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Adjutant General's Office, 

Returns Division, 

February i, 1902, 

Many of the forts and structures named were erected by the 
early settlers for their own protection, and all vestige of them has 
now disappeared. The exact locations of many are not positively 
known at the present day, but reference is made to them in state 
histories, state papers, etc. Those in bold-face type are now occu- 
pied by troops, or are under the control of the War Department. 

This list has been prepared only for convenience of reference. 
The data available for consultation is known to be incomplete, and 
may be erroneous in some instances, and the Adjutant General's 
Office should be notified of any data necessary to complete or 
perfect it. 

Abagadusset, Fort, Me. — Near mouth of Kennebec River. 
Abbot, Fort, Va. — On Appomattox River, near City Point. 
Abercrombie, Fort, N. Dak. — On Red River, 2 miles below Grahams Point, 

Abraham Lincoln, Fort, N. Dak. — Near Bismarck; first called Fort McKean. 
Accotink. Fortifications at, Va. 

Adaes Mission, Fort, Tex. — Fifteen miles west of Nacogdoches. 
Adam Carson's Fort, Pa. — In Clinton County. 
Adams, Fort, Alaska. — On Yukon River. 

f Adams, T, B., Fort, Fla. — On Caloosahatchee River. 
Adams, Fort, Mass. — Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence. 
Adams, Fort, Miss. — At Loftus Heights, Mississippi River, in Wilkinson County, 
Adams, Cantonment, Mo. — Near Jefferson Barracks. 

Adams, Fort, Ohio. — On St. Marys River, 25 miles north of Fort Recovery. 
Adams Point, Fort at, Oreg.— On Columbia River; now Fort Stevens. 
Adams, Fort, R. I. — On Brentons Point, near Newport. 
Adams General Hospital, Tenn.— At Memphis. 
Adams, Alva, Camp, Colo.— At Denver. 


Advance, Camp, Va. — Near Centerville. 

Advance Towers, Fort, Fla.— Near Key West. 

Alabama, Fort, Ala. — On Coosa River, in Elmore County. 

Alabama, Fort, Fla. — On Hillsboro River, 25 miles from Tampa Bay. 

Alamo. Fort, Tex.— At San Antonio. 

Albany, Fort, N. Y.— On Hudson River, near present site of Albany. 

Albany, Fort, Va. — In Alexandria County. 

Alburgh Springs, Fort at, Vt. — In Grand Isle County. 

Alcatraz Island, Fortifications on, Cal. — San Francisco Harbor. 

lderton Point, Battery at, Mass. 
Alert, Camp, Cal — Near San Francisco. 
Alert, Camp, Kans. — Name changed to Fort Larned. 
Alexander, Fort, Alaska. — On Bristol Bay. 
Alexander, Battery, Md. — Near Washington. 
Alexander, Fort, Md. — Three miles above Georgetown, D. C. ; name changed 

to Redoubt Davis. 
Alexander, Fort, Mont. —On Yellowstone River, opposite mouth of Rosebud 

Alexander, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 
Alexander Hayes, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 
Alexandria, Fort, Ala. — Near Mobile. 
Alexandria National Cemetery, La.— At Pineville. 
Alexandria National Cemetery, Va.— At Alexandria. 
Alexis, Fort, Ala. — Near Mobile. 
Alger, Camp, Ga. — At Chickamauga Park. 
Alger, Camp, Va. — Near Dunn L ring. 
Algernon, Fort, Va. — At Old Point Comfort. 
Alibamo, Fort. Miss. — On Yazoo River. 
Allatoona Pass. Fort at, Ga. — At AUatoona Pass. 
Allecjhany, Camp, W. Va. — In Pocahontas County. 
Alleghany, Fort, Va. — On the Beverly and Staunton turnpike. 
Allegheny Arsenal, Pa. — At Pittsburg. 
Allen, Fort, Pa.— On Lehigh River. 
Alton Prison, III. — At Alton. 

Alton A, Fort, Del. — Near present site of Wilmington. 
Alva Adams. Camp, Col.— At Denver. 
Alven, Fort, N. Y.— In Cherry Valley. 
Alvin Saunders, Camp, Nebr.— At Lincoln. 
Alvord, Camp, Oreg.— In Grant County. 
A.MANDA, Fort, Ohio.— On Auglaize River, 60 miles southeast of Fort Wayne, 

Amboy Flying Camp, N. J. — At Perth Amboy. 
Amelia Island, Forts on, Fla. —Forts Clinch and St. George. 
Amity, Fort, La. — At Amite City. 
Ammen, Fort, Tenn.— At Loudon. 

Amory, Fort, N. C— At Newbem. 

Amsterdam, Fort, N. Y.— At New York City. 

Anahuac, Fort, Tex. — In Chambers County. 

An ASTASIA Island, Fort on, Fla. — Fort Preston, near St. Augustine. 

Anchusa, Fort, Fla. — At the entrance of Pensacola Bay. 

Ancient, Fort, Ohio. — On Miami River, in Warren County; now town of that 

Andaraque, Fort, N. Y.— On Lake Champlain. 
Anderson, Camp, Cal. — In Humboldt County. 
Anderson, J. W., Camp, Cal. — At Sacramento. 
Anderson Prison, Ga. — At Anderson ville. 
Anderson, Fort, Ky. — At Paducah. 

Anderson, Fort, N. C. —At Newbem, on the site of old Fort St. Philip. 
Anderson's Fort, Pa. — At Petersburg. 
Anderson Battery, Vt. — At Bermuda Hundred. 
Anderson, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 
Andersonville National Cemetery, Qa. — At Andersonville. 
Andreavsky, Fort, Alaska.— On Yukon River. 
^^^ndrew, Fort, Mass.— At Gurnet Point, 9 miles northeast of Plymouth. 
^f Andrew, Camp, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Andrew Johnson, Camp, Ky. — At Barboursville. 
Andrews, Fort, Fla.— On Apalachee Bay. 
^^Andrews, Fort, Mass.— On Peddocks Island. 
^.^ A.NDROSCOGGIN, FoRT, Mk. — On Androscoggin River. 
Angel Island, Fort on, Cal.— Now Fort McDowell. 
Anill, Fort, N. Y — At New York City. 
Ann, Fort, Fla.— On Indian River. 
Annapolis, Fortifications at, Md. — Forts Horn, Madison, and Severn, and 

Naval Academy. 
Annapolis National Cemetery, Md.— At Annapolis. 
Ann, Fort, N. Y.— On Wood Creek, in Washington County; now town of that 

Anne, Fort, R. I. — At Newport, on Goat Island. 
Anne Run, Fort, Me. — At Castine. 
Annutteeliga, Fort, Fla. — At Brooksville. 
Antes, Fort, Pa. — In Lycoming County. 
Anthony Nose, Works at, N. Y. 
Antletam National Cemetery, Md. — Afc Sharpsburg. 

Apache, Fort, Ariz.— On White Mountain River; first known as Camp Ord. 
Apalachicola Arsenal, Fla. — On Apalachicola River. 
Apalachicola, Fort, Fla.— On Apalachicola River. 
Appleby's Fort, Pa. — At Kittanning. 
Apple River, Fort, III. — At Elizabeth. 
Aquia Creek, Forts at, Va. — On Potomac River. 
Arbuckle, Fort, Fla. — On Lake Ishtopoga. 



Arbuckle, Camp, Ind. T.— On Red Fork of Canadian. 

Arbuckle, Fort, Ind. T.— On Washita River, in Chickasaw Nation 

Arbuckle, Camp, W. Va.— At Lewisburg. 

Archangel Gabriel, Fort, Alaska. — On Baranoff Island. 

Archangel Michael, Fort, Alaska.-— On Baranoff Island. 

Argyle, Fort, Ga.— At Savannah. 

Arivaypa, Fort, Ariz. — In Pinal County; name changed to Fort Breckinridge. 

Arkansas Post, Fort at. Ark.— On Arkansas River; Fort Hindman. 

Arkokisa, Fort, Tex. — On Trinity River. 

Arlington National Cemetery, Va.— Opposite Washington, D. C. 

Armistead, Fort, Fla— At Sarasota. 

Armistead, Fort, Md. — At Hawkins Point, Patapsco River. 

Armistead, Fort, Tenn.— In Monroe County. 

Armory Square General Hospital, D. C. — Washington. 

Armstrong, Fort, Ala. — On Etowah River, near the Coosa. 

Armstrong, Fort, Fla.— At Dade's Battle Ground. 

Armstrong, Fort, Fla.— On Manatee River. 

Armstrong, Fort, III. — At Rock Island ; now Rock Island Arsenal. 

Armstrong, Fort, Pa.— At Kittanning. 

Army and Navy General Hospital, Ark.— At Hot Springs. 

Arnold, Fort, N. Y.— At West Point. 

Arnold, Camp, R. I.— At Pawtucket. 

Arrowsic Island, Fort on, Me.— Hammond's Fort. 

Arruinado, Fort, Fla.— Pensacola Bay. 

Ash Barracks, Tenn. — At Nashville. 

Ashby's Fort, W. VA.—At Frankfort. 

AsHEPOO Redoubt, S. C. — In Colleton County. 

Ashley, Fort, Utah.— On Utah Lake. 

Ash's Point, Fort, Me.— Near Goldsboro. 

Assinniboine, Fort, Mont.— On Beaver Creek, Choteau County. 

Assumption, Fort, III.— On Ohio River, in Massac County. 

Assumption, Fort, Tenn.— At Memphis. 

Astoria, Battery at, N. Y.— On Long Island. 

Astoria, Fort at, Orecj.— Fort George. 

Asylum General Hospital, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

Atcheson, Camp, N. Dak.— On Devils Lake, Ramsey County. 

Atkinson, Fort, Fla.— On Suwanee River. 

Atkinson, Camp, Ga.— At Atlanta. 

Atkinson, Fort, Iowa. — On Turkey River, near mouth of Spring Creek, Winne- 
shiek County ; now town of that name. 

Atkinson, Fort, Kans.— On Arkansas River, in Ford County. 

Atkinson, Camp, La. — On Lake Charles. 

Atkinson, Fort, Nebr.— Near Council Bluffs. 

Atkinson, Camp, W. Va. — At Charleston. 

Atkinson, Fort, Wis.— On Rock River, at the head of Lake Koshkonong, Jeffer- 
son County ; now town of that name. 

Aubrey, Fort, Kans.— On Arkansas River. 

Au Fer, Fort, N. Y.— On Lake Champlain. 

Augur General Hospital, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Augur, Camp, Wyo. — On Little Wind River; name changed to Fort Washakie. 

Augusta Arsenal, Ga.— At Augusta. 

Augusta, Fort, Ga. — At Augusta. 

Augusta Arsenal, Me. — At Augusta. 

Augusta, Fort at, Me. 

Augusta. Fort, Pa. —At Sunbury. 

AuRENEA, Fort, N. Y. — At Albany. 

Austin Arsenal, Tex.— At Austin. 

Babbitt, Camp, Cal.— At Visalia. 

Babbitt Island Reservation, Fla. — St. Johns River. 

Bacon, J. M., Camp, Minn.— At Walker, Minn. 

Bacon Race Church, Fort, Va.— Occoquan River. 

Badlam's Battery, N. Y.— In New York City. 

Bad Lands, Camp, N. Dak. — West bank of Little Missouri River. 

Bagley, Battery, N. C At Fort Caswell. 

Bahia, Fort, Tex.— At Bahia. 

Bailey, Battery, Ala. — Near Mobile. 

Bailey, Fort, Md. — Four miles above Georgetown, D. C. 

Baileys Island, Garrison on. Me. — At Harpswell. 

Bainbridge, Fort, Ala. — Seventeen miles southeast of Tuskegee. 

Baker, Fort, Cal. — On Mud River, in Humboldt County. 

Baker, Fort, Cal.— At Lime Point, San Francisco Harbor. 

Baker, Fort, D. C. — On the Eastern Branch, near Washington. 

Baker, Fort, Fla. — On Esteinhatchee Riven 

Baker, Camp, Md. — On Lower Potomac. 

Baker, Camp, Mont. — Name changed to Fort Logan. 

Baker, Fort, N. Mex.— At Manzano. 

Baker, Fort, Va. — Near Chain Bridge: name changed to Fort Ethan Allen. 

Baker, Fort, W. Va. — On the Ohio River at Cresaps Bottom. 

Baker's Blockhouse, Vt. 

Baldwin, Camp, Va. 

Baldwin, Fort, Va. 

Balfour, Fort, S. C— At Pocotaligo. 

Balfour General Hospital, Va.— At Portsmouth. 

Balize Battery, La. — Mouth of Mississippi River. 

Ball, Fort, Ohio.— On Sandusky River, opposite Tiffin. 

Balls Bluff National Cemetery, Va. — On Potomac River. 

Balls Landing, Battery, Tenn.— On Cumberland River. 

Ball, Tom, Camp, Tex.— At Houston. 

Bangs Island, Fort on. Me.— Called also Cushings Island and Fort Island. 

Bankhead, Fort, Fla.— Key Biscayne. 

Bankhead, Fort, Mo.— At New Madrid. 


Banks, Camp, La. — At Baton Rouge. 

8, Fort, Mass. — At Grovers Cliff, near Boston. 
Banning, Camp, Cal. — At San Bernardino. 
Barbee, Fort, Ohio.— At St. Marys. 4 

Barbette Battery, N". Y.— New York City. 
Barbour, Fort, Fla.— On Apalachee River, near Aspalaga. 
Barbour, Fort, Va. — At Norfolk. 
Barclay, Camp, D! C. — Columbia College. 
Barker, Fort, Fla. — On the Esteinhatchee River. 
Barnard, Fort, Va. — About 5 miles southwest of Washington, D. C. 
Barnes General Hospital, D. C— At Soldiers' Home. 
Barnum, Fort, Ga. — Near Okeefinokee Swamp. 
Barnwell, Fort, Fla. — Near mouth of St. Johns River. 
Barnwell, Fort, N. C. — In Craven County; now town of that name. 
Barrancas, Fort, Fla.— Near Pensacola. 

Barrancas National Cemetery, Fla.— North side of Pensacola Bay. 
Barrel Point, Battery at, Va. 
Barren Hill, Post, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 
Barret, Camp, Cal. — At Fruitvale. 
Barrett, Fort, Ariz, — At the Pimas Villages. 

Barrington, Fort, Ga. — On the Altamaha River, in Mcintosh Coimty. 
Barry, Camp, D. C. — Near Bladensburg Tollgate. 
Bartt.etts Point, Battery at, N. Y.— On French Creek. 
Barton, Battery, Ga. — At Savannah. 
Barton, Battery, S. C— Near Fort Wagner. 
Bartow, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 
Bartow, Camp, W. Va. — On the JUleghany Mountains 8 miles from Greenbrier 

Bascom, Fort, N. Mex.— On Canadian River, in San Miguel County. 
Basinger, Fort, Fla.— Kissimmee River, De Soto County. 
Basley, Fort, Pa, 
Bastion Bay, Reservation, La. 
Bateman, Camp, Kans. — Near Fort Leavenworth. 
Bates, Battery, Ky.— At Covington. 
Bates, CaAip, Md. — Near Poolesville. 
Baton Rouge Barracks, La.— At Baton Rouge. 
Baton Rouge National Cemetery, La.— At Baton Rouge. 
Battelle des Illinois, Camp, Ind.— Called Fort Harrison. 
Batterskill, Camp on the, N. Y. 
Battery Point, Camp, Del.— Near Delaware City. 
Batti.e Creek, Camp, Utah.— Near Salt Lake City. 
Battle Ground National Cemetery, D. C— Near Soldiers' Home. 
Baxter General Hospital, Vt.— At Burlington. 
Bayard, Fort, D. C— Near Tennallytown. 
Bayard, Fort, N. Mex.— At Pinos Altos, Grant County. 


Bayards Hill, Battery at, N. Y.— New York City. 

Bayou, Fort, Miss. — ,Tackson County; now town of that name. 

Bayou Sauvages. Battery, La. 

Bayou Teche. Fortifications at, La. 

Bay Point, Fort, S. C. — On Phillips Island. 

Beach Bottom. Blockhouse at. W. Va, 

Beacon Island Reservation, N. C— At mouth of Ocracoke Inlet. 

Beale's Springs, Camp, Ariz. — Forty-three miles east of Fort Mojave. 

Beaufort, Fort, N. C— At Topsail Inlet, 15 miles from Wilmington. 

Beaufort National Cemetery, S. C— At Beaufort. 

Beauharnois, Fort, Minn. — On Lake Pepin. 

Beaulieu, Fort, G^. — At Savannah. 

Beaumonts Point, Fort at, Md. — On Severn River, near Annapolis. 

Beauregard, Fort, Ky. — At Columbus. 

Beauregard, Fort, La, — At Harrisburg. 

Beauregard, Camp, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 

Beauregard No. 1, Fort, S. C. — ^At Bay Point, Sullivans Island. 

Beauregard No. 2, Fort, S. C. — Phillips Island, near Port Royal. 

Beauregard, Fort, Tenn. 

Beauregard, Fort, Va. — At Leesburg. 

Beaver, Blockhouse at, Pa. — On Beaver Creek. 

Beaver Canyon, Fort at, Utah.— Near Beaver City; Fort Cameron. 

Beckerts Fort, Pa.— On Monongahela River, in Washington County. 

Beckwith, Camp, Va. — At Lewinsville. 

Bedford, Fort, Pa. — At Bedford, 

Bedloes Island, Fort on, N. Y.— Now Fort Wood. 

Bee, Battery, S. C. — On Sullivans Island, 

Beecher, Camp, Kans.— Near mouth of Little Arkansas River, established as 

Camp Davidsons. 
Peech Grove, Fort at, Ky. — On Cumberland River, in Laurel County. 

eef Hill, Fort, Mass.— Boston Harbor, 
Beekmans Slip, Redoubt at, N. Y. — New York City. 
Beeman's Blockhouse, Pa. — Near Wheeling Creek. 
Beggs, Fort, III. — On Du Page River, at Plainfield. 
Belknap, Fort, Mont. — On the Yellowstone River. 
Belknap, Fort, Tex. — On Red Fork of Brazos River. 

Belle Fontaine Barracks, Mo. — On Missouri River, 3 miles above its mouth. 
Belle Plain, Camp, Minn. — At the Yellow Medicine Agency. 
Belleville, Fort, W. Va. 

Bellevue Rifle Range, Nebr.— On Missouri River, 18 miles from Omaha. 
Bellingham, Fort, Wash.— On Bellingham Bay. 
Bellona Arsenal, Va. — Near Richmond. 
Belmont, Fortifications at. Mo.— On Mississippi River. 
Bemis Heights, Fortifications at, N. Y. — On Hudson River, near Stillwater. 
Bender, Fort, N. Y.— At Rochester. 


Benlcla Arsenal, Cat. — At Benicia. 

Benicia Barracks, Cat. — At Benicia. 

Bennett, Fort, S. Dak. — On Missouri River, at the Cheyenne Agency; now 

town of that name. 
Bennett, Camp, S. C— At Hilton Head. 

Bennett, Fort, Va. — On Potomac River, | mile above Q-eorgetown. 
Bennett's Tavern, Blockhouse at, Pa. — In Crawford County. 
Benson, Battery, Md.— Near Tennallytown, D. C. 
Benton, Camp, Md.— At Poolesville. 
Benton Barracks, Mo. — At St. Louis. 

Benton, Fort, Mont. — Choteau County; now town of that name. 
Bergen Heights, Fort at, N. J. 
Bermuda Hundred, Forts at, Va.— On James River. 
Berry, Battery, Me.— On Great Diamond Island. 
Berry, Camp, Me.— Near Portland. 

Berry, Fort, Va.— About 4 miles from Washington, D. C. 
Berthold, Fort, N. Dak. — On Missouri River, about 30 miles below the moutb- 

of the Little Missouri River, in McLean County ; now town of that name. 
Berwick, Fort, La. — Near Brashear City. 
Berwick, Fortifications at. Me. 
Bethlehem, Stockade at. Pa. 
Beverly National Cemetery, N. J.— At Beverly. 
Beversrede, Fort, Pa. — At the mouth of the Schuylkill. 
Bibb, Fort, Ala.— In Butler County. 
Biddeford, Fortifications at. Me. 
Biddle, Camp, Pa. — At Carlisle. 
Bid WELL, Fort, Cal. — In Surprise Valley, Modoc County; now town of that 

BiEN venue, Battery, La. — On Bayou Bienvenue. 
Big Beaver Creek, Fort at, Va.— In Fayette County. 
Big Bend, Camp at, Oreg.— On Rogue River. 

Big Bottom, Fort in, Ohio.— On Muskingum River, Morgan County. 
Big Cheyenne Agency, Fort at, N. Dak.— On Missouri River; Fort Berthold. 
Big Cottonwood Creek, Camp on, S. Dak.— Sixty miles southwest of Pierre, 
Big Cypress Swamp, Forts in, Fla.— At the Everglades. 
Biggin Bridge, Redoubt, S. C— Near Monks Comer. 
Bigham's Fort, Pa. — In Juniata County. 
Big Horn Barracks, Mont. — Name changed to Fort Custer. 
Big Stone Lake, Camp on, Minn.— Temporary camp in 1860. 
Big Tybee Island, Batteries on, Ga.— Near Savannah. 
Billings, Fort, N. J. — Opposite Fort Mifflin, Pa. 
Biloxi, Fort, Miss. — At the eastern extremity of B^y of Biloxi. 
Bird, Fort, Pa. — On Monongahela River; also called Fort Burd. 
Birds Island, Battery on, Ga. — On Savannah River; Battery Hamilton. 
Birds Point, Fortifications on, Mo.— Opposite Cairo, Illinois. 


Bishop, Fort, Ky. — Near Louisville. 

BiSLAND, Fort, La. — At Patterson ville. 

Bitter Cottonwood, Cam!*, Nebr. — Twenty -two miles west of Fort Laramie. 

Black, Camp, N. Y. — At Hempsted. 

Black, Fort, Ohio.— Ten miles from Q-reenville. 

Black, Fort, W. Va.— At Abingdon. 

Black Canyon Creek, Camp, Oreo. — Temjwrary camp, 1859. 

Blackmore, Fort, Va. — In Scott County; now town of that name. 

Black Island, Fort on. III. — About 1 mile above the mouth of the Ohio River. 

Black Point, Fort at, Me. — Fort Scarborough. 

Black Rock, Fort at, N. Y.— At Buffalo; now Fort Porter. 

Blackwells Island, Fort on, N. Y. — Fort Maxey. 

Blair, Fort, Kans. — At Baxter Springs. 

Blair, Camp, S. C. — Near Charleston. 

Blaisdell, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Blake, Camp, N. Hex. — Near Fort Thorn. 

Blake, Camp, Tex. —On Rio San Pedro. 

Blakely, Fort, Ala. — Near Mobile. 

Blanchard, Fort, N. C. — On Roanoke Island; name changed to Fort Parke. 

Blantons Hill, Fort, Ky.— At Frankfort. 

Bledsoe's Fort, Tenn.— Near Gallatin. 

Blenker, Fort, Va. — Name changed to Fort Reynolds. 

Bliss, Old Fort, Tex. — On Rio Grande, near Franklin. 

Bliss, Fort, Tex. (new).— At El Paso. 

Blockhouse Point, Blockhouse at, N. Y. 

Bloomingdale, Fort, N. Y. — At Bloomingdale. 

Bluff, Fort, Ala. — In Morgan County. 

Blunt, Fort, Ind. T.— Near Fort Gibson. 

Blythe, Camp, Miss. — Near Corinth. 

BoGGS, Fort, Ga.— Near Savannah. 

BoGUE Point, Fort at, N. C— On Bogue Island; Fort Macon. 

Bois Blanc Island, Reservation, Mich. 

Boise, Port or Barracks, Idaho.— At Boise City. 

Boise (old fort), Fort, Idaho.— On Snake River. 

Bolivar, Fort or Stockade at, Ohio. 

Bolivar Heights, Fort at, W. V a.— Near Harpers Ferry. 

Bolivar Point, Fort at, Tex.— Now Fort Travis. 

BoMFORD, Camp, N. C— At Raleigh. 

Bon Homme, Fort, III.— On Illinois River. , 

Bonnett's Fort, W. Va.— At Wheeling. 

BoN Secours, Fort, Minn.— On Lake Pepin. 

Boomer, Battery, Miss.— At Vicksburg. 

Boone, Fort, Ky.— At Boonesboro. 

Boone, Camp, Tenn.— At Clarksville. 

Boonbs, Fort, Pa.— On Muddy Run. 


BooNviLLE, Battery, Mo. — On the bluffs, 8 miles below Boonville. 
BoQUET's Redoc^t, Pa. — At Pittsburg. 


BOREMAN, Fort at, W. Va.— At Parkersburg. 

BoscAWEN, Fort at, N. H. 

BosLEY, Fort, Pa. — At Washington. 

BoswYCK, Blockhouses at, N. Y. — On Long Island. 

Botany Bay Island, Fort at, N. C— North Edisto. 

Bourbon, Fort, La. — Mississippi River, below New Orleans. 

BousH's Bluff, Fort at, Va.— At Sewells Point. 

Bowdoin, Battery, Me. — On Cushings Island. 

Bowie, Fort, Ariz. — At Apache Pass. 

Bowyer, Battery, Ala.— At Fort Morgan. 

Bowyer, Fort, Ala.— Present site of Fort Morgan. 

Box, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

Boyd, Camp, Va. — On Potomac River 

BoYDS Creek, Battery at, S. C. 

BoYDs Island, Blockhouse on, N. Y. 

BoYKiN, Fort, Va.— A defense of Richmond. 

Boyle, Fort, Ky. — Muldraugh's Hill, Marion County. 

BoYNTON, Camp, Ga. — At Chickamanga Park. 

Braden, Fort, Fla. — Ocklockonee River. 

Bradford, Camp, Md. — At Baltimore. 

Bradford, Fort, Md. — At Hagerstown. 

Bradley, Camp, Tenn. — At Murfreesboro. 
Brady, Fort, Mich — At Sault Ste. Marie. 

Brady. Fort, Pa. — On Muncy Creek. 

Brady, Fort, Va. — On James River. 

Bragg, Fort, Cal. — Fifty miles south of Cape Mendocino, Mendocino County; 

now town of that name. 

BRAG(i, Fort, Tenn.— Near Chattanooga. 

Branch, Fort, Ind. — In Gibson County; now town of that name. 

Branch, Fort, N. C. 

Brandywine Creek, Camp at, Del. 

Brannon, Redoubt, Tenn. — On Stone River. 

Brazos Agency, Camp at, Tex. 

Brazos Island, Fort on, Tex. — Fort Polk. 

Brazos River, Fort on, Tex.— Fort Phantom Hill. 

Brazos Santiago, Fort at, Tex.— Fort Polk. 

Breach Inlet, Battery at, S. C. — Charleston Harbor. 

BuECKLNRiDCiE, FoRT, Ariz. — Arivaypa and San Pedro Rivers; name changed 

to Fort Stanford. 

Breckinridge, Camp, Tenn. — Near the Kentucky line. 

JLBreeds Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— Near Boston. 

Brent, Fort, Colo.— Same as Bent's Fort. 


Brentons Point, Fort at, R. I. — Fort Adams. 

Brewer, Camp, Miss. — At Birmingham. 

Brewington or Brewerton, Fort, N. Y. — On Lake Oneida. 

Briar Creek. Fort at, Ga. ^ 

Bridewell Magazine, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 

Bridger, Fort, Wyo. — Near Carters Station, Union Pacific Railroad, Uinta 
County ; now town of that name. 

Bridgman's Fort, N. H. — On Connecticut River at Hillsdale. 

Briggs, Camp, N. Dak. — At Fargo. 

Brisbane, Camp, Fla. — In St. Johns County. 

Briske Isle, Fort at. Pa. — Doubtless Presque Isle. 

Broadnax, Fort. Fla. — Near the Chickuchatty. 

Broad River, Camp on, S. C— Near Fish Dam Ford. 

Broadway Barracks, N. Y. — New York City. 

Brooke, Fort, Fla.— At the head of Tampa Bay. 

Brooke, Camp, Va. — At Newport News. 

Brooke, Frank, Fort. Fla. — On Dead Man's Bay. 
— Brookfield, Fort at, Mass. 
^-^rookline. Fort, Mass. — Near Boston. 

Brooks, Fort, Fla. — On Ocklawaha River. 

Brooks Battery, Va. — On James River. 

Bross, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Brothers Islands, Reservation, Cal. — In San Francisco Harbor. 

Brough. Camp, Ohio.— Near Gallipolis. 

•Brough, Camp, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

Brown, Camp, Fla. — At Fort Pickens. 

Brown, Fort, Fla. — On St. John's River, 10 miles east of Palatka. 

Brown, Fort, Ga. — Near Savannah. 

Brown General Hospital, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Brown, Fort, N. Y. — Near Plattsburg. 

Brown, Fort, N. C— NearNewbem. 

Brown, Fort, Ohio. — On Auglaize River. 

Brown, Fort, Pa. — At Pittstown. 

Brown, Fort, R. I.— On Narragansett Bay. 

Brown, Fort, Tex. — At Brownsville. 

Brown. Camp, Wyo.— Now Fort Washakie. 

Browning, Fort, Mont. 

Brownlow, Camp, Ky. — At Piketon. 

Brownsville National Cemetery, Tex.— At Brownsville. 

Bruce, Fort, Tenn.— At Clarksville. 

Brumby, Battery, Qa.— At Fort Screven. 

Bryant's Plantation, Batteries at, Va. — At Gloucester Point. 

Buade, Fort, Mich.— At Mackinac. , 

Buchanan, Fort, Ariz. — Near Calabasa Ranche, 45 miles southeast of Tucson. 

Buchanan, Fort, La. — At Brashear City. 


Buchanan, Batteby. N. C— Near Fort Fisher. 
Buchanan, Camp, Tex.— At San Antonio. 
Buchanan, Fort, W. Va. 
* Buckeye, Fort, Fla.— On Etteinbatcbee River. 
BuCKNER, Camp, Ky.— At Cumberland Ford. 
Bucknbr, Fort, Tenn.— At Cbattanooga. 
BuDDS Ferry, Battery at, Md. 
BuELL. Camp, Ky.— At Parritsville. 
Buena Vista, Fort, Fla.— On St. Johns River. 
Buffalo Barracks, N. Y.— At Buffalo. 
Buffalo, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Porter. 
Buffalo, Camp, Va.— Near Uptons Hill. 
Buffalo, Fort, Va.— A defense of Washington, D. C, on the road to Falls 

Buffalo Sprinos, Reservation, Tex.— On Trinity River. 
Buffinoton, Fort, Qa.— In Cherokee County. 
BuFORD, Camp, Idaho. — On the Bruneau River near its junction with Snake 

BuFORD. Camp, Md.— In Charles County. 

BuFORD, Fort, N. Dak. — ^Near mouth of the Yellowstone River. 
BuFORD, John, Fort, Wyo.— Name changed to Fort Sanders. 
Bull, Fort, N. Y. — On Wood Creek, 2 miles from Rome. 
Bull, Camp, Ohio. 

Bull Crbkk, Camp, Kans.- Near Paola, Miami County. 

Bullocks Point, Battery at, R. I.— On Narragansett Bay. « 

Bulls Bay, Fortifications at, S. C— Near Charleston. 
Bulls Ferry, Fort at, N. J.— On Hudson River, 4 miles north of Hoboken. 
Bulls Ferry, Blockhouse at, N. Y.— On North River. 
Bulls Hill, Fort on, R. I. 

Bulowville, Fortifications at, Fla. — ^At Tomaku, Musquito County. 
Bunker Hill, Fort, D. C— Near Washington; about 2 miles east of the 

Soldiers' Home. 
-—Bunker Hill. Fortifications, Mass.— Near Charlestown. 
Bunker Hill, Fort, N. Y.— New York City. 

Buns Hill, Battery at, N. Y.— Near Fort Constitution, at West Point. 
Burbank, Battery, Ky. — Near Covington. 
Burbank, Camp, Ky. — At Warsaw. 
Burbank, Camp, Tex. — On the Limpia River. 
Burd, Fort, Pa. — At Brownsville. 
Burdette, Camp, Me. — Near Fort Preble. 
Burgess, Camp, Ky. — At Bowling Green. 
Burqoyne, Camp, N. Y. — At Saratoga. 

Burg WIN, Cantonment, N. Mex. — About 9 miles north of Taos. 
Burlington, Reservation in, Del. 
Burlington, Cantonment at, N. J. 


BuRLiNQS Slip, Fort at, N. Y.— New York City. 
Burnet, Fort, N. Y.— At Oswego. 
Burnett, Battery, Ky.— Near Covington. 
BuRNSiDE, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 
BuRNSiDE, Camp, Ky.— In Lincoln County. 
BuRNSiDE, Fort, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 
Burpee, Battery, Va. — Near Bermuda Hundred, James River. 
Burrows, Fort, Me. 
Burton, Camp, Cal.— At San Diego. 
BuRWELL, Camp, Tex.— At Eagle Pass. 
BuRWELLS Bay, Fort at, Va.— Fifteen miles from Norfolk. 
BusHNELL, Camp, Ohio. —At Columbus. 
BusHNELx., Battery, Tenn. — At Chattanooga. 
Bute, Fort, La. — On Mississippi River a little below Baton Rouge. 
Bute, Fort, N. Y.— Near Fort Stanwix, at Rome. 
Butler, Fort, Fla. — Opposite Volusia, St. Johns River. 
" Butler, Camp, III.— At Springfield. 
Butler, Camp, National Cemetery, ill. — At Springfield. 
Butler, Camp, La. — At Baton Rouge. 
Butler, Fort, La.— At Donaldson ville. 
BuTi^R, Camp, Mich.— At Mount Clemens. 
Butler, Fort. N. Mex.— On Gallinas River. 
Butler, Fort, N. C— In Cherokee County. 
Butler, Fort, Va. — At Newport News. 

Butlers Rock, Battery at. Me.— Mouth of Kennebunk River. 
Butterfield, Camp, Eans. — ^Name changed to Camp Beecher. 
Button wood Blockhouse, Pa. — At Hanover. 
Butts Hill, Fort at, R. I.— At Newport. 
^--^uzzARDS Bay, Fortifications at, Mass. 
Buzzards Roost, Fortifications at, Ga. 
Byington, Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

Byllings Point, Fort at, N. J.— (^ee Billings and Billingsiwrt. ) 
Cacaphon, Stockade, W. Va. — On Cacaphon Creek, Morgan County. 
■Cadwallader, Camp, D. C. — At Kalorama Heights. 
Cadwallader, Camp, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 

Oady, Camp, Cal. — On Mojave River, 145 miles northeast of Los Angeles. 
CJaffery, Camp, La.— At Covington. 
Cahaniaga, or Caughnawaga, Fort, N. Y. 

Cahokia, Fort at, III. — On the Mississippi River, 4 miles below St. Louis, Mo. 
Oahunke, Fort, N. C— Forty miles southwest of Snowhill. 
Cajon, Camp, Colo. — Fifteen miles from Cajon Pass. 
Caldwell, Camp, D. C. — At Washington. 
Caldwell, Fort at, N. Y. — Fort William Henry. 

Calhoun, Fort, Nebr.— On Missouri River, 17 miles above Omaha, in Wash- 
ington County ; now town of that name. 

Calhoun, Fort, Va.— At Hampton Roads; now Fort Wool. 
California, Camp, Va. — Near Fairfax Courthouse. 
California State Soldiers' Home. — Yountville, Cal. 
Call, Fort, Fla.— At Volusia. 
Call, Camp, Ga.— In Hall County. 
Callahan's Ranch, Camp near, Cal. — In Scotts Valley. 
Callaways, Fort, Mo.— In Warren County. 
Calvert, Camp, Ky. — At London. 
Calvert, Camp, Tenn. — In Loudon County. 
Cambridge, Star Battery at, S. C. 
Camden, Battery at, Me. 

Cameron, Camp, Ariz. — Fifteen miles northeast of Tubac. 
Cameron, Battery, D. C. — One mile above Georgetown. 
Cameron, Battery, Fla. — Near Fort Pickens. 
'Cameron, Camp, Mass. — ^Near Boston. 
Cameron, Camp, Pa. — At Harrisburg. 
Cameron, Fort, Tenn. — At Chattanooga. 
Cameron, Fort, Utah. — Near Beaver City. 
Caminada Bay Reservation, Fla. 
Cammaas Woods, Camp at. Pa. — Near Philadelphia. 
Campayne, Fort, Del. — On Delaware River. 
Campbell General Hospital, D. C. — At Washington. 
Campbell, Fort, Ga. 

Campbell, Fort, N. C— Near Wilmington. 
Campbell, Fort, Ohio. — At Maumee Rapids. 
Campbell, Fort, Pa. — In Juniata County. 
Campbells Blockhouse, Pa.— In Washington County. 
Campbell, Camp, Tenn. — At Nashville. 
Campus Martius, Fort, Ohio.— At Marietta. 

Canadian R17ER, Cantonment on, Ind. T. — Near one-hundredth meridian. 
Canagora, Fort, N. Y.— On Mohawk River. 
Canajohara, Fort, N. Y. — Same as Canagora. 
Canal Battery, Ala. — At Mobile. 
Canby, Battery, Ala. — Near Mobile. 

Canby, Fort, N. Mex. — On the Mojave River, in Navajo Country. 
Canby, Camp, N. Y. — In New York City. 

Canby, Fort, Wash. — On Cape Disappointment, mouth of Columbia River. 
Canfield, Cantonment, Nebr. — Near Ponca Creek. 
Cannatchocari, Fort, N. Y. — On Mohawk River. 
Canoe Island, Reservation, Wash. 
Canon Chelly, Fort at, Ariz. 

Canonicut, Fort, R. I. — In Newport Harbor, on Canonicut Island. 
Cape Disappointment, Fort at. Wash. — Fort Canby. 
Cape Fear, Fort at, N. C. — Fort Johnston. 
Cape Girardeau, Armory at. Mo. — At Cape Girardeau. 


Cape Girar. *.u, Fortifications at, Mo.— At Cape Girardeau. 

Cape May, Fort at, N. J. — Fort Nassau. 

Cape Neddick, or Neddock, Fort at. Me. — In York County. 

Cape of Pines, Fort on. Cal.— Harbor of Monterey. 

Cape Sable, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Poinsett. 

Capron, Fort, Fla.— Opposite Indian River Inlet. 

Capron Battery, S. C. — At Sullivans Island. 

Capron, Allyn, Camp, Ky. — At Fort Thomas. 

Capsey, Battery, N. Y.— At New York City. 

Capture, Camp, Ohio. — In Hamilton County. 

Carey Gratz, Camp, Mo. — At Rolla. 

Carillon, Fort, N. Y.— On Lake George. (See Ticonderoga. ) 

Carleton, Camp, Cal. — At San Bernardino. 

Carlin, Reservation at, Nev. 

Carlisle, Battery, Ky. — Near Covington. 

Carlisle Barracks, Pa. — At Carlisle. 

Carlisle, Camp, Pa. — Ne^^ Carlisle. 

Carlos Barrancas, Fort, Fla. — ^Near Pensacola. 

Carlyle, Fort at, III. 

Carmel, Camp, Md. — At Frederick City. 

Carneys Bridge, Batteries at. La. — Near Pattersonville. 

Carolina, Fort, S. C— At Port Royal. 

Caroline, Fort, Fla. — At St. Johns Bluff, St. Johns River; name changed to 

Fort San Mateo. 
Carpenter Island, Battery on, Del. — On Delaware River, near Fort Mifflin. 
Carpenter, Redoubt, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 
Carpenter, Redoubt, Va. 
Carr, Camp, Ark. — On Big Sugar Creek. 
Carrington, Camp, Ind. — At Indianapolis. 
Carroll, Fort, D. C. — One mile southeast of Giesboro Point. 
Carroll, Fort, Fla. — On Pease Creek. 
Carroll, Camp, Md. — Near Baltimore. 
Carroll, Fort, Md. — At SoUers Point Flats, Patapsco River, 8 miles below 

Carrollton, Fortifications at. La. 
Carver General Hospital, D. C — At Washington. 
Casa Bianca, Camp, Tex. — On the Nueces River. 
Cascades, Fort, Wash.— Near Cascade City. 
Casco, Fortifications at, Me. 
Casey, Fort, Fla. — In Charlotte Harbor. 
Casey, Camp, Md.— At Bladensburg. 
Casey, Camp, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Casey, Fort, Wash. — Near Port Townsend, in Island County. 
Casimir, Fort, Del. —On Delaware River, near Newcastle. 
Casino, Fort, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

16066 2 


Casper, Fort, Wyo. — At Platte Bridge. 

Cass, Camp, Cal.— At Redbluff. 

Cass, Camp, La.— Bay of St. Lonis. 

Cass, Fort, Tenn.— In Cass County. 

Cass, Fort, Va.— Near Q-eorgetown, D. C. 

Cassville, Fort at. Wis. 

Castine, Battery, Me. — On Penobscot Bay, 9 miles from Belfast. 

Castine, Fort at. Me. 

Castle, The, or Castle William, Mass.— Boston Harbor; present site of Fort 

Castle, Battery, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 

Castle Garden, Camp at.— In New York City. 
— CJastle Island, Fort on, Mass. — Boston Harbor; now Fort Independence. 

Castle Island, Redoubt on, N. Y.— Near Albany. (See Fort Nassau.) 

Castle Pinckney, S. C— Charleston Harbor. 

Castleton, Fort at, Vt. 
^^x^ASTLE William, Fort, Mass. — Boston Harbor; nov Fort Independence. 

Castle Williams, N. Y. — On Governors Island. 

Castlios, Fort, Mo. — In St. Charles County. 

Caswell, Fort, N. C— On Oak Island, Cape Fear River. 

Caswell, Battery, S. C — At Fort Caswell. 

Cat Island, Reservation, Miss. 

Caustens Bluff, Fort at, Ga. — ^Near Savannah. 

Cavallo Point Battery, Cal. — At Cavallo Point. 

Cave Hill National Cemetery, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Oawakey, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 

Cedar, Fort, S. Dak. — Twenty-eight miles above Pierre. 

Cedar Keys, Battery at, Fla. 

Cedar Keys, Reservation at, Fla. — Cantonment Morgan. 

Cedar Point, Battery at, Va. — On Lower Potomac. 

Cedar Rapids, Fort at, Iowa. 

Center, Fort, Fla. — Near Lake Okechobee. 

Central Brancli National Military Home, Ohio.— Montgomery County. 

Chadbourne, Fort, Tex. — On Oak Creek, Coke County ; now town of that name. 

Chadds Ford, Fort at. Pa. — In Delaware County. 

Chain. Battery, N. Y.— At Highlands, West Point. 

Chain Bridge, Battery at, D. C. — Above Georgetown. 

Chalmette National Cemetery, La. — ^Near New Orleans. 

Chalmette, Redoubt at. La. — Near New Orleans. 

Chambers Fort, III.— Near Lebanon, in St. Clair County. 

Chambers, Camp, Pa. — Three miles from Chambersburg. 

Chambers Fort, Pa. — In Lancaster County. 

Champlain Arsenal, Vt.— At Vergennes. 

Chapins Bluff, Fort at, Va. — Near Richmond. 

Chaplin, Fort, D. C— One mile southeast of Bennings Bridge. 


Chapman, Battery, Miss.— At Corinth. 
Chapman, Fort, S. C— On Ashepoo River. 
Charity General Hospital, La.— At New Orleans. 
Charity, Fort, Va. — At Henrico. 

Charlemont, Works at, Mass. 

Charles, Fort, Ark.— On White River. 

Charles, Fort, Fla. — At Pensacola. 

Charles, Fort, Me. — At Pemaquid. 

Charles. Fort, Mo.— At present site of Rush Tower, 38 miles below St. Lonis. 

Charles, Fort, Mont. — In Dawson Connty. 

Charles, Fort, N. Y.— At JKingsbridge. 

Charles, Fort, S. C— At Port Royal. 

Charles, Fort, Va.— At Kicquotan. 

Charles, Fort, Va.— At Richmond. 

Charleston Arsenal, S. C— At Charleston. 

Charleston Barracks, S. C— At Charleston. 

Charlestown Arsenal, Mass.— At Charlestown. . 

Sharlestown, Battery at, Mass. 
Charlestown, Fort, N. H. 

Charlotte, Fort, Ala.— At Mobile; first called Fort Conde. 
Charlotte, Fort, Minn.— Nine miles west of Grand Portage Bay. 
Charlotte, Camp, Ohio.— On Sippo Creek. 
Charlotte, Fort, S. C. — On Savannah River. 
Charlotte Harbor, Reservation and Defenses of, Fla. 
Chartres, Fort, III. — Mississippi River, near Elaskaskia. 
Chase, Camp, Md. — On the upper Potomac. 
Chase, Camp, Ohio. — ^Near Columbus. 
Chase, Camp, Pa. — At Grays Ferry. 
Chatfield, Battery, S. C. — In Charleston Harbor. 
Chatham, Gamp, Tenn. — In Robertson County. 
Chattahoochee Arsenal, Fla. — At Chattahoochee. 
Chattanooga National Cemetery, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 
Chatterton Hill, Batteries on, N. Y.— Nqw York City. 
Chauncey, Fort, N. Y.— At Sacket Harbor. 
Cheat Mountain, Fort on, Va. , 

Checauqo or Chicafou, Fort, III.— (<See Chicago.) 
Chef Menteur Pass, Fort at, La.— Fort Macomb. 
Chehalis, Fort, Wash. — In Chehalis County, Grays Harbor. 
Chelan, Fort, Wash. — Near Lake Chelan. 
Cheltons Hili£, Camp at, Pa.— Camp William Penn. 
Chemung Camp, N. Y. — At Elmira. 
Chene, Fort, La. — ^Near Berwick. 

Chenectedi, Fobt, N. Y.— (fltee Forlj Corlar, Schenectady.) 
Chbraw HiLIi, FoiKC AT, 8. C. • 
Chsbokeb, FaBir« ^ 




Cherry Valley, Fort at, Pa. 

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Fort at, Del. — Opposite Pea Patch Island. 

Chesapeake General Hospital, Va. — Near Fort Monroe. 

Chestnut Hill, Camp, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 

Chestnut Hill, Post on. Pa. 

Cheteo River, Camp on, Oreg. — At mouth of river. 

Cheves, Battery, S. C. — In Charleston Harbor. 

Cheyenne Depot, Wyo. — On Fort D. A. Russell Reservation. 

Cheyenne Agency, Fort at, S. Dak. — Fort Bennett. 

Chicago, Fort at III. — Fort Dearborn. 

Chickasaw, Fort, III. 

Chickasaw. Fort, Miss. — At Pontotoc. 

Chickasaw Agency, Post at, Ind. T. 

Chickasaw Bayou, Batteries at, Miss. 

Chickasaw Bluff, Fort at, Tenn. — At Memphis. 

Chikaskia, Camp, Okla. 

Childs, Fort, Nebr. — Now Fort Kearney. 

Chillicothe Barracks, Ohio. — At Chillicothe. 

Chinsessing, Fort, Pa. — In Delaware County. 

Chinook Point, Fort at. Wash. — Fort Columbia. 

Chipola Fort, Fla.— Latitude 30° 45', longitude 85° 3'. 

Chissel, Fort, N. C. — On New River. 

Choctaw Point, or Bluff, Fort at, Ala. — Fort Stonewall, near Mobile. 

Chokonikla, Fort, Fla. — On Pease Creek. 

Chonaguen. Fort, N. Y.— Now Fort Oswego. 

Chostellux, Fort, R. I. — One of the defenses of Narragansett Bay. 

Christ ANN A, Fort, Va. — In Southampton County. 

Christina, Fort, Del. — Near Wilmington. 

Christmas, Fort, Fla. — Near Lake Harney. 

Church, Fort, Fla. — At Femandina. 

Churchill, Fort, Nev. — On Carson River, in Churchill County. 

Churchill, Col., Fort, Ky. — Cumberland Gap. 

Churchman, Camp, Ga. — At Albany. 

City Point Nationai Cemetery, Va At City Point. 

Cl-\gget, Fort, Mont. 

Claiborne, Fort, Ala. — On the Alabama River, near mouth of Limestone Creek. 

Claiborne, Fort, La. — At Natchitoches. 

Claremont General Hospital, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Clark, Camp, Ala. — Near Mobile. 

Clarke, Fort, Fla. — On the Ocilla River, in Alachua County. 

Cl.\rk, Fort, III.— At Peoria. 

Clark, Fort. Ind. — Opposite Louisville, Ky. 

Clarke, Fort. low a. — Name changed to Fort Dodge. 

Clark, Fort, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Clark, Fort, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 


Clark, Fort, Kans. — On Missouri River, near Osage City. 

Clark, Fort, N. C. — At Hatteras Inlet. 

Clark, Fort, N. Dak. — On Missouri River, nearMandan. 

Clark, Battery, Oreg.— At Fort Stevens. 

Clark, Fort, Tex. — Near Brackettville. 

Clarke, Fort. Utah. — In San Pete Valley. 

Clark. Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Clark's Blockhouse, W. Va.— In Marshall County. 

Clarksburg, Fort at, Va. — In Harrison County. 
Sy Larks Point, Fort at, Mass.— Fort Rodman. 
/Clatsop, Fort, Wash. — Near mouth of Columbia River. 

Claud, Fort, Tenn. — At Nashville. 

Claverack, Fort, N. Y. 

Clay, Fort, Ky. — At Lexington. 

Clay General Hospital, Ky. — At Louisville. 

Clay, Fort, Nebr.— At Platte Bridge. 

Clay, Camp, Ohio. — On Ohio River, 3 miles east of Cincinnati. 

Clear Fork of the Brazos, Post of, Tex. 

Clemison, Fort, Mo. — In Montgomery County. 
. Cleveland, Camp, Ohio.— Near Cleveland. 

Cliffburn Barracks, D. C— At Mount Pleasant, Washington. 

Clifton, Fort, Va. — On Appomattox River. 

Clifton, Fort, Va.— On James River. 

Clifton Lee, Battery, Tenn. — At Knoxville. 

Clinch ( 1 ) , Fort, Fla. — On Amelia Island, at Femandina. 

Clinch (2), Fort, Fla. — On Lake Locha Popka. 

Clinch (3), Fort, Fla. — On Withlacoochee River. 

Clinch (4), Fort, Fla. — Three miles from Pensacola. 

Clinton, Castle, N. Y. — At New York City; now known as Castle Garden. 

Clinton, Fort, N. Y.— At West Point. 

Cloak, Camp, Tenn. — Near Fort Henry. 

Close, Camp, Va. — Near Fort Lyon. 

Closter, Fort, N. J. — In Bergen County. 

Clyde, Fort, N. Y. — Freys Bush, 2 miles southwest of Fort Plain. 

CoAS, Fort at, Vt. 

Coasters Island, Battery on, R. I. 

Cobb, Fort, Ind. T.— At junction of Pond Creek and Washita River. 

Cobb, Fort, N. C— At Cobbs Point, near Elizabeth City, 
—Gobble Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— Near Boston. 

Cobble Hill, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

Cobbleskill, Blockhouse at, N. Y. 
"'^'^OBBs Hill, Battery, Mass.— Near Roxbury. 

Cobbs Hill, Redoubt at, N. C. — Redoubt Zabriski. 

CoBURN*s Fort, W. Va. 

'Coc^MAXf, Camp, D. C— At Washington. 



Cock Hill, Fort, N. Y.— At New York City. 
Cockpit Point, Battery at, Va.— On lower Potomac River. 
CocKSPUR Island, Fort on, Ga.— Fort Pulaski. 
CoENTiES Battery, N. Y.— New York City. 
CcEUR d'Alene, Fort, Idaho. — Name changed to Fort Sherman. 
Coffee, Fort, Ind. T. — ^At Swallow Rock, on the Arkansas River. 
Coffee, Camp, La.— At New Orleans. 
Coffee, Fort, Md. 

Coffey, Camp, Ky. — Nineteen miles south of Richmond. 
Colchester, Fort at, Vt. 

Cold Harbor, Camp near, Va.— In Hanover County. 
Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Va. — In Hanover County. 
Cole, Camp, Mo.— In Benton County. 
CoLERAiN, Fort, Ga.— On St. Marys River. 
Cole's Fort, Mo. 

Coles Island, Fortifications on, S. C. 
Cole's Old Field, Camp at, S. C. 
Colfax, Camp, Idaho.— Ada County. 
College Hill, Fort, Ky.— At Bowling Green. 
Collier, Camp, Ky.— At Lexington. 

Collins, Fort, Colo. — Now town of that name, Larimer County 
Collins, Camp, Ky.— At Warsaw. 

Colorado, Camp, Ariz. — On Colorado River Indian Reservation 
Colorado State Soldiers' Home, Monte Vista, Colo.' 
Colorado, Camp, Tex. — Six miles north of the Colorado River. 
CoLRAiN, Works at, Mass. 
Columbia, Fort near. Pa. 

Columbia, Fort, Wash.— At Chinook Point, Pacific County. 
Columbia Barracks, Wash. — ^Now Vancouver Barracks. 
Columbia Fur Co., Fort, Minn.— On Traverse Lake. 
Columbus, Fortifications at, Ky. 
Columbus, Fort, N. Y.— On Governors Island. 
Columbus Arsenal, Ohio.— Now Columbus Barracks. 
Columbus Barracks, Ohio. — At Columbus. 
CoLViLLE, Fort, Wash.— In Colville Valley. 
Combes, Fort, Md. 

Comfort, Fort, N. C— Near Plymouth. 
Comfort, Old Point, Fort at, Va. — Fort Monroe. 
— "--Commercial Point, Battery at, Mass. 
CoMSTOCK, Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 
Comstock, Battery, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 
Conakay, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 
CoNANicuT, Fort, R. I. — At Newport. 
Con ant, Fort, Mass.— At Stag Head, in Gloucester Harbor 
Con ANT, Camp, Mo. — On Tavern Creek. 


Conception, Camp, Tex.— jit San Antonio. 

Concho, Fort, Tex. — At junction of Main and North' Conchos; first named 

Camp Hatch. 
Concord, Fort, La.— In Concordia Parish. 
Concord Point, Battery at, Md. 
Concordia, Camp, Tex.— Near Fort Bliss. 

CoNDE, Fort, Ala. — Near Mobile; named changed to Fort Charlotte. 
Confederation, Fort, Ala. — At Jones Bluff, in Sumter County. 
Confiscation, Fort, Tenn. — At Nashville. 
Connecticut State Soldiers' Home, Noroton, Conn. 
Connelly, Camp, N. Mex.— At Polvadero. 
Conner, Camp, Idaho. — Near Soda Springs. 
Connor, Fort, Wyo.— Name changed to Fort Reno. 
CONOGOHERY, FoRT AT, N. Y. — Fort Rensselaer. 
Conrad, Camp, Ga. — At Columbus. 
Conrad, Fort, N. Mex. — At Val Verde, Socorro County. 
CoNSTANTiNE, Fort, Alaska.— On Tshugatshian Bay. ^"\, , Lui^ [^'^l/i 

Constitution, Fort, N. H Near Portsmouth, '^c t- ^ v " * '*' ^ ' ' * 

Constitution, Fort, N. J. — ^Name changed to Fort Lee. 

Constitution, Fort, N. Y.— On the Hudson River, opposite West Point. 


Convalescent, Camp, Va. — At Alexandria. 
Converse, Redoubt, Va. — At Spring Hill, on Appomattox River. 
Cony General Hospital, Me. — At Augusta. • 
Cooke, Camp, Mont. — At mouth of Judith River. 
Coolidge, Battery, Tenn. — At Chattanooga. 
Coombs, Battery, Ky. — Two miles west of Covington. 
Coon's Fort, W. Va.— In northwest part of State. 
Cooper, Fort, Fla.— On Withlacoochee River. 
Cooper, Camp, Mo. — In Howard County. 

Cooper, Camp, Tex. — Five miles east of the mouth of Oteys Creek, in Throck- 
morton County. 
Coos, Fort at, N. H. 
^^opps Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— At Boston. 
CoQUiLLE, Fort, La.— Supposed to be now Fort Pike. 
CORBiN, H. C, Camp, Ky. — ^At Lexington. 
CoRBiN, H. C, Camp, La. — At New Orleans. 
CoRBiN, H. C, Camp, Va. — At Richmond. 
Corcoran, Fort, Va.— On Arlington Heights. 
Corinth National Cemetery, Miss.— At Corinth. 
Corinth, FoitT at, Vt. 

Cork Screw, Fort, N. Y.— On Long Island; name changed to Fort Swift.' 
CoBLABRs Hook, Fort at. N. Y. 

Corn Island, Fortifications on, Ky.— Near Louisville. 
CosarwALhUL t"^»t. Ga.— At Atlanta. 


Corpus Chrkti, Fobt at, Tex.— Fort Marcy. 

Cosmos, Fort, Alaska.— On Putnam River. 

COTTA, Fort, Mont.— In Missoula Cotmty. 

Cotton Factory General Hospital. Pa.— At Harrisborg. 

Cottonwood, Fort. Nebr. — At Cottonwood Springs; snbeeqaentij called Fort 

Cottonwood Springs, Fort at. Nebr. — ^Fort McPherson. 
Couch, Camp, Pa.— At Harrisbnrg. 
Couch, Camp. Pa.— At Philadelphia. 
Couch, Battery, Va.— At mouth of Mill Creek. 
CouTY, Fort, N. Y. — At month of Niagara Rirer. 
Covington, Fort, Ky.— At month of Licking River. 
Covington, Fort, Md.— Near Fort 3IcHemy. 

Covington, Fort, N. Y.— Franklin Connty ; now town of that name. 
Cow Island, Battery on, Me. — Lincoln Coxmty. 
Cowlitz, Fort, Oreo.- Near the Cowlitz River. 
Cowpens, Fort at, Mich. 
Cox Hill, Bedou'bt, N. Y.— At New York City. 
Cox's Fort, Va. 
Cox's Head, Fort at. Me. 
Crabbe, Fort, Fla.— On New River. 
Craig, Fort, Ky.— On Gilberts Creek. 

Craig, Fort, N. Mex. — On the Rio Grande, 3 miles sonth of San Marcial. 
Craig; Fort, Tenn. 

Craig, Fort, Va. — Two miles west of the Long Bridge. 
Craig, Fort, Va. — On Appomattox River. 
Cralo, Fort, N. Y. — On Hndson River, above Albany. 
Crane, Fort, Fla.— On Lake Pithlochoco. 
Crane, Fort, Fla. — Seven miles north of Micanopy. 
Craney Island, Fort on, Va.— Fort Tar. 
Craven. Battery, Ala.— Near Mobile. 
Craven, Fort, N. Y.— In Oneida County. 
Crawford, Fort, Ala.— In Russell County. 
Crawford, Fort, Colo.— On the Uncompahgre. 
Crawford, Fort, Fla.— On Manatee River. 
Crawford, Camp, G a.— Chattahoochee River. 
C/KAWFORD, Fort, Md. — Near Craney Creek. 
Crawford, Fort, Mich. 

Crawford, Fort, Pa.— On Alleghany River, about 17 miles above Pittsburg. 
Crawford, Camp, Tex. — Name changed to Fort Mcintosh. 
(,'rawford, Fort, Wis. — On Mississippi River, near Prairie du Chien. 
('RKKHiToN, Fort, Tenn. — At Chattanooga. 
<'rehai''h Fort, Md.— On North Branch of Potomac River. 
C'reshkl, Fort, Conn. — On Groton Heights, near New London. 
Crkvfxmeur, Fort, Fla.— St. Josephs Bay. 


Crevecceur, Fort, III.— On Lake Peoria. 
Crittenden, Camp, Ariz. — On site of old Fort Buchanan. 
Crittenden. Fort, Ky. — At Lexington. 
Crittenden General Hospital. Ky. — At Louisville. 

Crittenden, Fort, Utah. — In Cedar Valley: originally called Camp Floyd. 
Crocker, Battery, Miss.— At Vicksburg. 
Crockett, Fort, Tex.— At Galveston. 
Croghan, Fort, Iowa. — Near Council Bluffs. 

Croghan, Fort, Tex. — On Hamilton Creek, 14 miles above its month. 
Crook, Fort. Cal. — On Fall River, in Shasta County. 
Crook, Fort, Nebr. — Ten miles south of Omaha, Sarpy County. 
Crooked Billet, Camp near. Pa. — In Montgomery County. 
Crooked Island Reservation, Fla. — St. Andrews Sound. 
Cross, Fort, Fla.— At Palm Point. 

Cross, Fort, Fla. — Nineteen miles northwest of old Fort Dade. 
Cross, Fort, N. Dak. — Name changed to Fort Seward. 
Cross Creek, Blockhouse on, Ohio. — Near Steubenville. 
Crossman, Camp, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 
*Crossman, Camp, Utah. — On Salt Creek. 
Croi^n Hiil National Cemetery, Ind. — At Jeffersonville. 
Crown Point, Battery at, N. Y. — At Corlears Hook, New York City. 
Crown Point, Fort at, N. Y. — Fort Frederick, on Lake Champlain. 
Crow's Nest Battery, Va. — Near Dutch Gap. 
Crum, Fort, Fla. — Withlacoochee River. 
Crutchfield, Redoubt, Tenn. — At Chattanooga. 
Cuba Libre, Camp, Fla. — At Jacksonville 
Cullum, Battery, Fla.— At Fort Pickens. 
Cuipeper National Cemetery, Va. — At Oulpeper. 
Cumberland, Fort at, Md. — Fort Mount Pleasant. 
Cumberland General Hospital, Tenn. — At Nashville. 
Cumberland, Fort, Va. 

Cumberland Island, Works on, Ga.— St. Andrews Sound. 
CuMMiNGS, Fort, Fla.— Latitude 28° 15', longitude 81° 55'. 
CuMMiNGS, Fort, Ga. 

CuMMiNGS, Fort, N. Mex. — At Cooks Mountain Spring. 
CuMMiNGS, Redoubt, N. Y. — On Long Island, near Brooklyn. 
CuMMiNGS, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 

CuMMiNGS Point, Fort at, S. C. — Fort Putnam, near Charleston. 
Cunningham, Fort, N. C. 

Cunninghams Island, Fortifications on. Pa. — In Lake Erie. 
Curry's Fort, Ala.— On the Tombigbee River. 
CURREY, Camp, Oreg.— On Silver Creek. 
Curtin, Camp, Pa. — At Harrisburg. 
CURTIN, Camp, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 
Curtis, Fort. Ark.— At Helena. 


Curtis, Camp, Cal.— In Humboldt County. 

CusHENOC, Fort, Me.— On Kennebec River. 

CusHiNG, Fort at, Me.— In Lincoln County. 

CusHiNG, Redoubt, Va.— At Norfolk. 

CusHiNGS Island, Fort on, Me.— Fort Levett. 

Custer. Fort, Mont.— On Big Horn River; first called Big Horn Barracks, 

Custer Battlefield National Cemetery, Mont.— At Crow Agency. 

CusTis, Camp, Va.— Near Arlington. 

Cuyahoga, Fort. Orao.— Near Cleveland. 

Cutler General Hospital, Pa.— At Germantown. 

Cuyler's Sugarhouse. Magazine at, N. Y.— New York City. 

Cypress Hills National Cemetery, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

Dabney, Fort, Fla.— At Suwanee Old Town. 

Dade (new). Fort, Fla.— On Egmont Key. 

Dade (old). Fort, Fla.— Withlacoochee River, 13 miles from Dade's Battle 

Dahlgren. Camp, Oreg. — On Crooked River. 

Dahixjren, Battery, S. C— On Sullivans Island. 

Dakota, Fort, S. Dak.— At Sioux Falls, on Big Sioux River. 

Dale, Fort, Ala.— In Butler County. ' 

Dale General Hospital, Mass.— At Worcester. 

Dalghton, Fort, N. Y. — Possibly intended for Fort Dayton. 

Dallas, Fort, Fla. — Near mouth of Miami River. 

Dalles, Fort, Oreg. — At The Dalles, on Columbia River; first called Camp Drum, 

Damariscotta, Fortifications at. Me. 

D ANBURY, Cantonment, Conn.— At Danbury. 

Daniel, Fort^ R. I. 

Daniels, Camp, Fla. — Near Fort Myers. 

Dan Russell, Camp, N. C— At Raleigh. 

Danube, Fort, N. Y.— A stockade fort. 

Danville Branch National Home, III.— At Danville. 

Danville National Cemetery, Ky.— At Danville. 

Danville National Cemetery, Va. — In Henrico County. 

Darby, Fort, La. 

Darien, Fort at, Ga. 

Darling, Fort, Va. — On Drury's Bluff, James River. 

Darrell, Fort, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

D. A. Russell, Fort, Wyo.— Near Cheyenne. 

Date Creek, Camp at, Ariz. — Sixty miles southwest of Prescott; established 
as Camp McPherson. 

Dauphin Island, Fort on, Ala. — Fort Gaines. 

Da V ant. Camp, Tex.— Near Baudere Pass. 

Davenport, Fort, Fla. — On Reedy Creek, near Big Cypress Swami). 

Davids Island, Depot, etc., N. Y. — Now Fort Slocum. 

Davidson, Camp, Kans.— Near mouth of Little River; name changed to Camp 


Davidson, Fort, Mo.— At Pilotknob. 

Davis, Fort, Ala. — Macon County; now town of that name. 

Davis* Fort, Alaska— At Nome City. 

Davis, Fort, D. C— East of the Eastern Branch. 

Davis, Fort, Ind. T. 

Davis, Redoubt, Md. — Three miles above Georgetown, D. C. 

Davis, Cantonment, III. — On Rock River. 

Davis, Camp, Nebr.— At Platte Bridge, 120 miles above Fort Laramie. 

Davis's Blockhouse, Pa.— In Center County. 

Davis, Fort, Tenn.— At London. 

Davis, Fort, Tex. — On Limpia River, Jeff Davis County; now town of that 

Davis. Camp, Va. — At Romney, near Petersburg. 
Davis, Fort, Va.— Before Petersburg. 
Davis, Jefferson, Camp, Miss.— At East Pascagoula. 
Davison, Fort, Va.— Before Petersburg. 
Day, Camp, Mass. — At Cambridge. 
Days Point, Battery at, Va. — On James River. 
Dayton, Fort, N. Y.— On Mohawk River, at Herkimer. 
Dead Mans Bay, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Frank Brooke. 
Dead Mans Island, Reservation, Cal.— In Wilmington Harbor. 
Dean's Fort, Pa. — In Canoe Valley, Jimiata County. 
Dearborn Battery, Ala.— At Fort Morgan. 

Dearborn, Fort, Ga.— Thirteen miles southeast from Fort Floyd. 
Dearborn, Fort, III.— At Chicago. 

DeCamp General Hospital, N. Y.— On Davids Island. ^ 

Decatur, Fort, Ala. — On Tallapoosa River. 
Decatur, Battery, Md.— At Fort Washington. 
Deception Pass North, Reservation, Wash.— At Two Islands. 
Deception Pass South, Reservation, Wash.— At Two Islands. 
Decherd, Camp, Tenn.— Near Decherd. 

Decker, Fort, Pa. — Mouth of Cross Creek, Washington County. 
Deep Creek, Fort on, Va.— Near Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal. 
Deerfield, Fortifications at, Mass. 
■"•SDeer Island, Fort on, Mass.— Boston Harbor. AX 
Defence, Fort, Wash. — On Vancouver Island. 
Defiance, Camp, Ala.— Forty-eight miles west of Chattahoochee. 
Defiance, Fort, Ariz. — At Canyon Bonita, Apache County. 
Defiance, Fort, Cal. — Four miles below Fort Yuma. 
Defiance, Fort, Fla. 
Defiance, Camp, III. — At junction of Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. 

EFiANCE, Fort, Mass. — At Gloucester: 
Defiance, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 
Defiance, Fort, N. Y.— At Red Hook. 
Defiance, Fort, N. Y.— Opposite Ticonderoga. 



Defiance, Fort, Ohio.— In Defiance County. 

Defiance, Fort, Oreo. 

Defiance. Fort. Tex.— At Goliad. 

Defiance, Camp, Va.— Near New River, probably in Giles County. 

Defiance, Fort, Va.— Augusta County; now town of that name. 

Defiance, Fort, Wis.— Near Mineraliwint. 

Defiance Point Reservation, Wash.— At Narrows of Puget Sound. 

De Hart, Fort, Tenn.— At Loudon. 

De Kalb, Fort, Va.— About I mile west of Acjueduct Bridge. 

Delafield, Fort, S. C— South end of Folly Island. 

Delancy, Fort, N. Y.— On Bergen Neck. 

Delaware* Fort, Del.— On Pea Patch Island, near Newcastle. 

Delaware, Blockhouse at, Ohio. 

De Leon Battery, Fla.— At Keywest. 

Delphi, Fortifications at, N. Y. 

Del Rio, Camp, Tex.— Near village of Delrio, Kinney County. 

De Monteil, Battery, N. C— On Shallow Bftg Bay. 

Denaud, Fort, Fla.— On Caloosahatchee River, 20 miles above Fort Myers. 

Denham, Fort, R. I.— On Narragansett Bay. 

Dennison, Camp. Ohio.— Near MiamisviUe, Hamilton County. 

Dennison General Hospital, Ohio.— At Cincinnati. 

Denonville, Fort, N. Y.— Near Niagara Falls. 

Deposit, Fort, Ala. — On Tennessee River, at mouth of Honeycomb Creek, 

Lowndes County ; now town of that name. 
Deposit, Fort, Ohio.— Near present Waterville. 
De Russy, Fort, D. C— Two miles northeast of Tennallytown. 
De Russy, Fort, La. — At Alexandria. 
Des Ecores, Fort, Tenn. — At Memphis. 
Desmares General Hospital, D. C. — At Washington. 
Des Moines, Fort. III. — At Buffalo Rock. 
Des Moines (1), Fort, Iowa. — Mouth of Des Moines River. 
Des Moines (2), Fort, Iowa. — On site of Des Moines City. 
De Soto, Fort, Fla.— On Mullet Key, 25 miles from Tampa. 
Detroit, Arsenal, Mich. — At Detroit. 
Detroit Fort, Mich.— At Detroit. 
Detroit Barracks, Mich. — At Detroit. 
,,.--i3EWEY, Camp, Mass. — At South Framingham. 
Dewey, George, Camp, S. Dak. — At Sioux Falls. 
De Wolf, Fort, Ky. — At New Shepherdsville. 
Diamond, Fort, N. Y. — Now Fort Lafayette. 
fiiCKERSON, Fort, Tenn. — Defense of Knoxville. 
Dickinson, Fort, Pa. — At Wilkesbarre. 
Dickinson, Fort, Pa. — At Wyoming. 
Dick Robinson, Camp, Ky. — In Garrard County. 
Diego, Fort, Fla — Twenty-five miles from San Diego. 



DiGGES* Point, Fortifications at, Va. 

Billies, Fort, Ohio. — In Belmont County. 

Dillie's Blockhouse, W. Va. — Opposite Grave Creek. 

DiNwiDDiE, Fort, W. Va.— On Jackson River. 

DiONYsius, Fort, Alaska. — Near mouth of Stikeen River. 

Discharge, Camp, Cal. — On Angel Island. 

Discharge, Camp, Pa.— At Harrisburg. 

Discovery, Port, Reservation, Wash. — Two military reservations at. 

Distribution, Camp, V a.— Near Alexandria. 

Dix, Fort, Md. 

Dix, Fort, Va. — Near Fort Powhatan, Suffolk. 

Dixie, Fort, N. C. — Near Newbem. 

Dixon, Fort, III. 

DOANE, Fort, Fla. — Near Big Cypress Swamp. 

DoBBS. Fort, N. C. — Twenty miles north of Salisbury. 

DoBBS Ferry, Fort at, N. Y. — On the Hudson River. 

DoBOY Inlet, Works at, Ga. — Ten miles east of Darien. 

Dodge, Camp, Ark. — At Little Rock. 

Dodge, Fort, Iowa. — On Des Moines River, Webster County ; now town of that 

name ; first called Fort Clarke. 
Dodge, Fort, Kans. — Ford County; now town of that name. 
Dog Island, Reservation on, Fla. — At entrance of St. Georges Sound. 
Dog Island, Reservation, Miss. — In Gulf of Mexico. 
Dogwood, Camp, Va. — In Dogwood Gap. 
DoNALDSONViLLE, FoRT, La.— At Donaldsouville. 
DoNELSON, Fort, Tenn. — Near Dover, on Cumberland River. 
Donelson, Fort, National Cemetery, Tenn. — At Dover. 
Don't, Fort, La. — Near source of the Sabine. 
-Dorchester, Fort, Mass.— Near Boston. 

Dorchester, Fort, S. C. 
i^DoRCHESTER HEIGHTS, FoRT ON. Mass.— Fort Dorchester. 
Double Bluff Reservation. Wash. — Opposite Fairweather Point. 
Doubleday Battery, N. Y.— At Fort Hamilton. 
Douglas, Fort, Ark. — In Johnson County; now town of that name. 
Douglas General Hospital, D. C — At Washington. 
Douglas, Camp, III.— At Chicago. 
Douglas, Fort. Mass. 
Douglass, Battery, Pa. — Near Lake Erie. 
Douglas, Fort, Utah.— Three miles east of Salt Lake City. 
Dougl^, Camp, Wis. — In Juneau County. 
Do ve-gat. Camp, N. Y.~At Coveville. 
Dover, U. S. Powder Depot at, N. J. 
Downers Station, Kans.— Fifty miles east of Monument. 
Downey, Camp, Cal.— In Contra Costa County. 
Downing, Fort, Fla. — On the Suwanee River, 10 miles from Micanopy. 

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lwg.*Tfr> I'rnTrr ^c;*.-— *^C^^s^eaI^lMrt^»->-VK^^»^il*»a«^.L v^ . ^e^Y^^ftiN 


Dutch Podtt. Cantoxmkxt. Coxx.— Near site of Hartford. 
Dyer. Camp, Ga.— At Angnsta. 
Dyer, Camp. R. I. —Near East Greenwich, 
Eagle Pass, F<3rt at, Tex.— Fort Dnncan. 
Early, Fort, Ga.— Flint River. Lee County. 

Easely*s Fort. Ala. — Near junction of Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers. 
East. Fort, N. Y.— Near Oswego. 
East Baxe, Fort at, N. Y.— New York Harbor. 
Eastern Branch National Home, Me. — At Togns. 
^#£ astern Poixt, Fort at, Mass. — ^In Gloucester Harbor. 
EIast Ha vex. Reservation at. Coxn. 
£ast Hoosic, Fort at. Mass. 
Eastman. Camp, Utah.— On Chicken Creek. 
Eastoxs Point, Fort at, R, I. 
East Point Battery, Me.— At Castine. 
Eastport. Fortifications at, Me. 
Eaton, Camp. Ga.— Cherokee Nation. 
Eaton, Camp, Mich.— On Island Lake. 
Echore Maroot. Fort. Tenn.— At Memphis. 

EcoxFiKEE, Fort. Fla.— Five miles above mouth of Econfinee River. 
Edoartown. Fortifications at. Mass. 
Edoecomb, Fort. Me.— At Wiscasset. 
Edisto. Fort. S. C— Point of Pines. Edisto Island. 
Edward, Fort, N. Y.— On Hudson River, at mouth of Edward Creek, Wash 

ington County ; now town of that name. 
Edwards, Fort, III.— At Warsaw. 
Edwards, Camp. Minn.— Near Lake Preston. 
Edwards, Fort, W. Va. — On Capon River, Hampshire County. 
Egbert, Port, Alaska.- At Eagle City. ' 
Eoden. Fort, Pa. — On branch of Susquehanna River. 
Egmont Key, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Dade. 

Eldorado, Camp. Ariz. — On Colorado River, near the mouth of Eldorado Canyon. 
Eldridoe Point. Fortifications. Mass.— At New Bedford. 
Elfsboro, Fort, Del. — On Delaware River, near mouth of Salem Creek. 
Eliot General Hospital, Mo.— At St. Louis. 
Elizabeth, Camp, Va.— At Alexandria. 
Elizabeth, Fort, Va.— At Henrico. 
Elizabeth Island, Fortifications on, Mass.— On Buzzards Bay. 


Elizabethtown, Cantonment at, N. J. 

Elk River. Fort at. Ala.— Fort Hawkins. 

Elk River, Fort, Md.— Mouth of Elk River. 

Ellicotts Mills, Camp, Ky.— Ten miles below Cairo, 111. 

Elliott. Fort, Tex.— Near head of Sweetwater Creek. 

Ellis, Fort, Mont.— Near town of Bozeman. 

Ellis, Fort. N. C. — ^Near Newbem,on Roanoke Island. 

;<ifA^v *vv«»- ;»i:^— -^t^f *nfxit>«*rta»t. 

.^,i^.<T;:an^ r^^iiJT '\ — -rUtN!p'«TW>rtrMftww: 
/,4:mr»j^'c^* i'/^i%r T^t::- — nT- .\ ratgcfnraa LaancL. 

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p V*'' u\s^v pr>irr S M ' . - -Ail. < 'aarift^mi^ 

pVPTpp pr)vr .*% 

P . r»fpn3»f.^, ,''V,wr CoW- -At Fajrtmid. 

p ,fppn>f f, pi-)KT .\fiii--^>it: Arnoefook: SiTer: iir Aioo»»okO<7nittjT myir toiivn 

Pvr.vfAt'TW rwi?iJf*5«»?!*ioi?. Ate 

P*Af»nmiwOAi^ir,»4 F*oitJr Oi«5r>.--At Bftipn- 

BJJiimmir .U^- -?T*^ar Mobile; 

iprEM*lfc^/i»i: Oo- — ^^'eajr^IarTHviile-. 


Fayette, Fort, Pa.— At Pittsburg; also called Fort Lafayette. 

Fayetteville Absenal, N. C— At Fayettevil^. 

Fayetteville National Cemetery* Ark.— At Fayetteville. 

Fearns, Battery, Tenx. — At Knoxville. 

Federal Hill, Fort, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Federal Point, Fort at, N. Q.- Fort Fisher. 

Fells Point, Battery at, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Fenton, Camp, D. C— At Washington. 

Fenton, Camp, Md.— At Port Tobacco. 

Fexwick, Camp, Iowa.— Near Council Bluffs. {See Fort Croghan.) 

Fenwicks Island, Fort on, S. C. — Near Charleston. 

Ferguson, Fort, S. C. — Charleston Harbor. 

Fernandina, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Clinch. 

Fernandino de Barrancas, Fort. Tenn. — At Memphis. 

Ferres, Fort, Ohio.— At Upper Sandusky. 

Ferry Point, Reservation, Va. 

Fetterman. Fort, Wyo.— Near mouth of La Prele Creek. 

Fetter's Fort, Pa.— At HoUidaysburg. 

FiDius, Fort, Ga. — On north bank of Oconee River. 

Field, Fort, Va.— At Richmond. 

Field Point, Battery at^ R. I. — Narragansett Bay. 

Fillmore, Camp, Ark.— Near Fort Washita. 

Fillmore, Fort, N. Mex.— Near Mesilla. 

FiNCASTLE, Fort, W. Va.— At Wheeling. 

Findlay, Fort, Ohio.— At Findlay. 

FiNLANDT, Fort, Pa.— Near Philadelphia. 

FiNLEY General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 

Finney, Fort, Ohio. 

Finns Point, Fort at, N. J.— Fort Mott. 

Finns Point National Cemetery* N. J. — Near Salem. 

Fireman, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

Fish, Fort, N. Y. — On Manhattan Island at Harlem. 

Fish Creek, Fort at, N. Y.-*-At Saratoga Springs. 

Fisher, Fort, N. C— On Federal Point, mouth of Cape Fear River. 

Fisher, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Fishers Island, Fort on, N. Y.— Fort H. G. Wright. 

Fishing Creek, Fort, Pa. 

Fishing Creek, Camp at, S. C— During the Revolution. 

Fishkill Barracks, N. Y. — At Fishkill. 

Fitzgerald, Camp, Cal. — At Los Angeles. 

Five, Number, Foi^t, Tenn. — Near Island No. 10. 

Five Fathom Hole, Fortifications at, G a.— Near Savannah. 

Flagler, Battery, N. C— Near Fort Macon. 

Flagler, Fort, Wash. — At Marrowstone Point, Puget Sound. 

Flag Pond Hill, Battery, N. C— Near Wilmington. 

16066 3 


Flatbush, Redoubt at, N. Y. 

Flathead, Fort, Mont.— On Clirks Fork branch of the Colombia River. 

Flat Lick, Camp, Ky.— In Knoxf Comity. 

Fletcher, Fort, Kan. — On Big Creek; name changed to Fort Hays. 

Florence National Cemetery, S. C— At Florence. 

Florida, Fort, Ala.— On Mobile River. 

Florida Arsenal, Fla.— At Apal&chicola. 

Florilla, Camp, Tex.— At Medina. 

Floyd, Fort, Ariz.— On Mimbres River; established as Camp Webster; name 

changed to Fort McLane. 
Floyd, Fort, Qa. — Okeefinokee Swamp. 
Floyd, Fort, Kebr.— On Solomons Fork Republican River, 150 miles sonthi^est 

of Fort Kearny. 
Floyd, Camp, Utah.— Name changed to Fort Crittenden. 
Fly Slip, Breastwork at. N. Y.— New York City. 
FoGLAND Ferry, Fort at, R. I.— Narragansett Bay. 
Folly, Fort, Conn.— Also called Fort Nonsense. 
FoNTANA Barracks, Cal.— At San Francisco. 

Poote, Forty Md. — At Rosiers Bluff, on Potomac River, opposite Alexandria, Va. 
Fordham Heights, Camp at, N. Y. 
FoRNANCE, Camp, Ga. — At Macon. 
Fornance, Camp, S. C— At Columbia. 
Forrest, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 
FoRSE, Camp, Ala. — At Huntsville. 
Forty, Fort, Pa. — At Kingston. 
Foster, Fort, Fla.— On Hillsboro River. 
Foster, Fort, Fla.— In Big Cypress Swamp. 
Foster* Fort, Me. — On Gerrish's Island, Portsmouth Harbor. 
Foster General Hospital, N. C— At Newbem. 
Foster, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 
Fosters Bank, Fort on, Fla. — In Pensacola Bay. 

Foulweather Point, Reservation, Wash.— At entrance to Hoods Canal. 
Foundry General Hospital, Ky.— At Louisville.* 
Four, Number, Fort, Fla.— At Cedar Keys. 
Four, Number, Fort, Tenn.— Near Island No. 10. 
Four, Number, Fort, N. H.— At Charleston. 
Four Mile Point, Camp, N. Y.— NearTiconderoga. 
Fowle, Fort, Fla.— On Ocklawha River. 
'ox Hill, Fort, Mass. 
Fox Point, Battery at, R. I.— Near Providence. 
Francois, Fort, Tex.— Also called Fort St. Louis. 
Frank, Camp, Ind. T. — At Ardmore. 
Frank Brooke, Fort, Fla.— On Esteinhatchee River. 
Frankpord Arsenal, Pa.— At Bridesburg. 
Frankford, Camp, Pa.— Near Frankford Arsenal. 


FRAXia^:>BT, FoBT. Me.— On Kennebec Rirer. 16 mfles hekyw AagustM^ 
Ybjlskles, Fobt. Md.— a defense of Washington City. S miles aboTe Chain 

FRA^nojcf, Fobt, N. Y.— On Long Island, at Uoyds Neck. 
Fraxkuk- Fobt, Ohio.— On Ohio Rirer. near Cincinnati 
Fraskux. Fobt. Pa. — On Fiench Creek. 
Fra^tkux, Fobt. Pa.— At i^iippensbarg. 
Fbasklis, Camp, Va.- Near Alejomdria. 
Frazer, Fobt. Fla.— On Pease Creek. 
Fraziers Wharf, Fobt at, S. C— At Charleston. 
Frederica. Fort, Ga. — On St. Simons Island. 
Frederick. Fobt. Me. — Near Pemaqnid. subsequent site of Fort William Henry : 

first named Fort Greorge. 
Frederick, Fort, Md. — At Frederick. * 
Frederick, Fobt, Md.— Near Hancock. 
Frederick, Fort, N. Y.— At Albany. 
Frederick, Fobt, N. Y. — At Crownpoint. 
Frederick, Fort, Va. — On New River. 

Fredericksbnrs NatkHial CemeCery* Va.— At Fredericksbnrg. 
Fred Steele, Fort, Wyo.— North Fork of Platte RiTer. in Carbon County; 

now town of that name. 
Freeland, Fort, Tesn. 

Freestone Point, Fort at, Va.— On Lower Potomac. 
Freland's Fort, Pa. — ^In Northumberland County. 
Fremax's Fort, Pa. — ^In Washington County. 
Fremoxt, Camp, Mo. — At Springfield. 
Fremoxt, Camp, Pa. — At Pittsburg. 

Fremont, Fort, S. C— On St. Helena Island, near Beaufort. 
French, Fort, N. C. — Near Wilmingfton. 
French Creek, Fort on, Pa. — Near Waterford. 
French Masoarets, Fort, Omo.— On Hocking River, Athens County. 
French's Mills, Post, N. Y.— On Sand River, FrankUn County. 
French's Creek, Fort, N. Y. — At Oswego. 
FREaiCHTOWN, Redoubt at, Md. ' 
Friend, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 
Friendship, Fort, Me. 
Frt, Camp, D. C. — At Washington. 
Fry, Fort, Ohio. — ^Near Beverly. 
Fry, James B., Camp, Me.— At Augusta. 
Fuller, Fort, W. Va. 

Fulton, Fort, Fla. — Near Big Cypress Swamp. 
Funston, Fort, Va.— At Romney. 
FuRiENSE, Battery, Me.— At Castine. 
Furman's Fort, W. Va. — On south branch of the Potomac. 
Furnace, Fort, Va.— In Shenandoah County. 

iJIAi.^.^•:^ - X\ bihizi Tus" .1: .^ '. — A' 1nr*-tfy:ai. 

iT.-:;^: r i/r'^ iL_- — iumdcup-' v'tnurr. Jir«v-"5nrecii c: ^xie'^ibhh 

i.T«^w. rt»r': r' V — Kv.. AttLF-' 4irecggi 

^Ataci . ^tfn . «te. — ix inrcuim. iBian^ Id orii*- 3isr xm Tarrr c: qL-^Fot: nVm: 

ijr/.i>Jc.. rittr: i '. ^X»e5eBe- r-TV aR' tin, - n- 

ix/.iMi- . r ijjn . i^_. — i_ri QaaiMiioocfie-i'STPcz:' Ids-* Oomrr: .s^m' L^MVuaf^iiiK: 


»i£.i>'jL- r-jir Mjn: — LTonr TTmi- jOasxrr ^isze-- cBBiiEeL-ir ]Fo^:SnkHvy 
Al£.l^■t- !F Jin Z' \ — ;i* PisTiBmrL 
i^i-iMi- Ir-jsz Z~ "1' — id- W-er "Piss: 

ikv> ' 'jiJiJtj . F i»r- LtFttarrrucn.rrr:" 

It v:*s?i. vv>ir F'.ot: T^ T — Iv-?r It -tee Ctr. -*: x^pt ci'T^utitii. sac fiflfiflcwiKirt 

Vii±::»>^viiiL. La:?-. Ttz: — v^ i^Ton Peres. -t: Js-afiee? JItps^iis- Ix\". F'jzr a^ J^ T — ."r Isms: "Kiari". -yyTisa*! 

trji >*«£&-- ?«?ir. ^TT" 

KkS'^TiiT: Tins. — .n. l.-^in 2r'--r. r nii^v s»i^iv> .'•r-^-li- ">wJk 


Gay, Fort, W. Va. — In Wayne County; now town of that name. 

Gayoso, Fort. Mo. — At Gayoso. 

Gayoso General Hospital, Tenn.— At Memphis. 

Geary, Fort, Va.— At Leesburg; first called Fort Johnston. 

George, Fort. Fla.— Month of St. Johns River, Dnval County; now town of 
that name. 

George. Fort, S. Dak. — On Missouri River. 20 miles below Pierre. 

Georges, Battery. Me. — On Georges River. 

George (1), Fort, Me.— At Castine. 

George, St. (1), Fort, Me.— At Thomaston. 

George (2), Fort, Me.— At Pemaquid. 

George, St. (2), Fort, Me. — On Kennebec River. 

George (3), Fort, Me.— At Brunswick. 

George, Fort, Mich. — On Mackinac Island. 

George, Fort, N. Y.— At New York City. 

George, Fort, N. Y.— On Long Island. 

George, Fort, N. Y.— At Oswego. 

George, Fort, Oreg.— At Astoria. 

George, Fort, Pa. 

George, Fort, R. I. — On GK)at Island, Narragansett Bay. 

George, JPokt, Va.— At Old Point Comfort. 

George, Fort, W. Va.— At Petersburg. 

Georgetown, Fortifications at, Me. 
^^,^-Geor5^ Island, Fort on, Mass. — Fort Warren. 

Georgevski, Fort, Alaska.— On Kenyon Bay. 

Georgian Gulf Reservation, Wash. 

German Flats, Forts on, N. Y. — Forts Dayton, Herkimer, and Stanwix. 

Germantown, Camp at. Pa. 

Gerrishs Island, Fort on. Me.— Fort Foster. 

Getty, Camp, Va,— At Suffolk. 

Gettysburg National Cemetery* Pa.— At Gettysburg. 

Gibbon* Port* Alaska.- At mouth of Tanana River. 

GiBBS, J. B., General Hospital, Ky.— At Lexington. 

GiBBS, Fort, S. C. 

Gibson, Cantonment, Ark.— On Arkansas River. 

Gibson, Fort, Ind. T. — Cherokee Nation; now town of that name. 

Gibson, Fort, Ind. T.— On Grand River. 

Gibson, Fort, N. Y.— On Ellis Island. 

Gibson, Fort, Pa.— At Hestonville, near Philadelphia. 

Gila Copper Mines, Post at, N.Mex.— Fort McLane. 
^KJiLBERT, Fort, Mass.— At Brookfield. 

Gill, Camp, Ky.— At Olympia Springs. 

GiLLEM, Fort, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

Gillespie, Fort, Fla.— Latitude 29** 50', longitude 82° 15'. 

Gillespie, Fort, Tenn,— On Holston River. 

rn.f.ft'.+^ri rr^rr 7x^. — At :rA«naii«rT!I*v. 
nMM«*^rBMti0r». >r. 7. — :\x ?rrr ^FaimTn-iiL. 

>fT-f<^ • .' ^ wi> '\ . — Ai; • TfonfiestsMT ?r.rnr. 
>m * Rf»« A, r ?r wr jIo — as V-wie- < "jirgrrieaiL, 

Tf, 4rflff rC^rjOT-vrt' A J,^ , — Alahoni'a aad Tominxaee- 3iv«5. 

f M e mirtg VsHinmI Ciwci i ^ i. Vd^—^kr ' Tlezsdaie^ BEazxco CooziEy^. 
'^rrjT-r -pjarPTR:. ?*oRT .^T if aah.— ?arr pTJint: 

'V^^T TflT,-*VT> .^oiwoT it I' — Fort AnDfe SewpoirraziJOT: 

^> %T<» PorvT BATTRKr AT GrA.— Oil TjtKe iBiand. 
'V^fv^ \ iw> C A wp- Omo. —At C«^himhiiiL 

Oorv^^^ i?o«rr If,* llsMkMkia River 

G^>f,*'?nv i?oRT Of A.— At Anc^tuca. 
^Vv^r* FTopj?. i?oRrr ' '>o?rv. — Ar HartfiinL 
^y>r> Hoi>j?, PowT: D C — STame chantpwf taa Parr Wagnec 
^jor* HopB Camp 3fi>. —STear tie Eswckh Hirmch. 
Goof>FfopT?. FoRrr Mo. —Near Sella. 
^)f>r>frK;w C.%>fF. Va.— At Middletnwii, 
0^y'>f> SaWaritat* Oi?:cRRAi* H&MPiTjkr^ Ma— At at Loim. 
0^>or>'vr?J Port, Aiaz.— On Gila Biv«r, KmaCaunty: 
fi0W^fm^ FfirC, iVIe.— On Hog Iiilaad Ledge, in Pordand SsKfaoEi 
Go«^i>oirr. Port, ^. H. 

0<yrr K :V Ki; Rf», Port, I>ri^ — On Tinicmn Mand. 
G<>viJrRWOR« Bmiv^R, Port at, 9. C.-^STear CharfftgfflmL 
^4<">vi?Ri«o«« fw^A.vD, Port ON, MA«i.-^ortWintiiop- 
G^VTOTJ^ORR r«i.A:»D, PoRTiFiCATiONa 03r, ^T. Y.— FoTt CoinmbiB 


GowRR, Port, Ohio —At At^iens. 

CtaUPfOif, Port, Ya.— Fonr miles from Yorktown. 

WattfliMl CeiMtevy, W, Va^— At Grafton, Taylor Ccnmty' 
*mjai, Caitp, I>. C— Fonr miles north of Waaiiiiigtoo. 
IV, Cajtr, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 


Graham, Fort, Tex.— On Brazos River, Hill Comity; now town of that name, 

14 miles from Hillsboro. 
Graham, Fort, Va. — Near Arlington. 
Granby, Fort, S. C. — Near Colmnbia. 
Grand Battery, N. Y.— At Bowling Green. 
Grand Gulf, Fortifications at, Miss. 
Grand Island, Fort near, Nebr.— Fort Kearny: 
Grand Portage, Fort at, Minn.— Fort William. 

Grand Biter Agency. Camp at, N. Dak. — Ninety miles above Fort Snlly. 
Grand Terre Island, Forts on, La.— Forts Lafitte and Livingston. 
Grand Tower Rock, Reservation, Mo. — In Mississippi River. 
Granger General Hospital. Ala.— At Himtsville. 
Qnmger Battery, N. J.— At Fort Hancock. 
Granger, Fort, Tew.— On Harpeth River. 
Granger, Fort, Tenn.— On Holston River. 
Qrantt Fort (new), Ariz.— At foot of Moimt Graham. 
Grant, Fort (old), Ariz. — At junction of Arivaypa and San Pedro rivers. 
Grant, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 
Grant, Fort, Miss. — Defense of Vicksbnrg. 
Grant General Hospital, Ohio. — At Cincinnati. 
Grant, Camp, N. Y.— In New York City. 
Grant General Hospital, N. Y.— At Willets Point. 
Grant, Camp, Va. — At Richmond. 
Grants Island, Reservation, Ala. — In Mobile Bay. 
Grant National Park, Camp in, Cal. 
Granville, Fort, N. C. — At Portsmouth. 
Granville, Fort, Pa. — On Juniata River, near Lewistown. 
Gratiot, Fort, Mich.— On St. Clair River, near Port Huron, at outlet of Lake 

Gratiot Grove, Fort at, Wis. 

Grattan, Fort, Nebr. — At Ash Hollow, in Taylor County, Platte River. 
Grave Creek, Fort, W. Va.— In Marshall Coimty. 
Gray, Fort, N. C. — Roanoke River, near Plymouth. 
Great Battery, La.— At New Orleans. 
■-*Great Brewster Island, Reservation, Mass.— Near Cape Cod. 
Great Bridge, Fort at, Va.— Nine miles from Norfolk. 
Great Diamond Island, Batteries on, Me.— Batteries Weymouth, Honeycutt, 

Berry, and Thompson, in Portland Harbor. 
Great Gull Island, Fort on, N. Y.— Fort Michie. 
Great Hog Island, Battery on. Me.— In Portland Harbor. 
Great Horseshoe Bend, Fortified Camp at, Ala.— On Tallapoosa River; 

called by the Indians "Tohopeka." 
Great Meadow, Fort at, N. H.— At Westmoreland. 
Great Ossippee Point, Fort at, N. H.— At Great Ossippee Pond. 
Great Warsaw Island, Battery on, G a.— Near Savannah. 


Qreble, Fort, D. C— Two miles Bouth of Giesboro Point. 

Greblb, Camp. Pa.— At HarriaburK. 

Qreble* Port* R. 1. — On Dutch Island, Narragansett Bay, near Newport. 

Greble, Camp, Va. —At Norfolk. 

Green. Fort, Fla.— DeSoto County, 30 miles east from Tampa Bay; now tcwn 

of that name. 
Greene, Fort, Ga.— On St. Marys River. 
Greene, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 
Qreene Battery, R. 1.— At Fort Adams. 
Greene, Fort, R. I.— Near Newport. 
Green. Fort, S. C. —On Folly Island. 

Green Bay, Fort at, Wis.- Fort Howard; also an old fort there built in 1726. 
Greenburo, Camp. N. Y.— At Tarrytown. 
Greenbush, Cantonment at, N. Y. 


Greenfield, Fort. Tenn. 

Green Hill Road Batteries, R. I. 

Green Island. Battery on, Ga. 

Greenleafs Point, Defenses at, D. C— Now Washington Barracks. 

Greenville, Fort, Ohio. — On Miami River; present site of town by that name. 

Greenville, Fort, Pa.— In Western Pennsylvania. 

Greenwood, Fort, Miss. — On Yazoo River, near the bend of the Tallahatchie. 

Greenwood Island, Reservation, Miss.— In Pascagoula Bay. 

Qregg, Battery, N. J At Fort Mott. 

Gregg, Battery, S. C— At Cummings Point. « 

Gregg, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Grenadier Battery, N. Y.— At New York City. 

Griffin. Camp, V a.— Near Lewinsville. 

Grierson, Fort, Ga.— At Augusta. 

Grierson, Camp, Kans. — On the Little Arkansas River. 

Grierson, Camp, Tenn.— At Memphis. 

Griffin, Fort, Fla. — On Suwanee River, 8 miles from its mouth. 

Griffin, Fort, Tex.— On Clear Fork of Brazos River, Shackelford County; 

now town of that name ; first called Camp Wilson. 
Griffith, Battery, Me.— At Castine. 

Oris wold, Fort, Conn.— At New London, on Groton Heights. 
Griswold, Camp, Va. — Near Portsmouth. 
Griswold, Camp, Va.— Near Suffolk. 
Groton Heights, Fort at. Conn.— Now Fort Griswold. 
Grovers Cliff, Fort at, Mass. — Fort Banks. 
Guadalupe River, Fort at Mouth of, Tex. 
Guejarros, Fort, Cal. — At eastern entrance to San Diego Bay. 
Guenther, Camp, N. Y.— At the Exposition Grounds, Buffalo, 1901. 
Gunnison, Fort, Utah— At San Pete. 
Gunners Landing, Cantonment at, Ala. 


^ACrURNET PoiXT, FoRT AT. Mass.— Fort Andrew. 
^-4>rYON. Fort. La. — On Bayou La Fourche. 

GwYXS Island, Camp on, Va.— In Chesapeake Bay. 

Habersbam Battery * Qa.— At Fort Screven. 

Haddington General Hospital, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 

Haddrells Point, Reservation, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

Haoerty. Fort. Va — A defense of Washington. 

Haines Bluff, Camp at, Mlss. — Fourteen miles above Vicksburg. 

flale« Forty Conn. — East side entrance to New Haven Harbor. 

Hale, Fort, Dak. — On Missouri River, at the Lower Brule Agency. 

Hale Battery, R. I.— At Fort Greble. 

Half Moon Battery, Me.— At Castine. 

Half Moon, Fort, Mo.— At St. Louis. 

Half Moon Post, N. Y.— Fourteen miles above Stillwater. 

Half Moon Batteries, N. C— At Wilmington. 

Halifax, Fort, Me. — Kennebec River, above Augusta. 

Halifax, Fort, Pa. — At Susquehanna, Dauphin County. 

Hall, Fort, Idaho. — On Snake River, in Lincoln Valley. 

Hall, Fort, Ky. 

Hall. Fort, Oreg. — On Snake River, near Cantonment Loring. 

Halleck Battery, Ga. — On Tybee Island. 

Halleck, Fort, Ky. — At Columbus. 

Halleck. Fort, Nev.— In Elko County; now town of that name; 12 miles 
south of EEalleck Station. 

Halleck Battery « N. J. — At Fort Hancock. 

Halleck, Fort, Va.— At Suffolk. 

Halleck, Fort, Wy(5.— At the foot of Medicine Bow Mountain. 

Hallet, Camp. R. I. — At Cranston. 

Halletts Point, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Stevens. 

Halliman, Fort, Fla —Latitude 29", longitude 82** 45'. 

Halt Mond, Fort, N. Y. 

Hamer, Fort, Fla. — Near mouth of the Manatee River. 

Hamilton, Fort, Fla.— In Madison County. 

Hamilton Battery, Ga. — On Bird Island, Savannah River. 

Hamilton, Fort, III.— Near Galena. 

Hamilton, Camp, Ky. — At Lexington. 

Hamilton, Camp, Md. — At Buckeyestown. 

Haiiiilton« Fort, N. Y.— New York Harbor, at the Narrows. 

Hamilton, Fort, Ohio.— At Hamilton. 

Hamilton, Fort, Pa.— At Stroudsburg. 

HamoLiTon, Fort, R. I.— On Rose Island, Newport Harbor. 

Hamilton. Camp, Tenn.— At Columbia. 

BLamilton, Camp, Tex.— Near Fort Brown. 

Hamilton, Fort, Utah. 

Hamilton, Camp, V a.— Near Fort Monroe. 


HAMn>TON. Port, Wis. — In Lafayette County. 

Hammoih), Port, Ga. — At AUatoona Paaa. 

HAMMOTn)H Port, Me. — On Arrnwsic lalaiid, month of Keaaneibee 

Hammonb Gknerai> Hospital^ Md. — At Point Lookont. 

Hammond Generai. Hospital, 23r. C— At Beanfort. 

Hampden, Batteries at, Me. 

Hampton, Port, Ala,— On Elk River. 

Hampton, Port, Tenn. — On Tennessee Biver, near the Mnaele 3iicMil& 

Hampton, Port, N. C— €hi present site of Fort Macon. 

ftaMfpeotf NatUMMl Cenwtery, Va^-At Hampton. 

Hampton Bridge Redoubt, Va,— ^Tear Haznpton. 

Hancock, Camp, 1^. Dae, — At Edwinton. 

Hancock Barracks, Bfe.— At Honlton, 

ftancock. Port, N. J — At Sandy Hook, 

Hancock, Port, Tex. — Fifty-three miles east of El Paso; nofw town of iisat 

name; first called Camp Rice. 
Hancock, Camp, Va. — ^At Brandy Station, 
Hancock, Camp, Va. — !^ear Harp«^ Ferry. 
Hancock, Port, Wash.— Montii of Colmnbia River. 
Hancocks Bridge, Port at, iT. J. — dal»n Comity, near Sal^n. 
Hanging Rock, Post op, S, C. — Dnring the Rerolntion. 
Hann, Port, Pa. 

Hannas Town, Port at, Pa, — ^In Westmoreland Coxmty. 
Hanover, Port at. Pa. — In Lozeme Corarty. 
Hanover National Cemstery, Ya. — ^At Hanover. 

Hanson, Port, Pi^. — On St. Johns River, 13 miles sontiiwest of St. An^ostine. 
Harrrrt's Blockhouse, Pa, 
Hardee, Camp, Mo* — ^At Pitmans Ferry. 
Hardees Blcpp, Fort at, VA.^Fort Huger. 
Hardin, Camp, N. Y. — At Sand Lake. 
Hardins Blcfp, Battery at, Va, — On James River. 
Hardy, Port, N. Y. — Hodson River, Sclmylerville. 
Hareniger, Fort, N. Y.— Same as Fort Herkimer. 
Hare's Corner, Camp, Del.— Near Newcsastle. 
Harbwood Q-eneral Hospital, D. C— At Wa^iington. 
Harkeman or Harkimeb, Fort, N. Y.— Same as Fort Hei^imer. 
Harker Battery, Ala. — ^At Stevenson. 

Harker, Fort, Kans. — On Smoky TTill River, first called Fort EllswortiL 
Harlan, Camp, D. C— Seventh Street Road, Wa^iington. 
Harlem Heights, Fort at, N. Y.— At New York City., Port, PiJi. — On Santa Fe River. 
Harmar, Fort, Ohio. — Opposite Marietta. 
Harney, Port, Orec*. — Near Harney Lake, Grant County; first called Camp 

Harney, Camp, Tex. — At Belleville, on Rio Grande. 

Harney, Depot, Wash.— In Colville Valley. 

Harper General Hospital, Mich. —At Detroit. 

Harpers Ferry Armory, Va.— At Harpers Ferry. 

Harpswell Neck, Defenses of, Me.— In Casco Bay. 

Harrell, Fort, Fla.— At the head of Alcotopa River. 

Harriet, Fort, Fla. — Seventeen miles northwest of St. Marks. 

Harriloliz, Fort, Fla.— In Leon County. 

Harris, Fort, Tenn.— Seven miles above Memphis. 

ELarrison, Fort, Fla. — In Clearwater Harbor, Tampa Bay. 

Harrison, Fort, Ind.— Near Terre Haute. 

Harrison, Battery, Ky.— Near Newi)ort. 
juTi8on« Port, Mont. — Four miles from Helena. 

Harrison, Fort, N. Y. — North of Mohawk River, near Stone Arabia. 

Harrison, Camp, Ohio. — Six miles from Cincinnati. 

HaiTi8on« Fort, National Cemetery, Va.— Varinagrove, Henrico County. 

Harrison, Fort, R. I.— Narragansett Bay. 

Harrison, Fort, Va.— At Chaffin's Bluff, James River. 

Harrisonburg, Fort at, La. 

Harrisons Hill, Fort at, Pa.— At Pittsburg. 

Harrod's Fort, Ky.— At Harrodsburg. 

Hartford, Fort, Conn.— At Hartford. 

Harts or Hart Island Depot, N. Y. — New York Harbor. 

Hartsock's Fort, Pa.— In Woodcock Valley. 

Hartsufp, Fort, Fla.— On Pease Creek. 

Hartsuff, Fort, Nebr.— On Loup River, 76 miles from Grand Island. 

Harvey General Hospital, Wis.— At Madison. 

Harvey, Camp, Wis.— At Milwaukee. 

Harvie, Fort, Fla. — On Caloosahatchee River; present site of Fort Myers. 

Haskell, Camp, Ga.— At Athens. 

Haskell, Camp, Ga.— At Macon. 

Haskell, Camp, Mo. — Thirty miles from Warsaw. 

Haskell, Battery, S. C— On James River. 

Haskell, Fort, Va. — Near Petersburg. , 

Haskin's Fort, Oreo. — In Benton County. 

Hastings, Camp, Pa.— At Mount Gretna. 

Hatch, Battery, Ky.— Near Covington. 

Hatch, Camp, Tex.— Name changed to Fort Concho. 

Hatch's Ranch, Post at, N. Mex.— Sixty-five miles from Fort Union. 

Hatteras, Fort, N. C— At Hatteras Inlet. 

Button, Camp, Tenn.— At Blains Crossroads. 

S-AVEN, Camp, Conn.— At Niantic. 

Saven, Fort, Utah.— In Carson Valley. 

HLavenger or Haveniger, Fort, N. Y.— Same as Fort Herkimer. 

Savers Island, Fortifications on, N. Y.— At mouth of the Mohawk River. 

Havre de Grace, Battery at, Md. 


Hawkins, Fort, Ga. — On the Ocmulgee River, opposite Macon. 
Hawkins Point, Fokt at, Md. — On Patapsco River; now Fort Armistead. 
Hawk's Fort. Mass. — At Charlemont. 

Hawley, Fort, Mont. — On Missouri River, Dawson Comity. 
Hawley, Camp. Tex. — At G-alveston. 
Hawn, Fort, Ala. — On Tombigbee River. 
YMARKET, Battery, Mass. — At Boston. 
Hays, Fort, Kans. — On Big Creek; first called Fort Fletcher. 
Hays, Battery, B. C. — On Morris Island. 
Hays. Alex., Fort, Va. — Near Petersburg. 

Hayward, Fort, S. C. — At jraiction of Barnwell Creek with Coosaw River. 
Hazlett, Fort, Va. — Near Norfolk. 
Head, Fort, Mass.— Present site of Fort Bewail. 
Head's Fort, Mo.— North of Rocheport. 

fa, Fort, Mass. iMnr Winthrop. 
Heath, Oamp, N. C. — At Morgantown. 
Hedges, Fort, W. Va. — At Martrnsbrirg. 

Heileman, Fort, Fla. — ^At junction of north and south forkB of Blacic Creek 
Heiman, Fort, Ky. — On Tennessee River, about 75 miles from Paducah. 
Helen, Fort, Alaska. — On Tshugatshian Bay. 
Helena Redoubt, Ark. — At Helena. 

Hell, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg; proper name Fort Sedgwick. 
Hell G-ate, Defenses of, N. Y. — On East River. 
Helrinburg, Fort, N. J.— Same as Elsinburg. 
Hrkbrke, Fort, N. C— In Cherokee County. 
Hempstead, Fort, Mo. — ^In Howard County. 
Hempstead, Camp at, N. Y. — On Long Island; Camp Black. 
Hendershott, Camp, Iowa. — At Davenport. 
Henderson, Fort, Ala. — In Lee County. 
Henderson, Fort, Ga. — St. Marys River, near Colerain. 
Henderson, Fort, La. — At New Orleans. 
Hendrel, Fort, N. C. 

Hendrick, Fort, N. Y. — On Mohawk River, SOmlles below Herkimer. 
HjafLOPEN, Cape, Fort at, Del. 
fiJENRico, Stockade at, Va. 
Henrietta, Fort, Wash.— In Willamette Valley. 
Hekrietta, Fort Oreg. 
fiEinEtT, Fokt, Fla.— In The Everglades. 

, Fort, Idaho. — On Henry Branch of Snake River. 

, Fort, Mo. — ^In Randolph County. 

, Fort, N. Y.— On Lake George. 

, Fort, Pa.— In Schuvlkill Countv. 

, Fort, Tenn. — Stewart County, between Cumberland and Tennessc 
; now town of that name. 

, Fort, Tknn. — South Branch of Holston River. 


Henry, Fort, Va.— At Petersbtirg. 

Henry, Fort, Va.— On Southampton River. 

Henry, Fort, W. Va.— At Wheeling. 

Henry, Patrick, Camp, Miss.— At Jackson. 

Henshaw's Fort, Pa. 

Herbert, Hilary A., Camp, Ala.— At Montgomery. 

Herkimer, Fort, N. Y.— On Mohawk River, at Herkimer. 

Heron Island, Fort on, Ala.— Fort Powell. 

Herriman, Fort, Utah.— At Salt Lake. 

Herron, Camp, Mo.— At Pilotknob. 

Hbrrons Hill, Fort at, Pa.— At Pittsburg. 

Hestonville, Camp, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 

Het huys de Hoop, Fort, Conn.— At Hartford. 

Hiawassee, Fort, Texn. — On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee. 

Hickenlooper, Battery. Miss.- At Vicksburg. 

Hickman, Fortifications at, Ky.— Near Tennessee §tate line. 

H10K8 General Hospital, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Hicks, Camp, Md. — Near Frederick. 

HiCKSFORD Barracks, Va.— At Richmond. 

HiooiNs' Blockhouse, Ky.— Near Cynthiana, 

Highlands, Fortifications on, N. Y.— On Hudson River. 

HiGHWASSEE, Fort, Trnn. — On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee. 

Higley, Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

Hill, Fort, Cal.— At Monterey. 

Hill, Fort, Conn.— Near Groton Heights. 

Hill, Fort, III.— In Lake County, on east side of Shoal Creek; now town of 

that name. 
Hill, Fort, Ky.— At Louisville. 
Hill, Fort, Me. 

Hill, Fort, Md. — At Cumberland. 
•Hill, Fort, Mass.— At Boston. 
Hill, Battery, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 
Hill, Fort, N. J. f 

Hill, Fort, N. Y.— At Auburn. 
Hill, Fort, N. Y.— At Buffalo. 
Hill, Fort, N. Y.— At Elmira. 
Hill, Fort, N. Y.— In Genesee County. 
Hill, Fort, Ohio.— In Butler County. 

Hill, Fort, Ohio. — In Highland County; now town of that name. 
Hill, Fort, Pa. — Somerset County; now town of that name. 
Hill, Fort, S. C. — On the estate of John C. Calhoun, in Pickens County; now 

town of that name. 
Hill, Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 
Hill, Camp, Va.— Near Harpers Ferry. 
Hill, Fort, Va. — At Petersburg. 


HiLUSBORO, Camp at, N. C— In Orange County. 

Hills Point, Fort at, Md.— At Annapolis. 

Hills Point, Battery at, N. C— Near Washington, Beaufort County. 

Hills Point, Redoubt at, V a.— Near Suffolk. 

HiNDifAN, Fort, Ark.— At Arkansas Post. 

HiNDMAN, Fort, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

Hinsdale, Fort, N. H.— At Hinsdale. 

HiWASSEE, Fort, Tenn. — Near junction of the Hiwassee and Tennessee rivers. 

Hoarkill, Fort, Del.— Delaware Bay, at Lewes. 

HoBKiRKs Hill, Redoubt at, S. C— Near Camden. 

HOBSON, Camp, Ga.— At Lithia Springs. 

Hobson, Fort, Ky.— Near Glasgow. 

HoBSON, Camp, Ky.— In Taylor County. 

HoBSON's Choice, Camp, Ohio.— Near Cincinnati. 

Hoffman, Camp, Kans.— Near Fort Leavenworth. 

Hoffman, Camp, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Hoffman, Camp, Md. — At Point Lookout. 

Hog Island Ledge, Fort on, Me. —Fort Gorges. 

Hokessen, Camp, Del.— In Newcastle County. 

HoLBROOK, Battery, S. C— On Morris Island. 

Holliday's Fort, Pa.— Near Hollidaysburg. 

Holly, Camp, Va. — Near Newmarket. 

Holm ARKS Station, Fort at, Tenn.— On Bull Run. 

Holmes, Fort, Fla.— Eleven miles from Palatka. 

Holmes, Fort, Ind. T.— At Choteau on the Canadian River. 

Holmes, Fort, Mich.— On Mackinac Island. 

Holmes, Battery, N. C. — On Smiths Island, mouth of Cape Fear River. 

Holmes, Camp, Tex. — On Rio Grande, 10 miles above Fort Bliss. 

Holmes Hole, Fortifications at, Mass.— Near Vineyard Haven. 

HoLSTON General Hospital, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

Holston, Fort, Tenn.— On Holston River. 

Holt, Battery, Ky. — Near Newport. 

Holt, Fort, Ky. — Ohio River, opposite Cairo, 111. 

Holt, Joe, Camp, Ind.— At Jeffersonville. 

Holt, Joe, Camp, Ky. — At Louisville. 

Honey cutt Battery, Me.— On Great Diamond Island. 

Honey Hill, Battery at, S. C— Three miles from Grahamville. 

Honymans Hill, Battery on, R. I. 

Hoods Head, Reservation at, Wash. — ^Admiralty Inlet. 

Hoods Point, Battery at, Va. — On the lower Potomac. 

Hook, Fort, Fla.— Twenty miles from Fort King. 

Hooker, Camp, Md.— In Charles County. 

Hooker, Camp, Md.— At Frederick Junction. 

Hooker, Camp, Va. — Near Fort Lyon. 

Hooker, Joe, Camp, Va. — At Drummondstown. 


Hooper, Battery, Ky.— Near Covington. 
-Hoosic, Fort, Mass. — Also called Fort Massachusetts. 
Hoover, Fort, Va. — Rockingham County; now town of that name. 
Hope, Fort, Conn.— (S^ee Good Hope.) 
Hope, Fort, N. Y. 

Hopeless Chase, Camp, Ky.— At Pikesville. 
Horn, Fort, Md. — On Severn River, opposite Annapolis. 
Horn, Fort^ N. Y.— Near Bloomingdale. 

Horn's Fort, Pa. — Three miles above Crispins Run, in Lycoming County. 
Horns Hook, Battery at, N. Y.— New York City; Battery Thompson. 
Horn Island Reservation, Miss. 
Horseshoe Bend, Ala —On Tallapoosa River. 
HoRTON, Fort, Ky.— Near Louisville. 
HosKiNS, Camp, Ky.— Near Somerset, Pulaski County. 
H6SKINS, Fort, Oreg.— On Siletz River, 40 miles west of Corvallis. 
HosKiNS, Old Fort, Oreo.— On Willamette River, 6 miles north of CorvalliB. 
Hospital Point, Battery at, Va.— At Portsmouth. 

Hot Sprins^s Reservation^ Ark.— In Garland County ; Army and Navy Hospital. 
HouoHTALJNG, Camp, III.— Mississippi River, near Cairo. 
Houlton, Barracks at, Me.— Hancock Barracks. 
House Island, Fort on. Me.— Portland Harbor, opposite Fort Preble. 
House op Gkx)D Hope, Fort, Conn.— (5ce Good Hope.) 
Houston, Fort, Tenn.— At Nashville. 
Houston, Sam, Port, Tex.- At San Antonio. 

Howard, Camp, Idaho.— Three Mile Creek, 2 miles from Mount Idaho. 
Howard, Fort, Md. — ^At North Point, Patapsco River ; 11 miles below Baltimore. 
Howard, Fort, Mo.— Forty miles above St. Louis. 
Howard, Fort, Wis.— At Greenbay. 
Howard, O. O., Camp, Wyo.— At Pi^iebluffs. 
Howard, Camp, Va.— At Alexandria. 
Howard, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 
Howe, Fort, N. Y. — On Lake Champlain, near Ticonderoga. 
Howe, Camp, N. Y. — Scarsdale, Westchester County. 
Howe, Fort, Pa.— At Pittsburg. 
Howell's Fort, Mo.— In Lincoln County. 
Howell's Fort, Mo.— In St. Charles County. 
Howell, Fort, S. C— At Hiltonhead. 
HowLANDS Ferry, Fort at, R. I.— Newport Harbor. 
Howlett, Battery, Va.— At Dutch Gap. 
Hoy's Fort, Ky.— On Elkhom River. 
Huachuca, Fort, Ariz.- At the mouth of Central Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, 

Cochise County. 
HuALPAi, Camp, Ariz.— On Mojave Creek; first called Camp Toll Gate. 
Hubbardton, Camp, Va.— At Castleton. 
Hubert Street, Battery, N. Y.— New York City. 


HuDDLESTON, Camp, Va.— At Big Palls Creek. 

Hudson, Fort, Fla.— Near St. Augustine. 

Hudson, Battery, N. Y.— At Fort Wadsworth, on Staten Island. 

Hudson. Camp, Tkx.— On Devils River, 80 miles from Fort Clark. 

Huff, Fort, Pa.— Mouth of Lycoming Creek. 

Huoer, Fort, Ala.— Near the mouth of the Tensas River. 

Huger, Port, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 

Huger, Fort, S. C— Near Charleston. 

Huger, Fort, Va.— On Hardees Bluff. James River. 

Hughes, Fort, Ga.— At Bainbridge, Decatur County. 

HuGUENiN's Plantation, Battery at, S. C. 

HuLBERT, Fort, Fla.— In Taylor County. 

Hull. Fort, Ala.— Five miles south of Tuskegee. 

Hull, Fort, G a.— Chattahoochee River. 

Humboldt, Fort, Cal.— At Bucksport, on Humboldt Bay. 

Humboldt, Barracks at, Tenn.— Swayne Barracks. 

Humphreys Battery* Md.— At Fort Washington. 

Hunnewell's Point, Fort at. Me.— Fort Popham. 

Hunt Barracks, N. Y.— At New York city. 

Hunt, Fort, Va. — Potomac River, opposite Fort Washington, Md. 

Hunter, Fort, Fla. — On St. Johns River, near Palatka. 

Hunter, Camp, Mo.— In Scott County. 

Hunter, Fort, N. Y. — On Mohawk River, at mouth of Schoharie Creek, Mont- 
gomery County; now town of that name. 

Hunter, Fort, Pa. — On Fishing Creek, in Dauphin County; now town of that 

Hunter, Fort, Tenn. — At Cumberland Gap. 

Huntington Smith, Fort, Tenn.— Near Knoxville. 

Huntstown, Post at, Mass. — Now Aahfield. 

Hurricane Island Reservation, La. 

Hutchinson, Fort, Ky. — Near Mount Sterling. 

Hyde, Fort, N. C— At Old Topsail Inlet. 

Iaqua, Camp, Cal. — In Humboldt County. 

Iberville, Fort at. La. — On Mississippi River. 

Ignatius, Fort, Mich.— On Mackinac Island. 

ILGES, Camp, Ariz.— On Rio Verde. 

Illinois, Fort, III. 

Independence, Fort, Cal.— On Oak Creek, in Owens River Valley. 

Independence, Fort, Mass — On Castle Island, .Boston Harbor. 

Independence, Fort, N. Y.— On Hudson River, near Peekskill. 

Independence, Fort. N. Y.— On Tetards Hill, between Kings Bridge and 

Independence, Fort, Vt. — Opposite Ticonderoga. 

Independent Battery, N. Y. — At New York City. 

Indian Fort, Mont. — On Missouri River, opposite mouth of the Porcupine. 


Ii^DiAN Fort, N. Y. 

IJNDiAN Fort, R. I. — ^At Kingston. 

Indianapolis Arsenal, Ind.— At Indianapolis. 

Indian Fort, Md. 

Indian Head, Battery at, Md.— Twenty-five miles below Washington, on 

Potomac River. 
Indiana State Soldiers' Home.— -At Lafayette. 
Industry, Fort, Ohio.— -At Toledo. 
Infantry Camp, Ariz. — Name changed to Camp Pinal. 
Inge, Fort, Tex. — On Leone River, in Uvalde County. 
INOERSOLL, Fort, Ala. 
Ingersoll, Fort, Ga. 

Ingoldsby, Fort, N. Y. — On Hudson River, in Saratoga County. 
Iowa State Soldiers' Home.— At Marshalltown. 
Ira Harris General Hospital, N. Y.— At Albany. 
Ira Harris Battery, Va.— On Warwick River. 
Iredell, Fort, N. C— In Iredell County. 
Irish's Redoubt, R. I. 

Iron Banks, Batteries at, Ky.'^Ou Mississippi River, 8 miles above Columbus. 
Irondequoit, Fort, N. Y. — Lake Ontario, at mouth of Irondequoit Bay. 
Ironsides, Camp, N. Y.— On Staten Island. 
Iroquois, Fort, N. Y. 
Isabel, Point, Fort at, Tex.— Fort Polk. 
Island, Fort, R. I.— In Newport Harbor. 
Island No. 10, Batteries on, Ky. — On Mississippi River; contained eleven 

Island Point, Fort at, N. Y.— On Lake Champlain. 
Islington General Hospital, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 
Ives, Camp, Tex.— Four miles from Camp Verde. 
IZAJRD, Fort, Fla.— On Withlacoochee River. 
Jack, Fort, N. C— Near Wilmington. 
Jackson, Fort, Ala. — At junction of Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, on the site 

of old Fort Tholouse. 
Jackson, Fort, Fla. — Thirteen miles southwest of Tallahassee. 
Jackson, Fort, Ga. — Name changed to Fort Oglethorpe. 
Jaclcson Barraclcs, L^. — Near New Orleans ; first called New Orleans Barracks. 
Jackson, Camp, La. — At New Orleans. 
Jaclcson, Fort, La. — Mississippi River, 65 miles below New Orleans, opposite 

Fort St. Phillip. 
Jackson, Camp, Mo. — ^Near St. Louis. 

Jackson, Fort, N. Y. — In St. Lawrence County; now town of that name. 
Jackson, Camp, Ohio. — In Goodale Park, at Columbus. 
Jackson's Fort, Pa.— In Washington County. 
Jackson General Hospital, Tenn.— At Memphis. 
Jackson, Camp, Tex.— At Rodeo, about 20 miles from Eagle Pass. 

16066 — I 


JxC3Koy, FoET. Wk.— At lOnersLlpaiirt. 

Jx-ciLS^.'y- rc«T. Ta- — Ai Bcnith €Tid of Lcmg Bndge. opposhje WadimgtoD. D. C. 

J^CEi^tC'S^. ¥<aiT. Ta. — ^At HaziasBas JunctioKL 

jAdLSOSf . Fc«T, T^ — At BidoDand. 

Jacss^ l^OTsrj, Tfjsrr at. ILlss. — ^Fart SewaH 

Jameh. F<xt. S. Das.— On JaiD^iS BItct, at its jnnctiasi nitii Shell Cieek. 

JA3fzs^ '1 ). Foin*. Gjl. — Altamaha Biver. 2 miles abore the nKNEth of Beards 

Jajieb ' 2j, Fobt, Ga-— On the Ogeeehee Birer- 

Jaxzs. Fqet- X. Y.— At Xew York City. 

JjJCBf, FoET- Va- — On the Chickahominy BiTer. 

Jameb. Fo2T. Va.— At Jamestown. 

JAliK^ L«LA3fIi, CASTOSltESrr 03f , S. C. 

Jaicb$^^x. Battebt, D. C. — On Eastern Branch of the PcUxxiiac. 

Jamebox, Fobt, S. C. 

Jaxebox, Camp. Va, — ^Near Fort Lyon. 

Jauestowx, Fobts xeab, Va. — Forts James and Powhatan. 

Ja^ta* Camp, Cal. — ^In northwest California. {See laqiia. ) 

Jabsetts, Fobt, Pa- — On Whitley Creek, Greene Connty. 

Jabtk Ges^ebal Hospital, Md. — ^At Baltimore. 

Jasper Battery, S. C— At Sullivans Island. 

Jay, Yost, X. Y. — On Governors Island; present site of Fort ColinnlHia. 

Jeftersos, Fobt, Fla.— At Dry Tortngas. 

Jeffebsox, Fobt, Kt.— Jfiasiasippi Biver, 5 miles below Caii>o, ID. 

JefferMMi Btfrmcka, Mo. — ^Xine miles below St Lonis. 

JefferMMi Banscks National Cemeteiy « Mo.— At Jefferscm Barracks. 

Jeffebsox Babracks, X. Y. 

Jeffebsos, Fobt, X. Y. 

Jeffebsok, Fobt, Omo. — ^Darke County, 5 miles south of GreenviDe; now town 
of that name. 

JefierMHi City National Cemeteiy, Mo.— At Jefferscm City. 

Jeffebsox Stbeet Battery, Texn. — ^At Memphis. 

Jeffenonvflle Qnaitermaster i>epot. End.— At Jeffersonville. 

Jeffreys Hook, Battery at, N. Y. 

Jekyl. Island, Batteby 05, Ga. — ^Xear SaTannah. 

Jsnuss, Fobt, Pa. — On Susquehanna River, 8 miles above Wilkesbaixe. 

Jsmoss, Fobt, Pa- — ^In Westmoreland County. 

Jbvxixgs, Fobt, Fla. — On Wakasassa River, 12 miles above its month. 

Jbxxisgs, Fobt, Omo. — On Auglaize River, in Putnam County; now town of 
that name. 

Jesmsox, Camp, Mo.— At Kansas City. 

Jbricho, Fort, Va- — ^Xear Suffolk. 

Jkbbyb PoDfT, Fort at, X. H. — In Portsmouth Harbor, Fort Stark. 

\ Camp, D. C. — On Meridian Hill, Washington. 

r. Battery, N. Y. — Xew York City, near Xorth River, between Reade 
jBid Doane streets. 


Jersey, Fort, N. Y. — At Port Jervis. 

Jersey City Point, Battery at, N. J. 

Jessup, Fort, La. — ^Twenty-five miles southwest of Natchitoches, Sabine 
County; now town of that name. 

Joe Holt, Camp, Ind. — At Jeffersonville. 

Joe Holt, Camp, Ky. — Near Louisville. 

John, Fort. — ^American Fur Company's Fort. 

Johnson, Fort, N. Y. — On Mohawk River, about 3 miles west of Amsterdam. 

Johnson, Camp, Pa. — At Lancaster. 

Johnson, Fort, S. C. — On James Island, in Charleston Harbor, 

Johnson, Andy, Camp, Tenn. — At Nashville. 

Johnsons Island, Fort on, Ohio.— Near Sandusky. 

Johnston, Camp, Ala.— At Mobile. 

Johnston, Fort, III.— At Warsaw. 

Johnston, Port, N. C— Near Southport. 

Johnston, Camp, Tex.— On North Concho River. 

Johnston, Fort, Utah.— In Cedar Valley. 

Johnston, Camp, Va.— Near Fort Lyon. 

Johnston, Fort, Va. — ^At Leesburg; name changed to Fort G^eary. 

Johnston, Fort, Va. — Near Richmond. 

Johnstown, Fort, N. Y.— In Schoharie County. 

Jones, Fort, Ala. — Near Roanoke, Randolph County. 

Jones, Fort, Cal. — In Scotts Valley, Siskiyou County; now town of that name. 

Jones, Fort, Fla.— On Aucilla River. 

Jones, Fort, Oreg.— In Willamette Valley. 

JQNES, Redoubt, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

Jones, Fort, Tenn.— At Johnsonville. 

Jones Hill, Battery at, N. Y.— New York City. 

Jones Island, Fort on, Ga.— Fort Vulcan, Savannah River. 

Jordan's Fort, III. 

Jordan, Camp, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 

Jordan Cantonment, Wash.— In valley of San Francisco Borgia. 

Josephine, Fort, Fla. 

JosiAH Simpson General Hospital, Va.— Near Fort Monroe. 

Journey's Fort, III.— At Ariston. 

Juan de Fuca, Straits of, Reservation, Wash. 

Judiciary Square General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 

JuNANDAT, Fort, Ohio.— On Sandusky River. 

Jupiter, Fort, Fla.— Three miles from Jupiter Inlet. 

Kahokia, Fort, III. 

Kalorama General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 

Kanawha, Camp, W. Va. — At Point Pleasant. 

Kansas State Soldiers' Home. — At Fort Dodge, Kans. 

Karnasoh, Fort, Ky.— Near Louisville. 

Kasimir, Fort, Del.— On Delaware River, at Newcastle; also called Fort 


Kas Kanong, Fobt, Wis.— On lake of same name. 

Kaskaskia, Fort, III.— At Kaskaskia. 

Kasonda, Fort, N. Y.— Same as Fort Onondaga. 

Keais, Fort, Fla.— Near Big Cypress Swamp. 

Kearny, Phil, Fort, Wyo.— Big Horn Mountains, between the Big and Little 

Piney forks of Powder River. 
Kearny, Phil, Fort, Ky.— Near Newport. 
Kearny, Camp, La.— At CarroUton. 
Kearny, Camp, Va.— Near Alexandria Seminary. 
Kearny, Fort, D. C— Near Tennallytown 

Kearny (old). Fort, Nebr.— On Missouri River, 50 miles south of Omalia. 
Kearny, Camp, Iowa*— Near Davenport. 
Kearny (new). Fort, Nebr.— On Grand Island, Platte River. 
Kearny, Battery, S. C— Near Charleston. 
Keene, Fort at, N. H. 
Keene, Fort, N. Y. 
Keene, Fort, Va. 
Keer's Fort, Ga. 
Keifer, Camp, N. Y.— At Troy. 
Keller's Fort, W. Va. 
Kelley, Fort, Va. — On New Creek. 

Kelloo's Grove, Fort near. III. — During Black Hawk war. 
Kelly, Camp, Tex. — Name changed to Fort Concho. 
Kemble, Battery, D. C— Near Chain Bridge. 

Ken AY, Fort, Alaska. — On site of old Fort St. Nicholas, on Cook's Inlet. 
Kendrick Battery, Me. — On Cushing Island, at Fort Levett. 
Kenesaw Mount, Fortifications at, Ga. 
Kenly, Camp, Md.— Near Williamsi)ort. 
Kennebec Arsenal, Me. — At Augusta. 
Kennebec River (mouth of), Fortifications at. Me. 
Kennebunk Point, Fortifications at. Me. 
Kennedy's Fort, Mo.— At Wright City. 
Kennicott, Fort, Alaska. — Near Fort Nulato. 
Kent, Fort, Me. — At junction of Fish and St. Johns rivers, Aroostook County; 

now town of that name. 
Kent, Fort, Md. — On Kent Island. 
Kent, Camp, Utah. — At Fort Douglas. 
Kenton, Camp, Ky. — Near Maysville. 
Kenton's Station, Ky. — Near Washington. 
Kentucky, Fort, N. Y.— Near Sacket Harbor. 
Keogh, Fort, Mont.— Near mouth of Tongue River, Custer County. 
Keokuk National Cemetery, Iowa.— At Keokuk. 
Kettle Point, Battery at, R. I. — Narragansett Bay. 
Keyes, Fort, Fla. 
Keyes, Fort, Va.— At Gloucester Point. 


KxYvs, CikXP, M£.—Keu- An^msta. 

^ETSS, Camp, Tjl. — ^Near Romnev. 

Cktis, Camp. Ta. — On Fptanf HtH. 

KsTSER. FoBT. K. Y. — ^In Montyamenr CoimtT. 

Keysto3^ Camp, D. C— Near TeznuLDTtawn. 

Key West Bibrscks, Ptai ^At Rev WeKt 

Key Wbst, Fort at, Fla.— Fart Taylor. 


KiESTtA, Fort, X. T.— Kear Lewifston ; Indian Fort 

KiKCAi>E's FoET, Mc».— In Howard County. 

KiscHELOfs FoET, Kt. — On Simpeoos Creek. 

KrSCKSTOK'S Stoceaije, Ky. 

Kdowbhook. Foets at. K. Y. 

KiSQ, Foet, Fla.— On Oddawba River. 

KnsQ, Camp, Ky.— Xear Covington. 

King, Foet, X. Y. 

KiBS, Battery, N. Y.— At Fort Totten. 

KiKG, Foet, Tkks.— Xear Chattanooga. 

KniG, Camp, Ta. — ^At Alexandria. 

Ko^G Gboege, Foet, Ga. 

Kings Beidge. F<«t at, X. Y. — Fort Independence. 

KiNGSBUSY, Battery. D. C. — Two miles northeast of Tennallytown. 

KiXGSBUEY, Foet, Fla. — St Johns River, north side of Lake Monroe. 

Kingston, Foet, VA^—iSe^ Fort Forty.; 

Kingston. Foet, R. L — Indian fort at 

B[iNGSTON, Foet, Utah. 

Kinney, Foet, Wyo. — Same as Fort McKinney. 

K1NSES6INO, Fort, Pa-— In Delaware Comity. 

Kinsman, Camp, Iowa- — ^Xear Davenport. 

Kinzie, Foet, III. 

Kipp, Foet, Mont. — On the Upper Missouri River. 

KiKBY, Batteey, S. C— Xear Charleston, formerly Battery O^Ronrke. 

KiRBY, Batteey, Md.— Three miles above Tennallytown, D. C. 

KiRBY, Foet, Tex. — On the Chareeo Grande del Aqna Dalce. 

KiBKWooD Camp. Iowa- — At Clinton. 

KiRKwooD*s Blockhouse, W. Va- — On Wheeling Creek, opposite Wheeling. 

^issiMMEE, Foet, Fla.— On Kissimmee River. 

KirrANNiNG, Foet at. Pa- — Fort Armstrcmg. 

Kjttkby Point, Foet at. Me.— Fort McClary. 

^Xamath, Fort, Oeeg.— On Lake Klamath, Klamatli County; now town oi 

that name. 
^J^EAS, FoBT, Fla.— Latitude 26** 15'. longitude 81' 25'. 
^Mght General Hospital, Conn.— At New Haven. 
^inPHAUSEN, Fort, N. Y.— On Manhattan Island. 
^ox. Fort, Ind.— At Vincennes. 


A^aoKvflk; ^fltlHMl Lametery . Tcha. — .^. 'Emcar^zlr: 
K n r.^T T Gar: a- ^-j^. — ja. tc«asa£ I'g'ignf. 

K.OT:rrz •- F«jar: U-. — Thrrrr jraJssr iK=e5: a: Si '^^ar^fe^ C-omnr 
Krrrzyoz T-j^r: ^-^-^^ — In, Amrnrntrvlsignr 
liJEsyeflbirid. IlaLfta v« V X. — lA.-: Far: M-nm. 

T^- I>^T Foan ]l3iiz£. — Zm Fcee !STv=er hbsc T-***^-^ "Vi-^mo-HT at Tiie snc- of old 

Lii. IiEMOisci-La: F «:«:!: Cmic 

l.Ai>iE? HoMT 'jSZsEiLni. '^^mij^i. — :Ai y^v Toci Cnr 

l^Af AYZTTE BAgfe-^CE^. Iffi — ^Ai BahimaTB. 

Lfltevctte. Fvrt. K. Y- — iL 3f^v Tack Harbor jcr like ^^arrow^ . fesr caDed Fort 

Lafayettl Foe: 3S^ T— -AiXfirpianrfe Pcnm. on the FHiSwic ifciver. o^Qioaie 

luiJAYErrL C^M^ P^— AtBacjenTTTr.. 
Lafateth: Fok: P^ — -.Ai Piinajn:^. 
LuiFAYETTi: Cah*^ P^ — A2 Pmampwii. 
LAFAYiam bi^rABi: Caxf. JjLl. — ;Ai Bahiniarfc. 
liARTix Fcjor: X^ — Cn. 3san£ Terre lEQfl:iid. BBrasKiia Bay. 
ItAMOBi. FcHSi. J^. T— ^Ai JJ^sw Ta2i (Sit. an liie BfflghtF nardnpcst of lie 

frtMAfi Fder. &a — "MaibsoL C oumy . Tictw TiCvwh of :diax nana 
lam^r Tims. E. C— Ic OhaTlfmfg- Haz^Kc. 
^joimki.Jk. C. — :Ai n^ Unnn^iaii. 
Fata, Pa. — In ^asxii^:]ziE Connty 
s IkAM BATjagT. IBasb. — -l^fiBT B oilmi ' v . 

Im. JEcsT. FoKX, 111. — On Xa Mocr Ose^. 

1a JI<VRS, FcBS. GrA. — -.Ai CteBefinfikee SwaciQp. 

1a JEons IsLAKD. Fykt dk. 3s. T. — On lAke Ohain|iUKm : Fort Sl. Amie. 

^AVCASEBL FfKT. Fla.— Ill ^Bsusm Florida. 

CHCA8IBU FcHor. Tet.— XflBT jimcx5on of Oak OeK^ irnai l%o» Rirer. 

RDBK, Caxp, Idiilho. — On Snake Cre«^. 

JUDIB, FoKT. K, C— TyrreH Comixy : -now i;f»im of :diat naaut. 


Lane, Fort, Fla. — St. Johns River, near Lake Hamey. 

Lane, Fort, Kans. — At Bamesville. 

Lane, Fort. N. C. — At Newbem. 

Lane, Fort, Oreo. — Eight miles north of Jacksonville. "^ 

Lane's Fort, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 

Lano Syne, Camp, Fla.— Near Fort Drane. 

Lapananel, Fort. Pa.— Near Philadelphia. 

La Paz, Camp, Ariz. — On Colorado Indian Reservation. 

La Paz, Camp, Cal. — In Lower California. 

La Pen a. Camp, Tkx. — Forty miles southeast of Fort Duncan. 

La Presentation, Fort, N. Y.— At Ogdensbnrg. 

Lapwai, Fort, Idaho. — On Lapwai River, 12 miles from Lewiston. 

Laramte, Fort, Mo.— At Linden. 

Laramie, Fort, Wyo. — Near month of Laramie River, Laramie County; now 

town of that name. 
Laramie or Loramie, Fort, Ohio. — In northern part of Shelby County. 
Laredo, Fort at, Tex.— Fort Mcintosh. 
La Rigolle, Fort, N. Y. 

Larned, Fort, Kans. — On Pawnee Fork; first called Camp Alert. 
Larrabew, Fort, Me 
La Seur (or Le Seur), Fort, Minn. — Mississippi River, opi)osite mouth of the 

Ti ASHLEY'S Fort, Ala.— At TaUadega. 

Las Laxas, Camp, Tex.— On Rio Grande, 50 miles above Fort Ringgold. 
Latham, Camp, Cal. — Near Los Angeles. 
La Tour, Fort, Mo.— At St. Louis. 
Lauderdale, Fort, Fla. — At the head of New River Inlet, Dade County; now 

town of that name. 
liAUDONNiERE's Camp, Fla.— Ou St. Marys River. 
Laurel Hill, Battery on, N. Y.— New York City. 
Laurel Hill, Fort, Pa. — Near spot now known as Braddock's Grftv^. 

Laurens, Fort, Ohio. — On Tuscarawas River, near Bolivar. 

Lavier, Fort, Ala. — Between Alabama and Tombigbee rivers. 

Lawn, Fort, S. C. — Chester County; now town of that name. 

Lawrence, Fort, Ga. — On Flint River, 8 miles above mouth of Patsaliga Creek. 

Lawrence, Camp, Md. — In Charles County. 

Lawrence, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

La wrens Street Battery, S. C. — In Charleston. 

Lawson, Camp, Fla.— Near Palatka. 

Lawson, Camp, Fla.— Between St. Marks and Tallahassee. 

Lawson, Camp, Miss.— At Greenwood Island. 

Lawson General Hospital, Mo.— At St. Louis. 

Lawson, Camp, Tex.— About 75 miles from Fort Inge. 

Lawton, Fort, Ga.— Near Savannah. 

Lawton, Battery, S. C— Near Savannah. 


Lawton, Fort, Wash.— At Magnolia Bluff, near Seattle. 

Lazaretto Point, Fort at, Md.— Opposite Fort McHenry, at Baltimore. 

Lead Mine, Fort, Pa.— In Huntingdon County, at foot of Bald Eagle Mountain. 

Leavenworth Arsenal, Kans. — At Fort Leavenworth. 

Leavenworth, Fort, Kans. — Three miles from Leavenworth city. 

Leavenworth Military Prison, Kans. — At Fort Leavenworth. 

Leavenworth, Fort, National Cemetery, Kans.— At Fort Leavenworth. 

Leavenworth, Camp, Ind.T.— Twelve miles west of Washita. 

LebaInon, Fort, Pa. — On Susquehanna River. 

Lebanon National Cemetery, Ky. — At Lebanon. 

Le Bceuf, Fort, Pa.— Near Waterford, Erie County. 

Lechmeres Point, Fort at, Mass.— At East Cambridge. 

Le Dout, Fort, Tex. — On the upper tributaries of the Sabine River. 

Lee, Fort, Ga. — At Savannah. 

jEE, Fort, Mass.— At Salem Neck. 
Lee, Camp, Mo. — At Cowskin Prairie. 
Lee, Fort, N. J. — On Hudson, opposite New York City, Bergen County; now 

town of that name. 
Lee, Fort, N. C— On Cape Fear River. 
Lee, Fort, Tenn.— Near Gap Creek. 
Lee, Camp, Va.— At Richmond. 
Lee, Fort, Va. — Henrico County; now town of that name near Richmond, on 

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. 
Lee, Camp, Va. — In Westmoreland County. 
Leech Lake, Camp at, Minn.— Near Walker. 
Leedy, Camp, Kans. — At Topeka. 
Lee's Mills, Fortifications at, Va. — On James River. 
Legionville, Camp, Pa. — On Ohio River, 22 miles below Pittsburg. 
Leiter United States General Hospital, Ga. — At Chickamauga. ' 
LelanD; Fort, Oreg. 
Lemhi, Fort, Idaho. — On Salmon River, Lemhi County; now town of that 

Le Noult, Fort, Mich.— At Detroit; subsequently called Fort Shelby. 
Leon, Fort, La. 
Leonidas, Fort, Ky. 

Le Seur, Fort, Minn. — ^Near Hastings, on Mississippi River. 
Leslie, Camp, Va. — On Arlington Heights. 
Les Sables, Fort, N. Y. — On Niagara River. 
Levett, Fort, Me. — On Cushings Island, near Portland. 
Lewis, Fort, Colo. — At Pagosa Springs, San Juan River. 
Lewis, Fort, III. 

Lewis, Camp, Mont. — On the Big Spring fork of Judith River. 
Lewis, Fort, Mont. — On Missouri River, near Pablois Island. 
Lewis, Fort, N. Y. 
Lewis, Camp, Ohio. — In Pickway County. 



Lewis, Battery, Oreg.— At Fort Stevens. 

Lewis, Fort, Va. — ^Near Salem, Boanoke County. 

Lewis, Fort, Va. — Bath Count}-, on Pasture Biver; now town of that name. 

Lewiston, Fortifications at. Me. 

Lexington National Cemetery, Ky.— -At Lexington. 

L'Huillikr, Fort, Minn. — On Minnesota Biver, west of Lake Pepin. 

'LiBBY, Fort, Mass.— At Gloucester. 

LiBBY Prison, Va. — At Bichmond. 

Liberty Arsenal, Mo. — On Missouri Biver, Clay County. 

Liberty, Fort, B. I.— Narragansett Bay. 

Lioonier, Fort, Pa. — At Ligonier. 

Likens, Fort, Ala.— In Broom Lower Valley. 

LiLLiE, Camp, Mo.— Near Jefferson City. 

LiLLOPE, Fort, Pa.— At Wilkesbarre. 

Lime Point, Fort at, Cal.— Fort Baker. 

Lincoln, Battery, Ala.— Near Huntsville. 

Lincoln, Camp, Ariz.— Name changed to Fort Verde. 

Lincoln, Camp, Cal.— Near Crescent City. 

Lincoln, Fort, D. C— Near Bladensburg, Md. 

Lincoln General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 

LmcoLN, Battery, Fla.— On Santa Bosa Island. 

Lincoln, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee I«land. 

Lincoln, Fort, Kans.— On Osage Biver, ttiailes south of Fort Scott. 

Lincoln, Camp, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Lincoln, Camp, Minn.— At Lakeland. 

Lincoln, Camp, Mo.— At St. Louis. 

Lincoln, Fort, N. Dak.— Near Bismarck. 

Lincoln, Fort, Tex. — On Bio Seco, 50 miles west of San Antonio. 

Lincoln, Camp, Va.— On the Chickahominy. 

Lincoln, Abe, Camp, Me.— At Portland. 

Lincoln, Abraham, Fort, N. Dak.— (5ee Fort Abraham Lincoln.) 

Lindleys, Fort, Pa.— At Prosperity, Washington County. 

Llnk's Blockhouse, W. Va.— On Middle Wheeling Creek. 

Lisa, Fort, Iowa.— Near Council Bluffs. 

Uscum, Fort, Alaska.— At Port Valdez. 

Litchfield, Fortifications at. Conn. 

Little Congaree Bridge, Fortifications at, S. C. 

Littlejohn, Fort, S. C. 

Little Meadows, Fort, Pa. 

Little Bock Arsenal, Ark.— At Little Bock; name changed to Little Bock 

Little Rock Barracks, Ark.— At Little Bock. 

Utile Rock National Cemetery, Ark At Little Bock. 

Little Temple, Fort at. La. 

Littleton, Fort, Pa.— In Fulton County; now town of that n^me. 


LivEBPOOL Point, Batteby at, Md. — On Potomac Rrvesr. 

LnmrGSTON, Fort, Ky. 

Livingstoii, Fort, La — On Ghrand Terre Island, Barataria Bay. 

LiviNQSTON, Camp, MmN.^At Yellow Medicine. 

Ljloyd, Fort, Fla. — ^North of Lake Okechobee. 

Lloyd Neck, Fort at, Hf. Y. — On Long Island. 

LoBOS Point, Fort at, Cal. — ^Fort Miley. 

LocKHAVEN, Blockhouse at, Pa. 

Loga n , Fort, Colo. — ^Ten miles from Denver. 

Logan, Fobt, KY.^At Stanford, Lincoln Comity. 

Logan, Fobt, Mont. — ^In Smiths River Valley, Meagher Comity; now town oJ 

that name ; established as Camp Baker. 
Logan, Camp, Obeg. — On Strawberry Creek, Grant Comity. 
Logan H. Roots, Fort, Ark — Hfeax Little Bock. 
Logstown, Fobt, Pa. — On Ohio River. 
London, Fobt, Pa. — ^In Franklin Comity. 
Long Island Batteby, G-a. — Savannah River. 
Long Island, Fobt, Tenn. — On Holston River. 
NG Island Head, Fobt at, Mass. — Fort Strong. 

ONG Point, Battebies at, Mass. — ^Provincetown Harbor. 
Lookout, Fobt, S. Dak. — On Missonri River, about 40 miles below Pierre. 
Lookout, Camp, Md. — ^N'ear Damestown/ 
Lookout, Camp, Mo. — ^At Qnincy.^^'^ 
Lookout, Fobt, N. C. — ^Near Fort Fisher. 
Lookout, Camp, S. C. — Six miles from Fort Walker. 
LooKOxrr, Camp, Tenn. — ^In East Tennessee. 
Lockout Moxjntain, Fobts on, Tenn. 
Lookout, Camp, Va. — Twenty miles from Gkinley. 
LoPEN, Camp, Tex. — Forty-three miles from Rio Grande City. 
Lopez Island, Resebvation, Wa^ — In San Jnan Comity. 
LoBAMis, Fobt, Ohio. — ^In Darke Comity. 
LoBiNG, Fobt, Miss. — ^Leflore Comity; now town of that name. 
LoBiNG, Camp, N. Met. — ^Near Red River. 
LoBiNG, Cantonment, Obeg. — On Snake River, near Fort HalL 
LoBNA Point, Reskbvation, Cal. — In San Diego Harbor. 
Los Cebttos, Camp, Tex. — Nesr Laredo. 

Loxn)ON, Fobt, Pa. — ^Franklin Comity; now town of that name. 
Loudon, Fobt, Tenn. — On Tennessee River. 
Loudon, Fobt, Va. — At Winchester. 
London Pttic NatkHMl Cenietery, Md. — At Baltimore. 
Louts, Fobt, Ala, — At month of Mobile River. 
Loins, Fobt, Tt.t. — Formerly called Fort Qrevecoenr. 
Louis, Fobt, B. L— Narragansett Bay. 
Loup Riveb, Nobth Fobk, Post on, Nebb. — Fort Hartsnff. 
Loups Cbeek Camp, Va. — Near Gkinley. 


LouTHEB OR LowTHER, FoRT, Pa.— At Carlisle. 


LovELL General Hospital, R. I.— At Portsmouth Grove. 

Low, Camp, Cal. — At San Juan. 

Lowell, Fort, Ariz. — On Rillito Creek. 7 miles northeast of Tucson. 

Lowell Ordnance Depot, Ariz.— Near Tucson. 

Lowell, Fort, N. Mex. — On Chama River; established as Camp Plummer. 

Lowell, Camp, Va.— At Prospect Hill. 

Lower Fort, N. Y.— In Schoharie Valley. 

Lower Brule Agency, Fort at. Dak.— Fort Hale. 

LowBY Point, Battery at, Va.— On Rappahannock River. 

Lowry's Fort, Pa.— In Canoe Valley. 

Loyal, Fort, Me.— On Casco Bay. 

Loyal Hanna, Fort, Pa. — At Ligonier, in Westmoreland County. 

Lucas, Camp, Ohio. — In Claremont County. 

Lukeen's Fort, Alaska.— Near mouth of Hutituak River. 

LuPTON, Fort, Colo. — Weld County; now town of that name. 

Lydius or Lydus, Fort, N. Y.— On Orange River. 

Lyman, Fort, N. Y. — On Hudson River, near Lake George; afterwards called 

Fort Edward. 
Lynn, Fort, Ark. — Miller County; now town of that name. 
Lynn Haven Bay, Battery at, Va. 

Lyon (old). Fort, Colo. — On Arkansas River, near Bents Fort; name 
changed to Fort Wise. 

Lyon (new). Fort, Colo. — On the Arkansas River, 3 miles below Purgatory 

Lyon, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 

Lyon, Camp, Idaho.— On north fork of Jordan Creek. 

Lyon, Fort, Mo. — ^Benton County; now town of that name. 

Lyon, Camp, Mo.— At Birds Point. 

Lyon, Fort, N. Mex. — One hundred and twenty -six miles northwest of Albu- 
querque ; first named Fort Fauntleroy. 
XiYON, Fort, Va. — Near Alexandria. 

liYrm's Fort, Penn. — Near Alexandria, on Cannon's Mill Run. 
Lytle, Fort, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 
Lyttleton, Fort, S. C— At Beaufort. 

Lvttleton, Fort, Pa. — On Aughwick Creek, in Northumberland County. 
McAllister, Fort, Ga. — On Great Ogeechee River, near Savannah. 
McAloon, Battery, Tenn.— Near Chattanooga. 
McAlvey's Fort, Pa.— In Huntingdon County. 

McAethur, Fort, Ohio.— On Scioto River, near Kenton. 

McCallister, Fort, Pa. 

^cClary, Fort, Me.— On Kittery Point, Portsmouth Harbor. 

McClear, Camp, Cal. — On Fergno River. 
^cClellan, Fort, Fla. 


McClellan, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 
McClellan, Camp, Iowa.— At Davenport. 
McClellan, Camp, Pa.— Near Harrisbnrg. 
McClellan General Hospital, Pa.— At Nicetown. 


McClellan Camp, Va.— Near Alexandria. 

McClelland's Fort, Ky.— At Georgetown. 

McClernand, Camp, III.— At Cairo. 

McCloud, Camp, Tenn.— Near Mitchellsville. 

McClure, Fort, Fla. — At Warm Spring, on Withlacoochee River. 

McClure, Camp, Pa.— At Chambersburg. 

McClurg, Fort, Mo.— On Lime Creek. 

McCoNiHE Redoubt, Va.— On James River. 

McCooK, Fort, Tenn.— Near Battle Creek. 

McCoRD, Fort, Pa. 

McCoRMiCK, Fort, Pa.— On Stone Creek. 

McCoy, Fort, Fla. — Marion County ; now town of that name. 

McCrabb, Fort, Fla.— At Suwanee. 

McCrary, Fort, Ala. — Near Roanoke. 

McCuLLOCH, Ben., Camp, Mo.— Near Springfield. 

McDermit, Fort, Nev.— On Quinns River, in Humboldt County. 

McDermitt, Fort, Ala.— Near Mobile. 

McDoNGALL General Hospital, N. Y.— At Fort Schuyler. 

McDouGALL, Battery, N. Y.— New York City, near Trinity Church. 

McDowell, Fort, Ariz. — On Rio Verde, 8 miles above its junction with Salt 

McDowell, Fort, Cai. — On Angel Island, San Francisco Bay. 

McElery's Fort, Pa.— On Shavers Creek. 

McFarland, Fort, Pa. — In Washington County. 

McGarry, Camp, Nev. — At Summit Springs, Lassen County. 

McGees Station, Ky. — North of Kentucky River. 

McGiLVERY, Fort, Va. — Near Petersburg. 

McGiNNis, Camp, Tenn.— In Fentress County. 

McGowANS Pass, Fortifications at, N. Y. 

Machault, Fort, Pa.— At Franklin. 

McHenry, Fort, Md.— At Baltimore. 

McHenry, Fort, Wyo. 

Machias, Fortifications at, Me. 

McIntosh, Battery, Ala.— A defense of Mobile. 

McIntosh, Fort, Ga.— On Saltilla River. 

McIntosh, Fort, Ohio.— At the mouth of Beaver Creek, 29 miles from Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Mcintosh, Fort, Tex.— On Rio Grande, near Laredo ; first called Camp Crawford. 

Mackall, Camp, Cal.— In Round Valley. 

McKavett, Fort, Tex.— Menard County ; now town of that name ; on San Saba 
River, 2 miles from its source. 


McKat, or Mackay, Fort, Fla.— On Ocklawaha River. 

Mackay, Fort, Kans.— On Arkansas River. 

McBIay, Fort, Wis.— At Prairie du Chien. 

McEean, Fort, Nebr.— Name changed to Fort McPherson. 

McKean, Camp, Iowa.— Near Mount Pleasant. 

McEIean, Fort, N. Y. — Fifty -six miles west of Albany. 

McKean, Fort, N. Dak.— Name changed to Fort A. Lincoln. 

McKee, Camp, Ariz.— First called Fort Mason. 

McKee, Camp, Nebr.— On Granite Creek. 

McKee's Fort, Pa.— In Dauphin County. 

Mackenzie, Camp, Ga.— At Augusta. 

Mackenzie, Fort, Wye— Near Sheridan. 

Mackeys Island, Camp on. Me.— In Portland Harbor. 

McKiM, Camp, Md.— At Baltimore. 

McKim's Mansion General Hospital, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Mackinac, Fort, Mich.— On Mackinac Island. 

McKcnley, Camp, H. I.— At Honolulu. 

McKinley, Camp,' low a. —At Des Moines. 

McE^inlby's Blockhouse. Ky. 

McBIiNNEY, Fort, Wyo. — On Powder River; established as Cantonment Reno. 

Machontosh, Redoubt, Ala.— Near Mobile. 

McE^iNziE, Fort, Mont. 

McKowN, Camp, Wis.— Thirty -five miles north of Madison. 

McLane, Fort, Ga. — Okeefinokee Swamp. 

McLane, Fort, N. Mex. — Fifteen miles south of Santa Rita copi)er mines. 

McLane, Camp, Pa.— Near Erie. 

McLean, Battery, Ky.— Near lJewi)ort. 

HcLemore, Camp, Fla. — On Withlacoochee River. 

McLouis, Fort, Mo.— Near site of New Franklin. (See Fort Hemstead.) 

McMahon, Fort, Va. — ^Near Petersburg. 

McNeill, Fort, Fla.— Near Lake Poinsett. 

Macomb (1), Fort, Fla. — On Suwanee River, in Lafayette County. 

Macomb (2), Fort, Fla. — St. Marks River, 10 miles north of St. Marks. 

Macomb, Fort, La. — At Chef Menteur Pass ; first called Fort Wood. 

Macon, Fort, N. C— On Bogue Island, Beaufort Harbor. 

McPherson, Camp, Ariz. — Name changed to Camp Date Creek. 

McPherson, Fort and Barracks, Qa.— At Atlanta. 

McPherson, Fort, Ky.— Near Louisville. 

McPherson, Fort, Miss.— At Natchez. 

McPherson General Hospital, Miss.— At Vicksburg. 

McPherson, Fort, National Cemetery, Nebr.— At Maxwell, Lincoln County. 

McPherson, Fort, Nebr. — At Cottonwood Springs ; established as Cantonment 

McPherson, Fort, Va.— Near Arlington. 

McBae, Fort, Fla.— Near Lake Okechobee. 


McRae, Battery, Ky.— Near Fort Mitchell. 

McRae, Fort, N. Mex. — Near the Rio Grande, at the Ojo del Muerto. 

McRae, ForI', Va. — Near Poplar Grove Church. 

McRee, Fort, Fla. — Pensacola Bay, opposite Fort Pickens. 

McJlEYNOLDS, Camp, Pa. — At Philadelphia. 

Madison, Fort, Ala. — Between Alabama and Tombigbee rivers. 

Madison, Fort, Iowa. — Lee County; now town of that name. 

Madison, Camp, Ky. — In Franklin County. 

Madison, Fort, Me.— At Castine. 

Madison, Fort, Md. — At Annapolis. 

Madison, Fort, Miss. 

Madison Barracks, N. Y. — At Sacket Harbor. 

Madison, Fort, S. C. — ^In Oconee County ; now town of that name. 

Maggoffin, Camp, N. Mex. — Near White Mountain. 

Maginnis, Fort, Mont. — Fergus County; now town of that name, 53 miles 

from Rocky Point. 

Magnolia Bluff, Fort at, Wash. — Fort Lawton. 

Magruder, Camp, Kans. — On Arkansas River. 

Magruder, Fort, Va. — Near Williamsburg. 

Mahan, Fort, D. C. — Near Washington. 

Mahan Battery, N. Y.— At Fort Totten. 

Mahone, Fort, Va. — ^Near Petersburg. 

Maine, Camp, N. Y. — In New York City. 

Maine Island, Reservation, Cal. — San Pablo Bay. 

Maitland, Fort, Fla. — ^Near Lake Monroe. 

Malade, Fort, Idaho. — Malade River. 


Mallory, Fort, Tenn.— At Cumberland Gap. 

Mamacock, Fort, Conn. — At New London. 

Man ADA, Fort, Pa. — In Dauphin County. 

Manaiung, Fort, Pa. — At mouth of Schuylkill. 

Manary's Blockhouse, Ohio.— Eighty-six miles from Chillicothe. 

Manchac, Fort, La. — On Mississippi River, near Baton Rouge. 

Manchester, Blockhouse at, Ohio. 

Mandan, Fort, N. Dak. — On Missouri River, present site of Mandan. 

Manhattan Island, Forts on, N. Y. 

Manhattanville, Redoubts at, N. Y. 

Mann, Fort, Kans. — Twenty miles from Fort Atkinson. 

Mansfield, Camp, La. — At Carrollton. 

Mansfield, Fort, Md. — Near Tennallytown. 

Mansfield, Camp, Ariz. — Seven miles south of Fort Defiance. 

Mansfield General Hospital. N. C— At Moorehead. 

Mansfield, Blockhouse at, Ohio. 

Mansfield, Fort, R. I.— At Mapatree Point, near Watch Hill. 

Mansfield, Camp, Va. — At Deep Creek. 

Mansfield Battery, Va.— At Suffolk. 


Mantanzas, Fort, Fla. — On Anastasia Island. 

Manuel's Fort, Mont. — On the Yellowstone, at month of the Big Horn River. 

Many, Fort, Fla. — Sixteen miles southeast of Tallahassee. 

Mapatreb Point, Fort at, R. I. —Fort Mansfield. 

Marblehead Arsenal, Mass.— At Marblehead. 

Marcy, Fort, N. Mkx.— At Santa Fe. 

Marcy, Fort, N. Y. 

Marcy, Fort, Tex.— Near. Corpus ChristL 

Marcy, Fort, Va.— Near Chain Bridge. 

Margarets, Fort, Ohio.— On Hocking River. 

Marian Islands, Reservation, Cal. — In San Francisco Harbor. 

Marianna, Fort at, Fla. 

Marietta National Cemetery, Qa.— Near Marietta. 

Marietta. Fortifications at, Ohio. 

Marine General Hospital, La.— At New Orleans. 

Marine General Hospital, Mo.— At St. Louis. 

Marine General Hospital, Ohio.— At Cincinnati. 

Marion, Fort, Fla.— At St. Augustine. 

Marion, Fort, S. C— At Beaufort. 

Marion, Battery, S. C. — On Sullivans Island. 

Marion, Camp, S. C. — At Summerville. 

Marion, Camp, Va.— At Uptons Hill. 

Marion Branch National Military Home, Ind.— Grant County. 

Marshall, Fort, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Marshall's Fort, Pa.— In Washington County. 

Marshall, Fort, S. C— On Sullivans Islanr* 

Marshall, Battery, Va.— Near Richmond. 

Marshall, Camp, Wyo.— North fork of the Platte River. 

Martello Tower, La. — On Bayou Bienvenue. 

Martello Tower, Fort, S. C— On Sullivans Island. 

Martin's Fort, Ky.— On Licking River. 

Martin's Fort, W. Va.— On Crooked River. 

Martin Scott, Fort, Tex. — On a branch of the Colorado, near Fredericksburg. 

Mary, Fort, Me.— At Biddeford. 

Mason, Fort, Ariz. — Twelve miles southeast of Tubac; name changed to Camp 

JVlason, Fort, Cal.— At Black Point, San Francisco. 

Mason, Fort, Fla.— Near St. Johns River, 14 miles southwest of Volusia. 
^«^Mason General Hospital, Mass.— At Boston. 

Mason, Fort, Mo. — On Missi^sippi River, 100 miles above St. Louis. 

Mason, Camp, Tex.— On the Limpia. 

Mason, Fort, Tex. — On Comanche Creek, near the Llano River. 

Masonic, Redoubt, N. Y.— At Brooklyn. 

Masonic Hall, Fortifications at. Mo.— Near Lexington. 

Massac, Fobt, III.— On Ohio River, 11 miles below Paducah, Ky. 


Massachusetts, Fort, Colo.-— On Utah Creek, 2 miles from Fort Garland. 

Massachusetts, Fort, D. C— Near Washington. 

Massachusetts, Fort, Mass.— On Hoosic River. 

Massachusetts, Fort, Miss. — ^On Ship Island. 

Massachusetts, Camp, Va.— At Alexandria. 

Massachusetts, Battery, Va.— At Suffolk. 

Massachusetts State Soldiers' Home, Chelsea, Mass. 

Matagorda Bay, Battery at, Tex.— On Matagorda Bay. 

Matamoras, Mexico, Camp opposite, Tex.— Now Fort Brown. 

Matanzas Inlet, Fort, Fla. 

Mathtas Point, Battery at, Va. — On Lower Potomac River. 

Matheo, Fort, Fla.— (/See San Matheo.) 

Mathews, Fort, Ga. 

Maxson, Fort, Mo. 

Matthews, Fort, Fla. — On Oconee River. 

Maverick's Fort, Mass. 

Maxey, Fort, N. Y. — On Blackwells Island. 

Maxwell's Fort, Pa. — On Conococheague Creek. 

Meade, Fort, Fla. — On Pease Creek, Polk Connty; now town of that name. 

Meade, Fort, Md. — At Baltimore. 

Meade, Camp, Pa.— At Middletown. 

Meade, Fort, S. Dak. — On Bear Butte Creek, near Stnrgis ; first called Cam 

Meagher, Camp, D. C. — Near Washington. 
Means, Fort, Ga. 

Mechanic, Fort, S. C— At Charleston. 
Medicine Butte, Camp, Wyo.— Near Evanston. 
Medill, Camp, Oreo. — At Grove Creek. 
Meigs, Fort, D. C. — East of the Eastern Branch. 
Meigs, Fort, Ind. — At the rapids of the Maumee. 
Meigs Battery, Md.— At Fort Washington. 
Meigs, Camp, Mass. — At ReadvlUe. 
Meigs, Fort, N. Y. 
Meigs, Camp, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 
Meikle,Fort,Va.— At Petersburg. 
Meiklejohn, Camp, Nebr.— At Omaha. 
Mellon, Fort, Fla.— On Lake Monroe. 
Memphis National Cemetery, Tenn.— At Memphis. 
Memphis, Fort at, Tenn.— Fort Pickering. 
Mendocino, Fort at,Cal.— Fort Bragg. 
Menlendael, Fort, Pa.— Near Philadelphia. 
Menninger, Fort, Pa.— Near month of Warrior Rnn. 
Mercer, Fort, N. J. — On Delaware River, opposite Fort Mifflin. 
Meredith, Camp, Pa.— Near Greencastle. 
Merriam, Camp, Cal.— At the Presidio. 


Merrill, Fort, Tex. — On Nueces River, about 50 miles northwest of Corpus 

Merritt, Camp, Cal.— At the Presidio. 
MsRRiTT, Camp, Mont.— At Tongue River Agency. 
Mexico City National Cemetery, Mexico. — City of Mexico. 
Miami, Fort, Mich.— At mouth of Josephs River. 
Miami, Fort, Mo.— On Missouri River, a little below Fort Osage. 
Mluo, Fort, Omo.— On Maumee River. 
MiAMis, Fort, III — On Dlinois River. 
MiCANOPY. Fort, Fla.— At Micanopy. 
'Michael, Fort, Alaska.— On Michael Island. 

MICHALOT25KY* FoRT, Tenn.— Defense of Chattanooga. 

MiCHAULT, Fort, Pa.— On French Creek. 

Michley Fort, N. Y. — On Great Gull Island, 12 miles from New London, Conn. 

MicmoAN, Camp, Md. — At Annapolis. 

MiCHiaAN State Soldiers' Home, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Kkhilimaceinac Island, Fort on, Mich.— Fort Mackinac. 
Middle Ground, Fort on, N. Y.— New York Harbor. 
Middleton, Fort, III.— Kaskaskia River. 
ItowAY, Fort at, Ga. 

-Wtfflin, Fort, Pa.— On Mud Island, Delaware River, 7 miles from Philadelphia. 

Mno. Fort. N. Y. 

MUey, Fort, Cal.- At Point Lobos, San Francisco Harbor. 

MiLPORD, Indian Fortifications at. Conn. 

Hill, Fort, S. C— In York County; now town of that name. 

HiLLAR, A. S., Fort, Ga. — At Okefinokee Swamp. 

Mill Creek, Works on, Ga.— Near Dalton. 

Mill Creek, Redoubt, N. C. — At Plymouth. 

MiLLEN Prison, Ga. — At Millen. 

Miller, Camp, Cal. — At the Presidio. 

Miller, Fort, Cal. — On San Joaquin River, at Millerton. 

Miller, Silas, Camp, Ky.— On Green River. 

Miller, Fort, Mass.— At Nangus Head, in Salem Harbor. 

HiLLER, Camp, Mo.-^Now Jefferson Barracks. 

touER, Fort, N. Y.— Washington County; now town of that name. 

^illek's Blockhouse, Pa. — In Washington County. 

^MiLL Farm, Camp, Ky.— At Lexington. 

^^iiLUKEN, Fort, Pa. — In Washington County. 

^iiLLROCK, Fort at, N. Y.— In the middle of East River, at the mouth of 

Harlem River. 
^^iLLs, Fort, Fla. — Ten miles from Newnansville. 
^^Ls, Camp, Tenn.— Near Paris. 

^^l Springs National Cemetery, Ky.— At Mill Springs. 
^4iM8, Fort, Ala.— Near Montgomery. 
^^DSTNugoTA State Soldiers' Home, Minnehaha, Minn. 

18066 — 6 


MlNNisiNK, Fort, N. Y.— In Orange County. 

MlRO, Fort, La. — On Washita River, about 100 miles above its month. 

Misery, Camp, Va.— Near Martinsbnrg. 

Mississippi, Fort, La.— At Poverty Point, 38 miles below New Orleans. 

Mi890ula» Fort» Moirt.— On Bitter Root River, 4 miles from Sfissonla Station. 

Missouri, Battery, Ala.— Above Dog River, near Spanish Fort. 

Missouri ORI>NA^XE Depot, Liberty Arsenal. 

Missouri State Soldiers* Home, St. James, Mo. 

Mitchell, Fort, Ala. — Rnssell Cotmty, on Chattahoochee River; now town of 

that name ; tO miles below Colnmbns. 
Mitchell, Fort, Fla.— Tenhallama River. 
Mitchell, Fort, Qa.— Chattahoochee River. 
MiTt^HEL, Fort or Camp, Ky.— Near Covington. 
Mitchell. Camp, Nsbr. — At junction of Spoon HITI Creek and north fork of 

Platte River. 
Mitchell, Camp, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

Mitchell, Fort, Va. — Lnnenbnrg Comity; now town of that name. 
Mobile Arsenal. Ala. — At Mobile. 
Mobile Nattonsl Cemetery > Ala.~Near Mobile. 
Mobile Point, Fort at, Ala.— Fort Morgan. 
Moccasin Point, Fort at, Tbnn.— On Tennessee River. 
MoFFiTT Channel. Battery at, S. C. — On Snllivans Mand. 
MouoLLON, Camp, Ariz.— Now Fort Apache. 
Mohawk Castle. Fort, N. Y.— At Danube. 
MoH.\wK River. Camp on, N. Y. — At month of Mohawk. 
Mohican, Fort, N. Y.— Near Manhattan. 

MojAVB, Fort, Ariz. — On Colorado River, uear the head of Mojave Valley. 
MoLATB INLAND. RESERVATION, Cal. — San Ftancisco Bay. 
Monbts Bluff, Fortifications at. La. — On Cane River. 
MONiAC, Fort, Fla.— At Hogaus Ferry, on St. Marys River. 
Monks Corner, C^vmp at. S. C— Thirty miles north of Charleston. 
Monmouth Courthouse. Camp at, N. J. 
Monroe. Camp. N. Dak.— On Red River, opposite Pembina. 
Monroe,, Fla.— Afterwards Fort Mellon. 
Monroe, Camp, Ohio.— Near Ciuciuuati. 
Monroe* Fort, Va.- At Old Point Comtort. 
Monroe Arskn.\l, Fort. Va.— At Fort Monn)e. 
MoNT.vNA State Soldiers' Home, Cc)LU.mbia Falls. 
MoNTKii-.. Battery, N. C. —On Roauuke Ibiand. 
Monterey Barracks. Cal.— At Monterey. 
MoNTKRBY (Jrdn.vncb DEptjT, CAI4.— At Mouterev. 
MoNTfiRKY, Fort ^old), Cal.— At Monterey. 
Monterey, Rklhjubt, Cal.— At Monterey. 

Montgomery, Fort. ^Vi^.— Near .Uabama River, opposite the Cut Off. ' 
Montgomery, Fort. Cal. Near iSau Francisco. 


MONTOOMEBY, PoRT, Pla.— Latitude 30® 30', longitude 87" 15'. 

Montgomery, Fort, Miss. 

Montgomery, Fort, N. Y. — On Hudson River, 6 miles below West Point. 

Montgomery, Fort, N. Y.— At Bouses Point. 

Montgomery, Fort, N. C— In Cherokee County. 

Montgomery, Camp, Pa.— Near Pittsburg. 

Montgomery Battery, V a.— Near Suffolk. 

Moon Battery, N. Y. 

MooRE, Fort, Ga.— At AUatoona Pass. 

Moore, Camp, Ky.— Near Columbus. 

MooRE, Camp, La.— Near Tangipahoa. 

Moore, Camp, Miss.— Near Corinth. 

Moore, Fort, S. C— On Savannah River, 120 miles from Charleston. 

MooRES Creek Bridge, Works at, N. C. 

Moos A, Fort, Fla.— Near St. Augustine. 

Mora River, Fort on, N. Mex.— Fort Union. 

MoREAU, Fort, N. Y.— Near Plattsburg. 

Morgan, Fort, Ala.— At Mobile Point. 

Morgan, Fort, Colo.— South fork of Platte River, Morgan County; now town 

of that name. 
Morgan, Cantonment, Fla. —At Cedar Keys. 
Morgan, Camp, Fla. — At Pensacola. 
Morgan, Fort, Miss.— At Davis Mills. 
Morgan, Fort, N. C— On south side of Ocracoke Inlet. 


Morris, Camp, Cal.— At San Bernardino. 

Morris, Battery, D. C— Defenses of Washington. 

Morris, Camp, Fla.— On Lake Topopekaliga. 

Morris, Fort, Pa.— At Shippensburg. 

Morris, Fort, Va.— Near Richmond. 

Morris, Fort, W. Va.— East of Uniontown. 

Morris Island, Works on, S. C. 

Morrison's Fort, Mass.— At Colerain, Franklin County. 

MoRRiSTOWN, Camp at, N. J. 

Morrow, Fort, Ga. 

Morton, Battery, Ala.— Near Fort Morgan. 

Morton, Camp, Ind. — ^Near IndianaiK)lis. 

Morton, Battery, N. Y.— On Staten Island, at Fort Wads worth. 

Morton, Fort, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

Morton, Fort, Va.— Two miles from Georgetown, D. C. 

Morton, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 

Morton, St. Clair, Fort, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Mos^Y, CaJip, Tex.— At San Antonio. 

MoscHELOSBURG, FoRT, N. J.— (iS^ee Elfsborg and Elsinburg. ) 

MosE, Fort, Fla.— (5ee Fort Moosa.) 


MoBEB Ckeek. Camp at, K. Y. — ^HndBon Biver, 5 mUes from Fart Ed^ward. 

JHott, Fort, N. J.— At TimiB Paint. 

MOTT. FOET, Tt.— At PittBfard. 

MoTTE. FoET, S. C. — OTSsngebuTg County; now town of that name oai Soatheni 

Ban war. 
MouLDZSL, Camp, Fla.— At PaTiDion Keys. 
MotXTKiE, FoKT, FuL— Near St. An^nstme. 
JioiilMe, Fcirt, S. C. — On SnlllTans Island, in Charleston Harbor. 
MorKi>, Battekt. Ala. — ^Near Mobile. 
Mound, Battekt, N. C.^Near Fort Fisher. 
Mound, Foet, Wis. — ^At the Blue Mound. 
Mond City NatiMal CemtUry^ lU.— At Motind aty. 
Mount, Camp, Ind. — ^At Indianapolis. 

Mountain. Fokt, Ga. — ^Mxuray County; now town of that name. 
Mount IteiANCE. Fokt, Is . Y.— Near Ticonderoga. 
jioustT Debekt, Foet at. Me. 
Mount Hope, Batteet, N. Y.— At Monnt Hope. 
Mount Idaho, Beseevation at, Idaho. 

Mount Independence, Foet on, N. Y. — ^Near Lake Cbamplain. 
Mount Independence, Foet on, N. Y.— Fort Pntnam, at West Point. 
Mount Malady, Foet, Va. — ^At Henrico. 
MouNT Pleasant, Foet, Pa. 

Mount Pleasant General Hospital, D. C. — At Washington. 
Mount Pleasant, Foet at, Md. — ^Fort Cumberland. 
Mount Pleasant, Batteet, S. C— On SnlliTans Island. 
Mount Veknon Aesenai^ Ala.— At Monnt Vernon. 
Mount Vbenon Baeracks, Ala. — At Monnt Vernon. 
Moumt VenMMi Battery, Va«— At Fort Hunt, Potomac River. 
Mount Washington, Foetitications at. Pa. — At Pittsbnrg. 
MowDEY Batteet, Va.— Near Suffolk. 
MowEE General Hospital, Pa. — At West Philadelphia 
Muckleshute, Camp, Wash. — On Mnckleshnte Prairie, White River. 
Mud, Battekt, Ga.— Near Savannah. 
Mud, Foet, N. Y.— At Sacket Harbor. 
Mud, Foet, Ohio.— Near Springfield. 
Mud, Foet, Tex.— Near mouth of Red River. 
Mud Island, Foet on. Pa.— Fort Mifflin, Delaware River. 
Mcdge. Foet, Ga-— Near Okeefinokee Swamp, 9 miles from Fort Floyd. 
MuELUSB, Camp, Minn.— At New Ulm. 

Mc7L«CBitY Poi»t,Foet AT, Va.— James River, near Richmond. 
MuLOKAVE, Foet, Cal. 


Mullbt Key, Fobt at, Fla.— Fort De Soto. • 

MCMOnr, Fobt, PA.~At Penn«burg. 

Mmmom Bmll, Fobt on, Va.- Fort Skedaddle, 1 mile south of Falls Chnich. 



MtTRRAY, Camp, Utah— Near Peoa, 40 miles from Salt Lake City. 
MusA OR Muse, Fort, Fla.— (-See Fort Moosa.) 


MusGROVES Mills, Post at, S. C— On Enoree River. 
Mtakka, Fort, Fla.— On Myakka River, 40 miles southeast of Tampa. 
Wycr, Fort, Va.— At Arlington, on the old site of Fort Whipple. 
Hters, Fort, Fla.— On Caloosahatchee River, on site of old Fort Harvie. 
Hters, Camp, Ky. — In Overton County. 
Hykrstown, Fort at, Pa. 
llYsnc, Fort, Conn.— On Mystic River. 
Myotic, Fort, R. I. 

Nacogixkjhes, Fort, Tex.— At town of same name. 
Nahucke, Fort, N. C— In Greene County. 
Nangus Head, Fort at, Mass.— Fort Miller. 
Nanskmond, Fort, Va.— Near Suffolk. 
Iastasket Head, Fort at, Mass.— Fort Revere. 
Nabragansett, Fort, R. I. — Near site of Kingston. 
Narbowstone Point Reservation, Wash.— Entrance to Port Townsend. 
Naseway Shoals, Fort at, Va. 

Nash, Fort, Tenn. —At the head of Nortons Creek, northeast of Shelbyville. 
Nashborouoh, Fort, Tenn.— Now Nashville. 
Nashville National Cemetery, Tenn.— At Nashville. 
Nassau, Fort, N. J. — Opi)osite Philadelphia. 
Nassau, Fort, N. Y. — On Castle Island, Hudson Jliver. 
Natcliez National Cemetery, Miss.— At Natchez. 
Natchez (1), Fort, Miss.— Near Natchez. 
Katchez (2), Fort, Miss.— On the Washita and Little rivers. 
Katchitoches, Fort at, La. — Fort Claiborne. 
National. Hotel General Hospital, Md. — At Baltimore. 
Neah Bay Reservation, Wash.— Near Cape Flattery. 
KsBBASKA State Soldiers' Homes, Grand Island and Milford, Nebr. 
Necessity, Fort, Ohio — Near Scioto River, in Hardin County. 
Necessity, Fort, La. — Franklin County; now town of that name, 20 miles 

south of Winnsboro. 
Necessity, Fort, Pa.— In Fayette County. 
Necessity, Fort, Pa. — In Western Pennsylvania. 
Neches, Fort, Tex.— On River Neches. 
Neck, Fort, N. Y.— On Long Island. 
Negas, Fort. Me. — On Penobscot River. 
Neqley, Camp, Ky.— Near Nolin River. 
N^qley, Camp, Md.— Near Hagerstown. 
Nbgley, Fort, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 
Negley, Fort, Tenn.— At Nashville. 
Neoleys Hill, Fortifications, Pa.— Near Pittsburg. 


Negro, Fort, Fla.— On Apalachicola River. 

Negro, Fort, N. Y.— In southeast part of State. 

Neils Station, W. Va. — On the Kana\^ha, near Parkersburg. 

Neilson, Fort, N. Y.— Near Bemis Heights. 

Nelson, Camp, Ky.— Near Hickman's Bridge. 

Nelson, Fort, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Nelson General Hospital, KV.— At Camp Nelson. 

Nelson, Camp, National Cemetery, Ky. — At Camp Nelson. 

Nelson, Fort, Va. — On west side of Norfolk Harbor, opposite Fort Norf 

Nesqually, Fort, Wash. — On Nesqually River. 

Neutral Island, Fort on. Me. 

Nevills Spring, Camp at, Tex.— Near Fort Davis. 

Nevin, Camp, Ky. — Nine miles below Elizabethtown. 

New Albany National Cemetery, Ind. — At New Albany. 

New Amstel, Fort, Del.— At Newcastle. {See Niewar Amstel.) 

New Bedford, Fortifications. — At Massachusetts. 

New Berne National Cemetery, N. C— At Newbern. 

Newberry's Blockhouse, Ohio.— Below Belpre. 

New Brighton, Blockhouse at, Pa. — At New Brighton. 

Newburyport, Defenses at, Mass. 

New Casco, Fort, Me. — On Presumpscot River. 

Newcastle Arsenal, Del. — At Newcastle. 

New Castle, Fort at. Me. 

New Dartmouth, Fort at. Me. 

New Dungeness Harbor, Reservations at. Wash. 

New Gloucester, Blockhouse at, Me. 

New Gottenburg, Fort, Del. — On Timicum Island. 

New Hampshire State Soldiers' Home, Tilton, N. H. 

New Haven, Fort at, Vt. 

New Hope, Camp, Fla.— In East Florida. 

New Inverness, Fort at, Ga. 

New Jersey State Soldiers' Homes, Kearney and Vineland, N. J. 

New Madrid, Fort, Mo. — Near New Madrid. 

New Orleans Arsenal, La. — At New Orleans. 

New Orleans Barracks, La.— Now Jackson Barracks. 

Newport Arsenal, Ky.— At Newport. 

Newport Barracks, Ky.— At Newi)ort. 

Newport, Fort, N. Y.— Near Mohawk River. 

Newport Harbor, Defenses of, R. I. 

Newport News, Fort at, Va. — Fort Butler. 

Newton, Fort, N. Y.— On Staten Island, at Fort Wadsworth. 

Newton, Camp, Va. — In Fairfax County. 

Newton, Camp, Va.— At Westpoint. 

Newton University General Hospital, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Newtown, Fort at, N. Y. 


^KW Utrecht Point, Fort at, N. Y. 

H^^vir York Arsenal, N. Y.— On Governors Island. 

N'K^w York State Soldiers' Homes, Bath and Oxford, N. Y. 

IsTrz Perce, Fort, Wash.— Now Fort Walla Walla. 

Niagara, Fort, N. Y. — At mouth of Niagara, 1 mile from Youngstown. 

Kicholas, Fort, Alaska. — On Cook River. 

Nicholson, Fort, N. Y. — On Hndson River, near Lake George, snpposed to be 

same as Fort Edward. 
NiEWAR Amstel, Fort, Del.— At Newcastle. (See New Amstel.) 
!JixBTY-Six, Fort, S. C— Near Cambridge, Abbeville district. 
Niobrara, Fort, Nebr. — Cherry County, on Niobrara River, opi)osite mouth of 

Minnichudza River. 
Noble, Camp, Ind. — Near New Albany. 
Noble, Battery, Tenn. — Near Knoxville. 
^Noddles Island, Fort on, Mass.— In Boston Harbor. 

Noel, Fort, Fla.— Latitude 80^ 16', longitude 83' 50' ; on the road to Tallahassee. 

NoGALEs, Fort, Miss. — On Mississippi River, at Walnut Hills. 

NoMiNAC, Fort, Pa. — On west bank of Delaware River. 

Nonsense, Fort, Conn.— Near New London; also called Fort Folly. 

Nonsense, Fort, N. J.— Near Morristown. 

Nooks Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— Near Boston. 

NoRBaiBEGA, Fort, Me. — On Penobscot River. 

Norfolk, Fort, Va.— One mile north of Norfolk. 

Normandy, Blockhouse at, Tenn. — On Chattanooga and Nashville Railroad. 

Norridgewock, Fort, Me. 

NoRRis, Fort, Pa.— On Lehigh River. 
I'^ORTH, Battery, Mass. 
I North, Battery, N.Y. 
I North, Fort, Va. 

Northampton, Fortifications at, Mass. 

North Bend, Blockhouse at, Ohio. 

North Carolina Arsenal, N. C— At Fayetteville. 

North Castle, Fortifications, N. Y. 

North Cliff Battery, N. Y. 

North Dakota State Soldiers* Home, Lisbon, N. Dak. 

North Edisto Inlet, Fortifications on, S. C. 

Northern, Camp, Ga.— At Griffin. 
""^orthfieu). Fortifications at, Mass. 

North Fork of the Canadian, Cantonment on, Ind. T.— Seventy miles from 

North EEero, Blockhouse at, Vt.— At Dutchmans Point. 

North Island, Fort on, Me. 

North Point, Fort at, Md.— Fort Howard. 

North Point Battery, R. I. —On Narragansett Bay. 

North Riysr, Battery on, N. Y.— New York City. 


North Santee, Redoubt on, S. C. — Mouth of North Santee River. 
Northwestern Branch National Home, Wis.— Milwaukee County. 
North Yarmouth, Stockades at, Me.— On Royal River. 
Norton, Fort, Ga. — Twenty-two miles southeast from Fort Floyd. 
Norton's Blockhouse, Ohio. 
NuGEN, Fort, Wash.— On Whidbys Island. 

UKE Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— Near Boston. 
NuLATO, Fort, Alaska.— On Yukon River. 
Nutter's Battery, N. Y.— Near McGowans Pass. 
Nutter's Fort, W. Va. 
Nye, Camp, Nev. — ^Near Carson City. 
Oak Creek, Fort on, Tex.— Fort Chadboume. 
Oak Island, Fort on, N. C— Fort Caswell. 
Oakland, Fort, Fla. — Five miles from Fort Doane. 
Oak Point, Fort, N. C. — At Wilmington. 
Oblong Redoubt, N. Y. — ^Near West Point. 
O'Brien, Fort, Me. 

Observation, Camp, Md.— Near Poolesville. 
Ocilla, Fort, Fla. — Between Ocilla and Wacissa rivers. 
Ocklawaha, Fort, Fla. — Near Apalachicola. 
OCKLOCKONY RivER, FoRT ON, Fla. — Thirty miles from the sea. 
OcKRACOKE Inlet, Fort at, N. C. — Fort Morgan. 
OcMULGEE, Fort, Ga. 
Ogden, Fort, Fla. — De Soto County; now town of that name, near Pease 

River, on Southern Railway. 
Ogeechee, Fort, Ga. — Near the Ogeechee River. 
Oglethorpe (old) Barracks, Ga. — On St. Simons Island. 
Oglethorpe Barracks, Ga. — At Savannah. 
Ogiethorpe, Fort, Qa.— At Savannah. 
Ohio Falls, Fort at, Ind. — Opi)osite Louisville, Ky. 
Ohio State Soldiers' Home, Sandusky, Ohio. 
Ojo Calienti, Camp at, N. Mex. — An outpost of Fort Craig. 
Okanagon, Fort, Wash. — On Columbia River, at its junction with the 

Olden, Camp, N. J. — At Trenton. 
Old Gate General Hospital, Tenn. — At Memphis. 
Old Point Comfort, Fort at, Va. — Fort Monroe. 
Old State General Hospital, Tenn. — At Memphis. 
Old Tappan, Cantonment at, N. J. 
Old Topsail Inlet, Fort, N. C.—{See Topsail Inlet, old.) 
Old Tower, Ga. — On Tybee Island. 
Olive Bend Creek, Stockade, Ohio.— Near Waterford. 
Olmstead, Camp, Va. — ^Near Falls Church. 
Olmus, Camp, Tex. — Near San Antonio. 
Olney, Stephen, Camp, S. C. — At Hilton Head. 


Olympia, Camp, Vt.— At Burlington. 

Omaha Barracks, or Fort, Nkbr.— At Omaha. 

O'Meary, Lunette, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

One, Number, Fort, Fla.— Eleven miles from Indian River. 

One, Number, Fort, Qa.— Near Savannah. 

One, Number, Battery, Ky.— Near Island No. 10. 
^^,-JOne, Number, Fort, Mass.— On Charles River. 

One, Number, Battery, Va.— On Wormsley Creek. 

Oneida, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Bull. 

Onion River, Fort on, Vt. 

Onondaga, Battery, Va. 

Ontario, Fort, N. Y.— At Oswego, on site of old Fort Pepperell. 

Onward, Camp, Ga.— At Savannah. 

Onyades, Fort, N. Y. 

Opelika, Fort, Ala.— At Opelika. 

Oplandt, Fort, N. J.— Near Lewiston. 

Orange (1) Fort, N. Y.— At Bowling Green. 

Orange (2) Fort, N. Y.— At Albany. 

Ord, Camp, Ariz.— Now Fort Apache. 

Oregon, Fort, N. C— At Ocracoke Inlet. 

Oregon State Soldiers' Home, Roseburg, Oreg. 

Orpord, Fort, Oreg.— At Port Orford. 

Orleans, Fort, Mo.— Near mouth of the Osage. 

O'RouRKE, Battery, S. C— On Morris Island. 

O'RouRKE, Fort, Va.— A defense of Washington, D. C. 
j Orr, Camp, Pa.— Near Kittanning. 

Osage, Fort, Mo. — On Missomri River, near present site of Sibley. 

OsAO, Fort, N. Y.— At Auburn. 

Osborne, Camp, Idaho.— At Osbum. 

Osceola, Fort, Ark.— At Plum Point, Mississippi River. 

Osceola Battery, Fla.— At Key West. 

OsoYOOS, Camp, Wash.— On Lake Osoyoos, Okinakane Valley. 

OssABAw Sound, Fortifications at, Ga. 

OssiPEE Pond, Fort at, N. H. 

Oswegatchie, Fort, N. Y.— Near Ogdensburg. 

Oswego, Fort, N. Y.— Present site of Fort Ontario; originally Fort Pepperell. 

Otis, Camp, Hawaii.— At Honolulu. 

Otter Island, Fort on, S. C— St. Helena Sound, Fort Drayton. 

Oxjatanon, or Ouiatenon, or Ouachtanon, Fort, Ind.— On Wabash River, 
near Lafayette. 

Overalls Creek, Blockhouse on, Tenn.— Near Murfreesboro. 

Overton General Hospital, Tenn.— At Memphis. 

Overton Hill, Fortifications on, Tenn.— Five miles south of Nashville. 

Owen, Fort, Mont.— On Bitter Root or St. Marys River. 

Owen, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 


Owyhee River, Camp, Idaho.— Opposite Fort Boise. 
Ox, Fort, N. Y. — Near source of Allegheny. 
^■"••MDxpoRD, Fort at, Mass. 

Oxford Park, Camp at, Pa.— Three miles from Frankford. 
Oyster Bay, Cantonment at, N. Y.— On Long Island. 
Oyster Island Battery, N. Y.— On Ellis Island. 
Oyster River, Me.— Fortified houses on. 
Pacific Branch Soldlera' Home, Cal.— Los Angeled County. 
Paconthetuck, Fort, Vt. 

ddockB Island, Port on, Mass.— Fort Andrews. 
Page, Fort. Va.— Near Williamsburg. 
Pages Point, Battery at, S. C. 
Pagosa Springs,. FottT at, Colo.— Fort Lewis. . 
Paige Camp, Utah.— In San Pete Valley. 
Palachocolas, Fort, S. C— Savannah River. 
Palatka Ordnance Depot, Fla. —At Palatka. 
Palmer Island, Fort on, Md.— Fort Susquehanna. 
Palmer, Camp, N. C— Near Newbem. 

Palmer, Fort, Pa. — Westmoreland County; now town of that name. 
Palmer, Lunette, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 
Palmer, Camp, Va. — ^Near Arlington. 
Palmetto, Fort, S. C— At Stono Inlet. 
Palo Alto, Camp, Tex.— About 5 miles below Brownsville. 
Panama Park, Camp, Fla.— At Jacksonville. 
Panmure, Fort, Miss,— At Natchez. 
Parapet, Camp, La.— Near Carrollton. 
Pardees Ranch, Post, Cal.— On old Trinity Trail. 
Parker, Fort, Mont. 

Paris, Fort, N. Y.— At Stone Arabia, Mohawk Valley. 
Parish's Fort, Wis.— At Wingville. 
Parke, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 
Parker, Fort, Fla. — At Cooks Hammock. 
Parole, Camp, Md. — Near Annapolis. 
Parrots Point, Battery at, Md.— Opposite St. Michaels. 
Parrott, Battery, D. C. — Potomac River, above Georgetown. 
Parsons, Battery, Va.— At Curtis' House, near Bermuda Hundred. 
Passamaquoddy, Defenses of, Me. 
Pass au Heron, Tower, Ala.— At Mobile Bay. 
Passo Cavallo, Fortifications at, Tex. 
Patapsco, Fort, Md. — Below Baltimore, in Patapsco River. 
Patience, Fort, Va.— At Henrico. 
Patrick Henry, Camp, Miss.— At Jackson. 
Patrick Henry, Fort, Tenn.— On Holston River. 
Patterson, Camp, Pa.— Near Chambersburg. 
Patterson Park General Hospital, Md.— At Baltimore. 


Pattersonville, Fortifications at, La. 

Pauix's Fort, W. Va. 

Paulus Hook, Fort, N. J.— At Jersey City. 

Pavlovski, Fort, Alaska.— Near Kenayan Bay. 

Pawnee Agency, Camp at, Nebr. 

Payne, Camp, Wyo.— Near Fort Laramie. 

Pay'NE, Fort, Ala.— DeKalb County; now town of that name. 

Payne, Fort, III. 

Pea Patch Island, Fort on, Del.— Fort Delaware. 

Pease, Fort, Mont.— On the Yellowstone River. 

Peat Bay, Reservation on. La. 

Pecan, Camp, Tex.— Near Colorado River. 

Pecks Slip, Redoubt at, N. Y.— New York City. 

Peoan (or Pagan) Creek, Battery at, Va. 

Pegypscot Falia, Fort at, Me. 
-Pelham, Fort, Mass. 

Pelican Spit, Reservation at, Tex. 

Pemaquid, Fort at. Me.— Fort Charles. 

Pembina, Fort, N. Dak.— On Red River of the North; first called Fort George 
H. Thomas. 

Pemberton, Fort, Miss.— Near Greenwood. 

Pemberton, Fort, S. C. — On Stono River, near Charleston. 

Pena Colorado, Camp, Tex.— Near Marathon Station, Southern Pacific Rail- 

Pendelton, Fort, Md.— In Garrett County. 

Pendleton, Fort, Va.— Near Romney. 

Peninsula Island, Reservation, Cal. 

Penn, Fort, Pa.— At Stroudsburg. 
Pennacook, Fort at, N. H. 

Pennington, Cantonment, N. J.— At Trenton. 

Penns Cove Reservation, Wash.— On Whidby Island. 

Pennsylvania, Fort, D. C— Northeast of Tennallytown. 

Pennsylvania, Camp, Md.— Near Fort McHenry. 

Pennsylvania State Soldiers' Home, Erie, Pa. 

Penobscot, Fort, Me. 

Penobscot Bay and River. Fort on, Me.— At the narrows of the Penobscot. 

Penrose FERRy, Battery at. Pa. 

Pensacola Barracks, Fla.— At Pensacola. . 

Pensacola Battery, Fla.— On Santa Rosa Island,* at Fort Pickens. 

Pensacola Navy Yard, Fla. — At Pensacola. 

Pentagoet, Fort, Me.— At Castine. 

Penton, Fort, Fla.— Nineteen miles from Indian River. 

Pepperell, Fort, Me. 

Pepperell, Fort, N. Y. — Present site of Fort Ontario. 

Pequod, Fort, Ky.— Two miles west of Portersville. 


Pequod, Fort, Conn.— On Mystic River. 

Peralto Station, N. Mex. — On Rio Grande, near Albuquerque. 

Perdido Bay and River, Reservation, Fla. 

Ferine, Camp, N. J.— At Trenton. 

Perkins, Camp, Conn. — At New Haven. 

Perrot, Fort, Minn. — Also called Fort Bon Secours. 

Perry, Fort, Ga. — In Marion County. 

Perry, Battery, Ky.— Near Covington. 

Perry Battery, Va. — On the James River. 

Petite Coquille, Fort at, La.— Fort Pike. 

Pettus, Camp, Miss.— Near Enterprise. 

Peyton, Fort, Fla.— On Moultrie Creek, near Anastasia. 

Peyton, Fort, Fla. — On Anastasia Island, near St. Augustine. 

Phantom Hill, Fort, Tex.— On Clear Fork of Brazos River. 

Phelps, Fort, Tenn. — Near Missionary Ridge. 

Phelps, Camp, Tex. — On Rio Grande opposite Los Cueras. 

Philadelphia Arsenal, Pa.— Schuylkill Arsenal. 

Philadelphia National Cemetery, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 

Philip, Fort, La. — Mississippi River, in Plaquemine County. (See Fort St. 

Philip. ) 
Phil Kearny, Fort, Wyo. — On Powder River. (See Kearny.) 
Phil Kearny, Battery, Ky.— Near Newport. (See Kearny, Phil.) 
Phillips, Fort, Mass. — At Plum Island. 
Phillips, Battery, Miss.— At Corinth. 
Phillips, Fort, Pa. — Near Williamsburg. 
Philpot, Fort, Ky.— At Louisville. 
Phcenix, Camp, Ind. T.— Subsequently Fort Towson. 
Phoenix, Fort, Mass. — New Bedford Harbor, near Fairhaven. 
Piatt, Camp, Va. — Ten miles above Charleston. 
PicxjATiNY Powder Depot, N. J. 

PiCKAWiLLANY BLOCKHOUSES, OHIO. — On Great Miami, in Shelby County. 
Pickens, Fort, Fla. — On Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Harbor. 
Pickens, Camp, Va. — At Manassas Junction. 
Pickering, Fort, Ga.— At Colerain. 

-"ij^iCKERiNG, Fort, Mass. — On Winter Island, Salem Harbor, 
r " . ' Pickering, Fort, Tenn.— At Memphis. 
/ Pickett, Camp, Wash. — On San Juan Island. 

Pierce, Fort, Ala.— On Alabama River, 2 miles south of Fort Mimms. 
Pierce, Fort, Fla.— On St. Ducie Sound, Brevard County; now town of that 

Pierce, Camp, N. C. — At Newbem. 
Pierpont, Camp, Va. — At Ceredo, Wayne County. 
Pierpont, Camp, Va. — Prospect Hill, Fairfax County. 

Pierre, Fort, S. Dak. — Stanley County; now town of that name; on Missonri 
River, opposite Pierre. 



PiGGOT's Fort, III.— Near Columbia. 

Pig Point, Battery at, Va. — South of Newi)ort News. 

Pike, Fort, La.— On the island of Petite Coquille. 

Pike, Fort, Mo. — On Des Moines River, 10 miles above its mouth. 

Pike, Fort, N. Y.— Near Sacket Harbor. 

PiKE*s Cantonment, N. Y.— Three miles west of Plattsburg. 

Pikes Peak Reservation, Colo. — Signal Service Reservation. 

Pike's Stockade, Minn. — At the falls of Painted Rock, upper Mississippi River. 

PiKESViLLE Arsenal, Md.— At Pikesville. 

Pillow, Fort, Tenn. — Mississippi River, 40 miles above Memphis. 

Pilot Butte, Camp, Wyo.— At Rock Springs. 

Pilot Knob, Fort at, Mo.— In Iron County. 

Pinal, Camp, Ariz. — In Pinal Mountains; name changed to Infantry Camp. 

PmcKNEY, Camp, Ga.— In Charlton Coimty. 

PiNCKNEY, Castle, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

Pine Ridoe Agency, Camp at, S. Dak. 

Pines, Point of. Fort at, S. C— Fort Edisto. 

Piney, Fort, Wyo.— On Piney Creek, in Uintah Coimty. 

Pinto, Fort, Ala.— Near Mobile. 

Piper's Fort, Pa.— In Bedford County. 

PiQUA, Fort, Ohio. — On Miami River, present site of Piqua. 

Piscataway, Fort at mouth of the, Md.— Fort Washington. 

Pitt, Fort, N. Y.— New York City. 

Pitt, Fort, Pa.— At Pittsburg. 

Pitt's Fort, Tenn.— At Cumberland Gap. 

Pittsburg Landing, National Cemetery at, Tenn.— Shiloh National Cemetery. 

PiTTSFiELD, Reservation at, Mass.— In Berkshire County. 

PiTTSFORD, Fort at, Vt.— Fort Mott. 

PiTTSTOWN, Redoubt, Pa. — Near Wilkesbarre. 

Plattesville, Fort at, Wis. — In Grant County. 

Plain, Fort, N. Y. — Montgomery County; on Mohawk River, near mouth of 

Oquago Creek ; now town of that name, on the New York Central Railroad. 
Plank, Fort, N. Y. — On Mohawk River, about 10 miles northwest of Fort 

Plaquemine, Fort, La.— On Mississippi River; now Fort St. Philip. 
Platte, Fort, Nebr. — At junction of Laramie and Platte rivers. 
Plattsburg Barracks, N. Y.— At Plattsburg. 
Pleasant, Fort, Fla. — On Econfinee River. 
I^LEASANT, Fort, W. Va.- On south branch of the Potomac. 

xjm Island, Fort on, Mass. — Merrimac River, in Newburyport Harbor; Fort 

^UMB Island, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Terry. 
ftiUME, Joseph W., Camp, N. Y.— At Buffalo. 
Summer, Camp, N. Mex. — Name changed to Fort Lowell. 
Plum Point, Fort, N. Y.— On Hudson River. 


Plymouth, Fort at, Mass. --Fort Standish. 

Plymouth, Defenses of, N. C. 

Plymouth, Fort at, Pa.— In LaaEeme Cotinty. 

Pocahontas, Camp, Va.— Near Eastville. 

Pocahontas, Fort, Va. — On James River, at Wilsons Landing. 

Poco, Camp. Va.— On the Kanawha River. 

Poinsett, Fort, Fla.— At Cape Sable. 

Point, Fort, Cal.— At Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay; now Port 

Winfield Scott. 
Point, Fort, Conn.— At Fitchs Point, near Nor walk. 
Point, Fort, Me.— At Castine. 
Point, Fort, Md.— At Annapolis. 
Point, Fort, Mass.— Present site of Fort Phoenix. 
Point, Battery, S. C— On Sullivans Island. 
Point, Fort, Tex.— Name changed to Fort San Jacinto. 
Point Creek, Fortifications on, Ohio. 
Point Hudson Reservation, Wash.— Near Port Townsend. 
Point Isabel, Fort at, Tex.— Fort Polk. 
Point Lobos, Fort at, Cal.— Fort Miley. 
Point Lookout, Camp at, Md.— Camp Hoffman. 
Point Lorn a. Reservation, Cal.— At Loma Point. 
Point of Rocks, Battery at, N. Y.— Near Harlem. 
Point Patience, Fort on, Md.— On Patuxent River. 
Point Peter. Battery at, Ga. — On St. Marys River. 
Point Pleasant, Battery at. Mo.— On Mississippi River, 12 miles below New 

Point Roberts Reservation, Wash.— On Pnget Sound. 
Point San Jose, Fort at, Cal.— Now Fort Mason. 
Point Wilson Reservation, Wash. — Entrance to Admiralty Inlet. 
Poland, Camp, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 
Polk, Camp, Idaho. 
Polk, Camp, Tenn.— On Island No. 10. 

Polk, Fort, Tex.— At Point Isabel, Gulf of Mexico. ' 

Pompky," Fort at, N. Y. — Ancient fortifications at. 
Pompton Plains, Camp at, N. J. 

PoNCA OR Ponka, Fort, S. Dak.— Missouri River at the Ponca Agency. 
PONCAS Island, Camp, Nebr. — On Missouri River, near mouth of Ponca Creek. 
Pond, Fort, Mo. — In St. Charles County, near Wentzville.* 
Pond Creek, Camp, Kans.— Name changed to Fort Wallace. 
Pond Hill, Battery, N. C— Near Fort Fisher. 
Pontchartrain, Fort, Mich.— At Detroit. 

ontoosack. Fort, Mass. — Housatonic River. 
Pool's Fort, Cal. — On Kings River, Fresno County. 
Pooplopens Kill, Fort, N. Y.— In the Highlands. 
Popham, Fort, Me. — On Hunnewells Point, mouth of Kennebec River. 


Poplar Qrove National Cemetery, Va.— Near Petersburg. 

PoPLAB BivEB. Camp, Mont.— Near Poplar Creek Agency. 

PoPOSQUASH Neck, Battery at, R. I.— Narragansett Bay. 

Portage, Fort, Ohio. —On the Portage River, in Wood County. 

Portage des Sieux, Fort, Mo.— On Mississippi River, near Belief ontaine. 

Port Angeles and Ediz Hook Reservation, Wash.— In Callam County. 

Porter, Fort, Me.— At Castine. 

Porter, Fort, N. Y.— At Buffalo. 

Porter Camp, Utah.— In San Pete Valley. 

Port Hudson, Fortifications at. La. 

Port Hudson NatknMl Cemetery, La.— At Port Hudson. 

PortlMid Head, Fort at, Me Fort Williams. 

Port Royal Roads. Forts at, S. C. 
Portsmouth, Battery at, N. C— At Portsmouth. 

Possum Nose, Battery at, Va. — On Potomac River, below Cockpit Point. 

Potato Battery, Md.— At Havre de Grace. 

Potomac Creek, Batteries on, Va.— On Lower Potomac. 

Potter's Fort, Pa.— In Center County. 

Potter, Camp, Va. — Near Bermuda Hundred. 

Poverty Point, Fort at, La.— Fort Mississippi. 

Powder Point, Battery on, Mo.— At St. Louis. 

Powder River, Fort on. Dak.— Fort Phil Kearny. 

Powell, Fort, Ala. — On Heron Island, Mobile Bay. 

Powell, Fort, Miss.— Near Corinth. 

Powell, Fort, W. Va. 

Powers, Camp, Me — At Augusta. 

Powhattan, Fort, Va.— On James River, near Little Brandon. 

PowLES Hook, Fort at, N. J. — Same as Paulus Hook. 

PowNALL, Fort, Me.— At Castine. 

Prairie du Chien, Fort at. Wis.— Fort Crawford. 

Prairie Island, Stockade on, Minn.— Naar Lake Pepin. 

Preble, Fort, Me. — At Spring Point, in Portland Harbor. 

Prentiss, Camp, Cal. — Near San Bernardino. 

Prentiss, Fort, III. — At Cairo. 

Pbescott Barracks, Ariz. — Now Whipple Barracks. 

Prescott, Camp, Md.— Near Damestown. 

Prescott, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 

Presentation, Fort, N. Y. — At Ogdensburg. 

Presidio of Monterey, Cal. — At Monterey. 

Presidio of San Diego, Cal. — At San Diego. 

Presidio of San Francisco, Cat.— At San Francisco. 

Presidio of Santa Barbara, Cal. — At Santa Barbara. 

pRESQUE Isle, Fort at. Pa. — Fort Erie. 

Preston, Fort, Fla. — On Apalachicola River. 

Price, Camp, Ga.— At Macon. 


Pricket's Fort, W. Va. — On Monongahela River, 12 miles above Morgantown. 

Prince, Fort, N. Y.— At Kings Bridge. 

Prince Charles, Redoubt, N. Y.— On Valentines Hill, southeastern part of the 

Prince George, Fort, Ga. 

• Prince George, Fort, S. C— On Savannah River, 300 miles from Charleston. 
Prince Maurice, Fort, N. Y. — On Hudson River. 
Prince William, Fort, Me.— At Pemaquid. 
Pringle, Battery, S. C— On James Island. 
Prior, Camp, Ga. — Near Macon. 
Proctors Landing, or Proctorsville Tower, La. 
Protection Island, Reservation, Cal. — Opposite Protection Island, entrance 

to Port Discovery. 
Providence, Fort at, R. I.— On College Hill. 
Province Island, Fortifications on, Pa.— Near Fort Miflin. 
*ROViNCETOWN, BATTERY AT, Mass. — Long Poiut. Battery. 
Prudhomme, Fort, III. — One hundred and eighty miles above the mouth of 

Illinois River. 

Prudhomme, Fort, Tenn.— Near Memphis. 

Pruyn Battery, Va. — ^Near Richmond. 

Pueblo, Fort, Ark. — On Arkansas River above Fort Bent. 

Pueblo, Fort at, Colo.— Fort Reynolds. 

Puget Sound Narrows, Reservation, Wash. 

Pulaski, Fort, Qa. — On Cockspur Island, Savannah Harbor. 

PuLESTON, Camp, Pa. — Near Philadelphia. 

PuNGOTEAGUE Inlet, Battery AT, Va. — On Chesapeake Bay. 
Puntarassa, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Dulany. 

PuRViANCE, Battery, S. C— On Morris Island. 

Put-in-Bay, Blockhouse and Battery at, Ohio. 

Putnam, Fort, N. Y. — On Mount Independence, West Point. 

Putnam, Camp, Ohio. 

Putnam, Fort, S. C. — At Cummings Point, Charleston Harbor. 

Putnam Redoubt, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

Putney Fort, Vt.— On the Connecticut River, in Windham County. 

Quakers Hill, Post on, R. I. 

QuANTico River, Battery near, Va. 

Quarantine, Fort, N. C. — Cape Fear River, near Fort Fisher. 

QuATRE Bayou Pass Reservation, La. 

Queen Anne's, Fort, R. I.— On Goat Island, subsite of Fort Walcott. 

Quincy National Cemetery, 111.— At Quincy. 

Quintons Bridge, Breastworks, N. J. — Five miles southeast from Salem. 

Quitman, Fort. Tex. — On the Rio Grande, near El Paso. 

Racoon, Fort, Iowa. — Afterwards Fort Des Moines. 

Radziminski, Camp, Ind. T. — On Otter Creek. 

Rains, Col., Fort, Ky. — At Cumberland Gap. 


Raleigh National Cemetery, N. C— At Raleigh. 

Rampart, Camp, Alaska. — At Rampart City. 

Bahsat, Fort, Va.— A defense of Washington, D.C. 

Ramsay, Battery, S. C— On James Island. 

Ramsey, Camp, Minn.— Near St. Paul. 

Ramsours Mill, Camp near, N. C— In Lincoln County, 1780. 

Rancho del Chino, Post, Cal. — ^Thirty miles southeast from Los Angeles. 

Rancho de Jurupa, Post, Cal. — On Santa Anna River. 

Randall, Fort, S. Dak.— Gregory County, on Missouri River, near Nebraska 

border ; now town of that name. 
Randall, Camp, Wis. — At Madison. 

Randolph, Camp, Oreo.— On Three Mile Creek, near Fort Dalles. 
Randolph, Fort, Tenn.— At Randolph. 
Randolph, Fort, W. Va.— Mouth of Great Kanawha. 
Ranger, Fort, Vermont. 
Rankin's Fort, Ala.— Near Mobile River. 

Rankin, Camp, Colo.— At Julesburg; name changed to Fort Sedgwick. 
Ransom, Fort, N. Dak. — Ransom County, on Cheyenne River; now town of 

that name. 
Ransom, Battery, Miss.— At Vicksburg. 
Rapp, Camp, D. C— At Kendall Green, Washington. 

Rawuns, Camp, Ariz.— In Williamsons Valley, 27 miles northwest of Prescott. 
Rawlins, Fort, Miss.— At Vicksburg. 
Rawuns Fort, Utah.— Near Provo City. 
Raystown, Fort. Pa.— On Raystown Branch. 
Reading, Fort, Cal.— In Shasta County. 
Reading, Fort, Pa,— On west bank of Delaware River, 
Record General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 
Recovery, Fort, Ohio. — Mercer County; now town of that name, on Lake 

Erie and Western Railroad. 
Red, Fort, Ala.— Near Spanish Fort. 
Red Redoubt, Va.— At Yorktown. 
Redan, Fort, Tenn.— Above Isftind No. 10. 
Red Bank, Redoubt, N. J.— Near Fort Mifflin. 
Red Hook, Battery at, N. Y.— Southwest comer of Long Island. 
Red River, Fort on. Ark. 

Red Rock, Reservation, Cal.— Molate Island, San Francisco Harbor. 
Hedstone, Fort, Pa.— On site of Brownsville. 
Red Willow, Camp, Nebr.— Near Republican River, 1 mile above mouth of 

Red Willow Creek. 
Reed, Fort, Fla.— Near Lake Monroe, in Orange County; now town of that 

Reed, Camp, Idaho. — On Snake River. 
Reed, Fort, N. Y.— In Schoharie County. 
Rbed, Camp, Va. — ^Near Alexandria. 

16066— -6 


Reed's Fort, Pa. — In Lochhaven, near Erie. 

Reeves Point, Fortifications on, N. C. — Near Wilmington. 

Rehoboth, Fortifications at, Mass. 

Reilly, Camp, Pa. — ^Near Williamsport. 

Reiter, Fort, Ark. — Near Helena. 

Release, Camp, Minn. — ^Near mouth of Chippewa River. 

Reliance, Fort, Alaska. — On the Yukon River. 

Relief, Camp, D. C. — At Washington. 

Relief, Camp, Tex. — At Eagle Springs, Cimbria River. 

Reme Snyder's Blockhoctse, N. Y. — Northeast of Little Falls. 

Remount, Camp, Md. — In Pleasant Valley. 

Remount, Camp, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Reno, Camp, Ariz. — In Tonto Valley. 

Reno, Fort, D. C. — Northeast of Tennallytown. 

Reno, Camp, N. C. — At Newbern. 

Reno, Fort, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 

Reno, Fort, Okla. — On north fork of Canadian River, 2 miles southwest of tl 

Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency. 
Reno, Fort, Va. — Near Portsmouth. 
Reno, Camp, Wis. — At Milwaukee. 

Reno, Fort, Wyo. — On Powder River; first called Fort Connor. 
Reno, Fort, Wyo. — On Powder River, 3 miles north of old Fort Reno. 
Reno, Cantonment, Wyo. — Name changed to Fort McKinney. 
Rensselaer, Fort, N. Y.— At Canajoharie, in Mohawk Valley. 
Republic, Fort, Va. — On south fork of the Shenandoah. 
Resaca, Fortifications at, Ga. 
Resurrection, Fort, Alaska. — On southern coast. 
Return, Camp, Pa. — ^Near Harrisburg. 
Revere, Fort, Mass.— At Hull. 
Reviers, Fort, Ala. — Between Alabama and Tombigbee rivers. 
Reynolds, Camp, Cal.— On Angel Island; now Fort McDowell. 
Reynolds, Fort, Colo. — On the Arkansas, 2 miles from Boonesville. 
Reynolds, Joe, Camp, Ind. — Near IndianapoUl. 
Reynolds, Camp, Mont.— South bank of the Sun River; name changed to Fc 

Reynolds, Camp, Pa.— At Pittsburg. 
Reynolds, Fort, Pa. — In Washington County. 
Reynolds, Battery, S. C. — On Morris Island. 
Reynolds, Fort, Va. — Three miles northwest of Alexandria. 
Rhode Island, Fort, R. I. 

Rhode Island State Soldiers' Home, Bristol, R. I. 
Rice's Fort, Mass. — At Charleroi. 
Rice, Fort, N. Dak. — On Missouri River, Morton County; now town of th 

Rice, Fort, Pa.— Near Washington ville. 


Bice, Camp, Tkx.— Name changed to Fort Hancock. 

Rick, Fort, Va. — Near Petersburg. 

Rice's Fort, W. Va.— On Buffalo Creek, 14 miles from Ohio River. 

Richards, Fort, W. Va.— On the Monongahela. 

Richardson, Fort, Miss.— Near Corinth. 

Richardson, Fort, Tex. — On Lost Creek, near Jacksboro. 

Richardson, Fort, Va. — About 8 miles from Washington, D. C. 

Richmond, Fort, Me. — On west bank of the Kennebec, opposite Swan Island. 

Richmond, Fort, N. Y. — On Staten Island; now Fort Wadsworth. 

Richmond, Battery, N. Y — At Fort Wadsworth. 

nRichmond Arsenal, Va. — Near Richmond. 

Richmond National Cemetery, Va.— At Richmond. 

Richmond. Fort, Va. — On battle ground of Fair Oaks. 

Rickets, Fort, W. Va. 

Ricketts, Fort, D. C— East of the Eastern Branch. 

Ricketts, Camp, TEx.^At Edinburg, on Rio Grande. 

Rickey, Fort, N. Y. 

Riddle's Fort, Ky. — At forks of the Licking. 

Riddle's Fort, W. Va. — On Lost River. 

RiDGELY, Fort, Minn. — Nicollet County, on the Minnesota River; now town 
of that name. 

Rigk)Lets, Fort at, La.— Near Lake Pontchartrain ; Fort Pike. 

Rikers Island, Draft Depot at, N. Y. 

Riley, Camp, Cal. — Twelve miles from San Diego. 

Riley, Fort, Kans. — Near Junction City; first called Camp Centre. 

Riley, Fort, Tenn.— Near Nashville. 

Riley, Fort, Tex. — On Las Moras Creek; now Fort Clark. 

Ringgold, Fort, Tex.— Near Rio Grande City. 

Rio Gila, Depot, N. Mex. — South of the Mogollon Mountains. 

Rio Verde Reservation, Ariz. — Indian Reservation. 

Ripley, Fort, Md. — Two miles above Chain Bridge, D. C. 

Ripley, Fort, Minn. — Crow Wing County, near Mississippi River; now town 
of that name ; first called Fort Gaines. 

Ripley, Fort, S. C. — In Charleston Harbor. 

Hip Raps, Fort on the, V a.— Fort Wool. 

JliTNER, Fort, Ind — Lawrence County ; now town of that name. 

HoACH, Fort, Kans.— Southern border of Neosho County. 

HoANOKE, Fort at, N. C. 

HoANOKE Island, Forts on, N. C. — Forts Barton, Blanchard, Bumside, Defi- 
ance, Forrest, Foster, Huger, Lane, Monteil, Parke, Reno, Russell, and 

BoBERDEAU, FoRT, Pa. — In Sinking Valley; also known as Lead Mine Fort. 

Roberts Point Reservation, Wash. — (See Point Roberts.) 

RoBiNETTE, Fort, Miss. — Near Corinth. 

Robinson, Fort, Nebr.— On White River, at the Red Cloud Agency. 


Robinsons Point, Battery at, Me. — St. Georges River. 
Rock, Fort, Conn.— Now Fort Hale. 

Rockfort, Fort, III.— On Illinois River, in Lasalle County. 
Rock Island National Cemetery, III. — Rock Island. 
Rock Island Armory and Arsenal, III. — On Rock Island. 
. Rock Point, Fort at, Md.— Fort Smallwood. 
Rock Springs, Camp at, Wyo.— Camp Pilot Butte. 
RODGERS, Camp, Fla.— At Ybor City. 
Rodger's Bastion, Md.— At Baltimore. 
RoDGERS, Battery, Va. — At Alexandria. 
-" R odman, Fort, Mass.— Near New Bedford. 
Rodman, Fort, Va.— Near Portsmouth. 
Rodmans Point, Battery at, N. C— Near Washington. 
Rogue River, Camp, Oreg. — At mouth of Rogue River. 
Roller's Fort, Pa.— In Sinking Valley. 
Rome Arsenal, N. Y — At Rome. 

Roney's Fort, Pa.— In Finley Township, Washington Coimty. 
Rosa, Fort, Fla.— Latitude 20° 19', longitude S?** 14'. 
Rosalie, Fort, Miss.— At Natchez. 
Rosecrans, Fort, Cal.— At San Diego. 
RosECRANS, Camp, III.— Near Quincy. 
Rosecrans, Fort, Tenn.— At Murfreesboro. 
Rosecrans Battery, Va.— Near Suffolk. 
RosEDOw, Fort, Ga.— On Little Ogeechee River. 
Rose Island, Fort on, R. I. — Fort Hamilton. 
Ross, Fort, Cal.— Sonoma County, on the coast, 40 miles north of Bodega Bay; 

now town of that name. 
Hoss, Fort, Tenn.— On Tennessee River. 
RossELL, Battery, D. C. — Near Tennallytown. 
RouBiDEAu's Fort, Colo. 
Round Island Reservation, Miss. 
Rouses Point, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Montgomery. 
Rowan, Fort, N. C. — Near Newbern. 
Rowley, Cantonment, Md.— On Potomac River, near the Great Falls. 

oxbury, Fort, Mass. — Near Boston. 
Royal, Fort, Me.— At Portland. {See Fort Loyal.) 
Royal Blockhouse, N. Y.— East end of Oneida Lake. 
Royal Blockhouse, N. Y.— On Wood Creek. 
Royal, Fort, Va.— On Pamunkey River. 
Royalhannon, Fort, Vx.—{See Loyal Hanna and Ligonier.) 
Ruby, Fort, Nev.— In Ruby Valley. 
RucKER, Camp, Va.— Near Falls Church. 

RucKER, J. A., Camp, Ariz.— In White River Canyon; first called Camp Supply. 
Ruddle's Fort, Ky.— On Licking River. (/See Riddle's. ) 
Ruff, Camp, N. J.— At Camden. 


Ruff, Cajip, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 

BuoELEYS Mills, Camp at, S. C— During War of Revolution. 

RuGGLES, Camp, Nebr.— North fork of Loup River, about 2 miles from Fort 

RuHLEN, Camp, S. Dak.— Now Fort Meade. 

Rupert, Fort, Wash.— On Vancouvers Island. 

Russell, Fort, Fla.— On Orange Lake Creek, about 6 miles from Tampa. 

Russell, Fort, III.— Near Edwardsville. 

Russell, Camp, Ind. T.— Near Fort Reno. 

Russel's Garrison, Me.— At Dartmouth. 

Russell, Battery, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 

Russell, Camp, Oreg.— Near Salem. 

Russell, Fort, Tenn.— At Loudon. 

Russell, D. A., Fort, Wyo.— Three miles from Cheyenne. 

Russell, Dan, Camp, N. C— At Raleigh. 

Rutgers Hill, Battery, N. Y.— New York City. 

Rutland, Fortifications at, Vt. 

RuTLEDGE, Battery, S. C. 

Ryan, Battery, S. C. — On James Island. 

Sabine, Fort, La. — On Sabine Lake, 3 miles below Sabine City. 

Sabine, Fort, Tex. — In Sabine Pass, Jefferson County. 

Sacandaga, Blockhouse at, N. Y. — In Schoharie County. 

Sac and Fox Agency, Iowa. 

Saco, Fort, Me. — On Saco River, near the falls. 

Sacket Camp, Va. — Near Alexandria. 

Sacket Harbor, Post at, N. Y.— Madison Barracks. 

Sackville, Fort, Ind. — At Vincennes. 

Sacramento, Fort at, Cal. — Sutters Fort. 

Sadler, Camp, Nev. — At Carson City. 

Saguina, or Saginaw, Bay, Fort at, Mich. — On Lake Huron. 

St. Andrews Sound, Fort at, Ga. — On Cumberland Island. 

St. Anne, Fort, N. Y. — Isle La Motte, Lake Champlain; also called Fort La 

St. Anthony, Fort, Minn.— Name changed to Fort Snelling. 

St. Asaphs, Fort, Ky. — ^Also called Logan's Fort. 

St. Augustine, Fort at, Fla. — Now Fort Marion. 

St, Aus^ustine National Cemetery, Fla.- St. Augustine. 

St. Bernard. Fort, Fla. — At Pensacola. 

8r. Bernard Bay, Fort on, Tex. 

St. Carlos, Fort, Fla.— Near Femandina. 

Sr. Catherines Sound, Fortifications at, Ga. 

Sr. Charles, Battery, Ark.— Near White River. 

St. CIJharles or San Carlos, Fort, Fla.— Now Fort Barrancas. 

St. Charles, Fort, La. — At New Orleans. 

St. Charles, Fort, Me.— At Pemaquid.. 


St. Charles, Fort, Mo.— In St. Louis. 
St. Clair, Fort, Ohio.— On St. Clair River, near Eaton. 
St. Clair Morton, Fort, Ky. — Near Louisville. {See Morton, St. Clair.) 
St. Croix Island, Fort, Me. — In Schoodic River. 
St. Dionysius, Redoubt, Alaska.— At Fort Wrangel. 
St. Elizabeth General Hospital, D. C. — At Washington. 
St. Ferdinand, Fort, La. — At New Orleans. 
St. Fernando, Fort, Tenn. — About 3 miles from Memphis. 
St. Francis, Fort, Ark. — Mouth of St. Francis River. 
St. Francis Barracks, Fla.— At St. Augustine. 
St. Francis de Pupa, Fort, Fla. — On St. Johns River. 
St. Frederic, Fort, N. Y. — On Lake Champlain, near Crownpoint. 
St. George, Fort, Fla.— On Amelia Island^ 
St. George, Fort, Me. — At Phippsburg. 
St. George, Fort, Me.— .At Thomaston. 
St. George, Fort, N. Y. — On Long Island, near Mastic. 
St. George, Fort, R. I. 
St. Georges Bay and River, Fort on, Me. 
St. Georges Sound, Reservation, Fla. 
St. Helena Sound, Fort on, S. C— Fort Fremont. 
St. Inigoes, Fort, Md. — Near St. Marys. 
St. James General Hospital, La.— At New Orleans. 
St. John, Fort, La. — On Lake Pontchartrain, near New Orleans. 
St. John, Fort, N. Y. 
St. John, Camp, Va. — In Fairfax County. 

St. Johns Bluff, Battery at, Fla. — Mouth of St. Johns River. 
St. Johns Hill, Battery at, Ky.— Near Newport. 
St. John the Baptist Fort, N. Mex. — On the Rio del Norte. 
St. John the Baptist, Fort, Tex. — On the west bank of the Rio Bravo. 
St. Josephs, Fort, Fla.— On St. Josephs Bay. 
St. Joseph, Fort, III.— Near head of Illinois River. 
St. Joseph, Fort, La.— At New Orleans; 

St. Joseph, Fort, Mich.— On Lake Huron, present site of Fort Gratiot. 
St. Joseph's General Hospital.— In New York City. 
St. Josephs River, Fort at, Mich.— At mouth ot River. 
St. Leon, Fort, La.— Fifteen miles below New Orleans. 
St. Louis, Fort, III.— At Rockford. 
St. Louis, Fort, La. — At New Orleans. 
St. Louis General Hospital, La.— At New Orleans. 
St. Louis, Fort, Miss. — Bay of Biloxi. 
St. Louis Powder Depot, Mo.— At Jefferson Barracks. 
St. Louis Barracks, Mo.— At St. Louis. 
•St. Louis Clothing Depot, Mo.— At St. Louis. 
St. Louis, Fort, Tex.— Near Matagorda Bay. 
St. Louis de Carloretto, Fort, Tex.— On the Natchitoches Riv^r. 


St. Louis de la Mobile, Fort, Ala. — ^On Mobile Bay. 
St. Marks, Fort, Fla.— On St. Marks Biver. 

St. Marks, Fort, Ohio.— In Mercer County, present site of town of same name. 
St. Marys, Fort, Ohio.— Present site of town of that name. 
St. Marts, Fort at, Md.— On Potomac River; Fort St. Inigoes. 
St. Marys, Fort, Mich.— On St. Marys Strait. 
St. Marys General Hospital, N. Y.— At Rochester. 
St. Marys, Fort, Ohio.— At St. Marys, Auglaize County. 
St. Mary de Apalachee, Fort, Fla.— Mouth of Ooklockonnee River. 
St. Michael, Fort, Alaska.- On St. Michaels Island. 
St. Michaels, Redoubt, Alaska. — On St. Michaels Island. 
St. Michael, Fort, Fla. — At Pensacola. 
St. Nicholas, Fort, Alaska. — ^Now Fort Kenay. 
St. Paul Island, Reservation and Post on.— Alaska. 
St. Peter, Fort, Miss. — On Yazoo River. 
St. Philip, Fort, Ala.— On Mobile River, 20 miles above Mobile. 
St. Philip, Fort, La. — On Mississippi River, 65 miles below New Orleans. 
St. Philip, Fort, N. C— At Old Brunswick, Cape Fear River. 
St. Rose, Fort or Battery, Fla.— Opposite Fort Barrancas. 
St. Simeons, Fort, Alaska. — Near C&^ St. Elias. 
St. Simons, Fort, Ga.— On St. Simons Island. 

St. Stephens, Fort, Ala. — On Tombigbee River, 142 miles southwest of Mont- 

St. Tommany, Fort, Ga. — At mouth of St. Mary's River. 

St. Vincent, Fort, Ind.— At Vincennes. 

St. Vincent Island, Battery on, Fla. 

St. Vrains, Fort, Colo.— South fork of Platte River; present site of town 
of same name. 

Salem, Fort near, N. J. —Fort Mott. 

Salisbury National Cemetery, N. C— At Salisbury. 

Salonga, Fort, N. Y.— Suffolk County; now town of that name. 

Sallie Olden,' Camp, Tenn.— Near Triune. 

Salmon Falls, Fort at, N. H. 

Salt Lake. Camp at, Tex. — Eighty-five miles northwest of Fort Brown. 

Salt Meadow, Fort at, N. Y. 

Salubrity, Camp, La. — Three miles from Natchitoches. 

Salvador. Fort, S. C. 

Sam Houston, Fort, Tex.— At San Antonio. 

Sampson, Camp, N. Y.— At Kingston. 

Sampson, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 

Sams Point, Fort on, S. C— Mouth of Coosa River. 

San Antonio Arsenal, Tex.— At San Antonio. 

San Antonio National Cemetery, Tex.— At San Antonio. 

San Antonio de Valero, Fort, Tex. — ^About 1 mile from San Antonio. 

San Bernardino, Camp, Cal. — On Dead Man's Island. 


San Carlos, Indian Reservation, Ariz. 

San Carlos, Battery, Cal.— At Monterey. 

San Carlos de Barrancas,- Fort, Fla. — Fort Barrancas. 

San Diego Barracks, Cal.— At San Diego. 

San Diego, Fort at, Cal.— Fort Rosecrans. 

San Diego, Fort, Fla.— Near St. Augustine. 

San Felipe, Camp, Cal. — On San Felipe Creek. 

San Francisco National Cemetery, Cal.— At the Presidio. 

San Jacinto, Fort, Tex,- Near Galveston. 

San Joaquin, Fort, Cal. — Entrance to Bay of San Francisco; present sitfe of 

Fort Winfield Scott. 
San Jos6 Point, Fort, Cal.— On Bay of San Francisco; present site of Fort 

San Juan de Pinos, Fort, Fla. — At St. Augustine. 
San Juan Island, Camp on, Wash. — Camps Reynolds and Pickett; 
San Marco, Castle, Fla.— At Fort Marion. 
San Marco. Fort, Fla.— At St. Marks. 
San Marcos de Apalachee, Fort, Fla. — Same as St. Marks. 
San Mateo or San Matheo, Castle, Fla.— Same as Fort Caroline. 
San Michael, Castle, Fla. — At St. Augustine. 
San Miguel, Camp, CAL.-^In Tulare Valley. 
San Pablo Bay, Reservation, Cal. 
San Pedro, Reservation, Cal. 
Sand Bar Ferry, Fort at, S. C.—Fort Moore. 
Sanders, Fort, Ky.— Near Louisville. 
Sanders, Fort, Tenn.— Near Knoxville. 
Sanders, Fort, Wyo.— Three miles from Laramie City; first called Fort Joli:a«3 

Sanderson, Fort, Fla.— Near Garey's Ferry, East Florida. 
Sandford, Fort, Iowa —On Des Moines River, 65 miles "west of Fort Madiso^cx- 
Sandhocken, Fort, Del.— (/See Fort Casimir.) 
Sand Island, ReservItion, Oreg. — At entrance of Columbia River. 
Sandusky, Fort at, Ohio.— I^ort Stephenson. 
Sandy Creek, Old Fort on, N. Y.— Near Lake Ontario. 
Sandy Hook, Fort at, N. J. — Fort Hancock. 
Sanger, Camp, Ky. — At Lexington. 
Santa Barbara, Camp at, Cal.— At Santa Barbara. 
Santa Barbara, Presidio of, Cal.— At Santa Barbara. 
Santa Barbara, Fort, Tex, 
Santa Fe, Fort at, N. Mex.— Fort Marcy. 
Santa P6 National Cemetery, N. M.— At Santa F6. 
Santa Fe Bridge Castle, Fla. — At St. Augustine. 
Santa Isabel, Camp, Cal. — Sixty miles east of San Diego. 
Santa Maria de Loreto de la Bahia del Espiritu Santo, Fort, Tex. — 

Same as Fort St. Louis. 


Santa Rosa Island, Fort on, Fla.— Fort Pickens. 

Sarasto, Fort, N. Y.— On Hudson River; also called Fort George. 

Saratoga, Fort, D. C— Near Washington. 

Saratoga, Fort, N. Y.— At Saratoga. 

Sarpy, Fort, Mont.— On Yellowstone River, in Gallatin County. 

Sassafras Point, Battery at, R. I.— Narragansett Bay. 

Satartia, Fort at, Miss.— On Yazoo River. 

Satterlbe General Hospital, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Fort at, Mich.— Fort Brady. 

Saunders, Alvin, Camp, Nebr.— At Lincoln. 

Savannah, Fort, Ga.— At Savannah. 

Savannah, Fort, W. Va.— Also called Camp Union. 

Sawyer Battery, Va.— At Crow Nest. 

Saybrook, Fort, Conn.— On Tomb Hill, mouth of Connecticut River. 

Scammei, Fort, Me.— On House Island, Portland Harbor. 

Scarborough, Fort, Me.— At Black Point. 

Schafer, Camp, Tbnn.— Near Murfreesboro. 

Schenectady, Fort, N. Y.— Near Schenectady. 

ScHLossER, Fort, N. Y.— On Niagara River, i mile west of mouth of Gill Creek. 

ScHOFiELD, Camp, Va.— Near Lynchburg. 

3H0ULER, Camp, Mass.— At Lynnfield. 
Schuyler, Fort, N. Y.— At Throgs Neck, New York Harbor. 
Schuyler (old), Fort, N. Y.— At Rome. 
Schwartz, Fort, Pa.— Near Milton. 
Scott, Fort, Fla.— Latitude 80° 45', longitude 85°. 
Scott, Fort, Ga.— Near mouth of Flint River. 
Scott, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 

Scott, Fort, Kans. — Bourbon County; now town of that name. 
toOTT, Camp, Mass.— At Worcester. 
Scott, Fort, N. Y.— At Plattsburg. 
Scott, Fort, Ohio.— Near mouth of Scioto River. 
Scott, Camp, Pa.— Near York. 

Scott, Camp, Utah.— On Blacks Fork of Green River. 
Scott, Camp, Va.— Near Alexandria. 
Scott, Camp, Va.— At Camifex Ferry. 
Scott, Camp, Va.- Near Cross Lane. 
Scott, Fort, Va.— At Four Mile Creek. 
Scott, Fort, National Cemetery, Kans.— In Bourbon County. 
ScoTTS Lake, Fort on, S. C— Fort Watson. 
Scott, Martin, Fort, Tex.— At Fredericksburg. 
ScoTT OR Martin Scott, Battery, D.C— Near Chain Bridge. 
Scott, M. J., Camp, Tex.— Near the Rio Grande, 28 miles northwest of Eagle 

Scott, Winfield, Fort, Cal.— At the Presidio, San Francisco. 
Scott, Winfield, Camp, D. C— Franklin Square. 


Scott, Winfikld, Camp, N. Mex.— On Qallinas River. 

Scott, Winfikld, Camp, Nev.— -In Paradise Valley. 

Scott, Winfield, Fort, Va.— Near Yorktown. 

Screven, Fort, Qa,— On Tybee Island. 

Sea Brook, Battery at, S. C. 

Skarle, Fort, FLA.—Near Picolata. 

Secession, Camp, Ky.— At EUicotts Mills, near Cairo. 

Secession viLLE, Battery near, S. C— On Jones Island. 

Seclusion, Camp, Nbbr.— Near mouth of Little Missouri. 

Sedgwick, Fort, Colo.— South fork of Platte River; first named Camp Rankin. 

Sedgwick, Barracks, D. C— In Washington. 

Sedgwick General Hospital, Ky.— At Louisville. 

Sedgwick General Hospital, La.— At Greenville. 

Sedgwick Battery, R. I At Fort Greble. 

Sedgwick, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg; also called Fort Hell. 

Selden, Fort, La. 

Selden, Fort, N. Mex. — ^Nine miles from Dona Ana. 

Seminary General Hospital, D. C— At Georgetown. 

Seminary General Hospital, Ky.— At Covington. 

Seminary General Hospital, Ohio.— At Columbus. 

Seminary, Camp, Va.— Near Alexandria. 

Seminole, Battery, Fla.— At Key West. 

Semmes Battery, Va^— On James River. 

Seneca, Old Fort, Ohio. — Seneca County, on Sandusky River; now town of 

that name, 9 miles north of Tifl5n. 
Sequoia National Park, Reservation and Camp in, Cal, 
Seraf, Fort, Ala. — At Mobile Point. 
Seven, number. Battery, Ky. — Near Island No. 10. 
Seven-Mile Reach Battery, Va. — On Appomattox River. 
Seven Pines National Cemetery, Va.— In Henrico County. 
Severn, Fort, Md. — At Annapolis; now Naval Academy. 

»wali, Fort, Mass. — At Marblehead. 
Sew ALLS Point, Fort at, Va. — Fort Boushs Bluff. 
Seward, Fort, Cal. — On Eel River, 65 miles southeast of Humboldt. 
Seward, Fort, N. Dak. — Near head waters of James River; first named Fort 

Seward, Fort, S. C— On Bay Point. 
Seybert, Fort, W. Va. — Pendleton County, on theMoorefield River; now town 

of that name. 
Seymour, Battery, S. C. — Charleston Harbor. 
Shackelford, Fort, Fla.— In Big Cypress Swamp. 
Shallowbag Bay, Fort, N. C. — On Roanoke Island. 
Shamokin, Fort at, Pa. 
Shanesville, Fort at, Ohio. 
Shanks, Camp, Ind. — At Indianapolis. 


Shannon, Fort, Fla.— At Palatka. 

Shattucks Fort, N. H.— At Hinsdale. 

Shaw, Fort, Mont. — On Sun River, 88 miles north of Helena; first named Camp 

Shaw, Fort, N. C— At Wilmington. 
Shaw, Fort, S. C— On Morris Island. 

Shaw Island Reservation, Wash.— In the Haro Archipelago. 

Shawtiee, Fort, W. Va. — Mouth of Kanawha River. 

Shaws Neck, Fort at, Conn.— At New London. 

Shaws Point, Battery at. Me. 

Shekpscot Bay, Fort at. Me.— Fort Wiscasset. 
NShepfielj), Fort at, Mass. 

Shelby, Fort, III. — On present site of Rock Island Arsenal. 

Shelby, Fort, Mich.— At Detroit. 

Shelby, Fort, Wis.— At Prairie du Chien. 

Shellbluff, Fortifications on, Ga. — Savannah River, 45 miles from Augusta. 

Shepherd's Fort, W. Va. — At Wheeling. 

Sherbrooke, Battery, Me. — At Castine. 

Sheridan, Fort, 111.— Near High wood. 

Sheridan, Camp, Nebr. — West fork of Beaver Creek, 12 miles above its mouth. 

Sheridan, Camp, Va. — Near Winchester. 

Sheridan, Camp, Wyo. — ^Name changed to Fort Yellowstone. 

Sheridan Point, Fort at, Va. — Fort Hunt. 

Sherman, Battery, Ga. — On Tybee Island. 

Sherman, Fort, Idaho.— At Coeur d'Alene; first called Fort Coeur d'Alene. 

Sherman, Camp, Ind.— At Jeff er son ville. 

Sherman, Battery, Miss. — At Vicksburg. 

^^ERMAN Barracks, Nebr.— Same as Omaha Barracks. 

Sherman, Fort, S. C. — At Hiltonhead. 

Sherman General Hospital, Tenn.— At Nashville. 

^Herman, Fort, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

^HERMAN, Fort, Tex.— On the Big Cypress, in Titus County. 


^Herrills Fort, Ga.— On Little River, near Ogeechee. 

Sliiloh National Cemetery, Tenn.— At Pittsburg Landing. 

Sliip Island, Fort on, Miss.— Twelve miles from Biloxi; also called Fort 

Shipp, Camp, Ala. — At Anniston. 
3lilpp, Battery, N. C At Fort Caswell. 


Shipping Point, Battery at, Va.— On Potomac River. 
Shirley, Fort, Me.— At Dresden. 
Shirley, Fort, Mass.— At Heath. 

Shirley, Fort, Pa. — In Huntingdon County; present site of Shirley sburg. 

Shullsburg, Fort, Wis.— In Lafayette County. 


Shunk, Cahp, Utah.— Twenty -five miles southwest of Camp Floyd. 

Shubtees. Creek, Fobt at, Pa.— On Ohio River, a little below Pittsburg. 

SiCKEL General Hobpital, Va.— At Alexandria. 

Sidney, Fort, Nebr.— Near Sidney. 

Sidney, Fort, Va.— At Richmond. 

Sidney Johnson, Fort, Ala.— At Mobile. 

SiOEL, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 

SiauENZA, Fort, Fla.— On Santa Rosa Island. 

SiLETz, Blockhouse at, Oreg. 

Sill, Battery, D. C— On Bock Creek. 

Sill, Forty Okia. — At junction of Medicine Bluff and Cache creeks; first called 

Camp Wichita. 
Sill, Camp, Tenn.— Near Murfreesboro. 
SiMCOE, Fort, Wash.- Klamath County, in Simcoe Valley, on Yakima Indiao 

Reservation ; now town of that name. 
Simmons, Fort, Md.— Near Tennallytown, D. C. 
Simmons, Fort, Fla.— On Caloosahatchie River. 
Simon, Fort, Qx.—{See St. Simon.) 
Simons General Hospital, III.— At Mound City. 
Simon, Camp, Pa.— Near Harrisburg. 
Simon Drum, Fort, Fla.— In Monroe County. 
Simpson, Josiah, General Hospital, Va.— Near Fort Monroe. 
Simpson's Battery, S. C— At Charleston. 

SiNiPEE, Fort, Wis. — On Mississippi River, in southeast part of State. 
Sinquefield, Fort, Ala. — Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers. 
SiNYAKWATEEN Depot, Wash.— At Chuuikaue Bridge. 
SissETON, Fort, N. Dak. — On Kettle Lake; first called Fort Wads worth. 
Sisters, The, Reservation, Cal.— In San Francisco Bay. 
Sisters of Charity General Hospital. N. Y.— At Buffalo. 
Sites, Camp, Md.— Near Doncaster, Charles County. 
Siverto, Fort, W. Va.— On the upper Potomac River. 
Six, Number, Battery, Ky.— At Island No. 10. 
Skagway, Alaska.- Near Dyea. 
Skedaddle, Fort, Va.— On Munsons Hill. 

Skenesborough, Fort, N. Y. — At Lake Champlain; present site of Whitehall. 
Skidaway, Battery, N. C— On Wilmington River. 
Skidaway Narrows, Fort at, Ga. 
Skinners Head, Battery at. Conn. 
Skocham Bay, Fortifications in, Wash. 
Skull Valley. Camp in, Ariz. — Near Prescott. 
Slemmer, Fort, D. C. — One-half mile east of Soldiers* Home. 
Slifer, Camp, Pa. — At Chambersburg. 
Sloan General Hospital, Vt.— At Montpelier. 
Slocum, Fort, D. C. — Three miles north of Washington City. 
Slocum, Fort, N, Y. — On Davids Island, near New Rochelle. 


3L.ONOO, Fort, N. Y. — Near present site of Smith town. 

Slough, Camp, Va. — Near Alexandria. 

Slough General Hospital, Va. — At Alexandria. 

Slucher, Fort, N. Y.— One mile above Niagara Falls.* 

Small wood. Fort, Md. — At Rockpoint, 10 miles below Baltimore. 

Smead, Battery, D. C— Two miles northwest of Tennallytown. 

Smith, Fort, Ark. — On Arkansas River; now town of that name. 

Smith, Fort, Natlomil Cemetery, Ark.— On Arkansas River. 
Smith, J. R., Fort, Fla. 
Smith, Camp, III. — Near Cairo. 

Smith. J. L., Battery, Ky.— Near Covington. 

Smith, Battery, Miss. — ^Near Vicksburg. 

Smith, C. F., Fort, Mont.— On Big Horn River, 8 miles above the mouth of 

Rotten Grass Creek. 
Smith's Cantonment, N. Y.— West of Fort Tompkins. 

Smith, Fort, N. C— Near Fort Fisher. 

Smith, C. F., Camp, Oreg. — On White Horse Creek, near the Pueblo Mines. 

Smith General Hospital, Vt.— At Brattleboro. 

Smith, C. F., Fort, Va.— Near Aqueduct Bridge, Washington, D. C. 

Smth, Camp, Wis.— At Greenbay. 

Smithers, Camp, Del.— Near Wilmington. 

Smith, Huntington-, Fort, Tenn.— At Blnoxville. 

Sbothland, Fortifications at, Ky.— Mouth of Cumberland River. 

Surras IsuLND, Battery on, N. C— Mouth of Cape Fear River. 

"Shelling, Fort, Fla. 

Snelllng, Fort, Minn.— Near St. Paul ; first named Fort St. Anthony. 

SmrDER, Fort, D. C— Near the Insane Asylum. 

Snyder, Camp, Pa.— At Gettysburg. 

Soldiers' Home National Cemetery, D. C— At Soldiers' Home. 

SoLLERS Point, Fort at, Md.— Fort Carroll. 

Sonoma, Camp, Cal.— At Sonoma. 

South Battery, N. Y.— On Governors Island. 

South Cuff, Battery at, N. Y.— On Staten Island. 

South Dakota State Soldiers' Home, Hot Springs, S. Dak. 

Southeast Battery, N. Y.— On Governors Island. 

^OUTH Edisto Inlet, Fort at. S. C. 

^dutliem Branch Natiomil Soldiers' Itome, Va. — Elizabeth City County. 

^^3UTH Mortar, Battery, N. Y.— On Staten Island. 

^^::)Uth Point, Battery, Mass.— In Boston Harbor. 

^OUTH Quay Battery, Va.— Near Suffolk. 

^^^outhworth. Fort, Ky. — Near Louisville. 

^I*ANISH Fort, Ala.— Near Mobile. 

"^"Panish Fort, La.— Same as Fort St. John. 

Spencer, Redoubt, N. Y.— New Vork City. 

^ESUTiA Island, Fort on, Md.— At mouth of Susquehanna River. 

iii^jrF<j§si^ BATTorf, Vx.— On JaiiMsE Biver. 
iStozjLSZ. Foasj, Wasb-— On Spoloaie Bircr. 

fsf^/TTEi/ Tail JU^stcr, il Dak. — On Wldte Rhrer, S miles west ai the BKonii of 
featT*T Cr^iL 

ftf^/TTOTLTASlA^ F<«T AT, VA- 

H«JA<iCE Cajif, D- C— At WadungUflL 

HfHAf^z^ Camf, y, Y.— On Staten Idand. 

Hiia%^p, FotST, Kt, — ^Fayette O/ontr: now town of that name. 

Hnaj^i, T^JKI, W, Va, — Greenbrier Coantj: now town <rf that name. 

^ina%iiVAUL, Cajif, Va-— At Fort Albany. 

Sipt%mgfid^ AnMory, MaM^^At i^yringfield. 

HHU%orvajj, ¥o§a% steak, Xo. — ^Forts Xos. 1 to 5. 

S^mgfleUi SMtkmta Cemetery^ Mo^At Sxningfield. 

HntvonELU, Camp at, X. J, 

Hytaxo Hill Redoubt; Ga.— At Savannah. 

ftFKi50 Poijrr, FoKT AT, Xe.— Fort Preble. 


Hfcxky, Fokt, Tex. — ^Hood County; now town by that naine. 
H<^t'iKKKL Hill, Wobk« ox. Pa.— At Pittsburg. 
ftTAJiBAt'OH, Camf, Wyo. — In Smithjs Gulch, near Atlantic City. 
Utahfeuh Kiu^ Four at, E. L— Near Providence. 
ftTAXW.KO B^x;k Aoekcy, N. Dak.— Now Fort Yates. 
Staxw.n'o Stoke, Fokt, Pa.— In Huntingdon County. 

tandlsh. Fort, Mass.— On Ld^lls Island, 8 miles from Boston. 
A.N'UWH, Fokt, Ma«6.— Near Plymouth. 
Htanfokd, Fort, Ariz.- First called Fort Arivaypa and changed to Fort Breck- 

8tam8Lal'8, Camf, Cal. — On Stanislaus River. 
Stanley, Fort, Fla. 

Stanley General H^>8Fital, N. C— AtNewbem. 
Stanley, Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 
Stanley, Camp, Tenn.— At Murfreesboro. 
Stanley, Camp, Tex.— On Guadalupe River. 
Stanhbury, Fort, Fla.— Wakulla River, 9 miles above St. Marki^. 
Stanton, Fort, D. C.—Near Uniontown. 
Stanton General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 
Stanton, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 
Stanton, Camp, Mix— At Baltimore. 
Stanton, Battery, Md.— At Maryland Heights. 
Stanton, Fort, N. Mex.— Lincoln County, on the Rio Bonita. 
Stanton, Camp, Pa.— Near Girard College, Philadelphia. 
Stanton, Camp, Va. —On Mason's Island, near Georgetown. 
Stanwix, Fort, N. Y.— At Rome. * 

Star, Fort, Ga.— At Augusta in 1781. 


Star, Fort, Md.-— Same as Fort McHenry. 

Starky Fort, N. ti. — At Jerrys Point, Portsmouth Harbor. 

Starke, Fort, Fla.— Mouth of Manatee River. 

State Corner, Fort, Tenn. —At Cumberland Gap. 

State Island, Reservation, Pa. 

Staunton National Cemetery, Va.— At Staunton. 

Steadman, Battery, Ten v. — At Knoxville. 

Steadman, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 

Stearman, Fort, Tenn. — A defense of Knoxville. 

Steele, Camp, Cal. — On Meade River. 

Steele, Camp, Oreg.— Mouth of Rattlesnake Creek. 

Steele, Camp, Wash.— On San Juan Island. 

Steele. Fred., Fort, Wyo.— On North Platte River. 

Steilacoom, Fort, Wash.— Pierce County, eastern shore of Puget Sound; now 
town of that name. 

Sfenix, Fort, N. Y. — Same as Stanwix. 

Stephens, Fort, Ala. —On Alabama River, above Mobile. 

Stephens, Fort, La. — At South Pass, Manchac. 

Stephens, Fort, Miss.— Lauderdale County. 

Stephens, Camp, Mo.— Now site of Jefferson Barracks. 

Stephens, Fort, N. C— At Newbem. 

Stephens, Fort, Va.— At Drurys Bluff. 

Stephenson, Fort, N. C. — At Newbem. 

Stephenson, Fort, Ohio. — On Sandusky Lake ; present site of Lower Sandusky. 

Sternberg General Hospital, Ga.— At Chickamauga. 

Steuben, Fort, Ohio.— Present site of Jeffersonville. 

Steuben, Fort, Ohio.— Site of Steuben ville. 

Stevens, Fort, D. C. — Three miles north of Washington. 

Stevens, Camp, Fla.— At Pensacola. 

Stevens, Camp, La.— At Thibodeaux. 

Stevens, Fort, N. Mex. 

Stevens, Fort, N. Y. — At Hallets Point, New York Harbor. 

Stevens, Fort, Oreg.— Mouth of Columbia River, south side. 

Stevens, Fort, S. C. — A defense of Beaufort. 

Stevens, Battery, S. C. — On Morris Island, Charleston Harbor. 

Stevens, Battery, Va.— At Suffolk. 

Stevenson, Fort, Ala. — At Stevenson. 

Stevenson, Camp, Idaho. — At Boise City. 

Stevenson, Fort, N. Dak. — On Missouri River, 70 miles above Bismarck. 

Stevenson Redoubt, Tenn.— Near Chattanooga. 

Stewart, Fort, Mont. — On Missouri River, at mouth of Big Muddy Creek 

Stikeen, Fort, Alaska. — On Stikeen River. 

Stirling, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn Heights. 
~-Stockbridge, Fort at, Mass. 

Stockton, Fort, Tex. — Pecos County, at Comanche Springs. 


Stodderd, Fort, Ala. — On Alabama River, near the junction of the ' 

Stone General Hospital, D. C— At Washington. 

Stoneman, Camp, D. C. — At Giesboro Point. 

Stoneman, Camp, D. C. — On Meridian Hill. 

Stone River National Cemetery, Tenn.— At Mnrfreesboro. 

Stonewall, Fort, Ala.— At Choctaw Bluff. 

Stonington, Fortifications and Arsenal at. Conn. 

Stono Inlet, Fortifications at, S. C. 

Stono River, Fort on, S. C. 

Stony Creek Station, Fort at, Va. 

Stony Point, Fort, N. Y.— Hudson River. 

Stony Point, Fort on, N. Y.— In the St. Lawrence. 

Stout's Fort, Mo.— In St. Charles County. 

Strader General Hospital, Ky. — At Louisville. 

Stradler's Fort, W. Va. 

Strasburg, Fort at, Va. 

Strawberry Plains, Battery at, Va. 

TRONG, Fort, Mass.— On Noddle Island, East Boston. 

Strong, Fort, Mass.— At Long Island Head, 6 miles from Boston. 

Strong, Camp, N. Y.— At Troy. 

Strong, Fort, N. C— Near Wilmington. 

Strong, Fort, S. C— On Morris Island. 

Strong, Fort, Va. — A mile west of Aqueduct Bridge, D. C. 

^Strother, Fort, Ala. — On Coosa River, near the Ten Islands. 

Struthers, Camp, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 

Studdiford, Battery, Ky. — Near Louisville. 

S'^ jRGEON Bay, Reservation at, Wis. 

Styles, Battery, S. C— On James Island. 

Suffolk, Camp, Va.— At Suffolk. 

Sugar Hill, or Sugar Loaf Hill, Battery, N. Y.— Between Lakes George 

Sugar House, Fort, S. C— At Charleston. 

Sugar Loaf Battery, N. C— Near Wilmington. 

Sullivan, Camp, D. C— At Washington. 

SuLLTVAN, Fort, Fla.— Near Hillsboro River, East Florida. 

Sullivan, Camp, Ind. — Near Indianapolis. 

Sullivan, Fort, Me.— On Moore Island, Passamaquoddy Bay. 

Sullivan, Fort, N. H.— On Trepethen Island. 

Sullivan, Fort, N. Y.— At Elmira. 

Sullivan, Fort, N. C— On Roanoke Island. 

Sullivan, Fort, Pa.— At Tioga. 

Sullivan, Fort, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

Suliivans Island, Batteries at, S. C— Charleston Harbor. 

Sully, Fort, Dak.— On Missouri River, 5 miles above mouth of Cheyenne R 
and the new Fort Sully, 20 miles below mouth of Cheyenne River. 


.rnt,PHUR Creek, Coal Reservation, Wyo. 

•UMMiT General Hospital, Pa.— -At Philadelphia. 

iuMNER, Fort, Mb.— At Portland. 

iUMNER, Fort, Md.— Near Potomac Rivei*, above Tennallytowii, D. C. 

Sumner, Fort, N. H.— At Portsmouth. 

Sumner, Fort, N. Mex.— Guadalupe County, at the Bosque Redondo, on Pecoa 

Sumter, Fort, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

Sumter Fortifications, Wis.— In Sauk County. 

SuNBURY. Fort at, Ga. 

Sun River, Post on, Mont.— Fort Shaw. 

Supply, Camp, Ariz. — Name changed to Camp J. A. Rucker. 

Supply, Fort, Okla.— Between Beaver and Wolf creeks. 

Supply, Fort, Utah.— At Blacks Fork, near Fort Bridger. 

Susquehanna, Fort, Md.— On Palmfer Island, Susquehanna River. 

Sutter's Fort, Cal. — Near Sacramento; also called Fort Sacramento. 

Sutton, Camp, W. Va.— In Braxton County. 

SuwANEE RrvER, FoRT ON, Fla.— Fort Macomb. 

Swain, Camp, Tenn.— At Humboldt. 

Swamp Angel Battery, S. C— In Charleston Harbor. 

Swan, Fort, N. Y. 

SwATARA River, Blockhouse on, Pa.— In Lebanon County. 

Sweet, Camp, N. C— At Raleigh. 

Sweet, Camp, N. C— At Salisbury. 

Swift, Fort, N. Y.— At Brooklyn.. 

Swift, Camp, N. Y.— At West Point. 

Swift, Battery, N. C At Fort Caswell. 

Swift General Hospital, Wis.— At Prairie du Chien. • 

Sword's Hou^e, Camp at, N. Y.— Near Saratoga. 

Sybert's Fort, Va.— On Potomac River. 

Sykes, Camp, N. Dak.— At head waters of James River. 

Table Point Reservation, Wash.— On Hoods Canal. 

Table Rock, Fort, Oreo.- On Rogue River, at mouth of Stewarts Creek, Jack- 
son County. 

Taft, Battery, Tenn.— A defense of Chattanooga. 

Tamhert, Fort, Conn. 

Tampa Bay, Fort at, Fla.— Fort Brooke. 

Tamrath, Battery, Miss.— At Corinth, 

Tanner, Camp, III.— At Springfield. 

Tanners Creek, Battery at, Va.— Opposite Craney Island. 

Tar, Fort, Va.— On Craney Island, near Norfolk. 

Tarentum, Blockhouse at, Pa.— Allegheny River. 

Tarpaulin Cove, Fortifications at, Mass. 

Tar River, Fort on, N. C— In Edgecombe County. 

Tatnall, Fort, Ga. — Okefinokee Swamp. 

10066 — 7 


Tatebsp- Toki. Fi-a. — ^In East Florida. 

Tatlo^ Camp, Ala. — ^At HnmsriHe. 

Tati/»^ Cajo*. Cal. — On Rtt Rhrer, * miles soutlieast frofm Fort Crook. 

Taytor, Fart, Fla*— At Key West. 

Tati/«- F<c«t. Fla-— On Lake Winder. 

Tati>j«^ F<:«t. Fla. — ^In Hernando Connty. 

Tati/« BabilaOUS. Kt. — ^At I>misville. 

Tatloe, Fokt^ La. — On Bed Biver, aboat 60 mUes bdow Alexandria. 

Taylob, F<«t, ILass. — At CharienwHit, Franklin Connty. 

Tati/ml Toby, Tex. — On the Bio Grande: pfresent site of FotI ftown. 

TjkTLOfL, FoET, Wasb, — On Snake Biver, in WaDawalla Conntr. 

TAYixfli, Bob, Camp, Tesx. — ^At Knoiville. 

Taylobsvilue, Fobt at. Pa. — ^In Wadiingtoii Connty. 

Tvcf/SSETT, FoET, >Ie. — ^Kennebec Biver; afterwards Fort HaHfaT 

Tejos, Fobt, Cal. — Kern Connty, near Tejon Pass, 90 miles north of Los 

Tellebs PoDfT, YOBT AT, X- Y. — ^Month of Croton BiTer. 
Teixioo ft/)CKHOCSE, Te5X. — ^Korth bank of Tennessee Biver. opposite old 

Fort Ixjtidon- 
Te5. Xumber, Foet, Fla, — ^Ten miles from Palatka. 
Txy, NocFEE, Batteet, Kt. — ^Xear Island No. 10. 
Teshally, Camp, D. C. — ^At Tennallytown, 
Tte Eye's Whaef, Batteey at, N. Y.— New York City. 
Teeeett, Foet, Tex. — ^East border of Bexar Connty. 

Teeeill, Batteey, D. C. — One and one-half miles northeast of TennaQytown. 
Teeeiix, Camp, Va.— At Bichmond. 

Terry, Fort, N. Y. — On Plnmb Island, Long Island Sound. 
Tee-waw, Foet, Cal.— Xear Crescent City. 
Thayeb, Foet, D. C. — One and one-half miles southwest of Bladensbnrg, Md. 

*H£Odore Wikthbop Batteey, Mass. — At Grovers Cliflf. 
TmopENS, Station, Fla. — Near New Biver. 
Thomas Baeracks, Ala. — ^At Huntsville. 
Thomas, Foet, Aeiz.— Oraham Connty. 

Thomas, Camp, Aeiz. — Apache County; name changed to Fort Apache. 
Thomas, Geo. H., Foet, N. Dak. — Name changed to Fort Pembina. 
Thomas, Camp, Ga. — At Chickamanga Park. 
Thomas, Fort, Ky, — Three miles from Newjwrt. 
Thomas, Camp, Ohio. — Four miles north of Columbus. 
Thomas, Camp, Tenn.— At Chattanooga. 

Thomas, Fort, Va. — On Rappahannock River, 5 miles from Fredericksburg. 
Thomas Point, Fortifications at, Md. — On Patuxent River. 
Thompson, Fort, N. Dak.-— On Missouri River at Crow Creek Agency. 

>MFSON, Fort, Fla. — On Caloosahatchie River, near the mouth of Lake FHrt. 
^VPSON, Camp, Kans.— Near Fort Leavenworth. 
ipson Battery, Me.— On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor. 


Thompson, Fort, Mo.— Near New Madrid. 

Thompson's Battery, N. Y.— At Horns Hook. 

Thompson, Fort, N. C— Near Newbem. 

Thompson, Fort, Wyo.— On the Pope Agie River, in Sweetwater County. 

Thorn, Fort, N. Mex.— On Rio Grande, at Santa Barbara. 
Thornburgh, Fort, Utah.— At junction of Du Chesne and Greene rivers. 
Thoulouse, Fort, Ala. — Subsequent site of Fort Jackson; h^ Tuskegee, on 

Mobile River. 
Thoulouse, Fort, Miss.— At head of Tombigbee River. 
Three, Number, Fort, Fla.— Near Fort King. 
Three, Number, Fort, Ga.— Near Savannah. 
Three, Number, Battery, Ky.— Near Island No. 10. 
Three, Number, Fort, Mass. — Near Boston. 
Three Brothers Reservation. Cal.— Entrance to San Pablo Bay. 

Three Forks Ovyhee, Camp, Idaho.— On Owyhee River; first called Camp 

Three Sisters Reservation, Cal.— Entrance to San Pablo Bay. 

Three Tree Point Reservation, Wash.— North bank of Columbia River. 

Throgs Neck, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Schuyler. 

Thunderbolt, Fort, Ga. — Five miles southeast of Savannah. 

Thunderer, Battery, Ga. — Near Savannah. 

Thuillier, Fort, Minn.— (fifee Fort L'Huillier.) 

TicoNDEROGA, FoRT, N. Y. — On Lake George; originally called Fort Carrilow. 

TiERANDEQUAT, FoRT AT, N. Y.—(See Iroudequot.) 

TiGHLMAN, Battery, Ala. — Near Mobile. ' 

TiLLiNGHAST, FoRT, Va.— Near Arlington. 

TiLTON General Hospital, Del. — At Wilmington. 

TiLTON, Fort, Wash. 

TiMPANOGAS, Camp, Utah.— Six miles from Provo. 

TmicuM Island, Fort on, Pa.— Fort Gottenburg. 
Tioga Point, Fort at, Pa.— In Bradford County. 

Tod Barracks, Ohio.— At Columbus. 

Todd, Camp, Va.— At Fort Albany. 

Tohopeka, Fort, Ala.— On Tallapoosa River. 

Toll Gate, Camp, Ariz.— Forty miles northwest of Prescott; name changed 

to Camp Hualpai. 
Toman Y Hill, Fort, R. I.— Newport Harbor. 
Tomb Hill, Fort on. Conn..— Fort Saybrook. 
Tombigbee, Fort, Ala.— On Little Tombigbee River. 

Tombigbee, Fort, Ala. — On Dauphine Island; subsequent site of Fort Gaines. 
Tomlinson's Fort, W. Va. — On Grave Creek, Marshall County. 
Tompkins, Fort, Ga.— East of Okefinokee Swamp. 
Tompkins, Fort, Fla.— Eight miles west of Colerain. 
Tompkins, Fort, N. Y.— On Staten Island, at Fort Wadsworth. 
Tompkins, Fort, N. Y.— At Plattsburg. 


ToMPKiss, FoBT, N. Y. — At Sacket Harbor. 

Tompkins, Camp, W. Va. — On Gmlej Motmtaiii. 

Toms River, Blockhouse on, N. J. 

TONGASS, FoBT, Ai.ASKA. — On Tongass Islands. 

Tongue River Cantonment, Mont. — ^Now Fort Keogh. 

ToNYN, Fort, Fla. — On St. Marys River. 

Topsail Inlet, Fort at, S. C. — Fort Beaufort. 

TOPSHAM, Fort, Me. — Near Brunswick. 

TORTUGAS, Dry. Fort at, Fla. — Fort Jefferson. 

Totonnock. Fort, Me. — Kennebec River. 

Totten, Fort, D. C. — Two and one-half miles north of Washington. 

Totten, Battery, Ga.— On Tybee Island. 

Totten General Hospital, Ky. — At Louisville. 

Totten, Camp, Mo. — At Franklin. 

Totten, Fort, N. Y At Willets Point. 

Totten, Fort, N. Dak. — Benson County, southeast shore of Devils Lake. 

Totten, Fort, N. C.^Near Newbem. 

Toulouse, Fort, Ala. — ^East bank of Coosa River, 4 miles above its juncti- 

with the Tallax)oosa. 
Tower Island Reservation, Ala. — In Mobile Bay. 
TowNSEND, Camp. N. Y. — At Peekskill. 
Townsend, Fort, Wash. — Near Port Townsend. 
TowsoN, Fort, Ind. T. — In Choctaw Nation. 
TowsoN's Battery, Pa.— Near Fort Erie. 
Tracey or Tracy, Fort, Ala. — Near mouth of Tensas River. 
Traders Hill, Post at, Ga. — On St. Marys River. 
Travis, Fort, Tex — At Bolivar Point. 
Trenholm, Fort, S. C. — In Charleston Harbor. 
Trepethen Island, Fort on, N. H.— Fort Sullivan. 
Trial, Fort, Va. — On Smiths River. 
Trinidad, Camp, Tex. — On Lake Trinidad. 
Trinity, Fort, Del.— At Newcastle. 
Trinity Church, Battery at, N. Y.— New York City. 
Tripler General Hospital, Ohio. — ^At Columbus. 
Trumbull, Fort, Conn.— At New London. 
Truson, Fort, Ala.— Near Spanish Fort. 
Tryon, Fort, N. Y.— New York City. 
Tulare, Camp, Cal.— In Tulare County. 
TuLAROSA, Fort, N. Mex.— In Otero County. 
Tunnell, Camp, Del.— At Middletown. 
TuRAN, Fort, Tex.— In Angelina County. 
Turchin, Camp, Tenn. — At Murfreesboro. 
Turkey Hill, Redoubts at, R. I. 
Turnbull, Camp, Va.— At Arlington. 
Turner's Lane General Hospital, Pa.— At Philadelphia. 


TuRNER*s Rock Battery, Ga.— Near Sarannah. 

Turtle Creek. Works on. Pa. —Near Pittsburg. 

Turtle Island, Battery on, Ga. — Savannah River. 

TuscABORA Valley, Blockhouse in, Pa. —Opposite Mexico, Jnniata County. 

Twiggs, Camp, Miss.— At East Pascagoula. 

Twiggs, Fort, Miss.— On Ship Island. 

Two, Number Fort, Fla.— Subsequently called Fort Vinton. 

Two. Number, Fort, Ga.— Near Savannah. 

Two, Number, Battery, Ky.— Near Island No. 10. 

Two. Number, Fort, Mass.— On Charles River. 

Tybee Barracks, Ga. — At Savannah. 

Tybee Island, Fort on, Ga.— Fort Screven. 

Tyler's Battery, S. C— At James Island. 

Tyler, Fort, Ala.— In Chambers County. 

Tyler, Fort, Fla.— In Hernando County. 

Tyler, Camp, III.— At Chicago. 

Tyler. Camp, Va.— At Fairfax. 

Tyndale, Camp, Md. — Near Point of Rocks. 

Uintah Fort. Utah.— On Uintah River. 

Umpqua, Fort, Oreo.— At Umpqua City. 

Unalaklik, Fort. Alaska.— Mouth of Unalaklik River. 

Uncompahgre Cantonment, Colo.— Name changed to Fort Crawford. 

Underwood, Joe, Camp, Ky.— Twenty-five miles from Cave City. 

Union, Camp, Cal.— Near Sacramento. 

Union. Camp, Colo.— At Denver. 

Union, Camp, Md. — At Bladensburg. 

Union, Fort, Arsenal, N. Mex.— At Fort Union. 

Union, Fort, N. Mex. — ^Near base of Gallinas or Turkey Mountains. 

Union, Fort, N. Dak.— Mouth of Yellowstone. 

Union, Camp, Oreg — In Wasco County. 

Union, Camp. Pa.— Near Schuylkill Falls. 

Union Battery, S. C— On Folly Island. 

Union, Fort, Va.— Near Suffolk. 

Union, Fort, W. Va.— At Lewisburg. 

Union, Fort, Wis.— Near Dodgeville. 

Union Point, Battery at, N. C— Near Newbem. 

United States Battery, Me.— At Castine. 

United States Powder Depot, N. J.— Near Dover. 

University General Hospital, La.— At New Orleans. 

Uplandt, Fort, Del. 

Upper, Fort, N. Y.— At Fulton. 

Upper Ashuelot, Fort at, N. H. 

Upper Sandusky, Fort at, Ohio. 

Urmston, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg. 

Utah, Fort, Utah.— Near Great Salt Lake City. 


Vajen, Camp, Ind.— At Indianapolis. 

Valley, Fort, Ga.— Houston County. 

Valley Forge, Camp at. Pa.— In Chester County. 

Van Buren General Hospital, La.— At Millikens Bend. 

Vance's Fort, Pa.— On Cross Creek, Washington County. 

Van Courtland, Fort, Fla.— Near St. Johns River, at the head of Kingsbys 

Vancouver Arsenal, Wash.— At Vancouver. 
Vancouver, Port or Barracks, Wash.— At Vancouver ; first named Columbia 

Vanderhorst Wharf, Battery at, S. C— At Charleston. . 
VAii Metre's Fort, W. Va.— On Short Creek, Brooke County. 
Van Rensselaer, Fort, N. Y.— At Canajoharie. 
Van Rensselaer, Fort, N. Y.— At Ogdensburg. 

Van Schaicks Island, Camp on, N. Y.— Junction of Mohawk and Hudson. 
Van Swearingen, Fort, Fla.— Near Lake Okechobee. 
Vass's Fort, Va. 

Vaux's Fort, N. C— On Roandke River. 
Veile, Camp, Va.— Three miles from Norfolk. 
Velasco, Fort, Tex.— Mouth of the Brazos River. 
Venango, Fort, Pa.— At Venango. 

Venus Point, Battery at, Ga.— Jones Island, Savannah River. 
Verde, Fort, Ariz. — On Verde Creek, 30 miles from Prescott; originally called 

Camp Lincoln. 
Verde, Camp, Tex. — Sixty miles northwest of San Antonio. 
Vergennes, Arsenal at, Vt.— Champlain Arsenal. 
Vermont, Battery, D. C— Defenses of Washington. 
Vermont State Soldiers' Home, Bennington, Vt. 
Vernon, Camp, Va.— Near Fort Ellsworth. 

Verplancks Point, Forts at, N. Y.— Forts Lafayette and Fayette. 
Vest, Camp, Mo. — Four miles from Boonville. 
Vlcksburg National Cemetery, Miss.- At Vicksburg. 
ViDE-PocHE, Camp, Miss.— Near Rocky Springs. 
ViEUX Desert Island, Fort on, Wis. — In Wisconsin River. 
Vigilance, Camp, N. Mex.— Near Albuquerque. 
Vigo, Camp, Ind.— At Terre Haute. 

Vinton, Fort, Fla. — Eighteen miles northwest of Indian River Inlet. 
Virginia, Fort, N. Y.— At Sacket Harbor. 
Virginia, Camp, Va.— At White Sulphur Springs. 
Virginia Point, Battery at, Tex.— Five miles from Galveston. 
Volunteer, Fort, N. Y.— At Sacket Harbor. 
Voorhees, Camp, N. J. — ^At Sea Girt. 

Vose, Fort, Fla. — ^Near Aucilla River, 32 miles from Tallahassee. 
VosKRESSENSKi, FoRT, ALASKA.— Near Kenayaw Bay. 
Vulcan, Fort, Ga. — On Jones Island, Savannah River. 


Wabash, Fort, Ind.— -Mouth of Wabash River. 

W AC AGO, Blockhouse, Pa.— Near Philadelphia. 

Wacahoota, Fort, Fla. — Nine miles southwest of Micanopy. 

Wacissa, Fort, Fla. — At mouth of Wacissa River. 

Waddy, Fort, S. C— Near Charleston. 

Wade, Fort, Fla. 

Wade, Camp, Ind. T.— Near Lisbon. 

Wadsworth, Camp, Ky. — At Hazelgreen. 

Wads worth, Fort, N. Y.— On Staten Island, at the Narrows; first called Fort 

Wadsworth, Fort, N. Dak.— Name changed to Fort Sisseton. 
Wadsworth, Camp, Va.— Near Langley. 
Wadsworth, Fort, Va.— Near Petersburg. 
Wadsworth, Camp, Va.— On Uptons Hill. 

Wagner, Fort, D. C. — On GKx)d Hope Hill ; first named Fort GK)od Hope. 
Wagner, Fort, S. C— On Morris Island. 
Walbach, Camp, Fla.— At Fort Myers. 

Walbach, Camp, Wyo. — On Lodge Pole Creek, near Cheyenne Pass. 
Walcott, Fort, R. I. — On Goat Island, Narragansett Bay. 
Walker, Fort, Fla.— West of Orange Lake. 
Walker, Fort, Ga. — Near Okefinokee Swamp. 
Walker, Camp, Md.— At Salisbury. 
Walker, Battery, Va. 

Walker, Fort, S. C— At Hilton Head; name changed to Fort Wells. 
Walker's Fort, Tex.— On Brazos River. 
Wallace, Camp, Idaho. — In Alturas County. 
Wallace, Fort, Kans.— South fork of Smoky Hill River. 
Wallace, Camp, Mo. — At Lexington. ^ 
Wallace, Camp, Ohio.— Near Columbus. 
Wallace, Fort, Pa.— Near Blairsville. 
Walla Walla, Fort, Wash.— At Walla Walla. 

Wallen, Camp, Ariz. — On Badocomari Creek, 65 miles southeast of Tucson. 
Walnut Hills, Fort at, Miss.— Fort Adams. 
Walpack, Fort, Pa.— On Delaware River. 
Walpole, Fort at, N. H. 
Waltour's Fort, Pa. 

Wampler, Battery, S. C— On James Island. 
Wappoo, Battery, S. C— On James Island. 
Warburton, Fort, Md.— Now Fort Washington. 
Ward, Fort, Fla. — Near mouth of Olustee Creek. 
Ward General Hospital, N. J.— At Newark. 
Ward, Camp, Mich. —At Detroit. 

Ward, Fort, Va. — Three miles northwest of Alexandria. 
Wardon's Fort, W. Va.— On Lost River. 
Wards Hill, Battery at, Va.— Near Richmond. 


Ward WELL, Camp, CJolo. — ^Name changed to Fort Morgan. 

Wabing, Battery, S. C— At Charleston. 

Warner, Camp, Oreg. — Twenty miles from Warner Lake. 

arren. Fort, Mass. — On G^orglls Island, Boston Harbor. 
Warren, Fort, N. C— At Plymouth. 
Warrenton, Camp, Va. — ^Near Sulphur Springs. 
Warsaw Sound, Works at, Ga. 
Warwick, Battery at, Va. 
Warwick Neck, Battery at, R. I. 
Washakie, Fort, Wyo. — On Shoshone Indian Reservation; first called Camp 

Washburn, Camp, Wis.— At Milwaukee. 

Washington Arsenal. D. C. — ^At Washington; now Washington Barracks. 
Washington, Fort at, Ga. 
Washington, Fort, Md. — ^On Potomac River, at mouth of Piscataway Creek: 

on site of old Fort Warburton. 
Washington, Fort, N. H. — ^At Portsmouth. 
Washington, Camp, N. J.— At Trenton. 
Washington, Fort, N. Y.— In New York City. 
Washington, Camp, N. C. — ^At Portsmouth. 
Washington, Fort, N. C— At Washington. 
Washington, Fort. Ohio. — ^At Cincinnati. 
Washington, Fort, Oreg. — On Nootka Sound. 
Washington, Camp, Pa,— Near Easton. 

Washington, Fort, Pa. — ^Montgomery County, 8 miles east of Norristown. 
Washington, Fort, Pa. — Opposite Harrisburg. 
Washington, Fort, R. I.— (-See Fort George.) 
Washington General Hospital, Tenn. — At Memphis. 
Washington Fort, Tex. — At Pass Cavallo. 
Washington Park General Hospital, Ohio. — ^At Cincinnati 
Washington State Soldiers' Home, Orting, Wash. 

Washita, Fort, Ind. T. — ^Near False Washita River, 25 miles above its mouth. 
Wassaw Island, Fortifications on, S. C. 
Watauga, Fort, Tenn. — At EUzabethtown. 
Waterbury's Battery, N. Y. — In New York City. 
Wateree Ford, Battery at, S. C. 
Waterpord Arsenal, Pa.— -At Waterford. 

atertown Arsenal, Mass. — At Watertown. 
Watervliet Arsenal, N. Y.— At West Troy. 
Watson, Camp, Oreg.— On John Day River. 
Watson, Port, S. C— On Wrights Bluff, near Scotts Lake. 
Watms, Fobt, Ga.— Near Brunswick. 

^Vathi; Fqbt, Ind. — On Maumee River; present site of town of that name. 
*1L FOBT, Ind. T.— On Illinois River, near Missouri State border. 
'Tt* Midi.— At Detroit 


Webb, Fort. N. Y.— Near West Point. 

Webster General Hospital, N. H.— At Manchester. 

Webster, Fort, N. Mbx. — Name changed to Fort McLane. 

Webster General Hospital, Tenn.— At Memphis. 

Weed, Fort, Va.— A defense of Washington, D. C. 

Weightman, Camp, Mo.— Near Springfield. 

Wekiwa, Fort, Fla. — One mile above month of Spring Creek. 

Weller, Fort, Cal. — On Russian River, 50 miles from Cloverdale. 

Wells, Fort, S. C. —First called Fort Walker. 

Wessells, Fort, N. C— At Plymouth. 

West, Fort, N. Mex.— At the head water of the Gila River. 

West's Fort, W. Va.— In Lewis County. 

West Buildings General Hospital, Md.— At Baltimore. 

Westcott, Fort, Fla.— In the Everglades. 

West End General Hospital, Ohio.— At Cincinnati. 

Western, Fort, Me.— At Augusta. 

Western Branch National Military Home, Kans.— Leavenworth County. 

Westfall's Fort, W. Va. 

Westfeeld, Reservation, N. J. 

West Head, Battery at, Mass. 

West Head, Battery at, N. Y. 

West Point, Military Academy at, N. Y. 

Wetherill, Camp, Ky.— At Fort Thomas. 

Wetherill, Port, R. I.— On Conanicut Island, Narragansett Bay. 

Wetherill, Camp, S. C— At Greenville. 

Weymouth Battery, Me.— On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor. 

Wheadmans, Fort, Fla. 

Wheeler, Camp, Ala. — At Huntsville. 

Wheeling, Fort at, W. Va.— Bennett's Fort. 

Wheelock. Fort, Fla.— On Orange Lake. 

Whetstone Agency, S. Dak.— On Missouri River, 30 miles from Fort Randall. 

Whidbys Island, Fort on. Wash.— Fort Nugen. 

Whipple, Port or Barracks, Ariz.- At Prescott. 

Whipple, Camp, Fla.— On Pease Creek. 

Whipple, Fort, Va.— On Arlington Heights; now Fort Myer. 

White, Fort, Ala.— In Clarke County, 

White, Fort, Fla.— Columbia County, near Santa Fe River. 

White's Fort, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

Whitehall, Blockhouse at, N. Y. 

White Point, Fort at, S. C— Near Charleston. 

Whittlesey, Fort, Ky.— Near Newport. 

Whitworth, Fort, Va.— At Petersburg; also called Fort Alexander. 

Wichita, Camp, Ind. T.— Name changed to Fort Sill. 

WiCKLiFFE, Camp, Ky.— On Green River. 

WiGFALL, Camp, V a.— Near Bull Run. 


WiKOFF, Camp, N. Y.— At Montauk Point. 

WiLBUBN, Fort, III.— On Illinois River, near Pern. 

Wilcox, Camp, Tex.— On Trinity River. 

Wilcox, Battery, VA.--On James River. 

Wild Cat, Camp, Ky.— Near London. 

Wilder, Camp, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

WiLHELMUS, Fort, N. Y.— In Hudson River. 

WiLKESBARRB, FoRTS AT, Pa.— Forts Dickinson and Lillope. 

WiLKiNS, Fort, Ga.— Oconee River. 

WiLKiNS, Fort, Mich.— On Lake Superior, at Copper Mine Harbor. 

Wilkinson, Fort, Ga.— Oconee River, near Milledgeville. 

Wilkinson, Camp, Minn.— At Leech Lake. 

WiLLARD, Fort. Va.— Near Alexandria. 

WiLLETS Point, Fort at, N. Y.— Fort Totten. 

William, Fort, Ga.— Near Cumberland Island. 

ILLIAM, Fort, Mass. — Near Boston. 
William, Fort, Minn. 

William, Fort, N. H.— Mouth of Piscataqua. 
William, Fort, N. C— Near Plymouth. 

William, Fort, Pa.— Near Schuylkill River. > 

William Augustus, Fort, N. Y.— Near Ogdensburg. , - , u^ 

William and Mary, Fort, Mass.— Near Boston.- f^ . u -^. » 
pWilliam Castle, Fort, Mass.— In Boston Harbor. 
WiLUAM Hendrick, Fort, N. Y.— At Bowling Green, New York City. 
William Henry, Fort, Me.— At Pemaquid. 
William Henry, Fort, N. Y.— South end of Lake George. 
William Penn, Camp, Pa.— At Chelton Hills. 
Williams, Camp, Va.— Near Richmond. 
Williams, Castle, N. Y.— On Governors Island. 

Williams, Fort, Ala. — On Coosa River, at the mouth of Cedar Creek. 
Williams, Fort, Colo.— On Arkansas River. 
Williams, Fort, Fla. 
Williams, Port, Me.— At Portland Head. 
Williams, Fort, Miss.— Near Corinth. 
Williams, Fort, N. Y.— On Mohawk River. 
Williams, Fort, Va.— On Traitors Hill, near Alexandria. 
Williamsburg, Fort at, Va.— Fort Magruder. 

Willow Grove, Camp, Ariz. — Seventy-eight miles west of Fort Mojave. 
WiLMER, Camp, Md.— At Pimlico. 
Wilmington Arsenal, Del.— At Wilmington. 
Wilmington National Cemetery, N. C— At Wilmington. 
Wilson, Fort, Mich. 
Wilson's Fort, W. Va. 
Wilson Point Reservation, Wash. 
Wiltsee, Battery, Tenn. — ^At Knoxville. 


Winchester, Fort, Ohio. — On Auglaize River. 

Winchester National Cemetery, Va.-~At Winchester. 

Winder, Camp, Va.— Near Richmond. 

WiNDMiLii Point, Battery at, Md.— -Near Annapolis. 

WiNFiELD, Camp, N. C. — Near Hatteras Inlet. 

Wlnfleld Scott, Port, Cal.— At the Presidio; was formerly called Fort Point. 

WiNPiELD Scott, Camp, Nev.— In Paradise Valley. 

WiNPiELD Scott, Camp, Va.— Near Yorktown. 

Wingate, Fort, N. Mex.— Head waters of Rio Puerco, on site of old Fort Lyon. 

Winnebago, Agency, Minn. 

Winnebago, Fort, Wis.— On Fox River. 

WiNSLOW^ Fort, N. Y. — Hudson River, above Mohawk. 

INTER Hill, Fortifications on, Mass.— In Boston Harbor. 

INTER Island, Fort on, Mass.— Fort Pickering, Salem Harbor. 
WiNTERMOTT. FoRT, Pa. — In Wyoming Valley. 
WiNTHROP, Camp* Idaho. — ^Name changed to Camp Three Forks Owyhee. 

Inthrop, Theodore, Battery, Mass.— At Fort Banks, Grovers Cliff. 

inthrop,Fort, Mass.— Boston Harbor; present site of Fort Warren^) 
Winthrop, Camp, Va.— Near Richmond. ^ ^ 

Winthrops Point, Fort at, N. H. 
WiNYAW, Fort, S. C— At G^eorgetown. 
WiscASSET, Fort, Me.— At Sheepscot Bay. 

Wisconsin Point Reservation, Wis.— At mouth of Superior Bay. 
Wisconsin State Soldiers' Home, Waupaca, Wis. 
Wise, Fort, Colo.— Name changed to Fort Lyon. 
Wisewell, BAkRACKS, D. C— At Washington. 
Witchen, Battery, Va.— Near Deep Bottom. 
WoLCOTT, Fort. R. I.— On Goat Island, Newport Harbor. 
Wolff's Fort, Pa.— In Washington County. 
WoLPORD, Camp, Ky.— Near Somerset. 
Wolf Run Battery, Va.— On the Occoquan River. 
Wood or George Wood, Camp, Ky.— At Mumfordsville. 
Wood, Fort, La. — At Chef Menteur, name changed to Fort Macomb. 
Wood Redoubt, Md. 

Wood, Fort, N. Y On Bedloes Island. 

Wood, Fort, Tenn.— Near Chattanooga. 

Wood, Camp, Tex.— On the Nueces River. 

Wood, Camp, Va.— At Arlington. 

Wood, Battery, Va.— On James River. 

Wood, A. E., Camp, Cal.— In Yosemite National Park. 

Woodbury, Fort, Va.— Near Aqueduct Bridge. 

Wood, G. W. F., Camp, Tex.— Fifty miles northwest of Fort Inge. 

Woodlawn National Cemetery, N. Y.— At Elmira. 


V^j:, J"uir CjlL — JEI01Z& of T * inh.\ Xiver. 

Vwu:, 'Lajct' Jf C.'-3(«Br]BxrteTaEliLl^. 

9k'00L fHHOL >aL — Ol Ibe l^* ]B^iE imbt Fun Mcbitde:. 

tAcr Point ^Vriisac.. :iifiBr Pan TvwBaes^ 

Vuaani Foet Ijex. — Taiiaui Ct ium \ . cm Trinh.j 2iv«r hop- -cpwn rf -flue 

VoKTH FoBa:. T^— Immt AlexKuari^. 
^ufsntnveTOK. Foia. JEb.*.— Koir BalrimaaPB. 
'V'ii^^iSL. Ftan:. Ai.«%fiKA — On 'Wjxdssl Istamd 

Vfutarr. Foki. Cal. — In Bound TkDpy. 

'Wbiqht G^keeai. Hostlal. Cal. — At Sbh Fmuaanj. 

VinwHT. Camp. Cal. — 3^«Br "Whtubt s 'Ranrfii. 

Vkiuht. Battixt, S- C. — On JaEmeE Mmd. 

ITKiefirT. roET. Tekk. — On KEuEdfiBippi KivHr. near Fart Pilk»ir 

'WtiffkL, pQrt^ WadL — l^au* Spcdam^. 

WtiffitL, KL Q^ Fttrt^ ^i. Y« — Ooi FisiiBrE Island. -eaBsm fifirnmnp to Jxmg 

Mand Bound. 
TTtllhs. Foet. K. T— On Hndson Kvbt. near Vear Pimn 
TTjOKUiG. FoKT. Pa— Kear VHkesharrB. 
'Wtomjo^g State Soljiiiers' Home, Chetekke. "Wto. 
TAKtTAT Bat, Fcocr ok. JLlasea— At Takimr Baj". 
Tam Hill. Fcmrt. Okbg. — Thirrv-five xnDesi scnrth-west of Parckand. 
Takmouth. Fokt at. Me. 

YMm* Fort, ^L OMc — ^At S^tandinjr Boc^k Indian Airenrr 
Yates, Camp. III.— Naar t%|irmirfi<Od. 
Tazoo Citt, Fokt at, Mis& 
Tellow Batod, FoKTincATitws; at. La. 
YeuuOw Medhcike. Camp, Mix>5.— At Vj^ivsr S^cvux A^?«nry. 
YtMmwwimmft^ Fort, W^*© — In YtvUowssti-ow* N*tivtnftl Pm^: fcst named Gamp 

Ye&ba Buena Island, Bsskkvatu^x. i^ai. — In :?iMi Frwicascc^ Harbor. 


Yo&iL, Foet. Va.— On Ytff)i Ri>^ 

Yorktown Natioaal CeaMt«r>s Va, M \\^\^^^y^-t\ 

Yoi$EMiTE National Pake. Remcuv aTua am> i\\itr i\. Oai. 

YoUKG, Fobt. W. Va. 

Vot'NG B. B. M.. Camp. Qa — Jkt Aiuiui.u 

Yukon, Fokt, Alaska.— i>n Yu)iou Huoi 


ITuKA, Fort, Cau— On Colorado Riyer, opposite month of the Gila. 

Zabudski's Redoubt, N. C— On Cobbe Hill. 

Zabrisky. Fort, Va.— Near Zabrisky River. 

Zarah, Fort, Kans.— On Walnnt Creek, 2 miles above its month. 

Zekkes Island, Battery on, N. C— Mouth of Cape Fear River. 

ZnofERMAN. Fort, K. Y.— At St. Johnsville. 

ZoELLNER, Battery, Tenn.— At Knoxville. 

ZoLLERSviLLE, FoRT, Pa.— At Zollersville. 

ZOLUCOFFER, Caup, Tenn.— Three miles south of Livingston. 

ZoLUCOTFER, FoRT, Tenn.— Five miles below Nashville. 

Zumwalls, Fort, Mo.— In St. Charles County.