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Des del975 

Fundacio Dr.J. Mas 

Anselm Turmeda 8 

Barcelona 08016 

Telf. : 933595735-932760156 

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Presentation of the hypothesis of field research, on a cutting edge 
exhibition of the manifestation of intelligence, an assumption based on 

quantum theory. 

The hypothesis is based on that intelligence is a quantum-mechanical state of the 
brain that overlaps the quantum-mechanical state of the sea of virtual particles. 

Please note that only a very general introduction, to expose and identify the 
research field, and subsequently extend greater exposure of the investigations further. 

By researchers: 

Ferran Mas i Manjon (cognitive researcher) 

Jordi Mas i Manjon (cognitive researcher), chief researcher at the foundation 


Paul Recarens Carles (Professor of Physics and Mathematics from the Polytechnic 

of Mataro.) (We appreciate the valuable contribution of Paul Carles renoivned 

physicist who has contributed so selfless as valuable information for research and 

that we hope to continue their valuable assistance ) j*£ 10(V j 

October 8, 2009 

8-1 D -EDD 3-38 1 E 3338N J MAS MANJCN 


In the foundation Dr.J.Mas we investigated in a temporary space of more than 20 
years, the manifestation of intelligence. 

We note that the biological support the biomechanics but not the producer of 
intelligence is observed since the invention of the EEG detection of bioelectrical activity in 
the cortex. In the scanners so you can see the whole segmented neural activity in specific 
circumstances. But all this does not show intelligence, how it works, how it is regulated, 
how it stores information. 

In the next presentation, try to show a plausible guess, a hypothesis of field, which 
we hope in the future, develop afield theory to explain what intelligence is interacting with 
other fields in different appearance. 


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\± Jmm^.tet-A^A 


We note that the cerebral cortex and the whole brain, is an activity, however it 
does not display the way they interact intelligence. We have therefore turned to 
physics, specifically quantum physics, for that we have access to valuable 
information on the contribution of the physicist Paul Carles. 

Work of field research time on conjecture, if plausible, the first question we 
ask is: 

The possibility that our intelligence regardless of hardware that is the brain, 
specifically the areas of the cortex, may be the possibility to be appointed or 
designated as virtual particles, it is very inconsistent in relation to a physical 
addressed to the study of fields apparently have nothing to do, and in antiquity 
was a reference to the macrocosm and microcosm, in this the tiny particle physics 
or quantum seems to confirm what intuition of the ancients seemed to signal. 

^ \ 

It's very promising thing to note is that the theory of virtual particles, has a 



fairly plausible approach in the way that "appears" as the thinking process 
develops, (in the virtual maps that we made / EEG of cortex and segments / not yet 
have a precise technology, but in the theoretical field if we can go mapping of 
mental processes and move away the old idea that the mind has a selfhood for itself 
and accepting modern plausible conjecture that this is a complex process but not 
located only in a biological medium.) 

The response from physics is the following. 

Have quantum mechanics, where the superposition of states generates a 
randomizer, which as proposed, the quantum-mechanical state of the brain is 
superimposed on the quantum-mechanical state of the sea of virtual particles, 
expressed in an abbreviated manner. 

In quantum theory the vacuum is populated by particles / antiparticles 
virtual. Are even electron / positron that are created and annihilated immediately, 
but this time the quantum scale seems enormous. 

The electric field draws to a charge if the virtual particles of opposite sign 
and repels their same sign. A positively charged positron attracts and repels all 
electrons near the virtual. 

The result is that the positive charge is surrounded by a cloud of virtual 
electrons. This phenomenon is known as vacuum polarization and the result is that 
this cloud of virtual electron partially shields the positive charge. 

Let us now examine the assumptions, our brain is "the possibility of a 
quantum-mechanical state" where particles are created and annihilated in an 
immediate way, but in time the quantum scale is enormous, (temporary) 

This leads to the hypothesis that intelligence is a quantum-mechanical state 


' %> «e^ 

of virtual particles, in which time has a different measure to which we perceive as 
biological entities. 

This is of enormous importance in understanding the future possibilities of 
intelligence and interaction "possible" different states "quantum fields" through 
those designated as virtual particles. 

This is the presentation, we hope now that other researchers will be inspired 
by this hypothesis (conjecture plausible) and investigate with a fresh perspective, 
we at the foundation, we will continue to do so, we have a temporary space for 
many years to develop the theory, now we have fundamentals. 

* "5. 

La Fundacio J.MAS ,s 'autofinanga 
no s'accepten donations economiques de cap procedencia 

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