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1100 - 1900 






1356 - 1900 


'Learn the past and you will know the future."— Confucu's. 




Two Cofi£s Received 

NOV. 4 1901 


CLASS [;\^XXa Ho. 

S U zi 



Bv Dtis Hayfori), Canton, Me. 



i!;r^%/:x^^^^ — 


To the descendants of John Heiford and wife, Abigail Albins, 
of Braintree, Mass., Apr. 8, 1679, the author inscribes this book. 



Portrait of Author, 5 

Hayford Coat of Arms, 35 
Residence of Thomas F. Hafford and daughter, Eloise A. 
Hafford, of Lakeville, formerly Middleboro, Mass., 

1724-1901, 41 

Hafford Cemetery, Lakeville, Mass., 43 

Gustavus Hayford^ residence at Canton, Me., erected 18 1 5, 137 
Lake Anasagunticook, Canton, Me., formerly known as 

Whitney Pond, 143 

Grave of Whitney, Whitney Pond, Canton, Me., 144 

Zeri Hayford^ residence. Canton, Me., 1816-1901, 175 

Otis Hayford, Sr.^, residence, Canton, Me., 1832-1901. 185 

Otis Hayford, Jr.^ residence, Canton, Me., 1865-1901. 193 


Preface, 1 3 

Colonial History, 17-24 

Revolutionary Muster Rolls, 25-29 

English Genealogy, 3°-3^ 

John Heiford^ of Braintree, Mass., 1679, 39 

John Heiford- of Middleboro, Mass., " 39 

John Hayford- Branch, 51-70 

Samuel Hayford- Branch, 71 

Thomas Hayford'- Branch, 71-72 

Edward Hayford'-^ Branch, 73 

Benjamin Hayford'- Branch, 74-79 

Daniel Hayford'- Branch, 80-82 

Daniel Hayford, Jr.'^ Branch (New Hampshire), 83-96 

Samuel Hayford^ Branch (Massachusetts), 97 

Webster Hayford" Branch (New York), 9S-99 
Genealogy of the Bonney Family from 1620, loi, 243-244 

William Hayford^ Branch (Maine), 100-103 

William Hayford, Jr.*, Branch (Maine), 103-124 

Betty Hayford* Branch (Maine), 124-129 

Artimissa Hayford* Branch (Maine), 129-132 

Matilda Hayford* Branch (Maine), 133 

Arvida Hayford* Branch (Maine), 133-135 

Gustavus Hayford* Branch (Maine), 135-168 

Genealogy of the Fuller Family, 1620, 139-142 

Zeri Hayford* Branch (Maine), 168-215 
Genealogy of the Chickering Family from 1356-1900, 170-177 
Genealogy of the Phinney Family from the Mayflower, 192-195 

Gad Hayford* Branch, 215-223 

Albert Hayford* Branch, 224-242 
John Hayford" and Thankful (Phinney) Hayford Branch, 

Continued. 245-253 

John Hayford* (John", John'-, John^) of New York, 245 


"The memories of fathers are histories to their children." 

Until within the past few years, the author of this work knew 
not who his ancestors were, prior to the life of William Hayford, 
who emigrated from Pembroke, Mass., to Sylvester Canada, now 
Turner, Ale., in the year 1777. While in his younger days, when 
the children of the said William were some of them living at 
advanced ages, some information might have been obtained from 
them, yet those opportunities having been neglected, no one 
could be found two years ago who could impart, to him the 
knowledge of whom the parents of the said William were, he 
being the great grandfather of the author. This led to extended 
inquiries, the result of which will be imparted in the following 
pages of this work, that future generations of this family may 
have the benefit of all the information he has been able to 
acquire of his early ancestry, with the sincere hope that it may 
lead some one interested and able to take up and carry forward 
the work to more fully satisfactory results. 

So far as known no one of this race has succeeded, even in a 
limited degree, in furnishing a genealogical history of the Ha}^- 
ford family from colonial times to the present date, or any con- 
siderable part thereof ; and all genealogical works of reference 
are barren and void of any important information in this line. 

It is deeply to be regretted that our early ancestors were so 
exceptionally remiss and neglectful in the past, and that for the 
first fifty years and more of their residence in Plymouth Colony 
the town and church records failed to receive from them their 
proper attention. Especially in marriage and birth records there 
is found a great lack of such information as may be readily found 
in reference to other families of that time. 

For these various reasons there must inevitably rest doubt as 
to the final conclusions herewith drawn, as to the emigrant pater- 
nity of this family, and the first two generations following ; yet, 
after exhausting every known resource, and thoroughly examin- 
ing the town, church and court records of each and every town 


in which any one bearing the family name was known to have 
resided during the first one hundred years of their residence in 
New England, it would seem that no other conclusion could be 

One difficult feature in tracing this family has been the very 
many ways of spelling the name, even in the same family and 
generation, and that often the town officials made use of a differ- 
ent manner than the individual himself, which fact has undoubt- 
edly often discouraged the enquiring mind so seriously as to 
cause it to despair of success, and finally abandon all effort to 
unravel the mystery. A tradition, however, exists in the Hay- 
ford Family, widely extended in its several branches, as handed 
down through many generations, "that our race sprung from 
three brothers who came over from England or Holland in the 
days of the early settlement of Plymouth Colony ;" that one of 
these brothers went to sea and never returned ; and that the 
descendents of one changed the manner of spelling the name 
from the Holland or English style to that of H-a-y-f-o-r-d, as it 
is generally found to exist after the earliest years of the eight- 
eenth century, say about 1712-20. This will appear to have been 
the case in the records that follow. 

To the many kind friends who have furnished valuable infor- 
mation with family records, etc., the author would herewith 
acknowledge his great indebtedness and return his sincere thanks 
to each and all. Especially is he indebted to Mr. Byron L. Hay- 
ford of Milbridge, Me.; to the late Cyrus P. Hayford of Mt. 
Pisgah, Ohio, and Mrs. Helen P. Oilman of Boston, Mass. And 
also to Miss Eloise A. Hafford of Lakeville, Mass., for much of 
the history of the Hafford branch, as also valuable English 

It is, however, to be regretted, that in numerous cases valuable 
statistics might have been added if continued requests had not 
been met with entire indifference and were often void of recog- 
nition. While errors must unavoidably occur, great care has 
been taken to make this history in the main correct and reliable, 
and although commenced with the intention of confining its rec- 
ords to the "William Hayford " branch of the State of Maine, that 
labor has led to results that have caused the writer to include all 
that is known by him of the entire race of Hayfords, and to 
supplement with brief genealogical histories of the Bonneys, 



Fullers, and Chickerings, of whom he is also a descendant, and 
of the Phinneys, from whom his wife descended. 

Once again, expressing the hope that this partial and necessa- 
rily imperfect work may stimulate some future historian to more 
complete efforts, I present it to its readers, sincerely trusting that 
it may be of some little value to those descendants of our com- 
mon ancestors. 


Canton, Maine, A. I). 1901. 

"People will not look forward to Posterity who never look backward to 
their Ancestors." — Burke. 

Colonial IHistor^. 

Some facts and records pertaining to the early Colonial History 
of the Hayford Family. 

The New England Genealogical and Antiquarian Register has 
the following under the head of Founders of New England : 

"The Register of all the names of ye passengers wch passed 
from the Port of London for an whole year ending Xmas 1635. 
The-is vnder written names are to be transported to New Eng- 
land, embarqued in the Planter, Nics. Travice M-r, bound 
thither : the p'ties have bought certificates from the Minister of 
St. Albins in Hertfordshire, and Anthestecon, from the Justice 
of the Peace, according to the Lord's order." 

In the list of passengers appears; "Nathan Haford, 16, ser- 
vant to Jo. Tuttle." No further record of this Nathan Haford 
is to be found, and it is probable that he is the one of three 
brothers, "who went to sea and never returned." 

Vol. I, Mass. Records, page 311, under date Dec. i, 1640, 
says : 

"Samue : Hefford having been much misused by his Mr. Jona- 
than Wade, and is put to John Johnson for three years, and to 
have 6 ^s wages, and for the i 1-2 years it is referred to the 

(Note. The Johnson referred to had been appointed constable of Rox- 
bury, ten years before.) 

Vol. 2, p. 51, Gen. Reg. "Town Records of Ipswich, Mass." 
"1648, Samuel Heifer subscribed to Clergy, 4. i, to be paid Maj. 

Mass. Records, Vol. 5, P. 178: "Samuel Heipher in Ipswich, 
taxed 2. 10-9 for funds to defend residents in Court, against 
Hauford, Higgs and Middlecourt claimants." 


N. E. Reg., Vol. ^^, p. 170; "Mr. Payne in 1652, bot of 
Richard Coy, Att'y to Samuel Heyford, a house with two Acres 
land for dwelling house for the schoolmaster." Sep. 20, 1660! 
"Richard Coy, Att'y to Samuel Heifer, brought a suit against 
Ezekiel Cheever in action of tresspass upon the case, for taking 
and keeping possession of a house wch was left in the said Rich- 
ard's possession by the said Samuel Heifer." (Essex tiles VI, 3, 
p. 85, M. of I St. Book.) 

Vol. 41, p. 63, Essex Files; Vol. 2, p. 4, Sep. term, 1660: 
Samuel Heyford of Ipswich, who sold the house for a school- 
house. "Martha Coy witnessed power of Att'y from Samuel 
Heyford of Ipswich who sold the house for a school house which 
was in possession of Richard Cheever from 1652, as belonging 
to the school." 

Savage's Gen. Diet, says: "1660, Samuel Heyford of Ipswich, 
executed power of Att'y, Court Files, Essex Co., and he went to 

Thus we see that although in town records his name was 
spelled Heifer and Heipher, in executing power of attorney, and 
later in the court, it was spelled Heyford. No further record is 
found that the said Samuel Heyford left any family or descend- 
ants this side of the water when he returned to England about 
1652, as that was the date of his executing power of attorney to 
Richard Coy. And it is probable that he was the same Samuel 
Hefford that was in Roxbury in 1640, then aged 16 1-2 years. 
This Samuel may have been in Kittery, Me., ab. 1640. Savage's 
Gen. Diet. Vol. 2, p. 401, says; "Heifor, at Kittery 1640, but 
in what Christian land he got his name is unknown." No fur- 
ther record. 

Samuel of Roxbury, 1640, as a poor boy, 16 1-2 years old, 
without parental care, and alone it would seem later, could be 
but extremely deficient in education, and may not have known 
the proper spelling of his name, or more likely, wrote it so badly 
it was thus copied, not recognizing the linal letter d, in Heiford, 
as we find it spelled by the next generation. Savage's Gen. 
Diet., Vol. 2, p. 328, says: "William Haffut, given by Mr. Cofifin, 
Gen. Reg. VI 34, as aged 48 in 1668, tho' no indication of resi- 
dence is seen. Early resident of Essex and old Norfolk." 

The writer has been unable to find any other records or any 
further information in regard to this William Haffut, but believes 



him to be the emigrant parent of the entire Hayford family of 
New England, and will give herewith the reasons for this conclu- 
sion, which has been arrived at through long and diligent search 
and a very thorough examination of all the records attainable. 
It is truly unfortunate that there should be so great lack of doc- 
umentary evidence, as appears in the first three generations of 
this family. As applied to the second and third generations, it 
is an exceptional case, that the records of marriages and births 
are so faulty as to cause a missing link in completing the chain 
from William the emigrant to Daniel Hayford of Pembroke, 1723, 
the parent of Daniel, Jr., who emigrated to New Hampshire, 
Webster to New York, and William to Maine, all early in the 
i8th century; as also of Samuel, who remained in Mass. and this 
is the branch of which this work will mainly treat, and their 
genealogy largely traced for six or eight generations. Relative 
to the family tradition, previously referred to, we find : 

Nathan Hafoid, on emigrant ship, Planter, 1635, a;. 16, b. ab. 1619. 
William Haffut, in old Essex and Norfolk, 1668, " 48, b. " 1620. 
Samuel Hefford, in Roxbury, 1640, " 17, b. " 1623. 

No record later is found of Nathan in genealogical references, 
or in town records, and we conclude "that he went to sea and 
never returned." Of Samuel, that he returned to England in 
1 65 2-1 660, and probably left no descendants here. Of William, 
this, only, that he was an early settler in the Colony ; that in 
1668 he was living in Essex and old Norfolk, aged 48. 

In the next generation of which our record will treat, we find 
that while the parent, John, of Braintree, Mass., spelled his name 
Heiford, his children, later, in Duxbury, spelled it Hefard, Hei- 
ford, Hearford, and Heyford, and later in Pembroke and Middle- 
boro, Hayford, one grandson, in Middleboro, Hafford, whose 
descendants (some now living there) have always followed that 
style, and a partial record of that branch will be found herewith. 
While spelled generally, Hayford, after early in the i8th century 
it was long pronounced as though written Heftord, even early in 
the present century. Thus, finding record of no other person 
who might be the parent, we conclude, which probably is true, 
that William was the father of John Heiford of Braintree, who 
married Abigail Albins of Bridgewater, Apr. 8, 1678-9. (See Br. 
records, p. 719.) It will also be seen that Samuel and William are 
the most common names found in all generations, in all branches 
of this family ever since. 




Page 655, Abigail, dau. of John Heiford & his wife Abigail, b. Jan. 20, 1079. 

" 656, John, son " " " " " " " b. Feb. 23, 1681. 

" 662, Edward, " " " " " " " " b. May 22, 1685. 

" 663, Edward, " " " " " " " " b. May 22, 1685. 

Thus on two pages appear the record of Edward's birth. It is 
in evidence that many births were entered on these town records, 
ten, and some even forty years after date of birth (by request of 
parents or friends), they having been omitted at the proper time. 
A long list was entered at one time, certified by the town clerk 
as thus omitted. At another time, a large number of names 
were furnished by Hon. J. Q. Adams, and also entered. Mention 
is also made of missing pages when copied. It is well known by 
genealogical students that the records of those days were very 
imperfect and faulty. Mr. C. M. Thatcher of Middleboro, 
Mass., has over 10,000 cemetery inscriptions previous in date to 
1850, taken by himself from 125 or more burial places in that 
vicinity; many of v/hich cannot be found on town tecords, owing 
to the loose manner of keeping them in those early days. 

It will be seen by the foregoing record that no birth appears 
in the family of the said John Heiford betv/een the years 1681 
and 1685, but we are forced to believe that "Samuel H^eyford of 
Duxbury, 17 17, Cordwainer," was, however, a son of his, either 
born in 1682-3 ^^ ^"^^^ wife, Abigail Albins, or by wife of a former 
marriage. John was probably a much older person than his wife, 
Abigail, and might have been previously married and no record 
found of it. He appears to have v/itnessed a deed from Gregory 
Belcher to Richard Harris of Braintree, Apr. 6, 1667. (See 
Suffolk Deeds, Lib. 386 & 387.) This was twelve years prior to 
his marriage to Abigail Albins. He probably died in 1708, as 
"Capt. Thomas bo't a lot of land, June, 1709, lately occupied by 
John Heiford." N. E. Gen. Reg., Vol. 49, p. 175. Also see 
Plymouth Records, B. 8, p. 87. "Record of deed of land, 17 10, 


by Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield, to Abigail, widow of John 

Plymouth Records, B. 13, p. 36, reads: "Sale of land, 17 17, 
from Thomas Washburn," (who married Abigail, dau. of John 
Heiford,) to Edward Heyford of Pembroke, yoeman" (son of John 
Heiford) "and Samuel Heiford of Duxbury, Cordwainer." This 
is the only record to be found of the said Samuel Hayford, but 
he is believed to be a son of John Heiford, and a brother to 
Edward and Abigail, and who may have died soon afterwards, 
leaving two daughters, Jemima, who married James Leonard, 
Feb. 17, 1737, and Mercy, dau. of widow Hefford of Pembroke, 
whose death record in 1729 appears in the First Cong. Church 
records of Hanover, Mass. 

In the month of Sept. 1900, a record was found in the public 
library of Boston, Mass., stating the fact of the marriage of John 
Heiford and Abigail Albins, and the birth of the three children, 
Abigail, John and Edward, as recorded, and then says : "They 
removed to that part of the county joining Bridgewater and 
Duxbury, now Pembroke and Hanson, where their other children 
were born, viz : Benjamin and Daniel," thus establishing the par- 
entage of the last two named, but not mentioning Samuel, who 
is believed to have been born previously ; or that of Thomas, 
supposed to be a younger son than Daniel. From the fact that 
all the records of Duxbury were destroyed, except such as were 
preserved in sections set off into other towns, no record is found 
of marriage of Samuel, or birth of children, but it would appear 
that he died soon after 17 17, and that his widow resided in Pem- 
broke in 1729. 

In 171 1, the inhabitants of the N. W. part of Duxbury pre- 
sented a petition to the legislature that, "that part of Duxbury 
called Mattakeesit, might, wdth two other precincts, be incorpo- 
rated as the town of Brookfield." Among the signatures thereto, 
was that of John Hefard. The town was established in 171 2 as 
Pembroke, and among those who appear as heads of families 
when the town was first granted, was "John Hayford and Edward 

Benjamin Hayford was married and living in Middleboro in 
1728. In a catalogue of the First Church of Middleboro, Mass., 
appears under date of Aug. 5, 1733, the name of Mary, wife of 
Benj. Hayford, Sr. 


In Plymouth Records, B. 19, p. 165, appears the will of Ben- 
jamin Hayford, 1761, and names son John as executor, grandson 
Benjamin, Mary Norcut, Mercy Crocker and Thankful Hayford. 
Thomas Hayford was a resident of Middleboro, 1724. (Ply- 
mouth records, B. 22, p. 127. Sale of land by Elizabeth and 
Mary Sprout, 1724, to Thomas Hayford, yeoman, of Middleboro, 
Mass.) In 1728, he was a resident of Pembroke. (Plymouth 
records, B. 24, p. 75. Sale of land by Isaac Thomas to Thomas 
Hayford, laborer, Middleboro.) Thomas Hayford married 
Susannah Parry, Sep. 23, 1734, but no record of any issue. He 
died Apr. 1753. She died Jan. 1761. 

Plymouth records, B. 24, p. 76, shows sale of land by Isaac 
Thomas to Daniel Hayford of Pembroke, laborer. Here we find 
Thomas and Daniel Hayford both residing in Pembroke, and 
each buying land of Isaac Thomas at the same time, 1728. 

Daniel Hayford died Dec. 11, 1764, and in his will, entered in 
court, 1765, he names wife. Deliverance, and four sons, viz: 
Daniel, Samuel, Webster and William, and appoints son William, 
executer. "Deacon Daniel Hayford was admitted to First 
Church, Pembroke, Jul. 6, 1729." He sold land and probably 
built the house bought by Rev. Gad. Hitchcock, 1749. From 
the foregoing records, gathered from every available source, we 
find that the Heifords of Braintree, the Heifords, Hefards, 
Hearfords, Heyfords and Hayfords of Duxbury ; the Heifords, 
Haffords and Hayfords of Middleboro, and the Hayfords of 
Pembroke, socially and financially connected and mixing together 
as members of one family, and no doubt they were all descend- 
ants of one common ancestor, viz : John Heiford of Braintree. 
Often removing from one of these towns to another, and often 
owning mutual interests in the same property. The manner of 
spelling the family name depended largely on their place of resi- 
dence in those early days, and the will of the owner. But early 
in the i8th century nearly all branches adopted and ever after 
used the present mode, to wit : Hayford. i\.nd yet, one branch, 
some members of which have ever been residents in Middleboro 
and are now residing on the Samuel Haford farm, having occupied 
it for more than 150 years past, and their descendants, have 
spelled it Hafford. 




B. 8, p. 87, 1 7 10, Sale of land by Nathaniel Thomas of Marsh- 
tield to Abigail, widow of John Heiford. 

B. 13, p. 36, 1 7 17, Sale of land by Thomas Washburn to 
Edward Heyford of Pembroke, yeoman, and Samuel Heiford of 
Duxbury, Cordwainer. 

B. 18, p. 114, 1724, Sale of land by Isaac Fearce, Sr., to his 
son in-law, John Heiford of Middleboro. 

B. 22, p. 127, 1724, Sale of land by Elizabeth and Mary Sprout 
to Thomas Hayford, yeoman, of Middleboro. 

B. 24, p. 74, 1728-9, Sale of land by Solomon Beals, Jr., to 
Thomas Hayford, laborer, Pembroke. Witnesses: Sam'l Rams- 
den and Daniel Hayford. 

B. 24, p. 75, 1728, Sale of land by Isaac Thomas to Thomas 
Hayford, Pembroke. 

B. 24, p. 76, 1728, Sale of land by Isaac Thomas to Daniel 
Hayford, laborer, Pembroke. 

B. 30, p. 105, 1735-6, Sale of land by Ebenezer Hamlin to 
Ebenezer Hayford of Middleboro. 

B. 33, p. 257, 1740, Sale of land by Joseph Stockbridge to 
Daniel Hayford of Pembroke, 350 ;^s. 

B. 2)Zi P- 258, 1740, Sale of land by Daniel Hayford to John 
Ford of Pembroke, 350 ;^s. 

B. 40, p. 204, 1742-3, Sale of land by Edward Thomas to Dan- 
iel Hayford of Pembroke. 

B. 41, p. 221, 1750, Sale of land by Samuel Ramsden, Jr., to 
Daniel Hayford of Pembroke. 

B. 41, p. 184, 1752, Sale of land by Aaron Seekles to Samuel 
Hayford of Pembroke. 

B. 41, p. 152, 1764, Sale of land by Eleazer Hamlin to Samuel 
Hayford of Pembroke. 

B. 41, p. 151, 1764, Sale of land by Samuel Hayford and 
Rebekah, his wife, to John Hunt of Pembroke, — land adjoining 
Daniel Hayford's land. 

B. 49, p. 138, 1764, Sale of land in Pembroke by Kenelme 
Winslow to Daniel Hayford. 

B. 49, p. 138, 1764. Sale of land by Daniel Hayford and Deliv- 
erance, his wife, to William Seekles. 

B. 57, p. 199, 1773. Sale of land in Pembroke by Josiah Calk- 
ins to Daniel Hayford, Jr. 

2 4 thk hayford family. 

Plymouth Records. 


B. 4, p. 305, 1724. Letters of administration to Lydia Hei- 
ford, widow of John of Middleboro. 

B. 4, p. 452, 1724. Isaac Pierce appointed guardian of joim 
Heiford, 14 years old son of John Heiford, deceased; also of 
Sam'l and Ebenezer, sons of John. 

B. 16, p. 148, 1 761. Will of Benjamin Hayford of Middleboro, 
mentions son John appointed executor ; grandson, Benjamin ; 
and daughters : Mary Norcut, Mercy Crocker and Thankful 

B. 19, p. 165, 1765. Will of Daniel Hayford of Pembroke 
mentions Avife, Deliverance, and four sons : David, Samuel, Web- 
ster and William, and names William, executor. 


Ira Hayford, a Revolutionary Soldier, went to Troy, N. Y., 
was a fifer, and drew a U. S. pension. 

Lavina Hayford m. Eliab Dunbar, 1793. 

Vodicia " m. Noah Alden, 1804. 

John Heaford of Pembroke, m. Bettey Hall of Halifax, 1787. 

This John Heaford was probably the "son of Mercy Hayford, 
b. Dec. 23, 1764," baptised as per. Pembroke church records 
June 7, 1767, as also the father of Ira, born in Halifax, Mass., 

Oct. 1788. ,^ r 

Samuel Heaford, Hardwick m. BellSheba Tinkham, 1776. 

Samuel Heaford, Farmington, Conn. m. ThankfulAdams, 1791- 
Abby Hayford m. Joseph Bradford. 

Betsy Hayford m. Aaron Gillette. 

Ira Hayford, son of John, widowed, farmer, b. in Halifax* 
Mass., Oct. 1788, d. Aug. 9, 1863, aged 74 years 10 months. 

Vol. 28, p. 182, N. E. Gen. Reg. has the following under date 
1630: "Medford (Mass.) called Meadford by Dudley. It is 
termed Metford in the deeds of Gov. Craddock's widow. There 
•was a hamlet by that name (now Hayford). Very near to Cas- 
well, the seat of the Craddock family." 

Vol. 40, p. 369. Will of William Heiford, citizen and tallow- 
chandler of London, England, Aug. 31, 15 18. 


Vol. 46, p. 151. Bequest in will of Richard Gregson of St. 
Augustine, England, to Thomas Haford, Eng'd. 

Vol. 46, p. 76, Richard Hancock married Elizabeth Hafford, 
Twynning, Gloucester, Va., Jan. 14, 1622. 

John Orcutt married a Heiford (1778 ?) Mitchell's Bridgewater. 

Common)vt(xU^ of QfTta00ac§u0(^tt0. 

Office of the Secretary, 
Boston, Jany 23, 1893 


Vol. XXIII, Page cl. 

"A Pay Roll of Capt. Seth Turner's, one of the Independent 
Companies, in the Pay of the Massachusetts State from January 
ist to may the 22d, 1776 inclusive." 

Daniel Hayford — Residence, Braintree — Rank, Private — 
Date of enlistment, January ist — Time in service, 4 months 23 

Vol. XXIII, Page clii. 

"A Pay Roll of Capt. Seth Turner's Company under the Com- 
mand of Col. Thomas Marshall in The pay of the Massachusetts 
States from may the 22 to November the first 1776." 

Daniel Hayward — Residence, Braintree — Rank, Private. 

Vol. XXV, Page lxxxvii. 

"A Pay Roll of Capt. Seth Turners Company under the Com- 
mand of Col. Thomas Marshall in the pay of the Massachusetts 
State from the Last Day of October to the first Day of January 

Daniel Hayward — Residence, Braintree — Rank, Private — 
Time in service, 2 months. 

Vol. XXI, Page clxxxix. 

"A Pay Roll of Capt Ebenr Paull's Company in Col Dagget's 
Regimt from the Melitia of ye Massachuts State from the twenty 
fifth of Augt to the first day of Sept 1778." 


Daniel Hayford — Rank, Private — Time of enlistment Aug 
25 Time of discharge, Sept ist — Time in service, 8 days. 

Rhode Island Service. — Vol. hi. Page lxviii. 

"A Pay Role for Capt Henry Peirce Company in Colo Eben- 
ezer Whites Regiment of Melisha at a March to Rhodeislan on 
the Alarm by Order of the Council of the 22th of July and made 
according to Resolve of the Great and General Court of October 
4th 1781." 

Ebenezer Haford — Rank Corporal — Time of enlistment, 
Aug I St — Time of discharge, Aug 9 — Time in service 9 days, 
Middleborough, Plymouth Country. 

Lexington Alarm. — Vol. xii, Page xxii. 

"A Muster-roll of a Company of Melitia that march'd from 
Pembroke, West Parish to Marshfield on the Alarm of the 19th 
of April 1775 Elijah Cashing Capt." 

Edward Hayford Rank, Private — Time of entry Apl 20th 
Time of discharge, 22 April — Time in service, 2 days. 

Rhode Island Service. — Vol. ii. Page clxxiii. 

"A Muster Role of Capt David Kingman's Company in Colo 
Edward Mitchels Regiment on the Alarm at Rhode Island 
December 8th 1776." 

Edward Hayford Rank, Private — Time in service 16 days, 
Distance traveled, 80 miles. 

Lexington Alarm. — Vol. xiii. Page li. 

"A Muster roll of the Second Military Compny in Middlebor- 
ough that marched for Marshfield in Consequence of the Alarm 
made of the 19th of April last, under the Command of Abiel 
Pearce Capt." 

Jacob Hayford Rank Private — Time in service, 2 days — 
Miles travelled, 34. 

Rhode Island Service. — Vol. ii. Page c. 

A Continental Pay Roll of Capt Edward Hammonds Company 
from the State of Massachusetts detached to Serve in the State 


of Rhode Island for the tarm of One month in the Regiment of 
Samuel Fisher Commdr 

Jacob Heiford Rank, Private — Time of enlistment Aug 13, 
1779 — Time of discharge, Sept 13, 1779. 

Vol. lii, Page xcix. 
"June 26 A. D. 1776 We the Subscribers Rec't of Capt Selah 
Heart in Coll Erastus Woolcot in full of Our Wages in the Two 
Months Service Last Winter in said Hearts Company." 

Rhode Island Service. — Vol. ii. Page xcix. 

"A Pay Role of Capt Ephraim Hathaways Company in Collo 
Thomas Carpenters Regiment of Militia from the State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay as a bounty for Services done in the State of Rhode 
Island from the 20th day of August thirty five days it being 
according to a Resolve of the Grate and General Court in Sep- 
tember ye 23d 1777." 

Nathaniel Hayford — Rank Sergeant — Time in service, i 
month, 5 days. 

Lexington Alarm. — V. xii. Page cxxviii. 

"A Muster-roll of a Company of Minute-men that march'd 
from the West parish in Pembroke to Scituate and Marshfield on 
the alarm of the 19th April, 1775." 

William Hayford — Rank, Private — Time of entry, April 19th, 
— Time of discharge April 29 — Time in service 11 days. 

Coat Rolls. — Vol. lvi, Pag ccxxxvii. 

"A List of Capt Eleazer Hamlens Company in gen'l Thomas 
Regiment" October 1775. 

William Hayford — Residence, Pembroke — Rank, Private. 

(This service began in the latter part of April. 1775. AH sol- 
diers serving six months were entitled to a coat as a bounty. ) 

Vol. lvii. File xxiv. 
"Camp at Roxbury November 9th 1775 "to the Commitey of 
Clothing at Watertown We the Subscribers Non Commissioned 


Officers and Soldiers in Capt Eleazer Hamlin's Company in 
generall Thomas Regt Desire you Wold Deliver to Capt Eleazer 
Hamlin the Coats ordered to us by the State Congress and His 
Rec't shall be a Discharge for the same." 



Vol. xlix, Page lxil 
A List of Capt Chamerlins Company in Coll Carys Regt &c. 
Cortland manor November ye 22, 1776. 
William Hayford — Rank, Private. 
William Hayford Junr — Rank, Private. 

I certify the foregoing to be true extracts from the Revolution- 
ary War Archives in the custody of this Office. 

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth. 

(Seal.) Deputy Secretary. 

Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol. VII, 

P- 597- 

This name appears under the form of Hafford, Haffords, 
Hafords, Hayfords, Heaford, Hefford, Heafords, Heiford, Hei- 
fords, Hereford, Hayford. 

Hayford, William, Pembroke, Private, Capt. James Hatch's 
Co. of Minute men which marched on the Alarm of Apr. 19, 
1775, from West Parish, Pembroke to Scituate and Marshfield, 
discharges, Apr. 29, 1775. Service, 11 days. Also Capt. Eleazer 
Hamblen's Co., Gen. Thomas' Reg't. Muster roll dated Aug. i, 
1775. Enlisted May ist, 1775. Service, 3 mos. i week, i day. 
Also company return, (prob. Oct. 1775) Also order for bounty 
coat or its equivalent in money, dated Roxbury, Nov. 9, 1775. 

Hayford, William Jr. Private, Capt. Freedom Chamberlain's 
Co., Col. Carey's Reg't company return, dated Cortland's Man- 
ner, Nov. 22, 1776. 

Same Vol. (VII) p. 692. 

Hefford, Benjamin, Middleborough. Private, Capt. Amos 
Wades' Co., Col. Theopilus Cotton's Reg't. company return dated 
Oct 7, 1775. 


Hefford, Webster, Private, Capt, Francis Stone's Co., Col. 
James Converse's Reg't. service 3 days on Alarm at Benning- 
ton Aug. 1777. 

Same Vol. p. 693 : Heffords. This name appears under the 
form of Hafford, Haffords, Hafords, Hayford, Heaford, Hefiford, 
Heiford. Service given of Daniel Heffords, Jacob Heffords, 
James Heffords, and on p. 694 : Jacob Heiford and Jacob Here- 
ford, p. 282 : Benjamin Harford, John Harford, Solomon 

English Genealogy of the Hayfords 

Lord McCauley has well said : "A people who take no pride in the no| 
be remembered by their descendants." 

Arms : Gules on a fess between 3 Parrots, as many m 

Roger de Heyford of Heyford Harleston = Ernuff de Morewicks of Northumberland, 

Richard de Heyford, son and heir gave j^ Hugh de Morewicks Sheriff of Co. C'l 

2 parts titles Harleston to St. Andrews priory. \ Hugh de Morev 

Hugh de Heyford, ae. 20, Hen. 3, (1235-6) Roger de Heyford, So, and heir = Margaret! 

Richard de Heyford, gave Mill at Heyford } Agness dau. and heiress = ) Hugh de^ 

to St. James Abbey, 26, Hen. 3, (i 241-2) ( ) esc. 37, 4 



and c< 

Sibella eldest dau. and co-h. ob. 26, ) = Sir Roger Lumley, 2 ^ ob. Ei 

Edw I (1297-8) esc. 26, Ed. i N. 23 ) Heirs. Had one-third of [ esc. 9 

Heyford in right of wife [ 1-awrence 
another from Rosels J dead 26 Edw 

Sir Roger Lumley of Co. Durham Oct 26 = Luria, dau. of Marmaduke ^ ; 

esc. 26 Edward i, living 29 Edw. i (1300-1) and sister and co-h. of Thomas > j 

Earl of Scarborough Vide Boseate ) , 

Roger Lumley of Harleston living 20 Edw. 3, (1346) Richard Lumley 

Robert Lumley of Harleston purchased Althrop 38, Edw. 3, (1364) M 

living 8 Hen. (1406-7) | 


John Lumley = Margaret 2 Richard Lumley 

of Harleston sold Althrop | 12, Hen. 4 (1410-11) j of Harleston, Esqr. bro. 4 

I Hen. 5 ob 2 H. 5 (1414) ) 1459-60. esc. 38, Hen. 6 j' Male of John ob. 38, H. 6 


Elizabeth dau. and heir acl 2, esc. 2 Hen. 5 

Robert Lumley ob. 8P living 12 Hen. 6, (1433-4) = Joan dau of Edmund Drive 

of Brampton Esq 

John Lumley Esq of Harleston Esq- grandson and heir of Richard act. Hen. 6, sold Hai 

i Morewich and Lumley Families. 

hievements of their ancestors will never accomplish anything worthy to 

of the second Gules Satture vary argent and sable. 

Hen. 2 lib. nig-per. i- 

md, 31, 32, 33, Hen. 2, ob. 2 (i i9o)-Nicholas Morewick. 
Sibella dau. of Richard of Umfearville. 

nek, of North Hey Harleston, in right of his wife, ob. 45, Henry 3, (1260) pip 45 H. 3 

= "1 Sir John Bulwer^ 3 Beatrice = ^ Sir John Roseles settled his 

;s [ of Co York had I dau. & co-heriss [ third of Heyford in right of 

131 5~6) f M o^ Heyford [ ob.S. P. 20-1243 f his wife on Sir Roger Lum- 

2. N. 1 1 J in right of wife. J 21. Edw. i. j ley ob. 4, Feb. 1304, 33 Edw i. 

er de Lumley of Heyford by gift of his bro. 29, Edw. i, living 35 Edw i, (1306-7) 

irleston, bro. and heir of Roger living 24, Edw 3 (1350) 

t Widow 12 Hen 4, (1410-11) Hammond Lumley 28, Edw 3 (1364) 

I William Lumley 8 Rec. 2 (1385) ) Elizabeth M. at Althrop 

^ John Lumley 20 Rec. 2 (1396) / 18 June, 1385 Thomas Stratmore 

Marmaduke Lumley 38 Hen. 6 {1459-60) ) of Morely Co. Dartmouth 

drew Lumley Esq. 

13, H. 7, (i 499-1 500). 



Arms : Gules on a fess between 3 doves argent, as many mul- 
lets sable. 
Sir Roger Lumley, K't. = Sibella dau, and heir of Hugh de 

Roger Lumley to whom his father gave lands in Harleston. 
Roger Lumley 12. R. 2 
John Lumley " " " 
Richard Lumley of Harleston = Cicely dau of John Holdenby. 

9. H. 5 ob. H. 6. of Holdenby 

Andrew Lumley held lands in Church Berrington, gift of his 
brother, 36, H. 6. 

John Lumley of Ciipston= Elizabeth, dau. and co.h. of Sir James 
Co of Northumberland Harrington, Kt. of Brixworth. 

Henry Lumley of Clipston = Alice, dau. Sir Morris Osborne, Kt. 

of Co. Northampton 

1 son lived 100 years 

2 Mark, 3 Matthew John = Katherine, Mary, Mercy dau. of Rafe 
4 Luke, 5 Morris ob. in the life ux Bently, Bridget Castle Donington 
6 Mules, 7 Edward of his father. 

8 Gules Co. Leir, born Edwd, Calesby. 

2, Thomas Francis L.= Elizabeth, dau. Faith Ellen, ux. Thomas 

Clipston 1618 of Thomas Saunders Mathew Pipin Baxter of 

3, Henry of Siberloft of Clipston Siberloft. 

s. p. 

JohnS Watters^ Francis^ Thomas*, Mary, Katherine. Ann, Eliza- 


Harford, Heyford, Hayford, all one. 

Northampton County. 
Roger de Heyford of Heyford. 
Richard de Heyford, son and heir. 
Hugh de Heyford, as. 20, Henry 3, (1235-6). 
Richard de Heyford gave Mill at Heyford to 
St. James Abbey, King Henry 3, (i 241-2) 
Roger de Heyford married Margaret Gobin. 



Simon de Heyford, Rector, living in 1293. 

John de Heyford, " " " 1304, removed. 

Peter de Hayford, presented, Mar. 20, 1420. 

He was a member of a family resident in this village, (Hey- 
ford), described as de Heyford ; was admitted a scholar of Win- 
chester College in 1406, of New College (Oxford) in 141 2. 
Fellow in 141 2. He was resident during the whole of incum- 
bency in his Cure, Mar. 22, 1446. 

Mathew Hayford, Scholar, Winchester College, 1491, from 
Milton, Dorset County. 

Mathew, Chap., St. James Church, inst., June 21, 15 13. 
Resign'd. 1533. 

Note. — The records contained on four preceeding pages are copied verba- 
tim from a record now (1900) in the hands of Miss Eloise A. Hafford of 
Freetown, Mass., and were given her father years ago by Mr. W. A. Hayford 
of Boston, Mass. Copied Mar. 1900, by O. Hayford, Canton, Me. 

In Barker's history of Northamptonshire, England, Vol. i, p. 
166, (Pub. library, Boston,) we find "Lumley Manor." As early 
as the reign of Henry II., (A. D. 1154) or perhaps earlier, Hugh 
de Hayford had a knight's fee in Hayford and Harleston, of the 
small fees of Moreton, in sublimanty, from the lord of Dodford. 
Ralph de Lay was guardian of his daughter, Agnes, who after- 
wards married Hugh de Morewick, one of the northern barons, 
by whom she had three daughters and co-heiresses. Two of the 
three shares into which the property of Heyford and Morewick 
was divided, became vested in Sir Roger de Lumley and Sibella, 
his wife. 

Sir Roger de Lumley, their son and heir, in 1300, settled all 
his Northamptonshire estates on his brother, Roger, in whose 
lineal descendant this manor continued till Henry VII, 1500, 
when John Lumley, Esq., and Alice, his wife, passed it by fine 
to the use of Thomas Andrews, Esq. 

Barker's History, Vol. i, p. 167 : Roger de Hayford, of Hey- 
ford Plarleston, married ? Son Richard married ? 

Son Roger married Mary Gobin, dau. Agnes, married Hugh de 
Morewick ab. 1260, A. D. Agnes had three daughters: Sibella, 
Theo-phania, Beatrice. Sibella had two sons : Robert and Roger. 
Roger had two sons : Roger and Richard. Etc. 

Havfokd Coat of Arms, England. 

"Learn the past and you will know the future." — Confucius. 

IHa^forb (5eneaIoG^. 

Coat of Arms of Hayfords. 
Gules on a fess between three parrots argent, as many mullets in the second. 

Richard of Umfearville. 

Hugh de Morewick = Sibella. 

Sheriff of Cumberland Co., 1190. 

Ernuff = Roger de Heyford Sibella = Sir Roger de Lumley, K't. 

Heiress — Rec'd lands from his father, 
in Harleston, y^ Hey. 

Richard de Heyford 

heir, gave two parts titles Harleston 

to St. Andrew's Priory: gave Mill at Roger de Lumley 

Heyford to St. James' Abbey — 1 241-2. 

Roger = Margaret Gobin. Hugh de Heyford 

Heir Ae. 20, 1235-6. 

Agnes = Hugh de Morewick 

Heiress — of No. Heyford Harleston, 

obtained in right of wife, Heyford of Harleston. 

Sibella = Theophania = Beatrice = 

r Sir Roger de Lumley. fSir John de Bulwer f Sir John Roseles, 

J eldest % of Heyford J of Co. York had "^ J 1243. Settled % 

] in right of wife, another j of Heyford in right ] of Heyford on 

1,3d. from Roseles, 1297-8. [of wife, 131 5-1 6. [sir Roger Lumley. 

Morewick Coat of Arms: Vary argent and sable. 

Lumley, " " " Gules on a fess, three doves, argent, as many 

mullets sable. 


Simon de Heyford, Rector, living in 1293. 
John de Heyford, " removed " 1304. 

Peter de Heyford was a member of a family resident in the 
village (Heyford) described as de Heyford. He was admitted a 


scholar of Winchester College in 1406 ; of New College of Oxford 
in 141 2 ; Fellow in 141 2. Presented at Heyford Church in 1420, 
and was resident during whole of incumbency in his Cure, Mar. 
22, 1446. 

Mathew Hayford, scholar, Winchester College from Milton, 
Dorset Co., 1491. Mathew Hayford, St. James Church, installed 
June 21, 1 5 13. Resigned 1533. Berkshire County, England, 
Court of Archdeacon of Berkshire, Somerset Home. Will of 
Edmond Haiford, 1555. (Book D p. io4,=Mr. G. H. Rodman, 
Keeper of Records, 1893.) 

About 1606, John Heyford was the Post of Ferrybridge, and 
Nicholas Heyford, and after him Ralph Astaby, the Post of Don- 
caster. Heyford and Astaby were both respectable families in 
the south part of the West-Riding of Yorkshire. They were 
associates of Elder William Brewster. 

1630, A hamlet near Medford was called Hayford. (N. E. Gen. 
Register, Vol. 28, p. 182.) 

"Nathan Haford came over in the planter 1635. William 
Haffut, an early settler of Old Norfolk and Essex, in 1668, was 
48 years old, residence unknown." 

"Samuel Hefford having been much misused by his Mr. Jona- 
than Wade, he is freed from the said Mr. Wade and is put to 
John Johnson for three years, and to have 6 ^s wages p. a. and 
for the other 1 1/3 years it is referred to the Court". ( Mass. 
Records, Dec. i, 1640, page 311.) 

Samuel Heyford was of Roxbury, 1640, a youth of 16^ years, 
and Samuel Heyford of Ipswich, 1648. Executed a power of 
attorney to Richard Coy, 1652, and returned to England. 

Samuel Heifer subscribed 4 ^s, i s. to a fund to be paid Major 
Dennison in 1648. Record of Co. files, Essex Co., Sept. term, 
Vol. 2, p. 4, Salem, Mass. Martha Coy witnesses power of 
attorney from Samuel Hayford of Ipswich, Dec. 20, 1651 to 
Richard Co}^ who sold the home for a schoolhouse. 

Either William or Samuel, above named, would appear to have 
been the parent of John Heiford of Braintree, married 1679 to 

Abigail Albins. 

No record is found of any other person bearing the name, at 
that date or prior. 

John Heiford^ married Abigail Albins of Braintree, Mass., 
Apr. 8, 1679. Married by Mr. Joseph Dudley. Their children 
were : 


■■^Abigail Heiford, b. Jan. 26, 1679-80, m. Capt. Thomas Wash- 
burn, July 24, 171 1. 

■^John Heiford, b. Feb. 23, 1 680-1, m. Lydia Pierce. 

■^Samuel Heiford, (?) No birth record or marriage. 

■^Edward Heiford, b. May 23, 1685, m. Ruth Bryant Jan'y 27, 
1709, m. Mary 1711-12. 

"Benjamin Hayford, b. Duxbury, m. Mary 1726. 

-Daniel Hayford, b. Duxbury, m. Anne V/ebster and Betty Bon- 
ney'^ 1723, 1733. 

-Thomas Hayford, b. Duxbury, (?) m. Susannah Parry, Sept. 23, 


John Heiford^ witnessed deed from Mr. Gregory to Richard 
Harris of Braintree, Apr. 16, 1667. Capt. Thomas sold land to 
his brother-in-law, Edward Playford- of Pembroke, yoeman, and 
Samuel Heiford- of Duxbury, Cordwainer, 17 17, as per Plymouth 
Co. Records, B. 13, p. 136. There can be scarcely a doubt that 
the said Samuel"- was a son of john\ but no record of birth, mar- 
riage or issue is found. Thomas Washburn bought land in Brain- 
tree, June I, 1709, lately occupied by John Heiford^ Nathaniel 
Thomas of Marshfield sold land to Abigail, widow of John Hei- 
ford\ 1710. (Ply- records, B. 8, p. 87.) 

John Heiford-, son of John\ b. Feb. 23, 1681, m. Lydia 
Pierce, July 3, 1706, at Bridgewater, Mass. (Letters of adminis- 
tration granted widow 1724. — Ply. records, B 4, p. 395.) They 
had five children : 
'^Ebenezer Hayford, b. Pembroke, Jun. 20, 1707, m. Mary 

Brooman, 1733-4. 
■^ Alice Hayford, b. Pembroke, May 21, 17 10, d. 
■"^John Hayford, b. Pembroke, Jan. 7, 17 12, m. Thankful Phinney, 

Nov. 23, 1738. 
'^Jacob Hayford, b. Middleboro, Oct. 24, 17 15, prob. d. prior to 

■^Samuel Hafford, b. Middleboro, Sep. 17, 17 19, d. July 10, 1801, 

m. Jul. 2, 1 741, Hannah Reynolds, b. P^b. 2, 17 15, d. Feb. i, 


Lydia Pierce descended from Abraham Pierce, who was a tax- 
payer at Plymouth in 1623. His fifth child was Isaac, b. ab. 
1661, m. Alice Chartley, a Scotch emigrant. Tradition says: 
"had tv/o thumbs on one hand." For service in Narraganset 
War, he received a grant of land in Middleboro. Isaac's fourth 


child was Lydia, who married John Heiford^. After his death, 
Jan. 12, 1725, she married Aaron Seekels. 

Isaac's eldest child was Isaac, Jr., who died Jan. 17, 1757. 
In 1724, Isaac Pierce sold land to his son-in-law John Heiford"-^ 
of Middleboro. (See Plymouth Records, B. 30, p. 105.) Isaac 
Pierce appointed guardian of John Heiford^, 14 years old, son of 
John'-, deceased, 1724, also Ebenezer^ and Samuel*, sons of John"^. 
(Ply. Records, B. 4, p. 452.) Feb. 18, 1728-9, Ebenezer Hay- 
ford^ deeded one-half of the estate of his deceased, honored 
father, John Hayford"-, to Isaac Pierce, Jr., of Middleboro, as the 
eldest son had two shares. Feb. 27, 1734-5, John Hayford^ 
deeded one-quarter of same to said Isaac Pierce. 

Nov. 30, 1734, Aaron Seekles and Lydia, his wife, quit claim to 
same Isaac Pierce, all dower right in her former husband's estate. 
May 2, 1 741, Samuel Hayford'^ sold the remaining one-quarter to 
Isaac Pierce. 

Thus the original Heiford estate in Middleboro, later Lakeville, 
near Mynch, passed from the Heifords to the Pierces. The four 
deeds are now (1900) in the possession of Miss Eloise A. Hafford, 
of East Freetown, Mass. 

Dec. 24, 1747, Aaron Seekles and his mother, Lydia, deeded 
to Samuel Hayford, the former father's estate in Middleboro, 
now Lakeville. Upon this homestead six generations of Haffords 
have lived and died, being interred in the family lot on the prem- 
ises. Three generations have been born there, and the above 
named Miss Hafford, who resides there, has also in her possession 
the last named deed. 

Documents and papers in possession of Miss E. A. Hafford 
show the changes in the spelling of the family name as follows : 
"John Hayford," in 1734-5, as signed by himself, and thus found 
in deeds until 1766, when Elijah Duglass deeded to "Samuel 
Heffords". Then Hayford prevails. In 1783, John Booth deeds 
to Ebenezer Heafords. Micah Pratt, M. D., receipts Mar. 19. 
1759, to Samuel Heffords. In 1763, Jacob Haford witnessed a 
note, and in 1769, June 5, 'James Hafford witnessed a note of 
Samuel Heford, Samuel being a son of Ebenezer and Mary 
Broman, and this first gave the name its present form. The 
other forms, however, prevailed and are found in deeds, notes 
and receipts, preserved until early in the 19th century, when 
Hafford became the acknowledged spelling. 

2 a 

X K 

I t^J 



The Hafford cemetery on former page is situated on the farm 
first owned by John Hayford, and later, from 1747, by Samuel 
Hafford and his descendants. 

Five generations lie buried here, to wit : Samuel Hafford'^ and 
wife, Ebeneazer Hafford* and two wives and their childen, Reu- 
ben Hafford^ and wife, Silvia'^ Sarah', Mary-^ and her husband, 
William Fl, Wm. Augustus" and Lucy T^ 

Miss Eloise A. Hafford describes the photograph as follows : 
"The two new stones near the front right-hand corner are my 
mother and sister ; the next to the left in front of the monument, 
father's brother, W. Augustus. The monument for another 
brother, Ebeneazer, who died in California. Still farther to the 
left, grandfather Reuben and wife Lucy ; grandfather Reuben 
being at the extreme left. Behind the monument and partly 
hidden by it, is a slate stone marking great grandfather Eben- 
eazer's grave. Following back by the fence, a white stone marks 
uncle William's grave. Next to William, his sister, Alice. The 
stone appearing next to the right is great great grandfather 
Samuel's : his wife's stone beside his being scarcely discernable. 
To the right of great grandfather Ebeneazer is a black stone, 
his first wife's. To the right of that, a low, field stone, her 
brother's, and to the left of the stone post and partly concealed 
by it, great grandfather Ebeneazer's second wife. To the right 
of the stone post a white stone, my great aunt. Miss Silvia's ; 
back of that and a little to the right, great aunt Mary, who married 
Abraham Pierce. His stone is farther to the right but not seen. 
Directly behind great grandfather Ebeneazer's second wife is 
great aunt Sarah." 


Miss Eloise A. Hafford, dau. of Thomas Hafford, has been 
employed for many years as a teacher and preceptress in high 
schools, academies, universities, etc., and has won an enviable 
reputation in this work, not only in her native State but in Maine, 
Pennsylvania, etc. In 1894 she published a drill book of elocu- 
tion. At the present time, her health having become impaired 
by arduous labor continued for nearly twenty years past, she 
resides with her aged father on the beforementioned Samuel Haf- 
ford farm in Lakeville, Mass, they being the only surviving mem- 
bers of that family. 

By permission of Miss Hafford, the following correspondence 
is copied. 

Chicago, III., May 5, 1900. 
My dear Madame: — 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your courteous letter of April 30th, 
and in reply will say, that so far as I can learn (from tradition) my remote 
ancestors arrived in England with William the Conqueror; and William Fitz 
Osborne, first Earl of Hereford, became the head of the family, from which 
has descended the progeny whose various names commence with "H" and 
end with "ford." 

This Earl died in 1070, being slain in battle, and was buried in the Abbey 
of Corneilles in Normandy. He was twice married, and had three sons by 
his first wife. Both my father and grandfather were born in England, and I 
can remember that my grandfather told me before he died (30 years ago) that 
his grandfather's name was spelled Hereford, but that for some unknown 
reason his own father (my great grandfather) changed the spelling to Heaf- 
ford, and so it has remained ever since, much to my regret, for I should be 
proud to possess the original name instead of this hybrid name which no two 
people, unacquainted with me, pronounce alike. I have been taught to pro- 
nounce it as if spelled Hefford, but others frequently call it He-ford, Her- 
ford, Haf-ford and Her-e-ford. It is my own opinion that some one of my 
ancestors must have been a great rascal, and for his crimes, may have been 
"hung, drawn and quartered," and his near relations thought it wise to change 
the spelling of the family name to escape ignominy! So far as I know, there 
is outside of my immediate family, which is small, no one in the wide 
world who spells his name exactly as I do, and in consequence, I am not 
likely to fall heir to any great fortune by the demise of my kindred, or to be 
called to England to assume the title of Earl or Duke, "or sich," for which 
may the good Lord make me truly grateful ! 

It is a "far cry" from 1070 to 1900, and I can only trace my immediate 
family back for something over a century, and that only indistinctly, as above 
explained; but if you please, we can imagine that the Haffords and Heaffords 
have been at some time more or less closely related. 

I have often dwelt in fancy on the valorous deeds of my progenitors, as 
they pranced around Great Britian and other countries, and yours, perchance, 
were royal maids in waiting to Anne Boleyn or Mary Stuart, — who knows? 

If you have read that sweet little story, "When Knighthood was in Flower," 
you can imagine what sort of people I have sometimes thought were either 
your or my kinsmen, prior to the time of George the Fourth, whose Christian 
name (or was it George Washington's?) I have inherited. 

As for myself, I was born in Essex, Conn., Oct. 29, 1845. Yon will per- 
ceive, therefore, that I am a born Yankee, as I imagine you must be. My 


father, William Henry Heafford, was born in England, Apr. 8, 1823, and 
emigrated to this country with his parents in 1833. Apr. 28, 1900, I am his 
only surviving son. Possibly you may not find anything in the foregoing 
worthy of chronicling in any "history of our family," but I beg to express 
my sincere appreciation of the thought which prompted you to write me for 
information. If anything should be published concerning the family, I hope 
you will be good enough to apprise me of the fact. 

If I had the curiosity which is proverbial in my native State I might 
venture to inquire if you know any more of your forbears than I do of mine.? 
Very truly yours, 

George H. Heafford. 

(Copy of Reply.) 

"Your very delightful letter reached me in due time, with all of its charm- 
ing suggestions of romance connected with our family. From what you say, 
I fear that there must have been two distinct families at the time of the 
Conquest, both, doubtless, so near the great Conqueror that they crossed the 
Channel in his own vessel, bearing as a figure head the image of the second 
of the Norman line to rule over England, and, fighting under those banners 
blessed by the Pope of Rome, were in the forefront of battle on that famous 
day, listening with high hopes of success as that solitary minstrel advanced 
singing Chanson de Roland. 

But a little prior to this, why not one ancestor, an old Viking of that fam- 
ous band who early settled Normandy? And why two families in 1066, 
because you tell me of Hereford at that time, while I, in my own line, know 
.only de Heyford? For something like two hundred years, v,'e have the family 
during the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, during which time 
they intermarried with the Umfearvills, de Morewiches, de Lumleys, etc., 
The ancestral estate seemed to have been Heyford Harleston, and the lords 
of the manor decidedly generous hearted, as witness a gift of two parts of 
Harleston to St. Andrews' Priory, and again the Mill at Heyford to St. James' 

Either this, or the Richard de Heyford who bestowed these properties on 
the Church may have been trying to win favor in the eyes of the sovereign, 
the weak, pious, good natured Henry the Third. 

A little later, we find the heir of this man wedding Margaret Gobin, and 
we wonder who she might have been, and why just Margaret Gobin, with no 
mention of her forbears. Was she just a Saxon damsel, a maid servant in 
the great hall, or a rosy-cheeked milk maid? Be that as it may, her three 
grand daughters all took high places; the eldest, Sibella, marrying a Sir 
Roger de Lumley, even as the one for whom she was probably named, did a 
century and a half or more before. The other two, Theophania and Beatrice, 
also married noblemen, but the latter seems to have fallen on evil days, as 
her part of the estate is settled by her husband. Sir John Roseles, on his 
brother-in-law. Sir Roger de Lumley. 

We loose the direct line and wonder if the warriors of the family may not 
have fallen at Bannockburn, or even Crecy or Portiers? But stirring times 
were coming in other directions : The Church had need of loyal, sturdy 
defenders, for the followers of Wyckliff were making themselves heard, and 
thus we find a line of Rectors at the Priory of Heyford Harleston, preaching, 
doubtless, sermon after sermon, at the iconoclasts, the destroyers of the an- 
cient strongholds. Vv' hat stirring times they must have seen during the two 
hundred years they served their church and people. Westminister Abbey 
completed after sixty long years spent in construction. Did the pale, schol- 
arly Peter de Heyford make a long, wearisome journey to be present at its 
dedication? What did the news concerning Luther signify to the portly, 
florid Mathew? As an old man, he was nearing the end of his work. Did 
he give up his living in despair, and retire to the fireside of his brother at the 
great house, as the news reached his deaf ears that soon the English Bible 


would be placed in all the churches? Is it possible that the Heyfoids, brainy 
men, but of candid consideration, finally accepted the new faith and joined 
forces with the Wycklifiites, stepping down from the rich living of Heyford 
Harleston? For, after 1533, we find no mention of them in this capacity. 
In 1555, the will of one Edmund is recorded. We can imagine, if he was 
one of the new sect, how glad he was of release from the bloody persecutions 
ushered in by Mary. 

For fifty years the records hold their peace, and then we may imagine thfe 
family beginning to look up again, after the poverty and self sacrifice brought 
on by confiscation, for we find John and Nicholas Heyford, the Posts of 
Ferrybridge, in the south part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, a respect- 
able family, associated with Elder William Brewster; surely, then, our sur- 
mising as to their having adopted Protestantism has not been in vain. Rut 
while associated with the Pilgrims, they evidently remained longer in the 
homeland. We find several individuals of the name, but nothing definite 
until 1679, when we place our feet on firm foundation. 

On April 8th, John Heiford wedded Abigail Albins of Braintree, Mass. 
Who knows but over the cradle of their first baby, Abigail, they may not 
have talked of the strange theory of the circulation of the blood, just a little 
before discovered by Harvey.-' Or when John, the second baby, fell from 
his cradle — of gravitation? But the bump was not a fatal one, and as the 
baby screams, we awake from our dream of the past and find that we are in 
the realm of reality. 

Vours truly, 

Eloise a. HaXTOrd. 

In consideration of certain information that has come to the 
knowledge of the author recently, and some portions just pre- 
vious to the publication of this work, it may be necessary to 
qualify, in a measure, conclusions arrived at and written on for- 
mer pages of this book, as to the emigrant paternity of the Hay- 
ford family. Mr. Winslow A. Hayford of Penacook, N. H., a 
descendant of Daniel Hayford, Jr.,^ of Tamworth, N. H., who 
has for many years given much study to the Hayford genealogy, 
writes as follows : 

"I think that Samuel of Ipswich returned to England in 1652- 
1660, and that his son, or brother, John\ came over later. The 
Hayfords all seemed to be wealthy for those days, buying lands, 
buildings, etc., and I think that they came from London, Eng. 
From Hayford town we find them as merchants, goldsmiths in 
Fleet street. Lord Mayor of London, majors, etc., and today we 
find there the firm of William B. Hayford & Sons." Heyford 
was Lord Mayor of London 1477. 

John^ was a witness to Gregory Belcher's deed of land in 
Braintree, Feb. 21, 1667. In the diary of Samuel Sewall written 
while visiting London, as found in Vol, V, Mass. Historical col- 
lection, Sewall Papers, under date of Apr. 3, 1688: "See the 
Orchard John Hayford has planted." Also same Vol. page 252 : 


"Writ my Unkle Ste. Dummer. Sent the news of yesterday's 
Acts, sent John Heiford's and Mr. Taylor's letters." 

In St. Thomas Church, London, the following record of births 
appears : 

William, son of John Hayford and Barbara, his wife, b. Feb. ii, 1661. 
John, " " " " " " b. Jun. 15,1662. 

Denis, " " " " " " b. Jan. 14,1665. 

William and John died two years later. Did his wife, Barbara, 
die also, and John^ then emigrate to Braintree? In the history 
of Cheshire Co., Eng., we find the following: "Denis Hayford 
m. a dau. of Millington, 1668." Here we have John of London, 
1661-1665; Denis in Millington, 1668, John in Braintree, 1667. 
John of London names his child Denis ; probably Denis of 
Millington was his brother, they were about the same age. John 
married and in London, 1661. Denis married, Millington, 1668. 
John^ at Braintree, 1667, and in 1668, Sewall visiting London 
saw the John Hayford orchard. 

Denis Hayford had a dau. who m. Thorald. (Cheshire Co. 
records.) Cecil Hayford of the English army to-day is a 
descendant. Burke's Peerage gives same information under 

Sir John Thorald died 1775, succeeded by eldest son. Sir John, 
b. 1734. M. P. for Lincolnshire. Married Jane, only dau. and 
heiress of Millington Hayford of Oxton Hall, Co. Nottingham, 
and Millington in Cheshire Co. by whom he left issue five sons 
and one dau. 

Sir John Hayford, his successor, b. Mar. 1773, had 
William Hayford. 
George " 

Edward " b. 1781, In holy orders m. Mary 
Wilson. Had son, Edward Hayford. 

Under "Earl of Scarborough" are found the Lumleys. In 
"Oxford Students," the Hayfords. In "History of Irish, 17th. 
Century," this: "Among British Officers who went to Ireland 
was one Hayford." The following clipping was from the Vassal- 
boro Times, Me., under date of Dec. 7, 1900. 

An Irate Commandant. 

Major Hayford Thorald, second in command of the First 
Batallion, Duke of Wellington's Regiment, tells a story of his 


experiences in Matabele, and in 1896, when sent to restore order 
in a little township named Gwelo. 

On arrival there he found the acting commandant (an ex- 
storekeeper) in a state bordering on delirium tremens, so he had 
him locked up. The commandant, however, managed to break 
out and make his way to the telegraph office, whence he dis- 
patched the following wire : "Chamberlain, London : Man here 
named Thorald questions my sobriety. Who is Thorald ? Wire 
at once to prevent bloodshed." — The Argonaut. 

In the Coat of Arms of Americans, or Heraldy in America, 
appears the Hayford Coat of Arms illustrated, in possession of 
a Hayward family of Concord, Mass. How came this family 
with the Coat of Arms of the Hayford family ? Two separate 
families with two separate coats of arms. 

Heraldic Journal, Vol. IV, page 91, Arms, p. 30, says: "We 
copy this seal from the administration bond of John Farrar, 
Marlboro, 1707. Jacob Farrar of Lancaster, Eng., m. Hannah, 
dau. of George Hayward of Concord, Mass. The arms here 
given cannot be traced to the name of any of the signers of the 
documents. Hayford Arms. The arms engraved on page 30 of 
this Vol. bear a resemblance to those of Hayford. Argent a 
chevron, sable, between 3 bucks springing. Gules attend. Or. 
The mother of John Farrar in connection with whose estate the 
seal was used is stated to have been a dau. of George Hayward 
of Concord. 

The arms of the Haywards are quite different but the simi- 
larity of sound suggests a query : Whether the name and arms 
were not sometimes confused, and whether the Hayward of Con- 
cord might not have been Heyford ? 

We are not yet able to go further than this." 

George Hayward came 1693, d. Mar. 29, 167 1. Estate 506 
;^s. Wife d. 1693. Concord record of births names three sons: 
John, b. 1640, Joseph, b. 1643, George, b. 1654. No daus. 
Prob. the Hannah named was a dau of George Hayward, Jr. 

Hayford : Hay, an inclosure ; ford, a way ; the road or way 
inclosed, or the way through the inclosure or park. 

John IHa^forb Branch. 

Ebenezer Hayford^ son of John-, b. Pembroke, June 20, 
1707, m. Mary Brooman, Mar. 22, 1733. They had four children : 
^James Hafford, b. Middleboro, Mar. 10, 1735. 
^Mary " b. " May 4, 1737. 

•'Lydia " b. " Sep. 16, 1738. 

\yohn " b. " Mar. 23, 1743, buried in Middle- 


Ebenezer Hayford** of Middleboro bought land of Ebenezer 
Hamlin of Middleboro, 1735-6. 

Braman or Brooman Square, adjoins the Samuel Hayford 
homestead, Lakeville, Mass., and in one corner is a little group 
of graves. Upon one stone can be plainly seen "E. H." On 
the stone at the head of a grave beside "E. H." one can easily 
imagine a "J" and that John lies there. An old record says that 
John was buried there. 

Samuel Hafford^ son of John Hayford^ b. Sept. 17, 17 19, 
d. July 10, 1801, m. July 2, 1741, Hannah Reynolds of Middle- 
boro, Mass., b. Eeb. 2, 1715, d. Feb. i, 1799. They had six 
children : 
^Ebenezer Hafford, b. June 18, 1751, m. Priscilla Booth, 2d 

Abigail Caswell. 
^Sarah Hafford, d. unmarried. 
"Hannah Hafford, m. i, Benjamin Booth, Pub., Dec. 19, 1778. 

2, Seth Randall. 
"Else Hafford, m. i, Edward Andros, Jan. 10, 1767. 2, Barnabas 

Spooner of Fairhaven. 
"Deborah Hafford, m. Isaac Smith of Fairhaven. 
"Jacob " m. Abigail Webber of Nova Scotia. 

Jacob^ was in the French War, and died at Valley Forge in 
the Revolutionary War. He was a private in Capt. Thomas 
Turner's Co., Col. Bradford's Regiment, Jan. 15, 1778; Corporal 
in Capt. Wood's Co., Col. Cotton's Regiment, 1775. 


Ebenezer Hafford'*, son of SamueP, b. Jun. i8, 1751, d. Sep. 
22, 1839, m. Priscilla Booth, b. Sept. 1755, d. Jul. 3, 1806; in. 
2d., Abigail Caswell, Mar. 24, 181 1, d. Jul. 5, 1839. 

Ebenezer- served in the Rev. War, Corp. in Capt. Henry Pierce's 
Co., Col. Ebenezer White's Regiment, iVug. 1-9, 1780. Marched 
to Rhode Island on Alarm, by order of Council, Jul. 22, 1780. 

They had thirteen children : 
'^Rachel Hafford, b. Sep. 11, 1776, m. Pardon Devol of New 

^Mary Hafford, b. Feb. 13, 1778, m. Abraham Pierce, b. Jul. 8, 

1779, d. Nov. 14, 1850. 
^Silvah Hafford, b. Jan. 27, 1780, d. Mar. 2, 1873, ce. 93, 

^Alice Hafford, b. Oct. 3, T782, d. Oct. 6, 1806, unmarried. 
^Jacob Hafford, b. Oct. 23, 1784, m. Dec. 26, 1804, Betsy Terry, 

had 8 ch., went to N. Y. 
^Sarah Hafford, b. Sept. 8, 1787, d. May 30, 1838, unmarried. 
^Ebenezer Hafford, b. May 14, 1788, m. Lucy Freeman of Roch- 
ester, 5 ch. Went to Morefield, Venay Township, Indiana. 
^Samuel Hafford, b. Apr. 6, 1760, m. i, Esther Graves of Hoosac, 

N. Y. Jan. 4, 1816; m. 2, Betsy Andros, Jun. 20, 1840; m. 3, 

Sally Fitch, Sep. 23, 1852. 8 ch. Moved to Ohio, 1835, d. 

in 187 I. 
'\[ohn Hafford, b. May 28, 1792, m. Bethiah Barrows of Roches- 
ter, 6 ch. Ohio. 
^Priscilla Hafford, b. Feb. 9, 1795. Married. Had 6 ch. 
''Reuben Hafford, b. May 20, 1797, m. Lucy Faunce, Pub. Oct. 

21, 1826, d. Jan. 22, 1879. 
■^William F. Hafford, b. April 8, 1799, d. unmarried. 
■^Orinda Hafford, b. July 14, 1802, m. Emerson Ashley, Pub. Aug- 

16, 1823, d. Oct. 22, 1868, 9 ch. 

Rachel Hafford^ dau. of Ebenezer'*, son of Samuel^ son of 
John-, b. Sept. 11, 1776, m. Pardon Devol of New Bedford, 
Mass. They had four children : 

"Pardon Brownell Devol, b. July 9, 18 13, m. Esther Cushman. 
'^Elijah S. Devol, b. Feb. 10, 18 16, lost at sea. 
"Priscilla H. Devol, b. Apr. 4, 181 1, m. Andrew Sawyer, Jul. i, 

1828. 2 ch. 
''Sarah Devol, b. Apr. 23, 181 2, m. Jonathan D. Howland, Aug. 

3, 1830. I child. 


Mary Hafford"', dau. of Ebenezer'', son of SanuieP, son of 
John-, b. Feb. 13, 1778, m. Abraham Pierce. They had five 
children : 
"David R. Pierce, b. Dec. 9, 1806, m. Sallie Wilbour, Mar. 12, 

1827. 9 ch. 
"Alice H. Pierce, b. Apr. 8, 1808, m. Joseph Chase, Jun. i, 1828. 

5 ch. 
"Mary Ann Pierce, b. Jul. 10, 18 10, m. Andrew Mc'Cumber, Jun. 

10, 1832. 7 ch. 
"Abraham Pierce, b. July 20, 1813, m. Orphia Allen, Sep. 20, 1848. 
"Sylvia H. Pierce, b. Sep. 10, 18 17, m. i, Louis L. Bartlett, Sep. 

I, 1839. 2 ch. m. 2, Samuel Williamson. 

Jacob Hafford", son of Ebenezer^ b. Oct. 23, 1784, m. Dec. 
26, 1804, Betsy Terry. They had nine children: 
"Priscilla Hafford, b. m. i, Darius Carpenter, i son. 2, 

Dr. C. Cleveland. 2 ch. 
"Betsy Hafford, b. 181 1, m. Julius Paulding, 3 ch. Brownville, 

N. Y. 

"Elmira Hafford, b m. Lucius Meeker of Freemont, O. 2 ch. 

"Edwin Hafford, b. 1814, m. Margaret Butler. 7 ch. 

"yVbiel Terry Hafford, b. 18 16, m. Sarah A. Campbell, Lake 

Providence, La. 4 ch. 
"Mary Ann Hafford, b. 1819. Did not marry, d. 1884, Milan, 

V *'Jacob Tisdale Hafford, b. 1S21, m. Lydia A. Matterson, Brown- 
ville, N. Y. 4 ch. 
"Alice Hafford, b. 1823. Did not marry, d. 1842. 
"Henry Hafford, b. 1825, m. Elmira Wakefield, Redwood, N. Y. 

5 ch. 

Jacob Hafford^ emigrated to New York and died at Brownville 
in that state in 1856. 

Ebeneazer HAFFORD^ son of Ebeneazer^ b. May 14, 1788, 
m. Lucy Freeman of Rochester, Mass., Jan. 13, 1824. They 
had nine children : 

"Samuel Hafford, b. Mar. 15, 1827, d. Apr. 7, 1827. 
"Betsy Hafford, b. Mar. 12, 1828, d. Jul. 23, 1828. 
"Lucy Hafford, b. Aug. 22, 1829, m. Nicholas Vineyard, Feb. 6, 

1845, of Bryan, O. 
"Betsy W. Hafford, b. Jun. 30, 1831, m. Joseph Netherland, May 

17, 1850. I ch. 


^Ebeneazer Hafford, b. Feb. 6, 1833, m. Elizabeth Malcolman, 

Feb. 25, 1858. 1 1 ch. 
'''Orinda Hafford, b. Sep. 11, 1835, m. Samuel Adkinson, Jan. i, 

1856. 4 ch. 
•^Benjamin L. Hafiford, b. Jan. 13, 1838, d. unmarried Mar. 27, 

"Eliza A. Hafford, b. Oct. 7, 1841, m. Wesley H. Adkinson, Sep. 

14, 1865. 
Triscilla Hafford, b. Aug. 8, 1843, d. Jan. 22, 1844. 

Ebeneazer Hafford^ emigrated to Indiana when a young man. 
He settled on a farm near tlie Kentucky line where his children 
were born and where he died. Those of his descendants who 
have remained in the vicinity have settled just across the line in 
(arrolton, Ky. 

Ebeneazer Hafford^ d. Sep. 21, 1855. 
Lucy Freeman Hafford d. Dec. 6, 1846. 

Samuel Hafford^ son of Ebeneazer'', b. Apr. 6, 1790, m. ist, 
Jan. 4, 181 6, Esther Graves of Hoosac, N. Y., d. Aug. 15, 1838; 
m. 2, Jun. 20, 1840, Betsy Andros, d. Jul. 25, 1849; m. 3, Sally 
S. Fitch, nee Griswold, Sep. 23, 1852, d. Nov. 30, 1892. They 
had eight children : 
'James H. Hafford, b. Sep. 12, i8i6, m. i, Jan. 11, 183S, Florilla 

Williams, d. Jul. 6, 1852. 5 ch. m. 2, Nov. 9, 1875, Nannie 

''Ebeneazer Hafford, b. Mar. 30, 18 18, d. Sept. 20, 1838. 

•'Eveline Hafford, b. Nov. 22, 1819, m. Edward Tindall of Ohio, 

Dec. 7, 1837. 5 ch. 
''Harriet Hafford, b. Jun. 7, 182 1, m. Orrin A. Roberts, Ohio, 

Apr. 24, 1848. 7 ch. 
•^Esther A. Hafford, b. Sep. 11, 1823, m. Wm. B. Sheldon, Ohio, 

Sep. 17, 1845. 2 ch. 
'Louisa Hafford, b. Aug. 12, 1825, m. Wesley Colby, Ohio, Nov. 

25» 1847. 3 ch. 
"Samuel Hafford, b. Feb. 15, 1828, m. Elizabeth (a Ger- 
man) of San Francisco, Cal. 5 ch. 
''Warren G. Hafford, b. Jun. 11, 1830, m. i, Caroline Fitch of 

Ohio, Jan. i, 1856. 3 ch. m. 2, Julia Purple, Mar. 13, 1867. 

2 ch. 

Samuel Hafford*^ and Esther Graves Hafford were received into 


the Presbyterian church, Hoosac, N. Y., Sep. 3, 1802. Samuel 
Hafford and family moved to Freemont, O., in 1835, where he 
bought 200 acres of forest land south of the town. On this he 
lived until his death in 187;. George Purple Hafford, a grand- 
son, now occupies the homestead. 

John Hafford^, son of Ebeneazer^, b. May 28, 1792, m. 1820, 
Bethiah Barrows of Rochester, Mass. They had six children : 
■^Elmira B. Hafford, b. Apr. 28, 1821, m. John A. Johnson, of 

Freemont, O., Oct. 12, 184 1. 3 ch. 
•^Mary K. Hafford, b. Feb. 27, 1824, m. James Stevenson of Free- 
mont, O., Jan. 15, 1844. 4 ch. 
''Samuel Hafford, b. Mar. 31, 1828. Left home Sep., 1848. 

Last heard from in Australia. 

«Lucy Hafford, b. 1831, d. Jul. 1836. 

''George Hafford, b. m. Josephine L. 4 ch. 

"Cynthia Hafford, b. 1836, m. Edward Underbill, Nov. 27, 


John Hafford' settled in Freemont, Ohio, where he died Nov. 
24, 1867. 

Reuben Hafford^ son of Ebeneazer^, b. May 20, 1797, m. 
Lucy Coombs Faunce of Dartmouth, Mass. Pub. Oct. 21, 1826. 
They had four children : 
''Thomas Faunce Hafford, b. Mar. 17, 1827, m. Mary Webb, Oct. 

II, 185 1. 2 daus. 
^'Ebeneazer Hafford, b. Oct. 5, 1829, m. Almyra A. Robinson, 

Aug. 22, 1863. 1 dau. 
"William A. HalTord, b. Feb. 20, 1832, m. Rebecca Macy, May 

19, 1861. No ch. 
"Reuben Ferdinand Hafford, b. May 17, 1S34, m. Nan D. Brush, 

of California, Feb. 26, 1868. No ch. 

Pvcuben Haft'ord^^ remained on the spot occupied by his father, 
grandfather and great grandmother until 1839, when the farm 
having been divided with his bachelor brother, William, he built 
a home for himself a short distance away on another part of the 
farm. Here he lived until his death, Jan. 22, 1879. His widow 
survived him twelve years, passing away Feb. 18, 1891. Reuben 
Hafford was a man of most upright and noble christian charac- 
ter, respected and honored by all who knew him. A self-educated 
man, he found occupation in teaching in the public schools of 
his native town and vicinity for fully twenty winters. For many 


years he was elected to the most responsible offices in the gift of 
the town, and when finally he withdrew from public office, feel- 
ing that he was too old for its duties, he was again elected select- 
man at the age of seventy-five. He held the position of justice 
of the peace, and in 1836, he represented the town of Middle- 
boro in the State legislature. Deeply interested in church work, 
he was deacon of a church for many years. 

Orinda Hafford^ daughter of Ebeneazer^ b. July 14, 1802, 
d. Oct. 22, 1868, m. Emerson Ashley, d. Aug. 1883, pub. Aug. 
16, 1823. They had nine children: 

**Elijah Ashley, b. Apr. 8, 1824. Lost at sea Mar. 1849. 
"Caroline M. Ashley, b. Aug. 20, 1825, m. Anthony Wood of 

Fairhaven, Mass. 
"Irene P. Ashley, b. Mar. 18, 1828, m. i, Cyrus Rounseville. i 

son. m. 2, Drake, i dau. 

"William H. x\shley, b. Jan. 7, 1830. Lost at sea, March, 1849. 
•'Rachel D. Ashley, b. Jun. 6, 1832, m. Charles D. Bosworth. 4 ch. 
"Andrew Ashley, b. Mar. 24, 1834, Last heard from at hospital. 

New Orleans. 
"James E. Ashley, b. Apr. 6, 1836, m. Lucy Macomber. 3 ch. 
"Charles H. Ashley, b. Sep. 7, 1838, d. May 12, 1856. 
"Alson G. Ashley, b. Jan. 15, 1841, m. Ruth Braley. 2 ch. 

Priscilla H. Devol", dau. of Rachel Hafford^ Devol, b. Apr. 4, 
181 1, m. Jul. I, 1828, Andrew Sawyer. They had two children, 
Rachel" and Cornelius Sawyer". 

Sarah Devol", dau. of Rachel^ b. Apr. 23, 181 2, m. Aug. 3, 
1830, Jonathan D. Rowland. They had one child, Jonathan D. 
Howland', d. Honolulu, master mariner. 

David R. Pierce" of New Bedford, son of Mary Hafford^ 
Pierce, b. Dec. 9, 1806, m. Mar. 22, 1827, Sarah M. Milboin, d. 
April 4, 187 1. They had nine children: 

"Harriet S. Pierce, b. Jun. 14, 1828, m. Fred A. Mitchell. 2 ch. 
"Mary E. Pierce, b. Sep. 12, 1830, d. Nov. 25, 1889, unmarried. 
'Sarah Pierce, b. Jan. 25, 1836, m. Lewis H. Pratt, May 6, 1859. 

I ch. 
"Ebeneazer Pierce, b. Jul. 21, 1833, m. Abby L. Belden of New 

York. 3 ch. 
"Walter Pierce, b. Aug. 5, 1838, m. Harriet Lucas, Apr. 7, 1863. 

4 ch. 
'David Brainard Pierce, b. Jul. 30, 1840, m. Sarah E. Gammon, 
Feb. 20, 1864. 3 ch. 


'Francis A. Pierce, b. Apr. ii, 1845, m. Mary E. Barden, Sep. 22, 

1892. 2 ch. 
"John Pierce, b. Oct. 31, 1842, m. Lydia A. Smith, May 16, 1867. 

No ch. 
"Laura T. Pierce, b. Sep. 11, 1848, d. Dec. 20, 1885. 

Alice H. Pierce", dau. of Mary Hafford", b. Apr. 8, 1808, d. 
Feb. 15, 1886. m. June 2, 1828, Joseph Chace of New Bedford, 
d. Feb. 15, 1889. They had live children : 
"Irena P. Chace, b. Sep. 7, 1829, d. 1832. 
"Joseph Chace, b. Sep. 13, 1836, m. Celia K. Goddard, Mar. 9, 

1858. I ch. 
"Alvin J. Chace, b. May 16, 1834, d. Sep. 1835. 
"Charles Chace, b. Feb. 5, 1840, d. Apr. 1840. 
'Alice Chace, b. Nov. 28, 1846, m. Capt. Chas. H. Adams, Dec. 

28, 1879, d. Jan. 15, 1899. No ch. 

Mary Ann Pierce", dau. of Mary Hafford', b. Jul. 10, 18 10, 
m. Jun. 10, 1832, Andrew McCumber. They had seven children: 
'Mary E. McCumber, b. Apr. 8, 1833, m. Andrew Flemming. 

"Ann L. McCumber, b. Jul. 9, 1834, m. Pierce. 

^ Ellen F. McCumber, b. Aug. 8, 1830. 

'^Andrew J. McCumber, b. Dec. 19, 1840, unmarried. 

"Benjamin F. McCumber, b. Sep. 19, 1842. 

"Geo. W. McCumber, b. Oct. 5, 1845, m. 

"Hattie H. McCumber, b. Jul. 25, 1847, m. James M. Mellar. 

3 ch. 

x\braham Pierce", son of Mary Hafford^, b. Aug. 15, 1813, d. 
Aug. 12, 1849, m. Sep. 20, 1840, Orphia Allen. She m. 2d, 
Abraham Richmond of Myricks, Mass. 

Sylvia H. Pierce'', dau. of Mary Hafiford", b. Sep. 10, 18 17, 
d. Jun. 4, 1875, ^- ^^V- i» 1S39, Louis L. Bartlett, d. Apr. 19, 
1850. They. had two children: 

'Mary P. Bartlett, b. Aug. 2, 1840, d. Mar. 18, 1841. 
'Geo. O. Bartlett, b. Jan. 4, 18 13, m. Mary A. Williamson, i son, 

b. Jan. 4, 18 13. At sea. 

Sylvia H. Pierce m. 2d, Samuel Williamson of Phila. Jul., 1868. 

Priscilla Hafford", dau. of Jacob Hafford^ m. ist, David 
Carpenter. They had one son : 
'Hiram Carpenter, b. 1839. 

Priscilla Hafford m. 2d. DeCaster Cleveland. They had two 


'Melvina Cleveland, b. 1846, m. Frank Hall, New Auburn, Neb. 

6 ch. 
"Harvey Cleveland, b. 1849, m. Ames, Kas. 4 ch. 

Betsey Hafford®, dau. of Jacob Hafford'^ b. 18 11, d. 1868, 
m. Julius Paulding, Brownville, N. Y. They had three children: 
"Sarah J. Paulding, b. 1831, m. Stephen Ulsaver, Elgin, 111. 

3 ch. 
'Coraline Paulding, b. 1833, ^- Nathan Machey, Brownville, N. 

Y. 2 ch. 
"Elizabeth Paulding, b. 1835, ^^- Edgar Bowles, Brownville, N. 

Y. -4 ch. 

Elmira Hafford'^, dau. of Jacob Hafford^, m. Lucius Meeker 
of Freemont, Ohio. They had two children: Mary Meeker, and 
a son. 

Edwin Hafford*^, son of Jacob Hafford'\ b. 1814, d. 1892, m. 
Margaret Butler. They had seven children : 
"Elmira Bell Hafford, b. 1851, d. 1852. 
■'Addison Butler Hafford, b. 1852, d. 1867. 
"Malvina Terry Hafford, b. 1855, m. W. F. Crisp. 2 ch. 
''Edwin Hull Hafford, b. 1857, m. Lizzie L. Van Pelt. 4 ch. 
"Margaret Ella Hafford, b. 1859, d. 1892. 
''Oscar Tisdale Hafford, b. 1864, m. i, Jennie Isbell. m. 2, Esther 

A. Hafford, Cagle, Miss. 2 ch. 
^Lillie B. Hafford, b. 1866, m. Fred Hart, i ch. 

Abiel Terry Hafford^ son of Jacob Hafford^ b. 18 16, d. 
1896, m. Sarah A. Campbell of Lake Providence, La. They had 
four children : 
''Evelyn Hellmers Hafford, b. 1S65, m. Chas. M. Whittington, L. 

Prov., La. 10 ch. 
''Esther A. Hafford, b. 1867, m. Oscar T. Hafford. 2 ch. 
^Sarah Alice Hafford, b. 1869. 
"George M. Hafford, b. 187 1, d. 1S78. 

Jacob Tisdale Hafford*', son of Jacob Hafford"^, b. 182 1, m. 
Lydia A. Matterson. They had four children: 
''Harriet Louise Hafford, b. 1849, ^''- Edgar W. Mead, Milan, 

Mich. 2 ch. 
''Lydia Ann Hafford, b, 185 1, d. Brownville, N. Y., 1862. 
''George Clinton Hafford, b. 1S62, m. Coralinnie Ulsaver, Albion, 

Mich. 5 ch. 
''Clarence Eugene Hafford, b. 1866, d. 1879. 


Jacob Hafford'' is living (1901) with his son, Dr. George C. 
Hafford, in Albion, Mich. 

Henry Hafford", son of Jacob Hafford'', b. Nov. 14, 1824, 
d. Mar. 8, 1895, m. Feb. 11, 1854, Elmira Wakefield, of Red- 
wood, N. Y. They had five children : 
■Hiram Hafford, b. 1856, Redwood, N. Y. 
"Edgar Winfield Hafford, b. 1858, Utica, N. Y. 
"Jacob Henry Hafford, b. i860. Redwood, N. Y. 
"Alice M. Hafford, b. 1870. d. 1873. 
"Nellie B. Hafford, b. 1874, d. 1875. 

Henry Hafford'' was born Nov. 14, 1824, at Brownville, N. Y., 
residing in that town until he was about thirty years of age, 
when he removed to the town of Alexandria near Redwood, 
where he made it his home until his decease. Mar. 8, 1895. He 
was married to Elmira C. Wakefield on Feb. 11, 1854, who sur- 
vived him. His widow, three sons, and two brothers, one resid- 
ing in Michigan and the other in Louisiana, remain to mourn his 
loss. The funeral services were conducted under the auspices of 
the Brownville Lodge, F. & A. M., of which he had been a mem- 
ber for about forty years. Elder Shaffer preached the funeral 
discourse, followed by the solemn ritual of the Masonic fraternity. 
He was followed to his last earthly resting place by one of the 
largest processions ever known in Redwood, showing in what 
high esteem he was held in the community in which he lived. 

Lucy F. Hafford'', dau. of Ebeneazer Hafford^ b. Aug. 22, 
1S29, m. Nicholas Vineyard, Feb. 6, 1S45. Lucy F. Vineyard 
lives (1901) in Bryan, O. 

Betsy W. Hafford", dau. of Ebeneazer Hafford", b. Jun. 30, 
1S31, d. Jun. 12, 1895, m. May 27, 1S5S, Joseph Netherland, d. 
Jun. 6, 1890. They had one child : 
"Harry B. Netherland, b. Jan. 1861, d. Jan. 1861. 

Ebeneazer Hafford'*, son of Ebeneazer Hafford'', b. Feb. 6, 
1833, d. Dec. 8, 1892, m. Feb. 25, 185S, Elizabeth Malcolman. 
They had eleven children : 

'William M. Hafford, b. Apr. 16, 1858, d. Aug. 1 i, 1884. 
'Charles Hafford, b. Feb. 2, 1861, d. May 12, 1880. 
'Jeannette Hafford, b. Feb. 20, 1864. 

"Julia Hafford, b. May 17, 1866, m. T. L. Kam, Sep. 12, 1893. 
•Flora Hafford, b. Oct. 31, 1868. 
'Lucy Hafford, b. Nov. 30, 1870, m. G. B. Winslow, Oct. 3, 1894. 


'Mary Hafford, b. Jul. 13, 1873, ™- ^- Wood, Aug. 23, 1897. 

^Nellie Hafford, b. Dec. 24, 1875. 

'Bessie Hafford, b, Sep. 25, 1878, d. Feb. 19, 1884. 

■Lida Hafford, b. May 6, 1881. 

'Wilbur Claire Hafford, b. Dec. 21, 1886. 

Orinda Hafford'^, dau. of Ebeneazer Hafford^ b. Sep. 11, 
1835, d. Nov. 29. 1894, m. Jan. i, 1856, Samuel Adkinson, d. 
Aug, 29, 1894. They had four children : 
"Edgar P. Adkinson. b. Aug. 15, 1857, d. Sep. 9, 1857. 

'Aylmer Adkinson, b. May 27, 1858, d. 

■^Austin C. Adkinson, b. Mar. 22, i860, m. Emma Masterson, 

Jan. 17, 1899. I ch. 
"John Buford Adkinson, b. Apr. 12, 1863, m. Martha Fisher, 

Mar. 23, 1892. 4 ch. 

Eliza A. Hafford**, dau. of Ebeneazer Hafford", b. Oct. 7, 
1841, m. Sep. 14, 1865, Wesley H. Adkinson. Eliza (Hafford) 
Adkinson lives (1901) in Indianapolis, Ind. 

James H. Hafford", son of Samuel Hafford^ b. Sep. 12, 
1816, d. Mar. 12, 1886, m. i, Jan. 11, 1838, Florilla Williams, d. 
Jul. 26, 1852; (m. 2, Nov. 9, 1875, Mamie Butts.) They had 
five children: 

"Albert Harvey Hafford, b. Nov. 2, 1839, d. Dec. 15, 1858. 
"William S. Hafford, b. Jan. 21, 1841, d. Feb. 23, 1848. 
"Helen Salina Hafford, b. Oct. 24, 1842, m. Sep. 23, 1869, Henry 

Reed. 4 ch. 
^Joseph Williams Hafford, b. Jan. 19, 1848, m. Nov. 21, 1876, 

Lucy E. McClelland. 8 ch. 
"James Hafford, b. Jul. 23, 1852, d. Aug. i, 1852. 

Eveline Hafford*^, dau. of Samuel Hafford", b. Nov. 22, 
1819, d. Sep. 2, 1898, m. Dec. 7, 1837, Edward Tindall of Ohio, 

d. . They had five children : 

"James Tindall, b. May 4, 1838, m. Nov. 20, i860, Martha J. 

Fields. 4 ch. 
'Charles E. Tindall, b. Dec. 25, 1841, m. i, Harriet Sherward. 

I ch. m. 2, Clara Grabel, Mar. 14, 1878. i ch. 
■'Harriet E. Tindall, b. Apr. 8, 1849, m. Charles E. Everett, Sep. 

23, 1869. 2 ch. 

"John Roberts Tindall, b. Feb. 11, 1857, m. Rose Sherward, Mar. 

24, 1880. 3 ch. 

'William E. Tindall, b. Mar. 26, 1863, m. Ella Dunckenmiller, Sep. 
9, 1891. I ch. 


Harriet Hafford*^, dau. of Samuel Hafford^ b. Jun. 7, 1821, 
d. Nov. 10, 1861, m. Apr. 24, 1848, Orrin A. Roberts. They 
had seven children: .' 

^Elizabeth H. Roberts, b. Jan. 30, 1849. Living in Omaha," Neb. 
"Charles H. Roberts, b. Aug. 20, 1850, d. Feb. 20, 1851. 
'Charles H. Roberts, b. Dec. 15, 185 1, d. Apr. 15, 1876. 
'John P. Roberts, b. Nov. 27, 1853, d. Mar. 4, 1856. 
■^James F. Roberts, b. May 4, 1856. Living in Cal. 
"Fannie T. Roberts, b. Apr. 25, 1858, m. 1875, ^"- ^V- Close, 

Omaha, Neb. 
■^Chauncey A. Roberts, b. Jul. 9, 1S60. Living in Magnolia, Ark. 

Esther Ann Hafford'', dau. of Samuel Hafford^ b. Sep. 11, 
1823, d. Oct. 21, 1887, m. Sep. 17, 1845, William B. Sheldon of 
Freemont, Ohio. They had two children : 
"Atre Sheldon, b. Jun. 8, 1852, m. Sep. 17, 1879, Job" P. Pell. 

2 ch. 
■'Harry Sheldon, b. Jun. 5, 1855, m. Oct. 22, 1879, Alice Huff, 

2 ch. 

Louise Hafford-, dau. of Samuel Hafford'\ b. Aug. 5, 1825, 
d. Jun. 10, 1889, m. Nov. 25, 1847, Wesley Colby, d. May 8, 
1877. They had three children : 
"Maria Louise Colby, b. Oct. 31, 1849, m. Nov. 25, 1875, James 

Tyler, i ch. 
^Frank Colby, b. Sep. — 1851, d. Jul. 18, 1875, unmarried. 
"Esther Graves Colby, b. Mar. ii, 1861, m. Feb. 22, 1881, George 

Ash. 4 ch. 

Samuel Hafford**, son of Samuel Hafford'^, b. Feb. 15, 1828, 

m. Elizabeth . They had five children : 

"Louis Hafford, m. 
'Harvey Hafford, m. 6 ch. 

"Rose Hafford, m. Paulson. 

''Harry Hafford. 
"Esther Hafford. 

Samuel Hafford emigrated to Cal. in 1849 ^.nd has since lived 
there with his family. His wife is dead. 

Warren Graves Hafford", son of Samuel Hafford", b. Jun. 
II, 1830, d. Aug. 31, 1895, m. I, Jan. i, 1856, Catharine Fitch, 
d. Mar. 2, 1866. They had three children: 
"Ferris Samuel Hafford, b. Mar. 23, 1857, m. i, Delia C. Osborne, 

Sep. 4, 1878. 3 ch. m. 2, Emily Hutchins, Aug. 24, 1SS6. 
4 ch. 


■^Lindon Morse Hafford, b. Jul. 20, 1858, d. Sep. 2, 1872. 
''Ansel Warren Hafford, b. Feb. 16, 1862, m. Jan. i, 1S84, Alice 

Wilson. 3 ch. 

W. G. Hafford^, m. 2, Mar. 13, 1867, Julia Purple. They had 
two children : 

'Harriet Sophia Hafford, b. Nov. 24, 1870. 
'George P. Hafford, b. Nov. 14, 1873, "^- Laura G. Smith, Sep. 

5' 1899- 

Almira B. Hafford", dau. of John Hafford^, b. Apr. 28 1821, 

d. Sep. 25, 1882, m. Oct. 12, 1841, John A. Johnson. They had 

three children: 

"Lucy Johnson, m. E. A. Emerson, Titusville, Pa. 

'Theodore Johnson. 

"Eben Johnson. 

Mary K. Hafford*', of Freemont, O., dau. of John Hafford^ 
b. Feb. 27, 1824, m. Jan. 15, 1844, James Stevenson, d. Nov. 24, 
1867. They had four children: 
^James H. Stevenson, b. Dec. 25, 1846. 
"Fannie E. Stevenson, b. Sep. 21, 1848, m. Sep. 21, 1870, Louis 

Schloenbach. i ch. 
"Glara A. Stevenson, b. Mar. 19, 1851, m. Mar. 11, 1875, James 

A. Porter, Gallon, O. 2 ch. 
'Harry B. Stevenson, b. May ig, 1856. 

George H. Hafford**, son of John Hafford^ born Oct. 8, 
1833, d. July 14, i8g8, m. Apr. 13, 1864, Josephine L. Wender. 
They had six children: 
"William A. Hafford, b. Feb. 11, 1866, m. Oct. i, 1890, Jennie 

McKey. 3 ch. 
"George C. Flafford, b. Sep. 11, 186S, d. Sep. 26, 1871. 
"Charles E. Hafford, b. Sept. 23, 1872. Living in Phoenix, Ari- 

'Edgar P. Hafford, b. 1875, d- 1875. 

'Roland P. Hafford, b. Jan. 29, 1880, 
"Leona W. Hafford, b. Aug. 26, 1882. 

G. H. Hafford's family reside in Marionville, Wis. 

Cynthia Hafford*^, of Freemont, O., dau. of John Hafford^, 
b. 1836, m. Nov. 27, 1856, Edward Underbill. 

Thomas F. Hafford**, son of Reuben Hafford^, b. Mar. 17, 
1827, m. Mary W^ebb, d. Sep. 13, 1899. They had two children: 
"Lucy T. Hafford, b. Nov. 29, 1858, d. Mar. 11, 1898. 


"Eloise A. Hafford, b. Sep. 30, i860. 

Thomas Hafford", having spent several years in Cal. and else- 
where, returned in 1876 to the Samuel Hafiford homestead in 
Lakeville, which had been occupied by his father Reuben, and his 
uncle, William F. Hafford. After the death of his father he took 
in large measure the place the latter had occupied in the affairs 
of the town, serving as selectman and assessor for seven consecu- 
tive years, and school committee for six years. 

Ebeneazer Haffcjrd", son of Reuben Hafford'^ b. Oct. 5, 
1829, d. in Cloverville, Cal., Dec. 24, 1863, m. Aug. 22, 1863, 
Almyra A. Robinson. They had one child : 
'Kate P. Hafford, b. Sep. 13, 1864, m. 

William A. Hafford®, son of Reuben Hafford^, b. Feb. 20, 
1832, d. New Bedford, Mass., Sep. 30, 1869, m. May 19, 1861, 
Rebecca Macy. No children. 

Reuben F. Hafford*', son of Reuben Hafford'^, b. May 17, 
1834, d. Bakersfield, Cal., Dec. 21, 1900, m. Feb. 26, 1S6S, Nan 
D. Brush. No children. 

Irene P. Ashley*', dau. of Orinda Hafford^ b. Mar. 18, 1828, 
m. Cyrus Rounseville. They had one child : 
7Cyrus C. Rounseville, b. Dec. 8, 1852, m. Nov. 9, 1893, Mary 

O. Pitman. 2 ch. 

Irene P. Ashley®, m. 2, Drake. They had one child : 

^Carrie W. Drake, b. Mar, 25, 1861, m. May 9, 1882, Josiah 
Brown, Jr. i ch. 

Rachel D. Ashley*', dau. of Orinda Hafford^ b. Jun. 6, 1832, 
m. Jul. 25, 1852, Charles D. Bosworth. They had five children: 
7Emily W. Bosworth, b. Aug. 7, 1853, d. Jan. 2, 1855. 
^Elijah A. Bosworth, b. Nov. 7, 1855, m. 
7Frank A. Bosworth, b. Dec. 31, 1857, d. May 26, 1876. 
7Elizabeth A. Bosworth, b. Nov. 27, 1866, d. Aug. 17, 1888. 
7Rachel R. Bosworth, b. Mar. 24, 1875, d. Jul. 4, 1888. 

James E. Ashley*', son of Orinda Hafford^ b. Apr. 6, 1836, 
d. Mar. 2, 1901, m. Lucy Macomber. They had three children: 
James', Herbert' and Harry" Ashley. 

Alson G. Ashley*', son of Orinda Hafford^, b. Jan. 15, 1841, 
m. Ruth Braley. They had two children : Adelbert'^ and Orinda^ 

Harriet S. Pierce^ dau. of David R. Pierce", b. Jun. 14, 1828, 
m. Jan. 29, 1854, Frederick A. Mitchell. They had two children: 
^Charles F. Mitchell, b. Jun. 16, 1855, m. In Cal. 


*^Harriet N. Mitchell, b. Aug. 19, 1858, m. Arthur Knowles. 

Ebeneazer Pierce', son of David R. Pierce^ b. Jul. 21, 1833, 
d. Apr. 27, 1885, m. Abby L. Beldon of New York. They had 
three children : 

Tda M. Pierce, m. Edward W. Hunt, Jan. 17, 1893. 
*Lamer Pierce, m. 
^Maude E. Pierce, m. Robert F. Reed, Jan. i, 1893. 

Walter A. Pierce", son of David R. Pierce^ b. Aug. 5, 1838, 
m. Apr. 7, 1863, Harriet Lucas. They had four children: 
**Walter E. Pierce, b. Jul. 16, 1864. 
^Hattie W. Pierce, b. Sep. 10, 1866, d. May 26, 1868. 
^^ Arthur Pierce, b. Nov. 11, 1868. 
^Charles W. Pierce, b. 187 1. 

David B. Pierce", son of David R. Pierce*^, b. Jul. 30, 1840, m. 
Eeb. 20, 1864, Sarah E. Gammon. They had three children: 
^David Herbert Pierce, b. Feb. 10, 1865, m. 
^Harry M. Pierce, m. Emma Butler. 
^Winsor C Pierce. 

Frank A. Pierce', son of David R. Pierce^ b. Apr. 11, 1845, 
m. Sep. 22, 1869, Mary E. Bardin. They had two children: 
'^Annie S. Pierce, b. Sep. 2, 187 1, d. Eeb. 13, 1894. 
*^Rand R. Pierce, b. May 2, 1873, m. Jul. 17, 1897, Ida M. Davis. 

I ch : Davis E. Pierce, b. Jun. i, '98. 

John Wesley Pierce?, son of David R. Pierce**, b. Oct. 31, 
1842, m. May 16, 1867, Lydia A. Pierce. J. W. Pierce d. Jan. 
6, 1893. 

Joseph Chace?, son of Alice H. Pierce", b. Sep. 13, 1836, m. 
Nov. 9, 1858, Celia K. Goddard. They had one child: 
^Lucy Bradford Chace, b. Farnham, Mass., Mar. 3, 1865, m. Feb. 

19, 1884 William B. Sherman. They had two children: 
'■'Stowell B. Sherman, b. Jan. 22, 1886. 
^William G. Sherman, b. Feb. 27, 1890. 

Harriet H. McCumber?, dau. of Mary A. Pierce**, b. Jul. 25, 
1847, m. James M. Mellar. They had three children: 
'^Arthur Mellar. 

**Frank M. Mellar, m. Jessie D. Kenyon, Jul. 10, 1888. 
^Lena May Mellar. 

Melvina Cleveland?, dau. of Priscilla Hafford®, b. 1846, m. 
Frank Hall of New Auburn, Neb. They had six children : 
Fred*^, Esther**, Flora^, Frank^, WilP and George HalP. 


Harvey Cleveland7, son of Priscilla Hafford^ b. 1849, ^^ 
Ames, Kansas. They had four children : Porter^, Avery^, 

Sylvia** and Lelie Cleveland^ 

Sarah Jane Paulding7, dau. of Betsy Hafford", b. 1831, d. 

1893, m. Stephen Ulsaver of Elgin, 111. They had three children : 
^Coraline E. Ulsaver, b. 1861, m. Geo. C. Hafford, Albion, Mich. 

5 ch. 
^Effie Mary Ulsaver, b. 1867, m. Everett Sekell, Salmer, Mich. 

2 ch. 
*Ervin S. Ulsaver, b. 1872. 

CoRALiNE Paulding^, dau. of Betsy Hafford®, b. 1833, m. 
Nathan Mackey of Brownville, N. Y. They had two children : 
^Fred Mackey, b. i860, d. 1863. 
^Frank Mackey, b. 1863. Resides in Falcon, Col. 

Elizabeth Paulding7, dau. of Betsy Hafford*', b. 1835, d. 
1875, m. Edgar BoUes of Brownville, N. Y. They had four 
children : 
''Ida Bolles, b. 1856, m. Rienzi Crocker, Elgin, 111. i ch.: Ralph 

W.», b. 1880. 
^Ettie Bolles, b. 1857, m. Frank Guptail, Elgin, 111. i ch.: Clar- 
ence H.^ b. 1897. 
^Ella Bolles, b. 1861, m. Geo. Hazelton, Anson, Tex. 3 ch.: 

Gladys^ b. 1887 ; Sherman^, b. 1895 ; Chester^, b. 1890. 
''Ned Bolles, b. 1863. Resides in Montpelier, Idaho. 

Malvtna Terry Hafford7, dau. of Edwin Hafford", b. 1855, 
m. W. F. Crisp. They had two children : 
^Bertha Celestia Crisp, b. 1877, m. Wm. Garrison. 3 ch.: Win. 

Loyld, b. 1893; Nella C, b. 1894; Francis J., b. 1899. 
*Ira N. Crisp, b. 1879. 
. Edwin Hull Hafford7, son of Edwin Hafford*', b. 1857, d. 

1894, m. Lizzie L. Van Pelt. They had four children : 
^Chester Ernest Hafford, b. 1887, d. 1894. 

^Eunice Estelle Hafford. 
''Thomas Edwin Hafford. 
^^.Ibert Hafford. 

Oscar Tisdale Hafford?, son of Edwin Hafford®, b. 1864, 
m. I, Jennie Isbell, Cagle, Miss. m. 2, Esther A. Hafford. 
They had two children : 
«Ella Pearl Hafford, b. 1892. 
^Mattie L. Hafford, b. 1894, d. 1894. 


LiLLiF B. Hafford7, dau. of Edwin Hafford®, b. 1866, d. 
1892, m. Fred J. Hart. They had one child: 
*Ruth Hart, b. 18S9. 

Evelyn Hellmes Hafford^, dau. of Abiel Terry Hafford*', b. 
1865, m. Charles M. Whittington of Lake Providence, La. 
They had ten children: 

^George Cleveland Whittington, b. 1884, d. 1885. 
^Esther Terry Whittington, b. 1885. 
'^Charles Clinton Whittington, b. 1887. 
^George Hafford Whittington, b. 1888. 
"^Theodore T. Whittington, b. 1890. 
^Clifford Mead Whittington, b. 1894. 
'^Eugene C. Whittington, b. 1896. 
^Blanche E. Whittington, b. 1898. 
^Lydia E. Whittington, b. 1899. 

Harriet L. Hafford7, dau. of Jacob Tisdale Hafford'', b. 
1849, ^^- 1S98, m. Edgar W. Mead of Milan, Mich. They had 
two children : 
^Minnie L. Mead, b. 1877. 
^Clifford H. Mead, b. 188 1. 

George C. Hafford^, son of Jacob T. Hafford**, b. 1862, m. 
Coraline Ulsaver. They have five children : 
**Alpheus Tisdale Hafford, b. 1889. 
■■^Clinton S. Hafford, b. 1890. 
''Doris Hafford, b. 1893. 
*^Cora Hafford, b. 1895. 
''Clarence E. Hafford, b. 1898. 

George C. Hafford'^ is a physician practicing in Albion, Mich. 
With him reside his father and mother, also the orphan children 
of his sister, Harriet (Haft'ord) Mead. 

Austin C. Adkinson^, son of Orinda Hafford*', b. Mar. .22, 
i860, m. Jan. 17, 1899, Emma Masterson. They had one child: 
^William S. Adkinson, b. Dec. 18, 1899. 

John Buford Adkinson7, son of Orinda Hafford*', b. Apr. 1 2, 
1863, m. Mar. 23, 1892, Martha Fisher. They had five children : 
^Joseph N. Adkinson, b. May 29, 1893. 
^John Austin Adkinson, b. Oct. 22, 1894, d. Nov. 30, 1894. 
''Dorothy Adkinson, b. Nov. 22, 1895. 
"Olive Adkinson, b. May 5, 1897. 
"Louise Adkinson, b. Sep. 5, 1900. 


Helen Salina Hafkord7, dau. of James H. HalTord'', b. Oct. 
24, 1842, m. Sep. 23, 1869, Henry Reed of P.rattleboro, Vt. 
They had four children : 
'^Frank H. Reed, b. Apr. 2, 1870, m. Dec. 19, 1S92, Minnie B. 

Fonts. 2 ch. 
^Albert J. Reed, b. Sep. 19, 1873, d. Mar. 8, 1S75. 
"Sidney W. Reed, b. Jun. 18, 1878. 
"Julia E. Reed, b. Dec. 30, 1879. 

Helen S. Reed and family live in Trenton, Mo. 
Joseph W, Hafford7, of Columbus, O., son of James H. 
Hafford^, b. Jan. 19, 1848, m. Nov. 21, 1876, Lucy E. McClelland. ' 
They had eight children : 
"Helen F. Hafford, b. Nov. i, 1877. 
"Albert Hafford, b. Sep. 19, 1879. 
"Lucy Hafford. 

"May Hafford, b. May 16, 1881. 
SQrace Greenwood Hafford, b. Sep. 4, 1883. 
sjames Henry Hafford, b. Nov. 26, 1885, d. Dec. 15, 1885. 
sjessie E. Hafford, b. Sep. 25, 1887. 
■^Julia Reed Hafford, b. Dec. 22, 1890. 
swillard Bryant Hafford, b. Feb. 25, 1893. 

James Tindall? of Freemont, O., son of Eveline Hafford", b. 
May 4, 1838, m. Nov. 20, i860, Martha J. Fields, d. Jun. 16, 
1900. They had four children : 

^Eva M. Tindall, b. Sep. 7, 1861, m. David Hershey. 
«Clara Tindall, b. May 4, 1866, d. Aug. 22, 1868. 
^Blanche Tindall, b. Sep. 29, 1874, d. Oct. 2, 1895. 
'^Edward Tindall, b. Jan. 21, 1880. 

Eva M. Tindall^ dau. of James Tindall?, b. Sep. 7, 1861, d. 
Sep. 5, 1898, m. Feb. 25, 1880, David Hershey. They had two 
children : 

^Roy Hershey, b. July 3, 1881. 
^Elmer Hershey, b. Oct. 4, 1883. 

Charles E. Tindall?, son of Eveline Hafford'', b. Dec. 25, 
1841, m. I, Harriet Sheward. They had one child : 
^Harriet Tindall, b. Sep. 10, 1873, m. Aug. 17, 1893, Wm. E. 
Wolf. I ch.: Helen^ b. Jun. 19, 1894. 

Charles E. Tindall?, m. 2, Mar. 14, 1878, Clara Grabel. They 
had one child : 
SMaude M. Tindall, b. May 20, 1880. 


Harriet E. Tindall7, dau. of Eveline Hafford^ b. Apr. 8, 
1849, m. Sep. 23, 1869, Charles E. Everett, of Freemont, O. 
They had two children : 
^Nellie A. Everett, b. Sep. 21, 1870. 
^Edward T. Everett, b. Feb. 9, 1876, d. Mar. 7, 1899. 

John R. Tindali^, son of Eveline Hafford^ b. Feb. 11, 1857. 
m. Mar. 24, 1880, Rose Sherward. They had three children: 
«Mabel Tindall, b. Jan. 2, 1883. 
^Louis Tindall, b. Mar. 24, 1886. 
^Eltie Tindall, b. Jan. 22, 1894. 

William E. Tindall7, son of Eveline Hafford®, b. Mar. 26, 
1863, m. Sep. 9, 1891, Ella Dunckenmiller. They had one child : 
^Dorothy E. Tindall, b. Mar. 20, 1897. 

Atre Sheldon7, dau. of Esther Ann Hafford", b. Jun. 8, 
1852, m. Sep. 17, 1879, John P. Bell, of Freemont, O. They 
had two children: 
^Esther Bell, b. Aug. 22, 1881. 
«Francis Bell, b. Jun. 8, 1887. 

Harry Sheldon7, son of Esther A. Hafford*', b. Jun. 5, 1855, 
m. Oct. 22, 1879, Alice Huff. They had two children: 
^Catharine Sheldon, b. Jun. 8, 1885. 
^William Sheldon, b. May 10, 1888. 

Ferris S. Hafford7, son of Warren G. Hafford^, b. Mar. 23, 
1857, m. I, Sep. 4, 1878, Delia C. Osborne, d. Aug. 13, 1885. 
They had three children : 
SRollin G. Hafford, b. Oct. 2, 1879. 
«Lindon R. Hafford, b. Jul. 16, 1882. 
SEdith R. Hafford, b. Mar. 24, 1884. 

Ferris S. Hafford?, m. 2, Aug. 24, 1886, Emily Hutchins of 
Fernville, Mich. They had four children : 
'^Ferris S. Hafford, Jr., b. Sep. 12, 1887. 
^Wilton W. G. Hafford, b. Feb. 4, 1890. 
■■^Laura G. Hafford, b. May 4, 1891. 
■^Delno D. Hafford, b. Jun. 29, 1893. 

Maria Louise Colby?, dau of Louise Hafford^ b. Oct. 31, 
1849, m. Nov. 25, 1875, James Tyler. They had one child: 
SAlton Tyler, b. May 18, 1878, d. Jul. 11, 1885. 

Esther Qraves Colby?, dau. of Louise Hafford*', b. Mar. 11, 
1861, m. Feb. 22, 1881, George Ash. They had four children: 
^Edith Annie Ash, b. Jun. i, 1882. 


**Mabel Alice Ash, b. Jan. ii, 1886. 

^James Wesley Ash, b. Mar. 5, 1892. 

^Norman Perry Ash, b. Jun. 11, 1895. 

Ansel Warrkn Hafford^, son of Warren G. Hafford*^, b. 

P'eb. 16, 1862, m. Jan. i, 1884, Alice Wilson. They had three 

children : 

^Charlotte Hafford, b. Oct. 31, 1884. 

«Ada W. Hafford, b. Oct. 28, 1886. 

SKate F. Hafford, b. Nov. 18, 1888. 

Ansel W. Hafford^ died in California, Mar. 12, 1889. 
Fannie E. Stevenson7, Freemont, O., dau. of Mary K. Haf- 
ford'', b. Sep. 21, 1848, m. Sep. 21, 1870, Louis Schloenbach. 

They have one child : 

^James M. Schloenbach, b. Jun. 23, 187 1, m. Jul. 30, 1896, Hen- 
rietta A. Rowsey. They have one child : Wm. M. Schloen- 
bach^, b. Jul. 5, 1900. 
Clara A. Stevenson", dau. of Mary K. Hafford", b. Mar. 19, 

185 1, m. Nov. ii, 1875, James A. Porter of Galion, Ohio. 'I'hey 

had four children: 

^Carroll S. Porter, b. Feb. 24, 1877, d. Sep. 27, 1886. 

^Fannie K. Porter, b. Mar. 17, 1879, d. Jul. 8, 1880. 

**Harry K. Porter, b. Nov. 11, 1885. 

SMary H. Porter, b. F'eb. 2, 1887. 

Cyrus C. Rounseville", son of Irene Ashley'', b. Dec. 8, 1852, 

m. Nov. 9, 1893, Mary Olive Pitman. They have two children: 

'^Marion Pitman Rounseville, b. Aug. 31, 1894. 

^Cyrus Cole Rounseville, Jr., b. Jan. 28, 1898. 

Since 1884 C. C. Rounseville^ has held the responsible posi- 
tion of treasurer of the Shore Mills, Fall River, Mass. 

Carrie W. Drake'', dau. of Irene P. Ashley'^, b. Mar. 25, 1861, 

m. May 9, 1882, Josiah Brown, Jr., of Fall River, Mass. They 

have one child : 

^Carrie Rounseville Brown, b. Jun. 23, 1883. 

Mary Ann Pierce^ dau. of Mary Hafford^ b. New Bedford, 

Mass., Jul. 10, 1810, m. Jun. 10, 1832, Andrew C. McCumber of 

Tivetown, R. I. They had seven children: 

''Mary E. McCumber, b. x-Vpr, 8, 1833, New Bedford, m. Andrew 
Flemming, May 11, 1853. 3 ch. 

7Anna L. McCumber, b. Jul. 19, 1834, New Bedford, m. Henry 
L. Pierce, Jun. 11, 1854. 


"Ellen F. McCumber, b. Aug. 4, 1838, Horseheads, N. Y., d. 

Willard, N. Y., Apr. 21, 1892. 
"Andrew J. McCumber, b. Dec. 21, 1840, Horseheads, N. Y., d. 

Jan. 25, 1894. 
'^Benjamin F. McCumber, b. Sep. 19, 1842, Horseheads, N. Y., d. 

Nov. 21, 1862. 
■^George W. McCumber, b. Oct. 5, 1845. 
"Harriet A. McCumber, b. Jul, 28, 1847, Horseheads, N. Y., m. 

James M. Wellar, Oct. 4, i860. 

Mary A. McCumber*' d. Aug. 6, 1897, at Horseheads, N. Y. 
Andrew C. McCumber d. Dec. 7, 1892, at Ithaca, N. Y. Mary 
E. Flemming", d. Mar. 12, 1897. Andrew Flemming d. Dec. 30, 

Harriet A. McCumber", b. Jul. 28, 1847, m. Oct. 4, 1865, 
James M. Wellar. They had four children: 
**Frank McCumber Wellar, b. Jun. 20, 1866, m. Jessie D. Kenyon, 

Ithaca, N. Y., Jul. 10, 1888. 
^Freddie H. Wellar, b. Jun, 20, 1866, d. Sep. 10, 1866. 
*Lena May Wellar, b. Jan. 9, 1868. 
■^ Arthur B. Wellar, b. Mar. 14, 1869, m. Lucy F. Tibbetts, Ithaca, 

N. Y., Jul. 14, 1897. 


Samuel Ma^forb Branch* 

Samuel Hayford', son of John^ (?), b, ab. 1683, m ? 

He was a cordwainer, and in 17 17 lived in Duxbury, and that 
year bought with Edward Hayford"- of Pembroke, the farm in 
Duxbury, owned by Thomas Washburn who married Abigail 
Heiford-, a sister of Edward-^. (See Ply. records, B. 13, p. 36,) 
"Sale of land from Thomas Washburne to Edward Hayford of 
Pembroke, yoeman, and Samuel Heiford of Duxbury, Cord- 

But little doubt can exist that Samuel- was a son of John^ of 
Braintree, 1679, and was born ab. 1683. While no record of 
said birth appears on Braintree records, as has been said before, 
it is well known that town records were very imperfect in those 

Again, the town records of 13uxbury having been destroyed, 
there is to be found no record of his marriage or issue. He is, 
hov^-ever, supposed to have been the parent of Jemima, who 
married James Leonard, 1737, and of Mercy, dau. of widow 
Hefford of Pembroke, whose death record in 1729 appears in 
the First Cong, church of Hanover, Mass. 

The families of Samuel'^ and Thomas- appear to have been 
always intimately associated with those of Benjamin"- and Dan- 
iel'^ in business and financial relations, as also with known chil- 
dren of John\ to wit : Abigail- and Edward'. 
yy Thomas Hayford"', son of John^ (?), m. Sep. 23, 1734, Susannah 

',( /^"^^ Parry of Pembroke. (See Pembroke records.) There is found 
/'^ no record of any issue. Thomas'- died at Pembroke, 1753; his 
wife, Susannah, died Jan. 1761, at Pembroke. 

Thomas Hayford'- bought land and was a resident of Middle- 
boro in 1724. (See Ply. records, B. 22, p. 127 ): "Sale of land 
by Elizabeth and Mary Sprout to Thomas Hayford, yoeman, of 
Middleboro." He was a resident of Pembroke in 1728. (See 
Plymouth records, B. 24, p. 75), "Sale of land by Isaac Thomas 


to Thomas Hayford of Pembroke, laborer." At the same time 
Isaac Thomas sold land to Daniel Hayford of Pembroke. (Ply, 
records, B. 24, p. 75.) Feb. 20, 1728-g, Thomas Hayford, 
laborer, bo't land of Solomon Beals, Jr., for 40 ;^s. Witness to 
deed, Sam'l Ramsden and Daniel Hayford. (Ply. records, B. 
24, P- 75-) 

jEbwarb Ma^forb Branch. 

Edward Hayford-, son of John Heiford^ b. Braintree, Mass., • 

May 22, 1685, m. Ruth Bryant, 1709, m. 2, Mary . 

Children of Edward'-^ and Mary Hayford, as per Pembroke rec- 
ords : 

^Rachel Hearford, b. Oct. 18, 1712, m. Daniel Hobart of Hing- 
ham, 2d wife had 10 ch. d. Oct. 25, 1796. 

^Mary Hearford, b. Oct. 24, 17 14, d. Hanover, Mass., Dec. 27, 
1808 (?) £e 92 ? 

^Nathaniel Hearford, b. Mar. 27, 17 15, prob. d. in Spanish W. I. 
War, 1740. 

^Samuel Hayford, b. Oct. 30, 1717. 

^Sarah Hayford, b. Jan. 27, 17 19. 

^Abigail Hayford, b. Feb. 9, 172 1. 

Extract from Winsor's History of Duxbury: "In 1740, a 

company was enlisted in the county of Plymouth to serve in the 
expedition against the Spanish West Indies under Admiral Vernon, 
by Capt. John Winslow, whose original Muster Roll is before 
me, (says Rev. Benjamin Kent, Mass. Coll., 126, and which I 
copy.) Of the 500 men sent in this expedition by Massachu- 
setts, not more than 50 returned, having fallen victims to the 
prevailing tropical fevers. Several Duxbury men will be found 
in this number." In that list of names is found the name of 
Nathaniel Hayford. Undoubtedly he was a son of Edward^ 
b. Mar. 27, 1715. No other record of him is found; neither 
can the other son of Edward", viz: SamueP, b. Oct. 30, 17 17, be 
traced, and he probably died young. The daughters cannot be 
traced. In 17 17, Edward'^ and Samuel"-^ bo't. land of Thomas 
Washburn in Duxbury. John' and Edward'- were residents of 
that part of Duxbury set off as Pembroke in 1711-12. 

Benjamin Hayford- of Middleboro, son of John^ m. Mary 
ab. 1726. They had six children: 

''Benjamin Hafford, b. May 10, 1728, m. Ells Caswell, pub. Dec. 

7. 1757- 
•\Tohn Hafford, b. Mar. 2, 1730, m. Sarah Conant, pub. Apr. 20, 

•''Jacob Hafford, b. Dec. 11, 1731, m. Ruth Crocker, pub. Mar. 17, 


■'Mary Hafford, b. Apr. 23, 1734, m. Norcutt. 

^Mercy Hafford, b. Oct. 13, 1735, m. Crocker. 

''Thankful Hayford, b. Jun. 19, 1737, m. Gibbon Sharp, Sep. 8, 


Benjamin Hayford" bought land of Mr. Conant, 30 acres, Jun. 
9, 171S, being 14th lot in south parish. 

Will of Benjamin Hayford" of Middleboro, 1761, mentions 
three daughters Mary Norcutt'', Mercy Crocker'' and Thankful 
Hayford^, grandson Benjamin', and as executor of will, son John^. 
Thus it would appear that Benjamin, Jr.,^ and Jacob^ were both 
deceased at that time. Jacob's^ son, Benjamin^, was named in 
the will. The Middleboro records give names of the first five 
children as Hafford, the last one, Hayford, and the last named 
manner of spelling the family name appears in all future records. 

Benjamin Hayford", Jr., b. May 10, 1728, m. Ells Caswell, 
pub, Dec. 7, 1757. He prob. d. prior to 1761. No record of 
children found. 

John Hayford", son of Benjamin, b. Mar. 2, 1730, m. Sarah 
Conant, pub. Apr. 20, 1754. Middleboro records. They had 
six children: 

^Thomas Playford, b. Sep. 11, 1755, m. Zilpha Holmes. 
■*Sarah Hayford, b. Apr. 23, 1757, m. Ezra Reynolds. 
^John Hayford, b. May 29, 1759, '^'- pi'io^ to 1773. 
* Jacob Hayford, b. Apr. 10, 1761. 


^John Hayford, b. Feb. 24, 1772, m. i, Lydia Russell, 1789 (?). 

m. 2, Joanna Doggett, 1792. m. 3, Mercy Thayer, 1799. 
"Benjamin Hayford, b. Jan. 2, 1777, m. Lucy Reed, May 20, 1804. 

John Hayford^ served in the Rev. war as a private in Capt. 
Tapper's Co. Marched on alarm from Middleborough to Dart- 
mouth. In Col. Ebenezer White's Reg't. Aug. 1-9, Sprout's 
Reg't. May 6, 1778. 

John HAYFORD^ son of John^, b. Feb. 24, 1772, m. Lydia 
Russell Apr. 22, 1789; was pub. to Joanna Doggett, May, 20, 
1792, d. Mar. i, 1799; ni. Mercy or Mary Thayer, Sep. i, 1799. 
Their children were : 
^Solomon Hayford, b. Oct. 13, 1792. 
sjohn' Hayford, b. Dec. 22, 1793. 
^Nathaniel Doggett Hayford, b. Jun. 3, 1797. 
^Joel Hayford, b. Feb. 28, 1796. 
(^"^Ziba Thayer Hayford, b. Mar. i, 1801. 

^Abiel D. Hayford, b. Aug. 17, 1802, m. Laura Johnson. 
^James Hayford, b. Mar. 15, 1804. 
^Joanna Dogget Hayford, b. Aug. 15, 1805. 

Abiel D. Hayford^ was a M. E. minister for over 50 years in 
St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

Abiel D. Hayford^ b. Mass. 1801, m. 1822-5, Laura Johnson 
of St. Lawrence, N. Y. They had five children : 
^James H. Hayford, b. 1826, at Pottsdam, N. Y., m. 19 yrs. old, 

had son Hiram E. and dau. Josephine. 
'^Harriet N. Hayford, m. Benjamin B. Johnson. 3 children. 
•^Hiram E. Hayford, d. soon after marriage and left no children. 
^Samuel W. Hayford, m. Roxana Chapin, May 3, 1854. 
^Joel Hayford, d. in childhood. 

Hiram E. Hayford'', son of James H.*^ was killed, herding 
cattle, in the west. ^ 

Josephine Hayford', dau. of James H.^ m. a R. R. engineer, 
who was killed in a collision, and she died of a broken heart, 
leaving a girl baby now living in Ohio. 

James H. Hayford'', m. 2d, at Laramie City, Wyo., and had 
eleven children. 

Bancroft's History, West, says : "Among foremost of the 
Albany County men, James H. Hayford, b. Pottsdam, N. Y., 
1826, removed to Cheyenne in 1867, and edited the Rocky 
Mountain Star for two years, when he came to Laramie and 


purchased the Laramie Sentinel. He was appointed Territory 
auditor in 1870. Mr. Hayford has been active in forwarding 
every good undertaking in his city since the foundations were 

Harriet N. Hayford*^, m. Benjamin B. Johnson. Three 

''Jesse D. Johnson, living in Oskosh, Wis. 
''Ranson J. Johnson, and parents, living in Parkesburg, W. 

''Myra Johnson, m. William Damon of Ingalls, Mich. 

Samuel Hayford^ son of Abiel D.^ b. Jul. 25, 1832, m. May 
3, 1854, Roxana Chapin. For many years clerk of the F. W. 
Baptist church, Greenleaf, Wis., d. Jul. 13, 1895. They had four- 
teen children, ten of whom lived to grow up. 
■'Luther D. Hayford, b. Feb. 24, 1855, m. Nov. 10, 1880. 2 ch. 
■'Lucinia Hayford, b. May 27, 1856, unmarried. 
''James Hayford, b. May 18, 1859, m. Oct. 1880. 2 ch. 
''Edward Hayford, b. Jun. 11, 1866, m. Nov. 1899. 
''Alfred Hayford, b. Feb. 29, 1868, m. Jan. 27, 1S92. 4 ch. 
■'Chester Hayford, b. Sep. 2, 1869, m. Feb. 20, 1895. i ch. 
■'Carrie Hayford, b. Mar. i, 187 1, unmarried. 
■'.Charles Hayford, b. May 4, 1872, m. May 3, 1898. i ch. 
■'Chapin Hayford, b. Sep. 25, 1875, unmarried. 
■'Laura Hayford, b. Feb. 17, 1879, ™- ^^^^ Hampel, Dec. 5, 1896. 

2 ch. 

Luther D. Hayford'', b. Feb. 25, 1S55, m. Nov. 10, 1880. 
Children : 

^Lillian Hayford, b. Jun. 6, 1882. 
^P. Arthur Hayford, b. Aug. 4, 1898. 

L. D. Hayford'' is first deacon of the First Baptist church, 
Rhinelander, Wis. 

James Hayford', b. May 18, 1859, m. Oct. 18, 1880. Chil- 
dren : 
»Ida Hayford, b. Nov. 18S2. 

^Baby Hayford. 

Alfred Hayford'', b. Feb. 29, 1868, m. Jan. 27, 1892, d. Dec. 
I, 1899. Children : 
^Earl Hayford. 
**Mabel Hayford. 
•^Effie Hayford. 
^Gordon Hayford. 


Chester Hayford", b. Sep. 2, 1869, m. Feb. 20, 1895,01. Sep. 2, 
1899. One child : 
^Catharine Hayford. 

Charles Hayford", b. May 4, 1872, m. May 3, 1898. One 

child : 

^Grace Hayford. 

Laura Hayford", b. Feb. 17, 1879, m. Fred Hampel, Dec. 5, 
1896. Two children : 
^Blanche Hampel. 
^'Archie Hampel. 

Jacob HAYFORD^ son of Benjamin', b. Middleboro, Dec. 11, 
1731, m. Ruth Crocker, Mar. 17, 1755. They had one child: 
■'Benjamin Hayford, b. Oct. 15, 1755. 

Jacob Hayford^ served in the Rev. war as a private in Capt. 
Tupper's Co., Col. Ebenezer White's Reg't., Aug. 1-9, 1780. 
Marched on alarm to Rhode Island July 22, 1780. In Capt. 
Abiel Pierce's Co., Apr. 19, 1775, on alarm, from Middleboro to 

Benjamin HayfordS son of John^ b. Jan. 2, 1777, m. Lucy 
Reed, May 20, 1804. They had fourteen children : 
^\lvin Hayford, b. 1805. 
^Rebecca Hayford, b. 1807. 
^William Hayford, b. 1809, m. Aseneth French, dau. of Litas 

^Eunice Hayford. 
^Benjamin Hayford, b. Sep. 30, 1812, m. i, Eliza French, dau. of 

Litas and Betsy, m. 2, Mercy French, dau. of Litas French, 
m. 3, Lorella Baker. 
^Lucy Hayford. 
^Levina Hayford. 
^Alanson Hayford. 
^Samuel Hayford. 
^An unnamed son. 
^Seth Hayford. 
^Bethial Hayford. 
^Clarinda Hayford. 
^Louisa Hayford. 

Benjamin Hayford* was a Baptist minister, who moved to New 
York about 18 18, and first settled near Watertown. Later, 
about 1835, he went to Onondaga Co., N. Y., where his two 


sons, William, (1809) and Benjamin (181 2) had removed to 
when young men and had settled. Alvin, a Baptist minister, 
also lived there as late as 1850 in N. E. N. Y., St. Lawrence or 
Warren Go's., and had quite a family. John, brother of Benja- 
min, went to Onondaga Co., where William and Benjamin, and 
Litas and Betsy French, parents of the wife of Benjamin, removed 
about 1835. John Hayford had married Mercy or Mary Thayer, 
mother of Betsy (Thayer) French, and died about J850, at the 
home of Litas and Betsy French, aged 82 years. 

Alvin Hayford^, son of Benjamin'', b. 1805, was a Baptist min- 
ister, and married and lived in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. They 
had a large family, among whom were two sons : Alvin, Jr.*', and 

William Hayford^, son of Benjamin*, b. 1809, and Benjamin 
Hayford^ b. 1S12, removed from St. Lawrence Co. to Onondaga 
Co., N. Y. in an early day, about 1835, followed later by Seth^, 
their brother, who died unmarried, in Wis., and by Lovina^ their 
sister, who married B. F. Tilton. She died in Iowa, 1897, leav- 
ing only one daughter. 

Louisa^ m. Hardin, both d. in Wis., leaving two sons : Alvin^ 
and Svimner^ (?) 

William^ married Asenath French. They had three children : 
Myron^, Orrin^, and Almeda'', who married Warner and resides 
at Tully, N. Y. 

Benjamin^ married Eliza French, sister of William's wife, Jan. 
12, 1837. She d. June 24, 1846. Their children were: 
^Benjamin Franklin Hayford, b. Mar. 2, 1838, d. July 25, 1842. 
^Lovica Annette Hayford, b. July 10, 1841, d. Mar. 5, 1899, m. 

M. V, Harrington, i dau., 2 sons. 
^William Francis Hayford, b. July 2, 1843, ^'^- E^en Hedge. 
^Eliza Jane Hayford, b. Oct. 24, 1845, m. Charles Quick. 

Benjamin Hayford^ m. 2d, Mercy French, sister of his first 
wife, Oct. 21, 1846, d. Aug. 20, 1855. Their children were: 
^Cyrus Duane Hayford, b. Oct. 18, 1849, '^- Mary Schoonmaker. 
^Orrin Irvin Hayford, b. Nov. 17, 1852, m. Louise Smith. 

Benjamin Hayford*" m. 3d, Loretta Baker, Mar. 9, 1859. They 
had one son : 
^Fred Benjamin Hayford, b. Sep. 4, 1865, d. Feb. ig, 1866. 

The parent, Benjamin Hayford^ d. Mar. 29, 1887. 

William Francis Hayford^, son of Benjamin^ b. July 2, 


1843, m. Mar. 15, 187 1, Ellen Hedges. She d. Nov. 10, 1880. 

Their children were : 

"Jemima Hayford, b. Sept. 21, 1872. 

^Fred B. Hayford, b. Nov. 17, 1875, d. Sep. 5, 1878. 

Wm. F. Hayford^ m. 2d, Delia Titus, Apr. 6, 1882. No chil- 
dren. Wm. F. Hayford resides at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is a 
dealer in real estate and loans. 

Eliza J. Hayford^ dau. of Benjamin^ b. Oct. 24, 1845, m. 
Mar. 16, 1871, Charles Quick, who d. in 1888. They had one 
daughter : 
'Susie E. Quick, b. Aug. 21, 1882. 

Cyrus Duane Hayford^, son of Benjamin^, b. Oct. 18, 1849, 
m. Jan. 20, 1875, Mary Schoonmaker. They had two children : 
'Blanche Schoonmaker Hayford, who died young. 
"Alice Schoonmaker Hayford, b. 1879. 

Orrin Irvin Hayford^ b. Nov. 17, 1852, son of Benjamin^ 
m. Nov. 18, 1890, Louise Smith. They had two children: 
"Edith Louise Hayford, b. Sep. 11, 1893. 
'^Benjamin Irving Hayford, b. Sep. 4, 1898. 

The mother, Louise (Smith) Hayford, d. Feb. 1900. The last 
named child, Benjamin Irving'^, being the only male descendant 
of Benjamin Hayford^. 

Benjamin^ and his brother, William^, married three daughters 
of Litas and Betsy French, born in Hague, N. Y., and from 
which place the parents, with a large family, moved to Onon- 
daga Co., N. Y., in the early 30's. Most of their descendants 
now reside in Mich. William F. Hayford'', who has furnished 
this record of his parents' descendants, resides at Cedar Rapids, 
Iowa, and is a real estate dealer. 

2)aniel Ma^forb Branch. 

Daniel Hayford-, son of John^, b. ab. 1690, Duxbury, Mass., 
m. 1723, Anne Webster, 2d, Deliverance Boles, 1733. His chil- 
dren were : 
^Daniel Hayford, Jr., b. Mar. 12, 1725, m. Priscilla Faxon, Feb. 

7» 1751- 
^Samuel Hayford, b. Aug. 8, 1734, m. Rebecca Freeman Water- 
man, 1754. 
^Webster Hayford, b. Nov. 3, 1736, m. Mary Bonney, Jan. 17, 

^William Hayford, b. May 5, 1740, m. Betty Bonney, Mar. 11, 


A record of the descendants of Daniel- will be found later in 
this work under the heads : 

Daniel Hayford, Jr.'*, Branch of New Hampshire. 

Samuel Hayford^ Branch of Massachusetts. 

Webster Hayford^ Branch of New York. 

William Hayford^ Branch of Maine. 

That of DanieP and William^ extending quite fully through 
many generations to the present time. 

'None titled nobler than the man who is but an American." 


Daniel Hayford'^ m. Anne Webster of Pembroke, Feb. 7, 1723. 

Their issue, one son : 

^Daniel, Jr., b. at Pembroke, m. Priscilla Faxon of Braintree, 
Feb. 7, 1751. 
Daniel Hayford m. 2nd, Deliverance Boles of Pembroke, May 

24, 1733. Their children : 

^Samuel Hayford, b. Aug. 8, 1734, m. Rebecca Freeman Water- 
man, 1754. 


"^Webster Hayford, b. Nov. 3, 1736, m. Mary Bonney, Jan. 17, 

''William Hayford, b. May 5, 1740, m. Betty Bonney, Mar. 11, 

Daniel Hayford", son of John Heiford^ of Braintree, 1679, 
was born in Duxbury (afterwards Pembroke and Hanson), ab. 
1690. He was admitted to the First Cong, church, Pembroke, 
July 6, 1729; was deacon in 1746, and died Dec. 11, 1764. His 
will, entered in court, 1765, names wife Deliverance, and four 
sons, Daniel^ Samuel'^ Webster^ and William^ and appoints son 
William executor of said will. As will be seen on former pages, 
he bought and sold real estate largely in Pembroke. He built 
the house afterwards bought by Rev. Gad Hitchcock in 1749, 
which in 1892 was then standing. 

Record of baptisms in the Second Church of Christ in Pem- 
broke, Mass., by Rev. Gad Hitchcock during years 1752 to 1778: 
Mar. 15, 1752, DanieP, son of Daniel Hayford, Jr.**, on % his 

Oct. 28, 1753, Edward"" son of Daniel Hayford, Jr.'' 

Nov. 24, 1754, Deliverance"*, dau. of Samuel Hayfordl 

Sept. 14, 1755, NathanieP, son of Daniel Hayford, Jr.^ 

Jan. 18, 1756, Abigail, dau. of Samuel Hayfordl 

July 13, 1760, Ann*, dau. of Samuel Hayford''. 

Nov. 16, 1760, Mary^ dau. of Webster Hayford^ 

Dec. 19, 1762, Mary Freeman*, dau. of Samuel Hayford^ 

Aug. 1763, Webster*, son of Webster Hayfordl 

Aug. 1763, William*, son of William Hayford^ 

Sept. 1764, Rebecca*, dau. of Samuel Hayford^ 

Sept. 1764, Jonathan Bonney*, son of Webster Hayford". 

Mar. 31, 1765, Betty*, dau. of William Hayford^ 

Feb. 1766, Deliverance*, dau. of Webster Hayford*. 

June 27, 1766, Artemissa*, dau. of William Hayford^ 

June 7, 1767, John, son of Mercy Hayford. 

Nov. 15, 1767, Matilda*, dau. of William Hayford". 

Aug. 1769, Molly Waterman*, dau. of Samuel Hayford". 

Nov. 8, 1770, Arvida*, son of William Hayford^ 

Jan. 1773, Gustavus*, son of William Hayford". 

Apr. 1774, Christina*, dau. of William Hayford^ 

May 1 8, 1777, Zeri*, son of William Hayford". 


Aug. 31, 1777, Priscilla^ dau. of Edward Hayford* of Bridge- 

Note — Two sons of Wm. Hayford'^, i. e. Gad"* and Albert^ born 
in Turner, Me. 

Gen. Reg. Vol. 49, Page 430. 

Children of John Pompilly on account of his wife Aphia, were 
baptised June 28, 1772, viz., Bennet, Elizabeth, Apphia, John, 
Ruel and Barnard. 

Vol. 50, p. 177. 

Samuel, son of John Pompilly's wife, Nov. 1774. 

'Daniel IHa^forb 5r. Branch. 

(State of New Hampshire.) 
Daniel Hayford, Jr.^ son of Daniel Hayford'', and Anne Web- 
ster of Pembroke, Mass., born about 1724, died at Tamworth, 
N. H., 1813, m. Feb. 7, 1751, Priscilla Faxon, dau. of Thomas 
and Ruth (Webb) Faxon, born in Braintree, Mass., Apr. 13, 
1723, died ab. 1813. 

Priscilla Faxon^ (Thomas^ Josiah^ Richard'^ Thomas\) b. 
in Braintree, Mass., Apr. 13, 1723, dau., of Thomas and Ruth 
(Webb) Faxon, m. Feb. 7, 175I' Daniel Hayford, Jr.^ son of 
Daniel'^ and Anne (Webster) Hayford of Pembroke, Mass. 
(Daniel Hayford" and Anne Webster were married Feb. 7, 1723. 
He afterwards married Deliverance Boles of Pembroke May 24, 
1733.) He removed to Tamworth Iron Works, N. H. He was 
a farmer. The place of burial of Daniel Hayford, Jr.^, and his 
wife, Priscilla, is Tamworth Iron Works Cemetery. He died 
about 18 1 3, six months after decease of his wife. She died 
about 181 2-1 8 1 3, aged about 90 years. 
Children born in Pembroke, Mass.: 
Daniel," b. Mar. 12, 1752. 

Edward*, b. Oct. 1753, m. Dec. 28, 1775, Abigail Ramsdell of 
Pembroke. She d. 1779, aet. 22. He m. 2nd, 1779, Lenity, 
widow of Nathan Eangman. She was Lenity Thomas of Marsh- 
field, Mass. He was a farmer and removed to South Tamworth, 
N. H., where he died in 1844- (Note. Edward Hayford" had 
a daughter Priscilla^ who married Matthew Gannett, son of Seth 
and Susanna (Allen) Gannett. They had four sons, Allen, 
Charles, Faxon and Consider. ) 

Nathaniel", b. Sept. 16, i75S> m. Philena Gannett^ b. 1768, in 
Bridgewater, Mass., dau. of Seth" and Susanna (Allen) Gannett. 
Seth Gannett" was the son of Joseph'^ and Hannah (Hayward) 
Gannett. Joseph Gannett^ was the son of Joseph^ who m. a 
widow Sharp, and the latter Joseph was the son of Matthew^ of 


Scituate, Mass., who was b. in England in 1618. Seth"* had a 
brother, Capt. Joseph"*, whose son, Joseph^, was the father of 
Jane Bailey Gannett^, who m. Luther Faxon' (SamueP, Elisha^ 
Elishahib^ Josiah^ Richard'^, Thomas^). Soon after his mar- 
riage Nathaniel Hayford"* removed to Tamworth, N. H., where 
he resided till his decease, Apr. 25, 185 1. The following article 
from the Congregational Journal published at Concord, N. H., 
May 29, 185 r, will be a better account than can now be obtained 
from any other source, of one who lived to the advanced age of 
96 years: 

"He was born in Pembroke, Mass., Sept. 16, 1755. He was 
the son of Mr. Daniel Hayford'^ who with his wife, the mother 
of the deceased, lived to be 90 years old and upward. They had 
three children, all sons, Daniel"', Edward"* and Nathaniel*, who 
all lived to the advanced age of about ninety-six years. At the 
breaking out of the Revolutionary war the deceased was nineteen 
years old; and soon after the battle of Lexington, he enlisted in 
the service of his country and marched to Boston. At the time 
of the battle on Bunker Hill he was stationed on Winter Hill. 
He was in the battle on Rhode Island, in the battle in New 
York, in the battle at Monmouth, N. J., besides several skirmishes 
with the enemy. He was in the war between four and five years, 
and for many years has drawn a pension to sustain him in his 
old age. Soon after the close of the war he removed to Burton 
(now Albany), N. H., and about this time was married to Philena 
Gannett, a native of Bridgevv^ater, Mass., with whom he lived in 
the married state about 65 years. She still survives her husband 
at the age of 83. Soon after his marriage Mr. Hayford removed 
to Tamworth, where he lived until his death. The deceased out- 
lived nearly all his generation. He lived until nearly every officer 
under whom he served, and soldier who shared with him the hard- 
ships and dangers of the march, the camp and the battlefield, 
had gone down to dust. It was a soul stirring spectacle to look 
into the coffin of this man, and, as we gazed upon the sleeping 
dust, to reflect upon the varied scenes of nearly a hundred years 
through which the sleeper had passed. Allowing thirty years to 
a generation, he had lived till more than three generations of 
his fellow men had passed oft' the stage. We could but think of 
the great changes which had taken place in his beloved country 
in his day. He had lived in the time of four wars in which his 
country was engaged, that of the French and Indian, the Revo- 
lutionary, the last war with Great Britian, and that with Mexico. 
Mr. Hayford retained his bodily and mental powers in a remark- 
able measure for a man of his years. The last winter he was 
able to chop considerable wood at his door, and at the last 
March election went to the ballot box and deposited his vote. 


Nearly fifty years ago he hopefully enlisted under the banner of 
the "Prince of Peace" and with his wife united with the Congre- 
gational church in Tamworth. His last end was peace. In his 
last moments he spoke calmly of death and his "desire to depart 
and be with Christ." After closing his own eyes "he fell asleep." 
His widow, Philena, died Mar. 26, 1858, aged 90 years." 

Daniel Hayford, son of Daniel, Jr., b. Mar. 12, 1752, at 
Pembroke, Mass., removed to Providence, R. I., m. Mary 

In the list of taxpayers in Providence, 1845, appears the 
names of Daniel Hayford, Sarah Ann Hayford and Abby B. 

Sarah Ann Hayford m. Anson Cole, Dec. 21, 1854. 

Abby B. Hayford m. Joseph Bradford, and had children: 
Henry N. Bradford, m. Mary Whipple. 

Joseph Bradford, m. Hall. 

Marion L. Bradford, m. Chas. H. Budlong, Dec. 9, i860. 

Record of Deaths, Providence, R. I. 

Daniel Hayford, d. May 12, 1S37, ae. 85 yrs. 

Daniel " son of Daniel, Jr., d. Apr. 16, 1837, ae. 26 yrs. 

Daniel " Jr., d. Apr. 7, 1847, ^^- 79 Y^s. 

Mary " d. Aug. 8, 1848, ae. 83 yrs. 

Rebecca " widow of Daniel, d. Mar. 10, 1853, ae. 71 yrs. 

Chas. " son of Daniel, Jr., d. May 20, 1861, ae. 41 yrs. 

Laura J. " dau. of Geo. E. & Lauretta, d. Jan. 28, 1834. 

Copied from Pension Rolls. 

Nathaniel Hayford, Private, Mass. Con't. 1778: ^96.00 per, 
year. Amount received: ^1146.13. Placed on Pension rolls 
May 24, 18 1 9, pension commenced Apr. 27, 18 18, dropped out 
1820, May I, restored Feb. 3, 1824. 

Daniel Hayford, (bro. of Nath'l. ) $33.33, Amt. rec'd.: $99.99. 
Rhode Island St. Contin'l Militia, placed on rolls Nov. 18, 1833. 
Pension commenced. Mar. 4, 1831. Aged 82 yrs. Prov. R. I. 

William Hayford, (cousin of the above,) Amt. allowed, $33.33. 
reed. $99.99. Mass. Militia, placed on Pension Rolls, Jul. 5, 
1833, pension commenced Mar. 4, 1831. 

Ira Hayford, Rev. Soldier, went to Troy, N. York. He was a 
Fifer and was on Pension Rolls. 

John Hayford of Farmington, Conn, was on guard duty at 
Boston, 1776. 



Edward Hayford^ son of Daniel Hayford, Jr.^ b. Pembroke, 
Mass., Oct. 1753, baptized Oct. 28, 1753, d. about 1844, m. 
Abigail Ramsdell of Pembroke, b. 1757, d. 1779. He m. 2d, 
1779, Lenity, widow of Nathan Kingman. She was Lenity 
Thomas of Marshfield, Mass., d. 1844. He was a farmer and 
removed to Tamworth, N. H. He had five children: 
^Edward Hayford, Jr., m. Polly Kenastone. 
^Libbeus Hayford, m. Lydia Hawkins. 
"^Barzilla Hayford, d. young. 

^Priscilla Hayford, b. Aug. 31, 1777, m. Matthew Gannett. 
^Lydia Hayford, b. Moultonboro Mar. 17, 1782, m. Ward Weeks 

Folsom and lived at Tamworth till 1876, ae. 94. 11 ch. 

Edward Hayford Jr.^ son of Edward Hayford*, m. Polly Ken- 
astone. They had six children: 
^Gilbert Hayford, m. Susan Tattin, N. B. 
®Asa Hayford, m. Ann Tattin, N. B. 
^Faxon Hayford m. Sarah Goodwin, Lyman, Me. 
^Betsy Hayford (Elizabeth), m. James Riley, Haverhill, Mass. 
^Joanna Hayford, b. 1809, m. James Ames. 4 ch. m. Nathaniel 

Hayford, Jr^ i child. 
^Mary Ann Hayford, m. Joseph Goodwin. 

A relative of the writer, residing in Oklahoma, under date 
June 29, 1898, writes as follows : 

"A man here, named Woodward, knew a Hayford family in 
Minnesota. They came from Maine to Hudson, Wis., before 
the rebellion, and thence to Minnesota. Gil. Hayford and Asa 
Hayford were brothers. Asa's son Ed. enlisted in the 2nd 
Minnesota Cav., Co. K., and served through the war. When 
war was over the Hayfords moved to Pope Co., Minn., where 
they homesteaded land. This was in 1866. Gil. Hayford was 
the father of three boys and two girls. Fax., John, and a younger 
brother, whose name Woodward cannot recall, Lucinda and a 
younger girl, name not remembered. Lucinda married in Minne- 
sota Kirk J. Kinney, a surveyor and a man of fine education. 
Kinney went into the employ of Col. Barrett, a government sur- 
veyor from Washington, D. C. They surveyed in South Dakota 
and in Oklahoma, then called the Indian Territory. Kinney 
was caught in a prairie fire and horribly burned, having an ear 
and some of his fingers burned off. He was maimed for life. 
Lay for many months in an almost dying condition at Fort 
Reno, this Territory. This was about 1869, I think he said, or 


thirty years before the opening to settlement of Oklahoma. 
Kinney, upon his recovery, returned to Minnesota, where at last 
accounts he was publishing a newspaper at Glenwood, Pope Co. 
Kinney was a cousin of Hon. Galusha Grow, and was from 
Pennyslvania. Politically, all the Hayfords were Republicans. 
Asa Hayford and Ed. returned to Maine many years ago. 
Woodward doesn't know their town there. However, he has 
heard Ed. speak many times of a tide-mill which they operated 
on the coast of Maine. The rising of the tide pushed the gates 
of their lock inward and lilled the pond. When the tide went 
down the gates closed, and with this water they obtained the 
power to operate a saw mill, shingle mill and lath mill. He had 
heard Ed. complain many times of the hard life they led at this 
work, for the tide going out later each day, their time for open- 
ing work often commenced at most untimely hours, and as they 
worked in all seasons, they often commenced work at eleven 
o'clock at night, or two in the morning with equal promptness, as 
every moment that their unique power lasted must be improved." 

Gilbert Hayford®, son of Edward Hayford, Jr.\ m. Susan 
Tattin. They had live children: 
"Lucetta Hayford, m. Kirk Kinney. 
''John Hayford. 
^Gilbert Hayford. 

'^Lizzie Hayford, m. Joseph Lawson. 
^Judson Hayford. 

Asa Hayford", son of Edward, Jr.^ m. Anna Tattin. They 
had three children : 
'^Alvin Hayford, m. Camery Appleton. 
'^Ira Hayford, m. Sarah Frances Goodwin. 
''Edward Hayford, m. Abbie Goodwin. 

Faxon Hayford®, son of Edward, Jr.^, m. Sarah Ann Good- 
win. They had one child : 
''Frank Hayford, unmarried. Present residence of son, San Jose, 


Betsy Hayford®, dau. of Edward, Jr.^, m. James Riley. She 
died 1900. They had two children: 
''Judson Riley. 
''Lizzie Riley. 

Joanna Hayford®, dau of Edward, Jr.^, m. James Ames. 
She was b. 1809 and d. July 10, 1854. They had four children : 
''Elizabeth Ames, b. 1832, m. David Hayford, Tamworth, N. H. 
'James M. Ames, m. No children. Saxonville, Mass. 


"^Asa Ames, m. One dau., Jennie**, Lancaster, N. H. 
"Charles J. Ames. 

She m. 2nd, Nathaniel Hayford, Jr.s, and had one child: 
•^Sarah J. Hayford, m. Jonathan Pray. 

Mary Ann Hayford'', dau. of Edward, Jr.s, m. Joseph Good- 
win. They had seven children : 
''Elizabeth Goodwin. 
''Sarah Goodwin, m. Ira Hayford''. 
''Charles Goodwin. 
''Albert Goodwin. 
■'Emma Goodwin. 
''Forest Goodwin. 
''Abby Goodwin, m. Edward Hayford''. 

Alvin Hayford'', son of Asa Hayford'', m. Camery Appleton. 
They had one child : 
^Herbert Hayford. 

Ira Hayford'', son of Asa*, m. Sarah Goodwin. They had 
seven children : 
^Ostinelle Hayford, b. 1867, m. Minnie Witham of Alfred, Mass. 

3 ch.: Lillian, b. 1892 ; Edith, b. 1894; Charles, b. 1896. 
^Minnie Hayford, vinmarried. 
^Grace Hayford, unmarried, 
^Charlie Hayford, unmarried, dead. 
^Bertha Hayford, unmarried, dead. 
*Roy Hayford, unmarried, dead. 
^Emma Hayford, unmarried. 

Ira W. Hayford, a veteran of the civil war, who lives at in 
Alfred street, Biddeford, was found lying beside the road near 
the blacksmith shop on the site of the old skating rink, Saturday. 
He was insensible and blood was streaming from one of his ears. 
It was thought by those who found him that he had been fatally 
injured by slipping on the ice and striking on his head, fractur- 
ing his skull. He was removed to his home, where a physician 
made an examination, but could find no indication of a fracture. 
He accounts for the flow of blood from the ear by the bursting 
of a blood vessel. It is thought Mr. Hayford will recover. 
Mch. 9, 1901. 

Edward Hayford'', son af Asa", m. Abbie Goodwin. They 
had six children : 
^Amy Hayford. 


^Albert G. Hayford, m. Josie Littlefield, Alfred, Me. 2 ch.: 

Zefifie, b. 1897 ; Roy, b. 1899. 
^George Hayford. 
®Asa Hayford. 
^Winona Hayford. 
'Zeffie Hayford. 

LiBBEUS Hayfords, son of Edward^, m. Lydia Hawkins. 
They had nine children : Edwin*^, Lucetta'^, Almina*', Lydia*^, 
Priscilla*', Albion**, Albert®, Lucetta'* and Sarahs 

Priscilla Hayfords, dau. of Edward'', m. Mathew Gannett. 
They had four sons : Allen^, Charles^ Faxon'' and Consider^ 


Nathaniel Hayford^ son of Daniel Jr.^, b. Pembroke, Mass., 
Sept. 1755, bap. Sept. 14, 1755, d. Apr. 25, 1851, m. ab. 1787, 
Philena Gannett of Bridgewater, Mass., b. ab. 1768, d. Mar. 26, 
1858. (Philena^ Seth"*, Joseph^, Joseph'-^, Mathew^, of Scituate, 
Mass., b. in England 1618.) They had five children: 
sDaniel Hayford, b. 1789. 
sNathaniel Hayford, Jr., b. Mar. 11, 1791, m. i, Abigail Blais- 

dell. 2, Susan Rollins. 3, Joanna (Hayford®) Ames. 
sSeth Hayford, b. Sept. 9, 1793, m. Susan Gannett. 

5Warren Hayford, b. Aug. 2, 1798, m. Sophia 

sPolly Hayford, m. Stephen Flanders. 

Nathaniel Hayford, Jr.5, and wife cared for and lived with 
their parents for many years previous to their deaths. 

Daniel Hayfords, son of Nathaniel'*, b. 1789, at Tamworth, 
N. H., married and moved to the State of New York (Wayne 
Co.), early in the nineteenth century, about 1828. They had 
three children : Sarah®, Daniel® and Henry®. "Among the 
worthy merchants at Tamworth Iron Works, N. H. (1812) was 
Daniel Hayford, who combined manufacture of nails with mer- 
chandise." No further record of Daniel is found. Daniel was 
in Tamworth, 1828, the first merchant and manufacturer of hats. 

Nathaniel Hayford, Jr.s, son of Nathaniel"*, b. at Tamworth, 
N. H., Mar. 11, 1791, d. at Swampscott, Mass., June 26, 1S73, 
m. Abigail Blaisdell. They had two children : 
®Otis Hayford, d. at the age of four years. 
®Abner Hayford, b. Mar. 19, 1824, m. Lavina Hill. 



He then married, Sept. 17, 1826, Susan Rollins, b. May 26, 
1799, and had three children: 

''David Hayford, b. May 12, 1827, m. Elizabeth Ames. 
®Susan J. Hayford, b. June 10, 1S43, m. James A. Moulton. 
^Otis Hayford, b. Mar. 11, 1831, m. Vienna Eames. 

He married third, Joanna (Hayford^) Ames, b. 1809, d. July 
10, 1854. They had one child: "^Sarah Hayford. 

Abner Hayford'', son of Nathaniel, Jr.s, b. Tamworth, N. H., 
Mar. ig, 1824, d. at Swampscott, Mass., Apr. 21, 1896, m. Apr. 
19, i860, Lavina Hill, b. Woburn, Mass., Nov. 21, 1828, d. Nov. 
21, 1897. They had five children: 
"Maria Stanwood Hayford, b. June 4, 1861, m. Wilmot R. 

■^James Abner Hayford, b. Feb. 8, 1863, d. Oct. 8, 1863. 
'Arthur Blaisdell Hayford, b. Feb. 12, 1865, d. Sept. 19, 1865. 
''Anna Rebecca Hayford, b. June 10, 1867, unmarried. 
■'Abner Wendall Hayford, b. Oct. 14, 1869, unmarried. 

Death of Abner Hayford^. 

A long and useful life is ended. By the death of Abner Hay- 
ford, Swampscott loses one of its most respected citizens. Fri- 
day morning he was stricken down with apoplexy, which affected 
a portion of his left side. The hopes that he could rally proved 
unfounded, and at 4 o'clock this morning he passed to his well- 
earned reward. His 72nd birthday fell on March 19, last, and 
two days before his death was the 36th anniversary of his mar- 

In many respects his career has been unique. As a youth of 
barely 16 years, he started on foot from his native town, Tam- 
worth, N. H., to seek his fortune. At that time the Eastern 
Railway extended only to Ipswich, and he walked all the dis- 
tance to that place. He had but a trifle more than sufficient 
money to pay his fare to Boston. There he secured work, into 
which he entered with the same indomitable energy which since 
has been one of his characteristics. His success in business was 
the result of his own unaided effort. 

For 18 years he devoted his best efforts to the service of the late 
E. B. Phillips of Swampscott, during v/hich time great interests 
were entirely entrusted to him. Then he struck out in business for 
himself, in the face of predicted failure and the most tempting 
offers to remain. Of the men in the oil business he was, prob- 
ably, the most expert. Alone and unaided, he soon handled an 


immense business, though the fact was known to but few, and in 
this line he acquired the principal part of his fortune. 

In his home life he was a pattern, a devoted husband and 
most indulgent parent. His death is the first break in the family 
circle within 30 years. His wife, two daughters and a son sur- 
vive him. 

Although not a church member he had pronounced religious 
convictions. In all his transactions he was a man of the most 
strict integrity. Many were the benevolent deeds done by his 
right hand, of which the left knew not. But his deeds live after 
him, and the whole community sincerely mourns his death. 

Mariah Stanwood Hayford'^, dau. of Abner'', b. at Swamp- 
scott, Mass., June 4, 1861, m. July 6, 1886, Wilmot R. Hastings 
of Lynn, Mass. They have three children : 
^Elsie Hayford Hastings, b. June 18, 1888. 
'^Claire Hastings b. Feb. 16, 1891. 
^Abner H. Hastings, b. Dec. 31, 1894. 

David Hayford^, son of Nathaniel, Jr.-% b. May 12, 1827, m. 
Nov. II, 1S49, Elizabeth Ames, b. Oct. 10, 1832. They had 
thirteen children : 

"Charles N. Hayford, b. Sept. 8, 1S50, d. Aug. 28, 1852. 
'George F. Hayford, b. June 7, 1853, d. Feb. 23, 1878. 
'Emma J. Hayford, b. Aug. 11, 1855, m. Albert Fowler. 
'Newman A. Hayford, b. Nov. 4, 1858, m. Abbie Hayes. 
"Herbert W. Hayford, b. Sept. 12, i860, m. Lillian M. Moulton, 
'John S. Hayford, b. Nov. 18, 1862. m. Norah Conner. 
'Lizzie D. Hayford, b. Nov. 2, 1864. 
'Ada May Hayford, b. Dec. 16, 1866, d. May 10, 187 1. 
"Cora E. Hayford, b. Mar. 20, 1868. 
'Abner W. Hayford, b. Dec. 12, 1869, unmarried. 
■^Lulu Maud Hayford, b. Apr. i, 187 1. 
^Ann Blanche Hayford, b. Oct. 4, 1873. 
'Durwood A. Hayford, b. Nov. 13, 1875, m. Elsie Allen. 

Emma J. Hayford7, dau. of David'', m. Albert Fowler, d. Sept. 
II, 1 89 1. They had three children: Clarence^, Alma*^ and 

Newman A. Hayford7, son of David^ b. Nov. 4, 1S58, m. 
Mar. 19, 1879, Abbie Hayes, b. May 10, 1855. They had six 
children : 

^Eva M. Hayford, b. Dec. 31, 1879. 
^Harry N. Hayford, b. Feb. 18, 1881. 



^Celia B. Hayford, b. July 25, 1883. 

^Charles J. Hayford, b. Oct. 16, 1885. 

«Della M. Hayford, b. May 10, 1889, d. Dec. 31, 1890. 

^Edith M. Hayford, b. May 8, 1895. 

Herbert W. Hayford7, son of David^ b. Sept. 12, i860, m. 
Lillian M. Moulton7, July 20, 1887. They had three children: 
^Gertie Hayford, b. Nov. 11, 1889, d. May 6, 1890. 
^Flossie Hayford, b. Feb. 22, 1891, d. Feb. 26, 1891. 
^Ethel Hayford, b. Sept. 5, 1892. 

John S. Hayford?, son of David^ b. Nov. 18, 1862, m. Oct. 
II, 1893, Norah Conner. They had three children: 
^Mildred E. Hayford, b. Aug. 11, 1894. 
^Lawrence D. Hayford, b. Aug. 6, 1896. 
^Sumner Hayford, b. June 22, 1899. 

DuRwooD HAYFORD7, SOU of David^ b. Nov. 13, 1875, m. Oct. 
II, 1897, Elsie Allen. She died June 15, 1899. One child: 
^David P. Hayford, b. June 6, 1899. 

Otis Hayford^ son of Nathaniel, Jr.s, b. Tamworth, N. H., 
Mar. II, 1831, m. Nov. 25, 1855, Vienna Fames of Newry, Me., 
b. Jan. 6, 1835. They had five children: 
7lnez Hayford, b. Jan. 14, 1857, m. John Hapgood. 
7 Anson Otis Hayford, b. Feb. 15, 1859, m. Annie Thompson. 
7Edson Hayford, b. Dec. 23, i860, m. Eva Abbott. 
7lda Hayford, b. Oct. 4, 1862, m. James Bragg. 
7jennie Hayford, b. June 5, 1866, m. Charles Cobb. 

Inez Hayford?, dau. of OtisS b. Jan. 14, 1857, Newry, Me., 
m. John Hapgood of Bethel, Me., Nov. 24, 1879, d. July 2, 1886, 
Albany, Me. 

Anson Otis Hayford?, son of Otis^ b. Feb. 15, 1859, m. 
May 3, 1884, Annie Thompson of Machias, Me. They had two 
children : 

^Charles Otis Hayford, b. Albany, Me., Apr. i, 18S5. 
^Robert Hayford, b. Hanover, Me., Feb. 2, 1888. 

Edson Hayford?, son of Otis^ b. Dec. 23, i860, m. Jan. 31, 
1888, Eva Abbott of Andover, Me. They had one child: 
^James Abbott Hayford, b. May 2, 1897. 

Ida Hayford?, dau. of Otis^ b. Oct. 4, 1862, m. Oct. 4, 1886, 
James Bragg of Erroll, N. H. 

Jennie Hayford?, dau. of Otis^ b. June 5, 1866, m. Dec. 25, 
1888, Charles Cobb of Westbrook, Me. 


Susan J. Hayford'^ dau. of Nathaniel, Jr.S b. June lo, 1843, 
at Tamworth, N. H., m. Aug. 20, 1862, James A. Moulton, b. 
Aug. 10, 1844, at Fitchburg, Mass. They have one child: 
7Le''ah M. Moulton, b. July 23, 1867, m. Herbert W. Hayford7. 

James A. Moulton enlisted during the civil war in 1862 and 
served three years. They now reside at Laconia, N. H. 

Leah M. Moulton7, b. July 23, 1S67, m. July 20, 1887, Herbert 
W. Hayford7, b. Sept. 12, 1S60. They had three children: 
^Gertrude Hayford, b. Nov. 11, 1889, d. May 6, 1890. 
^Florence Hayford, b. Feb. 22, 1891, d. Feb. 27, 1891. 
«Ethel S. Hayford, b. Sept. 5, 1892. 

Sarah HAYFORD^ dau. of Nathaniel, Jr.S m. Jonathan Smith 


SErn Hayford'', son of NathanieP, b. Tamworth, N. H., Sept. 
9, 1793, d. Apr. 27, 1866, m. Nov. 12, 1822, Susan Gannett, b. 
Oct. 10, 1798, d. Apr. 3, 1869. They had five children: 
^Ira Hayford, b. Aug. 11, 1823, m. Harriet S. Ackerman. 
"Nancy Hayford, b. Mar. 3, 1825, d. Dec. 17, 1850. 
"Philena Hayford, b. May 3, 1827, d. Nov. 29, 1844. 
'Seth Hayford, Jr., b. Nov. 13, 1829, d. Feb. 16, 1830. 

"Seth Hayford, Jr., b. Feb. 2, 1832, m. Patience . 

Ira Hayford'', son of Seth^ b, Tamworth, N. H., Aug. 11, 
1823, m. Feb. 15, 1848, Harriet S. Ackerman, b. Farmington, 
N. H., Sept. 29, 1822, d. June 2, 1870. He married 2d, Laura 
Jane Page of Concord, N. H., June 17, 1873, b. June 26, 1825, 
at Lower Gilmantown, N. H., dau. of Samuel and Dorothy B. 
Page. He d. Sept. 14, 1882, and was buried at Concord, N. H. 
They had six children : 
*^Charles M. Hayford, b Dec. 29, 1848, at Great Falls, N. H., 

m. Mary Hayes. 
«Philena J. Hayford, b. Nov. 5, 1851, Methuen, Mass., m. Gil- 
bert H. Berry. 
«Winslow A. Hayford, b. May 10, 1854, Lawrence, Mass. 
^William B. Hayford, b. May 20, 1857, Methuen, Mass., d. Aug. 

13, 1858. 
^William B. Hayford, b. June 21, 1859, W. Medford, Mass. 
^Harriet S. Hayford, b. Aug. 28, 1863, W. Medford, Mass. 

Charles M. Hayford^ son of Ira'', b. Dec. 29, 1848, at Great 
Falls, N. H., m. July 24, 1877, Mary Hayes of Bangor, Me., b. 
June 15, 1859. They had five children: 


®Mary Harriet Hayford, b. June 15, 1878, d. Feb. i, 1879. 
®Rose Pauline Hayford, b. Nov. 25, 1881. 
^Josephine Ellen Hayford, b, Apr. 28, 1885. 
^Hilda Genevieve Hayford, b. June 15, 1896. 
^Mary Hayes Hayford, b. June 26, 1898. 

None married March, 1900. They reside in Bangor, Me, 
Address, 470 Main St. 

Philena J. Hayford^, dau. of Ira'', b, Nov. 5, 185 1, Methuen, 
Mass., m. Jan. 12, 187 1, Gilbert H. Berry of Bristol, N. H. 
They had six children: 
''Arthur W. Berry, b. Dec. 30, 1872. 
^ James E. Berry, b. Nov. 13, 1874, d. Aug. 30, 1S83. 
^Ernest H. Berry, b. Dec. 26, 1880. 
^Ira S. Berry, b. Sept. 14, 1882, d. July 27, 1883. 
^Luey B. Berry, b. Aug. 9, 1884. 
^Gilbert A. Berry, b. Aug. 18, 189 1. 

Seth Hayford, Jr.'', son of Seth*', b. Feb. 2, 1832, m. Sept. 

14, 1852, Patience . They had two children: 

^Nancy S. Hayford, b. Oct. 25, 1855. 
^Mary Ann Hayford, b. Dec. 14, 1857. 

Seth Hayford'' enlisted during the civil war in the Fifth Reg't 
from West Medford, Mass., Sept. 23, 1862. Resided with family 
at New Boston, N. H., last known. 

Warren Hayford^, son of Nathaniel, b. Aug. 2, 1798, d. 

Sept. II, 1872, m. 1820-1, Sophia , b. July 25, 1800, d. 

July 14, 1884. They had eight children : 

^Cynthia Hayford, b. 1822, m. Ezekiel Rand. 

®Sarah Hayford, b. Dec. 11, 1834, m. Isaiah Forest. 

^Sophia Hayford, b. Nov. 25, 1826, d. Oct. 1827. 

^Warren Hayford, Jr., b. July 12, 1829. m. Abbie Lewis. 

•^Joseph Hayford, b. Apr. 28, 1833, m. i, Lizzie Rachel Wilson. 

m. 2, Lizzie Burns. 
^William Hayford, b. 1832, m. Mariah Ellis. 

•'Daniel Hayford, b. June 28, 1840, unmarried, d. Feb. 8, 1863. 
^Cordelia Hayford, b. June 14, 1843, m. Cyrus P. Dow. 

Cynthia Hayford*', dau. of Warren^ b. 1822, m. 1854, lizekiel 

Rand, b. , d. 1886. They had one son : 

''Parkman Rand, b. 1856, d. Mar. 9, 1898. 

Sarah Hayford*', dau. of Warren^ b. Dec. 11, 1824, m. 1853, 


Isaiah Forest, b. i826,d. Apr. 14, 1894. They had three children : 
"Charles T. Forest, d. with diphtheria, 9 years old. 
■Etta Maria Forest, \rj, ■ d. with diphtheria, 6 years old. 
^Ida May Forest, j" ^^^'^"s, „ .< 5 

Warren Hayford, Jr.", son of Warren\ b. July 12, 1829, d. 
Aug. 10, 1888, m. Apr. 24, 185 1, Abbie Lewis of Worcester, 
Mass., b. Nov. 20, 1828, at Kittery, Me., d. May 29, 1894, at 
Conway, N. H. They had one son : 
"George Warren Hayford, b. Oct. 27, 1854, at Boston, Mass., m. 

Ida A. W. Bright. 

George Warren Hayford", son of Warren, Jr.'', b. Oct. 27, 
1854, at Boston, Mass., m. Dec. 17, 1885, ^-^^ Bright of Lynn, 
Mass. They had three children : 
^Francis Brooks Hayford, b. Boston, July 19, 18S7, d. May 31, 

^Ruth Hayford, b. Boston, Oct. 25, 1889. 
HVarren Hayford, b. June 12, 1896, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Joseph Hayford", son of Warren^ b. Apr. 28, 1832, d. Dec. 
22, 1894, m. at Boston June 3, 1855, Lizzie Rachel Wilson, b. 
June 26, 1833, d. Dec. 2, 1863. They had one child: 
'Lizzie, b. Nov. 18, 1863, d. Apr. 8, 1865. 

He married 2d, Jan. i, 1866, at Boston, Elizabeth Burns, b. 
Feb. 25, 1839. They had six children: 
'Oscar E. Hayford, b. Feb. 14, 1867, d. Nov. 10, 1892. 
"Joseph Willie Hayford, b. Oct. 13, 1868, d. Apr. 9, 1869. 
■^Frank H. Hayford, b. Jan. 2, 1871. Meat cutter, Boston, Mass. 
'Wendall P. Hayford, b. Feb. 7, 1872. Conductor. 
''Nelson C. Hayford, b. Jan. 16, 1S74. Druggist. 
''Fred J. Hayford, b. Nov. 7, 1879. Plumber. 

All reside with mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hayford, 64 Sherman 
St., Boston, Mass. 

William Hayford®, son of Warren^ b. 1832, d. July 6, 1898, 
m. Mariah Ellis. They had two children : 
''Ida Hayford. 
''Mamie Hayford, m. Charles Weeks ab. 1894. They had two 

children : Olive^ and Ida Weeksl 

Cordelia Hayford®, dau. of Warren^ m. Cyrus P. Dow. 
They had six children : Charles', Mary', Grace'', Willie', Sarah' 
and Lydia Dow'. 


Polly Hayford^ dau. of Nathaniel^ m. Stephen Flanders. 
They had two children : 

^Stephen Flanders, Jr., m. Hunt. One child, Ida Hunt". 

^Sarah Flanders, m. Martin Lord, i child. 

3Samuel Ma^forb Branch. 

Samuel Hav.okd^, son of Daniel^ and Deliverance Boles b^ 
Aug! 8, X734, m. Rebecca Freeman Waterman, 1754-5- Ihey 
had five children : 

^Abigail Hayford, b. Jan. i8, 1756. | 

^Anne Hayford, b. J^^^^ 3> i759- Pembroke record of 

^Mary Freeman Hayford, b. Nov. 14, H^^. . ^.^^^^^^ 

^Rebecca Hayford, b. Sept. 9, 1764- 
^Molly Waterman Hayford, b. June 5, i7&«- 
Died Nov. 13, 1768- ^ 

Pembroke Record of Deaths. 

Deliverance d. of Samuel d. Mar. 14, 1758- 

Deliverance d. of Samuel d. Jan. 17 59- 

The children of Samuel Hayford^ being all females, it has not 

T Rebecca wife of Samuel Hayford'', d. Aug. 9> J768. 

^amLl H~and Diadema Bishop were ioined together . 

marriage by Samuel Baldwin, pastor in Hanover, Nov. 26, .jt^. 

'Mebstet IHa^fotb Branch- 

Webster Hayford^ son of Daniel Hayford- and his second 
wife, Deliverance Boles, b. Nov. 3, 1736, m. Jan. 17, 1760, Mary 
Bonney of Pembroke, Mass. They had five children: 
^Mary Hayford, b. Nov., 1760. ) t^ , , , , 

nVebster Hayford, b. Aug. 1763, C Pembroke church 

^Jonathan Bonney Hayfo?d, b. Sept., 1764. j records of baptism. 
^Deliverance Hayford, b. 1766. 
■*Samuel Hayford, of whom no birth record appears. 

It would appear that Webster^ moved to Canada soon after 
1766, as no further record of his family is found at Pembroke. 
His great grandson, Luther Hayford^ of Independence, Iowa, 
writes that grandfather SamueP, son of Webster^, lived in Canada 
six years, then moved to New York State, later to Ohio, where 
he died in Chester, Lake Co., and that Webster, Jr., his son, died 
in the State of New York. He also says that Jonathan Bonney 
Hayford* went from New York to Ohio and died at Chester, 
Lake Co. 

Samuel Haj^ford^ son of Webster^, lived in Canada six years, 
then removed to State of New York, and later from there to 
Ohio, and died in Ohio, town of Greenburg. He had four sons : 
Lyman^, Enoch^ SamueP and C. P. Hayford^. Enoch^ went to 
the State of Indiana in the 30's. Lyman and Samuel lived and 
died at Lennox, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. C. P. Hayford"^ died in 
Patch Grove, Wis. 

Cyrus P. Hayford^ has a son, Luther Hayford*', living in Inde- 
pendence, Iowa, Buchanan Co. 

Luther Hayford*', b. Nov. 26, 1821, at Greenburg, Ohio, m, 
Martha R. Winship of Southern, 111., Jan. 27, 1848, d. Jan. 16, 
1865. They had seven children, four of whom died in infancy. 
'Rebecca Hayford, m. Samuel Arnold, resides in Vermillion, Kan. 
■'Lorena Hayford, m. C. H. Dockman, resides in Denver, Col. 
'James Clives Hayford resides in Independence. 



Luther Hayford*' m. 2d, Mary Jane Bought. She died Apr. 
17, 1882. They had two children, both died in infancy. Mr. 
Luther Hayford'' who is nearly 80 years old, writes : 

"My grandfather, Samuel*, and his brother, Jonathan Bonney', 
were large men, both of them 6 ft. 4% inches tall. I am a 
Methodist in religion, a republican in politics and an Odd Fellow. 
Am in enjoyment of good health, by trade a wagon and carriage 
maker; can make from a wheelbarrow to an omnibus. In rny 
early days worked as a blacksmith and gunsmith. I have lost 
two good wives and think I will finish life single. I should like 
to see the family relatives, but that is out of the question. If 
we are all so happy when the grand round-up comes in the New 
Jerusalem, we shall have lots of time to make the acquaintance 
of our dear kins-people. I suppose you are making all the prep- 
arations you can, for a grand reunion in the Happy Land beyond 
the Big River. May the blessings of God rest upon you and 
yours. I am striving to have a part in that blessed reunion, and 
by the help of God, I expect to enter the port of glory v/hen 
done with this life." 


^Milliam Ma^forb Btancb* 

(State of Maine.) 

William Hayford'^, son of DanieP, John^, was b. at Pembroke, 
Mass., May i6, 1740, d. at Hartford, Me., Oct. 12, 1801, m. 
Betty Bonney of Pembroke, Mar. 11, 1762, b. at Pembroke, Feb. 

is» 1743- 

William Hayford^ took part in the French and Indian war, 
1756, was engaged under Wolfe at Quebec, 1759, ^^'^ served in 
the Revolutionary war during years 1775 and 1776. He was in 
the defence of Boston and also in the operations on Long Island 
and at White Plains. His eldest son, William Jr.^, was with 
him during a part of this service, and was a member of the same 
company at one time, viz.: Capt. Chamberlain's Co., in Col. 
Cary's Reg't., Nov. 1776. At this time the son was but fourteen 
years old, but very tall and strong, and when he gave his age as 
sixteen, in order that he might pass muster, he was readily 
accepted. The elder William'^ served six months or more, from 
April to Oct., 1775, in Capt. Eleazer Hamlin's Co., Gen. Thomas' 
Reg't. Capt. Hamlin was his brother-in-law, they marrying sis- 
ters. On returning from the war, William Hayford'^ with wife 
and eight children, moved from Pembroke, Mass., to Sylvester 
Canada (now Turner, Me.), in the spring of 1777, and there 
settled on a lot about one and one-half miles south of "Bradford 
City", as it was afterward called, his family being the eighteenth 
of the first settlers of that town, then comprising 114 inhabit- 
ants, 65 of them being children. Two more son^ were born 
shortly afterward, to their family, in Turner. 

Of the six sons of William^, there was not one but measured 
more than six feet in height. Zeri*, the fourth son, stood six 
feet, seven and one-half inches in his stockings, and all were 
noted for great physical strength and endurance. They moved 
to Hartford, Me., and settled near the old "Center," about 1796, 
where he died in i8oi, aged 61 years. 


Betty (Bonney) Hayford, wife of William'^, was b. in Pem- 
broke, Mass., Feb. 15, 1743. She was the dau. of Ichabod 
Bonney, Jr., b. May 16, 1698, who m. Nov. 29, 1724, Elizabeth 
Rowland, b. June 6, 1706. Ichabod'* was the son of John**, b. 
Feb. 25, 1664, son of Thomas Bonney, Jr.^, who m. Dorcas Samp- 
son, the dau. of Henry Sampson, who came over in the May- 
flower in 1620, as a youth of sixteen years, and a member of the 
family of Edward Tilley and wife, who were his cousins. Edward 
Tilley and wife both dying the first winter at Plymouth, Henry 
Sampson afterward lived in the family of Capt. Miles Standish, 
and in 1636 m. Ann Plummer. They had five children: Eliza- 
beth, Hannah, John, Mary and Dorcas. (The Bradford His- 
tory says: 1650, "seven children") 

Thomas Bonney, Jr.-, was the son of Thomas Bonney\ the 
emigrant, b. in Dover, Eng., in 1604, and m. Mary Terry. He 
came over in the Hercules, 1634, and settled in Duxbury, Mass. 
The children of Ichabod Bonney'* and Elizabeth (Howland) 
Bonney numbered twelve, viz : 
^Ichabod, Jr., b. Sept. 3, 1737, d. Feb. 25, 1807, m. Mary Turner, 

b. July 8, 1739, ^- Feb. g, 1801. 
^Isaiah, m. Widow Aphia Pompilly. 
^De Grasse, d. young. 
"Deborah, m. Miles Sampson. 
°Ruth, m. Richard Phillips. 

"Lydia, m. Capt. Eleazer Hamlin, grandfather Ex. V. Pres. Han- 
nibal Hamlin. 
^Sylvia, b. Sept. 13, 1733, d. Dec. 3, 1801, m. Mar. 15, 1753, 

Jacob Leavitt, b. 1732. 
^Lucy, m. her cousin, Lemuel Bonney. 
^Chloe, m. Adam Turner. 
^Betty, b. Feb. 15, 1743, d. Mar. 12, 18 16, m. William Hayford, 

Mar. II, 1762, d. Oct. 12, 1801. 
^Anna, m. Ephraim Lindsey. 
^Sarah, unmarried. 

Elizabeth Rowland's brother, Rouse Howland, m. Anna Bon- 
ney, 1729. 

Elizabeth Howland, b. June 6, 1706, wife of Ichabod Bonney'*, 
b. May, 1698, was the dau. of Abraham Howland (Abraham was 
the son of Samuel Howland), and he married Ann Colson, dau. 
of Nathaniel Colson of Newport, R. I., about 1704. Samuel, 
the emigrant, came over in 1630. 


John Bonney^, of 1634, father of Ichabod'', 1698, had four 
other sons, viz: John^ Perez^, Ezekiel* and ]oeV, and two 
daughters. One married a Lindsey and the other a Delano. 
John Rowland came over on the Mayflower and married Eliza- 
beth, dau. of John Tilley. 

Pembroke, Mass., (now Hanson) was set off from Duxbury 
and Marshfield in 17 12. In the list of heads of families at that 
time residing there, appears John Bonney, James Bonney, John 
Hayford, Edward Hayford and Joseph Holmes. In the list of 
those serving in the French war : Jacob Bonney, John Pompilly 
Jerimiah Sylvester and Abram Bisbee. 

Pembroke, in Revolutionary days, was noted for its patriotism ; 
there was scarcely a Tory in town, while Marshfield was fully as 
noted for its Toryism. Among conspicuous and leading spirits 
of Pembroke at that time, appeared the name of Capt. Eleazer 
Hamlin, father of Dr. Cyrus and grandfather of Ex. Vice Presi- 
dent, Hannibal Hamlin. 

Ichabod Bonney^, Esq., son of Ichabod^ and brother of Betty 
(Bonney) Hayford, in Sept. 1783, removed from Pembroke to 
North Yarmouth, Me., with their family, in company with Samuel 
Taylor, Daniel Oldham, Dea. John Briggs and Dea. Robinson, 
with their families. 

While Ichabod Bonney'' and his wife, Elizabeth (Howland) 
Bonney, Avith his son, Isaiah^, were making preparations to fol- 
low Ichabod® "down East," as they termed it, Ichabod'* was taken 
sick and died. Isaiah® then took his mother, Elizabeth, and 
with his family left their native town for Turner, Me., sailing by 
schooner from Plymouth to Yarmouth, Me. On their passage, 
Elizabeth, the mother, was stricken with paralysis and became 
helpless. They landed at North Yarmouth. She was taken from 
there to New Gloucester, the New Gloucester people brought her 
to Pejepscot (now Danville), where they put her on a litter and 
brought her into town by the way of Poplar Hill, guided by 
spotted trees. They arrived in town on the Sabbath, but she 
survived only a few days and was buried on the following Sabbath. 

Ichabod Bonney® hauled with an ox team his parents' goods, 
into Sylvester Plantation (now Turner), Sept. 24, 1783, and on 
the way stopped one night under a large white oak tree at the 
foot of White Oak Hill, near what has since been called Vickery's 
Mills, at the foot of Great Wilson Pond, now Lake Auburn. 


He, with his cousin, William Hayford, Jr/, who accompanied 
him, slept under the cart. 

Ichabod, his brother, while living in Pembroke, served as 
Capt. of the militia, and awhile in the Revolutionary war. After 
he moved to Turner he was commissioned Justice of the Peace 
and went into all the surrounding towns to solemnize marriages, 
there being few at that time qualified for that duty. He spent 
the first winter in a cabin, and the next year built him a house. 
Here, his first wife, Mary Turner, died Feb. 9, 1801. 

William Hayford^ son of Daniel', John\ and wife, Betty 
(Bonney) Hayford, had ten children: 

■^William, Jr., b. Aug. 18, 1763, m. Philena French of Turner, Me. 
■'Betty, b. Mar. 12, 1765, m. Benjamin Alden of Greene, Me. 
■*Artemissa, b. July 14, 1766, m. i, Joel Simmons of Minot, Me. 

111. 2, Nehemiah Packard of Gloucester. 
^Matilda, b. Oct. 21, 1767, m. Abiathar Briggs of Sumner, Me. 
''Arvida, b. May 28, 1770, m. Mercy Ellis of Hartford, Me. 
■^Gustavus, b. Jan. 7, 1773, ni. Abigail Fuller and Judith Leach. 
■'Christina, b. Apr. 3, 1774, d. Feb. 4, 1789. 
^Zeri, b. Mar. 17, 1777, m. Sally Chickering of Hartford, Me. 
■'Gad, b. Mar. 17, 1779, "^- ^^lly Bisbee of Sumner, Me. 
"•Albert, b. May 3, 1785, m. Deborah Bonney of Sumner, Me. 


William Hayford, Jr.'', son of William^, Daniel"-', John', b. Aug. 
18, 1763, at Pembroke, Mass., d. at Hartford, Me., Sept. 23, 
1844, m. Philena French of Turner, Me., Nov. 24, 1785. She 
was b. 1767, and was a daughter of Daniel French, a Revolu- 
tionary soldier, who moved from Taunton, Mass., to Turner, 
Me., in 1781. She died in Hartford, 1827. He married for his 
second wife, same year, Waitstill, widow of Aaron Soule, and a 
sister of his first wife. She outlived him. He served in the 
Revolutionary war, enlisting at the age of fourteen years. Was 
at Dorchester Heights in the spring of 1776. When first married, 
he lived with his father in Turner, Me., but soon after moved to 
Sumner, Me. (Then Butterfield Plantation. ) After living there 
a number of years he moved to Hartford, Me., where he lived 
and died at the home of his eldest son, William. He was a very 
tall and strong man, capable of doing a great deal of work. It 


is said of him, that when over sixty years of age, he out-jumped 
a young man who was noted for his great proficiency in that 
sport, which was one very popular in those days. He was Capt. 
in the militia. If not the first settler of Sumner, as is claimed 
by some, he was among the very first to settle West Butterfield, 
now Sumner. He was buried in the cemetery near his last home, 
situated at the foot of Bear Pond, near North Turner, and a 
grave stone, erected to his memory, marks his resting place. 

Capt. William Hayford, Jr.^ and wife, Philena (French) Hay- 
ford, had seven children : 
'^Philena, b. 1786, m. Maj. Joab Churchill. 
^William, b. 1789, m. Nancy Harmon. 
^Samuel, b. Aug. 25, 1792, m. i, Charlotte Pompilly. m. 2, widow 

^Achsah, b. 1796, m. Josiah Swett. 
^Daniel, b. 1799, m. Olive Bicknell. 
''Vesta, b. Nov. 6, 1804, m. i, Wilson Dearborn, m. 2, Leander 

^Lewis Alden, b. 181 2, m. Hannah Bicknell. 

Philena Hayford^, dau. of William, Jr.'*, b. 1787, d. Jan. 3, 
1873, m. in 1808, Maj. Joab Churchill, b. 1784, d. Apr. 19, 
1857. They had three children: 

"Julia French, b. June 7, 181 o, m. Rev. Thurston Stevens. 
•^Philena Hayford, b. 1812, m. Brownwell M. Bicknell. 
®Nancy, b. May 9, 18 16, m. Rev. Charles P. Bartlett. 

Maj. Joab Churchill and wife, Philena, lived for many years 
after their marriage in Hartford, Me., on the road leading from 
South Hartford to Canton village. After her husband's death, 
during the remainder of her life, she resided with her son-in-law, 
Rev. D. T. Stevens. She lived to a good old age, outliving her 
husband many years. During the last of her life they lived in 
Auburn, Me. She had the reputation of always being kind and 
affectionate in her family relations, an esteemed neighbor and 
an excellent nurse. 

Julia French Churchill", dau. of Philena^ b. June 7, 18 10, 
d. Nov. 16, i860, m. Rev. David Thurston Stevens, Dec. 3, 1834, 
d. 1897, at Auburn, Me. They had nine children: 
■'Edwin Thurston, b. Aug. 25, 1836, m. i, Olive Gurney Bicknell, 

May 9, i860, d. Dec. 9, 1880. m. 2, Mary W. Bates, M. D., 

Oct. 26, 1881, d. Feb. 15, 1897. 


o Q rr. T T incoln Woodman, July 
-Tulia Franklin, b. June 3, 1838, m. i, i^incoin vv 
Julia i^ranK , j 2, Augustine Young. 

^^^r^^:::^:". ..: ..u ., -. - w™. 

A Start. He d. Mar. 4, 1897. 
-ChurchiU Stanley, b. Ma. .,, .84. m Anna Moore. 
'Mary Abigail, b. May .9. .844, d. Oct. .3. 86.. 
^George Bates, b. May ,. .846, d- Feb. ^^•^^l' ,, 

'Charles Augustus, b. May 28, 1848, m. tua 

'Nancy Maria, b. Apr. 5, .850. 
'Harriet Amelia, b. Oct. 22, .853. 

Rev. David Thurston Stevens -^^jt^ZTliJ^ 
esteemed Un"--"- ='-J\™:^:,t ^ .L of Maine. 
Xcr:.:r.te:-drprr:^-.--ed. Su.ce.tto 

-;:::r ntrorirraau. o. PhUena Haytor.. b. 

2: m. Brownell M. B" T-^ - ^^ -^May „ 
'Olive Gurney, b. Dec. 17, 1835, m. 
i860. She d. Dec. 9, i38o. 

Philena died soon after the birth of her d-f ter. 
NANCV CHUKCH,L.«, dau. of Philcna Hayford' > May 9, .8^^ 6 
m May 6, ,840, Rev. Charles P. Bar.lett of Hartford, b. May 
9, ,8,3. They had '«<> -'^"'i-- ^ „ ,3, ,885, Sarah A. 

'^~rmitt^-."sV:''r-; - ■ --• -'^ -™"' ^■ 


b. Eng., Apr. 20, 1649. 1 ney ud,Li 
^Charles Bartlett Mosely, b. Mar. 27, 1877. 
^Willie C. Mosely, b. Mar. 12, 1880. 

^Tv.'^ChSr^tlet!;:— dofNancyHayfordChu^^^^^^ 

„oved soon after his marriage into the ^^^^Jl^^'^^Z 
He a Baptist clergyman, and has long been know 
deeply respected for his recognized worth and ab.lity. 

wL AM H^vro.B^ son of William, Jr.S b. Dec. to, .789, d. 
Dec. ., 18,4, m. Nancy Harmon, b. June .9. '79^. d- June -5, 
,861. They had three children : 
•William Harmon, b. Aug. 17, >8i4, ■"• Hannah 


•^Sumner Hayford, b. Oct. 3, 181 7, m. Sarah Perry. 
^Betsy Hayford, b. June, 1822, m. Edmund Phinney. 

Of William Hayford', his eldest son, William Harmon Hay- 
ford^ of Oberlin, Ohio, under date of Mar. 11, 1883, writes: 

"My father was a hard working economical farmer. He never 
drank, nor would he furnish any kind of ardent spirits to his 
workmen. My mother was a good helpmeet to him. She took 
good care of vv^hatever he brought into the house." 

He was a man of influence and held the esteem of all who 
knew him. He possessed excellent business qualities, and at the 
time of his death, owned the largest and best farm in that town. 
In fact, it comprised three or four other farms that he had pur- 
chased and connected with the "Old Homestead", where his father 
and grandfather, the first and second Williams, lived and died. 
These latter farms he acquired by means of the strictest economy, 
well directed effort and hard labor, it being a large property to 
accumulate for one engaged in farming pursuits in those days. 
Their farm passed out of the hands of this family, through his 
grandsons, about 1790. But it is pleasing to know that this old 
home of the Hayfords had recently been purchased by one of 
William's grand daughters, Mrs. Helen P. Oilman, who is the 
daughter of Betsy (Hayford) Phinney, and a resident of Massa- 
chusetts, who names it "The Hayfords", and is making improve- 
ments, with the intention of henceforth retaining it in the family. 

William Harmon Hayford*', son of William'^ was b. at Hart- 
ford, Me., Aug. 17, 1814, d. at Oberlin, Ohio, 189-, m. Hannah 
M. Bushnell of Cincinnati, Ohio, June, 1850. They had four 
children : 
■^Harriet B. Hayford, b. Cincinnati, O., July, 1S51, m. Dr. Wm. 

A. Cross. 
■'William Sumner Hayford, b. Cincinnati, O., Apr. 1854, d. Nov. 

''Hannah L. Hayford, b. Oberlin, O., Feb. 1858, d. Feb. 1861. 
'Janie F. Hayford, b. Oberlin, O., Aug. 1862. 

William Harmon Hayford*' writes (1883) as follows: "Was 
born Aug. 17, 1814, and of course was 68 years old last August." 
As he is still alive, it would hardly do to write his biography, 
will merely say that he thinks he was converted in 1835, ^^^ 
that he has tried to live in a manner worthy of his profession 
ever since. With how much success, it will be known when the 


secrets of the heart shall be revealed. He intended to obtain 
a college education, but ill health stopped him when he had gone 
nearly half way through Bowdoin college (Maine). His health 
has remained poor ever since. He has been a teacher of schools 
of various kinds, but he has not been able to teach for many 
years. He married Hannah M. Bushnell in June, 1850. She is 
still alive. Was the daughter of Daniel Bushnell, who is a few 
days past 83. He was born in Connecticut, and she in central 
New York. His wife was a sister to Ex-Go v. Bushnell of Ohio. 

Harriet B. Hayford", daughter of William Harmon, b. Cin- 
cinnati, O., Jul}'^, 1851, m. Dr. Wm. A. Cross. They had three 
children : 

^Sumner Hayford Cross, b. 1878. 
^Harold Cross, b. 1880. 
^Edwin L. Cross, b. 1882. 

Dr. William A. Cross and Harriet B. (Hayford) Cross reside 
in Philadelphia, Penn. He is a bookkeeper in a machine shop, 
and is a fine young man. 

William Sumner Hayford", son of William Harmon, b. Cin- 
cinnati, O., Apr. 1854, d. Nov. 1877. He had just learned the 
trade of machinist, when he was taken sick and died in less than 
a year. 

Janie Hayford', dau. of William Harmon, was at that date, 
1883, a member of the junior class of Oberlin college. 

Sumner Hayford", son of William^, b. at Hartford, Me., Oct. 
3, 1817, d. June 19, 1875, m. Jan. 1847, Sarah Perry of Buckfield, 
Me., b. Mar. 24, 1826, d. Jan. 22, 1893. They had three children: 
"Samuel Hayford, b. Hartford, Aug. 24, 1849, m. Jennie R. 

"William P. Hayford, b. Apr. 24, 1853, m. i, Lilla G. Reed of 

Hartford, m. 2, Addie M. Marston of Hartford. 
'Walter Hayford, b. Sept. 22, 1857, m. Mandana A. Barrell. 

Sumner Hayford", like his grandfather, was a man of remark- 
able physical strength, capable and willing to do a great amount 
of arduous labor. A fact well authenticated, will illustrate this: 
At the celebration of the construction and opening of a railroad 
to Buckfield village about 1852, held at that village, and at which 
all the surrounding towns were largely represented with strong 
and sturdy farmers, Sumner easily raised from the ground a piece 
of iron, very difficult to grasp, weighing 800 lbs. No other per- 


son in all that vast crowd of people, could succeed in raising it 
where it rested in the sand. 

He always lived on the farm with his father while living, and 
retained it until his death. He was a most excellent and pros- 
perous farmer, and did much in adding the outlying farms to 
their own. He was a very kind husband and indulgent father, 
endowed with good judgment and ability, and a wonderful mem- 
ory. He had the greatest knowledge of the Hayford family of 
Maine of any one of the race, all, however, stored in his mem- 
ory alone. Could repeat the same by hours, running through 
many generations, but never was there any record made of it, 
by him or his family, which proved vmfortunate indeed, for his 
mind held great stores of genealogy, which he had learned, sit- 
ting around the home fireside, from his father and grandfather, 
the old revolutionary soldier and others of that generation. In 
the days of the early settlement of Ohio, Sumner visited relatives 
living there, and it is related by them, that in returning home 
his funds became so nearly exhausted when he reached Pennsyl- 
vania, that he was forced to complete his journey by walking, 
which task he cheerfully performed, thus tramping afoot hun- 
dreds of miles to his home in Maine. 

Samuel Hayford7, son of Sumner'^, b. Aug. 24, 1849, m. Jennie 
R. Robertson about 1890. They live in Auburn, Me., and have 
no children. 

SamueP in early life received a good education and taught 
school several years. Later, he was chosen supervisor of schools 
in his native town of Hartford. He lived with his parents many 
years, continuing to reside with his mother after his father died. 
About 1887 he entered into produce business with his youngest 
brother, Walter, in the city of Auburn, Me., where he married a 
lady from the Provinces, and they are now residents of that city. 

William P. Hayford'^, son of Sumner", b. in Hartford, Me., 
Apr. 24, 1853, m. Nov. 5, 1877, Lilla G. Reed, b. in Hartford, 
Feb. 14, 1859. She d. Mar. 3, 1894. He m. 2d, Addie M. 
Marston (b. in Hartford Aug. 39, 1872), June 18, 1S96. He 
had by first wife, three children : 
^Lewis Sumner Hayford, b. July 9, 1881. 
nVillis Lee Hayford, b. Sept. 9, 1883. 
^Glenis Eleanor Hayford, b. July 14, 1885. 

William P. Hayford'^, son of Sumner*^, in connection with his 


Other brothers, continued to carry on their large farm for several 
years after his father's death, later buying and moving onto the 
"Dunn farm" so called, in Turner, lying but a short distance 
from his former home. This was a valuable farm, with large 
and expensive farm buildings, which were entirely destroyed by 
fire a few years later while he and his family were attending the 
State fair at Lewiston, Me. He afterwards came into possession 
of the old homestead of his wife's father, Lewis B. Reed, formerly 
owned and occupied by his father, Sampson Reed. This was 
one of the first, best farms in Hartford, and having been long 
owned by the Reed family, contained excellent and commodious 
buildings, which also, a few years later, were burned to the 
ground, during the entire absence of the family. He now resides 
on the Barrell farm, opposite and adjoining the Reed farm, being 
the owner of both farms. William P. Hayford' is a citizen in 
whom his townspeople have full confidence, and whom they have 
repeatedly honored with responsible official positions. 

Walter Harmon Hayford", son of Sumner'', b. Hartford, 
Sept. 22, 1857, m. July 4, 1879, Mandana A. Barrell^, b. Hart- 
ford, Sept. 17, 1 85 7. They had one child: 
T.eslie A. Hayford, b. July 2, 1883. 

Walter H. Hayford', after the sale of the old homestead, moved 
with his family to the city of Auburn, Me. Here he resided, 
his mother living with them, until after her death, 1893, during 
which time he and his brother, Samuel, were in business together. 
He was always a great admirer of a good horse and was himself 
an excellent horseman, having raised several valuable ones. For 
the past few years he has been in the employ of the widely known 
stock raiser, Mr. Sanborn, and has held a responsible position in 
the care of horses on his great stock farm in Poland, Me. 

Betsy Hayford°, dau. of William^ b. June 14, 1822, at South 
Hartford, Me., d. Sept. 17, 1866, at Poland Springs, Me., was 
the dau. of William", William*, William^ one of the early settlers 
of Turner, Me., who Vv^as with Wolfe at the capture of Quebec 
from the French, and later, a soldier of the revolution ; and his 
wife, Nancy Harmon, b. June 16, 1792, at Harrison, Me., d. June 
16, 1861, at Harrison, Me., was the dau. of Capt. Naphtali, early 
settler of Harrison, son of Naphtali, early settler of Sanford, 
Me., son of John of York, Me., son of John of York, who m. 
Deborah Johnson, dau. of Edward Johnson, one of the aldermen 
of Georgianna. 


Betsy Hayford^ m. Edmund Phinney^ b. at Fort Hill, Gor- 
ham, Me., Feb. 2, 18 18, d. at Portland, Me., Oct. 30, 1884, son 
of John7, Edmund", Col. Edmund^ John^ first settler of Gorham, 
Me., John'' of Barnstable, Mass., John'^ of the "Narragansett 
fight," Constable John\ the Plymouth emigrant. They had ten 
children : 

70sca Phinney, b. Canton, Me., 1844, d. Canton, Me., 1845. 
7Helen O. Phinney, b. Canton, Me., July 9, 1846, m. J. W. C. 

7William Hayford Phinney, b. Canton, Me., May 2, 1848, m. 

Clara Vose Tucker. 
7Harmon Edmund Phinney, b. Canton, Me., Apr. 16, 1850, m. 

Etta M. Whitney. 
7john Clinton Phinney, b. Canton, Me., Apr. 20, 1852, m. Mattie 

7Mary Phinney, b. Canton, Me., 1854, d. in infancy. 
7Louisa Phinney, b. Canton, Me., 1855, d. in infancy. 
7Mary Phinney, b. Portland, Me., May, 1857, d. in infancy. 
7Alice May Phinney, b. Portland, Me., Feb. 2, 1859, d. Portland, 

Feb. 4, 1861. 
7Agnes Phinney, b. Portland, Me., May, i860, d. Portland, Aug, 


Edmund Phinney was for many years engaged in the manu- 
facture of shook and staves, etc., at Canton, to a great extent. 
He employed many men, also teams for transporting to the Port- 
land market, carrying on a large country store in connection 
therewith. About 1855 he moved to Portland, Me., where he 
entered into business with a Mr. Jackson, under the firm name 
of Phinney & Jackson, doing an extensive business in the manu- 
facture of such lumber for the West Indies and other foreign 
markets, and shipping their goods to those ports, bringing back 
molasses, sugar, etc. This firm for many years was regarded as 
■ one of the largest and wealthiest of that city in that line of 

Helen O. Phinney?, dau. of Betsy Flayford", b. July 9, 1846, 
at Canton, Me., m. J. W. C. Gilman, 1867. They had six chil- 

«Helen P. Gilman, b. 1868. 
*Betsy Hayford Gilman, b. 1872. 
^Harriet J. Gilman, b. 1874. 


^Edmund P. Gilman, b. 1878. 
^William Lee Gilman, b. 1881. 
«Alice S. Gilman, b. 1888. 

William Hayfortd Phinney7, son of Betsy Hayford^, b. May 
2, 1848, at Canton, Me., m. Clara Vose, dau. of David Tucker of 
Portland, Me. They had two children : 
^Edmund Tucker Phinney, b. Chicago, 111., d, in infancy. 
^Harriet Jane Tucker Phinney, b. Portland, Me., 1879. 

Harmon Edmund Phinney7, son of Betsy Hayford**, b. Apr. 
16, 1850, at Canton, Me., m. Etta M., dau. of Louis Whitney of 
Portland, Me., b. May 26, 1854, at Portland, Me. They had 
three children : 
^Annie Maude Phinney, b. Portland, Mar. 26, m. Ernest Robert 

Macintosh, M. D. 
^Louis Whitney Phinney, b. Portland, Dec. i, 1877. 
^Edmund Strout Phinney, b. Woodfords, Dec. i, 1882. 

Annie Maude Phinney^, dau. of Harrtion Edmund Phinney", 
b. Mar. 26, 1876, Portland, Me., m. Feb. 26, 1900, Ernest Robert 
Macintosh, M. D. 

John Clinton Phinney", son of Betsy Hayford*', b. Canton, 
Me., Apr. 20, 1852, m. Mattie Henderson of Maiden, Apr. 20, 
1878. One dau. 

Samuel Hayford*^, son of William, Jr.'', b. Sumner, Me., Aug. 
25, 1792, d. Oct. 6, 1846, m. Mar. 11, 1816, Charlotte Pompilly, 
b. Buckfield, Me., Apr. 17, 1791, d. July 2, 1829. He m. 2d, 
Rachel, widow of Mark Stinchfield, by whom he had one dau., 
Vesta. They had nine children : 

^Samuel, b. Hartford, Me., Dec. 8, 1816, d. Sept. 14, 1828. 
^William, b. Ithaca, N. Y., 1818, m. Nancy West. 
^Horace, b. Clermont Co., Ohio, Dec. 24, 1820, unmarried, d. 

July 2, i860. 
®Cyrus P., b. Clermont Co., Ohio, Nov. 19, 182 1, m. Olive B. 

^Charlotte P., b. Clermont Co., Ohio, Dec. 15, 1823, unmarried, 

d. Feb. 19, 1895. 
^Mary French, b. Clermont Co., Ohio, Apr. 8, 1826, m. Samuel 

^Daniel, b. Clermont Co., Ohio, Nov. 8, 1827, m. Virginia E. 

^Achsah, b. Clermont Co., Ohio, June 6, 1829, m. Arthur Elliott. 


^Vesta (by 2d wife, Rachel), b. Mar. ii, 1831, d. 1867. 

Samuel Hayford^ a few years after his marriage, moved from 
Sumner, Me., to Ithaca, N. Y. A few years later, about 1820, 
he moved to Clermont Co., Ohio, and lived at Mt. Pisgah, 25 
miles above Cincinnati, where seven of his children were born, 
and where he died Oct. 6, 1846. 

William Hayford^ son of SamueP, b. at Ithaca, N. Y., Feb. 
2, 1818, d. Oct. II, 1876, m. Nancy West, Apr. 4, 1839, d. Feb. 
1 89- They had one child : 
'Harriet R., b. Aug. 11, 1840, m. June 12, 1867, George Mills 

De Garmo, b. Stubenville, O., Jan. 20, 1837, d. Aug. 5, 1896. 

They had no children. 

William Hayford'^ was born in the town of Ulysses, a village of 
Ithaca, N. Y., Feb. 2, 18 18. The same year his father, Samuel 
Hayford^ accompanied by the latter's brother, Daniel^ removed 
to Ohio, floating down the Ohio river in a family boat, to New 
Richinond, a town about twenty miles above Cincinnati. The 
family settled six or seven miles east of New Richmond. Samuel 
Hayford^ served in the war of 181 2 ; was in the battle of Platts- 
burg, N. Y., and worked at his trade, that of a blacksmith, in the 
army. He bought a farm at what is now Lindale, and erected a 
shop there, working alternately at the plow and the forge. 
William'^ learned the trade of his father, which he followed the 
most of his life. He was married to Nancy West. He died of 
lockjaw, caused from stepping on a nail, Oct. 11, 1876. 

George Mills De Garmo, husband of Harriet R. Hayford', was 
a cabinet maker and carpenter by trade, a strictly honest, kind 
and generous hearted man of fine physique and noble character. 
He enlisted in the war of 1 861, in the i6th Reg't, Co. A, Ohio 
Vols., and served three years and nine months, and mustered out 
as first lieutenant. He was in the following named battles: Ivy 
Mountain, Kingston, Tenn.; Resaca, Ga.; Cassiville, Ga.; New 
Hope Church, Burnt Hickory, Atlanta, Columbus, Tenn., Frank- 
lin and Nashville, ten pitched battles and numerous fights and 
skirmishes. Was commander of Nelson Post, G. A. R. of Cin- 
cinnati, one year, chaplain three years, and Sec. of Hamilton 
Co., G. A. R. Commanders' Association. 

Horace Hayford*' was born Dec. 24, 1820, in Clermont Co., 
Ohio. He received a common school education and for several 
years taught penmanship in Ohio and Indiana. Later he learned 


harness making in the shop of Benj. Morris at New Richmond. 
He removed to Texas where he engaged in farming and sheep 
herding. He d. in Texas July 2, 1861. 

Cyrus P. Hayford", son of Samuel^ b. Clermont Co., Ohio, 
Nov. 19, 182 1, d. Dec. 18, 1899, m. Olive Bicknell Hayford**, 
dau. of Daniel Hayford''^, July 5, 1846, b. July 10, 1823. They 
had three children : 

"Charlotte O. Hayford, b. Apr. 15, 1847, ™- John J. Warren. 
"Celia D. Hayford, b. May i, 1857, m. T. A. Pinkham. 
■^Fred Harmon Hayford, b. July 8, 1861, m. Hattie Kirkpatrick. 

The writer has been under deep obligations to Mr. C. P. Play- 
ford^ during the past few years, in obtaining information of this 
distant and widely scattered branch of our common family. No 
request had ever remained unanswered, but each and all have 
received his careful attention and ready response. And though 
we have never met, strong and deep ties of friendship had been 
formed. In his last letter, written barely two months previous 
to his death, he closed with the following lines : "It may be that 
I may have to leave this beautiful planet soon, and I will say 
before I go, that I hope your life may be a long and happy one, 
and when death comes to you at last, may it come quietly and 
peacefully, like a sweet sleep." We shall sadly miss thee. 

Cyrus Pompilly Hayford" was born near Lindale Ohio, Nov. 19, 
182 1. He was the son of Samuel and Charlotte Pompilly Hay- 
ford, being the fourth son in a family of nine, of whom Mary 
French Hayford® of Galveston, Texas, is the only survivor. After 
receiving the usual training of the common schools of his neigh- 
borhood he finished his education at Parker's Academy in 1840, 
and began teaching. After following this occupation for several 
years he was engaged for a few years in boating farm produce to 
New Orleans during the balmy days of "flat-boating" on the 
Mississippi. Leaving this, he received a position with Dustin & 
Jenness, tinners, of Batavia, as traveling saleman. Having 
acquired a moderate competence from this source, he left the 
road and engaged in business for himself as general merchant at 
Mt. Pisgah, in which he remained for a period of twenty years, 
achieving the amount of prosperity which usually falls to those 
who are diligent and faithful. At the close of this period he sold 
his store and settled on the small, neat farm on the outskirts of 
the town, which he has occupied ever since in the pursuits of 


agriculture and fruit raising. In the spring of 1864 lie enlisted 
in the 153d Ohio Volunteer Infantry and assisted in the closing 
act of the civil war. He was united in marriage to Olive Bick- 
nell Hayford'' July 5, 1846, who still survives him with three 
children, Charlotte O. Warren" of Van Buren, Ark., Celia D. 
PinkhanV and Fred H. Hayford'^, of Clermont Co., Ohio. His 
conduct through life has been such as to merit universal respect 
and he has always advocated and observed the highest standard 
of morals. Although he has never identified himself with any 
religious sect, he was a firm believer in the immortal life, to be 
obtained through character. While firm in his principles, his 
judgments were so mildly rendered that he died as he lived, Avith- 
out an enemy ; with the approval which should follow a well 
rounded life, and the universal regret and sorrow at its departure. 
He died Dec. 18, 1899. 

Charlotte O. Hayford', dau. of Cyrus P. Hayford^, b. Cler- 
mont Co., Apr. 15, 1847, ^1^- Dec. 16, 1865, John J. Warren, d. 
Nov. 9, 1888. They had five children: 
^Grace Darling, b. Aug. 18, 1869, d. Dec. 16, 1869. 
^Katherine Darling, b. Oct. 20, 1871. 
^Nellie Ida, b. July 5, 1872, m. A. P. Crutcher. 
^Frank Lincoln, b. Nov. 29, 1875. 
^Hermonie Anna, b. Feb. 14, 1886. 

John J. Warren was a lawyer, was at one time a member of 
the Arkansas legislature, also collector of internal revenue two 
years in seven counties in that State. He was a successful dealer 
in real estate and left his family a fine property. He was editor 
and proprietor of a republican paper called the Van Buren 
Graphic, ten years ; served three years in the union army during 
the civil war. His widow receives a pension. 

Nellie Ida Warren^, dau. of Charlotte O. Hayford^ b. July 
5, 1872, m. Nov. 5, 1890, A. P. Crutcher. They have two chil- 
dren : 

®Lee Warren Crutcher. 
®Alice Hayford Crutcher. 

Celia D. Hayford', dau. of Cyrus P. Hayford®, b. Mt. Pisgah, 
O., May I, 1857, m. Apr. 9, 1882, T. A. Pinkham. They have 
one child : 
^Minnie Francis Pinkham, b. Dec. 6, 1892. 

Charlotte Pompilly Hayford^, dau, of Samuel^, b. Ohio, 


Dec. 15, 1823, d. Jan. 20, 1894. She was never married; lived 
with her brother many years, and was loved and esteemed dearly 
by this family and all her relatives who ever had the great privi- 
lege of her acquaintance. She was indeed an estimable lady, 
intelligent, and possessed of a memory that was invaluable. 
"Aunt Charlotte," as all the younger people were wont to call 
her, was the encyclopedia in all historical matters pertaining to 
the family. 

Mary French Hayford«, dau. of Samuel^ b. Ohio, Apr. 8, 

1826, m. June 12, 1846, Samuel Hayford*^, son of DanieF, b. Nov. 
24, 1824, d. Aug. 12, 1883. They had six children: 

^Aurora Hayford, b. Nov. 27, 1848, d. Nov. 27, 1848. 
'Daniel Hayford, b. Sept. 6, 1850, d. July 2, 1856. 
'Samuel Hayford, b. Aug. 28, 1852, m. Sabella Marstin. 
'Eva Hayford, b. Mar. 26, 1857, d. Mar. 23, 18S1, unmarried. 
'George J. Hayford, b. Dec. 28, 1861. Unmarried. 
'Kirby Hayford, b. Nov. 5, 1864. 

The last two children were born at Bellville, Austin Co., Texas. 
All the others were born in Ohio. For full records of this family 
see records of Samuel*^, son of Daniel Hayford^ 

Daniel Hayford'^, son of Samuel Hayford^ b. Ohio, Nov. 8> 

1827, d. Feb. IT, 1885, m. Feb. i, 1865, Virginia Ellen Brown of 
Rockport, Ind. They had five children : 

'Clarence Gibson Hayford, b. Jan. 18, 1866, d. Mar. n, 1877. 

He was a bright boy of much promise. 
'Amy Hayford, b. Sept. 3, 1868, m. Lane B. Osborne. 
'Elbert Daniel Hayford, b. July 18, 1872. 
'Walter Cyrus Hayford, b. Oct. 20, 1875. 
'Horace Leroy Hayford, b. June 6, 1879. 

Daniel Hayford^, son of Samuel^ and Charlotte Pompilly, who 
were originally from Sumner, Oxford Co., Me., was born in Cler- 
mont Co., Ohio, in 1827. Left motherless at two years of age, 
he was raised by an aunt, Mrs. Louisa Doane of Cincinnati, 
Ohio. He attended the public schools of Cincinnati, and later. 
Farmer's College at College Hill and Antioch College at Yellow 
Springs. At the latter school he came under the influence of 
Horace Mann, at that time president of the college, and became 
an ardent anti-slavery man. In 1855 he went to New Orleans on 
a flat-boat, and for several months worked at his trade, that of a 
plasterer, in western Tennessee. Returning to Ohio, he removed 


the following year, 1856, to Spencer Co., IncL, where he purchased 
a farm near Rockport, Ind. He was residing at this place when 
the war of the rebellion broke out. He immediately enlisted in 
the Union army, and on Aug. 19, 1861, was mustered into the 
service in the 25th Ind. Vol. Infantry, Co. K., as a private, and 
was at once made a sergeant, Oct. 186 1. The regiment was sent 
to Missouri and formed a part of the army used to intercept Gen. 
Price. In the early part of 1862 he participated in the battles of 
Fort Donelson and Pittsburg Landing. On Nov. i, 1862, he was 
commissioned second lieutenant. Considering the war over at 
the fall of Atlanta, he resigned his commission Sept. 15, 1864. 
Returning to Rockport, Ind., he was married on Feb. i, 1865, to 
Virginia Ellen Brown of that place. In 1866 he founded the 
Rockport Umpire, a weekly republican paper. In the next six- 
teen years he initiated several newspapers, editing for several 
years the Rockport Journal. He died of heart disease, Feb. 11, 
1885, which was contracted while in the U. S. service. He was 
a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and an Odd Fellow ; 
a man of excellent habits and character, of a cheerful, kindly 
disposition. He was a supporter of all temperance movements, 
and was always on the side of morality and right. In politics 
he was a Whig, casting his first vote for Zachary Taylor. He 
supported Freemont in 1856, and in i860, upon the founding of 
the republican party, affiliated with that organization and 
remained an active member of that party during the remainder 
of his life. 

Amy (Hayford) Osborn", dau. of DanieP, b. Sept. 3, 1868, 
m. June i, 1893, Lane B. Osborn, Esq., of Rockport, Ind. She 
was a graduate of the Rockport high school and taught school 
for several years. They have two children : 
^Daniel Hayford Osborn, b. Sept. 18, 1896. 
^Louise Brown Osborn, b. Dec. 13, 1898. 

Lane B. Osborn, Esq., attorney at law at Rockport, after mar- 
riage (1893), moved to Perry, Oklahoma, where he was engaged 
in the practice of his profession until 1898, when the}^ removed 
to Evansville, Ind., at which place they now reside (1900). 

Elbert Daniel Hayford', son of DanieF, b. July 18, 1872, 
at Rockport, Ind. After completing a course of high school at 
Rockport, in 1S90, he learned the trade of printer. He attended 
Indiana University two years, 1893-5. In 1897 he took up the 


Study of law at Perry, Oklahoma, in the office of his brother-in- 
law. Lane B. Osborn. On June 28, i8g8, he enlisted for service 
in the Spanish-American war in the ist Territorial U. S. Vol. 
Infantry, a regiment of western men recruited in Oklahoma, 
Indian Territory, Arizona and New Mexico, and intended for 
service in the Philippine Islands. The regiment was mobilized 
in September at Lexington, Ken., and in November was sent to 
Albany, Ga., where it went into winter quarters. Its service not 
being required, it was mustered out at the latter place, Feb. 13, 
1899. After his muster out he resumed the study of law at 
Evansville, Ind., was admitted to the bar in the fall of 1899, ^^^ 
is the junior member of the firm of Osborn & Hayford, attorneys 
and councilors at law, Evansville, Indiana. 

Walter Cyrus Hayford", son of Daniel", b. Oct. 20, 1S75, 
has been successfully engaged in farming for several years and 
is at present cultivating the Hayford farm of 190 acres, ten miles 
from Rockport. 

Horace Leroy Hayford", son of Daniel'', b. at Rockport, 
Ind., June 6, 1879, completed the high school course and entered 
Indiana University in the fall of 1899. 

AcHSA Hayford", dau. of SamueP, b. Ohio, June 6, 1829, d. 
Aug. 9, 1874, m. Oct. 28, 1852, Arthur Elliott of Hamilton Co., 
Ohio, b. Mar. 20, 1830, d. Nov. 17, 1862, at Yellow Springs, 
Greene Co., Ohio. They had five children : 

'''Lizzie R. Elliott, b. Aug. 10, 1853, d. Oct., 1872, Clermont Co., O. 
"Myra Elliott, b. July 15, 1856, m. William D. Becket. 
'Mary Hayford Elliott, b. July 15, 1856, m. Calvin S. Avery. 
"Jessie Elliot, b. May 14, 1861, m. W. S. Morrill. 
"Horace Elliott, b. May 14, 1861, m. Estella Connor. 

Myra Elliott", dau. of Achsa Hayford", m. Mar. 28, 1888, 
William D. Becket, b. Feb. 3, 1856. They have one child: 
^Elliott Ward Becket, b. Dec. 29, 1888. 

Mary Hayford Elliott", dau. of Achsa Hayford", b. July 15, 
1856, m. Calvin S. Avery, Dec. 7, 1873, b. Dec. 9, 1857. They 
had nine children: 

^Arthur Elliott Avery, b. Sept. 17, 1874, Clermont Co., Ohio. 
^Lottie Olive Avery, b. Apr. 23, 1877, Clermont Co., Ohio. 
^Horace Milton Avery, b. July 13, 1880, San Marcos, Hayes Co., 

^John Fountain Avery, b. May 18, 1884, San Marcos, Hayes Co., 



^Jessie Avery, b. Mar. 28, 1887, San Marcos, Hayes Co., Texas. 
^Cyrus Hayford Avery, b. June 2, 1890, San Marcos, Hayes Co., 

^Edward Avery, b. July 19, 1892, San Marcos, Hayes Co., Texas. 
^Mary Alice Avery, b. Feb. 20, 1895, San Marcos, Hayes Co., 

'^Ralph Grant Avery, b. Sept. 15, 1898, San Marcos, Hayes Co., 


Jessie Elliott'^, dau. of Achsa Hayford^, b. May, 14, 1861, 
m. William S. Morrill, Aug. 8, 1888, b. Aug. 26, 1847, at Madi- 
son, Hamilton Co., Ohio. They have four children: 
^Horace Elliott Morrill, b. May 10, 1889. 
^^Charles Barnard Morrill, b. Aug. 17, 1890. 
■Mary Hayford Morrill, b. Apr. 21, 1892. 
^Elliott Wyman Morrill, b. Oct. 8, 1895. 

Horace Elliott', son of Achsa Hayford*^, b. May 14, 1861, 
m. May 23, 1889, Anna Estella Connor, b. Sept. 3, 1861. They 
have one child : 
^Horace Arthur Elliott, b. May 9, 1890. 

Vesta Hayford", dau. of SamueF, b. Mar. 11, 1831, d. 1867. 

Achsa Hayford^ dau. of William, Jr."*, b. at Hartford, Me., 
1794-6, d. at Hartford about 1828, m. about 181 6, Josiah Swett 
of Hartford. They had three children: 
"Philena Swett, b. July 20, 18 18, m. Isaac Chase. 
''Betsy Swett, b. 1820, m. George Joy. 
'^Columbia A. Swett, b. 1823, m. Nathaniel Knight. 

Philena Swett'', dau. of Achsa Hayford^, b. Hartford, Me., 
July 20, 18 18, d. Jan. 21, 1848, m. ab, 1836, Isaac Chase of 

Turner, Me., b. Apr. 6, 1815. He died . They had five 


'DeWitt Clinton Chase, b. Dec. 3, 1837. Resides in Lagrange, 

"Leroy R. Chase, b. July 20, 1839, d. Oct. 16, 1844. 
'Leslie H. Chase, b. Sept. 29, 1843. Resides, Kinston, Wash. 
'Leroy R. Chase, b. Oct. 17, 1845. Resides, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
"Isaac C. Chase, b. Nov. 29, 1847. Resides, Thief River, 

Knobbs, Minn. 

Isaac Chase was a man well known and highly respected in 
Maine, well informed, and always manifested a lively interest in 
all State and national matters. While a resident of Canton, he 


represented this district in the State of Maine House of Repre- 
sentatives with honor to himself and full satisfaction to his con- 
stituents. He was widely known, also, as a business man, being 
engaged many years in buying and selling country produce and 
dairy products. He lived many years in Canton, Me., where he 
married his second wife, Angelia Shackley, by whom he had sev- 
eral children, an estimable lady of that tov/n. Later, he moved 
to a farm near East Peru, where he died. 

Dewitt C. Chase", b. Dec. 3, 1837, m. 1859-60, Florentine E. 
Newman of Carthage, Me. She d. July 3, 1863. They had one 
^Elmer C. Chase, b. Oct. 7, 1861, d. May 15, 1863. 

He m. 2d, Clara Newman, sister of his first wife. They had 
one child : 
**Elmer C. Chase, b. May 23, 1865. 

He m. 3d, Mrs. Sarah A. Delano (Hayford). He went from 
Canton to California when quite young (in the 50's), was quite 
successful there ; came back to Maine and was engaged in run- 
ning passenger coaches and carrying the U. S. mails for a few 
years. Later, about 1859, he was engaged in mercantile business 
at Canton, in partnership with Otis, Jr., and Alvarado Haj^ford. 
After the death of his first wife he removed to Byron, Me., mar- 
rying again and buying a large productive farm, where he was 
engaged extensively in raising sheep and wool, which at that 
time was very remunerative, wool commanding from 75c to $1.00 
per pound, "war prices." Later, he moved to East Wilton, Me., 
and entered into the manufacture of edge tools with his brother- 
in-law, Hiram Holt, Esq., the well known manufacturer. A few 
years later, he married his third wife and went west, living in 
Chicago, 111., and vicinity, and has since been employed as a 
passenger conductor of Pullman trains on railroad lines running 
north and west from that city. He now resides at Lagrange, 111. 

Betsy Swett*', dau. of Achsa Hayford^ b. at Euckfield, Me., 
182 1, d. 188-, m. 1850, George Joy, d. 1867. They had two 
children : 

'Clara Joy, b, 1851.- 
'Anna Joy, b. 1853, who d. young. 

George Joy was a blacksmith and moved to Ellsworth, Me., 
soon after his marriage. His daughter, Clara, unmarried, is a 
noted music teacher and pianist, and resides in Bangor, Me. 


Columbia A. Swett", dau. of Achsa Hayford^ b. 1823, d. 
1892, m. Nathaniel Knight of Peru, Me., 1842, b. 1816, d. 1856. 
They had three children : 

'^Aubrey M. Knight, b. 1843, ^^' Celia A. Glover. 
''Evaline A. Knight, b. 1845, ^- Lorenzo Irish. 
'^Daniel Knight, b. June 27, 1853, m. ist, Louisa Etta Robinson, 

2d, Linda Dell Royce, 3d, Ruth Adela Turner. 

Columbia A. Swett*^, dau. of Achsa Hayford", was a very 
bright, intelligent lady, with .marked ability and progressive ideas; 
well informed and a great conversationalist. She was of literary 
talent and a poetess ; a meet companion of her husband, a gen- 
tleman who engaged largely in farming, but was most highly 
esteemed for his scholarly attainments, holding many years the 
highest offxial positions within the gift of his community. After 
the death of her husband, Mrs. Knight resided several years 
with a son and family at Glencoe, Minn. In 1874 she removed 
to Red Bluffs, Cal, and resided with her children until time of 
her death. 

Aubrey M. Knight", son of Columbia A. Swett®, b. 1843, ^.t 
Peru, Me., m. 1869, Celia A. Glover, formerly of Hartford, Me., 
b. 1848. They had two children: Bertram G. Knight^ and 
Harold M. Knight^, b. at Glencoe, Minn., v/here the parents have 
resided for many years and greatly prospered. 

Evaline a. Knight", dau. of Columbia A. Swett", b. at Peru, 
Me., June 11, 1845, m. Oct. 17, 1868, Lorenzo Irish of Peru, b. 
Nov. II, 1S43. They had three children: 
^Nina Ethleen Irish, b. Dec. 5, 1870, m. Thomas Gilliam. 
^Carroll Lorenzo Irish, b. Aug. 28, 1875, at Glencoe, Minn. 
^Clarence Alonzo Irish, b. Mar. 8, 1883, at El Dorado Co., Cal., 

d. Nov. 27, 1895. 

Nina Ethleen Irish*, b. Dec. 5, 1S70, at Glencoe, Minn., m. 
Sept. 15, 1894, Thomas M. Gilliam. They have two children: 
^James Clarence Gilliam, b. May 25, 1896. 
^Enville Catherine Gilliam, b. May 13, 1898. 

Carroll Lorenzo Irish^, b. Aug. 28, 1875, at Glencoe, Minn., 
resides at Red Bluffs, Cal., and with his brother-in-law, Mr. 
Gilliam, is engaged in the sheep raising business. Mrs. Evaline 
A. Knight Irish, under date Oct. 2, 189S, writes as follows: 

"My husband's health is not good, yet he does his work thus 
far. We have 240 acres of land here, and 155 acres in El Dorado 


Co. I am quite well most of the time ; have been a very healthy, 

strong woman for the past twenty-eight years. Our dear boy, 

Clarence, was kicked by a horse Thanksgiving day and died the 

next day; gone, ere we knew he was seriously injured. Internal 

hemorrhage caused his death." 

Daniel Knight', son of Columbia A. Swett'S b. June 26, 1853, 

at Peru, Me., m. Oct. 8, 1877, Louisa Ella Robinson, b. 1855, d. 

June 20, 1879, and buried at Gridley, Butte Co., Cal. She left 

no children. 

He m. 2d, at Red Bluffs, Cal., Mar. 7, 1888, Linda Dell Royce, 

b. Nov. 29, 1866, in Franklin Co., N. Y., d. in Webster, South 

Dakota, Nov. i, 1893. They had two children : 

^Leslie D. Knight, b. Jan. 30, 1890, at Hector, Minn. 

«Earl Leon Knight, b. July 26, 1893, at Webster, S. D. 

He m. 3d, Ruth Adela Turner, Mar. 2, 1896, b. 1874, Webster, 

S. D. They have one son : 

^Aubrey Nathaniel Knight, b. Mar. 7, 1897. 

Daniel Knight^ emigrated from Peru, Me., to Minnesota Feb. 
1869, and from there to California in 1873. After his marriage 
in 1888, he returned to Minnesota to live at Hector; from there 
he moved to Webster, S. D., where he now resides, and is suc- 
cessfully carrying on sheep raising at the "Lakeside Stock Farm," 
giving especial attention to the breeding of fine stock. 

Daniel Hayford\ son of William, Jr.*, b. at Sumner, Me., 
1799, d. Jan. I, 1874, m. 1829, Olive Bicknell, dau. of Capt. 
Bicknell of Hartford, Me. She d. Sept, 15, 1882. They had two 
children : 

^Samuel Hayford, b. Nov. 24, 1824, m. Mary French Hayford^. 
^Olive B. Hayford, b. July 10, 1829, m. Cyrus P. Hayfordl 

Daniel Hayford^ son of William, Jr.S moved from Hartford, 
Me., to Parkman, Me., and from there to the State of Michigan, 
where he nearly died of the ague. From there he moved to 
Clermont Co., Ohio. After residing several years in Ohio he 
moved to Texas, where he was living during the civil war. He 
afterwards went back to Ohio, where he died Jan. i, 1874, aged 
75 years. While in Texas he lived with his son, Samuel^ who 
with his family and parents, came back to Ohio. After his 
father's death, Samuel^, with his own family, his mother, and his 
wife's sister, Charlotte^, returned to Texas, where those living 
now reside. Samuel's" mother died there Sept. 17, 1882. Daniel 


Hayford^ was a clear headed rnan ; was a Justice of the Peace in 
Maine, and before leaving Texas was appointed a judge. 

Samuel Hayford*", son of DanieP, b. Nov. 24, 1824, d. Aug. 
12, 1883, m. Mary French Hayford^, dau. of Samuel Hayford^, 
June 12, 1846, b. Apr. 8, 1826. They had six children: 
■^Aurora Hayford, b. Nov. 27, 1848, d. Nov. 28, 1848. 
'^Daniel Hayford, b. Sept. 6, 1850, d. July 2, 1856. 
'Samuel Hayford, b. Aug. 28, 1852. 
'Eva Hayford, b. Mar. 26, 1857, d. Mar. 3, 1881. 
'George Johnson Hayford, b. Dec. 28, 1861. 
'Kirby Hayford, b. Nov. 5, 1864. 

Samuel Hayford*^ began life by teaching school. He qualified 
himself for surveying, and surveyed many of the streets of Cin- 
cinnati, O. He married and moved to Cincinnati in 1847, and 
there learned to make mathematical instruments. In 1858 he 
went to Texas for his health. He was county surveyor of Austin 
Co., two terms. He served in the confederate army one year 
and received an honorable discharge, being crippled in one foot. 

Two of his children v/ere born in Texas at Belleville, Austin 
Co., viz.: George Johnson and Kirby. They now reside at 
North Galveston, Texas, and the mother is still living with them 
at that place. (They later moved to Texas City, Texas.) 

Since the above was Vi^ritten the author has received the infor- 
mation of the sad death of Mrs. Mary French Hayford in the 
great tempest that swept the coast of Texas in the year 1900, 
and world wide known as the "Great Galveston Flood," by letter 
of George Johnson Flayford, her son with whom she resided at 
that time. 

Texas City, Texas, Sept. 26, 1900. 
Mr. Otis Hayford, 

Dear Kinsman : — I write this morning to let you know of the 
terrible disaster that has befallen us. The great tidal wave and 
hurricane that visited this coast not long ago, tore our house to 
fragments and drowned mother. We found her two days aft ;r- 
wards, tangled in a wire fence. I managed to pick up a few of 
our family relics, but we have bvit little more than an armful of 
anything left. Mother was 74 the third of last April. We are 
completely broken up and will leave this country shortly. Will 
write you occasionally so you v/ill not lose the run of us. 

George J. Hayford. 


Olive B. Hayford®, dau. of Daniel-, b. July lo, 1829, m. July 
5, 1846, Cyrus P. Hayford^ son of Samuel'^ b. July 10, 1825, d. 
Dec. 18, 1899. They had three children: 
'Charlotte O. Hayford, b. Apr. 15, 1847, m. John J. Warren, d. 

Dec. 16, 1865. 
"Celia D. Hayford, b. May i, 1857, m. T. A. Pinkham, Apr. 9, 

Tred Harmon Hayford, b. July 8, 1861, m. Hattie Kirkpatrick, 

Mar. 18, 1891. 

For complete record of this family, see record of Cyrus P. 

Vesta Hayford^ dau. of William, ]y.\ b. at Hartford, Me., 
Nov. 6, 1S04, d. Mar. 22, 1880, m. Jan. 8, 1S29, Wilson Dearbon 
of Hartford, Me., b. Feb. 10, 1805, d. May 3, 1853. Later she 
m. Leander Plarmon, June 1857, d. Oct. 1859. They had tive 
children : 

^'Minerva Dearbon, b. Sept. 24, 1830, unmarried. 
^Augusta Dearbon, b. Aug. 5, 1832, m. Asa Atwood. 
^Angela Dearbon, b. Oct. 15, 1834, d. Oct. 11, 1856. 
^Vesta W. Dearbon, b. Aug. 25, 1839, d. Aug. 9, 1864. 
^Axel W. Dearbon, b. Sept. 10, 1845, m. Delia A. Briggs. 

Augusta Dearbon^ dau. of Vesta Hayford^ b. Aug. 25, 1832, 
at Hartford, Me., m. Oct. 28, 1854, Asa Atwood of Buckfield, 
Me., b. May 26, 1834. They had two children: 
^Ernest M. Atwood, b. Dec. 10, 1856, m. Mrs. Delia (Briggs) 

'E. Minerva Atwood, b. Jan. 17, 1861, m. Bertram N. Allen. 

Asa Atwood of Buckfield, Me., son of Ephraim Atwood, Esq., 
who was one of the oldest and most esteemed merchants of that 
town. Asa was also for many years engaged in the mercantile 
business there, and later in manufacturing. For several years 
he was employed by the noted toothpick manufacturer, Mr. 
Charles Forster, and was his worthy and trusted agent. 

Ernest Atwood', son of Augusta Dearbon, b. at Buckfield, 
Me., Dec. 10, 1856, m. May 11, 1892, Mrs. Delia A. (Briggs) 
Dearbon, b. Dec. 5, i860. He is largely interested in manufac- 
turing at Buckfield, his native town. They have no children : 

E. Minerva Atwood'^, dau. of Augusta Dearbon^ b. Buckfield, 
Me., June 17, 1861, m. Feb. 27, 1893, Bertram N. Allen of 
Hebron, Me., b. Auburn, Me., Aug. 12, 1858. 


Axel W. Dearbon^ son of Vesta Hayford^ b. at Hartford, 
Me., Sept. lo, 1845, ^- Dec. 29, 1881, Dollie A. Briggs of Provi- 
dence, R. I., b. Dec. 5, i860. Axel^ d. Oct. 11, 1890, leaving no 
children. His widow m. Ernest Atwood". 

Lewis Alden Hayford^, son of William, Jr."*, b. 1812, d. 1836, 
m. Hannah Bicknell. They had one child, a daughter, Achsa^ 
who married a Mr. Ames, and many years ago removed to Penn- 
sylvania. (No further record.) 

Lewis Alden Hayford" was a man endowed with a vigorous 
constitution, and capable of doing a great deal of hard work. 
He died while young, 24 years of age, having met with an acci- 
dent, causing internal injuries which proved fatal. 


Betty Hayford'*, dau. of William Hayford^, Daniel-, John^ 
was b. at Pembroke, Mass., Mar. 12, 1765, d. Mar. 12, 1862, m. 
at Turner, Me., Nov. 24, 1785, Benjamin Alden'^, son of Joseph^ 
of Stafford^ Conn., son of Daniel"*, son of Joseph^, son of Joseph-, 
son of Hon. John Alden^ of Plymouth, Mass., who was one of 
the Plymouth Pilgrims, and the last male survivor of those who 
came over in the Mayflower in 1620 and signed the compact in 
her cabin. Lie was b. in 1599 and d. in Duxbury, i\Iass., 1687, 
aged 88 years. They had ten children: 
^Salmon Alden, unmarried, d. Thomaston, Me., ae. 23. 
'^Chandler Alden, m. Thankful Dudley. 
^Benjamin Alden, b. Aug. 7, 1791, m. Polly Hood. 
^Eliab Alden, m. Eunice Collier. 
^Salmon Alden, unmarried, d. ae. 16. 

^Betsy Hayford Alden, b. Mar. 13, 1801, m. Thomas Estes. 
'^Jeannette Alden, m. Stephen Hutchinson. 
^Eunice Alden, m. Lewis Gilbert. 
^Christina Alden, m. Henry Gilbert. 
^Anna Alden, d. young. 

Chandler Alden^, son of Betty Hayford"*, d. 1885, m. Thank- 
ful Dudley. They had nine children : 

^Loren Alden, m. Salome Leavitt of Turner, Tsle. Has 5 cliildren. 
^Leonard Alden, b. May 17, 181 1, m. Marinda Leavitt, Turner, 

Me. 5 children. 
^Betsy Alden, b. 18 13, m. Benj. R. Dean, Leeds, Me. 6 chil- 



6\lmenaAlden, b. 1814, ni. ZophieRamsdell. 

.Chandler Alden, b. Jan. X4, 18.6, m. Mercy N. Durham, Leeds, 

Me. 2 children. 
6Gustava Alden, m. Horace Hutchinson. 
6Christina Alden, m. Lewis Jones, Turner, Me. 3 children. 
<^Dudley Alden, m. Susan Day. 
^Thankful Alden, no further record. 

^„. A.O.., Jr.^ son oC Be.ty Hay:ord^ b. Aug. 7, H,., 
d, .872, m. May X4, 181=, Polly Hood of Turner, Me. Tuey 
had seven children : 

6Vesta Alden, b. Feb. 14, 1814, d. Feb. 15, 1841. 
^Libbeus Alden, b. Apr. 9, 18 16. 
^Lewis Alden, b. July 21, 18 18. 
^Columbus Alden, b. June 23, 1820. 
^Eliza Alden, b. Feb. 22, 1824. 
^Olive Alden, b. Aug. 15, 1827. 
''Marv Alden, b. Aug. i, 1832. 

EUAB ALDEN^ s™ of Betty Hayford^ m. Eunice tolhe of 
Leed Me she ieing one of a family well known m the h.story 
of the'tC;. They tad seven children : Matcia', Rosamond^ 
Isaac' Beulah Ann', Ermina', Benjamin', and Gustavus K. 

EliJb Alden^ died while the children were quite yoiing, and 
the family was broken up and eventually wide y scattered. The 
only ones now living are Mrs. Beulah A. Greeley' "^ Gx»y, ^°u* 
Dakota ; Benjamin', who lives in Oregon, and Kev. R G Alden 
whose wife is "Pansy," the noted writer and editor of Sunday 

school literature. j ji u ,v, ,,„- 

Betsy Havford Alden', dau. of Betty Hayford*, b ab. i795. 
d Ian 2. iS';?, m. Thomas Estes* of Durham, Me., b. Aug. 20 
ts! d Aug 1 , 1870, and who was the son of Caleb', son of 
e1" rd< son of' Richard- the emigrant, who landed^n Boston 
in 1684 and m. Elizabeth Beck of Portsmouth, N. H^ They 
were united in marriage according to the ceremony "''he Society 
of Friends, in the Friends' meeting house ,n Dover N^HApn 
rf.SKi fSee history of Estes family by W. K. ^. i^steb.; 

famous both in history -^ in song fhey had t^ve^ ^^^^^ 
''Stilman Estes, b. Dec 3,^812, d. '""J-^W^' ^ Larrabee of 
^Lvdia Bishop Estes, b. Mar. 3°. \8^4, m. w. u. x. 
Hartford, Me., now of Portland, Me. 


^Lewis Alden Estes, b. Dec. ii, 1815, d. Nov. 10, 1891. 
^Betsy Hayford Estes, b. June 6, 18 17, m. Chas. C. Smith, Dur- 
ham, Me. Resides on old homestead. 
^Horace Alden Estes, b. June 14, 1819, m. i, Elizabeth Derby- 
shire, 2d, Margaret Scott. He d. Feb. 23, 1884. 
^Emily Estes, b. Aug. 6, 182 1, m. Silas Plummer of Lisbon, Me. 
^Charlotte Estes, b. Aug. 4, 1823, m. Randolph Michaels of Dur- 
ham, Me. 
^Thomas Albion Estes, b. Apr. 19, 1825, m. Mary P. Alexander 

of Harpswell. 
^George Henry Estes, b. Mar. 12, 1827, m. Emily Trufont of 

Durham, Me. 
'^Philena Estes, b. Aug. 14, 1828, m. Wm. H. Patch of Ludlow Vt. 
'"W. Roscoe Green Estes, b. Nov. 22, 1830, m. Maria Elbridge 

Osgood, Skowhegan, Me. 
''Christina Estes, b. Oct. 5, 1834, unmarried, d. Aug. 24, 1884. 

Thomas Estes was a prosperous farmer, a member of the 
Society of Friends in Durham, Me. He was a man of sound 
judgment, possessed considerable business energy and sterling 
integrity. He was a Justice of the Peace, performed marriage 
ceremonies and did considerable conveyancing for his townspeo- 
ple. He served the town several years on the board of select- 
men, and represented it two terms in the Legislature in 1S38 and 
1839. He brought up a family of twelve children, all of whom 
lived to be grown men and women. For full information of this 
family reference is made to "History of Estes Family," by Hon. 
William Roscoe Green Estes of Skowhegan, Me., the author of 
which served on the military staff of Gov. Garcelon, with rank 
and title of Lieut. Colonel. He was an active and prominent 
Free Mason, and for two years was Grand Master of the Grand 
Lodge of Maine, and one year Grand Master of the Grand Coun- 
cil of Royal Select Masters. He was commissioned postmaster 
at Skowhegan by Pres. Cleveland, Nov. 28, 1887. He settled in 
Skowhegan and was a merchant. His wife, Maria Elbridge 
(Osgood) Estes, died Mar. 28, 1864. 

Jennette Alden", dau. of Betty Hayford-*, b. Greene, Me., 
Apr. 10, 1797, d. Norway, Me., Aug. 27, 1872, m. Aug. 9, 1827, 
Stephen Hutchinson (his second wife. First wife was Arseneth 
Gilbert.) of Buckfield, Me., b. Windham, Aug. 9, 1787, d. Aug. 
29, 1850. They had four children: 


^Jennette Alden Hutchinson, b. Apr. 23, 1828, m. Samuel F. 

'^Augusta B. Hutchinson, b. Mar. 29, 1831, d. Feb. 1853. 
^'Arseneth Hutchinson, b. May 28, 1834, m. Lewis O'Brion. 
^Vesta Hutchinson, b. Apr. 6, 1836, d. Apr. 1838. 

Jennette Alden Hutchinson^ b. Apr. 23, 1828, m. Oct. 20, 
1849, Samuel F. Record of Buckfield, Me., b. Jan. 1822. They 
had three children : 
7Milton L. Record, b. Nov. 20, 1850, Buckfield, Me. Now of 

Chicago, 111. 
^Nelson B. Record, b. Jan. 18, 1852, Buckfield, Me. Now of 

New York. 
7Royal B. Record, b. Dec. 20, 1854, Buckfield, Me. Now of 

Auburn, Me. 

Arseneth Hutchinson^ b. May 28, 1834, m. June 1852, 
Lewis O'Brion, b. Quebec, May 5, 1831, d. at Auburn, Me., Apr. 
9, 1898. They had six children: 
7Alton O'Brion, b. Jan. 1853, Buckfield, Me. 
7lnfant daughter, b. Jan. 1855, Turner, Me., d. Mar. 1855. 
7Emma J. O'Brion, b. June 23, 1857, Norway, Me. 
7Lewis H. O'Brion, b. July i, 1859, Norway, Me., d. May 20, 1867, 
7Virgie Inez O'Brion, b. June 11, 1863, Norway, Me. 
7Willard N. O'Brion, b. May 16, 1873, Norway, Me., d. July, 1874. 

Eunice Alden^ dau. of Betty Hayford'*, b. Mar. 13, 1801, d. 
Feb. 25, 1867, m. Apr. 20, 1826, Lewis Gilbert, b. Apr. 15, 1801, 
d. Jan. 28, 1885. They had six children: 
^Ellen B. Gilbert, b. Mar. 12, 1S27, m. Feb. 7, 1866, Horace 

^Oscar Gilbert, b. Aug. 18, 1828, m. Jan. 7-9, 1855, Sumner 

Holmes Cole. 
^Virginia Gilbert, b. Dec. 9, 1830, d. Feb. 22, 1848. 
®Ziba Alden Gilbert, b. Nov. 4, 1832, m. Nov. 5, i860, Clara 

^Julius Gilbert, b. Apr. 17, 1836, m. Sept. 19, 1864, Deborah 

Gushing Vinol. 
'^Seldon Gilbert, b. Dec. 9, 1837, m. Nov. 26, 1863, Sarah Louisa 


Hon. Z. A. Gilbert®, son of Eunice Alden^, has always resided 
on a farm in Greene, Me., having one of the largest and best of 
any in that section of the State. He has long been widely 


known as an intelligent, thoroughly up-to-date, practical, progres- 
sive farmer. Besides his extensive farming operations, in which 
he takes great pleasure, and has managed all these years with 
marked business success, he has found opportunity to devote 
much of his life to public service for his town, county and State ; 
has been supervisor of schools and selectman of his town, and 
for many years a member of the Board of Agriculture, president 
of State Pomological Society for six years from its first organiza- 
tion, inspector of fertilizers for two years, trustee of State Col- 
lege for nine years, president of Board of Managers of State 
Experiment Station during its continuance, and secretary of 
Board of Agriculture twelve years. His annexed volumes of 
Agriculture of Maine, eleven of which were prepared and pub- 
lished by him during his service as secretary, were accepted as 
of marked value, and have been sought for by the reading farm- 
ers of the State with increasing demand each year. In 1883, he 
assumed editorial charge of the agricultural department of the 
Maine Farmer. In this capacity he has shown himself a writer 
of ability as well as an acknowledged authority on agricultural 
matters. Always active in political affairs of his town and 
county, but never seeking political distinction ; a republican, cast- 
ing his first vote for Freemont. In religion, a Universalist. 

Rev. Selden Gilbert®, b. Dec. 9, 1837, son of Eunice Alden^ 
He was educated in the common schools, Monmouth Academy, 
Westbrook Seminary, Tufts College and St. Lawrence University 
Divinity School. He entered the ministry near the close of the 
civil war ; had parishes in Norway, Paris, Livermore Falls and 
Machias, Me.; Little Falls, N. H.; New Haven, Conn.; Melrose 
and Boston, Mass. While located at Machias, Me., a few years 
since, he was largely instrumental in procuring the erection of a 
fine commodious church during his service there, that is an orna- 
ment to the town and the pride of the people. He is a distin- 
guished Universalist clergyman of marked ability and whose 
service is ever in demand. He has one son, who was graduated 
from the Boston Latin School in 1889, Harvard College in 1893, 
Harvard Medical School 1897, Massachusetts General hospital 
same year, and is now instructor in Harvard Medical School, 
and in private practice in Brookline, Mass. 

Christina Alden^ dau. of Betty Hayford*, b. Mar. i, 1803, 


d. May i, 1889, ^- ^^^' ^°' 1826, Henry Gilbert, b. Feb. 15, 

1804, d. Oct. 6, 1 88 1. They had eight children : 

^\nnie B. Gilbert, b. July 28, 1827, m. Joseph Kilbreth, Dec. 

1850, d. May 28, 1851. 
"Betsy Alden Gilbert, b. Jan. 30, 1829, m. Alfred Jewell, Oct. 

1859, d. Aug. 24, 1S91. 
^Christina Gilbert, b. Aug. 183 1, d. July 16, 1850. 
*Julia Gilbert, b. Dec. 26, 1832, m. i, Ruel Phillips, Feb. 11, 

1854. m. 2, Hiram Phillips, Nov. 10, 1878. 
sTertia Gilbert, b. Mar. 16, 1836, d. Mar. 26, 1853. 
®Otis Hayford Gilbert, b. June 10, 1838, d. July 6, 1843. 
''James Henry Gilbert, b. May 1846, d. Mar. 13, 1852. 


Artimissa Hayford'*, dau. of William^, DanieF, John^, b. July 
14, 1766, at Pembroke, Mass., d. at Hartford, Me., Jan. 16, 1859, 
93 years of age. She married Joel Simmons, a revolutionary 
soldier, who enlisted in New Gloucester, Me., and died at Harri- 
son, Me., Feb. 24, 18 15. After his death she married Nehemiah 
Packard of Auburn, Me., another soldier of the revolution, whom 
she outlived many years. She had no children by either marriage, 

"Aunt Artemissa," so styled by all who knew her during many 
of the last years of her life, was one whom ail delighted to honor, 
and she was held in high esteem and deeply revered by all her 
numerous relatives. Though never having cluidren of her own, 
she was "aunt" and mother to them all ; of a cheerful, joyous 
spirit ; the light of every household wherein she dwelt. After 
the decease of her last husband, Mr. Packard, sh.e dwelt for 
many years in the family of Mr. Otis Hayford, Sr., Canton, Me., 
but the last few years of her life she resided in the family of 
Capt. Alden Barrell of Hartford, Me., he being a grandnephev/ 
of hers. 

Mrs. Packard lived to be almost 93 years of age. Endowed 
as she was with a wonderful memory, it was, indeed, a rare treat 
to have the opportunity of conversing with her, and of listening 
to the relation from her lips, of the varied scenes of life and 
experiences which she had witnessed and been a part of for 
almost a full century of time ; the perils, hardships, and depriva- 
tions of the pioneers in the early settlement of this State of 


.Maine and of Sylvester Canada, now Turner, Me., where her 
parents were among the very first to open up a settlement, and 
when, to feed their numerous families of children, the fathers 
were obliged to shoulder their grain and thread their way afoot 
through the unbroken forests many miles, wading the streams, 
or crossing on logs, their pathway only marked by a blazed or 
or spotted line, to a settlement near the seaboard, generally to 
New Gloucester, eighteen or twenty miles distant, there to have 
it ground into meal, and in the same manner, transport it back to 
their homes, with all the incidents attending such a life, were 
presented by her in such vivid life pictures as to fasten on the 
thoughtful mind so as never to be defaced while memory may 
last. One incident in illustration of this : "One Thursday morn- 
ing, her father and oldest brother, a lad of twelve years, started 
to go to mill, as the saying was, to Gloucester, with their grists 
on their backs, expecting to be home by Saturday evening, but 
the evening came and they did not return. Sunday morning 
came also and they had nothing to eat in the house. Their 
mother told them not to cry for the Lord would provide, never 
fear, and they waited till nine o'clock, but no father came, and 
she retired to her chamber and prayed long and fervently that 
God would hear her prayer and send something for her starving 
children. They lived but a few rods from the river, and while 
she was in prayer, the oldest boy at home took his net and ran 
down to the river to see if he could catch some fish. He cast 
his net, and behold ! it filled, and he ran back and met his mother 
returning from her room. She said to him : "Did I not tell you 
that the Lord would provide ?" She forever afterwards believed 
that the Lord heard and answered her prayer. About noon 
father returned home. They had lost their way and were obliged 
to stay in the woods over night." 

Her bodily and mental faculties were preserved in a remark- 
able degree to the time of her death. When she was but eleven 
years old she came with her parents and seven other children, 
five of them younger than herself, from Pembroke, Mass., to 
Turner, Me. Often has she been heard to relate incidents of 
their journey; of her mother riding horseback, carrying in her 
arms an infant child ; of herself being occasionally taken up on 
the pillion of the saddle to rest her little, weary feet and limbs. 
In this manner they came all the way from home; for many weary 



miles following a blazed line, often forced to ford swollen streams, 
and thus making their way through an unbroken wilderness. 

One night, having camped by a running stream in the dense 
forests, in what is now the town of l^ridgton. Me., in a place that 
appeared to have been used by others for that purj^ose, they pre- 
pared and partook of their frugal evening meal and slept under 
the trees through the night. While the children were running 
around in the early morning hours, they espied a piece of birch 
bark pinned to a standing tree, seemingly placed there by some 
wandering traveler poet, on which were written tlie following 
verses, which she then committed to memory, and seventy-Hve 
years later, at the age of eighty-six or seven, repeated them to 
the writer, and they were written out and printed for the hrst 
time, she being able to repeat from her early memory, all but 
four lines of those seventeen verses. 

"All you that love the joys of peace, 
And choose to dwell where tumults cease, 
Come, seat yourself at my right hand, 
For here I've found a hajjpy land. 

Where cannon, and the sound of war 
Are only heard as news from afar. 
No British troops disturb my rest, 
Nor Savage of the wilderness. 

Beneath my little, homely ceil, 
In perfect quietness, I dwell, 
Surrounded by as rich a soil 
As any found on British Isle. 

Spacious, and a goodly land 
When once subdued by human hand. 

As labor was my father's lot. 
Which I have learned and not forgot, 
Who ate his bread with sweating brow, 
I must expect to do so too. 

Yet oft, when I this forest rove, 
I think of Kden's sacred grove; 
The many blessings standing round 
Show a resemblance of that ground. 

The woody forests do produce, 

All neatly fitted for my use, 

Paper, whose sheets are firm and large, 

Without one farthing's cost or charge. 


The maple tree, whose royal veins 
Supply the want of India's canes; 
The ponds and brooks, we daily find, 
Afford us fish of divers kinds. 

The Chub, the Eel, the Horned Pout, 
The Pickerel, the Perch and Spotted Trout; 
These with their numerous silvery train 
Teap up and down our liquid plain. 

The Tortoise, too, both flesh and fish, 
Which Princes call a dainty dish; 
The savage beasts that range the wood, 
Serve both to clothe and find us food. 

The gallant Moose, so famed for speed, 
On our majestic mountains feed, 
The branching armor of whose head, 
Makes his approach an awful dread. 

Yet the fast hounds endowed with skill. 
To know and do their master's will, 
Quickly make the monster know 
That man is lord of all below. 

The nimble Deer does sweetly play 
Where Wolves and Bears pursue their prey; 
The Beaver, too, whose silken coat 
Is worn by kings and lords of note. 

The Cony, and long-haired Racoon; 
The Partridge, Duck, and gabling Loon, 

Hysteric qualms, disordered brains. 
And rheumatism's acutest pains 
Are cured by drugs that nature yields. 
Drawn from the earth, or woods or fields. 

The serpent's oil, 'tis often found, 
Will cure the stubborn chronic wound; 
The fir out-does the surgeon's skill; 
The birch and rhyme employ my quill. 

These precious gifts, with numbers more. 
Which might be added to the score. 
Were made to serve the use of man. 
When first the world and time began." 



Matilda Hayford'*, dau. of William Hayford^ DanieF, John^ 
b. at Pembroke, Mass., Oct. 21, 1767, d. July 14, 1848, m. Abia- 
ther Briggs at Turner, Me., Dec. 25, 1789, b. June 2, 1768, d. 
Dec. 25, 1844. They had twelve children: 
^Arvida Briggs, b. July 27, 1790, d. July 27, 1818, ae. 28. 
^Christina Briggs, b. July 4, 1792, m. Wm. Brewster, d. Aug. 5, 

1870, ae. 82. 
^Lydia Briggs, b. Feb. 14, 1794, d. Dec. 20, 1873, ae. 79. 
^Phoebe Briggs, b. Mar. 22, 1796, d. Dec. 8, 1858, ae. 62. 
'^Matilda Briggs, b. May 24, 1798, d. July 25, 187 1, ae. 73. 
^Abiather Briggs, b. Mar. 24, 1800, d. Apr. 5, 1875, ae. 75. 
^William Briggs, b. Feb. 13, 1802, m. Eliza Merrill, d. Aug. 2, 

1887, ae. 85. 
^Elisha Briggs, b. Jan. 7, 1804, m. Jane Guthner, d. Jan. 8, 1894, 

ae. 90. 
^Salome Briggs, b. Jan. 22, 1805, m. Thomas Seabury, d. Feb. 29, 

1848, ae. 43. 
^Salmon Briggs, b. Apr. 2, 1808, m. Ruth Curtis, d. Dec. 25^ 

1885, ae. 77. 
^Alden Briggs, b. Apr. 2, 1806, m. Nancy Tyler, d. Apr. 14, 1874, 

ae. 64. 
i^Augusta Briggs, b. Apr. 1813, m. John Tyler, d. June 15, 1856, 

ae. 43. 

No further record of this family is obtained. This family 
moved, soon after marriage, to the eastern part of Maine, and 
settled at or near Parkman in Piscataquis Co., and many of their 
descendants now reside in that section. The Briggs family are a 
numerous and prominent people. 


Arvida HayfordS son of William Hayford^ Daniel", John\ b. 
at Pembroke, Mass., May 28, 1770, d. Aug. 28, 1858, m. Mercy 
Ellis at Turner, Me., Mar. 14, 1796. She was b. June 29, 1769, 
d. Jan. 15, 1837. They had four children: 
sChristina Hayford, b. Jan. 7, 1798, d. Mar. 12, 1799. 
sAxel Hayford, b. Oct. 22, 1799, d. Oct. 12, 18 14. 
sArvida Hayford, Jr., b. Sept. 5, 1801, d. Oct. 17, i'< 
SChristina Hayford, b. Apr. 12, 1804, d. Aug. 1886. 


Arvida Hayford* and family moved from Hartford, Me., to 
Belfast, Me., 1821. He was Justice of the Peace Feb. 7, 1822 to 
Feb. 4, 1836. 

Arvida Hayford, Jr.?, son of Arvida Hayford*, b. Sept. 5, 
iSoi, d. Oct. i868, m. Jan. 11, 1825, Almira E. Loring, b. Mar. 
22, 1801, d. Aug. 18, i860. They had two children: 
^Samuel F. L. Hayford, b. Nov. 28, 1825, d. Nov. 8, 1826. 
^William B. Hayford, b. May 20, 1827, d. Feb. 8, 1887. 

Arvida Hayford, Jr.5, was Justice of the Peace from Mar. 10, 
1830, to A. D. 1843. 

William B. Hayford'', son of Arvida Hayford, Jr.s, b. May 
20, 1827, d. Feb. 8, 1887, m. Nov. 18, 1852, Laura Rhines, b. 
Apr. 13, 1834. They had three children: 
7Anna C. Hayford, b. Mar. 16, 1856, m. Mellen C. Pierce. 
7p^rancis L. Hayford, b. May 9, i860, d. Apr. 7, i88r. 
/■George William Hayford, b. Jan. 29, 1862, d. Sept. 28, 1883. 

William B. Hayford*, son of Arvida, Jr.s, was a very energetic 
business man and highly successful during his forty years of 
active life in Bangor, Me. He carried on a large lumbering busi- 
ness for many years in eastern and northern Maine, and gave it 
his persistent and untiring efforts. At the time of his death he 
had amassed a large fortune, being considered among the largest 
owners of wild lands in the State, and containing much valuable 
timber. He commanded the friendship and esteem of all who 
knew him, for his sterling integrity and marked business capaci- 
ties. His widow, who survives him, and the one married daugh- 
ter, still reside in the homestead in the city of Bangor, Me. 

Anna C. Hayford7, dau. of William B. Hayford**, b. Mar. 16, 
1856, m. Dec. 25, 1882, Mellen C. Pierce of Bangor, Me., b. Oct. 
2, 1847. They have four children: 
•^Hayford Pierce, b. Sept. 10, 1883. 
'Waldo Pierce, b. Dec. 17, 1884. 
^Mellen Chamberlain Pierce, b. July 13, 1886. 
»Ada Stetson Pierce, b. Mar. 28, 1888. 

Mellen C. Pierce has charge and management, to a large extent, 
of the vast timber lands belonging to the estate of his late father- 
in-law, William B. Hayford. 

Christina Hayford^ dau. of Arvida HayfordS b. Apr. 12, 
1804, d. Aug. 1886, m. June 3, 1822, William Bicknell of Hart- 
ford, Me. They had one child: 


®Axel Bicknell, b. 1823, m. Julia Simpson, 1845. 

Christina m. Sept. 3, 1829, Wm. R. Lowney, b. 1786, d. Aug. 
1850. They had one child : 
^Oscar Lowney, b. July 18, 1850, who m. July 18, 1887, Fannie 

A. Emerson, b. Nov. 21, 1854. 

Axel Bicknell*^ died in Minnesota, date not known. He left a 
widow, a daughter, Mrs. Christina Bigelow^, and a son. 

Mrs. Christina (Hayford'^) was blessed with a lovely 

character and a sunny disposition that carried her through her 
life's many trials and sorrows, and those that would have borne 
others down, only seemed to sweeten and make her life a joy and 
blessing to others. Dearly is her memory cherished by those so 
fortunate as to ever come into near relations with her. Her 
cheerful spirit and kindness of heart won her many true friends. 


GusTAVUS Hayford'', son of William*^, Daniel-, John\ b. Jan. 
7, 1773, at Pembroke, Mass., m. Aug. 13, 1797, Abigail Fuller of 
Carver, Mass., d. at Canton, Me., Sept. 11, 1824. He d. July 18, 
1848. They had seven children : 
^Saphronia Flayford, b. June 4, 1801, m. Simeon Brett, June 23, 

^Abigail Hayford, b. Sept. 25, 1S03, m. i, Joel Howard, Aug. 7, 

1828. m. 2, Thaxter Russell, Mar. 1856. 
^Alvira Hayford, b. Nov. 27, 1805, m. Otis Hayford*^, Feb. 25, 

^Gustavus Hayford, Jr., b. July 2, 1808, m. Zilpha Barrows, Jan. 

I, [829. 
^Alvarado Hayford, b. Nov. 25, 181 1, m. Betsy Fuller, Nov. 1837. 
■^Elizabeth D. Flayford, b. June 8, 181 5, m. Andrew Barrows, 

Nov. 10, 1836. 
■^Stillman Hayford, b. Sept. 29, 18 18, m. Harriet Baird, Sept. 


Gustavus Hayford* m. 2d, Jan. 1825, Judith Leach of Hartford, 
Me., b. 1799, d. Nov. 10, 1869. They had three children: 
^Delphina K. Hayford, b. July 23, 1826, m. Dr. Wm. P. Eridg- 

ham, Dec. 14, 1845. 
^Susan Hayford, b. Mar. 13, 1831, m. i, Jefferson Bridgham, 1856. 

m. 2, John F. Mellan, July 20, 1869. 
^Rosina Hayford, b. July 28, 1837, m. J. S. Thompson, 1856. 


GusTAVUS Hayford*, son of William Hayford^, Daniel'-^, John\ 
b. Jan. 7, 1773, d. July 18, 1848, m. Aug. 13, 1797, Abigail Fuller, 
d. Sept. II, 1824, m. 2d, Jan. 1825, Judith Leach, b. 1799, d. 
Nov. 10, 1869. 

He moved his family from Hartford, Me., to Canton, in 18 15, 
and he and his brother, Zeri, were the first settlers of Canton 
village. He erected the first saw mill and grist mill, and the 
first dwelling house at this place. While building these mills 
they occupied a log cabin, built on the present site of the drug 
store of Nathan Reynolds. This log house was occupied by his 
brother, Zeri, and family, two years, to board the workmen on 
the mills, nearly another year by his family, and later, as a school 
house, until a better one was erected. The dwelling house built 
by Gustavus Hayford the next year, 18 15, the first one at this 
place, is now standing on the original site, beautifully located 
on the margin of the pond by the mills, in good state of preser- 
vation, and is owned and occupied at this time (1900) by Frank 
O. Proctor. 

When purchasing the water power at this place, Mr. Hayford 
also became the possessor of a large tract of land upon which 
the present village is located. In later years his home abounded 
in hospitality to any who desired to accept it; none were ever 
turned from his door, but all alike seemed ever welcome to the 
generous friendship and hospitality so freely bestowed by this 
kind hearted family. 

From a clipping taken from a paper printed at the time of his 
death, we copy the following: 

"As a citizen, Bro. Hayford was an industrious, active, enter- 
prising man. Twice he commenced anew in an unbroken forest. 
The place of his late residence, which is now a flourishing village, 
was first settled by him, but for a number of years past his health 
has been declining under the influence of a paralytic affection 
which rendered him nearly helpless. During his last sickness 
and previous to it, he often expressed his willingness, and even 
anxiety, to depart from this world of sorrow and pain, to "that 
house not made with hands." 

He left a wife and nine children, besides many other relatives 
and very numerous friends, to cherish his memory and imitate 
his example. Forty years previous to his death, Mr. Hayford 
embraced the belief in the Universal Fatherhood of God, and 
universal brotherhood of mankind. This he fully believed and 



truly lived, and he was ever ready to explain his belief and defend 
his faith, by appealing to the scriptures, with which he was very 

Abigail Fuller, wife of Gustavus'*, was born at Pembroke, Mass. 
She was the sixteenth child of Issachar Fuller and Elizabeth 
(Doten) Fuller of Carver, Mass. Later, Issachar married Lucy 
Tinkham, and they had five children, making twenty-one in all. 
At the time of his second marriage he was sixty years old and 
his wife thirty. He lived to see his last children all married and 
with children of their own. He was ninety-seven years and eight 
months old at the time of his death ; labored lightly long after 
he was ninety years old, and could read common print without 
glasses to the last. His children so far as known, range thus : 
Lydia Fuller, m. John Lucas of Carver, Mass. 
Isaac Fuller m. Lydia Ellis, and moved to Maine. 
Sylvia Fuller m. Sylvanus Stevens, and moved to Maine. 
Noah Fuller m. Sarah Smith, and moved to N. H. 
John Fuller m. Betty Smith of Middleboro, Mass. 
Issachar Fuller, Jr. No further record. 
Deborah Fuller m. Consider Clark of Plymouth, Mass. 
Eliza Fuller m. Nathaniel Harlow of Plympton, Mass. 
Rebecca Fuller m. Timothy Cobb, and moved to Maine. 
Abigail Fuller m. Gustavus Hayford, and moved to Maine. 
Edward Fuller m. Deborah West, and moved to Penn. 

The most of the above named children lived to advanced asres, 
the remainder died quite young. One of the sons went to sea 
and was never afterward heard from, neither the vessel, all were 
supposed to have been lost. By his second wife, the record of 
children ranges as foUow-s : 
Lucy Fuller m. i, Nathaniel Shaw of Carver, Mass. He was 

killed by a falling tree. m. 2, Ebeneazer Cobb of Carver, 

Deborah Fuller m. E^zra Shaw of Rochester. 
Ebeneazer Fuller m. Mary Atwood of South Carver, Mass., and 

ever after lived on the same farm which his father lived and 

died on. 
Hannah Fuller m. Luther Shurtleff. 
'Priscilla Fuller m. George Barrows, and moved to Vermont. 

Issachar Fuller, father of Abigail (Fuller) Hayford, was of 
the fifth generation in the lineal descent from Dr. Samuel Fuller 


of the Mayflower. It is said that their ancestors in England 
have traced their family back to the twelfth century ; and that 
they then lived in Wales, and spelled the family name thus : 

Dr. Samuel P^uller^ came over in the Mayflower Dec. 20, 1620, 
d. in 1633; had three wives, viz: Elsie Glascork, probably mar- 
ried in England; 2d, Agnes, daughter of Alexander Carpenter, 
married in Leyden in 161 3; 3d, Bridget Lee, married in Leyden 
in 161 7. Bridget came over on the "Ann" in 1623, with a child, 
which soon afterward died. Afterwards she had Samuel", b. in 
1624, and Mercy", who married Ralph James. 

Samuel, ist, made a will, dated July 30, 1633, which was 
proved Oct. 28, 1633, and is said to have been the first will pro- 
bated in New England. 

Rev. Samuel Fuller-, son of Samuel Fuller^ married Elizabeth 
Brewster in Middleboro, Mass. Their children were : Mercy*, 
m. Daniel Cole; SamueP, b. in 1659; Experience'^, m. James 
Wood ; John^ ; Elizabeth^, m. Samuel Eaton ; Hannah^, m. Eleazor 
Lewis ; and Isaac^ 

Rev. Samuel Fuller-, b. in 1624, d. Aug. 17, 1694, was the first 
settled minister of the gospel in Middleborough. He was buried 
in Plymouth .churchyard, on Plymouth Hill, and a gravestone 
was placed at his grave, said to be the first one erected in New 
England. The inscription reads as follow : 

"Here lies buried ye body of Rev. Samuel Fuller, who departed 
this life Aug. ye 17th, 1694, in ye 71st year of his age. He was 
ye first Minister of ye Church of Christ in Middleboro." 

Note. Mr. Davis, in his "Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," 
page 133, says: "There were four gravestones bearing date 
before 1700, viz: Edward Gray, 1681, William Crow, 1684, 
Hannah Clark, 1687, and Thomas Clark, 1697, and to these may 
be added that of Elder Thomas Cushman, who died in 1691, 
stone removed in 1858." 

He makes no mention of the "Fuller" grave stone, but adds 
that "these stones are ail of English stones and bear marks of 
English workmanship." The fact that these stones were all 
brought over from England might indicate that years elapsed 
after the death of these persons named, before the above named 
stones were erected, and that the tradition that exists in the 
Fuller family may be true, and that Rev. Samuel Fuller's grave- 
stone was the first one erected, but it is singular that he makes no 


mention of this stone, as the writer has in his possession a piece 

of said gravestone, and the foregoing inscription was copied 

from it. 

Bridget Fuller and Samuel Fuller^, widow and son of Dr. Samuel 

Fviller^, gave a lot of land on Leyden St., A. D. 1664, to the 

First Church of Christ in Plymouth. The house that now stands 

on said lot was the home of Dr. James Kendall, minister of this 

First Church from 1800 to 1859. 

SamueP, b. 1659, son of Rev. Samuel Fuller'-^, d. Sept. 6, 1728, 

ae. 70 years, was one of the first settlers of Plympton, Mass., m. 

Mercy Eaton, dau. of Samuel, Francis, of Plympton, a descend- 
ant of Francis Eaton, who came over in the Mayflower. Their 

children were : 

^Nathaniel Fuller, b. 1687. 

^Samuel Fuller, b. 1689. 

^William Fuller, b. 1691. 

^Seth Fuller, b. 1692, m. dau. of Adam Wright and widow Debo- 
rah Cole. 

^Ebeneazer Fuller, b. 1695, m. Joanna Grey. 

''Benjamin Fuller, b. 1696. 

lElizabeth Fuller, b. 1697.. 

*John Fuller, b. 1698, 

^Jabez Fuller, b, 1701. 

*Mercy Fuller, b. 1702, m. Ebeneazer Raymond. 

^James Fuller, b. 1704, m. Judith, dau. of Henry Rickard. 

John Fuller^ b. Dec. 19, 1698, son of Samuel Fuller^ and 

eighth child, lived in Kingston, Mass., m. Deborah P«.ing for his 

first wife, and Mercy, widow of Robert Cushman, for his secoild. 

His children were : 

"^Eleazer Fuller, b. 1723. 

^Issachar Fuller, b. 1725. . v 

^John Fuller, b. 1727. 

^Deborah Fuller, b. 1729. 

^Susannah Fuller, b. 1733. 

^Noah Fuller, b. 1736. 

^Ezra Fuller, b. 1737. 

^Consider Fuller, b. 1738. 

^Eleazer Fuller, b. 1740. 

^Hannah Fuller, b. 1743. 

Issachar Fuller^ of Carver, Mass., son of John Fuller^ d. Oct. 


31, 1822, aged 97. (See record on former pages of his 21 chil- 
dren.) Abigail Fuller*', dau. of Issachar^ m. Gustavus Hayford. 
Thus we have : Dr. Samuel Fuller^ Rev. Samuel Fuller", SaraueF, 
John*, Issachar^ Abigail, m. Gustavus Hayford^ Aug. 13, 1797. 
Abigail Fuller was in lineal descent from the Mayflower through 
three families, i. e.. Fullers, Brewsters and Eatons. 

The town of Canton in the county of Oxford, Me., was origi- 
nally a part of Jay and was called "Phipps Canada." It was 
incorporated as Canton, Feb. 5, 1821, and is locared on the 
Portland & Rumford Falls railway, sixty-two miles from Port- 
land, Me., and lies on both sides of the Androsco£;gin river, 
twenty-five miles above Lewiston Falls, situated in the tv,-in cities 
of Lewiston and Auburn, in Androscoggin county, and ten miles 
above Livermore Falls in said county, and sixteen miles below 
Rumford Falls in Oxford county, the "Niagara of New England." 
That part of the town know as Canton Point, lies on the east 
side of the river, and consists of beautiful, wide and fertile inter- 
vale land, formerly the great corn field and burying ground of 
the native tribe of Anasagunticook Indians. 

The principal village in the tov>^n is located on the west side 
of the river, at the outlet of a most beautiful body of water, 
renowned for its picturesque setting amidst the surrounding hills 
and mountains. No prettier landscape view can be found in all 
New England. It equals in its beauty any that can be seen in 
Switzerland or any other country. (Oxford county has truly 
been called the "Switzerland of America.") Many foreign trav- 
elers have pronounced it unsurpassed, and when looked upon 
from the proper localities, in its most propitious aspect as to its 
waters, and the bright shadows of its forest crowned hills and 
mountains almost completely surrounding it, it is truly a gem of 
beauty. The outlet of the lake where the village is located is 
nearly one and one-half miles from where it enters the Andros- 
coggin river by a stream known as "Whitney brook." 

This body of water has been known for the last twenty years 
as "Lake Anasagunticook," but was formerly called "Whitney 
Pond." And upon this original name rests an interesting his- 
torical narrative; and as several versions pertaining to the same 
have appeared in print during the past fifty years, some of them 
widely incorrect, and doubtless far from authentic history, it is 
thought that it will not be amiss to herewith give the most relia- 


ble and authentic account that is known to exist of the history 
of the event upon which the name of Whitney Pond was given 
to these waters; a name still perpetuated by being given to the 
principal stream, or outlet of the pond, and also to the lodge of 
Free and Accepted Masons of Canton. 

Part of the Story of Major Ephraim Heald's Wonderful Escape 
in Canton, Maine. 

This story was published in the history of Temple, N. H., 
pages 331 and 332, and written by the Major's neighbor, William 
H. Howard of Temple, N. H., in 1859. A Mr. Ephraim Brown 
says: "I heard much of this same story in my boyhood. I am 
now sixty-six. My father was the Maior's grandson and heard 
the story from the Major's own lips." 

"Just before the city of Quebec was taken by the English in 
1759, Ephraim Heald (in 1757), being then about 22 years of 
age, in company with two other young men, — one named Whit- 
ney and the other Read — went from Dunstable, N. H., and 
Massachusetts, to Saco river, thence to the Androscoggin, for the 
purpose of obtaining Indian scalps, for every one of which a 
prize or bounty of ^1000 had been offered by the government. 
Just at nightfall they discovered a birch bark canoe and a fire 
on the banks of the river. (Androscoggin.) there were no 
Indians to be seen, but on the supposition that they would return 
in the morning, the scouts thought best to withdraw to the other 
side of the hill and there remain till early morning, when they 
might be able to take the Indians by surprise. Before daybreak 
the scouts made for the river, but by wrong calculations on their 
points of compass, they chanced to stumble on the river sooner 
than they expected, and instead of their discovering the Indians, 
the Indians discovered them and fired upon them. Read dropped 
dead, and Whitney was v\'ounded in the thigh. Heald fired and 
killed one Indian, when the other two Jiook after him with their 
tomahawks. He ran down the river and was gaining on them 
when his further progress was arrested by a deep rivulet* which 
flowed into the river. Not being able to swim, he was obliged 
to turn back and run the gauntlet of them both, so to speak. 
He struck his toe against a snag and fell; the Indians throwing 
their tomahawks just over his head. The Major sprang to his 
feet and ran around a hill**, and while the Indians were picking 
up their tomahawks he gained time to load his piece and get 
behind a tree for protection. The redskins perceiving that he 
was sure to kill one of them if they followed up any closer, gave 
up the chase. Heald then started for Saco, which was two days 

*Whitney brook. **French's hill. 


travel. He came to a stream or body of water about forty rods 
wide; here, again, not being able to swim, and there being no 
fording place for several miles in either direction, he cut poles 
and withes and constructed a raft. But he had got only half 
way across when a sudden gale drove him back to land, his raft 
having come to pieces in the meantime, so that he was obliged 
to hold it together by dint of lying flat down upon it, thus mak- 
ing his hands and feet serve as withes. So he had to travel 
around after all. 

Reaching Saco safely, he returned to Dunstable in order to 
get assistance and go in search of Whitney. Fifteen men vol- 
unteered and started off immediately. In a few days they came 
across his wigwam; the noise of their footsteps in the leaves 
awoke him from the sleep he was in, and starting up under the 
impression that the Indians were upon him, he seized his gun. 
One of the company also under a false impression, as to the char- 
acter of Whitney, and supposing him to be an Indian, flred at 
first sight and mortally wounded him. He lived about two hours. 
The party also found the body of Read, and were afforded the 
melancholy satisfaction of being able to bury them in one grave." 

(Note. "There was an exciting fight — this was in 1757. 
Heald only escaped after a most exciting fight and race. There 
were three Indian men and two Indian women. Read was shot 
dead, and Whitney, though severely wounded, crawled on his 
hands and knees to their camp on the west side of the pond, 
nearly three miles distant, where he managed to live until shot 
by the rescuing party of his friends several months later.") 

The writer well remembers when a boy, more than fifty years 
ago, of being taken across the lake in a boat by his father, and 
shown a cedar post (long since gone) that marked the grave of 
Whitney and Read. This was on the beautiful point of land 
extending near the Ellis brook, so called, and now owned by 
Cyrus Bonney. 

As the families of Gustavus and Zeri Hayford first settled this 
village of Canton, and all the families of their parents were, in 
early days, located near to the same, an accompanying view is 
given of Whitney Pond, now Lake Anasagunticook. 

Saphronia Hayford^, dau. of Gustavus Hayford^, b. at Hart- 
ford, Me., June 4, 1801, d. June 6, 1836, m. June 23, 1822, Simeon 
Brett of Canton, Me., d. July i, 1876. 

Simeon Brett came from Turner, Me., to Canton, in the earli- 
est days of the settlement of the village, and was highly instru- 
mental in the building up of said place. He was a busy, indus- 
trious, energetic, business man. At an early day he became the 


owner of a portion of the water power, and put in a carding mill 
for wool, and fulling machinery, dye house, etc. Later, he 
enlarged his business, erected a fine large building, now standing 
on the same site on Main street, and introduced looms for the 
manufacture of cloths. It being the first mill of this kind in 
this section, he was able to find a ready market for the sale of 
his goods, which soon became widely known for their cheapness 
of price and durability. Until quite aged, he engaged in these 
industries, thus being of great benefit to the surrounding towns 
and an important factor in the welfare and growth of the place. 
Later in life he opened up and for many years operated a hotel, 
which became renowned for the excellency of its tables. Al] 
who visited Canton in the 50's and 6o's will not fail to remember 
"Brett's Hotel." 

They had three children: 
^Abigail F. Brett, b. Mar. 4, 1824, m. i, Elisha Reed, 2, Emerson 

^Simeon Brett, b. July 21, 1829, m. Julia A. Mitchell. 
^Alonzo Brett, b. Oct. 15, 1832, m. Jeannette E. Jones. 

Abigail F. Brett'', dau. of Saphronia Hayford^ b. Mar, 4, 
1824, d. June 28, 1878, m. Jan. i, 1847, Elisha Reed of Hart- 
ford, Me., b. 182 1, d. 1852. Elisha Reed was the son of the 
noted farmer and drover, Sampson Reed, of Hartford, Me. He 
was a man of integrity, strong and positive in character, but his 
too close application to business in which he was engaged in the 
city of Boston, Mass., impaired his health, cutting him down in 
the prime of life, when the future seemed to hold rich stores of 
prosperity and happiness for himself and family. They had one 
child : 
■^Sampson Augustus Reed, b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 8, 1849, m. 

Nov. 7, 1877, Abbie E. Eels of Bangor, Me., b. May 16, 1853. 

They have one child : 
^Abbie Merrill Reed, b. Minneapolis, Minn., June 20, 1887. 

Sampson A. Reed" is a noted lawyer, and resides in Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 

Abigail F. Brett (Reed) m. 2d, Emerson Pitts of Livermore 
Falls, Me., Nov. 19, 1854. They moved west to the State of 
Illinois, and afterwards returned to Maine and lived at Canton 
and Buckfield, where they both died. 

Simeon Brett, Jr.^ son of Saphronia Hayford^ b. at Cant-on, 


Me., July 31, 1829, d. in California, Apr. 29, 1861, m. Julia A. 
Mitchell, 1848, b. May 31, 1829. They had five children: 
'^Abbie Saphronia Brett, b. Apr. 10, 1849, '^- C- C. Ellis. 
'George Roswell Brett, b. June 2, 185 1, m. Mary Ann Randall. 
'Willie Emerson Brett, b. Dec. i, 1854, m. Mary Ann Ahearn. 
'Caroline Mitchell Brett, b. May 5, 1856, m. H. C. Ellis. 
'Jennie May Brett, b. Aug. 22, 1858, m. Frank Stevens. 

Julia A. Brett, after her first husband's death, m. Apr. 1866, 
Hon. Hiram A. Ellis of Canton, Me. 

Simeon Brett, Jr.®, was a tinsmith by trade, and after marriage 
pursued his business for several years in his native village. He 
was of an inventive mind and an excellent workman. In the 
year 1859, blessed with a wife and five small children, and ear- 
nestly hoping thereby to speedily secure to his wife and children 
an easy competence, he went to the gold regions of California. 
In less than two years thereafter he was stricken with disease 
unto death, and his sorrowful friends laid his remains at rest in 
that land that to him had seemed so full of bright promise. We 
clip from a newspaper the following obituary notice : 

"In Illinoistown, Cal., May 6, 1861, Simeon Brett, Jr., formerly 
of Canton, Me., aged 34 years. Less than two years since the 
subject of this notice left his home in Canton, where dwelt a wife 
and five lovely children, that he might, in the land of gold, better 
prepare for his loved ones. Just upon the eve of starting for 
home, where his holiest feelings were centered, he was prostrated 
with brain fever, which soon terminated his earthly career. 
How dark and mysterious are the ways of the Holy One ! How 
unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out ! 
At the request of the grief stricken widow, and the many friends 
of the deceased at Canton, the writer preached a funeral sermon 
on the occasion, where a very large and sympathetic audience 
was assembled. May God be with the widow and fatherless, and 
bless them with the light of life and the joys of salvation. 

George Bates. 

We add the following poem, written in memoriam by Mrs. 
Alvira Hayford of Canton, Me., May, 1861. 

"Dear husband, kind father, loved brother and son. 
Thine earth life is over, death's victory won. 
Far away, 'cross the ocean, thy mortal doth rest, 
The cold earth beneath thee, the rose o'er thy breast. 

Oh, sad was the parting, thou bade us adieu, 
Pressed onward with ardor thy rough journey through; 
Lone nights, weary mornings, thou still toiling on, 
In the famed land of gold for thy loved ones at home. 


Disease fastened on thee and soon laid thee low; 
Thy reason dethroned, so deadly the blow. 
Both kindred and strangers were mourners that day, ■'■^. 
When in the vale of Nevada they laid thee away. 

In that peaceful valley, oh sweet be thy rest, 
Thy spirit is soaring in the realms of the blest, 
While we in deep sorrow thy love must deplore; 
Oh guard thou and guide us, through life evermore." 

Hiram A. Ellis, the second husband of Mrs Julia A. Brett, is 
well known and highly honored. For many years while residing 
in Canton, his native town, he held the highest ofificial positions 
of trust in command of his townsmen. He also represented his 
district in State Legislature, was county commissioner of Oxford 
Co. for many years, and later, register of deeds. For the past 
twenty years he has been mail agent on the Portland & Rumford 
Falls railroad, and now performs that duty, residing at Rumford 
Falls. Mr. Ellis has faithfully filled the place of father to the 
large family of children he took with his wife to their new home, 
and under his kind care and guardianship they each and all 
became honored citizens of this community. 

Abbie Saphronia Brett'^, dau. of Simeon Brett®, b. Apr. lo, 
1849, "^- ^c^- ^9' 1864, Charles C. Ellis of Canton, Me., b. Nov. 
17, 1841. They had six children: 
^Freddie Ellis, b. July ii, 1865, d. July 24, 1887. 
^Simeon B. Ellis, b. Nov. 11, 1866, m. Edith Staples, June 20, 

^Charles C Ellis, Jr., b. Aug. 23, 1868, m. lola Johnson, Sept. 29, 

»Julia M. Ellis, b. Apr. 16, 187 1, m. Edwin R. Hollis, Feb. 18, 

^Winnifred Maude Ellis, b. Sept. 28, 1873, unmarried. 
^George Albert Ellis, b. June 26, 1882. 

George Roswell Brett'', son of Simeon Brett, Jr.'', b. June 2, 
185T, m. Nov. 22, 1875, Mary Ann Randall of Easton, Mass. 
They have one child : 
^Helen Lena Brett, b. Aug. 16, 1878. 

Willie Emerson Brett'', son of Simeon Brett, Jr.^, b. Dec. i, 
1854, m. Mary Ann Ahearn of North Easton, Mass. They had 
three children : 

^Jennie May Brett, b. Jan. 7, 1877, d. Oct. 18, 1891. 
^Edith Louise Brett, b. Sept. 16, 1882. 
«Ethel Brett, b. Nov. 29, 1883, d. Oct. 18, 1891, 


Caroline Mitchell Brett'', dau. of Simeon Brett, Jr.®, b. May 
5, 1856, m. July 5, 1873, Hiram Clinton Ellis of Canton, Me., b. 
Mar. 18, 1853. They had two children: 
nVilliam Carlos Ellis, b. May 9, 1874, m. Alice McCoy of St. 

John, N. B. 
^Bertha Ellis, b. Apr. 24, 1881, m. Rodney McDonald of Rum- 
ford, Falls, Me. 

Jennie May Brett", dau. of Simeon Brett, Jr.^ b. Aug. 22, 
1858, m. Frank R. Stevens of Canton, Me. They had two chil- 
dren : 

®Gracie F. Stevens, b. Sept. 28, 1878, m. Samuel Goff. 
^Willie Stevens, b. Dec. 22, 1883. 

Alonzo Brett'', son of Saphronia Hayford^, b. Oct. 15, 1832, 
d. at Canton, Me., Aug. 9, 1868, m. Jeannette E. Jones, Nov. 
1862, b. May 22, 1842. They had two children: 
■'Simeon J. Brett, b. June 8, 1863. 
■'Etta B. Brett, b. Nov. 19, 1865. 

Simeon J. Brett", son of Alonzo Brett", b. June 8, 1863, m. 
June 15, 1 88 7, Carrie E. Lamb, b. July 23, 1863. They had one 
child : 
*Hazel May Brett, b. July 27, 1897. 

Alonzo Brett" for many years preceeding his death, lived in 
Boston, Mass., and was employed steadily by the Gas Company 
of that city. His many years of continued service show their 
high appreciation of his labor. He was of a warm, genial dis- 
position, a bright and jovial temperament that won him many 
friends whose friendship was firm and lasting. His sudden death 
while visiting the parental roof, seemed untimely, indeed. Nat- 
urally of a strong and vigorous constitution, he was a picture of 
healthy manhood twenty-four hours previous to his death, and 
seemingly possessed with all possibilities for a long and useful 
life. The diesease that terminated his life was pronounced by 
the attending physicians to more nearly approach a case of chol- 
era than any other ever witnessed here. So sudden and fatal 
was it, as to shock the entire community. Mrs. Jeannette Brett, 
his widow, afterwards married Hannibal Thompson of Auburn, 
Me., where they now reside. 

Abigail HAYFORD^ dau. of Gustavus Hayford^ b. at Hartford, 
Me., Sept. 25, 1803, d. Nov. 26, 1893, m. Aug. 17, 1828, Maj. 
Joel Howard of Canton, Me. He d. ab. 1852. (She m. 2d, 


Thaxter Russell of Hartford, Me., Mar, 1856, b. Apr. 14, 1801, 

d. June I, 1881.) 

They had three children : 

^Sarah Howard, b. May 17, 1829, d. Nov. 17, 1854. 

^Martha Howard, b. June 19, 183 1, m. Wm. G. Gammon. 

*^William Henry Howard, b. Aug. 14, 1833, m. Ellen Walker. 

Martha Howard'', dau. of Abigail Hayford'', was b. at Can- 
ton Point, Me., May 17, 1829, m. Apr. 22, 1852, Wm. G. Gam- 
mon of Canton, Me.. He d. 1899. Shed. Nov. 30, 1861. They 
had one child : 
'Willie Gammon, b. July 9, 1853, d. Oct. 1873. 

William Henry Howard'^, son of Abigail Hayford^ b. Aug. 
14, 1833, m. May 11, 1856, Ellen Walker of Canton, Me., b. 
Mar. 1837, d. Apr. 28, 1882. He d. Aug. 2, 1866. They had 
one child : 

"George L. Howard, b. May 12, 1857, m. ab, 1890, Mrs. Nora 
(Blethen) Gammon, widow of Herbert Gammon. 
William H. Howard*"' learned the trade of carriage builder at 
the large manufactory of Mr. Kimball of Portland, Me. Later, 
he spent several years at his trade in New Haven, Conn. After 
his marriage he built him a residence at Canton, Me., where he 
resided for several years. Later, he removed with his family to 
Auburn, Me., where he died at the early age of 33 years. He 
was an excellent, skillful workman ; a kind man, and esteemed 
by all who knew him. 

At the time of the marriage of Abigail Hayford to Maj. Joel 
Howard, he lived at Canton Point, Me., with a large family of 
children by his former wife. He owned and occupied one of the 
largest and finest farms in town, afterwards known as the "Childs 
farm," and now owned by Adelbert Delano. He was an influen- 
tial citizen, and a man of large property. A few years later he 
sold this property and moved to Readfield, Me., where they lived 
many years. Returning to Canton about 1850, they built a nice 
residence, which his widow owned and occupied to the time of 
her death. Abigail (Hayford) Howard^ lived to be 90 years of 
age, and to see all her descendants but one grandson laid to rest. 
Her mental powers remained unimpaired to the last, and living 
alone for several years, she was able to do her own household 
work to within a few months of her death. 

George L. Howard'', son of William Howard®, was left father- 


less at the early age of nine years. He received a good educa- 
tion at the schools of Auburn, Me., where his mother resided 
after the death of his father. When quite young he served an 
apprenticeship in the mercantile business, and soon after went to 
Minnesota, and was employed many years as a traveling agent, 
and commanded a large salary for his efficiency as a salesman. 
He now resides at Auburn, Me., where he is engaged in business 
on his own account. 

Alvira Hayford^ dau. of Gustavus Hayford**, b. at Hartford, 
Me., Nov. 27, 1S05, d. Oct. 19, 1882, m. Feb. 25, 1827, Otis 
Hayford^ son of Zeri*, b. Sept. 14, 1802, d. Mar. 23, 187 1. They 
had five children: 

'^Adela F. Hayford, an infant, d. Mar. 13, 1829. 
^Adela F, Hayford, b. Oct. 4, 1830, d. July 25, 1831. 
^Celestia Hayford, b. Feb. 6, 1832, d. July 22, 1850. 
eOtis Hayford, Jr , b. May 10, 1834, m. A. M, F. Phinney, May 

27> 1855. 
^George O. Hayford, b. Mar. i, 1840, d. Oct. 5, 1840. 

(For further history of members of this family, reference is 
made to the family record of Otis Hayford^ son of Zeri*.) 

Mrs. Alvira Hayford^ the seventh in lineal descent from Dr. 
Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower, was widely known in the section 
in which she lived. Coming to this place. Canton, with her 
father's family at the age of ten years, and as soon as the first 
house in the settlement was erected and finished, so far as to 
admit of living therein ; afterwards marrying and settling here, 
and during the remainder of her life to 77 years of age, here 
maintaining her residence. For the 55 years she lived after mar- 
riage she was an important factor in the moral and social life in 
this country village, and in all her walks in life, known, esteemed 
and loved by these people. In the early days of this settlement, 
and in fact, throughout her entire life, "Aunt Alvira," so called, 
was the kind and efficient nurse whose offices no other hand could 
seem to fill. While her own household would apparently require 
her every attention, there being for many years in addition to 
her family proper, many employees of her husband who made 
their home in this family, yet she was invariably found at the 
sick bedside of each and all desiring and needing her assistance 
through the silent watches of the night, ministering to their 
wants and soothing their pains and sorrows. 



Her own afflictions, which were great, indeed, in that she buried 
four of the five of her own children at an early age, and two that 
she had adopted into the family, were not allowed to prevent 
every duty of life being faithfully met and seasonably performed. 
When called upon to part with the last daughter, a lovely young 
lady just entering the years of womanhood, endeared by all the 
sweet and tender ties of motherhood, so fully bestowed and richly 
returned in eighteen years of close, daily intercourse ; and this 
one the last of all her children but one, it seemed truly her heart 
would break, and it most assuredly would have if it was not that 
others' trials and sorrows still had a hold on her kind and gener- 
ous heart. Her own troubles were forced to yield to other 
demands, and she found peace in thus devoting her energies to 
the alleviation of the distress and sorrow which surrounded her. 

Mrs. Hayford, at an early age, acquired a fine education for 
the limited advantages possessed in those days, being a school 
teacher when quite young; always fond of reading, with a reten- 
tive memory, she had thus in the varied experiences of life, 
stored her mind with a rich fund of valuable information that 
rendered her an interesting and intelligent companion. She pos- 
sessed in a marked degree, poetic talent, and scarcely a family 
of the early residents but have at some period of their lives, been 
favored by her at their special request, with one or more of these 
poems, deemed by them as treasures, for the consolation and 
happiness it may have brought to them when bending under the 
chastening rod of affliction. After her death her only surviving 
son gathered copies of these so far as able to do so, and. had the 
collection of over 100 poems published for the first time in a 
Memorial for distribution among intimate friends and relatives 
of the family. One of the number, written by her on her yotli 
birthday, will perhaps, fittingly close this article. 

"My three score years and ten have left an impress on my brow, 

And often in my quiet home of lonliness I bow 

And bless the Author of iny life, Creator of my soul, 

That after years of toil and grief, I'm nearing now the goal. 

My life seems like an evening star, that glimmers in the west, 

While yet the glorious orb of day has scarcely sunk to rest; 

Or like the tiny rivulet, by Autumn's tempest driven ; 

And oft with tearful eyes, I cry, there's rest, sweet rest, in Heaven ! 

Bright star of hope, still lead me on to purer realms above, 
Where care nor sorrow ever comes, where all is peace and love, 
Where dear ones meet, no more to part, fond hearts no longer riven, 
Where angels sing their sweetest songs of home and rest in Heaven!" 


GusTAVus Hayford, Jr.^, son of Gustavus^ b. at Hartford, 
Me., July 2, 1808, d. Cal. Dec. 14, 1898, m. Jan. i, 1829, Zilpha 
Barrows of Hartford, Me., b. May 30, 1806, d. Sept. 13, 1885. 
They had eight children: 

^Alvira Jane Hayford, b. Oct. 30, 1829, m. Simeon Bicknell. 
•^Viola Hayford, b. Sept. 25, 1831, m. John N. Reed. 
^William B. Hayford, b. July 7, 1836, m. i, Flora Mitchell, 2, 

Abbie Davis. 
•'James B. Hayford, b. Nov. 3, 1840, m. Mary Inness. 
^Orlando A. Hayford, b. Sept. 26, 1838, m. Esther B. Staples. 
''George O. Hayford, b. May 14, 1843, "^» Eunice Delano. 
''Gustavus Hayford, Jr., b. Dec. 30, 1845, m. i, Sarah A. Delano, 

2d, Clara A. Thompson. 
''Abbie F. Hayford, b. Oct. 2, 1848, d. Aug. 4, 1849. 

Gustavus Hayford, Jr.®, son of Gustavus Hayford^, b. July 2, 
1808, d. in California Dec. 14, 1898, over 90 years of age. He 
was but six years old at the time his father first came to open up 
the settlement of Canton village, and during the past ninety 
years has witnessed the changing of a wilderness into a thriving, 
prosperous village, with all the homes and farms surrounding it. 
Of the early history and life of this community, he must have 
been thoroughly conversant. What a rich store of memories 
must have been his of those early days, when every resident 
seemed to be a part of one's own household. In fact, for many 
years, there were but few residing here who were not closely 
connected in ties of relationship. But in those days every new 
settler was most heartily welcomed by all, and his interests and 
labors were considered as common to the entire community. 
They shared alike in the welfare of each famil)', their joys and 
sorrows, and the success and prosperity of one was the pride of all. 

Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^, was for several years the successor of 
his father in managing the mills built by him and in building up 
new industries. Of an inventive genius, he introduced many 
new and valuable improvements that were of great benefit to the 
manufacturing interests. Several of his inventions were seized 
by outside parties, and by them patented, bringing to them 
wealth and prosperity. He, however, never availed himself of 
the protection of a patent. Sometime near 1850, he closed out 
his interests at Canton village, and removed to a farm in Hart- 
ford. Soon after, leaving his family on this farm, he went to 


California, taking his oldest son with him, and remained there 
several years. Returning, he moved to Peru, Me., where he 
resided a few seasons and then came back to Canton, where his 
wife died in 1885. In 1887, at the advanced age of 79, he again 
removed to Colfax, Cal., having three sons married and living in 
that State. Alone, however, he went back into the foothills not 
far distant from Colfax, v/here he took up a ranch, built himself 
a small house, cleared and cultivated the land, living by himself, 
and at the time of his death, Dec. 1898, he had a fertile, beauti- 
ful farm almost entirely the result of his own personal labors at 
that advanced age of life. 

Four of his sons participated in the civil war. James B. 
enlisted in California and served in the Cal. batallion of cavalry; 
Orlando A. enlisted in Aroostook Co., Me., and served conspicu- 
ously in the renowned First Maine cavalry; George O. enlisted 
in Peru, Me., and served as a drummer in the 5th Maine; Gusta- 
vus, Jr., served in the nth Maine. 

Alvira Jane Hayford^ dau. of Gustavus, Jr.^ b. at Canton, 
Me., Oct. 30, 1829, m. Sept. 19, 1847, Simeon Bicknell of Canton, 
Me., b. May 20, 1824. They had four children: 
^Harriet A. Bicknell, b. Feb. 4, 184S, m. C. O. Holt. 
■'Abbie C. Bicknell, b. July 18, 1850, unmarried. 
^Frank E. Bicknell, b. July 26, 1852, m. Rose A. Ellis. 
■'James W. Bicknell, b. Jan. 19, [860, m. Lilly M. Wentworth. 

Simeon Bicknell, a fatherless boy, when a young lad came to 
Canton and lived with his uncle, George DeCoster, who for many 
years carried on a large carriage manufacturing business, and 
who was one of the early settlers. Here he learned the trade of 
his employer, and for the larger part of his life has continued in 
this business. At one time he was engaged in manufacturing on 
a large scale farming implements for Boston and other markets. 
At this time (1900), being 76 years of age, with health somewhat 
impaired, he still pursues his avocation at the work bench during 
a portion of the time. He now is one of the few early settlers 
still living, having resided in the village about sixty years. 

Harriet A. Bicknell'^, dau. of Alvira J. Hayford", b. at Can- 
ton, Me., Feb. 4, 1848, m. Dec. 6, 1865, Charles Otis Holt of 
Canton, Me. b. Peru, Me., Jan. 17, 1844. They had three chil- 
^Victor E. Holt, b. Dec. 6, 1868, d. July 10, 1892, m. June 1888, 


Angle Turner. They had twins who died in infancy. 
^G. Myrtle Holt, b. July 12, 1879. 
Winifred Holt, b. June 2, 1884. 

C. O. Holt was born in Peru, Me., and is a brother of Dr. E. 
E. Holt of Portland, Me. He came to Canton when a youth, 
and learned the trade of carpenter and carriage maker. At the 
breaking out of the civil war he enlisted in the 5th Reg. Maine 
I. v., as a private. At the expiration of his time of enlistment, 
he re-enlisted in the 23rd and again in the 29th. After the close of 
the war he married and settled in Canton; worked at his trade 
several years, v\rent into the mercantile business ; later, was 
appointed postmaster under Pres. Harrison, and has been justice 
of the peace for many years. In 1897 he moved to Portland, 
Me., being employed as superintendent of buildings of the Ear 
and Eye Infirmary, and his wife matron of that institution, of 
which his brother, Dr. E. E. Holt, was chief promoter and exec- 
utive surgeon. 

Abbie C. Bicknell', dau. of Alvira J. Hayford®, b. Canton, 
Me., July 18, 1S50. Unmarried. For more than twenty years 
past she has carried on a very large and successful millinery and 
fancy goods business at Canton, having marked business talent. 
For several years previous she was a w^ell known school teacher 
in Canton and vicinity. 

Frank E. Bicknell', son of Alvira J. Hayford^ b. Canton, 
Me., July 26, 1S52, m. Dec. 15, 1875, Rose A. Ellis of Canton, b. 
June 14, 1859. They have one child: 
^Albert Stanwood Bicknell, b. Mar. 3, 1878. 

Frank E. Bicknell' married and settled in Canton. He fol- 
lowed his trade of carpenter and carriage manufacturer for more 
than twenty years, and until appointed postmaster under Pres. 
Cleveland in 1894, which office he held to the full satisfaction of 
its patrons, a full term of four years. He is now engaged in the 
mercantile business. 

James W. Bicknell7, son of Alvira J. Hayford*^, b. at Canton, 
Jan. 19, i860, m. Dec. 16, 1882, at Canton, Lilly M. Wentworth, 
b. May 8, 1867. They have two children: 
«Ralph W. Bicknell, b. Oct. 18, 18S6. 
«J. Clyde Bicknell, b. Apr. 28, 188S. 

James W. Bicknell' entered mercantile business at Canton vil- 
lage before he became of age, and has steadily pursued it for the 



past twenty years, occasionally entering into outside business 
somewhat. He has been prosperous and unusually successful in 
all his business relations. 

Viola Hayford^ dau. of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.", b. Sept. 25, 
1831, d. Oct. 9, 1859, at Peru, Me., m. Oct. 14, 185 1, John N. 
Read of Canton, Me., b. at Lewiston, Me., 1S31. They had two 
children : 
7Zalopha B. Read, b. July 11, 1855, m. Dec. 24, 1878, Edwin 

^Arthur Read, b. June 30, 1853, d. July 23, 1872. 


"In Peru, Me., Oct. 9th, 1859, at the residence of her father, 
Mrs. Viola, wife of John N. Read of Lewiston, aged 29 years. 
The writer is happy in being able to bear testimony to the amia- 
ble character and many endearing qualities of the subject of this 
notice. She has resided in Canton, Hartford and Peru, in all of 
which places she won many friends and no enemies. The power 
of christian faith was protracted for more than three years. 
Ever calm in mind and truthful in spirit, she resigned a husband 
and two little children, parents, brothers and one dear sister to 
the care and protection of her Heavenly Father, with the hope 
that they should all meet in the spirit land. 

A few weeks before her exit, the writer made mention of the 
sufferings she endured, when she very sweetly remarked, "there 
is rest for me above." In this frame of mind she bade all her 
former friends adieu, and fell asleep in Jesus. May this bereave- 
ment be sanctified to all the relations, and may the close of our 
earthly existence be as calm and joyful as hers." G. B. 

John N, Read came to Canton when about twenty years of age, 
and for many years was employed in a tannery as a currier, at 
which trade he was very proficient. After the death of his wife, 
Viola (Hayford) Read, he spent a few years in California. 
Returning to Canton, he married for his second wife, Esther 
Brett (dau. of Simeon Brett by his second wife), and they have 
one child, Harry Read, who married Sena Taylor, and lives at 
Livermore Falls, her husband, Harry Read, being passenger con- 
ductor on the P. & R. F. R. R. John N. Read was employed many 
years as baggage master and station agent at Canton. He now 
lives at Mexico, Me., and is toll gatherer at the bridge. 

Zalopha B. Read", daughter of Viola Hayford^ b. July n, 
1855, m. Dec. 24, 1878, Edwin Thompson of Canton. They 
have one child : 


^Arthur M. Thompson, b. Dec. 22, 18S0. 

Edwin Thompson and family have resided for the past ten 
years at Auburn, Me., where he has had steady employment at 
his trade of tinsmith. 

William B. Hayford*', son of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^, b. July 
7, 1836, m. Aug. 31, 1859, Flora Mitchell of Canton, Me., b. Oct. 
31, 1837, d. Sept. 5, 1875. They had six children: 
'William M. Hayford, b. Apr. 11, 1865, unmarried, d. Nov. 16, 

"Frances Adelaide Hayford, b. Jan. 22, 1861, m. J. S. Quire. 
''Zilpha Florentine Hayford, b. Sept. 22, 1863, m. A. J. Story. 
''Carlton Osgood Hayford, b. Oct. 21, 1867, d. Colfax, Cal., 

Dec. 19, 1869. 
^Flora J. Hayford, b. Mar. 8, 1869, d. Colfax, Cal, Nov. 8, 1869. 
■'Viola C. Hayford, b. Feb. 8, 1873, d. Colfax, Cal, Nov. 25, 1873. 

William B. Hayford'', m. 2d, Oct. 19, 1876, Abbie Davis of 
Santa Clara Co., Cal, b. Sidney, Me., Oct. 12, 185 1. They had 
two children : 

'Myrtle Josephine Hayford, b. Apr. 15, 1878. 
^Charlotte Mildred Hayford, b. Oct. 16, 1883. 

Frances Adelaide Hayford"', dau. of William B. Hayford^ 
b. Jan. 22, 1861, m. J. S. Quire, b. Hamilton, Ohio, Aug. 20, 
1849. They had two children: 
^Eda Mitchell Quire, b. Apr. 15, 188 1. 
^Joseph Hayford Quire, b. Oct. 19, 1891. 

ZiLPHA Florentine Hayford^ dau. of William B. Hayford^, 
b. Sept. 22, 1863, m. Jan. 20, 1887, A. J. Story. They have two 
children : 

^Chester Hayford Story, b. San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 19, 1888. 
^Mabel Benson Story, b. San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 16, 1890. 

William B. Flayford^ went to Massachusetts in 1852. Sailed 
from New York to California Apr. 19, 1856. First resided in 
Nevada City ; removed to Placer Co., where he engaged in ranch- 
ing and hotel business until work commenced on the C. P. R. R., 
at which time he engaged in furnishing labor and supplies for 
construction, until its completion to Ogden in 1869. He was 
also engaged in general merchandise business at Colfax until 
1886. Removed to San Jose Aug. 1893, and since then he has 
been developing mines in central and northern California and 
Alaska. He has always been an industrious, energetic, business 


James B. Hayford^ son of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.'', b. at Can- 
ton, Me., Nov. 3, 1840, m. Dec. 4, 1872, Mary Inness of Sacra- 
mento, Cal., b. May 24, 185 1, d. Sept. 9, 1S86. They had three 
children : 

"Lulu Mabel Hayford, b. Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 13, 1874. 
''Effie May Hayford, b. Sacramento, Cal., Dec. 23, 1876. 
"Grace Edna Hayford, b. Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 20, 1881, d. 

Jan. 8, 1882. 

James B. Hayford'' went from Maine to California Nov. 1859. 
He enlisted for service in the civil war, Mar. 18, 1863, at San 
Francisco; served in the 2d Mass. cavalry; was captured by 
Mosby, July 1863. He returned to California in i86g; served 
as under sheriff of Placer Co., Cal., from 1886 to 1891, and was 
elected county supervisor of 4th district for a term of four years, 
in 1897. 

Orlando A. Hayford^, son of Gustayus Hayford, Jr."^, b. at 
Canton, Me., Sept. 26, 1838, d. Nov. 11, 1883, m. June i, 1859, 
Esther B. Staples of Canton, Me., b. Oct. 11, 1840. They had 
two children : 

''Viola A. Hayford, b. Apr. i, i860, m. E. A. Daniels. 
''Jennie May Hayford, b. July 27, 1873, unmarried. 

Orlando A. Hayford^ was a man who v/on and held the high 
esteem of all who knew him. Soon after his marriage he moved 
on a farm in Peru, Me., adjoining his father's. Later, he went 
to Aroostook Co., Me., where he took up a lot of land and had 
just commenced making him a home there, a few miles from 
what is now Caribou village, when the civil war came on. He 
returned to Canton and enlisted in Capt. Isaac Virgin's Co. of 
Canton, in the First Maine cavalry, and was one of that number 
of brave men who won such renown for that regiment. It was 
said of him that none surpassed him in coolness and bravery in 
times of extreme peril. He returned home after his hard service, 
carrying in his body a minnie ball received in battle that ever 
after seriously impaired his health and crippled him. Operations 
were repeatedly made for the extraction of this missile, in the 
army and government hospitals, but it remained a source of pain 
and trouble for many years later, until Dr. Green, the celebrated 
surgeon of Portland, visited him at his home in Canton, located 
the ball and removed it ; but in the meantime, the continual 
drain on his system had so impaired his health, that he at length 


became a victim to its prey, though living several years after- 
ward. He carried on the business of a drug and variety store, 
and was postmaster at the time of his death, having served two 

Viola A. Hayford", dau, of Orlando*^, b. Apr. i, iS6o, m. 
Jan. 20, 1879, Prof. E. A. Daniels of Hebron Academy, Me., b. 
Mar. 28, 1846. They have two children: 
»Mary Esther Daniels, b. N. Y. City, July 20, 1SS5. 
^Orlando Hayford Daniels, b. N. Y. City, Feb. 3, 18SS. 

Prof. Daniels moved to New York City nearly twenty years 
ago, and has been employed ever since in the public schools of 
that city. He is now assistant principal of a grammar school. 

George O. Hayford^, son of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^, b. May 
14, 1843, m. Nov. t6, 1862, Eunice Delano of Canton, Me., b. 
June 14, 1844. They had three children: 

"Clarence Hayford, b. Peru, Me., Mar. 16, 1863, d. May 13, 1863 
"Clarence R. Hayford, b. Peru, Me., Mar. 8, 1864, m. i, Emma 

Wheat, 2, Annie Neely. 
"Carroll L. Hayford, b. Peru, INIe., Mar. 8, 1864, m. Lulu L. 


George O. Hayford*^ enlisted for service in the civil war. May 
I, 1861, and served five months in the 5th Maine I. V. He 
enlisted in the nth Maine Reg't, Aug. 1864, and served until 
the close of the v.'ar. He lived in Canton and Peru, Me., until 
Nov. 1879. At that date he removed to Sacramento Cal., where 
he has since resided, engaged in insurance and real estate busi- 

Clarence R. Hayford", son of George O. Hayford", b. Peru, 
Me., Mar. 8, 1864, m. May 13, 1885, Emma Wheat, b. Sacra- 
mento, Cal., May 30, 1S66. They had two children : 
^Birdena Hayford, b. May 30, 18S6, at Sacramento, Cal. 
*Ruth Hayford, b. July 10, 1893. 

Clarence R. Hayford' m. 2d, Annie Neely, June S, 1S94, b. 
Sacramento, Cal., Sept. 22, 1872. They have one child: 
^Clarence Hayford, b. Colfax, Cal., July 6, 1S96. 

Carroll L. Hayford'', son of George Hayford*', b. Peru, Me., 
Mar. 8, 1864, m. Nov. 16, 1887, Lulu L. Otterbach, b. Waukee- 
gan. 111., 2, 1867. 

Gustavus Hayford, Jr.*', son of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^, b. 
Dec. 30, 1845, m. Apr. 12, 1866, Sarah A. Delano of Canton, 


Me. They had one child who died an infant. He m. 2d, Jan. 
21, 1875, Clara A. Thompson of Billingham, Mass., b. Oct. 8, 
1851. They have one child : 
■'Ethel M. Hayford, b. Nov. 4, 1876, m. George Johnson. 

Ethel M. Hayford', dau. of Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^ b. Nov. 
4, 1876, m. Feb. 14, 1898, George Johnson of Canton, Me. They 
have two children : 

*Ruth Merna Johnson, b. Aug. 29, 1898. 
®Clara Merton Johnson, b. Apr. 7, 1900. 

Gustavus Hayford® enlisted in the nth Reg't, Maine I. Vols., 
and served during the war with marked ability, and remained in 
Virginia on duty nearly a year after the surrender of Lee. After 
his return he worked in Massachusetts several years in charge of 
saw mills. Later, and after his marriage, he bought a farm. 
Living in the village of Canton, he works on the farm outside, 
and at the trade of a carpenter. 

Alvarado Hayford^ son of Gustavus Hayford'*, b. Nov. 25, 
181 1, at Hartford, Me., m. Betsy Fuller of Canton, Me., b. May 
I, 1817, d. Sept. 13, 1885. He d. Jan. 20, 1899. They had two 
children : 
^Celia A. Hayford, b. Canton, May 25, 1S41, m. i, D. C. Chase, 

2, B. A. Swasey. 
^Fannie May Hayford, b. Canton, June 27, 1858, m. Chas. H. 


Celia a. Hayford*^, dau. of Alvarado Hayfo^d^ b. May 25, 
1841, d. Sept. 10, 1895, m. Jan. 6, 1865, D. C. Chase, a merchant 
of Dixfield, Me., a prominent and highly respected citizen of that 
town. He lived but a few years after his marriage and left no 
children. She m. 2d, May 13, 1873, Benj. A. Swasey, b. Aug. 
23, 1848. They had one child, Lyman Swasey", who died quite 

Benj. A. Swasey, b. Canton, 1S48, enlisted for the civil war 
when 15 years old, in the 31st Maine, which later consolidated 
with the 32d Maine, the regiment that went into the Pittsburg 
mine with 800 men and came out after the explosion with less 
than 100, and never could muster later more than 400 men. 
After the war he settled in Canton, where he now resides and 
follows his profession, which is that of a first class dentist. 

Fanny May Hayford*^, dau. of Alvarado^, b. Canton, June 


27, 1858, d. Dec. 4, 1880, m. Nov. 27, 1879, Chas. H. Gilbert of 
Canton, Me. They had one child: 

''Herbert Hayford Gilbert, b. 1880, who is now a book-keeper in 
Boston, Mass., a promising young man, and the only living 
descendant of Alvarado Hayford. (Herbert H. Gilbert died 
at City Hospital, Boston, Mass., Mar. 17, 1901, of pneumonia.) 
Fanny May Hayford®, dau. of Alvarado Hayford^, vv^as a fine, 
lovely, young lady, beloved by all. Her husband, Charles H. 
Gilbert, came to Canton in 1879, ^""^^ with his two brothers 
erected a steam saw mill on the banks of the Androscoggin river, 
and it was largely through their business that the village of Gil- 
bertville was built up, and from them received its name and post- 
office address. C. H. Gilbert has represented his district in both 
branches of State Legislature, and is now postmaster of Canton. 
He married several years later Mary Burnham of Gilead, Me. 

Alvarado Hayford^, son of Gustavus Hayford^ b. iSii, is now 
(i8g8) the oldest living resident of the first settlers of this vil- 
lage of Canton, having occupied with his parents the first dwell- 
ing house erected, and during the succeeding 83 years had always 
lived here. When quite young he entered the store of his broth- 
er-in-lav»', Otis Playford, and having served his apprenticeship, 
entered into mercantile business for himself. He was in trade for 
more than 40 years of his life. At one time he carried on for 
several years a large manufacturing business of agricultural imple- 
ments for Boston wholesalers. In his younger days he was an 
active participant in the political county and State conventions 
of his party, which was that of the whigs; joining the republican 
ranks at the formation of that party and manifesting his deep 
interest by active labor for its success. He was a trial justice for 
nearly, if not quite, 50 years, and has all through life done a large 
amount of executing deeds of conveyance, wills, etc. He served 
at one time as postmaster. It is deeply to be regretted that in 
his efforts to advance the interests of the town and this commu- 
nity, in building a railroad, he sacrificed almost his entire prop- 
erty, leaving him in extreme old age seriously crippled for sup- 
port the remainder of his life. Now, at the age of 87 he retains 
both physical and mental powers, but has no family or descend- 
ant to lighten his burden and smooth the pathway, growing so 


(Since writing the above, Mr. Hayford has passed over the 
river, to wit: Jan. 20, 1899.) 

Elizabeth D. Hayford^, dau. of Gustavus Hayford^ b. Hart- 
ford, Me., June 8, 18 15, m. Oct. 10, 1836, Andrew Barrows of 
Hartford, Me., b. Jan. 28, 181 1, d. Dec. 13, 1890. They had 
three children : 

^Rosalthe Barrows, b. Apr. 12, 1837, m. Gideon Ellis. 
•'Ronello A. Barrows, b. Nov, 20, 1841, m. Ida F. Blanchard. 
''Melvina H. Barrows, b. Mar. 12, 1846, m. i, George Ripley, 2, 
William K. DeCoster. 

Andrew Barrows was engaged in trade ever after his marriage 
until his death. When a young man he learned the trade of last- 
maker, and for several years worked at that in Boston, Mass., 
but when married settled and ever after resided in Canton vil- 
lage. For a number of years he was partner of his brother-in- 
law, Otis Hayford, under the name of Hayford & Barrows, and 
they did a large business for those days, running a large country 
store, with iron foundry, potash, etc, connected with same. He 
held the office of postmaster for many terms, irrespective of party 
administrations, so highly was he esteemed ; and yet he was a 
pronounced party man, noted for his frank, outspoken, political 
faith, and ready to advocate in a strong and able manner the 
public measures of his party, it being the whig party, and later, 
that of the republican party. Having joined the republican 
party at its inception, he was a staunch advocate and firm sup- 
porter of its principles. "Uncle Andrew" was always ready to 
"argue the case," and his store, during the entire rebellion, was 
the center of attraction for all true patriots. Many a sympa- 
thizer of the south, during that time, left his store with a "flea 
in his ear," and a clear memory of his outspoken patriotism. 
He was widely known and loved for his conversational and com- 
panionable ways. 

His wife, Elizabeth D. (Hayford) Barrows^ outlived him, and 
at the age of 85 years is in good health, with mental and physi- 
cal powers in good state of preservation, with the exception of 
the loss of sight, having been blind for several years. She is the 
last living member of that family of ten children. Of the seven 
children of the first wife, among whom there had been but one 
death, and that one forty years previous to the next one, live 
have since died, and the youngest, 68 years of age. Mrs. Bar- 


rows resides in the old homestead, built in 1844, in the family of 
her son, Ronello, and is often seen on the streets, tenderly led by 
her grandchildren. 

RosALTHE Barrows^ dau. of Elizabeth D. Hayford^ b. Apr. 
12, 1837, m. Sept. 5, 1854, Gideon Ellis, Jr., of Canton Point, 
Me., b. Nov. 6, 1828, d. 1900. They had four children: 
''Lizzie Medora Ellis, b. Apr. 15, 1855, m. Henry Parker. 
'Hattie Maria Ellis, b. Aug. 15, 1856, m. Rev. C. T. D. Crockett. 
'^Hannah L. Ellis, b. Nov. 10, i860, unmarried. 
"Ernest I. Ellis, b. Oct. 10, 1865, m. Sarah Wadleigh. 

Gideon Ellis, Jr., was born in Canton, and has always resided 
in town. For several years he lived at Canton Point, on the 
farm formerly owned by his father. He afterwards moved to 
this village. He was well known in Maine as a stock man, hav- 
ing through life devoted a part of his years to raising fine and 
speedy horses and improving the horse stock of this section, and 
has owned many valauble ones. He also for many years operated 
stage and mail routes, carrying U. S. mails and passengers. He 
was in partnership at one time with his father-in-law, Andrew 
Barrows, in store and foundry. He has represented his district 
in State Legislature, and has ever been highly esteemed by his 
fellow townsmen. Gideon Ellis died Canton, June 19, 1900. 
Fell dead from heart disease while mowing a lawn. 

Lizzie Medora Ellis'^, dau. of Rosalthe Barrows®, b. Apr. 15, 

1855, m. Oct. 29, 1875, Henry Parker of Beverly, Mass., a mer- 
chant. They had three children: 

''Hattie B. Parker, b. Aug. 5, 1876. 

^Ellis H. Parker, b. Dec. 25, 1877. Died of heart disease while 

bathing, Aug. 1900. 
^William H. Parker, b. Oct. 29, 1881. 

Hattie Maria Ellis', dau. of Rosalthe Barrows^ b. Aug. 15, 

1856, m. July 15, 1891, Rev. C. T. D. Crockett of Mechanic Falls, 
Me., d. June 24, 1899. They had two children: 
^Clementine L. Crockett, b. June 2, 1893. 

^Reba Crockett, b. June 5, 1895. 

Resides in Canton. 

Hannah L. Ellis'', dau. of Rosalthe Barrows^, b. Nov. 10, 
i860, unmarried, is an accountant and resides in Portland, Me. 

Ernest I. Ellis'', son of Rosalthe Barrows^ b. Oct. 30, 1865, 
m. Oct. 28, 1891, Sarah Wadleigh of Canton. They have two 
children : 


«Hazel M. Ellis, b. Aug. 6, 1893. 
^Henry G. Ellis, b. Mar. 30, 1897. 
They reside in Beverly, Mass. 

RoNELLO A. Barrows^ son of Elizabeth D. Hayford-, b. Nov. 
20, 1841, m. May 27, 1876, Ida F. Blanchard of Rumford, Me., 
b. Feb. 1853. They had seven children : 
^Clara M. Barrows, b. June 5, 1877. 
''Andrew Barrows, b. July 23, 1879, d. Oct. 4, 1889. 
''Wilfred E. Barrows, b. July 5, 1883, d. Sept. 25, 1883. 
''Jennie M. Barrows, b. June i, 1885, d. Jan. 25, 1886. 
''George B. Barrows, b. Dec. 29, 1887. 
■'Jennie M. Barrows, b. Mar. 2, 1889. 
Tranklin Barrows, b. May 4, 1890, d. Sept. 19, 1890. 

Ronello A. Barrows^ son of Elizabeth D. Hayford^, at the age 
of 20, enlisted in the 23d Reg't, Maine I. Vols., as a private dur- 
ing the civil war. He was promoted to lieutenantcy and honor- 
ably discharged at the expiration of the full service of that regi- 
ment. He re-enlisted for the war in the 2d Maine cavalry and 
served until its close, being promoted to a lieutenantcy. Return- 
ing to Canton he went into business with his father, Andrew 
Barrows, and continued until death of the senior partner, 1890. 
For many years he has served as deputy sheriff of Oxford Co. 

Melvina H. Barrows^ dau. of Elizabeth D. Hayford^ b. 
Canton, Me., Mar. 12, 1846, m. Nov. 1868, George Ripley of 
Canton, b. 1841, d. Jan. 7, 1872. He was a carpenter by trade; 
and enlisted in the 5th Reg't, Mass., I. Vols., and served as a 
private soldier in the civil war. With health seriously impaired 
by said service, he lived but a few months after his return. They 
had no children. 

She m. 2d, Sept. 5, 1873, William K. DeCoster of Canton, b. 
Dec. 5, 1844. They had one child : 
''Clytie DeCoster, b. June 17, 1877. 

William K. DeCoster was the son of George DeCoster, one of 
the early settlers of Canton village, a noted carriage maker and 
blacksmith. William K. became a partner of his father at an 
early age, and continued in the business until nearly the time of 
his father's death. Since then he has pursued the occupation of 
builder, and erected many of the finest residences and buildings 
in Canton and surrounding towns, having just completed the 
McKenzie block at Rumford Falls, said to be the finest building 
in that place, if not in Oxford Co. 


Stillman Hayford^ son of Gustavus Hayford'*, b. Canton, 
Me., Sept. 29, 1818, d. Apr. 9, 1894, m. Sept. 1842, Harriet Baird, 
b. 1822, They had no children but adopted two, viz : 
^Anna L. Hayford, b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 12, 1840, d. 1896. 

She m. Milton F. Ricker of Canton. They had four children. 

All d. young. 
^Anna Estelle Hayford, b. Feb, 12, i860, m. 1880, Arthur Foster 

of Canton Point, Me., one of the leading farmers of Canton. 
They have two children : 
^Carl J. Foster, b. Mar. 1882. 
'Winnifred C. Foster, b. Nov. 1887. 

Stillman Hayford came to years of manhood in the early set- 
tlement of this village, being born three years after his parents 
moved here. Fie was always a great lover of forest sports, and 
as wild game was very abundant in those days, both on land and 
in the water, he became a noted hunter and fisherman. In these 
pursuits none excelled him. This love of the forest he carried 
with him through his entire life. He was for several years pro- 
prietor and operator of the grist mill built by his father, and 
worked many years in saw mills, here and in other towns, but 
later in his life he became a farmer, in which occupation he was 
engaged during the last years of his life. His wife survived him, 
and now resides with her son-in-law, Mr. Foster, at Canton Point. 

Delphina K. Hayford^ dau. of Gustavus Hayford*, b. Can- 
ton, Me., July 23, 1826, d. Sep. 7, 1870, m. Dec. 14, 1845, Dr. 
William P. Bridgham of Buckfield, Me., b. Sept. 3, 18 15. They 
had three children: 

^Ella Bridgham, b. Oct. 26, 1846, m. Roscoe Wood. 
^May Bridgham, b. Oct. 8, 1849, m. Dr. C. H. Davie. 
•^Nellie Bridgham, b. Nov. 15, 1858, m. Henry Burleigh. 

Dr. William P. Bridgham, son of Dr. Bridgham of Buckfield, 
Me., soon after his marriage returned to his native town, and has 
there resided nearly ever since, having jDursued his profession of 
physician over fifty years in that community, with the exception 
of a few years practice in the neighboring town of Auburn. He 
has been a very successful practitioner, and holds the confidence 
and esteem of all. July 30, 187 1, he was married to Lucy L. 
(Hayford"^) Farrar, dau. of Charles Hayford^ He and his wife 
are both living in 1900, in active health, and reside in Buckfield. 

Ella Bridgham^, dau. of Delphina K. Hayford^ b. Oct. 26, 


1844, m. Roscoe Wood of Hebron, Me., Nov. 24, 1867, b. Sept. 

1844. They have five children : 

''Nellie Wood, b. Jan. 7, 1869, m. Arthur Emerson. 

■'Willie Wood, b. Jan. 3, 1872, m. Hattie Kingsley. 

''Lonnie Wood, b. Feb. 11, 1878. 

'Nora Wood, b. Oct. 15, 1882. 

"Lena Wood, b. Jan. 15, 1885. 

May Bridgham^ dau. of Delphina K. Hayford'', b. Buckfield, 
Me., Oct. 8, 1849, ^- Oct. 14, 1876, Dr. C. H. Davie. They 
have one child: 
7May Davie, b. Feb. 7, 1881. 

Nellie Bridgham^, dau. of Delphina K. Hayford^, b. Nov. 1 5, 
1858, m. Feb. 14, 1880, Henry Burleigh, b. Sept. 26, 1856, d. 
May 23, 1896. They had two children : 
7Sadie Burleigh, b. Nov. 14, 1880. 
7Cecil Burleigh, b. Aug. 19, 1882. 

Susan Hayford^, dau. of Gustavus Hayford', b. Mar. 13, 183 1, 
d. July 13, 187 1, m. 1858, Jefferson Bridgham of Buckfield, Me. 
They had one child : 
^Anna Bridgham, b. 1863, m. E. E. Payne. 

Susan Hayford m. 2d, July 20, 1869, John F. Mellen, who d. a 
few years after his wife's death. No children. 

iVnna Bridgham*^, by request of her mother at the time of her 
death, was legally adopted by Rev. Roscoe A. Proctor of Can- 
ton, Me., and her name changed to Anna Bridgham Proctor. 
She lived with this family until her marriage to E. E. Payne, 
Nov. 18, 1891. He was of Weld, Me. She acquired a reputa- 
tion of being an excellent school teacher, pursuing this occupa- 
tion for several years in Franklin Co., Me., her adopted parents 
living at this time at Rangeley village. Me. ; but her health, 
always frail, had become impaired by close and arduous labor 
for many years, and she died soon after her marriage, 1892, 
mourned by all who knew her. 

RosiNA Hayford^ dau. of Gustavvis Hayford^ b. Canton, Me., 
July 25, 1837, d. Oct. 2, 1868, m. 1855, J. Sanford Thompson 
of Canton, b. Dec. 4, 1832. They had three children: 
^Walter H. Thompson, b. July i, 1856, m. Emma F. Stockman. 
^Jennie Estelle Thompson, b. Mar. i, 1859, m. Fred Everett 

^William B. Thompson, b. Mar. 9, 1862, d. 1862. 


J. Sanford Thompson was in early life a daguerrian artist, 
noted for skillful work and fine execution. After marriage, he 
was engaged for some years in mercantile business at West Peru, 
Me., and later, carried on a large business in manufacturing car- 
riages and furniture at Canton. At last information he was a 
resident of Billingham, Mass. 

Walter Hayford Thompson^, son of Rosina Hayford^, b. at 
Canton, Me., July i, 1856, m. Oct. 24, 1879, Emma F. Stockman. 
They had five children : 

7Marion Loraine Thompson, b. Dec. 16, 188 1. 
7Alice Rose Thompson, b. Dec. 10, 1883. 
^Harold Hayford Thompson, b, Sept. 13, 1886. 
7lnez May Thompson, b. May 22, 1889. 
7Malcom Thompson, b. Sept. 16, 1891, d. Aug. 14, 1894. 

Walter H. Thompson is a publisher in Philadelphia, Penn. 

Jennie Estelle Thompson^ dau. of Rosina Hayford^ b. Mar. 
I, 1859, m. May i, 1882, Frank E. Clark. They have two chil- 
dren : 

7Fred Everett Clark, b. Nov, 5, 1883, d. Apr. 14, i( 
7Ethel Hubbard Clark, b. July 24, 1885. 

They reside at Lexington, Mass. 


Zeri Hayford"*, son of William Hayford^, Daniel-, John\ b. 
Pembroke, Mass,, Mar. 17, 1777, d. May 14, 1849, m. Apr. 15, 
1799, Sally Chickering of Turner, Me., dau. of Zachariah Chick- 
ering, b. Aug. 10, 1780, d. Oct. 5, 1848. They had eight chil- 
dren : 

^Betsy Hayford,. b. Feb. 7, 1801, m. Paschall Barrell. 
^Otis Ha)^ford, b. Sept. 14, 1802, m. Alvira Hayford. 
^Lydia Hayford, b. May 27, 1804, m. America Bartlett. 
^Zeri Hayford, Jr., b. Mar, 18, 1807, m. Fidelia Bartlett. 
°Sally Hayford, b. Dec. 14, 1809, d. Mar. 2, 1828, 
^Frederick Hayford, b. Nov. 7, 18 15, unmarried, d, June 17, 1883. 
''Melvina F, Hayford, b. Sept. 19, 18 17, m. Addison Farwell. 
^George O. Hayford, b. July 7, 1S19, d. July 25, 1839. 

Zeri Hayford*, son of William^, was b. at Pembroke, Mass., 
Mar. 17, 1777, and was brought in the arms of his mother a 


great part of the journey on horseback, when in the same year of 
his birth they moved from Pembroke, Mass., to Sylvester Canada, 
now Turner, Me. 

In about the year 1796 his parents moved to Hartford, Me, 
Two years later he married ; lived at one time in the southeast 
part of Hartford, Me. In 18 12 he was living v/ith his family on 
the west side of Whitney Pond in a log cabin on the farm now 
owned by Mr. Johnson, and next north of the "Joseph Mendall 
farm," so called. In the season of 181 2 he assisted his brother, 
Gustavus, in building a part of the dam at what afterwards 
became Canton village, and they erected the frames for a saw 
mill and grist mill. In 18 13 he moved across the pond and lived 
in a log house of Elijah Soule, located in front and near where 
the Philip Ellis house afterwards stood, now Roscoe Dunn's. 
There they boarded the workmen until they could clear a little 
opening near where Nathan Reynolds' drug store now stands, 
and built a log cabin, where they boarded the help. That sea- 
son they got the saw mill running and the grist mill ready for 
inside gear. Zeri Hayford lived in this log cabin and ran these 
mills for his brother during the next year or two, and in the win- 
ter of 18 1 5-1 6, moved into the new frame house built and occu- 
pied by his brother. In the season of 181 6 he built a little 
house on the hill south of the mills ; a portion of which is now 
standing, and a part of the same, his son and grandson have 
ever since lived in. Here he and his family lived the remainder 
of his days; the parents residing with their son, Zeri, Jr., the last 
of their lives, and Zeri, Jr., and wife, with their son, Oscar, who, 
with his family have ever since owned and occupied this farm, 
which is one of the best in town. 

Zeri Hayford was noted in his early life for his great physical 
strength and power of endurance, standing six feet, seven and 
one-half inches in his stockings; of large frame and well built, he 
was capable of doing a great amount of hard work. It is a fact 
well authenticated, that he has repeatedly felled with his axe a 
full acre of heavy forest timber in a day, and this in the "prime- 
val forest," where the growth was dense and large. He possessed 
considerable musical talent, and many years led the choir in the 
Baptist church, of which he was an honored member. Many still 
living can well remember his tall, stalwart form, when standing 
at the head of the choir, they waiting for him to pitch the tune 


with his steel tuning fork, the only musical instrument in that 
church in those days. He always followed the pursuit of farm- 
ing, making of it a success, and was highly esteemed by the entire 
com.munity in which he lived. 

Sally Chickering Hayford, wife of Zeri Hayford, was the 
dau. of Zachariah Chickering and Sarah (Poor) Chickering of 
Andover, Mass., and the genealogy of that family is given thus : 


Thomas Chickering of Wymonshire, Norfolk Co., Eng., and 
wife, Clara Brown. He died prior to 1538 ; his wife left a will. 
He descended from William Chickering who d. in 1356, and he 
from jeffry de Chickering, Hoxne Parish, Suffolk Co., Eng. 
Lord of the manor of Chickering, Chickering Hall. 

Stephen Chickering of Wicklewood, Norfolk, Eng. He m. 
Anna or Agnes Day; was buried at Wicklewood, Jan. 31, 1576. 
Will dated Jan. 29, 1576. 

Henry Chickering, who lived and died in England, and Mary, 
his wife, of Kingsfield (or Ringsfield), Suffolk Co., Eng., made 
his will July 15, 1626. 

The emigrant to New England, Dea, Henry Chickering^ b. 
i5<S9, of Wrentham, Suffolk Co., Eng., and wife, Anne. 

He settled first in Old Salem, Mass., owned the Rebecca 
Nourse house, at what is now called Tapleysville, and was the 
second owner. He soon went to Dedham, where his brother, 
Francis, lived. Henry was made deacon of the church there, 
and was also for many years Representative to the Gen. Court at 

John Chickering^: Gravestone in Charlestown, Mass, He 
was of Harvard College, and physician of Charlestown. His 
wife was Elizabeth Hagbourne, and her mother became the sec- 
ond wife of Governor Thomas Dudley. Her third husband was 
Rev. Mr. Allen of Dedham, with children by all three marriages. 
The mother of Elizabeth was Catharine Dayton of Gloucester, 
Eng., dau. of Dr. John Dayton. The Daytons have an old tab- 
let in one of the Gloucester churches with the names of Dr. John 
Dayton and wife, Jane Bassett of Uley, on it. The Bassett family 
has been distinguished, and goes back to the days of William 
the Conqueror. Elizabeth (Dayton) Hagbourne's first husband, 
Samuel Hagbourne, settled in Roxbury, Mass., and died there. 


Capt. John Chickering* and wife, Susannah Symmes, Rev. 
Zachariah Boxford*, Rev. Zachariah^, 2d minister of Charlestown, 
Mass.; Rev. William'-, English minister of Canterbury, Eng., 
William^ of Bloody Mary's days; Samuel Chickering^ and Han- 
nah Osgood; John\ John'^, John*^, John^ of Andover. The 
Osgoods were very prominent people. 

Zachariah Chickering', b. Andover, Mass., Mar. 29, 1746, d. 
Hartford, Me., ab. 1808, m. Sarah Poor of Andover, 1772, d. ab. 
1840, at Hartford. They had ten children : 

^Hannah Chickering, b. Aug. 8, 1773, m. Benjamin Ellis of Hart- 
ford, Me. 
^Rebecca Chickering, b. Mar. i, 1775, m. Simeon Dennen of 

Poland, Me. 
^Frederick Chickering, b. Dec. 20, 1776, d. at 18 yrs. of age. 
^Zachariah Chickering, b. Aug. 16, 1778, unmarried. 
^Lydia Chickering, b. Aug. 10, 1780, m. Eziekel Ames of Hart- 
ford, Me. 
^Sarah (Sally) Chickering, b. Aug. 10, 17S0, m. Zeri Hayford of 

Hartford, Me. 
^George Osgood Chickering, b. Sept. 18, 1782, m. Olive H. Lazell 

of Pomfret, Vt. 
^Chloe Chickering, b. Oct. 15, 1785, unmarried. 
^Polly (Mary) Chickering, b. Sept. 19, 1787, m. Webber Dore of 

Livermore, Me. 
^Artemissa Chickering, b. Apr. 6, 1792, m. Abel Ames of Hart- 
ford, Me. 

(The births of the last two named are found on Poland, Me., 
records. The first named on Andover, Mass., records.) 

Zachariah Chickering'* and family moved from Andover, Mass., 
to Poland, Me., now the city of Auburn, about 17 88, and first 
settled on the west side of Wilson Pond, now Lake Auburn. 
Later he moved to Hartford, Me., where he and his wife both 
died and were probably buried in the old Hartford Center ceme- 
tery, but no record of same is found. He died in i8o6-io, and 
she about 1840. 

Hannah Chickering^ b. Aug. 8, 1773, d. Nov. 17, 1S47, m. 

Benjamin Ellis of Hartford, Me., b. July 12, 1771, d. Jan. 14, 

1836; both buried in the old meeting house cemetery, Hartford. 

Rebecca Chickering^, b. Mar. 11, 1775, d. July i860, m. 

Simeon Dennen of Poland, Me., at Turner, Sept. 22, 1793, b. 


1772, d. at Shirley, Me., 1848. They were buried there. They 
moved from Poland in 1827, and had twelve children. In 1899 
there were only two living : Otis Hayford Chickering, unmarried, 
living at Cheney, Spokane Co., Wash., and Joseph Dennen, 86 
years of age, living at Greenville, Me., with his nephew, O. A. 
Dennen, manager of the Kineo House, Moosehead Lake. They 
married sisters. He lived on the farm at Shirley until 1897, his 
parents' home being with them until their death. 

Frederick Chickering^, b. Dec. 20, 1776, unmarried, d. ab. 
18 years of age, probably buried at the old M. H. cemetery, 

Zachariah Chickering^ b. Aug. 16, 1778, unmarried, d. at 
Hartford, Me., Feb. 7, 1854, buried in the Leavitt cemeter}^, 
Livermore, Me., where gravestones are erected to his memory. 
He lived in Turner, Me., in 1804, but soon after moved to Hart- 
ford. After his father's death his mother made her home for 
many years with Zachariah and his sister, Chloe, and they inher- 
ited their parents' property. 

Lydia Chickering^ b. Aug. 10, 1780, m. ab. 1804, Ezekiel 
Ames of Hartford, Me. They lived on the Page farm, so called, 
in said town about two years, when he died. Three months 
later, 1806, she gave birth to a son, Ezekiel Ames, Jr., who lived 
until manhood with his uncle, George O. Chickering; soon after 
which he moved to Epping, or West Columbia, in Washington 
Co., Me. His mother, who had resided several years with the 
family of Otis Hayford, Sr., at Canton, Me., moved there and 
lived with him during the remainder of her life. She was buried 
there but no record of her death has been found. 

Ezekiel married, had one son and two daughters. One daugh- 
ter, Aubine Ames, m. Joseph Holman of Dixlield. She had one 
son, and died soon after his birth. The other daughter, Lydia, 
married and went to California many years ago. Ezekiel m. 2d, 
a widow Tracy, by whom he had two children: Celestia and Otis. 
The daughter now resides in Milbridge, Me. 

Sarah, i. e. Sally, Chickering^ b. Aug. 10, 1780, m. Apr. 5, 
1799, Zeri Hayford, d. Oct. 5, 1845, ^^^ with her husband lies 
buried in Pine Grove cemetery. Canton, Me. Her husband was 
b. in Pembroke, Mass., Mar. 17, 1777, d. May 14, 1849. They 
moved from Hartford to Canton in 18 13, where they ever after- 
ward lived. 


George O. Chickering^, b. Sept. i8, 1782, d. Sept. 22, 1877, 
at Livermore, Me., m. Nov. 1828, Olive Lazelle of Pomfret, Vt., 
b. 1792, d. Oct. 15, 1S79. They were both buried in the ceme- 
tery at Livermore, Me., near Brettuns Mills. During the last of 
their lives they resided with the family of their only daughter, 
Mrs. Dennen. They had two children, George O. and Mary 
Rosina. The son has for many years resided in Weymouth. 
His wife, with her sister. Miss Lary, were passengers on the ill 
fated steamer Portland, that was shipwrecked off the coast of 
Massachusetts, Nov. 1898, and every soul on board perished; 
none were left to tell the tale. 

Mary Rosina Chickering^ b. Oct. 29, 1835, '^- -^P'^- 3°' ^864, 
Chandler Dennen, b. Nov. 19, 1827. They had two children: 
■^Mary Estelle Dennen, b. Mar. 30, 1865, m. Oct. 1889, C. P. 

Saunders. She d. Apr. 10, 1893. 
''Carrie Lizzie Dennen, b. Sept. 4, 187 1. 

George O. Chickering, Jr.®, son of Geo. O. Chickering, b. 
Apr. 8, 1830, in Hartford, Me., m. Aug. 20, 1870, Abbie Celestia 
Lary, b. Turner, Me., Aug. 28, 1844. Lost on steamer Portland, 
Nov. 1898. They had three children: 
''Edith Webster Chickering, b. Jan. 4, 1875. 
''Hattie Heath Chickering, b. Mar. 10, 1878. 
''Emma Louisa Chickering, b. July 3, 1886. 

George O. Chickering^ lived in Turner, Me., in 1804, a few 
years later moved to Hartford. He was a man of marked intel- 
ligence for the limited opportunities he had for acquiring an edu- 
cation ; was a great reader and possessed a retentive memory, 
which remained with him while he lived. He visited the writer 
(O. H. ) a few months preceeding his death; he was then 94 
years old, and among many interesting matters which he com- 
municated was this : 

He said that his father, Zachariah Chickering*, when he came 
to Maine first settled on the high lands on the west side of Wil- 
son Pond in Auburn, and took up a farm that in later years 
became the best in that section. They cleared a small piece of 
land and put in crops; when they had harvested their grain his 
father requested him one morning to put the oxen to the tongue 
and cart wheels, load on some bags of grain and go by the way 
he directed, until he came to a river just below some great falls. 
On the bank he would find, hanging to a tree, a trumpet which 


he must blow and a man would come across in a small boat, carry 
his grists over, and when ground return with them, which proved 
to be true, and he returned later in the day to their house, some 
six or eight miles distant, with new meal of their own raising for 
the needy and destitute family, and over which there was great 
rejoicing. At this time there were no residents on the west side 
of the river at the place which is now the city of Auburn, and 
on the opposite side, now the city of Lewiston, only four build- 
ings, including the residence of Esq. Little and his mill and 
barn. A descendant of this emigrant family says he has been 
told that the deprivations and hardships in the early settlements 
of that section would surpass belief; and related, of this family 
of nine children, all young and of tender ages, that they had to 
go several miles to school, and in the winter season plodded their 
way through the snow without boots, shoes or stockings, instead 
of which they had strips of wood tied on the soles of their feet, 
with rags bound around their feet and ankles. 

Chloe Chickering^ b. Oct. 15, 1785, d. Jan. ig, 1865, unmar- 
ried ; was buried in Leavitt cemetery, Livermore, Me.; gravestone 

Chloe and Zachariah were both unmarried and always lived 
together for many years on the Chickering farm in the Stetson 
neighborhood in Hartford, and their parents lived with them 
during the last of their lives. 

Polly, i. e. Mary Chickering^ b. Sept. 9, 1787, d. Sept. 11, 
1865, m. Webber Dore, b. 1788, d. Dec. 28, 1863. Both died in 
Livermore, Me., where they had resided for many years, and 
were buried in Leavitt cemetery in Livermore and stones erected. 
They had a son Isaiah, and a dau., Mar)'^, who m. Elkanah 
Leonard of Canton, Me., for his 2d wife. 

Artemissa Chickering^ b. in Poland, Me., Apr. 6, 1792, d. 
Aug. 10, 1870, m. Feb. 17, 1825, Abel Ames, Jr., of Hartford, 
Me. She was buried in the Fuller cemetery, Canton, in the 
neighborhood where she had lived many years. They had three 

Abel, Jr.", who was a noted teacher and lawyer and lived in 
the State of Virginia, and died unmarried during the civil war as 
a citizen prisoner in Elmira, N. Y., but never served in the con- 
federate army. It was not known that he was a prisoner by his 
northern relatives until a short time before his death. He was 



held m prison for many months in Maryland, and his cousin, 
Otis Hayford, Sr., went there to obtain his release; reaching 
there he learned that he had been transferred to Elmira N Y 
He immediately started for that place, but when he arrived AbeF 
had been dead six days. He was a fine man, and highly esteemed 
by his southern friends, among whom he had lived nearly twentv 
years^ previous to the war, and his prospects were bright and 
promising at that time. ^ 

Henry Ames", another son, was a teacher in Maryland four 
years; then went to Ellsworth, Wis., and lived until about thirty 
years later. He married and left a wife and one or two children 
with a hne property. While there he was at one time a jud^e 
David L. Ames«, another son, is the only one now living He 
has a large family of children and resides at Livermore Me 

Betsy Hayford^ dau. of Zeri Hayford^ b. Feb. 7/180;, d. 
Hartford, Me., June 33, 1878, m. Dea. Paschall Barrell of Tur;er 

X ts ^ Th ,"f ^- ?"• '^' ^'-^^' '• ^^^ ^7' ^795, d. June 33,' 
1878. They had eight children : 

«Amos T. Barrell, b. Nov. 13, 1824, m. Harriet M. Ripley. 

Silas T Barrell, b. Sept. x6, 1836, m. Evelynn Hayford. 

Alden Barrell, b. Apr. 7, 1828, d. Aug. 20, igog 

^alome Barrell, b. Mar. 27, 1830, m. Lewis B. Reed. 

Sally Barrell, b. Sept. 17, 1831, d. Oct. 10, 1833 

«Alden Barrell, b. June 24, 1S34, m. Mary A. Osgood. 

Paschall Barrell, b. Mar. 30, 1837, m. Elizabeth Bartlett. 

Jeannette Barrell, b. May 20, 1844, m. Augustus Ellis. 

Betsy Hayford^ married Dea. Paschall Bari-ell of Turner Me 

kind-hearted christian woman, devoted to her family and housed 

mttrtrtL '°"°^"^^^ '"^^ '''''-' '-- ^ -^^P^P- -^" 

ES =•"?;-■— a ct.i;-« 

v.! uv aT ^^ ^^'""^ ^°° ^"^^" to sit on the loom bench 
was obliged to stand on one foot and weave with the Xr '' ' 

abo^^uT' f r't ""'?" """''' "^^' ""'' '^^''y ^° Hartford 
about 184b, where he ever afterward resided; the last of his 


years his son, Capt. Alden BarrelF, carrying on the farm. He 
was a fine musician, and for many years in addition to his farm 
work, taught singing schools in the adjoining tov/ns, and was 
noted for the excellency of his teaching and sweet singing. He 
and his wife were devoted members of the Baptist church, and 
their daily life was fully consistent with their profession. 

The following lines are clipped from a newspaper, printed a 
few days subsequent to their death : 

"Died in Hartford, Me., the 2 2d inst., Dea. Paschall Barrell, 
aged 82, and in about twenty-four hours after, his wife also 
breathed her last. Her age was 77. The funeral services of 
both occurred the same time, and were attended by a large circle 
of friends and relatives. For a great many years Dea. Barrell 
and his wife had been useful, exemplary and beloved members of 
the Baptist church at East Sumner, and by their kindness and 
devotion to all worthy endeavors to do good in their day and 
generation, they became endeared to all, and a host of friends 
will delight to cherish their memory. How fitting that such a 
couple, who have shared together life's joys and sorrows, should 
pass away to their eternal reward together." 

Amos T. Barrell,*^, son of Betsy Hayford^ b. Nov. 13, 1824, 
d. June 13, 1856, m. Nov. 7, 1848, Harriet M. Ripley of Lowell, 
Mass., b. 1 83 1. They had two children: 
■^Ida A. Barrell, b. Apr. 4, 1854, unmarried. 
"Amos T, Barrell, Jr., b. July i, 1S56, m. Mary Foster. 

After the death of her husband, the widow of Amos m. Mar. 
25, 1863, Edward Howard, a progressive and prosperous farmer 
of Hartford. 

Amos T. BarrelP when quite young, went to Massachusetts 
and was with his uncle, Addison Farwell, for several years. He 
was a man without a fault, if there are any such, steady, 
industrious, active and intelligent, he won the love and esteem 
of all who knew him, but was cut down in the very prime of a 
useful and honored life. His health impaired, he came to his 
parental home with his family and died at the old homestead at 
the early age of 32 years. 

Ida a. Barrell^ dau. of Amos T. Barrell,*^ b. Apr. 25, 1854, 
unmarried, makes her home with her mother's family when not 
employed elsewhere, which is almost constantly the case, as she 
has for many years been in great demand at the bedside of the 
sick and afflicted, and has won a most enviable reputation for 


her cheerful ways, and kind and tender aid and comfort so freely 
and faithfully given in sickness and sorrow. 

Amos T. Barrell, Jr.'', son of Amos T. BarrelF', b, Hartford, 
Me., July I, 1856, m. May, 1886, Mary Foster of Worcester, 
Mass. They have three children : 
^William Alden Barrell, b. June 7, 1885. 
^Edmund Paschall Barrell, b. Sept. 15, 1886. 
^Amos Turner Barrell, b. Feb. 19, 1888. 

Amos T. Barrell, Jr.", left fatherless while an infant of less 
than one month of age, is an honor to himself and parents. At 
an early age he went out into the world to seek his fortune, and 
the success that has crowned his efforts is but a just return for 
close, diligent and intelligent application to his labors. His ser- 
vices for many years have readily commanded liberal salaries, 
and have ever been satisfactory to his employer, he having 
always wrought for others. 

Silas Barrell'', son of Betsy Hayford% b. Sept. 16, 1826, d. 
Aug. 9, 1891, m. July 4, 1849, Evelyn Hayford", b. Mar. 9, 1831. 
No children: 

Silas Barrell at marriage settled on a farm in Hartford, in the 
immediate neighborhood of his parents. He was proving a suc- 
cessful farmer, contented and happy in his chosen pursuit, when 
his anticipations were suddenly blasted by the loss of a hand by 
the bursting of a gun he was discharging in celebration of the 
glorious Fourth of July. For several years thereafter he contin- 
ued work on a farm, but was seriously handicapped by the loss 
of his hand. Later, he removed to Canton village, where he 
purchased a residence, and where for about twenty years and 
until death, he made his home, finding continuous employment 
in such labor as he could readily perform, having the confidence 
and esteem of all. During the last years of his life he was a 
great sufferer, but no one ever heard him complain; he was 
always bright and cheerful. His wife, Evelyn^, dau. of Charles' 
Hayford^ survives him, and resides at Buckfield, Me. 

Salome Barrell'', dau. of Betsy Hayford^ b. Mar. 27, 1830, 
d. Jan. 20, 1 88 1, m. June 29, 1854, Lewis B. Reed of Hartford, 
Me., b. Feb. 7, 1822, d. July 10, 1895. They had three children: 
'Huidah B. Reed, b. Sept. 2, 1856, m. Waiter B. Beals. 
"Lilla G. Reed, b. Feb. 14, 1859, m. William P. Hayford. 
'Eleanor P. Reed, b. Jan. 16, 1863, m. Charles Beals. 


Lewis B. Reed, when a young man went to Massachusetts, and 
for several years steadily and industriously labored for good 
wages, saving sufficient to purchase a farm at marriage ; selecting 
one in his native town and near the parental homes of both him- 
self and wife. Later, he moved to the homestead of his father, 
Sampson Reed, Esq., one of the finest and largest in that town. 
After his wife's death he continued to reside on said premises in 
the family of his son-in-law, William P. Ha3^ford. He went west, 
however, during this time, and for a few years took charge of a 
large stock farm, belonging to his brother, Hon. Axel Reed in 
Minnesota. He was a man noted for his strength of character 
and honesty of purpose. His three daughters were refined and 
accomplished young ladies, esteemed for their noble qualities. 

HuLDAH B. Reed\ dau. of Salome BarrelP, b. Sept. 2, 1856, 
d. Mar. 8, 1895, m. Mar. 28, 188 1, Walter B. Beals, of Turner, 
Me., b. Dec. 22, 1856. They had six children: 
^Laura Salome Beals, b. Apr. 10, 1882. 
^Ethel Lietta Beals, b. Aug. 26, 1883. 
»Lilla Reed Beals, b. July 8, 1885. 
^Arlie May Beals, b. Sept. 28, 1887. 
^Wilbur Liconard Beals, b. June 7, 1S90. 
^Theodore Walter Beals, b. July 26, 1892. 

Walter B. Beals settled on a farm in his native town of Tur- 
ner. He afterwards moved to Turner village, at one time own- 
ing and operating a grain mill. He is a man well known through- 
out Maine, and is noted for his ability, uprightness and integrity 
of character. For many years he was a member of the board of 
county commissioners of Androscoggin Co. At the present time 
he is register of deeds. He is a prominent and influential citi- 
zen of Turner, though his official duties are performed at the 
shire town, viz: city of Auburn. 

LiLLA G. Reed', dau. of Salome BarrelF', b. Feb. 14, 1859, d. 
Mar. 3, 1894, m. Nov. 5, 1877, William P. Hayford', b. Apr. 24, 
1853. They had three children : 
®Lewis Sumner Hayford, b. July 9, 1881. 
^Willie Lee Hayford, b. Sept. 9, 1883. 
^Glennie E. Hayford, b. July 14, 1885. 

William Hayford' lived for several years after his marriage on 
the homestead farm of his father, grandfather and great grand- 
father, in Hartford. (For a more complete record of him and 


his family, see history of children of Sumner Hayford on fore- 
going pages.) 

Eleanor P. Reed'', dau. of Salome Barrel^, b. Jan. i6, 1863, 
m. Nov. 5, 1890, Charles Beals of Turner, Me. They have two 
children : 

^Vivian Beals, b. Nov. 22, 1896. 
^Raymond Beals, b. Nov. 1899. 

Charles Beals of Turner, brother of Walter Beals, is one of 
the foremost and prosperous farmers in town, noted for his pro- 
gressive ideas of farming which he has put in practice, and has 
attained marked success in his chosen occupation. With the aid 
of his accomplished wife, they exhibit an ideal New England 
farm home. 

Alden Barrel:/, son of Betsy Hayford^ b. Turner, Me., June 
24, 1834, d. Mar. 17, 1896, m. Apr. 3, 1855, Mary A. Osgood of 
Hartford, Me., b. Feb. 5, 1838. They had three children : 
■'Estella A. Barrell, b. Nov. 28, 1855, unmarried. 
''Mandana A. Barrell, b. Sept. 17, 1857, m. Walter Hayford. 
^Melvina E. Barrell, b. Oct. 25, i860, m. Herbert F. Irish. 

Capt. Alden BarrelP after his marriage, settled on the home- 
stead farm with his parents in Hartford. He was an energetic, 
industrious man, not only carrying on his own farm, but he 
worked a great deal for others, being a handy man at all kinds 
of labor. He did a great part of the butchering of stock among 
his neighboring townsmen, so much so as to seriously impair his 
health. He was naturally a robust, able man, and could perform 
a large amount of work in a day ; of excellent judgment and 
good, sound common sense ; liberal in his views and kind hearted 
in the extreme ; one to be called upon to aid, advise and assist 
his neighbors and townsmen in all times of trouble and distress. 
During the civil war he was chosen Capt. of the Hartford Co. 
of State militia, and held this position during the entire term of 
organization. Though a brave man, he could not well leave his 
own family and the aged and dependent parents to enter the ser- 
vice, but he furnished a substitute by paying a large amount of 
money, that he could ill afford to spare. Several years previous 
to his death he had a paralytic shock, and his friends then 
despaired of his life, but he partially regained health a year or 
two later and continued active for years. In his final sickness 
he was a great sufferer for a long time, but always wore a patient 


and cheerful smile. To repeat words spoken by the clergyman 
at his funeral exercises : 

"Though a member of no church, he was a thorough christian 
man, one who lived it in his every day life in all its fullest sense 
and meaning." 

His widow survives him, having lived with her son-in-lavv^ on 
the same farm until 1897, when they removed to Buckfield. 

EsTELLA A. Barrell'', unmarried, has always made her home 
with her mother. 

Mandana a. Barrell'', dau. of Alden Barrell®, b. Sept. 17, 
1857, m. July 4, 1879, Walter Hayford'', b. Hartford, Sept. 22, 
1857. They have one child : 
^Leslie Alden Hayford, b. July 2, 1883. 

(For record of this family see son of Sumner Hayford on pre- 
ceeding pages.) 

Melvina F. Barrell'', dau. of Alden Barrel^, b. Oct. 25, 
i860, m. Mar. 6, 1886, Herbert F. Irish, b. Hartford, Me., Dec. 
22, 1855. They have no children. 

Herbert F. Irish, having acquired a good education, became a 
teacher, and was very successful in this calling. Later, he set- 
tled on the farm formerly owned by the father and grandfather 
of his wife. He made extensive improvements and added largely 
in acres to its extent. He held several town offices, was on the 
board of selectmen and assessors several years. In every posi- 
tion in life he has v/ell and faithfully performed his duties and 
won esteem from all. Recently he purchased a farm in Buck- 
field, where he now resides, and with his family are the widow 
Barrell and daughter, Estella. His wife is an estimable lady, a 
fit helpmeet and companion. 

Paschall Barrell, Jr.^ son of Betsy Hayford^ b. Mar. 30, 
1837, d. May 12, 1863, at Washington, D. C, m. July 29, 1858, 
Elizabeth Bartlett of Hartford, Me. They had no children. 

Paschall Barrell, Jr.^, was living in Aroostook Co., Me., when 
the civil war broke out, having taken up a lot of land and built 
him a log house in a small clearing he had made in a township 
of wild land near the present thriving village of Caribou. He 
taught schools winter seasons and worked on a farm the remain- 
der of the year. He was a good scholar and a steady, indus- 
trious, exemplary young man. Wishing for better opportunities, 
he 'decided to locate in this new and largely unsettled territory, 


and clearly conceiving the wondrous growth that must inevitably 
come to this portion of the State at an early day, he, with 
two cousins and several other bright and promising young men 
from Canton and Hartford, emigrated to this locality and had 
commenced in the heart of the wilderness to hew them out 
homes and farms. They all entered service during the war, and 
several never lived to return, he among the number. He died 
May 12, 1863, having given his life that this government might 
be preserved. 

Jeannette Barrell*', dau. of Betsy Hayford^, b. May 20, 1844, 
m. May 8, T864, Augustus Ellis of Hartford, b. Mar. 22, 1847, 
d. Apr. 6, i88g. They had four children: 
^Anna Bell Ellis, b. June 9, 1868, d. May 9, 1887. 
"Jennie E. Ellis, b. Jan. 23, 1869, d. Sept. 15, 1892. 
■^Susan H. Ellis, b. Feb. 24, 1873, d. May 18, 1892. 
■^Bertha A. Ellis, b. Oct. 6, 1877, m. William A. Greene. 

Jeannette (Barrell) Ellis* soon after marriage moved on a farm 
in Turner, Me., in the same neighborhood and adjoining the 
farm that Senator Eugene Hale was born and lived on during his 
youth. Since the death of her husband in 18S9, she has contin- 
ued to live there and has most successfully managed and carried 
on this farm, which is one of the best in Turner. She is an 
exceedingly worthy, intelligent and useful member of society. 

Bertha A. Ellis', dau. of Jeannette BarrelP, b. Oct. 6, 1877, 
m. June 19, 1895, William A. Greene of Turner, Me. They have 
one child : 
^Eldred Greene, b, Feb. i, 1898. 

Otis Hayford^, son of Zeri*, b. Hartford, Me., Sept. 14, 1802, 
d. Mar. 23, 187 1, m. Feb. 25, 1827, Alvira Hayford", dau. of 
Gustavus Hayford'*, b. Nov. 27, 1805, d. Oct. 19, 1S82. They 
had five children : 

®Adela F. Hayford, an infant, d. Apr. 13, 1829. 
^Adela F. Hayford, b. Oct 4, 1830, d. Feb. 25, 1831. 
^Celestia Hayford, b. Feb. 6, 1832, d. July 22, 1850. 
^Otis Hayford, Jr., b. May 10, 1834, m. Amanda M. F. Phinney, 
^George O. Hayford, b. Mar. 1, 1840, d. Oct. 5, 1840. 

Otis Hayford^ when but fourteen years of age was rendered 
lame by reason of a fever sore upon his knee, and though in 
manhood of large stature, being six feet in height and weighing 
250 pounds, he was always crippled in the use of that limb. 


When but eleven years of age his parents moved from Hartford 
into a little log cabin, the first building erected on the site where 
now stands Canton village. He related this incident : At first 
there were no windows or doors to the cabin and they hung up 
blankets to keep out the cold. Later, when these wants had 
been supplied, one cold night in winter, high winds blew the 
snow severely-through the cracks and openings between the logs, 
and his mother took her straw bed which they were lying on, and 
with the contents filled in and closed as best she could the 
larger and more open spaces, thus protecting her children in a 
measure from the cold blasts of the storm. He and his brother, 
Zeri, Jr.^ at the respective ages of fourteen and nine, felled the 
first trees in a clearing that afterwards became the homestead of 
his parents and three generations since. When he became of 
age he entered the first and then the only store in the village 
and soon after purchased the stock and from that time until 
shortly previous to his death, continued in active service. He 
erected the first clapboard and shingle mill, foundry and potash 
factory ; all of which he managed in connection with his store. 
He also engaged in manufacturing farming implements, and at 
one time owned and operated the saw mill and grist mill. He 
was always a dilligent and successful business man, and aided 
largely in building up Canton village, foremost in every good 
enterprise in its earliest days. Conscientious in the highest 
degree, he was the first merchant in this section to refuse to keep 
for sale or in any manner use spirituous liquors ; this when his 
best customers said and believed that no one could succeed in 
trade without. He remained a strict temperance man through 
life. He lived, loved and esteemed by all, and died honored 
and blessed for his useful life of honest and upright endeavors. 
In the year 1832 he built a nice residence in Canton, the first 
and last he ever owned and occupied, which is now standing on 
the same spot, in good repair, and is owned and occupied by his 
grandson. Wilder O. Hayford, and family. During the last years 
of his life he and his wife lived winter seasons in Dorchester, 
Mass., returning to spend the summer season at their old home. 
When quite young, 23 years of age, he was commissioned justice 
of the peace and solemnized many of the marriages of the first 
settlers in this community, and as it may be of some interest to 
their descendants, I transcribe the following list of parties mar- 
ried by him. 



Apr. 23, 1826, Elkanah Leonard and Betsy Barrows. 
Nov. 12, 1826, Henry Briggs and Wealthy Hathaway. 
Nov. 14, 1827, Thomas C. Russell and Eunice Standish. 
Nov. 14, 1827, Wilbur Leach and Dorcas Russell. 
•May 18, 1828, Capt. Eli Hathaway and Clarrissa Howard 

Aug. 17, 1828, Joel Howard and Abigail Hayford. 

Jan. I, 1829, Gustavus Hayford, Jr., and Zilpha Barrows. 

July 5, 1829, Simeon Reynolds and Sally Young. 

May 31, 1830, America Bartlett and Lydia Hayford. 

May 6, 1830, Peter T. Hathaway and Sally Austin. 

Dec. 2, 1830, James Allen, Jr., and Lavena Carver. 

Dec. 2, 1830, Luke Bowles and Rebecca Ellis. 

Feb. 7, 183 1, William K. Ripley and Polly Ellis. 

May 7, 1832, Obed Edom Brown and Esther Bowles. 

Apr. 4, 1832, Melzar Keene and Nancy Sampson. 

Mar. 7, 1832, Marshall Child and Olive Stetson. 

Aug., 1832, Ezekiel Fogg and Adeline Fuller. 

Nov. II, 1832, Uriah Jack and Rachel Thorne. 

Nov. 14, 1832, Zeri Hayford, Jr., and Fidelia Bartlett. 

Nov. 18, 1838, Simeon Brett and Rosette Jones. 

Nov. 18, 1838, Charles Barrows and Arseneth Staples. 

Dec. 8, 1839, Nathan P. Reynolds and Mary H. Ellis. 

Feb. 19, 1843, Abram Gifford and Lovana Marston. 

Mar. 25, 1843, Silas Perham and Mrs. Clarrissa H. Hathaway. 

July 9, 1843, John M. DeShon and Sally K. Ripley. 

June 9, 1844, Elkanah Leonard and Mary Dorr. 

Obituary Notice. 

In Canton, Mar. 3, 187 1, Otis Hayford, Esq., ae. 68 years. 
Bro. Hayford was one of the first settlers of Canton and lived 
to see the wilderness converted into fertile fields and the place 
where he resided from a few inhabitants into an extensive and 
thriving village. 

He was a man of extensive business relations and has always 
sustained the reputation of an upright and honest man. He 
was a man of wealth and influence and commanded the esteem 
and love of all who knew him. In his religious opinions he was 
a practical and faithful Universalist and has always contributed 
liberally to the support of that belief. He was ever punctual in 
his attendance upon the place of public worship and interested 
in whatever pertained to its posterity. In this respect espec- 


ially, will he be missed by the society to which he belonged and 
by the pastor. 

His disease was one of a complicated character attended with 
great physical suffering which he bore with great patience and 
fortitude and with christian submission to the will of God. His 
confidence in a loving father was unabated by his intense suffer- 
ing and he passed into the circles of a higher life with the smile 
of God encircling his soul, and the love of his kindred radiant in 
his countenance. All felt to exclaim : "Surely a good man has 
passed on to his rest." 

His funeral was attended at the Universalist church in Can- 
ton. The house was draped in mourning, contrasting beautifully 
with the rich and tasty boquets of flowers that the hands of 
friendship had entwined to his memory. The church was 
crowded to its utmost capacity and all hearts seemed touched 
with sympathy for the blessed and sorrowing. May He, whose 
hand can still the storm and quell the raging tempest, hush the 
waves of grief that swell the hearts of this affectionate circle. 

Rev. O. H. J. 

Also the following lines penned by Mrs. C. A. Knights of 
Glencoe, Minn. 

Otis Hayford, Esq. 

The poet has said : "The chamber where the good man meets 
his fate is privileged beyond the common walks of life ; quite on 
the verge of Heaven." And as we read the brief notice that 
accompanied the announcement of the death of him whose name 
stands at the head of this article, we feel that truly a good man 
has met the fate that sooner or later awaits all the living. We 
could not attempt to write an eulogy, but rather add a heartfelt 
tribute to his many virtues. Genial and sympathetic in his 
nature ; his urbanity of manner, the hospitality which for many 
years himself and excellent wife dispensed so bountifully in their 
pleasant home, and more than all, his many charities, dropping 
silently here and there among the needy and suffering, have 
reared for him a monument in many greatful hearts enduring as 
life. As a man of business he was persevering, honorable and 
successful, and though often surrounded by many cares, they 
were never allowed to interfere with his duties as a citizen, hus- 
band and parent. In the circles of his relatives, his pleasant 
countenance, his words of kindly cheer, the helpful hand and the 
deep interest ever manifested in their welfare, will be sadly missed 
and cause an aching void that time cannot fill ; but to this cir- 
cumscribed sphere one of his noble nature could never be limited ; 
his broad sympathies and generous benefactions have been fully 
bestowed for our national and the universal brotherhood of man. 



The springtime is here, yet I cannot rejoice, 
For my thoughts are away where the murmuring voice 
Of the whispering pine trees, their dark branches wave. 
In the soft, sighing zephyrs, that breathe o'er thy grave. 
But the spirit that beamed from thy mild, speaking eye 
Still lives in a glorious mansion on high; 
Thy generous nature, enlarged and refined, 
Reaps its reward for thy good to mankind. 

«Adela F. Hayford, dau. of Otis^ and Alvira, d. in infancy Apr. 

13, 1829. 
^Adela F. Hayford, dau. of Otis^ and Alvira, b. Oct. 4, 1830, d. 

Feb. 25, 1831. 
«Celestia Hayford, dau. of Otiss and Alvira, b. Feb. 6, 1832, d. 

July 22, 1850. 
•^George O, Hayford, son of Otiss and Alvira, b. Mar. 1, 1840, d. 

Oct. 5, 1840. 


In Canton, July 22, 1850, Celestia, dau. of Otis and Alvira 
Havford. She was an only daughter, almost idolized by her par- 
ents, who spared nothing to make her all that they could desire. 
But with all her aptness as a scholar, and all the promise sne 
gave of distinction in society, disease marked her as an early 
victim Her disease commenced in February, 1849, ^hich 
reduced her in a few months to a mere skeleton. She was theri 
taken to the Water Cure Infirmary, in Waterford, Me., and placed 
under the care of Dr. Josiah Prescott. Here she experienced a 
rapid though partial recovery, and subsequently strong hopes 
were entertained of her final restoration to health, but m Febu- 
ary last (1850), she had a relapse of her disorder that gradually 
wasted the energies of life until it ended her mortal career But 
The was eminently prepared for death. She talked with calmness 
of her departure, exhorting her parents and friends to anticipate 
with her their reunion above. By her request, the writer attended 
her funeral on the 24th. A large and deeply sympathetic audi- 
ence attended. God comfort the bereaved parents and surviving 

In Memoriam. 


So young and so lovely, so wise yet so kind ; 
She has gone; she has left me with sadness behind. 
The hope of my life from my fond arms torn, 
And alone in the world, I must now wander on. 


Celestia, fond memory recalls the delight, 

When like a fair moon you illumined my night. 

I see thee, O loved one! I see thee again; 

And the vision brings back but the pleasure of pain. 

I see thy bright form, and thy face once so fair. 

And the pearls made more white by thy bright auburn hair; 

I see thee in joy; on thy lips the bright smile 

Of love and of beauty, so thoughtless of guile. 

I see thy pure thoughts as in sjDarkles they rise 
From thy fair, spotless soul to thy beautiful eyes, 
I hear thy low voice and its sweet gushing thrill, 
As it charmed and enchained my fond heart to its will. 

She has gone! She has left me, alone and to mourn, 
From the fading of day to the flush of the morn. 
But oh! while my tlxoughts can rove back to the past, 
P'ond memory will bid me love on to the last! 

In Memoriam. - 

In Canton, Oct. 9, 1882, Mrs. Alvira Hayford, aged 76 years 
and 1 1 months. Mrs. Hayford was the widow of the late Otis 
Hayford, Sr„ and the daughter of Gustavus Hayford, Sr., who 
built the first house erected in Canton village, and also the first 
grist and saw mill in town. Mrs. Hayford was born in the 
adjoining town of Hartford, but her parents moved into Canton 
soon after her birth, and she has been a constant resident of our 
village, living for more than fifty years in the house in which she 
passed away. She was one of a family of seven children, three 
sons and four daughters, and of them five survive her, the young- 
est being 69 years of age and the oldest 80. She was the mother 
of five children, only one of whom is living, Mr. Otis Hayford, 
Supt. of the R. F. & B. R. R. Mrs Hayford was a devoted 
mother, living in and for her children, and in all the relations of 
life, she was unusually faithful and devoted. 

She was greatly interested in the faith and work of the Univer- 
salist church, taking an active and leading part in the work of 
the Sunday school and society. She was a great help to her pas- 
tor, and will be much missed by all who are interested in build- 
ing up our cause in Canton. She was ever active in temper- 
ance work, singing, speaking and doing all she could to advance 
this great moral interest. She had a way of working without 
offense and won many earnest friends who deeply lament her 
death. Her sickness was of long duration, and from the first 
she felt that she could not recover, making all necessary arrange- 
ments for leaving her friends, and with an unwavering faith she 
passed from this life into the joys and glories of the life to come. 

Her funeral was attended at the Universalist church, the pas- 


tor taking for his text the words of Paul : "I have fought a 
good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. 
Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness." 
A large concourse of people gathered to manifest their respect 
and sorrow, and we all felt we had lost a friend. May the Heav- 
enly Father bless and comfort all. Rev. H. C. M. 

Otis Hayford, Jr.®, son of Otis^ and Alvira Hayford^ b. May 
10, 1834, m. May 27, 1855, Amanda M, F. Phinney, b. Turner, 
Me., Oct. 1835. They had five children: 

''Herbert Freemont Hayford, b. Sept. 2, 1856, m. Nellie McLaugh- 
''Wilder Otis Hayford, b. Oct. 2, i860, m. Rose A. Bean. 
''Celestia Hayford, b. Aug. 24, 1864, d. Feb. 16, 1879. 
''Percy Grant Hayford, b. Sept. 28, 1869, d. June 16, 1872. 
''Mary Eldridge Hayford, b. Jan. 18, 1872, unmarried. 

Otis Hayford, Jr.^, b. Canton, Me., May 10, 1834. In early 
youth he became familiar with the mercantile business in his 
father's store in Canton, who was one of the first families of set- 
tlers and for nearly forty years carried on a mercantile and man- 
ufacturing business. When Otis Hayford, Jr., was but fourteen 
years of age he commenced keeping the books of the concern, 
doing the work outside of school hours. 

He received a good common school education, supplemented 
with terms of school at Auburn Academy and Westbrook Semi- 
nary. At the age of eighteen he was employed in a wholesale 
store in Portland, Me., and at twenty entered the employment of 
Messrs. Bray & Sawtelle, who had leased his father's store at 
Canton. The next year he became a partner, and in two years 
became sole proprietor, and continued for twenty-five years the 
business of merchant, manufacturer and produce broker. Besides 
the usual traffic in a country store, he was engaged for many 
years in buying wool and hops from the farmers for foreign mar- 
kets, of which he was the largest purchaser direct from the pro- 
ducers, in the State. 

In 1878, in connection with Ex. Gov. Israel Washburn, Jr., 
Sullivan C. Andrews of Portland and N. L. Marshall of West 
Paris, he purchased the bonds of the Buckfield branch railroad, 
then known as the Portland & Oxford Central, organized the 
Rurnford Falls & Buckfield Railroad Co.; purchased, rebuilt, 
equipped and put into operation this railroad from Mechanic 


Falls to Gilbertville, Canton. He was a director until 1889, 
superintendent four years and vice president several years. 

In politics he has been a republican from the birth of that 
party, casting his first vote for president for John C. Freemont ; 
has served in various town offices, and two terms in the State 
senate, 1871, 1S72. In 1880 he was chosen presidential elector, 
and with the other six electors cast the vote of Maine for James 
A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur. In 1891, he was elected by 
the State Legislature a member of the Board of State Assessors 
for a term of six years, and in 1897 was unanimously nominated 
and elected for a second time. 

In religious faith, a Universalist ever since youth, firm and 
strong in the belief of the Universal Fatherhood of God and 
brotherhood of mankind. He has served as W. Master of the 
Oriental Star Lodge, F. & A. Masons, No. 28, Livermore, Me, 
also of Whitney Lodge of Canton, and as High Priest of Andros- 
coggin R. A. Chapter of Canton. Was chosen a member of the 
Board of Trustees of Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me., in 1882. 

Amanda M. F. (Phinney) Hayford, wife of Otis Hayford, Jr.^ 
dau. of Leonard C. Phinney of Turner, Me., and Ruth A. Briggs 
of Poland, Me. She is of the fourth generation in lineal descent 
from Col. Edmund Phinney of revolutionary fame who com- 
manded the first regiment of infantry raised in Maine for that 
war, viz.: the 31st Foot Massachusetts Bay Forces, and com- 
missioned colonel, Jan., 1775, colonel of Massachusetts i-egiment 
infantry, July to Dec, 1775, and of the i8th Continental regi- 
ment infantry, Jan. i to Dec, 1776. He held many high and 
responsible positions. 

John Phinney, father of Col. Edmund, and his family, were 
the first settlers of Gorham, Me., and Edmund, at the age of 
fourteen, felled the first tree for a settlement in that town. They 
lived there two years prior to any other white people. 

Col. Edmund Phinney was of the fifth generation in lineal 
descent from the Mayflower, thus making A. M. F. (Phinney) 
Hayford the ninth, to wit : Thomas Rogers came over in the 
Mayflower, died in Plymouth in the winter of 1 620-1, and was 
buried on Burial Hill. Joseph Rogers^ son of Thomas, also 
came over in the Mayflower with his father. John Finne)', an 
early settler in Plymouth, who came from England with his 
brother, Robert, and mother. He m. ist, Christina, ab. 1637, 


and had John^, 1638 ; m. 2d, Abigail Coggin, 1650, widow of 
Henry ; m. 3d, Elizabeth Bailey. 

(See Davis' "Landmarks of Plymouth.") 

John Phinney'^, b. 1638, son of Constable John\ the emigrant 
to Plymouth, m. Mary Rogers, dau. of Joseph^ He was called 
"Narraganset John," and was in the swamp fight. 

Dea. John Phinney^ b. 1665, m. Sarah Lombard (b. Dec. 
1666), May 30, i68g, Barnstable, Mass., dau. of Thomas Lom- 
bard, b. in England, 1587, and Elizabeth Dorby; emigrated to 
New England on ship "Mary and John," 1630. 

Capt. John Phinney* m. Martha Coleman. Col. Edmund 
Phinney^ m. Elizabeth Meserve, sister of Gen. Meserve of Louis- 
burg fame. Edmund Phinney^m. Sarah Hamlin. John Phinney'^ 
m. Nancy Gammon of Turner, Me. 

Leonard Phinney* m. Ruth A. Briggs of Poland. Amanda M. 
F. Phinney^ m, Otis Hayford, Jr.^, of Canton, Me. 

She was also a descendant on her mother's side from the revo- 
lutionary soldier, Job Allen of Pownal, Me., being of the fourth 
generation in lineal descent, to wit: Job Allen^ m. Patience 
Marston. Thomas Briggs m. Sarah Allen"^, dau. of Job Allen^. 
Ruth A. Briggs, dau. of Thomas Briggs^ m. Leonard C. Phinney. 
A. M. F. (Phinney*) Hayford, dau. of Leonard C. and Ruth A. 

Job Allen, b. 1763, enlisted Feb. 20, 1781, at New Gloucester, 
Me., in Capt. Sylvanus Smith's company. Col. Rufus Putnam's 
regiment (5th), Patterson's brigade, Mass. line, for three years. 
After about two years service he was transferred to Capt. Joshua 

B 's Co., Col. Vose's reg't, ist Mass. line; discharged Dec. 

24, 1783, at West Point, N. Y, by Major Gen. Knox. He was 
at Peekskill, Varplank's Point and West Point, N. Y., at Phila- 
delphia and battle of King's Bridge, N. Y. He moved to Pow- 
nal, Me., in 1792, where he lived until 1852, then moved to 
Poland, Me., where he died in 1S60, aged 97. Mr. and Mrs. 
Otis Hayford visited him while he was living at Poland, having 
with them their oldest son, H. F. Hayford, at which time there 
were present five generations of this family. 

Herbert Freemont Hayford''', son of Otis Hayford, Jr.*^, b. 
Sept, 2, 1856, m. June 18, 1879, Nellie M. McLaughlin, b. Dix- 
field. Me. They have three children: 
^Percy Grant Hayford, b. July 13, 1880, at Canton, Me. 


^Jessamine Amanda Hayford, b. Aug. 22, 1883, at Canton, Me. 
^Josephine Alma Hayford, b. Jan. 23, 1885, at Canton, Me. 

Herbert F. Hayford' attended school at Hebron Academy, 
Me., and later graduated at Poughkeepsie Mercantile College, 
Poughkeepsie, New York. Served as freight conductor on the 
R. F. & B. R. R., later entered the station at Canton as station 
agent, which position he filled to the full acceptance of the com- 
pany for ten years, winning the friendship and good opinion of 
all with whom he held business relations. His health becoming 
somewhat impaired, he removed to Bryan, Ohio, where he 
engaged in trade one year, then moved with his family to Arkan- 
sas City, Kas., and was employed as superintendent of a large 
patent chair manufactory one year, then went into trade, operat- 
ing for about four years two stores, a grocery and a china ware 
store. He returned to Maine in 1895, and for the past five 
years has resided at Mechanic Falls, employed as station agent 
for the P, & R. F. R. R. Co. He has the confidence and esteem 
of all who know him. 

Wilder Otis Hayford'^, son of Otis Hayford, Jr.®, b. Canton, 
Me., Oct. 2, i860, m. May 15, 1886, Rose A. Bean of Farming- 
ton, Me., b. Sept. 15, 1863. They have four children: 
^Rose Mildred Hayford, b. Oct. 3, 1888, at Canton, Me. 
^Herbert Otis Hayford, b. July 7, 1890, at Canton, Me. 
^Dorothy Irene Hayford, b. Dec. 19, 1892, at Canton, Me. 
^Celestia Marie Hayford, b. Sept. 2, 1894, at Canton, Me. 

Wilder O. Hayford" supplemented his home school education 
as a student at Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me. Upon leaving 
the parental home at Canton, he was first employed by the Port- 
land & Rochester R. R. Co., at their office in Portland, Me. 
Later, he entered the office of the Dennison Paper Co. at 
Mechanic Falls, Me., and was transferred to their office at their 
pulp mill at Gilbertville, Canton, where he remained until this 
mill was burned to the ground in 1897, having held the position 
of accountant and paymaster for the Dennison Co. and their suc- 
cessors, the Poland Paper Co., about fifteen years. He has 
always borne the character of a careful, diligent and trustworthy 
man. He owns, and until quite recently has occupied for many 
years the old homestead of his grandfather, Otis Hayford, Sr. 
It is most pleasantly situated, and though built in 1S32 has 
always been kept in thorough repair, making it one of the most 



desirable stands in the village. For the past year he has been 
employed as accountant and paymaster for the Brown Woolen 
Mills at Dover, Me., and with his family makes that place his 

Celestia Hayford', dau. of Otis Hayford, Jr.®, b. Canton, 
Me., Aug. 24, 1865, d. at Canton, Feb. 16, 1879. 

In Memoriam. 

"Our Darling." 
By Grandmother Hayford. 

Could we but span etherial space, 

And view the heavenly land, 
We soon v/ould meet thee face to face, 

And clasp thine angel hand. 

Emblem of purity and love; 

Celestial treasure given 
To bloom a few short days on earth, 

Then soar aloft to heaven. 

When thou wert ushered into life, 

Our heart with joy was filled; 
With eyes grown dim with tears, we cried, 

"Long cherished grief, be stilled!" 

For lo! a pure, a priceless gem, 

This day to us is given; 
To bless, while she on earth may stay. 

Then add one link to heaven. 

How strong the tie, how deep the love. 

That bound thee to our heart; 
No power on earth, nor yet above. 

Could rend our souls apart. 

To view the smile beam o'er thy face. 

And list to thy sweet voice; 
Parents, grandparents, brothers, all. 

In harmony rejoice. 

Thus infancy soon passed away. 

And childhood came instead; 
The tiny patter of thy feet 

By little brothers led. 

Oft came upon the gravel walk. 

When reaching for the door; 
The little tap, tap, "Grandma, come!" 

Dear little Lettie comes once more! 


Then to the door with speed we haste, 
And clasp thee to our breast, 

And pray our Heavenly Father's care 
Forever on thee rest. 

Soon early childhood passed along, 
Then older takes its place; 

To school thine active mind now turns, 
In search of wisdom's ways. 

School days ! What other phase of life 
Can yield such sweet, pure joy? 

Uncumbered with the care of life. 
Which older minds decoy. 

Alas! how frail are earthly hopes, 

How given to decay. 
Like as the summer's sunset rays 

That quickly pass away. 

For lo! a cloud o'erspread our sky, 
And settled round our home. 

Which filled our every heart with grief, 
And every soul with gloom. 

The bloom on thy lovely cheek 
Seems fading, day by day ; 

Thy faltering step, thy feeble voice, 
Show plainly of decay. 

Our fears aroused, we sought for aid ; 

Physicians near and far 
Were called in vain to give relief, 

And raise our sinking star. 

Days, weeks and months flew on apace ; 

Life's ebbing tide sank low , 
We saw, we knew, yet hushed our grief, 

Our darling soon must go. 

And yet so patient and serene. 
So heavenly calm thy smile; 

We dared not trust our heads to feel 
Thee sinking all the while. 

Time with his sickle, sharp and keen, 
At length the truth revealed, 

And we, poor sorrowing mortals must 
Our darling treasure yield. 



One Sabbath morn, long ere the dawn 

Had ushered in the day, 
We saw with grief our darling gem 

Was sinking fast away. 

And when the church bells rang their peals, 

Deep-toned, upon the air, 
We saw thee calmly sink to rest, 

To rise an angel fair. 

Parents and brothers thou hast left, 

A sister, fond and dear ; 
Vet still for thee, "Our Darling, " we 

Must ever shed a tear. 

Scarce fifteen years of earthly time, 

To thee, dear child, was given; 
Yet well we know eternal life 

Was waiting thee in heaven. 

Though sad the parting be to us ; 

Our loved ones gone before 
Have clasped our treasure to their breast 

On yonder blessed shore. 

And when our days on earth are done ; 

Our niglvts of weeping o'er ; 
We all will meet in spirit home 

To part, no, never more. 

Percy Grant Hayford", son of Otis Hayford, Jr.*^, b. Sept. 
28, 1869, d. June 16, 1872. 


In Canton, Me., June 16, 1872, Percy Grant, son of Otis and 
Amanda M. F. Hayford, aged 2 years, 8 months and 27 days. 
Little Percy was a darling child, and most tenderly was he 
beloved by his doting parents and the circle at home. For one 
so young he developed a very unusual maturity. It was fre- 
quently remarked by those who saw him in his last sickness that 
he appeared more like a child of ten than one of three years, but 
alas ! the precious jewel has been snatched from its earthly casket 
to brighten the ranks of the beautiful angels, and to expand his 
young and loving spirit in the light of God, May Heaven richly 
bless the sorrowing family. Rev. O. H. J. 


The Shepherd and the Lamb. 

By David Barker. 

In the Scottish hills, as a shepherd strolled 

On an eve, with his ancient crook. 
He found a lamb that was chilled and young, 

By the side of a purling brook. 

And through fear that the lamb might sicken and die; 

From its mother's side might roam ; 
He carried it up with a tender care 

To a fold in his highland home. 

'Mid the dreary night, o'er the ragged peaks. 

Through the winds, and the storm, and the cold, 

The mother followed the captured lamb 
To the door of the shepherd's fold. 

Once we had a lamb by its mother's side. 

It was artless, pure and mild; 
'Twas the dearest lamb in my own dear flock ; 

Oh, the pale, little blue eyed child! 

But a Shepherd came, when the sun grew low. 

By a path that had long been trod, 
And he carried our lamb through the mist of night, 

To his fold on the mount of God. 

With a tearful eye, and a bleeding heart. 

We must bear it and struggle on. 
And climb that Mount by the Shepherd's track, 

To the fold where our lamb has gone. 

Mary Eldridge Hayford", dau. of Otis Hayford, Jr.", b. Jan. 
i8, 1872, was graduated from Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me., 
June 1892, and studied music and painting for the next three 
years. She then entered upon a three years course in elocution 
and physical culture, and was graduated with high honors from 
the professional course of the New York School of Expression, 
New York City, May 1898. Immediately following which she 
had very flattering inducements to travel abroad, but was about 
entering into engagements for dramatic work in New York, when 
a severe illness caused her return to the parental roof, where she 
is recuperating her impaired energies, being occasionally engaged 
in the work of her profession, which is that of public reader and 
teacher of dramatic art, voice and physical culture. 


In Memory of an Adopted Child of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hay ford, 
Sr., Who Died in Infancy. 

My Little Floweret. 
By Mrs. Alvira Hayford. 

A floweret rare, divinely fair ; 

A little gem of love, 
Came to my arms in beauty's charms, 

Like magic from above. 
My throbbing heart once more was stilled; 

My pleasure knew no bounds, 
My careworn smile with joy was filled. 

And gladness shone around. 

But soon, ah, soon, the spoiler came; 

My joy was turned to grief; 
Disease had seized that little frame, 

And none could bring relief. 
Resistless death, his angel sent, 

To deck his Master's bower, 
While hither and anon he went. 

He spied my little flower. 

"Oh, thou art beautiful!" he cried, 

"Too fair on earth to dwell ; 
I'll plant thee by my Master's side. 

He loveth flowers so well." 
"Oh stay thy hand!" in grief I cried; 

"Stay thy relentless hand, 
Tear not this loved one from my side. 

To deck thy chosen band. 

Thrice and again I've yielded up 

My loved ones to thy power; 
Seek farther on, ungrateful Death, 

To deck thy Master's bower." 
Then to my Heavenly Father I 

In deep distress did kneel : 
"Oh, hear this once my feeble cry, 

This little one to heal !" 

But all entreaties were in vain. 

My midnight tears and sighs. 
Death claimed my floweret for his own, 

And bore it to the skies. 
And there it blooms forevermore, 

The fairest of the fair; 
With loved and lost ones gone before, 

My loved ones that are there, 


While I, a lonely mother here, 

Am weary and oppressed ; 
Hoping my journey's end is near, 

I long to be at rest. 
I long to join that angel band 

Of loved ones round the throne; 
Where joys immortal never end, 

And parting is not known. 


At Mechanic Falls, Me., Nov. 4, Delia Sturtevant, aged 20 
years. It is seldom that we are called upon to record the death 
of a young lady more generally respected or more ardently 
beloved than the subject of this brief notice. A more upright, 
thoughtful, conscientious person of her age the writer has never 
known. During several years of our residence in Canton, she 
was a welcome guest in our family, and associated with our 
daughter, with whom there existed a strong affinity and attach- 
ment. The sweetness of her peace-loving disposition will long 
and pleasantly be remembered, and we may hope, imitated by 
her surviving associates. In early life Delia was deprived of a 
home by the death of her father and mother, but she found a 
good home with Otis Hayford, Esq., and his excellent wife, in 
Canton, where for seven years she enjoyed the privileges of a 
daughter, and obtained a good education, which qualified her for 
a teacher in our common schools. Her foster parents did not 
forsake her in sickness or in death, but visited her at Mechanic 
Falls, doing all in their power for her comfort and consolation. 
As she drew near the gate of death, she was calm and perfectly 
resigned to the Divine Will ; assuring her mother that it was 
pleasant to die ; that she loved God ; that she loved Jesus and 
longed to be with Him. With all the calmness imaginable, she 
disposed of all her effects ; requesting that her funeral should be 
attended by the writer at the home of her father Hayford in 
Canton. AH of which was carried out to the very letter, on the 
7 th, when the gospel was dispensed to a large and sympathetic 
audience. May the mother, the brothers, the sisters, find that 
"pearl of great price" which sustained the departed one, which 
is all the writer asks for himself. Rev. George Bates. 

Lydia Hayford^ dau. of Zeri Hayford^ b. May 27, 1804, d. 
Oct. 6, 1854, m. May 31, 1830, America Bartlett of Hartford, 
Me., b. Apr. 18, 1803, d. Mar. 31, 1866. They had four children : 
^Nathaniel Bartlett, b. June 10, 1832, m. Ruth A. Hall. 
®Adela F. Bartlett, b. Sept. 1834, d. Jan. 13, 1838. 
^A. Fairfield Bartlett, b. Oct. 25, 1838, d. July 12, 1839. 
^America F. Bartlett, b. Oct. 29, 1840, d. Jan. 16, 1864. * 


America Bartlett m. 2d, Cynthia Osgood of Hartford, Me., 
Apr, 6, 1856, b. Feb. 10, 1822. They bad two children : 
Lydia Bartlett, b. Dec. 28, 1856. 
Osgood Bartlett, b. Feb. 5, 1858. 

America Bartlett lived in Hartford, Me,, for several years, on 
a farm where he built a nice set of buildings, and VN^hile he was 
engaged in farming he did a good deal of outside business. At 
one time he was in trade for years at Hartford Center, about two 
miles distant from his home. He was a prominent man in 
Oxford Co., while he lived there, and always manifested a deep 
interest in State and national affairs. He was a member of the 
board of county commissioners for several years. In 1863 he 
moved to Aroostook Co., Me., where he took up land and estab- 
lished a home in which he resided until his death. With ster- 
ling integrity and high moral character, he commanded the 
respect of all. After leaving Oxford Co. he lived nearly twenty- 
five years in his new home. The following obituary notice will 
speak for his life there. 


"Mr. America Bartlett of Caribou died Sunday, the 21st. Had 
he lived until the 17th of April he would have been 84 years old, 
Mr. Bartlett formerly lived in Hartford, where he was a promi- 
nent and respected citizen, and at one time was one of the county 
commissioners of Oxford county. He also very early joined the 
Abolition or Free Soil party, of which he was an active party 
until the formation of the republican party, and since then he 
has been an ardent republican. Mr. Bartlett came to Forest- 
ville, now Caribou, in 1863, and at once developed an interest in 
all he thought tended to advance and increase the resources of 
his hew home and surrounding country. He was soon appointed 
local land agent by Hon. I. R. Clark, and later, by Hon, 1\ P. 
Burleigh, State land agent. Mr, Bartlett was a member of the 
Baptist church. He leaves a widow and three children, two sons 
and a daughter. Another son, his namesake, America, died in 
the service of his country in the war of 1861. Mr. Bartlett will 
be missed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances." 

Lydia Hayford Bartlett^ was a member of the Baptist church; 
a christian woman, a kind neighbor, a tender, loving parent, a 
noble and worthy wife. 

Mrs. Cynthia Osgood Bartlett was born in Buckfield, Me. 
Previous to marriage she was an excellent school teacher. She 
has been a true companion and a fond and loving mother, and 


now resides on the homestead farm which she and her children 
own, a fine farm lying a mile or two north of Caribou village. 
Her daughter, Lydia, was well educated and has also been a 
school teacher. She now resides with her mother. The son, 
Osgood, a bright scholar and an industrious, able farmer, was 
seized with insanity a few years since, and although everything 
was done to restore his reason, the case seemed to baffle every 
effort and the chances of recovery seem hopeless, which casts 
great grief and sorrow upon the entire family. 

Nathaniel Bartlett^ son of Lydia Hayford^, b. Hartford, 
Me., June lo, 1832, m. May 22, 1865, Ruth A. Hall of Caribou, 

Me., b, , dau. of Winslow Hall. They had one child : 

■'Roy F. Bartlett, b. Caribou, Me., Oct. 26, 1869, d. Feb. 15, 1894. 

Nathaniel Bartlett® was educated in the common and high 
schools and later at Kent's Hill Seminary. At at early age he 
went to New York and was there employed in the mercantile 
business. Later he settled at Presque Isle, Aroostook Co., Me., 
when that region was almost an "unknown quantity," and for 
several years was employed by the late Joseph Hines, Esq., in his 
store at that place. Finally he went into business for himself at 
Caribou, and for many years carried on a large country store 
trade, being one of the earliest settlers of that village, and also 
one of its first merchants. He owns and carries on a good farm 
which lies on the opposite side of the road from his late father's 
homestead ; also a residence and other valuable real estate in 
Caribou village, where he resides. He is a man of marked abil- 
ity, kind hearted and generous ; of spotless integrity, widely 
known and loved and esteemed by all. 

Mrs. Bartlett, the daughter of Winslow Hall, Esq., the pioneer 
of that town and its earliest settler but one, was a fine scholar 
and for many years was a very successful and prominent school 
teacher. She has for a series of years carried on a millinery busi- 
ness with marked business ability and success. And while her 
large business interests and household affairs would seem to tax 
her utmost capacity, yet she always keeps herself well informed 
in all the general knowledge of the day and is well prepared to 
render at all times wise judgment on all current events. 

Roy F. Bartlett'^, son of Nathaniel Bartlett^ b. Caribou, Me., 
Oct. 26, 1869, d. Feb. 15, 1894, was the only child of his parents 
and in him rested all the fond hopes of those loving hearts. 


And well might they lavish their love and pride on one so worthy 
of it, for all who knew him felt that none could excel him in all 
the noblest attributes of young manhood. As a boy he was 
loved by everyone. In college he won distinction as a scholar, 
and friendship and esteem from all for his noble and manly 
qualities and leadership in the ranks of athletics. "True to his 
friends and high principles ; energetic and upright in all that he 
undertook, his honest, open, noble character won the hearts of 

He graduated at Bowdoin college with high honors, and carried 
with him to his home the love and esteem of all with whom he 
had been associated. After his return home he entered the law 
office of Hon. Louis C. Stearns of Caribou, where he pursued 
the study of law and was soon recognized by the members of the 
bar of that county as one of the most promising young men of 
that entire community. Having been admitted to the bar, he 
had decided to settle down to his chosen profession in his native 
county, and friends innumerable were priding themselves on his 
brilliant prospects and the fact that he was to remain with them, 
when all their fond anticipations were suddenly blasted by the 
information of his short illness and sudden death. So unex- 
pectedly did this occur that all were shocked and stricken with 
grief at his sudden, untimely death. All mourned his loss and 
vied in paying their deepest respect to his memory and the trib- 
ute of their love and esteem to his noble, honorable and exem- 
plary character. At the time of his death it was well known 
that he was soon to be joined in the holy bonds of wedlock to a 
young lady formerly of that town, a resident of Augusta, Me., 
and a most estimable and refined lady. None could entertain 
higher prospects of the future in store for them than this family 
and at one fell blow all has vanished. Yet the remembrance to 
these parents that they were so greatly blessed in once possessing 
this rich treasure, must be a balm of solace in their deep sorrow. 
God alone can give them peace and resignation. 

America F. Bartlett'^, son of Lydia Hayford*^, b. at Hartford, 
Me., Oct. 29, 1840, d. Washington, D. C, Jan. 16, 1864, was a 
young man of sterling qualities, well educated, and a teacher 
previous to his removal to Aroostook Co., where he went about 
i860 to build him a home and carve out his future fortune. He 
had taken up a lot of land, made a clearing in the midst of a 


vast wilderness, miles away from any settlement, and erected a 
log house such as all the early settlers of that country were wont 
to live in at first, and was looking forward to the time when he 
might be able to have a comfortable home won by his own hard 
labor, teaching school in the winter season and earnestly and 
perseveringly laboring on his land the rest of the year, fondly 
anticipating his ultimate success, when like many other young 
men in similar circumstances at that time, in that large and 
unsettled portion of the State, he was drafted for service in the 
Union army during the civil war that was upon us. Full of pat- 
riotic devotion to the government, he accepted the edict, though 
on account of the condition of his health he might easily have 
evaded the service ; having had a severe sickness from which he 
had not fully recovered. He was a member of Co. K., 19th 
Maine Vol's. His uncle, Otis Hayford, was with him at the 
time of his death. He died in the hospital at Washington, D. 
C, and his uncle received his last message to his kindred and 


In Washington, D. C, Jan. 16, 1864, America F. Bartlett of 
Forestville, Me., formerly of Hartford, Me., a member of Co. C, 
19th Reg't Maine Vol's, aged 23. Mr. Bartlett is another of our 
noble and brave men who has fallen a martyr to the cause of his 
country. He was, last winter, a teacher in town, universally 
beloved. He was drafted, and although in feeble health, having 
just recovered from an attack of the diphtheria, he left home 
without a murmur, only to die away from home and friends. 
His remains were sent to Hartford, his former residence, there 
to rest in a soldier's grave. Green be the turf which will rest 
upon his manly bosom, and green will be his memory in the 
hearts of his surviving friends. 

Zeri Hayford-^ son of Zeri Hayford-*, b. Hartford, Me., Mar. 
18, 1807, d. Canton, Me., Sept. 14, 1895, m. Nov. 10, 1832, 
Fidelia Bartlett, b. Hartford, Me., Sept. 11, 1805, d. Dec. 9, 1886. 
They had three children: 

•'Oscar Hayford, b. Oct. 31, 1833, m. Joanna B. Reed. 
^Asia Hayford, b. Apr, 28, 1838, d. Mar. i, 1863. 
«Susan B. Hayford, b. Nov. 29, 1844, m. Albert M. Austin. 

Zeri Hayford-^ was but six years old when his parents moved 
from Hartford into the first little log house at Canton village; 
his father to assist his brother, Gustavus, in erecting the first 


buildings in the settlement, a saw mill and grist mill, and the 
family to board in their cabin the workmen employed for that 
purpose. The second year the mills were completed and he was 
engaged in operating them. In 1816, the following year, Zeri, 
Jr., and his oldest brother, Otis, felled the first trees on the farm 
where their parents ever afterward lived and where he also resided 
with his family during the remainder of his days. The following 
lines are taken from the "History of the Bartlett Family," by 
Hiram B. Lawrence, Esq. 

"By untiring labor, great perseverance and excellent judgment, 
he acquired a comfortable fortune. He has been a kind and 
faithful husband and father, a good citizen and a consistent 
christian. He was a member of the Free Baptist church of Can- 
ton, as was also his wife. 

For years previous to his death he suffered greatly from a can- 
cer that severely tried his strength and patience, but none ever 
heard him complain, only that he often expressed a wish to depart 
and be at rest." 

The following memorial appeared in the local newspapers upon 
the death of his wife : 

"Mrs. Fidelia Hayford, wife of Mr. Zeri Hayford^ died on the 
9th inst, after a long and painful illness. She was 81 years old last 
September. She was bdrn in Hartford, Me., and was a daughter 
of Nathaniel Bartlett. There were seven (eight) children in her 
father's family and she was the last one. Her only brother 
(America Bartlett) died last March in Aroostook Co. Mr. and 
Mrs. Hayford were married fifty-four years ago and began their 
married life on the same place on which they lived at the time 
of her death. They have raised a family of three children ; two 
of them, one son and a daughter, passed away in early manhood 
and womanhood. Mr. Oscar Hayford, their only son, has always 
lived at home and he and his faithful wife have carefully cared 
for their aged parents for many years. One thing remarkable 
and uncommon is that they have sat down to fifty-four Thanks- 
giving dinners under the same roof together. Mr. and Mrs, 
• Hayford in early life became interested in the christian religion, 
and for many years have been consistent members of the Free 
Baptist church, and as we lay this good christian mother in her 
last resting place, let us mingle our tears with this aged brother 
who is left so lonely and remind him to still continue to look to 
the One who has blessed him and his companion so many years." 

Oscar Hayford*', son of Zeri Hayford, Jr.^ b. Canton, Me., 
Oct. 31, 1833, m. Mar. 27, 1864, Joanna B. Reed, dau. of Free- 
man B. Reed, b. Dec. 12, 1843. They had four children: 


'Susan A. Hayford, b. Dec. 3, 1866, m. Henry T. Tirrell. 
'Asia F. Hayford, b. Feb. 6, 1870. 
'Carrie F. Hayford, b. Nov. 17, 1876. 
'Myrtie B. Hayford, b. Mar. 4, 1879. 

Oscar Hayford" has always lived on the parental homestead 
farm owned by his father and grandfather before him. He 
believes in educated and progressive farming, and has shown by 
his work that it can be made to pay in this State. He owns one 
of the largest and best farms in the county, and his father was 
in his day largely known throughout the State for his fine quality 
of live stock kept on the place and the excellency of his dairy 
products which always commanded the. highest prices in the 
market. So, also, has his son established a reputation for a first 
class article in every product of the farm. His farm and build- 
ings are always kept in excellent condition ; his land in a highly 
productive state, and he always stands ahead of his work. Of 
strict integrity, he is an intelligent and honored citizen. His 
wife is a true companion, a kind neighbor, a faithful and loving 

Susan A. Hayford', dau. of Oscar Hayford**, b. Dec. 3, 1868, 
m. Feb. i, 1886, Dr. Henry T. Tirrell of Canton, Me., b. Auburn, 
Me., Apr. 5, i86r. They have six children: 
^Arthur Lawrence Tirrell, b. July 4, 1888. 
^Shirley Oscar Tirrell, b. Sept. 30, 1889. 
*Iva Gertrude Tirrell, b. Oct. 3, 1890. 
^Clarence Henry Tirrell, b. Oct. 13, 1892. 
^Hermon Addison Tirrell, b. Nov. 11, 1893. 
^Albert Wesley Tirrell, b. June 13, 1897. 

Dr. Henry T. Tirrell, a dentist with a good practice, resides 
in Canton near his wife's parental home. He is a man of 
unblemished character, of scholarly attainments and possesses 
the entire confidence of his townsmen. Having been for many 
years a school teacher, he has often filled the office of superin- 
tendent of schools in Canton. For several years he has also 
been the secretary of the Androscoggin Valley cattle show and 
fair. His wife is also a well educated lady, a kind neighbor and 
a respected citizen. 

Asia F. Hayford', son of Oscar Hayford^ b. Canton, Me., 
Feb. 6, 1870, is unmarried and resides with his parents, taking 
an active interest in managing and carrying on with his father 


their large farm. Naturally himself a farmer, and having had 
the teachings of parent and grand parent, he has acquired a 
practical knowledge of farming that few of his age possess. He 
is a young man of excellent judgment, enterprising and ambitious 
of accomplishing the highest success. 

Carrie F. Hayford'^ and Myrtie B. Hayford", daus. of 
Oscar Hayford^ are both unmarried and reside with their par- 
ents. Both young ladies have been of great aid to their parents. 
Well skilled in all the varieties of employment that fall to the 
lot of the woman on a large farm, they have often 'been called 
upon to fill responsible positions in other families and places 
when they could be spared from assisting their parents, but have 
ever had at all times a deep interest in their own home, one of 
the best on earth, that of a contented and prosperous farmer. 

Frederick Hayford^ son of Zeri Hayford^ b. Canton, Me., 
Nov. 7, 1815, d. June 17, 1883, unmarried. 

Frederick Hayford^ was the first child born in Canton village, 
and was born the second year after his parents moved into the 
little log cabin to reside while they built the two mills and sawed 
lumber ; first for the erection of his uncle Gustavus Hayford's 
house, and later, that for his father's. When quite young he left 
home and went to Boston, Mass., and was hired to drive a truck 
team, as many other Maine boys did in those days. He proved 
so valuable a man at this employment that he never failed to find 
ready work and good wages. For many years it was said there 
was not his superior, if equal, in the entire city in handling four 
and six horse teams. He seemed to possess a happy faculty of 
getting the greatest amount of work from his teams with an easy 
and quiet manner, as well as the highest wages for his services, 
and he was credited with hauling the heaviest loads of any one 
in the city. Like his father, he was a tall, well built, strong man, 
not as tall as him (six feet, seven and one-half inches), but well 
up to him, a man of remarkable physical ability. It is related of 
Frederick that a man who assumed to have a personal grudge 
against him, once persuaded several others, who were unac- 
quainted with his strength and power, to assist him in severely 
punishing "Fred," as he was always known. They enticed him 
into a small room in that city and all set upon him without cere- 
mony ; but they mistook their man, for with his long arms and 
great strength he held them at bay and felled one after the other 


and threw them into the street, until he had cleared the room of 
the whole gang, and for many j^ears afterward he was given a 
wide berth by that class of men. 

Never quarrelsome, always kind and generous to a fault, he 
was ever ready to share his last dollar with a friend in need. 
Thus he worked on for nearly forty years, receiving large pay 
but laying up no considerable part of it ; lending a helping hand 
to each and every friend who sought aid from him and seldom 
receiving it in return. He was finally thrown from his team, 
striking on the hard street and the load of a four horse team 
passed over him, crushing his limbs fearfully. He was taken to 
a hospital and cared for, and to the surprise of all came out able 
to perform labor. After this he was employed for several years 
by a wealthy man of Billerica, Mass., who became deeply attached 
to him, and he continued to remain here until he became blind, 
when his elder brothers, Otis and Zeri, pursuaded him to live 
with them during the remainder of his days. He outlived the 
former, and died while living in his brother Zeri's family, their 
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Oscar Hayford, kindly and tenderly caring 
for him in his last days. 

Melvina F. Hayford^ dau. of Zeri Hayford^ b. Canton, Me., 
Sept. 19, 1817, d. Dec. 16, 1899, at Dorchester, Mass., m. Mar. 
24, 1848, Addison Farwell, b. May 7, 181 3, d. Dorchester, Mass., 
July 18, 1858. They had four children: 
^Sarah Farwell, b. Mar. 10, 1849, d. Mar. 22, 1849. 
'George Shepherd Farwell, b. Nov, i, 1850, d. Sept. 6, 1877, 
•'Frank Addison Farwell, b. Feb. 28, 1853, d. June 11, i860. 
*Celestia Hayford Farwell, b. July 11, 1854, m. Leavitt F. Hum- 

Melvina F. (Hayford^) Farwell at an early age left her parental 
home in Canton, Me., and entered the employment of a wealthy 
family in Dorchester, Mass., with whom she lived until her mar- 
riage, having become attached to the family and they equally to 
her. After her marriage they settled in Roxbury, Mass., where 
her husband put on a line of coaches and omnibuses, running 
from there to Boston and returning on regular time. For a few 
years they remained there ; his business rapidly increasing and 
being well fitted and prepared, he made of it a success in the 
fullest sense. Mr. Farwell was a kind, noble hearted man, of 
strictest integrity, generous and fair in all his business transac- 


tions. He commanded the respect and friendship of all ; possess- 
ing marked business ability, clear judgment and a conception 
that was of great value to him in all his business relations. 
Diligent, industrious, with a perseverance that exceeded his phy- 
sical strength and doubtless shortened his days here on earth, 
for he applied himself so closely and continuously as to seriously 
impair his health. Like many others in their days of "high 
pressure," he overtaxed his strength and broke down in health 
while yet in the midday of life. In the meantime he had dis- 
posed of his interests and property in Roxbury and moved to 
Upham's Corner, Dorchester, where he put in another line of 
omnibuses for Boston and had a large livery stable connected 
with it. At this time Upham's Corner was considered well out 
into the country and was but a scattered settlement compared to 
the city of to-day. This also proved a notable, financial success, 
but ill health compelled him to abandon it in its height of pros- 

Mrs. Farwell was of great aid to her husband in all his under- 
takings, possessing excellent executive ability. She has contin- 
ued to add to the property left her at her husband's death, bring- 
ing up her own children, also an adopted son, with whom the 
same relations seemingly exist as with the other members of the 
family. She has bestowed great care and kindness in educating 
them to be bright and useful members and ornaments to society. 
And while the loss of her husband and three of her children has 
brought deep sorrow to her and the remainder of her family, it 
has not prevented her from being the "Good Samaritan" these 
many years of her active life. She has several fine cottages at 
that noted seaside resort. Onset Bay, being one of the pioneers 
of that place. With her only living child, Mrs. Humphrey, and 
family, she spends a large portion of each summer season there, 
thereby enjoying as best she can, that rest which she is so justly 
entitled to and has so well and faithfully earned. The remainder 
of the year she resides in Dorchester, occupying the same resi- 
dence as when her husband was living ; her daughter and family, 
and adopted son, Charles E. Main, making their home with her. 
In sickness and in sorrows he has ever been found a kind helper 
and ready attendant. 

Extract from a poem addressed to Mrs. M. F. Farwell by her 
invalid sister-in-law, Mrs. Alvira Hayford. 


"Thou angel of brightness, from whence dost thou come, 
With fairy-like lightness thus flitting alone? 
What charm draws thee hither, what chord of thy heart, 
And whither, oh whither, so quickly depart? 

A mission of mercy, what else can it be, 

That thus should entrance thee and drav/ thee to me. 

Oh, sympathy and kindness ; humanity given, 

To fit us for earth life; prepare us for heaven. 

With hands full of cordials, a heart full of love. 
Drawn alike to frail mortals and thy Father above; 
The sick and afflicted, wherever they are. 
Find alike in thy presence a bright, beaming star. 

Then follow, dear lady, thy mission of love, 
Press onward and upward to the Father above; 
May the choicest of blessings rest on thy pure soul. 
While ages on ages eternally roll." 

Dorchester, Feb. 25, 1859. 

Since the foregoing sketch was written the subject of it, Mrs. 
M. F. Farwell, has passed "over the river," and the following 
obituary is now added. 

In Memoriam. 

Died in Dorchester, Mass., Dec. 16, 1899, Mrs, Melvina F. 
(Hayford) Farwell, aged 82 years and 3 months. 

Mrs. Farwell was born in Canton, Me., in 181 7. Her brother, 
Frederick Hayford. was the first child born in that village. 
Early in life she went to Massachusetts where she was afterward 
married and has ever since resided. She leaves one daughter, 
Mrs. Celestia Humphrey, and an adopted son, Charles E. Main. 

Mrs. Farwell was brought to the home of her birth for burial 
and laid at rest in Pine Grove cemetery, Dec. 21st, at noon of an 
almost perfect day, a fitting emblem of the life it received. 

Irrespective of relatives, Mrs. Farwell had an unusually large 
circle of friends. Old and young came to her, bringing their 
cares and troubles ; came to her for council and help even in the 
years of her almost helplessness, and went away strengthened 
and encouraged. To all who knew her, her presence was as a 
benediction ; her life an inspiration. She never seemed to think 
it a hard thing to do to hide her own pain or suffering while 
ministering to another. Her own trials never made her less 
patient with, sympathetic or thoughtful of others, and what she 
did was always deemed by her as unworthy of praise. Rarely 


did she speak of her own troubles, and no one can recall a mur- 
mur or complaint at what she was called upon to endure. She 
was one who loved to have her friends about her, and her great- 
est happiness was to see them happy. Dissension and argument 
always pained her, and if forced to listen to it, after a short time 
she would say: ''Now lets talk about something else, something 
we can all agree upon." 

Her ready sympathy, the influence of her kindly life and her 
words of cheer and comfort spoken in seasons of trial, come 
back to each and every one who loved her, even in this, their 
hour of sorrow. It is as though she herself spoke ; as though 
she had paused a moment before entering the portals of a new 
life to tell us that there is no death ; that she, would ever be near 
us to cheer, comfort and help us as of old. Such was her belief. 
"Make my memory a pleasant one," is what she would have 
asked, and thus it is, the memory of a noble womar , che memory 
of a life serene in the grandeur of its patience ; gentle and loving 
in all its ministrations ; inspiring in its final victory, 

M. E. H. 

George Shepherd FARWELL^ son of Melvina F. Hayford^, b. 
Roxbury, Mass., Nov, i, 1850, d, at Canton, Me., Sept, 6, 1877. 

Bereft of a father at the tender age of eight years, he seemed 
to step at one stride from boyhood to manhood. He was truly 
one of nature's noblemen. Such kind and thoughtful care and 
consideration for his dear mother's and sister's welfare and hap- 
piness was seldom seen in one so young. Besides equipping 
himself with an excellent education, he early engaged in the 
effort to prepare himself for steady employment in a useful occu- 
pation. All of his time which was not necessarily devoted to 
school and family affairs, was set apart by him for this work, 
and he had a room in their home set aside for his exclusive use 
fitted up for his work where he could always be found at such 
times actively engaged in his chosen labor. Later, he served an 
apprenticeship to a Boston firm as a wood engraver, and became 
not only a skillful and expert workman, but showed marked abil- 
ity and demonstrated the talent of a true artist. After serving 
his time he started in business for himself, but alas, consumption 
claimed him for a victim and he died at the early age of 27 
years, deeply mourned by all. 

In Memoriam. 

At Canton, Me., George S. Farwell, only son of widow Addi- 
son Farwell of Dorchester, Mass., aged 26 years, 10 months. 

Consumption had made him its victim and the prayers of 
mother and sister could hold him no longer. His last words 


were: "God bless you all," and he then sank sweetly to rest. 
George was of an unblemished character. He was a member of 
the I. O. O. F., and the brethren showed their estimation by 
sending a full delegation to Maine to attend his funeral. His 
casket was bedecked with the choicest flowers. Gazing, methought 
the weary spirit was safe on the evergreen shore and the angel 
choir was chanting welcome to their beautiful land. A. H. 

Celestia Hayford Farwell®, dau. of Melvina F. Hayford^ 
b. Dorchester, Mass., July 8, 1854, m. Oct. 20, 1884, Leavitt 
Francis Humphrey, b. San Francisco, Gal., Aug. 9, 1857, d. 
Thomasville, Ga., Nov. 25, 1899. They had one child: 
''Leavitt Farwell Humphrey, b. Dorchester, Mass., June 3, 1888. 

Celestia Hayford Farwell, the youngest child of her parents, 
was but four years old at the death of her father and for many 
years she was in delicate health. She received a fine education 
and in early years engaged in trade, assisting her mother in carry- 
ing on a millinery store in Dorchester, afterwards having charge 
of it, and she still continues the business, though not devoting 
that attention to it as formerly. When a mere child she was 
stolen one day from her home in Dorchester and carried into 
the city of Boston, several miles distant. The family became 
greatly alarmed and search was made all that day for her in 
every direction. Late in the evening she was found in the care 
of a watchman of that city and returned to her almost distracted 
mother and friends. In her school days she acquired an excel- 
lent education, and is not only a scholarly woman with estimable 
qualities, but like her mother, has shown great executive ability 
and business talent. 

Her husband, a resident of Dorchester, has been employed for 
many years by one of the large wool houses of Boston, and has 
long been their trusted and faithful agent in the purchase of vast 
amounts of wool. This business takes him from home the larger 
part of each year, extending his travels all over the United States. 

Since the writing of the above Mr. Humphrey has passed 
away from this life. His health becoming sadly impaired he 
went south with his wife to spend the Vi^inter of 18 99- 1900. 
While there in October last, Mrs. Humphrey received a message 
from home saying if she wished to see her mother again she 
must come home at once. The attendant physician in Georgia 
expressed the opinion that her husband would survive for months 
but could give no assurance of his ultimate recovery. She 



returned home to be with her mother during the few days spared 
to her here on earth, but had hardly reached home when she 
received the information of her dear husband's death. A few 
days later, her mother also passed away. 

George O. Hayford^ son of Zeri Hayford*, b. Canton, Me., 
July 7, 1819, d. at Canton, Me., July 25, 1S39. 

He was a man of excellent character and possessed of those 
rich qualities that endeared him to all ; of a social, genial nature 
with a nobleness of spirit that won him many friends and he had 
no enemies. He met with an accident which caused lameness, 
and white swelling appeared at the knee joint. He was taken 
to Massachusetts and placed in charge of a physician but his 
family and friends always thought that he was the victim of mal- 
practice. He died at the age of twenty years, causing deep sor- 
row to all who had enjoyed his bright companionship. 


Gad Hayford'*, son of William Hayford", DanieP, John\ b. 
Turner, Me., Mar. 17, 1779, '^- Belfast, Me., Mar. 20, 1862, m. 
Apr. 19, 1800, Sally Bisbee of Sumner, Me., b. Mar. 23, 1784, d. 
May 14, 1866, They had eight children: 
^Charles Hayford, b. June 4, 1802, m. Zilpha Cushman. 
^Twin sons, d. in infancy. 

^Cyrus Hayford, b. Jan. 20, 1807, m. Arvilla Bartlett, 
*Asia Hayford, b. 1809, d. Nov. 1830. 
^Axel Hayford, b. Apr. 20, 1814, m. i, Elizabeth Bicknell, 2. 

Mary A. Cottrell. 
^Harrison Hayford, b. Feb. 6, 1820, d. Oct. 6, 1823. 
^Harrison Hayford, b. July 31, 1824, m. Julia Childs. 

Gad Hayford^ was born in Sylvester Canada, now Turner, 
Me. He was baptised by Rev. Charles Turner in the year 1799, 
at Turner. He was a farmer and for many years lived in Hart- 
ford. He was coroner, deputy sheriff and postmaster at Hart- 
ford from 1822 to 184T. When quite aged he removed with his 
wife to Belfast, Me., where three of his sons lived at one time. 
Here he resided with his son, AxeP, who built a fine residence, 
in which they pleasantly passed the remainder of their lives. 
He was named for Rev. Gad Hitchcock who was pastor of the 


second church in Pembroke, Mass., who was ordained in 1748 
and died in 1803. 

Charles Hayford^, son of Gad Hayford^, b. Hartford, Me., 
June 4, 1802, d. Apr. 23, 1885, m. Zilpha Cushman, b. Nov. 12, 
1801, d. Feb. 18, 1888. They had four children: 
^Sarah Hayford, b. Jan. 28, 1827, m. Alonzo Davie. 
®Lucy Hayford, b. Aug. 22, 1828, m. i, Luton Farrar, 2, William 

P. Bridgham. 
•Evelyn Hayford, b. Mar. 9, 1831, m. Silas Barrell. 
^Charles C. Hayford, b. Sept. 24, 1834, m. Lovina Turner. 

Charles Hayford^ although passing most of his life upon a 
farm, was a very good mechanic and worked several years as a 
carpenter and millwright. P'or the greater part of his life he 
was a hard working man, able and willing to perform arduous 
labor. Of a kind, genial disposition, he was always respected 
and esteemed as a neighbor and citizen. For many years he 
lived in his native town, but at one time was proprietor of a 
hotel at North Auburn, and several years lived at North Turner, 
Me. He retained his faculties to a remarkable degree in his old 
age, living to the age of 83. 

Sarah HAYFORD^ dau. of Charles Hayford^ b. Hartford, Me., 
Jan. 28, 1827, d. Oct. 11, 1894, m. Oct. 1845, Alonzo Davie. 
They had five children : 
■'William Alonzo Davie, b. Sept. 24, 1846, m. i, Mary J. Delano, 

2, Mary G. Carey. 
■'Charles Herbert Davie, b. Oct. 26, 184S, m. May F. Bridgham. 
■'Sarah Emma Davie, b. June 7, 1852, m. Edwin Cox. 
■'Evelyn Ella Davie, b. Aug. 21, 1856, m. George Barrell. 
■'Carrie Mabel Davie, b. Mar. 9, 186 1, m. George T. Otis. 

William Alonzo Davie'', son of Sarah Hayford^, b, Sept. 24, 
1846, m. Feb. 22, 187 1, Mary Jane Delano. He m. 2d, Oct. 12, 
1884, Mary G. Carey. They had two children: 
*Mary F. Davie, b. Aug. 29, 1886. 
^Gladys G. Davie, b. July 19, 1888. 

Dr. Charles Herbert Davie'', son of Sarah Hayford'', b. 
Oct. 26, 1848, m. Oct. 14, 1876, May F. Bridgham, b. Oct. 8, 
1849. They have one child: 
*May Davie, b. Feb. 27, 1881. 

Sarah Emma Davie'', dau. of Sarah Hayford-', b. June 7, 1852, 
m. Dec. 31, 187 1, Edwin Cox. No children. 


Evelyn Ella Davie'', dau. of Sarah Hayford®. b. Aug. 21, 
1856, m. Dec. 18, 1886, George Barrell. They had two children: 
^Herbert Frank Barrell, b. Oct. 11, 1887, d. Mar. 21, 1888. 
^Carrie Evelyn Barrell, b. Feb. 15, 1889. 

Carrie Mabel Davie'^, dau. of Sarah Hayford^ b. Mar. g, 
1861, m. Dec. 25, 1884, Geo. T. Otis. They have four children: 
^George Herbert Otis, b. Nov. 25, 1885. 
^Willie Prince Otis, b. Feb. 5, 1888. 
^Paul Franklin Otis, b. Dec. 24, 1889. 
^Edwin T. Otis, b. Jan. 18, 1892. 

Lucy Hayford®, dau. of Charles Hayford^, b. Hartford, Me., 
Aug. 22, 1828, m. Sept. 13, 1854, Luton Farrar of Buckfield, 
Me,, d. Nov, 4, 1869. (She m. 2d, July 30, 187 1, Dr. William 
P. Bridgham of Buckfield, Me., former husband of Delphina 
Hayford^. ) They had two children : 
''Child, b. May 15, 1856, d. in infancy. 
''Carrie Farrar. b, Feb. 9, 1858, m. R. C. Bradford. 

Carrie Farrar^, dau. of Lucy Hayford®, b. Dunkirk, N. Y., 
Feb. 9, 1858, m. Feb. 12, 1879, Roswell C. Bradford of Canton, 
Me., b. Mexico, Me., June 29, 1855. They have two children: 
^Alice C, Bradford, b. Jan. 10, 1880. 
^Marjorie Bradford, b. Sept. 2, 1888. 

R. C. Bradford taught penmanship at Hebron Academy, Me., 
for several years. After marriage he resided in Canton and was 
station agent for one or two years, then entered the office of 
that company, the R. F. & B. R. R., at Portland, Me., as general 
ticket agent, and at this time is traffic manager and treasurer of 
the P. & R. F. R. R. Co. 

Evelyn Hayford^ dau. of Charles Hayford^, b. Hartford, 
Me., Mar. 9, 1831, m. July 4, 1849, Silas Barrell" of Hartford, 
Me., b. Sept. 16, 1826, d. Aug. 9, 1891. They had no children. 
She is now living at Buckfield, Me. An account of her hus- 
band's life will be found under his name as the son of Betsy 
(Hayford) Barrell. 

Charles C. Hayford'', son of Charles Hayford^ b. Hartford, 
Me., Sept. 24, 1834, m. Sept. 13, 1855, Lovina Turner, b. 1835. 
They had three children: 

''Nellie Hayford, b. Mar. 27, 1857, d, July 11, 1873. 
^Charles M. Hayford, b, Apr. 7, 1863, d. Sept. 3, 1867. 
■'Willie S. Hayford, b. Aug. 13, 1867, m. Lillian M. Allen. 


Willie S. Hayford', son of Charles C. Hayford*, b. Aug. 13, 

1867, m. May 5, 1893, Lillian M. Allen. They have one child: 

^Donald C. Hayford, b. Feb. 12, 1894. 

Cyrus Hayford^ son of Gad Hayford*, b. Hartford, Me., Jan. 

22, 1807, d. Feb. 3, 1869, m. May 6, 1833, Arvilla Bartlett, b. 

Sept. 22, 181 2, at Hartford, Me., d. Apr. 6. 1891, at Hartford. 

They had four children : 

'^Christina L. Hayford, b. Oct. 12, 1834, m. Edward Davis. 

'Juliette Hayford, b. Jan. 27, 1841, d. Oct. 7, 1843. 

'Josephine Hayford, b. Jan. 27, 1845, ^- Harvey B. Russell. 

'Lydia B. Hayford, b. May 9, 1847, d. Aug. 31, 1869. 

Cyrus Hayford^ married his wife in Hartford, the native town 

of both, and after several years he moved to Canton village. 

He was a carpenter, and while at Canton he and his cousin, 

Gustavus Hayford, Jr.^, erected a large mill and entered into 

partnership, manufacturing to considerable extent, farming tools 

and implements, and shipping to wholesale houses in Boston and 

other places. Large sales were even made in Baltimore, Md. 

Later he moved to Belfast, Me., where he resided for several 

years, but finally returned to the former home of his wife in 

Hartford, where he died. 

Christina Hayford®, dau. of Cyrus Hayford^ b. Hartford, 

Me., Oct. 12, 1834, d. Jan. 26, 1862, m. Apr. 12, 1854, Edward 

Davis, b. Dec. 26, 1828. They had two children: 

^Charles A. Davis, b. Belfast, Me., July 30, 1855, m. Ida E. Jen- 

■^Cyrus Hayford Davis, b. Belfast. Me., Mar. 19, 1857, d. Yar- 
mouth, Me., Dec. 7, 1861. 
Charles A. Davis^ son of Christina Hayford', b. Belfast, 

Me., July 30, 1855, ^- Oct. 10, 1882, Ida E. Jenkins of Kittery, 

Me., b. Oct. 2, 1862. They have five children : 

^Emily Christina Davis, b. Sept. [3, 18S3, Rochester, N. H. 

^Gladys Rose Davis, b. Aug. 6, 1888, Rochester, N. H. 

'Wayne Edward Davis, b. June 8, 1890, Rochester, N. H. 

^Roger Hayford Davis, b. July 17, 1891, Rochester, N. H. 

^Horace Jenkins Davis, b. Feb. 13, 1893, Rochester, N. H. 
Josephine Hayford', dau. of Cyrus Hayford^ b. Jan. 27, 

1845, !"• Dec. 26, 1863, Harvey B. Russell of Hartford, b. Aug. 

15, 1842. They reside in North Abington, Mass., and have one 

child : 


^Cyrus Hayford Russell, b. Jan. 9, 1865, at Canton, Me., m. Amy 

C. Clark. 

Cyrus Hayford Russell^ son of Josephine Hayford^ b. 
Canton, Me., Jan. 9, 1865, m. May i, 1886, Amy C. Clark of 
North Abington, Mass., b. May 15, 1869. They have one child : 
«James Clark, b. Nov. 27, 1888. 

Axel Hayford^, son of Gad Hayford^, b. Hartford, Me., Apr. 
20, 18 14, m. Jan. 30, 1837, Elizabeth Bicknell of Augusta, Me., 
d. July 23, 1844. They had one child: 
"Olive H. Hayford, b. Jan. 12, 1839, m. July 16, 1864, Marcellus 

Cooper, d. Oct. 18, 1893. 

Axel Hayford^ m. 2d, Jan. 20, 1845, Mary A. Cottrell, nee 
Rogers, widow of Capt. Cottrell of Belfast, Me., d. Apr. 17, 
1885. They had two children: 

^Arvida Hayford, b. Oct. 22, 1845, d. June 3, 1874, unmarried. 
^William L. Hayford, b. Aug. 3, 1847, m. i, Apr. 5, 1869, Fanny 

Sargent, d. Aug. 3, 1870. m. 2, Jan. 17, 1876, Ida Newman. 

Axel Hayford^ was born in Hartford, Me., and had but few of 
the privileges in his early youth that boys and young men of 
the present time are able to receive at the hands of their parents. 
When quite young he went to Belfast, Me., where he entered upon 
his career as a man, alone and unaided, with limited educational 
advantages, and his entire capital consisting of a good constitu- 
tion, a strong heart and willing hands. After residing there a 
few years he was tendered the office of deputy sheriff, but being 
somewhat fearful of assuming the responsibilities of the office, 
and of his ability to perform its duties, he decided to ask the 
advice of a friend and relative in Canton, and accordingly made 
the journey, nearly seventy miles distant, with a team, and laid 
the matter before his friend, who heartily recommended his 
accepting the appointment, assuring him that it would be of 
great advantage to him in education and in business matters and 
would give him a more extensive acquaintance that in future life 
would prove very valuable to him. And yet there was a matter 
relative thereto that troubled him seriously. He knew of no 
friend to assist him in giving the proper bond ; that, however, 
was readily adjusted by this friend's signing his bond, and he 
returned home with a light heart and at once entered upon the 
duties of this office, which later fitted him fully to engage in and 


carry on for many years an extensive and successful business 
career. He was deputy sheriff and collector nearly ten years. 

In 1850 he entered into partnership business with William H. 
Burrill. They sold $150,000 worth of goods in five years and at 
the end of that time dissolved partnership. He then went into 
the stave business and sold and shipped 125 cargoes to New 
York. During this time he built a mill back of Bar Harbor. 
In 1863-64, he sold 184,000 bushels of potatoes and shipped 
them to the army ; ran lumber yards two years ; built Belfast 
foundry, 225 feet long, cost $45,000. He also built a fine resi- 
dence, costing $10,000, in which his parents lived for the 
remainder of their days. 

To expedite the building of the Belfast & Moosehead R. R. 
he worked fourteen weeks, running trains day and night. He 
was president of said road three years. When engaged on gov- 
ernment work in the civil war, he said to his men that he had 
but little to say about politics, but that "the government wasn't 
hiring men to spike its own guns," and every man on the works 
voted for Mr. Lincoln. 

In 1866-68, he built on Church and Beaver streets "Hayford 
Block," at a cost of $35,000, also two other brick buildings. He 
owned one square on Cross and Federal streets, on which he 
built and repaired six buildings. He was mayor of Belfast, 1868, 
1869, 1870. Mr. Dudley Sargent of Cambridge, Mass., nephew 
of his second wife, said to be the smartest man ever raised in 
Belfast, was brought up in Mr. Hayford's family. He also 
adopted his sister. Axel Hayford moved to St. John, N. B., 
several years ago, where he now .resides with his son, William L. 
Hayford. His mental and physical powers have been wonder- 
fully preserved at his advanced age of 86 years, excepting the 
sense of sight, having been nearly blind for several years past. 

Former Mayor of Belfast Dead. 

(Belfast Journal, Nov., 1900.) 

Axel Hayford, ex-mayor of Belfast, died at the home of his 
son, William L. Hayford, of St. John, N. B., Oct. 25, after a long 
illness. He was born in Hartford, Me., Apr. 20, 18 14, a son of 
Gad and Sally Hayford. He came to Belfast in 1840, and lived 
a few years on the farm formerly owned by his uncle, Arvida 
Hayford, and which still remains in the Hayford family, being 
owned by his nephew, Loretto Hayford. While living on the 


farm he was contractor for the support of the poor, and also 
served from 1843 to 1845 as deputy sheriff. He was collector 
of taxes a few years in the '40's. In 1845 his brother, Harrison, 
took the farm and Axel moved into the city, to the house on the 
corner of Cedar and Middle streets, now occupied by E \ 
Staples and J. W. Knight. He subsequently built the house on 
Cedar street now owned and occupied by George G. Pierce. He 
was a very active, energetic man, and was prominently identified 
for many years with the business and political history of the 

He was foreman of Vigilance Engine Co., and subsequently 
chief engmeer of the department. In 1849 he formed a partner- 
ship with William H. Burrill in the corn and flour business, and 
remained in the firm three years. They did business in the store 
on Mam street now occupied by Staples & Cottrell. In 1863 he 
contracted with the government to build the batteries in Belfast, 
and the following year built the barracks buildings in Belfast and 
Castine. He was for many years engaged in the lumbering and 
mill business, having a large stave mill in Orland and bein-^ 
interested in others. In connection with this he was an owne? 
in several vessels, one of which, built in 1872, was named after 
him, and is now engaged as a Boston and Belfast packet. In 
1866 he built the northerly end of the block which bore his 
name, and the next year built the addition in which the Belfast 
opera house is located, and was also instrumental in buildino- and 
improving many smaller structures in the city. " 

Belfast people have cause to remember him for his connection 
with the building of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake railroad. 
When the company was formed in 1867, he became a corporator, 
and was elected a trustee and president. The next year he was 
elected mayor of the city, which office he held three years. In 
his two positions as president of the railroad company and mayor 
of the city, he was largely instrumental in the settlement of 
many important matters in connection with the road. Public 
opinion was naturally much divided, and Mr. Hayford and his 
associates were the objects of a great deal of both praise and 
censure for their acts. 

In 1883 he went to St. John and engaged in the mill business 
with his son, but was burned out, and by this and other losses, 
his once large property was greatly reduced. Several years ago 
a cataract formed on one of his eyes and he submitted to an 
operation in the hospital at Portland. He was partially relieved, 
but has at times been nearly blind. In all business matters he 
was energetic and shrewd, and usually carried to a successful 
termination whatever he undertook. He was a charter member 
of the Club of Thirty, of which there are now but five survivors. 
Mr. Hayford was social and generous in his disposition, ever 
ready to encourage young men in starting in life, subscribing 


liberally to worthy objects, and helping the poor, in many cases 
unknown to any except the recipients. He was twice married. 
His first wife was Elizabeth L. Bicknell of Windsor. She died 
in 1844, leaving one daughter, Mrs. Olive H. Cooper. He sub- 
sequently married Mrs. Mary A. Cottrell, who died in 1885, leav- 
ing two sons, Arvida E. and William L. Arvida died in 1879, 
and William lives in St. John, N. B. He was the last of his 
father's family of eight sons. His son, William, accompanied 
the remains to Bangor, where they were met by Mrs. Olive H. 
Cooper, who arrived in Belfast Saturday evening. The funeral 
services were held at the family lot in Grove cemetery, Sunday 
afternoon, Rev. A. A. Smith officiating. 

Olive H. Hayford'', dau. of Axel Hayford^, b. Jan. 12, 1839, 
m. July 16, 1864, Marcellus R. Cooper. He d. Oct. 18, 1893. 
He was a resident of Belfast for many years previous to his death ; 
a prosperous and successful business man, and had acquired a 
fine property during an industrious, useful and honored life. 

William L. Hayford'', son of Axel Hayford^ b. Aug. 2, 1847, 
m. Apr. 5, 1869, Fanny Sargent. She d. Aug. 3, 1870. He m. 
2d, Ida Newman of Orland, Me., Jan. 17, 1876. They have one 
child : 

''Mary Hayford, b. Jan. 17, 1877, m. Sept. 16, 1899, W. A. Hen- 

William L. Hayford® lives in St. John, N. B. He inherits to 
a large degree his father's active business qualities and carries 
on a large manufacturing business, owning and operating exten- 
sive saw mills. 

Harrison Hayford^ son of Gad Hayford*, b. Hartford, Me., 
July 31, 1824, d. Mar. 9, 1897, m. Oct. 6, 1843, Julia A. Childs, 
b. Hartford, Me., Nov. 10, 1823, d. May 28, 1894. They had 
three children : 
^Francilla Hayford, b. Oct. 22, 1844, Belfast, Me., d. Feb. 15, 

"Marion L. Hayford, b. Sept. 23, 1854, Belfast, Me., m. R. H. 

^Loretto Hayford, b. Apr. 4, 1852, Belfast, Me., m. Hattie P. 


Harrison Hayford^ moved from Hartford, Me., to Belfast, Me., 
in the early days of his married life. Living a few miles from 
the business portion of the city on one of the best, if not the 
best, farm in that county. For a great many years he provided 


for and supported the poor of that city on this farm, and by 
industry and economy secured unto himself a fine property. 
For many years past his only son, Loretto, has carried on this 
farm and had the management connected with the same, his par- 
ents residing there also, and Harrison has given his attention 
largely to the feed and livery stable in the city that they have 
owned and operated. For nearly fifty years past he has been 
closely connected with the interests of Belfast, and well known 
and respected by its people. His wife, Julia A. Childs, was a 
daughter of Capt, Joseph Childs of Hartford and Paris, Me,, 
who represented Paris district in State legislature at one time. 

Harrison Hayford^ was 3d lieutenant, Co. A, artillery, 2d brig- 
ade, Maine State militia, commissioned July 28, 1857. 

Marion L. Hayford®, dau. of Harrison Hayford^ b. Sept. 23, 
1849, m. Feb. 20, 1873, R. H. Moody of Belfast, Me., b. July 8, 
1847. They have no children. Mr. Moody has long been a 
leading merchant of that city, being engaged in the drug busi- 
ness, and is a highly respected and influential citizen of that 

Loretto Hayford®, son of Harrison Hayford^, b. Apr. 4, 
1852, m. Mar. 17, 1874, Hattie P. Moshier of China, Me., b. June 
28, 1854, d. Dec. I, 1891. They had eight children: 
''Harry M. Hayford, b. Sept. 27, 1875. 
'True Hayford, b. Apr. i, 1877. 

''Richard H. Hayford, b. Jan. 27, 1879, ^- ^^g- 3) ^^95* 
'Ralph Hayford, b. Nov. 7, 1881. 
'Marion E. Hayford, b. May i, 1882. 
'Harold Hayford, b. Oct. 25, 1886. 
'Hugh Hayford, b. Oct. 25, 1886. 
'Hattie P. Hayford, b. Nov. 17, 1891. 

Loretto Hayford® resides on the old homestead of his father 
and supports the poor of the city of Belfast, carrying on farming 
and several other branches of business. The farm is a very 
large and highly productive one, beautifully located and com- 
manding a fine outlook, with excellent buildings and surround- 
ings. But few farms in the State can surpass it with all its desir- 
able features. Loretto Hayford'' has long been known through- 
out the State as a raiser of and dealer in high qualities of horse 
stock. In the prime of life, finely located and well situated, his 
many business interests demand his constant attention. 



V' <^ -^ ■ - .> • 

Albert Hayford*, son of Wilfiam^, Daniel^, John\ b. May 3, 
1785, d. Jan. 5, 1874, m. 1S03, Deborah Bonney, b. 1786, d. Feb. 
21, 1S53. They had fifteen children: 
^Washington Hayford, b. July 4, 1804, m. Jane Barker. 
^Albert Hayford, Jr., b. Feb. 3, 1806, m. Parmelia Godfrey. 
^Fiorina Hayford, b. Nov. 7, 1807, m. Abram Heath. 
^Zebedee Hayford, b. Apr. 22, 1809, m. Nancy Stinchfield. 
^Isaac Hayford, b. Jan. 26, 18 11, m. Charlotte Sampson. 
^Columbus Hayford, b. Feb. 2, 1813, m. Lavina Martin. 
^Artimissa Hayford, b. Mar. 7, i8t6, m. William Carl. 
^A-merica Bonney Hayford, b. July 28, 18 18, m. Eliza Whitney. 
^Cordelia Hayford, b. June 13, 1820, m. Benjamin Kenneas^pV^ 
^Alden Hayford, b. Feb. 28, 1822, m. Julia Austin. 
^Deborah Hayford, b. Jan. 10, 1824, m. i, Jacob Howard, 2, 

Sumner Whitney. 
^Nancy Hayford, b. Aug. 17, 1825, m. Rufus Beals. 

/^Aurelius Hayford, b. July 11, 1827, m. Margaret 

^Julia Hayford, b. June 11, 1830, m, Isaac Whittier. 
^Baby, b 183-, d. in infancy. 

Albert Hayford*, born in Hartford, Me., 1785, married and 
lived in Sumner until 18 13, when he moved to Salem, Me., where 
he cleared a farm, being one of the first settlers of that town, 
and he lived there during the remainder of his life, more than 
sixty years. He was the youngest member of the family of ten 
children ; a tall, strong man, of military bearing, having served 
in the war of 181 2. The writer has often heard him relate thrill- 
ing incidents of that war, experienced during his service in north- 
ern New York near Lake Champlain, the "Shadagee," as he 
termed it. Of Indian ambuscades, and the deprivations and 
hardships they had to meet and overcome. Once, while on a 
forced march on a dark night, through a dense forest, being 
formed in two ranks or files, an Indian sprang from the side of 
the path they were pursuing, and attempted to tomahawk his 
comrade by his side, but this comrade was an immensely strong 
man, and being on the alert, he ran his bayonet through his 
enemy and tossed him aside into the woods, not breaking their 
march, while not a word escaped the lips of either of the three, 
as they had received strict orders to maintain the utmost silence, 



being surrounded by the enemy. He said that he paid one dollar 
at another time for one cracker and thought it cheap at that. 
And of his later life, when first making him a home in the wilds 
of Maine, under the shadow of old Mt. Abram, which can be 
seen from such long distance in the surrounding county, he 
related many incidents. 

The writer recently visited this old farm and found, of all the 
descendants of that family of fifteen children, one small family 
bearing the name of Hayford. 

The wife of Albert Hayford was an estimable lady and all the 
old residents of that town speak of her in the highest terms of 
praise and her memory is fondly cherished by them. 

Washington Hayford^ son of Albert Hayford^ b. July 4, 
1804, d. Nov. 25, 1889, m. Sept. 6, 1829, Jane E. Barker, b. Mar. 
22, 1807, d. June 28, 1873. They had five children: 
•^Martha Ann Hayford, b. Aug. 15, 1830, m. Elijah Wrightman. 
^Illethura B. Hayford, b. Feb. 1832, m. i, Samuel Holmes, 2, 

Isaac C. Alden. 
•^Washington Carr Hayford, b, July 22, 1834, m. i, Fiorina Hay- 
ford, 2, Delia Hayford. 
^Isaac B. Hayford, b. May 13, 1837, m. Leah A. Rivier. 
^Orlando Hayford, b. May 17, 1841, m. Lucinda Denny. 

Washington Hayford^ born Hartford, Me., died in Waupacca 
Co., Wis., Nov. 27, 1889. 


(Copied from the Weyaunega Chronicle of Nov. 27, 1889.) 

Died, Nov. 25, Washington Hayford, aged 85 years. He was 
the father of Isaac, Orlando and Washington Hayford, and of 
Mrs. Martha A. Wrightman, all of whom survive him. Funeral 
services took place to-day. Washington Hayford was born in 
Hartford, Oxford Co., Me., July 4, 1804. He was the oldest of 
a large family of brothers and sisters (15), of whom there are 
four now living, one brother and three sisters. He was a seafar- 
ing man in his younger days, following the sea for six years. In 
1829 he married and settled on a farm in Salem, Franklin Co., 
Me., where he resided until he came to Wisconsin in 1849. He 
lived one year in Eon du lac Co., and the following year came 
with his family to Waupacca Co., where he has since resided. 
He was always one of the most patient and loving of fathers, 
and all through his sickness, in which he suffered the greatest 
pain, not an impatient word escaped his lips. "He put his trust 
in God and was not afraid." 


Martha A, Hayford'^, dau. of Washington Hayford^, b. Salem, 
Me., Aug. 15, 1S30, m. Elijah Wrightman, b. Feb. 25, 1820, d. 
Dec. I, 1892. They had no children. 

Illethura B. Hayford*', dau. of Washington Hayford^ b. 
Salem, Me., Feb. 1832, m. 185 1, Samuel Holmes. He d. 1856. 
They had three children : 

'^Florence J. Holmes, b. Mar. 11, 1852, d. Oct. 12, 1883. 
"Martha Ellen Holmes, b. Aug. 8, 1854, m. Lawrence Miller. 
''Samuel T. Holmes, b. Apr. 27, 1856, m. Emily Phelps. 

Illethura B. (Hayford®) Holmes m. 2. 1862, Isaac C. Alden, 
b. Jan. 24, 1824, d. Jan. 18, 1892. They had three children: 
''Jessie E. Alden, b. July 22, 1863, m. Dr. Edmund Moras. 
''Beulah Ann Alden, b. Sept. 20, 1865, d. Dec. 27, 1873. 
''Margaret I. Alden, b. Sept. 29, 187 1. 

Martha Ellen Holmes'^, dau. of Illethura Hayford^, m. Nov. 
25, 1870, Lawrence Miller. They had two children: 
^Raymond Percy Miller, m. Nellie J. Hayford". 
^Bertram Holmes Miller. 

Samuel T. Holmes'', son of Illethura Hayford®, b. Apr. 27, 
1856, m. Emily Phelps. They had one son and one daughter. 

Jessie E. Alden', dau. of Illethura Hayford", b. July 22, 1863, 
d. Mar. i, 1896, m. Apr. 19, 1891, Dr. Edmund Moras. They 
had one child: 
^Alden Edmund Moras, b. June 24, 1892. 

Washington Carr Hayford®, son of Washington Hayford^ 
b. Salem, Me., July 22, 1834, d. Dec, 13, 1892, m. Oct. 27, 1855, 
Fiorina Hayford®, dau, of Albert Hayford, Jr.^, b. July 3, 1832, 
d. May 29, 1876. They had seven children: 
''Lewis A. Hayford, b. Dec. 4, 1856, m. Kate F. Sutherland. 
''William L. Hayford, b. Jan. 16, 1859, m. Mary Lerperance. 
''Infant brother, b. Jan. 16, 1859, d. Jan. 22, 1859. 
''Amelia Hayford, b. Sept. 13, 1865, d. June 2, 1866. 
"'Eugene Hayford, b. May 10, 1867. 

''F. Burton Hayford, b. June 25, 1870, m. Clara E. Tingley, 
''Arthur G. Hayford, b. May 22, 1876. 

Washington Carr Hayford® m. 2, Delia Hayford®, dau. of Albert 
Hayford, Jr.^ They had four children: 
''Gertrude Hayford, b. Feb. 15, 18S0. 
^Kate M. Hayford, b. Dec. 25, 1881. 
''Fannie B. Hayford, b. Feb. 20, 1884, d. Sept. 14, 1884. 



'Lavina B. Hayford, b. Aug. 8, 1885. 

Lewis HAVKORD^ son of Washington Carr Hayford^ b. Dec 
4, X856, .. Kate F. Sutherland, Nov. 23, :882. They have one 

'Leroy G. Hayford, b. Mar. 22, 1885. 

(Last known residence, Belgrade, Nebraska ) 
T.n'^''."^r ^' ^^^^^^°'' ^°" °f Washington Carr Hayford", b. 
fiv:-cMidfe^" '"• ""• ^'' ^^"' ^^^-^ ^-^— • ^^ey have 
^Jessie B. Hayford, b. Nov. 17, 1882. 
'Olive Hayford, b. Mar. 31, 1885. 
«Bertha M. Hayford, b. May 22, 1887. 
^Edward M. Hayford, b. Feb. 5, 1891. 
^William P. Hayford, b. July 17, 1895. 

F. Burton Hayford^ son of Washington Carr Hayford^, b 

June 35, 1870, m. May 9, 1891, Clara E. Tingley ^ ^ ' ^• 

Isaac B Hayford^, son of Washington Hayford^ b. Jan. 13, 

^837, m. Mar. 5, x86x, Sarah A. Rivier, b. Jan! 13, ;833 They 

had two children : ^' '°33- 1 ney 

'Eugene Hayford, b. Feb. 12, 1862, d. Dec. 17, i86c 
Alice Hayford, b. Apr. 4, 1868, m. R. C. Bliss 

Alice Hayford^ dau. of Isaac B. Hayford", b. Apr. 4 1868 
..^^May 26, .892, R. C. Bliss, b. June 7/.867.' Tl^ h^d^ two 

^Dorothy Bliss, b. Oct. 22, .Sn,., d. Oct. 24, 1893. 
^Florence H. Bliss, b. Oct. 20, 1896. 

Orlando Hayford", son of Washington Hayford^ b. May 17, 

^OrvmrJ:'r/K T'"' "'" ''^'- ^'^^ ^^^ f°- ^^i'dren 
Drville Hayford, b. Apr. t865. 

'Lewis Hayford, b. Mar. 23, 1868 

JMartha Hayford, b. July 20, ,8;o, m. Wallace A. Ha«„. 

M ^' J ' ''• ^"- "' '*"• ■"■ ^^^y">°»d Percy Miller 
Martha Havpord', dau. of Orlando Hayford', b. July Z' 

i\ellie A. Hazen, b. Nov. i, 1887. 
'Kate A. Hazen, b. Oct. 16, 1889. 
«Edna A. Hazen, b. Mar. 22, 1896. 

.8^r!:V' ""r^"""' ^^"- °f Orlando Hayford", b. Mar. xx, 


Albert Hayford, Jr.^ son of Albert Hayford'*, b. Hartford, 
Me., Feb. 3, 1806, d. June 12, 1862, m. at Steuben, Me., Apr. 3, 
1831, Parmelia P. Godfrey, b. Steuben, Me., Apr. 27, 1810, d. 
Mar. 8, 1855. They had eleven children: 
^Fiorina Hayford, b. July 3, 1832, Steuben, m. Washington Carr 

^George W. Hayford, b. June 16, 1834, m., i child, d. Lawrence, 

Mass., 1S76. 
<^Winlield S. Hayford, b. July 24, 1836, d. Steuben, Me., Dec. 4, 

^James G. Hayford, b. June 8, 1838, d. Steuben, Me., Jan. 17, 

^Franklin Hayford, b. July 17, 1839, ^- Steuben, Me., Oct. 11, 

^Lafayette Hayford, b. July 17, 1839, <^- Steuben, Me., Nov. 6, 

^Harrison C. Hayford, b. Sept. 17, 1841, m. Esferviffin Nutter. 
^Delia Hayford, b. June i, 1844, m. Washington Carr Hayford. 
^Frederick S. Hayford, b. Mar. 8, 1847, ^- ^t bombardment of 

Fort Fisher, 1865. 
^Frank Hayford, b. Aug. 6, 1851, d. Millbridge, Sept. 22, 1851. 

Albert Ha3^ford, Jr.^, m. 2d, 1855-6, widow Nancy E, Robert- 
son of Gouldsboro, Me., mother of three children. They had 
one child: 
^Frank A. Hayford, b. May 5, 1857, m. Sadie E. Sawyer. 

Albert Hayford, Jr.^, went from his parental home in Salem, 
Me., to eastern Maine, town of Steuben, in Washington Co., 
about 1830. He first settled on Tunk river, where he built a 
mill and store and carried on lumbering and trade fifteen years 
or more. He then moved to Millbridge and was largely inter- 
ested in building vessels the remainder of his life. He was one 
of the selectmen of Steuben, and a barn is now standing in said 
town that he built and has the date, 1844, painted on it. In 
1894 his second wife was living, but all of his children but three, 
viz: Harrison C, Delia and Frank, were dead. Mr. Hayford is 
remembered by his former associates in high terms of praise and 
esteem. He was active, industrious and of sterling integrity and 
was a member of the State legislature in 1859. ^^ ^^ said that 
he left at his death a fine property. 

Harrison C. Hayford*^, son of Albert Hayford, Jr.^, b. Steu- 



ben, Me., Sept. 17, 1841, m. 1861-2, Esferviffin Nutter. They 
had three children : 
^Elmer Hayford. 
''Fred Hayford. 
''Minnie Hayford. 

He m. 2d in 1884, a Nova Scotia woman and had one daugh- 
ter. At last accounts they were living at Brier Island, N. S. 

Delia Hayford®, dau. of Albert Hayford, Jr.^, b. Jan. i, 1844, 
m. 1879, Washington C. Hayford", son of Washington Hayford^, 
b. July 22, 1834, d. Dec. 13, 1892. They had four children: 
^Gertrude Hayford, b. Feb. 15, 1880. 
■'Kate M. Hayford, b. Dec. 25, 1881. 
^Fannie Hayford, b. Feb. 20, 1884, d. Sept. 4, 1884. 
''Lavina Hayford, b. Aug. 8, 1885. 

Mrs. Delia Hayford'^ resides at Spokane, Wash. She writes 
under date of Sept. 25, 1899: "Many years have passed and 
time has wrought sad changes, still my heart turns fondly to my 
native State of Maine." 

Frank A. Hayford^, son of Albert Hayford, Jr.°, b. Millbridge, 
Me., May 5, 1857, m. Jan. 5, 1890, Sadie E. Sawyer, eldest dau. 
of Capt. Phiio Sawyer of Millbridge. They have two children : 
^Emma Florence Hayford, b. Jan. 17, 1892. 
^Genevieve Hayford, b. Jan. 20, 1S93, d. May 4, 1893. 

Frank A. Hayford^' has always followed the sea and has roamed 
the world over, in fact, is a thorough sailor and finally, master. 
He and his family reside in New York City. 

Florina Hayford^, dau. of Albert Hayford^ b. Nov. 7, 1807, 
d. Nov. 30, 1844, m. 1824, Abram Heath of Salem, Me., b. Mar. 
4, 1802, d. June 13, 1867. They had six children: 
^George W. Heath, b. Feb. 1825, m. Eliza Day. 
*Elbridge G, Heath, b. Apr. 13, 1827, m. i, Francis O. Graffam, 

2, Ellen C. Hammond. 
^Susan Heath, b. 1829, d. aged ly^ years. 
'Justina Heath, b. Oct. 26, 1831, m. Horatio G. Turner. 
*Mary W. Heath, b. Apr. 1833, m. Adoniram J. Mason. 
^Albert Heath, b. July 19, 1840, m. Lucy Symonds. 

George W. Heath^ son of Fiorina Hayford^, b. Feb. 1825, 
m. Nov. 13, 1853, Eliza Day. d. 1870. They had five children: 
"Charles A. Heath, b. Feb. 3, 1855, m. Ella C. Donham, 1882. 
^Benjamin E. Heath, b. May 21, 1856. 


^Ida F. Heath, b. June 28, 1858, m. George M. Carlton, 1875. 
'Euciba D. Heath, b. Apr. 16, 1861, m. Jacob Jones, 1881. 
^Edwin W. Heath, b. Feb. 3, 1865. 

George W. Heath*' m. 2d, Feb. 18, 1878, Roxanna Carlton. 

Elbridge G. Heath® son of Fiorina Hayford^ b. Apr. 13, 
1827, m. Apr. 4, 1852, Frances O. Graffam, d. Aug. 18, 1856. 
They had two children: 

''Ella Heath, b. Apr. 21, 1853, d. Aug. 16, 1854. 
'Fanny Heath, b. Aug. i, 1856, d. Aug. 31, 1857. 

Elbridge G. Heath^ m. 2d, Sept. 10, 1865, Ellen C. Hammond. 
They had four children : 
"Cora Frances Heath, b. July 8, 1866. 
"Washington Irving Heath, b. Oct. 21, 1868. 
'Effie May Heath, b. May 16, 1869. 
''Fred Elbridge Heath, b. May 25, 187 1, m. Bessie W. Maxwell. 

Fred E. Heath'^, son of Elbridge G. Heath®, b. May 25, 1871, 
m. Aug. 18, 1897, Bessie W. Maxwell. They have one child: 
*Maxine Gladys Heath, b. Aug. 26, 1898. 

Charles A. Heath", son of George W. Heath", b. Feb. 3, 
1855, m. July 2, 1882, Ella C. Donhani. They have eight chil- 
dren : 

»Ida Heath, b. Sept. 2, 1882. 
*Iona Heath, b. Mar. 9, 1884. 
»George W. Heath, Jr., b. Sept. 25, 1885. 
^Henry L. Heath, b. May 12, 1887. 
"Ethel M. Heath, b. Mar. 3, 1889. 
"Mertie J. Heath, b. July 10, 1891. 
^Harvey E. Heath, b. Aug. 18, 1894. 
"Clinton O. Heath, b. Mar. 28, 1897. 

Ida F. Heath'', dau. of George W. Heath®, b. June 28, 1858, 
m. 1875, George M. Carlton. They have live children: 
"Bertha M. Carlton, b. May 18, 1876. 
"Fred Carlton, b. 1878. 
"Durria Carlton, b. 1881. 
"Fiorina D. Carlton, b. 1883. 
"Linwood Carlton, b. 1888. 

Euciba D. Heath', dau. of George W. Heath®, b. Apr. 16, 
1861, m. 1881, Jacob Jones. They had two children: 
"Ida May Jones, b. May 1881. 
"Leon Jones, b. 1884. 



JusTiNA Heath«, dau. of Fiorina Hayford^ b. Oct. 6, 18, r 
m. Aug. 3 X850, Horatio Gates Turner. They had five children ' 
Flonna May Turner, b. May 15, X853, d. July 35, 1869. 
Charles Albert Turner, b. Mar. 3, ^855, m. Abby Jane Gould. 
Ehza Frances Turner, b. Dec. 5, 1857, d. Jan. x8, 1883, m. Gee 

r. Derby. 

^Eva Bell Turner, b. June 10, 1858, d. Dec. 17, 1870 
Flora Adella Turner, b. Aug. 31, 1870, m. Charles Alden Cline 
Eliza Frances Turner^ dau. of Justina Heath«, b. Dec c 
1857, d. Jan. 18, 1883, m. Oct. 26, 1881, Geo. Franklin Derby 
1 hey had one child : ^ 

«Laura Frances Derby, b. Jan. i, 1883. 

Flora Ardella TuRNER^ dau. of Justina Heath«, b. Aug ,1 
1870, m. Feb. 5, X894, Charles Alden Cline. They had one 

^Albert Turner Cline, b. June 12, 1896, d. Mar. 21, 1897 

Mary Wisbur Heath«, dau. of Fiorina Hayford^ b. Apr 
1833, m. July 1853, Adoniram J. Mason. They have two chil^ 

'Ernest Bertram Mason, b. July 17, 1854. 
'Addie Justina Mason, b, Nov. 28, 1857. 

Albert Hayford Heath«, D. D., son of Fiorina Hayford^ 
b. July 19, X840, m. Jan. 7, c868, Lucie J. Simmonds. They have 

two rhi drpn • ■' ^ 

two children : 
^ ^^Albert Cheny Heath, M. D., b. Nov. 10, x868 

{/' 'Lucie Fiorina Heath, b. Dec. 24, X874. 
^\J Zebedee Hayford^ son of Albert Hayford^ b. Hartford, Me 

'^ ttL^l\fl'\^- '''"• ^'' ^''^' "^" J"'^ ^5, 1834, Nancy P.' 

T . t J"""- '' ^'''' ' • ^'""^y ^^d nine children : 

Amanda M^Hayford, b. May 28, X835, m. Belcher S. Stewart. 
Columbus Hayford, b. July 3 r, X836, m. Lavina P. Allen. 
Cehnda W. Hayford, b. Apr. 25, X839, m. Daniel P. True. 
Artemissa Hayford, b. Apr. 7, 1840, d. Oct. 4, 1861 

o?w' ^?^5''''. V^"- '°' ^^42, d. Ship Island, May 16 X862 
Cleora M^ Hayford, b. July 9, X844, m. Asbury Dodge. ' 

«Na^ha"s S. f''>K^"^ "' ^'51, m. Almo/carvflle. 
Nathan S. Hayford, b. Sept. 20, 1849, d. Nov. 9, xSG-- 

zXl^?'^'°'i' ^- ^"S- ^^ ^^53, m. Georgia Elli 
upSht man ^^Hel Tr''™^^^ occupation, a worthy and 


Amanda M. Hayford*^, dau. of Zebedee Hayford^ b. Salem, 
Me., May 28, 1835, ^'^- J^-^b' ^' i860, Belcher S. Stewart, b. Nov., 
1834, d. 1S73. They had no children. Resided in Salem until 
her husband enlisted during the civil war to serve in the army. 
After his discharge and return they moved to Farmington, Me., 
but her husband's health had become impaired in service so as 
to greatly shorten his life. He died in 1872. His widow still 
resides at Farmington. 

Columbus Hayford®, son of Zebedee Hayford^ b. Salem, Me., 
July 31, 1836, m, Apr. 20, 1866, Mrs. Lovina P. Allen, b. Sept. 
2, 1828. They have one child: 
■'Mellville B. Hayford, b. June 26, 1870, Presque Isle, m. Grace 

T. Greenlaw. 

Melville B. Hayford", son of Columbus Hayford*^, b. Presque 
Isle, Me., June 26, 1870, m. Dec. 6, 1892, Grace T. Greenlaw. 
They have one child : 
^\lice G. Hayford, b. Mar. i, 1S95. 

Columbus Hayford® when a young man went to Aroostook 
Co., Me., to look up a lot. He cleared a small tract of land and 
built a log cabin in the heart of the "forest primeval." When 
he started in he had not a sufficient amount of money to pay his 
fare home, had he wished to return, and was miles away from 
any store or settlement. He was thus situated when the civil 
war of 1 86 1 came on. He went into the army and served his 
term of enlistment. Upon receiving his discharge he returned 
to Aroostook Co. He later married widow Lovina Allen of 
Presque Isle, an estimable lady ; the mother of Col. Charles P. 
Allen of Presque Isle. They have one of the largest and best 
farms in Maine, consisting of about 500 acres, all excellent til- 
lage land with buildings of superior character and extent and all 
the modern improvements for carrying on the same. He has 
been styled "The King Farmer." His son now largely carries 
on the business and the two families live together. 

Columbus Hayford'' has long taken an active interest in all 
that pertains to the prosperity of Aroostook County. Especially 
among farmers has he identified himself with every interest con- 
cerning their welfare, and he is widely known throughout the 
State as a progressive farmer, a prominent Granger and a past 
member of the State legislature. 

Celinda Hayford**, dau. of Zebedee Hayford^, b. Salem, Me., 


Apr. 25, 1839, m. Dec. 20, i860, Daniel V. True of Livermore, 

Me., b. July 14, 1833, d. May 18, 1891. They had six children: 

'Nellie M. True, b. Feb. 23, 1862, m. Seth Hayden Beckler. 

^Daniel E. True, b. Feb. 25, 1866, unmarried. 

"Mellie M, True, b. Nov. 12, 1867, m. Asa G. Timberlake. 

'Harry J. True, b. June 25, 1873, unmarried. 

"Clara M. True, b. June 25, 1873, m. Newland P. Hanniford. 

'Chester A. True, b. Aug. 3, 1880. 

Nellie M. True', dau. of Celinda Hayford*', b. Feb. 23, 1862, 
m. Jan. 15, 1890, Seth Hayden Beckler of Livermore, Me., where 
they now reside. They have one child: 
«Earl Harlow Beckler, b. Oct. 8, 1890. 

Mellie M. True^ dau. of Celinda Hayford'^, b. Nov. 12, 1867, 
m. Mar. 19, 1887, Asa G. Timberlake of Livermore, Me., b. Feb. 
18, 1861. They have five children: 
^Agnes E. Timberlake, b. Feb. 15, 1888. 
^Mildred S. Timberlake, b. July 22, 1890. 
^Doris P. Timberlake, b. Dec. 11, 1893. 
^Millett Timberlake, b. July i, 1895. 
«Clara A. Timberlake, b. Apr. 2, 1898. 

Clara M. True'', dau. of Celinda Hayford", b. June 25, 1873, 
m. Sept. 1897, Newland P. Hanniford^ of Winthrop, Me. 

Artimissa Hayford*, dau. of Zebedee Hayford^ b. Salem, 
Me., Apr. 7, 1840, d. Oct. 4, 18161. 

RuFUS Hatford^ son of Zebedee Hayford^ b. Salem, Me., 
Jan. 20, 1842, d. May 16, 1S62, at Ship Island, Miss., while per- 
forming military service in the civil war. 

Nathan S. Hayford*', son of Zebedee Hayford°, b. Salem, 
Me., Sept. 20, 1849, ^' ^t Salem, Me., Nov. 9, 1862. 

Cleora Hayford*', dau. of Zebedee Hayford^, b. Salem, Me., 
July 9, 1845, m. at Salem, Me., July 14, 1878, Ephraim Asbury 
Dodge, b. Strong, Me., Feb. 23, 1843, ^l- Fowler, Fresno Co., 
Cal., Apr. 10, 1890. They had four children: 
■'Ralph Lincoln Dodge, b. Apr. 7, 1879, ^^ Salem, Me, 
'Chester Leach Dodge, b. May 21, 1880. 
'Infant son, d. Providence, R. L, Oct. 10, 1881. 
'Samuel Asbury Dodge, b. Oct. 27, 1886, at Providence, R. I., 

d. June 22, 1887. 

Ephraim Asbury Dodge enlisted in Co. G., 12th Maine Reg't 
Vol's, Oct. 28, 186 1, as a private. He was disabled and das- 


charged Apr. 9, 1862, at Ship Island, Miss. He re-enlisted Sept. 
27, 1864, in the 2d Maine Battery of Vol's; was appointed bugler 
and served until the end of the war. His widow's present 
addi-ess is Olneyville, R. I. 

Celestia Hayford®, dau. of Zebedee Hayford^, b. Salem, Me., 
June II, 1851, m. Feb. 22, 1874, Almon A. Carville, b. Nov. 20, 
1843. They had six children : 
''Efifie E. Carville, b. Apr. 25, 1876. 
■^Myrtle L. Carville, b. Dec. 12, 1877, d. Apr. 12, 1890. 
''Ella V. Carville, b. Nov. 21, 1879, ^- Aug. 20, 1880. 
''Alicia C. Carville, b. June 10, 1881. 
''Celinda T. Carville, b. Aug. 21, 1882. 
''Goldie M. Carville, b. Jan. 9, 1890. 

Present residence, Farmington, Me. 

Clarion O. Hayford^, son of Zebedee Hayford^, b. Salem, 
Me., Aug. 3, 1853, m. Oct. 29, 188 1, Georgia A. Ellis, b. Apr. 7, 
1855, at Farmington, Me. They had one child: 
''Nathaniel Ellis Hayford, b. Sept. 2, 1889, d. June 29, 1890. 

Clarion O. Hayford*^ was married at Farmington, Me., where 
he at first resided. Later, he removed to Boston, Mass., and 
has for many years been in the employ of the Boston & Albany 
R. R. Present residence, 475 Summer St., East Boston. 

Isaac Hayford'', son of Albert Hayford^ b. Hartford, Me., 
Jan. 26, 181 1, d. Nov. 20, 1883, m. Mar. 22, 1842, Charlotte N. 
Sampson, b. Aug. 8, 1818, d. Mar. 20, 1887. They had six chil- 
dren : 

'Clement Hayford, b. July 14, 1844, d. June 25, 1867. 
'Lafayette Hayford, b. Apr. 13, 1846, d. Feb. 25, 1862. 
'Ella Hayford, b. Nov. i, 1848, m. Charles H. Smart. 
'Edwin S. Hayford, b. July 25, 1851, m. Ellen M. Lovejoy. 
^Emma A. Hayford, b. Mar. 22, 1855, d. Feb. 12, 1862. 
'Franklin Hayford, b. Feb. 14, 1861, d. July 24, 1861. 

Isaac Hayford^ settled in the town of Salem near where his 
father located when he moved from Sumner, Me., and where his 
son Isaac was born. He was a farmer throughout his active life 
and enjoyed the respect of his neighbors and townsmen. 

Ella Hayford®, dau. of Isaac Hayford^, b. Nov. i, 1848, m, 
Nov. 8, 1885, Charles H. Smart of Phillips, Me,, b. Aug. 8, 1851. 
They have no children. Their present residence is Wilton, Me., 
whei^ Mr. Smart carries on a tailoring business. 



Edwin S. Hayyord^ son of Isaac Hayford^ b. Salem, Me., 
July 25, 1851, m. Sept. 10, 1879, Ellen M. Lovejoy, b. July 10, 
1848. They have four children : 
''Gertie L. Hayford, b. Aug. 21, 1880. 
^Eugene E. Hayford, b. Aug. 30, 1883. 
'Albert W. Hayford, b. Oct. 14, 1885. 
'Ola B. Hayford, b. Oct. 6, 1891. 

Edwin S. Hayford" has always been a farmer and lives on the 
same farm in Salem, Me., that his father lived on before him and 
which adjoins the old homestead of his grandfather, Albert 

Columbus HAYFORD^ son of Albert Hayford^ b. Feb. 2, 18 13, 
d. Feb. 18, 1886, m. 1840, Savina Martin, b. Oct. 14, 181 1, d. 
May 6, 1868. They had three children : 
"Marianna Hayford, b. Sept. 6, 1842, m. Luther Amazeen. 

•'Chandler M. Hayford, b. Oct. 26, 1845, m. Fannie C. 

"Harriet Aldana Hayford, b. Nov. 13, 1848. 

Marianna Hayford", dau. of Columbus Hayford^ b. Sept. 6, 
1842, m. Luther Amazeen. They have four children: 
'Gertrude Amazeen, b. June 23, 1864. 
'Herbert H. Amazeen, b. May 12, 1868. 
'Luther M. Amazeen, b. Sept. 23, 1870. 
'Hattie H. Amazeen, b. Oct. 15, 1874. 

Chandler Hayford", son of Columbus Hayford^ b. Oct. 26, 

1845, m. Fannie C. b. July 7, 1847. They have two 

children : 

'Dr. Herbert Scott Hayford, b. Oct. 10, 1874. Residence, 

Quincy, Mass. 
'Arthur Leroy Hayford, b. Aug. 2, 1884. 

Chandler Hayford" says of his father, Columbus Hayford : 
«'My father sailed from this city, Portsmouth, N. H., for Cali- 
fornia in Oct. 1849, ii^ the barque "Martha." I remember well 
seeing the vessel go down the river, also of leaving my father at 
the wharf. I was then four years old." Columbus Hayford^ 
never returned. He died at Mercedes Co., Cal, in 1886. 

Artimissa Hayford^ dau. of Albert Hayford^ b. Salem, Me,, 
Mar. 7, 18 1 6, d. Dec, 19, 1833. 

America Bonney Hayfords, son of Albert Hayford*, b, July 28, 
18 18, at Salem, Me., d. Millbridge, Me., Aug. 16, 1895, m. Sept. 
4, 1842, Eliza Whitney, b. May 9, 1824, d. June 23, 1889. They 
had six children : 


*Fanny Augusta Hayford, b. Jan. i, 1844, m. Byron Hall. 
•'Byron Leroy Hayford, b. Dec. 6, 1845, ^- ^^^ Rosamond Ray. 
^Hannibal Lafayette Hayford, b. May 30, 1847, m. Elmira Dyer, 
®AIton Hayford, b. Apr. 14, 1852, unmarried. 
^Albina Hayford, b. Oct. 12, 1854, m. Daniel Strout. 
^Lizzie Whitney Hayford, b. Apr. 22, 1858, unmarried. 

America Bonney Hayford'' was born in Salem, Me., and removed 
to Steuben, Me., about 1843, ^^^^ ^ f^w years later to Millbridge, 
an adjoining town, where he continued to reside during the 
remainder of his life. He was a blacksmith and edge tool man- 
ufacturer ; having learned his trade in the old axe factories at 
Readfield, Me. The writer visited him at his home during his 
last sickness and but a short time previous to his death. His 
neighbors and the citizens in general all had a good word to say 
of him. He was an honest, industrious citizen, a tender husband 
and loving father. 

Fanny Augusta Hayford", dau. of America B. Hayford^ b. 
Jan. I, 1844, d. Westfield, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1869, m. Oct. 14, 1866, 
Byron Hall. They had no children. They resided in New York 
State, and Mr. Hall was for many years a salesman for the John 
Matthews Co., New York City. 

Byron Leroy Hayford®, son of America Bonney Hayford^ b. 
Dec. 6, 1845, m. Feb. 15, 1868, Ida Rosamond Ray, b. May i, 
1 85 1. They had no children. 

Byron L. Hayford learned the trade of his father, that of a 
blacksmith, and as long as his father lived they pursued that 
trade together. The old shop is now standing in which they 
spent most of their lives. Byron L. Hayford is also quite a stu- 
dent in certain lines. He learned, entirely by himself, short- 
hand writing, having no teacher except his books, and held cor- 
respondence for years in that style with a friend. He is the best 
informed man of the genealogy of this branch of the Hayford 
family of any one the writer has ever met, and has been of great 
benefit to the author of this work in tracing the descendants of 
Albert Hayford^, of which he is a member, in its numerous 
lines of descent, scattered as they were at an early age all over 
our country. He still pursues his chosen avocation, but says 
of his "old shop" seems lonesome now without the presence 
his companion of many years, his beloved father. He is a 
level-headed, well informed man. 


Hannibal Lafayette Hayford^, son of America Bonney 
Hayford^ b. May 30, 1847, m. Nov. 8, 187 1, Elmira G. Dyer, b. 
Oct. 26, 185 1. They have three children: 
^Walter Sargent Hayford, b. Dec. 26, 187 1, m. Grace Moore. 
'Eugene Sawyer Hayford, b. Feb. 6, 1877. Unmarried. 
'Earl Hayford, b. July 7, 1882. 

Hannibal L. Hayford*" has for many years been employed in 
ship yards at Millbridge, Me., and has put the finishing touch 
to more vessels, probably, than any man in Maine. He is regarded 
by his employer as unequalled in his line of workmanship, and 
no other man can fill his place with this company and perform 
the work assigned to him and executed by him these many years. 
The elder partner of this company, in 1895, informed the writer 
that he with others had built over 100 vessels, and that Albert 
Hayford, Jr., was a former partner of his. He was then an aged 
man and has since died. The company, however, continues the 
business and Hannibal Hayford remains their final finisher. 

Walter Sargent Hayford', son of Hannibal L. Hayford^ 
b. Dec. 6, 1871, m. Nov. 23, 1896, Maud Grace Moore, b. Feb. 
24, 187 1, d. Mar. 18, 1898. They had one child: 
^Donald Moore Hayford, b. Feb. 8, 1898. 

Alton Hayford^ son of America Bonney Hayford^, b. Apr. 
14, 1852, d. June 23, 1882, unmarried. He was an invalid all 
his life, and while an exceedingly bright, smart young man and 
ambitious to engage in active business pursuits, his health would 
not admit of it and he died at the early age of thirty years, 
released from his long sufferings and sincerely mourned by all 
his friends. 

Albina Hayford^ dau. of America B. Hayford^, b. Oct. 12, 
1854, m. Nov. 4, 1876, David Frederick Strout, b. June 22, 1841. 
They have one child : 
'Lizzie Fanny Strout, b. Apr. 20, 1879. 

David F. Strout was a native of Cherryfield, Me. When young 
he learned the trade of a blacksmith and pursues that occupation 
now at Mill bridge, Me. He served in the navy during the civil 
war. This family has in its possession an ancient relic repre- 
senting "Joseph and hie brethren," published Aug. 19, 1795, 
brought from London, Eng., by Capt. Isaac Bonney and given 
to his daughter, Albert Hayford's wife, their grandparent. 

Cordelia HAYFORD^ dau. of Albert Hayford^ b. Salem, Me., 


June 13, 1820, m. June 9, 1848, Benjamin Kinnear. They had 
no children, and are now living in New Castle, N. H. 

Alden Hayford^, son of Albert Hayford*, b. Feb. 28, 1822, 
d. 5867, "^- Julia Austin, d. 1869. They had five children: 
'^Eltina Hayford, d. 1868, ae. 18 years. 
^Ella Hayford, d., ae. 2 years. 
^Clara Hayford, m. Frank Hall. 
^Ada Hayford, m. Frank Brown. 
^Ella Hayford, resides in Iowa. 

Alden Hayford^ moved from Salem to Steuben, Me., about 
1844. In the fall of 1845 he went to Wisconsin, where he mar- 
ried, lived and died. 

Clara Hayford^, dau. of Alden Hayford^, m. Frank Hall. 
They reside in Iowa and have one child: 
■'Ella Hayford. 

Ada Hayford^, dau. of Alden Hayford^ m. 1874, Frank 
Brown. They have four children : 
"Edward Alden Brown. 
'Jesse Earl Brown. 
'Herbert Clark Brown. 
"Neil Emmett Brown. 

Deborah Hayford^, dau. of Albert Hayford^, b. Jan. 10, 1824, 
m. Jacob W. Howard of Phillips, Me., b. Feb. 8, 1819, d. Nov. 
6, 1871. They had three children: 
^George S. Howard, b. Feb. 24, 1843, "^- ^> Jennie Cyphers; 2, 

Etta Tulley ; 3, Lavina Vanderas. 
^Charles A. Howard, b. Mar. 29, 1846, m. Emma Ellsworth. 
^A.lice B. Howard, b. Nov. 4, 1848, m. Albert Worthley. 

Deborah (Hayford^) Howard, m. 2d, Mar. 18, 1875, Sumner 
Whitney. He d. Mar. 20, 1892. 

Jacob Howard was a noted farmer of Phillips, Me., where they 
resided for many years after marriage. He was a great herds- 
man, and in early days bought large droves of cattle which he 
drove to Brighton, Mass. Their farm, with fine, commodious 
buildings, was situated a short distance from Phillips village, 
and was exceedingly well managed and very productive. In the 
year 1856, the writer with his wife and her brother, were passing 
through that town in the evening when they met with an accident; 
all being suddenly thrown from the carriage, his wife sustaining 
injuries. He led the team to the door of a house a short dis- 



tance away ; a light shining from the windows directing their 
course, and solicited aid and entertainment for the night, which 
was cheerfully granted them. Upon entering and making our- 
selves known, we were informed of the fact that we were inmates 
of the home of a kinswoman, Mrs. Jacob Howard, and the kind 
reception and generous hospitality which we received from their 
hands has never been forgotten. This was the first and last time 
we ever met. 

George S. H(3ward^ son of Deborah Hayford^ b. Feb. 24, 
1843, n^- Mar. 31, 1884, Jennie Cyphers, d. Nov. 15, 1892. They 
had one child : 
'George B. Howard, b. Nov. 7, 1892, d. Nov, 4, 1894. 

Georges. Howard*^ m. 2d, Nov. 11, 1895, Etta S. Tully, d. 
Feb. 8, 1896. 

George S. Howard^ m. 3d, June 22, 1897, Lavina Vanderas. 
They have one child : 
'Harry V. Howard, b. Aug. 11, 1898. 

Charles A. Howard^, son of Deborah Hayford^ b. Mar. 29, 
1846, m. Mar. 30, 1872, Emma Ellsworth. They have one child: 
7Blanche Mae Howard, b. Mar. 4, 1877. 

Alice B. Howard^ dau. of Deborah Hayford^ b. Nov. 4, 
1848, m. Sept. II, 1869, Albert Worthley, b. June 20, 1847. 
They have one child: 

7julia Edna Worthley, b. Jan. 13, 1871, m. Aug. 21, 1897, Earl 
Underwood, b. Mar. 28, 1870. 

The two brothers, George S.^ and Charles A. Howard^ moved 
many years ago from Phillips, Me., to the west, and were cow 
boys, as then styled, on the great plains for a number of years. 
Finally tiring of the wild life of the prairies, they went to 
Arkansas City, Kansas, then a small town, and built some of the 
first brick buildings. They were afterwards engaged in the hard- 
ware business which they have successfully followed ever since. 
Arkansas City is now a large and prosperous town. 

Nancy Hayford^ dau. of Albert Hayford^ b. Aug. 17, 1825, 
m, 1852, Rufus Beals of Turner, Me. He d. 1873. They had 
two children : 

^Rufus Winfield Beals, b. 1854, m. Has two daus. 
^Charles E. Beals, b. 1856, m. Has seven children. 

The wife of Charles E. Beals d. 1899. Nancy Beals resides 
in Massachusetts with the family of her son, Charles E. Beals. 
Has since died. 


AuRELius Hayford^ son of Albert Hayford^ b. July ii, 1827, 

d. 1878, m. Margaret . They had three children: 

''Aurelius Albert Hayford. 
^Llewellyn Hayford. 
^William Hayford. 

Aurelius Hayford^ moved west many years ago and no further 
record is to be obtained, as his brothers and sisters have never 
heard from him or his family these many years. 

Julia Hayford*, dau. of Albert Hayford'*, b. June 11, 1830, d. 
Aug. 12, 1857, m. 1849, Isaac Whittier, b. 1817, d. Nov. 3, 1899. 
They had two children : 
^Llewellyn Whittier, b. Sept. r8, 185 1. 
^I. LaForest Whittier, b. Jan. 15, 1853. 

Llewellyn Whittier*' m. Clara Belle Whittier. She d. Feb. 
1 88 1. They had one child who d. young. He m. 2d, Ella Gra- 
ham. They had one child : 
7Edith Whittier, b. 1885. 

I. LaForest Whittier*^ m. Elizabeth Catharine Frye. They 
have six children : 

7Wilbert L. Whittier, b. Sept. 21, 188 1. ' 

7Clara L. Whittier, b. Jan. 2, 1883. 
7julia L. Whittier, b. July 30, 1884. 
7Gertrude A. Whittier, b. July 5, 1886. 
7john G. Whittier, b. Sept. 6, 1887. 
7Dorothy E. Whittier, b. Aug. 2, 1890. 

Deborah Drew (Bonney7) Hayford, wife of Albert Hayford^ 
was the dau. of Capt. Isaac Bonney*', Ebeneazer^ Isaac'', William^ 
Thomas, Jr.', who came over in the "Hercules" with his father 
in 1634 and m, Dorcas Sampson, dau. of Henry Sampson of the 
"Mayflower." Thomas Bonney\ the father, was b. in Dover, 
Eng., in 1604, and m. Mary Terry and settled in Duxbury, Mass. 

The following memoranda was taken from records by Lewis 
Bradford, town clerk of Plympton, Mass., Jan. 13, 1835. 

William Bonney'' and Anne, his wife. Their children : 
''William Bonney, b. Jan. 4, 1693-4. 
^Anne Bonney, b. Mar. 4, 1696-7. 
''Martha Bonney, b. June 5, 1699, m. Isaac Thayer of Plympton. 

(His 2d wife.) 

William Bonney^ m. 2d, Mehitable King. Their children : 
''Isaac Bonney, b. Nov. 14, 1701. 


^Mary Bonney, b. May 9, 1704. 
■•Sarah Bonney ) ^ . , . _ o 

^Mehitable Bonney, h^'^'' ^^ ^^^''' ''' '^°^- 
■•Ebeneazer Bonney, b. June 23, 1710. 

William Bonney^ the father, was one of the first settlers of 

Isaac BonneV*, son of William, m. Feb. 22, 1727-8, by the 
Rev. Isaac Cushman, to Mary Harrel. Their children : 
■^Isaac Bonney, b. Apr. ig, 1729, d. Dec. 15, 1729. 
^Sarah Bonney, b. Apr. 4, 1731, m. i, Nathaniel Harlow, 2, 

Ephraim Soule. She d. Apr. 20, 1819. 
^Mary Bonney, b. Mar. 14, 1733-4, m. Thomas Miller. 
^Ebenezer Bonney, b. Mar. 2, 1735-6. 
^Samuel Bonney, b. July 16, 1737. 

^Mehitable Bonney, b. May 28, 1739, m. Benjamin Soule. 
^Elizabeth Bonney, b. Apr. 21, 1746, m. Joshua Churchill. 
^Abigail Bonney, b. June 18, 1749, m. P^zekiel Powers. 

Isaac Bonney'*, the father, d. in Plympton, May 9, 1772, aged 
70 years, 5 months and 14 days, by new style. Wife's death not 

Ebeneazer Bonney^, son of Isaac Bonney^ was m. Mar. 22, 
1764, to Deborah Drew, by the Rev. Jonathan Parker. Their 
children : 

^Ebeneazer Bonney, b. July 17, 1764, d. Apr. 29, 1768. 
^Isaac Bonney, b. Oct. 14, 1765. 
^Molly Bonney, b. Dec. 15, 1769, 

Deborah, wife of Ebeneazers, d. in Plympton. Ebeneazer 
Bonney m. 2, Anna Sturtevant, by whom he had one child : 
^Ebeneazer Bonney, b. Feb. 24, 1784. 

Ebeneazer Bonney^ the father, d. in Plympton, Tnlv 13, 1802. 
xA.nna, his 2d wife, d. in Plympton, 1823. ( Record says 1723, 
error. ) 

Capt. Issac Bonney^ son of Ebeneazer Bonney^ was married 
by the Rev. John Howland, Oct. 9, 1785, to Sarah Stephens, 
dau. of Edward Stephens. Their children were : 
7Deborah Drew Bonney, b. Mar. 21, 1786, m. Albert Hayford. 
7lsaac Bonney, b. Sept. 5, 1787, d. Feb. 5, 17S8. 
7lsaac Bonney, b. Nov. 10, 1788. 
7Sally Stephens Bonney, b. Dec. 7, 1790. 

Sarah Bonney, the mother, d. in Plympton, Mar. 18, 1791, ae. 


21 years. Capt, Isaac Bonney'' was m. by the Rev. Ezra Samp- 
son, Feb. I, 1792, to Hannah Perkins, dau. of St. Zephaniah 
Perkins. Their children were : 
^Stephen Bonney, b. Aug. 28, 1792. 
7America Bonney, b. Oct. 6, 1793, d. Westport, Mass., Sept. 25, 

181 9. Unmarried. Was a preacher. 
''Hannibal Bonney, d. young. 
7Mary Bonney, d. young. 

Mrs. Hannah Bonney d. in Plympton, Mass., Dec. 4, 1800, 
aged 36 years. Capt. Isaac Bonney was m. by Rev. John Briggs, 
May 9, 1802, to Lydia Sturtevant, by whom he had one child: 
7PolIy Bonney, b. July 18, 1S02. 

Capt. Isaac Bonney^', the father, d. at Dartmouth, Feb. 11, 
1S09, aged 43 years, 3 mos. and 2 days. He was the captain of 
the military company a number of years, and an active officer. 

Isaac Bonney?, son of Capt. Isaac Bonney^, b. Nov. 10, 1788, 
was published at Plympton, June 24, 18 10, to Abigail Stetson, 
dau. of Caleb Stetson and wife, Jane. Their children were: 
'^ICdward and Stephen Bonney, b. Plympton, May 5, 181 1. 
^George Henry Bonney, b. Plympton, July 28, 18 14. 
^^bigail Stetson Bonney, b. Turner, Me., Apr. i, 18 16. 
. Thus we find that Deborah Bonney?, dau. of Capt. Isaac Bon- 
ney*^, is the sixth in descent from Thomas Bonney, Jr., who m. 
Dorcas Sampson ; and the seventh in descent from Henry Samp- 
son of the Mayflower, to wit: Henry Sampson^ Dorcas Thomas^, 
William Bonney^, Isaac Bonney"*, Ebeneazer^, Capt. Isaac Bon- 
ney'', Deborah? m. Albert Hayford'*. 

Winsor's History of Duxbury says: "William Bonney had 
land at Namaseekit, Dux., 1694, d. or removed before 17 10." 
He probably married and removed to Plympton, as the first child 
named was born there, Jan. 4, 1694, and ever after resided there. 

Bonnei? jfamil^* 

Winsor's History of Duxbury, p. 228, says: "The name is 
generally spelled Boney, also Boni and Bonney. Thomas, a shoe- 
maker, 1640, had land northwest of North Hill, and 30 acres at 
Namaseekit, died 1693, married Dorcas Sampson, 2d, Mary 

, who survived him. Had Thomas. Inherited his father's 

land at Duxbury, m. Sarah Shirley, July 16, 1695. The follow- 
ing were perhaps children of Thomas (2d?): Mary, m. John 
Mitchell, Dec. 14, 1695; Joseph, 17 10, of Duxbury, drowned 
1 712. ( Was it not Ebeneazer ?) John, Dux., 1710; James m. 
Abigail Bishop, 1695, was of Dux. 17 10. William had land at 
Namaseekit, 1694, died or removed before 17 10." (Removed to 
Plympton. ) Mercy m. Nathaniel Delano, 17 14, and Elizabeth 
of Pembroke m. Samuel Delano, 17 19. 

The earliest settlers of Duxbury (1631 to 1635) were John 
Alden, Capt. Miles Standish, Jonathan Brewster, Thomas Prince, 
Collier, and later, John Howland, Henry Howland, Henry Samp- 
son, Thomas Bonney, Delano, etc. These settlers promised the 
Plymouth Colony : "to removed to Plymouth with their families 
in the winter time for the better defence against Indians, and to 
repair to the worship of God." The town was incorporated July 
7, 1637. It received its name of Duxbury out of respect to 
Capt. Standish, from Duxbury Hall, the seat of the Standish 
family in England. 

The bounds of Duxbury originally included what is now within 
the limits of Duxbury, Marshfield, Pembroke, Hanson and 
Bridgewaters. Marshfield was incorporated in 1640; Bridge- 
water, 1656; Pembroke 1711-12. 

Henry Sampson arrived at Plymouth, 1620, in the Mayflower, 
m. Anne Plummer, Feb. 6, 1635-6. He d. Dec. 24, 1684, Moved 
to Duxbury and was admitted a freeman, 1637. Had Stephen. 
John (inherited land at Dartmouth), Caleb, James settled in 
Dartmouth. Elizabeth m. Robert Sprout. Hannah m. Josiah 


Holmes, 1665. ni. John Hammond. Mary m. John 

Simmons. Dorcas m. Thomas Bonney. (See Winsor's Hist, 
of Dux.) Thomas Bonney was constable of Dux., 1643-4; an 
office of high trust. At the same time, James Hamlin resided 
in Barnstable, and John Phinney in Plymouth; all three were 
holding the same town offices. 
1640: Thomas Boney granted lands in Duxbury, 30 acres, on 

Namaseekit river, Apr. 6, 1640. 
1643: Among the list able to bear arms (16 to 60 years) in 

Dux., appears the names of Thomas Bonney and 

Thomas Bonney, Jr. 
1646: The names of Thomas Bonney and Henry Sampson in 

Dux., appear on list of freemen able to bear arms. 
1649: Joseph Bonney's heirs were land owners. 
1652: Thomas Bonney was resident of Dux., and surveyor of 

1661 : Henry Sampson, constable. 1694, Town granted William 

Bonney 30 acres, lying next to J. Boney. 
i6g8: Thomas Boney, member of town committee. 
1699: Thomas Bonney, Jr., granted land formerly granted 

Thomas Bonney. 
1702 : William, James and John Boney's farms all adjoining in 

1 702 : Town granted James Boney land formerly granted William 

1707: Every free-holder in Dux. was granted 20 acres of the 

common meadows. In list of names is found : Joseph, 

Ebeneazer, John and James Boney. 
1708 : John Bonney was chosen grand juror. 
1712: John, Joseph, James, Eberjeazer and Thomas, residents 

of Dux. 
1712 : John Bonney appears as head of family in new town of 

1 71 2: Marshfield, Nov. 28, on Tuesday, 25th, six men going 

oil the Gurnet beach in a whaleboat at Dux. after a 

whale, by the reason of the boisterousness of the sea's 

oversetting the boat, they were all drowned. William 

Sprague, Ebeneazer Boney and Thomas Baker were of 

1715 : John Bonney deeds 18 acres land. 1750, John Boney of 

Pembroke on a committee to locate meeting house. 

5obn 1Ha\>forb Branch* 


Until of recent date, and only since a large portion of this 
work has gone to press, has the author been able to trace the 
descendants of John Hayford-, b. Pembroke, Mass., (as will be 
seen by former records) Jan. 7, 1712. It is with pleasure that 
we now give a record of this branch, thereby connecting the 
parents with the many descendants hereafter named. 

John Heiford^ m. Abagail Albins, of Braintree, Mass., Apr. 8, 

John Heiford'-, son of John\ b. Braintree, Feb. 23, 1680, m. 
Lydia Pierce of Middleboro, Mass., July 3, 1706. 

John Hayford^ son of John-, b. Pembroke, Mass., Jan. 7, 1712, 
m. Nov. 23, 1738, Thankful Phinney, of Middleboro, Mass. 
Their children were: 

■•John Hayford, b. , d. 1742. 

^Joseph Hayford, b. , m. Eliza Bartholomew. 

■^John Hayford, b. Apr. 17, 1743, m. Elizabeth Riley. 
*Martha Hayford, b. Sept. 8, 1754. 

Joseph Hayford* married Apr, ig, 1761, Eliza Bartholomew. 
They had children : 

^John Hayford, b. at P'armington, Conn., Nov. 10, 1762. 
^Ira Hayford (?), b. 1762-3, m. Lydia Munson. 

John Hayford*, b. Apr. 17, 1743, Farmington, Conn., m. 
Elizabeth Riley, Apr. 6, 1769. They had seven children: 
^Samuel Hayford, b, June 17, 1770. 
^Mary Hayford, b. May 24, 1775. 
^Dorcas Hayford, b. Apr. 3, 1778. 
sisaac Hayford, b. Jan. 24, 1781. 
sAsel (or Asahel) Hayford, b. Apr, 11, 1784. 
sSylvester Hayford, b. May 21, 1787. 
jPersis Hayford, b. Aug. 4, 1792. 

Samuels had a son, Riley", former residence 1693 Washington 


St„ Boston, and he, Riley^ had two sons, viz : Howard'' and 

This last record furnished by Mrs. Addie Hancock of Coop- 
ersville, N. Y., just previous to going to press, prevents the 
arranging of the following records in their due order. 

John Hayford"* and wife, Elizabeth, both died and were buried 
at Champlain, Clinton Co., N. Y. John^ died Sept. 5, 182 1, and 
wife Elizabeth d. Apr. 5, 1809. 

Mrs. Hancock quotes from record in the John Hayford^ Bible, 
viz : "John Hayford, son of John and Thankful Hayford, was 
born Apr. 17, 1743. John and Elizabeth Hayford were married 
Apr. 6, 1769. John Hayford died Sept. 5, 182 1," and same 
inscription on tombstone. 

AsEL or AsAHEL Hayford5, son of John"*, b. Mar. or Apr. 11, 
1784, d. Sept. 1864, m. Feb. i, 1808, Esther Cobb, b. Mar. 8, 
1787, d. May 1859. They were both from Massachusetts and 
came with father John'* to Champlain, N, Y., ab. 1800, soon after 
their marriage, and settled near Rouse's Point Village, two miles 
distant. Isaac Hayford-% his brother, resided one-fourth mile 
distant from Asahels, and Dorcas^ two miles farther, near the 
Canadian line. John"*, the parent, lived and died in the family 
of Asahel5, and was buried near Rouse's Point. Asahel'ss living 
descendants comprise sixteen grandchildren and twenty-one great 
grandchildren. His children were : 

''Horace Hayford, b. Feb. 27, 1809, m. Elizabeth Cooper. 
''Mary Hayford, b. Mar. 7, 181 2, unmarried, d. Dec. 25, 1889, 

aged 78. 
''Henry Hayford, b. Aug. 24, 1815, m. i, Sarah L. Johnson, 2, 

Elinor Manning, 3, Emily Lewis. 
^Semira Hayford, b. Aug. 23, 1817, m. Chancey Smith. 
''Hiram Hayford, b. Aug. 7, 18 ig, m. Mildred A. Tillman. 
''Octavia Emeline Hayford, b. Aug. 20, 1824, m. James A. Man- 

Horace Hayford^ son of Asahel Hayford?, b. Feb. 27, 1809, 
d. Dec. 17, 187 1, m. Mar. 29, 1837, Elizabeth Cooper. They 
had three children : 

7Mary Adaliza Hayford, b. Feb. 21, 1838, m. Chas. B. Hancock. 
^Catharine Amelia Hayford, b. Apr. 20, 1840, m. Edward Hersey 

Sylvester Cobb Hayford, b. Feb. 23, 1843, ^'^- Jennie E. Alley. 


Mary Adeliza Hayford7, dau. of Horace Hayford^ b. Feb. 
21, 1838, m. Apr. 7, 1873, Charles B. Hancock. They have one 
child : 
'Lottie A. Hancock, b. June 30, 1881. 

All living at Coopersville, N. Y. 

Catharine Amelia Hayford?, dau. of Horace Hayford^ b. 
Apr. 20, 1840, m. Oct. 18, 187 1, Edward Hersey Cleaveland. 
No children. 

Sylvester Cobb Hayford7, son of Horace Hayford*, b. Feb. 
23, 1843, "^- Apr. 28, 1864, Jennie E. Alley. They had three 
children : 

^Horace A. Hayford, b. Aug. 25, 1865, d. June 2, 1872. 
*Inez Albertine Hayford, b. 1874. 
'Frank Leslie Hayford, b. 1879. 

All living at Coopersville, N. Y. 

Henry Hayford^ son of Asahel Hayfords, b. Aug. 24, 18 15, 
d. Aug. 1899, m. ist, June 13, 1844, Sarah L. Johnson; m. 2d, 
July 4, 1848, Elinor Manning; m. 3d, Jan. 1864, Emily Lewis. 
Their children were : 

7Dexter Hayford, b. Jan. 1846, at Champlain, N. Y. 
^Wallace Hayford, b. Sept. 1856, at Champlain, N. Y. 
^Lottie Hayford, b. at Beloit, Wis. 

Semira Hayford7, b. Aug. 23, 18 17, d. Apr. 24, 1899, m. 
Chauncey Smith, Champlain, N. Y., Mar. 24, 1846. Their chil- 
dren were: 

'Franklin Pierce Smith, b. 1852. 
'Antoinette Smith, b. 1850. 
'John Smith, b. 1854. 
'Ella Smith, b. 1856. 

Hiram Hayford*', son of Asahel Hayford^, b. Aug. 7, 18 19, d. 
Jan. 1880, m. June 28, 1855, Mildred A. Tillman. Their chil- 
dren were : 

7Benjamin B. Hayford, b. June 24, 1856. 
70scar Ebeneazer Hayford, b. May 23, 1858. 
7Hiram Cornelius Hayford, b. Nov. 29, 1860. 
7Emily Welton Hayford, b. Apr. 27, 1863. 

All b. at Rouse's Point, N. Y. 
7john Fillmore Hayford, b. May 19, 1868. 
7Clara Louisa Hayford, b, Oct, 13, 1870. 


(Champlain Counsellor.) 

Friday, June 21, 1961. 

John Hayford and family, who have been visiting with his 
brother, Hiram, for several days, left for Buffalo Friday last, 
where he will remain a few days before returning to his home, 
Washington, D. C. Mr. Hayford is chief of the Computing 
Division x>i the U. S. Coast Survey. He was during '89 and '90 
a pupil of Union Free School of this village, after which he took 
a two year's course in the High school of Detroit, Mich. He 
then entered the employ of the government as civil engineer and 
from which he has worked his way up unassisted to his present 
high position, commanding a salary of several thousand a year. 

OcTAViA Emeline Hayford^ dau. of Asahel Hayford^, b. Aug. 
20, 1824, m. July 2, 1850, James A. Manning. They had one 
child : 
"Antoinette Manning, m. Frederick Stolt, d. 1876. 

Isaac Hayford?, son of John Hayford"*, b. Jan. 24, 1781, m. 
Amanda Hayford, the dau. of his cousin, Ira?. They had thir- 
teen children : 
^Hilah Hayford, b. Nov. 13, 1806, m. i, Hiram Dudley, 2, Merritt 

^Altana Hayford, b. Feb. 3, 1808, m, i, Elias Starkes, 2, Wash- 
ington Douglass. 
^Emily Hayford, b. June 13, 1810, d. young. 
Levi Hayford, b. Mar. 8, 181 2, m. Caroline Walker. 
^William Hayford, b. Apr. 20, 1814, m. Harriet E. Heaberd. 
®Lucy Hayford, b. Apr. 2, 1816, m. Benjamin White. 3 eh : 

Sarah Ann, Horace and George. 
'^Halsey Hayford, b. May 14, 1818, d. 1832, 14 years of age. 
"Samuel Hayford, b. Apr. 11, 1S20, m. Cordelia Samantha Lord. 
•^John Hayford, b. Apr. 24, 1822, m. Leah Melinda Converse. 
Celia Ann Hayford, b. June 8, 1824, d. ae. 30, unmarried, 
''George Silas Hayford, b. Oct. 11, 1826, m. Sarah Jane White. 
"Lydia Elizabeth Hayford, b. Nov. 18, 1829, m. William Horton. 
^Alvira Hayford, b. Sept. 15, 1832, m, William Valentine. 

The only one of Isaac Hayford'ss children living in igoi is 
Mrs. Lydia Elizabeth Hortonl 

Isaac Hayford? served in the war of 181 2, and for his bounty 
received his farm at Rouse's Point, N. Y. 

HiLA Hayford^ dau. of Isaac Hayford?, b. Nov. 13, 1806, m, 
I, Hiram Dudley; m. 2, Merritt Hamilton. No children, 


Altana Havford', dau. of Isaac Hayford', b. Feb. 3, 1808, 
m. Elias Starkes. They had six children : Elias', Sarah'' m. 
Abijah Stow, Charles Silas", Joel", Amanda", unmarried. 

Altana Hayford Starks m. 2, Washington Douglass. They had 
one child : Mary Jane Douglass". 

Levi Hayford®, son of Isaac Hayfords, b. Mar. 8, 181 2, m. 
Caroline Walker. They had three children : John", Eveline", 

William Hayford*', son of Isaac Hayford?, b. Apr. 20, 1814, 
m. Mar. 9, 1845, Harriet E. Heabard. They had two children: 
'Harriet Louisa Hayford, b. Mar. i, 1846, m. George E. Woodard. 
'Addie C. Hayford, b. Oct, 25, 1854, m. Wm. Hayford, d, Apr. 
26, 1877. 

Harriet Louisa Hayford", dau. of William Hayford", b. 
Mar. I, 1846, m. Apr. 8, 1872, George E. Woodard. They had 
two children : 

^William E, Woodard, b. Nov. 18, 1873. 
**Mary Rose Woodard, b. Jan. 9, 1890. 

Lucy Hayford®, dau. of Isaac Hayford?, b. Apr. 2, 181 6, m. 
Horace White. They had three children : Sarah Ann", Horace' 
and George White". 

Samuel Hayford®, son of Isaac Hayford?, b. Apr. 11, 1820, 
m. Jan, i, 1845, Cordelia S. Lord. They had nine children: 
'Gilson Hayford, b. Mar, 15, 1846, m. Sept. 15, 1867, Rachel 

Griffith, Four children: George Hudson^, b. July 4, 1868; 

Mary Augusta^, b, Feb, 1, 1876; Homer Lord^ b, Aug. 12, 

1878 ; Harold Gilson^ b. June 3, 1887. 
"Albert Hayford, b. Apr, 19, 1849, <^' J^^Y 4» ^^53- 

'Harlow Hayford, b. Mar. 2, 185 1, m. Lucy Jandreau, June 30, 
1872. Eight children: Albert^, b. Apr, 4, 1873; George', b. 
Feb. 27, 1875; Eugene^ b, Aug. 17, 1877; Clara^ b. Oct. 18, 

1879 ; Ida^ b, Sept. 26, 1881 ; Lizzie^ b. Jan. 7, 1883 ; Adaline^ 
b. Oct. 17, 1885 ; Lillie^ b. Aug. 29, 1888. 

'Dorcas E. Hayford, b. Apr. 5, 1853, d. Jan. 5, 1890, m. David 
Sharp. One child : Clarence^ 

'John M. Hayford, b. Sept. 2, 1856, m. Mary Link. Two chil- 
dren : Chester Samuel^ and Sewall Al 

'Halsey Hayford, b. July 27, 1858, m. Addie L. Hayford', Jan. 
25, 1888. They have two children: SamueP, b. Sept. 10, 
1890; Orville^ b. Apr. 2, 1893. 



"Clara Hayford, b. June i, 1S61, m. Wm. Prouty. One child: 

Daniel Prouty^. 
''William Henry Hayford, b. Jan. 25, 1864, d. July 2, 1864. 
"Hannah Minthorn Hayford, b. Feb. 16, 1867, d. July 14, 1867. 

John Hayford", son of Isaac Hayfords, b. Apr. 24, 1822, d. 
Apr. 18, 1868, m. June 2, 1854, Leah Malinda Converse. They 
had two children : 
"Addie L, Hayford, b. Nov. 6, 1858, m. Halsey Hayford", b. July 

27,1858. '[\vo children : SamueF and Orville^ 
"Eva Anm Hayford, b. May 20, i860, m. Wm. H. Deal. One 
child : Lola DeaP. 

George Silas Hayford*', son of Isaac Hayford-S b. Oct. 11, 
1826, m. Sarah Jane White. They had six children: 
■^William Hayford, m. Electra Joy. Two children. 
''Robert Hayford m. Ann Joy. 
''Amanda Hayford, d. young. 

''Elizabeth Ann Hayford, m. Flackey Hill. Had four children. 
■'Katie Hayford, d. young. 
''Silas Hayford, unmarried. 

Lydia Elizabeth Hayford^ dau. of Isaac Hayfords, m. Wm, 
Horton. Had one child : "Phebia, m., i, John Carrier, 2, Arnold 

Alvira Hayford'\ dau. of Isaac Hayfords, b. Sept. 15, 1832, 
m. William Valentine. No children. 

Persis Hayford"^, dau. of John Hayford*, m. Benj. Streeter. 
They had one child, d. young. 

Sergt. Sylvester Hayford?, son of John Hayford*, b. Farm- 
ington, Conn., Aug. 4, 1792, d. Oct. 14, 1812, (May 21, 1787-8 as 
per Bible records), m. Abigail Murray, d. t8ii. They had two 
children : 

^Solomon Hayford, b. June i, 1806, m. Sabrina Hyde. 
^Mary Hayford, b. Apr. i, 1808, m. Horace Ferris. 

Solomon Hayford**, son of Sylvester Hayford?, b. June i, 
1806, d. Apr. 6, 1S90, m. Dec. 27, 1829, Sabrina Hyde, d. July 
20, 1851. They had hve children: 
''John Henry Hayford, b. Oct. 20, 1831, m. Mar. 21, 1855, d. 

May 17, 1859. 
''Jerome Hayford, b. Oct. 29, 1834, d, Jan. 26, 1834, (?) 
''Sylvester Hayfo-rd, b. Apr, 29, 1836, d. July 3, 1857, 
''Charles Hayford, b, Feb. 22, 1839. 


"Selim Hayford, b. Mar. 8, 1852. (?) 

Solomon Hayford* m, 2, Minerva Jerome, May 20, 1852, 

Mary Hayford'^, dau. of Sylvester Hayfords, b. Apr. i, 1808, 
m. Nov, 4, 1829, Horace Ferris, b. Feb. 5, 1796. They had 
three children : 

''Amanda, Ferris, b. Nov. 18, 1833, m. Oct, 21, 1851, 
'Warren Ferris, b. Nov. 2, 1835, 
"Walter H, Ferris, b, Nov, 9, 1840. 

Sylvester Hayfords m. 2, Elizabeth Gessuer, dau, of John N, 
Gessuer and Anna Onderhook, Dec. 4, 18 14. They had six chil- 
dren : 
^Julian S, Hayford, b. May 31, 1S16, m. Sept, lo, 1832, Isaac 

Hubbard, b. Mar. 10, 18 10, d. iVfar, 5, 1890. She d, Jan, 17, 

1896, at Waterford, N, Y. 
^Capt, Henry Hayford, b, Feb. 4, 1820, m, Jan, 16, 1845, ^^- West 

Troy, N, Y„ Dec. 3, 1890. Five children, 
'Sylvia Maria Hayford, b. Mar, 9, 1822, m. i, June 30, 1836, 

Isaac Patton; m. 2, Fisher Ames Wilder, Nov. 11, 1854. She 

died Burlington, Vt„ Sept, g, 1896, 
^Capt. Riley Hayford, b. Jan. 27, 1824, m. Nov. 25, 1850, Eliza 

J. Turner. He d. in Boise City, Idaho, Mar. 26, 1895. 
'Hilah Ann Hayford, b. Oct. 3, 1825, m. Aug. 30, 1849, Joseph 

Podmore. He d. Aug. 9, 186 1, at West Troy, N. Y. 
'Charles William Hayford, b. Feb. 27, 1827, m. July 27, 1858. 

He d. in Jersey City, N. J., Feb. 16, 1891. Two children. 

Sergt. Sylvester Hayford"^ came to Champlain, New York, 
about 1808 with his parents. He died in a hospital at Savannah^ 
Ga., Sept. 7, 1840. 

Capt. Riley Hayford', son of Sylvester Hayford^ b. Sche- 
nectady, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1824, m. Eliza Jane Turner in Buffalo, 
N, Y., Nov. 25, 1850. He was a captain on the Great Lakes for 
many years. Moved to Illinois in 1865, thence to Nebraska in 
1885, thence to Idaho in 1889, died at Boise City, Idaho, Mar. 
27,1895. His widow died May 8, 1898. They had five children : 
'Henry Hartley Hayford, b. Aug, 13, 1852, m, Kate Eleanor 

'William J. Hayford, b. 1854, m, Eva Wilson. 
'Riley Hayford, Jr., b, 1856, m. Charlotte Crane, 
'George Hayford, b. Sept. 8, 1858, m, Tillie McCarty. 
'Grace Mills Hayford, b. 1865, m. Chas. L. Joy. 


Henry Hartley Hayford", son of Capt. Riley Hayford*, b. 
Aug. 13, 1 85 2, at Perrysburg, Ohio, and was raised in Buffalo, 
N. Y., went to Illinois with his father. Married in 1876 Kate 
Eleanor Waite of Hamlet, 111. f hey had three children : Maud 
B.^, Leslie H.^ and Clyde Hayford'^ He married 2, 1894, Emma 
Olive Terrill of Chicago. Most of his life was spent as a travel- 
ing man. His residence for the past few years has been in Des 
Moines, Iowa. Later he moved to Omaha, Neb. 

William J. Hayford", son of Capt. Riley Hayford®, m. Nov. 
23, 1881, Eva Wilson, at Russell, Iowa. He died Sept. 10, 1895, 
at Clarinda, Iowa. They had four children, two living, viz.: 
^Jay Lee Hayford, b. Apr. 25, 1887, at Belvidere, Neb. 
^Anne Gessuer Hayford, b. May 3, 1893, at Milford, Neb. 

Riley Hayford. Jr.', son of Capt. Riley Hayford*"', b. 1856, 
m, Charlotte Crane of New York City. Children. 

George Hayford', son of Capt. Riley Hayford", b. Sept. 8, 
1858, m. Tillie McCarty of Milan, 111. They had three chil- 
dren : 

^Eelle Hayford, b. Jan. 26, 1878. 
^Grace Hayford, b. July 12, 1883. 
^Juanita Hayford, b. Oct, 6, 1890. 

Belle Hayford "^ m. Albert Chamberlain, 1896, at Los Angeles, 
Cal. One child: Edith-', b. Apr. 26, 1898. 

Grace Hayford'' m. Albert Kline, 1898, at San Francisco, Cal. 
One child: Edna'', b. May, 1900. 

Grace Mills Hayford", dau. of Capt. Riley Hayford*, b. 1865, 
m. Dec. 1896, Chas. L. Joy, at Lincoln, Neb. They had two 
children : 

'Riley Joy, b. Nov. 7, 1887, at Lincoln, Neb. 
^Louise Joy, b. July 17, 1893, d. May 14, 1900, at Boise City, 


Dorcas Matilda Hayford^, dau. of John Hayford'', b. Apr. 
3, 1778, m. Elias Hamilton. They had seven children : John^, 
William^ Jamon'^, Merritf^, Sidney*', Edward*' and Matilda Ham- 

Ira Hayford^ grandson of John Hayford^ probably son of 
Joseph"*, b. 1762, d. Dec. 2, 1833, ae. 71, m. i, Mar. 7, 1786, 
Lydia Munson, b. 1767, d. Apr. 25, 1809, ae. 42; m. 2, 181 1, 
Sarah Wheeler. She d. Apr. 8, 1864, ae. 95. Their children 
were : 


«Amanda Hayford, b. Sept. 7, 1787, m. Isaac Hayford^ x8oc 
Altana Hayford, b. Sept. 22, 1788, d. May 17, 1880 
Phoebe Hayford, b. May 11, 1790, d. Nov. 1847. 

•■Polly Hayford, b. Jan. 30, 1792. 

«Lucinda Hayford, b. Nov. 22, 1794, d. Oct. 24, 1871. 
Ehza Hayford, b. Aug. 10, 1803, d. Dec. 12, 1870 

7oab Hayford, b. May 6, 1805. 

«Sallie Ann Hayford, b. Sept. 18, 1812, d. Sept. 7, 1867 

wlnr. t'''"m\''" " evolutionary war, drew a pension. 
Went to Troy, N. Y." 

Mrs^Elizabeth Horton of New York, a dau. of Amanda'- and 
Isaac Hayford^ under date of Apr. 19, X901, writes : ''My grand- 
father s name on my mother's side was Ira Hayford, and his 
wife s name Lydia. My mother's father (Ira) was own cousin 
to my father (Isaac)," Thus it will be seen that John^ must 
have had another son than John^ who was the father of Ira^ and 
"own cousin to Isaac^" 

Other members of this family were probably 
Samuel Heaford, of Hardwick, Mass., who married Bellsheba 
rmkJiam, 1776. 

Samuel Hayford of Farmington, Conn., who married Thankful 
Adams, 1791. 

Lavina Hayford, who married Elias Dunbar, 1793. 
Vodicia Hayford, who married Noah Alden, 1804. 

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