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Tolome 1 — -No. 1 snd Part I of No. I. 

Tolume 2.,.,No. 1, P»rt 2. War; Parts 1 aad 2. 

Volame 3 No. 1, Part 5. Interior; PartalandS. 

Tolnme 4 No. Sand Parts 3 and 4 of No. 1. 

Tolam* 5....NoB.3aQd4. 

Tolnme 6.-..N0. 5 toNo.SO,inctnBive. 

Volume 7....N0.31 to No. 84, iDclnaive. 

Volame 8.... No. 85 to No. 106, inclusive. 

Tolame 9. ...Kos. 107, 108, and 109. 

VolnmelO....No. 110 to No. 213, iuclosiTO; except No. 131, 

Talnme II....N0. 121, Coaat Snrvoj-. 

Tolume 12....No. 313 to No. ZTT, ioclosive; except No. 2-20. 

Tolnme 13. ...No. 378 to No. 381, inclnsjve; with Nos. 283, 390, 394, and 333. 

Tolnme 14 No.382,CBBeof Great Britain, Geneva Conference; Parte 1,3 and3. 

Toliime 15.. ..No. 384 to No. 336, iaolusive; except Nos. 390, 294,322, and 324. 

Ta1nm« 16 No. 334, Conntei-CBU of Great Britain, Geneva Confraeooe. 

Tolnme 17-.. -No. 327, Report of tile Commiraioner of Agrioulture. 
Tolnme 18. ...No. 230, Commercial Relations. 




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A^cnllnre, CommiBoioner of. Letter from tlie, relative to 

AcricDltnral coUtgee. Relative to, and eoHef(o land-scrip.. 
AUbupa. BeUtive to the improvement uf the barbor of Mo- 


AUlMDia. Relative to the impioveQient of ISloliile Harlior. 

mitting acopy of a report of the special agent in chnr^ of 
fiir-M^ fisheries at the islands of Saint Fanl and Saiut 

ilatk^ keUtive toVhe condition of the inhabitants ofj who 
TsidMl there prior U> the date of our acqnisition of the 

ApproprLtiions. Letter from the Secretary of tlie Treaanry 
tnuomitting eetimateB of, for the ilseal year ending June 

ippniipriations. Letter from the Secretary of State rela- 
lin- to SD appropriation for the service of the foreign 

IppropriatioDH, Letter from the Pnetmoster General trang- 
DilUnK statemeut of, required for the fiscal year ending 

i[q>n>priatioiis. Letter from the Secretary of tile Treaanry 
nJative to balances of, uuexpendeil on the 30th of June, 
Irt^l ; the amounts appropriated for the fiscal vear enil- 
iog Jnne 30. 1S72 ; and the net expenditures for the quar- 

fat MtoiatiDfc the, Navqjo Indians of New Mexico to Jane 

&ppmpn«tions. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
rrtetive to an appTOiiriatiou for purchasing supplies for 

Affnpriatians. Letter from tlie Secretary of the Interior 
wtaii-e to the condition of the Indiaus of the Fort Ber- 
ths agetiCT, in DaliotB, iTtth an eetimat« for an n|ipro- 
fnaiion <rf'|iO,OO0 for the snpport of certain IixliaDS 



Apjiropriatioas. Letter from the Secretat; of tbe Interior 
relative to nn n)ipropriation for schuola and acbool-build- 
iutfs for the beuclit of tlie Sacs and Foxes aod the lovra 
ladiausof Nebroakn 

Appropriations. Letter flrom ttie SecretAry of the TreAsniT 
transmitting estimates of deflcieucies in the, ivquiretl to 
couiplete the service of the &8val ;ear endiDg June 30, 
liffi, and prior years 

ApproiirintiouH. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to the disbortiinf; ageal of the appropriation fur 
tlie ninth censns 

Approprintionii. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
asking an uppropriatJon for enboisting tbe Apache In- 
dians of Arizona and New Mexico the romaindor of the 
present year 

Apiirnpriutiune. Letter from the St-'eretarj of War relative 
hi, fur certain pnblic works ou rivers and harliorn 

AjipropriutioiiH. Letter fmin.tbe Sfcvctnry of the Iiiturior 
transmitting estimates of, for eurvevinf; the public lands 
to snpfily delicienoies for the years IlRU and 1871 

Apprn])natiouK. Letter from the Secretary of tlie Interior 
calling for nn ajijirnpriation of 9'^,4(I0 for schoola for tbe 
cbililri-n of the I'nwnee tril>o of Iniliuus 

Appropriations. Letter from the S<K;ietary of tlie Interior 
transmit tiu); un estimate of an appropriation of $J,r>U3.(N) 
for EaNlern ur North Carolina ChOTokous 

ApproprialioiiH. Letter from tbe Secretary of the Interior 
b^nsmitting an estimate of an appropriation for the 
Choctaw and Cliickosaw agency 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Interior 
transmitting an estinlat^ of, to reimbnrse the Subsist- 
ence Department 

Appropriations. Letter fVom the Secretary of the Interior 
it'luting to the act of July 15, 1070, making, for tlio In< 
dian Department 

Appropriations. Letter from liie Secretary of the Treasury 
relative to a deficiency in the, for the current year on 
account of tbe expenses of beacons and buoys 

Aiipropriations. Letter from the Secretary of tlie Interior 
transmitting estimates of, re^iiiired for the surveying 
service tu snpply deticioncies for the liseal years ending 
June ;«), 1H70, l«7l, and lei72 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Interior 


of the SiTuiuole Indians. _ 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Interior 
transmitting C8tiniat« of, for tlie benefit of tbe Winne- 
bago Indians 

Appropri.itiuns. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
tiansmitliug eslimutc of, to pay interest due Seneca In- 

A p propria tioi IS. Letter from Uie Secretary of the Interior 
asking an ajipropriatiun for relief of tbe Kaw Indians of 

Approprintions. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Interior 
asking for an appropriation to subsist and care tor the ^ 
Apache Indiana 

Apjiropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior i 
transmitting an eatiuiute of, required for surveying In- 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
transmitting nn estiumte of, for siilisisting Teton and I 
other bands ot Sioux Indiana in Hontluia j 

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Vol. Part. No. Page. 

Appropriations. Letter from tlie Secretury of tiie Interior | 
transDiitliiif; an estimate of, required fur ulencitl liire in i 
(turveyine districts. 

Appropriations. Letter t^iu the Secretary of tlie JiitRrini' | 
aHkJDg for !ui appropriatioa for expeuse of siirvi-y i>f | 
Cherokee atrip aJjoiamg Kansas 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Iiitulicir ■ 
transmilling an estimate of, for the survey of tlie iiorih- i 
era boundary of Nebraska 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of War relative 1 
to, for improvements of the norlheru and northive»tern I 
lakes I 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
transmitting an estimate of, to det^ay certain expeuw» i 
connected with the removal of the Ositge Indians 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior { 
relative tn, for the Pottavat^mie Indiana ! 

Appropri lit inns. Letter from the -Secn^tnry of the Interior I 
tisQiimittiuR an eetiniate of, tor aettlement, sabsistence, 
and snpiiort of the Osage ImHans 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to a deficienry in the, for contingent expenses of 
the General LaDd-Oilico 

Appropriation a. Letter from the Secretary of War relative 
(i>an appropriation for the preservation of clothing anil 
•'•|uipa/e for the next Hscal year 

Appr^riatiousi. Letter from the Secretary of War relativo 
to. for ciJIectinc, drjllinf;, and orgmiizing vnlnnteers 

Apprnpriation. Letter from the Secrutary of tile Interior 
rrlative loan, to C. W. Seaton for the use of a )>.ttent 

Appropriationi'. Letter froia the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to, for snrveying public lands in Oregon 

Apprnpriatiuns. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
axkintt an additional appropriation for the expenses of 
th' Dinlhccnsiu 

A[>pr»|iriation. Letter from tlie Secretary of the Interior 
relative to an, to aid tbe SeiiecaH, Mixed Senecas. and 
other confe4lerat«d bands of Iniiious in the Indian Terrl- 

ApptYipriation. Letter from the Secretary of State relative 
loan, for tbe work on tbe new State Department 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to an appropriation for tbe surveyinc service 
dnriofr the Rscal years endinc Jnue 30, 1969 and 1673 

Appropriations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to an appropriation to pay twelve Winnebago 

IppinpriatioD. Lett«r from the Secretary of the Interior 
iplative to an, to carry into effect the act of Felimary W, 
l"Cl,r«r exiieDHesattendantnpon the sale of useless mill- 
isry rewjrvations 

Appropriation. Relative to an, reqnired for records, &o., 
■n ibe iiWoe of the recorder of deeds (bt the District of 
('■•Iambi a for the cnrrent fiscal year 

A)<pmpriation. Relative to ao, required to restore to the 
Crn-k orphans of 1H32 certain funds to irbich tbe; Br« 
Hilitleil nnder the treaty of March 24, lKt3 

Appropriation. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
rftalirp to an, of JKO.OCO for pnrchastog a site for the 

(.'olnnibia Ho>pital for Women 

Innpriatjoo. Letter from the Secretary of War relative 
Uian additional, for modification, renovation, and repair 
rftbe GoverDmtsnt bailding comer of K and Seventeenth 

ifproprtativDH. Letter from the Senrt-tary of the Interior ' 
rrlalh-t to, ft>r land ceded to the United Stall's l>y the i 
Vupaw Jodiann I 

-,vC|K»«»;gk' : 

Vol. Part. I Ko. Page. 

Appropriation. Letter fWim tlio Secretary of the Interior 
Hakiug for an, to meet evpeuaeB iucuiitHl in tlie investi- 
gHtinn of luitinn bounty miutin 

Appropriation. Letter from the Seeretarv of War relative 
to au, to complete aun'oj- of lota wiltl at Fort Uiattot 
mititar; reservation , 

Appropriation. Letter from tlie {Secretary of War relative 
to an, for a military noat near the town of Beaver Citv, 

Appropriation. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
relative to an, for cuntiuuing the geological soivey of 
the Territories dnring the ensuing fiscal year . 

AppropriatioD. Relative to the transfer of the, for widows 
tuid (lepenileiit relativcH for tho war of IHVi to c 
deficioDCf in the, for invalid penaioQa. ... ... 

Aqueduct. Relative to the Washington 

Anibltect of theCnpitol Extonaion. Auonat report of the.. 

Architect of the Trvoanry . Aonnal report of the 

Arkanaaii. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior rela- 
tive to holding a term of court for the western diatrict 
of, ftt Okmnlgec once iu each year 

Arms and ordnance atorea. Relative to thesaleof... 

Armory, Relative to the operation of the eiKht-bour law 
at the Springfield 

Arm]'. Letter from the Secretary of Wnr relative to Sen- 
ate bill 393 for tlie rcurganlxation of the 

Army. I>etter from tho Si;cretary of War relative to tht 
reatoration of wounded ollicers of the, niuaturcd out un- 
der act of July 15, 1B70 

Arts and nan iifaet urea. In relation to tiie, not piwlnced it 
the Uuitcd fitotea. 

Attorney General trnuaniibi his annual report for the year 

Attorney General, relative to an additional allowance tc 
made to the olfliit of the attorney of the Unit«d States 
for the District of Columbia 

Attorney General, relative to the Inadequacy of the facili- 
ties for the trial of od'onders against the lawa of the 
Uuitcd States in tlie southeru Judicial district of Kci 

Attorney General, relative to criminal cases {lending indit 
trict courts of Utah 

Attorney General, statement of the cost of equipping and 
maintaining peni tent ill ries in the Territories of^Oolorodo, I 
Montana, and Idaho ' 

Attorney of the United Btatps. Relative to an additional ' 
allowance to be made to tbu ofHce of the, for the District 
of Columbia ' 

I I 

Baker, John M. Veto of the bill fur tltc relief of the chil- 
dren of 

Ballocb, Brigadier (ieneral George W. Ijottcr from the 
Secretary of the Treaaury relative to the suspension or 
mustering out of 

Ballocb, General George W. Letter from the Secretary of 
War relative to the auapension or muster-out of 

Balloch, General George W. Letter from tbe St'crntary of 
War relative tOi late diabnraing oBicer of the Bureau of 
Refugees, &a - 

Banka. Lett«r from the Secretary of the Tretisury relative 
to, in the city of Kew York concern^ or interested in ' 
promoting an artificial acarcity of money { 

Beacons and buoys. Relative to a deGciency in the ap- i 
proprtatiou fur tlie current year on account of the ex- < 
penacs of | 


Belginn:. Message of the Preaideut trassniittinf; cnjiies of 

coirespondeDce relative to an extradition treaty with I 

Bellmanl, M. Claim of I 

Bickfonl d:. Stanley. Claim of j 

Boj^cdoB, S. H. Belatire to the eerrice of 

Bonds. Letter from the Secretary of the TieasDcy relatiye '■ 
to the amount redeemed of tbe twenty millioDa five- 
twenty I 

Bonoty. Relatire to bountiea to aoldiera discharged for I 


Bonnty. Relative to the, to irhich the Missoari State mili- 
tia wen? entitled by law ... I 

Bounty. Relative tn, for Loniaiana Independent Sooiits . . . | 
Bounty. Relative to, for slaves who enlisted in the Army .| 

Bounty. Relative to parol evidence In claims for .... ' 

Bounty frand^ Letter from the Secretary of the Interior 
a:iking an appropriation to meet expenses incurred in the j 

i n vest iKiit ion of Indian. 

Bridf^. Letter from the Secretary of War asking an ap- ' 
proprifttion for the completion of the, connecting Moline | 

with Rock Island, Illinois . I 

British connter-case. Statement of, before the Geneva con- I 

British conuteT-cane. Message of the President trausmit- 

British possessions. Message from the President relative I 
to the commerce lietween the United States and certain.. | 

Brooks. Samuel. Relative to the claim of ' 

Until, M^ior General Don Carlos. I.ett«r from the Sccre- I 
tary of War in answer to House reaolotion relative to..,. 
Barrh»rd, Major Georjte W. Relative to, lat«of the Second 

Aikaasas Colored Volunteers ' 

Barrui of Refngees,' &.c. Letter from the Secretary of 

lV»r relative to the 

Bonao of Statistics. Annua) report of the | 

Burean of Statistics. Annual report of the, ou the com- 
merce and navigation of the United States | 

Iiiilex of the contents of the above,. ,- , 

Bnrean of Statintics. Special report of the, on 
and tariff legislation of the United Srntts . . 

(.'.idetJt. I^etterfrnm the Secretary of War transmitting an 
estininte of losses by certain, by Are In their barrooks on 
tbeStb of February, IWl , 

California, Letterfrom tbeSecretary^f the Interior trans- | 
milting copies of telegrams to the President ooncemiug I 
Yvrlia Bnena or Goat LiUnd ' 

California. Relative to the extension of the Round Valley j 
Indian irwrvationin the State of j 

Camp Slohave. Relative to the relief of citizens expelled . 
from their homes at Ctmp Mohave, Arizona ..| 

Cjmp Three Forks, Letter from the Secretary of War i 
relative to the military post at ' 

<'aDa]. relative to the Loatsiille and Portland ' 

CiiiAl Colupsny. Letter from the Eecretary of War rela- 
tive to the expenses of the arbitration between the i 
I'oited States and the Oreeu Bay and Mississippi 

Cipitol Extension. Annual reportof the Architect of the..' 

C'MtigBn, John. Relative to, lat« lieutenant Battery A, i 
First y«w Jersey LiKbt ArtiUery 

C«a«ia. Letter from ine Secretary of the Interior relative ; 
I* the dtsboTBiDg sient of the appropriations for the ! 
alDtfa j 


Part. No, , Pa^- 

CeoBas. Letterfroni tho Secretary of the iDUriorfuikiuRfor 
an addition al appropriation for tbeexpeuseisof tbe Diutb.. 

ChamtterlaiD, Joliii C. RelBliveto,latelieuteDautCDiupanf 
A, Twelfth Kentncky Cavalry 

Chinameu. Messagu m)tn the Pre^iiltMit rvlative to tliu re- 
iDcl«Dture OT re-t'iinluveiUKiit of, iii Cuba I 

Claims. T. B. Curtis ! 

Henry Hejf wer | 

CLristopht^r Wciilmr i 

Curtis &■ Cole ! 

C.W. Denton j 

Pickfonl Sc Stnnky 

IhouiaaHrtlnTingloii 1 

Joseph HowhIi-j' 

Lorenzo KroiiHi' it ill 

John F. Wot ri UK I 

M. BcllmHnl.dif 

William E. I>.>iinLertv 

William F.&- (J. M. Ily-r 

DelHwan* Iiiilianx ' 

Dakota Territory 

Abraham P. Eyre 

Chickaiuiw Niitioti : 

Slate of TexnH 1 

Steamer AroiiHtook I 

Jann Carlos Snuti.tlevaii tl al : 

Willinm Marvin I 

Samnel BrookH i 

Mtintaua Territory I 

Dakota Territory I 

Clerka. Kflalivetoaildilioiial.iiitheoltii-eof the Kecretarv | 
of tbe Inturior , 

Clerks. Lii>t of, and othem eiiijiloyed in the State Depart- I 

Clerks. LM of, and olbent employed iu the Treasury IV- j 

Clerk-hire. Letter fVoui the l:>'-<'relary of the Interior traus- 
tnitline an estiiuate of appropriations rei|nireil for, in ' 

Clothing ami eiiiiijia^e. Ijettcr from the Serrelary ufWar | 
relative to an appropriati<m fur the preservation of, dur- I 
lag the lineal year.. ...' 

Clotlling. Lettj-r from the Secretary of War relativ( 
the destrnetion of, of soldiers of Company h. Fourteenth 

Clothing. Kelutive to, issuetl to disabled soldiers in the na- 
tional asylums 

Coals. Letter from the Secretary of the Navy trausinit- 
tini; report of experiments on the, of tbe I'acitic coast.. . 

Coast Survey. Annnal report of the Snperinteudenlofthe.. 

Coast Survey. Report of tlie Superintendent of the, for 
the year li-71 

Coast Survey. Letter fnini tbe hydrographic inspector of 
the oOiee of the, relative to tbe board of pilot comrois- | 
BionetH of New York I 

Coast Surx'ey. Letter from tbe Secretary of the Treasury 
transmittiui; the nnnilwr of persons employml in tbe, for 
the year ISTl. and statcmeot of the expenses nuder the | 
Superiuteudent thereof I 

Collector of cnstoiiis. Relative to tbe, at I'ort Towusend, I 
Washington Territorv | 

Collector »f •.'iiHtotuH. DrHugbt of a bill to increase the com- • 
peusation of thf. at Alexandria, Virainia < 

C<uauLliia lustitutiuu lor tbe Deaf auuDumb. Annual it- I 

Sort of the 
uniliia HoHpitiil for Women. Annual report of tbe 


Colambia Hoapital for Women. Letterftom the Seeretary 
of the latcnor re]aUTe to an ftpptoprialion of 130,000 
for pnrtbaBin); a site for the 

Cwunerce and naviKation. Anunal report of the Boreaa 
of Statistics on, for tbo fiscal year eoding Jnne 30, 


Index of ooDt«Dta of the above . 

Commerce. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury 
tnnsmitting draagfat of a bill relating to the trade by 
wkon the northeaBteru frontier.. 

ComiMTce. Message from the President relative to the, be- 
tremthe United States and certain British potsesaiona . . 

ComnKrce. LettersfTom the collectors of caeComs at Port- 
knil and Astoria, Oregon, relative to the tmde with 
Atlantic and foreign ports 

ComiKrcial relations. Report of the Secretary of State on 

tbe, of the Unit«d States 

Cnuitssioner of Internal Herenne. Annual report of the.. 
Indti of the above 

Ctamissioner of Patents. Ksportofthe 

Cinnptnillec of the Cnrrenoy. Annnal report of the 

Connccticnt. ~ Letter from the Secretary of War relative K 
the improvement of the Connecticnt River 

Cmnecticntc Letter from the Secretary of War relatlre to 
the improvement of New Haven harbor and HoDsatonio 

Connecticnt. Letter bom the Secretary of War relative to 
removingthelight-booaeat New Haven Harbor to South- 
west Ledge 

Connecticnt. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasniy, 
telatJDg to same Bnh||ect as above 

ConnccticDt. Relative to the improvement of the Con- 
necticnt Siver below Hartford 

CoMOlar foes. Message from the President transmitting 
italement from State Department relative to 

Consular agents. Message from the President transmitting 
letter from the Department of State relative to increase 
of expenses and compensation of certain 

Coniular agents. Message from the President transmitting 
statement from the Treasury Dep^tment, relative to ttte 
namea and amonnta paid to 

CoDsnlar agents. Message from the President relative to 
the number of, who speak or write the langnage of the 
conntry to which they are accredited 

Conanlar agents. Letter from the Secretary of the Treaanrv 
relative to the aathority that can property be conferred 
upon, for the protection of the revenues of the country.. 

Consular affairs. Report of examinstions of 

Contingent expenses. Letter from the Secretary of War re- 
lative to the, of military establishment for year 1871 

Contingent expenses. Letter from the Becreta^ of the 
l^eaenry transmitting statement of the, of the Treasnry 

CoDttngent fond- Letter from tbe Secretary of State trans- 
mitting statement of payments made from the, of the 
State Department 

Csatracta. Letter from tbe Poatmaater Oeneral relative to, 
made by him for anpplyingliiB Department with station, 
ety, wrapping.paper, cotton and hemp twine, and letter- 
balances for one year 

Court. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative tn 
holding a term of, for the weet«m district of Arkansas, 
ftt Okmnlgee 

Courts. Letter from the Attorney Qeneral relative to the 
inadetjOBcy of tbe bcititiee for the trial of offendon, in 
the BMtbemjndicial district of New York 


Courts. Letter ftom the Attorney Qeneial relntiTe to 
crimioal coacH peadiDK in the, of Utah 

Crttirfotdt&imQelB. VoComeMage of the President of bill 
Kraotinga pension to 

Cuba. Message from the FresideuC relative to the re- 
indenture or re-enslavement of Cbin&nien in 

Currency. Annual report of the Comptroller of tbe.. 

Curtis, T.E. Claim of 

Curtis &. Cole. Claimof 

Customs. Letter from the Seoretary of the TreasnTy rela- 
tive to the number of persons employed, and compenta- 
tiou paid in the collection of onstoms, during the fi 
year ending Jnne 30, 1871 . 

Customs nfflcers. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury 
transmitting draught of a bill to facilitate the taking of 
the oath of office by subordinate 

Cnstoms and tariff legislation. Bpsoial report of the Bureau 
of SUtlstics ou the, of the United States 

Dakota. Letter from the Secretary of War transmitting 
information relative to the claim of the Territory o^ for 
troops called oat for the defense of 

Dakota. Letter from the Secretary of War relative to the 
claim of the Territory of, for pay, &c., of troops in the 
Indian war of 1B62 

Daly, Cornelius. Hsiative U> contract of, for dredging the 
harbor of Ogdensburgh, New York 

Dougherty, William E. Claim of. 

Deaf and Dumb. Annual report of the Columbia Institn- 
tion for the 

DeCosta, Francis V. Belative to the aervices of, sergeant 
in the Marine Brigade Cavalry 

Deficiencies. (See Appropriatious.) 

DeLong. James, el al. For compensation rendered during 
the late war 

Dental 8«rgery. Letter from the Secretary of War relative 
to creating a professorship of, at the Military and Naval 

Denton, CW. Claim of 

Diiector of the Mint. Annnal report of the - 

District of Columbia. Belative to the oonBtroction of a 
Jail for the 

District of Columbia. Belative toon additional allowance 
for the office of the United States attorney of the 

District of Colnmbia. Letter from thu Secretary of the In- 
terior relative to an appropriation of J30,(>00 for pur- 
chasing a nit« for Che Columbia Hospital tor Women 

District of Colnmbia. Letter from the Secretary of the In- 
' ir relative te an apiiTopriation for records in the office 

Eight-honr law. Letterfrom the Seoretaryof Warielatlve 
to the operation of the, at the Springfield armory . .. 

Emory, Colonel. Letter froni the Secretaryof War relative 
to the correspondence of the War Deportment with, com- 
manding at New Orleans 

Employ^. List of, iu the State Department 

Employ^. List of, iu the Treasury Departaient 

Vol. Part. Ko. Page. 

Emploj^ BelstivB to tlie offlcera and, in the Qaartennaa- 
tii'a Depulment 

EmplojAk Relative to the nnmber of enlisted men ftnd 
ciTiLaD, in the Subsistence Deportment ■ 

Emploj6s. Statement of the nomher of, in Coast Survey.. 

Eitimates of appropriations. (See Appropriations.) 

ETidence. Belative to parol, in cases of claims for bonut;. 

£yiv, Abraham P. Relative to the claim of ... 

niMa,peDalties,andforfe!tntes. Letter from the Secretary 
of the Treaaniy transmittlnR draught of bill to regulate 
ths remiaaion of, and the £stribation of the proceeds 

nihing grounds. Message ftom the President in answer to 
inaolntioD of the House relative to a report made by 
Cidonel Cutts on the, of the North PaclQc. 

norid». Relative to the bay and harbor of Pensaoola 

JtoTida. Belative to lands conveyed to the State of, for 

edncational purposes 

Florida. Belative to Company E, First Regiment Cavalry 

Foreign claims coramisaiotl. Letter from the Secretary of 
State relative to an appropriation for the service of the.. 

Foleigu relations. Papeis relating to the, of the United 
Slates, transmitted vritb the annual message of the 


Index of the above 

Fort Collins. Relative to the military reservation nt 

Fort Collins. Relative to the military reservation at 

Fort Gratiot. Relative to an appropriation to complete 
the snrvey of lots sold at the militaiy reservation at 

Fott Gratiot. Relative to the sale of the light-house reser- 

Fort Sanflers. Letter from the Secretary of War relative 
to the military reservation at 

Fort Snelling. Belative to a permanent military post at 
the military reservation of 

Fort Steilacoom. Letter from the Secretary of War rela- 
tive tii the militaiT re«ervation at 

Fort fiteilacoom. Plots of the military reservation at 

Fort Tompkins. Letterfrom the Secretary of War relative 
to, Xew York Harbor .'. 

Fuse. Relative to bill (H. B. 880) for the purchase of 
Drake's patent.. ..-..,, ...... , 


Geneva conference. Statement of British connter-caee be- 
fore the 

Geological snrvey. Letter from the Secretary of the In- 
terior relative to an appropriation for expenses of con- 
tinuing the, of the Territories for BDsuinK lisoal year 

G«olo){ical snrvey. Profeesor Hayden's, of Wyoming 

Ueological survey. Profeasor Hayden's, of Montana 

Ovremment funds. Relative to the loss of, by lire at Fort 

Government Hospital for the Insane. Aonaal report of the 
boArd of visitors of the 

Qrisby, H. Claim of 

Oark,(Qre«k,} Caleb H. Relative to the chaigeof desertion 

Hopbine, William O. A Fenian prisoner 



Hai'cnck Barracks, Letter from the Secretary of War relo- 
live to, in Maine 

Haiikti, Dt, JobnF. Veto of liill for relief of 

Hfl~1;iiu, Thomas. Relative to the muster of, as n second 
lieutenant, ice - 

Haydeu, Professor. Oeolo^cal report of, for Montana-.. 

Haj-den, Professor. GeoloKJcal report of, for Wyoming ., 

Hegwer, Henry. Claim of. 

He][iie, William. Message from the President relative 1 
the removal of, a conBUiar clerk 

Hethrington, Thomas. Claim of 

Horees. Letter from the Secretary of War relative to, left 
ou the line of march taken by Qeneral Holison ivhUe ii 
piirBuit of the confederate General Mowan 

Hpuard, Dr. J. E. Message of the Presi^ot tranamitting 
report from the Secretary of State with papers relative 

Hooatil, Dr. J. E. Statement from Dr. John 0. Honwd 
relative to (be arrest, trial, and coDviatloQ of, by Spaoisb 
authorities in Cuba 

Hoiveley, Joseph. Claim of 


Idaho. Relative to the cose of the acting secretary nf the 
Territory of 

Indiana. Letter from the Secretan" of the Interior relative 
to Beaver Lake, in the county of Newton, State of 

Indian AiTaira. Annual report of the Commissioner of. . 
List of the papers accompanyiDR the above 

Indian Affairs. Report of the Cotnmrssioner of, showing the 

S resent indebtedness of the United States to Indian tribes, 
ians. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior trans- 
mitting an ustimate of an appropriation of $135,000 for 
Bubsistiug the Navf^o, in New Mexico, up to the 30th of 
Jnne, 1Sj3 

Indians. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative 
to an appropriation for the purpose of parchosiug sup- 
plies for. of the Milk River agency 

Indians. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative 
to the condition of the, of the Furt BertUold agency. Da- 
koto, ic 

Indians. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative 
to an appropriation for achools and school-buildings for 
the benelit of tlie Sacs and Foxes, and the Iowa, in "" 

Indians. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior asking 
an appropriation for subsisting the Apache, of AriEona 
and Hew Meicico 

Indians. E^^nses of agent to the Eastern or Korth Caro- 
lina Cherokee 

Indians. Appropriation for the Pawnee, for schools.... 

Indians. Estimutu of appropriations for the Choctaw and 
Chickasaw agency 

Indians. Kstimuteof appropriationHtdro-imbnrBetbe Sub- 
sistence Department for supplies to ..... 

Indians. In relation to the act of July 1."), 1UT0, making 
appropriation B for the Indian Deparimeut 

Indians. Relative to certain landa in KaoaoB l>elonging to 
the Block Bob band of Shawnee 


I Vol. Part. No. i Page. 

lodiMU. Belative to certaio seliictioDS of laud moda for i 

Ibemnnbera af the Shawuee 

Indiuis. Relative to an ap|ironriatioii for the erectiua of i 

InildlDKB on the reaervatioD of the Seminole .., 

lodiuis. Relative to the present condition of the Kaw 

laiiiLOt. BBtimaie of an appropriatiou fur the beneSt of I 

tijB WinnehftEO I 

lodiins. Relative to the ciaiiu of T. R. Curtis ou account < 

of depTHlatious committed by Cheyenne 

Indians. Relative to affidavits filed in the Interior Depart- ' 

ment in answer to charj{es liy M. M.'MeCuuley against J. I 

A. Vial], saperintendent of Indian affairs for Slonlaua i 

Indians. Kstiiuate of appropriations to pay interest due : 

the Seneca. 1 

iDitiana. Relative to the retuoval of Chippewa, to the 

White Earth Lake reur vat ioD 

Induuis. Relative to the diepoiitiou of portions of Indian ' 

reeervatioua in the northern Hiiperinleudeiicy 

[odians. Asking an appropriatiuD fur the relief of the 

Kair, in Kansas i 

lodiaua. Asking for an appropriation to aubnist and care 

for the Apache 

Indians. Relative to the claim of Henry Hegwer for dep- ' 

redationd committed by Cheyenne , 

Indiaua. Relative to the claim of Christopher Weidner 

fur depredations committed by Kiowa 

Indians. Relative to the claim of Cnrtis Si. Cole tor dep- 
redations committed by Cheyenne and Kiowa i 

Indiana. Relative to the claim of C. W. Denton fordcpie- 

datjons committed by. in Oregon 

Indims. Relative to the cinim nf Ijlckford & Stanley on 

uvonnt of depredat lone committed by Kiowa 

b-liiDs. Relative to the claitu of Thomas Hetlieriugtou . 

fur depredations committed by Clieyeune 

lodlans. Rclativo to the claim of Joseph Howsley fur dep- 
redations committed by ^'flVI^o 

lodiaus. Relative to the clainisof Lureiizo KroDsu et al. 

for depretlations committed by Osagi- 

Indians. Estimate of appropriations for subsisting Teton 

and other, in Montana 

Indians. Estiinate of appropriations for surveying Indian 

Indians. Estimate of appropriatlocis rei|nin'il to defray 
certain expenses connected witii the removal of the 

, Ob»B6 

Indianii. Relative to an ajipropriuliun for the Pottawat- 

ladiaua. Relative to an approprialiun to defray the ex- 
penses of the general council of, in the Indian Territory.. 10 

Indians. Relative to au approj>riation to aid the Senecas, ' 
Mixeil SenecaH, and other eontederated banils of, in the In- 
dian Territory 10 

Indians. Relative to the purchase of presents for, during 
the fiscal year ending June 30, IWl ' 10 

Indians. Relative to tbeclaim of M. Bellmnnl.H. Pappan, 
L. MarehaU, and U. Grigsby for depredations committed 
bj Cheyenne 10 . 

Indians. Relative to aid and encouragement to, on the 
White Earth reseriation, Minnesota 10 

Indians. Relative to the claim of William E. Dougherty ' 
on account of depredations committed by Ijioux.-- 10 . 

Indians. Estimate of expenses of the removal of certain 
Cherokee, from North Carolina 10 . 

Indians. Relative to the sale of certain i 
the Chippewa, in Minneeota ond Wisi 


b; Google 

, V..I. ran. N... 

IndiaiiN. Relative to nn incoiirit of Williiim 1'. iiiol <f. M. i 

Dyer, for beel'-cattlu fumUbetl tLe ri-lTtc, in Nrviuin 

lD(lian«. Relative to tlitt ulaim ul' thb Di^Iuwiiii', fur KiiK-k | 

stolon from them by wbiteH 

Indians. Relativetourcxcrvatioutiiadeta Ke<l Keni', i-Lii'f 

of tbe Cliinpewa ' 

Iniliana. Kelative to tbe iMUUiicp of rn'rin to tbe lialf-lirwilH 

or mixed-blooits lit-loiigiug To tlio (.'hi|>iw".-a, of J.iilte ( 

Superior I 

IndiADB. Hclative to thi: thinl artjde of tlio trvafy of An- , 

irnst 13, l'«c<, with tlm Nex Ferc^ I 

Indiana. Relative to the conditiou of ccit.tiu, kiniwii ii! 

PottA^atoniJeH ', « 

lodiaDU. Relative touu appropriation to [lay itvelve Win- 

nebsgo iQiliaiiR 

Indians. Relative Ij) the extension of tlio Roiinil Valli'.v 

Indian reservation iu the Statu of California 

InOians. Relative to the claim of Dakot.i Territory for 

paj', &.C.. of troops iu tbe Indian war of li^iQ 

Indiaoi. Relative to an a|ipro)irlation reqnireil to ivHtoiw 

to the Creek orphans of IttS*^ certain fnndn due them 

IndianH. Relative to article sixteen of tbe treaty of July 

19, 1866, with tbe Cherokee Nation of ' 

Indiana. Relative to the rtaiin of tbe Chickuxan- Nation ' 

for iutereNt due on certoiu State stoekH belougiuR to tli» 

Chickasaw \ationf\iud 

Indians. Kclative to appropriatiuuH fur laud ceiletl by the i 

Quapaw, to the United States 

Indians. Relative to an approtiriation to meet eKt>«uHi;8 I 

incnrred in the invent igatiou of Indian bouuty-frauds 

Indtann. Mesiiace of tlie I'resideDt relutivu to the reueiit ' 

diDicnlties in tue Cherokee country ■ 

Indians. Relative to the porcbaae and iniprovi-metit of ^ 

the Nez Ferci! Indian renervatlon in Idaho 

Indians. Papers prrtaiuini; to the Iiivestigiitinu <if tltc 

Montana Indian war I'lainis t 

Indians. Report of the ConniiiBKioiier of Indian Att':>irH 

relative to the disposition of tlie -"cbool-prniiiTly of ili.' | 

Ottawa, in Knusiis I i 

InhabitantH. I,etter fWini tbe Secretary of tlii- Intirior 

transmitting a statement of the uuinber of, in eiLi'b Suite | 

and Territory, anil of thoiM) denied the right luvotc 

Insane. Annual rei>ort of the boanl uf visitors of the Ciov- 

erunient Hospital fbr the I 

Interior. Annual report of tbe Secretary of Ibe I 

Paixn acromiKiHgiHg Ih- iidi/r', [ 

Report of the ComniiiEioner of the General Liind-(>l1!i-cJ 

Reiiort of the CommisHiouer of Pensions 

Report of the Commissionerof Indian Affairs 

Report of tbe Architeet of the Capitol E.'iti^UHiiiii 

Report of the Columbia lustitnliuu for the Deuf ;iii.l 

Report of tbe Colnmbin Hospital for Women 

Report of the board of f ruslees of the Ki'foroi S.^hool al 

tbe District of Columbia 

Report of the warden of the truitud States jail 

Report of the board of Metro] >oli Ian Police 

Report of tbe board of visitorsof the (■uvernuieiit Hos- 
pital for the Insane 

Interior, Secretary of the. Trannniits a table of the ntini- 
her of iuhabitanli in eai'b Slate and Territory, itiul of 
those denied the right to vole 

by Google 

Vol. Part. No, Page. 

lotenor, SMtretaiy of the. Trauamits a 

appropriatioii of 9185,000 for anbaistinK the Navajo In- 
diana id New Mexico np to June 30, 1S7J 

Interior, Secretary of the. Com muni catea relative t 
apprDpriation for parchaaing aupplies for the ludiaos of 
tbe Uilk Kiver agency 

laterioT, Secretary of the. Commonicateg relative b 
condition of the Indiana of the Fort Berthold agem _ 
Dakota, with an eatiinat« of an appropriation of^j40,000 
for the anpport of certain Indiana 

Il)t«nor, Secretary of the. Communicates relativ. 

appropriation for Bcboola anil achool-hnildtnBiB for the 
benpfit of the Sacs and Foxes and the Iowa Indians ii 

Interior. Secretary of the. Commnnicates relative to th 
diahnraing agent of the appropriation for the ninth 

Interior, Secretary of the. Aaka an appropriatioi 
Kuhsiating the Apache Indiana of Arizona and New 

Interior, Secretary of the. Tranamita map abowiog land- 
grants to railroad companies, &o 

Interior, Secretary of the. Tranamita estimates of appro- 
priations for surveying the public lands to supply defi- 
ciencies for 1970 and 1871 

Interior, Secretiy? of the. Tranamita an estimate of i 
appropriation of S3,5m.65 on account of expeuaea by tl 
special agent of the Eastern or North Carolina Cher 

Interior. Secretary of the. Aaka for an appropriation 
)iV400 to provide school facilities for tbe Pawnee tribe of 

iDterioT. Secretary of the. Tranamita an estimate i 
an appropriation required for the Indian aervi< 
at the Choctaw and Chickasaw agency, Indian Teiri- 

. Mty 

Interior, Secretary of tbe. Tranamits a 
appropriation to reimhuiso the Subsistence Department 
for aopplieii furnished Indians by Army officers 

laterior, Secretary of the. Communicates relative U 
set Of July 15, 1870, making appropriations for the In- 
diJU) Department 

Interior, Secretory of tbe. Relative to the oonatruction of 
a jail for the District of Colnnibla 

Interior, Secretary of tbe. Relative to the agricultural 
ooIlcKe laud-scrip 

Interior, Secretary of the. Eatimates of appropriations for 
the survey i oft service to aupply deficiencies for the years 
ItfTO. ISTl, and 1972 

Interior. SeereUry of the. Belative to certain lands ii_ 
Kansas belonging to the Black Bob band of Shawnee 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to the selections 
of land made for the membera of tbe Shawnee In- 
diana, ic 

Interior, Secretary of the. Asking an appropriatio] 
tbe erection of bnildinga on the reservation of tbe Semi- 
nole Indiana 

Interior, SecretaiT of the. Relative to tbe present condllion 
of tbe Kaw Indians 

interior, Secretarj' of the. Estirante of appropriation for 
the benefit of tbe Wiiinelweo Indians 

latoior, Set:retMy of the. Relative to tbe removal of tbe 
Pnaon-Offlce to the SeatonHonse.. 


iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the act makiQn; &n- 

fropriations for the eructioD of pealteDtiaries Id certam 

iterior, Secretary of tlie. Relatiye to the claim of T. R. 


Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to affldavits filed in his 
Department in answer to charges made by M. M. HcCanley 
aeainat J. A. Viall, Superintendent of Indian affairs for 

or, Sec^tary of the. Estimate of appropriations t« 
, , interest due Seneca Indinus 

'nterior, Secretary of .the. Relative to the removal of Chip- 
pena Indians to the rcBorvation provided for them near 
White Earth Lake... 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to the disposition of 
portions of Indian reaervatiouB, in the northern superin- 
t«Ddeiicy - . ,. 

iuterior, Secretary nf the. Askinf; for an appropriation for 

the relief of the Kaw Indians io Kansas 

Iterior, Secret^ary of the. Asking for an appropriation re- 
quired to siilwist andoatefor the Apache Indians 

Iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of Cnrtis 
& Cole, for depredations committed by Cheyenne and 

Kioiva Indians 

Iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of C. W. 
Dentim, fur depredations committed by Indians in Ore- 

iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of Bick- 
ford and Stanley, on account of depredations com- 
mitted by Kiona Indians 

[nterior. Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of Thomas 
Heath urington, for depredations committed by Cheyenne 


Iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the elaim of Joseph 
HowBley, fur depredations committed by Navajo Indians. 

interior. Secretary of the. Relative to the claims of Henry 
Hcgwer, fordepredations committed by Cheyenne Indians, 
lienor, Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of Chris- 
topher Wuidner, for depredations committed by Kiona 

interior. Secretary of the. Relative to the claims of Lorenzo 
Krunse el at., for depredations committed by OsBRe lu- 

!Dt«rior, Secretary of the. Estimate of appropriation for 

anrveytug Indian reserves ..' 

Iterior, Secretary of the. Estimate of appropriations for 
saljaiNtinK Teton and other bands of Hioux Indians in 


Iterior, Secretary of the. Asking authority to employ ad- 
ditional clerks in bis office 

interior. Secretary of the. Efltimates of appropriations re- 
quired fur clerical hire in surveying diatncta 

'nterior, Secretary of the. Asking an appropriation for ex- 
penses of survey of Cherokee strip adjoining Kansas. 

Iterior, Secretary of the. Relative to the claims of H. 
PaplHin et of., fur depredations committed by Cheyenne 

iterior. Secretary of the. Relative to non-payment of the 
salary of the secretary of New Mexico 

Interior, Secretary of the. Estimate of appropriations for 

tlio survey of the northern boundary of Nebraska 

iterior, SrcreCary of the. Relative to aid and encourage- 
ment to Indians on the White Earth reservation 

nterior. Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of William 
E. DonKherty, on account of depredations alleged to 
have been committed by Sioux Indians 


Vol. Put. So. Page. 

Interior, Seci«tary of the. Estlm&te of appropriation to 
defray eertaia expenses connected with the removal of 

IhaOHase ludians I 

iDlerior, iMoretsry of tlin. Relativo to an appiopiiation for j 

tbe Pottavatomie Indiana 

rnlTior, Seeretaiy of the. Eatimate of appropriation for ' 
nttleDieat,anl)Histence, and support of the Osage Indiana.' 
Inlerior, Secretary of the. Relative to holding » court for 
tbeweatem district of ArbanBaa at Okinnlgee once in each 

T«r I 

iBlerior, Secretary of the. Relative to a deliciency in the 
■ppntpriatioQ for coutiuRent expenBes of the General 

laod-Offlco for the Bscal year ending Jnne 30, 1S7I 

iDtnior, Secretaty of the. Esti mate of ezpensea of removal 

of oert«ia Cherokee Indians from North Carolina 

iDtdior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation to 
dcftay the expenses of the general ooancil of Indians in 

ttw Indian Territory 

Istaioi', Becretary of the. Relative to the sale of certain 
ntervatiouiH of the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota and 


Interior, Secretory of the. Relative to an acconnt of Wil- 
liam r. aud O. M. Dyer for beef^attle fni-nished the Pi- 

VU) Indians in Nevada dnring winter of lSai-'63 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation to 
C.W.Seatoafor theneeof apatentfor the compilation of 

the itatistiea of af;e and sex 

lotnior. Secretary of the. Tntnemita the disapproval, by 
CommiwioDer of the General Land-OSiM, of the private 

land-claim of William Weeks, of New Orleans 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to the claim of the 

Delaware Indiana for stock stolen from them 

InlcrioT, Secretary of the. Relative t« an appropriation for 

•GTveying pnblio lands in Oregon 

Interior, Secretary of the. Asking an additional appropri- 

atioofor the expense«of the oiuth census 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation to 
aid the Scoecos, Mixed Senecas, and other confederated 

band^of Iniliaus in the Indian Territory 

Interior. SecTvtary of the. Relative to a reservation made 

to Red Ik-sr, i-faiuf'if the Chippewa Indians 

Interior, Secretary of the. Kelative toan appropriation re- 
quired fur the surveying sorviou during tionscal years 

(•ding Juno :iO, 1869 and 1«72 

Inerior, Secretary of the. Relative to theissnanoe of scrip to 
ike half-breeds or mixed-bloods belonging to tho Chi ppa- 

*Mof Lake Superior 

luaur, Secretary of the. Transmitting copies of tele- 
|taas addreaaed to the President from San Francisco 

nauiiuiDg Verba Bneiia,or Goat Island 

/atcrioi. Secretary of the. Belativeto the condition of the 
■Khabitants of Alaska who reeideii there prior to the date 

if osr aeifniaition of that Territory 

'atcrior. Secretary of the. Relativeto the third article of the 

(natj of Au};uHt 13, 1868, with the Ncz Perc^ Indians 

lalerior, Secretary of the. Relative to the condition of oer- 

tain Indiaiie, known as Pottawatomies 

lalerior. Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation re- 
paired Ui pay tvrelve Winnebago Indians 

f-t<rior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation for 
tba expeoMo of continniug tlie geological snrvey of the 

Tdtritoriett dnring the ensning Gxcal year 

'oterior, Secralar,* of the. Reiativeto the extension of the 
(adiao rewrvation known us the Bonud Valley ludiau 
(aervation, in this State of Ualifornia 

n — B D 


iDterior, Socretary of the. Relative to an apnropruttton to 
carry iato effect the Ekct of Fobruury 34, 1871, for the ex- 
penses of Burvey, appraisment, and other oonttngeut 
ezjMiiBea attoufcut upon the sale of useless military res- 

loterioT, Secretaiy of the. Kelative to an appropriation 
reqaiied for rncords, &,c., in the office of the recordei of 
deeds for the District of Calumbia. . 

latedor, Secretarj: of the. K«lalive to the thiril section of 
theact of Mfty i7,ieri6, admittingparol evidence toestab- 
lish olaiuiB for boa Qtf -land warrants 

Inl^or, Secretory of the. Relative to Beaver Lake, ii 
coaaty of Newton, Btate of Indiana 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation- 
required to restore to the Cceelc orphans of I(JJ2 certain 
fnnds to which they are entitled under treaty of March 
24, 1832 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to an appropriation of 
930,000 for purchasing a site for the Columbia Hospital 
for Women - 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to the sixteenth article 
of the treaty of the 19th of July, 1«66, with tbo Chero- 
kee Nation of Indians 

Interior, fiecretai^ of the. Relative to the claim of tlie 
Chickasan Nation for interest due on certain State stocks 
belonging to the Chickasaw Nation fund 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to appropriations for 
land ceded to the United States by the Quapaw Indians. 

Interior, Secretary of the. Asking an appropriation to 
meet expenses incurred in the iovustigatiou of Indian 
boanty irauds .- 

Interior, Secretory of the. Transiuits the report of the sur- 
veyor (;eaeral of New Mexico on private land-claims in said 
Territory, numbered 61 , 

Interior, Secretary of the. Transmits papers in the private 
land-claim of William Marvin, of Florida 

Interior, Secretory of the. RoJaltve to the purchase and 
inprovtrmeut of the Nux Ferc6 Indian reservation in 

Interior, Secretary of the. Asking for a transfer of appro- 

Sriation for widows and dependent relatives, and pensions 
IT the war of 1H12, to cover deficiency iu the appropria- 
tion for invalid pensions for the present fiscal year 

Interior, Secretary of the. Transmits report of the Coinfflis- 
bioner of ludiao AJfairs relative to the disposition of the 
school property of the Ottawa Indians in Kansas, nnder 
treaty of June 24, 1862 

Interior, Secretary of the. Relative to lands conveyed to 
the State of Florida for educational and school pnrpoaee. . 

Internal Revenue. Report of the Commissioner of, to the 
Secretary of the Treasury 

Internal Revenue. Annnal report of the Comniissiouer of. . 
Indvx of the above 

Internal revenue offlccrs. Letter from the Secretary 
of the Treaanry relative to the amounts paid Co, ss 
salaries, Ac, for the twelve uronths next prrceding the 
1st of March, lgC9, and the 1st of Dccemb*tr, 1»T1 

Jail. Relative to the coiistrnctiou of a, for the Dintrict of 

Jews. HeHsUKe from the I'rf sidout relative to the, in Roit- 








' 23 


i 22 


1 24 



i !" 


1 " 


1 ^' 




1 27 


1 27 


j 29 


; 30 


1 30 


i " 


1 sa 


j 32 



, i.dbyGoogle 

EuuwB. Kclative to an appropriation for tlie expeoiie of 
■nrrej of the Cherokee atrip a^joiDine 

Zanaaa. Reportof theConimiBaloDerof iDdian AtTaJrerela- 
tive to the diBpoution of the achool property of Ottawa 

Eeerl&Uiller. Relative to the paymeo I uf $5JJ-i.70 tu 

Kronsr, Lorenzo, rt a( ., 

l^nila. Lett«TfroiatheCommis8ioiier of the General Land- 
Office relative to the diRpoeilioa of, granted to Alabama 
utd Uississippi in aid of a ctfrtaiD railroad 

Land grants. Letter from tbe Secretary of tbu Interior 
traDsmittinfc a map showiun, to railroadB, &o 

La»d-Offlc«, General. Annual report of the QommiaBioDer 
«f the 

Forhn of papervcoiiBtitiitiii(;tbe above report, nnmbeied 
from 1 to 'J7 inclusive, men 

land-Office, General. Lfitter from the Secretary of the Id- 
lerioT relative to a deficiency in the appropriation for 
eoDtineent eipensea of the, for tbe fiscal year endiDK 
Jane 30, 1871 

Land-Office, General. Letter from tlie Commiaaioner of the, 
relative to tbe disposition of tbe landa granted to the 
BtatM of MtRaisiippi and Alabama in aid of a railroad . . . 

Land-acrip. Relative to a^iciiltnral collegee and college. 

Laws. Meaoage from the Prenideut tranamittinj^ a liut of 
tbe newapapert publishing the, of the United States 

UKht-hoiMe. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury 
relative to a, on Bullocb'a Poiut, Providence River, Rhode 

Vol. Part. No. Page. 

Li^t-hooae. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury 
relative to removing New Haven Uarbor to Sonth- 

Li^t-honae. Letter from the Secretiiry of War relative to 
reBoring the, at New Haven Harl>or to Southwest Ledge. 

Ligfat-HoDM Board. Annnal report of the 

lint-Mation. Letter from tbe Secretary of the TreasDr; 
Riative to a, on Solomon's Lnmp 

Ught itation. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury 
relattTB to a, on Solomon's Lnmp 

Loans. Letter from the Secretary uf tbe Treasury trana- 
■itting draught of a paragraph iu relation to the ex- 
fcnaee of national 

l^iuana. Relative to corresiiondeDce of tbe War De- 
lartment with Colonel £niory, commaudiug at New 

MaiNMtracton. Letter (htm the Secretary of tbe Treas- 
ny relative to the payment of, in the late insnrgunt 
Butcs for service prior to May 31, 1B61 

Mail*. Letter from tbe Postmaster Oenorsl transmitting 
■tenets of oflera for carrying the, upon the differmt 
roatn in the l.'nitcd States, and statement of all land 
lod water mails established by the Post-Oftlce Deport- 

«nt within the year ending Jnly I, 1P71 

laaifcalii. Letter from thy Secretary of the Treasury trans- | 
rating draught uf " a bill in ai<l of the laws relating to ; 
II* delivery of, in certain cases ". '. 

Xm*. Bev. JonalbaD L. Relative to the relief of , faonpilal rhargcx. Uill to nt-ulutc, for Nick or 'liNu- 
tM fnrcipi aeameu 


Vol. Part. No. Page. 

Mareb, AIodzo J. Belutlve to the restorittioa of, to 
rank B« captaiD ..- 

HsrviD, Williani. Private land claim of 

Maryland. Relative t« the cliauDela leading to the harbor 

Maryland. Kelative to the improTment of the Patapsco 

HaafiacbusettB. loiter from the SecretArj of War relattv 
tn the harbor of Wambam .- 

HasBachnHutt«. Kvlalive to the harbor of Dnxbnr; 

HaiwachDBettB. Kelative to the publio bailditiK at Fall 

Huesacbiisetta. Relative to n light to mark the aboolit at 
"Wood's End Bar," Provincetown 

Hawacbiiaetla. Relative to the improvemeut of Edgar- 
town Harbor, in the State of 

MiiegathDBelts. Kelative to the enliatment and aervice of 
the First Battalion }]eavj Artillery of tbe State of.. 

McCauley, M. M. Charged by, agaiust J. A. Tiall 

Mdropolilan Police. ALuiial report of tbe board of -.. 

Military Academy. Relative to tbe pay of profeaeon 

Military aod Naval Academiea. Relative to oieatingapro- 
feoaorabip of dental Burfcery at tbe 

Military eatabliBhmeut. Letter from tbe Seeretary of War 
relative to tbe con tinfrent elpensesof tbe, for ISTl 

Military reservations. Letter from tbe Secretary of War 
relative to the, of Fort Harker, Kansaa, Fort Benton, Mon- 
tana, and Foit Ripley, Minnesota 

Military reaervaliona. Relative to an appropriation to 
carry into effect the law for the sale of ugeleea 

Mluinfc BtatiatioB. Raymond's report on 

Minnesota. Relative to enoonragement and aid to the In- 
dians of the White Earth reservation, in -. 

Minora. Letter from the Socretary of War relative to sol- 
diem discharged for minority 

Hint. Annual report of the Director of the 

Missouri. Ri-lative to the bounty to which the Missonri ; 
State militia were entitled by law 

Molilalia. Letter from the Secretary of War transmitting ' 

adililional pnpcra relntive to the Indian war claims of. . ., 


National bank circulatinir. Letter from the Secretary of 
(he Treasury triiuaiiiittiog an eatiniate of the number of \ 
pounds of paper that will be required to replace the < 
preeeDl., &c ,.' 

Navigation and customs collection laws. Letter from the ' 
Secietarr of tbe Trtaavry transmittiug drunght of a bill I 

Navigator's Inland. Meaaage from the President relative ' 

to a jirotect orate over ., . 

Navv De{>artnienl. Letter from the Seorelary of tbe Nayy | 
relative to the salea of pnblie property by any officer or i 

Bgentof the, aince JuneSO, 1N6.'> 

Navj', Becretary of the. Annual report of the I 

Pojwrt tueompanffing th* abort. 

Movemer>t8 of tbe fleets, &o. 

Eatimales nf upprupnatioiu) for the liijcal year ending '■ 

Jdiiu30, 1873 , 

Report of Rear-Admirol D. D. Porter 

Re|Hirt of tile 8 ii peri u ten dent of the Naval Academy...! 

Report of tliB Biirvau of Ordnaiioo... I 

Krport of theHunsaa of Engineering 

Report of the Bureau of Yorda and Ducka ' 

Vol. Pirt. No, Pago. 

Pfen, ^— Continued. 

Bqwrt of the Bureaa of Navie atiou 

Ksporl oftbe Barean of Provisions and Clothing 

S^KHt of the Bureau of Steam EngioeeriuK ■ 

EftiNfft of the Bareau of CunatiactiuD and Be|>aic 

Ba|iort ol the Commander of the Marine Corps .. 

BeportontheloBsof theUuited States steamer Sngtn a it. 
Seport OD the deepening of the cUonnel at Uidwajr 

Expedition toward the North Pole, instmctiona to Cap- 
tain C. P. Hall 

Expedition to Corea. Ifcport of Keav-Adujiral John 


Ii»tj. Secretary of the, transmits a report of experiments 

DD coals of the Pacifie CoaaC 

1l«ij. Secretary of the, in answer to a reeolulion of the 
Boose relative to the soles of property belongiuK to the 
UBiWd8t*t*» by any officer or afjent of tbeNav; Depart- 

KDi since the 30th uf Jane, IS65 - 

Kbraika, Letter from the Secretary of tlie Interior trons- 
Bittinf; an estimate of appropriations for the survey of 

tlw DortbedStern bonndary ot | 

IEft Uexico. Relative to non-payment of tlie salary of i 

dieKcretary of ,- 

KcTipapers. Message fhim tlio Presi<IeDt trausoiitting I 

slistof, polilishing the laws I 

K«« York. Kelative to the ituprorement of the Oswego : 

New Torb. Relative to the ioadeqiiacy of the fauitities for I 

the (rial of otfendeia io the aonthcrn Judicial district of.. 
Heir Tork. Relative to right of way foraruilniad through . 

the military barracks at Plattsbnrgb I 

New York. Relative to the board of pilot commiaaiouera of. 
Kunh Carol in B. Relativeto theeipense of removal of cer- ' 

tain Cherokee Indians from [ 

NntM. Letter from the Secretary of War relative to the [ 

tervioes of female, during the war 


Oath of office. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Treasury ' 
transmitting a bill to facilitate the taking of tbe, by sub- [ 
ordinate officers of customs -■ | 

(TConnor, L, L. Relative to the service of ■ 

Ohio. Kelative to further improvement of tbe barbor of ' 
Black River, in the State of 

Ohio. Letter from the Secretary of the Trcasnary relative 
tea site for the erection of public bnildtngs at Cincinnati. 

OtfgoD. Letter from the Secretary of tbe Interior rel^ 
live to an appropriation for surveying lands in . 

On^. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior trans- 
Bitting letters from the collectors of customs at Portland 
and AMoria relative %o trade with Atlantic and foreign 

Oonalaaka. Eelative to an allowance for tbe compensa- 
ticv to the late acting depnty collector of cnstenis at the 
port of 


hcific railroads. Letter Avm the Secretary of the Treaa- 
orjielatiTe to the various 

Pappu H. Claim of. 

PiihaDiL. Claim of 

^t«tit<>tBee. Letter Irom the Coatnissioner of Intents 
lelatha to the Official Oaeette, issued weekly from tbe. . 

B .1 

Pateoto. Beport of theCommlaaionerof 

Patents. Lett«T from the CommiMioDer of, relatiTO to the 

Official Gazette, iBsaed weekly bom the Patent-Offloe . . . . 
Pftyne, iiienteaant J. Boott. Belative to the bill for the 

wlieifof - 

Payne, J. Scott. Belative to the cue of, late first lienten- 

PenitentUriee. Belative to the act of Janiuuy S8, 1SS7, 
makiiiK appropriatioDH for, in certain Territories 

Fenitentianee. Statement of the eoet of eanipplng and 
maintaining, in the Territories of Colorado, Montana, 
and Idaho 

PensioD-Offlce. Belative to the eipenBes of the removal 
of the, to the Seaton Honse 

PeneioiiB. Annnal repori, of the CooimiuiODer of -. 

Peneiotis. Rotative to the transfer of an apptopriation for 
pensiona of the war of 1SI2 to oover a defioienof in the 
appropriations for invalid, for the present yeax 

Postmaster General. Annual report of the . 

Postmaster General. TransmSts a statement of appropria- 
tions reqoired far the fiscal year ending Jane 30, 1873 

Pobtmester General. Transmits an inventory of the public 
property uf Che Post-Office Department 

Postmaster General. Belative to contracts made by him 
&r supplying bis Department with stationery, wrap- 
ping-paper, cotton and hemp twine, and letter-balances 

Postmaster General. Transmits sbstractA of ofTers for car- 
rying the mails npon the different routes in the United 
Stetee, and statement of all land and water moils estab- 
lished by the Poat-Offlce Department within the year 
ending Jnly 1, 16TI 

pRflident of the United States. Auonal message of the, on 
the Btateof the Union -. 

DDMmmla aocompnnying the dbore. 

Beport of the Secretary of the Treasury 

Bi^ort of the Secretary of War 

Beport of the Secretary of the Navy 

Beport of the Poetmaatet General .'.. 

Beport of the Secretary of the Interior.... 

Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture 

Beport on the foreign relations of the United States 

President of the United Stat«s, relative to the removal of 

William Heine, a consular cleric. Message from the. ..-- 
President of the United States, transmitting a statement 

from the State Department relative to oonsnlar fees. 

Message from the 

President of the United States, transmitting a letter ftom 

the State Department relative to the increase of expenses 

and compensation of certain consular agents. Message 

from the 

President of the Ud iced States, transmitting a statement 
' from tbe Treasury Department relative to the names and 

amounts paid to conn nlar agents. Message from tbe 

President of the United States, in answer to a resolution 

of the 6th of December transmitting reports from the 

Secretaries of State and Navy with reierence to theSpan- 

isb West Indies. Message from the 

President of the United States, in answer to a resolntion 

of December 6, IWl, roqnesting information relative to 

the preservation of the records of the Slate Department. 

Message from the 




















"I ' 


Presidflot of the United States, relative to the nnmber of i 
coimilar aud commercial ageutx nlio speak or write tbe i 
liDgiiBfte of tbe country to which the; are acccedit«d. 
Mfsuf^ from tbe I 

Preiidnit of tbo United States, 'trnnsmittiiiR correspond- | 
«ace relative to tlie release of William O. Halpiae, a Fe- j 
niin priKoner. Message from the i 

Pieeident uf the United States, relative to a protectorate I 
0T«rlbe Narii^tor's Islands. Message from tbe | 

Ficsideot of the United Statea, transmitting an ansner 
of the Secretary of State in answer to House resolution ' 
rsblive to the re-indenture or re-enelnvcment of China- i 
m«n in the island of Cuba. Messiige from the 

I^ident of the United Statce, transmitting a list of the 
newspapers publishinf; the laws. Message from the 

FKflideiit of the United Stntvs, returning to tbe House the 
bill (U. K, 1550) for the relief of Ur. John F. Houks, with 
his objectioiiB thereto. Message from tiio 

Frrsideiit of the Uuited States, trausmittin^ a report from 
[he Secretai? of State, with papers, relative to Dr. J. B. 
lIoDird. Message from the 1 

PrtBident of tbe Uuitwl States, rHlurning House bill No. 
1?67, for the relief of John T. Joliusoti, with his objec- 
tions. Heasage from the 

President of tjie Uuited States, relative to a report made j 

12 |. 

ly CoIoDol Cntts. Message from the . . 

Piesident of the United Stales, relative to the tawlessoesa | 
ID insarrectionary States. Message from the j 

President of tbe United States, retaniing House bill No. 
632, granting a pension to Bichard B. Crawford, with bi« 

olijectioDB. Message from the | 

^ President of the United States, relative to the recent difli- | 
calties in theCberokee country. Message from tbe ' 

President of the United States, rel&tive to a claim by tbe i 
ovoers of the steamer Aroostook, used by tbe Uuited I 
Stat«a legation in Japan. Message from the j 

Prnddent of the United States, transmitting correspond- I 
ence relative to the differences of opinion wbicb have j 
arisen with rcgani to tbo power? of the tribunal of arbi- j 
tration created under tbe treaty of Washington. Mas- i 
sage from tbe [ 

President of tbe Uuited States, returning to tbe House bill : 
(H. K.30J1) for the relief of the heirs of John M. Baker, , 
with hia objections thereto. Message from tbe ! 

President of the United States, transmitting copies of cor- I 
respondence relative to an extradition treaty with Bel- 
gium. Umaage from the I 

FK«dent of tbe United States, relative to a Joint protest i 
,wilh the Italian government against tbe intolerant treat- • 
nient of the Jews in lioumania. Message from the I 

Prtoident of the United States, relative to the comm ' 

between the United States and certain British poi 
nnus. Message from the 

Pmiident of the United States, transmitting British ci 
ter-caso. Message from the I 16 , 

PriwBH. Draught of a prniiosed act to establish military..! 

Prisons. Relative to tbe erection of a military prison at 
Bock Island, Illinois \ 

Private land-claims. Disapproval by the Commissioi 
Ihe General Land-Office of the, of William Weeks. . 

Private land-claim. Report of the Hurreyor general of 
New Mexico on the, of Juan Carlos Sautisteval e( nl . . 

Private land-claim. Papers in the, of William Marvin. . 

'lO the pay of, in the Military Academy. 

Proteaioia. Relativ 

of a public 


rablic bnildiDK*. Eelative to the erection of a public 
builtliiic at Ful River, Maasaclxiaetla 

Public buildings. Rttlative to an additional appropriatioi 
for the repair of the Government bnildinjc at the comei 
of F and Seventeenth atroets : 

Public bnildings. Selattve to a post-ofBce building at 
North Providence, Rhode Island 

Public buildiDcH. Relative to a site for the erection of, at 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Pulilip t>ropcrty. Letter from the Secretary of State trr 
niittllig invpntory of the, in the pnblio buildings and 
crouiiilB of the District of Columbia 

Public property. Letter from the CommiBHioner of Agri- 
cnlliire relative to, in the public buildings and grounds. . 

Pnblic property. Letter from the FoHtmasCcr Geiieral 
trauBUiitting inventory of, In the Pest-OfBcu Depnrtment . 

Public property. Letter ftom the Secretary of War relative 
to, sold by the War Department since July 1, 1865 

Public pro|>erty. Letter from the Secretory of War relat- 
ing to the same subject ns above '. 

Public property. Letter from the Secretary of the Kavy 
relntivo to the sales of, by any officer of the Navy Departs 
ment since June 30, 1S65 

Public projicrf y. Letter from the Secretary of the Treas- 
nry relative to money paid into the Treasury by the War 
Department for sates of 

Quart ormaster'B Department. RolatiTO to officers and ei 
ployi^BOf the 


Bi^lroads. Lcttor from the Secretory of the Interior trans- 
mitting n map showing land grants to, &c 

Baymoud, Prafesnor. Report of, on mining stjitiiiticB . , 

Recorder tifdcetls. Relative to an appropriation for records 
in the office of the, of tlie District of Columbia 

Receipts anil cxpondituivs. general, of ldt>9. Report of the 
Treasurer of the Unit^ States of the 

Rccei|ttM and expeuditurcs of liiS7. Letter from the Sec- 
retory of the Tn-asnry transmitting statement of 

Beceix>ts and ex pendj lures of Ir'GS. Letter from the Se< 
tar^- of the Treasury transmitting sliitement of .. 

Beceipts and cxpeiiditurus of IphKI. Letter from the Secre- 
tory of the TreiiHury transmitting statement of 

Reeve, ex-Colonel J. V. D. Relative to the cb«> of 

Reform School. Annual report of the board of trustees of 
the, nf the District of Columbia 

Refngeiw, Froednien, and Abandoned Lauds. Letter trova 
the Secretary of War relative to 

Register of the Treasury. Annual leport of the 

Hevenno and murine riteamers. Relative to, on the lakes. 

Rhode Island. Relative to alight on Bullock's Point, Prot 
idenco River 

Rtiodo Island. Relative to a post-offic« building at North 

Rivers and harbors. Helative to appropriations for certain 
public ivorkson 

Bivnni and h.ii'l>ors. Relative to the harbor of Wareham, 

Rivera and harboi's. Relative to the ckoiiuelB leading to 
harbor of Baltimore 

Elvers and harbors. Relative to the harbor of Duxbnry, 

by Google 

I Vol. Part. ' No. I PiRe. 

Rivera and liarbora. Relativo to tbe improvement of ttio 
Oswej^ River 

Rivera and Larbois. Relative to tbe examination, survey, 
and estimates for the improvement of tlie Tenneaoee 

Rivers and barbora. Relative to the improvement of the 
FatapBco River 

River? and harbors. Relative to tbe snrvej of tbe Ciiivre 

Rivera and harbors. Relative to tbe improvemeut of the 
barbura of Saiidnakj^sbtabula, and Waukegan 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to appiopriations for im- 
provements of tbe northern and northireiitem lakes 

Rivers and harbora. Relative to the anrvey of, of Long 
Island Sannd 

Rivers and barbors. Relative to the improvement of New 
Haven Harbor and HouKatonic River, Conuecticnt 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the improvement of the 
Connecttcnt River 

Biveis and harbors. Relative to the improvement of the . 
montb of the Mississippi River 

Rivers and barl>ora. Relative to a survey of the Honosgo- 
bela River 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the anrvey of the dam in 
tbe Ohio River near tbe montb of the Cnmberlaud River - 

Elvers and harboro. Relative to tbe improvement of tbe 
Wucortsin River 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to removing obatructioua in 
tbe Missouri River 

Riveip and hsrboia. Copv of the report of llie arbitrators 
for the improvement of water communication l>etweeD 
tbe Missisaippi River and Lake Michij^an 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the contract with Corne- 
lias Daly ibr dredging the harbor of Ogdonsbnrg, New 
York - 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to eatablishing a light to 
mark the shoals known as " Wood's End Bar," Province- 
town, MaBsacbusetts 

Rivera and harbors. Relative to tbe bay and harbor of 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the navigation of the 
Delaware River 

Rivers and harbors. * Relative to the present condition of 

tbe Uisaisaippi River between Alton and Saiut Lonia 

Bivers and harbors. Relative to the harlK>r at Mobile, 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the improvement of }io- 

bile Harboi, Alabama 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to tbe need of fnrther im- 
provements in tbe harbor of Black River, Ohio. 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the Apalacbicola and 
Chattahoochee Rivers 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the cost of removing ob- 
ettnctions in the East Chester Creek 

Rivers and harbors. Relative to the Coosa and Tennessee 

BivQis and harbors. Relative to tbe improvement of the 
Cotmecticat River below Hartford 

Rivets and harbors. Relative to tbe survey of certain 
rivers in theSonthem States 

Rivers and harbors, Relative to tbe Chippewa River, Wis- 

Rivert and harbors. Relative to the improvement of Ed- 
gartown Harbor, Massaohnsetta 


Rivers ami biirbon. Belative to the Burveys ordered hy 
Cnngresa, nith a view to coQDccting tbe waters of tbo 
TsDuesaee River and Atlantic Ocean 

Roamania. Mexsageof the President relative to the perse- 
cution of tbe J«WBiu 

Salt Lake. Letter from the Socretary of War relative to 
Ihe carriage auil freight to, Ijy the Colorado River 

Ban Francisco. Tonnage to and from 

gantisteval, Juan Carlos, e( dl. Private land claim of 

Scott, Brevet Lientenaot General Wiiifield. Statue to the 
memory of... 

Seamen. Letter from tbe Secretary of State transinittlnR 
returns of relief and prot«ction t« American, during the 
year oniliiiK September 30, 1H71 

Seaiiipn. Bill to. regulate marine hos|utal charges for sick 
or disabled foi-cign . 

Seatou, C. W. Appropriation for, for use of a patent 

Sbip-canal. Relative to a, betwcou Chesapeake and Dela- 
ware Bays 

Signal stations. Letter iVom the Secretary of V/ar relative 
to the ostablisbment of 

State, Secretary of. Letter from the, relative to an appro- 
priation for the service of tbe foreign claims commis- 

Tol. Part. No. Page. 

State, Secretary of. Letter from the, transmitting retuma 
of relief and protection i>t^ American seamen dnring tbe 
year ending Soptemlwr:t0,ie71 

State, Secretary of. Letter from tbe, transmitting a state- 
ment of Ibo payments made from the contingent fund, &c. 

State, Secretary of. Letter from tbe, transmitting Inven- 
tory of public property in tbe pablio buildings and 
grounds of the District of Columbia 

State, Secretary of. TransmitsalistofemployiSsiahis De- 
partment during the year IS71 

State, Secretary of. Relative to an iHipropriatiou for the 
work on tise new State Department 

State, Secretary of. Report of the, on the commercial re- 
lations of the United States for tbo year ISTl 

Storms. Letter fitiiQ the Secretary of War relative to the 
esiienses of the observation and report of, by telegraph 
and signal 

Subsistence Department. Letter from the Secretary of 
War relative to the nnmber of enlisted men on extra 
duly, and of civilian employ 6h in tbe .r 

Subsistence Department. Egtituatc of appropriations to | 
reimburse the, for Indian supplies i 

Surveying Hcrvice. Letter from the Secretary of tbe In. | 
terior relative to an appropriation for tbe, during the I 
aseal years ending June :», im9. and 1B73 

Sutherland, Robert. Petition of, for p'ay for cert 


Soldiers. Letler ttonx the Secretary of War relative to, 
discharged for minority 

Soldiers. Letter from the Secretary of War relative to 
clothing issued to disabled, at tbo national asylums 

Solicitor of the Treasury, Aunual report of the 

Southern States. Messsgeof the President relative to law- 
lessness in t'— 

State U.-,).ir'iuiout. Letter from tiie Secretary of State 
transmitting a statement of the payments mode from 
the contingent fund of the 

State Department. > Message of the President relative to 
tbe preservatiou of tbe records iu the 












T. ' 
Tamten. Letter from tbe Secretary of War relative to 



















TcrritoriFs. Ifelative to (ho act of January 32, 1867, maklDg 

Territonoi Relative to an niiptopriatioa for the expeDBBB 

TfHs. Relative to money appropriate*! for the State of, 
undertheactsof March 3. 1S59, and June 21, 1860 

Tcias. Statement of the Bxponditiires for construction 
and rapairs of huildings at each of the forts and military 

Iriu. Belative to the political complexion of affairs on 

Ibe frontier of 

ToDuge. Letter from the collector of customs at 8aa 

Tnde aud tonnage. Relative to, for the year 1870, with 
the WMit coast of Mexico, Central America, South 
America, Sandwich Islands, itc '. 

TrraiiDTeruf the United States. Annual report of the 

Titatucer at the United States. Transmits general state- 

' 154 


( ■ 15 

■ 283 

■ 248 



Tinsorer of the Unite<l States. Letter from the Secretary 

Tnasnrcr of the United States. Keport of the, for third 
and fonrtb qaarteta, 1^69, and jor first and second 

Trtasnry Department. Letter from the Secretary of the 




Eeport of the Second CoinptruUer of the Treasury 



1 3 

: 2 

: 3 



;i 2 

.1 i 

■ a 






Birnirt of the Superintendent of the United SUtes 



Vol. Part. No. Page. 

Treuary, Secretary of the. Transmits estimatea of appro- 
priations for fiscal year eudiog June 30,1873 

Index of the above 

Treasnry, Secretary of tbe. Transmits statement of r 
ceipts and expendftures for tbe year 1867 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. Tranamita statement of re- 
ceipts and expenditures for year 1^68 

Treasury, Secretary of the. TraDBmits statement of re- 
□eipta and expenditures for year 1869 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Transmits draught of bill e: 
titled "A. bill in aid of the laws requiring the delivery of 
manifests in certain canes" 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Communicates relative I 
balances of appropriations unexpended on Ihe 30th Jnue, 
1871, the amonnts appropriated for the fiscal year ending 
June 30, 1872, and tbe net expenditures for tbe qaorter 
ending September 30, 1871 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. Transmits ciipy of report of 
tbe special a^cnt in charge of the fur-seal lislierieB at the 
isUodsof Saint Paul ana Saint George, Alaska 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Communicates relative 
banks in tbe city of New York, concerned or interested 
in promoting an artiScial scarcity of money 

Treasury, Si^cretary of tbe. Communicates relative to tbe 
amount redeemed of tbe twenty millions five-twenty 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. l^Biismits estimates of defi- 
ciencies in appropriation e required to complete tho ser- 
vice of tbo fUcol y&ir ending June 30,1872, and prior 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Transmits draught of a para- 
graph iu relation to tbe expenses of national loans 

Treasury, S«cretaiy of tbe. Transmits two petitions pray- 
ing for relief iu oonsequence of tbe loss of certain United 
States notes destroyed by fire iu Chicago 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe, TrauHmits answer to resolu- 
tion chT December 18. 1671, relative to the enspensiou or 
musteriag ont of Brigadier General George W. Ballocb . 

Treasury, Sooretory of the. Commnuicates relative to the 
number uf persons employed and compensation paid in 
the collection of customs daring .the fiscal year ending 
Jnne30,lHn, io the United SUtea, &c 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. Transmits an estimate of the 
number of pounds of paper that will be required te 
place the proaeut natinual-bank circulation, &,o 

Treasury, gpcrotary of the. Transmits answer to a resolu- 
tion of April 18, 1871, relating to any appropriation or 
■which mail contractors may be paid for service in 
late insurgent States prior to May 31, IflCl 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Relative lo the erection of a 
public building at Oabkosh, Wiuconsin 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. Rolative to an allowance fur 
compensation to tbe late deputy collector of customs a( 
the port of Ounalaska 

Treasurj-, Secretary of the. Relative to the arts and man- 
nlactnies not produced in the United States 

Treasury, Secretary of tbe. Relative to tbe erection of c 
public building at Fall River, Massachusetts 

Treuaury, Secretary of tho. Rijutive to a deficiency in tht 
appropriation for the current fiacal year on aooonnt of 
the expenses of beacons and buoys 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Transmittingdraught of aliill 
relating Ui trade by sea on the northeastern iruutier 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Relative to cstablishiug a light 
to mark the shoals known as " Wood's End Bar/* ProT- 
incetown, Masaacbusetts 

, ....|^.-,^ 

TieMQT7< Secretary of the. Transmuting atatement of 
alMiMics pertBiiiing to steam-vesBels upon the illflereDt 
wBl«B of tiie Uoited States duiiog tho jbbib 1H66, If^ 

IHTO,aiid l(f7l 

TrManry, Secretary of the. Relative to the amonnta paid 
to omcera of internal revenue as salaries, travelinj; or 
eoDtinKeot cipenBea, fees, and moieties for the twelve 
montUB next preceding the 1st of Harcb, 1369, and 1st of : 

Oenniber, 1871 ' 

TnMor;, Secretary of the. Relative to trade and tonnage ] 
foTtbe year 1870 with tho west coast of Mexico, Central 

inerica. Sooth America, Sandwich Islands, Ac 

TnMory, Secretary of the. Relative to the case of the ' 

wting wcretary of the Territory of Idaho < 

Tmrnry, Secretary of the. Tniaamlto tints of the namee i 
ml eompensatioD of the employ&i in hl« DepartmeDt 

dimiig year 1971 .. 

TRHuy, Secretary of the. Trauaniita the memoriutof the 
nnor and city coancil of the city of Pensacola relatlTC 

ttFcoBaoolaBay and Harbor ' 

Tnrary, Secretary of the. Relative to a light-honse on 

BBllock'i Point, Proridence Biver, Rhode Island 

TnaaiT, Secretary of the. TransmiU dranght of a bill to 

ptvTidefur the registration of foreign-baili vessels 

TnMorj, Secretary of the. Relative to the navigation of 

the Delaware River 

Trsmty, Secretary of the. Transmits letter from the col- 

Uetorof cnatomsat San Francisco 

TrcMory, Becretary of the. Rolati ve to the varions PaciQe 

Tiilmd eompaaies 

TnmaTy, Secretary of the. Relative to the authority that 
ao properly be conferred npon consular and commercial 

agtotsfur the protection of the revennea 

Ttmwuj, Secretary of the. Transmits letters from the ' 

eaUccEurs of ciutoms at Portland and Astoria, Oregon . . . 

Treuoiy, Secretary of the. Transmitting statement of con- 

tiogcDl expenses of his Department 

TmuaiT, Secretary of the. Relative to a post-office build- 
ing at North Providence, Rhode Island 

TrcvMry, Secretary of the. Transmitting a bill for tho re- 
lief of the Treasurer of the United States 

Iteasary. Secretary of the. Relative to United States 
r^Tenne marine staamcrs on the lakes during the past 

Tnaudry, Becrelarjr of the. Relative to the collector of I 
eiMuDs at Port Townsend, Washington Territory • 

Trearary, Secretary uf the. Transmittini; a bill to regn- 
laie marine-hospital charges for sick or disabled foreign 

TicMDry, Secretary of the. Relative to removing the light- 

bodw at New Haven Harbor to Sonthwest Ledf[e -.., 

Ticuoiy, Secretary of the. Relative to a lij^ht-etation at 

Siiiemoa'a Lump, in Kedge's Straits, between Tangier 

fioand and Cbeaapeaka Bay 

Triwary, Secretary of the. Relative to a light-honse on j 
Solomoii'aLnmp, Kedge'sStraite, between TauglerSonad > 

ud Chesapeake Bay i 

'^wsesry. Secretary of the. Transmitting a bill to facili- ' 
Uts Uie taking of the oatli of office by snbordiaitte officers I 

•(cBUoms ;.! 

'■'Mary, Secretary of the. Transmitting n bill Xo Increase j 
H> conineDsatioo of the collector of ooatoma for the dis- ] 

^|d of Alexandria 

■"VHry, Secretary of the. Rolative to money paid into 
UaTreaniry by the War Department from sales of public 
^"T««J I 

1 Vol. P&n. No. I Pkge. 

Treagnry, Becretar; of the. TranamiM a bill to smODil tbe ! 
D»vigatioa and enstonia collection lan-a of the United 

Treasury, Secretary "of tbo, Eelntive to tbe sale of tbe 
ligfat-hoaNi reservation at Fort Gmtiut 

Treasury, Secretary of the. Relative to a sit« for tbe eivc- 
tion of public baildines at Ciuoiuuati, Ohio 

Treasury, Secretary «f the. TranBinits a bill to ruKulato 
the remission nf fines, punnltivs, and forfeitnres, and tbe 
distribution of tbe proceeds tboraof. 

TreesnTy, SecTetary of tbe. TransDiits list of the number 
of peraons employe^ in the Coast Survuy during tbe fiscal 
year endiuf; June 30, 1871, and of tbe expenditures under 
tbe aupenutendent thereof 

Treaenry, Secretary of tbe. Transmits report of tbe Com- 
mittee on Eipeuditurea in tbe Trcasnry Department, of 
the examination into the condition of the office of tbe 
Treasurer of tbe United States 

Trowel-bayonet. Lettet from lb« Secretary of War, rela- 
tive to the exi>crimeutal trial made in tbe Army of the.. 


Uuitcd States notes. Letter from tbe Secretari^ of the 
Treasury, trausmitting two petitions for relief id conxe- 
quence of tbe lo«8 of certain, destroyed by lire iu Chi- 

United Slates jail. Annual report of the warden of tbe 

Utah. Letter from the Secretary of War relative to au ap- 

propriaticu for a military post at Beaver City 

Utob. Letter ttom tbe Attorney General relative to crimi- 
nal cases pending in the courts of 


Vessels. Statement of etAtietics pertaining to steam, upuu 
the different watemof the United StAtesduringtbo yean) 
1866, 1869, IffTO, and 1871 

Veesels. Drangbt of a bill to provide fur registration of 
foioigu-bailt, owned by citizens of the UuitM State* 

Veasels. Kelative to the claim of tbe owners of the steamer 

Tcseels. Relative to lbs United States revenue and marine 
steamers on tbe lakes daring th« past season 

Viall, J. A. Siipcrintendenl of IniUan affaire, Montana, 

Virainia. llraughtof a bill foriucreauof compeusatioDof , 
the collector of cDSloms at Alexandria , 

Volunteers. Letter from tbe Secretary of War relative to , 
appropriations for collecting, drilliug, and organiiing . . . 


WagoQ-road. Relative to a, in Wyoming 

War Department. Letter from tbe Secretary of War, rela- ' 
tive to public property sold by the, since the 30tb day of 
JuDe,ltl65 -■ 

War Department. Letter from tbe Secretary of War rela- 
tive to public properly sold by, since July I, lSlh'> 

War Department. Lettet from tbe Secretary of tbe Treus- 
o money paid into tbe Treasury by the, foi 

sales of I 

._ public proiK'rty.- 

War, Secretary of. Annual report of the 

Table of contents of tbe above in detail 

War, Secretary of. Relative to an nppi'opriation 

public works on rivern and liarbora 


W«r, 8«eretary of. Belative W the harbor of Wareham, i 

HMMrhoMtts 1 

Vu.Stattitrj of. Relative to th« ansponsioa or muster- I 

out of General Georee W. Balloch I 

War, S««retaiy of. ^lative to George W. Balloch, late 1 

diabBTKiDg officer of tbe Barean of Uefogeea, Ac 

War, Secretary of, Askiug for an appropriatioo for a 

lUlae of Brevet Liealenaut General WiniiiBld Scott | 

Wir, Secretary of. Transmit* the case of ei-Colonel J, V. ■ 

D. Eeeve 

War, Seerelary of. Ketative to the cbannels leading to the 

) tbe harbor of Dnxbury, 

harborof Baltimore.. 

W»r, SecreUry of. Kelative t 


Wir, Hecrelary of. Belativo to tbe improvement of the 

Oiw^ Riyer 

Wu. 6e«retary of. Relative to a permanent military punt 

u the military reBorration of t'ort SQelliug 

Wu. Seccetarr of. Draught of a proposed act to establish 

Bilitary priaooa 

Wit, Secretary of. In relation to moneys appropriated for 

Ibc State of Texas, under acts of March 3, 1869, and Jane 

80, laeo 

Wsr, Secretary of. In relation to the esaminatioD, eorvey, 

and estimatea for the improvemeiit of the TenDessee 


Wu, Secretary of. Relative to the improvement of the IV 

Wir, Secretary of. Relative to bonnties to soldiers dis- 
chueed for disabilities , 

War, necretary of. Opinion of the Solioitor of the War 
"partment relative to bounty to the Hiasouri State 


War, Secretary uf, Belative to sole of arma and ordnance ' 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the loxa of Govemmeut i 
fundi by fire at Fort Buford 

War, Secretary ot Belativo to the Louisville aud Port- 
land Canal 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the petition of Robert 
Sutherland for pay for certain alleged military services.. I 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the relief of Reverend Jona- | 
than l...Uann i 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the relief of citizens expelled ' 
&ora their homes at Camp Mohave, Ariiona 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the discharge of Snth M. I 
Wbitteo, private, Compaoy K, Fonrth Michigan Volnn- i 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the service of Stephen H. ] 

Bt^gardoBasd L. L-O'Coonor .-. .. 

War, Secretary of. Relative to soldiers discharged for mi- 
War, Seereta^ of. Rel'ai'ive to George W. Birchard, la'(« ' 

of tbe Second Arkansas Colored Volanteers 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the contingent expenses I 

of tbe military establishment for 1^*1 ' 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the military reaetvatiouat i' 

Port Sanders, Wyomin(5 Territory 

War, Secretary of. Relative tu the survey of the Cuivre 

River I 

Vtr, Secretary of. 'Relative to the improvement of the i 

karliani of (iaodDsky. Ashtabula, ami Waukegan 

Wur, Secretary of. Relative to the expenses of the oliserva- I 

tion and report of storms by t«legrapli and signal I 

r, Secretary of. Showinf^ the expenditures for i 


1 repairs of huildlDga at each fort and utili- 

t in Texas. . 


and provisions 

June 30, 1871 

W«r, Secretary of. R«lalivt) 

DeCoata in tlie Marine BrigEkde Cavalry 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the claim of John F. Wot- 

riujf for services in Conipany L, West VirginU Cavalry.. 
War, Secretary of. Asking an appropriatinn fur the com- 

Cion of the wagon-road Itridge couuecting Hollue vrith 
k Island, Illinois 

War, Secretary of. Relative to appropriations for improve- 
ments of the norlbera and Dorthweetern lakus 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the survey of rivera and 
harbors of Lone Island Soand 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the improveraeDta of New 
Haven Harbor and Honsatonic River, Connecticut 

War, Secretary o£ Relative to John Carrigan, late lieu- 
tenant Battery A, First New Jersey Light Artillery 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the improvement of the 
CoDneoticnt River 

heU River. 
War, Secretary of. Relative to the Hancock BarrackB, 

War, Secretary of. Rel;itive to John C. Chamberlain, late 
lieutenant Couipany A, Twelfth Kentucky Cavalry 

War, Secretary ot Relative to horses left ou the line of 
march taken by General Hobson while in pnisuit of the 
confederate General Morf;au in IS63 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the Fort Collins reservo' 

War, Secretary of. Relative t« the status of teamsters in 
the quartermaster's employ 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the erectiou of a military 
prison at Rock Island, Illinois 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the military reservations 
of Fort Harker, Kansas; Fart Bentou, Montana; and Fort 
Ripley, Hinnesota 

War, Secretary of. Relative to au appropriation for the 
preseri'ation of clothing and equipage during the next 
fisoal year 

War, Secretary of. Relative to an appropriation for col- 
lecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers 

War, Secrel4iry of. Relative to the survey of the dam in 
the Ohio River near the mouth of the Cumberland River. 

War. Secretary of. Relative to the carriage and freight to 
Salt Lake City by the Colorado River 

War, Sacrotory of. Returning the bill (H. R. 1530) for the 
relief uf J. Soott Fuyne, with the report of the Adjutant 
General thereon 

War. Secretary of. Relative to the military post of Camp 
Three Forks, Owyhee, Idaho Territory 

War, Secretary of, Relative to tlie military reservation of 
Port Sleilacoom .' 

War, Secretar.T of. Relative to the iuiprovement of the 
WisoODSio River 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the eslablishmeul of signal 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the property of tbe United 
State* nnld by the War Deportment since tbe 30th day of 
Jnne, 183& 

War, Secratary of. Relative to removing ob«trnctioDS in 
the Uiasooii River 










1 Vol. Part. Mo. Page. 

Wu-.S __ _ . ,. . 

Oft tot the improvemeDt of water commuitlcatioii b»- 

•-o«n Ibe HiMiuippi Biver and Lake Michigan 

War, Sfcretaty of, ICelative to Fort Tompkins, New York 


War, SKRtaiy of. Eatimate of the lonaea of certaia cadeta 

I7 fire in their barrscks 00 the Ath of Febrnary, 1971 — 
War, Secretary of. Relative to the contract of Comelina 

Dxl; for dredging the harharof Ogdenaburgb, New Yoik.. 
War, Snretai^' of. Relative to the poblic property aold bj 

Uk War Departmeot since Jnly 1 , ISte 

Ww, Secretary of. Relative to the deatniction of clothing 

of wildLerB of Company B, Fourteenth Infantry 

Wit, Secretary of. Transmuting certain plots of the mjll- 

ta^ reservation at Port Steilocoom 

Wif, Secretary of. Belative to the Fort Collins military 

Tw, Secretary of. B«lative to the correepondeDce be- 
tween the War Departnient and Colonel Emory, oom- 
iDtading the United Statea forces in Lonlalana 

ir«r. Secretary of. Relative to the Bareau of Refngeea, 
Fnedmen, and Abandoned Lands 

Wu, Secretary of. Relative to the present condition of 
the Misrissippi River between Alton and Saint Lonis 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the improvement of the 
btfbor at Mobile, Alabama 

War, Secretary of. Relative to tbe improvement of Mobile 

War, Secretary of. Relative to tbe political complexion of 
afhiraon the Texas frontier 

War, Becretary of. Relative to the Waahington Aqueduct. 

War, Gceretary of. Relative to tbe enlUtnent and service 
of First Battalion, Massachnsetta Heavy Artillery 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the number of enlisted 
men on extra doty, and of civilian employiSa in the 6nb- 
sistence Department 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the claim of Dakota Terri- 
tory for pay of troops in the Indian war of 1862 

War, Secretary of. Relative to ofScera and employ^ of 
tbe Qnarterm aster's Departnient 

War, Secretory of. Relative to the payment of $582.70 to 
MCTtm. Keerl &, Miller 

War, Secretary of. Relative to a ship-canal between 
Chesapeake and Delaware Bays 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the Airther Improvements 
in the harbor of Black River, Ohio 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the expenses incurred in 
Hie arbitration bad between the United Stat«a and the 
Green Bay and UiMiaaippi Canal Company 

War, Secretary of. Relative to removing the light^honse 
at New Haven Harbor, Connecticut, to Southwest Ledge. 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the Apalachicola and Chut^ 
hoochee Rivera 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the coet of removing cer- 
tain obatrnctioiia in tbe East Cheater Creek 

War, Secretary of. Relative to tbe Cooaa and Tennessee 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the improvement of the 
Connecticut River below Hartford 

War, Secretary ol Relative to the anrvey of certain rivers 
'n the Sontheni States. . 

',, Google 

War, Secretary of. Id aiiHn-er to tesolation of the House, 
relative to M^or Qeneral Don Carlua Buell 

War, SecTetary uf. Relative to an udditkOD&l appropria- 
tion for modification and i-epair of the Government build- 
iog at tlie comer of V aad Seveateenthe streuta 

War, Secretar; of. Relative to bountj for alaves who od- 
listed in the Army 

War, Secretary of. Belative to pay of tbe Military Acad- 
emy profeasoFB 

War, Secretary of. S«Iative to payment of female nuraes 
for Hervioes dnriugthe lato nar 

War, Secretary of. Relative to clotliiui; iaaued to disa- 
bled soldiers in tbe national asylums 

War, Secretary of. Report conoemiog tbe history and 
charactor of certiun clainis of tbe State of Texas 

War, Secretory of. Relative to the New Orleans wbarf 

War, Secretary of. RelatiTe to tbe Chippewa River, Wis- 

War, Secretary of Relative to creatins a profMSorship of 
deutal surgery at the United States Military and Naval 

War, Secretary of Relative to Company E, First Regi- 
ment of Florida Cavalry 

War, Secretary of. Relative to an appropriation to com- 
plete the snrvey of lota sold alFortOratiot military res^ 

War, Secretary of Relative to an appropriation for a mili- 
tary post near the town of Beavet City, Utob 

War, Secretary of. Traoimitting information rehitive to 
tbe charge of desertion against Cable H. Gurk, (Greek,) 
First Uicbigan Volunteers 

War, Secretarr of. Relative to bill (H. R. 880) anthoriziDg 
the, to purchase Drake's patont fuse 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the improvement of Edgar- 
town Harbor, Hassaobusetts 

War, Secretary of. Relative to the petition of Lanoe Ser- 
geant John R. Williams 

Wax, Secretary of Relative to tbe proposed aet restoring 
Alonzo J. Marsh to bis rank as captain in the ElevoDW 
Regiment of the Veteran Reserve Corps 

War, Secretary of. Relative to tbe case of James DeLoug 
etal., of Kentucky, for compensation of services rendered 
during the war 

War, Secretorv of. Relative to the military barracks at 
Flattshnrgh, New York 

War, ^cretary o£ Relative to the surveys ordwed by 
Congress with a view to connecting the waters of the 
Tennessee River and Atlantic Ocean 

War, Secretary of. Relative to tbe muster of Thomas Has- 
1am, OS a second lieutenant in Company K, Twenty-sixth 
Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers 

War, Secretary of Relative to tbe operations of the armo- 
ry at Spriuf^eld in the working of tbe eight-honr law 

War, Secretary of Transmits papers relative to tbe claim 
of Samnel Brooks 

War, Seeretary of. Relative to the oaae of J. Scott Payne, 
late first lieutenant of the Fifth United States Cavailry.. 

War, Secretary of. Transmits additional papers pertMQing 
to the investigation into the Montana Indian wor-clalms 
of 1867 

War, SecretaiT of. Transmitting information relative to 
the bill of tne House No IE>TO, providing for the payment 
of bounty to the non-commissioned oScers and privates 
of tbe Firet Louisiana Independent Sconta 

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H'lf, SMtetafT of. Trauamits informatioii relative to the 
cUim «r Dakota Territory foe troopa called out for the 
deAnaeof theTerriUir; 

War, Sacretaiy of. Relative to the reetoration to the AmiT 
of all officers mustered oat aarler act of Jul; 15, 1870, 
wbolisTe been wounded 

War, Secretary of. Relative to Senate bill 393, for the re- 

Xiutioa of the Army 
j(t0D Territory. Relatlvetotheoollectotof oaatoms 
it Port Townaeod 

Water eonunanioation. Letter from the Secretary of War 
tmunittiDg a copy of the report of arbitrators for the 
inptOTMuenl of, betireeathe Mississippi River and Lake 
Mkblno , 

Wttta, William. Private loDd-claim of 

Wfkber, ChriBtopfaer. Claim of 

WtM Indica. Hoesage from the President tranmiiittiiig re- 
port! of the Secretaries of State and Navy trith reference 
tolbe Spaoish 

TUtfoa, Setb H. Relative to the discharge of private, 
CoBEi«DT K, FoDith Hichi^D Cavalry 

nsiiais, Serveant John R. Re-iaibiirBementfor clothing.. 

IFiKonnn. Belative to a public bnilding at Oabkoeii 

Wiiconain. fielative to the Chippewa River in the State of. 

tfiMMo. Annnal report of the Colnmbla Hospital for 

Wotring, ex-Xiieatenant John F. Relative to the claim of. 
Wf iming. Belative to a wagon-rood in the Territory of. . . 



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b, Google 






The Chippetca River, Wigcontin. 

?72. — H«forred to the Committee oi 

Wab Department, April 29, 1872. 
The Secretary of War has the honor to transmit to the House of 
Bepicseutatives a copy of the report of an examination by Colonel 
Macomb, Corps of Engineers, of the Chippewa River, Wisconsin, made 
at the instance of the Committee ott Commerce of the House, and to' 
invite attention to the recommendation contained therein and to the 
letter of transmittal of the Chief of Engineers. 

He has also the honor to return the papers referred by the Committee 
on Comnierce with others relating to the matter. 


Secretary of War. 

Oppioe of the Chief of Engineers, 

Washington, 1>. C, April 22, 1872. 
SiB: The the lesolutionsof the Committee on Commerce of tiie House 
"( Representatives, of February 20, 1872, requesting the Secretary of 
War, "as early as practicable with bis service, to cause to be made an 
<;xaui illation and sur^'oy of the Cbipiiewa River, as far up as the city of 
'.'liipitewa Falls, in the State of Wisconsin, especially that portion 
illf-eed to be obstructed," and report "the result of such work as early 
to Irtacticable," &c., are herewith respectfully letumed. 

The examination requested was made by Colonel Macomb, Corps of 
Eeianeers, in conformity with instructions from this office, dated Feb- 
nvy 24, 1872, and a copy of his report and map, and the original ab- 
*tntt of affidavits, and affidavits, thirty-two in number, accompanying 
''. ABe herewitji submitted. 

/l trill be observed that the examination was made on the ice, and, 
'•f rourse, could not be as much in detail or as reliable as if made 
•Innug the seaaoD of navigation. The results show, however, that the 


obatructions referred to in the resolntions of the committee actually 
exist, and are, in the opinion of Colonel Macomb, seriously detiimental 
to the navigation of the Chippewa River. His recommendation, that 
an instrumental survey, "which would definitely determine the chan- 
nels, direction and velocity of the currents, positions of the cribs, booms, 
gravel-bars, &c.,'" be made, is concorred in by me. Such sarvey is pro- 
vided for in the second section of the river and harbor bill recently 
passed by the House of Representatives. 

Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 

Brigadier General and Chief of Engmeen. 
Hon. W. W. Belknap, 

Secretary of "War. 

Whereas the Honae of Eepreseotativos, on the 19tb of December, 1871, agreed tv 
the followiiig resolution, to v\t: 

" Wbereaa it is alleged that obstnictioDB have been placeil in tbe maiu cliannel nf 
the Chippewa river, a navigable tribotarj of the MiKsisBJ^iiii, at points bulotr tbe 
tbe city of Cliippewa Falls, tlie beatl of navigation of said nver, serlonsljr iuterferiiig 
with toe commerce of the same, and that (liven acberuen are bclDg prolecteil, which, 
if permitted, will result ia tbe furtlicr eiiibarrassmeiit of Dnvigation : Therefore, 

"Rnolrtd, That the Committee on Cornmerco be requested to inquire into tlie 
nieeeut state of the Chippewa river so far as tbe same baa been navigateil by erteani- 
IioatB, and if, iu tbeir judgment, nuy action on the part uf CooKrew be required to 
effect the removal of sach olwtriictioQa, or prevent tbe erection of works iu said river, 
which shall injare its navigation, to report by bill or otiiorwise ;" 

And whereas affidavits, with an aocompauying (nap of survey, have l>ecti preseiit«<l 
to this committee, confirming the alleged obstructions iu tbe Chippewa River, and 
further declaring and showing that other and more dfunaging structnrea have sobse- 
qiiently been and are being placed iu said river, which, if not remuTe<l, it is repnt- 
Aented, will totally destroy the navigation for boats and rafts during tlic most tiaporlsuif 
.season and stages of water; 

And whereas it is not practicable for this committee, during the session of Congrewi. 
to make a personal examination of the facts, and it being desirable to oblaia iwnie 
official iDformatioQ upon which to base a report : Therefore, 

Reeolved, That the Secretary of War be. and ho ia hereby, reqiieatisd by this com- 
mittee, as early as practicable with his service, to cause to be made an uxuiiiinatiou 
and survey of the Cliippewa Hiver as far np as the city of Chippewa Falls, in the 
State of WiscoDsiu, and more especially that portion alleged to ho olwtructeil, and to 
report to this committee the result of such work as early as practicable. 

Eeaolrtd, That a copy of the foregoing, together with tlio affidavits and map of 
survey, now in tbe hands of this committee, be handed to the Sccretar^■ of War 

It is hereby certified that at the regular meeting of the Committee on Commerce, 
held this day, the above roaolutiuns were adopted. 

Chairman of Commiltee on Commerce, Haiuc of Itfpreaeatatite*. 
TUK8DAY, Febniarj/ 20, 1872. 

United States Enginbeb's Ofptck, 

Rock Island, Illinois, April 15, 1872. 
General : I bave the honor to submit tbe following report of the 
result of my examination of the alleged obstructions to navigation in 
the Chippewa Biver. 

On the 18tb of March, 1872, 1 proceeded to the city of ChippewaFalls, 
accompanied by my assistant, Capttiiu Amos Stickuey, Uuitetl States 
Engineers, and examined these alleged obstructions. I tmustuit here- 
with a map* of that portion of tbe river in which these obstruetioits are 
* For map, aee orlgtiMl. 



placed, from whicli a pretty clear idea can be obtained of the nature 
and extent of the obstructions. At the point marked A on the tracing 
a, gheer-boom has been bnilt during the winter. This boom is a striict- 
nre made of timber; is about 336 feet in length, 3 feet in width, and 1 
foot in depth. It swings on a pivot-joint at one end and is fastened to 
a crib. By an arrangenient of fine, hinged to the down stream side, it 
can be thrown by the action of the current across the stream. Its objeet 
is to sheer floating logs over to the right side of the stream, so that they 
shall enter the boom of FarwelFs mill. This sheer-boom, pilots state, 
will be an obstrnction to the navigation of the river for rafts from above, 
in^much as it will throw them so far to the right-hand side of the 
stieaiD that except in low water, when the current is not so rapid, tbey 
vill be forced to pass into the channel to the right of the island just 
below, there not being distance enongh between the sheer-boom and the 
head of the island to allow of their being pnlJed over so as to pass to 
tbe left of the island, which is the proper channel. 

The nest alleged obstruction is a timber-crib, filled with stone, about 
300 feet below tbe aforesaid island, which is represented on tracing (in 
rfd) at B. This crib has been built during the winter. It is the head 
of the boom for Farwell'a mill. The channel and direction of the cur. 
leat at this point-, according to the testimony of the pilots, are such that 
n(lB conid not possibly use the channel to the right of the island with- 
out being forced directly upon this crib, and if they pass to the left 
of the island they must run either directly upon this crib, or, passing to 
the left of it. be thrown npon the crib of the boom on the left side of the 
stream, as indicated on the tracing by arrows. 

The nest alleged obstruction is a point indicated on the tracing at C 
At this point a number of cribs have been put in this past winter, which, 
according to the testimony of pilots, are directly across the low-water 
channel. Pilots state that in low water the channel runs as indicated 
by the arrows on the tracing, the water being thrown flrst to the left 
shore by a gravel bar on the right side of the stream, then to the right 
shore by a gravel bar on the left side of the stream, crossing the line of 
cribs on tbe left side and striking the last crib on the right side. 

The next and last obstruction is at the point marked Don the tracing. 
Here a line of cribs has been built, crossing the raftchannel in such a 
manner that rafts will undoubtedly be thrown against them. Messrs. 
Ingram and Kennedy, the parties who built these cribs, state that they 
intend to guard rafts from damage on them, by placing outside of them 
a stiff boom of rimber, 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep, which, in their opinion, 
will allow rafts to slide along without damage or delay. 

At the time of making myexamination the Chippewa River was frozen 
over, so that I conld not personally determine the direction and force of 
tbe current or the position of the channel. My information on these 
points was obtained entirely from the pilots who are engaged in navi- 
gating this portion of the river. Judging from the contour of the banks, 
however, I should think this information reliable; except at the point 
marked C, there is nothing herefrom which the position of the channel 
could be judged. 

From snch information as I have been able to obtain, and such exam- 
ination as I was able to make, my opinion is that all of the alleged 
obstructions are real obstructions, with the exception of those at C, and 
these are certainly obstructions if the channel is situated as descrikted. 

TTie sheer-boom at the point A is an obstruction, because it is placed 
M Dear to the head of the island, bein^ only about 600 feet above it, 
'bit raf^s have no time to correct their coarse after passing it^ The 


owners of the boom probably ioteDded to opeu it for the passage of 
rafts, but if there ia any loss of time in opening it, and a raft sLoald 
happen to strike, as the pilots say is almost invariably the case, it would 
he thrown out of its course as described. 

The crib at the point B in au undoubted obstruction, because it shute 
up one channel entirely and very much endangers the running of the 
ouly other one. . 

The cribs at point D are obstructions because of being directly in the 
raft-cUauneJ. The stiff boom which Ingrain and Kennedy propose put 
ting in will not, in my opinion, remedy the dtfflcalty. The boom will 
not change the directiou of the current, which will flow under it, and 
consequently keep a raft pressed hard against it all the time, if it does 
not break it up. All the cribs iu this locality above the one marked A 
are, in my opiniou, obstructions. 

The above comprises the principal obstructions, though there are 
many other cribs which interfere more or less with the navigation of 
the river. 

The river is used almost entirely for driving logs to the Mississippi 
and for floating rafts of the lumber whicti is manufactured on its banks. 
It is estimated that about 60,000,000 feet of lumber is annually manu- 
factured on the Chippewa Eiver which must be floated down in rafts 
past the above-described obstructions- Pilots state tliat before obstruc- 
tions were placed in the river a raft consisted of twenty-eight cribs, 
which required one pilot and eight men as a crew. This crew was occu- 
pied one day in navigating the raft between Chippewa Falls and Eau 
Claire. After obstructions were put in a raft consisted of fourteen 
cribs, during high water, with the same crew and requiring the same 
time as before ; iu low wat«r, eighteeu cribs, with a crew of one pilot 
and twelve men. In high wat«r, a erib contains 8,300 feet of lumber; 
in low water, 5,500 feet. Therefore the cost of running rafts from Chip- 
pewa Falls to Eau Claire before and after the obstructions were pnt iu 
is as follows: 

Before obstructions were put in, and during high water, twenty-eight 
cribs, containing 8,300 feet each, equal to 232,400 t^t, could be run for — 

Services of one pilot one day $4 

Services of eight men one day, each at $1.50 12 

•Total 17 

which is equal to about 7^"^ cents i>er thousand i'eet. 

After obstructions were put in, and during high water, fourteen cribs, 
containing 8,300 feet each, equal to 110,200 feet, could be run for — 

Services of one pilot one day ^5 

Services of eight men one day, each at $1.50 12 

Total 17 

which is equal to about 14y^„ cents per thousand feet. 

Before obstructions were put in, and during low water, twenty-eight 
eribs, of 5,600 feet each, equal to 15'1,000 feet, could be run for — 

Services of one pilot one day $5 

Services of eight men one day, each 11.50 12 

Total 17 

which is equal to about 11 cents x>er thousand feet. 

,_ ibyGoogle 


After obstnictions were placed in, during low water, eighteeu cribs, 
of 5,500 feet each, equal to 99,000 feet, could be ran for— 

Services for one pilot one day 85 

Sen-ices of twelve meu one day, each at 81.50 18 

Total '23 

vhich is equal to about 2Si cents per thousaud feet. 

Thus it will be eeen by Uiis statement that these obstructtoiiH put in 
the lirer previous to the winter of 1871 and 1872, during high water, 
aikkd abont 7^^ cent's per thousand feet to the cost of getting lumber 
boa Onippewa Falls to Eau Claire; and during low water tbey added 
aboat 12^ cents per thousand feet. Supposing the average to be about 
10 cents, the 60,000,000 feet manufactured was taseil 86,000 annually 
\ij these obstructions, besides the losses by accidents. With the obstrnc- 
tiwu placed this past winter, fears are expressed that in the highest 
stage of water, when the onrrent is very swift, rafts will not be able to 
rno at all. Steamboats have been entirely driven out of this part of 
(be river. During the summer of 18T0 and previous to that time small 
steamers ran more or less regularly up to the city of Chippewa Falls, 
bat sJDce then none have cared to take the risk among the cribs for the 
mall amount of freight which is offered them. 

The channels and directions of the current, as I stated before, I could 
oDly locate from testimony of pilots, but the cribs and booms were visi- 
ble. Nearly every one of these, and there are hundreds of them, is, to 
a certain extent, an obstruction to navigation, though, in most cases, 
not a serious obstruction. If any more deflnite information concerning 
this river is needed, an instrumental survey, which would definitely 
determine the channels, directions, and velocity of the curreuts, posi- 
tiOTs of the cribs, booms, gravel- bars, &c.j should be made. 

I inclose herewith, besides the maps, thirty-two affidavits from diflfer- 
eot parties interested in this matter and an abstract of these afiidavits, 
iDclnding the original papers sent to me. 

In presenting this report, called for by your favor of 24th of February, 
1872, 1 beg leave to express my highest appreciation of the services of 
my assistant. Captain A. Stickney, of the Corps of Engineers, who has 
prepared the rejiort ^om the examination of the field which we.made 
together on the ice in the latter part of March. 
All of wbicli is respectfully submitted by your most obedient servant, 
Colonel of Engineers, Unit^ States Army, Engineer in 

Charge and General Superintendent United States 

Improvements, Upper Mississippi Eiver, &c. 
General A. A. Humphreys, 

Chief of Engineers, U. S. A., Washington, D, 0. 

Chippewa Codhtt, State of Wisconsin : 

0. R. Dahl, of lawful age, being duly sworn, says that he resides at 
l^ippewa Falls, in said county ; that be is a civil engineer by profes- 
w« and occupation; that he has examined the obstructions in the Chip- 
pewa River in sections 5, 8 and 17, in township 27 north, of range 9 
«*>t, in Eaa Claire County; that the piers and obstnictions mentioned 
ni^in nection 8 now occupy and obstruct 12 rods of the channel of the 


river permanently, aDd, with obstructions placed in the channel of tbe 
river opposite, leaves only 8 rods iu width of channel through which logs 
and lumber call pass down tuiid river; that the obstructions on theoppo- 
site side of the river above referred to occupy and obstruct 8 rods in width 
of the channel, so that in fact 20 rods in width of the cfaaunel of the 
river is now obstructed on section 8 aforesaid for a distance on the east 
side of the river of about 224 rods, and there are prepiirations now goiirt; 
forward for building more new piers and obstructions below those already 
made and iu the course of construction on the south side of the river 
aforesaid; and, as deponent is informed, the intention is, and it has such 
appearance, to extend the same along the east side of the entire channel 
of the river to the piers and obstructions on section 17, hereinafter men- 
tioned. The piers referred to are made by driving about fifteen piles 
for each pier and covered on the top with timber, and on section 17 
aforesaid there are a great number of piers, extending abont oue mile 
in length and about 14 rods apart, built of square timber, filled with 
rock ; that each of said piers is an actual obstruction to the navigation 
of said stream with rafts of lumberaudlogsj that there is work being 
done on section 17 aforesaid by way of cutting the bank of the river so 
as to increase the volume of water behind the last- mentioned pier 60 
links in width, which will greatly enhancethe dangers of navigating the 
river at this point with rafts of lumber ; that the enlargement of the 
channel of the river at this point isbeingdonebyblasting,itbeioga rock 
shore or bank to the river, and there are materials upon the ice above 
the channel enlargement for the purpose of erecting more piers within 
the cliaunel of the river, which will necessarily further tend to obstruct 
the same; that the deponent saw the works aforesaid within three or 
four days past. 

O. H. DAHL. 

Snbsoribed and sworn, before me this 7th day of February, 1872. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, County of Ckippetca : 

George Winans, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is a res- 
ident of the city of Chippewa Falls, iu the county of Chippewa and 
State of Wincousiu, and that he is by occupation a pilot of rafts and 
steamboats on the Mississippi and OhippewaBivers, from thecity of Saint 
Louis, OD the Mississippi Eiver, to the city of Chippewa Falls, on the 
Chippewa River; and that he is duly licensed by United States author- 
ity to act as first-class pilot of steamboats between the above-named 
points; and that he has been engaged in said occupation for a period of 
fifteen years, during the season of navigation; and that he is thoroughly 
^miliar with the channel of the Chippewa River from the head of nav- 
igation at Chippewa Falls to it« confluence with the Mississippi; and 
that said channel, in its natural state, is uniformly navigable for rafts 
of lumber, and, during a greater portion of the season, for steamboats 
of light draught. 

And he further says that he has examined the map of surveys of O. 
K. Dahl, civil engineer, certified to February 6, 1872, of that portion of 
the Chip|>eRa River below the head of navigation, running through sec- 
tions 31 and 32, in township 28, range 9 west, in Chippewa County, and 
sections d, 6, 7, 6, 17, and IS, township 27, range 9 west, in Eau Claire 


Conoty, and that the channel of said river aud location of piers as indi- 
cated on said map are substantially correct. 

And he further says that, of his own personal knowledge, the piers 
constructed during the winter of 1871 were a serious obstrQctiou to 
navigation, occasiouiug increased expense, grciit loss of property, and, 
for a portion of the season, obstructing navigation entirely : and that those 
piers coustrnct«d aud being Constructed the present winter are more 
Berious and damaging in their character, construction, and location, and 
if allowed to remain will, for a greater period, totally obstruct the nav- 
igation of the river for rafts, and render its navigation by steamboats 
eKUemely hazardous to life aud property, aud will, at all times, vastly 
increase the expense aud hazurd of lumber na\'igatiou. 

And he fui-ther siiys that during such stages of water as the naviga- 
tion of said river is most available and necessary, both for boats and 
lafla, said piers will be a total obstruction to the navigation of lumber 
in rafts, and will render the navigation of steamboats so hazardous as 
ta drive them entirely from the river. 


Snbscribed and sworn to before me this Cth day of February, 1872. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State op Wiscomsin, County of Chippewa, ss : 

Peter Lego, being duly sworn, on oath says that he is a resident of 
the city of Chippewa Falls, in the said county aud State of Wisconsin ; 
that his business is and Uas for many years been tbat of a pilot on the 
Chippewa Kiver, aud he has been engaged in running and taking rafts 
of lumber from tlie city of Chippewa Falls aforesaid over said river ; 
that by reason of obstructions placed in the said river between the 
said city of Chip[>ewa Falls and the village of Eau Claire, which is situ- 
ated about twelve miles below the said city of Chippewa Falls on the 
said river, he lost by the destruction of rafts, occasioned by said ob- 
stmctiouB during the season of 1871, about $4,00U worth of lumber, and 
was otherwise greatly hindered and delayed in his business, to his great 
detriuient; that said river is a public highwaj' and navigable up to 
the city of Chippewa Falls from its mouth, and has for years been Used 
by parties engaged in manufacturing lumber at the city of Cbippewa 
Falls aforesaid, as the only means of conveying their lumber to market; 
that the annual product of lumber maniifactnred at tbe said city of 
Chippewa Palls is about 75,000,000 feet, and is the leading and prin- 
cipal business of said city ; that certain parties, living at the village of 
Ean Claire aud engaged also in the manufacture of Inmber, have for 
several years past been in the practice of building piers in the maiu 
channel of said river between the said city of Chippewa Falls and the 
village of Eau Claire, so as to render the mivigatiou of said river ex- 
tremely difficult and dangerous for boats and rafts ; that they are now 
engaged in further obstructing the said river and building piers in such 
maooer as to make it impossible, with any chance of safety, to run any 
rafts hereafter over said river from above the village of Eau Claire ; 
tbat they threaten to continue such obstructions until navigation is en- 
tirely otwtructed aud the business aud prosperity of the city of Chip- 
pewa Falls destroyed. 

And this affiant further says that the said lumber mauaDactarers of 


the village of Ban Claire bave for many years been endeavoring to pro- 
care a charter from the legislature of the State of Wisconsin author- 
izing and empowering them to build a dam 16 feet in height at or near 
the said village of Ean Claire and below the head of navigation ; that 
the erection of such a dam, as is proposed by some parties, or any dam 
below the head of navigation aforesaid, would be extremely detrimental 
and hostile to the interests of all the litizeoB above the same, and 
greatly increase the cost and expense of runniug lumber over said river 
to market by reason of delays in slack water and the danger in passing 
such dam. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22d day of January, 1S73. 


County Judge, Chippewa County, Witconsxn. 

State op Wisconsin, Chippewa County, as: 

Frank Blair, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa Palls, 
county aforesaid ; that he is thirty years of age, and is by occupation a 
pilot, and has been engaged iu said business on the Chippewa Kiver for 
the last sixteen years ; that he is familiar with the Chippewa River fVom 
Chippewa Falls to month of the same; that said river la a navigable 
stream at all times for lumber-ratts, and during ordinary stage of water 
for steiimboatA also; has seen the obstructions pat in on said rirer, at 
and near Eau Claire, lately and heretofore, which, in his opinion, are 
serious obstructions and damaging to the navigation of either rnfts or 
boats ; has had rafts frequently injured by coming in contact with afore- 
said obstmctiona. Deponent further says that the coat of running lum- 
ber is considerably increased in consequence of extra hazard and the 
necessity of extra men having to be employed. During the season past 
serious damage was incurred, and the difficulties are considerably in- 
creased the past winter by new obstructions put in on said river near 
Eau Claire; and that during high water, which is the most profitable 
for running either luinber-raft« or boats, it will, in his opinion, amount 
to a total obstruction of the navigation of said river, either for lumber- 
rafts or steamboats. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, 1S72. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, Chippewa County, ss : 

Flnvien Foumette, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa 
Falls, Chippewa County, and is thirty-eight years of age, and is by 
occupation a pilot, aud has been engaged in said business on the Chip- 
pewa River for the last fifteen years ; that he is familiar with the Chip- 
pewa River from Chippewa Falls to mouth of same ; that said^ river 
is a navigable stream at all times for lumber, and during ortlinary stages 
of water for steamboats also; has seen the obstructions put in on said 
river, at and near Ean Claire, lately and heretofore; in his opinion, are 
serious obstructioua and damaging to the navigation of either rafts or 
boats; has had rafts frequently injured by coming iu contact with afore- 
said obstructions. Deponent further saith that the cost of running lum- 


ber is considerably increased in conBeqnence of extra hazard and tbe 
necessity of extra men having to be employed. Diiring the season past 
Knons damage was incnired, and the difficulties are considerably in- 
CRased Ihe past winter by new obstructions put in on said river near 
Ean Claire ; and that dnrin^ high wat«r, wliicli is the most jtroiitabte 
for ruDDtng either lamt>er or boats, it nill, in his opinion, amount to a 
total obstrnction of the navigation of said river, either for rafts or steam- 

Witness signature: 

John M. Squiebs. 
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, IS72. 

Notary Public, Witconain. 

SiiiE OP Wisconsin, Chippetca County, m : 

Peier St Martin, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa 
Fiik, county aforesaid ; that be Is twenty-two years of age, and is by 
«XDpatioD a pilot, and has been engaged in said business on the Chip- 
peira River for the last five years; that he is familiar with the Chippewa 
River from Chippewa Falls to month of the same ; that said river ia a 
navigable stream at all times for lumber-rafts, and during ordinary 
Rtages of water for steamboats also ; has seen the obstructions put in on 
said river, at and near Ean Claire, lately and heretofore, which, in his 
opinion, are serions obstructions, iind damaging to the navigation of 
either raits or boats ; has bad rafts frequently injured by doming in eon- 
tact vith aforesaid obstructions. Deponent further says that tlie cost of 
ruDuing lumber is <!onsiderably increased in consequence of extra hazard 
and the necessity of extra men having to be employed. During the 
season pnst serions damage was incurred, and tbe difficulties arc con- 
siderably increased tbe past winter by new obstructions put in on said 
liver near Eau Claire ; and that during high water, wbicli is tlie most 
profitable for running either lumber-rafts or boats, it will, in liis opinion, 
amount to a total obstruction of the navigation of said river, either for 
lumber-rafts or steamboats. 


Witness signature: 

CoABLBS O. Law. 

SQt>scribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of March, 1872. 

Notary Publie, Wiaconnn. 

State of Wisconsin, Chippetca County, u: 

Charles Felis, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa 
Falls, county aforesaid; chat he is thirty years of age, and is by occu- 
pation a pilot, and has been engaged in said business on the Chipi>ewa 
Biver for tbe last seventeen years ; that he is familiar with the Chi]tpe- 
wa River from Chippewa Falls to tbe mouth of the same ; that said river 
is a navigable stream at all times for lumber-rafts, aud during ordinary 


stage of water for stetimboats also; ba« seen the obstrnetions put in ou 
said river, at and near Ean Claire, lately and heretofore, which, in his 
opinion, are serious obstructions and damaging to the navigation of 
either raft? or boats; has bad rafts frequently injured by coming in con- 
tact with aforesaid obstractioiis. Deponent further says that the cost 
of running lumber is considerably increased in consequence of extra 
hazant and the necessity of extra men haviag to be employed. During 
the season past serious damage was incurred, and the difficulties are 
considerably increased the past winter by new obstructions put in ou 
said river near Eau Claire ; and that during high water, which is the 
most profitable for running either lumber-rafts or boats, it will, in his 
opinion, amount ixi a total obstruction of the navigation of said river, 
either for lumber -rafts or steamboats. 

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 26th dav of March, 1872, 

Notary Public, Wiiconsin, 

State op Wisconsin, Chippewa County, g» : 

Louis Blair, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa Palls, 
county aforesaid, and is thirty-three years of age, and is by occupation 
a pilot ; has been engaged in said business on the Chippewa River for 
the last fourteen years ; that he is familiar with the Chippewa River from 
Chippewa Falls to mouth of the same ; that said river is a navigable 
stream at all times for lumber-rafts, and during ordinary stages of water 
for steamboats also ; has seen the obstructions put in on said river, at 
and near Eau Claire, lately and heretofore ; in bis opinion, are seiious 
obstructions, and damaging to the navigation of either rafts or boats; 
has had raft« frequently injured by coming in contact with aforesaid 
obstructions. Deponent further says that the cost of running lumber 
is considerably increased in cousequcuce of extra hazard and the neces- 
sity of extra men having to be employed. During season past serious 
damage was incurred, and the difficulties are considerably increased 
the past winter by new obstnicti^s put in on said river near Eau Claire ; 
and tha* during high water, which is the most profitable time for run- 
ning either lumber-rafts or boats, it will, in his oinnion, amount to a total 
obstruction of the navigation of said river, either for lumber-rafts or 


Witness as to signature: 

Chaeles O. Law. 
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26tb day of March, 1872. 

Notary Public, Wiaconain. 

State op WiscoNam, Chippmca County, a»: 

Priest Felix, being duly sworn, says that he resides in Chippewa 
Falle, county aforesaid, and is thirty-seven years of age, and is by occu- 
pation a pilot, and has been engaged in said business for the past fifteen 
years on said Chippewa River ; that he is familiar with the Chippewa 
River from Chippewa Falls to the mouth of the same ; that said river is 



a DaTigable stream at till times for lumber-rafts, aod during ordioary 
stages of water for steamboats also; has seen tbe obstructions put in 
onsaiJrirerat aiid near Eau Claire, lately and beretofure; iu his opinion 
are serious obstructions, and damaging to tlie navigation of eitbcr lum- 
ber-r»lts or steamboats ; hsis had rafts frequently injured by coming in 
contact with utbresaid obstructions. Deponent further says tbat tbe 
cost of runuinglumber is considerably increased, in consequence of extra 
hazard and the necessity of hiring extra men ; that during season just past 
serioDs damnge was incurred, and the difiQculties are eon^siderubly in- 
creased the past winter by uew obstructions pat in on siiid river, near 
Eaa Claire aforesaid ; aitd tbat iluring higb water, which is tbe most 
profitable Deason for running either lumber-rafts or steamboats, it will, 
in bis opinion, amount to a total obstruction of tbe navigation of said 
rirer, either for rafts or steamboats. 

PRIEST '" ~ 

Witness to signature : 

L. F. Martin. 
Sobseribed and sworn to before me this 26th dav of March, 1872. 

Notary Public, WUconsin. 

State op Wisconsin, Chippewa County, »a: 

Sfircise Beaudette, being duly sworn, says tbat he resides in Chippewa 
Falls, county aforesaid ; that he is thirty-threo years of age, and is by 
occupation a pilot, and has been engaged in said business on the Chip- 
pewa Biver for the last ten years; that he is familiar with the Chip- 
pewa River from Chippewa Falls to month of tbe same ; that said river 
is a, navigable stream at all times for lumber -rafts, and during ordinary 
scageofwatcr for steamboats alHo; has seen the obstructions put-in on 
sail) river at and near Eau Claire, lately and heretofore, which, iu liis 
opinion, are serious obstructions, and damaging to the navigation of 
either rafts or boats; has had rafts frequently injured by coming in con- 
tact with aforesaid obstructions. I>oponent further says that the cost 
of ninning lumber is considerably iucreiised, in consequence of extra 
hazard and the necessity of extra men having to be employed. During 
tbe season past serious damage was incurred, and tbe ilifbcuities are 
cciusiderably increased tbe past winter by new obstructions put in on said 
river near Eau Claire; and that during high water, which is the most 
profitable for running either lumber-raft-s or boats, it will, in bis opin- 
ion, amount to a total obstruction of the navigation of said river, either 
for lumber-rafts or steamboats. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 36th day of Marcta, 1872. 


Sotary Public, Wisconsin. 

State op Wisconsin, County of Chippewa, »a: 

Valentine Blum, being duly sworn, on oath says that he i-esides iu 
Eau Claire, Esn Claire County, and is twenty -eight years of age, and is 
^ occupation a pilot ; has been engaged iu said business for ten years 
past ; is acquainted with Chippewa Biver from Chippewa Falls to its 


mouth ; baa for the past Ave years ruo said river, chiefly from Chip- 
pewa Kiver to Eaii Claire ; has known the river withont obstructions ; 
could run lumber ssfe then without any hazard whiit«ver; as it is now 
obstructed in certain localiti(>s, at and near Eau Claire, no man can start 
with a raft from Chippewa Falls at a high stage of wat*r without run- 
ning the risk of breaking np to a great extent, causing considerable dam- 
age and loss to the manufacturer; has run lumber in high water with 
half the number of men between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, which 
he cannot do now on a<»!Ount of aforesaid obstructions. Further, there 
is a place in particular, which is at the foot of Pine Island, which is 
bound to cause a great deal of damage. I -do not find any fault with 
any pier or booms which are or may be put in on said river in such places 
as do not interfere with the free navlg-ation of the river. There are only 
two pilots besides myself who are in the habit of running rafts in the 
Chippewa River, between Chippewa Falls and Ban Claire, who reside in 
Eau Claire, and who have run on the river between Chippewa Falls and 
Eau Claire since the said obstructions were put in. 


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th dav of April, 1S72. 


Notary Public, WUconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, County of Eau Claire, is .- 

Orrin H. Ingram, l)cing duly sworn according to law, deposes and 
says that he resides in the city of Eau Claire, iu the conntj' of Eau 
Claire, Wisconsin, where he has resided for fourteen years last past, 
during all of which time he has been engaged in the business of lumber- 
ing on the Chip]>ewa Ri^'er, running tlirongb said county ; that he is 
a member of the firm of Ingram & Kennedy ; that said firm own four 
sawmills on said river, the sawing capacity of which said mills is 3t>5,0(K) 
feet of lumber per day ; that said lumber is all run to market in rafts 
down said Chippewa River to the Mississippi River ; that it is the busi- 
ness of this deponent to superintend and to see to the running of the 
same ; that such business has made him throughly acquainted with tbe 
channel and currents of said river ; that deponcut is well acquainted 
with all tho booms and piers iu said river from Chippewa Falls, in the 
county of Cbippewn^ in said State, to the Mississippi River, and .knows 
what efleet said piers and booms have upon the curreut of said river, hav- 
ing been acquainted with thechannel in nearly every place before the erec- 
tion of the piers and placing the booms thereon, and knows theeffect upon 
the curreut by putting the same therein, and the influence the placing of 
said piers and booms therein hail upon the navigability of said river for 
running of logs, rafts of lumher, and steamboats; that he is a stock- 
holder in the Wilkins Island Boom Company ; that said Wilkins Island 
BooEn Company have caused to bo erected at and near Wilkins Island 
in said river, between the city of Eaa Claire and Chippewa Falls, piers 
and booms, and that the said firm of Ingram & Kennedy have caused to 
be erected in said river, about two miles below said Wilkins Island, at a 
place called Big Eddy, other piers and booms. 

And deponent further says that the said firm of Ingram & Kennedy, 
as well as the said Wilkins Island Boom Company, have taken great 
care not to erect or cause to be erected or placed in said river any piers 
or booms witbin the channel of said river, or that would obstruct or iu 
any way interfere with the free and unobstructed navigation of said 


riverfor rDDDiDg logs, lumber iu rafts, boatii, or in any other way ; tbat 
before erectJog auy pier» tliey have consulted with and acted iipou tbe 
best JDilgmeQt aud experience of old and reliable pilots on said river, so 
tbnt in no instance they migbt be ted to erect a pier or piers that should 
in any manner obatract the iiavi^^tion tliereof. 

And ileponeut further states tbat he knows the location of all the 
piers and booms placed in said river by the said Wilkius Island Boom 
Company, aud by the said firm of Ingram & KeTinedy above described, 
and with the exceptions of four piers placed iu said river at the place 
ealled Big Eddy, the past winter, has witnessed the effect the saute have 
apoiithe navigability of said river; and states upon such knowledge, 
auJaiwn his best judgment aud belief, that the same do not in any way 
obfitract the free navigatiou . of said river for the running of logs, log- 
rafts, Inuiber in rafts, or boats of any kind on said river ; and deponent 
stales as to the i)ier3 placed in said river at the place called Big Eddy 
the past winter, be has the opinion and best judgment of tlie oldest and 
mnst exiterieacetl pilots on said river that the same are not only not au 
abstraction to the navigatiou of said river for the running of rafts of 
logs or lumber, bat that the same, with the booms attached thereto, will 
beindisau actual beuefit aud an improvement to the navigation of 
said river, for all the purposes aforesaid; and deponent further states 
that from his experience, observation, and knowledge of the channel of 
said river, that said last -mentioned booms aud piers erected iu said 
plaee called Big Eddy are an actual improvement and benefit to the navi- 
gation of said river for the running of rafts of logs or lumber, boats, or 
crafts of any description. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1S72. 


JVotory Pttftiic, Wisconsin. 

State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, as : 

Donald Kennedy, first being duly sworn according to law, deposes 
and says that he resides in the city of Eau Claire, in said county, where 
be has resided for the last fourteen years aud over ; that his business is 
tbat of a lumberman, aud has been during all that time. Deponent 
further says that he is a member of the firm of Ingram & Kennedy, re- 
ferred to ill the affidavit of the said Orrin H. Ingram, hereunto at- 
ta<-hed ; tbat his business has been such as to make him thoroughly 
3»iaainted with the channel of the Chippewa River and with all the 
piers and booms therein, from Chippewa Falls, iu the county of Chijt- 
pena, to the Mississippi River ; that he has read the affidavit of Orrin 
H. Ingram atbresaid, taken on the 23d day of March, 1872, hereunto at- 
tacbed, and knows the contents thereof; that all the statements therein 
in relation to the piers and booms at Wilkins Island, and at the place 
oiled Big Eddy, in said river, he knows to be true. Deponent further 
ays not 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1872. 


N^otary Public, Witcontin. 



State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, is : 

I, Martin Daniels, clerk of the circuit court of Bau Claire Conuty, 
certify that William K. Galloway, whose name is subscribed to tUe an- 
nexed and foregoing certificate of acknowledgment, was, at the date 
thereof, a notary public within and for said .county, and duly antUor- 
ized by the laws of this State to take the same; that I am acquainted 
with the handwriting of said William K. Galloway, and believe his 
signature, subscribed thereto, to be genuine ; and that the said atBda- 
vits executed and acknowledged according to the laws of the Slate of 

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my band and affix the seal 
of the said court at Eau Claire, the 2dth day of March, A. D. 1872. 


State of Wisconsin, JSau Claire Counts, ** ■ 

Charles A. Bnlleo, being duly sworn according to law, says that he 
resides in thtf city of Eau Claire, in said county of Ban Claire ; thathe 
hns resided in said county for the term of fltteeu years next Augnst, 
during all of which time he hift been engaged in the business of lum- 
bering ; that he is a member of the firm of Daniel Shaw & Go. ; that 
said company own and are running a saw-mill on said Chippewa River, 
the capacity of which mill is 15,000,000 feet of lumber per annum ; that, 
in addition to the lumber manufactured by themselves, the said firm 
purchase lumber to a large amount on the Chipjwwa River above Chip- 
pewa Falls ; that this deponeut lias charge, more or less, in connection 
with other members of said firm, in running the lumber from above 
Chippewa FaJls, in the county of Chippewa, on said river ; that all of 
said lumber is run down by the piers and booms at Wilkins Island 
■ and the place called Big Eddy, on said river ; that there has never been 
any damage, loss, or difhculty in running said lumber by said piers and 
booms, and never to the knowledge of this dei>onent has any raft rnn 
against any or either of said piers or booms ; that if tbere ever bad been 
any raft run against or upon said booms or piers, or any of them, this 
deponent would have known of the same. And deponent further states 
that he has never heard any complaint firom their said pilots that the 
said piers and booms above referred to were an obstruction to the navi- 
gation of said river for running of rafts; that deponent knows the loca- 
tion and situation of said piers and booms aforesaid, and is acquainted 
with the channel of said river ; that the prominent piers at Wilkins 
Island were erected by the Wilkins Island Boom Company, upou consul- 
tation with the pilots running lumber from above said piers, and put in 
the places designated by said pilots, so that the same should not in any 
way interfere with the tree navigation of said river; and this deponent 
fiutber says that, from the best of his knowledge, information, and 
belief, the said piers and booms aforesaid are not an obstruction to the 
free and uninterinpt«d navigattou of said ri^'er. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1872. 


notary Public, Wi»c<nmn. 

State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, as : 
John P. Pinkum, being duly sworn, says that be baa resided at Eaa 


Claire, 'Wiscoosin, for sixteeQ years last past aud lias been engaged iu 
ibe laniber busiaess and manufacture of the same for seven years past ; 
that he bas been and is ac()tiaiiited with the location and construction 
of the various piers, booms, and improvements on the Chippewa River 
between Chipgtewa Falls and Eau Claii-e ; that he has assisted in the 
cnnstructiou of said piers and booms, at Wilkins Island and the Bif; 
Kdd.v, aud that the same were located by old and experienced pilots, 
and coQstmcted in such a manner as not iu the least to delay or obstrnct 
the safe and speedy running of rafts or other craft iu said river past 
said improvements; that since said piers aud improvements were put 
into said river ho bas at a great many times seen pilots run rafts of lum- 
ber past said piers and booms at the Wilkins Island and Big Eddy, and 
iuDo instance have said rafts of lumber been delayed ordamaged by rea- 
son of the location or construction of the same ; that he has examined 
the piers and improvements in said river put in at the above-named 
places during the past winter, and that said improvements cannot in any 
numer interfere with the safe running of rafts or other craft. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this March 22, 1872. 


Notary Public, Wisamsin.- 

State o^ Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, ss : 

Allen Burditt, being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says 
that he resides in the town of North Eau Claire, in the comity and 
State aforesaid ; that he has resided in said couuty since the year 1857 ; 
that for the last eight years he has been acquainted with the Chippewa 
Itiver, having been engaged in the lumbering business during that time, 
and for the last four years has been a memtier of the firm of Prescott, 
Borditt & Co., which said company own the saw-mill near the foot of 
Wilkins Island, in said Chippewa Bivcr; that said mill has been in 
operation for the last four years. Deponent further says that during 
that time he has had charge of said mill, maimfiUituring lumber; that 
all of the lumber manufactured at said mill is rnn down the Chippewa 
River to market ; that there are piers and booms erected by the Wil- 
kins Island Boom Company, which are nearly all below the said Pres- 
cott, Burditt & Co.'s said mill. Deponent further says that said mill is 
also above the piers and booms put in by the firm of Ingram & Ken- 
nedy at a place known as Big Eddy ; that all the lumber manufactured 
by the said Arm of Prescott, Burditt & Co., at their said mill aforesaid 
described, has to be run down hy the piers and booms, both at the foot of 
Wilkins Island and the piers and booms at Big Eddy, in said river, and 
that the same bas been run by said piers and booms for the last four 
years, during which time their lumber has been run with safety ; that 
there has never been any accident or damage done to said lumber 
in moning said piers, and no raft, to the knowledge of this deponent, 
bag ever struck said piers or any of them; that the pilots employed by 
this deponent to run said lumber have never considered said piers or 
booms any obstruction or hindcraiice in the running of rafts on said 
river: that this deponent is interested in having said river fre« and 
clear from all obstruction of any kind. And depouent further says 
that, from his experience and observation as lumberman, and kuowledge 
of the correut of said river, be does not believe the said piers aud booms 


above referred to are an obstrnctioo to tbe navigatiou of Baid river for 
the running of rafts of lumber, logs, or boats. And furtUer saya not. 

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22d day of March, 1872. 

Notary Public, Wisoonain. 

State 0P*Mis30UBI, ,Eau Claire County, st: 

G«orge W. Prescott, being daly sworn according to law, deposes and 
says that he is a member of tbe firm of Prescott, Burditt & Co. ; tliat 
he has resided in the county of Eau Olaire for the fifteen yeiirs Jast past, 
and resides at North Eau Claire, in said county, at the present time; 
that he has been acquainted with the Chippewa Hirer, as a lumberman 
and running steamboats thereon, for the last thirteen years; that he 
has read the affidavit of Allen Burditt, hereuuto attached, and knows 
the contents thereof and has personal knowledge of the matters therein 
stated; that the same is true to his own knowledge, except as to those 
matters therein stated to be upon the opinion, experience, and observa- 
tion of the said Allen Burditt ; and as to those matters, from the 
knowledge and experience of this deponent as lumberman and in run- 
ning steamboats, as above set forth, he does not believe the said piers 
and booms at Wilkius Island or the said piers and booms at Big Eddy, 
therein described, are any obstruction to the free navigation of »aid 
river, or that they endanger the running of rafts of lumber or logs in 
the least. « 

And further deponent says not. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22d day of March, A. D. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, ««: 

H. P. Graham, being duly sworn, says that lie has resided at Eao 
Claire, WiscoDsin, for the last fifteen yeai-s; that for four years last past 
he has been one of the firm of Prescott, Burditt & Co., and engaged in 
the manufacture of lumber at Wilkins Island, and ia one of Wilkins 
Island Improvement and Boom Com[mny ; that he is fully acquaiiited 
with the piers, booms, and improvements put into said river at Wilkins 
Island and the Big Eddy, and that at both of said places said piers and 
improvements were located with S|>ecial reference so as not to interfere 
with the safe and quick passage of rafts of logs or lumber or other cmft, 
and are located without the channel ef said river in which craft of any 
kind is nm ; that he has examined the improvements put in during; the 
past winter at Wilkins Island and the Big Eddy, and, from their loca- 
tion, they cannot in any manner endanger or interfere with the navi- 
gation of said river ; that during the four years be has not known 
of any rafts or other craft delayed or damaged by reason of said lot- 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this March 23, 1872. 


Notary Public, 


Statb op Wisgo«si;t, Eau Claire Countg, ss: 

L. W. Farwell, bein^r duly swoni, says that Jie lias resided at Bau 
Claire, Wisconsin, for the Inst sixteen years, and bas been engaged in 
the ni»nnfacture of lumber for the last six years ; tbat his mill for the 
maniifacture of lumber is lotuited on the. Chi[)pewa Kiver above the 
piers, booms, and improveiuents of the Wilkins Island Improvement 
and UooDi Company, and above the pier and works at the Big Eddy; 
that the eapavity of his Kaid sawmill is 3,(100,000 feet of Uimlier per 
annnm; that all of Lis lumber manufaclured as aforesaid is rafted at 
his mill, and run in rafts (Mist said piers, booms, and improvements at 
Wilkins Island and the IJig Kddy, and that during said term of ms 
y^irs noqe of the. rafts of lumber manufactured by tiim and rnu have, 
in liny niauiicr, been hindered, or delayed, or damaged by reason of the 
location or construction of said improvements; thnt all of said piers and 
tmprovenients were located by ex|>erieuced pilots on said river, and are 
locitec) oatside of the channel in which rafts or other cratts aiu run ; that 
he has examineil the piers and improvements put in during the past 
ftDter at said points above named, and that from their location it is tm- 
pwnible that they could delay or damage the running of rafts or other 
cnft on said river; that to deiionent's knowle<1ge no improvements 
imreever been pntinto said river that would interfere with the run- 
DiDg of rafts, or other craft, except the jam-boom (socallcd) which was 
cTeeted by the Union Lumbering Comimuy, about four years ago, about 
tvo miles alKtve Chippewa Fulls; that said jambuom referred to con- 
sisted of piers erecte(i across the channel of said river; tbat on two 
euccfssive seasons, to wit', the springs of 186!) and 1870, jams of logs 
were made at said .jam-booms and piers sovenil miles in length, and 
oontaining near 100,000,000 feet of logs, each year ; that about two 
months' time was occupied in clearing said river of logs sufficiently to 
allow the passage of rafts or other craft, and that said jam-t>oom caused 
great and irreparable damage to many parties located tmth above and 
below said jam-boom. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me March 22, 1872. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State oy Wisconbis, County of Eau Claire, ss : 

George A. Bnffington, being duly sworn, says on oath that he is » res- 
ident of Eau Claire, Eaii Claire Couuty, State of Wisconsin, and has 
resided at Eau Clare aforesaid for llfteen years last past, and for twelve 
years last past has been engaged in the lumber business on the Chip- 
pewa Kiver, at Ean Claire aforesaid, and now, in connection with his 
partner, Charles M. Smith, owns a mill thereon and some 8,000,000 of 
saw-logs; that this ufBiint is well acquainted with the Chipi>cwa Uiver 
between Eau Claire and Chipi>cwa Falls, and especially tbat iwrtiou 
thereof at and near Big Eddy, on said river, and where are placed the 
iwra and booms of the Wilkins Island Booming Company ; that this 
affiant has frequently examined said piers and booms at and near Big 
Eddy, ou said river, and those above Big Eddy ; thnt none of said piers 
or liooms are placed in the channel of said river, and in no manner 
binder or obstruct tha navigation of said river or the running of lum- 
ber or logs thereon, single or in rafts ; that, in the opinion of this sffiant, 
nid piers and booms at Big Eddy aforesaid aro so constructed tbat 
H. Ex. 278 2 


tbey improve tbe navigation of Baid river for tlie ranDing of rafts of 
lumber, and that rafts of lumber nau now be run nitb more ease and 
safety tbau tbey could or were run before said improvements were placed 
in said river. 

Subscribed and sworn to before me tbe 25tli day of Marcb, A. J). 1872. 

Notary Fublie, Witoontin. 

State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, u : 

I, Martin Daniels, clerk of the circuit court of Eau Claire Count;, 
certify that William P. Bartlett, whose name is subscribed to the annezeil 
and foregoing certificate of acknowleilgment, was, at the date thereof, 
a notary public within and for said county, and duly authorized by the 
laws of this State to take the same ; that I am acquainted with the 
handwriting of said William P. Bartlett, and believe his signature, sub- 
scribed thereto, to be genuine ; and that the said affidavits executed 
and acknowledged according to the laws of tbe State of Wisconsin. 

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal ef 
tbe saJd nonrt at Eau Claire, tbe 25th day of March, A. D. 1872. 


State of Wibconsin, Eau Ciaira, m .■ 

Louis FaltoD, being duly sworn, sajs that fur tbe last twelve yean he 
has been A regularly lioensed steamboat pilot, licensed by the United 
Btatea to ran on the Upper Mississippi Biver, tbe St Croix Biver, and 
tbe Chippewa Biver ; that for the past twenty years be has been en- 
gaged in the business of pilot on tbe Chippewa Biver, piloting rafta aud 
steamboats; that dnriug the past twelve years he has been eng^fsd 
eight years as pilot on tbe steamers Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Valley, 
Silas Wright, Clyde, Minniettes, and Chippewa, and four years as captain 
ODthesteamersSilasWrigbt and Chippewa; that he is well acquainted 
witii tbe Chippewa River and all its steamboat and raft channels ; that 
since the piers, booms, and improvements have been put in on the 
Chippewa River at Wilkins Island and the Big Eddy, he has frequently 
piloted steamboats past said works, both up and down said river ; that 
said piers, booms, and works, at both of the above-named places, are so 
located aud constTucted that they do not interfere with or hinder or 
delay the safe and quick passage of steamers or other craft, neither do 
they cause any danger to the navigation of said river by steamers or 
rafts; that be has examined the piers, booms, and improvements pat in 
during the pasb winter at the Big Eddy and at Wilkins Island, aud 
from their location and construction bu is satisfied that tbey will not 
hinder, delay, or cnnse danger to the running of boats or rafta past said 
iui prove m cuts. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me March ^, 1872. 


Notary PiUilic, Wiseoimm, 



STATE OF WiSGONsm, Ea% Clairt Gountu, as : 

William Miller, lieiag duly sworn, sajs that for tho period of more 
thftn ten years last pant he has been a pilot. on theOhippewa Biver, and 
engaged in rnnning mfls of lumber and logs between Chippewa Falls 
and the month of said river; that as such pilot he is fully acquainted 
(Tith said rirer aod its channels, and is also acquainted with the differ- 
ent piers, booms, and improvements put into said river for the purpose 
of boldiug and sorting logs; that the piers, booms, and works put into 
said river at or near Wilkins Island, iu said county, are of such a na- 
cnre, and situated in such places, that they do not in the least interfere 
with the safe running of rafts of logs or lumber, neither do they hinder 
nor delay the running of rafts; that the improvements and booms in said 
river at or near the Big Eddy [so called) are so located and constructed 
that they have not and wilt not ih any manner delay the running of 
rafts or interfere with the safe and quick passage of rafts or boats in 
wiid river past said booms and improvements; that all of said improve- 
nieots, piers, and booms mentioned aforesaid are located entirely outside 
of Uie channel of said river iu which boats or rafts are run j that on 
many occasions he has been called upon by different lumber concema 
uD said nver between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire to give his opin- 
ioa and belp locate piers and works in such a manner as not to inter- 
lerewith the safe running of craft and rafts; and that no piers or booms 
have been put into said river, to his knowledge, that have hindered or 
impeded or caused damage to rafts or any kind of craft navigating said 
river whatever. 

' Sabaoiibed and sworn to before me Maroh 23, 1872. 

ls«u.) LEVI E. LATIMEB, 

iiT4rs oj? WisoomiiT, @av Clavre Oaim^fU: 

Myron A. Briggs, beiug duly aworo, says that for tho period of mom 
than twelve years last past he has btkn eugaged, during the season of 
DSTJgation, in the occupatioQ of running lumber-rafts and log-rafts as at 
pilot CD the Obippewa Biver, in said State, between Chippewa Falls, in 
Chippewa Ooooty, and Seed's Landing, in the State of Minnesota: that 
aa BQoh pilot he has become fully acquainted with said Chippewa Kiver 
and its channels between said Chippewa Falls and the mouth of wid 
river; that during said period of twelve years he has been called npoQ 
at various times by different parties and corporations on said river to 
^ve his opinion in regard to proposed booms, piers, and improvements 
in Baid river, and as to whether such proposed works and improvements, 
or such works and improvements already put in and established, would 
interfere with the safe rnnnlng of raits of logs and lumber ; that ha 
has fully and carefully examined the booms, piers, ARd improvements 
pnt into said river at or near Wilkius Island by the Wilkins Island 
Imptoveraeut and Boom Company, and for several years has run rafts 
of lumber in said river past said piers, booms, and improvements, and 
that said piers, boomn, and improvements do not in any manner hinder, 
ilelay, impede, or obstruct the running of rafts of lumber or logs; that 
he has fully and carefully examined the piers, booms, and improve- 
ments in said river at or near what is known as the Big Eddy, by In- 
gram & Kuouedy, and that; said improvements will not and do not in 



any ntatiner hinder, delay, or obslmct tbe ranDiag of rafts; and tiiat 
tbo eatiie are not in eliaiinel of said river, but are located entirely ont 
of tbe channel in which rafts are run. 

Subscribed and sworn to before mo this March 22, 1872, 

Notary Ptiblie, WUconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, «s : 

John O, French, being dnly sworn, says that be has resided at Eau 
Glitiro, Wisconsin, for thelast sixteen years; that during tbe years ISC'!, 
1867,1868, 1800, he wiis one of tbe firm of l^encli, Leonard & Co., which 
firm owned the mill property known as the Jim's Falls Mills, situated 
abont twelve miles above Chippewa Falls ; that the cnpncity of said 
mill at Jim's Fnlls was abont 6,000,000 of feet per annum ; that dur- 
ing the years 1866, 1867, 1868, and 1SG9 said firm manufactnred at said 
mill more than 15,000,000 feet of lumber at said Jim's Falls; that 
all of said }umt)er, so manufactured as aforesaid, had to be run in rafts 
over Chippewa Falls, and past all the booms, piers, and improvements 
in Chippewa Biver below Chippewa Falls ; that none of the piers, 
booms, and improvements put into said river below Chipitewa Falls 
were ever any obstructions to the safe ami quick passage of rafts past 
said improvements; that in the winter of 18C7 and 1808 the Union 
Lnmbcring Company of Chippewa Falls erected in said river, abont 
two miles above Chippewa Falls, piers, booms, and works entirely 
across tbe channel of said river; that in the spring of 1869 said piers 
and improvements, so put in by the Union LnmberingCompany, caused 
a jam of logs in said river for more than two miles, making an entire block- 
ado of said river of several months and rendering it impossible for parties 
owning mills above said works to run their lumber to market; that in 
the spring of 1870 said piers and improvements caused a jam of logs 
of nearly 100,000,000 feet and several miles in length, requiring months 
of time to remove the same: that said mill property at Jim's Falls 
cost tbe said firm of French, Leonard & Co. (75,0'JO ; that by reason of 
said works and improvements, so put in by the said Union Lumbering 
Company, the said property at Jim's Falls was rendered entirely 
worthless ; that by reason of the same and the niiu of said property 
the said firm of French, Leonard & Co. wore thrown into bankruptcy ; 
that the assignees of said Ann in bankruptcy have commenced suit and 
said suit is now pending in the United States district court of Wisconsin, 
for 920,000 damages, for the delay and damage caused to said firm in 
being unnble to run their lumber to market and take advantage of the 
high price of lumber in the spring and summer of 1869; that Wa- 
terman & Howe, James IL Woodruff', B, F. Manahan, W.'f. Bumsey, 
and Gilbert Brothers & Co. had saw-mills above said works, so put in 
by tho said Union LnmberingCompany, and that their mill property was 
seriously damaged or ruined by reason of the aforesaid improvements, 
and that suits have been commenced by some of said parties for dam- 
ages against said Union Lumbering Company. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this March 23, 1872. 


Kotary Public, Wiaconain. 


State of Wisooksin, Eau Claire County, m .- 

I, tiartin Daiiie]s, clerk of the circuit coart of Eau Glaire Couiit;, 
certify that Ijcvi E. Latimer, whose name is subscribed to the annexed 
and fore^in;^ certificate of acknowledgment, was, at the date thereof, 
a notary public within and for said county, and duly authorized by the 
laws of this State to take the same; that I am acquainted with the 
handwriting of said Levi E. Latimer, and believe his signature, sub- 
HVribed thereto, to be genuine, iind that the said affidavits executed and 
acknowledged according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. 

Id testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of 
the raid conrt at Ban Claire, the 25th day of March, A. D. 1872. 


.StiTE OF Wisconsin, Eau Claire Count}/, « ; 

Carles Desilets, being duly sworn, says that for the last fourteen 
yrars he has been engaged, during the season of navigation, as a raft- 
pikiton the Chippewa Kiver, between Chippewa Falls and the mouth 
of said nver; that he, with other old and experienced pilots ou the 
Cbippewa River, have at various times been culled upon by the firms 
■od latuber- manufacturing companies ou said river to give advice in 
regard to the location and construction of piers, booms, and improve- 
ments on said river so as not to interfere or obstruct the running of 
rafts; that be, with other jiilots, have given advice in said matters, and 
that the piers, booms, and improvements at Wilkins Island and the 
Bip Eddy, pot in by Ingram & Kennedy and the Wilkins Island Im- 
provement an<l Boom Company, were not locatetl until after several of 
thf oldest and more experienced pilots ou the river had decided that 
f>aid piers and works would not interfere with navigation; that since 
xaiii piers and improvements were put in at Wilkins Island and the Big 
b'drfy he has freijuently run niFts of logs and lumber past said piers 
dDtl booms, and that the same do nut in any manner hinder, obstruct, 
iir delaj' the safe and quick passage of rafts or other craft ; that he has 
cxiimined the piers, iKwrns, and works put into the Chippewa River 
•luring the past winter at Wilkins Island and the Big Eddy, and that 
rbe same are located entirely without the channel in which rafts or 
boats aro ever rnn, and cannot in any way delay or cause danger or 
damage to the safe-running of rafts or other craft in passing said im- 
provements; that, in the opinion of your de[>onent, the piers and works 
pnt in at the Big Eddy during tiie past winter will improve the naviga- 
tion of said river for rafts. 

Sobscribed and sworn to before me this March 22, A. D. 18T2. 

Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

•"tUTi: OP WiscON;3iN, Eau Claire Countg, »t: 

W. W. Lee, being duly sworn, says he has been a regnlnrly licensed 
pilot fur the period of ten years last past, licensed by the United States 
to pilot steamboats on the Chippena River; tlnit abont eight of said 
twelve years he has run oil said river as captain and pilot on said river; 
that he is fully acqoainted with the said river from Chippewa Falls to 


tbe niontli, and all its coaraes, carrents, and cbannela ; th»t be faas, at 
varioiia times, run Rteninboiits on said liver past the piers, booms, and 
improvemeiits at the Big Eitdy nnd Wilkins Islitnd, iiud tliat satil im- 
proveineots do not in auy manner binder or delay the passage of the 
boats and ruftsj that during the past winter he has superintended 
tiie piers, boomH, and norks, and the constrnction of the same, put in 
at the Big Eddy by Ingram & Kennedy; that the Bitme are located 
entirely without the channel of said river ever run by either steainboals 
or rafts, and that it is impossible that the same could delay or cause 
dnmage to the safe and quick passage of nil'ts or other craft sailing on 
said river. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this March li2, A. D. 1872. 


Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Counts, »*- 

BenJHmin Graves and James K. Warren, being duly sworn, say, and 
each for himself says, that for the period of more than six years last 
past he has been engaged during the season of navigation in the business 
of running log and lumber rafts on the Chippewa River as pilot between 
Chippewa Falls and the mouth of said river; that us such pilots they 
are fully acquainted with said river and its courses and channels from 
said Chippewa Falls to the month; that tbey have carefully examineil 
the piers, booms, and works put into said river by the firm of Ingram & 
Kennedy near what is known as the Big Etkly, and tbat from a careful 
surrey of the same they are satisfied that such piers and improvement)* 
will not in any mannerhinder or obstruct tbe running of raftsor damage 
tbe same ; that said piers and works are located entirely out of the 
channel of said river iu which rafts are run, and that it is impossible 
that delays or damage shonid occur to navigation by reason of said piers 
and booms; that during all of said years they have very freqnently 
run rafts of logs and lumber in said river past the piers, booms, and im- 
provements of the Wilkius Island Improvement and Boom Coinpauy; 
that said last-named piers and booms do not, in any manner, delay, 
obstruct, or cause any damage to the safe and si>cedy running of rafts, 
and tbat it is impossible tbat damage or delay should happen by reason 
of siiid improvements. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this March 22, 1872. 


Notary Public, TV»««>?istn. 

State of Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, na -. 

Levi W. Pond, being duly sworn, says that he has resided at Chip- 
pewa Falls and Eau Claire for more than twelve years last past ; that 
during a large portion of said time he lias been engaged in the location 
and construction of many of the piers, booms,and improvements on tbe 
Chippewa Uiver below and above Chippewa Falls; that in tbe locating 
and conatrncting all of said piers below Cliipiwwn Falls the courses, 
.cnrrenta, and channels of said river have been taken into consideration. 


as well iis the advice of the oldest ami most experienced pilots, in order 
that none of eaid improvementa should interfere with the t»ifu und 
speedy- pnssnge of raftu and otiier craft; tliat lie has been on rafts of 
lamberaml boats past the improvements at Wilktns Island and the Big 
Kddy, and that said improvements do not in the least hinder, delay, or 
damage the naA'igation of said river; tliat from an examination of the 
improvements put in during the past ninter at Wilkins Ishind and the 
Big Eddy, he is certain that the navigation of said river will be improved 


Snbitcrilted and sworn to btifore me this March 23, 1872. 

Notary Public, Wisconsin. 

The State op Wisconsin, Eau Claire Covnty, as .- 

H.Clay Williams, being duly sworn, on oath aaya that he bna been 
a resident of the Chippewa Valley for the past fifteen years, and is well 
aeqoainted with the Chippewn Itivef from its source bi its mouth, and 
lias for the past ten years been engaged in the lumbering business; 
iras from 18(11 thereafter for eight years receiver of the United Slates 
land-office at Eau Claire, Wisconsin ; that be has run lumber from 
Jim's Falls, on the Chippewa Kiver, nnd from Yellow River, a tributary 
of the Chippewa above the falls of Chippewa, more or less for the past 
ten years, nail has met with more or less losses by breaking up and de- 
tention, tirst from the booms and jtiers at Chippewa City ; second, at 
what iscalled the Big Eddy almve Chippewa Falls; and, third, in passing 
over the dam at tho falls of the Chippewa, at Chippewa Falls. Depo- 
nent further says that the chute or slide at Chippewa, Falls has never, 
to tlie knowledge of this de|>onent, been in good order ami safe lo run, 
and that those, including this dei>oneiit, interested in running lumber 
over the falls preferred and did run over the dam rather than take tho 
chances over the defective and dangerous slide. And deponent further 
says that, in conseqneuTO of booms and piers being put into the Chip- 
pewa River at the Big Eddy, a very large log-jam occurred in the springs 
of 18G9 and 1570, entirely obstructing navigation, not only of lumber 
maDnfactnred above that point, but also all logs designed to be manu- 
factured on the river below, to the very great damsge of all engaged in 
ninmifaeturing above and below the Chipi>ewa Falls. 


Subscribed and sworn to before uie this 2flth day of March, 1872. 


Noiary'Public, Wisconsin. 

State of Wisconsin, A'nu Claire County, ss : 

James F. Moore, being first duly sworn according to law, deposes and 
Rays that he now is, and for fifteen years last jiast has been, a resident 
of Ban Claire, in the connty and State aforesaid ; that he is, and for 
twenty years past has been, by profession a civil engineer; that for 
morethan teu years past deponent has been and now is well acquainted 
and fiimiliarwith the Chippewa Itiver, from the head of the Wilkins 
Island Boom Company's works to the mouth of the Eau Claire River. 
Deponent fnither aays that, as a civil engineer as aforesaid, he has made 


a p«raonal exaiuiuatioti and inspection of tbe piers, booms, and works 
whicli have already bt.«» pnt in said river by lugrani & Kennedy at 
tlie point on said river known as the Big Eddy, and bas also examined 
tbe plan of the proposed works to coinjtlete said improvements being 
inade by snid Ingram & Kennedy; and in tbe opinion and judgment 
of this deponent, neither said works already put in, nor the proposed 
additions thereto, will impede, obstruct, hinder, or delay the navigation 
of said river for lumber or log rafta, or other cnift, but, on the contrary, 
this deponent is confident that the works already put in by said Ingram 
& Kennedy liave materially inipnived and reiideretl much less danger- 
ous the navigation of said river for lumber and log rafts and other craft 
at the point aforesaid, and have improved the channel of said river, 
and that the further works and improvements contemplated and pro- 
posed to he built nt said point by Sitid Ingram & Kennedy must and 
will further improve and secure safe and quick navigutioi) at the point 
aforesaid for lumber and log rafts and all other craft. 


Subscribed and sworn tu before me this 23d day of March, A. D. 


yolarjf Public, Eau Claire County, WMConain. 

Henry C. Putnam, being duly swoni, says he graduated as a civil en' 
gineer in the year 1851 ; was employed as such on the New York and 
Erie Bailway and Syracuse and Binglinmtun Railway, in New York, aud 
fortwoyeai-s on the Blue Ridge Uailway, in South Carolina; has had 
some fifteen years' experience iu bis said profession; that white thus 
engaged he hud occasion to familiarize himself with the proper location 
of bridge and boom piers with reference to the action of currents and 
eddies theieon ; that he has lived upon the ChipiKwa Uiver for the past 
fifteen years, and has freouently passed over thatportion of said river from 
Eau Claire to Chippewa Falls by boat and on rafts; that lie is familiar 
with tbe channels theivof between said points, and has been for said fif- 
teen years; that ho has recently (to wit, the '23d day of March, 1872) 
carefully examined the piers and booms now in and being put in said 
stream between said Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls by piirties living 
at Ena Cluir^, for the greater security of logs and lumber aud to im- 
prove the navigation of snid stream ; that he certifies and swears, as the 
result of sncb critical examination, that said piers and booms will greatly 
benefit the navigation of said river for logs and lumber or steamboats; 
that the said piers are placed and located with especial reference to fa- 
cilitate the safe running of lumber and timber from the mills above said 
improvements; that in every instance the main channel is left fi-ee and 
unobstructed; that eddies and dangerous rocks that before were diffi- 
cult to pass are now protected by powerful booms, the same being so 
arranged that a raft is forced by said iniprovements to keep the uiniD 
channel, and all the time iu good water; that certain old piers and 
booms that were placed in the river some years since, and that were 
considered detrimental to its safe navigation, are now being renioved 
and are i-einoved, so that on the opening of navigation the said Chip- 
pewa River between said points will he in better condition for the run- 
Ding of lumber aud logs than ever before, for it will be an absolute im* 
possibility, with said improvements complete, to force a raft of lumber 


to strike any of said piers or for lof^s to form a jam ot obatruction 

Sabscribed and Bwom before me this 23d day of March, 1872. 
[BE1L.1 L. M. VILAS, 

Notary P»(Wic, Eau Claire County, Wisconiin. 

8tat£ op Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, as : 

I, Martin Daniels, clerk of the circuit court of Eau Claire County, 
Rertif; that Levi M. Vilaa, whose name is subscribed to the annexed aud 
foregtiing certificate of acknowledgment, was, at the date thereof, ft 
noUiy public witbiu and for said comity, and duly authorized by 
the laws of this State to take the same ; that X am acqnaiuted with the 
handwritiDg of said Levi M. Yilas, and believe his signature, subscribed 
tJwreto, to t>e geonine, and that the said afBdavits executed and ac- 
knowledged according'to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. 

Id testimony whereof I hereunto set my band aud afBx the seal of 
Oie raid court at Eau Claire, the 35th day of March, A. D. 1872. 


ibitract of affidavitji relating to the alleged ob*truction» in the Chippewa 

U. B. Dahl, civil engineer and surveyor, resides at Chippewa Falls. 
Um examined the obstructions in the Chippewa Biver in sections 6, 8, 
and 17, in township 27 north, of range 9 west, in Eau Cliiire County, 
WiKonsio. - The piers in section 8 obstruct 20 ro<)s of the channel, leav- 
iuf^batSrods through which logs and lumber can pass. In section tT 
toeDlioned are a great number of piers, extending about one mile in 
leogtli and about 14 rods apart. Piers on section 3 are made of fifteen 
piles driven for each and covered with timber. Those on section 17 of 
xqaare timber filled with rock. Each of these piers is an actual obstrnc- 
tion to navigation. Also that parties are now blasting rock from the 
river bank in section 17, the effect of which will be to increase the vol- 
umo of water behind these piers and greatly to enhance the danger of 
navigating the river. 

George Winans, pilot, residing at Chippewa Falls. The Chippewa 
l>iver iu its natural state is navigable from Chip^iewa Falls to its con- 
Uuence with the Mississippi. Has examined the map of O. K. Dahl, 
snrveyor. The channel of the river and the location of the piers as in- 
dicated are correct. ' Knows the piers built during the winter of 1871 
vere a serious obstruction to navigation and that those building the 
present vinter are more damaging in their character, and if allowed to 
lemain will totally obstnict the navigation for rafts during the moat 
iTailable part of the season aud make it extremely hazardous for steam- 

I'eter Lego, pilot, residing at Chippewa Falls. Has been engaged for 
uany years in running rafts from Chippewa Falls down said Chijipewa 
Biver. Lost 41,000 during the season of 1871 by reason of the obstruc- 
lious in the river Lietween Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, and was also 
greatly hindered and delayed in his business; that this river is uavi- 
gnble to the city of Chippewa Falls and has been used for years by 
parties manafacturing lumber at Chippewa Falls to convey their lumber 


to mnrket ; tbat Uie annnal prodnction of Inmber at Cbippewft !Pa1Is is 
about 75,000,000 feet, aud tliat this is the leading basioeBS of said'city. 
Certain parties, living at Eau Claire, engaged in lumbering, have built 
piers in tbe main channel, between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, 
wbicb render tlie navigation exti'eniely difficult for boats and rafts, and 
that tiicy are now engaged in building more in such a manner as to 
make it impossible to run rafts with any chance of safety. He furlher 
says that the proposed dam at or near Ean Claire would be extremely 
hostile to the interests of all abo^'e said dam, 

FrankBlair,piloton Chippewa Kiver for sixteen years, Haysthatthe said 
river is navigable to Chippewa Falls, at all times, for rnfta, and in ordi- 
nary stage of water for steamboats. Has seen the obstructions put in 
said river at or near Eau Claire, and that they are serious obstructions. 
Has frequently had rafts injured by coming in contact with said obstruc- 
tions. Says, too, the cost of running lumber is considerably increased 
by them. In bis opinion, they amount to a total obstruction during 
high water, the most profitable time for ratts or boats. 

Flavien Founiette, pilot on Chipiiewa Bivet for the last fifteen years. 
Affidavit substantially the same as Frank Blair's. 

Peter St. Martin, pilot of five years' experience on the Chippewa river. 
Affidavit substantially like Frank Blair's. 

Charles Felix, pilot of seventeen years' experience on the Chippewa 
River. Affidavit substantially like Frank Blair's. 

Louis Blair, pilot of fourteen years' experience on the Chippewa Kiver. 
Affidavit substantially like Fniuk Blaii^s. 

Priest Felix, pilot of fifteen years' experience on the Chippewa Kiver. 
Affidavit substantially like Frank Blair's. 

Narcise Beaudette, pilot of ten years' experience on the Chippewa 
River. Affidavit substantially like Frank Blair's. 

Valentine Blum, pilot, resides at Eau Claire. Has been engaged ia 
this business for years; for the last five years chiefly from Chippewa 
to Ean Claire. Knew the river without obstructions, and could rnn 
lumber then without danger; as it is now obstructed at and near Ean 
Claire, no man can run a riift from Chippewa Falls in high water with- 
out risk of breaking up. Has run lumber in high water over this part 
of the river with half the men it now requires. At Pine Island particu- 
larly the obstmction is bonnd to cause a great deal of damage. All 
the piers and booms that are or may be put in interfere with navigation. 
There are but two pilots besides himself residing at Enu Claire who 
have run on the river between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire since 
said olsstructions were put in, 

Orrin H. Ingram resides at Eau Claire. Has been engivged in lum- 
bering fourteen years on the Chippewa River. ,Is of the firm of In- 
gram & Kennedy, which owns four saw-mills, the capacity of which is 
365,000 feet per day ; that said lumber is all rnn to market down the 
Ohi[^wa Kiver ; that is hia business, to run the lumber to market, and 
that he knows the channel of said river. Is acquainted with the booms 
and piers below Chippewa Falls. Knew the channel in nearly every 
place before the piers, ftc, were built. Is a stockholder in the Wilkins 
Island Booin Company. Said company have built at and near WilkiuH 
Island, between Chip)>ewa Falls and Eau Claire, piers and booms; that 
the firm of In^am & Kennedy have built other piers and booms two 
miles below Wilkins Island, at Big Eddy. Both of said firms have 
taken care not to place any of said piers or booms in the channel or 
hi any way to interfere with the navigation. In his judgment, the piers, 
&-C., bnllt by said company and firm do not interfere with the free nuvi- 


gadon in any n-ay ; that the piers placed at Big Eddy the past winter 
are an actual benefit to navigation. 

Donald Kennedy resides at Eiin Claire. Is a member of the firm of 
Ingram & Kennedy. Has read the affidaviCof Orrin H. Ingram, and 
knows the statements therein to be tme. 

Charles A. Bullen resides at Eai] Claire. Is a member of the lumber- 
isg firm of Daniel Shaw & Go. Said company produce 15,000,0U& 
feet per onnnra, all of which is ran down by the piers and booms at 
Wilkins Island and Big Eddy ; that there never has been any damage 
to their Inmber by reason of said piers and booms. Never heard their 
pilots complain of the location of said piers. To the best of bis know- 
led^, they are not an obstruction to the free navigation of said riv^. 

John P. Finknm resides at Eau Claire. Has for seven years past 
been en^ged in lumbering. Assisted in the construction of piera, booms, 
&&, nt Wilkins Island, Big Eddy. Said piers, &c., were located by 
nperienced pilots, so as not to interfere with the running of rafts, &o. 
Has many times seen ratts pass said piers, and that they were in 
DO instance delayed or damaged by said piers or booms. Has examined 
those bnilt during the past winter, and says they cannot interfere with 
the free navigation for rafts or other craft.. - 

Allen Bnrditt resides at North Eau Claire. EngagM in lumbering on 
Ibe Chippewa Kiver for the last eight years. Has been a member of 
tbe firm of Prescott, Burditt & Co. for four years past; that said compa- 
ny's mill is on the foot of Wilkins Island; that all of rheir lumber is run 
t^ the piers and booms at the foot of Wilkin's Island and those at Big 
Bddy, and that there has never been any accident or damage to their 
UimlKr by said piers. Is interested in having the river free of obstme- 
tions and does not believe said piers and booms interfere with the rnn- 
ninp of rafts or boats. 

George W. Prescott resides at Ean Claire. Is a member of the Inm- 
beringflrm of Prescott, Burditt & Co. Has been acquainted with tho 
Chippewa Kiver as a lumberman, and running steamboats thereon for 
the last thirteen years. Has K-ad the affidavit of Alien Burditt., and 
that the same is true. . 

H. P. Graham resides at Ean Claire. For four years past has been a 
meinl>erof the firm of Proscott, Burditt & Co., and is one of the Wilkins 
Island Improvement and Boom Company. Is acquainted with the piers, 
&C., at Wilkins Island and Big Eddy, and that at both places their 
piers, &e., were located witli special reference not to interfere with the 
safe passage of rafts or other craft. Has examined the improvements 
[Kit in during the past winter, and says they cannot interfere with tbe 
navigation. Has not known of any rafts or other craft being delayed 
or damaged by reason of said improvements during the last font years. 

U W. Farwell resides at Eau Claire. For the last six years bas been 
engaged in tbe raannfacture of Inmber, His mill is above the piers, &c., 
of the Wilkins Island Improvement Company, and also above the pierSr 
4&, at Big E<ldy; that all of his lumber, amounting to 3,000,000 feet 
perannnm, is run in rafts past said piers, &c., and that none of his rafts 
hve, within tbe six years, been delayed or damaged by said piers, &c. 
Hat examined the works built the past winter at said points, and says 
it is imptMsiblo for them to delay or damage rafts or other craft. No> 
improvements have been put in said river that wonid interfere with 
mfts, Ac., except the jam-boom builtby tbe Union Lumbering (Jompany, 
two miles above Chippewa Falls ; that said boom was built across tbe 
cbannel, and by cansiugjams of logs did great damage to manyparttes. 
in tbe spTtngs of 1869 and 1870. 


Qeor^ A. BufBogton resides at Ena Claire. Engiiged iu Inmbering 
for twelve years past. Knows tbe Chippewa River between Eaa Claire 
aud Cbippcwa Falls. Has exiiinined the piers and booms at Wilkins 
Island and Big Eddy, and says that none of tbem are placed iu the 
channel, and that tbey in no way obstraet navigation j that »aid piers, 
&c., at Big Eddy are an improvement to navigation. 

Louis Fulton, pilot, bag for tbe past twenty years been engaged as 
pilot of rafta and steamboats on tbe Chippewa Ui vex. Is well acqaainted 
with the river; that he has frequentlyrun steaml>oats post the piers, &c., 
at Wilkins Island and BigEildy, and that said piers, &c., are so locatei^ 
that they do not interfere with navigation; that tbe works pnt in tbe 
last winter at the above-named points will not binder or delay tbe run- 
ning of boats or rafts. 

William Miller, pilot on the Chippewa River for ten years past; that 
the piprs, &c., at Wilkins Island and Big Eddy do not interfere with 
navigation. Has many times been called upon by lumbermen ooncerned 
;n piers to help locate them so as not to binder navigation. 

Myron A. Briggs, pilot on Chippewa River over twelve years last past. 
Has many times been called upon to give his opinion in regard to loca- 
tion of piers and booms, &c, iu said river. Has examined the piers, &c., 
put in at Wilkins Island, and also at Big Eddy, and that they do not 
hinder or delay the running of rafts or other craft in said river. 

John O. French resides at Eau Claire. Was during the years 
1866-'67-'68-'69 member of the Inmbering firm of French, Leonard & Co., 
which owned a mill known as the Jim's Falls Mill, located about twelve 
miles above Chippewa Falls; that said mill produced during the four 
years mentioned over 15,000,000 feet of lumber, all of which was run in 
rafts past the piers, &c., below Chippewa Falls, without receiving injnry ' 
therefrom; that the Union Lumbering Company of Chippewa Falls 
erected in the winter of 18G7 and 1868 piers and booms in tbe channel 
of tbe river, two miles above Chippewa Fulls, which caused a jam of 
logs in the spring of 18G9, and again in 1870, which required mouths to 
remove ; that the said mill property (Jim's Mill) was rendered entirely 
worthless by restson of said piers, &c., and tijat the said Arm was thereby 
thrown into bankruptcy ; that Waterman & Howe, James H. Wooii- 
roff, B. F. Manahan, W, T. Runisey, and Gilbert Brothers & Co., had 
mills above said works, and that the mill property was seriously damaged 
thereby; that suits have' been commenced by some of said parties for 
damages against said Union Lumbering Company. 

Carles Desilets, nift pilot on tbe Chip)>ew» River. Has, with other 
pilots, been called npon by various lumbering firms to give advice in 
reganl to locating piers, booms. &c, in said river; and that the piers, &c., 
»t Wilkins Island and Big Eddy were not located until several pilots 
had decided that tbey would not interfere with navigation. Has fre- 
quently run rafts past said piers, &c., and thattlieydonot interfere with 
navigation ; that the works at these points put in this winter will not 
injure navigation ; that, in his opinion, the piers, &o., put in this winter 
at Big Eddy will improve navigation for rafts. 

William Lee, pilot on the Chippewa River. Has at various times run 
steamboats on said river past the piers, &e., at Big Eddy and Wilkins 
Island ; and thnt said piers, &c., do not in any way binder the passage 
of boats and rafts. Has, during the past winter, superintended the con- 
struction of the piers, &c., put in at Big Eddy by Ingram & Kennedy; 
that they are located without the chanuel, and that they cannot delay 
or cause damage to rafts or other craft. 

Beujaniin Graves aud James K. Warren, raft pilots on Oliippewa 



Uver. Have examined the piers, booms, &c., pat in by Ingram & 
Kennedy at Bij; Eddy, and are satiHfied that tbey will not binder or 
ol>struct navigation. Have frequoiitty run rafts of logs and lumber past 
the piers, &c., nf tbe Wilkina Island Impi'ovenient and Boom Company, 
and tliat said piers, &a, do not delay or obstruct tlin safe-rnnning of 

Levi W. Pond resides at Eau Claire. Has been engaged in tbe eou- 
stniction of many of tbe piera, &c., on tbe Cbip|>ewa Kiver below 
Chippewa Falls; and that tbe cnn-ents and cbannels have been taken 
into consideration, as well as the advice of pilots, in the location of all 
tune piers, &c; that he has inn nifts and boats past the works at 
Wiltiins Island and Big Eddy, and that these works do not interfere 
vitb navigation ; that tbe piers, &c., put in at these points this winter 
will improve tbe navigation. 

H. Clay Williams, resident of tbe Cbippeww Valley for the last lifteen 
years. Has for the past ten years, been engaged in lumbering. Has 
niR lumber from Jim's Falls, on the Cbippewa River, and from the 
Tellow Kiver, above the falls of Chippewa, more or less fur ten years, 
and has met with more or less loss by blinking up from tbe booniSt 
At, at Chippewa City and at Big Kddy, above Cliippewa Falls, and 
jbo in passing over the dam at Chippewa Fallsj tbat the slide at 
Chippewa Falls has never, to his knowledge, been in good order, and 
that those rtiuning Inniber over the falls run over tbe diim rather than 
take tbe chances over the slide ; tbat in eonsequenee of booms, &c,, at 
the Big Eddy, a jam occurred in the spring of 1869 and 1870, entirely 
obstructing navigation, to the great damage of all manufacturers of 
Inmber abo%'e and below the falls. 

JaniesF.MooPe,resideutfor fifteen years at Eau Claire: by profession 
a civil engineer. Is well acquainted with the Chippewa Kiver from the 
bead of Wilkins Island to tbe mouth of Eaa Claire River. Has exam- 
ined the piers and booms built by Ingram & Kennedy at Big Eddy, 
and nlso their plans for completing the sniue, and believes that the 
works now in, and also those proposed to be put in by saiil Ingram 
& Kennedy, will improve the navigation at this point. 

Beiiry C. Putnam, civil engineer of ftfteeu years' experience. Has 
Uved npou the Cbippewa Kiver the past fifteen years, and has fre. 
qoeutly passed tbat part between Eau Claire and Cbippewa Falls by 
txntandon rafts; that he did, on the 23d of Mareb, 1872, examine the 
piers and booms now in and building between these points, and that 
th8y,infai8opinion, will greatly benptit the navigation of said river; that 
in every instance the main channel is lett free and unobstructed ; that 
eddies and rocks are protected by booms ; that the rafts are kept in the 
main channel ; that- certain old piers and booms that were coiiifiilered 
delriniental are being removed ; and that tbe Cbippewa Kiver between 
(aid points will be in better condition for mnniug lumber than ever 

by Google 

b, Google 

•a Satictt. I \ 'So. 279. 




An appropriation to meet ejyeases interred in the investigation of Indian 
bounty frauds. 

. Irta.— Rofrrrwl t 

Bepasthbht op the Inxqbiob, 

Washington, D. C, April 25, 1872. 
Sib : l>nriDg the last fall and winter a commission, authorized by this 
Department, was engaged in the investigation of certain charges made 
' by tbe anthorities of the Cherokee, Greek, and Seminole Nations against 
a former agent of this Department, ii^ tbe matter of tbe payment of 
bounties and back pay due the members of tbe First, Second, and Third 
Begiments of Indian Home Guards. In order to meet the expensesof this 
commisaion, I have the honor to submit tbe accompanying estimate of 
appropriation, amounting to (2,000, and respectfully request the favora- 
ble action of Congress upon tbe same. 

I am, sir, very respectfuliy, your obedient servant, 


Acting Secretary. 
tlou. JiMSS G. Blaxnb, 

speaker of the House of Representdliveg, United States. 

. e of appropriktioD required for the payment of espenaes iucurred, bj 
. . IT of the SBcratary of th» Interior, in tbe inveatigation of cectain obarges 
■rf' (nod In the payment of boantiea and back pay to the members of tbe 
First, Second, and Tbinl Segimenta of Indian Home Unardg 

b, Google 

b, Google 

) No. 280. 


(To accompau; H. R. 3140.) 





Vreaiing a professorsJiip of Cental mrgery at the United States MiUtari/ 
and Naval Academiex. 

ApRn.30, IfTi. — R^rciTeil to tbe Committee on Hililar; AITuira and order«d to be pri 

War Depabthent, 

April 27, 1872. 
Tbe Secretaiy of Wai* baa tbe bonor to state to the HonBe of Bepre- 
sentatives, for tbe information of tbe (3ominitt«e on Military Affairs, 
before wbich a bill (H. B. 2140} creating a professorsbip of dental enrgery 
at tbe United. States Military and if'av^ Academies is pending, tbat, so 
tar as the Military Academy la concerned, there is no necessity for each 
a proTiaion of law, as it is now provided with a thoronghly competent 
dentist, who is a bospital steward on special service for the purpose. 
A moderate charge is allowed for service for cadets which, when ap- 
proved by tbe Superintendent of the academy, is entered against tbeir 
acconnts with tbe treasnrer, and paid as are other charges. The present 
arrangement gives entire satia^tion. There is no reason why cadets, 
their pay permitting, shoald not be charged with a fair part of tbe ex- 
pense. If at any time it shoald not be practicable or desirable to con- 
tinue the present arrangement, tbe insertion in tbe yearly appropriation 
for the sapport of tbe Military Academy of an item for the pay of a 
dentist woold meet all the necessities of the case, and be more econom- 
ical to tbe Government. 


Secretary of War. 

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2d Seanon, f \ Xo.281. 






Company Ey First Regiment Florida Cacalry. 

Wae Depabtment, April 29, 1872. 
The Secretary of War h&a the honor to report to the House of Rep- 
resentatirea. Id reply to an inqniryof the Oommittae on Military Affairs 
as to what date Oompany E, First Regiment Florida Cav^ry, had 
sofficient men enlisted -to authorize the mnster-in of a captain, that the 
original master and descriptive roll of the company, dated April 26, 
1864, bears the names of eighty-five enlisted men, the euroUmeut of a 
Buffident Dnmber to complete the number to its minimnm strength. 

Under the rolingB of ^is Department a captain la entitled to mnster- 
in on the oompletioo and ma8t«r-in of the company, provided he ren- 
dered service. 


Secretary of War 

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2d Senion. f • \ ISo. 283. 



Mat 2, 1372.— Ordered to bo piiotcd. 

Washington, D. C, March 22, 1872. 

Sir : I have the honor to trariamit for the infonnation of the Hoase 
of Representatives the report of the committee iippointed to examine 
the office of the Treasurer of the United States. 

The committee cousisted of Ave geutlemen conuected with the Treas- 
nry Department, and two bankera well known to the public 

The report shows that a very thoroagh examination of the Treasarer's 
office was made, and its condition is, in the most essential particulars, 
' satisfactory. There are, however, several facts stated in the report to 
which I ask attention. 

There is a deficiency due to the dishonesty of Seth Johnson, lately a 
clerk in the office, of $37,894.20. A similar deficiency arising from the 
dishonesty of Prederiek A. Marden, also lately a clerk in the Treasurer's 
office, of $11,413.97, and a further deficiency of $11,500, not recovered 
from a package of $30,000 stolen from the dinsion of issues about two 
years since. There are other discrepancies amounting in the aggregate 
to $406.35 arising from errors iu accounts, lossof coupons, and deficiencies 
iu cash of clerks and tellers. 

Some of these errors and deficiencies have beeii carried upon the 
Itooks for a long time, and in view of all the circumatanees the sugges- 
tion is respectfully made that Congress should relieve the Treasurer by 
authorizing the adjustment of these losses and discrepancies in the 

With the exceptions mentioned and the several cash items hereinaftei' 
referred to as rejected by the Comptroller, the cash and cash assets 
correspond in auiount to the aggregate represented by the books of the 
office. It appears, however, that there is a deficiency of coin as called for 
by the books of $653,373.63. This is represented by an excess of currency 
of ^639,467 .28, and by the deficiencies before mentioned, with the excep- 
tion of that arising from the dishonesty <jf Johnson. The explanation 
of this ex(«ss of currency and the deficiency of coin may be found in 
docanent No. 3, accompanying the report of the committee, which 
shows that the difference is not the result of dishonesty, but of an 
erroneons classification of entries in the books of the office. 

It will be seen from one of the schedules of details that the intereat- 



teller has a small ainoaot of defaced, defective, and partially burned 
notes and secnrities paid by him, some by direction of the Treasnrer 
and some by order of my predecessors, and also that part of the fnnds 
of the " box of miscellaneous contents" enumerated among; the assets 
of the office and fully explained in the report, consists of similar defec 
tive securities and notes,, which the First Comptroller of the Treasury 
his declined te allow. 

It seems to me proper that relief should be given in this respect also, 
by an act of Congress. A bill will be prepared at the Treasurj- 
Department designed to meet these and other discrepancies in the 
accounts of the office, and submitted to the House of Uepresenta- 
tivea. There are also forty-one special deposits, consisting of various 
articles, some valuable and others worthless. I respectfully recommend 
that authority be given by law to the Secretary of the Treasury to 
order the destruction of the articles that are worthless and the sale or 
other proper disposition of whatever may be valuable ; an account to 
be kept of the proceeds, subject to any valid claim that may hereafter 
be made. 

Upon the whole, tlie result reached by the committee ia such aa to 
justify the expression of the opinion that the business of tire Treasurj- 
has been well conducted, and that the losses in the aggregate are very 
insignificant as compared with the transactions of tlie office. 
Very respeetftillv, your obedient sep\'ant, 



Hon. J. G. Blaine, 

Speaker of the House of Scpresentativea. 

WashingtOH, D. C, March 13, 1872. 
SiB: The committee Appointed by you under date of December S, 
1871, to make a thorough examination of the books, accounts, anil 
moneys in the office of the Treasurer of the United States, for the 
]>art>ose of ascertaining the true condition of said office, and of submit- 
ting such suggestions and reconimeudations regarding the security of 
the public funds and the manner of transacting the business thereof as 
the condition of things might require, have completed tlieir Inlwrs, and. 
aa the result of their investigation, have the honor to make the follow- 
ing report : 

Am&unl of eash and securitiex called for bg the bookn of the acreral divu- 
ions at the close of buaiitest, December 1>, 1871. 

SurpluH fund f^lSO, '.i92, 000 IW 

Coiu ccrtificuU-s 3C6.9!i5,0<W f"' 

Tlireo per cent. UMliQcatHt 65,020,000 Oi> 

UetienuTrcosnry account 41,572,441 61 

633,73»,441 61 

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LOAN AND tvrenGST DrvisioK. 

VmnooopouB 914,^87,933 87 

CoReiKy coapoDS 13,260 00 

I*ler««( cheeks .- 1,143,529 24 

(Mdmniflc*tes 1.4tt),000 00 

me-tweatr bonda purchoMd 120,500 00 

• Kixif-two bonds for redenptioo 20,965,750 00 

FiTr-tir«nt7 bonds forconveiaoD 262,000 00 

38,275,993 11 
Les« amount iocluded in Ksnernl Treasury account of cash-ronni : 

Siitr-iRoa bonds for redemption $19,&5H. 150 00 

Siiij'-twos bonds, interest paid 96,659 39 

InUrat checks pnid 7,642 50 

Coia toapons paid 659,663 6-2 

IMdcertlGcateepaid 714,000 00 

21,036,315 51 

17,239,677 60 

Knctioul ciirrencj $50 00 

LeoamoBnt iDclnded in general Treasury account 50 0U> 


^«ecari(iM for circnlutiou (372,599,460 00 

Sccari&a for reKulaT deposits 15,432,000 00 

decnritiM for com deposits 9,514,550 00 

397,546,000 00 

lifcapUutation of liabititiea as skoicn by the books of tlie Treasurer's office, 
DeMnber 9, 1871, and February 17, 1872. 

Cart-room 562:(,739, 441 Bl 

Lou and interest division 17,239,677 60 

Rademption division 282,623 95 

fHTikiou of issnes 

Division of national bAuks 397,546,000 00 

Total lUlrilities 1,038,807,743 10 

inomit of cask, scurities, and cash iteim oh hand, as alioicn by actual 
count and examination. 

I^ying-trllttr'i eaab }100,050 22 

KMelviDg'teller's cash 5.515 35 

.\MiRUnt paying-tellei'H cash 32,696 SH 

lBler«M't«llt^r'H caab.cain 1,204,657 90 

latmwt-tpller's cash, currency 21,142 4<J 

AaDTtinK clerk's caah 112,800 00 

Csufaof •livisionof issues 50 00 

lfed«inptii>Q division 952,115 46 

SpccioM-n carrencj 130, 928 23 

Csooclnl three per cent.certiBcates 1,402,882 06 

BRxmiscellaneons contents 1,240 00 

-Siekfru, a>pptn,&e 1,823 08 

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Loan and intereat diviaiou ^38, 275, 963 11 

GoW coin 2,34!i,830 61 

Silver coin 21,630 09 

Lesal-tenAer notes, new 151,199,945 00 

Fractiooal cwxeney, new 1,944,700 00 

Gold certiflcntea, slatiatical 366,925,000 00 

Three per cent, certificates, Btotistical 65,020,000 00 

Coin interest paiuon onclaimed schedule 40,681 6lt * 

Amonnt overcharged on acconnt of redemption of bonds of 1848 at 

New York, afterward refnnded, coin . 78 90 

Coin to the cr&iit of the Treasorer's transfer acconnt «t Boston :t4a,649 di 

at Philadelphia 264,346 57 

at New Orleans 43,638 29 

at San Francisco 174,663 50 

Currency to the credit of the Treasurer's transfer account at New 

Yort 1,373,761 00 

at Boston 1,351,673 52 

at Philadelphia 1,448,624 93 

at New Orleans 845,659 66 

at San Francisco 2,142,881 76 

CuiTency interest on Pacitic Railroad stock, paid.. 687 29 

Certificates of the Spoaber of the Honoe of ReprBsentatives, paid 35, 165 60 

Cnrrency paid bj cosh-room on acconnt of redemptions : 

L6gal-t«nders, new issue • 1,761,977 00 

Legal-tendera, Jnne,1869 227,862 00 

Fractional carrency, first issue 18 21 

Fractional cnrredcy, second iasae 2035 

[Yactional currency, third issue 3,025 62 

Fractional cnrrency, fourth issae 786,794 35 

National bank-notes of insolvent banks, &c 700,053 80 

Securities for circulation 372,599,450 00 

Securities for regniar deposits 15,4^,000 00 

Securities for coin deposits 9,514,550 00 

Total assets 1,038,783,836 ei 

Total liabilities as shown by books $1,038,807,743 16 

Total assets per examination and count 1,036,783,836 81 

Deficit 23,906 35 

EiplaiDed as follows : 
Part of tbe ainoout of a package of (^0,000 stolen from division of 

issnes, aod still tniaslng '• (11,500 00 

Checks of Frederick A. Mnrdeu, fraudently paid 12,000 00 

Specimeu currency, short 71 77 

Interest- teller, one coin-coupon short 30 00 

Loan and interest division, one coin-coupon short 30 00 

Payinp;- teller's cHsb,short 90 

Packsge new notes short 1 00 

Redemption division, short , 131 37 

Cash-room, short •142 01 

23,906 35 

* Tbr Kcoer*! caoh book abowii ■ dlacnpuicT In the cub of tbe cMb.roani Bt the cloan of bnalana. 
December B. 11 of I9IH. 3T, whicb Is now rednceil to •111. 01. u follows : 

UiKrepanFy (404 57 

Lest error la clurge to redemption division. December 9, 1811, unoont 

charged (344, m <W 

amildlie 344,1<S0a 

ta Wt 

iDsolvent banks, teller's cash, orer 53 Ki 

Colo, over 



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To tlie abore-mentioned deficit of $23,906.35 tbere should, however, 
l>e added the further eum of 950,000, known as the JobnsoB defalca- 
tion, aud which is hereafter more fully explaiueil. Your comoiittee 
therefore found — 
An actnil deficit m the cMh of the Treasarer's office of p:t,90& :t5 

Hat tbu BiDODDt has Biooe been reduced by collectioim and gtoppn)^ 

On Selfa JohtiAOD'a acconnt : 

FNmF»t,WBahlaKtoD&Ca (10,125 81 

rrom Lockirood &, Co 1,868 04 

SiUrr withheld Ill 95 

jia, 105 eo 

On Marden's acoouiit : 

Caifa relarned 3aa 9f' 

Bonduid intermt 128 81 

Silin withheld 134 24 

bm 03 

12,691 Kl 

ShowiQRB present deficit of 61,214 52 

l-rooBethJohmiou J37,894 20 

Fn» r. A. Maiden 11,413 97 

.Imniit of atolen notes 11,500 00 

JpiriDifn carrenc;, short 71 77 

PijiDg-teller's cash, short 20 

Inttnat-Uller'B cash, abort 'M 00 

itoDd aod intereat diviaion, abort 30 00 

Piclugi new note*, abort 1 00 

Bedrmption division, abort 131 3T 

■;a«b-room. atann 142 01 

61,214 &2 

It is expected that the " JohtiBou" deficit will ehortly be still further 
reduced by the collection of a debt due Seth Johnsori, and represented 
hy Dotes amounting to 93,700. Said notes bear 6 i>er cent, iatercst, 
vt DOW in possession of the Treasurer, and fall due io about drc 

To properly divide the liabilities and assets of the office — excepting 
those of the division of national banks, which are of a mixed character, 
and were not separated during the count — into coin and currency, the 
I'ollowing is the result : 



linwnl Tre«Hiiry acconot, oa per books of acconutiug diviaion 122,131,218 TO 

boo sod interest diviaiou 17,2a6,3S>7 60 

E^Mf red intereat acconnt !r77,582 00 

"tMUfer acooant, New York overdraft 3,006,959 54 

'dtMSIatM disbaiBing officers 6,B76 Sri 

t-in fertificate^ BtatiBtical 366, 925, 000 00 

ToUl amount coin called for 410,274,034 aa 

mouST rovsD on hasd bv actual COUNT and kxaminatios. 

iDMnt ov»q>aId in bond account, siocerefanded 976 90 

Inlrnat pud on nnclaimed acfaedale 40,631 60 

Tnammi's tnusfer acconnt at Boston 340,649 82 

Tfnaorer's tnMJsfer acconnt at PbiUdelphift 284,346 57 

TniMn>i*s tnuiBfur acconnt at New OrleBoa 43,638 2» 


Treaaiirer's tmnsfei Kcoonat at San Fraocitoo (174,563 hO- 

Intareat-Mler'a coin, &c l,204,«liT tM> 

Gold coin ID vaQlt -2,343,830 81 

Silver coin 21.630 09 

CoiD coupons M,3ST,903S7 

Intenat-checks 1.143,539 84 

(Sold certificatea ctu)c«led 1,483,000 00 

Five-twenty Iwnds pnrcbased 120, SOO 00 

Sixty-twos called bonds 20,965,750 OD 

Five-twenty bonds for convenioD 2(i2,000 00 

Ooia ceiliBcates, statistical 3a6,fti5,000 DO 

Total coin Md coin itoniit 409,620,660 58 

Aggregate coin called for (410,274,034 S2 

Aggregate coin and coin items on hand 40t), 620, 6(i0 59 

DeQclt •653,373 63 

According to tbe books of the cash-room, the amount of coin called 
for in the general Treasury account, December 9, 1871, is t32,131,709.05, 
or $190.35 more than the amount called for by the books of the acconnt- 
ing division, there being that difference between the two sets of books. 
If this balance were to be taken as correct, the foregoiag deficit in the 
coin would be increased by the amoant of this difference, $490.35. 


General Treasnry account 10, 050, 302 05 

Fost-oflloe account 2,867 27 

Division of loans and interest .: 13, SiW 00 

National bank account 3,601,017 12 

Metropolitan National Hank of Wosliington, D. C 135, 929 35 

First National Bonk of New Orleans, Louisiana 97, 957 90 

United States disbursing officers 1,561,707 30 

Two per cent, advance deptisit, account funded loan 24 00 

lietlemption division - 282,623 95 

Total cuwDcy ealled for 230.987,703 94 

Interest ou Pacific Railroad stock, poid (6«7 29 

Speaker's certificates, paid 35. 165 60 

Kedemptions of legal-tender notes, new issne 1,761,977 00 

Kedemption of logul-tender notco, issue of 1869 227,862 00 

Fractional currency, tirst issue.. Iti 21 

Fraotional currency, second issue 20 X> 

Fractional currency, third issue 3, 025 62 

Fractional currency, fourth issue 786, 794 35 

Transfer account at New York 1,373.761 CO 

* An examiuation which the Treasurer had instituted previous to the ono ordered by 
the Secretary of the Treasury, and which was going on at the time this discrepancy of 
(6.^3,373 .6:1 was discovered, has since demoustratwl that this discrepancy was the re- 
Hillt of charging certain currency items as coin, and croditing coin items an currency. 
&o. A statement prewtntcd to the committee March 9, 1872, by the receiving-teller, oiid 
whioh has been carefully verified by the committee, shows that now the coin exceeds- 
the wnouots called for some t)^,90U, while a correcpunding discrepancy eiists in the 
currency, the general balance being correct and onafteeted. This discrepancy ia ex- 
plained by partial payuicuts made for demand -notea, payable in coin, in curmncr. 


Tranafer account at Boeton (1,^1,573 52 

riaiufer account »t PhiladelpbU 1,446,624 95 

Truufer BccouDt at New Orloaiia 845,559 66 

Tnnaferacconntat San Francisco i, 142,884 76 

EJcdemption divisi(»i, cash and items 953, 115 46 

Camacv coDpous, division of loans, &c • U,S80 00 

PaflDg-teller^s caeh 100,050 22 

K«eiTiQg-teIler'B cash 5,516 35 

ABUiUat par ing- teller's cash 32,696 28 

latemMeller'a caah 21, 142 49 

<)eMnl aaaortiDg clerk's cash 112,800 00 

C«ih of division of iaanes 60 00 

Insolvent banks, teller's cash 700,053 80 

Speciaien currency 130,928 S3 

tW per cent, cert ificatee, canceled 1,403 882 06 

rhneper cent, certificate, statUtical i 65,020,000 00 

Box of mincellaneoug contents 1 240 00 

Nickels aod coppers 1 823 02 

Sew fcEal-tenfler notes 151,199,945 00 

FractioDal currency 1,944,700 00 

Toinl carrcttcy and carreucy items 231,617,176 S2 

iggregate unoant of cnrrency called for 1230,967,708 94 

■tjcettgale ttmonnlof earrency on hand 231,617, 176 22 

Excf» 629,467 28 

II' to tbis excess be added the amount found short in tbe actual count 
of the eutire balance, viz, 423,906.35, the differeoce in the coin, viz, 
M5S,373.63, will be accounted for as far at least as the total balance 
called for in dollars and cents is concerned. 

AsF»git« amount coin called for $410,274,034 3:1 

A)y;i»K>>« anionnt coin on hand 409,620,660 B9 

Deficit 653,373 63 

'^eSngate amoDut currency called for 4230,987,708 94 

\egngate amonnt cnrrency on hand i 331,617,176 22 

Esce«8 629,467 98 

Tutal Iwlance caab and securities called for $1,038,807,743 16 

CuiaMidGoin items ou band $409,620,660 59 

CatreDcvaDd cnrrency it«ms «n bond 231,617,176 22 

Secoritie* in diriBlMi of Dfttionol banks 397,646,000 00 

Amount of deficit as perbookHof the cash-room 23,906 35 

1,038,807,743 16 


In a^itioD to the above-named funds and Becmities tbe following 
'leposits, which do not enter into any of tbe regular accounts of the 
iRasary, were also found on hand : 

.^nmogchc ■ssiBtant pay inR- teller's cash Jo, 600 00 

AnoDgilie aaBistant paying'teller's coab > 253 60 

lo eiplaoatioD of these see statement of details inclosed. 


In the cash-1'oom vault were found — 

Ist. Oue box, deposited May 10, 1849, by the Pateut-Offlce, contaiuiug 
oue bottle ottar of roses, one bottle of pearls, one bottle of diamonds, 
one gold plate, one gold ornament and silk tassel, oue box of diamonds 
and pearls, and two pieces of gold. 

2d. One bag, deposited May 10, 1849, by M.C. Young, Aeting Secretary 
of tlie Treasury, containing counterfeit coin and dies. 

3d. One package of bonds and coupons, deposited April 9, 1855, by 
Uedio & Kendall per H. May, on account of the United States, being 
amount received by them from Messrs. Corcoran & Biggs, in the case of 
the United States vs. Qnrdner and consisting of — 

BomlBof the State of TenncBsoe f20,000 

Bonilaof tliu city of NaaUviUo , 6,000 

BoDdBOfMiukiDgDiu County, Ohio 10,000 

Bonds of Licking Conn ty, Ohio 10,000 

Bonda of the DaytoD aud Wuateni Railroad Company 5,001) 

Bonds of thp Greenville and Miami Railroad Company &,000 

EDvelopo containing ten conpons of the Greenville and Miami Railroad Com- 
pany -■- 351 

BoiidHof the Stfltc of MisMiuri 20,000 


4tb. One package, deposited June 22, 1843, by M. <J. Young, Acting 
liecretary of the Treasury, containing notes of tJic Bank of Tombeckbe, 
Alabama, amounting to $24,003. 

t>tb. One box, deiMsited June 10, 18^2, by Brevet Captain Hardcaatle, 
United States Topographical Engineers, through W. if. Emory, United 
States Engineers, containing notes of suirey of boundary between the 
United States and Mexico, under the tivaty of Guadalui>e Hidalgo, from 
the .juuctiou of the Gila aud Colorado Kivers to the Paci6c coast. 

6tli. A package, deposited January 2T, 1857, by the Bank of the Me- 
tropolis, containing uncurrent bauk-notes, $2,273. An order for a note 
of $786.04. 

7th. A ])ackage, de^toBited by Alexander Kerr, containing coin found 
in safe of K. French, assistant disbursing-clerk for the Treasury exten- 
sion, $53.29. 

8th. A package containing bonds belonging to the Smithsonian fund, 

9th. A ]>ackage, dejiosited by the Treasurer of the United States, Oc- 
tober 20, 18G6, containing $450 in C per cent, notes, being notes stolen 
from Lieutenant James Brunaugh in the battle of Pittsburgh Landing, 
forwarded for payment and payment refused. 

10th. Envelope, deposited by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue 
March 10, 1807, on account of Butler aud Carpenter, containing regis- 
tered United States 5 20 bonds, $50,000. 

11th. Envelope containing eighty-nine counterfeit ten-dollar United 
States demand notes, left on special deposit by W. A. Shannon, August 
23, 1803, by ord«r of the Secretary of the Treasury. 

12th. Envelope containing bonds issued on account of Pacific Rail- 
road by the St-ate of Missouri, deposited by the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury January 4, 1868, $9,000. 

13th. Envelope, deposited August 6, 1870, by the Secretary of the 
Treasury, in trust for the Alaska Commercial Company, containing 
registered 5-20 bonds, $55,000. 

14th. One box, deposited by the Secretarj- of the Treasury June 18, 



18G8, GODt&mJDg tbe original " Field iiiedaF in gold, struck at tho Uuited 
Sutes lIJDt under a reaolution of Congress. 

15tb. Envelope containing coupon bond for $1,000, lield subject to 
theoiderof tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue as collateral secur- 
ity for the sale of internal revenue stamps by J. K. Atwell, postmaster 
at Winchester, Virginia. 

16th. A package, depo9it«d by the Secri'tary of War, September 1, 
IStO, containing funds taken from David < >. Dodd, who was tried, con- 
victed, and executed as a npv ut Little Kock, Arkansas, in January, 


17tb. Funded loan bonds belonging to tbe State of Texas, $61,000. 
These bonds were delivered to Mr. D. Baker, acting cliief of tbe loan 
hrancb. Secretary's office, upon a letter, of the Secretary, January 6, 

Idth. United States bonds held by the Treasurer assccuiity for inter- 
nal revenue stamps furoislied to P. Eicbele, of Saint Louis, Missouri, 
Ktunp agent, $20,000. 

19th. Uuited States registered bonds, $200,000 ; funded loan bonds, 
130,000 ; and conpon bonds, $52,000 ; deposited by General O. O. How- 
aid and General ISaltocb. Most of these bonds have since been with- 
•Iiawn and converted into currency, in pursuance to instructions of the 
Swretary of the Treasury. 

Itttb. A box containing articles of plate, &c., with names attached, 
from the War Department, and deposited in tbe vaults of the Treasury 
lij- H. A. Rialey, receiver, in accordance with instructions of the Secre- 
tary of the Treasary, June 11, 1869. Tins box bears the joint seals ot 
the War and Treasury Departments. 

-1st A box containing articles of jewelry, &c., with names attachetl, 
remved from General Ketcbnm of the War Department, and deposited 
in the vaults of the Treasury by U. A. Risley, receiver, in accordance 
with ioBtructions of tbe Secretary of the Treasury, December 15, 1868. 

!Md. A box containing Jjouisiana State notes and confedemte bonds 
issued during the war. 

23cl. Bond of Monroe County, New York, belongiug to Captain J. D. 
O'Conoell, Fourteenth lufantry, United States Army, filed by Second 
Anditor, and by liim requested to remain on deposit until further orders, 
as per his letter of February 28, 1868. This bond faas seven coupons of 
t21 each attached to it, overdue. 

^th. A package of pfficial bonds of Commissioners of Patents. 

^th. Certificates of indebtedness belonging to the Kational Life In- 
surance Company of tbe United States, $110,000. 

:!Gth. Bonds of the State of South Carolina, deposited by the Secretary 
of the Treasury, $4,000. 

2(ith. Arkansas bonds and papers pertaining to the Chickasaw fund, 

-Ttfa. A ])ackage of confederate notes and tractionai currency of the 
^them States from A. Millspangb, late postmaster at Washington, 

^th. A package of counterfeit specimens from J. K. D. Cozzens, chief 
of police, ^int Louis, Misaonri. 

^th. A package of counterfeit United States and national bank cur- 
rency ftom H. Johnson, captain and military store-keeper. 

30th. A package of Virginia State bonds, deposited by the Secretary 
of the Treasary, February 16, 1867, $14,500. 

31st. Check for $375 on tbe United States assistant treasurer at Saint 
Wis, Missouri, drawn by A. A. Croncbite, assistant quartermaster, 


United States Army, aod deposited by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasary 
May 4, 180(J. Supposed M be worthless. 

32d. A package of couaterfeit Treasury aud bank notes from John B. 
Henderson, seutenced to the penitentiary in 1838. 

3dd. A package of first mortgage bonds, 7 per cent., 30 years, of the 
Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire Railroad Company, $7fi,000, less 
$30,000 withdrawn by authority of the Quartermaster General, (45,000. 

34th. A iKtckage containing Louisiana State and N'ew Orleans muni- 
cipal bonds, brought to the archive office of the War Department, and 
by that Department sent to the Treasury for sate-keepiug. 

35tb. One ten-dollar counterfeit plate. 

36th. A package containing certificate of deposit of Quigley, Morton 
& Co., for $1,600; also a 9500 United States bond and thirty -six coapoDS 
attached, and $075 United States demand notes transmitted by tbe Sec- 
retary of War, November 25, 1662. 

37th. A package of Interior requisitions. 

38th. A package containing two hundred aud seventeen bonds of the 
State of Louisiana of 11,000 each, issued to the Clinton and Port Hud- 
son Eailroad Company. 

39th. Confederate bonds, subject to the orders of tJie Secretary of 
War, $12,050. 

40tb. Oue bag of gold-dnst ; and the 

4l8t. A package of specimen gold notes of old issues held assamples, 

Also a number of special deposits belonging to employes of the De- 
piutment, bankers, Army officers, and others, which, t^ing locked, yonr 
committee did not examine. 

Inasmuch as these special deposits take up much valuable room, en- 
cumber the vaults, complicate the storing awoy of the public moneys, 
and some of them are constantly decreasing in valae, many of them of 
no value at all, while the history of all grows daily more' and more indis- 
tinct, your committee beg leave to recommend tbe following disposition 
to be made of them and that without unnecessary delay : 

Tlioso belonging to employes and other persons, aud in which the 
United States have no interest, should be immediately returned to them, 
and hereafter no special deposits should be received except upon tbe 
order of the Secretary of the Treasury, and then only in the manner 
hereinafter provided for. 

Deposit No. 1, containing, among other things, i>erishable articles, 
which are becoming daily less in value ou account of evaporation and 
other causes. Tradition has it that the contents of this deposit were 
presented to President Van Buren by the Imanm of Muscat, and the 
history of its present custody is understood to be, briefly, that in 
1849 these articles were in the Paten^Office on exhibition, and were 
stolen therefrom. They were afterward recovered, and to avoid a re- 
currence of loss were placed in a box and deposited in the Treasaty for 

Tbcy are properly the property of the United States, aud are undoubt- 
edly Nufoject to the orders of the Secretary of the Interior or Commis- 
sioner of Patents. It is the opinion of your committee that the Secre- 
tary of the Interior should be requested to reclaim them and provide for 
their care in the Interior Department, which is now quite as safe a place 
for their deposit as the Treasury. 

Of No. 2, the counterfeit coin should be sent to tbe Mint, tbe procee<ls, 
if any, to be covered into the Treasury, and the dies destroyed in pres- 
ence of some committee, a memoraodutn of the same having first been 


Nos. 11, 28, 29, 31, 32, and 35, coutaining counterfeit notes, dies, &c., 
Bhonid be deBtroyed alter re&ord of the amount and cbaracter of contents. 

So. 3, consisting of 476,350 in miscellaneous bonds, recovered by th& 
United States on acconnt of one " Gardner" who swindled the Govem- 
nteut oat of a largo sum of money, shonld be disposed of to the beet 
adrantage, and the proceeds covered into the Treasury to the credit of 
the fnnd created by the fifteenth article of the treaty with the repnblic 
of Mexico of Febniary 2, 1848. 

UiKiD inveatigation it appears that this Gardner submitted a large 
fraadolent claim under said treaty, and — 
I'ndudateof M»y 16, 1851, \ras paid tbe anm of $.«1,562 oO> 

tin eh&racter of said claim havine been ascertained, tbo 
Uniud Statrs recovered, throiiKli the attotaeye of said Ouduer, 
M»(n. Fendall and Rediu, tli« following Bums : 

ipnIla,lH55 $8,101 33 

Jiine4,I855 13, 092 50 

jBwao.iBsr. 3a5 00 

22,04rt 83 

Leaving > balance still doe of. 899,513 67 

against which amount the proceeds of the bonds referred to should be 

Xos. 4 and G, if of any value, should be disposed of, and the proceeds 
|iaid into the Treasury; if not, they shonld l» destroyed. 

Nos. 5, 16, 20, 21, 34, 36, and 39, being deposits made by, on behalf 
of, or subject to the orders of the Secretary of War, the attention of the 
War Department should be called to them, and an early withdrawal and 
proper disposition requested. 

So. T shonld be deposited to the credit of the Treasurer of the United 
States, in the name of E. French, late assistant diabnrsing-clerk for the 
Treasiuy extension. 

The contents of No. 9 shonld be canceled, and their aggregate amount, 
principal and interest, carried to the credit of Lieutenant llmnaugh, he 
being charged vith the amount of all notes stolen from him. 

So&. 10, 15, and 18, being bonds deposited by certain parties to secure 
iDtemal revenue stamps advanced to them, will have to remain intact. 

The $9,000 Faciflc Kailroad bonds of the State of Missouri, contained 
in deposit So. 12, were formerly held in trust for the Ottawa Indians of 
Blancbard'a Fork and liache de BtEuf, but having reverted to the United 
States under the provisions of article four, treaty of June 24, 1862, by 
reason of the payment by the Secretary of the Interior to said Indians 
of the principal and interest of said bonds from appropriations made by 
Congr^for that purpose, they should be sold, and the proceeds earned 
into the Treasury. 

}fo. 13, being secnrities filed by the Alaska Commercial Company for 
the proper observance of their contracts, should remain on deposit. 

So. 14, the Field medal, should be sent to the United States Mint, re- 
melted, and the proceeds covered back into the Treasury to the credit of 
the proper fiind. 

So. 17 has been withdrawn, and No. 19 directed to be. 

Xo. 22, consisting of worthless southern secnrities, shonld be destroyed. 

The Second Auditor should be instructed to make a proper disiwsition 
■if deposit No. 23 as soon as practicable. 

Nos. 24 and 25 are on deposit in compliance with existing laws. 

No, 2fl, containing four coupon bonds of the Blue Bidge Bailroad of 
i^uth Carolina of $1,000 each, with tweuty-six coupons of $30 ench^ 


was forwarded to the t^ecretary of tlie Treaaury by Special Agent D. 
Heaton as captnred and abandoned property, turned over to him by a 
provost marshal. 

Your committee have been advised that a claim has been made upou 
the Department for these bonds by a bauk in Gbarlestoo, but that the 
Solicitor has reported against its allowance. Tlie bonds, therefore, 
should be disposed of, and the proceeds credited in the account of cap- 
tured and abandoned property. 

No. 27, being worthless confederate notes and fractional cnrrency, 
should be destroyed. 

"So. JO, containing ^14,500 in Virginia State certificates, was taken 
from a person formerly a confederate officer. They should he sold, and 
the proceeds covered into the Treasury an captured and abandoned 

No. 33 is held subject to the orders of the Quartermaster General, 
whoso attention for its proper disposition should bo called to it. 

The Interior requisitions, contained in No, 37, should be delivered to 
the Secretary of the Treasury, to be placed with the regular files. 

No. 38, if of value, should be disposed ot^ its proceeds to be credited 
to captured and abandoned property; if not, its contents should be 

No. 40 should be sent to the United States Mint, and the proceeds, if 
any, covered into the Treasnry; and the contents of No. 41, being spe- 
cimen gold certificates, the Treasurer desires to remain on deposit. 

If siiecial deposits are objectionable in the vaults, they are much more 
so among the tellers' cash, complicuting the count of their moneys and 
furnishing oppoitunities for covering up deficits, in case any should 
exist, from funds of which, on account of their {)eculiar character, no 
definite or permanent record exists. Special deposits ought never to be 
allowed to enter into either of the teller's cash. If they are at all neces- 
sary, a separate space in one of the vaults should be allotted them ; 
they should be numbered in order of the date of their receipt, an accu- 
rate numerical register kept of them, and a formal receipt given to the 
depositor for each to be delivered up npon the surrender of the deposits. 
Another class of special deposits are those reported in the weekly state- 
ments of disbursing officers, balances to the credit of the Secretary of 
the Treasury, viz : Deposited July 23, 1870, amount sent to Mrs. George 
B. McCartee, at the Ebbitt House, and which is explained in the letter 
of the Secretary of July 23, 81,761.35. July 3, 1871, amount received 
from an anonymous writer (an invalid) to aid and comfort sick or disabled 
soldiers iu any way, except by giving tobacco or alcoholic drinks, $50. 
April 17, 1871, amount paid by the Alaska Commercial Company, to 
be held for decision of the Secretary of the Treasury npon an applica- 
tion by said company, $27,500. 

The first of these your committee would recommend to be covered into 
the Treasury as a bribe offered to a United States officer ; the second 
to the sick and disabled soldier fund : ilnd the third as a payment by 
the Alaska Commercial Company on account of their contracts. 

A box, said to bo under the supervision of Mr. Wallace, contained 
the following securities for which the Treasurer bad previously been 
reimbursed by requisition of November 29, 1871 : 

3 percent, cortilicatcs received daring November ^,335,654 SO 

One and tn-oycHiH 5 per cent, nolea and interest 1,8.14 0<> 

Compoiind interest uotes, priLci pal and iotereet 16,886 SZ 

7i\ iioteH, principal and interest 9,869 SI 

by Google 


Also a o per cent, interest uote frooi the assistant treasurer at Xew 
York, charged to the Treasurer, but not vet credited to New York, 

It eeems that tbe Treasurer, from time to time, submits a requisition 
based npon tbe estimated disbursements for tlie current month, on » 
certain account, and is reimbursed for the amount of such requisition. 
Its amount is charged to the Treasurer, on the books of the Kegister's 
Office, and at the end of the month he prepares and renders his accounts 
coDtainiug all canceled and paid vouchers for which he receives credit. 
The securities above mentioned are canceled vouchers of this class, and 
are redeeuied in the manner indicated, in pursuam!t> of instmctious of 
the Secretary of the Tre«8nr>'. 


The 1130,928,23 specimen currency, consists of cun-ency of all issues 
and deaomiuations ; some flt to be usexl as ordinary currency, being pro- 
peri^ finished ; some printed on but one side ; and some arranged in 
shields for sale. The demand for this currency having become very 
limiKd, tbe profit in its disposition being small, and the trouble in 
kwping it properly classified, arranged, and counted very great, your 
UHDDiittee ivonid recommend that the amount on hand be transferred 
to the proper committee, counted and destroyed, and the Treasurer 
properly reimbursed. 


One of the items in the interest-teller's cosh, viz, t7,70U, consists of 
paid bills of Messrs. Lees & Waller, of Nev York, for the transfer of 
coin from California to Sew York. The carrying by tellers of vouchers 
and memoranda as cash being entirely out of place, bills of this kind 
ought hereafter to he excluded therefrom ; they should be treated lite 
doy other claims against tbe Department, i. e., referred for examination 
and settlement to the proper accounting officers and paid by Treasury 


^veral other items in the same teller's cash cousists, as will be seen 
from schedule of details, of defaced, defective, and burned notes, and 
J^cnrities paid by him ; some by direction of the Treasurer, and some by 
urder of the Secretary of the Treasury. Several of these notes have 
Iwn rejected by the First Comptroller. 

Tbe longer these items continue in the accounts without proper ad- 
JQStment, the more indistinct their historj' becomes. Eitticr the officer 
«ho paid these notes or authorized their payment should reimburse the 
l^Qited States for their payment, or Congress should be requester! to 
nake provision fur their allowance and adjustment. 


A large quantity of the coin on hand being very old and much worn, 
joor committee would reapectfnily suggest the propriety of separating 
mch portions of it as fall short of the proper weight and character and for- 
warding the same to the United States Mint for recoiaage. Independent 
Tmmiry otBcers having received instrnctioDS to make allowance bnt 


for a very limited wastage in tbe receipt of coin for public duea, it i& 
liaidly proper or just that coin of the description mentioned should be 
used for public disbursements. 

Bj actual trial it was found that among the smaller coins a variation 
-of from 42u to 350 in bags of $5,000 existed. 


The box of misce}laneous coutents enumerated among tbe assets of 
the office contains a package of ninety canceled and cut $10 United States 
notes — $900, which the chief of the redemption division returned to tbe 
cash-room, claiming that though cliarged to bim u-s a full package of 
one hundred notes, it contained but ninety, tbe error not being ad- 
mitted by the cashier; this package is still retained and counted as 
« 1,000. 

The Treasurer is clearly liable for this difference under bis official 
bond and should be called upon to adjust the matter. ^Nothing can be 
gained by further delay ; a lot of burned national bank-notes amoantiiig 
to $180, which should be forwarded to the several issuing banks for re- 
demption ; a defective national bank-note, received by mistake, $10; a 
defective national bank-note, paid by Order of the Secretary of the 
Treasury, $10 ; a defective compound interest note, paid by order of the 
SecretMj- of the Treasury, February 1, 18C8, $20 ; this note is one of a 
number stolen from the Bureau of Engraving and Frinting; and two 
compound interest notes, no seal and date, each $10 — $20. Total $1,140. 
Connted as $1,240. 

It also contains $100 in defective compound interest notes not 
counted as cash. These notes are supposed to be part of the stolen 
notes already alluded to. 

Tbe contents of this box should be properly disposed of and the ac- 
counts to that extent at^nsteil. 


Heferring to the charge made by one H. C. Harmon, a clerk in tbe 
Second Auditor's office ; one J. M. Davidson, a clerk in the Kegister's 
office; and Jos. Fales, an examiner in the P.itent-Office, your commit- 
tee would stat« that the matter has received a careful and thorough ex- 
amination, and aside from the payment of a few hundred dollars on such 
papers presented throngh the firm of Chipman, Hosmer & Co., and A. 
T. C. Dodge, to which Mr. Harmon refers, and which amount, the char- 
acter of tbe papers having been ascertained soon after payment, was 
promptly refunded, nothing whatever could be found to substantiate 
tbe charge. The evidence of both Harmon and Davidson abounds iu 
vague generalities, nothing certain, a mere statement that they think so 
and so or have heard something mysterious intimated. Tbe former, 
whffli questioned closely, could not maike a single definite reference to 
any particular case. In fact, he knew nothing but mere hearsay, auil 
deserves censure in spreading reports calculated to injure the Depnrt- 
ment and to excite the public without the least shadow of foundation. 
Mr. Davidson referred to a Mr. Fales as administrator of one John H. 
Quail, who, he claimed, bad been defrauded of his legitimate interest in 
certain registered bonds. With great difficulty the schedules, showing 
the payment of the interest on the several bonds referred to &om tbe 
time of their first issue to date, were withdrawn from tbe Begistei'a files, 
exhibited to Mr. Fales, and bis acknowledgment obtained that tbe sig- 


aatnres of Mr. Qaail opposite each payment, froio the time be pnri^based 
the bonds to bU death, were regnlar and geDuiae. 

Withont witbdrawinff all interest schedules, vonchers, and powers of 
attorney, examiaing them carefully, comparing the signatures with those 
specially obtained from the parties purporting to have made those on the 
schedulesandpowersof attorney, and which, on account of the death of 
thoo&aitds, would now be utterly impossible, your committee could not 
be more positive about the coirectaesA of this branch of the public busi- 
ness. Were such payments to be made to any considerable extent they 
would necessarily be speedily discovered. Letters calling for the inter- 
est dne wonld follow as a matter of course; these would go either to the 
chief clerk of the Treasurer's ofhce or some clerk in that of the Secretary 
of the Treasury; inquiry would ensue resulting in some detection. 


Having now given a somewhat detailed statement of the actual oou- 
dition and contents of tbe Treasurer's office, as far as the public funds 
in eoncemed, and having shown the falsity of tbe nimors which, some 
nme ago, found their way into tbe public press, relative to the payment 
of coin interest on forged papers, your committee deem it proper, before 
goiDg further, to esplain to you the manner of conducting their exauii- 
oatton, in order, not only to show its thoronghness, but also to exhibit 
to you the gratifying result of counting over a thousand millions of dol- 
laisin casli and securities, makiug a careful examination of the books 
ood accounts, suggestiug and inauguratiug various reforms without 
even for a moment iuteiruptiug tbe current business of the office. 

Commencing at the close of business on Saturday, tbe 9th of Uecem- 
ter last, the several vaults and sates containing tbe tiinds and securities 
of the office, excepting the vault in tbe division of national banks, cou- 
taintng the secoritieij of said banks for circulation and deposits, were 
taken possession of and secnrely sealed. Your committee proceeded 
neit to count tbe loose money in tbe cashier's vault, known as the tell- 
er's cash. This occupied tbe time of your committee, together with some 
twelve of the most expert counters iu your office, who bad been detailed 
for the purpose of assisting iu the actual count of the moneys, until late 
that night. The following day, Sunday, the 14tli of December, was 
devoted to an actual count of such of the moneys of the redemption 
division as would he necessiiry for tbe continuance of tbe business of 
that division the following morning. 

A lai^e proportion of the funds of the redemption division, having 
been previously counted and assorted ready for canceliug and cutting, 
was cut, and, with snch other moneys n.s were already cut and those 
known as discount moneys, was turned over to the proi>er officers and 
committee for final count and destruction, with directions to make a 
separate count of such funds and report the result to your committee. 
In this manner wc succeeded on Monday morning, without hiudrauce or 
delay, to furnish the several bfancbes of the office with the necessary 
funds for the business of the day. An accurate acconnt was kept of tbe 
funds thus handed over, and tbe balance on hand at tbe time of taking 
possession of the vaults, &c., was ke^it separate from subsequent receipts 
nod in possession or under the control of tbe committee. Some twenty 
additional expert counters having been detailed to assist the committee 
the count was proceeded witli with due regard to the requirements of 
tbe several branches of tbe office. At the close of each day's business 
tbe ontside funds were placed in tbeir respective repositories uuder tbe 
MpermioQ of some members of tbe committee, and, at tbe commence- 


ment of it on eacb succeediag day, they were again turned over to tbc 
proper gentlemen. Sabsequentlj-, and before tbe balance of the fundfl 
on band bad been connted, tbe eeveral officers and committee to whom 
certain moneysofthe redemption diTision bad been turned over, reported 
tbe result of their connt, which were substantially in accordance with 
the amounts as claimed by tlie chief of that division and an shown by hix 

Tbe correctness of the bulk of the coin on band was ascertained by 
au actnal count, made by tbe committee, of a bag of eacb denominatiou, 
and weighing the balance by their contents. Whenever in any bag tbe 
variation was too great, as was frequently tbe case, as herein before 
already shown, an actual count of its contents was made. 

Of tbe vault in tbe division of national banks containing, as afore- 
said, tbe securities of said banks, your committee, to avoid embarra^S' 
ment and because it was deemed perfectly safe to do bo, (most of said 
securities consisting of registered bonds, and all of tbem baving printed 
upon their back the object for whieb they were deposited, so that they 
could not lie used for any improper purpose without discovery,) did not 
take possession until all tbe other funds of tbe oRlce had been exam- 
ined and counted, viz, at the close of business, Satunlay, February 17, 


Tbe correctness of several of the accounts was ascertained and proven 
by sources outside of the Treasurer's office. Thus to prove tbe surplus 
fund the chief of the currency division and the chief of the Bureau of 
Engraving and Printing were called upon to furnish astatement show- 
ing the entire amount of United States notes (new issue) printed and 
tnmcd over to the Treasurer. The books of the Register of tbe Treas- 
ury, and those of the independent treasury division of your office, were 
resorted to for tbe purpose of ascertaining the amount of said notes 
credited in the general Treasury account, the latter, deducted from tbe 
former, demonstrated tbe correctness of the snrjilus fund, viz : 
Print«<1 anil delivered to the Treasurer of the IJoiteil States np to aod in- 

cluilinK Decembers, 1871 J359,22S,00U 

laaneil and credited in general account *JO0, ODO, OUO 

Snrplus on hand 150 222,000 

A similar course was adopted with regard to the correctness of the 
gold and 3 per cent, certificates. All these certificates being issneil 
through the office of the United States nssistant treasurer at 2Sew York, 
tbe correctness of these accounts was establisbetl by tbe books of that 
office in conjunction with those of your own; thus according to the 
books of the currency division of your own ofilce — 
The entire amount of coin certificates printed and delivered to the Ti'eaa- 

urer of tlie United States to aod incliidin); December 9, 1471, iras $483, 7^, OOO 

The amonnt received by the assistant treiisiirur at New York, per bin 

own letUT of Januarys, tSW 116,800, CKIO 

On hand 366,925,000 

OfSiior cent, certificated, the amount printml was $160.000, 0<>0 

The aaionnt received by tlie Uniti^l Stnt«« wuistant treas- 
urer at New York, per bis letter of January 8, 1872 $93, 000, 000 

AmountikHtroyed, January 8, 18«l 1,980,000 

94, 980, OOW 

On band 66,(»0,000 

U.jized by Google 


Tbe several balances due the United States and disbursing officers 
thereof^ as stion a by the books of tlie cash-room and the accompaoying 
eUtement of liabilities and assets, were verified partly by iuformatioD 
i^tainetl from external sources and partly by a comparison of the entries 
on tbe books with the funds on hand. 

The books aad records of the independent treasury division of yonr 
office cootainiog a duplicate of the general uccouut of the Treasurer as 
(at as the aggregate balance is concerned, do division being there made 
of coin and currency,tbe correctness of that balance was known to some 
of the members of your committee beforehand. But while the aggre- 
^te balance of that account is correct, it has already been shown a 
Isrue discrepancy was found to exist between the coin and currency as 
«^ed for in it, i. «., a deficiency of t6.>3,374.84 in the former, and if tbe 
amoaat actually found short be takon into consideration, a correspond- 
ing excess in the latter. 

As the Treasurer had previously discovered that deficit, and was then 
engaged in its examination, your committee thought best not to inter- 
fete, bat to bave bis examination continued. As will bcrealler be shown 
by detailed statements, examined and verified by your committee, this 
discrepancy arose from crediting currency items a-i cola, charging coin- 
<lrifte paid as currency, and vice versa, and has by this time been almost 
efitirriy reconciled. So, also, has the diiference of $:18i).14 between the 
boots of the accounting division and those of tbe cash-room. 

Tbe correctness of the balance reported to the credit of the Post-OEKce 
Department is certified by the Postmaster General. That of tbe national 
bank account haa been proven by the books of the Comptroller of the 
Cnnency, who has control of the funds pertaining to this account. 

Schednles furnished by the Comptroller, under date of January IC, 
1872, call for tbe following amounts : 

For therrdemplion of circulating notes of banks in liquidatiuu t^, 576, 748 % 

FurlbcbsMfit of crediton of insolvent banks 917, 3S3 17 

Vdciheradeiniition of circnlatiiig notes of iiisoWont bauka 108, 9d5 10 

Total 3,601,0)7 IS 

Which agrees with tbe amount called for. 

The correctness of the balances reported to tbe credit of United States 
itinbuTsiug ofHcera was ascertained by addressing a letter to each of the 
■ifficers having an account with the Treasurer, and asking them to report 
t<> yon the balances which they claimed to have bad on deposit to their 
iTHlit at tbe close of business on the dth of December. In a'.I but two 
ca-tes tbe amounts claimed were either the same or less, the diifereuce 
:n tbe latter cases being accounted for by outstanding checks. One of 
the two excepted cases was that of tlie late pension agent, Collins, who 
iia-t since been removed for tbe improper use of public funds, and the 
"Clier that of Captain F. Whyte, in 'whose account the book-keeper of 
die Treasurer, by inadvertence, had .charged a large draft of Commis- 
■ioner W. Watt8. The captain's report led to a further investigation, 
uhI tbe correction of the error. The remainder of the items enumerated 
<m the statement of liabilities and assets were, as already stated, verified 
by an examination of the entries in the books, and a comparison with 
'bem of the vouchers and securities on hand. 

KxceptiDg, therefore, the differences in the coin and currency of tbe 
zeoeral account and the general daily cash-book or trial-bulauce, to 
<hich yoar committee is about to refer, in connection with the " Joba- 
tin defalcation," tbe books and accounts of the ofiice, as tar aa we have 
iivn enableil to ascertain, appear to have been correctly kept. 

H. Ex. 283 li KIqIc 



lu tbe gooerat daily cRKhljook or trial-balance, wbicli, up to the time 
of the discovery of titie above defalcatiou, was kept by " Setb Jobcison,* 
vrbo vas also iutorest teller, the following false entiies occur; 

May 31, 1870. — The vault-clerk is credited with (15,000, the uniuuDt 
having been delivered by him to Johiisoii as iutereatrteller. luateail, 
however, of charging himself with this amouut, Johnson increases tbe 
liabilities of the redemption division by charging it with au imaginary 
receipt of $15,000. 

August 31, 18T0. — Johnson credits himself with an excessive disburw- 
ment of $10,000 by error in the aggregate, and charges a similar ainoont 
to the redemption division. 

Jaunary 20, 1871. — He corrects these entries by chargiug birnticlf with 
the sum of $-5,000, and crediting the redemption division with it in the 
nature of a ''burning." 

March 11, 1871. — Johnson credits the vault with t!J5,000, an ninouut 
received by him from the vault-clerk, and charges the auiouiit to the 
redemption division as n receipt of old fractional currency from tbe 
United States depositary of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

May 17, 1871. — Johnson was notified, as usnal, by the chief of llie 
redemption division of the doily receipts of that division. Among them 
were two remittances of mutilated currency of $50,000 each ; one from 
the United States assistant treasurer at New York City, and one from 
tbe same officer at Philadelphia. These he omitted to charge to tbe 
redemption division ; nor did he credit thein to the respective oflicerB 
transmitting them, in the general Treasniy account ; so that credit for 
remittances of moneys of this kind to independent treasury ofiicers 
being given them ou tbe general ledger of the Treasury only, when tbe 
amounts are entered as receipts in the general account of the Treasurer 
ou the books of the cash-room, these amounts became suspended items 
against the accounts of those officers, and were thus transferred to tbe 
general books of the Treasury, instead of having been entered on those 
of the cash-room. By this omission the cash of tbe redemption diviston 
was $75,000 in excess of the amount charged against it on tbe daily 
cash-book, $25,000 having, as already mentioned, been erroneously 
charged against that division March 1, 1871, and this sum of $75,000 
remained an available balance for his manipulations. Whenever he 
chose to uise it be could charge it to the redemption division, and yet 
reconcile the cash with his cash-book. 

September 11, 1871.— He received from the vault-clerk $15,000, which 
lie credited to tbe vault and charged to the redemption division by 
charging, as the aggregate day's receipt of that division, $177,186.00, 
iust^d of $102,180.00, as shown by the sli|i of the chief of that 

October 12,1871.— He received fhsm the vault-clerk $25,000, which he 
credited to the vault and charged jmrtly to himself and partly to the 
redemption division, vi/, i he charges himself with $15,000, and the 
redeni|itiou division, by error in the aggregate of daily receipts, with 
$10,000. Tbe same day, bis attention having been called by the general 
book-keeper to tbu suspended item of $50,000 in the Pbiladelphia 
account, he corrects that omission by charging the redemption division 
with it and crediting the amount to the assistant treasurer at Phila- 
delphia in general account. The $50,000 susjiended item in the Xew 
York account remains, and is the amount actually abstractetl and used 
by Johnson. With this amount the Treasurer should be charged, nud 


the assisbiDt treasurer at New York credited, in geneml account. The 
amount since collected on Johnson's account should then be pliiced with ' 
the re^Iar cash of the oQIce, and the balance, viz, $37,894.20, should, 
Qntil varied by further coliectioas or finally adjusted, be accounted for 
as the "Johnson defalcation." 

It occurs to your committee in this connection that the qne'Stion might 
be asked, why was Johnson's attention called to the Philadelphia sus- 
pended item and not to that of New York f We answer that, on ac(«uut 
of the pecnliar systeni of book-keeping which prevails in the Treaaurer's 
office, remithiiices of currency charged by asaiataat treasurers not 
Ueiug credited in the general ledger until their receipt has been 
itckaowledged by the I'edemption division and they have been credited 
in llie ^ueral account on the books of the ca^h-room, and the fact that 
the New York offlee invariably makes its remittauces of old curreiioy in 
mniii uf d50,l>OI>, and makes them much more fi'eqnently than any other 
iadepenJeiit treasury oHlce, while the Philadelphia otHcu makes its 
reinittanccs in different snmn and only at considerable intervals, the 
ilaitj suspensions in the New York account i'reqiieiitly amount to huu- 
Anit of thonmands of dollars, generally multiples of $50,(IU(>, a differ- 
ence of $5U,U00 would readily eacnjw attention, while in the Philadelphia 
actooirtu uniform siisjiension of i^.j<),U<Hl currency attracted the atten- 
tion of the book-keeper. 

To those who are fariiili:ir with the system of Treasury accounts, the 
Eoanner of making up the daily trial-balance or daily cash, it will not 
wem at all strange that a shrewd and dishonest man, such as Johnson 
has Khown hinisfllf to be, who, at the same time that he acts as interest- 
teller has access to large sums of public money antl is charged with 
riwt disbursements, is also intrusted with the keeping of the daily cash- 
book of the office, or rather the preparation of the daily trial -balance, 
lihould be able not only to defraud the Government but cover op his 
trjcks in such a manner as to almost <lefy detection. 

The great mistake in this case was to allow one and the same person 
to keep 80 important a book and to handle unlimited .inms of public 
money at one and the same time. 

Had his duties been confined to the books he could not have gotten 
iir nsed any of the public funds withoot collusion with others. 

This daily cash-book or trial-balance ought, iu the opinion of your 
<i>mmittee, to be kept under the immediate supervision of the assistant 
treasurer ; it ought to be based upou the written reports of the several 
lieuht of the money brHUche» of the ofHce and the tellers, and those 
ti-mtrts should be verilled one with the other. 


This defali-jttion consists in nine checks of F. A. Mardcn, numbered 
riTiiiec lively, from •'i47 to 555, all dated June, 1870 : 

nvfirMfur |9,000 

IwwonDd 1,000 

l!' third, fonrtb, Hfth, oixth, aevcntli, and eigbtli, each for$3UU 1,800 

iudtneoinib for ..-■.. SOO 

T'rtal 12,000 

TheM- ub<.-cks were found ainoug the interest-teller's cash, and their 
auhNiiiU were paid by Mr. Johnson ; so that he is rt^ally partly respou- 
nM«, too, for tku defalcation, lie must have known that he had no 
rifbt tu [Hty the checks of any one from the public fnuds, unless tjie 


drawer of snch checks bad sntBcient funds to his credit on the books of 
- the ofSce. Marden never had any disbiirsiog funds to his credit on the 
Treasurer's books. 

After deducting from this sum of $12,000 the amount since collected 
on Mardeu's account, viz, $586.03, the diflference, $11,413.97, should be 
reported arfthe "Marden deficit." 

Many suggestions might be offered iis to the best plan to avoid a re- 
occurrence of defalcations. (Checks introduced which to those 
less familiar with such matters might be deemed quite snflQcient for thin 
purpose, but no cheek can lie devised which will uiake a disbonest man 
honest, or which will keep bim from peculation if he is brought in con- 
tact with the funds he desires to apjiropriate and has the means given 
him to cover up bis frauds. Tlie earnest attention of the Treasurer 
should therefore be directed to diminishing the opportunities for pecu- 
lation and the successful covering of theni up. The number of em- 
ployes who have access to or handle the public funds should always 
be limited as much as iwssible; those who have such access should be 
held to a strict account; the correctness of their balances proven by 
occasional examinations by the cashier of the office and tlie general 
current cash balance of the office kept within as narrow a compass tut 
practicable with the demands of business so that its correctness or io- 
correctness may at any time be ascertained by an actual count of funds 
on band. 

The deficit of $73,900.35 which your committee found to exist in tht; 
funds of the office, and now reduced to $61,214.52, is as nothing com- 
pared with the aggregate amount of funds and securities on hand and 
counted. Where the transactiouB aggregate millions daily, it must be 
a matter of pride for the Treasurer to i>oint to bis record, notwithstand- 
ing the above deficit, Still, it is to be regretted that any should exist, 
andif any cbnnges can be devised by which similar occurrences as those 
of the Johnson and Marden defalcations can be avoided in future it 
ought to be done. 

Where the many millions of new money neftcssarily kept on band to 
replace the flood of old, mutilated, and defaced currency which iludsitH 
way to the Department for redemption, and which, tccUuically speaking, 
is not money, are allowed to bo mixed up with the current cash of the 
office, it is obvious that the actual and true condition of the office can 
never be ascertained withont months of hard lalior. 

Tour committee need only again to remind you that it took some 
thirty of the most expert counters of the Department nearly two mouths 
to make an actual count of the moneys on hand and under the control 
of the cashier and vault-clerk, whereas an examination of the books 
and cash balance of the office i)roperly separated from the sur[>lus fund, 
the surplus new fractional cuiTency, the new gold and three per cent, 
certificates would have consumed but a very few days. Tour committee 
would therefore most respectfully, yet urgently, recommend such a sep- 
aration. There is no necessity whatever for the intermixture with the 
current cash of the office of either of the last mentioned classes of 
funds. The separation having been made, they should be placed in a 
separate vault-, the combinations of which should, if it may be legally 
done, be held in joint possession of a representative both of the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States in such a 
manner as that neither representative can have access to said vaalt in 
the absence of the other. A record should then be made by denomina- 
tions and amounts by said representatives, and hereafter in lieu of the 
plan heretofore pursued, your committee would suggest that all deliv- 


erita of new money by the Bureau of Engraviap and Printing be, after 
(ount in the division of issaes, made to these representatives jointly, a . 
receipt signed by both given for each delivery and the amounts care- 
rally verified with the books of said Bareau and entered in books to be 
bept by each representative. Ko funds should then be drawn from this 
vault except npon a draft signed by either the assiabant treasurer or 
lasbier, and said draft, if drawn for legal-tender notes, should be based 
upon a prior destruction of old note^ and should at no time exceed the 
amoont of notes so destroyed, except when authorized in writing by the 
Secrelary of the Treasury. When the draft is for fractional currency 
it should he based upon the actual wants of the current business. The 
sameconrse shoold he pursued regarding coin and three per cent, cer- 
(ideates. This plan will establish an effective check upon the Treasurer 
».s far as this vast amountof money is coucerned, and give the Secretary 
sai-h iuformatioD in his own office concerning the surplus fund ns will 
eoaliic bim more readily and satisfactorily to regulate the afifairs of the 
Printing Bureau. As a more petfect check upon the redemption divi- 
sion of the Treaisurer's office, your committee would recommend that all 
rweipts of moneys for redemption, both by express and mail, he turned 
■itor to the chief clerk of the office or some branch of tbe office other 
(hin where it is counted, and that an accurate book-entry of the pnr- 
iwriert eontenta of each package and letter be made; the packages and 
letiers should be sent to the redemption division, there examined and 
collated, and a report of their actual contents sent to the chief clerk or 
wording branch of the office, there to be entered opposite the original 
fiitries. The slips for payment, or credit, as the case may be, should 
also be made out by the recording branch, and after being certified by 
lliechi^f of the redemption division, sent to the cash-room. 

Vour committee have thought that an entire separation of the cash 
<lep!Utment of the office of the Treasurer from the accounting depart- 
ment, and the establishment of a separate independent treasury office, 
upon the basis of other sub-treasuries, would simplify matters greatly. 
Tliis, however, is merely offered as a suggestion, and is based upon the 
fKnerai mle that a x^erson intrusted with keeping accounts ought not 
iilso to be allowed to handle moneys; the one should always be a check 
upon the other, and the best check of this kind would, in our opinion, 
be secured by a separation of the two branches of the office. The con- 
<lition of the general Treasury account, as far as the separation of the 
toin and currency is concerned, shows that there is not that c-are exer- 
rised by some of the employes charged with keeping the accounts, that 
iliere i^ould be; the office in this respect is very much iu need of re- 
fonn. Your committee would therefore recommend that the attention 
of the Treasurer be called to the thirteenth section of the act of August 
^.1812, Statutes at Large, volume 5, page 525, and that he be requested to 
instnict the chief clerk of his ofBce hereafter to exercise a general super- 
vision of the business of the office, look into and examine the affairs of 
the several branches, and see that proper checks are introduced and 
■naintained, that all discrepancies, disallowances, and suspended items 
vising in any of the accounts be properly examined and adjusted, and 
that the discipline of the office be properly maint>aiued by the removaJ 
nf incompetent and inattentive clerks, and the advancement of such as 
ue faiOirnl and competent. 

Yoiir committee have taken the liberty to suggest to the proper gen- 
tlemen in the oflice some changea in the system of general book-keep- 
ing, whidi having been already atlopted, or being in coarse of adoption, 
«c do not deem it necessary to mention in detail. , . , 


The peculiar orgnoiziitioii of the indei>endent trcasary system of 
which the Treasurer of the United States is the liend, and the serei-al 
assistant treasarerH, designated and national bank de|)0»itaries, the 
branches, the intimate connection of these brancheii with the head, 
brings your committee to the conaidenition of the subject so often re- 
ferred to in the aounal H'porjt of the Treasurer and other commnnica 
tioDS, viz: the absence of the adjustment of indcpei^dent treasury an 
counts by any of the accounting ofiBcers of the Treiisury. There is, &t 
present, no real cheek upon the transactions of those oflicers and banks 
other than that established by the books of the Treasurer and by the books 
of the independent treasury division of your own ofQce. The latter, 
containing but one side of said accounts, furnishes, as a matter of course, 
but a partial and unsatisfactory check. Your committee would there- 
fore recommend either that tlie attention of Congress be specially called 
to this matter, with a view to such further legislation as may be deemetl 
necessary to secure a proper accountability on the part of such otBcera, 
and the auditing, &c., of their accounta, or, if existing laws are deemed 
to coutaiu safilcient authority for the Secretary to secure the desired re- 
sult, that he issne the necessary instnictions for its accomplishment. A 
plan designed to secure this result is respectfully inclosed herewith. 

Section three of the act of March 3, 1857, makes it the duty of each 
and every person who shall have moneys of the United States in his 
hands or possession, to pay the same to the Treasurer, the assistant 
treasurer, or public depositary of the United Stat(^s, and take bis re- 
ceipt for the same in duplicate, and forward one of them forthtcitk to 
the Secretary of the Treasury. This law is complied with directly or in- 
directly in case of the deposit of all public moneys, excepting such as 
are made on account of semi-annual duty ; those under present regula- 
tions, and contrary to the above act, are forwarded to the Treasurer of 
the United States, which ought not to be. This defect and apparent vio- 
lation of law should be remedied at once, as by having all certificates of 
deposit recorde<l in one and the same office, and compared with the in- 
dependent treasury accounts, greater correctness in said accounts and 
security for the public funds will undoubtedly be secured. 

In conclusion it gives your coiAmittee pleasure to state that the Treas- 
urer and his immediate subordinates, his assistant, and the cashier, 
afforded us every facility to make our examination as thorough and com- 
plete as possible ; that wo could ascertain nothing that would in any way 
implicate any of the other gentlemen of the office with the defalcation 
of Johnson or Harden, and especially that the rnmors and statements 
published in the press landing this investigation concerning the com- 
plicity of the assistant treasurer and cashier ai^e totally false. As 
already said, considering the vast transactions of his office, the result of 
this investigation is, in our opinion, decidedly tiattering to the Treas- 

The following papers and statements are herewith inclosed : 

1. Balance-sheet of general ledger, cash division. 

2. Statement of disbursing officers' balances. 

3. Statement of details, showing erroneous classification, as far as 
the division of coin and currency is concerned, in the general Treasury 
account and in explanation of the difference between the coin and cur- 
rency hereinbefore reported. This statement shows that the differenco 
in the coin and currency is not the result of peculation bnt, as before 
stated, consists in an erroneous classification of entries. 

4. Statement explaining the difference in the coin as between the books 
-of the accounting division and those of the cash. room. 


o. Schetlales of tlie duties aiid employes of tlii; sevoral divisions and 
the books kept tberein. 

6, Statement of details of tellers' caali. ' 

7. Proposed plau for the settlement, &ii., of iudeitendent treasury 

S. Statements of national bank moneys under the control ot tlie 
Ooraptroller of the Currency. 

9. Letters of Uuited States disbursing officers. 

10. Statements, in detail, of surplus fund. 

11. Statements, in detail, of gold certificates. 

IJ. Statements, in detail, of 3 per cent, certificates. 
13. Statements, in detail, of coin balance. 

U. Letter of Postmaster General, certifying correctness of Post-Offioe 
Deinrt-ment balance. 

15. Statement of details of securities, &c., in loan and interest di- 

16. Statement of details of notes aud currency in redemption division. 

17. Statements, in detail, of securities in national bank division. 

18. Explanation of discrepancies in cash of redemption^dtvision, and 
anndry other papers. 

We have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servants, 







E. B. DA8KAM. 

J. U. PATTON, ,Tb. 
Hon. Gko. S. Boutwell, 

Secretary of the Treasury. 


Gmmt«1 TnuitTj biitancc : 

KtHoul bank aceoDDt baluiiw 3,601,017 IS 

UtKFM on Paci6c R»ilrcttd »tooJt, {cnrrancj) 687 29 

ScoKUrr of the TreMury, "bond account" 78 90 

"^ nr ITnited States, afcent for pajriniif membera 

■ of HcproaentatiTea, Fortj-secoiid CoDgroM--. !tr>, 16.) 00 

rcr UaitM States, at fiscal aeent for payment of 

Uw poblie debt, (coin) 977,582 00 

*'' K United ^ates, aa af^ent for certaiA creditora of 

lanU' Kationat Bank, Waahington, D. C 135,929 35 

_ IT United States, aa aeent for certain creditora of 

rt National Bank, New Orleana, La 97,957 90 

Tnaanrer United States, nnclaimed intereat on pnblic 

debt,(cmn) 40,081 60 

KidenplioD aeeonnt. United Statea notes, " new isane," 

llecal tender) v J, 701,977 00 

Badesptton aeeonnt. United Statea notes, "iasueof 1869" 327, 869 W 

L,., ,.,-:! byGoogle 


Dr. Cb. 

R«d«mplIuD icconnt, fnciional currency, first iwno $18 21 

Redemption acconni, fractioDal cDrrency, Kecond iMue. 20 35 

Bademption acconnt, fractional cnrrenc}', third iaane.. . 3,025 63 

Redemption hccoudE, fractionAl currency, fonrth iMne.. 7S6,794 35 

Tranafer account, cunency. New Yotk 1,373,761 00 

Transfer account, currency. Boston 1,351,573 53 

TrBnifer acconnt, currency, Fhiladelpliia 1,448,624 95 

Tmufer acconnt, currency, New Orleani 845,559 66 

TrauifaT account currency. San Francisco 3,143,884 76 

Tranfier acconnt, coin, New York 93,006,9511 &4 

Transfer account, coin, Boston 340,54'J 82 

Tranafer account, coin, Philadelphia 364,346 9V 

Transfer account, coin, New Orleans 43,638 39 

Tranifer account, coin, Ban Francisco 174,563 50 

Amoant duo disbursing officers, currency 1,561, TOT 30 

Amount due disbursing officers, coin 6,BT6 38 

Funded loau of Idril, currency 34 €1! 

&'20 bonds of 1802, principal 19,Ki8, 150 00 

5-80 bends of lew, intrrt-sl 96,859 39 

41,573,441 61 41,572,441 CI 

CatkUr, UailrdStiL 


Calk baUnftt ilut L'niltd Slalt* Uiiburiing offitir* at the Dniled Stolen Trrgturif, It'nsAiaf Wn, 
for leetk ittding Decemitr 9, 1871. 

Abbott, B. V.,(li»bnrsinff-clork i $148 60 

Boulwell, Hon. Qeo. 8., (special account; 1,761 'Jit 

Brown, S. P., navy-aRent . 135 64 

Bontwell,Hon. Qeo. S., (special account. No. 3) 37,500 01 

Bell, George, commissary of subsistence 9,786 43 

Birch, B., disburaiDg clerk 22,757 61 

Boutwell, Hon. Geo. 8., (account of fine«, peoalUes, Jtc) 4,616 .'in 

Bell, Georse, commissary of subsistence, (poorfand account) 303 34 

Billings, J. S.,aB8iBtaDtsurRnin, United Slates Army 104,066 13 

Babeock, O. E., mqjor of engineer! '27,270 01 

Babcock, O. E., aqueduct account 19,094 40 

Belknap, W. W., Secretary of War, (poor fund account) 4 92 

Boutwell, Geo. 8., (special account, No. 2) .SO 00 

Coyle, Randolph, secretory M. and A. commission 339 30 

Cbenowitb. G. D., disbursing clerk 5,011 T 

Cushine, C, attorney. 
Caab, ^ " 

ung, C., attorney 6 5* 

i,f. C-, paymasler Marine Corps 8,142 04 

Clark, Robert pensionagent , 346 69 

Collins, W. T., pension went 15,726 86 

ClntD, Colonel H. R., act lug commissioner 899 59 

Cr^g, Robert, assistaut quartermaster 3 7a 

Cnsfaing, H. B., paymaster Nary 10,164 G4 

Delano, Hon. C, (coin account) 70 IB 

Delano, Hon. C, (Sac and Fox account) 1,965 5t 

Delano, Hon. C, (Cherokee account) 929 W 

Dimon, Theo. W., disbursing agent, (Department of Stale) 10,342 51 

Dimon, Theo. W., disbareing azent, (new building) 91,389 47 

Dutton, Lieutenant C.E., asaietant comnussafy of snbustenee 19 9| 

Eveletb, Jsmet, diabnning agent 4,518 31 

English, Charles S., collector S76 7] 

Eaton, J. H., paymaster 106,541 8f! 

Everett, Lieutenant W., Fourth Artillery 91 « 

Elliot, (Jeorge H., Engineer Corpa 19,445 45 

Edmunds, J. M., postuiMler 6,630 82 

Elliot, George H,, aqued net acconnt 15,756 13 

niger, Lieutenant F., acting atdatani qoartetUMter S^ 43 

FJla, A.J.,dUbnr»ing^leTk 562 50 


Fd(«-, LiratcDant F., UBialaDt commiMry of Babtiateow 91 2^ 

Grabsnt, J.A., diabnning agent, [coin acconot) 3,656 65 

Gnbwn, J. A., disbmsinf; a|;enE, (currency account) 3,301 88 

GsIUndel. E, 11., BupeiintenJent 4,406 18 

Gorttvn, Georg:BC., ( Com ptioller' a account) :!6,984 26 

Gcrb»ni, George C, {contingent aecoont) 85,859 40 

tlrimea, Geoige S., assistant com in iasary of sobsUlence 45fi 08 

Gorham. Grorge C, (aalary acconM) 11,898 S3 

Goldsboropgb, W., paymaster 6,448 J8 

lIodgw,H, C, quarlHraiaBter .-. 50 

Hilgvd, J. E.. dubnrBin^ clerk 589 88 

Huw^ii.H.W, disbursiog agent 5,717 07 

Ha»l»tl, C. diabuY^ing clerk 866 65 

Hogr.J.W., tlUbuniog clerk 3,095 30 

Hobi»,Tboinag J., disliureiug clerk 46,221 Tit 

H Fin, Samuel, disbursing clerk 7,407 7T 

Hodgr, J. L., pajmuler — :. 60 

HiTiitn. F. v., Uoited Statoi Geologist 10,383 t>7 

HoHird. Genei^ O. C, ConimissiOQer Uareiiu Uefugees, Fieednien, and Abon- 

aoned Lands 327,346 80 

HuKsnl, General O.O., canusissloner, freednten and rerugees' fund 8,452 41 

Jukmn, C.C., paymaster. Navy 10 it2 

Jenkioi, T, A., secretary Light' llonso Board 4,443 01 

King, Clatencp, engineer ,».... 2,808 38 

UmnJ. Cbarles T., paymaalor 11,337 67 

Mieniiler. J. A „ collector 3 93 

MiclikT, N., major engineers 5B0 60 

McPbetson, E., Clerk Honae of KepreaeDlalives 8,195 04 

Mian,y, James D., paymaster. Navy 05 

Hferi. William, nesislant r[iiBr term aster 145,892 38 

JleCoy, J.C, Bide-de-camp 2,6(19 47 

McMillan, J,, disbnrsing officer 13,336 94 

MeUillan, J., (special sccoant) 2,196 35 

Koore, Georee C, secretaiT, die 5 44 

Niefavls, C. U., superintendent Insane Asylum !>,C26 98 

KlchoU, CM., agent Insane Asylnni 1,650 SS 

Otiit.G. A., sargeon. United States Army 1,618 a"> 

Pottt, John, disbursing clerk, (coin acmnnt) 3,051 45 

Putts, John, disbursing clerk, (currency occonnt) 7, 131 41 

Potitt, J.B. M., paymaster 81 

Hisley, H. A., special agent 6S0 47 

Robinson, J. H., special agent 4,840 29 

Kochester, W. U., paymaster 1, 183 48 

Rcche, James R., disbursing clerk 5,071 01 

Sftlj, Erwin, United Slates Army 6 39 

Spinner, Hon. F. E., special agent foreign property, &c 16,518 38 

Smoot, W. S., acting commissary subsistence, volunteers 86 00 

Sbaip, A'aunder, United States marshal 15, 140 00 

Stewart, Edwin, poy master. Navy 81,155 43 

Sitntoo, T. H., paymaster. Army 140 SB 

Black, W.B., quanermaster Marine Corps 6,066 12 

9niffcn, C. C, disbursing agent 1,453 63 

Slanlon. T, II,, (new account) 02 

Sttwait, Edwin, pay mMler, (coin occonnt) 96 83 

Townsmd, E. D., Adjutant General United States Army, (cDrrency account) 74.783 16 

Tattle, L.R..assistaut ireasorei United States, prize-money 73,632 47 

Tbdmas, D. G., acting division quartermaster 61 13 

Tnlkxk. Thomas L„ disbursing agent 124 04 

White, P., M. 8. K 34,339 61 

White, E,E,, collector 2,708 51 

While, A.fl.S., disbaralDg clerk 54 00 

Wstli, Frederick, Commissioner, (currency account) 13,828 44 

Total 1,568,583 68 





StaUmtttI d/ dttaili, ihotciaf; trrontoKS ciitriei, ai far an iht diviiion of com aai rnrmrnr ■< 
anixTtiti, in On gtneral Trcuurji account, and in tiplawatioit of tht differtact belwau lit 
coin and currcncg, ai found kvoh a canfal tiamination bg the caihier and rtctiring-ltUtr of 
Ike Trcaiunr'i offict and Ttr^tdbg Iht coninillee, 

■ Ainount of coin called foi by tbe books of the auconnting dirUloti Novem- 
ber 30, 1871 $l5,8a3,3n 47 

To which add rcceiptg from November 3D to JJecembor E), 1871, trauiror 

order ^ 000, 000 00 

Coin coop DOS and gold ceicifica tea ],:)81,306 Ti 

Nnlional bank trauafers of iubacriptions to new loan ... 'J5, 394 ii 

Import duties, Ac • 7.500 (6 

Amoant of drttftB outglandiiiK, unpaid 10,745 93 

32,390,323 96 
Deduct draHs paid from November 30 to Deeeniber 9, 1871 24, 344 ;& 

Amount of coin called for December 9, 1871, oa per bookn of ■ccountioK' 

divisioD 21!, 36'., 979 Hi 

To tbis amoant should be further added tbe following sums received ia cna 

but cbarffed to the Treaaarer aa curreaqr ; belnr errors discovered pre- 

Tioua to Decemtier 9, 1871, but not yet corrected, viz: 

March 29, 1867 tlK 15 

February 1,1868 1,154 10 

Moich 31, 1868 53 

July 8, 1868 I 30 

July 16.1866 8(1 

September 1,1868 3,22:1 DO 

April 20, 1869 248 16 

July 19, 1870 • 25 00 

March II, Ih7l 20 00 

• Also amouuti of drafla paid, credited tnice : 

Seplomher 30, 1867 ' 01 

April30, 1868 485 94 

Also amoniit of coupous receive! from Sao Fraucisce, 

California, and not charred lo the Treasorer 3,387 CO 

8.030 93 

22,374,010 UO 

And from it deducted coin itenii treated as currency : 
October 7, 18(57, amount of transfer of gold certificalea to 

New Yorknot credited to the Treasurer 5,000 W 

January 11,lH6:i. draft paid, not credited 50O 00 

January 23. 1869, draft paid, not credited 49 50 

February 13 and 20, 18(j9, drafli paid. Dot credited 1,404 90 

April 14, 1869, counler entry of receipts omitted 117,747 50 

January 31,1870, error in leceipU 10 00 

AnKual 13,1870, error iu receipts 18,000 00 

May 20, 1871. error in receipts 100,000 00 

242,791 90 

Amount of coin called for December 9, 1871, taking into 

coDiidetatlon errors previously discovered ^,131,218 70 

This 122,131,218.70 IS the amount embodied in the re- 
port as the amount called for December 9, 1871, by the 
books of the accounlinR division. 
If to this sum be added the several coin receipts subse- 

qnentty discovered to have been charged to the Treasurer 

as currency, viz: 
November 2, 1863, interest on 6 per cent, bonds, liMI's... 20 3i 

NovemberO, I8G3,inteTeBt onGpotcent.bonds, I8.'*rs... 21 04 

November?, 1963, interest on 6 per cent, bonds, l^iVt... 58 10 

January 5, 1864, interest ou account Smithsonian fond. .. 1,002 UD 

January 5. 1861, interest on acconnt Chickasaw Nation . . 5, 182 25 

July 9, 1864, inlerast on aL-eount Chickasaw Nation 5,182 25 

JalyO, 1864, interest on account Bmilbaonian fund 1,002 00 

July 15, 1864, interest on account Cbickasaw Nation : 1,085 93 

Nave<nher4,l864, interest on account Cbickasaw Nation.. 1,830 00 



JanuuT 5, ISSTt, intoreBl od ncconut Cbichasan Nation, 

4c $li, Itf4 25 

UmII, 1*7. bnnJsof 1367 ui.d ISCS from New York. .. 40,r.d7 19 

JiuWr Id, lsG7. bonds of IdGT hd<1 IS&S from Ne»- 

Yofk 3,TS4 (M) 

Aapul 87, Hfifi, B per cent. intert-Bt nccotiot bonds, ladl . 4 83 

Thp unannt of coin traDifera chartrecl lui ciirreuuy. viz : 

(■■ebnuiy )B. IdM. New York transfoc order, No. |-i4l ... 3U0,(J0O (HI 

Uuib -i. 1(364. Philadelphift tmniifer order, No. I37« .... 100,000 00 

«»rrb 4, IBM. Kew York transfer order. No. 1384 100, 000 00 

Au|rii(tlO, 1S64, Boston transfer order. No. 1817 100,000 01) 

»Urcha4.l«!6. N«w York transfer order, No. U877 :illO.OOO 00 

Sq*mbCTl3, 18B4, Boston traoifer order. No. 1881 2,800 00 

SeplHiber 17, l?6i. New York transfer order. No. 1904 ... :)l,000 00 

J4mi»rj le. 1865, BqsIoq transfer order. No. 2,163 1,865 00 

Theuwmt of coin to the credit of tlibTresBurei'a transfer 
tuonolB in the following indepeodenl treaanrj offices 
Hitlstea into account at tbe time M diilincCion was first 
nude belweeD coin and carronc7, (September 30, IH63,) 

BepttihtrSO. 18G3, New York account ?.2,UAi 71 

R<(W»bB- 30,1963, Pbiladelphia accoont 26,280 Oil 

SufteBberan, 11^63, Boston account 68,800 00 

StptnoberSO, l(«:i,S«QFraaeisco«ccount 33, :147 03 

TbeuBoant of coin on band as per cash-book not lahon 
lotoicconDt at the time a distinction was first made be- 

iKMn coin and cnrrency, (September 30, 1863) 77,874 37 

LrnimmiDtdua disbnniny officem 6,017 83 

And tbeimonnt of certificatea of indebtedness paid incar- 
TDcj, and ^r which tbe TreainrGT was reimbursed in 

TleuMant of coin called for will be 

Frma which amount, howoTor, shonld be deducted the 
f(41o*io; anms, for which the Treasarer was erroueonslj 
icimbirKd in cnrrencj, beinf; sam* pfiid b; him in coin 
br old demand notes, vii : 

Odobet ID, ISKI 83,000 00 

Oaabn 19, 18fi3 38,500 00 

Odobn W, 1963 07,400 00 

NDTanber J6, 1863 10,342 25 

NoTtmbn 25, 1863 187,016 00 

Deamberae, 1863 179,000 00 

April J, le64 24,570 00 

r4, 1864 139,715 00 

10, 1864 40,000 00 

Maj 14, 1864 176,090 00 

M.JZ7, 1864 58,000 00 

Jslyft 1864 .-. 57.895 00 

JBlr2S.]664 54,640 00 

Aogutl, 1864 83,350 00 

A«guU85, 1861 24,060 00 

8n«oiber2, 186* 12,660 00 

Septembarg, 1864 10,640 00 

Ocober 12. 1864 31,000 00 

DtcdoberlO. 1861 71,495 00 

Mirtb?, ISCS ai 00 

April 18. 1965 8,ri00 00 

■InasS, 18M 11,000 00 

Att[iuii9, 18K 63,000 00 

AienitSO, 1865 4,635 00 

fcpWBbsflS, 1865 6,575 00 

6<pi««]bmaa, i>m 2,03325 

8(»<MiberS9, 1865 1.685 00 

Hsil. 1966 82 50 

*«Tli.l836 ra,ouo 00 


72,250 54 

17,716 53 
33.333,452 33 



AiiBUBt4, leCG |8J,490 00 

8oplamber3, 1866 265 00 

Septombet 10. 1866 33 00 

October 25, 1866 2,280 00 

December 6. 1866 46,675 00 

Febraarraa, 1867 12.560 00 

Marchai, 1867 690 85 

Match 1.1S64 227,810 85 

Alio BmoDntoflraDafer order No. 1131, coin, November 28, 

1863, eiTonBonsIy reimbursed in ciurency 1,500 00 

Alto the foUowiog dralU paid by Treaatuer, in coia, reim- 

barsed in curreocy, viz : 

September9. 1864, No. 1399 1,100 00 

September 10. 1864, No. 5G5 840 00 

SeplembeTl4. 1864, No. 601 24U 00 

September 23, 1305. No.29(i7 RS.OOO 00 

Showing the balance called for by lahing ii 
tion the forec'oiiitr erroneoun cntnca and oml 

Amount nailed for as per report .... 982, 131, 21 S 71) 

Amoant nailed for ufter diafaiDg the above corrections 2), 46^,931 29 

Difference 668,284 41 

Deficit in coin as per report 653,373 63 

Excess in coin* 8,910 "d 

' Id endeavoring to reconcile the difference between the omonnt called for 
by the hooka of the acconnting division and tluure of lbs cash-room men- 
tioned in the report, viz, $490.35, the folMwini; additional eironeons 
entries were discovered, aa shown by inclosure No. 4 ; 

Additional receipts not charged lo the Treasurer $4,840 20 

Less overcbarces, &.c 1,319 85 

3,6*0 X) 

Which if taken into consideralion shows a present excess in the coin of 
the office of. 5.390 43 

This excesa will very likely l>e found to be acconntod for by farther partial payments for 
demand notes which are payable in coin, in currency. 

Aa a matter of course the several erroneous entries herein detailed, if corrected nil! cau^e 
a conespondiug variation in the currency, (Chough they by no meana affect the ag^egale bal- 
ance of cash called for,) so that at the time the receiving-teller submitted his statetaent of coc- 
reotions, March 9, 1BT8, the books, if the erroneous entries as far aa discovered had been cor- 
rected, would have shown a surplus of coin and a corresponding deSdency (iu addition to 
the 961,214.52 mentioned in the report) in the currency of 98,910,78, oud upon the adjost. 
ment of the difference between the books of the acconnting division and those of the caah- 
room an excess in the coin and a corresponding deficit in the currency (in addition to the 
961,214.62 mentioned in the report) of 95,390.43. 

This remainiag difference will no doubt be entirely expluned in the manner indicated be- 
fore many days. 

•See note in report foot of page 6. 

by Google 


(iDcloann 4.] 
/ttetaciliMtica 0/ gtntral Tnaxurg Cain Mcanmt letietot hoakt qf cash dimiimt and dipwiiM ef 

NoTemLer 30, 1371 : 
Dinuonoficcounta, bal&nce |]r>,6G0,616 56 

Aoamnt!! must &dd : 

CoopoDi, Stint Lonia.Mnrch 6, 1869 $1,491 DO 

HMeipli omiKed Novemlter 17, 1868 3,318 80 

Ymatot in crediting ouh diTiaion, September 19, 1867, cdId 

conpoc short in Nevr York lemittance 30 00 

BMeipu [Huitted, September 30, IS6S 40 

4,840 20 

15,6G5.456 76 
AceouDta miut deducl : 

Orachtrpi of recaipta, August 31, 1857 B05 fW 

Orarehvgv canpi>iu. Skint Loals, Docemlwr 31, 18G7 15 00 

EiroDMHu ehui^e coopons, SaiDt Louts, Hsrch 6, 1969, (see 

iinn |I,491 above) 308 30 

Onicbaige of receipts. May, 1867 131} 00 

Orerdiai^ ampons, Boatoti, Novemljer 3U, 1807 .- I5U 

Orsccbarm coupoiu, Boston, Uaj 10, 1869 3 00 

Enor in diATging transfer firom Omaba, Harcli7, 186B 10 00 

Enmeons correction, November 30, 1S7I, (see item Uarch 

i, 1871, below) 30 00 

Dnfi on Washioi^D, (credited cash diviaion, bat paid by New 

Ioik,)MBrch 83, 18ti6 26 35 

1,310 85 

15,664,136 91 

Cash diviiion, balance Siri,66t,!U6 91 

Ciab division must add : * 

Oemud Doles, Saint Louis. November 13, 1861), credited as 

cnmmcj, (transfer order Ho. 3225} |700 00 

Demsod Doles, Buffalo, September 13, 1868, credited as cnrrRDCj TO 00 

Demtod oeles, Cincionsti, chsrged by acconats as coupons, 

crediled as carreocy October 35, ie6ti, (transfer order 3212) 3,280 00 

3,050 00 

15,664,156 91 
Cuh-room mast dednct for amount erroneoosly entered as 
receipts March 6. 1M71, (deposit on account subscription 
fanded loan of 1881,) and counter entered March 20, lEl7I, 
a* currency 20 00 

15,664,136 91 

Treasury of thb Ukited States, 

WathingUm, Jamtar}/ 'SI, 1873. 
S»: In compliaoce with yonr oral reqaest. I be^ to snbmit, for tbe information of yoor 
nrnmittee, the lollowiog ftaremeot of tbe work performed— aside from the general duties of 
duti clerk— books kept and persons employed in tbe chief clerk's room of the Treaturer'a 


I> OpeDing, briefittg, recording, and distributing the official mail received, and woA 
uu^dcDtal thereto. 
S. Copjieg officiil letters written, and binding and indexing the press copies. 
1 Hiking and copying a " daily stalemeat of issues and redemptions " of United 



4. CondnctiDg kU coiteBpondence of a general nstnro, DOt properly belon^ng to mj 
diTwlan of the office. 

5. Frepuing bauds of Indemnity for eiecntion before iiBuing daplicate dmfU And trtni- 
fer cbecka, and deducting correspondence ralatioE' ibsreto. 

6. HUcellaneons worh, sncb uspreparin^ and distribnting clrcnUrg, iuperiat«ndiDg u- 
DDkl rapoit, making rynopsis of Treosurei's rulinga, telegrftpbiug, and making telegraphic 
tnnsfers of coin. 


1. Begister of letters reCMved, sbowin^ dates of leKera, dates of receipt, names of wrileri, 
^Twon or office to which referred, abstract of contents, and dates of answers. 

3. Beceipis for lelters, containing receipts for all valnabte letters, except those containing 
mnlilated carrency, dietrihaled to divisions of this office, and foi all letteis refeirred to other 

3. Receipts for mutilated currency. 

4. Daily statement of issues and redemptions, showing daily aud total issues, destructions, 
deliveries for destrnctioa, and amouats outaiaDdiur of each issue of ITaited Stales curreney. 

5. Register of drafts and cbecka retarned from the post-office as unclaimed. 

6. Memoraudaof telegraphic transfers. 

7. Press copies of manuscript letters, and of blank forms A. B, C, D, F, and 1, of whti'h 
latter copies are in closed. 

8. Bound Totnmes of letters received. 

9. Hemorunda ofcertificates of deposit, delivered to the 8ccreta'y'g offi.'e. 

10. Record of mutilated currency lost in the mail. 


Chief clerk, salary Si.OUQ and $700 additional compensation. 
One clerk of class three. 
One clerk of class two. 
One clerk of class one. 
One lady at $900 per annum. 
One me4s>'nger at $^10 per annum. 
Very respectfully, 

E. O. GEAVE8. 

R. H. T. Leipolp, Esq., 

For Cemmitltc of laettligalion. 

till of tmptogfy of caik dieUUm, l&eir iolMrUi, dutia, ami the botk$ ktpl bg tiem. 

Faying- teller, |S,900, £. W.Hale — pays Treaaury drafts, disbursing officers' checks, post 
cfficenei rents, end msk«s change ; heepe daily cash account of moneys received from vanil 
disbursements, and balance on hand ; reports to ireneral cash balance book. 

Receiving-teller, $2,200, J. W.Whelnk-y— duties: examination of any accounts that may 
be required, and any dutj assigned to him ; keeps general cash halanc« book. 

Assistant paying teller, $2,000, H. A. Whitney — ships new notes and currency on traunfer 
orders, redemption division orders, and for deposits made with depositaries ; keeps rerord o( 
the Heine by amounts, denominations, t!tc,, keeps books of receipts of Adams's Kzpress 
Company ; reports daily to the general cosh balance. 

Assistant receiving-reller, $tJ,UOO, F. W. Moffat — acting as receiving-teller; receive* 
deposits on account uf general Treasury and disbursing accountH ; kerpa book of cash 
receipts receives and p.iys Speaker's cerliticales ; draws the currency translcr checks of tbi* 
division ; keeps register of collections on other offices for SRinj-annual duty, &c.; register of 
Speaker's certificates ; hcrps the hooks of certificates oi deposit necessary fur his desk ; cash 
settlement book ; reports to genenl cash balance. 

Interest-teller, 8l,*iO, C, I.. Jones— pays coin and currency coupons, interest notes. 
registered interest, original and unclaioiod : keeps register of pt—-"'" "' ^h^t-^^.. >.....- — ;i....i 
to Auditor; keeps copy of schedules uf unclaimed interest paid : 
per cent, certificates ; reports daily to (reooial cash balance. 

George Schcrmerhorn, $1,800 — with interest- teller, 

John Greenwood, $l,tklO — redemption of nulional bank notes that are redeemed by the 
Treasurer ; assorts same, prints, cancels, and delivers to Comptroller of Currency ; keeps 

journal and ledger acconnts with each bank for redemption of notes, also ~- -'' " 

troUer of Currency ; agent for creditors of banks that have failed. 

F. A. Taverns, $1,1^00— assists in assorting and printing national bank 

lorney trausoiilted 
id ex am lues three 


Book-kfcper, C. E. Coon, $1,600— eoEBgB^ l^narall; on tbe booki and acconnta. 

Book-kepptr, F. A. Simons, |l,SOO — ht»ps funeral caah-jonmala and ladf^en of disbunin; 
oSon and imperaonal acconnts; make* weeklj balance* of debita and credits; eiaminea 
booka of diibniuDg oflKsra ; Tepottn to Secretary of Treaanrj and diviaiou of accounts weekly 

AanManl to book-keei 
■OaDdi daily bnminfn of 
Mifificatn for wttlemMit of accounts, &c. 

Book-keeper, E. R. True, $1,80U— eiamine* cransfer aceoootf, and performs anefa other 
daliei u may be Teqnired. 

A. Zollcr, $t,600— on transfer neconnta and BMists in other work. 

Book-kwper, J. G. Rumsey, |l,800 — keeps booki of Treasury, proper, and Post-Office 
Dnanmat : srads lists and acconnts to Secretary and to Fost-Cmce Department. 

CofrnpaDding clerk, A. B. QaalfTe, fl.SOO— receiTes letters tliat belonr to tbis dirlsion ; 
diMribntea them to the proper desks ; receipts for all money packairas ; takea receipts Dpon 
Jeliveiyto tellers ; keeps the books necesaar; for his desk, copies of printed forms of letters, 

K. ft. Hstleck, II ,300— assistant to Hclinp receiving-teller. 

Daiid McCurdy, f 1,400 — Msistant to Wbitney. the assistant pa;ing-teller. 

Lonis Burgdorf. 3l,tfOO — sealer for osiislaot pay in g -to I let ; also assists generally in care 
of ironeyi frnni division of issues, &e. 

Tuit-irller, Fleniy Croggon, (1,800 — keepn account of all moneys and seriiritles received 
in sod limited from vault — gold, notes, Ac: reports daily to general cash balance: keeps 
iiHj cHsh lialacce of vault ; statement of vantt cash — gold, notes, Sec, 

William Bebre^, 11,800 — in charge of pay-roll of Treasurer's office, and makes pajmeut 
ofalsTieson approved :ol Is, of moneys leceived from the Department disbursing clerks, under 
dUadign of the cashier, to whose order checks are made by Diabursing-elerks tlobbs anJ 
Knh : keeps books of records, leaves, absences, &e, 

Atnos CroDnte, tl,200 — acting as messonirer. 

T. J. Phillips, $1,S00 — acts as sealer of packages when necessary, and generally assists 
io rt«eipt and delivery of packages of money, and such other duties as may be retinired of 

B. G. Uiiderwood, $1.600 — assorts monev, keeps books, or any duty that maybe reqnired 
of bim. 

Albert Wallace, 9l,800~assa 
sad other eoireocy interest notes 
keeps book of requisition for sa 

Daniel Taggart, |l,*30— in charge of hand printing-press; prints names of naUonal 
banks ni notes redeemed, indorsements on bonds deposited with, and withdrawn from, 
diviiion of national banks. 

H. H. Thompson, (1,^0— appointed Januaiy lu ; engaged now upon tbe acconnts : 
*>st|riwd ssyet to no special desk. 

Edirard L. Jones, (d4U — messenger. 

Books formerly kept by C. L. Jonrs trausferred to interest connter : 

Ledger No. 1, issues and redemption of demand notes, legsl-tender notes, " new issne," odc- 
.nu-Dotes, I6GJ. two-year notes, IHIiJ: two-year cDUpen notes, 6 per cent, notes. I8S3; 6 
pt(«a[. Dutes, It^: fractional cnrrency, liist. second, end tbird issues; coin certificates, 
iJd iMae ; com certificates. Wasbinglon :) per cent, cortilicates. Ledger No. 2, United 
Etstes Data, series 1869; fractional currency, tirst and second series; coin certificates, 
•nipt ilfiO and Ie7l ; daily balance- hook ; daily issncs and redemptions of notes, series 
IfXO, and fractional currency, first and second series ; issues and redemptions coin ccilifi ■ 
catn; register of issue of United Slates notes, series! ]6S9. 

h'luet of emfloi/fy i* Jhitiun of aceomili. United Slatci Trtaturct'$ offtt, leith the rnUart 
of tJu wart: upon Khich tack it engagtd, tit ; 

Charles L. Caron. principal Sook-keepcr, in charge of distribntion of mail; makes daily 
<*>b statement, and examines statementii of assistant treasurers and United Slates dcpositu- 
lit*; supervises reports of United Slates disbursing officers. 

W. WiQisms, principal book-keeper: keeps book of receipts into the Treaanry by assistant 
IteunrtrB and United Stales depositaries : statistical ledger of such receipts: account of 
captured and abandoned properly ; register of warrants covering receipts. 

J- T. Ifeline, Jr., fourtb-class clerk ; keeps balances of moneys held by national banks ; 
dnwilruufer orders and letterson snch banks, 

L, Folk, foartb-class clerk ; keeps hook of receipts into tbe Treasury by natiODsl^bank 
Jcpwitatiesi mgixter of warrants covering such receipts. 

A. L. Butler, fonrLb-class clerk ; keeps journal and ledger of receipts and disbarsemeats 
i>7 nalioiial bonk depositories. 



F. Kroell, roarth-clMi clerk : keeps e«aeral \eiget and jonnal ; book of AtHj ncwpt n- 
portB bj BBiutant tretuaren and United StatN depositarie*. 

G. A. Marcer, fourth-claai clerk ; keepi joaroal and ledger of cola recaipU dad ditbivM- 
DiBDti : book of letters to national baoks in relation to misxiug transcript*. 

J. H. Arnold, fourtli-claM clerk : keeps transfer register ; book of uncovered Tece»iti from 
all Boarces; pensiou-agents' ledger; memorandum book -, jonmol and ledger foaded la>n 
1681 ; transfer order book assistant treasurers United States depMilories. 

Iiewis Hanu, foartb-claas clerk ; receives, distributes, and deUvers warranta and drafts. 

G. C. Chipman, fourtb -class clerk ; keeps numerical registers of warrants. 

W. H. PinnkeU, tbird-clais clerk ; keeps clasjiGeil register of paj and receipt wanmots, 
and ledger of same. 

W. &r Fer^son, third-class clerk : keeps register of receipt warrants bj appropriation. 

J. S. Bnowaen, tbird-class clerk ; keeps register of pay warrants by appropriations. 

F. C. Harris, first-class clerk : drares drafls on account of War, Nary, and Interior. 

O. W. Center, third-class clerk : draws drafts on account of costonu. Treasury, public 
debt, diplomatio service. War and loterior, (civil.) 

C. H. Buxton, fourth-class clerk : draws drafts on account of totenial revenue, qoarterly 
salaries, aud judidary. 

Thomas Petlngale, fonrth-daas clerk; keept register of drafts issued and paid. 

Bobart Patterson, second-class clerk ; re|;isler of warrants, pay, aud receipt for om iu 
making np quaiterly 

T. J. Hnrlbart, foi 

). ^Bo 

fourth-class clerk ; register and files of c 

Bootes, fourth-class olerk ; ((aBrterly settlements. 

J. W. QreeD, tbird-claas clerk; journal and ledger of post-office accounts. 

0. F. Hnrlbert, fourtb-claos clerk ; making up quarterly reports of poiL^ffice accouiits. 

Willie Patten, foaTtb-class clerk : examining and mailing drafts. 

Jesse M. Bassett, |t,000 per annnm ; messenger, press-copy and files. 

William Brown, (640 per aunnm ; messenger, books, &.a. 

George Holune, $600 per annum ; messenger, general service. 

Heury Weber, $840 per annum ; messenger, warianta, 

Miss Kale Brady, ^M) per anunm ; eiSiminea dra^s, and assorts and attaches tbetu to 
proper warrants when returned pud. 

Miss S. M. Brady, ISKH) per annum: examines and states dishnrsing officers' balances. 

Miss M. J. Cburchill, (9110 per auuam; assists on disbursing officers' balances. 

Mrs. Mary Stone, Mrs. Mary Courtney, Mrs. M. K. Cromwell, Mrs. M. Tod, Miss F. A. 
Finch, Miss Lena Belay, Miss Helen Feck, t9U0 p»r annuin: copyists. 

Mrs. H.E. J. Dean, $9U0; assists in making up scconuts of Post-OEBce Department, (witb 
Ur. Green.) 

Division of National Banks, 

Treasury op the United States, 

WathingtoB, January -U, 1^72. 
N. J. Rockwood bas charge of the work pertalaing to the collection of semi-annuaPdn^ 

from national banks. Fourth class. 

John B. Croggon, ranlt-clerk, has the haadlirtg and care of all secnrities beld here is 
custody or Treasurer of United Slates, and keeps an accyinl of eacb deposit and wilb- 
drawal. FouTlh clau. 

J. R. Hertford posts the general account of tbia division, examines Treasurer's receipts 
given for securities, keeps books of stock accouot, draws depositaTy receipts, &.c Third 

O. A. Pannoyer keeps books of account of semi.annual duty received from banks, and 
assists Mr, Bockwood in the examination of returns from bonks and in the work generally. 
Third class. 

b- H. J. Ho^an draws Treasurer's receipts for securities pledged for bank circulation, and 
enters bonds received in the stock accounts. Second class. 

August Duddenhausen attends to withdrawal of securities held for ciroulatiDU, writes 
letters to Comptroller of Currency describing bonds withdrawn, jonrualiies withdrawals, Jfcc 
Third class. 


Rinh J. Canon 1i tamporary aasiatuat of the vaalt-cleck in oounting, cutting conpoo*. 
and i-tbcrlik<; work. 

June* P. UcQil), messBn^r, dntiea various in the woik of the divUioa and delirery of 
•ccutitiM to ibe di^reut officsa of the Treoauiy. 

Ud if im^ailtM of Uudintio* of toant, Tnatartr't offitt, andthtir dulitt, WMlaries,4^. 

KiAoa, K. 0., tl,40Q— krapi joamals and ledgers of hood purchases and record of fire- 
txMirf of 1862, redeemed ; makes charge ticket for cashier, dally ; assists Id dravring 
quntri^ (hecki 

luierMD. John S., 11,600— draws all rhecks on New York. Philadelphia, and Boston ; 
sIm qauUilj eheiiks for inlereil on faiided loaa ; makes credit Ucksts fo^ cashier. 
Ra«liiif>. E. H., $ I, bOO — represents the Treosarer on c«iinlinp committee. 
fin»D. J. £ , $l.liOU — represents Treasurer on burninf; committee. 

Kintdom. John, (1,400— schedules Sve-twenties received for redemption and vis^es all 
^Kki tamed, and nil letters, inclosing checks, and keeps record of funded loan of 1831. 

Slieilm, Carl, $1,601) — keeps ihe record of 7fl) notes redeemed and converted, of which 
llMn are now few ; receipts for Gve-tweaties for redemption, and keeps numerical legistara 
l( pircbasrd five twenties of 186ij, and consols of 1805. 

Wtlltr. Frrd, $1,800 — makes np the slips for redemption of fire-tweatSes; mokes eom- 
pswloos Tor back uf debt ulatement ; keeps register of quarlsrij lutereat checks, and has 
ikt noediote ovsriigfat of redemption and converaiou of tive- twenties. 

VilMa. W. W , tl.dOO — keepi registers of coin coupons paid i record of tive-tvrenUea 
ndimsd; mcord of bond purchases. 

CiDsa, C.£,, $90U— has chargeof tbecoiipoQ-room, in which there are eleven ladj coBnt- 
<n, tod ti><pa the record of five-twenUes received. 

Pitfce, Mr* R. A. — examines purchased bonds, and keeps the numerical registers of 
ETs-iweatlM of 1835. June 18Jl's, and consols of 1867 and I8lk8. 

Sift), Uitjj C., iUM — makes schcJules of five-twenties sent for redemption and com- 
polaiuios nl iulereat, and wrires all letters inclosing checks on that account 
The follgwinic persons are employed in the coupan-room at a salary of (900: 
FjMjih, M. v.. Ureene, C. S., Heilil, Anni, Jones.S.P., Kinch, E. L., May, J.G.. 
Higrndtr. S., Nurris, E. R. S., Kelly, H. K , Thomas, L. J., Taltle, S. M. 
Very respectfully, 


Chief of Dimiitnt. 
fCHl'AKV 3, IST2. 

Datirr of tmploi/ia of dieuioK of issues. 

The diviakni of issues receives from the printing and separating buroan all the legal- 
irnJrr aotas and fractional cnrrency that are issued by Ihe QoTemntent. for circulation, A)r 
■Lk'b a receipt is given by the chief ot the division. The notes are counted aud put up in 
faroFls conTenirnl for clrcnlatiou^ then inclosed iu packages uf four thousand notes each, 
and Kaird with the seal of the United States Treasurer. 

Thfl frartional currency is connted, put up iu parcels tike the notes, placed in boxes 

'' piirposB. 

ind sealed in the same manner i 

Tbe notes and Iraclional carrency are then delivered (o the cash divislnn and a receipt is 
ttktn &>r tbe same. Tbe daily receipts average about seven hundred thousand pieces, 
B*kii( one hundred packages or boxes. 

Tbe books kept in ihit division are, one for the record of legal-tender Doles, one for frao- 
tHUI currency, one fur counter record, and one for the receipts of tbe delivery of legal* 
■'•drt uotes and fractional currency to the cash division. 

• H. G. ROOT, 

Chitf of />init»N. 
r»x, D- C, Jo<iMrt29, lr^2., TttRAHLiHr of the L'hiteu Stated. 

irnihinglon, Ji,iiuaiy 24, 1872. 
M> : Id accordance witb instructions, I have tbe honor to report tbe duties of this room 

To take charge of alt docnments (books and papers) and arrange tbem in a manner eon 

*«BieBt (ot rHcience, said documenu being registered, numbered, and alphabeUcally in- 

H. Ex. 283 3 j^,|^. 


dczed. To take charpte of all wmppiog -piper, blolting-bo«rd, bUnks of every dncription. 
all offirial eavelopes. eee lliHt tbe supply does uot become exhausted ; to Uke c«re of il) 
printed mutter, in ibe ibnpe of congreBHiuDtil docaments, circalan>, &c., nod to perroim ani:!! 
other duties not herein eDumeralpd us mHy properly belong to a files-room. 

Inoloeed herewith will be found a ruroi, shoning, to some extent, the Diftaner in wbicb 
books and pspcra are reg-istend and arrtiDgvd ; also, a list of the employes, &,c. 

All ot wliicli is TGI pectfull; submitted. 


/n tJiargt of TreanTtr't Filet-Room 
R. H. T. Leipold, 

Emptoydi of Tnaturtr'i Jtlei-raem. 




Dale of 

from whence 





P. H. Eaton 


Samuel Wallace. 
T.B.Dulany ... 




Ang. 16, JHR5 

SepL20, I8G6 
Dec. 5,1871) 

New York.,.. 

New York.... 

b, Google 

Form ef ngiittr, TVwuiirer'i jUci-riMm. 

1 tssz 

I Cuh •rttlemnti, &B... 

■ OnilniH at ilepoiiit, nU 

T Dnfl lUba, Wh. Nary, ' 

' Duly rqnrtonfliabiUtin and 

» IdiH) • ddirernl to Adai 
■ I \utiiaal bmnk and othtvr I 
1 1 IMtiUiiding Pml-Ofllce 

I ExptvM Company . . 

Uuputtnent ivurar 

1 ftH mnsff r drafU. 

4 I UiuMiriy BcrnDDla. Treoaurei 

i ! EriiM^n am' ' ' 

T I Tnuftr onlera,''traiiKripia, Ti 

nf eiery dewrlptloD 

aat-boakg, tsglaten, Jcc... 


Kwiuu.— Tbr fi)* boDka. their date*, &o., i 
fn a'ar. &r .; Ibe rreiiitiT nnmber on bask of bn 

bwkorpaiw ._ 

vpapmkaro Weatt 

wbfch tbey are n^ter«d 

delay by ue receipt* on fllevbatbaoka 

• [iDcUwDrc 6.) 

ErfUnmtwrn and itlaiU oflAi eaih of the $ivtrat tdltn of ike Trjomrer'* qfice. 
payiho-tbllrr's cash. 


Fnetional carrenc^ . . 

190,196 00 

U,S69 OO 


241 20 

21 26 

100.050 42 

SoTt— Ttirm warn foond among the paying-tetler's cash not roaiit«d m part of the 
aA of the offiop, tbB followinfr, tix : A revenue marine check, not paid, (:)83.0C ; a apeeUl 


deposit from LewiB Jolmson & Co., to pay diiplicata Treoaury dnft No. 24G9, TntK*arj 
naiTADt No. 1 146, Ibe orif^inftl having been paid hf tbem on forged indorwmeiit, t'£>3.liO ; 
a counterfeit ^10 note beloDgieg to the cash. 


Kotes $15 00 

Fractional currency 35 l» 

RECEi vino-teller's cash. 

NoteB (S.5I0 09 

Fractional currency and note 5 3S 

5M5 3S 

Koles »ll2,e00(ll) 


Hiied notes, rractionsl curreacy, and nolet tiO.tUfi 20 

Notes ]9,5O0 00 

Fractional currency 3,150 OU 

Note. — The followin); special deposit* made to secure contracts with Mqjor Elliott, are 
included in assistant paying-teller's cash, viz : 

Lee, Palmer A Co $500 00 

Lee, Doup'herty &. Co., money $100, bond, |1U0 f>00 00 

Lee, Dougherty & Co 500 0« 

J. W. Vanderburgh 8,000 W 

Lee, Dougherty & Co 500 00 

4,000 00 

P. W. Whitromb, bonds subscribed for bnt not yet called for, 1861s $aOO Oil 

ThomM Harvey, honds snbacribed for but not yet called for t,000 00 

1,600 OO i 

The carrying of special deposits in teller's cash is very object ionable, and ought not to : 
be allowed. I 


7-^ coupons $193 *'• i 

6 per cent, compound- Interest notes 3, 6<>6 >'l> ' 

& per cent notes 1,?00 ;Vp -, 

7 -ft notes 2, 17G 61 

Registered interest paid 5,040 tlO 

Miied notes 8,587 4S 

Burned compound.! nterest notes, rejected by Comptroller.. . US rV 

Bank-note, bank in liquidation 2 0» 

5 per cent, note, partially destroyed f\0 tn> 

6 per cent. Dole, compound interest, rejected by Comptroller . . 59 7li 

P. A. Harden 's checks , 12,000 W 

33,142 49 
Note.— Marden's checks as follows : 

Ko. 547, June, 1870 $9,000 W» 

No. 4t*, June, l«70 1,IM>0 Oi> 

No. 49, Jane, 1870 300 li«< 

No. 50, June, 1870 300 m 

No. 1, June, 1870 300 <W 

No. a, June, IWO -Jtto Oo 



Ko.3, Jdim, 1870 $300 00 

Ka.4, JuDd, IHTO 300 00 

No. Ka, Jane, 1870 200 00 

13,000 00 
iKTEKEar teller's cash, coin. 

Gold J2,659 OO 

Silief 2 43 

Cnrnac]' vunnt paid In coiD, nolea now held in lieu of coin 7,705 35 

CoDpona 3,5«6 00 

Ckirf of loui Biid interest diviiicn debtor to ono coapoa borrowed to replace 

ODtiboit, JaauarjS, IIJ69 30 OO 

ronpooi Dol jet dua 17 60 

Da»anedcoin 2 50 

loluKit checks paid 4,516 84 

Rr^Icred interett paid, vis: 

Fmdrtl loan 840,153 83 

Fgided kiaii 9,938 50 

FnoiW loaa 31,003 00 

UiKlaiDMd iDtHTMt paid 41,493 50 

iBlnvMpud, lOBDOf FebTaarySg, 1863 40,797 00 

[alHUt paid, Joan of March 3, 1804 300 OO 

laWiMpaid. loan of Juoe 30, 1804 17,933 50 

IntfTci p»id. loan of March 3, 18ti5 39,740 JiO 

Bcoipt of Jaj Cooke &. Co. for fg per cetiL comiDissiODaoii lale of (5^,841,850 

hnJedluau 163,140 15 

CoDDinona ptud to Meurs. I,«e« Sl Waller fur transfer of coin from Califor 

»ia 7,700 00 

1,304,687 90 

KoTE. — The bills for commissinns paid Messrs. L^s Sl Waller ou|rht not Ut be carried m 
cash. IIkj riioald b« sent to the Secretary, to be bjr him referred fur BetlleoieDt and pa;> 
Btat in ibe uansl waj. 


Pactan |433,0I0 00 

PiisHd ai,500 00 

Boi 30,700 00 

Timjs 230,843 

700,053 80 
t.Mscs«borFT 53 80 

700,000 00 

Pjvfoud ptaa lo tecart tit ^roftr adjutlmtnl of iniipeniient tieatarg eceoutUi. 

Th*t a frcneral order shall be issued li; the Secrolary of the Treaaory, as follows : 

I. That on and after ihe :t<jth dny of June, IfT'J, tl»re sliall be iBi>u«<l by the TrsHsurer, 
Mntiarit irtnsurers, diiiiKnaled aud met iii^l bmilc ilep^i-iitariei. ri>rall iniinxyd ilepDHiiud with 
■kna lo (he crrdit uf (he TrfSitiirer uf the United Sinter cniliuUHS of depj'iit iu duplicate 
"Up icaie, b* may hereafier be detvriiiiiturl, in eofli particular caw; Biich certiliuatus lo be 
1 •'! ravs ipven to the dvpoiilora. wriiti diraciioii« tii fiirwiird tha original to the Si'crutary 
<' ^ Troaxury : and fui ail moneys deiiusiipj with them by dinburaiu;; uffi.ters ur aitents of 
■^ I'bitnl Stales tu ibeir iiwit permaiil credit, roceipta Id duplicate, with aimiltr directioos 
til braird the nriginal receipt to \.be SecietAiy. 

* Thii all dep.rsiiors of piibliu inonvyn forwerd immediately npon their receipt, or as ioott 
Ih-itthrr ■• praulicable, the origiuals uf all ctiitiSjitet of duposic or receipts ilirectud to b« 
"ivd in the forei;i>iii|f paragrapti, ii> the offiix of the Secreinry of the Troiuiiry. 

I Thai ilie 'rnfaaiirer of lh« United Stales furnish the Secretary of the Treaxiiry. drvily, 
«»b a lilt of all drafts and tianafer ordera issned, sbowiug,thelr character and auioout a~ 



well aa tlie depoaitei? upon whicli drawn or iMiied ; >lso, ■> liit of nil drafts and trantfar 
orders paid aad canceled, toother wilh SHch pmd and caaceled drafu or ordera. Ibeii fkj- 
meat hiving first l>een pioperly noted iu bis bjolu, and the drafts appended to lbs iranuU 
npon whicb thej were issued. 

4. That proper books bn prepared, and a careful and compi^le record kept in the office of 
the Secretary, of all certilicales of deposit, disbarsiii); ofGccrs' receipts, drafts iasned, drafts 
paid and canceled, trausfiir oiders drawn, and transfers made. 

5. That the Treasurer, asslslant treasurers, desigriated and national bank depositarisi 
■ball, in addition to their dnily and weekly trauscripts, reuder quarterly accouuls, to ha 
known as "General Treasury" accounts, charfriifr themselTes with all amounts received, 
and crediting themselves with all payments and transfers made; these accounts to be for 
warded to the Secretary of the Treasury, and to be properly verified with the records of the 
certificates of deposit, drafts, and transfers paid, heretofore provided for. 

6. That wilh the Hcconnta so verified shall be filed the original certificataa of depowlanl 
the drafts and transfers paid, and they shall then be refeired to the proper aceounting offloan 
for settlement. 

7. Quarterly accoucts shall also be rendered by the Treasurer, assistant trMsarers, Jsalf 
nated and national bank depositaries, to be known &a " disbursing officers' deposit aecouati," 
showin); lbs amounts deposited with them by disbursing officers or apetits to their own pn* 
Bonal credit, and the amounts paid. With these acconnta altould be forwarded all paid and 
canceled diaburaing officers' checks: and after the Comptroller shall have certified the cor- 
rectness of tbe accounts, all such checks shall be by him referred to the proper burean, in 
which tbe officers accounts drawing them shall be adjusted, to be appended to and filed with 
the vouchers in payment of whicb they were given : and hereafter no credit is to lie ailowsd 
to any officer for any voucher paid by check, unless such voucher is acoompaDied by tbt 
proper paid and canceled check. 

8. To facilitate the filing of the checks reterred to in the preceding paragraph, it is hereby 
mttde the duty of every disbursing officer or agent of the United wintever onpodtj 
or branch of the public service employed, except officers of the Post-Office Department, when 
taking a receipt from a public creditor, to cauiie the character of the funds in which paymeiA 
is made to bo specified in writing, setting forth whether the same is in money or by check; 
and if payment is made by check, the number, date, amount, payee, tbe office or bank oa 
wfalch drawn, and whether drawn to bearer or order, shall be specifically set forth in tbs 
r*ceipt and form a part thereof; and furthermore, besides noting the foregoing reqaiCBmenIa 
on the vouchers, every such officer ahall also note upon eBch check aoch reference to 1^ 
voucher in payment of vrhich tbe check itt given as shall facilitate the assorting and filio; </ 
the same wilh the proper vouchers. 

t). The settlement of the Treasurer's "general account" of receipts and expenditures shall 
hereafter be based upon that of the different "general Treasury accaauts" heieio directed 
to be rendered, and adjusted by merging the aggregate amounts of receipts and eipendittmt. 

SiatnMsti ^ fiinii under Ihi eontrol a/ Ike CemptrelltT of the Cvrrens. 
TRF.AHVRV Defahtment, 

Office of Comftboller of the Currbncv, 

Washiiiglon, Januarji 16, 1872. 
SIR: I hare the honor to hand yon herewith, as requested in your letter of the 11th instant 
ft schedule of lawful money deposited with the Treasurer of the United States for the redemp' 
tion of the circulating notes of liquidating banks ; a similar schedule of lawful money depos- 
ited fur tbe redemption of the circulating notes of insolvent banks, a>d a schednla of balanoai 
held by the Treasurer of the United States, subject to my order, for tbe benefit of tbe erad- 
itors of insolvent bonks ; all of which have been carefolly compiled from the books of this 

Very reapeolfnlly, 


by Google 


SeM*U »/ Im^al iwiuy dtfotiud intA tht Tnamrer of Hit United Staia i^ to and iadudinif 
tit9Adaif of Decsmhtr. ISTl, far the redtmiilion of Uu cireutating notes of banki in lijn- 
ialin, Uu amoKut ndtemtd bg lilt Treaturtr, and Uu aotvunt nmaiaiag on deposit, a$ tAoiM 
if tie hnkw of lit Comptroller of tht Cnrrencg. 










179, 9»0 00 



las, 4i» 00 
m, 000 00 

567.300 00 
130.375 00 







31,400 00 


ST. 000 00 

10.000 00 
80,000 00 
4i000 00 

|ia,34a w 

^i.X^0 3S 
40,469 SO 

3:0,445 50 

55,153 15 
7S.4B7 W 


83; 474 30 

\33.m ta 

41300 S5 




(1^500 0) 

a: 500 00 


ThsPjinvn' ^letioiul Bmnk of WwikeahB. n^boan«lii 

Hh nnt N'atltioil Bsok uf OdarlHirgb. Wliconiiu 

Tl«FinlX«i«i«lBuik of South Wuroertw. New York 

15. mil 75 
31. KM 50 


M.m so 


Tk> Fim riatlnoil Buk of BluBton, twllanil 

Tlw Nuimal Baok of Cbemantt. ElmL-s. New York 

■n, N.a«l Bknk of Norlli Ai»rio» New Yprk. New York. 
-ni^hdkNaUoaal Bunk. Naw York. New York 


•n», NiiuMl Merhu-lce «>d K.noer.' B.nk, Albuiy, M. Y. - 

, i34.:isss 

Tt«Ch«.iu.|cC»«lN.llau] BanV Blini», NewYmk 

53,857 BS 

55,000 10 
103,800 00 

Tkg Finl Natioul Buk of Wellabiir|{h. WeeC YlrgiDJa 


8.048.155 15 

.ScMnfe rf iaianetl an Jipotil teitk ike Trta$itnT of tht United Statt$. tahjtct to tht ardtr of 
tkr. C*mrtraUtr of tk* Cnrrtntf, far tht btn^t of tkt enditar* of intalttnt tank*, ontktStk 
dngif Otamher, ItiTl. 

Vuae and lacsUan of bank. 

T^Tcaun Natlnsal Bankor Pnoklin. Pciunlnjlia 


T!^ rin( S'BUnnal Bank of New OrlHKb, LoolKtua 

IkrMitknalL'nariillm Bank of Ooaiima. New York 

I >' FicMiii and CUlunii- NaUonel Bank of BrooktyD. New York 

lliTCniMiNiiiuBalBaDknf theCitjof NewYuTk 

TV nm Nalional Bank of BelheL CoDnnotloat 

TV nm SnioDalRuik of KMkuk, Iowa 

Tkt Sutmul BMQk of Vlckaborirh. VlekBbniKh.UlHlHlppI 

Tkp KiKhuU' NarioBia Bank of WaablniUn, DlaUlct of Colambla... 

IW fnt Njitiaiul Bulk of Kuckfbnl, tUinnw 

l^nmNaUooalBankof NeTuU,at Aa»tln,Ne>aiia 


Silt'dylt of lattftl vumo) depetittd uilA Ikt Treaturtr of tilt Vniltd Staltt up lo and intlwdiwf 

iMt amount ndtttntd bf thi Trtaiurcr, and lit nnioKiir Temainrng on dtpoiU, a> tboiem tjr ili$ 
i«oki ijf tht CimplTol'ler of tht Curnnef. 

Mame and looatlondf bank. 



UuIUhI Sialo. 


•14.000 00 

40.000 00 


90.000 01 

90,000 00 
333,000 00 



9«i eS3 00 


Tbo Faman. and ClUiena' NatEonal bank of Brooklyn, V. T. 

19. 170 7* 
at. 047 00 

Lma eiwH of ndrmpllona ovFr dcpoBlU for Fint National 

ISO, 018 31 

1,(80,333 75 

1.3Ba,3MM 1 i06.9esw 

[Inolonn Ko. B.] 

Note. — Th« few ofGcen wbn have failed lo mply to Depurtni'iit's requeit (o ruraiih their 
balanuea (exceptin^C. C. Suiffeo, disburs'iDg c1i>rk, Eiecullve Mna^ion, Q. A. 0(U, Burgvon, 
United Slates Armv, Clareni-e King, enjjineer, &a., 3. C. McCoy, aiils-de camp, who, 
ttiougb called npoD, hare np to tbis Ii ne failed to furnish the required BtalementEi) are either 
out of service or dead, and tbe balauces to their credit aro supposed to repreianl oautandiug 

Board op Puiilic Works, District op Columbia, 

Office SuPEKiNTESDetiT Stherts. Avenues, and Alleys, 

IVathinfion, D. C, Januargai, 1B73. 
Sir; Id roply to yoar favor of January 12, I bare tbe honor to state that I do not claim 
to have had nn; balance to my ciedil with tbe Troasui-er of tbe United States on the 9th 
December, 1871. 

Very respecirullr, 

Bit. Brig. Cm. Volt., latt Ckiff DUburiing Officer Bartaa H.. f. and A. L. 

Hon. Secret ARV of tub Trbasukv. 

Treasurt Dei'abthkst, 

WaihinjiloH, D. C, Januarf ID, IS72. 
Sin; In reply to the inquiry in circular letter dated the I3ih inntant. as to (he balaoce I 
claim to have bad to my ciedit with the Trpasurir of Iho United Stales at Washitifrton, D. 
C., at tlie close uf business on the 'Jtli D'^i'enibcr, le7l, I have tbe honor to stale ihat niy 
books Hbiiw the balance to have been (^,1341.!)^. 
1 am, veiy respectfully, 

b, Google 

coirornos of office op chited states trbabubee. 4t 

Opficb op Pnnuc Btm.DiKas akd Oroithds, 
Corner PBNHsyLTAniA Avekue akd Twehtvpirxt Strret. 

iraikimglon, D. C, January 19, IS7'2. 
Eflt: In replj lo jovt cirenlar letter of the IQth inBtftnt, I bare the bonoT to inform yon 
lint. *l tbeEloKof baalnisB on the Dth of December, 1871, the balance of diabnramg funds 
Id 1D7 credit vilb tbe Treuarer of the UoiCed States at WuhiiigtOD, D. C, wu— 

OcictoODt Wuhin^n aqnedncl $33,977 B6 

On KCODDl public buildings, grounds, and works 8,666 8S 

Total 4a, 864 64 

Very truly, yoDTs, 

WaSHINDTON, D. C, Jomtarj 19, 1872. 
Sit: In compliance with your reqnest of the ISlh Instsal, I have tbe honor to snbmit the 
Mkiriu itarenient of balances clsinied by me ai standing to my credit with the Treasurer 
dihUuted Stoles, at the close of basioGss on December ^, 1871: 

OiiMnuil of tbe medical and hospital department, 1672 t9,2r^ 65 

OdkoiudI of the medical and hospilal departmi^nt, IS7I 2^,220 24 

Og umnot of the medical and hospital department, 1870 62, 116 37 

ODUconnt of the medical moseuai and library, \S7i 707 68 

On tcoMmt of sick and discharged soldiers 6,651 94 

Total 103.135 03 

In Ibii statement checks drawn by m 
bit, ■* soms of them had prubably not neen 
sgnmthM in excess of that above claimed. 

Vsty respectTully, yoar obedient servant. 

— U\ 

War Department, 
Bureau op Itepuop.FH, FRcenMRN, ^nd Abandoned Lands, 

Offia Cliitf Qiiarttriaailtr, tfaikingtoK D. C, Jaauary'ia, iSTH. 
Sm: In rrply to circniar of Itfth Jannary, 1872, calling for "tlie balance of disbursing 
hkJt iihich you clium to ha<re hod to your credit with tlie I'ruasnrer of llie United Sutos 
11 K'tthinirtoo, I}. C. on the 9tb of December, 1871,"! have the honor to state myaccounla- 
ndiibuisiiig i.fficsr were closed, as pet certificate of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, 

War Department, 

irashington City. Janaarg ii5, 1872. 
Pb I h>Ts tbe honor to achnowlrdge tbe rewipt of your lircular {No. G) of (he lath in 
*•(. and to say in r«ply that I claim lo have had to my credit with the 'I'reasurer of tba 
L'lultd ftutn on the Ulh December lait, the sum of $4,92 "poor-fund account." 
Very T««pectfnlly, yonr obedient servant. 

b, Google 


WASRnraroN, B. C, Jan^rgW, 1973; 
Dbar Sir : Id ftnswn to yoai cirraUr of the ISth insttDt, received jetterda;. I hn-n to 
ea; that the amoont of fanda to mj credit witb the Tremiarer of the United St«t«i at Vtuh- 
ington at ttis close of biuin«H oa Ibe 9tli Itulanttrac $18,796.13. 
Very reapectfuUy, 

WM. T. COLLIsa. 
V»iled Stalt* PtK$ioit Agtal. 

WaSHINCTON, D. C, JuNuary23, 1»73. 
Dear Srn : In answer to Tonr letter of the 22d Initinl, I have (o saj that the balance of 
^iabarsing (uada which I claim to have had on deposit with the Treasurer of the United 
-■States at ibe close of bnsineu on tbe 9th of Dec«mber, 1S7], was fl 3,270. 
Very respectfully, 


Ptntim AgtML 
Hon Geoiiub S. Boutwell, 

SecretttT) of Ike TreMiiry. 

War Dbparthent, 
OrFiCB or THB Chiet Sighai^Opfichr, 

IVaMnglOM, D. C„ Ftbnarg 9, lOH. 
Sir: Befemnp to your commnnieation of Jannarf 12. 1372, received this date, I woald 
state that I ceaied to be an tictinff aaBistsnt quartermaster in Januarj. )H7I, and tamad 
'Over to my sncceesor all fands for wliich I waa reaponsible at the time. I have not claimed 
to have had to mj credit any ' ' balance of disbursing funds with the Treasurer of the United 
-States at Washington, D. C, at tbe close of biuincu on the 9th of December, 1871." 
Very res pec tf ally, 


FiTit LuHtmaat, FwrlA ATtUlerg, and Acting StgKal-OJiur. 

The 8k(xbtary of thi Treasury. 

Post-Officb Department, 


ifatliiiiglim, D. C, Jaumrt 19, 1872. 
tei : In aniwu l« your Inquiry a* to what iMkoee of disbursing fundi I had to ny «ndit 
'inth theTreainrerof the United State* on tbe 9th of Dscember, 1^1, I would aay that np 
to thU time I had d^MsUed 1226,600 and dnint 9;i23,ye5.0&, leaving a balftuce of |4,7;it.S6. 
Very tespeotfully, 

DiAttraing Clerk nit Suptrittteiidtml Po$t-Offiu DtfarlmnU. 
Hod. Gdorob 8. Boutwell, 

SemtaryofUn 7>ca»rf. 

Headquarters Marine Cobp^, 

Patfmaittr't Offlce, Jaamarf 19, 1872. 
8iK : In reply to your lettar of the 12th inatant, I have the honor to state that at the clew 
-ofbasiness on the 9tb of December, tS71, I had on deposit with the Treasmar of die United 
states at Washington tbe anm of 18,028.19. 

1 am, very respectfully, your obeditint servant. 

J. C. CASH, 
Pagmasttr Marint CtTft. 

by Google 


Uhitbd States and MEsrCAN Claius Commissiom, 
No. 1412 H Sirtet. WmliiKston. D. C, JanuaTS l», I87S;, 
Bn-. I >!&*« the honor to ackoowled^ tha receipt of your nfficial circular, No. Ti, of data 
iln tSth initant, and in reply to the inqniry Ihsreiu coDtaineiil to bbj ihiit, at tbe claw of 
buinns on Ihn 9ch day of December, 1971, the balance of ilisb'tiain^ fundi trliich I claim 
(d hire hud to my credit with Itae Tieoaurer of tbe Uoited States M Washingloo, Diatriot 
ofColanibis, amoiiDtMl to $!i69.60. 

YhT nepectfnlly, yoar obedleot servant, 

Hon. Georob 8. Bddtwell, 

^cTttarf of tht TrtattTg. 

Dbpartmf.nt op State, 

lPaM»gla», January 19, 18T2. 
ir letter oF tbe 12th ioitftut, relMivn to my bilniice In tb* 

. ja December 9, 1871, 1 have the honor to inform yon that 

lin^ clerk of this Department, I cluoi to bare bad $9,447.94 curreocy. 
ave the honor to be, sir, yorir obsdient servant, 


Diibursiiig Clerk. 

Office op the Cdngressiokal Pbtbter, 

ITatkimgUiK, January 19, 1872. 
Sn : Yoata of January 13, 1873, aaklng me to inform yon. at my earlie: 

«r tha balance of disbursing funds whicih I claim to b — >-- j ■■- 

oflbeUmted Slates at Wuhin);toa, District of Col 
Ml of December, IrlTI, is received. 

•ply, I hare to say that I claimed no balance dne me at the daU named. 
VMy raspeclfalty, Ac, 


Washington, JaniuiTg 19, 1873. 
, and only just received, I have 

„ „ have to my credit wiib the Trei 

«( tbe Uoiled Bute* at WashlnrtoD, District of Columbia, at the close of biuiuess oi 
Btb day of December. 1371. was 1147.66. 
Very respeelfuliy, 

Di$iMTmag Agtmt t» C0siwii«f>«iNr* to Rnia U. 3. Stat* 
Hon. OEmtoK 8. Boutwell, 

Ihcntarii oftkt TrusBry. 

UxiTBo States Ship Constellation, 

NavrVard, Wa,hi«gl.m,D. CJnMraW, 1873. 
ta; tn FBspoiiee to your eircQ tar letter of Jannary 13th last, I have to report that ttta 
Umc* io my crodit in tlie Treasury at WaehingtoD, District of Columbia, DocembaE 9th, 
St eloM of business, was |I0,U74.8I. 

Ttiy respeetfutly, sir, your obedient servant, 

PajmaiUr, VniUd StaUt Navf. 
Qeo. (iRoEGK S. BoirrwELL, 

Smterji ofUu TrtaiMTf, 4x., IFatkinitan, D. C. 

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Departmrkt op Statf., 

Wathimgio: Jatmari 19. 1872. 
SIR: Id reply to jour rircnkr let'er or ibe 12th instant, rolwliTe 10 mf bMlanre in Uw 
"neuury, at the cliHe of bnaineme, Decembers, 1871, I bave the hfiior to inform yon lh«t, 
MditbnraiDg agent of the aaw building, Lclaim to have bad in the Tieasary bera 1^,416.93, 

I have tba honor to be, sir, rour obedient servant, 


Dithurnnt Afeiil Nta BuiUiwg. 

Dbpartmrnt of the ItrTERlnR. 

IVaihiiieliin, D. C, January 20, I873L 

SiK: I hereby arhnowledee the receipt nf your letter of the ISlh instant, requeelinf metv 
inform yuu of Itie bnlnnce of disburiine funds which I claim to have had to uiy credit with 
the Treunrer nf the United Slates Ht Wiishin^n, D. C, at the close of business on the 9tb 
of Deceni1)Br, 1871, as per Sac and Fax, Cheroltee, and coin accouniR, 

I have the honor to state that, m trustee fur various Indian tril>e<. the balance ofdiibninng' 
(onds to my credit in the agvnc; branch o{ the United Stales Treasury, nccordin); to tba accounts of this Depailment, at the close of business on the ^th of December, 1871, 
were aa foUovrs, viz : 

Sao and Fox account $1,966 61 

Chnrokee account 929 CT 

Coin account *, 70 05 

3,965 23 

' I am, sir, very reepectfullv, your ol>edient servant, 


Hon. Qeobcb S. Boui-v^rll, 

Secnlarf c/ tht Trtaturg 

Waskihotoh Arhbnal, 

JaauryUS, ISTS. 
The within commnnication received and opened thin mominr. The amount called for by 
my accounts on December 9, ultimo, was |I!^.'J1, depoaiied <u Treasury, 
Very respectfully returned to the Secrelaiy of the Treasury. 

firit LttiUtiiani, Ordnauet. 

Fort Washington, Marylxkd, 

Jaitaarf-ti, 1872. 
Sir : In reply to your eommnuication of tbe I2tb instant, I have the humx tn state that I 
claim to have lisd ^1.49 on deposit in the Uuired Stsles Tivasury OQ the Dth of December, 
1871, as verified by my pass-boiik and cbeck.bouk. 

I am, sir, very respectfully, yont obedient servant, 


LUitttnant, Fuitrlk ArtUltrg. 

Ron. Secretary op thr Trkasurv, 

WushtnitoH, D. C. 

CUSTOM-HOUHB, Georqetowi*. D. C, 

Jamarg 19, 1872. 
Sir : Eeferrinir lo yonr letter of tbe 13lh instant, No. r>, I wonld state lliat I claim to have 
bad tomy crrditwilb the UiiitPd States Treasurer, Washington, D. C, a balance of $JTli.71 
atthacloseofbusinesson the ^b of December, lri7l. 
Vary respectfully, your obedient servant. 

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Office op Washinoton Aqubdvct, 

IFathington, D. C, Januart 25, 1872. 
Sm: I have tbs hnaor to stftle. in reply to yonrn of the I'ilb instant, tbat there was to my 
ocdit in the Tmtsnr; an aceoant of llit) washiDgtou Aquednct an the 9th of December, ISTl, 

Co the 12th of December, 18T1, I dqmsiled l« the rredit of the TreMurar of the United 
Statu the abi)ve auni at tl5.7!>U.l:f on acccnnt of the Wa^hingtoa Aquednct, in coaiptianca 
with the directions received t'rom ttie Chief of Engineers, thns cloaing the ttccouat. 
VeiT respectfullr. jour obedient lervant, 


Major of Enginutt. 
Hon. GeoRGB 8. Boutwell. 

Sientarf of titt Trtattrf, IVaskintloa, D. C. 


WaihiKglan, January 2tl, 1(172. 
Sn: In reply to your circtttar letter of Jannary 13, 1672, reqaenthiE balance of disburaing 
ludi to my credit with the Trrtunrer of the United Stales at WtuhinKton, D. C, at the 
(Inter bniiness on tha !)lh of Decembei, 1871,1 have to atato that my account at that data 
•bnld nhow a credit of $19,445.45. 
Teiy leapeclfnlly, 

M^jOT of Enginttn, Unittd Statei Armf, EngineeT Stcrtlarf. 
Hod. OEORce S. Boittwrlu 

SeertUrf of (A* Tnaturg. 

__ _ 1 credit widi tha Trei 

Hatetal Waihington, D. C, In tlie sum of $105,641.80. 
Very respectfiilly, your obedient servant, 

Pnymajfer, Va^td Utattt Armg. 
Una. George S. Boutweu., 

SeenUrg of (Ac Trtainrf. 

Office of the Chief of Enoikbers, 

tfathiHglon, D. C, Jannars 19, 1S72. 
Snii In compliance with reiuirenient of Treainry Dapartmeot, circalar No. 5, dated tha 
I9A iwlani and jmt received, 1 have the honor to aUte that I claim $4,5 LS.31 as Ibe balance 
which afaDnld have been to eraditof my disburgemeiit account with the Tresaarerof the United 
SmIm at the clowi of boaioess on the 9th of December, 1971. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 

Hon. Secretary of the Treasurv. 

(hit 1 had a balance of |5,6 jl) . 
U« cl»w of bniinds* on tha 9th December, 1 
Vary respectfally, yoni obedietit servant, 

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Ornce or Actinq Abhistant Quartermaster, and 

Acting Cumhissahy Subsistence, 

fott'Faett, Maryland, Janaarf Xi, \S3i, 
SiK : I hATe tbe honor to ackDOwlcdgs tb* receipt of jour letter, dated Treuaij Dtpwl 
ro«nt, WAshingluD, D, C, Jaoniiry 12, 187-J, requestinfc to be mformed of Ihc bolaocs of 
dlabnmiD^ fnndg which I claim Hi have bad to m; credit wilb Ibe Treasurer of the UnitMi 
Stales Bt WRBfaiDKtoii, D. C, at tbo close of bunineu od tbe 9lb of December, IHTI. In 
reply I woalU respecllally ilate tbat there sbolild have been to mv credit at that tins 
$I9U.46, HubaiBteiice Tuudfl, and of quartermaster's foods tl.'JH, total $191.66. 
1 am, sir, very rBapedfiillj, your obedient servaat, 

FinI Lt. Fo»Tth Art., A. A. Q. M. and A. C. S. 
Hon. Obi>r«e 8. Boutwell, 

StcreUry of the TreoMiiTg. }yathintlm, D. C. 


WaikiKgton, Janmars 2i, |g72. 
Sir : In reply to your circular letter of tbe 12th instant, I baTe tbe honor to inrorm yon 
that there waa to my credit with the Treasurer of the United Stales at the clo<e of hnsincn 
on the Dib day of December last, tbe sum of $553.50. 
Very respectfully, 

DMmrnitf tlttrk. 
Hou. Qeoikik S. Boutwell, 

Sttrtterji of tSe TVsssarji. 

Columbia Imstitltiom ron the Dbap and Dumb. 

IfathingloK, Janmarg 'HI. 1673. 
BlR : In reply to yonr favor of the 18lh instaot, I would respectfully slate tliat at the close 
of business on tbe 9th day of December, lii71, my books showed a balance to my credit with 
the Treasurer of tbe United Slates of H^Oti. ID. 
Very respoctfully, yonr obedieut serrant, 

PrttidtM and DiMburting Agnl. 
Hon. Oeoror 8. BriuTWELL, 

Sernfarj I'/'fAs Trtasnrg. 

Office ok the Acting Cohmissarv of Subsistence, 

furl irkipple, Virginia, Jantiarg 23, 1872. 
Sir : In compliance nHh yonr letter of tbe 13tb instaut, received this date, requestiofc to 
be informed of the balance of dishnrsioR funds which I claim to hare bad to my credit with 
the United States Treasurer on the 9th December, IHTl, I have the hooor to Btate tbat Ibe 
records of ibis office show the amount of diebarsing fnnds to my credit in the United Stales 
Treaaniy on tbe above date to have been $3t6.9'j. 

I have tbe honor to be, air, very lespectfally, your obedient servant, 

First Htvlenant Second ArtUltrg, A. C. S. 
Hod. Becretahv op the Trbasurv, 

)yaMnglon, P. C, 

TitBAsuBr Departkckt, Reuihter's Oppicb, 

Jannary 19, 1BT2. 
Sir : lu reply to your letter of Ibe 12th instant, received this day, I have the honor to 
alal«lhataccordinf;M my boobe the amount to my credit with the Treuamr of the United 
SUte« at the close of business on the 9th of December, 1871, in uoin, was $3,452.57. 
Veiy respectfully, your obedient servant, 

DUluTting Agtni. 
Hon. Oeorcb 8. BoUTWEix. 

SccniarjF o/iht TrMMm^. 

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OpncR Post ahiv Depot Cohmissart of Subsistence, 

IVaskiagton, D. C, January 19, 1872. 
BiR: In reply to yoar circular letler, No. Fi, dated Jannary 12, 1872, I have the faaoor (o- 
>UU tilt Ibe balance to my offidal credit with the TtaasuTsr of tha United Stales at Wash- 
iigtocD C, at cloae of basineM on the 9th of December, IS?!, wai (9,5)41.93. 
Terr reapectfallr, year obedient seivant, 

ilajOT and ComntUary of Sabaitienct, United SlaUt Anng. 
Hod. Gkokgk 5. BnUTWELL, 

S/tnttryafOit Ttcaiarg, IPaihinglon, D. C. 

Office op SEcaETARY of the United Stater Senate, 

Washingtim, Mardt SO, 1972. 
Su: In reply lo yonr circular of the 12lfaof Jantiary last, reqaesting aetalemeDt of bal-. 
no* wbjch I cUum to have had lo my credit with the Treamrer of the United States at the 
ckM af bnnorea on the 9lh of December, 1871, I nould state that the hooks of this office 
■how the foUoniog balancos: 

CmnDsalian and mileage of Senators (36,184 S6 

Slims 11,687 09 

Cntintuil 84,221 00- 

12,092 35 

I am, TCTT respeetfolly, your obedient servant, 

Stentar) of Ike StmtiU tf the Vnittd SUlu. 
Bm. Qeukoe S. Bodtweli., * 

S^nUTf ofVw Trtaimr). 

Treasurs Department, Secokd Auoitor'i) Office, 

January 19, 1S73. 
Sb: Incompliance with yonr circular. No. 5, dated January 12, 1973, requesUug a state- 
sat "of the balance of diiburtiog fuods which I claim to have had to my credit with the 
Tnumrx of tfae United States at WMlilagton, D. C, at the close of business on the 9tfa uf< 
DKcmbcT, 1tf7]," I would inforaiyoa that I bad HO funds to my ci«dit with the United States- 

Paymaster's Office, Usitbd States Navy Yari>, 

ICoiAii^hHi, Ja*mirt 20, 1S72. 
8i« : I have the honor to be in the receipt of your letter of the 12th ultimo, and in reply 
Malir, that there should have been a balance of t&,390. 04 standing to my credit at the clos»- 
rf the 9th of December, 1671, at the Treasury. 
Vary respectfuUr, your obedient servant, 


PagmasUr, i'niltd Staftt Nat 
Bob. George B. Boutwell. 

Stirclarf of Hit TVesiarf . 


business on the 9Ui of December, ]871, on carrencT account, sccording to my booki, i 

Ver/ respectfnllr, joar obedient serront, 

I deposit witb tbe tTnitsd Ststei Tressarer, as disbursing clerk, at close oi 
■«n tlie 9tli or December iMt, the sum of |46,22l.79. 
I hsTB the honor lobe, &.c, 

DMuriing Clerk, Trtaturtj OepartnuMl. 
Ron. Qeorob S. Bout well. 

StcTttary of the TreaMty. 

Natv Departmeht, 

Waihimglmi, January 19, 1872. 
Sir : I bave tbe honor to infoim tou, in aoswer to 70D1 letter of the 12th jnatant, le- 
eoived this morning, that I claim to bare iiad $I.9f9.50 of djahuriing funds to nij eradil 
vritb the Tretunrer of the United States at^aahington, at the close of businesa on tlie 9tt 
of December, 1371. This balance is shoira by my check-book. 
Very respectfully, 4,c 

War Department, 
BuR^u OF Refugees, Frebdmen and Abandoned Lands, ' 

Wailiiaglon, D. C, Januarg 19. ISJS. 
Sir: In reply to circular lellei from yonr Department, dated January 12,187^ I have the 
honor to report (3)4,891.08 deposited »iih the ITniled Stales Treaanier at the close of bnii- 
ness on the !:iih of December, It^l, 
Yoara, respectfully, 

BrigadUr Genirat, I'niltd SloltM Anng, CommittimtT. 

Hon. Grorue S. Boltwbli., 

Sttjitanf of tht TrcasNrf. 

United States Coast Subvev Office, 

WaiMinglon, January 19, 1372. 
Sir : I have tbe bonor to slate, in reply to your circular letter of the I2tb inatant, that I 
claim to have bad a balance to tny credit witb tbe Treastirer of the United SlatM, at lbs 
-cloae of bnainess on the 9th of December, 1871, of $504. :I6. 
Yours, lespectfully, 

Aatitiant in ckargt of ({j!«. 

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Uhtted States Coast Subvbv OrFice, 

WifAMftoit, January 20, 1873. 
Sir ; luaoBtrar to joiu lettei of the ISth iDstant, received thii dny, the sam of $5,746.44 
ihitild be tbe cradit of my duibunin^ accocnl with Treosarer of United States at close of 

Terr reBpwUally, your obedient Bervaol, 

CoremmtBt DMut 


Strrttarj of the Trtaimrji, Ifaihingloit Cil]/. 

Wak Oepaktmkht, Ofpice of the Chief SioKAL-OFFiciSR, 
DivisioK OP Telegrams ahd JtEPORTS fob the benefit of Comhekce. 

IVathirngtOK, D. C. Januarji SO, 1ST2. 
Sut: Id eornollAnce nilh joor request contained in joar commaaicfitiDii of date Janaarj- 
]2tb iutant, I have the hooor to inforni yoa that my balance deposited with the United 
Sutta TitMnrer at Washiagton, D. C, at the cloee of biuiueei on tbe 9ib of December 
iut, thimld have been repoited t5i449.0T, and not $5,418.93, aa peratatement for week end- 
in; Da that day. Upon examination of tbe figarea tbere was found an error of $:)0.14. 
Very mpeclfally, your obedient servant, 

itt CapUUn, United Stt 
AcHngPag and Ditbiming Offieti 
etabt of THE Tkbasurt, 

Wathingloa, D. C. 

Office of the Atorroa op the Tkrasurv 

Foa THE Post-Ofpice Department, 

H'athingUm, Januarg 20, 1879. 
fn ; 1 have tbe honor to iBfoTm you that I had to my credit with the Treasurer of the 
t'nittd States at the close of businesa on the 9tli of December, 1871 , the anm of $3d6.65. 
Veiy lespectfullj, 


Ditb^rnug CUtI: 

Hon. George S. Bootweli., 

Stcrttarg ef tie TreMinrg, 

WAaniNGTON, D. C, Fthmary 1, 1872. 
Sib: la reply to jour circular letter of January 13th, I have tbe honor to report that, as 
mt u I can ascerlaio, tbe amount on baud of my appropriation of $4U,000, December tt, 
1^1, was $14,000.05. 

In July and August, 1871, some of my draR.t which were issued in Montana were oro- 
tated at the Treasury Department, and on that account I Ibi " .. , ~ - 

u oiaie DQt of my appropriation for 1871 were paid out of th 
f« the preceding year. 

Very lespectfully, your obedient servant, 

Quarteruastbr's Office, No. 1139 Girard Street, 

PkUadtlfhia, Januarg 24, 1872. 
^is : I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a circular letter from your office of 
I^ instant, inquiring what amount of disbursinfr funds I claim to have had deposited to 
i°Tmditwiib the Treasurer of the United States, Washineton, District of Columbia, at tbe 
<JaM of bufineaa on the 9th of December, 1871. 

H.El.283 1 ,,., Google 


In reply thereto, jon are respectfnlly iolonned thnt on tbe date named I Itad tu. 
)n deposit wilh the Tr«Murer of ibe United Stales at WMliingtoa. 
I on, sir, voiy respcctfullj, your obedient servant, 

Major anii qaatltrmisttr, I'nUed Statrt A 
Hon. (!f.or«eS. BocTWELt., 

SecrtUiTs (./(At Trtntury, }Va»hi«gtaa, D.C. 

MoNRuB. MlclllUA.N, JuHaargiij, Irfli. 
My Df^ar FitiEKU ; 1 have received a printed circular from tbe Treuuiy Uepartmeo:, 
uudcr your frank, instructing me to itate the amount of money I claimed to havo on deposit 
in the United Statoi Treasury nt close of business on tbe 9tb December ultimo. I do not 
kuow tbikt I have any funds of GovemmeDt in my hsnds or subject to my diaburBement, m 
I closed my account nt Naval Academy to Joly t, IHTLas I was detached on that daf, 
and unless there may he funds not yet drawn on checks which had not come in at that timr, 
I can now think of nothing' else uuiccounled for. The Auditor and Comptroller havopun-'l 
my final accouut all correct to date. 

Daugfatei is Btill teeble, but we bope fur her improvement in health. 
It is very cold here and it keeps ua very quiet in doors in this dull little town. 
Witb kind rcj^ards from iik all lo von ami yonrs, I remain yonr fheud, 

C. C. JACK:<ON. 
J. H, Saville, Esq.. 

Tnaiur)! DtfnrlmtM, 


H'athingloH, Janaarg IV, \6!2. 
tint ; The printed vircuUr uf Ilio l^tb instant is iliis day received ; and in reply I have t>' 
•ay that there oufcbt to hHV« been to my crpdit. as I'nitod States djsbnniing officer, in llir 
Tieaaury at Washini'tou, D. C.. on the !)ib day of Docembpr liut, ni ttie clo»e of bustDr<9. 


Very rcspecl fully, 


Hon. Ge')R<>k S. Doutwi'.u,, 

Stcntarg of lAt TreatHrg, IVathinaUm. II. C. 

Paymaster General's Okfh c, 

ll'askiHglen, January itl, llfi-i, 
.Sin; In reply 1 yuur iuigiiiry uf 1'iih iusLikut, 1 have the honor to state that my 1m.>I>- 
ahow a balance of disbtirsing funds to my credit with the TreBsnrer of the I'nitod Slaiei n 
Washington, D, C, at tbe close of businexs on the 9ih of December. I'iTl. of $ll,351.u4. 

I tind upon r^feiunco lo the records of this office, that on tlio 'Jtli of December, It^l, J. L- 
Ilodge, late paymaster United Mimes Army, had uo bolHni'P of 'lisljorsing funds to his creY.' 
as above stated. 

\cry ri-s pec t fully, jour obedient servant. 


n..i). Ski t!i;TARV or TiiK T[ii:isrnv. 

Silt: Inreply loyourcoLnniuuicaiiun ufdate the l-.Jih lust 
you that the balance of disbursing funds whivh I claim t 
tbn Treasurer of the United Slater nt Wn<tiintrt'>n. D. C, a^ 
9th of December, IHTI, is (5.44. 

Your olieJient aervanl. 

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Depot QrARTEBMASTER's Oppice, 

IfaikingioM, D. C, Jantary 1?. 1873. 
Sir: I hare tbe honor to acknowledjje tbe receipt of joul commimicatioii of theTI2th 
luiUK, requesting infonnation as to the balaace of disbarsiD); fnndB claimed by me to bave 
bMD to tny oedtt witb the Treasorer of tbe United States at Washington, District of Colum- 
li^ at the close of bnainess on tbe 9tb ultima, and in reply froulu state that tbe amotmt 
I'himcd to have be«n to mj credit at the close of business on the date mentioned was 

Very refpeclfullj, vonr obedient aeirant, 


Brtctt Brigadier Oeatral, Vniled Slates Arntti, D^at HuartenaaittT. 
Hvv. (.GUIKiB S. BotTWELL, 

'ttrnary of fhr Treasury, IVaihiHgtoii, D. C. 

Fay>iaste8's Office, Unitei> States Naval Academy, 

Annapalu, MarytoKd, January 20, iS12. 
Sm : In answer to youi letter of the I3tb inatant, met received by me, 1 have the honor 
In stite that tbe balanco of diBburain^ funds whiuh I cl^m to baTe hftd U> mj credit with 

l!«Traisurer of the United States at "' ' ' ■ "■ - ■ - " ■- •■ 

' -lisHi on thR 9tb of December, IiJTl 
Ian, sir, very respect fully, you 

Usitei) States Navai. Academy, 

Anaapoli; M<i.,Jsnuarg 'i3, 1372. 
>4r : I have to tickuowledge the rectipt of yonr letter of the '^iil ioslftnt. On the settle- 
rjtDt of Dir Kcoants as pay inspector at Ibe United States navy-yurd, Wasbingtou, D. C, 
1 left tbe siiin of $49.39 stHodlnj; to my credit witb the Treasaier of the Uoitpd ^States at 
WosliiDpon, D. C, lo pay a check for ^9.21, given by nie while at the qavy-yard, Wash- 
ugloD. 1>. C. The check hns since been paid and the sum of tive cents remains to my 
' redit. nnw. 

a Die 20th instaut whs made with reference to 


ment forwarded to yn 


lie on 

■HRinl of 

lent funds i 

n my 




r rwiipctli 

illy, yout obedient 


Washington. I>. C, Jauwtry 'i3,llSTi. 

implinncp with drcnlar teller from your Di'paMment 

— _ ., „. _.. ., ^ _ -je (specinl account) deposited with the Treasnrer of 

ii-l'iiited Slates, at the close of busineHS December 9, li^l, was (2, I9ti.llu. 
1 am, sir, I'ery respeclfiilly, your obedient sc 

Wah DeI'aht.mext, ADJirTAsr (Jeserai.'s Oppick, 

IVathinalon. D. C. January 2'J, 1872. 
^Ih: I have [he honor 10 report, in compliance with circular letter f rem your Department 
U'd Jannary Vi, 1^2, that m^ balance deposited with the Treaiiircr of the United Slates . 


at the close o( businus December 0. ISTl, ivat $13,33(1.94 ; tbis to my credit as disbuiaing 
I am, sir, Tory resmclfii]])'. joiir obedient servant, 

JAR McMillan, 

Caplain. Third Arlilltry, DMurting Qficer. 
Hoa. Skcretadv op tiic Trraslry, 

IKi«iiiiflDM, D. C. 

Clerk's Ofpk-e, Holse of Representatives Ukited Statek, 

fVaihingtan, D. C, Jaituarg IS, ItiJi. 
8lR: In responge lo jour circular letter of January 12, 1872, I beve the honor to infotu 
jou Ibal I claim to have had lo mj credit witb tbe Treasurer of tbe United Stales, at tlu 
cIoM of business on the 0th day of December, I8T1, and subject to draft, the sun nl 

Very reaped fully, 

Ekginebr's Office, Heauquartcrs 
Military Division of thb Pacific, 

Saa FrancUco, Cat., Ftbruarg 20, 1672. 
Sir: Iq reply to Tieasary circular No. <>, of January 13, 1S72, 1 have the honor to infoim 
you that tbe balance of disbursing fnuds which I claim to have had to my credit with tlio 
Tieasurer of the United States at Washinglon, at the clove of business, on the Sth of 
December, 38JI, wa«t560.60. 

Very reBpectrnlly, jonr obedient servant. 

Major of EHgimeri. Vniled Slotts Armr 
Hon. Geordie S. Boutwell, i 

Sf-errlarg of Ihe Treanrf, JFatkington, D. C. I 

Uovernment Hospital for tiie Issane, 

Near WathiiigtOH, D. C, January S6, ItfTi. 

Sir : lu r^ply to your lo be iuformeJ " of the balance of disburse men Is whidi 
you (T) claim to bars hud to your (my) credit with the Treaaurer of the United Stales, W 
Washioglon, D. C, at the close of businesa on the 9th of December, 1S71," both as "sHpfr- 
intendent " and " anent," J have the honor ilo inform you that the amount (o my credit •■ 
aupcrintendcut "at the close of busiucas on tbe 9th of December, 1671," piovidrd all chcct* 
drawn on or before that day (which includea No. 4^ti) had bcea paid, ahoiild have been 
{6,696.14, and that the amount to my credit, aa afrcnl, at tbe aame date, provided ali check' 
drawn on or before tbal day (which includes No. '2(i) had been paid, should have bwi' 
$1,490.74, making a total of (d.ll^G.a^. 

It appears, however, by my bank-boota that two choclts, one for $00.42, and annlberfi" 
$1()7.IU, drawn by me aa agent, had been inadvertently charged ou my account aa suprr' 
iutendeuti it follows, therefore, that the hooka in the Treaaurer'a office ahonld abow my 
balance as superintendent to ho 32:i7.52 Icaa, and my bulancc aa agent $2:17 .G'2 greatri. 
than ia heretofore stated { the total being the same. 

The attention of tbe cashier having been cnlled to this error, il ha.i bren rectified. 
I QUI, sir, very res pee I fully, yourolieJicnl aervant. 

C. H. NICHOI,?, SuptHnir«d'«i. 

Hon. Georce S. Boltwell, 

Serrftnrji of lie Treaguri/. 

b, Google 


War Department, 

IVaihingtaa Cily, Janaarg S4, 1873. 
^•m: Ibave the boaor to Hckiiow1ed|;i< the leceiot of your circular (No. 5) of the IStli 
liiitint, Bad to say in rep1j tb>t I claim to have bad to my credit wilh the Treasurer nf the 
Vniled Stfttn, on tbe 9th of December lost, the sum of (7, IO:i.TO. 
Verj reapectrally, yonr obedient servant, 

JOHN Torrs. 

Hon. Georub S. Boittwell, 

Sttretarji of tie TnaMurg. 

Ttamirtr'* balance 17,131 41 

My b*laiice 7, 103 70 

27 71 

Acooonttd for by tKO oulBlantliDg; checka : 

AQJ0S17, 1863, check No. lOi 112 71 

Ptceinber 1*, ie65, check No. na 15 00 

it? 71 

War Defaktmemt, 
IFaskinglau Cily, January 24, 1873. 
Su: I have the houor to ackuowled^ the raceipl of joar circular (No. 5) of the 12lh 
xitut, and, to say in reply that I claim to have hod to my credit with the Treasnrer of the 
'ntud States, on tbe 9tb December Itat. the snm of S3,051.45, United Sutes coin. 
Verr leBpeclfully, your obedient servant, 

IIoD. Ggorce S. BauTWELL, 

Srcrflarg of tht TnasuTy. 

Bnpeeifiilly relumed. My acconnt with (be Treasurer of the United Slates waa closed 

Pasmiiittr. United StaUn Anag. 

Frankford Arsenal, 

Philaddpliia, Pa., January 24, l»72. 
^IR : In reply lo yoor circular letter of tbe ]2lh ioat&nt, I have the honor to report that 
• ntbc 9ibof December, IHTl, I had no funds to my credit nith TreasaTerof tbe United 
maIm at Waahtopon. D. C. 

Very reappctfnlly, your obedient servant, 

Firil LUattnaal of Ordnanct, Brtvrl Captain. 
Hob. sccketarv op the Treasury. 

ira$liiiigteii, D.C. 

Portsmouth, K. H., Jamtarg 2|, 1872. 
^ii : In obedience to yonr order of Jannaiy 12, 1872. I have the honor to infiinn you 
d on the mh of December, 1871, I bad nobalftnceof fhnds to my credit with theTreas- 
Fi of tha L'niled SUIes. 
Vn» respectfally, 

.-Iiiildinl Paymaittr, UnUtd Slata Navg. 
■Un.GtoRCE S. BoiTWELi., 

by Google 


War Department. 
H'othiaften Citf, JamttTy 19, lr7'J. 
Bin ; I Love tbe liooor to ucknowloilf^ the recei|)t, tbis duj. of ;otir circalar letter (Kn. 
5) or the ISUi iostanl. uod, ia reply, to state that 1 claim to bave had lo aij credit, witli 
the Treasorer of the ljni(«d SlHtes, od tbe 9th of December, IcTI, a balBUCc of $r>.liT1.01 
"diBbiiniDi; AiDdB." 

Verr reapeclfully, yoiir obedient scn-snl, 


DUbHnivf CUrk, ll'ar DefTlm'nl. 

Sfentarf of lAt TnanTf. 

Pav Department of the Armv, 

It'aihingtaii, Janaatj 19, IrT'J. 
Sir : I bave tbs bonor lo ackuowtedge receipt of your circular Ictller, l^lfa initaot. lu 
reply thereto. 1 would state, that at the close of tbe day, (Bntnrdiiy DecemberO. IBTI.i mj 
balance with United States Tre&aurer at Waahing-ton, was reduced (o (30I.Si. 
I am air, very reapoctrnlly, your obedient Bervanl. 


PafinaUeT, UnilcJ .llala Army. 

Hod. 8P.CRETARV of the Treasure, 

WaMnstmi, D. C. 


Offiite of the BoLicrroR of the TREAtiiRv. 
ITaMmgloli. D. C. JuBury 82, 18Td. 
Sir: In reply to yonr circular letter of ihe t3th instant, I hnTs ibeboDor to hI*!*. tlist 
I claim to hare had a balance of $4,240,39 lo my credit with the Treasurer of the Iini1i-d 
States in Waahington, D.C.. at the close of business on the 91 b of December, ISTI. 
1 am, very tespeclfully, 


DitbiiTsiiif Agetl. 
Hod. Georve S. Bovtwell, 

Sfcrtlars af Ikt Tftatur). 

United States Markhal's Opfhe, 

H'aMagton, D. C. , Jdimdrjr 30, l-CI. 
Sir; Your circular of dat« thelStb instant, makine inquiry "of the balance of tlisbaisinf; 
funds which you claioi to have had to your credit, with the Treasurer of the United Statu, 
at Waihiugton. D. C.,aC the close of business on the 9th of December, 1871," faM been re- 
ceived. I would respectfully report, that on tbe 9th day of December, at the close of busi- 
ness, there was lo my credit with IbeTreaaurer of the United States the sum of 115,140. 
Respectfully, yours, dc, 

(9'Utd Stattt MuTthal. Dittriet I'olumh: 
Hon. Georse S. Boutwcll, 

SeerfUrg of the Trraiurs. 

Hraihii'arterc Marine Corps, 

Qlartermabter's Ofpii^e, 
liaihinjIOH, D. C, January V3, Wi. 
Su: I bave the honor toacknuwledge the receipt of your letter of tbe ISIh instant, to^ay 
The balance to my credit with the TYeasurer of the United Slates at Washiuf^ii, D. C' 
OD tbe 9th December, 1671, at the close of business, Bccarding to the books of Ibts offirti 
was $500.95. 

1 am, sir, very respectfullr, your obedient servant, 

QmuTtcTMatItT, Mariat Cvrpt. 
Hon. Georgk 8. Boutwell, 

Stcrttarf of itc TrmiHry. 

by Google 


Xavv Pavhaster's Oppice, 
(.'OHHF.R New York Avbnue and Fiptechtii Street, 

IVathiagton, D. C, JaniuiTf 19, 1872. 
Sis ; Id nplf to vour circuUr letter of the 12th iOBtant, I have to slate that my baUoce 
TD Ibe United Sutts'TreuDiy, St the c1<mb of bnrineBB December 9, 1871, was S<lj,6r>l. 58; 
tT'.-uS.Xi nDder cnrrency, and (96.23 QDder coin accoiiot. 
Vety iesp«ctfalljr, yonr oliedienl servnitt. 

War Departmbht. Adjutant General's Office, 

IVatkitglm, JanHarg 20, 1HT2. 
IHR : 111 ucorilaDce with rer|uesl contained in circular No. S, from the Treuuiy Depart- 
onl. af January 13, 1872. I have the honor to infonn jon that the amonnta claimed to 
be to the ncdit of lh« Adjutant Oencial irith the Treaanrer of the United States at Waah- 
iiigUm,D. C., Ht the close of bosiQcw on the 9th of December, 1871, were aa foUoiTB: 

fininilinj fund $70,547 19 

Ccutiiignil fond, Adjntaat Ueneral's department 1,625 00 

f'sadi for collecting, drilling, and ornnizinf voluntecn, draft and aubstilute, 
ud &r the relief of certain dratled men, (in noaaeeiioii of Capt^n Jamea 
JfcMillan. Third Artillery) 13,336 94 

8r>.509 13 

I ini, fir. very respect fiiilf, yoor obedienl serranl, 

Boo. Secretary of the Trbasvrv. 
Note.— Tlw above amoDot inclndes $l3,33r>.94 reportrd by the Treasurer to the credit of 
■I. HcMUUd. diabnrsing officer. 

United States Isterhal Bevesvk, 
Collector's Office, District of Columbm, 
»-aikimgtom, Jamiuirf 19, iSfTi. 
2th inatant 
le Treaanie 
t Waahinfrtoo. D. C, on the 9th of December, 1871, naa 1134.04. 
' am. air, very reapectfully, your obedient servant, 

CotUctOT and DitiuTiing Agrnl. 
(iEOBoe S. Boutwell. 

ScrrrMrji of IIk TmtltiTg, 


WaihiKgtoK, D. C, January i'i, 1872. 
te: In reply to yoor circular letter of the 13lh inatant, reqneatiDE the amount of fanda, 
a cna, Ibat I claimed aa nmainiDg' M my credit with the Treainrer Si the United States, I 
tm Id Male that I had nofiinda, in coin, on deposit on the 9lh of December, 18; I. 
TeiT mped rally, 


Hf(i.Ge(>«cs S. BovTWELi.. 

SetrelMTji of Ike Treaaurf. 

b, Google 

56 conditioh op office of tjnited stateh tsea.sueer. 

Departmgmt of Agriculture, 

Ifathingtan, D. C, Jaauarg 19, MTl 
Sir '. Your circnlai letter of the 12th IhbIsdI, reqneitioB me to infonu ron of the baluf. 
ot diabarginff fundB which J claim to havo bad to mr credit with the Tieaiurei of the Unilcl 
Slatet at 'n^hiogton, at the close of bnaJDeaB od the 9th. of December, IS7I, hai UfD 
received. Inreplj, I have Eo saj that I had at that date, $7,2!>9.(i], incurieiic;. 
Verj reapeclfully, 


United Statgh Internal Revenue. 
CoLLEirroR's Office, Seventh District, Virginia, 

Attzandria, firginia, JauKarg 19, ISJ'i. 
Sir : I have the honor to Acknonledire the receipt to-daj of your letter of I2tb iuBlant. 
In accoidsDce therenEtfa, I reipeetfull]' report tbut the amount of diaburaing funds 1001; 
credit wilb the Treasurer of the United States at Waahington, D. C., at the cIom ti 
buiineBs od the dth of December, 1^1, aa per my check-book, was $2,7DH.5I. 
Very respectfully, your obedient aervant, 

Collector and Diabittiag Agent, Srcintk DitlritI, Virfini^ 

Hou. Geokgf. S. Boutwell, 

ScCTttarg of tkt Treaiurg 

Dr. Cr. 

July 2d, ia64, to requiflitlon. No. (ilK4 J-200,000 Wi 

Bychecki, Angnatia, 1864 JIS.INJO 00 

]iy check '2, ADgnst 12, 18G4 1^,920 00 

By check 3, August 13, 1S64 5,000 00 

By check 4, August 13, 1B(J4 .1,440 00 

By check 5, Angiut 13, 1S64 10,000 00 

By check 6, August 13, 1S64 2.1,676 00 

By check 7, August 17, 1664 9,000 00 

By checks, Decembers, 1864 300 00 

Bycheck9, Juuell, ]S69 130 00 

By check 10, April 2.1, 1«70. 100 00 

■ Bycheckll, July 14, ]e70 380 00 

199,946 00 
Tobalauce 54 00 200,000 p.i 

Department of the Interior. 

IfashiHftom, D. C, JaKuarj 19, je:!7. 
Sir : lu reply to the ioquiry of jour letter of the 12tb iiutaiit, I have the honor t« ioform 
you that the amount I claim to have had to my credit with the Treasurer of the Uuited8t*l«)i 
at Waahiugten, D. C, at the close of boslueH ou the 9th December 187t. is S&4.01>. 
I inelose statement. 

Very respectfully, yoar obedient ■orraDt. 

A. S. H. WHITE, 
* DMiirmg CUrl. 

Hon. Oeorue S. Boutwbll, 

Sttrttary of Ikt Trtatury. 

by Google 


Washington Arsenal, 
IFail,iagton.D.C.,Jamiars2i, IHTS. 
Sir ; In reply to youf letter of the I3lh instsnt, I bave the bonor to state that the balaDce 
iif diibaraiiv foadB which I claim to have had to my credit with the Treasarar of the United 
StUcsontfaeSthof December, IHTl, is S35,HI1.6U 
VeiT reipectfallv, Tour obedient eervaat, 

Captain an<t O. S. K., VnUed Statu Army. 

SttntoTg of tlK Trttuars, Wathrngtoii, D. C. 

Washing roN Arsbnal, 
Washiiigtom, D. C, Ftbnarg 9, liSTU. 
Sol: 1 hare the honor to achnowledj^e Iba receipt of joar letter of the 7th inataiit, Btatiafr 
lUt the Treainrrr of the United Slates ra^rte a leaa amonnt than (:)5,8J 1 .60 m atandinf; to 
DTciedit on his books at the close of bnsinesa on the 9th of December, 1B7J, thisbeinf^ the 
Uuca of disbnning funds which I reported to my credit on that day, and reqneaUng me to 
iiTtitigate the account and report the cause of the discrepaocy as soon as practicable. 

I hifa acMKUnely investigated the matter, and think it will be found, on a re-oxaminalicn 
"i >j balance with the Treaaorer on that day, that there was a mistake in bis office, and 
ibupnbobly my balance on bis books was in reality more than I reported, arisioe from 
*oot decks not having been presented that I deducted from my credit, ns they hnd been 
i«ii>dud pasead ont of my hands in payment of ToucbecB. 
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, 

Captain and 0. S. K., United Slata Army. 

Note.— Captain WLyte's true balance on Dth December, was $40,706.60, as fbilows i 
BeloBceby statement frtl.SnO 

ChecksefF. WattscbarredineTTortoO. Whyte— 

So.:0 19 00 

So. 73 0,200 39 

So. in IG7 80 

6, at? ]!> 

40,706 80 

Tbe errot was discovered and corrected December 27. Of course, a corresponding error 
TU mads In bobuic* of F. Watts, Commiisioiter Agricnltare, Ac. 

WsnceofK Watts. Decembers |i:!,ea« 44 

I<> Incl check as above charged in error to F. Wbyle 6,367 19 

Tme balance of F. Watts 7,461 25 

I)ErEMBcli9. I^ni. 

A. U. WYMAN, r«!Her. 
Uon.Ueo«GeS. Boutwej.l, 

SanUrgaf Ihe Tnaiarg, IViiihi»iti)M, D. C: 

\lt,t\<mn 10.1 
Slatemtat of legal-ttndtr mHei, " iuKt 1869." 

tViated aod delivered to tbe Treasurer of tbe United States np to and includ- 
'■H Dwember 9, 1671, oa shown by tbe books of the ctirrency division of tho 

t'mtarj'ioSee.M ^rineiosnre marked A $359,2:^2,000 

lined aod credited in the Treoenrer'i general acconat, at per incloiura 

Buked B 309,000,00a 

On band and in Mrploa fnnd 150,282,000 


Itncloinn 10— A. | 
LtgiU-taideT nola imitd aKd Mieered la Iht Treaatinr of Itt Uniled Slaiti. 

h tae,4M,mi 

Sa. 38,056,000 

Si 32,830,000 

10s. 68,880,000 

SOa 50,478,00>i 

r>08 , 30.300,0011 

100a 28,720,000 

500s 34,800,CIW1 

1000a 54,800.000 

Total 359,223,000 


StaUnuiit oj Ufal-teadir wAtt, ■ ■ iumt of IBBS," cndiltd in the Giatral accvaxt of Ike Tnat- 
artTof tkt Uiiittd S(aUt. 

October. 1603, covered iulo the Treaauir hj warrant 3!)B, 4tb qiurtor, 1869. . . 938d, OOii 

November, 1869, coTered into the Treuarj by warrsnl 577, 4Lb quarter, 1869. 4, 676,500 

December, 1869, coveri^ inlo the Treasury by warrant 847, 4tb quarler, 1869. 6, S48, 00<i 

JaDoarj, 1870. covered iulo the Trowury by warrant 278, 1st qnarler, 1870.. 7,646,962 

Febraary. 1870, covered into (he Treasury by warrant 586, Ist quarter, 1870.. 8,243,559 

March. 1870, covered into the Treasury by warrant 655, Istqusrtet, 1870.... 7,964,850 

April, 1870, covered into the Treasnry by warrant 181, 2d quarter, 1870 11.872,35:' 

May, 1870, covered into the Treasury by warrant 478. 2d qrfartef, 1870 7,023,45<i 

June. 1870, covered into the Treaaury by warrant 62:1, 2d quarter, 1870 1,268,34:; 

June, 1870, covered Into the Treasury by warrBQl 624, 2d quarter, 1870 11,620,000 

July, 1870, covered into the Treaauty by warrant 251, 3d quarter, 1870 10,061,192 

Au^st, 1870, covered into the Treasury by warrant 584, Sd quarter, 1870.... '29, )&9,40U 

September, 1670, covered into the Treaenry by warrant 6)5, 3d quarter, 1870.. 8,738.600 

October. 1870, covered into the Treasury by warrant 202, 4th quarter, 1870. . . 7, 959. 9tI4 

November, 1870, covered into the Treaaury by warrant 517, 4th quarter, 1870. 13, 010,650 

December, 1870, covered into the Treaaury by warrant 661, 4th quarter, 1870. 8,515,500 

Januaiy, 1871, covered into the Treasury by warrant 154, let quarter. 1871 .. 8,812, 1 IT 

February, 1871, covered into the Treaaury by warrant 679, Ist quarter, 1871.. 6,505.539 

March, 1871, covered into the Treasury by warrant 1065, 1st quarter, 1871... 7,469,40" 

April. 1871, covered into the Treasury by warrant 402, 2d quartar, 1871 7,IS0,88r 

Hay, 1871. covered into the Treasury by warrant 853, 2d quarter, 1871 7,559.962 

June, 1S71, covered into the Treasury by warrant 1240, 2d quartar, 1871 6,675,150 

July. 1871. covered into the Treasury by warrant 148, 3d quarter, J87I 6,3^,82'.> 

August, ]87l.coyeredinto the Treasury by warrant 835, 3d quarter, 1871 6,053,200 

September, 1871, covered into the Treasury by warrant 1138, 3d qaarler, 1871 . 5, 490, 037 

October, 1871, covered into tbo Treasury by warrant 370, 4th quarter, 1871... 7,300,083 

November, 1871, uncovered - , 5, (>30, 7iW 

December, 1871, uncovered 2,405,511 

* Leas amonnt of old issue of legal-tender notes credited in Treasurer's i^nera) 
account, AniniBt 15, 1870. and erroneously covered into the Treasury as of 

the "laaneof 1869," by warrant 584, 3d quarter, 1870 11,041,783 

Total amount of lecsl-tendcr notes of the " iwoe of 1669" credited 209,000,000 

Office of Unitbd States Assist amt TREasi;itiui. 

Ken York, January 5, 1^72. 
SIR: In accordance with the request i_ ^. 
herewith the achednles asked for, showing the is 

jilRtiloBunrJcrdatflof NftfemlHT 

m, leno. b; cr^dltlDK the " UN 


'ilificUei ftnd tbree jier cent, cerlificnirs rroni J.-iuuary l.l'-TU. 10 December 9, 1^1, boLh 

Very respectfully, 

Coin rtrti^ata, 3eti,> of IpTUbi.-/ I'^TI. 

TRE-tSl'RBR, Dr.: 

\'*\. «aieiie7] f5. 000,000 

■.*-K series 1870 20,161,00(1 

1,ii"|i«, i«ie«lSTO 52,949,00(1 

rilMs, aerieaiero 200, IBS, 000 

IM-O*. i*ji««I8T0 204,630,000 

Totol ....- 41=3,725,000 



ChifJ CuTTtiKg DirUioH. 

Office of Assistant TREAftnER United Statfj*, 

\ca Vtirk, January 3, ltJT2. 
S'Vmitml ef gatd ctrt^icatu nctittdfroai tht Trtaturtr of the Uailtd Slaut, togiOur ttilh Iht 
tinwli istutd, Ttdumtd, sad mitttaiiintg, fram Jaauarif ]. 1870, (itnc in« began Frb- 
narj 14, 1S70,) to Deetti^n 9, 1671, iKtIutirc. 

Kwi>ed from TroMnrer IToiled 8tat«B |10,00(I J60,0OO,OOO 

5,000 35,000,000 

1,000 17,000,000 

rm 4, 250, 000 

100 550,000 

Tolftl 116.800,000 

loardfroin tbiii office $10,000 jr)4,700,000 

5, 0011 :tO, 480, 000 

l.OOO 15,924,000 

500 S. 96fl, 500 

100 490,000 

ToUl I05,5B3,B00 

lirJetm*) JIO.OOO j:©, 660, 000 

5, 000 22, 800, 000 

1 , 000 12, 425, 000 

500 2,812,000 

100 62, 000 

ToUl 73,759,000 

"1 Land, DDissaeil $10,000 $5,300,000 

5,000 4,520,000 

1,000 1,076,000 

500 261,500 

100 60,000 

Towl 11,817,500 


OotBlftnding #10,000 »I9,04Q,00'> 

5.000 7.680,000 

■ 1 , 000 3, 499, OOO 

500 1 , 176, 5(>U 

100 4aa,o<K> 

Total 31,883,500 

Office ok United States Assistant Trbasurek, 

Kan Yorlc, JanMaryS, 1872. 
Sir : In accordance with the requeit in yonr favor of the Gth iniUnt I hftve ths honor l*> 
inclose herewith two schedules, sbowinr the amoant and camben of tbe " ihrre per cent. 

UNtTED States Treaburv, 

Ntu York, Jantarji S, 1872. 
Sthtduh oflkrtt ptretal. ctrlifieaiit nctictifiom Ika Trtaturtr of the U^iUd Staltr.taftthtr 

loiti lit itiutt and nmmiNt unuttitd to tlit dote ef tutiant, DtctmbtT 9, 1871. 
5, 7G4 3 per cent, certificates, each |5,000, issued to Jurnarr 1, 

id70 $ag,820,000 

CO 3 per ccDtcertiGcatea, each $5,000, iseued from Janaary 1, 

1870, lo Decembers, 1871, inclusive 300,000 

1,176 3 percent, certificates, eacb|5,000, on hand UDiasned De- 
cember 9, 1871 5,830,000 


7,000 3 per cent, certificates, each |5,000. 

.'>,600 3 pel c«nL certificates, each (10,000, iuued to Januitry 

■, 1670 56,000,000 

cent, cerlificalea were issued f 
a December 9, 1871, inclusive. 

aoo 3 per cent ceititicates, each $10,000, on 

December 9, 1971 2,000,000 

5,800 3 per cent certificates, each #10,000. 

Total 93,000,000 

per cent cerlificalea were issued from Jaouarr 1 
ro, to December 9, 1871, inclusive. 



68, OOO. OOW 

AtiiHaM Trtaturtr United Slatrt. 

Dclivend to Trtaaurer. 

Three per cent. certiBcatcs, act Uarcb i, 1867 : 

5,000 May 25, 1867, Nos. 1 to 4000 »20,«0O, OOO 

June 1, 1867, Nos. 4001 to laOOO 40,000.000 

June 3, 1867, Nos. 12001 to 15800 19,000,000 

June 3, 1867, mumated 1.000,000 



lU.OOOlliy], Not. 1 to<000 WO, 000,000 

M«r6,NM. «0Llo7800 38,000,000 

M»y6, mntilBleJF a, 000, 000 

80, 000. 000 

I'tilToytil at itatiilieal, 

j.m January &, ld69, tinia ^100, 000 

lO.CeO JaDDKTT 5, 1869, tinU .* 400,000 

.i,lX» JmoarjS, lt!69, faces 760,000 

l«.l)0(l Januarys, 1869, faws 720,000 


\V. V. S. WILSON, 

Chitf CtiTTtncy Diviiion. 

Sottmail ef the coin talauee . 

t thoirit bg Ikt gtntral ci 

1- ledger of thf TreaauTtr't office. 



Ktitabct 30, li^I.— Balance as per ledger tlu,tJ9S,3T7 47 

Tonhich addcorrectiaQBtobe made 
aa perHccompaDyiugstatemenls.. 8,030 99 

15,903,408 4I> 
From which d«dact coirection to be 
made ai per accompaoTlnff atale- 
menl 242,791 90 

Balance as corrected up to Novein- 

3n, 1871 I5,GG0,G10 5fJ 

ItecembRy, 1871.— Bj drafts onUtaDdiDC November 30, 

since paid «12,41l 57 

Br drafts drawn additional for NoTem- 
ber aO, since paid 9,928 50 

By drafts drawn this week and paid 1,974 28 

To transfer order 5,000,000 00 

To coin coupons and ^oid certificates 
received as per cash-book 1,3^1,30(1 12 

To national bank coin transfers ofeitb- 
■cription to new loan, suspended on 
ledger 95.394 42 

To receipts 7, 500 02 

To amoont of drafts outstanding un- 
paid 10,745 93 

By balance due Dfccmber 9. IH71 22,131,218 70 

22.155.563 05 22,155.563 06 

ItiJi-rences on ledger : 
Orfot>er7, IM!7. — Amount nf lmuK(«r oF gold certificates 

tn New York not credited to the Treasurer ' ?r., 000 00 

April 14. I:fi9,— Counter entry of receipts omitted 117,747 50 

JuiaaTy3). I>?U.— Error in entry of rereipls, excess 10 00 

Aopul 13. 1870,— Error in entry of receipts, excess IP, 000 00 

M»y#l. I-7I,- Error in entry of receipts, ficcss 100,000 0(1 

rvpleoiber I, 1^^. — Kccoipts oniitled, entered as cur- 

WBCV :. &i.^:i 01) 

Jnly li). li^n.— Keccipts iimitled, eiilered as currency '& 00 

Uircb II, lr<(] — Beceipis omilled. entered as currency. . 20 00 

IVbmary I, 1868.— Receiptsoniitled,enlered ns currency. 1, 154 10 

Uint 31, 18G8.—RM»ipla omitted, entered as currency.. 53 

, Google 



Jul J 8. 16GK — K«c«ipta omitted, ttiterod as eurrenc; 

Jnly 16, \li66. — Receipts omitted, entered aa currency 

March 29, I8t>7. — Rvceipta omitted, entered as i:nrtency.. . 
April 20, 18U9. — Receipts omitted, entered ns cnrreney .. ■ 

JrqdbijH, 1668.— Drafts omitted from paid drafts 

JsQUSTj^a, ItKi).— Drafts omitted from luud drafts 

Febraaiy I'J and 20, lt«9~Drafts omitted from paid drafts . . 

April 3U, I8!>'^.— Drafts entered twice as paid 

September ;)U. 18(i7.— Drafls entered twice as pud 

A]iTil 30, 1809.— Coapona credited in L-ash-book to Sod 
.1 -___ _.. . — ^^ chared to I lie Treasurer. . .. 

$t 311 
■J« Id 

Uedui^t abuve amount 

Balance per ledj^er. division of nccounli 

Differences on cash-book: 

Keptcmber 21, lri6'J. — Consul fcc!! enterc-i twice 

December 15, Itf69. — Error in coupons from Boston, entry 

not mude on cssb-book 

Jlay 2, liffO.— Error in entry of draft, witered as $51,- 

196,01, should bo t-'iT,l'M.m 

Aiiroat 3, 1K7(>. — Error in entry of coupons, entered hh 

(ll»,3t!l, should he 810,H31 

May 22, 1871— Coin coupons left off cii^hbook 

Anipist 2, l'>71. — Draft entered as currency, should be 

March 31, 18ti8.— Coin, entered as 
July 8, 1808. — Coin, entered as currency.-. 
July tii, I8G4. — Coin, entered as currency.. 
March i'J, IritJ/.-Coin, entered as currency 
April 2tl, l^tiU. — Coin, imturedos currency.. 

currency. $l,l.')4 10 

248 J6 

January U, ]Hi7.— PurdiosB bonds, charged by New York 

as coin, credited as currency 

Novembers!, li^ilj.-Demaiid notes, charged by Boslvn an 

coin, credited a* currency 

December '£>, ISWi. — Demand notes, charged ly BufTalo 

as coin, credited as currency - 

January li, 18!)6. — Demand uotcx, cliarged by Kaiiit Lonin 

iM coin, credited as currency 

.'.75 t»0 

111,415 64 


i,5««.»>0 K-. 
111,41.') G4 


1,700,230 52 
311, 129 Bl 

l.^.tifil.Utfi 111 
■I'JIl r. 

by Google 


Uiltr nftht Poitnuialt^Gimral cirlifyiiig eorrectHis* of I'oit-Offia: Dcpartmeiil accoant. 

PosT-OFFirB Depart HUNT, 

lyaiUKgtoit, D. C, Fcbmarg -JS, IBTi;. 
Sik: III rrply l<i the cupy of your letter of the 10th inituit (original not rereiTOd) relative 
l« balance Id Ibe bnnds ot the Treasurer of (he United SlalM to credit of this Depactmeut, at 
ihr close ui buainrss on the 9th of l>?ceniber, lH7i, I bavo to say thnt the balance, as stated 
in Tour letter, gi,867.27, is correct. 

The balnnce oa the hooks of Ms Departmenl, at ttio same time, was (4,091.211 to the creilil 
"t ibe Treasurer, beiug an overdraft ot that amount, thuBBhowin|r warrants to the amount ol^ 
lif ii)-t»W.47 ouUtandin^, the difference. $i,B67.B7. K therefore, ihn balauce on the books of 
liir TfeMurer's oftioe, 

I have Ihi- honor to be. very rcspi-clfiiilw. 


PottBtailrr Gmcral. 

iuifmitl of eanttaU of lafci ill diciiit/H ef loam, Trca»iirtr'» offiu,attbt elate n/* A us in i as, 
Satardag, DtamUr 0, 1671 : 

■.\,ii(»iif, (coin) JI4,lid7,9a3 87 

C«(i«ii«. (conencj) ia,280 W 

ijauwrly checks, (coin) 1,143,529 24 

WJ (ertificates 1,483,000 0<J 

l-orehaied liTe-twenliea 120,500 00 

■slinl *&Jj for redemption 38,965,750 00 

■ - - -" ' 262,00000 

36,275,993 11 


Chitf of Dimaian- 

.;.:..ur.-aspM-CB« «.'*7, 175 27 

A ii-Htnl of Weston's cash 6i>,t:<53 77 

VRHinni rer^ivMl prior to December 10, l''7I, but not entered in cosh-bCHih December li, ISTl ■JIW,771 8S 

.1 ..'MIDI received December 9, lt$Tl, from United States assistant treasurer 

\: Boston, but not entered in the books until after that data ^,000 III) 

^i-iunnl i«ceived December 9, 1^1, from United States assistant treasoier 

«!lto«ti>n. but not watered in the books until after that date -J5,0U0 U(l 

V .»nu>t reported in Mr. Weatou'e canh an not belonging to the cash of llie 

-(Gee. baring bern received bj him over theuonuter, and not yet paid for. I. r^l'l 'M 
^t.: ta3M ciiunled. but not sorted, and not betonefing to the casli of the 

.*« l.ieU ft> 

Mul caiiFa ivceit'ed December 9, but not enteriHl iu the books of the oAice.. ■ ),K.'>3 37 

;>.-„anu. nut in cash 311 3tt 

"■ dinml package*, not in ca*h :JS9 S3 

lleceoibel U. lt'71 : 
< >o(-itd correucy tamed o' 
I' •!■ ■uni QKiiivy turned ovei 


Pait of Woston'B casli, couDled and re turn od to hi m December 10, IB71 t30,S0J 47 

Pan of Wes ton's cftsh, coauled and returneil to faim December 21, 1871 31,67(1 07 

Receipts of Second Assistant PoilmasterGaneriil J. 325 Oft 

Tno ten-dollar notes, sappoeed to be coanlerfeils '20 <U> 

Part of Weston's cash turned over to special committee - 13,334 Xi 

Packaf^ found in Mr. Weston's box, claimed to contain $l,g01.9U, not yet 

paid for 1,801 9tl 

Mr. Uoorhouse's, cash counted and returned to him December 14, 1871 14,016 1J 

Hiss Cbthod's settlements, counted aa (600, (see explanations inclosed) 34:1 (in 

Counted and returned December 15, 1871 2,974 9.> 

Counted and Tetumed December 16, ISTl 2,6lia 3li 

Counted and returned December 16, 1871 ^SOO 9.'i 

Counted and returned Decembor 16, 1871, (Caraon'e) 6,515 tM 

Counted and retarned December Irt, 1871 5,848 SI 

Counted Bud returned December 19, 1871 3,131 2S 

Counted and returned December 19, 1871 :t,494 Iti 

Counted and retunied December 20, 1871 3,765 91 

Counted and returned December 30, JH71 4,081 53 

Counted burned money -- 203 OU 

Counted and returned December 2U, IH71 • fi.574 41 

Mr. Poynton'g cash, counted and returued to him December 31, 1671 3,269 7n 

Counted aud returned to him December 31, 1871 2,595 19 

Counled and returned to him December 31, 1M7I 8,301 (11 

Counted and returned to him December 27, 1871 4,116 0; 

Counled and returned to Colonel Jones : 

Affidavits J. 219 21 

Diacoiints not in actual cash balance 311 59 

Unclaimed packages 289 23 

Uu! cases sorted, but not counted in cash balance of December 9, 1871 1,189 ei 

Amount found short by actual count aod explained in various ways, (see in- 

iloBuroSo, 18) 131 37 

952,216 9^ 

Treasi ftv DErARTHBNT, Redesiption Division, 

Watkington, Janaarg 26, 167:!. 
GEORuV. W. I{KiO.<<, Esq., Chairmaii, l(e. : 

In compliance with request of the inTealigatin^ committee I have the honor to submit the 

The duties in this division are various, and in their proper ex eoulion involve much detail; 
tliey are: The counlini; of all moneys of the issue of the United Stales forwarded to the Tmasurf 
for redemption ; remitUnf; for same, either bv transfer check on one of the assistant traasur- 
rrs, by forwarding new currency, or by crediting proceeds in acconnt ; canceling, dividing 
and doliverinj; the mnncy, after being counted, to the proper branches of the offices of Ih» 
Secretary and Register for Iheir verification of same : the examiualion aud identificaliou ot 
money, bonds, or other United States securities, tliat have been burned or partially destroyed 
from other causes ; a9 being partly eaten by vermin. &.a. 

Appended is a list of the clerks employed jn Ibis division, their respective salaries, tlir 
number of counters and messengers, a list of the books, their purpose, aud Ibo names of the 
clerks by whom these books are kept. 
Very respectfully, 


D. A. McSair «2,«00 J.B.Moorhous Sl.eoO 

D.CoaRhlin 1,400 W, B. McKelden I,!-!^' 

C. E. Duley l.CUO E, McLeod l,!*""' 

M. Donnolly 1,2(>0 J. C. Poynlon l.wiii 

A.Dubanl '. 1,400 J, H. Stevens I.ti"!' 

R. II. Forsyth l.liUO H, D, Smith I.mW 

Charles Forbes A.200 L.L.Shedley i.V>*' 

S. 8, Gregory i,*^ilO C.C.Weaton l.lli"' 

W.H.Gibson 1,800 J. Wright 1,4'"' 

D. W. Harrington 1,800 Mrs. i.. R. Rozeuborg l,4n' 

A. D. Johnston 1,600 Mrs. M.J. Patterson I,*"' 

E.N.Jacobs 1,200 Mrs. M. M, Watson I.'Mi 

W. H. King 1,400 Miss H. C. Keller l,2Wi 

There are 129 counters employed at (900; 7 male and II female mwH^gen. 


Diiliet and emplo^ of redetn/ilion dii'imoii. 

'^ nrrU cuh-book . . 

rorpoBS or olyecl. 

Xept by- 

CoDwIldatcd fliflli of diviflioD. hIiowIiii; biti>l re-»,Fw.yth. 

. B, H. Kumytli. 

Tr«Di.r.T >rroiiiit on K«w Yorli. Pliil*l*lphlii, 

■ C.E. Dally. 

Cony ur iDtUira uf rulutnii icnt tor nioncy re- 


KiTonl uf t>Kt\ett Uelivered Ht uBl..- i-edi-mp- 


AjWTOKnted tnowolioiui uf tl» luunlb. and In). 

1 Do. 

Aaminl vT-fUl)}- rrcrlplrt *Dil drlii-<-ry o( frac- 

E. UcLtixl. 

UlH moneys i\f- SchiMlulrBof nuifRTmlet-mrilami ilrstro^ed... 

^>r ruiird Siatt-.i Rn'rlptn fmni Sifn-lary am) ){i>Ki«<oi'*s orBrcH | 
t for uolrH di-llvrtvi! fnr drxtTHPlliui. 

nrualiKtlcat mm ' Showlnff llir nniiHiot of «ni-li kliulof iiiiflnMnI ' 
imjed— gisiintjcsl. noIM. iHindH. (I'onpon and rFKi^>tond.> ■tiiiupii. 

"f tullntinlmit- Srli>iin)r4 uf inleniaVTPTenue Mampn ili'iilriivnl 
'^ilKiin)— rvileniii- i Il»< ■■>■*•■ )>n>n IiiiiiuhI Id aiid nrliinii^d uuiunii , 

)>v Com wliudiDi<-r nf Intvrnal K»vi>diip. 
' DMloiul )iaukii. SchcdalBornuiriKif lHu)ti>iifl)ilai-1iuwmirpnin) 
nduiliciuiiLiiiiui— )>v I'muun-r t'nllr^ Hlaun an<l dr-iiroyn), 

r nailiHiiil Ininkii Rrri'ipri train iiWifi iif!<M.'ri-lary. 4;i-,. rit^sirr- ' 

the daily InuiwiitliHia In I'.iimtliiE uin.-.tlir' 

: il'ii'Hi li' !.'•'<'— <'■■)■ ■■ AvrimnU nf uuti-x liy luanfuani) di'UsniiiwtloDs, 

tvdrnurd and dmtnivHL 
iiplioii liit:et-.<Utig' , Ai'Cntnil at I'nltnl Sinti-a muIi-h, bundd, and 
tl alaiupaiinfluIii)iFil.di*troy«(l. 

)a ruuut BBil dimwTcivd in Krurelnry's and . 
• Rei^ndT'a iitBcfa. 
■ :■ .^-Wik . luvnlcva, or liiita of til^ lota of monor l^irwnTdf'd 

lo tlip olBc™ uf thi.' AH-n-lurj and Koj.-i«lPr. 
-.■trr «t IrMHOKlioDii of Stalcan-ut iif thu roniinllln- of counllu;; Hiid prt- 
Luuirln — nuih. parlnz ntoni'y and sontli-a uf the Uuliril Stales 

tor di-nlTOelloD. 

"" "'■ ■" " -■ - I'jpn'i....,.., 

, Uallystalnupul.ifroivipIHbvmiitlofuiu 

dwmrd. I1..W. an.) .r^■■" ■" ' "' 

SlBti-inrnt of ludpiupli 

. Monthly ■toleiuniC ol 

Ihiw. aiHl irbi-n dlauwrd of 

and cliarjjiMl looddcouuUTs., 



DHlim ONtt tmploij^a of rriirmplion diriiion — Cuiitiniieil. 

TItlo. rurpiHW nr olijiil. Kryt liy- 

Anonnt of bnml monrT. . .' linrnt mnui'r r.'reivr<l fmni roDimltU'i' J. C. Poyntup. 

Accounl of dixcouiilKa I UliKouiilHliiiout'j'byiuup* l>u. 

Acrouut of alBdavita RrdprnptloDii by affldarlu Dn. 

■IMHmifll-Bhoet......^.'.._.i l>flily mlpmnlion iiT initti4>v diHcnaoli^ .. F Iha. 

Chrrk'bwiki Tntni>rvriliiiRii for mlrnililkiii I vr. II.UrKnM* 

ltr|-li>tPrDf nrrliils ' A <Ially MitviBMit i-r ■n>i»-y irMrcl 1? null . . . U. W. JUrrina 

J>ui>Ilt'ato Hlvk'F* of n- Voplr* at Intm, BukuowkilKing of uimiry for Uu. 

StatemeHl of *eearilict in tHttoils of Triamrer a/ UnilrH Slatn far 
bankt. Friruarg 17, I«7)f. 

1. First Nalinnal tlHok of PurtHinuiith. New HjiiiipHljire 

2 FirBt Nnlionnl Buuk of WilkpB ll«rrp, IVuu-ijIvniiiH 

3. First NslioiiBl ]lHnk (if Clcvi'lai) J, Obio 

h. S«rouil Nntiunnl Kniik of LlHylnn. Ohiii 

C. First Nalional Hdiik of riH-Bfto, llliii<ii!i 

7. First Nutioutil llatik uf Sviaciiae, Npw Yoik 

H. First Kalioiml HhlU of Fruiiioiit. Ohio , 

S. First NatiuiiKl Hunk of Staairiail, Cuiiiitvticiit 

](>. FiiBt KaiiuDat IlHiik of Erie, PHDiisjrlvitriiit 

1 1. First KHlidiiitl llnrik niXfw Ilavril. Cnniiuulii'iit 

■a. SfK'ODtl NaiionHl iJRtikof ClpveUiid, OMo 

I:i. First National liniik of Sanduaky, Oliio 

I4. First Kntioiial I<ki:k of JanesTille. Wisramviii 

'5. Fiml NHtiunHl Dank of HpringSeld, UaKSiicIiiisettii 

'fi. First National Ikiik of Yoiiii|fHtown, Ohio 

17. FiistXalional Bank of EvauKviil.^, Indiana 

18, First National Hank of Akron, Ohio ^ 

'!). First Xalional Hank of IMvenport, Iowa 

80. First Nalioiial Dank of Pliiladeiphia, ppnnNylvanla 

«!. First Natioi.«l Pank of Ann Arbor, JlicliiBBt. 

'^2. First Na[ioi«! lUnkufFort Wayne, Indiana 

«:). First Nati"iial Itankof La I'avi-iie. Indiana 

U. First N« Bat.k of Findlay, Ohio 

•i&. First SBtiuual Hank of Carlinle, Peiinsylvania 

Ho. First Xational Bank of KicbmonO.lndiHua 

fty. First National Baak of Annira, lilinois 

a«. First National Bank of Iowa Cily. Iowa 

29. Third SatloDftl Bank of Ciuciunali, Oliio 

3(1. Firm NsLional Bank of llio City of New York, Now York 

3|, Fimt National Bank of Towaiida, Pi-u nay Ivan ia 

32. Srcond National Bank of Citirinnali, Oliio 

3:1. First National Baukof Cim'innali. Oliio 

^4. First National Batik of Fishkil] Landing, New York 

3,'). First National Bank of Marietta, Punn.'iylvauia ^., 

3(J. ElntNatioDBlBankof WaxhinRlon, I>. C 

37. First National Bank of MvConnet><vi1to, Oiiio 

3r4, First National Bank of Huntingdon, Pcnniiylvauia 

M. Firal Nalional Bank of Franklin, lodiana 

40. First National Bank of Salem, Ohio , 

41. First National Bank of Cairo. Illitioix 

42. First National Bank ofKoadoiit, New York 

4;<. First National Dank of Cambrid|r» City, Indiana 

44. First Nalional Bank ofCpnlrPvillS loillaua 

4.'>. First National Bank of Kendallville, Indiana ...^ 

46. Second National Bank of Akron, Oliio 

47. First Natiunal Bank ofSlrasbnrg, Ppnu.ylvania 

48. First National Bank of Anderson, Indiana 

49. First National Bank ofEllenvill*, New York 

3,9,1,26:1 byGoogle 


Sil. Firat N'alkmiil B«nk of PitlsbnrKh, Pennsylvauin g43'i,l>00 

51. Kimt Nmionil Kiiuk ufTerre Haiile, Inainiin 3lll), 000 

Si KiMi KstLonnl Baah of Ncwnrk, New Jcri*y 500,000 

Jt3. FirsI NstiiMinl Hunk uf Hi>lliiJu.vBbu^, Pennsylvania fiO, 000 

:<t. Sri'ond National Back of ScrauloD, Funnsylvaniii S:i4,()50 

i'l. First National Bauk of JohnKlown. Pennsylvania 60,000 

:*i. Kirsl National Bank of OWrlin. Ohio 101, .WO 

r.7. First XallonBl Baok of Lodi, Ohio Vi,mni 

.'•-'■. FinI Kslionsl Jlauk of ladiauapotiii, Indintiu 6iKl,OI>0 

jK. First National Bank of Girarf, Pennsylvania ]04,<JUO' 

fil. First National Bank of HauiiUou. Ohio UK), 000 

tii FiTdi National Btiik ofTrnv, Ohio aiHi.WU 

61. Ural Xaiioiial Bank of Newville, Penuaylvania ^ lOtl.lHIi) 

liS. !■■! rat National Bank of Bulb, Maine 200,000 

IK. Sttonii Naliunal Uabk of Cily New York, New York :«fli,0«« 

W. First NatioMal Biuk of Milwanke^, WHvoR<<iii aOli.WlO 

•y. First National Hank of Rockville, Indiana , UIKI.OOO 

M. Hr^lNatiuiiul Bank of Norwich, Connecticut 4otl.tHiO 

Jil. First National Bank nf Lyons, Iowa KHi.tHH) 

1-i. First Nat iol^l Bank of Kiltauning. Pennsylvania ^^,000 

::!. Fira: National Bank of Ports nn mill, Oil io Ith4,0tl0 

/I. >irst National Bank of Adams, New York 7G, WH) 

::.. First National Bank of Walerlown, New Yoik 13l,i:00 

7rt. FirslNaii-.nal Bank of Warren, Ohio iiOil.OCO 

";. Fir^l Naliunal Bank of Dansvillj, New York 50,000 

;-, l^'itsi National Bank uf ('antoo. Ohio 100,000 

'-'}. I'irst National Bunk of Won-estrr, Jlnasai' bust Its iilD.OOO 

6'. >l[st National Bank of Scrautun. Peiin-ylvaniu 2*), 0011 

'-I. Spcuud NalioDMl B4iik of Franklin, Indiana J5U,(HI0 

Si. First National Bank of Warsaw, Indiana 50,000 

'r4. nrsl National Bank of Uppar Sandusky, Ohio HKi,mM» 

H.\ First National Dank of Lanrenceburgli, Indiana 100,000 

»i. Hret National Bank of Cadiz, Ohio 180,000 

J^. First National Hank of Moravia, New York HO, 000 

!". Firal National Bank of Nashna, New Hanipsliire IfiO.OllO 

Ml. FiiEtNa^onat Bank of Monmomli. llliiiois 50, OnO 

»i. Tliird National Bank of Uity New Yoik 940,000 

91. FiiSt National Bank of Germanlowu, Oiiio 75,000 

9:i. Hut Niiional Bank of Delhi, New York 101,000 

94. Fimt National Bank of Toledo, Ohio 350.000 

Hy >1t&t National Bank of Lojcnn, Ohio f>(t,0(MI 

fti. First NuioQttl Bank of South Benil, Indiana 170,000 

M. (Vsl National Bank of Birre, Mossailiunclt* 150, WlO 

f^. Poorth National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio 5^0,000 

Iw. Fim National Bank of Hudson, Wisconsin 50,000 

KU. First Nslionai Bunk of Detroit, Michigan 300,000 

i'H. First National Bank ot Tmn Ion, Ohio 204,000 

liw. First Natiouiil Bonk of Greenfield, Ohio 50, UOO 

M. First National Bank of Seneca Falls, New York 60,000 

lu5. S»conJ National Bank of Wilkesbatre, Peuniylvania 445,000 

IW. First National Bank of Valparaiso, Indiana 51,800 

lU'. First National Bank of Banjfor, Maine 30S,000 

llf?. Fjul National Bank of Mcadvillo. Pcuusylvauia 205,000 

Wi. First National Rank of Havouna, Ohio lOO.OOll 

H". F rst National Bank uf Ottuinwa, Iowa 67,000 

HI. Fiirst National Bank of Rock Island, Illinois ,' 100,000 

lla. First National Bank of I^uisville, Kentni^ky 300, UOO 

m. First National Bank of Union Mills, Peunsylvanio 50,000 

114. First National Bank of Hadisoo, ludiaua 3M,ti(iO 

ilS. First National Bank of Danville, Illinois 50,000 

116. First National Bank of La Salle, Illinois 4-J,(HW 

117. Second Notional B«iik of Uetroil, Michigan 770,0llO 

111'. First National Bank of Danville. Indiana ^ 104,000 

119, Finti National Bunk of Circleville, Ohio 260,000 

m. First N-lional Bank of Marion, Iowa 68,000 

l-a. Fin.! .National Bank tf Harlford, Connpcticnl 6IG.00O 

IW, First National Bank of SprinRBtld, Vermont 8OS.0UO 

I'il, First Naiional Bank of Columbus, Ohio 300,400 

ya. First National Bank of Whitewater, Wisroiisin 50,000 

l'A>. First Nalionul Bank oflteadiug, Pennsylvania lOU, DOO 



127, First National Bank of Bennington, Vormont ■,.,. tl«,(ir'ii 

]2fl. First Nntionsl Bank ot" CnrdingloD, Ohio |lNl,<ai|i 

lUU. First National Bank of CliillicotW, Oliio l.yi.l-OU 

130. FirstNaiIonalB-.ukofKln.i™, New York lUi.Uim 

131. First National Bank of Elkbart, Iiidiuna lUO.lKli 

i'i-i. First National Bsnk of Wabash, Indiana .■ M.lKiii 

133. Second National Bank of Zaueaville, Ohio 154, Tim 

134. Fiwt National Bank of Poineroy, Ohio UHi,iK<.t 

i:t5. Firal National Bank of Iteverly, Ohio IIki.imi 

l;!ti. First SalionBl Bank of Pro^idancP, Klioile lilanJ 5(i,i,""i 

1:IT. First National Bank of Oallipclis, Oliio lO.IMi 

ISf". First National Bank of Browns viilc, I'onnnjlvaiiia 7i,IKiii 

1:13, First National Bank of Huntington. ludiaua H)(l,i«Hi 

HU, First National Bank of Lancaster, Ohio t'yi,w< 

HI. First National Bank of Uiithlehrm, I'ennaylvauift Mm,(m 

142. First National Bank ot Peoria, Illinois a*i.|IINI 

14:t, Second National Bank of St. Louis, Missonri :t(iil,(«Hi 

144, Second National Bank of SjraruBO, Npw York ll»|t,ll«i 

14.^1, First National Bank of CaintriJpe, Ohio Uri.M* 

I4fi, First Nntioual Bank of Marietta, Ohio Hdl.iJWI 

147. First National Bank of Couoeautville, IVnusjlvaoia ,, KN' imi 

145, First National Bank of Madison. Wisconsin ISi.uxi 

14il, First National Bank of Goshen, Indiana ] ij.imii 

151. First National Bank of Wi-st Clicster, Pennsylvania atHi, ("«l 

152. First National Bank of Marlboro', Massauhnsotis awi.llCO 

isa. Second National Bank of Elniiru, Kbw York a-jii tw 

154, First National Bank of New Berlin, Now York I(NI,|hki 

155, First National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee 2,">l,lii"i 

Lie, First National Bank of Geneva. Ohio H)|i,iKid 

157, First National Bank of Troy, New York lltm.isBi 

15H, First National Bank of Anburn, Maine i;(T :,i.l 

15^, First National Bank of Ypsilanti, Mieliipan T.'. niii 

IGU. First National Bank of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 77, ("u 

llil. First Nolionrtl Bank of Dorchi-sler, MnasacbnsoKa la:t,i"™i 

isa. First National Bank of Symcosc, New York •Jj:, ini 

163, First National Bank of Moliiie, Illinois lim i i^i 

164, First National Bank of Allentown, Peuni-ylvauia '£^,<»'i 

165, First National Bank of St, Paul, Minnesota r>lU, jtui 

167, First National Bank of KanesvillP, Ohio ITilt i"'i 

168, First National Bank of Bath, New York UMl i"- 

16U. First National Bank of AlbiOQ, New I'ork 11111,1111 

170, First National Bank orGfueva, New York fili'iiiii 

17!i, First National Bank of Hillsdale, Michigan r>li,i'" 

17.1. Third National Bank of St. Louia, Missouri t^.y,*'.-! 

174. t^-ond National Bank of Cireleville, Ohio 121, i"'i 

175. First National Dank of South Charleston, Ohio HKi, ii"> 

176. Firat National Bank of Oil City, I'euusylvania •iKK.i'" 

177. Fint National Bank of Willianisport, Pennsylvania '^t I" 

I7ti Plrat National Bank of MiHliuburg, P.-nnsylvania lini.ii-i 

no. First National Bank of Wilaiin(r1..ii, Illinois luit iwi.i 

!bO. First National Bank of Ilobart, New York llU.l"-" 

Iril. Second National Bank of Springfield. Massachusetts 3Hi, lim 

l&i. First National Bank of Columbus, Wisconsin 5li, (Xl-i 

1^3. First National Bank of Hanover, Pennsylvania IViJi*" 

184. First National Bank of Chiltenanjo, NewYc.rk 1.'i|P.i'>''i 

IKi. First National Bank of Parkersburg, West Virginia I.VJ.t"'! 

lyli. First National Bank of Leavenworth, Kansas liK), im 

IS7. Second National Bank of Utica, New ITork aKl.lKH 

16i. First National Bank of Ashland. Ohio :,li mki 

Ittlt. First National Bank of .'^anily Hill, New York ;.», IK .1 

liHl. First National Bank of Rockville, Counecticut 210, t"*! 

1111. Firal National Bank of Grafton, Massachusptts IIKI, INW 

I'J-i. First National Bank of WestfiBlj; MsssaobuBotts 25(l,t)ili 

iy3. First National Bank ofFrauklin, Pennsylvania m.:^- 

194. First National Bank of Bruuswiuk, Maine 10", l«" 

l9o. First National Bank of Kalamaioo, Michigan UHl, ii>-i 

IU6. First National Bank of Boston. Massachusotls t-H Ifcii 

1!»7. First National Bank of Leooardsville, New York :*<.:,••> 

VM. f'irsl Nalional Bank of New London, Connecticut ni,i""' 

JtfB. Second National Bank of Pbiladelpbia, Pennsylvania 3(Hi. lai' 


9«. nrat National Bnnk of Allegheny. reiin-iyl'''ini« $350,000 

S'i. Hfst National Brink of North HabninKU.n, Vermout .V.B.OOO 

H:l. Fint National Bank of York, I'eiiii<ylvuiiia aao.OOO 

»■:,. Flf»t National Bank of Bsllimore, Maryland 91(),0<10 

■M. Rt»t National Bank of llamsbiirgh, Pmnflylvania KX), 000 

^■■7. FlratNationalBaiikofKioeharalon. New York a0i.2«J 

»'•. SeoinJ National Bank of Peoria. IllinoiH aiMM)0 

■J'J. First National Rank of Sprinpfield, Illinois 4U0,000 

ilii, Fimt National Bank of New Brunswick, New Jernoy fW,700 

■-•11. Kirst National Hank of Omalia, N^bmsk a Territory adO.IHrt) 

•i\i. KitBt National Bank of Lockport, New York 2W,5(>0 

:!l:l. S«ond National Bank of Saudii:<kT. Obio 104, OKO 

SU. nrst National Bank of Norwalk. 6liio .lO.WIO 

ii:>. First Nalioiial Bank of Bridneport, Ohio 2U0,«t)0 

iK Ftral National Bank of Kenogha. Wisconsin 50,1100 

:ii:. Kir»t National Bank of RprinRliBld, Ohio *. 20(1,000 

al". KirM National Hank of I'orlland. Maine Sf-i, 000 

•Jl:i. Finn National Baok of GrwDcaslle, Indiana 1:19,000 

■J?". Fir^l National Bank ofO-hkoRh, Wispougin 50,000 

Wl. Kirsl National Bank of Masgillon, Ohio •til,(\lMt 

■if.'. First National Bank of Indiana. Tennitylvftui* dOO,000 

:^l. First National Bank of Painesvilli', Obio atH), 400 

■S\. First National Bank of Cortland, New York 1B7.000 

■ia. Fim National Bank of Illiaca. New York 200,000 

■»;. i^ecDod Nsllousl BankofCoopprstown. New York a-W,000 

'Hi. teconJ National Hank of Norwich, Connecticut 21^,000 

■i:\ Seran'l National Bank ot Chicaico, Illinois 10i?,5(H) 

SJi. First National Bankof Orwell, Vermont JOd.OdO 

SI First National Bank of Auburn, New York 100.000 

at. Kii« Naiiotial Bank of Monroe, *P,000 

211. S«ond National Bank of New Haveu, Conuwlicut IHNP.ftOO 

SX. Fitul National Bank of Athens. Ohio frtP.WIO 

■iMi. Krst National Bank of BnlTalo. Now York lU.OlW 

•iri. Tliitd Kalional Bank of I'l.iladelpliia, Feimsjlvania Si>:i,ll|H» 

•i>. Third National Bank of Chicago. Illiuoin 0«7,«UI> 

Ktl. First National Bank of Bryan, Ohio liO.0Cl> 

•H". Third National Bank of Fittsburgh, Pennnvlvania 4(l4,&tiO 

ad. Silih Natiotial Bank of the Ciiy of NVw York 814,500 

•■HI. First National Bank of Oale»bnr(f, Illinois l.'iO.OOO 

■U:i. First National Bank of Albany, New York Sai.OOO 

'Ut. First National Bank of Skowhefian, IVIaino l.''>0, 000 

m. Firat National Bank of Lebanon, I'pnnsylvania fiO, 000 

^■i. Second National Bank of Ironton, Obio 100,000 

W. First National Bank of Delaware, Obio 10", Or* 

ilT. First National Bank of Milton. Pfnusylvania W),000 

m. First National Bank of Mount Gilead, Ohio ia4,(K)0 

t!u>i, First National Bank of Plattsbnrgh, New York llNl.OOO 

^1. F1nt National Bank of Waynesboru', Pennsylvania 75,400 

^'t. First National Bank of Morriavillc, New York 100,000 

Wi. I'lrst National Mankof Altoona, I'unniiylvauia J5:<, OOO 

'£*. ntit National Bank of WriKhtsrille. Pennsylvania l.'>(l,000 

■SC>. Second National Bank of Toledo, Obio 350,0(K> 

•M. tltsl National Bank of West Meridf.n, Connetticut 19H,.'iOO 

•&'. First National Bank of Mystic Bridge, Connecticut 150,000 

il". First National Bank of Canaudaitcuti, New York 75,000 

SW, First National Bank of West Greenville, Pennsylvania 10(1.000 

ail. Second National Bank of Piltaburgh, PenuBylvariia :»00, 0<M) 

*!. First National Hank of Grand Rapids, Michigan SOO.OOO 

aw. Fint Natiou-l Bank of OswFgo, New York aiO,000 

arj. Second National Hank of Osirego. New York l!iO,000 

»i4. First National Bank of Palmyra, New York 2i:(.0O0 

*B. Fust National Bank ol Fall River. Massachusetts 4m»,0INI 

»!. FirelNationalBankof Sidney, Ohio........; 5a, 000 

«. FiiHt National Bank of Horuellsville, Now York 5l,0l»U 

•Xii. Fltst National Bank of Nen- Bedford, MassacbusetLs 614.1100 

W!l. First National Bank of St, Cbarles. Missouri 50, (KK) 

^•V. SeeoDd National Bank of Lansing, Michigan 7(t,0OO 

«1. Krsl National Bank of Friendship. New York 7.1,000 

tW. Second National Bank of Bpiingtield. Obio 100,000 

«:'. Urst National Bank of SI. Albans, Vermont KM), 000 


374. FiTBt National Bank of Ameaburj. HasMchusetti tK'^'.wn 

275. First Nalional Bank of Norfolk, Vir([iui a IIKi.liUU 

tf76. First Naiional Bank of Unioiiiown, PennsjIvaDia IUO,'hiii 

277. Fimt National Bank of Waebioglon, Ohio 181, ;«W 

279. First NHtional Bank of NnrriBtown, PeDDnflvaoia lr>0,ii|>U 

2*), Firal Nalional Bank of Oifotd, New York IWl, WW 

iiSi. Fi rat National Bank of Ionia, Mi uLigan I()ii,O»0 

2*J. First National Bank of Delphos.Obio 101, tt* 

28:t. First National Bank of Cliica([0,lllinoia '2W.mi 

2^4. Second National Bank of Xenia, Obto imMRlU 

2B5. First National Bank of Brandon, Vermont 153,:jin 

286. First National Bank of New bur; port. Massachusetts :t<Mi,iKi« 

2B7. First National Bank of Franklin, New York HKJ.OiNJ 

awti. First National Bank of Trenton, New Jersey Ria.lNHI 

as9. First National Bank of Cooperstowu, New Yoik ](Hl,(K«i 

290, First National Bank of Jauiesbur(;li, New Juraej 7r>,l<IU 

291. Fourth National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri 2011, IXU 

293. Firal National Bank of Whitoball, New York 1(«),00(I 

294. Firat Nation^ Bank of Baldwinsville, New York 140, UNI 

2%. First National Bauk of Ripley, Obio lGti,fl"n 

296. First National Bank of Blootnsbnr^, Pennaylvania 5:l,riiiii 

297, First National Bank of Mt. Pleasunt. Inwa 7b,im 

29iJ. Serond NaUonal Batik of Skawbeean, Maine V£},m 

299. First National Bauk of Waver I j-. New York 54,a"J 

300. Fintl Katioual Bank of Cnrwinsville, Pemnjlvania lwl,(ini 

3UI. Firat NBtiooal Bank of Havana, New Yoik_ ;*<,mi 

302. First National Bank of Andes, New York r-d.lim 

ana. First National Bank of Clyde, New York -. 49,Miip 

305. First Natioual Itank of Wayneshirrg. I'euusylTania ..'. Ho, W 

303. Second National Bunk ofBatiKor, Maine ir>i>, inii 

3U7. First National Bank of Buller, Fennxylvania l(lii.(l"i 

ailS. Third Natioual Bank of Sprinfclield, Mas!<nchuaetts .'-J",!"!! 

310. First National Bank of Getty sbiirR, Pennsylvania ]|ili,iK»i 

311. Teiilb National Bank of the City of New York l,(i:i(;,("it 

312. First National Itauk of Media, Pcnnayivaula UN', l""' 

313. First National Bank of Wnrwick.New Yoik lll.lKn 

314. First Nalional Bank of St. Cl8it»vilte,Ohio Hi|i,<Nii 

315. First N.tionalBauk of Concord, New Hanipahire I.'>.'..(«^< 

316. First National Bank of Dub oijui', Iowa ■_>mi,liii> 

317. First National Bank of Freepurt, Illinois liili.lHH 

SIS. First National Bank of ChamplHin, New Yuik IIHI, "ihi 

319. S<-Fon<l National Itank of PlatlHhiirph, New York Ii>|i,i<<ii 

3«J. Fifth National Bauk of Chh«(r.i, lllinuin .'-.ihi.m.i 

3;J1. First Naiiunal Bank of McCJn por, Iowa Hin.ii"' 

3gi. First Nulioual Bauk of Newtown, Peunsylvnnia Iiiii,(^(hi 

3£). First Natioual Bank <if Danvillt',I>uuu«vlvKniB i:,(l.i<i"i 

3^4. Swond Natioual Itank of H,wl.,n,M»-s,Khn<-'ll« MHI.n" 

3^>. ^wcond National Bank of Mt'clmnhi'burirh, Tcnnsvlvania .Vi, 'i n 

3!Hi. First National Bank of WtiK'b.'udon, Man-arhiiaVtti i:.'>.i"<> 

:W7. Fourth National Bniik of thi. City of S<-w York :t, XV. ii'li 

3!W. First Nalional Bank of I'alevson, Xrw Ji'tM-v Xitl,"""! 

3'J9. First National Bauk of WellsljuriMiRh, rcuuxylfauia ](iii,li~' 

330. First National Bnnk of Lewislown, Maine jim. cihi 

331. First Natioual Hank of Low.-ii, M.i-wUiiKetls liV.t,i;i- 

Xn. Fi rat National Bnok of Clieslet, PcnuHvlvauiu |(al,..i'i 

333. Firal Nalional Bank of l.Hiica>ter, I'ennsylvauin l".(i. i*»i 

IKU. Fir«l Nalional Hank of Briil'P'p'.rt, Cunncclii:ut, -JlV-.t'i" 

3:ir.. Fiist National Hank of CVnIirvillc, I.iwa >. .''I'.tf" 

336. Fiist Natioual Bank of Urceiiporl. Sew York ,-*!, (M. 

3;!7. First National Hank of Memphis, Teuneswu -.>! it. 

339. First National Hank of Halavia, Jlliiii.i« li.:-''- 

340. First National Hank of Balavia. Ken- Yo-k ;■'■.'■'" 

341. First Natioual Bank of Union Springs, N.-w York l(«i.n.i. 

3!i Filth NalU>nal Bank of the Cily of S,.w York It?..'"' 

343. New York National EKclianpp Bauk. New York "..... lliH.i'i'l 

344, Second Nalional Bank of lUvana, New York * fiH.!*"' 

:i4:.. FiiRt National Bank of Fair Haven, Verniunt I(ii>, iii«i 

34ti. Firat National Hank of Laeoii, Illinois ;,.i.i«i.. 

.347. First National Bank of Yevav. Indiana H»t. I- (• 

Wf. Second Nalional Bank of Kavenna, Ohio IU..I"hI 


:il9. First NatioDsl Hiok of S*w«rk. New Jctspy $56,500 

:&>. FlwlXmiiooal Bauk of LowvilK New York 40.000 

Sit. ijiilb \>lioDal Banker Pliiliulelphia. PeitanylraiiU IS-SOVO 

re Finil XmioiiBl Bnnk of Biirliiietun, Iowa 100,000 

■&3. nrsl Nalionnl of Ron.i-n, MLchican 11)0.000 

r>4. Delaware Uoantf Nalionul Kmit of cTienter, PeDDSjlvaniit 1511,000 

lii. Firat National Bank of Cnndor, New York 47,700 

Xt6. Pirat National Unnk of GrwnAbnrich, Indiann l!iO,000 

X». Fint National Bank of S«lia«i;rore, PeDnejIvania 10(1,000 

Xf. Thinl National Bunk of Boston. UaiwachiiitettK 2110,000' 

Xa. First National Bank of Whseling. West V ire in ia 250,000 

3-^1. nr.t National Bank of Walkioa, New Y-.rk r.0,000 

3ii\. NalioDKl Exihaope Bank. Hartfonl. ConniHiticut 530,000 

3tfl. First National Bank, Tarrytown. New York 101 500 

■.Kl HrttNaiional Bank of Mt. Vemon, Indiana 100,000 

361. First National Hank of Pern. iLdiana ? 100,000 

3S,. First National Bank of Wilmington, Ohio 100,000 

3>6. Firal National Bank of Aneusia, Uaiue 250,000 

-■«;. Srtond National Bank of Newark, New Jerse; 3W,000 

:W-. Hal National Bank uf Xenia, Ohio 120,000 

■Xf, First National Bank of Waterloo, N^w York...,-. 50,000 

Xo. First National Bank of Colniiibia, Pennsylvania 147,000 

;CI, Finit National Batik of Woodstock, Illinois. (iS.OOO 

:Ci, First Naiional Bank of J.wy City, New Jersey 3^:1,000 

:n;i, Unt National Bank of Viucentown, New Jersey HlO.OOO 

3:4. Setoud National Bank of AllenlMwn. Penni.ylv(uiia • 300,000 

S.\ Unit Nntional Bank of St. JolinRVille, New York 75,000 

XH. X'atioual Bank of Ilie«trpublic of Boston, Massachusetta ■*5H,0U0 

.■S:-. Central Naiionai Bank oF tlie CitT of New York 1,fi7O,000 

;C!'. First National Bank of Lauorle. "Indiana IOO,llOO 

■M. Kighlh Nntionjil Bonk of the City of New York 2Trt,000 

>!. Fir«N«iiou»l Bank of Cumberlaud, MarTland 100,000 

:>!. Finit National Bank of Northainplon. MansachUHetls 400,000 

H-::. hirst National Bank of Meclianicsbnreh. Pennsylvania 101,000 

S-l. Firm National Bank of Iliiitsori, New York 200,000 

>5. First National Bunk of Koekport. New York fiO.OOU 

:l-«. First National Bank of Mt. Pleasant. IVnnsylvauia 75,000 

>7. Sximd Xational Hank of Freeport. Illinois KMI.OOO 

:!-■-. Sloth National Bank of City ol^ha New York 7:«i, 000 

H".i. Fir.l National Itatik of Granville, Oiiio .'.0,000 

:WI. First Na-ional Hank of MHrunettH, MichijiBii til, 000 

Sy. First National lUnk of Kt.oiville, Tenne«M-e MO, 900 

■■at. Finst National Hank of Westwnl. New York g-T^OOO 

m. First National Bank of Mereer, Pennsylvania fiO.OOO 

i'K>. First National Hunk of Amherst, MasutchimeilH ir>U, 001) 

'■'•.1^. Vim National Bank of tjuinerville. New Jeniey )•'>■'>, 000 

SC. First National Bank of Gallon, Ohio .10,000 

■i.*^. First National Bank of MiddlrtowD, Coiineuticut IIHi.OOU 

•■•■.V. Urst Nntlonal Bank uf Washington. Iiiwn 100,01)0 

H. First National Bank of Woo<]stowii. New Jersey HO. 000 

V'i. NathHialMecbanicHaiidTradera'Hinkof PoTtsuiautb, NewHaoipshtre.. 3iH),(iU0 

»■■■■. First National Bank of Ashland, Pennsylvania l£hj,5U0 

I'll. First National Hank of Port Chester. New York H 10, 000 

US. First National Hank of Laiidsdalo, Pennsylvania 51,000 

4'«i. Brainlim National Bank o! II tfin don, Vermont atm,000 

W. First National liAuk of Lansing, Iowa 50,000 

li-. Fre«n.«i's National Bsnk of AiiKiisla. Mains 100,000 

4IW. First SatioaallJank of Salem. Massaihiiselts 304,250 

4IK. Huston National ot Boston. Massae huso Its til(7,000 

411. First National Ilauk of Aurora. New York ll.-.,000 

41-i. nrstXalional Hank of MinarsTille. Pentisylvaiiia 100,000 

4l:i. nrst Natiinal Hank of Bay City. Michigan. HiO.UOO 

411. First National Bank of Ml. Carroll, Minois - 11111,000 

Hi. FititNatioDalltankofMarshalltown. 100,000 

llli. Seventh National Hank of PLiladelpbia, Pennsylvania 241,000 

»7. Fiwt National Bank of Canton. 75, (KIO 

IK aeeood National Bank of Ualtiui.ire, Maryland 3»l,000 

m. Fust National Bank of Easton, Mass sell use tts 3111,000 

»: Second National Bsok of La Fayette, Indiana aiKl.OOO 

iii. Rrit National Bank of Weslboro', Massachusetts )0O,00O 

, CocjIc 


!. Hampsbire County National Bank of North am ptou, MasaachaBClU g-^.lH"- 

(. Firat Nalional Baiitt of Oncorita. New Yi.rk .'"".IN" 

\. First National Bank of Van Wert, Ohio 67. 

i. Firil National Bank o! Ji'fForson, Ohio tiK.iiiui 

i. First National Bank of Ripon, Wisconsin fli.lti'i 

'. Firtt National Hank of Qiiiiicy, Illinois 2m.l«i> 

]. First National Bank of Fox Ijikc; Wistimaiu Hi.dii" 

I. First National Itank of Eait Ilatnpton, Muaiiacliiiseltij Ifill,!'"' 

). First Nat ioual Itank of Camilen, New Jersey Iliii,l"> 

'. Fourth National Hank of Pill*l>ureh. Fenn-ylvauia m:.m, 

I. First National llauk of Cambridge, Maniiai-hiiKettii ^;l,ii<>ii 

I. First National Bank of (JI^u Itui-k, Peuusjlvaiiia 5.'i.ihiii 

;. First Nalional Bank of Pontine Mipbi Ran lOt'.i'i' 

i. First National Hank of Mansticld, Ohio Hki.ikh. 

'. First National Hank of Maiivb Chnnk, Peuusjlvania S^J.ihw 

(, First National Bank of Elyria, Ohio '. IW.H" 

1, First Nalional Bank of Clinton, MiUM-wbuaitla' 

t. Second National Bank of Fall River, MivtsachaBetls ITKMhki 

I. First National Bank of ICillingly, Conuerlicnt Hi,'"' 

!, First National Bank nf Peru, Illinois 01,tv-i 

I. WorceatM National Bank nf WorcKster, MnssB.:Uii"ell« 4ritl,i.i«' 

I. Central National Bank of Woreester, Mafaachuseltt a.'.li.'H.«( 

I. First National Bank of Red Bank, Nrw Jersey SNi,ii"'i' 

I. First National Bank of Damnriwutla, Maiuc fii.i,iH'i> 

■. National Currency Bank, New York ilij.i""' 

1. First Naiionnl Baok of Bucylus. Ohio KKi. (■«' 

I, First Nalional Bank of Pnlnam, Connei-iicut 147,"-' 

1. First National Bank nf I'lainiicld, New Jersey ♦ IftO.n:"' 

. Canibiidfce National Bank of East Oaniliridi^, Uassurliuiietls II'J. K'" 

!. First National Bank of Kinpston. New York Kw.""! 

I. First National Bank of Freehold, New Jetfey Iltt.l"" 

1. First National Bank of Coblei-kill, New York llNi.i""' 

i. Farinera and Meebanics' National Bank of BntTalu, New York !.1l4..'>i"' 

■, Setond National Bank of Watkin., Neiv Y'ork Ih.f" 

'. First National Hunk of Racine, Winniiisin i^l. "«• 

K P'irst NalionalBaiik of Bellefunle, I'enusjlvania Hm.Hi^p 

I. National Hidt and Lrut Iter Bank of Boston, Massachusetts f-Ki.'"" 

,. Second National Bank of (JalcKlmrph,Illinoi« IiHI.imi 

!. First Nalional liHiik of Adams, Masnaebunetts U-J.O"' 

I. First National Bank of WellinElon, Ohio tWi.iHV 

I. National Bank of Fort Plain, Fort Plain, New York 2:>:..'«"i 

I. First Nalional Bank o( roujtiikpeiwiiB, New York I(ill,'">:' 

'. Mechanics* National Bank of Chicaco, Illinois l(il,<""i 

I. The National Bank of NewbnrRli, New Y'ork i 7l-i.i»i" 

I. Second Nalional Bank of Maueb Chunk, Pennsylvania l.'iii,(><'<' 

I. Deposit Nalional Bank ofUeiKisit, New York l-2C,l"" 

. First National Bank of Greenfield, Massaelmselts »><i.liii> 

!. Filst Nalional Bank of Sine Hinfr, New York imi.dHi 

J. First Nalional Bank of Btaltleboro', Vernmnt Sdn,!""' 

I. First National Bank of Wilmington, Delaware 4jr>, i"'" 

i. City National Bank of Worccat-r, MassHchnsetts ailh.i*-' 

I. Merchanls' Nalional Hank of Boston, Massachusetts S.lH^'i, '*"> 

I. First Nmlonal Bank of Pit tal on, IVntwylvania"" 

I. Ridgely National Bank of Sprinnlield, Illinois lIKi.!""' 

K Third Nalional Bank of Kockfotil, Iltinoia 7ll|(Ki'| 

. Riclilanil Nalional Bank of Manslield, Ohio IMl. H" 

!. First Nalional Bank of Haverliill, Mnaaachuselts 'jthi.iH» 

I. Second Nalional Bank of Rockfurd. Illinois , lilu,iK"t 

I. Oily National Bank of Cedar Hanida, Iowa HHi, i 'jm 

.. Haverhill National Bank of Jlav.rhill, Ma-sachuaetta »i:l, i"'" 

', Charter Oak Nalioual Bank of Hartford, Conneelicut ,1(111, 1"' 

'. First Nalional Bank of Elizabeth. New Jersey ai"i,i*"> 

I. First National Bank of Newton. Massacliusetta Kill, IKh. 

I, First National Bank i.f Saint Jobnsbnry, Vermont 3(ifi,ni-i 

. Tlie National Bank of Fairliaven, Massachiisetis a;ii,'"" 

!. First National Bank of Mount Pleasant. Obio : i;r.. l"t ' 

I. I-'irst Nalional Hauk of Urcorah, Iowa T.),>i"' 

i. Bulk National Hank of Bath. Maine ISTi. l""' 

.. First National Bank of Yarmouth, Mas sac bu setts ,'.«■>, I""' 

i, Fiial National Bank of Waraaw, Illiuois 1HI,1">'' 


lI Bank of A 

., M^ 

of C>-ilar Rrtpids, Iowa -. 

I. l)errr Salioaal Bank of DBrry, New ilHOipaliire 

'i. Ural'SuliimnlBankof SinitliHelJ, Ollio 

3. YiKt National Bank of South Norwalk, Connpctirut: 

I. MoDSiin N'ation>kl Dniik of Morinon. MasindiuaHtts 

\ First Nfttional Hankof WeaffiBld. New York 

r>. Mmal VVolluton National Bunk ol Quinry, MuBcauliuaotta 

i. M)irk«t Natiunnl Bank of BjKt'iD, Miuiui.'husett't 

-. MercbHDta'Nmionul Bank of Jewell, MwMHi'hiiacltH 

''. Firil Xatiunal Hank of Lock Haven, PeiniHvtrauiii 

". Nurlh Wtfltpm National Bai>k of Chivagu, illinois 

1. Ruckrille National Bniik of Iforkvitio, Uonnevticiit 

■t. Fini National Bank of Jol'et, Illinoii 

:i. I'liion National Bank of Weymouth. Mhasri^Iiii setts 

t. First Nurioiial Bank of Jacksonville, llliiioiii 

.'>. Pint National Bnnk of I^oiniustiir, MH«sa<:hu.ii:tt4 

<i. Blackitone National Bank of Buxton, Uassaclmaettn 

:. ThtNalioDalltankof Kedemplion, Bo«ton 

-. Kpoijiiakeaf National Bnnk of Bancor. Maine - 

'•- H™i National Bank of Oneida. New York 

!". Fin) NaliiiDal Bank of Warren, FennRylvania 

M. Fini National Bank of I'ruvidcncr, Penniiylvania 

^'. Kijcblh Natiooal Bank of Fhitadeluhia, reun><jlrauia 

:i. Pint National BankofMiddlelowu. Sew York 

:l. Xunh Naliunnl Bank of Bunion, Ma^iachiisellB 

'V Conliiiemal Natioual Bank of Boston, Ua!>9acbi».ett4 

<i. N'atiuital Bnnk nf Mftropulin, WaMhin^lou, D. C 

'. Xatiunal Exchnnifu Bank of Boston, MossacliuMitts >. 

-. Fiw National Bnnk of Kouliemer, New Yoik 

J. Firrt National Bank of E-iton, OLio 

■. Fnimiiifclmin Nntiounl Bank of Frniuifl|;linni, Massitr.lm setts 

I. liniFKlT County National Bank of Morris lllinuis 

.'. Northern National Bmk of llallowvll, Maine 

X tint National Bnnkof (ieneMio,,lllinoiii 

t. Fini National Bank of Cheldra. MASsaebunettA 

''■ KfTstone National Bank of Erie, PeunBjlvauia 

li. Kliot National Bank of Boston, MagAKemmettH 

7. (.'iiiinFcticnt Hiver National Bunk of Cbarleatown, New Ilnmpsliire.. 
■. Farmers anil Mei-lianic»' National Bank of Pliiladelpliia, Puuusytvaii 

*■ I'hiladelpliia Niitiunal Bank of Philadelphia, Penuiiylvama 

'. fennsyivauia National Bank of Philodxlphia, Pennsylvania 

I. Nntiiiiuil Bank of Northern LiliertiM, Philadi-lphta, Pennsylvaaia.. 

L Keu^iuKtou Nati-inal Bank of Philn'telphia, Peonxylvanis 

t. Ciim Exclianei- National Bnnk of Philadelpiiia, PeniiHylvBDia 

I. City National Jtank of Philadelphia, Ponuitylvnuia 

>. Biijlitl'in National Bank of Boston, Massal^hulletts 

'i. F>r-t National Bnnk of Ulonvester, Mnssadiusetl^ 

r. r»M National Bank of Winona, Minnesota 

'. Brundwar National Bank of Boston, MotwauhuHetts 

I. Nolioual Bank L'bestrr County, West Cliesler, Penniiylvuula 

'. I he National Bank of Winthrop, Mniue 

I. National Bank of Commerce of Pbilodelpbio, J'eunsylvania 

1. National Bank of Uernianloivu, Pbilndelpbia, Funusylvaula 

I. First National Hank of Fond dn Lac. Wisconxin 

I. Firat National Bank of Jamratown, New Yurk 

'. National Bnnk' of Com mere, Bonton, MaisnthunellB 

K. ItiefLireNaiionalBiinkof Keene. New Hampaliire 

'. Coiumercinl National Bank of Philoileiphia, I'enimjivania 

-. M anil fat 111 re rn' National Bank of Pbiladelphia, Peuusylvania 

:•. Itondolph National Bauk of Knndolph, MuKaaehuaetls 

". S-nlbwark Natioual liauk of Philodeijihia. Puuusylvania 

I. CuniolidatiuuNniional Bnnk of Pbila')e1).bin. PeniiKylvania 

i. Flint National B«ak of New Castle, Pennsylvania 

.1. UrM Nnlionol Bmk of AneelicB, New Yoik 

1. Cnioii National Bank of Pbllnilelpinn, Pennsvlvauia 

V FIrM National Bank if NorthnmlKrIand. Pen u:.y Ivan ia 

>i. liccouil Natioual Bank of Provideni^. Khade Island 


1 1(1), 000 
:IU4, 01)0 
2.)l), QUO 


VJti, OOO 
^5, INiO 
1(10, (HN) 

•j:,i, 000 
225, noo 
101), OIJ0 



1!(I0, 000 
iliTi, OUO 
KHI, 000 
■i!At, OMO 





:)oo, 01)0 

KHI, (lUO 
I (Ml, UlID 

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C6T. Firat Ndlionat Bank of Msljnnoy Cit?, PeDnsvlvania (6(1.000 

56W. First NbiIodi.] Bank of Beiwk-k, Petinoylvaiiia 75 iXiO 

■'<<>9. Nntional Bank or Chester Vulley. Cottesville, Pennajlvania lt$-'>,(HiO 

070. Cuny Natitiniil Bank of Coiry, 'Petiimylvania , IIW.M 

571. Doylston Naliimal Bsnk ofDoylMton, PennsvlTanin JOri.OOO 

573. TradrsineD'g National Bank of I'hiladelphlm'PeDnsylvaiiia SuO.OKl 

573. First Nalionul Bank of CiawfjrdBville, loJiana KMI.WiO 

574. AoioikeaK Naltnnal Bank of Man ('hen tar, New Hamnslitre 2UU.|i|i(l 

575. Firsl National Bank of Fraoieslown, New HainMliire IIMI.IK-O 

57H. MillburyNalional Bank of Millbiiry, Maaaaclmsetta I'jD.m 

577. First Nmional Bank of Atlirs, lodisDa B4, IWO 

57i1. Fimt Kalional Bank of Kochesler, Minuesota mi,{W 

57>). Howard National Bank of Buston, MasaachiiaetM 

5r<U. Uartisbiirgb National Bank of Hamabarg. PenDsjlvauia :t()U,(IUO 

5MI. Indianapolis National Bank of Indiana t., r>OII.I"'" 

Sti. Sbawmut National Bank of BobIod, Massachuaetta r)7.=i,IKMI 

5(^:4. Lancaster National Bank of Lancaster, MaaaacbusetU 'Ml.iHiU 

5*1, The National Bauk of CbsnibersburB, Panusykauia XGU, OUi 

5H5. TlwNalional Bank of Middletown, PennBylvania 7.% OHO 

iae. First Naliooal Bank of WashinRton, Penusylvania ISI.OOO 

5H7. Mechanics' National Bank of Newburyport, MHsaauhuuitta -iaipflOfl 

5HH. First NalioQftl Bank of Maiden, MaasachuMilta 101. ("11 

5M9. National Bauk of New .Jersey, Naw BruDSwick, Ksw Jereey ar*,(IIKI 

590. Fall River National Bank, Massacliiwetts HIU, if-V 

591. First Nalionai Bank of Danvprs. MamaBliiiirtU ISO.Wii 

598. EsBei Nalionai Bank of Haverhill, Massachuaotts IflO.tWIi 

69:1. National Eichaiige Hank. Ciiluuibui, HOU, UIKi 

591. Peoples' National Bank, Roxbury, MKanacliuaettH :HI!),Uki 

595. Girard National Bank of Philadelphia, Peunaylvatiia fi;o,i«iO 

598. Washington National Bank, Boston, Massachuaot la fWi,("Hj 

697. First Nalionai Bank of Tbrea Ki vers, Michigan , 100, i"NI 

59^1. Farmers' National Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania 47il,li0'' 

!!99. Claremont National Bank of Claremont, Npw Maiiipshii« I.III.OOU 

mo. Farmers' National Bank of Matooe. New York lUll.WMl 

bOl. National Bank of North Amfrica. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania flHJ.MN^ 

&H. Franklin Nalionai Bank, Columbnr Ohio l.-rfi.t""! 

eta. Firat National Bank ofC'orry. Pennsylvania llH),lt"0 

till4. Socond National Bank of Eiie, Pennsylvania, -JKU.iNi" 

t>05. New England Naliaual Bauk of Boston. Massachusetts i^9ii,ihK' 

61)6. York National Bank. York, Pennsvlvania 50.1, iHW 

607. National City Bank, Boston, MasMthusetts TiVK*"*! 

6(W. Toledo Natiuoal Bank, T.'ledo, Ohio a-*,(*"i 

€09. The National Bauk of Potlstowii, Pennsylvania ■.UUi. i ml 

610. Maasaauit National Bauk ot Fall Kiver, 'Massaubusella -JtHl.tHii 

611. Gettysburg National Bank, Pennsylvania 14.'>, IMi 

Gfi. Merchants & Manufacturers' National Bank, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. oilii.iicii 

613. Lechnieie National Bank of East Cambridge. MassacblUellS I.VmhUi 

. 614. National Rockland Bauk, Roxburr, Maasachusalta 3r..lti' 

615. Wan-en Naiional Bank. South Dnnvpra, .Massachuseils ii5:t.lHl) 

6II>. Mechauii's' National Hank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5:11. ''ixi 

617. Citizens' National Bank of Indianapolis. Indiana .-iln<.iii*> 

6iS. Commonweallh Nniional Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ^SV.t'l" 

611>. First National Bank of TiliiHVilln, Pennsylvania rH,nK< 

e-JU. Citizens' National Bank of Piltsbuigli. Pennsylvania 5i4.ixi' 

fiji. Fremont Nalionai Bauk of Bosfn, Ma'<sacluir<«Its P^C, 1 1 1> 

6ii. First National Bank of S.mih Weymouth, Massachusetts isojiisi 

6a. Central Nalionai Bank orcim-iunslti, Ohio iri4,in'i' 

624. Hopkinton Nalionai Bank of Hopkinlon, Massachusetts i.Mi.wa' 

6d5. American Nalionai Bauk of Hallowell, Maine r.o.ih-' 

626. National Eiihanire Hank, Tr<iv, New York liJ.t.(H-i' 

6117. Merchants' Nalionai Bank of Waahinglon, DC ;io,imi' 

6i>8, National Bank of Beaver County, New Brighton. Pennsylvania I^o. i "" 

629. Nanmkeag National Bauk, Saleui, Massachnsetls .^«i,iii"> 

6JU. Suffolk National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts rSO.iBO 

6ai. Ohio National Bank of CiDeiuuali. Ohio 1^-'. f— 

6:W. First National Bank of New Ulm, MinnesoM ^7. .'■«" 

6:i3. Ware Nati-nal Bank of Ware, Massacbusells :t-iO,i"»-' 

6:l4. Asiatic National Bauk of ^alem. Massachuaetls '-Vm. i><->i 

6:<&. Murriinack National Bauk ot Haverhill, MassachusetIK H".* 

6:K. Third Natiouat Bank of Providence, Kbode IsUnd 4li7,(>t;1> 


KIT. Bimk^Hill NHliotisl BsdIc, ChArlestown, Mnsaachuaettg $500,000 

C:«-. First NalioDHl Bank of Lf uu, MMsachuHetta ;(;).'>, 000 

K». Fint NatiouHl Bank nf East SHKiuun, Micliigan 7r>,000 

r4il. Honesdiile Natiaiml Bank, Ptnunjlvanla 3'W,000 

Ml. KiBf^ara Conol; Nnlinnal Bank, Lockport, Mew York 146,000 

»•!. Mjslic River Nat ionat Back, Coanevticut ]0&,UtlO 

Wa Troy City National Bank, New York h2i,300 

fAl. Columbia Natiooal Bank. Petmsflvania 509,000 

615. Alluilic NatiODil Bank of Boston. Ma«aachu!iclta 5-^,000 

6W. Sltichmtt' Naiional Bank of Chicago, llliuols 4^,000 

6IT. Knit National Bank, Keot, OMo 1(10,000 

«~. First N'nlional Bank of Alpiandria, VirBioia 100,000 

619. HiDcrs' National Bank of Potts vi lie, Pennsylvania 400,000 

Oi). MoDon(rabela National Bank of Brownsville. Pennsylvania 200,000 

fM. Shoe &. Leather National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts 670,000 

<;■«. First National Bank of Yon k era, New York 110,000 

f-'O. First National Bank of Newton, Iowa 50,000 

KA. Wnttem National Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 195,000 

>ry\ Valley National Hank of Lebanon, I'eiinijlvRnia 100,000 

liTitl Atlu National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts 1P45,000 

iViT, Psllkill Nmional Bank of Pou^hkeepsie, New York 400,000 

<«-. Thames National Bank of Norwich, Connecticut 8:13,500 

'■'■.t. DeoDinirton National Bank, Pennsylvania 10(1,000 

tV^'. Nnliimal Bank of Brooklyn, New York 167,000 

t*ll. Snnihport National Bank, Connecticut 110,000 

tta. NVpoDxet National Bank of Canton. Maiwacbiisetts '.;50, OOO 

IK^ Xaliunal Bank of Commerce, New Loudon. Connecticut 130,000 

ti''4. First National Bank of Richmond, Maine 50,000 

lir.. Krai Natitmal Bank of Carbondale, Pennsylvauia 1 10, 000 

•nTN FrermauV Na'loiial Bank of Boston, MaiiHachusetta 400,000 

US. The National Bank of Phcvuiiville. Prnnsylvania SMJO, 000 

'j;-. First National Bank of Warren, Rhode lalaud 11)3,000 

<>». Nilionar Bank of North America, Boatoii, Ma^isachusetts G7!!,500 

i"». Sfwnd National Bank of Walertown. New York 94,000 

«:i. KinSatioiial Bank ol Mount .7oy. Pem.iiylvania 'JU,0UO 

>^-i. ntiibui^h National Bank of Commerce, Fennsylvunia 5IHI,U0U 

I'':': Nstional (iraud Bank, Marbleheiwl, Maiisat-huselU I:J0,00U 

1 71. Ihjfaam National liaiik. Drilhani, MftMschuiicIls ;t(HI,OU0 

';:'. Maverick NnlionHl Bmik, of Boston, Miutsachusctls !>:5,000 

'■'I'-. .\Blionil Bank of Fayette County, Uuiontown, Ppousylvania 100, (WO 

'". Ir..n Cily National Bank of Pill-burRb, PeiinKjlvania 4uO,000 

■■-. Tt*le.n,eii's Nalional Bank of Pitt sburftb. Pennsylvauia ^U.OOII 

•':'. I'ora^M-i National Hunk of Fall Kiver, Muasacbuselts 2ilO,IH)0 

■;-'■. Ubanon National Bank. PennsylvBiila SCO,000 

'-I. F'h-i'nit Naiii-nal Bank of Hartford, Connecticut S-VI.OOO 

••'■:. National Bank of Commerce, (iennretoivn, UUliicl Cohiinbitt M), fJOO 

•-!. Faroicra' Deposit Kiilioiial Bank, Pitlsbiitich. PciinE-ylvauia 30(1, OCO 

■■-I. Waltham National Bank, Wallham, Massacliusetis ]5:(,000 

'■•'■. Lancaster County National Hank. Lnneiurter, Peniisylvauia Iiori, OHO 

"h;. Hine Hill National Bank, D.irthester, M«s»auhu«ell« «iiil,(l(l() 

•■:. M.i.'Waiine National Bank. lows 100,000. 

'■". SatiouBl l-ui,.nHank. Keaihofr, Pennsylvania J.'ilMMHI 

'•■-.'. NorlhumlHTland County Nutiunal lUnk, Sliamokin, Pennsylvania 07,000 

■■■'■- Hiicaniilc National Bank or>Hlem, Mas.achiiseit* iU7,(KKI 

• 1. Xali..u8l Broadway Bank. New York New York l,(Hii(,0(IU 

•.':. Stafford National Bank, Stalfxrd, Cmnefrii-ut 1;HI,000 

'•'': National Hank of Cominerre, New Bedford, Mafisai-husctts 5-1-'', 000 

■■■1- York Connij Nation^ Bank. York. P.^nn-ylvaaia...... 301,000 

-..'i. NaiifUal Bank of JeriM-v City, New Jersey .... , 5379,000 

' -■. National City Bank ufLiiiu. MnsMa.^hiisells 1,511,000 

■^':. Farmer^' Natiooal Bank of Rcadin);, PrnnsylrnQla 4IHI, 0IM) 

' ■'-. Fir.i National Bank of Miniiueanulis, Miimooia lOd, 000 

•■'J. I'munNBliopal Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 213,000 

" ". rui<'D National Bank of Chicafw. Illinois titKi, tfOfJ 

^■'1 Milton National Bank, Pennaylvauia 1011,0(0 

:".;. Firn National Bank <.f Aurora, Indiana 200,000 

"■I. ('a|c Col National Bank, Harwich. Ma-sachusetis l!l<4,000 

:■ I. Mwbanica- National Bank of Piltsbntch. Pennsylvania !m, 000 

:■:'. First National Bank of New Albanv, Indiana 881, 000 

''■:. Miller* Kiret Natiooal Bank of Atliol, Massachusetts 147,000 

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707, Firet Nalional Bank of Plyinoulh. Peimnylvniiia jliiil.iu.ii 

7(18. First Kali on al Dank of AmenU, N'ew Yoik '.- I("i,i««> 

709. Snleni Nndonitl Bunk. Salpni, MiisiiM-buselts Siki.ikili 

711). tlTchaots nnd Fanners' Nalioual Hank of (liiini-j, IllinoU Iul>,lli'i) 

711. Kolt^toQU National liutikof Fliclibaif;, MnMarLuiH'ttii U.'tt.lim 

7ia. First National Bank of Litchtjcld, Conneciicut awt.iMi 

713. First Kational Bank of Batavia, Ohio liKi.iii" 

714, Pafilic National Bank of Kunlucket, ManRBtliuaclt* licS.i""! 

71&. Mount Vernon National Bank of Bunton, HaaHuuhnsutbi ■Jii.'i.imi 

716. Commercial Nationnl Bank of CliioHKO. Illii).>i« r.(ii;, 

717. Home Nslional Bank of MeriJeii, Wrot Meiiden. Connecticut TU.if" 

71". Fntniota' National Bank of Bucks County, Bristol, Tennsjlvania ICi.iHii 

719. FirBt Nalional Bank of Covinffton.Kmilm-ky riim.iNU 

720. Alieglieny Kational Bunk of I'ilUbnrpb, I'sunKvlvania ,->i"i.ih,i> 

731. ManuracliiL'crs' National Bank of Troy, New York ir>(i,l"-i 

Ti-i. Nationiil Eirhange Bnuk, Minneapolis, MionrsoU trJ.:*" 

~-Mt. MerclianlH' Nalional Bank ol Salem. Jlasaa<'hnsetl* 'iW. '»•• 

7-2i. People's Nat iim a I Bank ol Pitlflbuiph, IVunsylvania SMi",iirn 

7-2r>. Central National Bank of Pliilailelpliia, Pennsylvania r>7i', !"■ 

7iH!. MsnufaclurtrH' National Bank of Cllic«p^ Illinois :i-iT, .Vp 

7'.J7. Second Nalional Bank of St. Paul, Mi»u.«ola tflH.i'^' 

7!W. Leit IsbutKli National Bank. Pennsylvania liiii.iHi.1 

7-29, t'liarl™ Kiver National Bank of CambriJKe, Massarhusclta Iwij-' 

TM. Merrhaula nnj Farmers' National Bank of Itliaco, New York Wi.""" 

731. Evan-ville National Bank, Evansville, Indiana 7ia.i"i 

7:W, Tli« National Bank of Oxforil. I'unnsylvania llf.,M»' 

733. AVyoniinR National Bank uf ^Vilkea Burre, Pennsylvania I.'>ii,>i.' 

7;M. Ilrsl Kalioual Bank ul I'rovidencetown, Mawiai'liuseltM 'iui'.tf'i 

735. National Bank of Comnierce, New York, New York fi, f)lii', i" ■> 

• T;i«. Llinibnman's National Bank, William i<|>orl. Pennsylvania iJ,">,""' 

737, Meebanlcs' National Bank of New Bedloid, llaMaclmsetls fi:l-t,l>>"i 

7;h?. WttlJoboio' National Bank, Maine !>•'."■" 

73SI. Fiml National Bunk of Franklin. Ohio •- 9:<."" 

740. Oiiklnnd Nalional Bank of (iardiner, Maine llH'.i"" 

741. KBtionsl Albany EiclianRe Bank, Allmny, Nrw York 3111, om 

742. First National flunk of Sl.ininRton, Conn.'OlifUt •MV.U" 

743. First National Bunk of Nortlieust, Pennsylvania "U.I"" 

744. Kirsl National Bank of Wesitniinstor, Marjlund 100. mi 

74."i. Wyoming County Nntniual Bunk. Warsaw, Nuw York Ili0,n"' 

7411. First National Bank of Monlp>'lier, Vermont 'irili,!"'! 

747. First National BiinkofNew Windsor, Maryland .V,.i"hi 

74H. National Eschaiiirn Bank, Pliiloilelpliis, Pennsvlvauia IGT., i"'» 

749. A nieriean National Bank, New York, New Yolk F(ill,i"." 

75<i. National Stale Bank. Borlinglon, Iowa lo'' 

751. First Natiouol Itank of Ked Hook, New York i:i.-.l-^' 

7.VJ. First National Bank of Wolium, Massa<,-huRetta >A')ii, !■"' 

7.'h). Railroad Nalional Bank of Lowell, MassBvliusctls o4i>, !'<'<' 

7r>4. Fairlir Id County National Bank of Noiwalk, Cunneclicut ^i.'>.i"" 

75ri. Erick County National Bank of Janesville, \Vir.«onsin ll>li,i'»i 

75li. Altna National Bank of Hurlfcinl. Conne«lii:nf WNi, l">,i 

757. National Slate Cajiilal Buiik, Concord, New IIam|»Liru I.SI>. lll^■ 

■ 75H. First Nalional Bank of l^4ioiville, Illinois W.V" 

7i>'J. (ierniun National Bank of PitlsburEii, I'euusylvania 2riii,l>«i* 

7(i0. Lincoln National Hank of Bath. Maine aOO.i-J' 

7iil. First National Bank of Lexiiieton. Kentuvky. 4irj,-iHi 

7tiJ. Oiford National Bank, MasHaeliiiHtls UK', m*' 

7(i3. First National Bank of Charleslon, Illiuois K.l'.Oi"' 

7(M. Citizens' Nalional Bank of Worcester, Ma-suchns.:tt» 1(iM*>h> 

7lio. Murblehead National Bank, Maasaehuwtis Iicl.nli" 

7(i(i. Bristol County National Bank, Taunton, Mossacliusetta ai-,'.'"" 

7117. Ticonic National Bank of Walervillc, Maine ||k.,i-»i 

7(W. Nalional Citv Bank, Cauibrid|re, Uassaclmwtia li*'.'""' 

7(iil. MenhanH' National Bank, Clevelaad. Ohio iii«>,n«' 

770. First Nalional Bank of Cliwfield, P.nusylvanla !I7, ihi" 

771. S-Tond National Bank of Naahville. Tennessee Ui;!,A>i 

77!i. WhileiiMille National Bank, MassaehnsBtts 

773. Fuurth Nalional Bank of Providence. Kliode Island IKI.H-' 

774. First National Bank of Clarion, Pennsylvunia li"t,i|i' 

77."). New Albany National Bank, Indiana ;K:t,'">' 

77C. Plynionth NaUoual Bank, Mus.aibnsetls 150, i"" 



"7. Waterbnrj N»tional Bank, Connecticnt 8500,000 

TT- 8«ona National Book of I^iiidville, Kenlucltj :100, 000 

r?.l. Hamilton Nalional Bank of Bdalon, Mnasauhuaetla 2711,000 

:^. Bfconii NalioDHl Bank of Allegheny, Pennsylvania IW.OOO 

;-l, Wamrail National Bank of Lc.well, MaasacbuHelta 2112,0(10 

TfJ. Miiiine Xationul Bank of Bath, Maine 94,500 

7-1. Hillsboiough National Bank, Ohio 1(10,000 

7-:>. Tnion Nnliona) Bank of Lewisbui^, PenLsylvama 70,000 

7^. CUyNalional Bank of Cairo, Illinois IW, 000 

7-^. Nxional Ciiy Hank. Clevi-latid, Ohio 192,000 

:—. Ijioiarille City Kational Bank, Kenlacky 400,000 

'.■y. Xewton National BKnk, MiissachusettB ; 152,000 

VM Planters" Nalional Bank of I.ouisTille, Kentncky ;iSO,000 

Tltl. Citizens' Nalional Bgnk of Waterbnry, Connocticut 300,000 

7'ti. Ural National Bank of Waterloo, Iowa &0, 009 

711:). Kret National Bank of MarlinBviile. Indiana ; 94,500 

791. Urn Nalional Bank of Seafoid, DelawatO 5(1,000 

VXj Mnncie Nalional Bank, Indiana 300,000 

Wn. Waterrille Naliunal Bank, Maine 127,000 

7:C. V«te National Bank of New Haven, Connecticut 4J4.r.0O 

7;'r'. Merchants' National Bank of New Bedford, Massachusetts ai7,(HI0 

I'iJ. Viril National Bank of We»t Winfield, New York 107,000 

•"'. Fsmers' Nation hI Bank of Mansfield, Ohio 100,000 

.-■11. 11n.t Nalional Bank of tVemoal, Pennsylvania 94,500 

"I. pMsaic County Nalionai Bank. Palerson, New Jersey 100,000 

-II. Tnwnsend Natiousl Bank, MaHsachusetW 1(10,000 

^0. Kalional Market Bank of Brighton, Massftchusetts !iiO,000 

-•n Commercial National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio 400,000 

-"7. Uollielon National Bank, Ma-ssaehnselts 114,000 

--. First National Bank of Newcasll,', Indiana 100,000 ' 

—J. Xonheni National Bank of Toledo, Ohio 150,000 

Mm. The National Bank of Lebanon, New Hampshire 100,000 

-II. Pint National Bank of Constautine, Michigan 65,000 

-l-i. City Nalional Bank of Grand Rapids, Michigan 172,000 

-II. Ciiy Kaiiunal Hank of ChicaEO, Illinoia 250,000 

-!.■>. Afculnej National Bank. Witidsor, Vermont lOlt.OOO 

-Ik Nalioiial Exchange Bank, Salem, Mas-tachn setts 200,000 

!17. Third National Dank of Baltimore, Maryland 534,000 

-1-. Hisl National Bank of Ul ion City, Indiana 50,000 

-1'.'. Katland Coanty Nalional Batik, Vertnnnl 200,000 

--■". The National Hank of Bloom inRton, Illinois 150,000 

--I. Pirat Nalional BankofGalva, Uliuois 75,000 

■-'.'. Dover Plains National Bank, New York 100,000 

-": National Marine Bank of Oswego, New York 120,000 

--■1. N:aniic Nalional Bank of Westerly, Kh ode Island 250,000 

--'<. rintt National lUnk of Annapolis, Maryland 100,000 

-?'. Kimi National Hank of Slargis, Michigan 90,0(XI 

-.'7, i;raftuD Nalionai Bank, MassachtiBelts 100,000 

-J-. Second National Bank of Hamilton, Ohio 100,000 

-j;', Wayne Connty National Bank of Wooster, Ohio 75,000 

-■>', CrotoD RiTcr National Bank of Southeast, New York «, 200,000 

"■■■l. The National Bank of Oalva, Illinois 113,000 

-H. National Oranile Hank ofQnincy, MassachnaellB 150,000 

-.t!. Bektit National Bank of Wisconsin 50,000 

''M. Wyoming National Bank of Tunkhannock, Peaasylvania 100,000 

''■:•. Concord National Bank, Maasachuaettt 100,000 

->'■ Pint Nalional Hank of Shippcuibuig. Pennsylvania 75,000 

•!;. Pirst National Bank of Gonic Now Hampshire 60,000 

->. First National BankofMunry, Pennsylvania 05,500 

'i: Fanner* and Drovers' National Bank of Wayneebnrg, Pennsylvania , , - . 100, 000 

■f', Belfaal National Bank, Maine 150,000 

•II, The National Bank arCaslleton, Sew York 100,200 

, -It PredoDia National Bank, New York 52, OOQ 

-i:. First National Bankof Pawtuckel, Uhode Island 300,000 

-'t. Uerchanta' National Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio 932, 500 

-i:>. HUdlcMx County National Bank of MiddlelowD, Coouecticut 242,000 

-t^ McrcbanU' National Bank of Dubuque, Iowa 20ti,000 

-IT. Faotuil Hall National Bank, Boalon, Massac bueetts 750,000 

'f. TbeNatiMiat Bank of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 50,000 

-C. TUrd National Bank of Buffalo, New York 230,000 

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850. Delsware Connty Nstiooal Bank, DelRware, Olijo .'.... IKKi.mi. 

B5I. Firat NmionM Bank of Monilowoo, 

avj. Farmem' National Bauk of Watteii, Illiiioia :>>•, iK.i 

SKI. Davenport Natiunal Bank, Iiiwa 2lHt,i""i 

tJ54. Cuunty National Bauk, Clearfiulil, PrniiHylVHiiia 7.'., im 

8r>5. SUtrr National Bank uf North Ptovideuce, Rliude Island l>«:).<kii 

85(1. First National Bank of PliiniBr, P.;nusylvHDia iMi, ih.i 

8i,7. Mariella Nalional Bank. Oliio 1I1i.,ii.mi 

PW. Fimt Nftlional Bank of Wasliinglon, New Jettej llHJ.dn-i 

B.'iD. Monlpelier Natioual B«ik, Vernuint 3lH), mm 

eeo. Fir-t National Bank ..f Newark, Ohio lull, .«-! 

8lil. First National Bank of BUirBvillp. Penniylrauia Ki. (iihi 

aw. Fori Wayne National Bank. Indiana X*'. 

8t):I. Milford National Bank, Maasachiisitlla ^11, i-ti< 

b()4. Second Nalional Bank of Pnrk^mhHrir, WeM Virginia l:H,Wii 

W'l. Tioga National Bank, Owpj^, Nrw York KM, .'ii>' 

8Wi. First Naliiinal Bank of Buriiuaton, Vcrmonl a7J, iff 

Wi7. Citizens' National Hank of Urbana, Oliio IWi. "-■ 

Sl)'>. First National Bank ol KnifchtHlowD, Iowa liiit.uni 

8i9. Tiio National Bank of Poladam, N«w York 

STU. Men-hanti' National Bank of ludianapolia, Indiana ^liil, mm 

eri. First National Bank of Elk Horn. Wisconsin 7:,,ii.m 

Uti. Uarine National Bank of Erie, IVnnaylvania I.Mi.l-hi 

WJ. Krst National Bunk of Oncn Bay, Winconsiu 5(1, i-mi 

yet. Alerchaula' National Bank of Mi'ailville. PcnnayUauia llKl.lhv 

875. K woe National Bank of Keene. New Hampsliiru It>4, IH>i 

878. Kfcond National Bunk of Tilinvillo, Peni.-.ylvauia li-. (k.. 

877. Second National Bank of Portland, Maine 'Jti,im 

878. Merehanls' Natimial Bank of Newton, New York KKi.lrini 

8T>I. National Bank of KepuUiic, Watliinetim, DUtrict of Columbia 2IHJ. I'l l> 

t>.-«l. Paople'a Nalionil Bank. Waterville. .Maine Ifil), I""' 

6-Jl. Union National Bank of Lafayrlte, Indiana ^t,iHii> 

8dJ. Firal National Bank of Gardiner, Maine |[i4,l"'ii 

b'i'J. Union National Bank of Rabuay, New Jersey ]IN<. i'"> 

S^M. Winnebago National Bank nf liockford. Illinuie UN', ii*i 

tf*r,. National Bank of Lee. MaisHohusetla ^ln.liini 

li-6. Winchester National Bank of Winchester, New Hauipshirti KKI.IX'i 

^i-T. First National Bank of Newport, New Hampshire I(i«.l"'<i 

838. Genesee National Bank of Ueneaeo, New York l^.S-"-! 

*j^. Conway National Bank, Massac hnsel is IoH.iuhi 

81KI. Hunterdon Comity National Bank of KleminRlon. New Jersey awi.dii' 

eal. First National Bank of Saratoga Springs, New York Hxi.Tini 

BLB. Thoinaston National Bank, Maine H«i,lHl" 

M)3. Fintt National Bank of Winchester, Indiana Uli.mi 

89). National Park Bank of New York 1,I»(|.'miii 

8a.->. First National Bank of Kokomo. Indiana 5tl. l"" 

89B, First National Bank of Brookviile, Pennsylvania Km.""' 

Bin. Uayton National Hank, Ohio .KiH. in«' 

B'J8. Cagje Ann Kalioual Bank of Oloncesler, MasKoehusetts l.Vl. <Kxi 

flSW. Lee Connty National Bank of Uinon. Illinois lIMi. lH" 

900. First National Bank of Princeton. Illinois 103,1""' 

9()l. FifHt National Bank of T'iflin, Ohio 7l>,r.'i' 

fUni. The National Bank of Enhway, New Jersey VJ*" 

9{ia, $andy River National Bank of FarminKton, Maine *.M>|>| 

904, I*tiUKtou City National Bank, Kentucky Sl:i.ll" 

9lJ5. Nalloiuil Exchange Bank, Tiffin, Ohio lA"i,l«"i 

906. Tradesmen's National Bank, City of New York lM(l,lnn 

9117. First National Bank of Mount Vernon, Ohio .'MM*"' 

90^, Bridgegioit National Bank, Connectlcnt 2111, i'"" 

911!). Richmond National Bank, Maine |-.iii,iK-<i 

910. Manheini National Bank, Pennsylvania IIHi.lKMi 

91'i. First Kational Bank of Uaruesvllle, Ohio !>.>, i""' 

913. First National Bank of Chatn|ial(!rn. Illinois &>,"••'< 

914. National Shoe and Leather Rank, City of Now York iKHJ.j'-*' * 

915. Leicester National Bank, MassaiihuHetts SUl.i"-" 

tf Ifi. I'awcaliuk National Bank. Coniieuticiit 70.1 r '■ 

917. Fiisl National Bank of Ciiy of Brooklyn, New York W,"""' 

9lP^. Franklin Conniy National Bank of Urieulield. Maasauhusctta 3iul.i«i" 

919. Citv Nntixiial Bank of BriJgi'pi>rt, Connecticut »ii>.iH>' 

9^(1. National Stale Itank of Mount I'leasoul. Iowa lUO.OI"- 



•m. Firel N»lIi»iH] B«nk of Shu wtiep low n, Illinois JiOO, 000 

•hi-J. n.«nipiii(tu Xatioiml Buuk of Uibniia, Oliio 10(1, 000 

Kl. Mriaiimei Narioml Bank i.f Fall fiiver, llaissacLiiiietW 5:!5, UUO 

m. The NaticMi.1 Bank of MaloLe. New Yoik ifMi.SOO 

»r.. Snwi .Nslioral Hank of NewloD. New Jeracy SHI, 000 

9J«. Fir.l National Bank of ItirniinKhaiii, FeiiusylyBuia IIW.WW 

!!>:. Xwional State Bsrik of Lafayi-lie, Indiana S:!4,0ll0 

9!". National Union Bank of Kinderhook, New York 21)7,001) 

!l:y. N««<lk National Bank. Ohio 3011,000 

Wei, Uefhanicx' National Bank of Boslon. MaasacliDsetts 2-^,000 

9:11. Fanners' Naiional Bunk ol Ripley, OLio MOO, 000 

!«■>. r«rtsin...illi National Bauk. Ohio. SIW, HW 

Wa I'xnuivticnt National llatik of Il'ld^pnrt, Connecticut U.'>l>,<H)0 

"IX. Fri|Uonnnt'k National Bank of Brid^iiiarl, Connecticut IT<4,600 

liL-i. Southbriitjte National Bank, Maasatliiwetta IfiO.OOO 

SK Tradera' National Bank of Cliica;^, lIliuoiA l£t,IMH> 

9^. niob' National Batik of Boston, Ma^avhiiwlts 4UO,000 

'J.K Cul'boHH-e National Bank of Qardlner. Maine lllll.OOU 

9.y, I'uiiel National Uiink of Troy, New York 17 U, OHO 

9111. Seriud NaiionalBiinkofJauiesIown, New York 1)4,^00 

y n , P»ub<iry National Bank, ConnecliiMil 2S5^UU 

9li Tl» Na'tioual Bank of Ni.rwalk, Coniiei-ticut iiOO.OOO 

9Vi. (anil National Bank of I'ortland. Maine 5:13,000 

!>(4. First National Bank of Im Hoy, New York *. ISO, 000 

■11.'. N> Village Hank of Bowdoiuliani, Maine 50,00<> 

91'-. .lihurlot National Bank of Keeue, Niiw HaniiuUire 1011,000 

9ir, niii National Bank of Wauki-gan, lllin..iH riO,000 

91: Mwhini 4 Is' National Bank of 'lanntoo, Muimacbuaetla 300,000 

94-1. Pbtuix Nntioual Batik of Providence, Ubode Island 450,000 

!^i. (leneva National Bank. New York „, 174,000* 

:v.|. Fnvhidii National Bunking Company, New York 200,000 

■.•'■•i. National 6tale Bank of Uea MoinvH, Iowa 100,009 

Kit. Wa'.hinfrlon National Bank, Westerly, Uliode Island 150,000 

Vti. Nene Kile National Bank, Maine 50,0(10 

ilVi, Snuib Brwick National Bank, Maine 100,000 

XnH. PifM-ott National Butik of Lowell, Ma-isaeUiiRtlts 236,000 

9:.:. Kint National Bank of JeffeiBonrille. Indiana 100,000 

IT.-. Tagotun National Bank, Ma«sai;bu»elt« 420,000 

'.ra. State of New York National Bank of Kingston, New York 158,000 

l«f. N'Oih Danvers National Bank of Soulb Danveis, MasBUchusetts 150,000 

V'-l. Market National Bank of New York 500, WlO 

•Mi!. L'niun National Bank of Troy, New Yoik 2^5,000 

;»;t. Kiril National Bank of FairrooDt, West Vir(finiti 100,000 

;';i. Fi:>t National Bank of Bala Ion Npa, New York 100,000 

»:•. National Wbite River Bank, Betbel, Vermont 125,000 

;•-«. B»-»erly National Bank, UasBacbiisetls 200,000 

>7. FiMl National Bank of Macomb, Illinuis 100,000 

'.<■>■. Mrrchanle' National Bank of New Albany, ludiaua 210,000 

»V. First National Bank of Fulti.n, New York 85,500 

97-1. C'iliiens' National Bank of Wooi)»0cket, Rhode Island 7J,50O 

911. .MasiuKhusciig National Bank of Uoaton. MassBcbusetU 4)jU,0UO 

972. The .National Bank of Fi-bkill, New York ." 205,000 

■Cll St. Nirbolas National Bank of New York City 882,000 

■CI. Famietii' National Bank of Baleui, Obio 200,000 

97."'. Futnam County Nuliunal Bank ofCalniel, New York 100,000 

X". FanneTK' National Bank of Ashubiila, Obio 100,000 

977, Mercbania' Naiional Bank of Galena, Illinois 125,000 

'<:-. Fir«I National Bank of GW» Falls, New I'ork 136,000 

-C.v StipiDE National Bank, Pine Plaius, New York 90,000 

.-'. Iowa (.'ily Nalioaal Bank, Iowa 100,000 

'.•■1. Naiional Whaling Bank, New London, Connecticut 150,000 

-i. Kh-Hle Island National Bank, Providence, Rhode Island 535,000 

X. Jobn Ham-ot'k National Bank of SprioKfield, MassscbuBetls 150,000 

' ■."I. Indiana National Bank of Indianapolis. Indiana 500,000 

-J. National Union Bank, Boston, Massachusetts 620,000 

:*«. UitwaukiV National Bank, Wisconsin 2!i0,000 

'•-7. HpTcbaiitd' National Bank of Evansville, Indiana 350,000 

'•'-. ChicflpM National Bank of ^printc^eld, MaMaubunetta 300,000 

'<-.'. .\ppleion National Batik of Lunell, &U»sai:husett« 30t!,U00 

■>' PjU'b.m National Bunk uf ^pringlield.UBSsauhuiietls 150,000 

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991. Farmers' Nationsl Bank of Hudinn. New York t^ei.Ol).! 

992. National Stale Bank, Troy, New York S5I),WW 

993. Clinlon National Bank, Iowa HO.IKW 

99-1. Nationiil Eaf^le Bank, Boston, Masdachusetts .. 390. U<>0 

995. Mutual National Bank, Troy, New York 2I(i.5lW 

996. Newport National Bank. Delaware 7H,«I0 

997. Clark County Nation»l Bank of Winchester, Kentucky IW.Ol.O 

99^. Old Colony National Bank of Plymouth, Maisachasetts ilH.W) 

999. First Naliooal Bank of Maquoketa, Iowa 50,100 

1000. Seventh Ward National Bunk of New York. New York 3U1. IW 

1001. National E.change Bank. Milwaukee. Wisconsin 'ii<ll,m 

l<m. Fifth National Bank, ProviJeuce. Khode Island 291. WO 

1U03. Oraofre County National Bank. Chelsea, Vermont UtlO.W"' 

1004. Monument National Bank of Charlestown, MaasachusettB 160, UoU 

1005. First National Bank of Centralia, Illinois HO.WO 

1006. First National Bank of Portland. Connectiirut 157,0(W 

1007. Central National Bank of Troy, New York 2lil,SiW 

lOOti. Ocean National Bank of Newburyporl, MasBachnsetls loO.OliU 

1009. Mechanics' National Bank of Providence, Khode Island 500,(110 

1010. NatwoalHankofKepublic, New York l,O00,llUU 

1011. Piqua National Bank. Pioua, Ohio 200, WW 

lOia. National Hope Bank, Warren, Ehoda Island I3U.0OW 

1013. City National Bank, Green Bay, Wisconsin i'rtt, OltU 

1014. Wisconsin Natiooal Bank of Walertown, Wisconsin 6l),UUU 

1015. FirstNaiionalBaiikofOwego, New York 100, W") 

lOIti Firat National Bank of Denver, Colorado 2tNI,IHI0 

1017. First National Hank of Mattoon, Illinois 1 JO, UOU 

1013. Motclianla- National Bank of Portland, Maine SiW.lWil 

1019. Northampton National Bank. MaisauhunottS aiO.BliU 

1030, Coiiimhiao National Bank of Bot ton, Matsachusetts . BOO.W'U 

loai. Rockingham NaOoual Bank of Portsmouth, Hbw Hampaliire SilK!,!"") 

10*J. Blackatoue National Bank ofUxbridge. Msssaehusetts lOH.OOO 

lO'i-J. First Natioual Bank of Newport, Khode Island yW,""" 

1024. National Eag-la Bank, ProvtdencB. Rhode Island 4JO,0["i 

io'^'i. Logansnort National Bank, Indiana Cj5,0i'J 

10*i, Lyons Nalional Bank. New York lOo.filnl 

1027. TheNalionalBankof Kinderhook. New York ■Jo4,yuil 

lOifi. Pittslield National Bauk. New Hampshire Kt.U"! 

llf/!}. State National Bauk of Boston, Massachusetts 1, I2.'i,<>i>ll 

luao. Fi Ml National Bauk of Seymour, Indiana 9.i,|HMi 

1031. First National Bank of Saugerties, New York l:«,IKW 

1033. National Bank of North America, Provideii'-*, Rhode Inland 77e.yi'0 

1033. First National Bank of Smilhlield, Kbode Island lOO.Ulxl 

1034. First National Bank of Morrison, Illinois H)o,Ui'(J 

]0:t.'i. Bay Statu National Bauk of Lawrence, Massachusetts 3J4,U<"' 

10341. New London City National Bank, Connecticut 5r>,l>utr 

1037. Stamford National Bank, Conned icut ^05.W>ii 

1u:H. Exchantre Nalional Batik of Lock port. New Yoi^ 150,000 

1039. First National Bankof Connersville, Indiana 100, IWU 

1040. Old Boston National Bank of Boston 410,0ii0 

1041. Saeadahock National Bank of Balh, Maine 100,(>(>U 

1042. Merchants' National BJnk of Albany, New York 19r^,(">0 

1044. Dover National Bank, New Hampshire 100, OIH) 

iOib. First National Bank of Pitlsfiold, Illinois 50,0>IO 

1040, First Nalional Bauk of Weilsvills, Ohio 100,W'-i 

1017. First National Bank of Thorntown, Indiana. KKl.UIHl 

Wis. Powow River Natiuanl Bank of Salisbury, Massachusetts 100. UOU 

1049. National Peniberton Bauk, Lawrence, Massachusetcs 150,00" 

1050. Merchants' National Bank of Newburyporl, Massitchuse tts l'^0,lMil> 

1051. NaUoual Ulster County Bank, Kingston, New York 13I>,U<hJ 

1052. Knox Counl; National Bank, Monnl Veinon, Ohio 150,000 

1053. New Hampshire National Bank, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 150, OOU 

1054. National Mechanics' Banking Association, New York 314,000 

1055. First Natioual Bank, Susquehanna Depot, Pennsvlvaaia 100,000 

1056. First Naliunat Bank of Uopkintou. Rhode Island 90, UOU 

1057. Agawaui National Bankof Springfield, MassachuselU 3lU,3l>0 

lOart, Eichange Nalional Bank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania gjT, OMil 

10,i9, Casco National Bank of Portland, Maine 5J.-|,0i«' 

1060, Farmers' National Bank of Portsmouth, Ohio J7S,5l!i) 

1061. Woonsocket National Bank, Rhode Island 2>U,0I)» 


lOSS. lUncbwler Ifatioual Bank, NevT Hampshire. |I04,000 

i063. ilnt Nktiaiiml Bmnk of Chicopee, UuiacboBetlH 150,000 

11164. .Ttfferwm Nuional Bonk of Steubenville, Ohio 150,000 

im. Hxlbon NBtional BoDk of London, Ohio 120,000 

]m. Citiieiu' NkUonal B«nk of Piqua, Ohio 87,500 

I<lf7. lint National Bank of Jackaon, Michigan 100,000 

106a Tba National Bulk of TecumBsh, Michigan 50,000 

1069. Finrt National Bulk of Colnmbiu, Indiana 100,000 

lOTO. Fanncnand Mechanics' National Bank of Rochester, New York 92,500 

1071. Soobwan National Bank af Milford, New Hampihira 100,000 

1171 Condi Conntr National Bank of Sandwich, New Uampahiie 50,000 

Vm. ntchbniv National Bank, Massachnsetts 250,000 

l<;74. National Hatropoli tan Bank of Washington, District of Colnmbia 350,000 

lOiS. National Bank of JeSeiion, Wisconsin 60,000 

1076. Danrilta National Bank, Pennsylvania 300,000 

III7T. Qninsiftamond National Bank of Worresler, Matsachusetts 141,600 

mn. The National Bank of Genessee of BataTia, New York 110,000 

l<K9. Uneantile National Bank, citr of New Yorii 550.000 

IDM. Tint National Bank of New Richmond, Ohio 100,000 

]<Sl. Uercbants' Exchange National Bank, citj uf New York ' 500,000 

1UI& Fint National Bank of Groton, New York 97,000 

Km. Bocksport National Bank, Maine 100,000 

1<KI. Ssjhiook National Bank, Essex, ConnecticnL 103,000 

10%. first National Bank of Oreencastlo. PennsTlvania 100,000 

lDi£. Acricnltnral National Bank of Pittsfield, Masaachusetti 200,000 

liK. The National Bank of Wrenlham, Hassachusetts 105,000 

tDK. first National Bank, Biddeford, Maine 100,000 

im. Waukesha National Bank, Wiacousin 50, 000 

IW. Finnen' National Bank of GreenTiile, Oliio 64,000 

ltl9I. Cochecho National Bank of Dover. New Hvnpshire 101,000 

1D92. Nitioiial Hndoon River Bank. Hudson, New York 250,000 

1093. Onnda Tallej National Dank, Oneida, New York 105,000 

mi. Pint National Bank of Belvidere, Illinois 100,000 

H«l. Tnaers' National Bank of Rochester, New York 223,000 

IW96. TbaNatioQBl Bank of Brighton, HassachusctU 300,000 

KOT. Hilt National Bank of Athens. Pennsjlvania 107,000 

im. Belvidere National Bank of New Jersey 300,000 

1U93. Traders' National Bank of Bangor. Maine 100,000 

1100. Ktlional State Bank, Oacaloosa, Iowa 100,000 

not. Bitoingham National Bank, Connecticnt .' 311,400 

llOj. AuMnia National Bank, Connecticut 105,000 

im Richmond National Bank, Indiana 230,000 

not. Uercbants' National Bank of Fort WaToe, Indiana 100,000 

ll<& National State Bank of Tene Hanle. Indiana 400,000 

IU'6. East River National Bank, dtj of New York 250,000 

:ia7. TheNationalBankofFavetteville, New York 115,000 

IIH Fir*t National Bank of Uyannis, HasBachusetti 100,000 

IIV9. Uedomak National Bank of Waldoboro, Maine 50,000 

lllo. Katiooal Exchange Bank. Baltimore, Maryland 53J,900 

nil. Clioton National Bank. New Jersey 103,000 

llli. National Iron Bank, Morristown, New Jersey ^ .'.. 100,000 

1113. liaint Louis National Bank, Missouri 504,000 

[114. Highland National Bank of Newbureh, Now York 382,500 

1115. First National Bank of Richmond, Virginia 335,000 

1116. Pint National Bank of Sparta, Wiaconjiin 50,000 

1117. The National Bank of Rondont, New York 310,000 

lll>). Bingham National Bank. Massachusetts 140,000 

1119. Union National Bank of Brunswick, Maine 100,000 

11^. Glob* National Bank of Providence, Rhode Island 437,000 

lltjl. Ueebauics' National Bank of Peoria, Ulinois 100,000 

!!*(. Nsw York County National Bank, New York 900,000 

11^. Caaajohane National Bank, New York 115,000 

iiU. UstropoUtan National Bank of New York, New York 1,445,000 

IIS. Unkm National Bulk of Albany. New York 600,000 

11%. The National Bank Crawford County, Headville, PeuafylvanU 

1131. The National Bank of Virginia, Rtchmond, Virginia 300,000 

llfti. NatioDalMobawkValleyBauk.Uabawk, New York 110,000 

lie). Andover National Bank, Maaaachusetts 200.000 

113U. Tbe National Bank of Salem, New York 150,000 

>>3l. Uerehattta' National Bank of New Haveo, Coniweticut 500,000 

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1132. Hercbanta' National Baolcof Providence. Rhode iBlaad |&50,D« 

llXi. NalioDBl Ceotrai Bank, Chern Valley, New York 200,000 

1134. Mechaaiu' National BHnk.Woicester, MauachntetCi 200,000 

1135. Woodetock National Bank, Vermont 150,000 

1136. Oroao National Bank. Maine 60.000 

1137. National Fahquioq lie Bank. Danbnry. Counectient 250,000 

ll.lS. National Granite Stale Bank, Exeter, Heir Hampshire 100.000 

1I3&. Georges >'atiODa1 Bunk, TbnmastoD, Maine 50,000 

1140. Dartmouth National Bank of Hanover, Nen Ham pah lie 50,001) 

1 141. Central National Bank of Frederick. Maryland 200,000 

1149. Montiroineiy National Bank, Morrislown, Pennsvlvanla 400,0<iV 

1 144. The Eicbange National Bank of Norfolk, Vir^nia 153, OiO 

114.1. Deep Kiver Sal ional Bank, Connecticut l.-iO. C0<i 

ll4fi. Mail Hiver National Bank of SpiinRfield. Ohio 200,160 

1147. 8helbume t'alis National Bank. Uaasacbaaetts I^O.fK'l 

1148. National Bank of Lyndon, Vermont lOC.OOi 

IH9. Cuba NalioHBl Bank, New York HU.Uo 

1150. Old Natiouamaok of Providence, Khnde Wand 4»<9,W« 

1151. Government National Bank of PotlHVille, Pennsylvania ISHj.lKHI 

1152. First National Bank of Mancbester, New Hampshire IfXt, WH) 

1153. Asbaway National Bank, Rhodo Island 75,(4KI 

1154. Kingston National Bank. New York loO.tiMl 

1155. First National Bank of Oltavi-a, Illinois IW), (Wl 

1156. National Bank of Lnwrpnee County, New Castle, Pennsylvania li>9,0INi 

1 IB7. First National Bank of Rhinebeck, New York 125, IWO 

1156. National Excb an ge Bank, Riclimond, Virginia 159, nCH 

1159. National Landholders' Bank. Kicgston. Rhode Island I05,0(-ii 

JI60. Old National Bank of WbitBhall, New York 100, »■" 

1162. American National Bank, Hartford, ConnecticoE 5.t4,0Oti 

1163. Lamoille Ciinnty National Dank, Hyde Park, Vermont i 100, OUd 

1164. First National Bank of Sleubenville, Ohio 150, OW* 

1165. Bherburne National Bank of New York lU&.O'U 

1166. Hancock County National Bank, Ciirthago. Illinois .SO.DfKl 

1167. Coventry National Bsnk of Anthony, Rhode Island 10-.i,lKHi 

1168. Farmera' National Bank of New Jersey, at Mount Holly, New Jersey.. 20«,0<nl 

1169. Gloucester National Bank, Maesachnsetts SSO, OMI 

1170. Housatonic National Bank. Stockbridge, Massacbnsetts 31)0, 1 KNi 

117). National Phcenii Bank of Westerly, Rhode Island )50,(lUi> 

1172. First National Bank of Eaa ton. Ptfunsylvania 400.("'<l 

1173. National Union Bank of New London, Connectirnl 13^, IH" 

117.1. Ross County National Bank, Chillicothe, Ohio 103, 5l» 

1176. Gardiner National Bank, Gardiner. Maine 50,000 

1177. Weyhoasel National Bank of Providence, Rbode Island 331,IKiO 

1178. First National Bank of Feterborongh, New Hampshire lOu.tXKl 

IlTa. First National Bank of Mendola, riinols laS.OOO 

IIM. Great Falls NatiODil Bank, New Hampshire 150,(X«<> 

1181. Citizens' National Bank ofMiddletown. Delaware SO, 000 

1182. Citizens' National Bank of Fnlton, New York 166, KM 

1 IKt. New Britain National Bank, Connecticut SJ5. 000 

1184. Soinersnorth National Bank, New Hampshire 100,000 

llUi). Hudson County National Bank of Jersey City, New Jersey 25U,00« 

I1B6. Huguenot National Bank of New Pal ti, New York I22.<>0li 

)1S7. City National Bank of Binghamton, New York «0«,C00 

new. Uncoa National Bank of Norwich, Connecticut 197,0110 

1189. First National Bank of Moiristawn, New Jersey 100,000 

1191. Bnrllngton County National Bank of Medbrd, New Jersey 100,00V 

1192. National Bank of Wilmington and Brandywine, Delaware SW^IM.'O 

1193. First National Bank of New Mllford, Connecticni l£t,0<Ki 

1194. Waverly National Bank, New York dO.COO 

1195. Rockport Narioual Bank, UassacliusetM 150,000 

1196. MercbanlH' Nmional Bank of Burlington St>:i, ;tC(i 

1197. Central National Bank of Lynn, Maasacbasetls SOU, OiO 

1J98. The National Bank of Poultncy, Vennont 10U,IH>0 

J 199. First National Bank of Woodbnry, New Jersey 100, OOO 

1200. National Bank Middlebury, Vermont 20«.«>0 

jaoi. Leather Hnuufacturers' National Bank,New York 300,000 

1902. Tanners' National Bank of Catsklll, New York 151.500 

1203. Cecil National Bank of Port-Depoeil, Maiylaod 300,00V 

1204. Oneida National Bank of Utica, New York 340,00V 

ISOe. WakeEetd National Bank, Rbode Island ~ ' 



IW7. Aduna NitkniBl Bank of North Adam«,Mu9acbnE«tts t3SS,000 

ISH. Praoklin National Buik, MaseachnBettB 106, QOO 

1^. TheNUional Bank of Stanford, Kentucky l&O.OOO 

IJIO. First National Bank of JJsttle Creok, Uichi^n 100,000 

IJll. National Mohawk RiTBf Bank, Fonda, New York lOU.OOO 

m-i. National Stnte Bank. Camden, New Jeraey 260,000 

M\X National TradeamcD'g Bank, New Haven, Conneetlcat 380,000 

KH. National Uahaiwe Bank, Great Bairingl on, Haasachnselts 300,000 

UK. Qnaaiuek National Bank, Newborgb, New Yutk 300,000 

liir. National Iron Bank, Falls Villafre, Coon ecti en t 150,000 

ISIR Saonrtiea National Bank, New York 131,150 

li\9. Hedanics' National Bank of Bnrlinf^on, New Jenej 80,300 

Vm. Firil National Bank of Tamaqua, PeDDaylyania irtO,00O 

Isil. Middletown National Bank, Connecticut 2M,00O 

!*«. TbeSationa! Bank of Fort Edward, New York 191,000 

l-m. Farmen' National Banlc of DeckerstowD, New Jersey 100,000 

ISl. Sewaik-City national Bank. New Jeniey 350,000 

1^ Enei ConntT National Bank of Newark, New Jersey 30(P,000 

1*K. Marine National Bank of City Now Yoik 413,000 

]*fi. OomDwrcial Naiional Bank of Saratoga Snrinm, New York 100,000 

l-iS. Mohawk National Baak of Srhenectady. Now York 102,000 

!■«>. Saialoga County National Bank, Waterford, New York 10,000 

liJI. Miukinpim National Bank of Zancsviilo, Oliio 50,000 

\a!. Eulon National Bank, Ppnnsylvania 400,000 

l-H. Ctmbriii^port Natiooal Bank, Cambridpe, MaKachnselta 100,000 

im Impoitera- and Traders' Nnlioual Bank, New York 560,000 

lar^ Uttt National Bank of Sunbary. Pennxylvania aUO.OOtt 

l-afi. Phiilipsburg National Bank, New Jersey 2«, 000 

in;. Tbe National Bank of Elkton, Maryland 100, 000 

I33-, TheSaUonal Haihilton Bank, New York cT., 000 

\tit. Woeau National Bank, city Now York Onl. 

IW, Nitrooal State Bank. Lima. Indiana 90,000 

iill. Coldwiter National Bank, Michi Ran 100,000 

Via. Modoadrock National Bank of East Jaffrey, New Hampshire 100,000 

1^13. National Kichntigo Bank, Seneca Kails, New York ^ 100,000 

Iil4. Finners' National Bank, Annapolis, Maryland ■ H6,500 

li4S. Stdonal New Haven Bank, Conneelicat 4«>,200 

ly?. Hotkiog Valley Nationiil Bank, Ijtncaster, Ohio 14,000 

lai*. Xnr Haven Connly National Bank, Connecticut 300,000 

'213. Mecbanic' National Bank, City New York 667,000 

lao. Hadlw Falla National Bank. MassacbusolU 200,000 

l«l. Pint NatiODBl Bank of Hougbton, Michigan 160,000 

1^ Fint National Bank of New Canaan, CounecIJcat 100,000 

1«3. The National Bank of Delavan, Wiiconsin 50,000 

ISI. Medianics' National Bank of Newark, New Jersey 502,000 

1^ B.l.ton8p8 National Bank, New York 100,000 

iSfi. Fitrt National Bank of Contnna, Michigan 50, 000 

16J. Ocean NaiioDBl Bank of KennebuDk, Maine 101,000 

IJSf. Hackettitown National Bank, New Jersey 130,000 

1S9. N«w York Sute National Bank, Albany, New York 345,000 

1'^ Nalional Farmers' and Planters' Bank. Baltitnore, Maryland 650,000 

l^i. National Marine Bank, Saint Paal, Minnew>ta 100,000 

1*8. Sational Spiaker Bank, Canajoharie, New York 100,000 

la>l. National Baicbere' and Drovers' Bank, New York 397,000 

1^. Ultsfiald National Bank, MastachusetU 488,000 

IWfi. National Bank of Venion, New York 100,000 

i&T. ntilNatiMial Bank, Weat Troy, New York 65,(00 

l«e. Ftart National Bank of Shelbyville. Indiana 100,000 

im WasUnglon County National Bank of Greenwich, New York 131,800 

ICO. Irving National Bank of New York, New York 231,000 

l«l. Uwell National Bank, Michigan 100,000 

Ifi*. MiUville National Bank. Now Jersey 100,000 

1^ LockHaTen National Bank, Penosylvama 80,000 

W4.ChiUl«tb8 National Bank, Ohio 100,000 

'"3. Hjitic National Bank, Connectieat 53,500 

W6. Maltha's Tioeyard National Bank, Edgartown, Massacboselta 100, 000 

l*n. National Bank of CazenoTia, New York 130,000 

l^S. national Bank of Pawling, New York ." 165,000 

l»9. Cambridge Valley National Bank, New York 150,000 

l«l. NoitliboTODgfa National Bank. MaMachusettt 100,000 


1361. UnionNsUonalBaiikofCitrof New York $560.0011 

1282. Middletown National Bank, New York 305,000 

1283. Monnt Holly National Bank, New Joreey 100,000 

1284. Lambartville National Bank, New Jersey 100,000 

1285. First National Bank of BloomSeld, Iowa 65,000 

1286. Mercantile National Bank of Hartford, Connecticnt , 3M,O00 

1987. Farmers' and MechaoiCB' National Bank of Frederick, Maryland 125,000 

1S88. National CommBtcial Bank, Albanj, New York 500,000 

1289. Rockland Count* National Bank, Njack, New York 100,000 

IBM. National Union Bank, Fall River, Massacfaasalts 315,000 

1391. First National Bank, Bristol, Rli ode Island 77,000 

12W, SaltSpiinpi National Bank, Hjrae use. Now York 300,000 

1393. New Casllo Conoly National Bank of Odessa, Delaware 75,000 

1394. Manafactnrers' National Bank of Provideoce, Rhode Island 506,0ii0 

1395. Centerville National Bank of Warwick, Ebode Island 1011,500 

1296. Albany City National Bank, New York 185,000 

laOe. Catskill National Bank. New York »...., 130,900 

1399. Glen's Falls National Bank, New York 105,000 

1300. National Citizens' Bank ofCily of New York 150,000 

1301. National Rovere Bank, Boston, Massacbosetts H34,000 

1302. Auburn City National Bank, New York 157,000 

1303. Third National Bank of Naahvilie, Tennosspo 100 MM 

1304. ComnieTcial and Farmen' National Bank, Baltimore, Maryland 

1305. Providence National Bank, Rhode Island 

1306. National Bank of SchuylBrville, New York 

1307. Utica City National Bank, New York 

1308. First National Bank of La Cross, Wisconsin 

1310. Bo weiy National Bank of Now York, New Y'ork 

1311. Farmers' and Drovers' National Bank, Somors, New York 

1313. National Bonk Commerce, Providence, Rhode Island 

1313. Fonghkeepsie National Bank, New York 

1314. City National Bank of Ponfth keeps ie. New York 

1315. First National Bank of Amsterdam, New York 

1316. Farmers' National Bank of Richmond. Kentacky 

1317. Indian Head National Bank of Nashua, New Kampshire 

1318. Farmers'andMsnufactuTcrB' National Bank ofPoarhkeepiie, New York. 

1320. Union National Bank, Masai lion, Ohio 

I3'il. Orange National Bank. New Jersey 200, ("Xi 

1322. Commercial National Bank of Providence, Bbode Island 481,000 

1323. Pejepscol National Bsnk of Brunswick, Slnine 50, IH"> 

1334. National Newark Banking Company, New Jetwy 4,»9, OOU 

132.1. Clinton National Bank, Connecticut Gl. OOU 

1336. Salem National Banking Company, New Jersey I.'i2,(>0l> 

1327. Mechanics' National Bank, Trenton, New Jersey 362, OIM 

1338. Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Uaitrord, Connecticnt 421, OW) 

1329. Gallatin National Bank of City of New York 591,000 

13:10. Western National Bank of Baltimore, MaryUad C>0O,0<K> 

1331. Falmouth National Bank, Massacliuselti 100, OOU 

1333. AUentown, National Bank, Pennsylvania 500, OOU ■ 

133.3. Delaware NiHional Bank of Delhi, New York ISO.OUO ! 

1331. Old Lowell National Bank, Massachusetts 200,IHKl 

133.'S. Blnchstvne Canal National Bank, Providence, Bhode Island 1S5, OOli 

1337. Citizens' National Bank. Sanbomlon, New Hampshire 72, IHX' 

1338. Mew Market National Bank, New Hampshire 8l.0in> 

1330. Delaware City National Bank, Delaware, Delaware 4s OU<i 

1340. Hartford National Bank, Connecticut 431,00l> 

i:i41. National EichaniEO Bank, Providence, Rhode Istaod ltJ3.tN)i> 

1342. Central National Bank, Hiddletown, Connecticut l&U, 0>i<> 

1343. Syracuse National Bank, New York 20e.0ti<> 

1344. Farmers' National Bank of Amsterdam. New York 131,5t*> 

1345. Farmers' and Merchantt' National Bank of Baltimore, Maryland 505, G(>» 

1346. Herchanls' National Bank, Syracu»e, New York 143, jJHi 

1347. Merchants' National Bank of Baltimore, Maryland 1,30O,l)iHi 

1348. Herymer Connty National Bank, Little FalU, New York 2Ul,l>(><> 

1349. Merchants' National Bank, West Virginia. Wheeling, West Tir^ia. .. 500, utN.i 

1350. Merchant*' National Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconiin 8i), (H>l 

1353. Phcsnii National Bank of City of New York 600,()ix> 

1353. Cnmberland National Bankot Bridgeton, New Jersev I&O.CKhi 

1354. Cayuga County National Bank of Auburn, New York ;. 3 i5, IX><> 

1365 Strafford National Bank of Dover, Nsw Hampshire 141, Oim 


r336. Tb«S»tioQalBMikorCobMB, Nen York tt0a,900 

lSi7. Cbater NtttioDBl Buik, New York 127,000 

lies. TheNation.1 Bonk of Norwich. New York 125,000 

I3j9. lakeOnUrio Nalional Bank of Oswego, Naw York 276,000 

i3«l. Fsnoen' National Bank of Fort Edwwd, New York 102,000 

1361, KaliDnalEichaQireBsnkof Aabnm, New York 137,000 

isa. Th«N«lionBlBftnkofAnbnrn, New York 172,000 

1363. HaoovMNBtionalBankof City of New York 333,000 

iSSI, Wfndham Coanty Nationdt Bank, Brooklyn, Connecticut 100,000 

lafiS. HoorCily National Bank of Kochealer, Hew York 300,000 

1366, Norwich National Bank, Connecticut 145,000 

]3fJ7. MiehiTan National Bank of Kalamazoo, Hichigaa 100,000 

]XI>. The National Bank of Port Jerris, Now York 131,500 

1369. The National Bank of Wateryille, New York 90,000 

l;ro. The National Bank of Vergennee, Vermont 150,000 

IJ7I. FSrrt National Bank of Elgin, Illinois 100,000 

137i Hampden Nalional Bank of WestSeld, MassncbosetU 151,000 

ir:l Lime Kock National Bank of Providence, Rhode Island 167,000 

ir*. National Bank of Derby Line, Vermont 150,000 

IBi. Chatham National Bank. New York 156,000 

KffT. M«TThant»' National Bank of Pougbkeepsie, New York 110,000 

1378. Heriden NaCioDBl Bank, Connecticut 186,100 

iT>'i. ebelurhet National Bank of Norwich, Connecticut 80,000 

l:»i. City National Bank of Hartford, Connecticut 300,000 

13-1. nni National Bank of Petersburg, Virginia 200,500 

l:W. I'nion National Bank of St. Lonia, Migaonri 167,000 

IM. Ciliiens' National Bank of Baltimore, Maryland 450,000 

1:N. Xilional Black River Bank, Proctorsville, Vermont ; 60,000 

Its. Ctntml National Bank, Rome, New Yoik ,... 98,000 

IS^ MerthanU" National Bank of City of Neiv York 1,000,000 

\v:. The National Bank of the Ccm man wealth, City of New York 390,000 

13*. Tolland Connty National Bank, Tolland, CoDoecticut 50,000 

IS-'V. A bin gton National Bank, Maasachuaetta 150,000 

VJ.H. Iniun National Bank, Wilmington, Delaware -. 803,200 

1393. Atlantic National Bank of New York 112,000 

IHM. Continental National Bank of New York C67,000 

lUtS. The National Bank of Coisackie, New York 83,350 

ISSfi. MMhaoics* Nalional Bank of Syracute. New York 106,000 

1397. First Nalional Bank of Woonsocket, Rhode Island 107,000 

I3W Traders' National Bank of Providence, Rbode Island 356,000 

1309. Ocean County National Bank of Tom's River, New Jeraey 150,000 

MIH. Fuit National Bank of IJtica, New York 471,000 

I1"l. Clark Nalional Bank of Rochester, New York 181,000 

lt"£ The Nalional Bank, Orange Conn ty, Goshen, New York 111,000 

14(0. AmerieaD Eichacge National Bank, New York 1,700,000 

IKH. Goshen National Bank of Now York 110,000 

■4<r>, Greenwich National Bank. Rhode Island 50,000 

Itoe. Herchanta' National Bank of Memphia, Tenaesaee 250,000 

1W7. The National Bank of Winteraet, Iowa 75,000 

lt«. The National Bank of Newbnry, Vermont 150,000 

i*9. National Union Bank, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 150,000 

1410. Cnmberland National Babk, Rhode Island 185,000 

Ull. Fort Blanwii National Bank of Rome, New York 150,000 

1411. Bank of Mew York National Banking Asaociatiott, New Yotk 1,038,000 

U13. Tbe National Bank of Catasaaqua, Pennsylvania 300,000 

1115. Otoe Comity National Bank of Nebraska City, Nebraska 100,000 

>1I7. Tba National Globe Bank, WoooBocket. Rhode Island 61,000 

Mlt National Mechaniea' Bank, Baltimore, Maryland 400,000 

1119. <;en<M« River National Bank, Moanl Morris, New York 100,000 

ltai>. Tbe National Bank Delaware, at Wilminj^n, Delawaie 110,000 

l«l. PaikerabDT^ National Bank, West Virginia 150,000 

itn. Weat ChaMei Connlj National Bank, Peekskill, New York 174,000 

I4«4. LawTHMobnTg National Bank, Indiana 202,000 

H!& Alum National Bank, Illinois 52,000 

ittfi. HrM National Bank of Rome, New York 100,000 

14*7. Calaia National Bank, Uains 70,000 

lt>. Nuioaal Warren Bank, Warren, Rhode Island 135,000 

l«9. Tlw National Bank West Virnnia, Wheeling, Wnst Virginia 800,000 

■ ISO. Pradocen' National Bank, Woonsork el, Rhode Island 160,000 

■431. City Nabonal Bank qC Providence, Rhode Island 878,500 


I43£, EaatoD Nntional Bank of MarylHnd $200, (KM) 

1434. VpiinoDl National Bonk, Bnltlcboro, Vermout I5(l,rii|i 

1435. First National Bank, HngorstowD, Marykna lUO.lKill 

1437. National Bank, Baltimore, Maryland I, IHI*?,;'jO(| 

1433. National State Bank, Elizabeth, New Jersej- :)5t!,lluV 

1439. Wfttetbiiry National Bank, Vermont Idfl.rKm 

1441. The National Bank of Wareham. Masandiii setts ' t^O.lMHi 

1443. Merchanls' National Bank of Bungor, Maine I(i2, ^iti 

1443. Trailers' National Bank of Boston, Massaub use) ts ^ 2t'.'i,Ui|i 

1444. Harrison National Bank of Cadiz. Obio IlKl.DlKI 

1445. First National Bank of Alton, Illinois lOO.WW 

1446. First National Bank of Hoboken, Now Jersey 110, (mi 

1447. StatoNational Bank of Keokuk, Iowa 150, OOd 

1449. Manufacturers' National Bank, Brooklyn, Now York 100, MW 

1449. Rockland National Bank, Maine 150,0011 

1450. Second National Bank of Leavenworth, Kansas 100,0011 

1451. The National Bank of South Beading, MossachuMtts 95,0IV 

1452. Vinceonea National Bank, Indiana 3.'>0,00l) 

1453. National City Bank, New York 370,000 

1454. Enabyille National Bank, Indians 100,000 

1455. First National Bank of HushTille, Illinoia 100, OWi 

H5ti. The National Bank of Ratland, Vermont SOO.ODO 

1458. National State Bank, Newark, New Jersey 535,000 

1459. National Branch Bank, Madison, Indiana 300,000 

1460. Frederick County National Bank, Maryland IK.SOO 

1461. National Traders' Bank, Portland, Maine 250, OOU 

1462. Union National Bank, Princeton, New Jersey 113,350 

1463.. Phqjnii National Bank, Rhode Island «5. 000 

1466. CitiBeos'NationalBank, Jefferson vi lie, Indiana 72,000 

1406. National City Bank, Ottawa, Illinoia 101,200 

J467. Williamsport National Bank, Pennsylvania 100, OWI 

1468. Charlottesville National Bank, Vireioia 153,0011 

1469. Eichange National Bank of Columbia, Missouri 100, Ol» 

147(1. Everett NBtionat Bank, Boston, Mass achusetla l3S,0fli) 

1471. American National Bank^if Providence, Rliodo kland 667,000 

1472. Farmers' National Bank of Virginia, Illinois 150,000 

1473. Second National Bank of Hilladale, Michisau 100, OUU 

1474. WallkiU National Bank of Middletown, New York 132, 0«l 

1475. First National Bank of Fairfield, Iowa 9&.f»»< 

1476. The National Fulton County Bank, Gloversville, Now York 

1477. National Bank State of New York, New York 

1478. First National Bank. Henry, Illinois 

1479. Jewett City Notional Bank, Coiroerticut 

1460. National Bank of New England, East Hoddaui, Counecticut 

1481. First National Bank Council Bluffs, Iowa 

1462. Thompson National Bank, Connecticut 

1463. Merchants' National Bank of Norwich, ConuocticDt 

1464. National City Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

1465. The National Bank, Melhnen, Massachusetts 

146C. First National Bank of Winchester, Illinoia 

1487. First National Bank of Red Wing, Minnesota 

1488. Lake National Bank of Wolf borough. New Hamjisbire 

1489. Batlenkill National Bank of Manchester, Vermont /a,uw 

1490. National Union Bank, Baltimore, Maryland 500,000 

1491. Newport National Bank, Rhode Island 120,000 

1492. Jefferson County National Bank of Watertonn, New York 116. 000 

1493. Atlantic National Bank, Brooklyn, New York 183,501) 

1494. Ilurlbut National Bank of Winstead, Connecticut 205, (X>i) 

1495. National Bank of Lancaster, Kentucky 200,00" 

1496. Canastota National Bank, New York 100,000 

1497. Frontier National Bank of Eastport, Maine 60,3(0 

1498. Pulaski National Bank, New York fiS.WK* 

1499. National Exchange Bank, Greenville, Rhode Island 160, U0<) 

1500. Fulton National Bank, City New York 200, 0<"> 

1501. Merchants' National Bank ot St. Louis, Missouri 210,0IV> 

1502. Kent National Bank of Cheslerlown, MaiyUnd 50,0<H> 

1503. CbemicalNationalBankof New York 100, OOH 

1504. Merchants' National Bank of West Virginia, Horf^anlowD 110,00i) 

1505. Merchants' National Bank orHastiDgs.Minnesota.', : lOO.OOtl 

1506. National Union Bank, Moulicello, New York 12.">,00«J 


1507. Merdiints'NalioDalBankWcst V!t(;iniii,PointPlaa««iil, West Vir^ia jISO.OOO 

I5I«. WeMBraDcfa National Itfirik, William sport, PeDDBflvama 101), 000 

lj(S. Nalioiial Union Bank, Wnlortown, Nbw York lur>,000 

1510. Knionil Bank and Loan Compsny, Wdtorlowr, Now York 63,000 

151 1, Koger Williams NatioiiBl Bank, Providence. Rbode Island 190,000 

1511 Orleans County Natiooal Bank of Albion, New York 107,700 

1511 Union National Mt, Joy Bank, Pennsjlvania 100, 000 

liH. Pascoae Nalional Bank, Rhode Island GO, 000 

1015. Nslioual Broom Coanty Bank, BinihanHon, New York 100,200 

1516. Krat National Bank, 5 till water, Mmnesota 100,000 

1517. Cnmberland National Bank, Portland, Maine 300,000 

nia Hnnmrfcrd NaUoQftl Bank of Adams, New York 135,000 

1519. Scbobarie Conntj Natiooal Bank of Schoharie, New York 100,000 

loAi, First NaUonal Bank, Marsh nil, Michipn 100,000 

1531. Tiie National Bank of Vandalia, Illinois 100,000 

1S2J. Second Kalional Bank of Cumberland, Maryland 100,000 

i:t3. Citj National Bank of Manchester, New Hampaliire 15:1,000 

1531. The National Bank of Michlran, at Marshall, Michigan 100,100 

1525. Fir«l National Bank of Paw Taw, Michiyan 50,000 

ISai. North Berwick Nalional Bank, Maine 50,000 

1527. The National Bank. Marliosbnrg, Weal Virginia 100,000 

1529. LjnchbnrB National Bank, Virginia 100,000 

152!), Fumers and Mechsnics' Nat ioual Bank, Westmiutltr, Maryland 75,000 

153(1. York National Bank, Saco, Maine 100,000 

1531. Nalional Webster Bank. Boston 556.000 

1532. Fmt National Bank of Independence, Miesonh 50,000 

15IL Uetcbants' National Bank of West Virginia, Clarksburg, West Vir- 

Rinia 100,000 

1514. People's National Bank of Jackson, Michigan 100,000^. NatioaalBank Khode Island, at Newport, Khode Island 100,400 

liJ7. Saeo National Bank, Maine 100,000 

15.1;. The Nalional Bank of Newark, Delaware 50,000 

1510. Iiaiehnrg National Bank of Orleans. Vermont .' . 75, OOO 

ioli. FiMlNalionalBankof St. John's. Michigan 52,000 

1511 Salional City Bank, Brooklyn, New York ..t 111,000 

1544. American National Bank. Detroit, Micbicun 225,800 

1545. Aqnidneck NationalUank of Newport, Kliodo Island 200,000 

1516. nnt National Bank of Middlelown, Ohio 100,000 

1547. Nalional Exchange Bank.Albion, Michigan 50,000 

154f. Pirat National Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina 400,000 

»5». FinI National Bank of Wiecassel, Maine 100,000 

liW. Merchants' Nalional Bank, Petersbnrg, Virgioia 400,000 

1551. Menhanls' National Bank of East Saginaw, Michiffao 200,000 

I.S52. WuhinjrloQ Coanty National Baok of WillioraspoTl, Maryland 150,000 

1553; Sciloate NaUooal Bank, Rhode Island 55,000 

1554. FiiBt National Bank of Portland, Oregon 250,000 

1555. First National Bank of Paris, Illinois 125.000 

1% National Exchange Bank, Wakefield, Rhode Islatid 38,600 

1551!. FintNational Bank, Lyncbburg, Virginia 200,000 

1559. Ealeigh HaUonai Bank, North Carolina 500,000 

I5W. Atlanta National Bank, Georgia 300,000 

1561. Tbe National Bank of Uautsville, Alabama 104,000 

I5G2. Chaatauqna County National Bank, Jamestown, New York 100,000 

1563. NaUonal Eagle Bank, Bristol, Rhode Island 50,000 

!.'■«. Tompkins County National Bank, Ithaca, New York 103,000 

■56. West mnr Nalional Bank of Jamaica, Vermont 86,700 

1566. Commercial National Bank of Osbkosh, Wisconsin 100,000 

1567. National Exchange Bank of Newport, Rhode bland 100,000 

I5ue. First National Bank of Galveston, Texas 300,000 

156B. Krst National Bank of Dover, Delaware 100,000 

1570. FooRli National Bank of Syracuse, New York 102,000 

1572. nrst National Bank of Hannibal, MifsoQTi 200,000 

15U tlrst National Bank of HarrisonbnrK, Virginia 110,000 

1574. Tint National Bonk of Owosso, Michigan 100,000 

1575. Second National Bank of Ponliac. Micbigau 100,000 

1576. Biddeford National Bank of M^ne 124,000 

I57T. Hercttanta' Eichanse National Bank, Mnscatine, Iowa 50,000 

1576. Caledonia National Bank of Danville, VermoDl 92,000 

1579. TrambnU National Bank, Warren. Ohio 150.000 

1549. Mifflin Connty National Bank of Lewistoo, Pennsylvania 100,000 


1661. flnt Natioaal Bank of St. Josepb, MiMoari $100,000' 

1682. The Natiooal B&Dk of Frederickibarg, Vir^ala 100,000 

1563. VenoODt National Bulk of St. AlbauB, Termont SOO.OOD 

158*. First National Bank of Cit; of Inaepecdence, Iowa ]00,000 

1565. Central National Bank of Boonville, Uiasonri 300,000 

1586. First Halional Baab of Stannton, Virginia 103,000 

1568. Germaoia National Bank of Nen Orleans, LonUiana 300,000 

1589. The National Bank of Lawrence, KansM 100,000 

1590. First National Bank of Fraderick, Marjland 100,000 

1591. First National Bank of FUnt, Michigan 100,000 

1592. First National Bank of Monroe, MicSlgan 101,500 

1593. Wickford National Bank of K bode Island 92,500 

1596. First National Bank of Mobile, Alabama 300,000 

1597. Union National Bank of Westminsler, Maryland 91,550 

1598. First National Bank of Shakopco, Minnesota 50,000 

1599. Castleton National Bank, Vermont 50,00* 

1600. Central National Bank of Danville, Kentucky 200,000 

1601. First National Bank of Paducah, Kcntacky 250,000 

1602. First National Bank of Danville, Kentucky 150,000 

1603. Attleborouich National B&nk, Massachusetts 100,000 

1604. The National Bank of Neenah, Wisconsin 50,000 

1605. First National Bank of Clarksville, Tennessee 100,000 

1C06. Georgia National Bank of Atlanta 100,000 

1607. First National Bank of Cbattaiiaa{;a, Tennessee 370,000 

160B. National Exchange Bank, Weston, West Virginia 100,000 

1609, First National Bank, Danville, Virginia 41,000 

1610. The National Bank of Kinewood, West Virginia 123,000 

1612. Fort Madison National Bank, Iowa 75, OCO 

1613. First National Bank, Kansas City, Missouri 250,000 

1614. The National Bank of Augasta, Georgia 500,000 

1615. Wyndbam National Bank, Connecticut 77,000 

1616. Henderson National Bank, Kentucky 170,000 

1617. Pacific National Bank of North Providence, Rhode Island 160,000 

1618. First National Bank of Macon, Georgia 100,000 

1619. Osage NationalBank, Iowa 50,000 

1620. BrookviilB National Bank, Indiana 100, (HiO 

1621. National Valley Bank, Stannton, Virginia 100,000 

16dS. People's Nationai Bank, Charleston, South Carolina 450,000 

1623. First NaUonal Bank of Charleston, South Carolina 400,000 

1624. State National Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota 100,000 

1625. First National Bank of Sedalia, Missouri 100,000 

1626. Mechanics and Traders' National Bank, New York 220,000 

1627. First National Bank of Dowagioc, Michigan 50,000 

16S8. Louisiana National Bank of New Orleans 908,000 

1629. First National Bank of Grinneil, Iowa 100,000 

1630. Planters' National Bank of Richmond, Virginia 300,000 

1631. Chattahoochee National Bank of Columbus, Georgia 100,000 

1632. First National Bank of Fort Smith, Arkansas 50,000 

1633. Ttie National Bank of New Berne, North Caiolina 100,000 

1634. Omaha National Bank, Nebraska 100,000 

1635. National Union Bank, Swantou, Vermont 75,000 

1636. Shenandoah Valley National Bank, Winchester, Vir^^nia 130,000 

1637. German National Bank, Memphis, Termeasee 175,000 

1638. Pint National Bank. Pekin, Illinois 100,000 

1039. Nortbfield National Bank, Vermont 100,090 

1640. ThB Nttional Bank of Athens, Georgia lOO.OOO 

1641. Merchants' National Bank of Savanuah, Georgia 601,000 

1643. First National Bank of OIney, IlliDwa lOO.OOO 

1643. ThaNatiooal Bank of Texas, Galveston 100,000 

1645. First National Bank of Houston. Texas 100,000 

1646. Laconia National Bank, New Hampshire 100,000 

1647. Miners' National Bank of Salt Lake, Utah 102,000 

164S. National Bank Republic, Philadelpiiia, Pennsylvmia 735,000 

1649. Merchants' National Bank, Little Rock, Arkansas 150,000 

1650. First National Bank of Helena, Montana 100,000 

1652. Colorado National Bank of Denver, Colorado 100,000 

1653. Kocky Mountain National Bank, Central City, Colorado 50,000 

1654. National Bulk of Bellows Falls, Vermout 100,000 

1666. The National Bank, Newport, New York 62,500 

1067. First National Bank of Wilmington, North Caroliaa 100, COO 


I6&S. Sm AnloniaKstionil Bank, Texu....: flS&.OW 

1660. Pint Katioiial Baok of Salem, Nonb Carolina 150, 000 

1661. EutiuVBllevIfBtk>nB]Buik,Topeka 60,000 

166!. Elnl National Baok of Fort Dodf^e, Iowa 50,000 

1661 FtiuujlraniaNatioDalBankofFott8ville,FeDDB7lraiiia 100,000 

1G64. The National Bank orLebaQon, TenDoeBoe 50,000 

WSa. National Bank of the Stale of Miuoari, St. Louis, HiMonri 1,833,000 

1G66. CteTelandNatioDalBauk, TenueflSM 150,000 

166^ Firtt NadoDal Bank of Idaho. Boise Cit? 100,000 

1669. FoQilh NatkiiutI Bank of Nashville, Tenncsue 500,000 

1670. Ilion National Bonk. 1 lion. New York 33.500 

1671. Citiiens' NBlional Bank of Davenport, low a 100,000 

len. Fint National Bank of Atchison, Kansas 60,000 

1673. TheJiaiional Bunk of Royallon, Vennont 94,700 

mi. Nattonal Security Bank, Boston, Uauachusetts •. 91,000 

1673. Keuur^ National Bank. Warner, North Carolina 50,000 

1676. Fint National Ben k of Hone? brook, Wayuesbargh, Fennsvlvania 120,000 

TG7T. GiwDB County National Bank of SprioBfield. Missouri 100,000 

l«7?. I'Dion Slock Yftid National Bank, Cbirago, Illinois 100,000 

IPNi. Cirolina Nalionol Bsok, Columbia, Sonth Carolina 275,000 

I*!*!. Princeton National Bsnk of Frinceton, New Jersey 30,000 

l»>. Elite National Bank of Raleigh, North Carolina 100,100 

I6?l Put National Bank of Honkato, MinnesoU 130,000 

I6C4. Paeific National Bank of Council Blnffs, Iowa 100,000 

VSa. Fnt National Bank of Sharon, Pennsylvania 41,700 

IS* Ftmvn' National Bank of Bangor, Maine 33,500 

If^, FintNaliooal Bank of Faribault, Minnesota 60,000 

l«w. Hnt National Bank of Hitlsborongb, New Hampshire 30,000 

lfr9.0hioN»tionBl Bonk of Cleveland, Ohio 300,000 

law. First National Bank of Austin, Minnesota 50,000 

189*. Firdt National Bonk of ilurfreesboro', Tennessee 160,000 

1693. KaUonal Bank of Commerce. Chicago, Illinois 84,000 

16W. National Bank of I^banon, Kentucky 76.000 

1695. First NalioDBl Bonk of Utah, Salt Lake City 48,000 

1696. First National Bonk of Leon, Iowa 50,000 

1697. Fint National Bank of Port Henry, New York 100,000 

IfiSe. HowHd National Bonk of Burlington, Vermont 200,000 

1^. Kidder National Gold Bank, Boston, Massochnaetts 150,000 

1700. Buler National Bank, Rutland, Vermont 300,000 

1701. The National Bank of Springfield, Missouri ,. 100,000 

I7V2. The National Bank of Majaville, Kentucky 300,000 

1703. Hircbanta and Planters' National Bonk, Angnsto, Georgia 800,000 

r:o<. People's National Bank, Norfolk, Virginia 100.000 

TiH. Fannera' National Bank of Stanford, Kentncky 150,000 

1706. Honmoalh National Bank, Illinois 100,000 

)W. I^t National Bank of Gallatin, Tennessee 50,000 

ITue. Second NstionBl Bonk of Lebanon, Tennessee 50,000 

17(9. Com Ezcbann National Bank, Chicago, Illinois 500,000 

1710. FirM NatiooarBank of Brodheod, Wisconsin 50,000 

I'll. Flnl Notionol Bank of Shelbina, Missouri 100,000 

ITU: Honitean Natiooal Bank of California, North Carolina 50,000 

nil. first NoticKMl Bank ofColnnbia, Tennegpee 100,000 

1714. TbeNatiofUl Bank of Menasho, Wisconsin 50,000 

ms. Salem-Nxioaal Bank of Salem, IlUnois 50,000 

ni«. CiUaeDa' National Bank of Aleundiio, Virginia 100,000 

1*17. Fint Notional Bank of Sterling, Illinois 100,000 

1711 Jackwmville National Bank, Illinois 100,000 

1719. Fayette National Bank of Lexington, Kentucky 250,000 

17%. Fint National Bank of Ottawa, Kansas 50,000 

■711. Flirt National Bank of Walseka, lUinoia 50,000 

17% Tint National Bank of Decatur, Michigan 75,000 

)7t3. FitM National Bank of Tnacola, Illinois 113,000 

ITU. ncrt National Bank of Chariton, Iowa 50,000 

1715. FbrtNatmaalBankafSchoalcran, Michigan 50,000 

>7Nl lowaNatkmal BaDk.OttuDiwa, lowo 49,000 

I7». Tba National Bank of Pnlaski, Tennessee 69,500 

■ne. KrMNational Bank of Richmond, Kentucky 250,000 

■7S. Fiirt National Bank of Eransville, Wiscoosin 60,000 

I71U. Hntkenn National Bank, Hiehiean 100,000 

1711. Ftnt I^lknal Bonk of Lapeer. Micblgan 55,650 


1732. Second NaUonal Bank of Lawrence, RaiMBi - 973,000 

17SX Sule National Bank of Springfield, lllinoU .- H)0,IKn\ 

1734, tierman National Dank of Chicago, Illinois 500, OW 

1735. First Nalional Bank of I'almyiH, Miasouri 100. 001) 

1736. City National Bank of Selma, Alabama lOO.OOU. 

1737, Finit National Bank of High tstowu. New Jersey I0O,0iiU 

173^. Londoun National Bank of Leesburjr, Virginia 100, 00>) 

1739. South Bend National Bank, Indiana 100, OflU 

1740. Fint National Bank of Lake City, HianagoU 50,000 

174 1. First National Gold Bank, San Francisco, California 500, 000- 

1742. Citixena' National Bank, Charlottesville, Virginia lOO.DOll 

1743. The National Secnritv Bank, Philadelphia, Fennsy I vania 200,000 

J744. Herchanta' National Bank, Bvirlingtou, Iowa )5«,0IJ0 

1745. HasUng^ National Bank, Michigan .SO, 000 

174<S. City National Bask uf Chattanooga, Tennessee 100,000 

1747. Tentonia National Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana 300,00 

1748. TbeNationalBankof Someiaet, Kentncly 150,000 

1749. First National Bank of Applelon, Wisconsin 50,000 

1750. First NaUonal Bank of Santa F£,Netv Mexico 150,000 

1751. First National Bank of Pleasant Hill, Missouri : 50,000 

1753. First National Bank of Holly, Michigan 50,000 

1753. KeeaavUle National Bank, New York 89, 000 

1754. Merchants' National Bank of UichiDond, Virginia 'iOO.ODO 

1755. First National Bank of Lanark, Illinois 100,000 

1756. FayetteTille National Bank, North Carolina 50,000 

1757. First National Bank of Sioux City, Iowa 100,000 

1758. First National Bank of Charlotte, Michigan 50,000 

1759. CentralNaliaDalBankofHiKhlgtotrn, New Jersey SS.fiOO 

17G0. FiralNationalBankof Franklin, Kentucky 48,000 

1761. Hrat National Bank of Niles, Michigan 100,000 

1763. Washington National Bank of Washington, Jowa 50,000 

1763. First National Bank of Fort Scott, Kansas TiO.UOO 

1764. First National Bank of Mason, Michigan 70,000 

1765. Central National Bank of Columbia, Sonth Carolina 150,000 

1766. Citizens' National Bank of Kaleigh, Nortii Carolina 100,000 

1767. First National Bank of Springfield, Kentucky HO, 000 

1768. First National Bank of Saginaw, Michigan 50,000 

1769. Commercial National BaoE of PelerBbnrgh, Vir^uia ISO. 000 

J770, Boone County National Bank of Columbia, Miasoari 100,000 

1771. First National Bank of Boscobel, Wisconsin 50,000 

1772. East Chester National Bank of Monnt Vernon, New York 03,000 

1773. First National Bank of Stneca, Illinois 50,000 

1774. State National Bank of Now Orieans, Louisiana 500, 00« 

1775. Gallatin National Bank of Shawneotowu, Illinois 250,000 

1776. First National Bauk of Osceola, Iowa 30,000 

1777. The National Bar;k of Jefferson, Texas 100,000 

1778. New Orleans National Bank of Louisiana 200,000 

1779. Farmers and Merchants' National Bank, Vandalia, Dlinoii 100,000 

17^;0. Citizens' National Bank, Flint, Michigan 100,000 

1761. Merchants and Farmers' National Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina 800, 000 

1782. Winona Deposit National Bank, MinnesoU 100,000 

1763. Lumberman's National Bank of Stillwater, Minnesota 100,000 

1784. BellofoDtaine National Bank of Bellefontaine, Ohio 115,000 

1785. First National Bank of Kewanee, Illinois 75.001' 

1786. FiTBt National Bank of eigouraey, Iowa 50,000 

1787. Union National Bank of Oshkosh. Wisconsin Ml,50(l 

1788. Merchants' National Bank of Dayton, Ohio 200,000 

1789. First National Bank of St. Clair, Michigan 50,000 

1790. Madison National Bank of Richmond, Kentucky 3»,00(l 

1791. Farmers' National Bank of Bushnell, IllinoU 50,000 

1792. Union National Bank of Aurora, Illinois 125,000 

1793. First National Bank of Kankakee, Illinois 50,000 

1794. First National Bank of Si. Peter, Minoosola 50,000 

1795. First National Bank of Charleston, West Virginia 78,150 

1796. Union National Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana 300,00" 

1797. Central National Bank of Baltimore, Maryland 200,000 

1793. First National Bank of Lincoln, Nebraska '. 50,000 

1799. FirstNationalBaukof Albia, Iowa 50,000 

1800. First National Bank of Cheyenne, Wyoming 30,000 

1801. Commercial National Bank of Duhnqne, Iowa 100, 000 


l^>e. UsDufuturen' Natiood llnnk of Kaciuc, Wiscaasio $|l>0.000 

I'*a Firgt KnionBl Bank of Paris, Miggoiiri 1(10, WM) 

1"'4. Tb« Natiooal Baok ofChesler, South Carolina 100,000 

l-Ci. Farmen' KalioDftl Bank of KeilhsburjEli. Illiuois 50,000 

l-J-fi. KichafiiTc National Bank of Polo, llliroU (10,000 

]■*■'. Fir>( Katlonal Bank, Harrodsburgb. Keiitnckj 1(|(},(K)0 

l-i'«. First N'atiooal Bank of I.onieton'n, Illinois .'iO,(MM) 

Ir^y. HibI Naliooal Bank of Jf tferson City, MisBouri "5,00(1 

l-ll'. Kirst National Bank of Charles CitT, Iowa 50,000 

l-ll. First National Bank of Indianola, Iowa 50,000 

IfiS. First K»(ion»l Kanh of Cassopolie, Michigan 50,000 

1*13. Vinit National Bank of Anamosa, Iowa 50,000 

lr'14. Fiist National Bank of Monlpomcry, Alabamn 8:), 150 

I^Ij. First National Bank of Elkader, Iowa 50,000 

Wti. Rotkford National Bank, Illinois 100,000 

1817. National Commercial Bank, Mobile, Alabama 200,000 

l^[f. MerchaDls' National Bank, Newark, New Jersey ^1,500 

ISI9. National Bank of Commerce, Green Bay, WiBcoDsin 100,000 

1^. Mann racliirers' National Bonk, Appleton, Wisconain GO, 000 

mi. People's National n»nk of Wiiicliesler, IlliDoia 76,000 

isa. OaioeaTille National Bank, Alabama 100,000 

laa First National Bank of South Havsn, Midi igaii 50,000 

\m. Farmers' National Bank of Salem, VirRinia .30,000 

IrJT., Hem OileaDs NbUodbI Banking Aasociatlon, New Orleans, Louisiaoa... '200,000 

lt«, I'aionCiiy National Bank, Michigan 30,000 

ifS. Xitional Bank of the Commoiiweallb, Boston. Massachosetls SSO,000 

l«-, Firrt National Bank. Olathe, Kansas 30,000 

les. Hrat National Bank of AUoRan, Michiean 35,000 

IrW. Fust National Bank of St. Anthony, Minnesota 44.600 

l;'3t. Tint National Bank of Nicbolasvitle. Kentucky ttO, 000 

KU NiHthem National Bank of Big Rapids, Micbi|pin 30,000 

I'M: First National Bank of Fob bio, Colorado 50,000 

l-at. TheNitionai Bank, Franklin, Tennessee 60,000 

l<t3. Comnier>:ial National Bsnk of VersHllles, Kfniucky 100, 000 

1«(!. Fint National Bank of Atlantic, Iowa 50.000 

1*37. Uvinnion County National Bank of Pontiac, Illinois 50, 000 

I-*!. Fiat National Bank of Baiter Siirings, Kansas 40,000 

l<W. Firet National Bank of La Grange, Missouri 50,000 

l*t'>. Flirt National Bank of Wyandotte, Kansas 50,000 

i"JI. Tint National Bank of Greenville, Illinois 100,000 

r-ili S»«-od KatioDal Bank of Winona, Minnesota 100,000 

1*13. Batea Coiuily National Bank of BuUer, Missouri 50, 000 

m The National Bank of Newberry, South Carolina 100,000 

IMj. Co(A Connty National Bank ol Chicago, Illinois 151,000 

He. Vint National Bank of Brownsville, Nebraska 100. 000 

IMT. Gorman National Bank of Covington, Kentucky ^0,350 

W". The National Bank of Spartanburgh, South Carolina 60,000 

1-49. First National Bank of Grand Haven, Michigan 100,000 

l*il. First National Bank of Mason City, Illinois 40,000 

l^>l. Second National Bank of Charleston, Illinois 65,000 

I'red. First National Bank of Marseilles, Illinois 50,000 

If-oJ. Hrst National Bank of Toscaloosa, Alabama 50,000 

K>l. rintKationalBankof Frankfort, Indiana 200,000 

I<i5. NebiMka City KatioDBl Bank, Nebraska 150,000 

l-yt. Fust Nation^ Bank of Warrcnsbureb, Missouri 75,000 

KJ. FimNational Bank of Port Huron, Michigan 100,000 

m;''. TaUeyNalionalBankof St. Louis, Missouri 100,000 

Ka. CoTiDgtOD City National Bank. Kentucky 500,000 

IseO. The lUlional Eiehangu Bank, Augusta, Georgia 300,000 

ixfil. llrtt National Bank orNewnan,G»orgia 125,400 

■-«(. HiUa Conntj National Bank of Olonwood, Iowa 65,000 

1:^ Citizeni' Kaiional Bank of Faribault, Minnesota 60,000 

l"«1. Firtt National Bank of Paola, Kansas 50,000 

W". The National Bank of Rolla. Missouri 33,500 

!■«. The National Bank of Illinois, Chicago 100,000 

l"^. FiniNational Bank, Raint Joseph, Michigan 50,000 

IW-. Hral National Bank of Ji^fferiou, Charleslown. West Virginia 72, 500 

I'm. Rotb Coanty National Bank of Rushville, Indiana 100,000 

IT". h'irM National Bank of Marerfo, Illinois 40,000 

Ml. KDoxville National Bank. Iowa lOO.OOO 


1B72. Union NalJODa] Bonk of MncDinb, UlinoiH $60,001) 

1S?3. Firet Ntttiqnal Bank of VinceniieB, IndiaaK 100,000 

1874. Firit National Baafc of Wobetor City, lows 40,000 

JS75. The National Bank of Eatztown, PsnnEylTonia 56,00(1 

1876. First National Bank of PaxUin, Illinois .* 50,000 

1877. First Hational Bank of Knob Noster. MUsouri 50,000 

1878. Heiidian National Bank of Indianipolis, Indiana 200,000 

1879. Citiiens' National Bank of Pom, Indiana 100,000 

im>. First National Bank of Tama City, Iowa 50,000 

1881. Diion Notional Bank of Diion, lUinoiB 85,000 

1882, Will County National Bank of Joliet, IllinoU 75,000 

1983. The National Bank of Piedmont, West VirKJuia 50,000 

1884. WelUbnrg National Bank, West VirBinU 100,000 

1885. Littleton National Bank, No? Hampshire 100,000 

1886. Citizeng' National Banh, Niles, Michina ^,000 

1887. First National Bank, Clean. New York 60,000 

1888. First National Bank, Bloomington, Indiana 100,000 

1889. Rock Island National Bank, Illinois 100,000 

1890. Citizens' National Bank of Greensba^, Indiana 100,000 

1891. First National Bank of Pella, Indiana 50,000 

1892. Bedford National Bank, Indiana 100,0011 

1893. Citizens' National Bank of HagerstowD, Maryland 45,001) 

1694. Farmers' National Bank of Greensburc, Pennsylvania 100, OUO 

1895. Merchants' National Bank of Toledo, Obio 210,000 

1896. Sycamora National Bank, Illinois. 50, 00« 

1897. First National Bank of Newport, Indiana 50,000 

1898. Mntual National Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana 150,000 

1899. Stale National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska 50,000 

1900. The National Bank of Cynthania, Kentucky 150,000 

1901. KansM City National Bank, Missouri 55,000 

1902. Firat National Bank of Chotopa, Kansas 30,000 

1903. I'irat National Bank of Jackson, Ohio 60,000 

1904. First National Bank of Plymouth. Ohio ,'iO,000 

1905. First National Hank of Hackonsack, New Jersey 50,000 

1906. Defiance National Bank, Ohio 50,000 

1907. Eochelle National Bank, Illinois 30,000 

I'MH. Kentucky National Bank of Louisville. Kentucky 100,000 

1909. Secon* National Bank of Aurora, Illinois 30,000 

1910. People's National Bank of Ottawa, Kansas 30,000 

1911. First National Bank of Owatonna, Minnesota 60,000 

1912. The National Bank of Wooater, Ohio 65,000 

1913. First National Bank of Wichita, Kansas 30,000 

1914. First National Bank of Plattsmonth, Nobraska 50,000 

1915. Fint National Bank, Emporia, Kansas 50,000 

1916. First National Bank of Plymouth, Michigan 50,000 

1917. First National Bank of Napoleon, Ohio 50,000 

1918. Second National Bank of East San naw, Michigan 100,000 

1919. Maunfaclurers' National Bank of Three Kivere, Hiehigan 50,000 

1920. First National Bank of Coshocton, Ohio 50,000 

1921. Salt Lake City National Bank, Utah 34,000 

1922. First National Bank of Eochelle, Illinois 30,000 

1923. First National Bank of Millersburg, Ohio 30,000 

1924. Soulhern Michigan National Bank. Cold water, Michigan ■ 50,000 

1925. First National Bank of Liberty, Indiana 30,000 

1926. DeWiU County National Bank of Clinton, Illinoia 50,000 

1927. Merchants' Naljonal Bonk of Fort Scott, Kansas 40,000 

1928. Fanners and Mechanics' National Bank of Georgetown, D. C 150,000 

1929. First National Bank of Shelby, Ohio 30,000 

1930. First National Bank of Minerva, Obio 30,000 

1931. The National Bank of Monticello, Ken tacky 46,050 

1932. First National Bank of Sullivan, Indiana 30,000 

1933. First National Bank of BOrling ton, Wisconsin 30,000 

1934. Nokomis National Bank, Illinois 30,000 

1935. The National Bank of GreenviUe, SoDlh Carolina 36,000 

1936. Farmers and Mechanics' National Bank of Phoenizville, Lonitiana 30,000 

1937. Cresent City National Bank, New Orleans, Louisiana SIO.OOO 

1938. The National Bank of GloversvilK Now York 60,000 


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[Inclocan 17 A.] 

innX »/ Cmiled SlaUt ueunliea ield bg Ike TniMvnr »/ lie Unilei Btatti ta leeun ■uUie 
depotiu f (IrMry 17, 1872. 

3. F1ntIfBtiaDalBiDk,WaihiiiKtoii,DUtrti:tof Columbia (100,000 

7. Seomd National Bank, New York. Nen York 100,000 

11. UntlfBtionBlBaiik.Hilwftakee, WigcoDain 150,000 

la. Rrat National Bank, PortBDiouth, New HwDDBbire 180,000 

14. Third National B»nk, Cincinnati, Ohio..'. 211,000 

24 Tint National Bank, Worcester, MaasaohuBBtts 90,000 

24. Firat National Bank, Walertewn, New York 50,000 

'US. Fim National Bank, Philadelpbia.PennsylTania 100,000 

31. Firel NUional Bank, Sandaskj, Ohio 60,000 

32. UntNatioDBl Bank Fortsaioiitb, Obio 60,000 

33. Fint National Bank, Erie, Pen najlTania 50,000 

31 Second National Bonk, Elmira, New York 75,000 

40. SKond National Bauk,Da7lon, Ohio 100,000 

4a. Fint National Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio 477,000 

43. lint National Bank, BTracuie, New Tark 100,000 

49. Second National Bank, Zaneaville, Ohio 50,000 

51. Fint National Bank, Lafajettc, Indiana 80,000 

S8. Fint National Bank, Indianapolii, Indiana 100,000 

S7. Second National Bank, WilkeaBarre.PennsylTaDia 60,000 

SB. nntNational Bank, Uadison, WiaconuQ 50,000 

B. FiiBtNationalBank,Anroia,IIUnoM 50,000 

S. Fint National Bank, Binfbamton, New York 50,000 

C3 Tint National Bank, Bangor, Maine 70,000 

eS. FiiHt National Bank, Peoria, Illinois 100,000 

Tti. Pint National Bank, Seneca Falls, New York 50,500 

fa. F^t National Bank, Toledo, Ohio 75,000 

M. Second National Bank, New Haven, Connecticut 70,000 

91. Fmt National Bank, Portland, Maine S00,000 

33. Fmt National Bank, New Bedford, MasMchtuetla 150,000 

91 FirM National Bank, NashTille, Tennessee 150,000 

97. FintNatioDSl Bank, West ChcBter, Pennsvlrania 50,000 

99. First National Bank, Albany, New York 200,000 

100. Third National Bank, SjracuiB, New York ■ 100,000 

101. RntNational Bank, Saint Panl, Minnesota 300,000 

IC6. Second National Bank, Utica, New York 60,000 

)MI. lint National Bank, Ncwbaryport, Massachuaelta 50,000 

107. Fint National Bank, BsUi more, Marjr land 300,000 

109. First National Bank, Hadison, Indiana 70,000 

no. First National Bank,Oewe^, New York 50,000 

114. First National Bank, Cooperstown, New York 50,000 

115. First National Bank, Frovidencev Bhode Island 150,000 

116. First National Bank, Chiltenango, New York 50,000 

119. Third National Bank, Sprinf^eld, Massachnselts 253,000 

m. First National Bank, York, Pennsylvania. 100,000 

Ki. First National Bank, Bridgeport, Connecticut 50,000 

m First National Bank, Allegheny, Pennsylvania 50,000 

131. Rtst National Bank, Trenton, Now Jersey 70,000 

136. Second National Bank, Philadelphia, Petinsylrania CO, 000 

137. FiiBtNationalBBnk,Jersey City, New Jersey 50,000 

13a. First National Bank, Sprinj^old, Illinois 200,000 

140. First National Bank, Concord, New Hampshire 75,000 

HI. flrstNational Bank, Norfolk, Virginia 2,000 

m. Foorth National Bank, New York, New York 150,000 

145. Second National Bank, Detroit, Michigun 350,000 

153. First National B»nk,Norti-3mpton,M»88«chttBelU 60,000 

157. Fint National Bank, Cf-andaiguH, New York 50,000 

153. First National Bank,Na»hna, New Hampabira 50,000 

150, 8econdNatioii»lBank,Newark, New Jersey 50,000 

163. Boston National Bank, Boston, Massachnsetts 1 50,000 

167. First National Bank, Wheeling, West Tlrginia 300,000 

■68. FiTSt National Bank, Altoono, Pennsylvania 50,000 

173. First National Bank, Mempbia, Tennessee 100,000 

180. nritHationslBaok,Quincy, Illinois 100.000 

laS. CBUral National Bank, New York, New York 200,000 , 

165. Fbit National BftDk, Lewislon, Mune 50,000 


167. First NnUonal Bank, Falrfieia, New Jeraey 160,000 

800. First National Bank, Dnbnqne, Iowa 50,000 

805. Hr«t national Bank, Frankiin, Penniflmiia S0,00» 

814. Hercbaota' Nalional Bank, Boston, Uassachmatta 500,000 

817. First National Bank, Laaven worth, Kansas ' 300,000 

818. flrat National Bank, Rnoxville, Tenne«M 50,000 

821. Charter Oak National Bank, Hartford, Connecticnt 100,000 

236. First National Bank, Brjan.Obio 25,000 

237. Mercbanli' National Bank, iiowell, Massachosetts 76,500 

241. First NaUonal Bank, Camden, New Jerse; 50,000 

242. First National Bank, jBiiieatown,Neir York 50,000 

244. First National Bank, BacbMter,New York 75,000 

246. First National Bank, Wilmington, Delaware 6O,0D0 

250. First National Bank, ChillicothB, Ohio 100,000 

258. Indianapolis National Bank, Indiana 100,000 

254. E^rst National Bank. Noniatonti. PennajlTaaia 50,000 

255. Corn Exchange National Bank, Philadelphia, PennsylTsnia 75,000 

257. Farmers' National Bank, Lancaster, PennsTlTania ^ 100,000 

S60. First National Bank, Beading, PenasjlTania 50.000 

366. National Exchange Bank. Columbua, Ohio 100,000 

271. Nassau National Bank, Brooklyn, New York 150,000 

273, TroyCity National Bank. Troy, New York 1-^,000 

275, First National Bank, Yonkers, New York 50,000 

276. National Broadway Bank, New York, New York 50, 000 

280. Cheshire National Bank. Keene. New Hampshire 50.000 

283, First National Bank. Auburn, New York 50,000 

384. First Nalional Bank, New Albany, Indiana 50,000 

287. M on tpelier National Bank, Vermont 100,000 

2f8. National Bank of Commerce. New York. New York 2DO,00« 

289. First National Bank. Covinpton. Kentucky 50,000 

293. First National Bank, Rock Island, III inoU 50,000 

296. Merchants' National Bank. Clereland, Ohio 160,000 

298. Keystone National Bank. Erie. PennsjlTania M.OOO 

899. Evansville National Bank. Indiana 100,000 

300. Bristol Connty National Bank, Taunton, MassachuMlts 150,000 

304. First National Bank. Olon's Falls, New York 50,000 

305. Champaign National Bank, Drbana, Ohio 50,000 

306. Commercial National Bank, Cleveland, Ohio 150,000 

310. Fort Wayne National Bank, Indiana 50,000 

311. Davenport National Bank, Iowa 75,000 

316. Fallkill National Bank, Poughkeepsie, New York 60,000 

318. First National Bank, Richmond, Virginia 100, OOU 

321. Nalional Exchange Bank, Milwaukee, WLiconsin l.'»,O00 

384. Merchants' Nalional Bank, Forlland. Hfune 100,000 

336. First National Bank, Newport, Rhode Island 60,000 

327. First National Bank, Manchester. New Hampshire 50,000 

330. National Bank of the Republic, Washington, Dtslrict of Columbia 100,000 

333. F,ichaDge National Bank, Norfolk. Virginia 100,000 

336. Fanners' Nationai Bank, An Dapol is, Maryland 100,000 

339. Rutland Connty Nalional Bank, Rutland, Vermont 50,000 

342. Merchants' National Bank, New Bedford, Massachusetts 150,000 

345. City National Bank, Grand Rapids, Michigan 30,000 

349. Alton National Bank, Illinois- 50,000 

350. National State Bonk, DesMoines. Iowa 50,000 

351. Msssasoil National Bank. Fall River, Massachnielts 100,000 

358. Nalional FuUon County Bank, Qloversville. New York 50,000 

353. Middlelown Nalional Bank, New York 75,000 

:t54. Farmers' Nalional Bank, Ashtabula. Ohio 50,000 

355. Natiooal Mohawk Valley Bank, Mob aw b, New York 50,000 

356. Randolph National Bank, Massachnsstls 150.000 

360. First Nalional Bank, Omaha, Nebraska 850,000 

364. Lynchbnrg National Bank, Virpnla .tO.OOO 

367. Adams National Bank, North Adams, Massachusetts 60,000 

368. First National Bank. Denver, Color»do 50,000 

370. First National Bank, Centralia, Illinois 75,000 

372. Raleigh National Bank, Norlb Carolina 100,000 

375. First National Bank, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 50, 000 

383. Atlanta National Bank, Oeorgia. . . 100, 000 

385. First National Bank. Galveston, Toias 75,000 

3OT. Louisiana Nalional Bank. New Orleans, Loolaiaoa 100,000 


191. lint Nalional Bonk, Chaltsaoof a, Tetmcagee $50,000 

SSI. Firat NMion*! Bank, HftnnibBi, MisBOnri 50,000 

397. F5i« Nalionftl Bank, Freeport, Illinois 50,000 

401. HefchuiU' HatioD&l Bank, Little Rock, Arkuuaa 50,000 

402. Unt National Bank, Helena, MoDtans 40,000 

m. San Antonio National Bank, Teiaa ; 100,000 

HZ. Firtt National Bank, Portland, Oiegoii 50,000 

413. PBonarlvania Nationsl Bank, Fottaville, Peiuu;lTania 50,000 

41& Colorsda National Bonk, Den rer, Colorado 50,000 

480. Omaha National Bank, Nebraska 150,000 

til. IttTchmnta' National Bank, Burlinrton, Termont 100,000 

<£. Second National Bank, TitiuTille, Pennsf IvanU 300,000 

4-J6. Granite National Bank, Angasta, Maine 50,000 

W. XatiODSl Bank of Lawrence, Kansas 100,000 

4ja Second National Bank, Saint Paul, Minnesota 168,000 

as. Tbames National Bank, Norwich, Connecticut 50,000 

430. Fint National Bank. Sanbury, Pennsylvania 50,000 

1:0. Einsas Vallej National Bank, Topeka, Kansaa 50,000 

as. Ueichanti' National Bank, Savannah, Qeotgia 50,000 

iU. Salem National Bank, Illinois 50,000 

435. Herchacts' National Bank, Albany, Nen Yoik 100,000 

436. Saint Lonia National Bank, Missonri 100,000 

437. First National Bank, Sioui City, Iowa 50,000 

iV. PJsn tars' National Bank, Kichmond, Virginia 100,000 

439. Commercial National Bank, Dubnqne, Iowa 50,000 

44(1. Second National Bank, Peoria, Illinois 50,000 

441. Etcond National Bank, Leavenworth, Kansas 50,000 

m. Pint National Bonk of Utah, Salt Lake Citj', Utah 50,000 

15,10a, 000 

Pmooalbond First National Bank, CanarHlaigna, New York 150,000 

Penonal bond First National Bank, Helena. Montana 30,000 

Pertonal bond P'irst National Bank, Portland, Oregon 150,000 

Total amoutit licld 15,433,000 

flDlOMiIn n— A.) 

Bttdi «■ liamil oi itcaritg for tubieriatiaiu U> fitniti haa of 1981, in dicilion of nalioxat 
iaiik$, Febnars 17, IBTJ. 

I. Ninth National Bank, New York City $400,000 

t FirstNational Bank, Washington, District of Columbia 7,B93,550 

3. SeeoDd National Bank. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 160,000 

1'^ Qlen's Falla National Bank. Qlen's Falls, New York 20,000 

15. Elnt National Bank, Hethlehem.PennBjIvania 47,000 

17. Pint National Bank, Bondont, New York 13,000 

IS. lint National Bank, Syracase, New York 55,000 

% PuMNstionat Bank, Madison, Indiana 8,000 

2^. Uercbants' National Bank, Portland, Maine 50,000 

SI. Fannen and Mechanica' National Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 350,000 

33. National Bank of Commerce, New Bedford, Massacbaa Bits 166.000 

40. Second National Bank, Lansing, Michigan 4,000 

41 Westam National Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 35,000 

*t. Pint National Bank, Fort Wayne, ludiana 35,000 

45. Pint National Bank, New London, Connecticut 200,000 

SO. Merchanls' National Bank, Burlington, Iowa 4,000 

M. National Bank of Redemption, Boston, Massacbusetts 36,000 

61. First National Bank, Albion, New Yoik 100,000 

&!. Fmt National Bank, Portland, Oregon 60,000 


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(Indonm IS-A.I 

Treasury op the United States, Redehptiok Ditisioit, 
Ifaihingnu, Decemher 14, IB7I. 
Bnt : Herewith pleue find a detailed etatemetit of **rioiii Ettms of tnone; p^d In «ettl<- 
meut of erran and diacrepaDcioi, at also for eooatetfeita fonud on recoDDtlnt; tnoneji br 
the respecdTs officers haTiiig char;^ of tbe lame aftor it lesTea the Treatorar'a office. Thoncl 
not embraciDg all of the acconuta of a like tuitara staodiag agaiost different partiei, it u, 
neTorthaleni, more than sofficient to acconat for the diRcrepancy of #257 existing in tht Hi- 
tiement acconnt, ud to Utastiato tbe manner of its oecttrrenee. A cotuiderabLe portioB «f 
the anmi thtu drawn from this acconnt wb( p^ tor coQDterfdts wliich the connten fidled ta 
detect on first connt in this office, and which were thrown out on recount in the Sceretaij't 
and Begister'a offices. These latteroffioes do not destroy a lot of money until all diserepw- 
ines ale adjosted, and aa it is inconTOnSent, and perhaps impostible, for thou to bold lup 
amonnta for anr len^h of time, we ore reqotred to, and do, settle and pay all incli diicceMa- 
cias at once, without re^rd to whether the amounts required for ancb porpoMS iwvo beM 
collected from the parties makinr the error or not. In many inatancea oonnlera have eithn 
resided, been ramored, or tnins^rred to other dBnartments, leaTloe annu of greater or Ims 
mai^itnde atandbfc against them, in which c«m tnay are teldom, if ever, eolleeted, and Iha 
loss, of course, falls opon thij office 

Very respeetfnllf, yonr obedient Mrraot, . 

Georoe W. Biaos, Esq., 

CAatrndii InreMigatiag CotaniitUt. 

SUUtBUnl <^ tkert$ paid »Mt of tit ituUmtnt aaouM and ekargtd again$l tkt foUoaing ftrimu : 

M. A. Gibson $58 80 

Leas amonnt refunded byber 5 00 

. $53 80 

M. J. Olisaon .' 12 60 

E. 8. Florence 3 09 

JennieOier 9 M 

M.8. Smith 3 50 

O. P. Canon 10 OU 

Agnes Bialaaki 13 Tj 

Leah Hatfield 3 35 

E. Bartlett 5 75 

H.LathrDp 4 40 

D.L. Clark 50 W 

E. G. Woodroff : 6 7S 

Connlers from division of issnea, (Boot's) 18 UO 

A. E. Getty 21 00 

Less amount rafnnded by her .-. 10 90 

10 20 

M. B. Wardwell 16 00 

Lees amount refunded byher II 00 

4 DO 

A. C.Smith 86 85 

Less amount refunded by her 3& 36 

J 00 

H. E. Boyer ;. .. 8 *5 

Less amount refunded by her 3 00 

6 P& 

Nellie CarUr 33 00 

Less amonnt refunded by her . 29 00 

4 00 

M.E. Cromwell .■ 1 40 

Nellie Derendorf 10 00 

Leaa amount refunded by her . - 9 00 

LnannaDeweei 3 UO 

M. Grandin SB 00 

Less amonnt refunded by her . ... 9O0 

17 OK 

3,9,1,26:1 byGoogle 


L A Hyde f75 CO 

Lfsi imouat refuiKlnI by her 20 00 

Jj5 00 

E.A.Uomtl 10 013 

Lns amount lefuDfled by ber 5 DO 

5 00 

M, McEliree :!-^ 00 

Le-i amuuul refunded by ber 22 W 

10 00 

E. RiKhie SI 00 

Lc« amount itfuiidcd by ber 14 00 

7 00 

E<it« Waters 9 00 

Lhi uuoant reTnoded by her S 00 

7 00 

M.Btile 16 00 

LcM uu«UDt refDuded by her 5 00 

11 00 

R. Wilson ao 00 

liii amount refanded by ber ..- 15 00 

5 00 

S«ii-Wbiie 15 90 

Ifii amauDt lefundud by her v ^ 7<) 

13 20 

E. Antinr 85 

J. r-iit i ea 

Losamonnt refuiidcil by ber 50 

4 15 

Sl.Cmoit 101 00 

Liit amount lefnndedby ber ■■ — - 75 00 

S6 00 

J. FTfer j:ili.S 

Ltjs luiHiunt refunded by bar 7 00 

6 25 

3Ui 20 

[iLclonn le-B.) 
Slalrmat of utunlitt, ^t,, in luitiii nf thi-f of loan dicUuin, idmtging in gtncrnl eath 

Treasury of the United States, Cash Division, 

Ifathingto*, Data-ktr 9, 1B7I. 
- In i^oerat cash Iwlsnte there are coin items as follaws : 

Quarterly mlereatcbeck* _ $7,fi« 60 

toin cuupons 6r>0,t>6J m 

Coin ceniGcatM 7H.IHI0 00 

Brportfd by chief of loan dlviaion and credited to the officea forwarding the aiini« on 

Tbete should be acconnled for in ibe loan diyision. 


SfMtU if tJmiUJ SlaltM uo'ei and etmncf nreinrd from TrtaaaTtT for burning fram Dt- 
ctBittr t lo DtttmttrV,i*Uiim<,llS7l.) 
KotM, new iaaue, 1669: 

D««iili«I JDSS.SOO 00 

[(Keniber5 430. 59i 00 

Dtwmber? (I6 00 

[iwujberfl 372,779 00 

I>«ember9 40 00 

|i, 701,377 00. 

H. Ex. 283 7 O^k 


Noti^B, new iune, 1669: 

Dpc'Pibeta H02,2r,n 00 

December 5 6lfi 00 

DeceDibff? 124. T45 00 

P»c«lnb«re 91 00 

Decenibtr 9 lao 00 

$2^7,8112 Iftl 

Fractional cairency, Itiird issue : 

Decenilfr I 3,011 22 

Be.enil*r5. 13 90 

December 8 50 

3,025 fij 

FrRClional cuncDcv, fuurth iseae : 

DeceiiibHrl ]3S,5TS 6(1 

IJectiiiber 2 60,400 00 

Dccenib»4 (19,200 00 

D«cpmber5 fi9, Irtl 40 

Drceiiibrr? 61.016 15 

IVwmLera 131,24a UO 

l>ei;eDib<ir 9 56,S00 00 

58(1,427 15 

Fractionnl currency, fuurtb issue, Becond eenee : 

Drt^mbcr I Ifi3 20 

D.-CMii!)er2 -*. 100,000 00 

D«;PHibtT5 174 UO 

December? 100,011 00 

December U 19 00 

200,367 20 

Krftrtioual curttatj, first iesno: 
DecemWr I 18 21 

FractiuDsi curreacy, aecoud issue : 
December 1 ?0 35 

Total 2,779,697 .\1 

Chirf o/ Currencg Uieisian, 

llndwore IS-D.] 

Schedule of Unilid SlaU$ ntitr$ awl fracHoBul mrreBim rtceiurd fnan Treasunr of the VaiUi 
Statu Jot buTKiMg from Utambtr I ta Dectmbtr 'J, lo71, inciaaict. 

BECIsTER'a Office, January 33, 1ST2. 

Notes, DeiT issue: 

December 1 f 9r>e, fiOO 00 

Decembers 4:J0,200 00 

Decembers 372,600 00 

Chit:ago 677 00 

— : Pl, 761, 977 OU 

Issue of 1869: 

December 2 102,2ri0 00 

December? 124.500 00 

Cbkdgo 1, 112 00 

227, &G2 OO 

Fractional currency, tliird issue: 

November 29. diacoimled'. 3,011 22 

Deceuiber, Chicago 14 40 

3, 023 (» 

Poslal currency: 
November 2U, iliscuuuted 18 21 

Fruciioniil currency, second issue : 
Novcmbet 29, discouuled gg 3J 



Fntotiofial cnrrencr, ronrth iseae: 

IVcfmb^rl JB4,4I)0 00 

I>»»-mber 1 7U,4UO 00 

Ilvcrmber^ 60, 4U0 00 

£k«ember 4 69,-il)0 M 

li««mber5 6«,W)0 00 

December 7 64, O'lU 00 

Decembers 131,2IKI 00 

D.^vinber9 56,aElO 00 

l>nvmber9. Chicago UH 55 

XuFUuber '^, (lucouDted 776 60 

$586,427 15 

Frsetiooal ctirreDCT, fourth issae, second series: 

llMMDber^ 100,000 00 

IlmNnber? 100. UUO 00 

Ilr-cember 7. Chicajto ai4 00 

Moveinber 21), JUcouDteJ 163 30 

200, 367 SO 

ToUl 2,779,6S>7 53 

by Google 

b, Google 

2d Semon. S \ J!To. 290. 





A iraiufkt of a bill to amend the naeiffotion and cmtomt collection laicg of 
the United States. 

UatM, lSi-2. — Referred to theCommitteeonComDierce and ordered to be printed. 

Teeasuey Dbfaetment, May 16, 1872. 

StB : Herewith I bare the honor to anbmit, for the conaideration of 
Congress, a bill eatitled "A bill to amend and conBolidate the naviga- 
tioD and cnstoms collection laws of the Unit«d States." 

The necessity of a re\iBion and codification of these lawa has long 
been apparent. It vas set forth by Hon. Thomas Corwin, the then Sec- 
retary of the Treasury, in his annual report dated December 26, 1851, 
in these words : 

It i« desirable that the naiuemiii laws respectiDg tbe navigatioD and commsrce of 
tbc Coited State* should undergn a careful revision and atraugenient. These enact- 
ncpt* bave been accnmulating for more than half a century, aod many of their pn>- 
Tisjniis are complex, if not conflicting; others are still nnrepealed, though they have 
loDKliFfo inapplicable to the oon<lition of onr commerce, and of the country. A repeal 
of obaolrte and QBelen provisions, aud a proper amtDgement of the residue, under 
appropriate titleH, with Judicious amendments and additions, and the whole comprised 
vilhin ■ single etatotn, or connected series of stAtntes, so as to be readilj- referred to 
■nd nndentood, would be a measure of great public utility, promote a more uniform 
and fsithfnl administration of the laws, and alTurd a more certain protection to the in- 
TrrMtn of the Government and the commercial community. • ■ • Inconsequence 
"f Ihia state of the laws, importers are often obliged, at no inconsiderable expense, to 
intnut their bosineas with the custom-houses to agents supposed to be well versed 
lh«rFia ; aud the difficnity on the purt of the officers of the customs, 08 well as im- 
pOTtrra, of correctly nnderatandiug and applying the provisions of such a complex mass 
oriegulktion, gives rise to freiment and expensive litigntion, augments the hnaiuess of 
the cDstom-hDnseH and at this Department, and gives to the operation at law that nn- 
n-rtaiuty which it is the duty of every Government to avoid. 

On the Idth'of January, 1853, the following resolution, reported by 
^nator Hauilin, from the Committee on Commerce, was adopted by tbe 
Setiate : (Senate Journal, second session Thirty-second Congress.) 

Raelrtd, Tbat the Secretary of tbe Treasury- be required to hare prepared and ndb- 
mitltd to Iha Senate, at its uext session, a general revenue law, with tbe view of snper- 


sodioff all existing laws oa the subject, aod wbich atiall eoibracu nil needful proviaions 
for TegiilatiQg the foreign and domestic coiiinierce of the Uuitod States in AmericHU 
and fureisu vessels; the assessing aud cuUecliug of the duties cunaerted vilb the 
aame, including fees of all kinds, tonnage duty, and light-money ; the rpgisloriiig, en- 
rolling, and licensing of vesseln; the number, duties, and emoluments of uuHtooi-Vionee 
officers and empluyiSs of every kind ; the levying and remission ofpHnalties, Sues, and 
forfeitures ; the service of the reveoue marine in alt its dntnils, and proviiline gener^ly 
for the due performance of all the duties, of every description, connected nith the 
levenne service in all its branches AQiI details, including all the requisite oBlcial foniM 
to be observed in the transaction of custom-house business. 

On March 3, 1855, a bill "to amend and consolidate the navigation, 
revenne, and collection laws of the United States, and for other pur- 
poses," which had been prepareti at the Treasury Department, was re- 
ported, with amendments, by the Committee on Commerce in tLe Uoiiee 
of Representatives, to whom it had been referred. 

Among other cogent reasons for action on the general subject of the 
report, the committee stated that tfaere were then "standing on our 
atatate- boohs, unrepealed in terms, more than four hundred laws, run- 
ning through more than five hundred large octavo pages;" that this 
state of things "perplexes the importer, who looks to the law for direc- 
tion, the lawyer whose counsel is asked, the customs official who is to 
execute the law, and, above all, the Secretary of the Treasury, whose 
duty it is to expound it, aa a guide to his subordinates, and whose con- 
struction has the force of law until reversed by the judicial tribunals. 
Kven the court of last resort, our highest judicial tribunal, has, it is 
believed, felt more than once embarrassed in deciding what provisions 
in oar revenue laws, still found unrepealed in terms on our statute-books, 
were in force." The entire report constitut«s an unanswerable argu- 
ment in support of the conclosion arrived at by the commiMee, viz: 
that "the necessity of revising, amending, and simplifying our revenue 
code would seem to be an imperative dHty." (Second session Thirty- 
third Congress, Report So. 145^ 

Notwithstanding these urgent and emphatic recommendntioDS, the 
proposed revision fell through, and the bill was withdrawn. An unsuc- 
cessful eflbrt was again made, under the administration of Secretary 
Cobb, to secure the requisite legislation. On the 29th of January, 185^, 
that officer, in compliance with a resolution of the House, adopted March 
3, 1857, by which House bill No. 187 was referred to him for revision, 
submitted in lieu thereof a series of bills, fourteen in number, constitut 
ing a complete code of laws relating to the revenue systoni. In his let- 
ter of transmiBsion, the Secretary used the following language : " I would 
respectfully urge the early action of Congress on the subject. As the 
law now stands, there are conflicting provisions, which give rise toumch 
difficulty and embarrassment in the practical operations of the Depart- 
ment." (Ex. Doc, first session Thirty-fifth Congress, No. 50.) 

The code thus snbmitted failed to become a law, aud although the 
subject has since been, from time to time, either directly or indirectly, 
brought to the notice of Congress, no satisfactory result has been ac- 
complished. Fragmentary or occasional legislation lias been had upon 
various portions of the customs revenue system, such as the coasting 
trade, the prevention of smuggling on the frontiers, the revenue-cutter 
8er\-ice, the warehouse system, the admeasurement of tonnage, the entrj- 
and assessment of foreign goods, the proceedings on protest and appeal, 
the prevention and punishment of frauds, &c., &c.; but this legishitioa, 
while in itiSelf necessary and proper, has to some extent increased the 
evils alluded to by increasing the number of statutes. It has at tbe 

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same time eulvged the field of operation necessarily ocoapietl in a com- 
prehensire rerislon of the Terenne laws. 

The subject was again revived dufing the first session of the Thirty- 
ninth Congress by the adoption of a joint resolution, approved Jnly 26, 
1366, directing the Secretary of the Treasury " to cause to be prepared 
and gabmitled to Congress, at its next session, * * * a general cae- ' 
toms revenue law, designed to supersede' all other laws on that subject," 
and authorizing payment of the necessary expenses of so doing out of 
the permaient appropdation for expenses of collecting the revenue. 
The direction and authority thus given were farther continued by joint 
resolution, (approved February 22, 18(i7,) until January 1, 1868. 

The preparation of a new bill was accordingly commenced, pursaaut 
to the terms of the resolntion of Jnly 26, 1866, nnder the direction of 
one member of the Senate and one from the Honse, and considerable 
progress was made in the proposed revision of the revenue laws. The 
detJUlB of the bill were mainly in charge of Messrs. Andms and Mac- 
donald, two of the special agenta of this Department, and men of great 
praetieal experience in revenue matters. Before the completion of the 
wdA both those gentlemen died. ' The bill thas left aufinished was sub- 
sequently taken np, and the work of revision continned under my direc- 
tion. The result is herewith snbmttted for the consideration and action 
of Congress. 

the ^ilore of former attempts to secure the passf^^ of a complete 
oodeasoriginally designed was caused mainly, as the Department is ted 
to beKeve, by the fact that some of the features embraced in bills here- 
tofore preaente<l developed unexpected sources of opposition ; hence, tJiey 
gave rise to extended and, as the result proved, fruitless discassion. 
Among the most prominent may be mentioned provisions relating to 
the nnmber and emoluments of customs officers, and to the distribution 
and boundaries of collection districts. The difficulty of reconciling 
contrwy views or of harmonizing conflicting interests on these and 
other Dtdlateral qnestions was so great as to resnlt, practically, in a 
defeat of the principal object which the advocates of the measure had 
in view. 

In prepfuing the bill now submitted care has been taken to avoid any 
occasion for a repetition of the difficulty to which I have jnst alluded. 
The main object has been to secure a practical and permanent KOrhing 
tjttan for the collection of the customs revenue. That object, it was 
thought, conld be best attained by omitting all provisions upon sub- 
jects which are, in themselves, of a fluctuating character, or liable to 
become so. In this category may be included all questions relating to 
the formation and extent of coUectiou districts, the emoluments or com- 
pensation of customs officers, and the fees to be exacted for official ser- 
Tices. In other words, the exx>en8e of running the system, as well as 
the localities of its operation, may be considered and provided for apart 
from the system itself. The latter may be treated on the principle of a 
machine, complete in all its details, and so constructed that it can be 
sncceasfully operated whenever and wherever needed. 

The bill now submitted has been prepared upon this theory, and con- 
taiDs 243 sections, arranged under thirteen heads or titles, as follows : 

1. Of vessels, and the registration and licensing thereof. 

2. Of the coasting tratle. 

3. Of the entiy of vessels from foreign ports. 

4. Of the clearance of vessels for foreign ports. 

o. Of the entry of merchandise from foreign port^. 

,_ ibyGoogle 


6. Of the landing and delivery of imported merchandise. 

7. Of th6 appraisement of imported merchandise. 

S. Of the warehousing of imported merchandise under liond. 

9. Of drawbacks on imported merchandise. 

10. Of seizures, suits on bonds, prosecutions for the recovery of fines, 
penalties, and forieitures, mitigation and remission of penalties. 

11. Of the revenue-catter service, 

12. Of the frontier trade, transit of merchandise over the territory of 
the United States ; also, over contiguous foreign territory, 

13. Miscellaneous provisions. 

These, it is believed, embrace all the material provisions of existing 
laws on the subjects respectively mentioned. The bill also contains 
mnch new matter, which is indicated by being printed in italica. 

In order that the Departmentmight have the benefit of the experience 
of its officers and others familiar with the cnstoms revenue system, 
printed copies of the bill as fiist drawn were, in May and June last, 
distributed to the diief customs officers at all the principal ports, both 
on the sea-board and on the frontier; ttrvariouB agents and ex -agents of 
the Department here and elsewhere, aud to many leading importersand 
shipping firms in the city of New York ; all of whom were requested to 
examine the bill, and advise the Department of any changes or addi- 
tions which they might deem useful. 

In answer to this request, various suggestions have been received, 
aome of which, after careful consideration, have been adopted and in- 
corporated in the bill, while others have been rejected as of doubtful 

It will be seen that the forms of the various papers required to be 
used in the customs revenue service are wholly omitted in the proposed 
bill, and that, instead of embodying them in the statute, as was formerly 
done, or annexing them to the code, as was subsequently intended, the 
Secretary of the Treasury is vested with full power to prepare, estab- 
lish, modify, and change the same, from time to time, aa circumstances 
may require. This feature is believed to be more in accordance with 
the necessities of the system than fixed statutory forms, which may, at 
some future period, prove to be nosuited for the pariiicular purpose they 
were designed to serve. 

Appended to the bill will be found au " Index to sections," showing 
in detail the various subjects treated of, and an " Index to statutes," 
&&, showing the portions of existing laws, as incorporated, modified, 
or added to in the bill. 

Iq conclusion, I would respectfully urge upon Congress the necessity 
of action on the subject refen^ to — a subject which has demanded and 
received the attention of this Department, at intervals, for more than 
twenty years, and which year by year increases in magnitude and im- 

I am, very respectfully, 


Secretary of the Treaaury. 
Hon. Jas. G. Bi^ainb, 

Speaker of the Some of Eepresentaticee. 

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(Fnr index to sectiona, see page 95.) 

£ I. Of veaael^ and the regutration and lioeiiBiDg tliereof. 

XL Of the casBtine trade 

UL Of the entry oiTeeselB from foreiga ports 

IV. Of the clearance of vessels for foreign porta 

V. Of the eutrf of luerchaDdise from foreign porta 

VL Of the landing and delivery of iiaport^ mercbundiHe 

TH. Of the appiaisement of imported meruhaudiae 

yiU. Of the warehonsing of imported merchandiae nnder bond 

IX. Of dravbacks on importied merchandise 

X. Of seizarea ; snita on bonda ; prosecntiuus for tbe recover; of fines, 
I>enaltiee, and fortuituren; mitigatioD and remimioD of penal- 

XI. Of the revenne-cntter aervioe 

XII. Of the ftoDtier trade : transit of merobandite over the territ«rj of 

the United Statea; also, over con tlKUons foreign territory 

XIII. HisceUaneoaa proviaious 

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by Google 

.—The niatWr in italics is 


Be it enacted bg the Senate anil Home of Bepresentativeg of the Vnited 
Stale* of America in Congress ansetttblett, That vessels of wArti- ,(,,„ „ ,^ „,_ 
ecer barthen wbich shall be registered in pursuance of this * '■ '""■ "■ ""■ 
w-t. and no others, shall l>e deemed and <lenoininated vessels of the 
l'iiit«il States, eutilletl to the beneSts and privileges appertaiuiug to 
siicli veitNels; and th,ey shall continue to enjoy the same no lon^r than 
iliry shall be wholly owned hy a citizen or citizens of the United States, 
or by a rompany incorporttted ororganized vnder the latcs o/ ,.„,., i.,i». 
tk i'niled NIates, or of a Hflnte or Territory thereof, and com- ""■'^"^ 
uiHixledh.v a citizen of the United States. But a ressel registered, enrolled, 
itT I'KttMtd under the lairs of the United Staten, and not being at any port 
tkrntf at the time this act takes effect, skull not be subject to any disunity 
far lof heing registered under the provisions of this act if suek vessel on her 
lint arrirat at a port of the Vnited States shall be daly registered within 
.rfrr rfrtjfn thereafter. 

AiT. '2. Vessels comin;; within the classes following, and no others, 
sli.ill l>e iiduiitt4>4l to registry : 

Firnt, Vessels bnitt in the United States, wholly owned by a company 
iHwrporateil or organizetl as aforesaid, or by a citizen or citi- ^^ ^^ ^^ 
zensufthe UiiitedStuts,ftndcoinniande<lbyacitizenthereof, . " ' 
iicvtT having iM-en registered as a vessel of the United States, and there- 
afHT siild or transferred, in whole or in part, to a citizen or citizens, 
i^iilliect or tiubject!) of any tbrcign power. 

.S^i»nd. Vessels captured in war by a company incnrporated or organ- 
izid as aforesaid, or by a citizen or citizens of the United ^^ 
States, and lawfully condemned as prize, or which may lie 
ailjniijt'd to l>e forfeited for a breach of the laws of the United States, 
aiiil irliolly owned by a company organized or incorporated as aforesaid, 
"I* Aji a citizen or citizens of the United States, and coiumanded by a 
<'itizfii thereof, never havinjr been registered as a vessel of the United 
States, anil tliei-eafter H()ld or transferi-ed as aforesaid. 

TInrd. Foreign-built vessels wreckctl on the coast or tctth in the waters 
"ftiie United States, and purchased by a citizen or citizens ,„.,„„, [.,i« 
ihiTpof, or by a company incorporated or organized as afore- ""' "■ '™- 
•aid, and subsequently repaired within the United States to an extent equal 
t" three-tourths of the entire coat of such vessel, Jc/iew offered for registry, 
and wholly ownwl by a company incorparated or organized as aforesaid, or 
liy a citizen or citizens of the United States, and commanded by a citi- 
2r\i ttiereof, uever having been registered as a vessel of the Uuited 
SlateH, antl thereafter soKI or transferred as aforesaid. 

F.Kirth. Vessels (»f the Unite*! States, seized or captured and con- 
<lciiii)e<l under the authority of any foreign power, tho prop- i „., „,.,». 
"fy tn which has iM'en subsetjnently recovered by the original ' '• ■'°°' "■ ""■ 

«wner or owners of the same, or any part thereof, or his or , „^ji „„. 

ibwr execTiton*. administrators, or assigns, being citizens of "■""' 
the United States, or a company incorporated or organized a» aforesaid. 

Sec. 3. The certificate of registry shall be the only passport furnished by 


th« United StaUa to any vetael except where totne other document ii or may 
hereafter be required by treaty, and such certificate shall be eoncliuire proof 
of the nationality of s^wk vessel; and every registered vessel shall be licensed 
/or the particular trade, whether the foreign trade, the coasting trade, or the 
Askeries, in ickick she shall be employed, which license may be granted by the 
collector, deputy collector, or surveyor of the customs, being the chief or 
principal officer of the customs, at the port where such vessel may be, on com- 
pliance with the provisions of this act; and, at such times as the Secretary 
of the Treasury may require, all deputy collectors and surveyors shall maJce 
return to tlte collectors of their respective districts of all licenses granted by 
them; but in case of the- loss, destruction, wrongful wilh- 
OK.n.i7u.ia. j^i^^^g^ Qf accidental mislayinff of the certificate of registrj- 
or liccDse beloDgiog to any vessel of the United States licensed for the 
foreign trade, while absent from the United States, it shall be lawful for the 
consular officer of the United States at the port or place where such vessel 
may be, to grant a document, setting forth as nearly as may be the last 
certificate of registry and license, which document shall enable such vess^ 
to proceed on her voyage, or return to a port in the United States; and 
upon her arrival at such port, said document shall be surrendered to 
the collector, and a new certificate of registry and license shall be taken 
out, in conformity with the provisions of this act. 
Sec. 4. Every vessel shall be registered in the district to which the 
1 sut.i I. m. shall belong at the time of her registry, which district shall 
( ». D«. .1, Sm ]jg (j,£,(_ ^J^ which the owner, if there be but one, or, if more 
than one, the managing owner of such vessel usually resides; butakere 
a vessel shall be ovmed by a company incorporated or organized as aforesaid, 
the port at or nearest the vsutU place of business of such company shaU be 
deemed and taken to be the port to which such vessel belongs. And Uie name 
of every registered vessel, and of the port to which ^o 
V ' belongs, shall be painted on each aide or on her stem, on a 

dark ground, in white or yellow letters of not less than four inches in 
length. And if any vessel of the United States shall be found not hav- 
ing her name and the name of the port to which she belongs palnt«d in 
manner aforesaid, the owner or owners of such vessel shall forfeit AttS 

Sec. 5. The registry of every vessel shall express the name %>f each 
ovner, specifying lite managing oumer, the part or proportion 
n«.w, 7W. % o^g^^^g^jgj 5g(^j^^(„g^(,^ owner, the length and breadth 
" of the vessel, together with her depth and the height under 

the third or spar deck ; also, the number of decks and masts, 
the tonnage under the tonnage deck, that of the between- 
decks above the tonnage deck, and that of the poop or 
other inclosed spaces above the deck, each separately, and the ailotcance 
or reduction made/or the space occupied by the propelling power, if a steam- 
vessel. But no part of any vessel shall be admeasured or registered tot 
tonnage that is solely used for the berthing of the crew, whether beloK or 
above deck, provided such space is not used for cargo or stores other than the 
personal effects of the crew, and does not exceed one-twentieth of the remai'*- 
iitjr tonnage of the vessel ; and in case of such excess, the excess only shall be 
included in the admeasurement for tonnage. And the tonnage of soch vessel 
shall be ascertained in the following manner i The tonnage-deck in ves- 
sels having three or more decks to the hull shall be the second deck from 
below; in all other cases the upper deck of the hull is to be the tonnage 
deck. The length from the fore-part of the outer planking, on the side 
of the stem, to the atterpart of the main stem-post of screw-steamM^ 
and to the after-part of the rudder-post of all other vessels, measnred 


nu the top of tlie tounage-deck, shall be accounted the vessel's length. 
The breadth of the broadest part oa the outside of the veBsel shall be 
a«:ounte<l the vessel's breadth of beam. A measure from the under 
side uf the tonnage-deck plank, amidships, to the ceiling of the hold 
(arerage tbickiieBs] shall be accouuted the depth of hold. If the vessel 
has a third deck, then the height from the top of the tonnage-deck 
plank to the nnder side of the upper-deck plank shall be accounted as 
the height under the spar-deck. All nieasurements to be taken in feet 
and fractions of feet, and all fractions of feet shall be expressed in tenths. 
Sec. 6. The register-toouage of a vessel shall be her entire internal 
Luhical capacity, except as hereinafter provided, in tODSof ^ .ib«.i. 
one hundred cable feet each, to be ascertained as follows: " 
.Veasore the length of the vessel in a straight line along the upper aide 
of the tonnage-deck, from the inside of the inner plauk, (average thick- 
Des.4,) at the side of the stem to the inside of the plank oa the stem 
timbers, (average tbickness,) deducting from this length what is due to 
the rake uf the bow in the thickness of the deck, and what is due to the 
rake of the stem timber in the thickness of the deck, and, also, what is 
doe to the rake of the st«rn timber in one-third of the ronnd of the 
beam ; divide the length so taken into the number of equal parts re- 
<iaire(Lby the following table, according to the class in such table to 
nhich the vessel belongs: 


CUu» 1. — Vessels of which the tonnage-length according to the above 
measarement is fifty feet or under, into six equal parts. 

CIoM 2. — Vessels of which the tonnage-length iu»:ording to the above 
meaBurement is above fifty feet, and not exceeding one hundred feet 
toDg, iDto eight equal parts. 

Clou 3. — Vessels of which the tounage-length according to the above 
meMorement is above oue hundred feet long, and not exceeding one 
hoDdred and fifty long, into ten equal parts. 

Cku 4. — Vessels of which the tonnage-length according to the above 
measurement is above one hundred and fifty feet, and not exceeding 
tiro hundred feet long, into twelve equal parts. 

CUui 6. — ^Vesselsof which the tonnage-length according to the above 
tneasurement is above two hundred feet, and not exceeding two hundred 
and fifty feet long, into fourteen equal parts. 

Cliua 6, — Vessels of which the touuage-lengtb according to the above 
measurement is above two hundred and fifty feet long, into sixteen 
equal parts. 

Then, the hold being sufficiently cleared to admit of the required 
•lepths and breadths being properly taken, find the transverse area of 
»]ch vessel at each point of division of the length, as follows : 

Measure the depth at each point of division from a point at a distance 
of one-third of the round of the beam below snch deck, or, in case of a 
break, below a line stretched in continuation thereof, to the upper side 
of the floor-timber, at the inside of the limber- strake, after deducting 
the average thickness of the ceiling, which is between the bilge-planks 
anil limber-strake ; then, if the depth at the midship division of the 
length does not exceed sixteen feet, divide each depth into four equal 
parts; then measure the inside horizontal breadth, at each of the three 
points of division, and also at the upper and lower points of the depth, 
extending each measurement to the average thickness of that part of 
the ceiling which is between the points of measurement ; number these 
breadths from above, (unmberiug the upper breadth one, and so oo 
down to the lowest breadth ; ] multiply the second and fburth by four, 


and tbe third by two ; add these productH together, and to the sam add 
the first brendth- luid the last, or fifth; muUiplj the quantity thus 
obtained by one-third of the common interval between the breadths, 
aad the product shall be deemed the transverse aren ; but if the mid- 
ship depth exceed sixteen feet, divide each depth into six equal parts 
instead of four, and measnre, as before directed, the borizonbil breadths 
at the five points of division, and also at the upi>er and lower points 
of the depthj inimber them from above as before; multiply the second, 
fourth, ami sixth by four, and the third and fifth by two; add these pro- 
ducts together, and to the sum add the first breadth and the last, or 
seventh ; multiply the quantities thus obtained by ooe-third of the com- 
mon interval between the breadths, and the product shall be deemed the 
transverse area. 

Having thus ascertained the transverse area at each point of division 
of the length of the vessel, as required above, proceed to ascertfiin the 
register tonnage of the vessel in the following manner: 

Number th? areas successively one, two, three, &c., number one being 
at the extreme limit of the length at the bow, and the last namber at 
the extreme limit of the length at the stern ; then, whether the length 
be divided, according to the table, into six or sixteen parts, as in clnssf^s 
one and six, or any intermediate number, us in classes two, thry, four, 
and iive, multiply the second, and every even-numbered area, by four, 
and the third, and every odd-mimbered area, {except the first and last) 
by two; add these pro<lnct8 together, and to the sum add the first ami 
last, if they yield anything; multiply the quantities thus obtained bv 
one-third of the common interval between the areas, and the product 
will be the cubical contents of the space under the toimage-deck ; di\i<le 
this product by one hundred, and the quotient, being the tonnage under 
the tonnage-deck, shall be deemed to bo the register tonnage of tlie 
vessel, subject to the additions hereinafter mentioned. 

If tiiere be a break, poop, or any other permanent closed-in space ou 
the upper decks, or the spar-deck, available for cargo or stores, the 
tonnage of such space shall be ascertained as follows: 

Measure the internal mean length of such space in feet, and divide it 
into an even number of equal parts, .of which the dist-anoe asunder shnll 
be most nearly equal to those into which the length of the tonAtge-deck 
has been divided; measure at the middle of its height the inside 
breadths, namely, one at each end and at each of the points of division, 
numbering them successively one, two, three, &c.; then to the sum of 
the end breadths add four times the sum of the even-numbered breadths 
and twice the sum of the odd-numbered hn-adths, except the first and 
last, and multiply the whole sum by oue-thii-d of the common interval 
between the breadths; the pixxluct will give the mean horizontal area 
of such space ; then measure the mean height between the planks of the 
decks, and multiply by it the mean horizontal areiv ; divide the product 
by one hundi-e«.l, aiid the quotient shall be deemed to be the tonnage of 
such space, and shall be added to the toiuiage under the tonnage-decks, 
ascertained as afoi-esaid. 

If a vessel has a thinl deck, or spar-deck, the tonnage of the sMce 
between it and the tonnage-deck shall be ascertained as follows: 

Measure in feet the inside length of the space, at the middle of its 
height, from the plank at the side of the stem to the plank ou the tim- 
bers at the stern, and divide the length into the same number of equal 
parts into which the length of the toTinage-deck is divided; measure 
(also at the middle of its height) the inside breadth of the .space at esch 
of the points of division, also the breadth of the stem and the breadth 
at the stern; number them successively oue, two, three, and so fortb, 


rommenciDff at the stem ; multiply the second and all other even- 
iLiiiubered breadths by four, and tbe third and all other odd-uumbered 
brendths (except the first aud last) by two ; to the auni of these products 
nild the first and last breadths ; multiply the whole sum by one-third of 
tbp common interval between the breadths, aitil the result will give, in 
^nperficial feet, the mean horizontal area of such space; measure the 
mean height between the plank of the two decks, and multiply it by the 
mean horizontal area, and the pro<lnct will be the cubical contents of 
the space; divide this product by one hundred, and the quotient shall 
be deemed to be the tonnage of such space, and shall be added to the 
iither tonnage of the vessel, ascertained as aforesaid. And if the Teasel 
lias more than three decks, the tonnage of each B|>ace between decks, 
alwve the tonnage de<rk, shall be sevendly ascertained in the manner 
alxne described, and shall be added to the tonnage of the vessel, ascer- 
tained as aforesaid. 

Sec. 7. in nscertaining the tonnage of open vessels, the upper edge 
vfthe ti|iper strake is to form the bonndary-lineof nieasuce- u,,,, „l., ?,. 
ment. aud the depth shall be taken from an athwart-ship "-"^"«*- 
line, eitendiufi iirom the npper edge of said strake at each division of 
llie lentil. 

Sec*. Jf the reHxel be propelled by itfeaiii or otkrrpoicer reijuirinff engine- alloiraiice of upaie or tonnage ithaU he mmJe for the space occupied 
if tkt pmpelliHif ix»rer ; and the amount so atloiced, not exceeding fifty per 
rmt of the ijroHs tounat/e, nhall be deducted from the gross tonnage of the 
rixtti. atrertained iis aforesaid, and the remainder shall be deemed to be the 
rri/iiter tonnage of siicfc reasel ; and suck deduction shall be estimated as 
fnlloir*^ that is to say: 

'A.) Jftasure the wean length of the engine-rootn between the foremost and 
aft'rmiMt buU.-'iends or limits of its length, e;rcluding such parts, if any, as 
lire sat aetually occiijried by or regjiired for the proper irorliing of the ma- 
fhisery: then measure the depth of the vessel at the middle point of this 
irngth, from the ceiling at the Umherstrake to the upper deck in vessels of 
Ihnnlects and under, and to the third deck above the tonnage-deck in all 
"ilier resnels ; also the inside breadth of the vessel, clear of sponsing, if any, 
'•t the nuddle of this depth. Multiply together these three dimensions of 
i'liith. Oeitlh, and breadth, for the cubical contents ; divide this product by 
"If hundred, and the quotient shall be deemed to be the tonnage of the engine- 

11.) In the case of vessels having more than three decks, the tonnage of 
'*' "pace or spaces beticeen decks, if any, above the third deck, which are 
frnmetl in far the machinery, or for the admission of light and air, found 
I'll multiplying together the length, breadth, and depth thereof, and dividing 
l^r product by one hundred, shall be added to the tonnage of the said engine- 

'f.'.l In the case of screw-steamers, the tonnage of the shaft-trunk shaU be 
iltrmrd to form part of and be added to such space, and shall he ascertained 
^y »uUiplying together the mean length, breadth, and depth of the trunk, 
«»'l lUriding the product by one hundred. 

' D.) In any vessel in tcbich the machinery may be fitted in separate com- 
j^rlments, the tonnage of each of such compartments shall be measured sev- 
<rally in like manner, according to the above rules; and the sum of their 
•"■Tal rnults shall be deemed to be the tonnage of the said engine-space. 

^u: H, In every registered vessel of the United States, except in open 
"mrU, (tie figures dfhoting tlio registennl tonnage of such „ „„, ., ,., ^ 
vecfu-l.flwrf the number which sliall lie assigned to such vessel, '* ""•.'"i 
'liall be deeply ear^'ed or otherwise permanently marked on her main 
'x-ara, under the direction of the surveyor or other officer of the i ' 


charged with the duty of admeaaureTnent, and 8faall be bo continaed ; anil 
if such Jigurea denoting the tonnage and the number assigned, or either of 
them, tkall at any time ceaae to be plainly carved or marked, such vessel 
Hhall he liable to a penalty o/ fifty dollars. And the Secretary of the 
Treasttry is Itereby authorized and directed to provide and establish suck 
rules as he may diem proper for the numbering of vessels herein provided 
/or; and tcJienerer the tonnage of any skip has been ascertained and regis- 
tered in accordance icfM the provisions of this act, tlic same shall thenceforth 
be deemed to he the tonnage ofsvch ship, and be repeated in every subsequent 
registry thereof, unless an alteration bemadein the form or capacity of such 
ship, or unless it be discovered that the tonnage of such ship has been erro- 
neously computed ; and in either of such cases such ship shall be remeasured, 
and lier tonnage determined and registered according to the rules ftereintf- 

fyre contained m that behalf; and in cases of foreign vessels arriving in the , 
United States, in respect of which the rules for admeasurement prescribed 
by or in conformity with this act shall hare been complied with, no further i 
admeasurement shall be required, but the tonnage, as expressed in the certifi- 
cate of registry, and marked on the main beam, shall, for all purposes, be 
deeined and taken to be tlie tonnage of such vessel. 
Sec. 10. Id order to the ragiatry of any vessel built withio tbe United 

I sui >< L..B1, States, it shall be iiecesaary to produce a certificate, nnder 
iL DK.ii.iiw. fijg baud of the principal or master carpenter by wliom or 
under whose direction the said vessel was built, testifying that she 
was built by him or under his diruction, and the place and time 
where and when built, and the person or persons for whom, and de- 
scribing her build, number of decks aud masts, length, breadth, depth, j 
and Bucb other facts as are usually descriptive of the identity of a ves- I 
sel, which certificate shall be sufficient to authorize the removal of a | 
new vessel from (he district where she may have been boilt to any other i 
district where the owner or owners actually reside, provided it be with 
ballast only, upon a permit to be issued for tliat purpose by the collector or . 
other chief ojfficer of the customs of the district in which suck vessel inu | 
built. But the Secretary of the Treasury may, be impractietUtle to 
procure said certificate, allow the facts required to be certified in the same to '. 
be'otkerwise established. 
8bo. 11. In order to the registry of any vessel a declaratuA skail be 

1 ■». « I. nm made and subscribed bjr the managing owner thereof, or, if 
"■ ^ "■ ''" owned by any company incorporated or organized as afore- 
said, by the jiresident, secretary, or treasurer of such company, be- 
fore the officer authorized to make such registry, who is hereby 
authorized to receive the same, declaring the name of such vessel, tbe 
place where she was built, her burthen, aud the year in which she was 
bnilt, together with suck other facts as are requisite for the registration of 
vessels, as hereinbefore provided, and according to the classification con- 
tained in section two of this act; aud that she has not been engaged iu any 
trade prohibited by the laws of the United States ; and farther declar- 
ing the name and place of abode of such owner; and if a company in- 
corporated or organized as aforesaid, the usual place of bnsiness of such 
company ; and if suck declarant be the sole owner, that such is tbe case; 
or if there be another owner or owners, that there is or are such other 
owner or owners, specifying his, her, or their name or names, and place 
or places ef abode, the parts or proportions of such vessel belonging to each 
owner, and that he, she, or they, a» the case may be, is or are a citizen 
or citizens of the United States ; and iu the case of a company, that tbe 
same is incorporated or organized under the laws of the ITnited States 
or of some State or Territory thereof, (specifying the authority bg which 


iliratso incorporated or organized, a^d the date of the same ; J and further 
(leclaring that there is no subject or citizen of any foreign prioce or 
state, ilireotly or indirectly, by way of trust, confidence, or otherwise, 
interested in such vessel, or in the profits or issues thereof, of/te^iruel/tan 
ai a tlockliolder, in case svch rexacl is owned by a compnny incorporated or 
urgnmzed as aforesaid, and that the master thereof is a citizen of the 
I'nited States, which declaration, in any case where title is acquired by vir- 
tur o/lhe condemnation and sale o/svch vessel, shall refer to, and be accom- 
pamed bg, a dHly-autltenticated copy of the final judgment or decree under 
irhieh imcb vessel shall hare been sold, and of the report of sale made by the 
KJfiitr conducting the same, and of the order of the court confirming such sale; 
and ichen title shall hare been acquired by ordinary sale and transfer, the bill 
of tale ihali be produced for the inspection of the collector, being first executed 
and arknoirledged according to laic; which several muniments or evidences 
i>f title may, after due examination, and after being recorded, ichen neces- 
mry, according to law, be returned to the parties producing'the same; and 
in the case of a wrecked foreign vessel, satisfactory vouchers of the sev^al 
(TpnUittres for repairs, duly authenticated, shall also be produced for the 
intpretlon of the collector. And in case any of the matters of fact in 
laid lietiaration shall not be true, there sball be a forfeiture of the ves- 
sel, toeelher with her tackle, furniture, and apparel, in respect to which 
the tame shall have been made, or of tlie value thereof; to be recovered, 
'riih costs of suit, of the person by whom such declaration shall have 
lieen made. But if the master of such vessel shall be within the dis- 
trict aforesaid, ^ben application shall be made for registering the same, 
he sball, himself, make declaration, instead of the owner, that he is a cit- 
izen ftf the United States, and the means whereby, and the maoDer in 
TliJch. be is HO a citizen ; in which case, if what the said master shall 
dftlare shall not be trne, the forfeiture aforesaid shall not be incurred, 
hut he shall himself forfeit and pay, by reason of such declaration, the 
sum of one thousand dollars. 

Sec. 12. Before any vessel shall be registered, she shall be admeas- 
ured by a surveyor, if there be one, or by the person he , ,„, „ i. mi. 
Khali appoint, at the iw'rt or place where the said vessel may "■ i»t n. (tw 
V: and if there be no surveyor, by such person as the collector of the 
■hstrict within which she may be shall appoint, according to the rules 
preficribed by this act. And the officer or i>er6on by whom such admeas- 
(irenient sball be made shall, for the information of and as a voucher to 
tht^ officer by whom the registry is to be made, grant a certificate speci- 
fyiog the build of such vessel, the number of decks and masts, her 
Wgth, breadth, d^th, height under the third or spar deck; the tonnage . 
nder the tonnage-deck; that of the between-deck», abtwe the tonnage-deck ; 
Aat of the poop or other inclosed spaces above the deck; also that of the 
f^neroom and tpace occupied by the propelling power} the number of 
tiHifi she measures; the place and time of construction, if built in the 
f »iW States; the intended port of registry; whether such vessel be built 
of trood or iron ; the mode of propulsion; rig, form of stem, description qf 
Arad; the nameof the builder, and certifying that her name and the place to 
«birb she belongs are painted on her stem or aides in the manner here- 
ioUffore prescribed, anii that her total registered tonnage and the number 
that has been assigned to her are permanattly and plainly carved or marked 
"n ker main beam ; which certificate shall be countersigned by an owner 
<T by the master of such vessel, or by some person who shall atteud her 
ailmeaKurement in behalf of her owner or owners, in testimony of the 
tmth of the particulars therein contained ; without which the said cer- 
I'lbcate shall Dot be valid. But in all cases where a vessel has been 


registeret^Nnder this act, as » vesael of the United States, it shall not 
be necessary to admeasnre her aaeir for the purpose of obtaining another 
certificate of registry, unless such vessel shall have undergone some 
alteration, as to her burthen or rig, subsequently to the time of ber 
former registry. Bvt the collector shall have poicer, at any time before 
granting a n^tc certificate of registry, or, on the entry of any vessel liable to 
toniiage duty, before receiving payment tliereof, to require a remeasurement, 
\f in his judgment any error has been committed in a former measure- 
ment, or the interests of tlie United States require a remeasurement to be 
Sec. 13. rrevlous to the registry of any vessel, the managing owner, 

) lui. « L no, together with the master thereof, and one or more sureties, 
t». men. itn. to the Satisfaction of the collector of the district, whose duty 
it is to make such registry, shall become bound to the United States, 
if such vessel shall be of burthen not exceeding fifty tons, in the sum of 
four hundred dollars; if of burthen above fifty tons and not exceeding 
one hundred, in the sum of eight hundred dollars; if of burthen above 
one hundred tons, and not exceeding two hundred, in the sum of twelve 
hundred dollars; if of burthen above two hundred tons and not exceed- 
ing three hnndi'ed, in the sum of sixteen hnndred dollars ; and if of 
burthen eseeeding three hundred tons, in the sum of two thousand dd- 
lars ; with condition, in each case, that the certificate of such regiatrj' 
and every license granted while such certificate remains in force shall be used 
solely for the vessel for which they are granted, and shall not be sold, 
lent, or otherwise disposed of to any person or persons whomsoever; 
and that, in case such vessel shall be lost, or taken by an enemy, burned, 
or broken up, or shall be otherwise prevented from returning to the 
port to which she may belong, the said certificate and the license then in 
force, if preserved, shall be delivered up, within eight days after the 
arrival of the master of such vessel within any district of the United 
States, to the collector of such district ; and that if any change of pro- 
perty in such vessel, by the sale or transfer of the same or any part thereof, 
shall happen, while such vessel shall be vfithin a district of the United State*, 
the said certifieate and the license then in force shall, t'n such case, icithitt 
eight days after such sale or transfer of property, be delivered up to the col- 
lector of the said district; and that if any such sale or transfer shall hap- 
pen while such vessel shall be at any foreign port or place, or at sea, 
then tbe master thereof shall, within eight days after his arrival within 
any district of the United States, deliver up the said certificate and the 
license in force at the lime of such sale or transfer, to tbe col lector of snch 
district; and every certificate and liceftse so delivered up shall be forth- 
with transmitted to the Kegister of the Treasury, to be canceled, who, 
if tbe same shall have been delivered up to a collector other than that 
of the district in which it was granted, shall cause notice of such deliv- 
ery to be given to the collector of the proper district. 
iSEC. 14. The several cojiditions hereinbefore required having been 

1 H.1. .1 L, m. coiiiplie<i with, in order to the registering of any vessel, the 
g>.' collectorof the district to which she belongs shall maie and 
keep, in some propeJ- book, a registry thenof, in Khich shall be made the 
following entries at length : 

1. The master carp^it^s certificate. 

2. The declaration of the applicant. 

3. The surveyor's certificate of admeasurement ; also the date and amount 
of the boftd exeaited under the preceding section of this act, icith the namet 
and residences of the respective obligors; and shall grant a certlAcate aC 
sucb registry and a license for the particular trade in which it is intended 

..... Google 


»lie»hall be employed, but no license for tlie foreign trade by sea shall be 
Mved to any vessel vnder the burthen of thirty tons. And it ^_^^^ ,»=«» 
rfiall be the duty of the collector of each district to number i^'7i.'i7^i»; 
progressively the certificates of registry and the licenaea by *■" '"■'™'' 
him granted, beginning anew at the commencement of the Jigcal year, 
aod at the end of every month transmit a copy of each certiflcat* of reg- 
istry and license which shall have been granted by him, and also sucb 
certificates of registry and snch licenses as shall have been sorrendered 
to him, to the Register of the Treasury, uho shall caime a record to be kept 
of the lame. 

Sbc. 15. Vessels owned by any company incorporated or organized 
nnder the authority of the United States, or of any State or ^^^ ^ ^ i^ 
Ttrritory thereof, may be registered in the name of the presi- jM^ki'iB*,') tt 
dent, secretary, or treaewer of snch company, at such, and 
such registry shall not be vacated or affect^ by the sale of any share 
or fdiares in the stock of such company ; bnt upon the resignation, re- 
iDOTal, or death of snch president, secretary, or treasurer, the certijioate 
ofrefutry shall be sitrrendered im hereinbefore reqttired, and a new certifi- 
cate taken out. But the sale or transfer of any share or shares in the stock 
i>f *w* eompaitif not exceeding in all tw:o-j(fths of the total number of shareg 
TtpraeiUing the capital, to a citizen or subject of a foreign state or prince, 
ttoff tiot be deemed or held t^ affect the validity of suck registry. 

Sec. 16. The license granted to any vessel navigating waters on the 
hntierB of the United States, otherwise than by sea, may ^ , , 
aotborize any such vessel to be employed either in the coast- ""' "' ""' 
iogtmle arforeigntrade,or^t/i,- but every sueh vessel so licensed shall be 
n^wt to the rulee, regulations, and penalties applioahle to vessel* employed 
in (i« parUeviar trade in whieh sueh vessel may at the time be engag^ 

Sec. 17. Yachts, used and employed exclusively as picajsore vessels, 
tkill be registered like other vessels, and may be licensed on , ,ul „ ,.. bl 
terms which will authorize them to proceed from port to *«"!'■ 's* 
port of the United States without entering or clearing at the CDStom- 
hoDsa But sach vessels shall not be allowed to transport merchandise, 
or cany passengers, for hire. And the owner, or, if there be more Hum 
OM, the managing owner, before such registry is made, shall give bond, in 
sDch form and for such amount as the Secretary of the IVeasury shall 
prescribe, conditioned that such vessel shall not engage in any iinlaw- 
fol trade, nor be employed othenoise than as a pleasure vessel, nor in any 
«ay vitdate the laws of the United States. Snch vessels shall in all 
mpects be sabject to the laws of the United States, and shall be liable 
to seizure and forfeiture for any violation thereof. All such yachts 
shall use a signal of the form, size, and colors prescribed by the Secre- 
tar>' of the Treasury, and the owners thereof shall at all times permit 
the naval architects in the employment of the United States to exam- 
ine and copy the models of said yachts. 

Ssc, 18. Any vessel, duly registered in pursuance of law, may be 
liftsMd to engage iu trade between any one port in the ■ ,^^ ., l, ^t 
United States and any one or more other ports within the "■"' '"«. 
same, with the privilege of touching at one or more foreign ports during 
the voyage, and of landing and taking in thereat merchandise, passen- 
gers and their baggage, and letters and mails ; but snch vessels shall be 
provided with manifests certified by the collectors of the ports at which 
they sh^ take in their cargoes in the United States, setting forth the 
particulars of the cargoes, the marks, the number of packages, by whom 
shipped, to whom consigned, at what port to be delivered : designating 
such goods 88 are entitled to drawback, or to the privilege of being 


placed in Trarebouse ; and the masters of all Bncb vessels shall eompig 
with the proviaiam of law in regard to crewlUl and hond for the return nf 
teamen as in case of restels hound to a foreign port; and shalt, on their 
arrival at any port of the United States from any foreign port at which 
sach vessel may have t^iucbed, as herein provided, conform to the laws 
providing for the delivery of mauifeats of cargo and paj^sengers taken 
on board at such foreign port, and all other laws regulating; tlie re[>ort 
and entry of vessels from foreign i>ort», and be subject to all the j)CDal- 
ties therein prescribed. And all vessels engaged in the trade referred 
to, and tbeir cargoes, shall become subject to all the provisions of lair 
regulating the collection of duties, oa arrival in any port in the United 
States. But any foreign merchandise taken in at oue port of the United 
States, to be conveyed in such vessel to any other port within the same, 
under the provisions of law regulating the transportation coastwise of 
merchandise under Ixmd or entitled to drawback, as well as any mer- 
cbaodise not under hond nor entitled to drawback, but on which the im- 
port duties chargeable by law shall have been paid, shall not become 
sabject to any import duty by reason of the vessel in which they may 
arrive having touched at a foreign port during the voyage, in pursuance 
of the privilege hereby granted: Promded, That no such merchandise 
liable to duty shall hare been remored, landed, or reahipped during the 
voyage. • 

Sec. 19. Whenever it is intended that any vessel licensed for the fisli- 

lauLoiuiLi, eries shall touch and trade at any foreign port or place, it 
'"- '""■ "■'™- shall be the duty of the master, or owner, to obtain permis- 
aioD for that purpose, from the collector of the district where such ves- 
sel may be, previous to her departure, and tlie master of every snch 
vessel shall deliver like manifests, and make like entries and clearances 
both of the vessel and of the merchandise on board, within the same 
time and under the same penalties, as if she had been regularly licensed 
for the foreign trade. 

Sgo. 20. When any citizen or citizens of the United Statei',, or any 

1 sui. .1 1., IK. company incorporated and organised as aforesaid, shall par- 
'"■ i*^*!''™- chase or become owner or owners of any vessel entitled to 
be registered and licensed by virtue of this act, such vessel, being within 
any district other than the one in which be or they usually reside, or in 
■which such company has its usual place of bu»in«ss, shall be entitled to be 
registered and licensed by the collector of the district where such ves- 
sel may be at the time of his, her, or their becoming owner or ownere 
thereof, upon compliance with the provisions hereinbefore prescribed, in 
order to the registry oMd licmsing of vessels. And the declaration which 
is required to be made may, at the option of such owner or owners, be 
made either before the collector of the district comprehending the jmrt 
to which such vessel may belong, or before the collector of the district 
within which snch vessel may be, (in which case the master may make the 
deelaration,J either of whom is hereby empowered to receive the same. 
Bat whenever such vessel shall arrive within the district comprehend- 
ing the port to which sucb vessel may belujjg, the certificate of registry 
and the license, which shall have beeu obtained as aforesaid, shall be de- 
livered up to the collector of sucb district, who, upon the requiremeuts 
of this act, in order to the registry and licensing of vessels being com- 
plied with, shall grant new ones in lien of the first ; and the certificate 
and license so delivered up shall forthwith be returned by the collector 
who shall receive the same, to the collector who shall have granted them : 
and if the said first-mentioned certificate of registry ati^ license shall 
not be delivered up as above directed, the owner or owners, and the 


master of "sucli vessel for the time beintj, aliall severally forfeit the sum 
of one bundreil dollars, to be recovered with the costs of suit, and the 
fAul certiticiite of registry and Uoeme shiill be thenceforth void. And, 
i[t ca» any of the matters of fact in said dcolaration alleged shall not 
1)6 true, there shall be a forfeiture of the vessel, together with her 
tackle, furniture, and apparel, in respect to wliich the same shall have 
been inatle, or the value thereof, to be recovered with the costs of suit, 
of the persou by whom such declaration, shall have been made. But if 
tlie master of such vessel shall be within the district aforesaid when 
application shall be made for registering and UcenBin^ the same, he shall 
himself make declaration, instead of the said owner, that he is a citizen 
ef the United States, and the means whereby and manuer in which he is 
80 a citizen. In which case, if what the said master shall so declare 
sball not be true, the forfeiture aforesaid shall not be incurred, but he 
nball himself forfeit and pay, by reason thereof, the sum of one thousand 

Sec. 21. When any vessel, entitled to be regi.'itered pursaaut to this 
act, shall be purchased by an agent or attorney for or on ia„i.>ii.,j«.) 
account of a citizen or citizens of the United States or of a '^ '^^ "■ '™* 
eompadj incorporated or organized a» aforesaid, such vessel, being in a 
district of the United States other than the one comprehending the port 
to Thirh, by virtue of such purchase, and by force of this act, snch ves- 
sel Aall belong, it shall be lawful for the collector of the district where 
sicli vessel may be, and he is hereby required, upon the application of 
snch agent or attorney, to proceed to the registering and licensing of 
ttaid ves-sel ; the said agent or attorney first complying, on behalf, and 
in the stead of, the owner or owners thereof, with the requisites pre- 
scribed by this act, in order to the registry and licensing of vessels, ex- 
cept, that in the declaration which shall be made by the said agent or 
attorney, instead of declaring that he is owner or an owner of such ves- 
sel, he shall declare that he is agent or attorney for the owner or owners 
thereof^ and that he has in good faith purchased the said vessel for the 
perxoQ, persons, or company, whom he shall name and describe as the 
oiruer or owners thereof. And whenever such vessel shall arrive withiu 
the district comprehending the port to which such vessel shall belong, 
the certilicate of registry and license, which shall have been obtained, as 
aforesaid, shall be deliverml up to the collector of such district, who, 
u|>on the requirements of this act, in order to the registry and licensing 
of vessels, being complied with, shall grant new ones, in lieu of the 
first; and the certificate and license, so delivered np, shalljforthwith bo 
retamed by the collector who shall receive the same to the collector who 
shall have granted them ; and if the said first- me ntioneil certiHcate of 
registry tind license shall not be delivered up, as above directed, the 
owner or owners, and the master of such vessel for t)ie time being, shall 
severally forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars, to be recovered, with 
costs of soit, and the said certificate of registry and license shall be 
thenceforth void. And in case any of the matters of fact, in the said 
declaration alleged, shall not be true, there shalt be a forfeiture of the 
vessel, together with her tackle, furniture, and apparel, in respect to 
which the same shall have been made, or of the value thereof, to be 
recovered, with costs of suit, of the person by whom such declaration 
shall have been made. But if the master of such vessel shall be within 
the district aforesaid when application shall be made for registering 
and lieensing the same, he shall, himself, make declaration, instead of 
the said agent or attorney, that he is a citizen of the United States, and 
the means whereby, and the manner ia which he is so a citizen ; in 
H. Ex. 290 2 Mwk 


which case, if what the said master shall so declare shall doC be tree, 
the forfeiture aforesaid shall not be iucurred, but he shall, himself, for- 
feit and pay, by reason thereof, the sum of one ttiousaud dollars. 

Sec. 22. When any vessel, which shall have been registered pursuant 

181U..II..JM1 to this act, shall be sold or trausf erred, to a citizen orctti- 
'*■ ">"■>'•''« zens of the United States, ttr to any company incorporated or 
organized as aforesaid, or shall be altered in form or burthen by being 
leugthened or built upon, or from one denomination to another, by the 
mode or method of rigging or fitting, in every such case, the said ves- 
sel shall be registere<l anew, by her former name, according to the di- 
rections hereinbefore contained, otherwise she shall cease to be deemed 
a vessel of the United States ; and her former certificate of registry 
and license shall be delivered up to the collector to whom application for 
such new registry and licenae shall be made, at the time that the same 
shall be made, to be by him transmitted, to the Begister of the Treasury, 
who shall cause the same to be cancelled. Aud, in every such case of 
sale or transfer, there shall be some instrnment of writing in the nature 
of a bill of sale, which, except the sale be by process of laic, shall recite 
the said certificate ; otherwise the said vessel shall be incapable of being 
so registered and licensed anew. Every ease of suck alteration shall be 
certified by the surveyor or, if there be no surveyor, by the collector of ihe 
^ort at ichich such renewal of registry occurs. And, in every case in 
which a vessel is hereby required to be registered and licensed anew, if 
she shall not be so registered and licensed she shall not be entitled to 
any of the privileges or benefits of a vessel of the United States. And 
Airther, if her said former certificate of registry and license shall not 
be delivered up as aforesaid, except where the same may have been 
vsrongfully withheld, or unintentionally destroyed, lost, or mislaid, and a 
declaration thereof shall have been made, as hereinafter provided, the 
owner or owners of such vessel shall forfeit and i)ay the sum of fire 
hnndred dollars, to be recovered with costs of snit. 
Sec. 23. When any vessel shall be in any district other than the one 

isi>i..ti. 3M,t to which she belongs, the master of such vessel may snrren- 
i. faim;^ dgj. ^ tijg collector of such district the liceme of such 
vessel, and such collector shall grant a licenae for such other authorized 
trade as said master may request ; but in every such case, the collector to 
whom the license may be given up shall transmit the same to the Begis- 

I JUL .1 L, >»». ( ter of the Treasury ; and if any vessel licensed for one trade 
i. tA la 17SS. shall be employed in any other trade without first surrendering 
her license and taking out a license for such other trade, every such vessel, 
together with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, aTid the merchandise found 
on board, if bel^fnging to the owners or master of such ship, shall be liable 
to seizure and forfeiture. 
Sec. 24.' It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to cause ^ ^^ prepared and transmitted, from time to time, to the 
i!u dk.ji. im collectors of the several districts, &{<tn& uertiflcatea of regis- 
try and blank licenses, attested, under the seal of the Treasury and the 
band of the Begister thereof, vith water and other marks, such as the said 
Secretary may direct, and with proper blanks to be filled by the said col- 
lectors, respectively, by whom also the said certificates and licettses shall 
be signed and sealed before they shall be issued ; and where there is a 
naval officer at any port they shall be countersigned by him; and a 

copy of each shall be transmitted to the Begister of the Treasury, wlio 

iit.>,uL..«».g shall canse a record to be kept of the same; and no'certilt- 

>i.r.i.i»ii (.ate of registry or licenae shall be granted except such as 



shall haveS)eea provided and marked as aforesaid; and vessels of the 
ruit«d States, registered, enrolled and licensed, or licensed before this act 
ukea effect, shall be entitled to new certificates of registry and licenses 
ia exchange for their old certificates of registry, enrolments, and licenses, 
Tithoiit the payment of any fee therefor ; iut in all other cases of the 
itxieo/ any certificate of registry or of any license granteH under this act, 
tke collector or other o^cer granting such paper shall be authorized and 
rtquired to demand and collect the fee prescribed therefor. 

t>EC. 25. No certificate of registry graoted to any vessel shall be in 
force any longer than the ownership and description of such , su,. „ i. m,\ 
vessel shall be as set forth in snch certificate, and no license ^ ""■ "■ '*^ 
shall t>e in force any longer than thecertificateof registry remains in force, 
nor any longer than such vessel shall be engaged in the particu- jtut..ti..ta.i 
/urfrorf^oremploj-mentforwhieh she is especially licensed; "^' 
anil if any vessel be found engaged in the foreign or coasting trade, or in 
tke fitkeries, vithout a certificate of registry and license, or with a forged 
or altered certificate of registry or license, or making use of a certificate 
«/ registry or license granted to any other vessel, or for any trade or em- 
jilujmfBt other than t^t for which such license was granted, or if, havtTig 
a ftrtifieate of registry, nhe shall be engaged in any trade or employment 
' KilkoKla license therefor, such vessel, with her tackle, apparel, and fur- 
niture, and the merchandise fonnd on board, if belonging to tlte owners or 
matlerof suck vessel, shall be forfeited. 

Sec. 26. If tke certificate of registry or license of any vessel shall be 
luridnlalty lost, destroyed, or mislaid, or shall be wrongfully i„.i.,»ij 
iriihbeld, the master or any owner of such vessel may make " ^'^ "■ ''^ 
iMaration before the collector of the district where such vessel shall first be 
after nrh loss, destruction, mislaying, or withliolding, who is hereby author- 
i:fii (o rewire the same, which declaration shall set forth the 
facts and rircumstances upon which the same is founded, to- '^"■"" ^ 
grther irilh the name, number, burthen, and rig of such vessel, and the name 
••/ her kome port, and shall be subscribed by the party making the same; 
and upon such declaration being made, it shall be forthwith transmitted by 
mrh collector to the collector of the pot t from whence the original certificate 
■'r license was issued, who shall thereupon, in case such declaration tallies 
ifith the registry, forward to the collector of the district where such vessel 
"mnias a new certificate or license corresponding in number, tenor, and 
ffiff with the one first issued, but in case such vessel is bound for a port 
"ihrrthan her home port, and it Khali appear to such last-named collector 
ihat teriotu loss or damage may accrue by tke detention of such vessel while 
iiraiting such tieio certificate or license, he may, in his discretion, issue a 
iinporary document in such form as the Secretary of the Treasury may 
prmribe, and shall thereupon give notice thereof to the collector of such 
^■ime port, which document shall be valid for a period, to be inserted therein, 
regulated by the locality of the port for which suck vessel shall clear, and 
x" longer — that is to say: for a domestic port on the Atlantic coast, thirty 
•Uyt; for any port on the Gulf of M&rico or West India Islands, sixty 
•inyi; for a port OH the Atlantic coast of South America, four months ; for 
nil/ port on the Pacific coast, nine months ; for any port in Europe or on 
'■'" vfnt coast of Africa, six months; for any port east of the Cape of Good 
Ihfir, eighteen months. But in case such vessel is bound for any foreign 
i'-it, the permanent certificate or license herein provided for shall be, by the 

■ ■"• -for issuing the same, on receiving notice of the issuing of such tempo- 
t''rf ilitcitment and of the port for which such vessel shall have cleared, 
ifiatinitfed direct to the consular officer of the United States at or nearest 

■ ■■ h foreign port, who shall receive and hold the satnefor the benefit of such 


vessel with the same effect as if she had been provided therewith before her 
d^arture from the United States ; and on tlie delii-ery of such permanent 
certijicate or license to the master of sudt vessel 4he temporary document 
liereht/ authorized shall be surrendered and cancelled, and notice thereof 
ffiven by such consular officer through the Department of State to the 
Krister of the Treasury; and on the return of any vessel to her home port 
tinder such temporary document, the same shall be surrendered and cancelled, 
and notice fhtreof girtn by the collector of such port to the Register of the 
Sec. 27. Whenever it sliall appear, by satisfactory proof, to the Sec- 

I s.... I.T T,. an retarj- of the Treasury, that auy vessel has been sold and 
""■" '■ '■■" transferred by process of law, and that the certificate of 
registry and liceDse of such vessel are retained bj' the former owner or 
ownera, it shall be lawful for the said Secretary to order and direct the 
collector of the district to which snch vessel may belontj to grant a new 
certiffcafe of registry and license, ou the owuer or owners, under snch 
sale, complying nith such terms and conditions as are, by law, required 
for granting such psipers, excepting only the surrender of tlie former 
certificate and license. But nothing in this act contained shall be con- 
strued to remove the liability of any person or persons to any penalty 
for not surrendering the certificate of registry and license belonging to 
any vessel on a transfer or sale of the same. 
Sec. 28. When the master of a vessel, registered pursuant to this act, 

1 51.1. .1 [..mi shall be changed, the manaiftnff owner, or the new master of 
IS. ii«,)i,i™. g|j(,]i yessei^ siia]] report such change to the collector of the 
district where the same shall happen, or where the said vessel shall first 
be, atter the samo shall have happened, and shall produce to him the 
certificate of registry' of such vessel, and shall make declaration showing 
that such new master is a citizen of the United States; whereupon the 
collector shall endorse upon the said certificate of registry and on the 
license a memorandum, by him subscribed, of such change, specifying 
the name of snch new master; and if other thnn the collector of the 
district by whom said certificate of registry shall have been grantnl 
shall transmit a copy of snch memorandum to him, with notice of the ' 
vessel to which it shall relate, specifying the number of her certificate of 
registry and the nnnihcr of the vessel, and the collector of the district by 
whom the said certificate shall have been granted shall make a like 
memorandum of such change in a book kept for this purpose, and if the 
said cbauge shall not be reported, or if the said declaration sh^U not be 
made as above directed, the certificate of registry and license of such 

i>H^, i™in.,ot- vessel shall be void, and the said master shall forfeit and 
totals, wji pgy j])g gyuj gf QQg huudrcd dollars, but the various reqvirr- 
ments and penalties of this section shall not apply to a master temporarily 
in charge within the same district. 
Sec. 29. When any vessel, registered and licensed pursuant to this act, 

>«iu...t.. 110,1 shall, while such vessel is without the limits of the United 
s. Hu. 1. i«ia States, be sold or transferretl, in whole or in part, to a citizen 
or citizens of the United States, or to a company iticorporated or organizei 
OS aforesaid, such vessel, ou her first arrival in the United States, there- 
afW, shall be entitled to all the privileges and benefits of a vesseljlf 
the United States, provided the requirements of law in order to the reg- 
istry and licensing of vessels shall be complied with, and a new certifi- 
cate of registry shall be obtained for such vessel within three days fhim 
the time at which the master of such vessel is required to make his final 
report upon such arrival. 

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Sec. 3(K If any vessel, heretofore registered, enrolled and ticetised, or 
IkfiiK'i, or whicb sliall -hereafter be registered and liceiuicd > /,%•.. <L..Ki.t 
as a vessel of the United States, shall be sold or transferred^ "■ "^"-"^ 
in whole or in part, by way of trust, confidence, or otherwise, to a sub- 
ject or citizen of any foreign prince or state, and such sale or transfer 
sball not be made known to the collector of the district by whom the 
certificate of registry, enrolment and license, or license, was granted, 
Roch vessel, together with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, sliall be 
forfeited. But if such vessel shall be owned in shares, and it shall be 
made to appear to the jury before whom the trial for such forfeiture 
shall be had, that any part owner of such vessel, being a citizen of the 
United States, was wholly ignorant of the sale or transfer to, or owaer- 
sliip of, such foreign subject or citizen, the share or interest of such cit- 
izen of the United States shall not be subject to such forfeiture; and 
tbe residue only shall be so forfeited. 

Sec. 31. On the entry of any vessel of the United States, from any for- 
eign port or place, if the same shall be at the port or place is,.i.„i. tx^t 
at which the managing owner, or ike president, secretary, or '■■ ^^^ "■ ''"■ 
Utaivrer of any company, incorporated and organized an aforesaid, oieniiig 
, tketane, resides, such owner, president, secretary, or treasurer shall make 
Maration before the collector that the certificate of registry of such ves- 
!<el contains tbe name or names of all the i>ei'sons who are owners of 
the said vessel, or if any part of such vessel has been sold or transferred 
since the granting of such certijicate, that such is the fact, and that no 
foreign Hubject or citizen has, to the best of his knowledge or belief, any 
^lare, by way of trust, confidence, or otherwise, in such vessel. But in 
Ike cau of a vessel oiriied by a company incorporated or organized at afore- 
said, in vhich any foreigner is a stockholder, the declaration shall be varied 
80 as to say, except as a stockholder in said company. And if the managing 
owner, president, secretary, or treasurer as aforesaid, shall not reside at 
the port or place at which such vessel shall enter, then the master shall 
make declaration to the like effect, and to the beat of his knowledge and 
belief. And if the owner, president, secretary, or treasurer, as aforesaid, 
or tbe master, shall neglect to declare as aforesaid, or decline to answer 
Tfc« interrogated, or make a false declaration, such vessel shall not be 
entitled to the privileges of a vessel of the United States. 

Sec. 32. In all cases where tbe master or owner of a vessel shall de- 
liver np the certificate of registry and license of such vessel, i9ut.ML..»t,i 
agreeably to the provisions of this act, if to the collector of ■* »~""^ 
the district where the same shall have been granted, the said collector 
■shall thereD|>on cancel the bond which shall have been given at the time 
of granting such certificate of registry ; or, if to the collector of any other 
district, sucb collector shall grant to the said master or owner a receipt 
or acknowledgment, stating that such certificate and license have been 
delivered to him, and the date of such delivery; and upon such receipt 
heing produced to the collector by whom the certificate of registry and 
license were granted, he shall cancel the bond of the party as if the cer- 
tificate and license had been returned to him. 

pEE. 33. If any certificate of registry or any license shall be fraada' 
lently used for any vessel not then actually entitled to the , ,„^ , , _. 
lieoeflt thereof, according to the true intent of this act, such Mir"»"tiii. ». 
vessel shall lie forfeited to the United States, with her tackle, 
apparel, and fumitnre ; and if any person or persons shall forge, counter- 
feit, erase, alter, or falsify any certificate of registry or license, such per- 
son or pprsoDS shall, for every such offense, be deemed guilty of a feUmy, 



and, on conviction thereof, shall be fined five baadred dollars, and imprit- 
oned for a period not exceeding five years. 

Seo. 34. It shall be lawful at all times fur aay oEBcer concerned in the 
1BUI..II. ■»,) colleclion of the revenue to inspect the cerlifixfate of regittry 
w. Frt la, \-7n. ((^ ff^g license of any vessel of the United States, and-if the 
master of any euch vessel shall not Exhibit the same when tbereuDto 
reqaired by such ofBcer, he shall forfeit and pay one hundred iloUars; 
1 luL u L », ( but nothing: in this a«t shall be construed to require any boat 
K. rH. 14, iw Q^ lighter not being masted, or masted and not decked, em- 
ployed in the harbor or within the limitu of any town or city, to be regix- 
tered or licensed, but all other vesseU shall be licensed for the trade in trhith 
such vessel map be employed. 

Sec. 35. No bill of sale, mortgage, bypbthecatiou, or conveyance of 
•«i.t.>i.,M(iii ony vessel, or part of any vessel of the United States, shall 
' i>«i!"ii'iMu.k l^e valid against any person other than the grantor or mort- 
t. im gagor, his heirs and devisees, and persons having actnal 

notice thereof, unless such bill of sale, mortgage, hypothecation, or con- 
veyance be recorded in the ofBce of the collector of the customs of her 
home port, or whore such vessel is permanently registered, and no bill of 
sale, mortgage, hypothecation, conveyance, or discharge of mortgage or 
other incumbrance of any vessel, shall be recorded unless the same is 
stamped according to law, and duly acknowledged before a notary public 
or other ofBcer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds; and ererg 
hill of sals of such vessel shall set forth the part thereof owned by eatA per- 
son selling, and the part conveyed to each person pvrckasing. But the lien 
by bottomry on any vessel, created during her voyage, by a loau of 
money or materials, necessary to repair or enable sucb vessel to prose- 
cnte a voyage, shall not lose its priority, or be in any way affected by 
the provisions of this section, 
^E.c, 36. The collectors of the customs shall record all such bilk of 
B ino. ^^' MO'tgaB^Bi bypothecations, or conveyances, and also 
■" ' all certificates for discharging and canceling fA^same, ina 

book or books to be kept for that purpose, in the order of their recep- 
tion; noting in said book or books, and also on the bill of sale, mortgage, 
hypothecation, conveyance, or certificate of discbarge or cancellatJon, 
the time when the same was received, and the number of the book and 
page where recorded, and shall in. like manner record all certificates ofmk 
issued by marshals or other judicial officers, and the orders of court con- 
firmatory thereof, before returning such documents to the parties producing 
the same, but it shall not be necessary to record the judgment or decree fry 
virtue of which such sale shall have been had. 

Sbo. 37. The collectors of the customs shall keep an index of BQch 
records, inserting alphabetically the names of the vendor or 
'"' * mortgagor, and of the vendee or mortgagee, and shall per- 

mit such index and books of records to be inspected during ofUce hours, 
under such regulatious as may be established by the Secretary of t\f 
Treasury, and sLall, when required, furnish to any person a certificate, 
setting forth the names of the owners of any vessel registered, the partK 
or proportions ownod by each, and also the material tacts of any exist- 
ing bill of sale, mortgage, hypothecation, or other incumbrance ufwi) 
such vessel, recorded since the issuing of the last certificate of registry, 
or a certified copy of the record, if the satne shall be required, so far an re- 
lates to such vessel; and in case no incumbrance appears of record agaiil 
such vessel, or no other incumbrance than is set forth in the certifit-ate or 
certified copy furnished as aforesaid, the collector may, upon request, »» 
state and certify; but suck collector shall not in any case be held either ojR- 


rio/fy orpertotuUly respontible for any xttUemeat or certificate go by him, or 
under kit authority, made orfurnUhed except so far aa the mme purports to 
he an exact copy of th« record. 

Sac. 38. The fiag of the United States may be lawfully carried only by 
KMb tA« property of the United States, and vessela duty roistered under 
theloK* of the United Slates. 


Sec. 39. Tlie master of every vessel licensed for the coastiog trade 
deatined from one collection district to another oollectum dia- j„„.ui.r»,i 
trietj shall, previons to the departure of such vessel from "■ '■^ "^ "i** . 
the port where she may then be, make out and subscribe dapUcate man- 
ifttta of the whole of the cargo on board of such vessel, specifying in 
Boch manifests the marks and numbers of every package containing the 
same, irith the name and place of residence of every shipper and con- 
agoee, and tbe quantity shipped by and to each, and any merchandise 
nder bond shall be declared, and the same shall be particularly deeignated, 
aod, if there be a collector, deputy collector, or surveyor residing at soch 
pwt, or within five miles thereof, shall deliver such manifests to such 
ofieer, before whom he shall declare the same to be true; whereupon the ' 
Mid collector, deputy collector, or surveyor shall certify the same on the 
said mmifeets, one of which he shall return to tbe said master, with a, 
permit specifying thereon, generally, tbe cargo on board such vessel, 
aod partictiiarly any merehandise U7\der bottd, and authorizing hipi to 
proceed to the port of his destinatioQ. And if any vessel, being laden 
and destined as aforesaid, shall depart from the port where she may be, 
without the master haviag first made oat and subscribed duplicate 
manifesto of the cargo on board such vessel, and in case there be a col- 
lector, deputy collector, or surveyor residing at such port, or within five 
miles thereof, without having previously delivered the same to the said 
collector, deputy collector, or surveyor, and having obtained a permit in 
mauDer as is herein required, such master shall forfeit one hundred 
ddlara. - 

Set. 40. The master of every vessel licensed for the coasting trade, 
proeeeding from one collection district to another, shall, upon i9«l«i. int 
arriral, and previous to the unlading of any part of the "■ "*■ '* ''"^ 
carp) of sncb vessel, deliver to the collector, deputy oollector, or surveyor 
residing at tbe port of arrival, or within five miles thereof, the manifest 
of the cargo, certified by the collector, deputy collector, or surveyor of 
the district whence such vessel sailed, the truth of which he shall declare 
before such officer. And if there shall have been taken on board such 
Tesael aoy other merchandise than is contained in such manifest or 
manifests, Rince her departure from the port from which she first sailed, 
A if any merchandise shall have been since landed, the said master 
Biudl make known and particularize the same to the said collector, 
d^uty oollector, or surveyor; or if no merchandise have been so taken 
on board or lande<l, he shall so declare; whereupon tbe said collector, 
deputy collector, or surveyor tihall grant a permit for uuladiag a part or ' 
the vhole of such cargo, as the said master may request. And where a 
part only of the merchandise brought in such vessel is intended to be landed^ 


the said collector, deputy collector, or surveyor shall make an indoraement of 
svch part on the manifest, tpeeifying the articles to be landed; ajtd shall 
return such mattif est to the master, indorsing also tiiereon bis permission for 
suck vessel to proceed to the place of her destination. Aud if the master of 
any such vessel, being laden as aforesaid, Bball ueglect or refuse to 
deliver the manifest or manifests at tite times and in the manner bereiD 
directed, he shall forfeit and pay cue hundred dollars. And if any mas- 
ter, as aforesaid, shall unlade the cargo of any vessel, or any part thereof, 
without liaving first delivered his manifest and obtained a permit for tkiu 
purpose, he shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars. But if there be 
no collector, deputy collector, or snrveyor residing at or within five miles 
of said port of arrival, the master of such vessel may proceed to dis- 
charge the lading from on hoard such vessel, and shall deliver to the 
chief customs officer of the port where he may next afterwards arrive, and 
■within twenty-fonr hours of his arrival, the manifest of the cargo, ootiug 
thereon the time and place where the goods therein mentioned have 
been unladen, to the tmth of which be shall mahe declaration before 
such ofBcer, and he shall also itiform sueh officer whence such vessil tost 
sailed and how long she was in port, and in case such master fails or refuiet 
to comply with thiese requirements, he shall forfeit five hundred dollars. 
And if any merchandise laden on board of any vessel shall not be included 
in the manifest exhibited by the master of such vessel, he shall be required 
to malie a post entry, or addition to the report or manifest by him delivered, 
of any and all tnerchandise omitted to be included and reported in ««cA 
manifest; and it shall not be lawful to grant a permit to unlade any suck 
merchandise so omitted before such post entry, or addition to sudi report or 
manifest, tias been made. 

Seo. 41. The master of any vessel, licensed for tite coasting trade, pro- 
ceeding from one district to another in the United States, in baUast, shall 
not be required to present a manifest or obtain a permit at th^port or place 
of departure, or to produce a manifest'and permit at the port or place of 
arrival; but such vessel shall, at all times, be sitbject to inspection by any 
officer of the customs; and if any cargo be found on board, the maaier of 
suck vessel shall forfeit the value of the cargo so found. 

Se(1. 42. So merchandise shall be transported, nnder penalty of for- 
1 (1.1. .t I , sji, feiture thereof, from one port of the United States to another 
' *■ "" '■ "" ' port of the United States, in a vessel belonging wholly or 
in part to a subject of any foreign power; but this clause shall not be 
construed to prohibit the sailing of any foreign vessel from one to 
another port of the United States, provided no merchandise, other tbau 
tliat imported in such vessel from some foreign port, and which shall 
not have been unladen, shall be carried from one port or place to another 
in the United States ; nor sitall tkis clause extend to any such vessel, having 
discltarged the whole or a part of Iter inward cargo, proceeding from one 
port or place to another, with merckandise cleared for a foreiga port, for 
the purpose of taking in other cargo for suck foreign port. 
Sec. 43, The uiast«r of every foreign vessel, bonnd from one collec- 
1 8141. 11 1., ill, tion district to another, for the purpose of taking in cargo for 
iM. F,h.1^'l7n (J foreign port, shall, in all cases, previous to her departnre 
from such district, deliver to the collector of such district, or to the 
deputy collector or surveyor of the port or place where such vessel may be, 
duplicate manifests of the cargo on board such vessel, if thero be any, 
and to the truth of snch manifests, or to the fact tltat there is no cargo W 
. board suck vessel, he shall make declaration, and shall also obtain a per- 
mit from the said collector, deputy collector, or surveyor, authorizing hio 
to procee<l to tbe place of bis destination. And the master of everf 



Kucli vessel, ou the arrival of the same withio aoy district, from any 
other district, shall, iu all cases, within forty-ei^ht hours after sac^ 
flirival, and sooner, if demanded, deliver to the collector of the district, 
or to tie deputy collector or surveyor, of the port or place where such ves- 
fiel may have arrived, a manifest of the merchandise ladeu on board 
thereof, if any there be, or if thefe be none, he shall so declare ; and he 
shall also declare that such manifest coatains an account of all the mer- 
chaudiee which was on board sncb vessel at the time of, or lias been 
siDce, her departare from the place whence she shall be reported last to 
have sailed ; and he shall also deliver to such collector, d^uty colleotor, 
orturvtyor, the permit which was given to him by the collector of the 
district, or by the deputy collector or surveyor of the port or place whence 
Hbe sailed. And if the master of any such vessel shall neglect or refuse 
to comply with any of the requirements herein made, he shall in each 
case forfeit one hundred dollars. 

Sec. 44. The master of every vessel, licensed/or the coasting trade, that 
sbftU pnt into a port other than the one to which she was , ,„,. ., t. an, 
iKKiDa, afaall, within twenty-fonr hours after her arrival, if "* /in.ifcim 
there be any officer residing at such j>ort, Bud she continue there so 
loug, make rei>ort of her arrival to such officer, with the name of the place 
she came from, and to which she is bound, and exhibit hU manifest ; and 
if the master of such vessel shall neglect or refuse so to do, he shall for- 
friC twenty dollars ; but such arriral, if involuntary, shall not subject the 
mul to any fees for entry or clearance. 

Sec. 45. If the master of any vessel, licensed for the coasting trade, and 
vko, bg the proeisions of this act, is required to deliver, on ' 
arriral at the port of destination of such vessel, a manifest of '*" "" 

thetargo on board the same, certified by the collector of the district, or the 
drpnty eoUector, or surveyor, of the port whence she last sailed, and the per- 
«it ikerefor, shall have lost or mislaid such manifest and permit, the col- 
lector of the district, or the deputy collector or surveyor of the port, where 
she shall ao arrive, shall, fe/bre granting a permit for the landing of the 
eargo, require ike master of suck vessel to give bond, with su;fficient surety, 
in the sum of aix hundred dollars, for the production of a copy of such man- 
ifett and permit, certified by the collector of the district, or the deputy cot- 
Itetor or surveyor of the port whence such vessel last sailed. And if such 
ttrtified copy shall not be produced ivithin such time as may be prescribed 
iji Ike Secretary of the Treasury, such bond shall befotfeited. 

Sec. 46. Ko merchandise taken in any vessel from any port or place 
in the United States, on the frontiers thereof, to a port or hs,.uk l. m. 
plaoe in the same or another collection district of the lJnite<l '"■ J"'"''''"- 
•Stales ou aaid frontiera, shall be unladen or delivered from such vessel 
vithin the United States except in open day. that is to say, between 
the rising and setting of the sun, unless by special license for that pnr- 
pose from the collector or other principal officer of the port, uor at any 
time, without a permit from snch collector or other principal officer for 
rach unlading or delivery. And the owner or owners of every vessel, 
Khose ma«t«r shall neglect to comply with the provisions of this sec- 
tioD, t&ukW forfeit and pay to the United States, for each offense, a sum 
not less than one hundred dollars nor more than live hundred dollars. 

Sec. 47. Whenever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Secretary 
"/ the Treatury that it is impracticable, owing to the nature of the trade, 
/orikt natter of any steam-vessel employed in the transportation of mer- 
Asndi»efroi» one district to another, coastwise, to present the manifest and 
al^in aie permit hereinbefore required, before departure on each voyage or 
fnmge, it shatt be lawful for the said Secretary to exempt such vessel from 


the requirementt aforeaaid, and to autiiorize the colUctorg of the dutritt* 
between which such veesela may be regularly employed to grant general per- 
mitt for clearance and landing; but the master of every vessel so exempttd 
shall keep, or cause to he kept, a cargo book, stating the natnes of the wurt 
and master, the port from which she departed, and the port to which she u 
bound on each voyage or passage ; and at every port or pU^e of lading tuth 
tnaster shall enter or cause to bh entered in such book the name of suck port 
or place, and an account of all goods taken on board such vessel at suck port 
or place, stating all the partictUars required to be inserted in a manifest, tu 
far as such particulars are known to him ; and he shall, at every port of 
discharge, enter in said look the particulars of the merchandise delireml 
thereat; and such master shall produce sudi book to any officer of tkeais- 
toms, when demanded, for his examination; and he shall, moreover, dditer 
to the collector of the port from which such vessel shall have first departed, 
a tramcript of said book, at such times as such collector, under the regnU- 
tions of the Secretary of the Treasury, may require. And if the master of 
any such vessel shall neglect to ke^p such book, or shall r^use to exhibit tie 
same to any officer of tliecustotns when required, or shall fail to furnish tkt 
transcript thereof, as before provided, he shall in each case forfeit and pa^j 
one hundred dollars, and the general permits for clearance and landing 
granted to such vessel shall be revoked by the collectors who may have granietl 
the same. 


Sec. 48. It sball be lawful to make entry of any veBsel which shall 
1M.L.. !.,<»,« arrive in the United States from any foreign port or place 
w. to..,ij«.' gn^i Qf tijg cargo on board such vessel, at any one of the 
ports of entry established by law, and to unlade the said car^, or any 
part thereof, as hereinafter provided, at any one of the said ports of mtrjr 
or at any port o/* delivery est^lish^ in pursuance of law, bet not else- 
where ; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to establith 
ports of delivery in any collection district whenever in his judgment tkr 
public interests may require. 

Sec. 49. No merchandise shall Iw brought into the United States from 
li. wi i a *°y foreign port or place, in any vessel of the United Statu. 
nnless the master of such vessel shall have on board a 
report or manifest in writing, signed by such master, containing the 
name, description, build, and tonnage of such vessel, the port or plnce 
to which she belongs, together with the name of the master, and the 
name of the managing owner, according to the certificate of registry, the 
name or names of the port or porta, place or places, where the merchnn- 
dise in such manifest mentioned has been respectively taken on boanl, 
and the date of sailing therefrom and the port or ports, place or places, 
within the United Stetes to which tbe same is respectively consigned or 
destined, particularly noting the merchandise destined for each port or 
place, and a particular account of all the merchandise so laden or taken 
on board, whether in packages or stowed loose, together with the marks 
and numbers as marked on each package, and the number or qnantity 
and description of the packages in words at length, describing the same 
by tbeir usual denomiuation, together with the name or names of the 
person or persons by whom shipped, and to whom the same are consigned, 


agreeably to the bills of lading sigued for the same, unless the saicl 
goods are consigned to order, when it shall be so expressed in the said 
manifest, together vith an account of the sea-stores, if any; and the 
manifett ihall be according to the form prescribed by the Secretary of the 
Treann/, to tke truth of which manifent the master »hal I declare before the 
collector; and in ca»e merchandise w imported in vessel s other than of the 
United States, the like report or manifest shall be required, and shall contain 
ail the particulars aforesaid^ except that sucfc vessels may be described in the 
manner directed by the Secretary of the Treasury. And if merchandise 
shall be imported, destined to be delivered in difl'ereot districts or porta, 
the packages and quantities destined to be so delivered shall be inserted 
in Micoeasive order in the manifest, distiogaishing the porta to which 
the Bame may be destined, and the packages and qoantities for each 
port And the master of any vessel arriving in the United ii>m>l.i ■.,»>. 
Stat«s, or any of the Territories thereof, frora any foreign • "■ "■*■*■ '"*■ " 
place whatsoever, at the same time that he delivers a manifeat of the 
cargo, as aforesaid, and if there be no cargo, then at the time'of making' 
report or entry of the vessel, pursuant to law, shall also deliver to the 
collector of the district in which sach vessel snail arrive a list or mani- 
fest of all the passengers, distinguishing whether cabin or steerage, or both, 
Kili Heir baggage and effects, in which list or manifest it shall be the 
duty of the said jnaster to designate particularly the name, age, sex, 
aoil occnpation of the said passengers respectively, the part of vesael 
occupied by each during tbe voyage, the country to which they severally 
belong, and tbat of which it is their inteutiou to become inhabitants ; 
and shall fnrther set forth whether any and what number have died on ' 
the voyage, with the cause of death, if practicable, to the truth of which 
list or manifest the said master shall make declaration in the same man- 
ner as directed in relation to the manifest of the cargo ; and for refusal 
or neglect to comply with these provisions, or with any part thereof, the 
master shall incur the same penalties, disabilities, and forfeitures as are 
hereinafter provided for a refasal or neglect to deliver a manifest of the 
cargo aforesaid. 

Sec. do. If any merchandise shall be imported into the United States, 
in any vessel vrhstsoerer, from any foreign port or place, !!„«.„[. ««.» 
vithont having a manifest on board, agreeably to the direc- *^ >"-«.>*» 
tioos in the foregoing section, or which shall not be included or described 
tbereiu, or shall not agree therewith, iu every snch case the master of 
Mch vessel shall forfeit and pay a sum of money equal to the value of 
tiie merchandise not manifested or not included in, or disagreeing with,the 
manifest actually produced, and all such merchandise shall be forfeited. 
Bat if it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the collector, 
naval ofilcer, and surveyor, or the major part thereof, if there be such 
ufBcerfi at the port, if not, of the collector alone, or to the satisfaction of 
tbe court in which a trial shall be had concerning such forfeiture, that 
DO part of the cargo of such vessel had been unshipped after it was 
taken on boani, except such as shall have been particularly specified 
and acconnted for in the report of the master of such vessel, and that 
the manifest had been lost or mislaid, without fraud or collusion, or 
that the same was defaced by accident or incorrect by mistake, iu every 
sach case the forfeiture aforesaid may be mitigated or wholly remitted 
aeeording to the circumstances of the case. 

Ssc. 51. The master of every vessel laden with merchandise, and 
lioand to any port or place in the United States, shall, on iiuiui,|^t 
hisarrival within fonr leagues of.tbe coast thereof, orwithiu "^ ■«•>."» 
any of tbe iKiye, harbors, ports, rivers, creeks, or inlets thereof, upon 


demand, iiroduce the miiiiifest in writiu^, which such master is required, 
as afore»aid, to have on board his vessel, to sneh officer of the customs 
as shall first come on board, for insf^ection, and shall delirer to such 
officer a true copy thereof, (which copy shall he provided and subscribed 
bytheiuaster of such vessel,) and the officer to whom the original mani- 
fest shall have been proiluced shall certify thereon the day and year on 
which the same was so produced, ancl that such copy was to him deliv- 
ered and by him exnmined and compared with the original ; and shall 
likewise certify npon such copy the day and year ou which the same was 
delivered, aud shall forthwith transmit such copy to the collector of the 
district, to which tlie merchandise shall by such manifest appear t« be 
consigned or destined ; aud the master of any such vessel shall, in like 
maDoer, produce to the officer of the customs who shall first come on 
board such vessel, upon her arrival within the limits of any district of 
the United States, in which the cargo, or any part thereof, is intended to 
he discharged or landed, such manifest as aforesaid for inspection ; and 
shall also deliver to him a true copy thereof, (such copy also to he pro- 
vided and subscribed by the said master,) the production of which said 
manifest aud the delivery of which said copy shall also be certified by 
the officer of the customs who shall so first come ou board the said ves- 
sel, on her arrival within the limits of any such district, upon the orig- 
inal manifest, with the particular day and year when-such mauifeatwaa 
produced to such officer and when he so received the said copy thereof; 
aud such officer shall forthwith transmit, or cause to be transmittet], the 
said copy manifest to the collector of such district \ and the master of 
such vessel shall afterward produce and deliver the original manifest, so 
certified, to such collector ; and when any manifest shall be produced, 
upon which there shall be no certificate from any officer of the customs 
sa before mentioned, the master producing the same shall be required 
to declare that no officer has applied for, and that no endorsement has 
beenmade on, any manifest of the cargo of such vessel. And wfcCTi,/ro» 
*A« nature or quantity of the cargo or othertcise, suck vessel shall be provided 
with ttro or more manifests, the same requirements and proceedings shall be 
observed and had as to eadi, respectively, but nothing herein contained 
shall be construed to require of such master the delivery of more than 
one copy of each manifest to the officer or officers aforesaid, who shall 
first come on txtard of such vessel, within four leagues of the coast as 
aforesaid, aud one other copy to such officer or officers as shall first como 
on board within the limits of any district, for which the cargo of such 
T&sel, or some part thereof, shall be consigned or destined, or shall be 
construed to require the delivery of any such copy to any other officer; 
bat it shall be sufficient, in respect to any such other officer, to produce 
and show to him the said original manifest or manifests and the certifi- 
cate or certificates thereupon. 

Sec. T}'1. It shall be lawful for any officer of the customs to go on board ' 
1 ai.i. « L, ew. of vessels in any district of the United States, or within 
(M. Bu, 1. im f^yj. leagues of the coast thereof, if bound to the United 
States, whether in or ont of their respective districts, for the purposes of 
demanding the manifests aforesaid, aud of examining and searching tlie 
said vessels; and such officer shall have free. access to the cabin, and to 
every other part of the vessel ; and if any package shall be found in 
the cabin, steerage, forecastle, or other parts of such vessel, or in any 
other place separate from tbe cargo, it shall be the duty of sucA officer 
to take a particular account of every such package, and of the marks 
and numbers thereof, if any there be, and a description thereof, and if 
he shall judge proper to put a seal or seals ou every package; aud sack 


.iC(Xtunt and description sLall be by biin fornardeil, without delny, to 
iW collector of the <tiHtrict to wliicit uticli vessel is bound. And if, u{>ou 
arrival at h«r port of entry, the packages so described, or any of tbem. 
siiallbe missing, or if the ^eals pnt thereon be brokeu, the master of 
sQch vessel shall forfeit and pay for every such package so missing, or 
of which the seids shall be broken, a sum not exceeding two handred dol- 
lars. And it shall nisobe lawful for the iuspectorii of customs, wlio may 
begmton board of any vessel in pursuance of laic, (and they are hereby 
required and enjoined so to do,) to secure, at sunset, or previous to their 
<|atlCiDK the vessel, the hatches and all other commuuications with the 
liolil of snch vessel, or any part thereof, with locks or other proper 
TasteDiDgs, which locks or other fastenings shall not be opened, broken, 
or removed be/ore tunrine the moruiug following, and then only in the 
presence of the inspector or inspectors by whom the same shall have 
been so affixed, except by sjiecial license from the collector or surreyor 
uftbe port for that purpose tirst had and obtained. And if the said 
loobB or other fasteuings, or any of them, shall be brokeu or removed 
Tiihoat the presence of the said inspector orvnspectors, or without such 
liceoije first had and obtained, or if any merchandise shall be clandes- 
tinely landed, notice thereof shall immediately be given by the inspector 
ot inspectors to the collector, surveyor or oilier ofQcer in charge of the 
tUatiict, port, or place where the vessel may be; and the master of any 
vfetsel shall, for eath of the offenses aforesaid, forfeit and pay a sum 
^Matteding five hundred dollars, and the merchandise so landed shall he 

^EC. ri3. If the master of any vessel, laden as aforesaid, ami bound 
to any port or place in the United States, shall not, upon his , „„. „ l. m7. 
arrivHt within fonr leagues of the coast thereof, or within "* ""■•.i'** 
the limits of any district thereof, where the cargo of such vessel, or any 
[Kirt thereof, is intended to be discharged, jiroduce such manitest or 
niantfeflts as are required, to the proper officer or officers, upon demtuid 
thereof, and also deliver such copy or copies thereof as aforesaid, ac- 
cording to the dii'ections prescribed in each case, or shall not give an 
accoQtit of the true destination of such vessel, which he is hereby re- 
quired to do, upon request of such ofBccr or officers, or shall give a false 
awoant of snch ilestination in order to evade the production of the 
^td manifest or manifests, the master of such vessel shall forfeit for 
vverysnch neglect, refusal, or offense, a sum not exceeding five hundred 
<l<^iars; and if such officer or officers first coming ou board iu each case, 
within the distance or limits aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to certify 
on .such manifest or manifests the production thereof, and the delivery 
of SDch copy or copies, reBi>eetiveIy, as are hereinbefore directed to be 
dehvered to such officer or officers, every such ofUcer, so neglecting or 
n^iisiog, shall forfeit and pay the sum of not exceeding three hundred 
■iollurs. An<l the officer or officers who may apply to the master of any 
Euch vessel res[»ecting any of the provisions in this and the foregoing 
sections, and who shall not receive full satisfaction therein, are hereby 
r^ioired to make a return in writing of the name of the vessel and 
master bo offending, in any or all of the particulars required, imme- 
tliately, or as soon after as possible, to the collector of the district to 
I'hich such vessel shall appear to bO' bound. 

Sec. 54. If, after the arrival of any vessel so laden with merchandise 
M aforesaid, and bound to the United States, within the , su,. ., [. w^ 
limits of any of the districts of the United States, or '"■ ""''^ 
Kithia four leagues of the coast thereof, any part of the cargo of such 
vfssel shall, be unladen, for any pnrpose whatever, from out of such 
vessel, before such vessel shall have come to the proper place for the dis- 


clLarg« of ber cargo, or some part thereof, and been duly aatliorized by 
tbe proper officer or ofBcers of tbe customs to unlade the same, the mas- 
ter of such vessel shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding one thousand 
dollars for such offense, and the merchandise, so unladen and unshipjied, 
shall be forfeited, except in the case of some nuavoidable accident, ne- 
cessity, or distress ; of which accident, necessity, or distress the master 
of such vessel shall give notice, and, together with two or more of the 
oflSeore or searueu on board such vessel, of wliom the mate or other pet- 
son next in command shall be one, make declaration before the collector 
or other chief officer of the customs of the district withiu the limits of 
which such accident, necessity, or distress shall have occnrred, or withiu 
the limits of which such vessel shall afterwards ^r«j arrive, if the same 
shall have happened without the limits of any district, which declara- 
tion such collector, or other chief officer, is hereby authorized and re- 
quired to receive. 
Sec. S5. If any merchandise, so unladen from on board any vessel, 

1 a»t. .1 L. n». shall be put or received into any other vessel, except in the 
\B. iu,.i,i™. (jdge flf g„g(i accWent, necessity, or distress, to be notified 
and proved as aforesaid, the master of any such vessel, into which the 
said merchandise shall be so put and received, and every other person 
aiding and assisting therein, shall forfeit and pay treble the value of 
the said merchandise, and the vessel in which it shall be ao put shall be 
forfeited to the United States. 

Seo. 56. It shall not be lawful for the master of any vessel not in dis- 
tress, after arrival icithin four leagues of any port m the United Stales, or 
within any collection district thereof, to allow any person or persons to 
leave the vessel, or to board the same, except a pilot, officer of the customs, 
or health officer, until possession thereof shall have been taken by an officer 
of the customs, nor, of ter possession so taken, without leave of such officer; 
and every master pwmitting or neglecting to prevent a violation of this 
provision, and every person ao quitting or boarding such vessel, shall, 
respectively, be liable to a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than 
one thousand dollars. 

Sec. 57. Immediately upon the arrival of any vessel from any foreiga 

I n.i. .1 L. SH, port or place, at any port of tbe United States, or within 
t n Hu. 1, iJw. ^ny j^y^ harbor, inlet, or creek in any collection district, or 
as soon thereafter as the hours of buaiuess will permit, the master, or in 
case of his unavoidable essence the officer nex fin contm and of such vessel, 
shftU repair to the o fflce of the chief customs officer nearest to which such 
VBstel may be, and there make report of the arrival of such vessel, and 
withiu twenty/our honrs after such arrival, if the same be within the limits 
of a port of entry, and if not, within twenty-four hours after arrival withiit 
such limits, shall make entry of the said vessel and her cargo, according 
to law. And if the maeter, or in case of his unavoidable absence the offi- 
cer next in command of any sach vessel, shall neglect or omit to make 
the said report and entry, or either of them, as required, or shall not fully 
comply with the true intent and meaning of this i^ection, he shall, for 
each and every offense, fbrf^it and pay to the United States the snm of 
not exceeding five hundred dollars. 

Seo. 58. The master of every vessel arriving from a foreign port or 

1 tiut, u i_ iMo. place, and bound to a port of delivery ia any district, shnil 
'* ""■•■i^ first come to at the ]>ort of entry of such district, with his 
vessel, if stich port of entry be within the course of his voyage, and there 
make report and produce a manifest or manifests, as hereinbefore required, 
to the collector, and pay or cause to be paid all duties, fees, and charges 
in the manner provided by law, before such vessel shall proceed to her 


port of delivery; and the master of every vessel m arriving from a fiyreign 
port at any port of entry and bound to a port of delivery, skall taie on board 
an iiupeetor of customs at the port of entry, if required so to do by the col- 
lector tliereof, before proceeding to her port of delivery. And it shall be 
the ilnty of such collector, after regiBt«riiig: the iiiauifest or manifests so 
jireseuted, to transmit the same, dnly certified by him, to tlie proper 
iifficer of the iwrt of delivery. And if the master of aoy vessel shall 
neglect or omit to come to and to make report and produce the maulfest or 
manifests, as reqnired by this act, or shall refuse to take an inspector oa 
Iwanl vben required by tbe collector, in eitlter case such master shall 
I'tirfvit and pay a sum not exceeding &ve hundred dollars. But if tlie port 
fif entry, of the district comprising the port of delivery to trkick such vessel 
jrom a foreign port is bound, be out of the course of her voyage, suck vessel 
mag proceed, icithout coming to at the port of entry, direct to the port of 
iWirwjr, and afterward make r^ort and produce her manifest or manifests 
1(1 tke eoiledor of the district, and pay or secure to be paid the duties, fees, 
and charges as aforesaid, and suck collector shall, after registering the same, 
trantmit- such manifest or manifests as hereinbefore required to the proper 
f'^cfT of the customs at the port of delivery, but no merchandise shall be 
tandtd ntil a permit ahull hate been granted by tke collector of tke district. 
8ec. 59. If any vessel which shall have arrived within the limits of 
any diitrict of the United States from any foreign port or , s,„ „ i. ^^ 

I>l<i(«, sball depart or attempt to depart from the same bo- '"■ ""M^ 
iuK report or entry shall have been made by the master of such vessel 
tn or with the collector of some district of the United States, the said 
matiter shall forfeit and pay the sum of fonr- hundred dollars; audit 
Hball be lawful for any ojjfce*- of tke customs to arrest and bring back, or 
(-Htise to be arrested and brought back, such vessel to such port of the 
I'uited States as may most conveniently be reached; but if it shall be 
made to appear by the declaration of the master of such vessel, and of 
the person next in commnnd, or by other sufficient proof, to the satis- 
faction of the collector, naval officer, and surveyor, or the major part 
thereof, if there be such officers, if not, of tke collector of tlie port or dia- 
Irict within which snch vessel shall afterwards come, or to the satisfac- 
tk>Q of the conrt in which the prosecution for such penalty may be had, 
ibat the said departure, or attempt to depart, was occasioned by stress 
of weather, pursuit, or duress of enemies, or other unavoidable ueces- 
!^ty. the said peoalty shall not be incnrred. 

^Ec. CO. If, upon the unlading or delivery of tbe cargo of any vessel, any 
(Kickiige shall be wanting, or if the merchandise on board , s,,,. „ i. tA. 
I'uch vessel shall otherwise not agree with the report, mani- • ■*■■ ""■ '■ '"* ' 
iMtfOi* manifesta delivered by the master of such vessel, in every such 
va^ the master shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding five hundred 
'I'lllars. But if it shall be made to appear, to the satisfaction of the 
fillwtor, naval oflicer, and surveyor, or the major part thereof if there 
W such officers, if not, of the collector alone, that suck disagreement is 
)■( wxident or mistake, and without fraudulmt intent^ then and in such 
<-aw the penalty aforesaid shall not be intlicted ; but m all cases of mnis- 
""* 'IT disagreement as aforesaid, the master of such vessel shall bo re- 
i|iiiml to, and shall, make a post entry or addition to the manifest by 
bim delivered, of smy and alt merohaudise omitted from such manifest; 
iiiid it flliall then be lawful to grant a permit to unlade any such mer- 
' iiJiHtise so omitted, but the granting of any permit which may, without 
tfif kntneMge or intent of tke officer issuing tbe same, include merekandise 
•'•arftnj from, or disagreeing with, tke manifest, skall not in any manner 
■Jfcrl Ike operation of this section. 

.._, j.;,Gooyk' 


Sec. 61. The duties iDiposcd by law on the tonnage of any ve&sel. 
1 sui, •< L. <!i. arriving from a foreign port, atid the entrance fees prencribed 
( «i Mu. t, lVw, ' j^ iffjp^ BhaXl be paid to the collector at the time of makiug 
entry of such vessel, and it shall not he lawful to grant a permit^ or to 
unlade any merchandise whatever from such vessel, until suck tonnage 
duty and fees are paid. But in case any certificate of payment of annual 
tonnage tax held by the master of suck vessel ejpires bettteen the dale of 
arrival and the date of clearance of such vessel, tonnage duties shall be col- 
lected before clearance is granted. And the certificate of rep- 
I'M.HT^ 71.78. j^j.^y ^^ other document in lieu thereof, together with the 
clearance and other papers granted by the officers of the customs to 
Buch vessel at her departure from the foreign port or place from wbich 
she may have arrived, shall, previous to entry, be produced to the col- 
lector with whom such entry is to be made. 

Sec. 02. It shall not be necessary for the commander of any vessel of 
1 lui. .1 1., loi, ^^r, or of any vessel employed by any prince, potentate, or 
*"- ""'.'W Btat«, as a public packet for the conveyance of letters and 
dispatches, and not permitted by the laws of snch prince, potentate, or 
state to be employed in the transiwrtation of merchandise in the way 
of trade, to make such report and entry as aforesaid. 

Sec. 63. It shall be lawful for any vessel to proceed with any mer- 
chandise brought in her, and which shall, in the manifest 
'^''^ first delivered to an officer of the customs, or in a manifest de- 

livered to the collector tpitkin ttcentyfour hows after arrival of 
p*. ». iBos. 1 1 such vessel, he reported as destined for a foreign port «r 
place, without paying any duties upon such of the merchandise as shall 
be actually reexported in such vessel. But the master of such vessel 
shall first give bond, with one or more sureties, in a sum equal to the 
amount of the duties upon such merchandise, as the same shall be esti- 
mated by the collector and naval officer (if there be one) of the port, or 
by the colledtor aUme where there is no naval officer, where the manifest sliall 
be delivered, to the satisfaction of the said collector, with the condition 
that the said merchandise shall not be landed within the United States, 
unless due entry thereof shall have been first made, and the duties there- 
upon paid or secured to be paid, acconliug to law ; which bond shall be 
taken for the same period and cancelled in like manner as bonds <;fre7i 
on merchandise cjcported from warehouse. But such bonds shall not be 
required in respect to merchandise on hoard of any vessel which shall 
have put into the United States from necessity, when such necessity shall 
be made to appear in the manner hereinbefore provided for the untadhig 
of vessels in case of unavoidable accident, necessity, or distress, icitkoKt a 

S&c. 04. It shall be lawful for any vessel in which any merchandise 
1 SHI .1 1- «i, shall be iwijJOffCTZ into the United States from any foreign 
la Hu. 1, in* poft; or place, and which shall be specified in the manifest 
verified before the collector of the district in which such vessel shall 
first arrive, or i» a manifest presented and authenticated within twenty four 
hours after arrival, to be" destined for another district or districts, to pro- 
ceed from that district to any otiier district within the United States to 
which any of said mercltandise may be destined; and so from district to 
district, in order to the entry, landing, and delivery of the same ; and 
the duties on such of said merchandise only as shall be landed in any 
district shall be paid or secured within the same: Provided, That in 
cases where registered vessels of the United States, propelled by steam, 
ply regularly beticeen two or more ports in the United States, and any port 
or ports in the Provinces of Ifew Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Do- 


minion of Canada, or in the Britiah Provinces of Prince Edwards Island, 
or Xac/ottndland, or any port or ports in the West India Islands or Mex- 
ico, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby autliorized to prescribe the mani- 
fittt aitd other papers and forms uhich may, in his judgment, be Tiecessary 
/or Ihe safe and proper conduct of ths foreign and coastirise trade upon sucit 
iita, icilk all needful regulations for t]ie protection of tlte rerenue; and he 
sluill aUo regulate and determine the fees which may be demanded in siicli 
Leases 6y the collectors and surveyors at such ports in the United States, hut 
irkick shall not be in excess of those now authorized by law for similar iier rices. 

Sec, 6->, Berore any vessel shall proceeil, with luerchaudiae brought iu 
sai'li vessel from a foreign port or pliuse, the duties whereon ^^ 

sliali not have been paid or secured, the raaate» of such vcs- '^ "^ 

sel shall obtain from the collector of the district in which she shall have 
lirst arrivwi (who ia hereby required to grant the same) a copy of the 
maDtfest deliceretl by snch master, certified by the said collector, to which 
t:op,v shall be aunexed a certificate of the quantity and paiiicnlars of 
ibe uiercfaandise which shall appear to him to have t>een landed withiii 
liis district, and of the quantity and particniara of the merchandise which 
remains ou board, and upon which the duties are to be paid, or secured 
lobe paid, in some other district; and within twenty four hours after 
the arrivai of such vessel within any other district, the said master shall 
make entry, to or with the collector of such other district, producing 
■ml :«bowing the said certified copy of his said first manifest, together 
ffitli a certificate from the collector of any other district witiiin which 
»B\ (if the merchandise imported in such vessel shall have been before 
lauiinl, of the ([uantity and particnlars of snch merchandise as shall 
iiave been so laudeil in each district I'espectively. Hut the master of 
the said vessel shall first give bond, with one or more sureties, to the 
■atistuction of the collector of the district within which the sAid vessel 
!«baH first arrive, in a. sum equal to the amount of the duties on the res- 
idue of the said merchandise, acconling ib such estimate a8 the said 
'.'ullet.'tor shall tnake thereof, with the couditiou that the said residue of 
such merchaikdise sliiill be duly entered and delivered in ths district or 
ili^^tdcts for K-hich the same shall have been rei>orted to be flestined, or 
iiifime other district of the United States. And the- said bond shall be 
liiKceled or discharged within suck time as the Secretary of the Treasury 
•s'tg preserihe, by the production of a certificate or certificates, from the 
I'lilIecEor or collectors of the district or districts for which the said mer- 
'haLdise Khali have been reported, testifying the entry and delivery of 
the^d merchandise, in such district or districts, or upon proof to the 
■latisfaction of the Secretary of tlie Treasury that such entry and delivery 
were prevented by some unavoidable accident or casualty, and that if 
tlie whole or any part of the said merchandise shall not have been lost, 
-Ijat the same has been duly entered, and the duties paid or secured to be 
paid, within the United States. And if the master of any such vessel 
"hall fail, by his neglect or fault, to obtain the said copy of his said man- 
ifest from the collector of the district from which he shall be so about 
*ji ilepart, or any certificate which he ought to^)btaiu as aforesaid, or 
<hall neglect to produce and show the same to the collector of any other 
•listrict to which the said vessel shall afterward proceed, within the 
timp for that purpose hereinbefore specified, he shall forfeit and pay, for 
every Hnch neglect or omission, a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars. 

Sec, 6fi. If any vessel from any foreign port or place, comjwlled by 

*tre83 of we-ather, or other necessity, shall put into any port , s,„. „ ,. ^^ 

IT place of the United States, not being destiued for such "' "■'-'■i™-, 

port or^ace, the master of such vessel, together with the mate or jterson 

fl.E..290 3 1^, 


next in comtnaiiil, aball, for the purposes hereinafter mentumed and within 
tweiitj-foor bours after her arrival, make protest iu the usual form, 
upon oath, affirmation, or declaration, before a notary public or other 
person dniy authorjzcil, or before the collector of the district where the 
said vessel shall so arrive, who is hereby empowered to receice or admio 
ister the same, setting fortb the cause or circiintstances of such streas, 
or necessity, which protest, if not made before the collector, shall bf 
produced to and a copy thereof lodged with him. And the master sball 
also make report and entry of the said vessel and her cargo, as is di 
rected to be done in other cases. And if it shall be made to appear to 
the said collector, by the certificate of the wardens of the port, or other 
officers usually charge* with ilte duty of ascertaining the condition of 
vessels arriving in distress, if any such there be, or by the certificate of 
any two reputable merchants, named for that purpose by the said eol 
lector, (if there bo no such wardens or other officers duly qualifletl,) tLat 
there is a necessity for unlading the said vessel, the said collector shall 
grant a permit lor that purpose, and &\ia\\ detail or cause to he detailed wi 
inspector or inspectors to oversee such unlading, who shall keep an ac 
count of the same, to be compared with the report made by the master 
of sack vessel : and all merchandise so unladen sliall be stored udiIfi 
the direction of the said collector, who, upon request of the master of 
such vessel, or of the owner or owners thereof, shall, together with the 
iiaval officer, where there is one, and alone where there is none, grant 
pennission to disiMJSc of such part of tiie said cargo as may be of a per 
isbable nature, (if any there be,) or aa may be necessary to defray tlie 
expenses of attending the detention of such vessel and her cargo. But 
entry shall be made therefor, and the duties due thereon, as in other 
cases, shall be first paid, or securc<1 to be paid ; and iu case the deliveir 
of the cargo does not agree with the report thereof made by the master 
of such vessel, and if the difference or disagreement be not Batisfactoril.T 
accounted for in the manner j>rescril)ed by this act, the master of Bitch 
\'essel shall be liable to such i>enalties as in other like cases are by tbi^ 
act prescribed. And the said merchandise, or the remainder thereof, 
which shall not be dlsjwsed of as aforesaid, may afterward be relaiien 
on board the same or any oilier vesse], under the inspection of the ofiieer 
who superintended the landing thereof, or other proper officer; and tlie 
vessel may proceed with the same to the place of her destination, fr« 
from any other charge than for the storing and safe-keeping of the said 
merchandise, and the fees to the officers of the customs, as in other ca»t- 
Sec. 67. If any vessel, from any foreign port, he stranded or trrecteil 
icithin any district in the United States, other titan the one to ichich she » 
destined, and upon report by the master, owner, or txmmgnee of the satae, or 
of an officer of the customs nearest to the place where such vessel is stramied 
or wrecked, to the collector of the district, he sJiall forthwith place the rrtw' 
and cargo in charge of offiicers of the customs; and may grant permission /or 
any or all of the cargo of such vessel to he landed, or stored, or fonearded, 
in witole or in part, to its port of destijiation, to vessels other than that it 
which it was imported, or in vehicles, with a manifest duly signed by the ojS* 
cer of the customs under whose Supervision it was laden, of the part for- 
warded by each vessel or vehicle; which merchandise sluiU lie entitled, at Ik 
port of destination, to entry, aa if imported in the vessel in which it irat 
originally shipped, and sul^ect in all particulars to like duties, pririlegrt, 
and penalties ; and the necessary expenses of such officers of customs slmti be 
paid by the mcncr or consignee. And if tliere shaU be any disagreement be- 
tween the owner j)r consignee and the collector, respecting the dispotitioH of 


K»ck cargo, wActi unladen from such vessel or wreck, auch coUeotor ahill 
fyrAieUk report the caae to the Secretary of the Treaaurj/ for instruotioru. 

SEa 68. In all cases where a vessel shall be prevented by ice, or other 
olatnietum in navigation, from reaching tlie port or place at , ,^^ .1 1. m. 
\Tbicb it is iDtended her cargo shall be delivered, it sliall be "^ MA,.t,\nt 
lawful for the collector of the district in which snch vessel may be to 
receive the report and entry of such vessel, and to grant a permit ot 
Itermits for unlading or landing the merchandise imported iu such ves- 
sel, »t any place wiSiiu his district which shall appear to him most cou- 
reaient and proper, and for forwarding the game to tlie port of its dei- 
tlnation in the manner prescribed in this foregoing section of this act ; 
aQ(t the report and entry of snch vessel, and her cargo, or any part 
Hereof^ and all persons concerned therein, shall be under and subject 
to the same rales, regnlations, restrictions, penalties, and provisions 
.IS if the said vessel bad arrived at the port of her destination, and had 
tbere proceeded to the delivery of her cargo. 

fiW-. 69. It shall be the duty of the master of any foreign vessel, 
lEulen or in ballast, arriving iu the waters of the United » ,„,.., ,,.,«. 
States from any foreign territory con%uou« to the United '*'■ ■'•i"<'««- 
i^utes, to report at the office of any collector or deputy collector of the 
tusMffls which shall be nearest to the point at which such vessel may 
eater said waters ; and such vessel shall not proceed farther inland or 
"KUticiae, either to unlade or take in cargo, without a special permit 
from such collector or deputy collector, issued under and In accordance 
itith snch general or s[iecial regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury 
may from time to time prescribe. And for any violation of tliis section, 
cueh vessel shall be seized and forfeited. 

Sec. 70. It shall be the duty of the master or acting master of any for- 
riOK tetsel, within forty-eight iiours after tlie arrival of such ,sm.,ii.. mi. 
rewel \% any port of the United States, to deposit with lAe oon- ' ' ""■ * '*" 
nlar ojfieer of the nation to which such vessel belongs, the certificate of 
regiglty, or other document In lieu thereof, togetlier with the clearance 
.10(1 other papers granted by the officers of the customs to such vessel, 
at ber departare from the foreign port or place from which she may 
bave arrived, and to deliver to the collector the certificate of sach 
ofGcer that the said papers have been so deposited; and any master, as 
Hforesaid, who shall fail to comply with this regulation, shall, upon 
conviction thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction, be fined iu a 
Kum not less than five hundred dollars nor exceeding two thousand 
(loDars. Bat this section shall not extend to the vessels of foreign 
nations in whose iiorts consular officers of the United States are not per- 
mitted to have the custody aud possession of the register and other 
papers of vessels of the United States entering the ports of snch 

^BC. 71. It shall not be lawful for any foreign eonsalar officer to de- 
liver to the master of any foreign vessel the certificate of reg- 
iflUy and other papers deposited with him pursuant to the "^''* 

provisions of this act, uutil such master shall produce a clearance in due 
form from the collector of the port where snch vessel has been entered; 
and any consular officer offending against the provisions of this act shall, 
u|H)n conviction thereof before the Supreme Court of the United States, 
be fined, at the discretion of the court, in a sum not less than five hun- 
dred dollars nor exceeding five thousand dollars. 

Sec. 22. Ho collector or other officer of tke customs shall permit any ves- 
sel arriffiii^ wjtAtn any port or place of the United Statet to t «tu. « i. im 
take ntry or break bulk until all letters brought in such ven^ *"■ ""^*» 



except sach aa may be directed to the owner or (xmaignee thereof, thall hare 
been delivered into the post-office at ornearestto said port or place; arid the 
Postmaster General, tcith the concurrence of the Secretary of the Treatuni, 
may, by regulation, prescribe the tnanner of examining letter-bags, or of 
transmitting the same from the vessel to the post office. And it sfaall he 
the duty of the collector or other officer of the port empowered to re- 
ceive entries of vessels, to require from every master of snch vessel a 
declaration that he has delivered all snch letters, except aa aforesaid; 
and if any master of any such vessel shall break bulk before he shall 
have complied with the requirements of this act, he shall, on cooviction 
thereof, forfeit for every snch offense a sura not exceeding one hundred 


Sec. 73. The master of iiny vessel, bonnd to a foreigro port, or place. I 

I S..1 .. L. «« fdiall deliver to the collector of the district firom which snch 
t H M.. I, i7» yessel shall be about to depart a manifest of all the cargo 
on boartl the same, and of the value thereof, by him subscribed, anil 
shall declare to the truth thereof; and also, in case such vessel is a retxet 
of the United States, a lint of the erew on board such vessel, and shall enter 

J f T... .1 1 .. »n. '"'*' bond for the return of such erew ns provided bylatr: 
i 1, r.<. It. i-B, whereupon, and on compliance irith all other lawful require- 
ments, the said collector shall firaut a clearance tor such vessel and her 
cargo, bnt without Sjtecifying the particulars thereof in such clearance, 
unless required by the master so to do. And, )/ such vessel, bonnd to n 
foreign port or place, shall depart on the voyage without complying with 
the provisions herein contained or referred to, and obtaining a clearance 
as hereby required, such master shall forfeit and pay the sum of not 
exceeding five hundred dollars for everj' such offense. But the Secretary 
of the Treasury may, in his discretion, in the case of vessels bound oh 
short voyages to foreign ports, on the frontier ajid elsetchere, permit 
clearance mthout the requirement of crmc-Ust and bond as aforesaid. 

Sec. 74, Before clearance of any vessel bound to a foreign port or 

aFi-i .T i..Mi. place, the owners, shippers, or consignors of the cargo on 
i II )>h 10. i-m board of such vessel shall deliver to the collector manifesto 
of the cargo, or the parts thereof shipped by them respectively, and 
shall verify the sam^ hy declaration ; and such manifests sfaall specify 
the kiuds and quantities of the lirticles shipped by them respectively, 
and the value of the total quantity of ejicb kind of articles ; and such 
declaration shall state that such manifest contiiios a full, just, and trne 
account of all articles Intlen on board of such vessel by the owner-s 
shippers, or consignors, respectively, and that the values of such arti- 
cles are truly stated, according to the values which they truly bear at 
the ]>ort nnd time of exportation ; and before a clearance shall l>e 
granted for any such vessel, the master thereof, and the owners, 
shippers, or consignors of the cargo sfaall declare before the collector 
of the customs to whom application may be made for such clearance, the 
vort, place, or country for ichieh suck vessel is bound and in which snch 
cargo is intended to be landed ; and the said declarations shall be madt' 
and subscribed in writing. 

Sec. 75, It shall be the duty of the collectors of customs of the sev- 

ti swi. .< u. a. oral districts, whenever a clearsince is granted to any vessel 
4 it A.,1 1-. !■« pc ^i,g United States, bound on any foreign voyage, to an- 


iiei iliereto in every case a copy of tlie rates or tariff of fees allowed by 
law to be cbarged by any consiUar ofBcer of tlie United States for official 
services required to be performed by him. 

Sec. 76. No clearance, shall be granted to any foreigu vessel until all 
moneys duo from the master of such vessel for the support , „„ „ r, ^ i„^ 
ofatiyseaQi:in or mariner beloDging thereto, In any marine '" ""'•i™ 
bospital ID the United States, shall have been paid to the collector of 
tlie district in which such hospital shall be situated. 

Sec. 77. No vessel departing from the United States for a foreign 
imrt orports shall be permitted to receive on board or con- u si.i, .. i.,»s. 
icT aoy letter or letter packets, originating iu the United ' '" "" "^ '** 
States, which have not been regularly posted at and received from the 
]Ki!< at the port of departure ; and it shall be the duty of the col- 
lector of the port to require, sm a condition of clearance, from the master 
of such vessel, a declaration, that he has not received ou board his ves- 
Kcl, and has not under his care or within his control, and will not receive 
anil roBvey iu such vessel ou said voyage, any letters or letter packets, 
u'lilresseil to a foreign country, which have not been delivered to him 
frtim the iwst-office at the port of departure. But the provisions of this 
^t^■^ioa shall not apply to any letters or letter packets which relate to 
tl]>- (-31^ nnd are addressed to the owner or consignee of such vessel, 
ur to ally letters or packets which are inclosed in a United States stamped 
t'tivriope, of a denomination snfKcient in- amount to cover the United 
•SluIfS postage legally chargeable thereon if such letters or packets 
Ii:iil been ix>sted and transmitted by the regular mail. 

Sec. 78. The collectors and other officers of the customs shall, and 
tbfy are hereby directed to, pay due regard to the inspec- , „.,. „ ,, ,», 
(lull laws of the States in which they may respectively act, ''^ »<■■!. iw 
in such manner that no vessel having on board merchandise liable to 
inspection shall be cleared until the master, or other proper person, 
shall have prodacetl such certificate from tite proper officer that all such 
nien^baudise has been duly inspected as the laws of the respective 
Slates do or maj' require to be produced to collectors or other ofiicers of 
I'lislom.i. And receipts for the payment of all legal fees which shall 
have accrued, vnder aveh itupectionlatcs, on any vessel or Hie merchandise 
Men m board, shall, before any cleai-ance is granted, be produced to 
ihe collector or other chief officer of the customs. 

Sec. 79. On granting a clearance to any vessel, the collector shall, at 
tbe Kame time that he delivers the cleai'ance, return to the , „., „ ,^ „,, 
iDAKter or owner of such vessel the certificate of registry ^"^ Mir*™ 
and lieeoae required, by the (>lst sectiou of this act, to be deposited ou 
arjval by aneh master with such collector. 



^zr. 80. The owner, importer, or consignee of any merchaadisc, on 
l««rd of any vessel arriring from any foreiga port or place, ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^ 
'T, in case of his absence, nis agent, in hia name, shall ti«^ii"M-" "i' «.' 
make eatrj' thereof in writing with the collector of the dis- 
'^i'-t, and shall in sucli entry specify the name of the vessel in which, 



and of tlie master thereof, aud the port or place whence sncli merchan- 
dise was Jmi>orted, and tJte time of tlie sailing of such vessel therefrom, 
the particular marks, numbers, denomination, quantity, and the market 

9m.t...r,..j.{ value or icholesale price of the same iu the principal markets 
f. juu».iMs. of the conntiy whence imported, at the period of the exporta- 
tion of the mme to tlie United States, particularly specifying the kind of 

1 ii.d. 111. 4 1 money in which the invoices thereof are made out; aud 
M«.j.i«i shall also produce to the said collector and naval officer (if 

any) the original invoice or invoices of the said merchandise, or other 
documents received in lieu thereof, or concerning the same, in the same 
state in which they werij received, with the bill or bills of lading for 
the same; which invoices shall he signed by the persons in the offices 
of the collector aud naval officer, who shall compare and examine the 
same; and such eutry shall be according to form prescribed by laic or 
rmulatUm; but the form may he varied and adapted to any alterations 
which may be mado iu the rates of duties upon merchandise hereafter 
imported into the United States. And the eutry made by any oicner or 
consignee as aforesaid shall be verified by the declaration of the jjersou 
making: the entry. 

Sec. 81, Whenever any eutry shall he made with the collector of auy 

1 SI.1. .1 L. 8-,r, district of any merchandise imported into the United States, 
(3t jiTiirm' (,„(! subject to duty, by any agent or iierson other than the 
person to whoip such merchandise belongs, or to whom it is ultimately 
consigned, the collector shall take a bond, with surety, from such agent^ 
in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, with condition that, loithin sir 
months from'the date (ftereo/,,the owner or consignee of such merchandise 
shall deliver, or cause to be delivered, to the said collector a full and 
correct invoice of the said merchandise imported by him, or for him, on 
his own account, or consigned to his care, in the same manner and tbrm 
as required in respect to an entry in the last preceding section; which 
ini'oice shall be verified, as in the case of an entry, by a like deelarationy 
to be made and subscribed before a collector of the customs of the same 
or some other district, or before some public officer of the United State" 
duly authorised to administer oaths. 

Sec. 82. When the particulars of any merchandise, subject to specijK 

I hui. .1 r„ 6.V.. duty, shall be unknown, in lieu of the entry hereinbefore 
tw. x„». (jjreuted to be made, an entry thereof may be made and 
received according to the circumstances of the case, the party making 
the same declaring all that he knows or believes concerning the quality 
and particulars of the said merchandise, and that he has no other knowl- 
edge or information concerning the same; which entry shall be made in 
writing, and shall be subscribed by the party making the same, if the 
proper owner or consignee, in his own name, or, if by au ageut, iu his 
name, as agent for such owner or consignee. But in every case in which 
the entry of any merchandise shall be imperfect, for want of invoices^ 
bills of lading, or for any other cause, it shall be the duty of the collector 
to take the said merchandise into his custody, and retain the same at the 
expense and risk of the owner until the quantity, quality, and value thereof, 
an4 the amottntof duties cliargeable Utereon, shall be ascertained, according 
to law. 
Sec. 83. The invoices of merchandise shall exhibit the wholesale price 
or market value thereof in the principal markets of the 
v/*w''s^5.« '*'"it''y whence imported at the period of the exportation 
Liaa,' jqi, X. of the Same to the United States. But it shall lie lawful for 
iii^.i,i«o. ^^^ owner or consignee, at the time (and not atlerward> 
when he shall produce his original invoice or invoices to the collector, 


anil mnke and verify his written entry, to make such additioDs in the 
entry to tlie value stated in the invoice or invoices as shall, in his 
opinion, raise the same to the actual market value or wholesale price of 
such nierchandise in the principal markets of the country from which 
the 8ani« may have been imported, at the period of the exportation 
thereof to the United States. 

Sec. 84. The period of tite exportation of merchandise from a foreign 
eoHHlri/ to the United States shall be deemed to be the dale of „ s,,,. „ i., w. 
the final clearance of the cessel in tphich such merchandise is '" m.-hmi. 
exported, or tlte date of the sailing of such vessel from tiie foreign port or 
pkice, in case no ojficial clearance in granted, and m case such exportation 
is made in a vehicle, such period of exportation shall be deemed and taken 
to be the date of the departure of such vehicle from the port or place of 
fxportalion, as declared in tlte manifest and entry. And the period of the 
importation of merchandise from a foreign port or place into tlte United 
States shall be deemed to be tite date at which the first report of arrival of 
the vessel, or delivery of manifest of ike vehicle in tchich swcft merchandise 
w imported, Rhall be made to tlte collector or other chief officer of the cus- 
toms of thffdistrict or port within which such importation by such vessel or 
rehiele is made. 

Sec. 85. No merchandise subject to ad valorem duty, or o» which tlie 
litUy imposed shall be regulated by, or directed to be estimated , „., „ ,, ,„ 
or 6iM£a upon the value of the square yard, or of any specified ' ' "" '■ '^ 
quantity or parcel of such merchandise, shall be adniitteil to entry unless 
the true invoice of tlie same, authenticated as hereinafter required, is pre- 
sented to the collector at the time of entry, or unless the same fsiuluiitted 
ill tbe mode authorized and prescribed by this act. But this prohibitiou 
chall not extend to such mercUandise as shall have been taken from a 
wreck, or found derelict at sew. 

Sec. 80, When merchandise imported into the United States shall 
not have been entered in pursuanceof the provisions of this as,.L ., u. tsk. 
act, for want of an invoice, the same shall be deposited iu a "■ """' '■ '™ 
public or bonded warehouse, and shall there remain, at the expense and 
risk of tbe owner, until such invoice is produced; but when the said 
merchandise shall have remained in warehouse for tbe period of twelve 
months, and no invoice shall have been produced, then the said mer- 
chandise shall be appraised, the duties estimated thereon, at the rates 
then in force, and the merchandise sold, and the proceeds of snch sale 
disposed of as prescribed by this act. }iut the collector is hereby 
antliorized to direct an earlier sale of articles of a perishable nature, and 
of such as may bo liable to waste. 

Sec, 87. All invoices of mercftaadwe imported from any foreign country 
into tbe United States, subject to a duty ad valorem, or on which the duty 
imposed shall be regulated by, or directed to be estimated or , b,.^ „ l. m. 
baseil upon, the value of the square yard, or of any specified ' '■ ""' "■ '•" 
quantity or parcel of such merchaMise, shall be made out in the currency 
of the place or country whence the importation shall be made, and shall 
contain a true statement of the actual market value or wholesale price of 
Hucli merchandise in such foreign currency, without any respect to the 
value of the coins of the United States or foreign coins which now are 
or shall Ite by law made current within the Uinted Stetes, in such foreign 
place or country. Aud it shall be lawful for the Secretary of the Treasury 
to cause to be established tit and proper regulations for ^^^^^ i™ jg, 
estimating the duties on merchandise imported into the 
United States, in respect to which the value shall be exhibited in a 
depreciated currency, issued and circulated under authority of any for- 


eigu govcniniont. And tlie iuvoices of all merchandise imported into 
wsi.L..t..!ir, tlie Umtert States shall be made out in tlie weights or 
'" J"-*'.'*'' measures of the country or place fix)m which the importa- 
tious shall be made, and shall contain a trne statement of the actual 
weights or measures of such merchandise without any respect to the 
weights or measures of the United States. 
Sec. 8S. All invoices of merchandise imported from any foreigu coun- 
II »..!, >t T.. 7JI. try into the United Statos, and svbjeet to dutg ad valorem, or 
' '■ '*"■'■ "^ on wkurh the duty imposed shall be regulated In/ or directed to 
be estimated or based upon Hie valjte of the square yard, or of any specified 
quantity or parcel of such merchandise, shall be made in triplicate, and 
signed by the ]>erson or persons owning or shipping said merchandise, or 
by the duly authorized agent of such owner or shipper ; and said invoices 
shall, at or before the shipment thereof, be produced to the consular 
ofBcer of the United States nearest the place of shipment, and shall 
have endorsed thereon, when so produced, a declaration signed by said 
owner, shipper, or agent, setting forth that said invoice is in all resjiect-s 
true; that it contains a trno and full statement of the actual market value 
or wholesale price of said merchandise in the principal markets of the 
country jchejice exported, at the dale of such declaration ; and that no 
different invoice of the mercbandi^ mentioned in the invoice so 
produced has been or will be furnished to any one. And the person 
so pi-oduciug said invoice shall at the time declare fo said consular 
officer the port in the United States at which it is intended tn make 
entry of said merchandise; whereupon the said consular officer shall 
indortie upon eucli of said triplicates a certificate, under his hand 
and oflichd seal, stating that said invoice has been produced to him. 
with the date of such i>roduction, and the name of the person by whom 
the same was produced, and the port in the United States at which it 
shall be the declin-ed intention to make entry of the merchandise therein 
mentioned. And thereupon the said con>iular officer shall deliver to the 
person producing such invoice one of said triplicates, to be used in 
making entry of said merchandise ; shall file another in his olBce, to be 
there carefully preserved; and shall, as soon as practicable, transmit 
the remaining one to the collector of the port of the United States at 
which it shall be declared to be the intention to make entry of said 
merchandise. And no merchandise imported into the United Statee 
from any foreign place or country, su^ect to duty as aforesaid, shall be 
admitted to entry unless the in^'oice presented shall in all respects con- 
form to the requirements hereinbefore mentioned, and shall have thereon 
the certificate of the cojtsular officer hereint)efore specified, nor unless 
said invoice is verifled, at the time of making such entry, by the declara- 
tion of the owner or consignee, or of the authorized agent of the owner 
or consignee thereof, that the said invoice and the declaration thereon 
are, lo the best of his Inoicledge and belief, in all respects true, and were 
made by the person by whom the same pun'ort to have been made. 
And if any such owner or consignee of any merchandise, or his agent, 
shall knowingly make, or attempt to make, any entry thereof by meauK 
of any iiilso invoice or false certificate of a consular officer, or of any 
invoice which shall not contain a true statement of all the particulars 
hereinbefore required, or by means of any other false or fraudulent 
document or paper, or of any other false or fraudulent practice or appli- 
ance whatsoever, said merchandise, or the value thereof, shall be forfeited. 
But where, from a change of the destination of any such merchandise, 
after the production of the invoice thereof to the consular officer as here- 
inbefore provided, or from any other cause, the triplicate transmitted to 
the collector of the port to which such merchandise was originally des- 


lined shall DOt liave been received «t the port where the tuerchaudiBe 
actually arrives, and where it is desired to make entry thereof, said 
merchaodiBe may be admitted to entry on the duly certified tripU- 
enle inroice produced by the owner or consignee of xuch merchandise or Am 
agmt; and when, from accident or other cause, it shall be impracticable 
for the person desiring to luake entry of any mercbaudise, subject to duty 
M a/oretaid, to produce, at the time of making such entry, a certified 
invoice thereof, as hereinbefore required, but practicable to produce an 
original invoice, corresponding in all other respects icith a triplicate received 
bg the cnUector from the consular officer, or ichiclt shall, if such triplicate 
Aire not been received, appear to be a true invoice, or, if it be impracticable 
for tuck periwn to produce any inroice irhatever, it sltslt be lawful for the 
Secretary of the Treasury to authorize the entry of such merchandise 
upon snch terms and in accordance with such general or special regula- 
tions 38 he may prescribe; but if it nhall appear in any case that the 
failure to produce n eertifisd inroice «« aforesaid has been trith a design to 
fijrfe tkf papmcnt of the duties upon sudi merchandise or any part thereof, 
aU *tifk laerchandiw, or the i-alue thereof, for which no svch invoice is pro- 
liarfd.nhalt be forfeited. But the provisions of this act reqniriiig verified 
(riiilicate invoices shall not apply to importations from countries where 
there is no consular officer of the United States. And where the value 
ot mercbaDdiso imi>orted or brought into the United States „ ,,„ „ ,. ,« 
rliiill not exceed two hundred dollars, the collector is author- *'* ■"" '"• i*" 
ized to admit tbe same to entry by appraisement, without the production 
or said triplicate invoice, if he shall be satit^fied that tbe importation 
w;isiu good faith and without any pnrpose of defrauding or evading tbe 
revenue laws of the United Stiites. 

Sec, 89, In all cases where merchandise imported into the United 
States shall belong to the estate of a deceased person, or i „„ ,, ,„;s, 
of a person insolvent, whose estate has been assignAl for " "" ' '™- 
tile benefit of his creditors, the declarations required by this act ina,y 
Ik- made before the collector, by the executor, administrator, or assignee 
"f sach persoD. 

. Sec. 90, Before any merchandise taken from a wreck or found derelict 
It tea shall be admitted to entry, the same shall be appraised 
and the quantity ascertained in the manner prescribed by this '"" ™' 
art, and the duties shall be assessed on the value and quantity fo appraised 
Bfirf asevrtained, without regard to the value and quantity set forth in any 
iMFoier of the same, ej'cept it is shorn tliai such merchandise is of the 
groietk, production, or manufacture of tlie United States, and has not been 
*ol4 out of the United States, or that such merchandise has already paid 
dnlS in the Unittd Slates ; in either of which cases such jnerchandise shall 
It admitted to entry free of duty. 

Sec, 91. When any merchandise shall be admitted to au entry upon 
invoice, the collector of the port in which the same is en- ^ -jtjh 

tt-red shall certify the fact of »uch entry upon invoice ; and 
III) other evidence of the value of such merchandise shall l>e admitted 
"It the part of the owner or owners thereof, in any court of the United 
.Slatw. except in corroboration of such entry, jn any proceeding founded 
ijKin such entry: Provided, That in any case where it shall be proven to 
'hf tatisfaction of the Secretary of the Treasury that an invoice was made 
up iritk intent to defraud the owner or consignee of the merchandise, an 
•niry by appraiiement may be allmced. 

Swr. 92. Any person or jwrsons who shall connterfeit any certificate 
•■r attestation made in pursuance of this act, or nse sucb ^ 

"'MiBcate or attestation, knowing the same to be conn- 

,_ ibyGoogle 


terfeit, siiall, upon coavictioB thereof before any court of the United 
States haviug cognizance of the same, be adjudged guilty of felony, 
and be fined in a Buni not exceeding^te thousand dollars or imprisoned 
for a term not exceeding ttco years. 

Sec. 03, In order to ascertain what articles ought to be exempt from 

1 f,.T ., i,.»i. duty, as the sea-stores of a vessel, the master shall partico- 
(u M.f, 1, ins. larly specify such articles in the report or manifest to be 
made by him, designating tbom as the sea-stores of such vessel ; and in 
the declaration to be made by such master on such reiwrt in the manner 
before prescribed, he shall declare that the articles so speci&ed as sea- 
stores are truly such, and are not intended as merchandise or for sale, 
nor to be landed icitkin the United States ; whereujion the said articles- 
shall be allowed to remain on board such vessel under such regulations <» 
the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. But if it shall appear to 
the collector to wliom such report and manifest shall be made and de- 
livered, that auy of said articles are not sea-stores, or that the quantities 
of the said articles, or any part thereof, so reported as sea-stores, are 
excessive, it shall be lawful for the said collector to estimate the amount 
of the duty on said articUs which are aot sea-stores, and on such excess ^ 
and such duty shall be forthwith paid by the said master to the said collec- 
tor, on pain of forfeiting the value of said articles which are not sea- 
stores and of such excess; and if any other or greater quantity of 
articles are found on board such vessel as sea-stores than are specified in 
such report or inani/est, or if any of the said articles shall be lauded or 
removed without a proper permit first obtained for that purpose, all such 
articles shall be seized and forfeited ; aud the master shall moreover 
forfeit aud pay three times the value of the articles so omitted, landed, 
or removed. And the Seerelary of the Treasury may, by general or special 
regulations, instruct collectors of citstoms with reference to flie rules or 
principles which sUtiU govern the allmcance of sea-stores, both as to liind 
and quantity. 
Sec. 9i. On the arrival of any vessel or rekicle from any foreign 

uf^.i„, L.i'ji. country at any port or place in the United States, it shall be 
M!.3. j..irJMi™, f]^g ^„(y ffj- f}^ collector or other officer of the customs at suck 
port or place to examine, or cause to be examined, tlw baggage of any anrf 
ccery passenger or other person arriving in such vessel or uehicle, under 
such regulations as Hie Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe ; and if 
any article liable to duty shall be found therein, the duty on such articles 
shall be assessed and collected before the said baggage is delivered ; and if 
any articles liable to duty shall be found conceal^ in such baggage or upon 
such passenger or person, such articles shall be seized and forfeited, and 
suck passenger or other person shall forfeit and pay a penalty not exceed- 
ing three times the appraised value of the articles so found and seized. 
And any officer of the customs may search any passenger or other person 
arriving in any vessel or vehicle from any foreign country, if such officer 
shall have good reason to believe tltat suck passenger or other person lias 
concealed about his or her person any dutiable articles ; but such passenger 
or other person matfreqaire the officer proposing to makesuch search to take 
him or her before tlte collector, naval officer, surveyor, or other chief officer 
of the customs, of the port or place, who shall, if he discover no reasonable 
ground of search, discharge such passenger or other person ; but if other- 
wise, he siiall direct such passenger or other person to be searched ; and if 
such passenger or person be a woman, she shall not be searched by any 
other than a tcoman ; and any officer required to take such passenger or 
other person before the collector, naval officer, surveyor, or otlter chief officer 
of the customs, shall do so icith all reasonable dispatch ; and if he shall 


fail to do go, or if he shall search or require to be aearcheA any passeu- 
f/er or other person, not luiving good reason to beliete that guch passenger or 
other person has dutiable articles concealed on his or her person, siich officer 
itkall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hvndred dollars. 

Sec. 95. MercbaDdise the growth, production, or niamifacture of the 
United States, exported tberet'rom and reimported in the same 
condition, aod upon which no drawback or bounty bas been n^''U."vi^',^. 
allowe<l, shall be entitled to entry free of duty, but entry 
tbereof shall be made as in other caees of mercbandiae imported from 
foreign countries, and proof, vnder such regulations as tiie Secretary of the 
Treasury may prescribe, shall be prodaced, to the aatisfac- ,,, „, v,„,, ,, 
tion of the collector of the district with whom such entry "*' '"^ 
shall be made, that the aaid merchandise had been exported from the 
Unite^l States, as of the growth, production, or manufacture of the same, 
and of tbe time wben, by wboin, in what vessel, and from and for what 
port or place it was so exported ; and svch entry shall be according to the 
form prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. And if the collector, 
who shall receive the entry aforesaid, shall be other than the collector 
of the district IVom which the said merchandise shall have been ex- 
ported, a certiflcat« of the latter shall be produced to the former, certi- 
fying the exportaticu thereof; whereuiwn a permit shall be granted for 
landing the same. Lf the said certificate cannot be immediately pro- 
duced, and if the proof otherwise required shall be made, a bond for tbe 
prodaction of such certiticate shall be given, with one or more sureties, 
to the satisfaction of the collector of the district within which the said 
merchandise may have been imported, in a sum equal to the duties on the 
said articles, if they were not of the growth, production, or manufacture 
of the United States. And upon receiving a bond as aforesaid, it shall 
be lawful for the said collector (and naval ofBcer where any) to grant a 
X>ermit for the landing of said merchandise, in like manner as if the ccr- 
tiflcate hiid been produced ; and in default of such certificate being pro- 
doced within the time limited by such bond, the collector taking the 
same is required and enjoined to enforce the payment tbereof, as in tbe 
case of other honds. But no stick merchandise shall be entitled to be ot- 
tered as of the growth, production, or manufacture of the United States, 
unless the same shall be reimported within three years after the exportation 
thereof, nor unless it shall be proven, to the satisfaction of the collector of 
the port at vhick the same may be reimported, that the properly in such 
merchandise has continued and still remains in the person or persons by 
whom, or on whose account, the same was exported, or has been transferred 
for the benefit of creditors ; but on the reimportation of the „suh..ii.,bo, 
articles of growth, prodoct, or niannfactnre of the United ' " ■""'»■'"««■ 
States, upon which no internal tax has been assessed and paid, or upon 
which, */ assessed or paid, such tax has been refunded or remitted by 
allowance, drawback, or otherwise, there shall be levied, collected, and 
paid a doty equal in amount to the tax, if any, imposed by then existing 
internal revenue laws upon such articles, irhieh duty may be paid in any 
lawful mon^ of the United States. 

Sec. 96. All declarations required upon making any of the reports 
or entries, or respecting any of the acts herein mentioned, , si,, „ i. «,. 
whether by the master of any vessel or the owner or con- "* >i«i. i™* 
signee of any merchandise, or his agent, or by any other person, shall 
be received by the collector, or officer to or with whom report or entry 
shall be made, and shall he reduced to writing, and subscribed by the 
person so declarintf, aud also by the person receiving the said declaration 



or declaratioiw. Au<l the collector, jointly witli the naval officer, or 
alone where there is none, shall, according to the best of or their judg- 
meut or iuformatioD, make an estimate of the amouut of the duties on 
the merchandise, to which the entry of any owner or consignee 
or his agent shall relate, baaed on (/is quantity or ralue set forth in the 
entry, which estimate Bhatl be indorsed ou sacU entry and signed by the 
officer or officers making the same. And the amount of the said esti- 
mated duties having been first paid, or secured to be paid, pursuant to 
the provisions'of this act, the said collector shall (together with the 
naval officer, where there is one) grant a permit to land the merchan- 
dise, whereof entry shall have been so made, and then, and not before, 
it shall be lawful to land the said merchandise ; and ull permits shall 
Hpecify, as particularly as may be, the merchandise to be delivered, 
namely: the number and description of the packages, with the marks 
and number of each package, and, so far as circumstances will admit, 
the contents thereof, together with the name of the vessel in which, and 
of the master, and of the place whence, it was imi)orted ; and no mer- 
chandise shall be delivered by any inspector or other ofKcer of Che cus- 
toms that shall not fully agree with the description thereof in such 
Yierinit, except upon a special order from the collector. And all permitH 
for the purposes aforesaid shall be according to the form prescribed by the 
Secretary of the Treasury. 
Sec. 97. On the entry of any vessel or nierchaudise, the decision of 
1) 7ii,t .1 1. Ill, the collector of customs at the jKtrt of importation and entry, 
i II. j.i=-», iwi- as to the rate and amount of duties to be paid ou the ton- 
nage of such vessel or on such merchandise, shall be flual and coucln- 
sive, unless the owuer, master, or consignee of such vessel in the case 
of duties levied on tonnage, or the owner or consignee of the merchan- 
dise, or his agent, in the case of duties levied on merchandise, shall, as 
well in cases of merchandise entered in Iwud as for consumption, within 
ten daj's after the ascertainment and liquidation of the duties by the 
proper officers uf the customs, of which notice sltall be given to the owner, 
vonmgne", or his agent, in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury 
may direct, make protest in writing to the collector on each entry, set- 
ting forth therein distinctly and specifically the grounds of his objec- 
tion thereto, and shall, within thirty days atter notice of such ascertain- 
ment and liqnidation, appesd therefiiom to the Secretary of the Treasury, 
whose decision on such appeal shall be final and conclasive; and such 
vessel or merchandise shall be liable to duty aecordiugly, unless suit 
shall be brought within ninety days after the decision of the Secretary 
of the Treasury on such appeal, for any duties which shall have been 
liaid before the date of such decision on such vessel, or on such mer- 
chandise, or within ninety days after the payment of duties paid after 
the decision of the Secretary. And no suit shall be maintained in any 
court for the recovery of any duties alleged to have been illegally exactetl 
iiutil the decision of the Secretary of the Treasury shall have been first 
bad on such appeal, unless the decision of the Secretary shall he delayed 
more than ninety days from the date of such appeal; but the right to 
maintain such suit shall twt be impaired by the omission to make formal 
protest or appeal within the re^ective periods lierein required, ichen it shall 
be alleged % the plaintiff and not denied by the defendant that such omission 
icas not owing to the fault of such plaintiff and will not substantially affect 
the rights of sack d^endant, nor by the payment, by the importer, of any 
additional duty assessed on liquidation, and paid inpurtuanee of any bond 
given on obtaining possession of the goods. 



Sbc. 98. The decision of the reai>ective collectors of cuBtoniB as to all 
fees, charts, and exactions of whatever character, other tixut >ii.. m, 
than those mentioned in the next preceding section, claimed ' '*^ j«k», "»*■ 
by them, or by any of the officers nnder them, in the performance of 
their official duty, shall be final and conclnsive against all iteraons inter- 
ested in sncb fees, chai^F, or exactions, .nnless like notice that au appeal 
will be taken fiwm sncb decision to the Secretary of the Treasnry shall 
be given within t«Q days fh>m the making of such decision, and unless 
snch appeal shall actually be taken within thirty days fhim the making 
of anch decision ; and the decision of the Secretary of the Treasury shall 
be final and conclusive upon the matter so appealed, unless snit shall 
be brought for the recovery of such fees, charges, or exactions within 
the period provided for in the uext preceding section in regard to duties. 

Sec. 09. Whenever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury, on any claim for re/and filed irithin three „ „.,. „ ,. a. 
i/earg from the date of payment, that more money has been ' ' ■*"'' *■ '™- 
paid to the collector, or person lawfully acting as such, t1iau the law 
requires thould have been paid, and the parties have failed to comply 
with the requirements of the two next preceding sections, aud the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury shall be satisfied that such non-compliance with 
said requirements was not owing to the fault of the owner, consignee, or 
agent making sacb payments, he may draw his warrant upon tbe Treas- 
urer in favor of tbe person or persons entitletl to the amdUnt of the 
overpaj-ment, directing tbe said Treasurer to refund tbe same out of 
any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, how- 
erer, That no claim for snch refvnd shall he astignable; Atid provided 
further. That the person or firm entitled to sveh refund shall not be in 
arrears for liquidated balances upon any bond or entry made prior to the 
date tchen such refund is allowed. 


Sec. 100. It shall be lawful tor the collector of any district in which 
any vessel may arrive, and immediately on her first coming , ,,„ „ ,_ ^- 
within such district, and for tbe surveyor, or, if there be no ^"- ""■ *■ '"• 
lurveyor, for the deputy collector, of any port where such vessel may be, 
to detail for duty on board such vessel, while remaining within snch 
district, one or more inspectors of customs, (r/w shall examine the cargo 
or contents of sncb vessel, and snpcrintend the delivery thereof, or of 
w much thereof as shall be delivered within the United States, and 
perform such other duties, according to law, hs tlie.v shall be duly 
directed to i)erform, for the better securing tbe collection of the rerenue. 
And collectois shall have power to detail, or cause t<r he detailed, for like 
Herrice on board any vessel going from one district to Btiother, one or more 
inspectors, Tcho shall accompany such vessel, aud sutler no merchandise to 
l>e landed or unladen, or otherwise taken or removed therefrom, without 
permit in writing from the collector of the district and naval officer 
thereof, (where any,) first had and granted for that jiurpose. And every 
wucft ins[iector shall enter in a suitable book, to be by him kept for that 
purpose, the name or names of tbe person or persons in whose behalf 
such permits are granted, together with the particulars therein specified. 


and the marks, numbers, kinds, aud description of tlie respective pack- 
ages, which shall be auladen pursuant thereto under his superintendence, 
and the dates of such unlading; and shall keep a like account in the said 
book of all merchandise, which, not having been entered wltbin the 
time limited by this act, or for some other cause, shall have been sent 
to public or bonded warehouse, which book shall be delivered to the 
surveyor for his inspection, and after such inspection be transmitted by 
the surveyor, with such observations as he may think necessary thereon, 
to the collector, to be deposited in bis ofKcc; which delivery, inspection, 
and transmission shall take place and be completed in the montlis of January 
and July in each and every year. And it shall be the duty of the said 
inspector or inspectors to attend to the delivery of the cargo or cargoes 
under tbeir care, at all times when the unlading or delivery of merchan- 
dise is lawful, particularly from the rising till the setting of the sua on 
each (lay, Sundays and legal holidays excepted; for which purpose they 
shall constantly attend and remain on board the vessel or vessels, the 
deliveries from which they are to superintend, or at any other stations 
where their inspection is necessary. And if any inspector shall quit bis 
station without the leave of the collector or surveyor of the port first 
had and obtained for the purpose, or before another inspector shall have 
been appointed by the said collector or surveyor, {if he shall deem it 
necessary,) to supply the place of such inspector during his absence; or 
if any inspector shall neglect, or in any manner aut contrary to, the 
duties hereby enjoined, or shall perforin any duties or services on board 
any vessel, tbe superintendence of which is committed to him, for any 
person or persons whatever, other than such as are required by tliis act, 
be sball, in either case, be dismissed from the public service. Provided, 
however, that in cases of necessity the collector and surveyor may, conjointly, 
detail an inspector or inspectors to superintend the wUading and delivery of 
cargo on any day of the year except Sunday. And the compensAtion ol 
any inspector or inspectors, proceeding from one district to another, in 
charge of a vessel, shall be defrayed by the master of such vessel; and 
every inspector or other officer of the customs, while performing any 
duty on board a vessel, shall be entitled to receive from the master of 
such vessel such provisions and accommodations as are usually supplied 
to passengers, or as the state and condition of such vessel will admit; 
aud any tnaster of a vessel who shall refuse provisions and reasonable 
accommodations, as aforesaid, shalt.forfeit and pay one hundred dollars. 
Sec. 101. No merchandise brought in any vessel from any foreign 
I sot. « L, du, port or place shall be unladen or delivered from such vessel, 
4 HL Hu. ^ ins within the United States, except in open day — that is to 
say, between the rising and the setting of tbe sun — unless by special 
license from the collector of the port and naval officer of tbe same, where 
there is one, nor at any time, without a permit from the collector and 
naval officer, if any, for such nnlading or delivery. And in case of such 
special license for the unlading during the night — that is, between the setting 
and the rising of the sun — it shall be lawful for the collector to agree wi^ 
the owner or master to pay a reasonable compensation therefor, and to col- 
lect and distribute tite same among tlie officers employed in such service. 
And if any merchandise shall be unladen or delivered from any such 
vessel, contrary to the directions aforesaid, or any of them, the master 
of such vessel, and every other person who shall knowingly be concerueil 
or aiding therein, or in removing, storing, or otherwise securing tbe 
said merchandise, shall forfeit ana pay, each and severally, a sum not 
exceeding four homlred dollars for each offense, and all merchandise so 
antaden or delivered may be seized by any of the officers of the onstoins, 



and shall be forfeited, and vntil all the intcard cargo of an importing vessel 
is landed, no coal, ballast, or merchandise shall be taken on board, except by 
permimon of tlie eoUectm; under a penalty of one hundred dollars for each 

Sec. 102. No merchanilise brouglit in any vessel, from any foreign 
port or place, requiring to be weigiied, gauged, or measured, 
in order to ascertain the duties thereupon, shall, \Titliout the 
consent of the proper officer, be removed from any vharf or place upon 
which the same may be Inuded or put, before the same shall have been 
BO weighed, gauged, or measured, and, if spirits, before the proof and 
quantity thereof is ascertained and marked upon lite package containing 
the same, by or under the direction of the proper officer; anil if any 
such merchandise shall be removed from such wharf or place, uiiles.'^ 
with tbe consent of the proper ofticer, the same shall be seized and 

Sec. 103, Collectors, with tlie approbation of the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury, may employ suitable persons as assistants to weighers and 
gaugers. The duties lieretofore performed by measurers sltall '" °™ 
hereafter be performed by weighers. The weighers and gangers employed 
in tbe service of tbe customs shall, within three days after any vessel is 
discharged, or sooner when required by the collector, make returns of the 
articles by them respectively weighed, ganged, or measured out of such 
vessel. And said weighers and gaugera shall enter, in books to be pre- 
pared for that purpose, a correct and true account of all weights and 
quantities ascertained by them, which books shall be filed and kept in the 
costom-honses. And if any inspector, weigher, ganger, or , a^,. „ ,_ ^^ 
assistant shall /urwjsA to any person any information of the "* "<r. l i™ 
weight, gauge, or measure of any imported merchandise before he shall Jiavc 
made official report to the collector or surveyor, as liereinbefore provided, 
or shall receive any gratuity, fee, or reward for any services performed 
by virtue of this act, other than is by law allowed ; or if any weigher, 
ganger, or assistant shall weigh, gauge, or measure any article or articles 
other than shall be directed by tlie proper officer, in order t« ascertain 
the duties to be received, or the drawbacks to be allowed, or duties 
remitted thereon, or shall make a return of the weight, gauge, or measure 
of any merchandise laden, or to be laden, on boanl any vessel, for the 
benefit of drawback or remission of duties upon exportation, without 
having actually weighed, gauged, or measured the same, as the case 
may reijuire, or so much thereof as the collector and naval officer, or, if 
there be no naval officer, the collector alone, sliall deem sufficient, and shall, 
in writing, direct, aft«r such merchandise shall have been entered for 
exportation, the person so offending ahntl be dismissed from the public 

Sec. 104. In estimating the allowance for tare on all articles imported 
liable to duty, where the original invoice is prodnced at the i»si.l«i„s», 
time of making entry thereof, and the tare sliall be specified ' " '"" '*■ "™ 
therein, it shall be lawful for the collector and naval officer, (if any there 
be,) with the consent of the consignee, to estimate the tare according to 
such invoice; but in alt other cases the actual tare shall be allowed, and 
may be ascertained under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury may from time to time prescribe; hut in no case shall there be any 
allowance for draught. 

Sbo. lOS. Id all cases in which the invoice or entry shall not contain 
the weight, gauge, or measure of merchandise fetjutred to be t,ut.uw.a.^ 
weighed, gauged, or measured, the same shall be weighed, *■ ■'"W*'** 
ganged, or measured at the expense of the owner or coaaignee. 



8eo. 106. Wheo tlie delivery of merchaadise from on board any ves- 

I sui. .. I., tan. 8«1 shall have been completed, copies of the accoants which 
'"■ ""■ '■ '"*■ have been kept or made thereof by the officer or oCQcers 
who shall have been charged with the said deliveries, shall be returned 
to the collector of the district within three days, unless sooner required 
by the collector, after such delivery has been completed ; but if at any 
other porr, than a port of entry, as soon a» the nature of the case' will 
admit, not exceeding fifteen days. And the account to be returned, as 
aforesaid, shall comprise all deliveries made pursuant to permits, as 
aforesaid, and all packages or merchandise sent to public or bonded 
warehouse; also each and every package remaining on board of sacli 
vessel, for the purpose of being exported therein to a foreign port or 
place, or ilentined to some other district of the United States. And said 
returns shall be signed by the inspectors, respectively, under whose 
superintendence the deliveries have been made ; and after examination, 
and on being found correct, said returns shall be conntersigned or certi- 
fied by the surveyor of the port, or by tlie officer charged with the duties of 
surveyor at the port where the deliveries have been made ; au<l the said 
returns shall be transmitted by him to the naval offioer, if any, who 
shall have the same compared with the manifests and entries in his pos- 
session ; and if any difference shall appear, the particulars thereof shall 
be noted by indorsement on the said returns, and if oo difference shall 
appear, it shall be so noted by like indorsement, and the same trans- 
mitted to the collector of the district ; and on being received by the col- 
lector, lie shall cause tlie same to be compared with the manifests and en- 
tries of snch merchandise, which have been made by the owner or con- 
signee; and if any difference shall appear, the same shall be noted hy 
indorsement on such manifests, specifying the particulars thereof; and 
if no difference shall appear, it shall be noted by like indorsement that 
the delivery has corresponded with the entry or entries thereof; which 
indorsement shall, in each case, bo subscribed by the ofBcer by whom 
such comparison shall have been made. 

Sec. 107. Whenever any merchandise shall be imixtrted into any port 

II s«,. .T I. aw. of the United States from any foreign port, in any vessel, 
"■' '■ "*' imA, at the expiration of eight working days, if the vessel 
be of less than three hundred ton.s burthen, and within twelve working 
days if of three hundred tons burthen and less than eight hundred, and 
within lifceeu days if of eight hundred tons burthen and upward, after 
the time within which the rejiort of the master ia required to be made 
to the collector of the district, unles» upon due application, and from tki: 
nature of tlie cargo, the collector shall iiave granted an extension not exceed- 
ing the period herein originally limited, and tlien upon the expiration of 

' such extension, if there shall be found any merchandise other than sea- 
stores, or than shall have been reported for some other district, or some 
foreign port or place, the collector shall take possession thereof; but, 
with the consent of the owner or consignee of any merchandise, or with 
the consent of the owner or master of the vessel in which the same may 
be imported, the said merchandise may, on one day's notice to the col- 
lector of the district, ami after the e^ppiraiion of the flat) folloicing suck 
notice, be taken possession of by such collector ; and when the iniporia- 
i« -fi ,. 1,. iu. tion shall have been in a vessel propelled in whole or in part 
'"""' "• "^ by steam, and it shall appear by the bills of lading that the 
merchandise so imported is to be delivered immediately after the entry 
of the vessel, it shall be lawful for the collector of such port to take 
possession of such merchandise forthtfitk, and any such merchandise, so 
imported, icbich shall not appear by the bills of lading to be intended 


for iminetlinte delivery may be taken possession of by such collector, at 
the retioest of the owner, master, or consignee of the vessel, on two dajrs' 
Dotice to such collector after entry of the vessel ; and all merchandise 
taken p08sessio)i of by any collector, under or by cirtiie of ,« „„ ., k. m. 
any poircr conferred by thin neeiwn, shall he deposited in a **■ '**''»■''" 
public or t>onde«l wareliouse, available for the purpose, mont convenient to 
the tekarfor pier where itttch merchandise may be unladen; and all charges 
for atoriige, labor, and other expenses accrning; on any sncli merchan- 
dise, not to exceed in any case the regular tcarehouse rates for such ob- 
jects at the imrt in (inestiou, mast be paid before delivery of the goods 
ondn.^ entry tlier(;i>f by the owner or Ctfjwiy/Mr. And in case ,*,.,. ,!..«, ^ 

any merchandine, deposited as aforesaid, shall remain in '- ' '"■"*^ 

pnblic or bondeti wareliouse one year, without i)ayment of the dnties and 
charges thereon, then said merchandise shall be appraised and sold by 
the collector at public anctiou, on due public notice thereof lieing first 
given, in the manner and for the time to be prescribed by a general 
regulation of the Treasury Department; and at said public sale, dis- 
tinct jtrinted catalogues, descriptive of said merchandise, with the ap- 
praised value afflxe<l thereto, shall be distributed among the persons 
present ; and a reasonable opportunity shall be given bet'ore such sale, 
to persons desirous of purchasing, to inspect the quality of such uier- 
cbandise. And the proceeds of snch sales shall be applied to the pay- 
ment of the expenses of sale, the storage, and charges incident thereto, 
the freight, and the duties, which duties shall be estimated at the rates in 
/oree at the time such goods sJuxll luive become liable to appraisement and 
sale as aforesaid; and the surplus, if any, shall be paid over by the col- 
lector to the owner or consignee, and proper receipts taken therefor; 
but any anrplns, iis aforesaid, remaining unclaimed for the space of ten 
daya after such sale, shall be paid by the collector into the Treasury of 
the United States ; aud the said collector shall transmit to the Treasury 
Department, with the said Niirplus, a cojiy of the inventory, appraise- 
meut, and acconutof sales, specifying the marks, numbers, and descrip- 
tions of the packages sold, their contents aud apiiraised value, the name 
of the vessel in wbicli, and of the master thereof, and the imrt or place ' 
whence they were imported, and the time when, and the name of the 
person or persons to whom said merchandise was consigned in the man- 
tfeat, aud the charges and duties to which the several consignments were 
respectively subject ; and the receipts or certificate of the collector shall 
exonerate the master of any vessel in which said merchandise was im- 
poited from all claim of the owner or owners thereof, who shall, never- 
theless, on due proof of their- interest, be entitled to receive from the 
Treasury the amount of any snrplufl paid into the same under the pro- , 
visions of this section. And every collector of the customs is hereby 
authorized, under such directions and reflations as may be „ «,i. „ t.. ei. 
prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, to sell, upon *' »■" «>,i«m.* 
doe uotiee, at public auction, any unclaimed merchandise deposited iu 
jmblic or bonded warehouse, whenevci' the same may, from depreciation 
iu value, damage, leakage, or other cause, in the opinion of such col- 
lector, be likely to prove insufficient, on a sale thereof, to pay the duties, 
storage, and other charges, if snared to remain iu Such warehouse, for 
the period nlloweil by law in the case of unclaimed merchandise. 

8kc. 108. In all canes where the agents or owners of any vessel or eessels 
shall provide at any port a suitable warehouse, on or adjacent to the wharf 
or pier where such cessel or vessels unlade, it shall be the duty of the col- 
lector of the port at any time after the entry of tlie vessel or vessels, upon 
the iqtplvMtion of such oicner or consignee, in writing, to permit, by special 
a. Ex. 290 4 


order, the cargo of such vessel or vessels to be deposited in such learekoust; 
and all nierehandise so deposited shall be subject to the same fairs and regu- 
lations respecting the entry, delivery, and transfer thereof from said ware- 
house, as it irould be if remaining on board the importing vessel ; and all 
the expenses of depositing such merchandise, and guarding and heeping the 
same in such warehouse until entered, delivered, or removed by order of the 
collector, shall be paid by the oicners or agents of such vessel or vesseU, and 
such merchandise nhall be entered, delivered, and removed from such ware- 
house within five days after it shall hate been so deposited, unless tlie col- 
lector, by loritten order, give additional time; but such warehouse shall be 
first approved by tite Secretary of the Treasury, bonded, secured, and placed 
tit charge of a proper officer of the customs, as hereinafter provide in 
respect to warehoutes for the general storage of merchandise entered for 
Sec.[^109. Wbeiiever the collector, or otlier cliief officer of the customs 
i(!<r».»'V. ixi. of any iK>rt, Bliall bo iiutifled in ivriting by tbe owDerorcoD- 
Vfiijlii "i('^; signee of auy vessel or veliicle arriring from any foreign i>ort 
'*" or place, of a lien for freiglit on any merchandise lawfully 

imported in such vessel or vehicle, and remaining in his custody, such 
collector or other officer is hereby authorized and empowered to refuse 
the delivery of such merchatidise from any public or bonded warehouse, 
or other place in which tbe same shall be deposited, until proof, to his 
satisfaction, shall bo produced that the freight due thereon lias been 
paid or secured; but tlic rights of the United fStntes shall not be pre- 
judiced thereby, nor shall the United States or its officers be m auy 
manner liable for any losses consequent upon such refusal to deliver, or 
for delivery, on proof satisfaetofy to the collector that the lien is unlawfuUy 
or unjustly maintained. 
Sec. 110. Alerchandise which may hare sustained damage during the 
1 sui. « u, «i, voyage of importation, shall be entitled to an abatement of 
)«. M.r.iiTw, (Jutiea in proportion to the damage so sustained; but no 
abatement of duties for damage ou any merchandise shall be allowed 
unless claim therefor shall bo made by the owner or consignee within 
■ ten days after the landing of the same; nor unless ib shall bo proved to 
tbe satisfaction of the collector or chief officer of tbe customs of the 
port into which such merchandise is imported, or of the Secretary of the 
Treasury, that the damage alleged was sustained after the merchandise 
j.Liw.i™, ru. ^iod been shipped from a foreign country destined for, and pre- 
*"->^ viows to its landing in, the United States. And tbe damage, 

in all caaes, shall be ascertained and appraised by tbe officers of the cus- 
toms charged with tlie ascertainment and appraisement of the value ofmer- 
chahdise imported from foreign countries. But no abatement of duties for 
damage shall, in any case, be made exceeding fifty per centum of the duly 
originally chargeable ; nor shall any abatement be made on tea, coffee, cocoa, 
grain, flour, meal, fruiUt, (ripe, dried, or green,) or on articles exclusively 
used for food or medicinal purposes. And before any order for tbe ascer- 
taiament and appraisement of damage alleged to have been sustained 
during tbe voyage of importation shall bo granted by the collector or 
other chief officer of the customs, the owner or consignee shall make 
application to such collector or other chief ofQcer, specifying tlie descrip- 
tion of the merchandise and the number of packages, parcels, or quantities 
on which an abatement for damage is claimed, and such application shall b« 
made in such form, and be sustained by such proofs, as the Secretary of the 
Treasury may prescribe. 

SbO. 111. It shall be tbe duty of the inspectors or other officers of the cm. 
Urns, under whose supervision any merchandise imported from foreign cowt. 


tries w HHladen, to keep a particular account of all paekagea and parcels of 
tMck mer^andite which maj/ exhibit any appearance of Itaving sustained 
damage durisg the voyage of importation, and to note the same in the books 
kqit and the returns made by them ; and the day on which the unlading of 
any vessel is completed shall be deemed and taken to be the date of the land- 
iitgofaU merchandise imported in such vessel^from which tlie ten days may 
tbh within irhich the oirner or importer is alloiced to make claim for dam- 

tJBC. 112. Xo abatement of duties on account of alleged damage during 
the voyage of importation shall be made in respect to any merchandise which 
hat pasted into the custody and control of tlte owner or consigned; but such 
paekaget and parcels of merchandise as exhibit, on landing, appearance of 
damage, may, at the request of the owner or consignee, be deposited in any 
public or bonded warehouse, or, by the order of the collector or other chief 
oj^r of the customs, token practicable, remain in charge of the inspector, at 
tie risk and expense of such owner or consignee, until the damage, if any, 
tkall have been ascertained and appraised. 

Sec. 113. Merchandise entered for warelwusing, and deposited in public 
orbonded warehouse, may be examined by tiie owner or consignee, under suolt 
grwni regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, to ascer- 
tain if tueh nterchajtdise has sustained dimage during the voyage of impor- 
tatiot; and in respect to merchandise sent to the appraiser's stores, or other 
mtable place, by the collector or other chief o^cer of the customs, for exam- 
iaalioitand appraisement, pursuant to law, tlie appraiser shall, as soon as 
praetieoble, report to such collector or other officer if the same has sustained 
ttauage,and the amount thereof; and if it shall ba satisfactorily proven 
IhattnA dajHoge was sustained during of importation, the same 
Aall be aUotved in liquidation of the duties, as if application had been made 
(or aiatement by the owner or consignee, in the manner and within the time 
htr6iibefore required.* 


Sec 114. In all cases wbero there ia or shall be imposed any ad 
valorem rate of duty on any mercliandise imported into the ij,i,i.,l,,b. 
Uuited States, and in all cases where the duty imposed hy " "v >.«» 
law shall be regulated by, or directed to be estimated or based upon, the 
value of the square yard, or of any specified quantity or parcel of such 
merchandise, it shall be the duty of the collector of cnstoma, within 
vhose district the same shall be imported or entered, to cause the actual 
market value, or wholesale price thereof, at the period of exportation to 
ibe United titates, in the principal markets of the country from which 
ihe same shall have been imported into the United States, to beappraised, 
and snch appraised value shall be considered the value upon which duty 
Hhall be assess^. But it shall ba lawful for the owner or consignee of 
any merchandise, at the time, and not afterward, when he shall pro- 
vince his original invoice or invoices to the collector, and verify the written 
(intry of his merchandise, to make such addition in the entry to the 



value giv«D iu tbe invoice, as ia his opinion may raise tbe same to tbe 
actual market value or wholesale price of such merchandise, at the 
period of exiKirtation to the United States, in the principal markets of 
the country from which the same shall have been imported ; and if ika 
appraised value shall exceed by ten per centum or more the value 
declared iu the entrj-, then, in addition to the duties iniposed by law od 
tbe same, there shall be levietl, collected, and paid a duty of twenty per 
centum ad valorem on the appraised value. But in no case shall dntios 
be asseaaed upon an amount less tban the value declared in the entry. 
And it shall be the duty of tbe appraisers of the United States, aiid of 

i sui .1 (, , ■*!. every person who shall act as such appraiser, by all rea- 
t n A« IS, iMt. aonable ways and means iu his or their power, to ascertaio 
and appraise the actual market value or wholesale price, <m hereinbefore 
directed, of tbe said merchandise, anil the unmber of such yards, par- 
cels, or quantities, and such actual market value or wholesale price of 
every one of them as the case, may require. And when mer- 
ii.sw.fii chandiae is entered at ports where there are no appraisers, 
the Secretary of the Treasury shall designate some officer of tlus cuetotns 
tcithin the distriet to act as appraiser, who is hereby auHutrized and em- 
pottered to diseliarge as aforesaid all tite duties appertainiag to said office. 
Sec' 115. The appraisers shall report to the collector, or other chief 
ofScer of the customs, the classification of any merchandise imported 
into the United States, as well as the value thereof; and the certificate 
of any one of them as to eucb value shall be Hual and conclusive on tUl 

t !...-ot i-rai, i"""''^' unless an appeal is taken as hereinafter provided; 
tt. Mi^. ii«i. and in respect to merchandise not required to be weighed, 
gaugetl, or measured under tbe direction of the surveyor, th^ appraisers 
shall ascertain the number of yards or other quantities, whe&er snch 
merchandise be subject to duties ad valorem or specific, and report the 
same to the collector. But the rate of proof of spirits and icities required 
by law to be ascertained by the surceyor or other officer of inspection, and by 
suck offiiCer duly branded or marked, after being so ascertained according to 
law, upon the casks or packages containing the same, shall be accepted by the 
appraieing officers as the true rate of proof of such spirits and wines on the 
valuation thereof. 

Sec. 116. It shall be lawful for the appraising officers, in pursuance of 

isui. .■ usM. '""'' to summon and examine any owner, consignee, or other 
ii7. Au,. Mpi™ person touching any matter or thing which they may deem 
material iu ascertaining the true foreign market value or wholesale 
price of any merchandise imparted, ami to require the production, on 
declaration made before the collector or deputy collector, to any appraiser or 
other person or persons acting as appraisers in pursuance of Cue, of any 
letters, accounts, invoices, boois, papers, or other writings awl documents 
in thfj possession of such owner, consignee, or other person relating to 
the same; and if nny person so called shall neglect or refuse to attend, 
or shall decline to answer, or shall, if required, refuse to answer in writ- 
ing any iuterrogatories, aud subscribe his name to his statement, or to 
produce the accounts, invoices, letters, btmks, pnpei's, atid other writings 
and documents aforesaid, Avheu so required, be shull forfeit and pay to 
the United States the sum of one hundred dollars; and if he be the 
owner or consignee, he shail also be debarred from offering in testimony, on 
tie trial of the case be/ore auy court, any books of account, letters, or other 
papers touching the same, other titan such books, papers, letters, and accounts 
as wire produced under suck requirement; and any persou who shall, on 
such examination, make any false declaration, shall be deemed gnilty of 
perjnry; and if he be the owner or consignee, the merchandise shall be 


forfeited. And nil testimony iu writing taken by virtue of tliis section 
shall be tiled in the oEBce of tlie collector of customs, and be preserved 
for fnture use or reference, and copies thereof ahall be transmitted to the 
Secretary of the Treasury whenever he shall require the same; and the 
ownar or consignee, if dissatisfied with such appraisement, having com- 
plied with the foregoing re<iuisitions, may within three days give notice 
to the collector, in writing, of such dissatisfaction, attA request a re-ap- 
praisement ; on the receipt of which request the collector 9~„i. 
!ihall seliHrt one discreet and experienced merchant, a citi- '^ «■''.!«' 
zeii of the United States, to be associated with (Ae appraiser at large, or 
the officer acting m appraiser, wlio together shall examine and appraise the 
merchandise, as hereinbefore provided ; and if they shall disagree, the 
collector shall decide between them ; and the appraisement thns de- 
termined upon appeal, or the origi)Mt apprainemeitt, if there be rw appeal, 
Rhall be final, and deemed and taken to be the true value of paid mer- 
chandise, conclttsire on all parties, and the duties shall he levietLtbereou 
accordingly; and any merchant who shall be chosen by the collector to 
make any appraisement required by this act, and who shall, , „„ ., ,„ ^ 
after due notice of such choice has been given to him in * '^ *■•" '■ "" 
writing, (]ecline or neglect to assist at such appraisement, ^^ ,. 
shall be subject to a penalty not exceeiluig one hundred dol- 
lars, aud to the costs of prosecution therefor: and any merchant duly 
^ectcd and performing the duties of an appraiwr, aa aforesaid, shall be 
entitled to receive for his services hve dollars per day for the time acUi- 
ally BO employed ; such compensation to be paUl by the United States if the 
calue determined on appeal is less than that appraised by the appraising offi- 
eer or officers of the United Stales. But trkere the nituv so determined on 
appeal shall be the sawe or greater than that appraised by the appraising o^- 
cer or officers of the United States, the said compensation shall be paid 
by the owner or consignee by tchom the appeal ivas taken. 

Sbo. 117. The coUe^^tor shall designate on the invoice at one 
package of every invoice, or of each kind and description of ^ „„,. „ ,., tn. 
yoodt when tAe invoice embraees more than one, and one pack- ' " *■* "■ "" 
age at least of every ten packages of merchandise imported, and a 
greater number, should either of the appraisers request the same, and he 
deem it necessary, to be opened, examine<l, and appraised, and shall 
send the package or packages so designated to the appraisers' stores or 
^ome other suitable pl^ce, for examinatiun. But when, from „ aL,i,«i-.»i. 
the character and description of the merchandise, the Sec- " jiIiw.h* 
retary of the Treasury may be of opinion that the cxamiuatiun of a less 
proportion of packages will amply protect the revenue, or that tfte exami- 
nation may be properly made by samples drawn or obtained by a duly author- 
ised afoistaiit or examiner, lie may by special regulation direct a less 
number of jmckagea to be examined, or that the examination be made 
by samples so drawn or obtained; and such examination shall be deemed 
n7i4 held to be a full compliance icith the prorisione of this act. 

Sec. lis. If any package be found by the appraisers to contain any 
article not specified in the invoice, and they or a majority , ^u, „ ,.. ta. 
of them shall be of opinion that such article was omitted in ' " "'* "■'"" 
the invoice with fraudulent intent on the part of the shipper, owner, or 
agent, the contents of the entire package in which such article may be 
contained shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture ; but if said appraisers 
shall be of ojiinton that no such fraudulent intent existed, then the 
value of such article shall be addeil to the entry, and the duties thereon 
paid accordingly, and the same shall be delivered to the owner or cou- 
«ignee. Aud if, on the opening of any package or packages of mercban- 


dise, a deficieDcy of any article shall be found, oa examiaatioit by tbe 
appraisers, and they, or a majority of thenif akall be of opinion that the 
package or packages are in the same eoitdition as when shipped, and that ike 
deficiency proceeded from accident or mistake, and not from an intention to 
defraud the revenue, the same sliall be certified to tbe collector on the 
JDvoice, and an allowance made accordingly in estimating tbe duties; 
bvt if a majority of the appraisers shall be of a contrary opinion, such pack- 
age or packages shall be liable to forfeiture; but each forfeiture may id 
either case be remitted by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury, on the pro- 
duction of evidence, satisfactory to him, that no fraud was intended. 

Sec. 110. No merchandise liable to be examined or appraise<l as afore- 
j sft .1 1.. .in.5 said shall be delivered fiom the custody of the officers of 
'■ "'i"^"*'- the customs until the same shall have been examined or 
appi-aised, or until the packages sent to be examined or appraised sbnlL 
be found correctly and fairly invoiced and put up, and ho reported to 
the collector. But the collector may, at the request of the owner, or 
consignee, take bond, with approved security, in double the estimated 
value of such merchandise, conditioned that it shall be returned to the 
collector within three days after his written requisition therefor, served at 
the place of business of suck otcner or consignee, which requisition shall not 
be binding unless served within tiro days after the package or packages 
ordered to be examined shall haro beea examined and appraised and 
reported to tbe collector: Provided, That such r^ort shall be made within 
ten days after the delivery of such merchandise under such bond. And if • 
the Secretary of the Treasury shall deem it expedient, he may prescribe the 
form and penalty of such a bond, to be in force for six montlis,and tlie man- 
ner of indorsing each importation thereon, in lieu of the bond aforesaid, on 
each entry ; but at no time shall merchandise be delivered to, or remain in 
the possession of, such owner or consignee under such bond, the estimated 
value of which shall exccinl one-half the penalty named in such bond. And 
if in the nieau time any of the said packages shall be opened without the 
consent of the collector, deputy collector, or surveyor, or in the absence 
of an inspector of the customs, or if tbe said x>ackage or packages shall 
not be delivered to the order of the collector according to the condition 
of the said bond, the bond shall, in either case, be forfeited. And every 
such bond, whether general or special, shall contain such further condition 
toprotect the Government from ultimate loss as the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury may preserve or approve. 

Sec. 120. At ports where assistant appraisers are employed, it shall be 
14 HUT. . I [, the duty of such assistants to examine and appraise such 
" ■'"""'"* merchandise as the principal appraiser or appraisers may 
<Iirect, and truly report to him or them the clasiijication and value 
thereof, such report to be subject to revision and correction by the prin- 
cipal appraisers, or one of than, antl, when approved, to be transmitted 
to the collector; and the appraisement so made shall be deemed and held 
to be tbe appraisement of such merchandise required by law. 

Sec. 121. All drugs, medicines, medicinal preparatioaa, including. 
B suL .t I., tv. medicinal essential oils, and chemical preparations used 
(1 j™m.i-«, wholly or in part as medicine, imported into the United 
States from abroad, shall, before being admitt^ to entry, be examined 
and appraised, as well in reference to their quality, purity, and fitness 
for medical purposes as to their value and identity 8i>ecidcd in the- 

Sec. 122. All medicinal preparations, whether chemical or otherwise, 

■>. >»• 11 usnally imported with the name of the manufactaror, shall 

have tbe true name of tbe manufacturer, and the pla^ 


where tliey are prejiared, i)i'rraanently and legibly affixed to eacli [larcel, 
by stamp, label, or otherwise; ami all medicinal preparatious imported 
witlioat ancli names affixed as aforesaid, or mtli such namea ftihebj or 
fratidid^ntltf affixed, shall be Viable to forfeiture; but sueh forfeiture stiall 
not be incurred iclien it shall Batisfactorily appear Hiat the stamp, label, or 
other evidence of origin has become accideataUy Aetachei, lost, or defaced. 

Sec. 123. If, on examination, any drugs, medicines, medicinal prepara- 
tions, whether chemical or otherwise, including medicinal 
essential oils, are found, in the opinion of the examiner, to '"'* 

be so iar adulterated, or in any manner deteriorated, as to render them 
inferior in strength and purity to the standards established by the 
Uuited States, Ediubnrgb, London, French, and German pbnrmacopceias 
ami dispensatories, and thereby improper, unsate, or dangerous to he 
used for medicinal purposes, a return to that efl^ct shall be made upon 
theinvoice, and the articles i<o noted shall not be admitted to enfr^ unless, 
on a re-examination of a strictly analytical character, calle<l for by the 
owner or consignee, the return of the examiner shall be found erroneous, 
and it shall be declared as the result of such analysis that the said arti- 
cles may properly, safely, and without danger be nsed for medicioal 

Sec I'Ji. The owner or consignee shall at all times, when dissatisfied 
with the examiner's return, have the privilege of calling, at »s,.t ., i. om 
his own expense, for a re-examination ; and, on depositing ' J"-«. i«'> 
with the collector of cimtoms anch sum as the latter may deem sufficient 
to defray such expense, it siiall be the duty of that officer to procure 
some competent analytical chemist, possessing the confidence of the 
medical profession, as well as of the colleges of medicine and pharmacy, 
if any such institutions exist in the Slate in which the collection district 
is situated, to make a careful analysis of the articles included in said 
return, and Hubmit a report upon the same, to the truth of which he shall 
declare; and in case the report, which shall be final, shall declare the 
return of the examiner to be erroneous, and the said articles to be of the 
requisite Htrength and purity, according to the standards referred to in the 
next preceding Kection, the entire invoice shall be admitted to entry, on 
I>aynient of the legal duties or on securing them to be paid; but, in case 
the examiner's return shall be sustained by the analysis and report, the 
said articles shall remain in charge of the collector of customs; and the 
owner or consignee, ou payment of the charges of storage, and other 
expenses necessarily incurred by the TJuited States, and on giving a 
bond with sureties satisfactory to the collector to land said articles out 
of the limits of the United 8tate8,.8hall have the privilege of exporting 
them at any time within the period of six months after the report of the 
analysis; but if the said articles shall not be exported within the time 
specified, it shall be the duty of the collector, at the expiration of said 
time, to cause the same to be de-stroyed, holding the owner or consignee 
nqxmsible to the United States for the paj'ment of all charges, in the 
Kame manner as if said articles hati been exi>orted. 

Sec. 125. To carry the foregoing provisions in relation to tlie importation 
of druffs, medicines, and medicinal preparations into effect, uswf.n-.jw.i 
j« lieu of the mode noic prescribed by lawjone of the assistant * J-'!""* 
appraisers, where there may be such assistants, designated with special 
refereuee to his qualifications for the duties prescribed, shall, in addition 
to the duties which may be required of him by the appraiser or apprais- 
ers, perform the duties and act in the place of the sjiecial examiner of 
drugs; and ifth^e be no assistant appraisers, or if the number of assistant 
appratters at any port be not sufficient, then the appraiser or appraisers 


may, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury, assign the per- 
formance of the duties hereinbefore specified to an examiner in his or their 
departments, selected icith fecial reference to his qualifications therefor, 
who, under the supervision of snch appraiser or appraisers, simll perform 
all tbe duties now imposed on tbo special examiner of drugs, iu addition 
to tlie duties tlialmayotlierwise be required of liim; and at ports where 
no examiner is authorized, it shall he the duty of tlie Secretary of the 
Treasury to give such instructions to the collectors, or other officers of 
the customs, as he may deem necessary to accomplish tbe purpose of 
tbe foregoing provisions. 

Sec. 126. The Secretary of the Treasury sball have authority to direct 
ns ifiV!?' in™' "° appraiser or assistant appraiser for one collection district 
1 1^ " to attend in any other collection district, for the purpose of 
apprnisiug or assisting in the appraisement of merchandise imported 
therein; and whenever an aitpraiset or assistant appraiser shall attend 
in any district other than tliat iu which be resides, for the purpose of 
appraising or assisting in Ike aj^raisement of merchandise, he shall 
receive, in addition to tbe salary or pay provided for by lair, such allow- 
ance for travel and ejrpeiises as the Secretary of the Treaswy may direct. 

Sec. 127, There shall be levied, collected, and paid on each and every 
,%H,t ., r .wi. nou-emimerated article wbieb bears a similitude either in 
tift AM, w. 111. material, quality, texture, or the use to which it maybe 
applied to any enumerated article chargeable with a «pect/f« duty, tbe 
samerateof duty whicliis levied and charged on the enumerated nrticle 
which it most resembles in any of the particulars before mentioned; and 
if any nou-ennmcrated article equally resembles two or more enumerated 
articles on wbich difl'erent rates of duty are chargeable, there shall be 
levied, collected, and paid on such non-enumerated article tbe same rate 
of duty as is chargeable on tbe article which it resembles paying the 
liigbest duty. 

Sec. 128. Whenever, iu tbe opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury, 
I'l.i. ,< r.tii, it may be necessary, in order to carry into full effect the laws 
la K.> ■>. iJOD j-Qp ji^g collection of the revenue, be may authorize the col- 
lector of any district, into which merchandise subject to duty may be 
imported, to require the owner or consignee of such merchandise to give 
bond, in addition to any bond now required by law, in a sum not exceed 
ing the value of such merchandise, that he will produce, or cause to be 
produced, within a reasonable time, to he fixed by tbo said Secretary, 
such proof as the said Secretary may deem necessary, and as may he in 
the power of the said owner or consignee to obtain, to enable Uie col- 
lector to ascertain tbe description of manufacture and the rate of duty 
to which such merchandise may l)e justly liable. 

Sec, 129. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury, from 
i»uL •! t.,u6. time to time, to establish rnch rules and regulations, not 
i « •«., X. iittt inconsistent with the laws of the United States, to secure a 
Just, faithful, and imi>artial appraisal of all merchandise, as aforesaid, 
imported into the United States, and Just and proper entries of anch 
actual market value or wholesale price thereof, and of the square yards, 
parcels, or other quantities, and of such actual market value or whole- 
sale price of each and every one of them, as the case may require. 

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TITLK Vfll. 

Sue. lao. The otmer or coamgnee of any merchandhe imported from a 
•oreign country, excepting gunpou>der or other explosive or dan- , ,,„ „ l,. u, 4 
grroM mbstanceg or perishable articies, wan »>ake entry of llie J; ii;uTjj.'rrh''». 
aimtfor aarehotue, which entry sJtall be avpjiorted by the same "^ 
proof* at required in other eases of tlte entry of imported mercharuHse; and 
ihf duties thereon shall be secured by the bond of sitcb otcner or consignee 
•rith sureties to tli£ satisfaction of Hie collector of customs; tchich entry and 
■Hisd shall be according to forms prescribed by the ISeeretary of ^ „ i^, ., 
Ike Treasury. The bona fide purchaser of merchandise *• to 
'•rrire" may, on its arrival, be regarded and treated as the owner thereof: 
iVwMferf, hoirerer, That the collector shall require satisfaeton; evidence of 
■:■>•■ fact. 

S£(i. I'M. McrcliHiKlise so imported, ciiieiTil, and boiuUtl, may lie de- 
;tisited, at the option of the owaer or consiguee, at his ex- ^^^ „ , „ , _, 
l-Mise uml risk, in any wareliouKe owned or leased by tlio ;'.T»'i ""'" », 
l.'nitwi Slater, or in the warehouse of tlie owner or consignee, 
;li«-B3ine l)eiDg nsed exelusively for tlie ntornge of bonded viereliaiulise 
ofliisowD imirart.itioD or to lii» consignment', or ttKcii exclusi rely for sveh 
'larnge. and for the manufacture, by him, of articles for export only, or in 
i "arelioasp used exclusively by tUe owner, oi;cupnnt, or lessee thereof, 
^is .1 st-neral wareboiiac for the storage of merchandise duly entered for 
■rarehoMsing ; such place of storage to be designated by the owner or con- 
••iffKfe of sufh inenshandise, on the entry, before a permit is granted for 
hkding. But before any merchandise sImU be deposited in aai/ bonded ware- 
'"'Mtr, the warehonse shall have been approved by the Secretary of the 
TreDAort' and placed in charge of a storekeeper appointed in like manner 
i'« other subordinate officers of the customs, and who shall give bond, to be 
•ipprortd by said Secretary, for the faithful discharge of his duties as store- 
t'lper. Such storekeeper, together with the owner, occupant, or lessee 
111' HDuh warehoase, shall have the joint custody of all merchandise 
•if^osited therein, and all labor on such merchandise shall l>e i)eribrmed 
iiy the owner, occupant^or lessee of the warehouse, under the sajwr- 
li.tion of the otficer in charge, at the expense of the said owner, oc- 
nipnnl, or lessee; and such wareltouse shall be secured by the separate 
<tni1 different locks of the customs and the owner, occupant, or lessee. 
(Vllarsand vaalts for the storage of wines and distilled Rpii'itu, and other 
'^ported merchandise suitable to be stored therein, and yards and sheds for 
:he storage of iron, coal, mahogany and other woodn, lumber, marble, 
-late, stone, and other articles specially autlunrized by tlie Secretary of the 
Treasury, inny, at his discretion, be constituted bonded warehouses for 
die Htontge of such articles, under the same regulations and conditions 
:m rei]i]ire<l in the storage of other merchandise; and the cellars or 
luullsflforeKilid shall boexelnsivvly appropriated to the storage of m«r- 
• handise duly entered for warehousing, and shall have no oiwning or 
•-titraiice exce|it from the street, which opening sliall be secured in the man- 
"■r hnrrinbefore directed. 

SEt;. li'2. Vessels arrieing from foreign ports or places laden with mer- 
■ '"indise intended for exportation beyond the limits of the ,^.., ,^_ n. v. 
I'litfl States may be constituted bonded warehouses, for the *'' "^ 
.■'HrpiiW of the storage of such merchandise, while awaiting exportation, 
lier tuck general iir special regulations as the Secretary of the Treasurjf 
'*■•>! prescrilMi. 



Sec. 133. Before any store, cellar, vault, yard or gked, owned or occn- 

m M.> .1 1, tri, I>i^ l>y private individuals, glialt be used as a warebonse, 
(\ M.ri-ihn for the gioragc of imported merchandise, the ovner, otxupant, 
or lessee thereof stiall cuter into bond, in such sum and with such snre- 
ties as may be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury', esoneratiag 
and holding the United States and its officers harmless from or on ac- 
couut of any risk, loss, or expense of any itind or description conuectMl 
with OF orisinpr from the deposit or keepinR of merchandise' in the ware- 
house aforesaid ; and all merchandise deposited in any public or bonded 
warehouse authorized by thi») act shall be at the sole an<l exclusive risk 
and expense of the owner or consignee. 

Sec. 134:. Merchandise duty entered for wan-housing may remain in 
warehouse for the period of three ytara from the date of the 
u" V" "i"' 'i>: original importation thereof into the United States, and may 
within that period be witl«lrawnforcousumption, on payment 
of the duties and charges to which it may be subject by law, at tke time 
of icithdraxcal ; or such merchandise may he withdrawn, on payment of 
such charges only, at any time within thive years from the date of orig- 

iisu< .11 >4 inal importation, for exportation to a foreign country; but 
1, lu.. II. !«;. ^,j gji merchandise remaining in warehouse over one year from 
the date of original importation, when withdrawn for consumption, ten per 
entttim shall he added to the regular dutien and charges thereon. 
Sec. 135. Merchandise entered for warehoasing may be withdrawn 

lOT-i..! =. ^ !?;, nnder bond, without payment of duties, from a pnbli(f or 
i& «., ii- wh i)onded warehouse ia one collection district of the Uuitwl 
States and transported to another collection district, and rewareliousetl 
thereat within snch time aa the Secretary of the Treasnry may prescribe ; 
and any such nierctiandiso may be so transported to its de-stination 
wholly by land, or wholly b\' water, or partly by \&aA and partly by 
water, upon such routes as the Secretary of the Treasnry may designatv 
and eatublinh, and may likewise be conveyed over any foreign territory, 
the government of which may have granted, or shall, by treaty stipula- 
tion or otherwise, grant a free right of way over such territory ; and for 
the purpose of better guarding agninst frauds on merchandise trans- 
ported between the jmrts of the United States overland throngh any for- 
eign teiTitory, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to appoint 
special agents as inspectors of the customs, to reside in said foreigu ter- 
ritory where such merchandise may be landed or embarked, with power 
tosuperintend the landing or refodiiij^ of all merchandise passing through 
Boch territory between the ports of the United States, and whose duty 
it shall be, under such regulations and instructions as the Secretary of 
the Treasury may prescribe, to guard against frauds on the revenue. 
And for a failure to transport and rewarehouse, within the time limited, 
any such bonded merchandise, an additional duty equal to the original 

ID sut.t [..!», duig shall be levied and collected, which additional duty 
(t m^juwu. gball he secured by such bond; and any vessel or vrfiicle 
transporting such bonded merchandise, the master, owner, or condaetor 
of which shall fail to deliver the same to the collector at the deaigoated 
port, shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture. 

Sec. 13C. The entry for tranJtportation shall in alt cases designate tke 
vessel, or, if by land, the kind of vehicle and the route by which it is inteiuled 
to transport tAe merchandise described therein, and the name of the party to 
whom (he same may be cotiaigned; and a copy of the entry, with the datiea 
estimated and certified thereon, shall be transmitted by the collector of Ote 
p&rt of wiUidratoal to tite collector of the port of destination; and in all 
cases where merolmndiHe is subject to ad valorem duty, or tchere the duty 


imposed shall by late be regulated by, or directed to be estimated or based 
on, the ualue of the square yard, or of any specified qiMntity or parcel 0/ 
nich merchandise, the entry shall be accompanied by a copy of the oriffinal 
invoice, certified by the collector of the dintrict from which the same may • 
have been tcithdratcn; and on arrival at the port of destination, such mer- 
chandise shall be entered wilh the collector by the party to ichom it may be 
consigned, vho shall give bond to pay the dudes thereon or olhericise with- 
draw the same in the manner and icithin the time limited by law. And stick 
mfTchandise may be inspected, examined, and appraised by the proper offi- 
eers, in the manner prescribed on importation from a foreign port; and if 
the same be found not to correspond with the entry or invoice, or if any error 
shall appear in said entry, invoice, or original appraisement, it shall be 
taken possession of by the collector, and detained by him until such discrej)- 
aney is explained or such error corrected. 

Sec. 137. Bonds given for the transportation of merchandise from one 
district to another, or from one port to another in the same district, shall be 
canceled by the production of a certificate under the hand and seal of the 
collector or other chief officer of the port of destination, testifying that such 
merchandise has been duly deliver^ to the proper oMeer of the customs at 
such port and entered for rewarelwusing. But vmen, from UTiavoidable 
delay in the transportation, sucJi certificate cannot be produced within the 
lime limited, the Secretary of the Treasury shall have authority to grant 
»v<A extension of time, not exceeding the length of time originally allotced, 
and%poa such conditions as, in his judgment, the circumstances of the case | 
mo^ seem to justify and require. 

Sec. 138, Any merchandiae may be withdrawn from warehouse for 
exportation to any port or place beyond tbo limits of ttie iasi.t..< i-.ei. 
United States, the exporter or exporters giving bond to the "■ ""■ »i "" 
United States, with satisfactory sureties, in a sum equal to double the 
amount of duties cifaargeablo on such merchandise, that the same shall 
DOt be relanded, nor any part thereof, in any i>ort or place within the 
limits of the United Stntes, and that the said exporter or exporters will 
prodace within the time therein fixed the proofs required that the said 
mercbaudiso has been landed and delivered beyond the limits aforesaid. 
And raerchandiRe may be withdrawn at any time within ' i, ^t.L .i >., >•, 
threeyoarsfromthedateoforiginalimportation, tobe trans- ' >'■'■"'"*' 
ported in bond from the port into which the same was originally im- 
ported, or to which it may have been subsequently transported, to nny other 
port, for the purpose of being exported therefrom to a foreign country, 
as hereinbefore provided. But in case any merchandise, deposited as 
aforesaid, shall remain inir(ir«A«?Me beyond fAree years, with- ,,ui., ,..a,^ 
oat iMtyment of the duties and charges thereon, then said '■ '■** '"* 
merchandise shall be appraised and sold by the collector at public auc- 
tion, and the proceeds accounted for and dispotei of in the manner provided 
for tn the ease of unclaimed merchandise : Provided, however, Tliat the Sec- 
retary of the Treasury may, at any time before actual sale, permit the with- 
drawal of such meriAandise, on payment of accrued duties, dtarges, and ex- 
penses. Provided further, That all drugs, medicines, and i,su„..,i,.-n.^ 
chemical preparations entered for exportation and deposited *" J"^".'"* 
in warehouse or public store, may be exported by the owner or owners 
thereof in the original package, or otherwise, subject to such regulations 
as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Sbc. 30. Whenever any merchandise shall hm imported into the United 
States, and it shall appear by invoice and bill of lading, or lo sui. « ■., m, 
either of them, or ^ other documentary evidence satisfactory <'^ """.iBt* 


U> the collector, tbat flueli merchandise is iuteoded to be re-oxiH)rt«<l to i 
ii^.T— uw. foreign conntry, it shall be latrful for the collector otcii* 
It v., t.T "1 toms for the district into which such inerchaadise ra»j- bf 
. imported, to allow the owuer or consignee thereof to make entry for 
warehouse and re-exportation, and upon the execution of a bond, ax 
in the case of withdrawal from warehouse for exportation, such mer 
cbaudise may l>e delivered to the owuer or consignee, and mny be ei 
ported by land or by water, or partlj'by laud and partly by water, upon 
such routes as the Secretary of the Treiksnry may designate, anil miT 
be conveyed over any foreign territory where right of way ia granteil li 
the United SUitea by treaty stipnlation or otherniae ; and wheneter mr- 
i« «,. M I., tm chandm, except wtMC, dislilled spiritu, and perishable or riplo- 
i». j..i,i..wo gii.g arUele», or article* in bulk, shall be imported into anjipon 
of entry of the United fitales, and it shall appear by the thcMinent* hereir 
before referred to that xuch merchandise is comigneA to, and destined fw. 
another port of entry or delivery, it shall be lawful for the collector of ew 
toms for the district in which such merchandise may he imported, to permit 
Hie owner, agent, or consignee tliereof to make entry for wiirehotue and train- 
portation, and on the execution of a bond, as in case of irithdrawal /or 
transportation, in a sum equal to the iirvoicc value of the merchandise, irhiek 
amount shall be indorsed on said bond, such merchandise shall be delinrti 
to the owner, agent, or consignee, and be transported by land or by watrr, m 
partly by land and partly by water, to its place of destination ; anil tuflt 
merchandise shall not be subject to examination or appraisetnent for tin 
purpose of liquidating duties at the port of importation. But the same a 
amination and appraisement shall he required and had at the port or plac 
of destination as if such merehawlise Itad been entered and the duties paH 
at (ftc port of original importation. And the iieeretary of the Treasury it 
hereby authorized to establish such rules and regulations in respect to mer- 
cliandise so imported and entered for exportation or transportation at if 
may deem necessary for the security of the revenue. And all persotu v 
companies transporting such merchandise are hereby declared to he comnni 
carriers, and, as such, responsible to the United States for the fransport^ 
tion and delivery thereof at the place of destination. 

Skc. 1^. All honda which may be given for merchandise export^ 
I si.t. Kt I., wo, froin warehouse, or on which any drawback or allowance 
) "I. n«. 1. int. shall be payable in virtue of exportation, shall and may be 
discharged, and not otherwise, by producing within such period, wt 
exceeding two years, as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, ahi 
which shall be expressed in the bond and regulated according to the loealilj 
and distance of the foreign port or place for which such merckandit u 
destined, and also according to the means of conveyance used, a certiUcatf, 
under the hand of the consignee at the foreign port or place to whom 
the said merchandiso shall have been addresaed, therein particularh 
setting forth and describing the articles so exported, their marks, imin- 
bers, description of packages, the number thereof, and their actiwl 
contents, declaring that the same have been received from on hoard Ibf 
vessel, specifying the names of the vessel and master from whii^li tLev 
were so received; and where such merchandise ia not consigned or i 
addressed to any particular person at the foreign port or place to wbicli 
the vessel is destined or may arrive, or where the master or other )ht$oii | 
on board such vessel may be the consignee of such merchandise, a <vr j 
tificate from the {lersou or persona to whom auch merchandise may )^ 
sold or delivered by such master or other person, shall be produced lo 
the same effect as that required when the person or persona receivio;; 
the same were originally intended to be the consignee or consigupm 


tberoor. And, in addition to the certificate aforesaid, it sbatl be neces- 
nary to produce a certificate under tlie liaod and seal of the conaolar 
officer of the Uuitetl States residing at or near sneh port or place, 
declaring either that the factit statetl in the certificate of such consiguee, 
or other person aforesaid, are, to his knowledge, trae, or that such cer- 
tiiipato is deserving of full faith and credit; which certificates of the 
consignee, or other person, ami consular officer, shall, in all cases, as 
respects the landing or delivery of the said merchandise, be conflrmed 
b^ the deelaration of the master and mate, if living, or, in case of their 
iteath, by the declaration nf the two principal surviving ofiicersof the 
vessel in which the exi>ortation shall be made; and in all cases where 
there shall ire no consnlar officer of the United States residing at or 
near the said port or place of delivery, the certificate of the consiguee, 
or other person hei-einbcfore required, shall be confirmed by the certifi- 
cate of two reputable American merchants; or if there are no such 
American merchants, then by the certificate of two reputable foreign 
merchants, residing at such port or place, testifying that the several 
facts stated in the certificate of such consignee or other person ore, to 
their knowledge, just and trne, or that such certificate is, in tlieir opin- 
ion, worthy of full faith and credit; hut such merckantif certijieais shall 
not IN any ea»e be signed by a eunsignee^ or any copartner of a consu/nee, of 
Ike merdumdise 80 landed : which certificate shall also be supported by 
the deetaration of the master and mate, or other principal officers of the 
vessel, in manner as before prescribed ; which declaration of the said 
master and mate, or other ])rincipal officers, shall in all cases, when 
nude at a foreign port or place, be made and subscribed before the con- 
sular officer of the United States residing at or near such foreign port 
or place, if any sach consular officer reside thereat; and in the absence 
of such a>nmttar officer, the same may be made aTtd subscribed before a con- 
tuiar officer of any nation in amitg with the United States, or before the 
ekief revenue officer of the foreign port. And in cases of loss by sea, or 
by capture, or other unavoidable accident; or when, from the nature of 
the trade, or otiter peculiar circutnstances, all the proofs and certificates 
before required are not, and cannot be, procured, the e.iiwrter or ex- 
porters shall be allowed to adduce such other pntofs as they may have, 
and as the nature of the case will admit; which proofs shall, with a 
statement of all the ftircunistances attending the transaction, be trans- 
mitted to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall have power to allow 
a further reasonable time for obtaining the proofs aforesaid; or, if 
he be satisfied with the truth and validity of the proofs a<lduced, to 
direct the bond or bonds of such exporter or exporter)^ to be can- 
celed; bat if the amount of such txiud shall not exceed the penal sum 
of fire hundred dollars, the collector, with the naval officer, where there 
ii one, aud alone where there is none, may, pursuant to such rules as 
Bball be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, admit such proof 
us may be adduced, an<l, if they deem the same satisfactory, cancel such 
bond ac<»>rdingly. And the certificate of the consignee, and the otiier 
certifiaaten required, slialt be aecordingto forms requirett by late or Treasury 

Sbo. 141. If any merchandise entei^nl tor exporbitioii /rom tearehotise, 
or to obtain any drawback or allowance given by law on the , «,., „ r., «. 
exportation thereof, shall be voluntarily relauded in any >"* X"».i»»' 
port or place within the limits of the United States contrary to laait all 
uwb merchandise sliall be subject to seizure and forfeiture, together 
^itti tlie vessel or vehicle from which sucli merchandise shall be so 
landed, and the vessel, boats, or vehicles used in landing the same; and 


all persons coDcemed tlierein shall, on mdirtmeut and con\-iction tliereof, 
sufler imprisonment for a t«rm not exceeding six months; nnd fortbe 
discovery of frauds and seizure of mercbandise landed contrary to law, 
tlie several officers of the customs shall have the same powers, and in 
case of seizure the same proceedings shall he had, as in the case of mer- 
chandise imported contrary to law. 

Sec. Ii2. If any merchandise tiiily entered in bond and deposited in any 
gi(i.i..M..M,6.v p^ilic or handed warehouse, or any merchandise deposit^ 
'* »«■*.'"* therein on storage, as unclaimed, shall be concealed in or re- 
moved from such warebonse contrary to law, the same shall be forfeited 
to the Uniteil States ; and all i)ersous convicted of fraudulently conceal- 
ing or removing such merchandise, or of aiding or abetting such con- 
cealment or removal, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding fire thousand 
dollars, nor less than fifty dollars, or to imprisonment for a period not «■ 
ceeding ttco years; and if the ofvner or consignee of any waruhonsed 
merchandise, or any jicrson in his employ, shall, by any contrivance, 
fraudulently oi>en the warehouse, or shall gain access to the merchan- 
dise except in the presence of the proper officer of the customs, acting 
in the execution of his duty, such oicner or consignee shall forfeit and 
pay for every such offense one thousand dollars. And if any otcneror 
consignee shall remove or canse to be removed any icarelioused mereliandise, 
without first obtaining a permit from the collector, the goods so removed shall 
be forfeited to Ike Untied States, and if they cannot be seized, every swh 
owner or consignee sltall be liable to pay the duties on the same, in addition 
to the value of the goods so removed; and for each separate act of removing 
the same, every such owner or consignee shall be liable to a penalty of five 
thousand dollars. And any person convicted of altering, defacing, or 
obliterating any mark or marks which have been placed by any offiiier 
of the custcma on any package or packages of imported mereliandise, 
shall forfeit and pay for every such offense a sum not exceeding five ban- 
drcd dollars. 

Sec. 143. If any owner or consignee of taerchandise imported into tlu 
United States, and entered for wareltousing, shall, by any means tchateter, 
possess himself of, or convert to his own use or the me of others, auoh mtr 
chandise, or any part thereof, tnthout wareltousing, or sImU in any leay pre- 
Tent the delivery of such merchandise, or any part thereof, in warehovte, 
such merchandise shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture, and the owner or 
consignee, and every person aiding in such conversion 'or prevention, shM 
incur a penalty equal to tlie value of such merchandise. 

Sec. 14i. No merchandise shall, except as hereinbefore prorided, ha 
ii«.Tr«.', B.,., withdrawn from any warehouse in which it may he de- 
p«. v.An.11 posited, in a less quantity than an entire package, hale, 
cask, or box, unless in bulk ; nor shall merchandise imported in bulk, 
and BO deposited, be withdrawn except in the whole quantity of eacli 
parcel, or in pursuance of regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the 
Treasury; and there shall be no abatement of the dnties, nor allowance 
i«sut..ti..m, made for any injury, damage, deterioration, loss, leakage, 
11 M.,. w, iBH. ' (iryage, or shrinkage sustained by any merchandise, while 
deposited in any public or bonded warehouse established or recogndzed 
by this act, except as hereinafter provided. 

Sec. 145. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, upon 
production of satisfactory proof to him of the actual injur/ 
II... m »■ ^^ destruction, in whole or in part, by accidental fire or 
other casoaUy, of any merchandise sv^^eet to the payment of duty, while 
the same remained in the custody of the oCBcers of the customs in an/ 
pnblic or bonded warehouse, in poisnance of law or regulations of tbe 


Treasary Department, or wliile in course o/* transportntion in bond from 
one port to another in tbe United Staten, to abnte or refund, as the case 
may be, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, 
the amount of duties paid or accruing thereupon ; and likewise to can- 
cel any warehouse bond given on the entry thereof, or enter satisfaction 
thereon in whole or in part, as the case may be. And in like manner to 
abate or refund the duties on merchandise no injured or destroyed while in 
(A« custody of the officers of the customs and not in public or bonded ware- 
house, and also on merchandise so injured or destroyed on board any vessel, 
offer arrival within the limits of any port of entry or delivery and before 
the same has been landed, or while in procesn of being landed, under the 
nuperrision of the officers of the customs. 

8bc. 146. No warehouses shall be hired by the United HtntoM lor the 
storage of warehoused or unclaimed merctiandise »t any i>i:«.. ..i..<». 
l>ort where there exist any bonded warehouses. Hut nothing * ' "" ** "^ 
herein contained shall be construed to prevent the hiring of such build- 
ingB or accommodations as may be required for the U);e of the Uniteil 
Sjtates appraisers for tbe examination and appraisal of imported mer- 
vhanditte, nor to prohibit the hiring, by collectors of customs, fur shorfc 
periotis, with thq apjtroval of the Secretary of the Treasury, of such 
titores as may be required for custom-house puqjoses at any port of the 
United States ; but no collector or other otficcr of the customs shall 
enter into any contract or agreement for the use of any building to Iwi 
hereafter erected as a public warehouse, and no lease of any building to 
Ite so used shall be taken for a longer period than three years, nor shall 
rent be paid, in whole or tn part^ in any case, in advance. 

Sec. 147. The collectors of the several ports of tbe United States shall 
make quarterly returns to the Secretary of the Treasury, ac- , „,„. „ ,, „, 
cording to such general instructions as the said Secretary " *-**'■"* 
may give, of all merchandise which remains in tbe warehouses of their 
respective ports, specifying the quantity and description of the same; 
which returns, or tables formed thereon, the Secretary of the Treasury 
shall forthwith canse to be made public, in such manner as he may direct. 
And he may also require any other returns inrespect to mercltandise entered, 
withdrawn from or remaining in warehouse at the close of each month, or 
otherwise, which he may deem proper. 

Sgo. 148. Collectors of the customs, and surveyors or other officers acting 
as collectors, shall keep and render, at such limes as may be directed by the 
Secretary of f/te Treasury, accurate accounts of all duties accruing on mer- 
chandise entered at their respective ports for warehousing or rewarehousii^, 
under the provisions of this act, and shall credit the United Slates in their 
accounts current of customs with the amount of said duties, and charge the 
United States with the amount of duties paid on entries for consumption, 
transferred on entries for transportation to other ports, or remitted on en- 
tries for expcrt2tion, in such manner and according to such forma as may 
from time to time be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Sec. 149. No entry for exportation from the United States of any foreign 
merchandise liable to discriminating or additional duties shall ^ ,i,^ „ ,_ j„_ 
be allowed until after such duties have been paid,andno part "*■ *''"-»''™' 
of the tame shall be remitted or drawn back on exportation, but the whole of 
such discriminatiTig and additional duties sliall be retained for the use of the 
United States. ' 

Sec. 150. The compensation of officers of the evstoyns wito shall be placed 
in charge of the bonded warehouses authorized by this act, shall be paid by 
Ote ocBuparUs or lessees of sudi warehouses to the collectors of customs of 
the seceral colleeHon districts, who shall credit the same to the United States 


in their accounts as disbuning agents; and the rates of eompensatwn 
together witlt tiie nttm&er of officers to be assigned to any one or more ware, 
houses, sJtall be regulated by the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Sec. 151. Any bond to the Uaited States, eutered into under thepro- 
s Kui. .1 r.,nr. visions of the customs revenue laws of the United States, by a 
«o.»M..i,i«fl mercbaut belongiug to a firm, in the name of Buch flrm, 
shall equally bind the partner or partners in trade of the person or per- 
sons by whom such bond shall Lave been executed ; bnt no clerk, agent, 
or hired person, in the constant or habitual employment of another, shall 
become principal or surety in any bond to which his employer is a party; 
nor shall any customhouse broker be accepted by any collector or acliKg 
collector of customs, as surety upon any bond taken under the revenue laict, 
except icithin such limit and under such restrictions as may be established 
by the Secretary of the Treasury, nor shall anyatienbe accepted as surety on 
any such bond. 

Hec. 152. The Becretarj' of the Treasury shall be, and he is hereby, 
■ Hi.L .< t.. u, authorized to make, from time to time, such regulations and 
\i. i« t,i«ft prescribe such forms, not iuconsistout with the laws of the 
United States, as may be necessary to give fall effect to the prOTisiooa 
of law regulating the warehousing of imported merchandise, and secure a 
just accountability under the same. And it shall be the duty of th« 
Secretary to report such regulations, and a(i ot}ter regulations nuule under 
tlie revenue laws, to each succeeding Congress. 


Sec. li>3. Any merchandise allowed to be entered for warehouse, im- 
II MUL .1 r.. «i. ported from foreign countries, upon which duties have been 
'" ■""''I'"™ paid, may remain in any pid>lic or bonded warehonse, in the 
custody of the officers of the customs, at the risk and expense of the 
owner or owners of such merchandise, and, if exported from such cus 
tody, either by land or water, or partly by land and partly by water, to any 
foreign conntry, within three years ^Vom the date of original importation 
of the same, shall bo entitled to drawback, on due compliance by the ex- 
porter with the provisions of this act ; but no (fmw6(w;fc shall be allowed 
on the exportation of any merchandise after the same has been removM 
from the custody and control of the United States. 
Sec. 154. To entitle an exporter of articles of domestic manufaeture to 
11 jui .1 [.. iw. the benefit of any draicbaci of duties paid on imported merchan- 
* '■ *"■ '^ '*'■ disc useid in the process of such manufacture, in any case where 
such drawback is authorized 6y law, he shall make entry with the collector 
of the customs for the district from tchich it is intended to meix such erpot- 
13 if^T^t !,.»«. tation,andgivelioHd,as in case of exportation from warehouse. 
*'*" J"-*^'™ All medicines, preparations, compositions, perfumery, cos- 
metics, cordials, and other liquors manufactured for exportation, ax 
provided for by law, in order to be manufactnre.d and sold or removed, 
without being charged with duty, shall, under such rules and regula- 
tions as the Secretary' of the Treasury may prescribe, be made and 
manufactured in warehouses designated and approced for that purpose, 
under the provisions of section 131, Title VlII, of this act: I'rovidtfl, 
That such manufactuier shall first give satisfactory bonds to the col- 
lector of thcport for the faithful observance of all the provisions of law 
and the rules and regulations as aforesaid, in ruM amount asmaybt 


rexjuired by the regalationa of the Secretary of the Trefisnry. Sad 
goods, wheu mannfactured in snch warehouses, may be removed fm* ex- 
portatioD, nnder thedirectionof the proper offlcerhaviDg charge thereof, 
who ahall be designated by the Secretary of the TTeasury, without being 
charged with duty. Any manufacturer of the articles aforesaid, or of 
:iny of them, having such bonded warehouse as aforesaid, shall be at 
liberty, under such rules and regulatioue as the Sei^retary of tlie Tre:i«- 
ury may prescribe, to convey therein any materials to be used iti snoh 
manntacture which are allowed by the provisions of law to be exported 
free frona tax or duty, as well as the necessary materials, implements, 
packages, vessels, brands, and labels for the preparation, putting up, 
and export of the said manufactured articles ; and every article so used 
8hall be exempted from the payment of duty by such manufncturer. 
Articles and materials so to be used may be transferred from any bonded 
warehouse in which the same may be, nnder such regulations as the 
Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, into any bonded warehouse in 
which such manufacture may be conducted, and may l>e used in suofa 
manufacture, and when so used shall be exempt from duty ; and the 
receipt of the officer in charge, as aforesaid, shall be received as a 
voucher for the manufacture of such articles. Any materials imported; 
into the United States may, tinder such rules as the Secretary of thc- 
Treasury may prescribe, and under the dire<^tion of the proper officer, 
be removed in original packages from on shipboard, or from the bonde<l 
varehouse in' which the same may be, into the bonded warehouse Hi' 
which such manufacture may be carried on, for the purpose of being 
used in such manufacture, without payment of duties thereon, and 
may there be used in such manufacture. No article so removed, uor any 
article manufactured in said bonded warehouse, shall be taken there- 
from except for exportation, nnder the direction of the proper ofli 
cer having charge thereof, as aforesaid, whose certificate, describing the 
articles by their marks, or otherwise, the quantity, the dat« of importa- 
tion, and name of vessel, with such additional particulars as may, from' 
time to time, be required, shall be received by the collector of cusCouir 
in cancellation of the bonds, or return of the amount of foreign import 
duties. All labor performed and rendered under these reguia 
tJoDB shall be under the supervision of an officer of the customs, and at 
tlie expense of the manufacturer. 

t^EC. 1^. Merchandise imported, and on which the duties have been, 
paid, as aforesaid, may be transported from the district into , „.l ., ,., 7^. 
which it was firij7ina% imported to one or more districts in '"■ "" 'i** ' 
the United Qtatea, for the purpose 0/ being exported therefrom Utaformgn 
iwnhry with benefit of drawback. But such merchandise shall not be 
entitletl to dniwback veithout the production of a certificate , g,,^ „ ^ ^ 
from the collector of the district, and naval officer of the '"- ""•■""' 
same if any there be, into which it was originally imported, specifying 
the marks, uutubers, ami description of the casks or other packages, with 
the names of the master and vessel, in which, or, if imported Hy land, the 
fdikle a»d route by which, the time when, and the place wlt>eiice, such 
merchandise was imported; and, where such merchandise is subject to 
duty by weight, gauge, or measure, the quantity thereof; and where it 
is subject to duty ad valorem, ar a duty estimated or based tepon the value 
of the square yard or of any spacified quantity of such merchandise, the 
net amount of each package on which dnty has been paid; and in all 
<!ase« the amount of the dnties paid thereon, and by whom, and the 
name of the vessel in which, and the person by whom, it is shipped 
from sucli district, and of the master of such vessel, or inease of troM: 
B. Ex. 290 5 


portalion In/ lanil, or by inland water communication, the dfMriptioti i>i 
vetitel or other vekieie, and the route taken ; and iu order to entitle any 
person to sach certificate, he sball make out iin entry of all t^uch 
-merchandise, specifying the marks, immbera, aud deRcription of tlx- 
packages and their contents, the name of vessel in which, anil \\tr 
master thereof, the time when, the person or pentous by whom, ami tlif 
place from which it was imported, the name of the vessel in which it is 
intended it shall bo laden, and of the muster thereof, or in case oftntv- 
portation by land, or by inland water communieation, the deecripxim w 
vesgel or vehicle, and tlie mute intended to be taken, and the dittriet to Kkiei 
it is destined; and he shall, moreover, prove the truth of sacb entrj, in 
like mautier as is reqnired for mercbandiae exported from a distdct w 
original iinportatioo ; which requisites being complied with to the K(ti»- 
faction of the collector aud naval officer, if any there be, they Khali ^nt 
such certificate; and such merchandise shall be entered with the i?i>l' 
lector of the district into which it shall be brought, from the port m 
place of its original importation, by the person or persons so traniportit^ 
it, or to whom it mny be consigned, specifying the names of the inastei 
and of the vessel in which, or, if transported by land, the vehicle and roxU 
by which, and the district whence it is transported, together witli thr 
particulars of the packages, their marks, numbers, and eontentn. hdiI 
shall obtain a permit for the same, previous to the landing or unladiD^ 
thereof; and no merchandise lauded without such entry being madr 
and permit obtained, shall be entitled to be exported with l>enem <* 
drawback; but in ca»e the certificate herein provided for cannot bf pr* 
dttced, or ithall not have been received by the collector of the duitrict, f«i 
transportation to which the merchandise may have been entered, each coIIkIh' 
may take pofmession of the niercliandise, on the application «/ lAe eontign". 
and retain the Kame, at the expense and risk of suck consignee, tmtil nti 
-certificate sltalt be prodticetl or received ; and no entry for draxcbaek »y 
be allowed without the production or receipt of tlte certificate aforaeii. 
:vnd the entries, certificate, bonds, permits, direction to surveyor, awl in- 
spectors' returns herein required, shall be according to fortna preseribfd in 
the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Sec. 150. When any merchandise entitled to tlrawback shall be enteM 
in<t OIL.. an, ^OT exportation from any district other than the oneintf 
i7K M„ii,i»a which it was origiualty imported, the person intending!" 
export the same, besides producing the certificate hereinbefore diret-l^i). 
shall make entry ia like manner, and the mei'Chandise therein deseribni 
Bfaall undergo the same exaniiimtion, and shall be laden on boanl undi- 
the same regulations required by Ian in the case of merchandise, eutitki' 
to drawback, exported from the plnce of original importation. 

Se(!. 157. In all cases where the owner or consignee of any merehnc 
s M-.I, .1 1., rai, dise, tnfenrfcd /or euportation of entitled to drawback, dm) 
«u sbi, i.ian ^jgjj (0 tranaftT the same into packages, if imported in Mi- 
or into packages, other than tliuse in which such merchandise was ori^' 
iiially imported, the collector of the port where the same may be sbal: 
permit such transfer to be made, under such regulations as the ikcrrtn'i 
of the Treasury may prescribe. 

8£C. 158. If any merchandise, of which entry shall have been inail< 
I st.L .1 u m. ii tl'* office of a collector, for the benefit of drawback up»* 
}M ji„t.i.iisii exportation, shall be entered by a false denomination, n' 
erroneously as to the time when, and the vessel or otiter v^icte in whidi 
it was imported, or shall be found to disagree with the packages, qu.ii' 
titles, qualities, or contents, am they were at the time of original imp"i 
tation, except such disagreement as may have been oocasiont'd I'.' 


tHMJiNSsary or uiiaroidable wastage or damage only, aud except aluo in 
<:a8«H wbere permissiou shall have beeu obtained according; to law, to 
Dlurorchaoge the quantities or packages thereof, all such merchaii- 
djse, or the ralue thereof, to berecoveredof the owner or person making,' 
such entry, shall be forfeited. But such forfeiture shall not be incurred, 
if Id t^haJl be made to appear to the satisfautiou of thit court in which 
aiijr proaeention fur the forfeiture shall be had, or to the satisfaction of 
Ike Hecretarjf of Uie Treasiury, that siieh false denoininatioii, error, or 
disi^roement happened by mistake or accident, and not from any inteii- 
DOD to defraud the revenue. 

d£r. 1^9. For all merchandise entitled to drawback, wbich shall be 
«i)»orted from the district into which it was originally im- , „„ „ ,, f^ 
porUd, tile exporter or exporters shall be entitled to receive, '"* "" '"*■ 
Irotn the collector of such district, a debenture or debentures, for the 
aiDount of the drawback to which such merchandise is entitled ; and 
»iivk debentures shall be payable in thirty days after the exportation of siivk 
mtnka»4ise, and be in such form, and be discliarged, out of the moneys 
ifpropriated therefor, under su£h regulations, aa the Secretary of tite 
trtaswji may prescribe. And where any such merchandise is exporteil 
[rum any other district than the one into which it was originally im- 
[Kirid, it shall be the dnty of the collector of such district, together 
"itli the naval officer thei-eof, where there is oue, to grant to the ex- 
{wtt«r or esport«rs a certificate stating that such merchandise was 
fipurted froiQ such district, and specilying the marks, numbers, and 
ilfarnticion of tb^ packages, and their contents, the name of the vessel 
III vbiub and the master thereof, and the port to wbich they were 
riported, or if exported otherwise tlian by sea, tliea the description of 
/■'kick aud the route by which exported, and by whom, and the name of 
tlie vessel in wbich they were brought, and of the master thereof, or if 
hron^ oUteririse than by sea, tlien tite description of vehicle and of tlie route 
I19 xkitkbrovght, and by whom tthipped at the district from whencethey 
came, and the amount of the drawback to which tbey are entitled ; and 
>ui.'L wrtiticaw shall entitle the possessor thereof to receive, from the 
fiillwtor of the district with whom the duties on the said merchandise 
were paid, a debenture or debentures, for the amount of the draw- 
luck expressed in the said certidcate, payable at the same time 
iuil In like manner as is faereiu directed for debentures on merchandise 
tiported from che port or place of original im|)oitation ; but such col- 
Mx-iur may refuse to grant Kuch debenture or debentures, in ca^se it shall 
ap|NMr to him that any error has arisen, or that any fraud has been 
niDitultted, and in vamt of such refusal, if the debenture or debeiitureH 
(.'lutined shall exceed one hundred dollars, it shall be the duty of such 
'iilK'tor tu represent the case to the Secretary of the Treiisury, who 
■hall detenuiue whether such debenture or debentures shall be granted 


Sw:. 160. The declarations reqniretl by this act in respect to tnerchandiie 
'*ttnd for exportation from the original port of entry, or , j,,,. „ , ,k 
ifiMportatioH to another district to be exported therefrom '™' "■' " i^" 
-''Ik benejit of draicback, as well as fAe declarations in respect to mef- 
'iiiAdise withdraicn from warehouse for transportation or exportation, 
•"•y, in case of the sickness or absence of the person iti trhose name such 
'■■Iriei are made, be made by and accepted from his agent. 

i»Lc-, IBl. Any bond given on the exportation of merchandise for benr-fit 
■•' drawback shall be canceled on tIte production, of like proofs and under 
'■Jp'' rryulations, a» in the case of exportation of mei-ckundise from tcart- 
•■"■ut, and majf be extended in like manner. 




Sec. 162. It nball be lawful for any officer nf the castoms, or for any 
uDbi .11,. IT*, authorized agent of the Treasury DepaiI'meDt, or other 
^1 J.J, m, iM*. person specially appoiuted for the purpose in writing by a 
collector, or other chief officer of the customs, to go on board of any ves- 
sel, as welt withont as within his district, and Co inspect, aearuh, ami 
examine the same, and to this end to bail aud stop such vessel if under 
way, and to use all necessary force to conntel compliance ; aud if it shall 
appear that any breach or violation of the laws of the United State* 
has been committed whereby, or in conseqoeDce of which, sach vessel, 
or the merchandise, or any part thereof, on board of or Iraported by 
such vessel, is liable to forfeiture, to make seizure of the vcmcI or mer- 
chandise, or any part tbereof, and all merchandiae so/ovnd on board any 
vemel and unlawfully introdwed into the United Statai shail be forfeited ; 
and it shall be lawful far any svch officer of the ovstoms, or authorized agaU 
»f the Treasury, or other person apeciaily appointed as aforesaid, to arrest, 
or, in case of an attempt to escape, to pnrsue and arrest any person en- 
gaged in such breach or violation, and take him before any United States 
commissioner or jvdge for examination; but the original appointment in 
writing of any [terson specialty appointed as aforesaid shall be filed id 
the custom-house where such appoiutment is made. 

9ec. 163. Any officer or person authorized by the fwegoing section 
to board or search vessels, may stop, search, and examine, 
'" aa well without as within their respective districts, aiiy 

vehicle, beast, or person on which or on or with whom he shall suspect 
there is merchandise subject to duty or introduced into the Cuited 
States iu any manner contrary to law ; and may search any trunk or 
package, wherever found, in which he may have a reasonable canse to 
suspect there is merchandise imported contrary to law ; and if any 
such officer or other person so authorized us afot^said shall find any 
merchandise on or about any such vehicle, beast, or person, or in any 
such trunk or package, which he shall have reasonable cause to believe 
is subject to duty, or which has been nnlawfolly introduced into the 
United States, he shall seize and secure the same for trial ; and all snch 
merchandise so introduced, and every vehicle, t)eftst, and applianoe ui>ed 
in conveying merchandise unlawfully introduced into the United States, 
shall be forfeited, together icith all appurtenances of snch vehicle or 
beast, and all trunks, packages, aud other means of concealment; and 
if any person or persons who may be driving or conducting, or iu charge 
of any such vehicle or beast, or if any person or persons traveling, 
shall willfully refiise to stop and allow search aud examination to t>e 
made as herein provided when required so to do, upon probable cause, 
by an authorized person, he, she, orthey shall, on conviction, be fined in 
any sum, iu the discretion of the court, not exceeding one thonsand 
dollars nor less than ilfty dollars; and all persons coming into the 
United States from foreign countries shall be liable to detention and 
search by authorized officers or agents of the Government, under such 
regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall from time to time 
prescribe; but no railway car or engine, or other vehicle, &«iuf or op- 
plianee used by any person or corporation as common carriers, in the 
transaction of their business as such common catriets, shall be sabjeet 


Ut forfeiture by force of the provisions of this title, aniess it sball ap- 
pear that the owners, or the superintendent, or agent of tlie owners iu 
charge thereof at the time of suoh unlawful importation or traupporta- 
tiou thereon or thereby, was privy to such illegal importation or trane- 

Sec. 164. If any officer of the customs shall have probable cause to sne- 
pect that there is concealed in any particular dwelling-house, , ^,„ ., ,_ „- 
8tore,or other building, any merehaudise subject to duty or '"* )!">.'"*. 
. introdwxd into the United States inany manner contrary to law, he shall, 
npou proper appheation, on oath, toauyjusticeof thepeace, be entitled 
to a warrant to enter such house, store, or other building, in the day- 
time only, and there esamine and search for such merchandise j aud 
ifmguch search or exwmination any merchandise shall be found ichich theie 
ikatt be probable cause for the officer making such search or examination to 
Mitre has not been dult/ entered, or has been imported in any manner con- 
iraty to law, he shall seise nud secnre the same for trial, and all such mer- 
chaodise so found concealed as shall not have been tluly entered, or whivk 
tkall have been mjxrrted cwnfrar^ to {aw, shall be forfeited. !,,„„. „L.,i7f, 
And any person authorized by this title lo make searches '=■ ■'-i' '»■""»'■ 
aud seizures, or any person assisting him or acting under his directions, 
may, if deemed necessary by him or tliem, enter wilhout such search war- 
rant into or npou, or iiass through the lands, iuclosures, or buildings, 
«lher than the dwelling-house, of any person whomsoever, beticeen sun- 
rise and sunset, in order to search and examine any vehicle, beast, or per- 
son ; or with such warrant such autliorized person or his assistant may at 
any time enter into or upon or pass through the land,incloaure,andbuildinffs, 
other than the dwelling-house, of any person whomsoever, in order to reach 
4tnd search the building or buildings specified in such warrant. 

Sec. 165. Kvery ofhcer or other person authorized to make searches 
and seizures by this act shall, at the time of executing any „ ,„, ., ,_ ,^ 
of Uie powers conferred upon him by law, make known his <"*- ■""""■'™. 
character as an officer or agent of the customsor Government, aud shall 
thereupon hive authority to require any person within the distance of 
three miles /rom the place of search or seizure to assist him, where such 
afKJHtauce may be necessary ; and if such person shall, without reason- 
able excuse, neglect or refuse so to assist, upon proper demand, he shall 
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, antl shall forfeit a sum not exceed- 
itig two hundred dollars nor less than twenty dollars. 

Sec. 166. If any persou shall forcibly assault, resist, prevent, impede, 
or interfere with any officer or officers of the customs or any 
IKrHoo laut/uUy assisting them or either of them in the exe- "''^^ 

cutton of their duties, or any persou authorized by this act to make 
searches or seizures, in the execution of bis duty, or shall rescue, or 
attempt to rescue, or cause to be rescued, any property which shall have 
been st-ized, taken or detained by any officer or person authorized as 
aforesaid, or shall before, at, or alter auch seizure stave, break, throw 
overboard, remove, or destroy the same, in order to prevent the seizure 
w secnring of any merchandise by any officer or person authorized as 
aforesaid, the [wrson so ofi'euding shall, for every auch offense, on con- 
viction thereof, forfeit and pay a sum of not less than one hundred dol- 
lars nor more than two thousand dollars, or shall be imprisoned not less 
thau one month nor more than one year, or both, at the discretion of 
the court; and if any person shall use any deadly or dangerous weapon 
in resisting any suek officer or person in the execution of bis duty, or to 
deter or prevent him from discharging his dnty, every such person so 
offending shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of felony, and 


wball lie imprisoned at liniil labor for a term not exceeding flvft yearn 
nor it'sa than one year. 
.Sec. 167. If any person shall receive any injury to his person or 

- Hv., „ i.Mj, property for or on account of any aet by him done, under any 
" "" *■ '"** ' law of the United States for the protection of tho reveiint- 
or the collection of duties on imports, he shall he entitled to maintnin 
unit for damRffe therefor in the circuit conrt of the United Stntes in the 
(liHtriet wherein the party doing the injury may reside, or shall he found. 
And all property setjetf, taken, or detained by any officer or other per- 
son under authority of the cttstoms revenue laws of the United States 
shall be irrepleviable, and ahall be deemed to l>e in the custody of the 
law, and subject only to the orders and decrees of the courts of the 
United States having jurisdiction thereof. 
Sec. 1(58. If any jierson ahall fraudulently or knowingly import or 

:< sT.i.,.ir..ira. brinpinto the Unitetl States, or assist in so doing, any noer- 
4 j.iykiMe. ehandise subject to rfw/j, icHhaut paying or aceovntintf for the 
name, or enttr, or attempt to enter or pass svch merekandiie iJirough the 
cuxtomhonse by means of any false, fortjed, or fraudulent invoice, paper, 
or doetiment, or shall receive, conceal, buy, sell, or in any manner facili- 
tate the entry, icitkdratcal, transportation, concealment, or sale of siich 
merchandise, after its im^wrtation, knowing the same to have been im- 
l>orted, entered, or passed contrary to law, such meichandise shall bt- 
forfeited, and the offender shall, on conviction thereof before any court 
of competent jnrisdictiou, l>e fined in any sum not exceeding five thoa- 
cand dollars nor less than fifty dull»i's, or be imprisoned for any time not 
exceeding two years, or both, at the discretion of such court; and Ju 
all cases where the iiossession of such merchandise shall be shown to be 
in the defendant, or where the defendant shall be shown to have had 
Iiossession thereof, such possessiou shall be deemed evidence snfllcient 
to authori/^ conviction, unless the defendant shall explain the same to 
the satisfaction of the jury. 
Sec. 169. If any person shall, by the exhibition of any false sample, 

«-u^.ii.,7», or by means of any false representation or device, or 
i> M.,.3, IMS ijy collusion with any officer of the revenue, or otherwise, 
knowingly efl'ect, or aid in eft'ectiiig, an entry of any merchandise at less 
than the true weight or measure thereof, or npon a false classification 
thereof as to quality or value, or by the payment of less than the 
amount of duty legally due thereon, or introduce, or aid in introdvcin/j 
for consumption, any merekandise subject to duty, without payment of tJie 
primer duties thereon, such merchandise shall be liable to forfeiture, and 
such person shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not 
exceeding five thousand dollars, or be impnsoned not exceeding two 
years, or both, at the discretion of the court. 

Sec. 170. If any person shall at any time conceal or destroy any invoice, 
I book, or paper relating to any merchandise liable to duty 

which has been or shall hereafter be imported into the United 
States from any foreign port or country, for the purpose of suppressing 
any evidence of fraud, such person shall be deemed guilty of a mis- 
demeanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by fine not 
exceeding five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding two 
years, or both, at the discretion of the court. 
Sbc. 171. If any officer of the revenue shall, by collnsion with any 

II9I.1..I i..n>, importer or other person, or by means of any false weight 
i t. M... I iwa. Qj measure, or of any false classification as to quality or 
value of any merchandise, or by any other means whatever, admit, or aid 
ill admittiug to entry, any merchaudise, upon the payment of less than 


Ibe amouut of duty le^illy due tbpreon, or nid in any manner the ooh- 
xHmptioti of dutiable merclianiJine without payment of the proper duUeii 
thereon, or shall, directly or indireetly, obtain, realize, or a(^;e|it from any 
(tersuu engaged in the imiKirtiitioD of merchandise in the United States, 
w interested as principal, clerk, or agent in any sucii importation, or iu 
(lie entry or congumplioit of any merchandist-, any iw, gratuity, emolu- 
uient, or reward whati«oever, such otlicer shall, on conviction thereof, be 
removed and disqualified from office, and ahatl be fined in any sum not 
exceeding live thoniuind dollars, or be imimsoued not exceeding two 
years, or both, at the discretion of the court. 

Sec. 172. Whenever it shall he made to appear to the satisfaction of. 
the judge of the district TOurt for any jifrfieiai district in i,,„i,„,..m7, 
the Unite<] States, by complaint, affidavit, and certificate, "■ "■"■'»=' 
1* hereinafter provide*!, that any fraud on the revenue has been com 
Diitted by any person or persons interested or in any way engaged in 
the importation or entry of merchandise in nuch district, said judge shall 
torthwith issue his warrant, directed to tlie marshal of imch district, re- 
ituiriog said marshal, by himself or deputy, to enter any designated 
Iihtce or premises where any invoices, hooks, or papers are deposited 
relating to the merchandise, in respect to which such fraud is alleged 
to have been committed, and to take possession of such invoiceg, books, 
or papers, and produce them before the said judge; and any invuiceH, 
hooks, or papers so seized shall be subject to the order of said judge, 
who shall allow the examination of the same by the collector of the 
cmtomK district into which the alleged fraudnlent importation or entry 
shall have been made, or by any officer duly authorized by said col- 
lector, or by the Secretary of the Treasury, aHii also, with tlw consent of 
the Secretary of tJte Treasury, by the person or persons interested in the same, 
or by his or their agent or attorney; and such invoices, books, or paperH 
may be retained by said judge so long as, in his opinion, the retention 
thereof may be necessarj- ; but the examination thereof slwU not be un- 
reasonably delayed, and no warrant for such seiznre shall be issued unless 
the complaint shall set forth in substance the fraud alleged to have t>een 
committed, the importation or entry to which it relates, the place or 
premises to be searched, and the invoices, books, or papers to be seized; 
■tod the warrant issued on such complaint, with report of service and 
proceedings thereon, shall be returned as other warrants are to the court 
of the district within which such judge presides: Provided, hoicever. 
That such complaint shall be accompanied by an official eertijieate from the 
•listrict attorney of the judicial district, or from the collector of the cnstoms 
district, in which the fraud is alleged to have been committed, thai he has 
examined such complaint, and made itu/uirv coHcerninp the facts therein 
stated, and believes the same to be true ; and that an examination nf suck 
invoiceg, books, and papers is, in his opinion, esiential to tlw ends of justice.* 

Sbo. 173. All merchandise which shall be seize<l for violation of the 
customs revenue latcs shall be deposited in a public or bonded , „„. „ ,„ t,^ 
icarehouse, or otlter storehouse, to be provided by the collector, '°°- "■■'■i"' 
or other chief officer of the customs, there to remain in the custody of the 
collector, or of such other person as he shall appoint for that purpose, 
UQtii such proceedings shall be had as by law are required, to ascertain 

' KoTE.— While (Ail $eetioit «■«# i» press, a bill, in rxte»»o, (H. R. 8325,) reguUding rftr 
prorerdingt oa neiiare of booht anil papers, era mina lion, ptrpeluatioii of eridaice, ,fe., and (o 
prerentaiiuee of the r^nedg—aabmilted by the Secrtlarg of the Treaaari) ax a xubttittite for 
*iH(H. E. 108ri) introduced for mnilar pirrpoiti daring Ik' lefondwimoaof the Fortg^nmont 
Congrtm — (MSporacd by the Home. 

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vitetber the aame ban bf^eii forfeited or Dot ; snd if it sball be adjndct'ii 
Itiatit \s forfeited, it hImU rema-in in lAe colUctot'a custody vntil aoUihif tht 
iiuxraluil, and shall not be liable to the marshals charge for the ciutodg 
Otereof ; and if not fortieibid it sball be fortbwitb restored to tbe owD«r 
or owuers, claimant or claimants tliereof, and if any periwtD or |lerscln^ 
sball reveive, conceal, or buy any mercbaiidise, knowing 
na^i t'' Mu'iL tbe BHine to have been illegally iu]|>ort4!d or introduced into 
tlie United States or to be liable to seizure, such person or 
pereoDB flball, on cotivietioti thereof, fbi feit aiwl pay double tbe valne of 
ttie mercliandiHe so received, concealed, or purcbajied, and »uck mer^M- 
dige shall be liable to forfeiture. 

Sec. 174. It shall be tbe duty of the collectors of customs of the sev- 

iiauL.ii-.rM. Pral collection districts of the United Strttea to report to Uw 
(I Buipnis Secretary of the Treasury all seizures of merchandise, w 
other property, made by said collectors or other officers of the customs, 
as soou »8 practicable after the same are made, with written statements 
of the facts upon which such iseizures are based. And if any collector 
ofcvstomt shall fail to make the reports of seizures herein required, SKdi 
eolleetor's share of the proceeds of any seizure which he shall liare failedto 
report shall, in the event of the condemnation of the property seized, or of 
the sale of the same as unclaimed, or of its release on payment of the ap- 
praised value, or of any compensation in money, be awardett to the Uitital 
Stales. And upon the settlement of his accounts, erery collector of custws' 
shall produce a copy of the reports herein required, or such proof of tit 
transaction thereof, as by the Commissioner of Customs shall be deemed satit- 

Sbc. 175. It shall be the duty of all collectors of customs, in addition t" 
the reports of seizures hereinbefore required, to transmit quarter-yearly to 
ffie Secretary of tiic Treasury, tabular statements of all seizures, the ro/nr 
•f Khieh shall not exceed flee hundred dollars, made by him or any person 
acting under his authority, during the quarter, irherein shall be set forth thr 
quality and denwntnation of the merchandise or other property seized^ tki 
place and date of seizure, the names of the claimant and person from whom 
taken, (if known,) the name of the informer, if there shall be an informer. 
ihe law under which seizure was made, the appraised value of the property, 
and the disposition made thereof. 

Sec. 17ti. The collectors of customs of the several districts shall han 
power and authority, and it shall be their duty, to demand payment of any 
fine or penally incurred within their respective districts, for riolaHons of 
the registry, revenue, navigation, inspection, and passenger laws, and, if 
paid, to receive and give acquittances for the sam^. And within ten day* 
after the payment to any collector of any fine or penalty, such collector shall 
rtport to the Secretary of the Treasury the fact of the imposition and col- 
iection of such fine or pcvalty, specifying the atnoMnt thereof and the lair 
Wider which the same was imposed, and shall hold the proceeds thereof as a 
special deposit, until directed to refund, or to pay the same into the Treat- 
wry ; and if such collector shall fail to make such report within the timt 
specified, his share of such fine or penalty shall accrue to the United Stalei- 

Sec 177. It shall be the duty of tbe several collectors or acting rol- 
u «.< .11 i7> '**'<*'* **f customs to report, as soon as practioi^le and not 
mi" '■'■'' '"■ '"'*'' '^^ '"* daysafter the fads shall have come to their tnorl- 
edge, to the district attorney of the district in which any 
fine, penalty, or forfeiture may bo iiicuircd for the violation of any Ian- 
«f the United States relating to the customs revenue, except in the c"-« 
of fines or penalties paid on demand, a statement of all the facts and <-ir- 
vuinstances of tbe case, together with the names of witnesses, within 

satioahon add customs collectiok u.wa. 73 

their kaowledfie, or wbieb may comu to their knowledge from time to 
tim«, stating the provisious of the law believed to be violated, aad ou 
wkicfa a reliance may be bad for a condemnatiou or couvictiou ; and 
such district attoraey shall cause fluit and prosecution to be commenced 
and prosecuted without delay, in the name of the Cuited Statea, in any 
i-onrt competent to try the same, for the fines, penalties, or forfeitureH 
in such cases provided, to be recovered witli costs of suit ; aud the trial 
of any fact which may be put in issue in the course of auek , m, „ ,., or. 
mitor proaecution shall be withiu the Jirdieiul district in "" m..>.i7» 
which such fine, penalty, or forfeiture ahnll have accrued; and in cast 
«/ recovery the collector within whose district the seizure sball be made, 
or the Jine, penalty, or forfeiture incurred, is hereby authorized arul 
required to receive from the court within which such trial is bad, or from 
the proper officer thereof, the sum or sums ao recovered, after deducting 
iiU proper charges to be allowed by the Baid court, and forthwiith trans- 
mit to the Secretary of the Tresisury an account of all moneys by him so 
received ; and an adjtutmeat of the accounty and distribution as herelita/tey 
directed of the net proceeds, shall be made by such officer, and paid out of 
any money in the Treasury not oihei-ieise appropria^. But if such dis- 
trict attorney, upon inquiry aud examination, shall deckle kb,.,..,], jw. 
that a convietion or condemnation cannot properly, be ob- " J-iiw,'**' 
t^ned, or that the ends of public justice do not require that a suit or 
prosecution should be instituted, he shall report the facts to the Solic- 
itor of the Treasury for his directiou ; and if any collector shall in any 
case fail to report to the proper district attorney, as prescribed in this 
section, such collector's share of any tine, i>enalty, or forfeiture impose^l 
ur incurred ant2 recovered in such case shall be forfeited to the United 
States, and the same may, tn the discretion of the Secretary of the Treas- 
vry, be awarded to such ot^ero^icer or }>er«o» as shall have made com- 
plaint and prosecuted the same to conviction, or otherwise materiallj/ 
aided in such recovery. 

Sec. 178. There shall be allowed and paid to district attorneys, besides 
iuitual and necessary expenses incurred, suvh compensation for ^^ 

*ervices rendered in and about prosecutions, commenced or 
amtemplated, for alleged offenses under the customs revenue lavs, as shall 
bt juH and reasonable; suck compensation to be ascertained and determined 
under the supervision and subject to the approval of the Attorney General, 
itpon such evidence of the nature and value of such services as he may deem 
lufficient ; wAtcA allowance shall be in lien of all fees, percentage, or other 
eoMpensalion whatsoever for such services, and shall, when oertified by the 
Athrney General, be paid from the appropriation for expenses of collecting 
the revenue, and deducted, as hereinafter provided, from the proceeds, if atuf, 
realized by virtue of the prosecution or proceedings to which such allowance 
relates; and all extraordinary expenses necessarily incurred in or about 
the prosecution of such customs revenue eases, including the actual and 
necessary expenses of district attorneys as aforesaid, shall be certified, paid, 
and deducted in like manner. 

Seo. 179, All vessels and other property which shall become forfeited 
shall be seized, libeled, and prosecuted, in the court having , s^,. ., ^lu, 
cognizance thereof; which court shall cause fourteen days' ** ""-•.""■ 
notice to be given of such seizure and libel, by causing the substance 
of such libel, with the order of the court thereon, setting forth the 
time and place appointed for trial, to be inserted iu some newspaper 
published near the place of seizure, and also by posting up the same in 
the most public manner, for the space of fourteeu days, at or near the 
place of trial; and proclamation shall be made in such maoner as the 


court shall direct ; and if do perdoa shall appear and claim snch veaati 
or inerchaiidiee and gixe bond to defend the prosecution thereof, and 
to respond the cost in case he shall not support his claim, the conrt 
»)hall proceed to hear and determine the cause acconling to law; and 
upon the prayei' of any cliiimant to the conrt, that any vessel or mer- 
chandise 80 seized and proseented, or iiny part thereof, shall be deliv- 
, eifd to such claimant, it shall be lawful for the court to appoint three 
proper persons to appraise snch vessel or merchandise, who shall be 
sworn in open court for the faithful discharge of their duty ; and such 
a[>praiseinent shall be made at the expense of the party on whose 
prayer it is ffmnteA, and the appraised ralite shall include the dutiea ott 
the merebandise, or t^mnage duty on the vessel ; and on the return of sach 
appraisement, if the claimant shall, with one or more sureties, ajiproved 
of by the court, execute a bond in the usual form to the United States 
for the payment of a sum equal to the sum at which the vessel or mer- 
chandise so prayed to be delivered is appraised, and moreover produce 
a certificate from the collector of the district wherein such trial is had, 
aud of the naval officer thereof, if any there be, that the duties on the 
merchandise, or tonnage duty on the vessel, so claimed, have been paid 
or secured in like manner as if the merchandise or vessel had been 
legally entered, the court shall, by rule, order such vessel or merchan- 
dise to be delivered to such claimant ; and the said boud shall be lON^ged 
with the proper officer of the court, and if judgment shall pass in favor 
of the claimant, the court shall cause the said bond to be cauceletl ; 
but if judgment shall pass against the claimant, as to the whole or any 
part of such vessel or merchandise, and the claimant shall not, within 
twenty days thereafter, pay into the court, or to the proper officer 
thereof, the amount of the appraised value of such vessel or merchan- 
dise so condemned, with the costs, judgment shall be granted upon the 
bond iu open court, without further delay. And when any prosecution 
shall be commenced on account of the seizure of any vessel or mer- 
chandise, and judgment shall be given for the claimant or claimants, 
if it shall appear to the court, before whom such prosecution shall be 
tried, that there was a reasonable cause of seizure, the said court shall 
cause a proper certificate or entry to be made thereof, and in such case 
the claimant or claimants shall not be entitled to costs, nor shall the 
person who made the seizure, or the prosecutor, be liable to action, suit, 
or judgment on account of snch seizure and prosecution; but the vessel 
or merchandise shall be, after judgment, forthwith returned to snch 
ii..i.i, .t I., iw claimant or claimants, his, her, or their agent or agents. And 
1 » Jul, 1^ iBH j„ ^pj. ^^gg where a vessel or the owner or moHter thereof 
shall be subject to a penalty for a violation of the revenue laws of the 
United States, such vessel shall be holden for the payment of such 
penalty, and may be seized, and proceeded against summarily, by libel, 
to recover such penalty, in any district court of the United States 
having jurisdiction of the offense. 
Sec. 180. All vessels and other property which shall be condemned, 
■ Mat. .1 L m, ftud for which bond shall not have been given by the claim- 
iM, M... I, fnut ant or claimaDts,agre6ably to the provisions for that purpose 
in the foregoing section, shall be sold by the marshal or other proper 
odicer of the court iu which condemnation shall be bad, to the highest 
bidder, at publi; auction, by order of such court, and at such place as 
thecourt may appoint, giving at least fifteen days' notice (lexoept incase 
of perishable merchandise) in one or more of the public newspapers of 
the place where such sale shall be; or, if no paper is published in such 
]ilace, iu one or more of the papers published' in the nearest place 


thereto; and the ainonntof wnch sales, deducting all proper charges, 
■hall be paid witfain ten days after such sale, hy the pennon eellin^ the 
same, to the clerk or other proper officer of the court dn-ecting such 
sale, to be by him, after deducting the charges allowed by the court, 
paid to the collector of the district in whicti auch seizure or forfeiture 
ha» taken place, an hereiubefore directed. But merchandUe of a periah- 
akle nature, or Imbte to deterioratinn, or *>/ tcliich the value will not pay the 
expense of keeping, and live animaU, may be sold /orthtcilh if the court »o 

Sec, 181. In any case of seizure of a vensel or other property, depending 
Id any court of the United States, any judge of said court, ,„„^, ,, »» 
in vacation, ahall have the same power and authority to *'""'^i»» 
order any vessel or other property to be delivered to the claimants, upon 
Iwiid, under the statute, or to be sold when necessary, as the said court 
has in term time, and to appoint appraisers, and exercise every other 
iDoidental power necessary to the complete execution of the authority 
herein granted ] and the said bond, under such order, may be executed 
before the clerk, upon the party's producing the certitii;ate of the col- 
lector of the district of the sufRciency of the* security ottered ; and the 
same proceedings shall be had in (^ase of said order of delivery, or of 
sale, as are had in lik« eases when ordered in term time; but upon 
every such application, either for an order of delivery or of sale, the 
collector, and the United States attorney of the district, and the claimant, 
if any, or kis counsel, shall have reasonable notice of said applicntion. 

8ec. 182. In all cases of seizure of property libeled or subject to for- 
feiture when, in the opinion of the collector, the value of i,s„-, .n,. i«, 
the property so seized shall not exceed five hundred dollars, ' "■ ^°'' "^ "*■ 
he shall cause a list and particular description of the property so seized 
to he prepared in duplicate, and an appraisement of the same to be made 
by the appraises of the United States, if there are such appraisers at or 
near the pluce of seizure ; but if there are no such appraisers, then by 
two competent and disinterested citizens of the United States, to be 
selected by him for that purpose, residing at or uear the place of seizure, 
mho shall be duly sworn for the faithful performance of their duty, which 
list and appraisement shall be properly attested by such collector or 
other officer and the persons making the appraisal ; and for such servicea 
of the appraisers they shall be allowed one dollar and fifty ceuts each 
for every day necessarily employed in such service. If the amount of 
such appraisal shall not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars, said 
wllector shall pnblish a notice once a week for three successive weeks 
in some newspaper at or near the place where such seizure shall have 
heen made; and if no newspaper shall be published at ornear such place, 
then notice shall be published by posting written notices in three proper 
pnblic places, which notices shall describe the articles seized, and state 
the time, caose, and place of seizure, and shall require any person 
claiming such articles U> appear and file with such collector or other 
officer his claim to such articles within thirty days from the date of the 
lirst publication of such notice. 

8ko. 183. Any person claiming the property so seized may, at any 
time within thirty days from the date of such first publica- 
tion, file with auck collector or other officer a claim, stating 
his or her interest in the articles seized, and, upon depositing with such 
collector or other ofiicer a bond to the United States, in the sum of two 
hnodred and fifty dollars, with two sureties to be approved by such 
collector or other officer, conditioned that in case of the condemnation 
of the articles so claimed, the obligors shall pay all the costs and ex- 
penses of the proceedings to obtain such condemnation, such collector or 


other ofiScer shall transiDit the same, with the duplicate list aod descrip- 
tion of the articles seized and claimed, to the TJuited States district 
attorney for the district, who shall proceed for a coudemuation of the 
property in the ordinary mode prescribed by law. But if no such claim 
shall be filed nor bond given within the thirty days above specified, snch 
collector or other officer shall give not less than fifteen days' notice of 
the sale of the property so seized, by publication in the manner before 
mentioned ; and at the time and place specified in such notice, he shall 
sell at public auction the property so seized, and shall deposit the pro- 
ceeds, after dedacting the actual expenses of such seizure, publication, 
and sale, to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States, as shall 
be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury ; but the collector shall 
have power to a(]joum ancU sale from time to time for a period not 
exceeding thirty days in all. 

8£C. 184. Any person interested in the property sold under the pro- 
II auL .1 1.. 181, visions of the preceding section may, withinmmonthaafter 
m juiia,iwe gm-ii ggie, and having preeiousty notified the collector of M» 
intention so to do, apply to the Secretary of the '^easury for a remission 
of the forfeiture, and a restoration of the proceeds of such sale, and the 
same may be granted by said Secretary, upon satisfactory proof, to be 
fiirniHbed in such manner as he shall direct, and of the nature and pur- 
port of ichich the ooUeetor shall have been a^rised, that the applicant, at 
the time of the seizure and sale of the property in question, did not 
know of the seizure, and that said forfeiture was incurred without 
willful negligence or any intention of fraud on the part of the owner of 
such property. 

Sec. lHo. If no application for snch remission or restoration shall be 

1^ 1^ made within six months after such sale, the Secretary of 

the Treasury shall then cause the proceeds thereof to he 

distributed in the same manner as if such property bad been condemned 

uid sold in pursuance of the decree of a competent court. 

Sec. 186. Whenever seizure shall be made of any property not ex- 
ceeding five hundred dollars in value, and when no claim 
' '^ shall have been interposed, as hereinbefore provided, and 

snch property shall be liable to perish, or waste, or to be greatly reduced 
in value by keeping, or cannot be kept without great diaproportiouate 
expense, whether such seizure consist of live animals or merchandise, 
the appraisers, if requested by the collector or chief officer of the 
customs at the time when such appraisal is made, shall certify in their 
appraisal their belief that the property seized is liable to speedy dete- 
rioration, or that the expenses of its keeping will largely reduce the 
net proceeds of the sale ; and in case the appraisers thus certify, snch 
collector or other officer may proceed to advertise and sell the same at 
auction, by giving notice for such time as he may think reasonable, but 
not less than one week, of such seizure and intended sale, by adver- 
tisement as is hereinbetbre provided ; and the proceeds of such sale 
shall be disposed of in the manner hereinbefore provided. 

Sec. 187. All bonds to the United States ^en by collectors or o^er 
officers of the customs whieh shall not be satisfied icithin twenty 
1 «!'*it<f! >, int. days from ike day they may become due, shallforthwith, unless an 
3.b..> ocL extension of the same shall have been granted, in pursuance of 
'^'^ law, be put iu suit, and the collector shall, without delay^ 

cause a prosecution to be commenced for the recovery of the money 
due thereon by action or suit at law, in the conrt having cognizance 
thereof; and iu all cases of insolvency, or where any estate in the 
hands of the executors, administrators, or assignee-s, shall be insufiBcieat 


to pay all the debts dae from the deceased or inmhmt per»on, the debt 
nr debts due to the United States on any snch Itond or bonds shall be 
Hiat satisfied; and any executor, adniinistrator, assi^ee, or other 
person, who shall pay any debt due by the persou or estate team whom 
or for which they are avtinfr, before the debts due to the United States 
fjrotu snob person or estate sliall be tirst duly satisfied or paid, shall 
become answerable in hin or their own person or estate for the debt or 
debts so dne to the United States, or for so much thereof as may remain 
due and nnpaid and trhich mai/ fee recovered by due proceM of law; but 
in all cases in whieh such snits or prosecutions shall be eommeneed for 
the recovery of duties or pecaniary ]>enalties prescribed by the laws of 
the United States, the ))erson or persons Rgainst whom process may be 
issued shall or may be held to special bail, subject to the rules and reg- 
ulations which prevail in civil snits in which special bail is required: 
and if the principal in any bond which shall be f;iven to the United 
States in puntuance of the provisions of law, either by himself, his factor, 
sgent, or other person for htm, shall be insolvent, or if, such principal 
being deceased, his or her estate and efi'ects which shall come to tHe 
hands of his or her executors, administrators, or assijfnees, shall be in- 
»iufficient for the payment of his or her debts ; and if, in either of the 
said cases, any surety on the said bond or bonds, or the executors, 
administrators, or assignees of such surety shall pay to the Unitetl 
States the money due upon such bond or bonds, snch surety, his or her 
executors, administrators, or assignees, shall have and enjoy the like 
advantages, priority, or preference for the recovery and receipt of said 
moneys, out of the estate and effects of such insolvent or deceased 
principal as are reserved and secured to the United States, and 'may 
bring and maintain a suit or suits npon the ssid bonds in law or equity, 
in his, her, or their own name or names, for the recovery of all moneys 
paid thereon; and the insolvency mentioned in this section shall be 
deemed to extend as well to cases in wliich the property of a debtor 
shall have been assigned for the benefit of his or her creditors, or in 
which the e8tat« and eflects of an absconding, coaceAled, or absent 
debtor shall have been attached by process of law, as to cases in which 
an act of legal bankruptcy shall have been committed ; and ou all bonds 
upon which suits shall be commenced an interest shall be allowed at 
the rat« of six per cent, per annum, from the time when said bonds 
become due until the payment thereof. 

Sec. 188, In all proceedings brought by the United States in any 
ooart for due recovery as well of duties upon imports alone „ s,.i .< r. , m, 
as of penalties for the non-payment thereof, the judgment "* "" *■ "*^ 
Hhall recite that the same is rendered for duties, and such jndgment, 
interest, and costs shall be payable in the coin by law receivable for 
duties, and the execution issued on such jndgment shall set forth that 
the recovery is for duties, and shall require the marshal to satisfy the 
same in the coin by law receivable for duties ; and in case of levy upon 
and sale of the property of the judgment debtor, the marshal shall 
refuse payment fi'om any purchaser at such sale in any other money 
than that specified in the execution. 

Seo. 189. In all suits or proceedings against collectors or other 
uffleers of the cwitomg, for any official act done by them, or „^^^^,^ ^ „, 
lor the recovery of any money exacted by or paid to snch ^j^t^V «;,.'»: 
officers in the performance of their official duty, and paid 
into the Treasury of the United States, it shall be the duty of the 
district attorney within the district where such suit or proceedings shall 
l>e hodf nnless otherwise instructed by the Secretary of the Treasury, 


to ftpi>ear oq beltalf of 8uuti officers, and such iittornoy may l>e atlowi^l 
such exlra coiupeasatiou for his aervicHS in any saek »uit or proctfdiiui 
as ijhall bo reasonable and pixtper, to be ascertained, determined, and ap- 
prover! by the Attorney Oeneral in the manner provided in section 1T8 0/ 
tki* avt, and to be certijied and paid in like manner ; anil wbeie a recoven 
shall be had in auy such suit or proceeding, and the court »ball certify 
that there was probable eitnae for the act dune by the collector or otliK 
officer, or that he acted under the directions of the Secretary of the 
Tn^asury, tio executiou shall isaue against niich collector or other ofiictr. 
but the amount so recovered shall, upon final judgment, be providnl 
for and paid, by the flecretarg of the Treaftnry, out of the i>roi>er nppM- 
priatiou, on tite production of a copy of the judgment authenticated nn4er 
the Heal of the court, in which the same may have been rendered, or Kitkiii 
sixty days after the receipt of such copy and eertitieate thereto, and if swk 
judgment be not paid and satisfied, xithin the time specified, the Secretaru 
of tiie Treasury sltall direct the amount thereof to be entered upou the btniU 
of the Treasury as an outstanding and adfusted claim against the Unit^l 
iftates, and issue a certificate therefor to the claimant, which shall be fsti 
satisfaction for aitcA autiienticated judgmeiU, 

Skc. 190. In any suit or prosecution against any person for any act w 
thing done by him as an officer of the custotns, or against any person aidimi 
or assisting stich officer therein, where judgment shall be given against '«> 
defendant or respondent, if it shall appear to the court before which sui 
suit or prosecution shall be tried that there was probahle cause for doiw 
such act or thing, such ctmrt shall order a proper entry and certificate 1- 
be made tltereof, and in such case the defendant or respondent shall not bt 
liable for costs, nor liable t*i execution, or to any action for danuigea, or in 
any other mode of prosecution for the act done by him as aforesaid: but 
such property or articles, if any, as may be lield in custody by the defendani 
or respondent shall, after judgment, be ordered by the court to be retursr^ 
to the claimant or claimants. 

Sec. I'Jl. // any suit or prosecution be commenced in any State ccuri 
1 »!.<. .1 1. na, against any officer of the customs, or any person aidiny ae 
u >■■' • "^ assisting such officer, for any act or thing done or omitted to tx 
done by virtue of lau), or under color thereof, and the defendant shall, i' 
the time of entering his appearance in such State court, file a petHiou fw 
the remorai of the cause into the circuit court of the United tilates nf^f lo 
be holden in the district where the suit is pending, and offer good and sup- 
cient surety for his entering in such circuit court, <m the first day of (*' 
term, copies of said process against him, and also for his appearing at snrt 
court and entering special bail in the cause, if special bail was originnllt 
retfuired therein, it shall then be the duty of the State court to an-ept (*< 
surety and proceed no further in the cause, and (Ac bail that sltall hare bfm 
originally taken shall be discharged; and such copies being entered w 
aforesaid in such court of the United States, the cause shall then procrfl 
in tlie same manner as if it had been brought there by origintU proceia. 
wliatecer may be the amount of the sum in dispute, or damages claimed, m 
whatever the citizenship of the parties ; and any attachment of the goixlf 
or estate of the defendant by the original process shall hold the goods ur 
estateso attached lo aMieer the final judgment in the same man ner ru byth 
laws of such State they would have been holden to answer final judgment, 
had it been renderetl by the cuurt in which the suit was commenced; and «'• 
costs shall be recoceroti in any suck action instituted in a Slate court iric" 
tie same could hate beeii legally instituted in a district or circuit court v- 
the United Slates. 1 

8bc. 1V1>. No suits or proaecatioas io^tituted by ot od behidf of the 

.. ..„Co(>^lc I 


United States in any State or cimnty court, nor any prowBs. , ,,„ „ , ^ 
pi'Oi:eedingt),Judgnicnt>orext>cutioi) tbvreiDStaiiU bedelajed, <' "^ = i-'^ 
siis]>euded, barred, or defeated by reasoD of any law of any State 
authorizing or directing a stay or suspension of process, proceedings, 
JLidguient, or execution ; and flnai decrees and judgments in eivil actions, 
passed or rendered in any State court, may be re-examined in the eircnit 
ufturt of the United States in the same manner and under the same 
limitations cm the final decrees and judgments in civil actions brought in a 
di*trict cotirt of the United States are re-examined in the circuit court. 

Sec. 193. No suit or prosecution, civil or criminal, shall be maintained 
for any fine, penalty, forfeiture, or punishment, accruing or j s,„ „ ,_ „, 
iiwarrcd under tlie eugtoms revenue laws of the United States, '*• ^'^ " "*■ 
onless such salt or prosecution shall be instituted or eom- x-n^wtta. n. 
menced within mj- years from the dafe when the penalty or '*'" 
fiirfeiture accrued; but in the computation of the said six yeai-s there 
ahall be excluded such time as theperwR or projierty liable to such suit 
w prosecution shall be absent from or not found within the Uuit^'d 

Ssc. 194. Whenever any person or persons, who shall have incurrett 
(my fine, penalty, forfeiture, or disability, or shall have been , ^,„ „ l. u*. 
interested in any property which shall have been subject to ' ' ''*'■ *■ '"*■ 
any seizure, tbrfeiture, or disability, by foi'ce of any law of the Unit^'d 
States, for the laying, levying, or collecting any duties or revenue from 
(UHlomii,or concerning the registration or lieeusing of vessels, or/of 
regulating the foreign trade, coasting trade, or fisheries, where the amount 
inrolred exceeds one thousand dollars, shall prefer his or their petition to 
the judge of the district in which such fine, penalty, forfeiture, or dis- 
ability shall have accrued, truly and particularly setting forth the cir- 
cuoietanees of the case, and shall pray that the same may be mitigated, 
remitted, or removed, the said judge shall inquire, in a summary manner, 
into the circumstances of the case; first causing reasonable notice to 
tie given to the person or persons claiming such fine, penalty, or f()r- 
iHture, and to the attorney of the United States for such district, that 
each may have an opiiortunity of showiug cause against the mitigation 
or remission thereof; and it shall be the duty of the district attomeg to ap- 
pear for the United IStates in such ca^es, and to call upon tlie collector for 
all needful information, trhich shall be promptly furnished by such collector ; 
aud the said judge shall, except as hereinafter provided, cause the facts 
ffiiich shall appear upon such inquiry to l>e stated and annexed to the 
pt^titton, and the petition and statement to be transmitted to the Sec- 
ivtary of the Treasury of the United States, who shall thereujtou have 
liiiwer to mitigate or remit such fine, forfeiture, or penalty, or remove 
such disability, or any part thereof, if, in his opinion, the same shall 
have been incurred without willful negligence, or any intention of fraud 
ill the person or persons incurring the same ; and to direct the prose- 
cution, if any sbail have been instituted for the recovery thereof, ui 
cease and be discontinued, upon such terms or conditions as he may 
deem reasonable and just. But in every cane of seizure, where the prop- 
erty seized shall not exceed five hundred dollars in value, the judge of I^e 
district shaU not entertain said petition, unless claim for the property, with 
the proper bond, shall have been filed tcith the collector or other chief officer 
of the customs, and the said property shall hare been libeled, as hereinbefore 
prodded; and in every ease where it shall appear, on the summary exami- 
nation herein directed, that an indictable offense has been committal by any 
petitioner or petitioners, for tthich, upon conviction, he or (Aty may be pun- 
ished as for a felony, it shall be the duty of such judge forthwith to dismiss 
suck petition so far as mieh pe(i(tonef or petitioners is or are concerned. 


Sec. 195. The Secretary of the Treastiiry shall have authority to aacer- 
I4M.1..II. i«, tain the facta npon all ap(>lii;atinDsfor the remissioD or mitt- 
J 18 j.iiuMau gallon of U« fines, penalties, and forfeitures, or the removal 
of the diitabU'ities, mentinned in the preceiling sertitm, where the amoant in 
questiou does not exceed one tboimand dotiars, in such maimer and nnder 
8uch regulations as he may deem proper, the colleftor of the proper dvttrie' 
being duly apprised of thr application; and he may thereupon remit or 
mitigate sueh fines, penalties, and forfeitures, or remove such disabilities. 
on such terms as he may deem proper, if, in his opinion, the name shall 
have been incurred without villfnl negli^nee or intention of frand: 
Provided, hotcecer. That nothing herein, or iit the preceding section, con- 
tained shall be deemed to authorize or jfcrinit the exercine of any pouter 
therein or herein conferre/l. in favor of any person or persons charged tritJt 
an indictable offense, for irhich, upon conviction, such person or persons 
would be liable to punishment as for a felony. 
Sec. 1%. The collectors of the several districts of the United States. 
iis<....iL.m ill all CHses of the seizure of merchandise for violation of the 
'* ""■'■'** eustonia revenue laws, the appraised value of which, in the 
district wherein such seizures shall be made, shall not exceed one thou- 
sand dollars, arc hereby authorized, subject to the approval of the 
Secretary of the Treasurv, to release such merchandise on payment of 
such value. And the money so receired shall be paid into the Treasury, and 
distributeil in the same manner as the proceeds of other fines, penalties, and 

Sec. 1'J7. That from thf proceeds of fines, penalties, and forfeitures 
1 S..L ■! L. ssr """"■''*'' under the provisions of laws relating to customs, to tkt- 
t>i "uiJ\ ijw. ' licensing and registering of vessels, and to the regulation of the 
u »L u«. g I. foreign, coasting, and fishing trades, there shall be deducted all 
" '' such costs, charges, and expenses as shall have been paid or 

incurred by the United States in and about any suit, prosecution, or proceed- 
ing for the enforcement or rccorery of such fines, penalties, and forfeitures, 
including the expenses, aUoinince, and compensation of district and other 
attorneys, counsel, and ojjents employed tlierein, and in addition, in case of 
the forfeiture of merchandise on which duties have not been paid, or in case 
of a release thereof, upon paymetit of its appraised value, or of any composi- 
tion in money, tliereshall also be deducted an amount equivalent to the duties 
in coin upon sneh merchandise, which shall be credited in the aooounts of thf 
eolleclor as duties received, and the residue of the proceeds aforesaid, if any. 
shall be distributed under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, in 
the following manner, to im't : One-half to tite United States, oi\e fourth to 
the person giving the information which has led to the seizure and forfeihtre. 
or to the recovery of the fine or penalty, and the remaining one-fourth to the 
officer making the sMzure or arrett on original information, furnished him 
by the informer. And if there be no informer other than such officer, the 
informers share shall accrue to the use of the United Slates, and any officer 
of the customs other than a collector, naval officer, or surveyor, may be an 
informer, but shall in no case receive a share of such proceeds in more than 
one capacity. But when any fine, penalty, or forfeiture incurred under tht 
provisions of the laws aforesaid, shait be recovered in consequence of ii^or 
mation given by any officer of a revenue-cutter, the proceeds thereof shall, 
after all legal deductions, including the deductions herein authorized, have 
been made, be disposed of as follows : One-half to the United Slates, one- 
eighth to any officer or officers of the customs assisting suck revenrie-eutter in 
the seizure or arrest, ami the remainder to the officers and crew of such 
revenue-cutter, to be divided among them in proportion to their pay, and if 
there be no officer of the ciistoms so entitled, (te officers and crew of such 


eulttrnkall be entitled to one-half of such net proceeds to be divUledag afare- 
Mid ; but nothing Iterein contained, or contained in any act to ichick this ia 
ait amendment, shall be construed to repeal or modify any proriaion of law 
Kkereby the uibole proceeds of any Jine, penalty, or forfeiture, or the residue 
thereof, afterpayment of expenses, accrue either to the United States, or to 
the person by ichomsuit is brought for the recovery oftlte same: Provided, 
That in all cases of the forfeiture of dutiable merchandise by reason of its 
importation, or attempted importation, being made in quantities, packages, 
orparceU contrary to law, the proceeds thereof, whether derived from sale, 
Kiider a decree of condemnation or otherwise, or from the payment of any 
fine or composition in money, on a release of the merchandise, shall, after 
deducting all proper ejqjenses, subject to the approval of the Secretary of tite 
Treasury, be paid without further deduction or abatement into the Treatury 
and shall tcltolly accrue and belong to the United States. 

Sec. 198. Whenever any fine, penalty, or forfeiture incurred by virtue of 
any act relating to the customs shall be recovered by judicial i,.,.. ..^.m, 
process, it shall be the duty of the informer, in order to establish "■ ''^ »Mi»- 
ki* title to the share of the proceeds hereinbefore allotted, to file his claim 
and intervene therefor in the proceeding before the proper court; and any 
informer, or other person entitled to or ititerested in a part or share of 
any flue, penalty, or forfeiture incurred under the provisions of the cus- 
toms reveune laws of the United States, may be examined as a witness 
in any of the proceedings for the recovery of such fine, penalty, or 
forfeitare by either of the parties thereto, and such examination shall 
not deprive such witness of his or lier share or interest in such fine, 
peualty, or forfeiture ; but the rights, interests, and shares of the United 
lilates,and of all other parties, in and to the proceeds of all fines or penalties 
paid to the collector without suit, and by him paid into the Treasury, shall 
be determined, adjusted, and awarded under the direction of the Secretary tif 
the Treasury* 

Sec. 199. When the net proceeds of any fine, penalty, forfeiture, or seiz- 
ure, after making the deductions authorised by this act, shall be inadeqaate 
to the payment of a reasonable sum as a reward to any informer entitled 
thereto, the Secretary of the Treasury may, in his discretion, make a rea- 
sonable allowance to such informer, not exceeding twenty per centum of the 
grots proceeds of svch fine, penalty, forfeiture, or seizure, to be paid to such 
informer out of the appropriation for expenses of collecting the revenuefrom 

Sec. 200. If any collector or collecting officer of the customs sbalt 
neglect or refuse to pay into the Treasury of the United ■ n8,.,.„l., w. 
Statesthe gross amount of all duties, penalties, fines, forfeit- '" J-ir».i«i' 
ures, and seizures, collected, or the proceeds of which have been re- 
ceived, fcy him o» behalf of the United States, without any , n... .. l. m. 
abatement or deduction whatever, within such time as shall ' "■ "" * '•* 
be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, he shall be removed from office, and 
forfeit to the United States any share or part of the moneys withheld, to 
ichich he might otherwise be entitled ; and if any collector of the customs 
or other officer from whom the same is required shall neglect „ ,uj „ l., im 
or refuse to make any of the returns or reports which he is * *^ '"" "■ '"*■ 
required to make at stat«d times by law or by regulation of the Treas- 
ury Department, within the time prescribed by such law or regulation, 
he shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit and pay, for the use of the 

'Nnn.— AeMfl* (H. R.30, H. B. 979, 8. 2, 8.596) iKtroduetd during finl and tecond 
fniMt Forlg-Meoiid Co»grm*, for propoted morfi^aaljoM* of the lawi rtUMng to the ditpoth 
H, Ex. 290 6 

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United StateB, a snm not leas than one liundred dollars nor more than 
one thousand dollars. 

Sec. 201. Every collector, or other officer of the customn, who Bkall 

I sui. •ti.,». knowingly make, or be concerned in making, any false reg- 
it. M...1. iTO. ister, or aball knowingly grant, or be concerned in granting, 
any false certificate of registry, or license of any vessel, or other 

im.t«L,tig false document whatsoever, or who shall receive any 
Hu.a,ixu i-ewardor gratuity for any services performed purauant to 

ike provisions of Iok, or kIio shall accept or receive any portion 

I sui ..t T,. VB. of the vioney awarded, or to be awarded to any iRformer by 
\n. >i..>,iw reason of his information, or any sum of money or valuable 
thing in lieu thereof, and every surveyor or otlier person aj^ointed to meas- 
ure any vessel, who shall iriUfutty deliver to any collector or naval officer a 
false description of suck vessel, to be registered, shall, upon conviction of 
any suck neglect or offense, forfeit the sum of one thousand dollars, and be 
rendered incapable of serving in any office of trust or profit under the United 
States ; and if any person or persons, authorized and required, in respect to 
his or their office or ofjices, to perform any act or thing required to be done 
or performed, pursuant to any of the provisions of law, shall leillfully 
neglect to do or perform the same, such person or persons sltall, on being con- 
victed thereof, if not subject to the penalty and disqualificatiom^oresaid, 
forfeit the sum of five hundred dollars, and be removed from office. 

Sec. 202. Whenever a district attorney of the United States who has the 

ij S..-.1 .t t,, ru, ^io,rge of any suit or legal proceeding instituted for the recov- 
jie M«,a.iasi g^ ^j. tjiforcement of any fine, penalty, forfeiture, or other 
claim or indebtedness incurred or arising under the provisions of the cus- 
toms revenue laws of the United Slates, or, when no suit or proceeding has 
been instituted for the recovery thereof, the Solicitor of the Treasury, or any 
officer or agent having charge of such claim or indebtedness, sltall make 
a report to the Secretary of the Treasury, setting forth in detail the facts in 
the case, and the terms upon which such claim or indebtedness may be com- 
promised, and recommending the acceptance thereof, the Secretary of the 
Treasury may, if he shall deem it advisable so to do, aulhoriix and direct 
such compromise, or may direct a stay of proceedings pending such further 
investigation of the case as he may deem proper, and on the conclusion of such 
investigation may, with the concurrence of such district attorney, solicitor, 
or special agent, take suck action in the premises as shall be equitable and 
just. But no indebtedness or claim in favor of the United States which 
shall have arisen through any criminal or dishoneat voluntary act on the 
part of the debtor shall be abated, compromised, or released. 


Sec. 203. For the purpose of aiding in the collection of duties imposed 
1 F^ut. .1 1. m>. on merchandise imported into the United States, and on 
(w, mt. i, ihB tiig tonnage of vesstls, and for ike enforcement of the lam 
relating to the foreign trade, the coasting trade, and the fisheries, the assist- 
ance and relief of vessels in distress, and the protection of property 
wreeied on tlte coasts of the United States against unlawful appropriation, 
there shall be a service denominated and known as the revenue-cutter serria, 
a sva. .1 1., ijs. the vessels and officers pertaining to which service shall be under 
' 1 J"!" «. i«i- fhe general control and direction of the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury, and shall be assigned to suck stations as in his judgment the public 



intereMt ma$ require; and for the purpose of so protecting nich vret^ced 
fropertji, it shall be lawful for the captain or commander of ant/ vessel be- 
loi^ng to the revenue-cutter service to take and hold possession thereof ; and 
he shall deliver the same as soon as may be into the custody of the collector 
of the district in tchieh such property shall be found wrecked, and such 
collector shall thenceforth hold it, subject to the order of tlie Secretary of 
the Treasury, until it is claimed bg the person or persona lairfully entitl^ 
to the same. 

Sec. 204. Tlie commiasioned ofBcers of the revenne-cutter service 
shall be appoiuted by the President of the Uiiitetl States, i,„.l .,!.,«■. 
by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; but no * '■ "*■*■'■» 
person shall be appointed to the office of captain, first lieutenant, sag- 
ODd lieutenant, or third lieutenant of a revenue-cotter, who io5,„,..m„(«. 
does not adduce to the Secretary of the Treasury satisfactory ' * "" •■ "^ 
proof of proficiency and skill in navigation and seamanship, or to the 
office of chief engineer, first assistant engineer, or second ^ ,,^_ tm. i r, 
assistant engineer, unless upon like proof of proficiency and "" ^ '"* 
skill as an engineer in navigating steamers and of his knowledge coa- 
cemingsteaiD-boiters, machinery, and steam as applied to navigation ; 
and the Secretary may, if he shall deem it expeditnt, before making or 
rtconmaiding an appointment, direct the applicant to be examined by such 
o^cer (^ officers of the revenue-cutter service as he may select for the pur- 

Sec. 205. The com missioned officers of the revenue-cutter service 
shall be captains, firstlientenants, second lieutenants, third ii! 
lientenants, chief engineers, first assistant engineers, and "■ ■"""». '"^ 
second assistant engineers; and such chief engineers, fii'st assistant 
eogioeers, and second SRsistant engineers, shall, I'cspectivcly, have the 
relative rank and pay of the first lieutenants, second lientenants, and 
third lieutenants ; and the said officers shall be assigned to duty as the 
Secretary of the Treasury may direct ; and there shall be provided for 
each revenne-cutter such number of petty officers and seamen as, in the 
opinion of the said Secretary, may be necessary to render such vessel 
efficient for the service required in each case ; and the said , ,u,. „ ,, „, 
Secretary is hereby authorized to cause contracts to be '" "" *■ "^ 
made for the supply of rations for the^//y ofilcers and men of the ves- 
sels employed in the revenue-cutter service, or procwre them in open mar- 
ket if he shall deem it for the interest of the United Sta:es so to do. 

SEC.20(i, The officers of the revenue cutter service shall be deemed 
and are hereby declared to be officers of the customs, and shall 
lie subject, under such regulations as the Secretary of the "'' ™' ' ** 
Treasury may prescribe, to the direction of such collectors or other 
chief officers of the customs as IVom time to time may be designat<-d for 
the purpose ; and they shall have authority, and are hereby i-eqnired 
and directed, to go on board all vessels which shall arrive in the United 
States, or shall be found withiu four leagues of the coast thereof, and, if 
bound to the United States, to search and csamino the same, and to 
demand, receive, and certil^v the manifests required by this act to be 
prodded by the masters of all such vessels, aud to put proi)er fastenings 
or seals oo the hatches, or other communications with the hohl or ot^r 
place in which cargo may be stoired, and to remain un board such vessel 
nntil she shall arrive at her port of destination in the United States. 
It »hall also be the duty of the offices of the rfventtecuttt^ service to exer- 
eise a careful and diligent supervision over the coast, hays, inlets, rivers, and 
creeks within their respective cruising grounds, for the prevention of illicit 



trade, and the security of the rerenve ; and they are hereby empowered tv' 
seize and detain any vessel trhicti they shall hare reasonable cause to hetiere 
has been or is engaged in illicit trade, and any merchandise tr AicA they shall 
hare like cause to believe has been fraudulently imported into the United 
States either on the icatcr or on the land. Hut, in all cases of seizure, re- 
jaort shall be made forthwith to the collector of the district in which seizure 
may be made of the fact of such seizure, the circumstances attending the 
same, and the reasotts therefor ; and a copy of such report shall be imme- 
diately transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Skc. 207. TLe captain or commainler of each reveime-cntter slmll 

ist.!,.n„<»», make a weekly return to the collector, or other cA(^ officer 
IK >u.. », inft ■ ny f),g customs under whose direction he is placed, of the 
transactions of the cutter under his command, sjieciljing the vessels 
boarded, their names and desci'i[>tion, the names of their respectire 
masters, the ports or places from which they last sailed, and the ports to 
which bound, whether laden or in ballast, whether vessels of tb« United 
States or to what other nation belont^ing, whether provided with the 
required manifest or manifests, and generally, all such matters as it 
may be necessary for the collectors or other officers of the customs to 
be made acqnainted with for the proper execution and enforcement of the 
laws. I 

Sec. 208. The vessels of the revenue-cutter service shall, whenever 
the President of the United States shall so direct, co-oper- 
"^'*°* ate with the Navy of the United States, durin)^ which time 

they shall be under the direction of the Secretary of the Savy, and the 
expenses of such vessels, while so employed, together with the compensa- 
tion of the officers, petty officers and cretcs, and their subsistence, shall be 
uflui..iL,.M». defrayed by the agents of the Navy Department. And the 
'*■ '">■*■ i-ia. ■ officers of the revenue-cutter service, when co-operating 
with the Navy, shall be entitled to relative rank as follows : captains, 
with and next altar lieatenaut commanders; first lieutenants and cAi>/ 
engineers, with and next after lieutenants j second lieutenants and first 
assistant engineers, with and next after masters in-line; third lieuten- 
ants and second assistant engineers, with and next after passed midshipmen. 

Sec. 209. The collectors or surveyors, if any, of the respective dis- 
1 st.1, .1 1., no, tricts may, with the approbation of the Secretary of the 
(lai MwtiTw. Treasury, provide and employ such small open row-boats, 
sail-boats, and steamers in each district, together with the number of 
persons to serve in them, as shall be necessary for use in ^oing on board 
of vessels, and otherwise, for the better detection of frauds. 

Sec. 210. The cutters and boatsemployed in theserviceofthe<ni8f(tiM 
revenue shall be distinguished from other vessels by an 
"^''™ ensign and pendant, with such marks thereon as shall be 

prescribed and directed by the President of the United States; and in 
case any vessel liable to seizure or examination shall not bring to, on 
being required, or on lieing chased by any cutter or boat having dis- 
played the pendant and ensign prescribed for vessels in the customs 
revenae service, it shall be lawtul for the captain or commander of 
such cutter or boat to Are at or into any such vessel which shall not bring 
to after such pendant and ensign shall be hoisted and a gun shall have 
been fired by such cutter or boat as a signal; and such captain or 
commander, and all persons acting by or under his dii'ectiou, shall be 
indemnified from any penalties or actions for damages for so doing; 
and if any person shall be killed or wounded by such firing, and the 
captain or commander aforesaid shall be prosecuted or arrested therefor, 
such captain or commander, and such persons acftnjf by or under hit direc- 
tion, shall be forthwith admitted to bail. And if any vessel or boat not 


pniptoyed in tlie service of tlie eustomx revenue uliall, within tLe jaris- 
diction of the Uniteil States, carry or liuist any pendant or ensign pre- 
(tcribeil for ^essela in the service aforesaid, the master of the vessel so 
uSeDiliug shall forfeit tind pay one hundred dollars. 

Sec. ill. Whenever an officer of the rerenuecuUer service sliall be 
charged icith willful neglect or improper per/ormatiee of duty, or with con- 
diKl unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, or injurious to the public serviee^ 
lie cage shall be duly investigated, under the direction of the Secretary of 
the Treasury, and if, upon examination, such officer shall be found guit^ 
of the offense charged, the case sliall be reported, tcith the testimony and 
inch recommendation as the Secretary may deem proper to make, to the 
President, icho, if he approve such finding, shall thereupon suspend such 
officer from the serviJ^e, tcithout pay, for a period not exceediMj twelve 
nonths, or, in his discretion, may dismiss such offico- from the service. 


Sec. 2L3. It shall be lawful to iiniiort any merchandise into the col- 
lection districts of the United States which are or may l>e , .u^ „ ^, ,^ 
established contiguous to any foreign territory, in vessels or ^3^"^ "* ""■■•■ 
bouts of Hiiy burden, and in rafts, vehicles, or otherwise. , ,„, „ ,. ,^ 
Ami it shall be the duty of tbo master of any vessel, and ' '■ ""'■ '' ""■ 
of every person having charge of any boat or raft-, and of the conductor 
of any railroad car, and the driver of uny vehicle, and of every other 
person coming from any foreign territorycon(iJ7UQiuito the United States 
vith merchandise, to deliver, immediately on his or her arrival within 
the United States, a manifest of the cargo or lading of any such vessel, 
boat, raft, car, or rehiclc, or of the merchandise so brought from such 
fureign tfrritciry, at the oHlce of any collector which shall be nearest to 
the biinndary line, or nearest to the road or waters by which such mer- 
I'lianilJHO is bi-uugbt; and every t^nch nianifest shall be vcrilied by the 
ilectitralion of the person delivering the same, which ilccliiration shall 
be made before such collector nr the deputy collector, and shall state 
that such manifest contains a lull, just, anti true account of the kinds 
anil iimintities of all the uicrchuiidi.sii brought from such foreign terri- 
tory; and if the master, owner, conductor, or driver having charge of 
8iii-h vessel, buat, nift, car, or vehicle, or other person bringing mer- 
I'lmiidise as aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse todeliior the manifest 
Iieii'hi recpiiied, or jiass by or avoid such oilice, the merchandise so im- 
ixwtcd Nhall be fiuTeited to tlie United States, together with the vessel, 
iKMit, or raft, and the tiuilile, a|i)iarH, and furniture of the same, or the 
roe, oc vehicle, irith the aiiimttls and appliinifcis of ichatercr nature eia- 
ptnyc'l in Moriug the same, as the c;)ise may be ; and .such master, con- 
tiuctor, driver, or other person shall he subject to pny, in addition to the 
foTigoinij penalty, four times the talnc of the merchandise so ^^ 

iinpnyliii. And any collector or deputy collector in any col- 
lection district contiguous to any foreign territory, to whom a manifest 
of any luercbandiHC subject to duty shall be delivered as aJoresaid, is 
herehy authorized to reijuire the importer thereof to pay, or scenre to 
be paid, ia acconlauco with law, the proper duties thereon. But all 


itterehandiae imported as aforesaid tchich shall be specified in the manijm, 
verified before the collector of the district in which it first arrived, to be 
destined for another district or districts, viay prmxed in the vessel, boat, 
raft, car, or vehicle in ichich such merchandise icas imported from that 
district to any other district in the United Slates, and so from district to 
district, in order to the entry, landing, ajui delieeri/ of the same under the- 
oertijied manifest and bond provided for in this act, and th« duties on 
such of said merchandise only as shall be landed in any such district or 
districts shall be required to be paid thereon. 
Sec. 213. It eitiaM bo the dtily of the miMter of any foreign vessel. 

II9..I .. I i«, '"''^•^ ^^ i" ballast, nrrivinp in the waters of tlie United 
11'; i^*.'"'*'"* States from any loreigu territory contiguous to the United 
atatea, to report at the otGce of any collector or deputy 
collector of the customs, which shall be nearest to the point at which 
such vessel may cuter said waters; and such vessel shall not proceed 
further inland or coast icise, either to unlade or take in cargo, without a 
special permit from such collector or deputy collector, issued under and 
in accordance with such general or special regulatious ns the Secretary 
of the Treasury may from time to time prescribe. And for any viola- 
tion of this section such vessel sbatl be seized and forfeited, f 
Sbc. 21i. Ko merchandise taken in any vessel from any x>ort or place 

USUI .t I iM in f '6 United States, on the fi-ontiei-s thereof, to a port or 
LS.ri'Wioi"* pliice in the same or another collection district of the 
United States on said frontiers, shall l>e unladen or 
delivered from such vessel within the United States except in open day, 
that is to say, between the rising and setting of the sun, unless by 
special license for that piiriHtse from the coHoctor or other principal 
officer of the port, nor at any time, without a permit from such collector 
or other principal officer for such unlading or delivery. And the 
owner or owners of every vessel, whose master shall neglect to comply 
with the provisions of this section, shall forfeit and pay to the United 
States /or each offe/isea sum not less than one hundred dollars nor more 
than live hundred dollars: Provided, ThattheSecretaryof the Treasury 
may from time to time make such reRulations as he shall deem necessary 
for or concerning the uolading or clearance of vessels In the night-time, 
any port or place on the said frontiers. 
Sec. 21o. That all merchandise, baggage, j^t^rsofiaf effects, and other 

II BKi. .r r, 1117. Articles imported from any contiguous foreign territory, 
*■■ ■'"«"■■«'' and all vessels, cars, vehicles, or means of conneyance used 
in such importation, shall, except as hereinafter provided, be unladen 
in the presence of, and duly Inspected or examined by an authorized 
officer of the cnstums at the first port of entry, station, or custom-house 
in tbe United States where the same inny arrive, and for the purposes of 
such inspection or examination such otHcer may require the owner, 
master, conductor, or person having command or charge of any snch ves- 
sel, car, vehicle, or means of conveyance, or of any part thereof, closed or 
otJiertrisc, or any owner, agent, or person in possession or having the 
custody or control of any baggage, personal effects, or other articles, to open 
tbe same and submit tite contents for inspection or examination as aforesaid, 
or to deliver to him such key or keys, and impart to him such informatioii, 
as may be necessary to enable him to open, and inspect the contents of, any 
such vessel, car, vehicle, or means of conveyance, or any part thereof, or 
any trunk, box, traveling-bag, or sack, \ uli^, portmanteau^ urapper, or 
other envelope. 

Sbc. 216. In case of refusal or neglect to comply vith the requirements of 

.iM,(H. the foregoing section, or either of them, such officer shall fMnd 

the further progress of such vessel, oar, vehicle, or mean* of 


mtpegance, or of aueh baggage, pergonal effects, or other articlee, and shall 
detain the same for inspection or examination as aforesaid, and may use all 
laicfnl irags and means at his disposal, or subject to his control, for that 

Sec. 217. As aoon theronfter as may be practicable the officer shall 
proceed to open and esainiue such vessel, car, vehicle, or m,.,,, lw. 
Means of conoegance, detained as aforetaid, and if any merchan- "■ ■'""•'■i*^' 
duK, baggage, effects, or other articles subject to the payment of duty, 
shall be found thereiu, the same, together with the vessel, car, vehicle, or 
ntnuu of conceyance, containing ike same, shall be forfeited to the United 
States, and !<hall be held by such ofBcer, to be disposed of as the law 
provides m other similar cases of forfeiture. And such officer shall in 
tike manti^r proceed to open and examine every trnnk, box, traveling bag, 
or tad:, valise, portmanteau, wrapper, or other envelope, detained as afore- 
mid, and if any article or article subject to the payment of duty shall be 
found therein, such trunk, box, bag, or other envelope, together with the con- 
tents, shall be forfeited to the United States on aforesaid. 

Sec. 218. That to avoid such unlading, inspection, and examination, 
application may be made by any owner, agent, or other duly 
authorizal person, previous to such importation, to any "'*' 

officer of the United States duly authorized to act in the premises, to 
tloBC and seal such vessel, car, vehicle, or means of conveyance, or bag- 
gage, per«)iiaf effects, or other articles, nnder and according to regula- 
tions to be established by the Secretary of the Treasury for that purpose, 
nhich officer shall close and seal the same accordingly, whereupon the 
same may proceed to the port of destination without further inspection 
or detention : Provided, That nothing herein contained shall exempt any 
vessel, ear, vehicle, or thing, from such examination aa may be necessary 
and proper to prevent frauds upon the revenue or any evasion or viola- 
tion of this act. And provided further, That every such vessel, car, 
vehicle, or means of conveyance shall proceed, without unnecessary delay, 
lo the port or place of destination, as named in the manifest, and there 
be unladen, and the contents inspected and examined according to law. 

Sec. 319. If any owner, master, conductor, agent, or person in com>»and 
or charge of any vessel, car, vehicle, or means of conveyance, 
closed and scaled as aforesaid, shall not proceed therewith '^'"' 

to its place of destination as aforesaid, and theix) make proper delivery of 
the same, together mth the contents, to the proper officer of the customs, 
or shall nnlade or dispose of, or permit to be unladen or disposed of, by 
sale or otherwiite, such vessel, car, vehicle, or ')neans of conveyance, or the 
contents or any part of the contents thereof, before such delivery, be 
shall be deemed guilty of telooy, and, on conviction thereof before any 
ranrt of competent jurisdiction, pay a fine not exceeding one thousand 
dollars, or be imprisoned for a term not exceeding Bveyears, orboth, at 
the discretion of the court; and such vessel, car, vehicle, or otAer means 
of conveyance, with its contents, shall be forfeited to the United States, 
and may be seized wherever found within the United States, and disiiosed 
of and sold as in other cases of forfeiture : Provided, That ^^ ^^ 

uothing in this section shall be coustrned to prevent sales °"' 

of cargo, in whole or iu part, prior to arrival, to be delivered, on arrival, 
purtuant to the manifest and alter due inspection and entry according to 

Sac. 220. If any person or persons shall break, remove, or in any 
mauner violate or tamper tctth, or aid, abet, or assist in vio- 
ialing or tampering u^th, any lock or other fastening, or any '^' ^ 

«e»l or other device, aatnorized and nsed in pursuance of law, or ef regti- , 


lations made in accordance therewith, /or the purpose of securing the 
safe transit of any dutiable mereliandise, baggage, personal effects, or arU- 
cles, or shall, leith fraudulent intent, affix, attach, employ, subtlitute, or 
usein any manner, any seal or device purporting to be for securing such 
safe tranml as aforesaid, authorized by law, or in any wanneraid, abet,or 
assist in so doing, Buch person or persons sball be deemed guilty of tel- 
ony, and, upon conviction before any court of competent jurisdiction, 
Bhall be imprisoned for a term not exceeding live years, or shall pay a 
fine of not exceeding one thonsand dollars, or both, in the discretion of 
the court. And any ittfringement of this section, icith the knoicledse or 
cottsent of the person in charge, or iiaving the custody and control, either of 
the means of conveyance or of the merchandise or articles conveyed, shall 
render such meatts of conveyance, or such merchandise or articles, It^Afe to 
forfeiture, and the same shall, upon due proof, be forfeited to the United 
Sec. 221. Any vessel of the United States, navigating the waters on iH ^^^ northern, northeastern, and northwestern frontiers, 
1!L ?'ij''^"" *'^'**<'^ shall hare been duty registered in accordance with tke 

""' " provisions of this act, muy be licensed either for the coaating 

or foreign trade on the said frontiers, or both, but ancb vessel shall be, 
in every other i-eapect, liable to the rules, regulatious, and |>enalties in 
force relating to registered and licensed vessels. 
Sec. 222. The ma!>tcr of every vessel licensed toengage in the foreign 

u»„t,.n_.i«, aid coasting trade on the said frontiers, shall, before the 
«i,i. j-ifLKM. departure of his vessel from a port in one collection dis- 
trict to a port or place in another collection district, present to the col- 

nm'i lim^w, lector, at the port of departure, duplicate manifests of his 
'"""••■"" cargo, or, if he have no cargo, duplicate manifests setting 
forth that fact, which manifests shall be subscribed, and the truth 
thereof declared, by such master, before such collector, who shall there- 
upon indorse upon such manifests his certificate of clearance, retaining 
one tobe filed in his office, and delivering the other for the nse of the 
master. And the master of any vessel licensed as aforesaid, destined for a 
port or place in another collection diitrict, but departing from a place Khere 
there may be no custom-home at ^chich clearance can be obtained as afore- 
said, shall have on board a vtanifest subscribed by himself setting forth the 
cargo laden at the place of departure, or at any intermediate place, or 
unladen at any intermediate place, or, if no cargo icas taken onboard either 
at tke place of departure or at any intermediate place, setting forth that 

an nf jbii 1, /"f*/ w"A*cA manifest shall be presented for certification to the 
im. proper opcer of the customs at tJte first intermediate port at 

irhich such vessel may arrive. And if any vessel clearing or departing as 

D,,! rLn:,ii,. aforesaid shall touch at any intermediate port or place in tke 
■'"""" "■""■ United States, and there dincharge cargo taken on board at an 
American port or place, or shall, at such intermediate port or place, take on 
board cargo destined for an American port or place, Ike same shall, in either 
case, be duly entered on the original manifest and reported to tke collector or 
other proper officer of the customs at such intermediate port, and a separate 
manifest of the cargo taken on board or unladen at such })ort filed with suck 
officer, or, if the master shall neither receive nor deliver any cargo, heshall 
so report and certify, and such o^cer shall indorse vpon the original mani- 
fest his certificate of clearance, and return the same to the master: Pro- 
vided, That no additional fees shall be required from vessels touching 
and reporting at intermediate ports, as aforesaid. 

Sec. 223. Within twenty-four hours after arrival at the port of desti- 

1^ nation, or at a port where the unlading of the cargo shall 

be completed, the master of any vessel sailing as aforesaid 


shall deliver bis original mauifest to tbe proper officer of the customs, 
<tr if there be none at tuch port, then to avch offit-er at the next port, vhere 
there xs one, at tchieh the vessel may next an ire, and hIuiU declare to the 
truth of such manifest. 

Sec. 224. The master of any vessel with cargo, passengers, or bag- 
gage, from any foreign i»ort or place, shall obtain a permit D,ot r„^ui.,. 

and comply with existing laws twfore discharging or land- ■■ ■"«■"« 

itig the same. And nothing herein contained shall exempt masters of 
vessels from reporting, as now required by law, any merchandise des- 
tined for a foreign port, but no permit shall be required for the uulad- 
iot; of cargo bronght from an American port. 

6ec. 225. The master of every vessel liceused as aforesaid, departing 
from a port or place in a collection district of tbe United 
States, destined for another port or place in thesamedistriot, 
sb^l have on board a manifest subscribed by himself, setting forth the 
lading of what kind soever on board such vessel, which manifest shall 
be delivered to the proper officer of the customs at which the unlading 
of the cargo may be completed, or if the same be completed at a place 
hating no cuatomhovae, then to the collector or other proper officer at the 
next port at tchieh sueh vessel may thereafter arrive. And all manifests 
herein required to be carried on any vessel licensed as aforesaid, shall 
be at all times subject to the inspection of the officers of the customs, 
and shall l>e exhibited to any such officer by the master of any sucb 
vessel, when thereunto required. 

Sec. 22G. If any vessel licensed as aforesaid shall touch at any port 
or place in tbe adjacent British provinces, and the master ,t », i». 
sliall purchase or receive any articles for use on board such ' " '"'' '*■ '■" 
vessel, he shall re[X)rt the same, with the quantity and cost thereof, 
designating the same as " sea-stores,'' to the collector, or other proi)er 
officer of the customs, at the first port in the UniMd States at which he 
shall nest arrive, and shall declare to the truth of sucb report, and that 
the articles so designated are truly intended for such use, and no other; 
and if uiwn examination by such officer the quantity shall be deemed 
by biiu reanojiahle and ner-essary for the use of sucb vessel until she cau 
reacb a ytart, in tbo United States where such sea-stores can m •<„,.„ i.. iw, 
Ik- obtained, such articles shall be free of duty, but if there '' "'" '"■ '"' 
■)(■ any excess, such offl<;er shall estimate and levy the duty on such 
excess, which shall be forthwith paid, andindefault of svcit payment such 
txnss nhall be forfeiterl, and shall be immediately seized awl detained by 
nuch o^cer, to be disposed of accord intj to late. And for a tdll/ul infraction 
"/ the foregoing provision, the master of such vessel may, in addition, be 
linetl a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, and such vessel shall be 
litilile to forfeiture : I'rovideiljhotcerer, That dutiable articles purchased 
ingoodfaiih, for use or for siile on board, as ''saloon stores or supplies," 
may be entered and the duties tiiereou paid at the first port of arrival 
in tlie United States, and fur a failure to su report and enter the siime 
and pay such duties, all such articles, together with the fixtures and 
iippurleuances of any saloon or place <m board such vessel Khere the same 
may be deposited or exponed for vn/c, shall he forfeited, and any person 
kiuiKmgly keeping or exposing the same for sale, without payment of duties 
itH aforesaid, may, in addition, bo fined not e.\'c<-eding five hundred dol- 
liir», and imprisoned not more than six months. 

Sue. 227. All merchandise arriving at the ports of Xcw York, Boston, 
I'ortlaud, or any other port on the Atlantic coast, which may u^u^,, l.^s, 
be nijecially designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, "■ J-'"*."* 
deatioed for anv port or place in the Vominion of Canada, or in any.of 


the adjacent British provinces, or arriving at any port on the Oulf of 
Mexico, duslgnateA as aforesaid, destined for any port or place in the 
repnblJc of Mexico, may be entered at the cnstoin-boose, and conveyed, 
in transit, tiiroufrb or over tbe territory of the United States, without 
the payment of duties, under sucb rules, regulations, and conditions 
for tbe protection of tbe revenue as tbe Secretary of the TreaHary 
may from time to time prescribe. 
Sec. 22S. Imported merchandise in bond, or duty paid, and products 
itnu •<u.3K. or manufactures of the United States, may, with tbe consent 
'* *-w.iia of tbe proiwr authorities of the Dominion, provinces, or re- 
public aforesaid, be transported from any one port or place in the 
United States, through or over tbe intercening foreign territory, to any 
other jioct or place in the United States, by such routes, and under 
snch rules, regulations, and conditions as tbe Secretary of the Treasory 
may prescribe ; and the merchandise, products, or manufactures so tmns- 
ported shall, upon arrival in the Uoite<l States, after sucA transit through 
or over such foreign territory, be treated, in regard to tbe liability to or 
exemption from duty or tax, as if the transportation had taken place 
wholly within the limits of tbe United States. 


Sec, 229. This act may be cited for all purposes as the " Skipping and 
customs act of 1873." 

Sec. 23U. In the construction of this act the following ternis shall hare 
the respective meaning, operation, and effect hereinafter assigned to them, 
namely : "Declaration^ shall be equivalent to oath or affirmation, and shall 
mean both tlie act of declaring and tite statement, paper, or thing, the truth 
of which is declared ; " collector " shall mean the officer who is the legally 
appointed and qualified collector of the revenue from customs, or lawfully 
acting as sveh for the time being ; " vessel" shall mean every description of 
craft used for transportation on water, and not propelled with oars or by 
manual power ; " mast^" shall mean every person other titan a pilot, who for 
the time being shall have charge or commattd of any vessel; "seaman" shaU 
include every person, except Ike master and pilot, employed or engaged in 
any capacity on board and in tlie service of any vessel ; " country" shall 
ntean all the possessions of a nation, hoicever widely separated, which are 
subject to the same supreme legislative and executive authority ; " consular 
officer" shall mean any consul general, consul, deputy consul, vice-consul, 
consular agent, commer^al agent, or vice-commercial agent of the United 
States ; ^frontier" shall mean and include the territory of the United States, 
or any part thereof bordering upon tlie confines thereof or adjacent to 
foreign territory; "merchandise" shall include goods, wares, and merchan- 
dise of every description ; '^paciage" shall mean any separate parcel, what- 
ever may be the material or form of the envelope or covering, and whatever 
may be the contents thereof, whetlier solid or liquid, and witether such con- 
tents are, or are not, divisible into separate parcels; "vehicle" shall mean 
any car, cart, wagon, sleigh, sled, dray, or carriage of any sort used for 
transportation on land. 

Sbo. 231. Consular and customs officers of the United States and officers 
of the Treasury Department shall, when requested, and under such reguia- 


tioits and limitations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe^ 
fumiik to any officer or person having occasion there/or, certified copies 
of ojjiciat papers and documents in their custody, given on exportation, or 
otherwise, under the proviaiona of the customs revenue laws of the United 
States, and such copies, procured as aforesaid, and certified to have come 
from the officer having the custody of the originals, shall be admissible as 
evidence of the contents thereof before the courts, or in any legal proceedings. 

Sbc. 232. Xo bond required under any provision of this act, or by any 
regulation made in pursuance thereof, shall be accepted by ^^^ 
any collector of customs uiileaa the sureties thereof are citi- ^|J^'''>" »•'■ '■ 
zensof and resident in tbe United States, but in the exe- *■"•.» "'- 
cation of any sveh ixtnd a scroll opposite the signature, irt'/A the letters 
"£. S.,^ or the icord "seal'" inclosed therein, shall hare the same legal 
effect as a seal. 

Sec. 233. No officer or other person couoected with the Xavy of the 
United States, or jeith the revenue-cutter service, shall, UDder , f,„, „ ,., „. 
any pretense, except as in this act othencise provided, import ' " -""^ "■ "^ 
in any vessel otcned or employed by tbe United States any nierchandiso 
liable to the payment of duty. 

Sec. 234. No officer of the cnstoms, or other person employed nnder 
the aatbority of the United States in the collection of the , „., ., t., ». 
duties imposed by law on merchandise imported into the »« «"■ m"* 
United States, and on the tonnage of vessels, shall own, either in whole 
or in part, any vessel, or act as agent, attorney, or consignee for tbe 
owner or owners of any vessel or of any cargo or lading on board the 
same; nor shall any offlcfr of the customs or other person employed in 
tbe collection of the duties as aforesaid, import or be concerned, di- 
rectly or indirectly, in the importation of any merchandise for sale, into 
the United States, on penalty that every person so otTendiug, and being 
thereof convicted, shall forfeit and pay the sam of five hundred dollars. 

Sec. 235. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby empowered, author- 
ised, and directed to make all needful rules and regulations, 
and also to prepare and prescribe, for the use of the custom- iiii"'>i'' t !?«' 
houses in the United States, the several forms of official papers, *""'** 
including bonds, requisite to carry this act into effect, and from time to time 
to alter or modify the same when necessary to conform to any changes made 
by subsequent acts; and in all cases in vhich the prescribed forms shall be 
ndnlanlially observed, no penalty or disability shall be incurred by any de- 
viation therefrom: Provided, hwever, That no injury to the revenue shall 
result from suck deviation. And the Secretary of the Treasury shall also 
prescribe the size and form of all blank books and blanks used j„i, ». ,w, « &. 
or needed by collectors and other officers of the customs in their ""■ "" 
respective districts, and shall cause the same to be prepared and furnished, 
tocher icith all necessary stationery, for the use of their respective offices, 
upon due requisition, made by such officers from tiine to time, and in such 
manner as the Secretary shall direct, and sliall also cause to be printed and 
furnished to the several collectors of customs, and officers acting as collectors, 
upon like requisition made in like manner, all blanks or blank forms pre- 
scribed by law and regulations, and used or needed on the registration and 
license, entry and clearance, lading and unlading of vessels, and the entry, 
landing, icarehouaing, appraisement, withdrawal, bonding, transportation, 
exportation, and delivery of merchawlise, or, generally, for the collection and 
teeurityof the revenue from customs, to beby such officers supplied upon de- 
mand without clutrge, and to such extent as may be necessary and proper, to 
importers, shippers, and others having occasion thereof in the transaction of 
customhouse business. i - i 


Sec. 23C. In tJte trial or hearing of any civil action, cause, or proceed- 
ing arising or instituted under the customs revenue laws of Ute United 
States, no person shall be disqualijied from testifying as a witness by reato» 
of being a party to the suit or proceedings, or otfierwise interested in th« re- 
sult ; and in the trial or hearing of any criminal case, prosecution, or pro- 
ceeding, arising or instituted under tbelaics aforesaid, tJie defendant or per- 
son charged wiUt the offense shall have the privilege, at his own request, but 
not otAertcise, of testifying as a witness; and if any person shall make a 
JaJse declaration as to any matter, allegation, or thing which tJiis act requires 
to be verified by a declaration, he shall incur all the penalties of perjury ; 
^ind if any officer of the customs sliall knoicingly issue a false certificate, or 
otherwise aid in any fraud or attempted fraud upon the revenue, he thaJl, 
upon due proof thereof, if no specific penalty be annexed to such offense, be 
forthwith dismissed from office and thenceforth disqualified from holding 
office under the United States. 

Sec. 237. So mercbandiEe shiill, at any port or place od the nortb- 
•o» tu, *™' iiortheastern, or northwestern frontiers, be litden opon 

iift^'iiiJ'il'iiS: ^"^ vessel belonging wholly or in part to aliens, and taken 
tbence to a foreign port or place to bereladen and resliipped 
to any other port or place on said frontiers, either by the same or any 
other vessel, with intent to evade the provisions of the 42d seetion of 
this act, under penalty of forfeiture of such mercfiant^ue on arrival at such 
last-named port or place, and the vessel so arriving therewitlt shall pay 
A fine equal to fifty cents per ton on her admeasurements a further 
penalty for such violation of this act. 

Sec. 238. The Secretary of the Treasury may, in his discretion, dis- 
«n.rii8. continue i>orts of delivery at which the customs revenue col- 

» ""^i'i'u'li^' ^'^^ ^cithin the fiscal year is less than ten tliousand dollars, 
"" ' and ra«y abolish or Busi)eud the offices of naval officer, sur- 
tis/j'J^HiiS I'eyo*'. or any subordinate office in any collection district, 
except those of Boston, Sew York, Philadelphia, Baltitnore, 
Charleston, Savannah, Neic Orleans, Portland, {Maine,) and Han Fran- 
cisco, and assign the duties thereof to a deputy collector or to a» in- 
spector of the customs, and may also clothe deputy collectors, located 
at ports other tli^u the priuciptil port of entry of their respective dis- 
tricts, with all the powers of their principals appertaining to their offi- 
cial acts. 

Sec. 2:M), Any officer or employe of the customs who shall receive or con- 
11^ sent to receive, and any person who sliall offer, promise, or give, 

directly or indirectly, any bribe, gratuity, or reward, of what- 
ever nature, as an inducement to such officer or empUiye to neglect, omit, or 
in any manner fail to discharge his lawful duty, shall be liable to indiet- 
luent as for a high crime and misdemeanor in any court of the United 
States having Jurisdiction, and, upon conviction, shall he fined not ex- 
ceeding three times the amount or ralnt- so received, or agreed to be re- 
ceived, or so ollerod, promised, or given, and may also be imprisoned not 
exceeding three years. 

Sec. '2iO. No suit shall l>c nniintained for the recovery of duties al- 
,. (K leged to have been errooeously or illepilly exacted unless 

the plaintiff shall, on commencing his action, file with the clerk 
of the court a bill of particulars of Lis demand, giving the name of the 
importer or importers, the description of the merchandise and of the 
place i'rom whence imported, the ilate of the invoice and of the custom- 
house entry, the precise amount claiine<l, the date of payment, of filing 
of protest, and of appeal, together with the date of decisiou, if any,oa 
such appeal. 


Sec. 241. It shall be tlie duty of all collectors and otber officers of 
the cuatoiDs to o&Kert<e aud cairy into effect all iustructions i, su,. .1 ■.. w^ 
of the Secretary of the Treasnry relative to the execution "* *"t.jii»u 
of the cugtovta revenue laws of the United States ; and in case auy diffi- 
culty shall arise as to the true construftiou or meaning of any part of 
Buch laws, tbe decision of the Secretary of the Treasury sball, so far ok 
*uch collectors and other officers of tho customs are cunccrned, be Jinal 
and conclusive, and, tu sucA, binding upon them. 

Sec. 242. All acts and parts of acts inconsistatt tcith the protiaions of 
IhU act, and all acts and parts of acts supplied by the provisions of this 
act, inclvding statutory forma of enstmns bonda, are hereby repealed. But 
meh repeal shall not revive any act heretofore repealed, nor affect any secu- 
rity given, or any lialnlity accruing, or any offense committed, or any fine, 
penalty, forfeiture, or other punishment incurred, or any legal proceeding 
itistilttt^ or remedy provided for recovering or enforcing any such liability, 
penalty, forfeiture, or punishment as aforesaid, before this act tales effect. 

Sec. 243. This act shall take effect on and after the first day of July in 
tie year 1873. 

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rrMrl.Df IhernltedSUtM, wgiMerert veKwUtmly 

CiuiidaUonar VHMlarnlitlnllangl<itri-aIi<IUcepu* 

Ci'tliAcalf of Rcialry. rWecx of. u pruof of DbtioUBlitV! Kceiwe nqniilte tar farolED ttlde. . 

UuMnoHBlorvemel.; DombnrinK. An 

PrwT»diii|9i no rei!i»tnil(un ! proof of ownership; bond; Tcgintrj- 

Lhtuf flic tba frontwt trade 

KrffuirMn and tiG«ue of [rachla --.--->.-- '..-.,- ^''.-' '-'-- -^ — -.-..,.-- 

Hirboi bMU (nd UtfliMr* eiempt 

T>Dpiinry ntfatry and liceDH. piorlaiaii* Tot 3,:t0. 31.33 

lionthMof Hmumeoi rrKimrj uidUeenae; rnrma rwjalaite at.'a 

Sjlf or tnmifer of reglatend Teculai alterallon of rej[iiWred veaiwlB SS.S9, 30 

!>«■ Dt ikiHnUaii of urUlicaw otHccdm 3.36, IT 

Sintadrr of rertlfliate or liceuae 3« 

lEpnpaorfniidDi«iCBKo( oerliBciaM or Iknonaa S3. 33.33 

ivniltil' and liccnae alva^g ■nltle'^t tolnapcctlODi peoalty 34 

BUbifale, mDrtcam*. to- r«iiitjill»>» nf _ aS 

KwmiiK of bUki of aalB. m 

■--- - - "^ - . - - . <.ll,15,31 

ltH«4iii( of bilki ol sbIb. niortUK«a, &c,. eianlnatioD an 
IxnjmWdcmipsBlea, (peciKlprovtiiionB coDternliis . . . . 
Tu FLia to be c4iTled ouly by natiozia] and rei^lered vt 

J lilted II 
Minni to nport . 

Futrita naela to. _..„, — ... 

Fdiijn Tfti La. manlfriitt tvqaired fnm, 
rnliAoK orto in the Dlghl-tfii 

TiTi^ n. 

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koamrin ■anifeaU, rrqDiailua of; dpllvpr^ of^ psDBltleB 30,40 

ir loat OTmi«lHlcL on arrlTia. hood to be gtren. 45 

forbiddm tu enEaxejii Ihc ciuutlnif tradn... 

I of maaireaU may be iuhIod iteanierBiD certain uik> <1 

Eotrc of naarla and good* from rorelgn pon«i Secrelary of tbe Treaaury may egtabllab 

Maaifcuu of ar(ii. wbat to contain^ manifeMa of i|Ba*eni;en ; iienaltlea 4P, .M) 

Prodncllonof; ln»p«lluo hv boardfngoiHeerai pen^llm M,S3.S3 

riutborlinl ludlDKot nolaillDg of cartel penalllei - H.M 

>iipmDa Id land wiuoat Leave : penalty-.'.-. ..''...- '..'...'._. X 

U hoooi lo a port of deliTery, khalt come tu and nqKirt at port of entry ; rxi^oplLnlt to tbo 

P'^l»ll^Vii^■^[aiiAi['di«riVtiriVl>onc'lVp^^"inK^*"!!^'"'^ 69 

iacueofiDiKlDjiearKD, DfdiaaereementwlUimBDKbat «0 

i_^ ^'- - . '^ 3E with cjr^ Aeatiiied fur a foreign port 

rroni dlatriut to dlalrict In the ^ITtiltKd State* . . 

[D|-irlini loiel* procwdiag w 

"'-^o-vnivli plying rrirolarly on ci«»ln lines of ttsvol, aped*) proriniu „ — 

^ •wit pat lioR Inls port in diitreaa. pnceedinga rouoernlng - W 

oranded or •rrrcked. proceeilingi Eoucrrnlng 61 

ubatmcted io oaTlniimi, procopdluini nincernltie U 

atrfvinf fromcoiitipipoafortign ti-rritory, roetrlotioni on B9 

.1 I Intna to be drUvercd at po>l-o'ffiti.-bcrarD breaking bulk 'll 


^f inEft^l. tmr-iiat, and bond reqnUit^on ok-arance - ..- 13 

' Ifn BBanlfvfita. (for atatlHticnl piirpo«i-fl| .....-- - 11 

I lie uf rnnanlar frea to be rnniiahedim clearance IS 

n'«|HIal dan In l»r paM bpfurw cleamnee 10 

'lil'iBi.p^liaiilaw^; p™fnfor*eriBucetli*r*ef'twnir8d'''.'.'.l".!! I! ii;;.!.'.!..'! !!!.'!. 18 

|-'/">'r. 4.-.. tol»i..t.m.rdon rlp.r.incnof fnrplini vc-»*-U 19 

■ -Mb^^iH-uTly vr> ih. piiullnrf or till- [1lk^ a bill pniTldlng foe tbe reKlMrHtioii ol r"r.-ieu-b"llt 
' — 1. voimI by riilu-ni of ibc l^iiitad «wtm>, bill dBbarrimt them fiMm Iii« privilpEra of tlia 
'"•luiwlr. th* coaatlue trade, aud iJie fl>h«Hes, wa* aabmitted to CuiDinovi bv Cb.' f^eci-ctDiyof 
- ' rnai-arr wlib an riplualory letter, addreasod lo the Speaker of tb>< llouiie, nn ler dale of 





Reqnliiiltii of Fiilry, op Impnrtallon of msrcliandiip * 

Boud rorpnjdndtiuu uf luvitice , -- ,-.,',-^. '-.,,.-,... ^1 

i)eel««t!nii« im erlrj, icr., reqnliiitfls of « 

1>eclanUloBi In rnK of <W(«ac or lusolipnr; ^ 

Condlliolial FIIII7 In i^rtaln cam fl 

Dlnpoaltlonof niFrcliuulineiKitiluljrentaMil * 

AdTsnce on Involcml tbIdo, wlwn to be made A< 

Periods of e»|>ortatlon and innKjrtalion dedued 

it, penaltioH, &b 85, B5, i^, M, »; 

. Koodo. prooewiiogs In taao of M 

Derelietor _ . 

9eb4lor«a, roport tnu entry of _ 

Eiamlnalloiiof baraagB! oiaminatlon of iwassniif " mmppetiid of riiDoeidlnB; 

Entry of mercbsadliie, the gnwUi. producv, ormaiiulaGtunt of the United 3Ut«^ pniia- 

Laodinc prrmltd, when and hov to bo ^ranlort - --^ - --,.- '.. 

Proti'iit Atid apu-al, iJnmidi>nB OODConiibc ,.- ^ 

Kefunds. wb™ ami how inadi;: l.n.viH. 


InapFotorn placed onboard iinportloK Tfiutblii i tholrpowflra. dnllpn, aud reopooaiUUIiM... 
Men'hiuidigo to be nulailfu In tbn dny-tluie ; «i>wfal llctiiKO fur unlading byuigbt; penalty.. 

Penalty for rBniovlnubi-forBm-JghlnB. eaagine, Slo 

Provlnioua Hnd penitUli's affocttuK wuijbera and gnnRBni 

AUowanoefor Urei exuenaeof welKhinK. &c, in nertain ciHM 

KBtomi to be made by dlBrliarKfneolBvKi'*: how dlapoted of. 

Unclaimed and jten^ral^rtleT jfoocU, prorliilona conoeraina- ..-.-..,.-..-,.....-..''.., 1 

Ijffliirortttiabl, elTwtof 


AppralMinMit.olijpt'l and effect of 

Additional duly, irhrn Inipoard; dniRnotlon of tenipunry appnlKn 

BplTJla and irlneni bnndlue [ato of jiruof 

Compensation of mrrcliaot appraleeni: by vhoiupald 

TrBTeling appralaei 

lioation or appmnnieut; punal ajul ai]| monttaa' iioiida; provl^ann 
Ac.; apeclal provlftlona 

jinerated HTlklf ^ aMeaiunent of dulle* on 

When addltlnnal bond floni ooneror conalgnee may be nqoired 

Secrotary'i power to regulate appralBemonte......... -.........--..-..-- 

TITLE vni. 

Uvnrral pravji'lon for warelionalng of imported merchuidlH 

ClaaaiflcalioD and reqniiiti-a of buniled warehoniiea 

Importing vewela may benaed, temporarily, aa bonded warebonaea - 

Warehauiea, bondi reouimi fur 

Withdrawal of bonded Rooda for consumptJon or exportation 

declaratioDa, nhen to be made by fegenta ...... ..,..-. 

Tranaportation boadn; how csncoled ..,.,....-.....-..-........- ..,--... 

oviT forel^i territory 

in baud, without eiamloaUon at fliat port 

Eiportalion bouda. du radon of ; how oftnceied 

Eiporled mertbandiao frandnlrntly relanded; penalty 

Praadnlent cuoeealniunt i removal or converaloa of bonded nwds 

Kaatrictlonofonaiitlty wllhdrawb; loeaordamaKe while in bond 

Abatomenlof dutiea. In caaeaufcaanalty, while in bond 

Hiring of lempurary warehoussa fur the United atatea 

Aeeonnla and relaiiiB of colteclon coneeraing bonded good! 

UlaorlmlnalingoraddlllanalduUeB; no diswhuik allowed 

CMapenaallon of ttarebMpcra i by whom paid 

Cnaluma TCTenne bonds, general pnivlaions concerning 

RrgnlatluDS coDceming warchoasra, power of the Secn-Iary (omake 

under the retenne laws to Id- rei«rted loCougresi 


Drawback, genera] provialoiisc-nncenilDg. .,-..-..-.....- 

on Imnotnl material* itsnd In diHiiealic mtinulbctnres ; conditima rs^nlalie ; 
apeclal prnTialons concern log .-._..__ 

on eiporla hvm other than district of original importation 

Traoslerof inrrchaudliie from original paekHge* 

Forfeltnre Ineiirretl by eertain fraudulent proiteedinpEa 

certilicalvfi, wheu payatdt 

irom owe- ■*'--'- .-..— -.- 

When d«l< 
Unwbach 1 

dfatricta, _ 

alionaon entiirs fur drawback may be made by a( 




of Tshlrlen and pcrsniu wupected oruDUffi^g 

8arch'Wimuita, when to luas; baweiecnted 

PovfT to BammoD jUAiatance; ponalty for ivfaailii;. 

Balnbact laofflcen; penalUn lnciuTed bj- 

Ciiil nntd]' for ditmagra ; Mlicd property IrrcplaTUble.-- 

TruilDlrat imporUtioiit, iDtrlu, or dnTlDes b> evade datln : oollnaiou between impoi 

mdvfficen; penalUni incnrred 

CdHolinent OT deitructloD of tuvolwK, UHihs. or paprre 

n ..__. -. — id ex»iniii»UoD of InvoiMis. books, or papers 

IHnHidtiiMi of ] 

M (a Sacntiry of the Treunr}- ; c 

A payment ol Sue* and penalUeSi il paid to report the fael 

re report to dlfltrict 
ilaij' of district att( 
how dinHMtd "'- — 

at liktritt 


strict attonieya ID raireDve cawe, how regulated and paid ; other ex. 

— '~- DODdemnatloD of prapertj aeliwd ; ]ipht« of elalmaDta; bend to be glvna ; 

., — le loiDolnde dnllea on TSHela and pnili ; bond, how diaohiriced ; carUBcate 

ur pcstHble canae ^ lien upon tbihI for peoaltlei Iniurred by owner or muler. 

Siln under deoneaof farfeiinre; dlipoaition of proceeda; aaleaof perlahable piopertyby 

Pmnnf Judge, Id vacationi, relative lo dtapoaltlon of property iiniler aelinre 

inuasot eieeediDK KOO in valoe. to be appn^sed. bc.aDd iwld byoolteotot; rigbu of 

diliunli; pmeeedtBRarvqiiiiilte: wile, bow made; dlipinltlon of proceeda 

ItKlmUon of prooaeda, how obtained 

K ml applied for, Seivetarr lo dlatribule after all monlha 

P«Ubable pioperty at live animali, valne nut eioeodtDK |S00, nay be mM by eoneotot on 

f^BMobb bonda, when tohepnt in anit; rl^htaof United Statee aa prefifrred credltom ; niuiy 
belnnafenvdi liabiUty of eiaouEora ^ iuaolTsncy defined : Inlereat on booda 

Jnteieiila fnr dutieaoayable in coin 

IKKiirt MIoneya todefandoaatonuofflccralu buIIb baanl on official aetBi f 
limi In audi oaaea. how aaoertained and paid i on certlBoate of prohahle c 
ItbeitaTHlntidJuilKiDeDlsatfalDat tuatonii ofBccra paid or aaUafled by the Secretar 

Kd pmmal Uabillly foTDortaor damages to attach wbeii oertlSoaCe of probable can* 

Pncffldinga i^ State conrts agaiiiat cuatinns oSotra. how remOTeii lii United StaM ooni 

ceediui by or for the Uniud Statea, while pei^nr In SUIe conta, not atayed or eu 
»A«d[^ operation of SUtelawa: final Judemenls or decreea of 8tate eonrta, afltetli 
MDnitadSlatee. may IwniTlewed in the cJniDitcoDrta of the United Statea 

r; GoUector to fomLah Infon 

SwMiryoflheTreaiinryniayiiiiWgateorremlldurfpQrtof Jodne 

mar dlapenae with report when amount involved ja not In ek- 

COM of 11,000 

may Older rclwie of aelinto on payment of appraised valoe wben 

^ nut over I1.Q0O "l .■;. 

rnxsNlanf flopi, penalliea, androrreltnrfa.whatdedncttona lobe made frami balanee, how 

itistrlbattd: to beloDK. in certain oaaea, wholly to the United SUlea 

tliEhUarinfomwr*; bow to be ealabUahed ; when to be delennloed by Ibe Seeretar; of 

^^tn allowance to inlbrniera antliarlied In oertaln caare 

wuoltinit olHcara of the enatomsi to be removod from olBce; fbrfallnrea inenrred by: 

puilty br DegleatiDK lo make retorna 

rtnaJtlta for falaely regUterinjr. oertliyinf;, or licenainf; veasela; acoeptlnfi rewards OOD. 

».»...■ — n — 1— 5r£f,nd in measurement of Teasels; oolloslon with intimners; 

hi neglect nf daty, « 
nmlse of claims fu f 
IT of the SeneUr;' o 

ect toDuuttvl of tbe Secretary of the 
d by Ibe Fre^enti qDsliflcaUan* 

ie President ; peniil^ for antavrai n*« of same 

EnalEnaodpendant to be prearrlbed by the President! penalty for at 
s«lect of, how punished 

H. Ex. 290 7 

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IinportatioDs DD the Iroiitlers. Kenenl pnilaiaiw eonnrolng Sn 

FonlEn v«mI* arrirliiK from coutlgnoua tDrnlKn torrtlory Ill 

'onlEn v«MU amrliiK front cout 
JtlUulTift of VAttteJa fgrthe frontier 

^U I pmiltie* Inonrriid In 

8laimi|n, detanUna, Bnd sminliutlloD of (waTey>iic«*. merohudlM. pMMSgen, bajigtm. 

maatttetUi pmilUe* Inonrrod IniwrialD vum au-ai 

VlmlBe Bail waDnr of onri, iui.. when lind by irbom (« be done SI 

PenikltleabroartdiDeTulriniarTloUtiaaaof the btr tll.Xi 

Llcensea for oomblped (oroijpi »ad oouxinK Imde fti 

3p«ciH] provlBkooft fviJLCflrnu]^ m&nifaiu on the nDrthem, nortbeAfttem, and 

Qnuitliy iif " Bea-aMren " op the frontlan. bowngnUCed; panBldoa. 

TraDait of ToiviaD Eoudq for Canada and M«iloo. 

arimpurLedordoincBtic products orerinterTming foreign lerrilary ,, 


Legal dcaltn>*tlDn of the a; 
meant ug and vH^ct o 
lartifled oopiei nf officii il 
impiirtMiana In natloiial vi 

Csrtifled oopiei nf officii ilocuTueats.bTnh'm . . . 
Q(iaUBcatiaii«ot>aretie*; how bi>nda may be analed... 

CnuMma offlcen not to b« laler»iled In veiweli or merchuidlie i peultr 

Seimlwy oTth* Treaanry to make reguUUiuK andpnuribe fonui oncbv tlie ast i Uanka to 

be flupplied drof it to iiaportera, &o. ,..", w 

WiMeesM Intenwted In revaniuj caaRS not dlw|iui1lfl«d ; pernone acenavd may totlty In 

thulT uwn behalf^ false decUratLoiia to conetitnte perjarj ; offiuera aiding the Gommlaftlon 

PortA ofileliTery. dl»wa(lnnau<w of: depnly aollectDta ati power* may beenlai^d by Uie 


Puntehment for flSei-inz or accepUni bribes 

Billaof paniouUninenMomieMe* 

QeiKTRl pDWi>r or Ibe Srcrelary to eieoute the cnatoms laws; cnatams ofllcera ta obey hla 

When to hike elftot \V//vV//////////////////"Vr///.'V.V.'.'".'.'-'.'.'"".'.'.'. '.'.'.' .'.'.'.'."."-'.'.'. 

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3, SO 





































as, 30. 33 




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xxii" '.;!", 



















40, H 335 







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Index to statutes, £c. — Coutinaed. 

M*r<:h 3.1901. 
M.y3.ieD2 .. 

February SS, 1; 
Much 3, ia«l. 

Uuvb IT, IBM 
Fabnury ai, I 
Match 3, 1813. 
Uuch 3, 1811. 
Minh 1, 18IT. 
Much 3, 181T. 

Fitbmuy 10, ll 
March 1. IcXi. 

Until 3. 1833. 
Uarch 3, 18^. 
March 3, 183S, 
March 3. lt>». 
May «8, IKW. . 














LXV .... 
ex L VII. 

Dale of act. 




















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Index to statutes, <£-c. — Continue^]. 










■■JJ i 



3 i 









Pobnurr 4, lero 


fthraiff m, IMS. 
Febnut; 3a IMS. 

Uucb agists 






i " 1 


CLxm .... 

LXXTI .... 

I i 


Lxxxm .. 









L*»t cUiue.) 



1»4, 138,IS3 

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Index to ttatutea, dx. — Goutinaed. 

Date of ut. 


BBeflon. SecUouiabUL 





















4B. 101.114 
















no, MS 

JiiIt!»,1BM I 



July «^ IMS 

ccxcvm . 









Fetnuiy 10 ISn .... 

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a Smm. i \ So. 204. 





CortttfoiuUnce relatiee to the differences of opinion which have arisen with 
rtgard to the po*rera of the Tribunal of Arbitration created under the 
Tn^of WaAingUttt. 

Ui.l'Td. — Rer«rreil tu tlip Committee od Foreign AlfairBaiKl urderetl to be printrd. 

r.i the HoKne of Reprotentatites : 

I tniDSmit herewith, for the iDfornisition of the Uotise of R«presenta- 
livi^ the correspondence whicb has recently taken place respecting the 
'liftetencps of opinion which have arisen between this Government and 
tliat of Great Britain with regard to the powers of the Tribunal of 
.\rliHration created nnder the Treaty eipned at Washington, May 8, 
I'^Tl. aiid which baa led to certain negotiations still pending between 
ttie two Governments. 

r. S. GRAyT. 
WisiitxciTox, Mug 1.5, ISTli. 

fAxl of Paper f. 

Ni. 1. Ijord Granville to General Schenck, Febrnary '.}, 1872. 

N'l. J. General Sclienck to Lord Granville, Febrnary 5, IS'-J. 

N". .'{. Mr, Fish to General Schenck, February 27, li^T2. 

N". 1. Same to same, Febrnary 27, 1872. 

Nil. r>. General Schenck to Mr. Fish. March 10, 1ST2. 

Xit. (>. Same to same, ^larch 21, 1S72. 

>i'. 7. Lord Granville to General Schenck, March 20, 1.S72. 

Meraorandam accompanying above. 
Nil. 8. Mr. Fish to General Schenck, April 10, 1S72. 
S», 9. General Schenck to Jlr. Fish, April 1, 1S72. 
Nit. 111. Mr. Fish to General Schenck, April 2, 1872. 
Sii. \\. General' Schenck to Mr. Ffsti, April 25, 1872. 



No. 1. 
Lord Gianvillo to General Sclienck. 

I'oEEiGN Office, Fehraary 3, 187i:. 

Slit : ller MH.jesty's Go^eriimeut have had under their consideration the 
Case presented OH behalf of tlie Government of the United States to the 
Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva, of whicli a copy had been presented 
to Iler Majesty's ageut. 

1 will not alltide, iii this letter, to several portions of the Uoited States 
Case, which are of comparatively smaller importance, but Her Majesty's 
OoveiTimeiit are of opinion that it will be in accordance with their de- 
sire that no obstacle should be interposed to the prosecution of the ar- 
bitration, and that it will be more frank and friendly toward the Gov- 
ernment of the Unitfid States to state at once their views respecting 
certain claims of an enormous and indefinite amount which appear to 
have been put forward as matters to be referred to arbitration. 

Her Miyesty's Government hold that it is not within the province of 
the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva to decide upon the claims for indi- 
rect losses and injuries put forward in the Case of the United States, in- 
cluding the loss in the transfer of the American commercial marine to 
the British flag, the enhanced payment of insurance, and the prolonga- 
tion of the war, and the addition of a large sum to the cost of tlie war 
and suppression of the rebellion. 

I have stated above the importance which Her Majesty's Govenimeut 
attach to the prosecution of this arbitration. 

The primary' object of the Governments was the flrui establishment of 
amijcable relations between two countries which have so many and such 
[>eculiar reasons to be on friendly terms \ and the satisfaction with 
which the announcement of the Treaty was received by both nations 
showed the strength of that feeling. 

But there is another object to which Her Majesty's Government be- 
lieve the Government of the iTnitod States attach the same value as 
they do themselves, namely, to give an example to the world bow two 
great nations can settle matters in dispute by refcrriag them to an im- 
partial tribunal. 

Her M^esty's Government, on their part, feel coafldent that the Gov- 
ernment of the United States are also equally anxious with themselves 
that the amicable settlement wbicb was stated in the Treaty of Wash- 
ington to have been the object of that instrument may be attained, and 
that an example so full of good promise for the future may not be lost 
to the civilized world. 

I have the honor to be, with the highest consideration, sir, your most 
obedient, bumble servant, 


General E. C. Schekck, rf-c, &€., &c. 

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Oeneral Schenck to Lord Granville. 

Lkgation op the United States, 

London, February 5, 1872. 

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, on the evening of the 
.3(1 instant, ot yoar note of that date, in which, after stating that Her 
Majesty's Government have had under their conBideratioti the Case 
presented on behalf of the TJuited States to the Trihunal of Arbitra- 
tion at Geneva, yon proceed to say that you will not allude to several 
portions of that Case, which are of comparatively smaller importance, 
bnt that Her Majesty's Government are of opinion that it will he in 
accordance with their desire that no obstacle should be interposed to 
the prosecution of the arbitration, and that it will be more franlc and 
friendly toward the Government of the United States to state at once 
their views respecting certain claims which you describe as of an 
enormous and indefinite amount, which api)ear to have been put 
forward as matters to be referred to arbitration. 

Yon then go on to state that Her Majesty's Government hold that it 
is not within the province of the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva to 
<Iecide upon the claims for indirect losses and injuries put forward 
in the case of the United States, including the loss in the transfer of 
the American commercial marine to the British flag, the enhanced 
payment of insurance, and the prolongation of the war, and the 
addition of a large sam to the cost of the war and suppression of the 

Referring, then, to the importance which Her Mt^esty's Government 
attach to the prosecution of the arbitration, you proceed to speak of 
the objects which Her Majesty's Government bad in view in that 
arbitration. The primary object, you say, was the firm estnblisfameDt 
of amicable relations between two countries which have so many and 
such peculiar reasons to be on friendly terms; and you add that the 
satisfaction with which the announcement of the Treaty ^as recei\'ed 
by both nations showed the strength of that feeling. 

But you say there is another object to which Her Majesty's Govern- 
ment believe the Government of the United States attach the same 
value as they do themselves, namely, to give an example to the world 
how two great nations can settle matters in dispute by referring them 
to an iiupari:ial tribunal. 

And yon close your note with the statement that Her Majesty's Gov- 
emmeut on their part feel confident that the Government of the United 
States are also equally anxious with themselves that the amicable set- 
tlement, which was stated in the Treaty of Washington to have been 
the object of that instrument, may be attained, and that an example 
so fhll of good promise for the future may not Im lost to the civilized 

The purpose of Your Lordship's writing ap[)eariug to be to notify me 
of the opinion which Her Majesty's Government hold as to the power 
of the l^bunal of Arbitration to decide upon certain claims for indi- 
rect losses and injuries put forward in the case of the United States, I 
Hball hasten to communicate yoar note with this information to mj Gov- 

In the mean time, I venture to assiire Your Lordship that the Govern- 
ment of the United States will be gratiftetl by this renewed assurance 



of the desire of Her Majesty's Goveniment that no obstacle should he 
interposed to the prosecution of the arbitration, aud by the frauk and 
friendly terms in which this statement of their views is made to me. 
The object which the Government of the United States proposed to 
itself in the Treaty, and the arbitration for which it provides being identr 
ical with tboae stated by Your Lordship — that is, the firm establishment 
of amicable relations between the two countries and the giving to the 
world an example showing how two great nations can settle matters in 
dispute by referring them to an impartial tribunal — I can further as- 
sure Your Lordship that my Government does reciprocate most fully and 
earnestly the anxiety that the speedy settlement by arbitration, which 
was provided for by the Treaty of Washington, may be attained, so that, 
as Your Lordship has eloquently expressed it, an example so full of good 
promise for the future may not be lost to the civilized world. 

I have the honor to be, with tbe highest consideration, my Lord, Your 
Lordship's most obedient bumble servant, 


No. 3. 

Mr. Fish to General Schenck. 

So. 145.] Department op State, 

Washington^ February 27, 1872. 

I have to acknowledge your So. 131(, of date of February C, inclosiQ;; 
copy of Earl Granville's note to you of the 3d instant, and of your 
rqily. , 

Yonr answer to Earl Granville is marked with your usual intelligence 
and prudence, and meets the warm approval of tbe President. 

You will receive herewith adispatch of the same date with this, giving 
the opinion of this Government on tbe question suddenly and abruptly 
raised by Her Majesty's Government, aud presented by Earl Granville 
nakedly and without any argument. 

Although no reply is invited by the note of the British Government, 
the nettlement of tUl causes of ditference betwoeu the two countries, 
and the successful example of the mode of settling interuationhl differ- 
ences established by the Treaty, are so earnestly desired by this Govern- 
ment, that we accept the friendly assurances of the British note, disre- 
garding its bald and sudden announcement of an opinion which wp 
think unsnstained by the history of tbe negotiations between tbe two 
Governments, or by the events which gave rise to the claims, and for 
which we see no logical foundation in the Treaty itself. 

You will, therefore, read the dispatch referred to to Lord Gninviilc, 
and may leave with him a copy in case he desires it. 
I am, sir, your obedient servant, 


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No. 4. 

Mr. Fish to General Schencl: 

Bepabtmest op State, 

Washington, February 21, 1872. 

SiE: I have laid tliii note from Earl Granville, addressed to you, 
liearing date tbe 3d of Febniarj-, iii»tant, before the President, who 
directs me to aay that he sincerely desires to promote that firm and 
abiding friendship between the two nations to which the note so happily 

It was nnder the inspiration of sach sentiments that lie accepted the 
invitation of Her Majesty's Government for the establishment of a Joint 
High Commission to treat and discnss the mode of settling certain 
(luestions referred to therein, and suggested on his own part that tbe 
proposed commission should also have authority to consider the removal 
of tbe differences which arose during tbe rebellion in the United States, 
growing out of the acts committed by the vessels, which have given 
rise to the claims generically known as the "Alabama claims," 

It was his earnest hope that the deliberations of the commission would 
result in an acceptance by Her Majesty's Government of the proposition, 
submitted by his direction, that a gross sum be agreed upon and paid 
to the Cuited States, as an amicable settlement of all claims of ever>- 
description arising out of siicb differences, instead of the lengthened 
coutroversy and litigation which he foresaw must attend any plan of 
arbitration. He was the more solicitous that such an amicable settle- 
ment, without tbe intervention of third parties, should be adopted, 
because he feared that so thorough and comprehensive a presentation 
before the Tribunal of Arbitration of the matters of law and of fact ou 
which tbe claims of this country rest, as it would be bis duty to cause 
to be made, might, for tbe moment, revive past excitements and grouse 
unoecessary apprehensions, if not imperil those ties of international 
kindness and good will be so much desires to strengthen and make 

The regret which he felt for the rejection by Her Majesty's Commis- 
sioners of tbe proposition for an amicable settlement is revived with 
great force by the necessity of this correspondence. 

The proposition for a Joint High Commission, which was made by Her 
Majesty's Government, would not have received tbe approbation of the 
President had be supposed it was not to comprehend a consideration 
and adjustment of all tbe differences growing out of the acts of the 
cruisers; nor could he have given his sanction to the Treaty had it been 
suggested to him, or had be believed that any class of the claims which 
had been presented by this Government were excluded by the terms of 
submission from presentation on the part of this Government to the 
Tribunal of Arbitration. It was, in his appreciation, the chief merit of 
the mode of adjustment adopted by tbe Commission, that it was on both 
liides a frank, full, and unreserved surrender to impartial arbitrament, 
noder tbe rules therein prescribed, of everything that bad created 
such differences. Whatever degree of importance might here or there 
be attached to any of these complaints, the President desired and in- 
teuded, as had tbe American Commissioners, that nli, of every form 
and character, should be laid before the Tribunal for its final and abso- 
lute disposition, either by recognition and settlement, or by rejection, 
la order that in tbe future the harmony of personal and political inter- 

L,,,_ Google 


course between the two countries miglit De%'er agaiu be disturbed by 
any possible phase of the controversy. 

In his opinion, since entry npon a thorough trial of the issues wbicli 
divide the two Governments could not be avoided, the claims for national 
or indirect losses, (referred to in the note of Earl Granville,) as tliey 
are put forward by this Government, involve questions of public law 
which the interests of both Governments require should be deliDitely 

Therefore it is with unfeigned surprise and sincere regret that Ihe 
President has received the intimation, conveyed in Earl Granville^s Dole, , 
that Her Miyesty's Government hold that it is not within the proviDtt 
of the Tribunal of Arbitration to decide upon certain claims for indirei'l 
losse-s and injuries. 

His Lordship, however, does not assign any reason for the opinion tbat 
losses aud injuries with respect to which there has been uo concral- 
ment — which were presented to the British negotiators at the optnin*: 
of the discussion in precisely the same manner as they are put fo^ta^1 
in the "Case" — not as claims for which a specific demand waiS made, but 
as losses and injuries consequent upon the acts complained of, and 
necessarily to be taken into equitable consideration in a final settlemeat 
of all difl'erences between the two countries — which remained nncbal- 
lenged through the entire uegotiatioiis, and not relinquished in the 
Treaty, but covered by one of its alternatives, are not within the juris- 
diction of the Arbitrators. 

Unadvised as to the reasoning which has brought Her Majesty's Goi- 
emment to the opinion stated by Lord Granville, the President is non- 
ble to adopt it ; bat, being con\'inced of the justice of his views that Ibr 
Treaty contemplated the settlement of all the claims of the United States. 
is of the opinion that he could not abandon tliem, except after a fair 
decision by an impartial arbitration. He seeks no meaning in the Treat; 
which is not patent on its face ; be advances no pretensions at Geneva 
which*were not put forth pending the negotiations at Washington. 

This Government knows not where to find the meaning or the iateni 
of the Treaty unless within the Treaty itself. 

The object of the Treaty, as declared in its preamble, was " to proviile 
lor an amicable settlement of all canses of difference between the tw" 
countries;" but the Treaty is not, of itself, the settlement; it is au 
agreemeut between the Governments as lo the mode of reaching a set- 
tlement, and its Article XI engages the contracting parties to consider 
the result of the arbitration as a full, perfect, aud final settlement of all 
the claims. Until that be reached, no proffer of withholding an esti- 
mate of the indirect losses, dependent ou the hope of an amicable set- 
tlement, can be claimed as a waiver or an estoppel. 

The first article recites that differences have arisen between the tw" 
Governments, aud still exist, and provides, "in order to remove anJ 
adjust all complaints and claims on the part of the United States, thai 
all the c\&ims growing out ofacU committed by the aforesaid vessels, and 
generically known as the 'Alabama claims,'" be referred to a tribnnal 
of arbitration, to be composed as therein provided. There is no limita- 
tion or restriction to any part or description of the claims. AU tbe 
claims growing out of certain acts, aud generically known as the "Ala- , 
bama claims," were referred. What they were is a question of fact aiwl , 
of history. Which of them are well founded is a question for the Tri- 
bunal of Arbitration. 

What are called the indirect losses and claims are not now pot forwanl 



Ibr the first time. For yenrs tbey have been promiiieutly and histori- 
cally part of the "Alabama claims." 

It would be saperfliious to quote, or, perhaps, even to refer to, par- 
ticular passages in the published iustructious of this Govemmeat to 
their minister to Great Britain; in the notes of tliat miuister to Her 
Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs ; or in other 
Iiublic papers, to show that the expectation of this Government has, 
from the beginning of the acts which gave rise to the " Alabama claims," 
been that the British Government would indemnify the United States. 
Incidental or consequential damages were often mentioned as included 
ID the acco notability. 

In the progress of the acts which gave rise to the claims, high British 
authority was not wanting to warn Uer Majesty's Government in the 
Rouse of Commons that " they had been inflicting an amount of damage 
on that country (the United States) greater than would be produced by 
many ordinary wars," and to indicate, as part of that damage, the losses 
to whose presentation exception is now taken. 

Public men in both countries discussed them, while the public press 
on the one side and on the other advanced and combatted them with 
an earnestness and warmth that brought them into a prominence be- 
yond the direct losses and injuries sustained by individuals. 

A detailed statement of their cUiims, enumerating and setting forth 
the indirect losses precisely as they are advanced in the Case, was sub- 
mitted by the American negotiators to the Joint High Commission in 
tbe first discussion of the claims, on the 8th day of March, and appears 
in the Protocol, approved on the 4th day of May. 

Her Majesty's Government, therefore, cannot, in the absence of any 
xpecific exclusion of these damages by the Treaty, be said to be taken 
unawares by their presentation to the Tribunal, and the President was 
uot at liberty to regard as withdrawn or settled any of the claims 
enumerated in a statement prepared and approved by the Joint High 
Commission after their discussions were closed, and within four^aysof 
the signing of a treaty which declares that the differences which had 
arisen with respect to the "Alabama claims" still exist. Appearing 
thus, from whatever cause, not to have been eliminated from the 
enumerated claioisof the United States, the President had not the power, 
of his own accord, to withhold them from the Case to be presented to 
the Tribunal of Arbitration ; but in frankness, and iu sincerity of pur- 
pose to remove, in the spirit of the Treaty, all causes of differences be- 
tween the two Governments, he has set them forth before the Geneva 
Tribunal, content to accept any award that the Tribunal may think fit to 
make on their account. 

It is within your personal knowledge that this Government has never 
expected or desired any unreasonable pecuniary compensation on their 
acconut, and has never entertained tbe visionary thought of such an 
extravagant measure of damages as finds expression in the excited lan- 
guage of the British press, and seems most unaccountably to have taken 
possession of the minds of some, even, of the statesmen of Great 

A mixed commission is now iu session in this city, tinder the Treaty, 
to which are referred all claims of citizens or subjects of either power 
(other than Alabama claims) which arose out of acts committed during 
a specified period. 

In the correspondence which preceded the agreement for the meeting 
of the Joint High Commission which negotiated the Treaty, language 


was purpusely agi'eed ni>ou and used to express the idea which the rep- 
reseutativesof tlietwoGoverameuts entertained, th»t do claim founded 
on contract, aiid, especially, uo claim on account of the rebel or confed- 
erate cotton debt, was to be presented. Similar langnage, and for the 
same avowed and admitted purpose, was used in the Treaty. 

Among other claims of an unexpected character presented by the 
agent of the British Government there was one for a part of the confed- 
erate debt, which is nnderstood to be held in Great Britain to the 
extent of many millions. Immediately on its presentation the United 
States remonstrated, and requested the Bntish Government to instruct 
their agent to withdraw that claim. Their remonstrance was unheeded ; 
their request was not answered. If any instrnction was given, this 
Government was not informed thereof, and it failed to be observed; 
and the claim was pressed to argument. The United States demurred 
before the commission to its jurisdiction over claims of that description, 
and the decision of the commission disposed of the case adverse to the 

The attitude of the two Governments is now reversed, with the differ- 
ence in favor of the United States, that there was no question raised as 
to the understanding of both Governments at the date of the Treaty, 
with reference to the exclusion of claims of the character then pre- 

The United States seek not to be the judge in their own case. 

The course which they pursued afforded a happy solution to what 
might have been a question of embarrassment. 

They desire to maintain the jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Arbitra- 
tion over all the nnsettled claims, in order that, being judicially decided, 
and the questions of law involved therein being adjudicated, all qaes- 
tions connected with or arising out of the Alabama claims, or '' grow- 
ing out of the acts" of the cruisers, may be forever removed from the 
possibility of disturbing the perfect harmony of relations between the 
two coRntries. 

The President regrets that there should be any difference of opinion 
between the two Governments on any question conuectetl with the 

He indulges, however, the earnest hope that the disposition which 
has been equally manifested by both Government to remove all causes 
of difference between them will bring them to an agreement npou the 
incidental question which has arisen, and will allowno obstacle to de- 
prive the world of the example of advanced civilization presented by 
two powerful States exhibiting the supremacy of law and of reason over 
passions, and deferring their own judgments to thecahii interpretation 
of a disinterested and discriminating tribunal. 
I am, sir, your obedient servant, 


General Robeet C. Schexck, (Lt., <i-c., rf;e. 

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No. 5. 

General Hckenck to Mr. Fish. 

No. 170.] Legatios of the Ukited States, 

London, March 16, 1S7:.'. 

On the tla.v of the reception of yoar note of the 27th of Februnry, 
and TithiD a, few hours 8ft«r its arri\'a], I was euableil to liave au inter- 
view with Lord Granville at the Foreign Office, with a view to making 
him acquainted, agreeably to yonr instructions, .with its contents. Your 
commnuication bad been looked for by the Goveinment here with great 

Following in anbstance the langnage of your So. 145, 1 began by say- 
ing that, although Her Majesty's Oovemment hail not invited nny reply 
> to their uote, but had been content to make a naked aunouucenieut, un- 
accompanied by reasons or argument, of their opinion that certain of 
the claims put forward by the United States in their Case presented at 
Geneva did not come within the province of the Tribunal of Arbitration 
to decide, yet sach was the earnest desire of my Government for a set- 
tlement of all differences between the two countries, and for the success- 
ful carrying out of a treaty which offered to the world so good an exam- 
ple of a peaceful and effective method for the removal of international 
(lifflcalties, that the President was most ready to accept the assurances 
of the friendly feelings which had prompted that note; and that yon 
had communicated to me in a dispatch, with some fullness, the opinion 
and views of the Government of the United States on the point which 
they had raised. I said also to Lord Gninville that I was authorized to 
read to bim the dispatch referred to, and, if he desired it, to leave with 
him a copy of it. 

He remarked to ine that, being just then pressed and occupied as I 
must know he was, if I were to read it he should uot probably make it 
the subject of any comment at that time ; and he said, if agreeable to 
me, therefore, and understanding that, anticipating his request for a 
copy, I had one already prepared, he would ask me to leave that with 
him that ie might have it to lay before the Cabinet at an early meeting. 
This, of eoniBe, J consented to do. I gave him the copy therefore, leav- 
mg him to return to the House of Lords, from which he had been hur- 
riedly called to meet his appointment with me. 

Before we parted, however, I thought it pi-oper to say to His Lordship 
that as Her Majesty's Government would undoubtedly take a little time, 
perhaps a few days, to consider whether they should make any answer, 
and what answer, to this communication from the United States, it at 
any time in the interval he deemed it advisable, in the interest of onr 
two countries, to have iree, confidential conversation with me, or if he 
thought that good understanding might be promoted by any exchange of 
nnofficial suggestions touching some mode of issue from our present 
complication, I would always be happy to meet bim and co-operate with 
him in such friendly endeavor. He assented at once cordially to the 
propriety of our keeping ourselves in such relation and free unofficial 
iDtercourse with each other ; but he did uot express himself as hope- 
fully, as he thonght 1 did, of an nltimate satisfactory adjnstment. 

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 


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General Sohenck to Mr. Figb. 

So. 180.] Legation op the United States, 

Lon^H, Marek 21, 1873. 

Sir : I have barely time to transmit, so aa to catch at Qneenstovn 
the mail which has left Liverpool to-ilay, the reply of Lord Granville to 
your dispatch of the a7th of February. It came to me at eleven o'clock: 
last night, and the printed "Memorandum" which accompanies it aa an 
inclosure, and which is to be taken as a part of the communication, 
reached me only this afternoon. 

I send also, herewith, a copy of my answer to His Lordship, acknowl- 
edging the receipt of his note and the "Memorandum." 

You will obaer\-e that Her Majesty's Government have construed yoni 
dispatch to me as containing apparently an invitation to open fnlly a 
discuasioQ with yon on the c|uestion of the right of the United States 
to include in their Case presented at Geneva any claim for indirect losses 
or damages. There is nothing advanced, however, either in the way of 
any proposal for the removal of the difficulty between us, or intimating 
what may be the consequence in case of continued diflerence of opinion. 
It is still but the notice which was contained in Lord Granville's note of 
the 3d ultimo, accompanied now by the reasons which have led Her 
Majesty's Government to the conclusion which was then communicated. 

But I must close iu haste, without further comment. 
I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant, 


1 and 2. Lord Granville to General Schenck, note of March 20, 1872, 
with accompanying printed "Memorandum." 
3. General Sr-henck to Lord Granville, note of March 21, 1872. 

Earl Oranville to Oeneral Schenck. 

FoEEiGN Office, March 20, 1872. 

Sib : I have laid before my colleagues Mr. Fish's dispatch of the 27tk 
ultimo, of which, at my request, and authorized by your Government, 
yoa gave me a copy on the 14th instant. 

Her Majesty's Government recognize with pleasure the assurances ot 
the President that he sincerely desires to promote a firm and abiding 
friendship between the two nations; and, animated by the same spirit, 
they gladly avail themselves of the invitation which your Government 
appear to have given, that they should state the reasons which induced 
them to make the declaratiou contained in my note to you of the 3d 
ultimo, and which I then purposely omitt«!d, in the hope of obtainingi 


nitbout any coDtrovereial dtscnssioD, tbe assent of tbc Govemmeut of 
the United States. 

Mr. Fish says, " What are called the indirect losses and claims are 
not now put forward for the first time. For years they have been prom- 
inently and historically part of the 'Alabama claims.' It would be su- 
perflnons to quote, or perhaps even to refer to, particular passages iu 
the published instructions of this Government to tbeir Minister to Great 
Britain, in the notes of that Minister to Her Ma.iesty'8 Principal Secre- 
tary of State for Foreign Affairs, or in other public papers, to show that 
the expectation of this Government has, from the begiuning of the acts 
which gave rise to the 'Alabama claims,' been that the British Govern- 
ment would indemnify the United States. Incidental or consequential 
damages were often mentioned as included in tbe aceonntability." This 
assertion does not appear to me accurately to represent the facts as they 
are shown in the correspondence between the two governments. It is 
true that in some of the earlier letters of Mr, Adams vague suggestions 
were made as to possible liabilities of this country extending beyond 
the direct claims of American citizens for 8i)ecific losses arising from the 
capture of their vessels by the Alabama, Florida, Shenandoah, and 
Georgia ; but no claims were ever defined or formulated, and certainly 
n(Hie were ever described by the phrase "Alabama claims," except 
ihese direct claims of American citizens. 

No mention of any claim for national or indirect losses had been made 
during the negotiation, commencing with Mr, Seward's Jispatch to Mr. 
Adams, dated the 27th of August, 18G6, and ending with the signature 
of the Convention of the 10th of Ifovember, 1808, by Lord Stanley and 
Mr. Beverdy Johnson, by the IVth article of which power was given to 
Commissioners "to adjudicate upon the class of claims referred to in 
tbe official correspondence between the two Goveruments as the 'Ala- 
bama claims."' 

The first subscqneut mention of any claim for national losses was in 
a communication, unauthorized by his Government, made by Mr. Bev- 
enly Johnson, in March, 1860, to Lord Clarendon, in which he suggested 
that the terms of the Convention signed by him with Lord Clarendon, 
on the 14th of January, which comprised a reference to a Mixed Com- 
mission of the "Alabama claims," should be enlarged so as to include 
»11 claims on the part of either Government upon the other, au essential 
condition of the proposal being that, iu case a claim was set up by the 
United States, founded on the recognition of the Confederate States as 
belligerents, it should be open to the British Government to advance 
claims on their part, such as a claim for injury to British interests by 
the assertion and exercise of belhgerent rights by the United States 
apou British commerce. 

Lord Clarendon at once declined to entertain this suggestion. 

In Mr. Fish's dispatch of the 25th of September, 18G9, the Govern- 
went of the United States intimated that they considered there might 
be grounds for some claims of a larger aud more public nature, though 
they purposely abstained at that time from making them: but the 
gnrands indicated were not limited to the acts of the Alabama and 
other similar vessels, or to any mere consequences of such acts, nor 
were these public claims then described or referred to in any manner as 
"Alabama claims." That expression, the "Alabama claims," which first 
occnrs iu a letter from Mr. Seward to Sir F. Bruce, of the 12th of Jan- 
nary, 1867, had always been used in the correspondence between the 
two Governments to describe the claims of American citizens on account 



of tbeir own direct losses by the depredations of tlie Alabatna and other 
similar vessels, aod had never been employed to describe, or been treated 
as comprehending, any public or national claims whatever of the Gov- 
ernment of the United States. 

DowD, therefore, to the time when Her Majesty's Government proposed 
the appointmentof a Joint High Commission to settle the Fishery Ques- 
tion and all other questions affecting the relations of the United States 
toward Her Majesty's possessions in North America, no actual claim 
against Her Majesty's Government had been formulated or notified on 
the part of the tTuitecI States, except for the capture or deatrnction of 
property of individual citizens of the United States by the Alabama 
and other similar vessels. 

When Her Majesty's Government consented, at the request of the 
Government of the United States, that the "Alabama claims" ahonld 
be dealt with by the High Commission, it was in the full confldence 
that the phrase "Alabama claims" was used by the United States Gov- 
ernment in the same sense as it had been used throughout the previous 
corresptmdence and iu the conventions signed by Lord Stanley and Lord 

National claims of an indirect character, sach as those referred to in 
Mr. Fish's dispatch, could not be comprehended niider the term '• claims 
generically known as the Alabama claims." The possibility of admit- 
ting as a subjectofoegotiation any claim for indirect national losses has 
never been entertained in this country ; and it was therefore without 
the slighest doabt as to such claims being inadmissible that the British 
High Commissioners were appointed and proceeded to Washington. 

At a meeting of the British and United States High Commissioners 
on the 8th of March, the lattei', after a general statement of the claims 
of the United States, proceeded to say that, in the hopes of an amicable 
settlement, no estimate was made of indirect losses, without prejudice, 
however, to the right of indemnification on their account, in the event of 
no sach settlement being made ; and they afterward proposed, by di- 
rection of the President, that " the Joint High Commission should agree 
upon a sum which should be paid by Great Britain to the United States, 
in satisfaction of all the claims and the interest thereon." 

Mr. Fish says that the President earnestly hoped that tbe delibera- 
tions of the Commission would have resulted iu an acceptance by Her 
Majesty's Government of this proposition. 

Her Majesty's Government cannot understand upon what this hope 
was founded. 

The position which the Government of this country have maintained 
throughout all the negotiations lias been that they were guilty of no 
negligence in respect of the escape of the Alabama and tbe other ves- 
sels, and have therefore incurred no liability for anypayment, and they 
still maiutain this position. 

The only ground on which Her Majesty's Government could be asiied 
to pay any sum would have been an admission ou their part that there 
had been such negligence as rendered them justly liable to pay a sum 
in compensation. This would have been an absolute surrender of the 
position which has always been held by this country, and a confessioD, 
which uevcr could have been expected from them, that they had been 
guilty of negligence. 

Her Majesty's High Commissioners, therefore, could only declare at 
once that a proimsal of an "amicable settlement" in this particular 
form could not be eutertaineil. Her Majesty's High Commissioners, on 

,_,:! by Google 


tbe part of this country, immediately made a counter-proposal, Damely, 
the proposal of arbitration, and tliiu proposal, after l>eing to n certjiiu 
exteiit naodiUed on ttie suggestion of the Uuitc<l States High Commis- 
sioners, was accepted by t^em. 

The modification snggested by the United States Bigh Commissioners, 
and accepted by tlioso of Great Britain, vas a concession of do slight 
importance on the part of this countrj, namely, that the principles 
which shoald govern the Arbitrators in the consideration of the facts 
shoald be first agreed npon, and this concession was very materially 
enhanced when, in order to strengthen the friendly relations between 
the two countries and make satistactory provision for tbe future, ttiey 
further agreed that these principles should be those contained in the 
Boles ill tbe Vltb Article of the Treaty; for they thus accepted the 
retroactive effect of rules to irbich, nevertheless, they felt bound to de- 
clare that they could not assent as a statement of principles of iuterua- 
tioual law in force at the time when tbe "Alabama claims" arose. 

The fciendly spirit of Her Miyesty's Government was further ehowu 
by their authorizing Her Majesty's High Commissioners to express tbe 
regret felt by Her Majesty's Government for tbe escape, niider whatever 
circumstances, of the Alabama and the other vessels from British i>orts, 
and for the depredations committed by those vessels, and by their agree- 
ing that this expression of regret shoald be formally recorded iu the 

Kor did Her Majesty's Gorernment object to tho introdnction of claims 
for the expense of the pursuit and capture of the Alabama and other 
vessels, iiotwithstanding the doubt how far those claims, though men- 
tioned during the conferences as direct claims, came within tho proper 
scope of the arbitration. They acquiesced iu the proposal to exclude 
from the negotiations their claims on behalf of Canada against the 
United States for injuries suflered from Fenian raids — au acquiescent^ 
which was due partly to a desire on theii' part to act in a spirit of con- 
ciliation, and partly to tbe fact, stated by Her Majesty's High Commis- 
sioners, that a portion of these claims was of a constructive and infer- 
ential character. 

The importance of these concessions must iiot he underrated. Nor 
can it have been expected by the Government of tbe United States that 
concessions of this importance would have been made by this country 
if the United States were still to be at hberty to insist npon all tbe ex- 
treme demands which they had at any time suggested or brought for- 

Her Majesty's Government considered themselves justified iu treating 
the waiver of indirect claims, iu the event of an amicable settlement, 
proffered by the High Commissioners of the United States, as one which 
iipplied to any form of amicable settlement, and therefore comprised, in 
like manner, (he form of amicable settlement proposed by the British 
Iligh Commissioners, accepted on tbe part of the United States, and 
recognized in tbe preamble of the Treaty. 

Such a waiver was, iu fact, a necessary coudition of the success of the 

It ivas iu the full belief that this waiver had beeu made that the 
British Governmont ratified the Treaty. 

Her Majesty's Government are anxious that the considerations which 
made them hold this l)elief should be more fully explained to the Gov- 
ernment of the United States than can be done in the form of a letter, 
and I have accordingly embodied tbera in a Memorandum, which I have 



tlie liouonr to inclose, and which I beg may be read with and cousidcred 
as part of my present commnnication. 

Her Majesty's Government do not deny that it is as competent for the 
Government of the United States as it is for themselves to assert that 
their own interpretation of the Treaty is the correct one. But what Her 
Majesty's Government maintain is, that the natural and grammatical 
construction of the language used in the Treaty and Protocols is in ac- 
cordance with the views which they entertain, and sustains their asser- 
tion that the terms of reference to the Arbitrators are limited to direct 
claims, inasmuch as direct claims only have threnghout the corresjKmd- 
ence been recognized and repeatedly defined nnder the name of the 
" Alabama claims." 

There are some passages in Mr. Fish's despatch in which he defends 
the introduction into the American Case of the claims for indirect losses 
and Injuries, which I cannot allow to pass without more special remark. 

It is stated that they are put forward in the Case, not as claims for 
which a specific demand is made, but as losses and injuries consequent 
upon the acts complained of, and necessarily to be taken into equitable 
consideration in a final settlement of all differences between the two 
countries, and as not relinquished in the Treaty, but covered by one of 
its two alternatives. 

Her Majesty's Government do not perceive what "alternative" in the 
Treaty can cover these claims. 

If, indeed, by this language Mr. Fish is to be understood aa referriug 
to the two diflerent modes provided by Articles VII and X of the Treaty, 
for arriving at the amount of the payment to be made by Great Britain 
in the event of any liability being established, the answer seems obvious, 
viz, that these alternatives are applicable only to the settlement of the 
amount of damages, and not to the measure of liability. 

Again, Mr. Fish states that the Treaty was not au amicable settle- 
ment, but only an agreement between the Governments as to the mode 
of reaching a settlement, and that no proffer of withholding an estimate 
of indirect losses can he claimed as a waiver until the result of tbe arbi- 
tration is arrived at ; but he overlooks the fact that the Treaty is called 
an amicable settlement, not merely in relation to the " Alabama claims," 
hat as an entirety ; and even in relation to the " Alabama claims" alone, 
it must clearly be taken that the amicable settlement which it professed 
to provide was arrived at from the moment when the Treaty containing 
the agreement to go to arbitration upon the claims was signed and rati- 
fied. If, according to Mr. Fish's view, au amicable settlement upon a 
reference to arbitration can only be arrived at by an a^udication of the 
claims, it is obvious that no waiver of any such claims could, under such 
circumstances, ever be made, for before the time for the waiver (on this 
supposition) bad arrived the claims would already have been decided 

That Her Majesty's Government never intended to retfer these claims 
to arbitration, and that in ratifying the Treaty they never contemplated 
their being revived in the argument before the Arbitrators, must have 
been obvious to you from the language used in the debate in the House 
of Lords on the 12th of June, on the motion for an address to the 
Queen, praying Her Miyesty to refuse to ratify the Treaty. 

Ou that occasion I distinctly stated this to be the tiuderstandiog of 
Her Mi^esty's Government, and quoted the very Protocol of the 4th of 
May, to which I have referred above, aa a proof that these indirect 
claims had " entirely disappeared." When Lord Cairns, to whose speech 


Hlliisiou has been made in the IToited States Case, siibacqucutly »aid 
that extravagant claims migM be put in auil takn their chance, he wae 
jnet witli expressions of dissent. Moreover, Lord Derby, while criticizing 
the negotiation and the terms of the Treaty in other resiiects, particn- 
iarized the withdrawal of indirect claims. " The only coneeasiou," he 
said, " of whieli 1 can see any trace upon the American side is the with- 
drawal of that utterly preposterous demand that we should be held re- 
siwnsibte for the premature rexMignition of the South as a belligerent 
l)ower, in company with that equally wild imagination, which, I believe, 
never extended beyond the mindaof twoor three speakers in Congress, 
of making as lial>le for all constructive damages to trade and navigation 
which may be proved or supposed to have arisen from our attitude dur- 
ing the war." 

■ I obsen'edthat you were present in the House of Lords on that occa- 
sion, and yon informed me, on the 16th of December, that you were 
present during the speeches of Lord Knssell and myself, and that yon 
communicated the next day the full newspaper report of tlie debate to 
yonr Government. 

Sir S. Northcote, in the Honse of Commons, repeated, in other words, 
the snbstance of my remarks on the limitation of the terms of reference ; 
and as hia speech is printed in the papers on Foreign Relations, recently 
laid before Congress, it must also have been reported to your Govern- 
ment. But neither on tlie occasion of my speech, nor of hia, nor when 
the ratifications of the Treaty were exchanged on the 17th of June, did 
you call my attention to the fact that a different interpretation was 
placed on the Treaty and Protocol by Her Majesty's Government and 
the Government of the United States ; nor, so far as Her Majesty's Gov- 
ernment are aware, was their interpretation thus publicly expressed 
challenged either by the Statesmen or the public press of the United 

Her Majesty's Government must therefore confess their inability to 
understand how the intimation contained in my note of the 3d of Febrn- 
■My last can have been received by the President with surprise. 

&Lr. Fish urges that the claims for natioual indirect losses which have 
been put forward on behalf of his (lOvernment involve questions of 
pnblic law which the interest of both Governments re<inires to be defi- 
nitely settled. 

Her Majesty's Government agree with Mr. Fish that it is for the in- 
terest of both countries that the rights and duties of neutrals npou some 
of the points hitherto thonght open to serious controversy should be de- 
finitely settled, and had hoped that such a settlement bad been secured 
by the Kules to which they have given their assent ; but they cannot see 
that it would be advantageous toeither country to render the obligations 
of neutrality so onerous as they would become if claims of this nature 
were to be treated as proper subjects of international arbitration. 

Whatever construction may be placed upon the 1st Article of the 
Treaty, it is impossible to sever the terms of reference therein contained 
from the Bales in the Vlth Article ; and the measure of liability under 
the Arbitration, therefore, will be the measure of liability incnrred by 
liny nentral State which, after acceding to these Kules, may, "by any 
itct or omission," fail to fulfill any of the duties set forth in them. 

The United States and Great Britain have bound themselves by the 
Treaty to observe these Bules as between themselves in future. 

They have, moreover, bound themselves to bring these Rules to the 
knowledge of other maritime powers, and to invite them tb accede to 



them. Could it have been expected that those powers would accept a 
proposal which might entail upon a neutral such an unlituited liability 
and, in some instances, might involve the ruin of a whole country 1 

Her Majesty's Government cannot for themselves accept such a lia- 
bility, nor recommend the acceptance of it to other nations. 

Are the Government and people of the United States themselves pre- 
jmred to imdertake the obligation of paying to an aggrieved belligerent 
the expenses of the prolongation of the war and other indirect dam- 
ages, if, when the United States are neutral, they can be shown to have 
permitted the infringement of any one, or part of any one, of the three 
Rules through a want of due diligence on the part of their ejcecntive 
officers t 

To attach such tremendous consequences to an uu intentional ^'iolation 
of neutrality — it might be by a single act of negligence — would be to 
strike a heavy blow at tJie interests of peace ; for war has scarcely any 
consequences more formidable to a belligerent than those which might 
thus be incarred by a neutral ; and, white war offers a chance of gain, 
neutrality would, if such claims as these were once admitted, present 
without any such compensation the risk of intolerable loss. 

With respect to the disclaimer made by Mr. Fish of any expectation 
or wish, on the part of the United States Government, to obtain any 
" unreasonable pecuniary compensation '^ on account of these indirect 
claims, I think it sufficient here to observe that, on the question ot 
amount, the British people and Government have necessarily been 
obliged to look to the nature and grounds of the claims as they are stated 
in the Case of the United States, and have, of course, been unable to 
form a judgment from any other data of the expectations of those by 
whom the claims are advanced. If these claims could be considered as 
well-gronnded in principle, it appears to Her JlDje8t,v'8 Government to 
be capable of demonstration that the magnitude of the damages which 
might be the result of their admission is enormous. The grounds of 
these views are more fully stated in the Third Part of the inclosed 

Mr. Fish has appealed to the proceedings at the Washington Claims 
Commission in connection with the Confederate cotton claims. Her 
Majesty's Government mnst, however, observe that thei-e is no analog^' 
between the two cases, as, by the Treaty, the Washington Commission 
has power " to decide in each case whether any claim has or has not 
been duly mmie, preferred, and laid before them, either wholly, or to 
any and what extent, according to the true intent and meaning of the 
Treaty;" no similar wonls being used as to the powers of the Genera 

It is the function of the Washington Commission to decide upon a va- 
riety of general claims, not of one kind,nor limited or defined beforehand, 
and Her Majesty's Agent was instructed that his duty would prima facie 
be to present such claims as private individuals might tender for that 
pur[>ose for acceptance or rejection by the Commission, Her Majesty's 
Government not intending to make themselves responsible cither for 
the merits of the particular claims or for the arguments by which they 
might be supported. The jurisdiction of the Geneva Tribunal was lim- 
ited to one particular class and description of claims. 

The facts are as follows : 

On the .1 1th of November, in pursuance of the general instmctions 
which had been given to Her Majesty's Agent, a claim upon a bond 
issuetl by the so-called Confederate States for a sum forming part of » 



loao called the "Cotton Loaq," contracte<l by those Statea, and for the 
payment of which certain cotton seized by the United States was alleged 
to have been hypothecated by the Confederate GovemmeDt, was filed at 
Washington; and on the 2Ut I learnt from you that the United States 
Oovernment objected to claima of this kind being even presented. 

Some delay took place in coii.iequencH of nnavoidable causes, with 
Home of which yon are well acquaiuteil. ^Vnd there were others, such 
as the necessity uotonly of coniinunicating with uiy colleagues, but with 
Sir E. Thonitou, and of considering how far, under the same general 
description, there might be included claims substnutially different. The 
dest>atches from [ler Majesty's Agent giving the details of the nature of 
the claim, and of the demurrer made to it by the United States Agent, 
did not reach mo until the fith of December. 1 had, in the meantime, 
ascertiiiiieil fl-om Sir E.Thoniti>n that the expression "acts committed" 
had been used by mutual agreement in the negotiations which preceded 
the ap[N)i»tnient of the High (.'oininissiini with a view to exclude claima 
of this class fitmi the cunsidoratioii of the High ('oinmissioner; those 
words being also used in the Xdth Article of the Treaty with regard to 
private claims. The rjuestion was brought uefont the Cabinet at its 
next meetiug on the Iltb, and was finally dccidetl on the 14tli, as re- 
iwtletl in a minute by Mr. Gladstone. This decision was that the Con- 
federate cotton chiinis should not be presented unless in the case of 
l>onds exchanged for cotton, which had thereby become the actual 
[iroperty of the claimant, and directions were given for a despatch to he 
seat to this effect, and on the Itith I informed you that you might write 
to Mr. Fish that Her Miijesty's Agentwould be instructed not to present 
any claims that did uot come within the provisions of the Treaty. 

Although it appears that the understanding need not necessarily have 
extended beyond the rejection by the Commissioners of the claims, under 
the XIV Artiule, by which the Commissioners have jmwer to decide 
whether any claim is preferred within the true incent and meaning of 
the Treaty, (as was done with various claims under a similar Article in 
the Claim's Convention of 1853,) Her Majesty's Government acceded to ' 
the construction which the United States Government had put upon 
that undersbinding. 

Mr. Fish will observe the feeling by which Her Majesty's Government 
were guided in coming to their decision ou the lith. Thoy desired to 
put the most favorable construction upon any understauding which the 
Uaited States Government might have supposed to exist. 

Information reached me the next morning by telegraph of the adjudi- 
cation, which Her Mi\jesty's Government hail not expected to take place, 
upon the merits of the claim by the Commissioners. This required a 
reconsideration of the instructimis, and fi-esli instructions were sent by 
the miiit of the 'SM, and also by telegra]>h, to Sir K. Thortiton to arrange 
with Mr. Fish that the presentation of claims which appeared to be 
manifestly without the terms of the Treaty should be withheld, and that 
when Her Majesty's Agent was of opinion that a claim belonged to a 
class lliat ought not to be ])re8tmted, it would be desirable that an a^^ree- 
meut to that efii>ct should be made and signed by Sir E. Tliornton and 
-Mr. Fish, These instructions were communicateil to Mr. Fish. 

Uer Majesty's Agent has since acted in accordance with the decision 
of the Cabinet of the 14tli of December. New claims of the like char- 
acter have been tendered to him by parties who were unwilling to 
acquiesce in the tlecision of the Commissioners as ^plicable to their 
own cases, bat which claims, under instnictions from Her M^esty's 
Government, have not been presented. 

H. Ex. 294 2 Google 


I have now placed in jonr banda, for examination by the Government 
of the United States, a Btatement of the reasions which, in the opinion 
of Her Majesty's Goveruraent, sutticiently show that claims for indirect 
losses are not ^(-itliin the meaning of the Treaty ; that they were never 
intended to be included by Her Majesty's Government ; that this was 
publicly declared before the ratification, when the error, if any, might 
have been corrected : that such claims are wholly beyond the ri^son- 
able scope of any Treaty of Arbitration whatever; and that to snbmit 
thcni for the decision of the Ti-ibunal would l»e » measure fmught with 
pernicions consequences to the interests of all nationK and to the future 
peace of the world. 

I appreciate the desire Rubstantinlly, if indirectly, expressed by the 
Government of the United States, to be advised of the reasons which 
have prompted the declarHtion made by me on behalf of H^r Majesty's 
Goverinnent on the 3d of February, no less than the friendly and cour- 
teous langiin(;e which has been emplojed by the United States Secretary 
of State. The present letter is intended by Her Majesty's Government, 
not as the commencement of a diplomatic controversy, but as an act of 
compliance with that most reasonable desire. They are sure that the 
President will be no less anxious than they are that the conduct of both 
Governments should conform to the true meaning and intent pf the 
instrument they have jointly framed and si^ed, whether that meaning 
be drawn from the authoritative documents themselves or from collateral 
considerations, or from both sources combined. 

Entertaining themselves no doubt of the sufficiency of the grounds 
on which their judgment proceeds, they think it the coarse at once most 
respectful and most friendly to the Government of the United States to 
submit those grounds to their impartial appreciation. Her Msuesty's 
Government feel confident that they have laid before the President 
ample proof that the conclusion which was announced by mc on the 3d 
of February, and to which I need hardly say that they adhere, cannot 
^ be shaken. 

I have, &c,, 

(Signed) GRANVILLE. 


Pakt I.— On the waiver of claims tot indirect losses coutaineil in tboSStb Protocol. 

Paut 11. — On Ibo couBtiTictioii of tbe treaty. 

FutT in. — On tlio nmoDiit uf tbe cluius for indirect losses. 

On ths waiver of claims for iniUrect losses contained in Uie '■iQth Protocol. 

The first Protocol of the Conferences of the High Oomraission begitis 
with a recital of the powers of the British Commissioners, stating Her 
Majesty's purpose in their appointment to be to " discuss in a friendly 
spirit with Commissioners to be apijoiuted by the Government of the 
United States the various questions on which differences had arisen be 
tween Great Britain and that country," and to " treat for an agreement 
aa to the mode of their amicable settlcmenV 

Tbe Protocol of the 4th of May recounts that the American Com- 
missioners stated, on the 8th of March, " that the history of the 
'Alabama,' and other cruizers which had been fitted out, or armed or 



equipped, or nliich hnd received angnieiitatioD of forct^inGreatBritaia 
or iu her Colonies, and of the operations of tlio»e vessvltt, showed (1 ) ex- 
teosive direct Utivea in the capture and destruction of a large number of 
vessels with their cargoes and in the heavy national expenditures in 
Uie parsiiit of the cruizers; aud (2) indirect injury iu tlio transfer of a 
large part of the American commercial marine to the British flag, in 
the enhanced payments of insunuice, in tlie prolongation of the war, 
and in the addition of a large sum to the cost of the war, and the sup- 
pression of the rebellion ; and also showed (3) that Great Britain, by 
reason of failure in the proper observance of her duties as a uentral, 
had become justly Uabie/or the acta of those cruizers and of tlieir tenders; 
that the claims for the loss and destrnction of private property which 
had thus fur been presented amounted to about $14,000,000, without 
interest, which amount was liable to bo greatly increased by ctaiTM 
which had oot been presented ; that the cost to which the Government 
had been put in the pursuit of cruizers could easily he ascertained by 
certificates of Government accounting oflScers; that, in the hope of a» 
amiable aettlemmit, no estimate was made of the indirect toages, without 
prejudice, however, to the right to indemnification on their account in the 
event of no such aetllement being made. 

"The American Commissioners further stated that they hoped that 
the British Commissioners would be able to phtce upon record an ex- 
pression of regret by Her Miyesty's Governmeut for the depredations 
committed by the vessels whose acts were now under discussion. They 
aUo vropoaed that the Joint High Commission should agree upon a sum 
whidi should be paid by Great Britain to the United States, iu sati^ac- 
tion of all the cktima, and the interest thereon."' 

The British Commissioners abstained "from replying in detail to the 
statement of the American Commissioners, in the hope that the neces- 
sity for entering upon a lengthened controversy might be obviated by 
the adoption of so fair a modeof settlement as that which they were in- 
structed to propose; and they had now to I'epeiit, on behalf of their 
Government, the offer of arbitration. 

"The American Commissioners expressed their regret at this decision 
of the British Commissioners, and said further that they could iiot con- 
Kntto submit the question of titc liability of Her Majesty's Government to 
arbitratiort, unletw the principles which should govern the Arbitrator in 
the consideration of the fiicts could be first agreed upon." 

Those principles were subsequently discussed and agreed upon, and 
ioeorporated in the Draft of the Vlth Article of the Treaty. 

On the fitli of May, the Commissioners met for their final conference, 
and Lord de Gray said that " it had been most gratifying to the British 
Commissioners to be associated with colleagues who were animated with 
the same sincere desire as themselves to bring about a settlement equally 
honourable and just to both countries." 

Mr, Fish replied that " from the first Conference the American Com- 
missioners had been imjiressed by the earnestness of desire manifested 
by the British Commissioners to reach a settlement worthy of the two 
Poaers. • • • Hia colleagues aud he could never cease to appreci- 
ate the generous spirit and the oi>en and friendly manner Iu which the 
British Com mission el's had met and discussed the several questions that 
had led to the conclusion of tie Treaty, which it teas hoped would receive 
the approval of the people of both countries, and would prove the founda- 
tion of a cordial and friendly understandinghetvcen them for all time to 

by Google 


Two (lays afterward th« Treaty wiw ni^eil witli the fulluwin^ Pre- 

"Her Britaiiniu Majesty nnil tlie UiitttMl Stat^Hof America, beiog 
desirous to provide for an amieablc settlement of nil caases of diH'ereiice 
between the two («untrie», have, for that piirimse, apimiiitcd their re- 
spective PloDipoteiitiaries. • • • And the sitid Plenipotentiaries, 
after having exclinnged tlieir full powers, which were found to be in doe 
and properfortn, have agreed to and concluded the following Articles." 

In the view of Her Majesty's Govenimeut the statement made by the 
American Couimissionera on the 8th of March contained a waiver of 
the claims for indirect losses contingent on an "amicable settlement" 
being arrived at ; and this waiver consisted of two parts : 

First, the aflirmative statement that " in the hope of an amicable set- 
tlement no estimate was made of the indirect losses." The words "in 
the hope of an ninirable settlement" are in themselves grammatically 
genei-al, and, unless qnalilied by a subsequent limitation, mean, in the 
hope of any such settlement as the parties shall acknowledge to tUll un- 
der the plmtse " amicable settlement." Jfow, this part of the waiver, 
being a declaration in which the other party had an interest, ntid, so 
far, of the nnttire of the promise, could only be so limited by an express 
specification following it immediately, or at least before the other party 
had taken any step in reliance on its general character. But no such 
specification was made; nor does any specification at all as to the par- 
ticular form of settlement appear in the Protocol. The phrase conse- 
quently retains the general character above descril>ed as its literal and 
grammatical meaning. 

It might be said that the (including words of the phrase — " no estimate 
was made of the indirect losses" — hml a special regard to the form of 
amicable settlement thereafter proposed by the American Oommission- 
ers, viz, the payment of a gross sum. This, however, can only be main- 
tained subject to the qualification that, if the estimate of indirect losses 
was withheld in the hope that that proposal wonld be accepted, and if 
the view of the American Commissioners was that the acceptance of 
that proposal alone would constitute the "amicable settlement," iQ con- 
sideration of which the estimate of indirect losseti was withheld, then 
the next step lor them, when the pioposal was declined, was to present 
that estimate; or, if not, then in some other si>ecific manner to keep 
alive the claim. Bnt they did neither; they did not intimate or give 
notice to the British Commissioners that their hope of an "amicable 
settlement" had heen frustrated or disappointed, nor did they say any- 
thing to the effect of making this first portion of the waiver dependent 
on the rejected proposal. And thus the phrase "an amicable settle- 
ment" is left to stand in its original and grammatical generality. 

The second part of the waiver is as follows: 

"Without prejudice, however, to the right of indemnification on their 
account fi. «., on account of indirect losses] in the event of no such set- 
tlement being made." Its precise bearing obviously depends upon the 
meaning of the words " no such settlement." 

Now the word "snch" grammatically qualifies the wonl " settlement" 
by referring to the antecedent expression " amicable settlement," " Such," 
theretbre, means "amicable;" and the right reserved by the American 
Commissioners is grammatically a right to revive the question of indi- 
rect losses in the event of no amicable settlement being made, and is noth- 
ing more. 

It is to t>e observed that at this time no proposal whatever had been 
made for payment of a gross sum, or for any particular form or mode 
of settlement. 


Th« only remaiaiag question is whetber the Ti'eaty was Itself "an 
amicable settleuent," or, which is the same thing for the purposes of the 
armament, was in ordine towards an amicable settlement, and n step on 
the road to it. 

This question is answered by the preamble of the Treaty, which de- 
clares that the President of the United t^tates had (as well as Her 
Majesty) given bis CommisHioners certain (lowers "iu order to provide 
for an amicable settlement ^ of certain diffei-ences, ia which the "Ala- 
bama claims" were included; that these powers had been compared and 
Terifled ; and that iu virtue of them the CoramissionerH had agieed upon 
the Articles of the Treaty which are then set forth in order. The " ami- 
cable settlement" is here distiuctly recognized not as a particular isola- 
tion of the {lending questions which had been proposed aud set aside, but 
as an object of negotiation which had been provided for in a manner 
fiatisfactory to both parties, and the provision for which was embodied 
in the Treaty. The reservation, therefore, made by the American Oom- 
missjoners bad not come into play; the waiver remained in full force; 
and tli» indirect losses were excluded by the preamble of the Treaty 
from the scope of thearbitrntion. 


Ou the eoimtiuclhtt of the Treaty of Wauhtngton. 

U[mD the construction of the Treaty of Washington, apart from the 
Protocols, there appear to be three (inestions : 

Firnt, What claims are descnhed by the wonls, " the daiins genericall]/ 
kiunrn at tlie ^Alabama Claimsf" 

Second. What vessels are described by the wunls, " the sereral vesseU, 
vhiiA hare given rive to the ctaitns genvrically known a* the 'Alabama 
Claims f" 

Third, What claims nre described by the words, ''all the said claima, 
growing oat of actn committed bg the aforesaii resiteU, and generically known 
a» the 'Alabama Claims T'" (being the words iu which the subject-matter 
of the reference to arbiti'ation agreed upon is dehned-} 

Each of these questions will be examinetl separately. 

1. What claims are describetl by the words, "the chiiajs genericaily 
known as the 'Alabama Claiusl'" 

The word "known" siguifies that thia collective expression bad 
acquired a definite sense, supposed to be mutually understood, from 
its use in previous communications, between the same parties- 

The wo^ "generically" naturally signifies that all the claims intended 
were efvadem generis. 

The word "claims" itself naturally signifies demands actually pre- 
sented or notified, either with or witliout a full specification of partie- 

The diplomatic correspondence, which preceded the negotiation, must 
Aerefore be referred to, to discover, first, what demands had been pre- 
sented, or notified; and secondly, what bad been the previous use of the 
phrase "the 'Alabama ClaimsT'" 

The earliest intimation of any claims against this country was in the 
letter of Mr. Adams to Lord Russell, of 20th November, 1862 } which 
spoke "of the depredations committed on the high seas uixtn raercbant- 
vessels'* by the "Alabama," and of "the right of reclamation of the 
OovemioeBt of the United States for the grievous damage done (q 1M 



property of their citizens," by reasou of t!io ttscape of that vessel from 
British jurisdiction ; and whiub referred, in support of tliat allegetl rigbt, 
to the treaty of 17»4 between Great Britain and the United States, by 
-which (as Mr. Adams inaconrately represented) "all cases of damage 
previously done by capture of British vessels or merchandize, by vessels 
originally fitted out in the ports of the United States," were ngreed to 
be referred to a commission, to award " the necessary sums for full com- 
pensation." He added, that he bad received directions from his Gov- 
ernment "to solicit redress for the national and private tnjurien already 
ihwi snstained," 

OntbelOfh February, 18(i3; ^!)th April, 18«3; 7tb Jiily, 1863; 24tb 
August, 18C.3 ; 19tb September, 18C3, and 23d October, 1863, ilr. Adams 
presented to Lord llussell a series of definite claims made agaiust the 
Government of Ibia country by particuliir American citizens, in respeetof 
ships and property belonging to them, said to have been destroyed by 
the "Alabama," intimating, in his letter of the 23d October, that his 
Government " must continue to insist that Oreat Britain hax made itself 
reKpottsible /or tke damages ichich the peaceful, laic-abiding dttzais of the 
United States Hustain by the depredations of the vessel called the ^AUtbamaJ" 
Ho added, (in an important passage cont.iining the first suggestion of 
arbitration as a mode of thereafter solving the question,) "In repeat- 
ing this conclusion, however, it is not to l>e understood that the United 
States incline toactdogmatically or iu a spirit of litigation. Tbcy fully 
comprehend how unavoidably reciprocal grievances must spriug up from 
the divergence of the policy of the two countries in regard to the present 
insurrection. • • • For these reosons I am instructed to say that 
they frankly confess themselves unwilling to regard the present hour as 
the most favourable to a calm and candid examination by either party of 
the facts or the principles involved in cases like the one now in question. 
Thongli indulf^Dg a firm conviction of the correctness of their position 
in regard to this and other ciaima, they declare themselves disposed at 
all times, hereafter as well as now, to consider in the fullest manner all 
the evidence and the arguments which Her Majesty's Government may 
incline to proffer in refutation of it ; and, in case of an impossibility to 
arrive at any common conelnsiun, 1 am directed to say there is no fair 
and etiuitable fonn of conventional arbitrament or reference to which 
they will not be willing to submit. Entertaining these views, I crave per- 
mission to apprise your Lordship that I have received directions to con- 
tinue to present to your notice claims of the character heretofore advanced, 
whenever they arise, and to furnisli the evidence on which they rest, as 
is customary in such cases, in order to guard agivinst possible ultimate 
failure of justice from the absence of it. 

In a later letter, of 31st October, 1863, Mr. Adams (while presenting 
other similar demauds in respect of property destroyed by the " Flori- 
da") spoke of "tAe claims growing out of the depredations of the * Ala- 
bama ' and other vessels issuing from British ports." 

On the 20Lh January, 1864, he presented another similar claim by the 
owners of the " Sea Bride," captured hy the "Alabama." And at later 
dates the particulars were transmitted by him of certain claims made 
by persons whose property was alleginl to have been destroyed by the 
" Shenandoah." 

On the 7th April, 1865, (when the war was considered by him as 
actually or virtually at an end,) Air. Adams transmitted to Lord Russell 
certain reports of " depredations committed upon the commerce of the 
United States" by the "Shenandoah," and adde<l, "were there anj 
reason to believe that the operations carried on in the ports of Her 


M3je8t.v's KingdoiQ and its dependencies to maintain and extend tbia 
syijtematic depreilatioii upon tlio commerce of a friendly people had 
been materially relaxed or prevented, I should not be nnder the painful 
necessity of announcing to your Lordship the fact that my Oovcrnment 
cannot avoid entailing upon the Ooveritment of Great Britain the respon- 
tibilitt/ for this damage," and he proci^ded to a{>eak of " the injury that 
might yet be inii)ending from the part which the British steamer ' City 
of Richmond ' had had in being suffered to transport with impunity from 
the port of London men and supplies, to place tUem on board of the 
French-built steam-ram 'Olinthe,' alias ' Stoerkotlder,' alias 'Stonewall,' 
which had, through a continuously fraudulent process, succteeded in 
deluding sev'end Governments of Enroiie, and in escaping from this 
hemisphere on its errand of mischief to the other." lie then went on 
to complain that, hy reason of a series of acta, (the furiiifihing of " vessels, 
armamentii, supplies, and men,") which he coi)teude<l to be almost wholly 
Httribatable to Great Britain, or to British citizens, the entire maritime 
commerce of the United States was in course of being transferred, and 
had already, to a great extent, passed over to Great Britain, whose 
recognition of the belligerent cliarncter of the insurgents he alleged to 
be the main and original source of all this mischief; adding, " Jn view 
of all these circumstances, I am instructed, whilst insisting on the pro- 
t*?sl heretofore solemnly entered against that proceeding," (t, c, the 
recdguitioQ of Southern belligerency,) " further respectfully to rcpi-esent 
to your Lordship that, in the opinion of my Government, the grounds 
on which Her Majesty's Government have rested their defence against 
the responsibility incurred in the manner hereinbefore stated, for the 
evils thiit have followed, however strong they might have hitherto been 
considered, have now failed, by a practical reduction of alt the itorts 
heretofore temporarily held by the insurgents." 

It is to be obseiTed that, although the general injury to the commerce 
of the United States is largely referred to in this letter, Mr. Adams 
advances no new claim for compensation, on that or any other account, 
(except for captures made by the " Sheuandoah,") against Her Majesty's 
Governinent; he even intimates that the partienlar claim for the cap- 
tures hy the "Shenandoah" would not then have been made, if his 
Government conid liave felt assured that no further operations of the 
like nature would take place. 

This letter led to a prolonged controversial argument, in the course 
of which (on the 4tU May, 18fi5) Lord Bussell observed that he could 
"never admit that the duties of Great Britain toward the United StAtes 
were to be measured by the losses which the trade and commerce of the 
United States might have sustained," and said, "The question, then, 
really couies to this : Is Her Majesty's Government to assume or be liable 
to a responsibility for conduct which Her Majesty's Government did all 
in their power to prevent and to punisht A I'esponsibility which Mr. 
Adams, on the part of the United States Government, in the case of 
Portugal, positively, flrmly, anfl justly declined. Have you considered 
to what this responsibility would amountf Great Britain would become 
thereby answerable for every ship that may have left a British port and 
have been found afterwards used by the Confederates as a ship of war j 
nay, more, for every cannon and every musket used by the Confederates 
on board any ship of war, if manufactured in a British workshop." To 
which Mr. Adams replied (20th May, 1865) by a " recapitulation " of 
nine points, which lie said he had desired to embody in his previous ar- 
guments. These points (beginning with the recognition of Southern 
belligerency on the high seas, and alleging this belligerency to have 


been in fact created, after tbe recoji^ition, b,v means derived from Great 
Britain) mentioned, nader tlie 7tii hcAd,'^ the burning ami dfJttrotfing on 
the ocean a large number of merchant retiteh and a rerg Uirpe amonnt of 
property belonging to tbe peitple of the United Stafea."^ 

Tlic Stli anil Htli lipads vt'w. thus wonled : 

"S. Tlint, ill addition to tliis direct injury, tiio action of tliese Britisli 
liailt, manned, iinti armed ve»selK ban bad tbe indirect effect of tiriving 
from tbe sea a large portion of tbe commercial marine of tbe United 
.States, and, to a eorreKpouding extent, enlarginj; tbiit of Great Britain, 
thns enabling one ))ortion of tlie British people to derive an uitjost ad- 
vantage from tlie wrong committed on a Iriendly nation by another por- 

"9. That tbe injuries thus rwWrcrf b.v a eounti-y whicb has, meanwhile, 
aedulon sly endeavored to perform all it» obligations, owing to the im- 
perfection of tbe legal means at band to prevent them, as well as tbe 
unwillingness to seek for more stringent [wwers, are of so grave a nature 
as in reaso^i and jmlice to constitute a valid claim for reparation and in- 
demnijication." Later on, in the same letter, Mr. Adams also saidi 
"Your Lordship is pleased to observe that yoacan never admit that the 
dntics of Great Britain toward tbe United States are to be measured by 
the losses which the trntle and commerce of the United States may have 
sustained. To which I would ask permission to reply, that no such rale 
was ever desired. The true standard lor tbe measurement wonld seem to 
be framed on thebasisof tbe clear obligations themselves, and the losses 
that spring from tbe imi>erfect performance of them;" and "tbasitis 
that, whatever may tw tbe line of argument I pursue, I am compelled 
ever to return to the one conclusion: the nation that recognized a I'oirer 
at a belligerent before it had built a vessel, and became itself the sole stmrce 
of all the belligerent character it has ever possessed on the ocean, mvst be re- 
garded as responsible for all the tlamape that has ensued front that cavse to 
the commerce of a Power with which it was under the most sacred of oh. 
ligations to preserve amnity and peace." 

It will be seen that, althongh the general propositions of this letter 
might be wide enough to include the largest imaginable demands, it 
nevertheless abstains from putting forward any new claim in a definite 
or tangible form ; and jturports rather to recapitulate and adhere to 
tbe tendr of the preceding correspondence. And in this sense, it was, 
evidently, understood by Lord liussell, who, in bis answer of SOth 
August, ISfili, referred to the suggestion of an arbitration contained in 
Mr. Adams's former letter of the 23d of October, 18G3; and, while de- 
clinint; "either to malte reparation and compensation for the captures made 
by the ^Alabama,' or to refer the question to any foreign State," oBiered a 
refereuco to a Commission of " all claims arising during the late civU 
war," which the two Powers should agix* to refer to the Commiasion- 
era. And again, on tbe 14tb October, he repeated ; " There are, I con- 
ceive, many claims upon which the two Powers would agree that they 
were fair subjects of investigation before Commissioners. But I think 
you must perceive that if the United States Qovemment tcere to prt^poae ta 
refer claims arising out of the captures made by the ^Alabama ' and ' Shen- 
andoah ' to the Commissioners, the answer of Her Majesty's Govern- 
ment must be in consistency with the whole argument I have main- 
tained, in conformity with the views entertained by your Government 
in former times. I should be obliged, in answer to such a proposal, to 
Bay: For any acts of Her Majesty's snbjccts committed out of their jnris- 
dictioa and beyond th^eir control, the Government of Her Mt^esty are 
not responsible," &c. 



Ou the 2lst«f October Mr. Adams addressctl a long letter, with numer- 
■ons incloeures, to Lord Uussell, with refereoce to the " Sheuandofth," 
alleging that vessel to have been received by the authorities at Mel- 
bourne with knowledge of an illegal equipment in this country ^ and 
inustiDg that, on that account, Her Majegtg's Oovemment assvmed a re- 
tponeibiUtg for ell the damage \thich it had done, and which, down to the 
latest accounts, itwaa still doing, to the peaceful commerce of the United 
States ou the ocean." A particular claim by the owners of a ship cap- 
tared by the " Sheuaudoah," was presented with this letter. 

Id Imk letter to Lord Cl»reudon of the Slst November, lS6o, Mr. 
Adams, under the instructions of bis Uovornment, declined Lord Bus- 
seirs proposal for II limited reference to Commissioners of such claims as 
the two Govern meats could agree upon. "Adhering," he says, "as my 
Govexnment does to the opinion that ike claims ithaa praented,yi^\eh his 
Lordship has thought fit at the outset to exclude from consideration, are 
JDSt aiMl reasonable, I am instructed to say that it sees now no occasion 
lor forther delay in giving a full answer to his Lordship's propositions." 

The wbeie result of this correapondcnce, down to the change of Ad- 
ministration ill this country in 1866, may be thus summed up : 

1. That BOtwithstandiug continual complaints, extending over a vast 
range of Bulyect;^, from the recogoltioD of the belligerency of the South- 
era States downwards, no " claims" against this country were ever de- 
flned, formulat«d, or presented on the part of the United States, except 
for the specific losses of American citizens arising from the capture of 
their vessels and proi>erty by the "Alabama," "Florida,^ and " Shenan- 
doah j" ftwl ('!) that uo such form of expression as '■^ t}te Alabama claims" 
hud ever, down to this time, beeu used to describe even the claims in re- 
spect of those captures, much less to comprehend any more vague and 
indefinite demands of indemnity to the general mercantile or national 
interests of the Uuited States. 

On the aceesHtou of Lord Derby to power, Mr. Seward in a desjiatcli 
to Mr. Adams, dated the 2Tth August, 1866, thus defined the "claims" 
which it had l»een tlie object of the United States to press in the preced- 
ing corresiwndence, and of which he now again instructed Mr. Adams 
to urge the settlement : " Yon will herewith receive a summary of claims 
of eitizemi of the United States against Ureat Britain for damages ichick were 
suffered by them during the i>eriod of our late civil war and some' months 
thereafter, by means of depredatiojis vpon our commercial marine, com- 
mitted on the high seas by the ' Svmter,' the ' Alabama,' the * Florida,' the 
' Shenandoah,' and other ships of icar, which were built, manned, armed, 
equipped, and fitted out in British ports, and despatched thei-efrom by 
or through the agency of British subjects, and which were harboured, 
sheltered, provided, and furnished, as occasion required, during their 
devastating career, in ports of the realm, or in ports of British Colonies 
in nearly all ports of the globe. The table i» not supposed to be complete, 
but it presents stick a reoapitulatian of the claims as the eridence so far re- 
ceived in this Department etiablea me to furnish. Deficiencies will be M^Ued 
hereafter. Most of the claims have been from time to time brought by 
yourself, as the Pre^deut directed, to the notice of Her M^esty's Gov- 
emmeot, and made the subject of earnest and continued appeal. That 
appeal was intermitted only wheu Her Majesty's Government, after elab- 
orate discttssioDs, refused either to allOK the claima or to refer them to a 
Joint Claims Commissiou, or to submit the question of liability therein to 
any form of arbitration. The United States, on the other hand, have' all 
the time insisted upon the claims as jost and valid. This attitude has 
been, and doubtlessly continues to be, well understooti by Her MtOesty's 


GoTernment. The cousitleratious wliicli inclined tins Government to 
suspend for ii time the pressure of the claims upon the attention of Great 
Britain, are the8e: The political excitement in Groat Britain, which 
arose during the prof^resa of the war, and which did not immediately 
subside at it^s conclusion, seemed to render that period somewhat un- 
favourable to a deliberate examination of the very grave questions which 
the claims itwolve^ Sic. * * The principles upon which the claims 
are assertoil by the IJniteil States have been explained by yourself in 
an elaborate cnrrespondencc with Earl Russell and Ijord Clarendon, In 
this resjiect, there 8*!ems to be uo defleiency to be supplied by this De- 
partment, • • * It is the Presidetit^s desire tliatyou noivcall the 
attention of Lord Stanley U> the claims in a respectful butearuest manner, 
and inform him that, in the President's Judgment, u settlement of Ihrm 
has become wrgently necessary to a re-establishment of entirely friendly 
relations between the United States and Great Britain. This Govern- 
ment, ickile it thus insists vpon these particular claims, is neither desirous 
nor willing to assume an attitude unkind or uncontiliatory towai-ds Great 
Britain. If, on her part, there are claims either of a commereial char- 
acter, or of boundary, or of commercial or judicial regulation, which Her 
Ma.testy's Government esteem important to bring under examination at 
the present time, the United States would, in such case, be not unwill- 
ing to take them into consideration in connection icith the claims ickieh 
arc voir preaeated on their part, and with a view to remove at one time, 
and by one comprehensive settlement, all existing causes of inisunder- 
standiiig. " 

Mr. Seward proceeded to recommend, in support of these claims, the 
use of the same geneml arguments, (including prominently the alleged 
effect of the rei;ognitiou of Southern lielligereucy, and the general injury 
to the national commeree of the United States,) which had been jire- 
vioasly so olten employed by Mr. Adams. lie added: "Tfic clainu 
upon which ice insist are of large amount They affect the interest of 
many thousand citizens of the Unit^ States, in \'ariou3 partsof the Kepub- 
lie The justice of the claims is sustained by the universal sentiment 
of the people of the United States." 

The claims specified in the inclosure to this despatch (which is headed, 
*• Summary of claims of citizens of the United States against Great Britain") 
relate exclusively to losses sustained by the owners and insurers of 
divers ships and cargoes captured by the "Alabama," the "Shenan- 
doah," the "Florida," and the "Georgia," respectively. 

This despatch having been communicated by Mr. Adams to Lord Stan- 
ley, his Lordship, through Sir F. Bruce, {Lord Stanley to Sir F. Bruce, 
3Uth Ifovember, 1860,) called attention to what he supposed to he ao 
accidental error of Mr. Seward, in mentioning the "Sumter;" which 
"did not proceed from a British port, but was an Americau vessel, and 
commenced her career by escaping from the ' Mississippi.'" Then, i^er 
dealing with Mr. Seward's general arguments, and declining to abandon 
the ground taken by former Governments, " so far as to admit the liabil- 
ity of this country for the claims then and now put forward," he ex- 
pressed his sense of the "inconvenience which arose from tlie exist- 
ence of unsettled claims of this character between two powerful «id 
friendly Governments," and his willingness to adopt the principle of arbi- 
tration, ])rovided that a fitting arbitrator could be found, and that so 
{^reemetit could be come to as to the points to which arbitration should 
apply. He objected to refer to arbitration the question of the alleged 
premature recognition of the Confederate States as a belligerent ; sayinf 
" the act complained of, while it bears very remotely on t^ claims now *» 


question, is one ;ts to wbich every State must be held to be the sole jadge 
of its dnty." In another despatch to Sir F. Bruce, of the same date, be 
Bays, " I have eoufineil myself exclusively to the eonsiderution of the 
American claims, put/orward in Mr. Seward'a despatch to Mr. Adamt of 
the 27th August, and arinnff out of the depredations committed on American 
commerce 6y certain cmizers of the Confederate States. But, independ- 
eutly of these claims, there mag, for aught Her Majesty's Government 
knon", be other claims on the part of American citinens, originating in the 
events of the late civil war, while there certainly are very Dumerona 
British claims arising out of those events, which it is very desirable 
sliould be inquired into and adjusted between the two countries. • • • 
The Government of the United States have brought before that of Her 
Majesty one class of claims of a peculiar character, put forward by Amer- 
ican eiti::ens, in regard to which you are authorized by my other des- 
patch of this date to make a projiosal to Mr. Sewanl ; but Her Majesty's 
Ooremment have no correspondim/ class of claims to urge upon the atten- 
tion ofUie American Government.^ And be, presently afterwards, siieaks 
of " the special American claims, to which my other despatch alludes,* 
an expression which is adojited and repeated by Mr. Seward, in his reply 
to Sir F. Bnice, (12th January, ISO*.) 

In a further despatch to Mr. Adams (I2th January-, 18C7) Mr. 
Seward Justifies and reaffirms the senteirce iu his letter of the 
27th August, in which the " Sumter" was mentioned, as "substan- 
tially correct,'^ on the ground that that vessel had been admitted into 
tlie British ports of Trinidad ainl Gibraltar, aud "allowed to be sold" 
(in the latter port) " to British buyers, for tlie account and benefit of 
the insurgents;" and afterwards received under the British flag, at 
Liverpool. Uis pi-actical concluson is that "the United States thinlc it 
not only easier, but more desirable, that Great Britain should acknowl- 
edge and satisfy the claims for indemnity which kc have submitted than it 
would l>e to find an equal and wise arbitrator who would consent to 
adjadicate them. If, however, IJer Majesty's Government, for reasons 
satisfactory to them, should prefer the remedy of arbitration, the United 
States would not object. The United States, in that case, would expect 
to refer the whole controversy, just as it is found in the correspondence 
vhich has taken place between the two Governments, with such further 
evidence and arguments as either party may desire, without imposing 
restrictions, conditions, or limitations upon the umpire, and without 
waiving any principle or argument on either side. Tliey cannot consent 
to waive any question upon the consideration that it involves a point 
of natioiTal honour; and, on tlie other hand, they will not require that 
any question of national pride or honour sliall be expressly ruled and 
determined as such." 

To this Lord Stanley (9th March, 1867, to Sir F. Bruce) replied: "To 
sach an extensive and unlimited reference Her Majesty's Governmenb 
cannot consent, for this reason, among others, that it would admit of, 
and indeed comi>eI, the submission to the arbiter of the very question 
which I have already said they cannot agree to submit. The real mat- 
ter at issue between the two Oovemments, when kept apart from collateral 
considerations, is whether, in Hie matters connect^ with the vessels out of 
ithote depredations the claims of American citizens have arisen, the course 
pursued by the British Government, and by those who acted under its 
authority, was snch as would involve a moral responsHnlity on the part 
of the British Government to make good, eitlier in whole or in part, the 
tosses of American citizens. This is a plain and simple qitestion, easily to 
be considered by an arbiter, and admitting (^solution without raising other 


and wider istues ; an<] on this question Her Miyesty's Qovernnieut are 
fully prepared to f^ to arbitration, with tlie Airtlier proviso that, if the 
decision of the arbiter is nufavourable to the British view the exanina- 
tion of the several claims of citizen* of the United States shall be referred 
to a Mixed Commission, tcitk a view to the settlement of the sums to be paid 
on Hiem." His Lordship tben repeats that, deeming it important "that 
the adjudicMioD of this question should not leaxe oOter questions of claims, 
m (T^toA tk^r' respective subject* or citizens may be interested, to be matter 
of further disagreement between the two countrieB, Her Majesty's <jOv- 
eniment think it necessary, in the event of au underBtaudiug being 
come to between the two Governments as to the manner iu which 
the special American claims f^ which hane formed the .subject of 
the oorrespondence of which his present despatch kos the sequelj 
should be dealt with, tha>t, under a Convention to be separately and 
simnltaneoHSly concluded, the general claims of the subjects and citizens 
of the two countries arising out of the events of the late war should be 
submitted to a Mixed Commission," &G. " Such, then," (he concluded,) 
"is the proposal which Her Majesty's government desire to submit to 
the Government of tlio United States ; limited reference to arbitration 
in regard to the so-called 'Alabama^ ctaitns, and adjudication by means of 
a Mixed Commission of general claims." 

The first occasion on which these words, "the so-called 'Alahama' 
claims,^ occurred in tlie course of tbe whole correspondence was shortly 
l>efore the date of this letter; in a letter from Mr. Seward to Sir F. 
Bruce (llitU January, 1807) in which he spoke of Lord Stanley's pre- 
vious despatch of the 30tb November, lSfi6, as setting forth " the views 
of Her Majesty's Government of tite so-called 'ALahaina ' claims presented 
in my despatch to Mr. Adams,^ and as concluding with a proposal of "the 
principle of arbitration, attended with some modification iu regard to 
tliose claims.^ Lord Stanley himself had spoken of "the settlement of 
the 'Alabama' and other claims," by means of tbe proposals which be 
had authorized Sir F. Bruce to make, in a note to Sir F. Bruce, dated 
the 24th January, lS(i7. The same phrase, "Alabama claims," had also 
been used on one or two occasions, with reference to the same proposed 
settlement, in articles whicb previously appeared in some of tbe English 
newspapers during the autumn of 1800. 

Lord Stanley's letter of the 9th March, 1867. whs, by his direclioD, 
read to, and a copy left with, Mr. Seward ; and on tbe 2d May, 1867, 
Mr. Adams communicated to Lord Stanley the substance of Mr. Seward's 
reply, saying that "the Government of tbe United States adhere to the 
view which they formerly expressed as to the best way of dealing with 
these claims. They cannot, consequently, consent to a 8i>ecial aud pe- 
culiar limitation of arbitrament in regard to the ^Alabama' elaimtf suck 
as Her Majesty's Government suggest. They cannot give any prefer- 
ence to the 'Abibama ' cfatnu over others, in regard to the form of arbit- 
rament suggested; and, while they agree that alt mutual claims vhich 
arose during the civil war between citizens and subjects of the ttco coun- 
tries ought to be amicably and ^leedily adjusted, they must insist that 
they must be adjusted by one and tbe same form of tribunal, with like 
and tbe same forms, and on principles common to all." (Lord Staoley 
to Sir F. Bruce, 2d May, 1867.) 

The language of this communication led Lord Stanley to think tJiat 
his proposal might, perhaps, have been understood as applying only "t« 
tbe claims arising out of tbe proceedings of the Alabama, to the exoln- 
aion of those arising out of the like proceedings of the Florida, Shenaa- 
doah, and Georgia." He therefore wrote to Sir F. Bruce on the 24tb 


of May, 1867, oayin^, " It is important to clear up this point ; and yoa 
will, therpfore, Btnte ^ Mr. Seward that tke offer to goto arbitration vmu 
not rettric^d to the claims arising out of the prooeedingi of tke 'Alabama,' but 
applied equally to those arising out of the tike proceeding of tke other vwaeb 
that I hace named J" Ket'erriug again to ttie terms of bis despatch of the 
9th of Marvli, lie then directs Sir F. Bravo to iuforin Mr. ^cwai^ that "Mere 
wa» HO intention oh the part of Her Majesly^s (iovtmrnent to give any pre- 
ference, iu rei^ard to the form of arbitrament, tn the ^AUibatna' daims over 
claims in the tike ciitefforg," thinking that thero lunst liavo been »ome 
misappreliensiut) on this |K>int, l^ecauae "the question of diaposiDg of 
(general claims, in coutratlistinction to tJte specijic clttims arising out of 
the proceedingt of the ^Alahama,' and vesnelv of thatctass, had not hitherto 
been matter of controversy between the two Governments." Shortly 
afterwani, having opoken of " the first or 'Alabama' cUiss of claimg," he 
sajs, "the one eUtss, or tke specific ctainm, such as those urininfj out of tke 
proceedings of the ^Alabama' and suck reitxcln, depend for their settlement 
on the solution of what may be called an iihstract <)ucstion, namely, 
'wlietlier, in the matters connected with the renaelti, out of whose depre- 
dutioua the claims of Amerlvua citizeHV hare arisen, tlie coursi; pursued 
bytheBiitish Government, and those who acted under its authority, 
was such as would involve a moral responsibility on the part of the 
British (rovernment to tnake gooo<l, eltlier in whole or in part, the losses of 
Amertcan cilixens^ and he repeats bis former offer of separate modes of 
arbitration, as to the two classes of claims, viz, those of tke ^Alabama' 
Hass^ or " the 'Alabama' and such like claims,'" and the general claims of 
ike eitixens of both countries. 

Further discussion ensuetl. Mr. Seward, on the 12t)i of Angust, 
18IJ7. (in a despatch communicated by Mr. Adams,) said that he under- 
Hloou the British Oder "to be at one* comprebenaive and sufficiently 
precise to conclude all the claims of American citizens for depreda- 
tions on titeir commerce during the late rebellion, trhich had been the 
subject of aomplmnt on the part of the Oorernment of tke United States, 
bnt that the <k)vernment of the United States would deem itself 
at liberty to insist before tbe arbitrator that the actual proceedings 
and reliiitions of tbe British Government, its officers, agents, and 
subjects, towanl the United States, in regard to tbe rebellion and 
the rebels, as they occurred during that rebellion, were among tbe mat- 
ters which were connected with tite vessels whose depreiiations tcere com- 
plained of." Ha then objected to the constitution of two different tri- 
bunals, " one an arbiter to determine the question of the moral respon- 
sibility of the British Government tnrf^ari/fo the vessels of tke 'Alabama' 
class, and the other a Mixed Commission to adjudicate tbe so-called 
general claims on both sides," and said that "in every case " his Gov- 
crumeut "agreed only to unrestricted arbitration." (Lord Stanley to 
Sir F. Bruce, 10th September, 186T.) 

Lord Stanley, iu his reply of the lOtli November, (through Mr. Ford, 
ICtb N'ovembcr, 1867,} used further arguments in sup|>ort of the British 
proivosal, designating throughout the special class of claims as " the so- 
called Alabama claimsJ' 

After some intermission the correspondence was resumed by a des- 
patch of Mr. Seward to Mr. Adams, expressing his wish " that some 
means might be found of arranging tbe differences now existing be- 
tween England and the United States," which was communicated to 
Ixird Stanley on tbe lotb February, IStiS. The questions causing these 
differences were thus enumerated by Mr. Seward: " 1st. The Alabama 
claims. 2ad. Tbe San Juau Question. 3d. Tbe Question of Natural- 


ized Citizens, tlieir riglits and iiositioii. 4tb. The Fishery Question ;'' 
and he suggested that " the true tuetliod of dealing villi all tbese mat- 
ters was by treating tliem Jointly, and eudeavonring, by means of a 
Conference, to settle tbem all." (Lord Stanley' to Mr. Thornton, l-'ith 
Febrnary, 1868. 

Negotiations followed, in the tirst iustauce directed to tlie third and 
second of these four questions. On the 20th October, Mr. Reverdy 
Johnson (who had now succeeded Mr. Adams) called on Lord Stanley 
" to dificusa with me" (says Lord Stanley, in a despatch of 2l8t Octo- 
ber, ISfiS, to Mr. Thornton) " the question of the Alabama claims," pro- 
jwsiDg a Mixed Conimission, to whom "aJ/ the claims mt both tide*" 
fibonld be referretl. Lord Stanley "iwinted out the inapplicability of 
this method of proceeding, as applied to the Alabama claimt and oth- 
ers of the tame class,^ and suggested, as arbitrator, the head of a 
friendly State. As t.e the recognition of belligerency, be said that Her 
Majesty's Government could not depiirt from the position which they 
liad taken up, ''but that bo saw no im|>osaibiIity in so framing the refer- 
ence as that by mnttiiil consent, eitJier taiut or express, the difficulty 
might be avoided." 

On tbe lOlh November, 18CS, aConveutiou was accordingly signed 
(subject to ratification) between Lord Stanley, on the part of Her 
Mcyesty, and Mr. Johnson on the part of the United States. By article 
I of this Convention it was agreed that "all claims of subjects o/Ber 
Britannic Majesty, npou the Uoremmeut of the United States, and all 
claims on the part of citizens of itte United States upon the Ooternment of 
Her Britannic Majesty, which might have been presented to either Gov- 
ernment for its iuterimsition with tbe other since tbe 2(ith of July, 18.>3, 
* * and which yet remain uoaettlcd, as well as any other such claims 
which might be presented withiutbe time sitecitied in Article Ill,''(viy,: 
within six months from the day of the first meeting of the Commissioners, 
unless they or the Arbitrator or Umpire should allow a further time,) 
should be referred to four Commissioners, with provision for an arbitration 
or umpirage, in case of their being unable to come to a decision on any 
claim. Article IV was in these terms: "The Commissioners shall have 
power to adjudicate upon the class of claims referred to in the official corres- 
pondence between the tiro Ooremments as the '^ Alabama^ claims, butbefore 
any of such claims is taken into consideration by them, tbe two Uigh 
Contracting Parties shall fix upon some Sovereign or Head of a friendly 
State as an Arbitrator in resi>ect of such claims, to whom s^tch class of 
claims shall be referred, in case tbe Commissioners shall be unable tn 
come to an unanimous decision u|)on tbe same." 

Article VI jtrovided that, "with regard to f/ie before-mentioned ^Ala- 
bama' class of claims, neither Government shall make out a case in sup- 
^ port of its position, nor shall any person be beard for or against any 
' such claim. The official correspondence which has already taken place 
between the two Governments respecting the rjuestions at issue shall 
alone be laid before tbe Commissioners; and (in the event of their not 
coming to an unanimous decision as provided in Article IV) then before 
the Arbitrator, without argument written or verbal, and without the 
production of any further evidence. The Commissioners, unanimously, 
or the Arbitrator, shall, however, be at liberty to call for argument or 
further evidence, if they or he shall deem it necessarj'." 

Donm to this point i