde i for in (hat I'lJidc ir n^^ 

wcU knowD yn bad a mcft powerful and a moB dugooas 

ftiril J uid for tu to hake a new KcguUtioa which migtit 

alTcd (lut Trade, Mrithoui (o muck u hearlag what our own 

SubjcfU, wlio were cojengcd in the Tndc, had to Cay againft 

fucli Regnlation, wu &eiving fudi » Diftegard to tix Sub- 

JrAi, and eo Um T!nul< and Comincrcc of Great Biriuia, as 

tbty htaed maid never in any Cafe be ihcKn by itut 


To (hi* it was aofweted hf the Courtien, * That eveiy 
£(il by which any Tax was ktied upon the SubjeQ vna a 
Afoaey-Bill, and had always been uodertiood aa fuch by (hat 
Uciulc i and therefore the Bill thca bclbrc them was ai 
much a Money-Bill ai any other. That with itipeCi lo tbs 
RnJe of Dot heating Petitionen ag;iinil fuch BiJi, it nuiA be 
(ippoled to hav« had a Beginning, as all fuch Kalea have i 
and therrfore before ibu Rale came to be fully cJbbliQud ai 
« Rule for dircJUhg the future Proccrdings of thai Houfe, 
many Precedeoti mi^hi be (]uo:ed again it the oUeivingof 
that Rule, bccanre it was from thole very PiecedentB that 
the Rule took i» Rile : Ic had boee obleriwd, that at foon 
Rs any Sill was brought in for layiog a 1'ax or l>Bty upon 
any Sort of Goods, the Dealers in fisch (lOodi alwnyt peti> 

Jtioned, and deJlrad to be hard by thcmfclva or their Coun- 
IcI againft the Bill, ud aiwayi under a Pmcnce, that the 
pafingoffbcha Bill would injure the Trade of the Nation i 
yet upon hearing what they had to lay, it wa> gnxnlly 
ibuExl. that ali their Aigumcuts proceeded from prit-aie 
Viewi, or that they had nothina to oSer but wlut iud been 
before under tbeConfiderationo' tbcHo^ei (o chat it alniolt 
almys appeared, (hat the Heating of foch Petitioners by 
themfelm or their Co unfc], wat tahing vpagtcai deal of 
the Tunc of the Hoafe to no Poipofc ; f'or thb Rcafon the 
Hoofe came at lall to clhhiilh it ai a Rule not to be depait- 
«d from, not to admit Petitionen to be heard by tteiniclvcs 
or their Counfcl agaiRll any fuch Bill i which Rule bad then 
[been invsolsbly obfervtd for mnny Yean, and the Reafbn 
'for obfcrviog it wu as flrORg with refpcd to the Bill tfaeo 
txfore them, a) with rtrpcA to any other, 
'' * That they ought, without Doubt, to be exiremely cau- 
llm» to making any Regulation which migtic difcoungc out 
Sugar-Trade, or our Sugar* Colonici, b^jt ncith:r that I'rado 
ner icy of thofe Colonie) coold be of any Weight, when 
put in the Ballance lAtnft tht Health and (he Happlne& of 
the People of Great Britain : and if, tcr the PrcEenra^oa q\ 
tbe Health and titeManliof the People of GieaiBi\\,un, 

oi wniu 

lliey found tlicmW*** under a N<«ffit)r of natcing > Regu- 
btiot)wbi£b might IdTcn ihcCoarmnptioil of Sugu amoiw 
ihc Pccple flf thit IlUnd, ihty matt fall upon (bine Wajr c? 
girmg an EiKOriiaffcmMn tn ih« '/'Tade with rcfjwfi to 
Foitijn Mirheo, wirch nnuld be a-grcilci Advanugc to 
ihe Narion, and wouM pirvcnt ihc Rum of onr own PcopU. 
But tiw! for this Purpolc ihej- h.-id no Ocadioo foi hating 
the Pctittone-r* by themfdw* or their Counfel : bcoutfeu 
n-c»y one of tl'.tm hud a Rcprcfcnmire in that llivte, ifcoy 
Uii^t ccmmuTorttc their 'llwugitits npon that Sul^cA to 
thi'ir ftvtml Reptet'jrtativf*. ^Sit Vol, II. /. jog.] hf 
which Meant the Moufe would he ai fvHy iofonnea of wkiu 
i)»cy had w hy, at if ihcy were to he hciid by thcmfcl 
or ttiHf Counfd at Ihc Ihr ; and ihAvftfi-c. ai the f_\ 
(hem Mj- (och HorJftg would be caking op the TTine 
Houfc to no Porprfc. ihej' could noc bdl be igvntt it.' 

t'hrQiiHlwn wa; tbcc pot ufxm the Motion, and tarried 
in the Cs'c^iirc withotit a DirifioD : Whoeopoti the Pali- 
tion vnt ordered w lie opon the TaWe. 

InrBcdiateljr after (U» a Pttition of the Mairr, Waidon, 
iUEdlanti, and Common-tUy cf (he Sodcijr of Mcrclusb M' 
ff- ventMrtn within the C'ttv of B.'illu), under their ooisauB 
Seal, lint prrfcntcd to the Houfe and rend t feitmg i9n^, 
that tho Bill then ^{{KixlicK before the Hotife, to Uj a 
Duty of «0». n (laikon oh all Sptritnout LitjDOo fold bjr 
Ker^tl. niwl a Stun of 50I. jTartf to be paid by tntj Re- 
tiilt-T of the fume, wcuM. if erupted, be del'.fu^Tv to tbe 
rttilioncn. nnd nt-iny TlicnCir.ii more of hli M^jcllf'* Sub- 
jca», tJ well in the barnr Cotonic!, 3S in the idjacctn P»rD 
of tbe (aid City ; and tiirtefert impbrJng the Hoofe to eoo- 
fiier the grrac Ijsii, which mull immediaiely ihefvaAcr 
cnfnc to the Rercnue, Nivrgjiioo, Trader*, and othcn et»- 
cttnrd in Sognr atui Kum, jnd what Adttatage Poniewn 
might make thereof 1 and 10 afibrd foch Relief thercja, at 
III -hr Hnirfe fhctild fecm meet : for lliai in thrjr bnsiUt 
*-■ proper Relief might bceranted to thein, wvhosi 

f the 1-ril cotnplaatrij of ia the Bill fixai bci|^ 

upprHlni. ^^M 

- -- . r:ij}«i via Hlewilc oetjeret! to lie npoa Aettml^ 
^il 8- A Prtitioa ol tie Mcrthano and Ownert t/ 

S! ipi tnding frim ih« Port of I '- - ■'- - r^-*iaiY 

Pahitii:ic of C-iKalltr, to and fiom : -Iwiif* 

ill America. w»« {ireli^Dted id the hnoic. .mc fnc \ (cttiw 
trJrth. ih»t Ihcpc!,£ef!«idpificp»l Bmrch ofthnrTnae 
coirfilied in t)>c EvporWTion of MacuftaBm, the Pr«dv«r 
of Great Brtujti, to our Cckwie* in Airveriea, 
Mufcotftiiti Supri in Rr- • -ri 

<rf' which SiJtW", «otW v. v.-:!««i 


( 179 } 
anJ two ifth Pun wfaeo tt&ned ware dnnt) in'-O 
■Ob, whcRof nui tvro ihircb wete diitiUect inio 
Tdut if £iie Bill bi4ut;li[ in upon <cvcnl 8.eio\~ 
^ht Hade, in order to uy a Dary of lo i, » Gallon upoii 
Kicdi of Spiiluoiu l.iqkion icuilcd witkia tbii King- 
docn. RtUD Trom hit Mujclly'* Phauiuom no; cxccpuiJ. 
Jfaouici p)(i inco 1 haw, ibe gtuielt UjoTumptioo of K^iud 
S-jgirt woulfl be cntitcly Igll, and Rum which u near * 
bunh ?A(t in Vjlue of (be Pioduu of our Sugir-Colonia, 
would tll'u be lendcinj of lutle or no \'^im;, aiid m« ihittjs 
nf the Motofici produtcd f? 1 Sugan, mull become 

to th« ineviuble Kl : ^ugar Ptimuuoiu, and 

an of |}it- tu'o moll b^'tuthf Sianchci of our fomgp 
U the BficilhCoIonici ami the CraU of .-^frrr;! i and 
foct entdTiiig tlteit llope, thai the hec.-'' -old 

iha^nl to bciic^cial i TmJc, to cutcsa Lv rvcr 

would kin hip{xncd tram Rum, or any cdicr Liqucn of 
Valae, bo: would bauble to cnJ Mi-nni cA:duaIIy to 
fi die luaie, wiil)oui oioidicL ni lo uiyof 

on itiuwcre dltiUcd froni ...< i .^-^ .Leofaur ohii 
_ns I ujid cnying, lh:tl the Hcufe would be plcjkl«ii 
ihfir Ctic iniaConiidcruivn, nod p\B fudi U«licf 
Bk liie lloafe Hiould 6nd cnoU mccr. 

.u^ likcwile ordned lo lie upon ihc T«ble> 
Oikr eC (he Houfe being ceid, for the i>iU>kH 

:' the u hole Houfe, k^t^M^n 
.! > onitred, Tiuit « Sm 
'Ihaidi) Ik a^ ri la the tdiJ Louiiuiiiee to ktTc Power 

L'l i.'i'r'i - : ' ' rnjblifig fucb i'dlcnt a ktd cxcrciTed 

utiiUrxm (at a i imc to be limited, or h^d 
tacn bound is Amttaticet to fiKh Bufiaeli, 
rj T'tadc or Bounc^ inaay Ciiy, To«-n, 

- Kfblnd itl«Jf into the Ciid Comfttt- 

V urn uic)' ii\ax to thii QU-iA by which it wmi cn- 

' That the Duties aiul Revaue^ whkb ihouldktittr 

>^ LxeDces fur vcoding Brandy or ^piitu, m aUd the {Hi-- 

Pnt Uatx^c-n Low Wmci, ^iroog Waicrt. Brandy. Aum, 


oilitr Spiriu, whether foreign or KntiOi. JKltttJISiJi^ 

u Ihutdd aiilc b^- r«uiling the Cunc, 

:a ATtii after the 2otb ol* Sq>Kmbcr i7}6, be 

iriti iiuile PnrI of tfic ]{niet±l Of A^tcgsK 

.: bj- ibe Ad of the £nl Year of tt< Reign 

irLJv ^iFi£ (ieorge 1. and ftiouM be ifiiitd 

.: wktJt lb* laid Fotid wv. nr 


;ii;jrT or;i.-_'ir, t^i 

^ 1 j»i01Ku.e>i 


*^?-rt*'"' prop™** "* ^''^ Paraeni of krenl Amwiide* and other 

%_ '-^— J paif icoUf U&t, and tbo* lltac Produca mi^ht perhipi be IcG 

in 'Vitni: to oomc Uiad it hjd been bx (otac Vrait poll. 

(rci they diJ not believe fbiit bjr the RcguUlion made bv ibu 
Bii), tb« Predttce; of thofe IXities «vuld be fo ttmch rraoed, 
^ft Ri to be uMJcr wKic It wai wbrn thdr Appiopmtion wm 
B made , and if that (hculd be ibe Cafe, any fmali DefickiKX 
that mig^i happen, might be proviticd hi by next Sc£oB M 
failiuncnt, when the Anwur-t of that Dciiciriicy wo^ld ' 
Afcertained : Bur it being infilled on. That (be {mart V 
ditoeof tbole Duties conia cot near aofwer tbcEafti lu «l: 
It was appnpfioied, aitd thai it was abfolutel/ orcdtiu)' for 
the Salcc of pvblick Credit, to gntBt s new Fund ta the 
Credilon ai (he Publicic. b^ xiyc laine BtU b/ wE>ic}i ikcT- 
took iiwiy cr dimnillicd thnr old. ihc CUuic ww a^ttcd to 
without \ Dinlton. 
T)»«ii the next Oanfe wa> rod, ai fbltom, ' And vrBetv> 
JJJ22J* • at the f*id Dutin apon Low Wmei, Strong Waitcn^ 
g K ' j *i '*.''■- ' dy. Rum, Amck, and til other Spinti wlMtkcf 
or Hriiifh, n;e antotigft other D^tie» tad Rercnne* 
with, vxt liable (o pajr fcvctal Sntni of Money, u 
for ilie Supjiori of hit Majefly'i KouQtold and painil 
and the Hononr aitd jyi^tj of the Crown, aa for 

* ment of AnnuiticJ and otho- Paymesu to (mnl ~ 

* rndoai, and to other Perloni iniilted tbcteunioi mhI it 
' may lb happen, that by nuking ihc Alteruiau librtfaid 
' in the bid Duitei. the Fundi chargtai witli the P»faaan 

■ af(X«6iid mny prQve deficient : And whcttai br % M«diM 
t* of etghc Yean, computed from the Time of idi Ma)cAy% 

* ha^ AeedSoo ta the Thraae to MidfumnKi US [■!. 

* clic Sum of ii taken to be the Mntiua W 
.' the nnnuil Prodoee of what haa been applied of ehr 0»- 
' tin aiorefaid to the Semce o( tiit Majci^'t HoaAuU ■■! 

* Family : To the End tiiersforr. i)uu neither hia Majcfty. 

* mr any other TeHon or PcHbni, Bodici Pdtittck or Covfe- 

* rate, w'lo is or are inti'Sed to any Pstc, Sharr, or liuctil^ 
' in tkp Moory arifing by the laid OuHct. ouy be Lofani 
' Of [ccrive any PiejudKic by tbc Alicniioni afurcfaid, he ti 
' enaOrd by <lie Aotbonty gforefaid, That fnn ami afos 

* the laid sgtb Day of Sq^tember. I7;6. ihere IMI he 
' naid 10 hii MaicAy doring hit natural Lift, (wKicfc GaJ 

* Jong pterrrvel out r-f the Modo of the 6ad goienl «r 
' Arm iim Of f^ J 

■ brii(, iam of what kai b»vr( mn^-' 

* tilled oi rt.c jtuC'ca aforcfaid. rowanfi tl - 

* AlajHlyi HwjftinH »M Kiakily, lad oiiicr 
y aod Oocaliwv, ■ tojTt AegeEoo V) the itionn 

■ TO MkdfMIIVi . .- , — J 

( tSi ) 

Motion wt» nude by fooie of the Mm- kiMq. ib. il-j 
ben costccnti in die drawing op of ilic Bill, to £11 up the 
KUak witb Uic Stun of 70,000!. tbit Sum, u they lud. 
Iicmg the Medium of whil had brea anmulKF applied o^ 
tlx ^fbtreraid I>Btici, nwuds tbe Civil Lilt, uom his Ma- 
}illy's happy AcccOioo to the TbrviM, to Midrisnmcr IaH 
uft : Wheteupcn the Members who Ofppofed the fomec 
^,C|aiirc dccknrd, chat the/ weic likcwife Maisll diu whole 
and that they would afterwanU tafcc the Liberty to 
ir Reaibns : bat oi it was necrilary in Point of 
10 iill «p (he Blank bcfbrc aity Thing could be bid 
Ithcrforor againft the Claare, ihcrtfbrc they would pro- 
thtt the Bhak Ihould be iilled ap with th« Sum of 
},ocqI. which being die IcQcr Sum, the Qucliion wu of 
ourfe to be firf) put for filling up tbc Bbok with thit ief- 
SuRi. aod 3A thii wni opp^d by the Gentlnsen who 
had propoicd tbe Sum of 70,000 1. t( brought oa a long Dc- 
~ Ite, in whidi the chid* Arguments in Favqur of tbe lefler 

w«re tt fdllovt : 
, Sir, 

1 * I sm of Opinion that the Civil Lift cannot be any Lokt tuymm ibi 
' dimtntlhitig the Confiunption of fptriinouk Liatiort, be* SSnaJtSS 
aiile, wluK»tr may be thereby lad to the Civil Xiil, will »™- 
x »iKti Biofc than m.iij« good by the lacreafe of the Con- 
Mnpttanorother Li^i:or>, of the Dutin upon whieh the 

tu lid Itai a much larger Share tiiui it bai of toofi; Du« 
payable upon fpirituotu Liquor* i therefore whatctcr 
m tbti SUnic may be filled up with, I mull look upon 
cry Shilling of it, not u a Cocnpenfatioo, but ai a new 
idiiion to Lbe C)<.ii Li/l Revcoae, and lince I do not think 
pt the Ciown hai Occalion fcr any new Addition to ttiat 
ennne, I muR loulc upon this whole Sjm u a real Lo& 
the People : I muA look upon tbe WbcU, Sir, at a Sort 
Purdulc Money wc arc to pay for ch« Bill now before 
i and hwe wc mirft pay a Priee for pieferviog the Heilib 
I Morals of [he People, fuidy if wc aragooo Merchsnti, 
Vie are honell TruSeti for the People, wc fliould cadea* 
ir to briaj down that Price at macn o: wc can. But Glp* 
Sng, £fr, chat ih? L06 (Ite CivH Lift may fuiUiD by ^ 
dining tlic Conruinptian of fpiiiiuout Liquors, were tut 
tiuJe good by lbe Increafe which thai Diminntian 
n.itunlly prodccc in fome of the other Brancbei of 
RrvtTuie i the yearly Sum to be given to the Civil Lift 
Lieu of that Lofi, ought notco be calculutcd fraci a Me^ 
of eigiu Yean aficr bis Majefly's happy AcoclEon 
|he Throne, but from a Medium of eight Yean im- 
liaicly preying his M*jdly'i Iupf>y AtceSion to tW 
3oe ) for wIkb tbc PiutiatoeMf wmcb ciUbVifhcd v\te 

jMsf-eeeLiL BK&Rt Civil t-ifl, wnc oonrnkTiog what Dati<s 
- ^^ . luRcicnt fof r«iiiBg that Rcrtrtittr, wliich ihej- 
wai RCCtSuy for fopporting hii MajcHy's Houfhold { 
nily, ihcy fluid not have oader thw Canfider 
Prtduce of tliofe I>uun in ume to carae ; 4iul 
could they have under itkcii Coafidffiitioo m Inctta 
nughi aiifc by %n Abitfe, fo u to p<it it out of the Pr 
or ruluincRt :o rcOify i^t Abufc, wiihuot nukir^ , 
to the Dvil Lift the tncnaTed Rei'cnue ii hid 
tlui Abafc : 'They coold tu%-c iKtihing undei i 
Kukm but the ?n>dnce of tbole Dviun for Yi 
for (hit Kc^roa the ClaitO. na-v bclbre as, 
^en dr^un up in i qtiiie dilFeceiK Mtnatr 
is i or at Ic^ it OD£hi to have been left to the 
10 determW. wlietlMr they would take the eigiH 
U/K, oc the eight Years after ViiyAtye&y't AzceS^A 
which Cite it 0(U[ht ID tuvc been in thde Temii : * 

* nbcrcu by a. Medium o( Venn cantputsi 

* to the the Sun of b T "* 

* be the Medium oF cheanfiiul Pioduce of that] 
' Dutici &forc6iiil, arf ropriatnl to tiic Service cf j 

* jdl)''3 Hoafhold anu F-imily* 
' Thi*. Sir. v/ss. In my Opiaiofl, th* only pre,.. 

ngubr Mrthod \a which (Kit Clanfii could hair 
Imnght in : If it h&d been biought in kccoTdiof CB 
Mmod. the G>ntmiliee, ithere only it I* protrr \n > 
nine fuch Thicjt, would have b«en left at ' 
10 chulc ihc Medium of any Numbcrof Yfsn;i 
Medium of any Number of Yean before kit 
cdliati i 11' ' '^ "' had cl-.ofc the Mrltuin 
Wore i '■ Acecffiin, which vt > 

ka^-c dorr, M.T- J.Jcdium would r<ti haie 
Siisi now under our Con(ider.iiion ; bcuuie tt*e At 
T<fpe?t to (he Confumption of home ma<!i " ' 
iMar fo great in thr cighi Veart ptecediBe 
cdHon. aa it ha* been in ihc ti,-bt Yean fiii. 
Imfltt-l bftw fteiflv iHff T'—lucr f^f t^^^ D- 


■ ■ >.■ ;'<i" 

< iinJcr the Name ofFlrrai 

I . . : i-.-;, which V.-7., ilii; V 
proriigtmn Tide, and '• 
jl'r rii f.'r- in cor A.., , ., 

SpiriiJ .itnojnied to ibon ;o,C 
i 'jti. the/ did r r — r "T 
l.ftow, ihar, fiiice ; 

( 19* 1 
the beft IJsbt we can far the CTOwn, and in the worit *Ma«.a»n. 


l.TgHt Cot thePeojile ; SilppoAag thitwe ooghc to calculate 

IJjth iv'iuch (iic Ciril LiJl may fulUin, bv dinuniQutig the 
tAnnpdoD of fpirituoji LiqiMr«. (mm a Medium of eight 
in to be compuwtl from the Time of hit Mxjtiy'a hap- 
Acccffion to the Tliroee to Midfumnier bit i j-o fdreljr 
extraonlinary Increafr ihat hippcnnl in the Dutiei upon 
ftrei^ Brandies and Spirin in the Yar 17)3, oogliC no: to 
be brought Lnio that Gilculuion ; for in that Year, wc majr 
tMn«mber we renflnraed oar Defire to eneourige our oum 
Di^ilttrj, aai tot tk» Rnfbn French Bmndin being 
mntfd, u wu pretended, to mix up wiiti and rcfbfjr our 
own Spin'ts, as welt u for the Love and Elteero wc bore 
the French, a Law w» pafTcd, for lowering the ]>utK] upon 
Prench Brandies, and for imJcing all fercig;n Bnndice fxiy 
fttqaal Dut/ with tliem : This of couHe gii-c the Ahnn 
■cnu'Otd Fikndi at Dunkirk, wim forcraw that ihcy could 
P longer import Preach Bnitdies upon ut under the Name 
if Flemifii, and therefore, before ilut AA took Place, they 
irongfat in fiich larjc QiuntitJei of Braixlj', that the Dntio 
<n fereig^ Bnndin and Spiriti, for that Year cnly- amoueted 
ffnear ji8,oooI, which was near 306,000 I., more than 
ras ufuu in any one Year ; yet this cxtraonliaaiT and ca- 
Predaee fctms tiow intended to be b^ougnt in. far nwg- 
■ the Lofi whkh the Civil Lill may fullatn by ilimi- 
ithe CbnfniQpiionor fpiritaous Liqoors, and for in- 
the StOR, with which the Pcof^e are to be loaded 
fuMltiDegood that ptrteuded Lof;. I lay prctccderl Lofr, 

_le I am convineed the whole will appeir to be To, 

therefore I <m now for Ullirj up the BUntc wilh the 

UcA Sum I have here propofcd t but when the CJoeflion 

u be put apon the Chufe in general. I (hall give rajr 

to the whole, and for that Rcafon I SnII gin 

rvcry little Concern about cfae Sunt with which it ii 

be filled up * 

thit Ii WW aafwered u Jbllowi, viz. 


I IhaO nut take op yonrTime with endeavouring to A^^^oMKn 

, thai the Loft which the Oown may ftiftwn, by IrfTen- ^''^^^^ 

tthe Cocfumption of fplnttioas Liquors, cumot be auJe 

by the loonifc th^t mall ihetcby be occifionrd in the 

^n^ntioTi of other Liijoors j becaufe I do not take it to 

! lOn row before ui : It it ei-idcnt from the Ac- 

. ^, ... uur Tible. that hit hUjefty*« Share of the Do- 

opon fpiriluoas Liquon hai lor ihcfc cizht Yeari bit 

aiRQunied yciiJy to abwt 70,000!. oi»e «nr wiihitnc 

therefore if the tvhoJe of ciiefe Duitcs be for tWc fa- 

ap])repr)3«d«Jnwitepir«Wc ro iJie Aggrcptc Fond. 



( i84 ) 
it 19 crident, and I think admitted oa bodi Sides, that hit 
Hajdty will by fach Appropriations lofe a yieu\y Revenne 
of 70,000 1. whicli be has enjoyed ever fince his happy Ac* 
ceffion to the Throne ; and that chat Lofs ought to 1m 
Blade good to his Majclty is a Que&ion (hat feemi to mc 
to have been already determined by this Houie, when we 
agreed to thofe Relblutions upon which this Bill was foun- 
ded : Therefore the only QuclUon now before us, ii, to de- 
termine how much his Majelty will really lore, in order that 
the fame may be for the future ntade good to his Majdiy, 
out of that Fund to which we have alreKly apprcnviaud 
thofe Duties, which formerly belonged to his MajcAy s Gnl 
Lift. This, in my Opinion, is no more than doing that 
Jullice to his Majefty, which every man in a private Capa- 
picity would in flich a Cafe moft reafonably exptSt from 
another : If I forrender a Pan of my Eltate to my Neigh< 
bour for his Conveniency, it is but reafonable he ftiould 
make eood to me the Damage I may fuftatn by fuch Surren- 
der. Whether the Lofs his Maje% will moft certainly fuftaiflf 
by taking from him thofe Duties which formerly beknged 
to him, may be made good by the Incrcafe (mT fome of 
the other Ihiiies appropriated to the Civil lift, is a Queftioa 
of a difierent Nature : I am ccitatn it cannot now be de- 
termined whether there be any fuch Incrcafe or not j and if 
any fuch Increafu ShoM hereafter appear, then it will be 
Time enough to determine how that Incieafo ought to be 
difpofed of. 

( >«5 ) 

vdder therr View only tfacfatsrc Tmdocc of thoCe Dutlet. 
wUch they .-ipprOpriUed to the ntliog of ih^t Hcventc : 
'I'ttty cocifatlcitJ ii>u( tfso.oool. a Ycu k'i« die teaii il»c 
WBi bcccflJry f°' fupFoninj} hit Majciiy*! I [oulbold antl Fa- 
mily. «nd ilie HoD'Mir nnd Uigrury o( the Croiw) of Greal 
Biiaia • md ihcrcrtKc, iT ilic tutwc rio<iu« of cJiorc Du- 
oo. whicii wrrc iltcn spprojuiaced lowaidt railing [h»t 
Sam yculy. (bould fjll fbort, they obliged thtmlcTvcs to 
■ukskgCKxl : I'hc yrHTfr Sum of Soo.DOol. i Uy, ilu-y 
' the leaii thil S'v neceHiiry for the Parpo(<* iatrnci- 
ed f but then they conliJcrcd, iImi evTn a latge Sum inicht 
be brndkially applied to ihe liime Purpofo, aod tlierefore, 
M i~ ^ r^tutc Produce oftivolc Duties (hould araouiil to 

mo- . >,ooo I. a Year, tliofc $urpluflo by than n-cre 

Itkewtl I ap propria ltd lo the Civil Lilt, and liis Msjelly hat 
a* good ft Kiglil to iho(« SurptuDcii, tf any iuii Atifcn, or 
flujcld srtlc, M he has loany Piiri of ihc 800,000 1, a Vear. 

* f'nxa thu CotiJideritiOD, Sir, cvay Giiitleinan mull 
(Ki llut, if by any new Regulation we diminifli the Pro- 
iacz of aoy of thofc Duties appropriated to the Ciril LiA, 
we ue in Jullice to Itu Mijelly obliged to nulce good the 
ifOfi which the Civil Lin may theicby ruftain -, for 1 hope 
the faHiunm of Great fititain w'xU arrei 2& fa ctiilddh a 
final ID nuike a Grari in onr Year, and lo take back that 
Gnst. or any fart of thai UrAOt in the ncJCt. W< may 
be obliged, fat the Sike of the pubiiclc Good, to make 
lame Alttntioiu in the GraniB uc have made, or tia.y 
keroflcr ankc ; bat U i* to be hoped mc ncrtr (hjll make 
fiKh AUc»tlofii «>itbout the Conlent of all ihofe inte- 
thcrein, or without tnaking good the Lo& ibey may 
Tlie Grnn: al the L'ivil Lill. as It now iLuidi 
dbUilbtd. 1 mall loolt uooa in the (anc Wny u if one 
Gcaticfaait, fix Favour u>a A^sftioo. or foioe other Con- 
tdenlioB. Ihould nuke a Grwtf of a i'rdinit tu nnother of 
r r--' -• in tha pre(cnl Lottery willi tbi) Condition, tlut 
-nc up a Blank . he would give him^T in Lkn 
Itjeru.r, but if >: cui>c up ft Urge Ttize, the Whole fltodid 
bnlmi n itir '"- ri- ■- Now if, after fuch .a Graat mad* 
m the tniM) tnlrmn Maimer, tlie Ticket Ihould cone up a 
inff Priic. 1 I'lnutd think the GraiKcr both Very ctttldilh 
vmy ■ojuil, if he itiAllcd vpon having any Stan in 
, at upon lakinj; >r>f Part nf ti frixit llie Grantee, 
jiing him an ji^t^uajc CnnlHetatio*. We are na< 
.'I liir ivhdhcr the Duties gmited to the Civil Lift 
ri 800.000 1, a Vear. or not ; bat if tbty 

more, thatSiirpIui ii a Sort of Pi'ze vre 

aimdy gnnted to )iii hhjtiW, and we neiiViw cin 
. , ^^|lg trr p$n of tJut $urp1u* 6uin Vita, bt 
1 . A A \a 




( 1«« ) 

to KuVe snr AUenition by which thai Surpitu my he S- 
nir.iflifJ, wtthoat mtVIbg gooj (h« Lofc in (bow otbcr 
Way ; Kni thnt Lo& ougbt ccnainij' to be compgtcd fron 
live Produce of ike G»nt Ttnce it wst miidc, lot b«fora 
the Grant was mad«, there could be no luch Produce. 

* Hiving mm. Sir, Ihcwn tlui i[ would be i moll pi^ 

poAerous Method of CotnituUtioii, lo con^tc die LoU Ui 

Majclly miy fufbii), from > Medium of the Prodncs cf 

any Number of Years before hii AcceAoo. I ihink I and 

not taJce aay NoQce of ibotc AltcniknM which ksppeocd 

in ihe Dinici upon Spiiitaous Liquors, or nsyotbcr I>a* 

ttet, before thit hsjipy Pctiod ; bnt give mo Love » olw 

foueNoCKC of tlui Alierxtran or Incteafe, which h»«Md 

in the Year 17$}. wiih refpefl to the Datia 00 tore^ 

EnDJies 9Lnd Spirits > and gire ibc Leave to by. Hud ' 

the very Niture of thai Incretfc, ic appear* to mc 

dent, thit it ought 10 be taken into the CiknUtiaa, 

Older to incrcafe the Medium of the Produce of the _ 

Yean £ncc hii Majelly'i Acccflion ; bccaoh the brjt Qpm^ 

tltiu of Fleiniih and Dutch BfaiuUei. ibic were then inpor- 

ted, Were not all brought hither to bccoefumrd witlitn tttat 

Vmt. there h wing been in (hit Ynr no greater Lor,;t' 

tit>B, J believe, of fuch U<jiM)n than ia lofmer Von 

Sir, they were irapccied, in order co awid p>]riM£ 

higS Due)- which was foon alter to nke Klue, and were la 

bt ^ged here aa a Stock in Hand, la order co (i*pcly ilx 

CoBrnidptton for kva»\ Ycarj then u come, theivnire «c 

mofl fupipofe that th»t Stock, wfaicli was tb«B thrMra ia 

upoii U5, hu tr^cncd the ImporatMR of fueh Uown, ud 

coofcqucnily the Produce or thf Diitiei upon ilian mr 

fiiKe ; fo that to exclude that Increaf^ from ou fttStm 

Computsticn, would be doicf tiinuiMl Injur]' 10 lib M» 

jcAy, beuufe it would be tabu? fnn hha Ote ArfnncM 

which appear} opoo one Side oftlic Acomm, withovt naj^ 

ing, any Allowance for the Ijnf;, uiih which that ililrMHigji 

ts baUncetf iipOA the other Side of the Aec«B»t. 

' Prom thefc CorfidnaiiiHu, Sir, I tat convtncffi cbtC 
70,000 1, h the Icitt Sum the Ciowrt can lofe, bj Qking 
from the Civil till tlut Share it formerly bad of the Du- 
tia oe Spirituous Lioatm i aiid ai we auinoi txnv have up 
Cenuaty that any Pin of this LDfiwill be Bttdc {eo^ 
by ihe hKiaCc of the tWici on other liqimn, ilK j efore 
I Ihall gixc lay Nrptivr to ihr pTcfcni ^eftido. in <wdtf 
thai the Ooeliioii niay be rrt pat for nBng up the RIaA 
«<'''■' ' '■ of jc.oooL to which I (hall 

ItKi ' :iuuve.* 

. itKi Ijj the Merelirn, who wert fi r 

itms ; 



Sir, «aw9 S,"1< 

' Tho the pmper Qtuftion now before as be not, wbeiher i^_ Jf * . 
iteCm) LifLmay be a Iiolct or a Giiiur by diminiftiing «vi^- ftirw«M 
ike Confuinptioo o/ Spirituous Liquor-, jct wc find from SU?S«Sal 
W^t btt* b«n fiiid on Mth Side;, thu ii u imjioSblc lo ar- 
gM tnon tke pfdeac ^ejlion, witbouc toudiing a Ititle 
wlnt wlons« co tbc ocbci j and when »e do canu to Uie 
oibcTi I Itope lo nalcc u u pbio u Figures cui nulx it, 
that without anx AUon-ucc fiooi tbc Ajgrtgaic Fund, aj is 
propaU by this Claufr, the Civil Lift wiJl be a Gainer 1^ 
tlw DinuiMitiati, or ruber Ptobibiiion of the Ule of Spin- 
tiioai Liqaora by Retail : Bat in con£deruig tliii Qucfiioa, 
wvBUfbl (i> diAir^^iiilh moil lecur.iEcly what tbc Gentlemen 
of the Otbcr Si<lc I'ccm motl uidulbio-jfl)' co cooroiU'd : \Vc 
oagkt to diflinguifli between thu Qgeilion, Whether ihe 
Civil lift will be II Lctcr b/ takiii|( from tt the Sbaie it 
faracrif bad is tbc Duitca upon Spirituous Liqu&n i Ani^ 
tjieather C2uel)k>n, Whether (he Ciril Lilt wiH ujwn the 
V^ale be a. Lolcr by ditninifbing the Co»raiR{iboB ot Spirl- 
bMMi Liqoon ? 

* With Regud u the firfl of thefe QuelUonf. Sir, ie jj 
vhai we ha»« aotliing to do with ) for no Man ever doubt- 
ed, boi thu the CinI Lill will he a Lofcr by ukicg from 
it that Share of the Dutici on Spirttuoui liijoon, which 
fonncdy bdaogcd to it -. But v>i:h KcEird to the oilier 
Qadliicn, If theLof) the Civil Lil^ may JuHain by dimiiiilb- 
•Dg tbs CoRfuiBptioa of Spitituoui Lii}ii0T>, or even by uik- 
ii^ bam it the iiharc it had fumtcrly is the Dulick upon 
fmck Litton. If this Lof>, I &y. be made good lo (he Civil 
Lift, by the Inocaic that uiill thereby be owaiioncd in 141 
Shur of the Duties upon Seer and Ale ud all oUicr Sof» 
idf Lii^aan. u« wc then bound, cither in JuRice or Honour, 
10 malic thai Lof: a fevood Time good 10 the Ciril Lill, cnii 
of that Kaad which it aiipropriaml to the Piymcnt of out 
Deba, and ta the Kdtei of our People from the bcary 
Tun tfacjr {roan under * I (ay, tin. Sir : both Honoar 
nd laAxe ue, in ny Opinion, Ibked upon tlie oilier Side 
ofthaQadton, and I hop* this ItouTc wilhiltnyt beupoa 
AU Side, %imt they arc at Snke. 

* It a Irw. Sir. that by the prefent EftabltlluBeBt of the 
GMI lift thet an a great auny Dutict ap^" ■ ■ ■ '■ tih 
«Hfdi tfae niruf of that RevcaoD, with the h. . i if 

dtrr A» not produce 800,000 1, yearly, if iheic hopjiciis a 
Defieincjr, wc aic to malcc it £0<xl > but if (hcic haptens 
» Iacr«»fr Rt Surplw, the Whole fhaU bekmg to ho Ma- 
jdty- T< i "nM. ti the pretcnc Etlablkihtncni of that 
t^vmtvr Oiy'i Debate (hew lu the Inconicntct^ce 

■f Baki<^ ).!„ r litbliAmtnu > and J am vtij' (utc. xVia-^ 
^^ ' A- 9 * ik\'.Vt 

mitherhiiM^jefty iu>r the ParLiament ever thopght. or eta 
inuadcd, that utiy oftbvfc Surptafln fhould be incrciJni bf 
any Thing Ihic might (end to tlic IlcUiuaion of the Pcoph 
in genenl i nor was ic tver intended, thni the PaiiunoMt 
(liuulil not have it in il> Power to pmtnl, or to put « bop 
tai pcmiciooc Conrunipiion, witiuxit makir^ good tocbe 
Civil Lit) ctie Sarplui ttut itad atilcn fiom thai vrry penu- 
ciinu ConTucnption. It mnv at wril be picmdcd. uuttf 
ihc PUgoc (hould fpreid itftirover Spain uid Portugal, «e 
eoutd not prohibit Conimcrcc with tiieo), or p/cvcni the 
Jmpoilst:on of iheii Winn, wil)io«il ntaking good to the 
Civil Liliit) Slurc in the Duttet upon thole Wine*. >t ■ 
Mediom to be computed for eight Van poft ■ Whcmi a 
fuch n Cafe, I believe, it will be gtxiiied, ihjt the hightU 
Obligation «-e could lye under, uould be to tnokc ihe Civil 
LiJt good Soo.coo I. aVcAT, in Cite the PraduccofUH: other 
■I>utic5 sppfopnntcd for that Purpofe Ihould fidl Jb«t of 
ilut Sam. 

* But, Sir, (he Cile now under our ConfidcQdon taoAl 
in a mud) ilrocger Light : tor if ill the Duties appnmriaMi 
to the Ctnl Ijft cow produce » MklliooSwiling jc^tiy, the 
Rcj*ulntioii we are to iTixlu-, iho' it may iniire))' tike Minf 
one Branch of clut Kei-cnuc, or rct^ much diminifti it, yic 
it will i(icrc.t(c U;inc oT the othcti lo much, that altontDO 
tfaey will tlill produce at l«li a Million yc.irly t aa6 Ue «• 
moit that can be pivtended ii, that ibe PulianKnt OmU mit 
by .iny new Regulation diminilh the general Product, o( 
gciictnl Surplus of the Civil Lilt Revenue, u it fttndi U 
prefent, o» nwy fiand at tMf future Period of Time. Naj, 
even Willi Refpeiil to tbi* griteral Produce of the whale J>j- 
ties A} propriated (o the Civil Lill, we ooghi to ddUamifc 
between thnfc l<rgulj{ion!i, ivhicb may proceed ftooi ko- 
dental Mi^fotiunev or ilic Nature of Thingi, smI ihofa 
RegoUiioni whtch nuy proceed ineerly from ihc Will a«d 
Authori^ of Parliament { beeaufe hii Majcll)'i iinaoooa** 
taUc Right to this etneral Piodoce mufl nnum Utne& ts 
tlic Cornier, tl<o' peihapi not to tlw Utlcr : If tlie Pailia* 
Rieol Ihoultldircharge or give up nny of the Duties aotr» 
propriacedto the Civil IJtt, or apply iheia to fonte oihr- ''^ 
it niieht pcthan be bid tlui we thould be obl^cd it. 
the Lo6 good to hit Mijcfiy. even tho' It AiouU bo m»^ 
appear, tut the reiwtining Duties wovld produce inwc thM 
£co.oool. a Year : This I Uy. miglu be Titd. tbo' Imi 
fat from thinlcing Co i but it a War, or ■ PI'guc, or aaf 
fuch Misloitune fhould oblige iit to nuke a Regiibtioaa ^ 
which the Prudix-e of anyone of the Duties now ap-r?- 
priaicd to ihc Civil Lid ihodd be incirely ■nnJHibr- 
vtry mucb <Uiiuiu£m&, V m ^i.n u. umU, wx be bad^ ^^t 


( >I9 ) 
mK ftiouU be oUigcd lo mikc tiie Lo& gooJ to tbr Ctvil 
XjiA, u long 11 tltc icnuioing Uutin produced the full Sutn 
of ioofiool. n Ye»t ; and the Rnlon i> fhkt. beuulc 
thit was a Mi^^otiuni; incident to itic Duty wben gruited, 
and therefore the Uixni of ibat Daiy malt iUU icnuiji li. 
abie to this Mi^roriuno, 

■ Now, Sir, in the pideiit Ci&i, if inflad of t)i« bigb 
Dotin by thb Bill prapolcxl, nc had joadc a fcvcre Law 
a^tnll DnutlceoKO, aiia h»d iniUcied higli I*cna)t»«s upon 
Kit tbofc who Ibould have got Jrunk, oi- fliould hive allowed 
lay PerToo m get dnuik in toy o( tlieir Houfci. aficr Mi* 
thacliM* next i and had by fach Msam put an cffic^ual Stop 
to that pcmiciotu PraAicc of drinJuDg to Excels, wuld aot 
lucb a falutary X^w hive much dimlnilhed che I^oduce of 
noil of (liofe Daiici ajiproprioicd to tlvc Civil Lid i In 
«hjcli Cali: 1 woitid gladly a^ llie GcDtlcmra of the other 
Side of the Queftion, If they would, or ooold witli ttay 
ilealbn kvrc ia?tlilcd, thsc wc tvorc obliged to make tltc LtA 
~ ' CO hii Majcfiy. even iho' the ranaiDiiw Frodocc fhoald 
have amounted to tbove I. a Year i And tp^a 
gold adc theip, Wherein the Di&reoce Jya between a 
for prohibiting DmnkcnDcft, and a Law for laying 
high Uutiea upoo Liqaon, as to prcrcnt its being in 
' of nioA Men (o piuchaTc a Qaamity fuAciciit Aw 

Jl *gtte vrith the boKiunblc Gcnileaiaa, Sir, thit 
if f ftuTcadcr a Part of my Eftite to aiy IVaghbour foi hU 
onTeniency, it it iiioR rexfontble he ihould make good to 
the Damage [ may fudain by fuch SDirender : Bat how 
ktht* applicable to the present Cafe ? Wc do not dclire an/ 
ler, we defirc that the Datiti may Hand appropriatca 
' are at pidcnt ; and we infiA upon it, that no Damage 
Ippen to hii Majetiy by whit we propofe: It is the 
noi of the otbei Stde of the Queftion who infiQ upon 
; A Stincnder, and tbo' they knew they un fuliain 
je by that Surrender, yet they infill upon otir piy- 
an what Price tiicy pleafc to (ct upon it. Wc hare 
ccd given a Lotlcty Tickrt, and I believe that Ticket 
proved to be a Benefit Ticket ; We do no: delirc to lake 
ay any Pan of ihat Bencfil : but wc And, that the vcrjr 
nd from whkh ibtti Bcitclii it to arite, is in I^jngeri ana 
only ddire, that thcfe to whom we gave ihit Benclit 
Bicbct, would join with us in Mmliirct for preiDiviDg that 
iitd : Thb is b<ji rciforablc i and Hncc thii can no way 
tunifh the Benefit they are entitled to, it '» not rel- 
iable they RmuM infill opon our givmo ihero another Be- 
it Ticket for ioiaing with ui io a Mcjtuut, which afr^'u^ 
be neceilar}- fat our taatiul Prtftmtioo. 

' FtQBk 

AuMa Cr*U. 

• Cm 



Aeim 9. On. n. 

f 490 ) 
' From what I have laid. Sir, I think it ii erident, 
titho' the Civil Lift were to^fufi^ by diminiihing the Cm 
fumption of Spiriniout Liquon, we are not obliged id 
good the Lofs : But ai the Blank in the Claufe now 
us muft be hll'd up with (bme one Sum or another, I 
now confider what has been Taid with reTpcA to the Methd i 
of cakalating the Sum, with which that Blank it to i>e Bid 
up 1 and ai upon the prcfent Occafion the EDabliflmtf 
of the Civil Lift has been reprefentcd to lu u i Gntf 
from the Parliament to the Crown, which ought not to b 
touched 01 in the leaft diminilhed, even for the Saicty wi 
PreTervation of the People, I mufi take Notice of one Rah 
obferved by all Courts of Equity in the World, and that i^ 
to explain the doubtful Meaning of « Grant, by that which 
may be picfumed to have been tiie Meaning of the Gnam 
at the Time the Grant was made. Suppofe then, Sir, wt 
had had at that Time a Prophet amongll lu, and that Pi» 
phet had informed the Parliament, that in a icw Yean wfiu, 
the Duties Wi Spirituous Liquon would increafe coBfideraUyi 
ind that our People would begin to drink fo cxccffivdy rf 
fuch Liqnon, that for the Fre&rvation of the People il , 
would become neceflary to put a Stop to that Excel* : S»- ' 
pofe, that upon fuch Information a Qaeftion had arifcn n 
that Pariiamcnt, for obliging any future Parliament ifait 
might find it neceflary to put a Stop to that Excels, to makl 
good to the Civil Lift its Share in thofc Duties according 10 
the Value it Ihould arife to by that Excefs, ud aocorung 

( 191 > 

ion tlM Dotie upon it fluxtld hivt DCcafioud a 
aCs in lib Mitjclty's Ciril Lift RevcntK, will ujy 
B prrtcnd, tkit [he I'tftiitncBt <xniA not innkc 
btion (at prev<miag tlic Abofe of tk«l ?oyhu^ 
lakn^ good to ha Majeftjr the Inciedc in th« 
Revenue, tiut tud Ucn cxcUoDcd by that Abufc I 

■ the ttrj C<(« trith ttfptA to SptriouMi Liquon t 
1 1 m farprifcd to h»r it Tud, that wc cuau put 
I Off prevent tbe Abufe of lack Liquon, withoat 
Ktd m hii Mojelty the Incrcafe in the Civil Lift 
Ifcn has been occafiooet) by that very Abule t 

I, Sir, I dunk I have fully ftiewn what couU not 
HUliag or Inccntioa of the Parliuncnt, what they 
b kii Majeily the whole Produce of llnfe Dndcft 
DfirutHJ to the Civil Lift i hut now let u» in^uiie t 
t nay be prtfumcd to have been tfacir Intcntioa : 
im ftrt, I belieiT iJic only Meaning or latencwn 
[mi a good-natured one, to give hi> Mtjcfly'* 

■ finle noR Latitude in the Oilpo&l of ihc Civil 
Me, and te pretrent theii- being put to the Trouble 
the Anounti cf that Revenue ycarlr before Par- 
Bm bapote they oicant to gnni nn MajcAy a 
Irt wkole Produce ol thoTe Datie*, at it ibea Aood 
t CO the OiteBhtioin they had siadc, which b the 
H caa be fuppo&d tfan meant ; upon this Suppo- 
gnfcr lo kacw -whM h» MajcAy hat a Rieki to by 
^ we RiaEl cmnine inio the Calcnlations ttey may 

' ItiR'Afiid to hsve mttJc for afccrtainit^, or at leail 
t, the Vatut of «ih*t they were about to gnnt. f n 

«« an io!d, that as they were conlidcnng wkat 
mU be fuiiiciem lo raife a futiuc Rcrrauc, they 
t Oder t&ar CoD&dnatioo only a future Prodoce. 
I. Sir, to hear fixh a Manner of argitng ia s 
F £uh Caidei|iicnce : For the railing of a fioarc 
•0 be line a future Produce niufl be applied, but 
liitafveonfidcnogand cnleulating whit the Amount 
tw< Produce niay be, and whether it will be (at- 
iiife facU a future Rcwtiuc. lurcly their Cafculi- 

be founded upoo ihcir Kxpenmcc of what ii pall, 
wir Xnowbd^ of what i> then ptcfeni : If it ii 
tf, they found their Calnluiom on what it then 
W be ihc QunritlEy or the Valoe of the Good*, 
IB » tlut new Duty i and if it ia an o)d Duty, 
^ cnnUcT the Ptoducc of that Duty for foch a 
S Yon pad, and fnnn thence calculate what it 
tee in Timr ts coidc i iltcnfore we eannot fitppofe 

■-■' 1 which eftahllAnl ifie Gvil Lift, granted, 

tt, aey more tiiaa a Shaxc of the Produe 




f 192 ) 

of the Duties upon Spirituous Liquon, at a Medium caki- 
lated for (even or eight Years before his MajeHy's Acce&ii 
and for fhis Reafon, fuppofing that we are obliged to aiM 
that Grant good to his Majelty, which I am hr from tHaak 
Ing, the Sam we are now to give to the Civil Lid for makif 
that Grant good, ought to be taken from a Medium at 
cutated for ^ven or eight Years before his Majelly'i Aat^ 
JiOD, and not from a Medium lincc his Majefty's Accefliaa, 
which has been greatly iQcreaTed by the very Abule «c 
are now about to refltfy. 

* It has likewife been faid. Sir, that it feems 1 litde 
odd, for Gentlemen to propofe putting a Value apoB ik 
Lofs his Majefty may fuftain by talcing from him a Rfr 
venue which he has enjoyed, by computing the Produce of 
a Revenue he never enjoyed. Surely every Gentleman anl 
fee the Fallacy of this Argument : We do not defiie to 
take any Revenue from his Majcfty, and therefore wc lit 
not to compute the Lofs he may juftain by the ttkiiv of 
any Revenue from him ; but if any Revenue be takea noM 
him, the Parliament wc lay is obliged to make it good 
only according to that Value which was put upon it by 
the Parliament that granted it, and not according to tlw 
incicafed Value it may fince have arifen to, by an Abofe 
which ought, long before this Time, to have been cfieflo- 
ally prevented. 

' With Refpeft, Sir, . to the great Incitafe of Foitin 
Brandies «nd Spirits, 1 h a c_ happened in the Year i 75J, hy 


( '« > 

fir tvo nr three Yan to come: anl ihmron mt 

par- < mdode tlie incresfc of xhtjCc Duiicn in the ''''°' 
Yes; . J^r (ifdiniE Cocnpucuion, h rcclconing alJ the 
Mvaaa; i jpfimcd by that ctfeal Inponatiot), to the 

Acccwii <.: 111 UA, in order lo bring a. double Lofii 

opco the Siskicg Fund j ^ir (hit incrcd Pund ii to be <luiE< 
vd with iie*r 4000 I & Year, daring hii Majdi^'s Uw. 
nqrv tlun 11 would have been chargcil with, if do fach tx- 
tnoHdnuy Inipxution had o'cr happened ; and by that 
ntrasfdiury ImportalMci, and the UecreaTe in ihe Dotie* 
oa Fonm Srandtci, which taa& thetchy bo ocraGoacd fot 
tmttl Yttn to come, that Fund to whidi thole Duties we 
■ow to be iffiopriaied muii lofe a very cnoiidenible Sum* 

Then iIk Qucltion being pat for filling bp the BIiu^ with -1^1, ^ y^, 

Ihe 80m of 4;,oooL it wi* opon a ttviliw carried in the f* SSSSS 
Neptivct bf III to 1091 uid (hen ihc (l^ellion being put MiM^^Sat 

fcr Ailing s[> the BUnkc with the Sam of 70.OC0 1, it wu £ »>ii lon^b 
Orred in the Aftrntative without a Divifton. ■»"*"" L«p«<, 
.I'Kt/ IS. The Cosnfd ht and agaiall tlic Q^iitker't Bill 'r^'^^*^ 
batn QiilnJ b, siul ihe Bill being then reid x iccond Ttme, (^tetBUi,^J 

^wd the Icvciaj heiiuooi sgaitift i( boingalfo leMf, the Coucfel ^^t 

Bhr ife PctitioBcn ur ihc Province orCintcibury mcit heard ; ^^^^ 

Bi Aafwer to whom ihc Counlel for the Bill were hard t xnd ^^^H 

^^hm the Couafcl for thr rciirionen of the Province of Vntk ^^^^| 

ttve hnM t" niiy cf Kc-pty : After ivliich llic Counfd bo- ^^^H 

' icK V- . Ml S^ra):cr opened the Sill 10 the Houl'c 1 ^^^| 

_^hen 1^ being tn^wk, that the i^th Sc£)ion of an ^^^^| 

^Ba mmIc in t^c 2id ind ijd of King CLiiIci II. istUled, ^^^| 

^B^Afi _/**• 'if irltrr Stit/immr tf thr Mtii»ttn*ntt tf Par- ^^^^| 

^^^B^uwrr, and Caratei in lit PAriJkti *f tht Cilj af ^^^H 

^HB», ^rat bj iht Jrtatlftti h'irt iktrr, in-ghi be read, the ^^H 

^Bbc •><.•** read accord ingi}'. B/ a CUu& in [lie Bill, even ^^^f 

^p it ifacn flsod, it wai pro^ioled 10 be cm^cd thui, ' That ^^^| 

^Bi/ the amiiad Value of (uch T>'the<. Oblaiiors, and other ^^^| 

^■A|ritbJtiol Dues K'ghu, PajrtuaitT, in Cl.utth Raiei ^^^| 

^^^EoiBHUnned. doih noc, nor flnll ooi ewctd the Som ^^H 

^Km in Uith Cafe no Qciaker or Quakers OkII b* ^^^H 

^K^el or prafecuiett, fist or on Account of the fame, in any ^^^H 

^l^&V'HMBrr. ihin at brfcFte directed, or ^^^| 

^^^^Bti ecither lhall,iui}- fkich Tyihei, UhUii<.i ^^^^| 

^^^■cfiaiicil £Ki», Rigliu. Payrociiti, or CbuiUi lUici, ^^^H 

^^^■ttCaeiJag the £iid yearly Value of be rcco- ^^^H 

^^^■bte oeuBft Qialceis in any oiber Couit whMfoner, ^^^H 

^^^B^ aaj other Mamer. than u by thu Ati b dinAcd, ^^H 

^^Kb tlw Title of fiitiiTythci be in Qucltien.* Tbb ^^H 

^^^^^ -,„ ,■-, pctiiifr^) picTrntedby the Clei^T ayr-i-'ft ^^^H 

^^^E * Ad txliiiiog ihcci Ubm tli^ ^H 

^Hv t;-< 1^^" •" iieiag kr ihc Aecvveiy ol 1 ji'-i> ^H 

Tp^ /I- 2ft . • il^ ■ 

C 194 ) 

« c»u. * SRcl otker Dmi> iai tlunby fnom^ die Clcrgr of tk 

1:'^ , • EllnblJIbcd Cbuntli upon » worfc Ifom (ban t)ic nA of h 

' Mijdly't Subjr&i ' itutiefore ih« (aid SeiUoo was 
l« Ihnv, That the afitgaing ofa proper Mctbod for ifcc B«c» 
vziy of any Right, and cxdHdtiig ihc Pcrfoiu intklad, 6a 
luty mUct Rcnmiy, wm not 1 paniog of fach PfHbfti ■; 
» woif« foot tlun iJic rcll of bis Mujeliy 1 &«ib)e£b, 
wu it without Picccdt:nc i Ibr by the AirarlAid Ad of ICii 
Chirle* II. ill Suici for the ttxovaiag of ChurcklUts 
y\flc(Qiicnif, witbiii itic City of London, vc to be bcgidi 
before tlte Lord Mtyor, or upon hu NmIcA to encvte w 
Z*o«en thereby gnntcd, bcrore the CwJ CtuuKcIbt, 
Keeper of the Ciui 6eal, or two Boratia of die tncfaeqicr 
djxl, by (tie feid 14111 ScAiott, it n enaAcd. * Th«i : 

* Court o« Judge (h»ti bold Ptni of Money dec bf VuM* 

* Out Aft, otiwr chjii] tbc feiiocf ti>crcb]r .:.uibahzod t ' a 
yet iKc Clcrj;y of Ixindon never hod complained, nor Mali 
eotnplHin, thjt they vwiv cxdiidcd liton tJic S tmeSt of 
tAvn of tlicir Couetry. or th;>t they were pot upon 1 
Poet than Ute raCI of hit MajcAj's Sulfca^' 

Afia reading ibc above SeAkn, a Moikm bdng ■ 
for cooindiic^ the Bill 1 ai»d the QueAton bc^ put, il 
arried iu the Afirinativc, l:^ 121 to 84 1 alter whkbi 
«iu niblvcd that tbc Bill be ginuniacd ta a '"^'wiii'in t a 
tiic wliolc Houfe. 

^fil t^. The -Vi^r-'i'r^nt* made by tbc Coaunitttc 

„. tlie B II rrhtinK i u» I.iquon wwe rrpomd t» 

■■itmj^r^i^ Houfc, and read n iirU 1 i:ii«, afKr wbtcb molt of the» 
^^L agreed to by tlic iUnie, without say DrUlc i bat ipa 

Reaittng the CbuCe for giving ?o.oool. to the Civil Ult, 
PnpoAtion wu nude m abtfiagtiku CUufc, ud (m k 
ding it in ftich a Mannor. that if tbc wholi: Hnrdiiari 
Tenponry Fjceife fltodd. ia Ui}' ooe Yc*r uhcr ibacTi 
Ul (hon of what it had ptoductd ufOB a MoJ^gai to 
(xmipuKd ftDRi liii Majdty'i Acceffiga 10 thit Tunc, 
UefidcBcy IbouU be aiadi good by tbc fmy atxt Sifia 
(d pBtUMBeot. 

Thh otofioaed a frefli Dehte. ia which ibe Aifm 
for the tlmve Propo£titji], and ■g^'wrt that Claalc, 
foUowi. viz. 

By ibe Claafe w it ftrndl at prftnt, wb an 
aiKW Great to the Civil Ijfl of 70,ooe I. a )ttv ikuiaf b 
MajcAy'k L^lir -. Nnw there can b* b^T *wo fteaioM fi« m 
i^««v Grjot . It mui) b; ' caafcwcfa 

^ ptefnit Amount nf the RcrvnaeiH 

bo dtPMnit ^ i ad in a Sam ct^uol to 7c,<7oo 1- • V«r, by 
RiglDthtMn "We aic ibwA U mutv tti^iradL be bread 


■ an 11* 



r '9s ) 

(igpfoh tlttt Ae {Mt/eat Amootit of the Civil Lifl Re- ^"'fJ? 
EBwe, a nai Htfldciit /or fuppurting hb Majcfir'i HottfiioLd 
Dd Famity, niu! thrretorr tvcoaght la (',ruit an Ad- 
I Aian of 70,000 I. a Vcai 10 liut Kcvcnue. Tbefe nre 
llhe only two Rufotii tliac an be AffigneJ, and if botJk of 
IdKa sff>'*' 13 ^ witlica: any FoundBUon. wc oiiiMi f«r^ 
■^ amc ta thu Liiafe u ic now jland*- 
I ■ ro liippor« irut ibc pitietH AintMnt of ilie Qril UA 
tRmmuM, *tll ba dmiin lAud in a Sam cqitil Co *o,ooo I. by 
Itfae RctsUtion wc arc >bost to nialcc, it <aiU2ry to fa6t, 
lud cobimy to Kxpor icnce : For fuppofin{ tlic Ctvil tiU'i 
jShAic m die Dmw nnSpiriiuotn liqaon, gpon a jail 0»in- 
Ipustwo, doc* amouM 1070,000!. yearly, yrc n<(rinarba 
[ceo'lncn! by txpciiciKr, ihit the Caafutaptkin of Beer and 
lAlc willaJoai'! iiiCK&fo in Hropoitton » the ConfuinptMn 
'Spri;ao<;i I.i>)uorii ikcrtafi-l i ami it tk« Civil Lift Lai a 
cji ctritcr yiiJtc 111 the iJuliei en Beer aiul Ale, thin it 
of ibc DuttE> c:i ^puituou! Ltifciin, J! h, tri my Opi* 

jontaio, tiist the Civil IJit nf mora 

I yogoool. a Vcir by tlut Ii i : ics upoo 

and Air, wliidi will be OCCdrionecl tiv ihc Kcfulalian 
<.ki I,-. ih» Bill 

rm what I harp b'vi, ^f, Let »• I'm!: nio tha 
:...: irc upon oar Tibtc, ud from tfacin we Bull 
1^ tbe Amouiit of ilie Duties upon Boct and Ala hu 
ntif aad regularly dccmied, u the Amoattt of live 
I upna !»ptnuioufl L:quBR bu incrcifed far ihtfe ftrt- 
in boctcward*. In ibe Yev ending at MidfuiniaDr 
^, ihc Fjraie on Ben and Ale [iraduced 1,094,9^3!. 
i« One Vc-.r :' '' 6^ home-aude Spinis pnxluced 
b«tM,63.'l. I'.-" .new MidCummcr 17:0, liilf* 

V<xr bcftirc the Uu (.lin-Aft tt»k placr, the Dutia oa 
lMaQ»n*de Spbiu ^Rdually iturrcafed, itnd accoedincly the 
taiSe OB Bnr ind A'r gTiduolly decinfcd. (0 ifiBt in th« 
ntdbg u Miiirummcf i7:g, rlic fomntr pntdacetl 
i L »»W«i ihc Utter producrd hm '763,761 1- whkh 
,1901. Icfi lUa it ptudstcd ia the Ym mdingat 

.'_. , .1.. I... f.T.,-« Ael i^.'-—'^ ■■— "?v». 



.e of tbt I 

taiiirj ji f'l 

in tlifl ' 

Vd : aod 

.>lt of Sfi-.' 

it wn, it 



i a 

,a [ 



ACDB 9- Gca. II. 

( 196 ) 

cife began ta incre:ire, fo that in the Year ended at Mid* 
fummer 173;, itprodncud 1,071,240!. whichii 107,477!. 
jDoie than ic produced in 1729. 

* Again, Sir, upon the Repea! of the late Gtn-Afl, the 
Confumption of Spirituous Liquors began to increafc, ind 
conrequentty the Produce of the Ducies on fuch Liquors, fit 
that in thi; Yiar ended at Midfummer laft they produced 
154,094!. and the Confeqnencc with refpcA to the Ejidle 
on Beer and Ale we find to be the fame ; for in the Year 
ended at MidTummer laft, ic produced but i,oti,}7el. 
which is 49,870!. lefs than it produced in 1732- From 
all whicji, !:ir. I thinlc it is ai plain as Figures can make it, 
that the CoiTTumption of Beer and Ale lus hitherto ali»)4 
dccreafed or increafed, as the Confumption of Spiriiuoa 
Liquors has increafed or dccreafud t and as tliat has been 
the Cafe in alt Time paft, we muft fuppofe u wi!! be the 
Cife in aU Time to come. 

' This then lieing laid down ai a Maxim confirmed bjr 
Experience, let us confider how greatly, I may timoft hj 
how entirely, t!ic Confumption, not only of home-made Sp- 
rits, but of all Spirits, n-ill be diminilhed by the Bill now 
before us, and wint an Increafe that will make in the CoO' 
fiimption of Beer and Ale i but that I may not be accafed 
of any extravagant Calculation;, 1 fliall fuppofe that tlie 
Confiunption of ^jpiricuous Liquois may hereafter be but one 
Third lefs than it wu before : the natural Inferesce fran 
tlience is, that the Confumption vf Beer and Ale will be 
<me Third more than it was, and confequently that tlie Ex- 

be • Galtvr u IciJt tc,tt4.I. bf (Iw Regula* 
now nboQt <q attic. I know it nuy be fjiid, 
Calcolauoit} an fouDdcd upon Fafh which arc in 
nacerain ; and thai, the' tbey have JbnneHy 
I oat m the Mannct I lure rcpiefeniad, t«« caiumc be 
if fjilling; out la liic Tame Maaim hcraflcr ; yet 
uill be gneted. tbcrc » > ftrong Pnibtbility of 
tg out in the umc Manner hereafttt, ai liicy iuvv 
ofort ; Tbc fame Caufct eenctaJljr wvduoo tfaa 
Ud UflUri vtc hare tdU)' a MmiT lo gnat a. 
.1 R«vroiic to iJic Civil I<il). ihu rrobabiliry 
a freniling j'^rgnracnt tvitb in, at leaA, lo 
the PropuJibon now made { Tiw tho' it has been 
tbal tkc i^riiamflDt may hcttaiicr cMl lav nn 
and difpofa of the Incrt^fe (hat may ahfe in the 
B«et and Ale, w know, and tbc CaCe now in 
conviDct m, Itow diScult tt it for the PatUauKnt 
Jdmetny RevcniM, ot uty Pitt oJ'any Kevenur, that 
K«n ones gr.mted in, and ellabliibed ai a I'ari of the 
■IM. If it Oiould hcieafur appear, tha: tjie Civil-UA 
Bt 100,000 1, a Y<*t, or perhapt ioo.oool. a Yatt 
t pin pcobsbly be the Cue, by tiic lixmlc of the 
e on Beef aid Air. ocqfioned by litit Bi!l, 1 am very 
if we a^ec to ihit Cnufe a* it now (laii^. the Pat- 
never be abtc tn by bold of any I';:rt of ibat 
in order (o spply il lo the Aggregsrc fund, ftt 
(he 7o,eooi. a Vcar, to tr taken from tlwt 
tbu Clsuft i nay. I qudlioa much if iny future 
<t mil be able to read'orao that roAOO L a Year, 
ihe Aggregite Fund fioan the fuiuic Ny 
tha' it Qwuld tliea be nude appear, that tbe 
aAcally tncr(a.rrd, as plainly at I hare now nude 
that it probably will, 
rha DiSicakf. Sir, may be prerenud by oitr ngrerin|t 
e f/opofitio* ROW nude to u> i and by our lecilmg the 
e in the Maneet propofed, the Civil LUl cuy be a 
R. bat it il inpoAble it can be a la(tt, t\'tn wi:h 
B M the Surpig* it may DOW have aboi'e Soo.ooot. a 
- -'--•^ Siupio*. we have been toM, ihc Civil LiU 
" ~ lo, ai it has Is any Px 'ooifiooi. 

dv diScr fniiD tbc boxir cathunan 

fat : iiirt iCa:^.!i\ ; lix il tne Dutici ap- 

_ -i! tin HOW ptodiKc a Million Yearly, 
noold by any Aaidcnt produce heioirtcr 
^rly. ibe ?•-■■■"■- -;. oeeArding to ibc pte- 
>e*R of ihc •- wiiuld not be obltgcil 

fo moch c) 1 1^ .■'HTllmg of that Occtnte \ 
tbe^ fiii^^ .inr^icr jirpduce bar y^o.ocMV. 


( I9» I 

■ II- jKxrl/, or afijr Sum-lcA tlua Soo.doo L die PiHiaaa 
obiigal to make g«i>l wburrcr tluy Mlf dtoiIbcii 
lefi tluB ilut Sm.oooI. (b rinr ehcreiiit WfttU 
rcnce t>et««eii tli£ 800^0 1. EAabliilunat, md tfce» 
Svftns, itut the PirituDcnt kw (tnuU oWiged a 
goad ihe 800.000I. EAabliOuiuM. but doei not aen 
obliged to make good One Shilling gf the :w>|Ooar 
pte : ihKeroK it can by no Mca&t xi f relent be tJd 
tbt Civil Lilt koA ai |ooJ a Rigbl 10 the Sur^ni, I 
to ihc ESabliihincnc : oA, Sir, if wc agicc to tlic 
tun BOW mid», the Civii Lii1 u'lU then reilly have 
a Right 10 iiM> prcfrnt Suiploi, wltitctwr it ruljt b 
hM to tho BSibtifbinent of 8oa,M>ol. yarlf ; ftn 
ReafiMi, if ttiit Pwpo&tion be not tsrwd to, I m 
dodr, ih»t tlM 70,0001. sppraprljDtd to ihc Cavil J 
the Cliuf* at ii iaadi at prnrnt, i> dcfignod u a na 
bonxl RcvtniM to tke Civil IJI1. umI not ai a Canpi 
for the Lor* It Buy fatbum by tho ftcgubitioB m u 

' Tliif, Sir, h^t mr futtanilly to eke irxT, artd t 
oiher Reifon diat can be if^cd or fuppolnl, Jbr ou 
hig to th« Qtufe M ii now itandi. whttfa h, bee 
(«ppo(e, iW the prtTntc Ain«WK of tfic Civil tM I 
h Dot folioent for fvpponinfi liit Mijelty*! Hodb 
FAinily, am) tkit th^rribtv w« onj;bt to gruK as J 
oi ja,oQoi. a V«t to thnt K«%-enac, duna^ bis A 
Life It \ci&, but I nay fay iii all Time to come ) 
not lind sn 1 nllsnc^, where Icf^ hat brcB grtmed B 
ccffof. than lud been fi^nncily tr^av'd by hit AmH 
* Nov. Sir. 3> M ihh ReaTon, ntu:<rrer the Gc 
(•boaKiF- 'vCoscnnvJ trt ihc DlifoU of t 

lift RercT fuppofc, i ani vcTf crrtua Ui 

liot! not f , Inch Tliliig j becsofc. if he 

woaU rrri -r cominunkitoi tbc bme to hii: 

mrni. cither by a SMech froRi tUe Thmnr. or hy 
M-jT ■'f , iind wofiH have dcfi*ed fuch u 
I ■xrlbty. Then h no other W 

M.J... . ■. lit cofljeniiF-'---' --- '■-!. ^i'--- ■ 
Bnd uiifil he daCT , 

A -A. 

■ Ill iLipl-fllt, 

■1 m fur wife, 

Member uf ihi- !! 
riie Peofilr h« i- - 
in itTdi of 
otlKr K(?'^ 

Membrrt ni li 
new before us . 
wry tmag and pobiick fteai.iof, t»ke iae*. 
f/wn thjt 

i *w ) 

Oat Vthtt, lod for fiodng tbc Peopk fiom tluc 
ami of Tixa ther now gro»i unde.' 
(his it w» iniirci'd by ibc Caornen u foUowi : 

The Qoeftwa eaw before m, bu been alnwljr h fully 
SH fet 81 To doir a Xijbt, tlut 1 ud furprifed to 
a»f WW DifficulEiti. ftutei. Tlic iiae and (be oojy 
for our ifiecing lo the Cl^cUc u it now fiud> ii, 
> fJW veiy precodicg CUufe wc aie lo bkc fiom tKo 
il, aikd approfiruiu <q iW Aggrtguc FumI, ■ Rcv^- 
_ wfecfa, apoa n Mctiiuin Imn hii Mjjrflv'i Acocffion, 
hu bnM^t ID 70,000!. II Vnr: t ' Inic Siase 

^il« UsJc, i» It not cviJem i ' Ult wiil 

■c )ij4, 70,0001. s Veu by tbc K^iiliucn we ue 
Fijf>-;j- •■\ !r;i\ic ? And i,i MC -arc to lake iJui year]}' Sua 
: lie, Mfi kpproriuic ii co (be AgErr%^itc 
~-ii JDit bikI tanfoiiablf. tbai we AouU 
: the :.' Fund nith the Pujmcat of tW Sina 

-ivi. Lid t 'Til true, U5 ihe Proiaccof the 
ituQUt Liqaori will be Vny mwdl 
^i at iuit i c iJ b^ liiii nevr Rr|>uhiiiHi, tbc Ag^gue f-'usj 
n^ noc pettutpi mrivc lb much vcaily by die Shue the 
Ciiil Litt fatnieil/ had in ikoCc DuUm ( bol l^ £gtu£«i 
to the prvfint Qucltioo, for if we were to tafec «f 
gar T^ixonow af;>ru[*imfJ lo the Civfi lijl, or to 
It of Ac 1i.:rit![ .Toviiig due Dpoa any of o«r 
I Wc dioslil bt r> cturgc ibe Acgncg^ Faml, 

P«ICofllieii:,.~..^. ,uJ,nitrtbeI>e*U«I^U)Crebr 
tito' tlut Fiinil (hould ^ noiluAg to ufmrr the 
Cbatgr liid inxm ii. 

Bat wc an Wd. Sir, TW if Lh« Civtl -Lift be 3 Loler 
[alcii^ (rain il ti^ S^atr la ifac Dutiri on SpiriUKKH li- 
t, tkai Loll v.i!i ite fjl'y nu(i« good by Ur looafr ta 
CcdJc on Bctx and Ale, uhkb will naninRj' be occa- 
by (hf now Re;7j![ii:iin wc iic now about «t m^ke. 
iiAue««r Iflctei- ipfien befcifm in - ''a 

fBntr aad Ale, th: <: {lis a Right to 1 -f 

lacra& tt-itboui tay cgw Grata ftotn -a mt 

1^: Ri^tt fraia it Hiiboui doing a tnn' , ^itice 4 

-ipcan m ne a liiitc emrxMdtury 10 la/, itut tbc 
. ;_.:«. ■'i.t.v*(..i (|t ^(tg, has to A aiax of t^ 
< ou be (ompnifeJ, or nade 

re imfllm Co, aod »kicfa 
.» it, 
nt foe tV : ^ and |o 


( too ) 

■fibx II rerUin RcTCnac of 70,ooo[. a Veu, tud girr do'' < 
Rcium but aa uncertain Prgduce, wluch ctuy Itx > 
know Ik wojth liitk or noiluDg ; for even by tlic i 
cululiaiu thst have been menlloiKil of die oiiirr Sid> 
Ecar* tlu( t!>e Excife on Beer and Ale does not alM'^i* u- 
crciife, or decrcftTc, in PiojMitiun at the Duties on SptriUMi 
Liijoon decMatc or rncmlc. In the Yeir 1719, tlu D«iD 
oa the LaCKT prodiie«d but 10^,373!. whcteu in the Vck 
I73C> they produced 1 i*fi9j 1- ftom wbencc we oogbt tt 
cotKlitdf^ that the Produce of the Exdre on Beer »<■-< 
wu fflucli bibber in the Year 1 719, than it wai in ' 

■ 7);, yet wc frod Ihit in 1711). the Bicil'c ptoJiii-ru 
9^J<7^3 1, and tiiat in the Year cniicd at Mldluininer 
173;, it produced i,02i,5;qI. whith it 57(607!. 
tlum it produced in 1719. 

' Tliit ^Wi, Sir, that the Proportion between the laoob 
or I>a:reale of the one, anil the Detttalc or incmle oT ifai 
otber, does not »lwav» IkOld i and in Fad U bu ecttanJ/ 
ftlvtm been, iind will dw:iy> be Ct : *i'he iBCrmfe QT D» 
emu oi the Fxcife iipxi Beer or Air. u well u tW la* 
cmte or Dccrcaleof the Duties on SptrttuoniLi^uon. Jcdcm] 
Upon Co uuny Mhcr Accident!, tla^ ttisy caanoc dc] 
Drely upon one snocher, noe an mj ilon goeb al 
crcsK of the one, from any Kaovledgc he nuy bx\ 
Decrurc of the other, [ fhaJI mesiiunody one Al.t.lti»^ 
wfhich wu, I believe, the daicf Renfon of the Decmlc of 
ibc Fxcifc on Beer Mid Ale in the Vca/ I7J9> It happoti 
in that Year. t!w Price of nil Sorti of Conu. efpedsllr Mthi 
vr»i math higbrr liian it Vt-M lor fevcril Von K 
(ince. a'ld fur thl> Rcnfi^n we iii«y tjppofc omr 
Brewer* brewed any more Beer or Ale in ih;: 
tkha: wu abloluielir neccSvy foi tbe imircdi. 
lioo; nofrtof than lixwfd any laije Q^ 

as the)' call (E i whewaj. in 1 Year wbt:. ._ 

cfcey all brew great C^jutitic*, witith ihcjr keep by tbiaa* 

■ Stock in Hind, to be teady U nniwcr am f' <«"■ ^^.— ,-.; 
This i> more partJCMlarly the Ctfe with rci. 
t>f Strone U^cr or AJej witkii Uic Brcn<ei i.i.,> 
Yean in nit'Celbr, and is gtwriSIj- the better 
ii is kept ( and u> ih»» Accident, I beliere, we 01.^,1 ^uav 
CO aTniiic the gita; Dccmfc in Uk Eoife on Haj ;*d>AJt 
in (be Year 17:4' 

* Sir, I am To fat £fim thinking, tKit t)x Inerrsfr rr Dt^ 
crealc in the Co«furnpdoD of Beer zsU 
BecreaJe ot Inacafe m the L'anfunj> 

tkat I bdiere the* seaerallr lEcnalr 

to In prefctit Hci^t : It » (be ComfaafHon ocofoncd fc/ a«« i Ow, lU. 

lie Dctuiiclici and E»niTxeandc« of tbe People, uxl ihcfc '' 

depend Dpoa fo many Acciifeob, (li&t ft U inpoffiblc W ac- 

c»sa[ (^ (tKRi m 'J'imr pill, «r 10 gwcC at tbe Confumptiop 

tku toiy be in Time to amtt. But I am p*7fttade<l that 

Becking will tend nxtir ta the imileticg our People Ibber, 

fivgal, and iDduJUioui, thaa the rcotevtseoot of tncir Wty 

dwHuayTciDptatiotucticy are now arpewilto, by the great 

NuMbet of Gin-Shopi, aad other Places for the Retail af 

^itaow Uquun j for before a Man bccomo fiultercd w ith 

Of Ale. he has Time to refleS, itid to eonlider the 

iiioitunoM whkh he cxpofcs himfrlf and hit Fa- 

idling away hii Time at an AIcIumUc ; wheirii any 

Liijaor in a. Moment deprives him of all Refic«- 

(o t&kt he either get« quite drunk at the Cin-l>hop, or 

> to tbc Alcooufe, and tiirie AniQus bo Debauch, from 

Sir, I think it mot RUun] to conclude, that tlie 

I under our Coofidcnptn, if Mfled into a L»w, wiH 

the Conriunptioa of Beer ami Ale ; and confequenc- 

of ihc F.xeiie on lbor« Liqiiori, At well ■> 

pciin of Spuicuoin Uquon, and the Produce of 

un litem. 

( cuRK now, Sir, to the PropoAiicn thii Dajr made to 

wbi^h I II) Jtl fay I lool: on st t very ex vaordiiuTy one i 

sir It KOi^ld eolitcly aJtcr the very Nature of that 

1 o( mc Civil Lill) which was made to hii MajeAy in 

Vrir uf hit Keign ; and I wonder bow Gcntlefnen 

(r iriiking any fudi Alicrition in that Grant with- 

ajc&j'i ConfcDt : I think they Iboutd, at IcaA, in 

<cy Uivt alhend it in wth a Motion for an Addrefi lo 

blajcft)'. huaibl}' to pray that he woald |irc his COnfenr 

ia i!i£it aakeig luch an AltcraliOQi foibyiJKEOaiibtb' 

W^t uf the Civil UQ » it ilandi at prefcni, sod u it wa* 

^Pnd to hia Ma|cfly in tbc fiift Year of hi) Rdgn, he i> 

^^h«re dtkrinf his I-ifc the Produce of all ihofe Dutiei then 

lo that ReT«Duc wlt)icut any Account ; yet 

modcftly pi^wfed, that he fhould from beiKrfoiih 

i Li rive an Account, etrery Year, to Padiinwqi of 

rvery one of thofcI>uiIr*, or othtrwjfc to 

Part of the Bendic of that FilablilhstcnE 

dtd, and wa> then afiually granted to hiia 

Kivitie th-ji. Sir, pnt this Propofitioo in a true light, 

rboed thoLi we cannot come to any fuch Retblotioo, 

I fuch a CUuk in any Bttl, without lii; Nfa}c£y's 

^ I have (hewn tturihere ii no Ceriair.iy, iVixt 

11 br J diner b^ the laacuft of the Excita 

.li; bat M the amttary, thai there i* a Vro- 

( »o: ) 

*^ jti**- "* bAI^ thtt k »m be a Ubr by tlw Dtciuio of thit Ki> 
d£i, t ttiitJc thtr* artfrs (tori ttuiU* t rnScitiit R«(i» fc* 
our MMilnftg gonJ to hit Majcfty lbs LoTi ho nmR Atftvo, bj* 
ukfog fron ike Civil Ult iu Skuc in the Dutlu cm SfM^ 
egi l^unri, iKcrtfof « I IhoU afUl bo nerc, bot ^krt dat 
I tun molt heuti]^ for agmeing to tbc Chafe uitH* 

To iliu ic M^* replied by tba Member* who cippoU (b 
Craw or 70,000 1. 

' Frooi fomc of ilu Argumentt now mcdc u<n of. I dUt 
we miy ilrcady brgin to trt the Truth of what ma k» 
ttid in the Brginntng ol thit Debate. Wc M^rc llic* Im- 
tdil, Str, tiut if it SKKild bcniAcr a{7«ar, tluu the CM 
l^a lud got I. a Year, tddiwi&l Rertnuc, bjr Al 
Incteafe of the ExciTc oo Beer and Alt oealrnuMt hf Ak 
Bill, the rarliunoni vouhl Dcvcr be aUe to Uty haU of Mf 
Fart of iHic rnerciCr. or wen to rr-tiHuitic the to.oMl. A> 
Bttiiy, wc arc lunv to giani, upon aSapfwIilion iKu the Cifl 
lifl will get mihing by luch Increafc i>f the h^cile on |m 
am] Ale. The Ttstli of (hii. I Gy, Sir, be^iiu alnwlrl* 
spceari for the booourablc Genilemwi [5*-- '■■-'—■"-'- 
fi/f} hit fold lit, that by mcrcihiig tlic Co 
Beer and Mr, ;uid confiK^atntly the Eidfe ao iJin-r Lj«.^in. 
wc rive nnthin^ to tbc Civil Lil) bui what it had belaw I 
Rlnit to I trheieai by dimiiUhine, or ukuijt fron the CM 
Ltffit* Share in theDndnon Spiiitwoai Lkiaon, wc nhi 
from tc what it had fbnnerlv a Right to, and thai thcntfvt 
KC onnct pmend to coi&)Xfl/atc a Rrght wh\t:k m 
rake aim)', by a Right -which wc do not ^ 
be adouiicdat kn Argomeac for ouragrtr],. 
it matt always be a much Aronger agalaH the PartiuKBi' 
ever pmeodia|{ to take any Pan of ihc Iscrcafe, ihn m| t 
oecafioncrf in the Rjcilc, or to ro-sfoaa the 70,0001. Ai 
niiltir vm arc now to eflobli/h. 

' Altho' I Imve never yet admirtcd, nor can admit, thar 
tlw Civil Lil'l'i Share in Iho Dutim aa Spiriuiotti 
ccght ra be compured «: ;n,ooo (. y« Mw, Sir, I II 
it for granted, bectufc it (ign>6n noUilag to tl<e itri 
p>(e I for thf i^iiKipal QucAiua now in t>i(fun I 
■ Ciri) Ult hta fuch an ftb&tli ■ 1 
• c fan make no Rr^tiraiinr.! -. 
' 6ture may Iw dlnunl! 

.■■■ frrm fntne other P«wl :. 1 

■her. if by the boat Rcfab 
1 Shi'P in frjtj nrthi-r ~ 



he arfmiited, fti <kr di it «ai anwunf, tt a Cdft]WfiEidoD a»*j 

H ' .'^i to the &rft Quttlion, Sir, *& iiiK, tlve Crown Ini a 
Btighc M tKe wbolfr Produce «r certain Duties apjtroptbtcj 
Bd (he Civil LU), but tlut Right it to be cooficitrcd in a 
■"twofold Refpca. Tiie Crawn his a RigKc n tke whole 
Prodncft of &II tl^ofe Dotitt, fe Tar si hU)' aincwiit to 
99«,ooo I. EOablifliiDciit, without bcii^ ftibjcA to »aj Ac- 
Indent or Conungency wliulce*er, bectafe if the Produe 
wo'ild not amoKiK to that Sum yattlj. iIk PutlttnKnt Itxada 
fcbiiged to nuke it good t and if die whiole Prodotc ofthofc 
■>uti« Rati anouRt to more thin Soo,ooo). the Cnwn bu 
^IccwiYc K Right to the Surpjos : But iku Right ii fabjcA to 
■II Accidcnn snd Coiiitiigcneie», bccaufc if that Surplus 
Aioald be by ftny Accident dinniDilhcd, the Rtiii&nietti is 
HOC obliged to make it good. Now, &u, among ihe miit/ 
Acddenh to which that Surplus in in own N.Lmrv remeia* 
Uablc, furcly thia it one, That it rOAy banfiet btaotae 
nectfbry for the Welfare, perhaps for the PrWcrvuion of 
the Nation. u> prrvtnt or put a Stop to the Confunption of 
feme Cofnmoditie:, the Duties upon wfakK oiMnbatcto- 
the producing of tbit SutpJut : Would ibc farliomcac 
llged in fuch a Cafe ID make ih<(t Surpiut good t or to 
l)(h any other Fund for compenCitinj the Lob il»e Civil 
gin fullain bjr fuch an Accidcut ! No, lur, i: ticrtuD- 
Hid not } QBleii that Lofs Ibould become io ht^rj, bs 
reduce the Surpiut, and even diminiih the F.ilnUtfhmcati 
Indeed a Ocniutd would arifi: upon the Patltatncnl, and 
Amid be obfiged to make ih« EAablilbmcni good. 
Suppole, Sir, that Fnutcc, Spiin, Poniicit, and t|)c 
xcS ran of Italy, QioqU be united in an Alliaace agsiiiA 
vhich bf our Inie ManRgcment miy happen to be the 
t would it not then be abloluicly Rcct(&ry for ui to 
Bhibit the Importation or Confumpcioa of all French, Spa- 
PoKugnelc, and Italian Wines } Would not thb very 
obablv aioMfi quite annihilate the Whole of wlut 1 haw 
al EM Suralm of the Citril Lifi ? Vet will any Cctitle< 
lay that tie P^rtiainect could not prohibit the Inspocu- 
ConfutnptioQ of thoDc Wines, without making good 
Civil IM iu Share in the Dotie« upon then, to be 
Mted at a Mediura of ibc Produce for the precccding fe- 
'reigbt Vain, wbea pcrh^i the Confutnptiui of uicm 
aliigher Pitch than was COofiflcnt with tlic fiOod of 
Ration, or Health of the People I Surely, $ir, no Man 
nd to fay aiiy fuch Thing ; ll-.e Parliament wtmld 
f obliged to make good any Pan of the LoEi the Civil 
tuM fidUin by fuch ProblbitiQD, unltd the Produce uC 
apptopjuted » tiiat Rcrenue fliOiilA be fe in 


( ao4 ) 
reducecl u not to amount to 800,000 1. yearly : And evcB k 
that CaTe, the Parliament would be obliged only to nuke 
the 800,000 1. good, they would not be obliged to nub 
good any Part of that Surplus, which the Crows bad la- 
merly received and enjoyed by Mcana of the Duties apt 
thofe Wines. 1 

' Is not the Cafe now bcfwc us the very fame t Oai 
People have by Accident lately taken fudi a Turn, that 
it is became neccSary for their Prcfervation, to probifait the . 
Confumption of Spirituous Liquors by Ketaile. Is not ihi% 
u well as the one I have mentioned, one of tfaofe AcddenD, I 
to which the Crown's Right to the Surplus of the Gvil Lil 
Revenue always was, and Itill is fubjefted ? And can aif 
Gendeman with Reafon fay, that we cannot prohibit tk 
Retail of fuch Liquors, without making good to the Ciiil 
Lilt the whole Surplus that has accrued to it, compated it 
a Medium of the Produce of thofe very Years, when ik 
Abufe of thofe Liquors was at its highefl Pitch i 

' The other Queftion, Sir, is, Whether, if by the lane 
Regulation by which the Civil Lift's Share in fome Datiei 
ii«minilhed, its Share in other Dnties be iocreaCEd, the 
Advantage occalioncd by that Regulation in one Cafe, aqkt 
not in Jullice and Honour to be admitted, lb far as itwiH 
amount, as a Compenfation for the Damage occafiosed in 
the other i This, Sir, is a fui and a true State of the Qk- 
ftion, without that Difguife of compenfating a Right which 
we actually take away, by a Right which we do Dot pre- 
Having thus ll-atcd the 'Queltion in its proper Litht, I fiull 

{ MS ) 

tbr Vtlu* of jol, a Year. 6 thai upon Uu: whole he *">"7;_«»«. 
" be > Giincr lo the Amount o( 30 1. a Yar. Jo thii 
I mall alk nvry &uiiUr-Gciiilaiun thatbcnnnc, 
Ifny Neighbour ouKbc, in Pruiknce. to pTCvrac my ouksag 
dMt Cut or Wucitinun (btuugb bit Etiue at toy onti £x- 
pCMC I or if be could cither in Jufticc or Hoqout pretcod* 
' ; I fWfht to give him 10 1, s Year out of my Ellue> in 
npcnfadon Ibt tbe 20I. a Year, be pretendi be h to iofe, 
the Cut or Wuei-ditin through his E&tte 1 I 
no Gctitlemtn will f»y be couid in Prudence refido 
or iaJuSicc in&A upon tbe other: Yet, ia thii 
, the Ctxcpeiiiation lie receives for tbe Right I take 
ihom hbn, uitn from b Right I do not give, a Right 

tntitled to before I took ibc other fnm bim. 
Hi<rjng BOW, I dunk, Sir. demoatinunl, thai, if the 
the Civil LiH may futlata by the prefcm Rcgulaibn. 
tBflidc cood by the Incmlc in the Ejcak on Beer and Ale 
hy ihc prefetii Rcgohtion, we .tre neither ia 
' Mr Hvoour obliged to give sdj' other Com pen ful ion. 
give up the tnhcr QQCition, and admit, that we are 
to ^wnt ft CompcnfalioD, in cafe the JLof* it iMt 
b7 tbe iBcreafe of the Excifc on fiecr and Ak, 
p, BOtwiiUbndiiig what ilie honourable OiitJcntan has 
D iin ofOptrikm, that it a not onlv probable, bat 
It, lliat the LoT* ia one Way vfdl be luScicntly made 
' the Advantage in the other. The very 'Nature of 
t* to me a fufiident Proof i for giantingi ibaC 
atcfl Pui of the prefcnt Amount of toe Cxcife pro* 
tbe Debauchci and Extrangandesof the People, 
iwdl kaemv, that tfaofe who ooce get into the Way of 
Debancbe* lo Gin, can have no RcLifli even for 
Malt Liquoni and I ant coavioccd there are 
laSancct, if any, that ever a Club of cjtcclSve 
I weal Irom a Gin-lhop. to finilli their Uebiuch 
-haute I becaule ei-cn to qsencb tlieir Tliirll they 
ly take Onail Beer or Water, and mix it up with 
' wd taaay of theui concliMC at the Uin&oiji till they 
! 6ad tbe Way to an Ak-bou(c, or even to tlicir own 
if thfy have any, but comcni tbemftlrei with the 
Scraw, whJih at foinc at thofe Pbcci they have for 
So that cvui ftoRi the Nature of the Thing wo 
conclode, that ibofe who have ooce taicen lo tbe tt- 
dtiakiBf; of Gin, gin over almoA entJiclr diinkti^ 
or Ak ; and il nc can lar ihofc fcoplc omfer a 
of r«t«ining to the dtintting uf Itrong Beer oe 
null ncaflaiily vtiy ma<h incrcaJe the Coafemp- 


AndO <). Ceo. II. 

( 206 ) 

• By the Report, Sir, of his Majefty'i Juftices of the 
Peace at HickVhall in the Month of January lalt, wc fiai, 
there were then within Weftminilcr, Holfaom, the Tower, 
and Fiiifhury Divifion [exclufive of London and South wark) 
7044 Houfcs and Shop;, wherein Geneva and other Spiri- 
tuous Liquors were publickly fold by Retail, of which thqr 
had got an Account, and that they bdicred it was very hi 
fhort of the true Number : From hence, Sir, if we include 
London, Souchwark, and the other I'lacei within the Bills 
of Mortality, 1 may modeltly compute there are lojoao 
Houfes and Shops within the Bills of Mortality, where 
Geneva and ochcr Spirituous Liquors are ft^d by Retail ; 
and tho' the People within the Bills of Mortality are com- 
puted to be but a fifth, or a lixth Part of the People of 
Kngland, yet I ihall reckon but 20,000 Houfci and Shop] 
in all the other Pans of England, where Spirituous li- 
quors are folJ by Retat', the whole being 40,000- Now 
to each of thcfe Iloiifcs I /hall allow but ten Caltomen, 
who are cxcefTivc Drinkers of Gin, fuch I call thofe who 
may drink alMut half a Pint a Day, one Day with another 1 
and ten Cultomers who arc moderate Drinkers of that U- 
quor, fuch 1 call thofe who do not drink above half a Quar- 
tern 3 Day, one Day with another. This makes in F.ngbod 
400,000 exceflivc Drinkers, and 400,000 moderate Driaken 
of Spirituous Liquors i and confidering how nniverfally the 
Cullom of drinking fuch Liquors has got in among the eon- 
mon People, Mm, Women and Children, ] bcliove thti 
' umber will not be reckon' 

( »7 )* 

Gmpdiatlon of Cln-dHakm li irlddn Bonmb, 
bincc i that the faf^M 400,000 exceflcM 
half ■ Pint a Oajr, M>d the 400,000 Enodentc 
half ft Qjanem a Day, accoiding (o liiu Com- 
but ^itijo Galloni a Day, whkh b 
l«m in a Vear, ihc i>uiic9 upon wtiich, ac 
I. aiBOUot tobut l4S.;78t ftr jfimsm i what' 
lutir^ upon itieTe Li<|uon For thi* I1/I Year, amount- 
f. and UT unnot runxfc but (liac then are 

. with r<-(p«A to the coIloCliog of thtie J>uties, 

I* h moll «<hcn. 

Eve choftn itiii new Mrthod of CaJcabdoo, Sir, oot 
I tliitik tW atbn falTe or <lcceitliit, bot to ihcw. 
nenr Mnbod we choc^c, and ffom tiw mod modcfi 
iom wa cu make, ihii geoenl Truth will always 
That by prohibiting th« Retail of Spiriiaoui Li- 
ht GWI Lift will get uioic by ilic Incrulb tif the 
B Beer tnd Ate, th^ it can loik by ilie Uctreafe of 
m ttpon fuch Licjuont And now vnth rcfv^c'^ to the 
tkiu nude npon the other Mccliod, I tv hat 

itlcineB of UM other Side ttcat di, bi E rn 

led by forae of their Anugonifi) : They ilatc a weak 
Ife Argnment foe ui. anfver it, and then iiiuiniih 
iftory they have obtaxoed. I have never hcaid tt 
■, is this Houft, nor in any any oihcr P(ji«. that 
Datiei upon Spirituous Liquon dccreafe or increafe, 

tupon fber lad Air aiull alw.nyi increjfe or dc- 
exa^ Proportion: That if the Dutin iipan ihc 
a(e or inoeafe oim filth, one fixth, or one Knth, 
Br mull ireteaft or decrcal« cnaiy one fifth, ono 
one icath, and oeither more norltfi. No, Sir. iheie 
jf other Actidnu may cofithbatc 10 the Increafe or 
: of th( lixdlr on Peer and AW, st«I therefore thii 
wi c-^nnct br eii^ : Yci I arnot a!tow, that the 
I ntentvonc^ b^ the honoiir^lc Oentleovui, could 
y rreai Infloente upon the t«ifc in 17^9 i for the 
)mlt wtt not. io fit u \ renumber, fn high that 
I tc pot oor S(CweT» Oiu of the common Way of 
1 and befidet, we koow thit ihc Strong iJiinlc 
brooomon I>nu{ht. horn whence the gtcilcA Piit 
iKifc a nSoi, a oenr ddigDcd to be kept u grot 
mn 1 fe chat in fuch Sort oT Drink the Brewen ne- 
k cf layioR op 3 great Stock to prortde lor a Year 
:it]r> Bitt I AialJ mmtioci ooc Accident, which, T 
mftm mt to fay. has grtativ cP^t^i^•!;J:! t" Wi^ up 
Jafl t<nD VcaM, ond v ivo- 

t'e Pri^iiQCeof il- . , 1 . . ., Offt 

-.n.-'M, Sir, the Ihc general Ekavon 

MMT'Oia n. 

( io8 ) 
. »■ Jm tbi> Pulisment, «ik1 the nun/ -ntj onnordinvy ^ 
jyuicil Elcdioot itut have been fincc ; for ii it ctrtu* Utt 
ihcfe £leftioa» itii] Oifpuln have added greatly to tiw Coh 
fumpDOB of Beer and Ale, tao' I tu«« acvcr jret bcanl of « 
Cwididxtr. who tmu6 hii Yolcii a Wttoriln niih Ctio. 

' And h&iy. Sir, wich rdpeCl la the Fropofition tKu Dif 
oudc to ui, I am fuiprilird ta hc4r the hoaourablc Gcatir* 
nan &y, (hiE it alccn the Niiureof the pfcirat Kftiblfifc- 
tncnt of the Civil Lift i (at upoa the contnry, it purfoo 
cioflljr (he Nuuic of thic EllablilhmcnE : With icfprfi s> 
the fnhnt Civil US, (a far is the Parliament Huhh oUigd 
to make il good, hii Mafe&y it acccmntable i for he CMMC 
nuke anjr Ltemand upon the Parliamctit. till he hai bid a 
yicc-tuDt of the Civil LiS Keveniiu before iheoi, to order 
to (bcw thcffl the Dcfickncr : By the Propofuioti dow bdbie 
«t, we are to enlarge thai kilabhriimcni. we vr to t/bBf/i 
outfclrct to nuke a future Sum jrculj'good to h!A MajcAyi 
and J hope the hoooatablc Gentleman would not havr oi bf 
oarTelTes under l\>eh in Obhg^tioQ, and at the Umc Tom 
put it in tJke Power of any future MiniAer to conic and |dl 
itt, H-heDcrcr he fleaCb. thai there hu a Oeficiency a* m 
chat further Sum i a&d that therefore he tadiAed upcm ub 
niKkiag it (ood, wiiJwot laying any Aixotuu bcfim na tarn 
whence that Deficiency migtit appnr. 

* 1*0 condude, Sir, from the whole that Ku been tad 
tipoo this Subje^, it appan cviilcnt to mct (hu if tie 
Stfrplui of the Civil Lift Oiouid be diminfhed by whu we 
a;e now about, we are no: obli^ lo make it good : Tku 
if we urrr obliged to nuke the t^l* good, it oo^ht not to 
l>e CAmpvted at 70.000 1. frr Mwum : Tluu if it boaU tc 
conpiited at 70,000 1, frr Jnaum, tt a Apparent dot it vil 
be nude good by the Increale of the £xcile : TKit If tUi 
tvcrc fiot apporani, the Propofition now made to us wdl fill- 
ly anfn-er uiat t'ltccrbiiiiy ; Tha tho PropofitioD mv Mdto 
M tu it eica&ly cosformable to the Nature of the prfw 
EflabUJhmcat of the Civil LiA ; and that if it «vn« SM, k 
il bcniinc ncccfliur. by the Oenund aaw node ii;«n « h 
&n>ur of the Cinl Lift i (b that ia no Cafe on 1 find ay 
Iteafou for taking fach a Sum as 70,000 1, a Vcar fr™ Ite 
Siiilcing l-'und i and tbetcfotc I cannot agrre t hai thti Cbaik, 
in the prrfeni Form, fbould Aaod Part af the Bill* 
frwiw^iiW I Tl* QticltioQ being ibcti put, Co amc v>iUi the Ctuasii)* 
?y-'^Z**y,^tte tn the AaienJnienti mMe ta thIiUaBie, it «*«1. op^ 
nT^a Dirifion, carried in the A£ntutiiT, hr 18] to 1 10. 

jffrilb. The lloufc rtfumcd the Coti^entioaof ttv Re- 
t iron the Comitiiuee on the BiQ foe wrvtatiitfi ilw 
1 of SnuitnocM. IkuBtk. 4kcn th^ /eaakiiio C 

* OOtUng £a tllis A& contained (li.-ilt extern), or be cooflrued auw 9 (jml n 
' to extend, to charge with any of the Dutici ditcftcd 10 . _ .1 ^_ 

* bv f»ii. kried, or collcflcd, by thii Aft, uty iipirits or .,«;i..v ij«;r4 

* Strong Wweo, to be nude iino tfcc Lii^uor CMnmoolj- J.'^.I^^Uf*^ 

* called Panch, to be rtlziled :ntA cooianiCd in iKc Houfe, n^'th'ttftt 

' or Hoafci, of »«y PcrTon, or Ptfrion*, keeping > pcblick >'"««•''*'«■ 
' Inn, Cofltc-houfe, Viflaalling-houft, or Ale-lMufe, who 

* (hall have been firft ricenfed w icU Wine. Beer, Ale, or 
< other Llquon, or ta lubjcO (be Makert, or Retailers oF 
' ilie faiJ liiquor called Punch, 10 lake out Licences from 
' the CoflUBiifliODen of l^xcif«, u herein before directed for 

* Rttj'ten of Spiiiicous Liqiior;, or Strong Water*. Pto- 
' ridrd the faid Liq^uor called Punch, (o to be retailed und 
' coniLimod St nforefiid. be tnfide ot mixed with two ihird 
' Pant Water ftt the leatl, in the Prcfence of the Buyer, 

* and tliat the Spirit with which the laid Uqoor is 10 b; 

* oude. be not fold, or rvtsilcd. In .1 left Qii^nnry rhan one 
' Pint, or u a lefi Price than uftci the Kate of 5 >. /tr 
' GaUcn : and all and ever; PMfon, oi PerfiHU, sOing coo- 

* trary hereto, flail forfeit the Sum of 5 1. lor every Of- 

* fence, one Mwcty ibereof to the Infofincr, 01 Prufccutor, 

* that Hull infotm or profecute for the fame, the oiher 

* Morety (o hii MajtQjr, liu Heirs and Socceflort : And the 
J* Proof that the fame whs (b mixed and fold at fiich Price 
P Sf arordatcl, lliall lye on the V'endi-t or hVlIn- thEieaij 

* aod not nn (he Intoriner or Proreruror.' 

The Argumeiiti m Favour of (be faid Cbofe KCre U ^> Axrvmin ^: 

■ At iheCmnphint, nhidi OeolioneJ (he bringing; to nf 
tbi* Bill wu chiefly aim'd agaioil the exccffive Ufe of Hojiie- 
madc Spirit) amoDg the comtnon People, which proceeded 
imiirely from the low Price, and from the Liberty many 
Perfiiiu tnok to retail them without a Lkatce, I have alwayn 
been of Omnimi, that the Kvil complained of might huvc 
been cared, without laying on foeh htxvy Dmlti 31 wt'.I 
unt to a ProhtbiiioR of the ftct-til of all diHilled Spirilti- 
lani Liqoon ; Howrrcr, ai the Confumption of Rum, when 
nude into Punch, ha ocvci occafionc^ the Jeaft OompUiei, 
lad at (hatCbmfumption is of vety grcai Codfequcncc to 
this NatioQ. I mult beg Leave to offVr a few Words is h> 
VOitr «f the OauCc propot'd- 

* I believe. Sir. no Gcntlenun ta this Houfe it i|;nflrarit 
nf the prcfent declir.ii>g Siate of our Sugir-Colonio : Thrir 
Circuvttocci have been of late fo fully laid before parlU- 
nmi, ftn-f "-vf n. M-.r. win ha* a Regard lor hit Felltyw ^.V 
t&. or ■ Coiwrrr. ir.uil be (chtUy Xd^ct.- 

dwhb,^,.. ... ^,,..,..^.,.u. TfctJr RjTalj in Oic %«g>t- 

( ato J ^ .,_ 

"*** "■ T'"*'* *"J''y * ""^' '^'^' ^ fertile SoiJ, ■wbtch pitSom 
[Jecdfully wUteui grral Labour or CxpcDcr. Thru Itirih 
liv« alraotl (juitc lrc« from Taxn, uul wiiboflt bcioj » 
ttic Expcni:c of niAktng any PrdetiU to tlicir Govtnwn, a 
evta of maintaining And i«pftinii{ their own Fom and Ck> 
tiSiaoi ; while Tbcy %rc bcavQy tolled nith Taxes opoo £>• 
pons at well ».< Impom, aixl obUgcil to py lufc Sdiha 
10 thcii Governon, itnd to nuintuin and repur ihci/ iy*« 
Ftiftitiftttioni : Their Rivaji hare a Li'xny ol* rcpofURt 
(heir iigats dirrtlly (o any Mvket in Ivuropc. wlule Thif 
remain under a NccclGty of bnding crcrji Ounce in Bo'Cm, 
asil arc thereby obliged lo pay doubic Fmghi. <lost>Ie Cemr 
milTtofl. and a gnat nuny othier aaaeceBuy Coirgo. TluJi 
Ilir).irjtniigcs luvc alrradv, I hri afratiif mtiii* lu l«& (ft« 
fi(nc£: of lufiplying any Poitign Mukn mth Si^u>i at 
iu fucli Circumtlaocet aa it be upciled, ihu the I'll- 
liitncn: of Great Britain wiD, witlioat any N<tcfSly. auk* 
a Kcgalition for tailing fratn our Siigai-Coiookt tbcoiff 
M.iitc! they hm-p trfi ' 

'\pBfl<d to l«vc tea, k 
r 1 A»' Dit'codtagement ftni 

irf i on liie cootrai^', I expc&d t« ton 
1-- .^Li'Jtu. snd the bcitconcicncdMcafiifaala* 

Jor relieving them ftotn dl ibr Dibdw>iast» they at pttec 
laf^-^.i. r.lcri and for putting ibcm, at kill!. •■•'--' "• --"' 
1 [h iheii Rival) in the Sugar-Tr 

luii i.ii^iii lan'c perhaps enabled ui to ic^;.iin mi; c<r*ii 
1VC hvrc ioll, of fupplyint; I-orcit;'> Mariicu with that Wo*- 
niL'^iiy ; but il wt ditiiiniih ihc .'i;i!e ol their Sogaii or ihac 
li.!,.i-. in GrdE Bfiuiii, Mithout ciuUtiig ihcm Co {end ii « 
l->;r, i :-. by teinoving (he UiUdnuiiagci they «s 

now . .0, iheir Rnrab inay be lu thofoughl/ eft^lA- 

c(l III i.K Ifd^:*-, that ii will be iinpoiEbk for w to trg^** 
nay. the T«y l(Uiid» whcir our :}ugan an hiw yndnprf 
oi^y be abuuioncd > and then intlead of lu|mlying Potcfiwm 
It ^'.ill U inpoSihk for ui to fapply osruho, otW' » lo 
Sujptn or Run, tvhicb rouD of CMrb be moKled ■■ 
iniiiiic Vol), ED ihc Nation, 

' Ln IU confider. Sir, what vail Quutitia ci 
fiftatti of all Kindt are yearly feot from *'■ 
cnr fevcral Sugar<lllit^i, and rtOBi ibncc 
grratlj' litc Valoe of o;ii ' laall be •ii!i\,i 

•I itJeif V>d<jU be an int. ;t> the JittlioB 

■ 'i-i. w Kara trjni timic iHr 
< rtlamptun. our Lad leouki 
(I'iUjIlu , IM r -.ftiou «ouU be Ufjimi tn^ 

tilt t tcmh ICu- ' ;tiat vVt N ^v: ^ ««« Xm^ijrti fi<a 

I-creign CouoM««» "axw^ ^ wseSkifttttAt teftieiijtA. 


( »■! ) 

e Value Of otir I^xporti K-o«lld bejN&tly 
aw (hit wiwU nfcit ou; B-ilaiwc of Tn^c, 
u oaf NLinuUfturct hero at Home, 1 lexft ercry 
.in io judge. 

Titc Oitfin up.Tti Sugin ccKifuincd in Gtat BtiiAin 
lud u amo.iTTt to nnr i]o,oool. n Vear, ind ai 
pAv bgt J J. fid. frr aondtc^I V^VgVi, v.e 
Nce conclude, il«i tlw Sagxn corr »r- 

ind DiLifl amount to aIidv-c 70C/< i rd 

1 1 10 if wc wcrt obliged lo pttrcliiJc from i-r-iicc 
Sti^;iit tu\xStry for our liomc-Conrainpitun at (be 
d. fir ?<)«nj, wlikk KaiiM proUiblv \<t il<c OCe. 
iri-.l -. . . 1 - .,.,,.1,} ca,ry ytjjljromof lliii King- 
ig : To (fait let us add tfce Mo- 
1 -.<.t .i.i.-^.k trc cairiexl oui oT die Njttian 
> j and Ihe til) Sunu tbit inufl ycuty be »r* 
iii^iand, and our Nortiicra Colontti, (Or tlie Su* 
uRi iliey ll.-itid in need of j and ftoin thcfti iwa 
'Illy, »« nmtf, I think, coniJudr, iliat by 
i;^ fiii£i?-Tn<l<^ only, the RiUncc of I'rade 
'. u«- Thai Irt as wtfi- 

'jilt iTC DO'-V Ctrtp'rr.c.f. flt 

and AcnMd. in the piwlu^ioit ar. ^ 

1 wbai *art Number* o( out MiL_ . ill 

cw-fri/d in pov{ding NfCcihrici and L'tcnblt 

- ^r.l .,^1,,! 1 Nnnbicrof our Stamen arc yearly 

^ our Sogtn ami Kum lo Oreai 

iV'i:i inriiLZ Wt ( ■--- 1-- '■■■■-- ^.i-v 

Ccoptc, crpeci'dll) I'l- 

f '■■■ haw cop.tijrj.i:^}' ^m i'u;^:r, .trii. ^\■.■.^\ 

n itiuA Im rcduud by thr IjiG uf ]l>e 

>viui ii liillof warfc C> cc. ud 

: tT> conlidcf it. all tItc .ill th« 

< .il Force we may m itut C4K lofct 

: to (hat Kingdom fram whi£?i wc 

iave tiie moii to fear. 

:,ruv ^ir, icprcfciucd n> you Ikr (and Coctfc- 
<i the Li}fi of die'nidr moil be 
■ -^-■nCder how thai TraJe euy be af- 
ji. I bcbcve it wiH be gnntcd, 
" nit any Thing of our Sugai- 
Lc Di&idvaiiuigca they lie tia- 
^ 1. \\v\Liil be impolGble for (hem fo cairy on 
•T to jti>»iuce any Sttgara, If (bey kad not a 
Hum it the Price it now hnn-, tlx.-troea 
: mi> laWiTiU ieiTrnng that i'ricc. mult be 
Uk ituin of uiir S>-^:ii Tduc. Now W the 
of iSf dmnuxlity i: .Vircccd, tHe 'iaxiuitY 
D d X tuoo^i 


'U brought to Maiket muA E>c Uftmed, or the Pric« will 
of Coarse, aodiu ihc Confuinption uf Rum will ccit 
br vrry murli (liRiibiHietl hy this Bill u tc row iUjiok, 
mult dficldde Uiat our Sugji>It;in[«i> cannoc h^vc ■ 
Silt to: their Rum it ihc Price it now beau, if ihcjr «»■, 
lioBC 10 produce .1 ' thty do at ffcrrnt : AaJ 

lt)(a Icnoiv, ihu uui . ^ ndt arc not 6t for pfigduc 

nny Thing (hai can luoi to Account but Sugan uid Rti 
f[> tha: il Mc {mt it oec of ibcir Poncr to get » Sale I 
xhtm, 3t fucli a Price a ihry may fubAR b)-, a gtcat N< 
fcer of ibem miifl ucellirity leivc our IlUiids and fttt' 
mon^ (br Ftcnch in Hirponiola oi Si Lucii, wberc 
Gtound faflicieni for thcoi all, un4 whetc t^*^ 
D(iubi meet with ETKOumgemciJt, The fe. 
lift Hfoo o«r own liUnJi may tJicii, pcrSnp-, j;ti ^ yr 
I'licc for the Sogsr and Rum they produce, braufc we : 
(■eit4iiily endeavour, hy Pro' ' ird bigh Datio,' 

pocdi the Iinport*i^on of fy. . f>. Ram oi Brntdfl 

f III iw cinnac in fath C-ifc jinjiiji't :ir fell any at j Iwcip' 
M^rkrt,: AikI even with rcfueil ioo<-ir IIome*Cor''iirn^&< 
Me know taw JinjxiQlblc it ii (o picvcot thi: 
OMifutapdoti. of any fwrign CoromodJty, i' 
grtat Advanuge to be got hy runoitig it upon to. 

■ Wr know. Sir, tJui in oonc but oar own Mj-hfm rio 
'' '.tn cja fell any great fj^antity of ' 

ti.. . ,., ^.'^c wtich a nt prelcnt etiuai ia Value ;^ »■ 
Pitt of nU thfir cti.ei I'loducV, : If tSen by the 

I ■'-■ we (ItDiinilli by occ half ilie prcicni CoA^d] 

I ;.; our Sugar-PUnicn can difpoSc of it no *he)i, 

•. '. .■ itifolutetjr renii ' ■ 

(T 1,-irtr .. liii'c PttxinCi:, 

End. I uri ^tnjd, ii ni(-;t i..jii si.y ih^ ut >..: ^'.(iU 1 
te'-- (ran msk? fVir Profit i^ btmf^lf. Fti.~ i.-.m 

t . il it i», I i: 

j, -. :i - :iipll')n of Hui . 

in I'unch, (aul c^rT given Occnfion t« 
r - --,>■,'.•.,, •T.J of, or eifen tf wc could h-if. .. 
'c It bcxnc mott ('Ami, fiuRil, m 
r.-. . ..1 dtherCafc. I "■■ '.' ' ' ■! 

j' I,"! ibe fmin^ cf oi- 

diJ'it'y I. 

-rtv m e-. ; 


t »'3 > 
■sr ciB milce an cxri>flive I'ie of Rum : It it 
either bjr iciclf, ar wboi made into Poncb, but 
llcr Sntii utd by ukiiie from ilicm PuiKh, <nc 
ihrow llidii iDM the Way of lihntun); Wiar, 
be a glutei Expencc to them, and t(> thf Nation, 
idt. Sir, ii it no: tlic CcttCitinpcioa of Rum only, ihm 
t juninilhcd b^ pruKibiling ilte Retail of lunch, tbc 
ptption of Sngir likcwifc wiU be area:!/ liimJniflKd t 
no People may AM make ufe of Puncli ai their own 
|c know :IuC oui Pejple do not tuach Tike Enter- 
uiotber'* Houfcs : From ilint Spirit of li- 
_bI M them, and wbick I liope bo Minilier 
' able 10 looi ouc, they lilu to be at a Publick- 
\ja rcjual FuiiHitjg and a £ur Club ; and thcrclbrc 
jie that tbc Confuniptiaa at tlicir own Houfet 
_j near (be Q»\niiiv fofOiciJy coofumcd. Wo 
ifar Pcpflc fnxa the Ufe (m a Liquor almofl 
□ced by iHc Induftry of our own !>ubjefb, ro tbe 
Liquor [jf :tUcoA by Fotrigncts, with whom we 
il lx!i«Tc, all the Kcaibfl io Ui« ^('oI)ll to be per- 

Bid h^ve been gtid. Sir, to luve kai chii Bill fo 
tA bivc ItTt out People the Tiee Ufe of Rum i 
~Io<:rc fecm^ to be of Opinton that thit H^uld 
(uf evadii'^ till' Att i nnd as the Claufc h dniwri 
uner, at to pieienC ii* bring poiliblc to draw 
etiiod of tviiin^_ ihc Latv ; or puctinj; (t ia 
th^ ctantnoa PcojtU to maJte an txae&ve \JCb 
■sd ai so Kit! Conrcijutacc can mctim from pcr- 
Vla oi ic among ibe betur Sort, I hofw the 
I xgree lo n ' 
It «m intwcr'd bv Ux Adrocatn fin the BiO, u *'«>■«>■> 

j[btlieCucipliin::, Kliichcccaiioned Uie btingittg 
^U BOW h'lnr^ I'i. ttTfT (Kleily aimed againlt tbe 
of H imong the comiDon 

:I bclk u, ihiit (be Ufctvcn 

of Uiir Vciin btcoine too uc«(£ve. It i» 
xiw I ' iilJ.'nbfy tilt: Namber «f oar PuttcJl* 
i^hin tbe& few Vcan. and how oiDcfc 
. :-] by pEilbni of all Degrees, cJpe- 
' of retailing Punch in fb tnul! Qoin- 
be pnttiftJ : I'lni ire may be ufliircd 
ot A>ivcnt(i-n»'iii tcLiimK to fuch 
^ ' ' I T«tt«>l in oai Ncws-r^jwn Tot 
■jd V ererj- fiich llouCe U a 
^•»i M l:; IKjj-af our P«^ for i«i\;r v. 

abfolatety DecifTir^ to temoTc thtia out of t 
leafl to IcfTrn the Numbct of them ta titacli U we cii 
I da rot. Sir, in (t.e lull qudtlon but this Evil w» twf- 
(e«n Tcvtial Year) ago : boi, unons the nuny AdvinbfD 
«« cnjo/ by the Niluie of our CoDBinhoa, \vf -t" 
foTcd to ihb iDcanrirnitiKC, that It tk felcloin p: 
(0 p«vrM an Evil, till it becoa>» fo appucnt at i.i ix- itj 
Blmoft fay rrcry Mm in the Kingdom i *sii in Uic prifcM 
Cafe, though the Evils now compUined of vrrt hmtfti 
i^KB Ytan fince, yet it u cciiatn that no PtOpoltttcM Ir 
picrrDttrj then) woald then have mrt with any kccqideiii 
em tie contrary, if any foch hod then been c ^c tf J . I 
belictc whoever Oiould hsvc propofed it, wo>i 
looked en 81 a Madtnin : Yet I ;ini conrincf.: 
be giADictI, that the paCng fudi a Bill would have beea d 
gieat Service to the Nation j and the Otjes:!''"' "r i.i^r'M 
» Nutrber of People out of thrfi Way of (■■: 
Families, would not ihca hare been fb flrotig a> i^ < 
feiU. Thij it the Cafe of every gcntxal Nutmce. v. 
my» cocttibutei to the Adv:uitage of fome pAttieui^; tc 
ftHit, who will oppoTe iu Rcmotal at long u they r«. 
bjt when itoonet to be fenfitiiy felt, they muS f 
tnit : aiid the Advant;>Dc ci CanveotcncC of puiici. 
fons ia not to be Konaid, 

* 1 am fctifible. Sir. of the ptefeni bad Q'.Ttr,TrMoai4\ 
oarSugU'CDlonio, and ai lici^roui lo t: ' I inlAH^ 

tbey conij^liin nf rcmorcd, at any Ccntlcr. i : -. H 

tlM^refftre I Bull readily concur wiilt lay Mealum 
ticlicf, ilint do not tend to tlic Ruin of [Keir M-^' 
by : B(i[ for the Sate of cnmungirp the Sjle ( 
Of &»gan, I camtoc fubmic (o (he Conilnaanct ^. 
jnity, which will eTidculy tend to dc^ioj- the IU 
ItdoraU of the Poopfe of Great Britain. For tiui h(^icr ■ 
ua araiidl making any nxtc]^!»>ni lo the Bill now fae£** 
Ml : The Dilulc we we now fuT ' of, the 

we have in our Mandi, do not : (hit Pr- 

wiih ary l*;<lliHlivr which mjy JcfivJi, j-riiiTi- 
wot its l-ffrO,, We may hnd many Mtllitoh t 
Sugar-Colon tr* a full Compniraitua fof the i 
thry may he fol^cfted to hy ihi* Bill i fan :' 

Sraufcd bv the Eiil! now bcfrtrc v\. it it a 
iflncm N»iurr, ind will thtTrfoie re*)*!;. . : , -- 

Tbit wfr tn-iy noi I^^h*?* be »b!e to acewnpbfh in the p*- 
Jint SeCon, but their Cut may be fully eximiiwd '-*" '^ 
frfe ihc MKi, juid ifrnfo't RiUtt br gnntcd, rm! 
men TiiBt tbcit Lm cuDOt be very corfidcnUt. 



t «.s ) 

I /loD n&t, Sir, difiwte the Caaftqiteaee of ojr Sugif- *»» j^on. 
Suuh 10 tkii Kinj^oiB, or Ui iKiog R Lob to ibcni ig IcCca "^ 
E ConTuinputui oi' tbcir Bum lo Citat Bnuin ; but I 2m 
avinced ihxy might tell ihcit Rum cliupcr, and yet have 
kCanGdcnblc Pntit. If the/ Stould lower tlie Price of 
Rum but a. V€xy little, tk^ night find a Vent fix it 
I m.-iity oihtT PlMMy a \'citi, which uiXiU b« moic than 
;ieot for anrwci^inK the foull Diiataaiioo, tliA[ nuy by 
law be (Kulioned in the Confianptioo of U in Great 
iutn I and that Foreign Vcot, would be more to th« Ad- 
tnrnp: of their native Country than felling the (ame C^iai- 
ky at double the Piiu to be coafuned ia thii IQaod. Ji i» 
(bcrcforc againil the eenenl Incercti of thii Country, to en- 
coaragc the Homc-CoRfuinption (o much, at to enable oar 
Plaucn to fell all tbey caa make at a high Price in Great 
BritntD i aod on (b« othtr Hasd it u our Duty to take all 
poffl>le MealuKi for enabling them to IcU ji at j cheap Rate 
to FoT«igitcts ; for if the Price of Rum could be ib much re- 
doccd, *i thai it might be putchaftd cheaper tbaa Bruuly 
or GcRcvfl, vail Quaiuitici of it would be ccofviiKic) in 
Nonh America, in Africa, and in the Coustriei boidcring 
upon the Biltick ; aod ercn ai Home the Coafumptiao of 
Kmch aad FIcmifli Btasdm would be vtry taaat dtrai- 

* I do not know. Sir, but by probibitiiig tbe Retail of 

Purtch. rune fmall Addition may bt made to our Confuoip- 

(ion of Wines i bat then it will be with rdbe^t to Port 

. Wines Mllyi and at out Trade with Portugal \t, ia the 

lin, « very pra^tible Tndc, it !» out Ittteiei) to encourage 

. mixfa a* we can : However, I rather think oiod of 

wbo nled to driflit Putwh. will drinl: i-iiie Ale and 

BgBcCfi or tholic (kmcniade Winn whkh ne «&ll 

« 1 and it is IS much the laterrd of the Nation to eo* 

: rhc Confotnptton of tliete Lit^uots, ai chat of any 

Bf iNcn*liri£ the Corirumjiitoa of Fine Ale and 

ng Beef, we Iball ei-counge the Tillage of our Lands ia 

it Britain ; and by iucrcafing the ConkuiiiMion of Hoiac- 

Wioe!, wc Hull crxoongc the Trade of ouf liiigar- 

Is, becaufe in tlie mafcuig fiicb there vt great Quan* 

. of ^o^r ated i &> ilutt If thev fbould become of a* 

ral VCt as Punch ii at orelieoi, oar Dcnuod for Sa^n 

necellarily be incrciM. 

I'o cbnclu<lc, Sir, if you exempt Punch Uwn tbe Da- 

> br unpuUd by ihit Bill, you will render it tltoectber 

^aal I for under the Naioe of ibe Liquor ejemptrd, 

SpK of SpirituatB Li^Bor niU be rrt^lcd : Ou 'Onvf 

aj»d oirr CM-Shops usU tiien be aU tamei int,o 

«jH, oarPcofJe wUl b* ai nvch debauched, axA 


{ 3t« ) 
our Btnea » Tali oF Oinefh of Pity and Concetnpt u mr, 
Fot thi* Beafort, Sir, I am for makine nn Expcrimeoi, c 
leill. fur <XK Ycu, of the Bill ai it Ihnut sr prrlcni : Aj k 
h a very c\intordtiuU7 R«gulitron, we Ouxll ptotabty in aefl 
Stffion ii3vc O<cafion n nulte feme Altcntioiu : By tks 
Tune vt-e lli&ll Trc what FIToCt the diminilhinf tbe R«ii tf 
Pcnch will hire opon our People ; we fhall lilccwife tar wfac 
EiTeft it may be Itkc to hare upon our Sogat-CoJooics. it 
tbe mnu 'lime the Prohibition cinnot be attended with isr 
CJttnuirdtiiary bod Etfe£i, and thendore 1 ftuU be oekIsAM' 
the Claufe which the hooouiable Gcademu ou vo- 

hiw'STr* '^° **''' '' *'* nftiti bj- thcMcmben, wIm were br dK 

" " Cbuft: 

• When tlic hoootfttbk GtflUooaii [Sir J»fitii 
vy«i pleated to find Ksnlt with the great Nambe; 
PuncIi-HoBkcj, 1 wifli he had uliJcd X'''^^' *"' ^'' :--.^ - : 
for I \m cnnrtnccd ibe great Nambeiof the lauc- :' 
iiAt k Grievance ns the former i And tuve cottrivc 
TenpUiioas Tor People to luilcr awny their Tine ; 
luboufided Ltbcity (o man/ Vesrigiven to lettinc fli< 
Hoalef of all Ktndi, proceeds fmen an Enor lo t'- 
by which it n-3) the InKreH cf ihok to mnJtipljr bci 
fei, who only had the Koiver to prcvaiu their Inerrale i m, 
Sir, t) the triM Ctufc of tHat prt>d!gtou> NuRibcr at l-{o«h 
of Emeiuiiiincm let up in vvttj ?sat of thii Kinjdor 
iba Pon-efOf (bote, to whom we hid given ui Iti:> 
fiich Houlv*, hn« been To conAiIer.iblc, thai it wu . 
for srr rretiT'niinr th propofc j Remedy. Koturiiiii- 

L \\-xi univerfally rsifcd iniaA Ciit^ 
c l^ijaoflaBMiigtf the Liiauiuu: ?<•• 

pl^fi I doubt much )t «y could haveapplMdanjr cfi^i 
tnedy. ifntel* l>Dine Pcrfoct Jiad idiid u their lutcrdi lu '« - 

oar r ^ too gTcai j but there ■> ■ grcit 

mce cciMTKi Ko^mi j Nimiber, and none at aJI . hf 
Pio^lloft now made, the RHaitifg of Punch miII l< 
fioed to K V ■ . :'! r (Iron;; LHjUor^ . 

be fold, ^' .tiy mucq d : 

bee cif Ei4f 1' Kv . ,uid wWre Mrft mc u 

duck :■■■ cih, : dror^ Ij^uot, I can te nti 

iK^ ailoweti {otliink PaccJi, t 


:Q»or u I 
./.....I \j.> 

e»ii be 

< >«7 ) 
iViimd, A»t thereby tht Lnhoar tai ladoBry of ell mr Pea- *"*^f. 
jpfe hu b»n very much <iiRur.iil>cd, and (hereft>rc ( wiAi 
ibmc dFcfloal Reltrain:s had bna Uid Qpoa ihoJu, ubo luve 
the ?ower of gnating fuch Lkenc«'i. Though l^« publicl: 
'lood certainly rM|iii(ci An itnmcdijttc R«Amini upon tlur ex- 
Qtc Ufe of Spiricuout Liquon, yet [ cannoi fhirik [bit a 
iKibilion of idling any fucli iji;ucH] l>y ilciaii, cTpccuilIy 
I -wrfcen they arc rcfUlini fay Waier, or niiiic into Punch, un 
Die aljJoOuidy nwrflkry : Nay. tf fuch a Prohibition vtre 
ptcccllity, oiy Coocera for tbc Numben of Pcorle ubo Mtv 
li*i; by that Reiafl if fuch, tfat 1 flwuIJ lathcr be for intro- 
^djdi)0 the Prohibitioo by Degrew ; by which Method n ge. 
iral Ihfttefi would be pfcvcnicd i because (bmc u'OuU die 
the mean Tiiue. and the leil wooM have Time to p.-ovidc 
UkIiIkkkI in {ome other Way. 

'I'hu Bill would, I believe, have met with very llttit 
ncocff, if it bad not lircn fupporlrd by ancihcr PropvAlfan 
trbicli ii sow nude Part ot it. I itull admit. Sir, that 
who find n piivaic TntcrcA in any publick Nulaiice, 
Enetally endcavoar to oppofr iu Reiv^val, even alihai^h 
'ry Mrc fully (cD£bl« that their CodUry muft he ntMi by 
^liniuncc. Ot' fuch Men, I am afraid we hm too 
ill chii Kingdom^ but I hope not our in ibi& Ilwife. 
Yilh rcfpefi tv oor Sugar -CoIotiic>, Sir, I am lurftifed 
hcai {gch Kearoniiig upon thit Subjcfl. They may pro- 
lUy be niiaed by prohitucinf* the Ketail of their Rum in 
)rcat Sfitaia ; but Gcnilcnicn (ay. we may gi»e them a full 
ifcttfativn ibc ncxtSclUan i nhich to me Item! the lane 
I if 1 (huuld lay to a Man. I mnll now knock your Brains 
It, hot next Year I'li do fooicihing to bring you to Lite 
in : Pot God'it Sake, Sir, let ui confi4cr the uiUonunate 
ife of mmy of our Sugir-lllani)^. whofe whole Soblilteitre 
" I ijpoo (he Sale of that Moiety of their Rom, wiiich 
by ihii Bill to deffivc ihcni of : Tbr Produce 
' prefi^M Cri-pof Sugin, and the ochrr Moi- 
n. may be ne«iliry for defnyingthe Charge 
u Year's Croi> ; aiiJ if ue difappomt il^-tn in the 
. ^ ibey deiignf j for fubiitUng iheir Families, fhcy 
luii bwax m apon the Stoclt ncceSiirj 1«t pfoducuig another 
9p I by which Meant e«ry Sugar- PUoitr. who a not be- 
thaml Vinh ihe World, mufl ncccAa/il) be nodonc: Thi* 
pcrfuadcd will be the Cafe cf mpH of oat f^->'I Pi^n- 
and IB ihem we know the Strength of out Su :i 

ixiSs i tho' the Regubtioiu we arc next Year t<j > .. . 

a CompenlatioD to iholo who qui (land liie Shock. 
<> Pictence for frying that the Vie of Rom when 
Punch, for one Vtar Igogcr, will deftTO^ iVi« 
JLU ur Mcndi ofUx People of Grwl BriU^B , xJieieTott 


A^no 5 

t zi3 ) 
why fhould we do an Injury to our Sugar- Planters, 'till wc 
are ready to grant them a proper Redrers ? W)iy fhould we 
prevent the Sale of their Rum in Great Brtt.iin, 'till we have 
made fuch Regulations as may enable them to fell it to Ad- 
I vantage at fome other Market ? 

' We are told. Sir, that our Sugar- Planters might fell 
their Rum much cheaper, and yet hate a confiderable yearly 
i'rofit from their fcveral Plantations ; hut I wifh that for: 
of Rcafoning had been foanded upon Pafls known to the 
Houfe ; for I believe, if we were to examine our Sagii- 
Planiers^ they would give us ftrong Reafons for convinciog 
us. that in their prcfcnt Circumlbmcet it is smpulEttlc to fell 
their Sugars ot Ram cheaper. We all fcnow how dear liriflg 
it is in our Sugir-Illandr, what Taxes they pay, ind wlut 
moiUlrouii Prices- they give for their Slaves, und for every 
Thing elfe neeefiijy for (he Produflion of Sugars ; We like- 
wife knawatwh^C a chc?.p Rate hodi Sugan and Rmnare 
fuIJ upon the Spot where they arc produced, ajid if we com- 
pare the Expense and the Profits lojeiher, the linpoIIibdT7 
of felling cheaper willfully appear, It eertainly would be 
an Aiivatitnge to the Nation, to enable our Sugar- Finn ten to 
fell tiicir Rura at foreign Markets rather than Jn Great Bri- 
tain i bill it is not the Piice the poor Planters fell it at, which 
prevents its being fold in foreign Markets ; it is the wifs 
R^ulations we have made here at home ; for wc fecm to 
have taken Care to prevent its being in their Power to i3if- 
pofe of their Rnm at any foreign Market: In the foft 

( X19 ) 

I be nmiuii£ (be Rift of nuaing intiitl;* out S«igw- *»«« on-c 


lid. Sir, that upon oar prDhibicioe the Rrcsil of 
r Pccple will f^ll omurally into iiic drinldtig of 
Sirtiii){ Beet, and Homc-mjidc NVina. I wilti it 
e (o 1 uid I am convinud Uk putting a Siop eo the 
rSpiniBOiu Uquota, will Bcrra/c the (^rontption of 
ina A'C, l)io' itiii hii been douol. or at hut taMh 
of, by tfic {*mt Gciitleinca in a formci Ocluu on 
\i bat u far moA of our Punch-Dnnkeis, itiry 
Jly the buter Sort of our People, aod moR of 
I bll itiio the drinking of foiciKn Winn, twhkh 
Viill not be goofiaai (o the Wino of PoitugiJ 
IJspaiiiAuid Jtalian Wica wdl certainly cono 
Ire, AS Mvll u French Qiireti. A> tat cat 
Win«, the Ufcof tbcm will onrer bocooie ib 
the Ufi! of ?tm^ ; and unleti ihii tii>pcnj to 
fC*ttt ovi Sugat'Colonlet will TiilTcr in the ConTiunp' 
' ' 8apn a* well u ihdi Rum. 

ihac by {irohibiting tlie Etetail of Puacli, 
Addition will Ik nude to (uc Confumption ofow 
ife Winei i bat I nin convinced the diief Addition 
fwcign Wino, which muA nc<cf!arily be a 
draottgc to the N'MiCHi, tbo' it will be « donbio 
I lbs Civil Lift I for dut RevniM will be con- 
by tW grwK Number of dcw Wine-Li- 
ill of Qwrfe be ukco out, evny SliUling of the 
■ wbicit ticlongi to titc Cnil Lift : xad it will 
yeu ileal in«e by tlie Coduaiption of Wine, 
ive ever got by the ContumptioD cf Rum 
ck i t^^» u DOC Bottle of good Rum ninfe 
_ «ill (D u fu u bet Bonk* oT Wuk ,- 4n.l u 
Xtik get* at kttt 1 6 d. by tbe Coernrnptioo of four 
asd but ^d. oc lod. *i moft by one Bee- 
fnkde into haicli. tlie Ciril LjA will be s 
thii Cliu^ of Liquo/i. 'Til true, a con- 
hj> .^twjyt been nude by Adulteniion to 
!i imparud, fo that \ke cannot 
... ^ci fd, bycrerj Bottle bercaficr 
. .m if the diinlung o( Pmth be cod- 
' ua tlui the Civil Lift could grt 9<L 
of ftsim ia»Ie uCc of, bccaulc great 
•Imp beca oude of Kuiu nin iii 
Duty I mi tkc Qtiantity of Pundi. tiisdc 
will alwiy* be at leaft e^ml to the Qum 
[ Wldc-Coapcii to roiaBn Wince after 

-CoApcii to foieign 



( S» ) 

' Tlie duift now olfticd n. in mj- Opinion, Sir, ijn«« 
uelo dOMtiltyt iliat it ii impoilibte to mikc :i:'v (I^tm'*^ 
of it (or evading ibe Lniv. Ttw Psnclii w br 

thit CUufe, mnfl be mired witb twa ihird Pin. 

IciR, imlu; Prcfcurrpr itic Buyer, and mull not be mniU 
ini \e(i Q»anth^ thtn one Pint, or ni a Ida Price llan tf* 
ler llie Rjk of ; s. f/r GaGon ; It will therefore be is- 
polCbeC to Ml Rit^ rpiciiiious TJqaor omJcr cIm NuRt tf 
PoDch, aDtrU it be ntDrH with two ikinl Pbto Wiier i nl 
the not olk^ing it to be lold al a hU PHce than j >. ^ 
GiUon, or in a W» Qusntin- ihin one Pitt, wiil prcnM 
Tippltne u moch ai po^lc. To pitteod ilui tbe Ptiirii 
eimiot be dikofat^i. bccidic the Drinker) will alwf* fas 
Parties lo iheEvjUt&i;, \i an Objection that will hold tiqal* 
ly Srong Bgiiol) ci cry Oaufr m the Bill : for the Driaktr* 
mullbe nriici to evtry Fraud (hat can be comtnitctd, uJ 
yc( it ii to be prefamod, tltai they will gcftcrally be iH^ T^. 
feinuM: Niy. even with Refprtl to iite reiAt'ingot 
{| may fafcly be fold and dranic In a private L'mnn, 
oai anr Danger of DKamerf, unlcft cfac Drinken 
JeKes become InfoTtnen. 

' Tbc Bill sow before ui raay indeed, Sir, very pr 
be called an Expenmem : It ti, I belirvr. om lyT tbt \ 
BlcpeTiineDis to roliiicki that irai ever made in a fre* ' 
vy i acd ftetntuif intctidcd to try tlicSubmllTrtMiafiiK 
dieoce of our People : P.vm, tho' rbe daulil mm/ i, 
be added, Ukc Saul, it will ruin iti Thoulaadi i b«( : 
CIbuIc be not added, like Davit!, it will ruininica' 
fiiadi] and if by lk» fiill our Sugst-Tmde OttnM be 
itrcyed, it will ritis the whole Nation nt Uf), I trvly. 
make T.0 Qutflicn, but thai (be Bill wiU be fttaad tB 
in c«d of fcnic AmendtncBti in ihc very nej; C-C'— 
not know but a greit Part of it taay then bt 
•1 fbi chat Pait of it w)uch rri;itn to the Cinl-Uit, ■ 
mach tTic trill ever be tn our PewTr to get it repealed 
coavbced, thai bcfon next Scfikin it wil) befnuod ncccfijry 
to alrer the whcle Scheme of thii Bill, and to contrrrc (axm 
«ew Mrchod f<jr prevenitsig the eacc^*e Ufc of SpixHan* 
Liquors imong our comtnon People ; bot in themeM 
Tboufuidl of tnr People 8bo*d and U bnne wil b«l 
tindgnc : And u fuch Pcrfoo) csniwi be rccsvcml, 
wive any Ecoefit, hy ihore Alfewlinn. ne may thea 
prtciQ to put:e. 1 am fnr prerfntiig the fptadinD 
iMoUtton ai mach u pol&uc, and ihcicfiMv an .v 
tbfCIeufenow prepofcd.' 
The ^ejlion wai then put, Wkethrr the aU>v« ( 
I ihc Bill I whit-h pafi'd in , '~' 

( 911 

Cm II. 

jtfril to. Tbe BUI rdating to Spiritmut Lnguara wuread *■»!>» c 
Ipunl Ttnv, ind ptli'd wuhout t Dtvifion ; And Su C^rlo . . -f^ 
watT mt,i ordcrtd to c«m it «p to iJk I^ntt- tvii.ii .Liiiit: 

"|iri/:i, 'Jhe Houfr rtlolvrf itfcif into a Committw up- i^'^S^ii 
he Qntken \hi\, tchea greit Alteradont were nisiJc to r^" ■• ^ 
Henf Ooure i wul it va popofcd to l»vt to cvcr^ fcifoD 
IMitM to Tytho, xn Option lo fue for ctic R«o¥cry of Sl^^Sfci? 
>in ri . mlia bcferr ib» )itHice* of tbc Pocc. as dircflrd b^ 
(»,., n.ii .. .^..,„ .^yof iiij M»j«ly'< Courti in Wdlmrn- 
(cemoJ i« he itiMnfUtent with tiie Pre- 
re: tr.c iiiii, nnd *nh |bc Intention of tbc "hole. It 
tty OfpoM 1 anJ upon the Qudtion'* being put. 
"i^na Divifrnn carried in [>ii- ■" ■96. 

f/31. The ll^jufc prorcwlcd i. .,■ Pc- ^m*" fn»w<i 

(sai(<la]ciing uf IB uailuc Elc^kiit luj ihc Cbuiiiy of Sjr ^'S^SSjf* ^ 
fn which AlFdir tbey hnd f4t every Turltla/ and 
' Bmc tiic jMcrcntingor ibc fuid Petition, p. 147.) 
did for the Pttitionn Sir Rowland Winn, fuof 
Evidence I by whkb the/ allcdged they had 
friers! PcrToDi » not bring Aflcffcd 10 the Pol^ 
rdi Rates. ai»l Paiifti Duiits j Othei^ m 
..Id i» ihe Place wb«r« they fworc ihat ihf ip 
^kcIhbU Aid [le : and of chcm fcitnl » hivbg no FJbic at 
~ " " Curato. Scboolmailen, Parift- Clerk), Hofpitxl' 
iTdkolden ud Copylnlden 1 Othcn, m noc baviag 
I of ihe V'l'uc f^r 40 (. ^ Jntam I Otlierr. u be- 
f Others, a* having poithafed their FreehoUs 
Vcu befotv the^[oo i Otbcif, u bavuie 
* rn T«e by 'I'hmti : Others, ai hsviag voted 
■ ui Alien 1 and OUien, whofc Votw 
upi < .1, though there wac no fuch Pcrfmi 

[rlM PUec where they fworc their FrceJioUi did lie, 
'P1k«i whae ilif' fwwe th*t their AbtMlcwxi: 
tbe fiiilicr i.r the Afiair u-2» adjoareod 

fa^di I WAca t: u_ .-iJici adjoumcxl to tiio ^th of 

-v- v,-;-_ ^^^ fd, ^ Add«& of Con- «^iw»i,«. 
luBtof tbeNuptiali of the •iiri.'^<7?.i^!!'jf 
w,,o wcji :,(- r^ir^irff of Saxe-Goiha. 10 « bom ^JJ."" ** 
Ht^hvf^ w»j married oa ihc rjlh. Mr Lyttlttoa ^ L*,y^_- 
'c m fuUtx^n - ■fii'Sin .aii 

jgA - - v^- I"' ^ild to what hu been£u4£t 

■tuti licTii.n: . .1 bsppy and BTTcabkOia- 

u 1 thinic, that nonody Oioald bt blent od t Poist 

|i>ofaody cui be indillcieiit, I he% to be indslg'tl ia 

1J1, to linlatr ttirli how iinKti Plafjic i ca^alt 

HUM tlw h» bfea maiieytnit Aai iadcod be muCL 

iU»9 Obo-B. 

( !*+ ) 

to Ktom hii Mijdly our tnotl linmblc Ackaowlcdi 

for having granted. 

■ The Marriatt of • Prinqe of *«!«, Sir, hn . It 

Tunes, breo a MUtcr of (he bighci Impotuntt u ik 
fuUick Wd&re, to preSetH And cu luinre Ucticmiin* i iu: 
at no Time bas ti brcn a marc impsnuit, a more iar Cofr 

fidention, than u ihn Ihy i if 3 Ciunflu ai once 
btc and tefi'^e'Uble, csn tmheVUli uti eren ixgfafy tlx dt 
rued fUnk of ;t Prince of Wala. Were ii not » Son of 
Prtfuraption to follow fo great a Perfoo ikiough hii UMtt 
of Reiiictnenc, u view bint in the mildei ligM of itaw 
nkk Lifi:. we lIvwlJ find hiut buiy'd in tbc noiic Exobb 
of HiunMitiy, BcBcvoleuv. tni of crery foeial Vaat 
Buj, :3lr, Imw plcalins. hOwcipuvaURgfoevcf (aicii » &aat 
taay be. yet, u tt it a private oat. I foii I AouU 
the DcJkncy of that \' irtiM 1 h atitently deCire tn do Jrf« 
to, fboald 1 offer it to (he Comiilcntioit ol 
But, Sir, filiiJ Duty lo hU Royn) P>irent), a p 
for LiberEv, and a jdl Rerct cn cc for (he B;: 
Hon t ihcic ate p-jbhck Virtuca, and cannot cil^^- 
plaufc and Bmcdi^'tiotu of (lie Pub'.ick . TtkCy a:* 
Sir, whicli render hi> ttoyai Higbncfl not only a r<i;^t ^< 
mineat, but a Ami Suppoit, if naj cojld polIlluT Ix necrf' 
lary, of tlut 'J'farooe fo greidr fUoi by hit Ko^ ' 

' I have been led to (ay (fax: much of hii 
aeti't CtMTa£itr, becaufe it U the Coni'i ' 
Cbarafiw wKich, abate all Thing), rnl»ii 
Uoodaefi of hu M^jcfty in tbc Meafnic n > 
Moltitv which the MaCion thoogtit ("a - 
(oeti, bccijlc It bt'top with it tl>e t'l. 
StitBgth to the Protd&ni Socccfiion ii. 
aoikod Roj^l tloule : n^eSptitiof ' 
SucccAoB, the func Hpittt no«v icju.. 
id being perpeiuied tolittfi Pollmty ; i 
tvifcaod happy ClMiicr, wkicit hu \''' i'' ' ^ 

make of a Princelb in anitbly ' n 

illuilriooi in ihr .Vlerit of her Par 

great AaEcllor it u, to have CaciU- i.ic ao 

Caiifc Car Wiucb a Prii^cecin draw nu .^invil;, : 
Userty tni) tiv^ PiolrlUnt Kcligtoa. Such, 
Maniac, for which our moii humble Acknonledgni : 
due to Jits Miftiiv : md niir ft y.fCati the ConfaRo^ 
the RayaJ Vi< God it 

gjtewi^ and : on i a I'iji 

Kir, wluch I Ci anuttxl 

bciiicii and i 

.4 .V...l»,. -. 




( ^"S ) 

Alter «)}iich the M«tian wat uiEUiimocifl/ agreed to, and ^""J,^" 
B Coionuncc ms appoioud to dnw op u jiddrcft accord- 

<^i/ 30. A Motion Exing made for engiofling cbe Qpa* 
ken Bill, ihc fame wzi Itrrouodly oppolcd ; but ihc <juc- 
flion bring pnt. it was carried b) the ASnnativt by lEo 
to 60. 

Afo? 3. A PctitioQof the CIcrgjr of Sumy wu prefentcd FuttetikteM 
to the Houfe, fetiing forth, That finee they fcad been beard "* " ' 

by ilieif Counlel, in reliiion (o the (^akeit fiill, they had 
been inJotinrd of fereral new Cbafet itiit lud been itifetted 
in the £lid Bill, whidi they cooceivcd to be prejudicul to 
rfacRighBof [hcmrdvci and ibe o(h« Parochifil Clergy jsad 
theierure Praying to be btarJ by their CoudIc!, ta lelxtioo 
Id the did RcwCUufn, bdore they received the final Aflent 
of thit Houfc. 

Tdii Petition wxso/dered to lie upon theTible, and then 
the Bill w.u read the third Time, when Icvrral new 
Amcndcncnu were mule to it: and a Motion being msdct 
That the Bill do paft, the bme wuoppoled by Mr Talbot „, 
[^ *■»■///] Mr Maitier [»fCirtTtrj9rr'] Sir William Cii«w, m. 
and otbcT5, who urg'd, * That txfidci the many iDaicrial ^|^ 
Realbru whieh had \xtea given ij^alnD |vjifling thn Bill, there 
wsi one (elabng to Form, which wu undnfweiable 1 for the 
Bill, which waj firit brought in, had been fo ihoroogUy nnd 
{o entirely alter'd in the Committee, thdt it eould not new 
be tooktd on u the fame Bill 1 neii the very Title of tt had 
bcm tntiicty altered in the Committer, and that Bill which 
was before called, ji Bill la rtiar^t. amtud, and rimi'tr taare 
^tSa^l til Ltrwj ibtm in trmg, ijt. was upon the third 
Resdin] to be called, A SHI fur th* mprt raji Rettvtryef 
Tytt/ti, Charth Rait], a*J tttir Ertitjia^iiat Dun frSK tie 

Pttflt ittlUd ^aitri 1 whkfa they could not but itikc to be 
I very improper Title, for in their O^nion it ought to be 
called, A Biiljor fTf^-mting tht R^iVtrrj tf TylUti, ar any 
Btelffiapicat Dmii, frsm the Pt»ple calUi ^akta. That by 
the Bill 01 it wu at lirft brought in, the JuiirdiAion of the 
Juflicci of Peace wii 10 have fcrrii confined to Tyihe* of a 
certain Value, which wasccrtaiol/ defigT>cd to bcTythoof 
a fmall Value i the Julticet were to order and dlrefl lJ*c Pay- 
mcnt, fo at the Sura ordered did ooi exceed * * ' ) but the 
CDinmitter. by the Bill they had drawn up, which wai then 
read to them, bad gircn the Jultice« an unlimited JuriltJiAion 
where the Title mti not in Qaeltica. That thb waia Power 
which ihej^ thooght no Contmittee Dpon a Bill CMld tahe i 
they might pcrhapi have filled up the Blsnlc with any S»m 
thry pleafed 1 they might bare filled ti up with fuch i \aii(: 
*Jiim 11 would have in tSed been (Ae fame v.ilU o'-aiivvti^r^e 


Aimtott.n. Jnfticn ID unllmued Jtu-ifciiaion : But thev ceald not gragf 
' - ■ general iiod unlimim JurifiiiAion by i Bill wkich. m nm it 

came bcfon iHcm, m% * Bill tor grentiiic a parttt-i 
eonSned Juhfd^on :an(f if ihegruiungofViicli e JurM^...^.- 
ftn u'M llien thought necrflhr^ , tiie onlj- MeiHod ibcy conU 
tsfcc, accordii^ to liic cOablidicd Fotau of (list Hook, wu 
to ordet the Bill tbea bcFore them to be wiibdnwn, uid i 
new Bill 19 )>e l>tou^c In ) In (vhkb CaJir, tbofe wlw ttoi^iH 
thrr mi^t be aggtxrcd bjr any Thing io the new Bill, wnM 
hive an OfpartUDitj- of being Imnl againft it, which n» Um 
could ci-cr hare, if the MctJiod ob{ci>-cdin paffiDg tSc, M 
ihen before them Ihoutd become u Qfiial PnOkc i far m 
Mui conM know whether be was to be injarcd by a KSw 
BO! , 'till ificr it h&d ptOed thio' cbc Comminer, u4 (hOI ft 
woqld be too Ut« for htn to apply-* 

To ibii )i wu antVercd bv \ir Glinnlte, Mr Archer, nd 
Mr Huopden, ' Hut the Bill ilicn bcl'uic thctn w*s io It- 
fcA the vtry K-tme \iith the Bill fi'il briMght in : auitf ^ 
the ClaafCf hnd, indeed, been altered and iineaded. U>i lie 
gtftenl Scope and lotrtnion of the Bill was the nrf tamt l 
sftd they did not ihink [he Committee h*d titkcn any U- 
batio wttJi the B'll but nb;ii <<i«rc ufual, and fuch a> Aqr 
v.-eK fully tntiiled to uke ; for the Rcal'oti of that Tnau% 
ai; unliiniicd Powt-r tojutficesof Prace tdih rcfpecT w tki 
Vilacof the '!'>(')'• w" bccaufe, upoq iiiiiiini I'lii^ihil 
tion, they round, ilui nil Aaiootand Suits forTyiba. atee 
the Title u-u nee axiirovrrted, were for final! SUBi| llT 
SuniK irucfi btilter tbaa any Sam that Wat ever iutaiai to 
be filed up in that Blank i >nd fiDce it vmt adcBMvleda^ 
tK--t the Cgmniittcc might Larc Sllorl op the Blank wMndt 
a hrfc Sum, ai u«uld bive in elcd bcei tke (jont wit 
|T3Biir>c ibr JuHicM an giilimhcd JurtfdfAioii, they oMldfia 
n« Rcaum ^ hy the Commiticc iiii|;hi not do dirc^y aad hi 
cvpiefiTerms nhi^h they might eetianly baa* donait 
a htJifcn or in<iirtA Mniincr.* 

Herenpoo Sir John St Aubia lood op, and fJHlt* at tt- 
loM : 

Mr SptakcT, 

• I ihiidt that 3 Bill of til b Coafc^utMXv vUA aSA 
hu%e a Pfuperty. QwuM urtdet^ t^e wUktt Sen 
itole icgular Fottnt, which hire hlihrnj riiri?fn'cril 
Proceedinp. and putded our Ley -. aay 

and Jtl'guit'il Aitacitt . Km ihi> 111., .-.. .( w-ai U 

after iwo Renlil^ in Om Hodc ami Cgunfrl bad ben 

4lief '^ : it Bcw (kit, fcr lb 1 ■» 
1 of the AOtrt of the iM Om, mUi 

t 'tT^i^.-MJ^Vrt^fa^wiahlc thai 

Wittt K JU>li£. 

( •"? ) 

HmfVtt. ft u ftill Turpcacd tbat ibere in latat MtJckiefi u^g 
is it, atid aguall thofe, the Psiii«s wto arc iggnevcd. are 
dcpriTcd or an OniOfiBnit)r of a fidh Dtfcnce. J hope 
ihcfrferr, thst Eke lureed Gtnkman. who could not hire 
been To dcredire m hii firA Entcrproie, if dcw IncORi'micf.- 
cin Acn.' n<it popctoal!/ to be encouniercd in tbc Alteration 
ol l<itlci) Conuitur.otn, will at leall be To auidid u to with- 
(Iijw bU Scheme foi the prefeot, ukc Time to confidcr s- 
ficOi, nnd Dot hurry a Bill, thui defe^ive in Fonn and but 
half undcriliOOd, in the Conclu&on of a Sedion, when many 
CcnUcuKa, quite H'om out with a dofc and todiov* Aitco- 
doner, have been forced to mmt- Thii cannot long re- 
tard the grcnt Work of Kefbrmation which i> at Hand : The 
Ucl^y Kill be but a few MOBlht only : The lanie bvouraUe 
Tide wOi continue, and whatever new Schetnes, therefore. 
the Icanxd Gcntlcaun may have ready to prodiKc, I hope 
be wi'l iodultt i» m {o Ihoil a Refpitc. But left chb BiU 
Biould pib, I hope you will permit n:c lo enter my p«>blick 
Protdl agaijifi it, for I am one of thofc who think it fim- 
damcatally wrong. 

* There it no or« more ready than I im, to give nil rea- 
fbiubic Indulgenctea to iht fevcfal unhappy SeAariei among 
tti I I tumk, (hat in Popvtt of Rclraioui VVorfltip, CompuU 
koa Dvght never to be u(«}, but Truth it to have the fair 
• Ori^miiiiy «t' Workirg by itt own Fojce upon the natural 
liigiTuity of the Mind, and the Suprenic Lawgiver hai the 
tonty Right to intcrporc in fuch Maneri. But human Au- 
. thoiitv ha) certainly a fecoDdary Power to rclhain thole 
, wtl<J txnSn, Vihich under the faKe Colour of Religion 
|«(oalu invjde the Ord*r aod Oifciplinc of Civil Society. 
Iti thiswewe jU suited, and there ii one Mcdja^ one 
cocoinon Refort of our Ijwi, for itie Protediovi of our tc- 
ijpdCUvc Righlt and P/i*ilcgei f •un very forry therefore, 
ttiit any of the Didcnier* Ihuuid now fee Oocafion to cnni- 
plun of iheir diliinA Allofvancca, and ih:it Rated Mc^iurc 
which Biuil be prefcrvcd in our civil Union. Let them 
look ipoB the Strufiure of our Conflitution in general i »ie 
the feveml Mrnibcr* welt proporticr^ed 1 Have I hey a mu- 
tual Dependence and regiiJar CoimefUon niih each other i 
lAnd ii there one Law of Convenience ivhich runs through 
the Whole } If thi* be fo, and tiie Prehemtnence is odv 
mainuined by a due SubonJinatico of the inferior Parts i if 
the Building was eteelai by the nioll able Hands, and when 
Atchiieitnr* wb> at it» Height ; I am not for inverting the 
Order of it, in Compliance with tbc Gtxhidc Fancy of any 
Pcetecdcn to tlial Att. 

Thu* our ConAitutioa at present Atnds, and %i.f. Vxtn 
[of TolenniOR are iir iAm Seaie become a Pail of «. -. tLb«v 

Df. CCa. 

( •ti9 1 

profen. a!i tlwy crftain))* ooghr. the Elhblillwl RcIigioD nf 
tiar Coumry, and, at the fame Tune, allow a frparatc RigM 
in Rcli^iofli Worfhtp : Such, only, tuvc not ibe Adfantifl* 
ofthrffl. who deny thmcterior Pormt of ourGoimuBCS^ 
vthok CtMtfciences are a civil NuJancr, ami therefore ferial 
the CorxltiKtn ef (hit Rtghi. What then ii it that Ikt 
Quaker!' ui^iF Have no: jII tbcir moA intrttiptfaie E>efim 
bem fruni Time to 7'ime campljcd with t Are ttic^ not a- 
ein;)led even (mat .ippealing lo tJie great Author of rroik 
in iKcir legal Tcitimony ^ But not con tented with mil tU^ 
by n nioft ftiange Atnifc of the prnmSivc Libcny tbey enjaft 
ihey Tend drcahi ExhorQiions to their Bfethren m Ofpofi 
tlie civil Jurililiftion of our Law* ; and having thoa clten^ 
cd aad ^rrnKchencd an Oblbaacy, ihcy aj^tach the U- 
giflaitne itfelf with harih tteviling<, trafupported by En- 
denec, a^inft the Cletgy of our EAabliJIwd Church i dot;- 
tng a co^itutional Rtghi ; begging thai the legal KaaoStt 
may be abated bv which it ia to be acquired i and titifUlif 
comj^iniog of Serefitic), whrth, by ttxir repc:'-'' —■ 
nacy. they wilfally dn«i on thanfelve< ; for ' 
Inordtnarr snd oaiaral Ctmrie will jiroaccd to ao r.ii:a!<^ 
meal of iu own Decree. I» thii that Paflivc ObcdtoDa o^ 
Kon-RefiAAMC, that mild and chofitsble Difpofition, wil 
which they have been (o largely coinptimcnted ( I» thiaCo*' 
fcicnre. in any true DcAniiton of it f No! it b pcnoA 
ITunour. a filfr and delnfive Light, an Jgnii Fmr*u, mVA 
ari&i from a Degeneracy and Cvmipuoa vf ibc Mind. If 
thti ii CoardtiHr, then atl thoje Rwti anl Tumulii, wiad 
at any Time opfiofe the Eaccuiion of the Law, xnd Mm Aa- 
thori!)" of the Gorcmmcnt, may with eqinl I-j.lirr Li 
CL>i«En fuch a Conlcienee. Tythea aw a ^ 
ftflT ihf Inheritance of the Land, ami by it.. »— .■ 
Cff.iil)iu!i"oo are apniied ta certain Porpofica Tbey i. 
of Civil R«ht. and BO matter to whom ihcy belaa(, (^>j < 
Jhould ihirix that the Mainicnance of our Cler{]rildcifn 
Ibnie bvoaiaUc Sh.-'.re in oar CwUeratioai. 

' No human WiMooi can at oACc fixcfre tiw {•Jtatttt 
EzKst of Icj;al Rcflwdia, but tl>ey intdl from Tunc n» Tto 
be 7e»>lwfti(jo'd to the Degrea of OWliiucy vnth wHA 
t ''Contend. At iKe Time of the Re>rt9!ot»n, •fc*« 

I I tution wa* Ttfcltlrd. and nur fe>-cral R>eht3 

(riitiegrt eonfifmeJ. the former Kondtei %kCTe (fiu^ 
f^ffieient. and, iherefoie, by lii« 7th and Bih of Kng 
lijtn. a new one wu created, but the when wcir fufii 
■•(I't TKe Llerjy h»vc now their Ofbon »^hK- *' 

f w 

and I beii^vc thfralw-iyi faUnUr I^ 

( '"g ) 

chcspefi uii moA cfTefiuaJ Wijr » lb ckat by th'n Bill, which 
oKiget Uicm W tcpftir to ibc Jullkei in ihe (irll laAascc, yi>n 
«njoyn [bein nothing but whii U alieady done i but at the 
iamc Time give « new ImcrcA to the Qaak« in being con- 
luniaciou) : for I appfclKixl by the Bil), t> it dow lUndit 
if the Quakers Ihoiild not appear, but fufier jLtdgmeni to 
pa^t by Dcfxall, or HmmM appear and not litigate or gain- 
fay, that tiiccc b a Power given lo th« Jullko to fettle the 
^anfwn of ihi Tyiho, and the Clergy are heretiy deprived 
of any futher R^tcb. It i» ibc Liberty of avoiding the 
Junices, which » Ibme fort of Conttoul apon their Judka- 
ture i and it is the Force of the levenU (ukft&iag Rcraedie^ 
which oblige! many of the Qoakcn in fome Shape or aiher 
ai prcftnt to fubmit. For it is not the Pundilio of one Gun 
only (as thelcatncd Counfd faid] which the Garritbn waati) 
awl when Men are ob!>g«xl to (uricmfer ihcrc is no Diihoaonr 
in doing it : Bat they have f^i unjuli Po6eflJQn, aad wmiU 
have you wiUidraw your Forcei, that ikcy may (IrengthOB 
the Fortification, ai>d make it capable of a ftauier KclifUBce. 
Su', I thinlt the Compirifbii ha< been invened ; that Party 
i» in PotTcflion who kare a juf£ Title, and they only defite 
10 keep wh«t they have, without extending liieir Tcrriio- 
rin i and it wouM be extremely ucjuft lo pull tlown their 
Fcncc<, upon on idle Report that the Enesiy would cake no 
Advantage of it. 

' Ai to the Eecleliaftieal Coorti, the Qualrert have been 
dcfy'd to produce any InAances of their being much troubled 
here t ana indeed they are exceedingly few : Et-cry Thing 
in the Couife of 'rime aiU d^encrate from iti oripnal In- 
liitntion, and undoubtedly there aic many Abufc* crept into 
theft Couru, which mzy dcCene out Aittntion ; bat then 
let ■» proceed opon birer In^uiriei, and with a DirpofittoD 
10 reform and not to dellioy. Theic Courts, from the ear- 
licft Days of our Conrtitution. have had Cognizance of 
Tyihcs ; iod if the chief Arguoient againib them ii drawn 
front their DcfcQ. of Power in giving Redrefi, I an rather 
for fuppiying thePefeft. than that their Aathori^ bcrein 
fhould DC tvhotly refcinded. 

* 1 would not be thought, by any thing I hnre faid, to be 
for eitending the Power of the Clergy i I an for iKfping 
that a& well ai all other Power, within its due Boundt. Bat, 
foicly. the Clergy ate not to be the only Men in the World, 
who, wlico they arc afiaulied. have not a Ubcfty to com- 
pUio, and to By to this Afylum for their neccllary Defence i 
I think thU i<, 3U they now do. and i; is very unfair to be 
fccLinj indulbioufly for putiailai Inflancn of Blame; and 
from thence to take Occaiion of catiiog an Odiun nfon i!he 
Pynition. TImTc fi-i^hllul Idea!, theteh>t«, ol 

AIM 9. Ccbll. 


. II* te«i-> in 


Ckatch Tomt, apon wfatdi fo muty Clidiaget bivr ben 
iiH^ 6F bttf. I like to be very oantc^luy u Uiit Tiih : tt 
ti BOW «t > very l»w Bbb, wd ii is fvry well if it cm luiy 
iti juh Ground. 

' Th* Uifclitcf wkick it (rowing op i* nf anot^ 
and oiu Libcttia uc no Uuigu in Dugcs rr«Rt ^vy TI 
wluch ii feuiuied in Religioin Pvetenea i the i-Dcicy 
oeAad Kutriiea all rouiKl our CemBkatiea t bat u 
Cbiu'ch h ike weakdt Pan, it U tboughi very adrUadblia 
klf^n the Atnck there t ud -tf it I'lKceeds, tbn vUl &■ 
iMHuit the Eieack, and t^lce foSt&ta of tbc wIhM i far ■* 
SUV le-un ftoin the &ul EjtpcnoiGe of fbnaer luMh 
ttuit Monxtckj> eaa onlj> fabiift upOQ U« UeiAa ftfttl Dfr 
fawe of o« Civil and fteligioai Rigbts. We all fim lat 
CoaAitution, it it tugbly neceftiry theiefore tliat all, ffel 
sra fiocere Lncn of tk&t, ikuuid well bKM-, uJ mMtmtf 
pHHDd oach oilier : uid tluu the Cteisjr IhoqU wtMjr «■!< 
der, iKst. u at lU I'lmc* ive are ready to on>oli> asf A( 
fiu)t> Npon tbeir Quarter, lb tkey are nnJci t^ 
Obtig^liow. in the Da^ of our Need, noi u wiiUis* 
Aff*f"Tt frocn ui in PoiiU) uf Civil Libctly t tot if 
Umi ftould be their faul Milbke, and our H>»dt arc 
bf KNakeiMiL ihojr will UKkiidiniUy bring their a«m 
bliftiiieill iau tlie moA tHiminnif Uawer. 

* J Oiall lay no more, but that 1 Oull at all TinmoMlt 
Bay Iiuiovstiein. brcaufe 1 thiak then >uUi f m »t y liiuiuMPf 
In o) ntber guard u;aiiiA the intecnpertte t 
xy. tkc VcMliiy and Jireligion of the .'^^ 
bMi low gaduriog lika a dark Thondet-Uowl i» the a^ 
God only kaowi how {«oq it may burfi. tact nhcacw g 
htppew, and I fear the Day is at no gmi D'uI&bcc, it ' 
tertuivly (all moA heavily apon ut i I vn tbercfoM far beif' 
tag up our comaon Shdt«rs, that we nay be pnrteAadl » 
w^l u poAblt. ajainft tttu great aad iamendiRg Da.- 

Then the QucJUon being put lot pattng ih« B)l 
curled in the Afinnativc. by i6i|. to 48, and Ur Uiairt>uc 
Wi* order '<! to any ilie fidi to the Lor<b. a«l dcfirc thST 

Mar 3- Sir Chailef Tutmt preAMsl m the Hoeii^ • 

fitll, /<r ImJofiJ^a^ ftrjua, -ah* k»vr Ar/a 
ta-ii^/tiff rmftrt—g ChA smd iltrtiMii^hm ten 1 
M«* ti* 'Ittmt tltrtia mtmHmfJ. 0mJ f»» 

ViM (Itcn rvadthe hrtt Ttnw, aad ardmd to be n 
con J Time. 

&tmi A. The Uvi Bill was teaj a rnsoi) Tiac, ar 

^Biry to fee fixli « Petidni faliowed by fuck > Bill : ll* mm y. oa. ii, 
■entbn [Srf f. 160.) WW fron many McrdtaBU aad Shop* |_ , '.'f- , j 
Hwfxn, cornpliinic^ of too high m D«tf upon a certain 
Mpn of McTChBndinf, and of die Huddupi they were Aib- J 

BtCtcd CO by the Lsws lately nude fi>r cgUefiii^ cbat Oaty : ^J 

Hfpon the Ponnciaiiim of ihM Petitieo, a fiUl luJ be«n ^^| 

^kooghf !ii, whicii tra vrxf diminilhed the Duty, wtd lotvid ^^H 

^k nhrving t!ie Merchant fmm any t>f ihc Hardfli^ tkey 1 

^Btre before cvfXjM to, laid them under eoiny new Hard- ^^^ 

Bipf, afxt luch iH the}- itionght inconlUlcni with the Libcrtki ^^| 

Br the People : lh« itiu waiaMrthod of t*roceedJng, by ^^| 

Hrhich tiicSabjcd wonld be terrified Iroin ever making an ^^H 

■mlicatiM to ParliuDtan, for being nlieved a|^ntt tnofe ^^| 

Bmevaneei tbey thought they bad Reafon to coinplatR of 1 ^^| 

Hbr 10 Mm would ever apply to Parlittnent far Relief, if ^^H 

Hii could hnrc the leafl Safpkion that hii Cftfc might be ^^| 

fmdered more intolerabJe by fuck Appliotian.' 

To thii it WM anfmnM by Sir Roben Walpolr, Sir ura.Wi.V9i«. 
Gtorgc OxtndCT. and Sir WilliRii yoB£c, ' That the fr«- sw wl^SjT* 
<]uent Pr:iftii:« of Stnogglinf wu tke Grievance wkieh tbe ^^^ 

l*cti-.iancri chiefly complaiwd of 1 th«rvfore aey eflieAual ^^H 

Method for pmimtftig that Grievance', vna a prt^ci Confe- ^^| 

^UCDCC of fach a Petitioil : That the Dutie« compliined of, ^^H 

were engaged f«r the Payme« of old Otbe*, or for ihg ^^H 

Support of the Govrroment, and could not therefore be J 

levwred. wiihoot repticing them by cJfabliAiing fomc new ^^^ 

Fund, which coukl not then be done ; And that oonv of the ^^H 

Peni]tiei 10 be iiriliAni by thu Bill, coold be any Hardfhip ^^H 

upon fair Ttadett, but Mily «pon Smugglen, and the inof« ^^H 

Difficullic} they were cxpofed to. tlic better it would be for ^^| 

lln Uit I'rader.* ^H 

Then fotne Nfetnben objedcd K> a Claule in ibe Sill, by 
which it was enacted. ' That any Ship, not cacctdinD the 

■ Burthen of joo Toet, (hall be forfeited, if fiie uke in 
^L from another Veflel at Sea, wUhin four Leagues of the 
^nrililh CmIU, any Foreign Goods, Wares, or Mociian- 
Vlliac). wiihont Paytncnt of the CuAdcim, unlei^ in cifc of 
■vppftrvH NcccSiy:' And to another Ctaufe by which it 
^lU enafted. * That all Goodi fonitd concealed in any Ship 

■ or \'eflel, at any Time after the Mliler thereof fluU liave 

* nadc hi) Report at the Cuitoin hoofc, and which Ihall cot 
' be comprized or mtntiened in Ihc faid Report, fhall be 

* fotfciml.' Wiih regard to the firfl Clanle, It was faU, 

* That it would he a moll terrible Hatdfiiip upon the Owneri 
of any Ship, to Urake (hem Ibrfrit their Ship, only bc- 
etale of ibe Ca^in't, cr perhnpi fbtnc of ih? SnilcKt, 
a)tto£ a Pound of Tea. or an Anchor of Bnuidy, 

Jtt Arratk, from on l»oard anotlicrr bhtp ihcy aMttlc^iUiUY 

^1 CkA 

» Uic Uill. 

4Mt«. Cm n. net with at Sea : That in Pens! Lam cteac Car? 
wo-yi to be taken, eat to fubjed any Mini to a Pi 
Porfcituiv, cxcrpt fuck u were nally f,vi\xy ; but bf. 
Claufe (iic Ownen of a Ship were to be fabjcAcd Co a 
Forfeiture, [ho' they neither wer«, nor cauM be an^ 

failly vf, or To much u ptivy to, the Crime fbc wbich 
Drfeiiure wst inflifted: That trie Harddiip opoft (him 
ikc grciitcr, beciufe it «<oiild be impofliUe for thcai to p 
ngainlt it > for every one knew, that, for tJic molt Pan, 
Command of Merchant Shipi wai gim to Pertima *io 
no Fonunct of their otra, and therefore eoold not ■ 
mod 10 the OwDcn the Damage ibey mi^t fiiAiin by 
rot^ture of their Ship • That the Ovmen of Sbipt 
kolctd for any Tbins more in :i MnilcTi but the Lh 
of am lioneA careful Man, uid an c:ipcrt Sailor ; bot 
0>fe, ndtherof thde Qu;ilitia could be ■ Sifi^ard U 
OwDcts, bccattfc chcir !^iiip m^ht be forfciied ami 
the Knavery, perhapt by the Titachery, of anj^ 
Sailor on bond, without any Fault in tiM Maftarx 
tbc Efiaici Tcflcd ia Shipping were -jJmdy liable lo fa 
Peaaliiet and Forfeitom by our CuAain-kacr; ' ;■- 
were fnbjeA to (b rtany Dangen from other A-. 
the F.inp]oying of any Eftite in thai Way was -. > 
So lilllc Advuitage U> the Owner, that many ^^ 
had already withdrawn their Forteno frotii I'l 
7>adc : That if ttuc Chure Ihould paA iato a I 
who hud a Kcgard to hii Faiiuly, would employ ui cmi 
any ^hiit of hu EOate in that Branch t which would 
tainly be a great DifadTUittge to o«r Shippiiig. and a 
Dilcour^emcnt u> oor Seamen. 

' A* to the other Claulc it was allalg*d. That x 
might thereby foifcit a valuable Ptral of CixMii. by 
mter Me^igenee or Forgetfulnefi of the MaJtvr of ■ ' 
whom be bM ocver known or eotmAcd i and that - 
iu being polUblc foe him, by the uimoft Cue aed I 
to prevent fuch a ForAinOT ; becaidc the GootJi is-j'; 
forfeited before it wai polBble for him ts bear of the 
rival of the Slaip, or Up know thai be h*d foeh a 
Goodi on board fadt ■ Ship : for the MalUr al< 
hit Repott inntediitrly open lui Arrivil, and 
had Time or Opportunity lo rummage hit Ship, 
Id any cf the Mcrdianti to cone aad take • 
Goodi i a5d ai Maiten are geociall/ ii> a r: . 
their fecting out. when fmall Pamll of fee tiood. 

aDy fooi 00 board, a Mailer might vtrf ^ 
noition iomcof them to hit Report, tr*. 

"" o«aiioii • i''"'fr'i>i" f"'li Good) 



Liw then flooJ, if tht Mxltcr apon rsmnuginf tad farcb* 
Jag Uxi dliip, nhrcb <^xty MiAxt did bcr<me Cleanly, or if 
lie Meiciiint upon hearing of tke Ship't Arrivii. or TC- 
; Aiivicc of Itii liaring fuch ■ Parcel of Gend* oa 
fhouU conic CO look after hu CoocU, tho' thcjr had 
mgat m tiie Rcpod, a PoA-«»tTy might be maJe, by 
all rorfciimu anil Pcnaliin w«iil<l be prtvcntca. 
thought thii itill n-ODtd be a new Hamlliip upon 
Mid a new Da'coarascmcnc to Trade, which wat 
bjr tNu hcc Suiut» rdauog to the Cuflonii, fub* 
I tn h grcat an Expence. and fo miny OiificuJiki, ibat 
<vu tmpoKkble for our McfchaDta to auij it on at fo oUy 
~ lie ti oat Ncigbboun, which was the true Caafc of out 
ng unJcr-rotd by Foreigners in all Market! of Europe.' 
To uu iiwu aofwcrtd b^ the Advocaiei fix the Bill, 
_ ^Th^i j!I tiitie Matilihipa and Dangen might eafily be pre* 
' VDiteti by ihe Care of Maiieis of Ships ; That Omnew or 
~~ [cnhattu who inuufted ihcir Ships or Gooda to idle an- 
Mfn, w*n cetiiioly in f»ioe fault, and therefoie de- 
] tu {\tS'rt if ihcrc u^rc no NeceAcy for inakiog them 
Bai that in the Cafci then before thctn, it was ah- 
aecclTiry to hy (otae Pan of tht Penalty upon them. 
: my Kcafon thai hwi been ffna againA it ; becaufe 
impioycd by tbom were often (b poor, that it 
>pij£ili!c to laoTtr nay Penalttcs from theffl. That 
rrlpc^i lo the Porfcittire of Shipt, a* the Claofe wu 
and con£ned to Shipt oot exceeding i oo Tom. 
aot much regud any Branch of our foreign Traijc, 
l^;..j.._ .( - itr Cbaftmg VeHel^ antl our Hol- 
~:oopi. muj of which, they were 
mjuoyai in Smugglic^. That ihcy 
Fbc forry if my Pcrfun fufliTcd thro' a mecr Otrriighij 
r bjr Law too great, «ri lAderd, uiy lodol- 
.:ghti, frjitdulmt I><figiu vTould alwayi be 
ucnlc/ c>:c:c[)d«l Oreritghts. and therefore ii waa 
ry to euKc ihc Law fcirctc. tho' u the Execution vf 
r, focic Inddlgcncc mt^ht be fttcna in any Ctfe 
at-ji«i:r J ckarJy to thofe who had the ExecuCtoii of 
<- bill an Orer&ghi. Tliat «e lud many 
iiuia upon Ooodi innmied, aad tjw Luwi 
«m migbt prohib'y fohjcfi oar Mcichaoti lo 
- '■ :'4 10 foiac Exp e nce • but there ma 
: where their TraJc hv free fron 
iiat ihcy believed the Mcrchonti o{ 
lea were rublcUfd u no greater IncDavenicnce or 
;oathi: I, than the MtrrchJAU of out neic|a 

.fit if Fordgnen uoderfold ua ta 
a.- uiiM Radn ivu ui be ifiijned foi t>ieit 



fo doifig, sad wh^fl (hut Rnfon wai ifignfd, Hliwufat 
fihfe lo rcffiorc it. tlity wonU join tn an;r McaTtiR iW 
nmhl Ik projiifcij for Pwpofe.' 

This Ucb^te bciitf; over, the S31 wai cofflBUCtoJ to < 
ConiRiiitrc er the whole lloufc- 

'rtie r^tn? Djy ika Houfc rrfutn'd ilic Confi^aoon of 
the ontcAcii i.tNlKm icr the Coaoty of Yixlt. Jtad ilM 
the L'auDfel fur the Otiiitg Member were Jnuid, who ■!- 
ledftil that Oity wkH honlhrw, that moA vf the OfafK* 
tKHH made ID their Votcn nrrc eiilier ftlCeot trivalaai^ mi 
thit they woakl cffeAtttll^ dirqiuJifv a much grctur Nitfi- 
bet of the Voten for Sn- RoivUnd Winn, thr fetitMMW, 
Uwn he, Of the other Petitkwien had pittcalMl co dHqu- 
lifj of them, the Matter wai td>oum'd lo the nth, oa 
which Dity bo Notice being taken of the ARiir it mu iaiife- 
1/ dropt. 

filay 1 1 . A Mo4ion vnt made by Mr Urary AitlMir Hn^ 
bcR. for Loare to bring in a Bill, to ci]iU!n and atne«l St 
much of nn Aft made in tlic Itccnd Year oi hti pcfeM M»- 
">* je<ty'> Reign, tntitlfd, AnASf^th* t»ort rJ'^Smil prmM- 
i>^ Brlhriy mrd Ctrrfjmet r« li/ Et*Jii»m »f M^mt*n H 
/tntt m fmrliannt, u rtlatn to the comnwani^ and onyi^ 
ofi of Pro&ratiofl* groundrd iimm the (ltd Afi ; which «9 
■coofdliiglf graaicd, ud the laid Mr Herbert, Mr Rkteri 
\3n<t6, Mr Knight and Mr More, were ordered to pi^iaR H^ 
bnng m the lune : AeconliBgljr a Bill fiir that hrpefc 
w«t prcTentMl to the Houfe tbe liune Dajr, iDd rend a iJ 

The Rca&B affi^xd for biimging m this B'U ^^i*- T^u 
by a Chvfc in the abnra AQ it li cmtfled, * I 

* fan fliaH l« made liable tn any fncaptaiy oi , , 

* the &id A<1 impofed, unlcb I'rofecuiion be nmacncs' 

* wrtthhi (WD Vean ifier tbe Crimt ttnnmiiicd, nor is Cifr 
' of I'rofecuiioii within tliac Tine, iiaUft the fine becar- 
' rted on without wflfut Petav : ' But tins Linnoticn w 
ti<X ruCdailly fill! led erplxtt. bex:ade ibe (utng oirt of i« 
(Mcioat wa» a CoBinK-neenien: of a ProCcCDtirxi, wKaA 
m)gM ha 4D«r iHthm:f Hnr^ the Part^ pnrfK-JirJ too* 
ibaBMy liKh Pk4' comm^coi) atoi the liiv 
taliao bdag favnl i' rg out in Original in tfea fR- 
v-att Mwanr, Pral(«vt]Dni upon thai AA nigfct be dfpM> 
Ja V pcinnl)* avainlt Men for many Vean after ib« CwMI 
OlWKt, which wroiild be of the Dioft dat^onw U<4| 

' plaining And ammdioy' 

After tbt femai R«m1ui{ of this M\ iht next Thy, Sit a>»» c».i^ 
Jalia Mind Catton. took Notice, ' That upoa a. fctioDi At- 
WHMWi (o iKic Bill, h( wat not M all fuTpnwtl to Tec it t^ 1. 1 
broughr in io laic in chc ScfBon, and jmtted in fach x Hui- 
r7 ( lot xs it W33 drawn np Kith a RetroTrcfi. it wu reail/ 
u Ad of Inilcintiiijr for almoll ill the 'Qiiixry and Cornip- 
tiM Mrm might bav* b«ea guilcy of at the lull general Elec- 
taoos forMenibcn of Pjirliament, and night very prubablf 
be an tfl^rjr to Icvcral private Mat. wlio hud altcady dooc^ 
thai tra> made riKeflJiry by (hiic Ad fot tolitlitifthciitlclvci ts 
caxr^onPrafeciutiomagunlt (Xkaieni for u the two Ytmit 
fiacc (tir fanner EMUoo were then jtifi cxpiriog, if a Gea> 
ticaoa K*d jdl facd nui /onjr Ortgisoli ^^unlt iotty dflTo- 
nm Ofivadcn, and lud thac^y iniitkd hinfiilf to proceed 
■paisftilKiaat huown Convcnicflry, he wnuM be miin\y 
mafpaiobed, and ioCe the wlio'x Exptncc he hoJ been at t 
hsanfe the [WD Vcan wookl very pfotuhly be expired be> 
tare hf »t::rl hear ot thii Att, ud th«n tt tvMU by lbi« 
It (he Time lor iirring «»en itiofc Kry Ori- 
i"- ) )d rcpubiiy fucd out in the Tcnnt nf tbt 
^■re ne hoped (he Comnultee would a- 
>.'dt 10 pnvcBt tl> baring a KeCrolixC), or 
' to any Uentlnuti who kid been guilty «f 
iro! uclay oe OmiiBan, as the Law then Aood ; tor 
vttj Yt(i»Ue Uuu a grtai Number of Ons;tiali had 
' osl. Iiiit not ferrcd or profecuud, beciulie the Pkv 
ir^itl'J ii roiTiinan PryJencc wait 'tiU a few Cataaf 
ut been dttrttniMtl, m order thxc titcy 
lc»rTi how to pifxcol.* 
tui< II n.L V-' i^ind liy Mr Lloyd ami Mr .Vf<»e: vn 


. '■en niij>,Ki 
.' g ofihi- 

by a I'rolecntpoM 
<- wbcii ihu Law 

' ' '■■■ I :t Jtould be ondcr- 

aion pfoleenied had 

i'..iii. :r : .>;iij, Iff Oti Atft&, SiUn- 

cxbrr r>ad j and ai ihii wii iltc 

' -u:c, itKy bclrered dofl GeiMltincn 

r<-, for (bey li*d nrvcf haid of any 

^ircihei M.itinrr, nor could aoy 

vC ,tn Iiiibibcc whtir n Prefrcu- 

ou) a iNumbct ol OrigiMlt v fi> 

- ,4 


u* jtfeffiiig ihe Pctfbiu B|ainll whAn> 
Tmo w(h^« It wu. to be pfcfutned, thai ' 
cf .. tliCT were fo rare it not tt. 

'fed to wilh(»Bt kny .^nndomt, arid 
■unitte ifihofM^y, pifltd vhth- i\«tiu.v& 


^fJJ 14. The Bill ngainn Smuggling wu 
Time, uid a Motion bcin^ miule ihiu the BiU 
fiune wu oppofeJ hy tome Mcmbrri i but ihc 
ingpitc, it <«u tefolvKi in the AISniMti«e by Sft, 
>^ • Mr Willcs was ordered ro cfctiy iJ»e BiS 
Hid (Idite their Concurrmcr. 

Mtiy 30. Tt)C iiiiii B:U wu rrtuTMt! to the HouGe 
moot, wbca Uicy took into ConGJmtion m 
mtde by the Lords ; and the (aid AnwnUaeBt 
r«aJ, Mr Spciker acfjuiinied the Honfe, ' Thntw 
Thing KC'irroi which nu^hi any Way look like «n Ii 
nent upon the l*rivilcf;ct ol' that Hooft. fee theiigli< 
hii Duly to lny the Ctfe impartully berorr them, < 
to leave Uic Koufc to tlo in it u [hey nuMi]ii ihtok f I 
in all Bdlt hj which x»y Tax w i^uty wai lo be 
KKM thcSubjc£l, it wu the twdoubted PrivUcgc 
Houfr, imd ihcy had »Iwayt iaflSed uioa it, thu U 
Hoale (boultl iMt make any the Icatl Amendinat 
luch Bill i hut were in oil fucb Ctfei eiihcr u pal* 
wichoat May Amntdmcni, cr to xqr<\ it if the^ the) 
Thu u the Taoci and Dutiei granted by that 
not be railed or colloUcd withflut tirefcrifain{[ 
cffofbid Methodt for that Purpofe, thefefore in 
impofing m^y Tsx or Duty upon the SiibjcA, 
Ihod^ hwd been preGcribe^l ibr cfibitimlly nufing 
Duly ( (uiii if the Methodi ptefcribed fhould af| 
iCxpcitcncc be found ineficftnal. new Mcthodi 
bm coatrivrd. and proper Bilk ptSed for 
nrw Meihodi i whlcii lalt Sun nf Bill* h&d 
looked on as Appcndixn to the ftrll Bill by whi 
i>4iy vias pvitcd ; thcfcfoffi foch Bilb were 
8i BilU of the fjBH Nulurc with ilic hril, ud 
that Houfe kid goKrally iofilled upon it, i 
iloufc could not make nny AmniilineQt to tU» 
B-II', Ro mtvK Ihjtn t|:ey wuld have doDc ts 
(Which the I'ax ot Daiy wa« {{nuitcd : That u tiM 
htTatc tlictu v.-ai for enforcii^ the Lawi taailc for 
the RcwenuaurCullonu nnJ Bjrcde, it wm 
retiTiilcrrd m an Appendix m the Lawi by »l 
•- rn'giihilty clbtvilhcd t and aj die 
r . .1:1 Aincndnicnt to it. be cikl not 

[RAkiiij^ an Atteiidnient tu fuch a Bill, niiht 
a* li>nic foit of lR(io»(t)ttinit upon the 
1-ltnilc 1 fn which Rntbn he IwmbIk it bu . 
d^ Cafe tu (hem, bt^re iliey ptocMocd to take i 
mcnt m^ Oieir CoflfkJcnitMi. That he had 


I of Uie Hob1« for Calcf of the Eimc N^turt. and 
reiul foeli of them u be thought mod applicAble U 
IK Cafe ihca bcJore them.' 

Upon tlui fcvprA] Journah of tJie Houfe werr md. tc< y^,^ ^ 
oii^ to AmcnJmentt ro:ulc fa]r the Lardi la Money' Billt, g^ iti i 
r BdL uf t^e Umc Nature : The rodtosibdx Joutrmltoc- '*'^' 
i&oacd 1 Jchaie ra the Houfe in rclatioa to thrir PnvU^ge : 
Lu >I loA the Qadlion wat put fur Bgreemg to the Amcwl- 

t\ which wu earned in the Afiitmulvc i and Mr Wtllo 
oritred to C4rry the Bill to the Lonis and acqiaint 
I, That (he HaoJe had agrfxd to ihc AncadmaK. 

, Ume Day the King came to the Houfe of Pccn i 

I dw CnniHni Mtcnding, his Majclty fiti aa iLod to the 
with the foDowicig Speech. 

My Lorda and Gcnilcnini. 

'HE Difpawh you have given to the Poblick Bufi- Jta «l^i 
otf*, and the aiJvanccd :>c->fen of the Yeaf, tnakr i* wimmim- 
yt pioftt (0 put ID Efid to [bit Seffion of Psrliuncni. '^ 
V 1 acqtaaioetd yon. at your fitfl Mctting, ibat Preliini- 
Hlnr ArDcki had twen wndadcd between iJte Enpcior 
Hm tfcs BoQ ChtilUas Kii^ i lincc which Titnc. a hr- 
^■er ConraiDtW, cosccnxing the Execution ^f then), hath 
' bcra nadc, and tamiauaicaicd to Mc, by bodi tbcilc 
' C»uru, and Nrgociatiou are carrying oa. by the feverBl 
' Po«cn engaged in the late War, iu order to I«:tle tiic 
' Gcnend I^icificauon. 

Ccatkmm cf the Moalc of Commoet, 

" I mum you my JhAnks foe (he frovlRota yoa hare 

' mtds [m the Service of ilie current Yeir : you can nn'er 

' bcua recoRunend yoorfelvM to my ^ftcctn. and (o il>a 

' jnad OpRiiao of il "'■ vri irprtr.-"-, (han by ru&ng the 

Sappb^ oeoeiary f^ , Guvfrninefit, mJ 

c^..:^_ . .' .1 .,, It, ^ .'(JjniMr the moH ef- 

'IOC CO my Pccplc. 

. ID fee Tucli Scnb of Dittett- 

g :ii) ^L. ■■ , SI. if nrt tiiody pre- 

'.\e vrrr -, I lo tJic I'cacc and Qutot 

;i/ UiiiiL, jiiil 1L1II be my Care, 

■ Vifihtuiioii in Clivtch and 3ute, 

ind cniirc, -.Lad ooi to COBD- 

i'lcjodic: o( citim. Uood 

■A Ak«H)Oi>. .uBorj ell Ihc ProtdbuilB 

- fven the Sccuriy of ihc pre- 

., fnxa inc Rcvoluiion to tViU 

-..,u^ ^uvogeit (bfy wiU be abk \o tcfiA 


t •«»« 1 

"teAcnt BaiafcaAtteaipbaf tecMmoB Eoi 

" tcaioDllullbeimpudillxdifpeBiadtoaUoif SuU 
•• thi fall Bi^fTmait of duirRdlignuwd Civil Ri^ 
*< h-be ]raar Out, bv yonr CowlDa, in jnor favcnl 
*■ oHi to nake bjt EadMvoan for your "*— ■qn ! 
<■ neft dbaail. 

My Loids ind Gcariemen, 
'* It beiag oeceflliTy far Me to nfit 117 Doniai 
■■ Germany again thii Year, I have icMved to q^ 
** Qoeen RMint Iwre, dnriiig my AUence. The ] 
** cnce you mn already iiad of Her juft and pntdei 
" miaiOration, wilf, I doubt not, engige you aU, to 
•*' the Weight trf tbc PuUick ASun u eafy 10 Her, 1 
" wife Gondod will render tbe GoTen u nent agreca 
" you ) and this I recommend to yoa in a parttcalar 
" ner. 

Then the Lord Chancellor, hy his Majefty's Cora 
prorogued the Parliament 10 the z9thof July: The; 
afterwards farther prorogued to the jft of February. 


fesnTEs, &c. of /Af Tn iRD Ses- 
sion, ^ "Way of Introdutflion to, and\U 
^uftrauon of^ /£v D e s a t r. a, ^obkb 
^mliaWt tf> the End of the f aid Seffion, 

ScTi« of the PfOCceJIn^ of (he Ccunmlttcc on tlw 
Supply and Wa^s aiul Meifts. 

P fTotifr having rcfoV«T, rnrrfi ; t^3t t>ify wooM 
no ciUc into ^ > of 

'l.^- 'iSrKM, ap]>i. I . _ / _ for 

T, 10 boitt Hnutn ci Patlumeni, the)' 
rsvt n",v (o t,\V- C.-.r fai I ^rirc.-fi irljj 


, „ ...1 ID 

nhrrtk;{ t: Hou(9 

pbff. to cor-iiifM ofihc I n, 

loniittrc of Supply mi TiutiiiliKrl in the nlaal 

Sttlut CoiumittK a JA every StGian ftoe of tKe 

lin, wr flwtl giro ih« Hllloif of il duriej US' 

wr gi« an Accuant nf ««/ ofihc DthiRi tbat 

't ihktour R«Jeri may hivi! xt erne, 

. .sw,tQ ibe Relblutiov* tgttei it>la 

ike ^id, the Order of iFir Day beioj read, for (be 
It' ' into (he (aiJ Committn, (h« lifd 

Tlhc i.-nrnrfSoneii w*i ontercd to be rr (tr- 

ibe Uraci aiul ihe Hoofe having Ek«t rcfolved icfelt 
[f.iJ Ci:inim([«, iIh;)' irfol««)i rhit it wiithcOpi- 
i.tiee, that a Supply 1h(juld begnoiH tvbii 
i> "n the Klaodty following icportcdand 
■ Srmiw Cnttradiittiit. 
iy,i . ., L ..vufc. iccimJitgio Ofrfer.refolrH iifrif 
the liid Cammittce, and came (o tke fillawmg 
1, wh«b wdi irponcdf «nd iLl >grcnJ fi: b/ tfai 
>ra tligiifinJ Men IhoiitJ bt employtA far x\n Sea- 
;for Uie Yei* 1737, bcj^Diiiii^ frum Jac t i'<36: 



That a Sum, not exceeding 4/. per Man per Month 
be allowed for maint.iining the faid 10,000 Mei 
MonChi, including the Ordnanre for Sea-Service : 1 
a Slim, not exceeding 219 zoi/. 6f. 5./. (hould be gi 
his Majefty for the Ordinary of the Navy (includii 
pay to Sea Officer-) for the Year 1737. 

On the iSlh, the faid Committee came to the fi 
Refolutions, which were reported, and :i!l agreed 1 
Houfe, viz. That the Number of effi-fiive Men to 
rided for Guards and Garriforj in Great Britain, 
Guernfey and Jerfey, fof the Veir 1737, ffiould bi 
ding iRij Inva^iJs, and jj; ^^e^, whrch the fix 
dent Companies confill of for the Service of the H'' 
17,704 Men, Commiflion and Non-commiflion 0( 
eluded ; Th^it a Sum not exceeding 647,549/. ' 
fhould be granted to his M;ijclty, for delraying the 
ofihef'iid 1 7,704 Men: That a Sum not exceeding ii 
bi, %ii. (houid be granted to his Majclly for mainni 
Majelly'i l-"or,-e» ard Girrifans in me P'ant:i:iQns, '. 
and Gibralur, and for'Provifnns for (he Girrifons 
polig Roval, (Janfo, Placeniia, and Gibraltar, for t. 
1737. See page 239. 

(I'age34i ) On ihezSth.the faid Committee can 
following Kefo'uticns. which were reported, and all i 
by the Hou!e, v z That a S<jm, not exceeding 79,; 
3/ Ibou'd be grsntfd 10 his Majeftv, fcr the Charg 
Office 111 O'^ln'.riCf (or 1-ind Scrvict:, for the Vej a Sum not cxctoiirg (■,o.\l. \(}i, z.i. ihould b« 
10 iii> \l.ijiily, tor Ji'fraving ins cxir iirJ:r,irv Kx 
the ntJiiC ' t (Jriinince Ijr LinJ Strvic, anj no: t 
for by l'arli;imciit : a Siiiii, iwi ex-cCi-ding Ci^.j 
O.A l1i-rjM be grsnrcd to his M. j liy, lo m-ite gooJ 
ficiercy cf the tiniit:. for iho Service of the Vcj 
'1 .< 3um. lotixcfL-ding 10 04',/. 31 ici.ihouljt 
f\ t'l hi; M.ijtt!y, M repi ci*, 10 ihe Sinking Fund, 
Rum paiJ ou; 1 f li.e lami-, to m<-\L- gooJ the Der.c 
the a.;.. :i on \\ S •■.•.it. iJu:\rs at Chr;iimas, 173^, ru 
a Cl.Tii c ill in A^il -y i'^riimtTt r iV, ,i in tin- 4111 Ve 
Maje.l)'i R-jg!'. lor r.iilir.g l.;ro coo.'. Iv .Annu tr 
I.ptttry for ;-ii; Sc'i-;cff ol tiit Vi ir i - ; i : i'.iit a S 
excvtii'rg u;.i i-/. :r:.i:h>u;d hi' ^i..r;tJ!o .i-s Mi' 
Acciui.t ct ,i;c'lidy p y b,!- 10 [..-.■ Ki:.ttai iJer.n 
f.iunt 10 tlie Irniy fae-.r.ny; i'.iM', Sfp;. 19, 1-5+, I 
Q;;arLcr-; ol a lo St: : ■;. 1-3- 

On M.riri 4, ;ni: i:!i>l C ii.'ir.t't cini<? m :iie !(; 

Re 11 ilili>r'. w.'i.i:ii HfL r, ;■ :"i,'. :in.' ;il.' .■'"rtr.! '.' 

Hniit, vi/.. T. .it a S..!ii, M,t i..,,ic-.:-j; 2i,7J-i', . 

FlhoaU Iw grutcd w hit M»jttly, upon Accowit, fiir Onl- 
iFcnfioHri of Cbelfea Hofpiul, for the Yrar i?}}: Thita 
Kun, KDi exceeding ^6,41}/. i^i. 3/ ftioiild br gramcd iq 
Cjiij Maje0)r, for decaying rcveral cJEUMnJiury bervtnikBd 
Expcnm, incurred in the Vcjrs 173; and 1736. snJ not 
proviiltd for by Pailuinmi: Tbo: 4 Sum, not utoeecltiig 
iO|OOc/. ihould be gmnicdro hii M>jcli)' up<" 
r6t the S>ijf>orto( ilie Kon] Hotpml k' Greenwieh, 
Oa ikc 9111, ihc Iloale irlolv'd idelfaKUn into ihc Elicl 
smioiticc. and nude lone Progrcfi ; and on the 1 nh, be- 
»g Bg<m m Ibc ftid ConiBiiKee, ibey came lo the following 
tcfoluiion, wbicl) wat reported, sdJ agreed to by tic Houfe, 
tiz. Ttiic tlic bun of one Millioti (buuld be gntiied 10 hii 
hfajftly, (owardi rodnniine iJm lik* Sum of ibt iocfrifctl 
Lap:lal of ibe Scutli Sea Cunpnny, a* ii now conunonly 
ailed O^d^ntn Sea AoEUiticj. Seepage 341. 
Dn tiie ipth. (hi; (aid Commirtn cr.n;ie 10 tht following 
JlcAtlnioDF, icliick were tcpOTtrd, and all agreed to hy tha 
'ionic, vii. That aSiim,iiot uceeding jo,oOf>/. Diatiid be 
tnicd 10 his Majcfly. towardi fetiliog and fccuriag ihe Co* 
ofGeoigia in Amcika : Thai k Sum, koKXCccdiog 
30^. Oioutd fa* graatcd 10 hb Mjjeily, to be af piled 10- 
s% the MaifltcmBce of the Britifh Fo/is and SntlemCDti 
lungiBg cothe Royal Africa a Com paoy of Eog^indion tlie 
t.'Mlt ol' Afria : 'ibat the Sua 0/ 4C00/. Qiouid be granted 
10 bit Maieflf. towafdi repaJriag and Ibiiniing che-Co!Ie- 
^pntc Omrcb of St. Petsr'j WcJtminilcr: Tiuu a Snin, not 
^Eceecdiag 44.58 ;/. u. CJ. 6u\l be gnmcd to hb Majcily, 
■■paD Account, for ndnerd O'ficeri of lii> Majefly's I.ind 
Bj-'otces and Marincf, for (h« Vcar 17J7 : That s Sum, not 
' axcceciiig 594;/. fhould be granicd to his Majefty, for pay- 

Mof I'cr.lioni to the U'idoivi of (ttch reduced Oftcrrt of 
Jajelly 's IxBd Torcei and Afarinea, at ijied upon the Ella- 
ntu ol flaif-Pay in G/c«'Qri:aio, and who weientar- 
iiro 10 tJiembpforr Dec n. i7.6,forite Vwr 1737: 'I'lut 
n Stitn, ii'it exceeding f«.uiio/. fltould bagiantcd co h\i Ms- 
jcQy. n>wardi thcKcbuUdinganJ ilcpatiieg the Sbipt of the 
\oyal Nny, forttio Year 1737. 

TKi> wsi the laA Time of the laid CommittuN Silling, 
by (be abore-mti:'!^'— ■-' *'■■'" :•'•'■ iMppears, tKiiibo 
Dtal Sun graBHd by ii iliinxni traoums 

\o z.-i^ii-jil. ii. tyd biji^.o iiji: J'.... .uD gianied Jo r re- 
deeming {a nocK ») the Scuth'Sca Cafit:a1. 

Ai foon ai the Houfe had agreed co the thrr« Refelii' 
tioa* of tlie Cammiitce of ite ftupply, £ilt above-, 
relatiAg to the Seamen and Navy, which wai on ThuifJay, 
F<b. to, they refolvcd, thai they would b«xi Morning refulw 
ifaciofeltn utOA Cgmouuee ol the whole Hca&, mV^a^'^i^'c 
i (iV 



pf Vtyt and Mmii f<>r rat6ng tbe Sii|ipl)' gna 
Uiyiyy I and ucafdin^y, otxt Day llic HvSe reft 
Uittiuo the laid Coinmiitte, in whidi they rdbim 
k wa* tbcic C^inioB. that to«'*i Jt iKc Supplj grami 
MajcUy. tbc Oittin on Mall. Mam, Cyder «ad Poiy 
by 3i« A& of Pariiiment or the i)ih Year of hit K 
R«ign, h»4 Coniinuancc (ojunc 24, i737> ftiould be 
cononuAl, and chiigcd upon Mair wkicli QnaU 
and til Mum wliich fhouki b« nide or imported, ai 
der and Pert/ wt>Kh ibould t« made hir Sitr, «*■ 
Kingdoo ofGrca: Brtiarn. fioni Jdmi;, i7;7,ta 
1738 Which ReloluiicmwRS. accordiogto Oiitt, 
10 iii« Hoait tbc iKx: i>ty, 'nd ■greed 10. 

The taidUommiiccc w>iby Order coal in ued from 
Tine, wiibout fitting, iiU MorxJay March 14, « 
Houfr tcfolvcd i|<clfigain itiioihu Conini'itcv, and 
ihc following Rcfoioiioa, vibicli wat repotted and 1 
by the Houlc, vix. Thtt to\«af(ii raifing tbeSupply 
10 bia M.jcHy, ikc Sura of u. in tbc foursd, aod ~ 
DiMild be rai^ Id ihe Year 1 7 37, upon Laitdi. T< 
l]rtedium<n»,Pcrfi«ti(. OflK«i.a>M] perfoMlEllaii 
Ptri uf Great fij-iuin calleil EngUnd, Wahi.aod 1 
c/Brmick apon Tweed ; and tlui a proponional 1 
Mrdirg to ifiegih Aiticle ofthcTiuiy of Untoi 
be kid upon th«( Pait of Grsat Britam callcil ScotU 

On Ike litih, the CiiJ Coatnitiee came to tkek 
ttttctafUM, which were tepofted, and agreed to 
Honlc. bdi wiiti Tome Amcndmenti to tbe ihitii. u 
men-iOBrd. v.z. That tne Duty of 3&J. a Bu-rel 
(See p*gf ^So} grant«<l by nn kci at the ^ih Ym of 
MajtilyQjcfn Anne, lac the Term 0(96 Yciii, 
StMk p<:rp<(ukl. Ihouid from and after |uae ^4. 1 73 
and drKrininr, Thic there Iboald be granted to 
jelly fur every Band of Swecit made M^ Sale, fi 
*^r June 14, 173;. the Sum of t2). ike iiid Dutii 
piiij by (lie Maker and Makeri of the umJ Suecit, 
m PiopontOD of greater or kffer (^annici. Tbat 
lowanceof ^/. pfrBiirTioDBniUH midc Gun-powdai 
«d. f — d bm M Adrf»hna.hV.«,<hM« 



tof4J.€^. perBiirelcn lifiiiih nuidcCinipowderwtpMt- 
rd, graoKid by an Act of iti« yh Vur ol his pteM-nc Majtff- 
r'a Keixn, which wai lo expire the End ot ihai Sfluoa of 
rlia^ent. Ihould beltinhcr continued (or ievea Yeait. 
On ihc uid MiTch i3, the Order of ihti Coiiiiiiiiiec vai 
continued Irum Time ui Time, *(ili iridsy, Muy 6, wbca 
the Houfe TClolvcd ii(e!f ignin iiito ilie <iid CommiiMM, and 
€Ame 10 the following K«l6lu(>oni, wfaicii ivcic repor>«) to 
ihe Houfc on (he Monday followiog, aftd wre u Tuiluw, 
vile. That 'twas ch« Upinion of that Lorsroi((M,tlia(,(owmrd> 
mAng tbc Supply gMntcd to hi) MijtAy, there lhouIiJb« if- 
Iticd and applied the Sum of d«d Million out of foch Munica 
a^ had AfiuD, oe (houkl or might aiife of iKeSurpIdTt*. bx> 
ccHes, or Over-plu* MtMiien, cotnnionlf called liic disking 
Fond. That, (or ibe EncouragtBieiic of the Paper Vlsmjfac- 
tureefthitKiDgdon, there fhcuhlnot be allowed anv Draw, 
back or RepayotcnC of Callotni chmged upoii fv'cign Paptr* 
which fboaid be imported into Great Briisio, upon tbc Ex- 
portatioa thereof. 1 hat, tou'tfds taifiBg the Supply granteJ 
lo fcu Majcfly, K (qiiher Doty of 9/ per BuOwl Ihould Lc laid 
Upon all O^llcrtimporicd ittioGieat Bfitain. Ofihcfeihre* 
Rcfoltitiot!* ibe firR andfrcoBil were agreed tob/ the Uuulci 
bat (he third wtt re -committed. 

On the i7(h, the faid Cosimittee csmc to the foltowiDg 
Refolutio«»i wbicb were reportnl, aod agreed to by the 
Houfc, viz. That the fcveral Ratci and Dutiei then piyable 
apoa IbreigD Ortlets imported into tbit Kingdom, fhould 
from aiid after June 24, 17^7, ee«fe and decermine. 1*hti a 
Duty 0(74/. per Bufhtl ^JuikcMcafuie of the Wtnchclter 
Corn bolhct.Diouldbe laid upon all loreign Oyllers imporlci 
into thii Kicgdom, >n lien ofall other Raici bclorc laipulcd 
1 hereon. 

Thii wattbe laft Time of the fatdCommittte'iSitlinfi. anil 
troia their Rciolutiofls it appears, il>ai the Waytsod Mnri 
propoicdfor raifing the Supply lor the prefcnt Vcir, wtre(be- 
fidet (he MiUioti gnmed »-.)( of (he Sinking Fund) the Malt 
*i'*x, which it gcncially fuppoicJ to produce ne*r 700,000/- 
a Year, and the Liod-1'ax. which, at ij. in tbc Pound, pro- 
ducei Dear a XlilUoni and for malciag good (he Defieieacy, 
lii* Kbjefiy wnt enabled to botrow ary 6ujn 01 Sumi of Mo* 
nry. upon the Credit of tbc l>Jt»ei laid on SwecM. irix ex- 
ceeding jo«,oco/. at an Interefl of ] per Cent pet Aonutn. 

I A Propofal (owardt loKTring the rnterefl of all the r«d«cm- 
»b)e National Dtbti 10 3 per Cent, per Ann. and thereby 
to enable the Failiameni 10 give iminediaic K^le to his 
Majefty** Subjcdi, by taking oiF (boic of the Taae* which 
aic moA buidsutomc to the Po<;t, and cfpecially 'o the 
I X Mai.'a* 

L ▼» J 

Manu&ftttien. Ai likewik to give Eafe to the F 
by Icflening the Annual Taxes for the current Seri 
Year, viz. 

A Prorrf.l 'I 'H A T an OiFer be made to the Proprlctorj of t he I 

tor'u>-i(LiiB j[^ Sea Annuitiei, as well old as new, wC fuch limes 

vh.- In' i-fi o' Xr:;ns'er Booki (hallbeflmi, in the following mnr.ncr, 

Dvbrs.''*'"^ Tha: al! Peifcns be at Liberty to n-ake tlieir Opri 

the whole, or any prirtofihcirCapiial, of one o; mere 

r^rtic'.i'ars ucdcr mentioned ; for wfcicli Purptir-;, Qu 

be Inid open a: the South-Sea Houfe, vix. 

All tvlio dtfirc to be paid their Monc;', to ente 
Namr» and bums in one Book. 

i'li-.'ff v.ho fhallehufetohavc Annu:t:es fi)r certain' 
of Years, and the Capital to be .innitiilkird. may {,:'.-. c: 
particular Books for that Pui-pu.c, at tl-c .•nli.'^.'.ii.g 
For 47 Years, at 4 per Ccni. per Ann. 31 Years 
33 Year«,at6. ig Years,at7. 16 ij 
at 9. 12 Years, ai 10. 

That the Proprietors offo much of the Capital as (h 
be claim'd in Money, acr fulifcribed into fome of the 1 
ties for Termi of Years, fhuil, (br the fjiure, be ectJi 
the Annuity of } per Cent, per Ann. only. 

And, for the Encouragement of the Annuitants toac 
3 per Cent, per Ann.itis propofcd, That they be not 
to Kcden.piJOD or Diminution of their Annuities for the 
<ji f:)jr!ccn Yi...::.. 

Aiui ih.'t ..:i ;'ie Ann'j":ii.i .'or Tcrrr^ cf Vt-irr. !■; 
fi.r.b:L' :.! ii.c Sauih-Sci '.'.c.A'-:. -^-ihout r.:v.' Ci:-r',:i; , 
zi tl;.^ /.:.:.uiiii::, wl.ich Jljall b; cor.LifiLJtil n: % per 
per .\-- r.. 

Av.d i!.-.i t\\ tVc Arr.uii'c:- Tr.r TcrT.? cf Years ccm 
from t'l.c Ik e.r.-.;rt::<jri ui t!.;; /.i.::u!;;Cj tf 4piTLi:rt, 
(.;:: :ry ';:- "i 'I i;i.i'. 

' ( i- ..f . ;i.-r,i-ni'.--i, tiiittl-:; rrvr-.v!;! he morebLrt: 
th^ '.':■■ :it:j::. :'■ — ;|-,e r.!i:;ir !' 1; in !■ i^ir 1 relent '-'iti 


j.ri.' r».," 



ii n 

.: n 


1-, Id 



i,!c.; n^rr: 


l.i.- olu :;r.; 



I.-, \. 

!. 'L 

)i nu'ii r.;";-''! 

i)i n V. 


■ '..-.'•i ni'fin 






to rc.'lu: 

( ,.■:- 

-' I'-jr.jiiiii.i 


. i:. 


: ir.L." 



/'-T r l 


'■:;.;;vr.r,ai; I'r 

if . 



■'-'■■::■.' r.; . 


! l;:,- 




? ~.IW Pi 

fi- !• ' 


; --n ':■ .:i - 

, V 

■ ^ r. 


i e ;i.. 

, i 

!ri Yis; 


f r \...... 


-t . 

• ':' 

1: {.: 



■ K.:.: 1; 

ivittL'.' ' 


■■ C-:;:.:' 


■" ( 

I t 

• ml-.: 



. 1 vc 

n.. ir 1 


; '.?' ■ • ', 


, ', 

:-.. P. 


■■ Yil:. 


i^cr C.r,.-. 
- 10. 


.. t 





5 J — 

I 1^1 
Rjtrt for t^'vN. or Uif othff JUtfft^ &ouU 1m 
iTcctcBi lu be off;tcd- 
I pfOpUcJ. thu u» aid bkI tttm Atntntant* be 
:i tubicnbe any Vun at ihrir Capial, ibcy beinv 
Ifie LiRtiliUOD of Yrnit above tXfmBcd. 
thu notie of ihe Propolal* iotegoiflc, be macic (or 
liQnrji I liccaufc it iitwioiubloitkuttie pnfmt Cve- 
bould hive Ute rKfercace ia ir)y idvaBUgcest Oftr 
f tha ^tumcnt. a* ibii it sppieiiCMltd (o b«, fines 
aur be niM ai 3 per Cm. pci Ajid. witii ■ Libmj 
■Buig lb* tui« at f Inrure. See the Debate itmAM 
Prapobt, page jSi. 

Cfa 31. Hit M«)oilv «at to the Houfc ol Teen, ud 
leRayil Afcniio {iJTbeMuiinjrBitl. (t]Tc>M9d 
D* ■ Xiiiy o( Two-PciKe ScMi upoa every riot at 
ficer rcodcd wKUb the Tom of bcnhar, lo be ap. 
» tbc L'l« «r tbe £uil Town, fer orec&ry Biitl<ltn][> 

riin, asd 10 three prime Bilh. 
la. Hit Majeay went to the Hmife of Peer«, xbi] Royil AflcM 
leRojal Adbjt toikefaBtnrirg Bill* : i. For gran-.uig ^Ji,^ **"' 
Majclly by « lAEd-Tax. i. Tomaltc rrrifUial 
.11. tn prevent ike infiniioiiiPnRiccof Stexk- 
ihe tietter rrpiring Rfid pevlng the tligtt. 
Wittr-Coiirfff, and frrcntiphctniog the 
Paffijei, and better reflating tlie Nij hily 
i% the Cliy of SaliAvry. a. Fm aUtfia^ the 
irptiHng few»l Rn^ii Ic^inf; U tbc City of 
, uu! for idduciBg tbeToIl on Stiecp and Ljinlit 
Ad. ;. For makie^ more cfTcauI two Afla 
jjw HJG:hu-aj't froR) Old Strsirord in Ncrth- 
Ditr<kiirc}i, WarwicJtfliire, 6. To raifc 
irje llir Dcbii JMunnl m nrtaum of BaiU- 
PaJ Court Ronmi, fct tl-* L*fc of the Coutsiy of 
\fWfr C'jnt'rKlr 7 a Pirj" nf Two*penni« Sccu o» 
t/i ri the Town of Durofrfi», for 

1. ...g a Hjrbour tliere J unii (ot lay. 

' on tbc Tonnage of Shipping, Sa. (or the IwRer 
" the fiM HsrSour. 8. For mnUing mvljab^ 
^Btnofc. from Worfley- Mill lo Iapaif>iirr, w iheRiree 
And to 10 Prime Billi. 
:n iS» [jfitl-Tix Bil ibore-men- CUnfcfllj 
It- " <J in to r ^tif;«'»*ffj 



.'cin ibe! 

JftMoae)'. »hrt:h ainotjciiti ta upvatJt 6l itoc/. 

Day the Elill wai paft'd , a Motioa wu mn^e a MmIm to 
~ 1^ 

by whii Order or Auihorisj- Kit Roi ■ 
PruKCof ^^alei wu, by a Clajfc in t' 

r 1 


land-Tax Bill, wcmpted from ptyinf tny F«» ftr W*- 
felf aix) HouHiold 1 sod " being a Point ofOiikt. ■ 
XMmcc .role, wh«(b« the Ileaieeoghr not lo kavc moial 
for An [DfltUriflion f»r a CUufc to uitborife fuch AUerttJM ^ 
r-roM by Bdt aMtber Motion betn([ mult, thai the Order of tbr Oty 
«itH n ^rj^ fgaj^and the QtHllioft being put on ilte UA-ftftnnl Ma- 
tion (the BiM tor ledacingtbc InurtR to ^ per Ccni.) (he 
Ilouledivided.inti nny'd iiin ibe Afiiriii^itvc. andfcwl i:« 
I A Time, and ordered Uk 3d Rcftdtngihat Dijr Sc'nnijlii. 

Nfa/ 34. h Meiligt wu fcnt by hit Majt&y, ta dcin 
tie Commons 10 iettlca Jointure of per Asa. em 
bcr Royal Higlinci) the P(ince{iofWafcAi A Bill wacuaaU- 
■Doufly ordeT'J inaccorjinglf . 
J« 1 *«■ f AibpaJTed thjj SeffioB iwei»«fiJIo*.»;T. Marcli 7.TW 
riw* 10 fwt.M«lt Bill. K.The Moiinr «.». Th« (or laying « D«T 
iAOi' of Twopence Scotch oa every Scotch Pint of Ale, brrweil 

for Sale within the Town of Aberbrotbock. And a Roai 

And May so. The Und-Tix Bill. Th« for p 

Two Millioet for 1 yjtt, and paying the Ginlc a Mi!. -' 

rcilccming an Anauiiy of 40.000/. For cxpliiniag aa AA 
lor Application of IM fotftM Etlam of the laie Emrl J 
Derweuwater a«d CKatlci Radcliffe. An Ji& to ciiiy o— 
tfac Court of Lord Mayor and .Aldcrnicn to fn a Peica oaSti' 
Coilt for one Year. To enforce litc t;xe<iiiion of tkt CjS- 
A£L Tofccure thePiymencofRenn, and prercni Fr^d*^ 
Tcsinti. To iodcaiDify Per (ong wlio have omtitcd to fMlt 
fy (hcmfclvci (ot OlScei.reid Pnyeri, and mike the DecW 
rations and SubfcripiKnt required within the I'iact Hdiitsl 
by Law, and for allowing further Time foe ihofe tarfM>fo. 
for allowing fiutherrTimc (or Rarolmenc of Dredtaoi Wilb 
■lade by PapiAt, and for Relief of ProcdhuK PiiKhllcn. 
DeriCeei and Lefleei. For Relief of roeb Prifiwen fiw JMi 
ai have by iiM*oidabIe Accident* lo(l the BencAi of ike AA 
pailtd the laft Scllion far the Relief of isfolvcnt Dtbton: 
and for the Indemnity of fuch ShenfT. and Goakn a* ^vt 
incurred any Penalties on afcouBi cf fin h Pri)6nen nM „- 
difcbargcd i and far exieodiag the Benrfif of the &td Ad O 
Crtdiuin. whofe Debtori were commitied to Priloa 
Jan. i. 1730, and were dctaiiied chcrv 00 J«n, 1, 1756, aHl 
hATechofietocontiroe there. An Aa to cosdnw u AA for 
the better Reflation of Ullage itad BallaOage im the Rnv 
Thaaaa. For building a Bridge crflfi Uh I banca (t«b cIk 
WoolOapk, WrUntinAer. u the oppafitt Shore. 
KgulUlng the Maeu&aare of IVirroiv Wooilea-< 
ibe WetRaing of V«klliirc. For itpaiimg tbo 
•f Do«r. aad rellotiiig that of Rye. Far rccovcriag 

Caring the Haiboar of Mifichead. SanurTetllurc. Faraik* ^| 

>ng ■ Oock or Bafoa at«pool. Totwo A&t fordnin- ^| 

ing ccTttia Kcfii in Lincoln (hire, aitd the Iflc of £]^, For ^| 

rc&iiklmg tlw Parilh Church of Atl>Sainit in the City of ^| 

WotoeAer. For fiaiftuDg the Church of St. Mary Rochcr- ^M 

bilh, ;iad purchslirag tn silditioaal Brjral-GrouMl. For re- ^| 

buildirg [he Parilh Church of Chritl-LbDrcb. S.irr7. To ^| 

continue ihe Duty of Tw-oPcnniC] Scoti on ack ?iBtof Beer ^| 

or Ale Told in the Tomii of Invernsfi in :>co[Und. To vcft ^| 

l))c EUate of Hiwh Hatb, Efqi (late Heaped oin of the fleet) ^| 

in Ttullee* for iht Benefit of hit Crrdilort, Par tl<e more ^| 

clfeAat] ftcoriiig the Payment or ceruin Sami of .Vlouy, ^| 

dirr^ed by » AQ of Queen Rliztbctb. lo be paid by the ^M 

Ttafartn of the Caunlici of Enjtland sr^d Walci, (or the Re- ^| 

lief of the Pnlooeri ia the KingV Bench and MarfhdKci. ^| 

For putiilhing fuch ai Ihill injure nny in their Ferlbnior Pro- ^M 

pcriiei.with iitiL'nt to hinder th« Bx{ioTt.!tion of Cota. Aa ^| 

A£t to cxpuin an Aft for rebaiMing Si- Lcourd't Church* ^| 

Shorediich. To contintie two Aoi for eDCourBging the ^M 

Growth of Cofiee, and fciunng the Trade of the Sogar-Co- ^H 

lanie« io Atnciici- For enlightcDitig the Suecti, &c inthB ^M 

PanOi of Ciirill Church. Middlesex. Toamend nti AAfor ^M 

preventing Ijiconveniwicies iMt n»y h.-ippcn by Prwiltgeof ^H 

Partiamfni To frcore the Ellaici of h>pilti turning Pro- ^H 

tettant! igaintl Difibiliiiei, and for (he more effcduil veftiag ^M 

in thciwu VtiiverCn'tfi I he Prerniiiiioflt of Bcncficci belong- ^H 

ing io-P<pii!i. To 6 Roid AAt, and to 17 pririiK Billi. ^H 

And tot the Iliiloty of the Supply. &c. it is thai fufflin'd ^M 

K> in the fultowing $,xcch, made b/ the Speaker to the ^M 

^hrone, the Ull Oiy of the Sc^Soo. ^^ 

Moll gncioui Sorereign. ^| 

• xrOU R Majclly') mollduti&l and loyal Sufajefl*. the Speaker^ 

• J^ Comciioni ofGre-i Britain in F^flutneetafftinbled, Speocb atth 

• mend yourMtjefly with feveral Billsand with one among t™^ "''he 

• ibc rclt for your Royal Afient concerning tbc Sapplict 

• gnnicd Jor the public Seivice efthe Year, Hllowing Three 1 
~|Mk>liuBt J>cren Hundred and Fifty ThouCand Poundi. Tor ^m 

the Maintenance o( your PlecU, Armlet, and dtfchaiging ^M 

Mili'OB ofthc Naiionil Deb:, nrd other Porpofei. ^M 

Your Cooinon) at firit mnit Fiovifion but fur to.oco ^H 

■men, thty being fuScicni for the common Service; ^M 

: h.ivingl'iQce been called 011, by the SufT^ rings and Griev- ^H 

VCC* ofyviir M>^jef!y'i Swbjcflt, lottrergthen y> ur Handf, ^H 

1 defend your Kightt, and do them JuiliceigiinA thelaw. ^M 

^tf^ Power at iKe ^p.iniCh Nation in the Scai vf America 1 ^H 

-wheic your AUjcUy'i SubJefU have, b/ N«ar«> and unre- ^1 

» ftraincd by Compafl, ao equ^l Ki^ht wilh them, and ut 

* not to be fubjcA to any (%ltrudiaa or Molcftatiao whu- 
< foever ia their Paflage over thofc free and open Seai ; thcji 

* have readily granted 10,000 more. To TufTcr thcSpa- 

* niards to rununage our Shipi, U t6 give them a Right to ihc 

* Sovereignty of thofe Seas, a& it was always duemed by Crnt 

* Britain ; and wai never allowed by any of your Majciiy*! 

* PTcdcccflbrs. 

* Thefc Depredations deferved the Confideraiion of your 

■ Commons i and thele Outrages (if comintied) will delerve 

■ your Rcfcntment. 'Jo tlicir Plunder they have added In- 

* lulti i and to their InfultE, Cruelties : Inlultii the more Cea- 

* fibly felt, as they come from a People wnole Power we il- 

* ways deemed inferior; and whole Strength we ever fub- 

* ducd when tried. With thcfe Sentiments your Commoni 

* applied to the Father of their Country for Redreft i ted 

■ received fuch an Anfwrr as the F:ither of their Country 

* fliouid give; for which your laithful Commons make their 

* grifefi'l and dutiful Acknowiedgmenis. Their Applic^iioa 

* on this Occaiion was on behalf of iheir Trade, which iitbc 

■ Life and Spiilt of this Nation ; retting perluaded, thai by 

* your Jntcrpofition, you will be able tootitaio Jaliicefarpj: 

* Injuries, as well as further Security of your trading Subjed;, 

* for the Sake of the Dignity ot your Mijilly's Imperial 

■ Crown, and the Honour of the Britidi Nation; which ihty 

* arc fenfible never were, nor ever can be, more fccure than 

* under your MaJL'liy's Royal Protedion; 
Since yoor Majcily's Paternal Caie hat prefcmd lb" 



D E B A T E S 

1 N T HE 

Hoiife of ConwionSj 


|Tbe Third Scffion of the Eighth 

Farliament of Gnat Britain. 

February t, 1737-8. 

H E Parliament wkkh iw» prorogued to ihii ^f,^ ,o_ q„^ 

oftlicirfirtiMcctliigJaadbeineiDetaccoTdiiigl)'. /y^^-^Jj 
k Mcditge ura* btoq^ht by Sir C^rlti Dalian, ^ 
rtMlctMfl UAici «r the Black- Kcad fr«a (be * I.unb 
MntboriU b; bti MajcBy'i CommilBon. dcTiiing the taw 
>— wfalp AmiMi&nce «f tbit Hoaoolabte Houfe, in ibe 
Hootoof Ptocri, 10 hctr the Comcniffioo icadi aott Mr. 
tftaitr, with the Ilotifr. ggiug iaio tta* Hoofa of Pecn, 
t^ Lotd Cbancdlor fitliag with Cn'eral ochcf Lordi 
jtk « Form, bsn'cni tbe l^fOM tai tiw Wool-laclu, 
bd n tke EScA followms, 

I Hit LtrJt aaJ Cn/fmrw, 

Wt. arc ecimmandcd by hii Majeftjr to let jroil 
haow, tlut as ii ii not convcnieiK Ibr hii Mi^ 
I Vat. IV. F f *• jdl; 

I * Viz. Prktt^Wde%i t»r/ Ch»aal\ttr. ItrJ Prt£. 
lUut, £*f^ Stcwud, I^J Chsmlicrhiti, ZJiilf ^ Argrlr, 
IM y- RkhmoDd. £«r/ gT Ponbtoke, Earl jrScaf 

Anw) to.Gn. " jeftjf to b« httt iVts Day in hit R*ysil Perfon. lie lu 
lI.i;i6-7. " b»en plcnfej by Leitct-pMer>( omkr ihe grir.^t ■^-■' w 
■ ^^•^j '• AutlMrifc hif Roy»l Htghndi the I'rinreof '-' 
L " ffvcnl i^rde therein mentioned, lA do c<^ci)- i"ii-g 

'■ th« Nnme of l>i» Majrlly. which oughl W be done ■ 
•• tlie Tin of hif M.-ijclIy in ihii Piilumwi.asnwj' I 
*' folly »pr<ar by ih* Leilct-patenl." 

The Lcttcr-f^Katbcing LofftCl r liics, 

■«i one ol the L'umRiiflkwcrt, tead the folk' .^cbu 

boili Uoufci: 

Jl^ /^/f tn/l GtniUmti, ■ 

* I N PurCusKc of (he AiuborUy giren oi by Hn < 
' I j'fi)''* Commiflion, tinder the grdC Seal, at 
' oihci Thingi, to declare. the C^ufri cf hii ItoUii 
' Patlbinect, we tre. by His M^My'i ^ii>ci>ikI|J 
' firll Place, to obJerve to you. Ihii Hii Mjjeily uq 

* cd yaa lall Ynr, (bat he lud. in Loiijunflion with tht 
' Slates Grncnl, giren Mit .Appolxikm of ccruio Pieti' 

* miiury Arliclci. (Oi>(crie>l And :igi»J iii-un btt%vr(& the 
' Rmpetflr atiJ TrnM, lor tt^wnf, i' 
' and that a lanhcr Convencvoif. corat . 
' of them, had b«en ctjiu mvuiicaicil to lln'i i>> t-vtli (^>u 

* CogK> i sifld that NcguuJiion* wcic cjnying vn br il« 

* fcvrril Powtn eng:imd io ibe bie War, id otdci to fcf 
5 tie the general Pacihcatiun. 

• We arc ncm- commaKted by Mi* M»jelly lo lafos 
< ypu. that the refpeflire ^ftiol' Crdionteiiifif-v- lupir''" 
' and Orden given for the Bvacnaiion and 1' 
•the fcvcnil Countries and Pliicfs by the fi.-. ^ 

■ cemed. according to the Allotmeni and Difpofitiaa *f 

* the Preltminat^ Articln, iW gieai Werk ul ic cftaUifr 

* ing the gcocrjl TraiitjutlJitv n Ut ailvanctd i bowicr, 

* it n Hk MajHi)'! Opinieni ihut coiDmaii Pruikit ** 

* 0{ion ni to bt very aitcniire to. and obfctve tl 

* Conclufion of thb iiem Kcii:eitic[ii of (ucb coofi 
' Paril of Xartft. It is to U lioj^il. tkii « Crvv*) 

* ing Tranipiilhty will (olluw thu Rellit 

■ Bbd that (he RcncMjl of Ftkndllitp sn.^ 
'the Prefertation o( it, aintxig th* fever;.; I'mu 

* Power* of ^K'ljjf, will temuvc all rbn;;c:- 3f 

* pichcn&oni ul ^nv ocwTtuublciar' 
' M>iel!y Dfpirheni!', ihat :in inJoli i 

* gttat a PilnpiJ to tatuic t>ctn», may o<ano« W* 

■ chiefi more caly to be pieveeted, than to be imtdN~'~ 

* km! (kal it weuM b« very tuudvifrablc to Inve osrich 

( 227 ) 

' is fo MtnttMt » C&nHnbiM, at id cncounge anjt Enter- j$k3 lo. Ce9- ' 
pmn, Vk'hicti ihc Birflirt to die Public Peace laay luvc IE i;i6 7. 
rainl/ fuggetteJ ami (l-ntritd ilionfelvei with ilie'Honc* 

Gmilemr/t tf the iietifttf Owmw, 

• H» Majeily h» ontcrel tbr proper Ofiiceri to lay 
before y/on die EDtnutei fqr ilic Service of (lie cur- 
rctti Ycu ; IS foon i\ (he Circumftiincck of Ihc 'limej 
wootij petmii, l^i) MiijeUy wu |i>j(cd id nuke fjch a 
Rediklion or (um« Pare of the HuUic l-.x[«nces foi ihe 
lUfc of hit IVorle, ai wa> connllcot wun itw: Pcmg and 
Safety ot hti Kingdatn^, the Security of our Commerce. 
M*l tJie HoDMir ami Intcrdl of Uic Nalioi).* 

Jl^ JUr7) mitJQniltiinia, 

• flti U*iDtly bii bcrn gneiouHy pleaTed to diretl in 
tc ' ; )-ou, that He lutli icea with the greaieil 
5i I ihcuDwraricd App>icil»nor thiiFarliaincnr, 
in iMiDing gotid L4wt for advanciRg Ihe Prafperity. and 
(tcijrir.p iSr Wclforiiof His lovirif; Suljjeii) i and that jt 
)i T^rot Hii Majcily'a pnnripal Cirei tu co> 
i'> :>yadite Pxecution. with the Rri^ri RegpuJ 
to \t>r. K.^mi xnd Properties of tiU fcnplc, IK> lovalioil 
whcrcol ijn wiib my Cotnur be luggtlteJ by itie tnoft 
liialuiau* Dirmic» d( ihe prefcot Elt:iblil1i(ti<:at. Wbilft 
ifaii fcaih be^n out Crxxlnion, llii Majclly catuioi b<K 
atrferre. that tt mail 1m; muter of tbe uitnoll Suiprife 
ard CaneeiTi to evrry Irwe liuvcr of tii* Country, ti> fee 
iW nuiy CoutiTiin^tsiinil Atctraptt cariKiJ on in varioui 
SJupn^aKl in itilferent Vatw of ilie Nation, tamullnuully 
lt> tafiianJ «t>l)iu^t die I'ntcuiioa of the Lawi, and to 
riolAtc ifac Pciccof tin; Kingitoni, 'I'ticfc DtDurbcriof 
tW public Repoff. rcrlcio-i^that thelBiereflof Hit Ma- 
jttty bik} I i IOC, and of iiic ^'ooA Har> 
■Mwr. r.h'. ctwctnHtm .ind Hit Par- 
V- '- tiicii ^itKm aj^mll boib : uid in 
^^' \_ .liivc eillicr dircJU^ opjvrfnl, or m 
)ci • I >: vonrcd to rciMlcr inefRrtlual fotnc !\tU of ihc 
u^ ; : - . rt.t.rc. Ui% Xl*)edy 10 Hii great Wiidoitt 

■ a girhficholy f*rvr|<cA lo coiUidcr to 
— . .. ;iicf« auddtiotit PartKcs nuy rife, if doc 

tincly luiipreilcd, aivJ [iut itdeietvei do imall Aucatton, 
tb*t tlwr '*'*1 fio <^ '<■ tXfiS pritBie I'etlortt in tbc tpiiet 
fim^ufmittx nf iliru Propcrt)', ai well lu toe general 
PiBii . and good Onlet nt ibc wbale. flii MuJHl)' i|<- 
IKhaad] it w b« tufpKclUry to cakigc upon « ^vi>'y:Si. 
F f 2 • Q^ 

1. 1 7 j6 7. * Ki mctitioQ it ta ytm, who, bf ite CMtnt Teact of yc 
IL^V^O ' Cixi^o^* ^'"* Awwn, tint TOO eeafrter ih« Soppoiti 

* tJw PablicTniKiuilUtyMdyocrown Salny. 

The Members being remmed to die Houre, Mr. Sfhtltf 
npotttd the Speech fram tbc Lord C^neiOir, ind upaa 
Ktoiion for Rn Ad(Ire& of Tlunkt, the bmc wu agtMl 
Ui >nd b » fdllowi. 

M*^ {^fdrinu Sevtniga, 
' '117 E^ >'our Majcfly'a mol DjllCuland Lo/aI Sllbifa^ 

* yV i^ ComcQORS of GrM/ Britam, m PwliuttM 

* 4&nibl(:^, tenttn four Afijcfl^ our inoil hainUe Tfalb 

* tot tbc Speech dclivctcd by your MajcBy'i C<mmbu4 M 

* both Hovfes or ParJtaiDCM. 

* W< In with gnsi Sitii&flioB, tb« h^ppj PrefnA <f 

* ike final CgDctufion of tbc general Picifiattias or Ewift, 

* tnd whei tve rmwnber yuur Majefly'i uaweiriid E>- 

* deavouTi to prevcu tkis Nitim &am being invQlnd tt 

* tbc Cabgaiiics of 3 deftrudiTc War. uxl your coaliM 

* Application in contribcting to th« uinod of your FbMi 

* toward* the grrac Work of mtoring Peace, from tlieicr 

* Att Ore and Conccia which youi Majctty hu abmfi 

* (hewn for Ihc fistiire Peace inJ Piofpeniv of your ]"(«■ 

* fte, a* <vi:tl ai kt the cominon Welfare of MsUttfi, 

* wc make no douix, but that your Majclly will coniMt 

* 10 eo-opcnte witk your good Allin, that tb« CandBiw 

* cl ihc Peace nay be titeoded wiib • gncralasd kfltm 
' Tranquiliiiy. 

* Duty and GritittKle to your hfajefiy. aoil » dua lU 

* prd to our owa Intcmli acd Security will cnsagc ua M 

* HI ujkA any luceCiry PrKauiiom. which may he! 

* romlnce 10 cimUo yo«r \bjrOy to difappoint ftwt dtlarf 

* all gitnindkft Ho|>n and £ipc£btioBt, whKh the da- 

* lulled Enemirt of the public Peace nay have vaitUy bf- 

* gcBeJafld fiitceredthcmfekriM'ich. 
' And we beg Leave 10 alTure your M«)elly. Oat •« 

< will chttrtitlly and cSt^lually railc the ffnpplie* ntaSuj 
' At the Service cf the CuMctit Voir, aod ftippart nir 
■ Majefly in all fiich Meamici as Ihall be foiad M^wiM 

* prcferve th« Pesce and Sftfely of the Kiagdom, |WS»- 

* curity of oar Csmnerce, and Uw Hoaav od luoiit d 

* rem Majcfijrud your DDniniooi.* 


( "9 ) 
MaS Cncloiu Sorefef^ Anne lo 

^«VT iJic Spirit r ind Sediliom. iirhieh hat Uuly ou- ^'^7' 

illrlf in tntduciiiE^ jiij mifreprrfcnMng the Ixgiflatute, in 
ncniming ill Authom/, and in gprn Ucluocc of (he Law* of 
■ Lsod. 

* It ii widt tlie h'chcfi Senfe of Duty sad Gouitadc. we m- 
kflowkdge joui Mtjefiy'i Goodndt. ntK uoly^io yotir (cody 
QsimiriBLir to all Tucii whskifome Lawt u ^ve bcea fion 
'I'tine lo Time prepared by your Purliuaenc, but in JQqt (on- 
lUnc C^rc lu ciuiitc [hem by t due BxccuCion, with Cbe fbiAeS 

nttgsnl n ihe Rights ind Prepcrtin of your Ptople, and witli> 
the leift Cntwir «r Shadow of any Dcfigki or Aacotpt tq 
tufi or viAlaie i!ie kr^wn Lzwi ofthifi Rciloi. 
W* canriot fuffidtntly exfnU out Abhoirence of tht man/ 
ticlccd anddctclUbfc frafliwi, wh«b tiic Piflwibcn of th« 
ahtic Rcfotc hiirc fecmijr footrnird anJ opmly cany'd on ia 
nulcuoolly refilling acdobtlrofling ike Execuuouof the Lawf. 
I vioUri ' "licc of tb« Kiopdoin- 

* Andn, iirulCotiunonioo aJRirtyour MnjHl)>. ibae 
beng rally ivdujdeJ Uui ihc Prc&tvitioa of ihe |>iib.'ieTi3n- 
(inlitjr, and oar own Sifciy, «rc jpfr[ut))ilc frncn the Sccuniy 
of yMr Gowtflinent. u Royit Autbonty in 

roppfdlliig tttd f»biluing <:o>a Attcinpts that 

ihtmcn ihe i-ery Bdng of uur ii>i<|>y ConuliaCion. and iw uccer 
SobvctltOn ul 1I1C& Libertk*. uhicli hive be«n m^ide the fpeciout 

fbi ammitting thofc outrsgcom Pifoideis,' 
T» 'hi' liie Kiog return'iJ ilic following Anfwer: 

rtfamt lUi Haafi hii Ih-gnli Jar ihtir JBO/f Du- j^ |^:_i 
. ^. i»)t«/ Adirtft, and, Ml *hj.ty tjlitn tl'dr 'l.tal Antwr 10 
. ftr hit Ptrjfi'atd Gt-v*'nmnt. ai ttt i^.l tiuimfi ibr Cm- 

iUlam/«r tu ctw^^nl EndntVtBT ti rtiitr thit Nutitn '^^ 

4jhmi^m hftb m H^mt ani 4irmi> Hii Ma/'ifly reUgt 
■ tt'iiXm if hii pH'ii.um4iii. l» pau /ixh £.«u di fi>all 

\ fnfi^fi^ th* pithUc ^raHjKUitj. anJ ft<*ri^ l/t Rigb/i 
Ttut ^hii Piflt I mnJ iii/jilkf'ul Cammtn) may JtfmJ 
. rtimjir «/t^ »*d 4iit Exicxii>'\ t/'itm- 

•_£ri. I- A I*rtilion of ihc l-Krholdwi of the CouWy of Nor- a P«iJi«u 
CdmpkiRbig of an vaduc Elc&on bmI Rerun for the Lid cMopUaing 
IjF, bciDi; pcclenced to the Houfc, and rcjJ. it wai otdered J^^,^^ 
it Mte Bar flf the timft on the Th th 1 aftd 

il^t, wiib RtCptA 10 the Ijuil EIcAioo, L, -^ . -.i:J on tltc cf »„(., 
(if fdonuj. ffituaa 

frrtt £. A Motion W3I niacin, ikit the PetJtbften nielli be 
Ubnty W witkdraw ibcir Prtiuon j wliLli wm gnu)t-|)«iii 
F aod Mr Speaker wu onlerri 10 iiToc Iti^ Wur-ini to 
Ocxkof Uk Ctowa, to nakc ocl a cc* Wt'it lc>c \^ tu^ 


CnitDC^, in t)t« Room of William W«leiiour«, Efqt wbo ksdiin 
alter liii EitQux, And agamll wtiicli ik( bwl Pdiiton wat pi' 

Tbo' tliu EleSiofl wu thus given op, ya there wm eoe Tkng 
ickting to IE worth OblVcration. 

The ltcli>lurioi) of iHc Houfc irliting to ikc dcIiTniag of 
of ConlrtVcTted Votrn, in Purfaa&cc of which the LlAt, wMl 
refprft tt tSii (\inlroifn«l EteAion, bad b«n otdriwl w be dr 
Irvr: fnllOM-*, vi7 ' Tb.1t in all Cafi» of cvnooNnid 

IZmUOsaf' ^' "* ''■31 Houic, or bcfctc the CoauntitM of FrtvihM mi 
L^tOxn ' ElrfttoRi, t)-.c Pttftiofien Ihould by thnnfthvt, or hy atii ^■ 
Itlui in 10 ' g«iO, d/ithinaco^renieniTimc, lobc i>{<f)ointed «ii6ri 
IJ"'*i^*' ■ Ho-feortheCommitlccof PnriIcxi:iaadKl«fli<»t,at:.... _. 
' ' iCf to be h«ard fhnll be hrfote ike Hou&, or ikc bill CoaaiOM, 

■ drliirer to iiie fciitig Membcn. or tkcir AgCBD, LiAlof the 

* Peilboi iflrcidcd by the I'ctiticixn to be objrdvd to, wha NMd 

* for the rilling Memberi t giving, in ihe faid IJAi. the ftvenl 

* finds of ObitAion, and dil1irf;uiltiin2 ih« Aok agtutll t^ 
*' Namts of thv Voters cnCptnl to ; aatl that llK riuin^ Monin 
< ftoalil, by tlicmfdt^, or by ibeii Ageatt, unttiin the fiiai 
' Tinic, ihlivcT the like UHi on tlicii Put. to the Fcnuoam a 

* thajr Agcnti, 
In PutlgaoceorthiT RrfoTution, ilic PeXkionen br the Canif 

of Norfolk, and the fitting Mrinbrr Sir Edmend B«GM, Who fm- 
te^mnsr^'ffi tlie EIrflion of himiclr^ukl the othtf Mtnlwr i!«tat'd, as 
liaie.lii'erM I.itlMOricb other rcipc^livrU, (kit inlhc LUU drIivcr'Jfci 
(he rctiiionci] to the lining Mrnilxr, all the nutciiil V- 
Objcft^M (hit CoulJ be nuiii;3gainll aoy Voter lor a L^v~.. . 
were fciiit;^ir(t the Kameof nlmoA ever)' Voter UtCf eJk^pttd « t 
«bkh (be lictire Mcinbci thooghi coatrxry lo Ihe Rclblutun, sol 
ihrrtfore repiefcntcd. That the Rcfo<ut>on liaJ been ane«d to, ■ 
liM orda to fave rrottbleaiid Kxfxarci and prevent titaa " 
examining WitDeSei toan OlqtAion h« oouU not faUj pr. 
ifaen Bjring from that tJacoiiicr, and chcii«c ton Third, (: 
if cithci fitly tbou^'" ^^ (^ fcvcxal ObftAiuiu u »ay oni 
och or which would be of hfelf firficicnt. bfloajthc. ''. i.. ,- 
fciL-ilon, to fix iipatt tin; CK^efiioo which be ihosgh: '. : : -id 
H : '.f onnx. ' . guilli ihatilcadof Obj. .' .u.-. './' 

^■1'^. licKamci/' :rri h< ttrliiehMeani the L^r.i-. >' 

^untght prepare poper t*roo6ot h4ueriaU /or r«ppani>s tJi'- 
^Fof his Voter gtgat»a tlut ObjeiaMn : lial in the MatiorT L 
bad been delivcr'd to bim, ti wmuUI be viAty trautjIekiiiM i 
penRrc to prejuit proper Proofi foi fuppotuoj; the Bijht of . 
Sgainlt every Olvjeflion that could be made ; aod if l.r («;- 
anfwet one ObjeAion only, lie night »i hH fiad biwUf oUijm -^ 
. ^rwiripoibrr. fornbich he coold not ihcn noiariv haio m> (h. 

Wr'i ifl 

( 233 ) 

titionert Lidi were dnwn iip (hanW be sdinitKd. it wonld JnoiO.Cti 
icniler tlist fati of (he Rdblinioa quite uickk. which re ||. t-tb % 
Ia[« (0 the <)>llio£ailhing thriJuda of Objc^aa agiinil i/'"^*^ 
t^>t Namei ot the V'uien excepted toj lor if all (he 
Mcjijs g( Objc^ion that could fQlBh[y bg mxdc igmuR. uiy 

Voter, IViodld be fet ogainll the Nime oi every VtMcr, it I 

•WMild be che very fjjnc with miking so paniculBr Oh- ^J 

je^ion tt 3ll. which wouM leave both Pat:iu as much at ^M 

Liberty to vex oae another, and lo tjkc up the 7'imc of ^| 

[he liovle sitntecSuilf, ai if do fucb Rifoiuiion hid ever ^| 

been made: And laillf . tfaac ia the particular Cafe then ^M 

before thnn, it wouM be a very great Hardlh>p upon bim t ^M 

beciule in the Liiii he ha4 i^^ircrcd to the Pctitioacr}. he ^H 

had llrifily conformed to the RcColution of ihe Hourc, ^| 

which would ][ive the Petiiioaets a very gteai Advnniige ^H 

over him i tbccsfore he dcfiicd (hey might be ordered to ^M 

ainead their Lifli, and to put them in that MeUioil vibxh ^M 

wai prcfcribcJ by tlie ftcfohition. ^M 

'I'owhich 'iwai uorwctcd, That by the Rcfolution I'lwas ^M 

MM intended lo limit either the Petitionen or the Jilting ^M 

Member to the mjilcing hat one Objeflion onty againlfc ^H 

och Voter excepted to i nor coold it be (uppofcd Uut ihs ^H 

Ifoufe meani any (uch Thmg when they agree'd to iltiE ^M 

Rcfolvtion ; bccauic ii would be doing InjuHice to both, to ^H 

limit them to the making but one Objeflitui lo a Voter ' ^| 

a^iofl whon they had (eNral material Obje&ionii there- ^H 

fore it wu (o he prcfunicd, the itcfolution inicoded cnl)r ^H 

to oblige each Pan/ to explain and rxptcTsIy nteniion the ^M 

fei-eial Qbjc£)ionf they were to make againlt esch Voter ^M 

excepted tOi uhkh WTit the Mcibud the Pctitionen htA ^^ 

taken with lefpeil to ihc lills dtty had delirered j and by j 

that Method the hiting Member miglit know «k*[ to do, ^H 

and coald be put to no ^rtaicr Itxpence or Trctiblc than ^H 

the Nature ol the Cafe required ; for il he found thai itty ^M 

one of the Objcjlioni piopofol wa» well founded, and ^H 

would probably be fofGcieotly ptored, it would be C)uite uo- ^H 

nccellaiy for him to put himfelf toany ExpenccorTiouble ^H 

in fupporttfig ibc Kight of a Voter, who, be knew, hiii no ^H 

Kjght I DOT could the 1'ime ol the iloufc be unneceflarily ^H 

>tRken op, becaufe each Party would begin with cximmifg ^H 

Wiiaelli'aatio that Ob^tAioB which he thought the IbOD^rl). ^H 

and which be ibocjjbt he could the moA fully prove • and ^H 

if ha found he had fully proved that Objcflion, he would .^H 

p>oc«cd t» further, nor uoubtc himfelf or the Huufc wkIi ^H 

prdnriagajiy other OhjeOion : whereas if hii Witncfici lor ^M 

ptovinj mac Objc^ion fiiould not, in their Bxaminaiiua ^| 

before the tIoiife> come up to that which tbcy bad dccbtci j 

Vgt. IV. C i V» ^ 

Jtiait to. Cm. 
11 i:56-7- 


Cmn/tt Itard 

( 234-) 

n him in the Coa^iry, which wm olten ifae Cxt, tt wmU 
be Injatlitc to prccluds liini trom proving tpf other 06- 
jeAion.when br Toitiid lie neither lud mvcoald fully pfon 
the ObjcAion he kad firA ibfiitnl on; ihertforc ikejr U 
not thiuk tlitailclvci obliged hy tbc Kclolution to aocad 
their LiHt, or to deliver ihem in any other Manner tJu 
wh«t they baii dune : However, (luc tbcy might not b* 
tboitght to intend, and u ihcy dkl not de&re lo ukl aj 
fort oF Adi'int-ige of tiie fitting Menber, the; wen 
willing to antcnii their XM*. ind to Mt ihein ia the very 
fame Method with ilwlc dclirercd to inesi by bin i fa itM 
it would be quite sniucelliiry for the Honfc lo imuftk ■ 
the Affiir, or to coinc to any new Kefolution, gr Oi^ 
Upon ttut Hnd. 

Tbia Comptiuee in the Petilionera pnrcated t Rtf)y> 
and ItUewile prevented the Houre'j coming to any nrw 
Rcfohitiao. or to any Dcicitoinakiion, for cxptainiog thbr 
former Relolutton t lo tint the rolnl in dilpute rauiot 
undctemiiiicd, and) if no new Law be made tor r^Iu>a| 
the Elc^ions foe Coonties, il may be the Subjedt of feat 
fiititre Debate. 

Upon ibe fame Day, vix. Fti. s. and immediiuely ahr 
the proper Orders u-erc made for heuiBg the PrtibM 
from Sir/Hi, u before mentioned, a Petition gl Sir J^ 
GifKM, Bait- cOBiplaining of an undue Etcdioo aitd lUcn 
for the Borough of FUm, in the County of FSmt, wupt^ 
fenied to the HouCt and read ; and *(wa* ordefd, flat iM 
Matter of the iiid Peticion ibould be heard upon ?>rM.T. 
Mttrcb %, then i>ext : which Order wai afietwaidi 

to thurjiej, M*r(i 14, when the Hvnfc priKC(t]t.i; 

HeajtDg of the Matter of the f;iid Pniiion 1 and lie t^ 
lttton.4ndtbc hit Dctermioation of the flo(.(c, conccniqf 
the Kight of cIcAing a Sargcft to Icrve in ParliisxM w> 
the tatd Botoiigh, mtde Maj 21. 1728: aiuJalfo thcind- 
irtg Ofdci of tite Houfe. made Jan. 16, 1 jiS, JoTtt&B» 
log the Counfcl at the ^t of [bat Houfe, or fasfotc Al 
Coromiitee ol f rivitegr» and EtcAiont, from o6eriof Bn* 
dence touching the Legality- of Votn lor Membcn lotnc 
in farlinnier.i lor &ny (.aunty. Shire, C'i'.y, BfiniHht 
Cinque Port, or Place, contikry to the lall l3cttjaciaiw 
of tlic Hoi^fe of ComnMjU -, wctc read. 

Then the Couafel for the Petitioner were bard 1 ui 
the ong-.nar Poll, uken « the bid Eledtoa, bcuw ft»- 
duced i and the Title thereof, and the toiti Nunbcr «f 
V oiCB lor ctieb Ondii^te, being lead ; ihcy cjtaatjart fr 
TKial WiutelTei, loiKhing the Bchdvioui of the u i »r»i ^ 
OCcenutiic Time of nking smI cle&j>g the k^ PJL 

( ^35 ) 

I tbe DMUniion of the Nunbor of Vaitt, and of rLe ^^^ , 
Bjorily, Bad toochtng ■ Sc/utiajr robe hid, and ibc Man- JJ. j 
of making the Return, and the Dniamion of one of 
returning OSiccn, and the loflrn^iofvi ic him gii'ca 
th« rtiinig Mtnibcr prcriaus to ih« ElcAioa, Bad oibcr 
ncti at and after the £I(ftian: Alter wbich the 
Return, dated May i6, 1734, o«> which Day the Poll 
afcil, being read; the CWnfcl for the PciitioRer 
^nbcr hentd, i> to cbe Mrriu of the Keiiirn 1 whea 
ey^fifiiled, ih»t the Ccunfel for the fitting MemScr fltobld 
procted 10 jutliry the RcEain, before the Mct'm of fhc 
Elefiion tiitald be proce«de<l trpon : Ai to which Point 
Cooitfel for the fining Member were hcaid by way of 
ifwcr, and the Couofcl for the Petitioner by wiy of Kc- 
I awl then the Couttfel on both Sides being, according 
'DircAion, withdrawn, the following Afocioo wa» made, 

' /A» CtMufif fir tht fillip Mtml^er tt iiftHtd tt fr»- ^/t/^/j^, 
r ardtr It j-fUfy ttf RtiHrn ftr tin B*r*ugl> gT FJint, 
Mniiiijf ibt EUHitw ortfntttitd iifan. 
thia Motion there wt* a long Debate, and the pMA 
being at lall put, it wu carried in tbc Negative, 
ID 166. 

which, ibe further Hearing of the Matter of tbe 
litian wai ordered to be ndjourncd to 7yi/iiay then 
'whenihe Counlel (or tha proceed in their 
it and having propofed to qiulify fcveral Pcrl'oDi, 
' Vom for tbe Petitioner appcArcd, upon the original 
: (Kken at the Cud F.Ie^on, to have beea diblltswed bjr 
\ msiatog OiSccfji they examined Btujamin itu^fni, one 
the Clu-rcb-Wardcntol the Parifli of Fliai, at and be- 
the I'lcne of llie iaid EIrflion, in order to qualily one 
r the uid Perloni t and a Paper bc'< g by the (aid VVitoefi 
purpantng to \x cbc Church and Poor Rate fbr 
tSonnigb of Fliit in the Vcar 173}. the Cotiiifel for 
|€ttiat Member (hiving crofi-cxatnifinl him, aii<l exa- 
lt Witneft in reiaiion to llir (aid Piper) ohjcflcd to. 
tadmilliog oF that Pifer in KvlJi-rcc: At to wliicli 
' ">■, the Conafel for the Pcirivner wcic heard by 
of Anfu-rr, and the Lounlet for the fining Member 
r««y of Reply ( ind then the Counfel oa bcnh Shin be* 
. b^ DtrcAton, wttulnws, ihc Ibllowing Mouoa uai 

^the Pafte fraJactd Ij Brnjnmin tlugbe» h* tdmitttJ 
_ Ware, ai ibt Ratt jw tb4 Chxrtb AalPut tf the £«' 
ttftUai/ar itrl'iar 1733. 

C S a Upo« 


Jnm lO. Gm, 

The Hearing 

'W^itKfJfti €xa 

A Mnim. 


C 236 ) 

Upm this IVfotion there was likewtfcK Debate, bat upoi 
the Qaellion^ btfjng put, it wai carried in the NegatiTC; 
and ti.en the further Hearing of this Matter was ordeicd 
to be adjourned till Thir/iay Morning then next. 

On that Day the Counlel for the Petitioner examiod 
feveral Witneffes, and produced Evidence, in order t» 
qualify feveral Perfonj, whofe Votes for the Petitioner tf~ 

feared, upon the original Poll taken at the fald EieAioR, n 
ire been difallowed by the returning Officers ; and «n the 
^utfday following, being April ;, th/y examined fevenl 
WiCDcfTes, and produced Evidence, in order to add to tin 
Poll of the Petitioner feveral Ptrfons, who offered to TOB 
for htm at the faid EteAion, but were refufed by the return- 
ing Oflicers ; and having propofed to add to the faid Pdl 
Matthias Rtgtrt, by proving that his Landlord paid Scot 
and Lot for the I'enement, in which the faid MMiiimj Rf 
gtrs inhiibiccd, they thereupon acquainted the Houfe, tku 
they intended to oScr the like Proof, as to the other Ptr- 
fons; upon which they »-ere direfled to withdraw, and upoa 
their being withdnwn, the following Motion was made, vh. 
That the Iiihabitanti 0/ tht Jtvtral Btrsmghs «/ FlkK, 
Rhydland, Qerwys, Caerguerley, and Overton {iathStg 
Knolton and Ovcrton-Foreign) renlisg Landt w Ttntmnt, 
Jir •uihich the Landhrds thereof nfy fay Scot and Let , hmvt m 
Right to Vfte in the Ehaiin ef « Burgtfs to /trtM im ParS»- 
lufnt fir the BeroHzh of flint i« the CSutity af Flint. 

Upcn tlii: Mg'.ign there cvai alfoa long Debate, and ihs 
previous Qupflion being propofed, niz. Whethtr th« 

C 237 ) 

toncViftg the Ocolion of cxanbing upon Ohth into ihe /tm to. Gm. 

Qoalificadon of ilie Klcdon.and of prottAivg the foil: II, i^^6-j. 

IM a>actiiiig the Ttreact add sbnltve jUispiage oficrad to 1 ^<v^ 1 

tbe retarniag 0£c«n, ind bd Afiaulc tiptni one of (hem t 

ud tb« Declnratioo of tbe Number of Votes. snU (he 

Demand of a Scrutiny ; Ani the Manner of ilccUring ilis 

Majority, ftiid other Trtn&ftioDs « and sfier ibe EleAion : 

And (he Record of A'^ Prim upon in iDrormuum profe- 

coctd agjinfl RiiiarJ SFilli^mi, Cleric, (or ibe laid AfEuilt 

opoD Jtlia Ktttrii, me of (he rciuming Ofivoers, being 

produced ; tbe V«diA of the jur^, by whom ih* Uid 

Jiith»rd Wilfiami was coavt£)cd of the faid AAiutt. waa jf^^imrwti. 

read : After wh^b (he furtbcr Hetring wu ordered to be 

adjourned till next Morning. 

Next Daj-, and chc Dn^ roHowlBg, the C«an(el for tbe Mtri Wih 
fitting Member examined feveral witnelTes. and produced mffn rx«- 
Evidence, in order to dirijualify leveral Pcrfont, whole minti. 
Votet for tbe Petitioner appeared, npon the original Potl 
tiken at tbe faid Eledun, to have been di&lloiMd by the 
retaming Oflicer. asd whom the Petitioner'! Co«niel had 
endeavoured to tjuatify i and io oidcr todifqaalifir fevcNl 
Pcrlioni, who olfcrcd 10 voce for tbe Petitioner at the foid 
Eleflion, and were rcFuled by the returning Officers, and 
whon th« Counfel for tbe Petitioitcr b>d endeavoured to 
idd to bit Poll; and likcwiTe they examined Irvcnl VVii* 
ocdbr. in order to jollify the Vote* of feveral Perfons 
who rotcd loT the fitting Member, and whora the Couolcl 
for the Peitboncr htd eadejimarrd to difqualify. 

On fiie^jrr the j6th, when this Af&ir w»i ngain re- fht U'trtm 
fbincd, the Counfel for the fitting Member proceeded far- re/^gni. 
ther 10 juQify, at kit mentionid ; snd then they examined 
WitnefTci, and produced EiriJence. in order to qualify fe- 
vrmi Peifoni who ofiRrei to vote for the fiuiog Member at 
the bid FJeAion. and were refufed by the retoniiag Officen t . 
after which they examined (ereral WiindTci, and produced 
Evidcucei in onler to dirqualify (cTcral Pcrfotu, who Totcd , 

ibr ihe Petiiionef ai ihe i&tA F.leAion. 

On Thwjdttj the zSth, the Coun&l for the fitting Mcn». Conn/tt fw 
ber rtiniined sp their f^ridctice: Then the Coanfcl for the it* fitii*g 
Tetitioner were heard by way of Reply i and examined Mtmitf Jkn 
fcreral Wiinefie*, snd produced Eridcncc, in order to "f ''' ^■*"' 
^ify the Votei of feveral Pcrfoni. who voted for (he Pcti- ^MU. 
tloMr at the laid EteAion, and whom the Ceonfel for (he 
fitting Member had endeavoured to diltjualify ( acd alfo to 
dilqaajify fevcra) Perfoni, who offered torotefor the fitting 
Mnabtratthe faid Etefiion, and who were refufcd by the 

C06icc»> ud wt»n ibe Coaafel fnf the fitting 

Jfitn to. G»- 

n. .736-7- 

Sir Gmrgt 
if^itue iff- 
tlar'J ibc fit- 
ting Meaiiir. 

VpiK a Dlvi- 

Kptf^h af the 
LarJi Com- 

hn inii Cuit- 

C 238 ) 

Member had endeavoured to add ra hh Poll ; snd alfo ts 
difcredic and contradict feveral WitnelTfs, exnicined on tbc 
Part of the ficting Member : After which, Part of the Ib- 
formation prolccuicd agaiaft Richard IfUliams, Clerk, fge 
the A^io^i a^n^thHRohtti], oneof thereiurnicg Ofiterit 
wa.sread( and the Caunfcl for the Petitioner having Anifb'd 
(heir Rqilyi the Counfet on both Sides were ordered to 

Thus the Hearing of the Matter of the ^td Petition be- 
ing finilhed, and the Counfel withdrawn, the following 
Motion uas then made, iJf«. 

That Sir George Wynne, Sart, ii July tleScd a Bw^ift 
to feriii in ihii prrfent Parliamentt fsr the Sorougb a/ Flint 
in ihi Ccuniy af Flint. 

Whereupon, Sir Cteije Jfynn*, the fitting Member, 
having been Aril heard in his Place, and aftcrwardi wkk- 
drawn, as ufual in fuch Cafes, there enfued a long Debate; 
anJ the Qudlion being at laJl put, it was carried in die 
Affirmative upon a Divifion, by 158 to J07. 

Having thus, as we propoled, givfn oar Readers a fuS 
Account o{ the Proceedings upon controverted Hie^ioni, 
t*ii Scflion, we (hail now proceed 10 give an Account «f 
Blare important Debates. 

February 3d, The Houle proceeded to take into Cot- 
fidcration the Speech of the Lord; Commilfioncrs, appointed 
by his MiijeAy for holding thai Parliament, to both 
Houfes of Parliament, and the i'ame being again read by 
Mr, Speaker, a Motion was made. That a Supply (hoola 

^■^ C 239 ) 

wed (or suiotaining the &id io,6do McD lb*- ■; A»i»te.(!t». 

a, iQClwting ibc Ordnance tor £MJ>r^vVf. And iluG 11, I7j6*7. 

I. Boc ocecdiDg 319.101/, 61. j rf. fhouU b« {^.^"^fKJ 

i to hii Wnjeily for the Oidiciiry of the Navy (in- 

j )iairP>y to ilie Ha Officrn) for lAc Year 1757. 

ibe liA. If^iiiiamTtMiig. iaathatt Speech (hewed 

eccflity thcTC M-ai for keeping up tlic Umc Nunbo 

■br Forces (kit wcic lupc u])itie proccctfing Venr, 

lOfctJ, That it be reiolvM by the laid ComiiiJtiH. 

be NuinbtT of c&ifUrie Men (a be [irovided, (or 

• and GirrifgDt io Crrai Briinia, ind ht Catrnfiy 

tffy. for the Vnr 1737, ihould be [including 181; 

1^ and JJ5 Men, nhbcli ttie fix indcpendctti Com- 

anliflo( tor the Service of the //(^/'uuri/f) 17,704 

CoaaBiflioQ tnd Nan Comnil&on OlBccrt mJudrd ; 

■ Sub, DftCncccdiog 6^7, j^q/. m. ]^{ihoulil 
mud to hii Majcfly, (or dcltayiog the Charge of che 
!>,704 Men: 1 hit a Sum, not exceeding 315,710/. 
d\ (hoatd be granted 10 hiiMtrcily, (or iB^iruining 
■jcIIt'i t'orcn and Uartifont in the Pl^naiintu AU- 
lii Gibraltar, and for Proviftoiu for the GaTriloni at 
i£t JUyait C*nj», PUttniia, and <JtiT*ti€r, Ua (be 

■ Motion beiBg objeflftl to by Sir^'K^ Ba-nard, Ur. Sfmt^ it- 
r nd others broughi on «Dcluie,which w» manag'd ^anfi rim 
tWilliaia Tt^i^, the Honourable Htmry Ptlham, tiir A/srin. 

' Wd,^>V,andotbcr» for ihcMotion, whoft Argumcnif, 
lid Repetition of what wc tuvc already teen on that 
we fidJI give ibe Rctdcr la one connctied Speech. 

otevcr impndkabic Noiioni foinc Gentlemeii 
enteiiaia, J believe there it no Mnxim more tror, 
Force ii nctcfijtr^r for the Support of Govcii»- 
thii Force, in its own Nature, can be no other 
force. For in c^'erj SocKty it is al^ 
irjr to have a certtin Number of Men pro- 
AM difciplined. ior proicflinj the Society 
I foreign lovafions, a> well ai lor prerenting the 
: &0B bdng opprelCui by the Mighty. atul fur pulling 
of ihe Society in Eitccmion igainit OJ!endcn of 
. aud Degte«, Tho' thii Fon:e, Sir, a: kept 
Axcfton, a now deoy'd by Ionic to have been 
Force, yet a very little Cobfidcration will teach 
[vrat profcrly fe. It i:aa£Acd Xhttfly of the Mi* 
iy Coucti}', wtio (or that Reifon were all p[i>i 
an>d (lif^ciplincd, and obliged to nnrKer tha 
. wkA had the ComsiaBd oi-er them i bo^^^^^^^^^H 

C 240 T 

Aimo to. Gu. latter Agei, and rmce Mankind have began to apply t)ie» 
11.1736 7. fclves to ArtB and Induftry, they have negleflcd to bred 

X^/^yf^i themfalves up to Atmi and Military Difcipljne, and ibcre- 
^"^ fere I it has been found ncccflary in mofl, and cIpC' 
cially in oar neighbouring CounCriei, to provide and natB> 
tain a certain Number at Men, whofe chief Bufincft it ii 
to breed themfelvei up to the Art of War, and who for 
that Rcafon are called regular Troops. To them tk 
Defence of the Society both againft Invafions from without, 
and Infurredions from within, is chiefly intruKed, aod bf 
that means the reft of the People of the Society xre ca- 
bled to purfae Ti^de, Manufactures, Agrtculture, nA 
other induflrious Employment), with greater ApplicadM 
and Affiduity than they could poffibly do, if they wtn 
every now and then obliged to withdraw from their Li- 
boar, in order to learn their Exercifei aa Soldien, of is 
march againl^ aiforeign or domellic Enemy. 

This, Sir, 19 the chief Reafon that Arts and SdeKd 
have of late flourifbed fo much in Eurtpt, and it is fay thii 
Method only that Trade and Induftry can be fupported uA 
encouraged in this Kingdom t therefore I fliall not fiippofe 
that any Gentleman will be againft our keeping np wf 
Number of regular Troops. The only Qjieftion that ca 
come this Day properly before a>. is, if'bM Numiktr y m. 
fttloT T'oopi fxay be p£\(Unt fee pnU fling ibii Ifi^vd aiai^ 
any fattign ImiaJsBH, and for fupparting cur G^vemminl j« 
the E^rcHlien "f ibe Li'vii ef litir Cvanlry? With rcfprfi 

of which wii M £rft, perhaps by both,3ide!. niade _/^mo to.Gi^.' 
a)c PreKncefor engaging ia Wtr. II- 1716 7. 

I tbis general Coofideracion, Sir, we ooght to add aao- L/'y^/ 
which it peculhr to this Kingdom : It ii not only pe- 

■ 10 this Kingdom, but is ia iifElf of ■ mofi peculiar 
moft extnordiaary Naturft In this free, thia happy 
try, we have a Party amongfl us, and a confidenbla 
too, who are every Day labouring to deftray that 
Ion to which only they owe rheir very ExiftenCe at a 
, who are every Day contriving Plots 6a putting an 
DO that Happindi in which they thenfelvei flure. 

I I by this, I be^ve. I need not tell Gentlemen, t 
the ymaiiitf tXiiPafifli in the Kingdom^ I believe 
Icafi I with that this Party has not of late gained 
od amoag the better Sort, but I am dfraid. Sir, it i* ^ 
r oaiy to the dread of ■ Military Force, that the in- 

Rank of People are kept fo quiet as they have of ' 
'cart been. But, Sir, lam far ftord thinking the 
il^ei of yatttirifm to be quite extinfi even among 
«tcr Son. If we fliould leave the Government US' 
led of a fufficicnt Military Force, it would immc' . ' 

J mire their Hopes ; and if they fltould again break 
i rnten Rebellion, they would certainly be joined by ' 
B Abandcmed, the Profligate, and the DerpeTate„who 
generally chufe that Siiie, as being that from which 
[Day expefl the grcateft Reward in cale of Succcfs ; 
ich Cale we (hotilJ ngain b« obliged [o Aght for our 
lies, ind the mod fortunate Kvcitt would be attended ~ 

;reat public Lofs, and with many private Calamities. 
: letting afide [he general Interelli of the Govern- 

I don't fee. Sir, as our coaimon People arc now dif* 
D Military Difcipline, chat even private Property can 
te fecure againil Rogues and Pilferers, if as in other 
rics they Ihould turiii ihemlclves into Gangi. Ac 
Sir, there might be agrcai deal ofMifchief done, be- 
ley could be fupprcfi'd and brought to Jolliee. Then 
regard to Mobiand Tumults, we find by Experience, 
egolar Troops are of great Ufe, not only for pro 
ig any fuch from happening, but for (]uelling and 
uig them after they huve hippenfd, and that without 
[Tcat Miichief's being done ot either Side: Whereas 
had no regular Troops to be employ'd in fuch Set;* 

tbo' the Civil Power might pcrliLpb at lall be able 
: aa End to ihe Tumult, ^nd to leize and puniih the 
■■I yet 'tis certain, the Mob or Tumult would always 
tend to a great Height belorc the Civil P&wer could 
■Ihr interpofe. 
I.. IV. HA Wvil* 

€ 24a > 

Wiih refpcft, thererorr. to the fWotcOing oar Pccflt 

againft Inrufioni. [ fliall now. Sir. uke lfc« Lil>^"- '» 

con&tlcr whu i'UFcA our kcepiog, or our not k. 

ap X (uSi:*etit Number of Land-J-'orCcf, inii>ht, ai-^^../- 

Iub<)' tvould have upon our foreign InicTcila, vti wkM 

flill more nctrlr concerns ua. All our Nctglibour*, Sir, 

iu« kighly (eofiDlc ol the great Inetiuslij; brtveca l>t.~ 

litis xnd regular Troop. Fxpcrieoce kui obta Htm 

win a vafi Number of the lormcr may be MtacM 

and put to I'Ught by the laticr. (hejf thciefbrc tl«« fct 

thcif only Conridcnce in ilvcir regoiar 'l'toop« ; anO fticri 

IiIuiOQ in Sartfi isnovrrcfpcQcd aDdcRcrmcd bf thcrn. 

in propotiion cotbe Number of regular Tioopi they kiiv 

in llieir Pay. ThcicJore, lo prckrvc tbu Rcfped t»i 

r.llecin which we ooghi aUsys 10 have among on N«>^ 

bourt, we onght to keep ap a conlixlenble Body of iMjriB 

wcU-dikipIined Trotipii bccaut'c it any ot ovr NcighwlM 

Oiould begin to dcfpile ui. they woultl of courfe bcfla 

iofult, aoJ perhaps to invade ui. This, Sir. wauU IcMi 

our Sea Coaili in acociioual Alarm, and nu|bt cxmK 

many of our nurilime Couniies and Citiea to be placaa^ 

and ravaged by a ilandl'iil of forei^ Tioopt, UaAei m 

any Camcr ol tbc ilUnd, I do noc fimpofe. Sit, thai I 

Haniifiil of Mj Sort of Troopt wo<iU be able lo cctov 

the lllardt but it we had nothrag bnt Militia U« 

agiisd tliem, ibey might do ui iniuiitc Mirobicf, bakWM 

COOhI j-aihcr aad form Juch a Becy of Militia a* Would H 

able to oppo'c them. 

From iMfc ConfideratiodJ. Sir. T n, 

Ibat it ii DO way conril)eni with true V - k 

M'ttb il>c Pmcc and Security of ibc rcut^e, 10 (Jmnu^ a* 
Kumber ol regular Foices we bare at prdeiit oa fm. 
It it the trail Number hit) l.<««n kfp« on Pool for smf 
Yean, aul Ejipciicacc hu Ihcwn ui that from foch 1 N*- 
ber there src no loconvcaieacet to be apprchcfuM i hvto 
ihe coouary we have lek many goo:' ' '^- ''■ ■ fr<<«i kwpM 
op ibai Number, and even ftotn ■• ;. ii now ■■ 

then at fAalion reouiicJ, providtc aim 3l«.i . '" 
the Praflice fince the AccclTion of hU Majdl) 
HoofCt they are likcuiiCiiuponCkxaJitKirtikxel. li M^^l 
be roo (ediotu 10 rccipuulaie all the Adranta^ we hart 
from liicncc anjuitcu i but in general it nmft bt graail4>l 
«>e have for near ihcfe 30 Vcara rojo)ffd amoC p i a fa ^ l 
Tranquititjr both at (Josic and Abraad, wktcb u c' 
be iiiriliuc^tl tooitr keeping up (nch ao Amy ai n- 
Encmio bnii ai Home .-nd Abtoad Hand la Awe. aWli 
the other f.-udcat Alcaiuict whidi bit MajcHy aad h»{l» 

- — ' 


i«r li&vc i}i»iag tlut TiiB« patRtei. F-vtnbvtjUnio.Ct*, 

1 >o II. »7J6 7. 


irWn the grcaicU Part of £ 
E ar Libnty M purl 
Fdiltl in Price upd _ 
(C foi&ll Ad^iiion wc mailc to our Army, and (}» Aug. 
uiok of our i'l«t, we oot only prelcrfcd our own. 
ft cwitribute grntly to ihe rctloritig «t tl>c ftittljc 
qaillity : D&y more, wc acquired AtcctCooi of Trade 
mat infiniie AdvinU^ to thi^ Nation, in Dmti, Sir. 
It BovmU to t^ ambilMw Vicwi of the Viftorioui, 
EBviiKecl them, that if they cudcsvotiTcd to parfua 
Coat|acll» aoy hnher ilun wat con&llent wiili pre. 
|Ub« BaUnc*- of Power » Emvft, wc vcre not oal/ 
^■but wootdbc rndy 10 inirrpolc with fucti a Forte 
PVbe fu^cieat to Hop their rrogieli. Thii, Sir, 
wbai muie ihcm fo ready toliMtkea to cquiub'vc 
II, to Trnni whicli did not elTemully v)ry from tha 
Planhii Mijelly, in coDJuo^ioa with hit Allict the 
I CtvntA. hod btcn pleated 10 propofe foi rcUoring the 
quilliiy of Emr^. 

KC die refer c wc lure cipcricnceil fo many Advaot^e* 
k«pi(i;[ up the ptcfcBt Numtxi ol rcgator Kocc«, 
wi ii*e f«U the KxpcDce to 1m bat iscoDfiderftble* 
be Inconvtaicnc}' eoiic 1 (incc no Danger can be sp- 
BKled duilflg bit 'prefeni Majelty'i Kci^n. I OBtioC 
; AAf GcoclnnaD of diis Houio would be for dimi- 
rg tb« Number, ctcd ibo' there were 00 paitlcultr Rca- 
tfcni lubfiLling iar keeping up the bine r^uuibcc 
, there arc in toy Opinion three very fironf; Rca- 
Jtar to the prefent Timet lor cootiauing ih« (inie 
;lcall for thtt t:«xt cnfjing Vcsr, twoof ubicharc 
uid the third of a domcHic Naiorc. Titctc a, 
W'lr it prefeiit fubfilling txtweeo >ny of the 
I Priacc* or States of Earv^t with rcfpeil to my 
tiie pnb!ic Tran(|uilliiy may propcily be &id to 
l{ but n caniwt te fa>d tHit (lie TraDqiiillity of 
_«li«r reflored, rrny, tb»t it may not upon a 
bnd ifltpofiibk to b« (orefetn [->citt bcdiilutbcd. 
tet are already eagaged in » V^ar agaifvll ihe 
*(u more iban proi>ab}c the Ev^rrv'i Arra)- will 
■ tcrised the Tame Way." Ai y*l the other Powm of 
.to bare nothing but peaceable Ibclinationt to 
' ^petraoce 1 but «« do not know bow Idoj; 

Jiptaneceimy liold: Thctcarefomc of then 
mn long remained at <^>ei, when they fovnd 
■ ill a Wai with iM Turk 




( 2^) 

. Jmm lo, Gn. tliey do not take tlic Opportunity for iHacklng the £«• 

II 1736 7. ^'for, it is to be apprehended they may think it a proper 

l-»--vi Opportuniiy for making lncroachmem^ upon ibme other of 

^^ ^^ their Neighbour): Tho' perhaps no fuch Thing may be 

intended direflly ag^inft this Nation, yet wr ought not to 

pot ourfelves out of a Capacity to fulfil the Engagemeoti 

which our own Inierelli and our Treaties point out, if iny 

fuch Encroachment fhould b« attempted, whether upon our- 

Iclvea or our Neighbours 

Befidc!, Sir, as the SyRem of ACiirs in Europe fcemi n 
be very much altered by the late Treaty becween the Em- 
^ ferer and France, and as the Terms of that Treaty arc at yet 

in fome mcalure a Secret to the Public,* who will take it 
upon him to fay, but that there m»y be fome fecret Coo- 
ventions between thofe two Powers, which may be fotlM 
prejudicial to the Neighbours of both i In fuch a caii;, 
that Treaty, inllcad of being a Poundalioa for eftablifliing 
the general Tranquillity, would prove a Firebmnd for 
Tckind liD|rt perhaps, the mofl general and the mod furioni 
War that ever was in Europe: A War, in which this Natioo 
could not avoid being one of the principal Parties coa- 
- certied; and therefore, I mull think we cannot with Safety 
difband any of the Forces we have at prefent on Foot, ti>l 
this new Sylicm of Affiiis is thoroughly umierliood, .ind iti 
Con Icque net's icrii t.iri.'ugh. which ihcv canni'i be nil ail it< 
fecrct AiticKf of that Ttcaiy ate fully dilcovcrcd, 

Tlic ihird Read'ti for kirping up the I'amc Number ol. 
Forces, nt lea II for thi' enliimf.' Ve^r, if, as 1 h,;ve iaiJ. Ol » 
domciiic Nariirp, aii;i foiirnii'ct u;'"in Spiii; u! I)i:cci- 
tentrnl DilThci'laiflion, whkh has been foinJu'ir'ojily lp:e.J 
pvcr the whole N:ition, ;>nd has i)t la'c [iro'.'uied Mfbt. | 
Rmt.-, ar.l j i.inuli', almoll in evety Ciirner ef the Krig- 
dom. 1 am pef!ii.Hlfd every GeniVnian th:it heat} me "I'l i 
jorn With inc in laying, his Mnji'ily^ Uiivcrnmeni. e«t ! 
fincc he c .mc to the Cmwii, has been fo mild am! juit, ih't 1 
no Man can rnlly h.ivc li.e leal! RralVin to comp.ain. It 
Cinnotwi;h |!;iticc be fnid his M :j'.lly has ever a;tenip:(J • 
tlic |:nlt^en: upon ihf LibL-nies and Pfiv,!cgi;s rf '. 
the S''',-ii ;l ill j;,i!. f.ii' 'I'fs can ;iny ptivate NTan comp'Jii : 
lliiit !ir lia- Jim will] Jt-i illltc or t)|'j'ri-lliiin ; ycl there it ; 
f eh a S-.-irit nl 1 l.ll" li.'- fl;on and Sedition i;<>ne fortii. l^it . 
I iU' !o'.vrr;iii)J) ll..i;l; of our Pfoiiif arc cveiv where rri-'V 
ti lly 'n thr I-' cc iif the L'ivil Mr.^nlraT; :ir.d tvea 1'e ■ 
Act- "t til'- «i.a'c [,05;ili.t ire, TUi-tc A^is, Sir. thnt hjit 
1 y a'mn.t cvi'i >. f Jont'eninn iii ilii'. H>, nit hit-n -.' o»ed ft* 
(or t^c rencr;! (i'.oJ, iiavi' bci-n molt iniu irA 
t(uJ i<i^l.i'^^r>:^i..ui.d. 1 Ihdil n^t pruicnd tu Ihcw how ih" 

li.tiiUM' ~ 

( 245 ) 

Sfiirit}i3ibeenT:<irrtl,of towkat k is chiefly awing: Aims la.Cn. 
c tc cominuBs, I mullis)', itwonid be very unwiio ILiyj6 7. 
lifaiifsany PdriofourTcgubr Armyk; for if" we can 
1 the People quiellllllhey have Time Co tdinkand 
,lhe Ferment will fubfiiic when they find iheir Dif- 
on groandlcfj. Thjj may ptohably be the Effifl 
ing up our Army for the enfuing Vc:ir; bcwul* 
Time ihe Mipds of tbc People m-iy be quicteJ, 
lilc we have (ach an Army, ihole who are dif* 
will not dare lo ralce any A<Ivant:<ge of [lie Dif- 
thcy hare raifed, Dor wiil they dare to pu(h th^b 
■e feduced upon any violent Me-.irures: Wh-eresi, if 
dat this JunflurcdilVsrti! any great Part of our Ariny, 
inded Soldiers would probably joinwiihibe Difcon* 
which fflighe product Conft(]i5cn«s I trembls to 
' 1 but this Houfe will, 1 bo.pc, prevent lay Ffiirs, 
:ing to the Motion for this Refolutron. 

Speakers againlt tiic fAottoIti VJett Ifil/hm PuJfntt, Sfmitri 
: Jala Barnard, Mr. Shipprn, Mr. Saiiiji. wilh ,j,n^ /J 
and ihcir Arguments weie to the following EflVft. ji hth,i, atr. 
>• Pu/tnct. Sir 

annoF, ner do intend to fpeak agaiiiHourlceepirg y SunmrJ, 
tiardirg.Army at all, I have no pre lent Occafionto jiJr. Sltippm, 
oticc Dt' the Argument! that have been rosde uTe of Mr,Stctiktt, 
ring theindifpcnfnble Ncceflirynf fach a Wcaforc: 
:r, left it fhouid be thought, thntlam Mieivirc af 
I, that a Government cannot now befupported, nor 
's put in Execution, withoat a Body of what we call 
Troops, and which were unknown in the Time* 
he Spirit of our Conlliiution was bell underdood. 
me togivefbme Reafons for tny being of a contrary 
"nt. 1 knMv, Sir, that all oar Neighbours have now 
ito a Method of keeping up a large Body of' regular 
; but it is not for the fole Rcalon, that fofh Troops 
vays havea great Superiority over Militia, or that a V i 

ment cannot be fupporied without the Ailitlance of ^ 
-oopi ; it is becaufe among moll of themt I may fay 
ail of them, feme fort of abfolute and arbitrary 
ment has been lately ititftiducedi and for fupponing 
government, it is abfolutely ncceflary to keep up a 
g-Army. But there was a time. Sir, when the Pratlice 
nngupa Body of regular TroBps for the Purpofes 
avernmeot and Miniltry, was as little known in thefe 
let aa till within thefe fixty Veart they were in ours, 
B Country a Body of regular Troops mufl always 
ik preferable to a Body of their Militia, moll of 
we raay fuppofe never touched a Sword or a C]\in. 
it was put into their /lands upon that Oci:auo«i 



( 246 ) 

[(fM I o Cn. Bui In a Country wlierc no regular A rtny U kept up, »ul 
17J&-7- prcper Care wl"" ^'> ^xcrtir? anddilciplioetht Miiiin.igd 
to infufca martial Spirit iotoa,!] tlielrSubjcfbiD gcnenl, I 
c»n fee ng Rcafoa why a BoJy of Men. who have for l«Ta 
Yean Uen bred 10 harO Liibour. to tli« Ul'cof Atmi. 4oi 
1,0 military Dift:ipUn?, Kithnuc any Piy. {hooM doil br n 
gooJ a,s a Body cf Men bred up for lli« fiiAc Time to Mili- 
tary Dilcipline, with Pay, and \>y Reailon ol that Pay, fand 
Up in Lazinefs and Idlcnefs: On ihc contrary, I &mM 
think the former wonid be better tthilt to Ciadjre ih/r !t- 
tJgttcs of War; and lamccitain no Man'i Coungc w>ttva 
inipruved by n Scate of La^inefs and Idlenefs, whKh br 
ibnie Vcari paib Kas bci^n the Cole of our Aiovy. 

A SgIdicr,Sir, may learn ail his Kxerfifesto ttrU&ifnh 
J rtf in 6 Months; and afurhc ii once Mailer oT hii £nr< 
cifo, lie is ai good a Soldier as hi: ever can b< wicf.ojt (tt- 
£ng Afli^n. H« m^iy tlri;n malce ai gowi^ Figure at «Ke- 
view as the oldcA Vcter.iD i bm for m^ilcing a gocni f rgcic 
in 3 Day of Battle, k dcpendi upuTi the Courage aad tW 
Experience (}f the SoMivr, nciiiicr vf whichi but cfpcvallf 
the Iaiier,c3n be acquired any iitbcr Wjty than by taviag 
heea rictjuently ifi Adion. . Therefore, Sir, I l<eiK> RMitt 
why » MiliciA may not be at ferviwabk at «>>« pnCni 
Army", they niighc lavcni! the Advanngc which icj»- 
lar 'j-roops can enjoy isccj-'t RjipciienKC in Ailion, wnxk 
our Army kno\\'9 a'.moli a.i little of ai our Militia. Nfw 
with refpeft to the Miliary Excrcifes, and to the makingof 
a Figure at 3 Review, I bcltcvc a Mm, who i» five Daj-ief 
tlic Week at Plgw, or any other induliriouj Cmploymntt 
and two Days ni hii Military Exercifes. may in hslfa Ym, 
or a. Year, become ai much Mailer of the Utter. a» ha cfat 
is tivoi r>:(y^oI ths Wetk at tiisMllitary Escrciles.uid iki 
other five futiing orcaroufmgat an Ale- Haute or GiikQMJb 
UjKO the whole, Sjr, [ will vccture to Iny, that if ihsUi' 
liiia of this Country, or any Country nhcrc the Spirit eflM 
People hi* not bfcn broke hy Arbitrary Power, were fw 
perly legimrritcil, aiid putuinJet the Comtnand of GcvUt- 
men a{ tianaar j^ttd Courage, iollead of being com DMtM 
by Shotmnker; and l~.-iyIor9, (hey might in aVcator tvafal 
iu piopeily negular Tronps. asaay mercenary Rct» 
incnt can bci which is con}pi3lcdofO£ccri aod Soldicn,«M 
never had Oecrtfion toloakan Enemy in the Face, oBldi 4 
was J Gang of Smuggler?, or a Mob of l'ick-poclce« i au 
while there i^ a M.a> in the Kingilom, who h« bccu it 
AAion.aRegimenr of Miliria wauld have at good a Chuci 
10 have Ibmc of ihcm amiiiig tbcm, a\ any Jicgimetit at 
merctnaj-y Troopi can tuve, afui t, i'Citu of xa or )• 


■( 247 1 

tintion. t Ihall readily grznt.Sir, that * RegiaienC jtma to. Gtt^ 
la SoidUri, a Regiment comipored cbMyof Officen IJ. i j^i-j. 
Jen who hsve beeii freqantly in A£Uod, niijr bo \^yy\^ 
Krior to t Regiment of the bcft difcipliaed MiKtia i 
mot admit that a Re^ncnt of mercenarjr Troopi. 
er faw u Enemy, hai any Advantan am a Regi- ' 

Militia, well dilaplined and proper^ commtBded : 
'Can be ifaooght that then ii any Difierence in the 
fi of the Meo t ai)d if there ii no^ I cast lor my 
I oat where the Prekrencc flioolil be ghred to the 
Troops. For which Reafon I ihall alway* be of 
, that a Coontry may be governed, the lawi oxe- 
id the People protected both againS Innfiooi tiad' 
tioD*, by t regular Militia, u well aa 1^ a acrceaaiy . 
and in a free Coontiy I am fore the fivmer ii a mnck 
oper Defence than the latter. 
: we now call Regnlsr Troopi,' or Sttndmg-Foma, 
odnced, and always will produce, dw moftaial Cos- 
es in enry Coantry where they ar* Icept np. In 
■antrtes the People in general not only neglcfl, and 
Eooonngement to bre«l themTelm tip to the Ufa of 
id martial Dircipliae, but they are taooht from their 
to tremble at the Name of a Soldier i by whicli 
be braveS, the moft warlike People may, in tba 
f one Century, be rendered the molt daftaidly and 
,tc. They put their whole Truft in what they call 
my ; and if that Army happens by the Chance of 
' be cut off, there is no finding another, that dares 
vidorious Enemy in the face, which is the Rearon 
Ty fuch Country has at laft become an cafy Prey to 
reign Invader: Whereas, in a Country where they 
I Army to truft to, the Government muftneeeflarily ^ 

re of the Militia, the whole People are bred Soldiers 
cir Infancy, and an invading Enemy finds tbem like 
Ira's Heads; if they have the good Fortune tocuc 
Army, they immediately find another more for> 
: grow Dp in its ftead ; for fuch a People mny be 
bot they cannot be conquered. I am furprized. Sir, • 
it laid, that Arts and Sciences cannot be promoted, 
ide and Induftry encouraged, but by the keeping op 
tding-Armies, tor f have often heard, and often 
ithatSanding-Armiesaredeiltuflive to all the Arts 
e. It may as welt be laid, neither the one nor 
ler can Elourilh but in Countries where Aroiirary 
iment ts elliblilhed ; for Arbitrary Power has in all 
iet been the certain Con(e(]uencc of keeping up a 
itaading-Arffl/. In fuch Couniiies they maj ha-ve 

Am 16 Ga 



Ac good Luck to Iiavc a Pn'jice, or an Adminlftration, ifca 
cncounig,c> Ait5 and Science., and protfits Trade Kod In* 
iJuiijy i builliit I'criod h generally of no long-ContiniiMnf 
and BarlAit ifin, IgnotaDcc.nnd Idlciiclkslwaj!} lucncil. i» 
thi* Kingdom wr know that At(« anii Scicncct were isU» 
duccd, nrul TisJc nnd JndulUy cIlBbliihcc), longbcfoicM 
bnd (uch iiT hingns a Stiiidmg'Ariny ( and I bcJicv«,Si(r 
CviJilefucn will hnd, ili.-ii fiittc ihc N»ti.on h»i bcmatd* 
T foobIc»nd Expt-iiccof keeping upa Standing Army, tftafe 
Aic& bnd Scieiicei tiavc notai all gained GEotind 19 tha 

In the Gr«i«(rand Rot/ian Common- Wealths ihrir Tr»fe. 
men anil I^ilxiunri gained Lnureli in the Field uf Hairlf 
liy Lbcir Cuur.<£r. nnd rcTmncd lo gaan a Sulifiilcntv fat 
ijiemrclvtri and Familtci by Ihnr Iiiilullry ; bui wt>cn ll«y 
heg^n iQ IteepSuniiing-Aimiei, iheir SoldieK. 'ri« tnie.ltf 
fomctjoii: gained U)uicl» >" t)>^ l-icld.but liiey returned n 
otundtr. aiitl ai Ufi to lubdtie tbeir Country i which pa* « 
£ihJ lo tlicir Frccdoin, nnd ol cotifie- (c> every I'hirg i^ 
Wai Pr^ifc-tvonhy jmoni; ihetn. Co4 forbtd our Hm 
Atnild br ilielDmtl Tiii:! Miltakt toimagirc oar Tndo- 
men would be drawn avjiy from Uicir Lnbour by brccJM 
thtm up to Military Dikiplinct on ib« contnxr tb^ 
might be iiratight to ufeil asrlieir Diveifion, and ihrntlief 
would return wiih more A-laccliy (o their ufuU Libosi- 
In former 'J'imcs our Hoiy-Days and even Sunday), •ma 
tiffiloy'd iti the Ejrercife of the Ltng-Senu and other wiHiXc 
Diverfiotis i and 1 mullihink that fuch Daysn'ould be tnuck 
fccltcr employ 'd inilmt VViiy.tlian in (citin|^ai3n AIc-HcoSr. 
or kiieritig m A Skeilte or Njne-Pin Gtouc^d : but iackl 
Chai^ge ol Manners is not id he iniioduced ivii(l>9*t iW 
AS\l\ii^ccvf ibcCinvcrnttirDcand Come proper Liwtforillt 
Purpofei and I cni canvinccJ our Government will MVCT 
ftfSll. as Jog a; we (jjtnifli ihciiiwiihaSian.ding Aimyi fcif 
aStjndifjg '/irmy h in allCoutiinci a mol) uTctuI 'I'hing l> 
thole in PoMer, and a wcll-difi:iplined Militia a mall d«ag(f 
oiu Thing 10 thofe whoaie gralpivg a.t moicihaD Uicy oofltt 
to h»ve, 

I dial 1 rradil}r ngreewichihehonaiirableGemlcifian, du 
every Govcftimfnt auufl havea MiliLiry porcc (or ItiStp 
porr. and mull miike ufe ol thai Militiry Fotc* whn fw 
cc£ity retiuijci. But the Militny Force tktt ii mjuindto 
|itcfeiving a People from Invafioo from Abroad, or iBfaf 
reArfin At Home. iS\A that tcquired fgr llrrngthiMe^ di 
tJ>ndi of iD Adrninlllration, arc very diflercnf, A kf^ 
md linijird Government ought to be provided with bM 
kiid legal Military Farce depending upon tbe tale Wil 

C U9 ) 

breoF the Gorwnof i • Miliary Force which he jjme \q. Gt». 
jepfeof for bmktot, a« M«llai for cxKuting the J[. t7j67. 
^pCoiBKiy. S«ich isour tteguUr Aii)i> iii;caiiing Km/^YN,-/ 
Mm BIhblilhmetL They ate noirite MibjeAi, 
Soldier), oot gov«tnt^|>iopcT]y by thcLawiot th^ir 
, but by a Lav< axiic for thta ODly i aDiJ ili Uepend- 
I the iotc Will and Plofarc of the King. Tliii 
'imc mike chem look upontlu:fn(clve*ata Bod/of 
treat Irum ittc reft of the Ptopic ; and u ihcy. and 
r. have ibe ^wofd in iheir Hands, xhKf may at latt 
took upon iheiDrelvei a» the Lonti, and dm the Ser- 
the People. They wilt obey and encute your 
ililyoo^r.akefiich Laws as picxfe tbecni biH if y«« 
cgtBlomakc fuch Law-i u maybciiragrecabJe ta 
ie)r will seiilier execute nor obey your L^wa i (hejr 
[eLawifbrtheinfe!vct,3Rdaneo( thcfitft, you may 

1*1, wilt b«, a Ijw for diflblving your AHembl/ ; 
none fb before, and they may do (o again, if ever 
I happen to be under anaoibitiogi Xir.^ :r Ge- 
I kr.div II ruy be faidourMiliHa depend at mnch 
c fole Will and PIrifureof ourGovcrDDt.zcourRc- 
nny: but it ii oat lo be foppolcd they would f« 
|etn ia orii tutoing the Lawi of ihcii Country, ai & 
Aray would, when properly garbled, and jf one 
I be brought under my new Rcgalatioof , t^'ieli 
I before tbey cm be made ufehil, pieper Ctra 
i.for puntagit out of the Power of any Man 
lUicof ihem. 
(been (lid. that Ubeny ii attended with a 
Mannert, which begett Fadionr ami Ani< 
llnft ihcGovrrRniCQti but admittir^;; (hat lo bs 
amccc drawn from the Abufc of a good Tbio{, 
: fb< iti belflg aboSiiheid. Tho' I caunot at ail 
' (rt« Country ii more lidblc codangcroas Con- 
~ iineollavedone In a Country where (he G» 
I limited, and the Peop^a free, ibaie may p«rh*^ 
room lor Party andaFaftion, than in a Cowmiy whet* 
rermaieflii«&Molate. sad the People d;.re not eon* 
kM|3lr,evenIoa (ree CouDtrjr, aiid under ibe aoft 
GoTctDineni, while thOilc id Power do (heir Duiy, 
^cOnfak the Inclination* of the People, utl te. 
»ni all mariner of Op^inlTMa ciihtrpublKot pnratc, 
1-00 Fiflion can become Cdiijtetout h> Il.s GoYeta- 
Iv i* kii no Kej;uUT Troi>|» to truit to. MCh k 
HKWitlalwari ^3vca grtai Majnriiy of the People 
Httrc^. ind tho' there ms] bcTonirwlio, liom pti- 
K, ouy be diilaciilicd with the ; ubUc \[et(otetv<it- 



( 250) 

-Amio.Gw. rued, yet they will Tor ttitir own Sake rtnuio <|aiet aai 
II. t7j6--j. fdceab'e i lAf no Man of tommon Scn<c uill life m Arm 
agxinttan cft;ib1i[bed Covcrnneni, unlrl'i Kc it (ni€ BcXvay 
of agrnml Dtriontent iniongibc Pn^Ie, but (l>«t (be p- 
nenil Difcanient it got to fuch i Height U (0 mikc tht lib' 
J»nty o( thp People reaJy to fly to Aimi for theii Rerf^ a 
PrttexviiioB. Of this the ttforii>u» Reigo ol <Jucen 
jrffr ii a mftft cooyjnc'nj Procf. I believe hAtdl 
HiAory cnn f^rol'el to longa Rciga To liiilc diiuibc- 
Piflioo; yet if wcconfidcr the CiTcmntUri,: ' - 
tier Arccllcon (o the Crown, ne Oiall be fu 
Reign O'^) tiot torn with the oiofi violent Par -.iix 

5me t'onvultionj. Oneof ilicSieptof ili- iiatn 

wit to oxcnain the Religion Ac (oaad c. 
Couotry, n Rcligioa ruppiirtcd by a great I 
and ptofeli'eiljnd protected by (be gfe;i[ell J'-iii cj £kf«M: 
At tltc Ijme Time l)ic knc^v Otc' KuA a l'reE<ndcr la in 
CrowRt and a tnoit titngeroui Pictcndet too, a Prctcodn 
who vni ol tbe Rel^gtc»n then eibblilhed fa the CoaMry.a 
Pretender whawitf in Po^fiionof a Kingiloin of her ow'^ 
ft Kingdom wlthinthe fime [fhndi and a Kir.r 'nn »;Ua 
could vjt>d.-caie the Rights of their Qaeenv. i 

at fierce Armiet ni cvrr marched from »;■; ^ J 

what (lilladJed to the Darker, ihc Prttcnder \. 
QiMtnet Sctl.' Wife to ihc Dai.f':ia, Kb 
to the King of Fr^Mtt. Fiom I'uch (.iaumii 
Piftions, wbai Coffltnoiiont,Hhai violent Con\ 
not to be apprebcD'Jcd i yet thit Mile Cjueen, > 
SuiKHnj/ittr.y, ciUhlillied licrklf upoD the i hi\M, 
e.tiWilhr! the Keligion (he ptofefTcd, itiumpbed otct ill to 
Enemte*, awl nfccr a Reign of ^j Vesn tiar 
CtoMn in i'c:icc to htr ncjii lawful SiKCcfior, v. 
having been dulurbed by any Party or FaCtk' 
Arms agritr.n her, except one in the Ktrtlr, an. 
ComtnouoDiio /rr/iiuii/,nciUier of which ercr Uousccw 

In * free Coantry, Indeed, when thofe in Power tsafca* 
veikora wkktO LIGeol tlieir Power, or miJce my AneBfli 
vpcB the I.ihcrtie* ol ihe People, a Party »-li| orrttiif 
form iifrlf a^isntheCovcrnmeni, and fuch a I'lnyaio*- 
not be withlltod but by mrasi of aaniKroui lad zicntarj 
Army i bot in that L'^rc, Sir, the Govcrnmen: boxaM 
lb« FoAion, and «> foon, Sir, k« G^vemmeiit i 1ni. iariy r 
into Faflion, then b a N'ccdSty for iti being T 
B Sjaniling Army, for it can fuppor! itfelf nootl . 
it it bv ibit May aloDc that it on defiroy ibe lii,- 
s I'eople i fomc outward b'ormi lua/ be jprctcnrcd, . . 

B», iq5jbAan«, bccomet from tIut^fa(nent Ar. jftau lo Gi*- 
idion i» an ugly Nimc. In a free Country, »\vnyy * U. , . -j, 

kpOn thole uho oppofe >he Goveinincnt : t>u( "the 

(b« Of 

Uti Jcftr 

the N4 



pon ib< MnTarn puil'uctl by «ch, To prewnt 
a&J civil UilMtd hi3 111 111 Councrin heen ihd' 
t j'rciciKcof cholc wKofecrejIy aimn^ai [he KOablilh- 
F Arbiirai'x I'owcr : Fn racll of mit ncigkhoiirrng 
ei that Pretence ftnt had (he nilhed-ror Saccels, bat 
it Dcvcr (hall in this ; for il ii much h«pf I'er far \ 
40 be ia a dwiiniul D.iagcr oi CttiI 6ircaf(I, or 
ivil Wirf, tKait 10 be in i coniinLi)! State oF 
A Civil War ii an Impullhiiinr, it miy be iroa- 
miy fae piin'ul while it Islli. but it cirixs ofT 
;)oa» Matter that may be lodgeJ in the '^oAy. and 
■ringi Heilth nnJ Vig&ur far nury yean ificr t 
ffKnic Power iian Ulcer, x Gingten*. wbicli id- 
no Curf. n«r (an receive any Coinlort. 
(vr. &ir, no Gcotlcoua ever luFpcdeJ me ii h- 
Diuffettroo to our prefcnt fuppy Contlitotion In 
and Sute. 1 hive at bad an Ooinlan of JeKslmie* 
ffit fti any Ocnilciiua oF ibi) noufc ctn rcaroniblj- 
I ne»tf ihousht tiut cither our "Juitkiirt or /•«- 
lor efliblilhing Arbitrary Power: I itn fare rcry 
ut. We fliaintainciJ our Utrrriiti when ihc 
,00 were ?»fifti \ ivc may lofe them bow wb are 
t and if we itiouid, i[ weald make manv Men 
khoarc very Ftr iVoai being faatprefient. I'eopic 
Eon al*iiyi lio[>e (or RelirF frOin any Cliinge : 
of thi* Country ilvould be one* ownurned, 
wc coiiid eJCP'fl would b« only changinz one 
■ aooihcr. Etch ti* iniell Loven ol ijbe/ty 
prompted by Revenge to btcoxe yjiti.-rrj, iq 
ilappotDt lad puoiili ihofewbobad cbnto) them 
Libcrttca. I -lo not believe thrre can ever b« 4 
;i for clUblilhiiig Apbitrary Power, 
■ and their Creitbiei. An Itch for 
Po<«tr l(\-c^i. indeed, (o be epidemical with 
t Sctc of Men : Our Anceilotj have knowo 
Sir, twho have been icftrted with it, and who 
liticd llio Infi^ion down (u tbeir SeccelTon, iho' 
csi Party and Inicrtli. Wc may agiin have fuih 
«nl *5r tlut Rcafon, chiefly, I emagsioli ketp. 
SUndifigAimy, fcecjufc, according 10 it* 
I, i( is loo mucli ander the Power of 
i own itii 1 am for trolimg to \t-nifler 
or fliher may iom 



1 Dlir 

( ^5^ ) 

/uTlO G« Of other n»lt* nfe of ii Tor uiainiog le iHst whiek Ci> 
j./g.T fif ihem tivcrtemediolongfor. 

There ire. "ti* true. Sir, too mtfiy Re^eet tnii Thfeva 
ta the KingJom i there are. I beticrc, Tofsc gmt onu wba 
ut DOC yec dikoveicd, boi L doubi mach if s nutnctoa 
SaniliKg-ATiny v^ill ceetribute cither to their being it!- 
covcrtd or yumftied. W«h lefpeQtoanjr of tliofcUulc Pil- 
CercTi ttist hnvc of UK bcea (erird tnd hnrgcd, I un ian 
U cannot be laid tl>c Army hai been, io tJt« laA, kililkalC. 
They bftvc all beca ipprehicndcd by the Couoiiy Paoph, 
or by the roitiisoa TbicWatcheri ; w&icb ii • Tnd«, 1 
hope no GcntVtnin of the Amy will tret be dc£red toi^ 
dcinkc, uAlcfi ihc Thief be romcPcrfon of % imy coiiMM 
Desrec. 1 do not know ihit the Ansf lin^ evn been cs> 
ploy'd in 3uy Son of Thier.«iu}iiog. txt*^-: v>kthtcfp«fili 
ibole Thieve* ailed Smtigg/eri ; and tfa« Kcaion tt te 
Artny't being nentisry for ihatPurpolc i», tbu onrTtam 
•refo ciirty and lo high.jnd hive b«<n Co long coMiaM^ 
that the People begin to lookupoo^M^y/^rjatihurPrkai^ 
■ul tlkerefbre will not be (oncnncd. hut ruoany tiS.. i*tf- 

Cndingor OppoJ3ngibcm. And indcoi, Sir, I (hwk 
d be nry unrcitunablc if the Aray wm mc 
tone Qiipe » other, efpciuUy lo ihorc wha 
Wheoour Soldiers ferve igunR Smmtttf, xhry 
own immeiiiaie Mafien, and theXounity Pcoplfr 
leained to look upon ihit StrvTCt ai proper to ths Atcny. 
liut if wc biid no Taxc» but (nch ai the People tfao^gbl 
(bnablc.snd if ihofc Titei were applied to Ufca wtUk 
People theu|lit nccefLry for their Pielcfvuion, tU^ 
be ai ready to join (he Hi* and C7 n^blt a 5. 
they arc nnw againit 1 Houk-bmkf r or Highway 
ani pcifu^idcd thervii nothing cooiribucn lo mtickte tke 
cicaic of Criminals of ill ^ru amosg ui, n tbe 
Nambet of Regular Troopt we keep apt the coMCMt 
Soldim mix among the Vulgar, aM by their taaapW 
ihcy propapie a Spirit of Lrwdncft. Ukncfi. and E>t>a' 
gancc tn every Coaniry and City of ibc Kicgdom j I 
cvca fooie ol the Oflk<ri miy not i» ihii U'«y br a 
to bbrac The Credit and Sutifulcncc of a M*i 
Ttadefman, of a Labooref, depe»>Ji upon h)i 
If begeu th*- Clv*r»etcr of a lewd, piyfljgjiM fi 
Man will trull nr employ Mm fiit ihi* Real 
obliged U leafl to be a Hvpocntc, and fo un do 
chkt by fall t^npk i but tbe Credit of a SoUtci 
vpoa hit doing bii Omy. and bii Sobfitlcnci dq>tBdi'« 
hit Pay t it he doa bb«I>iiy he may be ai IcM'd and p;*- 
flig^ at be plaki, ni u oftaly u Iw filMlci. lOtJh 

( 253 ) 

(ny do gfcu Mifchicf by hit Enunplr. In til 
• the yoang bikI hi^hmctillcd arc proud of keep- 
iMny with SoMien) tlicy learn ilieir Aliumen, 
begin to iminKthem ia tbcir Viccii by forfoing 
t theii Chan&tn. and when no Man util trult or 
titcio, if tli«)r caonot get iota ckc Ainj', tkty null 
nl for SubfulcTKC- 

ig 1 ceruin Sett of People, Sir. t litre ebferrrd, 
bi ftre tepr«f«TiK<l ai mell hitkcui Ihiogi, 1 con- 
r ougki not to be encouraged; but tbcy have been 
etaicTuI, ibo* lown ibcy are ncrer cxpcdicnc. In 
Country I am atnid a Sanding- Army rither o(c*- 
Aprevecii theai; wbrre a ^tagiitme hu a GturJ 
lUr Troo|>i to uull to, hn.h apt lo n«glfA ha- 
} tb« People, be defpifn, and iomcumci oppteflci 
n whicb Cafe, tbe frople, as long a* tber* ti toy 
nosg c1»ain. «vitl ccri^mly grow tomultiioaa. If a 
li*-,)ptBi wiifa any jail Ciule of Coaplaint, a tlitia 
Ifage, and calm Realooiog, geoerally pr*v«Dtt any 
r, and prevji't with (be people to return to their 
tNta Magittritc with an Anny at bit Back will 
ake 0th Method, for (ew Men will be at the PaiM . 
ade when they know they can cotnptl. fiut is ■ 
Itiny. if a Ttimuli hippcni from a jail Caufe of 
■atfthePecpleooght to be iitiiJied. their GiicVADces 
t be redre&dt ihey oogbt not lurely to be irnme* 
' "d OB ibe Head, bfcaufe they happen to corn- 
irregular Manner. To nuke ate of Regular 
every fucb Occafioa, is like a tyrannical 
r. wbo never nviltei ufe of the fotc Am of 
and Allurement, but alwiyi maUa ule tif the 
Kb a Man may break Uc Si>rii, imi never cat] 
r the Afim/i of hii Scholan. 
nut know. Sir, what tic Hon. Gentlemen mean by 
IJKfi and Bficem which we oaght to have, among 
ri 1 Curely. Sir, ibit RelpcA anJ Bflecm h- 
.ie ia iHe Ume Proportion ai oar Regular 
foreiy Genilemcn 6oa't think that «e 
cd only according to liic Rtgalat Troopi w« 
: In iKti Cafe there are leveral Princct in 
ho wuold defer ve raore Refped than we i then 
Xiagdom in Etr^ that would dcfcrve To lit* 
ioi we tfcole wbo keep up their Htntl'ttU rf 
feae of our Neighboota do, would have no 
Jbew a* an; ftegird or (Ulecm. Bot I believe 
'ly tKberwile, -For my own part. Sir. lata 
ol ihjit OpisioD, that I Uunk 1 can vcti- 


/tvw 10. Gt9. 
II. i7j6-7. 

( 254 D 

tare to makeil ipptr, thit ihe tnote Rcgnlir Tfsop* m 
keep up tn tims o( Peace, the ltd we A»ll l>e rcfpcMod sr 
cftccoiKl b;* ctxiy oc« of o-ji N'eigbbouii: Tbcf ko^f 
wc luve no Fiootkr to dtfeiid. nor farttfied Tomi lo (i- 
rifbn, aed tbcrefore tbry will coiwlud* oitr Gakeromeftt 
would sever be at (he Eupcncc of krcping ap a tug« BiMf 
of RfjoUr Troop*, i( they wtre bcltrvdi or eitccmeJ by 
Ikclr own Pcopte. Tbcj' will ronclaJe iliai fiKhsEMiyU 
Tioopi U kept Dp, only lo kcrp the PMplc in Obedion • 
kod a ticvciamtni which dott nocefljcy ibe AffeOtouud 
Eftcetn of ihcir o*n People, will certkinly be dcfpilcJ hf 
Foicignf 11, and tbcy know at the fame Time, tbat ibe P» 
p'e tnuil be fictctd la ntici to mainnio ibcm. Wt:em*. 
Mh<n liwfe in ihc Uovcinintat of tfait NktioB >'■ 
Puiy, when [hey (n)Q]r th« AffcAmni anJ F.fle<tn 
Peo[>'e io gecei*!, thu' we hid not a RegiaicDl of R^|Ar 
Tfoopi in the Kingdom, our Netghboon know w«<»4J 
ia a kw Monthi appc r in the Field wiili our /iiv/r/yr >f' 
TttvfamJi af Rcgulir Troopt tA well ai thty . *— l^ ■-> -^ 
iittriitibiB NiTy, by tncini of which we fOu<^ 
roi and Dcfolation to crery Fait of iliiir Sea Ci».><, *"■- - 
Utc Uoif: Time protcA our own from any Infalt. 

[i i* not tbutforc. Sir, to out keeping up « bi|- "~'- 
ttf Regular Tioops in lime of Pciee. wc owe anir 
tlui Rd'pefl we may have among our Neighbor 
our Nav^ Power, [o the natural Bravery oi < 
grneial.-and to our Gofcmonent'i poUcfing tti 
tbctrSubir^i. From bcnce it !> we dcitre o. 
and ibe keeping up of a large Body of Kcgul. 
time of Peace, will derogate from every oae . 
It will rcDtJet it impoffible for ui to keep up i 
Power as we might otbCTwife do : k wiil ptop.^^ 
of EffEmiaacy and Cowardice among all (hole who art HI 
of the ^^rniy i aitd it will slwayi contnbate towi/da rtmlV' 
ing ooT Govrtament hateful to Ui« Praplc ia geiunL TH 
tliii Rcaion I will be bold to lay. ihttifevcr *"" -' -^ 
Maritime Coutkiieicr Ciiici be plusOcrcd by a 
of ibieign Regubr Truitpt, ii will b: owi»giai.Mr k 
op a Sunding- Array. (JoaIUciid^ the EjCtCM of 
Co>n». we cannot have To nocii ai one Regrncci. oat 
a Re^imear, »! evety Place where a fmall Pany mtt 
fUcli a Paiiy may thcrc.'air : 
Pill of Ibe CooDtry before i 
came up Id cppofe ilttin j aiJ {he 


waidJce, in:o 'rti\w 
Militiiy FjiC' 
nuke uuriy 1. 

(nh^Uipnt>, '.■ 
■■' £>lli will loitigatc ouf iLMouaft 

( 155) 

i itartjr ntj tnaeh furprnied. Sir. to beat it (t!d. we jmn lo. Cet. 
ill no ir>conv«nimce tram our Army. BefiJn the II. 1736-7. 
• w which our Libcilkt ate cxpolcd. i* notihcgmt \„^Y^^J 
jc ilill owe, and the many I'lxei vie Hill ptf, in a 
ilufure owin)} to our keeping up fo ootnciois an 
io time of PciccP On ii be laid ihatibcQuancring 
lien it DO Iflcenvenience to iho'e poai People wbo 
left to ibai cxttaotdinarjr BuiJen } li it roi > <rcr}' 
umn'cc. ai well u a great Irranrcnicncc to ncry 
HouTe in the Kiogdom f And can we imagine ecr . 
) ue alwAyi (9 civil Id ihcir Qunrtei^ «> never to bo 
otany Inlolciiccot rude Picccof Bch.tvtcMi ; I hope 
foe (orgivcn when 1 willt that fome i^f the Ctn- 
who tell 111 fo could be inctamarpbored, for a few 
i only, into a Country Inn keeper, or Akiioure* 
'. With 1 Lxidfome Wife, or two or ikree prcify 
ten, wliufe \ Ktoc and Wtll-being be might be tap' 
.0 hive (oinc Concern for ; I believe (och Gentlemen, 
bcir HcEurn (a this Houfe , would fbew a little mote 
th/i I believe thcjr would allow our Inu-kecpers 
lefaoule-kce[<n miglit lireiia left Expcncr, and wiib 
: deal of more Hate zai Quiet, if they had no fuch 

SI lull not Id many, a* tbcyarc now gencdllx 
lb. But (hti it not all : Canany Geniieoian&jp 
ca aa luvet be in Danger rrocn aSiaDdiBg-Ariay t 
\ktf not OQCC already bceo oveniinic<d by an Atmy, 
wa* niied and paid by Parliament.' An Arm)', 
B the very O&ersiveic put in by the Partinment, or 
fe ohoro tbc P.iiliaaicnt had wimcd. which rcmiercd 
I iba CreiluK of ibe Parliameivt, than it u polBble 
f Aimy upon il» pie^at Footing lo be. For tho' 
igulir Troop* ire at preicot kept up by our Au> 
'. Mre aic not cerdkin our AutboriEy vill bo (uficiet^t 
banding then, whenever we have a Mind, ma be- 
Du IXingeTfiamhiipielent MajcAyQgDthci nothing: 
s gowJ King, we ouglit to Bdo|it no Cuflom, ooc 
uy f recedcAt, which a bid iCmg may aukt a bad 


aicmeur pacific Xlcafutn may bave done. I am peiv 
, Sit, Miibcf tbc Uic frcfcivatiun of Dur ovnt Teas* 
r, nor ih« KefioratioD of the public Ttiirqutllitjr, 
ring la tbe Aimy we kept u|i, tir the Aiidition w« 

Ka our cvta 'I'nni;uillity, it h ccmin our 
wu tlic ttimoft Uiat cmIJ be bo|>etl for by 
ikc War : Out not joining ag;iia(I ihea 
t'avcur litcy could cxpoCt Ironi u>, and 
bAtcbeca iidtvalout la eIwib 10 baved\U 

Co&diiions which aay prove dtOigrtaible boch 
tar AlU«i. 

1 Hull gnntt Sir, that itic Srflem of A&Jrt 
lerm] to be atlend by rhe Uie Pe»ce i bat I can 
cither ot the concfii&ing Panic* has a Ddign 
Itpf immediAte«ac>>n)»n( upoo m or anf of 
The hidxint ih«y have of h(e pcrfoed (or diftnl 
norr (low and mofc cKcflual than ihry wcie fontr 
wh«l they had o(h«i Mmiflen lo dircd their 
due fay. Sir. there it not t Court is Eftfe ihu 
Tltoughi of invading ut or ow Allict, for if ihi 
Clfc. our Minincri at thofe Caant would 
dtfcovernl (ueh a Dtfiga : Their WiMom. tbdr 
their PeneiratioD, are to wrll koown, it i> not 
fuppofc foch s Dclign coiild be kept cgncealrd fr 
Afid if (here be tso itamtAaie Ddi^, there it it. 
W u» to fiejiKe agaitill it : On the contrary, U 
iBirdiflaat\ icw-, andfuch ontv. (if our Miniftrti 
Court* have done their Dvty] 'we em fafprft, wi 
the nean Timr to five m% niKb aa poCble, is ortt 
may he the bener ibte to ofpofe luch I)di|u, 
Autmftt (hall be made for cairying them iiHO 

fiut. Sir, if MX can fuf^poTc anjr Altcratioii ■* 
btc rtacr, with rrfpeA to the Sjdlera a< ACtirt 
It nuS be fKcafioDcd b>> a real ConJuAioit 
UoioB between the Emftnr ud FrwKti It 
gppi a Cwicyr^ ytB t thflfetwfl^a 

To, al attackbg thtBmf^r^tt toax of tht(t,*fko, Amm\o. Gn. 
[ w |li«aiiti«« S>ll«in, Me lua iwiitf^r Allin. it it II i;j& -j, 
IDC I'inic rc&lonable to fuppofe ihir wc wouli] not i^^^^sJ 
wintiag to cvrletvci' u la tUiid by ibc Spr£Utor« k 
,o Ltcik, it i« HOC ihtlirft Time (he Smffivr, in 
Ma wifh hit Allien, im iupponrd (tmof^ruDy a War 
be Taz-^i, an<t ai tlM lame Tun« fci Botmctt <o ibe 
i«t fr^te, even ivhcB be had cot ibc /l£i>#v(/u to 
, aaJ at a time when wc had no fuch noincroia 
-Army in BfiiMmm vtt hare m prefcrt. 
IT. K II iopofliblc tDimagiDcof czjkAx linewbca 
PriD<ei of F.urt^ will be not onl/ in profound 
Kii vrithom »af V'iewt or Ocfigni of malciag In- 
IBU g(>iia one anotber. If tvc are nM to dunuiHh 
iw Armj' nil larb a timf h'^pp«n]. if ivc arc not 
K Kivciiill iimnidty, it i* rtclicHloa* ever totbink 
|, uf ta expcfi .1 I>irainuTioo. AgiintI lecrct Dc- 

1 fi>jdea jDvaris>ni, we majr bIimx* d«£r»d oarTtlVM 
* of our i-^lect i attd iIktb tt do GcMlcmm of 
ut tfppcJc a Liod Army litit » againll out kcrp> 

«I Navj aliMyi in go»d Repair. • conJidaiabM 
Seamen alway v in ^iy, and w raCooragiag Mi- 
liDc among odT Mca in gcocnl ; but whea 
Ivo at Peace, we ougbi olwy* to take that 
[ocaic oarl«tr» ol (M £iipciicc of Riaint*in< 
■dAnny. Arc ne tu krepap a Land Atmy (or 
■ihf our Allin/ No, Sin tkey bare foitifiad 
^^HnncrDu* Oarrifoiu to i^ad then agunft 
ftb Atnctt 1 aikl if ibey do tlicir Dary towifda 
Ph if ihey kecptkff Fortificaiioai ol tbiir Froflitcr 
in good RejuK, and facb a Body of Kcgulir 
in thetf fay. at it necdlary for defending theif 
f ue Jkall ilvayi have time to railc or to hiie an 
or tbcir Snf^MTl. before tbcj can be broogbt inio 
tt Danger. r 

fixry (9 i\t*t, Sir, (b«*C It To moch Oifcontent, and 

' Tumult) mihe Natioa i bot upon lucfainOccsfion 

' : ijcily'i Name, at kit Majcily'i Gcvcmmeflt. 

. i* I obfcrve they nooftea are, ii net fitir i I 

2 Leave [« (ly. I do n« think it aliogctbcr decent. 
n ibere i) no Min'in tbc Kingdom tiiAt eVrr 

hiniKit wroagcd by bit Majeity, but 1 (h-D ftot 
MKh wilh iriyvd to hit Minillm. TbriElixr. if 
laay 1 : in the N;>itoa. «e>rc lo fappofe 

lUreot uLiiuliun poioii itooi ttttu to (upptKe 

k DitcoBUiua are owing lo ibn Mesfnrct pnrfiwd by 
qaly ( nai'it wc eaamiitc Um UidwT o( xWi 
Y. £ ^ tillMB 


ro.Cte. NttioR for feme Yean fsOi, vt nia)rcilil}> fee low tbtf 
__~ir'^7- have been taiM. and to whtt they are chitfljr owtaj, 
ix-V"'^^ DoHng tKtf !aie grcst War, the People of this Nitioo l»w» 
' fubjeticd lo many new »«! hnvj T«xm, mJ • great fMe 

Ddx in<ui ltd. Every Min wii tben foifibtc of ihc IMl 
conmBxi, every Mjnihcn Tele (evtrely (he TiWl ht ftUt 
bot every Mjh comfoiiTd hirer«lf that iTt a few Vein W 
Peace the Dcltf «ftouId be piid ofl, anJ mtri! of tho Tiw» 
abolilhcd. Webtvenou cnjuy'd a Peicc of tMcnfv fite 
Void tUndiog, and yet now vie Gm) the public Debt ne« 
V lar£c li it was ac the End of the War, iBd jII tte 
Taxes b'jt one, as bigli taii ai hcsvy as they were is aaf 
timcof the War. Inthij long Trafl of pciceab>V T^'^r-. 
the People hive not fe^i thftRKlwi relieved frrai : 
'J'ax, cxceft a PitE of the Lund Trx, and ercn t!>ai i .. ■■ 
u high ia BriiaiH now in time of Peace, at it itia Frm^ 
in bine of War. Thtu the Peopk have been bng &• 
Kppointe<t, and now at \a& itiey begirt to ileff«ir of net 
feeing ihemJelrca relieved froin the heary B • - * - 
'groan under. Thcic najr be (event other He < 
a»c foiTie tvhich I could mentian, but tlut Ii (be cbicl \\a 
Ton of (he Dikonitnt being To gcoenil, at I an tfriid n 
it ; and I im fare the kerpirg up of a nntnero'J* Siaultif 
Army !n time of Prac«', it cat a prorcr Method frr rf- 
moTtng this Caole of Difcontent. So far ftom it, S 
iamatt-iiil it it one of the pnncipal Csufctof all ti ■ 
ilktiiMlion fo much infilled on i for ■ frve CnverMaoi 
-ouinot be fupponcd but by havicg the AStitioat of tk 
Cetierilityof the Psople. 

I'u inuginc, Sir, that our Gorerntnciii would b( in an 
Danger ftom the difbinded Soldier* joiuirg with the IM 
coiuenied ii wiihouE any FoondaiioDi for there xre aaay 
^iildict* would be glad to be difciiarj^ed, diert are ituay it 
fhrai u'«uld be glad to return to their brtncr L«boar vri 
Jndullr^', and there ate fomc tvbo wcaTd becattttet t« C^ 
ftm-Heffitel i of thcfc there arc not perhopi a grcai may. 
ibr ot Ia:e we Teem to have cakcii more Care lo make s te 
figure at a Review, tlian a brave Stand h a VW-A «f ^ 
.lie I lo thai we tiavenotw ptcfenioixny oldSotdicra a«> 
Aimy 1 however there are jome, and they wirald ho^ 
-wT being poi upon the EftabJiltimen; nt Ctrt'.M-fftTBtf 
by tJkii mean' J Rciluclion might be 
diichirfic a B-fan who did not look u . 
lurtiy ic II not (0 be fuppolcd ihu thote Men wfeol 
rcccLvrd a favour from the Govemaicnt woold , 
Any Party againfi the CovcraiMnii cor wooMt^] 
«f diicipUnwl ;>oldiej-| in ihs Kivg'kiai U iittimtti I 

-■' - 

C «59 ) 
ftith a ReJoflicn i Tor, ai ihc Ufficfh w-ouM aU be pur upan Jbmio. G>J 

^( P>)>, boib Oflucn and So^Ji^M would retnitin in ifie ]1, ,..'(..7! 
lOuid, anij woultJbe Tt»dy to olEll JD tke Dc^qcc of ifceir ly'^y—vj 

Couorry agunlt any laviCon ur InrurrcOiao, ;inJ aft u JQ 

brafclyai tf they were Jo full P.iy and RcgirDBnini. ^| 

I bope. Sir, 1 hare now flicwn, (licc >> eg I'orcc^ in Sav j^^^H 

ol the Argumcitti made uie of for ooi keeping up (he (anic >^^^^| 

Number oi Forctt wc hud loil Veir, nor any DAUgcr to tie ^^^H 

■nrclKiided inia a Rc<ju(lion i but 1 nnnot leave ihh ^^^H 

Siujefi witliout reprclcniiog to GcmlciDcn the Danger cmt ^^^M 

CoAlUfulion is rxfoCed to by kcc)>j(ig up fiKh a niimtniut ^^^^| 

AnB]>. ^ikh Rcprcfcnt4t>on> hove, 'lit true, often been ^^^H 

»iiiadc, tod enf^rccLl uith more bUengib lh:iti I am Mjllcr ^^^H 

of. buc 1 thiiilc [bey ought 10 be repeated at oltcn i.t ilierc ^^^^| 

» Ocdiioti. Tbc Number we have at prc;Vni, erpeciall/ ^^^^| 

coofidcriiig bow ealily and bow foon ttiey m.iy be incr^j|>d ^^^^| 

te doobk tbe Nombci) I •vill be bo!<l to fay, it fuiikicnt ^^^^| 

fee iraapUng upon tbc Libcrtic* of tbi^ Naiiofl i and ihc ^^^H 

iaagn they are Kept up. the tnore fuSicicDt v/i!l ibey he ^^^H 

for limt Purpoic i becure the I'cople will evciy Dty grow ^^^^H 

iMi apt or jdIc to rimlicaic tbcir Libcnics, aod our Army ^^^^| 

will erery Day grow the more cemenitd, and confequeatly ^^^f 

ttte maic fit for fnch nn Umleruktng. 0!s-vtr Cmtifii, ^^^H 

what be nimed every Member oi' ihii HouGt oot of Doors, ^^^| 

whM he bid one of hit Sol<iieti take anay ettr Mace, riat ^^^^M 

F^i ftjj;'f, ai he called it, bad boo mitcb more nan:ero-jt ^^^H 

lUgular Army than we hare a: preterit on Foot i and tho' ^^^^| 

rtie Army orJcr King Jatiut II. behlved in a more bo- ^^^^| 

VOonb'c .Manner, yet lach a Bcbavigur :> not much to \m ^^^H 

depended on i for 1 am convincnl cvtn ihat Army would ^^^H 
Dot bave beliavcd as ihcy diJ, if the DilconccuteJ i>id not ' ^^^H 

bad an Ann7 to lepair to j or if proper MuCujc* luU bees ^^^H 

Okca Co gatbietbeina liii'ebcrnre Mind. ^^^^| 

m Bat, Sir, iviihoui any open and violent Altadt upon our ^^^^| 

HjUbiniu, like that nude by OAvc C'wnu/, our ConfiJ- ^^^H 

^ntiai BMij-. by mnnt of out Arniy, and tbc many other ^^^H 

^KPolb i« (h< (ole Difpc'al of the King, be uoUctmlned, and ^^^^| 

^Bt laA. to sic tbc Military ExprciUan, entirely blown uji^ ^^^H 

^Ht Biiy eot&e to be laid down ai a Xlixim. (hit an Officer ^^^^| 

^Lr Soldier ougtiE to be ai obfcrvut ol KU Or;}en in this ^^^^| 

^WotiSe. or je E.!efliani, u he ought to be in a Camp or a ^^^H 

^■Md of Baiil«' 1 and that Courage *n<l ExDerienee in the ^^^H 

^^^H a» never to be regarded, hoACver lerviceable they ^^^H 

^^Hr karc been to hii Couniry, if they happen to be joined ^^^H 

^^KiBafktvitilnertfor the Minifltt'i Meafarei in the Hcafr. ^H 

^^^m ' i ^ppen, thai I'lc auhlogoT 1 prop«rltiin(ftai ^^^| 
^^K . [be giviogof a right Vol* in tJic ilaul'c of 



( i€o ) 

1 1«, Qn. CwnBioni, Bull he Jctmcd ibc only Serriw, the otdy 
■ 71^ 7- "' wwnhy of Prtfcrmm in i!i* Army; und conSdcrin 
bow KuDf OScen are in Pjrlmnrii',cin>ri:!i:iiit^ how rnu 
mollslwiyi be ia Parliament ns loig 19 hc Kccp 
&iii« Nt«nb*f ol Fof«» we hire at I'reient. I m»y 
tO&7tthaiif focb Mucimt IhouU be clUMilhcd and p< 
it wootd be in the Power even of i he mud wicknl Mt| 
to have tlwayi a Mijority at hit Comminci in both 
of PirtUnent. In which cife oqt Pirtnincnts, like 
SemUof XtnraBdertheii Emperors, ottlie picfrai 
blie* of tli« State* in mod of our ntigKbouricg Kinj 
would fcn-e only far giving Coamenance to the Set 
our Minillut, and for rendering thrin mote bold in 

Atprelcat, Sir, we have more It^sfon ihan oTual fet 
ing afraid of fucli Maiint. Several Oficcia Ltve 
lauly retnovei) from iheir ConxoniKJs in tlic 
OSi«n of aloioft crery R.tiik and Station, and 
could not be acculed of any NegleflorCaniuKiaey . 
Militaiy DuTjrt ihcreforefoiac People take i(upi.n (Item I 
by, rhat ibry were rcmovc-J for lome NegteQ or Co«uii 
i« that, which with refpeft to fuch MaxiiDriiu;r be 
thcu Pjrliamctit'iry Duty, 

They had rhc Mnfonarw todiffer from fotnc Genii 
in iheii Senitmenti, and ibcy had the HonHly to 
ihfir Sretia>enci freely, and to vote accordingly in 
meiiti fovo aficr tliii ibey were remorcd from nrrry 
ebey hill in the Army, withoiii any Ciufe if^j^nnl: 
can the World think of fu(h Rcmov*iv ? And I •■ 
tvtTy Geniicinanof thii Hovle, wlio believe Jthat li 
removeii for vi>:ing in Parliamon ;itcordin|; 4» tbeij 
(cknee ■m'i titcir Honvur <)irf{Icd ibmi, mull jciin 
in Opinion, thit it ii now lii|;h time to think of 
oui Army, and of putting llic Military Foee of • 
tlom uj>on fijme Footirtg very diiTc'cni from ' 
tern upon for many Veatt pift. It ii now the ■■ r 
Birg of 3 ScSiaa : If wc nnv rrfulrc upan a 
"Vc Ruy have dne to conicivc Mid ptft a Bill for 
cur Militu <o ai to mskc it ulefol : hot if we flic 
relblve upon continuing the fimc Number of Kr^nbr j 
' I am fire, DO Gentleman cm cxpcA a pfopcr Concv 
Alliitdnee in any fuch DcCijr, 4fld ihciclore I an 
Centtnnan will venture to piopofe any $c licmct for tl 
pofct for tniny Objections may be n ' ' tl 

Scheme that cu be propofcd. and ih^ 
Vlind toagrvetoany SctKoir, y^'^ 

tbc ObjeaioiuuiiaifWTabic. . . ... ^uelUoal 

( 3(51 ) 

; a lIiDC of fo pro&ttcd a Tran^aillit/, bt ap- ^^m i o Get. 
ajojiiy of tJiis Iloufcco Man caneiprAlhc II 1735.7. 
ihc Majotity 10 any Scheme he caii pis ^•'"V'^^ 
VlaawillctmlciapropoiBaScUraic wlii^t he 

ia( 1 n-ive filJ, Sir, I thmlc 11 wlllippcar, tSu 
n now bclurc Ui uooc, Whctlicr by Keeping uo 
umber of I'ofcei, we O1.1II eoniiriL]; to tieeitn 
, for one V«r longer? But whttlicj mc BmH 
> ncgkft it forever? Thij. Sir, o cnj!y (tw 
iw iMlore as -. xr^ 1 |c«re it (o every Gtocleinaa 
ftejir*} for ihc ConlliwuoQ, or for ilie Libertie* 
!^ '^' for the HoQour and Sxlriy of bit »i{ive 
or what mfty be the Cooiequeocet of hit 
HEu » Q^cllion f For mj- own P»tt I have done 
B if 1 ftiould fee our happy Connituiioitover- 
■he I.ibertict of the People dcllrov'di if I 
^ hUriiiine Ciiiei xnd Tqvvbi plur.<iered, and 
' of ihe Nation eipofed by thai Spirit of Eilc- 
1 Cowardice which will tuon ficvail among ull 
irc not of out Army, anj pcrnjipa at UA amune 
" , I (hjll St Icait hive ihU Combit hit. tltit I 

Ouiy in iliii Hoiile. 

■■ by $ir R. ff'a/ftU, iBd ta the FJkA u fir Riitrt 


rcxiTeiiicIv |lad to heu a Method propoCcd hy 
lid provMC for our Sa&cy bath at Hone and 
out kctpiBg any Troopi in oar Pav ; but ibe 
em'ciiicii who DOW fctm to befoiiKedij^UotVi 
jtoM us our Ncighhoutt lura up tticir Re> 
only for fuf^ortittg (l«ir Aroiinrv Power, 
[luTc ulkeda gmi deal of che Militti, >ci 
ppored DO Scbeioe for makiog the Militia of 
^nfc^l, nor have they (licwcd u»any Meibod 
00 defeod oarrdvcs asainfl the Rtgutai 
ap by out Neighbour), unlcriit be by keeping 
own. What Rcaloni our Nei^liboun may 
InKopfiKh Ut^t DoiJieiof Rrcvlar Tiaopiai 
IwWthet the Mi!iiia of (liii &«niTy, or any 
he fo well difcJpliDcd at 10 be made cticil to 
pi. afC (^dliont which I do not thin): vny 
tletii 1 becaofc, 'I't certain every one of our 
I do keep up Urge Qodiej of Rcgal^r Troopi, 
cmin ihit our Militia, accorditg to thrir pre- 
DO, would be nl so Ufc for dtlccJiDg m 
fraipi J tliVrrfon till our Militia ate made 


acoRfr' - '■ ■■■ -■ 
. f.tiD that miods hia real Ei.. ■ ■ 

Sirs 10 injf Diuerfion till hi» BuGncfi ix over, 
in liisao)^ fccand flna!(crib!c Time tot bis 
rvcn Sunday iilrir is ohtn incoacliKl oa. wfa 
BliCdcI) rci]u!te5. If you appointeil one or 
D*vt crcfy Week for Military Excrcifc. wh: 
nbtoluttly necejliiry.fuch Appoitiiffl<at«o«Id(k 
witfe Pco(>ltS other rVflJin, with tkofc Affil 
they arc 10 get tlictr Bread, or provklc tor the 
tnd if you lent them to tbcir Officeti ioi Ijomi 
\Vc obuining of Tuch Le4vc would protubly be 
ujNH every Mah that had ocesiion for it. « 
u'ould riC: ia proportran eo hii Ability, and tlie 
hi* btifisrr', Wc in^^ froia hcocc Tee, it ia i 
eltiblilh Miliary I^KCfcix ai i DiveHton ' Soel: 
efpccwl'v, if It «*rc cnlorced by Liw. nouU ra 
iicT«l Uikoiitcnt nnd Murmttrinz, aoJ wouUl 
expo'c uur pnCcni Kippy RllablilKmeni to £nni 
thnnitcsncvetbccxpared toby kccp;)igapa& 
Arniy, ind Icaviiij; the reft of ilic Pcojik iu m 
duflrioiit Art or Lmr^Ioymcat. or tofollowiuc 
V'''^' ' -^'ibcy ikcmtelwt Hull cUufr, vntb«a| 
I c. 

J it.c'Wfe, Sir. while we ire furroor^l' ' ' ', 
who keep 'afi Attnirs of Regular Ti 

I n<tiA think ii alfduic!/ ncteLae 

( 2^5 ) 

■ litary Force apart which wr GavCTnmciit ctn drpcnd jfnn to Crt- 
Heither far ittown Stipporr, or fart>e Proreflion r>r ihe Vea- It i;j6 7. 
P^!ci and I mull tlitntc !i wooild bcaSoicof MudnWt to g vc t/'~>/^\J 
up ihai, or iny ntzefCtif !*an of that upon which only wc 
on naiffitpead for our Silery and iVotctiiao, lill u.« have 
irid«d fameihtng in it^ tXead, upon whicli we tntj with 
6ine Rcifon depend for our (call agiinlt foieign 

Tbe ti«xt who l^>olteon tkeiimeSkleivut1i<Hon«irib*c //^v^ Pit- 
ictry Ptfbam. Erq. 4^„_ f /p 

My Honounbtc Friend who fat near cne ha» To Tally an- 
'fwcrcd thcOcnileman *ho Spoke agjinlt ihe Motion, that 
I txSeveerery Gcotl^min here is convinced, that there il 
»n abfolutc Nccdiiiy oT <Hr kcepiog upa Nuotbfr o(' Re> 
gtllar l-'orces in this Nation. Bji, Gmtlcirifn, give ma 
Ifrire (o take Noiiee of two or three Thing* ihjt were 
iJirown out b/ ihc Hoiwiuabic Ccatkoan over ihf 

Tlw Hoooanible Genlleman, Sir, feemed to be very ap- 
prchenfivc of the EI{i:Ai which the Array may hxvc upoa 

K\e Courage nnd Morsit of the Subjefi;. For my P^rt, 
am fo bt Irota being of Opinton, oar Regular Army uait 
I ieptelflta natural Couiage 01 the Spirit of the icR oF 
our Suhjejlt, that 1 am conriocvd a Regular Army of Nz- 
tives, well cloatbeJ, well ptiJ, and kept andcr as Cx>A 
Citciplinc. will ia every Cminty tend 10 raiTe the Spirit of 
eJic People, lud to nwkc their Men in general affW lo imi- 
tare that Courage, that ReguUrity of Mannm, :ind that 
I>ifcipline, by which they (ce fo m^ny of their Countrymen, 
pcrhapi their Rehtiott, rife to Honour and Prcrermcnti 
ibr if an Anny be kept urJer proper IKfcipline, and Pr«- 
fenncoti juflly difporcd of, a regnbrand rirtuoui Behivioaf 
in prime Life, as well ss an exaA Perbmance of ha Duty 
as a Soldier, wilt always be made ncceflary for instiling a 
Man to Picfcrment in ilic Army: and if the Youth and 
Htgh-meiaird of every Country are apt to keep Company 
iviih, and imitate the Soldicn, an Army, under a ligbt Go- 
^•emmcnti mil alwiy^ be of gieater ufc toward) cdablilhing 
^Virtue nod Morality amoDg the People in gencnl, thin 
^%By other Sett of Men, not excepting ercn the Clergy, can 
be. Indeed, if your Covetnnienc be in viciout Hand), if 
FnvQunand Pre'crmcnlt in the Army bediflfibutcd only 10 
ctirLewd, the Debauched, and the ProSigaic, your .Army, 
like every other Sett of Men who depemi apon fucha Go* 
*ernmfnt. will cottiribuic towards coriupting tbe Morahof 
ihc I'eopte, and under fuch 1 GovcroineiitlhcMil«*w<ya'A 
Vot. IV. LI _ 40 

C 266 ) 

fjkmto.GM. io the (amc t for Preiermest in (ke httliili. is weS u ia 
II. 1756-7. l^ Arm/, inullalwayt i^cpcad upon the Goven^iacnt. 
i^yx^ Libcny. Sir. dow noi depend, itsner did depenij BfMi 
the Govcmmrac'i having or not faavug 1 Regular Anqr 
' In ihcir P*)-. The Liberties of > People mdl alw^j-* » 
[ jjcnd upon their Viitoc, The Armie» of » Tiriuoui Pro- 
ole uill proied iheir JJbcnieti And x loxurioui, viciaui 
^People will fell ibem to di« firft PurcKsfer, whether tbcj 
.lave a SnndiDg'Annr or iu>. The RtmMa had gnat 
|SuMliAg-An&ici long before ther Jofl tbcir Ubertiei, u^ 
when ihcydid lofc then). Sir, the StsjocIiiig'Armjr «»■ ea 
the Side of Liberty, at leaft oo ihil Side that had tk 
gruteH Shew of it. We have now fcvcrsi free Scats ia 
£'\rvft aho keep u|>, who have long kept up DUSW 
Sunding-Atni^cf. la U^laxJ, in /'(«'>/. \a PUni, tbrj 
keep up StUKJinj-ArmiM, withoot ihinlting ;hcir Libtittfi 
can from thence he in an)- Dinger. In Swr^'tvt; wk iLit.' 
Army thai teltored their Liberties: and in (hii Cc 
< wae our Arin;f that redo red our Libettici in tl^r !■ . Clxsrln W. andii wu our Aim}' that pre :-m . 'i^ 
in the Reign of his Brother King Jamit. I n ■ 
(he Armjf will follow the general Best of the 
ahcBcc they arc draMo, and if the gtiieral i .-. 
People be low-irds Slavery, they will do ai Oicy 
lime fince 10 Dimiark, they will oukc a free Oil: 
Llbcrtiu: Then, indeed, an Army may be fo n 
as to prevenr the People'* rcfumjog ilic • 
uukSc i but fach an Array null not be si 
it mud DOl bean Array whole very £jL>ileiti.e Jej^n . 
ibeannualCoDfcnt of the People, and wbofe Pis 
gpon the Giants annaiMy mude by a fwliaji. l 
M Iheir own and the Naiion't Kigliu. In ti. 
hope the gcreral Bent of the Propk ti no way 
w^rdaSlivci): I am furc fomc GcPtUlDCn h--. 
deal ol Paini il it is. And if (here he j 
a»d Lihetty among the People, the Ctmc S. 
in cur Amy, «lii(h ii drawn frcn tJic . 
iDundtd by (onieof the bcClef the Pc--' 
never be fuppofed our Array will coui 
Meafuna itlt uay tend icwuda ciu.L'iiiCiPg Anxiav 

A« to what hai been intiniuird ai if Soldieii were — 
betur than the Slavci of Power, whatever it maybe ■'"'!><* 
Countriei. (he Soldieri ol our .Army, Sir. are »»fi; 
other of our Subjefli, They *t< govcrcD! ty :1.l 
■be Kingdom, ai all t)ther5Bb>cftj are. 
sne Law which rel&tci |«rticalarljr to ib:-' 

( i67 ) 

h fixed aod certain, snd publickljr kawvii ; a Soldier from jamio'Ctt' 
tfaence knowt hiiDuty, aodir hebeKivn likca gdodSub. ji t-'i(,\ ' 
jrdl, and does his Duty a a Soldier, he can be fubjeOod » . >~\Av. i 
no Puoithoieiil ; be ii mx under ihc Arbitrary Will and ^^ ^V^ 
flafuK of any Mun in the Kingdom, no not cvca oJ ihe 
King bimfeir. Ogr Soldier* are not, nor c«n they liippofe 
iheoilelvei a Body of Men different Itom ibe icll at tbc 
People, on accoont af tbeir being (ubjeA to a Law whicb 
Tclaies to them only. Every Corporaiion, every Society, 
aloiollcTcry Sort of Tradelmcn in the Kingdom, have ih« 
fame Reafon to think themfelvet a Boclyot Mcndiffertnc 
from the rcU of the People; for ercry one of then arc 
fabjcQ to forne Lau^ which relate only to the particular 
Corporation or Socitiy oT which they are Membcra, or to 
the jMtticular Tr«dc or ProfcfTion they arc of. Our Militia 
are in the fame Circumftances; they are already (ubjcd lo 
a Law which relate; to them only ; and whatever new L^wa 
you may ouikc for regulating our Miliria, I hope you would 
not talic the Commaod or the Power over them out of (he 
Hindi of th« Oown ; for fuch a RcguIatioG. at it hspfcned 
^^o be ODce before, I Ihoukl look on a* a total SofaverSon of 
Bciur prefCRl happy Oxiflkution. I can thcrofoie fee no 
VHeaFon why we ftould think our Libeniet in greater D>n- 
H ger ftom a Standing Regular Arisy than from a well dif- 
cipliimi Milttia : I am lore it u as much the Imcreil both 
of the Officert aiui Soldiers of our Atmy to pieferve our 
Coo&iuition, aa it can be of any Sett of Men in the Jving- 
dom. The Behaviour of the Array under 0/.'vtr CrsKivil 
can be i» Argument agninft our ptefcnt Army : Oui Con- 
fiiiuiioo wai then ovcrtoacd ; a Sett of Men who had got 
Into this Houfe, had murderfd their King> had annihilated 
the other Houfc, had excluded even frotn thit Houfe every 
Man who woDld not join with them in all their Meafktrei, 
aad by [hefe Meani had afTumed to themfe!re< on .'Vrbitrtry 
Power: In fuch Ciicunlbu>ce« the OSiccrtof the Araif 
thought ;hey bad ai good a Title to lake the Goicrnmeoc 
of theNationto tbemfelvei, OS 10 Iea^re both the N'atioB 
ILAnd themfelres under the abfoluie Power of any Sett of 
^nrivatc Men in the Kingdom ; and what waa tlte Confc- 
^Euecce * That very Amr, as foon at they coold find aa 
^BOpporl unity, rcflnred oar ConAitutioa. 
" A«> and Sciencct, Sir, arc iheccrtaia ProduQof Ubcrijr 
and Security: and Ignorance and Idleneft are ai cenainly 
the Produfl of Slavery or a State of War. The Security 
of the People being ooce eltablilbed, it nay for foine Tirnc 

£red without any Regular Troopa ; but Security . 

cm neelr^ to tr«in thcmfelves up 10 the Art of ^| 

( 268 ) 

vlMri» Cm W-r, nftJ (hen a Swiwiing Aimy beo?iB«iicceSrrforifcrtr 
II ,^,/, ^ Dtleuut t(yiii*]y it itcir Ncighboun an provitJcd wiU 
grei: Numbers ot Rcgo'ar Troop*. Tlii* i* ihc nii^rvl 
Ccnftcol' Tbingii i( ii, I bclkvc, inpolLble toilcrr n kf 
any KrguUtion. Tiio Security of tbc People of tMi 
Kin^om was cJlibliilxc), tai Arcs inil Science) begin a 
itounOi, bcfoie w-c had any SumJiiig Arisjr j bvtacosl 
N(gle<i of Militiry Difciplioe wat nut then fe n.^.»i ,i 
if 1* now, nor «erc our Ncighbuun ptovi<icd wii> 
mcTOtu Budi» of Regular l-'ortei i thcicloie it lui^m iocs 
be polSbLe to pttdtn ilte Security of the I'copk ariikauii 
itir.<lin£-Arm>', and yet nourtlieC'^tfe mk^ be, >ad I tkisk 
ii. quite ocbenvife. Ogr Ne:ghboart aic fully fcofiblf «f 
ictc giesi Nc^Itfl of Aioii *Dtl Miliiaiy Uifciplioc K*a*s 
llif Gcncnliir ot liic re«pl«of ihU Kingdom : Tboy Icna 
hour much fupcriui their Rtgolxr Troopi »e to j-onr . 
liiu > and if you luiil no !^;aQ(lii>{' Army they wosM b* i 
10 laluii you, (o inviiic you, upon every Occa&oa a iki 
faie 10 pru^cA [li« rtMt>'e <ig->>nll roieit^n Iiiv;ibo«i, tl 
Nombe-fof UcguUi torcct ii abfoluuly netci&if ,aiirfl I 
•not ihink h can be kf) ilian u it » ptcicnt. 

Ikcn, Sir. wiib ntftSi to lorurictliofii and civil Co 
Kiotiona, we luy know fiotn Experiraev, inxl ttoia Utr i 
p.-ncncc too, how rcjJya h^ioui finy mc to Aj- lo Aini| 
Uw' tbcy ueccminof tbe Mnjofity of ibe Peop:c'* bnag 
•giioA tbemt for ibe Batite ii not alway* to the SirMf* 
nor j) ViHoty chiiiicj to the moB nomrraui .* 
tM Ute Rebellion, I hdpc il will not be fasJ tl.' 
ol the People were on the bi<ic of tl»c Rriic't, aui siKk 
icri an ii be laid the Miptiiy of tbi People had aay Il»> 
(tiDUi«n or OcdTlOM to tly lo Arms fat their Reltrf w 
rrcfcivation j yet lUt FaOion Bcw to Ann* wiitiaa 
/iiA Provocation, dcj-cfid ing for Succcia apoa ib« 
Number of ReguUr I'loopi w« bni tkei is oui- Pajr i 
if it tuul not been tar ihst Haabet of Rc^^lu T 
Cniall ai it u^i, thofe ^diout Rrbeli might pr ~ " 
ovcrtarr^ oar Uoveroment, and wuh if, ou 
Tbe Oife will alwayi be the tune, Sir, ^''■•■'•- < 
your Anay too lew, taint ft&ion or inoihei 
»rn3 tn ihrie *cv---i t.'.-ndy CoatcfU, our L^>ii'..<.uur 
I.ibcmcii will I .1 1b!1 be nuilc x Siailoe j tm 
& Stttcof pe(j>cLiiii ihtarS ftud Civil Wn/ nuy perl 
b« brtier ti>«o • iiutc of *bj(^t dhvcrr % yet vc &ad u 
Ciuninej tbe i'cuple bivc at lili chciic to iabak a 
imrv, t^ then (o coaiinoe tmdcr, or renew I 
rf a CivU Wnr. (juoea SS^sUii, tit tnti 
iwiiu ^.'cul lofaricdioiu ud OaavtiMokaa 


( 269) 

iniBg of ker ReigQ. Sh« alttred ttte Religion Dte ^m 
b/ Liw (ilablKhcil, sod Ihc h»i a Ptvicnilvf ;i> bvr ||.| 
rvwo of lk« Tcry Kdtgioa i bai the Kcligion whkK wai 
. t^^ldhed by Law, m-k fctr from being etUbiifti^il in 
.-:u of th« Mnjoruy q[ bcr People i and bcr ElU- 

PLinc bj| a DCW Liw Eh» Relisioa which wai before 
riiwd i< (l^ii Hnrtt, gaiMJ Mr not only the l-lar», 
HAodtitP)) the Purtet, of the Mnjoritr of her tVgptc, 
M pnrcd kcr ereat aad her chief Secumy igainll tb* Pre- 
niitcr to bcr CrcwR. Thii fccureti the Pcac« oF the 
K*tioa*tH«inr. Mulnoneof ket Neighboan hiving ihtn 
lif gTBit NntBbrr of Regulat Forces in their Psy. it wai 
tot mecdbwj bt kcr to lu«p up ■ Standing- ^rui^, lor (e- 
Mnechrr Ptofilc againi) loreign InvaGoni. Hit prcfclt 
ly will I hop* upen every Occiijoa M he has thi 
t, ihe tJaaJt, and the Pnrrct of the .VUjotiiy of ilte 
>'c at bit Coniiuiiwl i 1 am fare be lus tlim' liii wfioio 
tgn l.f-ii^y direrved it i but it cinnot be fold thit oar Ml- 
Ini* ttt novi Co good Bi ibcy were in Queen Elixattib'i 
ristc, aor the I'lOvcilanit nowfotnticli ticiiied uaon^ll 
Ikcailelvct, or ia xrAtous taiba Defence of their Religion i 

iu crery c»e of tisr Ncigbbcnm now Iteep in com'towl 
LnA Ainues of Regnlu Troopa, it miy now be ftbfo- 
\f BCceffiry for in ta krcpupaSlaBding.Arniy. tho* it 
•« tppev t» be fo in the Rtign wf Queen Eiixairth, 
J fiiall nof Eiy.Sir, ibit ^(he J^^t^i/o ire fof Vlibiira/y 
fwm 1 biu I om ("ore die Coiifr<]iKC« of ihcir fueaedtng 
P |JkJ( Sclttmc Mould be ilie bllabli(limcr<( of it) iml « 
br (be P^fii. if they undetllaBd tbs Religion they pro- 
Uitlbey mod be for Atbitrary PoiMti Cot ibeir Religion 
pu be Aipporttd by actbing bni Ignorance or Arbitrajy 
fvrft -. In Mrmer Age* it vm fupported by Ignorance, %a& 
■■IK ilii; \ C'' i-- pmcy well rcmovrd, imn be fappottcd 
\»rA\i\n% bu: liiqui&iDr! and Arbitrary Rule t we inay 
reiufc iLppofe, if tbe /"d/i..'^ ataoagS iii (hcukl eter get 
rmmepi into their H«ndMhey would efUb!tlliade< 
r, io order to reflorc and fupport the Religion 
As for MinUler* aad ihe'rr Creatuiei, 1 do 
' bat laaay of thriaina)' have snitch fvr Aibiiriry 
1 bw ihcrirr not ihi only Pfribnt iiibfltd with that 
It is a i)i(caCe iacideni to other Men, I'm afraid 
. Mca, Bkncllmo Miiiitlen } and we know by Ex- 
. in (hit Country ai well a» iiitvlbeit.ihai MiniRert 
a sppoTcd. have been banged or behcMJed, tutdcr a 
of iJ»eir cnduvuuring to ufurp Arbitrary Pow«, 
Jro wha have committed thU very Ciuuc u Coon u 
f fvusd aa Of fgduutl/. 

IO. C>*, 

7J6 7. 

™fCrMj*fOfflfr 'nlWWtfw'lW lWr"T3WWl^i 

and ftiidcr-Govcmiticcti for 'lii ccruia tlie B 
joay be nude mach (irifleruid more fnerctlu 
moci Law can be maile i iberefore the Anny i 
u> promote Vinuc by Ut Exomplci anJ if 
Rogaes Ihoulil venture 10 oppofe the Ovii Ptiw 
of Atsat, fuiely b few Regular Troop* would 
Ulc for (upprtfiing fuch a Gang. Trom w 
while we have an Amy, wenrennt U> juige i 
hiippeo wbiic n-c ha*« nom, or but « teill oi 
SoiugBleri have liKlv daraJ to oopofe tlie 
wi<b Force of Armi ; but if we had few o 
Troopi, I make no Qucjtion but otkcr Rvguci 
brttken and Highwiymen, would follow ili< 
Ute Saugglen : Wbite we tufca fuficitat Ni 
gular Troop:, no Sett of Rogun dare rcMv 
inch thing 1 iT ihcy did, I hope no Gcatl 
Army would ibink ic bcnath hitn. lonireh 
whoappcar in Armtagatnft ihdi Counirr 

1 ntiift fjy, Sir. I am forry to Kc.i 
ihii Houfe make ihc moll dilUac Infui 
Mobs a&d Tumulu. If any %fagiltraic tiuyi 
injare the Peopk. they may hare rcrauKc to, 
relicvedby, ihe Law* of their Country. T' 
dtrfi in a mobbifh tumaliuovf Way it ccmtal 
hoketi attended ujth Mifcbief to the In 
Guilty. Rogue) geoenlly dkc tbe 

bjgjibi ic^&b n iiiet lof lgndw. without. 

be RcQ»& ud EOeem we liaw imong Fflrcfsecn vfWaio.Cu. 
! depeod upon our Regnlir Troepi only. rtdcpewJs IL 1756-7. 
! itpoK DOT Nivy, and th« gcMi Niunbcr of Regutar ^^^^^ 
Ihsy know wc cQuld hsvc, and couM nainuiB, in 
V Qiould provoke us to War t for ihii Rafon we 
tf more rrifpcAcd and more (tuti tliaa (ome other 
nu kcq) in co&tiniul Pay ai tauty Troopi as we 
aufe ihey k«p up in Tin« or Pnce ai many u they 
ITC or nainutii in czfcof Wart and have no fucii 
tthci to proiea their own Coafls. or to iofeft tboic of 
nmy. Biit. lurcly, we are mere to be dreaifed by 
^boun, nlien they know wectn imiDcdiaiely, upgu 
are. lent] out a (upeiior 1-'1k(, wich xn Army of ; or 
ivgular Troopt oa board, to plondct and lay walte 
nmtry, [wrhap) (or lerenl Miltt up from their So- 
than we Jliouid be, if they kcew ve eotild (end ao- 
at a fleet igainit tticin, which could only bombant 
ftiif ilicirSca-Pcn Ttitviti : And while wcbivcrtKh 
J^i we have at prdi'nt, chcy cannot propote to do tn 
b lhli(chicr upon a Rupture, by lacdicg fmall Panic* 
d there in rhc Ifland, a» they could propofc 10 do, if 
I oo Ktgulir Troops, or a lefs Nimbtr of Re|ti)v 
>, 10 oppofe the Liiidin? of I'gch Paniei, or to inter- 
letD in ihcir Return totneirShipt. 
Inie, Sir. we cannot have a great Body ol Regul^ 
I in every Put of that IlUnd where an Enemy migbt 
buttbcdnall Boiiy of Troops «« have imybccafi> 
Co ai to have at Icail a Rcgimeni at or very near every 
where u Eceroy could expert any riundcr worth tbetr 
. and one Regiment, wi;li ihc Atnitancc (hey would 
tcb an Occahon get from the Couocry People, wottld 
ideat w cppolc the Landtng of a very large fartyt or 
: n Hop (h«ir ytn^nb ; tot one Kegimcnt of RegoUr 
1 would add greatly to the Spine cren of our Militia, 
Wldcaeourigcihciii Eoakc Anai for the Ocliuce ot 
Property. Sut lappofing the Army wc hive acprefent 
ficicnt (be guarding ^11 our Maritime Cuuniic}, it may 
^rgunicni lor putting our Miiitia on a better Pooling 1 
I (liiciidoac, II i*an Argument for increaling rattier 
PI J — -'>mg the Nambcr ol Porceswchavc now 00 
• uur Army cobGfti of natural- bom Sub- 
i c.r/jr /. irjjB, no PoreigncrciR, (roin our kecpingn 
«guUt Foncs iu Pay, foppoic our GovcmiDcnt dtK* 
' e A8i:6ioQt and Ellecm ol ihcir own People : 
, Army of Fortigncri kei"* up in the Kingdofn 
b^vc Occa&on for fech Suppo^lion i butan Army of i 

KwUiAtwayi be Uiblc to Uic Ui&e ASotXJoat wkh ] 

^ : np ibovc out Half of what wt do ti prcTcn 
t!iii ^-ly would ba\-e paid noCMfidenblr Pitt 
aitd [licrcfore couM noi have fterd iMrroraanj'o 
and ihc <^arccriBg ul Soldiers i) (o far from tx 
aa J ncfinvinience or ExpcBCe tOXDf Conmr a 
n«nl, ihatraoH P^rti ot ih« Ringiom aied«lirc 
Soldicrt imung them i becaufe it confumcsi E 
fpatfl Provilions, ind can be no Burden or Ibco 
Ml}' but ibofe wIm keep public HooJn, noS o 
mote by whit the Soidiert rpcnd in their Honl 
KKpeace of thtir Quiftcit ctn amount to. A 
folcncc or rude Behaviour of tbc Soldier*, itaB] 
bkppem. nhich I am convincAl feldom doei, I 
is fine of gctiiDg Judkc done Kim iit ikc id 
Wa/t by ■ CotDf^latnt lo the cotntnin<i<rg Q 
ht SmoIcI bil of it in thir Way, fae nuy gri 
coaplaininc to n Jullice of Puce ; or for may 
tcry. or the like Mifdnneanotir, he mny fasre i 
ladtAraeitt nt Commoe Iaw ae^isQ i SoMtei 
«gat»it iny othtr Man In ilteXingdoa. Ai> 
Librr:ic3. I cm fee no Rcifoo why our SoMier 
be 31 cirtfiil o4 tbem atinyothtrSetlof Men 
liom i for rtiyftwcf cheOflicert,UKlnoiico( 
can pn^fe to better tbcir Cooditioo, bet nitl 
jMh-e it a great desl worrc. by fobje€tm^ the 
UieirC«»r'-- -■ "'^ttnry Sw-ij". 

and difconuntcdi and 
forty, bcfaufe I am cerCAio ihey never 
Till nut the Debt wc owe, I: i> ntx tbe Taxei «M 
iJk Cantinuancc of thofc Tixo, that ate ih« uw 
otK piclcnt Dirctniwnii. 'I'Jic Dcbiwc owewai 
bt [irilciving our Religion, cct Ltbciikt, our 
1H(] crcf;' Thing that »fi be dear lo a People. . 
mull be coniiitu^i till tku Itda h paid, aid osr 
Prelervitu^n mui^ in ihejaeaa Time be takes 
iKii Putpofc liO Eijicncci Kive been iriCurTcJ, but 
Wildoia of the Nation haih ()io;>g! i ablolutcly 
Borany Taxei icDpftfed orcontirucdbui fucbail 
bonlcnfontc to tbc People, Wc mall ibcirfera 
wlieic clic for the Caulc of cur pszbni Uacafiac 
well kaoK'B where we ought to look for ir. 
Ttny jmougA ui who have been labouritig Tor 
laovciturn our prefmc hifpy Eihib'iflimrnt: th 
MOve of no Debt that tia» Ucn eomrailctl. n 
Taxo that hare bcea or fhall be impotnl Itx tbc 
ihnt Eftablilbmcnt ihty arc hbouitog to deltroy : 
of the SaibblcM and oilier TooU they impJo^, 
|icrfuMled Muitilndea ol People, tlut ouf Dtbc 
cc&rily tncutrol. and that a great Put of it i 
been paid oS*. ud the Tuxci cnnfcqucnily aboti 
had not cvcty Year, for nvany Year* pall, laa c 
a vallt poblic li:iperce, for which there wa» ac 
Occafian i hke Y^ny-kiggiD^ Laacfen, win a 

tlify k«v« Sn every P|i« ef pobUc Rtfort. ihey 
iionci the Mindi of rainy of hit Majetly's Subj<£ti ; 
ta which ibcir late Succcd it. diieHjr to be afciibcd to iii« 
1 Law Utcly pilFcd agiicJi the Kcioil of Spirtluoai Liquon t 
tho' every Man of Vinue or Senfc in the KingJotn muA 
bpprove of that l^w. yet it ii c«rtiinl/ dtlagrcmblc lo tlie 
lower Qalt of People, of which our Mobt are gciicralt/ 
compoied. I'hU Law 1 fay. Sir, this moil oKcUniy Law 
ha* added gmiiy to the Success of the difalTc&ed Party 
dRtoncRiu: Nay k k** made itacm fo daring as lo UkA 
their Libels sgiinft thcPirlufflent ithlf : They hive of laie 
even ailenpced to iliiniatfli that Veneration which oui Peo- 
ple hife always moft jaflly had for Pirliunenu ; but (hii i 
am no way rurpttfcd at : for chat Party have never Ihewed 
aay greic Lilcing to Parlumect!; acul if we Ihculd difbifid 
any £(cat fart of am Army, they would probably (bew 
(heir Diflike in .i Manner mart cSeAoal. or at lull mora 
daogcFou, liiaa ihacol Wmingoi Talking- 
There may perbips. Sir. be fome Soldiert in our Army 
wbowould be gUd lo be difcbarged, but t am fure there ate 
taiuay, unlcfi it thould be with a View of gcuing new 
cry-Money in a little rime after: and if ihcy Ihould be 
tp(Miaud in that View, they would lift with the Dif- 
BGCawd for nothiag. But, Sir, if w thould in a Time 
gSBCft] DileoBieRl, and when Itilurredioot are jojUy to 
1m apprakctxleil, oficr to difbiod aoy of our Soldier*, thcro 
nany who wouid ddirc to be diArhargcd, not with a 
I'ifiw to reicrn to Laboor and Indaftry, bat with i. View to 
k whoever fhould appear In Arms agalofi the Gavetn- 
1t fiar smoog Rebels, i diicipliocd Ssldicr may expcA 
9 made a Serjeant or Corporal at teaft t And every Ser- 
ieafl^WogU cjtpett to be roaiJcao Officer. CM/»*H^a/ 
crald receive but very few of the Uiihandcd ; k coata not 
receive obc hall^ of thofe who would expert tft be put Upcn 
chat Eibblilhmem . and thofc who found thenfelvei dif- 
appoiarcd, wo-jUI ceitiiDlyiroiuir tbcir Beitcri. liicy vi'ouid 
join with the DIutFcAcd 1 (a that in <vcry Light wc an 
coefidcr it, a piclcnt dcdoflion would beadiminifhiag |h« 
Power of the Govertinen: to preferve the Peace ol the 
Kui^niB, mod an incre^fTng the Power cf the Dil^iSi:£led 
10 duliub iJie Qoict of the People l and ihat at a Time 
when the Power of the latter hat been, by a moA necefiarf 
Law, gc«a|ly increased. In a Uulc Time, pcthap* in a few 
Ututtat, ihcfc OirconUDU may (ai^de i the lo«>-cr L'lafs of 
imt Pcftple wilt &nd they can live without the Ufe of 
Sfuuvoui Liquor), and that thry live more healthfully than 
Jg^ tbcm i Uiey will ihca jgin with the icQ of ihc Kiag' 


.,.- fui 

^m I o. Cm: 

M ID 3 


^g^io. Gtl. ^onim t>>cir ApprofaaUoDortWLlw.AadtKena R«du 

tt£uiP 1 

wUI nci be (o dangcrom u it u at ptcfent. 

Sir, I have alr»dy Hkwd whjr iny Army under a bwU 
and reguUr Govcinmeot, can atvti be fuppolcd to bcbin 
ID the lainc mznocr ibc Array, did voder Olivtr CrMraWt 
aod \f any Aneoipu fiioatd be nnde to undennme im 
CoDDiiniion by mean) oF tfiofe Maxiirit we Iuvb ben 
JrieiicCQcd with) the Porlinmcrt would intcrpofc, the Aisj 
ilfelf would mtitiey sgiioft fuch Muini) : but I cwnot ba 
why we have st prercDC any RtaJbn fur being afraul of fack 
Mi^iitns i for I am ian no Min will pmrod hi* MajtSf 
trcuid, ot <nii!d be prevailed on to caOiier any 
rotingor bcbaving iccordisg to Honour and 
Tht Behaviour of an Officer miy be ioHixnced by 
Sevenge. and F^ion, under the PreCcnce of HmW 
OoofcicDce ; and if ever aoy OSccr of the Army, 
hit Mijefty refuted to comply witb (bmc very aortalOBliik 
Dbsiuk], f}ioald rcfolve tooppofe is every Tliiiig the Mea< 
foni ptirfiitd by hit Majeily and bi} Miaifter>. 1 kaM 
ihiok any Mid « niott piciful Minifler, if be flioutd b« afcal 
of ftdviGne Kij Mnjelly Eouthierfacb an Officer. Qada 
contiirr, I Hull Invc i;» a Le^icy coxUfuiiira UJatfanb 
that opon erery (uch Occaiion it ii ibeir Duty to wtrit dnr 
Maftcr, (bat fiKh a Mm it unfit foit having luy CyiniiJ 
In hit Armiei. Our Kiug hat by bit Preri^ure a tvma 
of placing, prefenioj. and removing any O&cer be phifc^ 
e!thn in oar Army ot our Milina : ]t n by that Vtm^ 
tire chiefiy, he ii enabled to execute our Lawi moA Mckm 
the Peace of the Kingdota ; Ifa wrong Ufa OioakilM 
of thst Prerogative, bi« Alioiiler) are 8Koa»abl« &v 
PattiacDCTit ; but it canDoi be taken ffom him or d 
without overturnicg &(.r Coollituiio* i brourprrirat 
Conflituiion may be overturned by Repoblicajt a» wcJI 
Arliiiiaiy Srhcmci. Tbercfoce it mufl be lefc to bit 
jefly to jadge by what Motii-et an Oinott %li», «Bd 
liiinfef an Officer aCa from btd Motivci, ia Duty n M 
People, in Poty to himCelf, he oogbi torcnoTC bm. 

Tbeooly Q^ieAion, Sir, now before « h. Whether af 
OBcht to keep up we ptcfcnt Number of Forctt tm Ail 
enJoinff Year f Next Year tbe fuat Qyilioa nnlifih 
potnc ocforr ui, loJ then erery Gctiilrawn may agais naa 
mt he pleafes. There my be Rtaroni peculur tti the pt»' 
fent Time, I think I hive fhnva fome very fuCciiutwl 
peculUr Rcaiboi for keeping npthe bote Nomtxr fcr iik 
■nfuin^ Year. In fo doing I»n fure I bzve ilnM av 
Duty i and if th« Natioa fkould he icroltol and famM 
^ Foreiencn, if « UniWu (braid brakeot, aadfpnrf 


< 277 ) 

SBiI MarJcr over the w)ioIe IRkoS ; if the Ja- A«a lo. Cm, 
AiouM piemil, aad our Rtligion. our Libcnici. and II. 1 7j/)'7. 
jr rropCTites fliouW be tlicrcb)' teniifrcid prtciimu i I \,,y>f~\^ 
1*11 have fomc Cuofobcton Id thit Refletiion. thut I en- _ 
■Bvoored as riikIi i» I could to prcvcot our expoftng our- 
:Wn to (uch Vli(ei)Cj. 

The Qwllion being at bft put op«ith« Motion forkcfp- Drt-iA«a46, 
>B *P ^''' ^"'^ Number of TroopT, it wunpon a OivUian < 7^- 
uricd in the Affirmative by 246 to 178. 

fjwaryiy Mr. i'a/TMT (n«tl« a MMion for an AtL SUtkaftrmm 
lefi to be prercntn! to hi» l\1a)eft]r, tliat hu hWytLy would Add'tft t«Mt 
m ^icJoully plnled to fcitic loo.coo FouixJi a Year opon Atajr/j ufa- 
is Aonl Ififhoele the Pdncc of 'fa/^j i the SuUbncc of lU loo.coo 
ii ma ikf Dthn S;)C«cb», »* well in tlic Houk of i'ccD, Pfmdf a 
rJrtit tbe fioic Addtcrs wat moved Jot [he finic Day, Tid/- b^m tht 

AS U follow) : Piixte tf 

Sin. /r<i<'». 

I km * Mttter af the htgheR Iiaportanee lo b)* 
e&re yoo, a Ma tier which chicfi/ cciK«tns one of tlie Ar^vmnlfir 
Tcatril and molt illufttiouf Pcrroos in the Kinj^domi but'^^^'^Mi 
jk^ \t>l|.being of the Nitio»dr[»Mii apoti hii W«lfite Sptaim. 
^mVitf ^iticU, (hcrcfgrc I mull yatWy (aj, the whole Nr. Puttaty, 
Bpoa t* deeply concerned in the Affair I am now to take Sir X*^" 
KXtbcTty of Uyieg before you ; and ai the Parliament 11 B^'^ard, 
£ M»ieHy'» *rH and chief Cooitcil. there era be co W'". /Wf«, 
^oeftioa of a Nimrie too high for dor Coofideniton ;.lor Ld Saiinnvrt 
■rtiicb Rcafoo rvtry Ucaileinan, who hat the Honcvrio be Mr- "*;■'"'• 
I MoDber of cither Houft of Pariiajoent, hu not only ■ ^'f '^'•^'<"» 
RigbL bat ii fn Duty bound to lay before th« Hoafe wfctv H'lvdb^mt, 

Kbe ililnks mayaStfl the Happinefs or the Honour of Af*"- Hrrtirtf 
buiry. The A&ir I im now going to propofc for A/r. f///, 
CMfideratioa ii, indeed, tn Ai&if of fo kigha Na. W'- Gtw«». 
tbat I 0)ould not of my own Head hxvc alcea upon /'''• !-y""*^i 
» hive mcmioned i; to you i but I have communicattd f'^'- <»'*'■■ 
By Seniimtott to fccMl Perfoni of the greateil Rank and *''^'''» 
Mt Abtliiici io the Kingdom, Perfont wiih whom I ftioulJ A^- R""^' 
fkvk to live, with whom I ftiould chufc 10 die; and sll of Sir (r,i.'<j'td 
licm, I find, are of the fame Sentunenu with me : They If'^M' 
)M all of C^ftioB, it ia an Afeir which ought to be laid be- Sir y»iim 
hn PuliaiAciit, therefore I (ball take upon me to meoiioii R'iM"'' 

I, and to m&ke 70a a Motion wnicb J hope will be -W'- Hf^O 
Bfly agreed to. Bii'*'/. 

Commont of Gum/ Briiaim'in Parlanenc iSitni- Mr.SMi, 
TBB»t only an nndoobied Right to make fiich Gr4nta Sir 'Itxmat 
^ think arc n^cefliry for (he Honour and Wclflirc of ^"'^'J^ . . 
jlioB. and 10 Sppropriate thofc Gnuiti to |)m Ufe* iot Mr-Frtmrwi, 

(br/ fawad tjiem, buf iikcv>lic, Sir, ihey hne % 

- 1 

( 27S ) 

JnmJO.Gfii. Right to follow thore Grints, to examine into the Appli. 
II. 1 73G-7. cation, of thEm, and to puniEh thofe who ftiall be found n 
^_yY'V-' ^^^^ mifapplkd them, Niy iiirthcr, theymay annM a 
- their Grants fiich Conditions as they think proper, 
anil if thoI« Condiiiona Ihould not be perrormed, or if 
the Occafions Tor which the Grants were made Ihould ccafe, 
they may tefume them, or may direfl their being applid 
to Ufes of a qoke different Nature. This, I fay. is thett- 
doubted Right of the Commons of Great Briimn \ ml 
therefore, if any Money formerly graoted by ParliaraeM 
las not been applied, or has not been properly applied, lo 
the Ufc for which it was intended by PBrliament, wc bm 
hot only a Right, but it is our Duty la examine into tt, tad 
to dircil, that for the future, It may duty, and in (he moll pr» 
}icrManiKr,bcapplicdto that Ufe for which it was granted. 
After hiving thus mentioned to yeu. Sir, on« of the mol 
undoubted Rights of PaTliament, I Htalt next take Not>R 
th^t by an ancient and molt reafonable Maxim in our Qa- 
fiitulion, the Prince of IVala, the eldeft Sob of the Kinj, 
and Heir apparenc to the Crown, ought to be made at Fm 
and Independent as any other Subjeft whatever; and to 
that Purpofe he ought not only to have a Provifion fufiicicot 
for fupporting the Drguity and Grandeur of his high Bir:hi 
but that Prov^iiion ought to be fettled upon him in fuchi 
' Manner as to put it out of the PowAr of any Perfon to di^ 
appoint bim of it; Not only his Tide to it ought to be 
made as firm and irrevocable, as any other private Title iJi 
the Kingdom can be, but be ought at leafl. a: foon u U 


C ^79) 
I tm to nuke, far having a fuffintot Prorirton jtwm\o.Gt»^ 
upon lii> Ro}-al Ht^lmcfg d^e Prince of Jfa/rj. ii a II. 1736-7. 
MpunJcJ apoD Law, upon E^uitXi Dpoo Wijdoin \„^^^^\^ 
^U'alky, aDd upon Pictedent. 
fffore I nuikemf Motion, give mr LoTe, Sir. 10 
rpirticulatly laio tbefc ftreral Foondatiou: And to 
nth the lift, 1 fhill Otew &om maef an^oubted Ao- 
, that ihe Prince of tfWu lut alMajrs had, aocl ought 
t» ■ CuSckat Pioriftoa fettled upon himi in birh ■ 
ir ai to render him at independent of the Cronn as 
her Subjed can be. To recount all ikc Precedent* 
xur in our Hilloiiei and Recordi, would Dike up too 
«f your Time, and therefore Khali take N'otict onl/ 
|B oir tlM moA remarkable. King H'f^j 1 1 (. granted 
ddeflSoofiAiMrdf. after King£/u.«r<f t. the Uulchy 
itmmt, before be wai /larfttn Vt±t« of Age, iadii^ 
■M tttKJ'niNf was mviicd, he no: «niy ccoilttme^i hi» 
r Grant by a new Pjtanc, btti likewilegranud him, 
II him in PoUefioR of. the Earldoin ot Chftr, ilw 
and Town* of Brifitl, St^mfndaa^ Graatham, wieb 
I other QdUca and Manort, created him Primi *f 
. (o ivhich lie annexed all the contjucrcd Land* in 
'rint.palit/i aad appropriated him Lieutenant <jO> 
" trtlaitJ, iho' hcwaj tkcnbat juft tnrnedof Ftitr- 
[ which vi^udoDe, MtheHitloiiansexprefiit.ii/MA- 
rjTavftwrrjrmi^i tx^ioi Ttiiertfar. By ttus 

'aad BcKvoI«BCC of the King towardt his eUeit 
\Prt»r* wat cat!y in his Yooth eilablilhed in a Stata 
etcy and Gtandeur. and ttiofc paternal Favotn 
vard* ful'y repaid by toat illudriout and mod 
Iff, fot he aftciwardi proved hii Faihet's chief 
^Support. Every oae knowi how by hi> Courage 
\«(the Biulcof £fg&9M he relieved his Father 
ndi ol bii Encmic), and rcllorcd hU A6iura 
: brought iDEO a moll defpuratc State. Nay* 
the King himl^lf, but the Nation reaped fignal 
k'fnicn the free and independent CireasiilUncc* ia 
I that King had fo early placed hti eldelt Son. A State 
dependency niiDnlly cnnobln and exalts the Mind 
an I and the C£:£Uol it vrcrcmottconrpiojoitiia thii 
bran Primr. (or beafterwaidi became ibe Glory 
J, and tbd Terror o^ Eirtfe. 
^Mxt Precedent I flulluke Notke of >f. Tha; of 
the Btdck Prince, upon whom E^kitatJlU. hit 
lai different Tinici the Earliiom of Cht^tr^ 
of CvarjxU, the Pr»ncipa!iiy of Wain, tha 
'Gmrnu, and the PrtncijMliij' of Aftttun. T^t 

Jmi9l(>,Gea. wife and great King, Sir, was fo fenfibleo/ (lie Reiironatik' 
II. 1736-7. Mfs oi [he ancient Majtim of f-j/swi/, with regard to tht 
_^^^ . King's eldelt Sod, that he took Care every future Pritia^ 
*^ ■ ^* ft^W^j fliculd have fomeihing to depend on, independent «t 
bis Father, from the very MomejiC of his Birifa i lorwh.icb 
Parpofe h^ fettled by Adof Parliament the Sutchy of Can- 
•wall in fiich a Manner, thac the King'i eldeft Son, and Heir 
sppaient t>f the Crown, has ever fincc been Duke d 
• Cafurwati as faon as born, and without an/ new GrsU 
from the King, fjom whence has rillen the cammoa Pto" 
TCrb, i\'fl/«j cjf, non datas, iax Cornuiia. Some of lije 
leier Grants of that King might, indeed, proceed from tbe 
great perfonal Merit of the Son i but ihc Jirft Grants cooli 
, Boi proceed from any fuch Confideration ; (hey could pro* 
cctd only from his own Wifdom, and from ihe genenl 
Maxim 1 have mentioned; for the J'rmif wai not fbrte Ycui 
o]d when hi3Fa.ther fettled upon him by Pitent the Eiri- 
dom of Chefier, he was but ffotn Yedra old when Conra/aJl 
, W4S creAed into a Diitchy, and fe(tted upvn him as by AA 

, of'Fuliament a^bcforementioned, and he vn% but iJrrrttt' 
tvhcnthe Principality of Walej Wat fettled upon him. Soon 
alter that lime, indeed, hi; perfonal Merit began to appear: 
But how came it to appear i Its early Appearance dfd pro- 
ceed, and could only proceed from hi» Father's having pat 
* Jiim fo early Uco an indepEndcnt Situation, and frcm hii 
liaving employ'd him in, and inured htm to the Study of 
iveigbty Affairs, at an Age when moll Prinrit are indiifiri 



( 28. ) ^^ 

Sf*ia, anJ replacing Ftttr upon the Throne of CaJltU, af- ^„^ | ftl 
icr having dcleunl the Ufutper Wdr/^ ar rhf (fatilc oJ' ft>. 
Jara in tbut Ktngtiotn 1 for hII whicli giorioui Vi^ori«9, 
and many 01 tier great Services iJonQ (o his n»iivcCouniry, 
the Nation wi% rogtatefut 10 his Memcr}-. ihit itiimcdiatdj' 
after hit Deiln, or at leall it fooa ai iheir Cncf Tor the 
Lofi of To brave a Prince would givcchirni Lcsvc, the Iftii/i 
tf CamiKtni idJreflrd the King to cieite his Son Ptitttnf 
fVflti snJ Dake o( dnrwaU, which that wife King ita- 
mcJutely agreed ti>j for hit Grjndron being t.'ico Hci; ap. 
parent 10 the Crown, he btcime intitlH. by the ^fa-^:■m I 
hare menti^aed, to an inJcpsndcnc Scttlrincn: i buE a> he 
was no: the King's eWcl Son, he had no Prcxncc from aty 
fofincr Ptei:eiieri[ 10 ihc Principality of H'aUt. aod his Rjgi i 
by the late Act ti tb« JJmchy of Ctrtrw«l! wii thoiighr to 
be do^bcful by the Liwycr» of ihit Age, the Liwycrj be- 
ing chra, it feem*. ai dexieroui at ll.iiiinf; Doubti and Scru 
pJo» at the Ls'ivycrtof ths Age we now live ii>. 

Give me Leave, Sir, to mer.lioo one oshvr Preccdcni, 
That of Prince Hn'f, ahcrwuJi the plorioui King Hmy 
V. wSora his Tither U:»rt [V. in the vety 6r)l Vcar of 
hb Rcigo, created Prince of fFttlei, DuIlc of dnmiaU^ 
and Eirl of Chtjirr, tho' ibe Princs ww then bjc [we!v« 
Vein of Age \ all wliich Cranit were reconlcti u[Mn the 
Parliaoieot'i ReqjcA, in order to prevent any Po^B^ility of 
X Revocation ; and tho' tbic King wai niturally of a \n- 
loui aod a fafpicio-jt Temper, yet wv find, during lii« 
whole Reign, he was every now and then makifig new 
Granti to (he Prince hi* Son, even tho' he wn fanietinic« 
maiicioully maJetobelkve, the Prince wat conrpVing^gainlt 
bim. This Piincc. 'tis imk> fell into fonic R^ccllci inci- 
dent to Yo«ith and [dtenefi, but from the £r£) Part of hii 
Life, and from hii Condufl after he became King, wc may 
juJgc that ihofc F.xcclTcs were rather owing to hit I-'atbcr's 
JealotiTy th)it 10 hi) own nudial Temper; fur when he wis 
butabout fixtecn, he by hia Valour contributed gte-illy ro 
his Father'* V'iflory orcr the Rcbeliai Sbrnvjltit^, andtli« 
very next Vcar h>viiig been cntrulted with the Command 
of hit pMhet't Atmy ug^iaft the Rebel* in O-'alti, by hit 
Condofl and Courage, he Rire them two figriil Drfcnii, by 
which he gsincd To much Elleem, thkt the King hi* Faihcr, 
from his own natural and unhappy Temper, and not from 
any undaciful pehaviour in bit Son', be;*" ■» grow jeilooi 
of hira.and therefore newer afterwatd* employ'd him in aft/ 
pMblic Affiirs \ fo thai the K^tcefli-s be fell into probibly 
piocceded from the Idlenel* of his Li^c, and the Afliviiy of 
bit Geaiua. ot perhaps rather fiom aDe&ni of lemovin^ 

V«t. IV. N a ^^swv. 

10. Get. 
}. 1-567. 

( ^8i > 

from hU Pttticr all fature Ocofiotu of Jeiloafy. Tbit, 
ind«cd. fccmt 10 be contirincc] , or at leaR teodeictl the mtk 
piobtble Coojcdute, by hU ConHufl sfwr lie beume KiMtl 
tor immediately upon hit AccHBon. lie binifhct) fiom ha 
Prcfeticeal) the Companiont and f^copbani L'pbol^cii ol 
hi* formcf Debauches, and beeuae ofie of ibc gnutH. ud 
one of the moll gloTioc) Kingt thai ever Tat upon the £if 
/(/6 Throne. 

But, Sir, 'til <jutie unoecefliir}' to meniion ptrticuUrly dl 
the E)!amp!M ihat could be brought of the great and incro- 
cxb!c Proviliont that have been mide Tor ihc cUefl Soiuflf 
our King*. We have not. 'til Uut, hod many Piince* thai 
havccosic to Man'i Eftaic in ihc Lili;-tiine of tbcir F«- 
ihcft, but erery one of ibem that has done fo, hii had as 
independent Settlement made upon him long befote b« m* 
of Age. Nayi ercn the prcfomptive Hcii) of the Civf* 
have always hid an independeot Seitlemcnt maik u(<» 
them, gcrcr^lly » loon ai ihcy bcg^n lo be the prdtioipuva 
Heir} o( the Crown: Fat Proof of ihit I nnd bnns n 
other Example than that of the taie Xing 7*"" '^» "^ 
i>ulcc of }D"t, and chat of (he laie Queen ^iwt what PH»> 
Ccfi of DraaAri ; for (Ik Duke of Tort had % gTtai Scilla- 
meet ntuie upon him by rarliament, foon a^er theRcAas- 
ration, ibo' he was but prefumptire Heir of (bs ClOl 
hit Biotbcr King CtarUi being then in a Capacity of hana| 
Childien. whci would hate girrn him t tnoreefiedttl Kx< 
cluGoi) than conld ever be ittnincd by Pirliiment, till hi* 
own ridicukiui Meafutet put it in their Power; and ihc la* 
Queen -^*, when Princefi of l>fMiK»ri, had likewifc a 
gieat Seiiletneni made upon her by AMhonty of hrli^ 
irenr, tho' Kiog tt'iMam awl Qtiten Mttry were both th(i 
alive, and in a Capacn/ of hiring Children : (b that iht 
rriiKcf> Whee, when thai Scttloncnl nu mailc, wu JMd* 
prefumptive Heir of the Crouii. 

FtORi ibefe Precedents it appeart. Sir, that iW Mitis 
of having an inJcpeodcDC ProviAon fctilol itpon thcap^ 
> lent or picfumpiive Heir of the Crowa, is a Maxim «Dicfc 
hus alwiyt been obferred in ibit Nation 1 and that the i'alf 
liimcnt may imcrpofcfot that Purpofe, 1 Iball likcwiftlbcv 
from fevcml Precedent*. I h»«e already menlioncd ib Jtt 
(he Addrcfk of the Houfe of ComipDRS in FaTOvr af f^ 
*aard the Black Pnnce'i eldefl Son. therefore 1 fliall pcooii 
to mention fotneoiheri of a late Ontc. In ihc fitft Var (f 
Kin^ H'i'y I V. the I,«fda and CotBistHu. npoa FVf 
Motions for thit Putpofc, defirad of the King tku atici- 
(Jett So». Pfinee f/rrj. tnighi be created Pnncc of ITci^ 
puke of CtnryMtl, and Earl of CMrr^ aad in the 6m 

'( 2^3 ) 


W Parliammt the ComtnonipeiiiiQneilihe Kingclist iheClnr- ^mio- 
f ter of ihir laid PrincipalKyaod Eartdoin.andan A^l of [he II. I7j6 ? 
tiid Creition, might bf enrolled abiI eotCT'd upon Record, 
A» an Ariicle agreed upoa by F'arliatnciiE f bath which lltst 
King immeiJiaicI/ complied with • ibr iihc hod been called 
in b/ the People, ind raifed to ibe Throne by the Pnrlh- 
incnc, be hid io ju& x Scnfc of the Obligaiioni he lay un- 
der both to hi! People ind PariuiDent, ai not ta rcfufe an/ 
juft Rcqued they coald make. lathcReign afHmyVl. 
the FariiamesE not only cook C>k to have (he Principaliiy 
of Ifn/ei fettled upon Prince £Jn:arii, cldeU Son of ilic 
King, but lilceWiie dccUicd and afceftaJHtd the particular 
Siuni that were to be allowed for his Table, till be came 
to be of the Age of Fswfen, vihea he wat to be put in 
PofleflLon of the whole Revenuci of the Principality of 
ffnitt, Datchy of Cwmva/l, and County P^latin* of CbtStr. 
Aod but htcly. in the Beginning of the Keign of King 
WiiiiAm and Qoeen Maty, cha i^ouJc of Cominoni lefolvcd 
to addf eft their MajclUcs lo nuke a Sctilement on tbc Prio- 
cefi Aii*f of Drnmati, who was then bui piefumptire Heic 
bf the Crown 1 which ReJoIution doei nut, 'lii tiuc, lecn 
to have been rcry tgrccablc to the Coun, with regard lO 
the .Sunt at UtR propoliRJ, but the Right the Parliament lud 
t(i piefen; fuch an Addrefi wat So hir from being contro- 
vcrled, chat after the Difpmc about the Sum wat fettled, 
even the Cooriiers ihemlelves joiaed, the next Sefiioo, in 
the Rcfoluiioa for that Purpole, which plainly evinces (he 
Power and the Duty of Ptiltaiocnt, with rcfpeCl io their 
iddielEflg for having a fufficiei>t Provtfioii ftriled indepeO' 
denilj jpoii the Heir Apparent or Prcfampiive of tbe 
Croivo, and confequcn tij wiJl from PtCcedcst jollify the 
Motion I am to make 

Now, Sir, with refpefl to Wifdom anJ good Policy, 
that of having the Heir appuenc to the Ciawn bred up 
in a State of Grandeur and Independence, ii certainly tt . 
Maxim of grejt V(e to all Ccuncrics, but in a Om Couniry 
it iiabfotutelf neccflary. . A free and gencroui Education 
tendi greatly to open the MiiwI, to endow it with noble and 
right Sentimenti, and to fhut out all mean, narrow, and 
fcllllh Vicwi j therefore it it the only proper Edocation for 
one who is by his fiirth to hare tht: chief Rule over any 
l*et>plei biit for one who it to have the chief Rii>e 
over a free People, fach an FJtlcalion bccnmci aUbluaely 
neceiliry i for, befldci the Advama«;«*;a^ri.-ady mentioned, 
a Prince who hai lived ia a State of Ptcedom and (ndcpcii- 
ilcocjr belore he begint bit Reign, [hereby Intnt how to be 

Has. 9. 


June \o.C,rc. 
11. l^^fi?- 


( 284 ) 

a dutiful anJobcJientSubjcfl, wicliout being anabjefl SI*rel 
and by tailing in his Vouih thcSwccu of (uch b delkioui 
Stale, he comes Ift know th< true Value oi it, troin whence 
be mult ncceflatiiy conclude hiis Subjefli will not ta^\y pa« 
wi[h it, and thciefore, tvLcn he coines to moUDl the 
Throne, lie not cnly knowi bow to cxad) a. dutjlul Obe- 
dieni'c without cxpci^ing a Havilh Submifliipn , but be wtU 
ill comn^on Piuiience conieni himfelf >viih the former, be- 
ciiiite be knows he cannot ■nithow ^rea: Dinger aimaitiiS 
Jrftter. Such a Prince ivil! always be tiire cf being well 
(crved. fcccaure tie can wiih Patience receive an horsellaodl 
fiee Adf'ce from hi) MinilVrs and Favaoriies: He •villvM 
li^c iiill [o becvenconirouledby liis Cuuncilar bii Pulii> 
Oitni i wherts? ti P> i<:ii educated in Slsvery, and udnnal 
10 Power, being unacijuaimcd wjih any Sort of Submiffiei 
bmi that he tins iiimlell been bred to, is apt to look upon 
every honefl freedom R5 n M.irlc ol Dirrcfpt^t or Diiiotc- 
ilicncr, nnii a^ he rannoi btar Sincerity, lie may cxp<£t ne- 
ver to meet uiiIl it from any ef his piciended Fnendicr 
l-avoutlici. Tliui it apueitrs to be rci)uifiic both lor tl» 
Ijorour iiidP:(jlfcnty ul ilie I'iince who i) to ccigD, and 
for liie Eale and IJappiricls of tie People over wlvotn ke ii 
to reign, tbat he Diould be bred up in a State O'f t'rtoioa 
and lailcj-'tTidcncy. 

Bui fjrilicr, Sir, even wiih Rtg^rJ to tlie Kitig upon 
the ThrotiJ, dpcciitlly in this Na-iion, the Grar.deui aai 
lnJci>ernJi;a,cy of hi; Heir Apparent mull beol great Service 
t> him. "JVie Affi;i51ron and Elleeni which ilic Heir Ap- 
parent acquires among the People, is fo far from beings 
Dil'advant^ge to the King, that it mull always be, aiid ku 
always been icckoDed one of the moll folid Supports of 
the Crown. The great -ind the wife Kia^ EJ-uaidWl. 
wa! fo lar from being jealoui of any Glory or Elleem tbe 
Piii:ce his Sen niiglit acijuirc, that in the lamous Battle of 
.Cirjfy, he gave his Son the chief Commahd of that Partof 
his Army whic.i w?.'. ic attack the Enemy, in order th»t he 
might have the fole Glory of the Viilory, referving tt 
hinik'lf only the Ccmui.ind of a great Body id Caft 
ot Accidenisi and when Word was brought hioi llui 
hi? Sen wii) in great Danger, and hardly prcfTcd by tie 
Lnemy, his .Anlwer was, 7 kr.o^ tnj Bay hat Ceitragt, kt 
i\m but p'Jk t'.e Enirn:, he ivUl ctrlainh conquer : J am hlh 
ti> lob him cf unj: Short cf that Ghry J Ire be is n * fnr 
Way cf chuir-h.g. Such were thiit King's Sentimcau t 
and in the Ch^ilcr of Utnry VI. to his S^n E^v^rJ, it ii 
expiclsly Jeclared, that by giving due Honours tp lb« 
PiiiKc, (iic I'hroiii: was clUblifliLd, and ibe Royal Scepter 




iacaltedi and -UiereEbrv, by gnam'g the Friodpility of jfeteio.Gio. 
^^e/ti »ad CooRty Pilnirx cf Citjtr M hit Son, he eon- 11,1756-7. 
ulccd hit own tlonour, the Security of the Roy«l Fainiiy, ^y'Y'^J 
Lnd ihc Good of bi» People, lathcr than ilic fniut'a Ho- 
iiotir. Prom ihe Behaviour of all oar Kings towardi their 
etdetl Sons, we mty juJgc tHeii SentimeoEs lave becQ ihc 
tame. Tiicy have all beeo of Opiatoo. that tbcir cMclt 
SoQS ought to live in Grandeur, and that the more Ho- 
toOur and Edcciik ihty sciqnireti, iIm; niu:e they added to 
Xhv Security of tlx Throne : But how can a Prinu live io 
Ornndeur, who has nothing of hit own, or it<>t aSuflicency 
to lubfiA 00 .* How eta s Prime who ii in a continual Staio 
l^if Dcpeiulency, a continual State of Stavcty, ac()uire 
Etlecm from thok who ate themfclvct fiec and ind«pcn- 
^nt .' The very rubmiiiirg t.iincly to live tn ftich « ouic^ 
mull derogate from hit Honour, atd render him dcfpicable 
in the Eyes of a brave and a free People, which the People 
of chii Nation, I hope, tvill for ever continue 10 be. 

Suppofc then. Sir. there were no Prrccdrni for having 
d fufiicicnt iitd an indcpcndenc Provifion fettled upon the 
Prinu ff tt'alei ; Juppole there wa> no lixomple of the 
Fiuliament'i having ever Joierpo^ed for that Piirpote : ycc 
if true Wifdom :iai good Policy require that it (bould be 
done, if the inakine of fuch a Settlement can contribute to 
ibe Honour of the King, to (he Security ol (be Royal Fa- 
tnily, atkd 10 the Hapjuneft of the People, it is a Thing 
liiai ought to be doiKi ard if illliould be unneccllarily dc- 
lay'd, kki no: the Parliament a Right, are we not in Ho- 
nour, in Duty, bound to interpofe, and 10 advifc or priitiOA 
otu Sorcicign. that it may be done a> fboii ai poiliblcp ' 
Bm when WE conCdrr the conDant Courfe of Ptocccdirg 
in thii PariicuUi, when we (cc how often the Paiiianenc 
liai intcrpofcd, even when this Piovi&ou wat not made 
,1 of any (jr.nts from the Pcop!e, but out of the King's 
rn Eilate, out of the I^ndi and Revenun properly belong- 
g to the Crown, nn wc balance a Moment about o«r 
igkt, can we in Duty loonrKittg. or.ioiliit raotl illuilriocs 
td moll defcrving Piiatt hii eMelt Son, delay leqiieliing r 

at to be done which ought to have been done long before 
Its 1 ime f Eipecially now, Sir, that no Pan of that PrO' 
vifioo li to come out of ibc Lands or Rrvcnuctt properljr 
bcluflgir>g 10 Ihc Ciown, but is wholly to l-c liKcn from s 
very liberal Giflot long finee made by the People to tb* 
n.and wliieh hji been of lacegrcitly increafed whli 
cry View, that an honourable and a'fufiiviciii Sci!!c- 
eni rnishi be made upoa bit Roval Hi^!tri<-i» ihc Prince 
H'ttiti at fyon ai the Umc Ihjuld becouie oetciT.ry. 


jdired from (hem. bat when Ibme ext»ordti 
bccaine ncccfljrj, for dcfCDding ihc Naiioo x 
or ihrtatncd InvArions, or for *indic&tiag u 
its Hoaour in (ot»e ASiir of gr<at C«nfe<]U« 
■xtroidtnarj Nature} but by rhe piofok L 
foBie of our fcTtinet Kingt, and by other Accii 
per EdAtt and Rctcduc of the Crowa oi(ne 
lo much dimlnilhcd, that h vfu not ntar fufl 
pcTiing iltc Honour and DJgDity of the Cro< 
Fiimil/, and ihcrcfbrc at the RcDontion of 
|[. the (iangciosa Tax called Tfooj't and J 
the more dangerous Tix ealled Exafi, we 
bmI granted co that King for hit Life i am 
lime an addilionnl txiijt wu cftablifbed. 1 
WAris and lMjtTiet^'^K\\ were then abolifke 
U|^aD ihu King and hu Heirs ai>d Succefl 
which Taxcj were partly' for what » now c 
Lid. and the Refiduc for what we now dl 
Service. Several other Taxca were eftabliflM 
the following Rci^n, and intended for tbc ( 
without diflmguilhtng or Tpecifying an/ ptj 
but it having been found that the Uooey mi 
ncm wai otiea applied to Puipofes very diftev 
iiitendcd b/ Pafltanxiit, therefore, after the 
lution, whici] fut at in a Coodttios tA n 
jitfmer Errorj, and remoriag lixne of ouf 
VARCC9, the Oifton of approprucing each re 



therefore to determine whit Branches of the ijhm to Gn. 
-ga were drijgned by Parltametit, anil ought in II. 17367. 
^oitjr to be ieiny'd out ot iko(e Grants up. \,^'\'''\J 

the Civil liH, v/t maft cxaaioe. Sir, what 
tcrenue wai applied to. imnecldtely iCter tu 
tfUn^ly eflabliOied, which wa> in ilie Reign of 
KlftJliami and wc liDdibai, during Ins whole 

Prori&on sppointtd lor the Pnae«(* Atnt of 
U alwi]r» chirgcd upon, and piid out of his Civil 
K. TbCD agDin. upon hit lice M^ijrfly'i happf 
■the Throne, the ParUameac gnstM and tppro> 
fee Ciril i^itl the iiiae i'axct and ftcvcouesi 

betn gnnicd and appropriated (o che Civil 
F th« Reign of hit PredcceObr Queen Jjat \ hut 
(cfly, in hii firit Sp«cch to bii Parliamcot, took 
at tbe Braochrt of tbe Revenue, formcrl)' ^raoc- 
Sappotcof the Civil Government, were fo far 

and olicuicd, that Uic Produce of the Fiu>ds 
ftiacd, and bad been granted to him, would fill 
: of what was at firll ddigned for nutntaming 
r and Digaity of the Crowo. To which he 
It fince il was hii Hiippiaefi 10 fee a Prnti ^ 
r niight in due Time fuccecd him on the Throne, 
be rr'vKt blcficd with many ChiidrcD, the bcA 
nloable Pledget fbr hii Care and Concern for 
ty. That sinil occUVon an Expcncc to which tlie 
[not for nuoy Years beeaaccultotntd. but luck 
M> Mao would grudge. Do not ihcle Word* 
His laic XlajcOy wu of Opinios, the Civil Lilt 
ris nDqaeflionably to be charged wiili making an 
' Proviiion for the the P'iiui tf W^u ? And is 
pputiit.lhit the Addition granted to the Civil 
ruanmi, in confeouence of that Speech, was 
illi an Intcnt'«n, itut fuch a Setilenieai Aould 

1 oet of that RtTenue to tbe fiinu ^ W»Uf as 
Tuficient tat lupporliog the Uignity cf hii Kigh 

tbe 'Honour of the Crown of Citas Briiai<t, (o 
wai Heir apparent f Tii plain bi> late Majtflf 
and look the Intention of Failaroent to be fo; 

tn D*}i after that Law palTcdt he ooti&cd to 
Dicai, that be bad ordered Leiteii Patent for 

a Vcar 10 bii Royal Higtinefi the Ptimci ff 
n Fkymcnt of any Fc« or Taxet, and for im- 
[he CommilltOMr) of Excife and Cufloinitopay 
I ike Prhtf, or his Ttcafurer, tbe Produce of 
iWl of ttu Civil Lil\ Rcvenoc. i» his Majclly 
poiK far aafweiing that Settlement ; by wh>c>v 

bis Majeily to grant to bim the Principality o 
Coanty Palatine of CbtJ}ir, which were unnK 
granted to him accordingly. 

But now, Sir, to come to his prcTent Maj 
Acceflion to ihe Throne, and that Parliameni 
blilhed the large Ci?il Lilt, now fettled upon 
During his fate Majefty's Reign, by reafon < 
cxiraordln.iry and uncommon Diiburfementl, 
found, that a Civil Lift Revenue even of '\ 
Year, as it had been managed, was not fufficic 
the Honour and Dignity of the Crown, 
100,000 /. a Vear to the Prime of Walisi for 
fon fereral additional Sums had been grai 
R.eign to the Civil LiA, amounting io tl 
1 ,300,000 /. which made the Civil Lill duria] 
amounti at an Avenge, to 803,000/. a Yd 
his prelent Majefty, in his Speech froga the ' 
liij Partial iament, He was perfuadcd that the 1 
pad Times would prevail upon them to fbew ■ 
to the Hononr and Dignity of the Crown \ wt 
liament, without examining into the Reafooi 
Experience, immediately complied with, and 
bis prcfent MajcAy for his Life, what the fx^ 
?i«(i had Ihewn to be neccRary, and what 
been given to. tho' not Teitled upon his Path* 
remarkable Improvement, that if the Taxes 
for that Purpofe produced more, the Surplus E 

( >59) 

SttrtlyiWir belb mantiliAt *a tioaounbl* tnJ a fufi- 
ptovtliofl brthe fruKt ^ H'^i OiquU Im Cti<)[|;r4b.c 
Iha Ctril Lill Rorcnuc. tod upon ihat eftlji tw the 
|iira/v ^ /i^ Tfwrt haul Oicmk ihat 700,000 /. ■ Year 

fkCcrant for fuDponing ihefjooovr aittj Difnicy Dt* 

I. ikd Tor allowiag i €0.000 /. a Vrtr for ihe 

[q^M'id/mi but the Aire Experience ImJ AwMn tUnt 

>J ftr Am. was rufiicirnt (km)) fur ilic »nr. and for 

I ?iN(f, sod upor. rig 

1/. a Vcsrinr I Civtl ijd. both 

biely and fail P^. . . n cett»in\y hire 

llhat 0*K of lliat l^vvcatie « lultKiitiit PrOVtliMl flicuM 
lirpoti hti^*^///i|tAaf/(, 11 loon ai tit luiuic Cir* 
ei &oal<j nature luch a Scitlenxtit to be nstdc: 

1*11 which 1 mull ooiKludc, tliat tbc Mouun I am t» 
' thii Parpofe. ii * Mocian fbusdnJ bu(& upoa Law 

tSit, I hare now Atrwn (iMt Kcording 10 [^w* 
' Equity ttiid Caafcieiice, xnordirg to Wirdom 
Pctlicv, and acrordia^ lo Picced<ni, hit Royal 
lliK frtKf a/ ifa/fi iMighi to I:. '' iVtUaa 

|«pM btfii. foliiciFnt (Of (appfiriin;; r. y md 

)tmrof fait hi^h Birthi Hi>'! ('^.-..lUirnt ncc 

■ K>f;ltT. tm ought to 1 . and advifc hii 

do i-b in ['(w. in hi^uilKi in Wirdam. 

cat, ought 10 be dortp. Thr inmi 
■1 «ilj iijiiunlly occur in r , arc. 

sent 03gbt ti] far mada f A- i.t^ b« 

cut SeidcBicnif At to the lime wIkd ic 
|blw HMde : It uugM cettalol]' to faive fawn mode 
BOW. I'hc MitiJ of cvsrf M*a ti rormrd orly 
TboTe Noooni and f^eniimema wlikll arc 
inire deep Root, and arr Jeldfim cr never 
If (facn ao inoepcndcsc Suie can an)- \-^y 
I tfet i mpravcmcni «t a PfiiKt'i Aliitil. tlia tnona 
atfelacfta bate, the beiitf. fl;- ■ • - ra 
>f am PiaAicc n ikii Rmplora ■!» 
III. tnjik a Seclfsieni upon bt» ^ i 

ic, afcerwardi Ktn^ Etf^sn'J I. belon he 
E^CMri« III. n>»--l«» t' 


. who 67 ftO ■ ' 

iKeCro«>n. _ -I 

I «cic ftttlcd bj Pft/lmK&lupon tM 
Co 1)»U 

( 290 ) 

Juiio 1 o. Geo. Duke if 7'Bri, who was but Prcruniptive Heir of the Crown, 
li. 1-36-7. within ihrre Years after his Brother King Charlet lld'i 
tj.'-y-vj Relloration. A Se'.ilernent was made upon the 
Aiit of Dtnmark, who was likeivire but Prefimiptivc Heit 
of the Crown, in Parruance of an Addrcfi for that Pur- 
pofc from the Hoiirc of Commons, the very jirfi yetr, or 
the bej^inning of the 7i-r«ji</ Year, of the Reign of Kiig 
William and Quern Maiy. And his late Msjclly ordncd 
Letters Patent for making a Settlement upon the fn^n 
Xing, then Prime ef IVahi, within uh Doyt after the P«- 
liament hr.d gmntcd bim a Fund (or that 'Purpofc. [n JboR. 
Sir, look over all our Hitloriei, examine all former tit- 
cedent!, I believe no Example can be found, where tk 
making of fuch a Settlement has been fo long delayed, 11 
in the prcfent Reign: What may be the Resfon I fhall Mt 
pretend to determine; but I am fure there never wu 1 
Prince if Wakt who better dcferved it, nor a Cmrn B(- 
venue that cokiJd betlcr fpare it. I[ ought, in my Opraiw, 
to have been done as foon ai his Rvjal IUgbntjt arriKd a 
Eniland, erpecUlly ai }^e was then of lull Age, and, h 
every one thilt has the Honour and Happinefs to kao* 
liim mult grant, extremely capable to govern his own A 
(airs : and i:Tice it is not yet done, it is high Time for a 
t:i t.ihe the hmz I.ibciiy tcinicr rjrli.unent.t have oixi 
i>i]:^'n, i: h hi^h Time J>ir l.. to deliie that it mnv be i-'crt. 
>ifW, Sir, wich tt^.-iidro \vli,;i m.iv LeilecnicJa luffiiiisi 
Si i::trni;T.: tor his K,::-.' }lry.i:,- 1, I think thire cannot prs 
iL'i^y be ai:y Q^:i-:!ii>n aL"!T;t ir, bcciul'i; it feems to luv; 
t-(L'ii dficrmiii;-il hy tl'.ac l';?r!ininent whith ellablilned ::' 
Civil l.'lt ill inc l..:e K:n,,V Ucign, and alio by thai Pi:- 
I:.iiiieiit which fll.:b;illici!, i'r.f! Irom Ci\e Exptrim^r cf 'ji 
\h;:.; incn.' iici!, the [vcVn: Civil Li:l RevtrHe. Uotfa utt 
(.:•: .:nly f J C)pj",inn, r;ii.i tuc i.itttr I ihink, ve.-v ti- 
i ■(.■ ly t!:^(tTrijiiiti!. lint his ;':;.:/ lli^i'n/i fie ftnit '. 
!'■■'■ ■' Jl',:..:\v,', .-111 J t;n^;Kt, (,.1 hjve, at Ic.ill too.yii'- 
'.\..r L-.[!i.-i lit-cn liini, oi:c of the brge Civil Lili incy 
:' .:; ^■/niTc! ; f.r wl a: clu couU they mean by fer.Lr;' 
I I.;i: k.v.iiiieoi ^'-.crci/. a Yiar ; The Exfmn'i ■ 
''•''■' ■/!'<,, v.;', .'.- 1 have laiJ, vv:.s then the eni* 
<!:.i.^;l t-T i:..:t:.!.ii!^ thit kevciii:i.'. had ftiiwn it^ ; 
;, -.r -■-. / a Vi .1- v.-,;^ lu!i;;iiT.i !ur Itir^-orting tiic IIok.'- ■ 
: I, J ! 'i ■•.y.:y ct 0.x i.'m'.vn, withtrut u-cluiiing whit wi- ■' 

:.'..■ v.f.X :lic C/.-.v ',f ti ^:'r. ; ar.d ihi;ietc,:c br t't ■ ' 
;..: i;i;:;> 1;..-': "-ir!v >\\::\ ;.;,-, Ciio /, a Vear mijre. J'- 
j-.- !::;■■. :i i,'ii.! I.-il !u'-.i;; ai >;c::^i. 3 Vcr *; 
!",' :'. !■ .. i;*: |-; .,il :r.[ i- iiiear.! ;iiiJ inrricici iIhi ;*■' . 
1; •;:',■;. t:/-.- i,...: -j -^iC^iiC .o Uif C:v.l L:.: i\:\et'> 

Ar- • - Cr 

( 291 ) 

more than wjiatlhe Fv/i-r/.-r.-. i:/ te' ~-r.'.- has n-s-r :: 
be fufiicicRC for r::iin:air.i::g me Horaor an-i D'c-;;:" t? rr.e il. !-:■ -. 
Crown, (hcui:! !>; fettled upon the pre.'ert F'.-t.v t' 'V. .'-.-, ^/'V'X^ 
befrJes the Prircip.ility of If'a/.-i, D^ichj rf C';":- .-.V, 
ant! County Pahtine of Cl:c/!ir, in the fame Marrer i; :: 
had been letilcd upon the prefent King, nhiie he was 
Prince a/ fi'aUs .- And indeed from the very Xature fif the 
Thing we are to judge fo i for what Reafon cou!d they 
then thinlcof, or what Reafon cannow beafligned, whyihe 
prrfint Prince of JVahi flio^Id Jive in iefs Grandeur thanhii 
Fi;iherdid whillt he was Priact of Watts, or why the fame 
Gr^iiideur might be fupportcd at a Iefs Expence than had 
been before iieceHary ? 1 can think of no Reafon but one, 
which is. That the Nation is not fo rich at it was former- 
ly : This, indeed, may at hll come to be a good Reafon 
tor diminifhing the Allowance or Settlement tar the Prime 
ef IVales ; and it is a Reafon for which, 1 am forry to fay it. 
j think therein too good a Foundation i but then it is a Rea- 
fon for diminilbing every other Ariicie of the public Ex- 
pence, cfpeciaily that belonging to the Civil Lill i and I 
am far from thinking the Provifion for the Prime if Wales 
is the Hrft wc ought to begin with ; for if any Judgment 
can hs formed from the Experitnce tf pafi Titties, 100,000/. 
a Vcar, bcfides the now exhauded Revenue) of Walfi, 
Cornwall, and Cbtfier. is the leall Provifion we can as yet 
think of allowing tor fupporting the Dignity and Grandeur 
of the fieir Apparent to our Crowa. I fliail therefore 
take it for granted, till I hear it contradided, thatitis now 
high Time the Provifion for the Princt if WeUi fliould be 
fettled in the ufual Way, and that 100,000/. a Year out of 
the Civil Lift is the leall Provifion we can fuppofc neceliary, 
and the ieaft the Parliament that eftabliffaed the prefent Ci- 
vil Lilt defigned he iliould have : Thefe two Points I Ihall 
now, I fay, take for granted ; but it both, or either be 
controverted, I thall beg Leave to explain myfcif more 
fully u])on this Head, unlefs fome other Gentleman who is 
of the lame Opinion with me, and more capable of giving 
the Keafooj for his Opinion, rifes up, and faves me that 
'J'rouble. Por this Reafon I Ihail not now take up your 
Time with enlarging further upon lliefe two Questions, but 
fhall take the l.iaerty to make you this Motion, 

That an humble AdJrcfs be prefcnted to his M.ijedy to 
exprefs the jult Scnfe this lloufe hai of his Mnjrfty's great 
(joodncf^ and tender Rpgird for the lafling Welfare and 
Happinel's of his People, in the Marriage of his Royal 
Highnels the Prinrc rf WhUi ; and a< this Houfe cinno; 
ostic any Opportunity ot Ihi'wing their Zeal and Regard 

A<miO C». fof k" M«jeftj*» Honour and ilxc froTpcrity of 111' Tr- 
Jl. ir!6-T. mil)'. tauniMr to bciccch hit Majelty. that in c«tt6iici !■■.•:. 
■ v-iy^vj ff the high ilank aai Dignity ot ih«iT Royal HijIimSb 
the /*'!»-' *n<l Primftji <f Ha'ii, loil liMK m>n]> aaiMi^ 
Vittunam) Menu, tic wotUi be gncioofly p!calcd loftt 
tic 100.000;. iv Yrir on the Frvrnt ^ IfmLi, aot «t Hi 
iUvcnix« cbcarfttUy grstiKd to liti Majclly, for the lU- 

EQcei of bn Civil Guvcranicai. and biiicr rupponn^Ui 
i^atiy of tlie Cfowo, «iul fot cabling bis htiijcA^ e 
maMean kcnourabte Troviiwii lor bit Hoy' ^''■'-'■- •■' -» 
(ibM MBDner hii Majeftx cnjoy'd ii bcturT 
ccdion to tbe Throne i and alio iMBWy to < 
jcHy t-' Utile tbc like Jointure on hn Koyal tlighnc'* i 
r ^ ff rfi>>, ai her Majcuy bad wli<a fhc wai Pr] 

c . hrJ toaiTorc kit KUje&y, thai Utii Hoofc 

culik lumeAcSiuilx inpcrlottn tfacliaM. a* ncitfain|< 
mMe coadtxe to the ltmgthnin| bit Majrti)''i (i< 
Bicnc, ihon tavnourabljr tappoctiag the Digiutjr of cIm 
i^.^uV H^ihmft, Uiita wlion wc hops to fee d niuauflM 
Illut, 1(1 deliver iJbwa the BlcQiafi ot' Ui MaieA)r''a Rajfl 
to latcH Poltcnty. 

i kno«'. Sit, ilucrcveral ArgumeDU auj be nada sfcrf 
agiinft thit Motion, Argtimeiiu wtiicb a»f (cc» to be rf 
IhjiTity and Wdgkt, bccaukthrjr can com< I'ooi nntf b* 
Aichat stein bi^h Sutitnu, who for that Kofbo ougUM 
vcrtoopfofc wlut iijull and HMKmr'bfe, aad nach lih 
ought cbey upon any Occal'ion lo oiakc ufc at 
triAingObjeojuni. fly fucli Pcrfoni ii fli;iy he 
the picicntirg ol fixh an Adil'tC* will bn ■ laii 
tacddlins »> tiKdomcfiK Atf-iir beiwnn Father and 
which UK ParluMDcnt hat no Title, nor ncr misbt »l 
tcnnWilU orxhupon >ny Occtfioa ; B«t( Sir, I ■»! bf 
Lcare to intiit iif«n it, ihti c«u prtfeMiag f*cb an Aidrt» 
canaot be ctX.tA inienn*tldlitt| tn aaf Antt» eithar pAlt 
(If pnvaici it ii onljr ufienng Adrio tenwSo*«(«t|BMi4a 
A&tit of grai Comequcncc to (he Natraa in ffimnX, md 
that yt have not only « Righti btii are in Dwy baawl i* 
tlo, ai alien at wr liod il nrccltaiy, U u an AdviM vhiih 
i am laia hii NUjf !!)''■ MiniilcMoagbi cohavc giriBhiB) 
il' \h^ hare not, itity have breo dcncient is tbsir^ 
and the Partiaiucnt ougtii id nuke up that 
they have betn lo faithful ni to oIkt the Une A4n 
taveooc luccccdcd, which, for what I know, najr-l 
(.'4k, the AiUuli propofnl bcuowi ablolBieiy 
it II wbitt the Mtnitleri ouj^tit to be faai of. I 
drcf' c) Parliament will add WeigKt n iht jtooil, tlht'* 
luu:cuftil, .-UVKC Uiijr have giteiu Thn. ^. wtt 

-^~ ^^^ 

( 293 ) 

ereftUibe<l4inD(tic Affiiirt of tlie R(y)'il FtmWf. J»wt to. C*t. 
;gbt t« be conftdcrcd in * twu-foM Rtfj«A : ti titty j) |_.^,.._ 

I umay canttiiMie CO ihe Honaor and H*f f ificU &f 
idoA la Beacral, or luch u nuy (ctitl to i-'e L>tf- 
'oC ilie kingdem, or to the briogiag o( an^ Mi. lor- 
foa tb« PtopCe. ihey tbai come la be of a public N*- 
■d if any tilie Step be made, cr any ttcttbiy Strp 
wit or too too* 6tiay'd, it u ihr i}uiy of I'jrlia- 
■ iftttrpoTc ; anaof ih» Sort fmeiy u tbu ASut to 
Um Ailiireb now praaotod retatn. 
my likeoiife bd Aid. that cbe Rinj h tfc« anljr 
)f ihc Time when ii n ptoper to mnke s Sntknivne 
lit Aoyil Higiine[» ihe PrtsTif i;^'' ik'airt, and of the 

II of tkc Rcirnuc thit nuy be proper or neccHary 
t furpolc. 1*0 ihH, Sir, the Anlwcr is vriy plnm 
^. Tti«reaie nuav 'Miinj;* in wlikFi the King Iim 
Prvrogaitve ih« <olo Powei of Judging nr Atling i 
t to fuch Calci, if any wrong Mcifure hipprni to 

Kor any proper .Vlei(ore neglc^rd. tli« Patlii.- 
>aiy bouivl toad tiie Pan at a fniihtul Cuun- 
ir SgtTreign. and advcnife b<m of whit tbry 
(ta be wrong. The two Houi'ct «( Patliancnt, or 
if cbcBii may nvt only uAtr ibcu AdvhC, but ihcy 
\ OMcIt fiulber, ihey may nutnine inio the A(F>if. 
\j punid) ihoTa wbo by their Wokncft or Wickcd- 
,vi Kivcn bti MajtAy (Md CauifcJ. Tbc King l»i 
I INmer of nuking TreatK* of Peace or .Alliincr. 
^sdiarhg Wir, >nd jet I hope it wilt noi be fnid 
t PulUmcst ongtil nrver lo r nu not To 

»aB AJdrett. tn any Cat« or . > : •: ; 1 hops 

M (aid (bat the Parliamvoi may n<A only ad- 
(ocb OcxaGoBt. bii nay pusiSi thofe IVtiniflcra 
kll aJviliic his M(;elly to engage live Nation in dia- 
tod dcltruAivc Trxatin, or wba (bill adriTc him lo 
I War, wlwa boili ilir HoDonr tod the Intrreft of 
itm miita it necelTiry. I'beieJorv, tbo' hii Mn- 
r tbc only Judge, whra a StnlcRicvc «ogfai to bo 
poo (be Pnvt *f Waitt, nnd what tbit >'\-^--'.-f\ 
10 be, ya tbc Par lamcot nay cettalnly in 
Irtfh when the nuking of ili ':i:icnt i> (^u i>iti£ 

I and BOW tint bit Rv^si ii not ocly of 

lutixntrtip), and a* it wr-c ruu-iLi^mcd out of hii 
•* Funity, It ii ceriiinly h'gh Tirac fm ihr Pstlia- 
O iaurpora: Solely it ii aiJt hi hu Ji^tf^t m^iiu/i 

_4jprfad Tipon M- F-tfirr. or Mhcr iipoo hi* 

miy biv« Occsfion 
>lwd fucli ndieulaaa 

C 29+ ) 

. „ Ueas, tliat il U with the utmo" DiJSra'ty I en reTriln Tion 

It" _.ft exprefiing inyfelf in a Manner far below the J> gniiy 0! :iie 

j^-ll^"^', S-jojeil: iNoiIiing, indeed, could prevent it bu: the grai 

^■^^^^^ Efteem, the high Regard I have for the illuitiious Pi-rlon* 

who feem to be concerned. 

In the next PInce, Sir, it may be fatd that his Maje'iy 
has R legil Right to the Civil I.llt Revenue as now eili- 
blidied; xnJ that the AdilreA pro[)oled wouM be a fon of 
Encroachment upon that Right. I Ihall readily grant thil 
his Miijefiy has a legal Right to the Civil Lift Reveniw.fe 
he likcwiii: hr.s a legal Right to the Revenue for the cnr^ 
rent Service of the Year, and, I think, we but lately pafel 
X Law for hanging or tranl'porting thofe who goanncd 
with z Defign to rob or difappoint him either of the oh 
or the other, which is more than any Subjedt in the Kinj- 
dom hai for the Proteflion of any iort of Proper:y ; but ai 
both thcfe Rrvenues are granted by Parliament for certiia 
and particular Ufes, both ought 10 be applied to thole Ufa 
ibr uiiich tl^^y were granted, and the Parliament hiii 
Right CO infiii upon iheir being To applied. I'he Civil lit 
Revenue was granted for fupporting the Honour and Dig- 
nity of the Ciown, and making a fuflicient Pnnrifiaa fit 
the whole Royal Family ; and if any Part of thtt Ren- 
nue lliocid be p'jiloinLd. ho'ir.leJ, or tnir:prli(.\l b* the 
K^r^'a Mii:i;':er;, mi,! ■.!i,^ I in '..-ur nn.l !j!.-:i;-v 11; Tilt 
tlri'wn ri-.'.livif.!, or ;iiiy l!rr.;.;li or the Rjv.-.i F:Lrr.;lv r^: 
liivivi-':ii \ [vovidt.! for, ili- i'.".ili.;ni:nt iir:* as g.ioi aKi^'- 
t'j:LU,!rcl-. ::r.J nxii tu i^Hi.'jii'; tiiac Mi^'appiiC^tion, u 
t];,'y wj:';d hrvt to trii:i::;i; into the .\iil'jr;''ht?.::pn ol ;rc 
RL'veniLi,- ntcvLdi/ii l.^r ti.c cjritnt S(;:v;ce, in c.ili: an l^' 
a I. 5; J^jii'i.ut: [!„iuIJ hf rcpiiciJ to Tk-rpile'. >r-- 
t.-.fili- bt'ii ijiji ncglc^iyJ ijrwh.cii it was iii;;nic-i by Pj;1h- 

L.ili;y. S>, it nny be {1:1.1. that fiich an AJJrci'i vzi'-i 
. ''::;;■!!.!■;: U'.-.n -.i I'.,r-ii:iicr.!ary itv:i;rii;);.t.;i( itsjh' 

^ ■. : : . .. :.■■■ i' r'. 'cKiU nc'L- !ro:ir'tii ^c!':'m? s-J 

.... = . ^ . , 

i .■!.'■..' :; 1,; .li--;!. \\i;.i; was r'i.'.', lincc j;j"It- 

t ■ *- ...:'•;;''■ i ',!■ jii him di;i:;i;' n:- i.T-e, I 

..:■■■ I .: ■.':t i'l.' , rnc;i:-r,j nt ;:!!y l\::.'.i \ ^^ 

•• ■■■■. > ■■ .■ i : :.i [liiTC IS Oct liio:", I-.-r i.icn ; '-'• 

I-'.-' ■ ■ ■. :■■■.-■! :iMy lijmecimti iittomt .■fj-''^' 

■•-■■■ '•■..■ 1.- ■-.'"■-'' a any Ki-h.-:jc C;-::-. 

I'.i' ' I' ■'■: .: 1 /" : ■- . \-, an-J ;ii;"--'\)rt.' i.;;;ii: Tj ts 

;< iim.:. < ■ .. i kiiriT i'urpii ■,'. i r;",...?vM 

*^'"'' K-p .■ . *. , ■ .1 Kv»-i! ;u-, l^>.■ il .■.--.■ a 1.:; ."■ 

<:■;;■■.; 1 . -. . ■ : . ^:.t■ !'..;!■.■:;..; jr-.- V. :. \-i 

/;....:■...-.........; t o! ".r.!,..; -. .-.'s ■.■ * 

( 293 ) 

E.tfie.ti ant Oentfani. Thti Grant wm( by Ijiw IcttlcJ |i 1756 "• 
upon ifm Iiiiig during kii Life i vet in i^i, ue ficd he 100, euo/. a Ye^r, Pan ef itt" 7C»,oo3/. Ci«il 
Lill Rrvcuuc, aind upplitdik tuKiid t\\e P^fnK-nt ot the 
public Dubl*. for thu tx^tU Rcifon, btsnu)* ihi Oaafinn 
ivi»fi r/> /fl'^ I CO.OOO /. in*/ sivfi, ittrt /*v# <tmMt 
m, I Ta)-. It a I'iKixIcdc in Poioc, fi» a Kergmption' £f- 
Ihe dure ai (Jianiing hit reafci} 1 t^ (rom a Pirity oF 
tcaBn, if it Ihoald be > ficru^nta fbu»d tlic Cnufc of Crani- 
ng tid not require near fo largcaGianias ua; itiiillima- 
gtncd, andrkerdorcaflualFy granted, ought roi tome Part 
of tlut Grant to be rcfumcd, gr Rfp'in] [o foniC oih(r Pur- 
pofc? So that it' it couki \-< i\x^\-Juf\ thit .1 Iris Kf venue 

fian wl>al was irtendcd bj' PurlisRient woultj be (ufHcieni 
r tht PriiKt if ll'ald, there would be iamc Rcafon far a 
cfiiinpticn ; but i am lir from fuppo&cg any fuch Tiling ; 
ibe Adilieri J Knre propofeil lliew* the contrary, and ihcrr- 
fofv ii UID004 be prcfuotc^ that ay Moiicn bai the luA 
Jicndent:)' twv-^rda a ddigaed Kefamption: it ii only far 
iving a Part al the Civil LiA Roi'cnuc npjilied to thnt 
Khkh i: «ai grintcii by Parlumccc, atid tu which 
in Laoi, in Kqui:y, and in WlMom nnd good 
to be applied t ikiertlure I bo|<c lay MotMm isf 
^XPtmk will be uniiiiinoDily Agreed to. 
The ABlwer was by iiir RtJun it'it}%U, f r»- 'rr.'!owing Sir RdHrt, 

^-J^eup 10 ofTer you my SrniiiBeiiU apoa the LtotJon 
the HonouniiI« Omileir:in kits [ ' > ' > ' dod %a 
rtoytn j Uii 1 null htiriii uiih li^ 
^'nfe Bp to rp&ite iir 
ckrpcr CoB«rn,n ■ 
ASjit noi'. 
■iJp notiTat. ., . < 

»KC( U it uidecu 

1, oi it} mcVdV,' \ 
ouid hai-c h. 
ive b<en III'' 

I nivtf 
iiu'i.c With 1 
ir I t\o Dpol <Va 
ii iiiBlt iUAdtly :^r ' ' 'i; 
■'. 1! a Mitfrr ,it ■ _ -jt 

.: Ii ii 
-Try it 
:>eJ. or oiM anyliKii Mcuon 
I Houl'T. i ani [lire (lie !{»• 
larable Gcntlanua dcciaot view ii in tfic fimc Ugtic 
i if be liu), I JIB ccMiriiit^ be would Iir.v' >"^'- • h« 
bavt mentioned n, m-tu Wvo iidvii'-i it^ 1 ■ 

i»Clthcr '■'—'-■- '■'-- ■ -■■-.■ ■ -.-'I'i..-- 

i> K 

eiery C 

: c.\'Kl Kaj, 

. I] 

.iL rr.j;; ijc» 

ur^ir ctce 



be in. ll ii » AStir of Prapariy, it » a (^Sdu Ip 1 
whick ihc legal f joperty of tlie Crown itfclf ii lo bt it 
irrtnineil i kkI in luch a Cafe, mud not rvci^ CicntWaH I 
be uDder ike EicMCll DilTicuIiv Kow lo give bii Vote w 
hii OpinicjQ ) Bv (Icdnriag in Uroar of ilis Moiioa. k , 
BiJf (Mm 10 inidre (ho Kojral Faibcr. hii SovefvtjkiJ 
drckfing ?^'ni! it. be tn»y ictm to isjurc the Koyal I 
inJ App.^ : to tlic Crown. Ai I havc'tbc lid 

to know ] 'y [he Wil<lam and (li« \ itiun at 

ibr Itoya) fcTloiu cDaccrnrJ, 1 an girv my O^iintoM 
tlic more Hittdooi i beciufc i sin (an ocither at them 
iktok hiRifelf injuKd by s GcnilcBun'i |t*ifl{ t>i» 
ar bis Voc« fr««l)r in PaHiacncni t «tid I im lu r- iiisj 
H)gh&cf> ihf PriKc ol If-tfi^i hu fo n^ 
fo tnic a &«nte ol Klul Duly, ikoi bi will t.~. .. 
asy ibingsi 4 I'avovr done to fcim, ir u >u« ihe luU fa- 
drnc]r towArdi otferiiig an lodlgakf tokii Rojral FsUter. 

Tbai iticrE iu na Air4ir oT an ItaporiaBM i«o lojk Iv 
iKe (,'Q>>f>Hcntio» cf Parliuncnt I tbvll admir t boi. I*i 
ibeic ue Riany Atbiri of a Nature lodcltatc. tSit MiUtf 
Wildoni nor xood Policy will «]|ow at tlur PaiIh 
taking then mta ihcic Conlkittatiaat asd ir f 
bit an Aftxir ia which the Parbanesi ocgiit 
giving Jid^mcnt, ibc Affair noo' brhrv you ii one, 
our piCmg _|ml)tii)cni in Incli an AftaLr, ncrgr Ml 
cut UooM will inagirwaiheie ii a pri\*te Miilaka 
p'lit \<twcen hi> MijtAj snJ tin KtjaJ Hi^hnt/if 
an UptniOD, it ii fiiosild gcAcriitly picvail. may b*' 
noil ijtiigeroui Confequciiu li> bodi ; M'c fliceld liiercfcrt 
y pot'i.'i ^1 -'ul gtf iDg any jmlgmcnt in tht» AfUu ( Imai 
for t< vitlichs Moiioo, if it wtrc in our IncbaMiBi 

I do 11... ...t.r. It ii in our Power : It woatJ b« a VioliM 

of Propeitjr, A rtLiiig Item di< King > Part at tliu Piv- 
pctty which it alrddp iribtiltlfanl ia him by Ati oi fiJt^ 
aicrii, and lo which he h*t ai good a HigM ai any pnnff 
hhn (R the Kingdom hai to aiij privaic Piupciiy b* M 
or on PolTr.'i t hx tbo' the ParluoMnr hai i Puwar m if- 
[irc-prJaic MoiMy to panicuW \Jiit at ttie Time ii ii i;:^ 
nl, »ei jJlciwiidi ilicj' hav< no (Kb Power i arrti rt hit ii^_ 
11M1 1 been a Rule of thii Hoabc, km ti> 
iii!cf3rrcn aboLi Mnrfv nnrepmattd r. 


IHC suae tJai CjraBi, we migBi 
atijD of it to iMiticiilat Uin ' 
ai tu kivt apptepii •tei! a p-; 
Lie I l<Kk.a patiicolar Afpi&t'.-' 

( 297 ) 

think with RuCon toe, ban been iLoagliE dtn^toty to ,^^ ,g (j^ 
thv Honourof the Ciovn i t ' ' II net iww iiotravcrt |1, iji/i-- 
thatPotnti no fucJi paiicaU^ > Mlion wnsihen made, i^ynS 

anjai itwa* nctmadf .-i: tb« iimcilit Rf"- giant- ^^ 

eJ, we hflvc now no Tx^ef u> auk* an. -ucalu 

Afp'optmiQii, with icfpcci (o any P^n* u: it, nr witli 
r«lpe<t to any UTc to tvlitcli acy PaM of it ought to be ap. 
pli«J i ami much Icf) imvc wc now £ fti{;lit or a Power to 
' pteiciibetQ his Msjeity. wbii P.irtcf mc Civil LiH Re- 
venue ought to be applied tavatdi naintajning the Ho- 
nour acJ l>;gi>iry «f dis cldcH Son, or in ivhai Manner 
' ibitt AppUcuion ought to be made: However, thii wilt 
I* bo<{ jppeufrom cuDluleniig the I'everal Arfiuraenii made 
' ttfe of in r^vcut of tiie MotioB. which I Hull ukc upcu 
me to do in as brief a Mauwr a.z 1 can. 

.As for the \{«)tii& lb mu4h infixed cd. That the P/yKVA 

«/" Walti ought itiMap to have a fcperate hiu) ditlind Vto. 

YiTion, and fettled upon him in a \facDer a,-, to be quite 

inJcpendeoi ot the Ring bit Father. I ne^'er heanl we lud 

fuch \ Makifi) io our Co&l)itu:i«o, nor un I tec how it ii 

po&bic cu make a Sod Alioeether independent ofhit Father, 

ind much left to make a Sub^A altogether ibdependent «f 

liiiSav«reigD. The Uitet wquM, 1 am fure. bea vtrygrr*i 

Solccirni in Poliixi, aoii the former, whatever m,)y be ih« 

Cifc With rcfpc^ to Royal Famili*^, hat, I api certain, of: 

ten ptotluccU grwt Mitforlunei in private. 'I'liUuc tbff 

L'utlora kai gcntTally bctn Ibr out Kiog* ta Ictijc foiiiR 

ElUic by P^uoi at Charter upon rhdr cJJcJl Som. anj 

ttaok Chariert hxcc often l<ecn confiimed by A& af Parlia- 

Buni ; but I cannot Tee a good Heafan hn (l^toj. Uutt iho 

naJcin^ of (ucha Stltku^coi ii&bfoluielv itcceAiir}-, tu tlut 

(Ac Hctr Apparent of [bp Crown raRtiot be edantcd, or 

cuwot live in a proper Manner witbout it ; for tbzt Pe* 

peiuJcncy «v:;ich the Son qf a ^'tK Family naiDrvlly hoB 

Upon l:li Puibcr. nn no way tcii.i tawRrd the LkUfii'g of 

hu ,V1indt and the Dignity indGnndcur. even of a rr/nr* 

^ JfatUi. may be avwtll fupporicd by a yearJr Allowaoce 

ai by u pcTft'tuI atJ independent bcttlciucat. Fui thii 

Kcilan tiierc oet-er wit ntiy Kesutition «xp<ei'ily eilal4il!bed 

in ihi) Xi.i^om foi pioviiitng an inJepiiKlcct Sc(ilei»tnt 

br the Primt *f H'lltj; but on the contmry, the Mnliing 

«f foch a Pr^vifion. anl the Manner lif leahcg Pro- 

vifioD, harcatwajii been Kfi iaiircly to the Kii<g uf-en tbf. 

Tfttunt, nuf lui tilt Parli^Hicnt ever, of but very CcIUdsIi 

iAc<r«Nidied in ihftt Affair, nnkli when applied lo by thq 

Xing, qr by fooic PeifoniL under bi> nifrflioo, and thil 

^ppiiukou lui gtrcnlly proctcidfJ lium fooie other Rc«- 

VOL, IV. P p fc»t 


( 398) 

\jlmlo~Cft. font Vfide; thu of Bu);ing a Settlement span t&e rmtf 

II. 17367 ^ tfWw. 
il^Y"Vj ^' f*"^ ^'' '^"^'^ "' 5''««"'«^. Sir, that any of t)w6 
' III. 10 bti SOTi ff iiv^t'/ pr»' 

!■ (.V Ti ai :f..i; TiniL-, ^;:n] •• 

n- rV-c^ 

*'.-,■ -'e 

(in. tlijo by ;i 

■ncd by P»i, 

1 b-- ■■ 

fn like Rlanoi.' wv i. 1 . 

• ' Jicft or 

ft. moft ( 

ii thet nil inj.'f ^.oi-iM.iiuiofli vtm o-l-UiK-j 
[tw Dffirtof the Kirg h'tnf'M i simIIm* 
v be fiv\, nnd I bclkrc mhh 
t l?wir:irrt.'7tnto * I'tiichj, «i,. 
•■Tcry future King;, fti alto U'. 
7 itiio a Pniicifiilitf. and p 
. trroeccJed rilhcr (r'^n i (! 
J ;. -.OK CountTPci. ;Ii;n ;-'.r;i j 

iTijKing XM i'riine abfolatel)' «: 

foxwe lind ii wit a common PniL ._ _ 

CTcA 3 Country or Prorincc inro a Duiehy or : 
by mf of doing Honour to iht; CouB!'- ■ 
pence for iotne good Serrlcci petfo.'med b 

• 'v- "- -r^' !*:■- County Cf CA«jt" "■*» ''C'.l; 

/ II. bcaufe tht Miiitu a> 
r.jL Ticcv; and cnfcrted his inoll ArtJil''--- 

r<tic till limioirs pArlnnient 11 ihrnA^t 

• i(,itr»« ih»r it Ui kl«r4)/i bftn r«:k' ■ 
■ly City or Provinc* to aJapi « ai « '! 

■ n of ibrRoyil Family; ihf 
'lit fKf OrttMa ».!<<<■ M t 
:huri(v ft. 




■ . V ilcj (ncntir.-.r-I «j-r^ 

ibc :: turn iciuaUy interpot^td. In 

?':■ /. cidefl Son of E/a^rJ /(•* A'- 

vcryprvbablc that Aitplicuioa ftvin IVi 
Cored L7 the Kine ktmreir, it, ot^f ; 
iUi^-<% itc Dtit ^l^ncajtir, hit frc-. 

(■ccccdisgie ikc Thrcsct but fiippox ki>u r.« fn^-.-v 


[ing himCeir, a* tbcfr w*rilicn feme JnlonTf in Aam m 

'' -neni had grrac Reafnn to ^idilrefs ior 

■ ol' the iJctMlrJ /"f/w? ^ H\iki tmt- 
, i,' .T.f/ in ihe Hooni erf hii Fiilhrr. in onJrt to 
iJifpuia ibout the SittrceffioB to i^ Crsivn t which 
Toci L-uniuii be laid itotv to lubTid. «nd is ■ Rc-.iliMi 
treo: frtan tliai of h3vi>ff<aaJfuiepeKleRt PnnSan 
nn the J'nmer ■ Ai for the ApplicaiJoa 

liimeu ftv hs\ I .< Anrr, cltieil Son of 

'. eieaied Pn»j€ t/ (i .litt, Duke of CarmMii.mi 
Z(njlir. ii pJaiiil/ appckii 10 have procenlei frttta 
*i piritcokir l-'ivoiaiiM in I'AtliuncDC. ibeftfan 
(iif pofa it WKt with the AppcobAt>an. t m^t 
ienr,or ilic K<n(> himCeU; and hit Real. , 
idi Ad Applicnuod wi: vay ftr from ben ^ i.,^..^' 
tnf AUxim 01 DcfiQii ol fdllbg an iodopckcitfll 

1 the PnHu lilt eidefi S^o; but u hU oivn 

-.■own wa> 1 littie doubtful, 'lii evident lie 
^^^ppiicaiKia Itom Faflumcat, With a Ucfign 
^HK-iiWliiml hi) lawful Soccellgr, atiil onl)' 

ad ^'V'/ VI. X hope none of ihc TVanb^iop* 

nfotcitnatc Rcign will be isQilci oa as good Pre- 

ir iT'.v 'riling tluc ougiit (o ba done in ihii i f4( 

'n Hra* a coau&ued 6<riei cf weik aniWf'- 

1C1 OB (he Pan of iheCoitfli arnl vcy uitt- 

lMMtciM<n(f OB Ibr Pan a( the PaHiuiCMi- ■< 

$«, HQM D\ the Prtocdcciii locniioBtd Tehtin| 1ft 

lAppsnoi fit ihc Crawg.csD be anf Wayaket 

ent tor oar agrctiitt' tmhr W-.-^r^i isnW b»- 

nf (he iwo PtacnloK < ^; 10 

LlLiismi' II. 

>f front a: 
iiix^i ii^e I - ■ ' :<i ihfl ivtt 

' fiun the K -'y'^K <t> ' ' 


talc iJtC litCVtn^iC «( tiiC IV^iOci^, dM ftVMC 
ooold otii i«r f-t!ls! "iporr iht- f»t'r r/" ?V^ 
lonty ol PjLJi ■ " ~ 

R V^tea Worn-, 
l^l^-iiufwd. (iMl iMt M I 

PM odI/ «itllM( Lf _^, ^--t 

P P ; * towraTK 


( 300 D 

jtmt it>. Gm. cottinrj to iIie tnclifltiion tif ike Coait it tliat Ttsir 1 
If. <736-7- Bat «tlnt was tbe Con(iRtii«nFc i It o<e>(i<jtT^l :ii ';t,r<:*- 
lonablc Prore^Doa od ibat Scflion, bv oh'--. 

the N»!i")n were Tery loock emboi'i'f'-'* ,„. - 

M be ibr C\>nrn{iXDCC' af out »; Muiwa. I 

era n>iivti>cc4 ikc honounbic u-l.l^>.> " •,. ' : — " ' 

, would not (o touch at tSrAiK nay Ucnilnnan iv 
Kay. evtn tKiit very Parliaincnl lojld never coior ic <tt 
fix<ij Rck>)ai»n in tbu AJ&n. 'till ihcv tind cbainwi tw 
King's Appiobation 6( uKu tb^ wierr laboui to (io,arf 
then thty nnitnimauSy sgr««d taBOili«r<tii> Ms^'Rv tntrak* 
mhoviiioaiotibc Prix: ' ",*aa& 

a Year I l"o thatcrenti ■-i-r *■ 

' OOT agiMtag (o tt<i> Mw;m:> 'li'.', i; U ivatc U ^ 

SgnUed lo u), iliu Jill Mij<ul)' appiwi t» of v, i« 

I^OS!M dc. 

FfDED tlicfc Ofa^rr<Riii«nt. Iiktnk. Sir, ii will spprvjiW 
the Prenuenn whioh bare been mrnuoiK^ Are nthn- (Kb 

•I ought IM Ifi be follMWR), OI 6lchW»«rr nn t.^11 irvft 

tibh to ibe dfc now bHon ut t ilivrcfen ^ J 

dm ihc Mwtoo isfoonded upon any fuot^i ■..,.-^». . ^ 
*lurtcvet ifce Wttttttin tnt FoIi<y of 6or King* aMt^ tMi 

bt«B*riti) r«fpn9 iodic Mlling nn ir-' ■'-" t* — • — 

tpon ihe Heir AprocM to itfc Lio- 

WBj>: bren tbe wifdem and PoltCV oi tif K>.'>trniu ion 

ibni Attm cnttirly 10 itic Opnon of thr KdigvpMi 

TliroiK. iDd ncnrioinieniwddtc but whoB it 1ki»i 

or tM wdi been Agiiitkii lo the ParlkflKtu, ttet 

lermnUtn? voald be igrcciti^ lo b«b ibc 

cernrii. 7ht», Sir, ii irur *\itrfom: thhi- rijr^T l^V* 

F-vtO) in prrntc Lifr, icit gcnctalljr II- 

}ni>ruikiii for > Suangcr lo intoimn!:: 

fjin of hn, NrigtiboDf, without - ram tkc HuaM 

ccncemcd .; if there wu no BroL , tc ptaerslt; «• 

olutiuraKiiiiil If tint* una Biaish, iiwafcciikcBnvh 

ttidirr mach mere eftamtimm h ercsfiain a 'SUrf^' •■'^i^^'^ 

Ttw PartianicBi kt> a Rtgtn, ihcPtrlninn: 

Dtny beofK), to Oder Advin to iheit SeixTtrip. 

WrniiAinj 'Mita, or apaii \»bju Otnfivaa, We 

BiRa cur Aitvioc, we tnf;ht •» oe»&d<r- - ' 

twofold Rti^tA : We tnglKli) cauti'. 

fKftf. Im-iII C^lei which rcnnl hi. 
UfaciiyiN tiif* eeminiy a Jtig.taf ki jxJj^cl ::. 
fBtOi tbit nrrulifmi.aMl 'may receenacsiwIiAt <r 
WMor^' 'i (h jtts)r* which wgKnt vitI. .. \- 

9fi*l lac 

Cafacaf «e tatt^it Aight 


( 301 ) 

iooi to KConmaHl. wMww iamo jimnxa.Cm. 
Iicuiwi tfoiu i>m (at tint Pwrporei knd ai (he H. 
ng for rvcry timnch or tw Belial Fimity in an Af- 
icJi T«gud* ant)' ht* Naiaml uul IHitrnftl Capuity, 
Ibcct&igu-' it iiKoadiliiai vvttli uuc Wi|U«uq 
Policy far ui. In pteicnd to fnlgr. tir tn piclcnbcwtuu 
a be dinot w id wiiat Aianflcr it ought lo be iJone. 
S the ftviu 9f Wahi ougbi to be (iipportod, ibai k« 
H be hoBour^bljr Ti^pDnnf, I IK1II noA rmtliljf 
Wld I Ihall likewiTc gnni tliai ttw Supf>ort uf tbe 
1^ #<i//i B uJ ought to be Ctistj^ n^Q the Civi] 
<wnuc; but, Sii. liut hr iiii cibrt a le;;il or tn 
lie Right :o any pntcuUr Sturc uf tliic Kev«wir. 
Dy Sbtic, b^ii (uch ai the King hit I'ichcr plnlnio 
in. ti whit 1 ciRnotfowliif odinit. I Jiavcpciudd 
Afl> of firlixirtent chit v^eie nicr oh<1c, icUiing 10 
■•••••:. <r I b(Ti: puttKubrl; ccmMmd iliai AtX hy 
! L>ll KrvcDijc VAC IrttlttJ upon t>ii firlnt 
1. li.u nekkcr in that Ati, nor in any (mImf, 
lod ujr WonU for giving the /*»«< tf tl'atii n tvgsl 
■kMyotbci Sbve, iIuh wtwihit Majelly Oiillplufa 
^Kni'OOT OB I linJ «i]r Wvftii from vrhacb 4 
^KBjtotbcr Shiic cin be equitably interred. I'o 
||H.|ua Uajdly hm a%aUb1npca Rtgbt tninciuliAla 
EXRciCdw, diuiaj; hit Lile, atsQT O- ^ 1 

»/ On b«ve to hii own Eibtc. Thi c uf 

' kMlcilUin it) £lf/rW0Ujti| Ml Im lH|>(>«n«i 

-:l|««'i £ifiiic, and th:t ^jrrcr; c^r^bt ift-te 
i*giQ(CM: CliaraAcrasdLi- itiil^l 

Mp<: i< «viM At:* be i*\A ih . i^sa^ 

ifeqBiablc Kigtittoany fntiKUiar hlura oi litt Pa* 

Plirr nr :n oni' :^"-ijff but fuch IS hi* ifwlwr 

.... i-..«t ■ *«■ bv lotne Sciito> 

' vie led i^Creed to I iicf. '- 

Q^ Equity, tobc iiiii, .^M , ihc InietKMd of 

'•iasMtt b to be chitdy irganlcd [ but tlutt 

ign infill iiNDC way AT other tpfinr from t\\t Worit. 

rfi.^ V> txkc lliD iMcuion erf a 1.3w \\vta (he ln> 

I at llui 'QimikmiiD really bit], or may byN 

tice-i ID the PailiRg ft ilui Law, WbetkA 

[).«iiiJ Biidtt titt. t>;TlK'.<mion ol l>»rlis> 

_ tMttmtn A»y ^«r hir. tnvD Uitminn, hi* 

rfer. agreeing m it, and tixnc toay lui'c R^zlan 

U ttofc I'f othetj. Unc tic& i.iaf 

lanatiM Uut it ihculil bt ->« 

»)' btewl lint if. ibwi 

( 3M ) 

. quite dtSereot ; bit when ch:it Lau ji pift' 
lEtwirJt to be applied i<f any [utttniUr K-. :. . 
RcaloM nor tlic iMcniigaf «f ihciv irio pflbj 
re;[vd(d: 'Hicre ji nothing u> be rfgar>-l > 
t(xt«nd (be WflfilioftliBi Lkw, tn onki i 
ibc Kioftequiub:« CondniOion ch^ will t>^-, , in 
fuch 1 ConAnidion upon tirf o( itiob gt-ne/al W 
die ^Ul (or etUblilbiog ih« Ci*i) Ltd KcvrBac. by 
thai Kcveniu Is a^prufViaidJ to ibo Support nf bh 
jcO^'i HouQiald, at tv-otiU tike fram hu Uajeliy itie Pi 
of j->^gitig what *;Xi bt to be donn w kli oMm* fras^A 
tvnxid. 1 ani fwc, Ix s rcfy ur > -.a. m 

toftiC'JticrKfv, I frt'-ifl thirk-s «f^i' Itkr* 

it i& vnun omU 

I li' ;:, .11, from vrkat 1 botre fAiJ it iwil) aptnr 
Ibrn It oo ^folatr >ltoefiit^. ricUi rrain'ittK 
tin: TliiBj^ Or fratB any Jllaxira ID -jar CoRitiT 
ttiuin.pc.'pctii'il arnil imUpc:uleni i'ldvilioi: 
UpQAtliC FriKtrtf iyaitr.; ibxt ii tlicttf u^:... 
|iet)r. inpruper lor tiK- fstliamiiU to ittMrtt.- 
affiin a- ' ■' ■• ■■ ^1 ■-' -■ ' ifc«ioio«»iJ fc 
nlvetiiu : :i;>t)pJii(Ai or not 7>n»- 

Iotc.ivc n.i!i ci''-''riijiii:, iii;,[ riT< \i<i)c4bi 4*-ib«ibt«' aodaay 
Jujgc, when c lat Scitlcaicnt Dii-^ht obt iitntv; Oat tMi^ 
aviy-ali tnrttier UiipttiB upoo ciilWT oi ifarfa l^e^i. I 
null ac^saiot you, 'Tim 1 «n connUii'W by bn Mtj^ 
10 iij bcfijre ihti Huali. ibii hit MijvOy Y*liB^ 
(fnt » Mcfftge Rnyj)' Hi(;huli tka fff^M.r iT 1U« 
' .jrd iawiirttMri Lotrf PttA^. Lard ^fw^MC 
>[ia^/4Un, Doltc. c( Ri.ime/,' Oaks of- 

LtftJi, btirigjo niidn " 
'tlii,. \i(ir-({C wji a» 

■■ctutcracibit ikaMMalfaj « ff 
}"'>'«- <ti-.'>' '>j M' N'4i/n I. t>ac-bi*Mifca (tMC 

(ibrtud, ind ; i^itpofiiiBn ibic«- •^IssIhm*. M 

Itillieni) numcu :riE unCBtiM al^4Mb«Ut |p*cK0B> !•■ 
iCiiii9«t j /rem wbicfc -faBrt^i Xly iM H aSjrty <!a «w 
tffitMeikJ arv IiKon*iateiClWttil|U'Mri^. 




-* — 

( 3«3 ) 

Primtt^ tf Wdtn, 1* f*T >« be h mtibW b/ Law. fuiabl* Am lo. G«*. 
V tier high Rank and iJignhy i wbkh be will, in pfopct II. 173!) 7. 
I'lmP, fsy berofc his t^tliamfii[, in orI« to be rendered V.^'YV-/ 
"Trwio and effrfloil. fot iKc Bcnefil H" hrr Rayii U'thiifi. 

The King h'» furihrf corfiii)3Eidec! c ip ai:<jii;imc yout 
[ij(e/ liijil'Kiii tlm. altho' yotir Jfc n'l hic not 

[liniigh; ft by aoy Application lo his ^ I _ _ -j i)eiire,iliat 
" ynor AllowaKC of ^0,c-00/. ftr Ann. whKii h bow paid 
^^y MoMhljF Paymems, ai ibe Choiw of your Rf^i High. 
^■^j?. ptelcrablj- iftCijnitcrly fajiment*. rnighl, by hti M»- 
^^tty'» loriher GniM and favour, be rendered lefspieca- 
^ lious, liis ^Lijelly, toprwrent the baJ Confeqofiicf». which. 
lif «pprtheti(}», oi»y follow from the ondnti^l M«fijr«, 
rhicli.'hi) Msjclly is iiifonncd, yoix Rtje I Hi^lmtfi has 
m adviM topnrruc, will grant to your Kty^/ Higiitfi, 
his MajeAy'i L>(e. the bid ^0,000 J. ftr Aaimm, to be 
BfTuing outof bit Majefly's Civil L-ilt Rcvcn»ei. over and 
(above your Ri)»l Hiimit/i't Revenoe» nrtliog from rt« 
Dtiiihy «f Ctrmia// 1 which his ^^lje(ly ihinkt s very com- 
etcnc Allowance, confidciing hii numcfou) ISiic, and the 
mt Exprncet, which do and mui) ntcelTariiy nicenil an 
ItocioiinitiTe Prorilton for his whole Royal Family.** 
Atxl that to thiJ Mcfiflge hii Fsial fififmtji t'ht Priiut 
turned a verbal Anl'wcr. whkh. according to the bell Re. 
ilk^ioR and RtRnembntnce of ibe Lordt, wu in Subllanco 
TAs followi, iiix. 

" Thu hii Jfjfj/ N'i'nefi defired th« Lorda w by him, 

^iih ull Humtlity at hi« Wajefiy's Fecn and to BlTiire hti 

^lajcllyi that be hid, imd ever fhould renin, the uimolt 

Juty for hit Royal Pefl<>R; that hi) Rtyal His^iit/i <nt 

:jy tbaokfal for any lollaDce o! hi* Miij^iy'i Goodnefi to 

I, or the Pri»(t/i, and pariicolarly lor hi* Mij*By*i 

eioui I&teniion for f<F.-tlin^a Jointure upon her R^^al 

n/i ; but that, at to llie Mctliige, the Af&ir wni noiv 

~ bit Mind), and tticrtfcirc lie couM £ive do Aofiwr 

After wbkh, tii« Rnat H'skirfi ufed raanj^ dutiful Ex- 
tnilions tDwanJt hit .vfajetly, and ibcn added, It^iid. mj 
iBfJi, It it lit tilir Nandi, t ant J*"y f" '/. Ot 10 tlut 

lis ^oT«/ H^iftfi Mticluded with Mrnefliy definng ihe 

, ro leprekiic hit Anfucr lo bu Majelly In the moll 

\M and doiiful MjiDccr. 

'itim this moll gr^cjouf KleIT«f>e it appean. Sir. tHt 

'1 »i for fow« Time ^ivea » yearly Allowance (o 

_'^tf/i, and fuch *n Al'owancrai bli MajcHy 

•:f/'«Mifcmit AUomnce cogfidemig lii« ra. 



A« TO. Cm. raerBu TJ&w, uiS the gratt r.ipanaei, wLJcb do and adi 
Mcd&rily ■ictjid sn honourible ProviTi'i" •'-'- '<i< «W> 
Royil Funily '• ani ittppnn farther, it- .3«aas 

ii!» been rcgulitly paid intku Mutcf ib w...... i.a JUm 

Jfiginji bimftlf clwb M Um noA moper and cqntcffKw 
far him i tbrrcfixc k cvinoc be Aid loltllM omIuqi of Mrt 
Kit Allouuncc kki ben in tbt toRll dcU)r*d( ud ■( dr 
cocivcrtii>£ ot ibu AUowsDca iittv a pefpcbial tmi iid» 
pntdrnt Scitlunt&c bad been BbTolonlr acceffarf, or mm 
Bow ibtnlaitlj necedJry, ic oamc be bid tbere )ui bfo 
say bid). Delay a* csn g>rc OccbIub £i; ihc Inu-ipotM 
cr Piilummi bccaofe. if tilt RtttiJ HnioMjt hid noc^ 
fijic hti ^t»rtuge been Uu»ti«d with tko Muine;' m wbd 
Jut AItow«i)Cfl MM HMde 10 htm, or bwl but hgpHrJ iku 
!■ tbOBlhl rt wai iflibliSwd upon too ptrcafimi m t-ow- 
tiatjon. lii* lLI>jcfly wouU hav« riUbtifiicd >l in Any .< laawT 
)i«<JrltroJi aad conlidoitng bow foen hu M-iUnv mtrt 
abfmdHlier (he happy Manage of hii Rtre 
cuuiPt be piiBmwItd that iftc lo^ iiBticcclXu> ^ .^. — 
ilnce iliat 1 itno been msdc, with nfff« w ihc viJud| •( 
■ SstilmciK upui liii Rijal Bri(,bwiti. tvrniiit^" *'-'— 
which i) f«id <o he sbfo'ately c^ccffiry by (be ' 
ijditatn of tbe Kintdon. Bui fupwrfipig itiai mr dmivic 
of ibn Sntltmeat had becR vnnccWlanJy dcisy'd, wtaMB 
3>cky tir Ncfteftmay hare kappa wmI in th;it RefpafiueM 
aaadcupbyhii MajrHy's hidbgc to hM JtiyJ tf^ii ■ i 
and (he comnunkxias of rhat hlcfafts to tkn ' 
which I liaic DOW ilonc by hii MijeAy^ Csmmsr 
Ha tull Anlwer lu ev my Thing ibu c;- i 

Kiprvt [0 Ti-nc at Itifl, in Favour of thr '■ 

)«(^ -om hi* ^^7^/ /ittJ&oOft At- a 

'M' _ , It fctmi fcabeabtc tP hri't •* 

:' fr'// 1< htmlcT (aiiȣed viik what lita Mai<^r f^ 
1 (Cat t'C would be fofiy la hear r>f it^m ; . :i 
Mtlic hloiion Dt>w mada 10 oi i 

-^ can 'be pot upon hit R^i }'-• 

i< iu» jtrrj fir tbt Mkir'i ienj i^ 

Kur ifait jtealon. Sir. I thia^c tlie ljc 
l<reu)[ht Mithifl » very Mrraw Conpali i ' 

'led on, itcan proceed IrcTn n ,:( ^j » 

rig npQs them Udj&r hi Opinioa »■ 
l-<ii M). ~^ tbu co,0oo/ a V(at oM «'' iM 

Civil 1:1 yxl Higtwp't Rerence unfiivj fiw" 

' no: » cE>Bipete*c 

ictc^i ItTva, and cl. 
*i (nott nccttTarily itic^ 

^..-,»je Uuyal faadi. 


< 305) 

HfCadriBGIM en, ai it ^9 btta fiud that ieo/)M /. ■ ji^mjo I 
' Year « liie loJi Ill's J?iJ.t«/ Wijiiw/J owgb* to li ■ re i-m of j] ■--l;"-'^ 
t tlic Civil Lift, bcfides the Revenue* ol ttie Pnncipiiiiy of * '"' *'* 

tff^a/ti and iJtitciy of Cannti^iJi. oad (hat it Mat (he lc»ft 
th« ParliaraCDt tbst ellablilktd the prtknt Civil Lilt in- 
: tcntfcd be Iboald have, 1 riuU beg I^-atT to anfwcr in aa 
^w Wordi at poffible. to w/hi; ka* been laitl upon tlut 
KcttJ, and to give tn/ JUaJbni for being of the fame Opioiga 

^L Br what 1 have &id, or am to fay upon th» Head, t 

P^vould tiot baTc it underfimd, Sir, as ir t believe:) hn R^aJ 

iHihHtft ri>* Prime ^ ^mtn ougbc not to iiave more [hsn 

I 10,000/. a Year: On ibe contrary, 1 cbinlc lie ought to 

bavrajreat deal more ilian double (bo Stinii if it tf^ere 

I poffible for hit Majelty to fpare fo snch {rout the Ciril Lift 

I' Mevcnue, or if the Nation were fb haf^y a» to be in * 

CondiiioD to incrtalc the Civil Liil. fo u tocublc iiii M«< 

jefty to make fixh an Aitoufjnce to hit Rti4il Highmift ai )w 

defcrve, and- n hi* Af*j«ily wooU iacline 10 give him. 

Were we to meiAire hit Allowance by bis Ment, » <m 

know no Boonds to the latter, weeould ptefciilx no Beondi 

CO the former: The only Courle wc couJd take wovM be, 

'< to oAr wluunw tie pleifed to demand 1 aod creii in thu 

I Ctft vm wooM lure Reilbii eo fear tell hia ModeOy might 

do an Tnjuty 10 his Generoliiy, by making him confine hit 

SienuMda within the flriflelt Boaoda of Necelitly. 1 am 

Boi therefore to eianiine what hii Jirf^f H^hme/i ought to 

ba<re, I am oaly to endeavour to Ihciv that wc have no 

fiigbl to prcJcribe to bis Majclly, wb.ii he ought to give i 

chat it muid doi be the Intention ol that Parli^ent wbick 

eftablifhcd the prefent Civil Lift, to grant 100,000/. a Year, 

or any other cenain yearly Sum out of the O'vtl Lift 

KeMciue to hk RiyaJ Hi^iairfii and ihit hii Majelly can* 

Dot at piefcst convcnietiily fpwc nore than ■ 

year out of thit Rcrenae. 

To Uy, Sir, that the Parli.-imeat ha) a Right to prefrrihe 
to hia Majdly, what ProTiuoa he Qiall make due of hii 
cmn Eflflieior anycae of hit Cliiidrea, tus (bineihing in it 
at fiifl View fo very cxtraotdinary, that I am lorptiacd to 
bear it infilled Qa. Such a Kight would put tlie King in a 
omdi i^orje ^tethao any oee of bit Subjecb ; and 1 mat 
4a&« Genttemcn would tonikicr, what a foreigner would 
liiak ol thti Nation, if be Ihoidd be lok), we cntmll the 
ing with the Oovernment d the whole fLiogdom, but wc 
111 ROC entruit bini with the Coveramcnt o( hit own Fa- 
Rily. I ilo not know that there it in all our Httloritt or 
~ I nsy «oe Prtcedeot or Fouodatioa for fucb a Par' 
yet.. IV, (i_q hametvTAil 




Hthennry CUun, but thu fingl« Ai iK ' 

Htmj VI. »n«l that wint we know, tt weak .1 i\rit.t ifi*i 
itibtcaiiH' nccr&ry for rha Parliimcnt to alTame tmni 
Kij^hliaftO PriviUJri wtiicli they RCHe not pfopcdj-. aof 
by lite NjIuic pfour CvKUlirjiiorit iiitnlrri in. Al fer 
Mku tho [>3rlisinnu dU tn ttelation tr> - ' Na* < 

J}f*aarl, it can no Way be madcnrecr . : ^fei 

tbac A0idr wu ficH Jitosghl into Pxrluuauu mIkh Hwf 
were confidtriBg how much it wouIJ \x tuceSiry loklta* 
foe the Sopi^CTt of oor Ciii! CtTverQinent, anJ then it bc- 
oDie nry piupo oukc mtoihcir UonflilcnitMM »tuufi>A 
iitu!t ^r.nx \iji iiib«ailoweii for ibcSeppart of ikcf^Mtf 
(Ici rtU:-ii -} Diimttri i for (ho' ihej- WWtr i-f ■;!..? P^ill 
i'aniity, titer Mttc not of ibe King's cw 1 

tbettiate the Appra^ttiniiag of n c«mla |^ — a 

for thtir ^f^poit, or the AMrc£Rng to biTt a ceioun Sn 
Appro|iti«iC4i ht (bit I*utpor«, couUDOCbecaUnlMllh 
(ctaic4il'Mg in'the King'^ <ioacfiia Athin. 

Bcloki, air, it i> totioiiaiursl for aajr MtttCo pforilP 
ImuHinblf lor hij pretenpiive Heir.wfiirtwaacaf kti 
(nrn CJiiUicn : The preTaffipuvT Heir U famtca*^ lookd 
(m fvw wiib Jealottfv lad £nv}- 1 ini ilMrelbre. iliovbt 
\ ' z KalOD lor the I^ultiaMnt'« bMertnlkf MM 

{ ly ia one CaK, tluB common Occcacy ana4«l 

or iNiiic c:bcr. 

list furiMli:. Sir, rb« Partixmeftt lud 1 Rigid lo ywftj y 

M liii )><i):l\y, wkni Provifion hv Aull ■»«)(« Mt af V* 

ft-.. 11 F.;! 1 c inr anv, or (or tvtvf ow of bit ChiMffm. bB» 

.il* lor ui to exercitc ibii Rigt>i ia oar pecMA 

B«lurc wr cui nith *nr CounuuKC piftral « 

c jcb a Rigbt «w ounbt to cvimiBfi Mnomif iiB 

1..,. .,u— *;e cf ikc ttnl i-jil Rcvrtiur, and the ' ' 

(jlct 10 wttkk it nitil flcodEiiiI)' tie aftf li*}, in onlt 
Y -v -r- .;i lu, Mi}^ily cia ccnvnirMly fpir* oei 
VVe oggrt Iikrwif!^ :ocs«iniae panicalar 
Ibi: MuatiOwiMt ol b- ' V ukUH 

UurKxpocts be my r pMtt*f 

ta itc uown of <;^r« i 
U> oetrnniDr 


I,:ri ::-i 




■mJc «iI 1 

.:it Mnutian 10 rjamitt 

VVe blVC « pif'-rn- r.. 



iK>E p«ilibla fiN-a*t<i|0l 

f 307 > 

Now.Sir.with regard to the Intention of that Parlii- ^j.^ icGrti 
tnent by whom the prcfcnt Civil Lilt was eltablifhcd ; ifwc II. 1756-7. 
confider the Circ am (lances of the Royal Family at that K,^^f\^ 
Time, and the Circomflances of the Royal Family when 
the Civil Lift was e^blifhed in the former Reign, we (hall 
very eaiily £nd a Meaning for the' Experuna of pafi Timtt 
being very difterent from what is now put upon thefe Words. 
When the Civil Lift Revenue was euablilhcd upon his late 
Majefty, a very narrow Scrutiny was made into (he whole 
Articles of the Expence of our civil Government, and par- 
ticularly into the Expence neceHary for fupportlng the 
Dignity and Giandenr of the Prince vfWalti ; from which 
Scrutiny Jt mu computed that 600,000/. a Year at leaft 
would be necefTary for fupportlng the King's Houlhold and 
civil Government > but let us confider that the King had 
then no Queen, nor any Children to provide for : From 
the (ame Scrutiny it was computed that 100,000 /, a Year 
out of the Civil Lifl Revenue was the leaft Sum that would 
be necelTary for fupporting the Dignity and Grandeur of 
the Prinet of WaUs ; bu: let us remember that the Prince 
of IVaiei bad then a Priiicifi of Walet, and, to our Happi- 
nefs. feveral Children to provide for. During that Retga 
it had been found that 100,000,/. a Year, was fufficient 
for fupporting the Prince and Princefi of Walts, tf'nd all 
their Children i but it had likewife been found that it re- 
quired 700,000 /. a Year to fupport the King's fioulhold 
and civil Government, tho' he had no Qieen nor any 
Children to provide for. 

This, Sir, was the Expirimce »f fafi Timii which gave 
OccafioB to the Incrcafing his prefent Majelty's Civil Lilt 
Revenae to 800,000 /. a Year ; but if we confider the Cir- 
cumilances of the Royal Family at the Time of his Ma- 
jelty's Acceflioni we mult fee that the Parliament from tbit 
•very Experience could not but conclude, that it would re- 
quire more than 700,000 /. a Year to fupport his prefent 
Majelly's Houlhold and civil Government ; becaufe he had 
a Queen and feveral younger Children to provide for, which 
the late King had not ; and from the fame Experience they 
mult likewik have concladed, that it would not require 
lOOiOOo/. 8 Year to fupport the Prince af Ifaks, bccaufe 
he had then neither « Princefs, nor any Children to pro- 
fide for { for if they had concluded that too,cooj'. aYcac 
would be neceiTary for fupporting the Prince o/ WaUs fing- 
ly, they muft from the Experience of pafi Times have granted 
more than 700,000 /. a Year for fupporting the prefent 
King's Honfliould and civil Government, confidering that 
)hc iud a Qoeeo ud feveral young Children to provide for. 


A rivil (Ziw I 

C 30S) 

'Jim 10, Gn. whrch the late Kirg had nut i and fince they gri 

n. 1756-7. the Support ot rhe preftnt King's Houlhold and civil Go- 

I y^^/-^ , veiDmeiit, but exa.£ll/ the fame Sum Uiat hid been ftraad 

— from the Expctiemt aj pafi Timts to be neccHary, and lud 

been a^Lially given for the Support of tJie tate Jiiflg'k 

^oudiold anil civil Gorcrnnicm, ic is apparent to me iJk/ 

concluded his Majclty miglii fave atid dcdud ai niuth from 

the Allowance tO be m^dc to the Primes/ Waltt, as would 

b« fuffii lent for providing for her pretciit MajtJly iheQueea, 

And all their olhcr Children. From all which it ii 10 me 

evident chat tUcPAfliamentthat eflablithed llie pi^fenECiril 

Xilt «lid not ianrnd his Rvjal Hi^haefi (faould h^vc OMI oi ft 

afull 100,00c/. a Year. 'IJiey intended only what wu 

tighc they ihuuld intend, and wh^t only in da* X)crcrcnce td 

' , their Sovereign they could intend, which vai, that hit M^ 

jelEy (hould allow the Prina of Walis what he, to hii gmi 

WirJom, might thiiik a competent Allowance for fupport- 

ing Lbc Honour &nd Dignity of the Heir /Ippsrcni id t^ 

Crown, confiderlng his AlajeAy'g numeiroufc JfTue, sad tto 

great Expcnccs, wtiicli would necelTarJly aicend an ttoaotu- 

^ able PtDviiiuu fot bi» whole Royal Family. 

I ihiDk, Sir, I have now cleaily Ihewiv what bJi Ma- 
jCDy mean; by, an<j what the Parliament could only inictd 
from the Exp*ruius qJ paji Timti; and, if wc row piocmd 
upon the fame Foundation, we mult conclude, that ;o,oeo/. 
K Vear U ihc moil his^ M.tjclly can fparc out of the Ciril 
Lift for :lic Support ai his AnwJ/ lH^hiK/i. HU MajcfiyaL 
lowj Sopo/. a Jor the Support of his RtftU Uighi^ 

C 309 •) 

>««i)cWinr, or ttaxgiaing that hit Majetljr miy Tpare tnar« .Awio. Cm. 
iban jo.ooc/. * Ynr for kis Rtyal H'^^ntfi, w« hare rea- II. i^]^ 7. 
fcrii 10 be fufprijscd how he cun Tparc lo much. ^^"S^^^J 

Bm tiiia. 6u, will appcai lUll mere eviiioti bp an r.nini- 

ple in private Li^c. Siif pale two Country 0»i:leniea, e*ch 

or 80C0/. s VcKT Ettitc ia Land: Suppoic their Rents 

MusIIy good, and eqitilly well paid, and thit iheir Lantit 

afc cq'u"y uxcdt &nd fuppofe that cne of thcfe GeniJc- 

jDcn hii lui one only Soa, but that iho other lut fire or 

fxx ChiJdren. Gut us (uppcfc the btter sble 10 b\l\e upon 

liii dJcd S«nB( luges Piftol hit Ellueti ihe Ibrmcr ria/ 

ipaic (o leak upoa bis only Son i Surely, bir, 00 Mtn ia 

Kcdbn can foppoEe any Ibch Ihing; the laiief hai his 

younger Ctiildtcn not only to maiatain , but to provide lar, 

and thcrefote neither he Dor his cklcti Son caa live in ffch 

Grandeur, *» tbcfoimcrand hit only Son tnay do. Thii 

b the veiy Cafis before u: llii prefenc Majclly hai bee 

Soo,ooo 1. a Year Ellaie, ibe late King had the bine, if 

we lid (o hi» bic M*jeHy'» fciiW Revenue, the kvcral 

uldiEtotul Graat* that uvrc occu/iooaliy made to t be Civil 

Liil in hit Rci^n. Hb laic Majelty had but oae only Sonj 

bis prcfent Mn^elly, to our GHnfoftand tUppinelf, hts fe- 

vciai Children > and thcrcrorc it i* not to b« liippolcd ib*c 

the viteient King, or the prcrenc Ffinu tf WttUi, an tii-e 

in luch Orandear, at the late King.and the prelcnt. nhiUt 

rttint tf ^n/ti, K-crc lUc to do, lutlef* ib« Parliament 

(huuld think itt to eacieale ttie hllate of the Crown bya 

sew additional Gram ID the Civil Ltfi Kev-enuc. 

i (ball take DO Notice, Sir> or the Inliniaiion* that were 
eudo ajainfi the Mamgernent of the Civil Lift Revenoe in 
tbc Ute Kdgn, or the Method of fettling it ia this, 1 do 
ni>t think they any V/ny relate to the prcfent Debate. Ths 
lilanagecteat in the liie Reign, mighi, if neceOify. be 
ctAiy accounted fori and the Method of fettlirg the Civil 
Lilt Rcvcnoo in ihit Reign hardly ddcrrri the Nanto 
of an Improvement. But now after hiving Ihewn that wft 
have DM properly a Right to ptelenc fucb an Add re! i 31 is 
propoliid I that wc ougbtnoc cither in Wililom, or Policy. prcfent faeban Addreft, I mull 
b«g, I mut! inireatof Genttenieo toconfider what iheyara 
ftbonl. Gcnilcmco may ull it, if tbry plufe. ofieting oar 
Advice to out Sovereign 1 but it it really bringing hii Ma- 
j<lty aad bii cldctl Son as Pbiniiffand Dcfeodani before i». 
Jn this Light it will be looked on by every Man wkhouc 
Doofi. It is Haling oarlclve* a* tho hieher Power, and 
bringing i>i> R^y^J H'lhmft to (u« for JuAice before tu : 
Otiragtceifi£to the <^flioa, would be 1 dnenainisg that 

C 310 ) 

li'^tfwt 19 Grt, Hb Majefty tad done Injuftice to hiteWe!! Soul I( WMU 

* II. iTtd-T. be giving a V'flory 10 (he Sod over the Faihet, which 

iy^^yr*,^ mighr prove, the Lord have Mctcy on. ui, ihc Denniflioo of 

Jt ■ ^ t^d,. No Man can patiently bear an Inquiry into his Fl- 

^^H Bily ASiiri^i no Fmhcr can e^Gly fotgivea Son for sp- 

^^1 peslisg la d higher Power: For God't ftkc, let us ilop ■ 

^^1 Ti(n« this widening Gap, whifJt nuy Riiike Way tu m 

^^B IiiQnilationioilrtiw4)U3all. Oiiriigrceinguirveli a Qutjiji 

^^K nigtit uoialian n pcr|}[:TUj| Brncli, an I mmr^ita6i!t Faimt 

^^^K thu' rtot, 1 inopc, E»fi rtuJindMia. I bopu the Wildan sf 

^^^K^ this IIoulc will titncoiill^ prt^vent.iny Ainp»Miioti. 

^^^^H The Quelliun huw btfare u>. Sir, ijof a moft d»i>|irtii 

^^^^^F Naruic. ic may be the Occiran nf fuch lat^ ConfaqtRam 

^^^^^ to I he Royal Family and lo ihc whu'e Kingdoai, tlw I 

^^B duit think, ttic oiigitul Auihori and Contrivn-i of it OB 

^^B be DC rriffD'ixia either. lam tar (cum lulpe^ing anv G«» 

^^^^^ tlcman or (hi* lliriile. or iiny Membei ol ciihcr \{t^vt 

^^^^B Fftfliatneat. It it 001 pofiibte for mc 10 lupftoCe thneiifacr 

^^^^^P of tlirm co[il<l have been t^c ongjnal Author or Cnatrictr 

^^^^^1 at Tucli s QucllioD ; and I am I;ku n4 Gentleman of niMf 

^^^^^1 Kotife W011I4 have attcnipttnl (it have hionghlfucha t^icltioD 

^^^^^^^ into Parliaincm, if he had vieweii it iri the lame Li^ht ** 

^^^^^^^B 1 do. Wc majr remembcri ijtri clw fatal DiviAwi llMJ 

^^^^^^^^iapj>c-ned bci«'esn hii h'e Msj^rty. and hii pnMxn: Ml* 

jelly A> hen l^rimt ef Wntri: Wv may retnfmbei to "tu 

» Height that fatal i^ivrrion wiii arr'cd. The Primer ^ 

if^ti, Lhe eliiell, the onJy Son of the King, aud Heir Af- 

jart-nt to the Crown, was turned cut ol the Ro}>al PaiK». 

W3i cxcluiJe4 from every cneof tlie Royiil PAUtWt aid MP 

obliged tolivelikea private Nobleman, in a private Ho^. 

/ &nd without any Gu^rdi, or other Enfign* cf Rojratff. 

K4yi hii very Ecrvinia were tempted and -ftiicd to twIaM 

liiin.snd were even tbreatned and bultini if th«ynf«M{ 

^et It cannot be laid that the Sun wat ever guilty o( aaf 

unJuiifjl fiehiviour, or that ihc failicr wMdtficieni iatt- 

• tural AffetlioD. To what iheti could this terrible DinSoa 

lie owing r It could be owing to nothing but linle nalido* 

£Jar^dcrcis and Talc Bear Jirs, who. for tbcir own prtatt 

Endi. llirred up a Divilionio the Royjl Famity : M Hit 

w«ll IvQOWD they are all I'otcigncrs who were the orwal 

Authors of i:: We know iherc wai not a Bririji Soltt 

had (he leall Hand in it. However, be ibey wIm Off 

n-ifl, it h ceaain they couM be no real Friend* eiiticrCoi^ 

Father or the Son, or (o»ny of the Royal Fanaily. 

I am furpnzed, Sir. to hear it now lo ntich intiMMt 
< tJiax lhe Heir Appaicat or Prcfumptivt of lire Croim katf 

?hl to tiM « ^iflioft awl inie^en^nt Pro^ifion (itde^ Ai9tia.dw. 
sn hitn. J rentcmbcr a Time « i I'ljAiine wnsfiii [|. irj6-7 

km being idmiKed it one ct (l< r. j of our Coo- t^Y"^^ 

Aituticn. 1 Tcmcmbcr* Time wjitn tfac prcicnt KopA 
Family, Viho w«re ihen the ptcliunpuvc Ileitt o( ihs 
Croviu by Art ot Psrlinraeri, were (a fjt Uotn beiiij; al- 
lowed! B diltinft aoil wdcpcndcBl Srttkncnt, tkjt chty had 
BO Ai'owxnct iit til: Nay, cvco wten the Qudlioa u-at 
moved, (he PirtJaiBseat"' would boi fo much u gite any of 
cticm Lcive to come and relMe in tlie Kingdom, The 
Maxim DOW infiHctl~Dii ivit ihcrrfore very bi from being 
thoiiglic a Maxim at thac Time, and 1 BK^Iti ittlitlt it very 
ftrange. it' fkate wktr were itien h rc^anjlcft ol che Prs* 
fumplWc Heir at the Crown, ftioo'd tiow [hew rhejnicltet 
ftt cnrcfu! of ihr Apfina: Heir, ai to ilo sn Injury lu the 
King upon the Throne, for the Sake of proridinj; a very 
Ikree icdcpenJeDt Setileineat !at tbe Appareni Heir. 

1 »m likewifc (urpriud. Sir, lo hear tlic 'iVtm, Bniais 
cipition, iTiaiie ulc of in ihii [>cbatc. fn th» Kingdom jco 
mlk or the Sod's being entancl pared by Xlarhage oui of 
the Family of hii PacHcr, it ecruinly nut a proj^f and jmt 
Way of speaking. In tliolc Cninuivs where che Tcnn 
EmarKipaiioo a'as iirtl mids ufe of, the Son a-ai in Icote 
lilanner the &lxve of his Pacber. In thalc Cuuiicrict Fa- 
ihris hid at fiiH ettn a Power «f Lift and Death mTr 
thfir Ctli!dten, aod a ttigbt to eviT" < i.-r die Son could 
scqoiro either by lift W*7i fridiitlry r, orotbem-lfei 

nai w:( the Sen freed from his i^i^emiiL Power by Mar* 
riage : The only Way of fieciii|^ him wiwbya roletnn Aft 
«! "the Pother, an ICdhfl of ihc Prioee, tr a. Dc<re« «f th« 
A'ligitinte ; the i rccirg of the Son from the piicinal 
PoWrr by eiiher of theic Wayj v.-tt called Gouuicinatian, 
But in thti Kingdom wc c-in have no fuch TcnUt oeauie 
the FatKcr tut ntx properly any Power 'aver his CbiHrcn'! 
■ Son after lie comeii of Age Kaijto /uithee Tlept^.-.J^nfc 
Bpon hii Father, than wLit y.xteis from fi'"!- ') 

«nd Duty, tnd ihw e:intinu« after hti Mairia;;?: ■ l ^le 
it wai befoie i it' » a i)cpendancv,' wtueb ncrcr cid, notf 
cf ought to be nkci: way : It is a Dcpendaecc whkh, 1 
furc, no Member of tti) HMtfcwotild ndmvour lu dU 
jriifh i for whoever cndcarourt to dtiMoifli it can hxtena 

Regard ci:lwr for itie Son ortfac (^;ittKr. 

Boi. -iir, 1 mutt confeft, I nin no w-iy futpriwd to find 

t tliufe who were lome Time agu for incioacbio^ opoB 

c Kiny'' Prerogatirc wkh refpeS to ibe OPi 'lii 

rmy, fnoutd now be for mctoichJo]^ upon 1 fl 

wttfaiefp^tt la llieprovidifigio whatever AI'iiiKrhC 

( 3" ) 

: Mm to- Cu. tt»y (tiiiil: tt«ll rr^per ibr liu own CtlUreii. I «in fer< 
It. 1-16.7. f''"''«* iwi*lKr cf rtcfc Accnpit pracMdnl h> — --■ r««I 
^V'Y^^ \Hi&Qj.m 10 hij MEJcftjr, or hit illuirioui F.. r» 

ticve bstli proccwk«I -fram miiUkes NmIoih «l k\<^'\y.«K 

ilraai an «rn)ncoui Jdn or Mr Coftniutionj but I Mf« 
tiiofe Genilcmrn will confJEJer. thit wliat tbry now ptHMlfe 
[jif rcflly in feme Murnrr. •■ I tuve {id.acaifiBg iHt Mi^ 
MtllT n( Injiiflicc tcMtnii hii cMcll Sod. It wUI bi 6 
[f n(<l;<^ on hr the wliolr Nation. This will of oourfe wwy 
r ne Rilecrn rhc PeopkluvE. and ai^^t fokawe 

I iv ( and will ccruiBlf raslu many nf tbrai 

' Iqppak he II no longer lie to rale evrr m. Tb'- 
rj^sicnof fixti aa Opinioa ranji be cKir^iaei*^ bu._ 
»)■ owD Tan, if I were in a foreign Nttioa. 
hMr ittftt Titch a QaiIiob k diii fa»d bctn brvi]''" 
Padiunenc of G/v<:r B-^lain, uid arriod a|ri 
I <Iicr, 1 fhoald cnx^ 10 ti»r. by the atxL Poft. il> » l . . -.---^ 
I pAiliunroc liiiJ citjwloci tite t'aiticr, and lod (rt ibe Cr<wii 
I flpoa tbc Hr«J of i-'ir Son. Thii b a Coaiic*;^: r 
Iitn Cart. th< S^dmmU beUr frott ddiDBgK^' 
r' -i»co whicli i am convincad DaGenilcmui is <t.ii 

i liigati but u il it a Cottfcqiicsce which 1 thttk 

iiwwc: or later mi{:bt be jaAl)' iptrdieBdwl firan lU 
[jQHrfl'On't t>finp c>rn*d in the AmmiMivc. tKettiort I 
thui: ! (onfrupanil pvc mj RcalJrai M 

beUi _ 1,0*- dtnt 1 have done fb. »tew»?f 

1)1 bappsa to be IOC f-4le i>r th« Qwflieo, 1 ae< 
ill Jkcfi I'li: Ni(;]ti niiich foupilrt in my fM. ir 
Lot' ,ia I could have done, if I fat i 

I hire N ■ 1 C^urtliou JDwhicIi I ihUL „,.. 

f> of < . ili« lltppiMfi of the Rojrtl BBiiJ;^. 

I the i. .f., .....n ot' rey CwiUTjF (o decpty ca wgeraad. 
Tyoocluilr, ^, a* the U«aogi»til« Gmlcaaa «*• 
avcdrou Ihii Qublion, his laid in that feven' *~ 
uti of great Dignity aai Wei^ m^ht be ns^i: 
|in ^ Av .1)1 lave iujrui * Deffnta 

^t:< Fi. that I fliUl, npoa ill Ik 

i> of giviai'Bjr A4eMt«a^ 
. aktaof- Ar(EaBe«o) Dif iy 
•M Cft**^ ufe of. ' r'Si troe, ha eadaMa^ 
Arjpuncntl by niikiag JipoK bn of AiAf 
|o each I tie; tbnk AaftMO will, ftcairtL 

£1^. afipcar, I ihinlc.lobe vcty mfu^M . - 

Arguiuem* Im fimW ale of »s^*ia& biaoMm Miciaa ■# 
r.rtw Pj(..l i^ (Keif Toll fctce. lo allQgeSKini. eww-*— • 

r i« coocemcd. whick i^laie to Affii 
l-i,,,- ...,..., (AC fviiwnciicauy. tHttfele» bu !■•'-« 

( 3^3 ) 

I icUm only to'tlte'Soyal FanUy, the Pxriitffleiu can 
DO Concern : Even hii Mjjetiy'f MiDiflcn unnot 
fviy ot pnidcfttly iDtcriafdJIc, uolcfi ffetii'.ly cMt<\ 
0. Ai for tlie I'jiluincm'i rcfumioz my Gnnt, when 
tBC Ckmii «f gnimng cejifci, it caa have n<Hhii:g to do In 
Ok pnieot Odtuc i tor ibcrc i« no Pretence f>r Inying thu 
■fl/ one ot' the Ctafci F.jr gf.intirg the prcfcnt Civil LUt 
cnue hu ccifccl. j^Qilti to I lie Amotint of ihc C'irJl 
ill ftcvcaae, utd the Vhrnur Id wliicli it it dlib^li'hcd, or 
Uliuliir which It ought to be applied, I tn Curprixed 
' u- any ObtJeAiont tiiaJc to thu former, or way At- 
:iiudrfbr Utt&inf the bi:cr. Cace at the Time of 
'>t. V I ua toid, It uTAi uiuniinDufl)> agreei! to ia ooc 
*ad witi) but oac uontodi^my Vote in the whcri 
do not bear tiuii in cither Hoolieihcirivai the letK 
■tide of the Via to which the A'hnic, or any 
^Wght to be applied. In fbon. Sir, there y>«i never 
mity Tbiog tuppraro in Pdrihment, gave me To grnta 
jLsoccn ■« ih< hciintig of Uiis Maiioo raade. 7*bc rery 
' ' ' ;of fucha Motitia any be aucnifcd with ciuct Con 
11 biu if it Ihould be agreed to, iftev having uIcJ 
loA Eadcairont) to prvvoni tl, I thai I pra^ co God to 
iOtak JudjjineBti w'lich miy be brought yi>on ilie 
I NilioA by OUT kgietiag to ixb n \lcit.ia. T1>U E 
to b« 10}' next inili<fcnUb!c Daty -, but f lio|ie tJic 
of my bntlcivoun will prevent ftidi a icekncholy 
>n for my Privcr<. 
[Tli« Keply wai Uy Mr.faJfae/ kitd ihe otber GenU«- 
1, who fpoke for the Alotiun. 
^The Iinporuikce of the prefer.! Debase 1 (hal! iti-iily k- 
Vt«c!ge, )uj been, I think, acknoaleUgcd by txeiy 
• ha hai (poke upon ci'.hcrSidcof ih'- , 

ie of lue CratJcmcn who tuve fpgke :r 

^ve endcavouted to repieleni ic io a Li; 

ire, i; cin no way bear I S -Liglx whitli, i 

nn mj €■ mribute tothehlonourur A(tv»aia^L 

Lfbe |w<> K^vaI Perfoni i^I.i' rcc:ii t^be concrr :> 


iBftW that cither of 

.ve i)!« Icdii Cjruiij^ 

1 3r t I h^r Li r [. J' r r, 

i:e igtiorant. ot koi oh 

|l>>v< l"l . 

-( of P&flUmrf ■ 1 ; , 


iitn were not 1 ' 

bf. othci' 

■ ■ -Tcniicu ..!.'- .-■•* 

B. OTM; 

^ cvei oo:>llo» 

ick or iJ.J;..i;e :cU-.Tcn n j iJ>;:ii> artd hi* Vi>y>l 

( '3U ) 

■ I o. CW. 1-figlweti tfc* Pr""" »/ If^al/i, or (hat it Mfl hy wy Ceul^ 
toAD uadcr (he kali DiScultjr haw to bchivc. 

At -roy AiMchronit to the prdcot Rojraf FamPt i» lo 
uell atui (o publicly ktwwn. I cttinOI. (thinl:, bef>itr«Aed 
*c{ ilcfifitig ot dcfijning to (oment or fir tip nny EKvifi* 
pmrn ilirm: I tope ercry one wlw kno»i tnc villdi 
'jncihi^ ("((ice to think, I uoulJ Ja all in mj' Fowtt W f*^ 
*»tiM fjitil l>ivlSoii{ and Tor thu very I 

/(ir .: .) the Moiion now mute to tii ; h< 

irmove i^iL kvh>cli ii ollCft the Caafc cf I^tHrnCtua in pc> 
vne f-'imilK). end iray be the ramc ctco i%j:h rc-'prft ta 
Ihc Royi) 1 lof when Ihe Son ti gbii|[nl to np^' 
llicr Ti r f.rv r.'-.p.]: ,: Sum be majr hare Orai". 

'^fTcnfinc, and often bcgtti aCMh 
1- - .---- ■.■:i le anil on th? oihcr. 

^ Itifluiie' [ bope. Sir, ihcrc %xi1l alnrsyi ty 

food Kcirun I "i" ?*ir?r ibe Bch-- — • •' - — 

tici'llcKi'in i- ■ tflpcft ti' 

tii.iv Binlcr. oi .. . I . .J 1.1 V oie be Bi; 
[«il Dpon t«hit lie thinki n;:Iii,upoa wbii '■ 
V ■ ' '. Meinher ol t' ' ' ' ' iiasjire 

or U'n R^^at -- oSentW-.i 

h'Oti.Utu . lOtcluiDi:: 

tft.M, i> 1 -tid a tROiR g»t- 

Gii; :v fupj'uie ;;=t c^htfr of tbcot coiiU cuMsm 
GfLi^jc jgimft th? othei, oft ij fT . - J w* r* -trr 
r. it lo 
■ iftgrfet)' 
*>ne ot ll ^1 i* a bof pHrticn t 

H^'^n^^'i- a: it i iniLir ^flc ■■ 

T.ic -' 

D I 



m will 

' .Inn L" 

( vs ) 

Riy lappafed, bat publicl;' kaovn, ind genenllj' talked jtvmtcGf*. 
T, loDg before ihii Million w» ihouf.hi oti thercrorc, if II, 17)6-7. 
til Motion his:iny Effsfl oa People wiihout Doori, it will t^Y"%^ 
~ to ibew the;n. t)i3i wrc itre mindful of our Dm/, and '^ 

c we tuve 1 due Kegatd for the Honour of tfae Niiion, 
nod for the Kippiners and Indepeadetkcy ot tbe Htir Af' 
fartit ta lift Crtnon. 

I am (ar from thinking. Sir, chac our agreeing to thii 

JAailon will occafiOTi iay Breach betweca che two Royal 

Perrons concerooJ: Oil ihc contrary, I am coDvincciI it 

will be cxireincly pleafiog to Iwih. Tkc Royal Father 

mull be pieafisd to fee hii eliett Soo and J/'fartut Hhr la 

areatly bclorei!,Bi co have the Pafliimenc intcrctlingihun- 

iclvei in hii Behalf i and the Pritict will be ptcat'ni to tee 

the Partiatncnt ukmg Care of hit being tnadc lodeper.dent 

_ef liij P»th«'i Miiiillcri and Seivanti. Tberer.>r« oo 

eotktnan caa in chac rcfpcfl be under any Dilficulty in 

ring hii Vote for the QiMilioa 1 and I tm furprifed t« 

ar it laid that by voting lor or agaiaA it, an Injury can 

I doDC CO eiibcr of the Royal Perfoni concerited. Caa 

ginng of an honeit and diflniereAed AJviccever be 

Iced on Ai an Injury to the Petfon 10 whom it ii given ? 

ID ray refiiiing to give an AJvice, which I do nut thmk 

Opcr, be lookeJ oa a an Injur/ by any ferfon vvhitcver * 

he AdJrefi prapoled is only by way of Advice ; and k ia 

_lving our Advice in the hmablcll Manner. ShaJI thti, 

' iitr, be cilied a Violation of Property ? Shill it {t« called » 

taking from the King that Property which it dbblilbed in 

him by ASl of I'arljamentf Jf the Motion had been, to 

bi'irr^ ina Btll for taking 100.000/. friNn the Civil Lifl. 

and letdiag it on the Pnnu t,/ WiUi, there might hjve 

been (ome Pretence foj- fuch Kxctlmationa ; bat luiely our 

adt-iting lii< Mijcdy, in the htiinblelt Manner, to g-ve 

«bat w« chink the Frimt ought to have, can oeni' be 

called a Taking hti Property from him by V'KiIcnce ; even 

Tuppofing he had ai good ind at alifoluie a Rtghi to iha 

whole Ciril Lill Revenue, as any priraic Man <. 1 n hiv; 19 

his Eflite: Which 1 cannot grant wKhonliumc i': ' . ; 

for a private -Mm m^y fquaodcr hit Kl'lair In «.i 

Jic plvafei, wticrcit, if the Civil Ij.t Kcvcnu; Ibju^d oe 

ridiculiKiIlf l^'jandcred, the Pariiamcfli wauld hiwe:i .K^ght 

to interpoCr, and woalJ, I believe, interpofc >n a Uanncr 

more that of Addrelling. 

To pretcnif. Sir, that the Pirlmmenc hainoPower loip- 
proprtaia Money afier it ii grained, or tlut wo ncrcr cater 
into any Con(idcni[ion abiui Money once granted to the 
Crown, Without the ^trcvtcai CoalcBt of tne Crowe, haa 



Jnni ^b Gw, n« Relation to t^e prrfem Debite ; btcaofe it \i not bM 

Ji. 17;6.7. ptopofed to biing in a Bill for appropriaiing any Monrr, 

^^y'Y'^J "o^ '° '*^* '"•" ""' Confidefaiion aRy Grants made to ite 

Crown i ic is only propofed to addrcfs h» MajeJty to m>!a 

iuch B ScKlenxnt on the Princi of WaUt as we think » 

ce/Tar/ for fupportin^ tlic Dignity And GrsniJcur af ^ 

^V^ b'gt) Birth : Buc I mult confcfi, I am at a Lofi to knonho* 
the Piuer ot Patliamrnt ccmci to be confined in eitbercf 
the Cafes mcAtiotied ; I am fure the Parliament olien ii 
one Bill appropriates Sumi of Money graoicd by iamtt 
Biili in the fsmc Scilion, a.nd why it may not sppiepiiu 

^^ Money granted by a Bill pafled In a former Scfiion, 1 a» 

r« comprehend: And, j think, l)a( lall SclTion, we unk 
into our Confi deration, and abfotuiely i-cleared a very lirjl 
Sum of MonVy, formeily granted to the Crown, wiiboill 
any previous Coijfeni of the Crnwn ; for 1 do not remtn., 
fcer wc had any general MeiCge from the Crown, when nt 
paHed the late famous Bill lor and againll Stnugg:cr», If 
v/iijch a very large Sum of Money, due by iheni loOl 
Crown, was abfolutely releafed by Parliament : iho" it b4 
be granted, his Mr.jcHy had as good and as abfolute a R^H 
10 every Shilling ot thai Money, as he has to &tiy etU 
Fart of the Civil LiJl Revenue. Therefore, if ■, MetMt 
lad aAually been made, to bring io 3 Bill for tikia a Year from the Civil Lif!. and fettling KM 
«he Prime af Walts, it would not have been without Pr«» 
dent, with refpcA lo our having no previous Conical fra4 
the Crown ; and a; the Parliament ha± certainly a Ri 

■d b/ Ht c« be nade r not » tdis 

.twattti ^t j,^ TO *^. 

QjclUoo «owr«*i».n«5,u. V. irt:b«tlieCi«il Jt,i. 
Revenoe. ai n ^r.ii a praCsflt. «i. noflibly (MrvK 
jje Sum fw At Ule of his. ^«j/ A»w Inun 

bi being iDsd'? 4 QuediuQ 1 rfufl fn.: .. :be Addieft. 

piopo&d ti k vet) piopct AddieU, ud tk*i i^ it bnmae k&> 
r«hlt«I)r aecfltur-j- igr lu en agr<e to piettM Swh an A4dM& j 
bst u&ne Objctiiou tan been naile to tbc AigJii wlncfe 

Wriarrliu ta a fufiuent iDd«pcsdcnt Scnlcmciii, I ftull 
Wg Lave to aalwcr Torao wf the mofl lui^rul Ob- 
t» \ bavc heard mule agiioll it. 
TlW Muomiof Sate, Sir, tn any lungdoca or Loinmo*- 
b, •nslwtjri raoftuitaiiiljr tube dcdnnd (ram itaeir 
c><flt ajid general Cultomt : 'I'he Hilleriau, tv Faliiieal 
WrMfi of uijr Coiuiity,B)a)> be milUkcn, ibey ttxt,y dc- 
livcf ibu a* B Muim of Suic which tMvct liad noy Aa< 
tluihty as (ueh i ihey may nc^lett (a mcncian. of nay p«- 
)iap» Ki obiervc a Mitxiia which k«* alwiyi obcaincJ i but 
wbnB a Caftota tat been long and gcnenlty nccirod, tlw 
Xlaiim. or Rale in PoiltJci upa& wKich diat Cuflom U 
fMBd«<i, null be »llowed ta be a Maiim of i>ace in ihat 
XiDgdcJn Of ConinoBWcalth. Can inyone then by, the 
Bg of an independent and TuSicicnt Provi(io« flpoK tlie 
Prijtf tf H^*i»i >» not a NlJi^tim of Sutc in ihit Kingdom t 
fi u ncK B Cullum which bai be«i] oblcfVftl. wiiboiit any 
Isae Exception, a« long, a* f»t bjtck.u we can trace our Mo- 
rcby ' And ihc Wildom ni ilait Maxim, not only appcaii 
flfUtt ifK Niiuie of llie I'hing irielf, but is c;iprebly (uint- 
[•d *: alnoll in every one of the Charteri and ABu of Par- 
liuKni ttui lure been gtaaicd or made Jot ihai Vaipoic 
^rfi. ifitli f<(peA (o th« Pfintt, the Wifdom ef ihii Maxiea 
rKknl, brcaufe be is therrby efmbltd to ruppott the 
lit/ and OranJcur of hii Birth, without a Ocptndince 
hu Fainei'i Minilttri and Sfrvanti : And ihtn wiih 
.vo lite CroK'n iiiclf, (he Wirdom cf thii Mt>im i» 
I siore evident, bccaufc ic n edabliihrd and (tcurcd by 

iHoiiuof and ClunAct iciuiied by (he Htir Apparent. 

Tbsfc two C«rl)dcr<i>on»aicboih pointed*' in the L'lu.'t^i 
M AA of FarliBiacni. by which jB^ujitr'ir III. grtnied the 
Du:: .; cf CvrwmmJ/ to ki* Son EJ-wirJ tit bUii Privt i 

^ihi i:< ili« Chutcj' gnottd by thai King (or crtaimg his 

lui if i^aUi. the Rctlon for tku Gtani ii txpreftly 

.:ci to DC, for doing Hoooor to the King, and (or ad- 

,&irtogi)i to ihc Nuwn and to the Royal t-'amily. 

Sir, w« (ee thJt the lettlisg of an iadepcndcnt Pro- 

>pott the Pfitif af Waiti, wu loolctd on ni 4 Picrr 

^ytjl WiiJora by tivnar^Mi. bfliwir il (com Wc are 


C 318 

Jam to <iH. to look en it u R Solecil'ia in Poltliu, u 1 Step wUck 
II i7;&-7- migitt be ih< Occtfi«n of gmt MtilattDiiei to nim Rb^ 

Bui, Sir. while I can diftingsilh between tlMt UediUr. 
that honournlile Dcpend.tun, wliu:!) pioccKli frofs Vtaji\if 
and filUI OaVf, »t4 ilut>vile, tku fardid Dcpnrfutt* 
which pioceedt from Lucre. I (heU al>vayi be oi tb-c Uac 
Opinion with our gt«ac King £4'wtfryiII. T' 7 1/ 
H'afti mull slwa;! lure * Dcpcoduxe on tfae -^i 

Father, at Iiit Sovereign : I'lih is a Sort of Depc^^Uxt 
whkh no Mjin cm, which no Lancft \faa woald cndatw 
10 tike awJ)r or diininifh i but (o (»f that he ought u hwi 
3 pecuniary I>ependin<:c upon the King, or tother npM 
Ibc King's Minillcn, h lo i'a/ he oagb( lo have « $en if 
Dcpcnd-incc which no Man of Honour or SpiHc can UMt 
to ; and it i) a Sort of Dependince ^h^oUir]f taanilKM 
with our ConlliMiion. 'I'tic Pn'mf if ll't'i i* bv I-.ji Kirk 
the firA fecr in Parliametii, iixlcDtilcqueBtly ' i 

be fubjcfied taadtOiixioarable Dcpendanee upo:. ...f ].'^n 
but If it (botiM once be clbbhflied ai a Maxim, thai to 
ot)£hi to be ondfT avitc pccuaiary Dencndince tipm h« 
Sovereign, it might then be \aR\y jiid, fie war not dcjt t'm 
firft Peer, bin the lira rcefioocr in Partiaiocnt. ~^ff«i 
tiiii Conltilenttoii alone we may frc hi»w nbTolaicly Bcnlfay 
i( ii, 10 have a fiij&cicnt and indrpendrni Pioriiioa i \y\\i 
up'tn every PninriflfaleibefMe be eototna Man*) CAwi 
at'd the nii'dng of fixb n !>.7ttlemen'. will be To ba fiwm 
dcltroyir.g or diminilliiitethai Dcpcodincc wh-r>i pfoc«rf» 
from Loyally and lilial Duty, that h wiU \r 
itt whereat the Icee^ng him under a fT< 
ilancc may provoke him to Anke «ff b«h hti : 
fili^il Dviy. A pecuniary DeptDthnee ft a 1> 
fd llarJIha Natcir, ihai no great Mit»d can K- 
The more Honmr, the in«rc Spinia Mm i-= 
iutpiiicm Hill tic hero gri nd at (ucli 3 '■ 
that Impaji^iKe mty &t lati gee Uie bsi.... ;-.. 
LUT^ty onJ hii nlial Psty. 

ThtiifSit, in^erfr Light we canp:- ■ •"-- '" 
thii Mixim.ind the NccciFiy of obfr- 
evident cathorcwbD think (tieTci>an) -j: 
in Nature belulct thitn^hicH ptKtrit lt«m 
to (hofc who pui so TtMi in .■\-- 
thr po'itk^ot £/w»r^III, . 
!' 'vjadfti, tv 

1 . . .rr» arc v- 

hofM ihc/c i> dh Gcnilcnti 

uiKed to ftKh a dinlh D>p-. 

• tr i.>t;'truis» 


( 3^ ) 

K'inpb&iny fuch apan otbaKtni!, 7 iiA Turc, AMaio.G**. 
can pot bii onl}' 'Iruft in that wiiic)) lii; luii onn ||. t~t&7. 
tin bintftif, nor eret exprnenced in oibm, 
hit Realon ic onnoc but anpeu llcia j^e to ne, that 
btVnun tnthit Hotirefltoddattentpctoewlc ortlcny 
\m I luve cndctvourtd todbbliu; yet (o lotli, i 
ar« lomc Utntjeinen to admit ofJiiii Mavim cr' 
ia (hi) Kingdom , tW ibe^ iiave laabekcd oor HtAo- 
vfiRd out otlicr Rnfofis icr tlic £rcipieat Satlaneaa 
Wfan our Pnatn ^' lVa!i$ j ami tliu' the Security «f 
Ban, %nii the «aabliflg ihe Pfiutt ta Cuppoic th« Ho- 
End Dignir/ of iiii aobic Biiih. arc tfcc iirt ! 

nt^ Kcalons. mentiOAcd in Ihe CkAritn by v-L ^ 

~ . »««<• tnailr, yti wc aic cold dicfe wer« ikh tlM 
■Hani I twc ifan ihe troc Reifoni wetc. in cnicr £d 
ar to ioaic Coonty or BotMigh, to ! 
I o( a IVopIc tievrly conciueicd^ or le i:c i 

ibi Rigtit oJ ibD /*rfra tf Ifaki » ocii ttetr^cti 
R. '1 Biu when n'c arc lo in:erpm ancirni Lxai* 
irr«, w« MC BDC to akt thctr Muntng u Jft;*iitioti 
Woidi. we aro w taivc no Kcgini to t'l- — "'-"- 
Icf Uk Lxw, but nre are lo akjt in Meac 

an ilisiHiUary of fomc cotcaporaty i-^ui >.,..i 
AiiMt imt be vny urrll acquaicicd i wbrrrik 
' to . : Ucf ScitKc. fur Hximple, 

ly : . Liil Kcvrr^M wu dhbdlfceil. 

pi^ -J ont)', "-■- il« 

In' ;ne l^W t: -fcofe 

lt^ ^ rl 

tlioijol IMHi 

I Lcr fi: i 



( 320 ) 

Jam 1 0. Gk- maS tie pr ecuioas md nnnrtaiB. so Mas cf caaman Pig- 
III- i7j6;. 



deuce will frra1<ic to fiiend the Wbolo year)/ : 

look on if u a Sunftiinc, apoo ilic Contitrauicc o( \ 

taob lave na Depcoduice. aiul clut tfcnefore 1m 1^^^ 

&■«■( lunch u poffibi*, ia erd<T la praviiie for « cloa^ 

Dt rainy D17. Btfidci, Sir, an Asnoity gf ftwlia Nkkkx 

looks (o ve/y like a Penlion, it would bo inconiJicM ««lk 

ihc Honour of tbc Kiiwn 10 faffer that ilir Hnr .(jjmmr 

to the Oown Ihould hive cotbinj cife (o ilcfvod oo. It 

.voaid er«n 1>^ tDOonfillcnt with our L'oAllilutibn : 1b iki> 

KJngdotn «c do not admit th« Jwlgei of our C 

:l»nvCoeni(odopCBd upon the pnGin«oi Will and tktSaf 

«f tfc« King, and fhail w« (dmit oc fnfer llut the ^'i ■-> 

JfW«, wka M ane of Uio Judgcief t&e fopitne kir- 

' Court of Jodicirdrc in ibe NuioO, tbould bin noii i„ 

to depend on * Thcre^c we moft cooclnde thu. 609 ifer 

«{Ul)ltlhcd Muinu of the Kiagdom, iron ■ 

<£cfiei of Prccedcui bra ^reat muy Ages pafi/^, 

tbe Tery Namre of our ConHilalioB, lite frimr 

bai a Righi [0 fl fuilUicRt and tukprndcitc Sctllemc 

(bit tiie ['Aritatcrac may innrpefe far mikiBg ciuT lu^^^ 

cffcfUa], tu been Bxevirx fmn nnnjr f tecedesa. 

'J'airuc.Str, ihu iikcwitc ka> betn objedtcd to. aWiC 
•iMibent hid, ihn the Pari tiraeni bat Iddoa or acvet iua- 
.paied bti: when denieiJ or piompccd by the CntW* (odff 
-,fai o( DCherwiwi. tiuc the Piccedeau arc luLb at uugbt w 
tu be ilrKiTii inia Kximple. Sir, There ii doc om oI' t^ 
recvlcou wiikb bivc been laeotiaRcd. thitutpcanwtaiT 
'.ben Joofldcd upon my Ucflige iron tbe Q«*s, Tkr 
HottoB wai pMhdpi. la fotac of tie*, made by «aawi-ii 
■wai kn«wn to be a Coartier j but na it be faHl that tkr 

Mjtint'i lien I- IHi>Irv 1 CMrtter, WilboW f^ naafV. Al 

uf.iy inm lbs Cr ac 

--, I ■• - .■^■~ ^■■.■. It profcr lor tbc ('a. u. « 

fiaw agreed ta.a Uotiott, which iL MnuiJ avI have b^ 
per for ibcm to lure igieed M, ' '' ' ' --nt bari tea* 
jBKdc by auy oifccr PcrfoTi. or b/ ocr 
ttobc 4 Cdunierr 'Micn>;owe oralt upj^^iE. 
njr Rtgtnl 10 the Muter, liie Pifllimur tpp 
MoiiDlt. ud ttlou^M i: fuch a one a« wu pto 

'loagttTio, an<i lt<.ra t\f 
nf Ibt Pracnlinti :. 
JeWtt It I food Pr«r 
SBtun^vdci'y.Su. fo.- il. 
tbcQMbfio.tbcrearc. i 
br bslirvfng, the AdJieft. or 
'luviBf XicMr/ tbc^ias al* ^ <^— 

:bc BeSlxittum «« ^* 
iJrcft prcpMti 
::'xn of ib« m 

< B2i ) 

__ 'Wmkt, vu tdblred oa Vtf Pailiiraetit witboct 107 Di- 
'tfSi^n l^m, my probaUy U Oppofition ta the Coari at 
that I'ioc I lur il appar* (ron our Accord), thjc iku 
jm^ Primct w«i fen 10 P»rltAineni ac the Odlrc ami f pon 
t Petiticn of ihe Catnratfng 1 and when ihc PulitniMi a4- 
dicfZbd fur having hiolCicJICi] Pritrr §^ ft-'t/ti, iKc King'i 
An^wtr Biswa be was noc rcry well pkared with the Aci- 
drcft 1 K>r in hu Aolwef be telli ihem. ihe cKating of a 
f ri'wr ^ tf'«/f< no iMy belonged lo ib« Parliammi, bat to 
ckc King oo}y I wtucb il Bi) Aolwcr it no barolf fa« ^p. 
poTed be would hive »*ci«, tf the Addn(» of Psflitmem 
Jnd pvocflc<kd from )ii> Aathoriiy. or bad bceo marnj fa 
~ vba Approbuion: Then ijiiB, fiom the Cimimftincfs 
tbe Ceuii at ihtt I'ime, it u Bot probable the King 
mid h4Tt bctn f» forwBrd in cmtiiig Mi GrandWn Priixt 
Wg/ti. it be bad nor bew forced to n hy bit Parliamest 1 
it il oetain that Xing, in h'u old Age, fell icto a Son 
«^ Lm Ptta^i, oxtd g;»TC kiuifcll cntireJf sptd tlic Mj* 
_ >BM Dt hit Milhrfi AUtt Pitr.-i, and hit (tcood Son, 
' t>mk* tf LtimcsfirT. which rai/rd a nwil re2{oo4ble Jea- 
in EtfvidrJ tit BJtii Piive, who wai then npoo hit 
b«d, led ibfrefore cobldDOC boibeansioaisbcuttho 
IbJ ktght of hi* only &011 Prim* RitharJ, whvo) ha 

hcmiiooo tokaTta Child in the Hatxti «f adoiis^ 
\aadiuatr, »td aa anbitiiw* afparing Oncle. For tbia 
afecii "lii ihae|ht, he applied primtety lo ParlutnsnCt 
ind i,.ri' (jL ';ued the Xing id fend hii lewnd Son abroad, 
U> biiiiiii hii Millie.'i and all her Pavourife* ftem 
in, which kapptscd oolr abgui a Year bsfon the ^iWi 
|rjar>*i DcMb : bat bo rooncr wit tJiii Pfimt tjeiii ibui 
King roalled thi« Oik* *f Ltntafitri asd J^t Pitrt*. 
' kn Favoufi:c«, (efumed ihtjr Placci and their loirral 
; Cwrt. inJtiHUc!) tlui a Metnler of t!»e Houfe of Coa- 
I WM inpfireoed far hat freely agiialt her in 

rliainan,aad waiaftiuJiy 1.-, whea PriMt Ri- 

wai ereited Pt!»ie ef MW>. wbteb tbewt iha: th« 
; wat th«a very fnwch onder hei htaiugeai«nl i and it 
VBvypnbablcIhciraiikladvire ihe King to be feveiy 
_»i«eoa(icrrieg that Uvnont tr-^ priim itltt^rJ, finto 
could not bui b« knfiWe ibat jvw^ P/Twr»*» Father h*d 
tlir- Qmtm of bor hjving iirnt bicilbfd tt>* Cojn. 
thc.e RcafoQt I (hmk 11 may moll probiblr be pre- 
icd, (hat both the Motiotii i» t-'avoyr 0' Pii---^ ' '■■•J. 
Istti tkac ttrhit coming 10 Parliamant, and th' 

:bun Pyit^t e/" f}'nlr; were aude and cartieu in .-Bri*- 
tn Oppoiiiiwn lo the Coait at Am Tiow. Tbli ivVy 
in the M4tiooiiow nide. saJ Ibcwt wt tarti Kistit 
Vol. IV. S f »tA 

o. Cm: 

n. 17367- 

( 322 ) 
Jdm 10. 0». •n*' * P«**T w iaterpofr in Farour of ite W«*; 
II I7l67. ' 'he trown, wnboui any prcviwt CoAlVnt or j 

rrom lite Crown ; ind I hope ic will not br bid of (la 
Rcrgn of t-hvarJWX. «) IkH bcfcii bid a( the Iteign ef 
Hfiiiy VI. Cbil BOlhinf; that hapiwerd m tlui Kngn "ugM 
to be inidca PrTcrdtn: fur iny iliing ni thr f^rclrnt Rnp. 
But, Sir. tren tvitli Tci|-«ft to ihe Ktigii ol //(n-> \ |. 
^— As ucOnuiute, hi ica>pell»otu ■ Kci|r % 

then ivrrr miny ') htitgi ihcndone b| Pailiaiii .a 

OugKt (o be lunde, inJ which, I hope, alwAvi will b« lit 
luwfd at gotitl Precedent), 19 often m ihr I'arl^-mrRthU 
liie laroe Ocoifioa. When ihc Nition iti -i fiir- 

tune tobc under a wife and D nntdctil Acr lis, lh« 

Parlumcnt hii never an Occaoonto cxcit any ot iti esuaff^ 
dinary Powen. It ii ia a wak Keifin, or under a wirfcal 
AdmiaiJtntioci, we an to look for ihc Paiv^i of ParSk- 
iDcnt J II it in leaipdluoiis Timc} ibc S:aic Hm lo Pub- 
neftt for Prclcrvai>Da i there, I tttiil iit Cod, the Siatr &»i1 
always find it. and ibcn tbe Power of Partbencw oMhi 
bounded by ootbiog but the Good of tiie Public. 

Anotbcf Precedeai, lahtch we are told ougtit ntx (cite 
fol^Dw^d. i» thii wbich happened in the Ketgn if Xp.\ 
H^Hfiatti aixl why ii no: tbis to be followed r Htnol* a 
prcducttl a Prorogatica &r, I fay. for that vetv RtdM 
it ought to be h^h'y applau^lcd. and ought to be fiiiktwii. 
Can It be fikl thit tne Pnmfii jfnttr sf Ommmrk ou|U at 
to hare had iomc additional .sctilrmeni made ■mo h«f 
Would DM fuch a Ncglefl have been 4 Blemiih opcfltl* 
Clery oJ (hit Reign *. Yet ibit wiu and gr^jt Kieg, by (!• 
Adricc of lome w«lt or nalicioui Favourito. u-uu iJ t-iui*- 
bly bavccoroniiltcd that Error, or would at leai- 
ted that Duty, if k had cor brrn lor the Hoc 
(leJily. ard tkeCbA'tiacy of hii Paitiaraenc. 1 x 

il wat what the King ooght to do, ihey iherrfr- -r , 
waaibeir Duty to advite hist to doit 1 ihc< li : i^r : 
DotwiifatUiKlirg the Kii>}i'i f' - ' ir, ami L-y ■]ikx"JIis 
him iJiey put om of tbe ^ 
bccaolia they at >atl frmileti -^w 
(igkl- The Bekavtovr cC thai 

f'oriogi fintnplc. »h-cl). I bope. ni;it« lor««vtd - , 
can lur<; co Afp/ehcnhun that an anlcs(cmable rar^ 
Kition Mill be ibe Cciiccjuuice df «tir ftgrcciog i» n<a 
Alotioni b)ii if it HiQuiil. it c*h be no Rcaio* tMU^ «r 
a*rcrin^ Ui the Mo'.ion ; It wosld be a araog fcc- 
oui rriuRiiiig the At*.i.-, and ajfrvctng tun Modoa _. _ 
tone ftUiue Uir very fait Day of lbs nts Scfioa. 


1 II 1 1 

■ ( 333 ) 

£ut we have been totd. Sir, therfe may be a Reafon for Jam to. Cm 
c PtrliaiRCnt'f inierpofing between a King and Iiii pie- II. 17367 
fuDiptivc Herr, wbich can never hold wiih rcfptfl lo a ^./'S'""^/ 
King and his cidett Soo ; beoiarr it U not b tutunl for a 
' Man lo provide booourabi)' for hii prcfumpcivc Hctr, ai it 

ito provide for hit own Chi'dien. SoppoCc then 1 Kin^, 
)io hat ao Chitdrcn, iott not prortdc honoonfa'y for hii 
refumpiiTc i^or, whit i* Jc that gii-«ihe Parliament a 
igbt to intermeddle { It i[ no( the Right which that pie- 
impiire Hdr bts hy the Cof.llitutioi) and jLtnxtmt of ihi) 
lingdom to a /uScicot independent SectlciDcnt, and ihe 
r owcr ihe Parliaiimc hu to ice thu Right made cfl'cAual 1 
~ nd has Dot the Hdr Affarmt at good a Right, bv the 
lonHitution and Maximi of ihii ICingdom, to a fufiicicni 
cpcndcnl SctllcmcDl, as the Heir prcrumptirc r Sutcljr 
hat ; he ha) not only the r^mc Right by the Maztmi M 
le Kingdom, butAlfoan oddiiioR.iI Right by the Lawt of 
aiUici and if the King bit Fithcr iKootd ncglcft or rc- 
^ to give him hJi Right, whkb nay certlialy bapMa 
time or other 10 be ibe dTc, ba> not tb« Farlta- 
lent a Power to fee that Right, 11 laR, wlikh he hu by 
le Masini) of the Kingdom, made rffe^ual P To fay they 
vc.not, would be to icti It), that where ibe Maxinit of 
c Kio|dom only are neglcflcd, the farliamcnl raajr in- 
pole, in order to procare 1 Remedy 1 but where both tho 
,w» of Natute, and tlie Mixtmt of (he Kingdom are 
cgleAed, the Pirliiinent carnioE intapofe. nor nialtc the 
teUl Step toward} proeunngn Remedy. 

To avoid filling into fuch a palpable Abfurdity, we are 
told, ihu comriMR Decency doei not adpii of the P^tlit- 
menc'i intercormi; betw^ccn Fither and Son, thit it would 
be iaicrtncddling jn ihc King't dooicllic Aflairi, and pie- 
fcribing to liii Mai'cily wbu Piov fion he fbould tn>ke f»r 
^jt Children ; sad UAIy, that tho' the pjriiaaient my 
Have a Right 10 o{!er Advice 10 ihcir Sovereigo in AfT^ir* 
f^hicli regard hit Political and Royal Capuiiy. yet ibey 
never ought to offer Advice (o him in «tny AsFtiri which 
icgarJ oalT hit Natural and Paieinal Capaeiir, A* for 
comnMn Decency, Sir. it can neier be inconfiHeni with a 
Man'i i)uif I ilierefore if it be ihe Duty of Paili.imcni to 
toierpofe lo litr bciwcca the King and his cMcl) Son, »> to 
"ivife the Father to make that Seillemcnt upon his eldcft 
an, whii:h he it bcwu) to make bv the Maxttn» and the 
Law* of hit Kingdom, common Decency om r^rei lotbid 
or ptrvent iht: !'er;"oTrain<e of lliai Duty, nor can any hum- 
ble Bnd relpcdtful Ad Jrels or Peiition Itom Parliament, evci 
E called a Pickiibiug to tho King what Provilion he 
S f a Qu»j^ 



^tS^SfZ fronU make for any eT h'la Children i bat if it (kooU, il* 

Piidcct anil fnocctici cf t>c Ko)'al Familjr arc in 
Msaiict ihe ChildrcD ol the Nation, u wu ii « b: 
ir.oii liilmnlj deciJcd i iliey nrvsl! femixh thct <. . 
of tbc Mlioa. ibat tltc Naiion t^ :i; bouc 

ibeinpfovidel lor in i Manner l.i ::cir k)2^- 

IhetcftftctkePitlianicat has fame Scti of Ri|^tti Mj:' 
Wbat ia»/ be dccin^ an lianourable Prerifioa £r 
OM of thfin ) ibty arc to give ihic Provi&o«. 
the/ lure a Right lo ice wiiac die^ i;irc propci . 
Bot wtlti rcfpcd lOliiccldcH Son, aod Hiir Afto/n; 
Crowp, ii li4t beta made fo fully appear, and lui U.- ^ 
generally fJm^itctl, that iho Nation hat a Con<ai i 
ing hiiEi htnounbly provided for. ilut I ao T -: 
bear ii (a macb ai icltnontcd, (hat id Atidnii - 
pofc Wt>9ld tK an inicrmeddiog in the V. 
A^in, or in tliod; AStin nrhico rrganJ i 
aniJ Pjicmil Capacity : It it an Amir n J4*i:h 
MjjcJly'i Felilif/aaJ Rtjal Cnftitiiy aa nucJl . 
I'Jaiural Jinl rateii»l Capjciiy : 3di) itiritlurt O.t 1 
Biest tin; St ^ood a Aigki to oSft tiutf Advice ui tbac 
lit^' iTinao) oiLtr-. 

i -.1 bave n<iw, totheSlut&flionrr ttr 

tUniaaiD ilie lloolc, fl^jblilhrJ liia ftoy. 

PTtvtf'lfaUi'i Ktgfit to aiuf5:icniaaii itv ., 

Dicnthy ihe Maxiin* 4l' the Kingdom, and. l 'r | - _ — 
Bie|naJly eflobl/Oiet! the Power (he Psiliamrnt bai t^^' ~ 
po(c, at Inil by )□ Addrcii, in onltr lo Ic« tbl^^^ 
IBi^ttlUtia), b4(h fiam PitceJenc aed ircm ibt 

et ib« f (.tog tiitU. With rctpcd to liic R'gfets:^^ 

hii Rvjal Ibihoiji may havctofutb a Sctt^iacri 
Law 01 prjuiiY. ftota t^ Mcthoil in wlixh 
i ' ?h<J, anJ dom ibe St*nur» by Vin 

: sat iDiuic, 1 hope no Ccnii'catan cspr 
- [i> make aitt the Ki^ht in che bar XL 
orotigbt to be made owiia aiyot ibe C>> 
i' r-Buli: «»d ihetefoie, 1 beltere, 1 oeeiJ 

I -r •f t>,i! Leartiifij; which bu been ma^ 

I 1 a Right aiwoulij be i 

- .iuw. It Buy be true. ! 

hat no Is': h Kigni a> wculii uititlc him to hie ir.-i t^ 
in nnv (if \\:c touiii in ft*!!!*'--!-' ihii. and yc: h^. 
I ^i3iti in LawaTi uiij I'uch ■ fii^*** 

I : aic bound lo ii:- ."— ■ .ii.6iul, I b« t-^^*^ 

< rn Lnw, «e know-, ue toobacd lo »efy ^^ 
I.-. . . iir.— •: i-.rt.. .-; L, I,; ba in Pari 

-^ >^ .^ ^ 



L_ 'gJil to «Br 



Jmm ro. Gn. t>CT*5 Eflitt. bwt he has no Riphl to If)»r Stippoif, 
II 1-16-7. ^<> Father plrtfrt to tllsw it hint. Thii Mcikod vi . 
ing tBiglx, fof ""hit I know, be of fom* WVtgKi i* 
MifftTfr /f^i/ ! bot fufclx. ii cxD bc or no Weight ii 
Honfc. If ■ SahImi ■ Right to he fbppotTed oat a 
F*ther'* EB*ie according 10 ihe Chancer and Ctr 
(tinui ol tbr Pimily, hcccr»tity hai botli 4 legal 
tw]niul>lc Rigbi to ilui pirtimlw &Jiirc of hi! Fkl 
hlUle which hniia jult Propotticn ta,aad it dnni' 
by the Charifief and CircomlUnfn ot ibc Family 1 
tiic Father doe* not illow h\n that Stim, he ttr 
wi;bho<(Jt h" Rijjhi /(om him. Thi* Right raiv 
net be rero¥eial)Le in any of the Couiti of V^ 
Hall i but there »(e many {nod xn'.l ;iil' kt^hii' 
noc mide recoverable in WtjtuiiJicrlixU, 
Btiklag them rwonrabTe there. wotiLd ocnfiMi iirb^ 
tttwle of La«ir Sitiit. >! wodlt) bv incMtfit'rnt wuli t^ 
nlCoodol Society: The Kigbta VhnhittoGr 
Keiarn (w Binefiti bmoueJ. it nw ncovmbte 
Adion oriiua at Liw, yet th»i lt';;ht 11 a* good 1 
ntDitatilc a Kight as any Right a M«n ran tta^c 
Iftine Manner tu Kijtni ihr Pnttrr hu to n luAcieM 
pcnilefti Secilecnsnt oat ol ilifl Ci*i' l.iH P' >">->-. ki 
and an equtiitvc Ri|;tti. ind Itio' it be - 'in 

IjIW, yet It ti tucha k:2htai miy be regmcicv, ani 

U> be ca'orceil by fjir^ument, ' 

To make dill a faitSer Ur« or the Righis nf] 
Men. M order to ctor up iha K.'<rhi new tinder oar J 
fidcraiioni fuppofc, Srr, a L'tn irii 

KAiTc.and 1 gtext Nonber of l -^ 

boating liciKlemui, or a fteltixxi, 
and t)"<jtuifu1 Uifpofiiion. titk« 1 
hour'* or hi« Relaiton't Diffiro'tiM. 
him. and enabte bini to [u|>|x>rt h" ' 
diuiuity iipan liln^l^tr l,rf> 1 tr \ 
tar ribibltuting ihm Annmiy ii .l 
i|k Annotty wit gmnittt Iiiin in ard< 
port and piovtdc banourahly tor Ar- 
gltd to know ttheihar the e)Jelt $«n of : 
iltman woald hsvc any itigh; to l>r ' r- 
Animity. and whai Soti of R'j>>« br 
in tkJt Cifci he would have not rm\j a i<>c'it 
opoo ihc gnicrat Principles of Equiiy, bat facha] 
WMid ha rrc«»enibU la the Co^n ol C' 
tf the Granior i>f the Annuity ,'o<aed ' 
Qopiptaini. And 1 am rtry ctitain, if itic ;^i 
CbiNld vjfic lut Amniuqr, and aot^aA 10 ptorid*; i<i 

C 3^7 ) 

*r his Cliildin, rfpniallr tor Irii cUelt Son. ike Gnuor WWm lo. Cw. 
■aid ttvt a Rijrjit to csmplaiti, cr at Icill to aivib, or ll.t7}6-7. 
ol hidi ili« he woald npptj" the Anftaiijf to ilwl« l.^Y"^J 
^or wbich he tiaJ gnin;cil it; anil hit giving fucb Mi 
Mould besbfolutcly n«<dUry, if br iMcndcd iluc 
■miium'a eldelt Sonand AppAitni Htir, ^ouU tik«- 
hii Heir, ind next Soccrlt-^r to hit ElUte. Thii is 
■ ■ ■ftfii to ihc Ci'e now bcfk>rc ut, itwt I need out maks 
k ^^aplmtioQ It not only Qicwi thai ike r-iihf lui a 
«w > TuScicDC Settlement ojt of die Cii-tl LiU Re^ 
M. bet it Oiewt ihit we lure ■ Right, iliat ws at« in 

^ksouod to iairrpcU, id order to »• tbai Rigid tn^« 

=^.^t. Sir, it ipficait ibe Priart k>« a Rigltt to be bi|>- 
' ^^t of Ilic Civil Lift Revenue Ir ibc gcnei&l Maxima 
• Jbinjdom, and ilfoby itte Meaning ind Uttrtian of 
^^^^ «ry Siniaiei by whxh the prtieitt Civil Lilt was 
^K&sed J lod it he lui a Rigbt lo *iiy Suppori, be tui 
^p'^ a Rigbi tea (ufRcicnt Sepport. to lueh a Suppoit 
^r ^^gb Ciiaradcr oj the Royal Family of G'tat Biisaim 
^ ** Squire, >nd ibc prcieni OrcumlUitcei ol (he LivJ 
> '^«'vcnBe *'ill ti<!iij|( oi i (bcteiote. if the ScxtltmcTit 
^V^^c^, b/ the McfiBgc DOW before ut, lo be midrt b« 
(uffibenc, the MeHl'ge is fo far from btirg aa Argu< 
M >^lnll. th;ii it u un« of ibe Aroo^ttl Afgurnentt Ihic 
I be ihoffglit of, for il.c Motion t bcuufc it Qienri ibKt 
rthe Incerpoftlion of Par^itrotnt, Lis Rtyal Hi^huji 
icoiurc. cor <un expeifl a rufi£kntScitIf<i-coi. I bm 
fimletncni propol'<d to be mide apon h.i Rvjal H'^h- 
' I Mtiblc 1^ IMC fuftcient. kai been m lom« Man- 
■Mgcd hj ite Hon. Ccniltaian who JcliveieJ 
ttibf* i bat hnlitt. Sir, ii hat been cspicriljr k* 
Igcd by ibe K-.n^ himle!f. By tbe ftrfulution anj 
|nt of itie Puiui't liontbotd, a« ma-lc toinc 1 iui« 
I bit Mijrily tiimfclt, tbe yearly ExpcfiiC c^tnct in 
I /. biiliout allowing one Shilling to liii K^t liiflr- 
\-fut AUtol Cbatity und Ucceicfity. fiy iLc Milf-ga 
Ix'on ai, II it ptopoTcd to fiitrc upon him only 
i/. a Vear; atid fii ftom thii S>iin «« mvft lUduct 
indTsXiWhichoi iwo5I)illin^i ID ttir tVuidjamovms 
i/. a Vrar, ue miiil'likcwuc J^-dufi tt.e Sisfetin)» 

CO ihc Ctvti Lill Lotiery. which ainounii U I, 


> »e Riuitdo(Iu£t tlie Feci pk/ablc •( tits 

)i will auiivjiit tu abtftU ?)0y. ■ Vtar 

I i . I J 7 3co/. a Vcai, 

; 10 w icctled broil 

bf itj !'Ua-^, M ^j,Sbw>. a Vru: N«<* 



Aim lO.Gw. ^^ V'^^fi ln« ta aiket Elbtc twt tha 
11. i7j6>7l «u>^. wbick can't b« mkancd at ibr omII 

a Yuf. kis whola farlT Rckaoc nn aiaomtl) 
53,000/. a Veari and yn tke jftttljr 
UoufhoM, KCCKtlmg 10 libMtjclly'i omi ft<_ 
■loouat 10 a Y«r, widiout alloina^ 
}ii^t»ifi one Sbiiliag for (be tadu'gtaoc of that 
ftnd ciMMttblc DifpoOtioQ wiib wluch be b ' ~ 
cnduni. to 1 yfty cAincot Drgree. Swpola c 
Aim bu( io,03q/ 1 V«sr Tor liie rndn/gcncci 
Uc i>i(pofiiioa. hii M'fao^ jrnrly Ex|«ncc, b)rl 
ouD j^ckiiQivleiignnt. null ibea ■■ott to 7yJ 
Ydr, nod hJi^caily Incvme, sccot^inc to thii 
CAn UBDunt to ti« more tkin {9.000 VT a Ycv. 
Sir. Ihcwift^ any RclncA l« kii Mem \ h iJtH 
for hii C«T:tTori(>' J l» k not mlacuig him to 1 

r 't relpcU to hit NeccfCuci. ud co«(ci)tt 

Je Dci>ccx!ic)«, and • vile, * |Kca«wr|rj 
oiTic- (^, up.-in iiii Fuhcr'j MiniQcrs »r4 
confefi. Sir, wb«n 1 tirO heard thii Mmub 
I I good ileal in BIX Ofiinioni but thi* . 

. . mc : J now fee that without tW Ii 

J'j.-Jjniici. kii Ro}^! HigbMl') the Primtf if\ 
Uiii ^'^rr*/ u> our Croivfi, insll be iciIkcJ toi 
Siraits. ifac sw^ iaMctnblc Hiniflitpi. 

AEur wbic I kiv« bid. Sir, I think I imJ mc I 
fouf Time wiUh (bewiug ibe ynrty Va'a« gf 
ncnu nuiJc ufvo former Prutcti af IPa/ij i 
Cjcacy 0( < u)ri>£ pron^ei for the prrfwit 

DODltuti!; : c C'lcuUmai ■«! AKoosb * 

bcfofc you, iJiU tiKie ii Occafioa for having 
iotnKr I*{ccGii<«U, fiir Omving ihic lofuGci 
cinroi vmir i«IuRg Notice iv you, lli«t the 
jay'd b>' ibc iut Ki'ts J^mt» while O^ < i 
prelum piiv e Mcir of i6e Cray's. MniMnted co i< 
J ilm Revenue eajoy'd by the pie ' 
tfW/', imcuetAd to upwanli of 
■; Notice of, in o'' 
1 ptopoA iry 'I'l. _ 

4»(lVJj^«it, wWb 1 • fr|[ulBU<l 4lid leit^ dMl 

Itune no«. iiu. coibeUn (^ctioa* and «t 

^, inil«(;). (lie 01'v Ourfli.iQ in ili.i Dilulc, 

^"'•' "'^ " 

■ X 3*9 ) ^* 

^L aow tJIablifiied.mDfltiinouBtta above loo.Doe/. nYcir /jnnio.Cn* 

^piora ckui wa« ever tod i>r crpy'^l by tin btc MajcDy i ]] i7]'6-7fl 

^pnl nnC fa)' Tuppoting ihn it amounii (o no mote i lun wii . .^^..- ^ B 

^kjoy'd b/ hii Uie Majelly. Jn tbe &r A Met bod. Sir, let ^S 

Hi lemcmber, ivrj) ^tcluowMged ta Parliuncnt before tbc I 

^pte Gin A^ wu pafGid. Uiat cite Prodace of the whole I 

HtaXM, Cxcii'et, and Duiet, appro^ruieii to tW Civil Lill, ^^fl 

^■goauKl toSitl^oo/. a Yosr : I believe it will be Jul* ^^M 

^pitted tbu the 70,000 /. a Yctr granted by i)ut AH to tJie ^^H 

Klivil I Jtl, «Di! ini>d« jwyable ou: ot iKe Aggregate, or ra- 1 

Bbcf out of the Sinking; Fund, don moic than compralate ^^^| 

Wif Lof) tht Civil Liil lullained b^ talcing from it the Oi»- ^^^| 

^fnen Sptrituom Lic]uart> in which Cal'e (he TncrcRle oF ^^^| 

tlM Lzcii'e upon Beer and Ale, occa^oociJ by the picvcnting ^^| 

ihe Hcailol S^viriiaoat Lwjuort, mu^ wholly he\ atu Pro- ^^H 

Jit to ibe Civil Lilt : Tb« Iscretfe o( the Exeilc upon ^^^| 

Beer and Ait, if I am ligbdy infurmed, jinKtumcd Tor ilie ^^H 

very firlt Qairter, [ me^riinm MUiat/mtu to C6ii^9iiai\M&, ^^H 

[o nciir }o,oco /. one Hnlf of which goci to the Civil Lill i ^^H 

io that wc may reckon the Civil Liit hu got by ihr Gin ^^H 

Aft. an A[tdition of ai leaA 60,000/ a Veir i beltdei ^^H 

what it got by the Increafe of tae Wine-Lkeocc Duly, ^^H 

which crefy one knowi his been grcBtty incTetled by pr»> ^^H 

bibittng Ihe ftecail of Spiritooas Liquor*. Ihcn, Sir, let ^^H 

aj recoiteft, that a little before hit prcfent Xl*)etly'i Ac- ^^^| 

ccfion, the Civil Lill wu di!chai£cd of j6.joo/. t Ycjr ^^H 

in Penitant, which, during th« j^rf^tel) Part of hi) iJte Ma- ■ 

jcAy'i Reifin, wete paid oat of the Civil Litt, bat ever ^ 

fines hit Mtjelly'i AccclSon have been & Bnrilien opon, and 

pnid out ul (be peblic Service. Let ut add togetliet thcf« 

tbra« Sarai of KiS.oco/. 6o,oca/. aj|d 36,100/. and 

ibejranionAt 10914,290/. which, iccording 10 the bijhcft 

Pjobalnlity, wc mull allow 10 be the yearly Amount ol ih« 

Civil LiR Rc^eoijc u bow eflabUfhi^i, and which i» ^^1 

1 14,000/. a Vcnr. more thaa wai eojoy'd by bit htc Mi- ^^H 

jslly, rvcD iDcWing all the parlicukr Granti that were oc- ^^H 

Ofimaily made la the Ci*il LtS in his Reign. ^^H 

But. Sir. tbii ii no: ill : hli preicnt MajeRy hzt had one ^^M 

Upery cxiraordiniry Grant of I ic.ooa/, nide 10 the Civil ^^^H 

Hillt and tteSo.cDoA g,rjRinlu a Pormnecothc Pnncefa ^^H 

qKoyi), (niy properly be liiid to hive been an exitaurdicaiy ^^H 

' Oraat Io the Civit Liili for iho' I am far ftoei ^Jing ^^H 

Fault with ihit Ciiant, yci«f ibc Civil Lift wai gntited in ^^H 

order to enable hii iUje'ily to mntte m hotiaurdble Ptovilioti ^^H 

^far hu whule Rojral Fimily, ihJt l|r)nccr*'* MnirLige Pro ^^H 

HbioB Ibould have bees paia out of ibo Ctvil Lin 1 and fl 

^nce Ihe Public took u upon tben, it ought to be looked ou ^ 

ai « new and an eaiiMolinaiy Gi.:rE iB^J^ :■) lUe C^'<AV.\(i. j 

Vofc. IV. T ( tb^ft, I 

Jitils 14, Gio. 
11. iTlO-7. 


( 330) 

Then, S!r. I muft not forget andtlier yearly Addrtw. 
■which mny be looked on as a verj- great Sum, conCderoj 
from wlience it comes, i mean a Sum of 40,000 /. a Vni 
from SatJanJ, which is now a yearly Addition 10 the Cirl 
Liltr 1 will not, indeed, talce upon me to fay, ihlClk 
Wiiole or ary Part of that Sum is brought in Sftntxa 
LenJoH ; but if it h laid out for paying Pen lions in Sieikai, 
whi^h muH be paid yezrly out ot the Civil Lift RevmK, i 
mjy [;ike upon mc [O lay, it prcvtnti an equal Sum. fra 
being lent yearly itt Spoilt from Litndon. From all wliici 
Con liderai ions t chink it is evident, his prefem MajcilTliii 
above 100,000/^ a Yciir mote than hia tate Majelty rr 
c^joy'<l, atid therefore we muft conciode he may cafilyfiolE 
100,000/. a Year forihcUfe of his Rayal Highmfi, withoB 
ar^y gieat Frugality or good Management, and wiihoaiuft' 
tiaftingany PaKot that Expetice which was found ncceli^ 
in I he tatc Reign. I am now, Sir, to make a Suppclit)o*i 
which, I believe, no Gentleman tbai hears me, will JDin 
with me in : 1 am to fuppole that the Citfil Lift Revtaw, 
with all the Additions and Improvements lately EnadcioUi 
doei ngi ]>rodiice one Shilling more than hii late MsjeAy a- 
joy'd, including the feveral occafional Granii that inn 
made to him : In Aiort, I am to fuppofe, it doei not product 
one Shilling more than 800,000/, a Year; and if upon 
this Suppofition 1 canfhew, that with tolerable MsiugeiDcBt, 
it jnajF Iparc 100,000/. a Year to l\\e. Print t^ (am ^ 
every Gentleman will conclude, his flora/ Higkiufi ougbl 
10 have at lealt that Sutn fettled upoti him ; and the Op- 


( 3n ) 

ai necefbry for that Porpofc in tlie laie Qoetn** Time, jfm» 
^sppean never to have exccwicd 4}q,cco/. ■ Veari idJ io 11 i 

the firfl Yeu of the Uic King, (he whole Eni^nce of im 
■g ytoadtoU and Civi! Garetnment, 3nioun:cil to but jiImkic 
' 4{3>^3°'- (^ 'I**' ''^ '''^^ ^^'^ rcltr^Acd ihtmfclret to the 
nrtt Sum tvnich appeared