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Barcelona, 17 de Marc 2008 

©Jordi Mas i Manjon 

derechos de autor,propiedad intelectual 


Deposito legal: -2007 


per Jordi Mas i Manjon 


Ombres ocultes 

en els desitjos d'homes i dones 

desitjos per imposar-se a l'altre 

dominacio en la creenca 

de veritats imaginaries 

miratges de l'anima empresonada 

alliberar-se dels lligaments 

d'allo perible 

com totes les creences 

en el temps difuminades. 

Somnis al dormir 

realitats que desapareixen 

fins a l'alba 

al despertar 

regressen els miratges 

d'una realitat nascuda 

en la imaginacio 

d'una ment bressolada 

en la societat frivola 

de 1' absentia de debo. 

d'aixo que no desapareix 

quan dormim 

quan somiem 

nomes somnis. 

Realitats confoses 
amb veracitats 

quant miratge nia 
en el nostre mort cor gastat 
de tanta politica al pensar. 

Relacions de mentida 

amb abillaments de veritats 

grans paraules expressades 

per a dir mentides . 

L'anima soferta mor 

dia a dia davant la manca 

d'esperits valents 

que heroicament s'enfronten 

a aixo que designem 

com necessitats 

nomes son miratges 

nomes nuvols 

que enterboleixen l'anima 

l'anima d'espirits endins 

nomes endins 

endins d'aquells espirits grans 

ombres ocultes endins de veritats 


nomes miratges. 

El Grial de Montserrat 

per Jordi Mas Manjon 

Estimada Serra de blanques pedres 
amb formes arrodonides estranyes 

gairebe humanes 

nascudes de l'anima de la serralada, 

Montserrat mitic Grial 

nascut del llarg cami 

de les grans animes 

per trobar alio que solament 

la innocencia es capac d'albirar 

profundament endins 

de les nostres coves 

propies i profundes 

secretes animes , 

animes serralades 

Cada raco ,cada forat, ombres i aromes 

d'una muntanya inspirada per un espirit 

el Grial d'un anima noble, 

creient de veritats oblidades, 

d'histories de donzelles i cavaliers 

darrere d'una unica Veritat , 
un cant a l'Esperanca a una trobada 

d'un Paradis Perdut, 
en els inicis d'un historia oblidada. 

Cor del Grial de la Veritat, 
buscat amb el cap i no el cor 
per aquells que desconeixen 

el que es l'Amor pur d'aquells 

que en altra muntanya germana 

Montsegur van morir per conservar. 

Montserrat estimada 

que en la meva infancia, 

el cam! vaig recorrer a peu, 

perque l'anima alliberada 

s'unis a aquesta muntanya, 

anuria de la llibertat per alio que es pur, 

el guardia ,els guardians, Els Purs , 

que habiten en l'unic Hoc 

on van deixar de ser perseguits, 

el cor de cadascun, i el Sagrari del Grial, 

Montsegur i la seva germana Montserrat. 



per Jordi Mas Manjon 


Nascut en la meva Barcelona 

vaig caminar 

els meus primers passos 

per els carres i arcades de la ciutat, 

la mirada innocent 

descobria els secrets 

de l'estimada ciutat de pedres 

antigues llaurades per dracs valents 

Carrers estrets, 

olors a soterranis, 

misteris per descobrir, 

per una anima jove 

plena de curiositat, 

sons que ressonen 

ja en l'edat final. 

Una vida complerta 

per acabar, 

amb la memoria 

d'una Barcelona , 

que es la ciutat 

de les meravelles , 

d'un anima que va neixer 

i en ella morira. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Alone with my soul 
solitary partner 

stranger for the mind reasoner 

my soul shared with 

that next soul 

in happiness solitary soul 

that she speaks to me 

when being alone 

the world ends up in me. 

I am alone because my soul 

refugee in the depth 
of the heart she speaks to me 

* * * 

Alone, for own decision 

looking for the name of that, 

that being sacred escapes 

toward the unfathomable spaces 

unreachable infinites 

solitary spirits 

place without times 

deep eternities 

of a soul that looks for 

without truce without times 

* * 

oceans of lives moving 
as waves of infinite heights 

without anybody that steps their summits 

Alone, with the soul 

in the firmament it shines 

as the stars 

for you ,for me 

for us 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I raised the look toward the stars 

the depth of the space moved me 

in the deepest in the heart 

I understood in my conscience 

that I am a powder speck as 

in an immense ocean of distant stars 

my only desire in that instant was 

that the beautiful feelings that reside 

in the hearts of the whole humanity 

they flourished in the distant places 

beyond our humanity as stars 

* si- 
lt forces Vitality Energy 
they are only born of the generous heart 
generosity of love 
a love that hugs embracing 

that is more fragile, weaker heart 

* * 

The Force of the heart is expansible 

limits don't exist in the space 

or the times. 

A force healer of Souls 

solitary souls although the bodies live in cities 

solitudes of the spirits 

that make sick for a 

bsence of loves 

Love and Soul cohabit allied to convert 

the earth in a paradise of Harmony without pains 

Hearts and Souls 

Souls and Loves 

Loves and Spirits 
Spirits and Force 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Unknown spaces 
in well-known as souls 

an encounter with the heart 
willing to the delivery 

of the truth of the existence. 

* * 

Born love not built 

not fabricated from the mind 

but born from the deepest thing 

of that we designate 

with the soul name 

* * 

Born truths to be liberated 

in people's presence 

with the open heart 

to the momentous truths 

of the existence 

* * 

Roads with crossings 

where the encounters 

they are causal and not fortuitous 

* * 

Born loves of truths 

without final 
eternal in infinites 

lapses of time 
and oceans of love 
balm really 
and it thrills 
of the soul 
of you soul 
of our soul 

it causes only 

of that 

that we designate 

with the beautiful word 

of love. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

A river, its history 

A man, his life 

a woman, her desires 

one's history 

one's life 
one's desires 

which is the Being's depth? 

* * 

A tear and its history 

behind it 

a human being 

or more important 

a Being 

an ant and its social history 

a human being and one's personal history 

The life with a capital 
it is much more 

that the purchase and sale 

* * 

when will the qualitative jump of the human being be made? 

now, everything is quantitative 

people, the life, the feelings 

but the existence, has it one's own reality 

and an only and differentiated Truth. 

We build, we represent the world 

in the one that all we live 

induced by our own desires 

in and of itself we should vary these desires 

for virtues 

and the virtue is Force 

and the force is humanity 

* * 

The life is the daily thing 

the existence is the infinite thing 

the infinite thing is the intemporal 

the intemporal is the eternal thing 

extensive eternity in 

that more beautiful 

of the universe 

Don't unite reality 

Yes a Truth 

the authentic humanity 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Mountains with their high summits 

surrounded of big white clouds 

moving freely between air and the wind 

of the soul that clamors to the sky 

the freedom of being able to move 

* * 

Galloping of free horses 

the sound resonates in my hearing 

a cheerful scream of freedom 

not tamed savage 

Roaring of the river with their abundant water 

moves unceasingly toward the cascade 

a roar of abundant water screams 

to the air their sound with the word 

of free brave nature 

in search of an unknown sea 

after a long journey 

* * 

Migratory Bird cross skies and seas 

deserts and cities 

in search of new places 

maintaining the freedoms 

that the existence gave to them 

to show to the world 

the sacred word 

free, freedom. 

A man, woman ,a contained 

in cities, with the only desire 

of possessing that can buy it 

one day looking to the sky they discovered 

that to be you liberate 

the only thing that to make owed 

it was to live with the free spirit 

with hope, love 

and liberate the soul 

The small Things 

By Jordi Mas Manjon 

I like to breathe the clean air 

of the dawn 

The drops of the water of dew 

on the grass 

with aroma to field 

to freedom 

The nascent sun of a new day 

with a soft growing heat 

as the free soul 

that it expands toward a freedom 

of spirit toward the infinite 

Heaven of the nascent souls 

that flying the same as birds 

with their extended wings 

they furrow seas and oceans 

without fear to anything well-known 

Freedom without being dominated 

for an irrational fear 

of some evil beings 

Us brave 

we fight against the oppression 

of the nascent freedom 

of love for soul 

without form 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

What is it without form? 

To admit the form 

without being linked it. 

Don't stray 

with the phenomenal thing, 

don't reinforce the identification 

with the phenomenal thing. 
It is to consent to the freedom. 

Three possibilities have, 

the first one, the representation 

the social one. 

The second representation, 

the extraordinary thing, 

the phenomenal thing. 

Lastly the third representation, 

the union of both, 

without clinging to any, 

we consent to the freedom. 

Our reality is hardly one 

among many descriptions. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Why do you cry friend? 

Because I am very sad 

You are not sad. 

The sun shines 

without our consent 

you let that the sun shines. 

I am hungry. 

You eat. 

It hurts me. 

what does it hurt you? 

The Soul hurts me. 

It looks for inside you 

in the deepest thing 

that anything external it confuses you 

and you will find the answer. 

I don't want to want! 

Then, you love, 

the remedy is the love of the soul. 

I don't want nothing else of the world 

What do you want? 

That my soul shines 

next to yours. 



Don't look for more 

don't want more 

You soul and my soul 

the two souls have been 

now . 

How do you call yourself? 

My name is Love. 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Sad words 

sad feelings 

of a heart 


Happiness of the soul 

awaiting a word 

with shine of Sun. 

Sad moment of solitude 

infinite of a heart 

not of the body but of the soul. 

Born feelings 

from the nobility of 

an existence 

that doesn't know 

about the earth 

that only 

the human being 


and it is, 

the love of the soul 

shared us. 


par Jordi Mas Manjon 

Un etre sans etre 

un vivre sans vivre 

une douleur sans fin. 

Un sentiment profond 

d'une ame tourmentee 

pour atteindre le reve 

de cela que non tine nomme 

sans principe et fin 

un etre dans l'existence 

sans present, sans passe 

un aller faisait l'inconnu 

sans rien et personne qui conduit 

le notre marcher ni rapide ni lentement. 


Un atteindre un reve, une chime-re, 
un peu infiniment merveilleux, 

la rencontre de deux ames, 

une rencontre du ciel et la terre, 

un extasis d'ame et le corps. 


per Jordi Mas Manjon 

En solitud d'un profund dolor 

nascut d'un infinit sentiment 

cap al mes meravellos de l'existencia 

Amor per alio que es un ideal 

cosa inassolible per un home 

solament possible des de l'arrel 

d'un sentiment designat Anima i cor junts, 

inseparableS/Units fins a un sense temps, 

eternitat sense principi ni fi 

un morir sense viure, 

un sentir sense cos 

per ventura ja sense anima ni cor 

solament essentia pura d'alguna cosa 

sense nom, ja sense por, 

sense por d'un intern o eel 

solament van existir 

en la nostra imaginacio. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I look at the stars 

and I marvel before the one 

mystery of which I am witness 

I write my poetry trying to reach 

my reader's soul 

but I don't not even reach 

the heart 

* * * 

My sadness fills me the soul 

because I want to deepen 

in the soul 

until playing the most sacred thing 

but the solitude a deep solitude 

it invades me 

and me desperate 

I insist on attempting 

to reach that twin soul 

that she understands me. 


per Jordi Mas Manjon 

Nuvols nascuts 

en la profunditat 

d'un anima compassiva 

que com peix 

en els oceans de l'amabilitat 

un amor infinit 

per la veritat 

nascuda en una existencia 

plena de meravelles 

per descobrir 

aquest caminant 

amb esperanca sense limits 

per trobar 

a qui li volen acompanyar 

en un recorregut unic 

la sendera 
de la veritable llibertat 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

The air that I breathe has the perfume 
yours, the sunlight their shine 

it is you soul in mine 

why do you leave me alone? 

if I love you so much. 

My soul has the size 

of you love 

your word, each caress 

it enlarges my heart 

until the infinite. 

* * 

You silence it makes sick me 

sick person slowly stays 

without vitality, I lose the life 

slowly, because you are 

my life 

* * 

My heart beats slowly without you 

but when you are with me 

my heart becomes a hurricane 

of happiness and love for you. 

* * 

Solely alive to love you 

you don't leave me alone my love 
because I die without you 

I want to Feel I Live 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Awake to the dawn 

a new day, 

it is maybe different 

up-to-date of yesterday, 

a deep feeling invades me 

reaching me the deepest thing 

wondering myself 

am I alive? 

oh is maybe only 

a shade of that that I see 

every day, 

I affirm with vehemence, I want to feel I live, 

I want to love and to be loved, until the satiety, 

until the eternity, 

full twin souls of existence, 

full of life, I don't want to be a shade 

of the brilliant light of that sun that is soul 

and non body, 

feeling non thought, 

embracing the being's entirety, 

until almost to suffocate the routine of a life 

in exchange for a brilliant existence 

a born sun of a thousand lived lives 

traveling infinite roads 

toward you my life 

my infinite soul 

that I can no longer contain 

plus the desire to hug and to kiss 

until the senses are intoxicated 

in a dance of divinities, 

of name love, eternal.. 

without end neither I begin, 

dancing in united souls 

infinitely dear 

unique love, unique soul, 

unique feel I live 

help me my life! 


par jordi mas manjon 


Nous regardons le monde 

sans voir la profondeur 

de la beaute de la vie 

habitues a voir la peau de cela 

que nous desirons 

La vie elle est profonde pleine 
de petites nuances de vie 

Les miettes d'existence 

avec une essence Divine 

la Vie nee de vie 

des bourgeons d'herbe fraiche 

les pleins Coeurs de sentiments 

et d' emotions 

les desirs nes dans l'esperance 

la plus secrete de trouver un coeur 

une ame qu'il ecoute 

et repartit notre esperance 

5 T . " 


par Jordi Mas Manjon 

Un gout a une amitie 

inonde ma douce ame 

un sentiment ne dans le calme 

comme un soir de printemps 

que la brise douce nourrit la peau 

doucement et le coeur late lent 

sans rapidite comme attendant 

a que Fame de sa Douce permission 

une amitie nee de Fame 

dans le doux calme.. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Born friendship 

of an infinite feeling 

beyond the stars 

and constellations 

more distant 

however it is born in the depth 

of the heart 

and of the next soul 

to us 

* * 


of infinite beauty 

because it is the heart 

that touches smoothly 

the friend's soul 

a soft close contact 

as the spring breeze 

with the perfume 

of the clean love 

clear without hidden 


brilliant as the sunlight 

* * 

Friendship and love 
are two words 

twins that share beating 

of the heart 

and the shine 

of the soul 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Deep very deep 

I travel toward inside 

toward the center 

of the soul 

that far it is 

the superficial thing 

that is vain 

wealth, possessions 

that little value has 

in comparison 

to a single word of love 

born word of love 

of such a deep feeling 

that the oceans seem puddles 

and the skies infinite small spaces 


I am only me 

alone when I was born 

alone when I die 

and in this intermission that is the life 

I live in the depth of a search 

whose outcome is the encounter 

with that soul that is eternal 

it would please me to have company 

in the one on the way to the life 

leaning on in the dear person 

at the end of everything 

a deep overflowed feeling 

of love without end 

infinite love, 

without limits 

without conditions 

only the dear person 

with me until the eternity. 


by jordi mas manjon 

I walk slowly 

looking for a place 

in that solitary soul 

of an inhospitable space 

* * * 

To remember yearnings 
of hesitant steps 

in long walks 
of natural sounds 


* * * 

Solitary souls 

isolated in islands 

distant of souls 

lost in paradises 

of dreams of hearts 


in deep dreams 

lost souls 

* * * 

Chills in skins 

died by lack 

of those feelings 

of born hearts 

in slow beats 

of distant thoughts 

Near feelings 

now distant 

of approximate hearts 

then abandoned 

aching as 

lost traveling strangers 

contained tears 

of deep pains 

as abyss volcanos 

extinguished without 

the incandescent clouds 

without rakes of those 

steps of having forgotten 


being the one extinguished 

forgotten sound of words 

already unconscious 

forgotten meanings 

lost steps 

whispers in the hearings 

ghosts inhabiting in 

the souls already forgotten 

because already nobody remembers 

the name of the one who those 

it took. 



by Jordi mas manjon 
* * * 

Anything fears 

except the lack 

of faith in me 

because the force 

of the life 


in my heart 

Anything fears 

of those things 

that other people 

they fear so much 

sew worthless because 

the valuable thing 

it is the life but 

the dear person's life 

for her for the dear person 

I cross oceans and seas 

I cross deserts 

and unknown skies 

for the dear person 

I fight against 

any danger 

without fear 

with decision 

brave because 

I am 

the fortunate man 

that I know that 

the vital force 

of the existence 

that force is in me 

to offer it 

to those people 

that I love 

with all 

my soul 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* X- * 

It dawns the day 

very slowly the lids 

they open up to the life 

extraordinary light 

of existence 

blinding and brilliant 
as a sweet caress 
has wakened up 

in this new day 


A full flavor 

deep complete 

to life it has begun 

to fill my soul 

and a sweet smile 

encourages the expression 

sweet of the faction 

of my face 

turn to be born 

Now the life 

has flavor 

along the day 

different shades 

with different sensations 

will go lapsing 

as ghastly clouds 

moved by the wind 

of the life 

I feel the Intensity 

of being alive 

each centimeter of the skin 

exclaims in language 

vital existential 

primary equally 

that at the beginning 

a fight with the force 

of the continuity of the life 

with all intensity love. 

r^. i 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

I like to say hello in the morning, 

it tenderizes me to say see you later, 

I never say good-bye, 

because the farewells 

are as the icy wind, 

that it cuts and it hurts 

* * 

I like a caress, 

of a sweet word 

happiness calmly 

and with soul 

* * 

I like a penetrating look 

of a sweet soul 

overflowing of love 

and calmly 

of soul 

* * 

I like to narrow the dear person 

and to feel their soul 

near my face 

of my love 

Wonderful feelings 

born of the deep soul 

expressed in looks 

and sweet words 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Only with my soul 

I look inside the heart 

I ask to the darkness 

of the night if the light 

of my soul it will be enough 

to light where I step 

* * * 

Open eyes, closed eyes 

doesn't care darkness 

it's unfathomable, 

there are not stars neither small light 

where I can look and to feel 

sure, only 

I am accompanied with the idea 

of a kind God that 

he assists my supplications 

of abandoned human being 

in the darkness of one night 

that it seems endless 

* * * 

It will dawn., when? 

soon? I need to see the light 

of a new day with rays of light 

of a born hope 

in the soul of a future better 

it maybe is not licit? 

it's not licit to have hope? 

And I heard the deafening voice 

of a God responding 

to my supplication 

or it's maybe my imagination 

that forced by the necessity 

invented to that God 

I don't know! does it maybe care? 

everything doesn't happen inside the soul! 

because that more gives if the reality 

is born of a fantasy 

or the fantasy was born of a reality 

seriously important 

it's that I am only in the darkness 

in company of God 

and he spoke 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Sweet steps together walk 

in the powdery road 

and in their rake fragrant flowers 

they open their petals 

showing the beautiful colors 

of a complete existence. 

* * 

Sweet steps together 

a step behind the other one 

an infinite chain 

of events 

some cheerful ones other sad 

all they conform 

the life that is manifested 

* * 

We walk together now and tomorrow 
in this present and in that future 
together we can with the barriers 

of the difficulties and together we live 

the happiness of the shared road 

* * 

Souls united meetings 
for the delivery of the truth 

of the existence 

truth contained in the heart 

and an only soul 

unique walk. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

I dedicate hidden 

shade of the soul 

insecure steps 

in the road 

of the life 

* * 

Encounters, forgetfulness 


more forgetfulness 

memoirs like shrouds 


in a long line 

of lived feelings 

* * 

I dedicate well-known 

for a god already forgotten 

for the busy men 

in give-humanized tasks 

for a way of life 


* * 

Men's destination and gods 

in an unique existence 

outside of the ego of the permanency 

road of the life 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 
* * * * 

I breathe with abundance the air 

fresh of the morning, 

and my face refreshes with the sweet 

drops of the dew. 

It has dawned, a new day, 

and my thirsty soul of hope 

opens up as empty vessel 

to receive the fresh breeze 

of a new life. 

Soft and radiant 

rays of light emanate of that sun 

hot of existence, 

and my lukewarm blood before, now hot 

it boils of hope for that new day, 

full of flavor to life. 

Anything fears, neither now neither tomorrow, 

everything decides now, 

in this eternal present, 

infinite, hole, full, 

existence, is 

the life. 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 
* * * 

First drops on 
the dirty glass of powder 

intense rain later 

dragging particles of dirt 

until the radiant glass 

transparent it is again. 

Already! everything has happened 

as in a without happening. 

The burden and the anxiety 

they have disappeared 

as if never 

they had a to exist. 

Anything lasts 

everything is mutation 

in a to happen 


in the one that us 

we last 


we don't command. 

We are only 

of the destination 




by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * * 

I only think of you 

you are the whole universe 


There isn't nothing else important that you. 

I only think of you 

for the day and the night 

because you are that 

for what I was born. 

I only think of you 

because you soul 

it's my love. 


r^k^w^p^ ■■-■ 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

what is't conventional? 

that the sun illuminates the day! 

that the night it has the moon 

I don't want to be conventional 

I want to be everything it surrenders for you 

each atom of my body 

each thought of my head 

each beat of my heart 

each feeling of my soul 

it's only for you 

a lot beyond any it limits 

a lot beyond any frontier 

a lot beyond any convention 

we are together in a way unique 

in a deep hug of our hearts 

and of our souls 

alone you and me 

in this world 

in this life 

in this existence 

together in a grateful love 

endorsed by our souls 

in an only feeling 

born from an infinite depth 




you and me 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 
* * * 

The flavor of the life 

for me you are only you. 

My happiness is to be next to you 

always loving you. 

Everything is different 

when I am next to you 

everything is better 

everything is wonderful. 

When I kiss you 

my soul it is yours 

and you soul is mine. 

when I caress you 

you skin is my skin 

and my chills are yours. 

Everything is different 

with you everything 

it is special next to you. 

It is as if the life has a secret garden 

and to consent to there is it to open a door 

and this door has a lock 

and the key to open it is you. 

You are the secret key of that garden 

you are that wonderful garden 

that I am their gardener 

loving that I take care and I love 

every day 

you my love 

you are the most wonderful thing 

of a strange universe 

but beautiful. 

You my love. 

You my soul love. 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

X- X- * 

the feeling grows 

every day more and more 

as the cloud in the sky 

that it incr 

eases of size 

until finally discharge 

their saint dilutes 

to the thirsty earth. 

You are my cloud 

that loaded with a wonderful 

love you full my soul 

of blessings and hopes. 

My love doesn't have you limit 

and it is so big that there is not 

enough I space 

in my heart 

to contain it. 

I am happy because 

you exist 

and you are the most beautiful 

that it exists. 

I love you my soul 

I love you my love 

* * * 

* i 


of jordi mas manjon 

* * * * 

Happy Sunday 

designated weekly day 

nominated but not existential 

happy day where it is born the happy day? 

in our mind, in our mouth, 

in the mouth of the other ones 

when it will reach the heart 

that it wants to express 

Pain, happiness, desires... 

all them born 

of having contended 


I want to be happy! .. screams 

this generation, as small children 

wanting their mother to breastfeed them 

nobody is to listen 

the torn scream of the soul 

begging authentic alliance 

of the sky and the united earth 

in a sea now ocean 

of lingering feelings 

infinites with reaches 

beyond the possible thing of that known 

I want to collapse in the mire! until death 

transformed into original substance 

looking for the origin of my essence 

beyond the human thing, of the divine thing, 

only existence... 

infinite unfathomable, uncannily 

and darkly there, in that space of the soul, 

intemporal, tridimensional, only refuge, 

of an unknown essence, 

not born, always existed 

without end., without principle... 

always present 

in a now, 

in a here, 

painful, or comic, 

according to the high or low tides 

of our desires, 

compliments and unsatisfied, 

fears, fears, shades 

of our dreams, always dreamed 

along that invented time. 

spirit!, born of the hope 

of that it knows that there is not anything 

* * * * * 

3 T . " 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I am wind in calm 

that I go for a walk 

for the surface 

of the sea 


the soft waves 

of my thoughts 

that as invisible fingers 

model that calm it dilutes 

metamorphosing it 

in waves 

with names and expensive 

losing that 

saint calms down 

In an instant I have left 

of being in Peace 

now infuriated 

I hit the waters 

and enormous waves 

they are debated 

without stopping 

without control 

in a dance 


* * 

Everything is in the surface 

anything awaits in the depth 
it has only been a blow of air 
that infuriated /transformed 

in fierce wind 

and now I already calm down 

it rests as breeze 

soft of spring 

flutters in form 

of colorful butterfly 

settling burningly 

confidently in the surface 

of a skin protector feeling 

with the sensibility 

of an existent being 

not only in the superficially 

but also in the deep thing 

where the roots taking root 

with infinite force 

it remains for always 

awaiting one day 

in that that the superficial thing 

give their place to that 

that it is substantial 

of being recognized 

as the existential force 

the Being 

source of life 

where to satiate our thirst 

it dilutes vital with flavor 

infinite of a to Be 

and of a to go 

as the air moving 

the vane of the destination 

of a to walk in 

a not unknown 


to be had repeated 

infinitely until reaching 

the freedom of resting 

of stopping there being 


that the life 

the existence 

we are only 


am I alone? 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

am I alone? 

Oh! It is maybe only one 

ephemeral cloud of an instant 

thought and not existed 

Who does affirm? 

is there certainty? 

Yes, there is responded 

the blessed one 

in their awakening 

Everything is one 

and one is everything 

As the ice 

that it was water 

and now it is 


at some time I was alone? 

at some time I did exist? 

I dream, dreams 

we dream 
and we believe 

to believe! 

now I sit down 

under the tree, 

I surrender, 

I give 

I give 

finally rest 

I am alone 

I was alone 


of a to happen 

that it was not mine 

anything was mine 

now rest! 


or sleeping 


I am this 

nothing else that this 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

You are my unique "CIELITO" 
the most wonderful gift 

of the whole universe 
you my love 

When in the morning 

I hear you voice 

my heart wakes up 

full of happiness 



the same as a song 
intoned by the angels 

You are my "CIELITO" 

of the soul 

me without you 

I could not live 


because you are 

my lover 


* * 

Every day 

of our life 

we will sing 

to the heaven 

and I will say an and another time 

of my heart 

and my soul 


Lighthouse that indicates 

the road 

happy of the love 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

I am very happy 

each moment of the day that 

I am with you 

happy seeing 

as you smile 

and you smile 

it's as the horizon of the sea 

a soft and wonderful 

wave of the surface 

of that deep ocean 

that it's you soul 

When I 'm next to you 

I perceive the soft heat 

of you skin 

that it shivers 

as the soft waves 

of the surface of a sea 

that in their depths 

it keeps a treasure 

the treasure of our love 

beautiful jewel 

protected by the mythological ones 

Titanes that preserve 

that is the most valuable thing 
of the whole universe 

it's the love 

* * 

My skin shivers in contact 

with you skin 

the same as the wind 

shakes with force the green leaves 

of a tree still young 

that extends their branches with the force 

of him recently sprouted 

sprouted of the source of the life 

All beauty contained in you 

that beautiful you are my lover 

you are the most wonderful 

and beautiful of all 

the creatures 

of the creation 

the same as the first woman 

of the paradise you are 

the most valuable 

of the women 

with the full heart 

of my soul 

that it clamors to the heaven 

with the maximum happiness 

I love you 

only to you 

you thrill 


lighthouse that indicates 

the road 

happy of the love 


of jordi mas manjon 
* * * 

You looked 

it's the sweet look 

of the deep love 

that it has been born 

of the purest soul 

you pure 

and transparent soul 

as the air of 

the high summits 

* * 

You looked 

with the expression 

of your eyes 

of that beautiful 

green color 

as an emerald 

beautiful green look 

* * 

I want to hug 
that look of love 

to kiss your closed lids 
and to whisper 

you softly sweet words 

of love 

* * 

My only desire is to love you 

to love you and to kiss you 

with the infinite love 

of my heart 

and of the soul 

I adore you sweet look 

and I surrender 

and I prostrate to your feet 

as obedient servant 

of my lover 

with eternal love 

an infinite hug 


by jordi mas manjon 

* * 

When I am sad 

the sadness lasts me a little 

because you voice is an elixir 

the elixir of the happiness 

* * 

You sweet expression of the voice 

is soft as the dawn 

golden of the mornings 

of our childhood 

* * 

Sweet, sweet love ,to love 

that wonderful creation 

of a kind God 

you are you 

my love 

* * 

Chills of pleasant 

loves are your words 

born from you soul 


Happiness only happiness 

born of a deep love 

from a heart together to you 

to you deep and full soul 

of an authentic sincere love 

real toward me 

And I correspond with my love 

born of the happiness for you 

and for you 

only to you 

my love 

my sweet love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Every day I love you more, 

more and more it grows 

the same as the sea, 

the sea of the life 

life of love and it thrills, 

thrills of living eternally 

with you only with you, 

with you, you, 

my love, 

my hope, 

love and born hope 

of the spark of a wonderful one 


shared you and me, 

together in a happiness, 

infinite of love 

born love of the soul 

3 T . " 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

Among multitude of drops 

that they conform the oceans 


the most beautiful drop 

more wonderful 

and this it's unique 

because you are 

* * 

Each second are unique 

because you live 

in it 

in the time 

a time unique 

that it's of the heart 

of the lover 

* * 

You kindness sincerity 

it's unique 

because it's born of a soul 

full of the more 

wonderful beauty 

* * 

You are unique 
my love of the soul 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* Sfr Sfr 

The soft breeze 

knocks down 

to the tender green grass 

as revering the mother earth 

that welcoming rocks her 

to it the rocks 

whispering him the wind 

loving words of love 

for the life 

for the existence 

all told that beautiful 

to discover from the deep heart 

and of a tender soul 

that as the green grass 

rocks himself 

to the soft cooing 

of the warm wind 

of the sweet born spring 

of the existence 

of the most sacred thing 

and it's 




by Jordi Mas Manjon 

The authentic dawn 

it's when you awake 

and you speak with me 

because you voice 

it's the event 

more wonderful 

that it happens 

every morning 

when you me 

we are together 

in the heart 

and in the soul 

* * 

We are happy together 

as the stars 

in the velvet one 

sky of those 
romantic nights 

of love 

* * 

Your lips with you beautiful 

smile seems to tell me 

to me 

only to me 

that I kiss you 





you love 


our happiness 


always together 

you and me 

you soul and my soul 

in an only love 


in an unique soul 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Oh! My God 

that alone I'm 

I'm so insignificant 

so small 

amid the tempest 

of the life 

Oh!! My God 

I'm alone 

and only 

I can pray 

requesting that 

make me a little 

of company 

my soul cries 

of sadness 

for so many things 

my heart beats sad 

because it's alone 

Oh! My God 

don't give way 

at this time 

of tribulation 

I want to think 

that somebody 

love me 

and that soon my solitude 

will stop to be it 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I only want to think of you 

the whole time 

each second 

of the day 

you occupying my heart 

and hugging my soul 

* * 

I only want to think of you 

nothing else that in you 

because you are the love 

more beautiful than exist 

you are breeze of the life 

that floods my soul 
of happiness and thrills 

I only want to think of you 

when I am alone 
because you full all my life 

and I only need you 

the most wonderful woman 

of the whole creation 

thank you 

my Lord God! 


I love you 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

wonderful sound 

that of you voice 

saying me 

I love you 
my heart grows 

of happiness 

with the sound 

of you soul 


you love 

I love your soul 

you wonderful 


that united 

to my soul 

is an enormous 

and unique soul 

that shines 

more than the sun 


I love you 

I love you 

only to you 

my soul 

love you 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

How quick! 

lapses the time 

I didn't notice 

that the spring 

of my life 

had lapsed 

time ago 

Sweet time 

to think 
in the now 

and the past 

to remember 


small tears 


my cheeks 


the time, 

it's memory 

* * 

what will it happen now? 

that strange 


will cross 

in the journey 

of my existence 

Maybe this to lapse 

of the time 

it's not the habitual thing 

from the birth 

* * 

The time of each 

one of us 

it's governed 

for unknown 


that they govern 

our destinations 

* * 

A strong pain 

in my chest 

warns me 

that my heart 


to share 

what subtracts of time 

with another time 

of another heart 

the heart of the soul 

of the person that I love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

Hot night 

covers with their mantel 


our souls 

that with yearning 


the full summer of life 


the nectar 

of the life 

in an explosion 

of existence 

full of coloring 

of a coloring 

of love to be with you 

wonderful summer night 

has arrived 

after a long one 

on the way to one spring 

that had flourished 

* * 

In the heat of this 

summer night 

my eyes 

they look at the sky 

covered with stars 

and I reach the heaven 

of a well-known love 
with the fingers 

of my soul 

adoring you 


The Night 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

My closed eyes 

in the darkness 

of the night 


the shine 


of you sweet look 

In my hearings 

it resonates 

an and another time 

the sweet sound 

of you dear voice 

* * 

My heart jumps 

of joy and happiness 

because we are 


for the knot 

of the love 

an eternal love 


my night 

* i 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

We are so happy 

that the world 

is better 

We are so happy 

and shines 

our love 

from our 


We are so happy 

and the world 

no longer tour 

now dances 

dances without stopping 

to the music's compass 

of our 


that is the melody 

of our soul 

* * 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 


I am resting 

in the bed 


imagining to you 

seeing your green eyes 

and you brilliant look 

as the drops 

of the dew 

of the dawn 

looking me 

and me full of joy 

I am happy 

because we are together 

loving us deeply 




in a love 

full of joy 

of happiness 

of authentic 


you and me 

an unique soul 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

You voice is the wave 
of the first hour 
of the morning 

that brings 
the happiness 
of a new day 

* * 

You witness 

is the essence 

of the life 


as nectar 

of the deep 

of the soul 


* * 

The happiness 

of you heart 

is the force 

of my soul 

that does an effort 

to be 


in equally 


Heart of my soul 

don't change 
you always know 


doing happy bell 

of the life 

and shared 

of the soul 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

My love grows 

as the waves 

of the sea 

and my heart feels 

the love like 

the depth 

of the ocean 

my soul and heart 

are only one 


Poetic language 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I am it that not 

I believe that I am 

I think what I am not 

I am what I don't believe 

I believe what I am 

where am I? 

was it, inside? 

or in any place? 

we are maybe 

only dream 


for a stranger 


that he looks at us 

from a distant one 

and unknown region 

I wrap up 

in the warm welcome 

of the source of the life 

and I dream that am free 

free as 

I dream that would be 

the life 

sprouting eternally 

of the source 

of a water 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

My love my treasure 

my heart my soul 

my life 

my air 
my happiness 

I am yours my honey 

I am yours 

all yours 

always yours 

eternally yours 


I love you my love 
and we are happy 

for our love 

that it is a marvel 

we love each other 

and it is the most valuable thing 

of the whole earth 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * * 

Your lips 
have flavor 

to new life 

* * 

The air 

is more 


and fresh 

with your presence 

Your eyes emanate 

the kindness 


of the love 

I want to submerge 
and to swim in the 

of you look 

of love 

* * 

My feelings 
grow and grow 

day by day 
with the vicinity 

of you soul 
serene and loving 

you are the wonderful 


of a kind God 

you my love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 
* * * 

I sing in the morning 

of happiness 

because I am 

with you 


with you 

I laugh of 



you fill 

my heart 

of hope 

My soul shines 

next to yours 

and the two souls 

they dance with 

the happiness 

of the love 
* * 

We are happy 

because we love each other 

from our 

heart and soul 

* * 

You are my life 
all my life 

next to you 

everything is wonderful 

as you 

the woman more 

beautiful and wonderful 

of the creation 


3 T . " 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

X- X- * 

I sing a morning 

with an enormous 


because you are 

with me 

* * 

We laugh together 

we celebrate the life 

that is marvels 

Our love 

is been born 

of our 


and saved 

in the hearts 

* * 

The kisses are 



of our passion 

of woman and man 

* * 

The whole universe 

celebrates our 



you and me 



by jordi mas manjon 

X- * * 

I look at my hands 

and I see force 


but maybe 

this is enough 

My eyes yearn 

the happiness 


but it is the future 

the one that the guard 

as a treasure 

to discover 

* * 

how secret they await me? 

a future emerges 

of the dark ones 

and unknown 

waters of him 



with the finite thing 

* * 

I am alone 

alone awaiting 

that the future 

comes to for me 

3 T . " 


of jordi mas manjon 

* * * 

Sweet kisses 

in your lips, 

every morning, 

we give ourselves 

with all the happiness 

of our hearts 

You smile, you laugh 
you happiness 

is shown 
in you beautiful 


* * 

And I am happy 
seeing you 


my heart 

overflows of happiness 

when you are 


Every day, each 

night, every morning 

is wonderful 

because us, 

we are together 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

X- * * 

I woke up to the dawn 

and the first thing that beats 

my heart 

was to cry 

* * 

two tears steamed up 

my eyes 
and didn't leave me 
to see the new day 

Tears born 

of a sadness 

not well-known 

oh! perhaps yes 

only known 
for the secret one 


* * 

I feel alone 

and to the same one 



ohh! that 

strange world this 

of feelings 

* * 

I want to always be 

together to the heart 

and to the Soul 

sharing feelings 

deep come 

from the most secret 

spaces of you Soul 

* * 

I have desires to cry 

and I cannot retain 

tears ^hem 

Maybe a man 

cannot cry 

for that 

loves so much 

3 T . " 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

You flavor is delicious 

you have flavor 

to freedom 

I savor with pleasure 

the flavor 

of you love 

You are delicious 

as the flowers 

recently sprouted 

after one 

take of soft rain 

* * 

you are tender and soft 

with flavor to life 

* * 

My love grows and it grows 
as the flowers 

in spring 

* * 

beautiful wonderful 





by Jordi Mas Manjon 
* * * 

Delicious it's the beginning 

of the day with you 

delicious it's the flavor 

of you mouth 

sweet to love 

* * 

My heart enjoys 

with your delicious one 

musical melody 

that it's you soul 

I dance full 

of happiness 

with your melody 

of the soul 

* li- 
lt's a melody 

with musicality 

coming of the more ones 

deep of you to Be 

* * 

You don't stop 

beautiful melody 

that my heart 

wants to dance 


with you 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * X- * 

You smile 

done happy my soul 

you laugh done happy 

my heart 

that jumps of 


for you 

* * * 

Each second 

that you are 


I am 


* * * 

When we speak 
and your eyes 

of happiness 
my heart grows 
and grows 
and flies to 
the heaven 

* Sf * 

You green eyes 

as the grass 

fresh of those 

green grasslands 

are illuminated 

of happiness 

with me 

and I am happy 

* * * 

I am happy 

when you are 






by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * X- X- * * * 

I love with everything 

the force of the life 

without it limits 

without opposite 

without fear 

* * sfr 

The breeze of the 


it contributes 

the soft perfume 

of the life 

being born 

* * * 

The joyful soul 
it shines as 

the sun 
in the dawn 

* Sfr Sfr 

The hearts beat 

with the illusion 

of the recently 


* * * 

The force of the life 

it impels toward before 

with one 


it forces vital 

What joy the life 
with all the intensity 

I am full of life! 

the Nature screams 

in their entirety 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

My soul jumps 

of happiness 

when it dawns 

the new days 

for our 


My heart beats 

with more force 


my soul 

is happy 

giving kisses 


to other 


* * 

The life is sweetly 


if our 

soul is 


and our heart 
it dances sweetly 

Everything is brilliant 

everything is beautiful 

you are my benefactor 

you are my creator 


- V.--.. : 't 1 --'*i -fii ■ _,! r*. 

■■!■ T . ' 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

X- X- * 

Waiting that it arrives 

the night for 

to be able to be with you 

and to give you kisses 

Waiting that 
the morning it arrives 

to be able to wake up 

and not to be sad 

* * 

Waiting that you return 
to the home later 

of being with your friends 

* * 

Waiting that you realize 

of how much I miss you 

to you 

* * 

Waiting that not me 

leave alone 

because me without you 

I cannot live 

* * 

Waiting that you kiss me 

for me to savor 

the flavor of your lips 

Always waiting 


waiting waiting 


of jordi mas manjon 

* * 

I await with 
passion that arrives 

this moment 

of encounter 
you heart and mine 

The night it has the flavor 

of you mouth 

and your kisses 

the music 

of the love 

* * 

Sweet night 

sweet love 

sweet flavor 

of you mouth 


I miss you 

my love 

Sweet love 
that you receive me 

every night 
with the same one 

passion of 


* * 

Waited night 

only because 

you are you 

only for your 




by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

Infinite search 

of my soul 

for the sacred thing 

of the existence 

I secrete saved 

in the deepest thing 

of our 


* * 

Infinite oceans 

of time 

in you search 

still non pickup 

Ohh! Sacred Grail 

give me of drinking 

of you sacred 

bleed Real 

* * 

Origin and end 

of the life 

it thrills 


of the 


I want to satiate my 

thirst of the sacred thing 

in the deepest thing 

of the secret 

that you keep with zeal 

from oceans of 

time and space 



of jordi mas manjon 

* * * 

That delicious 
flavor has you love 

The flavor of your 

loving lips 

are elixir 

of a sweet one 


Your caresses 


have the feeling 

of the flavor of you 

wonderful love 

* * 

The happiness 

that my soul 

does happy 
has the flavor 

of you sweet 


* * 

Marvel of the creation 

the flavor that emanates 

of you soul and heart 

goddess's flavor 


Beautiful creature 

born in the paradise 

of the gods 

of the love 

sweet creature 


that you caress 

my soul and you give 

flavor to my 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

X- X- * 

You heat of love 
it is welcoming 
as the same life 

* * 

I feel sure 
welcomed in you love 

protected by you love 

* * 

Sweet love the heat 

of you love 

* * 

That delicious it is 

the heat of you love 

that flavorful it is the flavor 

of you love 

* * 

My crazy senses 
of the heat of you love 

I sleep lovingly 
in the lap of you 

heat of love 

* * 

I want to be 


submerged in 

you heat of love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I believe in 

the love 


in a world 


for the money 

I love the life 
the existence 
and the force 
of my heart 
is happiness 
of the my existence 


when people 

that I love 

they only go away 

for the money 

* * 

I pray to the heaven 

for the life 

for the authentic existence 

for the romantic love 

without interest 

* * 

await await 

pray pray 

Oh! that 


I am 
in a world 


of interest 


oh!! love 

(in poetic language the despair and the hope) 


of jorge 

I am tired 

of waiting 

something that me 

same I ignore 


* * 

I am tired that 
nobody can understand me 


* * 

I am tired of awaiting 

that the heaven listens to me 


I am tired of having 

hope without 



* * 

I am tired of loving 
and not to be loved 


* * 

I am tired of being 


without hope 


But I still have left it 

an ember 

of divinity 

in my soul and 

in my heart 


An ember with desires 

of being revived 

of being something more than 

a simple hope 

at the end hope 

3 T . " 


of jordi mas manjon 

* * 

I only live for you 
for you 

my heart beats 
for you 

* * 

My soul is alive 
for you 

it dances for you 

* * 

At nights 
next to you 

I share 

your dreams 

in you paradise 


My adored 

soul love 

my inspiration 

to continue 


* * 

My rainbow 


of wide 

color with flavor 

of love 

* * 

My sea of love 
with your soft ones 

musical waves 
that with your voice 

you do me be 
happy every day 

more and more 

* i 




by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

My heart 

you comes out of 

my chest 

to leave 

with you 

* * 

My heart 

dances and jumps 

to the compass 

of the melody 

of you love 

* * 

My heart only 
is happy 

next to you 

* * 

I cannot retain 

to my heart 

that jumps 

and jumps 

of joy 

for you 

my love 

The melody 

of you love 

are the beats 

of my 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

The sound 
of your laugh 
it is the music 

of my soul 

* * 

Tilin Tilin sounds 
and it resonates 

the same as 
a beautiful one 
magic melody 

* * 

And my soul dances 

of happiness 

to the compass 

of the magic one 

Tilin Tilin 

* * 

I am happy 

hearing you and 


because you 


Tilin Tilin 

is born of a love 


Please my 



it continues 

with you magic 


Tilin Tilin 

and that our 

souls dance 


in a dance 

of love 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

Mom has heard 

to say to dad 

that he loves you 

with everything 

the soul 

dad has heard say 

to mom 

that she loves you 

with everything 

their heart 

Honey you better 


she told me 

that you are 

its better 


* * 

my Brother dad 

he told me 

that he loves you 

a lot 

Dad my brother 
he told me 

that he loves you 

a lot 

* * 

Beautiful feeling 

to reconcile 

beautiful expression 

of the existence 

* * 

That different 

the world can be 

if we are 


* * 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

The tired eyes of looking 

they settle without the spirit 

of the youth 

in that looked 

but for the hurries 

not observed 

not assimilated 

* * 

My soul accomplice 

of a loner 


yearns to submerge 

in that that still 

it remains unknown 

in the deepest thing 

of the Being 

to be discovered 

* * 

That solitude that of my eyes 

tired that still 

they have an ember 

of yearning to look 

without looking 

to keep 
and to remember 

* * 

The heart beats with hurry 

the moons go and they come 

the suns dawn 

and they disappear 

what is it? 

our soul 

or only 

it is yearning 

without anything 

I only cry 

I cry in solitary 


for that 

that it doesn't end up 

for that 

that it doesn't begin 

that it is the soul 

that it hides 

it awaits 

to be 


* * 

Dear sweet 


that always 


we have known 

and now we yearn 

to know 

that there is really 

in the deepest thing 

of the Being 

in the spaces 

infinite timeless 

of the most unknown 


of the one that there are 


and born 

to the one that we will return 

3 T . " 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I know what you know 
that I love you 

I know what you know 

that I suffer 

when I am not 

with you 

* * 

I know what you know 

that I am not able to 

to breathe 

without you 

* * 

I know that you know 

what you are 

everything for me 

I know what you know 

that us 

we are an alone one 


I know what you know 
that I only want 

for you 
the best thing 

of this world 

* * 

I know what you know 

that me 

I die when 

you are not 

with me 

I know what you know 

that all him mine 

is yours 

* * 

I know that you know 
that my soul 

my heart 

are eternally 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

This morning 

you are beautiful 

as always 

my spring flower 

* * 

This morning you are 
the most wonderful 
flower of the garden 

of the paradise 

* * 

This morning you perfume 

of you beautiful heart 
it floods my soul 

that you yearn witnesses 

* * 

This morning I am happy 

of loving the life 

next to you 

us together 






by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

I am lying 

on the grass 

savoring the one 

flavor of you memory 

That pleasure to remember 
the flavor of you skin 

soft as the silk 

* * 

The breeze of the afternoon 

has the flavor 

of the green and fresh 


The laziness invades 

my body 

and my soul 

it travels for 

the heaven 

of the feelings 


and still not lived 

* * 

How many dreams to 
flavor an afternoon 
they are for future 

Wonderful flavor 
those of the afternoons 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

Can you listen 

the words of 

my heart? 

My mouth speaks 
with the heart 
to the mother 

earth and 

to the heaven 

of our soul 

listen as 
the flourishes 


* si- 
listen as 

the life grows 

* * 

The flavor of the life 

it is sweet and I do bitter 

but the words 

of the heart always 

they flourish in you 


* * 

Beautiful soul 

listen those 


of the heart 

* * 

I want to be 

next to you 

all the 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

deception of living? 

deception of myself? 

of what do I have deception? 

am I alone? 

don't they love me? 

of what am I disappointed? 

did maybe have hopes? 

did I maybe believe? 

why all this? 

is the destination maybe? 

does the destination exist? 

* * 

I don't know anything 

I only know that borrowed 

that learned 

only memory 

* * 

is the only road? 

is he only way? 

there is not another way? 

I always wait 

until when? 

* * 

You hear me you shatter!! 

you hear me God!! 
you hear me firmament! ! 

I am not able to more!! 

my heart is torn 

of pain 

my soul explodes of suffering 

* * 

I am alone 

or alone my belief is? 

some day I will know the truth? 

some day they will respond me 

some of my questions? 

* * 

I am not able to more!! 

please God 

of the firmament 

you help me!! 

I'm This 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I look at the sea 
and I am the sea 

I hear the sound 

of the wind 
and I am the wind 

I prove the salt 

and I am the salt 

I prove the candy 

and I am the candy 

I love you 

and I am the love 


I hear you speak 
and I am you 

You love me 

and I am love 


who am? 



or I am not 


without you 

or with you 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

what does it dawn? 
the day? 
my soul? 

I don't know that it dawns 

* * 

I feel strange 

when I wake up 

am I awake? 

continuous sleeping? 

I find strange 

this world 

and every day more 

am I maybe the stranger? 

* * 

The sun shines and me sunk 

in the dimness 

I see lapse 

the days 

as something other people's 

to me 

* * 

I won't find anybody 

that I accompany? 

I will only do 

this trip 

* * 

why am I here? 

only to satisfy 

or something more? 

* * 

I find strange 

this dawn 
until when? 

will it be infinite? 

* * 

Until tomorrow 
that there will be a new one 

or is the same one always? 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I die from pain 

for you it lacks of interest 

the days pass 

and you don't toss me in lack 

and I die from pain 


My cry slide for 

my solitary cheeks 

without nobody dries them 

without nobody accompanies 

in my sadness 

I know that you are busy 

and that I am only 

who am 

I am the man that loves you 


I cry for you absence 

I cry for you it lacks 

of interest 

because you are everything 

in my life 

the air that I breathe 

the soul that I feel 

the heart that beats 

you are the life that 

it beats inside me 

Make I marry my love 

be not indifferent 

because I am only 

with you 

and there is not nothing else lover 

that has gotten lost 

love me as me I love you 


My life you know 

that although you are indifferent to me 

I am always with you 

forever with you 

and you with me 

<-*j£:-'.Zi ■iiSl-., 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

The whole day I await 
that the arrives 

dark night 
you and me 

me and you 


Dark night 

that it welcomes my 



toward you 


Whispers words 

in the hearing 

yearnings and sighs 

Fulfilled desires 
and others to be completed 

Whispered words 

from the heart 

in the welcoming night 

Authentic words 

of love 

born from 

the deepest 

feeling of the one 



The prospective night 

to be able to be 

with you 

and nobody more 

only with you 

you and me 

me and you 

in the solitude 

of the night 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

* * 

I wake up alone 
but I know that I am not alone 

I get up and I take a bath 

I have a feeling 

of solitude 

but I am not alone 

In the hour of the lunch 
I share the table 
but I feel alone 

When I work 

I am with a lot of people 

but I feel alone 

When it arrives the night 

I go to bed and I prepare 

to sleep 

and I feel alone 

In the world of the dreams 

I move in 

the imagined spaces 

but I feel alone 

I feel alone 
but I know that I am not alone 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 


My soul smoothly 
on the heaven it flies 

of the deep loves 


As a slight bird feather 
it floats worlds between two 
the real world and that world 

of dreams 


A break in the frontier 

of these two worlds 

and filters a ray 

of luminous hope 

You are the lady 

of my soul 

that you take it 

to wonderful 

regions of love 

and of hope 

My soul obeys your desires 

as the slight comet 

that it flies in the heaven 

my desires 

The lady of my soul 

and of my desires 

take me to the best 



by jorge 

Of all the jewels 

of the universe 

the most wonderful 

beautiful extraordinary 
sensational jewel 

you are 
my love, you are 

inside my soul 


This jewel that you are 

shines with the intensity 

of a thousand stars 

of a thousand universes together 

Such a valuable jewel 

as all the treasures 

together of all the kings 

from the beginnings 

of the times 

Your look enters 

in my soul 

that sweet one 

look with flavor 

to love 

That extraordinary 

sensation when 

you enter 

in my soul 

A warm sensation 

that it shakes my blood 

and make it boil 

of a warm love 


You are the jewel 
of my soul 

- V.--.. : 't 1 --'*i -fii ■ _,! r*. 

■■!■ T . ' 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I don't want wealth 
because my only one 

treasure is you 


I don't want houses 

neither cars neither money 

without you 

I don't want anything of this 


I only care you 

You the Love 
it forces that it impels 

and it moves the universe 


The treasure of our 

The most valuable jewel 

the soul 

and the looked for treasure 

the love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

It dawns with melody 

of spring 

flavor to warm 

dawns and 

beautiful evenings 

Warm breezes 

they caress our 

skin with a slight one 

chill of pleasure 

Beautiful evenings 
with soft tones of 

light caressing those 
places of our 

beautiful encounters 

Full evenings 

of flavors of our 

encounters with those 

promises of the tomorrow 

Warm flavors 
of full spring 
a deep flavor 
to deep love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 


Men that beg 

that they are not beggars 

because to be beggar 

it is not a condition 

of the human being 


People that suffer 


that they are not sick 

because it is not one 


of the human being 


The suffering 

of the Being 

it is bigger than the one 

suffering of the body 


That human is 
to share the suffering 
with the human being 



That near the existence 

we are 

when we extend 

the hand 

to the human being 

needful of love 


That beautiful destination 
to understand to the other one 

That beautiful reality 
to love the humanity 

and to be loved 


That easy it is to love 

and that difficult it is to hate 

then why 

the humanity still 

has not learned 

to love 

Oh! Lord 

damages the hope 

of learning how to love 

and of being loved 

* * 

3 T . " 


by jordi mas manjon 

A chill 
in all my body 

when hearing your soft voice 


A warm perspiration in everything 
my skin 

with a flavor to love 


Deep feelings 
born of you loving source 

Soft sensations 
with flavor of pleasure 

Accelerated beats 

of our hearts 

when beating together 

with warm tremors 

of love 


Accelerated kisses 

for the passion 
with sweet flavor 

of you skin 


To savor your flavor 
of born love 

of the source 
of your interior 

Insatiable to feel 
of you pleasure 



Lover with flavor 

to freedom 
with flavor to love 


by Jordi Mas Manjon 

The day it dawns 
the air has the perfume 

of the happy existence 


The light shines with intense 
colors of life 

My soul takes place from 
the most intimate in the Being 

the marvel of the existence 


That pleasant to feel 

in the skin the caress 

of the first rays 

warm of the sun 

It is the life the one that caresses 

my skin and I shiver 

of pleasure 

That happiness to take place 

the life in each instant 

That extraordinary gift 

the existence gives us 

I take place with all my being 

the existence of the happiness 

give of the life 



by Jordi Mas Manjon 


My soul looked for you 

during lives and lives 

oceans of time 

in you search 

oceans of spaces 

to you encounter 

in distant places 


in the same lives 

Frantic searches 

and finally 

the miracle 

I found you 

I rediscovered you 

and my soul 

it recognized you 

in the same instant 

Our souls became 

to gather 

in a miraculous one 


and now 

the two souls 

they dance meetings 

in a happiness 

without end 

for everything 

the eternity 


by jordi mas manjon 

I dance of happiness 

with my soul 

because you are my heaven 

My heart beats 

with the beats of the life 

that the source of you love 

it inspires 

The life is wonderful 

and extraordinary 

because you my marvel 

adored you exist 

next to my heart 

and inside my soul 

The truth of the life 

it resides in our 

shared soul 

and the existence 

dance of happiness 

for our love 

of eternal lasted 

You are my honey and my heaven 

The heaven of the paradise 

of the sacred Goddesses 

You Goddess honey and heaven 

source of love 

always together 

in an eternal one 

I hug fused 

in an only soul 

honey and heaven 

you are the origin 

and the end of my life 


by jordi mas manjon 

The thoughts are as clouds 

that they travel for the space of 

our soul 

My thoughts are of love 

and they travel for the space 

of you soul 

You soul is big and wonderful 

welcoming of all my love 

I feel you feelings 

through you thoughts 

I want to be inside you 

with you, always accompanying 

with thoughts of love 

of an eternal infinite love 


by jordi mas manjon 

The beauty of to love and to be 


The feeling of love 

authentic among 

a man and a woman 

A real moment 

of union of two souls 

A to feel the soul 

of the other one next to oneself 

The union of two hearts 

with a real love 

The heaven and the earth 

celebrating the love 

of two people 

with the twin souls 

The beauty of being 

to love and to be loved 

for the only person 

owner of the heart 

of the other one 


by jordi mas manjon 

My angel, my life, 

you trust me 

because me never 

I will betray you 

My magic fairy 

you are all it 

that me more I love 

in my life 

I love you with everything 

my heart 

Never have fear 

of anything because you 

can trust me 

Trust is a word 

sacred and beautiful 

and I offer it to you 

as a beautiful flower 

for you 

the most beautiful flower 

of the world 

My love only for you 

sweet love 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

I have the flavor 

of your lips 

sweet flavor 

savored until 

the infinite 

sweet love 

sweet and wonderful 

fairy of the love 

the most beautiful 

converted goddess 

in woman 

sweet flavor 

of your love 

feeling with 

flavor to truth 

authenticity of love 

together savoring 

our love 

for always 


I only live for you 

by jordi mas manjon 

Each second of the life 

it is for you 

each beat of my heart 

it is your thought 

Every day is a to think of you 

You are the only reason of living 

for you I live and for you I am happy 

The life without you doesn't have 

value for my 

You are only my reason 

of living 

I love you my life 

with all my heart 

I breathe for you 

only for you I live 

without you I cannot live 

because you are the person 

that me but I love of here 

a here that it is my heart 


you are the most beautiful. 

by Jordi Mas Manjon 

The shine of you beauty 

it is supernatural 

You are a goddess 

that you do 

the most beautiful life 

The beauty that emanates of you 

it is as the breeze 

of the dawn 

The flavor 

of you encouragement 

it is as the fragrance 

of the flowers 

Recently sprouted 

in the fresh grass 

of the garden of the Eden 

When you laugh it is 

as springing from the water 

of the source 

Crystalline transparent 

and with the sound 

of the natural beauty 

you are the Goddess 

that we all want to Love 

on all the things 

Supernatural goddess 

Extraordinary goddess 

of the natural beauty 

Love become Goddess, 
Goddess become Love 


3 T . " 

el viento hablo 

por jordi mas manjon 

Esta madrugada subi a lo alto de Montsegur, en un lugar discreto y con una vision 

del entorno casi magico; primero, suavemente fui encontrando el espacio interno, el 

silencio interior; como testigo, solamente estaba; no aguardaba nada, no pedia 

nada; la brisa suave me refrescaba de un calor que a lo largo del dia iria in 


El entorno estaba en silencio, en una de esas jornadas en la que parece que no hay 

turistas que perturben el silencio natural del lugar; unos pequenos pajaros, enfrente 

estaban jugando, divirtiendose sencillamente con la luz de ese sol que estaba ya 

ascendiendo hacia su cenit. 

Cuando observamos la superficie del oceno, y vemos la olas, no es con la vista, no 

es con los ojos como podemos conocer sus profundidades, no es mirando como 
conoceremos sus profundidades, el unico modo es sumergiendonos, hacia el fondo, 

hacia los fondos. 

Al poco estaba profundamente sumergido, y ya no era yo, ya no era un algo aparte, 
en ese instante estaba en la totalidad, la existencia era solo una, no habia distincion, 

no habia division. 

La existencia en el modo de viento susurraba dentro de aquellas profundidades que 

ya no eran extranas, porque eran uno mismo, y uno mismo eran. El soplo del aire 

en forma de viento traia memorias lejanas en el tiempo y cercanas en el espacio. El 

aqui y el ahora, se habia convertido en el ser, era ajeno a la persona, pero el todo en 

el ser humano. 

El presente, era lo unico existente, todo lo demas formaba parte de la fantasia de la 
persona. El ser humano, en su totalidad es solamente ahora. Y el acontecimiento 

como testigo mas importante, es el estar, el ser, una dimension unica en su talidad. 

El viento hablo, y su mensaje es solamente para el ser humano, no es un mensaje 

para la persona, la persona no puede escuchar lo que dice el viento, la persona no 

es de la existencia, solo es una recreation de un proceso de la mente. 

El viento susurro al ser humano, que la existencia no tiene limites, ni en lo 
horizontal ni en lo vertical, sus dimensiones son inabarcables, son inmesurables 
desde la mente, no obstante desde el ser, el tamano puede ser un grano de arena 

que lo contiene todo. 

El sol se estaba poniendo cuando habia finalizado la meditation profunda, y lo que 

me sacudio y me hizo salir de ella, fue una pequena hoja de un arbol, que rozo 

suavemente mi frente, como si fuese una dulce y amorosa mano que desease que 

saliese del estado meditativo. 

El sol al ponerse desde Montsegur, tiene un colorido de matices, que rememora lo 

que sucedio hace ya casi mil anos, cuando los buenos hombres (les cathares) fueron 

aniquilados en aquel lugar, pero fueron aniquilidados solamente en lo referente al 

cuerpo, en lo referente a lo representative del ser humano, porque ellos sabian 

desde el ser, que aquello no era su fin, sino solamente una parte del hermoso ciclo 

de la existencia, de la que todos somos un importante componente esencial. 

El viento habia susurrado janimo! el ser humano es mucho mas que eso que llamais 



Hablar con el corazon 

por jordi mas manjon 

En este texto voy a mostrar lo que a mi me conmueve desde mi infantia, a lo largo 

de mi vida social he actuado de este modo, considero que es la fuerza motriz, la 

base donde construir cualquier actividad susceptible de ser realizada por el ser 

humano,hablar con el corazon. En tibet antes de ser iniciados en la meditation, 

tuvimos que mostrar, que hablabamos con el corazon, despues de ser reconocidos, 

entonces y solo entonces, los monjes nos abrieron sus corazones. Hay la idea 

comun, es que el hablar solamente es una cuestion de comunicarse con los demas, 

es por ello que a lo largo de toda la historia social de la humanidad, ha habido 

personas que han inducido este modo de comunicacion, tratando y lo han 

conseguido enganar a la poblacion. Hablar con la boca, es lo que comunmente se 

hace, la vecina saluda, el vecino pregunta. El familiar telefonea preguntando como 

esta uno de salud, la novia dice palabras carinosas a su novio, el escritor escribe 

diciendo palabras salidas de sus labios y asi un largo etcetera. La persona en 

general piensa o cree, que puede enganar con palabras salidas de la boca, y es 

cierto, se puede enganar, pero solamente se puede enganar a otra persona que 

tambien habla con palabras salidas de la boca. Cuando se habla con palabras 

salidas del corazon es otra cosa muy distinta, todo lo que se dice tiene un sabor de 

celebration, un colorido de amor por la existencia. No penseis, que es algo que se 

puede falsear, porque ello es del todo imposible. Para un ser humano que se 

expresa desde el corazon, las palabras carinosas, que son salidas de la boca, es 

como si uno vertiese agua sucia en un arroyo de montana de aguas cristalinas. Todo 

lo que expreso en mi vida son palabras salidas del corazon, cuando hablo con mi 

familia intima, cuando hablo con los vecinos y cuando hablo con vosotros. Cuando 

se dice un carinoso abrazo, sale del corazon, no es una formula de cortesia, no es un 

convencionalismo. No obstante, si, se percibe, cuando el vecino dice buenos dias, y 

ese saludo es solo un cortesia, entonces ese saludo se ha convertido en un algo nada 

atractivo, se ha convertido en lenguaje contaminado, contaminado de falsas 

relaciones, contaminado de ideas de ganancia, porque son salidos de la boca y no 

generado por el corazon. A lo largo de mi vida social, cuantas veces rechace la 

amistad de otras personas, solamente porque hablaban con la boca y no con el 
corazon. En mi vivir cotidiano, es la fuerza motriz basica, el hablar desde el 

corazon, en mi infancia, en la adolescencia, en la madurez tambien han sido la 
fuerza motriz. No hay que confundir, el hablar desde el corazon, con hablar con 

descaro jajaja., porque ser descarado no es ningun merito, hay personas en un 
numero creciente en todo el mundo, que son descarados hablando desde la boca. 
Cuantas veces oi decir, "es que digo lo que pienso", y a mi me entraban ganas de 

salir corriendo. Porque, es muy hermoso poder decidir nosotros mismos, que 

deseamos hablar desde el corazon. Las palabras salidas desde el corazon, son 
palabras constructoras, son lenguaje terapeutico, sanador. Son palabras amorosas 

que enlazan con la existencia. Son generadoras de vida, son restauradoras de 

existencia desde el centro del Ser.