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Robert B. Miller, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 


A. B. Lyons, M. D. of Detroit, Mich. 

Presi of William Graham Printing Co. 



Copyright, 1907 
By Albert Brown Lyons, Detroit, Mich. 


The ginal prospectus of tlie Lyon memorial contemplated a sin- 
gle volume of possibly five hundred pages, which should include all 
easily accessible information about the several Lyon families which es- 
tablished themselves in New England prior to the year 1650. As the 
material accumulated, it became soon apparent that a single volume 
would not suffice. In fact the monograph has given place to a trilogy. 
With the present volume, the task taken in hand four years ago is 
brought to completion. It deals with the family of Thomas Lyon, 
which, although belonging in the beginning to New England, was early 
in its history transplanted into the neighboring State of New York. 

The publisher of the Lyon Memorial has been fortunate in en- 
listing for this portion of the work, the co-operation of a man whose 
acquaintance with the subject has extended over many years, and has 
been that of a professional genealogist — Mr. Robert B. Miller. It is 
only fair to Mr. Miller to say that, while he has given shape to the 
family history, furnishing the autheutic data and references to au- 
thorities that give to the narrative its high value as history, it has 
not been possible for him to edit the whole of the material that has 
been collected during the past year. For the foundation and plan of 
the work, his is the credit; if the structure seem to the critical lack- 
ing in sjrmmetry and harmony, the fault is that of those who have 
had to build independently upon that foundation, with such material 
as offered itself. Very valuable assistance has been rendered by a 
number of the descendants of Thomas Lyon. First and foremost 
among those who have interested themselves in gathering details of 
the family history must be named R. F. Skiff, of Iowa Falls, la., who 
has traced down to the present time the history of many of th« des- 
cendants of Jonathan Lyon of Bedford. It would, perhaps, be Invidious 
to select for mention individuals from the many others who have 
contributed data pertaining to their immediate relatives. Acknowl- 
edgment must, however, be made of the aid rendered by Mr. Paul P. 
Lyon of Mount Pleasant, Pa., in draughting the map of Westchester 
County — an important addition to the value of the book. 

Each volume of the Lyon Memorial is complete In Itself, although 
each contains matter that cannot fail to interest every Lyon who has 

a proper family pride. The first volume of the series treats of the 
families of William Lyon of Roxbury, Peter Lyon of Dorchester and 
George Lyon, also of Dorchester. It contains an introductory chapter 
on the English Ancestry of the American Lyon families, contributed 
by Dr. G. W. A. Lyon, who has returned to the subject, with much add- 
ed information, in the introductory chapter of the present volume. 
The second book of the series deals with two of the brothers who 
came to Fairfield, Conn., about 1648. This volume is edited by Sidney 
Elizabeth Lyon, of Jeffersonville, Ind., who accepts the family tradi- 
tion of a Scotch origin of these families. She treats in an introductory 
chapter of "Some Old World Lyons," particularly the Scotch family 
of the Earls of Strathmore. Prof. S. R. Winans, of Princeton University, 
contributes an interesting chapter on Lyons Farms, illustrated with a 
map showing the original allotments of land in the old settlement. 
Another map shows the original allotments of land to settlers in New- 

The present volume is devoted to the single family of Thomas 
Lyon, at one time of Fairfield, and persumably a brother of Richard and 
Henry, who were also "of Fairfield." Its distinguishing feature is the 
index of places, which will be of help to any one who wishes to trace 
the ancestry of any particular Lyon. The index includes descendants 
of all the Lyon families treated in the several volumes of the Memorial. 

The task which the writer of these lines assumed four years ago 
is at last concluded. If it has been but imperfectly done, the half loaf 
is better than no bread. It will be long before the complete and 
adequate history is written. Meanwhile those who have collaborated 
in preparing the Lyon Memorial will find ample reward for their labor 
in the gratitude of their kinsmen who will owe to them some acquaint- 
ance with a family history in which they may well take pride. 


Detroit, Mich., Oct. 1907. 



BY G. W. A. LYON, M. D. 
(Member of the Pennsylvania Historical Society.) 

"Lyons, a small district of France, to the s. e. of the district of 
Bray, and n. of Lyons la Foret, on the left bank of the Andelle; for- 
merly included within the extent of the Forest of Lyons, much more 
vast than today." [Univ. Geography — v. de St. Martin.]. 

"Lyons la Foret, a village of the department of Eure, 20 kilometers 
n. of Andelys, at the sources of the Lieure, a tributary of the Seine 
through the Andelle, in the midst of a beautiful beech forest; 75 meters 
altitude; 690 inhabitants, 1270 with the commune; sawmills and tan- 
neries; church of the 13th and 16th centuries." [Gazeteer.]. 

This district and this town are of special interest to the Lyon 
family, inasmuch as it is from them that we derive our name. The 
village has probably grown from the cottages that clustered about the 
ancient Castle of Lyons, of which the ruins may still exist. The Cas- 
tle and the forest are both plainly marked on old maps. Those who 
can not find it on their maps, can place it quite accurately by marking 
a dot a little to the south of east of Rouen, at the apex of an equi- 
lateral triangle whose base is a line drawn from Andelys to Gisors. 

The name was originally De Lyons — of the castle and forest of 
Lyons. But phonetic spelling plays havoc with names: about 1100 
variants of the name Gushing have been noted, and one name has 
four variants in a single line. Lyon is spelled with and without the 
de or the s; with y changed to i, e, oi or oy, ei or ey, or eu; the o 
becomes a, e or u; the n becomes nne. It is found as Len, Line or 
Lyne. By the monks it was sometimes written Lin, with the Latin 
ending u s, or was more frequently translated literally into Leonibus. 
Whether it Is the origin of Lynne is uncertain; while as n often as- 
sumes a d, as in Simon — Simond, it may be connected with Lynd [see 
Mass. Col. Rec, Thos Line or Ljmd of Charlestown 1637]. 

In 1066, the Lord of Lyons hearkened unto the call of Duke William, 
and for his services was awarded Corsham and Cullngton. The earlier 
generations seem to have spent most of their time abroad. When Hen. 
I. went to France to arrange the disputes arising out of the marriage 


of his daughter Matilda with Geoffrey of Anjou, he stayed for some 
time at the Castle of Lyons, no doubt as the guest of its Lord; and It 
was at this castle that, after a day of hunting in the forest, he par- 
took of a hearty meal of stewed eels, of which he was especially fond, 
and "died of a surfeit." 

Hugo, of the 4th generation, passed little of his time in England; 
and it was due to his friendship with Richard I. that he incurred the 
enmity of King John, whereby he was twice decilveri of his estates. 
Later the family became attached to the soil, thougi: many county 
hlstories tell how estate after estate passed from them, partly througu 
large donations to religious societies, partly through failure in the 
direct male line. 

The chief authority for the history of the English Lyons nas been 
the Rolls Office Pedigree [vol. 1.* p. 10.], printed in Welles' American 
Family Antiquity. Mr. Philippe, the compiler, had access to the En- 
glish records, and while his statements are, in the main, quite accurate, 
his conclusions therefrom are in many cases contradicted by direct 
evidence. As no records were kept until Hen. VIIL, and even these 
very incompletely, all data concerning the old families must come 
from various documents of a legal or a religious nature. In the very 
nature of the case, it is generally impossible to determine dates, and 
therefore to decide upon the precise degree of relationship between 
those who yet are unquestionably of the same household. A glance 
at the published pedigree of the Earls of Strathmore will show that 
it is impossible to prove a clear descent from the 11th century. In 
this exegesis, the compiler does not attempt to cover the whole ground, 
but confines himself to the evidence that he has personally examined. 
He passes over the history of the Scottish branch, which is treated 
fully in vol. II. of the memorial. 

It has been claimed that Godfrey de Louvain, duke of Brabant, 
was the head of the Norman family of Lyon; but this seems quite 
unlikely. First: There was no duke Godfrey till some time after the 
conquest; the dukes were the head of the family of Louvain; they did 
not bear the lesser title de Louvain, which was borne by a younger son. 
Second: Manning (Hist, of Surrey) says that Sir Nicholas Louvain 
was a descendant of the noble family of Louvain, a younger branch 
of the Hou&e of Lorraine; Godfrey de Louvain, surnamed from his 

*Vol. I., throughout this chapter, means Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Fam- 


place of birth, had lauds in England in right of his mother, grand- 
daughter of King Stephen. Third: the name Louvain in England Is 
always Louvain, just as Lyon is always Lyon, disguised though each 
may be by the well-established phonetic changes. 

An interesting item, possibly bearing upon the relations with 
Malcolm Canmore [vol. IL pg. 12.] is noted in Kennet's Parochial 
Hist, of Oxford. "Waltheof, son of Earl Siward, for winning him over 
to the Norman interest, received from William L his niece Judith, 
dau. of Lambert de Lenes [Lyons?] by Maud, countess of Albemarle, 
dau. of Halwyn de Comitis Villa by Arlota his wife, and thereby sister 
to Duke "William by his mother." 

"The name Loions," says the Duchess of Cleveland [the Battle 
Abbey Roll], is derived from the castle and forest of Lions in Nor- 
mandy" [see also the Norman People].! "Ingelram de Lions came 
in 1066, and held Corsham and Culington from the King. He had Ran- 
ulph, whose brother, William de Lions, had a grant from Earl Wm. Gif- 
fard. and left descendants. Ranulph had Ingelram de Lions, who was 
named Parcarius, as being forester (parker) of Croxton Park, Leicester, 
by exchange with the King [Hen. II.]. Wm. Parcarius de Lions 
[his son] was a benefactor of Croxton Abbey tempo Hen. II, (1154 — 
1189), and was a brother of Hugh, who was deprived of his estates 
1203. One of this family [dropping the title, and assuming the name 
of the office] was ancestor of the family of Parker, and of the Earls 
of Macclesfield." 

"Earl Wm. Warren possessed Croxton," says Nicholls (Hist, of 
Leicester). "He died 1160. Henry II. kept it for a while, but ex- 
changed it for Corsham and Culington, of which two-thirds belonged 
to William, son of Ingelram Parcarius de Lyons, a Norman who[se 
ancestor] came with the Conqueror ["and one-third," says Lancashire 
Inquests, "to Masilia de Apyard, held by bearing the standard of 
the Parker when in service of the King"]. William was succeeded 
by his brother Hugo; but King John gave his lands to Hubert de 
Bergh, while Hugo was absent in Normandy. But he accompanying 
Richard I. back, his lands were restored, and he held them till 1203, 
when John, in retaliation for the seizure of the lands of the English 
In Normandy by Philip Augustus, seized the lands of the French in 
England, and Hugo's lands escheated to the crown, and were given 

tBurke says there was not a place in Normandy at that period which did 
not. through its Lord, give name to some English family. 


to Geoffrey Luttrel. William finished the abbey in 1162, and bestowed 
the property for the [spiritual] health of his mother Matilda, his 
father Ingeram, his brother Hugo, and his ancestors. The grant was 
confirmed by Hugo, and other lands were added. Maud (Matilda) de 
Perer, mother of Hugo, gave also her right in Croxton Park." This 
park still exists. 

The Monasticon Anglicanum is a compilation by Dugdale of the 
historic records of the monasteries and abbeys in England. These 
records were written by monks, and of course in Latin. Those relat- 
ing to Croxton Abbey give substantially the account quoted from Nich- 
olls above; but as a matter of interest, an excerpt from the original 
is here given. 

Ex registro de Croxton penes Comitem Rutland apud Castrum 
de Belvoir. "Habemus in Croxton de dono Willielmi Parcarii, filii In- 
gerami Parcarii de Linus, duas partes de parco de Croxton et quicquid 
in eodem sui juris fuit et libertates duas partes carnucatae 
[100 A.] terrae Rogeri Parcarii etc.... Item. Hugo Parcarius f rater 
praedicti Willielmi confirmavit nobis dictum donatium secundum ten- 
orem cartem ejusdem Willielmi. Item, habemus de dono ejusdem Hug- 
onis duas bovatas [30 A.] etc. quas Reginaldus filius Estmundi tenuit 

etc. Item, idem Hugo dedit etc sicut Ingeram pater suus sive Will- 

ielmus frater suus illud unquam liberius et plenarius possederunt 
nobis imperpetuum possidendum. . . .Item. Matilda de Perer mater 
praedicti Hugonis Parcarii dedit nobis in puram clemsinam quicquid 
juris etc." Thereafter follows what is found in Nicholl. 

From these accounts, it appears quite evident that the four first 
generations of our line were: — 

1. Ingelram de Lyons, who came with the Conqueror. 

2. Ranulph— William of Norfolk. 

3. Ingelram de Lyons, called Parcarius (the Parker), m. Matilda 
de Perer s. 

4. William— Hugo. 

Probably there were other children: note the name Roger in Mon. 
Angl. above. Ranulph, brother of Ilgeram, Ranulph, son of Ilgeram, 
and Edmund, son of Paganus, are found in Norfolk Doomsday Book. 
This last may be the Estmund referred to in the Mon. Angl. excerpt. 
It is but fair to say that there is no proof that the three last were 
surnamed Lyon. It is unfortunate that Mr. Philippe does not give his 
authorities for the descendants of Roger [vol. I., p. 11]; still the com- 


pletion of the Victorian series of county histories may enable the 
future historian to clear up many points that are now obscure. 

William of the second generation settled in Norfolk. It was 
probably the sons of this William who became lords of Weston. The 
records are not so full as one could wish, and it is often impossible 
to tell who's who. Blomfield (Hist, of Norfolk) gives the following 
data: — 

Ralph de Lions and William de Lions were the lords of Lyon's 
Manor, Weston, and are mentioned in a grant of Wm. Giffard, 2d. Earl 
of Buckingtiam. 

In 1187 Roger de Leonibus impleaded Ralph de Birston for two 
parts of a fee [800 A.] in Earl Warren's manor of Birston. Roger was 
son of Jeffrey, who m. Mathilda, dau. and coheir of Wm. de Lions who 
lived tempo Hen. II. (1154-1189), and left two other daus. and coheirs, 
Hawise and Beatrice, and they dying without issue, he claimed it as 
heir [through Matilda]. Wm. de Grandcourt, lord of Pulmodeston, 
proving that Jeffrey had levied a fine of the same to his ancestor Wm. 
de Grancourt, Birston held his possession, [compare vol. II., p. 11.]. 

In 1228 Walter de Grancurt purchased by fine of Jeffrey de 
Leonibus one carnucate (100 A.) of land in Clipston-Croxton. 

Wm. de Lions and his tenants tempo Hen. III. (1216-1272) held 
one-half fee (400 A.) of the Honor of Richmond In Archbridge and 
Swanington under Robt. de Furneaux. Wm. de Lions and Sibilla his 
wife held lands here and In Weston and Helmingham of the Earl of 
Clare. He granted a meadow at Brockdish Hall for the use of the 
Almoner of the Priory. 

Adam of Weston, living 1239, acknowledged to do service for one- 
half fee (400 A.) to Wm. de Englefield for his lands in Weston etc. 

Jeffrey Lyon and Thomas, son of Henry de Lions, are mentioned 

In 1314 Hugh de Stanford settled by fine on Adam de Lyons lands 
in Weston, Helmingham and Ringland for life, with remainder to 
Ernald de Lyons his son and Alice his wife in tail. 

In 1347 Adam, son of Ernald, released to Sir Peter de Tye lands 
in Weston, — papers sealed with a lion rampant. 

In 1391 Nicholas, son of Amald of Weston, parson of Rollesby, 
reciting that whereas Wm. Lyons of Fl3rtcham had enfeoffed John 
Stanford et al. in his manor of Weston-Lyons in Weston, Helmingham 


and Moreton, which where [sic] the said Arnald Lyons, Nicholas re- 
leased his right in the same. 

In 1401 Walter de Middleton held the fourth part of a fee (200 A.) 
of the heirs of Arnald de Lyons, and he of the Earl of March. 

No one of our name appears in the list of Norfolk gentry in 1500. 

An incomplete pedigree would appear as follows, the dates show- 
ing when they were mentioned: — 

Ralph and William: very early. 

Matilda, Hawise and Beatrice, daughters of William; the first m. 
Jeffrey Lyon: before 1187. . 

Roger, son of Jeffrey and Matilda: 1187. 

Jeffrey de Leonibus: 1228. 

William de Lions and Sibilla, his wife: 1216-1272.— Adam: 1239. 

Jeffrey and Thomas, son of Henry de Lions: 1303 — Adam: 1314. 

Ernald, son of Adam, and Alice his wife: 1314. 

Adam, son of Ernald: 1347. 

William — Arnald, and Nicholas, his son: 1391. Arnald dead: 1401. 

The Lyon family was established in Essex early in the 13th cen- 
tury. The first known proprietor was Thomas, who may have been 
that son of Henry de Lions of the Norfolk records. The main seat 
of the early Lyons was near Saffron Walden. This Thomas m, Mar- 
garet, and their dau. m. John Wydville, a son of that Richard Wydville 
who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Lyon of Warkworth, Northampton. 
A tabular statement of these marriages will show the double strain of 
Lyon blood in the royal family of England: — 

1. Sir John de Lyons m. Alice St. Liz. 

2. Elizabeth Lyon m. Richard Wydville. Thos. Lyon m. Margaret. 

3. John Wydville m. dau. of Thos. Lyon. 

4. Thos. Wydville. 

5. Richard Wydville, Earl Rivers. 

6. Elizabeth Wydville m. 1st. Sir John Grey; m. 2d. King Edward 
IV. By this 1st. marriage, Elizabeth was the ancestress of Lady Jane 
Grey; by the 2d. marriage, she was the mother of the murdered princes 
of the tower, and of Elizabeth of York, who m. Henry VII. 

In the histories of the county by Morant, Chancellor and Wright, 
we have little more than vague references, such as "Lyons Hall, 
Chelmsford, was named from an ancient family." "In Hinchford Hun- 
dred is the capital messuage of Lyons, so called from an ancient 


family surnamed Lj'on which flourished in this county tempo Bdw. I. 
—Ill," (1307-1377). 

Liston Hall reverted to Richard Lyons, who was killed by Wat 
Tyler (vol. I., p. 16). Shardlowe estate also belonged to him. Richard 
was the famous vintner and lapidary. He was buried in the church 
of St. James, Garllckhythe. Stow (Survey of London, 1598) says that 
his house was next to the Hanse Merchants' Guildhall, Thames St., 
next to Cosin's Lane. He describes the "Picture on his gravestone; 
very large and fair, with hair rounded by his ears; a little beard, 
forked; a gown girt to him down to his feet, of branched damask 
wrought to the likeness of flowers; a large purse on his right side, 
hanging in a belt from the left shoulder; a plain hood about his neck, 
covering his shoulders^ and hanging back behind him." At the time 
of his death he held the Manor of Overhall in Liston of the King in 
capite, by service of making wafers on the King's coronation day, and 
serving with them the King at dinner on that day. But long before 
his decease he had enfeoffed Alice, Lady Neville, in the manors of 
Netherhall, and in lands and tenements in Liston, Borle, Foxherd and 
Penstowe. Netherhall was held of the Earl of March by the service 
of 12 s. per year, and "Weston of Thomas Monshensy for 1 lb. of pepper. 
He had also the manor of Gosfield. Upon his death, these escheated 
to the crown. He is said by some to have been Richard of Oakley, 
mentioned in the Northampton pedigree; but Bridge says that the lat- 
ter died 1361. A Richard was in Parliament tempo Richard II (1377- 

John, the Lord Mayor, and wife Alice, were granted lands 1545 
by Hen. VIII. Elizabeth, 2d. wife of John, held lands in St. Albans 
1660 for the life of Elizabeth. She was dau. of John Lee of Stanford, 
Co., Lincoln, and widow of Alderman Hynd, a colleague of Sir John. 
His will was proved 1569. Richard, son of his bro. Henry, was hi> 
heir, and he died 1579, leaving a son and heir Henry, aged 27 years. 
The latter died seized of the estates of Buckhurst in Chigwell and Wood- 
ford in 1590 (vol. I., p. 17). 

The arms of the Essex family are first mentioned in connection 
with Thomas, 14th. century, and quite likely were assigned to him for 
some special service; they are described as arg. a chevron sable be- 
tween three lions sejant gules, and are impaled with the Wydvllle 
arms. Later the coat bears lions couchant. Those in the British 
Museum are badly drawn, and the position of the sleeping lions led to 


the Inference that they were rampant, in allusion to the Warkworth 
arms; and they are so drawn in vol. I., p. 20, though the proper position 
is sejant or couchant. 

The argument of heraldry indicates that the Essex family migrated 
to Hampshire and Somerset, as stated hy The Norman People. ColUn- 
son (Hist, of Somerset) says: "About the time of Edw. I., another 
family succeeded to the estate of Long Ashton of the name of Liona 
or De Lions. Of this family was Nicholas de Lions, who in 1252 held 
the office of Reeve of Bristol. His eldest son was William, who improved 
the patrimonial estate by purchase from Agnes, widow of DeAlno, 
and Wm. de Ashton. At his death 1312, he held a capital messuage, 
the same in all probability that Is still partly standing. By Maud, his 
wife, he left issue, three sons, Adam, Thomas and Edmund. Adam de 
Lions, b. 1287, lived only one year after the death of his father. 
Thomas died 1328 without issue. Edmund, b. 1303, made a grant of 
Stockeleigh to the Abbey of St. Augustine. He had lands in Kencot 
also. He died 1367, leaving two sons; William and Thomas. Wm. died 
without issue 1370. Thomas obtained a charter 1392 of free warren 
and liberty to enclose a park in Long Ashton, which from this family 
henceforth assumed the name Ashton-Lyons, and still dominates a 
tithing in this parish. His wife's name was Margaret; he left no issue. 
The church, dedicated to All Saints, was built by one of the Lyons, 
and Thomas Is buried there. The Lyon arms — those of Essex — are 
cut in stone on the west end of the tower, and blazoned on the ceiling. 

The Manor of Lyons Court at Filton still remains. It lies north- 
ward from the village of Whitchurch, and belonged to a family distinct 
from those of Ashton. As early as the 13th. century, they bore arms; 
Arg. two lions rampant respecting sable [a variant of the Warkworth 
arms]. They were retainers to the Abbots of Keynsham, from whom 
they held their territory. From David de Lyons issued David; Robert; 
Stephen; Ralph; Thomas and Roger, his brother who died without 
issue; Thomas; Thomas and Nicholas; Richard (9th generation) left 
no issue; his sister Edith m. Thomas Holbeach of Co. Lincoln. The 
hamlet of Burton and Melton was held 1396 of the King in capite by 
Thomas de Lyons. Edward was member of parliament 1336. 

From Somerset they must have crossed into Ireland. O'Hart 
claims an Irish origin for the family, deriving the name from O'LIathan, 


the gray-haired. But as the family arms are those of Essex and 
Somerset, and as its most distinguished representative, the late Lord 
Lyons, former British Minister at Washington, derives from Hamp- 
shire, where Wm. de Lions was a witness 13th. century, it seems quite 
certain that any descendants of the gray-haired one are not of our 
race. Some Lyons in Ireland are of the family of Strathmore, and bear 
the Strathmore arms. 

The descendants of the De Lyons of Croxton Park passed into 
Nottingham and Derby. The existing histories of these counties are 
unsatisfactory in many ways; but the Feudal History of Derby fur- 
nishes some items which are of considerable importance when taken 
in connection with the very full Northampton data. 

Nicholas de Lenne, Forester, presented on the part of Edw. I. 
(1272-1307). John Lyon was with the Derby archers in Ireland 1362. 
Alan de Leuns was sued 1270. In 1310 Letitia and Alice, daughters of 
Wm. de Leuns of Chesterfield, sell lands. Adam de Lennes was on 
the Subsidy Rolls 1327. In 1286 Philip de Lenne (also called de 
Leuns) of Chesterfield was sued; he was plaintiff 1290, Robert and 
Philip de Leune mentioned about 1318. Alan de Leune and Philip 
mentioned tempo Hen. III. (1216-1272.) Philip was a witness 1318. 
Richard and Philip mentioned tempo Edw. I. (1272-1307.) Richard de 
Lenne sells lands In Eyom 1290. Robert de Leune of Chesterfield 
mentioned in Pleas of the Forest tempo Edw. I., and Philip de Lyan in 
the Pipe Rolls (tax list) 1213. Richard de Sutton held one Knight's 
fee (600 A.) in Sutton of the Honor of Richmond [for which Peter de 
Leonibus should respond]. Note: Peter de Leonibus did not suc- 
ceed to the Honor of Richmond till 1203, but the words here placed 
in brackets, not there in the original, may have been added subse- 
quently [Testa de Nevil (Inquisition)] Roger de Linde is on the 
Pipe Rolls 1255. 

The Derby family spread into Northampton, probably through a 
marriage. The chief authority for the Northampton pedigree is the 
collection of documents preserved in the muniment room of the Chet- 
woods. who succeeded to the Warkworth estates through marriage 
with a Lyon heiress, and failure in the direct male line. An epitome 
of these documents was given in vol. 1., p. 436; but a few of them are 
copied below in the original form, the contracted forms, for the sake 
of clearnesss, being filled out in brackets, and the annexed numbers 
corresponding to the order in vol. I. 


The pedigree is as follows. It is based upon the papers referred 
to, and upon the county histories of Balier and Bridge and the new 
Victorian History. Compare the names of witnesses [vol. I.] with 
the Derby list above. 

1. Richard de Leuns m. Maud 2nd. Julianna, who was his widow 
1206. He granted two virgates (80 A.) to his brother Matthew. 

2. Roger de Leuns m. Hawise. His dau. Margaret m. Richard, 
son of Walter de Sutton; their dau. m. Sir Geoffrey Luttrel; a pic- 
ture of this couple adorns a psalter made for Geoffrey, and a copy 
thereof is published in Fairholt's Costumes, Bohn Library. 

3. Roger m. Joan, dau. of Adam de Napton. At her death 1278, 
her lands in Pljrmpton went to their son and heir Richard, he being 
then 30 years. 

4. Richard b. 1248, was living 1288 m. Lady Emma, who was his 
widow 1311. He had a brother^ John de Lions.J 

5. John de Lions m. Margery, dau. of Hugo de Oakley; she was 
his widow 1317; he d. 1312; she was living 1323. This is the John, son 
of Pagan, of the Philippe pedigree (vol. I. p. XI.); but the following 
extracts seem to be conclusive. [XIII.] Haec est finalis concordia 
facta in curia regis apud Ebor [aceum] inter Hugonem de Okele 
quaerentem et Joh[ann]em de Lyouns et Margeriam uxorem ejus 
deforc[iantes] per Adam de Harewedon de duabus p[ar]tibus manerii 
de Warkworth etc. et pro hac recognitione fine et concordia idem Hugo 
concessit pred[i]ctis Joh[ann]i et Margeriae et haeridit[ibus] reman- 
ere Ric[ard]o filio p[rae]d [i] c[t]i Joh' is et heredibus etc. remanere 
rectis heredibus d[i]c[t]i Johannis patris p[rae]d[i]c[t] or [urn] 
Joh'is et Ricardi. Ao. 31 Edw. I. [1302]. [XVII.] Unirersis S[an]c[t] 
ae matris eccl[es]iae filiis ad quor[um] noticiam praesentes pervener- 
Int. Prior et fratres ordinis S[an]c[t]i Augustini de North'ton salu- 
tem. Nobili viro Johanni de Leonibus concessimus quod pro salubri 
statu suo et Aliciae consortis suae et eorum liberor[um]dum vixerint 
necnon pro animabus eor [um] et omnium progenitorum suorum etc. 
pro a[n]i[ma]bus Rogeri de Lions, Joh'is, Ricardi de Lions et Emmae 
nzoris suae, Joh'is de Lions et Margeriae uxoris suae etc. Sarae de 
Ocle, Will[ielm]i de Seintliz et Margeriae uxoris suae, Ao. 1330. [This 
John was son of John and Margaret. Note particularly the line of 

JDocument No. XII. (omitted in Vol. I. of the Memorial) is an "agreement 
between Walter Pompes, etc., on the one part, and William Purkell on the other. 
Witnesses Richard de Lyuns, son of Lord Roger Lyuns, Gerard de Lyuns, Rich- 
ard de Lyuns. Nicholas de I^yuns et al." Anno 1260. 


descent — ^Roger, John and Richard, John, and compare with Philippe, 
vol. I., p. 11.]. 

6. John de Lions* m. Alice, dau. of Wm. de St. Liz; m. 2nd. 
Elizabeth Hastings, living 1346; m. 3rd. Lora Latimer. He d. 1383. 
A second son was Richard de Lions. There were two daughters: 
Margerie, who m. Egidius St. John, and Agnes, both mentioned 1322. 
[XX,XXXII.].§ In 1311 he received his grandmother's dower of Sever- 
ford. [XVII.] Sciant quod ego Joh'es de Liouns dedi Joh'i fllio meo 
capitale messuagium de Swerford parva etc. cum reversione terrarum 
et ten [en]tor[um] quae d[omin]a Emma mater mea de me tenet 
nomine dotis etc. et si contingat p[rae]d[i]c[t]um Joh'em sine herede 
de corpore suo obire remanerent Ricardo fratri suo. Testibus Thomas 
de Liouns de Dunstowe et aliis. 

In 1319 he gave the manor of Beckbroke to his wife Alice; and 
in 1346 he gave to the prior and convent of Chacomb lands in Har- 
pole and Plympton which he inherited from Adam de Napton; in 
1337 he gave lands in Grimsbury to St. Leonard's Hospital in Banbury 
and later the hospital received lands in Banbury and Overthorp. His 
will was dated Saturday after the Feast of Conception of the B. V. M. 
1383: To be buried in Chacomb Convent church; masses for the 
souls of Elizabeth Hastings and Lora Latimer his former wives: 
bequests to religious bodies. Proved Dec. 19, 1383. [Lincoln Wills]. 

His brother, Richard of Great Oakley, m. Margerie. He had a 
son Richard: [XXV.] A toutz ceaux I're verrounts ou orrounts. Richard 
de Lions de Warkworth et Richard son fitz etc. nouz estre tenuz k sire 
[Sir] John de Lyons, Seignr de Warkworth etc. Donne Ao, 35 Edw. III. 

In 1330 Richard was summoned to show cause of his claim in 
Oakley. Replied that Hugo de Ocle died seized of the manor etc., 
leaving daughters, one Margery, his heirs; and that Margery con- 
veyed her share to Richard de Lions and his heirs. In 1347 Richard 
accounts for one fee (800 A.) in Oakley, on levying aid for Knighting 
the King's son. In 1361 Richard died; his moiety descending to 
Isabella, Cecilia and Christina, his sisters and heirs [this was probably 
Richard the son (see also the Battle Abbey)]. In 1418 Cecilia Ragonel 

*Baker thinks there were two generations of Johns in No. 6. 

§Docum.ent No. XX (omitted in Vol. I.). "Be it known that I, Margery, 
who was wife of Lord John de Lions, lord of "Warkworth, have given to Margery 
and Agnes, my daughters, for the course of their lives, etc., and after their 
death, to Richard my son. etc." Anno 1322. 



died possessed of one-third of the manor, descending to her daughter 
and heirs. She m. 1st. Hamelin de Mathan of Mulesey, Co. Surrey, 
who d. 1381, her dau. Elizabeth being three years old. Her dau. 
Margaret, wife of John Mitchell, died 1454 [Escheats 1381 and 1454— 
Clutterbuck's Hertford, Manning's Surrey and the Battle Abbey]. 
He has been confused with Richard, the vintner of Essex. Alice, 
sister and coheir of Richard, living 1403, m. Nicholas Lovett of Rush- 
ton in 1361. A Richard, with Claricia his wife and William his son, 
confirmed a grant of Waleran de Sulgrave [probably father of Claricia] 
to the convent— no date. 

7. John m. 1370 Margaret St. John; he d. 
1385. [XXVI.] Ceste indenture faite a Ald- 
rington peutre dame Isabelle Seynt .Johan 
d'un parte et Johan de Lyouns fitz et heir 
monsr. John de Lyouns, Seign'r. de Wark- 
worth de I'autre parte testimoyne cest assauoir 
que le dit John de Lyouns espousera Mai'ge- 
rie Seint Johan fille au dit Isabelle etc. 
pour que marriage la dit dame Isabelle in- 
feoffera le dit Johan de Lyouns de son manoir 
de Middleton Cheynduyt en le comte de North'- 
ton k terme de vie la dit Isabelle etc. Ao. 44 
Edw. III. (1370). His sister m. 1st. Nicholas 
Chetwood; he died 1369; she m. 2nd. 1370 
Richard Wydville [compare the account of Es- 
sex above]. The Chetwood family succeeded 
to the Lyon estates 1392, inasmuch as John 
died without issue 1385. 

His monument, said to be one of the most 
beautiful in England, is in Warkworth church. 
He wears on his head a bascinet, to which is 
attached a camail of mail. Over the body is 
a cyclas laced on the right side; under this a 
haketon with sleeves, and under this a gambe- 
son. Legs and feet are in chausses of mail; 
spurs have plain wheel rowels left almost in 
block. Knees are protected by genouilleres 
decorated with ball flowers and quatrefoils: el- Monnment (reclining) of 

John Lyon. 


bows by guards and lion-faced discs; hands by gauntlets of plate and 
leather, with close-fitting cuffs strapped round the wrist. The head, 
supported by angels, rests on his helm for battle and jousting, sur- 
mounted by the crest, a talbot's head issuing from a ducal coronet. 
The feet press with admirable spontaneity on a lion. The shield is 
charged with the lion rampant of De Lions. The sword is 
suspended by an elaborate baudric worn obliquely, whose ends are 
fastened in a double locket placed a few inches below the top of 
scabbard. The end of scabbard is protected by a bouterolle, and the 
pommel ornamented with a human face. An ornate misericorde is 
slung by a loop from the baudric. Every detail has received the sculp- 
tor's most careful attention. 

Two other monuments are there; said to be of Sir John and 
Margery. He is represented cross-legged, in a hauberk which covers 
his head, and extends to the wrists, leaving the hands, which are 
elevated, bare. Every trace of mail is worn away, except a small 
portion above the knee at the opening of the tunic, which falls back, 
and reaches nearly to the heels. A plain horizontal belt, and a trans- 
verse one from which depends a sword at left side; on the left side is 
a heater shield. The head, bound with a plain fillet, is supported by 
two mutilated angels, and rests on a double cushion; the feet rest on 
a lion. 

The other figure has a veil headdress confined around the head 
by a plain fillet, and falling to the shoulders. A wimple just covers 
the chin; an open mantle fastened by a cordon crossing below the 
arms, which are raised in devotion. The head rests on a cushion; on 
each side is a mutilated angel. 

The last Sir John is the one who has been mistaken for John of 
Glamis. The John de Lyons, who 1334 was summoned to attend the 
King with horses and arms at Roxburgh [Rot. Scot., I. 306], and in 
1343 had charters for lands in Perth and Aberdeen, who obtained the 
reversion of Glamis, and whose son was Grand Chamberlain of Scot- 
land, was a descendant of Richard of Northampton — King David had 
possessions there — and may have been a cousin of the last Sir John. 

Much more might be said of Northampton Lyons, but space for- 
bids. The Oxford Hist. Soc. vol. 24 gives a long account of the vari- 
ous rectors of Begbroke, of whom the first whose name is known was 
appointed by Roger de Lyons in 1231. [see also Rennet's Parochial 


Hist, of Oxford]. Nicholas de Lyons was Rector 1303, and many of 
his family entered the church, here and in other counties. The Lyon 
family presented to this rectory for 117 years, except 1294, when Roger 
de Lens was patron. The name is probably connected wltH that of 
Matilda de Lens, who held one knight's fee (800 A.) from Ralph de 
Saley tempo Edw. L [Lens is phonetic for Lyons, as in the Derby 
records, and there was therefore no "except.]" 

The History of Banbury quotes an odd writ of 1330. "Sir John 
de Lyons, summoned by quo warranto to show his claim of view of 
frankpledge and weyf in the manor of Warkworth, pleaded proscrip- 
tion, but acknowledged that neither he nor his ancestors had a pillory 
for offenders against the assize of bread, and that they punished 
offenders against the assize of beer by amerciament, and not by tum- 
bril, till the third offense. The view was taken into the King's hands, 
and restored again for one-half mark." 

The Derby family crossed into South Lancaster; but either as 
younger sons, or at a time when the family had descended from its 
proud estate. Many, however, were of the gentry class, and the name 
is found in the list of lesser gentry to this day. The county might be 
considered the Lyon stronghold in England, as they comprise .008 
percent of the population. The published parish registers are of great 
value, and show that the Lyons have not removed from their original 
position in the southern part. Southern York also received a few 
settlers, and these also have not wandered far afield. In Lincoln, too, 
the name appears, but they do not seem to have settled in this shire 
until the 16th. century, possibly through the exchange of lands between 
the Lord Mayor and the King. (vol. L, p. 17.). 

On account of their importance, and for the significance of the 
names, some of the Lancaster records are quoted, even though many 
dates are subsequent to the colonial migration. The dates are not 
here given in full, and names of females are for the most part omitt- 

Bury: Alice, of John, bp. 1594; Henry, of Henry, bp. 1636. 

Walton: William, of Robert, bp. 1640; Thomas m. Margaret Plimp- 
ton 1609. 

Upholland: Abraham, of Henry, d. 1659; Charles, of George, bp. 
1684; Peter, of George, bp. 1663; Thomas of Billing, d. 1678; Susanna, 
of George, bp. 1677; other children of George; John, of Daniel of Bil- 


ling, bp. 1686; Thomas, of Robert of Orral, bp. 1661; Lydia, of Thomas 
of WIndle. b. 1674; John, of Robert of Orral, d. 1678; Ellen, of Richard 
of Billing, bp. 1635; Margaret, of Daniel of Billing, bp. 1617; Susanna, 
of Daniel, bp. 1621; Gilbert, of Daniel of Billing, bp. 1670. 

Newchurch, Tulchuth: Henry of Peter, bp. 1654; Alice of Peter, 
bp. 1656; John, of Richard, bp. 1691; Peter, of Richard, bp. 1694; Old 
Roger, d. 1676; John, of Peter, d. 1684; Elizabeth, of Roger and Ann 
Hynd, bp. 1633; Henry, of Richard, bp. 1631; Henry, bp. 1608; child 
of Henry, d. 1607; Alin [Ellen ?] wife of Peter, d. 1682. See also Henry 
Lyon, gent, of Prestwick, Thomas Lyon, gent, of Billing, and the con- 
nection of Thomas Lyon and wife Margaret with the witch trials 1612. 

Ormskirk: Ann, of George, bp. 1602; Mary, of James, bp. 1605; 
Elizabeth, of James, bp. 1615; Thomas, of James, bp. 1618; Edward, of 
Richard, bp. 1623; Ellen, of James, bp. 1613; Margaret of James, bp. 
1607; Susan, of James, bp. 1609; Marierie, of Peter, bp. 1606; Thomas, 
of John, bp. 1585; child of George, d. 1601. 

Wigan: Edward, of Thomas of Rainforth, bp. 1580; Henry, b. 

A few Lancaster Wills: Edward of Halewood, 1614; George of 
Eccleston, 1606; Henry of Rainforth, 1614; Henry of Windle, 1582; 
James of Rainforth, 1592; John of Eccleston, 1607; John of Halewood, 
1598; John of Rainforth, 1614; John of Whiston, 1615; Robert of Wool- 
ton, 1594; Robert of High Leigh, 1620; Thomas of Rainforth, 1603; 
Thomas of Whiston, 1612; Daniel of Billing, 1627; David of Billing. 
1627; Edward of Gansworth, 1633; Henry of Whiston, 1629; George of 
Rainforth, 1640; George of Windle, 1629; Gilbert of Windle, 1622; 
Josiah of Rainforth, 1628; Peter of Windle, 1647; Thomas of Windle, 
1624; Thomas of Woolfall, 1625; William of Gansworth, 1646; William 
of Woolfall, 1628. 

The Lyons of Warwick, Bucks, Berks, and other Midland counties, 
seem to be of Northampton origin. The Middlesex line is said by 
Philippe to be of Essex stock, but this has been disproved by Mr. 
Thornton in the Harrow School [vol. L, p. 12.]. Some importance 
must be attached to the fact that most of the great schools of England 
founded their seals upon the coat-of-arms of their founders, the Harrow 
arms being based upon the arms of John Lyon of Preston, or the lion 
rampant. He had lands in Hertford. 

Here and there appear early Lyon representatives in various 
counties; but these must be passed by; as also the various parish 


registers and other references of later years. A partial list is offered 
here for the pleasure of the curious. Lipscomb's Buckingham; Chaun- 
cey's and Clutterbuck's Hertford; Lyson's Environs of London; Famil- 
iae Minorum Gentium; Misc. Genealogica et Heraldica; Herts Geneal- 
ogist; Reitstap's Armorial General — for Lyon arms in France; York 
Wills; Lincoln Wills and Marriages; Northampton Wills; Parish 
Registers of Leeds, York, Solihull, Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon 
Moulton, Northampton, Ipswich, Suffolk, London Parishes. 

The Lyon family lost, by gift or otherwise, their vast estates; but 
they have tenaciously clung to their distinctive names. William occurs 
as early as the second generation, and doubtless was bestowed in 
honor of the Conqueror. Henry, Richard and John appear tempo Henry 
IL and his sons, while the name Jeffrey (from Geoffrey of Normandy 
or Geoffrey or Anjou) failed to survive. These four names persist in 
every generation, and in any list far outnumber all others. The same 
may be said of Peter or Piers, but chiefly in the northern counties; the 
first mentioned being Peter de Leonibus of Derby, 12th century. 
Thomas is nearly as ancient, and quite as persistent, and these two 
quite likely owe their names to the apostles, or to intermarriage. 
Edward made its advent with Edward L; while Nicholas and Adam 
are not popular today. George naturally does not occur till late, but 
took a firm hold. 

If one were to judge from family names, any or all of the immi- 
grants might have come from any of the midland or adjacent counties 
of England. The family of William of Roxbury claim Heston, Middle- 
sex, as their home, and their claim appears good. Peter was most 
surely not immediately related to William; there is nothing to show 
that they were aware of each other's near presence. George was 
quite surely of the same family as Peter. There is reason, too, to 
believe that the first recorded George was the son of a prior immi- 
grant who probably bore the same name. 

Since the publication of vol. I., the Lancaster records have become 
accessible, and they furnish strong presumptive evidence that Peter 
and George were from that shire. Peter appeared at the time of the 
Great Lancastrian Migration, when the first settlers of Dorchester 
removed to Connecticut to make room for the flock of Richard Mather. 
This eminent divine came with his following from that part of Lancas- 
ter where the Lyon family was especially numerous, and where the 
parish registers read almost as antecedent pages of the records of the 


First Church of Dorchester. A comparison of these old-world lists 
with the List of Inhabitants in 1700 will show that nearly every name 
in the latter has its counterpart in the former; and this is especially 
true of those who were resident there during the middle of the 17th. 
century. The evidence for a Lancastrian origin for Dorchester men ap- 
pears very striking and almost conclusive. 

The statement that the Connecticut families are of Scotch descent 
seems to require the Scotch verdict "not proven." They are much more 
likely to have been Lancastrian. There is presumptive evidence that 
Thomas at least had some connection with the Lyons of near Boston, 
and it may have been due to such connection that Thomas of "near 
Boston," who was killed in the Turner's Falls fight, has been con- 
fused with Thomas of Fairfield; the biographer of the Thomas Lyon 
Family should have something to say on that point. It is not at all 
likely that the 17th century Lyons of the various counties of England 
had knowledge of each other; while those of Lancaster and York 
may have had a vague idea, and so have handed down the tradition, 
that they were in some way related to the only Lyon family they knew 
about — the noble family of Strathmore, which, indeed, had a common 
origin with themselves. Moreover, the tradition that three Lyon 
brothers were on guard at Whitehall, and witnessed the execution of 
Charles I. very strongly militates against their being of Scottish 
blood; for the strong feeling of suspicion and dislike which the Puritan 
felt for the Scot at this time, and which culminated shortly afterward 
at the battle of Worcester, must have caused, at such a momentous 
time, some such order as "Put none but Ironsides on guard tonight." 

Taking into consideration, then, all the data obtained at the 
present time, it is the opinion of the compiler that the special arms 
of Strathmore belong only to those descended from John of Glamis; 
that the lion sejant or couchant belongs only to a special Essex family, 
who appear also in southern England and in Ireland; that the lion 
passant belongs only to the immediate family of Sir John, the Lord 
Mayor; and that the original lion rampant, as borne in Norfolk, North- 
ampton, and by John of Preston, is the common heritage of all the 
first settlers who bore the Lyon name. 

G. W. A. LYON. 
2022 Diamond St., Philadelphia. 

Aug. 19th, 1907. 


For the benefit, of readers of this volume who have not the com- 
plete series of the Lyon Memorial, a brief synopsis is here given of the 
facts connected with the transplanting to the New World of oifshoots 
from the English Lyon family. 

In the list of passengers that embarked for "Barbadoes" in the 
ship "Hopewell," Capt. Babb, February 12th, 1634, we find the name of 
John Lyon, aged eighteen years. It has been suggested that this 
was John, son of William and Anne (Carter) Lyon of Heston (now 
part of London), England, but this is not probable, since that John was 
baptized June 7, 1619, and so was probably not more than fifteen 
years old at the date above mentioned, and since his father was buried 
February 18, 1634, only six days after the sailing of the Hopewell. 
The assumption had been that the lad had set out to seek his fortune 
in a new country because he was left fatherless. It is, however, more 
than possible that the John Lyon who embarked for the Barbadoes 
1634 was the same John Lyon who was taxed in Marblehead Mass. in 
1637, and who in 1638 gave his note for payment of money to George 
Ching of Salem, Mass. We read that on 3. XI. 1644 (Jan. 3, 1645) John 
Lyon, with some companions in Salem, was fined for drinking wine and 
other offences. He was one of the proprietors of Salem 1649, and there 
after disappears from history. It is not known whether he had a 
family. No descendants are known, although there was a Lyon family 
in Marblehead in after years whose origin has not been otherwise 
accounted for. John Lyon, however, sold his property in Marblehead 
in 1653 (Essex Deeds), and seems to have returned to England. See 
memorial, Massachusetts Families, page 20. 

The earliest Lyon immigrant of whom we have positive knowledge 
was William Lyon, who came to Roxbury, Mass. in 1635 on the ship 
"Hopewell," being then a lad of fourteen. He was from Heston, 
youngest son of William and Anne (Carter) Lyon. He received a 
grant of land in Roxbury in 1648 and acquired ultimately considerable 
landed property there; in 1645 became a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company of Roxbury; was made freeman in 
1666 and died in 1692. He had interested himself in the new colony 
at New Roxbury, now Woodstock, Conn., and that became the principal 


seat of the family in the eighteenth century, although the family was 
also represented until after the Revolutionary War in Roxbury. In 
the dispersal which followed, members of the family established them- 
selves in Colerain, Mass. (these writing the name Lyons) and in 
North Craftsbury, Vt. The family had also spread to Middleboro on 
the south and Royalston and Gageboro on the west, and from Wood- 
stock northward into other Massachusetts towns. In later years, of 
course, there has been a wide dispersal of the family. Among the 
more distinguished members of the family may be mentioned Caleb 
Lyon, first territorial Governor of Idaho, and designer of the State seal 
of California; William H. Lyon, Indian Commissioner under General 
Grant and in several subsequent administrations, a well-to-do New 
York merchant; General Nathaniel Lyon, one of the most gallant 
soldiers that fought for the Union, and (almost certainly) Mary Lyon, 
founder of Holyoke College. 

The next immigrants of the Lyon name were the two brothers 
(?) Peter and George of Dorchester, Mass. Peter Lyon is mentioned 
as a proprietor in Dorchester 1639, was freeman in 1649 and held 
public offices 1675-85. The family remained for several generations 
in the vicinity of Boston, in Milton, Stoughton, Needham. Newton, 
Taunton, etc., extending later into Vermont and Maine, and ultimately, 
like the other Lyon families, becoming widely dispersed. It furnished 
soldiers in the Colonial and Revolutionary wars. Among the distin- 
gniished names in its record perhaps the most prominent is that of 
Admiral Henry Ware Lyon, U. S. N. 

Of George Lyon not very much is known beyond the fact that he 
was selectman in Dorchester 1645-7 and perhaps in 1661 and 1672, 
his record being probably confused with that of another George who 
was probably his son. His descendants lived in Dorchester, and Mil- 
ton,, Mass., and in Woodstock, Conn., but they seem to have been 
comparatively few in number. 

In 1644 Richard Lyon was sent from England to Cambridge by 
Sir Henry Mildmay as a tutor for his son William. He, however, 
returned soon to England. 

About 1648 there appeared in Fairfield Co., Conn, almost simul- 
taneously three new immigrants bearing the name Lyon, presumably 
brothers. One of these, Thomas, was founder of the family treated of 
in the present volume, whose principal seat, in the early days, was in 
Westchester, Co.. N. Y. 


Henry Lyon, the most enterprising and forceful of the three 
"brothers," settled first in Milford, Conn., removed later to Fairfield, 
Conn., and finally joined the colony that established in New Jersey the 
town on the Pasaic to which the name Newark was afterwards given. 
The descendants of Henry Lyon were prominent in the early history of 
New Jersey, including several oflBcers in the Revolutionary army. 
A branch of the family established itself at an early day in Rhode 
Island. Another removed to Ohio and aided in founding the city of 
Cincinnati. Still another, Rev. James Lyon, ardent patriot in the Revo- 
lution, planted the family name in Machias, Me. 

Richard Lyon settled in Fairfield, Conn., about 1648-49, was free- 
man there 1664, commissioner for Fairfield 1669 and at his death 
in 1678 left an estate valued at £632. His descendants settled in 
Fairfield, Redding and neighboring towns, extending gradually north- 
ward into Massachusetts and Vermont. In the Revolution they were 
mostly loyalists, except those who had removed to Massachusetts and 
Vermont. From Vermont some of them found their way to Michigan — 
among these Hon. Lucius Lyon who represented the new State of 
Michigan as Senator in Congress 1837-39. 

The families of Henry and Richard Lyon form the subject of the 
second volume of the Lyon memorial "Families of Connecticut and 
New Jersey." 

The first volume, "Families of Massachusetts," contained the 
family histories of William Lyon of Roxbury and Peter and Gteorge 
Lyon, of Dorchester. 

Another early Lyon immigrant, of whom perhaps too little is 
known, was Rev. John Lyon from Cork, who came to Taunton, Mass., 
in 1666. 

Mention must be made, too, of the statement of Rev. Dr. Burhams 
(Churchman's Magazine, 1832) that the Richard Lyon who was the first 
churchman in Redding, Conn, was from Ireland. There is a possi- 
bllity that the Episcopalian and loyalist Lyons of Redding and neigh- 
borhood were, after all, descendants of this Irish Richard and not of 
Richard of Fairfield. 

Among the Lyon immigrants who arrived in the eighteenth cen- 
tury, special mention should be made of Matthew Lyon, "the redem- 
tioner,'" of whom there is a sketch in the Lyon Memorial "Massachu- 
setts Families"; of a Jew Lyon family that came to New York City, 
and of John Lyon from Ireland who settled in 1763 in Mifflington, 
Pa., and was progenitor of many of the Lyons of Pennsylvania. 

Ch. R. — Church or Parish Record. 
Fam. R. — ^Family Record. 

G. R. — Grave Record; i.e. Cemetery Inscription. 
T. R. — Town Record. 
E. C. M. — Early Connecticut Marriages. 
E. M. M. — Early Massachusetts Marriages. 
Col. Rec. Conn. — Colonial Records of Connecticut. 


Each name has a serial number, printed in full-faced type, fol- 
lowed by Roman numeral, whose significance is obvious. Preceding 
the names which head the several paragraphs there are three num- 
bers, the first the serial number of the person, the second, in Roman 
numerals, the number of tha generation, the third the serial number of 
the person's father. By aid of these numerals, it is easy to trace 
back the ancestry of any individual mentioned. 

An asterisk * preceding a serial number indicates that further 
Information is to be found in the next generation. 


THOMAS LYON "of Rye" was born in England§ about 1621, and 
died at Byram Neck, Greenwicli, Fairfield Co., Conn, in 1690. He was 
buried in the old Lyon family burying ground at Byram Neck. He is 
supposed to have come first to the Massachusetts Colony, and thence 
to have gone to seek his fortune in the far west of Fairfield County, 
Conn., where at about the same time Richard and Henry Lyon, presum- 
ably his brothers or cousins, t appeared. His first wife was Martha 
Joanna Winthrop, a grand-daughter of Gov. John Winthrop, of Salem, 
Mass., and it is to Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, a lineal descendant of the 
Governor that we are indebted for nearly all the circumstantial knowl- 
edge we have of the life of Thomas Lyon. He made public in a com- 
munication to the Massachusetts Historical Society, of which he was 
for thirty years president, a number of letters found among the papers 
of Governor Winthrop, written by Thomas Lyon, his wife Martha (Win- 
throp) Lyon, and other members of the family. 

Martha's mother, Elizabeth (Fones) Winthrop remained in England 
when her husband, Henry Winthrop came to America. He was 
drowned in Salem Harbor, July 2, 1630, the day after his arrival. She, 
with her infant daughter, Martha, came to America the following year. 
She did not remain long a widow. Her second husband was Robert 
Feake (Feeke, Feke, Fekes, Feeck, the name was variously written), 
one of the earliest and largest proprietors in Watertown, which he re- 
peatedly represented in the Massachusetts General Court. After some 
years Mr. Feake removed with his family to Greenwich, Conn., where 
in 1640 he, with Capt. Daniel Patrick, purchased of the Indians a large 
tract of land. It appears that about this time he developed symptoms 

5The statement which has been often repeated that Thomas Lyon was from 
Yorkshire, England, appears to have no foundation. It was probably a nier« 
inference from the association of Thomas Lyon with John Banks, but the history 
Indicates that this association was purely accidental. Possibly of more sig-nifl- 
cance was the earlier association of Thomas Lyon with John Winthrop, who was 
from Suffolk, but this association may have begun in Watertown or Dorchester, 

tThomas Lyon was In Stamford as early as 1647; Henry Lyon In Mllford 
1649, Fairfield 1652. later in Newark. N. J.; Richard Lyon in Fairfield in 1649. 
That the families of Thomas and Richard were Intimately related Is shown by 
the fact that Abigail, daughter of Thomas Lyon married John Banks, Jr., while 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Lyon, married Benjamin a brother of John 
Banks Jr. 


of a derangement of mind which ended in complete insanity. There 
may or may not have been estrangement between man and wife; at all 
events Mr, Feake returned to Watertown, leaving his family in charge 
of his business partner, Capt. Patrick. The gossips had it that the 
relations between Capt. Patrick and Mrs. Feake were more intimate 
than business required. However, these relations, whatever may have 
their nature, were brought to an abrupt close in 1643 by the death by 
assassination of Capt. Patrick. Mrs. Feake and her daughter con- 
tinued to live in Connecticut (in the town Stamford), her business 
affairs being intrusted now to one William Hallett. At this juncture 
Thomas Lyon comes on the stage and assays the difficult role of son- 

The first of the letters of Thomas Lyon made public by Mr. Win- 
throp was written at this time. It is addressed to the "Right Worship- 
full Guvernor, Mr. Winthrop, at Boston." (See facsimile reproduction.) 

Kind and Louing Granfather, my humble duty remembered unto 
you with humble and harty thanks unto you for all your kindness 
showne both to me and to my wife. I am sorrow for to heare of that 
sad newes of the loss of my granmother|:, but the Lord knoews best 
what to doe. The ocasion of my writing is seing the Lord hath 
brought me unto this condition as for to mary won of your gran- 
children, my desier is for to seeke both for her sole's good and her 
body's. Therefore seeing my time is in the Lord's hands (how soone 
I may be taken from her T know not) I would prouide as com- 
fortable as I could. For her to goe to her Mother if the Lord should 
take me Away, is not my deseir, considering her condition, for I 
have knowne enough. Therefore I hearing by som since I married 
her that there was somthing both giuen her and apoynted to be 
gluen her, caused me to write to you intreating you to send me word 
how it is. If there bee anything it is better she have her right to 
doe her good another day than those that be as strangers or have noe 
right at all and as for her Mother, I think if she cannot mary here 
(as yet she may not be suffered) she will goe som where else with 
the fellow, if he be as willing, soe that my wife has not nor is like to 
have litle or noe comfort or helpe of her mother. Soe if there bee 
anything by right for my wife I would pray you to consider of her and 
send word. I shall bee short but would pray you to speke with 
Goodman Lockwood the bearer and he can satisfie you fully how all 

tMarfraret, wife of Gov. Winthrop, died June 14, 1647. 

Map of Fairfield County, Conn. 


things is, for I tould my mind to him. Thus intreating you to let me 
heere by this bearer fully how all things is, I hast. I pray you to 
remember my duty to my father Feeke, if he be not departed for 
England, and to my kind Unkle John Winthrop and my Aunt with 
thankfullness for all their former kindnesses. I would [have] sent 
to him before now but had not an opertunyty. Likewise my love 
to all the rest of my friends in generall. 

My wife remembers her humble duty unto you and thanks you 
for your love and care toward her. Your good exhortation she hopes 
she shall not forgit, and she prays you to remember her to her loving 
and kind Unkle John and to her Aunt and to her Unkle Adam and all 
her Unkles & Aunts & friends. Likewise she would pray you to 
remember her duty to her father Feeke. Thus leaving you to the 
protection of the Allmighty, I rest 

Your dutytull and obedient grandsonn 
Thomas Lion. 
From Stamford ye 25 August, 1647. 

Endorsed, almost illegibly, "Sonne Lion, Itr. about M. J. her right, 
23 (7) 47 [Sept. 23, 1647]. 

In spite of its conventionalities of form, its crudities of expression, 
its occasional obscurities, the letter is a marvel of self-revelation. We 
have before us the New England pioneer living in an atmosphere of 
obtrusive but sincere piety, surrounded with perils of the wilderness, 
inured to hardship and toil, self-reliant, yet with an eye to the main 
chance. Commenting on this and the succeeding letters, Mr. R, C. 
Winthrop says: "As far as can be ascertained these letters constitute 
the earliest existing mention of Thomas Lyon in New England,, but they 
afford no clue as to his antecedents, except as showing by his hand 
writing, though difficult to read at the present day, that he was an 
educated man. On Aug. 25, 1647 he had not long been married, his 
means were small, he had acquaintances in Boston and was on good 
terms not only with the Winthrop family but with his wife's step- 
father Robert Feake." It may be added that they do not necessarily 
imply a previous residence in Salem or Boston, although they suggest 
the probability of this. The vagaries of spelling found in the letters 
are no indication of illiteracy since at that date the English language 
had no settled orthography. It need not surprise us at all that he 
wrote his own name sometimes "Lyon," sometimes "Lion." His con- 
temporary, William Lyon of Roxbury, took even greater liberties with 


the name, writing his signature "Lyon," "Lion" or "Ljon," and neglect- 
ing often to capitalize the Initial L. 

The object of the first letter appears to have been to intimate that 
any bequests intended for the grand daughter should be made directly 
to her and not to her mother, for reasons easy to understand. In the 
succeeding eight months the situation went from bad to worse. Mrs. 
Lyon was in delicate health. It seems to have been intimated by 
some one that she was not cared for as tenderly as she should have 
been by her husband. Mrs. Feake, although not divorced from her 
husband, had become the wife of Mr. William Hallett, and complica- 
tions had naturally arisen with regard to the disposition of the Feake 

Thomas Lyon to John Winthrop, Sr., 

From Stamford ye 14 April 1648. 

Loving Granfather — ^My humble duty remembered unto you. This 
is to aquaint you that I have received your kind token you sent to 
my wife as a gowne and petecote and savegards, which I humbly thank 
you for. They stand my wife in great sted. For my own part, I 
am willing to doe for my wife to the utermost of my power, but she 
being is such condition, not able to helpe her selfe, makes me doe 
and suffer that which otherwise I might not; but my trust is in the 
Lord who had apointed us to com together. He can help and re- 
leive those that wayt upon Him, as experiance shows. Although I 
am base in degree to you, and poore, yet that you should look upon me 
to helpe me the goodness of God is great. As for your good counsell, 
I humbly thanke you. The Lord inable [me] to follow it, that soe I 
might make my wife's life as comfortable as I can in her condition. 
As for my wife she is worse and worse, soe that is a great hindrance 
to me, having but little but my labour, and cannot git a helpe for her, 
they being all so scarce here. 

Concerning my wife's mother, she hath delt very harsh with me, 
witholding my right from me in severall cases. The reason as I 
conceive and noe other, I shall tell you. When I married first, I 
lived in the house with her, because, my fathert beeing destracted, I 
might bee a helpe to her. Whereupon seeing severall carages be- 
twene the felow she now hath to be for husband and that the people 
allsoe tooke notic of it (which was to her disgrace) which greved me 
verie much, — and I can say as the Lord knowes, her fall hath been the 

fReferrlngr to his wife's step-father, Mr. Feake. 




' ^ 



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.1 M 

yv/^ . 

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'^ii lA^ 



This fold-out is being digitized, and will be inse 

future date. 


greatest greefe and trouble to me that ever com by other, — .and after 
long time heering and seeing what condition she were in I spake to 
her about it privately and after I discovered my dislike. I see her 
carage alter toward me. 

And haveing profered divers times to the utermost of my power to 
help her to take care of her estate, either in the house with her or in 
a house by her, haveing soft all menes that were lawfull, both betweene 
she and I — allsoe, when nought would prevale, before witnes — that see 
she might gaine her name, bring glory to God, and part with the felow; 
yet nothing would pervale, but the more I desired her to part with 
the felow, the more I see that she were against mee. But however I 
hope I shall have a clere consiance toward her before God that I have 
not been the cause in the leest by my neglect, but to relate were tedi- 
ous. However, I am sorow for the sad efect she hath brought upon 
her selfe in general, and now more partickquler that none of her for- 
mer freinds will scarse look upon her, which I desier the Lord would 
lay it open to her if at the last there may be hopes, and I desire my 
selfe and others may take notis of her fall that soe it may be gaine to 
others. My wife remembers her duty unto you and to all the rest of 
her freinds in generall, with thanks to you for your gifts sent to her and 
likewise to all her freinds to their kindness. I thought to have writ 

to my Uncle John Wlnthrop, but the time is [torn] 

I shall not. 

Farther concerning the condition she is in. My father Feeke 
going away sodingly, having taken no course about the children and 
estate, only deseired a friend of his, and I, in case wee see them about 
makeing away the estate and to remove, wee should stay it — allsoe 
sending a letter to same effect, from Watertown — wee sent for counsell 
what wee should do. Wee were advised to stay it according to my 
fathers order; whereupon wee sent to the Dutch Governor, and went 
allso, that the estate might be stayed according to my father's desier. 
My mother and William Hallett coming there, there were som com- 
plants made against them, their living together; whereupon the Gov. 
ordered that the estate should be preserved for the children and my 
father upon his land at Greenwidg. It were farther ordered that my 
mother should live with her children having the benyfit of comfortable 
to live on, if she continewed there. If she did not stay there, she was 
not to carie away any of the estate nor children; likewise William 
were to depart the jurisdiction. But when they were returned to 


Greenwidg because the fellow might not live there, my mother in law 
came hither with him, bringing away the children and estate, which 
we have seized on. AUsoe sence she came here she hath openly con- 
fessed she is married to him, is with child by him; and she hath been 
at New Haven but could have no comfort nor hopes for present to live 
in the jurisdiction, and what will become of her I know not. She is 
resolute in her course or else I think if she would leave William, she 
might stay here, and for the present they are in an unsettled condition, 
not knowing what to doe; and wee have had much trouble concerning 
the estate and yet it is not settled, for wee know not how to dispose of 
the children, for the estate is sould and wasted by their menes and 
charges comd on it, soe that it will not be soe good as my father left it 
neither will it maintayne the children except they be put forth. I 
could desier that my Uncle John would make a voyage hither and see 
if hee could settle things for the best, for the children and the estate 
spedely. The ocasion of my writing is to informe you of the truth, lest 
you might be informed otherwise. If my Uncle John Winthrop would 
com, it would be very good. I humbly intreat you to speke with him 
about it, for the children and the estate suffer. Or I would intreat 
you to send by this bearer your mind what you think will be best. 

I intreat your favour to aquaint him, how things are that I could 
desier (as the case stands) he would make a jorny hither spedely. 
Likewise let me intreat you soe much because I shall not write to him 
at this time as to tell him I would intreat him to conseder the state 
of the place here and helpe me with a couple of sithes and a sickell or 
two against harvest, for here is none to bee got, and I shall send such 
pay as the cuutry doth aford, as whete; for if I had such things it 
would help me to get much that now I cannot. Oure thoughts are for 
the present to see to the Dutch Governor if he will resine the part of 
the Estate there in our hands soe wee might have it all improved at 
Greenwidg upon the land. I intreat you would be pleased to let me 
heere from you spedely, soe in hast I rest 

Your dutyfull and obedeant grandsonn 
Thomas Lion. 

In a postscript, after giving details of the complications that had 
arisen about the disposition of the Feake estate he says: "there iB 
300 acres of land which were given to my wife by my father and Cap- 
taine Patrick. I intreat you to write to the Dutch Governor who has 
taken the land away, that soe I may not lose my right." [This may 


have an important bearing on the validity of the claim put in after 
his death by his daughter, Mary Wilson]. 

Letter indorsed by Governor Wlnthrop "Sonne Lyon, 14 (2) 48" 
[April 14, 1648]. 

Incidentally we see how the conflict of authorities — those of Con- 
necticut and New Amsterdam — helped along with the Indians and the 
sanctimonious cussedness of Puritan human nature to make life inter- 
esting to the frontiersman. The letters from the invalid wife — a 
person evidently to whom the hardships of the pioneer life were a new 
and overwhelming experience — will be read in this connection with 
"pertickquler" interest. It may be noted that they were penned by 
an amanuensis. 

To John Winthrop, Jr. 

Stamford ye 23 March, 1648-9. 
Most Loving and Kind Unkell and Aunt: — My humble duty remem- 
bered unto you. I haveing an opertunyty thought good to send these 
few lines, allthough I have writ many but received none. I humbly 
thank you for your great love and care toward me in that you have 
sought to know how it is with me. Mr. Eaton being here I have sent 
by him playnly and nakedly How it is. I hope he will acquaint you. 
For my owne part, I am weaker than ever I was and not able to doe 
any thing, scarce to take my owne vitles when it is set by me. I 
likewise have a very bad stomack, but the more because of my bred- 
ing my stomack very choyse and daynty which causes me to suffer the 
more, my husband beeing not able nor at leasure to gitt mee what I 
would. Here is noe help to bee got, neither by neiborhood nor ser- 
vants, my husband beeing forst to doe all both for himselfe and mee, 
which is a great hindrance and loss. I entreat you good unkell con- 
seder my condition as it is, and help me a little with som of your cast 
off clothes, for I know not how to doe when the Lord plese to give me 
another litle one. For my husband's part he dos doe what he can for 
me and I am sorry he should suffer soe much for mee, for he drinks 
water that I might drink beer, eats Indian that I might eate whete 
and fares hard & works hard that I might not suffer; but you may 
conseder partly his condition that he cannot doe as he would. For 
my owne part I prayse God that he hath provided such a comfertable 
helpe for me that is willing to suffer soe unspekeable. I beseech the 
Lord to open your hart and the harts of all my freinds to consider 
mee which I hope he hath. I with my husband have sent a letter of 


Atturny to my Granfather concerning my right. I beseech you heipe 
mee what you can, considering my extreme need. Remember mee 
to all my cozens. Remember my duty to my mother. I sent a letter 
to her; I hope she hath received it. My husband remembeers his 
duty to you. In haste I rest 

Your humble and dutyfull cozen, 

Martha Johana Lyon. 

To my loving and kind uncle, Mr. John Winthrop att Pequot, this 
d. d. 

Indorsed: Cos Lion. 
To John Winthrop, Jr. 

Stamford dated the Second of September, 1649. 

Right worthy Unkell, my dutie and love in all humbell manner 
remembered to you & my deere & loving Ante, with my harty 
thanks to God & you for all your former love and kindeness shed to 
mee. This is to certefie you of the late greate deliverance God hath 
shewed mee through his free love in Christ Jesus in giveinge mee a 
comfortabell deliverance of a dafter wch. is a hopeful child & is 
likely to live and my selfe is well up agayne, thanks bee given to God 
in and through Crist Jesus for it. I am forced to put it oute to 
nurse by reson of my infirmitie & because help is not to bee had, 
soe that my husband is at greate charges for the nursinge of it, yet 
for my comfort & for the good of the child my husband is willing 
to do the uttermost that hee is abell. Nowe concerninge ye linnen 
wch my Ante was pleased to bestowe uppon mee. I have greate 
need of them & was put to greate straight because I did trust to 
them and was fayne to borrow & if nowe shee could send them to 
mee shee would doe mee a grate pleasure & I should bee verie 
thankefull for them. 

Concerninge my husband's carridge to mee I have noe cause to 
complayne but rather to bless God that hath given him a hart to goe 
through soe many trubells with soe muche patience; for he is verie 
lovinge & kinde to mee & tender over mee, soe that I wante for 
nothinge that lieth in his power and soe with my humbell dutie to 
yourselfe & my Ante & ye rest of my cussens & my love to 
Mtres. Lake & to your sarvant Katterine, I rest 

Your humbell and dutyfull Neece 
Martha Johana Lyon. 

To the Worpll. hir verie loving Unkell Mr. John Wintrop at 
Peiquit give this I pray. 


Indorsed "Cosen Martha Lion before winter 1649." 
In anottier letter dated Stamford 23 (11) 1649 (Jan. 23, 1650) she 
writes of the "little daughter, now about halfe yeare old. We call 
her name Mary. She is well in health (through mercy) and a thriving 
child for one bread up without the breast, as this hath been." Her 
last letter was written the following year. 

From Stamford the 17 Febua., 1650 [1651]. 

Most loving and kind Uncle and Aunt my kind love remembred 
to you and allsoe to my cozens and the rest of my freinds, hoping you 
are in good health etc. I haveing an opertunyty thought it good to 
send you these few lynes, only to acquaint you that thorrow mercy I 
am in good helth and my child allsoe. I would intreat you to send 
me some white copperous and redd lead, and what may bee fit for 
sarve, for I yet remaine as I were and have need of som and know not 
what to doe for som. My mother's is all spent. I pray you to do 
what you can, because of my owne partickquler neede of it. My 
mother is well and removing farther off from mee. I wrot to you 
before this. I know not whether you received my letter or not. 
I desier to heere fi'om you. I had thought to have seene you here 
before this. My husband remembers his love kindly to you with 
thankfullness for all your former kindneses, time being short (the 
bearer stands, I pray pardon my defects) leaving you to the protection 
of the Allmighty, I rest, remaining 

Your dutyfull and obedient kinswoman 

Martha Johana Lyon. 

To her loving and kinde Uncle Mr. John Winthrop liveing at 
Pequot this d. d. 

Martha Johanna Lyon died probably 1854 when Thomas re- 
moved from Stamford to Fairfield. 

A family trait which characterizes many of the descendants of 
Thomas Lyon, found expression in his adoption of the principles of 
the Society of the Friends. It called for no common courage for a 
man in those early days to avow himself a Quaker. Both in Con- 
necticut and in Ney York the authorities dealt severely with 
advocates of the new heresy. We read that in 1657 a ship arrived in 
New Amsterdam having on board several of the "accursed sect" 
called "Quakers." They had been banished from Boston and were 
on their way from Barbados to Rhode Island "where all kinds of scum 
dwell." as Dominie Magapolenses expressed it. Two women of the 


company, who ventured to parade their seditious doctrines in New 
Amsterdam were thrust into the common prison, their hands bound 
behind them, and kept there until the ship which brought them was 
ready to sail for Rhode Island. One of their number, Robert Hodgson, 
went to Hempstead, L. I., where, it is said, there were already a few 
Quakers living. He was seized, tied to the tail of a cart and so driven 
back to the city where he was sentenced to a heavy fine and to im- 
prisonment "in a filthy jail" two years, to be chained to a wheel- 
barrow with a negro who was charged to lash him with a heavy tarred 
rope. Such inhumanities no doubt made converts of many who 
otherwise might have been indifferent to the doctrines of the new 
sect. Of such metal no doubt was the yeoman, Thomas Lyon§. When 
the inevitable persecution came, for giving adhesion to the new 
seditious doctrine, it was not he who was first to utter complaint. It 
is his wife who writes thus to Gov. John Winthrop, Jr. 

Faierfeild, Juen the 22, 1668. 
Honerd Sir: — My husband being from home, I am bould to present 
you with my present greivance. We have seven children, fouer of 
them small. Last year they took away an ox for half a year. Senc 
they fined us six pound moer, and for that have soulde the greater 
part of our home lot. Now honerd sir, I have noe man but yourselfe 
whom God hath impowrd to redres this great opreshern. My husband 
can not act aganes his conscience. They are resolved in theyer way. 
Thus hoping you will conseder my distres, I rest 

Youer pooer servant to command 

Mary Lion. 
To John Winthrop, Jr. 

Indorsed "Mary Lion Senr., reed., June 23, 1668." 

Thomas Lyon himself wrote a letter shortly afterwards "To the 
worshipfull Mr. John Winthrop, Governor of Connecticut Colony," in 
which he says: "You know my condition, which God of his grace 
has cald mee to, blessed be His name, and how I am delt with for It. 

God in his time, tho man be silant, will find a way to deliver, My 

goods is taken, my land divided, yett the Lord is my portion for ever, 
blessed be His name!" Signed "Your kinsman, Thomas Lyon." 

5In this connection we must not forget that William Hallett. who had re- 
moved with his wife, the former Mrs. Feake to Hempstead, L.. I., became promi- 
nent in the Society of the Friends. One of his daughters was an exhorter, and 
among: the foremost leaders in the Society. 


Indorsed "Tho. Lion, rec. June 23, 1668." The seal of this letter has 
the initials T. L. in a monogram, a fact that it is worth while to put 
on record here. 

The signature, with date, of the last letter in this series is here 
given for comparison with that of the first letter, in which the name 
is spelled Lion, and with that of the will of Thomas Lyon. See 
fac-simile reproductions. 

Confirmation of the statements made in the letters is found in a 
communication addressed to Grovernor Winthrop June 29, 1672, by 
the venerable William Coddington, who writes: 

Road Island, 29d. 4 mo., 1672. 

***Now I shall in trew loue to thee relaite what is corned to me 
(I bellue thou was absent), & it was in thy Jurisdiction, & came to me in 
writing, viz: that some of our friends abute Rye or Greenage have had 
some of their good taken away because they could not goe to heare 
those teache which they knew was not sent of God, nore' called by 
Christ Jesus vnto that worke which they pretend too, as theyer 
fruites doe manefest or other causes, which to them is matter of 
conscience, Thomas Lyon being one with some others. I desire thee 
to inform me of the trewth hereof. Those, for whatever I could 
lame, or heare, have lived vnspotted in that kind.** 

We find nowhere any evidence that Thomas Lyon identified him- 
self permanently with the Quakers, or at any time adopted their pecu- 
liarities of speech and dress. 

Of his personality little is known. He is described as a man of 
exceptionally fine physical development, being known in the neighbor- 
hood where he lived as "Thomas Lyon, the strong." 


His first wife, as has already been noted, was Martha Johanna 
Winthrop (See appendix, note 1), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
(Fones) Winthrop, and grand daughter of Hon. John Winthrop, 
Governor of the Colony of Massachusetts in 1629. 1630, 1637, 1642 and 
1646. She was born in Groton Manor, England, May 9, 1630, and 
died in Stamford, Conn., probably about 1653. In 1652 Thomas Lyon 
bought a house and lot in Stamford of William Potter (See appendix, 
note 2). It is probable that his wife, Martha, was still living at that 
time. May 11, 1654, he purchased of Thomas Shervington a house 
and lot at Fairfield, and this fixes approximately the date of his second 
marriage§. This house he sold Nov. 1, 1675 to Daniel Frost, and on 
Feb. 13, 1676, he, with John Banks, Sr., of "Fayrefleld" acquired title 
to a "sartaine parsell of land in Greenwich, lying by Byram River and 
by estimation three score ackers." It is recorded that previous to 
this "the towne had granted unto Mr. John Banks, senior, of Fayre- 
fleld, as Thomas Lyon's attorney, a sartaine parcell of land lying in 
Greenwich on the lower end of Byram neck, by estimation three hun- 
dred ackers." It was this land, "Elizabeth Neck," that was later 
claimed by the daughter of Martha (Winthrop) Lyon, Mrs. Mary 
(Lyon) Willson, as rightfully her inheritance. Into the merits of 
that controversy it is not necessary to enter, but it is interesting to 
note that in the original deed "by Amogerone Sachem of Asamuck and 
Rammatthone [and] Nawhorone, sachems of Patomuck, to Robert 
Feaks and Daniell Patricks" of Greenwich lands, Elizabeth Neck "by 
ye Indians called Mona Kewego" is expressly excepted "which neck is 
ye perticular perchace of Elizabeth Feaks, ye sd Robert Feaks his 
wife, to be hers and her heaires or assigns forever." See appendix, 
note 3. 

This item is from the Town Record of Rye, under date March 5, 
1676: "The Towne of Rye adopted the following. Thomas T^yon and 
Thomas Brown are appointed to choose a house or place to be for- 
tified for safety of the towne." See appendix, note 4. Mr. Win- 
throp says that it is believed that it was this Thomas Lyon who served 
as a colonial soldier from Connecticut and remarks that his expres- 
sions in the letter of Aug. 25, 1647 in relation to his possible death 
would tend to confirm that theory. In Schenk's History of Fairfield 

SThere l8 record also under date Jan. 12, 1658, of the purchase by Thomas 
Lyon of two lots of land In "ye Newfleld" from Andrew Ward, and of a lot, also 

In "ye Newfleld," from Symon Hoyt of Stamford, the total amount of these 
purchases about 14 (?) acres. (Fairfield Land Records, Lib. A., p. 92). 

Map showing Environs of Rye, N Y. and Greenwich, Conn. 


we find the following statement: The soldiers engaged in the Pequot 
war of 1637-8, who afterwards settled at Fairfield were: 

Roger Ludlow Thomas Lyon 

Dr. Thomas Pell of Saybrook John Wood 

James Eggleston Thomas Basset 

Nehemiah Olmstead Samuel Gregory 

William Hayden Richard Osborne. 

No authority for the statement is quoted. If the record is 
authentic we must conclude either that Thomas was a mere boy 
when he joined the force sent to chastise the Pequots, or that he was 
of unusually mature age when he married Martha Johanna Winthrop — 
or else that there were two Thomases. The last alternative is worthy 
of consideration, although there is nothing in the Winthrop corres- 
ponaence to bear out such a hypothesis. We know that there was 
a Thomas Lyon who was killed in the battle at Turners Falls, 1667. 
Savage supposed that it was Thomas of Fairfield and Rye. It is pos- 
sible that it was the Thomas of the Pequot war, if there were any such 

The early settlers of Stamford came from Watertown, Dorchester, 
and other places near Boston, at first by way of Wethersfield. Is it 
not more than possible that the Thomas Lyon who in 1647 is of 
Stamford, with acquaintances in the vicinity of Boston, was related 
to Peter and George Lyon of Dorchester — possibly a brother? The 
question is merely suggested. It may be possible some day to an- 
swer it authoritatively in the affinative or negative. 

Thomas Lyon married for his second wife, about 1654, Mary Hoyt, 
daughter of Simon Hoyt, of Stamford, Conn., by whom he had four 
sons and four daughters. See appendix, note 5. 

During the latter years of his life Thomas Lyon, although living 
probably in Greenwich at Byram Neck, is spoken of as "of Rye," this 
place being just the other side of Byram river in New York — the place 
now being called Port Chester. In a list of the inhabitants of Rye 
in 1683, the name Thomas Lyon appears twice repeated — father and 
son no doubt. The name Lyons Point, written also Lions Point, 
applied to the point at the mouth of Byram River, was in common use 
as early as 1683. 

The will of Thomas Lyon was dated Dec. 6, 1689, and probated 
at Fairfield with inventory of estate, September 7, 1690. See facsimile 


Its full text is as follows: 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Lyon Senior, being sick 
and weak in body but of good perfect memory, blessed Be the Lord 
for it who hath now put it into my heart to sett my house in order by 
makeing this my Last will and Testament in manner as ffolloweth: 
Imprimis — I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty 
GrOd my Creator and my body to the Earth from whence Itt came to 
be buried at the discretion of my freinds and as for this worldly Estate 
which it hath pleased The Lord to Indowe me with-all I give and be- 
queath as ffolloweth. ffirst — I give unto my Loveing wife Mary Lyon 
Thirty pounds with my best Bedd and furniture belonging to itt and 
one Cowe and four sheep. I give unto my sonn John Lyon the Mill 
att Rye and all the Lands belonging to it that I bought with it and 
also Two Other percells that I bought of John Coe, the one Lying att 
the upper end of the feild at Rye of upland and the Other of Meddow 
Land Lyeing in the middle hassakkey Meddow with a half Lottment 
Lying by blind Brook and a small Lottment Lyeing att the White 
plains he paying unto his Mother Twelve Bushells of Indian Corn and 
Six Bushells of wheat yearely soe Long as she doth Live and remain 
my widdow if it is demanded. 

I give unto my sonn Thomas Lyon my homelott Lying up Byram 
River above the Country Road and half my uppermost percell of Land 
Lying up the same River with two Byram Ridge Lotts, the one which 
I Bought of John Coe and the other of Robert Bloomer with a small 
percell of Land which I bought of Stephen Sherwood Jojoiing to these 
Lotts and A half Lottment of Land that Is between me and John Coe 
upon Bryam Ridge he allowing a feild Cartway convenient through his 
homelott To goe to and from the other half of the uppermost percell 
of Land Lying up the said River. I alsoe give my said sonn Thomas 
Lyon half the Salt Meddow that I bought of John Coe and a Weavers 
Loom and the furniture or tacklin belonging to itt, he paying to his 
Mother four bushells of Indian Corn and two bushells of wheat yearely 
soe long as she doth Live and Remain my widdow if it is demanded. 

I gave unto my sonn Samuell Lyon the Litle Swamp for a home 
Lott with half the breadth of my orchard at the front Joyning to it 
and Also a Litle hill Lying over against ye said swamp beginning att 
a Chestnutt tree northward and soe Running Round to the topp of the 
hill Eastward & Southward till it meets with two black Oaks marked 
standing in the pasture feild with a pasture below his homelott on the 
westward side of the highway that goes into the neck, And alsoe I give 


my sonn Samuell Tenn pounds which I Will that it be paid out of my 
sonn Joseph Lyons portion. 

I give unto my sonn Joseph Lyon my dwelling house and Barn and 
homelott and the northward part of the Orchard and A pasture lying 
on the Eastward side of the highway that goes into the neck, But I 
will that his Mother have Liberty to Live in the house soe long as she 
Lives & Remains my widdow {further, I give unto my sonn Samuell 
Lyon and Joseph Lyon all my Lands below the Country Road with 
half The Salt Meddow that I Bought of John Coe and the half of the 
uppermost percell of Land that I have on Byram River, To be equally 
divided between them for them and Either of them to Receive when 
they shall come to age and then to pay unto theire Mother each of 
them four bushells of Indian Corn and two bushells of wheat yearly 
soe Long as she Lives and Remains my widdow. 

I give unto all my four sonns all my Rights and priviledges in un- 
divided Lands belonging to Greenwich and Rye to be Equally divided 
amongst them Except one grant of Lands to me from ye Town of 
Greenwich which I doe give unto my sonn Thomas Lyon And Like- 
wise unto my Aforesaid four sonns I doe Give All my Rights & 
priviledges in Lands att ffairfeild for them to dispose of as they see 

I Give unto my five daughters as ffolloweth unto my daughter Mary 
Tenn Shillings unto my daughter Abigail Tenn Shillings unto my 
daughter Elizabeth five pounds unto my daughter Sarah five pounds 
unto my daughter Debora five pounds besides what I have given them 
already. I give unto my son John Lyon's sonn that is my grand-child 
Thomas Lyon fivety shillings. 

I give unto my Aforesaid foure sonns all my Estate that shall be 
Left After All just Debts and Legacies be paid that shall arise or is 
already made to be divided amongst my aforesaid four sonns my sonn 
John Lyon to have a double share with his Bretheren of the Estate soe 
Remaining ffurther I will that if any of my Sonns shall make Sale of 
theire Lands theire brothers shall have the refuseall of itt first ffurther 
I will that my two sonns Thomas & Samuell Lyon, Shall provide 
Winter Meat sufficient and pasture as need shall Require for four 
Cows & Six Sheep for theire Mother and firewood as she shall have 
occasion My sonn Joseph doeing Equally with them when he shall 
come to age this to be done soelong as theire Mother remains my 

!^;niW?'=»gBfag^%»»-" -'fr'^'*: "'''''=**'*^;'^5f-'«ir 













_*, - B . t-. 




1^ '}^ 

t. Kj 




^ i^ ^ "^ 

Fold -out 

This fold-out is being digitized, and will be ins 

future date. 


I doe make and appoint my Loveing wife my sonn John Lyon and 
my sonn Samuel Lyon Executrs of this my Last Will and Testiment and 
I have made choice of Thomas Brown of Rye and John Marshall 
Senior of Greenwich to be my Overseers to mee this my will p'formed 
and I doe desire That my Executors would take Advice of them con- 
cerning the same and in Testimony of this writeing abovesaid to be 
my Last Will & Testiment I have hereunto sett my houd asd seale this 
sixth day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand six hun- 
dred and eighty nine. 
Signed and sealed 
in the presence of us Thomas Lyon (Seal) 

Thomas Brown 

John Stoakham 
Probated at Fairfield, Lib. 1689. 1701. p. 13. 
Inventory Sept. 7, 1690. 
Will exct. Nov. 8, 1690. 

Children of Thomas and Martha Johanna (Winthrop) Lyon: 

9. I. ; d. In Infancy. 

*3. II. Mary [Marie]; b. Aug. 1649; d. before 1713: m. John Willson. 

Children of Thomas and Mary (Hoyt) Lyon: 
•4. IIL Ablgrail; b. about 1654-5; d. before 1713; m. John Banks. 

•6. rv. John; d. 1736; m. 

*6. V. Thomas; d. 1739; m. Abigail Ogden. 

•7. VI. Samuel; d. about 1713; unm. 

•8. VIL Joseph; b. 1677; d. Feb. 21. 1761; m. Sarah . 

•9. VIII. i;Uzabeth; d. before Nov. 1713; m. John Marshall. 

10. IX. Deborah; m. : ■ ' ■ o ■ - '" ' Co*e. A. .^rtv. Cw- 

11. X. Sarah; m. Merrltt. 

3. IL 1. MARY' LYON (STEDWELL) (WILSON) [Thomas'] 
was born in Stamford, Conn, in Aug. 1649 (her mother, Martha J. 
(Winthrop) Lyon writes Sept. 2, 1649, of her "late comfortabell deliver- 
ance of a dafter, which is a hopeful child") ; the date and place of her 
death have not been ascertained. She inherited from her mother a 
delicate constitution, and because of her "sad condition" of health, she 
was sent in 1668 to visit her uncle, Governor John Winthrop, Jr., who 
was living at that time in Hartford. This event no doubt had much 
to do with shaping her subsequent life. Little, however, is known 
of the details of that life. She is said to have married first Joseph 
Stedwell of Rye and second, before Nov. 1691, John Willson of Bedford, 
afterwards of Rye. 


She received by her father's will only an equal share with her 
sisters in the movable property. She believed that since a portion 
of the land her father had owned came to him through his marriage 
with Martha Winthrop, she was entitled to more than that§, and she 
pushed her claims in the courts, appealing at last to the General 
Assembly of Connecticut. The petition was for a restitution of three 
hundred acres of land claimed to have been originally the property 
of Mrs. Feake, Martha Winthrop's mother. The record reads: 
"This Court having heard and considered said petition doe order that 
the sons of said Lyon, viz: Samuel and Joseph Lyon doe pay the sume 
of fiftie pounds in currant money of this Colony, to be paid within the 
space of one year unto said John and Marie Willson, the said John and 
Marie Willson giving them quitt claim to land aforesaid, and in 
failure thereof said John and Marie Willson may take out an execution 
against so much of the land aforesaid as may satisfie the said sume." 
(Colonial Rec. Conn. IV. p. 424; date May 13, 1703). Oct. 11, 1705, 
there is record of the issuing of such execution (Col. Rec. Conn. IV. 
p. 531). See appendix, note 6. 

A more amicable transaction is recorded June 24, 1737, when 
certain lands at Horseneck were transferred by Thomas Lyon, John 
Willson, Jonathan Lyon, David Lyon and John Lyon, all of Greenwich, 
to Thomas Close (Greenwich T. R. V. p. 1?>.). 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Lyon) Stedwell: 

12. I. Mary; m. Samuel Crampton of Rye. 

13. II. Joseph. 

14. III. Martha; m. David Lyon (No. 34). 

15. IV. Johanna; m. Georgre Kniifen. Jr. 

4. II. 1. ABIGAIL^" LYON (BANKS) [Thomas^], born Fairfield. 
Conn., about 1654; died before Nov. 1713t (date of settlement of estate 
of her brother Samuel). She married in Stamford, Conn., April 3, 1672, 
John Banks, son of John Banks. Sr., of Fairfield. See appendix, note 7. 
John Banks, Jr. died July 14, 1699 (Savage). Distribution of estate 
May 4, 1703; to widow Abigail Banks her dowry and one-third the 
personal estate; four sons and two daughters; widow Abigail guardian 

JThis seems to have been an after thought, for on Nov. 4, 1691, John Willson 
and Mary Willson gave quit claim to the executors and administrators of th« 
estate of Thomas Lyon for any demands by reason of any legacy due by th* 
will of the deceased, or any other demand which is or may be [made] by us 
on said estate. Greenwich Town Records, p. 78. 

tShe was living Dec. 19, 1710; "Deliverance Brown received from mother-in- 
law Abigail Banks, etc." (Fairfield Rec.) 

/ W0^^«- V^"^"^*^ r^^/^^ t\^Oc-H,^.C^ ^.'^ 


to John Banks, the youngest son; Mary Banks chose her Mother guar- 
dian; Joseph Banks guardian to his brothers Daniel and Samuel. 

Children of John and Abigail (Lyon) Banks: 

16. I. Joseph; b. about 1674; m. Hannah , who msrrl«4l Snd. 

1718, John Lyon (No. 24). 

17. II. Daniel; m. Lydla . . 

18. III. Samuel; m. 1st : m. 2nd Rebecca (Hobby) Lyon, widovr 

of Thomas Lyon (No. 22). 

19. IV. Daughter; m. Deliverance, son of Hakaliah Brown. 
80. V. John. 

21. VI. Mercy. 

5. II. 1. JOHN- LYON [Thomas'], born, probably at Fairfield. 
Conn., about 1655, and died in Greenwich in 1736. He lived with his 
brother Samuel on the undivided estate left by their father, Thomas 
Lyon. The name of his wife has not been ascertained. John Lyon was 
deputy to the General Court of Connecticut from Fairfield, Conn., 1725- 
1730. Feb. 27, 1698-9, at a meeting of the proprietors of the town, it 
was agreed "that we doe impower the aforesaid men (Hecaliah Brown, 
Deliverance Brown, John Merritt, Robert Bloomer and John Stockham) 
to bargain with and sell unto John Lyon a certain tract of land lying 
up Byram river, if they shall see good and convenient soe to doe," and 
to John Lyon was confirmed "a parcel of land lying against the mill 
between the cartway down into the Neck and the mill creek bounded 
up the said creek by John Holt's meddow and to run down to the said 
Creek till it comes to John Boyd's meddow, provided the said John 
Lyon doe not praidice the carte way into the neck, nor the way to the 
mill, neither shall bee hinder any person from settin up thare field 
fence if they have occasion." At a town meeting held Sept. 20, 1697, 
Capt Theall, John Horton, Joseph Purdy, Hecaliah Brown, John Lyon, 
Thomas Merritt and Isaac Denman were chosen a committee "for the 
management and carrying on of the worke of building a meeting house 
for the towne of Ry, and also for the appointing of a place where it 
shall set, and the above meeting house shall not acsed above thirty 
square feet." The seating space of this place of worship speaks for 
the size of the congregation, which doubtless comprised every family in 
the settlement. 

In April 1699, John Lyon and Isaac Denman were chosen to lay out 
a road to White Plains, "beginning at the head of Capt. Theall's land 
and so to run to the caseaway (causeway) brook," said road to be three 
rods in breadth. July 14, 1710, John Lyon signed a quit claim^ for 


all obligations due him from his brother Joseph; witnesses Richard 
Ogden and John Stockham. Peb. 1714 ("one thousand seven hundred 
and thirteen fourteen") John Lyon, Sr., living at Byram in the Town 
of Greenwich, deeded to his son Daniel Lyon of the same place his 
dwelling house and home lot. with all his lands and meadows on 
"Byrum Neck" not already disposed of to his son John Lyon, Jr.; 
John Corbit witness. His will (Stamford Probate Rec. Lib. I. p. 
115) was dated Jan. 24, 1736; executors John Merritt and Samuel 
Brown; witnesses Johannes Dow, David Lyon, George Gorham. He 
bequeathed to Caleb Lyon, son of his son Thomas, deceased, one half 
the mill in Greenwich, with one half the lands pertaining to it, he to 
pay to his sister, when he should come of age, £30 current money; 
Thomas, brother of Caleb to have the other half of the mill property; 
to his son John the western and to his son Daniel the eastern half 
of the land at Byram Neck already deeded to them, Daniel to have 
also the lands on "Mary's Hill." (In case Daniel died leaving no 
male heir the lands bequeathed to him were to go to James Lyon, son 
of John, Jr.) The moveable estate to be divided equally between 
"my four daughters, Ruth, Mary, Hannah and Jude." For full text 
of the will see appendix, note 8. 

Children of John Lyon: 

•22. I. Thomas; b. before 1689; d. 1733; m. Rebecca Hobby. 

•28. II. Daniel; b. about 1688; d. 1752; m. Sarah Jennings. 

•24. III. John; b. about 1690; d. July 1749; m. Hannah, widow of Joseph 

26. IV. Rath; living In 1736. 

2«. V. Mary; living 1736. 

•27. VI.. Hannah; b. 1704; d. about 1790; m. Close. 

28. VII. Jnde; living 1736. 

7. II. I. SAMUEL= LYON [Thomas'], was born at Greenwich, 
Conn., date not ascertained, and died at Rye, N. Y. in 1713. He was 
unmarried and died intestate. Fairfield Probate Records (Lib. 
1702-50, p. 268) contained the following memorandum: "Thomas Lyon 
who was appointed administrator on the estate of Samuel Lyon late of 
Greenwich, according to a former Order of Court, have rendered an 
aocompt of his administration to the Court of Probate held in Fair- 
field Dec. 1713, which accompt the Court have compared with the In- 
ventory [and] do find that there is Clear Estate the sum of £180. 14s., 
the deceased Lyon dieing and leaving no Issue but there was surviving 
eight brothers and sist,^rs, two of the said sisters being al^o deceased, 

^l o^A^KKyC ei 


the Court do therefore order that said estate shall be divided as foi- 
loweth: To Thomas Lyon above named £67. 16s. 9d.; to John Lyon. 
Joseph Lyon, Sarah Merritt and Deborah Cove [or Cone] each £22. 
12s. 3d., and to the children of Elizabeth, one of the sisters of the 
deceased Samuel Lyon, £22. 12s. 3d. It is to be understood that 
Thomas above sd hath bought two sheirs of sisters Abigail and Mary 
which is the reason of his exceeding a single portion. And the Court 
do desire and appoint Mr. Elisha Holly and Mr. John Holly Cooper to 
distribute sd Estate according to above Order of Court." 

6. II. 1. THOMAS' LYON [Thomas'] was born at Greenwich, 
Conn., in 1673, and died April or May 1739. He built the house near /^^ 
Byram Bridge, which is still standing, having been occupied continu/^ 
ously until the present time by his descendants. Among the Land A 
Records we find "Land laid out on ye west side of Byram River, known 
as Cook's Purchase, to Thomas Lyon, Joseph Lyon, Samuel Lyon, 
Abigail Banks and Thomas BuUis" (Fairfield Deeds II, p. 43, date 1701). 
John Lyon, Thomas Lyon and Samuel Lyon of Rye and Byram, sell 
property at Fairfield that was their father Thomas Lyon's (ibid III. 
p. 73; date 1707). Thomas Lyon married Abigail, daughter of John 
Ogdent, of Stamford, Conn.; she was living at distribution of estate of 
Thomas Lyon, Sept. 1752; d. before Nov. 26, 1760. 

Thomas Lyon was a member of Colonel Robert Hunter's Com- 
pany of Fuliseers, mustered in New York and Westchester counties 
on February 24, 1711 for 61 days' service on the Canadian frontier 
(Booth's Hist. New York City) . 

For the full text of the will of Thomas Lyon (dated April 2, 1739, 
proved at Stamford, Conn., May 1st, 1739, see Note 9 in Appendix. 
The following are named as children and grand children and heirs 
of Thomas Lyon ^nd also of Abigail Lyon, widow of said Thomas, 
Nov. 26, 1760: John Fowler and wife Elizabeth, both of Westchester; 
Charles Theall and wife Jemima, both of Greenwich; Israel Knapp, 
of Greenwich, and his children, born of his first wife Mary, daughter 

tJohn Ogden came to Stamford from Long Island In 1641 and received 
Dec. 7 a house and lot of ten acres. In 1G42 he aprreed with Governor Kieft 
to build a stone Church for 2500 guilders. He returned to Hempstead In 1644, 
and was one of the patentees of the town. He removed In 1651 to Southampton, 
L. I., where he was chosen Assistant, and named In the Royal Charter. He 
went to New Jersey with Governor Carteret, and was representative from EJUza- 
bethtown in the First General Assembly, 1668. He married Jane, daughter of 
Robert Bond of Southampton, and his daughter Abigail became the wife of 
Thomas Lyon, Jr. 

C . 'n 

2?"^.. w- *7 J.. CO^O/^ -» -^ 


of said Thomas Lyon, deceased; viz: Timothy, Mary wife of Stephen 
Mead, Elizabeth, Hannah; Jonathan Hubby and wife Deborah, of 
Greenwich; these acknowledge receipt from "our brothers Thomas 
Lyon of Rye and Gilbert Lyon of Greenwich" (Greenwich T. R. IX. 
p. 28). 

Children of Thomas and Abigail (Ogden) Lyon: 

*29. I. Ablgrail; m. 1st William Anderson; m, 2nd Jeremiah Anderson; was 
"of Greenwich" 1760. 

•SO. II. Thomas; d. Nov. or Dec. 1770; m. 1st Phebe Vowles; m. 2nd 
Martha Travis. 

•31 III. Samuel; b. Oct. 14, 1701; d. March 3. 1756; m. 1st ; m. 

2nd Hannah Miller. 

•82. IV. Jonathan; b. June 1, 1706; d. 1783-7; m. Elizabeth Mead. 

•S3. V. Mary; b. about 1707; d. before 1742; m. Israel Knapp. 

*34-. VI. David; d. 1772: m. Martha Stedwell. 

•S6. VII. Joseph; d. Dec. 23, 1776; m. 1st Mary Disbrow; m Snd Aan 

•86. VIII. Jemima; m. Charles Theall; res. 1760 Rye, N. T. 

•SI. IX. Deborah; b. about 1716; d. 1802; m. Jonathan Hobby; was "of 
Oreenwich" 1760. 

•S8. X. Elizabeth; m. John Fowler; res. 1760 Westchester; was livlnff 

»3». XI. GUbert; b. July 20, 1719; d. 1816; m. Jane Kniffen. 

8. II. 1. JOSEPH= LYON [Thomas'] was born in Greenwich, 
Conn., about 1677 and died in Rye, N., Y., Feb, 21, 1761, in his 84th 

His wife's name was Sarah, parentage not ascertained. He 
owned and operated a grist millf on Blind Brook, and purchased from 
the original proprietors of Rye Neck, Joseph Budd, John Hought 
(Hoyt) and Daniel Purdy, a lot of thirty acres in addition to the estate 
inherited from his father. In 1711 he was one of the vestrymen 
elected by the parish of Rye (established 1695). § In 1729 his name 
appears with that of his brother John among the signatures to a grant 
of land to the Presbyterian Society as a site for a church building. In 

tRye from early times rejoiced in a considerable number of mills for which 
the numerous streams afforded excellent facilities. Of these we find fifteen or 
twenty in operation before the Revolution. The first established were grist 

mills. John Budd's, afterwards known as L.von's Mill, on Blind Brook Creek. jf( 
was built sometime before the year 1669. Not long after the Mill on th« 
opposite side of Rye Neck was built by the same proprietor on Mamaroneck 
River. In 1696 Samuel Lane and Joseph Lyon received permission to build 
a Mill on Blind Brook, the location of which is supposed to be that now occu- 
pied by Park's Mill. This was long known as Bloomer's Mill. 

5 His fellow vestrymen were Andrew Coe. John Merritt, Sr., Daniel Purdjr, 
Thomas Purdy. Thomas Merritt, Jr., George Lane. Jr., John Disbrow of Mamaro- 
neck. George Knlffln, John Miller of BaOford and Joseph Cleator Clarlc 


the Blind Brook Cemetery at Rye Neck is found a tombstone, elabor- 
ately carved after the ancient fashion, bearing the inscription: "In 
Memory of Mr. Joseph Lyon who deceased Feb. the 21st, A. D. 1761, 
in the 84th year of his age. He gave the land for the cemetery." 

His will, dated Oct. 10, 1752, probated March 12, 1761, mentions 
wife Sarah, daughters Phebe, wife of Samuel Miller, Amy, wife of 
Godfrey Haines and Annie, wife of Elisha Budd; al»> grandsons Joseph, 
Elisha and Sylvanus (Merritt), children of deceased daughter Mary, 
and grandson Jonathan Budd. For full text, see note 10 in appendix. 

Joseph's widow Sarah died Jan. 26, 1769 in the ninetieth year of 
her age; buried in Blind Brook Cemetery. Her will was dated April 
8, 1767, proved Jan. 30, 1769 before Caleb Fowler, Surogate of West- 
chester Co., N. Y. (Probate Rec. XXI. p. 647). 

Being "at present in good health and sound mind" bequeathes to 
her daughters Phebe Miller and Amy Haines to be equally divided, 
her household goods, furniture and wearing apparel; to each of child- 
ren [not named] of daughter Anne Budd, deceased £10; the greater 
part of the remainder of the property to go to daughters Phebe Miller 
and Amy Haines and to grandsons Joseph Merritt and Sylvanus Merritt, 
and to grandson William Miller. "I order that my negroes have a 
fortnight to look their masters in, and not to be forceably sold under 
a month after my decease." Executors, grandsons Joseph Miller and 
William Miller. Signed Sarah Lyon, her mark. Witnesses, Andrew 
Merritt, farmer, Ezekiel Halsted, John Carhart. 

Children of Joseph and Sarah ( ) Lyon; 

*40. I. Ph«be; b. about 1700; m. Samuel Miller. 

*41. II. Amy; m. Godfrey Haines; d. 1783-4. 

♦48. III. Anne [Annie]; b. 1704; d. Dec. 6, 1760; ra. EUsha Budd. 

•43. IV. Mary; d. before Oct. 1752; m- Andrew (?) Merritt. 

9. II. 1. ELIZABETH^ LYON (MARSHALL) [Thomas*], born 
in Greenwich, Conn., date not ascertained, died about 1712, previous 
to settlement of estate of her brother Samuel, Nov. 28, 1713. She 
married John Marshall, Jr., son of John Marshall of Greenwich. June 
2, 1698 Thomas Lyon deeds land to John Marshall, Jr. (Greenwich T. 
R. I. p. 199). May 21, 1700 John Marshall deeds land to John Mar- 
shall Jr. (ibid I. p. 218). Estate of John Marshall, Jr. adm. April 
6, 1733, at Stamford. 

Children of John and EUzabeth (Lyon) Marshall (Greenwich T. R.): 
44. I. Child; b. ember 10, . 


45. II. Child; b. 

46. HI. John; b. May ; m. Jan. 10, 1732, Sarah, dau. of Joseph 


47. IV. Hannah; b. Dec. 25, 1704-5. 

48. V. David; b. Jan. 31, 1706-7; d. 1759; adm. of estate at Stamford to 
John Grlffln of New York. 

49. VI. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 6, 1708; m. Aug. 26, 1736, Daniel Lyon (No. 23). 

50. VII. Elihu; b. June 4, 1710; d. 1747; left dau. Judith, ae. about 
eleven In 1747 (Probate Record, Stamford). 

51. VIII. Mary [Mercy] §; b. Jan. 11, 1711-2; m. Nov. 8. 1734, Daniel 

By a second wife, John Marshall had also sons: 1. Jolin; b. Sept. 24, 1714; 
2. Zaccheus; b. April 11, 1716; 3. Ichabod; b. Feb. 22, 1717-8; Micliaiah; b. June 
17, 1723-4. z 

22. III. 5. THOMAS* LYON [John*, Thomas'], born at Byram, 
Greenwich, Conn., before 1689; died there in 1732 or 1733. He married 
Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hobby. After his death 
she married, before Oct. 17, 1733, Samuel Banks (No. 18) as his second 
wife. Thomas Lyon was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, 
Thomas Lyon. He had a large tract of land in Grenwich deeded to 
him by his father, Feb. 8, 1713-4. Rebecca, wife of Thomas Lyon 
made confession of faith in the second Congregational Church in 
Greenwich, Oct. 13, 1728, and her five children then living were bap- 
tized a week later. Oct. 17, 1733 administration on the estate of 
Thomas Lyon was granted to Rebecca Banks who had been his widow. 
(Stamford Probate Records.) 

Children of Thomas and Rebecca (Hobby) Lyon: 
•52. 1. Caleb; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728; d. Aug. 30, 1809; m. Eunice Mead. 

53. II. Hannah; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728. 

54. III. Thomas; b. about 1715; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728; removed to New 
Hempsteadt; d. before 1759. 

55. IV. Rebecca; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728. 

56. V. Job; bapt. Oct. 20. 1728. 

•57. VI. Ruth; bapt. Oct. 29, 1732; m. Nov. 1, 1753, Abraham Mead. 

23. III. 5. DANIEL^ LYON [John^ Thomas',] born Greenwich, 
Conn., about 1688 (?); died in 1782. He married Sarah Jennings, 
daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Grumman) Jennings. She was born 
Feb. 1, 1699, and was not living when her husband died. June 29, 
1728 his father deeded him land "for love." It is possible that it 
was this Daniel ("Daniell") Lyon who was married Aug. 26, 1736 to 

§ Children of Daniel and Mary (or Mercy) Marshall Ogden: 1. Daniel; b. Aug. * 
31, 1375; 2. Mary; b. April 8, 1737; 3. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 9, 1739; 4. Ichabod: >C 
b. May 8, 1742; 5. John; b. April 24, 1744; 6. Joab; b. July 29, 1746; 7. and 8. 
(twins) Richard and John; b, Jan. 13, 1748-9. .-., ■ fi O o 

l^^^^Ji ioApJU^ Lh^^^^^Ii t^ th^^U^ n^f 


daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Grumman) Jennings. She was born 
Feb. 1, 1699, and was not living when her husband died. June 29, 
1728 his father deeded him land "for love." It is possible that it 
was this Daniel ("Daniell") Lyon who was married Aug. 26, 1736 to 
Elizabeth Marshall (No. 49) (b. Oct. 6, 1708) by James Reynolds J. 
P., Greenwich. They had a son Daniell^ b. Dec. 12, 1736.' It is re- 
corded that Elizabeth Lyon and Elias Marshall deeded to Thomas Hill . . 
of Stamford land that had come from their father, John Marshall ' ' 
(Greenwich T. R. VIII. p. 106). 

The will of Daniel Lyon was dated Feb. 7, 1782 and probated at 
Stamford, Conn., April 3, 1782. 

Daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Jennings) Lyon: 
•58. I. Hannah; b. about 1730; m. Oilhert Merritt. 

24. III. 5. JOHN=^ LYON [John^ Thomas^], born Greenwich, 
Conn.; lived and died at Byram Neck; will dated July 14, 1749; pro- 
bated New York, Aug. 10, 1749. He married Hannah, widow of Joseph 
Banks (No. 13).* Feb. 10, 1713-4 John Lyon Sr. deeded land to his 
son John Lyon of Greenwich. Sept. 10, 1741 John Lyon and wife 
Hannah of Greenwich deeded land to son in law Joseph Banks, son 
and heir to Joseph Banks, late of Greenwich. Jan. 26, 1718-9, John 
Lyon was Executor in will of Thomas Merritt of Rye. June 27, 1719. 
he was administrator to estate of Samuel Banks of Rye, whom he calls 
"uncle." In his will he leaves to wife Hannah [hanah] the use of 
the house and barn and four acres of land adjoining. To his eldest 
son John he leaves the house at Greenwich "where he now lives" and 
half of "the land that I have on Byram Neck adjoining to the River," 
also "my young negro Jeffery, which he had some time before." To 
his son James he leaves "Mary's Hill" on Byram Neck and "Samuel 
Banks Lott," also "my negro boy Hector." To his son Roger he 
leaves land on Calves Island "and all my salt meadow" and "my right 
in the undivided lands in Rye," also "my negro Mack which lives with 
him." To his son Gilbert he leaves the farm where he himself re- 
sided, with house and barn and four acres adjoining after his wife's 
decease, also two timber lots the other side of Byram River. To his 
son in law Abraham Bush he leaves "the saw-pitts Lott now in hig 
possession." Executors are to sell the land at "Cacaet" (Kakiate, or 
New Hempstead, now Clarkstown) and in the patent of Peter Fan- 
conier for his three daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Starr Tread- 
well, Ruth, wife of Abraham Bush and Sarah, wife of Blnathan Mead, 


to whom other bequests are also made. A bequest of £30 is made 
to Mary the daughter of son John, to be paid to her when of age or 
at her marriage. "The negroes that Treadwell and Bush have at 
their respective houses to be deemed and accounted as part of my 
moveable estate" and "my old negro Betty to be maintained during 
her life out of the estate." Executors, wife Hannah, son John Lyon 
and son in law Thomas Treadwell, Witnesses: J. Wetmore, Cor. 
Flamen, Ebenezer Edwards. 

Children of John and Hannah c ) Lyon (Bible record of births is 

extant) : 

•59. I. John; b. Nov. 18, 1713 (T. R.); d. about 1790; m. Mary Miller. 

•60. II. Roger; b. Dec. 14. 1715 (Dec. 15, T. R.); d. May 13, 1797; m. Mary 

•61. III. Blisabeth; b. Jan, 12, 1717-8; m. Thomas Starr Treadwell. 

•62. IV. James; b. May 31, 1720; d. 1804; m. Martha Lyon (No. 100). 

•68. V. GUbert; b. March 10, 1722; d. before 1798; m. Mary . 

•64. VI. Ruth; b. July 10, 1724; m. Abraham Bush. 

•66. VII. Sarah; b. Dec. 10, 1727; m. before 1749 Elnathan Mead (b. Feb. 
11, 1698). 

27. III. 5. HANNAH" LYON (CLOSE) [John^ Thomas'], born 
Greenwich, Conn., 1704 (baptized Feb. 15, 1748-9, ae, 45) ; died about 
1790; estate distributed Aug. 20, 1790. She married May 6, 1729, 
Thomas Closet, son of Thomas Close of Horseneck, Greenwich, Conn. 
He was born at Greenwich, Nov. 28 1706; bapt. Feb. 15, 1708-9; d. 
Nov. 1, 1764, in his 59th year. 

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Close: 

66. I. Hannah; b. Jan. 11, 1730; m. Dec. 17, 1749, Theophllus Lockwood; 
was living In 1790. 

67. II. Sarah; b. March 13, 1733; m. Oct. 26, 1755, Jesse Parsons; was 
living In 1790. 

68. III. Knth; b. Aug. 2, 1735; m. Sept. 14, 1751, Timothy Knapp. 

69. IV. Phebe; b. June 29, 1738; d. 1792; m. Feb. 24, 1764, Joseph Lyon. 
Jr. [No. 104] (T. R.). 

70. V. Thomas; b. April 1, 1740; m. Sept. 30, 1765, Hannah Lyon (No. 111). 

JThomas Close, probably son of Joseph Close of Greenwich died 1708-9; will 
dated Dec. 30, 1708, probated Feb. 2, 1708-9. He married Sarah, dau. of Richard 
and Ann (Husted) Hardy. Their children were: 1. Sarah; b. Dec. 10, 1870; 
2. Hannah; b. March 12, 1672; m. Johannes Xiuqueor of Newtown, L. I.; S. 
Thomas''; b. Dec. 16, 1674; 4. Joseph; b. Nov. 20, 1676; m. Rebecca Tomkins; 

5. Benjamin; b. May 18, 1680; 6. Mary; b. 20, 1682; m. Moses Hunt; 

d. before 1718; 7. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 5, 1684; 8. Bnth; b. Nov. 1, 1687; 9. 
John; b. April S, 168S; 10. L.vdi;i. Thomas^ Close, above, b. Dec. 16, 1674. died 

about 1707; inventory of estate Pairfleld, Oct. 30, 1707. He married 

Children: 1. ?:irah; b. Nov. 9. 1703: 2. Hannah; b. March 29, 1705; m. Isaac 
Rundle; 3. Thomas*; b. Nov. 28, 1706; m. Hannah Lyon (No. 27), 


29. III. 6. ABIGAIL^ LYON (ANDERSON) [Thomas^ Thomas'], 
born at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; married at Rye by Rev. 
Christopher Bridges, Oct. 16, 1716, to William Anderson (Greenwich 
T. R.); bapt. May 31, 1695; son of Isaac and Prudence (Woodward) 
Anderson, of New York City. She married second Jeremiah Ander- 
son, brother of her first husband (mentioned in Greenwich T. R. 1764 
as son of Isaac, and brother of John Anderson). 

Son of William and Abigail (Lyon) Anderson: 

71. I. WlUiam, Jr.; b. Greenwich, Dec. 16, 1717, "Dec. 15, on the Sabbath 
daye at night between twelve and one o'clock." (T. R.) 

30. III. 6. THOMAS' LYON [Thomas% Thomas'], born Byram 
Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; lived on the Bush place, King St., Rye; died 
Nov. or Dec. 1770. Will dated Nov. 5, 1770, probated New York, Dec. 
20, 1770; executors, sons Thomas and Andrew Lyon. See note 11 in 
appendix. March 24, 1749-50 Thomas Lyon bought land of his brother 
Samuel. Jan. 10, 1757 Thomas Lyon deeded to his son Thomas land 
which he lately bought of his brother Samuel Lyon of Rye (Rye T, R.). 
He married first Phebe Vowles$ ("ffowles"), who died before 1770. He 
married second, before 1770, Martha Travis; she died about June 1773. 
(Her will, dated June 2, 1773, mentions brothers David and Robert 
Travis and sisters (?) Mary Lynch, Catherine Purdy and Jemima 
Simmons. Executors Gabriel Lynch and Bartholomew Gedney). 

Children of Thomas and Phebe (Vowlea) Lyon: 

•72. I. Thomas; b. 1724; d. Dec. 23, 1810; m. Anna Marsh. 

.73. II. AbigaU; m. Daniel Merrltt; was living in 1770. 

•74. III. Phebe; d. Jan. 29, 1770; m. Samuel WinBon. 

•76. IV. Mary; b. about 1721; d. 1751; m. Abraham MUler. 

•76. V. Andrew; b. Oct. 19, 1728; d. Aug. 22, 1809; m. 1st. Sarah Budd; 

m. 2nd. Phebe Green. 

77. VI. Jemima; m. James Seaman. t 

31. III. 6. SAMUEL* LYON [Thomas^ Thomas'], born Oct. 14, 
1701, at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn., where he lived on the old 
family estate; died March 13, 1756; buried at Byram Point; no head- 
stone. He was known as Captain Samuel Lyon; his father be- 
queathed to him his boat. The name of the first wife, married in 1724, 

tPhebe was no doubt of the family of Richard Vowles who was a land holder 
In Fairfield between 1650 and 1700. 

tJames Seaman was son of Adam Seaman of Rye, N. T., who married Ja». 
18, 1729-30, Hannah Prue. Their childen were: 1. Adam, eldest son; S. 
James; m. Jemima Lyon (No. 77); 3. Israel; 4. Richard; 5. Samael; t. 
lietitla; m. John Doughty; 7. Jane; 8. Hannah; 9. Mary. 


has not been ascertained. He married second, Dec. 23, 1735, Hannah, 

daughter of Abraham and Hannah ( ) MillerJ. She was born 

at Rye June 1, 1712, and died April 18, 1793, "ae 80 y. 10 m. 18 d:"; 
buried at Byram Point. His will, dated Jan. 1, 1756, probated West- 
chester Co., N. Y. contains the following bequests. "I will and be- 
queath to my wife Hannah, for her use during the time that she shall 
remain my widow, one bed (etc.) and that my executors shall yearly 
pay her as long as she shall be and remain my widow, eight pounds 
current money of New York, in full for her right of dower in my Estate. 
To my eldest son Samuel Lyon, the sum of twenty-five shillings, within 
six months after my decease, which sum shall be in full barr to his 
claim as my eldest son and heir to my estate, and to have no more 
of the estate. Unto my son Nehemiah Lyon, the sum of thirty shill- 
ings for his part of the estate 

"I give unto my daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Nehemiah Sher- 
wood, the sum of five pounds to be paid her by my executors within 
six months after my decease. I give unto my daughter Abigail Lyon 
twenty pounds of my estate to be put out at interest by my executors 
and paid her with interest when she is eighteen years of age or shall 
be married. I give to my daughter Hannah Lyon twenty pounds of 
my estate, to be put out at interest by my executors and paid her with 
interest when she is eighteen years of age or shall be married. Should 
either daughter Abigail or Hannah die before eighteen years of age 
or be married, the survivors shall have what has been given to the 

"I give to my youngest son Sylvanus Lyon thirty pounds out of 
my estate, to be put out at interest and paid him when he comes of 
age. The remainder of my estate shall come to and be divided equally 
among and between my sons William Lyon, Benjamin Lyon, Abraham 
Lyon, Monmouth Lyon and Sylvanus Lyon, share and share alike. I 
nominate and appoint my brother Joseph Lyon and my son William 
Lyon to be the executors of my last will this first day of January, 
1756, Rye, N. Y." 

Children of Samuel Lyon by his first wife: 
*78. I. Samuel; b. Oct. 11, 1725; d. Oct. -Nov. 1805. 
*79. II. WUliam; b. Jan. 15, 1726-7; d. March 15, 1824. 

*80. III. Nehemiah [Nathaniel in Bible Rec.]; b. Feb. 10, 1728-9; d. Dec. 
9, 1758. 

twill of Abraham MlUer of Rye, dated Sept. 18, 1749; proved June 8, 1760, 

mentions Hannah, wife of Samuel I..yon. 


81. IV. £Uzabeth; b. June 30, 1732; d. Jan. 22, 1786; m. Nehemlab Sher- 
wood. S 

•82. V. Benjamin; b, Jan. 1. 17.S4 (or March 7, 1733); d. 1822: m. Mary 
Hyatt, t 

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Miller) Lyon: 
83. VI. Abraham; b. Aug. 19 (or 9), 1736; d. Oct. 29, 1758. 
*84. VII. Monmouth; b. Oct. 19, 1738; d. Sept. 18, 1770. 
85. VIII. Abigail; b. Dec. 25, 1742. 

8«. IX. Hannah; b. July 23, 1744; d. April 18, 1793 [1795]. 
•87. X. Sylvanns; b. Jan. 18 (or 7), 1746; d. Sept. 13 (or 30) 1830; m. 
Sarah Purdy 

32. III. 6. JONATHAN^" LYON [Thomas% Thomas'], born a.t h^^^'^" 
Greenwich, June 1, 1706; died la North Castle, N. Y. in 1786. He • Co^p*^^ 
married Elizabeth Mead, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Mead ; born 9a^^^** ^^ 
April 5, 1708-9; living April 2, 1783 (date of her husband's will). /7^^' 
March 5, 1753, Johnathan Lyon sells land to Elizabeth Mead. In 1772 he 
deeded land in Greenwich to his brother Gilbert. The will of Jona- 
than Lyon "of North Castle, N. Y." is on file and recorded in the 
office of the Court of Appeals at Albany, N. Y.; dated April 2, 1783; 
proved Jan. 24, 1787. He bequeaths "to Elizabeth my dearly beloved 
wife one third part of all my lands in North Castle during her natural 
life," also £70 out of the estate and all the moveable estate; to son 
Jonathan £40; to son Elnathan £40; to son Israel £80 and negro 
boy Abram; to son David £150; to son Peter all lands in North Castle, 
also negro man Isaac; to grandson Jonathan, son of Elnathan, £10; 
to grandson Jonathan, son of Peter £5; to grandson Jonathan, son of 
Phebe £5. Executors, sons Israel and Peter Lyon. Witnesses Silas 
Sutherland, yeoman, Enoch Miller, Samuel Millei'. 

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon, (Greenwich T. R.): 
♦88. 1. Jonathan; b. Nov. 14, 1728; living 1783; m. Anna Miller. 

89. II. Elizabeth; b. June 28, 1730; d. before 1783. 
*»0. III. Elnathan; b. Aug. 7, 1732; d. 1810; m. Mary Ann Bush. 

§Thomas Sherwood of Ipswich, Eng.. came to Boston, 1634. He removed 
to Stratford. Conn., and from there to Stamford in 1648, and to Rye, N. T., in 
1668. His son Stephen lived for some years in New Amsterdam, but removed 
to Rye and bought properly on Manusing Island in 1668. He was a pro- 
prietor of Penigo Neck in 1683. He married Mary . and died before 

1714, leaving a son Stephen, who was the father of Nehemiah above. 

tMary Hyat was grand daughter of Caleb Hyat. who was a constable at 
Rye, Oct. 1683. He was a proprietor and owned a home lot of 15 acres on 
Brown's Point, a part of Harrison, in 1725. He was also one of the proprietora 
Of the "White Plains Purchase" Feb. 11, 1714-15, and a signer of the "Patent" 
March 13, 1721. His eons were Caleb, Jr., John and Nathan, one of whom 
was the father ^of M^ry above. ^ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ ^ ^ 

a,^£,e^ QsU^i^<<y, ^^ l^ -yk 


*9X. IV. lBra«l; b. Dec. 20, 1734; d. Bedford, Dec 28, 1816; m. Abtsail 

9 »2. V. Phebe; b. Dec. 16, 1736; d. Jan. 2, 1817; m. Roger Lyon (No. 185). 

7 ** * • \ "M. VI. David; b. May 25, 1740i. est. adm. Aug. 30, 1787; m. Freelove 
(M'yC Forman. 

tot^ t- «94^ YII^ Peter; b. May 17, 1748 (or 1742; In Bible Rec. May 28, 1745); 
,<.v*.f. <J*-«--*<I. Jan. 11 (or ,Tuly 4), 1824; m. Jerusha Palmer. 
a,*^ Ct<-<^\^ t*P* '^^^^- ^') Naomi Thatcher; b. Jan. 31, 1747; d. before 1783. 

33. III. 6. MAHY* LYON (KNAPP) [Thomas^, Thomas^], born 
in Greenwich, Conn, about 1707; died there between 1739 and 1742. 
She married Israel, son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Seymour) Knappt 
of Greenwich; born Dec. 13, 1705; d. 1783. His will, dated June 1, 
1777, probated Stamford, Aug. 28, 1783, mentions sons Timothy and 
Israel and daughters Mary Mead, Elizabeth Knapp, Hannah Husted and 
Amy Knapp. (Among these Israel and Amy were issues of a second 

Children of Israel and Mary (Lyon) Knapp: 

96. I. Timothy; was living June, 1777; m. Sept. 14, 1751, Ruth, daughter 
of Thomas and Hannah Close. 

97. II. Mary; was living June 1777; m. June 23, 1755, Stephen, son of 
Slnathan Mead; children: 1. Stephen, b. Feb. 19, 1756; 2. Mary, b. April 30, 
1758; 3. Israel, b March 18, 1760. 

98. III. Elizabeth; living June 1777. 

99. IV. Hannah; b. March 1740; d. Feb. 16, 1825; living June 1777; m. 
Abraham, son of David Husted 

34. III. 6. DAVID* LYON [Thomas^ Thomas^], born in Green- 
wich, Conn, about 1708; died there in 1772. Adm. of Estate to James 
Lyon and Joseph Brundage June 17, 1772; distribution of estate Dec. 
31, 1772 (Stamford Probate Records). His wife was Martha, daughter 
of Joseph Stedwell§ (No. 14). 

children of David and Martha (Stedwell) Lyon: 

100. I. Martha; m. James Lyon (No. 62); d. before 1807. 

*101. n. Joanna; b. about 1733; d. before 1802; m. Joseph Brandase. 
102. HI. Mary (Polly) ; m. fai BB l Lyon (No. ^ 2- ). 
•103. IV. Rlizabeth; b. aboi^ 1740; m. Joseph Banks. 
<n^ vi^ e S 

tisrael Knapp was grandson of Nicholas Knapp of Watertown, Mass., 1680 
(see note 12 In Appendix). He married 2nd, Aug. 2, 1742; Anna, daughter of 
Joseph and Mary Marshall; children: 1. Israel; b. May 1, 1743; living In 1777; 
J. Anna; b. March 1, 1748; d. before June 1777; 3. Amy; b. April 1, 1768; 
living June, 1777. Israel Knapp had a third wife (married Jan. 7, 1762), 
Elizabeth Hugford, widow of Dr. Hugford. 

SSamuel Crampton of Rye, and wife Mary, daughter of Joseph Stedwell, 
Feb. 16, 1740, sell to brother Joseph Stedwell, and sister Martha, wife of David 
Lyon, and Johanna, wife of George Kniften, Jr., (Greenwich T. R. V. S97, S88.) 

l^2<^ /I ^^ /) '^^^-'-^ ^C^^t^tg*^ ^y^i^^ 


35. III. 6. JOSEPH' LYON [Thomas^ Thomas'], born in Green- 
wich, Conn., about 1712 (?) died at White Plains, N. Y. Dec. 23 [26], 
1776. He married first before 1735, Mary, eldest daughter of Peter 

Disbrowt of Rye. He married second Anne , bom Sept. 24, 

1724; died June 24, 1819, ae 94 y. 10 m. (G. R., Pine Merritt burying 
ground, Port Chester). Joseph Lyon owned a farm of 140 acres at 
White Plains and another of 200 acres in the town of Courtland, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. His will, on file in Albany, N. Y. is dated Feb. 17, 
1758, eighteen years before his death. It mentions wife Mary, brother 
in law, Charles Theall, sons Joseph (the eldest), Daniel, James, Reuben, 
Jeremiah and Thomas, daughter Mary, wife of Elnathan Haight, "three 
youngest daughters, Hannah, Susanna and Anne," also a prospective 
child, "when the child she (Mary, his wife) now goes with shall be 
born, if it proves a son" etc. [This was Joseph, named after his 
oldest brother, who died about the time he was born]. Executrix, 
wife, Mary, or in case of her death or marrying again, his brother in 
law Charles Theall and son Daniel Lyon, "in whose care and fidelity 
I very much confide and depend upon." The will of Joseph Lyon was 
presented for probate at Albany, N. Y. The papers attached thereto 
recite the following facts. Joseph Lyon, testator, died about Dec. 23, 
1776. His son Daniel Lyon, who was one of the executors went to 
Canada during the American Revolution and refused to serve as ex- 
ecutor, the signature of Joseph Lyon having been destroyed in the will. 
The petition dated July, 1797, states the following persons as heirs: 
Daniel Lyon, late of New Brunswick, now of White Plains, Jeremiah 
Lyon of New Brunswick, Thomas Lyon of White Plains, Reuben Lyon 
of New Brunswick, Ann Sharp, widow, of New York City, Joseph 
Lyon, boatman, New York City, Ann Lyon, spinster, Sarah Herds, wife 
of Abraham Herds, New York City, Mary Lyon, res. Goshen, under age, 
(the three last named all children of James Lyon, deceased, late of 
White Plains. N. Y.), Susannah, wife of Daniel Goldsmith. Joseph 
Lyon (oldest) son of testator, died in his lifetime leaving a son Joseph 
Close Lyon. The prospective child spoken of in the will, also named 
Joseph, it is supposed was killed in the British Army, and left no issue. 
Hannah, daughter of testator died before her father. Mary, first 
wife of testator, also died in his lifetime. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Dlsbrow) Lyon : 
»104. I. Joseph: b. about 1735; d. about 1758-9; m. Phebe Close (No. 69). 

tMarch 1735, Joseph Lyon sold land to his brother-in-law John Boyd, whoa* 
wife was Lydia Dtebrow. . \ D J- 


•108. II. Daniel; m. Martha Miller; res. (1797) White Plains. 

•106. III. James; d. before July, 1797; three children named above. , 

107. IV. Beaben; rem. to New Brunswick. , ^J^jU^A'^ 

108. V. Jeremiah; rem. to New Brunswick. -x O . 

109. VI. Thomas; m. Feb. 19, 1794, Elizabeth, dau. of SUifioezerj and 
Elizabeth (Smith) Gould (b. Sept. 22, 1749: d. Sept. 21. 1829): res. (1797) "White 
Plains: no eh. 

110. VII. Mary; d. before July 1797; m. before June 1758, BInathan 

111. VIII. Hannah; d. April 8, 1780; m. Sep. 30, 1765, Thomas (No. 70), 
son of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Close (b. April 1, 1740; d. 1792.) 

113. IX. Susanna; m. Daniel Goldsmith of Coxsackie, N. Y. 

113. X. Ann; m. James Sharpe; a son John, bapt. Oct. 2, 1785, at Presby- 
terian Chh.. N. Y. 

114. XI. Joseph; b. 1758; d. in British Army, leaving no issue. 

36. III. 6. JEMIMA^ LYON (THEALL) [Thomas^ Thomas^], 
born in Greenwich, Conn.; she was living in Rye, N. Y. in 1760; died 
before her husband. She married Charles, son of Ebenezer and Anne 
Theall; he was born 1704; died Sept. 29, 1778. His will was dated 
April 17, 1778; probated New York April 5, 1780. Executors named, 
son in law Ezekiel Halstead, Capt. Joshua Purdy. They refused to 
serve, and estate was administered by son Thomas Theall. 

Children of Charles and Jemima (Lyon) Theall: 

115. I. Ebenezer; oldest son; m. and had daughter, Jemima. 

116. II. Charles; d. 1783; will dated Feb. 15, 1783; probated Aug. 6, 1783; 
m. 1st Millicent Dickinson: m. 2nd, Sarah . 

117. III. Thomas; b. 1750; d. May 13, 1827; had home lot and house at 
Rye; m. Sarah Bush. 

118. IV. Sarah; m. Brown; res. Newburgh. N. Y. 

110. V. AbigaU; b. Sept. 9, 1741; d. Dec. 9, 1828; m. July 17, 1758, Szeklel 

130. VI. Anna; m. Isaac Fowler; had a son Isaac. 

37. III. 6. DEBORAH' LYON (HOBBY) [Thomas=, Thomas'], 
born in Greenwich, Conn., about 1715; will dated Oct. 6, 1802. She 
married Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Mead) Hobby, of Green- 
wich, b. Oct. 28, 1714; living in 1762. See note 13, in appendix. 

Children of Jonathan and Deborah (Lyon) Hobby (Greenwich T. R. VI. 

131. I. Deborah; b. Dec. 9, 1733; m. Jan. 24, 1757, Ebenezer, son of 
Thomas Brown. 

122. II. Abigail; b. Sept. 2:i. 1735: living 1802: m. Eli.iah Mead. 

123. III. Kme [Amyl ; b Dec. 4. 1737; m. Joel Reynolds. 

124. IV. Jonathan; b. Dec. 28, 1739; m. 1st Lavlnla Noah; m. 2nd. Hannah 
Mead; d. Lanesboro, Mass., Aug. 1795. 

125. V. Mary; b. Jan. 23, 1741; m. Caleb Mead. 

126. VI. Son; b. Dec. 20, 1743; d. Dec. 20, 1743. 



121. VII. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 20, 1744; d. Feb. 17, 1827; m. Stephen Mead 
of Caleb. 

138. VIII. David; b. about 1746; d. before 1802; m. Sept. 5. 1768. Hannah 

38. III. 6. ELIZABETH' LYON (FOWLER) [Thomas% 
Thomas'], born in Greenwich, Conn, about 1717; was living when her 
husband died in 1768. She married John Fowler of Eastchester, born 
1689, died Aug. 26, 1768; buried at Eastchester. His will was dated 
Aug. 23, 1765; proved New York Aug. 21, 1768. Executors; Stephen 
Ward, wife Elizabeth, Samuel S. . 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Lyon) Fowler: 

129. I. John. 

130. II. Andrew. 
181. III. David. 

132. IV. Joehua. 

133. V. Thomas. 

134. VI. Henry. 

135. VII. Abigrall; m. Seacord. 

136. VIII. Jemima; m. Samuel Williams. 

137. IX. Elizabeth; m. Crawford. 

138. X. Miriam; m. Baker. 

JGeorge Knlffen, father of Nathan, was in Stratford, Conn., about 1650. 
In 1666 he bought a house and lands from John Budd, Sr., the house being 
Situate In the town called Hastings. He was propounded for freeman of the 
colony in 1670, his name appearing on the record as "Georg Snuffens of Ry." 
He died in 1694 leaving six sons and a daughter who married John Stoackam. 


39. III. 6. GILBERT^ LYON [Thomas-, Thomas'], born at 
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn. July 20, 1719; died in 1816; will dated 
Aug. 28^ 1809, probated Stamford, Conn., June 5, 1816; executor, son 
John Lyon. Gilbert was called "gentleman Gil." He lived on the C^^^A^*^^ 
homestead near Byram Bridge. He owned a large tract of land in CJ^v^.^,-*^*'^ 
Rye and much real estate also in White Plains and Harrison. He 
married Jane, born Oct. 19, 1725; daughter of Nathan Kniffin 
(Sniffen§). During the Revolution his sympathies were with the 
loyalists (tories), but his sons did not share his feelings in this regard. 
He lived to the unusual age of ninety-seven years and died at last 
while sitting in his chair as though falling asleep. 

Children of Gilbert and Jane (Kniffen) Lyon: 
*139. I. Deborah; b. March 26, 1743; m. Caleb Merritt. 
*140. II. Gilbert; b. July 13, 1745; d. before 1809; m. Ruth Lyon. 
•141. III. Sarah; b. Jan. 19, 1749; d. March 12, 1813; m. Andrew Miller. 
•142. IV. Andrew; b. Aug. 5, 1751; d. Aug. 4, 1840; m. Elunlce Knlffen. 


*143. V. Joshua; b. Feb. 5, 1754; d. Oct. 2, 1841; m. Elizabeth Purdy. 

144. VI. Simeon; b. Aug. 20, 1756; d. 1807t; m. Mary Mills, no Issue. 

♦146. VII. AbigaU; b. April 5, 1760; d. July 3 [or 23], 1841; m. Daniel 

146. VIII. Elizabeth ; b. Aug. 19, 1762; d. April 17, 18.38; m. March 26, 
1786, Samuel Lyon (No. 217). 

•147. IX. Abraham; b. Nov. 13, 1764; d. Aug. 26, 1849; m. Hannah Mills. 

40. III. 8. PHEBE* LYON (MILLER) [Joseph^, Thomas'], born 
at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn, about 1700; was living 1752. She 
married Samuel, son of Samuel Miller of Budd's Neck, Rye; born in 
1692; living in 1752. In 1717 he made aflldavit that his age was about 
25. March, 1741, he sold to Joseph Haines 70 acres of land in Rye. 
Jan. 14, 1742, he sold to his father in law, Joseph Lyon a considerable 
tract of land in the lower part of Harrison. In the will of her mother, 
dated April 8, 1767, her sons Joseph and William were named as 

Children of Samuel and Phebe (Lyon) Miller: 

148. I. Joseph; b. before 1731; m. Margaret, dau. of John and Catherine 
(McDonald) Thomas. 

149. II. William; m. March 21, 1765, Mary, dau. of John Havlland. 
i^^i^i_^^ — 160. III. Lyon; b. July 4, 1736; d. March 15, 1814; m. Susanna, dau. of 

. _ y. -7 Roger and Elizabeth Purdy 

-^ 41. III. 8. AMY^ LYON (HAINES) [Joseph-, Thomas'], born at 
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn, about 1702; died at Harrison in 1783-4; 
will dated Nov. 22, 1782; probated New York, Feb. 3, 1784. She mar- 
ried Godfreyt, son of Godfrey and Anne Haines of Rye. An item in 
the New York Gazette for July 3, 1766, gives details of his accidental 
death by drowning on the Tuesday evening previous, stating that he 
followed the business of lobster catching for the market. 

Children of Godfrey and Amy (Lyon) Haines: 

151. I. Gilbert; b. about 1745; "aged about 21" when his father died. 

152. II. Sarah. 

tWiU dated Greenwich, Aug. 25, 1804; probated Stamford, Aug. 17, 1807; 
executors wife Mary and Nehemlah Williams. Mary was daughter of Samuel 
and Abigail (Holmes) Mills; she was b. Jan. 14, 1758; d. 1832. Her will warn 
dated June 6, 1832; probated Stamford, Aug. 24, 1832; executor, Seth Lyon (No. 

JGodfrey Haines Sr. died July 22, 1768, ae. 93; adm. of his estate April 
10, 1769, to his son Gilbert. His wife, Anne, died Feb. 19, 1858; ae. 68; buried in 
Blind Brook Cemetery. 


153. III. Mary Ann; b. 1752; d. Dec. 8, 1S25, ae. 73; m. 1st. Aug:. 89. 1769 
William Ascoughg ; m. 2nd. Daniel Merritt Jr., (a son John). 

42. III. 8. ANNE* LYON (BUDD) [J08eph^ Thomas>], born at 
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn; died "in her fiftieth year" Dec. 6, 
1760; buried in Blind Brook cemetery. She married Elisha, son of 
Joseph and Sarah (Underhill) Buddt, born 1705, died Sept. 21, 1765, in 
sixtieth year; buried in Blind Brook cemetery. His will dated 1765. • 

Children of Elisha and Anne (Lyon) Budd: 

164. I. Jonathan; mentioned in grandfather's will, Oct. 1752. 

166. II. James. 

166. III. Miriam; m. before 1765 Jonah Maynard. 

167. IV. Sarah; m. before 1765 Hackaliah Purdy. 

168. V. Anne; m. before 1765 Brown. 

169. VI. Phebe. 

43. III. 8. MARY» LYON (MERRITT) [Joseph-', Thomas'], 
born at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; died before the date of her 

father's will, Oct. 10, 1752. She married (perhaps Joseph) 


Children of Joseph (?) and Mary (Lyon) Merritt. 

160. I. Silvanns; was Ilvingr in 1767. 

161. II. Elisha; died under age before 1761. 

162. III. Joseph; was living in 1767. 

52. IV. 22. CALEB* LYON [Thomas', John=, Thomas'], born in/^i^^^-t 
Greenwich, Conn., Oct. 20, 1718; died there Aug. 30, 1809, ae 90 y$.\ ^, /^ ^ 


§ChiIdren of William, and Mary Ann (Haines) Ascough: 1. Sarah; b. July /Vj - /.. / 

10, 1772; 2. WUUam. They lived at Brown's Point, Harrison. He died Sept. IjT^ 

1776. Administration of estate granted Oct. 9, 1784 at New York, to Daniel AK^-^^ 
Merritt Jr., who had married the widow of deceased. 

tEllisha Budd was a descendant (probably a grandson) of John Budd, the 
Immigrant. The Budd faniily (from Normandy) were in Rye, co. Sussex, Eng., 
during the Norman conquest. Jean Budd was a soldier under Charles the Great 
and Richard his grandson (son of William) was rewarded by the Duke of Nor- 
mandy for his valor. John, son of Richard, was created Earl of Sussex by 
William the Great, whose sister he married. John, his son, married Kathlene 
Brown, a descendant of Sir Anthony Brown of the Montague family. He was 

born at Rye, Eng. about 1600 and came to New Haven Conn., with his wife and 
two sons John and Joseph. 1652. He went to Southold, L. I., where he bougrht 
lands and was one of the original proprietors of the town of Brookhaven in 
1655. In 1661 he purchased a tract of land in Rye, N. Y., on which he settled. 
He was deputy to the General Court at Hartford in 1663. 

tin 1847 Dr Thomas Lyon (No. 373) of Morristown, N. J., prepared a manu- 
script record of the descendants of Caleb Lyon which is authority for many 
statements in the succeeding pages, credited as above "Dr. T." An autlientic 
copy of this valuable record is now owned by Mrs. Esther B. Hunt of Atwater, 
Cayuga Co.. N. Y. 


He was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, John Lyon, dated 
Jan. 24, 1735-6. May 20, 1736, he chose for his guardian his cousin, 
John Hobby. He was a farmer and blacksmith. He married Eunice, 
daughter of Elnathan Mead of Greenwich, born in 1720 (bapt. Green- 
wich, Oct. 20, 1728), and died April 9, 1803 (Dr. T.). Both were 
buried on the farm. North St., Greenwich. Jan. 2, 1782, a petition 
against allowing tories who had served in the British armies to return 
again as citizens of either town was signed by thirty-seven Stamford 
and Greenwich men, one name being Caleb Lyons. 

Children of Caleb and Eunice (Mead) Lyon; 

•163. I. Caleb; b. Dec. 3, 1744 O. S. ; (Dec. 4. Dr. T.) d. Aug. is. 1832 (Aug. 
16, Dr. T.); m. Rachel Mead. 

•164. II. Daniel; b. Nov. 3, 1745 (Dr. T.); d. 1824; m. 1st. Elizabeth Treen; 
m. 2nd. Betsey Lockwood Whelply. 

•165. III. Eunice; b. April 1, 1750; m. Peter Husted. 

•166. IV. Amos; b. April 9, 1752 (Dr. T.): d. Dec. 1815 (Dr. T.); m. Amy 

♦167. V. Noah; b. March 16, 1756; d. Sept. 20, 1820; m. Mary Mead. 

•168. VI. Job; b. Nov. 16, 1758; d. Sept. 23, 1841; m. Elizabeth Mead. 

169. VII. Jenisha; m. Nov. 7, 1804. Gideon Peck (2nd wife); he b. Sept. 
3, 1756; d. Greenwich, Jan. 7, 1815, son of Theophllus and Rebecca (Knapp) 

•170. VIII. Rebecca [Rebekah]; b. Nov. 1765; m. Jonathan Close; res. 1851 

Stanwich, Conn. 

•171. IX. Hannah; b. July 16. 1767; d. June 1, 1806; m. Jonathan Mead. 

57. IV. 22. RUTH* LYON (MEAD) [Thomas^, John^ Thomas'], 
born at Greenwich, Conn.; bapt. Oct. 29, 1732; married Abraham Mead, 
born at Greenwich, May 22, 1735. son of Elnathan Mead and a descend- 
ant of William Mead the immigrant. See appendix, note 14. 

Children of Abraham and Ruth (Lyon) Mead (Greenwich T. R.): 

178. I. Abraham; b. Aug. 26, 1754; killed in the Revolutionary W^ar. 

173. II. Eunice; b. Oct. 9, 1755; m. 1st, July 27, 1750, Solomon Mead; m. 
2nd. May 27, 1779, Benjamin Weed. 

174. III. Esbon; b. Jan. 26, 1757; killed in the Revolution. 

175. IV. Daniel; b. May 1, 1758; m. 1st, Luclncy Palmer, who died April 
20, 1813; m. 2nd, Mary Doty. 

176. V. Jonathan ["Jotham"]; b. Nov. 26. 1759, died young. 

177. VL Enos; b. May 3, 1761; d. Sept. 6, 1837; m. 1783. Prudence Ander- 

178. VII. l>mnel; b. April 1, 1763; d. Jan. 28, 1826; m. June 24, 1802, 
Jerusha Pool. 

17». VIIL Ruth; b. Jan. 21. 1764; d. Nov. 17, 1842; m. Major Brown of 
Round Hill, Conn. 

58. IV. 23. HANNAH* LYON (MERRITT) [Daniel*, John'. 
Thomas'], born about 1730; living in 1782. She married Gilbert, son 


of Andrew and Rachel (Kniffen) Merritt§; born about 1725; died 1785; 
will dated Dec. 2, 1782, proved New York, April 15, 1785. Executors, 
wife Hannah, brother Robert Merritt. In it the expression is used 
"by force of title of his wife," of land in dispute with James Lyon 
(No. 62) of Byram. Gilbert Merritt was Justice of the Peace in Rye. 

Children of Gilbert and Hannah (Lyon) Merritt: 

180. I. Daniel; b. 1749; d. 1810, ae. 62 y. 2m. 20 d. 

181. II. GUbert; b 1753; d. Feb. 2, 1824; m. 1st after 1782, Anne Miller, 
(was to be disinherited If he married one Mary Seaman) ; m. 2nd, Abigail 

182. III. Sarah; b. 1751; d. 1841, ae. 90 y. ; m. April 2, 1771. Daniel Car- 
penter; Children: Gilbert, Daniel, Hannah (m. Francis Secor). 

59. IV. 24. JOHN* LYON [John', John^ Thomas'], born at 
Greenwich, Conn., Nov. 18, 1713, died there about 1790. His father 
bequeathed to him "the farm he lives on in Greenwich." He died 
insolvent; inventory Oct. 13, 1790; settlement of estate, Aug. 22, 1793 
(Stamford Probate Rec). He married Mary Miller, born Rye, Nov. 
10, 1714, daughter of Abraham and Hannah ( ) Miller of Rye. 

Children of John and Mary (Miller) Lyon: 

183. I. Mary; b. before July 1749 (bequest from grandfather Lyon). 
•184. II. James; b. 1747; d. Nov. 13, 1819. 

There may have been other children. Possibly Joshua Lyon of Green- 

wich, pensioner 1840, and Pelatlah Lyon, who served In the Revolution Army, 
were his sons. 

60. IV. 24. CAPTAIN ROGERS LYON [John^ John-. Thomas'], nt- 
born Byram, Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 13 (or 15), 1715; died North Castle, 
Westchester Co., N. Y. May 13, 1797. Will dated March 26, 1788; 
probated White Plains June 3, 1797; executors, sons Samuel Lyon and 
Gilbert Lyon. Bequeaths land and meadows on Calves Island. He 
married, date not ascertained, Mary, jdaughter of Samuel and Susanna 


{Andrew Merritt of Rye (son of Merritt) was born in 1689; d. Nov. 

28. 1728, ae. 93 y. Will dated July 2. 1780, probated June 23, 1783. Bequeathes 
to son Robert, farm where I now dwell and father, mother and wife are burled; 
to sons, Gilbert and Xehemiah, house and lot near Grace Church St. Rye, ad- 
joining Nehemiah Sniffln and John Hawkins. He married 1st, Rachel ■ 

(probably Kniffen or Sniffen); she died Oct. 8, 1742, and he married 2nd. Mary 
Children of Andrew and Rachel: 1. Andrew, b. Feb. 22, 1722; d. 

Aug. 18, 1781; m. Mary ; 2. GUbert, b. 1725; d. 1785; m. Hannah Lyon; 

3. Rachel, b. Sept. 9. 1731; living 1780; m. Gilbert Miller; 4. Robert, b. Jan. 

6. 1735; d. Feb. 12, 1817; m. Phebe (b. July 27, 1735, d. July 18, 1817); 

6. Nehemiah, b. 1738; d. May 10, 1817. 

(Ogden) Willsont of King St., Rye. (The record "died North Castle. 
May 19, 1813, ae. 83 y.," poquirca e xp lanati e n) . Roger removed in 
early manhood to North Castle where he purchased an extensive 
estate, a part of which was occupied until a few years ago by a 
descendant, Samuel Augustus Lyon. In 1772 he received from 
Governor Tryon a commission as Captain of Middle Battalion, "West- 
chester County Militia, and served in the Revolutionary war. When 
General Washington was on his way to White Plains, he, with his staff, 
was entertained at the home of Capt. Roger Lyon. The silver cup 
from which the future president of the United States drank on that 
occasion is now in possession of Mr. G. Livingstone Lyon of White 

Children of Roger and Mary (WUlson) Lyon: 

•185. I. Roger; b. 1736; d. Oct. 1824; m. Phebe Lyon (No. 92). 
•186. II. Justus; b. July 6, 1744; d. 1815; m. Sarah Ferris. . 

187. III. Glorlanna; m. Dec. 13. 1764, Andrew Kniffen [Sniffen]. U-crt-^-^-^ C 
•188. IV. Samuel; b. May 14, 1747; d. Jan. 23, 1819; m. 1st, Mary Lounsbury 

m. 2nd. Elizabeth Fleming 

•189. V. Gilbert; b. 1751; d. Sept. 12, 1819; m. Mary . 

•IW. VI. John; d. 1816; m. Ruth . 

1»1. VII. Daniel. 

1»2. VIII. Sarah; m. before 1788 William Wright. 

I»3. IX. Joseph. 

61. IV. 24. ELIZABETH^ LYON (TREADWELL) [John', John', 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 12, 1718; married about 1737, 
Thomas Starr Treadwell, son of Thomas and Hannah (Denton) Tread- 
well of Hempstead, L. I. March 11, 1727 he was witness to a deed 
of land in Hempstead. In 1737 he bought land from Thomas Treadwell 
near Rye Point; in 1738. also 1750, was "of Rye;" was living in 1757. 

Son of Thomas Starr and Elizabeth (Lyon) Treadwell: 
1»4. I. James; bapt. Oct. 29, 1738. 
There were probably other children, 

ii'X^cx e<^ *-<--<- ^-^<. 

•fSamuel' Wilson of Portsmouth. R. I., made freeman 1655. died in 1682. 

His son Jeremiah' Willson married Mary and lived at Block Island. 

Samuel* Willson, son of foregoing, came from Block Island about 1710 and settled 
at King St., Rye. He operated a Ferry between Rye and Oyster Bay. He mar- 
ried Susanna, daughter of Joseph and Susanna ( ) Ogden. She died 

1770. He died in 1751; will dated Aug. 1, 1750; probated Nov. 25, 1751 (N. T. 
Probate rec. XVIII 21). Inventory showed value of estate L13,478, 53. Od., of 
which L9,015 was real estate. Children of Samuel and Susanna (Ogden) Will- 
eon: 1. Samuel; d. July 2. 1756; m. Phebe Lyon (No. 74); 2. Joseph; b. Aug. 30. 
1726; d. June 15, 1811; m. Eunice Brown: 3. William; under 21 In 1761; d. 1763; 

4. Susanna; m. Kniften of Rye; 5. Mary; b. about 1720; d. May 19, 

1813; m. Roger r.yon (No. 60). 


62. IV. 24. JAMES* LYON [John«, John% Thomas*], born Green- 
wich, Conn. May 31, 1720; lived at Byram Point, Greenwich, Conn. 6^-*-^^ 
and died there in November 1804t. Will dated Feb. 24, 1804; pro- 2. , /, ^ 
bated Stamford, Nov. 27, 1804; mentions children named below except 

James (deceased). He married Martha^., daughter of David and 
Martha (Stedwell?) Lyon, who died before A^il 30, 1807, when estate 
was distributed. ^ (tr icrn^ 

Children of James and Martha (Lyon) Lyon (Greenwich T. R.): 

•196. I. James; b. Dec. 19, 1749; d. 1795; m. Susanna Marvin. 

•196. II. Sarah; b. Dec. 16, 1751; d. Dec. 23, 1817; m. James Banks. 

•197. III. David; b. July 19, 1754; d. before 1824; m. Sophia Merrltt. 

•198. IV. Daniel; b. Dec. 20, 1756; d. Aug. 29, 1817; m. Elizabeth Sher- 

199. V. Mary [Polly]; b. Feb. 25. 1758; d. about 1824t; m. Daniel, Bon of 
Daniel and Rachel (Hobby) Banks (b. Dec. 1, 1747 ;d. about 1814). No children. 

•200. VI. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 10. 1762; d. before 1824; m. Abraham Merritt. 

•201. VII. Benjamin Woolsey; b. April [Aug.] 15, 1764; d. 1810; m. Phebe 

63. IV. 24. GILBERT* LYON [John», John=, Thomas'], born 
Greenwich, Conn., March 10, 1722; died before 1798. By the will of 
his father, he received the homestead and farm at Rye. He married 
Mary , of Greenwich, Conn. He was member of the Com- 
mittee of Safety of Rye, Westchester Co., 1776-7. The will of his 
widow, Mary Lyon, was dated Oct. 5, 1798, and probated at Stamford 
Nov. 3, 1798; executor, son John Lyon; witnesses, John Stickler, Abr. 
Lyon, Charles Tabor; inventory of estate Feb. 21, 1799, mentions her 
as widow of Gilbert Lyon of Rye. 

Children of Gilbert and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

202. I. Sarah; b. March 22, 1760; m. Olmstead; living in 1798; 

a son, John Strickland Olmstead. m. Elizabeth Clark and had a son Jeremiah; b. 
Dec. 3, 1817; d. Sept. 12, 1826. 

203. II. William; b. Feb. 19, 1762; d. probably young. 
•804. III. John; b. Dec. 4, 1765; d. Dec. 1837; m. Jan. 1788, Mary Merrltt. 
•206. IV. Daniel; twin brother of John; d. about 1855; m. Elizabeth Sher- 

•206. V. Phebe; b. Jan. 10, 1771; m. 1st. May 18, 1788, Isaac Seaman; m. 
2nd. Solomon Wheat. 

tNov. 16.. 1804. the minister of Christ Church. Rye. says: "Attend the 
funeral of James Lyon of Byram Point, Conn., aet. 85." 

tMary (Lyon) Banks owned real estate in Greenwich. When her estate was 
administered, March 9, 1824, the following, named as heirs, were all deceased: 
Daniel Lyon, .Samuel Lyon (? this must have been David). Benjamin Lyon, 
Elizabeth Merritt and Sarah Banks . n i /I . O ^ /I ^ , m,.^^ ^yl/^J. 


64. IV. 24. RUTH* LYON (BUSH) [John', John% Thomas»], 
born Greenwich, Conn. July 10, 1724; died June 22, 1804; married 
Abraham Bush, born 1720, son of Justus and Anne (Belden) Btish§ of 
Rye, N. Y. 

Children of Abraham and Huth (Lyon) Bush: 

207. I. Abraham; b. 1751; d. Sept. 26, 1786; m. Nov. 26, 1780, Mary Lyon 
(No. 235). 

208. II. Gilbert; b. Nov. 7, 1753; d. Feb. 2, 1831; m. Sabrina Seymour. 

209. III. Anne; m. Jonathan Fisher. 

210. IV. Sarah; m. Thomas TheaU. 

211. V. Elizabeth; b. March 20, 1761 ;m. March 12. 1782, Izrabiah Wetmoret 

212. VI. Rebecca; b. Jan. 20, 1766; d. Aug. 21, 1855; m. 1790 Daniel 

65. IV. 24. SARAH* LYON (MEAD) [John^ Johir, Thomas'], 
born Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 10, 1727; married before 1749, Elnathan 
Mead, born about 1726, baptized Oct. 20, 1728; son of Elnathan Mead. 

Children of Elnathan and Sarah (Lyon) Mead: 

213. I. Elnathan; m. Sept. 7, 1788 Anne Merrltt; children: 1. Hlbberd, 
b. about 1789; 2. Sarah, b. May 30, 1792; (m. Floyd Lyon No. 508): 3. Solo- 
mon, (m. Maria Merritt); 4. Nathaniel. 

214. II. Sarah. 

215 IIL Eunice; m. Josiah Close (b. April 1, 1758; d. Aug. 23. 1840); a 
son , Elnathan. 

72. IV. 30. THOMAS* LYON [Thomas', Thomas'. Thomas'], 

SJustus Bush, born in Holland, came to New York about 1700. In 1726 be 
bought from John and Jonathan Brondig a tract of land in the Ponlngo Neck 
purchase. He died in 1737. leaving a widow Anne, who died Aug. 5, 1745, and 
sons Henry. Bernardus and Abraham. 

tizrahiah Wetmore, b. Oct. 15, 1757. was son of James and Elizabeth (Abra- 
hams) Wetmore. Children of Izrahiah and Elizabeth (Bush) Wetmore: 1. 
Nancy, b. Jan. 21. 1783; d. June 24, 1783; 2. Esther, b. July 9, 1784; m. April 6. 
1823. Judge Justus Sherwood; 3. Bush, b. Dec. 24, 1785: d. Dec. 13, 1827; m. Aug. 
29, 1805, Bethia Pierce; 4. Rebecca, b. Feb. 19. 1788; m. Feb. 12. 1806; Gabriel 
Merritt; 5. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 6. 1789; m. July 12. 1828. James W. Puddlngton; 
6, Anna, b. Sept. 21, 1791; d. Nov. 3, 1791; 7. James Bush, b. Nov. 20. 1792; 
m. Dec. 21. 1816. Jane Wetmore; 8. Sarah Bash, b. Jan. 7. 1795; d. April 2. 
1795; 9. Infant son, b. July 9. 1796; d. July 16, 1796; 10. GUbert Bnsh, b. Jan. 
10, 1798; d. Jan. 20, 1798; 11. Amelia, b. Dec. 8. 1799; d. Dec. 12, 1799; 12. 
Izrahiah, b. June 15, 1801; m. 1833. Clorinda Porter; 13. Fhebe, b. May 21. 
1803; m. Sept. 4, 1828, James Wetmore. 

tDaniel Merritt. son of Nehemiah and Ruth ( ) Merritt, was born 

March 6, 1764. and died June 7. 1836. Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Bush) 
Merritt: 1. Ann, b. Aug. 9. 1792; d. June 28, 1884; 2. Rebecca, b. Oct. 8, 1793; 
d. Sept. 13, 1865; 3. Sarah, b. Feb. 19. 1795; d. March 10. 1882; 4. Eliza, b. 
Sept. 7, 1796; d. Feb. 5, 1865, ae. 64 y. 4 mo. 29 d; 5. Daniel, b. Feb. 15, 1797; 
d. July 22. 1875; 6. Ezra B., b. July 9, 1799; d. July 4, 1854; 7. Harriet', b.. Aug. 
15, 1800; d. Feb. 9, 1876; m. John Lyon (No. ); 8. Joseph, b. Feb. 8. 

1803; d. Sept. 9, 1834; 9. Lavina, b. July 23, 1811; d. Aug. 3, 1871. 


born King St. Rye, N. Y. 1724; died Dec. 23, 1810, %. 86 y.; buried in 
Union Cemetery, Rye. He married Anne Marsh, born 1731; died 
April 3, 1817, ae. 86 y. (G. R. Union Cem. Rye); daughter of Thomas 
and Freelove (Carpenter) Marsh of Harrison.§ Jan. 10, 1757, Thomas 
Lyon received a deed of land from his father. Oct. 4, 1768. he bought 
of Thomas Marsh eleven acres of land on "Hog-pen Ridge." His will 
was dated July 20, 1801; probated White Plains Nov. 6, 1811; executors, 
sons Samuel and Thomas Lyon and son in law Jonathan Guion. 

Children of Thomas and Anne (Marsh) Lyon: 
*216. I. Phebe; b. May 3, 1753; d. Dec. U, 1819; m. Jonathan Gulon. 
•217. II. Samnel; b. June 5, 1760; d. Sept. 21, 1849; m. March 26, 1786, 
Elizabeth Lyon (No. 146). 

•218. III. Thoman; b. March .5. 1770: d. Oct. ti. 1803: m. April 10. 1791. 
Levinia Sniffin. 

*219. IV. Sarah; b. July 15. 1771; d. Sept. 9, 1834; m. James Pine. 
220. V. Marsh; b. March 17. 1775; d. Nov. 21. 1854. ae. 79 y. 8 m. 4 d; m. 
Mary (No. ch.). 

74. IV. 30. PHEBE^ LYON (WILLSON) [Thomas^ Thomas^ 
Thomas'], born King St. Rye, N. Y., probably about 1720; died Jan. 
29, 1770. She married Samuel, son of Samuel and Susanna (Ogden) 
Willsont of Rye. He died July 2, 1756; will dated June 30, 1756; 
probated N. Y. Nov. 16, 1756; executors: widow Phebe, brother Joseph 
Willson. The will of Phebe (Lyon) Willson was dated Jan. 26, 1770, 
probated N. Y. April 10, 1770; executor son Benjamin Willson.^ 

■7. (VK-a>*» i^cxt. 

Children of Samuel and Phebe (Lyon) "Willson: y^ . f 

221. I. Samuel; b. 1739; d. Oct. 28, 1806, ae. 67; i^Sarah Newman, dau. ^' •'/^/ 3* 
Daniel Newman / . I 

232. II. Benjamin; h. May 6, 1741; d. 1804; m. 1^61, Mary [Polly] Kniffen. i' ^i i ,^9 

233. III. Justus; d. 1781; m. EU2abeth^ ____^A removed to Amenia, N. T. *• "^"f t^ 
224. IV. Jotham; b. 1747; d. Oct. 21, 1811; m, Mary, daughter of Jame^^' 'Ir" V 

^Brundage (children: 1. Jotham; 2. Mary). ^ ^, "V** - <*U.«ufc>t« l^**cfc^. 

225. V. Andrew; moved to Nine Partners. Dutchess Co., N. ,Y. a ■^Z \ ** " 

22fi. VI RndcTAr: a "sickly" child. ''^»-*- 'ko^-^iJU. Ki *t-A.^«-«-«>* t %J f ' 

a;jn. Jan. 13. 1J65, Jeremiah Andersen, who d. Jan. 22, y/^ »f'^ f 

is: h 1785: h. Mav 7,. 1812: m. Ruth. dau. of Nathan Mer- 6. ' * 

227. VII. Susanna ; j;<i . Jan. 13. y65, Jeremiah Andersen, who d. Jan 

228. VIII. Thomas; h. 1765: b. May .S. 1812: m. Ruth, dau* of Nathan Mer 
ritt (d. July 20, 1822). 

75. IV. 30. MARY* LYON (MILLER) [Thomas', Thomas', 
Thomas'], born King St. Rye, N. Y. about 1721; died about 1751. She 

§Thomas Marsh of Harrison's purchase bequeatlied land to his daughter Anne 
for life, then to go to her son Samuel Lyon; will proved Oct. 3, 1770. 
tSee foot note to Roger Lyon (No. 60). * C\ 


married Abraham,' son of Abraham^ aud Hannah ( ) Miller of 

Rye. See appendix, note 15. He was born at Rye Dec. 9, 1720, and 
died at Byram, Greenwich, Conn. Oct. 17, 1747, (date from Probate 
Rec.t). Administration of estate granted to wife Mary Nov. 27, 1747. 
On her death adm. granted to Thomas Lyon (No. 72) (Stamford Pro- 
bate Record). 

Children of Abraham and Mary (Lyon) Miller: 

22». I. Andrew; b. Feb. 15, 1743; d. April 8, 1812; m. Sarah Lyon (No. 

230. II. Abraham; b. 1745; d. 1794; m. 1767, Phebe Hawxhurst. 

231. III. Mary; b. 1746; d. Sept. 15, 1831; m. 1768, John Green 

76. IV. 30. ANDREW* LYON [Thomas', Thomas% Thomas'], 
born King St. Rye, N. Y. Oct. 19, 1728; died Aug. 22, 1809; buried in 
Blind Brook Cemetery. He married first, before 1755, Sarah, daughter 
of Underbill and Sarah§ (Fowler) Budd of Mamaroneck. She was 
born July 28, 1731 and died about 1769; buried at Mamaroneck. 
Underbill Budd, in his will, dated May 10, 1755, makes bequest to 
Sarah, wife of Andrew Lyon. He married second (bond) Feb. 7, 
1770, Phebe Green, born Nov. 16, 1724; died March 16, 1795, ae. 71 y. 
4 mo.; buried in Blind Brook Cemetery. Andrew Lyon was one of the 
witnesses to the will of his brother in law Samuel Willson; date June 
30, 1756. In 1766, by an execution of lands of James Stevenson, his 
farm of 200 acres on cross road from Harrison to King St. was granted 
to Andrew Lyon. Andrew's will was dated May 14, 1808, codicil 
Aug. 13, 1809; probated White Plains Sept. 6, 1809. Executors, grand- 
sons William Bush and James Peck (Stamford Probate Rec. Lib. 
C. p. 98). 

Children of Andrew and Sarah (Budd) Lyon: 

•232. I. Sarah; b. Aug. 17, 1760; d. Feb. 24, 1802; m. Ezeklel Halsted. 

•233. II. UnderhiU; b. 1763; d. May 24, 1795; m. Mary Halsted. 

234. III. Tamar; m. Dec. 21, 1779, Roger Purdy at 2nd Cong'l Ch. Green- 

*235. IV. Poll.v [Mary]; m. 1st, Abraham Bush; m. 2nd, Newberry Daven- 

78. IV. 31. SAMUEL* LYON [Samuel", Thomas^ Thomas'], 
born at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1725; died at Marlboro, 

JAccount rendered by Thomas Lyon for keeping two children of Abraham 
Miller deceased, from date of his death, ye. 17th Oct. 1747, until 16th June 1751. 

§Sarah Fowler, daughter of Capt. Henry Fowler, was born June 10, 1710, and 

died . She married Underhill Budd Sept. 17. 1730. He was a descendant 

of .John Budd. the immigrant. 


Ulster Co., N. Y., November 1806; buried on his farm, but no head- 
stone. Will dated Oct. 1, 1805; probated Kingston, Ulster Co., Nov. 
13, 1805; executors Silvanus Purdy, son William Lyon and Obadiah 
Brown. In 1776-7 he was member of the Committee of Safety in Rye, 
Westchester Co. In the RevolutionJ he was a member of West- 
chester Co. Regiment Associated Exempts, Lieut. Col. Joseph Benedict. 
For letter addressed to Governor George Clinton, see appendix, note 
16. Samuel Lyon married Mary Kniffen of Rye, N. Y. In 1790 he 
removed from Rye to Marlboro, N. Y. and located on the old Tooker 
farm, now occupied by Henry Merritt; later he removed to the farm 
now occupied by C. M. Woodsey. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Kniffen) Lyon: 

use. I. WlUiam ["eldest"]; settled in Marlboro, N. T., m. Elizabeth , 

he d. 1836. 

237. II. Samael; died from injuries received during the Revolutionary War. 
♦238. III. Jesse; b. Oct. 20, 1767; d. May 15, 1835; bur. Lattlngftown, 
Ulster Co., N. T. 

•239. IV. EUzabetb; living in 1805; m. Roger Park; res. Milton, N. T. 

240. V. Bath; m. Samuel Drake of Pleasant Valley, Ulster Co., N. T., had 
a son, Joseph. 

241. VI. Mary; m. Isaac Quimby of Marlboro. N. Y. ; had a son 8ainu<^l; 
was a widow in 1805. 

241a. VII. Sarah; living 1805; m. Sylvanus Purdy of Marlboro, son of 
Caleb and Hannah (Brown) Purdy (Sylvanus b. 1750; d. Oct. 28, 1831. 

There were two other children who died young . .^ 

79. IV. 31. WILLLAJVI* LYON [SamueP, Thomas^, Thomas' ],\.U, ^'^ 
born at Rye, N. Y. Jan. 15, 1726; died in 1822, je. 96; buried in Ander- 'v.-i.<*£*^ 
son cemetery, Portchester. His wife's name was Phebe; buried '^^-c^utii 
King St., Rye; no date. Administration of estate granted to brother's /7i^7 
son, Alvan Lyon (No. 244). 

80. IV. 31. NEHEMIAH* LYON [SamueP, Thomas% Thomas'], 
born at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y. Feb. 10, 1728-9; (In Bible record of 
birth, called Nathaniel) ; died at "Saw Pitt," Port Chester, N. Y. Dec. 
9, 1758. He was commonly called 'Miah. His wife's given name 
was Mary. He was a ship and boat builder at "Saw Pitt." which 
place was named from his ship yard. He built the ship "Duchess of 
Gordon" for Captain Abraham Bush and the sloop "Independence" of 
Mamaroneck, "the fastest craft on Long Island Sound." His estate 
was administered by his brother William Lyon and his Uncle Gilbert 
Lyon at Stamford. Conn., March 3, 1761. He left a posthumous child: 

tSee appendix. Note 16 a. 


•242. I. Nehemiah; b. Jan. 18, 1759; d. April 13, 1816; m. 1st Martha 
: m. 2nd. Elizabeth; . 

82. IV. 31. BENJAMIN* LYON [Samuel', Thomas=, Thomas'], 
born Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y., March 7, 1733 [date given also as Jan. 
^.t^S-c^i^ 1 and March 14]; died White Plains 1822; buried in Presbyterian 
-^/ -+- 6"" Church yard, White Plains. Will dated April 13, 1816; probated 
White Plains Jan. 22, 1823; executors Caleb Merritt and Jeremiah 
Andrews; also letters of adm. to son Alvin Lyon Jan. 22, 1823. April 
18, 1758 he enlisted in Capt. Nathaniel Hyatt's Company of West- 
In 1776 was member of Westchester Co. Committee of Safetyt from 
Chester Co. Militia. In 1775 joined minute men, Westchester Co. 
White Plains. Was member of Lieut. Col. Joseph Benedict's Regi- 
ment of "Associated Exempts." He married June 13, 1759 Mary, 
daughter of Caleb Hyatt of White Plains; born Oct. 30, 1737; died 
1816; buried in Presbyterian Church yard. White Plains. See note 
17 in appendix. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Hyatt) Lyon: 
»243. I. Sarah; b. March 10, 1760: d. about 1817; m. Roger Park. 
*244. II. Alvan; b. Dec. 2. 1762; d. Sept. 13, 1841; m. Mary Ascough. 
•246. III. Samuel; b. Jan. 7, 1764; d. Jan. 27, 1856; m. Sarah Ascough. 
•246. IV. Mary; b. July 27, 1766; d. June 6, 1834; m. John Gedney. 

:i47. y. Elizalieth; h. Xov. 24, 1768; m. Edward Bugby.g 
•248. VI. Blijab B. b. Feb. 19, 1771; d. Nov. 25. 1827; m. Sarah Lyon (No. 

249. VII. Robert; b. April 4, 1773. 
•250. VIII. Nicholas B.; twin bro. of Robert; d. July 25. 1839. 

251. IX. Phebe; b. Oct. 25. 1775; d. 1822; m. Christ Chh. X. T., 
March 23. 180R. Peter Hatfield. 

•252. X. Anna; b. April 23, 1778; d. 1833; m. Monmouth Hart Gulon. 

258. XI. Hyatt; b. April 17, 1781; m. Christ Chh. Aug. 11, 1808 Sarah 
Hatfield (another record says: "mi. Phebe Hatfield"). 

84. IV. 31. MONMOUTH^ LYON [Samuel", Thomas% Thomas'], 
born at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y. Oct. 19, 1738; died Sept. 18, 1770 in 
32nd year (Bible Rec). He was "of Greenwich, but late of Rye." 
Will dated June 12, 1770; probated Stamford Sept. 27, 1770; executor 
brother Silvanus. His wife's name was Phebe. Administration of 
estate of Phebe Lyon, late of Greenwich, granted Nov. 6, 1792 to 
William Knapp and Nathaniel Mead. 

lEdward Bughy Lieutenant 1798 (Council nf Minutes, X. Y. .State; Dutchess 
Co., Mllltla, 442); Edward Buckbee Captain 1807 in Lieut. Col. James Townsend's 
Rgt. (Ibid 905); Edward Bugbee, 1st. Major 61st. Regt. 1814 (ibid 1484); Edward 
Buckbee Lieutenant Colonel Blst. Regt. 1816 (Ibid 1690). 



Children of Mon:nfiuth and Phebe ( ( I^yon: 

254. I. AbigaU. 

266. II. Hannah. 

*25e. III. Abraham; b. June 15. 1768; d. Jan. 17, 1834; m. Sarah Underhill; 
res. North Salem. 

[One of the above daughters probably married David Olmstead, who was 
living In 1830.] 

/ 87. IV. 31. SYLVANUS^ LYON [SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas^], -^ 

born ajt Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y. Jan. 7 (or 18) 1746; died at the resid- C^cu-^-S-*^ 
ence of his son Sylvanus in Springfield, N. J., Sept. 13, 1830, ae. 84; 
buried in Union Cemetery, Rye. Will dated June 2, 1828; probated YJiy- 
White Plains Sept. 22, 1830 (Lib. M., 317); executors, sons Monmouth 
and Sylvanus. He married Oct. 6, 1790 Sarah Purdy, born Aug 9, 
1757; died Dec. 25, 1844, as. 87 y.; buried in Union Cemetery, Rye. 
She was daughter of Isaac Purdyf of White Plains. 

Children of Sylvanus and Sarah (Purdy) Lyon: 

*257. I. Monmouth; b. Dec. 7. 1791; d. March 29. 1873; m. Alethea Mc- 

•258. II. Hannah: b. Jan. 19, 1795; d. April 17, 1886; m. John Peshine. 
259. III. Sylvanus; b. Sept. 14, 1797; d. Mamaroneck, N. T., Nov. 18, 1836 
(I.,etters of adm. Jan. 27, 1837); buried White Plains. 

88. IV. 32. JONATHAN* LYON [Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], 
born in Greenwich, Conn. Nov. 14, 1728; died in Bedford, N. Y. in 
1787, (will proved Jan. 24, 1787). He married Anna daughter of 
Isaac and Elizabeth (Smith) MillerJ of North Castle. Jonathan Lyon 
owned a stone house in Bedford at the time of the Revolutionary war. 
He also owned a farm outside the town. The first winter Lafayette 
was in America he was stationed in Westchester County. The pay 
master had his quarters in Jonathan Lyon's stone house, paying the 
troops in silver that came in kegs from the old country. After 
Lafayette and his troops moved away, a company of Light Horse, sent 
from New York, burned Jonathan Lyon's house and all it contained as 

tFrancls Purdy was of Fairfield and died there in 1658. His son Samuel 
married Penelope Strang, daughter of Daniel and Charlotte Strang. Josiah, 
their son, married a daughter of Rev. James Wetmore and had Joshua, who mar- 
ried Mary Park. They hail Rodger who married Tamar Lyon (?). and Isaac 
whose daughter Sarah married Sylvanus Lyon above. Arms: or, on a chevron 
az. between three Mulletts sa. pierced of the field. 

tisaac Miller was a farmer in Bedford, N. Y. "Will dated April 12, 1774; 
probated New York May 11, 1774; bequests to wife Elizabeth, son James (land 
in Bedford), dau. Anna, male heirs of dau. Anna, Samuel, James, David and 
Isaac; female heirs of dau. Anna, Thena and Phebe. Will of widow Elizabeth 
Miller dated Dec. 22, 1776; probated New York May 29, 1784; mentions dau. Anna, 
wife of Jonathan Lion; grandson Samuel, son of Jonathan Lion; ffrand daugrb- 
tera Elizabeth Green, Phebe Lion, Theny Lion, Deborah Lion. 


he was a rebel to the crown. He had been in fact very vigilant in 
frustrating the attempts of British scouting parties to steal the 
cattle of the colonists. He is described as having been distinguished 
for a remarkably luxuriant growth of hair — worn as was customary 
in that day. in a queue. His hair was so long that when he was 
sitting in a chair it could be tied in a knot under the seat of the chair. 

Children of Jonathan and Anna (Miller) Lyon: 
Q *860. I. Samnel; b. Dec. 22, 1754; d. Feb. 24, 1828; m. Maplet Miller. 

i>'l'-*t<J >. „,. — 261. II. Jame8.§ ^>~«-<i Vt-<.*-ti- Ly-^-es^i^ 
•Af^tl—j 262. III. David. 

"^iTW^ ' **•'• ^^- Isaac? b. Bedford, N. Y. 1772; d. Bush, Monroe Co., N. Y., Sept. 
/^ 19, 1857; m. Mercy Armstrong. ^^^,^,^t,e^ ^^^^ 

_ Vi-g'-t^— £64. V. Elizabeth; m. — — Greene; d. at age of 81. 

,^^ I* '/t^ ^ 265. VI. Phebe. "^ 

266. VII. Parthena ("Thena" In will); m. John Crawford. 

267. VIII. Deborah. 

90. IV. 32. ELNATHAN* LYON [Jonathan\ Thomas', 
Thomas'], born at Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 7, 1732; died at Clinton, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y. in 1810 as shown by receipts given his executors, 
now in possession of his great great grandson L. H. Allen. He and 

*^-'*-'*^*'Un^ his wife were buried on the farm, but no stone marks the spot. His 
will was dated Jan. 2, 1807; codicil March 23, 1807; probated Pough- 
keepsie, Oct. 11, 1810; executors sons Jonathan and Isaac Lyon, 
Reuben Wiles and Benjamin G. Welch. He married first Susanna 

, who was living in 1799, as shown by a deed of land to his 

son Isaac, executed in that year. He married second Mary Ann 
Bush, before 1806, shown by a deed of land to his son Jonathan. In 
March 1774, being then of Northcastle, Westchester Co., N. Y., he 
bought of Edward Griffin a farm in Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y. He probably moved to Dutchess Co. shortly after. It is said 
that he paid for the farm in Continental scrip, and for that reason 
ws unable to keep it. He afterwards bought the farm where he and 
a number of his descendants were buried. 

Children of GInathan and Susanna ( ) Lyon: 

*268. I. Aaron; b. July 28, 1758; d. Nov. 9, 1819; m. Elizabeth Nelson (dates 
from his family Bible). 

•260. II. Jonathan; b. Aug. 7, 1760; d. April 6, 1841; m. Ist. Elizabeth 
Furman (Forman); m. 2nd, Sally L. . 

•270. III. Sarah; b. Jan. 26, 1763; d. Oct. 28, 1821; m. Francis R. Nelson. 

•271. IV. Isaac; b. April 14, 1765; d. April 3, 1830; m. Esther Timpson. 

§Pos8ibly married Jerusha and had Loretta, b. Nov. 17, 1786; 

May 7, 1791 


-iTi. V". Mary [Polly]: m. Stephen H. Herrick, a merchant of New York 

273. VI. Elizabeth; m. Paul Porman ; a dau. Matilda. 

274. VII. Amos; d. a young man. 

91. IV. 32. ISRAEL* LYON tJonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], 
born at Greenwich, Conn., Dec. 20, 1734; died in Bedford, N. Y. Dec. 
28, 1816; buried in Hill cemetery, Bedford. Will dated Dec. 17, 1816; <^-«-'-^t-^ 
probated White Plains June 10, 1817; executors Spardon Lyon, Josiah ^ -f- / -L. 
Woolsey (Lib. D., 357). He married Abigail Husted, born Green- /^^.Hrzry 
wich, June 1, 1734; died Jan. 14, 1815, ae. 80 y. 6 m.; buried in Hill ^ 

cemetery, Bedford; daughter of Moses and Susanna (Mead) Husted. jlfU-^-e-l 
In 1757 Israel Lyon was a witness to the will of Joseph Griffin of Bed- 
ford. The will of Coles Golding of Bedford, July 6, 1X66, makes be-^ (U^^^t^ay^ 
quest to Israel, son of Israel Lyon, and makes wife^/^d /Joshua^ and^ /^'»^S2 
Israel Lyon executors. Israel Lyon was a member of the Committee 
of Safety in Westchester County. His home was burned in 1779 by 
the British under Tarleton. /-» /fi,* 

Children of Israel and Abigail (Husted) Lyon, probably all bora' in Bed- I 

ford, N. T. J 

•275. I. Israel; b. Feb. 12, 1755; bequest from Coles Gidding j 1766; m. 
Hannah Merritt 

*276. II. Hoses; b. about 1758; res Bloom viUe, N. T. ; m. Diadamia Banks. 

*277. III. Charity; b. Sept. 28, 1760; m. Samuel Banlcs; d. Balnbrldge, N. 
T., Dec. 2, 1848. 

278. IV. XUizabeth; m. Joseph Park and had 1. Isaac; 2. Daniel, b. 1783; 
d. Jan. 22, 1863. 

*279. V. Spardon; b. Oct. 26, 1764; d. Bedford, May 3, 1845; m. Phebe 

Ann; m. 1st. Thomas Park; m. 2nd. Lot Sarles. 
Snsanna; b. 1768; m. Enoch Raymond; d. Bedford, Hay 17, 

[. Abigail; b. Aug. 11, 1770; m. Josiah Woolsey; d. Bedford, Sept. 

Sarah; m. Elie Sealy. 
Jemsha; b. 1775; d. April 27, 1863; m. William Woolsey. 
«ou. AX. Hary; m. Daniel Varlan. ,, 

93. IV. 32. DAVID* LYON [Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], 
born probably at Greenwich, Conn., May 25, 1740; died in 1787 at 
North Castle, Westchester Co., N. Y. Aug. 30, 1787 his estate was 
administered upon by his nephew Agiron Lyon (No. 268) of Dutchess 
Co. (White Plains Probate Rec). CHe served in the Revolution with 
rank of Captain in 1775, under Colonel Alexander McDougall, in the 
First New York Regiment. He served later in the Second West- ^ 









19, 1851. 







76 THOMAS LYON OF RYE 'L A-«-c^7 ^^CtY ^'•aJ^^ 

Chester Co. Regiment, Col. Thomas Thomas. He married Freelove 
Forman,,(Who was born Aug 6, 1744 and died May 14, 1821, probably 
at Chatham Four Corners, Columbia Co., N, Y. 

Children of David and Freelove (Forman) Lyon, born North Caatle, N. T. 
*286. VC Hannah; b. July 5, 1762: m. Thomas Raymond. 
287. 44, > Kllznbetb ; b. July 8. 1764: d. Oxford. X. Y.. Sept. 27, 184S: m. 
srael Jacobs. 

♦288. •KI.^Thomas; b. May 31, 1766: d. Lyons, Wis., Sept. 29, 1847; m. 

280. IV. Mary; h. April r.. 176s. 

♦290. Vt^ William; b. Feb. 15, 1770; res. Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y.; m. 

Christine — . 

/» ♦291. ^. /Abigail; b. April 4, 1772; m. David Adee; res. New York City. 

1/ ♦292. VIL^ David; b. March 23, 1774; d. April 30, 1867; m. 1st. Charity 

'^^~'-*~~^ Wilson; m. 2nd. Sarah Sherwood: res. Port Chester, N. Y. 
~~"'"***293. _VIII^]^ter> b. Oct. 1, 1775. 

♦294. IX.^amuel; b. May 6, 1778; res. Port Chester, N. Y. ; m. Hannah 
i (X "^^ ' Merritt. 

296. X. Sarah; b. March 8. 1781. 

•39«. JMi'^Forman; b. Feb. la, 1783; res. (1821) New York City: m. Eliza- 
beth . 


TX^ . ^^- ^^- ^^- PETERS LYON [Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas^], 

^y^^ "-^ *>orn at Byram, Greenwich, Conn. May 17, 1743 (T. R.) (May 28, 1745, L^ 
'^'^ ^l>«^^ible Rec.) ; died at 37 Pump St. New York City, July 4, 1824. Will ^ 
«'-*^'*''^«jC<- dated May 14, 1824; probated New York, July 12, 1824; mentions all ^ 
^.i^^-^the children named below; executors sons Jonathan, Edward and / 
' ^ Peter Lyon. He was a farmer and Justice of Peace in North Castle, 
c^ '^ \j ^- ^- ^^ ^^ ^aid that Major Andr^ was brought before him after his 
Jt^\'j^ capture (Christian Advocate July 18, 1895). He was a member of 
* f^* '^^ the Committee of Safety for North Castle 1776-7. In 1818 he was liv- 
'^'[Jif^Jt^^S in New York City at 107 Harmon St. March 16, 1819, he bought 
" i*::*' of Henry Robinson and wife Elizabeth a house lot on Pump St., N. Y.§ 

X*^ J Peter Lyon married, Dec. 10, 1766, Jerusha, daughter of Peter and 
I • ¥^ Jerusha (Wines) Palmer. She was born July 27, 1745 and died at 
^^^1^ f- 37 Pump St. New York City, July 9, 1821, in her 76th year. 

j>r *\J^^ ■^^ Children of Peter and Jerusha (Palmer) Lyon, born In North Castle. 

g^ t»-*V .v** *^Vl- I- Mary; b. Oct. 20, 1767; m. 1st. John Tucker; m. 2nd. Benjamin 
" _,^ /X* Watson. 


"il' 5March 3, 1806 Peter Lyon and wife Jerusha sold to son Jonathan Lyon 50 

acres of land and home lot In North Castle. March 19, 1818 Peter Lyon and 
wife Jerusha sold 100 acres of land to Henry Rundle. Jan. 4, 1821 Peter Lyon 
bought of Ozlas Nash 80 acres of land at North castle. Dec. 21, 1825 executors 
of Peter Lyon, to wit, sons Jonathan, Edward and Peter Lyon sold above plot 
to Thomas Clapp for $3000. 


♦298. II. Phebe; b. Dec. 26, 1769; d. Jan. 12, 1849; m. Harrison Palmer. 

•2»9. III. Sarah; b. Aug. 7, 1772; m. 1st. Abner Hl&glns; m. 2ncL Joseph 
Harper; res. (1845) New York City. 

•800. IV. Jonathan; b. Aug. 9, 1774; res. New York; d. May 21, 1849. 

•301. V. James H.; b. Feb. 14. 1777; d. Nov. 10. 1884; m. 1st. Anna Bowne: 
m. 2nd. Elizabeth Mead. 

•302. VI. Samuel; b. June 5. 1784; d. Ann Arbor. Mich., Oct. 16. 1830; m. 
let. Sarah Merrltt; m. 2nd. Nancy Bartholomew. 

308. VII. Edward; b. Sept. 6. 1785; m. Susan StlUwell; res. Seneca Falls, 
N. Y. 

•804. VIII. .'Inna; b. Dec. 6. 1787; m. William Brltt. 

•806. IX. Peter Palmer; b. March 14, 1794; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 13, 
1879; m. Hannah Park. 

101. IV. 34. JOANNA* LYON (BRUNDAGE) [David^ Thomas', 
Thomas'], born in Greenwich, Conn, about 1733; died before 1802; 
(not mentioned in husband's will). She married Joseph Brundage of 
Greenwich. His will was dated Jan. 12, 1801; probated Stamford 
April 6, 1802; executors, son Joseph Brundage and sons-in-law James 
Studwell and Benjamin Kniffen. All the children named below 

Children of Joseph and Joanna (Lyon) Brundage: 

306. I. Jane; m. Michael Halstead. 

307. II. Elizabeth; b. about 1754; m. James Studwell (or Stedwell) of 
Pawling, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

308. HI. AbigaU; b. Nov. 9, 1755; d. May 10, 1846. ae. 90 y. 7 m. 1 d.; m. 
John Banks 

309. IV. Joseph; m. Loretta, dau. of Samuel Smith, sister to Sarah, wife 
of John Lyon. (No. 442). 

310. V. Joanna; m. Daniel, son of John and Mary Silkman of Bedford, he 
bapt. Oct. 21, 1767. 

311. VI. Charity; m. Benjamin Kniften. 

103. IV. 34. ELIZABETH* LYON (BANKS) [David', Thomas^ 
Thomas'], bom in Greenwich, Conn, about 1740. She married Joseph, 
son of Joseph and Martha Banks. He died at Greenwich about 1820, 
ae. between 70 and 80. They lived on the homestead aWBy^^m, 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lyon) Banks: 

812. I. Joseph; b. April 20, 1771; d. July 16, 1842; m. Aug. 11, 1792 Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Isaac Anderson (b. 1770. d. March 25, 1856). 

813. II. Martha; m. 1st. B ; m. 2nd. Seymour. 

814. III. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 14, 1779; d. Nov. 18, 1842; m. Aug. 22, 1804 
John, son of Obadiah Banks (b. 1774 d. April 26, 1842). 

315. IV. Mary; m. William Conklin. 

81«. V. William W; b. 1786; m. 1st. Hannah Peck; m. 2nd. Elizabeth 


317. VI. Abraham; b. Nov. 16. 1791; d. Sept. 13. 1822; m. Bllzabetb. dan. 
of Daniel Lyon (No. 485). 

104. IV. 35. JOSEPH* LYON [Joseph*, Thomas-". Thomas*], 
born about 1735; died at Greenwich, Conn, about 1758-9. He married 
Feb. 24, 1758, Phebe Close (No. 69), born June 29, 1738; died before 
1790; daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Close. 

Son of Joseph and Phebe (Close) Lyon: 

318. I. Joseph Close; b. Sept. 16, 1758. 

105. IV. 35. DANIEL* LYON [Joseph*, Thomas^ Thomas'], 
was a Tory (or Loyalist) and at the time of the revolutionary war 
found the climate of New Brunswick more salubrious than that of 
Westchester County, N. Y. He, with his family, were passengers on 
the Transport Cyrus, from New York to St. Johns, N. B. in Aug.-Sept. 

v^^c-j *? ^'^^^- His family consisted of wife "Mary," and five children, 
;r-^XX^ "Jamima," "Ambi" and Mary, over ten, and Deborah and Reuben 

K.<iyC<^ ) under ten. It is said that the family returned afterwards to White 
■^ ' ^^ _ Plains. N. Y., but nothing further is known of any of them. His 
■ ~ ^^^ wife's name was in fact Maria, nee Miller, daughter of Anthony and 
Hannah (Genung) Miller. 

106. IV. 35. JAMES* LYON [Joseph\ Thomas=, Thomas'], died 
yu^ <^ "^ in Cortland, Westchester Co., N. Y. before 1797. He moved to New 

c t-M-ft^ -t^^^ Marlboro, Ulster Co., but returned to Westchester Co., where he 
)■ / , fi ' • occupied^his fatlier's farm. ,vThe name pf his wife is not known. /i 

Children of James Lyon: u I i f 

*81». 1. Sarah; d. May 1. 1845; m. July 15, 1786, Abraham Hurd.X^-^'*^^- 
320. IL Ann. -^[^^^-^^i-^t^ f X^^ 

139. IV. 39. DEBORAH* LYON (MERRITT) [Gilbert', Thomas=, 
Thomas'], born at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y. March 26, 1743. She mar- 
ried in 1759 Caleb, son of Caleb and Elizabeth (Carpenter) Merritt of 
North Castle. He was born Feb. 4, 1739 and died in 1824. Will 
dated June 22, 1822; probated White Plains, June 24, 1824. He was 
Second Lieutenant, Westchester Co. Militia, 1775. They lived at 
North Castle. 

Children of Caleb and Deborah (Lyon) Merritt: 

832. I. Daniel; b. Jan. 26, 1760; went west. 

323. II. Gilbert; b. Sept. 19, 1762; m. Sebe, dau. of Caleb Carpenter. 

/, /^ ^/ 



824. III. Sllzabeth; b. Aug. 4. 1764; m. Thomas Tlllot. 

826, IV. Caleb; b. Sept. 8, 1766; m. Elizabeth Carpenter. 

326. V. Monmouth; b. Nov. 10, 1768. 

327. VI. Ivan [Jean]; d. Jan. 21, 1770. 

328. VII. Mary; b. Sept. 2. 1773; m. Noah Cox of Dutchess Co., N. T. 

329. VIII. Esther; b. Oct. 6, 1775; m. Hopkins. 

330. IX. Andrew; b. Aug. 25, 1778; d. Sept. 1, 1866; m. Dec. 22. 1798. 
Charlotte Whelpley. 

331. X. Deborah; b. Nov. 4, 1781. 

332. XI. Abijah; b. Nov. 4, 1785; d. Feb. 5, 1847; m. Oct. 14, 1808, Ruth 

140. IV. 39. GILBERT* LYON [Gilbert^, TIlomas^ Thomas*], 
bom at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y., July 13, 1745; died in Greenwich be- 
fore 1809 (the date of his father's will). He married Ruth Lyon. 
They lived on Weaver St. Greenwich, just before you enter Glenville. 
The house is yet standing (1896), occupied by one of his descendants. 

Children of Gilbert and Ruth (Lyon) Lyon: 
*333. I. Pbebe; b. March 29, 1763; d. April 14, 1855; m. Nehemlah Sher- 

334. II. Jane; b. 1769; d. April 3, 1841; m. Monmouth Hubbs. 

335. III. Elizabeth; b. 1770; not m; d. Oct. 6, 1848 In 78th y. ; burled on 
Lyon farm, Greenwich. 

*336. IV. Thomas; b. 1774; res. Greenwich; d. Dec. 5, 1821. 

337. V. Anne; mentioned In grandfather Gilbert Lyon's will. 

141. IV. 39. SARAH* LYON (MILLER) [Gilbert', Thomas', 
Thomas'], born at Byram Neck, Rye, N, Y., Jan. 17, 1748-9; died March 
23, 1813, s. 64 y.; buried on farm at South Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
She married Andrew (No. 229), son of Abraham and Mary (Lyon) 
Miller, of Rye. He was born Feb. 15, 1743 and died April 8, 1812, ae. 
69 y.; buried at South Oxford. They moved about 1800 to South 

Children of Andrew and Sarah (Lyon) Miller: 

338. I. Thomas; b. Nov. 3, 1768. 

339. IL Sarah; b. May 25, 1770. 

340. III. Mary; b. June 14. 1774; d. Oct. 12, 1832; m. Gideon Mead. 

341. IV. AbigaU; b. Sept. 11, 1778; d. May 7. 1846; m. Dec. 1», 179» 
Daniel Wlllson. 

342. V. Andrew; b. Jan. 8, 1782; d. April 30, 1865; m. Zervlah Morey. 

343. VI. Underhill; b. July 14, 1788; d. May 8, 1861; m. Mary 

344. VII. Josiah. 

142. IV. 39. ANDREW* LYON [Gilbert^ Thomas=, Thomas'], ^i-^^^Z c<. t 
bom at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y., Aug. 5. 1751; died in Rye, Aug. 4, / +- c -f / 


1840. Will dated Sept. 15, 1834 (age 83 y.); probated White Plains, 
Aug, 11, 1840; executors nephew Thomas Lyon, Merritt Brown, William 
Bush. He married Feb. 12, 1784 (in Second Congregational Church, 
Greenwich) Eunice.t daughter of Jonathan and Rachel (Brown) KnifEen 
[Sniffen]. She was born in 1753 and died July 10, 1829, x. 76. They 
lived on Sniffen Lane, now Regent St., Rye. 

Children of Andrew and Eunice (Knltfen) Lyon: 
•84B. I. Sarah; b. 1791; d. Feb. 25, 1865; m. Charles Rundle. 
348. II. Andrew; b. 1793; d. May 3, 1854, ae. 62. 

143. IV. 39. JOSHUA* LYON [Gilbert'. Thomas=, Thomas'], 

bom at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1754 (Bible Record); died in 

Rye Oct. 2, 1841 ae. 87 y. 7 m. 21 d.; buried in Baptist Cemetery on 

» 4^<i 4^-^ cross road to Glenville. Will dated July 11, 1837; probated Stamford 

*^ w ,-x£\Nov. 18, 1841; executors, sons Joshua and John. He owned a large 

"^^ ^__ tract of land above the ancestral Lyon homestead and now in posses- 

l '7-'^ sion of his grandchildren John and Rebecca Lyon (Nos. 846 and 847). 

He married Elizabeth Purdy, daughter of John and Rebecca (Brown) 

Purdy. Her sister Phebe was wife of Nehemiah Sherwood. She 

was born March 24, 1754 and died April 26, 1822, je. 68 y. 1 m. 2d.; 

buried in Baptist cemetery. 

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth (Purdy) Lyon (from an authentic family 
record In possession of Miss Sarah C. Lyon, of Lyon's Point): 

•347. I. Elizabeth; b. Feb. 14. 1776; d. May 12, 1859; m. William Moaher. 

348. II. Hannah; b. May 14, 1778; d. Sept. 7, 1853; m. New York. Dec. 20, 
1795, Simeon Knapp. 

349. III. Sarah; b. Jan. 25, 1781; d. March 13, 1830; m. April 19, 1804, 
Elijah B. Lyon (No. 248). 

360. IV. Samuel; b. Jan. 26, 1783; d. Feb. 7, 1853. 

361. V. Rebecca; b. March 25, 1785; unm. ; d. June 5. 1833. 

♦352. VI. Gilbert; b. Dec. 28, 1787; d. June 20, 1846; m. Deborah Lyon 
(No. 352). 

353. VII. Phebe;:^ b. April 6, 1791; d. Sept. 16. 1866; m. March 4. 1833, 
David, son of Samuel and Mary (Dean) Sands (2nd wife); no issue. 

tHer sister Polly Knlffen was shot and killed during the Revolutionary war 
on Regent St. by cow boys. 

X Before her marriage Phebe had an illegitimate child, William Lyon, born 
July 21, 1810; died Dec. 15, 1858; burled in Union Cemetery, Rye, N. T. ; ad- 
ministration of estate 1859 to widow Elizabeth Ann. William was partner in 
business with his uncle, Joshua Lyon (No. 354). He married Elizabeth Ann. 
daughter of David and Elizabeth (Brady) Sands. She was born at Bedford 
March 28, 1813; died April 11, 1897; buried in Union Cemetery; adm. of estate i 
May 15, 1897 to son Joshua. Their children were: 1. Samuel,/'^r~'Poultneyvnie,~ '* 
Wayne Co., N. T. ; 2. Joshua, b. 1839; res. Portchester, N. T. ; m. 1st Mary A. ^ 
Tripp, born 1836; died, Nov. 12, 1873, dau. of Daniel Tripp; Joshua m. 2nd, Oct. 
31, 1883, Sarah, dau. of Jonathan and Catharine M. (Zarr) Sands; no issue; 3. 
Sarah Klixabetb; m. Joseph C. Griffin; had a son Daniel M. Griffln. 









o . 
Q a 
£ * 




3M. VIII. Joshua; b. Nov. 11, 1793; d. April 26, 1843. 
•365. IX. John; b. April 13, 1796; d. Sept. 20. 1875; m. Harriet B. Merrltt. 

145. IV. 39. ABIGAIL* LYON (PURDY) [Gilbert', Thomas-, 
Thomas'], born at Byram Neck, Rye, N. Y. April 5, 1760; died July 3, 
1841. She married, Jan. 3, 1780, Daniel Purdy, born Jan. 15, 1759; 
died April 17, 1817; son of John and Rebecca (Brown) Purdy, of King 
St. Greenwich, Conn.; will April 14, 1817. 

Children of Daniel and Abigail (Lyon) Purdy: 

366. I. John; b. March 25, 1781; d. April 21, 1866; married three times. 

357. II. Nehemiah; b. Jan. 28, 1783; d. Aug. 7, 1873; m. June 15, 1825, 
Amy Merritt Brown. 

368. III. Rebecca; b. July 19, 1787; d. Aug. 11, 1831; m. Sept. 11, 1806, 
Samuel Townsend. 

359. IV. Hannah; b. Dec. 2. 1790; d. in New Rochelle. N. Y. : m. Marcii 1, 
1810, William Mathews. 

8«0. V. Daniel; b. Sept. 13, 1799; d. Feb. 16, 1878; m. Nov. 26, 1824. 
Rachel Brundage. 

361. VI. William; b. March 3, 1804; d. Dec. 17, 1859; m. Dorcas Park, 
dau. of Knapp and Elizabeth (Wilson) Park. 

147. IV. 39. ABRAHAM* LYON [Gilbert^ Thomas^ Thomas'], 
horn at the old Lyon homestead near Byram Bridge, Nov. 13, 1764; 
died there Aug. 26, 1849, ae. 86; buried on Lyon farm.§ Will dated 
July 26, 1843; probated Stamford Sept. 13, 1849; executor Samuel 
Close. He married Feb. 7. 1789 Hannah, daughter of Samuel and 
Abigail (Holmes) Mills, a descendant of the immigrant Simeon Mills. t 
She was born Nov. 8, 1764 and died Oct. 5, 1854, ae. 88; buried on Lyon 
farm. In Benjamin Trumbull's journal of the campaign in the vicinity 
of New York, 1776-7, the following entry occurs: "Jan. 31, 1777. 
First Company of Second Battalion march to Byram River and take 
post at Lyons' near the Bridge. The other Companies quarter along 
io the same street and in Kings Street." 

Children of Abraham and Hannah (Mills) Lyon: 
•362. I. Seth; b. Aug. 7, 1790; m. Nancy Seaman. 
363. II. Fitch; b. Aug. 13, 1793; unm. ; d. June 21, 1874, ae. 81 y. 

lAbraham Lyon was skeptical as to the fact that the earth was round and 
that it revolved every twenty-four hours. One night he put the matter to the 
test. He set a pail of water on the gate post at the entrance of the old home- 
stead. In the morning he found the pail full as he had left it — convincing proof, 
to his mind, that the astronomers were all wrong. 

t Simeon Mills, born in England, married Mary Buell, Feb. 23, 1649, and 
settled in Windsor, Conn. Removed afterwards to Simsbury, and thence to 
Greenwich, Conn., and had eleven children. 


364. III. Deborah; b. Nov. 5, 1795; d. Aug. 22, 1883; m. Gilbert Lyon 
(No. 352). 

•365. IV. Olivia; b. Nov. 9, 1797; d. April 5, 1868; m. 1st Jonathan Lyon 
(No. 631); ra. 2nd Jotham Sheerwood. 

366. V. Underbill; b. Jan. 30, 1799; d. Jan. 2, 1826. 

•367. VI. Blias; b. June 26, 1800; d. Feb. 3, 1863; m. Martha A. Banks. 

•368. VII. Abigrall Jane; b. Feb. 25, 1802; d. Sept. 26, 1886; m. Henry 

369. VIII. Hannah; b. Dec. 21, 1804; d. June (or Dec.) 21, 1892. 

370. IX. Emeline; b. Dec. 26, 1807; unm. ; d. Sept. 10. 1886. 

371. X. Adallne; twin sister of Emeline. 

163. V. 52. CALEB'' LYON JR. [Caleb*, Thomas', John', 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 4, 1744, O. S. (Dr. T.); died Aug. 
16, 1832, ae. 87 years, 8 months, and two days (Dr. T.). Like his father 
he was a farmer and blacksmith. He married Feb. 20, 1765, Rachel 
Mead, daughter of Benjamin* and Martha (Ferris) Mead Esq. (Ben- 
jamin,* John,' John'). She was born Aug. 31, 1745 O. S. and died 
June 19, 1821 (Dr. T.). He settled in Quaker Ridge, Greenwich. He 
served in the Revolutionary war in Fourth Reg*! Westchester Co. 
Militia, his family being driven from their home by the invading British 
army. After the war was over they returned to the abandoned home- 
stead, but in 1799 removed to Cayuga County, N. Y., where Caleb pur- 
chased land in the township of Milton, now Genoa. 

Children of Caleb and Rachel (Mead) Lyon, born in Greenwich: 

•373. I. Mary; b. Feb. 22, 1766; d. May 18, 1828; m. Solomon Peck. 

•373. II. Thomas; b. Aug. 28. 1768; d. April 24, 1849; m. Abigail P. Mead. 
374. III. Rachel; b. Oct. 5, 1770; d. Nov. 28, 1833, ae. 63 y. (Dr. T.); 
m. EUphalet Peck (bro. of Solomon), who was b. May 18, 1779, and d. Sept. 9, 
1801; res. Greenwich. 

•375. IV. Caleb; b. Dec. 22, 1772; d. July 1, 1856 (Dr. T.); m. Amy Peck. 

*376. V. l,uther;t b. May 23, 1774; d. June 5, 1832 (Dr. T.); m. Ruth Peck. 

•377. VI. Boon; b. Aug. 15, 1776; d. Lanslngville, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1819; m. 
Elizabeth Webb. 

•378. VII. Anna; b. Nov. 14, 1779; ra. 1st Stephen Webb; m. 2nd John 
Adee; res. (1847) Moravia, N. T. 

♦379. VIII. Martin; b. Sept. 28, 1782; d. after 1849; res. Genoa, N. T; m. 
Ist Sarah Chadwick; m. 2nd Rachel Halght; m. 3rd Harriet Northway. 

•380. IX. Benjamin; b. Jan. 10, 1784; d. April 18, 1837; res. Genoa, N. T., 
later In Bronson, Ohio; m. Deborah Lawrence. 

•381. X. Abla pAlicel ; b. July 31, 1787; m. Hoyt Webb, bro. of Stephen; 
res. (1847) Ithaca. N. Y. 

•382. XI. Mo^es; b. April 3, 1790; res. Genoa. N. T. ; m. 1st, Hester Peet; 
m. 2nd Laura Rlggs; m. 3rd Clarissa Bradley Eaton. 

383. XII. Aaron; twin bro. of Moses; d. about Nov., 1792. 

IRecord is found of the baptism of a Rutherford Lyon (son of Caleb?) 
Aug. 20. 1774, in the Second Congregational (3hurch, presumably Luther aboYe. 


164. V. 52. DANIEL'' LYON [Caleb*, Thomas', John', Thomas*], (*^,.^.^_^^ 
born in Greenwich, Conn. Nov. 3, 1745; died in that place 1824. Will r? . / uf f 
dated March 9, 1824; probated Stamford, June 5, 1824; executor, son, ' t^ ^ / 
Daniel Lyon. He married first Elizabeth Treen, daughter of Ben- • 
jamin Treen, who came from England, and Abigail Banks. Elizabeth ■S-e^ ^/< 
was born about 1747 and died in 1777. He married second Feb. 5, 

1778, Betty Lockwood Whelpley (rec. 2nd. Cong'l Chh., Greenwich). 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Treen) Lyon: 

884. I. Elizabeth [Betsey]; b. Nov. 27, 1770; bapt. Sept. 16, 1784; m. June 
29, 1788, Elliott Palmer, who d. 1852; settled In Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

•386. II. Joseph; b. Feb. 2, 1773; bapt. Sept. 16, 1784; d. 1856; m. Esther 

*886. III. Charles; b. March 17, 1776; bapt. Sept. 16, 1784; d. Huron Co., 
O.. Jan. 9, 1845; m. Deborah Palmer. 

Childen of Daniel and Betty Lockwood ("Whelpley) Lyon, born In Green- 
wich, bapt. St. Johns Episcopal Church: 

•887. IV. Fanny; bapt. Sept. 16, 1784; m. 1st Morris Mead; m. 2nd Henry 
Lockwood (?). 

388. V. Mary; b. April 28. 1790; bapt. July 4, 1790; d. April 3, 1856; m. 
George Derby, b. April 28, 1790; d. May 6, 1872; both bur. Episc. Chh., Green- 
wich, Conn.; a son, George Alfred, b. Nov. 18, 1833; d. Feb. 14, 1850. 

389. VI. Jemsha; bapt. May 31, 1795; m. Moses Husted. 

390. VII. Rebecca. 

•891. VIII. Daniel; b. about 1798; res. Greenwich; d. 1859; m. Hannaia 

165. V. 52. EUNICE'* LYON (HUSTED) [Caleb*, Thomas*, 
John^ Thomas'], born in Greenwich, Conn., April 1, 1750. She married 
Feb. 11, 1768, Peter, son of Moses and Susanna (Mead) Husted (see 
appendix, note 18) of Greenwich, where they continued to reside. He 
was born May 1742. 

Children of Peter and Eunice (Lyon) Husted; record from Bible of Mrs. 
Mills Hobby Husted, who d. Greenwich, Feb. 27, 1904: 

892. I. Amos; b. Dec. 2, 1769; m. Aug. 14, 1793, Eunice Close. 

393. II. Cynthia; b. Sept. 22, 1770; m. Nov. 1791, Squire Hobby. 

394. III. Peter; b. Oct. 11, 1772; m. Jan. 14, 1796, Hannah Leeds of 

395. IV. EInathan; b. Jan. 16. 1775; d. 1S25; m. Nancy Close. 

396. V. Moses; b. Dec. 19. 1776; m. April 1798, Sally Peck. 

897. VI. Aaron; b. Jan. 23. 1779; ra. Amy Hobby. 

898. VII. Caleb; b. March 22, 1782; m. Mary Grlgg. 

899. VIII. Eunice; b. June 21, 1784; d. March 15, 1876; m. Benjamin 

400. IX. Esbon; b. Feb. 25, 1787; d. Sept. 19, 1792. 

166. V. 52. AMOS= LYON [Caleb*, Thomas', John", Thomas'], Ou/^^-t^x^ 
born Greenwich, Conn. April 9, 1752; died Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., <^5M^fc-c*c^ 


Dec. 1815. He married Amy Palmer of Fairfield, Conn. He served 
in the Revolutionary war. 

Children of Amos and Amy (Palmer) Lyon (Dr. T.); the first six bapt. (in 
order following) in Greenwich Cong'l Church, April 16, 1794: 

401. I. Samuel; unm.; d. July 8, 1815. 
*402. II. Anna; m. Hathias Mead; settled In Ohio. 

403. III. Hannah; m. Ebenezer Parsons; res. Wllkesbarre, Pa.; had 3 ch., 
one named Stanford. 

•404. IV. Amasa; b. about 1792; settled In Genoa, N. Y. 

•406. V. £unice; m. John Chadwick; lived in Genoa, N. T., later In Ohio. 

•406. VI. Amos; m. Sally Palmer; res. Genoa, N. T., later In Huron Co., O. 

407, VII. Amy; unm.; d. Dec. 1815. 
.408. VIII. Harvey; b. Jan. 1799. 

409. IX. Lather; unm. 

167. V. 52. NOAH'' LYON [Caleb*, ThomasS John-, Thomas'], 
^.c-y^t^^i born Greenwich, Conn., March 16, 1756; died Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
xx-*x-u.j^ t ''^ept. 20, 1820. He served in the Revolutionary war, being one of 

t 3 • ^ • those who responded to the alarm at Lexington. About 1798 he re- 
moved with his family to Milton, now Genoa, N. Y. He married March 
29, 1781, in Christ Church, Salem, N. Y., Mary Mead, born 1762, in 
Greenwich, Conn., died Aug. 22, 1841 in Genoa, N. Y.; daughter of 
Thaddeus and Tamar (Hobby) Mead. 

Children of Noah and Mary (Mead) Lyon: 

•410. I. Israel; b. Dec. 16, 1781; d. Genoa, N. Y., June 3, 1826; m. Nov. 
29, 1804, Polly Hubbard. 

•411. II. Thaddeus; b. March 29, 1785; d. Genoa, N. Y., 1851; m. Amy 

412. III. Matilda; b. Feb. 2, 1788; unm.; d. Nov. 10, 1843 (1840 Dr. T.). 

413. rv. Ruth; b. May 30, 1799; m. Ira Curtis; res. Huron Co., Ohio. 

168. V. 52. JOB'' LYON [Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas'], 
born Greenwich, Conn. Nov. 16, 1758; died Sept. 23, 1841; buried on 
the farm, North Greenwich. Will dated July 11, 1832; probated Stam- 

AA^*^^^ ford, Oct. 19, 1841; executor, son Isaac Lyon. Job Lyon was a tailor 
^ ,Q , "2 by trade. He inherited his father's homestead, which he occupied as 
long as he lived. Among the men from Greenwich who were in the 
Revolutionary army, we find the names of Caleb, David, Amos, Noah 
and Job Lyon. Job married at Greenvrtch (Rec, 2nd Cong'l Chh.), Dec. 
20, 1786, Elizabeth Mead, born April 19, 1760; died May 31, 1823; 
buried on the farm. She was daughter of Deliverance and Abigail 
(Howe) Mead. 


Children of Job and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon: 
414. I. AbigaU; b. Oct. 2, 1787; d. Dec. 29, 1792. 
416. II. Isaac; b. July 6, 1791; d. Oct. 11, 1792. 
•416. III. Isaac; b. May 12, 1795; d. July 30, 1873; m. 1st Amelia Mead; 
m. 2nd Eliza W. Mead. 

•417. IV. Abigail Gllzabeth; b. July 2t> (29). 1797; d. July 4, 1851; m. 
Isaac Holly Jr. ; res. Greenwich. 

418. V. and VI. Twins; d. in Infancy, Feb. 7, 1801. 

170. V. 52. REBECCA" LYON (CLOSE) [Caleb^ Thomas', 
John,'' Thomas*], married Jonathan Close. They lived in Stanwich, 

Only child of Jonathan and Rebecca (Lyon) Close (Dr. T.): 

419. I. Mary K«becca; b. May 25, 1810; chosen as guardian March 1, 1824, 
her uncle Job Lyon; m. Feb. 29, 1830, Asa Hobby Brush; a dau. Mary Elisabeth 
was born July 22, 1832. 

171. V. 52. HANNAH'^ LYON (MEAD) [Caleb', Thomas', John% 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn. July 16, 1767; died June 1, 1806; 
buried on farm near Stanwich, Conn. She married, March 5, 1800, 
Jonathan Mead, born Greenwich, Sept. 27, 1766; died Stanwich, March 
23, 1825; buried on the farm; son of Nathaniel and Prudence (Wood) 

Children of Jonathan and Hannah (Lyon) Mead: 

420. I. Zachariah; b. March 11, 1801; d. Nov. 27, 1840; m. Feb. 25, 1835. 
Anna M. Goodrich. 

421. II. L,nther; b. Nov. 12, 1802; unm. ; went West. 

422. III. Bradford Lyon; b. Nov. 29, 1804; m. July 1, 1828, Deborah 
Lyon (No. 917). 

184. V. 59. JAMES"* LYON [John*, John^ John=, Thomas'], ^ 

born Byram, Greenwich, Conn. 1747; died Nov. 13, 1819, ae. 72; burled /^^.^^.^JL 
at Byram Point. Inventory of estate, New York July 24, 1824. He c^-t^^.^..^^ 
was familiarly called "Spunk," and his disposition is said to have ^.-'-«.«- 
justified the sobriquet. He married Hannah Lockwood. They lived J i f /^ t 
at Rye, at or near the junction of the "Purchase" and the Post Road. /, ^y. 3*{ 
Mrs. Lyon, wife of James Lyon was buried June 9, 1812 (Rye Ch. R.). 

Children of James and Hannah (Lockwood) Lyon: 
♦423. I. Hannah; b. June 4, 1771; d. Aug. 1, 1858; m. Frederick P. Steven- 

424. II. Jabez; b. about 1774; not m. ; d. 1811; adm. of estate to bro. 
Thomas July 20, 1811 (New York Probate Rec). 

425. III. Mary; b. April 26, 1776; not m. ; d. June 8, 1844, ae. 68 y. 1 m. 
12 d.; buried Byram Point (adm. of estate to brother Stephen, White Plains, 
Sept. 20, 1844). 


•486. IV. Thomas; b. 1778; d. July 4, 1846; m. Margaret . 

427. V. Hezekiah ["Kyer"]; b. about 1780; "cordwalner" but called 
"Captain" and d. at sea May 21, 1853; adm. o{ est. to bro. Stephen, Oct. 4, 1853 
(New York Probate Rec. ). 

428. VI. Stephen; b. Aug. 13, 1782; unm. ; a merchant In New Tork; d. 
July 17, 1862; bur. Eastchester, N. Y. ; will dated Aug. 11, 1854; probated Aug. 
22, 1862. 

428a. VII. Augustus; b. Jan. 19, 1789; m. ; a dau. Susan E. m. 

Feb. 20, 1854, William Vooris of Nyack. 

•42». VIII. Martha; b. Oct. 7, 1799; d. Sept. 26, 1830; m. Thomas Clark. 

185. V. 60. ROGER"* LYON [Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas*], 
e»<''<^-*-<>^ born 1736; died Bedford, N. Y., Oct. 1824, se. 88; buried in Buxton 
r/- 3 -f 5 Cemetery, Bedford. He was a private in the Second Regiment of 
\-e-^ircn<> Westchester Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Thomas. He married Phebe 

^ Lyon (No. 92), daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon, born 

Dec. 16, 1736; died Jan. 7, 1817; buried in Buxton Cemetery. 

Children of Roger and Phebe (Lyon) Lyon: 
•430. I. James; b. Oct. 19, 1761; d. April 2, 1850; m. Martha Banks. 
•431. II. Jonathan; b. Nov. 1, 1767; d. April 5. 1809; m. Ruth Newman. 
•432. III. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 26, 1775; d. Nov. 8. 1843; m. David Higgins. 

433. IV. Daughter; m. Sutton. 

186. V. 60. JUSTUS" LYON [Roger*, John^ John% Thomas*], 
born King St., Rye, N. Y., July 6, 1744; died Bedford, N. Y. 1815. 
Will dated Nov, 7, 1808; probated White Plains, Dec. 27, 1815; exe- 
cutors, sons Stephen, John and William. He married Sarah Ferris, 
born Oct. 19, 1746. 

Children of Justus and Sarah (Ferris) Lyon: 

434. I. Justus; b. May 19, 1765. 

436. II. Hannah; b. March 27, 1766; d. Oct. 25, 1838; adm. of estate 
Nov. 4, 1863, to granddaughter Mary Hoff. 

436. IIL Sarah [Sally]; b. Oct. 24, 1769; d. Feb. 6, 1847; m. James 
Tyler; (he b. Sept. 8, 1766; d. March 24, 1823); res. Bedford, N. Y. 

437. IV. Stephen; b. Jan. 1, 1772; res. Sing Sing, N. Y.; was living in 
Nov. 1808. 


•438. V. John; b. Sept. 20, 1779; d. Jan. 31, 1861; m. Catherine Quereau. 
•439. VI. WlUiam; b. Aug. 3, 1783; d. April 14, 1840; m. Rachel 

440. VII. Ferris; b. March 20, 1789; res. North Castle, N. Y.; adm. of 
estate Feb. 16, 1856. 

441. VIII. Betsey Ferris; b. Jan. 2, 1791; m. Moses Wakeman Collyer; 
res. Sing Sing, N. Y. ; a son John I<yon Collyer m. Mary Forbes Shandley and 
had a daughter, Charlotte De Koven Collyer D. A. R., who became the wife of 
Capt. Julius Jenks. 

188. V. 60. MAJOR SAMUEL" LYON [Roger*, John', John% 
Thomas'], born May 14, 1747; died in Bedford, N. Y. Jan. 23, 1819; 

FIFTH GENERATION ^ , I / ** 87 /) 

buried on the Lyon farm, North Castle. His tomb^eais the in- 
scription "In memory of Major Samuel Lyon who departed this life 
January 23, 1819, aged 71 yrs. 8 mo. 9 d." His will was dated April 
7, 1818; probated White Plains, May 30, 1820; executors, sons John ^,^„»<,<_ 
Lyon, Samuel Lyon. He was a private in the Second Regiment /j-^-ca,-**-*- 
Westchester Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Thomas; June 2, 1772, was com- /> fV^-^ 
missioned Major of Colonial Troops; Feb. 22, 1776, commissioned Major ^ 
in the Continental Army, Westchester Co. Regiment. His commis- 
sion, with other interesting heirlooms, is in possession of Mr. Johm -^ 
Toddjof Stamford, Conn. Samuel Lyon knew General Washington 
well. He had charge of the estates of John Jay at Bedford, while 
the latter was in Europe on diplomatic missions. He married first 
Mary, daughter of Nehemiaht and Sarah (Webb) Lounsberry. She 
was bom 1747; died Jan. 17, 1793; buried on the farm. He married 
second, Jan. 8, 1795, at Christ Church, Salem, N. Y., Elizabeth Fleming; 
born Jan. 10, 1767; died Feb. 13, 1855; buried in Hill cemetery, Bed- 
ford; daughter of Dr. Peter and Sarah McDonald Fleming. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Lounsberry) Lyon: 
•442. I. John; b. April 11, 1770; d. April 3, 1820; m. Sally Smith. 

443. II. Sarah; m. Dr. Lyman Cook; res. (1837) Cortland, Westchester 

Co.. N. Y., rem. to Ohio. 

444. III. Mary; m. William Reynolds; removed to Indiana. 

•446. IV. Samuel; b. April 11, 1787; d. July 26, 1860; m. Rosalinda 

189. V. 60. CAPTAIN GILBERT" LYON [Roger', John*, John^ 
Thomas'], born King St. Rye, N. Y., 1751; died Eastchester, N. Y., ^— 5^e, 
Sept. 12, 1819. Will dated July 14, 1819; probated White Plains, Dec. <)-r^-/- 
1, 1819, (Lib. I. 233); executors, sons Gilbert and Garretson Lyon. He 'Vl^cf^.aX 
was a soldier in the Revolution; he was in the battle of Stillwater C c*-^t::^ 
as private; First Lieut. Second Regiment Westchester Co. Militia; 

promoted Captain May 1778 to April 1781. He married Mary 

(possibly Morgan or Wright); born 1758; died Jan. 8, 1836, in 78th 
year; buried at Eastchester. 

Children of Gilbert and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

446. I. William; eldest son. 

447. II. Deborah Ann; eldest daughter. 

•448. III. Oarrettson; b. about 1795; d. 1862; m. Hannah A. Carhart. 
449. IV. Gilbert; D. D.; res. Rochester, N. T. 

tNehemlah Lounsberry, son of Michael and Sarah (Loclcwood) Lounsberry, 
was bom Dec. 2, 1717; he married, Feb. 8, 1744-5 Sarah Webb. 



450. V. Margaret M. ; m. John J. Morris; she was living Dec. 13, 1869; 

they had a son, Gilbert L,. (b. May 1818; d. Aug. 17, 1819). 

461. XI. Mary. 

45S. VII. Elizabeth. 

•463. VIII. David W.; b. 1791; d. Jan. 2. 1843; m. Martha Shute. 

*454. IX. Jesse; b. Feb. 5, 1798; d. Dec. 25, 1879; m. Sarah Ann . 

466. X. Hannah; b. Aug. 1799; d. June 16, 1811. 

190. V. 60. JOHN^ LYON [Roger*, John', John-, Thomas'], 
born King St., Rye, N. Y. about 1753; died about 1815; administration 
"^ ' of estate granted Jan. 30, 1816 to his son Abraham Lyon. He mar- 
ried Ruth , born 1757; died March 9, 1837, «. 80 y. (Bedford 

Chh. Record). They lived in North Castle, N. Y. 

Children of John and Ruth ( ) Lyon: 

466. I. Abraham; and perhaps others. 

195. V. 62. JAMBS'* LYON [Jamesr John', John=. Thomas'], 
born Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 19, 1749; died before the date of his father's 
will, Feb. 24, 1804, it is believed in 1795. He married April 12, 1774, 
Susanna Marvin, born Aug. 13, 1753; died Sept. 13, 1834; daughter of 

Lewis and Martha ( ) Marvint of Rye, N. Y. She married 

second James Green. All the children named below, except David, 
are mentioned in the settling of the estate of their grandmother, 
Martha Lyon, April 30, 1807. 

Children of James and Susanna (Marvin) Lyon: 
•457. I. Lewis; b. Jan. 4, 1775; d. March 17, 1844. 

468. IL DaTld§; b. Sept. 22, 1776; d. before 1807. 
•459. III. James; b. May 2 (or 17), 1778; d. May 19, 1830; m. Catherine 

•460. IV. Samnel Marvin; b. (or bapt. ?) Aug. 23, 178«; d. about 1818. 

461. V. Nancy Marvin; twin sister of Samuel; d. Aug. 13, 1861; m. before 
1807 Drake Husted of Greenwich, Conn.; children: 1. Joseph Burtis, b. March 5, 
1807; d. May 4, 1873; 2. Abraham F., b. June 2S. 1812; d. Sept. 4, 1834; 3. Bet- 
sey B., b. Jan. 7, 1815: d. July 5, 1836. 

462. VI. Jarvls; b. July 24, 1783; d. 1805 on Brig Perseverance; adm. of 
est. Dec. 5. 180.^, to hro. James Lyon. 

•463. VII. 8arah [Sally]; b. March 23. 1782; d. July S, 1844; m. Daniel 

•464. VIII. Augrustus [Gus Lyon of Horseneck] ; b. Jan. 19, 1789; d. June 
10, 1861; m. Sarah Amanda Mills. 


tLewis Marvin, a Huguenot of Rye. died about the end of the Revolution; 
his wife Martha, died Feb. 5, 1767 in her 39th year; buried near Episcopal 
Church, Rye, N. Y. 

JDavId, James, Samuel and Nancy, "children of James and Susan Lyon," 
were baptized Aug. 23, 1780, at St. Johns Church, Greenwich. 


486. IX. BUzabeth Marvin; b. ; m. Captain John Burtis of 

Detroit, Mich. 

196. V. 62. SARAH^ LYON (BANKS) [JamesS John', John=, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Dec. 16, 1751 (date given also Dec. 
21, 1750-1); died Dec. 23, 1817, "ae. 67 y. 7 d."; buried at Byram. She 

married James Banks, son of Joseph and Martha ( ) Banks. 

He was born Feb. 18, 1752 and died May 29, 1844, ae. 92 y. 3 mo. 11 d.; 
buried at Byram, will dated March 3, 1837; proved Stamford June 
20, 1844. 

Children of James and Sarah (Lyon) Banks: 

466. I. Hannah; b. Jan. 12, 1773; d. June 29, 1804; m. Samuel Pine; 
3 children. 

467. II. WlUiam; b. April 15, 1775; d. Aug. 1777. 

468. III. £lizabeth; b. June 25. 1777; d. March 27, 1869; m. Nathaniel 
Reynolds (b. Sept. 7, 1772; d. April 4, 1838). 

469. IV. Mary; b. April 5, 1779; d. Oct., 1781. 

470. V. Sarah; b. March 2, 1781; d. May. 1781. 

471. VI. Catherine; b. Jan. 20, 17 83; d. Nov. 29, 1863; m. Lockwood 

472. VII. Ann f Nancy") ; b. July 3. 1785: d. Aug. 31, 1823; m. Daniel 

473. VIII. Phebe; b. Aug. 31. 1787; d. Jan. 1793. 

474. IX. Jiieob; b. .Ian. 12. 1790: d. Nov. 29. 1794. 

197. V. 62. DAVID'' LYON [James*, John', John=, Thomas'], 
born Greenwich, Conn., July 19, 1754; died before 1824. He married 
Sophia Merritt. 

Children of David and Sophia (Merritt) Lyon: 
476. I. David. 

476. II. Benjamin; (probably m. Nancy Lowers). 

477. III. Pmella; m. Benjamin Peck; a son James m. Mary Holmes. 
♦478. IV. Martha; b. 1785; d. 1850; m. Capt. Michael Clear. 

479. V. Amy. 
*480. VI. Betsey; m. Roderman. 

481. VII. Woolsey; lost at sea. 

482. Vin. Merritt; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Abe and Lib. Merritt; res. 
New York. 

198. V. 62. DANIEL" LYON [James*, John'. John=, Thomas'], ^ 
born Greenwich, Conn., Dec. 20, 1756; died Aug. 29, 1817, "ae. 63" (?); ^-"^^^ 
buried at Byram, will dated Aug. 16, 1817; probated Stamford Sept. 5, Q^-y-^ ^'^-^ 
1817; executors sons-in-law, Henry S. Brooks and John Horton. He 
married before Aug. 16, 1775, Elizabeth Sherwood, born Nov. 22, 1759; ' ^ ^c 
died March 14, 1790; buried at Byram; daughter of Jabez and Hannah tL^^j 


(DiBbrow) Sherwood. J They occupied the homestead on Powder Hill, 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Sherwood) Lyon: 
•«n. I. Hannah; b. Dec. 26, 1776; d. May 4. 1861; m. Daniel Merritt. 
•484. n. I/evinia; b. March 15, 1780; d. Oct. 28. 1865; m. Henry S. Brooks . ^^ 
*485. III. Mizabeth; d. before 1817; m. Abraham Banks (No. 317). 

486. IV. Loretta; b. 1786; m. before 1817 John Horton of White Plains. 

200. V. 62. ELIZABETH" LYON (MERRITT) [James*, John*, 
John^ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 10, 1762; died before 1824. 
Jan. 20, 1837, request for adm. of estate to Daniel Merritt; March 6, 
1838, adm. granted to Samuel Close and William Strong. She mar- 
ried Aug. 24, 1783, Abraham Merritt, son of Solomon and 

(Lyon) Merritt (records 2nd. Cong'l. Chh., Greenwich). He died 
about 1832; adm. of estate granted April 26, 1832 to William A Merritt 
of New York. 

Children of Abraham and Elisabeth (Lyon) Merritt: 

487. I. Abraham; b. 1785; d. Dec. 20, 1860, ae. 75 y.; m. Abigail New- 
man (b. 1790; d. May 25, 1864). 

488. II. Elizabeth; b. July 26, 1787; d. Feb. 26, 1851; m. 1st, Merritt 
Lyon (No. 482); m. 2nd, Joseph Bloomfield. 

489. III. Benjamin; b. July 12, 179«; d. Oct. 6, 1865; m. Maria Palmer. 
480. IV. James. 

491. V. Sarah. 

499. VI. Daniel; living In 1837. 

493. VII. Phebe; b. Aug. 2», 1802; d. April 9, 1882; m. Ist Tyler Mead; 
m. 2nd Walter Travis (b. 1802; d May 23, 1884). 

494. VIII. Mary; m. Crawford. 

49B. IX. Hattie. 

201. V. 62. BENJAMIN WOOLSEY" LYON [James*, John*, 
John^ Thomas'], bom Greenwich, April 15, 1764; died in 1810. Will 
dated July 6, 1810; probated Stamford Sept. 4, 1810; executrix named, 
wife Phebe; she declined and James Lyon and W. H. Husted were 
appointed. He married Feb. 5, 1787, Phebe Merritt bom July 22, 
1768; died March 31, 1855; buried at Byram Point; daughter of Thomas 
and Amy (Purdy) Merritt. 

tJabez Sherwood, bom Dec. 28, 1719; will dated Aug. 16, 1776; married 
July 9, 1739 Hannah Dlsbrow (born March 22, 1718 — 9, was living In 177B). 
Children: 1. Rebecca, b. March 5, 1739 — 40; 2. Both, b. Oct. 6, 1741; 3. Hannab, 
b. Jan. 9, 1743 — 4; 4. Mary, b. April 24, 1746; 5. Jabez, b. Aug. 15, 1748; d. 
Aug 18, 1814; 6. Susanna, b. April 18, 1762; 7. Daniel, b. Feb. 21, 175S; d. June 
1826; 8. Bllxabeih, b. Nov. 22, 1769; m. Daniel Lyon (above). 


Children of Benjamin W. and Phebe (Merrltt) Lyon (all mentioned In th« 
father's will): 

•4M. I. Msry; b. Feb. 19. 1789; d. Sept. 22, 1876; m. before 1810 W. H. 

•497. II. Benjamin WoolBey; b. 1794; d. 1826; m. Deborah Reynolds. 

•498. III. James; b. Nov. 13, 1795; d. Feb. 8, 1884; m. Mary Peck. 

•499. IV. Daniel; b. May 28, 1798; d. Jan. 10, 1886; m. Ann Eliza Davis. 

•600. V. Thomas M. ; b. 1803; d. July 9, 1860; m. Sarah Backus. 

601. VI. Sarah; unmarried in 1810. 

204. V. 63. JOHN" LYON [Gilbert*, John', John=, Thomas'], 
born Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 4, 1765; died New Yorli City Dec. 1837. 
Administration of estate granted Jan. 5, 1838 to William Peck, at 
New York. He lived on what is now the old Post Road that runs to 
the right hand at the top of Byram Hill. He married Jan. 1788, 

Mary Merritt, daughter of Solomon and (Lyon) Merritt. She 

died before 1838. 

Children of John and Mary (Merritt) I^yon: 

802. I. Elizabeth; b. 1788; d. May 28, 1881, ae. 98 y.; m. Thomas 

•503. II. Daniel; res. New York City; d. May 1837. 

504. III. John; a policeman in New York City; married and had: 1. 
John; 2. Aa^astas; 3. Holly. 

•605. IV. Mary; m. William H. Peck of Grenwlch. 

606. V. Thomas M.; d. Norwalk June 10, 1863; m. Oct. 29, 183S Mehit- 
able Peck. 

607. VI. Abraham. 

205. V. 63. DANIEL" LYON [Gilbert*, John^ John% Thomas'], p^f^^i.^^ 
bom Greenwich, Dec. 4, 1765; died about 1855. He lived on the Byram cj>c-<^'^ 
Shore road, just southeast of Byram Bridge in a "stone end." He f-t-z-ht. 
married ^ Hzabeth Sherwood born about 1767; died 1870, aged 103, -^, 'Vt^-K^ 

In Pennsylvania; daughter of Jabez and Eliza ( ) Sherwood. '^'C^-'^^^^S<- 

(In 1856 she lived in New York City, cor Stanton and Suffolk Sts.). '^^^'XlJi %J> 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Sherwood) Lyon: t 

*508. I. Floyd; b. Dec. 3, 1790; m. 1st Sarah Mead; m. 2nd Laura J. 


•609. II. Mary; m. William Robblns. 

•610. III. Charlotte; b. Oct. 21, 1800; d. Dec. 26, 1865; m. C^pt. William 


206. V. 63. PHEBE" LYON (SEIAMAN) (WHEAT) [Gilbert*, 
John", John^ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 10, 1771. She 
married first May 18, 1788 Isaac, son of Israel Seaman of Rye, N. Y. 

(Rec. 2nd. Cong"! Chh. GreenwichL He was born in 1768 Mid died / 


April 14, 1805, ae. 37 y. She married second Major Solomon Wheat. 

Children of Isaac and Phebe (Lyon) Seaman: 

611. I. Mary; b. March 1789; m. 1811, Capt. Thomas Wright. 

512. II. James; b. June 21. 1791. 

613. III. Bebecca; b. 1793; m. Capt. Jarvis Martin, son of Isaac Martin. 

614. IV. Henry; b. April 5, 1796. 

616. V. Phebe; b. June 14, 1798. 
516. VI. Jane; b. Feb. 4, 1801. 

617. VII. Isaac; b. April 18, 1803. 

216. V. 72. PHEBE'' LYON (GUION) [ThomasS Thomas', 
Thomas', Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y. May 3, 1753; named probably for 
her grandmother, Phebe (Vowles) Lyon; died Bedford, N. Y., Dec. 11, 
1819, ae. 66 y. 7m. 8 d.; buried St. Matthews Churchyard, Bedford. 
She received by will of her maternal grandfather, Thomas Marsh of 
Harrison's Purchase, a bequest of £100; will dated April 14, 1770; 
probated Oct. 3, 1770. She married Jonathan Guion born Jan. 28, 
1749; died Aug. 28, 1835; buried St. Matthews Churchyard; son of 
John and Anna (Hart) Guion. 

Children of Jonathan and Phebe (Lyon) Guion: 

618. I. Annie; b. Dec. 2, 1774. 

61». II. James; b. Sept. 20, 1777; d. Feb. 7, 1861; m. Tabltha 

(d. Nov. 5, 1872, ae. 79). 

620. IIL Sarab; b. Sept. 28, 1779. 

621. IV. Mary; b. Aug. 23. 1782. 

622. V. Thomas; b. Aug. 11, 1786. 

623. VL Phebe; b. April 24, 1789; d. Jan. 29, 1849; m. Thomas Read of 
Ireland (b. July, 1794; d. Jan. 14, 1859). 

624. VII. Hetty; b. June 10, 1791; m. Oct. 30, 1821, Reuben Green. 

526. Vin. Alvah; b. Oct. 21, 1795; d. Nov. 5, 1872. 

217. V. 72. SAMUEL^ LYON [Thomas*, Thomas', Thomas^ 
Thomas*], born King St. Rye, June 5, 1760; baptized at St. Johns 
Church, Dec. 9, 1760; died Sept. 21, 1849; buried in Union cemetery at 
Rye. He married March 26, 1786, Elizabeth Lyon (No. 146), born Aug. 
19, 1762; died April 17, 1858; buried at Rye; daughter of Gilbert and 
Jane (Kniffen) Lyon (No. 39). 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lyon) Lyon: 
♦626. I. Thomas; b. 1792; d. March 21, 1873; m. Mary Tottem. 

527. II. Anna; b. April 18, 1794; d. Feb. 12, 1846. 

628. III. Alpheus; b. 1779; rem. to Tennessee. 

629. IV. Mary; b. Aug. 10, 1799; d. Jan. 19, 1891; unm. 
530. V. Jane E.; b. June 19, 1804; d. Aug. 10, 1829; unm. 


218. V. 72. THOMAS' LYON [Thomas*, Thomas^ Thomas=', 
Thomas'], born King St., Rye. March 5, 1770; died Oct. 6, 1803; bur- 
ied in Union Cemetery, Rye. Will dated Sept. 14, 1803; probated 
White Plains, Nov. 30, 1803; executor Nehemiah Willson (Lib. F., 9). 
He married in Grace Church, Rye, April 10, 1791, Levinia, sister of 
Jonathan Sniffin. 

Son of Thomas and Levinia (Sniffin) Lyon: 

*S31. I. Jonathan; b. Jan. 13, 1792; d. Feb. 29, 1820; m. Olivia Lyon 
(No. 366). 

219. V. 72. SARAH' LYON (PINE) [Thomas*, Thomas', Thom- 
as', Thomas'), born Rye, N. Y. July 15, 1771; died Sept. 9, 1834; buried 
at Eastchester. She married James Pine, born Nov. 15, 1768; d. Sept. 
18, 1838, ae. 69 y. 10 m. 3 d.; buried at Eastchester. 

Children of James and Sarah (Lyon) Fine: 

632. I. Jane; b. March 11, 1807; d. Oct. 9, 1845, ae. 38 y. 6 m. 28 d. 

533. II. Deborah Ann; b. May 5, 1804; d. Sept. 8. 1829, ae. 25 y. 4 m. 3 d. 

232. V. 76. SARAH' LYON (HALSTED) [Andrew*, Thomas', 
Thomas^ Thomas'], bom King St., Rye, N. Y. Aug. 17, 1760; bap- 
tized I>ec. 9, 1760 in St. Johns Church, Greenwich; died Feb. 24, 1802. 
She married Feb. 10, 1784 Ezekiel Halsted, born Feb. 6, 1761; died 
Aug. 18, 1829, ae. 68 y. 6 m. 13 d.; buried Blind Brook Cemetery; 
son of Ezekiel and Abigail (Theall) Halsted of Rye. 

CJhlldren of Ezekiel and Sarah (Lyon) Halsted: 

634. I. Andrew L,yon; b. Dec. 15, 1784; d. Nov. 24, 1866; m. 1st April S. 
1809, Lavinia Horton; m. 2nd May 13, 1812, Frances Miller. 

635. n. Bceklel; b. Aug. 13, 1787; d. Aug. 26, 1828; m. Nov. 23, 18*8, 
Anne Griffin. 

636. in. Sarah; b. Aug. 21. 1789; d. Sept. 20, 1816; m. Nov. 22, 1808. 
Joseph H. Horton. 

637. rv. Mary; b. July 4, 1791; m. Jan. 3, 1815, Elijah M. Davis. 

638. V. UnderhUI; b. Jan. 3, 1794; d. Dec. 5. 1884; m. April 28, 1&18, 
Ann Barker. 

639. VL Blisha; b. Feb. 13, 1796; d. April 30, 1853; m. April 28, 1824. 
Harriet Purdy. 

640. VII. WilUam Henry; b. Aug. 21, 1799; m. Nov. 12, 1823, Sarah Barker. 
541. Vni. Jane Eliza; b. July 29, 1801; d. Sept. 16, 1870; m. Feb. 8, 

1826, Joseph Miller. 

233. V. 76. UNDERHILL' LYON [Andrew*, Thomas^ Thomas^ 
Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y. 1763; died May 24, 1795, in his 32nd year; 
buried in Blind Brook cemetery. He lived in the house next to the ^ ^ ( -ti 
bridge on the west side of the Byram River. He married Jan. 4, 

C t-A^S t^ 


1787 Mary (Polly) Halsted, daughter of Ezekiel and Abigail (Theall) 
Halsted (Rec. 2nd. Cong'I Chh., Greenwich). She died at East Had- 
dam. Conn. April 5, 1843; adm. of estate granted May 17, 1843 to 
Isaac B. Parsons. 

Children of Underbill and Mary (Halsted) Lyon: 
*54S. I. Harriet Halsted; d. before 1823; m. Hezeklah Belden. 
•643. II. Sarah Bndd; d. Aug. 21, 1868; m. Rev. Isaac Parsons. 
544. III. £Uza Jane; b March 5, 1792; d. Dec. 7, 1840; m. David N. Lord, 
■on of Nathan and Mary (Nevens) Lord of Norwich and Franklin, Conn, (he b. 
March 17, 1794; d. July 14, 1880). 

546. IV. Mary UnderhlU; b. 1794; d. 1816. 

235. V. 76. MARY' LYON (BUSH) [Andrew*, Thomas', Thom- 
as', Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y., date not ascertained. She married 
first, Nov. 26, 1780, Capt. Abraham Bush (No. 207) born 1751; died 
Sept. 26, 1785; son of Abraham and Ruth (Lyon) Bush. He was cast 
away and drowned with his crew, five souls in all, in a violent hurri- 
cane off the coast of North Carolina. She married second Newberry 

Children of Abraham and Mary (Lyon) Bush: 

646. I. William; b. June 17. 1781; d. Dec. 24, 1856; m. Ellsa Davenport; 

(4 sons, Andrew L., William L.. H. Hobart and Newberry D.. and 5 dau.). 

647. II. SaUy Lyon. 
548. III. Rebecca. 

238. V. 78. JESSE' LYONS [Samuel*, Samuel', Thomas% Thom- 
C^^x-^ as'], born Rye, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1767; died May 15, 1835; buried in Bap- 
i-Q "^ */ ^ tist cemetery, Lattingtown, Ulster Co., N. Y. He married Phebe, 
^^ ^ "j^-daLXighteT of Richard and Hannah (Lockwood) Woolsey. 

Children of Jesse and Phebe (Woolses') Lyons pnote the final "a"'\ : 

548a. I. Mary. 

.548b. II. Phebe; d. in infancy. 

548c. IIT. Delilah. 

548d. IV. Samuel; removed to Michigan. 

548e. V. Buth; m. 1st Charles John; m. 2nd Philip Rutters. 

348f. VI. Tamar. 

548g:. VII. Sarah; d. in Infancy. 

584h. VIII. £llza; m. John Rutters of Philadelphia, Pa. 

6481. IX. Jesse; b. Oct. 20, 1820; d. Aug. 6. 1893. 

239. V. 78. ELIZABETH' LYON (PARK) [Samuel*, Samuel*, 
Thomas*, Thomas*], bom Rye, N. Y., date not ascertained (not far from 
1760); she was living in 1805. She married Roger Park born July 11, 


1754; died Aug. 25, 1838, ae. 85; buried at Milton, N. T.; son of Thomas 
and Martha (Carpenter) Park. 

Children of Roger and Elizabeth (Lyon) Park: 

549. I. Sophia; d. young. 

650. 11. Phebe; b. Feb. IS, 17S6; d. young. 

661. III. Samuel; b. Nov. 28, 1789; d. April 11, 1816. 

558. IV. Thomas; b. April 30, 1791; d. Oct. 30, 1817. 

55S. V. Timothy; b. Aug. 3, 1793; d. Feb. 17, 1817. 

(The children all baptized Jan. 2, 1805, In Grace church. Rye). 

242. V. 80. NEHEMIAH" LYON [Nehemiah,* Samuel," Thomas,' 
Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1759; died New York City April 
13, 1816. Like his father he was a shipwright. Will dated April 3, 
1816; probated New York May 8, 1816; executors, wife Elizabeth, 
friends Richard Morrell and Abel Wooster. See note 19 in appendix. 
He married first Martha (probably Purdy) and second Eliza- 
beth , who died Oct. 27, 1817. 

Children of Nehemiah and Martha ( ) Lyon: 

.654. I. WUIiam; b. Dec. 6. 1791; d. young. 

666. II. Abraham; b. Dec. 1793. 

66«. III. Nehemiah: b. Sept. 1794; d. Aug. 4, 1828; m. June SO, 1820, 
Sally Crowell. 

*557. IV. Samuel Morrell; b. July 3, 1796; d. June 4, 1830; m. Charlotte 

558. V. Andrew; b. 1797. 

.559. VI. Elizabeth Ann; b. March 22. 1798; d. Sept. 26. 1824; m. Jan. 
31, 1819, Jonathan M. Hlggins. 

660. VII. Sarah; b. June 7, 1800; m. Feb. 9, 1819, William Lewis Rogers. 

Children of Nehemiah and Elizabeth ( ) Lyon, (all mentioned in 

his will): 

561. VIII. I/eah; b. May 25. 18»3; d. June 29, 1825. 

66«. IX. WiUiam; b. Dec, 5, 1805; d. Aug. 17. 1820. 

604. XI. Easter; b. March 17, 1810; d. Jan. 27, 1828. 

663. X. Martha; b. April 29, 1808. 

243. V. 82. SARAH" LYON (PARK) [Benjamin*. Samuel', 
Thomas', Thomas'], born March 10, 1760; died Oct. 1, 1817; buried at 
Milton, Rye. She married about 1795, Roger Park, born July 11, 1754; 
died Aug. 25, 1838; buried at Milton, Rye; son of Thomas and Martha 
(Carpenter) Park. 

Son of Roger and Sarah (Lyon) Park: 

665. I. Knapp; m. Elizabeth Wilson (b. Sept. 1796; d. Dec. 18. 1856); they 
had a dau. Dorcas. 

244. V. 82. ALVIN" LYON [Benjamin*, Samuel', Thomas', 


Thomas'], born Dec. 2, 1762; died at Kitohawan, Westchester Co., N. 
Y., Sept. 13, 1841. He was a private in the Third Regiment West- 
chester Co. Militia, Col. Pierre Van Courtlandt, and served in the 
Revolutionary War. He married Mary Ascough, daughter of William 
Ascough, of White Plains. She died Jan. 14, 1820; buried at Kitchawan. 

Children of Alvan and Mary (Aacough) Lyon: 

•699. I. WlUUm; b. March 25, 1785; d. Dec. 2, 1862; m. MlUle Hunter. 

•S67. II. Samael; b June 23, 1789; d. July 9, 1874; m. Hannah Dickinson. 

•668. III. Hannah; b. Aug. 10, 1791; d. April 7, 1873; m. Isaiah Flewellyn. 

•B«». IV. Benjamin; b. ; d. Feb. 7, 1869; m. Mary Wright. 

•570. V. David C; b. Dec. 4, 1806; d. Aug. 3, 1883; m. Hannah B. Sutton. 

•671. VI. Rachel; b. 1807; d. 1882; m. James Conklin. 

•672. VII. Alvan; b. April 19, 1813; d. March 23, 1878; m. Sarah Huyler. 

678. VIII. ? Caleb; d. Aug. 21, 1818. 

245. V. 82. SAMUEL" LYON [Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ 
Thomas'], born Jan. 7, 1764; died Yonkers, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1856; ae. 92 
y. mo. 20 d.; buried in St. Johns cemetery. Will dated May 1, 1849; 
probated White Plains, July 22, 1859; executors, sons Ebenezer and 
William Lyon. Samuel was private in the Third Regiment Westchester 
Co. Militia, Col. Pierre Van Cortlandt; burial notice in newspaper 
says "a soldier in the Revolution," He married Sarah Ascough, daugh- 
ter of William and Mary Ann (Haines) Ascough of White Plains; 
married by Elder Smith, Baptist Minister at Harrison. She was born 
July 20, 1772 and died Oct. 4, 1826; buried St. John's cemetery. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Ascough) Lyon: 
674. I. £benezer; b. Sept. 5, 1791; d. July 15, 1875. 

676. II. WUIiam Ascough; b. March 30, 1795; d. Aug. 23, 1872; adm. of 
est. Jan. 31, 1879 to Mary Archibald. 

676. III. Mary Ann; b. March 19, 1797; d. Ju ne 18, 1 878; win probated 
1878, Brooklyn, mentions all her family; i».- ■ ■ — -~ — WafdelT fn.x'^'k 'Vt-v . /C. 

677. IV. Hyatt; b. Aug. 23, 1800; d. Oct. 31, 1825; adm. of est. ApHl 1, 
1839 to bro. John M. Lyon. 

•578. V. John Merritt; b. Aug. 9, 1803: d. Sept. 7, 1846; m. Sarah Jane 

246. V. 82. MARY" LYON (GEDNBY) [Benjamin*, Samuel', 
Thomas*, Thomas'], born July 27, 1766, died June 6, 1834; buried at 
Greenborough Dutch Ref. Chh., Elmsford, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
She married John Gedney of White Plains, son of John and Mary 

( ) Gedney. He was born March 16, 1761; died Dec. 28, 1841; 

buried at White Plains; will dated Feb. 20, 1840; probated Feb. 25, 
1841, at White Plains. John Gedney Sr., died Oct. 3, 1766, ae. 71; 
Mary his wife died Jan. 5, 1772, ae. 75 y. 12 m. d. (G. R.). 


Children of John and Mary (Lyon) Gedney: 

879. I. Margaret; b. May 17, 1786; d. Feb. 27,1829; m. May 27, 1806, Peter 
Cornell [Crowell]. 

680. II. Hester [Esther]; b. Jan. 24, 1788; d. March 1, 1872; m. Sept. 8, 
1807, Anthony Martlne. 

681. III. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 2, 1791; d. Sept. 22, 1821. unm. 
MS. IV. Abigail; m. Tompkins. 

B83. V. Dorothy; unm. 

684. VI. Charlotte; m. Edward Billington, of New York. 

685. VII. Phebe; m. Jan. 2, 1822 George Wlldey. 

686. VIII. Mary; m. Charles L,. Whiting. 

687. IX. Bartholomew; b. April 23, 1802; d. May 5, 1897; m. Ann Eliza 

588. X. Elijah L.von. 

688.a XI. Jolin Benjamin; m. Anna McFarquhar. 

248. V. 82. ELIJAH B.' LYON [Benjamin*, Samuel', Thomas', 
Thomas'], born Feb. 19, 1771; died Nov. 25, 1827; ae. 56y. 9 m. 6 d.; 
buried Baptist Cemetery on Cross road King St. to Glenville. He lived 
in White Plains, N. Y. He married, April 19, 1804, in Episcopal 
Church, Rye, Sarah Lyon, (No. 349) daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth 
(Purdy) Lyon. She was born Jan. 25, 1781 and died March 13, 1830; 
ae. 49 y. 1 m. 19 d., buried Baptist Cemetery. 

Children of Elijah B. and Sarah (Lyon) Lyon: 

689. I. Julia Ann; b. Aug. 17, 1805; d. March 22, 1892. 

690. II. Mary Eliza; b. Aug. 16, 18«7; d. Feb. 1812. 

691. III. Clement; b. Feb. 5. 1810; d. Jan. 8, 1812. 

692. rv. WiUiam Clement; b. May 12, 1812; d. Feb. 20. 1890. 

693. V. Rebecca; b. Aug 13, 1815; d. Feb. 12, 1826; m. Alvah A. Lyon(No. 

694. VI. Elijah B; Jr.. b. Sept. 5, 1817; d. Dec. 13, 1861; unm. 

695. VII. Joshua John; b. Sept. 20, 1820; d. young. 

250. V. 82. NICHOLAS B.= LYON [Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas', 
Thomas'], born April 4, 1773; died at 42 Catherine St., New York 
City July 25, 1839; ae. 66 y. Administration of estate granted July 
29, 1839 to son Robert Lyon. July 27, 1810 he was recorded as mer- 
chant, formerly cooper; 1834 was Street Inspector of New York City; 
salary $720 per annum. He married Rachel . 

Children of Nicholas B. and Rachel ( ) Lyon: 

596. I. Armenia!; m. Richard Kain; d. Jan. 1, 1824. 
697. IL Robert; d. after 1839. 

JN. T. Evening Post has notice; "Died, Jan. 1, 1824, Armenia, wife of Rich- 
ard Kain (Hart & Kain) and daughter of Nicholas B. Lyon." 


252. V. 82. ANNA' LYON (GUION) [BenjaminS Samuel*. 
Thomas=, Thomas'], born April 23, 1778; died White Plains, N. Y. 1833; 
buried in Presbyterian Churchyard. She married Sept. 14, 1797, 
Monmouth Hart Guion, son of John and Anna (Hart) Guion. He was 
born. Oct. 8, 1771 and died Oct. 15, 1833, in 63rd y.; buried in Presby- 
terian churchyard, White Plains. They lived at 60 Division St., N. Y. 
City. His will dated Oct. 8, 1833; probated New York Oct. 30, 1833; 
executors wife Anna, son Benjamin L. Guion, son-in-law Thomas Hunt. 

Children oif Monmouth H. and Anna (Lyon) Guion: 

698. I. Harriet; b. 1797; d. Dec. 23, 1883; m. Thomas Hunt (b. 1798; d. 
July 12, 1882). 

609. II. Bachel Ann; m. James S. Bull. 

600. III. Sarah P.; unm 

601. IV. Beajamin Lyon. 

602. V. Mary H; b. 1814; d. 1827; unm. 

256, V. 84. ABRAHAM^ LYON [MonmouthS Samuel', Thomas^, 
Thomas'], bom Rye, N. Y., June 15, 1768; died North Salem, N. Y., 
Jan. 17, 1834. He married Feb, 6, 1792, Sarah Underbill, daughter of 
Benjamint and Elizabeth (Bennett) Underbill of Scarsdale, N. Y. She 
was born Jan. 30, 1772 and died Aug. 11, 1832. 

Children of Abraham and Sarah (Underbill) Lyon: 

603. I. Phebe; b. Nov. 16, 1792; d. Sept. 23, 1834. 

•604. II. Eliza Ann; b. Dec. 24, 1793; d. Feb. 8, 1870; m. Nathan Lobdell. 

60.5. III. Monmouth; b. Dec. IS, 1795. 

•60(8. IV. Deborah; b. March 16, 1798; d. Aug. 24, 1840; m. Harvey Rigga. 

(507. V. David; b. May 30. 1800; d. Dec. 9. 18 80. 

608. VI. Benjamin i;.; b. Feb. 12, 1803; d. Sept. 7, 1805. 

•609. VII. Isaac B.; b, Dec. 12, 1805; d. Sept. 29, 1830; m. Mary Banks. 

610. VIII. Hiram; b. May 28, 1808; d. Aug. 13, 1832. 

•611. IX. Abraham Underhill; b. Aug. 6, 1809; d. Sept. 24, 1878; m. Ist. 
Mary E. Rogers; m. 2nd. Eliza J. Reynolds. 

612. X. Augrustus; b. Sept. 11, 1810. 

613. XI. Samuel; b. March 10, 1813; d. Aug. 10. 1832. 

tBenjamin, son of John and Elizabeth Bowne Underhill, was born March 10, 
1747 and died Sept. 22, 1818; res. VV^hite Plains, N. Y. His wife Elizabeth Ben- 
nett was born July 11, 1747; died Dec. 24, 1838. Children: I. John; b. March 
20, 1770; m. Esther Pell; 2. Sarah; b. Jan. 30, 1772; m. Abraham Lyon above; 
d. Aug. 11, 1832; 3. Hannah; b. June 19, 1774; m. Stephen Horton; 4. Joshoa; 
b. Feb 22, 1776; d. Dec. 1, 1852; m. 1st. Margaret Angevlne; m. 2nd. Susanna Ange- 
vine; m. 3rd. Mary Underhill; 5. Mary; b. April 24, 1779; d. March 20, 1866; m. 
Barnes Underhill; 6. David; b. Jan. 12, 1782; m. Margaret E. White; 7. Effama; 
b. Oct. 3, 1784; unm; d. April 5, 1864; 8. Susanna; b. Nov. 26, 1786; m. Feb. 21, 
1805, Richard Griffin; 9. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 21, 1789; 10. Jan*. 


257. V. 87. MONMOUTH' LYON [Sylvanus*, Samuel', Thomas*. 
Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1791; died at Springfield N. J., 
March 29, 1873, at the home of his son Sylvanus; buried in Union 
Cemetery, Rye. He married Alethea McCoUum, daughter of Thomas 
and Sarah (Park) McCoUum, of Purchase. She was born May 3, 1791 
and died Jan, 26, 1869, ae. 77y. 9 m.; buried at Rye. They lived at 
Mamaroneck, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Children of Monmouth and Alethea (McCollum) Lyon: 

•614. I. Thomas Collum; b. March 31, 1816; d. June 7, 1895; m. Ann M. 

•615. II. Sarah Ann; b. Aug. 31 (or 18), 1817; d. Oct. 29, 1845; ra. Francis 

616. III. Carolhie; b. Nov. 8, 1818; d. March 11, 1898; m. April 7, 1853, 
William E. Schott, who d. March 16, 1896. 

617. IV, John Pei^hine; b. June 17, 1820; d. July 19. 1820. 

•618. V. John Peshhie; b. Feb. 11, 1823; d. Dec. 11, 1896; m. Amelia Smith. 

•619. VI. Sylvanus; b. May 7, 1825; m. 1st. Hannah T. Kirk; m. 2nd. Adele 
C. Peshine; res Orange, N. J. 

•620. VII. WiUiam Jackson; b. Nov. 6, 1828; d. Dec. 1896; m. 1st. Cecilia 
Gasner; m. 2nd. Mary Jane Nichols; m. 3rd. Julia Gasner. 

621. VIII. George; b. May 1, 1830; d. May 2, 1831. 

258. V. 87. HANNAH' LYON (PESHINE) [Sylvanus*, Samuel*, 
Thomas=, Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1795; died there April 
17, 1886, ae. 92; buried in Union Cemetery. She married John Peshine. 
born 1792; died Sept. 27, 1882, ae. 90; buried in Union Cemetery. 

Son of .John and Hannah (^Lyon) Peshine: 

622. I. John ["Rev." John]; b. May 1823; d. Sept. 24, 1S47. ae. 24 y. 4. m. 

260. VI. 88. SAMUEL" LYON [Jonathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas', 
Thomas'], born Dec. 22, 1754; died in Bedford, N. Y. Feb. 24, 1828, 
ae. 73 y. 2 m. 2 d.; buried in Holmes cemetery, Bedford. Will dated 
July 23, 1827; probated White Plains, March 22, 1828; executors, son 
Solomon Lyon, David Miller, Benjamin Isaacs. Samuel is said to have 
been a private in the Third Regiment Westchester Co. Militia under 
Pierre Van Cortlandt. He married July 3, 1777, at Church of Christ, 
Salem, Maplet [Mapylet] Miller, born Feb. 3, 1753; d. Jan. 10, 1835, 
ae. 81 y. 11 m. 7 d.; buried Holmes cemetery Bedford; daughter of 

John and Maplet ( ) Miller. They lived on a farm a mile or 

two from Bedford. 

Children of Samuel and Maplet ( ) Lyon, born in Bedford: 

•623. I. Solomon; b. Nov. 20, 1782; d. Nov. 23, 1853; m. Mary Miller. 

Removed to Steuben Co.. N. Y.; m. and had sons Samuel and Henry, 

who were killed in the Civil war. 


63i. II. Eera; b. July 17, 1785: d. March 7. 186»; was a soldier in the War 
of 1812. 

625. III. Catherine; b. July 12, 1788; d. Jan. 26, 18G1. 

♦626. IV. Isaac; b. Aug. 23. 1791; d. Feb. 17, 1849. 

*1243. II. Solomon, Jr. 

627. V. Jonathan; b. Nov. 14, 1794; d. Nov. 14, 1859. 

628. VI. Martha [Patty]; m. SchoHeld. 

263. V. 88. ISAAC LYON [Jonathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas*, 
Thomas*], born Bedford, Westchester Co., N. Y., 1772; died Rush, 
Monroe Co., N. Y., Sept. 19, 1857. He married in Bedford in 1791 
Mercy Armstrong, born Bedford March 17, 1772; died May 7, 1836. 
She was buried in Baptist Cemetery, Burnthills, Ballston, N. Y. 
Isaac Lyon removed from Bedford to Ballston, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
before 1799 and thence finally to Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

Children of Isaac and Mercy (Armstrong) I^yon : 

629. I. Kdmund; b. Bedford, Nov. S. 1792; d. April 26. 1880; m. 1st. Mary 
Willard (b. 1797; d. April 8, 1859); m. 2nd. Elizabeth M. Dunning (b. 1837). 

630. II. Henry; b. Bedford, July 27, 1794; d. Jan. 24, 1853; m. 1st. Annie 
Willard; m. 2nd. Nancy ■ — ■ — - (who afterwards m. Sherwood). 

631. III. Elizabeth [Betsey]; b. Bedford Aug. 10, 1796; d. Oct. 5, 1884; 
m. Henry Monroe; one daughter. 

682. IV. Harvey; b. Burnthills, Ballston. Saratoga Co.. N. Y. Jan. 3. 1799; 
d. Aug. 20. 1852; m. Sarah Guernsey (b. 1803; d. Oct. 2b, 1839). 

*633 V. Perltna [Paulina]; b. Burnthills. Jan. 26, 1801; d. Aug. K, 18»0; 
m. 1st. Alfred Curtis; m. 2nd. Lewis Miller. 

•634. VI. Isaac; b. Burnthills, Feb. 5, 1803; d. Oct. 6 (or 26) 1839. 

635. VII. Pamela (Parmella); b. Burnthills, July 13, 1805; d. Nov. 29, 
1883; m. 1838. Samuel Tellmadge. 

636. VIII. Alfred; b. Burnthills, Oct. 20, 1807; d. April 26, 1814. 

•637. IX. Phebe; b. Burnthills. Nov. 10, 1810; d. Aug. 81, 1892; m. 184J 
Thomas Eddy. 

638. X. Nelson; b. Burnthills, Aug. 13, 1813; d. April 8, 1832. 

•639. XI. Harrison Armstrong; b. Burnthills, Sept. 13, 1815; d. Oct. 17, 
1900; m. Fanny Minerva Gale. 

268. V. 90. AARON" LYON [Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ 
Thomas'], born July 28, 1758, probably at North Castle, N. Y.; died in 
the town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; buried, it is believed, in the 
Lyon Cemetery there. He married March 6, 1796, Elizabeth Nelson, born 
June 11, 1765; died July 15, 1836, daughter probably of Reuben and 
Elizabeth Nelson. Aaron Lyon was a Civil Engineer and is said to 
have planned the fortifications at Stony Point during the Revolution. 
Aug. 3, [or 30] 1787 "Aaron Lyon of the County of Dutchess, Gentleman, 
nephew of David Lyon (No. 93) of Northcastle in the County of 
"Westchester, Yeoman, deceased" was appointed administrator of his 


uncle's estate. The following record, from which his several placei 
of residence may be learned, is from his family Bible. 

Children of Aaron and Elisabeth (Nelson) Lyon: 

•40. I. Elnatban; b. Jan. 8, 1797 at Rhynbeck, Dutchess Co.; went west 
snd became lost to the family. 

641. II. Francis Nelson; b. Dec. 4. 1799. at .Jericho; went west and be- 
came lost to the family. 

•642. III. Henry Clinton; b. Nov. 2, 1801, at Jericho; d. July 20, 1841. at 
Jacksonville Fla. ; m. Jane Denman (one child Aaron A., recorded In the Blbla). 
64$, IV. Jnlla Ann; b. Sept. 10. 1804, at Burlington, Monday, 9 o'clock P. 
M. ; d. Oct. 6, 1876; m. Herrlck. 

•644. V. Elizabeth Ambrosia [Betsey"); b. Jan. 12, 1808, at Burlington; d. 
Jan. 17, 1842. 

646, VI. Carolln; b. Aug. 3, 1807, at Blenheim; unm. ; lived to old ag«; 
no date of death In the Bible. 

269. V, 90, JONATHAN^ LYON (Elnathan*. Jonathan', Thomas^ 
Thomas'), born North Castle, Westchester Co., N, Y, Aug. 7, 1760; died 
April 6, 1841; buried in the burying ground on his father's farm, Clinton, /r ^\^ 
Dutchess Co,, N. Y, Will dated May 18, 1840; probated Poughkeepsle -f^f-t- 
April 9, 1841; executor Alfred Duel (Lib. M. 40). Jonathan Lyon was (t^,^^^ 
mentioned in the will of his grandfather Jonathan Lyon. His farm, 
bought in 1791, lies about one mile northeast of Clinton Hollow, and 
is now owned by his grandson, Prof, Lewis H. Allen of Rhinecliff, 
Record of his family is from Jonathan's Bible, now in possession of 
Prof. L. H. Allen, He married first Elizabeth Furman [Forman], 
born Nov, 7, 1759; died Sept, 12, 1835; buried on the farm. He mar- 
ried second Sally L. . 

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Furman) Lyon: 
•646, I. Susanna [Susan]; b. April 16, 1786; d. April 9, 1814; m. Henry 
Rlckert [Rlcker]. 

•647. II. Clarissa; b. May 7, 1787; m. Ambrose Furman. 
648. III. Sarah [Sally]; b. Sept. 7, 1788; d. June 21, 1811; burled In 
Lyon Cemetery at Clinton. N. T. 

•649. IV. John W; b. Jan. 7, 1790; d. March 6, 1836; m. 1st. Martha Jenka; 
m. 2nd Sabra Bradshaw. 

666. V. Franklin; b. Sept. 8. 1797; d. May 3. 1883; m. Rachel Smith. 
«8«?); a dau. Emily b. March 5, 1824; d. July 3. 1848. 

•661, VI. Amos; b. July 29, 1798; d. April 19, 1881; m. Margaret Schry- 

270. V. 90. SARAH" LYON (NELSON) [Elizabeth*, Jonathan', 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 26, 1763; died Oct. 28, 1821 while en route 
with her family to the far West; burled at Marietta, O. She married 
Nov. 15, 1787 Francis R. Nelson, born July 5, 1749 at Clinton Corners 


(now Hyde Park), N. Y.; died June 2, 1812; son of Reubent and 

Elizabeth ( ) Nelson. He was appointed, Nov. 19, 1781, 1st 

Lieut. Capt. Spencer's Co., Regiment Dutchess Co. Militia. After his 
death the family removed to Marietta, O. 

Children of Francis R. and Sarah (Lyon) Nelson, births of first eljht re- 
corded In an old family Bible: 

662. I. Reuben Waehlncton; b. July 27, 1789; d. about 1825; "foully 
murdered at Mt. Vernon, Ind." 

66S. II. Harvey; b. Aug. 16, 1790; d. Oct. 26, 1840; m. Sarah . 

664. III. Amos; b. March 20, 1793; m. Nancy Smith. 

•66. IV. Thomas; b. July 20, 1795. 

656. V. Franklin; b. Sept. 8, 1797; d. May 3, 1883; m. Rachel Smith, 
•later of Nancy. 

•67. VI. Anna; b. March 20, 1800. 
668. VII. Sarah; b. Aug. 9, 1803. 

66». VIII. EUzabetb; b. Aug. 3, 1805; d. Aug. 1884; m. lat. 

Layton; m. 2nd. Greene. 

660. IX. Maria; b. Dec. 17, 18»9; d. Nov. 2, 1821. 
660a. X. Susan; b. March 3, 1812. 

note 24. 

For descendants of Francis R. and Sarah (Lyon) Nelson, se* appendix, 

271. V. 90. ISAAC» LYON [Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas', 
Thomas^], born April 14, 1765, in North Castle, N. Y.; d. April 3, 1830, 
In Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; buried in Lyon Cemetery there. Will 
dated Feb. 13, 1816; probated July 19, 1830; executors Widow Esther. 
Jonathan Lyon, J. A. Lyon. Isaac Lyon was an ardent Methodist. He 
married Esther Timpson, born 1771; died In Clinton, July 21, 1851; 
burled In the Lyon burying ground. Between Isaac and his cousin 
Thomas (No. 288) there existed a very close friendship; each named 
a son for the other. 

Children of Isaac and Esther (Timpson) Lyon (dates from family Bible and 
tombstones In Lyon cemetery) : 

661. I. Thomas; b. Dec. 2. 1795; d. April 1, 1828 (G. R.); unm. 
•68. II. Mary; b. July 29, 1797; d. Nov. 24. 1843 (G. R.) 

663. III. Snsan; b. July 31, 1799; d. in Stamford. Dutchess Co. about 1880; 

•664. IV. Catherine: b. Aug. 11, 1801; d. May 21, 1885 (G. R.); m. Rev. 
Hiram Wing. 

*666. V. Sarah; b. May 1, 1803; d. before 1880; m. Edwin Bates. 
•66. VI. Betsey; b. Feb. 21, 1806; d. Dec. 13, 1812 (G. R.). 
•67. VII. Phehe; b. June 29. 1807; d. Sept. 2«. 1826 (?) (Bible R.); m. 
Eileazer Conklln; no ch. 

tReuben. eldest son of Francis Nelson, was born In Mamaroneck (or pos- 
sibly Scarsdale) Nov. 15, 1713; d. Dec. 6. 1784. Elizabeth was born 1726; died 
April 30, 1812. (See note 23 In appendix.) 


•M. VIII. Jane Ann; b. March 18, 1809; d. July 27, 1815 (G. R.). 

869. IX. ComellnB Tlmpson; b. March 26, 1811; m. ; no ch. 

•670. X. Hannah Jenkins; b. May 10, 1815; m. Wells Conklln of Orange 
Co., N. T. 

272. V. 90. MARY" LYON (HERRICK) [Jonathan*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas,' Thomas'] married Stephen Hicks Herrlck, son of Josiah and 
Margaret (Hicks) Herrick of Dutchess Co., N. Y. He became a mer- 
chant In New York City. 

Children of Stephen H. and Mary (Lyon) Herrlck: 
•71. I. Susan; m. 1824 Henry Vlele. 
•78. II. LAora; m. Oct. 31, 1831, James Robinson. 

67». III. Edwin; b. Oct. 18, 1810; d. March 31, 1870; m. Aug. 17, 1864, 
Jeannette Hayden. 

273. V. 90. ELIZABETH* LYON (FURMAN) [Elnathan*. Jona- 
than,* Thomas,* Thomas'] married Paul Furman [Forman] a brother 
of Jonathan's wife. They lived near Hyde Park. 

Children of Paul and Elizabeth (Lyon) Furman: 
<74. I. John; kept a hotel In Hyde Park. 

675. II. Samnel. 

676. III. Susan Mary; m. Abram Masten; res. In Pa. 

275. V. 91. ISRAEL* LYON [Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], (2cL-<-'-4.*^ 
born Feb. 12, 1755; res. Bedford, N. Y. His granddaughter, Clarissa i^/ -i i 
Lyon (No. 1346), writes: "We were all born in Bedford on the old ^ w,^ 
homestead and lived there until grandpa's death, when we moved to ' /} 
North Castle, although Bedford is still our post office." Israel Lyon 
married Hannah Merritt, born March 29, 1745. 

Children of Israel and Hannah (Merrltt) Lyon, born in Bedford, N. T. 
•677. I. WUUam; b. Aug. 17, 1774; res. Balnbrldge, N. T. 
678. II. Betsey: b. March 31, 177«. 

*679. III. Samuel; b. Oct. 26. 1777; d. Balnbrldge, N. T., April 4. 1S66; 
m. Charlotte Briggs. 

?F 680. IV. Caleb; b. Jan. 26, 1780; he was a Methodist minister and became 

•681. V. Daniel; b. Oct. 20, 1782; rem. to Balnbrldge, N. T., where he 

•682. VI. Charles; b. Jan. 26, 1780; d. Balnbrldge March 3, 1879; m. 
Betsey Balcom. 

685. VII. WiUet; b. March 28, 1786. 
684. VIII. Clarissa; b. May 26, 178 8. 

686. IX. Abljah; b. April 19, 1790; went west and became lost to the 

ir<^ /W^ /^e». A^^ (h^^^ /^ 


6M. X. Jared; h. March 8, 1792; went west with his brother Abljaht 
•M7. XI. Alvah; b. June 8, 1797; b. Sept. 11, 1878; m. Sarah Carpenter. 

276. V. 91. MOSES' LYON [Israel*, JoQathan", Thomas*, Thomas'], 
born Bedford, N. Y. about 1758. He married Diadamia Banks, born 
Dec. 17, 1762; daughter of John and Deborah (Newman) Banks, of 
Bedford. They settled in Bloomville, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

Children of Moses and Diadamia (Banks) Lyon: 

MS. I. Henrj. 

est. II. John.'. / tr-f, ' / ^' 

S»0. III. Deborah; m. about 1816. Raymond Wlnchell; a dau. Diantha (b. 
Oct. 12, 1817) m. June 80, 18.?6, Lyman Ludlow Cleveland. 

091. IV. Benjamin. 

692. V. Israel. 
•6M. VI. Nancy; b. June 17, 1801; d. April 12, 1878; m. Nov. 10, 182«, 
Samuel Goodrich Cleveland. 

6B4. VII. Ablsalt. 

696. VIII. Hiram. 

277. V. 91. CHARITY* LYON (BANKS) [Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas', Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. Sept. 28, 1760; died Bain- 
brldge, N. Y. Dec. 2, 1848. She married April 9. 1778, Samuel§ Banks, 
born Bedford, April 18, 1755; died Bainbridge, June 24, 1826; son of 
John and Deborah (Newman) Banks. They removed from Bedford 
to Bainbridge in April 1806 with their daughter Polly and her husband. 

Children of Samuel and Charity (Lyon) Banks: 

«96. I. Mary [Polly]; b. Jan. 23, 1779; d. May 5, 1806; m. May 1799, Ezra 

697. II. Samuel. 

698. III. WUUam; b. gept. J7, 1783; m. May 23, 1819, Sarah Miller Mead; 
res, Bainbridge, N. T. 

699. IV. Abby. 

700. V. Sally; b. Aug. 9, 1786; d. Oct. 16, 1790. 

701. VI. Parmelia. 

279. V. 91. SPARDON' LYON [Israel*. Jonathan', Thomas^ 
Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. Oct. 26, 1764; died May 3, 1845; buried 

tit Is almost certain that this was the Jared Lyon who married Parmelia 
Lyon (No. fiSO) and afterwards separated from her and left Dutchess County. 
They had a daughter Smily, b. March 5, 1824; d. July 3, 1848; burled In the 
Lyon cemetery In the town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. T. 

fSamuel Banks served In the Revolution as Sergeant and Ensign In Capt. 
Gilbert Lyon's Co.. 2nd Regt. Westchester Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Thomas. He 
was com.missioned Ensign Dec. 2, 1781, served until Feb. 15, 1782; was made 
prisoner by the British and confined in the old sugar house prison in New York 
City. He received a pension for his services. 


at Bedford. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church there 
(1822). He married, April 16, 1788, Phebe Scofield (Rec. Presbyter- 
ian Chh.). She was born Feb. 10, 1767 and died Feb. 27, 1848; buried at 

Children of Spardon and Phebe (Scofleld) Lyon: 

•7W. I. Beth; b. Aug. 31. 1794; d. Jan. 31. 1878; m. Ist Clarissa Rundl«; 
m. 2nd. his cousin. Mary Woolsey (No. 717). 

•703. II. AlTsh; b. June 6, 1797; d. Sept. 11. 1878; m. Fab. 27, 1824, Sarah 

280. V. 91. ANN' LYON (PARK) (SARLBS) [Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas-, Thomas'], married first Thomas Park, born Aug. 17, 1761; 
died 1790, son of Thomas and Martha (Carpenter) Park. They had 
several children, names not ascertained. She married second Lot 

Sarles, son of Richard and Margaret ( ) Sarles of Bedford. 

He was a private in the 2nd. Regiment Westchester Co. Militia, Major 
Thaddeus Crane, and received a land bounty. 

Children of Lot and Ann (Lyon) (Park) Sarles: 

704. I. Elizabeth. 

705. II. Patty. 

281. V. 91. SUSANNA' LYON (RAYMOND) [Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. 1768; died there May 17, 
1859, ae. 91 (Presbyterian Church Record). She married Enoch, 
son of Enoch and Betty (Hanford) Raymond, who died Feb. 1, 1835. 
He was a pensioner of the war of the Revolution. Administration of 
estate at White Plains. 

Children of Enoch and Susanna (Lyon) Raymond: 

700. I. Samnel; b. May 19, 1790; res. Monroe Co., N. T. 

707. II. I8ra«l; res. Westchester Co., N. T. 

708. HI. Frances. 

709. IV. Rebecca; m. Michael Bedell; res. BJlleabeth, N. J. 

710. V. Thomas Hanford; b. June 11, 1807; d. Dec. 15, 1874; m. Susan 
F. ; res. Bedford, N. Y. 

711. VI. Henry; b. July 24, 1809; res. In Connecticut. 

712. VII. Frances [Fanny]; m. Robert Brown; res. New Tork City. 

713. VIII. Elizabeth; m. Johnson; [one record says: "m. 

Newman"]; res. Stanwlch, Conn. 

713a. IX. AbigaU. 

282. V. 91. ABGAIL* LYON (WOOLSEY) [Israel', Jonathan'. 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. Aug. 11, 1770; died there 
Sept. 19, 1851, ae. 81 y. Im. 8 d.; buried In Cemetery on the Hill. 


She married Josiah Woolsey; born Dec. 5, 1774; died June 2, 1861, 
ae. 86 y. 5 m. 27 d.; buried in Cemetery on the Hill. 

Children of Josiah and Ablgrall (Lyon) Woolsey: 

714. I. liCvl; b. Aug. 30, 1802; d. Oct. 20, 1821. 

284. V. 91. JERUSHA" LYON (WOOLSEY) [Israel*, Jonathan', 
Thomas', Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y,, 1775; died April 27, 1863, ae. 
88 y.; buried in cemetery on west road north of Mt. Klsco. She married 

William Woolsey (probably son of Johnf and Elizabeth ( ) 

Woolsey); born April 13, 1770; died June 19, 1836, ae. 66y. 2m. 6d. 

Children of "William and Jerusha (Lyon) Woolsey: 

715. I. Hiram; b. 1797; d. Aug. 8, 1867; m. Hannah — . 

71«. II. Henry; b. July 1799; d. Nov. 1799. 

717. IIL Mary; b. March 1805; d. April 14, 1894; m. Seth Lyon (No. 702). 

718. IV. Josiah; b. Feb. 17, 1810; d. April 8, 1810. 

286. V. 93. HANNAH" LYON (RAYMOND) [David*, Jonathan*. 
/Thomas*, Thomas'] was born in Bedford or North Castle, N. Y., July 

^^ S" tl7^. 1762. She married, March 15, 1779, Thomas Raymond, born Dec. 23, 
» 1757; died June 10, 1805, son of Ephraim and Betty (Hanford) Ray- 

mond. He served in the Revolutionary war. 

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Raymond: 
718a. I. Betsey; b. May 3. 1780; d. May 6, 1780. 
718b. II. Samuel; b. Jan. 14, 1782; d. Aug. 22, 1782. 
718c. III. David; b. Jan. 30, 1784; unm.; d. Kingston, N. T. 
. 718d. IV. Catherine; b. Sept. 14 1787; d. Nov. 21, 1874; m. Samuel Merrltt 
at New Canaan, Conn. 

718e. V. Charles; b. Oct. 14, 1789. 

718f. VI. Louis; b. Sept. 2, 1791. 

718g. VII. Maria; b. Sept. 26, 1793; d. In Indiana; m. Moore. 

718h. VIII. WllUam; b. Oct. 10, 1795; d. In Marin* Hospital; h« waa » 

7181. IX. Thomas; b. March 2, 1798. 

718J. X. Abigail; b. May 15, 1800; m. Isaac Myers; res. Ohio. 

718k. XL Infant; b. Aug. 17, 1802; d. March 2, 1803. 

7181. XII. John Firman; b. Dec. 14, 1804. 

287. V. 93. ELIZABETH LYON (JACOBS) [David*, Jonathan', 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born North Castle, N. Y. July 8, 1764; died Oxford, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. Sept. 27, 1848. She married at North Castle about 

tJohn Woolsey died July 9, 1805, ae. 78; KUxabeth, his wife, died April 4, 
1822, ae. 94. 


1783/Cornelius Jacobs, born North Castle, May 19, 1754; died Dur- 
ham, Green Co., N. Y., April 18, 1811; son of Cornelius Jacobs. 
Cornelius Jacobs, Jr. enlisted at the begining of the Revolutionary 
war and served until its close. He was one of General Washington's 
body guard, and, being a light man and a bold rider, was much 
employed in carrying despatches. At the close of the war he was 
paid off in worthless Continental money. In April 1811 he left 
Dutchess County, where he had been residing, to join his brother in 
law, David Lyon, in Oxford. The journey on horseback over the newly 
opened Catskill Turnpike consumed four days. He found a place for 
his family in a log cabin near South Oxford, but on his way back was 
taken sick at Durham, Green Co., and died there before his wife could 
reach him. She was thus left a widow with a large family to begin 
pioneer life in the wilderness. She however heroically carried out to 
a successful issue the difficult task of rearing and providing for her 
numerous offspring, presumably with the aid of the three older boys. 

Children of Cornelius and Elizabeth (Lyon) Jacobs: 

718m. I. Mary; b. June 25, 1786; d. April 10. 1S79; m. May 25, 1811. 
Stephen Lake. 

71811. II. Susan; b. Nov. 22, 1788; d. March 1, 1852; m. Eber Isbell. 
718o. III. Israel; b. April 26, 1791; d. July 29, 1857; m. 1st 1810, Jane 
Anderson; m. 2nd June 11, 1849, Mrs. Julia Kinney. 

718p. IV. Thomas; b. Oct. 13, 1793; d. Feb. 18, 1875; m. Oct. 16, 1816, 
Phebe A. Stratton. 

718q. V. Cornelius; b. Feb. 28, 1796; d. Dec. 21, 1872; m. Nov. 13, 1824, 
Ann Baldwin. 

718r. VI. WiUiam G.; b. May 28, 1798; d. in infancy. 

7188. VII. Eliza Ann; b. July 28, 1800; d. July 24, 1885; m. Jan. 1, 1817, 
William Stratton. 

718t. VIII. William Lyon; b. July 21, 1802; d. April 6. 1876; m. Phlla 

718u. IX. George Alvin; b. Jan. 22, 1805; d. May 27. 1848; m. Jan. 31. 
1830 Eleanora Adams. 

718v. X. James Henry; b. May 1, 1807; d. June 23, 1884; m. Nov. 1833. 
Sarah Miller. 

718w. XI. £dwin T.; b. Jan. 16, 1809; d. Aug. 1, 1889; m. 1st Sept. 23. 
1832. Mary Ann Noble; m. 2nd March 22, 1880, Mrs. Martha L. Darrance. 

288. V. 93. THOMAS" LYON [David*, Jonathan', Thoma8^ 
Thomas'], born North Castle, N. Y. May 31, 1766; died at Lyons, 
Walworth Co., Wis. Sept. 29, 1847. While a resident of Ridgebury, 
Conn., he enlisted in Capt. Hunt's Company of Rangers and served as 
private for nine months. Aug. 29, 1832, he applied for a pension, which 
was allowed, he being then of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. He moved 
to Dutchess Co., N. Y., presumably with his uncle Blnathan and lived 


for a time at Nine Partners, nine miles south of Stanfordville. About 
1797 he moved to Columbia Co. and settled first on a farm in New 
Lebanon; later he kept a store and owned a farm at Chatham Four 
Corners, where he spent the greater part of his active life. He lived 
next a short time in Oswego Co., N. Y., and finally for seven years 
previous to his death at Lyons, Wis. where four of his sons had set- 
tled. He married Benjamina Valentine, born Aug. 1, 1768; died at 
Chatham, N. Y. June 26, 1834. See Appendix, note 25. 

Children of Thomas and Benjamina (Valentine) Lyon: 

•71». I. Sueanna; b. Aug. 1, 1786; d. Feb. 25, 1875; ra. Nehemlab Gale. 

•72P. II. Clarissa; b. Oct. 19, 1788; d. Feb. 7, 1868; m. Jededlah Barnes. 

•731. IIL PoUy; b. Feb. 11, 1791; d. March 27, 1874; m. Reuben Finch. 

•722 IV. Freelove; b. Feb. 1, 1793; d. Feb. 25, 1871; m. John Kirby. 

•728. V. Isaac; b. April 4. 1795; d. Dec. 15, 1884; m. Eunice Coffin. 

•724. VI. David; b. Oct. 1, 1797; d. Sept. 22, 1874 at Iowa Falls, la.; m. 
Sarah Wilbur. 

725. VII. Thoniiis; b. Feb. 1. 1880; d. Sept. 9, 1S50. en route to California; 
m. Sophia Chapman; children all died young. 

•726. VIII. Sarah; b. Sept. 1, 1802; d. Oct. 23, 1884; m. Hiram Brockway. 
727. IX. £liza; b. June 23, 1804; d. June 15, 1807. 

•728. X. John Wesley; b. Feb. 7, 1807; d. 1887; m. 1st Julia Lawson; m. 
2nd Lucy Hamlin. 

♦729. XI. William Fletcher; b. June 16, 1811; d. 1887; m. Catherine Pulver. 

290. V. 93. WILLIAM" LYON [David*, Jonathan*, Thomas*, 
Thomas*], born North Castle, N. Y. Feb. 15, 1770; lived in Greene, 
Chenango Co., N. Y. He married Christine . 

Children of William and Christine ( ) Lyon: 

V 730. I. David. 

731. II. Piatt. 

732. III. Smith. 

733. IV. Mott. 
7S4. V. liina. 
736. VI. Electra. 

291. V. 93. ABIGAIL" LYON (ADEE) [David*, Jonathan', Thom- 
as*, Thomas'], born North Castle, N. Y. April 4, 1772. She married 
David Adee. He was a blacksmith, afterwards a merchant at New 
York City. They lived on the same street as John Jacob Astor. 

Children of David and Abigail (Lyon) Adee: 

736. I. Catharine; m. 1st, Charles Valentine; Children 1. David, d. leaving 
one ch. ; 2. Charles, d. unm. 

737.. II. Varle; m. James Simpson; Children, 1. James; 2. Julia; 3. Edwin; 
4. George, living 1899; 5. Carrie, d. unm. 


"38. III. Clarissa; m. 1st William Fitch; 2 ch.. both dead; m. 2na Allen 
Cady; no Issue. 

7»9. IV. James; m. Dorrle ; Children: 1. David; 2. Frederiek; S. 

Charles; all res. New York C?lty. 

740. V. Julia Ann; m. Ist Robert Southwlclc; m. 2nd William K. Thorn; 
res. a few miles North of Old Chatham. N. Y.J (The above record furnished by 
Susan Thorn Waldo, her daughter.) 

292. V. 93. DAVID' LYON [David\ Jonathan', Thomas=, Thomas'], 
was born at North Castle, N. Y, March 23, 1774 and died April 30,1867; 
buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery, Brooklyn. Will dated Feb. 27, 1863; 
probated Greenwich, Conn., May 11, 1867; executor son John R. 
Lyon. Children mentioned Alanson, David, Susan, Frederick, Free- 
love, Elizabeth, John R. David was a blacksmith and wheelwright. 
Res. Saw-pit§ (Port Chester), N. Y. and Sherwoods' Bridge, Glen- 
ville. Conn., two miles north of Port Chester. He married first, Sept. 
3, 1797, Charity Wilson, born Feb. 11, 1779; died June 14, 1825; daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Mary (Kniften) Wilson. He married second 
Sarah Sherwood, daughter of Jabez and Elizabeth ( ) Sher- 
wood. She was a famous dressmaker.t See Appendix, note 25. 

^ , 

PebjL4, 1823; T», Harriet 
Morgan, y /-.^ ^ ' , ^j ^, f- X4J, / JP -f / "^ 

•742. II. David Wilson; b. Oct. 7, 1800; d. April 21, 1838; m. Rosanna 

•748. III. Susan; b. May 30. 1803; d. March 28, 1877; m. Dec. 28, 1822, 
George R. Lyon. 

744. IV. William McAlpin; b. March 30, 1806; d. Oct. 17, 1821. 
•746. V. Frederick Bu ndle; b. Feb. 29„ 1808; d. Feb. 24, 1884; m. 1st Nancy 
Rood; m. 2nd Nancy Hilh — t y-^ ^ ^ 

^- — nLo^^<^6^oJ2^ 

tChlldren of William K. and Julia Ann (Adee) (Southwlck) Thorn: 1. Susan 
A.; b. Feb. II, 1832; m. 1st Marcus Gunn; m. 2nd 1856, Lyman M. Waldo, who 
was killed in the battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864; 2. Caroline M.; b. Sept. 12, 

1834; m. ; one dau., died young; 3. Catherine A.; b. Nov. 20, 1837; m. 

Lyman C. Hurlbert; one son, res. Ithaca, N. Y. ; 4. William Henry [called 
"Henry"]; b. July 24, 1840; res. (1906) near Old Chatham, N. Y., on the farm; 
m. Dec. 26, 1877, Mary Clark, daughter of EUsha and Sarah (Angell) Clark; 
Children (a) Julia; b. March 9, 1879; (b) Elisha Clark; b. June 1, 1880; (c) Wil- 
liam S.; b. July 25. 1882; (d) Seymour A.; b. Jan. 21, 1884. 

{David Lyon lived in 1797-1801 in the Vlckers-McDonald-Theall house, next 
above Lounsberry's store on Main St. and his sons, Alanson and David, were born 
therein. He built a house in Portchester where the Opera House on King St. 
now stands. In 1825 he was living on the old Peck homestead on Peck's point. 
About 1826 he bought of William Bush the place at Saw-pit where he made his 
home. Charity Wilson was related to Benjamin Wilson, inventor of the Wheeler 
and Wilson sewing machine. James W. Lyon is said to have repaired the first 
Wheeler and Wilson machine. 

tDavid Lyon lived for a time in Oxford. Chenango Co., N. Y.. where in 1811 
his widowed sister. Elizabeth Lyon Jacobs, went to join him. 



746. VI. Mary; b. April 24. 1810; m. March 24, 1832. John McClure; 2 dau.; 
1 son. 

747. VII. Freelove Forman; b. July 17. 1812; m. Julius Morgan, bro. to 

748. VIII. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 15, 1817; unm. 

*749. IX. John Rathbnmi b. ^Aug. 14, 1818; d. Feb. 4, 1877; m. L.ouls« 
Frary. V ^<-CK.4JC^<Jt,,_^ 

•750. X. James W.; b. Dec. 14, 1820; d^^gct. 26, 18»4; m. 1st Delilah Field*; 
m. 2nd Mary Reither. r^-»--» % ( \ fil t 1^\ P**'-/^ ' ■" ''•''. 

294. V. H, SAMUEL" LYON [David,* Jonathan," Thomas,' 
Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y. May 6, 1778 and lived at 
Saw-pit, Port Chester, N. Y. He married Hannah, daughter of Roger 
Merritt. See Appendix, note 25. 

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Merritt) Lyon: 

751. I. Sarah; b. June 9, 1802; d. Sept. 9, 1866; m. Ist William Booth; 
children: 1. Mary; 2. Sarah; m. 2nd Sylvanus Van Slckler. 

752. II. LAvinia. 

753. III. £llza. 

754. IV. Samnel. 

755. V. WUllam. 

756. VI. Phebe; m. Amos Morrell. 

757. VII. James. . ' t 

758. VIII. Harriet. ^ L^t^^^J- / ft-^T* / ^ f^*-*V*^ T -^^^Z .« 

296. V. 93. FORMAN= LYON LDavid*, Jonathan*, Thomas', 
Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y. Feb. 19, 1783. He married 

Elizabeth and lived for a time in New York City; afterwards 

went South. In 1820 according to N. Y. directory he was a merchant; 
res. 23 Ann St.; in 1821 a grocer, 76 Nassau St. N. Y. Deeds Lib. 
295, p. 160, Oct. 15, 1820, Forman Lyon and wife Elizabeth deed dwell- 
ing house and land North side of Ann St. to William Spies. Lib. 
236, p. 348. Jan 20, 1827, Elizabeth Lyon and William Spies deed 23 
Ann St. to James Campbell. 

297. V. 94. MARY'* LYON (TUCKER) (WATSON) [Peter*, 
Jonathan', Thomas', Thomas'], was born at North Castle Oct. 20, 1767 
and was living in 1849. She married first John Tucker and second 
(before 1824, date of her father's will) Benjamin Watson, Adminis- 
tration of his estate Sept. 14, 1815. 

Daughter of John and Mary (Lyon) Tucker: 
769. I. SalUe; non compos mentis. 

Daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Lyon, Tucker) "Watson: 
760. I. Mary B.; m. Solomon Panning who d. Dec. 27, 1864; leaving a dau. 
Harriet F., wife of John F. Blrchard of Milwaukee, Wis. 


298. V. 94. PHEBE' LYON (PALMER) [Peter*, Jonathan*. 
Thomas," Thomas'], was born at North Castle Dec. 25, 1769 and died 
Jan. 12, 1849. She was a Quaker and is said to have been an eloquent 
speaker. She married Harrison Palmer, born Dec. 12, 1751; died May 
11, 1814. His will dated Oct. 7, 1811; probated Oct. 14, 1814. He was 
a prominent dry goods merchant. 

Children of Harrison and Phebe (Lyon) Palmer: 

761. I. Bichard; b. May 5, 1790; d. Dec. 1824; m. April 17. 1816, Elizabeth 
White, who died before 1857, ae. 62 y. 5 m. 8 d. 

762. II. Harrison; b. March 12, 1793; d. Sept. 19, 1852; m. Anna Marshall. 

763. III. Frederick; b. June 12, 1794; d. Sept. 27, 1796. 

764. IV. Hannah Field; b. Dec. 31, 1800; d. A\xg. 11. 1863; m. 1st, May 13. 
1825, Charles BrufC; m. 2nd May 28, 1854, Abel Adams; a son Bichard Palmer 
Bniff res. Brooklyn, N. T., 12 South Portland Ave. 

299. V. 94. SARAH" LYON (HIGGINS) (HARPER) [Peter*, 
Jonathan', Thomas*, Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y. Aug. 
7, 1772 and was living in 1845 in New York City. She married first 
Abner Hlggins, born 1771; died Aug. 31, 1845, in 74th year; funeral 
at Forsyth M. E. Church. His will dated Aug. 15, 1845; probated 
Sept. 15, 1845; executors, sons Elisha B. Hlggins and John W. Higgins 
(Lib. 91 p. 628). Sarah married second, about 1846, as his second 
wife, Joseph Harperf, whose son John had married twenty-six years 
earlier her daughter Tammison. 

Children of Abner and Sarah (Lyon) Hlgglna: 

766. I. Tammi§on [Tamlsh]; b. 1795 (1796); d. Dec. 20 or 21, 1888; m. 
Col. John Harper. 

766. II. Mary; unm. 1845. 

767. III. £lislia B.; m. Margaret of Seneca Falls, N. T. ; att. at 

law, 5 Nassau .St., 1854. 

768. IV. John Walter. 

300- V. 94. JONATHAN^ LYON [Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas=, 
Thomas'], born at North Castle, N. Y. Aug. 9, 1774; died in New York 
City May 21, 1849; was a Methodist minister and also an engineer 

tJoseph Harper of Newtown. L. I., born about 1768, died about 1848, was 
father of the four brothers who established the well known publishing firm of 
Harper and Brothers of New York. He married first Elizabeth Collyer. Children: 

1. James; b. April 13, 1795; d. March 27, 1869; 2. John; b. Jan. 22, 1T97; d. April 
22, 1875; 3. Joseph Wesley; b. Dec. 25, 1801; d. Feb. 14, 1870; 4. Fletcher; b. Jan. 
31, 1806; d. May 29. 1877; m. 1826 Jane Freelove Lyon (No. 771). Joseph Harper 
Sr., married second, in advanced, life. Sarah (Lyon) Higgins, above. Col. John 
Harper (b. 1797) married Tammison Higgins, above. Children: 1. John W.; 

2. Joseph Abner; 3. Mary F.; m. Russell C. Root; 4. Fllzabeth; m. Dr. George E. 

Belcher [a dau. Elizabeth m. Stanton and had a son George H.]; B. 

Tamntison; m. Bonnell. 


and contractor, etc. His wife's name, as shown by a deed of land, 
was Preelove. She was born In 1771 and died Feb. 12, 1850, ae. 79. 

Children of Jonathan and Freelove ( ) Lyon: 

7«». I. Maria; b. 1796; unm.; d. May 10. 1866. 
•770. II. WlUlam Wesley; d. about 1860; m. Ist Mary Ann Parish; m. Znd 
Sarah Ann Banta. 

•771. III. Jane Freelove; b. 1808; d. April 16, 1895; m. 1826 Fletcher Harper. 

77t. IV. Jemima Ann; m. Dr. Thomas Henry; a dau. Juliet A. m. 

Jonea from England who Is said to have "disappeared." 
77t. V. 8arab; m. Dawson. 

301. V. 94. JAMES H." LYON [Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^ 
Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1777 and died at 
Irving Institute Nov. 10, 1844; buried in Tarrytown where he had lived. 
He married first Dec. 1, 1799, Ann, daughter of Gilbert and Phebe 
Bowne. She was born at Eastchester April 2, 1785 and died Feb. 21, 
1802. He married second. May 21, 1808, Elizabeth Mead, born at 
Horseneck, March 16, 1787; died Tarrytown March 18, 1869; daughter 
of Nathaniel and Martha (Brown) Mead.§ 

Children ot James H. and Ann (Bowne) Lyon: 

774. I. James Harvey; b. Sept. 17, 1800; d. Oct. 2, 1801. 

775. II. Peter; b. Dec. 2, 1801; d. Feb. 26, 1802. 
Children of James H. and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon: 

»776. III. Mary; b. April 13, 1809; d. March 13, 1835; m. William Scobie. 
777. IV. Ann; b. Aug. 31, 1810; d. July 30, 1811. 
•778. V. WlUlam Phoebus; b. Jan. 26, 1813; d. Aug. It, 1884; m. Ist Hannah 
"Wood; m. 2nd Effle Polhemus; m. 3rd Mary Davis. 

•779. VI. Charles Harrison; b. April 28, 1814; d. May 10, 1883; m. 1st Eliza- 
beth Gedney Bayles; m. 2nd Georglana Van Kluck. 

780. VII. Samuel Rodman; b. Sept. 22, 1815; d. May 19, 1816. 
♦781. VIII. Walter Wesley; b. Oct. 25. 1816; d. March 18, 1855; m. Mary 

782. IX. Martha; twin sister of Walter; d. Nov. 19, 1816. 

783. X. Lydia Ann; b. March 7, 1S18; d. July 28, 1818. 

•784. XI. Bllzabeth Phebe; b. April 21, 1820; d. April 9. 1902; m. Abram 

785. XII. Jane; b. Dec. 7, 1821; d. AprU 17, 1822. 

780. XIII. Susan; b. Oct. 7, 1824; d. Dec. 12, 1829. 

787. XIV. Bdward; b. Dec. 14, 1826; d. Dec. 4, 1829. 

302. V. 94. SAMUEL' LYON [Peter*, Jonathan», Thomas', 
Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y., June 5, 1781 and died at 

{Nathaniel Mead b. March 7, 1746: d. Feb. 27, 1S14, son of Nathaniel and 
Prudence (Wood) Mead. He married Oct. 23, 1765, Martha Brown, b. Sept. i, 
1749; d. Oct. 27, 1819; dau. of Nehemlah and Elisabeth Brown. 


Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 16, 1830. He married first, Dec. 10, 1801, Sarah, 
daughter of Nathanielt and Deborah (Honeywell) Merritt, born June 
11, 1781; died Nov. 3, 1811. He married second Dec. 26, 1811. Nancy 
Bartholomew, born June 25, 1786; died April 1, 1845, at Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Samuel removed shortly after his first marriage to New^ York, thence 
about 1820 to Ithaca, N. Y., where he bought a farm, thence to Canan- 
daigua, N. Y., in mercantile life, finally in 1830 to Ann Arbor, Mich., 
where he bought a farm below the city on the River road. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Merritt) Lyon: 
•788. I. Lorenzo Merritt; b. March 4. 1S04; d. May 2, 1888; m. Luna Lane. 
789. II. Alfred; b. Sept. 16, 1806. 
780. III. Smaline; b May 11, 1807; d. Jan. 20, 1808. 
7»1. IV. Harvey; b. July 25, 1809; d. Aug. 12, 1810. 

782. V. £Iina; twin sister ol Harvey. 

783. VI. ; b. and d. Nov. 2, 1811. 

Children of Samuel and Nancy (Bartholomew) Lyon: 

794. VII. OeorKe Bartholomew; b. Dec. 12. 1812; d. July 19, ltl6. 

795. VIII. George Harrison; b. April 23, 1815. 

796. IX. Edward Thomas; b. July 24, 1817. 
787. X. Clarissa Amanda; b. Feb. 23, 182*. 

798. XI. Hester Caroline; b. July 1. 1822. 

799. XII. Susan; b. June 7, 1824, d. July 24, 1824. 

800. XIII. Samuel; b. April 1, 1826; d. July 20, 1826. 

801. XIV. Joseph; b. Aug. 26, 1827; d. Sept. 13, 1827. 

802. XV. Benjamin; twin brother of Joseph; d. Sept. 11, 1827. 

304. V. 94. ANNA^ LYON (BRITT) [Peter^ Jonathan^ Thomas^ 
Thomas'], was born at North Castle, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1787. She married 
William Britt, ship joiner, of New York City, who died May 21, 1842. 
Adm. of estate July 9, 1849 to widow Anna Britt. 

Children of William and Anna (Lyon) Britt: 

803. I. William W. 

804. II. Peter L,. 
806. III. Edward L. 

806. IV. Sarah; m. before 1849, Bernard Mennen. 

tNathanlel Merritt, b. Greenwich, Conn., Oct. 19, 1757; died July E, 1823, 
burled at Oakwood, Mt. Klsko, N. Y. He married Deborah Honeywell, bom 
Jan. 1, 1760, bapt. St. Johns Episcopal Chh., Greenwich, Oct. 11, 1760; d. March 
16, 1849; she was daughter of Enoch and Alethea (Searles) Honeywell. Children: 
1. Pheb«, b. 1780; d. July 3, 1814, unm. ; 2. Sarah, b. June 11, 1781; d. Nov. i, 
1811; m. Dec. 10, 1801, Samuel Lyon (No. 302); 3. Bath, b. June 1, 1783; d. Feb. 
28, 1868; m. Silas Ambler; 4. Amy; m. Silas Reynolds; 6. Nathaniel; d. April K, 

1853; m. Freelove Carpenter (d. Dec. 15, 1872); 6. William; m. Hontrosi; 

res. Seneca Palls, X. Y. ; 7. Elethe [Alethea], b. June 26, 179S: d. Aug. 10. 1887. 

m. Newman C. Lvon (Xo. 987). 



807. V. Elizabeth; m. before 1849 Joseph D. Johnston. 

SOS. VI. Jerusha. 

809. VII. Ann. 

810. VIII. Marietta. 

305. V. 94. PETER PALMER" LYON [Peter*, .Jonathan*, 
Thomas\ Thomas'], born at North Castle, N. Y.. March 14, 1794; died 
at Brooklyn N. Y., Feb. 13, 1879; buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery. 
He was a dry goods merchant doing business at 106 Division St. Res. 
1820, 37 Pump St.; 1830, 64 Canal St.; 1870, 186 Carleton Ave. Oct. 8, 
1823, Peter Lyon and wife Hannah sold to Isabella Knowlton property 
on Allen St., bought Sept. 18, 1821. Peter married about 1820 Hannah, 
daughter of Dr. Peter and Elizabeth ( — ) Parks of New York. She 
was born Sept. 1799 and died Sept. 18, 1885. Her will was dated Not. 
6, 1882; probated Brooklyn Oct. 1, 1885; executors Theodore and 
Henrietta Lyon. 

Children of Peter and Hannah (Parks) Lyon: 
Sll. I. Elizabeth; b. about 1821; d. about 1898; unm. 
•S12. II. Henrietta; b. 1823; d. Aug. 10. 1802; m. Samuel A. Beckman. 

•813. III. Theodore E; b. Jan. 23, 1829; d. April 4, 1891: m. Mary Jane 

•814. IV. Sarah A.; b. 1833; d. Jan. 15, 1901; m. William V. Wood. 

•816. V. Charles F.; b. 1835; m. Carrie F. Perkins. 

816. VI, Peter P.; b. about 1837. 

319. V. 106. SARAH' LYON (HURD) [James*, Joseph*, Thomas*, 
Thomas'], died on or about May 1, 1845; will dated July 11, 1841; 
probated New York City June 3, 1858. She married July 15. 1786 
Abraham Hurd (Rec. Presbyterian Chh., N. Y.). He was a dock 
builder in New York City. He died March 26, 1841; adm. of estate Aug. 
10, 1842 to widow Sarah Hurd. 

Children of Abraham and Sarah (Lyon) Hurd: 

817. I. Josephine; m. James Armor who died before 1850; res. New 
Orleans, La. 

818. II. Harriet C; d. before 1844; m. Charles Suxas; ch. : 1. Charles L.; 
b. 1837; 2 Eugene A.; b. 1838; 3. Henry O.; b. 1841. 

81». III. Eliza; m. Mason; ch. : 1. Henry J.; of Texas; 2. William; 

b. 1823; of New Orleans; 3. Charles; M. D. ; res. Baltimore; 4. Eliza Jane; m. 
Edward Smith; res. Louisiana. 

333. V. 140. PHBBE'^ I^YON (SHERWOOD) [Gilbert*, Gilbert', 
Thoma3% Thomas'], born March 29, 1763; and died April 14, 1855, ae. 
92 y. m. 16 d.; buried in Anderson Cemetery, King St., Rye. She 


married Nehemiah Sherwood, born Jan 6, 1764; died July 28, 1844; 
buried in Anderson Cemetery. 

Daughter of Nehemiah and Phebe (Lyon) Sherwood: 
820. I. Klizabeth; b. June 1. 1787; d. July 20, 1848. 

336. V. 140. THOMAS' LYON [Gilbert^ Gilbert*, Thomas-, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn, in 1774; died there Dec. 5, 1821; 
buried at Lyon farm, Greenwich. Will dated Nov. 20, 1821; probated 
Stamford Dec. 14, 1821; executors wife Abigail, son Elisha Lyon and 
Seth Lyon (No. 363). He married about 1798 Abigail Mosher, who 
survived him. 

ChUdren of Thomas and Abigail (Mosher) Lyon: 
•821. 1. Elisha; b. Feb. 14, 1799; d. April 9, 1889; m. Phebe Brundage. 
SZZ. II. Mary [Polly]; m. March 3, 1826. James McMillan of Greenwich; 
a dau. Elizabeth, b. March 20, 1830; d. Oct. 16, 1836. 

•823. III. Katherine Mosher; b. April 2, 1811; d. Oct. 7, 1849; m. Leonard 

•824. IV. Charles F.; m. Mary Louise . 

826. V. ?Arnieiila; (possibly dau. of Peter Lyon); m. Van Antwerp. 

345. V. 142. SARAH'' LYON (RUNDLE) [Andrew*, Gilbert*. 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born 1791; died Feb. 25, 1865; buried in Union 
Cemetery, Rye. She married Charles Rundle, born 1784; died Feb. 
14, 1845; buried in Union Cemetery. 

Daughter of Charles and Sarah (Lyon) Rundle: 

826. I. Hannah; b. 1820; d. Sept. 22, 1878; ra. Brlgham W. Barton. 

347. V. 143. ELIZABETH LYON (MOSHER) [JoshuaS Gilbert', 
Thomas-, Thomas'], born Feb. 14, 1776; died May 12, 1859; 
buried in new Baptist Churchyard, King St., Rye. She married April 
17, 1801 William Mosher, born Oct. 9, 1775; died Sept. 17, 1861, buried 
in Baptist Churchyard. Some of their grandchildren live at Rose- 
dale, N. Y. 

Children of ■William and Blizabeth (Lyon) Mosher: 

827. I. Alvan; b. Aug. 23, 1801; d. Nov. 30, 1877. 

828. XL Hannah; b. Aug. 28, 1803; d. March 15. 1877. 
82». III. WiUiam; b. Dec. 31, 1805; d. Nov. 4, 1877. 

830. IV. Edwin; b. April 15, 1808; d. Oct. 25, 1885. 

831. V. Mary E.; b. Aug. 11. 1812; d. Jan. 5, 1880. 

832. VI. Samuel Lyon; b. March 16, 1815; d. June 6, 1900; m. Phebe Ann 

833. VII. Joshua Lyon; b. June 28, 1817; d. Nov. 26, 1878; m. Sept. 4, 1848. 
Mary Green Willson. 


352. V. 143. GILBERT' LYON [Joshua*, Gilbert^ Thomas% 
Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y. Dec. 28, 1787; died June 20, 1846; buried 
in Union Cemetery, Rye. Adm. of estate June 30, 1846 to widow, De- 
borah Lyon. He was Captain in succession of the market sloops 
"Caroline," "Jackson" and "New York," plying between Port Chester 
and New York City. He married March 26, 1814 Deborah (No. 352) 
daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Mills) Lyon. She was born in 
Rye, Nov. 5, 1795; buried in Union Cemetery, Rye. Captain "Gillie" 
about 1817 bought the home lot on "Lyons Point" where he lived and 
died. The house formerly belonged to Nathaniel Hyatt, having been 
built for him by John Sniffen. About 1820 he bought of Robert Merritt 
the lower Dock [now Ryan's] property, where he had a vinegar house 
and lime kiln. The business was continued after his death by his sons. 

Gilbert Lyon was Grand Master of the local Free Mason's Lodge. 
He fiercely opposed the change of the name Saw Pits to Port Chester. 
During his absence he was falsely represented at Albany as in favor 
of the change, and for this reason refused to acknowledge the name 
Port Chester, refusing even to carry freight billed to Port Chester in- 
stead of Saw Pits. 

Children of Gilbert and Deborah (Lyon) Lyon: 

*8S4. I. Alvah AugiistuB; b. April 26, 181B; d. April 18, 1884; m. Rebecca 
Lyon (No. 593). 

•836. II. OUbert; b. Oct. 11, 1817; d. July 10, 1893; m. Anna Crawford. 

•8S6. III. Richard Montgomery; b. Augr. 14, 1820; d. March 18, 1884; m. 
Esther Ann Smith. 

*837. IV. James Madison [or Munroe] ; b. March 1823; m. Vlr^nla B. Oood- 

•838. V. William Penn; b. May 22, 1825; d. April 15, 1899; m. Phebe E>. 

839. VI. Andrew JacltBon; b. July 28 (or 29), 1827; d. Aug. 5, 1832. 

840. VII. Benjamin Franklin; b. Nov. 12, 1829; d. Sept. 11, 1866; unm. 

841. VIII. Thomas Jefferson; d. in Infancy. 

•842. IX. Sarah E.; b. April 6. 1832; m. George E. Wilcox; res. (1906) a 
widow, at Port Chester, N. Y. 

355. V. 143. JOHN-^ LYON [Joshua', Gilbert\ ThomasS 
Thomas'], born April 13, 1796; res. Port Chester, N. Y.; died Sept. 20, 
1875. He married Harriet B. Merritt, born Aug. 15, 1800; died Feb. 
9, 1876; daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Bush) Merritt of Hog Pen 

Children of John and Harriet B. (Merritt) Lyon: 

843. I. George M.; d. Oct. 27, 1838. 

844. II. Joseph ; unm. ; deceased. 
84JS. III. Harriet. 


84e. IV. Rebecca; res. Port Chester, N. T., with her brother John 
•847. V. John Merrltt; b. about 1845; m. Sarah H. Merrltt. 

362. V. 147. SETH= LYON [Abrahams Gilbert', Thomas=, 
Thomas'], born Byram Bridge Aug. 7, 1790. He married May 24, 1822, 
Nancy Seaman, born Nov. 22, 1798; died June 12, 1835; buried on Lyon 

Children of Seth and Nancy (Seaman) Lyon: 

848. I. WlUlam Henry [Harvey]; b. Oct. 20, 1823; d. ; a son 

Henry W., res. Bridgeport. Conn. 

849. II. James Willis; b. March 24, 1833; res. Bridgeport, Conn. 

365. V. 147. OLIVIA' (LYON) (SHERWOOD) [Abraham*, 
Gilbert', Thomas-, Thomas'], born Bryam Bridge Nov. 5, 1797; died 
April 5, 1868; buried In Union Cemetery, Rye, N. Y. She married 
first Jonathan Lyon (No. 531 q. v.), son of Thomas and Levinia (Snif- 
fen) Lyon; born Jan. 13, 1792; died Feb. 29, 1820. Adm. of estate 
March 17, 1820 to widow Olivia Lyon (White Plains Probate rec). 
They had a son Thomas who died ae. 17. She married second Jotham 
Sherwood, born 1796; died April 13, 1850; son of Nehemiah and Phebe 
(Purdy) Sherwood. 

Children of Jotham and Olivia (Lyon) Sherwood: 

850. I. Lavinia; b. June 16. 1822; res. (1904) Port Chester, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 
6, 1841, Robert Anser. 

851. II. Hannah Maria; b. June" 7, 1825; d. Feb. 14, 1848; m. WUllam H. 

852. III. Mary Jane; h. 1828; res. (1904) Bridgeport. Conn.; m. John 
Racket [Rocket]. 

86S. IV. Samantha; b. Nov. 2, 1830; d. Dec. 15, 1872; unm. One of the 
daughters married Vernon; a son Leo Vernon res. (1906) Port Chester, 

N. Y. 

367. V. 147. ELIAS' LYON [Abraham*, Gilbert', Thomas-, 
Thomas'], born at the Lyon homestead, Byram Bridge, June 26, 1800; 
died there Feb. 3, 1863. Will dated Nov. 28, 1862; probated Greenwich 
1863; executor James H. Hoyt. He married Martha A. Banks; born 
Oct. 24, 1805; died April 6. 1893; daughter of John and Elizabeth 
(Banks) Banks. 

Children of Ellas and Martha A. (Banks) Lyon: 

•854. I. Underhill; b. Oct. 24, 1837; res. (1906) Byram Bridge; m. Maria 

•855. II. Ixtalsa; b. 1844; d. March 30, 1893; m. Daniel Halght. 


368. V. 147. ABIGAIL JANE" LYON (DAVIS) [Abraham*, 
Gilbert^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Byram Bridge, Feb. 25, 1802; 
died Sept. 26, 1886. She married Henry Davis, born Jan. 8, 1797; son 
of Silas and Maria (Benson) Davis.§ He was a miller at Indian Har- 
bor, Conn. 

Children of Henry and Abigail J. (Lyon) Davis: 

866. I. Caroline Matilda; b. Sept. 1, 1823; d. April 16, 1886; m. Capt. Amos 
M. Lowden; a son Thomas res. (1906) at Port Chester, N. Y. 

857. II. Edgar Byker; b. Feb. 4. 1825; m. about 1850. .Julia Ann Lyon; 
a son, Capt. Charles W., res. (1906) at Marmaroneck, N. Y. 

858. III. Hannah Maria; b. March 8, 1829; d. May 3, 1892; m. let William 
P. Brush; m. 2nd Isaac C. Sheldon. 

869. IV. Thomas Jefferson; b. May 3, 1831; d. Feb. 1, 1841. 

372. VI. 163. MARY" LYON (PECK) [Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas*, 
John^ Thomas'], born in Greenwich, Conn. Feb. 22, 1766; died May 
18, 1828. She married March 18, 1790, Solomon, son of Theophilus 
and Rebecca (Knapp) Peck, born Nov. 25, 1765; died Greenwich Feb. 
7, 1850. 

Children of Solomon and Mary (Lyon) Peck: 

860. I. Arad; b. April 16, 1791; d. Dec. 16, 1874; m. Sept. 3, 1833, Bllsa 
Stephens; one son Edward. 

861. n. Rachel; b. June 8, 1795; d. Feb. 28, 1821; unm. 

862. III. Mary; b. Nov. 25, 1797; m. Sept. 8, 1835. Allen P. Carpenter; res. 
Rye, N. Y. ; Children: George WUUam; b. Sept. 5, 1837; 2. Mary Allen; b. Sept. 8, 

373. VI. 163. THOMAS* LYON [Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas*, John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn. Aug. 28, 1768; died Morristown, N. J. 
April 24, 1849. He studied medicine and practised first in Genoa, N. 
Y., afterwards in New York City and finally took up his residence In 
Morristown, N. J.t He was greatly interested in the Lyon family his- 
tory and prepared in 1847 an extended manuscript family record that 
is still extant. See note to Caleb Lyon, No. 52. The name of his first 
wife is not known. He married second, March 31, 1812 his cousin, 
Abigail Parmelia, daughter of Gideon Mead and widow of Dr. Caleb 
Lindsay, who died at Newark, N, J., in 1801. Abigail P. Mead was 
granddaughter of Samuel Ferrand of Bloomfield, N. J. 

§SiIas Davis was born in Greenwich. Conn., Oct. 21, 1772; married at 
Tappan, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1794, Maria Benson. 

tDr. Thomas Lyon and his wife were received into Morristown Church by 
letter from Basking Ridge, N, J., Dec. 1, 1829. and dismissed by letter to the 
second church there Jan. 26, 1841. 


Children of Thomas Lyon by first marriagre: 

863. I. William M.; b. Sept. 25, 1794; m. his brother Joseph's widow. 

864. II. Joseph B.; b. May 2, 1797; m. Aletta Johnson. 

865. III. Robert P.; b. June 22, 1799; m. Mary A. Fairaloe. 

866. IV. Caleb F.; b. March 2, 1801. 
Children of Thomas and Agibail P. (Mead) Lyon: 

•867. V. Edward TbomaB; b. New York City, March 12, 1813; d. Oct. >, 
1862; m. Mary W. Canfleld. 

868. VI. George Aasrostas; b. New York City, Dec. 12, 1815; d. Jan. 9, 1817; 
buried in churchyard of Trinity clih.. N. Y. 

375. VI. 163. CALEB" LYON [Caleb^ Caleb', Thomas^ John% 
Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn. Dec. 22, 1772; died Genoa, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., July 1, 1856. He was a farmer and blacksmith. He was 
married Nov. 24, 1795 by Rev. Nathaniel Finch, to Amy, daughter of 
David and Amy (Rundle) Peck. She was born Aug. 12, 1777 and 
died in Genoa Jan. 30, 1843. In the spring of 1798 they removed from 
Greenwich to Milton, now Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y. They were twenty- 
one days on their journey. They slept one night in an Indian wigwam 
near Utica. They located lot No. 35, half a mile north-west of the stone 
bridge and the line of the towns of Genoa and Lansing. The country 
was then a wilderness. 

Daughter of Caleb and Amy (Peck) Lyon: 
•869. I. £llza; b. Oct. 17, 1798; d. March 25, 1847; m. Wines Palmer. 

376. VI. 163. LUTHER" LYON [Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas', John^ 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn. May 23, 1774; baptized ["Ruther- 
ford"] 2nd Cong'l Chh, Aug. 20, 1774; died Genoa, N. Y, June 5, 1832. 
He married, Nov. 16, 1797, Ruth, daughter of Theophilus and Rebecca 
(Knapp) Peck (Rec. 2nd. Cong'l chh.). She was born in Greenwich 
Dec. 20, 1777 and died in Genoa, N. Y. June 28, 1843. 

Children of Luther and Ruth (Peck) Lyon: 
*870. I. Theophllas; b. June 18, 1800; d. Aug. 27, 1870; m. lat Mary Peet; 
m. 2nd Amy Clock; m. 3rd Margaret Randolph. 

*871. II. Esbon [Erbon]; b. Feb. 26, 1806; d. Feb. 3, 1887; m. Elizabeth 

•872. IIL Bebecca; b. Feb. 3, 1810; m. David Bower. 

377. VI. 163. ENON" LYON (Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas*, John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 15, 1776; baptized 2nd Cong'l 
Chh. Sept. 28, 1777; died Lansingville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Dec. 19, 
1819. He married Nov. 19, 1799 Elizabeth Webb; born In Greenwich 
Aug. 27, 1776; died in Lansingville May 8, 1833; daughter of Stephen 


and Elizabeth (Hoyt) Webb. See note 20, appendix. They removed 
from Greenwich to Cayuga Co., settling finally in Lansingvllle. Both 
husband and wife were devotedly pious. 

Children of Enon and EUzabeth (Webb) Lyon: 

878. I. Eliiabeth; b. Dec. 10, 1800; d. Nov. 22, 1819. 

•814. II. Nathan BockweU; b. Nov. 16, 1803; d. Sept. 7. 1885; m. Sophia 
Crocker Lyon (No. 948). 

•876. III. Bachel Peck; b. Nov. 16, 1805; m. Benjamin W. Huated. 
•876. IV. Rhnna; b. June 28, 1811; d. Feb. 11, 1844; m. John Conrad. 
877. V. Angelina; b. May 15, 1815; d. July 6, 1822. 
•878. VI. Mary; b. Aug. 12, 1S19; m. Joseph Conrad. 

378. VI. 163. ANNA" LYON (WEBB) (ADEE) tCaleb^ Caleb*, 
Thomas', John-, Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., Nov. 14, 1779; was 
living in 1847, in Moravia, N. Y. She married first, April 11, 1799 
Stephen, son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Hoyt) Webb, born June 28, 
1772; died April 22, 1820. They settled in Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
and were both Charter members of the First Church organized in that 
place. She married second March 20, 1823, John Adee, who died In 
Moravia, N. Y., March 30, 1827. 

'Children of Stephen and Anna (Lyon) Webb: 

879. I. Mary; b. May 21. 1800; d. Jan. 6, 1825; m. June 2, 1817; 011v«r 
Reynolds Jr., who was born Feb. 27, 1795; res. Sclpio, N. Y. ; Children: 1. Richard«inK, b. Au?. 26, 1819; 2. Bachel Lyon, b. Sept. 24, 1821; 3. Stephen Webb, 
b. May 26, 1824; d. Aug. 26, 1852 [Oliver Reynolds m. 2nd Lucy Anable]. 

880. II. Rachel; b. July 9, 1802; d. July 4, 1804. 

881. III. Zacharlah Lewis; b. May 22, 1805; m. July 22, 1835 Polly Hoff- 
man of Auburn (b. Nov. 1816); res. Moravia, N. Y.; Children: 1. Ann Maria, b. 
June 9, 1840; 2. Catharine Mary, b. May 1844; 3. Lewis Hoffman, b. March 1848; 
4. AbisaU WilUams, b. 1848; 5. Jolia Day, b. 1851. 

882. IV. Ann Mead; b. June 10, 1807. 
88S. V. Seth Romlne; b. Oct. 8, 1810. 

884. VI. David; b. June 2, 1812. 

885. VII. Lydia; b. Sept. 15. 1817; m. Auk. 2, 1S35. James C. Sayers, a 
carpenter; res. Moravia, N. Y. ; Children: 1. Mary Sophia Holmes, b. Oct. 29, 1837; 
d. April 2. 1854; 2. William Holmes, b. Dec. 20. 1839; 3. Charlotte Angellne, b. 
Nov. 24, 1843; 4. Sarah Bochford, b. Jan. 25, 1846; 5. James Cooper, b. Feb. 8, 1850. 

Daughter of John and Anna (Lyon) (Webb) Adee: 

886. I. Deborah Ann; b. Dec. 13, 1824; d. March 28, 1903. 

379. VI. 163. MARTIN** LYON [Caleb", Caleb*, Thomas*, John=, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Sept. 28, 1782. He removed to 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., and settled In Genoa. He married first, Jan. 23, 
1805, Sarah Chadwick, born 1788; died at Genoa, July 23, 1827. He 
married second Rachel Haight of Geneva, Ontario Co., N. Y., formerly 
of Connecticut. She was bom in 1793 and died July 13, 1840. He 

\0-^*^ ^ / SIXTH GENERATION 121 

cried third, J^. 16, 1849, Harriet Northway of Ithaca, N. Y., born a y 

. 16. 1801., Oot^ ' M^^^/ K Cf (um^lc^ (i^ci^4^ Ic^f-t^ 


Son of Martin and Sarah (Chadwlck) Lyon: 
•887. I. Samuel Chadwlck; b. May 31, 181*; d. Sept. 13, 1870; m. Kmllr 
Adams. t-^f , , 

. ( JL- 3 

Daughter of Martin and Rachel (Halght) Lyon: ^ 

•888. II. Caroline Hall; b. Aug. 18. 1832; d. SataaXtctsdar, N. T., Aug. 4, 
1890; m. Charles Porter Mos\«r. g 

380. VI. 163. BENJAMIN* LYON [Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas', John», 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 10, 1784; died Bronson, Ohio, 
April 18, 1837. He removed in 1807 from Greenwich to Genoa, Cayug^a 
Co., N. Y., where he lived twenty-eight years. In 1835 he sold his 
property in Genoa and removed to Bronson, Huron Co., Ohio. He mar- 
ried, Sept 17, 1807, Deborah Lawrence, born Stamford Conn., Jan. 14, 
1786, daughter of Timothy and Ruth (Hoyt) Lawrence.f 

Children of Benjamin and Deborah (Lawrence) Lyon: 
•889. I. Anson Mead; b, March 9, 1810; m. Betsey Reebler; res. Genoa. N. T. 
•890. II. Timothy; b. Aug. 13, 1812; m. Mrs. Catherine Beebe; res. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

891. III. Ruth Maria; b. June 15, 1823; d. May 20, 1849; m. 1841, Bairna 
Johnson; res. Peru, Huron Co., O. ; ch. : Rolla Ambrose, b. July 1842. 

892. IV. (no record). 

381. VI. 163. ABIA" LYON (WEBB) Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas*, 
John', Thomas'], born Greenwich. Conn., July 31, 1787; baptized Sept. 
10, 1788; was living in 1847 in Ithaca, N. Y. (Dr. T.). She married, 
Jan. 1, 1807, Hoyt Webb, born Dec. 12, 1783; died in Ithaca, July 27, 
1838; son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Hoyt) Webb. 

Children of Hoyt and Abia (Lyon) Webb: 

893. I. Thomas L,. [Lyon]; b. Nov. 19, 1807; d. Nov. 10, 1833. 

894. II. Charlotte; b. Dec. 19. 1808. 

896. III. Ransom; b. Aug. 24, 1810; was a tanner and currier; m. Bmellne 
Helen Brown; res. Lexington, Ohio. 

896 IV. Marvin H. [Hoyt?]; b. May ; d. Nov. 21, 1824. 

897 V. Ra«hel; b. Feb. 19, 1818; d. Jan. 21, 1837. 

898. VI. Abla; b. May 30. 1820. 

899. VIL Calvin; b. July 13, 1826; m. July 15, 1851, Prudy Ann Robinson 
(b. April 2, 1831); a son, WUUs Hoyt, b. Nov. 8, 1853, 

STlmothy Lawrence married Nov. 1764 Ruth, dau. of Nehemlah and Ruth 
(Peck) Hoyt. Children: 1. Timothy, b. Dec. 16 1766; 2. Rnth, b. Oct. 6, 1768; 
8. Samael, b. Feb. 27. 1771; 4. Sarah, b. Nov. 18. 1772; m. Oct. 11. 179S, David 
Street; 5. Philander, b. Feb. 26, 1775; 6. Mary, b. April 17, 1777; 7. B«ts«7, b. Sept. 
5. 1781; 8. Deborah, b. Jan. 14, 1787 (?); m. Benjamin Lyon above. 


382. VI. 163. MOSES' LYON [Caleb', Caleb\ Thomas', John'. 
Thomas*], born Greenwich, Conn., April 2, 1790. He came with his 
parents to Genoa Tp., Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1799, and made his per- 
manent home there, becoming a prosperous farmer. Moses, his broth- 
er Caleb and his father Caleb were all deacons in Congregational or 
Presbyterian Churches. He married first Hester Peet, born Jan. 1793; 
died April 8, 1824. He married second at Groton, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1826, 
Laura Riggs, born at Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co. N. Y., daughter of 

Miles and Suse ( ) Riggs. She died Nov. 6, 1844. He married 

third, Feb. 28, 1846, Mrs. Clarissa (Bradley) Eaton, daughter of Major 
Bradley. Moses Lyon was her third husband. 

Children of Moses and Laura (Riggs) Lyon: 
*900. I. Marcus; b. Sept. 23, 1827; d. Sept. 18, 1899; m. Susan M. Schuyler. 
801. IL Newton; b. Jan. 11, 1829; d. April 14, 1832. 
•902. in. Brainerd; b. Aug. 1, 1830; res. Kings Ferry, Cayuga Co., N. T. 
903. IV. NeweU; b. Feb. 18, 1832; d. Portland, Me., Aug. 2, 1903; m. 1878 
or 1879, Mrs. Mary Close; she d. Jan. 31, 1904. 

•004. V. WUUam Richards; b. May 6, 1834; res. (1906) St. Joseph, Mich. 

906. VI. Laura Elisabeth; b. Sept 27, 1836; d. Watervliet, Mich., June 6, 

1892; m. July 3, 1856. Rev. William B. Dada; a son, Arthur H. Dada; b. Nov. 20, 

1861, d. March 27, 1887, leaving a widow and one child, Percy A. Dada, b. Aug. 

21. 1886. 

906. VII. licwls Edwin; b. June 30. 1838; m., Auburn, N. Y., about June 7, 
1864 Jane Hunt; res. (1906) 38 Logan St., Auburn, N. Y. 

Son of Moses and Clarissa (Bradley) (Eaton) Lyon: 

907. VIII. Jolui Jay; b. Aug. 14, 1849; d. Oct. 21, 1889. 

385. VL 164. JOSEPH" LYON [DanieP, Caleb*, Thomas^ John=, 
Thomas*], born Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 2, 1773; died Genoa, N. Y., 
1856. He was a blacksmith. He married Esther, daughter of David 
and Amy (Rundle) Peck of Greenwich, a niece of Solomon, Eliphalet 
and Gideon Peck, (see No. 372.). She was born in Greenwich Nov. 25, 
1781, and died in Genoa, Jan. 7, 1832. They removed to Genoa, joining 
the Lyon colony in that place. 

Children of Joseph and Esther (Peck) Lyon (Dr. T.): 
•908. I. Mary; b. March 4, 1802; m. Jacob Smith; res., Lansing, N. Y., later 
at Groton. 

♦900. II. Fanny; d. Bronson, O., April 7, 1847; m. William Smith. 
*910. III. Amy; m. 1st Thore Smith, hro. of Jacob; m. 2nd Edward, aon of 
Levi Palmer; res. near Five Corners. 

•911. IV. Charlotte Rebecca; m. Rev. George W. Nichols. 
912. V. Joseph. 
918. vr. Ann. 

386. VI. 164. CHARLES' LYON [Daniel', Caleb*, Thomas', 


John*, Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., March 17, 1776; died Fitch- 
ville, Ohio, Jan. 9, 1845. He married at Stanwich, Conn., Feb. 7, 1800, 
Deborah, daughter of Samuel Palmer, of Greenwich. 

Children of Charles and Deborah (Palmer) Lyon (Dr. T.): 

914. I. Betsey; d. May 1847; m. 1835, John Flllclns. 

»16. II. SaUy. 

916. III. Levi. 

917. IV. Deborah; m., July 1, 1828, Bradford Lyon Head (No. 423). 

918. V. Belinda. 

919. VI. Daniel. 

920. VII. Amy AbigraU. 

921. VIII. Charles. 

387. VI. 164. FANNY* LYON (MEAD) [Daniel', Caleb*, Thomas*, 
John', Thomas'], bom Greenwich; baptized Sept. 16, 1784. She mar- 
ried Morris Mead, born March 3, 1782; d. Sept. 1823; son of Stephen 
and Patience (Farr) Mead. He was a widower; his first wife was 
Fannie Darby.t 

Daughter of Morris and Fanny (Lyon) Mead: 
I. Mary E.; b. 1825; d. 1845. 

391. VI. 164. DANIEL* LYON [DanieP. Caleb*, Thomas*, John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., about 1798; died there In 1859. 

Will dated Jan. 21, 1857; probated Greenwich ; executors 

Isaac Lyon of North St., son Albert J. Lyon. He lived on the farm In 
Greenwich inherited from his father. He married Hannah Holly, born 
1796; d. April 17, 1837 in Greenwich; daughter of Isaac and Sarah 
(Reynolds) Holly, of Greenwich. 

Children of Daniel and Hannah (Holly) Lyon: 
*922. I. Eliza A.; b. April 29, 1822; d. Dec. 24, 1866; m. Allen Howe. 

933. IL Lucius [Lucus] Holly; b. June 5, 1823. ><; c- , ^<'-' . ^-7// i i ^ / 
•924. III. Daniel W.; b. Sept. 18, 1824; d. about 1893; m. Frances L. Sayre. 

926. IV. Hannah Maria; b. April 18, 1827; res. Oreenwlch, 1893. 

•926. V. Albert Judson; b. Jan. 7, 1828; d. Dec. 13, 1894; m. Mary Jane 

927. VI. Sarah Frances; b. Sept. 7, 1830; d. before 1893; m. ^Breeae; 

a son, Charles M. res. (1895) Greenwich. Conn. 

•928. VII. Joseph Theodore; b. Aug. 7, 1832; res. (1906) Greenwich. 
929. Vni. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dec. 22. 1833. 

t Children of Morris and Fanny (Darby) Mead: 1. George Clark, b. Aug. t, 

1807; m. Jan. 22, 1829 Lois ; 2. Morris; 3. Alfred, res. Jerry, Licking Co.. 

O. ; 4. Phebe Clark; res. Oakland, Calif.; 5. Fanny, b. July 12, 1816; d. Aug. 26, 
1831 ; 6. Adolphus. 


•»»0. IX. George Derby; b. April 7, 1835; d. Dec. 1895; m. BUa 

9S1. X. Emily AngruBta; b. April 17, 1837; d. Feb. 10, 1838. 

402. VI. 166. ANNA' LYON (MEAD) [Amos», Caleb^ Thomas*, 
John/ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn, baptized April 16, 1794, 
Cong'l Chh. She married Mathias Mead. They settled in Ohio. 

Children of Mathias and Anna (Lyon) Mead; 

932. I. Anne Lyon. 

833. II. William. 

934. III. Mark. 

936. IV. Amy; m. Thomas Clark. 

936. V. £nnice; d. Dec. 30, 188#; m. Wilson Green. 

937. VI. Luther. 

938. VII. Orrln. 

404. VI. 166. AMASA" LYON [Amos', Caleb*, Thomas", John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich; bapt. April 16, 1794, Cong'l Chh. He mar- 
ried Sophia Crocker. They settled in Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Their 
children all died young. At her husband's death Sophia married Joseph 
Southard. They removed to Illinois and had a family. The eldest 
daughter married a Governor of the State. 

405. VI. 166. EUNICE" LYON (CHADWICK) [Amos', Caleb*, 
Thomas*, John% Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., baptized April 16, 
1794, Cong'l Chh. She married John Chadwick, brother to Sarah, wife 
of Martin Lyon (No. 379). They settled in Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. 
Y., where they remained many years, but at last the whole family 
removed to Ohio. All were fine singers. 

Children of John and Eunice (Lyon) Chadwick: 

939. I. Harriet; m. In Genoa, N. T., Timothy Tallman, a shoemaker. 

940. II. Archelus [Archelaus] ; m. 1st. In (3enoa, Fidelia Davis; m. tnd. 
m Genoa, Emily Darrah; rem. to Ohio. 

941. III. Adelia; m. In Genoa. Judson West. 

942. IV. Thursa; m. in Genoa, Simeon Gale; res., first In Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y., thence to Ohio. 

943. V. Ann; m. In Ohio, Rundle Palmer. 

406. VI. 166. AMOS' LYON [Amos', Caleb', Thomas', John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., baptized April 16, 1794, Cong'l Chh. 
He married about June 20, 1813, Sally [Sarah] Palmer, born in Green- 
wich, Jan. 14, 1788; daughter of Levi and Sarah (Rundle) Palmer.t 

tLevi Palmer, born Greenwich. Conn.. Sept. 9. 176", married Jan. 4, 1787. 
Sarah Rundle. born Greenwich, Jan 2, 1766; daughter of William and Amy 

( ) Rundle; children: 1. Sally, b. Jan. 14, 1788; m. Amos Lyon above; J. 

l>vl, b. Oct. 18, 1789; 3. EUab, b. Aug. 27, 1793; 4. AblgaU, b. Aug. 21, 1796; 6. 
Edward, b. Oct. 8. 1799; 6. Elbert, b. Sept. 9, 1805. 


They settled in Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; afterward remoyed to 
Huron Co., Ohio. 

Children of Amos and Sally (Palmer) Lyon (Dr. T.): 
044. I. LiUCUB. 
B46. II. Samuel. 

946. III. Edwin. 

947. IV. DaTld. 

410. VI. 167. ISRAEL' LYON [Noah^ Caleb*, Thomas*, John', 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Dec. 16, 1781; died Genoa, N. Y., 
June 3, 1826. He lived on his father's homestead in Genoa, N. Y. Mar- 
ried Nov. 29, 1804, Polly Hubbard, born July 16, 1782. 

Children of Israel and Polly (Hubbard) Lyon (Dr. T.); 

•48. I. Sophia Crocker; b. Aug. 11, 1806; m. Nathan R. Lyon (No. 874). 

949. II. Hannah; b. Jan. 3, 1808. 

960. III. Orson; b. Feb. 19, 1810. 

961. IV. Anna; b. June 14, 1812, m. Samuel Palmer; res. FltchTllla, O. ; 
2 ch. d. in Infancy. 

•962. V. Noah; b. April 30, 1820; m. Catherine StlUwell. 
*963. VI. Zachariah; b. Nov. 30, 1823; m. Esther Brown. 

411. VI. 167. THADDEUS' LYON [Noah', Caleb*. Thomas', 
John', Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., March 29, 1785; died Genoa, 
N. Y., 1851. He married Nov. 10, 1806, Amy Marshall. He settled 
one mile west of his father's place in Genoa. 

Children of Thaddeus and Amy (Marshall) Lyon (Dr. T.): 
964. I. levins; b. Oct. 18, 1808. 

•966. II. Sylvester; b. Dec. 4, 1810; m. Howell. 

966. III. Amazlah; b Dec. 7, 1815. 

416. VI. 168. ISAAC* LYON [Job*, Caleb*, Thomas', John', 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., May 12, 1795; died July 3 [or 30], 
1873; buried on the farm, North St., Greenwich. Will dated April 19, 
1872; probated Greenwich, Aug. 4, 1873; executor Solomon Mead. H« 
married first, Dec. 9, 1828 (Greenwich T. R.) Amelia Mead, born Green- 
wich, Sept. 4, 1799; d. Feb. 28, 1833; buried on the farm; daughter of 

Zophar and Huldah ( ) Mead. He married second, Nov. 17, 

1840, Eliza W., daughter of Job and Elsie ( ) Mead, born Feb. 

9, 1806; d. Feb. 15, 1847; buried on the farm. 

Children of Isaac and Amelia (Mead) Lyon: 

957. I. Mary Elizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 1829; d. Jan. 7, 1832. 

958. II. Infant; b. 1832; d, Feb. 7, 1833. 


Children uf Isaac and Eliza W. (Mead) Lyon: 
•959. III. £dwln; b. Feb. 21, 1842; d. July 12, 1892; m. Mary A. Seaman. 
*960. IV. Sylvester Mead; b. May 24, 1843; m. Sarah Collins. 

991. V. OUver M.; b. Feb. 5, 1845; d. May 15, 1846. 

Caleb*, Thomas^ John\ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., July 26 (or 
29), 1797; died July 4, 1851; buried at Greenwich. She married Sept. 20, 
1826, Isaac, son of Isaac and Sarah (Reynolds) Holly§; born Green- 
wich, March 9, 1798; d. 1879. He married second, Mary M. . 

Children of Isaac and Abigail E. (Lyon) Holly (Dr. T. ): 

962. I. EUzabeth Mead; b. Aug. 5, 1827; d. 1903, unm. 

963. II. William Piatt; b. Oct. 8, 1829; d. 1887; unm. 

964. III. Amelia Lryon; b. April 3, 1836. 

423. VI. 184. HANNAH* LYON (STEVENSON) [James^ John*, 
John^ John^ Thomas'], born Bryam, June 4, 1771, died New York City 
(49 Division St.) Aug. 1, 1858, ae. 87 y. 1 m. 28 d.; buried at East- 
chester, N. Y. Will dated Nov. 21, 1856; probated New York, Nov. 8, 
1858; executors Ephraim Brown, Joshua Heath. She married Fred- 
erick P. Stevenson, born 1752; died July 17, 1870, ae. 68; buried at 
Eastchester. He was Lieut. Colonel in the Revolution with an inde- 
pendent command; was at the battle of White Plains.. Will dated 
Sept. 9, 1819, probated Nov. 24, 1820; executor, Thomas Lyon (No. 426). 

968. I. Abigail; m. John H Stckels of Port Chester. 

966. II. Shore £d\card; b. Jan. 1, 1801; d. Nov. 25, 1845; m. Ophelia 
-) ; children: 1. Frederick W.; 2. George F.; 3. John; 4. Emeline; res. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

967. III. Caroline; b. 1803; d. March 2, 1884; unm. 

968. IV. Maria; b. May 10, 1805; d. Dec. 18, 1837; unm. 

969. V. Emeline; b. Oct. 20, 1806; d. Jan. 7, 1901; unm. 

970. VI. Jane; b. Nov. 10, 1809; d. Sept. 21, 1865; unm. 

970.a VII. John Watson; b. Feb. 21, 1811; d. Aug. 10, 1833; unm. 
9?0.b. VIII. Oloriana; b. 1818: d. March 20, 1880; m. Joshua H. Heath (one 
record has "James Heath"). 

426. VI. 184. THOMAS" LYON [James", John*, John', John*, 
Thomas'], born 1778; died New York City (171 Cherry St.) July 
4, 1845, ae. 67 y. Adm. of estate at New York Oct. 2, 1845, to daughter 
Abigail S. and brother Stephen Lyon. He was a lumber merchant In 
New York (194 Cherry St.) He married Margaret . 

§l9aac Holly, born Dec. 24, 1764; died March 8, 1851; son of Stephen and 
liOls (Mead) Holly. Sarah Reynolds born Nov. 3, 1767; d. June 2, 1853; they wer« 
married April 14, 1790, at Stanwich Cong. Chh. 


Children of Thomas and Margaret ( ) Lyon (all mentioned In wtU 

of their Uncle Stephen Lyon, Jan. 11, 1854): 
971. I. Abigail S.; d. Aug. 15. 1854. 

•72. II. Jabez H.; living 1888; m. Emily J. before 185S. 

•73. III. James D., living 1888; m. Mary A before 1853. 

974. IV. Mary Jane; living 1888; unm. 
•976. V. Rachel V.; d. Dec. 17, 1867; m. Daniel Sturges, of Brooklyn. 

976. VI. Margaret A.; living in 1888; unm. 

977. VII. Hannah ElUabeth; b. 1831; d. Aug. 15, 1888; unm. 

429. VI. 184. MARTHA* LYON (CLARK) [James', John*. John*. 
John^ Thomas'], born Oct. 7, 1799; died Sept. 26, 1830. She married 
Thomas Clark, of Rye, b. Dec. 10, 1791; d. June 30, 1867. 

Children of Thomas and Martha (Lyon) Clark: 

978. I. Mary Lyon; b. June 26, 1820; d. Oct. 16, 1844; m. William Horton. 

979. II. Thomas H.; b. Oct. 29, 1824; m. Josephine Hall. 

980. III. Henry; b. June 16. 1826. 

981. rv. Caroline; b. Nov. 1, 1827; d. Sept. 11, 1841. 

982. V. Martha; m. before 1854. Charles Stevens. 

430. VI. 195. JAMES" LYON [Ro?er», Roger*, John*. John', 
Thomas'], born Oct. 19, 1761; died Bedford, N. Y., April 2, 1850, ae. 

88 y. 5 m. 14 d.; buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. Will dated ^^ y. 
Dec. 20, 1848; probated White Plains April 22, 1850. He was a private fP ^^ 
in Second Regiment, Westchester Co. Militia, Col. Thaddeus Crane; ft 
received land and bounty, and in later years drew a pension. He mar- 
ried May 31, 1785, Martha, daughter of John and Deborah (Newman) 
Banks of North Castle, Middle Patent. She was born July 3, 1764; d. 
July 21, 1849, buried Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. 

Children of James and Martha (Banks) Lyon: 

983. I. Banks; b. May 15. 1786; d. Jan. 21, 1788. 

•984. II. Phebe; b. July 7, 1788; d. Feb. 14. 1867; m. Danled Haight. 
•986. III. Deborah; b. July 27. 1791; d. June 24. 1877; m. AlbertBon Mose- 

•986. IV. Israel; b. Aug. 24, 1793; d. Sept. 22. 1868; m. Eunice E. Ray- 

•987. V. Newman Clark; b. Dec. 18, 1797; d. Nov. 20. 1890; m. Alethea Mer- 

•988. VI. James; b. April 7, 1800; d. March 26, 1869; m. Ist, Maria Quereau; 
m. 2nd, Charity Gedney; m. 3rd, Maria A. Chase. 

•989. VII. Mary; b. April 5, 1804; d. Oct. 27, 1878; m. 1st, Ellas Q. Horton; 
m. 2nd. Philander Crane. 

•990. VIII. Knapp; b. Sept. 5. 1806; d. April 19. 1870; m. Sarah H. Tyler. 

431. VI. 185. JONATHAN" LYON [Roger'. Roger*, John^ John', 
Thomas'], born Nov. 1, 1767; died in Bedtofd, N. Y., April 5. 1809; 


buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. Adm, of estate April 28, 1809 to 
brother James Lyon, Jr. He married Oct. 28, 1792, Ruth Newman, 
born Jan. 18, 1772, died Jan. 17, 1827; buried Btixton Cemetery. Adm. 
of estate Feb. 1, 1827; to friend Joseph Barrett. 

Children of Jonathan and Ruth (Newman) Lyon: 

Ml. I. Catherine; b. Feb. 8, 1794; d. Aug. 19, 1795. 

•»M. II. MUes; b. Dec. 25, 1795; d. April 7, 1838; m. Mary WlUlam^ 

MS. III. Sarah; b. Jan. 2, 1798; d. June 9, 1841. 

M4. IV. Catherine; b. Nov. 28, 1799; d. Dec. 22, 1822. 

M6. V. Lydla; b. April 11, 1802; d. Oct. 1879; m. Abraham Hubbard. 

M6. VI. Phebe N.; b. Dec. 4, 1804; d. Nov. 19, 1837, 

M7. VII. Fitch; b. Jan. 17, 1807; d. Sept. 25, 1838; unm. 

M8. VIII. Jonathan; b. June 17, 1809; d. July 1, 1849; unm. 

432. VI. 185. ELIZABETH' LYON (HIGGINS) [Roger^ Roger*, 
John', John=, Thomas'], born Nov. 26, 1775; died in Bedford, N. Y., 
Nov. 8, 1843; ae. 67 y. 11 m. 13 d.; buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bed- 
ford. She married about 1794, David, son of Moses and Elizabeth 
(Holmes) Higgins.t He was born Dec. 16, 1770; died June 21, 1857; 
ae. 86 y. 6 m. 5 d.; buried in Buxton Cemetery. 

Children of David and Elisabeth (Lyon) Higglns: 

9M. I. Amasa; b. 1796; d. April 15, 1874; m. Catherine Bllsh. 

1000. II. David; b. April 3, 1798; d. Jan. 11, 1834; unm. 

1001. III. Harvey; b. April 25, 1800; d. Nov. 15, 1873; m. Ist, Elisabeth 
Bllsh (d. Feb. 15, 1849; ae. 50 y. •m. 15 d.); m. 2nd, Lucretia . 

1002. IV. Charles; b. July 2, 1802; d. July 17, 1851; m. Ellen Reed. 

1003. V. i:zra; b. 1806; d. 1828; m. Rebecca Noah. 

1004. VI. Joel; b. March 29, 1807; d. Dec. 29, 1844; m. Jemima Ketchum. 
1006. VII. Eliza; b. 1808; d. 1840; m. Garrison Moseman. 

1006. VlII. Sandy; b. Aug. 15, 1810; d. March 20, 1901; m. Ist, Lodeska 
McDonald (d. April 19, 1873; ae. 67 y.); m. 2nd, Isabella Swaney (d. Nov. 1, 
1895, ae. 71 y.) 

1007. IX. Samael; b. July 3, 1813; d. April 4, 1891; m. Dec. 31, 1840, 
Jane Eliza Rickert. 

1008. X. Hosea; b. Feb. 11, 1816; d. Sept. 14, 1849. 

438. VI. 186. JOHN" LYON [Justus', Roger*, John', John'', 
Thomas'], born Sept. 20, 1779; died at Bedford, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1861, ae. 
81 y. 4 m. 11 d.; buried near Whitman farm, Bedford. He married 
Catherine, daughter of Elias Quereau. She was born Aug. 16, 1794; 
died March 7, 1849; ae. 54 y. 6 m. 21 d.; buried near Whitman farm, 

tDavld Higglns, Sr., was in the war of 1812, stationed at Fort Greene, Brook- 
lyn. His father, Moses Higgins. was in the war nf the Revolution. 


Children of John and Catherine (Quereau) Lyon: 

1009. I. £llza; b. Dec. 29. 1821; d. Oct. 19, 1842; unm. 

*1010. II. Ellas Quereau; b. April 8, 1823; m. Mary Ann Wood. 

1011. III. Jane Horton; b. June 24, 1827; d. Dec. 8, 1847; unm. 

1012. IV. Anna M.; b. Sept. 5, 1831; d. Feb. 7, 1853; unm. 

1013. V. Susan MatUda; b. 1839, d. Chicago, Oct. 4, 1865; unm. 

1014. VI. John Ferris; res. (1868) Bedford. 
1016. VII. Sarah E. 

1016. VIII. Mary C; m. Buckley; res. KnoxviUe, 111. 

1017. IX. Aaron C; res. Lodl, Wis. 

439. VI. 186. WILLIAM* LYON [Justus', Roger*, JohnS JohnS 
Thomas'], born Aug. 3, 1783; died Bedford, N. Y., April 14, 1840, ae. 
56 y. 8 m. 11 d.; buried Union Cemetery, Bedford. Will dated March 
11, 1840; probated White Plains April 13, 1842; executors, son, Stephen 
Lyon and Jabez Robertson. He lived on his father's homestead, a 
mile north of the village of Bedford, the property afterwards sold to 
Mr, Orr of New York City. He married Rachel Robertson, daughter 
of Jabez J and Rachel Robertson. She was born Sept. 8, 1785; died 
Mar. 26, 1872; ae. 86, 6 m. 18 d.; buried Union Cemetery, Bedford. 

Children of William and Rachel (Robertson) Lyon, record of births from 
family Bible in possession of Mrs. Emily R. Lyon (No. 1026): 

*1018. I. Stephen; b. Oct. 29, 1810; d. April 24, 1898; m. 1st, Amanda Mil- 
ler; m. 2nd, Amy A. Wheeler. 

1019. II. WUUam H.; b. Dec. 29, 1812. 

1020. IIL Harvey; b. Nov. 26, 1815. 

1021. IV. Betsey; b. Dec. 25, 1818; d. young. 

1022. V. Henry; b. Sept. 12, 1821; d. Aug. 9, 1847. 

1023. VL Betsey; b. March 14, 1824. 

1024. VII. Catherine; b. April 10, 1826; m. Oct. 18, 1860, David B. Halgfht 
(b. May 26, 1819; d. South Salem, Nov. 10, 1885; son of Phlneas and Mary 

•1026. VIII. Ferris; b. April 26, 1828; d. Nov. 23, 1878; m. Sarah L. William- 

1026. IX. Emily Bobertson; b. March 27. 1831; m. June 10, 1850, John 
Addison Lyon (No. 1034.) 

442. VI. 188. JOHN" LYON [SamueP, Roger*, John', John', 
Thomas'], born April 11, 1770; died April 3, 1820. Adm. of estate 
Sept. 20, 1820 to widow Sarah and sons Alfred and Thomas S. Lyon. 
In his father's will he received land at Bedford. He married Aug. 
1, 1790 (Presbyterian Chh., Bedford) Sarah, daughter of Samuel Smith, 
whose sister Loretta married Joseph Brundage. She was born May 

tJabez Robertson died Feb. 10, 1832; ae. 88 y. ; his wife. Rachel, died Feb. 13, 
1832, ae. 80 y. 


10, 1770, and died June 28, 1854. Will dated April 26, 1854; probated 
Oct. 9, 1854; executors, son, Samuel Lyon, friend, Stephen Lyon. They 
had eight children and forty-eight grand children. 

Children of John and Sarah (Smith) Lyon: 

•1027. I. Walter Smith; b. Feb. 12, 1791; d. Oct. 13, 1867; m. Betsey San- 

•1028. II. Alfred; b. June 8, 1793; d. 1880; m. 1st, Lavlnia White; m. 2nd, 
Harriet Valentine. 

•1029. III. Mary [Polly]; b. July 29, 1795; d. Dec. 8, 1858; m. Solomon 

1030. IV. Thomas Smith; b. April 21, 1798; d. young. 

1031. V. Ix>retta; b. March 20, 1801; m. Hiram L. Sturtevant. 

•1032. VI. Isaac Dicliinson; b. June 14, 1803; d. Feb. 7. 1870; m. Ruth 

1038. VII. Samuel; b. June 14, 1812; was living 1854 In Bedford. 

•1034. VIII. John Addison; b. Dec. 4, 1816; d. July 23, 1891; m. Bmily B. 
Lyon (No. 1026). 

445. VI. 188. SAMUEL" LYON [SamueP, Roger*, John', John^ 
Thomas'], born April 11. 1787; died at North Castle, July 26, 1860. 
Will dated May 13, 1848; probated White Plains, Oct. 5, 1860; ex- 
ecutors, son Samuel A. Lyon, John A. Lyon, Job Sand, He received 
in his father's will land at North Castle. He married Feb. 23, 1809, 
Rosalinda Fowler, born July 20, 1791; d. Dec. 19, 1844; daughter of 
Moses and Ada (Crane) Fowler. 

Children of Samuel and Rosalinda (Fowler) Lyon: 
•1035. I. Lonisa Florette; b. May 24, 1810; d. Dec. 31. 1880; m. Jacob 

•1036. II. Osmond Cnstis; b. April 28, 1812; d. Jan. 3, 1891; m. Martha 
Lavlnia Lyon (No. 1055). 

1037. III. John Addison; b. June 29, 1814; d. Aug. 28, 1823. 
^ 1038. IV. Mary Narclssa; b. July 29, 1816; d. May 17, 1884; m. Horace B. 

Sarles, of Osslnlng; children: 1. Addison; 2. Samuel Dewitt. 

1030. V. Frederick W.; b. April 4, 1818; d. April 5, 1818. 
•1040. VI. Rosalinda Catherine; b. Feb. 28, 1819; d. Dec. 13, 1891; m. 
Edwin Knapp. 

1041. VII. Samuel Augustus [called Augustus]; b. April 24, 1821; bapt. 
Cong'l Chh. Stanwlch, Nov. 4, 1822; d. Feb. 28, 1895, lived on his father's home- 
stead. § 

1042. VIIL Ann Augusta; b. Feb. 17, 1823; unm. 

•1043. IX. Henrietta Caroline; b. April 13, 1825; d. Feb. 7, 1895; m. 
Elnathan Todd. 

•1044. X. John Newton; b. July 19, 1828; d. April 11. 1885; m. Julia E. 

{This homestead was on the eastern shore of Byram Lake which Ilea in th» 
^ north-eastern part /of l,he town of North Castle (Hist. Westchester Co.). 

>C %Lt^(^£^^ Cjc^i CX-i^<^i (yt-yL-O (ytQL-t^^C}^, ^Qt^^xJ-Jt-^ , ^Lm^kX^O 


448. VI. 189. GARRETTSON» LYON [Gilbe^t^ Roger*, John*. 
John^ Thomas^], born about 1795; died in New York City about 1862. 
H-e was a wheelwright. In 1820 his address was 67 Varick St. He 
married Feb. 8, 1817, Hannah Anderson Carhart, daughter of Hach- 
aliah and Margaret (Anderson) Carhart. She was b. March 22, 1795; 
d. Nov. 13, 1877, buried Anderson Cemetery, King St., Rye. Letter of 
adm. of estate Jan. 14, 1878 to son Nathan E. Lyon. 

Children of Garrettson and Hannah A. (Carhart) Lyon: 

•1046. I. Nathan Emery; b. Jan. 2, 1818; d. July 7, 1886; m. Catherine B. 

•1046. II. Albert; b. Aug. 21, 1821; d. Oct. 24, 1881; m. Harriet N. Van Zlle. 

•1047. III. WlUlam Edwin; b. Feb. 8, 1824; d. May 15, 1900; m. Jane A. 

1048. IV. Addison; b. Dec. 14, 1825; d. In Infancy. 

1049. V. Marg:aret; b. June 1827; d. In Infancy. 

1050. VI. Gilbert; b. May 28, 1828. 

•1061. VII. Warren; b. Nov. 2, 1829; m. 1st, Mary A. Ferguson; m. 2nd, 
Lucy Atkins. 

•1058. VIII. Elmira; b. Aug. 2, 1832; m. Matthew T. Rooke. 

453. VI. 189. DAVID W.« LYON [Gilbert', Roger*, John», John*, 
Thomas'], born in 1790; died at White Plains N. Y., Jan. 2, 1843, ae. 
52 y. He married Martha Shute, born 1790; died White Plains, May 
14, 1871, ae. 81; daughter of Gilbert and Lavinia Shute of Eastchester. 

Children of David W. and Martha (Shute) Lyon: 

1063. I. Gilbert Shnte; was County Treasurer Westchester Co. 1866-72; 
d. April 7, 1879; unm. 

1064. II. Harriet Amelia; d. April 3, 1877; unm. 

1065. III. Martha I/avinia; b. 1824; d. White Plains, N. Y., July 1, 1901 ; 
m. Osmond C. Lyon (No. 1036). 

1056. IV. Caroline A.; d. July 19, 1905; unm. 
•1067. V. Sarah; m. Christian Morgan. 
1058. VI. Mary M.; d. Dec. 22, 1887; unm. 

454. VI. 189. JESSE" LYON [Gilbert^, Roger*, John», John', 
Thomas'], born Feb. 15, 1798; died Dec. 25, 1879. Will dated Dec. 
13, 1869; probated New York, Feb. 14, 1880; executor, son Darius. 
Jesse lived at West Farms and Eastchester. He was Town Clerk and 
Supervisor of Eastchester, and member of New York Assembly, second 

district, Westchester Co.^ 1856. He married Sarah Ann ; 

died Feb. 8, 1888. Adm. of estate West Plains, March 19, 1888 to son 

Son and only child of Jesse and Sarah Ann ( ) Lyon: 

•1059. I. Darius; b. April 23, 1822; d. Mar. 9, 1896. 


457. VI. 195. LEWIS" LYON [Jam•es^ James*, John', John', 
Thon:as'] born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 4, 1775 (Bible Record) (date 
also given Oct. 2, 1774); died March 17, 1844; ae. 69 y. 5 m. 15 d., 
buried in Episcopal Churchyard, Greenwich. He was a cooper and lived 

in New York City. He married Mary ; b. 1776; died Oct. 20, 

1846, ae. 70 y.; buried in Episcopal Churchyard, Greenwich. 

Children of Lewis and Mary ( ) Lyon: 

1060. I. Susan M.; b. Jan. 28, 1801; d. Aug. 12, 1838. 

1061. II. Jarvls (?); b. 1805; d. June 30, 1842. 

1062. III. Catherine F.; b. 1812; d. Jan. 30, 1845. 

459. VI. 195. JAMES' LYON [James^ James*, John", John^ 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., May 2, 1778; baptized Aug. 23, 1780, 
St. Johns Chh.; died May 19, 1830; buried in Episcopal Cemetery, 
Greenwich. He lived in New York City, 49 Essex St. March 8, 1810, 
James Lyon and wife Catherine sold property at 21 Essex St., to 
Talman Pugsley of Westchester Co. James married 1797 Catherine 
Ware, born Sept. 18, 1779; died Nov. 20, 1869; ae. 90 y. 2 m. 2 d.; 
buried in Episcopal Cemetery, Greenwich. Will dated Jan. 9, 1861; 
probated New York, Dec. 20, 1869. 

Children of Jamea and Catherine (Ware) Lyon: 
•1063. I. Eliza Ann; b. July 4, 1799; d. Feb. 24, 1870; m. John Emmons. 

1064. ri. Harriet Jarvis; b. March 16. 1804; d. Dec. 30, 1805. 
•1065. III. William Lewis; b. Aug. 25. 1808; d. New Orleans, June 30, 
1858; m. Catherine Mead. 

1066. IV. Louisa Catherine; b. May 15, 1812; res. (1905) 268 Hewes St.. 
Brooklyn, N Y. ; unm. 

•1067. V. Jane Adelia; b. July 9, 1816; d. July 20, 1854; m. her cousin, 
Daniel B. Merrltt (No. 1075). 

1068. VI. Jalnes; b. Jan 3, 1820; d. Jan. 22, 1844; unm. 

460. VI. 195. SAMUEL" MARVIN LYON [James', James*, 
John', John^ Thomas'], born Greenwich April 23, 1780; baptized St. 
Johns Episcopal Chh., Aug. 23, 1780; d. about 1818. He lived in New 
York City. In 1807 he served in the Third Regiment Artillery, Charles 
Snowden commanding. He married Catherine Cole, born Nov. 12, 1786; 
died Staten Island, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1831. 

Children of Samuel M. and Catherine (Cole) Lyon: 
•1069. I. Catherine Cole; b. Oct. 27, 1806; d. April 12, 1893; m. Walter W. 

•1070. II. AbigaU Cole; b. Dec. 30, 1809; d. Aug. 5. 1846; m. Henry Cole. 
1071. IIL Mary Simmons; b. Dec. 20, 1815; d. Nov. 19, 1903; m. Oct. 12, 
1837, James Johnson; no living descendants. 


461. VI. 195. NANCY MARVIN* LYON (HUSTED) [James', 
James*, John^ John=, Thomas'], born April 15, 1780; died Aug. 13, 1861, 
ae. 81 y. 3 m. 29 d.; buried Cong'l Churchyard, Greenwich, Conn. She 
married (before 1807) Drake, son of Abraham and Hannah (Knapp) 
Husted.t He was born in 1779 and died Aug. 17, 1838, ae. 59 y. 4 m. 
18 d.; buried Cong'l Churchyard, Greenwich. 

Children of Drake and Nancy M. (Lyon) Husted : 

1071a. I. Joseph Burtis; m. Jennette Moseman. 

1071b. II. Sarah; m. Augustus Mead. 

1071c. III. Israel; d. ae. 21. 

1071d. IV. Betsey; d. ae. 19. 

1071e. V. William Aogrnstns; b. April 13, 1818; d. Aug. 2, 1856; m. Jan. 
13, 1839, Nancy Eliza Husted. 

463. VI. 195. SARAH' LYON (MERRITT) James', James*. 
John', John-, Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., March 23, 1782; died 
July 8, 1844. She married May 9, 1807, Capt. Daniel Merritt, son of 
Ebenezer and Cynthia (Miller) Merritt of Greenwich, born Greenwich, 
Oct. 19, 1784 (T. R.); died April 30, 1849. Will dated Sept. 26, 1848; 
probated May 17, 1849 at Stamford; executors, sons Joseph G. and 
Daniel B. Merritt. 


Children of Daniel and Sarah (Lyon) Merritt: 

1072. I. Willis Jarvi^; b. Feb. 16, 1810; m. Mary H. Mead (b. Feb. 2, 

1810; d. April 20, 1868). /// ^l^ . ^ ^^ /^-z^<i^.. i-fe^ Oerc^< ^, / C. / i^*-- 

1073. II. Joseph G.; m. a daughter of John Pease. (\^^^,:^c < (xytu^ JJ ' ^ 

1074. III. Snsan A. E.; b. Feb. 6, 1814; d. Aug. 26, 1884; i^l Edw'ard* ^*^ ''"^ '^*- 
Mead (b. June 12, 1819; d. Oct. 28. 1885, son of Robert and Prudence Mead). /^ ,cr%~^ <^ r 
A dau. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1839, res. Greenwich (151 West Putnam ^ /" 
Ave.); m. Jan 11, 1860 Seaman Mead, son of Col. Thomas X. and Hannah ^W* o <f--« 
(Seaman) Mead; children: 1. Susan Hannah, b. Sept. 28, 1861; 2. Louisa Merritt, *" 

b. Sept. 24, 1863; 3. Thomas Amos, b. Sept. 30, 1870; m. Sept. 19, 1894, May ^iU.,L^ O • 
Belle Roys of Brooklyn N. Y, ; 4. Amelia Willis, b. Sept. 9, 1873; 5. Seaman ZV ^ /CA-^- 

Mott, b. Aug. 2, 1877; m. April 10, 1901, Edith Vaughn Parker of Hawthorne. C f • / /. 

Greenwich. Conn., [ch. ; (a) Richard Vaughn, b. Jan. 18, 1902, d. Feb. 20, 1902; /t^*t_^ c*. t 
(b) Helen Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1903]; 6. Edward, b. March 23, 1883; d. April tJ^ 'J /O 

1075. IV. Daniel B.; m. Jane Adelia Lyon (No. 1067). ' ° ^( ^ '""< , •X-C-^.t 

1076. V. Cynthia W.; b. Jan. 12, 1818; d. Feb. 19, 1827. V^' ' *^< ' 2 <^^^«t<J^ 

1077. VI. Caleb W.; b. 1822; m. Phebe Ann Husted. '''^'F^ ^t fc^S.^^ /(/c^^ 

1078. VII. Theodore; b. Nov. 15, 1823; d. Feb. 12, 1892; insane and In a /iJ t Jj^ 
retreat at Hartford. ^ <" ^ 1^ i^^C^ * 

1079. VIII. Sarah I,.; m. after 1848, Elnathan Husted. £^"2 ^j(/<i^4l'^ 

1080. IX. Cynthia W.; b. Nov. 21, 1829: d. March 24, 1891; m. ^ter ^1848, -^ ''^°< ^ 
Rev. Rufus Putney. /^^, ^, ,; Z^.-. .t Ki^'^*-* 

— ^f- ^, i<^ I * t./ / J / ^ ^ 

tAbraham* Husted, b. May 29, 1739 [David*, Joseph', Angel', Robert*].^ 
Hannah Knapp, daughter of Israel and Mary (Lyon) Knapp 

Knapp, daughter of Israel and Mary (Lyon) Knapp. ^ / 


464. VI. 195. AUGUSTUS' LYON [James', James*, John*, John*, 
Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 19, 1789; died June 10, 1861; 
buried in Cong'I Churchyard, Greenwich. Will dated Nov. 29, 1860, 
probated Greenwich. For many years Augustus kept a hotel at Green- 
wich (Horseneck). He married Dec. 7, 1820, Sarah Amanda Mills, 
born Jan. 18, 1799; died Aug. 1, 1863; buried in Cong'I Churchyard. 
Will dated Feb. 17, 1863; mentions "mother, Mary Mills;" executor, 
William Vooris. 

Children of Augustus and Sarah A. (Mills) Lyon: 

1081. I. Samuel A.; m. Elizabeth Acker. 

1082. II. Josephine; unm. 

1083. III. Sarah A.; m. Eli W. Perry. 

1084. IV. Susan E.; m. "William Vooris, of New York; a son, A. M. res. 

1085. V. Mary Frances; b. 1823; d. 1891; m. William [or Abraham] Acker, 
b. 1821; d. 1888, both buried in Cong'I Churchyard, Greenwich; a son, Augustus 
Lyon, d. ae. 5 y. 8 ra. 

478. VI. 197. MARTHA' LYON (CLEAR) [David», James*, 
John», John=, Thomas'], born 1785; died 1850, ae. 64 y. 8 m. 18 d. She 
married Capt. Michael Clear, born April 10, 1783; d. May 28, 1858, 
ae. 75 y. 1 m., 18 d. He was a Captain in the U. S. navy and was in 
command of a brig that was captured by the British Frigate Guerriere, 
and which was, in a short time afterwards, captured by the U. S. 
Frigate Constitution (old Ironsides) with the prize. 

480. VI. 197. BETSEY' LYON (RODERMAN) [David», James*. 
John*, John^ Thomas'], married Roderman. 

Children of and Betsey (Lyon) Roderman. 

1086. I. Maria; m. Justus Rich. 

1087. II. Martha; m. William Marvin. 

1088. III. Sarah; m., as his 2nd wife, Jacob Weed, hotel keeper at Horse- 

483. VI. 198. HANNAH' LYON (MERRITT) [DanieP, James*, 
John», John^ Thomas'], born Dec. 25, 1775; died May 4, 1861; buried 
in Merritt burying ground. Weaver St. She married Daniel, son of 

Solomon and (Lyon) Merritt, born March 28, 1772; died Dec. 

14, 1844, ae. 72 y. 9 m.. Id. (?); buried in Merritt burying ground. 

Children of Daniel and Hannah (Lyon) Merritt: 

1089. I. Daniel; m. Eliza Collins. 

1090. II. Cyntlda W.; b. 1800; d. May 30, 1850; m. Samuel Minor. 


1091. III. Phebe; b. March 9, 1804; d. Oct. 16, 1881; m. Nehemlah Mead 
(b. Aug. 4, 1800; d. Feb. 16, 1881). 

1092. IV. Ebenezer; b. July 9, 1808; d. Dec. 28, 1857; m. Lena Ann Bogart 
(b. Nov. 18, 1808; d. July 4, 1859). 

1093. V. Henry; b. Aug. 4, 1811; d. July 8, 1881; m. Sarah A. Mead. 
lOM. VI. L>oretta; b. Jan. 13, 1813; m. Gilbert Marshall. 

484. VI. 198. LEVINIA" LYON (BROOKS) [DanieP, James*. 
John', John^ Thomas'], born March 15, 1780; died Oct. 28, 1865. She 
married Henry Sands Brooks, born 1772; died New York City, Dec. 23, 
1833; son of Dr. David and Hannah (Sands) Brooks. Will dated Dec. 
31, 1827; probated New York, Jan. 23, 1834; executors, wife Levinia, 
sons Henry and Daniel H. He established the firm of Brooks Brothers, 
Clothiers, Catherine St. New York City. 

Children of Henry S. and Lavinia (Lyon) Brooks: 

1095. I. David; b. June 11, 1803; d. Aug. 27, 1805. 

1096. II. Henry; b. Aug. 13, 1806; d. May 5, 1850; m. 1st, April 22, 1829, 

Lucy Corda Holmes (b. Sept. 6, 1812; d. Sept. 25, 1832); m. 2nd, Peck; m. 

3rd, Cook. 

1097. III. Daniel Hamilton; b. March 6, 1809; d. March 1, 1884; m. Cather- 
ine Ann Reynolds. 

1098. IV. Ann Amelia; m. July 29, 1820, Augustus H. Sands. 

1099. V. John; b. Jan. 1. 1813; d. Feb. 17, 1899; m. March 16, 1834, Ann 
Eliza Moseman. 

1100. VI. £li8ha; b. June 15, 1815; d. Oct. 10, 1876; m. 1st, Louisa Randall; 
m. 2nd, Matilda Randall. 

1101. VII. Hannali; m. Albert R. Mount. 
1103. VIII. Benjamin; d. young. 

1103. IX. Edward Sands; b. Dec. 15, 1821; d. April 25, 1875; m. in New 
York City Adeline M. Leveridge (b. 1823; d. June 9, 1902). 

1104. X. Lauretta; m. William E. Howell. 

485. VI. 198. ELIZABETH" LYON (BANKS) [DanieP, James«, 
John*, John*, Thomas']; died before 1817. She married Abraham 
Banks, b. Nov. 16, 1791; died Sept. 13, 1822; ae. 30 y., 9 m., 27 d.; 
son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lyon) Banks. 

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth (Lyon) Banks: 

1105. I. Daniel. 

1106. II. Joseph. 

1107. in. Mary; m. before 1817, Rev. Daniel Baker, a Methodist Minister. 

496. VI. 201. MARY" LYON (HUSTED) [Benjamin', James*, 
John^ John=, Thomas'], born Feb. 19, 1789; died Sept. 22, 1876, ae. 87 
y. 7 m. 3 d. She married about 1807, William H. Husted, born March 
28, 1784; d. Oct. 23, 1837, son of Abraham and Hannah (Knapp) 


Husted. Both buried in Putnam Cemetery, Greenwich, Conn. See 
note 21 in appendix. 

Children of William H. and Mary ((Lyon) Husted: 

1108. I. Benjamin W.; b. Jan. 15, 1808; m. Dec. 24, 1827, Rachel Peck 
Lyon (No. 875). 

1109. II. Israel. 

1110. III. Hannah; m. Husted Hobby. 

1111. IV. Phebe Ann; m. Caleb Willis Merritt. 

1112. V. David; m. Elizabeth K. Smith. 

1113. VI. William H. 

497. VI. 201. BENJAMIN" WOOLSBY LYON [Benjamin W.», 
James*. John*, John-, Thomas'], born 1794; d. 1826; adm. of estate 
June 21, 1826, to James Lyon and W. H. Husted; inventory July 1, 
1826, at Stamford. He married Deborah Reynolds, born June 12, 1797; 
d. Feb. 1887; daughter of Capt. Shubael Reynolds of Byram Bridge. 

Children of Benjamin W. and Deborah (Reynolds) Lyon: 

1114. I. Mary; b. March 12, 1821; m. James Green; Ch. : 1. Robert; 2. 
Iiucretia; 3. Mary; 4. Alice; 5. Charles; 6. Lizzie. 

1115. II. Sarah; b. 18 22; m. Stowe. 

*1116. IIL liorreta; b. March 2, 1823; d. Nov. 1, 1891; m. John P. Peck. 

1117. IV. Hannah; b, Dec. 20, 1825; d. Feb. 15. 1896. 

1118. V. Abby Jane; b. July 15. 1827. 

498. VI. 201. JAMES" LYON [Benjamin W.°, James*, John*, 
John^ Thomas'], born Nov. 13, 1795; died Feb. 8, 1844; buried at Byram 
Point. He married Mary Peck, born Oct. 27, 1801; died at Genoa, N. 
Y., Sept. 22, 1834; buried at Byram Point; daughter of Joseph and Mary 
(Palmer) Peck. 

Children of James and Mary (Peck) Lyon: 

1119. I. Mary M. ; b. 1823; d. Jan. 2, 1889; m. Augustus Abendroth. 
•1120. II. David Merritt; b. 1825; d. July 23, 1891; m. Lavinla Moseman. 

1121. III. Hannah; b. Feb. 22, 1827; d. Oct. 29, 1832. 

1122. IV. Phebe; m. Washington Hyatt. 

499. VI. 201. DANIEL" LYON [Benjamin W.^ James*, John*, 
John^ Thomas'], born May 28, 1798; d. Jan. 10, 1886; buried at Byram 
Point Cemetery. He married Ann Eliza Davis, born Dec. 16, 1798; 
d. Aug. 26, 1840; buried Byram Point Cemetery; daughter of Walter 
and Ruth (Ferris) Davis. 

Children of Daniel and Ann Eliza (Davis) Lyon: 
1128. I. Carolina M.; m. Sherman Smith. 


1124. II. Amy M.; b. Feb. 1822; d. May 5, 1898; m. June 6, 1864, Chauncey 
Rawson (widower of No. 1128). 

•1125. III. Benjamin W.; b. June 16, 1824; d. Oct. 7, 1897; m. Derlnda 

1126. IV. Thomas M.; b. 1826; d. Byram Shore, Aug. 26, 1903, in 77th 
year; m. Hannah . 

1127. V. Daniel; b. March 4, 1828; d. Oct. 7, 1888. 

•1128. VI. Ann Eliza; b. 1830; d. 1863; m. Chauncey Rawson. 

1129. VII. Mary Adeline; b. Jan. 20, 1832; d. Aug. 26, 1888; unm. 

•1130. VIII. William Husted; m. ; d. May 14, 1878, ae. 48. 

1131. IX. Phebe A.; unm.. res. Bryam Road, Port Chester, N. Y. 

500. VI. 201. THOMAS M.« LYON [Benjamin W.^ James«, 
John^ John^ Thomas'], born 1803; died July 9, 1860; ae. 57. He was 
a clothier in New London. He was of age Aug. 9, 1826 at settlement 
of estate of his father. Feb. 20, 1852, he and his wife Sarah deeded 
land, 77-82 Cherry St., to William A. Mead. Oct. 28, 1856 Thomas M. 
Lyon and wife Sarah, of New London, deeded land in Hempstead, 
bought April 22, 1840. He married Sarah Backus. After his death 
she removed with the children to Port Chester. 

Children of Thomas M and Sarah (Backus) Lyon: 

1132. I. Ellen (?); b. 1824; d. July 15, 1849, ae. 25. 
•1133. II. Frederick. 

1134. III. Arthur; res. Standish, Conn. 

1135. IV. James; res. New York City; m. — ■ RoUhaus. 

1136. V. Charles; b. May 14, 1838; d. Nov. 14, 1874; ae. 36 y., 6 m., d., 
m. Abendroth. 

1137. VI. Archibald. 

503- VI. 204. DANIEL' LYON [John", Gilbert*, John», John', 
Thomas'] of New York City, died May 1837; will dated May 1, 1837, 
probated New York May 25, 1837; executors, Robert Bogardus, M. 
Quackenbush. He was keeper of the City prison. He was twice mar- 
ried, but only the given name (Rachel) of his second wife is known. 

Children of Daniel Lyon by first wife: 

1138. I. Mary Ann; m. Halsted P. Fowler; son Harry, d. infant. Aug. 
17, 1858. 

1139. II. Joseph B. ; of Long Ridge, Fairfield, Conn., d. April 1854; adm. 
Sept. 19, 1854 to Halsted P. Fowler, at New York City. 

Children of Daniel and Rachel ( ) Lyon: 

1140. III. James Madison. 

1141. IV. Rachel Ann; m. Llndeman, from Germany. 

505. VI. 204. MARY" LYON (PECK) [John», Gilbert*, John», 


John*, Thomas'], married William H. Peck, born Oct. 28, 1804; son 
of Frederick and Hannah Lockwood Peck of Greenwich. 

Children of William H. and Mary (Lyon) Peck: 

1142. I. Mary E.; b. Dec. 17, 1832; m. James Donnelly. 

1143. II. Sarah S.; b. Sept. 30. 1834. 

1143a. III. Hannah M.; b. Oct. 17, 1840; m. Henry Herbert. 

1144. IV. John W.; b. Oct. 29, 1842. 

1145. V. Moses; b. Dec. 24, 1844. 

1146. VI. George; b. Sept. 16, 1847. 

508. VI. 205. FLOYD« LYON [DanieP, Gilbert*, John', John=, 
Thomas'], born Byram, Dec. 3, 1790; removed to Pennsylvania. He 
married 1st, Dec. 25, 1821, Sarah, daughter of Elnathan (No. 213) and 
Anna (Merritt) Mead. She was born May 30, 1792; d. June 26, 1841, 
ae. 49 y. m. 27d; buried at Byram. He married second Laura J. 

Children of Floyd and Sarah (Mead) Lyon: 

1147. I. WUliam B.; b. Oct. 28, 1822; m. Mary Jane Pepper (b. 1818; d. 
Aug. 25, 1841). 

1148. II. Henry Sanford; b. Sept. 9, 1827; res. New Milford, Pa. 

•1149. III. Julia Ann; b. Jan. 30, 1830; d. July 17, 1889; m. Capt. Edward 

Son of Floyd and Laura J. (Reynolds) Lyon: 

1150. IV. Arthur. 

509. VI. 205. MARY" LYON (ROBBINS) [Daniel', Gilbert*, 
John', John^ Thomas'], married William Robbins, a blacksmith, who 
worked for David Lyon. 

Children of William and Mary (Lyon) Robbins: 

1151. I. Georgre A. 

1152. II. John; Captain N. T. Police, 1890. 

Gilbert*, John', John^ Thomas'], born Oct. 21, 1800; died Dec. 26, 1855; 
buried at Byram. She married Oct. 28, 1818, Capt. William Robinson, 
born July 16, 1795; died June 17, 1828. His ship was taken by pirates 
and all on board but the mate murdered. 

Children of William and Charlotte (Lyon) Robinson: 

1153. I. WUUam S.; b. Feb. 21, 1824; d. Jan. 21, 1825. 

1154. II. Charlotte A. 

1155. III. William J.; m. Sarah Murdock; 2. ch., one John M. Bobinson of 
New York City; address (1905) Mills Building. 


526. VI. 217. THOMAS' LYON [SamueP, Thomas*, Thomas*. 
Thomas^ Thomas'], of Ridge St. and Park Mill road, was born 1792 
and died March 21, 1873; buried in the Union Cemetery at Rye, N. Y. 
Adm. of estate April 14, 1873 to daughter Mary W. Purdy. He mar- 
ried Mary Totten of King St., Rye, born 1798; died Sept. 21, 1821; 
buried in Union Cemetery, Rye. 

Daughter of Thomas and Mary (Totten) Lyon: 
•1156. I. Mary W.; d. Jan. 11, 1905; m. Isaac Hart Purdy. 

531. VI. 218. JONATHAN* LYON [Thomas^ Thomas*, Thomas*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 13, 1792; died Feb. 29, 1820; buried in 
Union Cemetery, Rye, N. Y. Adm. of estate March 17, 1820 to widow 
Olivia Lyon. He lived on the Merritt place. Hog Pen Bridge. He 
married Olivia Lyon (No. 365), born Nov. 5, 1797; died April 5, 1868; 
buried at Rye; daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Mills) Lyon. (She 
married second Jonathan Sherwood; see No. 365). 

Son and only child of Jonathan and Olivia (Lyon) Lyon: 

1157. I. Thomas; b. Feb. 18, 1818; d. July 21, 1835. 

bill'*, Andrew*, Thomas', Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Rye, N. Y. 
She was married Dec. 28, 1818 to Hezekiah Belden, son of Rev. Joshua 
and Honoria (Goodrich) (Whiting) BeldenJ of Newington. He was 
born Feb. 17, 1778, grad. of Yale 1796, a merchant in New Haven. After 
his wife's death he removed to Richmond, Va. where he was a con- 
tractor for mails 1823-1842. He returned to Wethersfield, Conn, where 
he became Town clerk. He died March 22, 1849, ae. 71. 

Children of Hezekiah and Harriet H. (Lyon) Belden: 

1158. I. George Hubertus; b. New Haven, Oct. 12, 1819; In 1846 engineet 
on N. T. and Erie R. R. 

1159. II. Mary Honoria; b. New Haven, Sept. 26, 1821; m. Colt. 

543. VI. 233. SARAH BUDD' LYON (PARSONS) [UnderhilP, 
Andrew*, Thomas', Thomas^^ Thomas'], born at Rye, N. Y. about 1790; 
died Aug. 21, 1868. She married Jan. 21, 1819, Rev. Isaac Parsons; 
born Southampton Mass.; grad. Yale 1811; Andover Seminary 1814; 
pastor East Haddam, Conn. 1816-1856. 

tHezekiah' Belden (Joshua'*, Silas*, Jonathan', John^ Richard^) was a descen- 
dant of the Immigrant Richard Belden, who settled at Wethersfield, Conn. 1641. 


Children of Isaac and Sarah B. (Lyon) Parsons: 

1160. I. Mary; b. Dec. 3, 1821; d. Oct. 1856; m. S. E. Swift, M. D. of 
Colchester, Conn; 3 ch. Theodore, George and Edward. 

1161. II. Harriet; b. April 12, 1823; m. 1847 Rev. Warren C. Fiske of 
Walcott, Conn; 4 ch. ; Henry, d. young, Isaac, Sarah and William. 

1162. III. Sarah; d. young. 

1163. IV. Henry M.g; b. Nov. 13. 1828; m. Jan. 16, 1855, Mary B. Dudley; 
5 ch . ; Ella, Jessie, Emma, Howard, and Walter. 

1164. V. Elizabeth; b. June 15, 1830; m. Nov. 1847; Zachariah Cone of 
East Haddam, Conn. ; 5 ch. ; Jennie, Mary, Alice, Elizabeth, Xewton. 

548i. VI. 238. JESSE' LYONS [Jesse', Samuel*, Samuel', 
Thomas^ Thomas'], bom Oct. 20, 1820; died at Marlboro, N. Y. Aug. 
6, 1893. He purchased his farm in Marlboro in 1854; was supervisor 
Marlboro 1862-1871; member of Methodist Episcopal Church. He mar- 
ried first Electa Rhodes, born 1822; died 1841, ae. 19 (first cousin on 
his mother's side). He married second, Jan. 15, 1844, Mary Jane 
Anderson, bom at Milton, N. Y. 1822; died at Milton Aug. 30, 1849. 

She was daughter of John and Jane Anderson. He married 

third Catherine Maria Anderson, sister of his second wife. She died 
about May 27, 1852 and he married as his fourth wife Hannah Ann 
Rhodes, a cousin of his first wife. She survived him, her will dated 
Feb. 29, 1895, probated May 9, 1895. 

Daughter of Jesse and Electa (Rhodes) Lyons: 
1164a. I. Mary Eliza; b. and d. 1841. 

Children of Jesse and Mary Jane (Anderson) Lyons: 
•1164b. II. Mary Anna; b. Nov. 4, 1844; m. Joseph Romer Woolsey. 
1164c. III. John Woolsey; b. Sept, 6, 1846; m. Antoinette Woolsey; res. 
Milton, N. T. 

Son of Jesse and Catherine Maria (Anderson) Lyons: 

1164d. IV. Theron; b. April 13, 1852; m. ; rem. to Iowa; children: 

son Jesse and two daughters. 

Children of Jesse and Hannah Ann (Rhodes) Lyons: 

1164e. v. Emma F.; b. June 1853; d. March 1907; unm. 

1164f. VI. Charles Samuel; b. Jan. 1854; m. Elizabeth Blrdsall; a son 

1164g. VII. Phebe Ann; b. June 1856; m. Charles Bilbey; res Poughkeepsle, 
N. T. 

1164h. VIII. Jesse Gerow; b. Sept. 1857; m. Hannah Stone; res in Conn.; 
one daughter 

1164i. IX. Amelia; b. Aug. 1858; m. Luther E. Coverly; res. Marlboro, 
N. T. 

1164J. X. Catherine; d. in infancy. 

iGrad. Yale 1848; Theological Institute 1854; Pastor 1st. Cong'l Chh. Spring- 
field, Mass. 1854; Associate Pastor Union Chh. (Columbia Ave.) Boston 1870. 


1164k. XI. Edward Ketchuin; b. Feb. 1863; m. Adelaide Berriam; res. 
Newark, N. J. ; a son Guy. 

11641. XII. William Gedney; twin bro. of E3dward; m. Ada Mackey; res. in 
Conn. ; two daughters. 

1164in. XIII. Catherine; b. July 1866; m. Eldorus Dayton; res. Marlboro 
N. T. 

1164n. XIV. Harriett Dewitt; b. Dec. 1868; m. Sherman Hasbrouck; res. 
Newburgh, N. Y. 

1164o. XV. Ernest Underliiil; b. Jan. 1871; m. Mary Fredenburgh; res. 
Cold Spring, N. Y. ; a son Perry and several children. 

1164p. XVI. Grace; b. March 1874; m. Cameron Simpson; res. Newark, 
N. J. 

557. VI. 242. SAMUEL MORRELL» LYON [Nehemiah», Nehe- 
miah*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Rye, N. Y, July 3, 1796; 
died June 4, 1830. He married, Sept. 20, 1817, Charlotte Osborn; born 
Nov. 1, 1798; died Feb. 13, 1857. 

Children of Samuel M. and Charlotte (Osborn) Lyon: 

•1165. I. Anne £lizabetli; b Mar. 5, 1818; d. June 27, 1852; m. Edward 

•1166. II. Elsie Onderdonk; b. Jan. 11. 1820; d. Jan. 28, 1883; m. 1st. Wil- 
liam Crawford; m. 2nd. Edward Hincken. 

•1167. III. Charlotte MatUda; b. Oct. 26, 1822; d. Jan. 17. 1S52; m. Robert 

•1168. IV. Ithamer Osborn; b. July 18, 1825; m. Alelaide J. Parkes. 
•1169. V. Mary L«uise; b. Jan. 1«, 1828; d. Dec. 31, 1880; m. James Harvey 
Brundage . 

566. VI. 244. WILLIAM" LYON [Alvan», Benjamin*, Samuel*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 25, 1785; died Dec. 2, 1862. He mar- 
ried Millie Hunter, daughter of John and Tamar ( ) Hunter; 

she died May 28, 1859 (Chappaqua Rec.). 

Children of William and Millie (Hunter) Lyon: 
•1170. I. Hyatt; b. July 1, 1806; d. Aug. 7, 1880; m. 1st. Ann Fowler; m. 
2nd. Caroline Kerr; m. 3rd. Jennie C. Sutton. 

•1171. II. Edgar H.; b. Oct. 24, 1813; d. Aug. 15. 1858; m. Emma F. Corsen. 
•1172. III. Caleb; b. Feb. 4, 1819; m. Mary Ann Freeland. 
1173. IV. Mary Jane; b. Oct. 3, 1823; d. 1896; m. 1842 Tristram Conklin of 

Chappaqua; ch. : 1. Augustus T.; 2. Addie (d. Sept. 11, 1864); 3 . 

•1174. V. Margaret; b. May 1, 1825; d. Oct. 20, 1902; m. Augustus Acker. 
1175. VI. Ophelia; b. Oct. 29, 1829; m. Israel Haines; ch. Mary and others. 

567^ VI. 244. SAMUEL" LYON [Alvan», Benjamin*, Samuel*, 
Thomas', Thomas'], born June 23, 1789; died July 9, 1874; adm. of 
estate Jan. 13, 1875 to son David R. Lyon and Mary S. Lyon. He mar- 
ried Hannah, daughter of James Dickinson, born Sept. 11, 1797; died 
June 25, 1880; she was blind in 1876. 


Children of Samuel and Hannah (Dickinson) Lyon: 

•1176. I. David K.; b. Jan. 18, 1835; m. 1st. Elizabeth W. Hood; m. 2nd' 
Mrs. Abby Jane Grlffln. 

1177. II. Mary S.; b. 1837; d. Nov. 17, 1876; unm. ; adm. of estate Jan. 31. 
1877 to bro. David R. Lyon. 

568. VI. 244. HANNAH' LYON (FLEWELLYN) [Alvan*. 
Benjamin*, Samuel', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 10, 1791; died 
April 7, 1873. She married Isaiah Flewellyn, born May 26, 1792; d. 
Sept. 14, 1857; son of Robert and Mary (Searler) Flewellyn. 

Children of Isaiah and Hannah (Lyon) Flewellyn: 

1178. I. Barnard; b. Sept. 6, 1813; d. July 17, 1875; m. Jane Sutton. 

1179. II. Mary; b Aug. 1. 1815; res. (1903) 24 Myrtle Ave. Newark. N. J.: 
m. William Putney. 

1180. III. Robert L.; b. Feb. 3, 1818; d. Jan. 7, 1897; m. Elizabeth Putney. 

1181. IV. Caleb; b. March 19. 1820; d. April 11, 1887; m. Charlotte Putney. 

1182. V. Phebe Jane; b. Dec. 10, 1822; d. Dec. 14, 1874; unm. 

1183. VL Sarah A.; b. Sept. 5, 1825; d. March 3, 1899; m. Jacob Smith. 

1184. VII. Hester E.; b. Feb. 13, 1828; living in 1903; m. Jacob Tompkins. 
1186. VIII. Emeline; b. Jan. 13, 1830; d. 1870; m. George Skidmore. 

1186. IX. Rachel; b. Jan. 11, 1832; m. Lewis Finch. 

1187. X. Isaiah; b. March 24, 1834; d. Sept. 16, 1885; m. Esther Fowler. 

^, jn^- 569. VI. 244. BENJAMIN' LYON (Alvan», Benjamin*, Samuel*, 
(..fc i.^ ^ Thomas^ Thomas'], died Feb, 7, 1869. He married Mary Wright. 

, S.^t* Son of Benjamin and Mary (Wright) Lyon: 

•1188. I. John W.; d. 1901, m. Elizabeth Jane 

570. VI. 244. DAVID C." LYON [Alvan", Benjamin*, Samuel*. 
Thomas', Thomas'], born Dec. 4, 1806; died Aug. 3, 1883. He married 
Hannah B, Sutton, b. Oct. 25, 1812; died Oct. 27, 1883 (Chappaqua 
Rec.); daughter of "William and Charlotte (Hunt) Sutton. 

Children of David C. and Hannah B. (Sutton) Lyon: 

1189. I. Theodore; b. Jan. 15, 1837. 

•1190. II. Cordelia C; b. Sept. 5. 1838; d. July 20, 1906; m. J. Theodore 

1191. III. Maria; b. Oct. 17. 1840; m. John Harrlman; res. Yonkers. N. Y. 

1192. IV. Jane; b. June 5, 1843. 

1193. V. Alvan; b. Aug. 4, 1845. 

571. VI. 244. RACHEL' LYON (CONKLIN) [ Alvan', Benjamin*, 
Samuel', Thomas^ Thomas'], born 1807; died 1882. She married in 
1832 James Conklin, born 1809; died April 21, 1859; son of Timothy 
Conklin of Chappaqua, N. Y. 


Children of James and Rachel (Lyon) Conklin: 

1194. I. Mary; b. 1833; d. 1888; m. 1877, Israel Armstrong. 

1195. II. Edward; b. 1837; m. 1863; Abby Jane Thorn. 

1196. III. Alvan; b. 1847; m. Hester Sherwood. 

572. VI. 244. ALVAN' LYON [Alvan», Benjamin*, Samuel*, 
Thomas^, Thomas'], of New York City, born April 19, 1813; died March 
23, 1878. Will dated March 30, 1868; probated New York, April 24, 
1878; executors, wife Sarah and Jacob Huyler. He married Nov. 27, 
1837 Sarah Huyler, born Nov. 7, 1821; died March 29, 1893; daughter 
of John and Eve (Westervelt) Huyler. 

Children of Alvan and Sarah (Huyler) Lyon: 
*1197. I. John Huyler; b. Jan. 15, 1841; m. 1st. Lucy Ann Boddy; m. 2nd. 
Fredricka L. Hennsler. 

•1198. II. Mary Catherine; b. Nov. 23, 1843; d. Nov. 20, 1902; m. Henry 

1199. III. Euphemia Anna; b. Oct. 2, 1850; unm. 

578. VI. 245. JOHN MERRITT" LYON [Samuel», Benjamin*, 
Samuel", Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 9, 1803; d. Sept. 7, 1846; 
buried St. Johns Cemetery, Yonkers. Adm. of estate Jan. 13, 1847, 
New York City, to widow Sarah Jane. He married Sarah Jane 
Garrison, born 1818; died April 19, ;t858; daughter of John and Sarah y f\ 

(Fowler) Garrison. ^c*^c^>^U | •/'^^H. -^V,./v-x, j Xy /^n. r^■** 9- " fj '*'*' ^ 

Children of John M. and Sarah J. (Garrison) Lyon: /•--/- ^ a^x^^/ft^t-^r-^ ^*-*^, 3l 3 

•1200. I. Sarah Ann; b. Sept. 11, 1837; d. Feb. 18, 1885; m. 1st. Levi • P f^ 

Dexter Schermerhorn; m. 2nd. Benjamin Beatty. , ^»«.^_4J^ T> 

•1201. II. Mary Hyatt; m. Andrew Archibald. , ft/ y Q tf SU/tA^ 

604. VI. 256. ELIZA iNN" LYON (LOBDBLL) [Abraham*, *-'*-''^-*' 
Monmouth*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 24, 1793; died Feb. 
8, 1870. She married, Aug. 10, 1813, Nathan Lobdell, born Sept. 19, 
1786; died Sept. 27, 1870; son of Jacob and Betty (Whitney) Lobdell 
of North Salem, N. Y. 

Children of Nathan and Eliza (Lyon) Lobdell: 

1202. L Mary Jane; b. Sept. 17, 1814; m. Jan. 1, 1837, William T. Briggs. 

1203. II. Jacob; b. April 13, 1817; m. 1st. Sept. 26, 1843 Mary Perry Burr; 
m. 2nd. Dec. 24, 1858, Deborah Jane Stevens. 

1204. III. Abigail Frances; b. Jan. 5, 1820; m. Nov. 28, 1841, Clark H. 

1205. IV. Samuel Harvey; b. Aug. 8, 1823; m. Aug. 9, 1844, Nancy Ann 

1206. V. Caroline Blizabeth; b. Jan. 29, 1826; m. Aug. 13, 1857, Allen 


1207. VI. Hiram; b. Oct. 21, 1828; d. Dec. 5, 1870; unm. 

1208. VII. Henry; b. June 8, 1832; m. June 3, 1857, Sarah Bertha Nichols. 

606. VI. 256. DEBORAH* LYON (RIGGS) [Abraham', Mon- 
mouth*, Samuel*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 16, 1798; died Aug. 
23, 1840; married March 22, 1816, Harvey Riggs, born Dec. 9, 1794; 
died of cholera Aug. 9, 1832; son of Miles and Lydia (Northrup) 
Riggs, of North Salem, N. Y. 

Children of Harvey and Deborah (Lyon) Riggs: 

1209. I. James Alonzo; b. Jan. 17, 1817; d. Oct. 22, 1872; m. Nov. 23, 
1836, Charlotte Matilda Lakey. 

1210. II. Lydia; b. Dec. 25, 1819; m. Nov. 28, 1841, James Clark. 

1211. III. Miles; b. May 13, 1821; m. Nov. 19, 1846, Mary Jane Turner. 

1212. IV. Irene Campbell; b. Sept. 7. 1826; m. Oct. 19, 1843, Absolom 

609. VI. 256. ISAAC B.« LYON [Abraham', Monmouth*, Samuel*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 12, 1805; died Sept. 29, 1830; adm. of 
estate Nov. 11, 1830 to uncle David Olmstead. He married Jan. 1, 
1830, Mary, daughter of Augustus Banks. 

Daughter of Isaac B. and Mary (Banks) Lyon: 

1213. I. Sarah A.; b. Feb. 4, 1831; unm. 

611. VI. 256. ABRAHAM UNDBRHILL" LYON [Abraham*, 
Monmouth*, Samuel', Thomas', Thomas'], born Aug. 6, 1809; res. 
Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y.; died Sept. 24, 1878. He married first, 
Jan. 16, 1837, Mary E. Rogers and second, May 23, 1847, Eliza Jane 
Reynolds, widow of Davison. 

Children of Abraham U. and Mary E. (Rogers) Lyon: 

1214. I. WiUiam. 
1216. II Sarah. 

1216. III. Abraham U. 

1217. IV. Charles Augmstus; d. Jan. 3, 1875. 
Children of Abraham U. and Eliza J. (Reynolds) Lyon: 

•1218. V. George Lanison; b. 1848; m. Fannie Mary Crowe. 
1219. VI. Orison Blnnt; d. Dec. 27. 1851. 

614. VI. 257. THOMAS COLLUM* LYON [Monmouth*, 
Sylvanus*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
March 31, 1816; died New York City, June 7, 1895. Of firm Lyon 
Brothers, Merchants, Cortlandt St., New York, 1869. He married Ann 


M. GuioD. born Feb. 15, 1812; died July 3, 1887; daughter of James and 
Tabltha ( ) Guion. 

Children of Thomas C. and Ann M. (Guion) Lyon: 
*1220. I. Monmouth; b. June 10, 1853; m. Mary L. Ford. 
X231. II. Lawrence Ludlow. 
1232. III. Annie M. 

1223. IV. Thomas. 

1224. V. Harriet A.; m. Harry H. Barnes. 

615. VI. 257. SARAH ANN« LYON (SBCOR) [Monmouth', 
Sylvanus*, SamueP, Thomas^, Thomas'], born Mamaroneck, N. Y. Aug. 
31, 1817; died Oct, 29, 1845; buried in Presbyterian Churchyard, 
White Plains. She married, Feb. 24, 1840, Francis Secor, born Jan. 
5, 1810; died May 8, 1855. His great-grandfather was Jonathan G. 
Tompkins, brother of Gov. Daniel D. Tompkins, of New York. He 
was Chairman of the Westchester Board of Supervisors, 1849-1878. 

Son of Francis and Sarah Ann (Lyon) Secor: 

1225. I. Chancey Tompkins, born Dec. 28. 1841; res. Scarsdale. later (1905) 
Mount Vernon, N. Y. Chairman Westchester Co. Board of Supervisors 1883-1905, 
an office previously held by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. 

618. VI. 257. JOHN PESHINE' LYON [Monmouth*, Sylvanus*. 
SamueP, Thomas", Thomas'], born Marmaroneck, N. Y., where he re- 
sided and died, Dec. 11, 1896. He married, Dec. 18, 1849, Amelia Smith, 
born about 1827; res. (1904) Southern California. She was daughter 
of Edward and Hannah ( ) Smith of New York City. 

Children of John P. and Amelia (Smith) Lyon: 

1226. I. Alethea; m. Charles J. Sands; children: 1. £dna; 2. Mar; 3. 

(a son). 

1227. II. Frank; b. May 1855; d. Jan. 20, 1859. 

1228. III. Fannie; d. Oct. 1, 1863. 

•1229. IV. Ida Amanda; b. about 1854; m. Charles H. Requa. 

1230. V. Minnie; m. William Deterle; has children. 

1231. VI. Herbert; m. . 

619. VI. 257. SYLVANUS* LYON [Monmouth^ Sylvanus*, 
SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Mamaroneck, Westchester Co., N. 
Y. May 7, 1826. He has resided many years in Springfield, N. J.; 
and has an enviable record as a public-spirited citizen and philan- 
thropist. He organized the Prisoners' Aid Society; raised seventy-five 
thousand dollars to build the Christian House for Intemperate Men; 
was one of the organizers of the Antimonopoly League in 1878, whose 



object was to secure equal rights for labor and capital; he Is best 
known as the efficient president of the Moderation Society of New 
York City, which is doing a splendid work for the submerged tenth 
in the city, the supplying of ice water in summer, of flowers to the sick, 
being items illustrative of the character and scope of the charity. 

Resides (1906) Milburn, N. J. He has in his possession the Bible 
containing the record of the family beginning with his ancestor, 
Samuel Lyon. He married first, June 14, 1850, Hannah Titus Kirk, 
born Glen Cove, L. I., Oct. 6, 1826; died South Orange, N, J. July 24, 
1859; buried at Prospect Park; will probated Brooklyn, Oct. 11, 1859. 
He married second, June 4, 1861, Adele C. Peshine of Newark, N. J.; 
died Nov. 15, 1900. 

Children of Sylvanus and Hannah T. (Kirk) Lyon: 

1232. I. Lillian E. 

1233. II. Amy K. 

1234. III. Howard K. 

Children of Sylvanus and Adele C. (Peshine) Lyon: 

1335. IV. Adele C. 

1236. V. Clifford P. 

1237. VI. Marie L,. 

1238. VII. Madeleine 8. 

1239. VIII. Jolin H. H. 

1240. IX. "Baby." 

620. VI. 257. WILLIAM JACKSON" LYON [Monmouth', Syl- 
vanus*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Nov. 6, 1828; died Dec. 1896. 
He married first, Nov. 2, 1851, Cecilia Gasner. Her mother lived (1858) 
3 Ashland Place, N. Y. She died July 20, 1853. He married second, 
March 25, 1856, Mary Jane, daughter of Dr. Elias T. Nichols of New 
York, and third, July 20, 1863, Julia Gasner. 

Daughter of William J. and Cecilia (Gasner) Lyon: 

1241. I. Franscena; b. 1851; d. South Orange, N. J. Dec. 29, 1858. 

623. VI. 260. SOLOMON* LYON [Samuel^ Jonathan*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas', Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. Nov. 20, 1782; died Nov. 23, 
1853. He married Mary Miller, who was born Nov. 4, 1781 and died 
in 1876 at the ripe age of 94. 

Children of Solomon and Mary (Miller) Lyon: 

1242. I. Eneas. 

124S. II. Solomon, Jr. 
•1244. III. Samuel; b. Jan. 9, 1805; d. Sept. 14, 1870; m. Abigail ThomaB. 
124B. IV. Maria. 


•1246. V. Cynthia MUIer; b. Westchester Co., N. Y., 1807; m. Lockwood 
Cross . 

1347. VI. Sarah; m. of Howell, Mich. 

1248. VII. £mma; m. Drew of Fowlervllle, Mich. 

626. VI. 260. ISAAC LYON [Samuel', Jonathan*, Jonathan* 
Thomas^, Thomas^], born Bedford, N. Y. Aug. 23, 1791; died Feb. 17, 
1849; burled at Cross River, N. Y. He married Betsey Pratt. 

Daughter (only child) of Isaac and Betsey (Pratt) Lyon: 
1248a. I. Catherine; m. Finch. 

633. VI. 263. PERLINA« LYON (CURTIS) (MILLER) [Isaac*, 
Jonathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Burnthills, N. Y. Jan. 
26, 1801; died Aug. 16, 1890. She married first Alfred Curtis and 
second Lewis Miller, born 1790; died July 14, 1871; son of Blisha 
Miller of Ballston, N. Y. 

Son of Alfred and Perlina (Lyon) Curtis: 

1249. 1. Alfred. 

Daughter of Lewis and Perlina (Lyon, Curtis) Miller: 

1250. I. Mary; m. Charles Miner. 

634. VI. 263. ISAAC* LYON [Isaac', Jonathan*, Jonathan*, 

Thomas*, Thomas'], born Burnthills, Ballston, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 

Feb. 5, 1803; died Oct. 6 (or 26), 1839. ^The name of his wife has not 

been ascertained?? /T'*** </-*^t.<-<SM_ h<l r*->^^-^ / «>^*^, <7 ^ --'= ^ 

' ■ (J 

Son of Isaac and Lyon 

1251. I. Nelson E.; b. 1837; m. Lucy . 

637. VI. 263. PHEBE' LYON (EDDY) [Isaac', Jonathan*. Jona- 
than', Thomas-, Thomas'], born Burnthills, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
Nov. 10, 1810; died Aug. 31, 1892. She married in 1842 Thomas Eddy. 

Children of Thomas and Phebe (Lyon) Elddy: 

1252. I. Edmund L. 

1253. II. Frances S. 

1254. III. Lather Bushnell. 

1255. IV. Thomas Hervey. 

639. VI. 263. HARRISON ARMSTRONG* LYON [Isaac*, Jona- 
than*, Jonathan', Thomas'.Thomas'], bom Burnthills, Saratoga Co., N. 
T., Sept. 13, 1815; died Oct. 17, 1900. He married Sept. 23, 1851, 
Fanny Minerva Gale, born Nov. 9, 1823. 


Children of Harrison A. and Fanny M. (Gale) Lyon: 
*!'??«. T. Lizzie r.'.ile: 1>. .T'lly 19. IS'.':; ni. William Winsor Chapin. 
»l~i';. II. lidjniiutl; 1). June 4, 1^55; m. Carolyn H. Talcott; res. (1906) 
Rochester, N. Y. 

12B8. III. Daughter; d. in infancy. 

642. VI. 268. HENRY CLINTON* LYON [Aaron', Elnathan*. 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born "Nov. 2, 1801 at Jerico, Monday 
afternoon" (record in his fathers' family Bible) ; died of yellow fever 
July 20, 1841, at Jacksonville, Fla. He married May 8, 1827 Jane Den- 
man, daughter of John Denman. She was born June 1, 1807 and died 
Dec. 25, 1880 in Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Henry Clinton Lyon 
was a machinist and built the machinery for the first steamboat to 
ply the Hudson River. He was a prominent orator of the old Whig 
party in the campaign of 1840. 

Children of Henry C. and Jane (Denman) Lyon: 

1269. I. Aaron Augrnetus; b. Feb. 17, 1828; d. March 22, 1828, In New- 
burgh, N. Y. 

1260. IL John Robert; b. Jan. 30. 1829; d. Jan. 16, 1902, in Hyde Park 
N. Y. 

*1261. III. Adalaide Elizabeth; b. Dee. 17, 1830; d. 1873, in Hyde Park, 

N. Y.; m. DeGrove A. Lattier. 

1262. IV. Horatio; b. Feb. 19, 1833; d. March 21, 1891, in Poughkeepsie. 
N. Y. 

1263. V. Sheridan A.; b. Nov. 9, 1834; d. April 1, 1851, in Hyde Park, 
N. Y. 

1264. VI. Julia Ann; b. Oct. 19, 1836; d. April 20, 1853, in Hyde Park, 
N. Y. 

•1265. VII. Asahel Denman; b. Auk. 12. 1838; d. March 28, 1906, in Hyde 
Park, N. Y. ; m. Feb. 22, 1860, Sarah Ann Lawless 

•1266. VIII. Henry William; b. Aug. 28, 1840; res. (1906) Elk Lake, Pa. 

[Aaron*. Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 12, 1806, 
"at Burlington, Sabbath day, 12 P. M." (as recorded in her father's 
family Bible); died Jan. 17, 1842. She married Lucilius Horace 
Moseley, born July 17, 1802, in Washington, Litchfield Co., Conn. He 
was a wheelwright and lived in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., from 1810 until 
the time of his death in 1889. 

Children of Lucilius H. and Elizabeth A. (Lyon) Moseley, born in Pough- 
keepsie : 

1267. I. Frederick Clark; b. Sept. 24, 1827; d. July 30, 1828. 

1268. IL Charles Horace; b. April 23, 1829; d. Nov. 7, 1904. 

1269. III. Aaron Lyon; b. Dec. 4, 1830; d. Jan. 12, 1875, in San Francisco, 

1270. IV. George Frederick; b. March 1, 1833; d. Feb. 14, 1852. 


1271, V. Julia Ann; b. Oct. 30, 1S35; d. Sept. 11. 1S97. 

1872. VI. Elizabeth Ambrosia; b. Feb. 8, 1838; m. Oct. 3. 1860 at Pough- 
keepsie, N. T., DeWitt C. Stevens; she was a school teacher; they have resided 
in New York City and Brooklyn; now (1906) at Yonkers, N. Y., 240 Woodworth 
Ave.; eh.; 1. Almira Eliza, b. in New York; 2. Julia DeWitt, b. in Brooklyn; 3. 
Grace Clinton, b. In Brooklyn; is married; 4. Helen Frances, b. in Brooklyn; 
married; 5. Elizabeth E., deceased. 

1273. VII. Jacob Herrick; b. March 29, 1840; dentist; res. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Ciairmont and Willoughby Ave. 

646. VI. 269. SUSAN« LYON (RICKERT) [Jonathan^, Elnathan*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 16, 1786; died Clinton, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., April 9, 1814; buried on the Elnathan Lyon farm. 
She married Henry Rickert, baptized Dec. 23, 1771; died July 3, 
1830, in 57th year; son of Henry and Ann Maria (Tator) Rickert. He 
married second Lydia Hodge. 

Children of Henry and Susan (Lyon) Rickert: 

1274. I. John; b. Dec. 6, 1810; d. Nov. 2. 1882; m. Feb. 11. 1836, Mary, 
dau . of James Thorne. 

1275. II. Henry Lyon; b. Jan. 31. 1814: d. June 14, 1894; m. Dec. 3. 1836. 
Ann Chace, dau. of James Thorne. 

647. VI. 269. CLARISSA' LYON (FURMAN) [Jonathan', Elna- 
than*, Jonathan', Thomas=, Thomas'], born May 1, 1787; died in 
Aurelius, N. Y.; m. Ambrose Furman [Forman]. 

Children of Ambrose and Clarissa (Lyon) Furman: 

1276. I. Jonathan; m. Coperaan. 

1277. II. Elizabeth; m. Copeman. 

1278. III. Susan; m. Copeman. 

649- VI. 269. JOHN W.« LYON [Jonathan', Elnathan^ Jona- 
than', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 7, 1790 in Clinton, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y.; died there March 6, 1836; buried in the Lyon burying ground. 
Will dated Feb. 6, 1836; probated Poughkeepsie, Sept. 5, 1836; exe- 
cutors, widow Sabra, Jonathan Lyon, Amos Lyon. He married first 
Martha Jenks and second. May 8, 1816, Sabra Bradshaw, born Jan. 4, 
1792; died Feb. 19, 1869; buried in the Lyon burying ground. 

Daughter of John W. and Martha (Jenks) Lyon: 
*1279. I. Julia Ann; b. Oct. 15, 1813; d. March 1, 1893 in Ashtabula, O. ; 
m. Henry Field. 

Children of John W. and Sabra (Bradshaw) Lyon: 
•1280. II. Sarah; b. Dec. 20, 1817; d. Aug. 23, 1895; m. William Hicks. 
•1281. III. George; b. Nov. 12. 1821; d. May 24, 1902 in Pleasant Valley, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y.; m. Mary F. "Woodford, of Victory, N. Y. 


•1282. IV. Maria; b. Dec. 4, 1823; d. June 3, 1866; m. Nov. 1, 1854, George 
Schryver of Hyde Park, N. Y.; a son George (b. March 22, 1863; m. Dec. 20, 1888 
Ida Gilbert). 

651. VI. 269. AMOS' LYON [Jonathan", Blnathan*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas', Thomas'], born July 29, 1798 in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; 
died there April 19, 1881. He lived all his life on the farm he in- 
herited from his father. He married Feb. 20, 1823, Margaret Schryver, 
born March 1, 1802; died April 17, 1858; dau. of Peter and Catherine 
(Wiggs) Schryver. Both Amos and his wife were burled in the Lyon 
burying ground on the farm formerly owned by Elnathan Lyon, about 
one mile from the Jonathan Lyon farm. 

Children of Amos and Margaret (Schryver) Lyon: 
•1283. I. Julia; b. Dec. 24, 1823; d. Jan. 19, 1899; m. Nov. 29, 1845, BU A. 
Van Wagner. 

1284. II. Catherine E.; b. Jan. 6, 1825; d. Sept. 24, 1889; m. Feb. 9, 1854, 
Leonard I. Haight (d. Feb. 3, 1894); no ch. 

1285. III. Mary Ann; b. Aug. 2, 1827; d. June 3, 1885; unm. 

•1286. IV. Susan; b. Feb. 7, 1831; d. Sept. 20, 1899; m. Dec. 8, 1851, 
Caleb Angevlne. 

•1287. V. Sarah; b. Sept. 14. 1836; d. July 29, 1893; m. Jan. 12, 1859, 
Clark W. Allen (d. Jan. 7, 1870); a son Lewis H. Allen m. April 18, 1883 Annie 
F. Greene; res. RhineclifC, N. T. 

•1288. VI. Lucinda; b. April S, 1840; m. Nov. 18, 1857. Isaac Stringham; 
res. (1906) Silaatsburgh, N. Y., R. F. D. 

128». VII. Martha Jane; b. Oct. 8, 1847; m. Dec. 24, 1863, Smith Sherman; 
res. Hyde Park, N. Y. ; no ch. 

664. VL 271. CATHARINE' LYON (WING) [Isaac", Elnathan*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 11, 1801 in the town Qf Clin- 
ton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., "Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock" (Bible 
Record) ; died May 21, 1885, at the home of her son, Thomas, at Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y.; buried beside her husband in the Lyon cemetery at 
Clinton. She married Rev. Hiram Wing, born Jan. 26, 1804; died Feb. 
18, 1840; son of Oeorge and Mary (Martin) Wing, He was a minister 
of the Methodist denomination, his last pastorate being at Danbury, 

Children of Hiram and Catherine (Lyon) Wing: 

1290. I. Thomas Lyon; b. Oct. 3, 1830; d. Jan. 12, 1906, in Poughkeepsie; a 
merchant in New York City and Poughkeepsie; m. Cynthia, dau. of Rufus and 
Elizabeth (Thorne) Smith of Stanford, Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; she d. about 1864; 
children: 1. Anna Keese, b. Feb. 1, 1858; unm.; 2. EliEabeth, d. young; 3. Carrie 
Thome, b. June 12, 1861; unm.; res. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 27 Conklin St. 

1291. II. Phineas Bice; b. Feb. 14, 1833; farmer; res. (1906) at Stanford 
with son William, on farm bought by William Sands in 1837; m. 1st., Oct. 1858, 
Mary, dau. of Thomas and Anna (Griffin) Sands; she d. June 8, 1865 and he m. 
2nd., Feb. 1878 Elizabeth Sands, sister of former wife: Children of Phineas and 
Mary: 1. Henry Hiram, b. Nov. 29, 1859; (grad. Cornell Univ. 1881 as B. Agr.); 


professor of Dairy Husbandry and Animal Industry at Cornell; author of "Milk 
and its Products;" m. July 16, 1885 Lilian, dau. of Garhardus and Ellen (Catch- 
pole) Watson, of Clyde, Wayne Co., N. Y.; they had: (a) Louis, b. Aug. 24, 1887; 

(b) Paul, b. April 16, 1892; (c) £llen, b. March 22, 1904; 2. William Thomae, b. 
Jan. 22, 1862, (farmer); res. Stanford [P. O. Clinton Corners]; m. Oct. 16, 1892 
Jennie Atcheson Wing, dau. of John Sands and Mary (Underhill) Wing of Arling- 
ton N. Y. ; they had: (a) Mary Gertrude, b. July 11, 1893; (b) Eleanor Baldwin. 
b. Dec. 1894; (c) John Harvey, b. Oct. 1896; (d) Helen, b. July 11. 1904; 3. 
Charles Benjamin, b. Jan. 18, 1864, (grad. Cornell Univ. 1886 as C. E. ); Prof, of 
Structural Engineering in Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. since 1892; m. Sept. 1888, 
Anna Maria, dau. of Lewis Paddock of Auburn, N. Y. ; she d. Jan. 1905; they had 

(a) Snmner Paddock, b. Feb. 28, 1891; (b) Winchester Paddock, b. March S, 1893; 

(c) Charles Benjamin, Jr., b. March 12, 1895; (d) Bobert Lonis [Louis ?], b. Oct. 

1292. III. Mary Esther; b. Jan. 9, 1836, unm. ; res. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
27 Conklin st. 

1293. IV. Catharine; b. ; d. in infancy. 

665. VI. 271. SARAH' LYON (BATES) [Isaac", Elnathan*. 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
May 1, 1803; died before 1880. She married Edwin Bates. 

Children of Edwin and Sarah (Lyon) Bates: 

1294. I. Katherine; m. James Keynolds. 

1295. II. Theron W.; d. in Iowa. 

1296. III. Martha; m. W. Alfred Mitchell, a manufacturer of fishing tackle 
in New York City; she d. in fall of 1905; one son, Edwin (married and has one 

670. VI. 271. HANNAH JENKINS" LYON (CONKLIN) [Isaac*. 
Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born in Clinton, Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., married Wells Conklin of Orange Co., N, Y. They lived 
to celebrate their golden wedding. 

Children of Wells and Hannah J. (Lyon) Conklin: 

1297. I. Isaac; died in the Civil war. 

1298. II. John; deceased. 

1299. III. Sarah Esther. 

1300. IV. Kate; deceased. 

1301. V. Susan; m . 

1302. VI. WeUs. 

677. VI. 275. WILLIAM' LYON [Israel', Israel*, Jonathan", 
Thomas', Thomas^] of Greenwich, Conn., was born Aug. 17, 1774, pro- 
bably at Bedford, Westchester Co., N. Y. Married Sarah Woolsey 
about 1796. He and three brothers, Charles, Daniel and Samuel 
and sister Clara Lyon (Seeley) moved to Bainbridge, Chenango 
Co., N. Y. about 1803. The four brothers settled on farms adjoining 
each other that included a half section, about 320 acres, purchased by 


their father for them. The father continued to hold the title in his 
own name to insure against the sons divesting themselves of the land. 
The sister Clara, who married Harry Seeley, had her home three to 
four miles distant, on the Susquehanna River, about one mile above 
Bainbridge village. The four brothers lived all their long lives upon the 
farms where they first settled and all reared large families: William 
12, Charles 12, Daniel 5, Samuel 13. The sister, Clara Seeley, con- 
tinued in her home and reared 7 children. The four homes now in 
1906, more than one hundred years after their settlement, are owned 
by descendants, and all but the Daniel Lyon place still of the Lyon 

William married Sarah Woolsey about 1796. He was a Whig in 
politics; both were Methodists. Three children were born to them at 
Bedford and nine at Bainbridge. Eleven grew to adult years. Nine 
married and had homes near them, and children were born to eight 
of them while the grandparents lived. Sally, the youngest, married 
and Hannah, unmarried, continued at the homestead as long as father 
or mother lived. He died Sept. 2, 1844, she Oct. 20, 1849 aged 73 
years. Both were buried in the homestead burial plot. This plot in- 
cludes graves of children and grandchildren. It is enclosed by stone 
wall and is well cared for by Horace Lyon and his son, Hudson Horace, 
and their families, who now have this homestead. 

Horace, son of Charles, and Deborah Lyon Doolittle, daughter of 
Samuel, are all that, of their generation, in 1907, survive of the forty- 
two children of the four brothers who came to Bainbridge a century 
and four years before. There were fifty-four grandchildren. Ten of 
them served in the Union army in the Civil war. 

Children of William and Sarah (Vfoolsey) Lyon; the first three born at 
Bedford, N. Y., the rest at Bainbridge, N. Y. 

*1303. I. Charles; b. April 4, 1798; d. about 1850 at Bainbridge, N. Y. 

♦1304. II. Ambrose; b. Jan. 30, 1800; d. Aug. 17, 1886, at Bainbridge. 

*1S05. III. Betsey [Elizabeth]; b. Feb. 1. 1802; d. at Masonville, N. Y. ; m. 
Martin Stoddard. , A^xC 5S f^^%^ 

♦1306. IV. Phebe; b. Jan. 7, 1804; d. "about 1893. at Guilford; m. Jonathan 
Bush. - *— -•i 

*1307. V. Richard; b. Sept. 9, 1805; d. July 12, 1869, at Masonville, N. Y. 
1308. VI. Hannah; b. July 30, 1807; d. April 25, 1887. at the home of her 
sister Sally Bardick, near Masonville, N. Y. ; unm., she was a Methodist; res. while 
her parents lived, at Bainbridge. f^B 

•1309. VII. Pamelia; b. June 9, 1809; d. ^^ ^ ^ ; m. Asa Gould. 

1310. VlJt, Woolsey; b. April J3. 1.811; d. at Bainbridge, Sept. 1, 1838; unm. 
♦1311. IX. Caleb; b. Jan. 28, 1813. .^H. ^ "^^ ^A. /£**« / /^4^ 6 
1318. X. Polly; b. Dec. 28, 1814; d. ae. 2~y~ 7 ' 


•1S13. XI. WUilam; b. Oct. 8, 1817; d. Aug.. 1856. 

*1314. XII. Sarah; b. April 15, 1819; d. April 19, 1900; m. Randolph Bur- 

679. VI. 275. SAMUEL'' LYON [Israel', Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Oct. 26, [or 20] 1777 [former 
date from authentic Fam. Rec.]. He removed with his brothers, 
Charles, Daniel and William, about 1805 to Bainbridge, where they 
settled on a new farm. He married, probably in 1803, Charlotte 
Briggs. He died at Bainbridge, April 4, 1855. 

Children of Samuel and Charlotte (Briggs) Lyon, born in Bainbridge: 
1315. I. Sally; b. Jan. 1, 1804; m. Wesley Cleveland; probably lived away 
from Bainbridge; children: 1. Alice; 2. Sarah; 3. lieroy; all married and had 
children. V^ t^ ' .^^^,, \ 

•1316. II. Briggrs; b. Sept. 10, 1805; d. June 23. 1890; m. Sally Cleveland. 

1317. III. Clarissa; b. July 1, 1807; d. Feb. 11, 1809. 
•1318. IV. Harvey; b. May 7, 1809; m. Adaline Cleveland ._ » V j ,*>, /p/ft 

1319. V. Seth; b. Feb. 3, 1811; d. in__1861^«t fielvidere, N. T.** ' 

•1320. VI. Spardon; b. Jan. 22, 1813; d. Dec. 1, 1874; m. Almira Graves. 

1321. VII. Willet; b. Oct. 4, 1815; d. in infancy. 
•1322. VIII. WiUet; b. Nov. 23, 1816; d. April 8. 1886, at Wellsville, N. Y. ; 
m. Lovine Monroe. 

1323. IX. liUther; b. June 13. 1819; d. in infancy. 
•1324. X. Charlotte Jane; b. June 14, 1821; m. Jerome B. Youmans. 
•1325. XI. Samuel; b. Sept. 20, 1823; d. Feb., 1901; m. 1st Sarah Bartholo- 
mew; m. 2nd Blackman. 

1326. XII. Henry; b. Nov. 9, 1825; d. Nov. 3. 1892; m. Jane Posbury, who 
d. March 21, 1876. 

•1327. XIII. Deborah Ann; b. Aug. 25. 1828; res. (1906) Bainbridge, N. Y.; 
m. Abel S. Doollttle. 

681. VI. 275. DANIEL^ LYON [Israel', Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas% Thomas'], born Bedford, Westchester Co., N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1782. He settled, about 1805, in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y., and 
died there, date not ascertained. The name of his wife has not been 

Children of Daniel and ( ) Lyon: 

1328. I. Hiram. 

1329. II. Banks. 

1330. III. John. 

•1331. IV. Jared; b. 1831, in Afton, N. Y. ; d. Oct. 21, 1900 at Sidney, Colo. 
1332. V. Polly. 
[The record of this family is very incomplete]. 

682. VI. 275. CHARLES' LYON [Israel*, Israel*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas^, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1784; died Bain- 


bridge, N. Y., March 3, 1879. He removed to Bainbridge 1805 where 
he owned a farm. He married in 1809 Betsey Balcom of Masonville, 
N. Y., born Jan. 22, 1788; died April 12, 1873. 

Children of Charles and Betsey (Balcom) Lyon, born in Bainbridge. N. Y. : 
•1833. I. Israel; b. Nov. 14, 1809; d. Oct. 24, 1891; m. Annjanette Ireland. 
•1334. II. Abijah; b. Jan. 15, 1811; d. Montana, N. J., Oct. 24, 1890; m. 
Olive Pollard. 

1335. III. L,uther; b. March 21, 1812; d. Oct. 28. 1817. 

1336. IV. L,oi8; b. Oct. 15, 1813; d. Jan. 12, 1857; unm. 

•1337. V. Univilda; b. Aug. 11. 1815; d. Nov. 3, 1889; m. Edward Ireland. 

♦13S8. VI. Rebecca [Rebekah] ; b. April 21, 1819; d. Plum Valley, Neb.. 
Nov. 3, 1888; m. Richard Yale. 

•1339. VII. Huldah; b. Jan. 10, 1821; d. Ft. Calhoun, Neb., Sept. 28, 1892; 
m. 1st. Willard Aylsworth; m. 2nd. Samuel Cole. 

•1340. VIII. Eunice Lucretia; b. Sept. 21, 1822; d. March 24, 1895; m. 
J. Wheeler Smith. 

•1341. IX. Priscilla; b. May 31, 1824; d. Dec. 19, 1879; m. Edwin Holcomb. 

1342. X. Joel; b. April 5, 1826; d. April 23, 1877; m. Mahala Newton; 
no ch. 

•1343. XI. Horace; b. Feb. 11, 1828; m. Mary M. Doolittle. 

1344. XII. AblgaU; b. Jan. 31, 1830; d. Jan. 14, 1856; unm. 

687. VI. 275. ALVAH' LYON [Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', 
Thomas' Thomas'], born June 8, 1797 in Bedford, N. Y.; died Sept. 11, 
1878. He married Feb. 27, 1824, Sarah Carpenter, born April 22, 1802; 
died Aug. 9, 1893; daughter of Morris and Abigail (Lawrence) Carpen- 
ter. After his father's death he removed to North Castle. 

Children of Alvah and Sarah (Carpenter) Lyon: 
•1345. I. Eliza; b. Dec. 27, 1824; m. James E. Palmer. 
1346. II. Clarissa; b. Sept. 30, 1826; unm.; res. (1906) on her father's 
homestead in North Castle; address, Bedford, N. Y., R. F. D. 

•1347. III. Miriam M.; b. Sept. 22, 1828; d March 1, 1889; m. Jonathan 

•1348. IV. AbigaU C; b. July 25, 1833; d. Feb. 14, 1896; m. Albert Hobby. 
•1349. V. Emily A.; b. April 10, 1837; m. Rufus William Ayres; res. 
Washington, D. C. 

693. VI. 276. NANCY' LYON (CLEVELAND) [Moses», Israel*, 
Jonathan^ ThomasS Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y. June 17, 1801; died 
Meredith, N. Y., April 12, 1878. She married Nov. 10, 1826 Samuel 
Goodrich Cleveland, born at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y, Nov. 26, 
1802; son of William and Nancy Ann (Baker) Cleveland. In 1839 he 
had a mill and timber lot at Bainbridge, N. Y, In 1883 he was a 
farmer at Riverton, Franklin Co., Neb. 


Children of Samuel G. and Nancy (Lyon) Cleveland: 

1350. I. George Evans; b. Nov. 6, 1827; d. April 16, 1865; m. Sept. 4, 
1851 Althea Maria Tupper. 

1351. II. Marg:aret Holdah; b. Dec. 1, 1829; m. Dec. 31, 1851 Sherman 
Fitch Bartlett. 

1352. III. Moses L,yon; b. July 1, 1831; m. 1852-3 Clarissa Flowers; res. 
Delhi, N. Y. 

1353. IV. Harriet Olive; b. March 10, 1834; m. Dec. 25, 1854 Lucius M. 
Tupper; res. Rlverton, Neb. 

702. VI. 279. SETH« LYON [Spardon», Israel^ Jonathan*. 
Thomas\ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Aug. 31, 1794; died Jan. 31, 
1878; buried in Union Cemetery, Bedford. He was an Elder in the 
Presbyterian Church in Bedford, ordained March 19, 1815. He married 
first Clarissa Rundle, born March 9, 1793; died Bedford, Aug. 14, 1836. 
He married second Mary Woolsey (No. 717), born March, 1805; died 
April 1, 1894; buried at Bedford. She was daughter of William and 
Jerusha (Lyon) Woolsey. 

Children of Seth and Clarissa (Rundle) Lyon: 

•1354. I. Solomon Kundle; b. Jan. 31, 1812; d. March 19, 1868; m. Hannah 

•1355. II. Charlotte Bundle; b. Feb. 19, 1814; d. April 8, 1850; m. 
Phineas Lounsberry. 

1356. III. Mary E.; b. April 23, 1816; d. March 28, 1837. 
1367. IV. Clarissa; b. May 10, 1820; d. Feb. 28, 1837. 
•1358. V. Seth Jay; b. about 1822; d. Dec. 8, 1883; m. Frances B. Clark. 

719. VL 288. SUSANNA" LYON (GALE) [Thomas*, David*. 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born Aug. 1, 1786, probably in Dutchess 
Co.. N. Y.; died Feb. 25, 1875. She married Nov. 24, 1801 Nehemiah 

Gale, born Oct. 11, 1776; died Jan. 17, 1853, son of and Anna 

(Rush) Gale. They lived on Gale Hill near West Lebanon, N. Y., 
where Nehemiah's father, coming from Sawpit, N. Y,, had settled and 
where a daughter Susan (Gale) Ashby now lives (1900). 

Children of Nehemiah and Susanna (Lyon) Gale (records furnished by 
Mrs. Susan (Gale) Ashby: 

1363. I. William; b. Sept. 24, 1802; m. Polly Bowen of Saratoga, N. Y.; 
res. near Esperance, N. Y., where children were born, then rem. to Albany, Mo.; 
children: I. WUIiam (went to Iowa); 2. Susan; 3. Jane (m. James Hunter; 2 
dau's. ); 4. Anna. 

1364. IL Jeremiah; b. May 19, 1804; d. Gale Hill, Aug. 5, 1833; m. 
Jane Dickson at East Nassau, N. Y., where they lived; children: 1. Maria (m. 
Henry Johnson and had Charles, Isaac and Marietta) ; 2. Lounzo. 

1365. III. Harvey; b. June 16, 1806; m. Ursula Roberts of Rider's Mills, 


N. T. ; res. Maiden, N. Y., later Lincoln, 111., where they died; children: 1. 
Ruth (m. James Kelsey and rem. to Minnesota); 2. Spencer (d. in army); 3. 

Samuel (m. and rem. to Minnesota); 4. Isaac (m. ; res. near 

Lincoln, 111.); 5. Julia (d. a young woman at Maiden, N. Y.). 

1366. IV. £llza; b. Aug. 18, 1808; m. William Ray; rem. to Maryland, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., where they died; children: 1. David (m. Mary Burns; res. 
near Rochester. N. Y. ; a son and dau. ); 2. Edward (d. in Ohio; m. Esther 
Jones; a son William lived near Rochester, N. Y.); 3. Mary (m. George Ransom; 
res. Lockport, N. Y. ; had children); 4. Fredericlt (m. Mary Larkins of Hoag's 
Corners; rem. to Maryland, N. Y. ; two sons Burt and Fredericli; 5. Catharine 
[Kate] (m. Merle Piatt; res. Maryland, N. Y., now at Oneonta, N. T. ; children: 
Clarence of Albany, N. Y. and L«ttie) ; 6. William Henry (d. young); 7. Julia 
(d. a young woman); 8. Lucius (d. young). 

1367. V. Jane; b. Nov. 2, 1810; d. Aug. 11, 1811. 

1368. VI. Sally; b. June 1, 1812 on Gale Hill; m. Russell Ashley of Chat- 
ham Twp. ; rem. to Maiden, N. Y. where she died. Russell (at one time clerk 
in Isaac Lyon's store) d. at Poland, N. Y. ; children: 1. Clarissa (m. Christopher 
Bosfleld; a son John lived in Russia, N. Y; another child d. young); 2. Albert 
(unm.; res. Poland, N. Y.); 3. Anna (m. George Buck, a rich farmer of 
Poland, N. Y. ; a dau. Flora is married); 4. Charles (d. young). 

1369. VII. Isaac; b. March 30, 1815; d. April 11, 1815. 

1370. VIII. Armenia; b. March 30, 1816; m. Thompson Curtis, of Lebanon, 
N. Y. : Armenia was living (1900) with a dau. at 7 Prospect Place, Renssalaer, 
N. Y. ; children (all married): 1. L«wis; 2. Lucinda; 3. Zaccheus; 4. Susan; 5. 
Samuel ; 6 . Julia ; 7 . Ida ; 8 . Mabel. 

1371. IX. Freelove; b. Sept. 10, 1818; d. Sept. 12, 1865; m. Oliver Davis 
of W. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N. Y., where they lived; children: 1. Charles; 
2. Mary; 3. Freelove; 4. Matilda; (all four d. young); 5. George (m. Susie 

Grove; res. Batavia, N. Y.); 6. Lorenzo (m. ; res. N. Adams, Mass.); 

7. Albert (m. Harriet Hall; res. Hooslck Tunnel, Mass.); 8. Phebe Jane (m. 
Charles Bigelow; res. Brainard. N. Y.); 9. Cora (m. Melvin Sedgwick, New 
Lebanon, N. Y.); 10. £mma (d. young). 

1372. X. Susan; b. Feb. 8, 1821; m. about 1842 Hiram Ashby, farmer of 
New Lebanon Twp., N. Y. He went to California in 1848 and died at Sacra- 
mento Feb. 22. 1849. In 1900 Susan Ashby was living alone in the large Gale 
homestead house on Gale Hill; a son, Hiram, b. Jan. 1843; d. Jan. 9, 1864; m. 
£liza Jane Carpenter. 

1373. XI. James; b. July 2, 18 23; m. Caroline Record of Berlin, N. Y.. 
now (1900) of Elmore, Peoria Co.. 111.; children: 1. Emma (m. Dr. Morris of 
Galesburg, 111.); 2. John; 3. Nehemiah; 4. Eugene; 5. Susan; 6. Antoinette; 
and eight more. 

1374. XII. Clarissa; b. Jan. 22, 1826; unm.; d. July 4, 1880 on Gale Hill. 

1375. XIII. Maria Antoinette; b. Feb. 28, 1828; unm.; d. March 1, 1884 
on Gale Hill. 

720. VI. 288. CLARISSA" LYON (BARNES) [Thomas', David*, 
Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'], born Oct. 19, 1788, probably in Dutchess 
Co., N. Y.; died Feb. 6, 1868. She married Jedediah Barnes, about 
1805, probably in New Lebanon, N. Y. He was born May 12, 1782 and 
died Dec. 1, 1867. They lived on their farm east of Rayville and 
south of the Gale farm. 


Children of Jedediah and Clarissa (Lyon) Barnes: 

1376. I. James H.; b. April 7, 1806; d. Ghent. N. T. June 5. 1851; 
physician; no. ch. 

1377. II. John M.; b. July 25, 1808; d. East Chatham, N. T. 1889; m. 

Roxanna Hopkins; children: 1. Ellen M. (m. Jones and had Dora and Flora; 

Ellen d. in Bloomin&ton, 111.); 2. Edward (m. Harriet Tibbets; res. E. Chat- 
ham, N. T.); 3. Judson (d. unm.); 4. Clark (m. ); John M. Barnes 

m. 2nd. Mrs. Ann ((McToon) Lowe, a widow. 

1378. III. Polly; b. Nov. 8. 1810; d. May 8, 1855. 

1379. IV. Julia; b. Nov. 3, 1812; d. 1883 near E. Chatham, N. Y.; m. 
David Caswell; children: 1. James H. (res. Chicago, 111.); 2. Jedediah (d. at 

E. Chatham, N. T.); 3. Antoinette (m. King; res. Springfield, 111.; 

2 ch.) 

1380. V. Isaac W.; b. June 10, 1815; d. June 14, 1878 at E. Chatham, N. 
Y.; m. Mary Dunham; children: 1. William (res. Denver, Col.); 2. Priscilla 
(married ; dec; no ch.);3. Isaiah; (dec; unm.). 

1381. VI. Meribah; b. Sept. 25, 1817; d. July 12, 1843; unm. 

1382. VII. Clarissa; b. Aug. 17, 1820; d. March 17, 1897, at National City. 

Calif.; m. Josephus Seeley; a dau. Meribah m. Paton (res. National 

City, Calif.; has a dau. Clara). 

1383. VIII. Esther I.; b. Sept. 11, 1822; d. Nov. 29, 1843; m. John W. 
Wadsworth; d. a few months after marriage on the Wadsworth farm near the 
Barnes homestead. 

1384. IX. Benjamin Franklin [Frank]; b. April 19, 1827; d. after 190» 
on the Barnes farm, E. Chatham; served under Cameron In the Civil War. also 
under Gen. Canby; discharged at New Orleans June 2, 1865; m. Oct. 27, 185 2, 
Harriet E. Smith (b. June 20, 1830; d. Jan. 23, 1879); children (born E. Chat- 
ham): 1. Mary L,., b. July 5, 1853; d. Sept. 14, 1854; 2. Eunice C, b. June 6, 
1855; d. Dec. 23, 1865; 3. Clara, b. Dec. 3, 1857 (m. Carroll Coon; res. Green 
Island, N. Y.; 4. ch.); 4. Myra, b. Feb. 18, 1861 (m. Ralph Bryant; res. New- 
ark, N. J., 61 N. 11th. St.); 5. Fanny, b. March 9, 1863; (unm. in 1900; res. 
Troy, N. Y., near her sister Clara); 6. Meribah C, b. Oct. 4, 1864; d. Feb. 
1880; unm. 

1385. X. David Lyon; b. Sept. 6, 1834; d. Dec. 23, 1895 at Rhinelander, 
Wis.; m. Ann McDonald; 3. ch. 

721. VI. 288. POLLY« LYON (FINCH) [Thomas^ David*, Jona- 
than^ Thomas'', Thomas'], born Feb. 11, 1791, probably in Dutchess 
Co., N. Y.; died March 27, 1874. She married Jan. 14, 1808, probably 
in New Lebanon, N. Y., Reuben Finch§, born on the Finch homestead 
near Rayville, N. Y., died 1868. 

Children of Reuben and Polly (Lyon) Finch (record of the family furnished 
by John W. Finch). 

1386. 1. Clarissa; b. Nov. 21, 1808; d. Dec. 30, 1875 at Rayville, N. Y. ; 

IReuben was grandson of Solomon Finch, who came from Dutchess Co.. 
N. Y. and settled on land received from the Crown, located near Rayville 
Station, N. Y. The homestead passed In succession to his lineal descendants, 
Nehemiah, Reuben, Wesley (No. 1387) and finally to the present owner, John 
Wesley Finch. 


m. April 3, 1828, John Coffin, son of Capt. Uriel Coffin. See note 22 in appendix. 

1387. II. Wesley; b. Sept. 25. 1810; d. Oct. 28, 1880; m. Dec. 5, 1838, 
Maria, dau. of Capt. Uriel and Mary (Pinkham) Coffin; children (born on the 
Finch homestead): 1. £Iiza Ann, b. Oct. 9, 1834; d. young; 2. John Wesley, b. 
March 18, 1854 (ra. Charlotte S. Reynolds, b. Jan. 30, 1847; res. on the Pinch 
homestead; no. ch.). 

1388. III. Thomas; b. Dec. 2. 1812; d. Dec. 3, 1878 at Newport, N. Y., 
where he was visiting; m. 1st. June 5. 1842, Alzlna Reynolds (a dau. Blizabeth, 
who d. young); m. 2nd., Sept. 19, 1858, Harriet Green (no issue). 

1389. IV. David L.yon; b. Jan 16, 1815 (or 1816); d. Jan. 3, 1891; m. 
Eliza, dau. of Capt. Uriel and Mary (Pinkham) Coffin, born April 26, 1814; 
children: 1 .Charles H. (res. Liberty, Neb.); 2. Mary M. (m. Robert Coffin; res. 
1052 S. First St., San Jose, Calif.; a dau. Carrie; m. April 10, 1895, Cloyd E. Pres- 
son and res. (1900) at 1335 G. St. Lincoln, Neb.; a son, Edward N., m. Aug. 8, 
1892, Carrie L. Nye; res. (1900) 3133 R. St. Lincoln, Neb.); 3. Eliza Ann (m. 

and d. soon after); 4. Thomas EUwood (res. Brooklyn, N. Y.); 6. 

Charlotte R. (m. Sept. 6, 1882, at Green Brook, N. Y. to Daniel Anthony; res. 
Rochester, N. Y. ; 2 ch.). 

1390. V. Orville; b. April 23, 1818; m. Ophelia Bull; keeps a store at 
West Lebanon, N. Y. ; children: 1. Charles N. (res. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; in tha 
oil business); 2. Willis M. Ophelia Pinch res. with her son in Brooklyn. 

1391. VI. Mary; b. April 18, 1822; m. Gilbert Green; res. Ellsworth. 111.; 
children: 1. Eliza M. (m. Theodore Dunlap; res. Ellsworth, 111.). 

1392. VII. Boby; b. Oct. 22, 1824; m. John W. Gardner; res. N. Chat- 
ham, N. Y.; children: 1. Henry C. (res. N. Chatham, N. Y. ; 2. Alice, dec; 
3. Fred (res. Brainard, N. Y.). 

1393. VIII. Charity; b. Oct. 19, 182 8; m. Seth Smith; res. Seneca Falls, 

N. Y. with dau. Sarah J. Booker; children: 1. Sarah J. (m. Bocker) ; 

2. Charles (m. ; dec); 3. WiUiam (m. widow of his brother Charles; 

res. Brooklyn, N. Y.); 4. Eliza (m. ; res. Portland, Oregon); 5. 

Frank; 6. Reuben F. (m. ; res. Auburn, N. Y.); 7. Hattie (m. 

Globe; res. Janesvllle, Wis.); 8. Kate (m. ; res. Auburn, 

N. Y.); 9. Edward (res. in Michigan); 10. John W. (m. ; dec); 11. 

Minnie (m. ; res. Janesvllle. Wis.). 

1394. IX. Julia; b. June 21. 1831; d. Dec. 15, 1863; m. Joslah Carpenter 
(dec); children: 1. Thomas E. (m. Feb. 15. 1883, Mary A. Hersch; res. Polo. 

111.); 2. Roby J. (m. Helfert); 3. EUa R. (m. Robert Mott; res. 

Forest City, Calif. ) . 

722. VI. 288. FREELOVE' LYON (KIRBY) [Thomas', David*, 
Jonathan', Thomas", Thomas^], born Feb. 1, 1793. She married in New 
Lebanon, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1809, John, son of Elihu and Patience (GifEord) 
Kirby, of Westport, Mass. He was born Oct. 24, 1787, being of the 
seventh generation of the descendants of Richard Kirby of Sand- 
wich, Mass. 

Children of EUhu and Freelove (Lyon) Kirby (born in New Lebanon. 
N. Y.): 

1395. L Mary Ann; b. Dec. 23. 1810; d. Dec. 11, 1811. 

1396. II. Elihu; b. Nov. 27, 1812, In New Lebanon, N. Y. ; d. Bast 
Chatham, N. Y. March 15, 1885; unm.; a merchant. 

1897. III. Thomas; b. July 23, 1815. in New Lebanon, N. Y. In 1886 


be entered the ministry and was a member of the Troy conference of the M. E. 
Church until his death, July 10, 1846, at Greenville, Washington Co., N. Y. ; unm. 

1398. IV. Mary; b. Feb. 18, 1818; d. Sept. 17, 1860; unm. 

1399. V. Patience; b. April 26, 1820; m. Jan. 19, 1847, Lewis J. Haight, 
b. Jan. 29, 1818; son of Jonathan and Mary Haight of New Lebanon, N. T. ; 
they rem. in 1878 to Kalamazoo. Mich.; children: 1. Jonathan, b. New Lebanon, 
Nov. 10. 1847; d. May 13, 1859; 2. Clara C, b. May 6, 1849; 3. Sarah, b. Aug. 
15, 1850 (m. Sept. 1, 1875 in New Lebanon, William J. Kirby, son of William 
and Jane (Dickson) Kirby of Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; 2. ch.: (a) Lewis Haight, 
b. New Lebanon, July 30, 1876 and (b) Ralph Campbell, b. Pavilion, Mich., Aug. 
31, 1880; d. Kalamazoo, Mich. Sept. 20, 1889). 

1400. VI. William Gilford; b. Aug. 22, 1822; m. Sept. 15, 1846 in Saratoga, 
N. Y., Rhoda Swetland (b. Jan. 26, 1828; dau. of David and Pamelia (Rowland) 
Swetland of Clifton Park. N. T.); merchant in Clifton Park until 1858; then 
removed to a farm in Charleston, Mich., where he now resides (1900); children: 
1. SUae S., b. Sept. 26, 1847; d. Sept. 15, 1851; 2. Pamelia, b. Jan. 3, 1849; d. 
Sept. 28, 1851; 3. Pamelia; b. Sept. 28. 1852, in Clifton Park, N. Y. (m. Dec. 
18, 1872 at Charleston, Mich., Henry D. Upjohn, b. July 22, 1843; s. of Dr. 
Uriah and Maria (Mills) Upjohn of Kalamazoo; they had (a)L.awrence Norlhcote, 
b. Dec. 16, 1873; (b) Ida Rowena, b. Jan. 6, 1877; d. Feb. 3. 1885; (c) William 
Kirby, b. March 4, 1878; (d) Uriah Carlyle, b. Sept. 23, 1879; (e) Hubert 
Stodard, b. Jan. 4. 1881; (f) Donald Henry, b. March 3, 1884; (all born in 
Kalamazoo); 4. William S., b. Nov. 25, 1857 in Crescent. N. Y. (m. July 5, 
1876, Alice Louisa Wightman, b. Feb. 27, 1858, dau. of Dr. George and Mary 
(Crandall) Wightman of Galesburg, Mich. T they had: (a) William G., b. Gales- 
burg, June 5, 1879; (b) George Wightman, b. Jan. 10, 1881; (c) Harold Eli, b. 
Oct. 1-5, 1883; (d) Nina IsabeUa, b. Sept. 11. 1886); 5. Mary S., b. Jan. 23, 

1401. VII. John Wesley; b. Oct. 5, 1824; m. Jan. 28, 1852, Mary Rowland 
(b. July 28, 1830, In Half Moon, N. Y.; dau. of Knowlton Howland of Mechanics- 
vllle, N. Y. and Susan Marshall of Schuylerville, N. Y.); res. in New Lebanon 
until 1S70, then moved to a farm in Charleston, Mich., where they reside (1900); 
he represented his district in the State Legislature 1888-90; children: 1. Arzelia, 
b. Jan. 22, 1855 (m. May 6. 1880, S. Olln Spier of Galesburg. Mich., s. of 
Samuel and Hannah (Paton) Spier of Galesburg); one ch.. Viva F., b. May 25, 
1881 in Charlotte, Mich.); 2. Marion Freelove; b. Dec. 13, 1860; 3. Alice M., b. 
April 30, 1864 (m. April 30, 1890 William E. Ely. M. D., b. March 6, 1861, 
s. of Joseph E. and Elizabeth (Driffield) Ely of New York City; res. (1900) 
Ocheyedan, Iowa; no ch.); 4. Flbert I.., b. Feb. 25, 1874 in Charleston, Mich. 

1402. VIII. Samuel Howe; b. March 28, 1827; d. Nov. 1, 1880, in Cleve- 
land, O.; m. 1st. July 2, 1856, Maria Colt (b. July 27. 1830; dau. of Henry H. 
and Mary (Breed) Coit of Cleveland, O.); she died Sept. 14, 1876, and he m. 
2nd., March 28. 1880, Elizabeth Colt, sister of his former wife; he was in 
mercantile business in Brooklyn, later in New York City and Anally in Cleve- 
land, O.; by his first wife he had one son, Henry Coit, b. Sept. 21, 1860 In 
Cleveland (m. in Cleveland, Oct. 12. 1886, Eleanor Wright, b. June 1, 1865; 
dau. of Edward P. and Mary (Herdman) Wright of Cleveland; ch. (a) Edward, 
b. Jan. 13, 1886; d. Jan. 16, 1887; (b) Henry Wright, b. Dec. 11, 1888; (c) 
Eleanor Herdman, b. June 19, 1891; Henry C. Kirby is a member of the Goff- 
Kirby Coal Co. of Cleveland. 

1403. IX. George; b. May 1, 1830; d. June 30, 1834. 

1404. X. Adam Clark; b. Feb. 23, 1833; d. Aug. 11, 1894, on the home- 
stead where he was born; m. in Lebanon, Jan. 26, 1859, Lucy Campbell (b. 
July 27, 1837; dau. of John and Epherina (Herrlck) Campbell of New Lebanon); 
children (born in New Lebanon): 1. Charles C, b. Oct. 14, 1862; d. Dec. 10, 
1876; 2. Mary Ella, b. Jan. 31, 1867 (m. Oct. 9, 1889, Abraham Lincoln Sherman. 
b. Jan. 15, 1864; s. of Benoni and Martha (Waterbury) Sherman of New 
Lebanon; he is a physician in New York City; one dau. Alice Alena, born June 
2«, 1893). 

1405. XI. Catherine; b. Aug. 25, 1835; m. Feb. 18, 1863, Dr. Henry D. 



Jones, 8. of WlUlamS and Lucy Bell (Dresser) Jones of Granville, Mass; Dr. 
Jones res. until 1892 in E. Chatham, N. Y., then rem. to Duluth, Minn.; res. 
(1900) Grand Marais, Minn.; children (b. in E. Chatham): 1. Kirby, b. Feb. 
25, 1871; grad. Cornell Univ. 1893; a teacher in Minnesota; 2. Henry Elihu, b. 
Dec. 8, 1876; in Bureau of Steam Engineering, Navy Department, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

723. VI. 288. ISAAC* LYON [Thomas', David*, Jonathan*. 
Thomas', Thomas'], born April 4, 1795, probably at Nine Partners, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y.; died Dec. 15, 1884 in Madison, Wis. at the home 
of his son, Judge "William Penn Lyon. He served in the war of 1812. 
He married April 2, 1817, at the Chatham Friends meeting-house, 
Eunice Coffin, daughter of Capt. Uriel Coffin, a descendant of Tristran 
Coffin of Nantucket (see Coffin Gen.). She was born April 2, 1801. 
They lived in the town of Chatham where their children were all 
born; he kept a store near the village of Rayville. In 1841 he moved 
to Walworth Co., Wis. and settled on a farm near the village of 
Lyons. After the death of his wife he made his home with his son, 
Judge William Penn Lyon, in Madison, where for many years he was 
Librarian of the State Historical Society. 

Children of Isaac and Eunice (Coifln) Lyon: 

♦1406. I. Mary Coffin; b. June 5, 1818; m. Abiah Palmer; res. Bristol, N. Y. 

•1407. II. Clarissa; b. Sept. 29, 1820; d. Feb. 25, 1853, at Burlington, 
Wis.; m. David P. Gardner. 

•1408. III. William Penn; b. Oct. 28, 1822; res. (1906) Eden Vale, Calif. 

•1409. IV. Catharine M.; b. March 14, 1825; m. Sparry Northrup; res. 
Madison, S. Dak. 

1410. V. Isaac Pennington; b. April 4, 1827; d. Feb. 6, 1850 in California; 

•1411. VI. Maria C; b. Jan. 22, 1829; m. Amos Phelps; res. San Francisco, 

1412. VII. Eliza C; b. March 12, 1831; d. Dec. 20, 1854 at Lyons, Wis.; 

•1413. VIII. Elmina; b. July 1, 1833; m. Stephen S. Skiff; res. Ulen, Minn. 

•1414. IX. Sarah Ann; b. April 29, 1836; m. Elkanah Andrews; res. 
Bristol, N. Y. 

•1415. X. Julia A.; b. May 28, 1838; m. John Phelps; res. Howard, S. 

724. VI. 288. DAVID' LYON [Thomas', David*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Oct. 1, 1797 at Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y.; died Sept. 22, 1874 at Iowa Falls, la. He married April 2, 1817, 
Sarah Wilbur, the occasion memorable as a double wedding in which 
his older brother Isaac was the other bridegroom. Sarah Wilbur 

I William Jones, born Jan. 4, 1794, son of Benjamin Jones of Tisbury, Mass. 


born Nov. 4, 1800 was daughter of Robert and Ruhama (Berry) 
Wilburf. She died at Iowa Falls, la. David Lyon lived from 1822 to 
1835 at Guilford, Chenango, Co., N. Y., where he kept a store. In 
March, 1835 he moved to Elba, Genesee Co. In 1842 he joined his 
brothers in Lyons, Wis. and engaged there in farming. He was dur- 
ing his life school teacher, merchant, lawyer, farmer and preacher in 
the Friends' Church. He was a scholarly man and while living in 
Guilford undertook to bring about a reform in English spelling and 
published a School Reader and Speller which was used in a number 
of schools in Chenango Co. 

Children of David and Sarah (Wilbur) Lyon: 

1411. I. £Iiza; b. Feb. 17, 181S at Chatham, N. Y.; d. June 24, 1863 at 
Lyons, Wis.; m. March 28, 1837 at Elba, N. Y., Gilbert Griffin; no. ch. 

1412. II. Thomas Ellwood; b. Dec. 12, 1819 at Chatham, N. Y. ; d. May 
5, 1840 at Elba, N. Y. ; unm. 

1413. III. Sarah; b. Sept. 10, 1821; d. Jan. 31, 1824 at Guilford, N. Y. 

1414. IV. Eunice; b. March 8, 1823 at Elba, N. Y. 

1415. V. Harriet; b. Feb. 22, 1825 at Guilford, N. Y.; d. June 22, 1860 
at Lyons, Wis. ; unm. 

•1416. VI. Kuth; b. Dec. 11, 1826 at Guilford, N. Y.; d. 1897 at Fort 
Calhoun. Neb.; m. Edward Hallock. 

*1417. VII. Emma; b. June 21, 1828 at Guilford, N. Y. ; d. March 24, 
1864, at Marquette, Wis.; m. .John Noble. 

•1418. VIII. Estelle; b. March 31, 1831, at Guilford, N. Y. ; m. Rozelle P. 
Skiff; res. (1906) Iowa Falls. la. 

1419. IX. Robert Judson; b. May 7, 1833 at Guilford, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 9, 
1859, at Kenosha, Wis.; unm. 

•1420. X. Diana; b. Dec. 26, 1835 at Elba, N. Y. ; d. March 22, 1901 
at Iowa Falls, la.; m. DeWitt Crandall. 

•1421. XI. Lovina; b. June 26, 1838 at Elba, N. Y. ; m. Charles H. 
Packard; res. (1906) Iowa Falls, la. 

726. VI. 288. SARAH« LYON (BROCKWAY) [Thomas', David*, 
Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas*], born Sept. 11, 1802 in East Lebanon, 
Columbia Co. N. Y.; d. Oct. 23, 1884, in Springfield, Pa. She m. Oct. 
18, 1825, in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. Hiram Brockway, born in 
Chatham, N. Y., April 9, 1803; died in Springfield, Pa., Aug. 15, 1885; 
son of Jedediah and Elizabeth (Truman) Brockway of town of Chat- 
ham, N. Y. He was a carpenter and millwright and lived successively 
in East Chatham, N. Y., Clyde, N. Y., Erie, Pa. (1832), Edinboro, Pa. 
Ashtabula, O., on a farm in Iowa, and finally in Springfield, Pa. 

tRobert Wilbur was born May 2, 1778 and died, probably at Chatham, N. 
Y., Feb. 2, 1804; he married Sept. 23, 1798 Ruhama Berry, born Feb. 18. 1775; 
died Jan. 30, 1858 at Lyons, Wis. 


Children of Hiram and Sarah (Lyon) Brockway: 

1422. I. William F.; b. March 21, 1827 In Chatham, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 5, 
1868 in Springfield, Pa.; in 1852 traveled overland to California; was once 
shipwrecked on Hawaiian Islands; 1st Lieut. 145th P. P. V. I.; wounded at 
Fredericksburg and at the Wilderness; of the latter wound he died; m. 1st., April 
21, 1847 Betsey Smith; a dau. Alice, d. young: m. 2nd., Sept. 20, 1857 Jane De 
Vore; a son Eugene, b. Dec. 30, 1858 (res. 1906 Springfield, Pa.; m. Laura 
Bellows, b. May 27, 1861; they had: 1. Maggie, b. Nov. 18, 1878; m. Charles 
Shepard in 1897; S ch., Orson, Paul and Mary Mahala; 2. George E., b. Aug. 
18, 1881; m. Minnie F. Gregory June 20, 1906; 3. Lena Frances, b. May 6, 1881; 
d. Aug. 29, 1890; 4. Irene, b. Sept. 30. 1891; 5. Carl William, b. June 18, 1896; 
«. Fred Stanley, b. Feb. 3. 1904). 

1423. II. Albertine C; b. Jan. 12, 1829 in Chatham, N. Y.; m. April 22, 
1847, Albert H. Smith, b. in Springfield, Pa. Oct. 9, 1824; res. still on the 
old farm in North Springfield, Pa. ; at their golden wedding all their children 
were present; children: 1. William Fletcher, b. May 7, 1848; res. North 
Springfield, Pa.; 2. Florence E., b. March 4, 1850; m. Jan. 12, 1881, Albertus H. 
White (b. Jan. 17, 1840; d. Nov, 4, 1903); no ch. ; 3. Agnes B., b. 1854; m. Dec. 
3, 1873, Henry E. Crouch, R. R. Agent and operator (b. in London, Eng. June 
17. 1849); 4. Eddie C, b. May 2, 1856; m. 1st. at Oak Hill Feb. 24, 1881, Kate 
Burrows (b. Feb. 23, 1856; d. Jan. 3, 1888); m. 2nd. Oct. 9, 1888, Louella Ellis 
(b. April 23, 1858); farmer; res. Waterford, Pa.; children: (a) by 1st. wife, 
Kay Albert, b. June 23, 1884 at Oak Hill; m. March 29, 1906 at Waterford, 
Jennie Blair Mahan; (b) by 2nd. wife, a son, b. and d. Sept. 26, 1889; 5. Eva 
May, b. June 4. 1859; m. Aug. 12, 1880, at Springfield, Pa., George E. Ormsby, 
d. Waterford, Pa. (b. April 5, 1860); members of M. E. Chh. in Waterford; 
ch. : (a) Ethel Albertine, b. Nov. 22. 1883, at No. Springfield, Pa.; m. April 29, 
1902 in Waterford, Dr. Forrest L. Robbins of Cambridge Springs, Pa. (a son, b. 
Aug. 25, 1906); (b) Theodora Agrnes, b. Dec. 25, 1888, near Waterford, Pa.; 6. 
Clarissa A., b. Aug, 1, 1864; res. with parents in No. Springfield, Pa. 

1424. III. Charles D.; b. Oct. 3, 1831, in Clyde, N. Y.; d. Sept 9. 1832. 

1425. IV. Julia E.; b. Jan. 23, 1834; unm.; res. Erie, Pa. 

T426. V. Alvah; b. May 12, 1837 at McKean, Erie Co., Pa.; d. Sept. 10, 
1906 at Greencastle, Ind.; m. at Greencastle, Ind. ; Sarah, dau. of John and 
Martha (Peck) McCarty; manufacturer; res. Greencastle, Ind. where he has 
served often on the City Council and School Board. Children, b. at Greencastle: 
1. Allan Theodore, b. Dec. 30, 1872 (assistant cashier in Rockvllle National Bank; 
m. June 22, 1899 Frank McCune of Rockvllle, Ind., 3 ch., Evaline, Louisa and 
Frances); 2. Edwin I., b. May 24, 1878; unm.; head bookkeeper in Central 
National Bank of Greencastle; two other children d. in infancy. 

1427. VI. Elias; b. June 22, 1841; unm.; killed in the battle of Spottsyl- 
vania. May 12, 1864. 

1438. VII. Sarah C; b. Aug. 25, 1844; m. Dec. 15, 1864 in Springfield, 
Pa., Charles Anson, s. of Anson B. and Angeline (Gray) Sherman of Spring- 
field; res. Springfield, Pa., Monroe, Wis., Seneca, Ks. and (1906) Kansas City, 
Ks., 2056 N. 11th St. Children: 1. Alfred T., b. Dec. 1, 1865, in Monroe, Wis.; 
res, (1906) Table Rock. Neb.; m. March 1896, Minnie Nott [ch.: (a) Vivian, b. 
Feb. 1897 at Wymore, Neb.; (b) Laura, b. June 16, 1899. at Wymore, Neb.]; 2. 
Adelaide, b. March 22, 1868 in Springfield, Pa.; res. (1906) Terlton, Pawnee Co., 
Okla.; m. Feb. 22. 1887 Adna Colburn [ch.: (a) Dee C, b. April 19, 1888 at 
Seneca, Ks. ; (b) Kay, b. April 17, 1890 at Seneca. Ks. ; (c) Elsa, b. Nov. 27, 
1899, at Terlton, Okla.; (d) Nellie, b. June 17, 1902, at Terlton, Okla.; (e) 
Rnth, b. Oct., 1905, at Terlton, Okla,]; 3. Vivian, b. Aug. 3, 1870 in Spring- 
field, Pa.; res. (1906) Terlton, Okla,; m. Oct. 30, 1890, Isaac Shotwell (deceased) 
[ch.: (a) Emily Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1891, at Seneca, Ks. ; (b) Sadie, b. Dec. 6, 
1893, at Kansas City, Ks.; (c) Olen, b. Jan. 9, 1897, at Kansas City, Ks.]; 
.4 Mark T., b. Nov. 28, 1872, in Springfield, Pa.; m. Sept. 20, 1904 Bertha 
Montgomery; res. (1906) Kansas City, No, 4726 Charlotte St.; no ch.; 5. 
Charles B.; b. Oct. 25, 1874, in Springfield, Pa.; m. Dec. 25, 1901, Onia Ellis; 
1 ch.; res. (1906) Kansas City, Ks., 1048 Greeley Ave.; 6. Harley H., b. Jan. 


30, 1877, at Springfield, Pa.; m. June 19, 1900, Minnie Dickinson; res. (1906) 
Terlton, Pawnee Co., Olila. ; 7. Winifred, b. June 17, 1879, at Springfield, Pa.; 
unm.; res. (1906) Kansas City, Ks., 2056 N. 11th St.; 8. Herman, b. May 6, 
1883, in Seneca, Ks. ; d. Dec. 28, 1887. 

728. VI. 288. JOHN WESLEY" LYON [Thomas', David*, Jona- 
than', Thomas^, Thomas'], born Feb. 12, 1807 in Columbia Co., N. Y.; 
died April 24, 1887 at Atkinson, 111; buried at Bernhard's Bay, N. Y., 
by the side of his first wife. He married first, April 23, 1827, in Colum- 
bia Co., N. Y., Julina Lawson, born about 1807 at Renssalaervllle, N. Y.; 
died May 24, 1853 at Cleveland, N. Y. He married second, in 1855, 
Mrs. Lucy Ann Thurber. "Wesley" Lyon remained in Columbia Co. 
when his brothers went to the fertile west. About 1836, he left his 
stony farm and moved to Hastings, N. Y. About 1848 he again moved 
to Cleveland, N. Y. where he bought a one-hundred acre farm on the 
shore of Lake Oneida. Later he moved to Valatie, Columbia Co., and 
thence to Whitesboro, Oneida Co. His chosen branch of farming was 
fruit raising and gardening. In early life he was a Methodist but 
in later years became a Liberal thinker. Previously a Democrat, he 
joined the Republican party at the time of its organization. He was 
a man held in high esteem by his neighbors and acquaintances. 

Children of John Wesley and Julina (Lawson) Lyon: 
•1429. I. Robert Barclay; b. Sept. 10, 1821 at Chatham, N. T. ; m. 
Sophie Manington. 

1430. II. Lucien Howard; b. Oct. 2. 1830 at Chatham, N. Y.; d. June 
10, 1837. 

•1431. III. Catherine Pulver; b. Aug. 7, 1832 at Chatham, N. T. ; m. 
Albert P. Ransom. 

•1433. IV. Henry Lawson; b. Dec. 17, 1834 at Chatham. N. Y. ; m. 
Elizabeth Nowers. 

•1433. V. Eleanor Benjamina; b. April 18, 1840 at Hastings. N. Y. ; m. 
Dr. Elbridge G. Dalton; res. Kansas City, Mo. 

•1434. VI. Georgiana Maria; b. Aug. 6, 1834 at Hastings, N. Y. ; m. Ist. 
John D. Van Allen; m. 2nd. Curtis F. Hoag. 

•1435. VII. Elma Josephine; b. April 8, 1846 at Hastings. N. Y.; d. April 
28. 1873; m. Peter Vandenburg. 

•1436. VIII. Julina; b. April 28, 1852 at Cleveland, N. Y. ; m. Richard 
Smith; res. Syracuse, N. Y. 

729. VI. 288. WILLIAM FLETCHER" LYON [Thomas', David*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 16, 1811, in Chatham, N. Y.; 
died Feb. 5, 1887, at Adrian,* Mich. He married at Chatham, Aug. 18 
1835, Catharine Pulrer, born at Kinderhook, N. Y. July 2, 1812; died 
at Adrian, Mich. May 10, 1901; daughter of Wendell and Hannah 


(Schultz) Pulver.t He was teaching district school when he married. 

About 1838 he movrid to Wisconsin, where he with his father and three 
brothers, David, Thomas and Isaac, founded the town of Lyons. He 
was engaged in mercantile business in several places until 1870, when 
he devoted himself to writing, and published two books, "The Hollow 
Globe" and "The Gospel of Nature." In his later years he was a 
spiritualist. His wife was gifted as a medium. 

Children of Winiam Fletcher and Catharine (Pulver) Lyon: 

1437. I. William Martin; b. May 29, 1836 at Richmond, O. ; d. March 18, 
1892 at Sacramento, Calif.; merchant; m. Martha Wllley; no eh. 

1438. II. Wendell P.; b. July 7, 1839 at Lyons, Wis.: d. July 3, 1885 (?) 
at Oakland, Calif.; m. ; no ch. 

1439. III. Alice Amelia; b. Sept. 1, 1842 at Lyons, Wis.; m. March 12, 
1863, Thomas Henry Agnew (b. Warren, Pa., May 3, 1831; d. Santa Barbara, 
Calif., Feb. 25, 1877; son of Smith and Maria (Mays) Agnew); they had a son 
William, b. May 7, 1866, now res. Washington, D. C. 

•1440 IV. George Fletcher; b. Aug. 1, 1847 at Lyons, Wis.; m. Alice Turk; 
res. San Francisco, Calif. 

•1441. V. Millard FUmore; b. Dec. 7, 1848 at Lyons, Wis.; m. E3Ua 
Sterritt; res. Adrian. Mich. 

1442. VI. Thomas; b. Nov. 7, 1850 at Kenosha, Wis.; d. July 3, 1853 at 
Beloit, Wis. 

742. VI. 292. DAVID WILSON' LYON [D^vid^, ' David*, Jona- 
than", Thomas^ Thomas'] born Oct. 7, 1800; diedJApril 21, 1838; mar- 
ried Dec. 27, 1821 Rosanna Bartle.^ ^« i ^* » fP ^ Z} ^^ / - ^^ 7 ^ 

Children of David W. and Rosanna (Bartle) Lyon: - ^ 

1443. I. WUliam. _ ^"-«^ * .5* ^ «*na. 0«.-i-<l^ . ^ 

1444. II. Wilson. >»-«^ . XZ^C^ic^^^-^-yt^ , 4t»«« 

1445. III. Charles; res. Elkhorn, 111. 

743. VI. 28i« SUSAN' LYON (LYON) [David», David*, Jona- 
than*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 30, 1803; died March 28, 1877; 
married Dec. 28, 1822, George R. Lyon, son of Samuel Lyon, of Lvon '^ 
Brook, Chenango Co., N. Y. See Appendix, Note 25. i^^'"'*^ * f% 

I 3 2 2- fX " ( 

5-*^ P' Children of George R. and Susan (Lyon) Lyon- --^ 'v . 

1446. I. Henry A.; m. Elvira Dyer. j^ 

1447. II. Anne E.; m. /^Tudson J^abcock. y ^, J'J'^QO. ^ # /?2<- *^-^-^" 
1448 III. George M.; m. Eliza Lewis. 

1449. IV. Mary Alice; unm. 

1450. V. Snsan Alice; d. 1896; m. in 187J ^urdette Holcomb. 

t Wendell Pulver, son of Andrew and Eve Pulver of Kinderhook, N. Y., 
was born in Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; a farmer, living near Pine Plains; died in 
Columbia Co., in 1833. Hannah Shultz, born 1769 in Dutchess Co.; died near , 
Klnderhook, Aijg. 1830; daughter of Christopher and, :^becca (Churchill) Shultz. 



745. VI, 292. FREDERICK" ftUNDLE 


,') SIXT] 

LYON [David*, David*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], born Feb. 29, 1808; died Feb. 24, 1884. 
He married first Kancj; Rood and second Nancy Hill. ^ 

Children of Frederick R. and Nancy 

1451. I. George; res. Waverly, N. Y. 

1452. II. Charles; res. Ohio. 

1453. III. Frank; res. Columbia, R. I. 

1454. IV. John; res. East New York (New York City). 

JOHN RATHBUj^* LYON [David», David*, 
, Thomas'], born Aug. 14, 1818; died Glenville, 
He was a "humpback;" sobriquet "monk." He 
was the last of the Lyons at the old place near the bridge, west side, 
where for a number of years they had a smithy and wheelwright shop. 
He married Louise Frary. — 0\.^*~^ Cx^< c / ^Ct-t.'-^^ - 

749. VI. 2^2. 
Jonathan^ Thomes- 
Conn. Feb. 4, 1877. 

750. VI. 292. JAMES W.» LYON [David', David*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 4, 1820; *ed Oct. 26, 189+; res. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. He married first, May 29, 1842, Delilai^ Fields, and second. 


in 1857, Mary Reither. ^ ^ 

Children of James W. and Delilah (Fields) Lyon: 

1455. I. 3Iary. .. 'Vwi.^ ... ^ (Ut^t. t*^ 

1456. II. John. 

1457. III. Zacharlah. 

1458. IV. George. 

1459. V. Caroline. 



Children of James W. and Mary (Reither) Lyon; 

1460. VI. David. 

1461. VII. Sibilia. 

1462. VIII. James W.; d. infant. 

1463. IX. Charity W. / «•«..«, c , 

1464. X. George F. / 

1465. XI. Ann. 

1466. XII. Charles H. 

1467. XIII. James W, 

1468. XIV. William. 


770. VI. 300. WILLIAM WESLEY' LYON [Jonathan', Peter*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas', Thomas'], died about 1860. He married first Mary 
Ann Parish, born Feb. 5, 1803; died Feb. 22, 1831; buried at Oyster 
Bay, N. Y. She was daughter of Ambrose and Deborah (Wheeler) 


Pari8h.§ He married second Dec. 13, 1832, at Ref. Dutch Chh., Harlem, 
N. Y., Sarah Ann Banta, daughter of Seba and Sally (Westervelt) 

Children of William W. and Mary Ann (Parish) l^yon: 

1469. I. Mary Augusta; b. Aug. 19, 1819; d. Sept. 14, 1846; unm. 

•1470. II. William Henry; b. Sept. 5, 1821; d. May 28, 1899; m. 


1471. III. Caroline Eugenia; b. Aug. 13, 1823; d. May , 1834. 

1472. IV. Daniel Parish; b. Oct., 1825; d. Nov. 24, 1852; unm. 

1473. V. Sarah Parish; b. Feb. 12. 1828; d. Oct. 22, 1854-6; m. Rodman B. 

1474. VI. Jonathan; b. June 27, 1830; d. Jan. 31, 183i. 
Children of William W. and Sarah Ann (Banta) Lyon. 

1475. VII. Caroline Lavinia; b. Nov. 26, 1834; m. William V. Morgan. 

1476. VIII. Fletcher Harper. 

1177. IX. Joseph; m. , dau. of Judge Van Claef. 

1478. X. Fanny; m. DeHays. 

1479. XI. Albert. 

771. VI. 300. JANE FRBBLOVE* LYON (HARPER) [Jonathan^. 
Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born New York City in 1808; 
died April 16, 1895 of apoplexy; buried in Greenwood Cemetery; fun- 
eral at the residence of the grandson Joseph Henry Harper, 269 Madi- 
son Ave., N. Y. Obituary notices in Christian Advocate, July 18, 1895 

and New York Tribune, April 17, 1895. She married 1826 

Fletcher Harper, born Jan. 31, 1806; died May 29, 1877; buried in 
Greenwood Cemetery. He was son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Kollyer) 
Harper of Newtown, L. I. They lived at 14 W. 23d St. New York. Will 
of Fletcher Harper dated Dec. 29, 1874; probated June 3, 1877; execu- 
tors, widow, Jane Freelove, son Joseph W. Lyon and John W. Lyon. 

Children of Fletcher and Jane Freelove (Lyon) Harper: 

1480. I. Joseph W.; b. 1826; d. 1886 at Munich, Germany, where he was 
Consul; m. Ellen U. Smith; 7 children. 

1481. II. Fletcher; b. Oct. 7, 1828; d. May 22, 1890; m. 1850 Margaret 
Cook Durbin (b. 1832; d. Feb. 16, 1886; dau. of Rev. John P. Durbin); a dau. 
Margaret m. Hiram W. Sibley, of Rochester, N. Y. 

776. VI. 301. MARY« LYON (SCOBIE) [James H.», Peter*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 13, 1809, died March 13, 

§ Ambrose Parish, b. Jan. 26, 1764; d. July 22, 1847; son of Townsend and 
Freelove (Dodge) Parish; Deborah Wheeler, b. Feb. 17, 1770; d. June 7, 1832; 

married March 13, 1792. She was daughter of Elijah and Sarah ( ) 



1835. She married July 1, 1829, William Scobie, the ceremony per- 
formed by Rev. Jonathan Lyon. 

Daughter of ■William and Mary (Lyon) Scobie: 

1482. I. Susan; m. 1st. Samuel Courtney (a dau. Mary m. William Shrove); 

m. 2nd. George F. Bigley (a dau. Georgina m. 1st. William Noble; m. 2nd. 


778. VI. 301. WILLIAM PHOEBUS" LYON [James H.' Peter*, 9JL^^^ 
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born at No. 5 Bayard St., N. Y. Jan. 25, " n *• 
1813; died at Tarrytown, N. Y. Aug. 10, 1884. He was married at ''"^'^^ ^ 
Haverstraw April 1834 by Rev. Albert Percy to Harriet Wood, born 

1813; died Jan. 13, 1849; buried at Tarrytown. He married second 
Bffie Polhemus, born April 14, 1818; died March 16, 1867; buried at 
Tarrytown. She was daughter of John Polhemus, M. D. of Clarkstown, 
Rockland, Co., N. Y. Her will was dated Feb. 25, 1867; probated New 
York, May 7, 1867; executors William P. Lyon, Philip Hammond. He 
married third Mary Davis, who lives (1906) at Glen Ridge. 

Children of William P. and Harriet (Wood) Lyon: 
*1483. I. William Roscoe; b. May 29, 1835; m. Mary Eloise Crocker. 
1484. II. Alonzo Pembroke; b. Sept. 10, 1837; d. March 14, 1841. 
1486. III. Engeiiia Elizabeth; b. Feb. 13, 1840; d. March 3, 1S41. 

1486. IV. Lorenzo Edward; b. Dec. 5, 1841; d. June 5, 1864. 

1487. V. Charles Grenville; b. 1843; d. March 22, 1862. 

•1488. VI. Phoebus Wood; b. Sept. 2. 1844; m. Sarah W. Wood. 
Children of William P. and Effie (Polhemus) Lyon: 

1489. VII. John Polhemus; b. Jan. 20, 1851; d. Sept. 26. 1851. 

1490. VIII. Frank Ellis; b. Aug. 30, 1854; d. March 30, 1856. 

1491. IX. Effie Harriet; m. Heber Baldwin. 

1492. X. Frederick William; b. Feb 18, 1858; d. Aug. 18, 1858. 

1493. XI. Polhemus; m. Anna Davis. 

1494. XII. James Harvey. 

Son of William P. and Mary (Davis) Lyon: 

1495. XIII. WUson D.; was Lieut, in 48th N. T. Regt.; killed at the bat- 
tle of Olustee. 

779. VI. 301. CHARLES HARRISON" LYON [James H.», Peter*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 28, 1814 in New York City 
(Pump St.); died May 10, 1883; buried at Tarrytown. He married 
first, Aug. 20, 1845, Elizabeth Gedney Bayles (married by Rev. Joseph 
Bayles). She was born 1832 and died April 4, 1861; will probated 
White Plains, Dec. 4, 1861. He married second Georgianna Van 


Daughter of Charles H. and Elizabeth G. (Bayles) Lyon: 

1496. L Martha Elizabeth; b. Nov. 6, 1857; d. May 30. 1891. 
Children of Charles H. and Georglanna (Van Kleeck) Lyon: 

1497. II. Isabella; m. Moore; res. Parmlngton, Conn. 

1498. III. Lulu. 

781. VI. 301. WALTER WESLEY" LYON [James M.», Peter*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born 13 Second St., New York City, 
Oct. 25, 1816; d. 198 Seventh Ave. New York, March 18, 1855. He mar- 
ried about March 1837 Mary Gaskins, near Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children of Walter W. and Mary (Gaskins) Lyon: 

1499. I. Leroy. 

1500. II. Minnie; m. ; was killed in a railroad accident on her wed- 
ding day. 

H.», Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Ithaca, Tompkins Co., 
N. Y. April 21, 1820; died in Brooklyn, N. Y. (245 Madison St.) April 
9, 1902; buried Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown. She married, 
May 24, 1842 Abram Requa, born Feb. 8, 1818; died June 5, 1893; son 
of James and Mary (Rutan) Recjua. They lived at 440 Gates Ave., 
Brooklyn. For twenty-one years he was business agent of Five Points 
Mission. Adm. of estate July 10, 1893 to widow Elizabeth P. Requa. 

Children of Abram and Elizabeth P. (Lyon) Requa: 

1501. I. Alice; b. Feb. 11, 1849; m. May 31. 1876, Robert C. Reeves, seeds- 
man. New York City; res. 245 Madison St., Brooklyn. 

1502. II. Charles H.; b. Dec. 31, 1850; m. April 24. 1873 Ida A. Lyon. 

1503. III. I>UUan; b. Nov. 24, 1857; d. Aug. 14, 1858. 

1504. IV. Elizabeth; b. April 29, 1859; d. Jan. 24, 1860. 

1505. V. Florence Amelia; b. Aug. 28, 1861; unm. 

788. VI. 302. LORENZO MERRITT' LYON [Samuel^ Peter*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born New York City, March 4, 1804; 
died Ann Arbor, May 2, 1888. Was a clerk in the office of Robert 
Bruce & Co., 54 Water St., N. Y. until 1820 when he removed with 
his parents to Western New York, and thence in 1830 to Ann Arbor, 
Mich., where he bought a farm and taught a school. In 1873 he built 
and occupied the house 99 W. Huron St. He married Feb. 23, 1832 
Luna Lane, born Feb. 6, 1812 at Windsor, Broom Co. N. Y.; died Ann 
Arbor, Feb. 24, 1895; daughter of David and Anna ( ) Lane: 

Children of Lorenzo M. and Luna (Lane) Lyon: 
•1606. I. Daniel: b. Feb. 23. 1833; m. Sarah Ruckman. 


1607. II. Helen Jane; b. June 5, 1834; d. Sept. 8. 1849. 
♦1508. III. Charles WlUlam; b. Nov. 4, 1835. 
1609. IV. Maria Hannah; b. Oct. 22, 1837; m. Alfred Thomas; res. 
Kansas City, Mo. ; one son, Alfred. 

1510. V. Robert Geddes; b. April 4, 1841: m. Catherine Wait; no ch. ; res. 
Vassar, Mich. 

•1511. VI. Theodore; b. May 27, 1844. 

•1512. VII. Arthur Seth; b. June 11, 1847; m. Susan Ruckman. 

1513. VIII. Jennie C; b. March 1, 1849; m. William H. Carr; res. Seattle 
or Tacoma, Wash.; one dau. Ida. only child. 

789. VI. 302. ALFRED" LYON [SamueP, Peter*, Jonathan*, 
Thomas=, Thomas'], born Sept. 16, 1805; settled in Michigan, but 
details of his history have not been obtained. 

Children of Alfred and ( ) Lyon: 

1513a. I. William H.; res. St. Johns, Mich. 

1513b. II. Merritt; res. Carson City. Mich. 

1513c. III. Edward H.; res. Bengal, Mich. 

1513d. IV. Helen; m. Luther Rumsey; res. St. Johns, Mich. 

1513e. V. Franklin. 

1513f. VI. liOTisa; m. Whitaker. 

812. VI. 305. HENRIETTA LYON« (BEEKMAN) [Peter P.', 
Peter*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born about 1823; died at Hotel 
Pomeroy, New York City, Aug. 19, 1892; res. 130 W. 43rd. St., New 
York. She married Sept. 20, 1841, Samuel A. Beekman, born in New 
Jersey Dec. 14, 1813; died Sunday May 21, 1882; buried at Woodlawn 
cemetery. He was son of Cornelius Tenbroeck Beekman and Elizabeth 
Todd. He was a member of the firm Samuel A. Beekman & Co., dry 
goods and millinery; retired in 1877. 

Children of Samuel A. and Henrietta (Lyon) Beekman: 

1514. I. Emma; b. about 1843; d. June 29, 1905; m. William Stevens 

1616. II. Julia; m. Charles Bosworth. 
1516. III. Livingston; res. New York City. 

1617. IV. Henrietta; minor in 1882; m. George Donaldson; res. Edgewater. 
N. J. 

813. VI. 305. THEODORE E.' LYON [Peter P.», Peter*, Jona- 
than*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 23, 1829; died of heart disease, 
April 4, 1891; buried Cypress Hill Cemetery. Will dated July 28. 
1886; probated April 23, 1891. Res. 148 W. 122 St. New York City. 
He married Mary Jane, daughter of Bartlett Smith of Montclair, N. J. 


Children of Theodore E. and Mary Jane (Smith) Lyon: 

1518. I. Mary R.; m. Edward R. Winslow. 

1519. II. Bartlett Palmer. 

1520. III. Theodore Edward. 

1521. IV. Warren; b. 1875. 

1522. V. Henrietta; b. 1877. 

1523. VI. Amy; b. 1879. 

1524. VII. Edith; b. March 12, 1880; d. June 12, 1881. 

814. VI. 305. SARAH A.» LYON (WOOD) [Peter P.», Peter*. 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born New York City 1833; died Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 619 Bainbridge St., Jan. 15, 1901. She married about 1854 
William Valentine Wood, born 1823; died Ridgewood, N. J., Jan. 11. 

Children of William V. and Sarah A. (Lyon) Wood: 

1525. I. William Palmer; b. 1855; m. Lydia A. Tabor; res. Brooklyn. 

1526. II. Hannah Louise; b. 1857; m. Charles A. Moriarty; res. 619 Bain- 
bridge St., Brooklyn. 

1527. IIL Albert Edward; b. 1859; m. Henrietta Adelaide Buckley; res. 

815. VI. 305. CHARLES F." LYON [Peter P.\ Peter*, Jonathan*. 
Thomas^ Thomas^], born about 1835; res. 1879, 209 Nassau St., Brook- 
lyn N. Y. He married Feb. 9, 1858, Carrie T. Perkins, daughter of 
Jacob and Matilda (Maddock) Perkins of New York and Brooklyn. 

Children of Charles P. and Carrie T. (Perkins) Lyon: 


I. Charles. 


II. Frank. 


III. Edward. 


IV. Theodore. 


V. Anna. 

1533. VI. Emma. 

821. VI. 336. ELISHA' LYON [Thomas^ Gilbert*, Gilbert*, 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 14, 1799; died April 
9, 1889. He married Phebe Brundage, daughter of Jonah C. and Frances 
( ) Brundage. 

Children of Elisha and Phebe (Brundage) Lyon: 
*1534. I. Aug:ustus S.; m. Abigail Betts Bouton. 

1535. IL Sarah E.; m. Jan. 21. 1853, by Rev. M. Worth of M. E. Chh., 
King St., Port Chester, to David Nash of North Castle, N. T. 

1536. III. Isabella; m. Carter of New Jersey. 



[Thomas^ Gilbert*, Gilbert*, Thomas', Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y., 
April 2, 1811; died Oct. 7, 1849. She married Leonard Paulson, born 
Smithtown, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1809; died North Long Branch, N. J., March 
2, 1903; son of George and Rebecca (Smith) Paulson. 

Children of Leonard and Catherine M. (Lyon) Paulson: 

1537. I. Leonard;t b. New York City, March 12, 1846; of Buckingham. 
Paulson & Co.. New York City; m. at Shady Side, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1871, Florence 

1638. IL John K.; unm. i-^ , ^ / J ~ ^ ^^*-*— * ^Ac*-<^^eA^ ^J^fU^^ e^i 

824. VI. 336. CHARLES F.« LYON [Thomas'* Gilbert*. Gilbert*, C^, (^3^^ 
Thomas^ Thomas'], March 19, 1822 chose for guardian Blisha Lyon — — — — 
and John D. Dusinberry. He is said to have gone to South Carolina 

and there died. He married Mary Louise , born 1805; died 

July 13, 1835. 

834. VL 352. ALVAH AUGUSTUS^ LYON [Gilbert". Joshua*, 
Gilbert', Thomas-, Thomas'], born in old Lyon homestead at Byram 
Bridge, April 25 [or 9] 1815; died April 18, [or 16] 1884. Will dated 14, 1882; probated Greenwich, 1884; executor son Alvah A. Lyon. 
He married Rebecca Lyon, (No. 593) b. Aug. 13, 1815; died Feb. 13, 
1896; daughter of Elijah B. and Sarah (Lyon) Lyon. 

Children of Alvah A. and Rebecca (Lyon) Lyon: 

1539. I. Sarah Auensta; b. May 3, 1840; d. Port Chester, N. T., Aug. 8, 
1906; m. Theodore Searles of Norwalk; b. Feb. 17, 1838; d. Port Chester, Sept. 21, 
1906; son of Walter and Maria Emeline (Miller) Searles; a dau. Lilla, m. Ben- 
jamin Mills. 

1540. II. Alvah A.; b. Dec. 29, 1842; unm.; d. June 16, 1906, at Port Ches- 
ter, N. Y. 

1541. III. Almira; b. April 3, 1846. 

1542. rv. Deborah A.; b. Aug. 4, 1850; d. April 11, 1882; unm.; had a son 
called Slijah B. Lyon. 

1543. V. Ella B.; b. Sept. 21, 1853; d. Nov. 14, 1853. 

1544. VI. Catherine Helen; b. Aug. 9, 1855; d. Nov. 25, 1878. 

835. VL 352. GILBERT" LYON [Gilbert', Joshua*, Gilbert* 
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Byram Bridge, Rye, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1817; res. 
1854-1893 White Plains, N. Y.; died Port Chester, N. Y., July 10, 1893; 
buried in Union Cemetery, Rye. Adm. of estate Oct. 4, 1893 to widow 
Anna. He married June 17, 1851 Anna Crawford, born White Plains, 

tChildren of Leonard and Florence T. (Kemp) Paulson: I. Florence Patty; 
m. Virgin Barsutti of Naples, Italy; 2. Blanche Paige; m. Dr. John Joseph Nutt 
of New York; 3. Marjorie Buckingham; m. Leonard R. Rlbhardson of Lincoln- 
ton, N. Car. 


N. Y. May 6, 1828; d. Port Chester, Nov. 24, 1904; daughter of Jamest 
and Phebe (Hyatt) Crawford. Gilbert Lyon was a sea captain on 
Long Island Sound and the Hudson River. For twenty years previous 
to his death he led a retired life at White Plains, N. Y. 

Children of Gilbert and Anna (Crawford) Lyon: 

1545. I. Sarah Crawford; b. May 17, 1852; unm. ; res. (1906) at Lyon* 
Point. Port Chester, N. Y., 22 Westchester Ave. 

1546. II Phebe; b. Sept. 19, 1855; unm.; living in 1906. 

836. VI. 352. RICHARD MONTGOMERY" LYON [Gilbert*, 
Joshua*, Gilbert*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Byram Bridge, Rye, N. Y., 
Aug. 14, 1820; died Port Chester, March 18, 1884; buried Union Ceme- 
tery, Rye. Adm. of estate March 26, 1884 to widow Esther Ann Lyon. 
He married Esther Ann Smith. 

Children of Richard M. and Esther Ann (Smith) Lyon; 

1547. L Ellsworth Smith; b. Sept. 23, 1861; d. March 17. 1879. 

1548. II. Esther Ann; d. young. 

1549. III. Ida E.; b. 1863; m. Robert Hume [or Haines]; res. (1906) Port 
Chester, N. Y., 32 S. Regent St. 

837. VI. 352. JAMES MADISON" LYON [Gilbert^ Joshua*, 
Gilbert", Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Lyons Point 1823; res. (1903) 
Riverside, Conn.; d. at Port Chester, N. Y. March 24, 1906. He mar- 
ried Virginia B. Goodday, born March 11, 1836; died Dec, 22, 1891; 
buried at Rye. 

Son of James M. and Virginia B. (Goodday) Lyon: 

1550. I. Thomas; b. June 11, 1873; d. Aug. 13, 1873. 

838. VI. 352. WILLIAM PENN« LYON [Gilbert^, Joshua*. GU- 
bert», Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Lyons Point May 22, 1825; died 
Aug. 15, 1899; buried Union Cemetery, Rye; m. Phebe Elizabeth Sher- 
wood, born Oct. 13, 1826; died Aug. 29, 1906. His widow was living 
in Port Chester in 1904, paralyzed; she died Aug. 29, 1906, funeral at 
res. of son-in-law Josiah N. Wilcox, 46 Leicester St., Port Chester. 

Children of William P. and Phebe E. (Sherwood) Lyon: 

1551. I. Maggrie; b. Feb. 2, 1856; d. Nov. 27, 1883. 

tJames was a son of Samuel Crawford who was a commissary under George 
Washington and was killed at Tuckaboe while carrying orders. James, b. June 
25, 1798; d. Oct. 5, 1855; m. Jan. 22, 1822 Phebe Hyatt, b. Sept. 9, 1796; d. 
Feb. 8, 1888. j: 



1652. II. Carmilla; d. ; m. Charles Sours, who was b. Aug. 10, 

1847. d. July 20, 1874, ae. 26 y. 11 m. 10 d. ; 2 children. 

1668. III. Henrietta; m. Joslah N. Wilcox; res. Port Chester; had a son 
Arohle and a dau. Lillllan, who m. John Mills Sr. 

842. VI. 352. SARAH E.' LYON (WILCOX) [Gilbert", Joshua*, 
Gilbert', Tllomas^ Thomas'], born April 6, 1832 at Port Chester, N. Y. 
She married in that place, Jan. 5, 1855, George E. Wilcox, b. 1831, died 
at Greenwich, Conn., Sept. 22, 1903. He was a son of Josiah and 

Celestia ( ) Wilcox, of Greenwich, Conn. They lived at Rivers- 

ville, north of Glenville, Conn. She resides (1906) in Port Chester, 
N. Y. 

Children of George E. and Sarah E. (Lyon) "Wilcox: 

1554. I. Gilbert Lyon; b. Sept. 28, 1856; res. (1906) Port Chester, N. Y. 

1556. II. Bertlia D.; b. July 6, 1866. 

847. VI. 355. JOHN MERRITT' LYON [John^ Joshua*, Gilbert*, 
Thomas-, Thomas'], born about 1845; res. Port Chester, N. Y.; m. 
Sarah H. Merritt, born March 28, 1847; daughter of Capt. Caleb Mer- 
ritt of Quaker Ridge. He inherited the homestead formerly owned and 
occupied by his grandfather, Joshua Lyon, No. 143. 

Children of John M, and Sarah H. (Merritt) Lyon: 

1556. I. Jolin M.; b. July 27, 1876. 

1557. II. Joseph; b. Sept. 12, 1877. 

1558. III. Harriet Rebecca; b. Sept. 1, 1880; d. April 22, 1883. 

1559. IV. Phebe WiUis; b. Jan. 16, 1882; d. May 3, 1883. 

1560. V. Edie B.; b. June 6, 18S4; d. Aug. 21, 1884. 

854. VI. 367. UNDERHILL" LYON [Ellas', Abraham*, Gilbert*, 
Thomas% Thomas'], born Byram Bridge, Rye, N. Y. Oct. 24, 1837; lives 
(1906) with his only daughter on the old homestead, in the house built 
two hundred years ago by Thomas^ Lyon. Photographs of this house 
may be procured by writing to Mr. J. W. Ingmar, Port Chester, N. Y. 
Underbill Lyon married, June 1880, Maria Blackett, born March 25, 
1854; died 1900; daughter of John and Frances (Rich) Blackett. 

Daughter of Underhill and Maria (Blackett) Lyon: 

1561. I. Julia Frances; b. Dec. 18, 1889. 

855. VI. 367. LOUISA" LYON (HAIGHT) [Ellas", Abraham*, 
GIlbert^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Byram Bridge 1844; died March 30. 
1893; married Daniel Haight. 


Children of Daniel and Louisa (Lyon) Halght: 
1563. I. Daniel. 

1563. II. John H. 

1564. III. Martha. 

867. VII. 373. EDWARD THOMAS' LYON [Thomas*, Caleb*, 
Caleb*, Thomas^ Jobn^ Thomas'], born New York City March 12, 1813; 
died Morristown, N. J., Oct. 9, 1862. Graduate of Rutgers College 1831, 
In 1849 was in mercantile business in Princeton, N. J. He married 
Sept. 27, 1843, Mary Waynman Canfleld, born May 26, 1819; died April 
8, 1886; daughter of Abraham and Sarah (Waynman) Canfield. 

Children of Edward T. and Mary W. (Canfleld) Lyon: 
•1565. I. £dward Canfleld; b. Nov. 3, 1845; m. Caroline H. Crane. 
1566. II. Sarah Waynman; b. July 12, 1848; m. April 14, 1891, Charles G. 
Leary; no issue. 

♦1567. III. William Waynman; b. May 8, 1850; m. E. Kate Taylor. 

869. VII. 375. ELIZA' LYON (PALMER) [Caleb", Caleb', Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Oct. 17, 
1798; died March 25, 1847. An obituary notice in the N. Y. Observer 
speaks of her nobility of character and the fidelity with which she 
discharged her obligations in every relation of life. She married 
April 5, 1814, Wines Palmer of Genoa, born May 18, 1795; died July 
26, 1859 (?). They lived on the farm with Deacon Caleb Lyon. 

Children of Wines and Eliza (Lyon) Palmer (Dr. T.): 

1568. I. Ann Augusta; b. July 8, 1815; m. July 2», 1836, Philo Clark, M. 
0.§; res. Kings Ferry, N. Y. 

1569. II. Aaron Lyon; b. Aug. S. 1817. 

1570. III. Amy Rundle; b. March 5, 1820; d. June 20, 1885. 

1571. IV. Rachel Mead; b. March 6. 1S22; m. March 25, 1857, . 

1572. V. Esther Bates; b. June 19, 1836; m. Feb. 5, 1867. Henry Beardsley 
Huntt (b. Fulton Co., N. Y., May 22, 1840). 

870. VII. 376. THEOPHILUS' LYON [Luther', Caleb', Caleb*, 
Thomas*, John-, Thomas'], born Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., June 18, 
1800; died Aug. 27, 1870. He married first, Nov. 22, 1822, Mary Peet, 

SChildren of Philo and Ann A. (Palmer) Clark: 1. Ambrose Benoni, b. May 
23, 1837; 2. Alvan Wright; b. Jan. 11. 1839; d. in Andersonville prison. Georgia, 
during the Civil war; 3. George Bradley; died during the Civil war at Newburn, 
N. Y. ; 4. Amy Eliza; 5. Asa Thayer; 6. Charlotte Elizabeth. 

tChildren of Henry B. and Esther Bates (Palmer) Hunt: 1. George Clark, 
b. Dec. 8, 1867; 2. Walter Dunbar, b. April 18. 1S69: m. July 12. 1902. Lizzie E. 
Smith (b. April 12, 1868); one dau. Ethel Kathrin; 3. Oscar Palmer, b. Sept. 18. 
1871; m. Dec. 12, 1894, Nettie A. La Sell of Sumner Hill; children: (a) DeAltoB 
l-a Sell, b. May 30, 1897; (b) Leslie Beardsley, b. July 18, 1899. 


born Nov. 28, 1797; died Aug. 31, 1830. He married second, Feb. 15, 
1832, Amy Clock, born Aug. 13, 1802; died Sept. 25, 1844. He married 
third, Sept. 29, 1847, Margaret Randolph of Ithaca, born Sept. 16, 
1798 (Dr. T.). 

Children of Theophilus and Mary (Peet) Lyon: 

1573. I. L,uther Peet; b. Dec. 23, 1823. 
•1574. II. Calvin; b. Sept. 27, 1826; m. Cornelia Hart. 

1575. III. Harriet Amanda; b. Jan. 4, 1830; m. Sept. 6. 1864, Thomas 
Miller (b. May 13, 1818; d. Feb. 24. 1902); one son Charles Henry, b. Feb. 11, 

Children of Theophilus and Amy (Clock) Lyon: 
157B. IV. Susan Angeline. 

1577. V. Mary Cornelia; b. Nov. 22, . 

1578. VI. Harlan Page; b. May 1, 1840. 

•1579. VII. Charles Henry; b. Nov. 18, 1843; m. Aug. 18. 1866, Amarilla P. 

871. VII. 376. ESBON^ LYON [Luther*, Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas*. 
John^ Thomas^], born Genoa, N. Y. Feb. 26, 1806; died Feb. 3, 1887. 
He married Elizabeth Barnes, died Dec. 10, 1886. 

Son of Esbon and Elizabeth (Barnes) Lyon (Dr. T.): 

1580. I. Edward Franklin; b. March 7, 1843. 

872. VII. 376. REBECCA' LYON (BOWER) [Luther', Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John=, Thomas^], born Genoa, N. Y. Feb. 3, 1810. She 
married Jan. 18, 1826 David Bower, a farmer, born Sept. 4, 1804; died 
March 4, 1839. 

Children of David and Rebecca (Lyon) Bower (Dr. T. ): 

1581. I. Ruth Peck; b. April 29, 1828; m. May 14, 1850. Charles N. Holden, 
b. Aug. 10, 1825. 

1.582. II. Luther Lyon; b. Jan. 30, 1832. 

1583. III. Caroline; b. March 11, 1835. 

1584. IV. Harriet Rebecca; b. Oct. 17, 1857. 

1585. V. David Edwin; b. May 22, 1839. 

874. VII. 377. NATHAN ROCKWELL^ LYON [Bnon«, Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas*], born near Five Corners, Genoa 
Township, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Nov. 16, 1803; died in High Forest, Minn., 
Sept. 7, 1885. He married at Five Corners, Sept. 1, 1829, his second 
cousin Sophia Crocker Lyon (No. 948) daughter of Israel and Polly 
(Hubbard) Lyon. He was a farmer and shoemaker, and lived suc- 
cessively in Genoa, Geneva and Rochester, N. Y. For many years he 


was in charge of the shoe cutting department in the States prison at 
Auburn. He removed in 1854 to High Forest, Minn., where he died. 

Children of Nathan R. and Sophia C. (Lyon) I^yon, born in Genoa Town- 
ship (Dr. T.): 

*1586. I. Orson Israel; b. June 10, 1830; d. Nov. 16, 1893; m. Sarah Ann 

*1587. II. Albert; b. Feb. 7, 1833; m. Rebecca Mead. 

•1588. III. Enon Irwin [Erwin Enon] ; b. Sept. 11, 1838; m. Harriet A. 
West; res. Oberlin, O. 

•1589. IV. William Franklin; b. June 27, 1842; m. Emily Jane West; res. 
(1907) Detroit, Mich. 

•1590. V. Chester Rockwell; b. March 9, 1845; m. Abbie Knapp. 
Nathan R. Lyon also adopted his niece Sarah Elizabeth Conrad (No. 1600). 

875. VII. 377. RACHEL' LYON (HUSTED) [Enon«, CalebV 
Caleb*, Thomas', John% Thomas'], born at Five Corners, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. Nov. 16, 1805; married, Dec. 26, 1828 (Stanwich Cong'l Chh.), 
Benjamin W. Husted, born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 15, 1808 son of Wil- 
liam Husted and Mary Lyon (No. 496). They settled in or near 

Children of Benjamin W. and Rachel (Lyon) Husted (Dr. T. ): 

1591. I. Julia; b. Aug. 12. 1830; d. Sept. 20, 1830. 

1592. II. Israel George; b. April 27, 1832. 

1593. III. Theophilus Peck; b. Dec. 8 (or 9), 1836; d. young. 

1594. IV. £liphalet Peck; twin brother of Theophilus. 

1595. V. William £non; b. March 12, 1840; m. Merritt. 

1596. VI. Nathaniel Lyon; b. Jan. 8, 1844; m. Mary Brundag-e. 

1597. VII. Mary Elizabeth; b. Jan. 31, 1846; m. Alexander G. Knapp. 

876. VII. 377. RHUNA' LYON (CONRAD) [Enon«, Caleb*, 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Five Corners, Cayuga Co., N. 
Y. June (or July) 28, 1811; married John Conrad, a farmer of Lansing, 
N. Y. (John Conrad married second Mercy West Dimick, and third, 
Dec. 29, 1853, Harriet Counselman of Union). 

Children of John and Rhuna (Lyon) Conrad: 

1598. I. Theron. 
1699. II. Rachel. 

1600. III. Sarah Elizabeth; b. Oct. 11. 1834; adopted by her uncle, Nathan 
R. Lyon; m. Daniel Cady Jackson. 

1601. IV. Enon. 

1602. V. Benjamin. 

878. VII. 377. MARY' LYON (CONRAD) [Enon*. Caleb', Caleb*, 
Thomas*, John^ Thomas'], born Five Corners, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1819; 


married Jan. 16, 1842, Joseph Conrad^ born May 8, 1810. They lived 
In Lansing, N. Y. (Dr. T.). 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Lyon) Conrad: 

1603. I. Fanny Elizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 1843. 

1604. II. Orin; b. June 7, 1845; d. Sept. 19, 1851. 

887. VII. 379. SAMUEL CHADWICK' LYON [Martin«, Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
May 31, 1810; died Sept. 13, 1870. He married. May 11, 1840, Emily 
Adams, born Oct. 30, 1819 (Dr. T.). Sha^lives (1906) in Grand Rapids, ^^ 
Mich., with her daughter Ellen. ^ -^ ■ ^«^ i^-' -- /^ / / ^ / 

Children of Samuel C. and Emily (Adams) Lyon: , Sl-*^- ltC-<?-'L-C t^«-* 

1605. I. Henry; b. Oct. 27, 1850; res. (1906) Syracuse, N. T.' /» • / S 

1606. II. Ellen Augusta; b. July 6, 1852; res. (1906) Grand Rapids, Mich, ii,^., /y^-K, 

888. VII. 379. CAROLINE HALL^ LYON (MOSIER) [Martin*, ' rt^*<^^« 
Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas', John-, Thomas'], born Aug, 18, 1832, died tlcO-Cd- 
acbcncctady -, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1890, her home being at the time in 
Syracuse. She married July 5, 1858, Charles Porter Mos|er, born Car- 
bondale. Pa., Jan. 21, 1837. He was a merchant (Dr. T.). ^--v. 

Daughter and only child of Charles P. and Caroline H. (Lyon) Mosier. 

1607. I. LiUian V«r^ml«; b. Phelps, N. Y., July 14, 1867. 

889. VII. 380. ANSON MEAD^ LYON [Benjamin", Caleb°, 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John', Thomas'], born Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
March 9, 1810. He was a carpenter and painter. He went with Ms 
father in 1835 to Ohio, but returned to Genoa. He married Betsey 

Children of Anson M. and Betsey (Reebler) Lyon (Dr. T.): 

1608. I. William Alexander Richards. 

1609. II. Caroline Elizabeth. 

1610. III. George Anson Benjamin. 

1611. IV. Catherine. 

1612. V. Emily Maria. 

1613. VI, Timoth.T. 

1614. VII. Abigail. 

1615. VIIL Rachel. 

890. VII. 380. TIMOTHY^ LYON [Benjamin', Caleb", Caleb*, 
Thomas', John^ Thomas'], b. Genoa, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1812, He mar- 


ried Mrs. Caroline Beebe, who had two children by her former hus- 
band. They lived in Syracuse, N. Y., where he was a clerk. 

Son of Timothy and Caroline ( ) (Beebe) Lyon: 

1616. I. Timothy. 

900. VII. 382. MARCUS' LYON [Moses«, Caleb\ Caleb*. 
ThomasS John^ Thomas^], born Genoa. N. Y., Sept. 23, 1827; d. Sept. 
18, 1899. He was a graduate of Yale, 1852; an attorney at law in 
Ithaca, N. Y., where he was Postmaster; District Attorney of Tomp- 
kins Co.; County Judge and Surrogate Tompkins Co., 1873-1892. He 
married in Ithaca, Sept. 17 (or 23), 1855, Susan Mann Schuyler, who 
was born May 6, 1834, and died in Ithaca Sept. 17 (or 19), 1896. 

Cliildren of Marcus and Susan M. (Schuyler) Lyon: 
♦1617. I. L,ucy; b. July 9, 1S5S; m. "Walter Craig Kerr. 

*1618. II. Laura; b. Oct. 28, 1865; m. Otis Lincoln Williams; d. March, 

1619. III. Philip Schuyler; b. Sept. 30, 1867; M. E., Cornell University, 
1889; d. June 1, 1890. 

1620. IV. Mary; b. Sept. 7, 1870; m. June, 1897, John Howard Southworth; 
one ch., Faber. 

•1621. V. Newell; b. Sept. 20, 1874; res. New York City; m. Delia Ward 

902. VII. 382. BRAINERD' LYON [Moses^ Caleb^ Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Five Corners, Genoa, N. Y., Aug. 1, 
1830; res. (1906) King Ferry, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Educated in public 
schools and Horner Academy; a farmer; trustee, elder and deacon in 
Presbyterian Church. He married first Harriet Tollotson who lived 
only a year afterward. He married second Melissa Cobb, and she also 
lived but a short time. He married third, Oct. 4, 1876, at Poplar Ridge, 
N. Y., Candace Maria Vaughan, born Oct. 4, 1842. She was daughter of 
John Vaughan (born Middleboro, Mass.) and Candace Maria Wheeler. 

Children of Brainerd and Candace Maria (Vaughan) Lyon: 

1622. I. Henry Vaughan; b. Sept., 1877; d. Oct. 15, 1877. 

1623. II. Anna Webb; b. Oct. 31, 1879; res. (1906) King Ferry, N. Y. 

1624. III. Helen Vaughan; b. Sept. 2, 1883. 

904. VII. 382. WILLIAM RICHARDS' LYON [Moses^ Caleb", 
Caleb*, Thomas', John-, Thomas'], born Genoa Township, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., May 6, 1834; grad. Williams College, 1858. He is an attorney 
at law; res. (1906) St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Mich. He married at St. 


Joseph, Nov. 3, 1864, Frances Emeline Jones, daughter of Hiram and 
Charlotte Ann (Ellis) Jones of St. Joseph. 

908. VII. 385. MARY' LYON (SMITH) [Joseph', Daniel", Caleb*. 
Thomas', John-, Thomas'], born March 4, 1802; married Jacob, son of 
Henry Smith, of Lansing, N. Y. They lived in Genoa and Lansing a 
few years and then removed to Groton. 

Children of Jacob and Mary (Lyon) Smith (Dr. T.): 

1625. I. Sarah Esther; b. March, 1847; m. Thomas B. Roberson, who d. 
Feb. 20, 1853; res. Fayetteville. 

1626. II. Edward dander. 

1627. III. Ellen Augusta; m. Feb. 20, 1S53, Brown. 

1628. IV. Amy Jane; b. April 29, 1838. 

909. VII. 385. FANNY' LYON (SMITH) [Joseph", Daniel', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John% Thomas'], born about 1804; d. April 7, 1847; 
married William Smith (not related to Jacob Smith, her brother-in- 
law). They settled in Bronson, Huron Co., O. 

Children of William and Fanny (Lyon) Smith (Dr. T.): 

1629. I. Harriet; b. Dec. 1, 1832. 

1630. II. John Henry. 

910. VII. 385. AMY' LYON (SMITH) [Joseph*, Daniel", Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born about 1806; married first, Thore (?) 
Smith, twin brother of Jacob, her sister Mary's husband. They lived 
in Lansing. He was accidentally shot and killed while hunting. She 
married second, Edward, son of Levi Palmer. They lived one mile 
west of Five Corners. No children. 

[Josephs DanieP, Caleb*, Thomas^ JohnS Thomas'] was educated at 
Oberlin, O., married Rev. Geo. M. Nichols, and settled in Perryville, 
Boyle Co., Kentucky. 

Children of George W. and Charlotte R. (Lyon) Nichols: 

1631. I. George Lewis. 

1632. II. Ann Amelia; b. March 16, 1846; d. July 31. 1847. 

922. VII. 391. ELIZA A.' LYON (HOWE) [DanieP, DanieP, 
Caleb*, ThomasS John=, Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., April 29, 
1822; died Greenwich, Dec. 24, 1865. She married Nov. 3, 1852, Allen 
Howe, born June 10, 1819, died June 20, 1892, son of Jonas and Anna 
(Mead) Howe. 


Son of Allen and Eliza A. (Lyon) Howe: 
1633. I. Lewis L,yon; res. Greenwich. 

924. VII. 391. DANIEL W.' LYON [DanieP, DanieP, Caleb*, 
Thomas^ Jolin=, Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., Sept. 18, 1824; died 
before 1893; married Nov. 1848, Frances L. Sayer,aborn Jan. 1828." fr^ f^%t 

Children of Daniel and Frances L. (Sayer) Lyon: # ' 

1634. I. Albert Davis; b. Dec. 29, 1850. 

1635. II. Ella F.; m. Thurber; res. 1893, Newark, N. J.; res. 

1895, Hoseville, N. Y. 

926. VII. 391. ALBERT JUDSON' LYON [DanieF, Daniel^ 
Calebs Thomas^ John^ Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., Jan. 7, 1828; 
died Dec. 13, 1894. Will dated Oct. 21, 1893; probated March 5, 1895; 
executors, wife Mary J., brother-in-law, Robert A. McKenzie. He mar- 
ried Mary Jane McKenzie, who died at 174 Hooper St., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Aug. 14, 1904. No children. 

928. VII. 391. JOSEPH THEODORE' LYON [Daniel«, Daniel', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John% Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 7, 1832; 
res. (1907) on the old farm, Greenwich; m. at Greenwich, Sept. 6, 1858, 
Rebecca Finch, born 1838, at Greenwich. 

Children of Joseph T. and Rebecca (Finch) Lyon: 
♦1636. I. George W.; b. 1860; m. Ida Louise Husted. 
1637. II. Edward. 

930. VII, 391. GEORGE DERBY' LYON [DanieP, Daniel", 
Caleb*, Thomas*, John^ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., April 7, 
1835; died Deer Lodge City, Montana, Dec, 1895. He married Ella 

Children of George D. and Ella ( ) Lyon: 

1638. I. William; minor, over 14, 1895. 

1639. II. Arthur; minor, over 14, 1895. 

1640. III. George; minor, under 14, 1895. 

952. VII. 410. NOAH' LYON [Israel', Noah", Caleb*, Thomas', 
John^ Thomas'], born Genoa, Cayuga Co., N, Y., April 30, 1820; lived 
on the old homestead. He married Catherine Stillwell, granddaughter 
of Patty Quick, who was a daughter of Thaddeus Mead. 

Children of Noah and Catherine (Stillwell) Lyon: 

1641. I. Jay Edgar. 

1642. II. Emma Ellen. 


953. VII. 410. ZACHARIAH' LYON [Israel^, Noah», Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas^], born Genoa, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1823. He mar- 
ried Jan. 1846, Esther Brown and "settled on his grandfather's place" 
(Dr. T.). 

Son of Zacharlah and Esther (Brown) Lyon: 
1643. I. Murray; b. March, 1847. 

955. VII. 411. SYLVESTER' LYON [Thaddeus«, Noah^ Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Genoa, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1810, and lived 
there near his father. He married Howell. 

Son of Sylvester and (Howell) Lyon: 

1643. I. Warren. 

959. VII. 416. EDWIN' LYON [Isaac* Job', Caleb*, Thomas', 
John-, Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 21, 1842; died July 12, 
1892. He married Mary A. Seaman, born Jan. 13, 1845; daughter of 
Charles H. and Mary A. (Mead) Seaman. 

Children of Edwin and Mary A. (Seaman) Lyon: 

1644. I. EUa H.; b. June 21, 1874; m. Joseph B. Mead (b. July 30, 

1645. II. Walter S.; b. March 26, 1878; d. ae. 17. 

960. VII. 416. SYLVESTER MEAD' LYON [Isaac*, Job», Caleb*, 
Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Greenwich, Conn., May 24, 1843; res. 
(1906) 263 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. He is a dentist. He mar- 
ried in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 3, 1863, Sarah J. Collins, born 1840; 

daughter of Sheldon and Mary Jane ( ) Collins of Straits- 

ville. Conn. 

Children of Sylvester M. and Sarah J. (Collins) Lyon: 

1646. I. William S.; b. April 13, 1865; m.. May 27, 1891, Jennie B. Mead 
(b. Jan. 10, 1867; d. March IB, 1892; dau. of Arthur D. and Alice (Bingham) 
Mead) : no issue. 

*1647. II. Isaac; b. 1866; m. Adelaide Bird. 

*1648. IIL Bertha E.; b. 1867; m. WaUace H. "radley. 

975. VII. 426. RACHEL V.' LYON (STURGES) [Thomas', 
James', John*, John', John^, Thomas'], died New York City, Dec. 17, 
1867; will dated Sept. 16, 1864; probated New York, Feb. 10, 1868; 
executors, Daniel L. Sturges, James D. Lyon. She married Daniel L. 
Sturges of Brooklyn, born 1827; died Sept. 30, 1902, Res. (1867) 86th 
St. and Ave. A., New York City. 


Children of Daniel L. and Rachel V. (Lyon) Sturges: 

1649. I. Thomas L<. 

1650. II. Abby L,. 

1651. III. Anna L. 

1652. IV. Fannie L,. 

984. VII. 430. PHBBE' LYON (HAIGHT) [James', Roger", 
Rogers John^ John=, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., July 7, 1788; died 
Feb. 14, 1867; buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. She married 
May 19, 1807, Daniel Haight, born Nov. 2, 1782; died July 6, 1841, 

buried Buxton Cemetery; son of Abraham and Keziah ( ) 

Haight of Bedford. 

Children of Daniel and Phebe (Lyon) Haight: 

1653. I. James. 

1654. II. Alvah. 

1655. III. William Henry; res. New York City; d. about 1868- 
i«56. IV. Jane. 

1657. V. Harriet. 

1658. VI. Anna; m. Sydney Smith Guy; res. (1906) Sandy Hill_ N. Y. ; ch. 
1. Josephine, dec; 2. Louise; 3. Walter Britton^ (b. Victoria Mills, N. Y.); 4. 
Frederick, dec; 5. Frank, dec; 6. Cornelia; 7. Fannie; 8. Jennie. 

985- VII. 430. DEBORAH' LYON (MOSEMAN) [James', 
Rogers Roger*, JohnS JohnS Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., July 27, 
1791; died June 24, 1877; buried Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. She mar- 
ried Albertson Moseman, born 1796; died Nov. 14, 1862; buried Bux- 
ton Cemetery. 

Children of Albertson and Deborah (Lyon) Moseman: 

1659. I. William E.- re= . New York City; In fish business. 

1660. II. George W.; b. May 15, 1827; d. Feb. 13, 1888. 

1661. III. Aaron A.; farmer on Long Island; m. Rachel ; a s. 

Aaron A.; b. March 4, 1852. 

1662. IV. Jane E.; b. 1832; d. May 11, 1888; m. A. Reed. 

986. VII. 430. ISRAEL' LYON [James', Roger', Roger*, John*, 
Johns Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1793; died Sept. 22, 
1868; buried at Bedford. Adm. of estate. May 19, 1869 to brother New- 
man C. Lyon. He married Dec. 23, 1818, Eunice Elmira Raymond, born 

JWalton Britton Guy, born Victoria Mills, Saratoga Co., N. Y. ; m. Florence 
Jane Davidson, born at Glens Falls, Warren Co., N. Y. ; daughter of Charles 
Robert Moore Davidson and Frances Ann Tompkins. Children: 1. Burgess; de- 
ceased: 2 Rose Davidson, b. Sand Hill, N. Y., 1875. Francis Ann Tompkins was 
grand-daughter of Jonathan Allen and Lucinda Clark, sister of Gen. Orvllle 


April 12, 1801; died April 1, 1864; buried Buxton Cemetery, Bedford; 
daughter of George W. and Elvira (Sherman) Raymond. 

Children of Israel and Eunice E. (Raymond) Lyon: 

*1663. I. Elizabeth R.; b. April 16, 1820; d. Jan. 21, 1895; m. Thomas W. 

1664. II. George W.; b. Oct. 14, 1828; d. Nov. 23, 1875; m. 1860, Abble 
Duncan; assemblyman, Westchester Co., 1852; res. Mt. Kisco; rem. to Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 

1665. III. Jane Ann; b. May 2, 1833; d. Sept. 10, 1840. 

987. VII. 430. NEWMAN CLARK' LYON [James^ Roger», 
Roger*, John^ John', Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1797; 
died Nov. 20, 1890; buried Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. He married 
Nov. 18, 1818, Alethea Merritt, born June 26, 1798; died Aug. 10, 1887; 
buried Buxton Cemetery. She was daughter of Nathaniel and Deborah 
(Honeywell) Merritt.f 

Children of Newman C. and Alethea (Merritt) Lyon: 
*1666. I. William Edward; b. Sept. 18, 1819; d. Jan. 6, 1904; m. 1st, 
Elizabeth Banks; m. 2nd, Mary E. Carr. 

1667. II. Merritt; b. Nov. 11, 1820; d. Sept. 27, 1821. 

1668. III. Nathaniel M.; b. Feb. 22, 1823; d. Jan. 4, 1827. 

1669. IV. Henry N.; b. March 21, 1825; d. Jan. 3, 1827. 
*1670. V. Henry; b. June 16, 1827; m. 1854 Anna Maria Dingee. 

1671. VI. James M.; b. Jan. 29, 1830; m. . 

•1672. VII. Sarah Jane; b. March 19, 1831; m. Stephen Holly Miller. 

*1673. VIII. Ann Matilda; b. June 20, 1832; m. William Harvey Banks. 

»1674. IX. Newman C; b. June 18, 1834; d. Nov. 1, 1900; m. Addie Cary. 

1675. X. Nathaniel; b. April 28, 1837; d. 1895 (will prob. Jan. 16); m. 

Henrietta, dau. of John Cary; she lives in Brooklyn. 

*1676. XI. Alethea 31.; b. May 19, 1839; m. Isaac N. Halt. 

988. VII. 430. JAMES' LYON [James», Roger', Roger*, John', 
John=, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., April 7, 1800; died March 26, 
1869, in Western New York. He married 1st, Nov. 3, 1824, Maria 
Quereau, born Jan. 11, 1801; died July 10, 1828; daughter of Peter 
Quereau. He married second, July 24, 1831, Charity Gedney, born Dec. 
20, 1799; died Nov. 16, 1848, buried in Gedney Cemetery, Mamaroneck, 
N. Y. She was daughter of David Gedney. He married third, April 
20, 1856, Maria A. Chase, born July 5, 1828. 

Son of James and Maria (Quereau) Lyon: 

1677. I. Peter Querean; b. June 9, 1826; res. Cato, Cayuga Co., N. T.; m. 
; ch. : James, another son, and 2 daughters. 

tSee footnote to No. 302. 


Children of James and Charity (Gedney) Lyon: 

•1678. II. Harvey; b. Nov. 27. 1832; d. Jan. 20, 1906; m. Thirza C. . 

*1679. III. Phebe; b. Dec. 7, 1835; m. Theodore Fowler. 

1680. IV. Albert; b. Nov. 2, 1837; res. (1906) Katonah. 
♦1681. V. William; b. June 8, 1839; m. Lucretia Merritt. 

1682. VI. James Henry; b. Feb. 9, 1841; d. June 16, 1864, at siege of 
Petersburgh, Va., in 4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery. 

989. VII. 430. MARY' LYON (HORTON) (CRANE) [James«, 
Roger", Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas^], born Bedford, N. Y., April 5, 
1804; died Oct. 27, 1878; buried at Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. She 
married first, Jan. 25, 1826, Elias Quereau Horton, born Dec. 22, 1800; 
died Sept. 23, 1831; son of Wright and Ann (Quereau) Horton. J She 
married second, Philander Crane. 

Children of Elias Q. and Mary (Lyon) Horton: 

1683. I. Martha Ami; b. Dec. 26, 1826; d. Sept. 6, 1897; m. Nov. 21. 1846, 
Silas G. Tompkins. 

1684. II. James Wright; b. Jan. 20, 1827; d. Feb. 19, 1827. 

1685. IIL Elizabeth Mary; b. May 27, 1831; d. May 3, 1885; m. 1st, Na- 
thaniel O. Williamson (d. Nov. 3, 1851, ae. 24 y.); m. 2nd, Feb. 4, 1858, Peter 
M. Dingee (b. July 22, 1822; d. Oct. 11, 1886). 

990. VII. 430. KNAPP' LYON [James^ Roger", Roger*, John". 
John^ Thomas^], born Bedford, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1806; died April 19, 
1870; buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford. He married Sarah H 
Tyler, born July 4, 1810; died Oct. 4, 1872, buried Buxton Cemetery. 
Adm. of estate New York City, Oct. 8, 1892, to sister, Harriet H. 

Son of Knapp and Sarah H. (Tyler) Lyon: 
*1686. I. William A.; b. July 13, 1834; d. Sept. 25, 1863. 

992. VII. 431. MILES^ LYON [Jonathan^ Roger", Roger*, John", 
John", Thomas^], born Bedford, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1795; died Cornwall, 
Orange Co., N. Y., April 7, 1838; buried Canterbury Cemetery near 

tWrlght Horton, son of Stephen, born May 22, 1776; died June 12. 1861; m. 
Nov. 29, 1798, Anne Quereau, born March 10, 1780; died Jan. 4, 1852; dau. of 
Dr. Elias Quereau. Children: 1. Elias Quereau, b. Dec. 22, 1800; d. Sept. 23 
1831; m. Mary Lyon (above); 2. Betsey Aim, b. Nov. 4, 1802; 3. George W., b. 
Sept. 10, 1804; m . Charlotte Griffln; 4. Frost, b. Sept. 15. 1806; m. Phebe Tomp. 
kins, 5. Stephen D., b. Oct. 3, 1808; d. March 5, 1842; m. Delia Clapp; 6. Wil- 
liam C, b. Jan. 9, 1811; d. Jan. 26, 1846; m. Phebe McKiel; 7. Jane, b. Jan. 17 
1813; m. May 19, 1839 Thomas C. Van Hensen; 8. Sarah, b. May 10, 1815; d. Jan. 
11, 1850; m. March 18, 1838, Joseph T. Hallock; 9. Peter Quereau; b. Dec. 26, 
1817; unm. ; 10. Wright Frost, b. Feb. 22, 1820; d. March 23, 1844; unm. 


Cornwall. He married at Bethlehem Chh., Orang-e Co., N. Y., Nov. 17, 
1823, Mary Williams, born Oct. 9, 1802; died Dec. 31, 1842. 

Children of Miles and Mary (Williams) Lyon: 

1687. I. Moreau P.; b. Aug. 25, 1S24; d. Jan. 15, 1862. 

1688. II. Edward E.; b. March 4, 1826; d. Jan. 2, 1829. 

1689. III. Amelia; b. March 1, 1828; d. Dec. 24, 1829; buried Buxton 

*I690. IV. WUliam WiUiams; b. Sept. 10, 1830; d. Nov. 15, 1875; m. Emma 
Jane Howell. 

1691. V. John H.; b. March 12, 1834; d. Jan. 14, 1860; bur. Buxton 

1692. VI. Margaret Ann; b. Sept. 14, 1836; d. Nov. 12, 1894; unm. 

1010. VII. 438. ELIAS QUEREAU' LYON [John«, Justus", 
Roger*, John^ John-, Thomas'], born in Bedford, Westchester Co., N. 
Y., April 8, 1823; a farmer, living (1906) in South Salem, N. Y. He 
was married Dec. 30, 1846, by Rev. Reuben Frame to Mary Ann Wood, 
born April 13, 1827, daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret (Horton) 
Wood of South Salem. 

Children of Ellas Q. and Mary Ann (Wood) Lyon: 

1693. I. Mary Ann Ophelia; b. New York City, April 16, 1856; res. South 
Salem, N. Y. 

1694. II. Catherine Elizabeth; b. South Salem, May 29, 1859; d. Aug. 28, 

1695. III. Clementina Qaereau; b. South Salem, July 14, 1860; d. July 21, 

1696. rv. Louisa Matilda; b. South Salem, Jan. 16, 1862; d. Jan. 17, 1862. 

1697. V. Caroline Emma; b. South Salem, April^ 21, 1864. 

1018. VII. 439. STEPHEN' LYON [William*, Justus", Roger*, , ^^, 
John', John^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1810; died April ftr^:!:^^^ 
24, 1898. He married first, Jan. 9, 1834. Amanda A. Miller, born May / t. . -.. , ,/^' 
14, 1814; died Jan. 8, 1847; buried in Union Cemetery, Bedford. She ^^ 
was daughter of John and Sarah (Mills) Miller, of Bedford. He mar- 
ried second, Oct. 16, 1850, Amy A. Wheeler, born Oct. 4, 1815; died 
March 27, 1897; daughter of Samuel Wheeler. - 0<^C*<^uj^< 

Children of Stephen and Amanda A. (Miller) Lyon, born in Bedford, N. Y. : 
*1698. L John Miller; b. Sept. 28, 1S34; d. Feb. 22, 1902; m. 1st, Sarah J, 
Clifford; m. 2nd, Jennie M. BalUie. 

•1699. II. William Penn; b. Feb. 7, 1837; m. Mary Ann Sniffen. 

1700. III. Jere Miller; b. Aug. 10, 1841; m. Susan Robertson; res. Kato- 
nah, N. Y. 

1701. IV. Stephen E.; b. July 8, 1843; d. Dec. 21, 1851. 

1702. V. Amanda A.; b. Aug. 20, 1846; d. March 23, 1847. 

■ oZj^ 


1025. VII. 439. FERRIS' LYON [William", Justus', Roger^ John*. 
John=, Thomas'], born April 26, 1828, died Bedford, N, Y., Nov. 23, 
1878; buried Union Cemetery, Bedford. He married Sarah Letitia 
Williamson, born in Bedford, Jan. 14, 1836; died Nov. 2, 1898; buried 
in Union Cemetery; daughter of William Williamson. 

Children of Ferris and Sarah L. (Williamson) Lyon: 

1703. I. WUliam Henry; b. July 30, 1856 [or 1857]; unm.; res. New York 
City; address 151 Maiden Lane. 

1704. II. ftlary C; b. June 7, 1859; m. Edgar N. Reynolds; res. Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

1705. III. Carrie Louise; b. July 1, 1861; m. Aug. 25, 1885, Leonard K. 
Knox (son of Peter H. and Jane (Hewson) Knox), dentist; res. Bedford, N. Y. 

1706. IV. Stephen F.; b. Sept. 11, 1868; d. Jan. 17, 1869. 

1707. V. Charles F.; b. April 13, 1870. 

1708. VI. Jeannette C. [Nettie]; b. July 11, 1873; m. CorneU; 

res. Bedford Station, N. Y. 

1027. VII. 442. REV. WALTER SMITH' LYON [John«, Samuel", 
Roger*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1791; 
died Oct. 18, 1867. Will dated March 18, 1864; probated White Plains, 
Dec. 9, 1867 (Lib. 55-56). He married, Nov. 25, 1814, Betsey Booth 
Sanford, born Reading, Conn., Dec. 6, 1796; died Bedford, N. Y., Jan. 
3, 1842, daughter of Hezekiah Sanford. They lived at Katonah, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. 

Children of Walter S. and Betsey B. (Sanford) Lyon: /^ ^*^^ «• ^ ' «V J 

*1709. I. Antoinette; b. April 4, 1816; living 1906; m. Abraham Stockholm. 

*1710. II. Thomas S.; b. Feb. 17, 1818; d. 1903; m. Isti Calista B. Haight; 
m. 2nd, Deborah f^ 

*1711. III. Sarah Elizabeth; b. July IS, 1820; d. May 22, 1885; m. Lemuel 

•1712. IV. Mary; b. June 4, 1823; m. John J. Wood. 

1713. V. Louisa Sanford; b. Feb. 4,1826; living 1904; unm. 

1714. VI. Louisa ["Lonesa"] Smith; twin sister of foregoing; d. May 12, 
1901; m. Jan., 1861, William Clark of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 2 sons (1 living). 

*1715. VII. Caroline; b. March 4, 1828; d. Jan. 9, 1904; m. Silas W. Al- 

•1716 VIII. Betsey B.; b. Nov. 4, 1830; m. John W. Peck. 

1717. IX. Walter Sanford; b. March 26, 1833; d. May 11, 1863. 

1718. X. John Ahaz ["Charles" in one record]; b. Nov. 20, 1835; d. Sept. 
19, 1841. . • .' •^. / / 

(^ v. \ «— <> f • - J . c. .. , . c f^M « ' ^^£i — 

1028. VII. 442. ALFRED' LYON [John', Samuel", Roger*, John*, 
John=, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., June 8, 1793; died 1880 at Sher- 
wood's Corners, Cayuga Co., N. Y. He was Colonel of Militia. In 1843 
he was member of the N, Y. Assembly. He married first Dec. 31, 1818, 


Lavinia Wliite, born Aug. 10, 1794; died July 16, 1830; daughter of 
Thomas and Rebecca (Vail) White. He married second Harriett 

Children of Alfred and Lavinia (Wliite) Lyon: 
•1719. I. Sarah M.; b. Sept. 30, 1820; m. Elijah Sturdevant. 

1720. II. John A.; b. Nov. 18, 1822; d. July 13, 1851. 

1721. III. Thomas; b. Aug. 19, 1824; d. July 6. 1848. 

1732. IV. George C: b. June 7. 1S26: d. 1900; m. ; 2 ch. 

1723. V. Rebecca White; b. June 17. 1828; d. Jan. 30. 1831. 

1724. VI. liavinia White: b. July 16, 1830; m. Sept. 30, 1852, Henry L. 

Children of Alfred and Harriett (Valentine) Lyon: 

1725. VII. Lyman Cook. 

•1726. VIII. Hiram D.; m. Abbie Gifford. 

•1727. IX. Elizabeth: m. Henry Grlmshaw. / /\ - ^ ' » ^ ^ . ^ 

•1728. X. Samuel.,^mrT3eIlaTryT: ^' /V (^ . $ ,/<^ ^ ^ / h^^. / 9^ <^ 

1729. XI. Edwin"} "^ C.<,^n MjCJLI cM^ ^'^'^ /^*^^^, 

•1730. XII. Leonard: b. March 11, 1843; m. Mary HainesrA.*. ^Lj>^^^^ Ar^o 

•1731. XIII. James: m. Sarah Hopkins. ^/ / 

1732. XIV. Phebe J. 

1733. XV. Charles; res. Attalissa, la.; m. Lucy Avery; a son Alfred. 

1734. XVI. Alfred. 

•1735. XVII. Harriett; m. Frank Fowler. 

1736. XVIII. Augustus; res. Fort Collins, Col. 

1737. XIX. Mary; d. ; m. Samuel (or William) Avery; a dau. 


1029. VII. 442. MARY^ LYON (CLASON) [John«, SamueP, 
Roger*, John^ John=, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., July 29, 1795; 
died Dec. 8, 1858. She married Solomon Clason, M. D., born Stamford, 
Conn., April 8,' 1793; died Stormville, Dutchess Co., N. Y., May 18, 
1864; res. Peekskill, N. Y, He was sou of Solomon and Ruth (Smith) 

'Children of Solomon and Mary (Lyon) Clason: 

1738. I. Sarah Lyon; b. May 28, 1830; d. May 21, 1898; unm. 

1739. IL John Addison; b. April 6, 1833; d. Oct. 12, 1894, at Mullen, 
Hooker Co., N. B. ; buried Danbury, Conn. 

1740. III. Abraham Travis; b. March 22, 1840; d. June 16, 1896; unm.; 
a surgeon; res. 154 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, Conn. 

1032. VII. 442. ISAAC DICKINSON^ LYON [John', SamueP, 
Roger*, John^ John', Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., June 14, 1803; d. 
Binghamton, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1870; a farmer in Binghamton. He married 


June 1823, Ruth White, born Dec. 11, 1803; died Jan. 27, 1865; daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Rebecca (Vail) White. 

Children of Isaac D. and Ruth (White) Lyon: 
•1741. I. Thomas White; b. March 25, 1824; m. Margaret E. Howe. 

1742. II. John; b. Jan. 30, 1826; d. Feb. 17, 1826. 
♦1743. III. John Addison; b. July 6, 1827; m. Henrietta Hooper, 

1744. IV. Hepsabeth; b. April 22, 1829; d. Jan. 19, 1830. 
*1745. V. Sarah Rebecca; b. Aug. 19, 1831; d. 1889; m. 1st. Horace S. 
Buckingham; m. 2nd. Herman Graves. 

*1746. VI. Mary Lavinia; b. Beekman, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Aug. 25, 1833; 
m. Henry Hooper of Danbury, Conn. 

1747. VII. George Alfred; b. Nov. 13, 1834. 

1748. VIII. Infant; b. May 13, 1836. 

1749. IX. James Walter; b. Binghamton, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1838; res. Blng- 
hamton; m. ; a dau. m. Henry W. Lovell. 

1750. X. Moses Vail; b. Sept. 30, 1839; became Mayor of Boise City, 

*1751. XI. Tamar Parmelia; b. Dec. 23, 1842; m. Festus C. Bailey. 

1752. XII. Ruth; b. Dec. 28, 1843; d. March 21, 1844. 
*1753. XIII. Eugenia Ann; b. May 10, 1846; d. May 30, 1903; m. let, 
Charles Gevens; m. 2nd, James H. Hoag. 

1034. VII. 442. JOHN ADDISON'' LYON [John«, SamueP, Roger*, 
John^ John-, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1816; died July 
23, 1891; res. Bedford. He married June 11, 1850, Emily Robertson 
Lyon (No. 1026), born March 27, 1831; daughter of William and Rachel 
(Robertson) Lyon. Mrs. Emily Lyon lives (1906) in Katonah, N.Y. 

Children of John Addison and Emily R. (Lyon) Lyon, born in New York 

1754. I. Charles Herbert; b. Oct. 6, 1854; m. Oct. 14, 1896, Ella Calkins 

(dau. of Norman A. and Mary C. ( ) Calkins of New York City) ; res. 

White Plains, N. Y. ; no ch. 

1755. II. Irving Addison; b. Oct. 19, 1858; res. Paris, France, Hotel 
Continental; is connected with a bank in Paris. 

[SamueP, SamueP, Roger*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., 
May 24, 1810; died Dec. 31, 1880. She married in 1828, Jacob Deincke, 
died Sept. 22, 1887. They lived in Courtlandt, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Children of Jacob and Louisa F. (Lyon) Deincke: 

1756. I. Caroline; b. Feb. 14, 1829; m. Jan. 18, 1848 James H. Lent. 

1757. II. Antoinette; b. Aug. 1, 1831; m. Stephen Pullen. 

1758. III. Sarah; b. July 25. 1835; m. Paul Wessells. 

1759. IV. Emma; b. Jan. 5, 1838; m. Elihu Richey. 

1760. V. Mary Ellen; b. March 21, 1840; d. Oct. 6, 1845. 

1761. VI. Cornelia; b. July 12, 1843; m. Theodore Lent. 


1763. VII. Bosalinda; b. March 1, 18 45; m. Amos Nelson. 

1763. VIII. George W.; b. Jan. 3, 1847; d. Nov. 6, 1896; m. Oct. 21. 
1868, Mary Louisa Hart; he was a merchant in Peekskill. 

1764. IX. John J.; b. Oct. 25, 1851; d. Dec. 6, 1896; m. Ida Halstead. 

1765. X. Mary Ellen; b. March 25. 1854: d. 1856. 

1036. VII. 445. OSMOND CUSTIS' LYON [SamueP, SamueP, 
Rog-er\ John', John-, Thomas'], born April 28, 1812; died Jan. 3, 1891; 
buried at White Plains, N. Y. He m. Martha Lavinia Lyoi^ born 1824; 
died at residence of her daughter, Mrs. William W. Lyon, 157 West 
92nd St., New York City, July 1, 1901; buried in Rural Cemetery, White 
Plains. Martha was daughter of David W. (No. 453) and Martha 
(Shute) Lyon. 

Children of Osmond C. and Martha L. (Lyon) Lyon: 

1766. I. Rosalinda Amelia; d. July 24, 1875; m. Matthews. 

•1767. II. Gilbert Livingston; m. . 

1768. III. Paulina £lmira; m. William Warren Lyon (No. 1782). 

[SamueP, SamueP, Roger*, John^ John=, Thomas'], born Feb. 28, 1819; 
died Dec. 13, 1891. She married Edwin Knapp. 

Children of Edwin and Rosalinda C. (Lyon) Knapp: 

1769. I. Edwin A.; b. July 12, 1846; m. Dee. 3, 1874, Jennie H. Healey. 

1770. II. John v.; b. June 7, 1855; d. Oct. 21. 1876. 

1771. IIL Henrietta F.; b. Oct. 13, 1857; d. Dec. 16, 1895; m. Dec. 15, 
1902, Robert G. Jones. 

tSamueP, SamueP, Roger*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born April 13, 1825; 
died Feb. 7, 1895; buried at Long Ridge, Stamford, Conn. She married 
Elnathan Todd, born Oct. 15, 1812; died Feb. 15, 1897; buried at Long 
Ridge, Stamford. He was son of Elnathan and Sally (Smith) Todd.§ 

§John Todd of Stamford, Conn., born 1730; died Aug. 24, 1814; buried at 
Long Ridge. Will dated May 20, 1811; probated Stamford, Sept. 16, 1814. He 
married Jemima Hart, born Aug. 13. 1755; died Feb. 3, 1826; buried at Long 
Ridge. She was daughter of Daniel and Jemima (Lounsbury) Hart. Children: 
1. Noah; married and had L,eander; 2. John, b. 1767; d. June 20, 1810; m. 

Hannah (d. Sept. 16, 1S37, ae. 56 y. 11 m. 18 d.); 3. Washington, b. 

Sept. 28, 1770; d. Sept. 16, 1S27; m. Charlotte Mills (b. Dec. 1, 1780; d. June 

4, ); 4. Elnathan, b. 1773; d. Oct. 10, 1818; m. Sally Smith (d. Dec. 

19, 1818, ae. 45); 5. Deborah; m. Benedict; 6. Hannah; m. Sept. 8, 

1785, Ebenezer Webb, (b. Sept. 14, 1756; s. of Benjamin Webb); 7. Phebe; m. 
Aug. 30, 1786, Ebenezer Webb (b. May 27, 1764, s. of Epinetus Webb); 8. Mary; 
m. Boulton. 




Children of Elnathan and Henrietta C. (Lyon) Todd: 

1772. I. J<>hn Everett; m. Sally Gardiner; a dau. Ruth. 

1773. II. Harriet Adah; m. Sullivan Moulton Pine; res. King St., Port 
Chester; ch. : James and Mildred. 

1044. VII. 445. JOHN NEWTON' LYON [SamueP, SamueP, 
Rog-erS John^ Jolin=, Thomas'], of North Castle, born July 19, 1828; died 
April 11, 1885; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Adm. 
of estate May 15, 1885, to widow Julia. He married Dec. 4, 1867 Julia 
E. Comstock, born Nov. 4, 1837; res. (1906) Mt. Kisco. 

Children of John N. and Julia E. (Comstock) Lyon: 

1774. I. Albert C; b. Oct. 20. 1S6S. 

1775. II. Florence R.; b. May 13, 1870. 

1045. VII. 448. NATHAN EMERY' LYON [Garrettson«, Gilbert', 
Roger*, John^ John=, Thomas'!, of 369 West 48th St. New York City; 
born Jan. 2, 1818; died July 7, 1886; buried at White Plains. He mar- 
ried, April 15, 1840 Catherine E. Cole of Red Hook, N. Y.. born Jan. 
13, 1817; died Oct. 12, 1885; buried at White Plains. 

Children of Nathan E. and Catherine E. (Cole) Lyon: 
*1776. I. Sarah Maria; b. June 26, 1841; m. Peter Sheldon Coles. 
♦1777. II. Emery Garrettson; b. Aug. 25, 1843; m. Mary W. Lewis. 
*1778. III. Emma E.; b. Jan. 10, 1846; m. 1st. Halsey W. Knapp; m. 
2nd. William B. Long. 

1779. IV. Mary Jane; b. April 10, 1848; d. in infancy. 
*1780. V. Andrew Simpson; b. Jan. 15, 1851; m. Mary A. Morton. 

1781. VL Charles Benjamin; b. May 14, 1854. 
*1782. VII. William Warren; b. Oct. 25, 1856; m. Paulina E. Lyon 
(No. 176^). 

'1046. VII. 448. ALBERT' LYON [Garrettson', Gilbert", Roger*, 
John^ John=, Thomas'], born Aug. 21, 1821; died Oct. 24, 1881. He mar- 
ried, Nov. 18, 1845, Harriet Newell Van Zile of Rye, N. Y., born May 
15, 1828; died May 28, 1894. Adm. of estate July 2, 1894 to son Calvin 
A. Lyon. 

Children of Albert and Harriet N. (Van Zile) Lyon: 

1783. I. Calvin Augustus; b. May 2, 1847; res. Mamaroneck, N. T.; 
married ; 2 daughters. 

1784. II. William Edwin; b. May 22, 1849; d. Feb. 13, 1852. 

1785. III. Albert Edward; b. Nov. 21, 1851; d. May 26, 1866. 

1786. IV. George Nelson; b. May 17, 1854; married ; ch. : 1. 

Albert; 2. Mary; 3. Charles; 4. George. 

1787. V. Lizzie Sanford; b. Jan. 19, 1856; m. Dec. 25, 1876, Ellsworth 


1788. VI. Edwin Anderson; b. Aug. 8, 1859. 

1789. VII. Harry Gedney; b. Oct. 30, 1862. 

1790. VIII. Wilbur Carhart; b. July 11, 1865. 

1791. IX. Hattie Frances; b. Sept. 8, 1869. 

1047. VII. 448. WILLIAM EDWIN' LYON [Garrettson', Gilbert', 
Roger*, John^ John% Thomas'], of Mamaroneck, N. Y., born Feb. 8, 
1824; died May 15, 1900; adm. of estate May 29, 1900 to son W. Irving 
Lyon. He married Aug. 8, 1859 Jane A. Sloat. Family res. (1906) 
Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Children of William E. and Jane A. (Sloat) Lvon: 

1792. I. Ella Frances; b. July 20, 1860. 

1793. II. William Edwin; b. April 14, 1863. 

1794. III. Margaret Jane; b. April 12, 1865. 

1795. IV. Charles Warren; b. June 26, 1866. 

1796. V. W. Irving; b. May 4, 1868. 

1797. VI. James Newman; b. April 18, 1870. 

1798. VII. Minnie Estelle; b. Nov. 19, 1872. 

1799. VIII. Mlie I.; b. March 13, 1877. 

1051. VII. 448. WARREN' LYON [Garrettson', Gilbert^ Roger*, 
John^ John% Thomas'], of Mamaroneck, N. Y., b. Nov. 2, 1829; living 
1906. He married first, May 22, 1856, Mary A. Ferguson, died March 
29, 1864. He married second, April 27, 1868, Lucy Atkins. 

Children of Warren and Mary A. (Ferguson) Lyon: 
i800. I. Olivia Augusta; b. May 2, 1857; d. in infancy. 

1801. II. Leonora; b. Feb. 28. 1859. 

1802. III. Emma; b. Aug. 21, 1862. 

1803. IV. Mary Augusta; b. Jan. 22. 1S64. 

1052. VII. 448. ELMIRA' LYON (ROOKE) [Gar^ettson^ Gil- 
bert^ Roger*, John'', John-, Thomas'], of New Rochelle, N. Y., born 
Aug. 2, 1832; living 1906. She married May 3, 1859 Mathew T. Rooke. 

Children of Mathew T. and Elmira (Lyon) Rooke: 

1804. I. Theodore Augustus; b. March 18, 1860; d. June 8, 1865. 
1K05. II. Frank Aydelott; b. Nov. 17. 1862. 

1806. III. Ida Jean; b. Jan. 13, 1866. 

1807. IV. Jessie; b. Jan. 4, 1868. 

1808. V. Carrie; twin sister of Jessie. 

1809. VI. Warren Augustus; b. Sept. 27. 1873. 

1057. VII. 453. SARAH' LYON (MORGAN) [David W.^ Gilbert^ 
Roger*, John^ John-, Thomas'], res. (1906) 175 Railroad Ave., White 


Plains, N. Y. She married Christian D. Morgan, born May 28, 1825; 
died May 7, 1865; son of Caleb (or Cobb) and Hettie (Deberer) Mor- 

Son of Christian D. and Sarah (Lyon) Morgan: 

1810. I. Franklin T.; of Kinderhook, N. T. ; d. Sept. 11, 1906, at residence 
of his mother. 

1059. VII. 454. DARIUS^ LYON [Jesse^ Gilbert", Roger*, John«, 
John=, Thomas'], of Mount Vernon, N. Y., born April 23, 1822; died 
March 9, 1896; adm. of estate March 28, 1896 to son Addison J. Lyon. 
He was Town Clerk, Supervisor of Eastchester 1864-5; Sheriff of West- 
chester Co., Excise Commissioner, 1867-8. He married . 


1811. I. John B. S.; res. 160 Stevens Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

1813. II. Addison J.; attorney at law; res. 144 Stevens Ave., Mt. Vernon. 

1813. III. Ella A.; res. 144 Stevens Ave., Mt. Vernon. 

1063. VII. 459. ELIZA ANN^ LYON (EMMONS) [James«, 
James^ James*, John', John^ Thomas'], born ["with two teeth"] July 
4, 1799; died Feb. 24, 1870. She married, Jan. 26, 1819, John Emmons; 
res. Livingston, Essex Co., N. Y. 

Children of John and Eliza Ann (Lyon) Emmons: 

1814. I. Ann Eliza; b .Oct. 28, 1819; d. July 5, 1841. 

1815. II. Mary Amelia; b. Nov. 15, 1821; d. 189 — ; m. 1st, Aug 16, 
1843, Oliver E. Wade; m. 2nd Depue. 

1816. III. John Francis; b. Jan. 22, 1824; d. Oct. 25, 1895; m. Nov. 8, 
1848, Eliza Albright. 

1817. IV. William; b. Jan. 11, 1826; d. Oct. 22, 1892; m. Dec. 21, 1872, 
Cecilia M. Collins. 

1818. V. Isaac; b. June 15, 1828; d. Aug. 1902; m. Phebe Edwaruo. 

1819. VI. Louisa; b. June 22, 1830; d. June 22, 1832. 

1820. VII. Louisa; b. May 13, 1833; m. Charles Post. 

1821. VIII. James Lyon; b. Nov. 11, 1835; d. Aug. 22, 1848. 

1822. IX. George; b. Aug. 28, 1839; d. Nov. 16, 1890; m. 1st. Betsey 
Burnett; m. 2nd., June 16, 1875, Charlotte Adele Squier. 

1823. X. Catherine Lyon; b. May 30, 1843; m. 1st. Robert McChesney; m. 
2nd. . 

1065. VII. 459. WILLIAM LEWIS^ LYON [James«, James», 
James*, John^ John-, Thomas'], of Greenwich, Conn., born New York 
City, Aug. 25, 1808; died New Orleans, La., June 30, 1858 of yellow 
fever. Adm. of estate. New York City Aug. 17, 1858 to Augustus Mead 
of Greenwich. William was a sea captain. He married, June 1, 1840, 


Catherine Mead, born Nov. 13, 1819; died April 18, 1895; daughter of 
Amos and Mary (Purdy) Mead. 

Children of William L. and Catherine (Mead) Lyon: 
*J824. I. aiary Louise; b. March 10, 1841; m. Luke A. Lockwood; res. 

Riverside, Conn. 

•1825. I. Amos Mead; b. March 7, 1843; m. Bessie Clark; res. (1906) New 

York City. 

•1826. III. James; b. May 27, 1845; m. 1st. Victorlne Jefferson; m. 2nd. 

Laura Howe Salmon; res. Spokane. "Wash. 

1827. IV. Elizabeth Dawborn; b. July 28, 1848. 

1828. V. Catherine Ware; b. May 18, 1850; m. Vanderbllt Buxton. 

1829. VI. Clarinda Mean; b. Jan. 29, 1852; m. Edwin Moore. 

1830. VII. William Lewis; b. Jan. 16, 1854; d. Jan. 5. 1895, in Arizona. 

1831. VIIL Charles O.; b. March 2, 1856; m. Ida Palllon. /2-«-£ , /9.?3 Q'L/»-A. <-*« 


1067. VII. 459. JANE ADELIA^ LYON (MERRITT) [James*, 

James', James*, John', John- Thomas^], born July 9, 1816; died July 20, 
1854. She married Daniel B. Merritt, son of Daniel and Sarah (Lyon) 

Children of Daniel B. and Jane A. (Lyon) Merritt (all mentioned Dec. 20, 

1832. I. James L. 

1833. II. Louise. 

1834. III. Phebe W. 

[Samuel M.°, James", James*, John^ John^, Thomas^], born in New York 
City Oct. 27, 1806; died April 12, 1893. She married April 4, 1824, Wal- 
ter Williams Concklin, born March 2, 1798; died May 8, 1883. They 
lived in New York City. 

Children of Walter W. and Catharine C. (Lyon) Concklin: 

1836. I. Samuel Marvin; b. Feb. 27, 1825; d. Sept. 13, 1872; m. Maria 
Louisa Clark. 

1837. II. Thomas Lyon; b. Aug. 28, 1826; d. April 17, 1892; unm. 

1838. III. Mary Eliza; b. Dec. 5, 1828; d. Feb. 11, 1884; unm. 

1839. IV. Catharine Augusta; b. May 14, 1831; unm. 

1840. V. Henry Cole; b. March 18, 1833; d. Nov. 24, 1876; unm. 

1841. VI. WUliam; b. April 1. 1836; d. Dec. 27, 1837. 

1842. VII. Anna Marvin; b. June 30, 1846; m. March 1, 1870, Henry Clay 
Stephens (b. Port Henry, N. Y. Dec. 7, 1832; d. New York, May 14, 1898); 
son of Chester and Mary Hemenway (Wetherbee) Stephens; one ch: Thomas 
Concklin (b. Pelham Manor. Westchester Co., N. Y. Jan, 29, 1878); res. (1904) 
142 W. 65th. St., New York City. 

1070. VII. 460. ABIGAIL COLE' LYON (COLE) [Samuel M.", 


James^ James*, John", John% Thomas'], born New York City, Dec. 30, 
1809; died Aug. 5, 1846; married in New York City, 108 Vasey St., Oct. 
12, 1825, by Rev. William McMurray, to Henry Cole, born Jan. 12, 1804; 
died July 11, 1854. 

Children of Henry and Abigail C. (Lyon) Cole: 

1843. I. WUliam W.; b. Sept. 18, 1830; d.- Oct. 2, 1831. 

1844. II. Mary I>yon; b. Sept. 2, 1832; d. Dec. 12, 1850. 

1845. III. Katherine Conklin; b. Aug. 9, 1834; res. (1904) 108 W. 101st. 
St., New York City; m. Nov. 18, 1857 Rev. William Day (b. Nov. 10, 1827; d. 
July 21, 1895), s. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Groves) Day of eo. Kent, Eng. ; 
ch. : 1. Henry Cole, b. Jersey City. Dec. 15, 1858; 2. Fannie Cole, b. Rahway. 
N. J., Oct. 15, 1860; 3. Kittle Cole, b. Washington, N. J. (m. Nov. 1, 1893, 
Henry Winter Davis). 

1846. IV. Henrietta; b. Sept. 13, 1836; d. Aug. 26, 1837. 

1847. V. Frances Priscilla; b. Jan. 21, 1839; res. (1904) 107 W. 101st. St., 
New York City; m., Newark, N. J. Sept. 9. 1862, John Juveno Youlin, M. D.; 
e. of John and Susanna (Fisher) Youlin of Rupert, Vt.; ch. : 1. Klttie Cole, b. 
Jersey City, N. J. Dec. 8, 1864; d. New York City June 28, 1897; 2. William 
Day, b. Jersey City Sept. 15, 1869; d. Rutherford, N. J. June 4, 1896 (m. July 
22, 1893 Nellie Irving; a dau. Frances Cole, b. April 28, 1894). 

1848. VI. Anna Husted; b. June 5, 1846; d. July 23, 1846. 

1116. VII. 497. LORRETA' LYON (PECK) [Benjamin W.», 
Benjamin W.^ James*, John', John% Thomas'], born March 2, 1821; d. 
Nov. 1, 1891. She married 1838 John Forbes Peck, born Dec. 27, 1821: 
died July 13, 1883; son of Capt. Curtis and Hannah (Lonerre) Peck, 
of Flushing N. Y. 

Children of John F. and Lorreta (Lyon) Peck: 

1849. I. Curtis H.; res. Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

1850. IL Emily; m. Clark. 

1851. III. Alphonse. 

1852. IV. Hannah; m. Linton. 

1853. V. Sarah. 

1854. VI. Mary; m. Taylor. 

1120. VII. 498. DAVID MERRITT' LYON [James^ Benjamin 
W.^ James*, John', John% Thomas'], born 1825; d. July 23, 1891, ae. 
66 y.; m. Lavinia Moseman, daughter of Willet and Lavinia (Coe) 

Children of David M. and Lavinia (Moseman) Lyon: 

1855. 1. Herman. 

1856. II. Clarence. 

1857. III. Georgia A.; m. Henry P. Girard. 

1125. VII. 499. BENJAMIN W.' LYON [DanieP, Benjamin W.». 


JamesS John^ John% Thomas'], born June 16, 1824; died Oct. 7, 1897; 
buried at Bryam Point. He married Derinda Fairchild, born June 29, 
1815; died Dec. 24, 1896; buried at Byram Point. She was daughter of 
Benjamin Fairchild, born Dec. 18, 1781; d. Aug. 31, 1866, and Rachel 
Merritt, died Jan. 14, 1849, ae. 76 y. 

Daug-hter of Benjamin W. and Derinda (Fairchild) Lyon; 
1857a. I. Avaline; b. Greenwich, Conn., 1849; d. Oct. 16, 1889; m. 
Frederick A. Lyon (No. 1133). 

1128. VII. 499. ANN ELIZA' LYON (RAWSON) [DanieP, Ben- 
jamin W.°, James*, John', John^ Thomas'], born 1830; died 1863; m. 
Chauncey Rawson, born 1814; died 1870. He married second Amy M. 
Lyon, sister to his first wife, but they had no children. 

Children of Chauncey and Ann Eliza (Lyon) Rawson: 

1858. L Ida K. Knight: res. New Rochelle. 

1859. II. Virginia B.; res. New Rochelle. 

1860. III. Kate G.; m. George Wishart; res. Port Chester. 

1861. IV. Albert M.; b. Jan. 18, I860: d. July 2. 1860. 

1862. V. Maria M.; b. Jan. 25, 1863; d. July 4, 1863. 

1130. VII. 499. WILLIAM HUSTED' LYON [Danier. Benjamin 

W.^ James^ John^ John^ Thomas^], married . He died 

May 14, 1878, ae. 48. 


1863. I. George Irving. 

1864. II. Walter D. 

1865. III. Emma F. 

1133. VII. 500. FREDERICK A.' LYON [Thomas M.\ Benjamin 
W.^ James*, John^ John=, Thomas'], born in New London, Conn., 1849 
(?); died before 1889. He married, Oct. 20, 1869, Avaline Lyon (No. 
1857a.). She died Oct. 16, 1889, ae. 40 y. 4 m. 

Children of Frederick A. and Avaline (Lvon) Lvon: 

1865a. I. Frederick; b. Oct. 2, 1870. 

1865b. II. Son; b. Jan. 1879. 

1865c. III. ChUd; b. Dec. 26, 1S82. 

1149. VII. 508. JULIA ANN' LYON (DAVIS) [Floyd". Daniel', 
Gilbert*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born Jan. 30, 1830; died July 17, 1885. 
She married Capt. Edward Davis, born Feb. 4, 1825; son of Henry 
and Abigail Jane (Lyon) Davis. 


Children of Edward and Julia Ann (Lyon) Davis: 

1866. I. Charles W.; m. Addle Taylor. 

1867. II. Thomas Jefferson; m. Nettie Wellman of New Milford, Pa. 

1868. III. Sarah Jane; m. William L. Dean. 

1869. IV. Maria M.; m. Edwin L. Decker of New Mtlford, Pa. 

1156. VII. 526. MARY W.' LYON (PURDY) [Thomas', Samuel', 
Thomas*, Thomas^ Thomas", Thomas'], born Rye, N. Y.; died Purdy's 
Station, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1905. She married Issac Hart Purdy, son of 
Isaac and Anna (Hart) Purdy of Purdy's Station. He died in 1892, 
leaving a son Thomas and two daughters. § 

Children of Isaac H. and Mary W. (Lyon) Purdy: 

1870. I. Thomas Liyon; res. Purdy Station, N. Y. 

1871. II. Isaac. 

Also two daughters. 

1164. VII. 5481. MARY ANNA' LYONS (WOOLSEY) [Jesse«, 
Jesse', Samuel*, 'Samuel^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Nov. 4, 1844; mar- 
ried, at Milton, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1868, Joseph Romer Woolsey, born Feb. 
15, 1843, son of Eli Sylvester and Susanna (Romer) Woolsey. Res. 
Milton, N. Y. 

Children of Joseph R. and Mary Anna (Lyon) Woolsey: 

1871a. I. Mary Bomer; b. Nov. 24, 1868; m. April 12, 1899, William G. 

1871b. II. Jesse Lyons; b. June 21, 1871; m. Feb. 1, 1898, Alice A. Apgar. 

1871c. III. Joseph Bomer; b. Jan. 1, 1874; m. Aug. 30, 1903, Marlon L. 

1871d. IV. Ada Woolsey; b. May 20, 1877; d. Aug. 11, 1880. 

1871e. V. Stephen; b. Aug. 22, 1879; m. Oct. 4, 1904, Edna B. Gray. 

1871f. VI. Susanna; b. June 25, 1881; m. June 5, 1907, Clarence P. Mears. 

uel M.^ Nehemiah^ Nehemiah*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born 
May 3, 1818; died June 27, 1852. She married, Nov. 4, 1835, Edward 
Hincken of London, Eng., born Oct. 17, 1812; died Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Jan. 6, 1894. 

Children of Edward and Anne E. (Lyon) Hincken: 

1872. I. Elsie Klizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 1836; d. April 1, 1840. 

1873. II. Edward Boyd; b. Nov. 25, 1843; d. March 20, 1888; m. Oct. 25, 
1882, Helen Suydam Pyle; a dau. Elsie Onderdonk, b. Feb. 5, 1884. 

lit Is said that the Lyon cane, handed down through several generations 
by namesakes of the original Thomas Lyon, is now in possession of some mem- 
ber of this family. 


1874. III. Cort Roadside; b. New York City, Nov. 16, 1850; d. April 12, 
1907; m. New York, March 30, 1875, Jennie Budd Hubbard (b. Boston, Mass., 
March 6, 1853); children: 1. Mabel, b. Brooklyn March 16, 1876; m. April 24, 
1900, Joseph Nostrand Rlgot (one son Palmer Nostrand) ; 2. £dward, b. Nov. 15, 
1877; m. Oct. 20, 1897, May French (one son Cort Roadside); 3. Boyd, b. Aug. 
10, 1879. 

[Samuel M.^ Nehemiah^ Nehemiah*, SamueP, Thomas*, Thomas^], born 
Rye N. Y., Jan. 11, 1820; died Jan. 28, 1883. She married first, Aug. 

23, 1835, William Crawford, died Oct. 1838. She married second. May 
31, 1855, Edward Hincken, widower of her sister Anne, born London, 
Eng., Oct. 17, 1812; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1894. 

Children of Edwin and Elsie O. (Lyon) Hincken: 

1875. I. Anne Elizabeth; b. Sept. 17, 1856. 

1876. II. Charlotte Matilda; b. June 20, 1859; d. March 5, 1862. 

[Samuel M.°, Nehemiah', Nehemiah\ SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas*], born 
Oct. 26, 1822; died Jan. 17, 1852. She married Oct. 30, 1838, Robert 
Dillon, born July 26, 1817; died April 19, 1892. 

Children of Robert and Charlotte M. (Lyon) Dillon: 

1877. I. Elsie Elizabeth; b. Feb. 8. 1841; m. Dec. 3, 1867, Harold L. 
Crane (b. Feb. 4, 1846); ch. : 1. Robert Dillon, b. Jan. 9, 1869; 2. William 
Watrous, b. Oct. 1 1873; d. Sept. 17, 1874. 

1878. IL Charlotte MatUda; b. March 17, 1843; m. April 30, 1859, George 

5. Diossy (b. April 26, 1835; d. April 27, 1882); children: 1. John Joseph, b. 
Feb. 1, 1862; d. Sept. 12, 1862; 2. George S., b. May 30, 1863; m. Jan. 15, 
1896 Maude Dickson; 3. Lucy Vida, b. July 13, 1865; 4. Robert Dillon, b. Oct. 

24, 1867; m. Feb. 3, 1892, Alice Doerflinger; 5. Sidney Wallace, b. May 2, 1872; 

6. Elsie Crane, b. May 1, 1878. 

1879. III. Mary EUen; b. Dec. 27, 1844; d. Oct. 5, 1861. 

1168. VII. 557. ITHAMBR OSBORN' LYON [Samuel M.", Nehe- 
miah=, Nehemiah*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born July 18, 1835. He 
married Adelaide J. Parks, bom June 26, 1827; died Nov. 11, 1903. 

Children of Ithamer O. and Adelaide (Parks) Lyon: 

1880. I. Robert Dillon; b. Nov. 10, 1847; d. June 18, 1899. 

1881. II. Samuel Morrell; b. June 16, 1849. 

1882. III. Mary Louise; b. June 26, 1850. 

1883. IV. Ithamer Osborn; b. Jan. 26, 1852; d. April 23, 1883. 

1169. VIL 557. MARY LOUISE' LYON (BRUNDAGE) [Samuel 
M.^ Nehemiah^ NehemiahS SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 


10, 1828; died Dec. 31, 1880. She married, Jan. 10, 1850, James Harvey 
Brundage, born April 28, 1827; died April 15, 1866. 

Children of James H. and Mary Louise (Lyon) Brundage; 

1884. I. Estelle; b. Sept. 26, 1850; m. 1st. Dec. 9, 1S69, Edmund Owen 
Holt (b. March 21, 1S41; d. Aug. 20, 1874); 1 ch., Mary Louise, b. Dec. 31, 1872; 
d. May 25, 1891; m. 2nd. April 4, 1888, Walsingham A. Miller. 

1885. II. Edwin Hincken; b. April 29, 1852; d. May 15, 1889; m. Dec. 
2. 1875, Caroline Taylor Patterson (b. Aug. 22, 1853); ch. ; 1. Estelle Holt, b. 
Dec. 3, 1876; m. George Bingham; 2. Schuyler, b. April 12, 1879. 

1886. III. Marie Louise; b. Dec. 13, 1860; d. Dec. 1, 1902. 

1887. IV. James Harvey; b. Sept. 17, 1863; m. Mrs. Bertha Honore 
(Stone) Ball. 

1888. V. Percy Howard; b. Nov. 4, 1864; m. Hattie Hanford Bishop. 

1170. VII. 566. HYATT^ LYON [William*, Alvan°, Benjamin*, 
SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], of New York City, born July 1, 1806; died 
New York, Aug. 7, 1880 (suddenly of heart disease); buried at Mt. Adm. of estate, Brooklyn Oct. 27, 1880 to daughter Delia E, 
Lyon. He married first Ann Fowler, second Caroline Kerr and third 
Jemima C. Sutton, daughter of Willet and Amy ( ) Sutton. 

Children of Hyatt and Ann (Fowler) Lyon: 

1889. I. Mary Adelin. 

1890. II. Franli; (her father was guardian for her Dec. 21, 1848). 
Children of Hyatt and Jemima C. (Sutton) Lyon: 

1891. III. Delia E.; m. about 1881 McKeever. 

1892. IV. Carrie A.; b. Nov. 29, 1859; d. Jan. 12, 1881. 

1171. VII. 566. EDGAR H.' LYON [William*, Alvan^ Benjamin*, 
Samuel', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Oct. 24, 1813; died Aug. 15, 1858; 
(Chappaqua Rec); adm. of estate Aug. 27, 1858 at New York, to widow 
Emma F. Lyon and Hyatt Lyon. Dec. 22, 1859 Hyatt Lyon guardian for 
Ann O., John C. and Permelia Lyon, minors. Edgar married Emma F. 

Children of Edgar H. and Emma F. (Corsen) Lyon: 

1893. I. John Corsen; b. July 21, 1840; d. July 19, 1873; m. Oct. 3, 1870, 
Cornelia Flewellyn (d. 1905); no ch. 

1894. II. James. 

*1895. III. Ann Ophelia; m. David Anderson. 
1896. IV. Permelia; m. Edward Watson; res. Westfield, Chautauqua Co., 
N. T. ; no ch. 

1172. VII. 566. CALEB' LYON [William*, Alvan», Benjamin*, 
Samuel', ThomasS Thomas'], born Feb. 4, 1819; res. (1903) Cortland, 


DeKalb Co., 111. He married Mary Ann Freeland; died Feb. 3, 1855; 
daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth ( ) Freeland. 

Children of Caleb and Mary Ann (Freeland) Lyon: 

1897. I. Matilda; b. March 8, 1845; d. March 22, 1888; m. Leonard Smith. 

1898. II. VViliiam; b. March 20, 1848; d. March 27. 1852. 

1899. III. Adelaide; b. Feb. 20, 1853; m. Feb. 2, 1881, Hollin Miles. 

1900. IV. £stelle; b. Feb. 8, 1855; m. Dec. 9. 1873, Beecher Snow. 

1901. V. £mma; b. Oct. 28, 1860; d. Jan. 28, 1902. 

1174. VII. 566. MARGARET' LYON (ACKER) [William', Alvan», 
Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 1, 1825; died Oct. 
20, 1902. She married Augustus Acker, born April 27, 1822; died Sept. 
22, 1902; son of Stephen Acker. 

Children of Augustus and Margaret (Lyon) Acker: 

1902. I. William Edgar; b. March 24, 1846. 

1903. II. Margaret; b. July 24, 1848. 

1904. III. Odessa; b. Sept. 12, 1851; d. June 6, 1882. 

1905. IV. Delia; b. Dec. 2, 1854. 

1906. V. WinOeld; b. Sept. 8, 1860. 

1907. VI. Howard; b. June 20, 1862. 

1908. VII. Frank; b. May 3, 1864; d. Feb. 7, 1881. 

1909. VIII. ADtoinette; b. April 10, 1866. 

One of the daughters is Mrs. John A. Murray, 303 Railroad Ave., Brooklyn. 

1176. VII. 567. DAVID R.' LYON [SamueP, Alvan», Benjamin*, 
SamueP, Thomas^, Thomas'], of Kitchawan, Westchester Co., N. Y., 
born Jan. 18, 1835. He married first Elizabeth W. Hood, born Sept. 11, 
1838; died Jan. 22, 1890; daughter of Benjamin Hood. He married 
second in 1892, Abby Jane ( ) widow of David Griffin. 

Children of David R. and Elizabeth W. (Hood) Lyon: 

1910. I. Herbert; b. Dec. 12. 1864. 

1911. II. Frank; b. Dec. 15, 1868. 

1912. III. Eugene Theodore; b. Oct. 2, 1877. 



1188. VII. 569. JOHN W.' LYON [Benjamin^, Alvan^ Benjamin*, 
SamueP, Thomas=, Thomas'], died 1901; res. Pleasantville, N. Y., also 
89 Skillman St. Brooklyn, N. Y . Will dated March 4, 1901; probated -^ ^ J 
White Plains (Lib. 138. p. 180). He married Eliza JanS . 

Son of John W. and Ellzaj Jane ( 
1913. I. Clarence S 

1190. VII. 570. CORDELIA C LYON (CARPENTER) [David jt*^^"^^ 

C, Alvan", Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Sept. 5, 1838; /a"^^^ 
L^c^ H'X^^ a U^^ , Prx^-^t^tT^^^ 'T?T^^rc^ /3^.<^/-^ 4 ^4. 


died Mt. Kisco, N. Y., July 20, 1906. She married J. Theodore Carpen- 
ter, born 1836; son of Zophar and Phebe (Marshall) Carpenter. 

Children of J. Theodore and Cordelia C. (Lyon) Carpenter: 

1914. I. Emma Louisa; b. 1864; m. April 23, 1891, Henry Halght Louns- 
berry, son of William H. and Phebe H. (Fowler) Lounsberry. 

1915. II. Lizzie; m. Harrison T. Slosson. 

1197. VII. 572. JOHN HUYLER' LYON [Alvan«, Alvan=, Ben- 
jamin*, Samuel', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 15, 1841; married first, 
June 14, 1865, Lucy Ann Boddy, died Nov. 10, 1883; daughter of Rich- 

ard and Elizabeth ( ) Boddy of England. He married second, 

Oct. 20, 1884, Fredricka Hennsler, daughter of John and Regina 
( ) Hennsler of Germany. 

Children of John H. and Lucy Ann (Boddy) Lyon: 

1916. I. Edwin Alvan; b. April 9, 1866; d. Nov. 18, 1881. 

1917. II. Charles A.; b. Sept. 19, 1867; d. July 15, 1868. 
•1918. III. David Huyler; b. April 7, 1869; m. Mary Anna Bartlett. 
*1919. IV. Frank Selover; b. Aug. 13, 1871; m. Gussie Lengle. 

1930. V. Louisa Phelan; b. March 4, 1874; d. March 1, 1900; m. Nov. 17, 
1898. Frank White; a son Jolin Huyler. 

1921. VI. Grace Kobertson; b. July 9, 1881. 
Children of John H. and Fredricka (Hennsler) Lyon: 

1922. VII. Jennie Jones; b. Feb. 26, 1886; d. Nov. 1886. 

1923. VIII. Abigail Huyler; b. Nov. 1, 1887. 

1924. IX. William Davis; b. Aug. 21, 1889. 

1925. X. Harry MacKenzie; b. July 14, 1893. 
J926. XI. John Walter; b. March 14, 1896. 

1198. VII. 572. MARY CATHERINE' LYON (MABIB) [Alvan*. 
Alvan^ Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas-, Thomas'], born Nov. 23, 1843; 
died Nov. 20, 1902. She married Nov. 23, 1864, Henry Mabie, born 
Feb. 21, 1848; son of Peter and Rachel (Bogart) Mable. 

Children of Henry and Mary C. (Lyon) Mabie: 

1927. I. Harry C; b. Oct. 2, 1865; unm., 1903. 

1928. II. Eva Huyler; b. June 26, 1872; d. Sept. 23, 1872. 

1929. III. Ada E.; b. Nov. 7, 1875; unm., 1903. 

(BEATTY) [John M.^ Samuel', Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas-, Thomas'], 
born Sept. 11, 1837; died 202 Keat St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1885; 
buried in St. Johns Cemetery, Yonkers. Will dated Feb. 19, 1884; pro- 
bated Brooklyn, March 9, 1885. She married first Levi Dexter Schermer- 
horn, born May 28, 1830; died July 19, 1860; son of Uriah and Olive 


(Gaboon) Schermerhorn. She married second Benjamin Beatty, who 
had a daughter Florence E. by a former marriag^e. 

Son of Levi D. and Sarah Ann (Lyon) Schermerhorn: 

1930. I. Frank Merritt; b. Oct. 11, 1858; m. Feb. 7, 1883, Myra Ada 
^P^ckney Xb. March 25, 1860); res. (1906) Setanket, L. I. .- ^, 

fQ 1201. VII. 578. MARY HYATT' LYON (ARtoBALD) [John 

M.', SamueP, Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], married April^^^ ^ C 
1864, Andrew Archibald,^ born Dec^839, at Fordham, N. Y.; '^^^ ^^t ^ 

Children of Andrew 'and Mary Ii. (Lyon) Archibald: A .»!^_^ C* Qjl^ J ' ^ 
.^ 1931. 1. Merritt Lyon. ^r/r^S'; ^, /^/j"" ^ ^U-^^-^^4^ / ^^^''^^^ 

.K^>t~~ I 1932. II. Harry Ascough; b. 1871; attorney at law; alderman 3rd Ward,. ^ 

-^y*- ', Sronkers 1903, ae. 26. ^- t| A^^ ,^ / -^/^Z J^ «0 /3 t^ « t..^X^<. 

fT/C \ 1933. in. Fred Ascough. I ^Jy-^O , / /^ / ^>j'- <^ «t/ , f:v /- /<X,^^, / a> 

t 1218. VII. 611. GEORGE LAMSON' LYON [Abraham U.«, Abra- 

ham^ Monmouth*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas*], born 1848; res. (1906) 
Mamaroneck, N. Y.; business, Central Lard Co., Produce Exchange, 
N. Y., City. He married June 18, 1873 Fannie Mary Crowe. 

3rowe) Lyon: g^ J /^"^ *y» /^ 

Children of George L. and Fannie M. (Crowe) Lyon: 

1934. I. George John. __ 

1935. II. Albert Roe; d. Dec. 4, 1884. *^ ^ ' ^[m^M...^^^^-^ ^^-^-<-«> 

1936. III. Clara Elisa. /^ '^ ^^f^T'^ J , ^^ "^ 

1937. IV. WUbur Francis. *-«*-^.C<.-^=-<- 'r^Sm 

1938. V. Lauretta. ' 

1220. VII. 614. MONMOUTH' LYON [Thomas C, Monmouth*, 
Sylvanus*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas*], born June 10, 1853; salesman; 
res. 1158 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. He married, Aug. 24, 1874, Mary 
L. Ford, born Aug. 25, 1853; daughter of Michael and Louisa Bonsieau 

Children of Monmouth and Mary L. (Ford) Lyon: 

1939. I. Monmouih Ford; b. July 1, 1875. 

1940. II. Edith; b. Sept. 13, 1877; d. Jan. 17, 1896. 

1941. III. Stephen Guion; b. April 2, 1880. 

1943. IV. Thomas Collum; b. Sept. 2, 1883; d. June 15, 1885. 
1943. V. John Edward; b. Aug. 17, 1886. 

1229. VII. 618. IDA AMANDA' LYON (REQUA) [John P.', 
Monmouth", Sylvanus*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas*], born about 1854. 
She married, April 24, 1873, Charles H. Rfequa, born Dec. 31, 1850,. son 


of Abram and Elizabeth P. (Lyon) Requa. He is stenographer for 
Supreme Court, Brooklyn. 

Daughter of Charles H. and Ida A. (Lyon) Requa: 

1944. I. Ethel Marguerite; b. Aug. 5, 1876; m. April 1900, Alec Rea, M. 
P. ; res. Berkenhead, England. , 

1243. VII. 623. SOLOMON' LYON JR., [Solomon', Samuel*. 
Jonathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^]. 

Children of Solomon Lyon, Jr. : 

1945. I. Kmest. 

1946. II. Delia. 

1244. VII. 623. SAMUEL' LYON [Solomon', Samuel', Jonathan*. 
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], was born Jan, 9, 1805 and died Sept. 
14, 1870. He married Abigail Thomas who was born March 10, 1807 
and died Feb. 13, 1866. 

Children of Samuel and Abigail (Thomas) Lyon: 

*1947. I. Solomon T.; b. May 1, 1835 

1948. II. Meeres. 

1949. III. Henry. 

1950. IV. Sylveni8. 

1951. V. Frank. 

1952. VI. Maria. 

1953. VII. Libby. 

1954. VIII. £mma. 

1246. VII. 623. CYNTHIA MILLER' LYON (CROSS) [Solomon*, 
SamueP, Jonathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], was born in West- 
chester Co., N. Y., in 1807. She married Lockwood Cross. 

Children of Lockwood and Cynthia Miller (Lyon) Cross: 

1955. I. John Liockwood. 

1956. II. Mary; m. Martin Osborn. 

1957. III. Catherine Maria; m. Zachariah Loudenbeck of Marengo, 111.; 
one son, Harry Cross.g 

1958. IV. Sarah Emma; m. Dr. Thomas Coates. 

1251. VII. 634. NELSON E.' LYON [Isaac', Isaac', Jonathan*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born 1837. He married Lucy . 

§Harry Cross Loudenbeck, born Clarence, la., Dec. 2, 1869: married in 
Cromwell, la., Oct. 1, 1895, Mary Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of William Henry 
and Orpha Ann (Carrell) Harrison. Grad. Univ. of Mich., Ph. C. 1891. He 
is metallurgical chemist for the Westinghouse Air Brake Co.; address (1905) 
1314 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pa.. Wilkinsburg Station. A son, Kexford Harrison, 
was born Nov. 23, 1896; died June 2, 1897. 


Children of Nelson E. and Lucy ( ) Lyon: 

1959. I. Frances. 

1960. II. Lucy; m. ; 2 daughters. 

1961. III. Son: d. in infancy. 

1962. IV. Daughter. 

1256. VII. 639. LIZZIE GALE' LYON (CHAPIN) [Harrison A.\ 
Isaac", Jonathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas^], born July 19, 1852. 
She married Sept. 7, 1877 William Winsor Chapin, born March 13, 1851. 

Children of William W. and Lizzie G. (Lyon) Chapin: 

1963. I. Harrison L,.; b. July 5, 1878. 

1964. II. Daughter; b. 1880; d. at birth. 

1965. in. £lizabeth Rachel; b. Feb. 14, 1882. 

1966. IV. Fannie Gale: b. Jan. 10, 1884. 

1967. V. Louis William; b. Jan. 8, 1886. 

1968. VI. Alice Ruth; b. May 25, 1888; d. March 5, 1889. 

1969. VII. £dmund Lyon; twin brother of Alice. 

1970. VIII. Linda; b. May 18, 1894; d. Aug. 1, 1895. 

1257. VII. 639. EDMUND' LYON [Harrison A.', Isaac*, Jona- 
than*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 4, 1855; grad. Roches- 
ter Univ. and Columbia (law) 1880; res. (1906) Rochester. He mar- 
ried, Jan. 2, 1896, Carolyn Hamilton Talcott, born April 28, 1861. 

Children of Edmund and Carolyn Hamilton (Talcott) Lyon: 

1971. I. Edmund; b. April 8, 1897; d. April 9, 1897. 

1972. II. Elizabeth Hamilton; b. Nov. 20, 1898. 

1973. III. Edmund Harrison; b. Sept. 1, 1900; d. March 1, 1901. 

1974. IV. Carolyn Sib.vl; b. May 7, 1902. 

1975. V. Linda Gale; twin sister of Carolyn. 

[Henry C, Aaron", Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas'], born 
Dec. 17, 1830; died in Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y., in 1873. She 
married De Grove A. Lattier. 

Children of De Grove A. and Adalaide E. (Lyon) Lattier: 

1976. I. WUliam Henry; b. Jan. 24, 1851; d. Feb. 8, 1903. 

1977. II. Daniel Budd; b. July 3, 1853. 

1978. III. Jane Denman; b. June 1, 1855. 

1265. VII. 642. ASAHEL DENMAN' LYON [Henry C, Aaron", 
Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 12, 1838; died at 
his home at Chapel Corners, Hyde Park, N. Y., March 28, 1906. Left 
fatherless at the age of three, he learned very early the responsibilities 


of life. From the age of twelve he earned his own living. He became 
in time general agent for the Eureka Mowing Machine Company; later 
he engaged in farming and stock raising and held an influential position 
in the community in which he lived. The firm of A. D. Lyon and Sons, 
143 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., continued the business Initiated by 
him of manufacturing a line of "Certain Cure Remedies" for horses 
and cattle. Asahel Denman Lyon married, Feb. 22, 1860, Sarah Ann 

Children of Asahel D. and Sarah Ann (Lawless) Lyon: 

1979. I. John Henry; b. June 8, IS 62, in Poughkeepsie, N. T. ; d. there 
April 26, 1864. 

•1980. II. Asahel Anson; b. Sept. 9 1864, in Hyde Park, N. T. ; m. Isi, 
Sarah Carlton Shaw; m. 2nd, Grace Allen Van De Water. 

•1981. III. George Morgan; b. Jan. 14, 1867, in Hyde Park, N. Y. ; m. 
Feb. 22, 1893, Elizabeth Catharine Faust. 

1266. VII. 642. HENRY WILLIAM' LYON [Henry C.«, Aaron*, 
Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 28, 1840; res. 
(1906) Elk Lake, Pa. He married, July 1866, Rosalie Smith. 

Children of Henry W. and Rosalie (Smith) Lyon: 

1981a. I. Dora. 

1981b. II. Sarah Jane. 

1981c. III. Grace. 

1279. VII. 649. JULIA A.' LYON (FIELD) [John W.«, Jonathan', 
Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Oct. 15, 1813 in Clinton, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y.; died March 1, 1893, at Ashtabula, O. She married 

June 29, 1837, at Ashtabula, Henry, son of Aaron and Anna ( ) 

Field. He was born April 26, 1812 at North Adams, Mass., and came 
with his parents to Ashtabula, O., about 1816. He kept a hotel in that 
place; died March 17, 1893, surviving his wife only two weeks. 

Children of Henry and Julia A. (Lyon) Field, born in Ashtabula, O. : 

1982. I. William A.; b. April 26, 1838; a stock dealer and butcher In 

Ashtabula; m. Sept. 5, 1865, Anna E., dau. of Anson and Lydla ( ) 

Luce (b. in Ashtabula June 15, 1840); children: 1. Amy E., b. Nov. 16, 1867, (m. 
Dec. 26, 1894, at Ashtabula, F. E. Harrington; they had: (a) Anna E., b. May 
10, 1896; (b) Ruth, b. June 19, 1899; (c) Mary F., b. Aug. 3, 1904; all born in 
Monroe, O. ; res. (1906) Jefferson, O., R. F. D.); 2. Thomas I,., b. June 6, 1869; 
d. May 23, 1889; 3. William H., b. June 4, 1874; (m. Sept. 21, 1898, Emma Vern- 
on, at Ashtabula; they had: (a) Ralph E., b. Feb. 17, 1901; (b) Carl W., b. 
July 15, 1904; res. Toungstown, O., 190 Silver St); 4. Jesse A., b. June 6, 1883. 

1983. II. Henry L.; b. May 17, 1840; d. March 10, 1841. 

1984. III. Charles Edward; b. Jan. 16, 1842; m. Feb. 28, 1867, at Ashta- 
bula, Martha M., dau. of L. B. and Juliette (Wetmore) Seymour, b. Ashtabula, 
Jan. 27, 1845; they rem. in 1872 to Duncan's Mills, Calif.; res. there 25 years 
(R. R. agent); now (1906) res. Healdsburg, Calif, (bookkeeper); children: 1. 


Fred S., b. Ashtabula, O., March 9, 1870; R. R. agent at Red Bluff, Calif.; m. 
Veva Downing of Red Bluff; no ch.; 2. Henry B., b. Stewarts Point, Calif., 
Aug. 1, 1872; R. R. agent. South Shore R. R. at Ross, Calif.; m. Helen Phalr, 
b. In England; one ch., Hazel M. 

1985. IV. Julia E.; b. July 19, 1848; d. Dec. 14. 1851. 

1280. VII. 649. SARAH' LYON (HICKS) [John WA Jonathan', 
Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas^], born Dec. 20, 1817, in the 
town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; died Aug. 23, 1895 [1894?]. She 
married, Sept. 18, 1855, William Hicks. They lived in Clinton, N. Y. 

Children of William and Sarah (Lyon) Hicks, born in Clinton: 

1986. I. Arthur David; b. Aug. 9, 1858; res. Rhinebeck, N. Y. ; m. Nov. 
3, 1886, Jennie Boice of Milan, N. Y., (b. Aug. 8, 1867; dau. of George A. Bolce 
of Milan); children: 1. M. Kathlyn, b. Feb. 24, 1896; 2. Abner [Avner] Boice, 
b. April 11, 1899. 

1987. II. John L,.; b. Aug. 31, 1860; m. Mary Gilmore (b. .Sept. 24, 1859; 

dau. of John and Catharine ( ) Gilmore of Clinton Corners, N. T. ); res. 

Stanfordville, Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; children: 1. William I., b. Jan. 19. 1887; 2. 
Mae, b. Sept. 15, 1890. 

1988. III. James; b. Dec. 26, 1862; unm. ; res. (1906) Clinton Corners, 
N. Y. 

1281. VII. 649. GEORGE' LYON [John W.«, Jonathan', Elna- 
than*, Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas'], born Nov. 12, 1821 in Clinton, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., two miles from Clinton Hollow; died May 24, 
1902, at the home of his daughter Augusta Parmele in Pleasant Val- 
ley, N. Y. He married in Victory, N. Y.. Jan. 1, 1854, Mary Woodford, 

born 14, 1833, daughter of Joseph and Annie ( ) 

Woodford of Victory. After living several years in Clinton, he received 
an appointment in the Custom House at New York City. He lived 
afterwards on a farm in Saratoga Co., N. Y., also on a farm near 
Poughkeepsie. His widow lives (1906) at Pleasant Valley, N. Y.; ad- 
dress Arlington, N. Y. 

Children of George and Mary (Woodford) Lyon: 
♦1989. I. Augrusta M.; b. Oct. 18, 1854; res. Pleasant Valley, Arlington, 
N. Y. ; m. John H. Parmele. 

1990. IL Bertha; b. Dec. 17, 1857; d. Dec. 22, 1863. 
•1991. IIL Rose; b. April 12, 1861, at Jersey City, N. J.; m. John A. Oak- 

1992. IV. Joseph Woodford; b. Oct. 21. 1863; d. March 10, 1884; unm. 

1993. V. George, Jr.; b. Nov. ?3, 1872; d. June 5, 1892; unm. 

1282. VII. 649. MARIA' LYON (SCHRYVER) [John W.', Jona- 
than', Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born about 1823 or 
1824, in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; died June 3, 1866. She married 
George Schryver, born Poughkeepsie, Nov. 28, 1821; died March 7, 1873, 


son of Peter A. and Catherine (Wigg) Schryrer. They lived on a farm 
in Hyde Park, about four miles from Poughkeepsie. 

Son of George and Maria (Lyon) Schryver: 

1994. I. George; b. March 22, 1863, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where his 
children also were born; m. Dec. 20, 1SS3, Ida Louise, dau. of John S. and 
Maria L. (Stockholm) t Gilbert; children: 1. May L,., b. Jan. 7, 1887; 2. Helen 
E., b. June 26, 1888; 3. Julia, b. May 3, 1890; 4. George W., b. Dec. 1, 1892; 5. 
John Gilbert, b. Sept. 1, IS 95; 6. Lewis Allen, b. Oct. 30, 1897; all res. in 

1283. VII. 651. JULIA' LYON (VAN WAGNER) [Amos^ Jona- 
than^ Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], born Dec. 24, 1823, 
in Clinton^ Dutchess Co., N. Y., on the old farm where her father and 
grandfather had lived; died Jan. 19, 1899. She married, Nov. 20, 1845, 
Eli A. Van Wagner, who died May 13, 1906. They lived in Lloyd, 
Ulster Co., N. Y., until about 1863, when they moved to Dutchess Co., 
where they both died. 

Children of Eli A. and Julia (Lyon) Van W^agner. born Ht Lloyd, N. Y. : 

1995. I. Amos M.; b. Jan. 21, 1848; a farmer; m. Sept. 26, 1870, Julia 
A.. Latten; one son, b. 1873; d. 1892; res. Arlington, N. Y. 

1996. II. George H.; b. July 1, 1851; m. Nov. 2, 1870, Lydia Ann Shelden; 
a physician; res. W^appings Falls, N. Y.; children: 1. Ernest, b. March 8, 1876; 
policeman; (m. Anita Horton Nov. 14, 1890, one ch. L.ydia, b. June 5, 1901); 
res. 300 Mulberry St., New York City; 2. Ray VV., b. Feb 10, 1878; dentist; res. 
Waterbury. Conn. (m. July 31, 1901, Sarah Young; one dau. Elizabeth Beatrice, 
b. June 16, 1906). 

1997. III. Margaret A.; b. Aug. 3, 1862; m. Oct. 27, 1880, Hoyt Sheriger; 
res. Staatsburgh, N. Y. ; children: 1. Edmund Webb, b. Aug. 31, 1886; 2. De 
Witt W., b. May 24, 1892; 3. Maxwell, b. May 24, 1898. 

1286. VII. 651. SUSAN' LYON (ANGEVINE) [Amos^ Jona- 
Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., on the old Jonathan Lyon farm; d. in 
Michigan Sept. 20, 1899. She married, Dec. 8, 1851, Caleb Angevine, 
who died Oct. 21, 1886. 

Children of Caleb and Susan (Lyon) Angevine: 

1998. I. Sarah Elizabeth; b. June 11, 1853; m. Oct. 30, 1880, George E. 
Griffith; res. 4266 W. Morgan St., St. Louis, Mo.; one son, George E., b. Oct. 
30, 1890. 

1999. II. Margaret; b. Sept. 10, 1858: m. March 8. 1882, Dr. John Conlan, 
who d. June 29, 1906; res. Munith, Mich.; children: 1. Susie, b. July 21, 1883; 
2. Arthur, b. Feb. 14, 1885; 3. Margaret, b. Nov. 30, 1886. 

3000. III. Ida; b. Sept. 14. 1861; res. (1906) 4266 Morgan St., St. Louis, 

2001. IV. Nettie; b. Jan. 14, 1863; d. Aug. 20, 1901; m. Sept. 13, 1888. 
Frank E. Berger. 

tMarla L. Stockholm was daughter of Abram and Maria Antoinette (Lyon) 
Stockholm; Maria A. Lyon a daughter of Rev. Walter Lyon of Westchester 
Co., N. Y. 


1287. VII. 651. SARAH' LYON (ALLEN) [Amos', Jonathan'. 
Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas', Thomas'], born Sept. 14, 1836, in Clin- 
ton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., on the old Jonathan Lyon farm; died July 
29, 1893, in Clinton. She married Jan. 12 (or 29), 1859, Clark W. Allen, 
b. Aug. 17, 1838; son of Richard and Phebe (Lamoree) Allen, of Pleas- 
ant Valley, Dutchess Co., N. Y. He died in Clinton Jan. 7, 1870. 

Children of Clark W. and Sarah (Lyon) Allen: 

3003. I. Lewis H.; b. May 30, 1862, In Clinton. N. Y.; m. April IS, 1883. 
In Southampton. L. I., Annie F. Green, b. June 16, 1862, daughter of Capt. 
Barney J. Green (b. July 3, 1834; d. April 11, 1902) and Eliza Hildreth (b. Nov. 
11, 1834; living in 1906); one dau. Laura »I., b. Nov. 25, 1887. Mr. Allen owns 
a portion of the farm bought by his ancestor Elnathan Lyon In 1774, while a 
resident of Westchester Co. He removed from his home in Dutchess Co.. to 
Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1905; res. 716 Ave. C West. 

1288. VII. 651. LUCINDA' LYON (STRINGHAM) [Amos'. 
Jonathan^ Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 8, 
1840, in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; married Nov. 18, 1857 Isaac 
Stringham; res. Staatsburgh, N. Y., R. F. D. 

Children of Isaac and Lucinda (Lyon) Stringham: 

2003. I. Kmma; b. April 18, 1863; m. Nov. 2, ISSl, Theron J. Briggs; 
res. (1906) Arlington, N. Y. R. F. D.; children: 1. Arthur L., b. Aug. 25, 1885; 
2. Clara May, b. May 20. 1891. 

2004. II. Mary E.; b. Feb. 13, 1S72; m. Aug. 28, 189.S. Edwin A. Lloyd; 
res. (1906) 86 Courtney Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. ; children: 1. 3Iarenes, b. March 
23, 1900; 2. Phebe M., b. Feb. 24. 1902. _ , . .„.* 

1303. VII. 677. CHARLES' LYON [William', Israel', Israel*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas-, Thomas'], born at'^ Bedford, N. Y., April 4, 1798; 
died at Bainbridge, N. Y., ab out 185 0^' He married, April 26, 1831, Mary 
A. Hammond, daughter of John and Deborah (Briggs) Hammond of 
Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y. He bought a farm within a mile of his 
father's homestead and lived his lifetime there. He was Whig and 
Republican in politics. His wife was Methodist. 

Children of Charles and Mary A. (Hammond) Lyon: 
•3005. I. Marcus; b. April 21, 1832, at Bainbridge, N. Y. 
^<l 2006. II. Adelia [Delia]; b. Aug. 19, 1833, at Bainbridge, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 

5*' ■ 14, ^878. Stillman Smith, s. of Noah and Nancy (Blake) Smith; they have a large 
farm in Guilford, N. Y.; no children. 

1304. VII. 677. AMBROSE' LYON [William', IsraeP, Israel*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas=, Thomas'], born at Bedford, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1800; 
died at Bainbridge, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1886. He came with his parents in 
1803 to Bainbridge. Oct. 25, 1827 he married Polly, daughter of Eli 


Roberts. They made a home on a farm within a half mile of his fath- 
er's homestead. His wife died within a few years and he married 
second, Jan. 10, 1837, Lois Roberts, born March 28, 1811; died Jan. 16, 
1880; a cousin of his first wife and daughter of John Roberts. Both 
wives were Methodists. He was not a member of any church. Their 
later years they lived in Bainbridge village. 

Children of Ambrose and Polly (Roberts) Lygn, born at Bainbridge: 

2007. I. Lois; died young, ^-- J't-t^-i^ *-J / '^^'3 7 

2008. II. Alvah; d.«^, years old. 9^^ t^iM^'*'l f §1^ '^^ ^ , 

Children or Ambrose and Eois (Roberts) Lyon, bo rn at Bain bridg;e: <Q.y{^ , X*-^. fay 

2009. IIL Lois; b. Oct. 4, 1837; dj»;-ar~Salnbrldge. 

2010. IV. John Emery; b. July 4, 1839; d. April 29, 1870, at Bainbridge. 
♦2011. V. Alvah AV.; b. Aug. 14, 1842; res. (1907) in Bainbridge village. 
•2012. VI. Polly P_; b. Nov. 24, 1844; res. (1907) at Wadena, Minn. 

2013. VII. Sarah iTane; d. in infancy./' O c4 ."J , f^^y / cf>Se.-^^*Tjf^ 
♦2014. VIII. Milton,\b. May 29, 1853; res. (1907) in Binghamton, N. Y. 

1305. VII. 677. BETSEY' LYON (STODDARD) [William*, 
Israel", Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas=, Thomas'], was born Feb. 1, 1802, 
at Bedford, N. Y., and died at Masonville, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1876; buried 
in the old Cemetery in that place. In 1803 she came with her parents 
to Bainbridge. She married, Oct. 5, 1820, Martin Stoddard, born in 
Hartford, Conn., Dec. 21, 1798, died in Denver, Colo., Oct. 20, 1891. 
They lived about eight miles from Bainbridge, near Masonville. After 
his wife's death, Mr. Stoddard lived with his daughter, Mary Teed, in 
Denver, Colo. 

Children of Martin and Betsey (Lyon) Stoddard, born at Masonville, N. Y. : 

2015. I. Almira; b. Oct. 5, 1821; m. W^illiam V. Ferguson; they had 1 
son, Willie; she d. in Guilford, 1871; bur. Masonville. 

2016. II. Charles Henry; b. Sept. 25, IS 23: d. Rock Island. 111., Nov. 10, 
1891; he was school teacher, school commissioner, surveyor of government lands, 
civil engineer of railroads, manager of several railroads and bank president. He 
m. Emma Eliza Gray of Oxford. N. Y. ; children: 1. Charles; 2. Alice; 3. Anna; 
4. Susan; the widow, son and one dau. d. Rock Island; one dau. res. (1907) in 
Rock Island, the other in N. Y. City. 

2017. III. Calvin; b. 1S25; unm. ; a blacksmith; removed to Oregon, where 
he d. April 4, 1858. 

3018. IV. Harvey; b. Feb. 24, 1828; d. March 9, 1832. 

2019. V. Theodore David; b. Feb. 24, 1830; m. Marie Bartlett and lived 
In Chicago; was in a Cavalry Regt. in the Civil war; killed in a charge Feb. 11, 
1864; bur. Bainbridge. N. Y. ; widow res. (1907) Asbury Park, N. J.; one son 
Edward, a photographer, res. Chicago, 111. 

2020. VI. William N.; b. April 22, 1833. 

2021. VII. Oliver W.; b. Sept. 8, 1835. 

2022. VIII. Franklin; b. Jan. 18. 1838; d. Denver, Colo., at G. A. R. 
National Encampment, Sept. 4, 1905; served 10 months in Co. K., 144 Regt. N. 


T. Vols., in Civil war; he m. Adelia Earl of Masonville, N. Y.; they lived at 
Norton, Ks., where four sons and two daughters live (1907), their names: 1. 
£arl; 2. Caddie; 3. Charles; 4. Anna; 5. Hardie; 6. Myrtle, the survivors of a 
family of ten children. 

2022a. IX. George Martin; b. Feb. 28, 1841: served 10 months in Civil war, 
Co. H. 144 Regt. N. Y. Vols.; m. Jan. 1, 1863, Mary Jane Fitch; res. Masonville, 
later at Moline, 111.; children (living at Moline, 1907): 1. Rose; 2. James; 3. 
Clara; 4. Eva; 5. Sarah. 

2022b. X. Chester; b. Aug. 14, 1842; served about three years in the Union 
Army, Co. 13, 144 Regt. N. Y. Vols.; m. Catherine Hoyt, of Denning, Ulster Co., 
N. Y.; res. Sidney Center, Delaware Co. N. Y. ; children: 1. Mary E. (m. Elbert 
Dibble; res. New Berlin. N. Y., three ch., Arthur, Gertrude and Henry); 2. 
Lizzie; 3. Jane; 4. Marien (one of these m. L. Cronk; their two ch. d. in in- 
fancy); 5. Harvey (m. Catherine McCuIty; res. Norwich, N. Y. ; he is conductor 
on N. Y., O. & "W. R. R.). 

2022c. XI. Mary E.; b. Dec. 21, 1846; m. • Teed; res. Denver, Colo. 

1306. VII. 677. PHBBE' LYON (BUSH) [William', Israel*, 
Israel*, Jonathan', Tllomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge N. Y., 
Jan. 7. 1804, the first after her parents came to this home in Chenango 
County. Oct. 17, 1826 she married Jonathan Bush who was born Nov. 
22, 1803. They made their home on a farm in Guilford about eight 
miles from the Lyon homestead. He was a farmer and Methodist local 
preacher, and she was a member with him. He died Apr. 24, 1885. 
She died aboutJ^3;:,^t . 1 4', /fr2- 

Children of Jonathan and Phebe (Lyon) Bush, born at Guilford. N. Y.: 

2023. I. George; b. Oct. 18, 1827. He m. Oct. 24, 1855. Mary Jane Piper, 
dau. of James and Susan Piper, of Coventry, N. Y. ; a farmer; res. Guilford, N. 
Y.; children: 1. Phebe Elizabeth, b. Jifne 11, 1856; 2. Susan Amelia, b. Sept. 17, 
1860; 3. Leona J., b. March 10, 1862; 4. George H., b. March 14, 1864; d. unm. 
at Sidney. N. Y., Oct. 8, 1895; the other ch. all married. 

2024. II. Richard; b. Jan. 19, 1829, and d. , m. about 1856, Lydia 

Bateman; farmer; res. Guilford until near 1868, then at Afton, N. Y. ; children: 
1. Charles, b. Guilford, March 20 1857; d. Bainbridge, Dec. 31. 1870; 2. Mary; 
b. Guilford, July 20, 1860; 3. Gertrude, b. Guilford, Aug. 1, 1862; 4. Augusta, b. 
Guilford, 1864; 5. Mertie, b. Afton, 1868; 6. Chester, b. Afton about 1870; res. 
(1907) with widowed mother at Afton; 7. Joseph, b. Afton, about 1872; d. ae. 6 

2025. III. Lambert; b. June 15 1831; d. May 3, 1831. 

2026. IV. Herman; b. Oct. 25, 1834; d. Nov. 2, 1834. 

2027. V. Chester; b. Oct. 27, 1837; d. Unadilla, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1865; m. 
March 13, 1861, Mary Townsend; a dau., b. 1866, in 1902, m. George Marvin. 

2028. VI. William; b. Nov. 1, 1840; m. Sept. 14, 1870, Alice E. Humphrey; 
res. (1907) Albany, N. Y. ; he is agent on the road; one son, William. 

1307. VII. 677. RICHARD' LYON [William*, Israel", Israel*, 
Jonathan^ Thomas", Thomas'], was born Sept. 9, 1805 at Bainbridge, 
N. Y., Jan. 26, 1840, he married Lydia Mahala Burdick, b. Dec. 2, 1815. 
They lived on a farm near Masonville and near his sister Betsy Lyon 
Stoddard. Both were Methodists. He died at Masonville July 12, 1869. 
She died Apr. 18, 1886. 



Children of Richard and Lydia Mahala (Burdlck) Lyon, born at Mason- 
ville, N. Y. : 

*2029. I. Wilfred H.; b. Feb. 22, 1841. 
•2030. II. Arad S.; b. May 21. 1842. 

2031. III. James S,; b. June 9. 1843. 
*2032. IV. Charles L,., b. April 27, 1845. 

2033. V. Julia A.; b. April 17, 1846; d. Sept. 28, 1848. 
•2034. VI. Ambrose A,; b. Aug. 24, 1849. 

•20.35. VII. Sarah A.; b. Aug. 18, 1852; m. Edward P. Randall. 
•2036. VIII. Emily F.; b. April 1, 1859; m. Jame.s W. Ramsdell. 

1309. VII. 677. PAMELIA' LYON (GOULD) [William", IsraeP, 
Israel*, Jonathan^, Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. 
Y., June 9, 1809 and died Nov^ 1883. She married, Feb. 27, 1834, Asa 
Gould. They lived on a farm near Masonville, N. Y. Both were 
Methodists. He died Sept. 1861. 

Children of Asa and Pamelia (Lyon) Gould, born at Masonville: 

2037. T. Betsey; d. in infancy. 

2038. II. John Butler; b. 1837; unm. ; a prosperous farmer; res. (1907) 
Neville. Sherman Co., Kansas. 

2039. III. Sarah Jane; b. 1841; many years a teacher; lives with her 
brother John. 

2040. IV. Charles Woolsey; h. 1843; m. Miss Christy Bixby of New York 
City; has been 40 years principal of a school at W. Haverstraw, now mainly in 
charge of his son. being engaged in business in New York City; children: 1. 
son, Charles W., Jr., b. 1877, and 3 daughters, 2 of them married, each having 
one son. 

2041. V. Phebe Ann; b. 1S44; d. at Masonville, 1861. 

2042. VI. Hattie; b. Jan. 25. 1848; was a teacher; m. 1st. Feb. 29, 1872, 
S. M. Jones of Wellsville, N. Y. ; one son. Arthur Gould, b. Wellsville, Feb. 13, 
1873; there was a separation and she m. 2nd. Dec. 19, 1880. Capt . John McKee: 
res. (1907) Lincoln. Neb.. 1636 N. Side Ave.; children: 1. Charles, b. Beaver 
City, Neb., Jan. 28, 1882; 2. Eulalie, b. Dec. 27, 1883, at Beaver City (m. 

Hale, Sept. 25. 1901; a son Merle McKee, b. Aug. 21. 1902); 3. William 

H., b. Beaver City. May 1, 18 86; d. Sept. 8, ; 4. John H., Jr., b. 

March 6, In 92. 

3043. VII. Herman; b. about 1848; non compos mentis. 

1311. VII. 677. CALEB' LYON [William", IsraeP, Israel', Jona- 
than*, Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y., June 28, 
B.^ /'^a7'1813 and died at Leraxsyille, Pa., Aug. 1856. About 1840, he married 
nrS Cj . ^uQ Maria Davis, whose father's farm adjoined that of his father. 
She died at Bainbridge, March 31, 1845, ae. 27 y. (G. R.). In 1851 
Caleb Lyon assisted his brother in clearing a farm in the wilderness of 
Sweden, Pa. Three years later he married a second wife, name not 
ascertained, and settled on a new farm near Leraysville, Bradford Co., 


Children of Caleb and Ann Maria (Davis) Lyon: 
•3044. I. Clarke; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., about 1842; res fl907) Hartford, 
Conn. . . 

2044a. II. Rozilla; b. Bainbrldge. N. Y., about 1843; m. Leroy Cornwall, 
a machinist, engaged in the manufacture of guns; res. Guilford, N. Y., later 
[1907] Hartford. Conn. 

2044b. III. Nelson; b. Feb. 23, 1845; d. May 14, 1845 (G. R.). 

1313. VII. 677. WILLIAM' LYON [William', IsraeP, Israel*, 
Jonathan*, Tllomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge N. Y.. Oct. 
8, 1817.' Little Bill was the name that distinguished him from his 
father. This implies that William Sr. was a large man. William Jr. 
was average size. He was quick in movement and alert in business and 
acquaintance with men. Aug. 8, 1840 he married Julia JEIendrlck, 
daughter of Leontes Hendrick of Coventry, N. Y. Both he and she had 
been teachers of the public school near his home. Deborah Lyon 
Doolittle, in 1906 one of the only two survivors of the 42 born to the 
four Lyon brothers first at Bainbridge, tells now that she attended 
school to both of them. They lived at Masonville, and at Bainbridge 
on the Davis farm. In 1850, soon after the death of his mother, he 
bought the Wm. Lyon homestead. He quickly appropriated for it the 
best methods and appliances for farming. In 1854 he sold the farm to 
his cousin Horace Lyon (No. 1343). Horace is the other one of the 
two survivors of the forty-two. He has for more than fifty years main- 
tained the place in high culture. His son, Horace Hudson Lyon^ is 
with him, and is a frequent writer for agricultural papers^ about the 
practical work done there. The good wife of H. H., Mrs. Jeannette 
Gladstone Lyon, a relative of Wm. H. Gladstone, and a sister Miss 
Mary E. Lyon, help to make the home and to augment the pleasure 
and interest in the ancestral place. 

William, in 1851, purchased 300 acres in the woois of Sweden, Pa. 
In March 1852, two years preceding his sale of the homestead, he moved 
to the new place. Three men, one of them a nephew, Richard Bush, 
went along to help a year on the work. Randolph Burdick, husband 
of his sister Sarah, went later the same year to build their barn. 
Thus is evinced the interest of William to draw his friends near to 
him. He was always a total abstinent of tobacco and intoxicating 
liquors. The building of that barn gave occasion to show his mettle 
and resourcefulness. The neighbors informed him that the barn could 
not be raised without whiskey. Their view was a widely prevalent 
one. They came from four miles to the raising. Some of them brought 
a supply of whiskey for him to accept if he would. Otherwise their 

U It i- 


help would be withheld. The work went on with a small force that 
raised the first bent to position of hardest lift, where, for a long time 
it halted, while the others looked on at their efforts. William said 
he would send as far as New York state, if need be, to hire men, but 
there would be no whiskey. About the middle of the afternoon a four 
horse team with help from Coudersport, eight miles distant, came to 
the rescue, and everybody joined in raising that barn. This was more 
than fifty years ahead of equal courage in general to exclude the liquors 
from banquets at the White House. 

He bought horses in Ohio and brought by wagon road to the mar- 
ket east. He handled sheep and other stock. With his busy life he 
found time and place to be a Christian. When Sunday came his 
driving, different from the prevailing custom, was always suspended. 
He would be at the school house meetings, two miles distant, or drive 
the eight miles to church at Coudersport. He was a Methodist. Mrs. 
Lyon was Baptist. They had in the home an altar of prayer, and in 
which the farm help shared. Both were good readers of the Bible. 
Both made occasions to open up this book to their boys; and so well 
did they do it that they were often importuned to read more. 

William Lyon was quick to be in touch with men throughout the 
county who were interested in the antislavery issue, and in cnurch 
and educational work. Ministers, editors, teachers and any who loved 
these things, were frequent visitors to their home in the woods. 

From the midst ot vigorous and busy life he was suddely stricken. 
His death, which occurred^ug. 18, 1856, was due to exceedingly ex- 
hausting effort to reach and\ attend his brother Caleb, who died a few 
days before. Mrs. Lyon died Feb. 22, 1876. ... nj. 

Children of William and Julia Hendrick Lyon: 

2045. I. Henry Franklin; b. Masonville, N. Y., May 7, 1841; d. Sept. 
7. 1844. 

♦3046. II. George Hendrick; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1844; res. 
(1907) Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

*2047. III. Farnham Eugene; b. Bainbridge, Jan. 5, 1847; res. Sweden, Pa. 
♦2048. IV. Edward William; b. Bainbridge, Feb. 14, 1851; res. (1907) 
Coudersport, Pa. 

2049. V. Charles Woolsey; b. Sweden, Pa., April 4, 1853. 

2050. VI. Merrit Joel; b. Sweden. Pa., July 22, 1854; d. Aug. 10, 1882. 

2051. VII. Flora Elizabeth; b. Sweden Pa., Oct. 20, 1855; d. Sept. 12. 

1314. VII. 677. SARAH' LYON (BURDICK) [William*, Israel", 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y,, 


April 15, 1819. She married, 1843, Randolph Burdick, brother of 
Lydia Mahala Burdick, who became wife of her brother Richard. He 
was farmer, carpenter, Republician. Both were Methodists. After the 
death of her parents, they lived in Bainbridge, two miles from the 
homestead, and later near Masonville, N. Y. Her sister, Hannah, un- 
married, always had a home with them. She died April 19, 1900. He 
died April 13, 1903. 

Children of Randolph and Sarah (Lyon) Burdick, born at Bainbridge, N. 

2053. I. Lambert; b. July 24, 1847; d. Boyne, Mich., Sept., 1903; m. 
1884, Minnie Hunt, at Boyne. Mich.; children: 1. Eva; 2. Estella; 3. Harry; 
4. Leona. 

2053. II. Sarah Jane; b. Jan. 29, 1850; m. Oct. 24, 1871, Dewitt C. 
Warner, at Guilford, N. Y. ; res. Rockdale in Guilford; children: 1. Ernestine, 
b. Sept. 27, 1873; d. Jan. 13, 1899 (m. Nov. 24. 1893, Fred Callahan, son of 
William and Rozilla (Odell) Callahan; 1 ch., Edson D., b. 1894, at Rockdale); 
2. Bertha B., b. Aug. 22, 1876, (m. Oct. 24, 1895, George Avery of Sullivan Co., 
N. Y. ; one dau. Vestries, b. Aug. 4, 1900, at Rockdale); 3. Emma G., b. June 
12, 1879; d. Rockdale, Jan. 19, 1899 (m. William, son of Chauncey and Margaret 

( ) Hazelton, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; a dau. Henrietta, b. Sept. 19, 1893, 

at Rockdale). 

2054. Milton J.; m. Jane Blencoe; res. (1907) on a farm near Masonville; 
children: 1. Claude, b. May 5, 1886; d. Feb. 6, 1887; 2. Clarence; b. June 12, 

1316. Vn. 679. BRIGGS' LYON [Samuel", Is^ael^ Israel*, Jona- 
than^ Thomas-, Thomas^], b. Sept. 10, 1805 [whether before or- after 
his- pa;F©Bts removed from Bedford to Bainbridge is not certain]. He 
married Sally Cleveland, who was born April 22, 1807 and died Feb. " / 
1. 1869. He died June 23, 1890. i^e'-t^c ~uu.'-^r- ^ -^^-^-^ n ^^j ^s-v ^ S *-*--t.t 

Children of Briggs and Sally (Cleveland) Lyon: / 
•2055. I. Thomas J.; b. March 29, 1834; d. Blnghamton, N. Y., June, 
1903; m. Ellen Kelley. 

2056. II. L,avandcba; b. Jan. 24, 1836; m. Nov. 25, 1857, H. T. Green, a 
farmer in Bainbridge; he was Supervisor of Bainbridge three terms; no children. 

2057. III. Malissa; b. Aug. 7, 1837; m. Nov. 5, 1862, Smith Lane of 
Bainbridge, son of Shepherd Lane; he d. March 10, 1904; she res. (1906) In 
Bainbridge; no children. 

*2058. IV. Josiah E.; b. May 15, 1840; d. Sept. 8, 1906; m. 1st, Tabltha 
Johnson; m. 2nd. Antoinette Teed. 

2059. V. Mariette; b. May 20, 1844; m. Feb. 29, 1866, Luman Lane of 
Bainbridge, son of Shepherd Lane; he died Jan. 13, 1877; she res. (1906) Bain- 
bridge, N. Y. : no children. 

*2060. VI. OrvUle J.; b. June 20, 1847; m. 1st. Alice Teachout; m. 2nd. 
Clarissa Sweet; res. Scranton, Pa. 

2061. VII. Amy Elizabeth; b. Oct. 14, 1852; m. Jan. 1, 1874, Frank B. 
Davis of Oxford, N. Y. ; res. Bainbridge, N. Y. ; 1 child. Bertha, b. June 16, 

1318. VII. 679. HARVEY' LYON [Samuel*, Israel*, Israel*, 


Jonathan', Thoma^', Thomas^'T born BainbrMge, N. Y., May 7, 1809; 
died of paralysis^l882.. He was a carpenter and mill-wright. He re- 
moved from Bainbridge in the early thirties to South Port, Chemung 
Co., N. Y. He enlisted in 1862 in the 50th Engineers, Co. H. and served 
nine months. He was in the battle of Fredericksburg, where he was un- 
der fire while helping lay a pontoon bridge. He married Adaline 

Children of Harvey and Adaline (Cleveland) Lyon: 

2062. I. ftlary Emily; b. 1838; m. Holloway; res. Rochester, 

N. T.; 1 son; 2 daughters. 

2063. II. Charlotte; b. 1840; m. Albert Ashdown; res. Seely Creek, N. Y.; 
children: 1. Grant Lyon, b. 1869 (married and has 4 children); 2. Albert W.. 
b. 1879 (married and has one dau.). 

2064. III. Miles B.; b. 1843; kUled before Petersburg, June 18. 1864. 

2065. IV. Ellen Rosalie; b. 1845; d. 1865. 

2065a. V. George Wesley; b. 1848; res. Lock Haven. Pa. 
Z065b. VI. Ludlow L,.; b. 1850; res. Elmira. N. Y. 

1320. VII. 679. SPARDON' LYON [Samuel', Israel", Israel*. 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1813; 
died Dec. 1, 1874. He married, Nov. 18, 1846, Almlra Graves. 

Children of Spardon and Almlra (Graves) Lyon: 

2066. I. Richard; b. Sept. 19, 1847; m. Ellen Smith (No. 2124); no 
ch.; res. Bainbridge, N. Y. 

•2067. II. Horace D.; b. July 29, 1850; res. Bainbridge; m. Ada Kelly. 

*2068k III Clara J.; b. Aug. 3, 1852; m. Oct. 11, 1875, W. H. Kelly. 

*2069. IV. Willet C; b. Feb. 28, 1855; m. 1st. Ida Vosbury; m. 2nd. 
Hattie Vosbury; res. Binghamton. N. Y., No. 1 Park Terrace. 

2070. V. Aliph C; b. April 27, 1858; m. Dec. 5, 1888, VSrill Davis of 
Oxford; res. Bainbridge, N. Y. ; no children. 

•2071. VI. Cora E.; b. July 10, 1860; m. Charles Loomis of Oxford, N. Y. ; 
res. Bainbridge, N T. 

2072. VII Calvin B.; b. May 31, 1863; unm. ; res. Bainbridge. N. Y. 

•2073. VIII. Edward B.; b May 1, 1866; m. Emma Hayes: res. Bain- 
bridge, N. Y, 

•2074. IX. Ernest S.; b. June 29, 1870; m. Minnie M. Rounds; res. Bain- 
bridge, N. Y. 

1322. VII. 679. WILLET' LYON [Samuel', Israel', Israel*, Jona- 
than', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, Nov. 23. 1816; died Wells- 
ville, Alleghany Co., N. Y., April 8, 1886. He was a surveyor and farmer. 
He married Lovina Monroe, who died Jane 20. 1901. 

Children of Willet and Lovina (Monroe) Lyon: 

2075. I. Mary Jane; b. May 3. 1844 at Sweden, Pa.; m. Feb. 26, 1864, 
John Calhoun Davidson of Bainbridge, N. Y., who d. Feb. 8, 1881; no children. 


•2076. II. Miriam Cliarlotte; b. May 10, 1851, at Bingham, Pa.; m. Geo. 
W. "Ward. 

uel', Israer, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, 
June 14, 1821. She married, Dec. 30, 1846, Jerome B. Youmans, born 

July 5, 1818; died June 14, 1905. S>C* P. tv~tJlU /i/^'P(U^ U<a^cA > B,fP^'-f 

Children of Jerome B. and Jane Charlotte (Lyon) Youmans: 

2077. I. Seth Lyon; b. April 8, 1848; m.j^ ; 2 sons and 

4 daughters, 2 of them married; res. Wellsbridge (?). 

2078. II. Albert B.; b. March 21, 1853; m. ; one son. 

2079. III. Jolin J.; b. Dec. 30, 1859; m. ; three sons. 

2080. IV. Ella J.; b. June 15, 1864; m. Dr. Truman; res. Bainbridge, N. 
Y.. a dau. Mabel. 

1325. VII. 679. SAMUEL' LYON [Samuel', IsraeP, Israel*, 
Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas'], born Bainbridge, Sept. 20, 1823; died 
Feb. 1901. He married Sarah Bartholomew. They lived in Rehoboth, 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Bartholomew) Lyon: 

2081. I. George; married and has five children; res. Reboboth, Mass. 

2082. II. Ida; b. 1857; d. May 27, 1899; m. . 

•2083. III. Seth Jay; b. 1867; d. Aug. 24, 1900; m. Evalyn Dyke. 

2084. IV. Libbie; married; three children. 

uel', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan'. Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, 
N. Y., Aug. 25, 1828. She married, June 1849, Abel S. Doolittle. born 
July 7, 1825; d. March 27, 1880. She now (1906) resides at Bainbridge, 
N. Y. 

Children of Abel S. and Deborah Ann (Lyon) Doolittle: 

2085. I. Artliur Miles; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., June 28, 1850; m. Phebe 
Jane Yale (No. 2115) res. Bainbridge, N. Y. 

2086. II. Albert J.; b. Bainbridge, N. Y., Oct. 1852; d. Nov. 1863. 

2087. III. Andrus Darling; b. Smithville, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1854; m. 1st., 
Dec. 23, 1880, Cora B. Davis of Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; she d. March 
1902 and he m. 2nd., June 20. 1906, Jennie M. "Wycher of Oneonta, N. Y. ; 
res. Bainbridge, N. Y.; children by 1st. wife, all but three b. in Bainbridge: 

1. Mabel Etta, b. Aug. 15, 18 82; 2. Perry L,., b. Dec. 4, 1884; 3. Mark A., b. 
Jan. 18, 1887 (at Oxford, N. Y.); 4. Floyd D., b. Oct. 23, 1888. 

2088. IV. Alton Henry; b. Smithville, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1856; d. Bainbridge, 
N. Y., Oct. 1875. 

2089. V. Alice Antoinette; b. Oxford, N. Y., May 15, 1858; m. Feb. 19, 
1877, Allen E. Granis; res. Binghamton, N. Y.; children: 1. Orah Maude, b. 
Harpersville, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1877 (m. Lou A. "Wilder of Binghamton, N. Y. ; 
they have: (a) Bnrt, (b) Leon and (c) Mildred, born at Lestershire, N. Y.); 

2. Lina Belle, b. Coventry, Chenango Co., N. Y., Sept. 25, 1883; m. June 14, 
1906, Charles W. Swift of Binghamton, N. Y. 


2090. VI. Myra Jane; b. May 13, 1860; m . Sept. 24, 1879, George L. 
Lyon (No. 2617). 

2091. VII. Mary Abigail; b. Oxford, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1863; m. 1st. July 
9, 1881, Sherwood Shapley; m. 2iid. Dec. 25, 1898, Prank D. Morey; res. Earl- 
vllle, N. Y.; children: [Shapley] 1. Harold Blaine, b. Oxford, N. Y., Sept. 26, 
1884; 2. Harrison, b- Oxford, March 17, 1888; [Moreyl 3. Zelda Marie, b. Earl- 
vllle, Oct. 3, 1903. 

2092. VIII. Olive Anna; b. Union, N. Y., March 15, 1870; d. Wellsbridge, 
N. Y., Dec. 28, 1905; m . Dec. 7, 1889, Arthur F. Earl; family res. (1906) 
Wellsbrldge, N. Y. ; children: 1. Shirley Marion, b. Sept. 4, 1893; 2. Rexford, 
b. Jan. IS, 1891; d. Jan. 2, 1892; 3. Stanley, b. March 1895. 

1331. VII. 681. JARED' LYON [DanieP, Israel", Israels Jona- 
than^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born in Afton, Chenango Co., N. Y., in 
1831. He married in 1852 Armenia Aylsworth. In tlie spring of 1867 
he removed to East Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y.; in 1879 to Simpson, Ks. 
and in 1886 to Sidney, Colo., where he lived until his death Oct. 21, 
1900. His occupation was farming and stock raising. His widow now 
(1906) resides at Sidney, Colo. 

Children of Jared and Armenia (Aylsworth) Lyon: 

•2093. I. Mary; b. Aug. 9, 1853; in Afton, N. Y. 

•2094. II. Bay; b. July 20, 1863, In Afton, N. T. 

2095. III. Ellis; d. in infancy. 

2096. IV. Infant son. 

2097. V. Burton; b. May 20, 1866, at Nineva, N. Y. ; farmer; res. Simpson. 

2098. VI. Morton; twin brother of Burton; farmer; res. Simpson, Kansas. 
♦2099. VIL Elbert; b. Nov. 24, 1873, at East Pike, N. Y.; res. Simpson, 


2100. VIII. Ida; b. May 24, 1877; m. 1st. John Suttle; m. 2nd. Harvey 

1333. VII. 682. ISRAEL' LYON [Charles', IsraeF, Israel*, Jona- 
than», Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1809; died 
Oct. 24, 1891. He married, Jan. 10, 1832, Annjanette Ireland, born June 
16, 1813; died May 22, 1893. 

Children of Israel and Annjanette (Ireland) Lyon: 
yj _. •2101. I. Charles L..; b. Oct. 28, 1835; m. Elvira D. Landers. 

f*wZ^^<l (? 2102. IL ^yntha ; b. Sept. 6, 1846; d. Jan. 20, 1854. 

2103. III. Ma-ry K-; b. Dec. 30, 1856; d. Jan. 11, 1892; m. Feb. 25, 1877, 
Madison Christian; one bh. Frank, b. .\otU. 1887. a^ /2.^-^*-t-4^ 

1334. VII. 682. ABIJAH' LYON [Charles^, Israel", Israel*, Jona- 
than», Thomas', Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1811; died 
Montana, N. J., Oct. 24, 1890. He married Olive Pollard. 


Children of Abljah and Olive (Pollard) Lyon: 

•2104. I. Cuyler W.; b. Nov. 14. 1838; d. Aug. 19, 1872; in. Susan M. 

2105. II. Sabrie A.; b. Oct. B, 1847; d. May 8, 1905; m. July 3, 1876, 
Wlllard Truesdell of ColesvUle, N. J.; 2 sons; 2 daughters. 

•2106. III. Clarinda M.; b. Sept. 20, 1837; m. Joe Pike of Colesville, N. J. 

2107. IV. Wealthy; b. Sept. 6, 1841; m. David Beers of Montana, N. J. 

1337. VII. 682. UNIVILDA^ LYON (IRELAND) [Charles', 
Israel, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., 
Aug. 11, 1815; died Nov. 3, 1889. She married Edward Ireland, born 
Jan. 1, 1812; died July 14, 1878. 

Children of Edward and Unlvilda (Lyon) Ireland: 

2108. I. Lanra; b. Sept. 30, 1834; d. May 18, 1866; m. Oct. 28, 1855, 
Hiram Lyon (No. ); 1 ch. ; b. Jan. 1, 1860; d. June 25, 1863. 

2109. II. Jacob D.; b. Feb. 16, 1836; d. March 3, 1836. 

2110. III. Hulda; b. May 20, 1838; m. Feb. 21, 1869, Hiram Lyon; 1 
son, E. Jay, b. Dec. 5, 1873; d. Feb. 17, 1890. 

2111. IV. Maria; b. Dec. 16, 1841; m. Jan. 22, 1891, Joel DeLong. 

1338. VII. 682. REBECCA' LYON (YALE) [Charles', Israel", 
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^, Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., April 
21, 1819; died Plum Valley, Neb. Nov. 3, 1888. She married Richard 

Children of Richard and Rebecca (Lyon) Yale: 

2112. I. Ira A.; b. Sept. 24, 1842; m. Martha Smith; children: 1. Lizzie, 
b. 1869; 2. Lucy, b. 1872 (m. 1900, Louis Stocking; two ch., Kenneth L,., b. 
1901 and Edith, b. June 1904). 

2113. II. Elma A.; b. March 29, 1845; d. Oct. 2, 1849. 

2114. III. Sarah E.; b. July 2, 1848; d. Sept. 24, 1849. 

2115. IV. Fhebe J.; b. Oct. 22, 1852; m. Arthur Doolittle; children: 1. 
Anna, b. Sept. 27, 1881; 2. Jesse, b. Oct. 5, 1886. 

2116. V. Levi E.; b. July 26, 1850; m. Phebe Tyrrell; one dau., Hattie, 
who m. and had: (a) Louise, b. 1897 and (b) Elizabeth, b. 1902. 

2117. VI. Sarah B.; b. May 5, 1858; d. Jan. 3, 1872. 

[•Charles', Israel^ Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas*, Thomas'], born Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1821; died Fort Calhoun, Neb., Sept. 28, 1892. 
She married first Willard Aylsworth and second Samuel Cole. 

Daughter of William and Huldah (Lyon) Aylsworth: 

I. Eleanor; married ; several children. 

Children of Samuel and Huldah (Lyon) (Aylsworth) Cole: 

2118. I. George; d., ae. about 15. 

2119. IX. Willard; d. young. 

2120. III. Frances; twin sister of foregoing; d. young. 


1340. VII. 682. EUNICE LUCRETIA' LYON (SMITH) [Charles*. 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., Sept. 
21, 1822; died there March 24, 1895. She married, Aug. 31, 1842, 
James Wheeler Smith, born March 1, 1820 at Oxford, N. Y. They set- 
tled first on a new farm in Ulysses, Potter Co., Pa., where they lived 
twelve years. They returned to Bainbridge to occupy the farm on which 
Charles Lyon, father of Mrs. Smith, had settled in 1808. Mr. Smith 
has been a farmer, teacher and writer. He is a son of Nicholas and 
Susanna (Wheeler) Smith. Nicholas Smith was a son of Peregrine 
Smith of Rhode Island. Susanna Wheeler was a daughter of Hezekiah 
and Mary (Wood) Wheeler, who emigrated from Rhode Island to 
Chenango Co., N. Y., in 1813. At the Wheeler reunion of 1906, as on 
past occasions of the reunion, Mr. J. W. Smith, at 86 years of age, was 
the poet. 

Children of James W. and Eunice Lucretla (Lyon) Smith: 

2121. I. Jnmes De Forest; b. Nov. 26. 1843, in Ulysses, Pa.; m. 1st. in 
Oxford, N. Y., 1868, Lavinla Main; one child, Byron Lee, b. June 4, 1876 

(civil engineer; address Mobile, Ala.); m. 2nd., Nov. 22, 1899 Cora C. Cone, 
farmer and teacher; res. Oxford, N. Y. 

2122. II. Levi Leroy; b. Oct. 10, 1845, at Ulysses, Pa.; d. April 9, 1903; 
m. in Coventry, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1883, Sarah Jane Acley [or Acly] ; a farmer. 

212.3. III. George Henry; b. Jan. 19, 1848, in Ulysses, Pa.; d. Nov. 6, 

2124. IV. £llen Elvira; b. Sept. 19, 1850, in Ulysses, Pa.; m. Dec. 23, 
1874, Richard Lyon (No. 2026); no eh. 

2125. V. Horace Henry; b. May 6, 1853; m. March 28, 1878, Jenettie 
Auguste Walkins, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; a dau. Orlina Lucretia, b. Nov. 8, 
1885; res. Bainbridge, N. Y., R. F. D. No. 1. 

2126. VI. Celia Loiza; b. Feb. 8, 1856, in Bainbridge, N. Y. ; unm. 
3127. VII. Myrtle Lucretia; b. Oct. 12, 1859; d. June 5, 1883. 

2128. VIII. Miranda May; b. Aug. 2, 1864; d. April 1, 1865. 

2129. IX. Ciiarles Nicliolas; b. May 7, 1866; m. March 22, 1888, Frances 
De Forest; teacher and farmer; address, Guilford Center, N. Y. ; one child, 
Harland Eari, b. July 20, 1894. 

1341. VII. 682. PRISCILLA' LYON (HOLCOMB) [Charles', 
Israel", Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., 
May 31, 1824; died March 24, 1895. She married Edwin Holcomb. 

Children of Edwin and Priscilla (Lyon) Holcomb: 

2130. I. Friend; b. Jan. 1, 1843; d. Aug. 1844. 

2131. II. Jane; b. Nov. 24, 1844; m. May 1867, M. D. Fabrique; children: 

1. Edwin H., b. March 26. 1868; m. ; no ch. ; 2. Henry L., b. Aug. 

1872; 3. Marion L., b. Jan. 1874; m. Charles Lasky; 4. Mabel J., b. Aug. 1875; 
m. Henry W^eary; all res. in Nebraska. 

2132. III. Albert; b. April 6, 1847; d. May 1848. 

2133. IV. Egbert W.; twin bro. of Albert; m. March 29, 1877, Mary J. 
Cahill; children: 1. Virgil L, b. March 5, 1878; m. June 24, 1903, Alma Perry 


(a dau. Mary Virginia, b. Sept. 1904); 2. Junia H., b. March 22, 1882; 3. 
Lanra D., b. Aug. 3, 1880; d. Sept. 23, 1881: 4. Priscilla E., b. Nov. 2. 1884; 
d. Aug. 6, 1885; the family res. In Tennessee. 

2134. V. C. Judson; b. May 8, 1850; d. May 14, 1906; res In Nebraska; 
was County Treasurer two terms; m. Nov. 8, 1878, Elizabeth Lewis; children; 
1. Earl; 2. Mary. 

2135. VI. Horace S.; b. May 20, 1852; res. in Kansas; m. Feb. 29, 1880, 

BellvUle; children: 1. Fort E., b. Oct. 1882; m. ; 2. Otis E., 

b. March, 1885; m. ; 3. Olive, b. Sept. 1, 1886; m. ; 4. Clara, 

b. Oct 1888; m. ; 5. Newton, b. Aug. 1893; 6. Elmer, b. Oct. 1895; 7. 

Edward, b. April 1900; 8. Virgil, b. Feb. 1903. 

2136. VII. Huldah; b. Oct. 3, 1855; m. 1st., March 1875, Olanson Howard; 
he d. 1884, leaving one dau. Beatrice, who d., ae. 3y.; she m. 2nd. in 1892, 
Adelbert Cherry; children: 1. Shirley, b. May 1895; 2. Warren, b. Jan. 1900; 
they live In Illinois. 

2137. VIII. Ralph R.; b. March 8, 1860; res. Montana; twice married; 
children: 1. Eva, b. March 1886; 2. Herbert, b. Feb. 1888; 3. Lester, b. Jan. 
1897; 4. Egbert, b. July 1901. 

2138. IX. Shirley Grant; b. July 23, 1864; m. Jan. 29, 1896, Elizabeth 
Smith; one adopted dau., Hettie, b. Jan. 20, 1897; res. In Tennessee. 

1343. VII. 682. HORACE' LYON [Charles', Israel', Israel', 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1828. 
He married Mary M. Doolittle. In 1853 he bought the farm formerly 
owned by his uncle William Lyon, No. 1313, and has for more than 
60 years maintained the place in high culture. His son, H. H., Is with 
him and is a frequent writer for agricultural papers of the practical 
work done on this homestead. .. ^ 

Children of Horace and Mary M. (Doolittle) fLyon: r i //9^/J 

2139. I. Hudson H.; b. Feb. 1, 1857; m.yjNov. 28, l,Si02. Jennette C. 
Gladstone (a relative of the late ■William H. Gladstone); one daughter Mary 
E. [Minnie] . 

2140. II. Mary E.; b. Feb. 7, 1863. 

2141. III. Laura A.; b. May 17, 1870; d. Aug. 5, 1870. 

1346. VII. 687. ELIZA' LYON (PALMER) [Alvah«, Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan", Thomas*, Thomas'], born Dec. 27, 1824; m. Dec. 29, 
1847, James E. Palmer, who died Oct. 30, 1894, leaving a widow and 
one son. 

Son of James E. and Eliza (Lyon) Palmer: 

2142. I. Charles E. ; m. Delia Wright of New Haven; three children; res. 
853 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; he is with the N. T. Life Insurance Co. 

1347. VII. 687. MIRIAM M.' LYON (SEARLES) [Alvah', 
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Sept. 22. 1828; d. 
March 1, 1889. She married Jonathan Searles, who died Oct. 22, 1891. 


Son of Jonathan and Miriam M. (Lyon) Searles: 

2143. I. Alvah Lyon; an electrician; unm. ; res. Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Livingston Hotel. 

1348. VII. 687. ABIGAIL C LYON (HOBBY) [Alvah*, Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas'], born July 25, 1833; died Feb. 
14, 1896. She married Albert Hobby, who resides (1906) on the Alvah 
Lyon homestead in North Castle, N. Y. 

Children of Albert and Abigail C. (Lyon) Hobby: 

2144. I. Sarah E.; b. Feb. 14, 1867: m. Harvey C. Waterbury, clerk In 
the Custom House; address, 3 Cottage Place, White Plains, N. T.; one son, 
Bnssel Albert. 

2145. II. Mary B.; b. March 9, 1869; m Elroy Smith, Bedford, N. T. 

2146. III. Clara L.; b. Sept. 29, 1876; unm.; address, Bedford, N. Y. 

1349. VII. 687. EMILY A.' LYON (AYRES) [Alvah", Israel*, 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas', Thomas'], born April 10, 1837. She mar- 
ried April 10, 1869, Rufus William Ayres of Long Ridge, Conn. He 
died April 5, 1879. 

Daughter of Rufus W. and Emily A. (Lyon) Ayres: 

2147. I. Aimie A.; b. Nov. 24, 1875; unm.; address, 1107 C. St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

1354. VII. 702. SOLOMON RUNDLE^ LYON [Seth*, Spardon', 
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., Jan. 31, 
1812; died there March 19, 1868; buried in Union Cemetery, Bedford. 
He was a farmer and lived on the farm owned by his father and grand- 
father and now occupied by his son Phillips. He was Elder in the 
Presbji;erian Church in Bedford 1865. He married Sept. 12, 1837 Han- 
nah Bundle, born Sept. 12, 1818; died April 18, 1883, in Bedford; buried 
in Union Cemetery. She was daughter of Solomon and Hannah Phil- 
lips) Rundle. 

Children of Solomon R. and Hannah (Rundle) Lyon: 
•2148. I. PhUlips Bundle; b. July 1838; res. 1906, Bedford, N. T. 
•2149. II. Irving WittaU; b. Oct. 1840; d. March 4, 1896; m. Mary 
Elizabeth Tucker. 

2150. III. Anna; b. Aug. 10, 1842; d. Oct. 22, 1863. 

2151. IV. Dewitt; b. March 30, 1844; d. Aug. 27, 1844. 

2152. V. Mary E.; b. July 27, 1845; d. Aug. 28. 1867; m. Stephen Terry. 

2153. VI. Emma Constant; b. April 15, 1847; d. Oct. 26, 1871; m. April 
1871, Henry D. Jennings. 

2154. VII. Josephine C; b. Aug. 19, 1848; m. Edward P. Holly; res. 
(1906) Coscob, Conn. 

2155. VIII. Hannah Knndle; b. June 8, 1850; m. Dec. 19, 1883, Edward 
A. Raymond; res. (1906) Bedford, N. T. 

2156. IX. Dewitt; b. April 15, 1853; d. Nov. 23, 1864. 


2157. X. Igabel C; b. Nov. 18. 1855; d. Sept. 4, 1866. 

2158. XI. Clarissa Bundle; b. March 19, 1859; m. Clifford R. Weld; rea. 
(1906) Boston, Mass. 

[Seth', Spardon', Israel*, Jonatlian', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bedford, 
N. Y., Feb. 19, 1814; died April 8, 1850; buried in Union Cemetery, Bed- 
ford. She married Phineas Lounsbury, born June 5, 1797; died Dec. 
26, 1879, buried in Union Cemetery. He was son of Stephen and Sarah 
(Raymond) Lounsbury. He was a New York merchant; retired from 
business and lived at Bedford. 

Children of Phineas and Charlotte R. (Lyon) Lounsbury: 

2159. I. Mary Jane; b. Sept. 14, 1834; unm.; res. (1906) Bedford, N. Y. 

2160. II. William Henry; b. April 10, 1836; m. Nov. 13, 1860, Phebe H. 

2161. III. Seth Stephen; b. Sept. 11, 1837; d. April 26, 1872; unm.; a 

2162. IV. Sarah Elizabeth; b. March 1, 1839; d. Aug. 2, 1887; m. Oct. 
3, 1866, Henry C. Palmer. 

2163. V. Nehemiah; o. Aug. 27, 1840; d. May 23, 1844. 

2164. VI. Clarissa; b. May 24, 1844; m. 1st, Oct. 9, 1867, Stephen P. 
Newman (d. Oct. 12, 1867); m. 2nd. Jared P. Wood, M. D., of Brewster, N. T. 

2165. VII. Caroline; b. March 24, 1846; m. Oct. 14, 1875, Charles Elmer 
Drummond, M. D., of Maine (deceased). 

1358. VII. 702. SETH JAY' LYON [Seth', Spardon', Israel*, 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born about 1822; died Dec. 8, 1883. He 
was married at Bedford, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1849 to Frances Elizabeth 
Clark, by Rev. David Inglis. She was born June 21, 1831, daughter of 
Jeremiah and Emeline (Smith) Clark. They had three children. 

1406. VII. 723. MARY COFFIN' LYON (PALMER) [Isaac', 
Thomas', David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 5, 1818, 
in the town of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. She married, April 28, 
1852, Abiah Palmer, son of Nicholas and Margaret Palmer. He was a 
farmer in Stamfordville, N. Y., where he died Nov. 15, 1859. His widow 
now (1906) lives with her sister, Mrs. Sarah (Lyon) Andrews, In 
Bristol, N. Y, In faith she is a Friend. At the ripe age of 88, she is 
beloved by all; "this life to her is still a joy; the life beyond an 
anticipated joy." 

t;hildren of Abiah and Mary Coffin (Lyon) Palmer, born in Stamfordville, 
N. T. 

2166. I. William C; b. March 14. 1856; m. Ida Mickle (b. May 28. 1855, 
at Old Chatham; dau. of Simeon and Catharine (Simmons) Mickle); children, b. 
at Ord Chatham: 1. Jennie E., b. June 1, 1871; m. Arthur Henry Clinchy, who 


died Jan. 16, 1901; no ch. ; 2. William Penn, b. and d. Oct. 1883; 3. Frances E., 
b. Feb. 4, 1886; res. Plttsfleld, Mass. 

2167. II. Abiah I.; b. March 16, 1858; d. April 6, 1872. 

1407. VII. 723. CLARISSA' LYON (GARDNER) [Isaac«, Thom- 
as^ David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Sept. 29, 1820, in the 
town of Chatham, N. Y.; died Feb. 25, 1853 at Burlington, Wis. She 
married, Sept. 28, 1837, David P. Gardner, a farmer; born July 14, 1814; 
died July 29, 1850, en route to California. 

Children of David P. and Clarissa (Lyon) Gardner: 

2168. I. Eunice; b. Oct. 15, 1838, in Chatham Twp., N. Y. ; m. Jan. 22, 
1883, at Iowa Palls, la., John H. Noble, widower of her cousin Emma (No. 1417); 
no ch.; res. (1906) Bristol, N. Y. 

2169. II. Isaac Lyon; b. Jan. 6, 1S43, in Chatham, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 5, 
1899, in Marshalltown, la.; m. Sept. 21, 1880, at Iowa Falls, la., Agnes Hubbard 
(b. In Clinton Co., N. Y., Jan. 8, 1851); he served throughout Civil war in 35th. 
N. Y. Vols, and 3d. Wis. Vols.; children: 1. Everette Ray, b. Nov. 5, 1881; 2. 
Burdett Lyon, b. July 24, 1888; the widow and two sons res. (1906) Iowa Falls, 

2170. III. Mary Clara; b. May 15, 1846, at Lyons, Wis.; unm. ; res. with 
her sister at Bristol, N. Y. 

1408. VII. 723. HON. WILLIAM PENN' LYON [Isaac', Thomas' 
Daniel*, Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas'], born Oct. 28, 1822, in the town 
of Chatham, N. Y.; married Nov. 18, 1847, Adelia Caroline Duncombe, 
who was born July 13, 1826 at St. Thomas, Ontario. She was daughter 
of Dr. Elijah Ely Duncombef (b. March 15, 1795 in Delaware Co., N. 
Y., moved to St. Thomas, Ontario about 1824; died there in 1870), and 
Katharine Bonck (born Feb. 6, 1802; died 1860). They reside (1906) 
at Edenvale, Calif, near their children, Mrs. Clara Hayes and William 
Penn Lyon Jr. 

It can well be said of William Penn Lyon that he began at the 
lowest rung of the ladder and by his own efforts attained a prominent 
position in life. At eleven years of age he left the district school to 
work in his father's store near the little village of Rayville, N. Y., 
subsequently attending "select school" about one year, but the world 
was a school for him and every good book a teacher. At fifteen he 
was teaching a district school and later he was a clerk in a grocery 
store in the city of Albany, N. Y. Here outside of business hours 
he spent much of his time in attending the courts and sessions of the 
Legislature and in his mind now grew a desire that served as an in- 

tEUJah E. Duncombe was son of Thomas and Rhoda (Tynell) Duncombe of 
Delaware Co.. N. Y. Katharine Bonck was daughter of W^ilhelminus and Anne 
(Lawyer) Bonck of Schoharie Co., N. Y. 


centive throughout his public career. In 1841 he moved with his father 
to Walworth Co., Wis. and lived there on a new farm. If in this wild 
country he forgot his ambition, it was of short duration, for one morn- 
ing in early winter he set out to walk to Elkhorn, the County seat of 
Walworth Co., to borrow a law book that some one had promised to 
loan him. On his return home, stiff and sore from walking through the 
deep snow, he lay on his back with the book open, and now began the 
education In law of one who in after years lectured before the classes 
of the law department of the State University of Wisconsin, and whose 
published opinions as one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court 
of Wisconsin have become a part of the law of the land. He afterward 
studied law In the office of Judge George Gale of Elkhorn, Wis.; in the 
fall of 1845 he entered the office of Judge Charles M. Baker of Geneva, 
Wis., and In the Spring of 1846 he was admitted to the bar. Having 
been chosen one of the justices of the peace of the town of Lyons, he 
opened an office for the practice of his profession and the first twelve 
months brought him the munificent income of sixty dollars. From 1850 
to 1855 he practiced in Burlington, Wis., when he was elected district 
attorney of Racine, Wis., and moved to Racine, Wis. He served two 
terms in the Assembly and was each time made speaker. 

At the beginning of the rebellion he was commissioned captain of 
Co. K of the Eighth Wis. Infantry to rank from Aug. 1861. On Aug. 
5, 1862, while in the hospital at Inka, Miss., he was promoted to the 
rank of Colonel of the Thirteenth Wis. A brief history of the part 
taken by his Company and regiment may be found in the Magazine of 
Western History, April 1887. On the eleventh of Sept. 1865, Col. Lyon 
was mustered out of service and was subsequently brevetted a brigader 
general to date from Oct. 26, 1865. While at the front, Col. Lyon was 
chosen judge of the first judicial circuit of Wisconsin, entering upon 
his duties Dec. 1, 1865, and serving five years, when upon the death 
of Associate Justice Byron Paine he was appointed by Gov. Fairchild 
to fill the vacancy. In the following April he was elected by the peo- 
ple for the unexpired term. After serving two terms following two 
years as ex-officio Chief Justice, on Jan. 1, 1894, he retired from the 
Supreme Court. During these twenty-three years was performed his 
life work, and he feels a just satisfaction in his participation in pre- 
paring material for sixty volumes of the Wisconsin reports. The next 
two years were spent in California. In 1896, finding he was not ready 
to retire from the active duties of life, he accepted a position as mem- 


ber on the Wisconsin State Board of Control, of which he became 
President and remained such until he resigned in July 1903. Here in 
brief are the chief features of the career of a grand and noble man. 
A fuller account would tell in detail of his struggle to gain an education 
and the many events of his life as he made his way from one position 
of usefulness and honor to another, would tell of his disappointments 
and many successes, of his joys and sorrows, of the hazardous and 
thrilling events of the four years in the army and the work of his 
mature years and would tell of the peculiar qualifications that enabled 
him to fill with honor every position to which he was called. 

Children of William Penn and Adella C. (Buncombe) Lyon: 

2171. I. Elijah E. Duncorabe; b. Aug. 15, 1848, at Burlington, Wis.; d. 
Sept. 10, 184S. 

2172. II. Catharine Eunice; b. Dec. 30, 1850, at Burlington, Wis.; d. Sept. 
6, 1853. 

2173. III. William Penn; b. June 24, 1855. at Racine, Wis.; d. Sept. 6, 

*2174. IV. Clara Isabel; b. Oct. 2. 1857, at Racine, Wis.; m. Jay Orlo 
Hayes; res. (1906) Edenvale, Calif. 

•2175. V. William Penn Jr.; b. Aug. 23, 1861, at Racine, Wis.; m. Ellen 
Chynoweth; res. (1906) Edenvale, Calif. 

1409. VII. 723. CATHARINE M.' LYON (NORTHROP) [Isaac", 
Thomas^ David*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 14, 1825, 
in Chatham Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y. She moved with her father 
about 1841 to Lyons, Wis., and there married, Dec. 21, 1843, Sperry 
Northrop, son of Enos and Nancy (Sperry) Northrop, of Erie, Pa. He 
was born Oct. 25, 1819 and died Oct. 4, 1862 on the battle field of 
Corinth, Miss. He went to California during the gold mining excite- 
ment. Mrs. Northrop was living 1899 at Madison, S. Dakota. 

Children of Sperry and Catharine M. (Lyon) Northrop: 

2176. I. Julia Fitch; b. Nov. 15, 1844, at Lyons, Wis.; unm. 

2177. II. Adelia Caroline; b. June 25, 1846. at Lyons, Wis.; m. May 11. 
1880, Jacob G. Towle, at Manston, Min. ; d. Oldham, S. Dak., Dec. 20, 1865; 
one son, Jacob Jr., b. 18S1. 

2178. III. Eliza Maria; b. June 17, 1849, at Lyons, Wis.; res. (1899) 
Madison, S. Dak.; m. March 4, 1874, at Manston, Mln., William Aubert Thomas; 
children: 1. Bert; 2. Angus; 3. Ethel; 4. Ben; 5. Bernice. 

2179. IV. Eugene H.; b. Nov. 28, 1855, at Lyons. Wis.; res. (1899) Ra- 
cine, Wis.; m. May 19, 1886, at Racine, Wis., Minnie Duncombe; one son James 
Slauson, b. April 19, 1891, at Racine. 

2180. V. Arthur Angus; b. June 6, 1862, at Manston, Min. res. (1899) 
Madison. S. Dak.; m. Dec. 27, 1888, at Madison, S. Dak., Jennie Belknap; 
children: 1. Eugene; 2. Donald Angus; 3. Mildred; 4. Catharine. 

1411. VII. 723. MARIA C LYON (PHELPS) [Isaac», Thomas'. 


David*, Jonathan', Tholnas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 22, 1829, in Chatham 
Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y. Latest address 2468 Broadway, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. She married Feb. 25, 1853, at Burlington, Wis., Amos 
Phelps, born June 15, 1823, in Shefford Co., Quebec; son of Jeremiah 
and Margaret (Collins) Phelps. He was a farmer and miller. They 
lived in Burlington, Wis., until 1865, in LaCrosse, Wis., one year, in 
Sheldon, Minn., 1866-69, in Delevan, Wis., 1869-86 and finally moved to 
Santa Clara, California, where he died. 

Children of Amos and Maria C. (Lyon) Phelps: 

2181. I. Margaret Eunice; b. March 16, 1854, at BurUngton, Wis.; d. 
April 10, 1854. 

2182. II. Minnie; b. March 14, 1855, at Burlington, Wis.; d. Jan. 26, 
1874, at Madison, Wis. (student in Univ. of Wis.). 

2183. III. Jennie; b. Oct. 22, 1857, at Burlington, Wis.; m. June 
29, 1893, at Santa Rosa, Calif., Lorenzo P. Latimer; res. (1906) San Francisco, 
Calif.; one son Lorenzo Phelps; b. July 7, 1893. 

2184. IV. Infant; b. and d. Oct. 13, 1859. 

2185. V. Frances Eliza; b. Jan. 13, 1861, at Burlington, Wis.; grad. 
Univ. of Wis.; res. Santa Rosa, Calif. 

2186. VI. Florence Alice; b. Dec. 10, 1866, at Sheldon, Minn.; d. Dec. 
20. 1886. 

1413. VII. 723. ELMINA" LYON (SKIFF) [Isaac«, Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas", Thomas'], born July 1, 1833 in the town 
of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y.; removed with her parents about 
1841 to Lyons, Wis. She married April 15, 1856 at Geneva, Wis., 
Stephen Smith Skiff, son of Stephen" [Stephen^ Benjamin*, Stephen*, 
Nathan', James't] Skiff and Mehitable Fisk, a descendant of Lord 
Simon Fisk of Stadhough, Eng. In 1856 they moved in a covered 
wagon to Freeborn Co., Minn., and located on a farm six miles north- 
west of Albert Lea; returned to Lyons in 1858 and again went to Free- 
born Co. in 1865. In 1878 they moved to a new and larger farm south- 
west of Alden, Minn. Here Mr. Skiff died June 28, 1884. His widow 
resides (1906) with her son Stephen near Ulen, Minn. 

Children of Stephen S. and Elmira (Lyon) Skiff: 

2187. I. Mary Emily; b. Nov. 14, 1858, at Lyons, Wis.; m. April 28, 
1878, Devilo J. Chamberlain; one child, Edith Elmina, b. Sept. 19, 1879; d. 
April 7, 1892. 

2188. II. Stephen Smith; b. Feb. 28, 1864, at Lyons, Wis.; res. (1906) 
near Ulen, Minn.; a farmer; unm. 

1414. VII. 723. SARAH ANN' LYON (ANDREWS) [Isaac', 

tJames Skiff, 1637-1638. the immigrant, settled at Sandwich, Mass. 


Thomas", David*, Jonathan^, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 29, 1836 in 
Chatham Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents in 1841 
to Lyons, Wis.; married Dec. 20, 1864, at Stanfordville, N. Y., Blkanah 
Andrews, son of Royal Andrews (born Bristol, N. Y., May 30, 1799; 
married April 21, 1822) and Hannah Evarts (born Bloomfield, N. Y., 
Dec. 24, 1801). Elkanah Andrews was born Oct. 18, 1833 at Bristol, 
N. Y., where they have lived since their marriage and where their child- 
ren were all born. 

Children of Elkanah and Sarah Ann (Lyon) Andrews: 

2189. I. Koyal Pennington; b. July 9, 1867; m. at Cheshire, N. Y., Nov. 

24, 1892, Elizabeth Johnson; street-car conductor; res. 1585 Jefferson Ave., Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; children: 1. Bay Milton, b. Nov. 24, 1895; 2. Kenneth Raymond, 
b. May 27, 1901; 3. Reginald Johnson, b. May 14, 1905. 

2190. II. Mary Europa; b. May 3, 1869; unm. ; teacher; res. Bristol, N. 

2191. III. Mabel Clara; b. April 29, 1871; unm.; trained nurse; res. Bris- 
tol, N. Y. 

2192. IV. Gifford M.; b. Oct. 5, 1873; farmer; res. Bristol, N. Y. ; m. 
Dec. 12. 1898, Jessie A. Fennel of Davisburg, Mich.; one ch., Sybil P., b. July 
15, 1904. 

2193. v. Minnie; b. March 2, 1877; unm.; res. Bristol, N. Y. 

1415. VII. 723. JULIA ADA' LYON (PHELPS) [Isaac^ Thomas'. 
David*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 26, 1838, in the town 
of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents 1841 to 
Lyons, Wis. She married there Nov. 12, 1856, John Phelps, a farmer, 
who died at Enderlin, N. Dak. March 21, 1899. She lives in Howard. 
S. Dak. 

Children of .John and Julia Ada (Lyon) Phelps: 

2194. I. Addie Frances; b. June 27, 1858, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. March 
27, 1879, at Yucatan, Minn., Hush Finch Brown; res. Yankton, S. Dak.; chil- 
dren: 1. Mabel Eunice, b. Feb. 29, 1880; 2. Hugh Paul, b. Nov. 2, 1881; d. Jan. 
19, 1882; 3. William Penn, b. Dec. 25, 1S82; 4. Hugh Frank, b. April 19, 1885; 
5. Margaret Elizabeth, b. March 10, 1892. 

2195. II. Wlllirtm Pennington; b. Jan. 13, 1861, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. 
Aug. 1, 1890, at Butler, S. Dak., Nellie McKennet; res. Oaks, N. Dak.; chil- 
dren: 1. Royal Ellsworth, b. Sept. 12, 1891; 2. Elva Maria, b. Aug. 19, 1893; 3. 
William Glenwood, b. Sept. 4, 1895; 4. Rosetta Louisa, b. May 11, 1897; 5. John 
Alders, b. Feb. 18, 1903. 

2196. III. John Angus; b. Feb. 1, 1863, at Sheldon. Minn.; m. 1st, July 

25, 1888, at Money Creek, Minn., Elva Berry (d. Oct. 25, 1S92, at Money Creek); 
res. Madison, S. Dak.; children: 1. Hazel Mae, b. March 16. 1890; 2. Ray E., 
b. Jan., 1892; d. March, 1892; John m. 2nd., Aug. 23, 1905, Sarah Bowyer; his 
mill at Heron Lake, Minn., burned Nov. 25, 1905. 

2197. XV. Mabel Eunice; b. May 29. 1866, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. Oct. 5, 
1894, at Madison, S. Dak., Duncan McGillivray; res. Hartford, S. Dak.; a son, 
Murdock John, b. July 22, 1895. 

3198. v. Amos L,yon; b. Sept. 10, 1868, at Caledonia, Minn.; m. Nov. 1, 
1897, at Wentworth, S. Dak., Eva Hare; res. Hatton, Wash,; children: 1. Lot- 
tie, b. and d. Aug., 189 8; 2. Harold John, b. May 9, 1905. 


2199. VI. Eraest George; b. Aug. 10, 1870, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. Sept. 

2. 1896, at Wentworth, S. Dak., Gusta Hannaman; res. Madison, S. Dak,; chil- 
dren: 1. Estella Anna, b. June 29, 1897; 2. Delia Mariah, b. April 17. 1899; 3. 
Irving Hermann, b. Jan. 24, 1901; 4. John C, b. Oct. 11, 1902; d. Oct. 17, 1902. 

3200. VII. Edward Anthony; b. Jan. 2, 1872, at Sheldon, Minn.; m . Jan. 
13, 1899. at Howard, S. Dak., Anna Volby; res. Anamoore, N. Dak.: children: 
1. Donald E., b. Nov. 28, 1899; 2. Verne Volby, b. March 8, 1901; 3. William A., 
b. Feb. 22, 1905; 4. Winnie Marie, twin sister of William; d. April 16, 1905. 

2301. VIII. Hurlburt Isaac; b. Feb. 10, 1874, at Sheldon, Minn.; d. April 

3, 1874. 

2302. IX. Maud Maria; b. Nov. 14, 1876, at Yucatan, Minn.; m. June 
28, 1905, Andrew C. Hoist; res. Hartford, S. Dak. 

2203. X. Gifford Wendell; b. Aug:. 12, 1879, at Yucatan, Minn.; unm. ; 
res. Boise, Idaho. 

1416. VII. 724. RUTH' LYON (HALL.OCK) [David«, Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Dec. 11, 1826, at Guilford, 
N. Y.; moved with parents in 1835 to Elba, N. Y., and in 1842 to Lyons, 
Wis.; died Feb. 7, 1897, at Fort Calhoun, Neb. Previous to her mar- 
riage she taught school at Lyons, Wis. She married March 18, 1849 
at Lyons, Wis., Edward Hallock, born July 24, 1820 at Watertown, 
N. Y.; died Jan. 21, 1826, at Fort Calhoun, Neb. He was a farmer. 
They lived successively at Marquette, Wis., Rudsbury, Wis., and Fort 
Calhoun, Neb. 

Children of Edward and Ruth (Lyon) Hallock: 

2204. I. Eliza Estelle, b. Jan. 30, 1850, at Marquette, Wis.; m. Nov. 11, 
1868, Simon R. Patten§; res. 1801 Locust St., Omaha, Neb. 

2205. II. Sarah Ii.; b. Aug. 18, 1854, at Marquette, Wis.; m. Sept. 28, 
1875, at Ripon, Wis., Adelbert G. Mackeyt, res. (1906) Gurley, Colo. 

iSimon R. Patten was born Sept. 8, 1847, at Rochester. N. Y., son of Horace 
Patten (b. April 5, 1801. at Vernon, N. Y., d. March 26, 1880), and Olive Rice 
(b. April 20, 1819. at Wilming-ton. Vt.). Simon is a dentist by profession. Chil- 
dren: 1. Elmer Eugene, b. Marquette, Wis., May 18, 1870; m. Sept. 7, 1896, at 
Omaha, Neb., Viola Stella Rice; res. Los Angeles, Calif, 'a, dau. Ethel, b. Jan. 
21, 1906); 2. Alvin E., b. Oshkosh. Wis., May 22, 1874; m. July 22, 1896, at 
Omaha, Cora E. Knapp (they had: (a) Robert Alvin, b. April 23, 1897, at Fre- 
mont, Neb.; (b) Alice Cora, b. Dec. 6, 1903, at Omaha); 3. Flora A., b. Ripon, 
Wis., Sept. 8, 1876; m. Sept. 23, 1901, at Lincoln, Neb., Frederick J. Duhrsen, 
born in Germany; res. Sanger, Calif.; 4. William L,., b. Fremont, Neb., June 22, 
1883; 5. Ella May, b. Fremont, Neb., July 1, 1887; 6. Clarence E., b. Omaha, 
Nov. 17, 1890. 

t Adelbert G. Mackey was born Aug. 6, 1854, at East Line, N. Y., son of 

George and Eliza ( ) Mackey; he lived on a farm near Gary. S. Dak.; 

now res. Greeley, Colo. Children: 1. Nettie E., b. Bismark, la., July 2. 187G, 
(m. March 1, 1901, Charles W. Stone; res. La Salle, Colo.; ch. : Evalin B., b. 
Feb. 21, 1902, at Greeley. Colo.); 2. Carrie, b. Cazenovia, Wis., March 9, 1878; 
d. March 8. 1880; 3. George Adelbert, b. near Gary, S. Dak., Aug. 10, 1881, 
(m. Dec. 24, 1904. Elsie Winslow; res. La Salle, Colo.; ch. : Cora Belle, b. Nov. 
30, 1905); 4. Elmer Edward, b. near Gary, S. Dak., July 4, 1883; 5. Ger- 
trude, b. near Gary, S. Dak., July 9. 1886; 6. Alma L,., b. near Gary. S. Dak., 
June 21, 1889; d. Greeley, Colo., March 5, 1903; 7. Emma I^illian, b. near 
Gary, S. Dak., April 22. 1893; d. Greeley, Colo., March 11, 1903; 8. Grace Hazel, 
b. Nov. 28, 1897; d. Greeley, Colo., July 24, 1899; 9. Esther, b. Lac qui Parle 
Co., Minn., Nov. 28, 1897. 


2206. III. Nettle; b. July 13, 1856, at Marquette, Wis.; m. 1879 at Ruds- 
bury, Wis., LaFayette Hale; res. (1906) Denmark, Ore.; children: 1. Jesse, 
b. In Minn., near Gary, S. Dak., Feb. 28, 1882 (m. 1906 Nancy FitzHugh of 
Curry Co., Ore.); 2. Lona, b. Sept. 17, 1885, (m. 1904 Clint Malehorn of Curry 
Co., Ore.); 3. Earl, b. in Minn., Oct. 18, 1887; 4. Louisa, b. in Minn., June 
4, 1891; 5. EflHe, b. In Alberta (?) April 6, 1894; 6. Percy, b. In Montana, 
Sept. 25, 1897. 

2207. IV. Edward G.; b. April 1, 1862, at Marquette, Wis.; m. 1st. Ada 

A. Laird in Sauk Co., Wis.; she d. and he m. 2nd. Lydia ; no ch. ; 

res. Huson, Mont. 

1417. VII. 724. EMMA' LYON (NOBLE) [David', Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas'], born June 21, 1828 at Guilford, 
N. Y.; died March 24, 1864, at Marquette, Wis. She married, Sept. 1854 
at Marquette, Wis., John H. Noble, son of Hezekiah and Electa (Rich- 
mond) Noble (see Noble Gen.). He was born May 15, 1831, at Delay, 
N. Y., and died July 30, 1903 at Marquette, Wis. Left a widower, he 
married second Roana Richmond by whom he had two sons, Samuel 
and Carleton. 

Children of John H. and Emma (Lyon) Noble, all but the first born at 
Marquette, Wis. : 

2208. I. Hattie; b. May 1, 1855, at Lyons, Wis.; d. March 8, 1856. at 
Marquette, Wis. 

2209. II. Thomas Ellwood L.; b. Dec. 30, 1856; m. April 23, 1885, at 
Manchester, Minn., Dora Chamberlain§ (b. Aug. 22, 1859, at Ellicottvllle, N. T. ; 
res. (1906) on farm 6 miles N. of Albert Lea, Minn.; a successful farmer and 
staunch Prohibitionist; one son, William Ellwood, b. Aug. 28, 1888. 

2210. III. Josephine; b. June 27, 1858; m. Dec. 7, 1892, at Iowa Falls, 
la., Lewis E. Phillips, (b. June 23, 1871, at Bear Creek, Wis.; s. of Martin and 
Phllena (Packard) Phillips, both b. in Ashfleld, Mass.); engineer on the 111. 
Central R. R. ; res. 438 Cottage St., Waterloo, la.; children: 1. Emma Fhilena, 
b. Iowa Falls. la., Sept. 28, 1894; 2. David L.yon, b. Iowa Falls, March 11, 
1896; 3. Alice, b. Waterloo, Oct. 19, 1S99; 4. Leavitt, b. Waterloo, la., Dec. 
29, 1902; 5. Rozelle Edward, b. Waterloo, June 18, 1905; d. Oct. 27, 1905. 

2211. IV. Robert Judson; b. March 20, 1860; unm. ; res. Marquette, Wis. 

2212. V. Lucy; b. Jan. 17, 1862; d. Aug. 22, 1905, at Bristol, N. T. 

2213. VI. Emma; b. and d. March 19, 1864. 

1418. VII. 724. ESTELLE' LYON (SKIFF) [David', Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 27, 1831 at Guilford, 
Chenango Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents to Elba, N. Y., in the 
spring of 1835 and to Lyons, Wis., in the spring of 1842. While a 
young woman she taught school near Lyons, Wis., several terms. She 
married Nov. 3, 1852, at Lyons, Wis., Rozelle F. Skiff, born Oct. 19, 
1804 at Pike, N. Y.; d. Oct. 28, 1893 at Iowa Falls, la.; son of Stephen 

§Daughter of George Chamberlain, born Nov. 21, 1820, at Palmer, Mass., and 
Emily' Skiff, [Stephen', Stephen^, Benjamin*, Stephen', Nathan^ James» (of Sand- 
wich, Mass.)], born March 29, 1832, at Machias, N. Y. 


and Mehitable (Fisk) Skiff (see footnote to No. 1413). He was a 
farmer. In the fall of 1864, in company with David and Sarah Lyon 
and Charles H. and Lovina Packard, they moved in covered wagons 
from Lyons, Wis., to Iowa Falls, la., where they took up farms. Estelle 
(Lyon) Skiff is now living (1906) at Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Children of Rozelle F. and Estelle (Lyon) Skiff: 

2314. I. Lovina; b. March 29, 1855, at Lyons, "Wis.; d. Feb. 4, 1861. 

2215. II. Bozelle Fayette; b. Feb. 10, 1860, at Lyons, Wis.; grad. Univ. 
of Iowa, 1885; principal of schools in Iowa and Wisconsin until 1900; m. Sept. 

11, 1889, at Livermore, la., Josephine, dau. of Kinzy and Henrietta ( ) 

Carlon; no ch. ; res. (1906) Iowa Falls, la. 

2216. III. David L.yon; b. May 17, 1862, at Lyons, Wis.; grad. Iowa State 
Normal School 1885; principal of town schools until 1891; since then engaged in 
farming; res. (1906) Milford, la.; m. Aug. 18, 1892, at Des Moines, la., Bessie, 

dau. of James H. and Althea ( ) Nichols, of Des Moines; one dau. Mar- 

Jorie, b. Sept. 9, 1897, at Des Moines. 

2217. IV. Miriam; b. April 15, 1866, at Iowa Palls, la.; d. of diphtheria, 
Nov. 6. 1875. 

2318. V. Edmond E.; b. March 22, 1870, at Iowa FaUs; d. of diphtheria, 
Nov. 17, 1875. 

1420. VII. 724. DIANA^ LYON (CRANDALL) [David«, Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 26, at Idleport in the 
town of Elba, N. Y.; died March 22, 1901 at Iowa Falls, la; buried In 
the Friends' Cemetery; m. Dec. 3, 1861 at Marquette, Wis., De Witt 
Crandall, born about 1836 at Ticonderoga, N. Y.; died Feb. 17, 1906 at 
Gentry, Ark. They lived successively at Marquette, Wis., near Sauk 
Center, Minn., and at Iowa Falls, la. They belonged to the Adventist 

Children of De Witt and Diana (Lyon) Crandall: 

2219. I. Buth Evalin [called Eva]; b. Aug. 14, 1863, at Marquette, Wis.; 
m. Jan. 24, 1886, at Iowa Falls, la., Thomas R. Dohertyt (b. March 26, 1855); 
res. (1906) Tracy, Minn.; children (b. Iowa Falls, la.): 1. Fayette Carbery, 
b. June 27, 1889; 2. Cecil Walter, b. Nov. 8, 1891; 3. Bath, b. Nov. 12, 1894. 

2220. II. Grace; b. Feb. 26, 1865, near Rochester, Minn. ; m. 1st, Will Young; 
m. 2nd. Harvey Britton; no ch. ; res. Minot, N. Dak. 

2221. III. Cora; b. Feb. 26, 1865, near Rochester, Minn.; unm.; d. April 
4, 1901, at Iowa Falls, la.; bur. in the Friends' Cemetery. 

2223. IV. Clara; b. July 1, 1869, in Stearns Co., Minn.; d. there Aug., 1875. 

1421. VII. 724. LOVINA' LYON (PACKARD) [David', Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 26, 1838 in town of 
Elba, N. Y.; m. March 25, 1858 at Lyons, Wis., Charles H. Packard, 

tThomas R. Doherty was son of Simon Doherty (b. In Kings Co., Ireland; 
died Iowa Falls, la., about 1901) and Bridget Carbery, (b. West Meath County, 
Ireland; died Iowa Falls, la., about 1902). 


born Jan. 31, 1836, in Ashfield, Mass.; son of Willard and Rosina 
(Beals) Packard of Ashfield (see Packard Gen.). In the fall of 1864 
they removed to Iowa Falls, la., where they now (1906) reside. Mr. 
Packard has been a teacher and a farmer. 

Children of Charles H. and Lovlna (Lyon) Packard: 

2223. I. Elsie Cornelia; b. July 15, 1859, at Lyons, Wis.; m. Aug. 15, 1899, 
at Iowa Falls. la., John W. BuUis (served in the Civil war in Co. C, 104th. 
III.); res. Iowa Falls; no ch. 

2224. II. Emmie; b. Aug. 8, 1862, at Lyons, Wis.; d. Dec. 20, 1865, at 
Iowa Falls. 

2225. III. Annie; b. Nov. 27, 1866, at Iowa Falls; m. Nov. 29, 1894, at 
Iowa Falls, lone C. Bullis; res. on a farm near Iowa Falls; children: 1. Mal- 
colm Packard, b. July 26, 1898; 2. Berna, b. Dec. 10, 1899; 3. John Well- 
ington, b. April 4, 1902; 4. L,ovina, b. Aug. 20, 1903; 5. Robert Judson, b. 
July 19, 1905. 

2226. IV. Chester Walter; b. Sept. 26, 1871, at Iowa Falls; a physician; 
m. Oct. 14, 1899, at Iowa Falls, Ida Petterson; no ch. ; res. Tltonka, la. 

2227. V. Judson Lyon; b. Nov. 24. 1873, at Iowa Falls; m. May 21, 1896, 
at Iowa Falls, Nellie Rowe; res. Titonka, la., where he is manager of a grain 
elevator; children, b. at Iowa Falls: 1. Carroll, b. March 3, 1897; 2. L.oi8, b. 
Sept. 24, 1901. 

1429. VII. 728. ROBERT BARCLAY' LYON [John W.', Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas^], born Sept. 10, 1828 on his 
father's farm in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. He married, March 7, 
1856, Sophie Manington of Cleveland, N. Y., born Nov. 1834; daughter 

of Alfred and Sophia ( ) Manington, natives of Hastings, Kent 

Co., Eng. He moved in 1856 to Henry Co., 111. and engaged in farming. 
In 1863 he moved to Muscatine, la., where he was in the lumber busi- 
ness. In 1866 he returned to his former home in Illinois. In 1884 he 
went to Springfield, Mo. From 1890 to 1893 the family lived in Bluff- 
ton, Ala., then removed to California to engage in the culture of citrus 
fruits. Their home is now in Hollywood, Calif. He is vice-president of 
the Hollywood Board of Trade, with a membership of 165. At nearly 
four score years, he is interested in the affairs of the world and is 
doing his share of its work. 

Chldren of Robert B. and Sophie (Manington) Lyon: 
•2228. I. Alfred Manington [called Fred]; b. June 29, 1862, at Atkinson, IH. 

2229. II. Alice M.; b. April 26, 1868, at Atkinson, 111.; teacher of vocal 
and instrumental music; res. Hollywood, Calif. 

2230. III. Philip; b. Nov. 19, 1872, at Atkinson, 111.; m. Oct., 1906, Mar- 
jorle Needles, of Belleville, 111.; res. Los Angeles, Calif. 

[John W.*, Thomas', David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 


7, 1832, in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y.; died July 28, 1895, at Bur- 
lington, Wis. She married, Dec. 20, 1854, at the home of her parents 
In Cleveland, N. Y., Albert F. Ransom, born July 4, 1830, at Sandy 
Creek, N. Y.; died July 29, 1905, at Burlington, Wis. He was son of 
Francis Porter' Ransom (Robert', Jonathan^ Robert, Jr.'), who came 

from England 16 ). Mr. Ransom was an accountant and lived 

successively at Rowe, N. Y., Pottersville, N. Y., Glens Falls, N. Y., and 
Burlington, Wis., where he was proprietor of the Burlington Blanket 

Children of Albert F. and Catharine P. (Lyon) Ransom: 

S231. I. Jessie Julina; b. Oct. 16, 1856, at Rowe, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 20, 1876, 

at Lake George, N. Y., William Alston; res. Lake George, N. Y. ; Mr. Alston Is 

a house decorator; children: 1. Albert William, b. 1877; 2. Bessie, b. 1881; 

m. ; 3. Howard Paul, b. 1S84; 4. George, b. 1886; 5. John Ransom, 

b. 1892; 6. Frederick, dec; 7. Jessie, dec. 

2232. II. Paul D.; b. Feb. 12. 1860, at Pottersville. N. Y. ; m. July 3, 
188S, at Atkinson, 111., Elizabeth McVenn (b. Sept. 11, 1863, at Winslow, 111.; 
dau . of John and Janet (McGregor) McVenn of Winslow); res. Atkinson, 111.; a 
merchant, in partnership with his uncle, Henry Lyon; children, b. In Atkinson, 
111.: 1. Robert Nowers, b. Oct. 12, 1889; 2. Stanley McVenn, b. Sept. 6, 1891; 
3. Reuben Holmes, b. Oct. 28, 1894; 4. Eugene Field, b. Feb. 29. 1896; 5. 
Janet Katharine, b. Sept. 10, 1898; 6. Barclay JIcGregor, b. Oct. 13, 1901. 

2233. III. Robert Lyon; b. Sept. 28, 1862, at Pottersville, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 
30, 1901, at Burlington, Wis.; served five years In the regular army; m. his 
cousin Helen Lyon (No. 2238); was vice-president of the Burlington Blanket 
Co.; one dau. Roberta, b. April 11, 1893. at Atkinson, 111. 

2234. IV. Albert Wesley; b. Feb. 13, 1865, at Glens Falls, N. Y.; m. 
; no ch. ; a house decorator; res. Lake George, N. Y. 

2235. V. Katharine Adallne; b. Aug. 18, 1869, at Glens Falls, N. Y.; 
m. Aug. 3. 1904. Ernest H. Foltz, s. of C. G. Foltz, of Burlington, Wis.; res. 
Burlington, Wis.; she is an artist in oil, water colors and china decoration; one 
son, Charles Ransom, b. Oct. 21, 1905, at Burlington, Wis. 

1432. VII. 728. HENRY LAWSON^ LYON [John W.«, Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan*, Thomas', Thomas'], born Dec. 17, 1834, in Chatham 
Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y.; m. Dec. 27, 1860, at Atkinson, 111., Elizabeth 
Nowers, born Sept. 10, 1840 at Yonkers, N. Y., daughter of Thomas 
and Decima (Foster) Nowers.t He was a merchant in Atkinson, 111, 

Children of Henry L. and Elizabeth (Nowers) Lyon, born in Atkinson, 111.: 

2236. I. Infant Son; b. and d. Oct. 13, 1861. 

2237. II. Louisa Grace; b. Nov. 24, 1862; m. Dec. 27, 1881, Will H. Smith, 
of Dixon, 111.; res. 523 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, 111.; child. Dale Pillsbury, b. 
Nov. 15, 1882. 

2338. III. Helen Lurena; b. March 4, 1870; m. Dec. 24, 1891, her cousin. 

tThomas Nowers, born Aug. 24, 1805, at Lenham, Eng. ; died 1887, at Atkin- 
son, 111. Decima Foster, b. Oct. 26, 1807, at Egerton, Eng.; d. about 1878. They 
lived some years at Cleveland, N. Y., came to Illinois about 1850, and settled 
finally at Atkinson, 111. 


Kobert Lyon Ransom (No. 2233), who became a partner In her father's busi- 
ness; res. Atkinson, 111. 

[John W.°, Thomas^ David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 
18, 1840, at Hastings, N. Y. She was married Aug. 2, 1862, at Kinder- 
hook, N. Y., at the home of her parents, to Prof. BIbridge Gerry Dal- 
ton, born May 30, 1814 at Northfield, N. H., son of Samuel and Polly 
(Merrick) Dalton. He was a graduate of Amherst College; principal 
of the Upland Normal at Chester, Pa.; professor in a Medical School 
in Philadelphia; filled a chair in the Cincinnati Electric College in con- 
nection with his practice as a physician, and was a preacher and 
lecturer. He died at the age of 72 in Cincinnati, O. Mrs. Dalton 
resides (1906) in Kansas City, Mo. 

Children of Elbridge G. and Eleanor B. (Lyon) Dalton: 

2239. I. Mary Lyon; b. May 29, 1864, at Philadelphia, Pa.; d. Chicago, 
Feb. 9, 1903; m. Dec. 31, 1883. Philip Williams Cadman, who is assistant man- 
ager of the Royal Insurance Co., Chicago. 111.; children (b. In Cincinnati): 1. 
George Elbridge, b. Oct. 28, 1884; 2. Elma, b. Dec. 22. 1885; d. July 23, 1886; 
3. Ethel Marie, b. Aug. 18, 18 98; Mr. Cadman res. Wheaton, 111. 

2240. IL Elma Frances; b. Feb. 7, 1867, at Philadelphia; m. June 13, 
1883, at Cincinnati, O., William Arthur Hunt, Supt. of the Russell Molding and 
Picture-frame Factory; res. Cincinnati, O. ; no ch. 

2241. III. Henry Lyon; b. Jan. 16, 1870, at Cincinnati, O. ; state agent 
for the Royal Insurance Co.; res. Milwaukee, Wis.; m. June 4, 1906, Catharine 
Tuttle, of Cincinnati, O. 

2242. IV. Bertel Gerry; b. March 11, 1872, at Cincinnati, O. ; d. there 
May 5, 1887. 

2243. V. Edna Katharine; b. July 2, 1875, at Cincinnati, O. 

2244. VL Nellis Norman; b. May 17, 1878, at Cincinnati, O. ; m. Sept. 20, 
1904, at Cincinnati, Ruth Perry, granddaughter of Gov. Aaron T. Perry of Ohio; 
he is expert chemist of the Peet Soap Factory; res. Kansas City, Mo.; chllcl, 
John Perry, b. Aug. 23, 1905. 

(HOAG) [John W.\ Thomas^ David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], 
born Aug. 6, 1844 at Hastings, N. Y. She married first, Feb. 11, 1864, 
at Pottersville, N. Y., at the home of her sister, Catharine (Lyon) Ran- 
som, John D. Van Allen§, bom 1820. She married second, Sept. 27, 
1876, at Glens Falls (also at the home of the same sister) Curtis F. 

§The Van Allen house, home of Georgie Lyon's first husband, is a few miles 
south of Kinderhook, and a short distance north of the house of the late Presi- 
dent Martin Van Buren. The brick of which the older part of this house waa 
made was brought, it is said, from Holland. Here in this house, in company 
with Martin Van Buren, Washington Irving is said to have got material for 
the legend of Sleepy Hollow. John D. Allen did not live in this house, having 
other property, but it was willed to his children. 


Hoag, born Feb. 27, 1845. Mr. Hoag operated an extensive knitting 
factory at Kinderhoolc, whicli was moved about 1901 to Poughlieepsie, 
N. Y. 

Children of John D. and Georgiana M. (Lyon) Van Allen: 

2245. I. Marie; b. May 12, 1866, in the Van Allen house; m. April 30, 
1884. at Kinderhook, N. Y., William Herrick (b. Feb. 11, 1866, s. of Daniel and 

Sarah ( ) Herrick of Kinderhook); children, born on the old Van Allen 

farm, where the family now reside: 1. IClizabeth, b. May 11, 1885; 2. Mary, 
b. Feb. 4, 1887; 3. Helen, b. Dec. 29, 1889; 4. Daniel, b. Nov. 16, 1894; 5. 
Georgiana, b. Dec. 29, 1899. 

2246. II. John D.; b. July 21, 1869; res. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Children of Curtis F. and Georgiana M. (Lyon) (Van Allen) Hoag: 

3347. I. Asa; b. Sept. 7, 1877, at Kinderhook, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 14, 1903, 
Frances S. Woolsey of Milton, N. Y. 

3348. II. Pauline; b. Sept. 19, ISSO, at Kinderhook; res. Poughkeepsle, 
N. Y. 

W.^ Thomas', David*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 8, 1846 
at Hastings, N. Y.; died April 28, 1873. She married Peter E. Vanden- 

burg, who was born Feb. 13, 1842, son of Henry L. and Helen ( ) 

Vandenburg. They lived in New York State; later at Lee's Summit, 

Children of Peter E. and Josephine (Lyon) Vandenburg: 

2249. I. Ralph Ludlow; b. March 8. 1869, in State of New York; m. June 
18, 1895, at Jerseyville, 111., Eugenia Carlin; res. 506 Peoria Ave., Peoria, 111.; 
children: 1. Mary Josephine; 2. Alma Fausta. 

3350. II. Grace Josephine; b. May 21, 1871, at Lee's Summit, Mo.; m. May 
2, 1893, at Jerseyville, 111., Eddington R. Welch (b. May 28, 1866; s. of Richard 

and Grace ( ) Welch of Woodburn. 111.); res. BunkerhlU, 111.; children: 

1. Ralph F., b. April 14, 1894; 2. Donald M., b. Dec. 11, 1895; 3. Clara 
Josephine, b. July 30. 1898; 4. Harold Vandenburg, b. Jan. 18, 1900; 5. Mar- 
garet Kathleen, b. April 1, 1902; 6. Malcolm, b. Sept. 12, 1905. 

2251. III. Minnie Cecilia; b. April 21, 1873, at Lee's Summit, Mo.; m. 
George P. Hasbrouck; res. Syracuse, N. Y. ; no ch. 

1436. VII. 728. JULINA' LYON (SMITH) [John W.°, Thomas', 
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born April 28, 1852, at Cleve- 
land, N. Y. She married Richard Smith. They reside in Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Children of Richard and Jullna (Lyon) Smith: 
2253. I. Charles. 

2353. II. Lillle. 

2354. III. Bessie. 

2255. IV. Allie. 

2256. V. Nina. 

2257. VI. Curtis. 


liam F.*, Thomas", David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'), born Aug. 1, 
1847, at Lyons, Wis.; grad. Davenport Medical College. He married 

Alice Turk daughter of William and Jane ( ) Turk of Terre 

Haute, Ind. He practised medicine a few years and then went Into 
mercantile business and at the latest accounts was a produce merchant 
in San Francisco, Calif. Address (1906) 185 John St. Oakland, Calif. 

Children of George P. and Alice (Turk) Lyon: 

2258. I. Wendell; b. Oct. 1874; d. ae. 11 months. 

♦2259. II. Nina; b. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept. 10, 1876; m. Bento C. Dalton 
of San Francisco, Calif. 

1441. VII. 729. MILLARD FILMORE' LYON [William F.*, 
Thomas^ David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 7, 1848, at 
Lyons, Wis. He married, Feb. 3, 1876, at Adrian, Mich., Ella Jane 
Sterrett, born Nov. 20, 1857; daughter of William W. and Elizabeth 
(Carter) Sterrett. He is a bookkeeper at Adrian, Mich. 

Children of Millard F. and Ella J. (Sterrett) Lyon: 

2260. I. Lorena Elizabeth; b. Oct. 29, 1876, at Adrian, Mich.; m. June 
28, 1905, at Adrian, Roy G. Auchampaugh (b. July 24, 1875, at Adrian, son of 

Levi and Angelina ( ) Auchampaugh); he is a U. S. Post Office Inspector; 

res. Adrian. Mich. 

2261. II. James William; b. Aug. 12, 1881, in Lewis Co., Tenn. ; d. June 
10, 1882. 

1470. VII. 770. WILLIAM HENRY' LYON [William W.«, Jona- 
than^ Peter*, Jonathan'', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Belleville, N. J., 
Sept. 5, 1821; brought up at Oyster Bay, N. Y.; died May 28, 1899. 
He married, Sept. 14, 1846, Mary Caroline Jacobs, born Sept. 27, 1824; 
died Sept. 7, 1889; daughter of Laban Jacobs of New York. 

Children of William. H. and Mary C. (Jacobs) Lyon: 
*2262. I. William Henry; b. Oct. 8, 1847; d. Nov. 5, 1901; m. Frances H. 

*2263. II. Mary Parish; b. Dec. 25, 1848; m. Anthony C. Vail. 
*2264. III. Caroline Whiting; b. Sept. 30, 1853; m. Edwin B. Day. 
•2265. IV. Adelaide S.; b. June 1, 1859; m. Alfred W. Day. 

1483. VII. 778. WILLIAM ROSCOE' LYON [William P.», James 
H.°, Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Haverstraw, N. Y., 
May 29, 1835; res. Morristown, N. J. He married Jan. 20, 1858, Mary 
Eloise Crocker, born July 15, 1836; died April 3, 1900; daughter of 
Alvah Crocker of Fitcliburg, Mass. 


Children of William R. and Mary E. (Crocker) Lyon: 

2266. I. Mary Louisa; b. May 16. 1859; d. April 15, 1860. 

2267. II. Hattie Crocker; b. Feb. 17. 1861; d. Oct. 22, 1861. 

2268. III. Eloise; b. Oct. 21, 1862; d. Sept. 29, 1870. 

2269. IV. Alvah Crocker; b. Nov. 20, 1863; d. Aug. 12, 1864. 

2270. V. Rheba Bniflf; b. Oct. 7, 1865; d. May 8, 1866. ^ ' , 

2271. VI. Richard Bruff; b. March 15, 1869. ^ <. J> . ff <yt<*^CL.^'/Z^.^ /^i 

1488. VII. 778. PHOEBUS WOOD' LYON [William P.», James 
H.', Peter*, Jonatllan^ Thomas', Thomas'], born Sept. 2, 1844; grad. 
West Jersey Academy; formerly of Bridgeton, N. J., now of Mary- 
ville College, Tenn. He married, March 5, 1867, Sarah W. Wood, born 
Nov. 1, 1842; died March 2, 1900. 

Children of Phoebus W. and Sarah W. (Wood) Lyon: 

2272. I. Mary Hastings; b. Dec. 29, 1867. 

2273. II. Lorenzo Grenville; b. April 20, 1869. 

2274. III. WUliam Phoebus; b. Oct. 24, 1871; d. Oct. 11, 1872. 

2275. IV. George Wood; b. July 2, 1873. 

2276. V. Louise Merwin; b. Oct. 21, 1875. 

2277. VI. Henry Roscoe; b. Feb. 19, 1877; d. Dec. 6, 1877. 

2278. VII. Charles Knox; b. Dec. 22. 1878; d. Jan. 14, 1879. 

2279. VIII. Jennie Tower; b. March 19, 1880, d Jan. 25, 1892. 

2280. IX. Mdridge Schauffler; b. Aug. 21, 1881. 

2281. X. Sarah Scudder; b. Nov. 8, 1884. 

1506. VIII. 788. DANIEL' LYON [Lorenzo M.», SamueP, Peter*, 
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Ann Arbor, Mich., Feb. 23, 1833; 
farmer in Dexter, Ann Arbor road, living in 1907; address R. F.- D. 
Dexter, Mich. He was a member of the farmers' convention 1854 at 
Jackson, Mich., which gave rise to the Republican party. He mar- 
ried, April 4, 1864, Sarah Ruckman, born Dec. 23, 1840; died June 11, 
1893 at Ann Arbor. She was daughter of John and Phebe (Lane) Ruck- 
man of New Jersey. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah (Ruckman) Lyon: 

2382. I. Webster; b. March 2, 1866; d. Sept. 27, 1866. 

2283. II. Mary A.; b. Nov. 3, 1868; unm. 

2284. III. Cora; b. Nov. 29, 1870; unm. 

•2285. IV. Elmer Daniel; b. March 24, 1872; m. Carrie Eva Brown. 

2286. V. Sarah M.; b. Aug. 7, 1873; d. April 14, 1882. 

2287. VI. Laura Lucille; b. June 1, 1876; unm.; res. Chicago, 111. 

2288. VII. Alma; b. June 16, 1878; m. 1901 Gilbert Close; res. (1904) 8 
Lombard Terrace, Detroit, Mich. 

1508. VII. 788. CHARLES WILLIAM' LYON [Lorenzo M.», 


SamueP, Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Nov. 4, 1835, at 

Ann Arbor, Mich., died . He married in Bengal Twp., near 

St. Johns, Mich., March 20, 1859 Sarah Maria Lyon, born Sept. 24, 
1841, daughter of Royal Corbin' and Betsey (Wilkins) Lyon [Nehemlah 
M.' Nehemiah', Benjamin^ Caleb*, John', John^ William' of Roxbury 
1635] (see Lyon Memorial, Massachusetts Families, p. 153). She died 
at Conway, Mich., Sept. 3, 1902. Charles W. Lyon was a farmer in 
Bengal township, and owned and operated a saw mill. He was also 
post master, the post ofllce being known as "Lyon's Mill." 

Children of Charles W. and Sarah M. (Lyon) Lyon: 
•2288a. I. Willard Charles; b. Scio, Mich., Dec. 17, 1859; res. (1907) St. 
Johns, Mich. 

*2288b. II. Edwin Howard; b. Scio, Mich., July 7, 1861; res. (1907) St. 
Johns, Mich. 

2288c. III. Mark; b. Jan. 7, 1863; killed in a railroad accident Sept. 26, 

•2288d. IV. Ida May; b. Nov. 9, 1865; m. John H. Fildew; res. (1907) St. 
Johns, Mich. 

2288e. V. Fred M.; b. Sept. 29, 1868; unm. ; was in U. S. Navy; d. Hong- 
kong, Dec. 26, 1905. 

1511. Vn. 788. THEODORE^ LYON [Lorenzo M.«, Samuel", 
Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Ann Arbor, Mich,, May 27, 
1844; settled in Vassar, Mich.; married Mary Ruckman. 

Children of Theodore and Mary (Ruckman) Lyon: 

2288f. I. Albert T.; m. . 

2288g. II. Lorenzo M.; m. . 

2288h. III. Anna; m. . 

1512. vn. 788. ARTHUR SETff LYON [Lorenzo M.\ Samuel', 
Peter*, Jonathan', ThomasS Thomas'], born Ann Arbor, Mich,, June 
11, 1847; farmer, living in the town of Scio; a strong Republican; ad- 
dress (1906) Rural S. Ann Arbor, Mich, Married, Nov. 8, 1871, Susan 
Ruckman, born Feb. 11, 1843; daughter of John and Phebe (Lans) 
Ruckman of New Jersey. XjX^./i*/*^ , e^ <.<.^'tU^^-Jt ^ <> e*-*,^ ~.^ 

Children of Arthur S. and Susan Ruckman) Lyon: 

2289. I. Alva E.; b. Aug. 30, 1872. - *^<^^ ^\*%'^*-' ^ ^ 9^ • ^■»"- i /t-^« 

2290. II. Robert Geddes; b. Sept. 25, 1874; d. Oct. 9, 1904, near Manila, 
Philippine Is. 

2291. III. Arthur Seth; b. March 3, 1876. 

2292. IV. Clara S; b. Nov. 8, 1880; d. April 8, 1882. 

2293. V. Everett John; b. April 14, 1883. 

2294. VI. Ethel Susan; b. Aug. 1, 1885. 



1534. VII. 821. AUGUSTUS S.» LYON [Elisha«, Thomas', Gil- 
bert*, Gilbert', Thomas-, Thomas'], married Elizabeth Betts Bouton, 
born Oct. 9, 1824; daughter of John and Hannah (Betts) Bouton. 

Children of Augustus S. and Elizabeth B. (Bouton) Lyon: 

2295. I. Algernon Bouton; b. July 14, 1855; d. 1897; bur. Union Cam., 

Greenwich, Conn.; m. 1st, Lizzie R. , (b. Jan. 17, 1853; d. May 9, 1885); 

m. 2nd. Hannah Caroline Lyon, b. 1853; d. 1891; dau. of Purdyt and Susan (Mer- 
rltt) Lyon. 

2296. II. Charles A.; b. Aug. 10. 1857; d. Jan. 22, 1859. 

2297. III. Winfleld Scott; b. July 2, 1861; m. Elizabeth Pouty of Port 

1565. VIII. 867. EDWARD CANFIELD^ LYON [Edward T.\ 
Thomas', Caleb", Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas'], born Morristown, 
N. J., Nov. 5, 1843. He is a lawyer and resides in Caldwell, N. J. He 
married Jan. 13, 1880, Caroline Hannah Crane, daughter of the late 
Rev. Oliver Crane of Bloomfield, N. J. 

Children of Edward C. and Caroline H. (Crane) Lyon: 

2298. I. Edward Crane; b. Oct. 26, 1880. 

2299. II. Marion Crane; b. Nov. 12, 1881. 

2300. III. Oliver Crane; b. March 1, 1885. 

2301. IV. Waynman Crane; b. Dec. 4, 1890. 

1567. VIII. 867. WILLIAM WAYNMAN* LYON [Edward T.», 
Thomas', Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas'], born Morristown, 



tPurdy Lyon/was grandson of Shubal Lyon of Greenwich, born probably 
about 1752. H^^as a Tory; was captured by Obadiah Mead and kept a prisoner 
at White Plains. The homestead in Greenwich is where his grandson David' Lyon 
lives (1896) on Weaver St. Shubal married March 25. 1776, Sarah Mead, daughter 
of Zachariah Mead. Their children were: 1. Stephen; 2. S hubal ; 3. Henry, 

m. Hobby; 4. Sophia, m. Ed. Collins; 5. Amy, "m." 1st. 

; m. 2nd. David Wilson; 6. Sarah, m. 1st. James Jones; m. 2nd. 

Johnson; 7. Abby, m. Holbert Block; 8. David, m. Elizabeth Town- 
send, daughter of Coles Townsend. 

Children of David^ and Elizabeth (Townsend) Lyon: 1. David, b. June 

18, 1813; m. Elizabeth M. Jones, b. New York Aug. 10, 1816; d. Greenwich, 

Conn., Dec. 11, 1881; dau. of James and Elizabeth Jones; 2. Purdy, b. 1817; 

m. Susan Merritt, born Dec. 10, 1820, daughter of Hickson and Hannah (Mead) 

Children of David' and Elizabeth (Jones) Lyon: 1. Daniel; 2. David; 

3. James; 4. William H., b. Dec. 1, 1855; d. July 3, 1893; m. Ella • 

(a dau. Edith M., b. Feb. 4, 1885, d. Aug. 12, 1885); 5. Eveline, m. 

Hatcher; 6. Fanny, m. Adsit ; 7. Jane, m. Tllson; 8. 

Elizabeth, m. Todd. 

Children of Purdy and Susan (Merrltt) Lyon: 1. Amos; 2. Julietta, m. 
Ben Ange Denton; 3. Hannah Caroline, m. Algernon B. Lyon (No. 2295); 4. 
Fhelia; 5. Mary Esther, m. James Miles, son of Lot. 

;o'Bvw-Us.*^ ^y 




N. J., May 8, 1850. He married first, June 23, 1874, E. Kate Taylor 
and second Lizzie . 

Children of "Wiliam W. and E. Kate (Taylor) Lyon: 

2302. I. Edward Haskell; b. April 9, 1876; m. Hortense ; a dau. 


2303. II. William Emory; b. Sept. 2, 1878. 
Son of "William W. and Lizzie ( ) Lyon: 

2304. III. WUliam Morrell; b. March 14, 1903. 

1574. VIII. 870. CALVIN' LYON (Theopllilus^ Luther', Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas', John=, Thomas'), born Sept. 27, 1826; married Aug. 
25, 1847, Cornelia Hart of Ithaca, born Dec. 10, 1827. 

Children of Calvin and Cornelia (Hart) Lyon (Dr. T.): 

2305. I. Emma. 

2306. II. Ellen. 

1579. VIII. 870. CHARLES HENRY' LYON [Theophilus^ Lu- 
ther', Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas'], born Nov. 18 (28), 1843. 
He married Aug. 18, 1866 Amarilla P. Allen. 

Adopted daughter of Charles H. and Amarilla P. (Allen) Lyon: 

2307. I. Lillian Mae; b. Jan. 29, 1882; m. Nov. 29, 1902, P. A. Clock. 

1586. VIII. 874. ORSON ISRAEL' LYON [Nathan R.^ Enon», 
Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas'], born June 10, 1830; died Nov. 
16, 1893. He married, Sept. 13, 1853, Sarah Ann Wood of Homer, N. Y. 

Children of Orson Israel and Sarah Ann (Wood) Lyon: 

2308. I. Anna Sophia; b. Feb. 10, 1855; d. 1905; m. Bourquln; 

res. Minneapolis, Minn. ; several children. 

2309. II. Ella May; b. Dec. 27, 1857; m. Muzzy; res. Thief River 

Falls, Minn.; children: 1. Homer; 2. Franli Wood, (m. Eva. ; res. 

Rochester, Minn.). 

2310. III. Franlt Wood; b. Oct. 15, 1864. 

2311. IV. Grace; b. Nov. 22, 1870; deaf mute; married; res. near Roches- 
ter, Minn. 

1587. VIII. 874. ALBERT' LYON [Nathan R.^ Enon", Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas', John=, Thomas'], born Feb. 7, 1833; res. (1906) 
Rochester, Minn. He married. May 14, 1862, Rebecca Dickinson Mead, 
born April 20, 1844; died 1905. 

Children of Albert and Rebecca D. (Mead) Lyon: 

2312. I. Herbert Mead; b. June 14, 1865; married; 4 or 5 children; res. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


2313. II. Nathan Rodney; b. Jan. 18, 1869; m. ; res. Fairmount, 


2314. III. Winifred Truman; b. May 21, 1870; d. Aug. 22, 1872. 

1588. VIII. 874. ERWIN BNON' LYON [Nathan R.', Enon«, 
Caleb^ Caleb^ Thomas^ John% Thomas*], born Sept. 11, 1838; res. 
(1906) Oberlin, O; manufacturer of liquid slating. He married, May 
27, 1864, Harriet Adelia West, daughter of Oliver Judson and Adelia 
(Chadwicli) West. 

Children of Erwin Enon and Harriet A. (West) Lyon: 

2315. I. Llewellyn Erwin; b. Aug. 21, 1865; d. ; m. Electa Houck; 

res. Wellington, O. ; 3 ch. ; widow lives (1906) Oberlin, O. 

2316. II. L,orena Adelia; b. Oct. 19, 1866; grad. Oberlin Coll.; teacher 
(1906) Newark, N. J. 

2317. III. Floy Emily; b. Sept. 2, 1874; d. about 1882. 

3318. IV. Doren; b. April 23, 18 80; unm. ; engineer in water works, Ober- 
lin, 1906. 

1589. VIII. 874. WILLIAM FRANKLIN* LYON [Nathan RJ, 
Enon", Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas*, John-, Thomas'], born near Holmes 
Corner, Genoa Township, Cayuga Co., N. Y., June 27, 1842. In 1854 he 
removed with his parents to High Forest, Minn. In 1864 he enlisted 
in the Ninth Regiment Minn. Vol. Inf. He was taken prisoner at 
Brice's Cross roads, Miss., by Forrest's men and was in Anderson- 
ville prison five months and nine days. Of that memorable experience 
he has published a graphic account. He is a teacher of penmanship and 
has had charge for many years of that department in the public schools 
of Detroit. He married in Fitchville, O., Dec. 19, 1865, Emily Jane 
West daughter of Oliver Judson and Adelia (Chadwick) West. 

Children of William F. and Emily J. (West) Lyon: 

2319. I. Oliver West; b. Oberlin, O., April 6, 1868; d. Irving, Ks. Sept. 4, 

*2320. II. William Franklin Jr.; b. High Forest, Minn., Oct. 7, 1870; m. 
Nellie Russell. 

2321. III. Sophia Lorena; b. Mancato, Minn., Sept. 11, 1872. 
*2322. IV. Jay Edgar; b. Oberlin, O., Nov. 10, 1874; res. (1906) Detroit, 

2323. V. Carroll Chadwick; b. Oberlin, O., April 7, 1878; not m. ; res. 
(1906) Hart, Mich. 

•2324. VI. Judson West; b. Norwalk, O.. Feb. 6, 1880; res. (1906) Norwalk, 

2325. VII. Harry Adelbert; b. LaCrosse, Wis., Dec. 28, 1881; res. (1906) 
Ann Arbor, Mich. ; bookkeeper in Saur Lumber Co. 

1590. VIII. 874. CHESTER ROCKWELL' LYON [Nathan R.\ 


Enon', Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas^], born Genoa Township, 
N. Y., March 9, 1845. He married Abbie Knapp. 

Children of Chester R. and Abbie (Knapp) Lyon: 

2326. I. Mary S.; b. June 4, 1869. 

2327. II. Eva M.; b. Oct. 14, 1871. 

2328. III. Nathan Ray; b. Nov. 7, 1878. 

2329. IV. Laura Aiig:eline; b. Nov. 3, 1882. 

2330. V. Klmer WUson; b. June 16, 1886. 

2331. VI. Helen Jay; b. Sept. 20, 1888; d. May 6, 1892. 

1617. VIII. 900. LUCY« LYON (KERR) [Marcus', Moses', Caleb', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas^], born in Ithaca, N. Y., July 9, 1858. 
She married in Ithaca, Dec. 27, 1883, Walter Craig Kerr, son of the late 
Rev. A. Hervey and Elizabeth (Craig) Kerr of Rochester, Minn. Pres- 
ent address (1905) "The Beeches," Dongan Hills, Staten Island. 

Children of Walter C. and Lucy (Lyon) Kerr: 
2333. I. Eleanor; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1885. 

2333. II. Donald Craig; b. Brooklyn, Dec. 28, 1889. 

2334. III. Marjory; b. New Brighton, Staten Island. April 13, 1892. 

2335. IV. Phyllis Schuyler; b. New Brighton, Sept. 6, 1894. 

1618. VIII. 900. LAURA' LYON (WILLIAMS) [Marcus', Moses', 
Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born in Ithaca, N. Y., Oct. 
28, 1865; died March 1894. Graduate of Wellesley College 1887. She 
married in November 1889 Otis Lincoln Williams. He married second 
in 1899 Nan King of Pittsburg, Pa. 

Children of Otis L. and Laura (Lyon) Williams: 

2336. I. Katharine. 

2337. II. Margaret. 

2338. III. Dorothy; twin sister of Margaret. 

2339. IV. Laura. 

1621. VIII. 900. NEWELL' LYON [Marcus', Moses', Caleb', 
Caleb\ Thomas', John=, Thomas'], born in Ithaca, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1874; 
grad. Cornell University 1897; New York Law school 1899. His home 
is in New York City, where he is an attorney and Counsellor at Law. 
Address (1905) 632 W. 147th. St.; business address 220 Broadway. He 
married in New York City, Sept. 30, 1901, Delia Ward Ferous, daughter 
of La Fayette C. and Mary Elizabeth (Ward) Ferous of New York 


Children of Newell and Delia W. (Perous) Lyon: 

2340. I. Richard Newell; b. New York City, June 6, 1903; d. June 7, 

8341. II. Philip Schuyler; b. May 25, 1906. 

1636. VIII. 928. GEORGE W.= LYON [Joseph T.', Daniel', 
DanieP, Caleb*, Thomas', John^ Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., 1860. 
He married, Dec. 16, 1891 Ida Louise Husted, bom May 31, 1869, 
daughter of Nathaniel Lyon Husted and Mary ««=: — /J/ 

Children of George W. and Ida Louise (Husted) Lyon: ^ %C^O^0 / i <t i^ 

2341a. I. Eva; b. Aug. 1893. 

2341b. II. Grace. 

2341c. IIL Theodore; b. Aug. 5, 1897. 

1647. VIII. 960. ISAAC* LYON [Sylvester M.\ Isaac', Job', 
Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born 1866; married Adelaide Bird, 
daughter of Theodore S. Bird. 

Children of Isaac and Adelaide (Bird) Lyon: 

2342. I. Theodore Bird; b. 1887. 

2343. II. WaUace Bradley [William W.]; b. 1889. 

1648. VIII. 960. BERTHA E.«, LYON (BRADLEY) [Sylvester 
M.', Isaac', Job'', Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born 1867; mar- 
ried Wallace H. Bradley, son of John C. Bradley of New Haven. 

Children of Wallace and Bertha (Lyon) Bradley: 

2344. I. Leon; b. 1891. 

2345. II. WTiitney; b. 1893. 

2346. III. Sheldon; b. 1897. 

2347. IV. Bertha Josephine; b. 1900. 

1663. VIII. 986. ELIZABETH R.« LYON (SMITH) [Israel', 
James^ Roger", Roger*, John^ John-, Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., 
April 16, 1820; died Jan. 21, 1895. She married Jan. 12, 1841, Thomas 
Wakeman Smith. 

Children of Thomas W. and Elizabeth R. (Lyon) Smith: 

2348. I. Mary E. 

2349. II. OrviUe. 

2350. III. Fannie E. 

2351. IV. Squire W. 

2352. v. Israel L.. 

2353. VI. Lucretia R. ; m. Cornelius Young. 

2354. VII. Emma L,. 

2355. VIII. Whiting R. 

2356. IX. Langley C. 


1666. VIII. 987. WILLIAM EDWARD' LYON [Newman C, 
James", Roger', Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], of Brooklyn; born 
Bedford, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1819; died Jan. 6, 1904; buried at Bedford. 
He married first, Jan. 4, 1844, Elizabeth Banks, born May 3, 1823; died 
July 22, 1883, buried at Bedford. She was daughter of Jeremiah and 
Hannah (Mead) Banks. He married second, July 23, 1884, Mary B. 

Children of William E. and Elizabeth (Banks) Lyon: 

2357. I. Jeremiah Banks; b. Feb. 2, 1848; m. 1st. Feb. 5, 1868, Hen- 
rietta Washburn; m. 2nd. Dec. 2, 1885, Marcia L. Washburn; by 1st. wife 
had Grace and another dau. 

2358. II. Clark N.; b. Dec. 7, 1851; unm. 

2359. III. Leroy M.; b. Jan. 31, 1854; m. Dec. 24, 1873, Anna Merrltt; 
an infant son d. 1877. 

2360. IV. RockvveU M.; b. March 8, 1856; d. Sept. 9, 1878. 

2361. V. Seely; b. Nov. 24, 1859; d. Jan. 27, 1882; m. Feb. 25. 1881, 
Maria Henry; one ch. 

1670. VIII. 987. HENRY' LYON [Newman C, James', Roger", 
Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], born Bedford, N. Y., June 16, 1827; res. 
Sing Sing, N. Y.; a merchant. He married, Oct. 4, 1854, Anna Maria 
Dingee, born Oct. 29, 1826; daughter of Jesse and Esther (Honeywell) 

Children of Henry and Anna M. (Dingee) Lyon: 

2362. I. Edgar Marshall; b. Dec. 25, 1855; d. June 1, 1860. 

2363. II. Montgomery. 

2364. IIL Alethea M.; b. Oct. 8, 1861; d. March 27, 1864. 

2365. IV. Henry. 

2366. V. Esther. 

2367. VI. Ida. 

1672. VIII. 987. SARAH JANE' LYON (MILLER) [Newman C.\ 
James^ Roger", Roger', John*, John^ Thomas'], of Katonah, N. Y., 
born Bedford, N. Y., March 19, 1831. She married Aug. 6, 1850 Stephen 
Holly Miller, born Aug. 16, 1823; died May 18, 1905, at Katonah, N. Y. 
He was son of Alvah and Lois (Holly) Miller. 

Children of Stephen H. and Sarah Jane (Lyon) Miller: 

2368. I. Emma Jane; b. Aug. 30. 1852. 

2369. II. Alvah; b. Jan. 30, 1855; m. Feb. 9, 1876, Phebe Augusta 

2370. III. Cyprus; b. Feb. 4, 1859; m. Dee. 19, 1883, Hattie E. Henry. 

tJesse Dingee died Oct. 23, 1877, ae. 81 y. 3 m. 4 d.; Esther Honeywell 
born Sept. 25, 1801; died Nov. 5, 1893. 


2371. IV. Stephen Holly; b. March 25, 1865; d. May 1, 1872. 

2372. V. Lois Adelia; b. Nov. 25, 1866; m. May 4, 1892, Lewis H. Ferris. 

2373. VI. Arthur; b. March 23. 1869; m. Feb. 6, 1896, Julia Tracy. 

1673. VIII. 987. ANN MATILDA" LYON (BANKS) [Newman 
C, James', Roger', Roger*, John^ JohIl^ Thomas'], born June 20, 1832; 
died South Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y., July 9, 1907. She married 
Nov. 30, 1852, William Harvey Banks, born Sept. 5, 1820; died May 18, 
1894; son of Jeremiah and Hannah (Mead) Banks. 

Children of William H. and Ann Matilda (Lyon) Banks: 

2374. I. ChUion; b. Jan. 26, 1854. 

2375. II. Orion; b. Dec. S, 1856; m. Maggie Glass. 

2376. III. Florence; b. Nov. 14, 1859; m. A. A. Irvine. 

2377. IV. Varian; b. April 28, 1863. 

2378. V. Alethea; b. March 8, 1869. 

2379. VI. William S.; b. Dec. 21, 1870. 

1674. VIII. 987. NEWMAN C.» LYON [Newman C.^ James', 
Roger'*, Roger*, John', John^ Thomas*], born June 18, 1834; died Nov. 
1, 1900. He married first Addie Gary, born June 3, 1836, died May 
9, 1872; daughter of John Gary. He married second Mary Powell. 

Child of Newman C. and Addie (Gary) Lyon: 

2380. I. Infant; b. March 1859; d. 1859. 
Children of Newman C. and Mary (Powell) Lyon: 

2381. II. Newman C; b. 1883; d. April 27, 1905; shot and killed himself 
at Rumford Falls, Me. 

2382. III. Albert. 

1676. VIII. 987. ALETHEA M.« LYON (HAIT) [Newman C.*, 
James*, Roger", Roger*, John^ John^ Thomas'], of South Salem, West- 
chester Go., N. Y.; born May 19, 1839. She married Isaac N. Halt, 
born April 28, 1837, died March 24, 1907, at South Salem, N. Y., son 
of Daniel and Harriet (Todd) Hait.§ 

Children of Isaac N. and Alethea M. (Lyon) Halt: 

2383. L Harriet Todd; b. Dec. 20, 1863; d. Sept. 1, 1870. 

2384. II. James M.; m. . 

2385. III. Alethea Louise; b. 1867; m. June 3. 1891, Richard W. Prldham 
of London, son of William C. and Elizabeth (Woodsmith) Prldham. 

2386. IV. Emily; m. George Hoyt. 

2387. V. Ida. 

§Daniel Hait died July 5, 1856, ae. 55 y. 2 m. 14 d. He married Harriet 
Todd, Oct. 27, 1827. 


1678. VIII. 988. HARVEY' LYON [James', James', Roger*, 
Roger*, John", John^ Thomas'], of New Canaan, Conn; born Bedford, 
N. Y., Nov. 27, 1832; d. Jan. 20, 1906 at Four Corners, near New Canaan; 

buried at Bedford, N. Y. He married Thirza C , born Feb. 25, 

1837; died April 3, 1887. 

Children of Harvey and Thirza ( ) I^yon: 

2388. I. Emma; m. Edward Comstock; res. New Canaan, Conn.; P. O. 
Norwallt. Conn. R. F. D. 

2389. II. George H.; res. New Canaan, Conn. 

1679. VIII. 988. PHEBE* LYON (FOWLER) [James', James', 
Rog^er", Roger*, John', John^ Thomas^], of Bankville, Westchester Co., 
N. Y., born Dec. 7, 1835. She married Theodore Fowler. 

Children of Theodore and Phebe (Lyon) Fowler: 






William L,. 










1681. VIII. 988. WILLIAM' LYON [James', James', Roger», 
Roger*, John', John^ Thomas'], of White Plains N. Y.; born June 8, 
1839; res. 21 Tibbetts Ave., White Plains. He married, Dec. 31, 1862, 
Lucretia Merritt, born July 28, 1837; died Sept. 19, 1904 at White 
Plains; buried Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Daughter of William and Lucretia (Merritt) Lyon: 
•2395. I. Lizzie; b. Jan. 19, 1865; m. George Lockyer. 

1686. VIII. 990. WILLIAM A.' LYON [Knapp', James', Roger". 
Roger*, John', JohnS Thomas'], born July 13, 1834; died Sept. 25, 1863 
from injuries received by falling through the hatchway of a vessel. 
Adm. of estate New York City, Dec. 5, 1863, to widow Christina and 
John J. Tyler. 

Children of William A. and Christina ( ) Lyon: 

2396. I. Julia Augusta; b. July 5, 1858; d. June 28, 1859. 

2397. II. Joseph Warren; b. July 27, 1860; d. Nov. 8, 1862. 

1690. VIII. 992. WILLIAM WILLIAMS' LYON [Miles', Jona- 
than", Roger^ Roger*, John', John^ Thomas'], of New York City, born 
Sept. 10, 1830; died suddenly Nov. 25, 1875, New York City, 112 Avenue 
C. Adm. of estate New York City Feb. 1, 1884 to widow Emma J. 


(res. 349 So, 3rd, St. Brooklyn, N. Y.). He married Oct. 2, 1851 Emma 
Jane Howell, born April 12, 1834; died Jan. 17, 1902, at Westfield, N. 
J.; buried in Evergreen Cemetery. She was daughter of Daniel and 
Elizabeth B. (Campbell) Howell. 

Children of William W. and Emma J. (Howell) Lyon: 

3398. I. Mary Louise; b. Oct. 19, 1852; m.Elisha Taylor; res. Westfleld, 
N. J. 

2399. II. Kate Ann; b. Oct. 17, 1854; m. Charles P. Taylor; res. "West- 
fleld, N. J. 

*2400. III. William Williams; b. Nov. 15, 1856; m. Alice Mott. 
2401. IV. John H.; b. March 16, 1859; d. July 18, 1860; buried Buxton 
Cemetery, Bedford, N. Y. 

•2401a. V. Hervey C; b. Oct. 20, 1865; m. Ida Tilley. 

1698. VIII. 1018. JOHN MILLER* LYON [Stephen', William', 
Justus', Roger*, John* ,John-, Thomas'], of Port Chester, N. Y.; born 
Sept. 28, 1834; died Feb. 22, 1902 at Port Chester; buried Bedford Sta- 
tion. Adm. of -estate April 4, 1902 to Jennie M. and William Penn 
Lyon. He married first, Sarah Jane Clifford, born March 3, 1838; died 
Nov. 11, 1881; buried in Union Cemetery, Bedford. She was daughter 

of Rev. Isaac S. and Annie (Ford) Clifford. He married second Jennie t 
M. Baillie, daughter of Samuel Baillie. 

1699. VIII. 1018. WILLIAM PENN« LYON [Stephen', William', 
Justus", Roger*, John', John^ Thomas*], born Bedford, N. Y., Feb. 7, 
1837; lives (1906) in Katonah, N. Y. He married, Sept. 16, 1874, Mary 
Ann Sniffen, born Dec. 13, 1839; died Jan. 1, 1893; buried Union Ceme- 
tery, Bedford, N. Y. She was daughter of Daniel and Mary (Carpen- 
ter) Sniffen of Round Hill, Conn. Adm, of estate March 27, 1893 to 

husband William P, Lyon. /,/,>.* i.. ^. /^ic- :5 c- / r^^ 


Children of William P. and Mary Ann (Sniffen) Lyon: 
*2402. I. Mabel Amanda; b. Jan. 4, 1876; m. Oeorge Seward Roblnsoa. 

> 2403. II. Stephen D.; b. Oct. 16, 1882; m. ; undertaker; res. 

White Plains, N. Y.,/l38 Railroad AveJ Sj? T* r^ CL.*^ty( £5>^ // ^ i 2. ; 

ter S.', John*, Samuel', Roger*, John', John^ Thomas*], born Bedford, 
N. Y., April 4, 1816; res. (1906) 27 So. Hamilton St., Poughkeepsle, 
N. Y,, ae. 90 y. She married Oct. 7, 1840 Abraham Stockholm, born 
April 2, 1819, 

Children of Abraham arid Antoinette (Lyon) Stockholm: 

2404. I. Maria; b. Aug. 20, 1841; res. (1906) Hyde Park, N. T. ; m.^ 


1864, John Gilbert (b. 1843; d. March 22, 1895); 6 children. One daughter, 
Helen W. m. H. A. Somers and lives (1906) at 301 Church St., Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. 

2405. II. Phebe Helen; b. Nov. 27, 1843; m. 1st, Egbert B. KUley (d. 
Feb. 11. 1873); m. 2nd. ; res. Washington, D. C. ; has clerkship. 

2406. III. Abraham Brinckerhoflf; b. Jan. 6, 1849; m. June 2, 1874, 
Jennie Ward (b. Aug. 2, 1849). 

2407. IV. Walter Lyon; b. March 20, 1854; d. Dec. 2, 1857. ^ • 

1710. VIII. 1027. THOMAS S.« LYON [Walter S.', John«, Sam- ^ <-< 
ueP, Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'! , of Katonah, N. Y., born Feb. 17, 1818 (ycJ^f 
died 1903. He married first Calista Bailey Haight.'^and second De- /<2^3 
borah [Lounsbury ?]t; who died Aug. 21, 1870. Adm. of her estate 
June 12. 1876 to husband Thomas S. Lyon. / , > £ .^ n 

^*~ A Children of Thomas S. smd Calista B. (Haight) 'Lyon^,^-^^ 

>// — _ 2408._-J?. Aon EUza; B. Jan. 23, 1850; m.£May sT) 1873, Constant Ferris 

Whitney (b. Jan.^1^, 1851] son of Silas Constant and Sarah Matilda (Ferris) 

WhUneyj res^ YorktW N Y.^^..^ . ^ . Cj^f / ( / ^U (. 

K-t't-<-<-A- 240§,,--«t\^ Louisa ;1 m.j Hosea Fhs^Uyn^no ch. ' ( 

■^ * ^ — "'^2410,,'-'lll. Walter Haight*..m, — ^"'^-^ ; res. Iowa; has a daughter, y' '^^Z 
^^ JSraAighter of Thomas S. anB Deborah (—=»-«;— — ) Lyon: ^^__,'^ <??^-^<.C 

^^2411. IV. Mineola; under li in 1876; m. — I " 7n i /9^ v - 

'—* 1711. VIII. 1027. SARAH ELIZABETH* LYON (WALES) [Wal- '^vl 

ter S.^, John^ SamueP, Roger*, John', John^ Thomas'], born Mt. Pleas- ' 

ant, N. Y., July 18, 1820; died May 22, 1885; buried at Katonah (re- 
moved in 1903 to Oakwood, Mt. Kisco). She married, Sept. 4, 1838, 
at Bedford, Lemuel Wales M. D., born Aug. 15, 1811 at Hartford Conn.; 
died March 25, 1892 at Croton Point, N. Y.; buried at Katonah (after- 
wards 1903 in Oakwood, Mt. Kisco). He was a veteran of two wars, 
the Mexican and the Civil war. 

Children of Lemuel and Sarah Elizabeth (Lyon) Wales: 

2412. I. Thomas Hender; b. July 16, 1839; d. July 2. 1840. 

2413. II. Sarah Elizabeth; b. July 27, 1842; res. (1904) Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

2414. IIL Walter Ahaz; b. June 15, 1845; d. Sept. 26, 1856. 

2415. IV. Lizzie Lyon; b. Aug. 31, 1849; m. at Purdy Station, Oct 28, 
1868, Stephen W. Underbill; ch. : 1. William Ale.vander, b. May 24, 18S0; 2. 
Stephen Maurice, b. June 15, 1884. 

2316. V. Frank Adelbert; b. June 22, 1852 at Brookyln, N. Y. ; Presby- 
terian Minister (D. D.); m. Oct. 27, 1880, at Chicopee, Mass., Minnie Taylor; 
a son, Kenneth D. 

1712. VIII. 1027. MARY' LYON (WOOD) [Walter S.', John", 
SamueP, Roger*, John', John^ Thomas*], born June 4, 1823; living in 

tone record says "married first Lounsbury; second Halght." 


1904. She married, Sept. 12, 1843, John Jay Wood, born July 3, 1821; 
son of Stephen and Phebe (Underhill) Woodf of Bedford. 

Children of John J. and Mary (Lyon) Wood; 

2417. I. Alice; b. Sept. 13, 1845; m. Fitz Randolph Runyon; res. New 
Brunswick, L. I. 

2418. II. Charles; b. June 2, 1851; m. Morris; was pastor of 

Presbyterian ch., Germantown, Pa. 

2419. III. Mary Klla; b. July 3, 1855; d. young. 

1715. VIII. 1027. CAROLINE' LYON (ALBERTSON) [Walter 
S.', John°, SamueP, Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], born March 4, 1828; 
died Jan. 9, 1904 at Roslyn L. I. She married at Jamaica, L. I., April 
27, 1853, Silas Whitson Albertson, born Aug. 1825; living 1904, son of 
Silas and Kezia (Whitson) AlbertsonJ of North Hempsted, L. I. 

Children of Silas "W. and Caroline (Lyon) Albertson: 

2420. I. Sallie Lyon; b. Jan. 30, 1854; d. March 2, 1856. 

2421. II. SUas; b. March 12, 1857; m. . 

2422. III. Ida; b. Dec. 14, 1858; m. Edwin C. "Willetts. 

2423. IV. Caroline; b. Oct. 23, 1860; m. John S. Hicks. 

2424. V. Sarah; b. Dec. 4, 1864; m. J. Wheeler Glover. 

1716. VIII. 1027. BETSEY B.« LYON (PECK) [Walter S.', John*. 
SamueP, Roger*, John', John', Thomas'], born Bedford Nov. 4, 1830. 
She married, Nov. 11, 1847, John W. Peck, born Dec. 26, 1828; son of 
Gideon and Phebe W. (Merritt) Peck of Sing Sing, N. Y. 

Children of John W. and Betsey B. (Lyon) Peck: 

Bert Foshay (d. 1904); res. Sing Sing; a son William. 


I. Julia; m 


II. Bessie. 


III. Ada. 


IV. John. 


V. Dan. 

1719. VIII. 1028. SARAH M." LYON (STURDEVANT) [Alfred\ 
John*, SamueP, Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], born Sept. 30, 1820; 
res. Danbury, Conn. She married, Oct. 10, 1837, Elijah Sturdevant. 

Children of Elijah and Sarah M. (Lyon) Sturdevant: 

2430. I. Edgar. 

2431. II. Amelia. 

2432. III. Thomas Alfred. 

tStephen Wood, born Dec. 4, 1792, son of James and Martha (Weeks) Wood; 
Sept. 16, 1812, Phebe Underhill, who died Dec. 26, 1855. 
tSilas Albertson died Jan. 2, 1847, ae. 63; Kezia died Aug. 20, 1853, ae. 66. 


1726. VTII. 1028. HIRAM D.« LYON [Alf^ed^ John', Samuel" 
Roger*, John*, John°, Thomas'], married Abbie Gifford. 

Children of Hiram D. and Abble (Gifford) Lyon: 
2433. I. Sanford. 
















1727. VIII. 1028. ELIZABETH' LYON (GRIMSHAW) [Alfred', 
John', SamueP, Roger*, John", John^ Thomas'], married Henry Grim- 

Children of Henry and Elizabeth (Lyon) Grlmshaw: 

2439. I. Samuel. 

2440. II. Howard. 
,3441. III. Delia. 

"ct?^ 1728. VIII. 1028. SAMUEL" LYON [Alfred', John', SamueP, 
''^7— i.> 1 Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], res, GJh4«age, 111.; married BeHttr Nye: _ 

Children of Samuel and Delia (Nye) Lyon: C^«'<Ci /3 -^O-t. g^y 4 /^ ^ t /i^*- ^ 
^' K- 1Q ~ 2442. I. Howard. /\f, .^ D A) , i . „ > / / 

^'^^7 2443. IL Alfred. H^**^ |^ ^'-^^ /^^- ^.^ ;> ^/^^^ 

2444. III. Page.^A«»//^ -J* 7- f /^f'-CX <.^. /•-- ^ ^y/ Q^ gy ^ . 

1730. VIII. 1028. LEONARD" LYON [Alfred', John', Samuel', 
Roger*, John', John^ Thomas'], born Sherwood, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; 
March 11, 1843, res. Quaker Hill, Pawling, Dutchess Co., N. Y. He 
married 1863 Mary Haines, daughter of Alfred and Sarah (Orton) 
Haines of Pawling. 

Daughter of Leonard and Mary (Haines) Lyon: 

2445. I. Jessie H.; b. 1878. 

1731. Vin. 1028. JAMES' LYON [Alfred', John', Samuel', Roger*, 
John", John^ Thomas'], res. Sherwood, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; married 
Sarah Hopkins. 

Children of James and Sarah (Hopkins) Lyon: 

2446. I. Warren. 

2447. II. Hattie. 

2448. III. ^Jtosie. 

[UciXc^^ K A 



1735. VIII. 1028. HARRIET T.* LYON (FOWLER) [Alf^ed^ 
John', SamueP, Roger*, John', John^ Thomas'], married Frank Fowler. 

Children of Frank and Harriet (Lyon) Fowler: 

2449. I. Mary. 

2450. II. Homer. 

2451. III. Delia. 

2452. IV. Stanley. 

2453. V. Ada. 

1741. VIII. 1032. THOMAS WHITE' LYON [Isaac D.*, John*, 
Samuel", Roger*, John", John^ Thomas*], born Salem, Westchester Co., 
N. Y., March 25, 1824; res. St. Charles, Winona Co., Minn. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 25, 1849, Margaret E. Howe, born March 1831. 

Children of Thomas W. and Margaret E. (Howe) Lyon: 

2454. I. Eveline; b. Nov. 10, 1850; m. Clark; (a congressman.) 

2455. II. Lucy; b. May 3, 1852; d. Sept. 26. 1856. 

2456. IIL Isaac; b. June 15. 1853; d. Oct. 15, 1856. 

2457. IV. Minnie; m. Charles Robbins. 

1743. VIII. 1032. JOHN ADDISON* LYON [Isaac D.», John*, 

SamueP, Roger*, John^ John^, Thomas'], born July 6, 1827, at Venice, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y.; merchant; res. Binghamton N. Y. He married 
March 30, 1854, Henrietta Hooper, born Aug. 11, 1834; daughter of 
Ransom and Harriet (Davidson) Hooper. 

Children of John A. and Henrietta (Hooper) Lyon: 

2458. I. Helen; b. Dec. 11. 1854; d. Aug. 28, 1856. 

2459. II. Walter. 

2460. III.' Alec. 

2461. IV. John. 

(GRAVES) [Isaac D.^ John', SamueP, Roger*, John', John*, Thomas*], 
born Aug. 19, 1831; died Binghamton, N. Y., 1889. She married first 
Jan. 1, 1853, Horace Spencer Buckingham, b. Dec. 3, 1822; son of 
Chester and Sarah (Hickok) Buckingham. She married second Her- 
man Graves. 

Daughter of Horace S. and Sarah R. (Lyon) Buckingham: 

2462. I. Ida; b. Dec. 2, 1853. 

1746. VIII. 1032. MARY LAVINIA' LYON (HOOPER) [Isaac 
D.^ John', SamueP, Roger*, John*, John'', Thomas*], born Beekman, 


Dutchess Co., N. Y., Aug. 25, 1833; res. (1905) Brewster, N. Y. She 
married June 9, 1855, Henry Hooper, born April 7, 1830; died Brewster, 

N. Y., 1893; son of Philander and Martha ( ) Hooper. No 


[Isaac D.^ John', SamueP, Roger\ John*, John^, Thomas'], born Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1842; res. Danbury, Conn., on the old Clason 
place. She married Festus C. Bailey. 

Children of Festus C. and Tamar P. (Lyon) Bailey: 

2463. I. Mary. 

2464. II. Halcyon G.; m. Annie Hines. 

[Isaac D.', John^ SamueP, Roger*, John', John=, Thomas'], born Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., May 10, 1846; d. Yonkers, N. Y., May 30, 1903; buried at 
Binghamton. She married first, Charles Gevens, son of Sheldon A. 
Gevens of Catskill, N. Y. She married second, June 6, 1889, James H. 
Hoag, son of John and Esther (Nelson) Hoag. He is a dentist in 
Yonkers, N. Y.; res. 86 Warburton Ave. 

Son of Charles and Eugenia Ann (Lyon) Gevens: 

2465. I. Sheldon A.; res. Yonkers, with Dr. Hoag. 

1767. VIII. 1036. GILBERT LIVINGSTON' LYON [Osmond C.\ 
Samuel", SamueP, Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas'], of White Plains, N. 
Y.; married . 


2466. I. Gilbert Shute. 

2467. II. Mary C. 

2468. III. Ernest C. 

1776. VIII. 1045. SARAH MARIA' LYON (COLES) [Nathan E.', 
Garrettson", Gilbert^ Roger*, John', John'', Thomas'], born June 26, 
1841; married, Dec. 18, 1861, Peter Sheldon Coles. 

Children of Peter S. and Sarah Maria (Lyon) Coles: 

2469. I. £niery Garrettson; b. Oct. 13, 1864. 

2470. II. Mary E.; b. Sept. 18, 1865. 

2471. III. Frank; b. Oct. 21, 1867. 

2472. IV. Gertrude Adelia; b. June 16, 1869. 
8473. V. Jennie Adelaide; b. Aug. 6, 1871. 

2474. and 2475. VI. and VII. Twin sons; b. Jan. 13, 1875. 


1777. VIII. 1045. EMERY GARRETTSON^ LYON [Nathan E.*, 
Garrettson", Gilbert", Rog-er*, John'', John-, Thomas^], born Jersey City, 
N. J., Aug. 25, 1843. He married Dec. 30, 1867, Mary W. Lewis. 

Children of Emery G. and Mary W. (Lewis) Lyon: 

2476. I. Nathan Emery; b. Sept. 9, 1868. 

2477. II. £mma Augusta; b. Sept. 18, 1869. 

2478. III. Ella Augusta; b. March 17, 1872. 

2479. IV. Emma Mary; b. May 1874. 

1778. Vin. 1045. EMMA E.« LYON (KNAPP) (LONG) [Nathan 
E.', Garrettson', Gilbert^ Roger*, John*, John^ Thomas^], born Jan. 10, 
1846; married first, April 17, 1866, Halsey W. Knapp; married second 
Wiyiam B. Long. 

Children of Halsey "W. and Emma E. (Lyon) Knapp: 

2480. I. Katie EsteUe; b. Feb. 21, 1868; d. . 

2481. II. Burras Frank; b. Jan. 27, 1871; d. . 

1780. VIII. 1045. ANDREW SIMPSON* LYON [Nathan E.', Gar- 
rettson^ Gilbert", Roger*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born Jan. 15, 1851; 
married, April 10, 1870, Mary A. Morton. 

Children of Andrew S. and Mary (Morton) Lyon: 

2482. I. Charles Emery; b. March 1871; d. in infancy. 

2483. II. Alice Mary; b. June 1872. 

2484. III. Ida Luella; b. Feb. 1874. 

1782. VIII. 1045. WILLIAM WARREN* LYON [Nathan E.», Gar- 
rettson', Gilbert', Roger*, John«^ John^ Thomas'], born Oct. 25, 1856. 
He married his cousin Pauline Elmira Lyon of White Plains, dau. of .. — ""y/ 
Osmond C. and Martha (Lyon) Lyon. ^^ ^^ » / V <C 0* J / ^ /. ^^ 

Son of William W. and Pauline E. (Lyon) Lyon: 

2485. I. William Warren; living 1903. ' ' - f ^^ 

liam L.', James", James", James*, John*, John^ Thomas'], born Green- 
wich, Conn., March 10, 1841; educated St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, 
N. J. She married, Sept. 11, 1862, in Christ Church, Greenwich, Luke 
Adolphus Lockwood, LL. D., born Dec. 1, 1833; died Nov. 20, 1905 at 
his residence, Riverside, Conn.; buried St. Andrews Churchyard, 
Stamford, Conn. He was son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Jessup) 


Lockwood§ of Brooklyn, N. Y. He was a graduate of Trinity College. 
An attorney at law of Lockwood and Hill, New York City. 

Children of Luke A. and Mary Louise (Lyon) Lockwood: 

2486. I. Theodora L.yon; b. Greenwich, Jan. 12, 1868; m. Riverside, Conn., 
Nov. 22. 1898, Smith Dewey Pierce of Brooklyn, N. Y. Ch . : 1. Katherine 
Dewey; b. Sept. 29, 1899; d. Nov. 1, 1899; 2. Dewey Lockwood; b. Brooklyn, 
Dec. 3, 1901; 3. Gertrude Lockwood; b. Brooklyn, May 4, 1903. 

3487. II. Gertrude Louise; b. Brooklyn, Oct. 29, 1869; d. New Haven, 
Conn., July 12, 1896; m. William Pitt Baldwin, M. D. of New Haven. 

2488. III. Luke Vincent; b. Brooklyn, Feb. 1, 1872; grad. Trinity College, 
1893; New York Law Sch., 1905; m. Nov. 16, 1897, in Hartford, Conn., Alice 
Gardener Burnell of that city; res. Brooklyn, 10 Garden Place; one son Luke 
BurneU; b. Oct. 31, 1901. 

2489. IV. William Frederick; b. Brooklyn, Nov. 12, 1874; d. Riverside, 
Conn., Sept. 29, 1875. 

3490. V. Alfred Whitney; b. Riverside, Conn., April 13, 1882. 

1826. VIII. 1065. AMOS MEAD' LYON [William Lewis^ James*, 
James', James*, John', Jolln^ Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., March 
7, 1843. He attended the Greenwich Academy and the Port Chester 
Military School. He served as a volunteer officer in the U. S. Navy 
1861 to 1865 "service on the U, S. S. Lancaster in the Pacific Ocean," 
and during the last two years of the Civil War "service under Admiral 
David Dixon Porter and on his staff." Participated in the attacks on 
Fort Fisher, N. Car. in Dec. 1864 and Jan. 1865. Was in the assault on 
the fort and at the head of the column, his commanding officer, Lieut. 
Benjamin Porter, being shot at his side, almost under the stockade of 
the fort. Later was in the James River on the Flagship "Malvern," 
and while at City Point, Va., was sent to the front while the 9th Army 
Corps was charging the works around Petersburg in the last battle 

U^^.^^ L ^, /6>5^^ 

§The Lockwoods were of very ancient origin in Essex and Northampton 
Counties, England, the name being found in the Doomsday book. In 1530 the 
family were of Devis Hall. co. Essex and Grayton co. Northhampton, Eng., and 
to the Rev. Richard Lockwood, Rector of Dingley, was granted these arms: 
Ar. a fesse sa. between 3 martlets of the same. Crest : on the stump of an 
oak tree, erased, proper, a martlet sa. Motto: "Tutus in undis." 

Robert Lockwood, born in England, with wife Susannah, came to Water- 
town, Mass. 1630,, to Fairfield, Conn. 1646. From him are descended many of 
the Lockwoods of Greenwich, although sorne claim descent from Edmund. The 
lineage of Luke A. Lockwood runs: Robert", Jonathan^, Still John', Jonathan*, 
Frederick', Frederick', Luke Adolphus'. 

Luke A. Lockwood was a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity. 
He was a charter member and the first Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge, 
which at the time of his death was preparing to celebrate his fiftieth anniversary 
as a Mason by presenting to him a thousand dollar silver service. Mr. Lock- 
wood founded St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Riverside, where a memorial window 
was recently placed to his wife, Mary Louise (Lyon) Lockwood. He was an 
authority in Episcopal and Masonic law. 


of the war before Appomattox. April 4, 1865 went into Richmond with 
Admiral Porter when he escorted President Lincoln to the city the day 
following the evacuation by Jefferson Davis and the confederate army. 
Resigned his commission in June 1865. 

After the war he engaged in business in New York City and is 
now Vice-President of the Electric Conveying Machinery Company; 
residence (1904) East Orange, N. J. In 1875 he was married in the 
New York City Rutgers Presbyterian Church to Bessie Blackwell 
Clark of New York, daughter of Rev. Fred Gorham Clark, D. D. and 
Sarah Blackwell. 

Children of Amos M. and Bessie B. (Clark) Lyon: , 

2491. I. Sarah Clark; b. 1876; d. 1879. 

2492. II. Fred Gorham Clark; b. 1880. 

2493. III. Bessie Blackwell; b. 1882. 

2494. IV. Katharine Ware; b. 1885. 

2495. V. Amos Mead, Jr.; b. 1888; d. June 8, 1890. 

2496. VI. Ruth Greenonk; b. 1890. 

2497. VII. William Lewis; b. 1896. 

1826. VIII. 1065. JAMES* LYON [William L.', James«, Jam■es^ 
James*, John\ John^ Thomas^], born Greenwich, Conn., May 27, 1845. 
He pursued his studies in the United States and four years in Europe 
and has made his life work the education of youth. He conducted the 
Plainfield Academy for Boys in New Jersey for fifteen years. He es- 
tablished under most unfavorable condtions the Indianapolis Institute 
for Young Ladies (now Knickerbocker Hall) and left it in 1892 in a 
most flourishing condition. He established in 1892 St. Mary's Hall 
(now Brunot Hall). In 1897 he established the Lyon Boarding School 
for Boys which he is now successfully conducting in Spokane, Wash. 
An item in the Spokane Chronicle of Oct. 11, 1906, speaks of the flour- 
ishing condition of the school and states that Mr. Lyon has recently 
purchased fifteen lots adjoining the present location of the school, 
making his holding now 92 lots. He married first Victorine Jefferson, 
born Dec. 31, 1845; died 1881. He married second June 18, 1882, Laura 
Howe Salmon. 

Children of James and Victorine (Jefferson) Lyon: 

*2498. I. Joseph Herbert; h. Greenwich, Conn., March 21, 1871; m. Rose 
Leet; res. (1904) Mica, Idaho. 

2499. II. James Winfred; b. Dec. 31, 1874; d. Aug. 27, 1875. 

•2500. II. AVilliam Ernest; b. Plainfield, N. J., July 21, 1878; m. Leonore 
Searles; res. (1904) Harrison, Idaho. 

2501. IV. Charles Jeflferson; b. Nov. 12, 1880; d. July 23, 1881. 


Children of James and Laura H. (Salmon) Lyon: 

2502. V. Laura Louise; b. 1888. 

2503. VI. Maud Catharine; b. 1892. 

[Edgar H.^ William*, AIvan^ Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^, Thomas*], 
of Hackensack, N. J.; married David Anderson. 

Children of David and Ophelia (Lyon) Anderson: 

2504. I. Carrie. 

2505. II. Alice May. 

2506. III. Jennie. 

1918. VIII. 1197. DAVID HUYLER' LYON [John H.', Alvan', 
Alvan^ Benjamin*, Samuel*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 7, 1869; 
married July 31, 1890, Mary Ann Bartlett, daughter of James F. and 
Anna Catharine ( ) Bartlett. 

Daughter of David H. and Mary Ann (Bartlett) Lyon: 

2507. I. Olive Marie; b. May 16, 1891. 

1919. VIII. 1197. FRANK SELOVER« LYON [John H.^ Alvan«, 
Alvan", Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 13, 1871; 
married Oct. 14, 1892 Gussie Lengle, daughter of Rev. Harry Ward 
and Bella ( ) Lengle of Reading, Pa. 

Daughter of Frank S. and Gussie (Lengle) Lyon: 

2508. I. Buth; b. Dec. 3. 1893. 

1947. VIII. 1244. SOLOMON T.' LYON [SamueF, Solomon', 
SamueP, Jonathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 1, 1835; 
died Dec. 30, 1890. He married, Sept. 30, 1860, Sarah E. Rumsey, born 
Oct. 10, 1837. He enlisted in the 5th Michigan Infantry, Col. Pulford, 
and served with distinction in the Civil war. He became afterwards a 
teacher, and later a newspaper editor. 

Children of Solomon T. and Sarah E. (Rumsey) Lyon: 

2509. I. Edward E.; b. Aug. 5, 1863; d. Sept. 8, 1863. 

2510. II. Solomon T., Jr.; b. Sept. 8, 1S64; d. Sept. 9, 1864. 

25H. IIL William S.; b. Oct. 6, 1866; m. 1st. Dec. 19, 1887, Florence 
Tiffany; m. 2nd. Oct. 24, 1895, Amy Teft; was postal clerk 13 years on Pere 

Marquette R. R.; d. Sept. 27, 1901. 

2512. IV. Abigail L.; b. Aug. 24, 1871. 

2513. V. Jennie Alice; b. Dec. 13, 1872; m. Jan. 2, 1902, Prof. Lyman 

2514. VI. PermiUa E. (Millie); b. April 5, 1875; d. Nov. 8. 1892. 


2515. VII. Mary Belle (Isabel); b. March 16, 1880; m. July 9, 1901, 
Frederick S. Lockwood. 

1980. VIII. 1265. ASAHEL ANSON' LYON [Asahel D.^ Henry 

C, Aaron^ Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Sept. 9, 
1864 in the town of Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y. He married first, 
at Albany, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1885, Sarah Carlton Shaw, daughter of Rob- 
ert Shaw, of Solway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. She died Nov. 28, 1893. He 
married second at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., April 26, 1899, Grace Allen 
Van De Water, daughter of Clarence and Estell (Allen) Van De Water, 
of Hyde Park, N. Y. He is now (1905) a member of the firm of A. 

D. Lyon & Sons, 143 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., engaged in the 
manufacturers of Lyon's Certain Cure Remedies. 

Daughter of Asahel A. and Sarah C. (Shaw) Lyon: 

2516. I. Sarah Pauline; b. June 29, 1886; d. Feb. 11, 1893. 
Children of Asabel A. and Grace A. (Van De Water) Lyon: 

2517. II. Aaron Denman; b. Feb. 7, 1900, at Salt Point, Dutchess Co., 
N. T. 

2518. III. Horace Anson; b. Oct. 16, 1902, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 17, 
N. T. 

1981. VIII. 1265 GEORGE MORGAN* LYON [Asahel D.', Henry 
C, Aaron^ Elnathan\ Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas'], born Jan. 14, 
1867 in Hyde Park, N. Y. He married, Feb. 22, 1893, Elizabeth Cath- 
arine Faust. He resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., and is a member of the 
firm of A. D. Lyon & Sons, 143 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., manu- 
facturers of Lyon's Certain Cure Remedies. 

Children of George M. and Elizabeth C. (Faust) Lyon: 

2519. I. Pauline Engena; b. June 9. 1S94. 

2520. II. Rossmore Denman; b. Dec. 14. 1895. 
2513. III. Leroy Faust; b. March 10, 1901. 

1989. VIII. 1281. AUGUSTA M.' LYON (PARMELB) [George*, 
John W.^ Jonathan', Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born 
Oct. 18, 1854, in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; married Nov. 20, 1878, 
John H. Parmele of Pleasant Valley, N. Y., where they have continued 
to live; address, Arlington, N. Y. 

Children of John A. and Augusta M. (Lyon) Parmele, born at Pleasant 
Valley, N. T.: 

2522. I. Mary Louise; b. March 10, 1880; a teacher. 

2523. IL Joseph Lyon; b. Aug. 31. 1881. 

2524. III. Fred; b. Sept. 21, 1885. 


8525. IV. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 2, 1887. 

2526. V. George; b. May 19, 1889. 

2527. VI. William J.; b. March 7, 1891. 

2528. VII. Buth Agnes; b. Feb. 6, 1894. 

2529. VIII. Ernest; b. July 20, 1896; d. April 23, 1897. 

2530. IX. Mildred; b. Aug. 4, 1898. 

1991. VIII. 1281. ROSE'* LYON (OAKLAND) [George', John W.«, 
Jonathan', Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 12, 
1861 at Jersey City, N. J.; married Aug. 19, 1896 at Van Wagner, N. Y. 

John A. Oakland, b. Nov. 4, 1861, son of Henry and Anna ( ) 

Oakland. They have lived at Fort Defiance, Ariz., and at Cheyenne 
Agency, S. Dak., where Mr. Oakland was Superintendent of the Indian 
School Service. They now (1906) reside at Brushie, S. Dak., on a cattle 

Children of John A. and Rose (Lyon) Oakland: 

2531. I. Agnes Minerva; b. June 16, 1897, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

2532. II. Godfrey Lyon; b. Dec. 19, 1900, at Cheyenne Agency, S. Dak. 

2005. VIII. 1303. MARCUS^ LYON [Charles^ William», Israel' 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N ^■■^Aa) 
April 21, 1832. He lives (1907) on his father's homestead. Oct. 27, 
1872, he married Sophia Mandeville, daughter of Melancthon Mande- 
ville of Coventry, N. Y. They have a good home. 

Daughter of Marcus and Sophia (Mandeville) Lyon: C-t*^*^ 
•2533. I. Amy; b. Bainbridge, Sept. 27, 1875; m. Cora D. Thornton. 

2011. VIII. 1304. ALVAH W.' LYON [Ambrose', William', 
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, 

N. Y., Aug. 14, 1842. He married, about ^865. Mary Brigham. They ^'-•5 - 
reside in Bainbridge village. He is butcher. Republican, no church. ^^ 

Children of Alvah W. and Mary (Brigham) Lyon: 

2534. I. AHen. 

2535. II. Dora. 
25.S6. III. Wiley. 

2012. VIII. 1304. POLLY^ LYON (VAN ZANDT) [Ambrose^ 
William', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at 
Bainbridge, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1844. She married Anson Van Zandt. They 
lived at Bainbridge until 1882 and then at Wadena. He owns and 
operates a flour mill. Republican. Both Methodist. 


Children of Anson and Polly (Lyon) Van Zandt: 

2537. I. Luella. 

2538. II. £minagene. 

2539. III. Frank. ,. 

2014. VIII. 1304. MILTOnI LYON [Ambrose', William^ Israel*, 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y., 
May 29, 1853. He married first, Feb, 22, 1875, Lizzie Whitney, daughter 
of Rozzell and Jerusha (Rosebuck) Whitney. In 1881 they settled in 
Binghamton, N. Y., where she died, March 17, 1896; he married second 
Sarah Cunningham. He runs a furniture workshop in Binghamton. 
They belong to the Congregational church. 

Daughter of Milton and Lizzie (Whitney) Lyon: 

2540. I. Lois; b. Bainbridge, July 27, 1876; m. April 11, 1906, Clarence 
Morse, son of Griffith and Hattie (Hunt) Morse; he Is a felt carder; res. (1907) 
Binghamton, N. T. 

2029. VIII. 1307. WILFRED H.« LYON [Richard', William*, 
Israel", Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas\ Thomas'], was born at Masonville, 
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1841. He married, June 6, 1862, Cerressa Pattin. They 
reside (1907) at Rock River, Wis. He is a farmer. 

Children of Wilfred H. and Cerressa (Pattin) Lyon: 

2541. I. George; d. . 

2542. II. WUliani; m. . 

2543. III. May. 

2030. VIII. 1307. ARAD' S. LYON [Richard', William', Israel", 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas'], was born at Masonville, N. Y., 
May 21, 1842. He married in Feb. 1862 Mary J. Lynch. He served in 
the Union Army, and was killed on the skirmish line June 5, 1864. 

Daughter of Arad and Mary J. (Lynch) Lyon: 

2544. I. Hattie Arad. 

2032. VIII. 1307. CHARLES L.« LYON [Richard', William', 
Israel", Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Masonville, 
N. Y., April 27, 1845, and died Oct. 4, 1903. Dec. 13, 1887, he married 
Maria Rhinehart. They lived three miles east of Masonville. He was 
farmer, Republican, no church. She is Baptist. 

Children of Charles L. and Maria (Rhinehart) Lyon: 

2545. I. Bertha. 

2546. II. Ralph. 
2647. III. Franli. 


2034. VIII. 1307. AMBROSE A.« LYON [Richa^d^ William', 
Israel, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Mason ville, 
N. Y., Aug. 24, 1849. July 3, 1870, he married Ellen J. Blakeslee. They 
lived in Delhi, N. Y. He is gardener. Republican, no church. She died 
about 1900. 

Children of Ambrose A. and Ellen J. (Blakeslee) Lyon: 
2548. I. Amy May. 
3549. II. Flora Belle. 

2550. III. Alva. 

2035. VIII. 1307. SARAH A." LYON (RANDALL) [Richard', 
William^ IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at 
Masonville, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1852. She married Edward P. Randall. He 
is machinist, Democrat; both Baptist. They reside at Walton, Dela- 
ware Co., N. Y. 

Children of Edward P. and Sarah A. (Lyon) Randall: 

2551. I. Willis I.; b. East Masonville: d. . 

2552. II. Charles; b. Unadilla, N. Y.; res. (1907) Schenectady, N. Y. ; 
machinist, no church. 

2553. III. Frank; b. Unadilla, N. Y.; machinist; m. Olive Lobdell; 2 
ch. ; res. Pearl River, N. J. 

2554. IV. Lucy E.; b. Unadilla, N. Y. ; m. Roy Wilson of Sidney, N. Y. ; 
res. (1907) W^alton. N. Y. ; children: 1. Victor; 2. Ralph; 3. George; 4. Herman. 

2036. VIII. 1307. EMILY^ F. LYON (RAMSDELL) [Richard', 
William', Israel", Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at 
Masonville, N. Y., April 1, 1859. She married Dec. 27, 1877, James W. 
Ramsdell. He was a farmer, living two miles east of Masonville. He 
died . 

Children of James W. and Emily (Lyon) Ramsdell, born at Masonville: 

2555. I. Raymond O.; b. Nov. 1, 187 8; d. Masonville, Feb. 13, 1901. 

2556. II. Nellie O.; b. July IS, 1880; school teacher; res. (1907) with her 

2557. III. Louis O.; b. April 6, 1882; farmer; Republican; res. (1907) 
with his mother. 

2044. VIII. 1311. iCLARKE* LYON [Caleb', William", IsraeP, 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas', Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y., 
about 1842. His mother died when he was four, his father when he was 
fifteen, years old. He served four years in the Union army (N. Y. Vols.) 
and participated in eighteen battles. He married Mrs. Mary Townsend 
Bush, widow of his cousin Chester Bush (No. 2027). They separated 


after two years and he lives (1907) with his sister Rozilla Lyon Corn- 
well, in Hartford. Conn. 

2046. VIII. 1313. GEORGE HENDRICK' LYON [William', Wil- 
liam", Israel", Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas^], was born at Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1844. At 7 years he and his two brothers, 
Farnham and Edward, came with their parents to Sweden, Pa., where 
a new home in the woods was made. Four and a half years later their 
father died, leaving six children, George, in his twelfth year, being the 
oldest. The large enterprises of their father could not be continued 
as he would have done, and the financial crisis which came on im- 
mediately after made a hard path for the mother and family to keep 
and make their home. The two boys, twelve and ten years old, the 
next spring in their sugar bush accomplished the work of making two 
hundred pounds of maple sugar. A neighbor learning about it cheered 
and said that was the biggest thing he ever knew for boys of their 
ages. At thirteen George became a member of the Baptist Church. 
His great grandmother Hendrick, who was spending a year at their 
home, grandfather Hendrick, and mother, with him, made four genera- 
tions together holding the faith. Four winters at Coudersport, he at- 
tended the academy schools and paid board and tuition by doing chores, 
and caring for school rooms. 

He served in Company K. 37th Pa. Militia at time Lee and his army 
invaded the state. Later he enlisted, a private in Co. F. Sllth Regt. 
Pa. Vol., and served nine months till close of the war. This included 
two engagements, charging upon strong fortifications. One was the 
re-capture of Fort Steadman, and the other, April 2, in front of Peters- 
burg, charging and taking the Confederate Fort, Mahone. He says: 
"After storming Fort Mahone we rallied in two charges further to 
adjacent works. I was four hours in the fight where, at from 200 feet 
apart to some of the time not more than twelve feet apart at opposite 
sides of partition walls, each side was trying to make the other keep 
guns and heads low. My blouse was ragged with bullet holes. I, my- 
self, took five men prisoners, and later was made prisoner in turn. 
That proved to be an opportunity under escort, to see the Confederate 
retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox, and the surrender." 

Seven years after the war was devoted at schools, interspersed 
with work at farming, teaching and surveying. He was graduated C. E. 
from Union College Schenectady, N. Y., with class of 1872. 

Feb. 28, 1873, at North East, Pa., he married Sarah Paden, 


daughter of Hugh and Sarah (Dunn) Paden. One son, Paul Paden Lyon 
was born at North East April 18, 1874. Mrs. Lyon died at Bradford, Pa., 
Dec. 4, 1877. She was a woman of excelling worth and traits. Paul, 
emulating them, and growing up the chum of his father, has gained 
a large esteem widespread. G. H. Lyon has adhered closely to the work 
of civil engineer. Thirty years it has been in the Pennsylvania oil 
field except from 1893 to 1897 in West Virgiana, He was twice elected 
city engineer of Bradford, Pa. He was eleven years county surveyor, 
has been chief engineer of numerous railroads in and near the oil fields. 
Until 1882 he was Republican, since that a Prohibitionist. 

In 1882 he changed from observance of Sunday, the first day, to the 
Seventh Day and in the Spring of 1883 he became a member of the 
Baptist Church, non resident, at Alfred, N. Y. In November following, 
Paul, his son, nine years old, was baptized, uniting with the same 
church. They have co-operated all the years since, in the church, 
politically, and now as civil engineers. Their engineering parties 
have always halted from their work on Seventh Day Sabbath. Both 
were delegates from Pennsylvania to the Prohibition National Con- 
vention in 1900 in Chicago. He says of their work, "Both have been 
in some measure successful in persuading leaders in the Prohibi- 
tion Party to desist from proclivity to infringe religious liberty by 
Sunday laws; and to discern that a civil sabbath does not promote a 
hallowed Sabbath, and is not helpful to the church. To discern that a 
civil sabbath begets a holiday instead of a holy day. That making 
a compulsory idle day, by control that has not and cannot have super- 
vision to make it a hallowed day, does make an idle day; and this 
idle day, this civil sabbath, more than has been suspected, fosters the 
liquor traffic." 

G. H. Lyon till 1907 did not marry again. Announcement is now 
made of engagement to marry April 17, 1907, Miss Celina Bliss, daughter 
of John and Harriet (Spencer) Bliss. They were school friends at Bel- 
fast N. Y., 40 years ago. His home is at Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

Son of George H. and Sarah (Paden) Lyon: 
*35.58. I. Paul Paden; b. AprU 18, 1874; res. (1907) Mt. Jewett, Pa.; 

civil engineer. 

2047. VIII, 1313. FARNHAM EUGENE' LYON ] William', Wil- 
liam", Israel", Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], was born at Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1847. At 17 years he enlisted with Co. G. 53rd 
Regt. Pa. Vol., and served a year and a half to the end of the war. 


It included a heavy picket service, many months near Petersburg, and 
the encounters in close pursuit of Lee all the way to Appomattox. 
He was at Appomattox at the surrender. July 4, 1877, he married Mary 
Kelly, daughter of Andrew and Lucinda (Lyman) Kelly. Their home 
has been principally on the William Lyon homestead at Sweden, Pa. 
They have named it "The Maples." With its maple groves and fine 
rows of large maples, and commodious, well built house it is as pretty 
a place as any in the township. He has dealt largely in cattle, fur- 
nishing meat wholesale and retail in the lumber regions of Northern 
Pennsylvania. He is Republican. 

Children of Farnham E. and Mary (KeUy) Lyon: 

2559. I. Charles; b. Sweden, Pa., May 16, 1880. 

2560. II. Florence; b. Tyler, Clearfield Co., Pa., July 19, 1882. 

2561. III. Elizabeth M.; b. Sweden, Pa., Aug. 24, 1884. 

2562. IV. Mary Farnham; b. Sweden, Sept. 26, 1886. 

The parents have separated. The children continue with their father. 

2048. VIII. 1313. EDWARD WILLIAM* LYON [William', Wil- 
liam', IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], was born at Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1851. June 1877, he married Mary 

Dodd, daughter of Edward and Betsy (Holcomb) Dodd of Sweden, 
Pa. Their home has been most of the time at Coudersport, Pa., where 
he has for many years kept a meat market. He is Prohibitionist. Both 
are Baptist. 

Children of Edward William and Mary (Dodd) Lyon: 

2563. I. Dorothy; in Vassar College 2 years; a teacher 2 years; now (1907) 
librarian at Coudersport . 

2564. II. Arch MacDonald; b. Eldred, Pa.; has been engaged about 3 
years assisting at engineering work. 

2565. III. Margery; at school (1907) In Baltimore, Md. 

2566. IV. Ralph Waldo Emerson; In school (1907) at Peddle Institute, 
Hightstown, N. J. 

2567. V. Edward; in the Coudersport school (1907). 

2568. VI. Hollister William; in the Coudersport school (1907). 

2055. VIII. 1316. THOMAS' J. LYON [Briggs^ Samuel', Israel*. 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born in Bainbridge, N. Y., March 
29, 1834; died Binghamton, N. Y., June, 1903. He married Ellen Kelley. 

Children of Thomas and Ellen (Kelley) Lyon: 

2569. I. Florence S.; m. Frank D. Lyon (No. ); address (1906) 
Park Terrace, Binghamton, N. Y. 

2570. II. Frank R.; m. Sept. 12, 1888, Mary A. Gilbert of Bainbridge, 
N. Y.; res. (1906) Manistee, Mich.; children: 1. Marjorie, b. 1889; 2. Mildred, 
b. 1891; 3. GUbert, b. 1895. 


2058. VIII. 1316. JOSIAH B.* LYON [Brlggs', Samuel", Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas', Thomas'], born Bainbridge, May 15, 1840; 
died Sept. 8, 1906. He married first, Dec. 1868, Tabitha Johnson, and 
second, Dec. 25, 1882, Antoinette Teed. His widow lives (1906) at 
Bainbridge, N. Y. 

Daughter of Josiah E. and Tabitha (Johnson) Lyon: 

2571. I. Louise; b. Sept. 30, 1869; m. Dec. 24. 1894, Edwin S. Champion; 
res. Cortland, N. Y. ; one child, Lolita, b. Aug. 19, 1904. 

Children of Josiah E. and Antoinette (Teed) Lyon: 

2572. II. Blanche M.; b. Dec. 12, 1883. 

2573. III. Erie; b. Dec. 19, 1888. 

2574. IV. Ray F.; b. April 28, 1897. 

2060. VIII. 1316. ORVILLE J.» LYON [Brlggs', Samuel', Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Bainbridge, June 20, 1847. 
Present residence (1906) Scran ton. Pa. He married first, April 24, 
1869, Alice Teachout and second, Clarissa Sweet. 

Children of Orville J. and Alice (Teachout) Lyon: 

2575. I. Laveme; married and has one ch., Mildred. 

2576. II. Irene. 

2067. VIII. 1320. HORACE D.« LYON [Spardon', Samuel', Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y., born July 
29, 1850. He married, Feb. 2, 1880 Ada Kelly of Bainbridge, daughter 
of William and Sarah (Doolittle) Kelly. 

Children of Horace D. and Ada (Kelly) Lyon: 

2577. I. L,ena M.; b. Feb. 23, 1881; m. March 1, 1905, Earl Shapley; res. 
Coventryville, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

2578. IL Daisy M.; b. Feb. 3, 1893. 

2068. VIII. 1320. CLARA J.« LYON (KELLY) [Spardon', 
Samuel", Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 3, 
1852, probably in Bainbridge, N. Y. She married, Oct. 11, 1875, W. H. 
Kelly, son of William and Sarah (Doolittle) Kelly of Bainbridge, N. Y.; 
res. Afton, N. Y. 

Children of W. H. and Clara J. (Lyon) Kelly: 

2579. I. Clifton; b. July 9, 1877. 

2580. II. Robert; b. April 7, 1879. 

2581. III. Neva F.; b. Dec. 6, 18 89. 

2582. IV. Paul R.; b. Nov. 28, 1898. 


2069. VIII. 1320. WILLET C.« LYON [Spardon', Samuel', 
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Binghamton, N. Y.; 
born Feb. 28, 1855, probably in Bainbridge, N. Y. He married first, Ida 
Vosbury and second Hattie Vosbury. Present address (1906) No. 1 
Park Terrace, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children of Willet C. and Ida (Vosbury) Lyon: 

2583. I. Myra; b. May 6, 1885; m. July 5, 1902, Louis Fischer; children: 
1. Ralph, b. June 8, 1903; 2. Florence, b. May 22, 1904. 
3584. II. Edith; b. April 23, 1891. 

2071. VIII. 1320. CORA E.« LYON (LOOMIS) [Spardon', 
Samuel", IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born July 10, 
1860. She married, Dec. 23, 1880, Charles Loomis of Oxford, N. Y. 
They lived in Bainbridge, N. Y, 

Children of Charles and Cora E. (Lyon) Loomis: 

2585. I. Ward; b. June 19, 1883. 

2586. II. Ralph; b. July 7, 1885. 

2587. IIL Leon; b. Dec. 12, 1887. 

2588. IV. Bemice; b. Aug. 12, 1889. 

2073. VIII. 1320. EDWARD B.« LYON [Spardon', Samuel*, 
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y.; 
born May 1, 1866. He married, Sept. 18, 1888, Emma Hayes. 

Children of Edward B. and Emma (Hayes) Lyon: 

2589. I. Jessie; b. Aug. 3, 1889. 

2590. II. Archie; b. June 15, 1891. 

2591. III. MUdred; b. Dec. 31, 1895. 

2074. VIII. 1320. ERNEST S.« LYON [Spardon\ Samuel*, 
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y.; 
born June 29, 1870. He married Minnie Maude Rounds. 

Children of Ernest S. and Minnie M. (Rounds) Lyon: 

2592. I. Erlford Henry; b. Nov. 27, 1894. 

2593. II. Homer Ernest; b. Oct. 11, 1897. 

2594. III. Edna Josephine; b. Sept. 16, 1899. 

2595. IV. Howard MUton; b. April 1, 1900(?). 

2596. V. Kenneth B.; b. Jan. 31, 1904. 

[Willef, SamueP, IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born 
Bingham, Pa., May 10, 1841. She married, Sept. 24, 1867, George W. 


Ward Of Newburg, N. Y., born Nov. 16, 1845. They live (1906) in 
Wellsville, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

Children of George W. and Miriam C. (Lyon) Ward: 

2597. I. Willet Lyon; b. May 10, 1869; m. Nov. 17, 1897, Eliza Leonard of 
Spring Mills, Alleghany Co., N. Y.; children: 1. Churchill L,yoii, b. Sept. 17, 

1898; 2. Miriam, b. July 3, 1900; 3. Dorothy; b. April 27, 1903; 4. Margaret, 
b. Oct. 12, 1905; B. Eleanor, b. Oct. 12, 1905. 

2598. II. Mary; b. March 7, 1872, at Bingham, Pa.; m. July 10, 1895, Del- 
bert Alonzo Crowner of Wellsville, N. Y. ; res. Columbus, Ohio; a dau., Lovina 
Ann, b. June 21, 1903; d. Sept. 26, 1903. 

2599. III. Ivovina Monroe; b. March 15, 1876, at Wellsville, N. Y. ; m. June 
28, 1899, George Bryant Nichols of Osslan, N. Y. ; a dau., Mary Georgia; b. Aug. 
24, 1902.^ ^ i. - 

2083. VIII. 1325. SETH JAY' LYON [SamueF, Samuel', Israel' 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born 1867; died Aug. 24, 1900, 
m. Evalyn Dyke. 

Children of Seth Jay and Evalyn (Dyke) Lyon: 

2600. I. Clifford. 

2601. II. Herbert. 
2603. III. Ernest. 
2603. IV. A son. 

2093. VIII. 1331. MAR Y» LYON (BLAKESLEE) [Jared', Daniel', 
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas", Thomas'], born in Afton, N. Y., 
Aug. 9, 1853. At the age of twelve she moved to East Pike, Wyoming 
Co., N. Y. She married, first Oct. 1, 1873 Jerome Blakeslee. He died 
Dec. 27, 1875; killed by a falling tree. She married second, Feb. 4, 
1877, George Blakeslee, nephew of her former husband. They re- 
moved in 1881 to Simpson, Ks., where they now (1906) reside. 

Son of Jerome and Mary (Lyon) Blakeslee: 

3604. I. Ward Jerome; b. East Pike, N. Y.. Aug. 21, 1874; m. in Cali- 
fornia. March 12, 1901, Ida McGinniss, dau. of J. H. and Lizzie ( ) Mc- 

Ginniss, of Rockville, Ind. ; machinist and farmer; res. Simpson, Ks. ; no children. 

Children of George and Mary (Lyon) Blakeslee: 

3605. I. Ernest G.; b. Jan. 22, 1878, at East Pike, N. Y. ; has lived in 
Colorado, Mexico. New Mexico and California; now res. Kemmirer, Wyoming; a 
railroad engineer; is married and has a son, George Ernest. 

2606. II. George J.; b. Feb. 13, 1881, at East Pike, N. Y. ; m. 1892, Kate 
Noll at Ashvllle, Ks. ; U. S. mail carrier; res. Simpson. Ks. ; children: 1. Rex- 
ford, b. Oct. 4, 1903; 2. Irene, b. May 21, 1905. 

2607. III. Earl K.; b. Nov. 24, 1883, in East Pike, N. Y. ; m. Ruby O'- 
Conner of Parachute, Colo.; res. some time in Parachute, now a farmer at Simp- 
son, Ks. ; no children. 

2608. IV. Merton F.; b. June 9, 1889, at Simpson, Ks. 

2609. V. Loren E.; b. March 2, 1894, at Simpson, Ks. 


2094. VIII. 1331. RAY» LYON [Jared^, Daniel', Israel', Israel*. 
Jonathan', Thomas-", Thomas'], born in Afton, N. Y., July 20, 1863; 
removed with his parents in 1867 to East Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y.; 
in 1879 to Simpson, Ks., and in 1886 to Sidney, Colo. He married about 
1889 Agnes Rawson. They reside (1906) at Sayre, Okla. 

Children of Ray and Agnes (Rawson) Lyon: 

2610. I. Kyle; b. about 1894. 

2611. II. William; b. about 1898. 

2612. III. MUdred; b. about 1900. 

2613. IV. Infant; dec. 

2099. VIII. 1331. ELBERT* LYON [Jared', Daniel', Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Nov. 24, 1873 at East Pike, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y.; removed with his parents in 1879 to Simpson, Ks., 
and in 1886 to Sidney, Colo. He married in Vernal, Utah, about 1894; 
res. Sidney, Colo. 

Children of Elbert and ( ) Lyon: 

2614. I. Roy; b. about 1895. 
8615. II. Florence; b. about 1901. 
2616. III. Merton; b. Oct. 1905. 

2101. VIII. 1333. CHARLES L.» LYON [Israer, Charles', Israel', 
Israel*, Jonathan^, Thomas% Thomas'], born Oct. 28, 1835. He mar- 
ried Elvira D. Landers, born Oct. 23, 1835. 

Children of Charles L. and Elvira D. (Landers) Lyon: 
•2617. I. George I,.; b. Feb. 5, 1857; m. Myra J. Doolittle (No. 2090). 
•2618. II. Sarah M.; b. Dec. 28, 1860; m. Keeler E. Shaply. 

•2619. III. Melvin T.; b. Jan. 22, 1863; m. Iva Hendrlckson. 
•2620. IV. Frank A.; b. June 18, 1865; m. Lela Davis. 
•2621. V. Carrie B.; b. Nov. 1, 1874; m. Ray "W. Parker. 

2104. VIII. 1334. CUYLER W.« LYON [Abijah', Charles', Israel", 
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas=, Thomas'], born Nov. 14, 1838; died Aug. 
19, 1872. He married, Dec. 10, 1864, Susan M. Taylor of Sand Lake. 

Children of Cuyler W. and Susan M. (Taylor) Lyon: 

2622. I. Alva; b. June 10, 1870; d. Aug. 11, 1877. 

2623. II. Florence; m. May 18, 1887, Adam H. Miller. 

2106. VIII. 1334. CLARINDA M.' LYON (PIKE) [Abijah*, 
Charles', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Sept. 20, 
1837. She married, Sept. 7, 1853, Joe Pike of Colesville, N. J. 


Children of Joe and Clarlnda M. (Lyon) Pike: 

2634. I. Ida; b. Dec. 29, 1854; m. Henry Truesdell; has children. 

2625. II. Hector; d. ae. about 15. 

2626. IIL Olive; married ; has children. 

2148. VIII. 1354. PHILLIPS RUNDLB« LYON [Solomon R.', 
Seth', Spardon', Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], res. Bedford 
Village, Westchester Co., N. Y.; m. Susie A. . 

Son of Phillips R. and Susie A. ( ) Lyon: 

2627. I. Herbert; b. April 8, 1888; d. Jan. 13, 1890. 

2149. VIII. 1354. IRVING WITTALL' LYON [Solomon R.\ 
Seth^ Spa^don^ Israel*, Jonathan'^ Thomas-, Thomas'], a physician; 
married Mary Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Frederick Darrow and 
Louise (Jacobs) Tucker; res. Hartford, Conn. 

Children of Irving W. and Mary E. (Tucker) Lyon: 

2628. I. Mary Phillips; m. Chester Albree; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

2629. XI^_J^iHS,^]^?UlP5La physician; res. 531 Franklin St.. Buffalo, N. Y. 
, /% / . 2630. IJU. Charles; res. 'Hartford, Conn, . I f A A ' 

2174. VIII. 1408. CLARA ISABEL' LYON (HAYES) [WilMm 
Penn^ Isaac*, Thomas", David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born at 
Racine, Wis., Oct. 2, 1857; grad. Univ. of Wisconsin, 1876; studied 
French, German and painting in Europe 1878-79, 7 months at Berlin 
Art School. She married at Madison, Wis., June 16, 1885, Jay Orlo 
Hayes, son of Anson Everis Hayes (b. Aug. 27, 1813, at Granby, Conn.) 
and Mary Folsom (b. Oct. 2, 1825, at Holland, N. Y.; see Holland Gen.). 
He was born Oct. 2, 1857, at Waterloo, Wis.; grad. Law School of Univ. 
of Wis. 1880; practiced law in Ashland, Wis. until 1886 then operated 
extensive iron mines at Ashland and at other places. They live (1906) 
In Eden Vale, Calif. 

Children of Jay O. and Clara Isabel (Lyon) Hayes: 

2631. I. Harold Ariel; b. Nov. 9, 1886, at Hurley, Wis.; d. Jan. 19, 1887. 

2632. II. Infant son; b. and d. Feb. 23, 1888, at Eden Vale, Calif. 

2633. III. Mildred Mary; b. Oct. 29, 1889, at Eden Vale. Calif. 

2634. IV. Lyetta Adelia; b. Feb. 22, 1893, at Eden Vale, Calif. 

2635. V. Elystus Lyon; b. Feb. 15, 1895, at Eden Vale, Calif. 

2636. VI. Meriam Folsom; b. June 27, 1897, at Eden Vale, Calif. 

2637. VII. Jay Orlo Jr.; b. Dec. 22. 1899, at Ironwood, Mich. 

2175. VIII. 1408. WILLIAM PENN« LYON, JR. [William Penn', 
Isaac', Thomas", David*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas'], born at Racine, 


Wis. Aug. 23, 1861; grad. Univ. of Wisconsin, A. B. 1881, also LL. B. 
1886. He married, Oct. 27, 1889, at Eden Vale, Calif., Ellen Chynoweth, 
born Feb. 5, 1850; grad. Univ. of Wisconsin, A. B. 1870, A. M. 1882. 
She was daughter of Thomas and Emily (Bradford) Chynoweth. t 
They lived (1906) in Eden Vale, Calif. 

Children of William Penn and Ellen (Chynoweth) Lyon: 

2638. I. Carroll Hayes; b. March 2, 1891, at Eden Vale, Calif; d. April 13. 

2639. II. William Fenn; b. April 11, 1894, at Eden Vale, Calif. 

2228. VIII. 1429. ALFRED MANINGTON' LYON [Robert B.', 
John W.*, Thomas', David*, Jonathan*, Thomas-, Thomas'], bom June 
29, 1862 at Atkinson, 111. He married, Dec. 25, 1888, in Los Angeles, 
Calif., Anna D. Tufts, daughter of John Quincy and Susan A. (Cook) 
Tufts of Los Angeles. He lived in Indian Territory 1880 to 1888, then 
moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where he has resided ever since. He 
Is a dealer in firearms and sporting goods. 

Son of Alfred M. and Anna D. (Tufts) Lyon: 

2640. I. Percy Tufts; b. Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 17, 1893. 

2259. VIII. 1440. NINA* LYON (DALTON) [George F.', Wil- 
liam F.*, Thomas\ David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Terre 
Haute, Ind., Sept. 10, 1876. She has musical talent, which she has 
cultivated and put to use as a church singer and a teacher of music. 
She was at one time on the stage as Katharine Lyon. She married, 
April 25, 1896, in San Francisco, Bento C. Dalton, son of Frank and 
Jennie (Cole) Dalton, of Berkeley, Calif. Present address 185 John St., 
Oakland, Calif. 

Children of Bento C. and Nina (Lyon) Dalton: 

2641. I. Raymond Lyon; b. Nov. 25, 1898. 

2642. II. Harold Francis; b. Feb. 6, 1901. 

2262. VIII. 1470. WILLIAM HENRY* LYON [William H.\ Wil- 
liam W.', Jonathan', Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^, Thomas'], born Oct. 8, 
1847; died Nov. 5, 1901; res. White Plains, N. Y. (19 South Broadway). 
He married June 4, 1873, Frances Halsted Sherwood, born 1849 at 
White Plains; daughter of John R. and Martha (Halsted) Sherwood. 

tThomas Chynoweth, born in Cornwall, Eng. ; moved to Rochester, N. T., at 
nine years of age, (See Chynoweth Gen.); Emily Bradford born at Keene, N. H. 
(See Bradford Gen.). 


Children of ■William H. and Frances H. (Sherwood) Lyon: 

2643. I. Edith M.; b. April 11, 1874; d. May 5, 1886. 

2644. II. WUliam Henry; b. April 11, 1881. 

2645. III. Charles Sherwood; b. Nov. 9, 1886. 

2263. VIII. 1470. MARY PARISH" LYON (VAIL) [William H.*, 
William W.', Jonathan", Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], bom 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1848; res. Plainfield, N. J. She married Oct. 
29, 1873, Anthony C. Vail. 

Children of Anthony C. and Mary Parish (Lyon) "Vail: 

2646. I. Carolyn Lyon; b. Jan. 22, 1876; m. May 8, 1902, Dr. Charles New- 
ton Cutter of Chelsea, Mass. 

2647. IL Ralph Lyon; b. Jan. 31, 1885. 

liam H.', William W.', Jonathan', Peter*, Jonathan", Thomas^ Thomas*], 
born Brooklyn, N. Y. Sept. 30, 1853; res. (1906) No. 53 Broadway, White 
Plains, N. Y. She married, Sept. 18, 1878, Edwin Bowers Day. 

Children of Edwin B. and Caroline W. (Lyon) Day: 

2648. I. Grace Lyon; b. July 21, 1880; m. Jan. 2, 1905, Charles Waters 

2649. II. £dna Bowers; b. May 28, 1885; d. Feb. 21, 1887. 

2650. III. Irving Meade; b. Jan. 11, 1888. 

2651. IV. Doris Carolyn; b. Feb. 22, 1890. 

2265. VIII. 1470. ADELAIDE S." LYON (DAY) [William H.», 
William W.', Jonathan', Peter*, Jonathan", Thomas^ Thomas'], born 
Brooklyn, N. Y. June 1, 1857; res. (1906) Plainfield, N. J. She mar- 
ried, June 5, 1878, Alfred William Day. 

Children of Alfred W. and Adelaide S. (Lyon) Day: 

2652. I. Mabel; b. Jan. 12, 1880; d. Nov. 3, 1888. 

2653. II. May Lyon; b. Jan. 27, 1886. 

2285. VIII. 1506. ELMER DANIEL" LYON [Daniel, Lorenzo M.", 
SamueP, Peter*, Jonathan", Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 24, 1872; 
address (1905) P. O. Box 41, South Milwaukee, Wis. He married May 
8, 1901 Carrie Eva Brown, at Centerville, Mich. 

Daughter of Elmer Daniel and Carrie Eva (Brown) Lyon: 

2654. I. Florence May. 

2288a. VIII. 1508. WILLARD CHARLES" LYON [Charles W.', 
Lorenzo M.', Samuel', Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^*, Thomas'], born in 


Scio Township, Mich., Dec. 17, 1859; attorney; res. (1907) St. Johns, 
Mich. He married at Medina, O., March 21, 1882, Stella Gertrude 

Children of "Willard C. and Stella G. (Spink) Lyon: 

2655. I. Charles Ralph; b. March 10, 1883; unm. (1907); machinist In 
Oldsmoblle works, Lansing, Mich. 

2656. II. Harry Glenn; b. April 10, 1SS7; unm. (1907); machinist in Olds- 
mobile works, Lansing, Mich. 

2288b. VIII. 1508. EDWIN HOWARD' LYON [Charles W.', 
Lorenzo M.*, SamueP, Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^, Thomas^], born in 
Scio township, Mich., July 7, 1861; a prominent lawyer (1907) in St. 
Johns, Mich. He married first Alice Maxam. She died within two 
years and he married second, Sept. 14, 1893, Nellie M. Bundy. 

Children of Edwin H. and Nellie M. (Bundy) Lyon: 

2657. I. Frances; b. 1897. 

2658. II. Edwin Howard, Jr.; b. 1901. 

2288d. VIII. 1508. IDA MAY' LYON (FILDEW) [Charles W.', 
Lorenzo M.', SamueP, Peter*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], born Nov. 

9, 1865; married in September or October, 1890, John H. Fildew; res. 
(1907) St. Johns. Mich. 

Children of John H. and Ida Mary (Lyon) Fildew: 

2659. I. Helen; b. March 17, 1892. 

2660. II. Annie; b. 1895. 

2661. III. Stanley; b. 1897. 

2662. IV. A son; b. 1900. 

2320. IX. 1589. WILLIAM FRANKLIN" LYON JR. [William F.', 
Nathan R.', Enon', Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas*, John^ Thomas'], born High 
Forest, Minn., Oct. 7, 1870. He married Nellie Russell, daughter of 
Judge Russell of Hart, Mich. They live (1906) in Hart, Mich. 

Son of William F. and Nellie (Russell) Lyon: 

2663. I. Fred Russell; b. about 1895. 

2322. IX. 1589. JAY EDGAR" LYON [William F.', Nathan R.^ 
Enon', Caleb", Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born Oberlin, O., Nov. 

10, 1874. He married Edna Palmiter of Hart, Mich. They live (1906) 
in Detroit^ Mich., where he is connected with the National Express 


Children of Jay Edgar and Edna (Palmiter) Lyon: 

2664. I. I.aura Louise; b. July 4, 1900. 

8665. II. Edwin Franklin; b. March 7, 1904. 

2324. IX. 1589. JUDSON WEST" LYON [William F.\ Nathan 
R.', Enon", Caleb", Caleb*, Thomas^ John% Thomas'], born Norwalk, O., 
Feb. 6, 1880. He married, Aug. 23, 1905, Donna Wisner of Lowell, 
Mich. They live (1906) in Norwalk, O., where he is a booker in the 
A. B. Chase Piano Company. 

2395. IX. 1681. LIZZIE' LYON (LOCKYER) [William', Jam•es^ 
James', Roger', Roger*, John', John^, Thomas'], born Jan. 19, 1865. She 
married, Jan. 14, 1892, George Lockyer, born Feb. 6, 1863; son of John 
and Elizabeth ( ) Lockyer. 

Children of George and Lizzie (Lyon) Lockyer: 

2666. I. Albert William; b. Nov. 18, 1892. 

2667. II. Edith Agnes; b. Dec. 4, 1894. 

2400. IX. 1690. WILLIAM WILLIAMS' LYON [William W.", 
Miles', Jonathan", Roger', Roger*, John' John^, Thomas'], born Nov. 15, 
1856; res. 758 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn; appraiser, U. S. Customs. He 
married Dec. 2, 1874 Alice Mott, born Aug. 25, 1857; daughter of John 
and Mary Louise ( ) Mott. 

Children of William W. and Alice (Mott) Lyon: 

2668. I. Florence Louise; b. Sept. 28, 1875; m. Nov. 29, 1893, George M. 
Davis; ch. : George M. and Gladys. 

2669. II. Blanche; b. Sept. 10, 1877. 

2670. III. Alice Mott; b. June 16, 1886. 

2671. IV. Frederick W.; b. Oct. 13, 1891. 

2672. V. Buth Newman; b. May 6, 1897. 

2673. VI. John Mott; b. Jan. 14, 1899. 

2401a. IX. 1690. HERVEY C." LYON [William W.^ Miles', Jona- 
than», Roge^^ Roger*, John', John'', Thomas'], born Oct. 20, 1865; res. 
44 Lee Ave., Brooklyn, later in Pittsubrg, Pa. He married April 25, 
1886, Ida Tilley, born June 11, 1864; daughter of William and Almeda 
(Willetts) Tilley. 

Children of Hervey C. and Ida (Tilley) Lyon: 

2674. I. Mary Abigail; b. Jan. 13, 1887. 

2675. II. Mildred; b. Nov. 7, 1S88. 

2676. III. Harold; b. Jan. 13, 1891; d. Jan. 17, 1891. 


2402. IX. 1699. MABEL AMANDA" LYON (ROBINSON) [Wil- 
liam P.^ Stephen', William', Justus", Roger*, John^, John-, Thomas^], 
born Jan. 4, 1876. She married, June 2, 1898^ George Seward Robinson, 
who was born in Putnam Co., N. Y., Oct. 19, 1873; son of Lewis George 
and Laura (Henion) Robinson. He is a farmer, living near Amawalk, 
Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Children of George S. and Mabel A. (Lyon) Robinson: 
2677. I. Ernest Lyon; b. Towners, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1898. 
2678. II. Earl Henion; twin bro. of Ernest. 

2679. III. Seward Penn Lyon; b. April 11, 1906, at Amawalk, N. Y. 

2498. IX. 1826. JOSEPH HERBERT' LYON [James^ William 
L.^ James', James^ James*, John^ John", Thomas'], born Greenwich, 
Oonn., March 21, 1871. He studied medicine but is at present Captain 
of a steamboat. Has been Justice of the Peace. Present address 
Mica, Kootenai Co., Idaho. He married in Spoliane, Wash., Nov. 11, 
1891 Rose Leet, daughter of Col. M. and Sarah E. (Snow) Leet, of 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children of Joseph H. and Rose (Leet) Lyon: 

2680. I. Alfred Jefferson; b. Mica Bay, Idaho, Aug. 23, 1892. 

2681. II. Felix Herbert; b. Spokane, Wash., Nov. 9, 1894. 

2682. III. Victor Leet; b. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, May 15. 1897. 

2683. IV. Laurance Paul; b. Mica Bay, Jan. 9, 1899. 

2500. IX. 1826. WILLIAM ERNEST' LYON [James', William 
L.^ James', James^ James*, John^ John% Thomas'], born Plainfield, 
N. J., July 21, 1878. Present address Harrison, Idaho. He was mar- 
ried in Spokane, Wash., Feb. 5, 1902 to Lenore Searles, daughter of 
G. C. and Lavantia (Martin) Searles of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. 

Children of William E. and Lenore (Searles) Lyon: 

2684. I. Ernest Kenneth; b. Harrison, Idaho, Dec. 15, 1902. 

2685. II. Dorothy Mabel; b. Nov. 2, 1904. 

2533. IX. 2005. AMY' LYON (THORNTON) [Marcus', Charles^ 
William', IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], was born at 
Bainbridge, Sept. 27, 1875. She married, Oct. 14, 1893, Cory D. Thorn- 
ton, born Sept. 17, 1870. They make their home with her parents. He 
is a farmer^ and has another farm half a mile distant, the original 
homestead of Daniel Lyon (No. 681). He is Republican, president of a 
local telephone company, and road commissioner for Bainbridge town- 


2558. IX. 2046. PAUL PADEN" LYON [George H.«, William*, 
William", Israel", Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], was born at 
North East, Pa., April 18, 1874. His mother died at Bedford, Pa., when 
he was 3^ years old. He had a home with his grandmother the great- 
er part of each year, but with his father each winter till nine years old. 
After that all the time except in school was with his father. On his 
16th birthday he was presented with a new surveyors' compass. He 
proceeded at once to good use of it, and was credited with being the 
youngest surveyor in the state. At eighteen he was given charge of 
one of three corps of men malting survey for a pipe line from Brad- 
ford Pa. eastward to near the seaboard. This was wholly outside of 
his father's supervision. His work was so expeditious and satisfactory 
that he was retained in service several months at the best wages after 
the several parties were dismissed. In 1898 and '99 he spent one year 
prospecting in the Klondike gold field. Thousands were waiting in 
May below the Chilcoot Pass in the rush to be in the lead to go down 
the lakes and rivers by boats when the ice should break. Friends 
wanted to join with him, but decided they could not because of his 
decision not to run Sabbaths (Saturday). The exigency, they thought, 
required then to run every day. He made his trip single handed. He 
tied up every Saturday. His expertness at boating and use of charts 
brought him in two days ahead of his friends who would not wait for 
him. His prospecting was not remunerative except in knowledge 
gained of the country and of mining and methods. He returned the 
following spring. 

Aug. 26, 1902, he married Adaline Bonham, daughter of Winfield 
Scott and Eva (Saunders) Bonham, at Shiloh, N. J. 

He and his father co-operate, working together or separately, as 
engagements favor, at civil engineering. He is chief engineer for 
Timberlake Gold Mining Co., of Routt Co., Colorado, devoting part of 
his time to that work. 

The Prohibitionists have twice made him their candidate for the 
legislature. He has served them since as secretary and later as chair- 
man of the county committee. He is a good writer, speaker, and organi- 
zer, and everywhere gains friends. His home is Bradford, Pa. 

Children of Paul Paden and Adaline (Bonham) Lyon: 

2686. I. Kichard Bonham; born July 2, 1903, at Mt. Jewett Pa. 

2687. II. Chester Paden; born Jan. 12, 1905, at Mt . Jewett. 

2688. III. Ruth Virginia; born June 3, 1906, at Bradford, Pa. 


2617. IX. 2101. GEORGE L.' LYON [Charles L.', Israel', 
Charles*, IsraeP, IsraeP, JonathaIl^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Feb. 5, 
1857. He married, Sept. 24, 1879, Myra J. Doolittle, born May 13, 1860. 

Children of George H. and Myra J. (Doolittle) Lyon: 
2689. I. Alton B.; b. Oct. 6, 1881. 
36bO. II. Kena JI.; b. Dec. 22, 1887. 

2618. IX. 2101. SARAH M." LYON (SHAPLY) [Charles L.^ 
Israel', Charles^ IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'], born 
Dec. 28, 1860. She married, Feb. 16, 1877, Keeler E. Shaply, born .Jan. 
12, 1855. 

Children of Keeler E. and Sarah M. (Lyon) Shaply: 

2691. I. M«t(ie A.; b. Nov. 19, IS"; m. July 4. 189,',. Isaac Woods, b. 
April 9, 1875 d. June 22, 1906; children: 1. Ii"loss!e, b. May 10, 1896; d. Aug. 5, 
1896; 2. Kalph, b. Aug. 7, 1898; 3. Celia, b. June 6, 1900; 4. Ina, b. March 7, 


2692. II. Florence 3Iay; b. Dec. 23, 1883; m. Nov. 27, 1902j, Ralph Hinman, ♦ Of 
b. Feb. 9, 1882; ch. ;/. Mario_p , 6. Feb. 23, 1904. (Ji) ^*<XZ,-JU.,C. I.«""?^7/(U ^^-^*^ '*; 

2683. III. Roes; b. July 3, 1889. * Z**-**-* '^ f * *' 

269-1. IV. Ernest; b. June 27, 1S94. 

2619. IX. 2101. MELVIN T.» LYON [Charles L.\ IsraeP, 
Charles^ IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], born Jan. 22, 
1863; died June 22, 1896. He married, June 6, 1888, Ida Hendrickson, 
born Dec. 22, 1863. 

Children of Melvin T. and Ida (Hendrickson) Lyon: 
eci^ . 2695. I. Erl; b. July 27, 1890. 

U-*»<.<-^ 2696. II. Louie; b. Oct. 28, 1892. 

2620. IX. 2101. FRANK A." LYON [Charles L.^ IsraeP, Charles". 
IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'], born June 18, 1865. He 
married, Dec. 1, 1886, Lela Davis, born May 23, 1867. 

Children of Frank A. and Lela (Davis) Lyon: 

2697. I. Alta; b. Oct. 5, 1887. 

2698. II. Ida; b. July 19, 1889; d. Dec. 1900. 

2699. III. Ina; b. Aug. 16, 1892. 

2621. IX. 2101. CARRIE B." LYON (PARKER) [Charles L.', 
IsraeP, Charles", IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], born 
Nov. 1, 1874. She married, Jan. 1, 1901, Ray W. Parker, born March 
11, 1876. 

San of Ray W. anja Carrie B. (Lyon) Parker: 

2700. I. Kennethfc b. Dec. 6, 1903. '^^<'*>**A*^^^ ^ .^ „ /t / — 



ADAM' WINTHROP of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, Bng., about 1497 
married Joanne Burton. Adam- Winthrop, born Oct. 9, 1498; died Nov. 
9, 1562; m. in London July 20, 1534, Agnes Sharpe, daughter of Robert 
Sharpe, Gent, of Islington, co. Middlesex, Eng. Adam' Winthrop, born 
Lavenham, Aug. 10, 1548; died Groton, Eng. March 28, 1623. He was 
auditor of Trinity College, Cambridge. He married as his second wife, 
Feb. 20, 1579-80 Anne, daughter and co-heir of Henry Browne of 
Bdwardstone, co. Suffolk, Eng. She died April 19, 1629 (Manorial 
families of Suffolk). John* Winthrop was bom at Groton Manor, 
Eng., Jan. 12, 1587, and died at Boston, Mass., March 26, 1649. He 
was a lawyer and County magistrate who became a great Puritan 
leader and emigrated to New England, coming to Salem in the ship 
Arabella in 1630. He was elected on the passage Governor of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony, and held that position of honor almost 
continuously until 1646. His first wife (married March 16, 1605) was 
Mary Forth, daughter and heiress of John Forth, Gent, of Great Stan- 
bridge, CO. Essex, Eng. She died June 26, 1615. He married second 
Dec. 6. 1615, Thomasine Clopton, daughter of William Clopton of 
Castellane near Groton. She died Dec. 8, 1616. April 29, 1618, he mar- 
ried Margaret Tyndall, daughter of Sir John Tyndall of Great Maple- 
stead, CO. Essex. She died June 14, 1647, and in December of that year 
he married as his fourth wife Martha (Rainsborough) Coytmore, 
widow of Thomas Coytmore, and daughter of Capt. Vv'illiam Rains- 
borough, R. N. By his first wife, Mary Forth, John Winthi'op had: 

1. John; b. Feb. 15, 1606; d. April 5, 1676; m. 1st Martha, daughter of 
Thomas and Anne (Winthrop) Fones; m. 2nd Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Edmund Reade of Wickford, co. Essex. 2. Henry; b. Jan. 20, 1607; d. 
July 2, 1630; m. April 25, 1629, Elizabeth Fones; 3. Forth; b. Dec. 30, 
1609; d. Nov. 28, 1630; 4. Many; b. 1612; d. April 12, 1643; m. 1632, 
Rev. Samuel Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. John 
Winthrop had by his third wife, Margaret Tyndall: 1. Stephen; b. 
March 24, 1618; d. 1658; m. Judith, dau. Capt. William Rainsborough; 

2. Adam; b. April 7, 1620; m. 1st, Feb. 1642, Elizabeth Grover; m. 
2nd, Elizabeth Hawkins. 3. Deane, b. March 16, 1622; d. March 16, 
1704; m. 1st, Sarah Glover; m. 2nd, Martha Mellows. 4. Samuel; b. 
Aug. 28, 1627; d. 1673-6; m. in Antigua, Elizabeth . (His grand- 


daughter, Sarah, m. Henry Lyons of Antigua, whose great great grand- 
son, Edmund, became Admiral Lyons, R. N., raised to the peerage as 
Baron Lyons in 1856, the father of Lord Lyons, British Rxinister in 
Washington 1858). 

Henrys Winthrop was baptized at Groton Manor, Jan. 20, 1607. 
At the age of twenty he went to the Barbadoes, but did not remain 
there very long. April 25, 1629, he married, in London, his cousin 
Elizabeth Fones, daughter of Thomas and Anne (Winthrop) Fones.f 
When Henry Winthrop, following his father, sailed from England in 
the month of April, 1630, he left his wife at Groton to come over sub- 
sequently with his mother, both being on the verge of maternity. 
Henry arrived on the ship Talbot in the harbor of Salem on July 1, 
1630, and, as the ancient family records state the circumstances, on the 
following day he went on shore with the principal officers of the ship, 
and walking out to a place, now called by the Salemites Northfield, to 
view the Indian wigwans, they saw on the other side of the river a 
small canoe. He would have one of the company swim over and fetch 
it rather than walk several miles on foot, it being very hot weather, 
but none of the party could swim but himself and so he plunged in and 
as he was swimming over was taken with the cramp a few rods from 
the shore and drowned. His wife, with her infant daughter, came over 
on the ship Lyon which arrived Nov. 2, 1631, also bringing Governor 
John Winthrop's wife and others of the family. She afterwards became 
the wife of Captain Robert Feake of Watertown, who removed a few 
years later to Stamford, Conn, where he, with Capt. Daniel Patrick, 
had purchased land. Her daughter, Martha Johanna Winthrop, there 
married Thomas Lyon, and the young couple for a time lived with 
Mrs. Feake, whose husband had returned to Watertown. Captain 
Feake became insane and his wife, who seems to have had no strong 
affection for him, found a new "affinity" in the person of William 
Hallet who ultimately married her while Captain Feake was still living- 
Mr. Hallet settled afterwards at Hallets' Cove, L. I., joining the Society 
of the Friends. Greenwich Town Records have the following item 
(Lib. I. p. 168): Nov. 25, 1650 William Hallet of Greenwich in New 
Netherlands for 3 score and 10 pounds sells to Jeffere Ferris as his own 
and wife's right also ye lands purchased by Daniel Patrick and Robert 
Feke in New Netherlands. Signed, William Hallet; Elizabeth Hallet. 

tThomas Fones of London, an apothecary, married, Feb. 25. 1604. Anne 
Winthrop, born Jan. 16. 1585, died May 16, 1819; daughter of Adam and Anne 
(Browne) Winthrop of Grot,on and sister of Governor Jolm Winthrop of Mass- 
achusetts. Thomas Fones died April 15. 1S29. 



From Stamford, Conn., Town Records. 

Nov. 26, 1652. — An agreement between William Potter the on pty, 
and Thomas Lyon the other pty, Viz — of bartter or exchange of lands, 
the said William Potter doth surrender and pass over from him and 
his, on house and hom lote Contaynin on acre and half mor or less, 
bounded by the highway west and north west, Henry Ackerly Est., and 
that wch was Samuell Shermans south, unto Thomas Lyon and his 
for ever and in leue whereof the said Thomas as above doth surender 
unto the foresaid William Potter two acres of medow more or less 
Bounded by Jno Chapman Este, Thos Stevens West, butting to the Sea 
South, and highway North. 

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. 4, p. 92. 

May 11, 1654. — Thomas Lyon hath purchased of Thomas Sherving- 
ton one home lot being in quantity foure acres and half being more or 
less being bounded on the Northwest with the land of Samuel Drake, on 
ye northeast with the land of the said Thomas Lyon, on the south- 
east with the land of the said Thomas Lyon, on the southwest with a 
highway. The town hath granted unto Thomas Lyon a parcell of land 
lying by his homelot that sometime was the land of Thomas Sherving- 
ton part of it was swamps and part of it was upland being in quantity 
foure acres being more or less bounded on the southeast with the 
highway on the southwest by the land of Thomas Beardsley and Georg 
Godwine on the northwest and have with the Common, on the north- 
west with the land that sometime was Thomas Shervington now 
Thomas Lyon's now that within ye boundes ther lyes an acre East of 
S-^amp land that John Barlow Samuel Drake Thomas Shervington have 
sold unto the said Thomas Lyon and his heirs forever. 

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 92. 

The 12th. January 1658. Thomas Lyon hath purchased too parcells 
of land of Andrew Ward, ye one parcell of land containinge six acres 
more or less lying on ye Newfield Bonded to ye South by ye land of 
Alexander Knowlton to ye North by ye land of George Roden butting to 
ye highway to ye East and to ye river to ye West. The other parsell 


being too acres of madow lying in 1' quit nyeck is commonly Sasqua 
bounded by ye land of Mr. Jons to ye north by ye land of John Wheeler 
to ye south butting to ye upland to ye west and upon ye land that was 
given [?] by Mr John Tomsons to ye east. 

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 92. 

The 12th of January 1658, Thomas Lyon of Fairfield hath pur- 
chased of Symon Hoyt of Stamford one parcell of land in quantity six 
acres more or less Lyinge and being in ye Newfield or Milno plains 
also so called bounded by ye land of John Hayt to ye north and ye 
land of ffrancis purdye to ye south buting on ye highway to ye East 
and to ye common fenc to ye west. 

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 141. 

Nov. 1, 1675. Daniel ffrost hath purchased of Thomas Lyon his 
homelot in ffairfeild both the upland and swamp land being in quantity 
eight acres more or less with the privilidges and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging with all the houseing and trees on the said land. To 
be to him and to his heirs forever the land is bounded on the north- 
west with the land of Samuel Drake and the Common, on the north 
and northeast with the Common, on the southeast v/ith the land of 
John Sturge and the highway. After ye said Daniel hath purchased of 
ye said Thomas to be to ye said Daniel and to his heirs forever Two 
thirds intrest in ye perpetual Commons of ffairfeild. 

From Greenwich Town Record, p. 78. 

I, John Willson with Mary my wife, of Greenwich in the CoUony 
of Connecticut do hereby acquit and discharge as well in our behalf as 
in the behalf of our heires executors and administrators John Lyon 
the eldest son of Thomas Lyon of the place aforesaid and the said 
Thomas Lyon's heires executors and administrators, from all demands 
debts dues which I the said John or Mary my wife or any of or from 
us might have by resone of any legacye due by will of Thomas Lyon 
deceased or any other demand, which is or may be on the said estate 
of him the said Thomas Lyon by us or any of us. 

Nov. 4th 1691 


Job Wright MARY X WILLSON j marks 

John Stoakham 




To Robert Feeke And Daniel Patrick. 

Wee Amogerone, Sachem of Asamuck and Rammattlione, Naw- 
horone, Sachems of Patomuck, have Sould unto Robert Feaks and 
Daniell Patricke all thelre rights and interests in all ye severall lands 
betwene Asamuck River and Patomuck, which Patomuck is a littel 
river which divideth ye bounds betwene Capt. Turner's Perchase and 
this, except ye neck by ye indians called Monakewego, by us Elizabeth 
Neck, which Neck is ye perticaler perchace of Elizabeth Feaks, ye sd. 
Robt. Feaks his wife, to be hers and her heaires or assigns forever, or 
else to be at ye disposal of ye aforementioned purchasers forever, to 
them and there heares executors or assigns, and theye to enjoy all 
rivers, Islands, and ye severall naturall adjuncts of all ye forementioned 
places, neigther shall ye indians fish within a mille of aney English 
ware, nor invite nor permit aney other indians to sett down on ye 
forementioned lands; in consideration of which lands ye forementioned 
purchasers are to give unto ye above named sachems twentie five 
coates, whereof theye have reseived eleven in part payment; to witness 
all which theye have heerunto sett their hands this 18 July 1640. 



Robert A. Heusted 







1 their 

Andrew X Messenger 







KeofEeram hath sould all his right in ye above to Jeflere Ferris. 

Richard Williams. 
Angell Heusted. 



March 5, 1676. The Towne of Rye adopted the following: Thomas 
Lyon and Thomas Brown are appointed to choose a house or place to 
be fortified for safety of the towne also the young men who come into 
the fortifications and remaining during the trouble are to have equal 
proportions in the undivided land provided they be such as the tovt^ne 


The following records were taken from the parish church at 
Upv^^ay, Eng., by Cornelius Haight of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Simon Hoyt, son of John and Ruth Hoyt, was born at Dorchester, Eng. 
Jan. 20, 1590, and died Sept. 1, 1657 at Stamford, Conn. He married 
first at Parish church, Upway, 1612, Deborah Stowers, daughter of 
Walter Stowers. She was born at Dorchester, May 1, 1593, bapt. Up- 
way parish church, June 5, 1593. Date and place of death not known. 
Simon married second, after coming to America, Susanna Smith, who 

survived him. She married second Bates, and died about 

1674 at Stamford, Conn. By his first wife, Deborah, Simon had (born 

in England): 1. John, b. March 12, 1614 (m. Mary ; settled in 

Rye, N. Y.; will dated Aug. 29, 1684); 2. Walter, b. June 9, 1616; d. 

1695-6; m. ; 3. Thomas (adopted the name "Hyat"), 

b. Sept. 20, 1618; d. Sept. 9, 1656; 4. Deborah; b. Aug. 9, 1620; d. June 
3, 1628; 5. Nicholas; b. Nov. 11, 1622; d. July 7, 1655; m. June 12, 1646, 
Susanna Joyce, widow; 6. Ruth; b. Jan. 2, 1625. By his second wife, 
Susanna, he had (born in America); 7. Moses, b. about 1637; m. Eliza- 
beth ; res. Eastchester, N. Y.; 8. Joshua; b. about 1640; d. 

1690; m. Mary Bell; 9. Samuel, b. about 1642; d. April 7, 1720; m. 
1st, Nov. 16, 1671, Hannah Holly; m. 2nd, Sept. 20, 1714, Rebecca Gold; 
m. 3rd Hannah Gold; 10. Benjamin; b. Feb. 2, 1644; d. Jan. 26, 1735-6; 
m. Jan. 5, 1670, Hannah Weed; 11. Mary; m. Thomas Lyon (No. 1); 

12. ; m. Samuel Finch. 13. Miriam; m. Samuel 


In 1628 Simon Hoyt, accompanied by his brother-in-law Nicholas 
Stowers, and the Spragues, who also were from Upway in Dorset, came 
to America, in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John Endicott, arriv- 
ing at Salem, Mass. Sept. 6. In 1629 he went to Charlestown. In 1630 
he was in Dorchester, his name appearing in the records as Simon 


Hoit. In 1635 he was at Scituate where he with his wife, Susanna 
Smith, joined the Church. In 1639 he went to Windsor, Conn., where 
he had four score acres of land granted him by the plantation Feb. 28, 
1640. A house lot was granted him in Fairfield, March 1649, and his 
name appears in a list of the pioneers of Stamford. In the Stamford 
Town Records there is on file an interesting document relating to the 
distribution of her estate. It is dated 1, 12 mo. 1674, and signed by 
her several sons and sons-in-law, as follows: Moses Hoyt, Joshua 
Hoyt, Samuel Hoyt, Benjamin Hoyt, Thomas Lyon, Samuel ffinch, 
Samuel Firman. Witnesses Abram Finch and Jonas Seely. 

To Land Claimed By Mary (Lyon) Willson. 

Letter from Mary (Lyon) Willson (No. 3) to her cousin Fitz John 
Winthrop. Cover and date torn off; probably written in spring of 1698. 
Honnered Sir 

I have made bould to let you understand how I have been wronged. 
Sir, be plesed to know that the Indians about the year 1640, gave a 
parsal of land to my grandmother Mrs. Elizabeth Feke as by Gren- 
which record may appear. My grandmother gave it to my mother 
Martha Johana Winthop, to her and the heirs of her body, but my 
father haveing got the writing in his hand, and my mother was dead, 
my father haveing many children by a second wife and some persons 
in Grenwhich had the land which was my mothers is posesion, my 
father tooke thre hundred acres of land in another plase and it was 
recorded to him free and not on account of exchange, and my father 
haveing reseved such a heavy bribe, always kept the deed of gift from 
me and I cannot lern that it hath been recorded in any publick Record, 
and the deed is now in the hand of such as I think I can prove have 
declared they had it in ther posesion very lately. I am sory that I have 
ocation to reflect on the person from whome I had my being, but the 
truth could not be declared without it, and I would intreat your 
asistans by your counsell or ani other lawfull way wherby I may if it 
be posible recover my right. I rest 

Your Kinswoman 


To Fitz John Winthrop. 


Indorsed by Fitz John Winthrop "Mrs. Willson the daughter of 

Mr. Lyon . these to be looked over. The men in possession 

of her right at Grenwich are John Medes, Robert Husted and James 
Ferris etc." 

Letter from John Willson and Mary (Lyon) Willson to Gov. Fitz 
John Winthrop. 

Bedford, October 4th, 1698. 

Most Honoured Sur 

We have troubled your Honour with a few lines to enforme your 
Honour that we ear in good helth at this present writing. We 
have cause to bless God for it and we doe hope and desire that thes 
lines may find your Honoure in good helth and, after our loving du- 
tifull respects unto your Honour, wee see cans to informe you that we 
have gotten what writings and evediances we cann at present and have 
gotten by Maiger Silicks order a man to plead our case, Samuell Haise 
by name and we desire your Honour to dew what you can to trouble 
you any more at present for the bairer hereof can fully enforme your 
Honour and so we rest. 

Your Honours humble servants 


For the Honoured Governor Wintrop of Conecticut, deliver with 
care I pray. 

To Fitz John Winthrop. 

Letter from Widow Mary Lyon. 

Byram, December 21, 1701. 

Generall Winthrop and Honrd Governr. I have presumed to 
trouble yu with the perusall of these few lines in respect of the 
trouble yo"" Kinswoman puts me and my children to, as also hearing 
that by her means you have receeved false reports; as if I hadd not 
performed the duty of a mother to her and that my children hadd not 
acted as if she were a sister to them; But I doe asure y^ Honr that I 
have done for her as for any of my own daughters, And concerning my 
children showing respect to her, my eldest sonn gave her a good cow 
since her father's decease and the rest of my sonns hath done more for 
her than for any other of their sisters. I shall forbeare to write every 


perticular that I and my sonns have done for y Kinswoman since my 
husband's decease, the which would amount to a great sum of Money 
but I can not forbeare to informe yo^ Hour of the value of thirty pounds 
at least, my husband gave to Joseph Stedwell by marriage of his 
daughter Mary yi" Hon^s Kinswoman, I shall forbeare also to inform yr 
Honr of the many gross abuses and scandalizeing reports, which is 
spread here by her means amongst the neighbourhood against her 
father whom on duty she ought to have honoured if she hadd ex- 
pected the blessing of God to have prospered her designes the which 
she is now carrying on in a very unjust manner; and I doe hope yi' 
Honr will not contenance any such unjust actions. I would desire 
earnestly that y^ Honr would be pleased to send me word what re- 
ports itt is that you have heard concerning this matter, that thereby 
I might cleare my name among my neighbors, not else from. 

Your Friend Mary Lyon. 

To Fitz John Winthrop. 

This letter was in quite a different hand from the one of 1668 
(see p. 38) and was evidently dictated. 

From Greenwich Town Records, p. 30. Feby. ye 13, 1676. The 
towne have formerly granted unto John Bancks Seneor of ffayrefeild 
and Thomas Lyon of Greenwich a sartane parsell of land in Green- 
wich Lying by byram River and by Bstemation three score acers this 
land to be equally divided betwixt the fore said John Banks and 
Thomas Lyon and it is Bounded by Byram River on the west by the 
comon road to Ry on the south and the comon land on the north East 
as it is marked upon the top of the hy hill as unto the uper end of the 

The town acknowledgeth that they have formerly granted unto 
Mr. John Banks senior of ffayrefeild as Thomas Lyon's attorney a 
sartaine parsell of land lying in Greenwich on the lower end of Byram 
neck by estemation three hundred ackers bounded on the sea on the 
southeast and south, byram River on the west and so to run by the 
river, north unto a markt tree and foure or five Rocks about six and 
twenty Rods below the wading place at byram River in the comon 
Road, and all soe bounded on the north by the comon Land, the 
eastern bounds by a little run that runneth into the sea. Against the 
title of lands this above said entry is to stand of no force until the 
towne approves. 


Greenwich Town Records Vol. 1. p. 440. Greenwich Anno 1701 
October ye 17, at a towne meeting Legaly Warned. Whereas Mr. 
Richard Blackly Mr. Johnt Haite Mr. Daniell Shelton have mad 
Representation un [to] ye towne Conserning a sertaine titule thaye by 
virtue of Right they Chalenge in ye behalfe of an heiress desending 
from Mrs. Martha Johanah Wintrop, ye sd Gentlemen desiring an ac- 
ount [of] ye towne of what they know in ye matter more pertickulerly 
[when] ye towne granted to Mr. John Bancks as attorney unto Thomas 
Lyon that neck of Land Caiiled Byram neck as [ye] perticuler grant to 
sd banck as Lyon's atturney whether sd neck was granted to sd bancks 

and Lyon as ye towne perticuler and free grant to them 

Careflnes unto which ye towne makes this returne from what know- 
ledge they have reseved from theire authorized prsons yt ye 
grant made by ye towne 1676 Febr 13 [re]specting what is in sd grant 
Insealed was made to sd bancks [Thomas] Lyon's atturney upon ye 
account of a Right sd Thomas Lyon [lai]d a Clame to in Lands in 
Greenwich by virture of a right [of his] first wiffe Mrs. Johannah 

Ye above written is aproved pr vote of ye towne at ye towne meet- 
ing above sd. 

Letter of Theophilus Eaton to John Winthrop, Jr. See p. 36. 

Sir: yours of Deer 8th I received this last night concerning her 
that was Mr. Feakes his wife and that part of the Estate at Stam- 
ford. I know not well how to add to what I formerly wrote. By order 
of a Court of Magistrates William Hallet was to prove what part of 
the Estate belonged to him, and then to receive it without further 
question. Mr. Feakes his Estate and children were to be divided and 
half to be delivered to her if she settled within any of the 4 Colonyes, 
where the Government would have an Eie to the children and that 
part of the Estate with a due respect to Mr. Feakes and the other 
half to be kept at Stamford with like respect to Mr. Feakes and the 

I shall pass by her injurious writing to myself desring God may 
give her true repentance for greater miscarriages, but her departure 
from Stamford with the children (as I am informed) was altogether 
without allowance, and in the language which comes from thence, she 
stole away. It is true by order before the Court of Magistrates sate — 
she was to have 2 cowes delivered and some provisions but had no 


liberty to take away the children. I pitty her and the children and 
upon any reasonable security at Boston or Hartford that the Estate 
shall be preserved for use of Mr. Feakes herself and his children, this 
jurisdiction being discharged I shall move the Court of Magistrates 
that the Estate may be wholly delivered from Stamford to such as 
may be orderly appointed to receive it, but no part of it is at 
New Haven. 

I am altogether a stranger to Thomas Lyon and his wife; till now 
I hare not heard the least intimation of her weakness or his neglect. 
Prom your information I shall now enquire and consider what the 
case may require. With my best respects I rest 

Yours in what I may 

January 4 1648. 


JOHN BANKS was in Windsor, Conn., as early as 1640 and was 
town clerk there in 1643. He was soon after in Fairfield, Conn., and 
was representative to the General Court for that place 1651-1661. In 
1670 he owned a home lot at Rye, N. Y., on the Plains. (Rye Records). 
He was representative from Rye and Fairfield as late as Oct. 11, 1683. 
He died Jan. 1685 at Fairfield. Will dated Dec. 12, 1684, probated at 
Fairfield; executors, sons, John Banks and Obadiah Banks. 

JOHN' BANKS married 1st a daughter of Charles Taintor of 
Wethersfield, €onn. They had one child, born at Windsor. He mar- 
ried second, Mary, dau. of Thomas Fitch and widow of Thomas Sher- 
wood. By his second wife he had: 1. John"; m. Abigail Lyon (No. 4); 
d. July 14, 1699; 2. Samuel, of Rye; adm. of estate June 27, 1719 to 
John Banckes and John Lyon, nephews and principal creditors; 3. 
Joseph; d. Oct. 1682; unm.; 4. Obadiah, of Fairfield; d. Feb. 1691; 5. 
Benjamin; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Lyon, of Fairfield; d. 1692; 
6. Susanna; m. Jonathan Sturgis; 7. Hannah; m. Daniel Barr; 8. Mary; 
m. John Taylor. 

JOSEPH* BANKS [John=, John*], born, probably at Fairfield, 
Conn., about 1672, lived in Greenwich, Conn., died before 1713. His 
wife's name was Hannah. She survived him and became the wife of 


John Lyon Jr., (No. 24). At settlement of her estate (Fairfield Pro- 
bate Records, Feb. 7, 1729) her "present husband" John Lyon, Jr.; 
only son, Joseph Banks; George Gorham and wife, Hannah, oldest 
daughter; Abigail Banks, second daughter, and Mary Banks, third 
daughter, all of age, sign an agreement for distribution of the estate. 

Children of Joseph and Hannah ( ) Banks: 1. Hannah, b. Oct. 

27, 1704; m. George Gorham; 2. Abigail, b. Jan. 23, 1706-7; 3. Joseph*, 
b. Jan. 14, 1708-9; d. 1760; m. Martha ; 4 Mary, b. June 27, 1710. 

DANIEL' BANKS [John% John'] was a minor in 1703. His wife's 
name was Lydia. Children: 1. Abigail*, b. July 23, 1721; m. Benjamin 
Treen; 2. Daniel*, b. Jan. 23, 1723; d. July 25, 1759; m. Rachel Hobby; 
3. Obadiah*, b. Aug. 21, 1724; m. Elizabeth Smith; 4. Lydia, b. July 2, 
1726; m. Feb. 16, 1754, Daniel Smith, Jr.; 5. Ruth, b. June 10, l'i'30; m. 
John Holmes. 

SAMUEL' BANKS [John=, John'] was a minor in 1703. He settled 
at North Castle, N. Y. Will dated Jan. 15, 1742; probated March 1, 
1743 at New York; executors David Brundage, Aaron Forman, Sr. 
The name of his first wife is not known. He married second, before 
Oct. 17, 1733, Rebecca, widow of Thomas Lyon (No. 22) and daughter 
of Thomas and Rebecca Hobby. Children by first wife: 1. Samuel*, 

d. 1774; m. Deborah ; 2. John*, b. about 1729; d. after 1772; m. 

Deborah Newman; 3. Hannah, m. before 1742, Finch; 4. 

Jemima (?); 5. Mary Anna; 6. Rosanna; 7. Susanna. 

CAPTAIN JOSEPH* BANKS [Joseph', John=, John'], born Green- 
wich, Conn., Jan. 14, 1708-9; d. 1760; will dated Dec. 31, 1756; probated 
Dec. 17, 1760. His wife's name was Martha. Children: 1. Joseph, b. 
about 1745; m. Elizabeth Lyon (No. 103); 2. James, b. Feb. 16, 
1752; d. May 29, 1844; m. Sarah Lyon (No. 196) "Oct. 7, 1767, he 
chose for guardian Epenetus Holmes"); 3. John; 4. Abigail; 5. Mary; 
6. Martha. 

ABIGAIL* BANKS (TREEN) [DanieP, John-, John'], born Green- 
wich, July 23, 1721; married May 17, 1741, Benjamin Treen, from Eng- 
land. Children: 1. Henry, b. March 15, 1741; 2. Abigail, b. Sept. 14, 
1743; 3. Joseph, b. Nov. 1745; 4. Elizabeth, b. 1747; m. Daniel Lyon 
(No. 164). 

DANIEL* BANKS [DanieP, John=, John'], born Greenwich, Jan. 23, 
1723; died July 25, 1749. He married Aug. 14, 1747, Rachel, dau. of 


John and Hannah (Mead) Hobby. Children: 1. Daniel, b. Dec. 1, 
1747; d. 1814; m. Mary Lyon (No. 199); 2. Sarah, b. Sept. 20, 1749; 
May 4, 1762 chose Thomas Hobby guardian; 3. David, b. May 27, 1751; 
May 4, 1762 chose Thomas Hobby guardian; 4. Charity, b. March 9, 
1753; 5. Samuel, b. May 27, 1755; April 3, 1769 chose John Hobby 
guardian; 6. Lydia, b. Aug. 9, 1757. 

OBADIAH* BANKS [Daniel^ John=, John^], born Greenwich, Aug. 
21, 1724; d. early in 1784; will dated Jan. 25, 1784; probated Stamford, 
Feb. 11, 1784. He married Sept. 1, 1755, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and 
Rebecca (Butler) Smith, who survived him. Children: 1. Obadiah, b. 
Aug. 21, 1757; 2. Daniel, b. Feb. 23, 1759; 3. Joshua, b. Dec. 23, 1760; 
4. Elizabeth; 5. Mary; 6. Abigail; 7. Rebecca; 8. John, b. 1774; d. April 
26, 1842; m. Elizabeth Banks; 9. Benjamin. 

SAMUEL^ BANKS [SamueP, John^ John^], born probably at North 
Castle; d. about 1774; will dated Jan. 26, 1772; probated Feb. 10, 1774; 
witnesses John Banks and Deborah Banks; executors, wife Deborah 
and son James Banks; bequests: to son James Banks, all my lands at 
North Castle; to grandson, Samuel Banks, land at Stanwich; grand- 
daughters mentioned Betty Banks, Mary Ann Banks and Vashti Banks. 

Children of Samuel and Deborah ( ) Banks: 1. James; res. 

Stanwich, Conn. (?). 

JOHN* BANKS [SamueP, John^ John'], born about 1729; res. 
North Castle; was living in 1822. He married Deborah, dau. of Joseph 
Newman; also living in 1822. Children: 1. John, b. 1750; d. March 
26, 1807; m. June 1771, Elizabeth Reynolds, who died Feb. 12, 1812, ae. 
67 y; 2. Deborah, b. Nov. 30, 1752; m. Silas Sutherland; 3. Hannah, b. 
Nov. 23, 1753; d. June 22, 1824; m. June 1771, Daniel Ferris; 4. Samuel, 
b. April 18, 1755; d. June 24, 1826; m. April 9, 1778, Charity Lyon (No. 
277); 5. Joseph, b. March 22, 1758; d. in Sugar House prison, N. 
Y., in American Revolution; 6. Jonathan, b. Aug. 29, 1759; d. April 15, 
1811; m. Ann Murphy, who d. March 3, 1843, ae. 81 y.; 7. Sarah, b. 
March 10, 1761; m. Joshua Briggs; 8. Diadamia, b. Dec. 17, 1762; m. 
Moses Lyon (No. 276); 9. Martha, b. July 2, 1764; d. July 21, 1849; 
m. May 31, 1785, James Lyon (No. 430); 10, Marion b. July 16, 1766; 
11. Rachel, b. March 30, 1768; m. Jonathan Miller; 12. Benjamin, b. 
Feb. 15, 1770; d. July 31, 1843; 13. Alanson, b. ; m. Mary Avery. 


From Town Records of Rye. 

Know all men by thease presents that I John Lyon of The Town of 
Greenwich in the County of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut, yeo- 
man, has this day Received of my brother Joseph Lyon of the Town 
of Rye in the County of Westchester in the province of New York, 
yeoman, full satfaction of and for all bills bonds Reckonings accounts 
debts dues or any manner of demands whatsoever due in time past. 
This present day to me from my said brother Joseph Lyon. 

As witness my hand and seal this 14th day of July Anni Domini 

Witness JOHN LYON 

Richard Ogden. 
John Stoakham. 

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come Greet- 
ing. Know ye that I John Lyon Senior living at Byrum in the Town 
of Greenwich, in the County of Fairfield in the Colony of Connecticut 
Yeoman, for Divers good causes and considerations me thereunto es- 
pecially moving have given and granted and do by these presents 
Give and Grant unto my well beloved son Daniel Lyon of the same 
place all that my now Dwelling House and Home lot with all and 
singular my lands and meadows lying on Byrum Neck commonly so 
called both divided and undivided which I have not already disposed 
of to my son John Lyon Jr., for my son Daniel Lyon his heirs or 
assigns to have and to hold for ever to his and their only proper use 
benefit and behoof forever with all the privileges and appurtenances 
to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining but that I do 
reserve the use of the same until such times as my said son Daniel 
Lyon shall come to the age of one and twenty years and that he shall 
not sell or in any ways convey or dispose of the same until he shall 
attain the age of thirty years and that my said son Daniel Lyon his 
heirs or assigns shall and may at all times forever hereafter lawfully 
peaceably and quietly have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the 
above said demised and granted premises without any let hindrance 
molestation or trouble by me my heirs executors or administrators or 
any other person or persons whatsoever by or from or under me or 
them or by mine or their assent consent means procurement. As Wit- 
ness my hand and Seal this Fifteenth day of February in the year of 


our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirteen fourteen. Signed 
Sealed and Delivered in the presence of 

John Corbit. JOHN LYON, Senior. 

Will of John Lyon (No. 5) [Stamford Probate Records, Lib. L p. 

This 24th day of January in ye yeare of our Lord God 1735-6. I 
John Lyon of ye Town of Greenwich in the County of Fairfield and 
Colony of Connecticut in New England, being weak and Loss in Body 
But in Perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given to God therefore, 
calling to mind ye mortality of my Body and Knowing yt it is appointed 
for all men once to Die, Do make and ordain this my Last Will and 
Testament that is to say princepally and first of all T give and Recom- 
mend my soul unto ye Hands of God yt gave it and for my Body I 
command it to the Earth to be buryed in a Christian like and Decent 
manner at the Discretion of my Execrt nothing doubting but at the 
General Ressurection I shall Receive ye same again By the mighty 
Power of God and as Touching such Worldly Estate where with it hath 
Pleased God to Bless me In this Life I give Devise and Dispose of ye 
Same in ye following manner and form. I Give and Bequeath unto 
Caleb Lyon son of my son, Thomas Late of Greenwich, Deceased ye 
one half part of ye Mill in sd Greenwich which I bought of Joseph 
Morgan with ye one half part of ye lands also Belonging with sd Mill 
by him ye sd Caleb Lyon freely to be Possessed and Injoyed ye sd 
Caleb Lyon paying his sister Hannah ye sum of Thirty Pounds Cur't 
money of Connecticut when he arrives at ye age of Twenty one years, 
sd mill untill yt time to be in care and possession of my son John 
Lyon he keeping sd mill in good Repair and then Deliver ye sd mill 
to ye above sd Caleb Lyon in yt like good order, ye sd John Lyon hav- 
ing ye Benefit of sd Mill until yt time. Ye sd Caleb Lyon is also to 
allow his Brother Thomas Lyon to Take ye Half of sd Laud Belonging 
to sd mill where ye House now Standeth I haveing formerly Disposed 
of ye one half of ye sd mill unto my son Thomas Lyon Deceased. Item. 
Whereas I have formerly conveyed unto my son John Lyon ye one 
half part of ye Byrum Neck with all and Singular ye Improvements as 
I should Divide ye some I do now Ratifiy and Confirme ye Bounds as I 
have divided ye same to be as ye fence now Stands, my son John 
Lyon haveing ye west part of sd neck. Item. I Give and bequeath unto 
my son Daniel Lyon he paying my just Debts, ye other Half part of 
Byrum Neck, not allready Disposed of Being ye East side of sd neck 


with all and Singular ye Buildings and improvements thereon, also my 
Lands above sd road Leading from sd Byrum to Byrum Bridge Com- 
monly called or Known by ye name of Mary's hill, by him freely to be 
possessed and Enjoyed. But if ye sd Daniel Lyon shall Decease without 
having male heirs of his own Body then all ye sd Lands so disposed 
and given to my son Daniel Lyon shall be James Lyon's ye son of my 
son John Lyon by him peaceably to be possessed and Enjoyed. Item. 
I Give and Bequeath unto my four Daughters Ruth, Mary, Hannah and 
Jude all my moveable estate to be equally Divided Between them all 
and I do hereby put Constitute and appoint my Trusty and Loveiiig 
friends John Merritt and Samuel Brown Both of ye Town of Rye in 
ye County of Westchester and province of New York to be my sole 
executrs to this my Last Will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly 
Disallow and Disannull all and Every other former Testaments, Wills 
Legacies Bequests and Exect by me in any way Before this time named. 
Willed, Bequeathed hereby Ratifying and Confirming This and no other 
to be my Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have here- 
unto set my Hand and Seal. 


Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by ye sd John 
Lyon as his Last Will and Testament In ye presence of us Subscribers. 

Johannes Dow, 
David Lyon, 

George Gorham. 

"Probated July 6, 1736." 


Dated April 2, 1739 and Probated at Stamford, Conn., 

May ye 1st, 1739. 

In ye name of God Amen. I Thomas Lyon of ye Towne of Green- 
wich, in ye County of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut yeomanf. 

tOur ancient inhabitants were wont to call themselves for the most part by 
the humble but honest name of "yeoman." They were farmers living frugally 
upon the produce of the soil. Most of their wants were supplied by domestic 
industry, and what they purchased was commonly procured in the way of barter. 
They trafficked chiefly, we are told, in wood and cattle. By the middle of the 
eighteenth century, however, we find quite a variety of trades carried on in 
Rye, such as those of wheelwright, cordwainer. carpenter, saddler, tailor, hatter, 
weaver, and the like. We are not to suppose that the persons so designated 
were employed exclusively in these several occupations. They were generally 
farmers who joined some kind of handicraft to their ordinary business, partic- 
ularly in winter. The weavers' or wheelwrights' shops were no unusual ap- 
pendage to a farm house a century or more ago. 


Being now very sick and wealc of Body, but of perfect mind & memory, 
Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body & Remembring yt it is 
appointed once for all men to Die Do malve and ordain this my Last 
Will and Testament, That is to say first & Principally of all I Recom- 
mend my Soul unto ye Hands of God yt Gave it & my Body to ye 
Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like & Decent manner according to 
ye Discretion of my Bxecrt nothing doubting but at ye General Res- 
surection I shall Resume the same again by ye mighty Power of God, 
and as Touching what Worldly Estate as it Pleased God to Bless me 
with in this world, — First I order all Just Debts to be paid and I 
Give Bequeath and Dispose of ye Rest in manner following (viz.) 

I Give to ray ever Loving and Affectnt, wife Abigail Lyon all my 
Household goods for ye use of my house forever, & ye use of all my 
Home farm yt is to say Dwelling house Barne and Home lott with all 
my out Lands and hereafter Given or Bequeathed in this my Last 
will & Testament During ye time of her Widowhood, or untill my son 
Gilbert Lyon shall come to age & Likewise all my moveable Estate to 
her proper use to Dispose of as she shall see Cause to her five 
Daughters, viz: Abigail, Elizabeth, Jemirny, Mary & Deborah Except 
one yoke of Oxen, Two Horse Cart and plough with all Tackling to 
them belonging. 

Item, I give unto my well Beloved and Dutiful son Thomas Lyon his 
heirs and assigns forever certain parcels of land in ye Township of Rye 
in Province of New York & part in Greenwich Known & Called by ye 
Name of Byrum Ridge Being four certain allottmtts of Land Two 
whereof I had of my Father & Tv/o which I bought myself & one half 
of my Right of undivided Lands in ye Township of sd Rye & Like- 
wise my will is yt my sd son Tlios Lyon should pay his Mother Abigail 
Lyon fourty shills. New York money yearly & every year dureing 
her natural Life if Demanded. 

Item. I give unto my Loveing son Sami Lyon of sd Rye besides 
what he now enjoys by bills of sale my Boat as he has been in possess- 
ion Together with ye other half of my Right in ye undivided Lands in 
ye Township of Rye, he paying to Ms Mother Abigail Lyon fourty 
shills. New York money yearly and every year Dureing her natural life 
if Demanded. 

Item, I give to my Loving son Jonth Lj^on Besides what he now 
Enjoys by oertaine Bills of Sale ye one quarter part of my Rights in 


ye undivided Lands in ye Bounds of Greenwich Tog-ether with one 
quarter part of ye Salt Meadow and ye Land Lying on ye point near 
Joseph Shearwood's in ye Township of Rye he paying to his Mother 
Abigail Lyon fourty shillings New York Money yearly & every year 
dureing her natural life. 

Item. I give unto my Loving Son David Lyon, his heirs and 
assigns forever Besides what he had of me by Bills of Sales certain 
parcels of Land in ye Bounds of Greenwich Commonly called ye 
Lower, & Spring Hills, yt Lying and Being to ye Southward of his 
house and one quarter part of my Right in ye undivided Lands in ye 
Bounds of Greenwich Together with one quarter part of ye Salt Meadow 
& upland Lying on ye Point near Joseph Shearwood's in ye Township 
of Rye, he ye sd David Lyon paying to his Mother Abigail Lyon fourty 
shilling New York Money yearly and every year Dureing her Natural 
Life if Demanded. 

Item. I give to my Loving son Joseph Lyon, his heirs and assigns 
forever Besides what he had of me by Bills of Sale a Lott of Land 
in Cox's purchase Near Cornell's Mills containing about 23 acres, one 
quarter part of my Right in ye undivided Lands in ye Bounds of 
Greenwich & one quarter part of ye Salt Meadows & uplands Lyeing 
on ye point near Joseph Srerewood's in ye township of Rye, he ye 
said Joseph Lyon paying to his Mother Abigail Lyon fourty shillings 
New York money yearly and every year Dureing her Natural life, 
when Demanded. 

Item. I give unto my Loveing son Gilbert Lyon, his heirs and 
assigns forever ye one half part of my fore mentioned Homestead & 
Lands mentioned in my Loving Wife's Dowry to be Distributed to 
him when he shall be of age & at ye decease of my sd Loving wife to 
have ye other half and three Lotts of Land in ye Bounds of Green- 
wich (viz.) One of ten acres called Hixes by ye Roadside Going to 
Horse Neck another Lott called Bower's Lott and a Third known by 
ye Jeremiah Pike's right and a certain Lott of Land in ye Township 
of Greenwich on ye East side of Byram River between Joseph Shear- 
wood's Mill & which Lands I will yt my sd son Gilbert shall not sell 
or Dispose of until! he comes of age of Twenty eight years without 
ye consent of my execrt. & likewise ye one quarter part of all my 
Right of undivided Lands in ye bounds of Greenwich as also one 
quarter part of ye Salt Medows & upland lying on ye point near 
Joseph Shearwood's in ye Township of Rye and also a yoke of oxen. 


2 Horse Cart plough & Tackling which was reserved out of ye Dowry 
of my dr wife he ye sd Gilbert Lyon paying to his Mother Abigail Lyon 
forty shillings New York Money yearly and every year Dureing her 
natural life when demanded. 

I give unto my Grandson Thos Lyon Twenty Shills. New York 
Money & yt to be put to Interest intill he comes of age. And I do 
hereby appoint Constitute and ordain my true & Loveing wife Abigail 
Lyon my sons Thomas Lyon & Saml Lyon to be my sole Exr of this 
my Last Will and Testament, & I do hereby Renounce all manner & 
former Wills Legacies & Testaments allowing, Ratifieing & Confirming 
this & none other to be my Last Will and Testament In Witness where- 
of I have hereunto sett my Hand & fixed my Seal this second Day of 
April In year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Thirty nine. 


Signed, Sealed, acknowledged & pronounced by ye sd Thomas Lyon in 
ye presence of us Subscribers 

Vallentine Rowell 

Elijah Weeks 

Alex Burns 

Oct. 10, 1752, Probated March 12, 1761. 

In the name of God Amen this tenth day of October in the year 
of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & fifty two I Joseph Lyon 
of Rye in the County of Westchester & Province of New York being 
under the Decays of old age but of Sound mind & memory God be 
thanked, do make ordain and appoint this my last Will and Testament 
in Manner and form following that is to say first of all I give my soul 
to God, the father of Spirits and my body I bequeath to the ground 
from whence it was taken to be buried in a decent manner at the 
Discretion of my executors And as to such Portions of Worldly 
Estate with which it hath Pleased God to bless me, I will and Dispose 
of the same in the following manner. 

Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Sarah Lyon 
all my moveable Estate of what kind soever after the Payment of 


my Just debts Funeral Expences and charges and Proving this my 
last Will and Executing the same all of which I order to be paid by 
my executors out of my moveable estate, and all the remainder to 
be wholly for the use of my said loving wife and for her disposal 
among our ofspring according to her Direction when she needs it no 
longer. Item I give and bequeath unto my said loving wife Sarah 
Lyon the whole use and enjoyment of all my lands, Mills and Tene- 
ments, except such as I shall otherwise devise hereafter in this Will 
to be possessed, used and enjoyed by her during her natural Life and 
I order my said wife as soon as convenient may be after my decease 
to pay unto each of her three daughters Phebe the wife of Samuel 
Miller, Amy the wife of Godfrey Haines and Anne the wife of Elisha 
Budd the sum of five pounds to each to be Laid out by them in good 
and Pious Books for them and their children. 

Item. I give devise and bequeath unto my Grandson Joseph 
Miller son of my loving Daughter Phebe, all that Tract of land which 
I purchased of his father Samuel Miller lying above Westchester Old 
Road in Rye to him his heirs and assigns for ever reserving however 
out of the above bequest the use of one third part of the whole tract 
to be for his mother and my Daughter Phebe if it shah please God 
she shall become a widow and I Will and Devise that the said third 
part to be for her use whenever and so long as she shall be a widow 
and I also reserve out of the above bequest the liberty and Privilege 
for my wife to cut and fetch away for her use what Timber and 
Trees she shall have occassion of for her own use — the use of the 
Mill & Farm where I live & this Priviledge I give her during her life 
after which reserves, the remainder & Reversions to be fore the use 
& benefit of the said Joseph Miller his heirs and assigns forever But 
in consideration thereof I will and appoint that my said Grandson 
Joseph Miller shall pay unto his brother Lyon Miller when he comes 
to the age of twenty one years the sum of Ten Pounds current money 
of New York. 

I give Devise and bequeath unto ray loving Daughter Anne and her 
husband Elisha Budd all my lands & Tenements, Right in lands, 
Mills, houses and all appurtenances thereto belonging after expiration 
of above Bequest to my loving wife and with exception of above grant 
to Joseph Miller all the Residue after the Death of my wife I bequeath 
unto my daughter Anne & Son in Law Elisha Budd and the survivor 


of them for their use and disposal during the term of their natural 
lives or of the survivor of them Howsoever upon the following con- 
dition only Viz that in consideration of their enjoying this bequest they 
well and truly pay the sum of four hundred Pounds current money of 
New York according to the following order i. e. unto my Daughter 
Phebe or her surviving children to be equally divided among them 
the sum of forty pounds current money of New York as soon as con- 
veniently may be after the decease of my wife of which the -eldest 
son Joseph to have no share, also unto my daughter Amy or her sur- 
viving children to be equally divided among them the sum of one 
hundred pounds like money to be paid at the same time also unto 
my Grandson Joseph Merritt son of my deceased Daughter Mary, the 
sum of ninety pounds like money to be paid when he comes to the 
age of twenty five years, if the decease of my wife shall be before that 
time also unto my Grandson Elisha Merritt the sum of seventy 
Pounds like money and unto my grandson Silvanus Merritt the sum 
of One hundred pounds to be paid to each their part when they arrive 
at the age of twenty five years if the Decease of my wife happens 
before that time. I will and bequeath unto my grandson Jonathan 
Budd, son of my Daughter Ann Budd the Reversion and Reversions 
of all my Real Estate after the Decease of his Father & Mother & 
the survivors of them Viz All my Lands, Mills, Houses and Rights of 
Land where soever and of what kind soever for his use and his heirs 
and assigns forever. Provided the above mentioned four hundred 
Pounds be paid as above directed, otherwise tis my will & I hereby 
order that my surviving Executor or Executors in five years after the 
death of my wife shall sell such part of my Estate as they think best 
and pay the above four hundred pounds as directed and a Deed from 
such Executor or Executors shall be a good Title to the purchasers 
Lastly I nominate and appoint my loving wife and my son in Law 
Elisha Budd and my beloved Kinsman Andrew Merritt to be the Exe- 
cutors of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking and dis- 
annulling all former Wills by me made and executors by me appointed 
confirming this only to be my last Will. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal the day 
and year first above written 


Signed Sealed Published & Pronounced by said Joseph Lyon to be his 


last will aud Testament in presence of us Rapl Jacobs, Aloraham 
Theall, J. Wetmore. 

Proven 12th day March 1761 before John Barstow Surrogate West- 
chester County N. Y. 


New York Probate Records XXI. p. 647. Proved Jan. 30, 1769 
before Caleb Fowler, Surrogate of Westchester Co., N. Y. 

In the name of God amen this Eighth day of April Ano Dom. 
One thousand seven hundred and sixty seven I Sarah Lyon widdow of 
Joseph Lyon late of Rye, Westchester County and Province of New 
York, deed, being at present in good health and sound mind and mem- 
ory but calling to mind the uncertainty of this Life and that it is 
appointed for all Persons once to Die, do make this my last Will and 
Testament in manner and form following: 

Imprimis — I order that my just Debts funeral charges and charges 
of settling my Estate be paid by my Executors hereafter named out 
of what Estate belongs to me. 

Item — I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Phebe r.Iiller 
and Amy Haines all my wearing apparell and household goods and 
furniture therein of every kind and sort to be equally divided between 
my said two daughters and when divided to each of them to hold the 
one equal half to their several uses and disposal absolutely. 

Item — I give to each of the children of my daughter Anne Budd 
deceased which shall appear to demand the same at the Expiration of 
twelve months after my decease the sumi of Ten pounds Each to be 
paid them by my Executors. 

Item — I order and it is my will the remainder of my whole Estate 
after the above Legacys, Debts and Charges are paid (Excepting 
seventy pounds given by my husband Joseph Lyon to one grandson 
Elisha Merritt which I otherwise order if in my Power so to do) to say 
the whole remainder as above to be divided by my Executors ^vithin 
the Expiration of twelve months after my decease into three Equal 
parts to say: one third part to my daughter Amy Haines and the other 
one third part to be equally divided between my grandsons Joseph 
Merritt and Sylvanus Merritt and delivered by my said Executors 
within the term of one year as abovesaid to the several uses of my said 
children and grand children to them their heirs and assigns absolutely. 


Item — Whereas my grandson Elisha Merritt died before his grand 
father and under age and had no lawfull issue therefore supposing the 
seventy pounds given him by his grandfather in his will Reverts back 
to my Husband's Estate and is part of his movable Estate therefore 
in my power — I order the said seventy pounds to be paid and disposed 
of by my Executors in this manner — to Joseph Merritt my grandson 
twenty pounds, to Sylvanus Merritt my grandson twenty pounds and 
the remaining thirty pounds to my grandson William Miller to hold 
the same for their several uses as above. 

Item — I order that my negroes shall have a fortnight to look their 
masters in and not to be forceably sold under a month after my 

Lastly I nominate and appoint my two grandsons Joseph Miller 
and V\^illiam Miller to be the Executors of this my last Will and Testa- 
ment hereby revoking all former Wills by me made and allowing this 
and no other to be my last Will and Testament. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day 
and year first above written 

Signed sealed published and pronounced by the said Sarah Lyon to 
be her last will and Testament in the presence of us: 
Andrew Merritt, farmer 
Ezekiel Halsted 
John Carhart 

Nov. 5, 1770, Probated New York Dec. 20, 1770. 

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Lyon of Rye in Westchester 
County and Province of New York, yeoman, being sick in body but of 
sound mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same but calling 
to mind the uncertainty of this mortal life and that it is appointed 
unto all men once to dye, do make my last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following 

Imprimis I Will and order that my just debts, funeral charges 
and the charge of settling my Estate be paid by my Executors, out 
of my moveable Estate in some convenient time after my decease. 


Item I give unto my loving wife Martha Lyon all my household goods 
of every sort. I also give my said wife one Jade mare or horse of mine 
at her choice and a side sadle and bridle, Two cows at her choice. 
I also give my said wife Martha my negro woman called Phillis, all 
the above moveables to her use and disposal absolutely. Item. I 
further order and it is my will that my said wife Martha shall have 
the liberty to dwell in and have the use of the whole of my now 
dwelling-house deuring the time she shall remain my widow and 
liberty of pasturing her Jade and two cows hereby given her on part 
of the land I have hereby given to my son Andrew Lyon and he is 
to provide for the wintering said Jade and cows. She is also to have 
the use of a garden and keep two Hoggs on the said land, and to have 
the apples of my orchard, and Andrew Lyon to make them into Syder 
as much as sees cause of them. 

Item. I give unto my eldest son Thomas Lyon to him and his 
heirs and assigns forever the following parcels of land and part of 
my Estate, to say, one parcel of land lying west of the Street or road, 
beginning at the Southerly corner by Gilbert Miller's land by said 
street and running northerly along his land to Thomas Howell's land 
to my upper lot against my house, thence Easterly along said Lott 
as the fence stands to King St. thence down said street along the road, 
to Miller's Land where it begins, may it contain more or less in 
quantity, also one other parcel of land to my son Thomas lying Easterly 
of my Homestead, beginning at the South Easterly Corner thereof 
and running Northerly as the fence now stands along my homestead 
until it comes to the corner at the Lane, then to run an equal breadth 
at Each end to Byram River, and may this East parcel contain more 
or less in quantity. I order and it is my Will that my eldest son 
Thomas Lyon shall have out of my moveable Estate the sum of 
twenty five shillings paid him in full barr (over and above what I have 
already given) to his claim as Eldest son or heir to my Estate and to 
have no more than what is given him as aforesaid. 

Item. I give my homestead and Dwelling House after my wife 
Martha Lyon marrying again or death, unto my son Andrew Lyon in 
which I mean all my land from my son Thomas Lyon's land along the 
street to Samuel Brown's land Northerly including thereon and therein 
the house that Andrew Lyon, my son hath built and now dwells in 
and so running along Samuel Brown's land I have given my son Thomas 
down to Byram River and lying [?] said Homestead more or less, to 


hold said dwelling of mine and House of Andrew Lyon as abovesaid 
and the land thereto adjoining aforesaid unto him the said Andrew 
Lyon, my son his heirs and assigns forever. My upper lot of land 
opposite to my house on the street bounded Southerly by Thomas' 
land and street Easterly and Northerly and however be it more or less. 
Item I further give unto my son Andrew Lyon his heirs and assigns 
forever all that my land lying between Samuel Brown's land and 
Byram River and running up the River by Joseph and Benjamin 
Willson's land and Samuel Brown's land about sixty or seventy acres. 
Item I further give unto my son Andrew Lyon his heirs and assigns 
forever all that my fifty acres of land I have on the East side of the 
Byram River in Greenwich in Connecticutt lying joyning Gilbert 
Lyon's land and mayors [?] Item I order and it is my will that what 
land, meadow sedges or Island or Beach I have on Neversinck Island 
in partnership with my son Andrew Lyon be sold by my Executors 
to the best advantage and the produce thereof to be accomptable for 
by them as moveable and divided with the rest of my moveable Estate 
among my children as hereinafter directed and that such sales, deeds 
and conveyances made by my Executors of my right on Neversinck 
Island shall be good to the purchaser in law or equity as if given by 
myself in my own life time to all intents and purposes. 

Item. I order and it is my will that after my just debts and charges 
and all so much of my moveable Estate hereinbefore given and be- 
queathed that the whole of my moveable Estate be it more or less 
shall be divided, shared and paid to and among my children in follow- 
ing manner by my Executors — to say — To the children of my daughter 
Phebe, deed late wife of Samuel Willson deed Equally among her 
children one fifth part of the remainder of my moveable. To the 
children of my daughter Mary deed late wife of Abraham Miller deed 
Equally among them her children one fifth part of the remained of 
my moveable Estate. To Abigail wife of Daniel Merritt one fifth part 
of my said moveable remainder of my Estate. To Jemima the wife 
of James Seaman one fifth part of my said moveable remainder of my 
Estate. To my son Andrew one fifth part and ten pounds more of the 
remainder of my moveable Estate. It is to be understood that wh-en 
a division of said moveable Estate is made that in said division the 
other four children are to Each lose their part of the ten pounds that 
Andrew Lyon is to have more than one fifth. Lastly I nominate and 
appoint my two sons Thomas Lyon and Andrew Lyon to be the exe- 


cutors of this my last Will and Testament herebj' revoking all my 
former Wills by me made, and allowing this and no other to be my 
last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand and seal this fifth day of November Ano Dom One thousand seven 
hundred and seventy. 

Sealed signed published pronounced and declared by said Thomas 
Lyon to be his last Will and Testament in presence of Jonathan 
Kniffen John Carhart Saml Lyon. 

In the name of God Amen this second of April one thousand seven 
hundred and eighty three I Jonathan Lyo of North Castle Westchester 
County State of New York being advanced in age and weak in body 
but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God therefore calling 
unto mind the mortality of my. body and knowing it is appointed for 
all men once to die Do make and ordain this my last will and testa- 
ment, that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recommend 
my soul unto the hands of God that gave it and my body I recommend 
to the Earth (to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion 
of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I 
shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as 
touching such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased almighty God 
to bless me with in this life I give, demize and dispose of the same in 
the following manner and form. — Imprimis I give and bequeath to 
Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife one third part of all my lands in 
North Castle during her natural life. Also I give unto my beloved 
wife the sum of seventy pounds to be paid out of my estate by my 
beloved son Peter Lyon. Also I give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth 
the whole of my moveable Estate to be at her sole disposal. — Item 
I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Jonathan Lyon the 
the sum of ten pounds. — Item I give unto my beloved grandson Jonathan 
be paid by my son Peter. Item I give and bequeath unto my well 
beloved son Elnathan Lyon the sum of forty pounds to be raised and 
levied out of my Estate and paid by my son Peter. — Item I give and 
bequeath unto my well beloved son Israel Lyon the sum of eighty 


pounds to be raised and levied out of my Estate and paid by my son 
Peter.- — Item I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Peter Lyon 
all my lands lying in North Castle to be and remain his sole property. 
— Item I give unto my well beloved son Peter one negro man named 
Isaac. — Item I give unto my loving grandson Jonathan son to Elnathan 
the sum of ten pounds. — Item I give unto my beloved grandson Jonathan 
son of Peter the sum of five punds. Also give unto my beloved grand- 
son Jonathan son of my daughter Phebe the sum of five pounds. Also 
I Constitute, make and ordain my well beloved sons Israel and Peter 
Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby disallow, 
revoke and disanul all and every other former Testaments and wills, 
legacies and bequests and Executors by me in any way before named, 
willed and bequeathed rattifying and confirming this and no other to be 
my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto 
set my hand and seal the day and year above written. 


Signed and setaled, published, pronounced and declared by the 
said Jonathan Lyon as his last will and testamest in the presence of 
us the subscribers. 

Silas Sutherland 

Enoch Miller 

Samuel Miller. 

Weschester County — ss. — ^Be it Remembered that on the twenty- 
fourth day of January one thousand seven huudrey and eighty-seven 
personally came and appeared before me, Richard Hatfield, Esquire, 
Surrogate of the said County, Silas Sutherland, of North Castle in the 
said County, yeoman, and being duly sworn on his oath, declared that 
he did see Jonathan Lyon, deceased, sign and seal the preceeding 
written testament purporting to be the will of the said Jonathan 
Lyon bearing date the second day of April one thousand seven hun- 
dred and eighty- three and heard him publish and declare the same 
as for his last will and testament that at the time thereof be the said 
Jonathan Lyon was of sound disposing mind and memory to the best 
of the knowledge and belief of the Deponent and that Enoch Miller 
and Samuel Miller together with the Deponent subscribed the said will 
as Witnesses thereto in the presence of the testator. 

Richard Hatfield, Surrogate. 


Copied at Albany, N. Y., May 29, 1902, by Smith H. Riker from 
"Wills and Probates, No, 1, 1787 to 1796" in the office of the Clerk 
of the Court of Appeals. 


Feb. 17, 1758, Joseph Lyon of the White Plain, yeoman, then in 
good health and sound memory but calling to mind the uncertainty of 
this mortal life, etc., do make this my last will and testament. Men- 
tions wife Mary, brother-in-law Charles Theall, six sons, Joseph, Dan- 
iel, James, Reuben, Jeremiah and Thomas (Joseph, the eldest son). 
Mentions "my three youngest daughters, Hannah, Susannah and 
Anne", then mentions "my four daughters", Mary, the wife of El- 
nathan Haight, Hannah, Susannah and Anne (some of these sons and 
daughters being then minors). Makes wife Mary executrix, and in 
case of her death or marrying again his brother in law Charles 
Theall and son Daniel Lyon, "in whose care and fidelity I very much 
confide and depend upon" to be the executor of his will. "It is my 
will that whereas my said wife Mary at the Ensealing hereof is Great 
with Child, that when the child she now goes with shall be born, if 
it proves a son," etc. 

August 30, 1786 Elisha Horton of Harrison's purchase (who with 
John and Jane Carhart, was a witness to Joseph Lyon's will) appeai'ed 
before Richard Hatfield, Esq., Surrogate of Westchester County, with 
Joseph Lyon's will, from which the signature and witness names had 
been torn, and swore that he witnessed the will and that it was 
Joseph Lyon's last will and testament. November 24, 1798, Daniel 
Goldsmith, Quaker, of Consackie, Albany County, appeared before 
Peter Ogilvie, Judge of the court of Probates of the State of New York, 
and swore that the instrument attached was Joseph Lyon's will — that 
he came in possession of it in 1783 and that two years afterwards, 
Daniel Lyon the executor therein named being in Nova Scotia, the 
name and seal of said testator and the names of the witnesses were 
cut off to the knowledge of this Deponent in order that the letters of 
administration upon the estate might not be grantel to some other 
person. He swore that Joseph Lyon died in the fall of 1776. 

Copied from Book II., p. 88 Wills and Probates, 1796-1822 in the 
office of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at Albany, Feb. 14, 1903 by 
J. H. Riker. 



NICHOLAS KNAPP come to New England probably with John 
Winthrop 1620 He was at Watertown, Mass., 1730, and there his chil- 
dren were born and recorded. He removed to Stamford, Conn., about 
1640 and died there Sept. 16, 1670; will dated April 15, 1670, probated 

at Fairfield. Nicholas married 1st Elinor , who died Aug. 

16, 1658. He married 2nd March 9, 1659 Unity ■ , widow 1st of 

Clement Baxton, 2nd, of Peter Brown. Children of Nicholas and Elinor 

( ) Knapp: 1. Jonathan; b. 1361; d. Dec. 27, 1631, ae. 7 mo; 

2. Timothy, b. Dec. 14, 1632; m. Bertha Brandish; 3. Joshua; b. Jan. 
5, 1636, d. 1684; 4. Caleb (Cobb?); b. Jan. 20, 1638; m. Hannah Smith; 

5. Sarah; b. Jan. 5, 1639; m. April 6, 1657, John Disbrow; 6. Ruth; b. 
Jan. 6, 1641; m. Nov. 20, 1657, Joseph Ferris; 7. Hannah; b. March 

6, 1643; 8. Moses; b. about 1645; m. 1669, Abigail Westcoat; 9. Lydia; 
b. ; m .May 22, 1685, Thomas Pennoyer. 

JOSHUA^ KNAPP, born Watertown, Mass., Jan. 5, 1636; d. Green- 
wich, Conn., 1684 (inventory of estate Oct. 27, 1684). He married 
at Stamford June 9, 1657, Hannah Close, dau. of Joseph Close. She 
survived him and married 2nd, John Bowers. He removed in 1663 
from Stamford to Greenwich. Children of Joshua and Hannah (Close) 
Knapp: 1. Hannah, b. March 26, 1660; m. Daniel Smith; 2. Joshua, 
b. 1662; m. March 16, 1689, Elizabeth Reynolds; 3. Joseph; b. 1664; 
m. Mary (Lockwood) Husted (widow); 4. Ruth; b. 1666; m. John 
Reynolds; 5. Timothy; b. 1668; d. 1737; 6. Benjamin; b. 1674; 
m. April 13, 1700, Elizabeth Butler; d. 1719-20; 7. Caleb (Cobb?) b. 
1677; m. April 1, 1697 Sarah Randall; d. 1750; 8. Jonathan, b. 1679; 
m. Mary Husted. 

TIMOTHY^ KNAPP, born Greenwich 1668; died there 1733 (?) (will 
dated Oct. 15, 1733, probated Nov. 6, 1737; inventory of estate Nov. 7, 
1733 (?). He married 1st March 16, 1699. Elizabeth Seamore, who d. 
June 17, 1713; he m. 2nd Feb. 16, 1713-4 Martha Weeks. Children of 
Timothy and Elizabeth (Seamore) Knapp: 1. Rebecca, b. Sept. 24, 
1701; 2. Timothy, b. Aug. 9, 1703; d. April 22, 1703; 3. Israel, b. Dec. 
13, 1705; m. 1st Mary Lyon (No. 33); m. 2nd Aug. 1742 Anna Mar- 
shall; m. 3rd Jan. 7 (or 17) 1762, Elizabeth Hugford (widow of Dr. 
Hugford); d. 1783; 4. Mary, b. April 16, 1708; m. Thomas Hoyt of 
Danbury; 5. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 22, 1710; m. Ebenezer Picket of Dan- 


bury; 6. Prudence, b. Jan. 20, 1712-13. Children of Timothy and Martha 
(Weeks) Knapp: 7. Ruth, b. Feb. 24, 1714-5; m. Dec. 6, 1733, Nathan- 
iel Lockwood; 8. Hannah, b. July 12, 1717; m. Sept. 19, 1732, Nathaniel 


JOHN' HOBBY was in Greenwich as early asl672. He died there 
before Oct. 17, 1707; will dafed 1707; executors Stephen Holmes, 
Jonathan Hobby. His wife's name is not known. Children: 1. Thom- 
as; m. Rebecca ; d. Aug. 6, 1732; 2. John; d. March 12 1693; 

3. Benjamin; d. 1744; 4. Jonathan; m. Dec. 12, 1711 Sarah Mead; 5. 
Martha; m. Thomas Morehouse Jr.; 6. Elizabeth; m. Bbenezer Prindle; 
7. Mary; m. Nov. 18, 1656 Stephen Holmes; 8. Hannah; m. Cornelius 
Burkcom; 9. Rebecca; m. Samuel Hardy; d, before 1693; 10. Rachel; 
m. Henry James. 

THOMAS^ HOBBY (above) d. Greenwich Aug. 6, 1732; inventory 

of estate March 13, 1732-3. He married Rebecca . Children: 

1. John; m. March 1716 Hannah Mead; 2. Rebecca; m. 1st about 1717 
Thomas Lyon (No. 22); m. 2nd, about 1733 Samuel Banks; 3. Martha; 
m. Oct. 29, 1718, Charles Thomas; 4. Susanna; m. Isaac Mead. 

JONATHAN^ HOBBY (above) married Dec. 12, 1711 Sarah Mead 
Children: 1. Jonathan, b. Oct. 28, 1714; m. Deborah Lyon (No. 37); 2. 
Joseph, b. Dec. 23, 1716; m. Aug. 20, 1744 Sarah Knapp; 3. Ebenezer, 
b. Feb. 8, 1718-9; m. Hannah Holmes; 4. Benjamin; m. Feb 25, 1763 
Amy (Knapp) Mead (widow). 


WILLIAM' MEAD was born in England about 1600. He came to 
Massachusetts with his family about 1642 (?) and later settltd in 
Hempstead, L. I. In 1660 his two sons, John and Joseph came to 
Greenwich, Conn, and bought land of Richard Crabb and others. Wil- 
liam Mead died in 1663. His children were: 1. Joseph; b. about 1630; 
d. May 3, 1690; m. Dec. 4, 1654 Mary Brown. 2. Martha; b. 1632; m. 
John Richardson of Westchester, N. Y. 3. John; b. 1634; m. 1^57 
Hannah Potter, dau. of William Potter of Stamford. 


JOHN' MEAD [William'] b. 1634; children: 1. John; b. about 
1658; m. 1681 Ruth Hardy; 2. Joseph; b. May 2, 1660; m. Mary 

; 3. Hannah; b. about 1661; m. July 12, 1697, John Scofield; 

4. Ebenezer; b. about 1663; m. Sarah Knapp; 5. Jonathan; b. about 
1665; m. Martha Finch; 6. David; b. about 1665; m. Dec. 16 1707 
Abigail Leave; 7. Benjamin; b. about 1666; m. 1st. May 10, 1700, 
Sarah Waterbury; m. 2nd Rachel Brown; 8. Nathaniel; b. about 1669; 

m. Rachel ; 9. Samuel; b. 1673; m. Hannah ; 10. 

Abigail; b. 1675; 11. Mary; b. 1678. 

SAMUEL^ MEAD [John% William'], born 1673; died before Jan. 9, 

1719-20. date if distribution of estate. He married Hannah ; 

Children (Green T. R.); 1. Samuel; b. May 3, 1696; m. Dec. 6, 1716 
Ann Hewitt; 2. EInathan; b. Feb. 11, 1698; was living 1754; 3. Peter; 
b. Oct. 2, 1699-70; d. young; 4. Hannah; b. Nov. 29, 1702; m. before 
Jan. 7, 1719-20 Samuel Haight of Rye; 5. Deborah, b. July 10, 1704; 
6. John, b. Feb. 11, 1706; 7. Elizabeth, b. April 5, 1708-9; m. about 
1727, Jonathan Lyon (No. 32) . 

ELNATHAN* MEAD [SamueP. John=, William'], born Feb. 11, 
1698; res. Greenwich; was living 1754. Name of wife unknown. Chil- 
dren: 1. Eunice, b. 1720, bapt. with EInathan and Deborah Oct. 20, 1728; 
d. April 9, 1803; m. about 1743, Caleb Lyon (No. 52); 2. EInathan, b. 
about 1724; m. about 1748 Sarah Lyon, (No. 65); 3. Deborah; m. 1st 

Nov. 20, 1749, Samuel Close; m. 2nd, Smith; 4. Stephen; m. 

June 25, 1755, Molly Knapp; 5. Abraham, b. May 22, 1735; m. Nov. 1, 
1753, Ruth Lyon (No. 57); 6. Henry; m. 1st Elizabeth Denton; m. 2nd. 
Sept. 10, 1775 Mary Wood. 


JAMES MILLER was a resident land owner at Norwalk, Conn., 
where he had received a grant of four acres of land from the town 
prior to July 4, 1668. He is enumerated on the assessment rolls of 
Norwalk March 1671 for £80. May 30, 1678 John Roach, a soldier 
in the Indian War, makes a deed of gift of 12 acres of land unto 
Samuel Miller, minor, son of James Miller, in case of his death to go 
to the other children of James. Feb. 17, 1679, James Miller and 
Benjamin Scribner bought of John Budd house and land on Apacamake 


Neck, Rye. ec. 24, 1861, James Miller and wife Martha of Rye sell 
house and home lot at Norwalk to Matthias Sensior. Nov. 28, 1695 
Benjamin Scribner releases John Miller of Rye for all interest in 
the Rye property, James having paid all the purchase money. In 1701 
the town of Rye by vote granted to James Miller 10 acres of land in 
the White Plains purchase. In 1708 he was still living in Rye. Chil- 
dren of James and Martha Miller: 1. Samuel, b. about 1670; m. ; 

2. Anthony, b. about 1675; m. Mary ; 3. Jonathan, b. about 

1680; Warden Grace Chh. Rye, 1712; 4. Abraham, b. about 1685; m. 
Hannah ; 5. John, b. about 1688; d. April 1750; m. . 

SAMU;EL= MILLER [James'] born about 1670; m. ; a son 

Samuel, b. 1692, was living in 1752; m. Phebe Lyon 'No. 40). 

ANTHONY= MILLER [James'], born about 1675; m. Mary ; 

children: 1. Anthony, b. about 1701; m. Hannah Ganung; 2. William, 
m. 1727 Martha Hunt; the descendants of these were Tories and went 
to New Brunswick during the American Revolution. 

ABRAHAM^ MILLER [James'], born Rye, N. Y. (Budd's Neck) 
about 1685; died Rye (Sawpit) April 1750; will dated Sept. 18, 1749; 
codicil March 28, 1750; proved April 16, 1750. He lived in a house 
near where the railroad now crosses King St., Portchester. Oct. 20, 
1720 deeds land at Budd's Neck to Samuel Cheeseman; May 31, 1722, 
bought 120 acres of land near Byram River from John Coe; Town 
Constable, 1720-1725; Warden Grace Chh. 1727. He married Hannah 

• ; d. Jan. 20, 1777. They had: 1. James, b. Sept. 9, 1709; d. 

young; 2. Hannah, b. June 1, 1712; d. April 18, 1793; m. Dec. 23, 1735 
Samuel Lyon (No. 31); 3. Mary; b. Nov. 10, 1714; m. John Lyon 
(No. 59); 4. Anna, b. Aug. 28, 1717; m. Caleb Fowler; 5. Martha, twin 
sister of Anna; m. Nathaniel Worden; 6. Abraham, b. Dec. 9, 1720; 
d. Oct. 17, 1747; m. Mary Lyon (No. 75); 7. Gilbert b. July 29, 1724; 
d. April 13, 1792; m. Rachel Merritt; 8. Jonathan, b. Dec. 12, 1726; d. 
June 3, 1793; m. Elizabeth Doughty; 9. Elizabeth, b. Rec 7, 1728; 10. 
Mary, b June 23, 1734; d. young. 

JOHN= MILLER [James'], born about 1688; res. White Plains, 

N. Y.; m. ; children: 1. James, b. about 1718; d. 1776-84; m. 

Hannah Bloomer; 2. Abraham, b. about 1720; d. 1765; m. Letitia 

; 3. Elijah, b. May 8, 1728; d. Aug. 21, 1776; m. Ann Fisher; 



4. Anthony, b. about 1735; d. 1822; m. Hester Davids; 5. Eliza, m. 
Jeremiah Fisher; 6. Tamar, m. Lewis Kniffen; 7. Letitia, m. Blisha 
Merritt; 8. Mary, m. Joseph Hunt. (Hon. Warner Miller, U. S. Sen- 
ator from New York is a descendant of Anthony'' Miller). 

GILBERT' MILLER [Abraham^ James^], born July 29, 1724 at 
Budd's Neck, Rye; died April 13, 1792 at Sawpit, Rye; m. Rachel 
Merritt, born Sept. 19, 1731; living July 21, 1780; daughter of Andrew 
and Rachel (Sniffen) Merritt; children: 1. Abraham, b. Feb. 17, 1750; 
d. 1789; adm. of est. Jan. 6, 1789 to Robert Kennedy; 2. Gilbert, b. 
Feb. 20, 1752; d. June 26, 1824; 3. Anne, b. Dec. 5, 1754; d. Nov. 27, 
1802; m. Gilbert Merritt; 4. Hannah, b. Oct. 11, 1756. 

ABRAHAM* MILLER [Abraham^ Abraham-, James'], born Sawpit, 
N. Y. about 1745; died 1794; adm. of estate April 21, 1794 to widow 
Phebe Miller. He was farmer and village blacksmith at Sawpit, Rye, 
N. Y. He married about 1767 Phebe Hawxhurst, born May 30, 1748, 
O. S. at Oyster Bay, L. I.; died Nov. 23, 1831, at Somers, Westchester 
Co., N. Y.; buried at Amawalk. She was dau. of Daniel and Sarah 
(Seaman) Hawxhurst. Children: 1. Elizabeth, b. 1768; d. April 29, 
1848; m. May 1799 Joshua Fowler; 2. Daniel H., b. Feb. 22, 1771; d. 
Sept. 2, 1841; m. Oct. 19, 1797 Abigail Griffen; 3. Philadelphia, b. Aug. 
2, 1773; d. Nov. 13, 1852; m. Aug. 9, 1795, Joseph Griffen; 4. Walter, 
b. about 1776; d. 1777; 5. Richard, b. Jan. 1779; d. Oct. 3, 1845; m. 
1804 Jane Van Sicklen; 8. Charles, b. Nov. 1, 1781; d. Aug. 29, 1868; 
m. Oct. 16, 1806, Amy Conklin; 7. Abraham, b. Jan. 18, 1784; d. March 
4, 1847; m. June 21, 1804, Elizabeth Griffen; 8. John, b. April 30, 1786; 
d Feb. 2, 1815; m. about 1814 Esther Haviland; 9. Phebe, b. 1788; d. 
1810; 10. Walter; b. 1790; d. 1835. Note that this Abraham Miller 
is No. 230, p. 70, a descendant of Thomas' Lyon. 

To Governor George Clinton. 

Horse Neck Dec'br 19th 1778. 
Sir, I beg leave to acquaint your Exel'cy that the situation of af- 
fairs, are such in the County of Westchester, for the want of Guards, 
that I am reduced to the necessity of quitting my house, and puting 
myself under the protection of the Guards in this place. This is like- 


wise the fate of every honest friend to his Country in Rye. The con- 
siquence is, that, a nomber of designing persons under the influence 
of avaritious & Inimical principles, malte a practice, of secretly pur- 
chasing fat Catle, and in the night thro woods and bye Places, pass 
the Guards, here, and keep them secreeted untill a convenient opev- 
tunity presents, to send them to the Enemy. In this way I am cred- 
ibly Informed, eight fat oxen and four Cows have lately been sent 
from the neighbourhood where I should live and a considerable nom- 
ber of fat hoggs. There is no doubt this is the case quite across to the 
North River. In this way the Enemy have a large and ever plenti- 
ful! supply in New York market. I am confirmed in this by the re- 
port of Capt. Olmstead of Col. Enos Regt., on Guard here; who has 
this week return'd from Valentine's near Fort Independence, where 
he had been sent a flag and detained some days, who says he heard 
and saw while there, two hundred head of Cattle, and a great nomber 
of Sheep and hoggs pass by there towards New York. This is a 
harvest for those Infamous Villains, the Cow Thieves, &c., and brings 
great distress on many of the good Citizens in this quarter of the 
Country, I would beg leave to hint to your Exelency. that should a 
party of men, as a patrole under the Command of an active honest 
man be Employed, I conceive would be of great Importance, and the 
most likely method to detect the Theives, I am told Mr. .John Haynes 
proposes to offer himself for that purpose. Whether this, or such 
other method as your Exelency in your great wisdom shall judge best, 
I doubt not will soon be adopted. I am, with Great Respect and 
Esteem, your Exelen'ys most obed't Humble Ser't 

Samuel Lyon. 
His Exe'lcy Gov'r Clinton. 

[From Public Papers of George Clinton, War of the Revolution 
Series, Vol IV.] 

NOTE 17. 

In Committee of Safety for the County of Westchester, July the 
24th, 1776. Benjamin Lyon (No. 82) of the White Plains being A 
Man of Repute and A Member of this Committee being Sworn on the 
Holy Evanjalist of Almighty God, Deponeth and Saith that he was 
coming from New York in a Boat Some Time Last March as Near as 
the Deponent can Recollect the Time when Joseph Ball was in Com- 


pany at the Same Time and A dispute arising between the Deponent 
and Sd. Ball Respecting the Propriety or Impropriety of Independency 
when Sd. Ball Declared to the Deponent that when Independency was 
set up he the Sd. Ball would meet the Deponent in the Field of Death 
and further the Deponent saith not. 

Benj'm Lyon. 
Sworn before the Committee this Day and Year as above. 
By order of the Committee. 

John Thomas Jr., Ch. 

[Calendar of N. Y. Historical Mss., Revolutionary Papers. I. 428.] 
From Military Returns, 27-87. I, Jonathan G. Tompkins & 
Nicolas Fisher, Two of the Committee in the County of Westchester 
being cawled, up by Sum Minute men to Superintend an Electien in 
Chosing of Their oflBcers. The Number of Minute Men that were pres- 
ent that voted were 19 in Number which are as follows: Benjamin 
Lyon, OUiver Kellick, etc. (ibid I. 239). 


MOSES HUSTED was a descendant of Robert' Husted who was in 
Boston Mass., in 1649; received a grant of land "for eight heads" at 
Wollaston near Braintree; removed soon after to Stamford, Conn. 
Will July 8, 165?; will of his wife Elizabeth 1654. Their children were: 
1. Robert; m. Jan. 9, 1655 Elizabeth Buxton; res. Westchester Co., 
N. Y.,; 2. Ann; m. Richard Hardy; d. Dec. 13, 1707; 3. Angel. 

ANGEL- HUSTED was in Greenwich, Conn, 1672; d. April 1706; 

will dated April 5, 1706. He m. Rebecca . Their children were: 

1. Jonathan; m. Mary Lockwood; 2. Joseph; 3, Angel; 4. Moses; 5. 
John; 6. Samuel; m. Sarah : 7. Elizor; m. Baldwin. 

ANGEL^' HUSTED died before 1728. He married Mary , 

who subsequently married John Reynolds. Children: 1. Jonathan; 2. 
Ebenezer; 3. Mary; m. Jonathan Knapp: 4. Benjamin; m. Sarah New- 
man; d. before 1796; 5. Moses; b. about 1702; m. Sept. 5, 1726 
Susanna Mead. 

MOSES* HUSTED married Sept. 5, 1726 Susanna, daughter of Eben- 
ezer and Sarah (Knapp) Mead. Children: 1. Moses; b. July 1, 1728; 
d. Nov. 1795; m. Lucy ; 2. Susanna; b. April 1, 1731; m. 


Denton; 3. Abigail; b. June 1, 1734; d. Jan. 14, 1715; m. Israel 

Lyon (No. 91); 4. Peter; b. May 1742; m. Feb. 11, 1768, Eunice Lyon 

(No. 165): 5. Sarah; m. Worden: 6. Hannah; m. 

Doty: 7. Jabez. 


April 3. 1816, probated May 8, 1816. It is on record 
in Surrogate's office, City of New York. 

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Nehemiah Lyon, of the City of 
New York, shipwright, laboring at present under great bodily weak- 
ness but possessing a sound and disposing mind and memory, and 
being desirous before it shall please God to call me hence, of making 
a suitable arrangement of my worldly affairs and a just disposition 
of my property, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament 
in the manner and form following, that is to say, First I give and be- 
queath and devise all my estate real and personal to my beloved 
wife, Elizabeth, and to my dear children, Leah, William, Easter and 
Martha, and I do nominate and appoint my said wife Guardian to my 
said children, during their minority. Secondly, those of my children 
not named in this instrument, having been already provided for, it 
Is my will and desire that for the maintenance and education of my 
said children before named, and for the support of my said wife, 
my said Estate be divided and shared equally among them; my said 
wife during her life time to have her dower and third; and I do here- 
by authorize my executors hereinafter named, if they shall deem it 
advisable, to sell and dispose of my estate or any part thereof. 

Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my said wife Elizabeth and my 
friends Richard Morrell and A. Worster, Executrix and executors of 
this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former and oth- 
er wills by me made. In witness whereof I hereby set my hand and 
seal the third day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight 
hundred and fifteen. 

(signed) Nehemiah Lyon. 


RICHARD* WEBB born Montcomb, Dorset Co., England May 5, 
1580; d. Jan. 1, 1656; m. 1st, May 1610, Grace, daughter of John Wil- 


son; m. 2nd, Elizabeth Gregory, who d. Jan. 24, 1680. Children: 1 
Joseph; d. 1685; m. Hanna Scofield; 2. Richard; b. 1623; d. March 15 

1676; m. Moyer; 3. Caleb; d. May 24, 1704; 4. Mary; d. Sept 

18, 1706; 5. John d. May 19, 1670; m. 1st Ann ; m. 2nd, Eliza' 

beth Swift; 6. Sarah; m. John Marshall. Richard came from Dorset 
shire to Cambridge, Mass. 1626, to Hartford 1635, thence to Stratford 
Norwalk (1650) and finally to Stamford 1655; was Deputy to General 
Court that year. 

JOSEPH^ WEBB [Richard'] res. Stamford, Conn.; d. 1864; in- 
ventory March 8, 1684. He married, Jan. 8, 1672, Hannah Scofield. 
Children: 1. Joseph; b. Jan. 5, 1674; d. Nov. 15, 1743; m. Mary Hoyt; 
2. Mary; b. April 14, 1677; m. Sept. 23, 1697, Daniel Weed: 3. Hannah; 
J. July 9, 1679; 4. Sarah; b. Oct. 16, 1681; d. Oct 19, 1706; 5. Mar- 
gery; b. Oct. 4, 1683; d. Jan. 2, 1736-7; m. Aug. 10, 1715, Joseph Lock- 

JOSEPH- WEBB [Joseph^, Richard'] of Stamford, Conn.; b. Jan. 
5, 1674; d. Nov. 1743; adm. of estate Dec. 6, 1745. He married Feb. 
23, 1698, Mary Hoyt; b. 1672; d. Feb. 24, 1749-50: dau. of Benjamin 
and Hannah (Weed) Hoyt. Children: 1. Joseph; b. Jan. 26. 1700-1; 
m. Aug. 23, 1726, Sarah Blachly; 2. Ebenezer; b. March 7, 1704; d. 
Aug. 16, 1704; 3. Benjamin; b. Aug. 24, 1705; m. Oct. 5, 1732, Mary 
Cross; 4. John; b. July 28, 1707; m. Mary Holmes; 5. Sarah; b. May 
9, 1709; m. April 24, 1734, Hezekiah Reynolds; 6. Abigail; b. June 19, 
1711; 7. Epinetus; b. July 16, 1713; m. 1st. June 28, 1739, Elizabeth 
Lockwood; m. 2nd. Dec. 31, 1741, Deborah Ferris; 8. Mary; b. July 
28, 1715; d. May 28, 1741; m. April 5, 1734, Daniel Lockwood. 

JOHN* WEBB [Joseph', Joseph', Richard'], of Stamford, Conn.; 
b. July 28, 1707; d. 1775; will dated Oct. 3, 1775; probated Dec. 5, 
1775; exec, son John. He married Mary Holmes of Greenwich, who 
died Feb. 24, 1763. Children: 1. Mary; b. March 12, 1739-40; m. Jan. 
12, 1758 Abraham Holley; 2. John; b. Dec. 4, 1741; 3. Stephen; b. Aug. 
21, 1743; m. Elizabeth Hoyt; 4. Martha; b. Oct. 31, 1745; d. Jan. 6, 
1745-6; 5. Jonas; b. Dec. 3, 1746; 6. Gilbert; b. March 23, 1749; m. 
Jan. 1, 1771, Ruth Wallace; 7. Martha; b. Dec. 15, 1750; 8. Chloe; b. 
Oct. 17, 1752; 9. Abigail; b. April 9, 1759; d. 1788; 10. Phebe; b. Dec. 
28, 1760; d. Jan. 1. 1763. 


STEPHEN" WEBB [John*, Joseph^ Joseph^ Richard'], b. Stam- 
ford Aug. 21, 1743. He married March 2, 1769 Elizabeth dau, of Nehe- 
miah and Ruth (Peck) Hoyt. Children: 1. John; b. Dec. 11, 1769; 2. 
Nehemiah; (twin); 3. Stephen; b. June 28, 1772; d. April 22, 1820; m. 
Anna Lyon (No. 378); 4. Ezra; b. July 21, 1774; 5. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 
27, 1776; d. May 8, 1833; m. Enon Lyon (No. 377); 6. Hoyt; b. Dec. 12, 
1783; d. July 27, 1838; m. Abia Lyon (No. 381). 


DAVID* HUSTED [Joseph', AngeP, Robert'] was born about 1695; 
d. 1776. Will dated Oct. 30, 1765; probated Nov. 14, 1776. He married 
May 19, 1718, Johanna Brundage. Children: 1. David, b. Aug. 7, 1719; 

2. Hannah, b. Aug. 11, 1721; m. William Palmer; 3. Joseph, b. March 

3, 1723; 4. Sarah, b. March 31, 1725; m. Lewis Barton; 5. Elizabeth, 
b. Jan. 11, 1727; m. Peter Moo; 6. Ruth, b. Feb. 29, 1729; m. William 
White; 7. John, b. Nov. 25, 1731; 8. Caleb, b. May 14, 173-]; 9. Judith, 
b. Aug. 30, 1735; m. Solomon Denton; 10. Lydia, b. Aug. 30, 1737; m. 
Abraham Todd, Jr.; 11. Abraham, b. May 29, 1739; d. 1819; m. Hannah 
Knapp (No. 99); 12. Eunice, m. Sylvanus Knapp. 

ABRAHAM" HUSTED (Will dated May 16, 1819; probated June 
18, 1819). Married Hannah, daughter of Israel and Mary (Lyon) 
Knapp. Children: 1. Drake; m. Nancy Marvin Lyon (No. 461); ?. Wil- 
liam H., b. 1783; d. 1838; m. Mary Lyon (No. 496); 3. David; 4. Han- 
nah, m. Thomas Waterbuiy: 5. Sally, unm. 


JOHN COFFIN, son of Capt. Uriel and Mary (Pinkham) Coffin, was 
born June 29, 1807, in Chatham, N. Y., and died May 17, 1883, while 
visiting his daughter Julie in Kansas; buried in the Friends Cemetery, 
near Rayville. Children of John and Clarissa (Finch) Coffin (born on 
the Uriel Coffin homestead, near Chatham Four Corners) : 

I. William B.; b. Jan. 21, 1829; m. 1st, Caroline Coleman, Jan. 31, 
1854; children: 1. Charles C, b. Oct. 27, 1854 (res. Chatham, N. Y.); 
2. John Jr., b. Sept. 18, 1856 (d. of fever brought on by exposure in 
rescuing victim of Johnstown flood); 3. Joseph R., b. April 2, 1858; 


William B. CoflRn m. 2iid, Susan Robinson; one dau. (4) Susie, b. Aug. 
29, 1860. 

II. Eliza; b. Dec. 26, 1830; m. 1st, John Janney; m. 2nd, Edward 
Rawson; they res. Lincoln, Va. ; children by first husband: 1. Samuel 
M., b. Nov. 7, 1855; res. Lincoln, Va.; 2. Clarissa, b. Aug. 3, 1857; res. 
Lincoln, Va. 

III. Many P.; b. Feb. 23, 1833; m. William Brook; no ch.; res. 
near Washington Garden, New York City. 

IV. Reuben Finch; b. Dec. 30, 1837; d. Feb. 17, 1842. 

V. Julie M.; b. March 8, 1840; m. Dec. 22, 1864, at the Uriel 
Coffin farm, Robert R. Coleman; res. Mound Valley, Kansas; children: 
1. Edward R., b. Jan 16, 1866; d. young; 2. Kate, b. May 20, 1867; d. 
young; 3. Nellie, b. Dec. 4, 1868; d. young; 4. William B„ b. May 21, 
1870; 5. Frank, b. March 30, 1876; d. young; 6. Twins; d. young. 


JOHN' NELSON was an early settler in Westchester Co., N. Y., 
at Mamaroneck. He married at Canarsie, L. L, Hendrickje, daughter 
of Dirck Janse Van der Vliet, of Flat Lands. His name appears vari- 
ously in the Dutch Church records as Jan Nelse. Jan Elsen and Jan 
Blizen. His recorded children were: 1. Maria, bapt. June 11, 1671; 2. 
Catherine; 3. Mahitable, bapt. Oct. 23, 1678; 4. Polycarpus, b. July 
21, 1680; d. Dec. 19, 1738; 5. Eli; 6. Francis, b. about 1691; died after 
Nov. 13, 1750. 

FRANCIS^ NELSON lived in Mamaroneck until May, 1716. when 
he purchased of Caleb Heathcote land in the manor of Scarsdale. He 
was assessor in that place in 1723. Oct. 8, 1733, he conveyed these 
lands with consent of his wife Ann, to William Barker of Mamaro- 
neck, and removed to the Highlands of Dutchess County. He pur- 
chased of his brother Polycarpus an interest in the Lesser or Lower 
"Nine Partners" Tract. His name appears in the county records 
In 1750. Family tradition says that he married Mary Skinner. If so, 
he was twice married, since, in 1833, as shown above, his wife's name 
was Ann. He had fourteen children: 1. Reuben, b. Nov. 15, 1713; 2. 
John, b. 1718-9; 3. Theophilus, b. 1723-4; 4. Mephibosbeth; 5. Joshua 
[Major], b. Sept. 18, 1726; 6. Caleb [Captain]; 7. Mary; 8. Ann; 9. 


Frances; 10. Christina; 11. Catherine; 12. Charity; 13. Lucretia; 14. 
Justus, b. Feb. 21, 1737. 

REUBEN^ NELSON was surveyor of Highways and Fence Viewer 
of Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co., in 1763. His wife's name was 
Elizabeth; born in 1726; died April 20. 1812. Reuben Nelson died Dec. 

5, 1784. His children were: 1. Francis R., b. July 5, 1749; bapt. May. 

6, 1750; m. Sarah Lyon (No. 270); 2. Reuben R„ b. Feb. 23, 1756; 3. 
Zeba; m. Smith Rowland; 4. Susanna, b. Oct. 13. 1751, bapt. Aug. 30, 
1752; 5. Mary Ann, bapt. June 16, 1754; 6. Elizabeth. 


Sarah Lyon. See No. 270. Data communicated by 
Cortez Nelson (No. 47). 

270. V. 90. SARAH"* LYON (NELSON) [Elnathan*, Jonathan^ 
Thomas^, Thomas^], born Jan. 26. 1763 (Fam. Bible); died Oct. 28, 1821, 
while en route with her family to the far west; buried at Marietta, O. 
She married, Nov. 15, 1787, Francis R. Nelson who was born at Clinton 
Corners (now Hyde Park), Dutchess Co., N. Y., July 15, 1749, and died 
June 2, 1812. Francis enlisted very early in the cause of the Colonies, 
serving first as a private, later successively as Corporal, Sergeant, 
Second Lieutenant and finally as First Lieutenant. At the close of 
hostilities, Francis returned to the farm at Clinton, where he spent 
the remaining years of his life. In 1821 the surviving members of the 
familj^ left Dutchess County and settled in Indiana. 

Children of Francis R. and Sarah (Lyon) Nelson (Fam. Bible): 
(1) I. Reuben Washington; b. July 27. 1789. at Clinton Corners; attorney 
at law; settled at Corydon. Ind. (then State eapitol) ; accidentally (?) killed 
while "riding tlie circuit" In Clarke Co. in company with a fellow attorney, near 
Mt. Vernon. Ind., about 1823. 

(♦2) II. Harvey; b. Aug. 16. 1790. 

(•3) III. Amos; b. March 20, 1893. 

(4) IV. Thomas; b. July 20. 1895. 

(*5) V. Franklin; b. Sept. 8, 1897. 

(6) VI. Anna; b. March 20. ISOO. 

(1) VII. Sarah; b. Aug. 9. 1803. 

(8) VIII. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 3. ISOn. 

(2) VI. 270 HARVEY" NELSON [Sarah' (Lyon), Elnathan*. 
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'] born Clinton (Hyde Park), N. Y.; died 


Georgetown, Ind., Oct. 26, 1840. He married in 1811 Jane Rowe who 
is said to have been of Buffalo. N. Y. She died Oct. 21, 1821. They 
lived at first in Dutchess County, N. Y., but removed about 1821 to 
Georgetown, Ind., where Mr. Nelson bought a farm. 

(:;hildren of Harvey and Jane (Rowe) Nelson, born in Clinton, N. Y. : 

(9) I. Susan; b. March 3, 1812; m. Curtis of New York. 

(10) II. Catherine; b. Dec. 6, 1813. 

(11) III. Louisa Caroline; b. Nov. 26, 1815. 
(*12) VI. Francis Reuben; b. Jan. 10, 1818. 

(3) VI. 270. AMOS' NELSON [Sarah'^ (Lyon), Elnathan', Jona- 
than', Thomas^ Thomas^] born Clinton, N. Y., March 20, 1793; died in 
1840. He married Nancy Smith, born at Wyethville, Va., Aug. 23, 1805; 
died at New Albany, Ind., in 1870. Amos Nelson settled about 1821 
two and a half miles east of Corydon, Ind., on the south bank of Little 
Indian creek, where in partnership with his brother Franklin he con- 
ducted a tannery and shoemaking business. 

Children of Amos and Nancy (Smith) Nelson: 

(13) I. Caroline; b. 1827; d. 1847; unm. 

(14) II. Mary; b. 1830; d. 1850; unm. 

(15) III. James Harvey; b. 1835; learned the printers' trade, and was 
drowned at Lockport, Ind., July 4, 1854; unm. 

(5) VI. 270. FRANKLIN" NELSON [Sarah" (Lyon). Elnathan\ 
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'] born Clinton, Sept. 8, 1797; died May 2, 
1882. He married in 1826, Rachel Smith, a sister of his brother Amos* 
wife. She was born in Wyethville, Va., July 16, 1807, and died at 
New Albany, Ind., July 24, 1897. When war was declared in 1812, 
Franklin joined a company of Artillery, commanded by a kinsman. 
Captain Samuel Nelson, belonging to a regiment commanded by an- 
other kinsman, Colonel Joseph Nelson. The regiment was stationed 
during the war on Staten Island. Franklin afterwards learned the 
tanner's and shoemaker's trades, went west and took up land four 
miles east of Corydon, Ind., where he conducted in partnership with 
his brother Amos a successful business, combining agriculture with 
the leather industry. 

Children of Franklin and Rachel (Smith) Lyon: 

(*16) I. Elizabeth Ambrosia; b. Feb. 11, 1827; m. Socrates Jackson Bence. 
(*17) II. Susan Nepentha; b. Dec. 1. 1826; d. Dec. 4, 1903; m. 1st, Jesse 
Bliss; m. 2nd, Jonathan Hisley. 

(18) III. William; b. April 4, 1830; d. in infancy. 


(*19) IV. Paulina; b. June 17, 1833; m. I.uke Kiger. 

(*20) V. John Patterson; b. Dec. 11, 1834. 

(*31) VI. Igaac Newton; b. Dec. 9, 1837; d. April 11, 1900. at Cushing. 

(*32) VII. Reuben Washington; b. March 20, 1840; d. March 24, 1872. 

(•23) VIII. George Anderson; b. March 24, 1842; res. (1907) Georgetown, 

(24) IX. Margaret; b. May 6. 1845; m. 1st, Sept. 17. 1884, Dr. Frederick 
Goebel; he d. Aug. 3, 1896 and she m. 2nd, May 15, 1905, Harvey Crabb. 

(*25) X. Sarah Lyon; b. Oct. 4, 1847; m. Jacob Schwartz. 
(*26) XI. tewis Swearings, b. March 17, 1849. 

(27) XII. Charles Henry; b. March 1, 1852. 

(12) VII. (2) FRANCIS REUBEN' NELSON [Harvey^ Sarah'^ 
(Lyon), ElnathanS Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^] born Clinton, N. Y., 
Jan. 10, 1818; living in 1906. He married first Mary Jane McClintock, 
who died Nov. 14, 1855. He married second Rachel Morgan, who died 
about 1859. For his third wife he married Mary Walker, born in Vir- 
ginia; died at Georgetown, Ind., in 1885. Six years later he married 
a fourth wife Engleman. 

Children of Francis R. and Mary Jane (McCintock) Nelson: 

(28) I. Sarah Jane; b. June 26, 1842. 

(29) II. Francis Reuben; b. June 26, 1845; d. four days later. 

(30) III. John Curtis; b. June 9, 1848. 

Children of Francis R. and Rachel (Morgan) Nelson: 

(31) IV. Harvey. 

(32) V. Mary. 

(33) VI. Charles. 

(34) VII. David. 

[Franklin', Sarah' (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], 
born Feb. 11, 1827 in the old homestead near Corydon, Ind. She mar- 
ried, May 16, 1853, Socrates Jackson Bence, born Nov. 8, 1825, on the 
B'ence farm near Corydon. He was sheriff of Harrison county for two 

Children of Socrates J. and Elizabeth A. (Nelson) Bence, born at Corydon. 

(*35) I. Walter Anderson; b. Nov. 18, 1854. 

(36) II. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dec. 19, 1858. 

(37) III. Jennie Pauline; b. March 31, 1862; m. Feb. 28, 1883, In the 3rd 
Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Ky., Benjamin C. Chickering; no issue. 

(38) IV. John Franklin; b. July 12, 1864; m. Nellie Miller. 

(39) V. Louannah; b. June 16, 1867; d. April 27, 1889, of typhoid fever, 
at Corydon, Ind. 

(40) VI. Charles Winchell; b. April 14, 1870; m. Nov. 26, 1895, Mary H. 
Denbo, at Corydon; a son, Robert, b. July 7, 1900. 


LEY) [Franklin', Sarah"* (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thom- 
as'] born I>ec. 1, 1828, on the old homestead near Corydon, Ind. She 
married first Jesse Bliss. He died about 1862 and she married second 
Jonathan Hisley of Valley City, Ind. 

Children of Jesse and Susan N. (Nelson) Bliss: 

(41) I. John Wesley; m. Mary Ellen Thomas; several children. 

(42) II. Eliza; m. Hisley, s. of Jonathan. 

(43) III. George; went West. 

(44) IV. Edward; m. Hottel. 

(45) V. Franklin Parley; m. and has a large family; res. Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

(19) VII. (5) PAULINA' NELSON (KIGER) [Franklin', Sarah' 
(Lyon), Elnathan', Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas'] born June 17, 1833; 
married, Dec. 25, 1868, Luke Kiger, who was born in Germany. 

Son of Luke and Paulina (Nelson) Kiger: 

(46) Thomas Franklin; b. July 28, 1870; m. ; several children; res. 

with parents near Corydon, Ind. 

(20) VII. (5) JOHN PATTERSON' NELSON [Franklin', Sarah' 
(Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'] born Dec. 11, 1834, 
near Cor3-cIon Ind.; married first, May 1, 1863, Frances Adeline, daugh- 
ter of Alfred and Lucinda McCown, born April 27, 1842, near Lanes- 
ville, Ind.; d. Oct. 8, 1867. He married second, Oct. 6, 1871, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Andrew and Catherine Getz; she died April 7, 1900. John 
P. Nelson, although not a soldier in the Union army, rendered impor- 
tant services in the Civil war as a member of the Home Guard and in 
the Secret Service. It was he, with his "bosom chum," Jacob Keller, 
who put to flight Morgan's advance guard upon Corydon. Armed with 
repeating rifles, they emptied half a score of saddles, and sent the re- 
maining rebs back to report that they had been attacked by an over- 
whelming force in ambush. 

Children of John P. and Frances A. (McCown) Nelson: 

(47) I. Cortez; b. April 15, 1863, at Bence's Mills, near Corydon, Ind.; m. 
March 5, 1894, Eva Halstead, at Newark, N. J.; res. New York City. 

(*48) IL Maggie Helen; b. Dec. 28, 1864; m. David Miller. 

Children of John P. and Elizabeth (Getz) Nelson: 
(*49) III. Catherine; b. Sept. 8, 1872; m. Charles Irving Jones. 

(50) IV. Andrew; b. Aug. 17, 1873; d. Sept. 19, 1873. 
(*51) V. James Fowler; b. Dec. 4, 1874. 


(52) VI. WiUiam Otterbein; b. May 12, 1877. 

(53) VII. Rachel; b. Sept. 7, 1878; d. Oct. 2, 1879. 

(54) VIII. Levi; b. Oct. 29, 1881. 

(21) VII. (5) ISAAC NEWTON' NELSON [Franklin', Sarah" 
(Lyon), Elnathan*. Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'] born Dec. 9, 1837; 
died in Gushing, Oklahoma, April 11, 1900. He married in 1866 Lydla 
Ann, daughter of George Shuck, Esq., born Feb. 22, 1845. At the 
breaking out of the Givil war, he enlisted in the 17th Indiana mounted 
infantry and served in that regiment with great valor and distinction 
until the close of the war. At Stony Point he was seriously wounded, 
yet a few days later joined his company in their gallant charge at 
Missionary Ridge, being one of the few who survived. 

Children of Isaac N. and Lydia Ann (Shuck) Nelson: 
(55 I. William Sherman; b. July 3, 1867. 

(56) II. Mary Henrietta; b. near Corydon. Ind., Sept. 19, 1869; m. Sept. 
8, 1897. William Earnest, in Oklahoma. 

(57) III. Henry Wilson; b. May 2, 1873; m. In Oklahoma, Sept. 6. 1896, 
Erie Palmer; children: 1. Edwin, b. Oct. 3, 1897; 2. George, b. April 17. 1900. 

(58) IV. Florence Elizabeth; b. July 3, 1875; m. Feb. 29, 1896, Charles 
Smith; children: 1. Everett, b. Jan. 29, 1897; 2. Claude, b. Feb. 5, 1899. 

(59) V. Abbie May; b. Aug. 11, 1878; m. Feb. 21, 1897, Thomas Loftin, 
Oklahoma; a son Norville, b. Nov. 25, 1897. 

(60) VI. George Franklin; b. March 1, 1882. 

(61) VII. Bonnie Alice; b. June 28, 1886. 

Sarah' (Lyon) Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas'] born at the 
old homestead near Corydon, Ind., and died March 24, 1872. He mar- 
ried in 1867 Susanna, daughter of Philip and Anna Zenor, born May 
3, 1840. After Mr. Nelson's death, she married again and moved to 
Kansas, where she died Sept. 3, 1887. Reuben Washington Nelson 
enlisted early in the civil war in the Home Guards for the defense of 
the State against the Bushwhackers and Sons of the Golden Circle, 
but found this service too tame and accordingly joined the 144th In- 
diana Regiment in which he served until the close of the war. 

Children of Reuben W. and Susanna (Zenor) Nelson: 

(62) I. Minnie Alice; b. Nov. 3, 1868. 

(63) II. Rachel Jane; b. March 21, 1870; m. Dec. 15, 1892, Bernard 
McCormick; children: 1. Bernard Earl, b. Sept. 27, 1893; 2. Reuben, b. Dec. 12, 

(64) III. Socrates Bence; b. March 17, 1872. 


Sarah" (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas^] born at the 
old homestead near Corydon, Ind., March 24, 1842. He married, April 
5, 1866, Anna, daughter of Thomas Lone, Esq., born Feb. 6, 1845. He 
enlisted, July 22, 1861 In Company E of the 3rd Indiana Cavalry, and 
served until the close of the war. His regiment vpas in all the hot 
campaigns in Virginia, and was one of the mainstays of Sherman's 
Flying Squadron. George Nelson was thrice wounded and once taken 
prisoner, but escaped his captors. Such was his dare-devil spirit that 
his captain, Benjamin Gresham, threatened to put a guard over him 
to keep him quiet. 

George A. Nelson and his wife are now residing at Georgetown, 

Children of George A. and Anna (Lone) Nelson: 

(65) I. Sally I,yon; b. Jan. 15, 1868; m. Nov. 16, 1886, Joseph Endries, of 
Lanesville, Ind. 

(*66) II. Nellie Grant; b. March 22, 1869; m. Clarence Crowe. 

(67) III. George Walter; b. Aug. 20, 1877. 

(68) IV. Thomas Franklin; b. Dec. 26, 1878. 

lin", Sarah" (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^] born Oct. 
4, 1847, at the old homestead near Corydon, Ind. She married, May 7, 
1874, Jacob Schwartz, born in Germany, June 25, 1844; died in New 
Albany, Ind., Jan. 31, 1899. 

Children of Jacob and Sarah Lyon (Nelson) Schwartz: 

(69) I. John; b. Feb. 17, 1875; d. March 14, 1884. 

(70) II. Mayme; b. at New Albany, Ind.. Jan. 31, 1877; m. Sept. 10, 1896, 
Joseph F. Sanders; children: 1. Greene A., b. Jan. 19, 1898; 2. Sarah Josephine, 
b. Oct. 24, 1900; 3. Eva Ruth, b. March 3, 1904. 

(71) IIL Margaret; b. Aug. 25. 1882: m. Sept. 6, 1905, Charles M. Pea- 
cock, of New Albany, Ind. 

(26) VII. (5) LEWIS SWEARINGS' NELSON [Franklin", 
Sarah" (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'] born March 
17, 1849, at the old homestead near Corydon, Ind. He married Ona 
E. Rhodes, of Warren County, Indiana. 

Children of Lewis S. and Ona E. (Rhodes) Nelson: 

(72) I. Franklin; b. Oct. 20, 1893; d. Nov. 6. 1895. 

(73) II. Alvah King; b. June 15, 1898. 

(74) III. A daughter; b. March 29, 1905; d. Dec. 21, 1905. 


(35) VIII. (16) WALTER ANDERSON" BBNCE [Elizabeth A; 

(Nelson), Franklin^ Sarah^ (Lyon), Elnathan\ Jonathan^ Thomas% 
Thomas'] born Nov. 18, 1854, at Corydon, Ind.; married Oct. 5, 1879, 
Kate Walters. 

Children of Walter A. and Kate (Walters) Bence: 

(75) I. Olive May; b. 1881. 

(76) II. Adah; b. Jan. 12, 1887. 

(77) III. Socrates Jackson; b. Sept. 18, 1891. 

(78) IV. Henry; b. Jan. 1, 1899. 

P.', Franklin^ Sarah" (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*] 
born Dec. 28, 1864; married, Sept. 2, 1885 to David Miller, born March 
27, 1861. 

Children of David and Maggie Helen (Nelson) Miller: 

(79) I. Nellie; b. July 19, 1886; m. John F. Bence (No. 38); one child. 

(80) II. Charles; b. Oct. 9, 1892. 

(81) III. Franklin; b. July 3, 1895. 

(49) VIII. (20) CATHERINE* NELSON (JONES) [John P.', 
Franklin", Sarah' (Lyon), Elnathan\ Jonathan^, Thomas-, Thomas'] 
born Sept. 8, 1872; married, July 24, 1895, Charles Irving Jones, at 
Birdseye, Ind. 

Children of Charles I. and Catherine (Nelson) Jones: 

(82) I. L,lllie May; b. June 15, 1896. 

(83) II. LUa Fay; b. June 1. 1898. 

(84) III. Harry Cecil; b. Aug. 14, 1900. 

(85) IV. Roy Earl; b. March 7, 1905. 

(51) VIII. (20) JAMES FOWLER* NELSON [John P.', Frank- 
lin^ Sarah" (Lyon), Blnathan\ Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas'] born Dec. 
4, 1874; married. May 1899, Laura King. 

Children of James F. and Laura (King) Nelson: 

(86) I. John D.; b. April 24, 1900. 

(87) II. Walter M.; b. April 2, 1902. 

A.', Franklin^ Sarah'' (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas', Thomas'] 
born March 22, 1869, near Corydon, Ind.; married, July 10, 1884, Clar- 
ence Crone, of Georgetown, Ind. 



Children of Clarence and Nellie Grant (Nelson) Crone: 

(86) I. Clemmie E.; b. Feb. 8, 1886. 

(87) II. George ; b. Dec. 24, 1888. 

(88) III. Roy; b. Sept. 9, 1889. 

(89) IV. Orin; b. April S, 1892. 

(90) V. Walter; b. May 9, 1893. 

(91) VI. Anna; b. Dec. IS, 1894. 

(92) VII. A son; b. Jan. 8, 1902. 


In the Lyon Memorial, Connecticut and New Jersey Families, p. 
249 it is stated that three brothers, Samuel, Alexander and "Major" 
Lyon, "from Connecticut or Rhode Island" settled in 1791 at Lyon 
Brook, Chenango Co., N. Y. The information came from a descendant 
of this Samuel Lyon and should be authentic. Reasons are given 
(loc. cit.) for the belief that these three brothers were from Rhode 
Island, and that they were descendants of Henry Lyon of Newark. 
The account stated that of the three brothers, two, Samuel and Alex- 
ander, had served in the Revolutionary war "in a Connecticut regi- 
ment." The name Alexander Lyon, however, does not occur in any list 
of Revolutionary soldiers from Connecticut, and the vague family tra- 
dition cannot be given much weight. The definite statement, however, 
that the third brother, "Major" Lyon, was killed at Little York in a 
fight with the British in 1812, is confirmed by the following passage 
found in the Annals of Oxford. Thomas Lyon, one of three brothers 
who came to Oxford, N. Y., from Dutchess County in 1792, "became 
a major and led a regiment of State Troops from the County of Chen- 
ango in the War of 1812. Towards the close of 1813 General Dearborn, 
under whom Major Lyon served, crossed Lake Erie with seventeen 
hundred men, with the intention of attacking York, now Toronto, and 
then the chief depot of the British Posts in the West. A landing was 
made before York on the 27th of the month [April] under hot fire, but 
the Americans pushed on and the enemy were driven from the works. 
The Americans were still pressing toward the main works when a 
magazine exploded, a plot of the British. Two hundred Americans 
were killed and wounded, among the mortally wounded being Majop 
Lyon, who was carried on board the Commodore's vessel and there died, 
the death of a hero." In fact the troops who were engaged in the at- 
tack upon York were under the command of Gen. Zebulon M. Pike, 
and that oflicer with two of his aides, one of them very possibly Major ^^ 


Thomas Lyon, were mortally injured in the explosion. General Pike 
lingered long enough to receive the British ensign torn down from the 
captured fort. 

It is clear that Major Thomas Lyon was not Thomas'* No. 288 
[David', Jonathan", Thomas-, Thomas'], whose history is given else- 
where in this volume in detail. The conjecture that the three brothers 
were sons of Thomas Lyon of Cranston, R. L, whose brother John re- 
moved from Rhode Island about 1794 (?) to Sherburne, Chenango Co., 
N. Y., is a very plausible one. If one further assumes that John Lyon 
born at Lyons Farms about 1698 accompanied or followed his brother, 
Lieutenant James, to Rhode Island, we have this possible lineage: 
Major Thomas^ Thomas*, John', Samuel-, Henry^ of Newark. 

Returning to the Annals of Oxford, we find the statement that 
Thomas, David and Samuel Lyon, brothers, went from Dutchess Coun- 
ty, N. Y.,t to Oxford, N. Y.. in 1792. "They went up the river in a 
canoe from Great Bend, Pa., and settled at what is now known as 
Lyons Brook, then called Can-na-wa-go. They purchased seven square 
miles of land for one shilling per acre. After meeting with many 
vicissitudes they finally cleared the land and developed several fine 
farn-'S and erected grist mills and saw mills." Evidently this is another 
version of the story of the brothers, Alexander, Samuel and "Major", 
who "came to Lyon Brook in 1791, bought land of Benjamin Hovey, 
Gov. Clinton's land agent for one shilling an acre, and built a grist 
mill, a lumber mill and a woolen mill." The brothers could not have 
been Thomas, David and Samuel, Nos. 288, 292 and 294, but there is 
reason to believe that David No. 292 did go to Chenango county to 
live, for it is stated that in 1811 his sister Elizabeth Jacobs, No. 287 
went to join him there. A daughter of David, Susanne or Susan, mar- 
ried a son of Samuel Lyon of Lyons Brook, and it is stated by their 
grand daughter. Miss Anna Holcomb, that these Lyons were not re- 
lated ["were of entirely different dens"]. Miss Holcomb gives the 
following record. 

Children of Samuel and 

I. Daniel ; m. . 

II. Huldah; m. Charles Sm 

III. Sally; m. Rathbone 

Imith. p 

tCircumstantial as this account is, it may be after all that the three brothers 
did not come from Dutchess County. It would be natural to assume that they 
came from there, because other Lyons in Chenango County were from that 


R T ^^■=..^*i^*iJ',^\,~;^ Burlingame [note that Thomas Lyon of Cranston 

^ }' ^ 1^^ Huldah Burlingame-also that John Lyon of Scituate R I m«r' 
ried Martha Burling-ame, sister of Huldah and th«V Vnhn t \l\ ^ 

Sherburne not far from Oxford, N ^T ' '^ '" 

v. Polly; m. Samuel Pollard. 

VI. Samuel; m. Eddy. 

VII. Lovina; m. John Pollard. 

VIIL Luctna; twin sister of Lovina; m - Baker 

IX. Ira; m. . 

X. Lovica; m. William Smith. 

XI. Georsre Rowley; m. Susan Lyon No. 743. ,S1<2-C ^ * / t> ^ 

f*^^C> , t/. sS'^^CW^ <=i>£.*C-fi!.^ i^-^«^ /</, /g^^g. J^'/i 
9-*-«.-cXZlx^ /V-cCUx-vi> ^ Q-u^>-tX ^-*-e^<, /t.jBO 


About 1750-1763 there came from Enniskillen, co. Ulster, Ireland, 
to Pennsylvania a Lyon family whose descendants are now widely 
spread and number some of the most prominent representatives of the 
Lyon family in America. The ancestry of the Irish family has not 
been traced, but there is every reason to believe that it sprang from 
the same stock as the English families. It is observable that in Ireland 
as in England the name appears both with and without the final "s." 
The immigrants were John Lyon with his family, and three sons of 
his younger brother, James. 

3000. I. . JOHN^ LYON, of Enniskillen, Ireland, was 

born early in the eighteenth century. He married in Ireland Margaret 
Armstrong whose brother Col. John Armstrong, was also an immigrant 
to America, and played a prominent part in Colonial and Revolutionary 
days in Pennsylvania history. John died in 1780, will dated Dec. 13, 
1779; his widow died about 1793; both were buried in Tuscarora. They 
settled 1763 on a farm two miles west of Mifflintown, Pa. 

Children of John and Margaret (Armstrong) Lyon: 

*3001. I. William; b. March 17, 1729; m. Alice Armstrong. 

*3003. II. James; m. Martin. 

*3003. III. Samuel; m. Eleanor Blaine. 

•3004. IV. John; m. Mary Harris. 

3005. V. Mary; b. 1748; m. Benjamin Lyon (No. 3103). 

3006. VI. Frances; b. 1752; d. May 7, 1839; m. "William Graham. 

3007. VII. Margaret Alice; m. Thomas Anderson. 

3008. VIII. Agnes; unm. 

3001. II. 3000. WILLIAM* LYON [John*], born in Ireland March 
17, 1729, came to America in 1750 and settled at Carlisle, Pa., where he 
died Feb. 7, 1809. He married first. 1756, Alice, daughter of his uncle, 
Col. John Armstrong. He married second Ann Fleming. He was a 
lieutenant 1757 in the Colonial army, and in the following year was in 
the Du Quesne expedition. He was a member of the Committee of 
Safety in 1776 and held various court offices. 

Son of William and Alice (Armstrong) Lyon: 
♦8009. I. James; b. Oct. 1757; d. Nov. 11, 1811; m. Sally Eyre. 
Children of "William and Ann (Fleming) Lyon: 
3010. II. Margaret; b. May 9, 1770; m. July 25, 1703 Rev. David Denny. 


3011. III. John; b. Oct. 13. 1771; m. Priscilla Coulter; was a lawyer at 

3012. IV. William; b. June 17, 1773; d. early, at St. Francisvllle, La. 
*3013. V. Samuel; b. Jan. 20, 1775; m. Hetty Broome. 

3014. VI. Mary; b. Aug. 20, 1776; d. 1832; unm. 

3015. VII. Alexander Parker; b. Aug. 4, 1778; d. 1808; unm.; a lawyer. 

3016. VIII. Nancy; b. Aug. 16, 1780; d. 1800; unm. 

3017. IX. Alice Armstrong; b. Sept. 25, 1781; m. March 6, 1810, George 
Chambers of Chambersburg; d. 1848. 

*3018. X. George Armstrong; b. April 11, 1784; d. Jan. 6, 1855; m. 
Anne M. Savage. 

3002. II. 3000. JAMES^ LYON [John»], born in Ireland and mar- 
ried there to Martin. He came to America in 1763 and lo- 
cated in Mifflin Co., Pa. He was assessor in 1777. 

Children of James and (Martin) Lyon: 

3019. I. John; b. in Ireland; settled in Butler Co., Pa., where he left 
descendants; was in the Revolutionary war. 

3020. II. Margaret; b. Philadelphia, 1763, three days after arrival of her 
parents in America; m. 1783, John Oliver; d. June 8, 1847 at McVeytown. 

*3021. III. William; b. Jan. 31, 1765; m. Rebecca Graham. 

3032. IV. Elizabeth; b. ; m. John McVey, founder of McVeytown; 

rem. to Zanesville, O. ; d. ae. 88 y. 

3023. V. Isabella; b. Aug. 14, 1770; m. June 20, 1793, John Patterson; 
d. June 28, 1858. 

3024. VI. Nancy; twin sister of Isabella; m. about 1794 John Patterson, 
cousin of her sister's husband; d. April 16, 1855. 

3025. VII. Mary; b. May 6, 1774; m. Robert Forsythe; d. Feb. 24, 1861. 
*3026. VIII. James; b. Feb. 11, 1786; d. March 20, 1872; m. Elizabeth 

Lyon (No. 3104). 

3003. II. 3000. SAMUEL'' LYON [John*], born in Ireland; died 
April 9, 1795. He inherited one half of his father's farm. He held 
various offices; was a colonel and commissioner for the Revolutionary 
army. He married Eleanor Blaine. 

Children of Samuel and Eleanor (Blaine) Lyon: 

3027. I. Margaret; b. March 26, 1772; m. Jan. 16, 1795, her cousin 
James Blaine, son of Col. Ephraim Blaine; they had a son Ephraim who mar- 
ried Maria Gillespie and was the father of the distinguished statesman, James 
Gillespie Blaine. 

3028. II. Isabella; b. Feb. 14, 1774; m. March 12, 1798 ; m. 

2nd. Alexander Reed. 

3029. III. John; b. Feb. 1, 1776; d. 1814; unm.; was a lawyer in Bedford. 

3030. IV. Nancy; b. April 27, 1778; d. June 22, 1867; unm. 

3031. V. Rebecca; b. Nov. 2, 1785; m. Feb. 6, 1812 James M. Russell; 
d. Dec. 14, 1870 at Bedford. 

•3032. VI. Samuel; b. Jan. 19, 1791; m. Nancy Campbell. 


3004. II. 3000. JOHN* LYON [John'], born in Ireland; died 
about 1820. He inherited one half his father's farm. In 1797 he re- 
moved to Butler Co., Pa. He married Mary, daughter of John Harris 
of Mifflintown. 

Children of John and Mary (Harris) Lyon: 


I. Thomas Harris. 


II. William. 


III. John. 


IV. James. 


V. Margaret. 


VI. Mary. 


VII. Catherine. 


VIII. Nancy. 

3009. III. 3001. JAMES" LYON [William*, John*], born Oct. 
1757; died Nov. 21, 1811; married July 25, 1793, Sally Eyre of North- 
ampton Co., Va. He was a physician. 

Children of James and Sally (Eyre) Lyon: 

3041. I. William; unm. 

3043. II. Margaret; m. William Taylor, a lawyer; res. Norfolk, Va. 

3013. III. 3001. SAMUEL" LYON [William*, John»], born Jan. 
20, 1775; married March 1800, Hetty Broome. He was a merchant in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Children of Samuel and Hetty (Broome) Lyon: 

•3043. I. William; m. 1st Reynolds; m. 2nd Mulholland. 

•3044. II. George Armstrong; m. Mary Sterrett. 

3045. III. Jacob; res. Clarion Co., Pa. 

3046. IV. John; res. Clarion Co., Pa. 

3047. V. Rachel; m. Dr. Hugh Campbell of Uniontown, Pa. 

3018. III. 3001. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [William*, 
John'], born April 11, 1784 at Carlisle, Pa.; d. Jan. 6, 1855. He was 
an attorney and prominent citizen. He married, June 14, 1S15, Anna 
M. Savage of Northampton Co., Va. 

Children of George A. and Anna M. (Savage) Lyon: 

3048. L Virginia T.; b. July 31, 1817; d. 1866; unm. 
•3049. II. William; b. Aug. 3, 1819; m. Augusta Baldwin. 

3050. IIL John [Rev.]; b. July 26, 1821; unm. 

3061. IV. Susan £llen; b. May 24, 1823; d. Oct. 27, 1852; m. J. W. 
Burbridge; res. New Orleans, La. 


3052. V. Mary Elizabeth; b. March 25, 1825; d. May 25, 1838. 

3053. VI. Anna Margaret; b. ; m. James B. Lyon (No. 3110). 

*3054. VII. Alexander Parker; b. June 29, 1829; m. Elizabeth T. Denniston. 

3055. VIII. Thomas Lyttleton; b. April 29, 1832; d. March 29, 1883; m. 
1st. Mrs. A. Marks; m. 2nd. Beulah Clark; res. New Orleans, La. 

3056. IX. Alice Chambers; b. April 13, 1836; m. June 13, 1861 Thomas C. 
Lazear, a lawyer; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

3021. III. 3002. WILLIAM* LYON [James^ John'], born Jan. 
31, 1865; married Rebecca Graham. 

Children of William and Rebecca (Graham) Lyon: 

3057. I. William Graham; b. March 7, 1799; d. April 11, 1816. 

3058. II. Ann Eliza; b. Jan. 7, 1801; d. Nov. 10, 1801. 

*3059. III. George Armstrong; b. Dec. 12, 1803; m. Jessie Alexander. 

3060. IV. Rebecca Armstrong; b. Aug. 21, 1806; d. June 11, 1831; m. 
Stuart Turbett. 

3061. V. Amanda; b. Aug. 31, 1808; d. early. 

3062. VI. John R.; b. Aug. 19, 1810; d. early. 

3063. VII. James; m. Mary Holmes of Pittsburg, Pa.; ch. 1. Ann Eliza; 
2. Sarah. 

3026. III. 3002. JAMBS' LYON [James^ John*], bom Feb. 11, 
1786; died March 20, 1872; married his cousin Elizabeth Lyon (No. 
3104), they lived in Huntington Co., later in Fulton Co., Pa. 

Children of James and Elizabeth (Lyon) Lyon: 

3064. I. Margaret Oliver; b. June 7, 1810; d. March 1863; m. 1832, 
D. C. Ross. 

*3065. II. John William; b. Dec. 1811; m. Catherine V. Ross. 

3066. III. Benjamin Alexander; b. May 25, 1818; unm. 
*3067. IV. James Graham; b. Oct. 3, 1820; m. Margaret Roberts. 

3032. III. 3003. SAMUEL* LYON [SamueP, John*], born Jan. 
19, 1791; married Nancy Campbell. 

Children of Samuel and Nancy (Campbell) Lyon: 

3068. I. Parker Campbell; res. Richmond, Va. 

3069. II. Ellen; m. Rev. Nichols of Mobile, Ala. 

3043. IV. 3013. WILLIAM* LYON [Samuel*, William', John']; 
m. 1st, Reynolds; m, 2nd, Mulholland. 

Children of William Lyon: 

3070. I. WiUiam; d. young. 

3071. II. Samuel; lawyer in Blalrsville. 

3073. III. May; m. George Duchat; res. Chicago, 111. 
3073. IV. George McDonald; unm.; res. Chicago. 
There were other children. 


3044. IV. 3013. REV. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [SamueP, 
William^ John'], married Mary Sterrett, Erie, Pa. 

Children of George A. and Mary (Sterrett) Lyon: 

3073. I. aiargaret; b. 1830; m. John W. Douglas, lawyer, Washington, 
D. C. 

3074. II. Alexander McD.; b. 1S35; m. 1st, Ann Lowry; m. 2nd, Maria 
Crolby; 2 ch. 

3075. III. George A.; b. 1837; m. Rose Vincent; 2 ch . 

3076. IV. Wilbur; b. 1841; m. 1st, Hattie Cadwell; m. 2nd, Maria Derrick- 
son; 2 ch. 

3049. IV. 3018. REV. WILLIAM* LYON [George A^, William^, 
John'], born Aug. 3, 1819; died June 1862; m. July 1846 Augusta Bald- 

Children of William and Augusta (Baldwin) Lyon: 

3077. I. George A.; b. July 6, 1847. 

3078. IL John Lyttleton: b. Aug. 13, 1849. 

3079. III. Henry Webb; b. June 1852. 

3080. IV. Lucy Baldwin; b. Aug. 1854. 

3081. V. Anna Trace; b. June 1859. 

3082. VI. William Lyttleton; b. Sept. 1860. 

3054. IV. 3018. ALEXANDER PARKER* LYON [George A*., 
William^ John'], born June 29, 1829; died Dec. 17, 1861; m. May 10, 
1855 Eliza T. Denniston. 

Children of Alexander P. and Eliza T. (Denniston) Lyon: 

3083. I. Catherine Thaw; b. May 6, 1856; m. Albert Fell, of Philadelphia, 

3084. II. Charles Lyttleton; b. Jan. 26, 1858; m. Annie Reed. 

3085. III. Alexander Parker; b. Dec. 27. 1859; m. Mary Duydam; a dau. 

3086. IV. John Denniston; b. Jan. 1861; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

3059. IV. 3021. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [William', 
James^ John'], born Dec. 12, 1803; died Oct. 23, 1873; m. 1st, Nov. 11, 
1830, Jessie Alexander; she died May 12, 1835 and he married second, 
Oct. 31, 1836, Sidney J. Oliver. 

Children of George A. and Jessie (Alexander) Lyon: 

3087. I. Rebecca Armstrong; b. Nov. 18, 1831; m. 1st, James McAllister; 
m. 2nd, Jan. 16, 1879, David Wilson, Ph. D. 

3088. II. James Alexander; b. April 8, 1833; m. Orlie A. Mitchelson; ch. : 
1. Albert Chase; 2. James Park, Wymore, Neb. 

Daughter of George A. and Sidney J. (Oliver) Lyon: 

3089. III. Mary M.; b. March 23, 1840; res. Belleville, Pa. 


3065. IV. 3026. JOHN WILLIAM* LYON [James', James=, Jehu'], 
bom Dec. 1811; died Feb. 27, 1845; was a farmer in Fulton Co. He 
married, Dec. 1838, Catherine V. Ross. 

ChiUlren of John W. and Catherine V. (Ross) Lyon: 

3090. I. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 10, 1839; m. George Chestnut. 

3091. II. Margaret; b. May 1841; m. J. W. Patterson. 

3092. III. James Graham; b. Feb. 1843. 

3093. IV. John; b. Jan. 1845. 

3067. IV. 3026. JAMES GRAHAM* LYON [Jamas', James^ 
John'], born Oct. 3, 1820; res. Fulton Co.; married June 27, 1857, Mar- 
garet Roberts. 

Children of James G. and Margaret (Roberts) Lyon: 

3094. I. Mary Ida; b. May 10, 1858; d. Feb. 14, 1864. 

3095. IL Ettie Elizabeth; b. Oct. 10, 1859. 

3096. III. James Elmer; b. Feb. 2, 1869. 

3100. JAMES LYON, brother of John Lyon, No. 3000, did not him- 
self come to America, but three of his sons did so. Among his children 

8101. I. William; a Tory; settled in Canada. 

3102. II. Robert; a lieutenant in the 6th Pennsylvania, In the Revolution; 
d. Northumberland, Pa., Aug. 19, 1823, ae. 77. 

♦3103. III. Benjamin; b. 1752; m. Mary Lyon (No. 3005). 

3103. II. 3100. BENJAMIN'' LYON [James'], born in Ireland 
1752; came to America 1763 with his uncle John Lyon (No. 3000). 
He was a lieutenant and captain in the Revolution; resigned 1779 
on account of ill health. He removed to Northumberland but returned 
about 1800. He married his cousin Mary Lyon (No. 3005). She 
died 1811, and he went to live with his daughter Elizabeth in Hunting- 
don County. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Lyon) Lyon: 

3104. I. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 15, 1780; d. Jan. 21, 1849; m, her cousin 
James Lyon (No. 3026). 

*3105. II. John; b. Aug. 11, 1782; d. Jan. 25, 1868. 
*3106. III. James; b. April 12, 1787; m. Ann Forman. 
3107. IV. Margaret; d. about 1825. 

3105. HI. 3103. JOHN* LYON [Benjamin^ James'], born Aug. 
11, 1782; died Jan. 25, 1868. He married first, April 29, 1808, Jane 


Maclay. She died April 30, 1809 and he married second, Sept. 7, 1814, 
Ann Patton, daughter of Gen. John Patton; she died May 1817 and he 
married third, July 20, 1820, Margaret E. Stewart. She died May 26, 
1835 and he married fourth Ann P. Huhley, who survived him and died 
Nov. 13, 1884. He was head of the firm of Lyon, Short & Co., engaged 
in the iron industry. He removed to Pittsburg where he carried on 
the manufacture of charcoal on a very extensive scale. 

Son of John and Jane (Maclay) Lyon: 

3108. I. WiUiam Maclay; b. April 20, 1S09; was a member of his father's 

Son of John and Ann (Patton) Lyon: 
*3109. II. John Patton; b. June 5, 1815; m. "Westanna S. Elliott. 

Children of John and Margaret E. (Stewart) Lyon: 
♦3110. III. James Benjamin; b. April 21, 1821; m. Anna M. Lyon (No. 

*3111. IV. Samuel Stewart; b. Nov. 11, 1822; m. Anna "Valentine. 
3112. V. Mary A.; b. Dec. 24, 1824; d. March 7, 1863; m. Feb. 15, 1848 
J. Robert Lowrie. 

*3113. VI. George W.; b. Nov. 7, 1826; m. Anna C. Potter. 

3114. VII. Jane Alice; b. March 24, 1829; m. April 11, 1850 Bucher Ayres. 

3115. VIII. Margaret Elizabeth; twin sister of Jane; d. Oct. 12, 1867; 
m. Oct. 15, 1851, Rev. Robert Hamill. 

3116. IX. Sarah Walker; b. April 28, 1831; d. May 15, 1860; m. Dec. 23, 
1852, George Bucher Porter. 

•3117. X. Thomas Stewart; b. March 15, 1833; m. Nannie J. Wright. 

3118. XI. Emma; b. April 4, 1835; d. young. 

3106. HI. 3103. JAMES* LYON [Benjamin*, James*], bom April 
12, 1787; d. Aug. 28, 1851; a merchant in Oswego, N. Y.; m, April 25, 
1811, Ann Forman. 

Children of James and Ann (Forman) Lyon: 

3119. I. Joseph Benjamin; b. March 3, 1812; m. Ann ; d. Nov. 

9, 1872. 

3120. II. John Edward; b. June 18, 1813; m. Catherine M. Tracy; res. 

Oswego, N. Y. ; children: 1. Kate, m. ; 2. James, of California; 3. Aimi«, 

unm. : 4. Gardiner. 

3121. III. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dec. 24. 1814; m. 1st, Theodore Morgan; m. 
2nd, Charles Whittlesey. 

3132. IV. James H.; b. April 6, 1817; m. Ann Maloney; res. Chicago, 111.; 
children: 1. Mary, m. F. Richie; 2. Kate. 

3123. V. Margaret; b. Aug. 29. 1822; m. George W. Noxon. 

3124. VI. Joshua Forman; b. June 6, 1830; d. April 12, 1856; unm. 

3109. IV. 3105. JOHN PATTON* LYON [John*, Benjamin*, 
James*], born June 5, 1815; was an iron manulacturer, Sligo, Clarion 
Co. He married Westanna S. Elliott. 


Children of John P. and Westanna S. (Elliott) Lyon: 
3125. I. John Edward; d. young. 
•3126. II. David Elliot; b. Dec. 26, 1844; m. Ettie M. Smith. 

3127. III. Anna Ellen; d. young. 

3128. IV. Fanny Grant; m. Feb. 22, 1870, George B. Logan. 

3129. V. Alice Patton. 

3130. VI. John Patton; d. young. 

3131. VII. Edward West; m. Aug. 24, 1882, Minnie M. Relnhart of 
Thomasvllle, N. C. ; ch. : 1. Margori; 2. Minon. 

3132. VIII. Marian Bella. 

3110. IV. 3105. JAMES BENJAMIN* LYON [John*, BeIljamin^ 
James*], born April 21, 1821; married, Oct. 3, 1850, Anna M. Lyon 

(No. 3053). 

Children of James B. and Anna M. (Lyon) Lyon: 

3133. I. Ellen D.; b. April 5, 1852. 

3134. II. John Glamis; b. July 20, 1855; glass manufacturer, Pittsburg, 
Pa.; m. Adelina C. Langworthy; a son James B., b. Oct. 3, 1883. 

3135. III. Margaret Stewart; b. May 19, 1858. 

3136. IV. James Benjamin; b. Oct. 9, 1860. 

3137. V. George Alexander; b. March 22, 1863. 

3138. VI. Mary Lowrie; b. March 15, 1866. 

3139. VII. Thomas Lyttleton; b. Feb. 17, 1869; glass manufacturer, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

3111. IV. 3105. SAMUEL STEWART* LYON [John», Benjamin^ 
James'], born Nov. 11, 1822; res. Bellefonte, Pa.; m. Oct. 16, 1855, Anna 

Children of Samuel S. and Anna (Valentine) Lyon: 

3140. I. John Stewart; b. Jan. 4, 1857; m. April 2, 1885, Margaret 

3141. II. Abraham Valentine; d. young. 

3142. III. Anna Valentine; b. April 1, 1858. 

3143. IV. Clara Valentine; b. March 14, 1861; m. William J. Nichols. 

3144. V. Mary Lowrie; b. Sept. 19, 1863; m. Dec. 25, 1884, Ellis Orvls. 

3145. VI. Rebecca Pugji; b. Jan. 23, 1872. 

3113. IV. 3105. GEORGE W.* LYON [John«, Benjamin^ James'], 
born Nov. 7, 1826; res. Huntington Co.; iron manufacturer; married 
June 25, 1863, Anna C. Porter. 

Children of George W. and Anna C. (Porter) Lyon: 

3146. I. Clara Charlton; d. 1865. 

3147. II. George Porter; d. 1870. 

3148. III. John Porter; b. July 29, 1872. 


3117. IV. 3105. THOMAS STEWART* LYON [John^ Benjamin=, 
James^], born March 15, 1833; res. Topeka, Kansas; m. Sept. 14, 1865, 
Nannie J. Wright. 

Children of Thomas S. and Nannie J. (Wright) Lyon: 

3149. I. Miriam; b. Nov. 12, 1866. 

3150. II. Margaret HamlU; b. Feb. 12, 1873; d. young. 

3151. III. William Maclay; b. March 16, 1874. 

3126. V. 3109. DAVID ELLIOTT^ LYON [John P.*, John', Ben- 
jamin*, James'], born Dec. 26, 1844; was a Captain in the Civil war; 
married June 23, 1868, Ettie M. Smith. 

Children of David E. and Ettie M. (Smith) Lyon: 

3152. I. Alice Fatton West. 
S153. II. Westanna Elliott. 


Of the origin of the Marblehead Lyon family nothing has been 
ascertained. A few years ago there was advertised for sale a Lyon 
coat of arms, said to have been for several generations in possession 
of this family; also a very complete manuscript record of the family 
history. These may sometime be rediscovered. The facts here given 
are all gathered from parish and town records of Marblehead. 

JAMES^ LYON of Marblehead married, March 1, 1747-8, Elizabeth 

Children of James and Elizabeth Merritt Lyon: 

I. James; bapt. July 2, 1749; d. In Infancy. 

II. Jane; bapt. Nov. 3, 1751; m. Jan. 31, 1773, Thomas Lefavour. 
*III. James; bapt. Feb. 23, 1755. 

IV. Elizabeth; bapt. Nov. 21, 1756; d. in infancy. 

V. Elizabeth; bapt. July 8, 1759. 

JAMES' LYON [James^], baptized at Marblehead Feb. 23, 1755; 

died Aug. 10, 1824, ae. 72 y. He was a sailmaker. He married in Mar- 

, yi,A^ blehead, Oct. 21, 1781, Sarah Laskey, 

^WfA>^ Children of James and Sarah (Laskey) Lyon, born at Marblehead. 


*I. James; bapt. March 24, 1782; m. May 10, 1808, Rebecca Selman. 
IL Sarah; bapt. April 11, 1784. 
IIL Elizabeth; bapt. Nov. 20, 1785. 

IV. Samuel Merritt; bapt. Feb. 24, 1788; m. (Int.) May 11, 1816, Sarah 
Beal. [A child of Samuel d. Oct. 1821; a dau. (of Samuel and Sally), Sarah 
E., b. 1822, m. June 26, 1845, Ebenezer Martin, ae. 23). 

V. John; bapt. March 21, 1790; d. May 13 (or 15), 1809. 

VI. William; bapt. Jan. 11, 1792; m. (?) July 1, 1816, Sarah Tutt; d. 
(7) Feb. 10, 1825, ae. 35 y. William and Sarah had five children, all d. In In- 
fancy, 1819 — 1824. 

VII. Charles; bapt. June 15, 1794; d. Oct. 15, 1824, ae. 29 y. 

VIII. Thomas; bapt. May 15, 1796; a seaman (mate); d. June 30, 1825. 

Possibly It was this Thomas who m. Mary and had a son James, b. 

1821, who m. Feb. 23, 1845, Jane B. Freete, ae. 23. 

IX. Richard; bapt. Aug. 5, 1798; m. Hannah ; a dau. Mary 

bapt. March 21, 1845. 

X. Jane; bapt. July 1, 1800; d. Sept. 3, 1800. 

JAMES' LYON [James' James'], baptized at Marblehead, March 
24, 1782; died April 21, 1822. He was a seaman (mate); married, 
May 10, 1808, Rebecca Selman who survived him and died Jan. 27, 

Children of James and Rebecca (Selman) Lyon: 
I. Infant; d. Sept. 5, 1811. 


II. Kebecca Jane; b. about Oct. 1812; bapt. June 6, 1819, ae. 6 y. 9 in. 

III. Sarah Dennis; b. about Jan. 1815; bapt. June 6, 1819, ae. 4 y. 6 m; m. 
(?) Oct. 31, 1830, John Green. 

IV. James; bapt. June 6, 1S19. 

V. Abigail; bapt. Feb. 28, 1821. Possibly to this family belongs also John 
Lyon who m. Mary E. and had a son Samuel, born Nov. 17, 1S47. 

THOMAS LYONS, probably of the family of John, but possibly 
Thomas' [James^ James'] (above), married, Feb. 18, 1830, Hannah 

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Besom) Lyons: 

I. Betsey L«wis; bapt. June 7, 1829. 

II. James; bapt. June 7, 1829. 

III. Thomas; bapt. June 7, 1829. 

IV. WUliam: bapt. June 7, 1829. 

JOHN LYON, parentage not ascertained, married Mary E. . 

Children of John and Mary E. ( ) Lyon: 

I. Theodate; bapt. Dec. 21, 1845. 

II. Samuel Thomas; bapt. Nov. 17, 1847. 

JOHN LYONS, apparently of a family unrelated to the foregoing, 
married July 25, 1754, Lydia Lambert. A daughter Mary, bapt. June 
15, 1755, married, Feb. 3, 1776, Joseph Hibbert. There is record of a 
John J. Lyons, who married Feb. 23, 1740, Mary Thompson; also a 
John Lyon or Lyons who, in 1782, was engaged to be married to Mrs. 
Sarah Port. There was also in Marblehead a Lynes family repre- 
sented by a Samuel Lynes who married, Sept. 24, 1741, Elizabeth 
Commins, and in the next generation (presumably) by a Samuel who 
married March 1, 1778, Deborah Marston. 


The following additional notes on some of the Old World Lyons 
were communicated by Dr. G. W. A. Lyon, as supplemental to the 
Chapter on the Lyons of England, pp. 7 et. seq. 

In the archives of Calvados, Normandy, are preserved papers re- 
lating to the Abbey of Villers-Canivet. No. 12 is a deed wherein Raoul 
Buffart gives certain rights, etc., to the abbey on the occasion of his 
daughter's entering the community as religieuse. Pierre [Peter] de 
Lions is mentioned as witness to this deed. The document is with- 
out date; but the abbey has existed since 1127; chart No. 69 bears 
date 1150; chart No. 71, 1154; chart No. 72, 1186 etc. The abbey was 
near Falaise, and not far from the castle of Lions. It is quite possible, 
therefore, that Pierre was the father of Ingelram, the first of the name 
in England. Peter, then, has persisted as a family name for 700 years. 

No. 84 in the papers of the Abbey of St. Jean of Falaise — in the 
same diocese as the above — founded by consent of Henry I. of England, 
is a gift to the abbey by Geoffrey Louon of the lands which Richard, 
a priest, son of Hugh de Muires, held of him and Asceline his wife. 
The date is 1224, but the seal is broken. This Geoffrey may have been 
Geoffrey of Norfolk. 

In the archives of the Abbey of Fontaine-Guerard is a long and 
circumstantial account of the murder by William de Lion, Lord of 
Haqueville of hs wife, Marie de Ferrieres. The murder was an 
atrocious one, and William, to escape the royal justice, surrendered 
himself at the prison at Rouen, alleging that the crime, having been 
committed in a convent, belonged to ecclesiastic jurisdiction. But on 
complaint of the family of Ferrieres, the King ordered the prisoner 
sent to the castle of Guerard. He was forced to found a daily mass 
forever in the church of Fontaine-Guerard for the repose of the soul 
of his victim; to give a certain amount of land to the four sons which 
he had by his marriage; to remain two years outside the realm, and 
to make several pilgrimages. Dated June 1, 1401. He was killed 1415 
at Agincourt. The sepulchral statue of Marie de Ferrieres, removed 
from the church to the Tower of King John of England, was subse- 
quently restored to the church, and is still existent. 

In the choir of this abbey was interred Herve de Lion, who had 
become Lord of Radepont by his marriage with Matilde de Poissy 
about 1280. Nearby is interred Herv6 de Lion, their son. Lord of 


Noyon on the Andelle, of Radepont and of Pont St. Pierre, husband of 
Jeanne de Montmorenci. 

In the matter of the Lyon estate at Eccleston, Lancaster, Henry 
and Ellen, his wife, had a messuage and lands there in the early part 
of the 15th century; this descended through Robert, George, Henry, to 
William, claimant in 1570. George had it in 1609. 

The "Lyon dollar" was a Dutch (Brabant) coin, so called because 
it bore the figure of a lion (formerly often written lyon). In 
Feb., 1705, the merchants of New York complained that that city 
was drained of "heavy" money "so that we can expect nothing to 
tarry with us but the Lyon dollar, whereof none here can judge of 
their value." The coin was said to have been then commonly in 
circulation in New York, Pennsylvania and even in the Carolinas. 
Its value, the merchants at that time believed should be fixed at 
5s. 6d. In 1720 an Act was passed to raise the value of the Lyon 
dollar. In 1768 they were mentioned as "rarely now seen." 

In a letter from Edward Howes to John Winthrop Jr., dated Feb. 
25, 1629, occurs the following: "The Arabian Philos. I writt to you of 
he was styled among vs Dr Lyon, the best of all the Rosicrucians that 
ever I mett with all, farre beyond Dr Ever." 

An old indenture dated May 26, 1705, is recorded in New York 
city of Phillip Lyon, orphan ae. about fourteen as servant and appren- 
tice to Hendrick von Bael of the city of New York. Another early 
Lyon name in New York is that of Thomas Lyon, barber, May 27, 
1702. Half a century later we find an Abraham Lyon, Jew, baker, in 
New York mentioned in will of Mordicai Gomez dated May 3, 1750. 

Rye was originally Poningoe. named from Ponus, one of the rul- 
ing sagamores of Rippowams (Stamford) 1640. The Byram river was 
called Armonck; Blind Brook was Mockquams; Stony Brook was 

In 1729 the proprietors of undivided lands in Rye granted to the 
Presbyterian Society half an acre of land on the plains for a building 
site, signed among others by John Lyon, Jr. (No. 24) and Joseph 
Lyon (No. 8). 

In the will of John Allison of Haverstraw, Jan. 6, 1751, mention 
is made of land of Banks and Lyon lying in Kakiat (Lib. xix, p. 141). 

The will of Elisha Budd of White Plains (see No. 42), dated Sept. 
11, 1765, speaks of father in law Joseph Lyon and makes bequests to 


four daughters, Miriam Maynard, Sarah Purdy, Ann Brown and Phebe 
Theal, also son Jonathan and son in law Isaiah Maynard (executor) 
Lib. XXV. p. 8. The record of No. 156 on page 63 should therefore 
read: m. before 1765 Isaiah [not Jonah] Maynard; also to the record 
of No. 159 should be added: m. before 1765 Theall. 

In "Westchester Wills" it is stated that Coles Golding of Bedford, 
in will dated Jan. 6, 1760, makes bequest to Israel Lyons (No. 275), 
son of Israel, and appoints as executors wife Phebe and friends Jon- 
athan Lyons Sr. and Israel Lyons. , The statement differs in several 
particulars from that found on page 75. Reference is to Lib. XXII, 
p. 11. 

The will of Thomas Marsh (Lib. XXVII, p. 351) of Harrison's 
Purchase was dated April 14, 1770, probated Oct. 3, 1770. 

As stated on footnote on page 69, Thomas Marsh of Harrison's 
Purchase bequeathed land to his daughter Anne, wife of Thomas 
Lyon (No. 72), to go to her son Samuel Lyon at her death. He made 
bequests also to his grand-daughters Sarah Lyon (land) and Phebe 
Lyon (£100). The record on page 69 gives the birth of Sarah 
daughter of Thomas Lyon as July 15, 1771, whereas the will of Thomas 
Marsh was dated April 14, 1770. The inference is that Thomas Lyon 
had a daughter Sarah who may or may not have been older than 
Phebe. but who died after April 14, 1770 and before July 15, 1771. 

The will of Susannah Bishop of Phillips Manor (or Phillipsburgh) 
dated June 12, 1763 (Lib. XXIV, p. 190) makes bequests to daughter 
Sarah Lyons and granddaughter Jemima Lyons, also to sons John 
and Thomas and to daughters Rebecca Drake, Susannah Ryder, Je- 
mima Styvers and Ann Wildby. [In these old wills the name Lyon 
is not unfrequently written Lyons, if the printed copies are to be 

An unidentified Samuel Lyon lived in New York City in the mid- 
dle of the eighteenth century. He was probably not of the family of 
Thomas Lyon of Rye. His will indicates the nature of his business, 
and seems to show that he had no immediate relatives or else that 
he was disowned by his family The will is as follows (Lib xxii p. 
328, Surrogate's office. New York City) : In the name of God Amen. 
I Samuel Lyon of the City of New York, Marriner, being of Sound mind 
and memory and considering the uncertainty of this Frail and Transi- 
tory Life, do therefore make and ordain this my last Will and Testa- 
ment; that is to say, First, after all my just debts be paid and dis- 



charged, I give and bequeath unto my trusty Friend Alexander Wylly 
and Mary his wife, of the said City of New York, Tavern Keepers, 
all my real and Personal Estate, and more particularly all my share 
or shares of Prize Money due or coming to me from all prizes taken 
by the Privateer, Sloop Goldfinch, Capt. Dobbs Commander, during 
her last Cruize, and likewise all share or shares of Prize Money that 
shall be or may become due to me from The Privateer, Brigg George, 
Peter Healy Commander, now bound on a Cruize against his Majesty's 
enemies. Likewise I make and ordain the said Alexander Wylly and 
Mary his wife to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament, 
hereby utterly disallowing any former wills by me made. In witness 
whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the thirtyyeth day of 
July, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty 
eight, and in the thirty second year of his Majesty's reign. Witness- 
es: George Campbell, Stephen Fitz Patrick, Moses Cherry. 

MERRILL PALMER LYON was a descendant of some Canterbury 
Lyon. Note that Harriet^ Lyon [Chester^ Ephraim=, Ebenezer'] of 
Canterbury married Henry P. Palmer, as a suggestion for the origin 
of the given name Palmer. The family has a tradition of some re- 
mote connection with Gen. Nathaniel Lyon. Merrill Palmer Lyon 
married Mary Antress Lewis. They had a son Joseph Palmer Lyon, 
born at Hanover, Conn., Nov. 29, 1869; whether or not there were other 
children has not been ascertained. Joseph Palmer Lyon is a civil 
engineer, grad. Mass. Institute of Technology, where he was after- 
wards Instructor and Assistant Professor. Specialty, bridge construc- 
tion. Has been Bridge Inspector for New York Central R. R., and 
Estimator for American Car and Foundry Co., Passaic, N. J. Has 
resided in Rochester, N. Y., New York City, Detroit, Mich., at last ac- 
count (1905) in Hanover, Conn. He married in Hyde Park, Mass. 
Oct. 31, 1896 Frances Clara La Rhetta, born 1873, daughter of Samuel 
(dec. July 15, 1898) and Clara Ann (Lovell) La Rhetta. 

Daughter of Joseph P. and Frances C. (La Rhetta) Lyon: 
I. Louise Frances; b. Rochester, N. Y., July 2, 1899. 

MRS. TRUMAN HAW LEY LYON of Grand Rapids, Mich, (see 
Lyon Pioneers of Michigan, in Vol. II. of the Memorial) died sud- 
denly Dec. 23, 1907. The fatal attack of heart disease came just as 
her son-in-law. Prof. Greacon of the High School in Grand Rapids 



was reading aloud a letter telling of the birth in Cleveland (to Mrs. 
Carl Adams) of her first great-grandchild. Mrs. Lyon was one of the 
oldest residents of the city and prominent in club and society circles. 

ERNEST NEAL LYON (see Vol. II. p. 379), widely known as a 
contributor of verse to various magazines, died at Pasadena, Cal., 
Nov. 26, 1907. An obituary notice appeared in the Newark Evening 
News of Nov. 30, giving a sketch of his life and commenting favorably 
on his literary achievements. Especial mention is made of his 
lines on President McKinley's last words and those on Roosevelt's 
Charge at San Juan. He is survived by his wife, Amelia Stanner 


Addenda and Corrigenda. 


No. 35, p. 32. — Probably died intestate about 1718. Jan. 30, 1720-1 
"Elizabeth Lyon, daughter of Edward Airs of Portsmouth, widow of 
Henry Lyon, who died two or three years ago," petitions for a settle- 
ment of the estate. There seems to be no other Henry Lyon to whom 
this could refer. 

No. 6, p. 33. — Joseph may have had a daughter Abigail, born about 
1699. No other explanation suggests itself for the record: "Abigail 
Lyon of Woodstock married, July 18, 1718, William Chapman of Mans- 
field." / ^ , 

No. 12, p. 36. — It is likely that this iwas the "Lyon of Roxbury" of 
whom John Winthrop, Aug. 7, 1711, writes that he hired four horses. 
"Lyon himself," he adds, "comes with us with an axe, if there should 
be bows in the way." Otlier Lyons living in Roxbury at that time n 
were Thomas (No. 3), ae. 63; William- (No. 5), ae. 59; Eliphalet (No. /i_^. 
29), ae. 24, and possibly Joseph^ (No. 6), ae. 57, although he was ^ f_p-c£< 
probably living then in Woodstock. • 2^'t-<-^-«-c-e<2<j-,^ 4ij- . 

No. 105, p. 41. — Ebenezer Goodell inherited from his father the 
old home farm in Canterbury (set off from Pomfret 1749). 

Children of Ebenezer and Experience (Lyon) GoodeU, born in Pomfret 
(Canterbury) : 

I. Ebenezer; b. Sept. 12, 1729; was in the Revolutionary war; m. Phebe 

II. Judith; b. June 30. 1731; m. Ebenezer Ballard. 

III. Aaron; b. July 26, 1733; m. Amy Tyler. 

IV. Experience; b. Aug. 19, 1735; d. young. 

V. Lois; b. Oct. 7. 1738; m. Ezra Ballard. 

VI. Moses; b. July 16, 1741; m. Thankful Forbes. 

VII. Experience; b. April 23. 1747; m. Thomas Grow. 

VIII. Cornelius; b. July 7, 1749: m. Nellie Dana. 

N. B. — By Volume I. Is meant Lyon Mem.orlal Massachusetts Families. 
Throughout this Supplement, page and serial numbers are those of this volume. 


No. 116, p. 42. — The Eleazer Lyon mentioned in footnote, p. 42, 
was probably a son of Eleazer (No. 116.), since one of his daughters 
was named Bethia Allen, his wife's maiden name. Sutton Vital Re- 
cords contain the following items: baptized Oct. 6, 1776, Betty Lyon, 
Joanna Lyon, Lucresia Lyon, Martha Lyon; baptized Aug. 22, 1779, 
Anna Lyon, Bethia Allen Lyon. Anna is said to have been daughter 
of Eleazer and Mary Lyon; the others no doubt were of the same 

No. 127, p. 43. — Philip Lyon settled south of Wigwam Hill after 
1741. He was one of 22 men from Wilbraiham 1755-60; was one of 8 
men from that place in the army before Boston, after the Lexington 
alarm, he having rank of sergeant. Dr. Philip Lyon (perhaps son of 
the foregoing) died in Ludlow July 26, 1802, leaving no family; his 
"amiable consort" died the previous year at Randolph, Vt. (Hist. Conn. 

No. 64, p. 49. — It was possibly a daughter of Ebenezer (born about 
1733-4, but not recorded) that was the Elizabeth Lyon of Woodstock 
who married, Jan. 26, 1753, John Ransom. 

No. 190, p. 49. — Possibly the "Abel Lyon" who married, June 4, 
1767, Elizabeth Hosmer of Woodstock; if so, he married later in life 
than was usual in those days, or else was twice married. 

No. 69, p. 51. — Moses Lyon was chosen deacon of the Congrega- 
tional church in Holland Oct. 25, 1768. 

No. 210, p. 52. — Marsilva Lyon married Joseph Cheney, int. May 
7, 1764 (Sturbridge T. R.). 

No. 227, p. 55.— Mary (Lyon) Bird died Feb. 28, 1782; buried 

No. 228, p. 55. — A Hannah Lyon died at Needham Nov. 19, 1811, 
ae. 76. 

No. 81, p. 56. — Seth may well have been father of the Sarah Lyon 
of Ashford, who married, Sept. 2, 1776, Daniel Lewis. 

No. 255, p. 57. — "Lois, son of Josiah Lyon, baptized March 9, 1745" 
(Sutton Vital Records). 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


No. 107, p. 58. — ^ Jonathan Lyon sold to Lieut. John Fisk 35 acres 
of land in Pomfret in 1754 for £1700 and bought 54% acres in Pom- 
fret and Ashford at the same time for £1660, "old tennor." 

No. 304, p. 60. — This could not have been the Zerviah Lyon of 
Pomfret, who married April 25, 1764 Joseph Ashley (born Hampton, 
Conn., June 1, 1728; died Pomfret, Sept. 1787). She was a second 
wife, therefore not likely to have been very young when married. She 
was most probably a descendant (granddaughter) of Abiel Lyon of 
Pomfret (No. 34). She may possibly have been the missing member 
of the large family of Jonathan Lyon (No. 107). She died May 5, 1781. 

Children of Joseph and Zerviah (L,yon) Ashley: 

I. Thomas; b. Oct. 25, 1765. 

II. Chloe; b. Oct. 2, 1768; d. "past middle life" in Hampton, Conn., unm. 

III. Ebenezer; b. Feb. 17, 1775; res. 1793 Abington, Conn.; d. Batavia, N. T. 

IV. Susannah; b. Dec. 31, 1776; m. Elisha Smith of Rodman, N. Y. 

No. 306, p. 62. — Daniel Moody was "of Worcester." 

No. 134, p. 64. — A Providence paper says that Dea. William Lyon 
died at Woodstock, ae. 67 years, March 30, 1811, "in a supposed fit, 
while lighting a fire." 

No. 334, p. 64, — Josiah Lyon was Justice of the Peace in Salem 
1837; he had twelve children. -^'/7/ 

No. 146, p. 64. — Capt. John Lyon !K. of Leicester may have been 
son of this John Lyon. He was twice married. His first wife died in 
Sept. 1791; notice of death in "Chronicle" of Sept. 8. He married 
second at Rehoboth, April 21, 1792, Lydia, daughter of Capt. Obadiah 
Read. She died Sept. 3, 1796 (Chronicle) ; he died at Haverhill Sept. 
24, 1796. 

No. 166, p. 65.— Sept. 12, 1774, Nathaniel Child, Elisha Child, 
Jediah Morse, Charles C. Chandler, and Samuel McClellan, Committee 
on Correspondence for the town of Woodstock send by the hand of 
Capt. Lyon a letter accompanying a donation of sixty-five sheep for the 
revolutionary forces in Boston. 

No. 170, p. 66. — Hannah Dresser, wife of Lemuel Lyon, was born 
Oct. 9, 1742; daughter of John and Sarah (Scott) Dresser of Oxford, 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


Mass. Lemuel kept a tavern in Goshen, and was one of the selectmen 
there in 1781. 

Several g^enerations later a Marcus Lyon of Goshen, Mass., no 
doubt a descendant of Caleb Lyon (No. 59), married Cordelia Shaw 
and settled in Wauseon, O. He had a son, Arthur William, born June 
11, 1857, grad. Oberlin 1880, "Merchant Miller"; res. (1906) Ligonier, 
Ind.; married at Rockland, Me., Ellen M. Spear, daughter of E. R. 
Spear of Rockland; one son, Graham Spear Lyon, born Ligonier, June 
9, 1887. 

No. 174, p. 68. — Levi Lyon went from Woodstock to Union, where 
he bought land Aug. 22, 1774. He was chosen deacon there March 15, 
1782; later he removed to Stafford, Conn. 

Children of Levi and Ruth (Fitch) Lyon (list on p. 68 incomplete): 

I. Abner Fitch; d. Nov. 3, 1775. 

IL Charles; b. 1773; d. Sept. 8, 1778. 

IIL Joseph; b. Aug. 1778; d. Sept. 8, 1778. 

IV. Liucinda; bapt. Aug. 25, 1779. 

V. John; bapt. May 7, 1780. 
VL Daniel; bapt. Dec. 20, 1781. 

VII. Phebe; b. 1787. 

VIII. Boxana. 

IX. Willard. 

No. 177, p. 68. — ^Cyrus Lyon enlisted as private at Chesterfield, 
Mass., April 21, 1775. ^ /^'c^^. ^^^<<- '^1, > ^^f ) ^ 

Y^ j: A ' No. 380, p. 68. — This was no doubt Luther Lyon of Harvard, who 
I A. ifCi^-^ ' ~" "^ — *™ ' ■ -^ 

married, Feb. 7, 1802, Polly Turner. He died Nov. 11, 1833; she died 
Oct. 29, 1840, ae. 70, in Athol. These items from the Vital Records of 
Phillipston, which contain also the following, relating tt may be as- 

•^*ln^ Oct. 29, 1840, ae. 70, in Athol. These items from the Vital Records of 
A'*'-^'^-'^'''^ Phillipston, which contain also the following, relating tt may be as- a-< 
,C.t(Vt-«'X^ sumed, to children of Luther: Mary Ann Lyon married, iNov. 5, 1829, ^*- 
^ '^ V»y Abraham Oaks of Athol ; Sophia Lyon married. May 12, 1831, Oilman ^'*" 
P '* / ' D. Newton; Luther Lyon Jr. died Nov. 11, 1822, ae. 16. t^. 

No. 188, p. 69. — "Dec. 5, 1791, Daniel Lyon Jr. bid off Benjamin 
Bowen, a town charge, to keep for the ensuing year at four shillings 
per week." Wcx)dstock T. R. 

No. 402, p. 70. — The statement tlhat Molly (or Polly) Lyon mar- 
ried first Marcy Whitney is an error. She married, Feb. 22, 1800, Free- 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


man Pratt, who was born in Southbridge Dec. 19, 1775, and died July 
3, 1855. They had a daughter. Mary May Pratt, born in Southbridge, 
Oct. 3, 1809 (and probably other children); she married Aug. 25, 1834, 
Schuyler Carroll Phillips, who was born in Woodstock, Conn., April 
26, 1809, and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1888; she died Jan. 17, 
1856; both were buried at West Woodstock. He married a second 
time, but no children by this marriage are living. Emily Pratt Phil- 
lips, a daughter by the first marriage was born in Brooklyn, Oct. 4, 
1844, and married, Nov. 6, 1867, Chester Davis Burrows Jr. (born in 
New York City Jan. 1, 1843, died in Brooklyn March 13, 1906). Their 
children were: 1. Ellen, born July 16, 1873 (M. Weldon Winans Free- 
man); 2. Mary May (d. infant); 3. Emily Zerviah, b. 1879; m. Wilson 
W. Jenkins; 4. Mary Hester, b. Sept. 29, 1880; 5. Stephen Bradford, 
b. April 11, 1882; 6. Chandler Briggs, b. March 16, 1885. ,' . - 

No. 196, p. 71. — Ebenezer Lyon died Dec. 1825, ae. 83^Sturbridge 
T. R.) ; private Fam. Rec. says, "died Dec. 28, ae. 81." His widow 
Prudence died June 21, 1834, ae. 82. 

No. 202, p. 72. — Mary (Polly) Wilkinson, second wife of Capt. 
Stephen Lyon, was daughter of Capt. Benjamin Wilkinson of Scituate. 

No. 479, p. 76. — Probably the Betsey Lyon who married Nov. 29, 
1798, Seth Eastman. 

No. 214, p. 76. — Alfred C. Lyon was selectman in Holland 1783, 
'94 and '95. 

No. 246, p. 80. — Abner Lyon died Oct. 8, 1817; his widow died 
Dec. 15, 1823, ae. 77 (Sturbridge T. R.). 

No. 535, p. 80. — Achsa (Richardson) Lyon d^ed Feb. 17, 1846 (Stur-, - 
bridee T R )^2>i:>3 /^»,i,t. ^cA^a. NA.c.Zi^ cx^S^*-^^ Ajf o^ »* ^*^ 
Drmge i. K.). ^ V^^^^ ^,^^ 7cu< . S a-.- ..^ 9< K^cc.^CM/oM^ 

No. 536, p. 80. — Nathan Fiske was born in Sturbyidge April 4, 1762 
and died Nov. 2, 1829. ^. ^'O^-**-^^^ ^%-** c* ^ C^ut^A..,^^ A " *<^ 

No. 538, p. 80. — Major Samuel Fiske was born in Sturbridge Dec. 
30, 1773. 

No. 570, p. 83. — Judith Lyon of Reboboth, married Capt. Jenkins. 
D. Jones (Providence, R. \. Gazette, Sept. 11, 1811). 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


No. 272, p. 83. — The following items relate probably to descend- 
ants of Jonathan Lyon of Pomfret: Polly Lyon of Pomfret married 
Dec. 16, 1784, Chester Grosvenor; Hannah Lyon of Pomfret married 
Sept. 28, 1782, Pelatiah Lyon of Plainfield" (see No. 289, p. 59; Re- 
becca Lyon of Pomfret married, Jan. 1, 1794, Josiah Morse of Canter- 

No. 641, p. 87.— Mary W. Lyon died Feb. 14, 1882. 

Page 89. — The illustration opposite this page represents not the 
residence of Col. James Lyon, as stated, but the well preserved old 
dwelling built nearly a century ago by Jasper Lyon, No. 705. It stands 
on the main street of the village near the Congregational Church, em- 
bowered in the foliage of magnificent old shade trees. 

No. 671, p. 90. — ^^^^lliam Howe [How] was born Nov. 20, 1792. 

No. 698, p. 93. — It must have been this Elijah Lyon who married ^'^ 
Laura Kingsbury, born Oxford, Mass., Feb. 21, 1807, daughter of Jere- 
miah and Betsey (Butler) Kingsbury. They removed to New Boston, 
thence to Worcester, Mass., and finally to Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. 
Y., where he died Dec. 1844. She died in Providence, R. I., Sept. 20, 

Children of Elijah and Laura (Kingsbury) Lyon: 

I. Charles H.; m. Nov. 24, 1864, Annette Jellson, dau. of Orson Jellson of 
Richmond, N. H. ; res. Richmond, where he was selectman 1884; merchant and 
farmer; a s. Herbert R.; born Nov. 15, 1875. 

II. Elijah J.; b. Worcester, Mass.; res. Providence, R. I. 

III. Elizabeth P.; b. Amenia, N. T. ; m. Franklin Church; res. Providence, 
R. I., later in New York City. 

No. 702, p. 94. — Sarah Samantha (Lyon) Grover died Nov. 24, 

No. 735, p. 96.— Children of Otis T. and Mary C. (Bolles) Lyon: 

I. Hattie. 

II. Judson; m. Maud Eliza Lyon, granddaughter of Oliver W. Lyon (No. 

III. George M.; d. April 1, 1883 (G. R.). 

Nc/. 426, p. 96. — Bbenezer Lyon died Feb. 8, 1849, ae . 72 . Rebecca, {l^ t \ 
wife of Ebenezer Lyon, died Oct. 13, 1847, ae. 63. Children of Ebenezer 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


and Rebecca: Esther, b. July 23, 1818; Diantha, b. Dec. 21, 1821; fore- 
going items from Sturbridge T. R. One record of the children of Eben- 
ezer gives: 1. Leonard [afterwards of Methuen] ; 2. Willard; 3. Dian- 
tha; 4. Samantha and "other girls." 

No. 742,. p. 96. — Oril Lvon marrjed Sept. 7, 1823, Simeon Streeter.^A-^/^^j^t 

No. 743, p. 97.AAbHjah Smith Lyon of Ox£oxd married, May 2, 1838, 
Caroline Phillipsl.JHis_sister^_Prudence (No. 746) married, Nov. 21, 
1834, Alfred H. Cook (Sturbridge T ."10> <!:^^^<^*-^^ ^ Tc^ ey-cP \c2*<<i-^ c^ 

No. 429, p. 97. — Stephen Lyon came from Holland to Union with 
his sons and lived with them on the Samuel Crawford place. The His- 
tory of Union states that he married Olive Stevens (not Stearns), but 
his wife's name is afterwards given as Sally. She died Sept. 24, 1845; 
ae. 65. He died June 11, 1860, ae. 80. They were buried in East 
Cemetery. 'Z H-lx^^-- -' (Li-t^ <<^^.j '^ >* .. , . . ._t^, ^ 4 ^ ^^ '}t<n^, I 

Children of Stephen and SaUy (Stevens) Lyon: * * , - yi 

753. I. Salome; b. Aug. 18, ISO^; m. Rev. Uriah Underwood; d. 1852. " C^ ^ ^ 

751a. II. Orrin; b. 1808; dTMarch 10, 1885; bur. .Uast Cemetery^(See / . - 
record below). ,^ ifO g '^^C-^ i ' ,t— ,^ ,; ^^ ^ ilr*^'^ ^-^^^ 

751. in. Walter; b. April 13, 1810; (See record below). «^t.tX^ £^^-<^ "^ 
751b. rv. Fanny; b. March 3, 1812; m. Sullivan Underwood. fU^LCy^-^s^^ff^^^^ 

752. V. Cyprian Stevens; b. July 3, 1814; d. July 6, 1868^ [Hist. Union] JT^T^ 
(See record below). > .'t-w ^<U^A ^-'^ V -^ tt^<^^^l'7^ ~^.J 

751a, VIL 429. ORRIN' LYON [Stephen^, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer*, 
William^ John-, William'] was bom in 1808 and died in Union, Conn., 
March 10, 1885. He married Sept. 3, 1837, Matilda Snow. 

Children of Orrin and Matilda (Snow) Lyon: 

I. Emily Deliza; b Sept. 10, 1838; d. Sept. 29, 1842. 

II. Harriet Lucinda; b. Oct. 24, 1842; m. 1st. Myron Balcom; m. 2nd. Mason 

HI. Mary Ann Margaret; b. Jan. 20, 1842; d. March 10, 1844. 

IV. Nancy Hannah; b. March 8, 1846; m. Horace Tucker. 

V. George Melvin; b. Aug. 22, 1848. 

751. VIL 429. WALTER' LYON [Stephen^, Ebenezer\ Eben- 
ezer*, William^ John^, William'] was born April 13, 1810; he removed 
from Union to Ellington, Conn., about 1877. He married first Hannah 
Snow of Woodstock, who died Oct. 1, 1874. He married second . 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. / i~) n f C^ Lt 


Children of Walter and Hannah (Snow) Lyon: 

L Martha Ann; b. Jan. 15, 1840; d. Sept. 1848. 

IT. Sarah Salome; b. May 21, 1843; m. Gurdon Chaffee. 

752. VII. 42. CYPRIAN STEVENS' LYON [Stephen*, Eben- 
ezer^ Ebenezer*, William^ John^ William'] was born July 3, 1814. He 
married in 1842 Melinda Ingalls, born March 7, 1817, of Hampton, Conn. 
Cyprian died in Union, Conn., July 6, 1868. His widow married Seaver 
Gifford. She died Dec. 5, 1880. 

Children of Cyprian and Melinda (Ingalls) Lyon: 

I. Emily; b. Oct. 25, 1844; m. 1886, Rev. L. L. Goodell. 

II. Olive M.; b. March 27, 1846; d. Sept. 9. 1864. 

III. Z,. Emmogene; b. Aug. 18, 1847; m. 1872, Henry Upham. 

IV. Albert F.; b. April 25, 1849. 

V. Henry T.; b. Oct. 6, 1851; m. 1882, Alice Arnold. 

VI. Oliver C. (or G.) ; b. July 22, 1853; m. 1886, 

No, 754. p. 97 — ^Warren White Lyon married Marietta (not Mary) 
Chaffee. He became a wealthy man. 

No. 763. p. 98. — Amos Lyon was born April 2, 1719 (Sturbridge T. 
R.). He was probably the "Amos Lyon of Webster" who married, 
April 5, 1842, Melaney W. Robinson (Sturbridge T. R.). 

No. 435, p. 98. — Walter /Lyon was chosen deacon in the Baptist 
church in Holland July 12, 1817. 

772. VII. 443. OLIVER WATSON' LYON [Wareham^ Ware- 
ham^ Ebenezer*, William', John^ William'] (see p. 99) was born in 
West Woodstock Aug. 28, 1815, and died in that place April 5, 1883, ae. 
67 y. 7 m. 7 d. (T. R.). He married Lydia A. Shepard. 

Son of Oliver W. and Lydia A. (Shepard) Lyon (there may have been 
other children) : 

I. George Nelson; m. Jan. 10, 1877, Jessie Etta Britten; farmer in W. 
Woodstock; children: 1. Maud Eliza, b. May 31, 1878; m. Aug. 5, 1902 Judson 
Lyon (son of Otis T. Lyon, No. 735); 2. Clarence Oliver, b. Feb. 2, 1882, unm. ; 
3. George Eugene, b. Sept. 23, 1885: unm., res. at home. 

No. 451, p. 100. — Colonel Jonathan Liyon married at the age of 
forty-six, after a courtship of twenty-one years. In the war of 1812 
the British fleet made a descent upon Stonington; the country was 
alarmed and the "Malitia was Call Out," — ^Jonathan Lyon with the 
Windham regiment among others. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


No. 833, p. 104. — Children of Ebenezer and Eliza Ann (Lyon) 
Knowlton, living in 1904, were: 1. Nathaniel Lyon of West Ashford 
(see footnote, p. 104); 2. Mrs. Shurtliff; 3. Mrs. Clifford Phillips 
of Ashford, and 4. Mrs. Hannah Church, of Putnam, Conn. 

[Amasa", Amasa°, Nehenliah^ William^ John=, William'] (see page 106) 
was born in Woodstock, Conn., March 23, 1803. She married Peltiah 
Wight of Woodstock. They lived in New York City. She died . 

Children of Peltiah and Sarah W. (Lyon) Wight: 

I. Mary; d. . 

II. £Iizabeth; d. . 

III. George; d. . 

IV. Ellen; m Duer; one son, Rush, lives N. T. City. 

871. VII. 504. AMASA UDOLPHUS' LYON [Amasa^ Amasa^ 
Nehemiah*, William^ John-, William'] (see page 106) was born in 
Woodstock, Conn., about 1814, and died in 1878. [Note that his name 
is given incorrectly on p. 106 and again on p. 420 of the Memorial.] 
Graduate of Yale College, 1834; also of Harvard Law School. He was 
a lawyer, for a time Clerk of the Supreme Court. Res. New York City, 
Brooklyn and "in New Jersey." He married in 1840 Mary Esther 
Backus of East Woodstock (born in Westminster, Conn.) and Sarah 
Danielson of Danielson, Conn. 

Children of Amasa U. and Mary E. (Baclius) Lyon: 

I. Samuel Backus; b. Palmer, Mass., Aug. 25, 1841; physician; Medical 
Superintendent Bloomlngdale Asylum, N. Y. and White Plains; m. Oct. 31, 1883, 
In Urbana, O., Margaret Wiley, dau. of Evans Glenn and Mary L. (Magrew) 
Wiley of Urbana; children: 1. Wiley, b. 1886, d. 1887; 2. Winslow, b. 1889. 

II. Amasa Jr.; m. 1st. Augusta Moore; children: 1. a son, b. about 1870; 
2. Mary E., b. about 1875; Amasa m. 2nd. Alice Coolidge; children: 3. Kathertn, 
b. about 1885; 4. Edward Coolidge, b. about 1890. 

III. Sarah; d. In infancy. 

872. VII. 504. WILLIAM GRAVES' LYON [Amasa', Amasa', 
Nehemiah', Wlllianr, John^ William'] (see page 106) was born in 
Woodstock, Conn., bapt. Oct. 12, 1817. He married Margaret Doane. 

Res. New York City. ''^\.T<^^* 

Children of William G. and Margaret (Doane) Lyon: 

I. George W.; lawyer (deceased); m. ; children: 1. William; 2. 


II. John; (living 1906); m. ; one son and and one daughter. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


No. 869, p. 106. — Aaron M. Lyon married Eliza May; lived in 
Stockbridge, Mass., and in Saratoga, N. Y.; deceased; no children. 

No. 533, p. 108. — Abner Lyon married, int. April 13, 1793, Betsey 
Hibbard; she died May 24, 1806, ae. 29 (Sturbridge T. R.). 

- ^ ""^ 

Children of Abner and Betsey (Hibbard) Lyon: 

I. Harriet; b. about 1794; m. Jan. 4, 1814, Josiah Conant (Sturbridge T. R. ). 

II. Maria; b. 1796; d. Aug. 4,'^29; ae. 33 (Sturbridge T. R.) 

III. Marian; b. 1799 (?); d. P«*S( 25, 1802, ae. 2 (Sturbridge T. R.). 

IV. Betsey; b. 1799 (?); d. Dec. 1 24, 1802, ae. 3 (Sturbridge T. R.) 

V. Rosetta. L- iM»^ • D -''C » 

VI. Abner Martin; b. 1805; d. Jan. 31, 1828, ae. 23 (Sturbridge T. R.). 

No. 552, p. 109. — Asa Lyon married Olive Adams. 

No. 640, p. 117. — Nathaniel Lyon was selectman in Ludlow about 
1805, Homer Lyon selectman about 1835, David Lyon selectman about 
1830 and deacon in the Congregational church about 1825 (Hist. Con- 
necticut Valley). 

No. 1045, p. 120. — ^Lyman Howard Lyon died at Lyons Falls, N. 
Y., Sept. 9, 1906; buried at Tarboro, N. Car. (N. Y. Herald). 

No. 685, p. 122. — The following item from the Congregationalist 

and Christian World (April , 1907) will be of interest to every 


"The most notable event in recent Rhode Island history occurred 
April 10, when the whole State Conference, association, and even 
neighbors across the line, gathered in the beautiful church at Central 
Falls to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the pastorate of Rev. 
James H. Lyon. There have been long pastorates in this seaboard 
state, notable, historical even, but at present none beside this stretches 
up quite to its twentieth year. The celebration came almost entirely 
as a surprise to Mr. Lyon, who refers to it now as a "conspiracy," and 
the spontaneity of the church was only equaled by the hearty love 
and delight of every minister and layman throughout the conference. 

"On the preceding Sabbath Mr. Lyon — who has "never been Doc- 
tored" — summed up the years in a sermon saturated by the radiant 
wit, keen intelligence, and exquisite English of which he is master. 
But Wednesday was the day. Men arose in that packed audience one 
after the other to praise, to reverence, to congratulate until even the 
enormous bouquet of roses which towered from the platform proved 
unable to hide his blushes. Speeches, letters, poetry simply poured 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


over the pulpit top. One parson declared that of the three types, 
young, old and eternal men, Mr. Lyon is the last, ending his address 
with the loyal saluation, "O King, live forever I" Another prayed God 
to keep him long from Heaven that he might go on making Heaven 
here below. 

"But when he rose at last, tall, vibrant, with the fire of youth un- 
dimmed within his eyes, the audience murmured at his close, "Speak- 
ers have spoken excellently, but thou excellest them all." Seldom has 
a more brilliant and clever address delighted a critical crowd." 

No. 704, p. 124. — Danforth Lyon settled in Providence, R. L A 
Providence newspaper of date July 9, 1825, contains a notice of the 
death of his son "William Rhoads," ae. 11 m. 19 d. 

No. 705, p. 125. — The Providence Gazette of June 5, 1823, an- 
nounces the marriage of Jasper Lyon to Phebe Smith Stafford of War- 

No. 1103, p. 129. — Marvin Thomas Lyon died July 8, 1906, at his 
home in East Hampton, L. I. 

No. 1309, p. 150. — Jessie Adeline Tiffany married Dr. A. F. Piercy 
(not Percy). Their daughter Ethel died Jan. 22, 1906, ae. 22, of ty- 
phoid fever, at the family residence, 868 19th St., Oakland. She leaves 
two brothers, Osseo and Clare (obituary notice in San Francisco pa- 

No. 1353, p. 153. — Sarah Maria Lyon married Charles William 
Lyon, a descendant of Thomas Lyon of Rye (see p. 235 of this volume). 

1014. Vin. 664. JUDAH' LYON [Nehemiah M.', Nehemiah', 
Benjamin', Calebs John^ John-, William'] was born in North Crafts- 
bury, Vt., Aug. 29, 1825. He was a blacksmith and lived successively 
in Medina Co., O., Prophetstown, 111., Hixton, Wis., Dorchester, Wis , 
and Amboy, Wash. He died about June 1, 1894. He married in 
Charleston, Vt., Aug. 8, 1852 (?) Laurinda Ketchum, daughter of 
and (Batchelder) Ketchum. 

Children of Judah and T^aurinda (Ketchum) Lyon (aU but the oldest born 
in Hixton. V^^'is. ) : 

I. Chauncey X.; res. (1906), Hixton. VS^is. 

II. Frank A.; res. (1906) La Centre. Wash. 

III. Selina; deceased; m. G. A. Pierce, who res. (1906) Amboy, Wash. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


IV. Celestia; twin sister of Sellna. 

V. George G. 

VI. Royal May; b. Feb. 1, 1869. 

VII. Edd E.; b. Aug. 8, 1871. 

1371g. IX. 1014. EDD E." LYON [Judah«, Nehemiah M.', Nehe- 
miah", Benjamin^ Caleb*, John^ John^ William'] was born at Hixton, 
Wis., Aug. 8, 1871. He is a logger by occupation; res. (1906) Westport, 
Ore. He married at Westport, Oct. 16, 1901, May, daughter of H. and 
Ids^ M. (Diegnau) Greene, of Vv^estport. He was in Company B, 2nd 
Oregon Infantry Vols, in the Philippines, where he won distinction 
for gallantry in action at San Miguel de Mayumo, May 13, 1899, and 
was awarded a medal of honor. 

Son of Edd E. and May (Greene) Lyon: 

I. Chnide Herbert; b. Astoria, Ore., Sept. 6, 1903. 

No. 1022, p. 156.— Mrs. Electa Spafford Lyon died Oct. 26, 1905; 
buried at Charlotte, Vt., beside her husband. 

No. 1024, p. 156. — Charles Mason Lyon married a second wife in 
his eightieth year; she died about 1900. 

No. 1388, p. 177. — Mary Ann (Lyon) Gilmore was born in Aviston, 
not Avington; res. (1906) in New Rochelle, N. Y. 

No. 1389, p. 177. — For "children of Thomas G. T. and Jennie 

(Lyon) Patterson," read children of Charles Edward and Jennie 

(Lyon) Patterson." The address was changed May 1, 1906 to 108 
Centre Ave., New Rochelle. 

No. 1719, p. 188. — Hannah Adaline (Lyon) Smith entered into rest 
Wednesday, July 31, 1907, ae. 94 y. 7 m. 12 d., at Traverse City, Mich. 

No. 1704, p. 191.— The old Chandler house, built 1791, is still in 
good repair and occupied. It is close to the site of the old Lyon Tav- 
ern, near the cemetery on the hill. 

No, 1849, p. 204. — In the third line of the record, for Makawao, 
Maui, read Hilo, Hawaii; in line 4, for Nov. 1, read Oct. 31. Mr. and 
Mrs. Hay live (1907) at Hauula, Oahu, where he is employed as station 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


No. 1862, p. 206. — The son of Frederick B. Pomeroy also died in 
Jonesville, leaving a widow and one child, who married Ernest Saxton, 
one of Jonesville's best citizens; one or two children. 

No. 1896, p. 209. — Kellogg Haskins Jr. was born Nov. 4, 1839, the 
third son, not the first. 

No. 1776, p. 217. — Sabra Ann (Lyons) Westcott died in Minneapo- 
lis, Minn., Aug. 26, 1906, in her seventy-ninth year. 

No. 1777, p. 217. — Daniel Lyons died at his home, 183 Conklin 
Ave., April 1, 1907. The following excerpt is from an obituary notice 
in a local newspaper: 

"Mr. Lyons lived with ais parents in Great Bend until he was 15 
years old, when he went to Schenectady and learned the cabinet mak- 
er's trade, after which he came to Binghamton. He at once entered 
the auctioneering business and after a time opened a general store in 
connection with his other business interests. As the result of injuries 
sustained in a railroad wreck Mr. Lyons was confined to his house 
for seven years and gradually gave up active business. Of late years 
he had attended to his real estate holdings up to the time he was con- 
fined to his bed, about two years ago. 

"He served as president of the Council for several terms and 
was also president of the School Board and was a trustee of the Bar- 
low school up to the time of his death. He was a prominent Mason 
and a member of Calumet Lodge of Odd Fellows and also an exempt 

No. 2050, p. 225. — Mrs. Celeste M. A. (Hall) Winslow is living 
(1908) at 10 May St., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

No. 1815, p. 226. — ^Thomas Shearer was born July 14, 1791 and 
died Jan. 31, 1841; Margaret Miller born April 14, 1793, died March 1, 
1863. Charles Shearer died Dec. 9, 1894, ae. 76. 

No. 2065, p. 227. — Estella May (Lyons) Gallagher had a daughter, 
Frances Lyman, born at Slaterville Springs Jan. 1, 1906. 

No. 2190, p. 249.— Fred M. Lyons died Feb. 4, 1907. 

No. 2350, p. 269. — Aaron Lyon was selectman 1775, '76, '77 and '80. 

No. 2352, p. 271. — Nathan Lyon's name was on the roll of the 
Baptist Church in Claremont, Mass., 1805. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 

A .) 



No. 2356, p. 272. — Among the qualified voters of Ashfleld 1798 
were Lieut. David Lyon and Aaron Lyon (No. 2353). 

No. 2700, p. 298. — John Lyon of Scituate was probably of the 
family of Henry Lyon of Newark. See Lyon Memorial, Connecticut 
and New Jersey Families, p. 249. See also note 25 in Appendix. 
Marvin Lyon of Providence, R. L, who married Asenath Ashley [Sam- 
uel, Abner, Samuel, Jonathan, Robert], born Dec. 1794 in Hampton, 
Conn., may have been of this family although it. may be noted that 
Marvin Thomas Lyon (b. 1865) who had uncles living in Providence, 
was of the family of William Lyon of Roxbury. 

/ No. 2725, p. 301. — Martin Lyon of Genoa married Jan. 16, 1849, 
\Harriet Northway, born New Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1801, daughter of 
JRufus and Cynthia (Marsh) Northway. 

No. 486, pp. 76 and 398. — Aaron Lyon died at Warsaw, N. Y., 
leaving a family of children. He owned a large farm there. 

No. 489, pp. 76 and 398. — Ethelbert [Ethel] Lyon moved to Ohio, 
and finally joined the Mormons. 

No. 482, pp. 76 and 398. — The children of Moses Lyon were born 
in Orville, Vt. He himself is said to have settled at Lyonsburgh, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y. The following records have been obtained from 
anthentic sources of some of the descendants of Moses. 

482. VI. 211. MOSES" LYON [EtheP, Moses\ William^ John^ 
William'], born in Holland, probably about 1773. He settled in Orville, 
Vt., where all his children were born (one of his grandsons was 
named Edwin Orville). He afterwards removed to Wyoming Co., N. 
Y. (Eagle or Lyonsburgh). His wife's name has not been ascertained. 

Children of Moses Lyon (cf. p. 39S): 

1630. I. Elijah. 

1631. II. Mary [Polly]. 

1632. III. Josephus; d. Pike, N. Y.. March 28, 1883. 

1633. IV. Story: res. Arcade, N. Y. 

1634. V, Saniitntha. 

1635. VI. JuBtuB [Justice]. 

1636. VII. Senecn. 

/ 1637. VIII. Smith; res. Arcade, N. Y. 
1637a. IX. Miriam. 
1637b. X. Eleanor. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 

/Z4,*<JC V ^^^'^*-*^ PETER LYON OF DORCHESTER H ^jf *^^'*-«''\^f& % /f)^ 

/ 1632. VIK 482. JOSEPHUS' LYON [MoSes^ EtheF, Moses*, ^"^-z^^^^ 
William^ John^ William'] was born in Orville, Vt. He lived in Eagle, ^ O-c* ^ 
Wyoming Co., N. Y., later in Hume, Allegany, N. Y. and finally in ^y * 
Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He died March 28, 1883. He married ^'* * 
Elmyretta Gilchrist. ^ ? , ^t S (^ J 0^^ ^/"^^ ^^/TH i 

Children of Josephus and Elmyretta (Gilchrist) Lyon: /Q - 

I. Frank; b. Eagle, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1840; m. Mary Van Slyke; children: 1. ^^^—*jf^€>-~ 
Grant W.; 2. Ellsworth F.; 3. Nellie; these res. Pike, N. Y. ; the sons in mer- J^fS, 
cantile business. ^^*~*-*# 

II. Frances; m. Dr. W. Smith, at one time health officer of part of New Jl'^jtc 

III. Elmira; d. young. ' i-'..^t**.C/ .^^.^ -^ -^w-'>f _^ 

IV. Edwin Orville; no. ch. ^ 

V. Fred; no. ch. 

VI. Eva; m. G. S. Van Gorder, a State Senator. 

1633. VII. 482. STORY' LYON [Moses^ EtheP, Hoses*, William^ 
Jo•hn^ William'] was born at Orville, Vt. He marriel Mary Barnes. 
Res. Arcade, N. Y. 

Children of Story and Mary (Barnes) Lyon: 

I. Barnes; m. Emily Capron; both deceased; ch. 1. Anna, res. 29 W. 23d st., 
New York City, 2. David; 3. Lottie, and others. 

II. Ann; res. (1905) Arcade, N. Y., unm. 

III. Helen; m. James H. Gibson; a dau. Hattie; they res. (1905) Arcade, 
N. Y. 

IV. Jannette; m. L. W. Mason; res. Arcade, N. Y., children: 1. L.. Arthur 

(res. Pike, N. Y.); m. ; ch. : (a) Marion, b. 1891; (b) James Arthur, b. 

1902; (c) Leonard Charles, b. 1905); 2. Frank; res. Arcade, N. Y., unm. 

V. Wallace; m. Satie Bean; both deceased; no ch. 


Nos. 35 and 36, p. 331. — Peter and Lemuel were children of Wait- 
still (Wyatt), not of Abigail (Fales) Lyon. 

No. 46, p. 332. — Asaph Lyon was selectman 1787, town clerk 1787 
and Representative in the General Court from Shutesbury. 

No. 56, p. 333. — Elisha Mills, son of Zachariah and Margaret (Ken- 
drick) Mills, born Aug. 3, 1735. He was 1st Sgt. in Capt. Robert 
Smith's Company, Col. William Heath's Regiment. He left a widow 
and three children. Aaron Smith had already five children by a former 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


wife Sarah. By his second wife, Deborah (Lyon) Mills, he had: 1. 
Calvin, b. Aug. 30, 1778; 2. Lucy, b. March 30, 1781; m. Nov. 26, 1798, 
Jonathan Newell of Needham. Aaron Smith married third, July 19, 
1795, Grace Gay of Dedham; 2 children. 

No. 57, p. 339. — Barzillai Lyon died June 24, 1796; his widow died 
April 4, 1803; Martha Lyon (No. 119) married, Feb. 13, 1800, Joel 
Wheeler. Ruth (No. 120) [recorded as a son] had: 1. A son, b. June 
9, 1811; 2. a daughter, b. April 18, 1815; 3. a son Gardner, b. May 28, 
1824; d. Aug. 22, 1829, ae. 5 y. Lucy (No. 121) was born April 26, 
1780. Lois (No. 122), twin sister of Lucy, married Jan. 21, 1802 [Aaron 
Wright]. Betsey, (No. 123) was born Oct. 20, 1782; married Dec. 7, 

1806, . A daughter [Anna, No. 124?] of Barzillai was born June 

8, 1785. The foregoing items from Hubbardston T. R. 

No. 69, p. 340. — Mary Barney was daughter of Elisha and Silence" 
[not Polly] (Eddy) Barney [Joseph*, John', SamueP, John']. 

No. 74, p. 343. — According to Dorchester T. R. Thomas Lyon died 
Nov. 12, 1845; he married his third wife June 8, 1841; his widow mar- 
ried Jan. 1, 1849, Josiah Davenport. 

No. 118, p. 346. — Attarah Grimes was born March 18, 1776 [her 
age at death 70 y. 1 m. 14 d.]. According to Hubbardston T. R. Dana 
(No. 198) was born Jan. [not June]; Pliny (No. 199) died 1803 [not 
1813] ; another child of Asa is mentioned, who died Jan. 20, 1808, ae. 
3 y. 

No. 137 p. 349.— Sally (Brown) Lyon died June 6, 1807, ae. 23 y.; 
buried Needham. 

No. 235, p. 349. — Lucy S. Broad, daughter of Timothy and Lucy 
(Smith) Broad was baptized May 5, 1814; died Feb. 1833, ae. 19. 

No. 247, p. 350. — Elizabeth Lyon married, Oct. 20, 1836, Hiram, 
son of Luther and Betsey (Abercrombie) Bailey of Troy, Vt. He was a 
carpenter; res. Manchester, N. H. 

Children of Hiram and Elizabeth (Lyon) Bailey, born in Manchester, N. H. : 
I. Henrietta Thankful; b. 1837; m. Frederic Corning Thompson; res. New 
York City. 

IL Helen Arvesta; b. Nov. 10, 1839. 

III. Mary Alma; b. Jan. 5, 1844; m. John A. Adams; one oh. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 


IV. £dward Lyon; b. Dec. 10, 1841; m. Frances E. Parker of Bedford, N. 
H.; a son Lewis H., b. May 30, 1866. 

V. Emma; b. May 12, 1846; d. young. 

VI. Anna; d. young. 

VII. Margaret; d. young. 

VIII. Jennie F.; b. Sept. 8, 1856; m. Nathaniel J. L. Ryder; res. Man- 
chester, N. H. ; eh.: 1. Edward F.; 2. Harris B.; 3. Natalie; 4. Charles K. 

No. 272, p. 353,— Helen M. Lyon was born March 28, 1831 (Dor- 
dh-ester T. R.). 

No. 274, p. 353.— .Moses G. Lyon married Sept. 19, 1842, Eliza V. 
Howe; a child of Moses died Aug. 29, 1843, ae. six weeks (Dorchester 
T. R.). 

No. 145, p. 354. — iBenjamin Glover Lyon married Eliza Babcock 
[not Glover]. Asa Payson Lyon (No. 279, without doubt) died Oct. 

1828, ae. 35 y. Samuel S. Lyon (No. 280) married Rebecca ; 

a daughter, Sara Jane was born July 16, 1849 (Dorchester T. R.). 

, No. 316 (?), p. 356.— Eunice Lyon married Jan. 14, 1834, Oliver 
Hall (Dorchester T. R.). 

No. 317 (?), p. 356. — Rebecca Lyon married April 21, 1834, 
Stephen S. C. Jones of Brookline (Dorchester T. R.). 

No. 326, p. 356. — Andrew J. Lyon was born June 27, 1849 
(Hubbardston T. R.). 

No. 234, p. 358. — Ann Frances Whitney, daughter of Israel and 
Mary (Fuller) Whitney, was born April 13, 1806; died April 9, 1842, 
ae. 34. 

No. 312, p. 364. — A child of Jeremiah Lyon died Jan. 11, 1842, ae. 
17 y. (Dorchester T. R,). 

No. 346, p. 364. — Israel Whitney Lyon died suddenly of pneumonia 
Feb. 22, 1897, at his home in Englewood, N. J. [N. B. On page 364 
line 13, for N. Y. read N. J.]. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I. 



No. 16, p. 373. — Elizabeth Marcy was daughter of John and Sarah 
(Hadlock) Marcy. 

No. 26, pp. 373 and 410. — Timothy Foster of Walpole, Mass. 
settled in Dudley, Mass. 1748. He married first Molly May, second 
Keziah Lyon (No. 26?), third Mary Payson. He had sixteen children. 
Thirteen sons enlisted in the Revolutionary army, serving in the 
aggregate more than sixty years. Many of his descendants lived in 
Windham, Pomfret and Union, Conn. 

No. 27, p. 374.— George Lyon was born March 10, 1732-3 [i. e. 1733, 
not 1732 in our reckoning]. Zerviah Marcy could hardly have been 
daughter of John and Sarah (Hadlock) Marcy, who were married in 
1686. She was perhaps a grand daughter and so a cousin of her hus- 
band, whose mother was Elizabeth Marcy, dau. . of John and Sarah. 

. w i / f 1 

y- No. 35, p. 375.— Uriah Lyon died July 24, 1849, ae. 79 y. His 

widow died Nov. 9, 1862, ae. 82 y. Elias Lyon (No. 48) was drowned 

1878. Lyman Lyon married Olive H. W. Buck; removed to Geneseo, 

111.; children: 1. Alvin Moore, b. July 3, 1843; 2. Mary Jerusha, b. 

April 24, 1845. These items from History of Union, Conn. 

No. 39, p. 376.— Date of marriage June 14, 1826, not 1822. 

No. 71, p. 377. — For Andrew L. Draper read Andrew S. Draper. 

No. 47, p. 378. — Elisha Lyon married Delotia Bosworth, they had: 
1. Sarah; 2. George; 3. Frank; 4. Mary, m. John Jones. 

No. 101, p. 380 (also p. 384). — For Harris Fanning read Harris 

Page 381, 1. 6 from bottom. — ^For Harriet S. read Abbie Louise. 

To the unconnected records on p. 368, add: 
Charles, d. Dec. 22, 1843, ae. 21 (D). f-Z/./fi/^ 
Daniel, m. Ann Trainer, int. Jan. 10, 1846 (D). 
Diana, m. Aug. 13, 1784 Elijah Kilton at Foxboro (D).^ . 
Mrs. Susan J., d. Feb. 2, 1842, ae. 47 y. (D). //* *^^/'' 1\._ :' 
ft^ Thaddeus M. Harris Lyon, d. June 1, 1843, ae. 27 (D). Vj**J<^^'^ 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of VoL I. 

, /".s...^^ e^^^ A>/-^ ^-^^ ^../,.;^ 




Addenda, Errata and Notes. 

Furnished by John C. Cox, Dayton, Ohio.t 

Page 15, Footnote. — William Armstrong Crosier F. R. S. in his 
Armory and Registry of American Families gives the Coat of Arms 
of Henry Lyon of Perthshire and later of Milford, Conn., and also of 
William Bateman of Fairfield, Conn., as follows: 

Coat of Arms of Henry Lyon and other Lyons of Perthshire, 
Scotland. Argent, a lion rampant azure, armed and langued, within 
a double tressure flory, counter-flory gules. Crest: a demi-lady to 
the girdle habited and holding in her right hand the Royal Thistle 
and in the sinister (left hand) a chaplet laurel all ppr. Motto: 
"In te Domine Speravi." 

Coat of Arms of William Bateman. Or, on a chevron between 
three escalops gules, an ostrich feather argent. Crest: a pheasant 
ppr. Motto: "Nee pretio nee prece." 

Explanation of Coat of Arms. 
The meaning of some of the above heraldic words are as follows: 
Argent: silver or white. Azure: blue. Or: gold. A demi-lady hold- 
ing in her right hand a Royal Thistle etc., is an allusion to the 
alliance with the daughter of the King. Flory and Counterflory gules 
means flowered and counter-flowered red. 

Page 33, line 13. — The date of 1648 is incorrect after all, according 
to the modern method of reckoning time. King Charles was beheaded 
January 30, 1649, a date memorable in history. In those days, how- 
ever, the legal year began March 25 instead of January 1, so that 
the date was written January 30, 1648, or oftener January 30, 1648-9. 

N. B. — By Volume II. is meant Lyon Memorial, Connecticut and New 
Jersey Families. Throughout this Supplement, page and serial numbers are 
those of this volume. 

tMr. Cox has rendered invaluable service to the descendants of Henry Lyon 
by his thorough and painstaking critical review of the history of this family 
as presented in Vol. II. of the Lyon Memorial. A few additional notes and com- 
ments have been supplied also by the Editor in chief of the Memorial, these ni- 
dicated by the initials [A. B. L.]. 


Henry Lyon was admitted to the Milford church Feb. 24, 1649 (if we 
can accept this date) less than a month after the tragedy at Whitehall. 
Miss Sidney Lyon states that the three brothers came to America 
in 1648. At least one of them, Thomas, came certainly earlier than 
this. In August, 1647, Thomas was settled in Stamford and married 
to the granddaughter of Governor John Winthrop. This completely 
refutes the hypothesis that he was present at the execution of King 
Charles [A. B. L.] . 

Page 44, line 16. — The statement made here that Henry Lyon was 
the youngest of the three brothers from Glen Lyon seems to be based 
on the fact that he was the last of the three to assume na'Slrimonial 
responsibilities. Thomas must have been married in If 46 or 17$77""~ ^ 
Richard is supposed to have been married as early as 1650, although 
this is by no means certain; Henry married in 1652. It is stated on 
page 252 that according to family tradition, Richard was the youngest 
of the three brothers, and this may have been true. He had only 
three children who were of age when his will was made, April 12, 
1678. This would indicate that his marriage, assuming that he had 
but one wife, took place about 1652 [1651-3]. The comment of Mr. 
J. C. Cox is: "it is my opinion from all known data and information 
of these three Lyons, that they should come in the following order as 
to birth, Thomas, Richard and Henry, the latter being the youngest 
and born probably about 1625. The date of Henry's birth, given by 
some authorities at 1618, looks now to be erroneous." [A. B. L.] 

Page 62, line 11. — ^The date of Henry Lyon's will, given here and 
elsewhere as 1702, was actually Feb. 9, 1703, according to our modern 
method of reckoning time. Up to the year 1752 in England and her 
colonies the legal year began March 25, although in the popular reck- 
oning, it began as now on January first. This explains the date of 
the will in question, which is given as "this ninth day of February, 1702 
alias 3," which is further fixed beyond question by the added state- 
ment "and in ye first year of ye Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne 
&c Queen &c," since Anne became Queen of England April 23, 1702. 
Similar double dates occur frequently in the early history of the 
American colonies, and they should always be quoted in full; the 
usual form would be Feb. 9, 1702-3. [A. B. L.] 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of VoL II. 


Page 62, line 24. — ^Read: "John had died in 1694 and Thomas had 
shortly followed his younger brother; Nathaniel passed on in 1701." 
Note that the will of John was probated Nov. 2, 1694, while inventory 
of the estate of Thomas was made Nov. 21, 1694. Nathaniel was dead 
and his widow again married when Henry' made his will, for he speaks 
of his daughter "Mary Lyon, alias Potter, relict of my son Nathaniel 
Lyon." The death of Nathaniel could not therefore have taken place 
after 1702, and since his will is dated Dec. 20, 1700, it is practically 
certain that he died early in 1701. 

Page 80. — At the begnning of the paragraph, the probable date of 
the birth of Henry Lyon should be given. On page 44 it is stated that 
he was born perhaps about 1625, and that seems a reasonable con- 
jecture. Although nothing is known of his parentage one may surmise 
that their given names were Thomas and Mary. 

Page 80, line 8. — The date of Henry's marriage is given on p. 46 
as May, 1652, here simply as 1652. The name of his bride is given 
here as well as on p. 46 and elsewhere as Elizabeth Bateman (daughter 
of William). Savage and other authorities say that she was "Mary 
Bateman, the only daughter of William Bateman." Elizabeth may be 
correct, if it can be shown by her father's will that Henry Lyon's 
wife was so named, or if the deed of May 1st, 1675 of Henry Lyon 
and wife of Elizabethtown to Honorable Philip Carteret calls her 
Elizabeth. The will of William Bateman, quoted on p. 47 (line 13) 
mentions a grandchild, "Joseph Middlebrooke," showing decisively that 
he had another daughter besides the one who married Henry Lyon, 
and that this daughter married a Middlebrooke. Elizabeth, if that was 
her name, was probably born about 1630-2. 

Page 80, line 10. — Henry Lyon is here said to have been dismissed 
from Fairfield to Milford Church May 28, 1654. The fact was, as stated 
p. 46, that he was dismissed on that date from Milford to Fairfield 

Page 80, line 18. — For February 4, 1861 read February 4, 1681, or 
possibly 1680. The date of Henry's second marriage, given in line 23 
as "about 1689-90" should be four or five years earlier. His second 
wife, Mary, was undoubtedly daughter of one of the early settlers in 
Newark, probably Matthew Campfield, Samuel Plum or Stephen Free- 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


man. At the close of the paragraph, it is stated that Henry returned 
to Newark in 1696. On p. 73 in Prof. Winan's sketch of Lyons Farms, 
it is implied that he was still in Elizabeth in 1700. 

Page 80, No. 2. — Thomas must have been born in 1653, since his 
parents were not married until May 1652. 

Page 80, No. 3. — Mary was probably born 1656. If Samuel was 
"a lad of fourteen" at the time of the land distribution in 1667 (see 
p. 54), he must have been older than Mary. 

Page 80, No. 4. — Samuel was born probably in the latter part of 
the year 1654. 

Page 81, No. 10. — Mary was born probably about 1686-7. 

Page 81, No. 11. — Dorcas was born probably about 1688-9. 

Page 81, No. 2. — Thomas Lyon married Elizabeth , who 

was undoubtedly Elizabeth Ward, born 1660, sister of John Ward who 
married Mary Lyon, No. 3. They were children of Sergeant John 
Ward, Sr. The children of Thomas and Elizabeth should probably be 
named in the following order: 

I. Penelope; m. Thomas Thompson. 

II. Elizabeth; unm. 

III. Annas; m. Mills. 

IV. Isaac; b. 1691. 

V. Thomas; b. 1692. 

VI. Mattaniah; b. 1694 (year of his father's death). 

Page 82, line 1.— For 1669 read 1696. 

Page 82, line 16. — For "children" (of John and Mary), read "son." 

Page 82, line 21. — For Zopher read Thomas; Zopher was the 
brother, not the father, of Sarah Beach. 

Page 82, line 31.— For Aug. 20, 1703 read Jan. 20, 1707 as date of 
Samuel's will. The statement represented as based on this will that 
the children by first marriage were Samuel, Henry, Joseph, Mary and 
Sarah, those by second marriage, John, James and Hannah is certainly 
not in accordance with fact. The record should read: 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Beach) Lyon: 

I. Samuel; b. 1676. He m. likely a dau. of Rev. Abraham Pierson Jr., 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


and Abigail Clark, he the son of Rev. Abraham and Abigail (Wheelwright) 

II. John; b. about 1678. probably, since he married Elizabeth Riggs, born 
1679. She would not marry a man fifteen or twenty years younger than herself. 

III. Joseph; b. about 16 SO; m. Mary Pierson. 

IV. Henry; b. 1682; m. Mary Roberts. 

V. Sarah. 

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Pierson) Lyon: 

VI. Mary. 

VII. Hannah. 

VIII. James; b. Oct. 5, 1700; d. Nov. 16, 1775, at Newport, R. I. 

Page S3, line 8.— For 1726 read February 1726-7; the date must 
have been between the 15th and the 27th of Feb. 1727. Mary Harrison 
(line 9) was daughter of Richard Harrison, Sr. of Branford, Conn, 
(from W. Kirby, Bng.) Sarah Brown (line 10) was born about 1685, 
daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Freeman) Brown. Hannah Freeman, 
born 1655, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Astwood) Freeman. 
Hannah Astwood was daughter of Capt. John Astwood and his first 
wife. Joseph Brown was son of John and Mary (Burwell) Brown, 
John being one of the Newark pioneers from Milford. The last three 
lines of the paragraph refer to an unidentified Joseph Lyon, certainly 
not No. 5. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Pierson) Lyon: 

I. Abigail; b. about 1685-6; m. 1704-5, Joseph' Crane, Esq. [Jasper-, Jasperi]. 
*II. Mary; tn. Nathan Foster. 

III. Hannah; b. about 1704; m. Samuel* Sayre, b. about 1700, d. 1760 
[Samuel', DanleP, Thomas^].; they had a son Samuel, and other children, names 
not known to the writer. 

IV. £Iizabeth; b. about 1706; m. Daniel Sayre, second cousin of Samuel. 

Page 83, No. 32. — For Sarah (?) Cook, read Mary Cook. 

Page 83, No. 6. — Nathaniel Lyon married Mary, who was probably 
Mary Camp, born 1664. or possibly Mary Harrison. As a widow she 
married in 1702 Samuel Potter. Mary Harrison was daughter of 
Richard Harrison, Jr., of the colony from Branford. 

Page 83, No. 7.— John Lyon died Oct. 23-31, 1694. His wife was 

Hannah , probably Hannah Baldwin, daughter of John and 

Hannah (Bruen) Baldwin. Nothing is known of his descendants or 
whether indeed he had grandchildren. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 88, No. 8. — The record should read: 

Children of Benjamin and Bethla (Condlt) Lyon: 

I. Anne; [not Abigail]; b. 1689; m. Canfleld. 

II. Joanna; b. about 1691; m. Joseph Prudden. 
IIL Benjamin; b. 1693 [not 1690 as stated]. 

Note. — A fourth daughter Mary, m. Nathan Foster, is erroneously added in 
the list of Errata, p. 390. The Mary who m. Nathan Foster was No. 29. 

Page 88, No. 9. — Capt. Ebenezer Lyon died March 31 [not 13], 
1739. On p. 89, line 10, also line 13, for Darkis read Dorkis or Dorcas; 
in line 14, for Riderous read Ridemus. 

Page 89, No. 45. — For Darkis read Dorkis. 

Page 89, No. 47. — After Ebenezer insert "m. Abigail ." 

Page 89, No. 50. — Bethia m. 1st (as stated) John Winans; m. 2nd 
Joseph* Foster [Mary^ (Lyon), Joseph-, Henry']; m. 3rd. Ichabod 
Grommon ( Grumman ) . 

Page 89, line 7 from bottom. — The date of death of John Winans, 
1674, is inconsistent with that of the birth of a second John given in 
the next line as 1673. Probably the latter date should be also 1674; 
in any case the dates are given only approximately. In line 2 from 
bottom of page, for his brother's father, read Susannah's mother's 

Page 90, No. 13. — Following the list of the children of Thomas 
Lyon there should be a statement that there were other children. 

Page 90, No. 20. — Samuel Lyon married probably a Pierson. They 
probably had other children, among them a son David. Prudence, 
No. 2160, Mary, No. 2161 and Rebecca, No. 2162, mentioned among 
unidentified Lyon names, page 238, may have been of this family, or 
these may have been children of Henry or Joseph, brothers of this 

Page 90, No. 21. — ^Mary Roberts was probably a daughter of David 
Roberts. The children (sons) of Henry and Mary Roberts Lyon, in 
order of birth were : 

I. David; b. 1710; d. 1755; m. Phebe ; no children; will 1742. This 

Is almost certainly the Capt. David Lyon who was buried at Whlppany. Morris 
Co., N. J. There is a stone there indicating that he was born 1710 and died 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


1755. Nevertheless, possibly the David burled at Whippany was son of Samuel, 
No. 20. 

II. Zopher; b. about 1712; m. Mary , 1732. 

III. Henry; b. about 1714; d. before 1771; m. Mary Wood. 

IV. Josiah; b. about 1716; m. about 1740 Mary . 

V. Jonathan; b. 1719; d. 1784; m. Mary Baldwin. 

VI. Nathaniel; b. about 1721; d. 1761; m. Rebecca Plerson. 

Page 91, No. 22. — Joseph Lyon was born about 1680, not 1676, 
Miary Pierson, his wife, was daughter of Rev. Abraham and Abigail 
(Clark) Pierson. Abraham Pierson, b. about 1641, d. 1708, was son of 
Rev. Abraham Pierson 16«8-1678 and Abigail Wheelwright, dau. of 
Rev. John Wheelwright. Aibigail Clark was dau. of Deacon George 
Clark of Milford, Conn. V 

Page 91, No. 69.— For b. 1700 read b. about 1702-3: 

Page 91, No. 70. — Abraham, according to a reliable genealogist, 
was b. 1710 and d. 1732. Joseph and Mary (Pierson) Lyon certainly 
had several other sons and daughters. Besides Joseph and Abraham 
possibly they had also the following children: Samuel, John, James, 
Abigail, Sarah, Susannah and Mary. It is quite probable that Mary, 
No. 2161, p. 238, was their daughter. 

Page 91, No. 25. — John Lyon b. about 1678, m. Elizabeth Riggs b. 
about 1679. 

Page 91, No. 71. — Joseph Lyon, No. 71 (see p. 101) could not have 
been son of John, No. 25. Probably he was son of Joseph No. 194, 
p. 101. 

Page 92, No. 75. — The date of Samuel's baptism should read 
probably July 6, 1738; either this or the date of death must be wrong 
[A. B. L.]. 

Page 93, No. 28. — Joseph Crane died in 1726 after Aug. 2nd, or in 
1727 before Feb. 13th. Jasper Crane was born 1650 not 1657 and died 
at Newark March 16, 1712 not March 6, 1712. Capt. Samuel Swaine 
was born 1651 not 1659. Joseph Crane's will was proved Feb. 13, 1727 
instead of May 24, 1727, as stated. 

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Lyon) Cranet: 

I. Benjamin; h. Nov. 27, 1705-6; d. July 13-14, 1777; m. Sarah . 

tThe dates of this family as given in the Lyon Genealogy have been copied 
mainly from Crane's Genealogy, which has made a great many mistakes. 
N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 



He was the eldest child, but was under age Aug. 2, 1726, No descendants have 
been traced. ' \ 

II. Isaac; b. Oct. 8, 1709; m. not Kezla Baldwiit iK^^ Samuel* Crane 
[John', Azarlah^, Jasper^]. ■^ y^ 

III. Dzeklel; b. May 8, 1711; d. March or April, 1794; m. probably 1st, Phebe 
; m. 2nd, Abigail Baldwin, 

IV. Israel; b. Jan. 2, 1713; d. Aug. 1, 1785; m. according to competent 

authority Sarah . He may have married also as stated on p. 103, 

Abigail . 

V. Abigail; b. about July 1714§; d. Oct. 20, 1768; m. Samuel Lyon (No.. 62). 

VI. JoBepb; b. Jan. 2 (or 7), 1716; d. ; m. Elizabeth Johnson. 

VII. Josiah; b. Dec. 28, 1718; d. Dec. 15, 1785; m. 1st, Jerusha Cook; 
m. 2nd, Phebe . 

VIII. Joanna; b. Sept. 8, 1720 (not 1719 as stated); m. 1st, Samuel 
Congar; m. 2nd. Joseph Camp, Esq. 

Page 93, No. 87. — Joseph Crane, born 1716, married Elizabeth 
Johnson, born about 1722-5; she made her will 1785 and d. soon after; 
She m. 2nd. before 1785, Paul^ Day, b. 1724, d. 1802 [Joseph^ PauP, 
George']. Elizabeth was dau. of Capt. John* Johnson 1700-1752 [Eli- 
phalet^ Esq. and Deborah, Thomas-, Robert'] and Elizabeth* Ogden, b. 
about 1705 [Capt. David* 1678-1734, David- and Elizabeth (Swain) 
Ward, John']. Elizabeth* (Swain) Ward [Capt. SamueP, William'], was 
widow of Josiah^ Ward [George']. 

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson) Crane were: 

I. John. 

II. Benjamin. 

III. David; d. before 1785; m. Hannah Wade, who was born at Connecticut 
Farms. They had: Phebe, b. 1778; Elizabeth, b. 1780; and five other children. 

IV. Joseph. 

V. Isaac. 

VI. Abigail. 

VII. Phebe. 

VIII. Elizabeth. 

Page 93, No. 89a. — Joseph Foster was born about 1710-15. There 
were other children, for Joseph Lyon speaks in his will of the "chil- 
dren" of his daughter Mary (Lyon) Foster. 

Page 93. No. 30. — ^Elizabeth Lyon, b. about 1706, married Daniel* 
Sayre [Daniel', Joseph^ Thomas']. 

SAbigail Crane could not have been born in 1713 as stated on p. 99. unless 
she and Israel were twins. The Crane Genealogy says she was born 1727, but 
she is named in the will of her father dated Aug. 2, 1726. The 1727 may have 
been a misreading of 1721. and this may after all be the correct date, Abigail 
being the youngest child instead of Joanna. One of the two was born probably 
1714, the other 1721. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Lyon) Sayre: 

I. Daniel. 

II. Mary; m. 1st Samuel Van ; m. 2nd Long. 

III. John; m. . 

IV. Ephraini; b. March 8. 1746: m. Hannah Meeker. 

Page 93, No. 32. — Obediah^ Cook was son of John^ and Elizabeth 
[Ellis' and Martha Cooper]. There seems to be no evidence that 
Capt. Joseph Lyon made a will, neither has there been found any 
account of the settlement of his estate. Abigail, No. 92, was born 
July 14, 1754. There were certainly other children, possibly among them 
Obediah, Sarah and Mary. 

Page 94, No. 34. — Nathaniel Lyon, father of Mary died 1701, not 

Page 94, No. 40. — Benjamin Lyon was born 1693, not 1691. His 
first wife was undoubtedly Mary Day, sister of his second wife. In 
line 1, p. 95 omit (Condit), for which (Day) should probably be sub- 
stituted. Hannah, No. 95, was b. about 1721; Sarah, No. 97, b. about 
1725-6; Martha, No. 98, b. 1733; Daniel, No. 102, b. 1735-6. The name 
of Martha should therefore follow that of Moses, and Daniel should 
precede Matthias. 

Page 95, No. 41. — The paragraph relating to the children of Joseph 
Prudden's negro servant is out of place in a Lyon Genealogy. 

Page 96, No. 44. — Ephraim* Clark was son of Ephraim^ [Richard^]. 
For Darkis, No. 119, read Dorkis; for Riderous, No. 121, read Ridemus. 
Page 96, No. 45. — For Darkis read Dorkis. 
Page 96, No. 47. — Ebenezer Lyon married Abigail . 

Page 96, No. 50. — Bethia Lyon's mother was Elizabeth Winans, 
sister of Jacob, her husband's father (see footnote, p. 89). Her second 
husband, Joseph Foster, No. 89a., was son of her cousin Mary Lyon, 
No. 29. The Joseph Lyon named as executor of Joseph Foster's will 
was Capt. Joseph Lyon, No. 32. The older form of spelling the name 
Grumman was Grommon, originally Grumin. On page 97, line 5 for 
Ichbod, read Ichabod; line 9 for Icabod, read Ichabod. Ichabod Grum- 
man was son of Joseph' Grumman [ ^; John'] . 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 97, No. 129c. Jacob Foster had a daughter Mary who mar- 
ried Isaiah" Stites [Benjamin*, William', Richa^d^ John']. 

Children of Isaiah and Mary (Poster) Stites: 

I. Jacob Foster; m. Sarah Frazee. 

II. Henry; m. Mary Clark. 

III. Benjamin; m. Eliza Anne Drake. 

JACOB FOSTER' STITES [Mary' (Foster), Jacob", Joseph*. 
Mary' (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'] also [Mary* (Foster) Jacob*, Bethia' 
(Lyon), Ebenezer^ Henry'], married Sarah Frazee, daughter of Henry. 

Children of Jacob F. and Sarah (Frazee) Stites: 

I. Isaiah; m. 1st Drake; m. 2nd Sarah ; no ch.. 

II. Mary; d. at the age of 15 years. 

III. Charlotte; m. Philemon Dunn and had a son Albert. 

IV. Henry. 

HENRY' STITES [Mary« (Foster), Jacob', Joseph*, Mary' (Lyon), 
Joseph^ Henry'], also [Mary° (Foster) Jacob*, Bethia' (Lyon); Ebene- 
zer^ Henry'], married Mary Clark, daughter of Edward Clark of West- 

Children of Henry and Mary (Clark) Stites: 

I. £liza; m. Talmage Ross. s. of John. 

II. John; m. ; res. New York City. 

III. Annie; m. Gershom Littell, s. of Gershom. 

IV. Aaron; m. ; res. New York City. 

BENJAMIN' STITES [Mary* (Poster), Jacob', Joseph*, Mary* 
(Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'], also [Mary' (Poster), Jacob*, Bethia' (Lyon), 
Bbenezer=, Henry'], married Eliza Anne Drake, daughter of Nathaniel. 

Children of Benjamin and Eliza Anne (Drake) Stites: 

I. Hnlda; m. James Cleaver, s. of William H. 

II. Julia. 

III. Mary. 

IV. Caroline. 

V. Benjamin. 

Page 97, No. 50. — The children of Ichabod Grommon and Bethia 
(Lyon, Winans) Foster were: 

I. Bethia; b. 1750-3; m. Benjamin Coe, s. of Benjamin. 1712-1788. 

II. Daughter; b. about 1753; d. young; burled 1769. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


III. Ichabod, Jr.; b. 1755; d. Oct. 29, 1794; m. Hannah Bruen. 

IV. Aaron; b. 1757; d. Aug. 20, 1801; m. Abigail Lyon (No. 317). 

Page 97, No. 51. — Add to children named: 

III. Abigail; b. about 1755; m. Joslah= Crane [Joslah*, Joseph', Jasper', 
Jasper'], also [Josiah*, Abigail' (Lyon), Joseph-, Henry']. 

Page 98, No. 134. — It was probably this Henry who married at 
Hanover Jan, 1773, Martha Tompkins. 

Page 98, No. 150. — Instead of Betsey Harrison read: 

"150, VIII. Elizabeth [Betsey]; b. 1764 (?); d. 1855; m. Able! Harrison. 
See No. 2167, p. 239. 

Page 98, No. 57, — ^The will of Thomas Lyon was dated Sept. 4, 
1784; proved Sept. 19, 1785. He was twice married, only the last 
four of his children being by his second wife Temperance, as follows: 

V. Moses; b. 1762. 

VI. Elijah; b. 1763. *vvA-<^ 

VII. Jolin; b. 1767; perha ps John Lyon of Rockaway; see list of inldentl- 
fled Lyons. 

VIII. Levi; b. about 1765. 

Page 98, No. 151. — ^Read: Sarah; m. Nov. 15, 1753, Joseph Hatha- 
way at Morristown. 

Page 98, No. 60. — It seems probable that Eunice Stephens, who 
was almost certainly a second wife, was not the mother of all of 
Daniel's children; possibly not of any of themt. Congar in his 
Grenealogical Notes gives in addition to the list on p. 99 the names 
David and Moses. He states also that Eunice had a son John Stephens, 
by her first husband. The date of Daniel Lyon's birth given in the 
text is certainly too early; it was probably about 1730-32. 

Children of Daniel Lyon: 

159. I. Creey. 

160. II. Sarah; b. about 1756; m. 1774 Evetts' Townley [Effingham', 
Col. Richard']; for descendants see No. 2166, p. 239. 

161. III. Phebe. 

162. IV. Joanna; b. about 1760-5; m. Enoch Ball, b. about 1760. 

163. V. Anna. 

t Among marriages in Hanover occurs the following: Daniel Lyon married 
Jan. 16, 1753, Elizabeth Force. This could hardly have been any other Daniel. 
If Elizabeth was dau. of Abraham Force, Abraham Lyon, No. 164, was probably 

her son, and she was the mother of at least six of Daniel's children. 
N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


164. VI. Abraham; b. 1760; m. Hannah Ogden; see p. 119, bottom of 

165. VII. Joseph. 

166. VIII. Jacob. 

167. IX. Daniel; probably the Daniel Lyon of Hanover 1800-19 (opinion 
J. C. C). 

168. X. Aaron; m. Lettee ; she b. 1771, survived her husband 

many years and d. July 26, 1846; bur. Ellzabethtown, First Presbyterian 

168a. XI. David; buried near his bro. Aaron; David Lyon, s. of Daniel of 
Springfield, m. July 10, 1798, Elizabeth Gillom (N. J. Archives). 
168b. XII. Moses. 

Page 99, No. 61. — Abel Lyon married probably Sarah Baldwin. 

Page 99, No. 62. — ^Abigail Crane was born, not 1713 but either in 
1714 or 1721; the latter date agrees best with the date of her marriage. 
Abigail and Samuel were second cousins. The son David, No. 174. 
was Capt. David Lyon of Ellzabethtown; see page 247. Samuel Lyon 
and Abigail Crane had also a daughter Phebe, No. 2164, p. 238. 

Page 99, No. 64. — Nathaniel Lyon was born about 1721; died Jan. 
or Feb. 1761. 

Page 100, No. 65. — Josiah Lyon was born probably about 1716. 
His children should be arranged probably in about the following order: 

I. Phebe. 

II. Mary. 

III. Lydia; b. 1745 (called Elizabeth by Congar). 

IV. David; eldest son; b. 1747. 

V. Abraham; b. 1749. 

VI. Josiah. 

VII. Ann. 

Page 100, No. 66. — In line 4, for daughter of Zopher read children 
of Zopher. 

Page 101, line 1. — For Tichnor, read Tichenor. 

Page 101, No. 68. — Henry Lyon married Mary, not Hannah Wood. 
Capt. Christopher Wood died Feb. 8, 1759; his will was made Nov. 20, 
1758. His widow, Phebe (Johnes) Wood died 1785; her will made 
April 14, 1772, mentions Mary, wife of Henry Lyon. The statement 
that only the first three children were born before 1759 is based merely 
on the fact that these were named in their grandfather Wood's will; 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


it is probable that all were born before 1759. Henry married possibly 

a second wife Hannah . It is probable that his son James, 

No. 188, was Col. James, No. 2163a, (p. 238), and that Stephen; No. 
192, was the unidentified Stephen, No. 2165, whose birth is given on p. 
238 as 1751, on p. 239 as 1755. The record however on page 239 cer- 
tainly does not all relate to this Stephen, whose wife, however, was 
probably Mary. 

Page 101, No. 69. — David^ Littell was son of John- and Mary 
[George' and Alice Poore]. 

Page 101, No. 194. — This Joseph was almost certainly the father 
of Capt. Joseph Lyon, No. 71. 

Page 101, No. 197. — ^This Samuel Lyon was possibly the father of 
the unidentified Samuel, No. 2170a, born 1780 (p. 240). 

Page 101, No. 201. — Abigail m. . 

Page 101, No. 202. — For Strain read Straun. 

Page 101, No. 70. — The dates of birth and death of Abraham Lyon 
are identical with those of Mary, wife of Josiah Lyon, No. 65. The 
circumstance leads one to suspect that some error has been made by 
a transcriber; it does not prove that they are erroneous as referring 
to Abraham. An expert genealogist states that Abraham was born in 
1710 and died 1732. It is mentioned that he had one son Abraham, a 
Captain in the Revolutionary Army. If this is true, Capt. Abraham was 
almost certainly an only child, and born the year of his father's death. 

Page 102. No. 210. — ^For Casey read Carey [A. B. L.]. 

Page 103, No. 83. — Kezia Baldwin married, not Isaac Crane but 
Samuel* Crane [John^ Azariah-, Jasper']. The children named as 
those of Isaac and Kezia were except the last, children of Samuel and 

Kezia. Isaac married and had a son Isaac, who married and 

in turn had a son Isaac, born 1767. No further trace of descendants. 

Page 103, No. 84. — ^Ezekiel Crane was born May 8, 1711 and died 
in March or April 1794. He was a leading founder of the Baptist 
Church at Lyons Farms April 17, 1769. He married first about 1738- 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


9t Phebe , undoubtedly Dalgllsh or Douglas. His second wife 

was Abigail Baldwin, born about 1724, died some where between 1773 
and 1779. She was daughter of Nathaniel* Baldwin§, 1690-1750 [John' 
and Ruth Botsford, daughter of Henry, John^ and Mary, Sylvester' and 
Sarah Bryant]. Record of dates of birth of the older children are 
wanting, except in the case of Phebe. The following record is prob- 
ably substantially correct, although the name of Joaeph should stand 
first in the list. 

Children of Ezekiel and Phebe (DalgUsh?) Crane: 

I. Phebe; b. 1740; bapt. at Lyons Farms Baptist Church, Oct. 15, 1769; 
m. Deacon John Ball [Timothy', Thomas^ Edward']; d. 1781. 

II. Sarah; b. about 1742; m. a Crane, probably Matthias*, b. 1737-8; 

d. 1777; grad. Yale College [John' and Abigail , Azarlah', Jasper*]; 

they had children. 

III. Rachel; b. 1744-5; d. 1783-7; m. Joseph Lyon, A. B. (No. 91). 

IV. Joseph; b. 1738-9; d. 1779-80; bapt. with Phebe, Oct. 15, 1769; m. 
Eunice Dod, daughter of Thomas; it was his uncle Joseph, No. 87, who married 
Elizabeth Johnson, afterwards Mrs. Paul Day. 

Children of Ezekiel and Abigail (Baldwin) Crane: 

V. Jonathan; b. Dec. 22, 1749; d. Feb. 1753, not 1785 as stated. 

VI. Joanna; b. about 1751; m. 1st Joseph^* Plum, b. 1745, d. 1787 [John*, 
John', Samuel-, John'], they had children, one of whom was Isaac, the first 
Plum to change the name to Plume. Joanna m. 2nd about 1788 Ellas E. Vree- 
land, b. Dec. 20, 1750; d. March 29, 1828; bur. in Canfield Graveyard, Cedar 
Grove, N. J. 

VII. £Ilas; b. Sept. 10 1753; d. March 13, 1809; m. about 1775 Phebe' 
Brown, b. Feb. 12, 1758, d. 1828, [Stephen"*, Stephen*, Joseph', John^, John']. 
Elias was a private in Capt. Josiah Pierson's Company, Second Regt. Essex 
Co., Revolutionary Army. 

Page 103, No. 237. — The children of Deacon John and Phebe 
(Crane) Ball were: 

I. Calvin. 
II : liuther. 

tThe grounds for believing that Ezekiel was twice married are these: 
1. His daughter Phebe was born in 1740, when Abigail Baldwin was only 
sixteen years old, possibly seventeen or eighteen [Baldwin Genealogy says she 
was born 1724, the date was certainly not before 1722]; 2. An Ezekiel Crane 
"born about 1710" married Phebe Dalglish [Douglas], born 1715, daughter of 
John2 and Sarah (Ward) Dalglish [Robert' and Mary Dennison] ; no Ezekiel 
Crane is recorded in New Jersey earlier than 1727-8 except this Ezekiel tjf- 
.*ee«prh b. 171L; note also that Phebe Dalglish's mother was Sarah and that 
Phebe had a sister Rachel, who married a Canfield. 

§Nathaniel Baldwin married first Mary Congar, dau. of Samuel= [John" and 
Mary] — so says Baldwin Genealogy; others say that Nathaniel's wife was 
Mary' Crane [Azarlah^ and Mary Treat, Jasper' and Alice], Mary Treat was 
the daughter of Capt. Robert Treat and Jane Tapp, dau. of Edmund Tapp. 

Capt. Robert Treat was son of Richard Treat and Alice . Nathaniel 

had seven children by wife Mary. In 1730 he married a second wife Esther, 
1689-1763, and had five children by her. 

B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 





III. Phebe [Llttell's Genealo&y calls her Rachel.] 

Deacon John Ball married second Miss Fairchild and had: 1. John; 

2. David; 3. Daniel; 4. Usel. 

Page 103, No. 234.^The children of Elias and Phebe (Brown) 
Crane were: 

I. David; b. 1776; d. 1782. 

II. Stephen; b. 1778. 

III. Moses; b. 1779. 

IV. Eunice; b. 1781. 

V. Mary; b. 1783. 

VI. Jonathan; b. 1784. 

VII. David (3nd) ; b. 1786. 

VIII. Rachel; b. 1789. 

IX. Jabez; b. 1790. 

X. Cyrus; b. 1791; d. 1809. 

XI. AbigaU; b. 1794; d. 1836. 

XII. WUUam; b. 1799. 

Page 103, No. 85. — Israel Crane, according to competent authority 
married Sarah . Perhaps he was more than once married. 

Page 103, No. 240.— Israel Crane, Jr., born about 1735-40 had a son 
Israel, born about 1760-1765, of Cranetown, N, J. He married Fanny 
Pierson, daughter of Dr. Matthias Pierson of Orange, N. J. This 
Israel Crane was a well known road builder and public spirited Jersey- 
man, who for many years owned the Pompton Turnpike, and who was 
a commissioner appointed by the State to finance the Morris Canal. 

Page 103, No. 86. — Jerusha Cook, wife of Capt. Josiah Crane, was 
daughter of Obediah Cook of Long Island. Captain Josiah and his 
wife Jerusha were buried in the cemetery at Connecticut Farms, now 
called Union. 

Page 103, No. 245. — ^^Sarah Crane died before 1785. 

Page 103, Footnote. — ^The statements of this footnote involve 
chronological impossibilities . It is true that there was an Isaac Crane 
who married Mary Muchmore, daughter of Samuel, but it could not 
have been the Isaac born 1767. [A. B. L.]. 

Page 104, No. 251. — Josiah Crane died after the close of the war 
in 1785, while on a journey to visit his brother Elias who had re- 
moved to Kentucky. He married Abigail Lyon, daughter of John, No. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


51. His wife's family lived in Morris County and he went from Essex 
County up into Morris County and enlisted in the army and is supposed 
to have been married sometime during the Revolutionary war. It is 
stated that he was a soldier in the Jersey Blues and was with Washing- 
ton and Lafayette in all the battles fought in New Jersey, including 
Trenton, Monmouth and Brandy wine. 

Children of Josiah and Abigail (Lyon) Crane: 

X. John JoBiah (?); date of birth in doubt; the Crane Genealogy says, 
b. March 8, 1767; d. 1808; m. Nov. 7, 1790, Rebecca Safter, b. Sept. 22, 1769; 
d. Oct. 26, 1847; something is wrong here if John Josiah was really son of 
Josiah, b. 1753. 

II. Beujamln; b. at Lyons Farms, Feb. 18, 1783; d. in New York, 1832; 
m. 1st Elsey Schuyler; m. 2nd Jane Low. 

BENJAMIN" CRANE [Josiah^ Capt. Josiah*, Abigail' (Lyon) 
Joseph^ Henry'], also [AbigaiP (Lyon) John*, Isaac", Thomas^ Henry'], 
born at Lyons Farms Feb. 18, 1783; died in New York 1832. He 
married first, March 28, 1804, Elsey Schuyler, born March 28, 1787, 
died July 15, 1806. He married second in New York City April 25, 
1807, Jane Low, who was born Aug. 16, 1783, died Dec. 14, 1833; daugh- 
ter of William Low. 

Daughter of Benjamin and Elsey (Schuyler) Crane: 

I. Ann Maria; b. Jan. 18, 1805; d. July 13, 1805. 
Children of Benjamin and Jane (Low) Crane: 

II. Benjamin FranlUin; b. Feb. 16, 1808; m. Sept. 15, 1834, Amanda F. 
Chardavoyne; d. Feb. 13, 1839. 

III. Tlieodore; b. Oct. 8. 1809. 

IV. Elsey Scliuyler; b. Aug. 14, 1811. 

V. John Josiah; b. Jan. 19, 1813; res. New York City; from him the com- 
piler of the Crane Genealogy got his information relative to his grandfather, 
but some error has been made in the record of his uncle (?) John Josiah. 

VI. Madison; b. Aug. 15, 1815; d. Sept. 1, 1815. 

VII. Augustus; b. Jan. 13, 1817; m. Elizabeth Bailee, Morristown, N. J. 

VIII. William Low; b. Jan. 25, 1819; d. May 19, 1819. 

IX. Edward; twin bro. of William; b. and d. Jan. 25, 1819. 

Page 103, No. 246. — Lois Crane married Hinman. 

Paeg 104, No. 248. — Elizabeth Crane married Pool. 

Page 104, No. 249. — Mary Crane m. Harrison. 

Page 104, No. 250. — Joanna Crane m. Heard. 

Page 104, No. 253. — Jabez Crane died when a young man. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 104, No. 254. — Elias Crane removed to "the new country" 

now known as Kentucky probably about 1782-3. Nothing is known of 
his descendants. 

Page 104, No. 255. — Jerusha Crane m. Brown. 

Page 104, No. 90. — The data in this paragraph certainly do not 
relate to Ephraim Sayre, No. 90. This Ephraim was popularly known 
as Deacon Ephraim Sayre. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
Army and a personal and intimate friend of Washington. Among the 
descendants of this Ephraim are Joseph Sayre, architect, of Newark, 
N. J., Sidney L. Thompson of Elizabeth, N. J., and Dr. Lewis Albert 
Sayre, the founder of Belle vue Hospital, New York City. John Sayre, 
a brother of Ephraim resided in New York City in 1785. He removed 
to Philadelphia. Among his descendants were Dr. Francis Bowes 
Sayre, also died during the yellow fever epidemic of 1799 and, in the 
present day, Robert Sayre of South Bethlehem, Pa., owner of the 
Sayre Observatory there; he is also a banker and railroad magnate. 
The record in the text of the children of Ephraim Sayre — also the 
footnote, should be canceled as irrelevant. 

Page 105, No. 91. — Rachel Crane, wife of Joseph Lyon, A. B., was 
born 1744-5, not 1739, and was probably daughter of Ezekiel and 
Phebe, not of Ezekiel and Abigail, as already stated. In line 2, page 
105, for 1892 read 1802. In line 5, instead of "cousin" read "second 
cousin." Joseph Lyon, A. B., made his will Feb. 5, 1817, probated June 
16. 1821. Names his wife Sarah and children Sarah Wilbur and Mary 
Cook, also names Abraham Cook, husband of Mary Cook. Executor 
"my friend David Lyon" (No. 306). Witnesses: Isaiah Meeker, Sarah 
Meeker and Phebe Meeker. Note that the descendants of Joseph 
Lyon, A. B., trace by two lines to Joseph^ Lyon and Henry' Lyon. 

Page 105, No. 92. — Abigail Lyon was born July 14, 1754. Dr. 
Caleb Halstead was son of Caleb Halstead, born 1725 and wife Rebecca, 
born 1730. The record of her children should read: 

I. Mary Cook; m. General Isaac Andrus; a great-granddaughter, Miss Emma 
G. Lathrop, res. (1907) Newark. N. J. 

II. Joseph Lyon; b. April, 1779; d. Oct. 1779. 

III. Phebe Roberts; b. 1781; married two husbands. 

IV. Joseph L,yon; b. 17 83; d. 1807; m. . 

V. Caleb Stockton; b. Dec. 16, 1787. (not Dec. 11 as stated). 

B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 106, line 5 from top. — For Nathaniel read Matthias, 

Page 107, No. 98. — Martha Lyon was born about 1733, married 
about 1756-7. 

Page 107, No. 99. — ^Phebe Chandler was born Nov. 30 (not 21) 1730, 
and died May (not March) 14, 1781. 

Page 107, No. 304. — Tappan Lyon died Dec. 15, 1776. 

Page 107, No. 306. — David Lyon died May 21 (not 24), 1845. 

Page 107, No. 307.— Ann Lyon was born June (not Oct.) 27, 1763, 
and died Jan. 20, 1846 (not 1840). 

Page 107, No. 309. — ^Joanna Lyon was born Dec. 1 (not 2), 1769. 

Page 107, No. 310.— Caleb Lyon died April 17 (not Dec. 28), 1854. 

Page 109, No. 102. — In line 4, for Edgar' read Edward\ 

Page 111, line 1, also lines 4 and 6, for Ayrs read Ayres. 

Page 111, No. 108. — In the second, also the seventh line, for Latou 
read Laton [Layton]. 

Page 111, No. 361. — For Usnal read Uzel. 

Page 111, No. 362. — For Guernig read Guerin. 

Page 112, No. 384. — For Athens College read College at Athens. 

Page 113, No. 392e. — For William read William D. 

Page 114, No. 400. — Aaron was probably Aaron Lyon, No. 2171 
(p. 240). 

Page 114, No. 132. — ^John Lyon certainly had other children, among 
them a son Samuel, undoubtedly Samuel, No. 415. 

Page 115, No. 415. — ^This Samuel belongs to John Lyon, No. 132. 

Page 115, No. 141. — ^Aaron Lyon certainly had a son Aaron who 
was possibly No. 2171 (p. 240). lAnother son William married Abigail 
Miller, daughter of Smith and Rachel (Miller) Miller. William and 
Abigail had: 1. William; 2. Baker; 3, Adelaide. 

Page 116, line 4. — For Anguish read Anguish. 

Page 116, No. 434. — It was probably this John who married, Sept. 
26, 1827, Phebe Edwards; res: Livingston, N. J. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 117, No. 175.— In the fourth line for (No. 85) read (No. 89). 

Page 118, No. 178.— David Lyon was born Feb. 27, 1756; died July 
24, 1797. He married, Nov. 10, 1777 Rachel McCoy, born Oct. 29, 
1760, [or 1761], d. Aug. 26, 1839, daughter of Capt. Garvin McCoy, b. 
Jan. 1, 1738, d. April 20, 1800, and Susan Kinnan, b. May 7, 1740, d. 
May 14, 1807. This is undoubtedly the Rachel Lyon referred to on 
p. 240 as mother of John Lyon, No. 2169. David served in the militia 
company commanded by his father-in-law, and later in the Continental 
Army. His death resulted from injuries received while driving a load 
of hay into his barn on the old homestead at Lyons, Somerset Co., 
N. J: After his death Rachel married Toan. 

Children of David and Rachel (McCoy) Lyon: 
464a. I. Nathaniel; b. May 30, 1779; d. Aug. 10, 1781. 

464b. II. John; b. April 14, 1781; m. Mary Miller. See No. 2169 for 
further record. 

464c. III. Jonathan P.; b. Feb. 22, 1783; d. Sept. 1801. 
464d. IV. Mary; b. June 15, 1786; d. May 26, 1857. 
*464e. V. Stephen; b. Sept. 3, 1789; d. Sept. 10, 1873 (Authentic Bible 
Record); m. Nancy Hill. See No. 2165 for what seems to be a garbled record 
of this Stephen: also see end of this supplement for authentic record. 

•464f. VI. Nathaniel [Secundus] ; b. Jan. 25, 1792; d. Nov. 5, 1822. See 
end of this supplement for further record. 

464g. VII. David; b. Oct. 9, 1794; d. April 15, 1815. 
*465. VIII. Rachel; b. ; m. Samuel Ogden. 

Page 118, No. 180. — David Lyon married Prudence . 

Children of David and Prudence ( ) Lyon: 

I. David; b. about 1785; m. Sept. 29, 1809, Mrs. Phebe Johnson. 

II. Moses; m. Phebe Townley. 

III. Henry; b. about 1785; m. Eunice Harrison. 

IV. Sarah; m. Jan. 6, 1801, Enos Egbert. 

V. Phebe; b. Aug. 2S, 1789; d. Aug. 11, 1790. 

Page 118, No. 181. — In place of this paragraph, substitute that on 
Abraham Lyon, No. 470, p. 143, who was really son and not grandson 
of Josiah* Lyon. 

Page 118, No. 189. — Henry Lyon's wife Hannah died probably 
1782-3. Hannah was Henry's second wife; by the first he had no chil- 
dren. Henry and Hannah had daughters as well as sons. 

Page 119, No. 195. — ^Thomas* Clark was son of Richard' Clark 
[Richard-, Richard*]. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 119, No. 496.— Elizabeth Clark m. 

Page 119, No. 204. — Capt. Abraham Lyon, if a son of Abraham* as 
stated must have been born 1732. If the date of his birth was later 
than this he oould not have been son of Abraham. There is hardly any 
doubt that he was of the fifth generation from Henry' through Samuer 
by one of his sons Joseph' or SamueP. 

Page 119, No. . — (At bottom of page). This Abraham was with- 
out doubt No. 164, son of DanieP Lyon [Thomas^ Thomas^ Henry']. 

Page 121, No. 252. — Obediah Crane died, not in 1838, but April 11, 
1833. His wife Martha Taylor was the daughter of David Taylor 1709- 

Children of Obediah and Martha (Taylor) Crane: 
I. Joanna; b. Nov. 1, 1779; d. Jan. 18, 1870. 
I. Susanna; b. Jan. 21, 1782; d. Dec. 7, 1783. 

III. Cornelia Walton; b. July 7, 1784; d. Feb. 8, 1813; m. 


IV. Mariah; b. Dec. 8, 1786. 

V. Elizabeth J.; b. Aug. 27, 1790; d. Sept. 26, 1862; m. Jan. 3, 1808, 
Job Meeker, who d. June 11. 1841, ae. 57 y. 

VI. Phebe 8.; b. Dec. 14, 1793; d. Dec. 6, 1801. 

JOANNA" CRANE (SCUDDEiR) [Obediah^ Josiah*. Abigail' 
(Lyon), Joseph-, Henry'] (above) married June 24, 1797 Abraham 
Clark Scudder, son of John Scudder and wife Zlpporah Clark, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Abraham' Clark [Thomas=, Richard']. He was born 
Aug. 3, 1776 and died July 30, 1853. 

Children of Abraham C. and Joanna (Crane) Scudder: 

I. Obediah C; b. July 30, 1798; d. young. 

II. Cornelia Walton; b, Feb. 21, 1800; m. Sanford; they had one 

child, Elizabeth, who m. Mortimer Smith, and they had one child, Joanna, 
who m. Burns of Ridgefleld Park. 

III. Tubal; b. Nov. 21, 1802; d. young. 

IV. Harriet; b. Jan. 1, 1804; d. young. 

V. Harriet; b. Sept. 13, 1806; m. Williams; children: 1. John; 

2. William; 3. Anna: 4. Abraham. 

VI. Clark; b. Jan. 12, 1809: m. ; children: 1. Kate; 2. Joanna; 

the latter m. Rev. Benjamin O. Parvin, and lived in Rahway. 

VII. Amanda; b. March 13. 1811. 

VIII. Israel; b. Aug. 25, 1813; m. Mary Shaw; children: 1. James; 
2. Anna; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Frederic; 5. Harriet, who lived in Brooklyn. N. Y. 

IX. Slarth!! C; b. Oct. 31, 1815; m. William Mills' Townley [William', 
Matthias', James\ Effingham^, Col. Richard']; children: 1. Alonzo Crane, 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


b. Feb. 11, 1849; res. Newark, N. J.; 2. Alexander Newton, b. March 8, 1851; 
d. 1861; 3. Amanda Scudder; res. Rahway. 

X. Julia Ann; b. Sept. 8, 1817; m. Agar Llndsey Roff, son of Nathaniel; 

children: 1. Firman, killed in the Civil War; 2. Alfred, m. ; res. 

Springfield. N. J.; 3. Matilda, m. John Knapp and had one child Helen; 
4. Cornelia Walton, m. Wallace Kaylor and had three sons who all lived at 

Westfleld; 5. Jane, d. young; 6. Charles, m. ; res at Mountain Side 

near Westfleld; 3 children. 

Page 122, No. 545. — Backus Wilbur was born Nov. 9, 1788 in 
Massachusetts; grad. Princeton College 1813; Theological Seminary 
1816; in line 2 read Dayton, O. 

Page 122, No. 546. — ^Elizabeth Wilbur married William (not Wil- 
bur) Price, born about 1789-90. He was son of Daniel* Price [Daniel', 
Joseph-, Benjamin']. 

Page 122, No. 267. — In line 7, after Hanover read N. J. and add 
also at Fairfield and New Carlisle, O. In line 9, omit the words 
"where he died March 31, 1841." In the last line of the paragraph, 
for Hingley read Tingley, and add "daughter of Samuel"; this third 
marriage took place about 1825. 

Page 122, No. 552. — Eliza Lyon Cook died at Addison, O. 

Page 122, No. 553. — ^The lineage of Judge John' Cox should read 
[Isaac*, b. 1743, Philip^ b. 1709, Philips b. 1677-80, Isaac^]. 

Page 122, No. 554. — For Forest City, Wis. read Forest City, Mo. 

Page 123, No. 556. — For Hill grove read Hillgrove. 

Page 123, No. 284. — Phebe Clark, born 1759, daughter of Abraham* 
Clark, born 1726-7 [Joseph', Joshua^ Richard'] and wife Sarah or 

Phebe Badgeley. She married first Crane, but was still in 

her 'teens when she became the wife of Benjamin Lyon about 1777-8. 
Instead of children of Benjamin and Phebe C. (Crane) Lyon, read 
children of Benjamin and Phebe (Clark, Crane) Lyon. 

Page 123, No. 559.— Benjamin was born Oct. 25, 1780 (not 1777) 
and died July 6, 1839. 

Page 123, No. 560. — If Benjamin and Phebe had a daughter 
Martha, it seems strange that in the many land transfers and 
quit claims made by Phebe wherein all their children are named 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


there is never a mention of Martha. If she was their daughter and 
born in 1778 she must have been the oldest child. 

Page 123, No. 287.— Mary (Plum) Lyon died after 1776-7. 

Page 124, No. 563. — After John insert Plum. 

Page 124, No. 564. — For Oct. 29, read Oct 30. After John insert: 

664a. V. Montgromery; b. March IB, 1776 

and change serial numbers of the children of Rufus and Charity 

Page 124, No. 572.— For 1799, read 1797. 

Page 124, No. 295. — Amos Day married also a second wife. 

Page 124, No. 585.— For b. Nov. 24, 1836, read d. Nov. 24, 1836. 

Page 124, No. 586.— For b. 1769, read b. 1796. 

Page 125, No. 595.— For b. Aug. 8, 1812, read b. Aug. 8, 1817. 

Page 125, No. 300. — At the end of the paragraph add: Another 
of the surveyors of the Symme's Purchase was Capt. Joseph" Cox, 
Topographical Engineer [John*, John*, Philip^ Isaac*]. 

Page 125, No. 598. — Instead of "Son; m. Miss Dudley", read 
"Daughter; m. Col. Ambrose Dudley of Cincinnati, O." 

Page 125, No. 599.— Israel d. 184—. 

Page 125, No. 600. — Benjamin Ludlow Day m. Harriet Kipp of 
New York. 

Page 125, No. 302. — Besides the three children named, there were 
five or six others. 

Page 127, No. 606.— Samuel Lyon was born 1781-2. After No. 610, 
add a sixth child, David. 

Page 127, No. 310.— Caleb died, not Dec. 28, but April 17, 1854. 
In line 4, for Phebe Clark (Crane) Lyon, read Phebe (Clark, Crane) 

Page 128, No. 625. — Phebe married 1st William Pennington and 
2nd Asa Whitehead. Query: Is not this the Phebe Parsel referred 
to in the will of Abigail (Lyon) Grumman, No. 317? (See page 131, 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


line 3 from bottom.) If so the record is wrong in making her daughter 
of Capt. James Wheeler. 

Page 130, No. 315.— In line 12 of the paragraph, for Joduthan read 

Page 131, No. 316. — The account here given belongs to Nathaniel 
Lyon No. 390. See note on a subsequent page. 

Page 131, No. 317. — In line 7 of the paragraph, for 1768 read 
April 16, 1769; in line 13, for Sammuel read Samuel. In line 4 of the 
paragraph, for Grermmond read Grumin. 

Page 133, No. 658.— For b. March, 1792, read b. March, 1797. 

Page 134, line 1.— For 1789 read 1798. 

Page 136, No. 329. — 'Matthias Lyon married Mary Elizabeth Fitz- 
Randolph, daughter of Gilbert FitzRandolph of Stone House Village. 
They removed to the Lake country of New York State. 

Page 136, No. 681. — This is probably the Sarah Lyon who mar- 
ried. May 4, 1827, Israel Campfleld of Chatham. 

Page 136, No. 682. — For Morrice read Morris. 

Page 136, No. 385. — Sarah Wilcox [Willcox] was daughter of John 
Wilcox, Esq. According to Littell's Genealogy she died June 1, 1795, 
aged forty years. If this is correct, the ten children recorded were 
all hers, and so Littell gives them. 

Page 136, No. 692. — Elizabeth was born April 28, 1774; married 
April 27, 1791, Moses Tucker, 

Page 136, No. 693. — Mary was born May 6, 1776. 

Page 136, No. 694.— John was born Oct. 7, 1778; died Feb. 11, 
1842; m. Tabitha Moore, daughter of Isaac. 

Page 136, No. 695. — Rachel was born Aug. 21, 1781, twin sister, 
not of John but of Sally. 

Page 136, No. 696. — Sally, twin to Rachel, married, not John 
Ross, but Jonathan Roff. 

Page 136, No. 697. — Peter was born Feb. 27, 1787; he married 
his cousin Anne Miller, daughter of Phebe Cory, No. 720. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 136, No. 699. — For Tenn., read Pa. 

Page 136, No. 700. — For Squire, read Squler, and for 1818 read 

Page 137, No. 386. — The Joanna Lyon, born 1751, died Oct. 12, 
1783, is probably Joanna Wilcox, wife of Benjamin Lyon. 

Page 137, No. 707.— Peter m. . 

Page 137, No. 390.— Tills account and tliat of No. 316, page 131, 
evidently relate to the same Nathaniel. One may argue from the 
fact that Mercy Wilcox was a sister of Sarah, wife of Ebenezer Lyon, 
No. 385, that the Nathaniel who married Mercy was a brother of 
Ebenezer. The Revolutionary War record certainly belongs to the 
same Nathaniel, since his widow Mercy applied for a pension — unless 
both were in the Revolution or else each had married a wife Mercy. 
[It may be noted that Littell gives the name of Nathaniel's wife in 
different places as Mary, Mercy and Massey.] The question of the 
identity of Nathaniel, Revolutionary soldier, cannot be positively 
settled from evidence at present available. 

Page 137, No. 718. — Phebe Lyon married as second wife Joshua* 
[not Josiah] Miller [Jacob', Enoch^ Samuel']. 

Children of Joshua and Phebe (Lyon) Miller: 

I. Dliza Anne; m. . 

II. Charlotte; twin sister of KUza Anne; m. Rev. William Davis. 

III. Jotham; unm. ; d. ae. 24 years. 

IV. Jacob; m. ; lived in Indiana. 

V. John. 

VI. Martha. 

VII. Lucretia; twin slater of Martha. 

Page 137, No. 391. — The date of Susan's marriage was April 15, 
not April 1. 

Page 137, No. 720. — Cornelius and Phebe (Cory) Miller had a 
daughter Anne who married her cousin Peter Lyon, No. 697, son of 

Page 138, No. 723g. — For Charlos, read Charles. See further 
record in Eirata, p. 390. 

Page 138, No. 723 n. — Eliminate the parenthesis after Anna. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 139, No. 415. — Samuel was certainly not the son of Aaron. 
He may have been son of John, No. 132, brother of Aaron. 

Page 141, No. 772. — The date of Ebenezer Cobb Lyon's birth is 
given here April 17, 1826; on p. 169 it is given April 17, 1836; 
Query, which is correct? 

Page 142, No. 801. — ^Esther and Caroline were not the same 
person. Read: 

801. V. Esther. 
801a. VI. Caroline. 

Page 143, No. 468. — Henry Lyon was born about 1785; Eunice, 
his wife, was born about 1790. After Thomas in line 3, instead of 
(1776-1844), read (1766-1844). 

Page 143, No. 824. — Ann Lyon married Robert Steele, a prominent 
citizen of Dayton, O. 

Page 143, No. 470. — -As already stated, this Abraham is really 
No. 181, belonging to the fifth, not the sixth, generation. 

Page 144, line 5. — For Squires, read Squier. 

Page 145, No. 491. — Hannah Smith was daughter of Jonathan 
Smith and Elizabeth Trembly, daughter of Peter Trembly and 
Susannah Backer. 

Page 145, No. 841.— Sarah Clark was born Oct. 1, (not 11), 1773. 

Page 145, No. 852. — After Broadwell add, removed to Ohio. 

Page 147, No. 517. — See p. 390 for additional records of this 

Page 150, No. 536. — Margaret Congar was born March 24, 1782, 
and died March 28, 1851. 

Page 150, No. 917. — Joseph Lewis Riggs married Elizabeth Anna 

Page 150, No. 918. — Elias Riggs married Martha Jane Dalzel. 

Page 150, No. 921. — Read: m. Rev. Joseph G. Monfort. 

Page 150. — Following paragraph on No. 536, insert: 

N. B. Page and serial numberB are those of Vol. II. 


553. VI. 267. HARiRIET HAVENS* COOK (COX) [Mary' 
(Lyon), Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Joseph^, Henry'] was born May 29, 
1804, in Hanover, N, J„ and died Aug. 15, 1874, at Osborne, Ohio; 
married Dec. 21, 1821, John Cox, born Sept. 16, 1800, in Harrison Co., 
Va.; died April 9, 188^ at Osborne, Ohio. He vsras the founder of 
Osborne, Ohio. For theVhildren of John and Harriet Havens (Coolc) 
Cox, see page 210. ^ 2, 

Page 150, No, 554. — Read: Mary (Coolc) Mozier died in or near 
Forest City, Mo. [not Wis.] about 1895. 

Children of Jacob and Mary (Cook) Mozier: 

I. Indiana [not Juliana] ; m. Greenbury Louden, had several children. 

II. Jacob, Jr.,; na. , had several children. 

III. Harriet; m. George McNulty, had several children. 

IV. Charles; m. , had several children. All the foregoing res. 

(1907) near Forest City, Holt Co., Mo. 

V. Stephen Abraham; d. young. 

VI. Carrie; m. Edwin [not Edward] Phillips; has two children; res. 
Manitou Springs, Colorado. 

Page 150, No. 555. — ^Tbe record should read: 

Children of Hugh and Phebe (Cook) Andrews: 

I. Angeline; b. about 1832; m. Levi Klrby; resided at Addison, O., where 
both of them died. 

II. Abraham; m. — ; had several children; d. about 1903 at Addi- 
son, O. 

III. Samuel; married twice and had several children. 

IV. Jane; d. young. 

V. Isabel!; d. young. 

VI. Wilbur; m. ; had several children; res. (1907) Eaton, Ind. 

VII. Eleanora; m. , and had one daughter. 

VIII. Eliza; b. 1851; m. Amos Cook (of another family, unrelated); res. 
Union City, Ind.; two children, one only living, named Harry, who is married 
and has one child. 

Page 151, No. 556. — Record should read: 

Children of Stephen and Sarah (Caldwell) Cook: 

I. Mary Jane; m. Jason Kester, New Carlisle, O. ; children: 1. Ida, 

m. Charles Ellis, Dayton, O. ; 2. Clara, m. Bratten; 3. George, 

m. and had one son, res. New Carlisle. O. ; 4. Frances, m. 

Taylor, Dayton, O. ; 5. Harry, m. ; removed West; was formerly of 

Springfield, O., on the "Parmer and Fireside". 

II. John Wesley; d. ; m. ; one tlaughter, who res. near 

Dayton, O. 

III. Chalmers; wounded at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, i862, brought 
home and soon died. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of 'Vol. II. 


IV. Albert, m. ; res. Mt. Vernon, Ind.. formerly lived near HUl- 

grove, O. 

V. Melissa; m. Repp; no children. 

VI. Lucy; m. as second wife Repp [not Rapp], widower of her 

sister Melissa; reside at Huntington, Ind., and have two sons in business there. 

VII. Martha; m. Parrett. 

VIII. Angeline; m. Stoner [not Staner] ; has one daughter; res. 

near Hillgrove, O. 

IX. Rosa; m. John Bicliel ; they have four sons. She and family live 
near Hillgrove, O. 

X. Levi KirUy; m. and has children. 

Page 151, No. 557. — Record should read: 

Children of George and Sarah (Cook) Rockey: 

I. John; m. Victoria Stepleton [not Singleton], Addison, O. ; children: 
1. Angeline, unm.; 2. Ulysses Grant, married and has a son, Carleton. 

II. Jane; d. young. 

III. Daughter; d. young. 

IV. £llen; m. Joseph Anderson; res. near Addison, O. ; had four or five 

V. ilinerra; m. David Mound, St. Paris, O. ; children: 1. Wilbur, m. 

and has 3 children; res. St. Paris, O. ; 2. Albert; 3. Daughter, d. young; 

4. Child, d. young; 5. Scott A.; all live at St. Paris, O. 

Page 151, No. 559. — Benjamin Lyon was born Oct. 25, 1780, and 
died July 6, 1839; buried at Newark. 

Page 151, No. 951. — For Techenor read Tichenor. 

Page 152, line 3 from top. — Read: They were the parents of 
Ex-governor Franklin Murphy of New Jersey. 

Page 152, No. 572.— Read: He married first, Nov. 1, 1820, Eliza- 
beth Gardner. 

Page 152, following No. 955g, insert: 

VIII. Catherine Matilda; b. Feb. 21, 1831; d. March 30, 1832. (Change 
succeeding serial numbers correspondingly). 

Page 152, No. 955g.— For d. March 13, 1835, read d. March 13, 

Page 152, No. 955i.— For b. Feb 6, 1831, read b. Feb. 6, 1836. 

Page 152, No. 955k. — For Rodgers read Rogers. 

Page 153, No. 581. — In line three, for P. C. Court read Court of 
Common Pleas. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 153, No. 976.— Read: Ellen; m. 

Page 153, No. 979. — Read: Agnes; m. Dr. John D. Jackson; 

children: 1. Edward E., m. Miss Osborn; 2. Charlotte, m. 

Robison, s. of Collins Robison, Esq., of Morristown; 3. 

Mary, m: Lewis A. Chandler, Esq.; 4. Dr. John, Jr., of Rockaway, 
N. J.; 5. Agnes; 6. Laura, m. May 10, 1858, Lewis A. Chandler, Esq., 
widower of her sister Mary. 

Page 153, No. 980. — Read: Dau. of Col. Isaac Southard. The 
name of the fourth child was John Rolin. 

Page 154, No. 988. — There should be an asterisk before 988. 

Page 154, No. 989. — For Dunlap read Dunlop. 

Page 154, No. 597. — After Warren County insert Ohio. 

Page 155, No. 997. — For Jephtha read Jephtha D. 

Page 155, No. 598. — ^For Miss Dudley read Colonel 

Ambrose Dudley of Cincinnati, O. The following line should read: 
Daughter of Colonel Ambrose and (Ludlow) Dudley. 

Page 155, No. 599. — Omit Dudley after Louisa. 

Page 155, No. 606. — Samuel Lyon was born about 1781-2; Susan 
Ogden, born 1779, died Aug. 17, 1809. See also record on p. 238, 
where this same Samuel appears as No. 2170. 

Page 157, No. 611. — In line 1, p. 157, for Son read Children. 

Page 157, No. 625. — The maiden name of Phebe may have been 
Purcell instead of Wheeler; see will of her aunt Abigail (Lyon) 
Grumman, who mentions "my niece Phebe Parsel". 

Page 165, No. 652. — After New Hartford insert N. Y. 

Page 167, No. 692. — Elizabeth Lyon was born April 28, 1774; 
she married, April 27, 1791, Moses Tucker. 

Page 167, No. 1167. — For John read Jonathan M. 

Page 167, No, 1168. — For Apollos B. read simply Apollos. 

Page 167, No. 1169. — Instead of Mary M. Fisher, read Margaret 
M. Fisher; after Robert read married Martha . 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 167, No. 1173. — For Jonathan read Jonathan M.; after 
Eliza Jane read born 1832. 

Page 167, No. 1174. — ^Read: Aaron; m. in New York 

City and rem. to French Creek, Pa. 

Page 167, No. 1175. — Instead of George H. read George Henry. 

Page 167, No. 1176. — The children of William and Nancy (Brown) 
Koyer were: 1. James; 2. William; 3. Henry; 4. Maria; 5. Sarah 
Jane; 6. Peter. 

Page 167, No. 1178. — The name of Henry's first child was Mary 
not Henry; eliminate Brown in parenthesis. 

Page 167, No. 1179. — Also eliminate (Brown). 

Page 168, No. 694. — After Tabitha Moore read daughter of Isaac 

Page 168, No. 694. — Rachel was twin sister of Sally, not of John 
Lyon. Henry Moore was son of Joseph Moore of Mount Bethel and 
therefore not a brother of John's wife. 

Page 168, No. 1181.— Instead of Sally Ann read Sally Allen. 

Page 168, No. 696. — Instead of John (or Jonathan) Ross, read 
Jonathan Roff. 

Page 168, No. 1196. — Instead of Julia read Julia Anna. 

Page 168, No. 1197. — Instead of 4. Squire; 5. Milton, read: 4: 
Edwin; 5. Squier; 6. Milton. 

Page 168, No. 1198. — Instead of Squire Osborn read Squier Os- 
born. Add to the list of the children of Nathaniel and Rachel (Potter) 
Bond the following: 

1198a. IV. Martha. 
1198b. V. Mary. 

Page 168, No. 713. — Mary Potter married James Morehouse Nov. 
26, 1788; removed to Warren County, Ohio. 

Page 168, No. 1200. — After Joel Kennedy add: res. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Page 169, No. 1210. — Read Isaac Warren. 

Page 169, No. 1211. — Read Henriette Amanda. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 169, No. 722.— The number 722 should be 772. The date of 
birth is given here April 17, 1836; on p. 141 it is given April 17, 1826. 
Query, which is correct? 

Page 169, No. 727. — The date of Isaac I^yon's marriage, .Tune 12, 
1885, is clearly wrong; probably the year was 1850. 

Page 170, No. 737.— In line ?, for Oct. 3 read Oct. 30. 

Page 174, No. 836.— The number 836 should be 833. 

Page 175, No. 840. — David Enyart was of Somerset Co., N. J He 
emigrated to Butler Co., Ohio about 1800 with his parents, brothers 
and sisters. 

Page 175, No. 1303. — Daniel Liebee is right; the correction on p. 
391 to David Liebee is an error. 

Page 175, No. 1304. — For Daniel Clark read David Clark; for 
Mratha read Martha, but this record of marriage should be erased. 
David Clark Enyart died an old man unmarried; it was his cousin 
David Enyart who married Martha Ann Whittaker. 

Page 175, No. 841.— Sarah Clark was born Oct. 1 (not 11), 1773. 
The date of her marriage was Aug. 31, 1794. .lohn Cox of Somerset 
Co., N. J., emigrated to Washington County, Pa., 1797; two years 
later to Harrison County, Va., and in 1801 removed to Ohio and was 
one of the original settlers and founders of Fairfield, Green Co., O. 
The date, 1907, should accompany the statement at top of p. 176, that 
the pioneer homestead is still standing. 

Page 175, Footnote:— For (1709-1787) after Philip', read (1709- 
1785); for Joanna in the same line read Johannah. In line 6 instead 
of "descended TiOin Sir Richard Cox," read son of Sir Richard Cox 
(1499-1583). In the line of Sarah" Sutton, for DanieP read David'' 
(1703-1775). In line 4 from the bottom of the page, for Hannah 
Winans read Susannah Backer [Baker]. Susannah Backer was a 
daughter of Henry Backer and Susannah Winans, daughter of John 
Winans and Susannah Melyen, daughter of Cornelius and Joanna. 

Add at the close of the note: [Isaac" Cox] served from 1776 until 
the close of the war. He was a Sergeant and participated in all the 
battles in New Jersey including Monmouth, Trenton and Paulus Hook. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 176, line 3. — For children of John and Sarah (Lyon) Cox, 
read children of John and Sarah (Clark) Cox. 

Page 176, No. 1311.— For d. Fairfield, O., in 1870, read d. near 
Troy, Miami Co., O., about 1870. Add: m. 1st. about 1819, Anna S. 
Tingley; m. 2nd. about 1827, Mrs. Mary Ham, nee Light. 

Page 176, No. 1312. — Read: Elizabeth; b. in New Jersey, May 31, 
1797; m, James Allen; d. In Osborne, O., 1855-6. 

Page 176, No. 1313.— Read: Sarah; b. Jan. 7, 1799; d. March 17, 
1860 near Osborne. O.; m. in 1816 John Haddix. 

Page 176, No. 1314. — Add: m. Dec. 21, TST^^arriet Havens Cook, 
b. May 29, 1804 at Hanover, Morris Co., N. J., d. Aug 15, 1874. 

Page 176, No. 1317. — ^For Christina read Christian. 

Page 176, No. 1319, — For Price Wilkerson read Robert Wilkinson; 
for d. Dayton. O., read d. Piqua, O. Add: res. Fairfield, O. and 
Piqua, O. 

Page 176, No. 1320.— Martha died at Piqua, O., about 1860. 

Page 176, No. 1322.— After the word Amos add: also three daugh- 

Page 176, No. 1323. — Read: Jonathan; m. . 

Page 176, No. 1325. — Read: Jeremiah M.; m. . 

Page 176, No: 1326. — Read; Charles B.; m. -. Add: Jona- 
than Clark and Elizabeth Prior had also four daughters. 

Page 180, No. 918. — Rev. Elias Riggs and his wife Martha Jane 
Dalzel went in Oct. 1832 as missionaries to Greece and from thence to 
Smyrna in Asia Minor. 

Page 180, No. 920. — James M. Ray was a native of Cauldwell, 
Essex Co., N. J., and afterwards resided in Indianapolis, Ind., and 
was cashier of the State Bank there. 

Page 181, No. 924.— Elizabeth (Riggs) Forsyth died Sept. 7, 1848. 
She married, Aug. 25, 1842, Antrim Robbins Forsyth, a merchant of 
Greensburg, Ind., son of John Forsyth of Trenton, N. J. 

Page 181, No. 1409. — For William read William Congar. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 181, No. 946.— Lewis Lyon married Feb. 23, 1826, Mary B. 
Tucker of Livingston. 

Page 181, No. 1426. — For Techenor read Tichenor. The same 
correction should be made in line 3, also in line 2 from bottom of 

Page 183, No. 988. — In line 8, for Janette read Jeanette. 

Page 184, No. 1021. — In line 4 omit the Jr. after Samuel Much- 
more Crane and instead of son of Samuel M. Crane of Chatham, N. J., 
read son of Isaac Crane and Mary Muchmore, daughter of Samuel 
Muchmore. The statement of the footnote relating to Isaac Crane, 
No. 83, is without known foundation in fact, and the whole footnote 
should be eliminated. 

Page 205, No. 1167. — For John Wilcox in the second and the fourth 
lines read Jonathan M. Wilcox. 

Page 205, No. 1698. — Read: George Tucker; b. Nov. 16, 1814; m. 
May 16, 1848, Harriet Little; a son George, b. May 24, 1849. 

Page 205, No. 1699. — Read: Silas; m. Sarah Ann Drake; children: 

1. Sarah Ann; 2. Jonathan, m. . The following line should 

read instead of "3. Hetty," as follows: 

1699a. III. Hett.v. 

Page 208, No. 1741. — For Parthenia read Pathena. 

Page 208, No. 1745. — Read: Newton; m. ; had several 

children; res. Chicago, 111. 

Page 208, No. 1746. — Read: David; married and had three children; 
res. Cincinnati, O. 

Page 208, No. 1747. — Read: Emma; unm.; res. San Jose, Cali- 

Page 208, No. 1303. — Instead of David Liebee, read Daniel Liebee. 

Page 208, No. 1748. — Read: IVIary; m. Col. Horace P. Clough, 

Middletown, Ohio. They had a son Charles, m. , lived in 

Dayton, O., in 1887, was Union Depot ticket agent, afterward removed 
to New York City. 

Page 208, No. 1749. — Read: Susan; unm. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 208, No. 1750. — ^For F. Stephens read M. F. Stephens. 

Page 208, No. 1753. — Read: Sarah; unm. 

Page 208, No. 1757. — The" name Domineck, corrected in the Errata 
on p. 391 to Dominick, should stand as in the text. 

Page 209, No. 1307. — Read as follows: 

1761. I. Susnn Margaret. 
.1761a. II. Rebecca. 

1762. III. Jeremiah. 

1763. IV. John; res. Chicago. 111. 

1764. V. Esther; res. Lebanon, O. 

Page 209, No. 1308. — In lines 1, 3 and 4, for Dearth read Death. 

Page 209, No. 1766. — Add after Linton: resides in Kansas. 

Page 209, No. 1767. — Add: had two children. 

Page 209, No. 1312. — David Sutton Cox was born in Bridgewater 
Township. Somerset Co., N. J. He resided for a time near Fairfield, 
Ohio, afterward removed to near Troy, Miami Co., O., where he died 
about 1870. He married first, about 1819, Anna S. Tingley, daughter 
of Samuel, who had emigrated from Somerset Co., N. J., to Fairfield, 
O. He married second, about 1827, Mrs. Mary (Light) Ham. Instead 
of children of David Sutton Cox, read: Children of David S. and Anna 
S. (Tingley) Cox, and after No. 1770 insert children of David S. and 
Mary (Light, Ham) Cox. 

Page 209, No. 1769. — For Catherine Grissey read Ellen Catherine 

Page 209, No. 1770. — For Samuel read Samuel Tingley; add: d. 
1875 at Osborne, O. 

Page 209, No. 1771.— Read: Joseph W.; b. 1828 near Fairfield, 
O., res. in Miami County, Ohio and at Union City, Ind.; m. 1st. Julia 
A. Brown, m. 2nd: . 

Page 209, No. 1772.— Read: Sarah E.; b. 1832; m. William H. 
Heuston; resides at Rigdon, Grant Co., Ind.; has several children. 

Page 209, No. 1775, — For Harriet Thorne read Hannah Thome. 

Page 209, No. 1312. — Elizabeth Cox was bom May 31, 1797, in 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Somerset Co., N. ,1 . ; she died at the residence of her brother John 
Cox at Osborne, O., in 1855 or 1856. She married in 1816 James [not 
Joseph] Allen, who was born Sept. 9, 1795 in New Jersey, died about 
May 1849 at Delphi, Ind., the family having removed there in the fall 
of 1848 from near the present site of Osborne. 

1776. IX. 1312. ESTHER" ALLEN (JOHNSTON) [Elizabeth" 
(Cox), Sarah' (Clark), William^ Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', 
Samuel-, Henry'], born March 18, 1817; died about 1850-52. She mar- 
ried Dr. James L. Johnston, son of Zebulon and brother of William 
M^JpJmspn who married her cousins Mary M. Cox, No. 1789 and 
Isabella G. Martin, No. 1798. 

Children of James L. and Esther (AUen) Johnston: 

I. ; d. young. 

II. James Henry; m. ; res. in Nebraska. 

III. Rachel; m. . 

1777. IX. 1312. JOHN" ALLEN [ELIZAiBETH* (Cox), Sarah' 
(Clark), William", Rebecca" (Lyon), Joseph*, Joseph', SamueP, Henry'], 
born Dec. 28, 1818, near Fairfield, Ohio; died Jan. 24, 1900, near Delphi, 
Ind: He married first near Fairfield 1841, Nancy Parson [Parsons] of 
Fairfield, born 1817 in Rockbridge Co., Va.; died Aug. 1874 near 
Delphi, Ind., daughter of George Parson. He married second in 1878, 
Mrs. Nancy (Ball) Clawson, who died in 1902. John Allen removed 
July 1849 after his father's death from near Fairfield, O., to Delphi, 

Children of John and Nancy (Parson) Allen (the first Ave res. near 
Pyrmont, Ind.): 

I. George W.; b. 1842; m. Minerva Glllam ; had four children, one a son 
Alba, b. about 1877. 

II. James M.; b. March 27, 1844; m. Mary M. Lyons, born in London, Eng. ; 
no children; res. Pyrmont, Carroll Co., Ind. 

III. John W.; b. 1846; d. young about 1858. 

IV. Joseph J.; m. Ella Glllam, sister of Minerva above; had several chil- 
dren; six are living (1907), three sons and three daughters. 

"V. Clark C; m. Mary Smith; had one son. 

VI. Sarah A.; m. Lucas; she died In 1894: had ten children, eight 

of them now living (1907). 

The other four children of John and Nancy died young. 

Page 209, No. 1778.— Read: Henry; b. Feb. 12, 1821; d. young. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 209, No. 1779.— Read: Mary J.; b. Sept. 11, 1822; d. between 
1850 and 1860, near Delphi, Ind.; m: about 1845 Dr. Berzelius Barr 
of Clark Co., O., and removed to Tremont. After his death she went 
to Indiana in the fifties. They had one son Berzelius who res. at 
Tremont, O., and is a druggist. 

Page 209, No: 1780.— Read: Sarah Adalaide; b. July 15, 1825; d. 
about 1860; m. Thomas Givins [not Gibbons as stated in the text]; 
no children. 

Page 209, No. 1781.— Read: Rosetta B.; b. Oct. 23, 1827; d. 1880-5; 
m. James Adair, who died in 1863. 

Page 209, No. 1782.— Read: Martha; b. Dec. 8, 1829; d. about 
1851-2; unm. Note: Besides the seven children given in the record 
on p. 209, James and Elizabeth (Cox) Allen had the following, these 
as well as the others all born near Fairfield or near the present site 
of Osborn, O: 

VIII. Eliziihetb Adaline; b. March 30, 1832; m. about 1860, Rev. Samuel 
Cook, who a. about 1888; they removed to Nebraska where she now lives 

(1907); they had three or four children, two now living, a son. Rev. 

Cook, and a daughter who has been twice married. 

IX. Phebe Ann; b. May 26, 1834; m. Aurand and res. Charles 

City, la. ; several children, all married. 

X. Joseph; b. Jan. 16, 1837; d. young. 

XI. Harriet Frances; b. Jan. 10, 1840; m. about 1860, Robert Thompson, 
who d. about 1S94; five children, three living (1907); they lived 1S60-1894 near 
Delphi, Ind. ; she and her children now live in Pulaski Co., Ind. 

Page 209, No. 1313.— Sarah Cox was born Jan. 7, 1799 [not 1798] 
in Washington County, Pa., died March 17, 1860, near Osborne, Ohio. 
John Haddix, from Virginia, was born Dec. 29, 1791; died March, 1888. 
Osborne, Ohio. 

Page 210, No. 1783. — Melinda Haddix McCulley died in Texas. 

Page 210, Nos. 1784 and 1785. — The order of these two should be 
reversed; Nimrod was the second child, John Riley the third. 

Page 210, No. 1786.— William Clark Haddix died about 1870. 

Page 210, No. 1787. — For Sarah E. read Sarah Elizabeth. 

Page 210, No. 1788. — For Cosard read Cosad. Add to the list of 
children of John and Sarah (Cox) Haddix: 

1788a. VII. Maria Ann; b. 1839; m. Harvey Phillips; they had one son. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 210, No. 1314. — Harriet Havens Cook was a descendant of 
Henry Lyon of Newark through Joseph^ by two lines, viz. in the sixth 
generation thus [Mary' (Lyon). Joseph, A. B.*, Capt. Joseph", and 
Mary Cook, Joseph^ Henry'] and in the seventh generation thus [Mary* 
(Lyon), Rachel' (Crane) Ezekiel*, Abigail' (Lyon), Joseph% Henry']. 
Her husband John Cox was in the eighth generation through SamueP 
as shown in the text. 

Page 210, No. 1790. — Insert in the record: m. Emmeline Bressler. 

Page 210, No. 1791.— For Staat read Statts. 

Page 210, No. 1793. — Add: m. Mary Elizabeth Judson. 

Page 210, No. 1794.— Add: m. 1st, Aug. 26, 1863, Sarah Sylvia 
Reese; m. 2nd, Maria Markley. 

Page 210, No. 1795.— Add: m. Dec. 24, 1868, Margaret Ann 
Hoover . 

Page 210, No. 1315. — For Lydia Cosard read Lydia Cosad. Lydia 
Cosad was born 1799 in Sussex County, N. J., died about 1895, Seattle, 
Wash. She was daughter of Rev. Thomas Cosad, born 1763 in Som- 
erset County, N. J., died 1808 at Wantage, Sussex Co., N. J., and 
Abigail Tingley of Somerset Co., N. J. Rev. Thomas Cosad was a 
son of Anthony* Cosart [Jacob*, Anthony^ Jacques'] and Catherine 
Coon. The last sentence of the paragraph should read: She married 
second about 1824 Moses Moore, married third about 1827 Joseph 
Sexton [Not Saxton], and became a U. B. preacher and preached for 
forty or fifty years throughout the West. She was known as Rev. 
Lydia Sexton or "Aunt Lydia Sexton" (her people were Baptists). 
Several years before her death she published her autobiography. In 
line 6 of the paragraph, for Lydia (Cosard) Cox, read Lydia (Cosad) 

Page 210, No. 1796. — Instead of res. Kansas, read res. Fort Scott, 
Burlington and Fredonia, Kansas. 

Page 210, No. 1316. — Mary (Cox) Martin died at Middletown, 
Ohio, June, 1833. Jonathan Martin of Middletown, Ohio, was born 
1791 in Middlesex Co., N. J., son of Isaac Martin and Sarah Valen- 
tine, who came from New Jersey in 1803 and settled in Butler 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


County, O. Jonathan married first Nancy Crooks and had two sons 
and two daughters. He died in December, 1831. 

Page 210, No. 1797. — For Harriet read Harriet N. 

Page 210, No. 1798. — Read: m. William M. Johnston, who m. 
1st Mary M. Cox, No. 1789. 

Page 210, No. 1317. — For Christiana, in line 1, also for Christina, 
line 4, read Christian. She died near Danville, 111., Sept. 1887. 
Solomon Mozier, born 1798, died 1877, was brother of Jacob Mozier, 
who married Mary Cook, sister of Harriet Havens Cook, wife of John 
Cox, Christian's brother. 

Page 211, No. 1799.— Read: Adam H.; b. near Fairfield, O., about 
1833; m. in 1887, Martha Cooper; no children. 

Page 211, No. 1800. — John Cox Mozier, twin brother of Adam, 
married about 1860 Margaret Endicott. They have five children living 
(1907), three daughters and two sons. One of the latter is married 
and one is unmarried. Residence Buford, Jefferson Co., 111. 

Page 211, No. 1801. — William R. Mozier, b. near Fairfield, O., 
1837, married Nancy Bloomfield; had one daughter Harriet b. about 

1860, who married Sweringer and had two children: 1. 

Garfield; 2. Lena, m. Waggaman. William R. Mozier re- 
sides at Independence, Kansas. 

Page 211, No. 1802. — Levi J. Mozier, b. near Fairfield, O., 1840, 
married first McGinnis (Macginnis) and had three daugh- 
ters: 1. Clara J.; 2. Ella B.; 3. Emma Florence, married, June 21, 
1906, Herbert C. Hebard. Levi J. married second, Ann Butz and 
had two children: 1. Levi J. Jr., d. 1907, and 2. Elsey. All reside 
at Danville, 111. 

Page 211, No. 1803.— Read: Harriet Adaline; b. Oct. 28, 1845, at 
Williamsport, Ind.; d. Dec. 19, 1905, at Danville, 111.; m. Capt. 
Daniel C. Demude, Park Superintendent, Chickamauga, where they 
resided several years, but now (1907) of Danville, 111. They had 
no children. 

Page 211, No. 1318.— James M, Cox died in October, 1839, 
(accidentally killed by falling from a stage). He married about 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


1833 Jane Woodward, born Nov., 1811, died April 6, 1858, in Cali- 

Page 211, No. 1804. — Adaline Woodward Cox removed to Cali- 
fornia in 1857 and she and her brother James have resided in San 
Francisco for nearly fifty years. She was married about 1862-4. 
Res. (1907) near Huntington, Ind. 

Page 211, No. 1805. — James Cox was unmarried. He died Dec. 
15, 1907, at Huntington, Ind. 

Page 211, No. 1319. — In line 3, for Dayton, O., read Piqua, O.; 
in line 5, for Price Wilkerson read Robert Wilkinson. 

Page 211, No. 1806.— Add after d. Jan., 1889, the words at 
Dayton, O. 

Page 211, No. 1807.— Read: Lydia; b. 1835; d. , Piqua, 

O.; m. Isaac Patterson. After this line add: 

Son of Robert and Matilda (Cox) Wilkinson: 

1807a. II. Price; d. when a young man. unmarried. 

Page 211, No. 1320. — Martha Cox died at Piqua, Ohio She 

married about 1838-40 in Fairfield, O., Othias McGowen of Fairfield, 

who died about 1900-1 at Covington, O. About 1858-60, removed from 
Fairfield, O., to Piqua, O. 

Page 211, No. 1809. — Charles Swayne McGowen was born about 
1843. He married three wives and has only one living child, a son 
Harry, who was by the second wife. Has resided many years and 
still resides (1907) at Logansport. Baggage Master on the Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad for many years. His son Harry is married and is 
proprietor of a chrysanthemum farm in California. 

Page 211, No. 1321. — -William Clark resided near Dayton, Ohio. 

Page 211, No. 1811. — Read: Sarah D.; m. Dennis Walsh; res. 
Austin, Texas. 

Page 211, No. 1812.— Add: res. (1907) Piqua, O. 

Page 211, No. 1813.— For Van Skark read Van Skaik. 

Page 211, No. 1815.— Add: res. (1907) Dayton, O. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 212, No. 1818.— Read: Henry Van Tyle; b. 1836; d. 1895; 
resided in Dayton, O. 

Page 212, No. 1819. — Add: had ten children (names not ascer- 
tained) ; res. manj' years in Dayton, O., but since 1902 was living in 
Alleghany City, Pa. 

Page 212, No. 1820.— lAdd: m. . 

Page 212, No. 1821. — Add: unmarried. 

Page 212, No. 1823. — Pauline died before 1888; she married 
Charles A. Lewis, not Charles O. Lewis. 

Page 212, No. 1824. — Instead of there were other children, read: 
had also two sons res. in Boston in 1888. 

Page 212, No. 1825. — Read: Adaline; d. before 1887; m. James 
O. Davis, who d. about 1892; resided in Dayton, O.; a daughter 
Louella m. Charles C. Spalding, residence Dayton, O. 

Page 229, No. 1769.— Daniel Y. Cox died July 5, 1902. He married 
Ellen Catherine Griffey (not Grissey as in the text) 

Page 229, No. 1771. — Joseph W. Cox was born 1828, near Fair- 
field, O. He died about 1890-2, at Union City, Ind. He married 

first Julia A. Brown, and married second wife , by whom he 

had three children, names not ascertained. 

Page 229, No. 2049. — For William read William R. 

Page 229, No. 1773. — Add to record of children of Irvin and Mary 
E. (Cox) Wrigley: 

2056a. IV. Jennie B.; d. about 1895. 

Page 229, No. 2057. — The correction in Errata, p. 391, of Roy to 
Ray is an error; Roy is correct. 

Page 229, No. 1782.— For 1782 read 1783. Melinda Haddix died 
about 1900 in Texas. The home of the family was near Osborne, O. 
The sons, George W., Thomas, James M., Andrew and Charles were 
all married; they removed to Texas some time after 1890. 

Page 230, No. 2066.— For James D. Moates read Joseph D. Moates, 
who died June, 1907, Dayton. O. His daughter, Josie May, married 
and resides Dayton, O. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 230, No. 2067. — Add: they also had a daughter who died 
a young girl. 

Page 230, No. 2068. — Read: John; m. . 

Page 230, No. 2069.— For Thomas read Charles. Charles Hart- 
man formerly lived in Osborne, O.; since 1888 he has been in 
Colorado. His daughter, Eva Pearl, was born 1883. 

Page 230, No. 2070. — For Benjamin read Benjamin F. 

Page 230, No. 2072.— For Fraina read Fraim. 

Page 230, No. 1788.— George Haddix was born about 1834-5, died 
about 1895. He married Harriet Cosad [not Cosard], daughter of 
Reuben' Cosad [Aaron', Anthony*, Jacob*, Anthony^, Jacques'] and 
Mary Rockfield. Add to children of George and Harriet (Cosad) 
Haddix the following: 

2074a. III. Frank; m. , Osborne. O. 

2074b. IV. Lillie; m. Naden. 

2074c. V. Emma; m. . 

^3074d. VI. George; d. : unm. 

CleabeUa. Martin. Prank, LlUie and Emma and their mother reside (1907) 

Page 231, No. 2077. — It was Nellie R. Johnston, not Lelah E., who 
died Aug. 23, 1901. The youngest daughter, Anna, married Sept. 17, 
1906, Mark Harvey; they have one child. Leonidas E. Johnston 
resides (1907) at Rushville, 111. 

Page 231, No. 1790. — The last sentence in the paragraph should 
read: He married, Nov. 15. 1850, Emmeline Bressler, born April 7, 
1830, in Pennsylvania; died Feb. 11, 1903, in Xenia, O.; daughter of 
Jacob and Catherine (Fisher) Bressler. 

Page 231, No. 2080. — For Nov. 29 read Nov. 25; for m. Mary 
Holtz, read m. Jan. 1, 1878, Mary E. Holtz, daughter of Lewis Holtz 
of Ottawa, O. Prof. Edwin B. Cox has been Superintendent of Schools 
at Xenia, Ohio, for over twenty-five years (1907). The children of 
Edwin B. and Mary B. (Holtz) Cox were: 

I. Mary Edna; b. ; d. young. 

II. L«w1b Clark; b. Sept. 24, 1882. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


III. Miriam; b. Oct. 11, 1886; d. Jan. 26, 1887. 
{3, IV. ZeUa; b. Feb. 1, 1889. 
</%. V. Edwin Bruce; b. Jan. 7, 1897. 

Page 231, No. 1791.— In lines 1, 4 and 6, for Staat read Statts. 
The last sentence of the paragraph should read: She married first, 
Dec. 3, 1850, Edward Statts, born Jan. 31, 1810, at Albany, N. Y.; 
died April 22, 1863, at Detroit Mich,, son and youngest child of 
Barent )s. Statts and Catherine Cuyler of Albany, N. Y. She married 
second, March 12, 1884, John Wallace of Clark County, Ohio, born 
June 14, 1820, died March 3, 1904, at Osborne, O. She resides (1907) 
at Osborne, O. 

Page 231, No. 2081.— Read: John Cuylen; b. May 12, 1853; unm.; 
res. Victor, Colorado, [not California] ; assayer of the Portland Mining 
Company in that place. 

Page 231, No. 2082.— Read: Harriet Bleecker; b. Oct. 30, 1860; 
d. M - ay 1, 180i ^^t_Osb orne, O. f^^^ ^^ /^€S~ 

Page 231, No 1792. — Joseph B. Worley was born Sept. 12, 1816, 
died May 1, 1884, [not Oct. 1888] ; m. Aug. 12, 1858 Julia Ann Cox. 

Page 231, No. 2083.— Read: Joseph Cox; b. July 19, 1859; m. 1883 
Louisa M. Holtzapple; children: 1. Julia Ethel, b. Aug. 25, 1884; 
2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 2, 1886; 3. Rachel Esther, b. Dec. 28, 
1893. Joseph C. Worley is a conductor on the Erie R. R. ; res. Gallon, 

Page 231, No. 2084.— Read: John B.; b. Jan. 6, 1862; m. 1883 in 
Springfield. O., Frances Clark, dau. of Charles Clark; children: 
1. Charles, d. young; 2. Robert; 3. John; 4. Helen; 5. Alice; 
6. Henry; 7. Chloanna [not Chloarma] ; 8. Joseph Cuyler; 
9. Frances; res. Springfield, O. 

Page 231, No. 2085.— Read: Harriet Elizabeth; b. April 16, 1863; 
m. Jan. 18, 1888, Jason Evans Keever [not Keiver] ; children: 
1. Willard Havens, b. June 16, 1889; 2. Julianna, b. Feb. 13, 1895. 
Res. Osborn, O. 

Page 231, No. 1793.— William Henry Cox married, Jan. 9, 1862, 
Mary E. Judson, born July 21, 1844. at South Salem, Westchester Co., 
N. Y., daughter of Oliver Judson and Susan Raymond. 

N. B. Page and .serial numliers are those of Vol. II. 


Children of William H. and Mary E. (Judson) Cox: 

3086a. I. Charles; b. Nov. 9, 1862; d. Jan. 28, 1863. 

3085b. II. William; b. May 10, 1864; d. July 12, 1864. 

2086. III. Oliver Wendell; b. June 5, 1869; m. June 28, 1893 Mary Catherine 
Shellenbarger, b. Oct. 17, 1873; children: 1. WiUlam E., b. May 19, 1894; 2. 
Esther L., b. Aug. 22, 1899; 3. Robert F., b. Feb. 28, 1902. The family res. Os- 
born. O. 

2086u. IV. Harriet; b. Oct. 20, 1874; d. Feb. 13. 1875. 

Page 232, No. 1794. — In line 4, after Sarah add Sylvia. After 
claugliter of .John and Nancy (Herr) Markley, add: who res. near 
Fairfield, O. At the end of the i)aragraph add: John C. Cox was 
proprietor of a fancy stock farm at Osborne, O., 1865 to 1870, when 
he removed to Dayton, O., and was in the wholesale drug business 
from 1870 to 1873. From 1873 to 1902 he carried on a commercial 
brokerage business, after which he retired from active business. 
Resides (1907) at 1011 W. Second St., Dayton, O.^^^^^ J2 J " 

Page 232, No. 2087.— Read: Carrie Edith; /b. Aug. 6, 1871; m. 
June 8, 1907, Lewis Brailey Johnson, b. ah e m . 1856-1? son of Tapley 
Taylor Johnson and Rachel Brailey; res. (1907) at Redlands, Cali- 
fornia. [Tapley Taylor Johnson was a cousin of William M. Johnston 
who married Mary M. Cox (No. 1789), sister of John C; also a 
cousin to Dr. James L. Johnston, who married Esther Allen (No. 1776), 
cousin of John C. Cox]. 

Page 232, No. 2088. — Instead of daughter of Mrs. Anna Cowen 
Sanders, read: daughter of Francis M. Sanders and Anna Cowan. 
Francis M. Sanders was the son of David Sanders (son of Cyrus of 
Mendham, N. J.) and Jane Caroline Bonnel, daughter of William 
Bonnel and Sarah Doty (daughter of James) ; William the son of 
Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel and Elizabeth Allen; Capt. Nathaniel the 
son of Nathaniel Bonnel, who came from Long Island to Elizabeth- 
town and married Hannah Miller of Westfield. 

Page 232, No. 1795. — For Hosver in line 3, also in line 4, read 
Hoover. The last sentence of the paragraph should read: He mar- 
ried, Dec. 24, 1868, Margaret Ann Hoover, daughter of Dr. Reuben C. 
Hoover and Catharine Smith of Osborne, O., who emigrated from 
Cumberland Co., Pa., to Fairfield, O., about 1850-2, and later removed 
to Osborne. Theodore F. Cox resides Dayton, O. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 232, No. 2089. — Read: Harriet H. (not Margaret H.) 
b. Dec. 31, 1869; m. Aug. 27, 1895, Jonah A. Wollaston, who d. May 
17, 1898, Dayton, O. 

Page 232, No. 2090.— For Aug., 1872 read Aug. 12, 1873; for 
Dayton read Osborne; add: unmarried. 

Page 232, No. 2091.— Instead of b. 1874; d. ; read: 

b. March 1, 1875; d. July 26, 1876. 

Page 232, No. 2092.— Read: Mary Emma; b. Jan. 9, 1878; 
d. Jan. 2, 1887 [not June 2]. 

Page 232, No. 1796. — John Thomas Cox resided many years at 
Burlington and Fredonia, Kansas. Record of children of John T. and 
Catherine R. (Amson^_Coxjhould^re^d^ ^^ <3il6i-^^ /f/. 

2093. I. Ann Hemans. 

2094. ir. Clara Alma; m. George McDiarmid; children: 1. Lillie, 2. 
Katie, 3. George. 

i 3095. III. John T. Jr.; m. Elizabeth Fagan [not Fayan] ; children: i. 

Fagan; 2. Irene. 

\ 3096. IV. Herbert Finley; m. Irene Fagan. 

*» 3098. ^ Lydia Catherine [not Cosad] ; m. James M. Johnston (not James 
W. JohnstonA; one child, Portia. 

Page 232, No. 1797. — For Harriet Martin read Harriet N. Martin. 
Henry Conklin was born about 1825, Morris Co., N. J.; lived many 
years at Cambridge City, Ind., and later removed to Chicago, 111. 
Harriet N. Martin died Feb. 1894, at Chicago; her husband died some 
years previously. 

Page 232, 1st Footnote. — Capt. Caspar Schneider was a "Ranger 
on the frontier" in the Revolutionary War and a captain in the 
War of 1812. 

Page 232, 2nd Footnote. — Add after Ebenezer-, also Benjamin'. 

Page 233, line 1. — For Harriet read Harriet N. 

Page 233, No. 1798,— Isabella G. (Martin) Johnston died April 21, 
1895, at Dayton, O. She married about 1862 William M. Johnston, 
born Oct. 23, 1815, died Nov. 18. 1865, widower of her cousin, Mary M. 
Cox, No. 1789. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 233, No. 2104. — For Bessie read Bessie A., and add: 
m. . 1905. 

Page 233, No. 2106. — Read: Charles; m. ; has children. 

Page 233, No. 2107. — Read: John; m. ; no children. 

Charles, John and Ivy Needham all reside (1907) in Dayton, O. 

Page 233, No. 2112, — Read: Charles; m. ; res. at 

Piqua, O. 

Page 233, No. 2113. — Read: Anna; m. Alonzo Glick, now de- 
ceased; res. formerly in Piqua, O., but now (1907) in Columbus, O. 

Page 233, No. 1818. — For Harry Van Tyle Clark, read Henry 
Van Tyle Clark. After Louisa Miller, add: he died 1895. 

Page 233, No. §115. — For Sarah E. read Sarah S.; add: res. 
Dayton, O. 

Page 233, No. 2116. — For William S. Sherer read William Sherer. 

Page 233, No. 2117. — For Stratten read Stratton; add: res. Day- 
ton, O. 

Page 234, No. 2119.— Add: res. Dayton, O. 

Page 234, No. 2120. — Add: res. Dayton, O. 

Page 238, No. 2161. — It is stated in line 2 that Mary was born 
about 1720; lower on the page the date is given as about 1722; the 
latter is perhaps a closer approximation. The first four names in this 
list, Nos. 2160, 2161, 2162 and 2163 undoubtedly belong to descendants 
of Samuel^ Lyon through SamueP, Joseph^ Henry^ or possibly 
John'. -^- <^ 

Pager 238, No. 2163a. — Colonel James Lyon is identified as James 
No. 18|>, son of Henry*. Mrs. Helen Lyon Deas, who lives near 
Newark or Orange, N. J., is a descendant of Colonel James. 

Page 238, No. 2164.— Certainly not Phebe No. 161, daughter of 
Daniel*. She was probably a daughter of Samuel Lyon No. 62. 

Page 238, No. 2165. — Stephen, b. 1751, is almost certainly Stephen 
No. 192, son of Henry*, but it was not this Stephen who married 
Nancy Hill. The name of his wife was Mary. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 238, No. 2166. — Identified as Sarah No. 160, daughter of 

Pagt 238, No. 2167.— Identified as No. 150, daughter of Eliphalet*, 
Terroneouslyj recorded on p. 98 as Betsey Harrison. 

Page 238, No. 2168.— Identified as John Heath' Lyon [Nathaniel 
S.', David', Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry", SamueP; Henry']; No. 2405 
on a subsequent page. For born about 1765, read born Aug. 21, 1819. 

Page 238, No. 2169.— Identified as son of David' Lyon No. 178 
and Rachel McCoy. He was born April 14, 1781, not 1770-5. 

Page 238, No. 2170.— Identifitd as Samuel, No. 606, son of David" 
Lyon. The name should certainly not have appeared in this place. 

Page 238, No. 2170a.— Probably Samuel son of John No. 199 or 
possibly son of Samuel No. 197; in either case grandson of Joseph* 
No. 69. 

Page 238, No. 2171. — Possibly Aaron No. 400, son of John'. 
Probably a son of Aaron No. 141. The date of his birth is given here 
1799, on p. 240 it is given as probably about 1795. It is stated here 
that he married Rachel Townley; on p. 240 that he married Rachel 
T'ownley Harrison, the former no doubt her maiden name; the latter 
should read: Mrs. Rachel (Townley) Harrison. 

Page 238, No. 2160. — It is stated here that Prudence Lyon mar- 
ried Josiah Baldwin. Congar in his Notes says it was Joshua Baldwin. 

Page 238, No. 2173a. — Read: Zenas; m. Aug. 31, 1769, Dorcas 
Younglove, bapt. Sept. 27, 1747, daughter of Ezekiel Younglove and 
Mary Lyon No. 2163. 

Page 238, No. 2175. — Read: Rebecca; m. Roberts. 

Page 238, No. 2176. — Read: Mary; m. Ball. 

Page 238, No. 2178. — Read: Lewis; m. Martha Williams about 
1770; children: 1. Henry, b. 1773, m. Sarah Baldwin, daughter of 
Caleb; 2. Sarah, b. 1778, m. Joshua Baldwin, son of Phineas; 3. Amos, 
b. 1781, m. Sarah . 

Page 238, No. 2162. — ^The statement that Rebecca Lyon at the 
age of thirtj-six married a man ten years her junior is remarkable if 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 



true. One may note that only two children are recorded, both girls. 

Page 239, No. 2165. — Stephen Lyon who married Nancy Hill was 
son of David^ No. 178, and was born in 1789, not in 1755 (or 1751 as 
it is on p. 238). The Stephen born 1751-5 was No. 192; his wife's 
name was Mary. A part of this record probably relates to him. See 
record on a succeeding page of Stephen Lyon No. 464e. 

Page 239, No. 2166. — For Eppingham in line 3, read Effingham. 

Page 239, No. 2187. — Read: Jemima; m. Bethuel P, Meeker; they 
had a dau. Harriet Catherine, who m. William Pickett and went with 
him to California about 1848-9; they had a daughter Anne Pickett, 
who m. in San Francisco, Cal., in 1854, Samuel Barrett. 

Page 238, No. 2188. — The record in full is as follows: 

ISAAC" TOWNLEY [Sarah' (Lyon), Dauier. Thomas^ Thomas=, 
Henry'] was born May 22, 1777, and died Aug. 23, 1832. He married 
Sarah Meeker, daughter of Michael Meeker and Mary Edwards. 

Children of Isaac and Sarah (Meeker) Townley: 

I. Clark; b. May 1, 1797; m. May 12, 1822, Rachel Gildersleeve; d. at 
Shelbyville. Ill 

II. Charlotte; b. March 1, 1799; m. Charles Freeman of Morris Co., d. in 

III. Fannie; b, .June 23. ISOl; in. Charles May; d. at Patterson, N. J., April 
8, 1839. 

IV. WiHiam; b. Aug 9, 1803; m. 1st. Jane Ball; m. 2nd. ; m. .3rd. 

,Iane Fitch; d. in "!31izabeth in 1892. 

V. Harriet; b. Dec. 12, 1805; d. young. 

VI. Julia; b. June 2, 1807; m. Henry D. Johnson. 

VII. Steplien; b. March 9, 1810; m. Dec. 18, 183S, Sarah C. Reeves; d. April 
1. 1863. Sarah was b. April 6. 1815; d. Aug. 9. 1875. 

VIII. Eliza; h. 1812; m. John Adams; d. Oct. 18. 1844. 

IX. Abigail; b. April 6, 1815; m. "William H. Hallenbeck on Oct. 13, 1832. 

X. Harriet; b. Dec. 29, 1818; m. ^amuel Cardiff. 

XI. Isaac Baldwin; b. Jan. 13, 1822; m. Frances Tucker; d. at Newark. N. 
J., Feb. 21. 1853. 

Page 239, No. 2191. — Read: Elizabeth; m. Luther Meeker and 
removed to Western New York State; they had children; names 

Page 239, No. 2192. — Moses and Phebe had a daughter Mary J., 
born April 15, 1811, m. Aaron Allen Gardner, Jr., and d. Jan. 2, 1881. 

Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


Page 240, No. 2199. — For Eliza read Elizabeth; for Squire read 

Page 240, No. 2168. — This is John Heath Lyon, No. 2405, whose 
more complete and authentic record is given on a subsequent page. 

Page 243, No. 2222. — Erase the asterisk. 

Page 247, No. 2173. — Capt. David Lyon is identified as David. 
No. 174, son of Samuel'. 

Page 251, line 9. — Samuel S. Lyon was born Oct. 6, 1836; For 
further information see Addenda, p. 378. 

Page 251, No. 103.— In line 2, for Aug. 1779 read Aug. 12, 1779. 
In line 6, for 1702 read 1712. In line 6, for Aug. 12, 1779, read 
Dec. 4, 1761. The will of Benjamin Coe names a son Benjamin; this 
Benjamin married Bethia Grumman, daughter of Ichabod Grumman 
and Bethia Lyon Winans Foster, No. 50. 

Page 251, last paragraph. — Rev. David Lyon is fully identified 
as grandson of David' Lyon No. 178. The line is: David' [Stephen*, 
David^ Nathaniel\ Capt. Henry^ Samuel^ Henry'] . 

Page 289. — In the inscription under the illustration facing this 
page, for Walter Lyon, No. 415, read Walter Lyon, No. 280. The 
same correction should be made in the illustration facing page 301. 

Page 352, line 12. — For Palo, read Polo. 

Page 375, Line 9. — Clarinda (not Clorinda) Lyon was relict of 
Edward Birch Lyon, a Michigan pioneer who came to Dundee, Mich., 
about 1832 from Sacket Harbor, N. Y. His record is given in Vol. I, 
page 317. His father, Abel Lyon, was certainly a descendant of 
Richard Lyon of Fairfield, and not improbably the Abel Lyon who 
served in the Revolutionary war from Lanesboro, Mass. (No. 155), 
or possibly a son of that Abel. The given name "Caleb Meeker" 
of one of Abel's grand children points surely to Fairfield, Conn., as 
the home of the family. 

Page 378, line 3.— The date of Samuel's birth, Oct. 6, 1836. has 
been accidentally omitted; his death occurred in 1905. 

Page 391, line 1. — Eliminate this and the following correction: 
and "Cosad" are right as they stand in the text. The name 

B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 



Cosad was written by the original emigrants Cossart. It is variously 
written by their descendants, Cosad, Cozad, Casad, Cosart, Cosard and 

Page 391, lines 20, 21 and 25. — Eliminate these corrections: 
Domineck, Roy and Sprietsma are the right readings. 

Page 447, line 16 of first column. — Transfer Victor to its proper 
place under the head of Colorado, not California. 

The following items were received too late to be placed in regu- 
lar sequence. 

Page 93, No. 87 (See also page 364 of this volume). — Joseph 
Crane's youngest daugihter Elizabeth, born about 1770. She mar- 
ried in 1794 Daniel Doty, born March 23, 1765, son of John= Doty 
[Joseph'] and his second wife Sarah Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark, 
a descendant of Richard Clark of Elizabethtown, N. J. Daniel Doty 
married firs.t, about 1787, Elizabeth Potter, who soon died (about 
1789-90, daughter of Amos* [DanieP, Samuer] and sister of John 
Potter, who married Bethiah Lyon, No. 388 and also settled in 
Butler Co., O. In 1790 Daniel Doty went on an exploring tour down 
the Ohio river as far as the present site of Cincinnati. He found 
there only two houses — log cabins — one occupied by Major Benjamin 
Stites, from Scotch Plains, N. J., the other by Capt. John S. Gano, 
also from New Jersey. Rev. Daniel Clark, uncle of Daniel Doty, was 
the first minister of the gospel in that region, having previously 
preached many years in Pennsylvania. Daniel Doty returned to 
New Jersey 1793-4, to bring thence his new bride, Elizabeth Crane; 
he purchased a large tract of land in Butler Co., near the present 
site of Middletown and settled upon it in the fall of 1795 or spring 
of 1796. There he reared a large family, and there, on May 8, 1848, 
he died. The date of his wife's death has not been ascertained. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Crane) Doty, all but the oldest born In 
Butler Co.. Ohio: 

I. Joel; b. In New Jersey Feb. 9, 1795; drowned In the Miami river In 1806. 
II. N'oah; b. May 6. 1796; d. 1803. 

III. John; b. Dec. l.S, 1797: m. Margaret .Tewel. dau. of .lohn. of Middle- 
town, O. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


IV. Daniel; b. Aug. 9, 1799; m. 1st, Mary Burges, dau. of Anthony; chil- 
dren: 1. Randolph, d. at 23 yrs. ; 2. Mark; 3. John; Daniel m. 2nd, Catherine 
Crane, his own cousin, dau. of .Joseph Crane; children: 4. Aretas; 5. George; 6. Pit- 
man; 7. Sarah, d. ae. 4 yrs.; 8. Joseph; 9. Daniel. 

V. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 16, 1801; m. her second cousin Ambrose* Doty [George', 
George* Joseph']; children: 1. Nancy, d. in Iowa, ae. 19 yrs.; 2. Hiddah; 3. 

VI. Uuldah; b. Jan. 8, 1803; m. John Williamson; children: 1. Daniel, 
2. Hendrlck. d. ae. 19 yrs.; 3. Joseph; 4. £Uen; 5. £lias; 6. William; 7. Mary 
Anne; 8. Sarah Jane; 9. Abner 10. John Henry. 

VII. Orpha; b. June 8, 1804; m. Thomas Van Tyle; a dau. Sarepta, m. 
Golden, but d. ae. 20 yrs. 

VIII. Sarepta; b. Feb. 16, 1806; m. 1st James Jewel, bro. of John's wife; 
children: 1. John; 2. Albert; Sarepta m. 2nd, Aretas Crane, brother of Daniel's 
second wife; children: 1. Joseph; 2. Sarah; 3. William; 4. Ellas. 

IX. Joseph; b. Jan. 7, 1808; m. Mary^ Vail [SamueP, SamueP, brother of 
Stephen, proprietor of Middletown] ; children: 1. Rnssel; 2. Gilbert; 3. Ruth Jane; 
4. Zina; 5. Deborah; 6. Ellen. 

X. James Mier; b. Oct. 8, 1809; m. Susan Anderson; children: 1. Joel; 
2. Elizabeth; 3. Ruth Anne; 4. Ellas; 5. Daniel; 6. Jerusba. 

XI. Jerusha; b. Jan. 9. 1811; m. Simeon Taylor; one son, George. 

XII. Ellas; b. June 23, 1812; d. in Iowa, ae. about 23 yrs.; m. Pamelia 
Bogart; one son, Noah. 

JOSEPH^ CRANE [Jo'seph\ Abigail* (Lyon), Josepli-, Henry^] 
(see page 364 of this volume), son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson) 

Crane, was born about 1750. He m. and had a number of 

children, -among them Joseph, whose daughter Catherine married 
Daniel Doty, above, and whose son Aretas married as second hus- 
band Sarepta Doty, above. 

Page 83, No. 31 (see also p. 361 of this volume). — Samuel Sayre, 

son of Samuel and Hannah (Lyon) Sayre, married and had 

a son Samuel, born 1760-5. He lived in Madison, Morris Co., N. J. 
He married Charity Cooper, born about 1765, daughter of John^ Cooper, 
born 1738 [DanieP Cooper and Grace Runyon] and Lynche Boyle, 
daughter of Solomon. 

DANIEL* /SAYRE [Elizabeth' (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'] (see pages 
364-365 of th^ volume), married Anna Runyon, b. Oot. 27, 1747, daugh- 
ter of Richard' Runyon [Peter-, Vincent'] and Jane Van Court, b. 
Aug. 13, 1727; res. near Madison, N. J. 

Children of Daniel and Anna (Runyon) Sayre: 

I. James; m. Deborah Dunham, dau. of John, son of John. 

II. EUas; m. Miss Hetfleld of Elizabethtown. N. J.; they had a 

son Thomas O. Sayre. 

Page 103, No. 233 (see also page 370 of this volume). — ^Joseph 
Crane (not Phebe as stated on page 370 of this volume) was the 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


oldest child of Ezekiel and Phebe Crane. He married Eunice Dod, 
born 1741-2, died Feb. 20, 1822, daughter of Thomas^ Dod [DanieP, 
Daniel, Jr.^ Daniel'] and iSarah Newcomb. The following record is 
preserved in the Courthouse at Newark, N. J.: "On May 5, 1794, the 
lands of Joseph Crane, deceased, in Newark, were divided between 
Sarah, wife of Timothy Day, Jr., Phebe Crane and Rhoda Crane, min- 
ors, said lauds bounded north by the road and lands of Tabitha Wood§ 
and southeast and southward by lands of Ezekiel Crane [No. 84]. 
Silas Howell, Simeon Broadwell and Daniel Bruen, Commissioners." 

«'hil(lren of .Joseph and Eunice (Dod) Crane: 

I. Sarah; b. Sept. 27, 177.3; d. Feb. 26. 1860; m. Sept. 27. 1792. Timothy 
Day, .Jr., b. Sept. 3, 1768; d. Dec. 31, 1843. 

II. Phebe; b. about 1776-7. 

III. Rhoda; b. about 1778-9. 

It is liliely that there were other ohihiren older than Sarah but not living 
in 1794. 

Page 115, No. 413, — ^Asher Lyon could not have been a son of 
Aaron, iNo. 141, who was born 1769, since Asher's son Joseph, No. 728, 
was born 1785. Neither does it seem very probable that Asher was a 
grandson of Mattaniah, No. 52, born 1724, although that would not be 
impossible. He might more easily have been grandson of Mattaniah, 
No. 17, born not later than 1694, but there seems to be no reason for 
believing this. It will be noticed that his wife's maiden name was 
Smith, so that the unidentified Smith Lyon, born about 1790, who 
married Jerusha Dean in Springfield, N. J., might easily have been 
his son. As it is, the names of Asher Lyon, No. 413, his son Joseph, 
No. 728 and his grandsons, Jacob L., No. 1219, .John H., No. 1216 and 
Philip E., No. 1221. should find place in the list of unidentified Lyons. 

Page 156, No. 1024. — For Nainette read Rainette. 

Page 156, No. 1028.— For 1837 read 1831. 

Page 174, No. 1292. — Add: Children: 1. Amanda Jenette; 2. Sarah 
Anne; 3. Amelia. 

Page 239, No. 2188 (see also page 402 of this volume). — Clarke 
Townley, son of Isaac Townley, No. 2188, was born May 1, 1797 at 
Springfield, N. J. and died at Shelbyville, 111. He lived at Jeffersons 
Village, N. J. Children: 1. Margaret, b. 1826; 2. Ezra, b. 1830; 3. 
George, b. 1834. 

fTabltha (Clark) Wood was the widow of John "Wood whose sister Mary 
married Henry Lyon, No. 68. Tabitha was daughter of Capt. Abraham' Clark b. 
1702-3 [Thomas^, Richard']. 

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II. 


From Dr. Palmer Heath Lyon there have been received oppor- 
tunely the following records of some of the descendants of David 
Lyon, No. 178, whose children are given among the foregoing notes; 
see page 375 of this volume. 

464e. VI. 178. STEPHEN' LYON [David^ Nathaniel*, Capt. 
Henry^ Samuel-, Henry'] was born at Lyons, Somerset Co., N. J., 
Sept. 3, 1789. and died Sept. 10, 1873. He married, Aug. 25, 1811, 
Nancy Hill, born Feb. 17, 1792, died Sept. 17, 1847, of Basking Ridge. 
Compare record No. 2165 on p. 239 of Memorial, Conn, and N. J. 
Families. One may surmise that that record really applies to this 
Stephen, but with erroneous dates of birth and death of Nancy Hill. 
The other items might all be true of this Stephen except the wife 
Mary in 1818. 

Children of .Stephen anrl Nancy (HiU) Lyon: 

2400. I. David; b. April 27. 1812; d. SloansvUle. N. Y., March 2. 1906, 
ae. nearly 94 v.: m. Sarah A. Williams. This is Rev. David Lyon, In Ad- 
denda, p. 251 of Vol. II, S-tMM 1^- >^l I Ir^ ^^ • &tL^ • ^ ' 

2401. II. Mary; b. Feb. 12, 1814; d.* May 1880; m. Sept. 8, 1856 C. C. Suy- '^^ , ' 
dam, M. D. *"" """ ' —W. <:!<M-«-*~GLjC<.-*^ , 

*2402. III. Stephen; b. April 11, 1826; was living in 1897. " I '/» ~ 

2403. IV. John V. I) .; b. March 17. 1829; d. Aug. 16, 1866; m. June 10. ^ ■" ^~^ 
1852, Fanny Lee. O^^T^ S fH* '^Q^--ev/-' V'^'?'/ ^«.^^0(j ^ t'^f>A-^ 

♦2404. V. William L,. 

!>.; D. Marcn lY. is'jy; d. Aug. le, i»t)t); m. june lu. • 

.; b. Nov. 9, l/32; m. Feb. 1, 1860, Ursula Sebring.^*-..,^^^^^^ 

464f. VI. 178. NATHANIEL SECUNDUS'' LYON [David% 
Nathaniel', Capt. Henry^ SamueP, Henry'] was born at the homestead, 
Lyons, Somerset Co., N. J., Jan. 25, 1792. November 7, 1815, he 
married Elizabeth Heath, born June 7, 1797, daughter of John Heath, 
born Aug. 14, 1772, d. Aug. 28, 1835 (son of John Heath and Eleanor 
Runyon of Mine Brook, Somerset Co., N. J.), and Mary Kirkpatrick 
Heath, b. Aug. 7, 1772, d. March 16, 1831, daughter of Thomas. Nathan- 
iel S. Ji^ftttrdied Nov. 5, 1822, of yellow fever. His widow married 
secoQd, Oct 14, 1827, James I. Hill of Basking Ridge, by whom she had 
two/ children: 1. Phebe, born Jan. 1829, m. David Dunham; 2. 
Margaret Ann, born March 8, 1832. She died April 24, 1873, and is 
buried in the Basking Ridge Churchyard. 

Children of Nathaniel S. and Elizabeth (Heath) Lyon: 
♦2405. I. John Heath; b. Aug. 21, 1819; d. Feb. 27, 1S81. 
2406. II. David Pierson; b, Nov, 22, 1821; d, Nov, 5. 1835, 


2402, VII. 464e. STEPHEN' LYON [Stephen', David=, Nathaniel*, 
Capt. Henry', SamueP, Henry'] was born at Basking Ridge, N. J., 
April 11, 1826. He married, Sept. 25, 1850, Elizabeth A. Gary, born 

, died Jan. 23, 1894. He was living in 1877, but members of 

the family have an impression that he has since deceased. 

Children of Stephen and Slizabeth (Gary) Lyon: 

2407. I. John Car.v; b. Oct. 29, 1851; d. .Ian. 23, 1865. 

2408. II. I>avid; b. Sept. 29, 1857; m. and res. near Orange, 

N. J.; no further record obtained. 

2404. VII. 464e. WILLIAM LINDSLEY' LYON [Stephen', Dav- 
id\ Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry^ Samuel", Henry'] was born at Basking 
Ridge, N. J., Nov. 9, 1832. He married at Martinsville, N. J., Feb. 1, 
1860 Ursula Sebring, born March 11, 1834; died Jan. 30, 1895; daughter 
of Cornelius and Hester Coleman (Waldron) Sebring of Martinsville, 
N. J. He is a merchant; present residence (1908) Pluckemin, N. J. 

Children of William L. and Ursula (Sebring) Lyon: 
rJ408a. I. Mary; b. June 11, 1861; d. Nov. 20, 1865 
/ 2408b. II. Ella Suydam; b. Dec. 31, 1866. 
»2408c. III. Adrian; b. July 25, 1869. 


2405. VIII. 464f. JOHN HEATH' LYON [Nathaniel S.', DavidS 
Nathaniels Capt. Henry^ SamueP, Henry'] wa^ born in the old Lyon 
homestead at Lyons, Somerset Co., N.^.,JC^ August 21, 1819. He 
married first March 15, 1842, Hannah (^3 Beach, daughter of William 
and Susan (Sj^yercool) Beach of Newton, N. J. He lived for the 
greater part of his life on the old farm, but resided for a time in 
New York City, where his son was born. Later he moved to Jersey 
City, where he was the editor and publisher of the Jersey City 
Standard. He was a member of the School Board, Alderman and 
later Public Printer. Mrs. Hannah Beach Lyon died May 3, 1860. 
He married second, June 10, 1863, Mary De Camp of Jersey City, 
born Aug. 23, 1828, died June 23, 1881; no issue. John Heath Lyon 
died Feb. 27, 1881, in the Homestead and is buried under the old 
oak tree in the Basking Ridge Churchyard. 

Children of John H. and Hannah (Beach) Lyon: 

•2409. I, Emma Louise; b. March 13, 1843; still living (1907); m. James 
T. B. Collins. 

2410. II. Anna Margraret; b. Sept. 5, 1845; d. April 6, 1847. 

*2411. III. WUliam James; b. Dec. 9. 1847; d. June 16. 1903. 

. ^currV S.*?^^ ^ f<Z^o4<rJ^ 


2412. IV. Charlotte Gregory; b. Dec. 25, 1850; m. Feb. 4, 1880, Elias 
G. Dayton; no children; still living (1907). 

2413. V. Frederick Belts; b. April 10. 1860; d. Sept. 18, 1860. 

2408c. VIII. 2409. ADRIAN' LYON [William L.', Stephen', Dav- 
id^ Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry*, Samuel- Henry^] was born at Pluckemin, 
N. J. .July 25, 1869. He married at Athenia, N. J., May 8, 1895, Cornelia 
Post, daughter of John C. and Catherine Elizabeth (Post) Post, of 
Passaic, N. J. He is an attorney, graduate of New York Law School. 
He was Superintendent of Schools, Perth Amboy, N. J., 1894-5; City 
Attorney of Perth Amboy 1895-8; Member of New Jersey Legislature 
1900-1; Judge of District Court Perth Amboy 1901 to date. Present 
address (1908) 80 Gordon St., Perth Amboy, N. J.; office 110 Smith St. 

Son of Adrian and Cornelia (Post) Lyon: 
ff- 2413a. I. Howard Suydam; b. Jan. 27, 1896 at Perth Amboy, N. J. 

2409. VIII. 2405. EMMA LOUISE* LYON (COLLINS) [John 
H.', Nathaniel S.°, Davids Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry', SamueP, Henry'] 
was born in Newark, N. J., March 18, 1843. She married. May 27, 
1862, James T. B. Collins. She removed to Bayonne, N. J., where 
she still resides (1907). Mr. Collins died March 6, 1902. 

Children of James T. B. and Emma Louise (Lyon) Collins: 

2414. I. Frederick B.; b. Nov. 28, 1863; m. June 7, 1893 Margaretta Wester- 
velt. b. sanae day as he; no children. 

2415. II. May; b. March 20. 1866; d. June 10, 1868. 

2416. III. John Lyon; b. Nov. 3, 1868; m. Oct. 14, 1896, Almee Louise 
Brown, b. Oct. 28, 1867; children: l. Charles Bertine, b. July 20, 1904; 2. Aimee 
Louise, b. July 21, 1907. 

2411. VIII. 2405. WILLIAM JAMES* LYON [John H.', Nathan- 
iel S.', David=, Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry^ Samuel", Henry'] was born 
Dec. 9, 1847, in New York City, in a house on the corner of Franklin 
and Varick streets. During his boyhood he lived in Jersey City, 
where he was a pupil in old Public School No. 1. He went with his 
parents to tlie old Homestead and attended the Basking Ridge Classi- 
cal^ Academy, and entered Princeton College 1863 and was graduated 
in the Class of 1867, before he was twenty years of age. He studied 
law in Jersey City and was admitted to the bar of New Jersey and 
later was admitted in New York. He was President of the Board of 
Education in Jersey City. In 1882 he removed to New York City, 
where he was at first connected with the Associated Press, later 
entered the municipal service as Confidential Secretary to Comp- 


troller Edson. He was promoted to be Auditor of Accounts. At the 
time of the death of Hon. Richard Storrs, Deputy Comptroller, 
Mr. Lyon was nominated by a committee of Bank Presidents to suc- 
ceed to the office, and he was so appointed by Comptroller Fitch. He 
was later placed in charge of the legal department of the Comptroller's 
office, the Bureau of Claims, and he died while holding this office, 
after an illness of only three days (pneumonia). His death occurred 
at the old Homestead to which he had returned a few years before. 
He is buried in the Lyon plot in the Basking Ridge Churchyard. 

William James Lyon married first, April 23. 1872, Jessie Chiches- 
ter, born Jan. 30, 1850, died Feb. 22, 1873, daughter of William 
Chichester of Brooklyn, N. Y. He married second, Dec. 9, 1875, 
Kate Louise Palmer, better known as Lulu Palmer, born Nov. 12, 1852, 
daughter of Nehemiah Candee and Kate (Simonton) Palmer. She 
survived her husband hardly more than seven months, her death 
occurring after a short sickness, Jan. 21. 1904. 

Daughter of William J. and .Jessie (Chii-hester) Lyon: 

2417. I. Jessie Viva; b. Feb. 6, 1873; still living (1907> in New York. 
Children of William J. and I>ulu (Palmer) Lyon: 

•2418. II. Palmer Heath; b. Nov. 6. IS? 6. 

*2419. III. Maude Simonton; b. Sept. 21, 1878; m. 1st. Alfred M. Norder; 
m. 2nd. Henry Montfort Gary. 

2430. IV. John Heath 2nd.; b. .Tune 10, 1882; d. Sept. 6, 1882. 

2418. IX. 2411. PALMER HEATH" LYON [William J.', John 
H.', Nathaniel S.", David^ Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry", SamueP, Henry'] 
was born at Jersey City, New Jersey, Nov. 6, 1876. He was educated 
in the public schools of Jersey City and New York, and in 1891 
entered the College of the City of New York. Leaving in 1894, he 
entered Columbia University, New York. He was graduated with the 
degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1898. In 1900 he entered the 
U. S. Army Medical Department as an Acting Assistant Surgeon, and 
was immediately ordered to the Philippines. He was promoted to 
Captain and Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Volunteers in March, 1901. 
When mustered out in 1903 he entered the service of the Philippine 
Civil Government as Medical Inspector and later as Surgeon to the 
Bureau of Prisons. Upon the death of his father in 1903 he returned 
to the United States and entered the service of the New York Life 
Insurance Company as Medical Examiner. In 1904 he was appointed 


Chief Medical Officer at Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, and in 
1905 Resident Medical Director for South America. On June 28, 1899, 
he married Grace Hamilton Jones, born Oct. 9, 1879, daughter of 
Prof. William G. and Kate (Hamilton) Jones of New York City. 

Child of Palmer Heath and Grace Hamilton (Jones) Liyon: 
S421. I. Innis Palmer; b. April 5. 1900. 

LIAM J.*, John H.', Nathaniel S.', David^ Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry'. 
Samuel', Henry'] was born at Jersey City Sept. 21, 1878. She mar- 
ried first, June 30, 1903, Alfred Miiller Norden of Berlin, Germany, 
born 1872, died May 30, 1906. She married second, Henry Monfort 
Gary of New York City. 

Children of Alfred M. and Maude S. (Lyon) Norden: 

2422. I. Robert Palmer; b. April 12, 1904. 

2423. II. Alfreda L«aise; b. Aug. 10, 1906. 

-Z. '^Ji)/:^^ u^iau-^^t L. }^. C / J- vt, <)-<.;) ^..o. j 

^ H-tou^,^ 9-0 f9f^ ;<u^. C^f!, ^y ' t^t 

c^ (u<<x>^o^L^^:ijLt (^-t.^. Is^^ *^^^ ^- "^ (f^^c 

C^^Lq. V^5./^ /,^-e/c^ /. OU. r ^9^o. 


Ptxjbably Descendants of Henry Lyon of Newark. 

(Revised list including all unconnected data that seem to relate 
to the family of Henry except the records pp. 249-250 of Rhode Island 
Lyons, and graduates of Princeton University and Seminary not re- 
corded as residents of New Jersey.) 

Aaron Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private Morris Co. Militia. 

Aaron Woodruff Lyon; b. Elizabeth, N. J. July 11, 1797; grad. 
Union Coll. 1824; Princeton Sem. 1825; d. Fresno, Calif. Oct. 23, 

Abby H. Lyon; b. 1802; d. Aug. 30, 1864; m. Jesse T. Harrison, 
b. 1801, d. 1863. 

Abigail Lyon; b. in N. J. about 1780; m. Joseph Willett of Long 

Abraham Lyon; m. Morristown, N. J. Feb. 20, 1776 Phebe Bde 
[Eddy], both of Mendham. 

Albert A. Lyon; m. Morristown, N. J. Julia Harrison; b. 1818, 
d. 1886. 

Archibald Lyon; born 1750-5; Lieut. 4th Continental Artillery, 
N. J.; probably a son of John Lyon No. 51. 

Asher Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private Morris Co. Militia; 
in Continental army. 

Benjamin Lyon; b. about 1790-5; of South Orange, N. J.; m. 
Charlotte Bedford, b. about 1795, dau. of Stephen Bedford (son of 
Timothy and Rachel) and Lydia Drake (daughter of William of 
Piscataway). Perhaps he was Benjamin, son of Simon, and grandson of 
Abraham No. 470 (see footnote, p. 144); these Lyons lived at South 
Orange before going to Ohio. 

Betsey [Elizabeth] Lyon; of Lyons Farms, m. Joseph Williams, 
June 2, 1798. 

Betsey Lyon; m. Morristown, N. J. March 23, 17 — Jacob Hatha- 


Catherine Lyon; of Essex Co., N. J.; m. Morristown March 2, 
1828, Alexander Livingston of New York. 

Charles Lyon; in Revolutionary war, Commissary of Issues. 

Charles Lyon; m. Morristown June 5, 1770, Elizabeth Stritch of 

Cornelius Lyon; b. Aug. 5, 1792; d. Oct. 8, 1837 (G. R. Orange 
Gem.); no doubt a son of Enos Lyon, No. 153, whose father-in-law 
was Cornelius Jones. 

Daniel Lyon; in Revolutionary war from Rhode Island; private 
Col. Topham's Regiment; perhaps the same Daniel was private in 
Col. Elliott's Regiment, 1776. 

Daniel Lyon; was of Hanover, Morris Co., N. J. 1800-1819. 
David Lyon; in Revolutionary war. New Jersey; Barrack Master, 
Continental Army. 

David Lyon; grad. Princeton College 1813. 

Edwin Crane Lyon, Jr.; grad. Princeton College 1902; res Mor- 
ristown, N. J. 

Elias Lyon; in Revolutionary war, private in 3rd Regiment, Con- 
tinental Army. 

Elihu Lyon; m. Morristown, Elizabeth Voorhies, b. April 11, 1811. 

Eliphaiet Lyon; m. , Morristown 1770; this could hardly 

have been No. 53 and certainly not No. 146 — unless the date is 

Elisha Lyon; in Revolutionary war, private in 3rd Regiment, 
Continental Army. 

Eliza Lyon; of Orange, N. J., m. Aug. 24, 1832, Moses Woodruff. 

Ezekiel Lyon; m. Morristown Aug. 27, 1803, Nancy Stillwell; 
perhaps Ezekiel No. 395 and a second marriage or Ezekiel No. 433 
(second marriage) or possibly a son of Ezekiel No. 176. 

Fanny A. Lyon; m. Morristown Sept. 19, 1866, George D. Harri- 
son; probably Fanny No. 1282a. 

Gideon Lyon; in Revolutionary war, private in Duryea's Com- 
pany, Somerset County Militia; m. Nov. 15, 1778, Anne Savage. 

Hannah Lyon; m. Morristown Dec. 28, 1778 John Cary Jr., 
[Cory ?]. 


Hannah Lyon; m. Lyons Farms Dec. 21, 1802, Cooper Crane. 

Hannah Lyon; m. Lyons Farms, Jan. 26, 1806, John Pierson 

Hannah Lyon (widow of Lyon, maiden name not acer- 

tained); m. Sept. 16, 1767, Elihu Johnson (Morristown Rec.) . 

Harriet Lyon; daughter of John, m. Lyons Farms Dec. 25, 1825, 
William Cooper. 

Henry Lyon; in Revolutionary war, private in Duryea's Company, 
2nd. Regiment Essex County Militia. 
^.j^^-d^trt^'**'^ Isaac Lyon, who had removed to Charles County, Md., m. Dec. 
fi ' ^ ( 6, 1757, Mary Higgins, Middlesex County, N. J. 

James Lyon; whose wife was Phebe who died Aug. 12, 1835. 

James A. Lyon; elected in 1907 Assemblyman from Morris Coun- 
ty, N. J. 

Jane Lyon; m. Hanover, N. J. March 6, 1770, Jones Tompkins. 
She could hardly have been Jane, No. 55, but it is likely that she was 
daughter of one of the brothers of that Jane, perhaps John, No. 51. 

Jediah Lyon; in Revolutionary war, private in Capt. Richard 

Cox's Company, 3rd. Regiment; he m. Bette (Morristown 


Jedediah Lyon; perhaps the same as the foregoing. He was a 
private in the 1st. Regiment and corporal in the 2nd. Regiment New 
Jersey Militia. He had a son Grossman who married Priscilla Tru- 
man; they had a daughter Mary Brice who married Isaac Starr Wil- 
liams and their daughter, Priscilla Lyon Williams is a daughter of 
the American Revolution. 

Joanna Lyon; m. Nov. 24, 1868 (?) Aaron Hillis [Dillis?] (Mor- 
ristown Rec); the date may have been intended to be 1768. 

John Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private in Morris County Mili- 
tia; may have been one of the following: Nos. 131, 132, 171, 431. 

John Lyon; in Revolutionary war; name spelled Lyons in the 
record; private in 1st. Battalion, 2nd. establishment, also in Capt. 
Philip's Company. 2nd. Regiment, Continental Army; may have been 
one of the following: Nos. 131, 132, 171, 431. 

John Lyon; father of Harriet above; possibly the same as John 
Lyon, who was Justice of the Peace, Essex Co., N. J. 1836. See 
below . 


John Lyon; of Rockaway, Morris Co., N. J.; b. about 1760-70, 
a descendant of Thomas^ Lyon. He married Mary Anne Clark, born 
about 1775-80, daughter of Elias Clark and his wife Elizabeth Clark 
(dau. of Benjamin). Elias was son of James* Clark [Richard^ Richa^d^ 
Richard'], and was of Stony Hill, formerly of Rahway. His half 
sister Joanna married Peter Lyon No. 129. [John Lyon of Rockaway 
was probably No. 158, possibly No. 431, nephew of the former but of 
about the same age.] 

Children of John and Mary Anna (Clark) Lyon: 

I. Jnmei« (".; b. about 1800; m. 1st Phebe Miller, b. 1803, d. Aug. 28. 1835. 
dau. of Lewis* [Elder Moses^, Enoch=§. SamueP] and Betsey (Noe) MiHer of 
Warren Tp., Somerset Co., N. J.; James C. had children by his first wife Phebe, 
names not ascertained: he m. 2nd. Anne Fraze(, dau. of Maxwell^ [Henry-, 

Joseph'] and^Nancy (Badg^ley) FraSHH no childrett: ^^ 

^ V^'^ il, Anna Maria; b. about 1800-5: m. William Estile, son of Noah Estile 

and Joanna Rogers, born Dec. 22, 1771, of Dover, N. J. William Estile was b. 
about 1798-lSOO. They had a son William Henry. ■ _ D ^o 

John Lyon, of Machias, Maine, probably related to Rev. James, 
No. 2172, although not named among his sons; he and wife Sarah had 
a daughter Sally born Jan. 21, 1792, who married Feb. 11, 1810, John 

John Lyon, born about 1780; was Justice of the Peace Essex 
County, N. J. in 18.36. Perhaps father of Harriet Lyon above. 

Margaret Lyon; of Monmouth County, N. J.; married David Her- 
bert April [July ? ] 2, 1744. 

Martha Lyon; of Machias, Me., perhaps a widow, married, pro- 
bably before 1800, a widower, Joseph Hanscom son of Aaron and 

Sally Hanscom. /V^O * 


arried A 

Mary Lyon; of Burlington County, married April (?) 2, 1770 Job 
Field. ^ 

Mary Lyon; m. July 26, 1797, John Primrose Ballen (Morristown 

Mary Lyon; m. Sept. 2, 1780, Jacob Whitehead (Morristown Rec). 

Mary Annie Lyon; b. about 1790-5, m. Nicholas Parsell, son of 
Nicholas" [Capt. Enos*, John', Jonathan^, Joseph'] Parsell and Es- 
ther Baldwin. 

Nancy Lyon; daughter of Stephen, m. David Bedlow. 

§Enoch Miller married Hannah Baker, b. 1712, daughter of Henry Baker and 
second wife T.,ydia. 


Nathan Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private in Flanagan's 
Company. 2nd. establishment. Continental Army. 

Nathaniel Lyon; m. Catherine Amelia Lyon, No. 782. Nathaniel 
was her first husband; she married second John Ball. Catherine was 
born 1838. 

Peter Lyon; b. 1762; d. Sept. 23, 1786; possibly a son of Peter 
Lyon No. 129, although no such son is given in the record which ap- 
pears to be complete, 

Rebecca Lyon, dau. of Henry, m. Lyons Farms March 1, 1825 
Thomas Cory. Henry was probably No. 482. 

Richard Bruff Lyon; of Morristown, N. J., grad. Princeton Col- 
lege 1891. 

Samuel Lyon; res. Hanover, Morris Co., N. J. 1800-1819. 

Sarah Lyon; m. April 1760, Benjamin Price (Morristown Rec). 

Sarah Lyon; m. Nov. 15, 1769, Moses Card (Morristown Rec). 

Serring Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private 1st. Battalion; also 
Mead's Company, 1st. Regiment, Continental Army. 

Smith Lyon; born about 1790; m. Jerusha Dean, dau. of David 
Dean of Springfield, N. J. and Phebe Beach, b. about 1770, daughter 
of Samuel Beach, b. about 1735, a descendant of Thomas Beach through 
his son Zopher. 

Solomon Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private 1st. Battalion, 2nd. 
establishment; also Militia, private Jones' Company, 2nd. Battalion, 
Somerset Co. 

Susanna Lyon; m. Jan. 1, 1787, Samuel Hill (Morristown Rec). 

Tabitha ( ) Lyon; widow of Lyon; m. Aug. 6, 

1751, John Allen (Morristown Rec). 

Theodoric Cecil Lyon; grad. Princeton College 1859; d. . 

Thomas Lyon; b. 1773; m. Sarah daughter of Samuel Sanford 
(Morristown Rec). 

William Lyon; in Revolutionary war; private in Capt. Ross's 
Company, 2nd. Battalion, also in Capt. Richard Cox's Company, 2nd. 
Regiment Continental Army. 

William Lyon, of Hunterdon County; m. March 24, 1783, Anna 

William H. Lyon; b. 1814; d. Sept. 19, 1836. 


From New York State, mostly of the family of Thomas Lyon of Rye. 

Aaron Lyon (T. No. 268) ; said to have planned the fortifications 
at Stony Point. Appointed Ensign in 4th. Regiment Militia, March 
4, 1780. 

Abel Lyon [Lyons, Lions]; private in Capt. Westfall's Com- 
pany, Col. Pawling's Regiment. 

Abraham Lyon (T. No. 147; mentioned as having entertained 
American Troops. 

Alvin Lyon (T. No. 244); private in Col. Pierre van Cortlandt's 
Regiment, Westchester Co. Militia; also Sgt. in Capt. Boyd's Com- 
pany, Col. Samuel Drake's Regiment. 

Amaziah Lyon [Lyons] ; private in Capt. Magee's Company, Col. 
Morris Graham's Regiment; also private in Col. William Malcom's 

Amerlah Lyons [possibly the same as the foregoing] ; private in 
Capt. Lansing's Company, Col. Graham's Regiment. 

Amos Lyon (T. No. 166); was of Greenwich Conn., and served in 
Militia of that State under Capt. Abraham Mead in 1776-7. 

Asa Lyon; private in 3rd. Regiment, N. Y. Continental Line. 

Benjamin Lyon (T. No. 82); member of Westchester Co. Com- 
mittee of Safety; private in Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. 
Thomas' Regiment, Westchester Co. Militia; private in Capt. Os- 
burn's Company, Col. Joseph Benedict's Regiment of Associated 
Exempts [he had enlisted in 1758 in Capt. Nathaniel Hyatt's Company 
of Westchester Co. Militia]. 

Barny Lyons; private with Abel in Capt. Westfall's Company, 
Col. Pawling's Regiment. 

Caleb Lyon [Lyons] (T. No. 52); private in Col. Thaddeus Crane's 
Regiment Westchester Co. Militia; in 1782 he signed a petition against 
allowing Tories who had served in the British Army to return as 
citizens of Greenwich or Stamford. 



Caleb Lyon, Jr., (T. No. 163); private, Captain Lawrence's Com- 
pany, Col. Thaddeus Crane's Regiment; he served also in the 9th. 
Regiment of Connecticut Militia under Capt. Matthew Mead. 

Daniel Lyon (T. No. 164); served in the Connecticut Militia, un- 
der Capt. Abraham Mead. 

David Lyon (T. No. 93); lieutenant in Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Com- 
pany, Col. Thomas Thomas' Regiment, Westchester Co. Militia; also 
2nd. Lieut, commissioned May 28, 1778 of a Company formed by 
consolidation of North Castle, North and South Companies in 2nd. 
Militia Regiment; June 29, 1781, he was succeeded (in Capt. Purdy's 
Company) by Nathaniel Tucker as 2nd. Lieutenant. 

David Lyon (H) of Elizabeth N. J.; commissioned July 14, 1775 
as Captain of 10th Company, 1st. Regiment, N. Y. Continental Army; 
served also in same Regiment 1776, under Col. Goose van Schaick. 

David Lyon [Lyons]; private in 4th. Company, 1st. Regiment N. 
Y. Line; enlisted June 25, 1776 for 3 years; dec. June 11, 1777. 

Ebenezer Lyon (H ?) ; private with James and Joseph in Com- 
pany of Capt. David Lyon, under Col. Goose van Schaick. This 
may have been Ebenezer" Lyon [Peter*, Ebenezer^, Ebenezer^ Henry'] 
of New Jersey. 

Edward Lyons; private, Capt. Boyd's Company, Col. Drake's 

Gilbert Lyon (T. No. 63); member of the Westchester Co. Com- 
mittee of Safety. 

Gilbert Lyon (T. No. 189); appointed May 28, 1778, 1st Lieut. 

Capt. Hobby's Company ("Middle Patent" Company) in 2nd. Regiment 

(Westchester County) Militia; Sept. 29, 1780 promoted Captain of the 

(?«^/ Company and served with that rank Nov. 1, 1780 — April 11, 1781. A 

' filbert Lyon Is named among those whp were made prisoners by the 

'British. °/ a' >. , /^ . -^ -'r'-t^-; /^ , t-^^ c^^- L<^ ln^v4.^ S <v*^ 

Henry Lyon; private under Col.' Josiah Smith m Suffolk Co. Mili- 
tia. [A "Henry Loines" had his estate confiscated for disloyalty to 
the American causef.] 

Hosea Lyons; private in 2nd. Regiment N. Y. Line. 

tGUbert Lyon, Henry Lyon (perhaps the same as above), Joseph Lyon and 
Shuhal Lyon are also named in the Ust of those whose estates were confiscated. 
(OyW«!^v ^ U* Ua-a •^«'-^Q»-«. C^*^^m-^_ U,\A,4^r*^, 


Israel Lyon (T. No. 91); member of the Westchester Co. Com- 
mittee of Safety; house burned in 1779 by the British under Tarleton. 

Israel Lyon [Esrael (T. No. 275); private in Westchester Co. 
Militia, Capt. Gilbert Lyon. Col. Thomas Thomas; also private Capt. 
Joseph Drake's Company, Col. James Hamman; also Corporal, Capt. 
Miller's Company, Col. Thomas; also Sergeant in same Regiment, 
under Capt. Sackett and under Capt. St. John. 

James Lyon; 1st Lieut. Capt. David Ostrander's Company, 4th. 
Reg. N. Y. Militia, Col. Johnson. 

James Lyon; private (with Alvin) in Pierre van Cortlandt's Regi- 
ment, Westchester Co. Militia. There was also a " Lyons" in 

the regiment. 

James Lyon; private Capt. Vail's Company, Col. Graham's Regi- 
ment; also Corporal Capt. Drake's Company, Col. Samuel Drake. 
This and the preceding may relate to the same James, possibly No. 

James Lyons; private 4th. Company, 1st. Regiment, N. Y. Line, 
Col. Goose van Schaick; enlisted Oct. 22, 1776 for the war; discharged 
March 17, 1777. 

James Lyons; private Dutchess Co. Militia, Col. Jacob Swartwout. 

James Lyons (perhaps the same James); private in Capt. Yates' 
Company, Col. Yates; also private March 9, 1778 in Ensign Tarpon- 
Ding's Company, 4th. Regiment N. Y., Militia (same Regiment with 
Lieut. James Lyon above) . 

Job Lyon (T. No. 168); private in Connecticut Militia under Capt. 
Abraham Mead 1776; pensioner 1832. 

John Lyon (T. No. 190?); private in Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Com- 
pany, Col. Thomas Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in Capt. 
Hobby's Company, same Regt.; also Col. Pierre van Cortlandt's 
Regiment Westchester Co. Militia; also in Col. Samuel Drake's Regi- 
ment, under Capt. Haight and again under Capt. Buckhout; also "in 
prison 1 m. 15 d." and "served April 21 to Sept. 6, 1781" (command 
not stated). These records most likely belong to more than one 

John Lyon; private 3rd. Regiment N. Y. Line. 


Jonathan Lyon (T. No. 88); in civilian capacity an active revolu- 
tionist; house burned by the British. 

Joseph Lyon; private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. Thomas 
Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia. 

Joseph Lyon; private Capt. David Lyon's Company, Col. Gk)ose 
van Schaick, 1st. Regiment N. Y. Line. 

Joseph Lyon; private 7th. Company, 3rd. Regiment N. Y. Line. 
Col. Gansevoort; enlisted May 12, 1779; transferred later to Capt. 
Savage's Company, Col. Lamb's Artillery; died in hospital at New 
Windsor at close of war. 

Joshua Lyon (T. No. 143?); "of Greenwich" 1840, pensioner. 

Justus Lyon ["Justas"] ; private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, 
Col. Thomas Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same Regi- 
ment, Capt. St. John's Company. 

Michael Lyon; private Capt. Pawling's Company, Col. Pawling. 

Michael Lyons; probably the same as the foregoing; private Capt. 
Livingston's Company, Col. Weasenfel's Regiment (wounded. Marble- 
town, Ulster Co.) . 

Michael Lyons, (perhaps also same as foregoing); 8th Company, 
2nd. Regiment N. Y. Line, enlisted April 12, 1777 tor 3 years, dis- 
charged April 8, 188Q»«> >f 2-^y (^ 

Moses Lyon; j)riVate Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. Thomas 
Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also Capt. Sackett's Company in the 
same Regiment. 

Nathaniel Lyon; private Capt. Harrison's Company, Col. Harper'8 

Nathaniel Lyons (perhaps the same as the foregoing); private 
Capt. Marshall's Militia Company, Col. Marinus Willett. 

Noah Lyon; (T. No. 167); private Capt. Lawrence's Company, 
Col. Thaddeus Crane, Westchester Co. Militia; also served in Con- 
necticut Militia under Capt. Abraham Mead and in Conn. Line under 
Capt. Thomas Hobby. 

Peter Lyon (T. No. 94); member of Westchester Co. Committee 
of Safety. 


Peter Lyon; private in Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. Thom- 
as Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same regiment under 
Capt. Hobby. 

Roger Lyon (T. No. 60); in 1772 commissioned Captain of Militia, 
and as such is said to have served in the revolutionary war; once 
entertained General Washington and his staff at his home at North 

Roger Lyon (T. No. 185); private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Com- 
pany, Col. Thomas Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same 
regiment under Capt. Hobby and under Capt. St. John. 

Samuel Lyon (T. No, 78); member of Westchester Co. Com= 
mittee of Safety; member of Westchester Co. Regiment of Associated 
Exempts, Lieut. Col. Joseph Benedict. 

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 188); promoted Major, Feb. 22, 1776, from 
2nd Major, in a Regiment of Minute men; had been Major (1772) of 
Colonial Troops. 

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 245); private Westchester Co. Militia, Col. 
Pierre van Cortlandt. 

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 237); said to have died from injuries re- 
ceived during the Revolutionary war, an enigmatic statement; to him 
in part may belong some of the following records of service, which 
probably should be claimed in part by No. 245, and possibly may refer 
in part to still a different Samuel; private 2nd. Regiment Westchester 
Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Thomas, under Capt. Hobby April 16 — 
Aug. 15, 1777, under Capt. Gilbert Lyon Dec. 17, 1780— Nov. 4, 1781; 
also in same Regiment under Capt. Sackett, under Capt. St. John 
and again under Capt. Lawrence; also in Capt. Long's Company, 
Col. Webster's Regiment. A Samuel Lyon is mentioned also as halv- 
ing been a prisoner of war. TUZ^ <^' p^-^ ^/ Sr* //^J^^^<ri:f<-J^ ^^t. 

Samuel Lyons; private Capt. Long's Company, Col. Williams' /.^O:^^,^; 
Regiment (probably the same as the Samuel Lyon above in Capt. ' ^ 
Long's Company); also in Capt. Tourneur's Company, Col. Hays' 

Thomas Lyon; private Capt. Hunt's Company, Col. Wessenfel's 
Regiment; also Capt. McNitt's Company, Col. Webster's Regiment. 



Thomas Lyons (probably the same as the foregoing); private 
Ulster Co. Militia, Col. Levi Pawling; also Capt. McNitt's Com- 
pany, Col. Webster's Regiment. 

Thomas Lyons; lieutenant in Col. Seth Warner's Additional Con- 
tinentals, N. Y. Line; also lieutenant Capt. Barrow's Company, left 
leg fractured at Ticonderoga July 2, 1777. 


The ancestry of this William has not been ascertained, but it 
may be assumed, that he was of the family of Thomas Lyon of Rye, 
and probably in the fifth generation. He is said to have been born 
in Westchester County in 1774, and to have had a brother Samuel 
about two years younger than himself. He, probably with his pa- 
rents, went from Westchester County to Greenbush, near Albany, 
but returned to Westchester County and settled at Unionville. He 
took part in the war of 1812. He married Mary See, born 1780, 
died April 24, 1847; buried at Unionville, N. Y. William Lyon 
died March 18, 1849; buried in cemetery of Dutch Reformed Chh., 
Unionville, N. Y. 

Children of ■William and Mary (See) Lyon: 

2701. I. Eliza; b. Oct. 1801; d. March 21, 1883; m. 1st. Drake Miller; m. 
2nd William Todd. 

*2702. II. Andrew W.; b. Oct. 31, 1804; d. June 8, 1889; m. Harriet 
De Revere. 

2703. III. Peter; b. ; d. at sea; m. Louisa Marsh. 

2704. IV. Susan. 

2705. V. Nancy, b. 1810; d. Aug. 19, 1869; m. James De Revere. 

*2706. VI. Thomas; b. April 10, 1815; d. July 23, 1891; m. 1st Mary Rey- 
nolds; m. 2nd Matilda Lefurgy. 

2707. VII. Mary; b. July 29, 1817; d. Feb. 8, 1888; m. Daniel Odell. 

2708. VIIL Jane; b. June 13, 1820; d. Feb. 22, 1890; m. Abraham Yerks. 

2709. IX. Charlotte. 

2710. X. Daniel. 

2702. VI. 2700a.§ ANDREW* W. LYON [William"] born Oct. 
31, 1804; ied June 8, 1889; buried at Sparta, N. Y. He married, 
about 1822, Harriet De Revere, born June 18, 1806, died June 8, 1890; 
buried at Sparta. 

Children of Andrew W. and Harriet (De Revere) Lyon: 

♦2711. I. George W.; b. Sept. 25, 1823; d. 1904; m. Levantia White 


2712. II. James H.; b. Oct. 12, 1825. 

2713. IIL Nancy Maria; b. March 12, 1829; d. May 17, 1867; m. James L. 

2714. IV. Peter Edwin; b. Sept. 17, 1832. 

2715. V. Stephen Marshall; b. July 29, 1837; d. May 25, 1838. 

2716. VL WUliam; b. 1840; m. Powell. 

2706. VL 2700a. THOMAS' LYON [William"], born April 10, 
1815; died July 23, 1891; res. Unionville (now Hawthorne), West- 

§The arbitrary number 2700a has been assigned to William Lyon of Union- 


Chester Co., N. Y. He married first Mary Reynolds, born Dec. 7, 1816, 
died Aug. 8, 1876, daughter of Bnos and Mahala (Miller) Reynolds. 
He married second Matilda Lefurgy, born Aug. 20, 1826, died April 
9, 1887. 

Children of Thomas and Mary (Reynolds) Lyon: 

♦2717. I. Oscar; b. Sept. 15. 1836; d. Feb. 1. 1907; m. 1st Catherine Ryder; 
m. 2nd, Elizabeth Telford; m. 3rd, Anne Clark. 

2718 II. Emily; b. Nov. 1, 1888; d. Sept. 5, 1889; m. David Halght. 
♦2719. III. Henry; b. Nov. 2, 1842; m. Armlnda Haight. 

2720. IV. Mary Kllzabeth; b. Aug. 1, 1846; d. Nov. 25, 1860; unm. 

2721. V. MiUer Reynolds; b. May 28, 1849; d. March 14, 1852. 
♦2722. VI. Elbert Miller; b. April 13, 1854. 

2711. VII. 2702. GEORGE W.' LYON [Andrew W.«, William"^], 
born Sept. 26, 1823. at Hammonds Mills, Westchester Co., N. Y.; 

died , 1904, at Sing Sing, N. Y., where he had resided. He 

married, March 9, 1847, Levantia White Hicks, born March 25, 1825, 
living in 1908; daughter of Rufus and Jennette (Salisbury) Hicks ot 
Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Children of George W. and Levantia White (Hicks) Lyon: 

2723. I. Hiram Sparks; b. Dec. 18, 1847; d. 1905; m. March 1«, 

1885, Charlotte Acker. 

3724. IL Georgia Ann Salisbury; b. April 6, 1855; d. April 24, 1868. 

2717. VII. 2706. OSCARS LYON .[Thomas^ William*], iborn 
Sept. 15, 1826; died Feb. 1, 1907; buried at Unionville, N. Y., where 
he had lived. He married first Catherine Ryder, born Sept. 10, 1837, 
died April 10, 1880, buried at Unionville; daughter of David Ryder. 
He married second Elizabeth Telford, born April 9, 1864; d. May 6, 
1891; buried at Unionville. He married third Ann Clark. 

Children of Oscar and Catherine (Ryder) Lyon: 

2725. I. Ida. 

2726. II. Miller. 

2727. III. JuUa; m. Robert Maynard. 

2728. IV. Elizabeth; m. Purdy Orser. 

2729. V. Bertha; b. Oct. 1, 1867; d. Nov.. 12, 1873. 
Children of Oscar and Elizabeth (Telford) Lyon: 

2730. VI. Thomas; b. April 1, 1891; d. Oct. 6, 1891. 

2731. VII. Clifford; b. April 1, 1891; d. April 28, 1894. 

2719. VII. 2706. HENRY' LYON [Thomas^, William'], born 
Nov. 2, 1842; res. (1908) Unionville, Westchester Co., N. Y. He 


married Arminda Haight, born May 17, 1843, daughter of Horace 
and Betsey (Brown) Haight. 

Children of Henry and Arminda (Haight) Lyon: 

2732. I. Isadora; b. April 9, 1860; m. Addison Bird. 

2733. II. Henry Hudson; b. 1862; m. Luclnda Carpenter. 
3734. III. Olin J.; b. 1865; m. Askin. 

2735. IV. Eveline J.; b. June 28, 1879; m. James G. Taylor. 

2736. V. Chester B.; b. Dec. 12, 1884; unm. 

2722. VII. 2706. ELBERT MILLER' LYON [Thomas', Wil- 
liam'], born at Unionville, Westchester Co., N. Y., April 13, 1854; 
res. Schagticooke, N. Y. He married first Emmerretta Hammond, 
daughter of Leander Hammond. She died Jan. 7, 1893, aged 34 y. 
5 m. 27 d.; buried at Unionville, N. Y. He married second . 

Children of Elbert M. and Emmerretta (Hammond) Lyon: 

2737. I. Dora; m. Albert Cox. 

2738. II. Frank. 

2739. III. Ix)ui8. 

ipi. di'S^^ lf;^sc^c^, Ji 

1 Vol«ine I. of ine Lyon Memorial, pp. 391, 392, mere are mem- _ 

In Vol«ine I. of tne Lyon Memorial, pp. 391, 3&z, mere are mem- 
oranda of several Lyons who lived in Greenfield, Mass., 1790-1820.1 q^^^ 
It seems most likely that they were all related, perhaps all descend-lw, 54 
ants of Caleb Lyon, No. 168. Caleb was married April 28, 1756. HeT 3«^; 
may have had a son born early in 1757, and it would have been natu-/ /^L^^ 
ral that he should have named him John from his grandfather and! /7*^*-^ 
great grandfather. This would account for the .John Lyon who died/ A«->»*^ 
in Greenfield Oct., 1798---^he JohnTborn 1781 might have been the Z'^* 
-oWest son of the foregoing, and was probably the same John who r / 

bought a saw-mill in 1803, who married Patience , and 

removed from Greenfield to Bernardston, and who died Sept. 19, 
1839, leaving seven children. Another plausible hypothesis is that 
Caleb's brother John, born 1740, joined him in Greenfield, after his 
marriage, which took place in Goshen Aug. 8, 1771. (See Vol. I, p. 
67). This would then probably be the John who died 1798, and the 
John born 1781 may have been his son. Betsey Lyon, who was mar- 
ried in Greenfield Jan. 28, 1795, was probably a daughter of Caleb, 
or else of his brother John.§ 

It will be remembered that Caleb's son Caleb, No-. 361, removed 
to New York, settling first in Walworth, Wayne Co. Now William 
Lyon of Wayne Co., N. Y. (see Vol. I, p. 312), whose son Daniel 
lived in Walworth, may very easily have been a brother or cousin 
of Caleb, Jr., and, since we have no other clew to his antecedents, 
we may accept this as a plausible hypothesis — ^the more so, since the 
immediate relatives of Caleb, Sr. were of an uncommonly enterpris- 
ing disposition. 

Records have recently been received of another Lyon of Green- 
field, who certainly belonged to the family of Caleb, and who also 
went to New York State to seek his fortune. His name also was 

lit will be remembered that several of the brothers of Caleb Lyon settled 
In Goshen, which is not very far from Greenfield; it Is quite possible that some 
of their descendants came to Greenfield. We may note that one of them, Levi, 
had a son .Tphn born 1780, buf he seems not to have been long a resident of 
Goshen. Some of the "soff^ of Aaron Lyon of Sturbridge lived 1780-1825 in 
A.8hfield, quite near Greenfield and many of their descendants have never been 
traced. Jacob Lyon No. 132, from Woodstock, settled about 1770 in Gageboro, 
not far from Greenfield. There was a son Jacob and a daughter "Rockse" of 
whose history nothing has been ascertained, but the children were left fatherless 
while yet very young and might naturally have gone to join their kinsfolk in 
Greenfield. It will bo noted that the name Roxy appears among the children 
of William of Greenfield. There seems no reason for supposing that any of the 
Lyons of Lanesboro and New Ashford, descendants of Richard of Fairfield, found 
their way to Greenfield. ^^ I * if ~^ 



William, born July 25, 1790. He could hardly have been a son of 
Caleb, Sr., or even of Caleb's brother John. It is almost certain that 
he was grandson of one or the other of these, probably of Caleb. 
His grandson, Alva E. Lyon, of Perry, la., says that he was one of 
a family of twelve or thirteen children, one of them named Horace. 
They were probably not all children of one mother, but the name 
of the father has passed out of the remembrance of the family. One 
of the brothers was probably the Rufus Lyon who had a daughter 
born in Greenfield Nov. 15, 1820 — probably the same Rufus who was . 
afterward (1827) Justice of the Peace and town clerk in Stock- 
bridge, Windsor Co., Vt. This is inferred from the fact that Wil- 
liam named one of his sons Rufus. 

William Lyon left home at the age of fourteen, "his mother 
having died and his father having married again," and went to Ver- 
mont, where he lived ten years. It seems likely that he spent those 
years in Craftsbury, where Nehemiah Lyon, probably his father's 
own cousin, had settled. About 1814 William Lyon removed from 
Vermont to Allegany County, N. Y., where he married Rhoda Millett 
March 22, 1815. He remained in that region twenty-eight years, 
then went west, locating in Jo Daviess County, 111., where he died 
April 25, 1881. The brothers of William became widely scattered, 
settling in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and even in Georgia. 
Family tradition says that one of the sons had a daughter Mary 
who was a fine musician in her time. 

Children of WUliaml and Rhoda (Millett) Lyon: 

*4001. I. Isaac Perry; m. Mary B. Tyrrell. 

*4002. II. Betsey; m. Delson Tiffany. ' 

*4003. III. Roxy; m. Samuel Johnson. ,1 

•4004. IV. Horace; m. 1st Mary Edwards; m. 2nd — Grlfens. 

♦4005. v. Mary; m. Columbus Wright. 

4006. VI. Rufus; m. Charlotte St. John. 

4001. VIII. 4000. ISAAC PERRY' LYON [William'], was born 

in Allegany Co., N. Y., in June, 1821; died . He married 

Mary R. Tyrrell. 

Children of Isaac P. and Mary R. (Tyrrell) Lyon: 
•4007. I. William H.; m. May Edmonds; res. Jefferson, la. 
•4008. II. Rhoda; m. John F. Miller; res. Jefferson, la. 

§To William Lyon of Greenfield, the arbitrary number 4000 has been as- 
signed. He is assumed to have been of the family of William Lyon of Roxbury, 
In the seventh generation. His probable line is William' [John*. Calebi*, Caleb*, 
John*. John', William']. 


4009. III. Harrison L. ; unm. ; res. Jefferson, la. 

*4010. IV. liewis S.; m. Mary Secord; res. Jefferson, la. 

40H. V. Maggie d. in infancy. 

♦4012. VI. Casper P.; m. Martha Clopton; res. Jefferson, la. 

*4013. VII. Alva E.; m. Eva McKean; res. (1908) Perry, la. 

4014. VIII. Grant; d. in Infancy. 

4002. VIII. 4000. BETSEY" LYON (TIFFANY) [William'], born 

in Allegany Co., N. Y.; died . She married Delsou Tiffany. 

Children of Delson and Betsey (Lyon) Tiffany (the families live in Stock- 
ton, 111.): 

4016. I. Albinos; m. Anna O'Brien; 5 children. 

4016. II. Fanny; m. Thomas Tyrrell; one child. 

4017. III. Columbus. 

4018. IV. Mary; unm. 

4019. V. Charles; m. Mary Simons. 

4080. VI. Palmer; unm. 

4081. VII. Douglas; m. 

4022. VIII. Lena; unm. 

4023. IX. Reuben; m. . 

4003. VIII. 4000. ROXY' LYON (JOHNSON) [William'], bora 
in Allegany Co., N. Y.; died . She married Samuel Johnson. 

Children of Sa'. luel and Roxy (Lyon) Johnson (The families live at Stock- 
ton, 111.): 

4024. I. AlleU m. Emma Hopkins; children: 1. Thuriow (m. Carrie Dow; 
2 ch.); 2. Jessie; 3. ILeland; 4. Orlena; 5. Colonel. 

4025. II. Mill -d; m. Mary Heilman; children: 1. Ctiester; 2. Earl (m. 
Minnie Rindesbacke a son, Lyman); 3. Stella (m Fred. CoppernoU; one ch.); 
5. Florence; 6. I«a' 7. Porter. 

4026. III. Melvin; m. ; wife and child deceased. 

4027. IV. L.i|>erty; m. Jonas Parker; children: 1. Alma; 2. Clyde; 3. Dei- 
son; 4. Ada; 5. Frefntan; 6. Glenn; 7. Laura. 

4028. V. Vi< ory; m. Jerome Griggs (?); a son Samuel. 
4089. VI. B' nice; unm. 

4030. VII. : iverday; unm. 

4031. VII. Noble; m. 1st Florence Fitzsimmons; one child Mabel; m. 2nd 
Ada Machomber; children: 2. Ruth; 3. Arba; 4. Lola; 5. Harold; 6. Martha. 

4032. IX. Emma; unm. 

4033. X. Delma; unm. 

4004. VIII. 4000. HORACE^ LYON [William'], born in Allegany 

Co., N. Y.; died ; married first Mary Edwards and second 


Children of Horace and Mary (Edwards) Lyon: 

4034. I. Alexander; m. ; res. near Mt. Carroll, III. 

4036. II. Mitchell; m. ; res. DeKalb, 111. 


Children of Horace and (Grifens) Lyon: 

4036. III. Martha. 

4037. IV. Roxy. 

4038. V. Mary. 

4039. VI. Charles. 

4005. VIII. 4000. MARY* LYON (WRIGHT) [William'], was 
born in Allegany Co., N. Y. She married Columbus Wright and lives 
(1908) near Marengo, III. She is the only one of the children of Wil- 
liam Lyon now living (1908). 

Children of Columbus and Mary (Lyon) Wright: 

4040. I. Jerome; m. . 

4041. II. Viva; m. . 

4042. III. Elmer; m. 

4043. IV. Delos; m. - 

4006. VIII. 4000. iRUPUS* LYON [William^], was born in Alle- 
gany Co., N. Y.; died . He married Charlotte St. John. 

Children of Rufus and Charlotte (St. John) Lyon (the families live near 
Stockton, 111.): 

4044. I. John; m. Charlotte Tyrrell; res. Belvidere, 111. 

4046. II. Laara; m. Casslus Tyrrell. 

4046. III. Homer; m. Sarah O'Brien. 

4047. IV. Mary [Mamie]; m. Dr. Smith. 

4007. IX. 4001. WILLIAM H.» LYON [Isaac P.«, William'], mar- 
ried May Edmonds. 

Children of William H. and May (Edmonds) Lyon: 

4048. I. Ida; m. . 

4049. IL WUl; m. . 

4050. III. Anna; m. . 

4051. IV. Sue; m. . 

4062. V. CecU; m. . 

4053. VI. Harry; unm. 
4064 VII. Ruth; unm. 

4008. IX. 4001. RHODA A." LYON (MILLER) [Isaac P.», Wil- 
liam'], married John F. Miller. 

Children of John F. and Rhoda A. (Lyon) Miller: 

4065. I. Maggie; m. James Winkleman; children: 1. Myrtle; 2. Grace (m. 
Hough; one dau.); 3. 8adie; 4. Dorris; 5. Bennie. 

4056. II. Isaac; m. Nellie Davis; no ch. 

4057. III. Fitz; unm. 

4058. IV. Liberty; m. Henry Mattison; children: 1. May; 2. "Baby.' 

4059. V. May; m. Judd. 


4010. IX. 4001. LEWIS S.» LYON [Isaac P.', William'], mar- 
ried Mary Secord. 

Children of Lewis S. and Mary (Secord) Lyon: 

4060. I. James. 

4061. II. Frank. 

4012. IX. 4001. CASPER P." LYON [Isaac P." William'] mar- 
ried Martha Clopton. 

Children of Casper P. and Martha (Clopton) Lyon: 
4063. I. Ernest. 

4063. II. Percy. 

4064. III. Vernon. .. 

4065. IV. Casper. 

4013. IX. 4001. ALVA E.» [Isaac P.^ William'] married Eva 
McKean, whose father is author of the McKean Genealogy. Res. 
Perry, la. 

Children of Alva E. and Eva (McKean) Lyon: 

4066. I. ComellnB. 

4067. II. Homer. 

(See Vol. II. p. 371.) 

Nothing new has been learned of the antecedents of this Sam- 
uel, but he was certainly of the family of Richard Lyon of Fairfield, 
and quite likely may have been No. 198 (Vol. II. p. 271). The name of 
one of his grandsons, the oldest child of (Ezra Lyon (Vol. I. p. 316), 
Caleb Meeker Slocum Lyon is very suggestive, pointing to a close 
relationship with the family of Caleb* Lyon [Samuel*, Rachard% Rich- 
ard'] of Fairfield, since Caleb's daughter Rhoda married Caleb Meek- 
er. Ezra's brother, Levi C. Lyon, married a Slocum. Samuel Lyon 
with his family moved to Fulton, Co., N. Y., about 1795, settling in 
EJdinburg and securing land, it is said, from Van Vechten, Patroon 
of Albany. According to H. M. Lyon of Minneapolis, his great grand- 
•f son, there were five of the sons who settled in New York State, in 
Saratoga and Fulton Counties. 

One of these was Levi C. Lyon (Vol II, p. 371), another was cer- 
tainly Abel Lyon (Vol. I, p. 316), still another was probably Ezra Lyon 
(Vol. I, p. 316), who was brother, not son, of Abel. Irene (Lyon) Bass 
was almost certainly a daughter of Samuel. The revised record of 
Samuel's family, as far as ascertained is as follows: 

* / 

Children of Samuel and Eunice ( ) Lyon: ^^ ^A,-«,tj» / ^^-Ct^fc^ 

I. Abel; b. about 1775. ^7f^U (^^c-*-*-**-*. 

II. Ezra; b. about 1790. 

III. Levi C. ; b. Hartford, Conn., 1791. 

IV. Irena; b. about 1792-7. 

There were several other children, including two sons. 

Recently some other descendants of Abel Lyon have been traced. 
One of Abel's sons was Daniel Brayton Lyon. The fact that the name 
Brayton occurs also in the family of Edward Birch Lyon, another of 
Abel's sons, makes it probable that the maiden name of some com- 
mon ancestor, possibly Eunice, wife of Samuel, was Brayton. Abel's 
wife's name was Esther Pulling, said to have been born about the 
time of the battle of Lexington, and to have lived not far from Dan- 
bury, Conn. Daniel Brayton Lyon was born in Edinburg, N. Y., Feb. 
24, 1820. He was a graduate of Union College 1847 (name given er- 
roneously in Vol. I, page 419 as David B. Lyon); Phi Beta Kappa; 
became an Episcopal clergyman and lived successively in Battle 
Creek, Mich., Ionia, Mich., Ripon, Wis., and (1908) Minneapolis, Minn. 
When living in Ripon he was Counta^ Superintendent of Schools, Fond 


du lac Co., Wis. He married, at Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 31, 1853, 
Tirzah West Lord of New Ireland, Quebec, daughter of Peter Chand- 
ler Lord and Lais Dexter West. 

Children of Daniel B. and Tirzah W. (Lord) Lyon: 

I. Hiram Moore; b. Battle Creelt, Mich., Oct. 23, 1854; m. at Merrlllan, Wis., 
June 14, 1884, Effle Laura Fulton, dau. of Andrew Jackson Fulton; res. (1908) 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

XL Charles Brayton; b. Ionia, Mich., May 16, 1858. 

IIL Harriet Moore; b. Ionia, Mich., Feb. 19, 1860. 

IV. Margaret; b. Rlpon, Wis., May 3. 1867. 

V. Heber Newton; b. Ripon, Wis., March 15, 1862. 

VL Mary Gertrude; b. Ripon, Wis., March 17, 1872; m. July 6, 1898 at 
Indianapolis, Ind., Edward Taylor, son of William Alexander and Margaret Eliza- 
beth (Shade) Taylor; ch. : 1. Edward L«rd. b. Aug. 21, 1899; 2. Heber Newton 
Lyon, b. June 3, 19«1; res. (1908) Indianapolis, Ind., 1941 N. Pennsylvania St. 

.^^:^ ^e^ ^ ' ADDENDA. "^ "^""^ 

October fifth, 1710, the French fort at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, 
was surrendered with 258 men to a force of Colonials under command 
of Col. Francis Nicholson, who was colonial governor of Maryland 
1694-99, of Virginia 1699-1705, of Nova Scotia 1712-17 and of South 
Carolina 1721-25. Among the officers under Col. Nicholson there was 
a Captain Lyon, whose identity has not been ascertained. The fort 
was renamed by its captors Annapolis. One of the keys which were 
given up at the surrender is now in the cabinet of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society. • s '' - C 

It is recorded on page 368 of Veflr I. that ^'Joanna Lyon married in ^<-«..«.ct^ 
Dedham, Mass., Sept. 20, 1733 Benoni^Fairbanks.^^ May not this/ 
Joanna or Johanna have been a daughter of SamueP and Joanna 
(Weld) Lyon [William-, William'], perhaps the "Hannah," No. 120, 
said to have been baptized July 24, 1714? It would have been natural 
for Samuel to name one of his daughters Joanna, and the names 
Hannah and Johannah might be easily confused. Note that Bleazer 
and Jedediah, sons of Samuel, each named a daughter Joanna. 

To record of Daniel Brayton Lyon, p. 432, add the following items: 
Charles Br?.yton Lyon; grad. Ripon college. Res. 1908 425 Oak 
Grove St., Minneapolis; m. at Marquette, Wis., June 6, 1883 Martha 
McCracken, dau. of Samuel M. and Margaret A. (Benson) McCracken 
(Mr. McC. d. at Berlin, Wis., Sept. 28, 1861). Ch.; 1. Bertha E., b. June 7, 
1884; 2. Georgia West, b. Oct. 20, 1888; 3. Barbara Elizabeth, b. Sept. 
11, 1896. 

Harriet IVIoore Lyon, b. Battle Creek, Mich. Feb. 19, 1860. Res. 
(1908) Chester Terrace, Duluth, Minn.; m. Minneapolis Oct. 22, 1884, 
Frank C. Berry, son of J. Collins Berry and Amanda Beckwith 
(of Minneapolis). Ch.; 1. iVIarion Russell, b. Nov. 20, 1885. 2. Brayton 
Lyon, b. March 21, 1890. 3. Laurence Everest, b. Nov. 27, 1898; all 
1). Minneapolis. ^ ^^ n 


From a letter written Feb. 18, 1879, by Alvin Lyon, son of EUsha, No. 450 
of family of WllHam of Roxbury; Alvln was then 83 years old. 

The Tradditions of Our family are like this: 

Long time past Our ancestors lived in france Near the City of 
Lyons. At the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Being French Hugenots 
a Remnant escaped the Massacre of that Terable Night, they went 
Over to England where we received a commingling of Anglo Saxon 
Blood took place, passing to Wales and not liking they returned to 
England and from theire Seven Brothers of the name of Lyon emi- 
grated to this Country, they came Direct to providence Bringing 
their families theire Ox Yokes their Hay poles plows chains and all 
the Impliments of husbandry. Havein procured Carts and Oxen they 
proceeded Inland when Night came on they divided themselves among 
the farmers the woman took from the cart her wheel and obtaining 
a Distiff of flax sat down to her wheel with a will the old man God 
Bless him, took his ax and mounted the wood pile in this way they 
came to Woodstock Windham Co. Conn, theire these seven brothers 
bot farms and settled. Theire names I don't know. From the Seven 
Brothers all the Lyons in the United States are said to have desended. 

I suppose it was as far back as the Indinan War that my great 
grand father Belonging to a Cavlry Company heard a Discharge of Mus- 
quetry and with Curage that New No fear went to Reconoitre. A 
sharp Report a horse without a Rider soon told his fate, his name 
I think was Aaron Lyon. A Blacksmiths shop in 1780 Covered the 
spot where the Ashes of the hero lay. The care of the family then 
fell to my grand father Jonathan Lyon. He married Rebecca Corbin 
and they raised a Large family. The youngest children, Hannah, 
Nancy, Moses and Corbin were schoolmates at Woodstock Academy 
with governor Marcey of this State. My father's name was Elisha. 
He and his Brother Abel came to Milford, N. Y., 1790. The town was 
then an unbroken wildernes. My uncle Jonathan (Vol. I, No. 451) 
was Colonel in the Windham Regiment and went down to Stonington 
in 1812. We claim as of our line General Lyon who was killed at 
Springfield Mossiri. 

The story of our foreign Birth I Learned from My Mother whose 
name previous to her m'ttrriage was Rebecca Clark, a woman of high 
culture, born in pomfret near Putnam's Wolf Den. My father came 
from Woodstock to Milford nbout 1789 with his ax and his Brother 
Abel, bot 200 acres and chopt til July then went back to Woodstock 


to work in haying the next March with 2 yolte of Oxen, a wood sled, 
mother, a baby boy, a few articles of goods they began life in Mil- 
ford. * * my great grand father was returning from providence with 
his cart and oxen heavily loaded when he met governor Trumbul 
in his coach, the governor thought the yeoman would turn out and 
the man with the Lyon Blood said No. the governor said whoa But man 
with the Lyon Blood In him said goalong Buck and the governor was in 
the Dirt. 

In the war of the Revolution my grandfather was old enough to 
have been a Soldier But was prevented By a Broken Limb making him 
a Cripple for life. 

[The foregoing in an interesting blending of heroic myth, legendary 
history and personal reminiscence. One can hear in it the ipsissima 
verba of that good mother of his, Rebecca Clark.] 


Page 11, line 19 — For Grancurt, reaJ Grancourt. 

Page 12, line 11 from bottom. — For Co., Lincoln, read co. Lincoln. 

Page 21, line 10 — For Prestwick, read Prestwich. 

Page 24, line 10 from bottom, also page 26, line 21. — Capitalize 
the word "memorial." 

Page 45, line 19 — F'or m. John Willsbn, read: m. 1st. Joseph Sted- 
well; m. 2nd. John Willsbn'. 

Page 47, line 9 — For Hakaliah read Hachaliah. The spelling 
Hacaliah in lines 1, 8 and 29 is that of the original record. 

Page 48, No. 27 — For m. Close, read m. Thomas Close. 

Page 50, line 2 — ^For Hubby, read Hobby. 

Page 53, line 17— For No. 13, read No. 16. 

Page 54, line 9 from bottom — For 1870, read 1670. 

Page 56, footnote — Add after Samuel Lyon: also Mary, wife of 
John Lyon. 

Page 58, No. 99 — Add after David Husted: See Appendix, Note 

Page 58, No. 102 — Query: what Israel Lyon could this have been? 
Surely not No. 91. 

Page 60, No. 105 — For Martha Miller, read Maria Miller. 

Page 63, No. 156 — For Jonah Maynard, read Isaiah MaynarJ. 

Page 63, No. 157 — For Hackaliah, read Hachaliah. 

Page 63, No. 159— Add: m. Theall. 

Page 65, No. 59 — Add: Mary Miller was sister of Hannah Miller 
who married Samuel Lyon, No. 31. The will of Abraham Miller 
mentions Mary, wife of John Lyon. The suggestion that Joshua Lyon 
of Greenwich 1840 was a son of John Lyon is gratuitous; it is alto- 
gether probable that this Joshua was No. 143. 

Page 69, line 3 from bottom — For Harrison's purchase, read Harri- 
son's Purchase. The will of Thomas Marsh was dated April 14, 1770. 

Page 70, No. 230— Add: See page 306. 

Page 70, No. 76 — In lines 7 and 8, read: He married second (bond 
Feb. 7, 1770) Phebe Green. 

ERRATA .437 

Page 72 — Lines 10 and 11 have been: transppaQj. 

Page 74, No. 261 — James Lyon married , possibly aitartha 3anks, 
daughter of John and Deborah (Newman) Banks. 

Page 75, No. 91 — In line 10 of the paragraph, for Joshua, read 
Jonathan; see page 336. 

Page 75, No. 275 — For Coles Giddings, read Coles- Golding. 

Page 75, No. 93 — ^The statement that this David Lyon served in 
the Revolution with rank of Captain in the First New York Regiment, 
is an error. Capt. David Lyon was of the family of Henry Lyon of 
.Newark; he was son. of Samuel* [Samuel*, SamueP, Henry']. See Vol. 
II, page 99, where he is No. 174; also page 247, where he is. No. 2173. 

Page 76, No. 287— The 287 should have an asterisk; see jpage 106. 

Page 76, No. 288 — For m. Valentine, read m. Benjamina 


Page 77, No. 305 — For m. Hannah Park, read m. Hannah Parks. 

Page 78, No. 321 — For Sarah, read Mai;y. 

Page 80, No. 143 — It seems probable that it was this Joshua who 
was a Revolutionary war pensioner in 1840, residing, according to the 
record, in Green,wich. 

Page 82, No. 365 — For Sheerwood, read Sherwood. 

Page 83, No. 164— Daniel Lyon died May 11, 1824, ae. 78 y. 1 m. 
22 d. (G. R.); this would make the date of his birth March 19, 1746. 
He was buried in the Lyon plot in Cemetery at North Cpscob, south of 
the school house. Betsey, his second wife, died March 16, 1837, ae. 
80 y. 1 m. 8 d. (G. R.). 

Page 83, No. 389 — Jerusha was born March 24, 1786 [possibly 
there were two of the name, the first dying in infancy] ; died Oct. 30, 
1858. Her husband, Moses Husted was her own cousin, No. 396. 

Page 83, No. 390— Rebecca was born 1795; died July 7, J.832, ae. 
37 (G. R.); unm. 

Page 83, No. 391— Daniel .was born Aug. 24, 1797, died April 5, 
1860, ae. 62 y. 7 m. 12 d. (G. R.). 

Page 83, No. 396— Moses Husted died June 20, 1842, ae. 64 y. 6 
m. Id. (G. R.); he married second his cousin Jerusha I^yon, No. 389. 

Page 89, No. 482— Merritt Lyon married his cousin Elizabeth 
Merritt, No. 488. 


Pag€ 92, No. 526 — For Tottem, read Totten. 

Page 93, No. 219— Sarah Lyon received land by will o