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L.liJs Alius AL 

r i 


mn% A?rA. AruieA. aSu UCBAJ^ICA. 

lUMi'ii r.P »n 


iJdsmn, ®[.S-a.: 


C<K'VH40lii nV s. £. 

n iniiiiiiifi fi tifnTitn i ri i rM^WrfiM^ ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




ETC., ETC., 






Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Little need be said in regard to the American por- 
tion of the Directory, A new feature has been adopted 
in printing the name of the State at the end of the line, 
in bold-iace type. This has been done to meet, as far as 
possible, the demands of those who desire the names 
arranged by States. All parties in the United States 
and Canada, who have been heard from since the issue of 
the last Directory have an asterisk [*] affixed to their 
address. Other names are undoubtedly correct, but in 
choosing correspondents it will be best to give those who 
have taken the trouble to retuxn their blanks the prefer- 
ence, as it may indicate a deeper interest in their special- 
ties. A capital "C." following the department of science 
indicates that tlie person has a ctollection ; and " Ex." that 
he desires to increase his collections by exchanging. An 
absence of these may be taken as indicating that corre- 
sjwndents are not desired. Information resj^ectin^ people 
whom we have not heard from is especially desired, as 
many names not marked with an asterisk [*] will be 
droj»ped from a future edition, unless we have some evi- 
dence that they are still alive, and at the address given. 
Any suggestions calculated to increase the usefulness of 
tlie work will be thankfully received and carefully con- 

The foreign countries are arranged alphabetically 
' under America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica. The 
index will be found convenient when correspondents in 
any particular locality are desired. We hope the foreign 
department will be considered as a "first proof" of what 
we wish to make the next edition. As no work of the 
kind has been made before, the difficulty of obtaining 
correct addresses was very great. It is impossible that 
there should not be many errors and ottiissions of impor- 
tant names, but if the friends of the* work will send us 
corrections of such errors as they may detect, and lists of » 

iii \ . ' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


names omitted, it will help greatly in making the next 
edition more complete. Absolute perfection can hardly 
be expected in a work of this kind. 

A considerable lack of uniformity will be noticed in 
some countries, part of the addresses being given in French 
and some in German. In all cases we have given the name 
in whichever language it was reported to us. The endeavor 
has been to give them in such a manner that communica- 
tions will reach their destination, and to this end most of 
the towns and cities, as well as other portions of the ad- 
dress, are given in the native language. No names have 
been inserted unless received from sources supposed to 
be reliable. Many have been in direct communication 
with the editor. Great difficulty has been found in de- 
ciphering the writing, and in some few cases it was found 
to be quite impossible. Too much care can not be taken 
in this respect, and when convenient the name and address 
should be sent in printed form. 

In the appendix will be found many valuable names 
which arrived too late for the body of the work. In a 
few cases where changes in address occurred after the 
book had gone to press, the corrected address is given 
in the appendix. 

Much of the work on the volume has been done by 
Miss A. E. Ordway, who has spared no pains to make it 
accurate. To Mr. J. Ritchie, Jr., belongs the credit of 
completing the list of Astronomers. 

We desire to extend our sincere thanks to a host of 
friends at home and abroad, who, at much expense of time 
and trouble, have prepared large and valuable lists, but to 
mention even their names would require several pages. 

Boston, Nov. 1881. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Abbreviations •••••. vii 

Africa 355-388 

Algeria 355-388 

Anorola ........ 355 

Antij^iia 129 

Argentine Republic . . . 131-379 

Asia 350 

Assam. See Indian Empire . 350 

Australia . .' 359 

Austi'o-Hungary . . . .133-379 

Azores 155, 3S2 

Barbadoes 129 

Belgium 153,382 

Bengal. See Indian Empire . 350 

Bermuda 129 

Bohemia. See Austro-Hun- 

gary 133-379 

Bolivia 131 

Bombay. See Indian Empire. 350 

Borneo 363 

Bi-azil 131 

British Columbia. See Canada 1^75 

British Guiana 132 

Bnrmah. Sec Indian Empire. 350 

Canada 1-375 

Canary Islands 356 

Cape Colony 356 

Cape of Good Hope. See Cape 

Colony 356 

Caslimcre. See Indian Empire. 350 

Ceylon 350 

Chili 132 

China 350 

Comoro Isles . . • . . 356-388 

Con*o 356 

Corsica 382 

Costa Bica 126 

Cuba 129 

Curacoa 378 

Cyprus 350 

Deecan. See Indian Empire . 350 

Denmark 162 

Dominica .129 

Dutch Guiana 879 


Ecuador 132 

Egypt 356 

England. See Great Britain. 23(^286 

Europe 133-379 

Fernando Po. 357 

Finland. See Russia . . . 321 

France 166-383 

Gaboon 357 

Gambia 357 

Germany 209-^85 

Gibraltar 236 

Great Britain 236^386 

Greece 300 

Guadeloupe 129-^78 

Guatemala 126 

Hawaiian Isles. See Sandwich 

Islands 364 

Heligoland . 300 

Holland. See Netherlands . . 313 
Hungarv ........ 133 

Indian £mpire 350 

Ireland. See Great Britain 236-286 

Italy 301-386 

Jamaica 129-378 

Japan 353 

Java 363 

LuxembouT^g 386 

Madras. See Indian Empire. 350 

Malta 313 

Martinique • • 130 

Mauritius ....;... 357 

Mexico 126-378 

Natal' 357 

Netherlands 315-386 

New Brunswick. See Canada. 1-375 

Newfoundland 128-378 

New Caledonia .... 
New South Wales . . . 
New Zealand .... 

Nicaragua 128 

North West Provinces. See 

Indian Bmpire 350 

Nonvav 317-386 

Nova Scotia. See Canada . 1-375 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Occanica •••..• 

OrHuire Free States .... 3o7 

Peru 132-«7tf 

Pbilippiue I^anUd ..... iM>4 
Puluiid. bcti UutMia .... 321 

Purtu liico 13j 

Poitu^ful 3l9-3d(i 

Puiuai>. See Indian Empire . 3o0 

Qiieeuifland 361 

Iteuniou Islands 3d7 

Koiiiuauia 320-367 

KiiSMa 321-367 

ban Domingo ViO 

Sandwich Islands 334 

Santa Cruz 13J 

Sardinia Sec Ital;r .... 301 
Scicutitic Societies in the United 

States anil Canada .... 366 
Scotland. i>ee(;reat Britain. 236-286 

Sicily See Italy 331 

Sierra Leone 358 

biujrapore. Sec Indian Em- 
pire 350 

Spain 326-387 

South America 131-^79 

bouih AuHtralia ..... ;5dU 
btraiu ."settlements. See Indian 

Empire 350 

St. Thomas 130 

bumatra 3(55 

bwcueii «i3i) 

bwiuerlaud 344-3o»d 

byria. bee Turkey in .Vsia . 3.i4 

Tasmania 365 

Trons-Caucasia. Sec Kussia • 321 

Trinid:.d 130-3/8 

Turkey iu Asia ...... 3i>4 

Turkey iu Europe ..... 34J 

UuitCil btates 1, 3/o 

Uru;ruay 132 

U. S ol' Columbia 132 

Venezuela 132-3/9 

Victoria 831 

Waday ViS 

Wales See Great Britain. 236-286 

Wcsrt Indies 129-37S 

YiM'uba 3i>S 

Zanzibar 3d^ 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Acad., Academy. 
Ajrric . Ajrriculture. 
Ala., Aliilmiua. 
Am., Aiumcan. 
Atiat., .Vuaioiiiy. 
Aiiaiyt., Analytical. 
A nth., Anthropology. 
Antiq.. Autiquitieti. 
Aracli., Araclinkla. 
An*h., Aivhsology, 
Ariz., Anzona. 
Ark., ArkaniHM. 
Asi., Astronomy. 
Anst., A'^sistant. 
Biol., Biolo«fy. 
Bet., Botany. 
Brvol., Bni-ology. 

C, C'ollccf ion. 
Cal., Califbrnia. 
Carab., Cam bide. 
Carb. Carboniferous. 
Ci'j-auib., CeranibycidflB* 
Cheni , ClicmistiT. 
Ciriml., Cicindelidn. 
Cin., Cincinnati. 

Col., Colointdo 

Coleopt., Coleoptenu 

C^f»ll.. Collejre. 

Com p., ComptiratiYC. 

Con., Concholoiry. 

Conn , Connerticnt. 

Crypt., Crj'ptooramic. 

Crystal., (*r>-staIlo{fraphy. 

C'nr., Cnrator. 

DC, District of Columbia. 

Del., Delaware. 

Dcpt., Department. 

Devon., Devonian. 

Dipt., Diptera. 

Dist., Distribution. 

D. T., Dakotah Territory. 
Econ,, Economic. 
Elect., Electricily. 
Emb,, Embryology. 
Ent., Entomology. 

Esp., Especially. 
Eth., Etbnolo^. 
Ethnog., Ethnography. 

Ex., ETchange. 

Fla., Floridiu 

Ga., Gconria. 

Gen., (icncml. 

Geoi; , Gco)mi|^ksaL 

Geo!., Geology. 

Held., HelderW. 

Hemipt., llemlptem. 

Hcrpetol., Herpetology. 

HistoL, Hirttolo^ry. 

Hoit., IIoili<'ii!t«»re« 

Ifymcuop., Ilymeuoptera. 

la., Iowa. 

Icbth , Ichtbyology. 

Ill , Illinois. 

Ind., Indiana. 

Imert., Invertebrates. 

Inorjf., Inor;funic. 

luMt., Institute. 

Kan., Kansas. 
Ky., Kentucky. 

L., Lower. 

La., Louisiana. 

L. & F. W., Land and Fresh 

I>emd., Lepidoptera. 
Lithol , Litliolo^. 
Mam., Mammalogy. 
Mass., Massachusetts. 
Math., Mathematics. 
Md., Mar>'laad. 
Me., Maine. 
Med., Metlical. 
Meteo., Meteorology. 
Met., Metalluruy. 
Mic , Microscopy. 
Mich; Michimin. 
Min., Mineruogy. 
Minn., Minnesota. 
Miss., Mississippi. 
Mo., Missouri. 
Moll. Mollusks. 
Mon., Montana. 
Mils., Museum. 
Nat. Hist, Natural Histoiy. 
N. C, North Carolina. 
Neb., Nebraska. 
Neuropt., Neuroptera. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Ncv., Nevada. 
N. H., New Hampshire. 
Nia^M Niagara. 
N. J., New Jersey. 
N. M., New Mexico. 
N. Y., New York. 
O., Ohio. 

Obs., Observatory. 
Oiil., Oolojry. 
Opthal., Optlialmology. 
Ore., Oregon., 
Org., Organic. 
Oru., Ornithology. 
Ostcol., Osteology. 
Palteo., PahjpontologT. 
Patbol., Pathological. 
Pcnu., Pennsylvania. 
Phse^n., Phsnogamic 
Pliilol., Philology. 
Phil., Philosophy. 
Photog., Photography. 
Phys., Physics. 
Piscol., Piscology. 
Prof , Professor. 
R. I., Rhode Island. 
6. C.» South Carolina. 

Sec., Secretary. 

Sci , Science. 

Sil., Silurian. 

So., Southern. 

Soc, Society. 

Sp., Species. 

Spec., Specimen or Specialty. 

Strat., StratigraphicaL 

Surv., Sui-vcy. 

Syst., Systematic. 

lax.. Taxidermy. 

Tech , Technical, Technology. 

Tenn., Tennessee. 

Tex., Texas. 

U., Upper. 

Univ , University. 

Va., Virginia. 

Vase, Vascular. 

Veg., Vegetable. 

Vert., Vertebrates. 

Vt., Vermont. 

Wis., Wisconsin. 

Wash. T., Washington Territory. 

W. T., Wyoming Tenitoiy. 

W. Va.. West Virginia. 

ZoiiL, Zoology. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 




An asterisk (*) indicates that parties have been heard from since Issue of last 

Aaron, Chas. E., A. M., 744 Union St., W. Philadelphia. /*?y<p«. Bot., 
Ferns, C.» Penn. 

Aaron, EugUnb M., 744 Union St., W. Philadelphia. Lepid. Rare 
Butterflies Bought,* Fenn. 

Aaron, Mrs. E.M., 744 Union St., W.Philadelphia. Ent. C* Penn. 

Aaron, S. Frank, 744 Union St., W. Philatlelphia. On»., Ool, Tax. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Abbe, Cleveland, Prof, and Asst. Army Signal Office, Washington. 
Met,, Ast,* D. C. 

Abbott, C. C, M. D., L. B. 35, Trenton. Arch., ZooL* N. J. 

Abbott, Charles S., Antrim. C. Ex. N. H. 

Abbott, E. K., M. D., Salinas, Montei-ey Co. Bot., Met. C* Cat. 

Abbott, H. L., MiHtaiy Enorincer, Willet's Point, N. Y. Harbor. N. Y. 

Abbott, William Louis, 1926 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Om. C, 
Ex.* Penn. 

Abbott, William G., Noi-wich. Bot* Conn. 

AcHERT, E. E., Denver. Om., Min.* Col. 

AcKART, Howard, Southington. Min, C. Ex. Conn. 

Acker, E. O'C, C. E., U. S. N., U. S. S. Alaska, Navy Dep*t., Wash- 
ington. Min, D. C. 

Adams, Edw. P., C. E., Medford. Bot., Geol.* Mass. 

Adams, E. F., New Ipswich. Palteo,, Min,, Arch,, Om., Ent., Moll. 
C. N. If. 

Adams, F. P., Prin. Normal School, Danville, Hendricks Co. Geol. 
C.» Ind. 

Adams, Fred, Elmore. Arch., Oeol, C, Ex.* III. 

Adams, 3. L., Jr., Bloomfield. Om. C. Ex. N. J. 

Adams, Rev. Myron, 9 Washington St., Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Adams, W. H., Elmore, Peoria Co. Arch., Palceo. C. Ex. Nutlets 
or fossil fruits, leaves, and other Coal Measure fossils. Wishes to 
coiTespond with museums, etc.* Ill, 

Adams, W. P., Pittsfield. Min. N. H. 

Adams, Zue, Topeka. Lepid., Coleopt, C. Kan. 

Addricks, George, Mt. Pleasant. C. la. 

Adkins, Chapman, Wayne C. H. Med. and Gen.,Sct.* W. Va. 

Agassiz, Alexander, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard 
College, Cambridge. Comparative Zoology,* Mass. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Aiken, Chaklbs E., Colorado Springs. O5/., Mam,, Min. C. Ex.* 

Aiken, Prop. W. E. A., M. D., LL. D., Baltimore. Phani. BoL, 

Ferns. C* Md. 

AiNSLiE, Charles N., A. M., Rochester. Invert,, Ent,: Dipt., 

Coleopt, C. Ex. Insects and F. W. Shells. Minn. 

Akhurst, John, 32 Nassau St., Brooklyn. Ent, : Lepid., Coleopt,, 

Tax, C. Ex.* N. Y, 

Albrook, Rev. J. B., A. M., Epworth. Invert. Palao, C. Ex. la. 

Alden, Levi, Madison. Ast. Wis. 

Alderson, Rev. L. A., Atchison. Kan. 

Aldrich, John D., 41 College Ave., Indianapolis. Con,, Lepid. C, 
^ ^ . . ^ ^ ^ j^^ 



N. J. 



N. Y. 


R. I. 



N. Y. 


MoU, Spec, 

Ex. Desires correspondents in So. States.^ 
Aldrich, T. H., M. E., Montevallo, Shelby Co. 

id<ie of the South. C. Ex.* 
Alexander, Prof. W. "W., Princeton. Ast, 
Alexander, James, Rochester, Bean Co. Arch, 
Alexander, James, Jr., Box 322, Auburn. Min,, Palao, C, 

Alexander, Jno. B., M. D., Lexington. Physiology, 

Allan, Alex., Box 369, Pawtucket. Chem., Mic.,Ent, C* 

Allbright, William B., care N. K. Fairbanks, Chicago. Chem, 

Allcutt, E. H., 906 Penn St., Kansas City. Odl„ Con, C. Ex. 

Allen, Dr. A., Grafton. Bot, 

Allen, Anson, Orono. Ent, : Lenid, C. Ex.* 

Allen, A. T., Taxidermist and Collector, Denver. VertebratestArticu- 

lates. C. Ex.* Col. 

Allen, Charles, Eureka Springs. Ark. 

Allen, C. A., Micasio, Mann Co. Om., Odl,* Cal. 

Allen, Prop. C. H., State Normal School, San Jose.* Cal. 

Allen, C. J. F., Louisville. Micros, Ky. 

Allen, Charles O., 335 8th Ave., New York. Ast,* N. Y. 

Allen, Charles S., Astoria, L. I. Cm., Ool, C, Ex.* N. Y. 

Allen, F. H., Norwich. Min., Marine and Gen. Curiosities, C. 

Ex * Conn. 

Allen, Fred. P., 23 Park Ave., Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Allen, Harrison, 117 So. 20th St., Philadelphia. Mam,* Penn. 

Allen, Prop. H. C, M. D., Ann Ai'bor. Bot,, Experimental Drug 

Provings. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Allen, H. M.. Pres. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

Allen, J., Alfred Centre, Allegany Co. Arch., Palcso,, Con, C. Ex.* 

Allen, J. A., Ass*t. Mus. Comp. Zo<)l., Cambridge. Mam., Om.* Mass. 
Allen, Mrs. Juliette B., Camden. Bot., Min,* N. J. 

Allen, J. D., Paw Paw. Taxidermist, Mich. 

Allen, James E., Box 111, East Hamlin. Ent, C. N.Y. 

Allen, Jerome, A. M., Prgf. State Normal School. Pres. N. Y. State 

Teachers' Association. Editor Barnes' Ed'l Monthly, New York. 

Geol., Pakeo, C, Ex. Hamilton g^reup fossils.* * N. Y. 

Allen, John H., Pres. Natick Mus., Natick. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Allen, Prop. 0. D.. Sheffield Science School., New Haven. Phan. 

Bot., Mosses, Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Allen, Richard, 62 No. Third St., Troy. Micros.* N. Y. 

Allen, R. C, Harristown, Macon Co. Om., Tax, C, 111. 

Allen, Richai d H.. P. O. Box 376, New York. Om, C* N. Y. 

Allen, R. L., Proviaence. Ast, R. I. 

Allen, Timothy F.,Ikf.D., New York. Bot.: Characea.* N.Y. 

Allen, W. C, Jackson. Mic, Mich. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Allen, Zachariah, Providence. Geol., J^at, Phil, and Hist* R. I. 
Allerton, George R., Bronxville, Westchester Co. CJoUection of live 

plants N. Y. 

Allino, Charles E., 10 Franklin St., Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Alling, Joseph T., 74 S. Fitzhujrh St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Allino, Mary R., 5 Newbury St., Boston. Geol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Allis, E. VV., Adrian, Lenawee Co. O.;/., Arch. C* Mich. 

Allis, James W., 10 State St., Rochester. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. 

Ex.* NY. 

Allis, L. F., Elsie, Clinton Co. Onl, Arch.* Mich. 

Allis, Solon M-, C. E., U. S. Deputy Minei-al Surveyor, Tucson. 

Geol. C. Ex. Can furnish specimens of ores from Ariz, silver 

mines, but no fossils or shells.* Ariz. 

Allison, E. H., Eaton. Phys.y Geol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Allison, J. T., Mount Carroll, Carroll Co. Geol^ Pre-Historic relics. 

C. Ex.* III. 

Allison, W. E., Clark's Mills, Oneida Co. Om. C. N. Y. 

Allmendinger, Miss E. C, Ann Arbor. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Alter, Dr. David, Parnassus. Orn,, Tax. Penu. 

AmEnde, C. G., Hoboken. Diatoms, In/iisoria. N. J. 

Ames, Mart E. P., Auburn. Bot. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Ames, J. F., Chicopee. Min. C. Mass. 

Ami, Henry M., Ottawa, Ont. Bot.y Mn., Geol., Palao. C. Plants 

from Ottawa Valley for ex.* Canada. 

Ami, S. T., Ottawa, Ont. Con. Canada. 

Amory, R., M. D., Norfolk. Physiol. Mass. 

Andersen, Martin L., Ravenswood, Cook Co. Gen. III. 

Anderson, Charles L., M. D., Santa Cruz. Bot. : Algae. C. Ex.* 

Anderson, D. G., Keokuk. Geol. C* la. 

Anderson, J. C, M. D., 25 E. Third St., Mansfield. Arch., Min. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

Anderson, Rev. Joseph, D. D., Waterbury. Am. Eth. and Arch. 

C. Ex. Desires Pottery, Stone Implements, etc., from Central 

Am.* Conn. 

Anderson, J. D. L., Maiyville. Con. Tenn. 

Anderson, Mrs. Louisa P., Territorial University, Seattle. Bot., 

ZoDl. C. Wash. Ter. 

Anderson, William P., Marine Dept., Ottawa, Ont. Geol* Canada. 
Anderson, Prop. W. W., Santa Cruz. Mic. Cal. 

Andras, J.C. Manchester, Scott Co. Bot. C. Ex. Native Plants of 

this locality.* III. 

Andrews, E., A. M., M. D., Prof. Surg., Chic. Med. Coll., 6 Sixteenth 

St., Chicago. Geol, Anth.* 111. 

Andrews, Ellen D., Southington. Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Andrews, Frank D., Vineland. Geol., Min., Palceo., Arch. C* N. J. 
Andrews, H. B., Box 356, Rockford. GeoL C. Ex. 111. 

Andrews, J. W., Amesville, Athens Co. Zonl, Geol. C. Ohio. 

Andrews, L., Southington, Hartford Co. Geol, Min., Met., Palceo., 
' ArchtBO. C. Ex. Spec. Fucoid upon the Triassic Sandstone.* 

Andrews, Q. E., M. D., Moorhead. Mi7i., Cryst., Qui C. Ex.* 

Andrews, Dr. R. R., Bi-attle Square, Cambridge. Micros. Mass. 

Andrews, T. L.,M.D., Creston, Union Co. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Andrews, T. P., Farina, Fayette Co. Bot., Geol, Min. C. Ex.* III. 
Andrews, William H., Gouverneur, St. Lawrance Co. Min., Geol. 

C. Ex. Only for good specimens.* N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Andriessen, Hugo, Beaver. Min.y Chem.y Pfiarm.y C. Ex. Fossil 
ferns, rare drugs, birds, plants, etc. Desires herbarium spec, in 
ex.* Fenn. 

Andrus, D. a. K., L. B. 2605, Rockford. Arch.y Min. C. Ex. Cor- 
respondence solicited.* III. 

Angell, G. J., 110 W. D. Hall, New Haven. Micro- Lepidoptera, 
Larv€e, Conn. 

Angle, James M., Box 614, Rochester.- Ent. : Lepid. C. Will col- 
lect for ex. N. Y. 

Angus, J., VV^est Farms, N. Y. City. Indian relics^ Lepid. : Catocala, 
Sphingidce. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Anson, Alfred Jr., Wilkesbarre. GeoL Penn. 

Antisell, Prof. Thomas, M. D., Washington. Bot, D. C. 

Anthony, Arthur C, care Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Boston. Ent, : Cole- 
opt.y Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Apgar, Austin C, State Normal School, Trenton. Zodlogy. C* N.J. 

Apgar, Ellis A., State Supt. Pub. Instruciion, Trenton. Bot.^ Om., 
Mic. C* ^.J. 

Apitz, Mrs. Fred., Lawrence. Geol.y Con, Kan. 

Apitz, J. W., Lawrence. Bot. Kan. 

Appelgath, Fred., Albion. Geol.y Min. III. 

Applegate, I. A., Mt. Carmek Ind. 

Appleton, Francis H., A. M., Peabody. Agric. Mass. 

Appleton, John Howard, Prof. Chem., Brown Univ., Providence.* 

R. L 

Archer, B. F., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Archilles, F. W., M. D., Evansville. Chem. Ind. 

Argo, W. K., D. and D. Institute, DanvQle. Geol. C. Ex. Ky. 

Armstrong, E., Plattsburgh Geol. N. Y. 

Armstrong, George D., Norfolk. Min., Bot. Va. 

Armstrong, J. E., Champaign. Gen. Biol.y Tax., Osteol., Thirties. C. 
Ex. lU. 

Armstrong, P. A., Morris. Geol. III. 

Armstrong, Rev. William, Ottawa, Ont. Bot. Canada. 

Arnold, Clark, M. D., Fort Woi-th. Geol. C. Ex. Tex. 

Arnold, J. M., Washington cor. Franklin St., Boston. Math. Mass. 

Arnold, Levator, Marshalltown. Min., Fossils. C* la. 

Artes, Charles F., 120 Main St., Evansville. Arch. C. Ex. Pot- 
tery for stone implements.* Ind. 

Arthur, J. C, Charles City. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

AscHMAN, Fred. T., 251 West 34th St., New fork. Mic. N. Y. 

Ashburner, Charles A., M. S., Asst. 2nd Geol. Survey of Pa., 9 
Woodland Terrace, or 907 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Mining, 
Geol., Min., Phys.* Penn. 

Ashburner, William, 1014 Pine St., San Francisco. Mic* Cal. 

Asher, J. M., San Diego. Bot. Cal. 

Ashenfelter, H. M., Silver City. N. M. 

AsHFORD, Dr. a. F., Washington. Mic. D. C. 

Ashmead, William H., Jacksonville. Gen. Nat. Hist., Herpetol., Cole- 
opt., Lepid., Hemipterd, Cynipidce, Chalcididce. C* Fla. 

Ashton, T. B., Tonganoxie, Leavenworth Co. Ent. C. Ex. Kan. 

AsiRE, Merwin E., Box 142, Oshkosh. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. C* 


ASQUITH, A. W., 404 Classon Ave., Brooklyn. Coleopt.* N. Y. 

Aston, Edw. J., Ashville. N. c. 

Atherton, G. D., 74 Broadway, Taunton. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Atkins, Charles G., Buc\sport. Ichth.* Me. 

Atkins, Dr. H. A., Locke, Ingham Co. Om., Odl.* Mich.. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Atkinson, Henry, Everton, Out. Orn.f 0'}l. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Atkinson, Dr. I. H., 223 Madison Ave., New York. Micros. N. Y. 
Atkinson, John C, Henderson. Hort. Spec. Hardy Grapes, Ex. 

• Atkinson, Percy, Oshawa, Ont. Canada. 

Attwood, Melville, M. E., Saucelito, Marin Co. GeoL^ special 

branch, inclosing, or wall rocks of metalliferous veins. C. Ex. 

in specialty.* Cal. 

Atwater, W. O., Prof. Chem., Wesleyan Univ., Middletown. Aaric. 

and Phys. Chem* Conn. 

Atwell, Charles B., Evanston. Bot. III. 

At wood, Carl C, Albion, Dane Co. Om., Odl. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Atwood, Charles, M. D., Moravia, Cayuga Co. Phcen. Bot.y Ferns, 

Mosses, Con. C Ex.* N. Y. 

Atwood, E. S., East Orange, Essex Co. Mtc* ' N. J, 

Atwood, H. F., Rochester. Mic, Infusoria, Parasites. C* N. Y. 

Atwood, J. Ward, M. D., 410 Spruce St., Philadelphia. Odontology. 

Atwood, N. E., Provincetown. Fisheries,* JUass. 

Atwood, W. P., 13 Elliot St., Lowell. Bot., Chem. C* Mass. 

Aubrey, W. W., Washington. Palteo.^ Min. III. 

AuGHEY, Samuel, Prof. Nat. Sci., Lincoln. Geol., Bot. C. Ex. fos- 
sils of Dakota group, leaves.* Neb. 

Austen, Peter Townsend, Ph. D., F. C. S., Prof. Anal, and Applied 
Chem., Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. Chem.* N.J. 

Austin, E. P., Astronomer, 46 East Newton St., Boston. Ent. : Cole- 
optera. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Austin, George, Cuba. Palaeo. Ohio. 

Austin, Mrs. R. M., Prattville, Plumas Co. Bot., Lepid. C* Cal. 

AuxER, Samuel, 150 S. Prince St., Lancaster. Ent. ; Lepid., Coleopt. 
C. Ex. only in 061.* Penn. 

Averell, William D., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Con., Min., Mtc. 
specialty Cyperceidae.* Penn. 

Avery, George II., East Hampton. Orn,, Nat. and Tax, C. Ex. 
Wishes only fii*st-class specimens.* Mass. 

Avery, George R., Locke. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Avery, James, Walliugford. Miti., Geol Conn. 

Aires, Brown, Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Phys, Md. 

Ayres, George B., M. D., Ann Arbor. Anat., Orn. Mich. 

Ayres, W. O., M. D., New Haven. Anthrop., Ichthy,, Echinoderms.* 


Ayres, Rev. WiLLLAM W., Wickford. Bot. C. Ex. R.I. 


Babbitt, G. W., Detroit. Mic, Ast* , Mich. 

Babbitt, John, Fredericton, N. B. Electricity, esp. Transmission of 

Sound.* Canada. 

Babcock, a. L., Sherborn. Dm., Ent. C. Mass. 

Babcock, D. D., So. Danville, Steuben Co. Bot., General. C. Ex.* 

Babcock, George H., Cobleskill. Bot. N. Y. 

Babcock, H. II., 693 N. Clark St.. Chicago. Bot.* 111. 

Babcock, H. P., General Bird Store, 144 Purchase St., New Bedford, 

Tax., Orn., Or,l., ZoDl. Gen. Collector. , C. Ex.* Mass. 

Babcock, James F., State Assayer for Mass.', late Prof, of Chem., 

Mass. Coll. of Pharm. Boston Univ., 4 State St., Boston.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Babcock, S. E., M. D., Chester. Indian Stone Implements S. C. 

Babcock, W. Iuving, C. E., 161 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn. Om., Odl,j 

Met. C. N. Y. 

Bacheller, Franklin, Lynn. Min, C* Mass. 

Bacon, Austin, Natick. Anth* Mass. 

Bacon, J. M., Ore<i:ou City. Gen. Curiosities. Ex.- Ore. 

Badger, George, Brooklyn. Om., Odl. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Baer, O. p., M. D., Richmond. Bot., GeoL, PaUeo.f Min,, Mic. C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

Bagg, Col. Egbert, 424 Genesee St., Utica. Palao. C, Ex.* N. Y. 

Bagg, Egbert, Jr., 187 Genesee St., Utica. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bailey, Albert, Cedarville, Herkimer Co. Con. C. Ex. local 
shells for L. & F. W. and marine shells of other localities.* N. Y. 

Bailey, C. H<, Rome. Indian and War relics. C. N. Y. 

Bailey, Miss E. B., Sterling. Geol. Mass. 

Bailey, E. H. S., Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem. Chem., Min. Ex. Penn. 

Bailey, G. E., Aurora. 111. 

Bailey, George Irving, 95 Eagle St, Albany. Lepid.* N. Y. 

Bailey, H. B., 51 South St., New York. Om., Ool. C* N. Y. 

Bailey, H. L., Moravia, Mic. N. Y. 

Bailey, James S., M. D., 95 Eao:le St., Albany. Ent. : Lepid. C. 
Ex. Desires especially Bomo., Sphin. and Catocala. N. Y. 

Bailey, L. H., Jr., Lansing. Bot. C. Ex. in Mich, plants.* Mich. 

Bailey, L. W., Pi-of. Chem. and Nat. Hist., Univ. of New Brunswick, 
Fredericton, N. B. Geol. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Bailey, S. C. H., Cortlaudt on-Hudson, Westchester Co. Min. C. 
Ex. Will send lists for ex.* N. Y. 

Bailey, Theo. P., M. D., 43 Central Ave., Albany. Lepidoptera. C. 
Ex.* N.Y. 

Bailey, Wallace, Des Moines. Geol. la. 

Bailey, William W., Prof. Nat. Hist. Brown Univ., Providence. Bot. 
(Grasses and Sedges). C. Ex.* R. I. 

Bailie, Charles, care of S. J. Andruss, 19 Beaver Hall, Montreal. 
Micros. Canada. 

Bailly, J. F. D., 202 Alexander St , Rochester. Nat. Hist. N. Y. 

Baily, Alfred W., Box 712, Atlantic City. Mw., Arch. C. Ex. 
minerals and relics.* N. J. 

Baird, Prop. J. F., A. M., Hanover Coll., Hanover. Bot., Geol. C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

Baird,* Spencer F., Sec. Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Am. Verte- 
brata.* D. C. 

Baird, William M., Charlestown. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. Ind. 

Baird, William R., M. E., Box 1848, New York. Min. C. Ex. Am. 
minerals. Desires only good foreign specimens. No fossils 
wanted.* N. Y. 

Baker, Prof., High School, Denver. Geol. Col. 

Baker, A. B., 2 College Ave., Rochester. Palceo.^ Invert., ZoDl.* N. Y. 

Baker, A. L., Scranton. Micros., Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Baker, B. E., 39 Magazine St., Cambridgeport. Bot. Mass. 

Baker, George A., Box 1409, South Bend. L. 8s F. W.MoUusks, Lo- 
cal Coleoptera, Arch. C. Ex. Has a series of casts of rare fos- 
sils for ex.* Ind. 

Baker, Henry B., M. D., Pres. Lansing Sci. Assoc, Lansing. Gen. 

Biol., Micros., Sanitary Sci.* Mich. 

Baker, Lucas, Pleasant Place, Cambridgeport. Geol., Min., Palceo. 


Baker, Marcus, M. A., tJ. S. Coast Sui-vey Office, Washington.* D. C. 

Baker, P. S., A. M., M. D., Greencastle. Ent. Ex. Ind. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Baker, Dr Washington H., 1610 Summer St., Phila 

Baker, William H., Brooklyn. Micros. 

Baker, W. S., Carthage, Hancock Co. 0/*»., Tax. C. Ex. 

Baldwin, Harry L., 284 Kansas Ave., Denver. ElecL^ Ast.* 

Baldwin, Dr. H. R., New Brunswick. Micros. 

Baldwin, L. S., Laconia. Ast. 

Baldy, Stephen, "Catawissa, Columbia Co. Ent.: Lepid. 

Desires cocoons and larva* of tropical species.* 
Balentine, William L., Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co. Bot. 

Coal fossils. 
Ball, Rev. E. H., Spring Hill, Cumberland Co*., N. S. 

Ferns of N. S.^ C* 

N. Y. 
N. H. 
C. Ex. 
. Penn. 
C. Ex. 
Ph^Bn. Bot., 


N. Y. 
Pakeo.y GeoL, Mic.y Gen. 


Ball, Joseph Jr., 4533 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Phila. OgI. Penn. 
Ballard, H. H., Prin. Lenox Acad., Lenox. Bot. C. jWass. 

Ballard, Mrs. Julia P., Easton. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ballou, N. E., M. D., Sandwich. Arch., Ichth. C. Ex.* 111. 

Ballou, Wm. Hosea, Evanston. Om., OoL, Ethnol., Emb., Geog, 

Dist, BibUoff., Ichth. C. Ex.* 111. 

Bals, H. C. G., Indianapolis. Orn. C. Ex. Ind. 

Balze, Gustave, New Haven. Lepid,, Cokopt. C. Conn. 

Bangs, C. Fisk, South Haven. Ent. Mich. 

Bangs, Prof. Geo., Orlando, Orange Co. Orn., Oal,, {Florida Par-) 

rots). C. Ex. Desires all kinds of Northern birds and eggs.* Fla. 
Banister, Marshall, Willimansctt. Ent., Tax. Mass. 

Bank. J. W., Stanley, St. John, N. B. OoL Canada. 

Banks, Charles W., P. O. Box 1437, San Francisco. Mic, Geol, C* 

Banks, H. F., So. Pueblo. Geol, MetaU. 
Banks, W. F., Bellona, Yates Co. C. 
Bannan, Geo. N., Kenosha. Micros. 
Banning, Mary E., Baltimore. Fungi, 
Bannister, Henry M., M. D., Evanston. 

Biol. C 
Barbeck,Wm., 1732 Wylie St., Philadelphia. Crypt., Bot., Mic, Penn. 
Barbeck, Wm., San Antonio. Fungi. Texas. 

Barber, A. W., Yankton. MoU. C. Ex. D. T. 

Barber, E. A., A. M., Station B., Philadelphia. Arch., Eth. Specialty 

tobacco pipes. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Barber, S. W., 404 Market St., St. Louis. Mo. 

Barbour, Prop. O. F., Rockford. Geol.* 111. 

Barcherdt, R. 282 Sixteenth St., Denver. Tax. ' Col. 

Bardeen, F. L., B. S., M. D., 30>^ Meigs St., Rochester. Min., Mic, 

ZoOl. C* N. Y. 

Barfoot, Joseph L., Salt Lake City. Cur. Salt Lake Museum. Jl/iw., 

Nat. Hist.* Utah. 

Barker, Ebenezer, St. Mary's, Camden Co. Ga. 

Barker, John G., Lynn. Horticulture, Cool House Orchids.* Mass. 
Barker, Sam'l J., Clifton Springs, O. Geol., Micros., Bot. C. N. Y. 
Barlow, J. G., Cadet, Washmgton Co. Ent. : Coleopt., Hymenop. C. 

Bahlow, Scott, Montreal. Geol. » 
Barlow, Thos., Canastota, Madison Co. 
Barnard, A. N., Easthampton. Micros, 
Barnard, E. E., Nashville. Ast.* 
Barnard, N. E., care R. Pool, Nashville. 

Barnard, P., Inst. Tech., Boston. Orn,, _ _ 

Barnard, W. S., B. S., Ph. D., Prof, in Cornell University, Ithaca. 

Zool.^ especially insects, Ex.* N. Y. 



Geol,, Ent.* 

N. Y. 







Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Barnes, Mrs. Dr., 41 Green Street, Syracuse. FiUces. Ex.* N. Tf . 
Barnes, Chas. E., Reed City. Arch.^ Geol, C Ex.* Mich. 

Barnes, Chas. R., Prof. Nat. Hist. Purdue Univ., LaFayette. Bot. 

C. Ex. Fossils, Shells, Plants, and Minerals.* Ind. 

Barnes, Walter, Prof. Worcester Free Inst., Worcester. Min. Mass. 
Barnes, Wm., Decatur. Ent. : Lepid. C* III. 

Barnbtt, S. Jr., Washinorton. Physics, iia. 

Barney, M. L., Monticello, Palteo. C. Ex. L. Sil. fossils.* Wis. 
Barnhouse, T. E., Silver Cliflf. Col. 

Barns, Dr. John, Milford. Micros.* Mass. 

Barnum, Morgan K.', 94 E. Jefiferson St., Syracuse. Orn,^ Ool, C: 

Ex. eg^s i n sets.* N . Y . 

Baron, O. T., Mendocino City. Ent*^ principaUy Lepid,, Coleopt., 

Hymenop.y & Diptera. Cal. 

Barr, J. Frank, 137 No. Charlotte St., Lancaster. Odl, C. Ex. Penn. 
Barrett, S. T., Port Jei-vis. Geol, PaltBo,* N. Y. 

Barrett, Wm. C, M. D., 11 W. Chippewa St., Buffalo. Mic, Histoid 

Physiol.* N.Y. 

Barringer, a. LaFayette, Statesville. Min., Arch, N. C. 

Barringer, Wm., Bellefontaine, Lojfan Co. Eth., Geol. C* Ohio. 
Barris, J. W., Frankfort. Geol, Bot. C* N. Y. 

Barris, Rev. W. H., Prof. Griswold Coll., Davenport. Geol,, Palao, la. 
Barron, Alfred, Community, Madison Co. Gen, Bot., Lichens and 

Mosses. Hart.* N. Y. 

Barron, Maud K., Community. Om.* N. Y. 

Barrow, J. W., M. D., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Barrows, Nathan, M. D., Meriden. Pheen. Bot, N. H. 

Barrows, W. B., S. B., Reading. Zool. C. Mass. 

Barry, W. C, Nui-seryman, Rochester. Bot,* N. Y. 

Barss, J. Richmond, Maiden. Ent, Mass. 

Bartenroerffer, O. a., B. S., Evansville. Ind. 

Bartlett, Arthur K., Astron., lecturer and correspondent. Battle 

Creek. Palteo., Nat, Hist., Geol, Astron., Phys., Meteorology. 

C. Ex. minerals for fossils, csp. crinoids, also recent and fossil 

corals, esp. meandrina and madrepom.* Mich. 

Bartlett, E. B., Vei*million, Oswego Co.* N. Y. 

Bartlett, Rev. N., Weber St., Colorado Springs. Col. 

Bartley, Prop. E. H., Swarthmore. Min., Micros, Penn. 

Barton, Bolling W., M. D., 227 Maryland Ave., Baltimore. Bot. 

C, Ex.* ' Md. 

Barton, C. P., M. D., Spencer. Om. Mass. 

Barton, Frank H., Connersville, Fayette Co. Ool. C. Ex.* Ind. 
Barton, George H., No. Sudbury. Geol., Min, C. Address for two 

years, care Gov't Survey, Honolulu, S. I.* Mass. 

Barton, Irene S., Waynesville. Min, N. C. 

Barton, T. H., A. M., Brookville. Con., Ool, C. Ex. Desires shells 

of Pacific states.* Ind. 

Bass, W. L., Randolph. Arch. C. Ex. eggs, F. W. shells and relics 

for stone implements.* la. 

Bassett, Daniel A., A. M., Prin. Prep. Dept. Wabash Coll., Craw- 

fordsvillc. Radiates, Spec» Crinoids. C.* Ind. 

Bassett, Homer F., Waterbury. Ent. : Hymenoptera, Gall insects and 

their parasites. C. Ex. Conn. 

Basst ER, H. Russell, P. O. Box 4129, New York. Bot, Ex. N. Y. 
Bastin, E. S., Prof. Bot., Univ. Chicajjo, Chicago. Crypt. Bot., Veg. 

and Animal Phys, C. Ex. Will ex. local fresh water algae, and 

lepidopterous insects for specimens from other localities in this 

countiy or abroad,* 111. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Bateman, E. R., Cedai-ville. Ool. C. Ex. N. J. 

Bates, Ezra D., Blackstone. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Bates, Frank A., Prcs. I. S. C. A., So. Braintrec. Ool. C. Coins, 

Curiosities, Dendrites, Geodes, etc., for ex. Wishes Indian, Aztec 

and Danish pictoo^i-aphs.* Mass. 

Bates, Fred., Grand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Bates, George A., Salera. MaHne Invertebrates.; WormSy Radiates 

and Hydroids. Desires spec, from all parts of the workl, for 

which will ex. mic. preparations.* Mass. 

Bates, J. Elwyn, So. Abinflrton. Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Bates, J. S., Ridge Hill, Plymouth Co. Tax,i C. Mass. 

Hattermann, H., 172 E. 80th St., New York. Micros, C. N. Y. 

Battey, T. J., Friends* School, Providence. Bot., Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 
Batty, Joseph II., Parkville. Tax. Orn., 0:jI., Zo>L C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Baumbach, M. von., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Badsch, Edw., B. and Lomb. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

Bausch, J. J., B. and Lomb. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

Baxley, William T., 125 3rd St., Oakland. Coleopt.f Hort. C. Ex. 

for spec, from Africa, Brazil and Arabia.* Cal. 

Baxter, Florus R., Bell Telephonic Ex., Rochester. Ent. C. N. Y. 
Baxter, M. S., Adams Basin, Monroe Co. Orchids. Filicea, C. Ex.* 

IS. Y. 
Baylies, Edmund L., Taunton. Orti., HerpetoL C* Mass. 

Beach, Adda E., Grand Rapids. Bot. Mich. 

Beach, E. S., Hudson. GeoL, Min. Ex. Mich. 

Beach, Hon. II., Pi-airie du Chien. Min.y Geoly Arch. C. Ex. Wis. 
Beach, Prof. William F., Jeffersonville. Mic^ Crystallog. C. Ind. 
Beach, William H., Beloit. Mic* Wis. 

Beadle, D. W., St. Cathanne's, Ont. Ent, Canada. 

Beadle, Rev. H. H., Bridgeton. Min.y Con., Arch. C. Ex.* N. J. 
Beal, Prof. F. E. L., Ames. Zo( /., Comp. Anat.* la. 

Beal, William, Murphey, Cherokee Co. Min. C. Ex. N. C. 

Beal, William J., Prof, of Bot. and Hort., Agric. Coll., Lansinor. 

Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Mic C. Ex. grasses and ferns.* Mich. 

Beaman, Fred., Hudson. Min. Mich. 

Beamer, Miles, Chem. Lab. Weslcyan Univ., Middletown. Chem.* Conn. 
Bean, F. E., Taxidermist, Medford. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

Bean, Henry D., Northfield. Arch., PaUeo. Vt. 

Bean, Tarleton H., M. D., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Ichth. 

Bean, Thomas E., Galena. Lepid. III. 

Bearce, Gideon, West Minot. Min. C. Ex.* Me. 

Beard, F., B. S., Warren. Mic. Ind. 

Beard, John, Attica. Gen. Nat. Sci. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Beardslee, Henry C, M. D., Painesville, Lake Co. Gen. Bot., Cy- 

peracecB, FiUces, Musci, Hepaticee. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Beardsley, a. E., B. S., Box 2636, Denver. Min., Mic, Crypt. Bot. 

C. Ex. Coll. Ferns and Minerals.* Col. 

Beath, James W., Lapidist, HI So. 10th St., Philadelphia. Min.* 

Beattie, Will. L., East Dubuque. Geol.* 111. 

Beatty, C. C, Missisquoi Bay, Phillipsburg, Quebec. Orn. Canada. 
Beatty, Prof. S. J., Biddle Univ., Charlotte. Bot. (local.)* N. C. 

Beauchamp, Miss Virginia, Baldwinsville. Ferns. C. N. Y. 

Beauchamp, Rev. W. M.,Baldwinsville. Arch., Con. C. N. Y. 

Beaver, Daniel B. D., M. D., 31 No. oth St., Reading. Phaen. Bot., 

Ferns. C Ex. - Penn. 

Bebb, M. S., Rockford. Bot. : Salices. C* III. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

10 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Bechdolt, R. G., So. Bethlehem. Bot. Penn. 

Bechler, Gustavus R , late U. S. Geolog. Surv., Washin^on. D. C. 

Becker, G. F., Ph. D., U. S. Geologist, Oakland. Mining Geol. C. Cal. 

Beckett, S. B., Portland. Orn. C. Me. 

Beckwith, H. C, Passed Asst. Eng'r U. S. Navy, Chestei'field, New 
London Co. Geol. C* Conn. 

Beckwith, Leonard F., New York. N. Y. 

Beckwith, Will., Danville, Vermillion Co. Ai'ch, C. Ex. Can fur- 
nisli Crinoids from Keokuk group. IIL 

Bedford, P. W., Prof. Pharmacy, Box 1738, Kew York. Aftc., Inorg. 
Chem* N. Y. 

Beebe, Edward II., Geneva. Geol. III. 

Beebe, William S., 25 Gi-acc Court, Brooklyn. Anthrop, N. Y. 

Beecher, Charles E., Asst. State Mus., Albany. PaUso. C. Ex. L. 
and F. W. shells, and Palaeo. fossils* N. Y. 

Beecher, Prop. John Slocum, Columbia. GeoL, PaltBO., MoUusks. 
C. Ex. Tenn. 

Beekman, W. S., Box 108, West Mcdford. Min., Chem,, Eledt., Drugs. 
C. Ex. local and foreign by quantity ♦ Mass. 

Beeman, Thomas W., M. D., Selby, Lenox Co., Ont. Mam. C. Ex.* 


Bean, W. H , Lebanon. Palceo.t Min„ Arch., Moll., Bot., Ent., Hort. 
C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Behr, H. H., M. S., San Francisco. Lepid. Cal. 

Behrens, James, Box 1173, San Francisco. Coleopt., Lepid., Gen. Ent.* 


Belanqer, F. X., Cur. du Mus. Zool. de I'Univ. Laval, Quebec. Zool. 
C. Ex.* Canada 

Belfrage, G. W., Cliflon, Bosque Co. Gen. Ent. : Hymen, and Cole- 
opt, of the toorld. C. Ex. Correspondence desired with collect- 
ors in foreign countries, for the purchase or ex. of specimens, 
particularly tropical.* Texas. 

Bell, Miss Clara, Chicopec. Bot.: Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Bell, Rev. George, B. A., LL. D., Walkeiton, Ont." Arch., Anth., 
Psychol., Geol.* Canada. 

Bell, Prop. G. H., Battle Creek. Bot. Mich. 

Bell, James T., Prof. Mining and Aorric, Albert Univ., Box 104, 
Belleville, Ont. Geol.. Zool. Ex. Insects.* Canada. 

Bell, Prof. Robert, M. D., Asst. Director Geolog. Sui-v. of Canada, 
Ottawa. Geol., Zoulogxj, Am. Arch. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Bell, William J^, Valparaiso, Porter Co. Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Bement, Clarence S., 1804 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. Mm. 
C. Desires to purchase unique or exceptionally fine crystallized 
minerals and rare species.* ♦ Penn. 

Bence, G. W., M. D., Green Castle. Ind. 

Bendire, Charles E., Capt. 1st Cavalry, U. S. A., Fort Walla Walla. 
Mam., Orn., 061. Ex. . W. T, 

Benedict, Prof. N. W., 31 Court Street, Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Bengham, R. S., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Benjamin, M., Ph.B., F.C. S., 43 E. 67th Street, New York. Chem., 
Min. C* N. Y. 

Benneke, W. F., Denver. Col. 

Benner, Edw., Salt Lake City. Bot. Utah. 

Benner, Franklin, Minneapolis. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* Minn. 

Bennett, A. A., Mt. Pleasant. Biol., Chem.* la. 

Bennett, C. IL, Jackson. Mic. C. Ex. Mich. 

Bennett, H. P., St. Cloud. Geol., Min., Tax. C. Ex. Minn. 

Bennett, James, Leominster, Min., Bot. C.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 11 

Bennett,- James L., Providence. Bot, : Filicea, Ex. R. I. 

Bennett, Jno. C, 47 Turtle St., Syracuse. GeoL, Min,, Palao., Arch. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bennett, J T., Neville. PaUeo, ^ Ohio. 

Benson, David, Hoboken. HistoL, Gen» Micros, ' N.J. 

Benson, R. F., M. D., 76 Feriy St., Troy. N. Y. 

Bergen, Mrs. Fanny, Galesburg. Bot.y Mic. C. Ex.* III. 

Bergen, J. Y., Jr., Galesburg. Chem., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Bering, J. Ed., C. E., Decatur. Min., Geol., Chem. C* 111. 

Berlin, A. F., AUentown. Arch, C. Peun. 

Berry, Geo. H., No. Livermore. Ent., Obh C. Me. 

Bertolet, R. M., M. D., Philadelphia Hospital, Phila. Micros. Penn. 
Bessels, Dr. Emil, Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Gen, Biol., 

Anth., Geol* D. C. 

Bessey, Chas. E., M. Sc, Ph. D., Prof. Bot., Iowa Agric. Coll., Ames. 

Bot. C. Ex. Desires parasitic fungi.* la. 

Best, W. F., St. John, N. B. Chem. Canada. 

Bethune, Rev. Chas. J. S., Trinity Coll. School, Port Hope, Ont. C 

Ent. Especially in its practical relation to agric* . Canada. 
Bethwith, Leonard F., New York. Chem., Metal, N. Y. 

Betts, Dr. H., ha Grange. ZooL, Arch. Ind. 

Betz, Herman, 1024 Second Ave., New York. Gen, Bot, C. N. Y. 
Bickford, C, Belleville. Min., Palceo. N. Y. 

Bickmore, Prof. Albert S., Supt. Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist., 8th Ave. 

and 77th St., Central Park, New York. Ethnolopy.* N. Y. 

BiCENELL, Eugene P., Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. Cit^'. ZoQl., Om., 

Bot. C* N. Y. 

Biddlecome, Miss H. J., Akron. Orypt. Bot. C* Ohio. 

BiDWELL, E. C, M. D., Vineland. ^lic., Fungi. N. J. 

Bigelow, W. S., M. D,, 60 Beacon St., Boston. Surgery. Mass. 

Bigler, Edward A., Auburn, Sangamon Co. Zool. : Lepid.* III. 

BiLLiN, Charles E.,C. E., Indianapolis. Geol., Engineering,* Ind. 

Billings, H., 13 High St., Worcester. Mic. Mass. 

Billings, HosmerH., Elmira. E?it., Dm* N. Y. 

Billings, Melvin O., Marion Centre, Marion Co. Arch,, Geol. C. 

Ex. Min. and Geol. for Ai-ch. Spec* Kans. 

Billings, Walter R., Ottawa. Invert. PaltBO.* Canada. 

Bingham, Mrs. R. F., Santa Barbara. Bot. C, Ex.* Cal. 

Bingham, R. M., Rome. Mm. C* N. Y. 

Binley, a. J., 221 Fii-st St., Albany. Lepid., Coleopt, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
BinnEy, W. G., Burlington. Am. Land Shells, C* N. J. 

BiRDSALL, E. T., 24 IrviuK Place, New York. Biol., Mic. C. Ex. In- . 

sects and Mic. materials for mountinof.* N. Y. 

Birdseye, R. Pomeroy, 24 Lansing St., Utica. Nat. Hist. C* N. Y. 
Birge, Charles P., Keokuk. Geol. C. Specimens Iowa Meteor, fall 

of May 10, 79* la. 

Birge, Edw. A., Prof. ZoOl., Univ. Wis. Madison. ZooL, Crustacea. 

Ex. Cladocera. Wis. 

Biscoe, T. D.i Prof. Nat. Sci., Marietta. Bot., C. Ohio. 

Bishop, Chas. L., Jamestown. Fungi, Vert. Pakeo., Geol., Reptiles, 

Lepid,, Radiates. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bishop, James N., Plainville. Bot,, Mic. Preparino^ a work on the 

botany of Conn. C. Ex. Collection of living native plants.* Conn. 
Bishop, M. E., M. D., South Haven. Bot., Geol. C, Ex. Mich. 

Bissell, Dr. W. D., Mobile. Mic. Ala. 

Blachly, Chas. P., Manhattan. Orn,, Tax. C. Ex.* Kan. 

Black, G. V.,D. D. S., Jacksonville. Mic.,m8tol,, Pathol C. Ex.* 111. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Blackburn, Edwin, cor. Bolton and Dolphin Sts., Baltimore. GeoL, 
Min.yBot. C. Ex. Md. 

Blackford, E. G., 80 Fulton Market, New York. Ichth. C* N. Y. 

Blackham, Geo. E., M. D., F. R. M. S., etc., Dunkirk, Mic, C* N. Y. 

Blackie, Geo. S., M. D.,Ph. D., Editor, Nashville. Mic. C Ex.* Tenn. 

Blackwell, Wm. B., New Tacoina. Molhuka. C.» Wash. Terr. 

Blair, A. A., U. S. Geol. Survey, Newport. Anaiyt. Chem. R. 1. 

Blaisdell, Frank E., Poway, San Diego Co. Ent. (local). C. Ex. 
in Ool. and Coleopt.* Cal. 

Blaisdell, Mrs. S. G., Poway, San Diego Co. Ferns. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Blake, Clarence J., M. D., Hotel Berkeley, Boston. Otology. C. 
Requests reprints of otological papers for review department of the 
American Journal of Otology. Mass. 

Blake, E. J., No. Bridgton. Om. C. Ex. Me. 

Blake, F. C., Penn*a Lead Co., Mansfield Valley, Alleghany Co. 
Chem.* Penn. 

BiiAKE, Joseph, Andover. Bot» C. Ex. for Southern, Western, or 
foreign.* Mass. 

Blake, Joseph A., Box 115, New Haven. Nat. Hist.* Conn. 

Blake, J. Henry, Zoological artist, 109 ElleiT St., Cambridge. Con. 
C. Ex.* Mass. 

Blake, John M., Optician and Photogi-apher, New Haven. Chem.^ 
Opticst Scien. app. of Photog.* Conn. 

Blake, J. R., Prof. Davidson College. Phys.* N. C. 

Blake, W. P., M. E., New Haven. GeoL, Min, C* Conn. 

Blakeslee, E. a., Douglas, Knox Co. III. 

Blanch ARD, E. R., 424 Broadway, New York. Phutn. Bot., Gen. Biol* 

N. Y. 

Blanch ARD, F., Box 827, Lowell. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Blanchard, Ferdinand, M. D., Peacham. Bot. C. Ex. Can fur- 
nish specimens from Eastern Vt.* Vt. 

Bland, Thos., 45 & 47 Exchange PI., New York. MoUusca. C* N. Y. 

Blanpied, B. T., Hanover, mc. N. H. 

Blasdale, C, Jericho. Mic. • N. Y. 

Blatchford, E. W., 375 No. La Salle St., Chicago. (In Europe).* III. 

Bleasdell, Rev. Wm., A. M., D. C. L., Ti-enton, Ontai-io. GeoL, 
Invert. Pakeo., Arch., Om., Geog. Dist. Canada. 

Blew, A. H., Bound Brook. EiU. Ex. N. J. 

Bliss, Frank T., Morris, Grundy Co. Fossil Ferns from Mazon Creek, 
Grundy Co. C. Ex.* III. 

Bliss, H. D., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Om. N. Y. 

Bliss, Richard, Jr., U. S. Geol. Sui-v., Newport. Gen. Bibliog.* R. 1. 

Block, P. D., A. M., St. Vincent's Coll., Beatty.* Penn. 

Blodget, Walter, Box 206, Providence. Mtn. C. Ex. Very fine 
double terminated ciystals for ex. R. I. 

Blodgett, J. H., Rockford. Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Blood, Chas. L., Taunton. Tax., Om., Gen. collector for ex.* Mass. 

Blunt, W. G., Naturalist and Taxidermist, 813 Mai-ket St., San Fran- 
cisco. Om. Cal. 

Bluthner, Mr. S., Lockcford, San Joaquin Co. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Cal. 

BOARDMAN, E. O., M. D., Osceola, Stark Co. Bot., Om., Ool C. 
Ex. in woods a specialtv.* 111. 

BoARDMAN, E. R., M. D., Elmii-a. Bot., Ent, C. Ex.* Ill, 

Bock, George, Hamilton. Bot., Ent.* Ohio. 

Bock, H. P., London, Ontario. Ent, C* Canada. 

BoDGER, J. A., Prof, of Nat. ScL, Abingdon. Mic. 111. 

BoDLEY, A. R., M. D., Ray, Steuben Co, Geol, Min., PaUeo., Arch., 
Ent. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BODLBT, G. M., Battle Creek. Etit, C. Ex.* . Mich. 

BoEBKEB, Chas. G., Vevav, Switzerland Co. Ast,, Met.. Mic, GeoL, 

Bot. C. Ex.* . Ind. 

BoQERT. E. C, 128 Lexington Ave., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

BOHSER, C. J., Lafayette. Chem. Ind. 

BoiCE, Cabrib a., Camden. Bot. N.J. 

Boies, John H., Hudson. Min. Mich. 

Bois, S. V. Du, San Leandro, Alameda Co. Ont., Onl. Cal. 

Boisen, Hermann B., A. M., Bloomin^on. Hort. C. Ex. Ind. 
BoLANDER, Henry N., San Francisco. Bot. Cal. 

Bolles, Rev. E. C, Salem. Crypt. Bot., Micros. C* Mase. 

BoLLES, W. P., M. D., 571 Dudley St., Dorchester. Bot. C* Mass. 
Bolter, A., 172-4 Van Buren St., Chicago. Ent. C. Ex.* 111. 

Bolton, H. Carrington, Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Trinity Coll., Hartford. 

Chem.* Conn. 

Bolton, John, 49 Huntington St., Cleveland. Ent.y Micros.^ Geol. C 

Ex. Ohio. 

Bolton, Mrs. Thomas, Jr., West Farms Station, N. Y. City. Min. 

Geol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bolton, W. P., Liberty Square. Bot.^ Min.y Geol., Om, C Ex. 

Boltwood, Henry L., Ottawa, La Salle Co. Bot, C. Ferns and 

Pmrie Plants for ex. III. 

BoNBRiOHT, Maj. Steph. S., Prof. Bonbright*s Museum, Des Moines. 

Orn., Obi., Strut. Geol., Crystallog., Palteo., L. and F, W. 

Shells.* la. 

Bond, Josiah, Jr., Pres. Bond Univ., Kenosha. Bot., Geol., Mm. C. 

Ex. Wis. 

Bond, Shade C, Claryville. Phtsn. Bot. C. Mo. 

BoNNELL, Prof. O. F., Emory Coll. Phys. Sciences. Go.. 

Bonnet, Mrs. Sarah E., Sterling. Om., OoL, Tax. C. Ex. Mass. 
BoNTE, Rev. J. H. C, Univei-sity, Berkeley. Mic* . Cal. 

Booker, W. D., M. D., 152 Madison St., Baltimore. Gen. Biol., Hist. 

of Vert. Md. 

Booth, Chas. M., Rochester. Bot. N. Y. 

Booth, Henry, Poughkeepsie. Min. N. Y. 

Booth, Jambs C, Assayer U. S. Mint, Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Booth, M. A., Longmeadow. Marine Alga, Diatoms, Gen. Mtc. C. 

Ex. Recient Diatoms, Polycystina and Foi-aminilera desired.* 

Booth, S. C, Lon^eadow, Hampden Co. Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Boott, William, Boston. Carices.* Mass. 

Borden, James E., Trenton Falls. PaUeo. C. N. Y. 

Borden, Wxlliam W., Asst. Geolog. Surv., New Providence, Clark Co. 

L. & U. Silurian and Devonian Corals for ex. Ind. 

Boring, C. O., 247 Monroe St., Chicago. Fungi.* III. 

Borgstrom, E. W., Des Moines. la. 

BosHART, C. Fred., Lowville. Om., Ool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Boss, Lewis, Albany. Ast. N. Y. 

Bossemeyer, J. F., Dixon. Ent. C. Ex.* 111. 

BoTSFORD, Anson, Charlestown, Portage Co. Arch., Geol. Ohio. 

BouDWiN, George, 3837 Frankford Road, Station F, Philadelphia. 

Om. C. Ex.* Penn. 

BouGHTON, Rev. C. M., Sand Bank. Geol. N. Y. 

BouGHTON, H. E., Warren. Tax., Om. C. Ex. Mass. 

BouRLAND, A. M., M. D., Van Buren, Crawford Co. Geol., Mtc.* Ark. 
BoURNEY, W., Univ. of So. Carolina. S. C. 

BouTWBLL, W. L., B. S., Leverett. Bot, : Ferns, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


liAlL-EY. VVll't 
(b' in •?«*.' 

Ex. • 

. ip.t 





BODLEY, G. M., Battle Creek. Ent. C. Eju» J^^^ 

BOERKEH, Chas. G„ Vcv*y, gwttzerlsod C^ Art^ Jf-K*, Ifi^., u«^ 

BoaEHT. E. C, 128 Loxin^jfton Ave., New \*oii4c. lli<r«a. 
BOHHKK, C. J-, Lafavettc. C'A<?ff#. 
BoicE, UaJikie .\., t'Huitleii, Bot 

lUjis, S. V, Di% San LeaiKli-o, .Uamotlii Co, Om,, OrtL 
loisENt Hermaxn D., a. M., Bloom io>rtno. Ilort. C 


Ex. Isi. 

Jjor. c. rcni ttM 

BoLLEs, Kev. E. C, Salcrn, rVy/i^ Bo/,, .WiVrttt. C.» 
5<)U-E8, W. J*., M. Dm '371 Dudlev St,^ Lkirchc^lei, Bot, C** 
loLTEU, A*, 172-4 Vim Burtii i>U» CbicHjfo. £«/. i\ Ex.* , _._^— 
Bolton, II. CAiiRiNUTON, PU. D^ Trnf, Chcm., Triuitjr Cx^lL, Haroora. 

C/iem.^ . « ** ^ 5^?** 

BoLTox, John, 49 Uuutingtoa St., aevelatnL £h/^ JTimM^ ^^••'•^ 

Ex. <>W^ 

BoLTuN, Mrs. Thomas, Jk., West Fanns SutioD, N-T. CSly. JJi*, 

Gfo;. C, Ex* ^ ., ^ . ,n^ ^, lL'^' 

Bolton, W. P^, L.iberty Square, Boi., Mm,, GtoL, Om, C- J<. 

BOLTWOOD, IlEBiRY L., OtUwa, La Sttllc Co 

Pruirit? Plants for ex, ...... ^ 

BoNBiiiGUT, M.iJ. Stkpo. S., Piof, BoDbnghU Mukubi, D» 
Or/i., t#t>/,. Sira/. 6Vf>/,, Cryttaltog., Palmo^ L, mmd 

BoNDrJosiAH, Jb., Prea. Bond Univ., Kcnoslia, Bat., Gtt^ J 

Bond, Shade C, Claiyvjlle. Ph^n. ¥i^. i\ 


Bonne Yt Mrs. Sarah E., «-«- 

BoHTC, Rev. J. H. C, Uii- . ^ - 

BOORER, W, U., H. D., 152 M»*l4^iA bu, liaU*ttwc«^ i#A Bm 
of Vfrt. 

Tlorii if,. ( =1 . ■ "■' 

r. »^. 

E\% Recent i 

.<r^ Mr 



Bouv^, Thomas T., 18 Post Office Sq., Boston. Mn., Bot. C* Mass. 
BowDEN, Charles, Camden. Micros. N. J. 

BowDiTCH, Fred. C., Box 615, Brookline. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mass. 
BOWDITCH, II. P., Prof. Physiol., Harvard Med. School, Boston. Phys. 

BowEN, Edw. S., Pawtuckct. Min., Ent. C. • Ex.* R. I. 

BowEN, Henry, Coliunbia C:oll. Chem. N. Y. 

Bower, x\nnie C., Lincoln Univ., Chester Co. ZooL, Spec, Arachnida.* 

Bower, W. J., Watkins, Benton Co. GeoL C. Ex.* • la. 

Bowers, Dana L., L. B. 794, Natick. Mosses, Fungi, Min., Vert., 

Ent., Mollusca. C. Ex. Mass. 

Bowers, John S., 315 Superior St., Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Bowers, Hey. Stephen, Ph. D., Ed. Weekly Herald, Clinton. GeoL, 

Min., Arch., PaloBO., Ter, Moll., Mic. C. Ex. for good speci- 
mens.* Wis. 
Bowler, E. S., 97 Ohio St., Bangor. Om., OdL C. Ex. Me. 
Bowles, George H., 324 Urbain St., Montreal. Gen. Zool., Mic, Ent. 

C* Canada. 

Bowles, G. I., 1466 St. Catharine St., Montreal. Ent. . Lepid., Neurop- 

tera. C. Canada. 

Bowman, E. II., M. D., Andalusia. Geol. 111. 

Bowman, Frank J., Sterlin^^ Min. 111. 

Bowman, G. A , Vienna, Fan-fax Co. Met., Min. C. Ex. Va. 

Bowman, 11. B., 89 VV. PearJ St., Cincinnati. Palao., Mm. Ohio. 

Bowman, S. R., Kansas Citv. Engineering. Mo. 

BowsLAUGH, K. W., Grinishv, Ontario. Bot. Canada. 

Boyce, Mrs. A. A., Santa Barbara. Moll. Cal. 

Boyce, John J., Santa Barbara. Orn., Old. Cal. 

Boyce. Dr. L. II.. Albany. Micros. N. Y. 

Boyce, Tuos. E., Middlebury. Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Boyd, Edw. W., Hyde Park. O ;/. C. Ex. Ulass. 

Boyd, J. T., Cornwall, Lebanon Co. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Boyd, Robert M., Jr., Montclair. Bot. C Ex. N.J. 

Boyd, S. B., M. D.. Knowille. Etit. C. Ex. Tenn. 

BoYDEN, Geo. E., Box 1209, Worcester. Mic* Mass. 

BoYXTON, Dr. C. H., Lisbon. Mm. N. H. 

Brackenridge, II. M., Natrona. Chem. Penn. 

Brackett, Geo E., Belfast. Ent. Me. 

Brackett, Dr. J. E., 31 B St., S. E. Washin":ton. Mic. D. C. 

Brackett, S. H., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Academy, St. Johnsbury. 

Pht/s., Tax. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Bradley, II. L., M. D., Oakland. Mic Cal. 

Bradley, S. B., M. D., West Greece, Monroe Co. Bot. ; Fthces, Fungi, 

Philol. C. N. Y. 

Bradt, E. F., Marcellus. Geol., Arch., Phys. Mich. 

Brady, John, Aledo, Mercer Co. Moll., Arch, Miss, river shells in 

ex. for Helix.* 111. 

Bragg, Chas. St., Silver Cliff. Chem., Mm., Assaying. C. Ex.* Col. 
Bragg, Everett B., 3 Park PI., New York. Chem., Nat. Hist. C. N. Y. 
Bragg. L. C , Silver Cliff. ZooL, Invert. C. Ex.* Col. 

Brainbridge, E. C, St. Augustine. Ast. Fla. 

Brainerd, Ezra, Prof., Middlebury Coll., Middlebury. Bot. C. Ex. 

for good specimens only.* Vt. 

Braman, Benj., 117 E. 30th"St., New York. Bot., Ent., Mic* N. Y. 
Braman, Herbert D., Box 501, Worcester. Moll. Ex. for Worcester 

Nat. Hist. Soc* Mass. 

Bbamble, D. D., M. D., Cincinnati. AnaU Ohio. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Bbamlette, Ada, Clarksville, Johnson Co. Geol. C. Ex. Ark. 

Brand, Junius A., Norwich. Oni* Conn. 

Brandegee, T. S., Canyon City. Bot. C* Col. 

Brandenburg, Chas. A., Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Brandt, Miss Angie, 10 Union St., Indianapolis. Bot, C. Ex. Ind. 
Brastow, S. D., care Wells, Fargo <fe Co., San Francisco. PalcBo,, Min. 

C. Ex. Cal. 

Braun, Fred., 55 Canal St., Cincinnati. Pakeo,, Min., Arch. Ex. 

Bray, Mrs. Alex. D., W, Gloucester. Nat. Hist. JHafts. 

Bray, Frank E., 45 Fort Ave, Boston Highlands. Ont., Ool. C. 

Ex.* Mhhs. 

Bray, Mrs. Maria H.,West Gloucester. Marine Algce. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Braymer, F. H., West Pawlet. Oni., Ool, GeoL C. Ex. for good 

specimens only.* Vt. 

Brayton, a. W., M. D., M. S., Prof. Chem. and Toxicol., Central Coll. 

Phys. and Surgeons, Indianapolis.* Ind. 

Brearley, W. H., office Detroit Evening News, Detroit.* JUich. 

Breeden, J., Adrian. Ast. ' Mich. 

Brendel, Emil, M. D., Cedar Rapids. Hymen., Coleopl., Ortkop. C. la. 
Brendel, Fred., M. D., Peoria. Bot., OsteoL, Geog. Distrib. C. Ex. III. 
Breese, J. L., C. E., 37 E. 22nd St., New York. C. N. Y. 

Breman, W. M., Silver Citv. C. N. M. 

Breneman, a. a., Prof. Ind. Chem., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Induat. 

and Sanitary Chem.* * N. Y. 

Brett, Frank W., South Hingham. Will ex. for rare or peculiar speci- 
mens.* Mass. 
Brevoort, J. Carson, Brookivh. Ichth. N. Y. 
Brewer, Wm. H., Prof. Atfric, Sheffield Scientific School, Yale Coll., 

New Haven. Bot., Mic, Phys. Geog., Heredity. Conn. 

Brewster, A. R., 1065 Bluff St., Dubuque. Geol., Palao. F. W. 

Shells, specially Fossils of Galena Limestones. C. Ex.* la. 

Brewster, Wm., 61 Spaiks St., Cambridge. Om., Ool. C. Ex. for 

first class specimens only.* Mass. 

Breylinger, F. J., Monticello. C. Ex. Wis. 

Bridgham, Mrs. S. W., 24 Waverly Place, New York. Lepid. N. Y. 
Briegman, W. F., Chapel Hill. Chem. N. C. 

Briggs, Chas. S., M. D., Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

Briggs, Daniel H., M. D., Philadelphia. Bot., Ent., Mic. Penn. 

Briggs, Mrs. Samuel, 73 Huntinjrton St., Cleveland. Ent. Ohio. 

Briggs, S. A., 115 Broadway, Room 78, New York. Diatoms, Desmids, 

Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Brigham, Alma S., West Med way. Bot. Mass. 

Brigham, F. E., M. D., Oakham. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Mass. 

Brigham, Georse L., Bolton. Dm., 0)1, Ent. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Brigham, William T., 95 Milk St., Boston. Anth. C* Mass. 

Brinton, Daniel G., M. D., Media. Aivth. Fenn. 

Brinton, J. Bernard, 755 Corinthian Ave., Philadelphia. Phcen. Bot. 

C. Ex. Penn. 

Britain, William C, 135 Cass St., Deti-oit. Mic, Histol. C. Ex.* 

Britton, J. Blodgett, 339 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Cfiem. Penn. 
Britton, N. L., M. E., Asst. in Geol., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., 

New York. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Britts, Jno. H., M. D., Clinton. Pakeo. C. Ex. Mo. 

Broad, Wallace, A. B., Geolog. Surv., Ottawa. Geol., Lithol., Mi- 
cros. Ex. Canada. 
Broadhead, Garland C, Pleasant Hill, Cass Co. Geol., Bot., Archaso.* 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

16 * THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Broadhead, L. \V., Delaware "Water Gap. Indian relics, Penn. 

Brodie, Wil,liam a., 327 Parliament St., Toronto. Orn.^ Otil.t Herpet., 

Zool. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Brohm, Theodore, North Western Univ., Watertown. Micros. Wis. 
Brooks, Christopher C, 153 McCulloh St., Baltimore. Mc, Min. 

C* Md. 

Brooks, Charles Walcott, Lick House, San Francisco. Etk* Cal. 
Brooks, Elisha, 1725 Sutter St., San Francisco. Fenis. C. Ex.* Cal. 
Brooks, E. C, Box 15, Mt. Auburn. Micros, Mass. 

Brooks, Major Thomas B., Newburgh. Geoly Ltth. Pueblo Indian 

Pottery, Navajo Tilmas. to ex. C* N. Y. 

Brooks, W. K., Associate in Biology; and Director Marine Laboratory 

of Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Zool.* . Md. 

Brooks, W. R., D. D., Madison Univ., Hamilton. GeoL, Zool., (hivert.)* 

N. Y. 
Brooks, William R., Red House Observatory, Phelps. Asst.y Mtc* 

N. Y. 
Bross, Mason, 550 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. Phmn. Bot.^ Fertis, Mic. 

C. Ex.* 111. 

Brous, H. a., M. D., 4445 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. Coleoptera. 

C* Penn. 

Brown, Addison, 233 E. 48th St., New York. Bot, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Brown, Albert D. Princeton. Nat. Hist, N. J. 

Brown, Albert P., Ph. D., 501 Federal St., Camden. Chem.y Ent. 

C. Ex. microscopic specimens.* N. J. 

Brown, Arthur H., Lynn. Om., 061, Mass. 

Brown, Charles L., Esperance, Schoharie Co. Om., Ool. C. Ex.* 

Brown, Clark D. W., Aurora, Kane Co. Zool C. Ex.* III. 

Brown, Mrs. Eva M., Red Bank. Mifi,, Geog, Ex.* N.J. 

Brown, E. T., Mt. Starlino:. Micros. Ky. 

Brown, Miss Florence M., Mumtbrd, Monroe Co. Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Brown, Frank D., Esperance, Schoharie Co. Orn.yOdl. C. Ex.* N.Y. 
, Brown, F. W., Glen Rock. Min., Fossils. C. Ex.* Peuu. 

Brown, G. Carleton, D. D. S., 116 Broad St., Elizabeth. Ent.* N . J. 
Brown, Geo. E., Stall 5, F. H. Market, Boston. Dm. Mass. 

Brown, Geo. N., Jr., College of N. J., Princeton. Micros, N. J. 

Brown, G. W., Jr., 37 Carteret St., Newark. Micros. N. J. 

Brown, Miss Hattie F., 35 Blackstone St., Cambridgeport. Bot.* 

Brown, Horace, Salem. Arch, and Exploration, C. Ex.* Mass. 
Brown, H. M., 86 State St., Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Brown, Ida, Waynesville. Min, N. C. 

Brown, J. F., 86 State St., Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Brown, John J., M. D., Sheboygan. Con., Bot. C. Ex. Wis. 

Brown, Jos. S., 82 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn. Herpet., Gen, Nat. Hist, 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Brown, Lee E., Hillsdale. Palao, Cur. Coll. Museum.* Mich. 

Brown, Nathan Clifford, 85 Vau^han St., Portland. Om, C* Me. 
Brown, R. H., Marcellus. Mn., Geol., Anthro.y Micros, Spec, Her- 

petol., Ent. Mich. 

Brown, R. J., Sec. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

Brown, R. T., M. D., Indianapolis. Arch, Ind. 

Brown, R. Willis, Kejrport. Phcen, Bot, C* N. J. 

Brown, S. C, Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Herpetolopy. D. C. 
Brown, W. E., M. D., Gilbcrtville. Min., Mic, Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Brown, W. LeRoy, Jr., Nashville. Chem., Phys. Tenu. 

Brown, Wm., Hyde Park, Ont. Archeeol,, Geol, C. Ex. Canada. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' birectory. 17 

Brown, Wm. ft., M. b.,Cedai-ville, Herkimer Co. Con. C. Ex. 600 

dup. species of L., F. W. and Marine Shells for ex.* N. If, 

Brown, W. O., M. D., Providence* R. I. 

Browne, Frank C, Framingham. Orn. C.* Mass. 

Browne, Geo. E., Dedham. Nat. Htat.^ Tax. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Brownell, J. T., Lyons. Mic. N. Y. 

Brownell, W. a., a. M., High School, Syracuse. Geol. C. A large 

and extensive list of fossils and minerals from Am. and Europe, 

for ex.* N. Y. 

Browning, F. T., Orange. Ool. C. Ex. N.J. 

Brownsberger, S., Prin. Battle Creek Coll., Battle Creek. Geol. C. 

Ex. Mich. 

Bruce, David, Bi-ockport, Monroe Co. On»., Ent. C. Ex. for fertile 

eggs of lepidoptera. N, Y. 

Bruner, D. B., a. M., 1405 Perkiomen Ave., Reading. Min., Arch., 

Mic. C. Ex. Penn. 

Bruner, Lawrence, West Point, Cuming Co. Ent., Orn. C. Ex. Neb. 
Brush, Chas. F., Cleveland. Chetn. Ohio. 

Brush, Geo. J., Prof. Min. Yale College, New Haven. Min. C* Conn. 
Bryan, Annie, Fort Mason. Birds" Eggs. Fla. 

Bryant, D. S., 8 Davis St, San Francisco. Om. C* Cal. 

Bryant, F. A., Cedar Falls. Micros. la. 

Bryant, Fred. J., Norwich. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Bryant, F. W., Teacher, 26th Ward, Cincinnati. Con. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Bryant, W. E., 8 Davis St*, San Francisco. Orn., Ool. C* Cal. 

Bryant, Wm. M., St. Louis. Micros. Mo. 

Bryson, Geo., Orlando. Florida Curiosities. Wish a few scientific 

correspondents.* Fla. 

Buckhout, Wm. A., Prof. Bot. and Hort., State College, Center Co. 

Bot,, Ent. C* Fenn. 

Buck, Stuart M., Mining Engineer, Coalburg.* W. Va. 

BucKHAM, Jas. N., Ph. D.,M.D., Flint. Bot., Oi-n., Ocl. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Buckler, Hon. J., Espei-ance. Conch. N. Y. 

Buckley, Prop. Sam l B., A. M., Ph. D., State Geologist, Austin. 

Bot., Ent. : Formidda, Pakpo. C Ex.* Tex. 

BuDD, Lewis B., 1101 Oak St., Kansas City. Palao. C. Ex.* Mo. 
Buddington, H. Joseph, Kingston. Ent.: Lepid., Coleopt. C. N. Y. 
BuFFiNGTON, Dr., Mai*3^sville, Union Co. Orn. Ohio. 

Bulloch, W. H., Manufacturer of Microscopes, 126 Clark St., Chicago. 

Optics. C* IIL 

Bullock, C, 528 Arch St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

BuLSON, Miss Juliette, Camden. Bot.* N. J. 

Bull, Geo. W., Batavia, Kane Co. Indian Specimens. C. Ex. fossil 

ferns, etc., for Indian relics. III. 

BuLLARO, Howard B., Saratoga Springs. Tax.* N. Y. 

BuMPUS, Hermon C, Brown Univ., Providence. Om., Ool., Osteol. 

C. Ex.* . R. I. 

Bunce, Miss Edna de la M., Box 65, Ridgewood, Bergen Co. Ent. ;. 

Coleopt. C. Ex. N. J. 

BuNDY, W. F., M. D., Merrimack, Sauk Co. Bot. : Fungi., Zool., F. W. 

Crustacea, Mic. C. Ex. Wis. 

Bunker, Robert, U Jay St., Rochester. Ent. : Lepid., Diptera.* N. Y. 
Bunker, F. S., Cambridge, Somerset Co. Bot. C* Me. 

BuNN, George B., 320 Belgrade St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Coleopt. C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

BuNN, Jacob G., 320 Belgrade St., Philadelphia. Coleoptera. C. Ex.* 

BuNN, W. C, 320 Bclgi-ade St., Philadelphia. Ent. C Ex.* Penn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

18 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

BuRBANK, L. S., Woburn. Geoly Min. Mass- 

BuRCHFiELD, S. E., M. D., Taicntum. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

BuRDiCK, A. H., Hart, Oceana Co. Bot. Mich. 

BuRDiCK, E. A. Pension Office, Washington. Mic. C. Ex.* D. C. 

BuRDiCK, Prop. Isaac, Symcnse. Geol. N. Y. 

BuRDiCK, Justin H., M. D., Milton, Rock Co. BoL C. Ex. Wis. 

Burgess, Edward, Sec'y Nat. Hist. Soc., Boston. Anat.^ Ent. : Dip- 
tera.* Mass. 

Burgess, Edward Sanford, A. B., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 
Bot. C* Md. 

Burgess, Robert, Ames. Bot. C. Ex. la. 

Burgess, T. C, Clinton, Oneida Co. Bot., Min., Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Burgess, Thomas J. W., M. D., Asst. Supt. Asylum for Insane, Lon- 
don, Ont. Bot., Con., Phcenogama and N. A. Crypt. C. Ex. 


Burke, Joseph Chester, A. M., Middletown. Asst. in Nat. Hist. 
Wesleyan Univ.* Conn. 

BuRK, W. S., Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

BuRKET, W. H., Keokuk. PalcBO. la. 

Burmeister, C. H. L., Oregon City. ArchtBol., Geol. Ore. 

Burnett, H. S., Kendall, Orleans Co. PAan. Bot,, Ferns, Ent. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Burnett, Leslie J., 552 Niagara St., Buffalo. GeoL, Min., C. Ex. N. Y. 

Burnett, S. M., Washin*rton. Mic. D. C. 

Burnham, Glen F., Glen Falls. N. Y. 

Burnham, J. P., 456 W. 15th St., Chicajro. Chem. IH. 

Burnham, S. W., 52 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. Aat. 111. 

BuRNSTiNE, Isidore, 13 Libby St., Detroit. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Mich. 

Burque, Rev. F. X., Prof. Coll. St. Hyacinthe, St. Hyacintho, P. Q. 
Bot., Ent., Orn. C. Ex. plants, insects and eg^s.* Canada. 

Burr, Fearing, Hingham Centre. Horticulture, Arch. Mass. 

BURRILL, T. J., Prof. Bot., 111. Indust. Univ., Urbana. Gen. Bot., 

Funqi.Mic. C. Ex.* 111. 

BuRRiTT, LoRiN, Uniondalc. Micros. - Penn. 

Burroughs, John, Esopus-on-the-Hudson. Orn,* N. Y. 

Burroughs, Dr. J B , 112 S. Salina St., Syracuse. Mic,* N. Y. 

Burrowes, J. C, 523 E. King St., Lancaster. Bot., Orn. C. Ex.* 


Burrows, Egleston, M. D., 22 Ai-cade Block,- Oswego. Mic, N. Y. 

Burrows, John, Lancaster. Bot. Penn. 

Burrows, N. J., Carondelette. Min, C. Slo, 

Burt, A., Madisonville. Arch, Ohio. 

Burt, E. A., E. Gahvay. Bot, N. Y. 

Busby, Geo. L., Frantlin. Orn, N. J. 

BuSEY, Prof. Samuel C, M. D., 1525 I St., N. W., Washington. Medi- 
cine.* D. C. 

Bush, Mrs. A. E., Curator State Normal School Museum, San Jose. 
Con., Min., Marine Algcs, C. Ex.* Cal. 

Bush, Benjamin F., Detroit. Min., Arch. C. Ex. few specimens 
Chalcedony and Silver ore.* Mich. 

Bush, C. G., Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Bush, Prof. Geo. J., New Haven. Min, C. Conn. 

Bush, Miss Jennie R., San Jose. Ent, C. Ex.* Cal. 

Bush, Walter D., Wilmington. Orn., Ent. C. Ex.* Del. 

Bushee, James, Prof. Chem. and Phys., Woonsocket. Chem,, Phys., 
Min., Geol. C. Ex. K, I. 

BusTEED, J., M. D., New York. Micros, N. Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 19 

Butler, Amos W., Brookville. Oni., Con. C. Desires correspond- 
ents in each of the U. S. and in all foreign countries.* Ind. 

Butler, Cyrus W., Anna, Union Co. Gen. ZofiL, Tax.^ Osteol. Ex. 
birds' skins.* Ilj« 

Butler, George D., Fort Jones, Siskiyou Co. Bot. C. Ex. Cal. 

Butler, Noble, Louisville. Micros. J^^' 

Butt, Cecil G., Elizabeth City. Lepid. C. Bx. N. C. 

Button, F. L., 859 Broadway, Oakland. Con., Moll, C. Ex.* Cal. 

Button, Henry M., Norwich. Efit., Geol* N. Y. 

Butts, Gussie E., Union. Bot. C. Ex.* III. 

Buxton, W. W., Milo Centre, Yates Co. Mm., Con. C. Ex. Devon- 
ian fossils. N. Y. 

BuzBY, F. T., South Bend. Orn. C. Desires to ex. for Fla. or other 
spec* Ind. 

Byers, Wm. N., Denver. C* Col. 

Byrnes, 11. M., M. D., cor. 5th and Race Sts., Cincinnati. Palteo., Mux., 
Arch., Con. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Byrnes, Thomas, M. D., Walcott, Scott Co. Min. C* la. 


Cabeen, T. B.,Keithsb«rg, Mercer Co. Arch., Palao. C. Ex.* III. 

Cady, N. \V., M. D., Lojransport. Chem., Mic. Ind. 

Caffrey, G. W., Bethlehem. Econ. Ent. : Coleopt. C Ex. Pacific 
States specimens desired. Penn. 

Cain, Joseph, West Hingham. Min,, Ast., Bot. Mass. 

Calder, Edwin E., Asst. in Chem. Laboratory, Brown Univ., Provi- 
dence. Chem., But. : Lepid., Coleopt, C. Ex.* R. I. 

Caldwell, A., Sedalia. Ent. Mo. 

Caldwell, Beverly C, Hickman. Reptiles, Ichth. C. Ex. ^ Ky. 

Caldwell, J. E., B. Ph., M. D., Iowa City. Bot. C. Ex. for medi- 
cal plants not found in Iowa. la. 

Caldwell, J. G., Jeticrsonville, Clark Co. PaUeo. C. Ex. Ind. 

Calkins, J. W., Santa Barbara. Con., Algce. C. Ex. Cal. », 

Calkins, Marshall, A. M., M. D., 185 Stiite St., Springfield. Phys., 
Mic., Anat. C* Mass. 

Calkins, William W., 238 So. Water St., Chicago. Con. C. Buy , 
desirable species.* III. 

Call, Prof. R. E., Des Moines. Geol., Invert. Paloeo., Comp. Anat., 
N. A. MoUusca. C. Ex. Desires Unionidae.* la. 

Callender, T. O., 216 Union St., Brooklyn. Ool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Calvin, Samuel, Prof. Nat. Sci. Iowa State Univ., Iowa City. Geol., 
Zo'ul. C. Ex. for Invertebrate Fossils.* la. 

Cameron, Alex. G., Newtown, St. Maiy's, Guyboro Co., N. S. Bot. C. 

Cameron, G., Jr., 231 7th St., Buffalo. Coleopt., Lepid. C N. y! 

Cameron, Rev. James, Onondaga Castle. Bot. N. Y. 

Cameron, James L., C. E:, Decorah. Physics, Biol., spec. River Ero- 
sions and Geol. C* la. 

Campbell, Mrs. Charles, Cherry field. Min. Me. 

Campbell, D. H., Ann Arbor. Aot. Mich. 

Campbell, Rev. E. V., St. Cloud, Stearns Co. Gen. Bot., Ferns. C. 
Ex.* Minn. 

Campbell, George W., Delavan. Bot., Mic. 111. 

Campbell, James G., Frankfort, Herkimer Co. Geol., Min. C. Ex. 
fossils and crystals for fossils and minerals.* N. Y. 

Campbell, John H., 531 Vine St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

20 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Campbell, Capt. J. T., Indianapolis. Civ. Eng., Phys. Sci, Ind. 

Campbell, Thomas, Monmouth. Min. III. 

Canby, William M., 1101 Delaware Ave., Wilmington. Bot,* Del. 

Caneday, D. a., Taylor's Falls, Chisago Co. Geo/., Min. Minn. 

Canfield, Frederick, M. E., Dover. Min. C* N. J. 

Cannon; William, Key West,.Munro Co. Orn.y Ent., C. • Fla. 

Canny, T. J., Rockford. Ent. III. 

Cantine, Thomas B., Rock Ledge. Ool C. Ex.* Fla. 

Carbine, IL, M. D., Marcellus. Mic, Biol., Emb. C. Ex. JMlich. 

Cardeza, John T., M.D., Clayraont, New Castle Co. Min. C. Ex. Del. 

Cardwell, Dr. J. R., Portland. Bot., especially Coniferce. Ore. 

Carey, Miss Maria, Albany. Bot. N. Y. 

Carhart, Prof. H. S., N. W Univ., Evanston. Phys., Chem. III. 

Carll, J. F., Asst., Geol. Surv., Pleasantville. Geol."* Penn. 

Carmichael, Prop., Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick. Chem,, Phys. Me. 

Carpenter, C. F., M. D., Louisville. Micros., Chem., Phys. Ky. 

Carpenter, G. C, Prof. Nat. Sci., Indianola. Geol. C* la. 

Carpenter, H. F., 29 Page St., Providence. Min., Con. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Carpenter, Mark B., Hol,voke. Lepid., Coleopt, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Carrenter, Dr. P. D., Pittsford. Mic. N. Y. 

Carpenter, W. B., M.D., Leavenworth. Gen. Nat. Sci. C. Ex.* Kan. 

Carr, E. W., Esperance. Con. N. Y. 

Carr, J. C, Morris. Geol., Con., Arch. Fossil flora of Grundy Co. a 
specialty. C. Ex.* III. 

Carr, Lucien, Asst. Cur., Peabody Mus. Am. Arch, and Eth., Cam- 
bridge. Anth.* Mass. 

Carruth, Prof. J., Lawrence. Bot,* Kan. 

Carruth, James H., Topeka. Bot. , C. Ex.* Kan. 

Carter, John E., 622 So. 24th St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Carter, Joseph, Supt. Public Schools, Peru. Bot., Ferns of III., Mic. 
^C. III. 

Garter, Mrs. M. C, Hesper, Winnesherk Co. Bot., spec. Orchids and 
Lilies. C. Ex. Orchids and other plants. III. 

Carter, Rev. N. F., Quechee. Bot.* Vt. 

Carter, Mrs. P. L., Clyde, Sandusky Co. Geol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Case, Col. C., Kansas City. Geol. Mo. 

Case, H. B., McKay, Ashland Co. Arch., Geol., Palceo., Min, C. Ex. 
Arch. spec, for good fossils, shells or foreign specimens of stone 
age.* Ohio. 

Case, L. B., Richmond. Ed. Botanical Index,* Ind. 

Case, Theodore A., Ellington. Ast. N. Y. 

Case, Theodore S., Editor Kan. City Rev. Sci. and Ind., Kansas City. 
Gen. Sci.* Mo. 

Cassino, Samuel E., Peabody. Filices, Ent., Min. C. Mass. 

Castle, D. M., M. D., 2007 Arch St., Philadelphia. Coleopt. C, Ex.* 


Caswell, Mary, East Taunton. Bot.* Mass. 

Gate, Will. A., B. S., Prin. Chatata Sem., Chatata, Bradley Co. Geol., 
Min., PalcBo. C. Ex. Tenn. 

Catlin, J. C, Ravenna. Orn., Gen. Collector. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Cavanagh, Miss O., Watertown. Fossils. Ex. N. Y. 

Cawein, John D., 40 High Ave., Louisville. Min., Geol, C, Ex. 
Min. and Geol. spec, for minerals only.* Ky. 

Chadbourne, p. a., Williamstown. Phys., Geol., Gen. Biol. C. Mass. 

Chalmers, Robert, Bathurst, N. B. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Canada. 

Chamberlain, B. B., 37 Seventh Ave., New York. Min. N. Y. 

Chamberlain, C. W., M. D., Sec. State Board of Health, Hartford. 
Met.t SocioLj Ent.f Emb., Bot.* Conn. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 21 

Chamberlain, H. B., 106 West Oneida St., Oswego. Mic, N. Y. 

Chamberlain. Montague, St. John, N. B. Ont. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Chamberlin, H. B., 242 Fifteenth St., Denver. Mic, GeoL sections. 
C. Ex.* Col. 

Chamberlin, Lewis C, Pennville. Phcen. Bot.y Mm., PaUeo,, GeoL, 
Obl^ C. Ex.* Ind. 

Chamberlin, Maggy S., Bangall, Dutchess Co. Bot. C. N. Y. 

Chamberlin, Samuel M., Wells River, Orange Co. Ot^n. Ex. skins.* 


Chamberlin, S. N., Daytona, Volusia Co, Bot., Micros. Fla. 

Chamberlin, T. C, State Geologist, Beloit. GeoL* Wis. 

Chambers, Charles E., 5 Ida Place, Troy. Tax.* N. Y. 

Chambers, Robert W., 126 Fort Green Place, Brooklyn. Lepid., Cole- 
opt. C. Ex. ' N. Y. 

Chambers, V. T., Covington. Microscopy. Ky. 

Chambers, W. H., Ala. Agi-ic. and Mech. Coll., Auburn. Agric. Ala. 

Chance, Dr. H. M., 2433 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia. In charge of 
Dept. of Mining, Second Geol. Survey of Penn. GeoL, Mining.* 


Chandler, Charles H., 269 Hai-vard St., Cambridgeport. Dm. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 

Chandler, Charles H., Prof. Phys., Antioch Coll., Yellow Springs.* 

Chandler, Eli H., Topeka. Mm. C. Ex. Colorado, Kansas, Penn. 

and Delaware minerals.* Kan. 

Chandler, Roscoe P., Riverside, San Bernardino Co. OfiL C. Ex.* 

Chandler, Seth C, Jr., Harvard Obsei'v., Cambridge. Ast.* Mass. 
Chandler, W., M. D., South Bethlehem. Prof, of Chem. in Lehigh 

Univ. Penn. 

Chaney, L. W., Jr., A. B., B. S., Northfield. BioL, Ent., GeoL spec- 
ialty, Coleopt. C. Ex.* Minn. 
Chapman, A. W., Apalachicola. Bot.* Fla. 
Chapman, G. W., M. D., Cawker Cit;!^. Mln. C. Ex.* - Kan. 
Chapman, H. C, M.D., Prof. Insts. of Med. and Med. jurisprudence, in 

Jeff. Med. Coll. of Dental Surg., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. 

Gen. BioL, Vert.* Penn. 

Chapman, H. L., Mai-cellus. Tax. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Chapman, Henry, Naturalist and Taxidermist., 602 California St., San 

Francisco. Cal. 

Chapman, John H., Box 5, Newbur^h. Or7%., OnL, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Chapman, Warren H., M. D., Peoria. GeoL, Palceo. C* 111. 

Chase, A. B., Valley Falls. Mathematics. R. I. 

Chase, A. W., C. E., Tombstone. A^. A. Indian Arch., Eth. C* Ariz. 
Chase, Charles A., Worcester. Palceo.* Mass. 

Chase, E. A., 254 N. S. Paul St., New York. Mic. N. Y. 

Chase, F. A., Prof. Phys. Sci., Fish Univ., Nashville. Micros. C. 

Ex.* Tenn. 

Chase, Prof. George S., Providence. Chem.* R. I. 

Chase, G. S., 233 Van Buren St., Topeka. Palceo. C* Kan. 

Chase, G. W., Rome. Min. N. Y. 

Chase, Harvey H., M. D., Linden, Genesee Co. Diatoms, Crypt. Bot. 

C. Ex. mounted slides. Mich. 

Chase, Harvey S., Box 194, Haverhill. Ast. Mass. 

Chase, Henry S., M. D., St. Louis. Micros. Mo. 

Chase, Joseph E., L. B. 46, Holyoke. Lepid., Coleopt., OgL C. Ex.* 

Chase, Mrs. Marine J., 1622 Locust St., Philadelphia. Microscopic 

Crystallography. C.* Penn. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

22 THK naturalists' directory. 

Chase, Pliny E., LL. D., Prof. Philosophy, Haverford Coll., Montgom- 
ery Co. Cosmical and Molecular Physics ^ MeteoroL* Penn. 

Chase, Kobert II., M. D., State llosp. for Insane, Norristown. A/ic, 
Ihstol., Pathol* Penn. 

Chase, K. .Stuakt, Haverhill. Mic* Mass. 

Chase, S. F., tSalem. A/in., Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

('HASE, Theodore R., 104 Griswold St., Detroit. GeoL, Min., Eth. C. 


Chatfield, a. F., Nurseryman, Albany. Ent.: Lepid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Chatfield, D. S., 73 Gifford St., Syracuse. Mifi-, Geol.f PaUso, C. 
500 species of fossils to ex. for others, or for geol. or palaM>. reports 
of other states.* N. Y. 

Chauranet, R., Seventh and Pine Sts., St. Louis. Chemist. Mo. 

Chawvenet, W. M., Newport. Chem.^ Geol, R. I. 

Cheeseman, E. L., Knowlesville, Orleans Co. Bot.^ Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Chesebro, Denison S., Box 327, Syracuse. Crustacea. Mollusks. 
C* N. Y. 

Cheshire, W.W., Supt. Schools, Crown Point. Arch., EthnoL C* Ind. 

Chester, Albert H., E. M., Ph. D., Prof. Cheni. Hamilton College, 
Clinton. Chem., Mm., Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Chetney, J. S., 517 N. 44th St., Phila. Mic, HistoL, Bot. C* Penn. 

Chickering, J. J., Box 524, Amherst. Orn., 061. C. Ex. Mass. 

Chickering, Prop. J. \V., Deaf-Mute Coll., Washino^ton. Bot. C. 
Ex.* D.C. 

Child, Harry P., Kansas City. Palao., Herpet., Numismatics. C. Mo. 

Child, W. W., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Childs, A. B., Akron. Palceo., Geol, Min., Vert. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Chinqman, George F., 217 State St., Chicago. Cm. 111. 

Chittenden, F. H., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Ent. : specialty, Biological 
studies of Coleoptera. C. Ex.* . N. Y. 

Chittenden, George B., Engineer, Washington.* D. C. 

Chittenden, Prof. R. H., Ph. D., Yale Coll., New Haven. Physio- 
logical Chem., Toxicology.* Conn. 

Choquette, Rev. P., College, St. Hyacinthe. Phys., Chem., Min.* 


Chrispell, P. L. Lafayette. Ent.: Lepid. N.J. 

Christian, John B., Mt. Carroll. Geol., Palaeo., Min., Ast.* III. 

Christy, S. B., Ph. B., Univ. of Cal., Berkeley. Chem., Met. Cal. 

Chriswell, C. M., Brockport. Bot. Geol. N. Y. 

Chubb, H. E., 235 Viaduct. Cleveland. Orn., Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Church, A. M., Lyons Falls. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Church, Mrs. A. M., Lyons Falls. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Church, Benjamin, Jr., Wallingford. Min., Geol. Conn. 

Church, John A., M. E., 115 Broadway, New York. Mining, Metal- 
lurgy. ^ N. Y. 

Church, Nellie, Lyons Falls, Lewis Co. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Church, R. T., Turin, Lewis Co. Ent. -C Ex. N. Y. 

Churchill, Mrs. F. C., Lebanon. Mm., Fossils, Con. C. N. E. and 
Bermuda specimens in ex.* N. H. 

Churchill, Jno. B., Box 81, Bristol. Min. Conn. 

Churchill, Joseph R., 82 Devonshire St., Boston. Bot., Ent. C* 


Chute, Rev. Ariel P., Sharon. Geol., Min.* Mass. 

Chute, H. S., Prof. Physics and Chem., Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Cisco, J. G., Jackson. Am. Arch. C. Ex. flint and stone implements 
for other mound relics.* Tenn. 

Clapin, Rev. G., College, St. Hyacinthe, Bot., Etvt.* Canada. 

Clapp, E. F., M. D., Prof. Anat, Iowa City. Anat. C. la. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 23 

Clapp, H. L., 35 West Cottaore St., Boston. Bot, Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Clapp, William A., M. D., New Albany. 3/tc., Diatoms, Ind. 

Clakk, Miss Anna, Millord Centre. Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Clark, Benjamin Pkeston, Care of B. C. Clark & Co., 55 Kilby St, 
Boston. Phcen. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Clabk, Rev. C. B., Danville. Geol. Mich. 

Clark, C H., 6 Tracy Park. New York. Mic. N. Y. 

C^ARK, Daniel, M. D., Flint. ^o<. C. Ex. Mich. 

Clark, Dwight, 68 Bradford St., Springfield. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Clark, E. B., Utica. Orn. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Clark, E. W., M. D., Grinnell. Mic. C. la. 

Clark, F. C, Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Clark, George D., Plainville. Mm. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Clark, Isaac D., 597 Broad St., Newark. Orn., Tax,, Obi C. Ex. N.J. 

Clark, John, West Chester. Bot, Penn. 

Clark, J. A., Lostant, La Salle Co. Chem. 111. 

Clark, J C, Box 219, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co. C. Ex.* III. 

Clark, J. N., Saybrook. Orn., OjI. C* Conn. 

Clark, Jane L., Eastharapton. Orn., Oal. C. Ex. Ma^is. 

Clark, Simeon Tucker, A. M., M. D., Box 155, Lockport. Con. C. 
Ex. Wish mitres and volutes for Gulf species.* N. Y. 

Clark, T. R., Petersburg. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. Mich. 

Clark, Wm. D., Camden. Micros. M.J. 

Clark, Willis J., Centralia, Wood Co. Birds' eggs and skins. C. 
Samples sent for inspection if desired.* Wis. 

Clark, Xenos Y., Box Ito, Amhei-st. Psychol., Mic. Mass. 

Clarke, James Freeman, Jamaica Plain, Boston. Ast.* Mass. 

Clarke, J. M., Utica. Pakso., Geol C. N. Y. 

Clarke, John M., Asst. in Geol., Amherst Coll., Box 495, Amherst. 


Clarke, John W., Prof, of Geol , Univ. of Chicago. Geoly.Anth. III. 

Clarke, L. H.. Horicon. Geol Wis. 

Clarke, Robert P., Box 331, Chicago. Orn. 0. Ex. 111. 

Clarke, S. C, Marietta. Ichth.* Ga. 

Clarke, Samuel F., Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Gen. 
Biol, Hydrozoa. C. Ex. Md. 

Clarke, Sherman, 110 Alexander St. Mic. N. Y 

Clarke, Rev. W. C, Ontario. Geol Canada. 

Clarke, W. P., Milton, Rock Co. Arch., Con. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Clarkson, A., Potsdam. Ent.: specialty, Sphingidcs, C. Ex. De- 
sires western lepidoptera.* N. Y. 

Clay, H. C, M. D., Shreveport. Micros. La. 

Claybrooke, G., Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co. Bot.* Cal. 

Claypole, Edw. W., B. a., B. Sc, F. G. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., Antioch 
Coll., Yellow Springs. Geol. C. Ex. Chiefly upper Silurian 
and post-pliocene fossils and shells.* Ohio. 

Clayton, J. E., Box 158, Butte City. Mining Geologist and Engi- 
neer.* Montana. 

Clayton, J. R., D. D. S., Prof Phys. and Histol., O. Coll. of Dental 
Surg., Cincinnati. Mic. of dental tissues. C* Ohio. 

CXe a VELAND, Frank N., Canton. Mi7i. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Cleaveland, J. R., Copperas Hill. Fossils, Mm. Vt. 

Clement, Asa, Pawtucketville, Lowell. Horl, Orn., Ent.* Mass. 

Clementi, Rev. Vincent, B. A., Peterboro, Ontario. Bol, Orn., Col- 
eopt., Lepid.* Canada. 

Clements, Gabriellb D., Scientific Artist, 750 So. ISth St., Philadel- 
phia. Penn. 

Clbneay, Thomas, 444 W. Sixth St., Cincinnati. Arch. C. Ex.* 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

24 THE naturalists' directory. 

Clevbland, Daniel, San Diego. Bot, : FerrUf Marine Alga. C. Ex.* 


Clifford, F. S., 23 School St., Boston. Sponges.* Mass. 

Clingman, George F., 217-219 State St., Chicago. Om., 061. C. 
Ex. for properly authenticated spec* 111. 

Close, J. A., M. D., Summerfield, St. Clair Co. Mic. 111. 

Clough, J. P., Junctions, Lembi Co. Ex. Western minerals and curi- 
osities for books.* Idaho. 

Clutton, John, Goderich, Ont. Agric. Chem. Canada. 

Clyde, Rev. John C, Bloomsbuiy. Am^ Hist. N. J. 

Coale, H. K., 2340 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Om. C. Ex. local birds 
for American and small foreign land-birds.* 111. 

Coale, R. Dorset, C. E., A. M., Ph. D., Asst. in Chem. Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 215 Madison Ave., Baltimore. Analyt. Chem.* Md. 

COATES, Lindley, cor. 10th and Penn Sts., Kansas City. Ool. C. Ex. 


Cobb, William H., Worcester. Bot., Ent. Mass. 

Cobban, II. M.,Wickes,Jetierson Co. Geol.yMin. C. Ex.* Montana. 

CocHORAN, Prop. C. B., W. Chester. Nat. Hist. Penn. 

Cochran, J. Travis, 1820 Spruce St., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Cochran, Samuel W., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Cochrane, J., A. M., Havana, Mason Co. Gen. Bot. C. Ex. 111. 

Cochrane, J. D., A. B., East Corinth. Bot., Min. C. Ex.*. Me. 

COE, Emily M., Prin. Am. Kindergarten Normal School, 33 East 10th 
St., New York. Zool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Cob, Rev. James W., Danville. Geol., Con. C. Ex. III. 

CoE, S. M., Coldwater. Mic. Mich. 

COE, W. W., Portland. A/am., Om.y Ichth. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Coffin, Selden J., Ph. D., Prof. Math, and Ast, Lafayette College, 
Easton. Ast., Met* Penn. 

Copfinberry, W L., C. E., Grand Rapids. Arch. C* Mich. 

CoFFMAN, Joseph H., Augusta. Min., Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Cohen, J . Solis, M. D., Philadelphia. Micros., Laryngology, Acoustics.* 


CoiT, Rev. C. P., 94 Hudson St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

CoiT. J. B., 2126 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Ast. Ohio. 

COLCORD, R. B., Sterling. Geol, Ast.* III. 

Colegrove, James, 40 Madison St., Chicago. Mic, Bot.* III. 

Coleman, Rev. N., Berlin. Bot., Emb., specialty, rearing larva. C. 
Ex. Mosses, Leiptd. and Coleopt.* Conn. 

Coles, Isaac, Glen Cove, Queens Co. Phten. Bot., Om. C. Ex. N. Y. 

CoLiE, Edw. M., East Orange, Essex Co. Min., Geol. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Collett, John, State Geol. of Ind., Indianapolis. Stratigraphic Geol., 
Am. Arch. C* Ind. 

Collier, G. H., Prof. Chem., Oregon State Univ., Eugene City. Chem.* 


Collier, J. M., Myers Monroe Co. General Collector.* Fla. 

Collier, Peter, Dept. of Agric, Washington. Min. D. C. 

Collier, Mrs. S. A., Eugene City. Bot, C. Ex. Phaen. and Lich- 
ens.* Ore. 

Collin, Alonzo, Prof. Chem. and Phys., Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln. 
C. Ex.* Neb. 

Collin, M. Ann Arbor. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Colling, Thomas R., Utica. Bot., Mycology* N. Y. 

Collins, Frank S., Box 55, Maiden. Bot. : Alga, Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Collins, George K., Syracuse. Mic. N. Y. 

Collins, Henry A., Hanover. Spec, of Wood, C. Ex. III. 

Collins, Walter, Penns Manor, Bucks Co. Odl Penn. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Collins, W. H., 152 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Om,, 061 C. Ex. 
Collins, William L., Frankford, Philadelphia. Om.^ OdL C. 






CoLLis, R. O., Madisonville. Arch. C* 

CoLMAN, Henry, M. D., Swampscott. Anat.^ Hist.* 

Colorado College, Colorado Spriu*fs. Botanical Collection, 

College has a lar^e coll. of the Floi*a of Colorado, and would like 
to ex. dups. for those not now in coll. Address F. H. Loud.* Col. 

CoLTON, B. P., Princeton. Bot.y ZooL C* III. 

Colton, H G., Hillsdale. Min. Mich. 

CoLTON, W. E., New York City. Micros. N. Y. 

Colvin, Verplanck, Supt. N. Y. State Adirondack Surv., Albany. 
Astron.f Geodesy, GeoL, Min.^ Chem.* N. Y, 

Colter, Walter, Albion, Edwards Co. Geol., Min.t PaUeo.* III. 

Commons, Albert, Faulkland, Jlew Castle Co. Pfusn. Bot., Ferns. 
C* • Del. 

COMPTON, J. W., M. D., Evansville. Sanitary Science. C. Ex.* Ind. 
' CoMSTOCK, Frank M., A. M., C. E., Le Roy, Genesee Co. Vert. N. Y. 

CoMSTOCK, J. Henry, U. S. Ent., Dept. of Agric, Washington. Econo- 
mic Ent* D. C. 

CoMSTOCK, Theo. B., Asst. Pi'of. in charore of Dept. of Geol. and 
Palfleo., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. GeoL, PaUeo. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

CoNANT, Thomas, M. D., Gloucester, Zool. Mass. 

CONANT, Woodbury P., Wenham, Essex Co. 'Bot. : Grasses and Sedges. 
C. Ex. for Southern and Western species.* Mass. 

Condon, Thomas, Prof. Nat. Sci., State Univ., Eugene City. Geol. C 



C. Ex. 



N. Y. 



N. Y. 

CoNDY, Thomas, Jr., Guelph, Ontario. Orn, 

Cone, H. P., West Granville Corners, Troy. 

Cone, Sarah B., Stockbridge.* 

CoNODON, J. W., East Greenwich. Bot. : Ferns. 

Cong don, Joseph W., Petaluma. Bot. 

Conger, A. A., Malonc. Mic. 

CoNKLiN, A. M., Las Vegas, San Miguel Co. 

CoNKLiN, William A., V. S.,Ph. D., Director Central Park Menagerie, 

New York. Vert. Ex. Annual Repts. of Menagerie for those of 

other societies.* N. Y. 

CoNKLiN, W. J., M. D., Dayton. Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

CoNKLiNG, A. R., Cai-son City. Phys., Geol., Litkol. Nev. 

CoNKLiNG, E. A., Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

CoNLEY, Prof. J. D., Blackburn Univ., Carlinville. Geol., Zool., Chem. 

C. Ex. III. 

Conner, Isaac, Unionville, Chester Co. Min. Penn. 

CoNNON, William, Myers, Monroe Co.* Fla. 

CONOVER, C. T., Amsterdam. Con. N. Y. 

Conrad, C. P., Prof. Chem. and Phys., Arkansas Indust. Univ., Fayette- 

villc. Chem., Min. C. Ex. Arkansas mins. a spec* Ark. 

Conrad S., Quakertown, Union Co. Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

CoNRADi, Adolph, Box 4, Bethlehem. Native and foreign Lepid. C. 

Ex. and for sale.* Penn. 

Constable, F. A., 240 Madison Ave, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Converse, J. H., M. D., M. D. S., Danville. Orn., Gen. Micros.* N. Y. 
Cook, Albert J., Prof. ZoOl. and Ent., Agric. Coll., Lansing. Ent. Mich. 
Cook, Geo. H., Rutgei-s Coll., New Brunswick. Geol., Agric* N. J. 
Cook, H. E., Leicester Junction, Addison Co. Tax. C. Ex. Vt. 

Cook, I. F., Bellingham. Min., Geol. C. Ex. Mass. 

Cook, W., 141 Eighth St., New York. Min., Pdloeo., MoUusks. N. Y. 
Cook, Wm. T., 90 Messer St., Providence. Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Cooke, Wm. E., East Fairmount, Cincinnati. Gen, Nai, Hist, C. 
Cin. fossils in ex. for other nat. hist, specimens. Ohio. 

Cooke, V. A., Boulder Valley, Jeflf. Co. Min, C. Ex. gold and silver 
ores for fossils.* Montana. 

Cool, Dr. D. M., 36 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago. Med. Mic, Gen. 
Biol* . III. 

CooLEY, J. C, Headley. Bot, N. Y. 

. CooLiDOE, Kev. a. U., Leicester. Min, Mass. 

CooMPTON, Chas. A.,^M. D., Moline. Diptera, Asilida. C. Ex. 
Diptera named and returned. III. 

Coon, G. W., 34 Cheshire St., Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Coon, H. C, A. M., M. D., Alfred Univ., Alfred Centre, Allegany Co. 
Physics, Chem, C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Cooper, C. B.. Norwich. Qui Nat. Hist. Ohio. 

Cooper, Ed. M., 164 Walnut St., Cincinnati. Palao., Con.: Recent 
MaHne Zool. C. Ex. L. Silurian fossils to ex. for other special- 
ties.* Ohio. 

Cooper, Elwood, Santa Barbara. Hort. .• Diseases peculiar and de- 
structive to semi-tropical fruits. Will send destructive insects of 
this region.* Cal. 

Cooper, Mrs. Elwood, Santa Barbara. Bot. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Cooper, J. C, Topeka. Min, C. Ex. Rare hemitrepe crystals of 
feldspar for ex.* Kan. 

Cooper, J. D., 7 Campbell St., Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Cooper, J. G., Haywoo<ls, Alameda Co. Bot., Zool., Moll,* Cal. 

Cooper, Wm. A., Santa Cruz. Orw., OGl. Cal. 

Cope, Prof. Edw. D., 2100 Pine St., Philadelphia. Vert, PaUeo., 
Vert. Zool, Geol C. Ex.* Penn. 

CoQUiLLETT, D. W., Woodstock. Econ. and Biol. Ent. C* III. 

CoRBUS, Dr. J. C, Mendota. Social science. 111. 

CoRBUSiER, Wm. H., M. D., Asst. Surg. U. S. A., Care of Surg. Gen. 
U. S. A., Washington. Eth., Anth. C. D. C. 

Cornell, J. H., 23 Chambers St., New York. Micros, N. Y. 

Cornell, T. V., Union City. Ast. Penn. 

Corning, Erastus, Sr., Albany. Bot. Ent. C. N. Y. 

Corning, Erastus, JR , Albany. Ent. Con. Obi, C. N. Y. 

Corser, D. B., 38 Rumford St., Concord. Min. C* N. H. 

Corson, Ellwood M., M. D., Noiristown. Phaen. Bot., Micros.* Penn. 

Corthell, W. G., Tremont Temple, Boston. Mic. C* Mass. 

CoRWiN, R. W., M. D., Ann Arbor. Comp. Anat. of Vertebrates, 
Micros. , Mich. 

CoRr, Chas. B., 8 Arlington St., Boston. Om., Zool. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Cory, Geo. Q., Provo City. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Utah. 

CoTTMANN, John M., Rome. Min. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Couch, Edw. J., Ridgefield. Om., Ent. C. Ex.* Conn. 

CouES, Elliott, Washington. Bibliog. of Sci., Gen. Biol., Geog. Dist., 
Vert. Emb., Vertebrates. C* D. C. 

CouES, G. H., 17 Worcester St., Boston. Orn. Mass. 

Coulter, J. M., Prof. Nat. Hist., Ed. Bot. Gazette, Wabash Coll., - 
Crawfordsville. Bot. C* Ind. 

Coulter, M. S., Logansport. Bot., Mic. C* Ind. 

Coulter, S. E. M., A. B., Hanover. Bot. C. Ex.* " Ind. 

CouPER. William, Ed. Can. Sportsman and Naturalist, 806 Craig St., 

Montreal. Orn., Oil., Ent.* Canada. 

Courtis, William M., M. E., Wyandotte. Bot., Min., Geol., Met. C. 


CousE, Mary E., 305 Indiana Ave., Indianapolis. Bot., Orn. C. Ind. 

Covert, A. B., Box 602, Cadillac. Orn,, Obi, C* Mich. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



C. Ex. 







Pen 11. 

Covington, S. R, Madisonville. Arch. Ohio. 

CowDRY, N. H., Dominion Bank, Uxbridge, Ont. Canada. 

CowLES, Burt., 4 Harrison St., Syracuse. OoL N. Y. 

CowLES, Edw, S., Ph. D., Farmington. Chem., Bot., GeoL* Conn. 
CowLES, Samuel N.,Otisco,KnowIes Co. Bot.,Ent.,Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Cox, C. F., Room 45, Grand Central Depot, New York. Mic* N. Y. 
Cox, E T., Late State Geologist, Ind., Prof. Geo!., State Univ., Ind., 

Tucson. Geol.j Chem.^' Met.^ Arch., Con., Mic. C. Ex. Ariz. 
Cox, George H., Calumet. Min., CrystaUog. C. Ex. JUich. 

Cox, J. D.. Cincinnati. Mc, Diatoms. C* Ohio. 

Cox, J. N., Calumet. CrystaUog. C. Ex. Lake Superior mineitils for 

foreign.* ^ Mich. 

Cox, JoSEPU, Judge'Dist. Court, Cincinnati. Arch.y Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

in Am. Arch. Lectures on Arch* Ohio. 

Cox, Lisbon A., Keokuk. PaUeo. : Crinoids. C. Ex. Would like to 

ex. for good crinoids, especially European.* la. 

CoxE, EcKLEY B., Drifton, Jeddo P. O., Luzerne Co. Mining Engi 

Crafts, Samuel D., Box 1229, Boston. Orn. C. 
Cragin, F. W., Southville. Zobl, Herpet., Carcinology. 

sires N. Am. lacertilia and F. W. Crustacea.* 
Craig, J. W., M. D , Mansfield, Richland Co. GeoL, Arch. 
Crampton, G. W., Molinc. Ool, Ent. C. Ex.* 
Cranch, Edward, M,D., Box 111, Erie. Mic, Ent. C. Ex.* 
Crandall, a. R., Prof. Ky. State Coll., Lexington. Geol., Palao., Bot., 

Micros., Photo- Mici'ographj/.* Ky. 

Crane, Prop. E. H., Colon, St. Jo. Co. -V. A. Mounds. C. Ex. Mich. 
Cranmer, W. I. C. P., 227 E. 93rd St., New Y^ork. Ent. . Lepid., C. 

Ex. N. Y. 

Crannell, Charles E., Ida Hill, Troy. Orn., Min., Herpetol., Ichth., 

Worms. C* N. Y. 

Crans, James T., Indianapolis. L.andF.W. Shells of N. A, C. Ex. Ind. 
Crapnell.4 W. B., New Boston, Mercer Co. Orn. III. 

Crary, Rev. B. F.. 1041 Market St., San Francisco. Min. C* Cal. 
Crawford, A. W., Oakland. Bot., Palceo., GroL, Min. C. Ex. Cal. 
Crawford, J. C, A. M., Green Bay. Mic, Diatoms, Coleopt., HistoL 

C. Ex. Botanical slides for Histological.* Wis. 

Crawford, J. M., Avondale, Cincinnati. Micros , Coleopt., Lepid. C. 

Ex. Ohio. 

Crawford, Dr. J. W., Houston. Orn. 
Crawford, M. B., A. M., Middletown. Phys. 
Crehore, John D., C. E., 458 Prospect St., Cleveland 

Cressmann. N. F., Chestnut Hill., Philadelphia. Bot. 
Cressman, Philip, 601 N. 13th St., Philadelphia. Bot. 
Cresson, Charles M., M. D., Philadelphia. Micros. 
Cresson, Ezra T., Box 31, Philadelphia. Ent. : Hymen.* 
Cressy, Prof. Noah, M. D., V. S., Amherst. C'omp. Anat. 

Elhnol. C. Ex. 
Crevier, I. A., M. D., 389 Craig St., Montreal. Palceo. 

C. Ex. min. insects, shells and mic. specimens. 
Critchley, "VV. J., 14 First Ave., Rochester. Tax. 
Crittenden, A. R., Middletown. GeoL, Con. 
Crocker, John M., M. D., Provincetown. Con. 
Croft, Clayton I., Fountain, El Paso Co. Min. C. Ex, 
Croft, Prof. H. H., Toronto, Ontario. Chem. 
Croissant, Rev. J. D., 14x1 Eighth St.,N. W., Washington, 



Bridge Engi- 
Chem., Min. 
N. Y. 
GeoL C. 

Ex. foreign for home specimens. 

D. C. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


CttONiSB, Adelbert, 49 Ave. A., Vick Pk., Rochester. Mic. N. Y* 

Chonyn, Rev. Daniel, San Diego. Gen. Sci.y Fetms and Algce, Cal. 
Ckooke, John J., 103 Mulberrv St., New York. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

Photog., Orn., Coleopt., Lepid., MoUtisks, C* N. Y. 

Crosby, Eugene C, 911 Campbell St., Kansas City. Chem.f Phys. 

C* Mo. 

Crosby, Dr. W. D., Beloit. Om,, Ent, C. Wis. 

Crosby, W. O., Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., Boston. Geol.y Invert. PalcBo. 

C. Ex. Desires cryst. rocks.* MtCss. 

Crosier, Dr. E. S., Louisville. Bot., Micros. y Anth,* Ky. 

Cross, Charles R., Thayer Prof. Physics, Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. 

Cross, Charles W., 3725 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia. Min. Penn. 
Cross, C. Whitman, Box 2836, Denver. Micro-petrography.* Col. 

Cross, Rev. R. T., Denver. Min, C. Ex. mostly Colorado speci- 
mens. Small cabinets furnished for schools.* Col. 
Cross, Rev. W. R., Camden, Knox Co. Bot.^ Mic, C. Ex. micio- 

scopic funjri. Me. 

Crossley, Robert, Holvoke. Ent. C. Ex. Mass. 

Crow, Prop. D. W., Perryville. Bot., Biol, Geol., Min, C. Mo. 

Crumbauoh, J. \V., M. *D., Lancaster. Mc, Protozoa. Hist, and 

Pathol, specimens in ex. for foraminifera. Penn. 

Crump, M. H., Bowlin*? Green. Nat. Hist., esp. Geol. C. Ex. good 

N. S. minerals and sub. carb. fossils.* Ky. 

Culver, J. 0., Oakland. Micros.* Cal. 

Culver, W. W., White River Junction. Geol., Min. C. Ex. Vt. 

Cumberland, Miss Mary E., Wellesley. Bot. Mass. 

CuMMiNGS, Carrie E., Wellesley Coll. Bot. C. Ex. for mosses and 

ferns.* Maiss. 

CuMMiNGS, Geo. J., Monson, Hampden Co. Min., Nat. Hist., Orn. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 

CUMMINGS, Wm. H., Mildale. Lepid, Wishes to complete coll. of 

Conn. Lepidoptera. Conn. 

Cunningham, Mrs. Kate M., Blaii-sville, Indiana Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Western Pa. plants.* Penn. 

Cunningham, S., 28 First St., Troy. Om., OoL C. Ex. Desires 

correspondents.* N. Y. 

Cunningham, T. L., Yalaha, Sumter Co. Tax. F. W. Shells, Indian 

pottery, native plants, etc. C. Ex. Fla. spec* Fla. 

Cunningham, W. M., ^icwark, Licking Co. Arch., Geol., Palceo. C* 

CuRiER, A. O., Grand Rapids. Con. Mich. 

Currie, Rev. Hector, B. A., Widdes P. O., Ont. Geol., Palceo. 

C. Ex.* Canada. 

Currier, Edw. H., 782 Elm St., Manchester. Nat, Hist. N. H. 

Currier, John M., M. D., Castletou. Sec. Rutland Co. Hist. Soc. and 

Castleton Normal Sch. Sci. Club. Arch., Min., Eth., Palceo., Anth.* 

Currier, W. O., Providence. Min, Geol. C. Ex. Collections made 

and arranged. R. I. 

Curtis, Dr. Edward, 27 Washin«rton Place, New York. Micros. N. Y.. 
Curtis, Miss E. May, Quincy. Phcen. Bot. III. 

Curtis, Dr. Josiah, Washintfton. Nat, Hist, Mic, D. C. 

Curtis, L. R., Mcndota. PHys. Sci.* IIL 

Curtis, Lester, A. B., M. D., Prof. Histol., Chicago Med. Coll., 1558 

Wabash Ave., Chica«ro. Histol., Gen, Biol., Mic, III. 

Curtis, Col. S. S., Keokuk. Palceo, la. 

CUBTIS, Wm. a., Box 66, Haverhill. Mic, Diatoms. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' diregtoby. 29 

CuRTiss, A. H., Jacksonville. Bot, C* Fla. 

CuRTiss, Mrs. F. A., Jacksonville. Marine Alga. C. Ex.* Fla. 

CusuiNG, Frank H.» Smithsonian Institution, Washinirton. Arch,, Eth. 
C. D. C. 

CusiCK, Wm. C Union. BoL C* Ore. 

CuTUBERT, Alfred, Au<;iista. BoU, Om. C. Ex. Plants and birds 
oi* this section to ex. Desires correspondence.* Ga. 

Cutler, Dr. S. P., Pros. Memphis Microscopical Soc., Memphis. 
Micros. Tenn. 

Cutter, E. A., 192 N. Pearl St., Albany. Ent. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Cutter^ Geo. R., M. D., 312 Second Ave., New York. Hisiol, Path. 
C* «. Y. 

Cutter, J. C, Box 198, Hanover. Micros. N. H. 

Cutting, Hiram A., M. D.. Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Sci , Lewis Coll., State 
Geolojrist, Luncnburjfh, Essex Co* Geol., Meteorology. Collec- 
tion of 20,000 specfmens. Will cxchanirc Vermont specimens for 
others.* VI. 


Dabnet, Charles Wm., Ph. D„ N. C. Agric. Experiment Station, 
Ealci<rh. Agric, Chem.* N. C. 

Dabnev, William C, Charlotteville. Micros. Va. 

Daboll, D. a., Jr., Centre Groton. Bot., Ent. Conn. 

Dake, Dr. W. C, Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

Dale, T. Nelson, Gibbs Ave., Newport. Stratigraphical GeoL, Pakeo* 


Daloleish, James, Gait, Ont. Geol, Palao. Canada. 

Dall, William H., Asst. U. S. Coast Surv., care Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington. Malacol, Anth., Arctic Geog.* D. C. 

Dalrymple, Rev. E. A., S. T. D., 139 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore. 
Arch., Eth. C* Md. 

Dalton, Jonathan C, M.D., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Damon, W. E., care Titfany & Co., Union Sq., New York. Aquaria 
and Marine objects. C.* N. Y. 

Dana, Edw. S., Ph. D., New Haven. Min., Crypt.* Conn. 

Dana, J. D., Prof. Min. and GeoL, Yale Coll., New Haven. Min., Geol. 

Crttsta::ea, Corals.* Conn. 

Dana, Miss M., Castlclwro. Bot. Vt. 

Danforth, I. N., M. D., 349 W. Adams St., Chicago. Biol.* III. 

Daniell, John, Osceola Mine, Calumet, Houghton Co. Lake Superior 
minerals in ex. for ci7stallization9 of any kind.* Mich. 

Daniels, Emanuel, Muscatine. MoUusks. C. Ex. la. 

Danwington, F. p., Univ. Va. Chem. Va. 

D ARROW, Charles E., 46 Franklin St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Davenport, George E , Medford. Vascular Cryptogmns. Mass. 

Davenport, F. S., Jerseyville, Jei-sey Co. Ast. III. 

David, F., St. John, N. B., care Daniel Boyd. Om. Canada. 

Davidson, Mrs. C. G., Box 111, Louisville. Bot. Ky. 

Davidson, Prop. George, A. M., Ph. D., U. S. Coast Survey; Mem- 
ber Acad. Nat. Sci., San Francisco. Phys. Cal. 

Davidson, H. M., Box 559, Ogdcnsburgh. Chem., Om., Tax. C* N. Y. 

Davidson, Mrs. Jas., Monticello, Jones Co. Geol., PaUeo. C. Ex. la. 

Davidson, J. M, Lancaster. Mic. Penn. 

Davidson, William J., Brooklyn. Pheen.Bot. N. Y. 

Davie, Oliver, 170 No. High St., Columbus. Tax., Om., Ool, Arch. 
C. f;x,* Qhip. 

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30 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Davies, J. E., Prof. Physics, Univ. Wisconsin, Box 1106, Madison. Wis. 

Davies, a. F., Rockfoitl. Arc^i. III. 

Davis, Mrs. Abbie L., Gloucester. Alg<B. Ex. Mass. 

Davis, B. T., Chctopa. Ent. Kan. 

Davis, C. F. Keokuk, Lee Co. Gcodes. C* la. 

Davis, E. G., Curator Pub. Mus., Leominster. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Davis, F. J., Utica. Orn., Vol., Tax. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Davis, Geouoe A., Mexico. Om., Tax. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Davis, G. Piekrepont, M. D., Hartford. Ph<Bn. Bot. C* Conn. 

Davis, Henry, McCirc^^or. Ferns^ Mosses^ Fungiy Geol.y Min,^ Arch., 
Muriopoda^ Worms. C. Ex. la. 

Davis, H. Winter, 227 Market St., Philadelphia. Bot.^ Micros, C. 
Ex. Penn. 

Davis, John, Stockton Ave., Alleghany. Ast Penn. 

Davis, J. li., N. C. Coll., Mt. Pleasant. Min. W. C. 

Davis, J. J., Racine. Bot. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Davis, Leander S., Camp Watson, Grant Co. OsteoL^ PaUBO. C. 
Shells and fossils for ex. Ore. 

Davis, N. S., Jr., G') Randolph St., Chicago. Herpet.^ Ichth,^ III. 

Davis, R. S., M. D., La Centre, Clark Co. Dealers in and collectors of 
Indian relics. Orn. C. E\.* W. T. 

Davis, Walley, Jr., Chester Valley. Orn. Penn. 

Davis, William J , Centre and Walnut Sts., Louisville. Paleso.y Corals 
(Polypi) of Niagara and Devonian periods. C. Ex. Will ex. 
Moll., Polypi, Echinodermata, Crustacea, Sharks' teeth as may be 
desired, for Jine examples of Polypi and 13ryozoa from other local- 
ities.* Ky. 

Davis, William M., Instructor in Geology, Harvard College, 10 Wal- 
lace St., Cambridge. GeoL, Physical Geography.* 3Iass. 

Davis, W. T., Tompkinsville, Staten Island. Ghi. Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dawson, George M., D. S., F. G. S., Assoc. Royal School of Mines, 
Asst. Director Geol. Surv. of Canada, Ottawa. Geol. esp.. West 
Coast Geol.* Canada. 

Dawson, J. W., LL. D., F. R. S., Prin. McCiill Coll., Montreal. Geol., 
Palaeontology, especially fossil plants,* Canada. 

Dawson, William, Spiceland, llenrv Co. Ast.* Ind. 

Day, David F., 341 Washington St.,*Butfalo. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Day, E. A., Stockholm. Min., Geol. C. Ex. N. J. 

Day, E. H., Prof. Nat. Sci., Normal Coll., New York. N. Y. 

Day, F.H.,M.D.,Wauwatosa, Milwaukee Co. Pateo. C. Ex. Wis. 

Day, L. T., M. D.,Poabod^ Museum, New Haven. Vert. Pal<B0., Dip- 
tera of N. A. C* * Conn. 

Dayan, a. J., Lyons Falls. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Dayton, R., M. D., 246 Superior St., Cleveland. Mic, Ohio. 

Dean, D. V., M. D , Supt. City Hospital, St. Louis. Bot,, PdUeo.y Mic, 

Emb., Anth., Ent. C. Mo. 

Deane, O. B., Springfield. Tax. C. Ex.* Ma^s. 

Deane, Ruthven, 2 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Orn,* III. 

Deatrick, Rev. W. Wilberforce, Milton, Northumberland Co. Bot. 
C. Ex. Penn. 

De Camp, Wm. H., M. D., Grand Rapids. Am. Con., Min. C. Ex. 
for land and fresh water shells of Am. and minerals.* Mich. 

De Cew, Edmund, P. L. S., DeCewville, Out. Geol, Palceo, C. 


Deecke, Theodore, Special pathologist, N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, 
Utica. Anat., Histology. Hisio- Chemistry. IN.Y. 

Deems, Frank M., M. D., Cur. N. Y. Mic. Soc, 429 W. 22nd St., New 
York. Mic, Ent, Q, Ex. N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


De Garmo, James M., P1i> I>.» Pi-in. De Garmo Inst, Rhinebcck. 
Macro- Lepid.f Orn. C* N. If. 

Degge, a. R., Petersburg. Arch. C. Ex.* 111. 

Deisher, Adam, Tiickertown, Berks Co. Bot. Penn. 

De Kempeneer, C, Roclicstcr. AstroL^ Gen. Zodl. N. Y. 

De La Cour, J. L., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Delafontaine, Prof. M., Ph. D., 1707 Wabash Ave, Chicago. Chem., 
GeoL, Min. C* III. 

De Land, Levi J., Manufacturing Chemist, Fairport, Mom-oc Co. Mic, 
Soda.* N. Y. 

Demerest, J. M., Newton. Gen. Nat Htst.^ Mic. C. Ex. N.J. 

Deming, L. p., New Haven. Mic. Conn. 

De Motte, John B., Green Castle. Math. Ind. 

Denison, Charles, A. M., M. D., Denver. Climatology.* Col. 

Denison, Charles H.. San Francisco. 3fiw., Bot.* Cal. 

Dennis, Prof. David, Wilmington. Invert. Falao.^ Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Dennis, S. W., 33 Kearney St., San Fi-ancisco. Mic Cal. 

Dennis, Waldo, Prof. Nat. Sci., State Normal School, Oshkosh. Bat., 
Geol. Ex.* Wis. 

Denslow, Rev. Herbert M., New Haven. Bot.^ N. A. Orchidaceee. 
C. Ex.* Conn. 

Denton, John M., London, Ont. Efit. C. Canada. 

Denton, S. W., Wellesley. (Now in Australia.) Orn., OdL, Ent. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 

Derousse, L. T., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Derry, C. W., Leadville. Bot., Tax. Col. 

Desmond, John, San Diego. Con. Cal. 

Dessan, S., 83 William St., New York. Min. C. N. Y. 

Detmers, H. J., Prof. Nat. Sci., 2941 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. 
Pathol., Anat. and Hist.* III. 

Devereaux, W. L., Clyde, Wayne Co. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid., eape- 
cially Rhyficophora and Noctuida. C* N. Y. 

Dewey, A. H., Watertown, Jeff. Co. Min. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dewey, Fred. P., Box 348, Chattanooga; or National Mus., Washing- 
ton, D. C. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

DeWolf, George N., Garnett. Invert. Palao., Om, C. Ex. Kan. 

Dexter, Newton, Providence. Orn. R- I. 

DiCKEL, George, Louisville. Tax., Coleopt., Lepid. C* Ky. 

Dickens, J. Byron, M. D., Newburyport. Mass. 

Dickerman, Rev. W. F., Napoleon,' Heni7 Co. Micros.* Ohio. 

DiCKERSON, Edward N., New York. Micros. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Dickerson, Theo. L., Box 47, Faii-field, Franklin Co. Arch., Min., 
Pakeo. C. Mound relics desired in ex. for fossils, shells and 
minerals. Ind. 

Dickinson, D. B., Chatham. Tax., Orn., 061. C. Ex. N. J. 

Dickinson, E., 73 Spring St., Springfield. Orn., 06l. C. Ex. for 
rarQ specimens.* JMa^s. 

Dickinson, Miss Emma E., FaiiTwrt, Monroe Co. Min., Filices. N. Y. 

Dickinson, G. K., M. D., Jersey City. Sanitary Science. N.J. 

Dickinson, I. L., Shaw's Flat, Tuolumne Co. Min., Con. C. Ex. Cal. 

Dickinson, Mrs. J. W., Newtonville. Bot. Mass. 

Dickinson, Thomas A., Supt. Cabinet Nat Hist. Soc., Worcester. 
Local Ex. Mass. 

Dickinson, William, M. D., 1209 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Oph- 
thalmology.* Mo. 

DiETZ, William G., M. D., Hazlcton, Lucerne Co. Coleopt. of U. S. 
G. Desires exchanges from all parts of the U. S., especially So. 
Western states, also m ex. for Buprestidse, Cerambycidae, etc.* Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 THE naturalists' directory. 

Dickinson, Mrs. W. P., 893 Main St., Dubuque. Bot la. 

DiLLER, J. S., Greason, Cumb. Co., Lithol.^ GeoL* Penn. 

DiMMiCK, L. N., M. D., Santa Barbara. Alg^j MoU., Arch* Cal. 

DiNSMORE, Thos. H., Jr., a. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., York Collegiate Inst., 
York. C. Ex. Penn. 

DiNWiDDiE, RbBERT, 113 Water St., New York. Algaj Diatoms, 
Micros,, Protoza, Infusoria. N.Y. 

DiTHMER, Miss S. C. 324 N. Ala. St., Indianapolis. Etit. Lepid. C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

DiVELEY, Geo. S., 602 W. 10th St., Kansas City. Ool C. Ex.* Mo. 

Dixon, George, Hampton. Con,, British Lmtm, Fresh Water and Ma- 
rine Shells. Ex.* Va. 

Dixwell, John, A. B., M. D., Memb. Boston Nat. Hist. Soc, A. A. A. 
S., Mass. Med. Soc, etc., 6 Pemberton Sq., Boston. Osteology, 
Zoology. C. Ex.* Mass. 

DoAN, Abel, Westfield, Hamilton Co. Phan. Bot., Geol. C. Speci- 
mens of wood for ex.* Ind. 

DoAN, Isaac, Richmond. Geol. C. Ex. Ind. 

Doane, Joseph C, Mansfield. Geol., Pakeo. C. Ex. Penn. 

Dobbin, Geo. W., Baltimore. Gen. Mic. JUd. 

DoBBS, John F., Muscatine. Geol., Con. la. 

DoDD, Miss Alice, Williamstown. Om. Mass. 

Dodge, Cfias. R., Care of 1336 Vermont Ave., Wasliington Econ. 
Ent., Fibres. C* D. C. 

Dodge, E. A., Glencoe. Lepid. C. Ex.* Neb. 

Dodge, G. M., Glencoe. Lepid., Orthop. C. Ex. Neb. 

Dodge, J. A., Pli. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., Baldwin Univ., Berea. Ohio. 

Dodge, Oliver, Nashua. Bot. N. H. 

Dolbear, Prof., A. E., College Hill. Physics.* Mass. 

Doll, Jacob, 74 Graham Ave., Brooklyn. Lepid^ C. Ex. N. Y. 

Dolley, Chas. S , M. D., 30 E. Avenue, Rochester. Biol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dolley, Dr. Sarah R. A., 30 East Ave., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Dolph, John M., A. M., Honesdale. Bot., Min., Paleeo. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Donaldson, Henry M., New Haven. Mic., Bot., Ent. C. Ex. Conn. 

Doney, Chas. P., Logansport. Pakeo.* Ind. 

Doolittle, Chas. L., Prof. Math, and Ast., Lehigh Univ , So. 

Bethlehem.* Penn. 

Dorrance, C. E., Scotts, Kal. Co. Nat. Hist., Om., Lepid. Mich. 

DORSCH, Edw., M. D., Monroe. Eth., PaUeo., Bot., Coleoptera, Con. 
C. Will buy specimens needed if cheap.* Mich. 

DoTEN, Frederick B., Chicopee. Micros. Mass. 

DoTEY, Chas. E., Stoneham. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

DoTON, HosEA, A. M., C. E., Woodstock, Windsor Co. Astron., Met- 
eorol., Geol., Phys. Geog.* Vt. 

Dougall, Wm. a., 360 Bank St., Newark. 061. N. J. 

Dougherty, Geo. E., Glen Elder, Mitchell Co. Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* 


Douglass, Walter, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati. Om., Obi. C. Ex. De- 
sires skins of foreign warblei's.* Ohio. 

DowNES, Andrew, Halifax, N. S. Om* Canada. 

Downs, C. A., Jr., Lebanon. Tax., General. C. N. H. 

Dowse, Wm. B., Boston. Om. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Dox, Virginia, Wilson. Zool. N. Y. 

Dransfield, Thos., 13 Mvrtle Hill Pk., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Draper, Daniel, N. Y. >let. Obsei'v., New York City. Meteor. N. Y. 

Draper, Henry, care Daniel Draper, New York City. N. Y. 

Drew, F. M., Bunker Hill. Om. (Address for present, Howardsville, 
Col.).* lU, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalises' DIRECTORY. 33 

Droge, John H., 17 Mcli-osc St, Brooklyn, E. D. Crtutacea, 

Paaurid€e^ Cirripedia. fi.Y. 

Drown, Edw. I) , Fern Hill, Wcldon. Bot. Penn. 

Drown, Elizabeth D., Fern Hill, WcUlon. Odl. Penn. 

Drown, Thomas M., Pi-of. Analyt. Cbcm., Lafayette College, Eastou.* 


Dryer, Clarence M., Lawi-cncc. Om. Mass. 

Dryer, C. K., M. D., Pix)l*. Cbem and Toxicol., Fort Wayne. Chem., 
Mic, Biol* Ind. 

DuHBS, Kev. J. H., Lancaster. Bot., Arch. Penn. 

DuBois, Eugenia, Morrisania. Bot* NY. 

Dubois, S. V., San Lcauder, Alameda Co. Om.^ Ool.* Cal. 

Dl'udleston, Jos. F., Fi-aukfoit, llerkiiner Co. Geol-^ Min , Com.* N. Y. 

Dudley, P. H., 155 Erie St., Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Dudley, Willlam U., Asst. Pi-of. liot., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bot. 
C* N.Y. 

Duemling, Prop. H., Ph. D., Concordia Coll., Fort Wayne. Zodl. C. 
Ex. Ind. 

Duff, L. E., New Lebanon. Pakeo.tMin. Ohio. 

Duffield, Samuel P., M D., Detroit. Micros. Mich. 

Dufresne, D. O. K., Chicoutiini, Quebec. Bot.^ ErU, C. Ex.* Canada. 

Duganne, Rev. H, C., l-.owell. Sot. Mass. 

Dumond, A. M., 49 Mt. Hope Ave., Ilochester. Mic. N.Y. 

Dunbar, Charles, Bristol. Mm. Conn. 

Dunbar, J. B., Topeka. Anthro. C. Kan. 

DuNLAP, J. N., M. D., Miami. GeoL, Palao., Min,, Arch,, Bot. C. 
Ex. Mo. 

DuNLOP. W. W., Box 1145, Montreal. Oni., Ool. C. Ex. Canada. 

Dunn, E. C, M. D., Bockford. Geol., Ent., Con., Coins. C. Ex. III. 

Dunn, G. W., 317 Washington St., San Fi-ancisco. Bot., Con., Coleopt.* 


Dunnington, F. p., B. Sc, Prof. Analyt Cbem., Univ. of Va. Albe- 
marle Co. Analyt. Chem. Va. 

Dunston, Henry, Elv. Min, Vt. 

Du Pre, Col. L. J., Austin. Am, Arch, Tex. 

DURAND, William S., Mai-sball. Om., 061. C. Ex. Wish corre- 
spondents in Pacific and Southern states.* Mich. 

DuRBiN, Thomas, Weedsport. Om., Tax.* N. Y. 

DuRFEE, C. A., Bi-attleboro. Geol., Min, C. Ex.* Vt. 

Durfee, T. C, 44 Sabin St., Providence. Geol., Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Dury, Charles, Avondale, Cincinnati. Ent,: Lepid,, Coleopt. C. 
Ex. N. A. Coleoptei-a desired.* Ohio. 

DuShane, J., South Bend. Geol,, Ent, C. Ex. Ind. 

DuTTON, Capt. C. E., U. S. a., Oi-dnance Corps, Wai* Dept., Washing- 
ton. Geol. D. C. 

Duty, J. T.,Waldron. Geol, MoUusks. C. Ex for sea-shells only. Ind. 

Dwelly, George, So. Abington. Tnx. C. Ex. Mass. 

Dwight, Charles E., Prof. Chera., Wheelinpr. Analyt. Chem*, ^^' . Va. 

Dwight, Thomas, M. D., Instnictor of Histol. and Topojf. Anat., Har- 
vard Univ., 70 Beacon St., Boston. Anat. of Vert., Histol.* Mass. 

Dwight, William B., Prof. Nat. Hist., Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie. 
Geol., Zool, C* N. Y. 

DwiNELLE, Charles H., Ph. B., Lecturer on Prac. Agric. Univ. of 
Cal., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Ent,, Bot.* Cal. 

Dyer, Alpheus, 53 Congi-ess St., Troy. Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Dyer, C. B., Mt. Hamson, Cincinnati. Geol., Paleeo,* Ohio. 

Dykeman, B. H., So. Haven. Geol, Min., Arch,, Fossils. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


N. Y 



N. Y 


N Y 



N Y 







. C. 




. C. 





Eager, W. W., 309 Hennepin Ave, Minnea|K)lis. Or»., Od7 C* Minn. 

Eaole» Clarence H., 129 E. 30tli St., New York. Om. C - - - - 

Eames, Charles J., Ph. I)., 26 Pine St., New York. Mtn, C. 

Kakle, Charles, 12(i E. 16th St., New York. Orn. Hot. 

Eakle, Charles F., 4 Empire Block, Syracuse. Orn.^ Con. 

Eaule, F. S., Colxlcn, Union Co. Crypt. Bot. 

Earle, Henry, Jr., Montreal. EtU. ': Leptd. 

Earll, John, Ithaea. Arch, C. 

Earnest, J. U., Princeton. GeoL 

Easby, William, Jr., Media, Del. Co. Ent. . Lepid, C. 1 

of spec, sent on application. 
Easley, Francis H., Media. Min. C. 
Eastman, J. S., M. L)., Hanover. Bot. C. Ex. 
Easton, I). M., East Wcymonth, Norfolk Co. GeoL^ Min, 

Fossils (Trilobites and Shells), ;rold and silver ores, etc. 
Eastwood, Miss Alice, 635 Lorinier St., Denver. Bot. 

llocky Mt. and prairie flowers for Eastern spec* 
Eastwood," J. F., Prof. Nat. Sci., Bethany Coll., Bethany. Chem., Bot., 

ZooL, Min. C. Ex. * W. Va. 

Eaton, A. K., Go Henry St., Brooklyn. Micros. N. Y. 

Eaton, Amasa M., Providence, ^/ic., Chem.* R. I. 

Eaton, Daniel C, Prof. Bol., Yale Coll., New Haven. Bot. C* Conn. 
Eaton, D. G., Ph. D., Prof. Phys. Sci., Packer Inst., Brooklyn. GeoL, 

C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Eaton, D. H., Box 1235, Woburn. Orn., Oil., Tax. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Eaton, Horace, Quincy. Horticulture. Mass. 

Eaton, James 11., Ph.D., Prof. Nat. Sci., William Jewell Coll.. Libert^-, 

Clay Co. Chem., Min,, GeoL, Palaeo., yat. P/nlos. C. Ex. fossils 

and minerals.* Mo. 

Eaton, Miss Maria S., Wheaton Seminary, Norton. Min., Bot. Mass. 
Eaton, Prof. T. E. N., Box 421, Worcester. Bot. C* Mass. 

Eaton, Dr. T. J., Kansas City. Min. Mo. 

Eckfeldt, John W., M.D., 65th and Vine Sts., Philadelphia. Bot.: 

Crypt. Bot., Lichens. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Eddy, A. H., 57 Sigourney St., Hartford. Min., Micros. C. Ex. Conn. 
Eddy, C. W., Ware. Mic* Mass. 

Eddy, Rev. E. B., 219 Prairie Ave., Providence. GeoL, Min., Met., 

Anth. C. Ex. R. I. 

Eddy, Fred. A., 89 State St., Banjror. Mic. Me. 

Eddy, J. W., M. D., 3 Gnimeras Block, Oswe«,'o. Mic. N. Y. 

Eddy, W. B., Granville. GeoL, Min. Ohio. 

Eddy, N. A., West Broadway, Bangor. Orn., Ool. C. Ex.* Me. 

Edgell, H. I., South Haven. Arch., GeoL, Min. C* Indian and 

Mound Builders' relics wanted, for which I will ex. relies, geol. 

and min. spec, or cash.* Mich. 

Edman, J. A., Meadow Valley, Plumas Co. GeoL, Min., Met. C. Ex.* 

Edmonds, Mary A., Principal School, West Grove. Ex. Penn. 

Edmunds, Edw. S., La Grange, La Grange Co. Lithol. and Pakeo., 

GeoL, Bot, C. Ex. for Rocky Mt. spec, and shells of the Pacific 

coast.* Ind. 

Edwards, E. Junius, Galesbnrg. Ent. C* 111. 

Edwards, Henry, Wallack's Theatre, New York. Ent., ChieAy Lepid., 

^gerid<e of the toorld. Will purchase examples of this group. 

C. Ex.* ^ N. Y. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Edwards, Prof. J. Baker, Monti-eal. Micros. Canada. 

Edwards, J. Rayne, Harvard Coll. Obs., Oambiidgc. Mas§. 

Edwards. Joseph W., M. D., McnUota. Bot.t Morphological and 
Physiological Histology, Micros, C. Ex.* III. 

Edwards, J. Warner, Philadelphia. Geol.^ Min, Penn. 

Edwards, Mrs. Mary J.. Galesbiirnr. Bot^ Alga,* 111. 

Edwards, S. M., Woodstown, Salem Co. Mm., Ent. C. Ex.* N.J. 

Edwards, Thos. C, Ancora, Camden Co. Biology, Anth.^ Arch., Soc- 
iology, Ethics, Esthetics^ Philology, Psychology.* N. J. 

Edwards, Wm., Custodian Nat. Hist. Soc.Mus., So. mtick. Bot.* MaAs. 

Edwards, Wm. H., Coalburgh, Diunial Lepid. of A'. A, C* W . Va. 

Egan, W. C. 175 Market St., Chicago. Palceo, C. Fossils of the 
Nia<rara group from Bridgeiwrt for ex.* III. 

Egbert, H. V., A.M., Asst. Cin. Obsei-vatory, Mt. Lookout, Hamilton 
Co. Ast.* Ohio. 

Eggert, H.. 918 Wash. St.. St. Louis. Phttn, Bot„ Ferns. C. Ex. Mo. 

Egleston. T., Engineer of Mines, School of Mines, Columbia College, 
New York. Mm. C- Ex.* N. Y. 

Ehinger, Geo. E., M. D., Keokuk. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Ehrman, Artis H., 415 No. Cary St., Baltimore. GeoL, Min. C. Ex.* Md. 

EiGENBROT, Christian, Jr., 30 Wilkins St., Baltimore. Ent.: Coleopt. 
C. Ex. Md. 

EiSEN, A., Coldwater. Lepid., Arch. C. Ex.* Mich. 

EiSEN, GuSTAF, Fresno. Annelida, Oligochata^ Hort. C. Ex. Types 
ofOligochata.* Cal. 

Eldredge, Frank B., L. B. 676, Attlcboro. Obi. C. Ex. Mass. 

Ellinwood, C. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Indianola. Biol. C. Ex.* la. 

Elliott, A. F., M. D., Minneapolis. Min., Con. C. Ex. Minn. 

Elliot, Daniel G., New Brighton. Mammalogy ^ Om. N. Y. 

Elliott, Geo. S., Edgar, Obion Co. Geol. Tenn. 

Elliott, Geo. W., 27 Rowley St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Elliott, Capt. John, Unionville, Chester Co. Min. Penn. 

Elliott, Jno. B., M. D., Univ. of the South, Sewanee. Geol. C. Ex. 


Elliott, M.. Jr., Rome. Phuen. Bot., Om., Ent.: Lepid. C. Ex. Penn. 

Elliott, W. S.. M. D., D. D. S., Goshen. Min. C. Ex.* W. Y. 

Ellis, A. L., Pawtucket. Om., Out. C. R. I. 

Ellis, J. B., Newfield. Fimgi. C. Ex. N. J. 

Ellis, R. W., M. A., Montreal. Geol, Lithol C. Canada. 

Ellis, Prof. S. A., 7 Clifton St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Ellison, Mrs. Maggie, Platteville. Bot. C. Ex. Wis. 

Ellison, M. D., Platteville. Bot. C. Wis. 

Ellison, Robert R., Sr., Newburgb. Ent. N. Y. 

Ellsworth, Addison, New Berlin. Lepid. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Ellsworth, E. W., East Windsor Hill. Ool., Arch.* Conn. 

Elmore, Sam'l E., Hartford. Om., Bot. Conn. 

Elsberg, Louis, M. D., 614 Fifth Ave., New York. Laryngology, 
Micros.* N. Y. 

Elsner, John A. D., M. D., Box 2282, Denver. Geol., Chem., Bot., 
Mic, especially Min. C. Ex. Only crystallized characteristic 
spec, wanted.* Col. 

Elvins, Andrew, 11 St. Vincent St., Toronto, Ont. Observational as- 
tronora\', esp. drawings of lunar sceneiy and sun spots.* Canada. 

Ely, John, Rome. Min. C. N. Y. 

Emeric, H. F., San Francisco. Om. Cal. 

Emericks, F. J., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Emerson, Charles F., Appleton Prof, of Nat. Phil., Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Hanover. Phys. N. H. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

86 THE naturalists' directory. 

Emerson, Dr N. B., 53 W. 28th St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Emerson, W. Otto, Hayward, Alameda Co. Od/., Orti. C* Cal. 

Emerton, James H., Salem. Arachnida. Mass. 

Emmons, S. F., U. S. Geol. Sui-vey, Denver. Geol.f Mining^ Engineer- 
big.* Col. 

Emswiler, George P., Richmond. Pakso. C* Ind. 

Endemann, Hermann, Ph. D., 33 Nassau St., New York. Chem. N. Y. 

Engelmann, George, M. D., 3003 Locust St., St. Louis. Bot. Met.* Mo. 

Engelmann, George J., M. D., 3003 Locust St., St. Louis. Arch. 
Mic. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Engels, Frederick H., M. D., 72 South C St., P. O. Box 518, Virginia 
City. Nev. 

England, Paul, Fort Omaha, Douglas Co. Ent. C. Ex. butter- 
flies of Nebi-aska for European species.* Neb 

Engle, Robert H., Assayer, 226 So. 5th St., Philadelphia. Chem.y 
Mifi., Arch,, GeoL C. Ex.* Penn. 

Engle, Steve D., Hazleton. Coleopt, C. Ex. Coal fossils for 

beetles.* Peiin. 

Engles, Joseph, Mineral Point. Min, Wis. 

English, Dr. D. C, New Brunswick. Micros, N. J. 

Ensign, William O., M. D., Rutland, La Salle Co. Osteol., Mic.y Gen. 
Biol.* III. 

Eschmann, p. W. R., Pharmacist, 115 East Market St, Louisville. Bot. 
C. Ex. Ky. 

EssER F., Beaver, Beaver Co. Bot. Penn. 

EssER, Leonard J., Beaver, Beaver Co. Boi. C Ex. Desires 
plants and ferns from So. States.* Penn. 

EsTABROOK, S. Adelle, Box 943, Worcester. Bot, : Ferns. C. Ex. 
ferns.* Mass. 

EsTES, D. a, M. D., Lake City, Wabasha Co. Geol, Ichth,, Ast.y Gen. 
Nat. Hist. C. Ex. Minn. 

Evans, Edwin, M. D., Streator, La Salle Co. GeoL, PaUso. C* III. 

Evans, John D., P. L. S., Belleville, Ont. Ent., Mic. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Evans, J. F., 2203 Webster St., San Francisco. Chetn. Cal. 

Evans, S. G., Evansville. Lepid. C. Ex. Wish Lepid. from Cal. 
and North- West. Ind. 

EvARTS, H. C, M. D., Frankford, Philadelphia. Biol., specialty. Infu- 
soria. Penn. 

Eve, Duncan, M. D., Nashville. Surg., Pathol., Gen. Mic. Tenn. 

Even, J., Peru, La Salle Co. Geol. C. III. 

Everett, M. H., M. D., Troy Grove. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Everett, Oliver, M. D., Dixon. Bot., Paiao. III. 

EvERHART, Benjamin M., West Chester. Bot. Penn. 

Evermann, B. W., Bloomington. Orn., Odl., MoUusks, Bot., Arch, C. 
Ex.* Ind. 

Everts, Orpheus, Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

EwART, J. G., Yarker P. O., Addington Co., Ont Mam,, Orn., 061. 
V "Px* Canada 

Eyseb, John, 213 So. 37th St., St Louis. Ait. Mo. 


Fager, Dan. B., Carbondale. Neuroptera, Catocala. C* III. 

Fahs, Rev. R. Z., Olney, Richland Co. Geol, C. Ex.* III. 

Failyer, George, Prof. State Agric. Coll., Lawi-ence. Chem.* Kan. 
Fairbanks, Franklin, St. Johnsbury. Orn, Min., Curiosities, C* Vt. 
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry, Ph. D., St. Johnsbuiy. Orn,, 061 C* Vt. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

THB naturalists' DIRECTORY. 37 

Faibchild, a. R., Whippany. Min^t Om.y OoL C. Ex. eggs for min- 
erals. N. J. 

Faibchild, David S., M.D., Prof. Iowa Agric. Coll., Ames. Hiatal. , 

Phys,, Mic.y Gen. Biol.* la. 

Fairchild, G. W., Oregon. Pakeo., Min., Con.^ Bot. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Faibchild, Herman L., 102 E. 52nd St., New York. Pakeo., GeoL, 
Zodl. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Fairey, Richard, Chatham, N. 6. Ent. Canada. 

Fairman, Charles, LL. D., Upper Alton. Chem,, Geol. C. Ex.* III. 

Fairweather, G. Earnest, Sec. Nat, Hist. Soc, St. John. Canada. 

Falconer, William, Botanic Gardens, Cambridge. Bot. C. Ex. liv- 
ing plants only. Mass. 

Fales, J. C, Prof. Nat. Sci., Centre Coll., Danville. Geo/.. Pakeo. C. 
Ex. fossils and zool. specimens of this locality.* Ky. 

Faliafeno, Hon. B. C, Keithsburff. Arch.^ Geol III. 

Faliafeno, Mrs. Mary A., Keithsburg. Arch., Bot. 111. 

Fall, Delas, B. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., Albion Coll., Albion. Chem., ZooL, 
Geol., Min. C. Ex. fine minerals and fossils.* " Mich. 

Fargo, James F., 56 Park Ave., New York. Min. Ex. N. Y. 

Farley, Dr. Porter, 109 W. Main St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Farlow, W. G., Prof. Crypt. Bot., Cambridge.* Mass. 

Farnell, William., Macon. Fernsy Akfuey Hydrozoa. C. Ex.* Ga. 

Fabnsworth, P. J., M. D., Clinton. . McUeria Medica, Geol. C. Ni- 
agara fossils.* la. 

Farquh ARSON, Robert J., M. D., Davenport. Anth.* la. 

Farr, D. C, Glen Falls. Geol. N. Y. 

Farrand, Kate E., La Porte. Ent,, 061. C. Ex. Ind. 

Faught, V. R., Elvaston. Geol., Om., Ent. C. Ex. 111. 

Favor, W. A., Lowell. Bot. Mass. 

Faxon, Charles E . , Boston . Bot .* M ass. 

Faxon, Walter, Asst. Prof. Zool., Harvard Univ., Cambridge. Gen. 
Zodl., Crustacea.* Mass. 

Fearing, C. W., A. B., Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. Min. C. Ex.* 


Fbatherstonb, J. E., Elk River, Sherburne Co. Micros. Minn. 

Febiger, Chbistian, Wilmington. Diatoms. Del. 

Fehr, Cabl, San Francisco. Coleopt., Lepid. Cal. 

Feitshaus, Prop. F. R., Springfield. Geol., Zool. III. 

Fblch, Miss G. C, North Sutton, Merrimac Co. Geol., Ta^., 061. C 
Ex.* N. H. 

Fell, Geobge E., C. E., 174 Pearl St., Buflfalo. Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Fell, Rachel M., Normal. Bot. Ex. III. 

Fellows, Chables S., 38 Throop St., Chicago. Gen. Nat. Hist., Diat- 
oms, Desmids, Alga, Microscopic Cmstacea and Infusoria, C* III. 

Felton, L. E., M. D., Potsham. Mic. ' N. Y. 

Febgus, Kenneth L. D., West Chester. Bot., Ent., Orn., MoUitsks, 
Infusoria. C. Penn. 

Febguson, D. W., 137 Wilson St., Brooklyn, E. D. Con., Radiates. 
C. Ex.* ' N.Y. 

Febguson, E. D., Stamford. Ferns. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Febguson, James, Mendota. Min., Chem., Assaying. C. Ex.* III. 

Ferguson, Maj. T. B., Baltimore. Fish culture. Md. 

Febnald, C. H., Prof. Nat. Hist., State Coll., Orono. Nat. Hist. C. 
Ex. Lepid. of Maine for those of other localities. Will purchase 
or ex. for Toricidae of all pai-ts of the world. Correspondence with 
collectors of Tortricidae desired.* Me. 

Febnald, M. C, Pres. Me. State Coll., Orono. Physics, Ast.* Me. 

Febbell, William, Ph. D., Coast Surv. Oflfice, Washington.* D, C. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

38 THE naturalists' directoet. 

Ferris, E. J., Little Mountain, Lake Co. Bat, Ohio. 

Ferris, F. E., Painesville. Geol. C. Ohio. 

Fewkes, a. H., Newton Highlands. Bot,^ Hymenpotera, C* JMatiS. 

Fewkes, J. Walter, Asst. Mus. Comp. Zo()l., Cambridge. Gen, Zo:il.y 
CoBlenterates,* Mass. 

FiCKLiN, Joseph, Ph. D., Prof. Math, and Ast., State Univ., Cohira- 
bia.* ' Mo. 

Field, A. W., Cambridge. Mass. 

Filemann, J. N., Penna. Salt Co., Natrona. Chem, Penn. 

Fish, Charles, Oldtown. Ent.: PterophoricUBof N. A, C. Ex.* Me. 

Fish, George T., 42 Arcade, Rochester. Dot, C* N. Y. 

Fisher, A. K., M. D., Sing Sing. Om, C* N. Y.^ 

Fisher, Davenport, 642 Marshall St., Milwaukee. Chem,* Wis. 

Fisher, F. G., Mulberry. A/m., Palao. C Ex.* Ohio. 

Fisher, Herschel L, Richmond. Arch. C. Ind. 

Fisher, J. U., M. A., 106 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester. Infusoria. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Fisher, J. M., Nusquadoboit Harbor, Halifax Co., N. S. MoU-^ Crypt, 
Bot. Canada. 

Fisher, Mrs. Mary, Chillicothe. Bot.. Ferns, C. Ex. III. 

Fisher, S. Wilson, 1502 Pine St., Philadelphia. Ast. Penn. 

FiSK, D. M., A. M., Pi-of. Geol. and Biol., Hillsdale Coll., Hillsdale. C. 

Will furnish India, Brazil, and Western plants, and Palaeo. fossils ■ 
from many horizons in ex. for everuthing else that should replace 
the recently burned Hillsdale Coll. Mus. Correspondence invited.* 


FiSK, Lyman B., Charlestown. Bot.^ Geol. Mass. 

Fitch, E. H., Ed. Journal of Science, Toledo. Om., OdI, Ex.* Ohio. 

Fitch, T. T., Box 393, San Francisco. Micros, Cal. 

Fite, C. C, M. D., Shclbyville. Geol. C. Tenn. 

Flagg, Bernard W., A. M., 10 Concord Ave., Cambridge. Phaen. Bot, 


Flanders, Mrs. G. H., McGregor. Min., Fossils, C. Ex. la. 

Flanders, Thomas U., A. M., M. D., Springfield. Micros.^ Diatoms. 
C. Ex. Mo. 

Fleming, John, Readington.* N. J. 

Fletcher, Miss Alice C, Lecturer on Anthropology and Am. Archae- 
ology, 229 West 23rd St, New York. Anth., Am. Arch. C. 
Ex. N. Y. 

Fletcher, Charles R., Lecturer on Chem., Boston Univ., State Assay- 
cr, Boston. Chem.* Mass. 

Fletcher, Mrs. F. A., 919 Hawthorn Ave., Minneapolis. Geol., Min. 
C. Ex. Minn. 

Fletcher, Frank F., L. B. 83, St. Johnsbury Numismatics, Min„ 
Obi. C. Ex. All birds' eggs must be numbered per Smithson- 
ian list. Vt. 

Fletcher, Hugh, B, A., Geolog. Surv., Ottawa. Geol. Canada. 

Fletcher, James, Librarj' of Parliament, Ottawa, Ont. Ent.^ Bot. C. 
Ex. Canada. 

Fletcher, S. L., Charleston. Geol^ Min. C. Ex. N. H. and Ver- 
mont minerals.* N. H. 

Fletcher, Thomas, Keokuk. Geol. la. 

Flint, Mrs. C. C, Winchester. Ent, N. H. 

Flint, James M., Surg. U. S. Navy, Smithsonian Inst., Washington. 
Min. C* D. C. 

Flint, Martha Bockee, A. M., Shelbyvillc. Bot., Geol, C. Ex. Ky. 

Flint, William C, 210 Sansome St., San Francisco. Afin., SfieUs, 
Om.y Ool, C. Ex. in OoL* Cal. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 39 

Flint, William F., B. S„ Winchester. Bot, C. Ex.* N. H. 

Florer, T. W., Waxahachie, Ellis Co. Orn. Ex. Texas. 

Flood, Milton J., Sterling. A/m., Ent,, Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 

Forbes, Prop. Charles, 34 Glas<row St., Rochester. Mic. ' N. Y. 

Forbes, S. A., Director 111. State Lab. of Nat. Hist., Normal.* 111. 

FoRBUSHj Edw. H., v. p. Worcester Lye. and Nat. Hist. Assoc., 181 

Union St., Worcester. Orn,, Gen. Zool. Ex.* Mass. 

Ford, Charles II., Prof. Nat, Sci., State Normal School, Kirksville. 

Bot. : Asters, Saiidagos, Orchids, Ferns. C. Ex. Flora of Mo. 

a specialty. Correspondence from Mo. botanists de^sired.* Mo. 

Ford, H. C, Santa Barbara. Ferns, Algcc., Invert. PcUceo.^ Arch., Con. 

C. Ex.* Cal. 

Forehand, Frederick, Box 803, Worcester. Om., Ool. C. Ex. Mass. 
FoERSTE, Augustus, 54 Richard St., Dayton. Bot.^ Euphorbiacea. C. 

Ex. Ohio plants for my specialty.* Ohio. 

Foley, Charles, Lindsay, Ont. Om., Ool., Tax. C* Canada. 

Follett, Daniel A., Valley Falls, Cumberland Co. Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 
Folsom, David, Chicopce. Mic, Ent, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Fontaine, William M., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Univ. of Va. Fos- 
sil Bot* Va. 
FooTE, Albert E., M.D., Prof. Chcm. and Min., 1223 Belmont Ave., 

Philadelphia. Min., Gen. Nat. Hist., BibDog, C. Ex.* Penn. 
FooTE, E. B., M. D., Jr., 120 Lexinprton Ave., New York. Mic. N. Y. 
FooTE, Lewis, C. E., Worthinjfton, Nobles Co. Bot. C. Minn. 

FooTE, Lewis, C. E., 39 Detroit St., W. Detroit. Bot. Mich. 

FooRD, Arthur H., F. G. S., GeoL Surv. of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. 

Palceo.* Canada. 

Formann, J. B., 1150 So. 7th St., St. Louis. Coleopt., Lepid. Mo. 

Forrester, Richard, St. Louis. Geol., Mic. C. Mo. 

FoRSTER, T. F., Norristown. Gen, Bot. 0. Ex. Penn. 

Forsyth, J., Champaign. Zodl.^ Geol. C. Ex. good spec* III. 

Fort, Daniel G., Oswejro. Potid Life. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Fortiner, George R., M. D., Camden. Micros.* N. J. 

FORTINER, Harry S., Camden. Micros., Chem., Crystals. C. Ex* N.J. 
Fortiner, Ida F., M. D., Camden. Mic* N. J. 

Foster, A. G., B. A., Pecan Grove, East Carroll Parish. Mexican 

Arch. C. La. 

Foster, Arthur T., 231 Hoffman St., Baltimore. Min. C. Md. 

Foster, Rev. E., D. D., 123 Hewcs St., Brooklyn. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Foster, Granville F., Prof, of Physiol., So. 111. Normal Univ., Car- 

bondale. Anat., Physiol. III. 

Foster, William L., Hanover. Bot. : Native plants.* • Mass. 

Fowler, Annie, 223 W. Tith St., Kansas City. Palneo.* Mo. 

Fowler, Augustus, Danvers. Ool.* Mass. 

Fowler, H. G., Auburn. Orn., Ool., Tax. C. Ex. Woodpeckers a 

specialty.* N. Y. 

Fowler, Rev. James, M. A., Lecturer on Nat. Sci., Queen's University, 

Kingston. Geol., Zool., Bot. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Fowler, Samuel P., Danvers. Orn.* Mass. 

Fox, J. W., Stony Point., Bourbon Co. Ky. 

Fox, Samuel L., 924 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Ophthalmology.* 

Fradenburgh, Rev. J. N., Ph.D., Franklin. Anth., Bot.^ Geol., 

C. • Penn. 

Fraine, Thomas W., 13 Joslyn Park, Rochester. Zodl. and Gen. Tax. 

C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Frame, Thompson, Westtown, Chester Co. Bot. Penn. 

France, JohnM., Omaha. Orn.i Birds of Missouri Valley. C. Neb. 

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40 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Francis, George E.. M.D., 8 Elm St, Worcester. Bot., Hort. Mass. 

Franck, George, 123 W. Houston St., New York. Lepid- C Ex. N. Y. 

Franklin, G. S., A. M., M. D., Chillicothe. Eiit.^ Arch* C. Ohio. 

Franklin, Wm. E., M. D., La Grange, Fayette Co. £ot.^ Ent. Tenii. 

Frawley, J. W., Stromsbur^. Herpet. .IMeb. 

Frazer, Pbrsifor, M. E., 530 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Geol.^ Lithol., 
Mic, Chem.* Penn. 

Frazier, B. W., Prof, of Mining and Metallurgy, Bethlehem. Min.^ 
MetaU. C. Ex. Penn. 

Frazier, G. B., Eganville, Renfrew Co. Canada. 

Frazier, J. V., M.D., Viola, Mercer Co. Pal^so., Geol.* 111. 

Frear, William, Dir. Laboratory, Univ., Lewisbur<r. Chem.^ Mic* Fla. 

Frederick, Charles, 148 Genesee St., Auburn. Orn., ObL C. Ex. 

N. Y. 

Free, Rev. Alfred, Falls of Schuylkill, Philadelphia. . Min.y Geol,, 
Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Freed, A., Lancaster. Bot., Geol., Orn. C. * Ohio. 

Frebdley, G. H., 122 So. 19th St., Philadelphia. Orn. C Ex. Penn. 

Freedlby, W. G., 210 So. 24th St., Philadelphia. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. 


Freeman, H. C, C. E., E. M., Alto Pass, Union Co. Geol., Met., Min- 
ing. C. Mining in Ga.* III. 

French, Charles W., A. B., Woodstock. Geol. Vt. 

French, Frank, Pecatonica, Winnebago Co. Mic, III. 

French, Frank, 4 Greig St., Rochester. Mic. . N. Y. 

French, G. H., Mus. of South 111. Normal Univ., Carbondalc. Bot., 
Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex. Have few sets of Col. plants to ex, for 
shells or insects.* Ill 

Freshwater, John, Londonville, Ashland Co. ArchceoL, Geol. C. 
Ex.* Ohio 

Fretz, C. D., M. D., Sellei-sville, Bucks Co. Bot, C. 1000 Pa. and 
N. J. Pine BaiTcn plants for ex.* Penn. 

Frey, John, Bellevue Hosp., New York City. Mic, C. Ex. Diatoms 
or objects for Polariscope.* N. Y. 

Frick, Jno. H., A.m.. Prof. Nat. Sci., Ccnti-al Wesleyan Coll., Warren- 
ton. Geol, Bot. C. Ex. Jllo. 

Fries, George W..B. P., Friendship. Mic. C. Ex.* N Y. 

Frisbie, Prof., U. S. Naval Observ., Washington. D. C. 

Fritz, Gaeutner, Dr. M. R., Albany. Micros. N. Y- 

Fritz, Herman, Hamilton, Butler Co. Ast.* Ohio. 

Frobhling, Henry, M. D., Prof. Chem., Pres. Baltimore Mic. Soc, 29 " 
No. Calvert St., Baltimore. Histol., Pathol., Mlcro-Chem., Min. 
C. Ex.* Md. 

Frohock, Roscoe, Maiden. Bot. . Ferns, Mic. C Ex.* Mass. 

Frost, A. L., Springvale, York Co. Min., Geol., Bot,* Me. 

Frost, Prop. C. P., Hanover. Mic, N. H. 

Frothingham, Rev. Frederick, Milton.* Mass. 

FucHS, Charles, 14 Bond St., New York. Coleopt. C. Ex. or buy 
Lucanidae and Scaribseidae. N.Y. 

Fuller, A. N., Hermosa, La Plata Co. Geol., Met.* Col. 

Fuller, A. S., Ridprewood. Phcen. Bot., Coleopt. C. Ex.* N, J. 

Fuller, C. B., Portland. Zool Me. 

Fuller, Mrs. C E., Needham. Crypt, Bot. ; Mosses, Orn.* Mass. 

Fuller, Charles G., M. D., 90 Washington St., Chicago. Hist., Mic. 
C. Ex.* III. 

Fuller, Charles H., Upper New Hochellc, Westchester Co. Bot. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Fuller, Frank H., Needham. Coleopt,, Lepid. C* Mass. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

-THE naturalists' dibectory. 41 

Fuller. H. W., care Fuller & Fuller, Chicago. Mic, III. 

Fuller, Joseph B., Rochester. Bot. N. Y. 

Fuller, L. A., Supt Pacific Ex. Co., 419 N. 5th St., St. Louis. Palao. 

C Mo. 

Fuller, Mrs. R. E., M.D., 5 Gazelle St., Syracuse. Bot. : Ferns. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Fuller, W. S., M. D., 15 1-2 Main St., Faii-port. Pathol, Hiatol., 

Zool.* N. Y. 

Fullerton, J. A., Taxidermist, Rutherfoi-d Park, Beraren Co. Onu, 

Ool. C. N.J. 

Fyles, Rev. Thomas W., Cowansvillc. P. Q., Ent. : Neuropt, and Dipt, 

C. Ex. Northern for Southern spec* Canada. 


Gabriel, R., Milford Centre. Astron.^ Micros. Ohio. 

Gadden, Lue, Gcorffetown, Grant Co. C. N. M. 

Gade, George, Fordham Station, New York. NoctunuU Lepid,^ Mic. 
C. N. Y. 

Gage, Simon H., B. S., Asst. Prof. Phys. and Lect. on Mic. Tech., Cor- 
nell Univ., Ithaca. BloL, especially Mic* N. Y. 

Gaillard, Edw.. 11 th and Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia. Mic, 
Chem. C. Penn. 

Gaines, J. T., 1310 I2th St., Louisville. PaUBo, C Ex.*" Ky. 

Gaines, Marshall R., A. M., Litchfield. 3/m., GeoL C. Ex. Conn. 

Galashen, W a., 282 £. Cumberland St., Philadelphia. Ent, : Coleapt. 
C. Ex. Penn. 

Galen, James, Rawlinsvillc, Lancaster Co. Bot., GeoL, Min., Orn., 
OoL, Emb.y Arch,, Con. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Gallagher, William C, Whitin*?s, Lake Co. Ent. C* Ind. 

Galloway, G. W., M. A., M. D., Trinidad. Bot., Arch., MoUusks. C.» 

. Gannett, Henry, "Geogi'apher of Census, Census Office, Washington. 
Geography.* D. C. 

Garber, A. P., M.D., Columbia. Bot. Penn. 

Gardiner, Rev. E. S., A.M., Morrisvillc Ph<Bn. Bot., Ferns, Mic* 


Gardiner, F., Jr., A. B., 48 Weld Hall, Cambridjje. Ent., Ichth., Emb, 
C. N. H. and particularly White Mt Coleoptera desired In ex.* 

N H. 

Gardiner, Rev. F., D. D., Pres. Sci. Assoc, Middlctown.* Conn. 

Gardiner, James T., Dir. N. Y. State Surv., Albany. Geol, Geog. 
Surv.* N. Y. 

Gardner, Joseph, Bedford. Mic Ohio. 

Gardner, Leonard, South Weymouth. Math , Ast.* Mass. 

Garman, H., Noi-mal. Ent.* 111. 

Garman, Samuel, care Mus. Comp. ZoOl., Cambridge. Herpetol, Ichth, 


Garnier, John H., M.D., Luck now, Bruce Co., Ont. Batrachia and 
Herpetology in all branches, Orn., Mam. C. Ex. Anxious for 
ex. from all States in the Union, to trace climatic variations. I 
will ex. with museums iu all countries. Have many duplicate spe- 
cies of N. A. i-eptiles, etc. Reptiles in all classes especially de- 
sired. Correspondents in Middle and Southern States desired for 
pui'poses of ex.* Canada. 

Garrett, Henry, White' Horse, Chester Co. Min,, Mic C. Ex.' for 
good spec* Penn. 

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42 THE naturalists' directory. 

Gabbbtt, Thomas, Booth, Garrett and Blair, Analyt. Chem., 919 Chant 
St., Philadelphia. Chem, Penn. 

Garrish, J R., M. D , 40 W. 21st St., New York. Micros, N. Y. 

Garrison, C. G., M.D., Camden. Micros.* N. J. 

Garrison, O. E., C. E., St. Cloud. Ent,, Oni., Geol Esp. Bot. C. 
Ex. Minn. 

Garver, Rev. Austin S., Hopedale. Phcm, Bot.y Femsy Ent. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 

Gass, Rev. J., Eighth and Gaines Sts., Davenport. Arch.^ Mound Build- 
ers, la. 

Gasster, Alvarez, F. R., Grand Rapids. Geohy Con. Ohio. 

Gastman, E. a., Supt. City Schools, Decatur. Ent.^ Oni. C. Ex.* III. 

Gatchell, E. E., Atlanta. A/tc, Bot. C. Ex. Ga. 

Gates, Mrs. Mary J., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Geol.f Min., Moll.^ Bot. 
C. Ex. Cal. minerals and shells for Eastern specimens.* Cal. 

Gates, Milo H., B. A., Placei-vdle, El Dorado Co. Bot. C. 4000 Cal- 
ifornia plants.* Cal. 

Gath, Samuel, Oxford, Butler Co. Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Gattinger, a., M. D., Nashville. Bot. C.' Tennessee plants in ex. 
for Southern and Western. Tenn. 

Gaumer, George F., Box 979, Lawrence. Zooh, Dipt.f Reptiles^ Birds.* 


Gauthrop, H., Kennet Sq. Ool. Penn. 

Gavit, W. E., Box 3006, New York. Mic, Ent., Fish CtUture.* N. Y. 

Gay, Dr. Fred. A., 173 Westminster St., Providence. Min. C. Ex. R. I. 

Gaylord, H. C, 316 Superior St., Cleveland. Pharmacist. Ohio. 

Geary, Daniel R., Albany. Bot. N. Y. 

Gebhard, John," Jr., State Geological Hall, Albany. Pakeo.f Arch,, 
C. N. Y. 

Gebhard, Prof. William D., Schoharie. Pakso.* N. Y. 

Geddes, Capt. Gamble, A. D. C, Government House, Toronto. Ent. : 
Lepid. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Gehern, H. Von, Ph. D., 92 Pacific Ave., Jersey City. Chem. N. J. 

Gehrino, J. George, 363 Pearl St., Cleveland. Ent. ; Coleopt. C. 
Ex.* Ohio. 

Genth, Fred. A., Jr , Univ. Pa., Philadelphia. Chem. Fenn. 

Gentry, Alan F., 40 W. Johnson St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Odl. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Gentry, Thomas G., 40 W. Johnson St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 
Or/2., Oo/., Bot, C. Desires egs:s and nests from Western, Cen- 
tral and Pacific States in ex. for Eastern spec? Penn. 

Gerard, Charles B., C. E., Anderson. Pheen, Bot. C* Ind. 

Gerard, W. R., 9 Waverley Place, New York. Crypt. Bot,, especially 
Fungi* NY. 

Gerber, Andrew M., Box 205, Columbia. Bot. Ex. Penn. 

Gerend, John, Shebovgan. Om., Ool., Lepid,, Herpetol, C. Ex. Wi.s. 

Germer, Ed. W., M. D., Erie. Mic. Penn. 

Gernerd, J. M. M., Muncy, Lyconqing Co. Arch., Min., Con., PaUeo. 
C* Penn. 

Gernerd, James W., Alburtis, Lehigh Co. Orn,, Arch., Min. C. 
Ex. Penn. 

Gernerd, Wilson, Trexlertown, Lehi<jh Co. Min.,Om. C. Ex. Penn. 

Gerrard, H., M. D., East Lynne. Mtc. Mo. 

Gesner, William, M. D., Birmingham. Chem., Min, C. Ala. 

Getman, M. J., Glovcrsville, Fulton Co. Phisn. Bot. C* N. Y. 

GiAUQUE, Florien, 4th and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati. Am. Arch,* Ohio. 

Gibbes, L. R., Prof. Coll. of Chem., 28 Coiping St., Charleston. C. Ex. 

S. C 

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THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 43 

GiBBs, Morris,^. D., Howard City. Orn., Odly Herp.* Mich. 

GiBBS, Phil. H., Oshawa, Ont. Mam., Om., Ichth. C. Ex.* Canada. 

GiBBS, William, Mcdlorcl. Orn., 061. 0. Ex.* Mass. 

GiBBS, WoLCOTT, Rumfortl Prof., Cambridge. Chem.* Mass. 

Gibbons, A., St. Johns. Indian Curiosities. Ariz. 

Gibbons, Mrs. Phebe E., Lancaster. Bot., Bnt. la. 

Gibson, William, Ncwpoi-t. GeoL, PaUeo., Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

Gifford, Mrs. Henry S., 44 Montgomery St., Syracuse. Bot., Filices. 
C. Ex. ' Ji.Y. 

Gifford, William, Alta, Peoria Co. Pa'tBo.^ Geol. C. Ex. III. 

Gifford, William E., 54 Pine St., New York. Anahjt. Chem.* N. Y. 

Gilbert, B. D., Utica. Bof., Filices. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Gilbert, Charles H., Insti-uctor in Zool., Butler Univ., Ii*viDgton. 
Bot.f Orn., Ichth. C. Ex. in Orn. and Ichth. Ind. 

Gilbert, D. W., Keenc. Min. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Gilbert, Eliza J. C, Keenc. Bot. C. Ex. N. H. 

Gilbert, George H., Kcene. Min. C. Ex. N. H. 

Gilbert, G. K., U. S. (ieol , Box 240, Salt Lake City. Geol.* Utah. 

Gilbert, Harold, St. John, N. B. Orn. ' Canada. 

Gilbert, J. B., Pcnn Yan. Orn. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Gill, Thbo. N., M. D., Ph.D., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Gen. 
ZooL, Mam., Ichth., Con. C* D. C. 

Gill, William L., 28 S. Prince St., Lancaster. Palao., Geol., Astron. 
C. Penn. 

Gillett, Edw., Soiithwick. Cultivation of native phnts. C. Rare 
ferns and orchids wanted in ex. for other plants in quantity. Col- 
lector of and dealer in N. A. perennial plants.* Mass. 

Gillett, William W., Buncomb, Fayette Co. Geol., Min. C. Ex. 
ferns, flowers., lead and zinc ores. Wis. 

Gillham, Robert, Kansas City. Engineering and Geology. Mo. 

Gillman, Henry, Detroit. Anth., Bot* Mich. 

Gilman, Frank P., Prof. Univ. of Wash. Tcr., Seattle. Geol., Chem., 
Phj/8. C. Ex. Puirct Sound shells for minerals.* W. T. 

Gilpin, Dr Bernard, Halifac, N. S. Ont., Ichth. Canada. 

Gilpin, Edwin, A. M., F. ii. S., Government Inspector of Mines, Hali- 
fax, N. S. Mining Engineer, Local Geol.* Canada. 

Gilpin, Ex. Gov., College, Denver. Cheni. Col. 

GiLSON, F. H., 161 Franklin St., Boston. Bot. C* Mass. 

Gilson, J. C, Court House, Room 4, Oakland City. Min. Cal. 

GissLER, Carl F., Ph. D , 63 Bioadway, Brooklyn, E. D. .Arthropoda, 
Cnuttacea^ Copepoda.* jy y 

Glackin, D. L., Wakefiefd, Lancaster Co. Archeol. C. Ex. Penu. 

Glasco, J. M., Gilmer. Bot., Min. IVxas 

Glass, James H.,M. D., Wutkins. Comp. Anat., Con. C. Ex. N. Y.' 

Gleason, Edw., Elniira. \at. Hist. '^ * ^ Y 

Gleason, Herbert, Maiden. Geol., Bib. of Sci* Mass 

Godbey, Prop. S. M., MorrisviUe, Poll Co. Geol. C. Ex. Mo* 

Goddard, Anson M., 33 Free St., Portland. Om. C. -Ex. Me* 

Goddard, Charles, Rockford. Bot., Comp. Osteol. C. Ex. Ill' 

Godfrey, Chas.C., Southport, Fairfield Co. Chem., Min. Q. Ex, Conn! 

Goding, F. W., B. S., Kansvillc. Orn., Ent. Ill 

GoEssMAN, C. A., Ph. D., Prof. Chem. Mass. Agric.Coll., Amherst. Mass! 

CjOFf, John L., Gddei-slccve's Landing. Oiil., Orn. C. Ex. Conn 

GoFF, Julia H., Red Bank. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. N .l! 

Going, C. B., Yonkers. Orn. N Y 

Golden, A. J., Akron. Geol, Con., Arch. 0. Ex. Ohio! 

GOLDSCHMIDT, S. A., E. M., Ph. D., 59 Liberty St., New York. Chem.* 


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44 THE naturalists' debectoet. 

Goldsmith, Dr., Philadelphia. CJiem. Penn. 

GoLDTHORP, George J., Mineral Point. Palao.y Mm. C. Minerals 
of Wis. and fossils of the Palena and Blue Limestones to ex. for 
those of other localities, or for Sci. books in Eng. or Gennan.* Wis. 

Gomez, Juan E., Monterey. Od/., Con. Cal. 

GOOCH, F. A., Ph. D., U. 8. Geol. Surv., Newport. Chem, R. I. 

Good ALE, Prop. George L., Cambridge. Bot* Mass. 

GooDE, G. Brown, Cur. U. S. Nat. Mus., Asst. U. S. Fish Comm., 
Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Geog. Dist,^ Jchth.^ Nat. 
Hist, of BermvdaSy Fisheries. C. Ex.* D. C. 

GooDELL, J. H., M. D., Marseilles, La Salle Co. Osteol. Preparincr 
and mounting skeletons of animals to order. C. Ex. ill. 

GoODELL, L. W., Amherst. Bot. : Floriculture^ Ent. : Lepid. C* Mass. 

GOODFELLOW, Edwakd, Assistant U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv., Wash- 
ington.* D. C 

Goodhue, Charles F., Webster. Om.y Lepid. : Sphingida, CatocaUs. 
C. Ex. N. H. 

Gooding, W. A., 861 Bluff St., Dubuque. Orn. C. Ex. skins and 
eggs — good specimens only.* la. 

Goodrich, Mrs. L.L., 99 Will jw St., Syracuse. Bot. Ex. Filices.* N.Y. 

Goodrich, Wilbur F., Leominster. Con., Min. C. Ex, Desires 
Helices, F. W. shells, and crystals.* Mass. 

GooDSPEED, A. M., Falmouth. Bot. C. Mass. 

GooDSPEED, p. p., Milford. Micros. Mass. 

GoODWiLLiE, D. H., M. D., 160 W. 34th St., New York. Mic. N. Y. 

Goodwin, A. C, Co. Supt. Schools, Charlestown, Clark Co. Geol., Pa- 
l<BO.y Bot. C. Lower Sil. and upper lleldcrberg fossils for ex. 
Want only perfect fossils.* Ind. 

Goodwin, E. M., Hartland. Aim., L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Goodyear, W. A., Mining Geologist. San Francisco. Geol.y Engi- 
neering, Cal. 

GooLD, C. H., Morris. PaldBO.: Fossil flora of Mazon Creeky Grundy 
Co. C. Ex.* III. 

Gordon, J. R., A. M., Fairport. Micros. N.Y. 

Gordon, W. E., Patchogue, Suffolk Co. Algte.y Local Arch. C* N. Y. 

GORDY, W. F., A. B., Middletown. Teacher Sci., High School. Conn. 

Gore, J. Howard, Prof. Math., Columbian Univ., Washington. Cere- 
monial Gocernment. D. C. 

Gorton, David A., M. D., 291 Broadway, New York. Geol.y Vert., 
Emb.y Hymen.y Worms. N. Y. 

Gorton, L. G., High School, Detroit. Geol.y Mic., Min. C. Ex. bot. 
spec, geol. and mic. slides.* Mich. 

Goss, B. F., Pcwaukec, Waukesha Co. Ool. C. Ex. in sets.* Wis. 

Goss, Col. N. S., Neosho Falls, Woodson Co. Orn. C* Kan. 

GoTT, Joseph W., Goshen, Orange Co. Geol. C. Ex. Zeolites and 
Orange Co. minerals and fossils. N. Y. 

Gottschalk, a. C, 193 N. Salina St., Syi-acuse. Mic.y Bot. C. Ex.* 


Gottweiss, a., 136 Second St., New York. Coleopteray Micro-Lepid- 
optera. ^ • Y. 

Gould, Annie M., Upper Stillwater. Coleopteray Ool. C. Ex.* Me. 

Gould, S. Clark, Manchester. Gen. Sci. C. Ex. N. Ji. 

GowEN, F. H., West Newbury. Bot.y Mic. Mass. 

Gracie, Alex. G.. Box 26, Summit. Or7Ky Ool. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Grady, John H., Natick. Or7i.y Onl.y Min.y Coins, Curiosities, etc. C. 
Ex. Will buv eggs and coins.* Mass. 

Graep, Edw. L., i6 Court St., Biooklyn. Lepid. C. Ex. Desires es- 
pecially N. A. bombj^cidae and noctuidse.* N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Graf, L., Van Buren. Geoly Invert. Palao. C. Ex. Ark. 

Graham, Clare W., St. Johnsbury. Tax., Orju, Zodl. C. Ex.* Vt^ 
Graham, F., E. M., 2615 Pine St , St. Loiiis. Min. C. Ex. Mo. 

Graham, H. L., Chew Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. 061 C. Ex.* 

Graham, I. Day, Prin. High School, Elmdale, Chase Co. Ent.f Om. 

C. Ex. Kan. 

Grandy, C. D.. Prof. Univ. N. C, Chapel Hill. A/in. N. C. 

Grant, Lt. Col. Charles C, Hamilton, Ont. PaUto.y esp. Paltfo, of 

Niagara formation in Canada. C. Ex. Niag. fossils.* Canada. 
Grant, G. H., Castleton. Chn., Odl, C. Ex. Vt. 

Grant, H. C, Prin. Hi^h School, Centi-eville. Micros. la. 

Grant, James A., M.D., F.G. S., M.Il. C. P. (London, Eng.), F. R. 

C. S. (Edinburgh), Ex. Pros. Canada Med. Assoc, Ex. Pi-es. Coll. 

of Surgeons, Ontario, Ottawa. Geol.* Canada. 

Grant, J. M., Crowellton, Bwlfalo Co. Con, C. Neb. 

Gratacap, L. p., Ph. B., M. A., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, New York. 

Chem., Mnu N. Y. 

Gray, Arthur F., C.E., Danversport. MoUuaca. C. Am. Union i die, 

Am. and Exotic Pupadse desired in ex. Exotic Land and Fresh 

Water shells desired in ex. for Am. spec* Mass. 

Gray, Prof. Asa, M. D., Botanic Gardens, Cambridge. BoL* Mass. 
Gray, Elisha, Chicago. Electrician.* III. 

Graybill, J. K., Lebanon. Pala-o. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Green, Caleb, M. D., A.M., Homer, Cortland Co. Gen. Nat, Hist, 

C* N. Y. 

Green, Edward Lee, Silver City. Bot, N. M. 

Green, George C, Factoryville, Wyoming Co. Penn. 

Green, 11. A., Atco. Min., Bot., Con., Kalonology, Met., Chem, C. 

Bot. and wood specimens for ex.* N. J. 

Green, Jesse A., Crawfordsville. Orn. C. Ex. Ind. 

Green, J. C, M. D., 124 Swan St., Buffalo. Fungi, Alga, Desmids, 

Geol., Micros., Biol., Orn. N. Y. 

Green, Dr. Jesse C, West Chester. Met., Mic. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Green, N. Y., Battle Creek. Geol., Arch., Om, C, Ex. skins of this 

locality for other tpecies.* Mich. 

Green, Samuel A., M. b., Boston. Arch, C* Mass. 

Green, Traill, M. D., Easton. Bot. Penn. 

Green,William Lawrence, Box '2334, Boston. Om.,Odl, C. Ex. Mass. 
Greenawalt, C. F., Hummclstown. Min. Penn. 

Greene, A. C, Frostburjrh. Bot. Md. 

Greene, Charles Augustus, M. D., 236 N. Queen St., Lancaster. 

General. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Greene, Hev. Edw..L., Berkeley. Bot. C, Desires Ph»no»rams 

from eveiy where. Those from New Mexico, Arizona and Califor- 
nia in ex.* Col. 
Greene, F. C, 167 Fourth St., Milwaukee. Geol. C. Ex. Wis. 
Greene, Thomas A., Milwaukee. Minerals and fossils from Niagara 

and Hamilton groups. Ex. Wis. 

Greenleaf, R. C, 33 Summer St., Boston. Diatoms, Mic. C* Mass. 
Greenleaf, R. W., a. B., Botanic Garden, Cambridge. Bot. Mass. 
Greenwood, E. C, Ipswich. Om. C, Ex. for good specimens. (One 

black-tliroatcd diver wanted.) Mass. 

Greenwood, James, Jr., West Boylston. Economic Ent. C* Mass. 
Greenwood, M., Kansas City. Math. Mo. 

Gregory, Prof. E. S., Younirstown. Micros. Ohio. 

Gregory, J. J. H., Harblehead. Min., Con,, Indian Antiquities, C* 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

46 THB naturalists' directory. 

Gregory, John, Cheopricke, N. B. Conch, Canada. 

Gregg, Dr. Robert J., San Diego. Anthropol, Cal. 

Gregg, William H., M. D., 43 Cambridge Place, Brooklyn. Orn., 

Ichth. C* N. V. 

Grey, Robert M., Kenwood, Albany Co. Oo/., Lepid.^ ColeopLy Pa- 

Ubo. C. Ex. -^ /- /- j^y 

Grey, William, Kenwood, Albany Co. Bot.^ Ent. C. Ex.* N. V. 
Grice, John T., Waterburgh, Tompkins Co. Mic. C. N- Y. 

Gridley, Rev. A. L., Benzonia. Cosmogony,* Mich. 

Griffin, L. J., Albion. Zool. JWich. 

Griffin, Stimpson, M. D., Liter, Morgan Co. Orn. C. Ex. for Ca- 
nadian and Brit, skins.* la. 
Griffin, W. W., 32 Johnson St., Lynn. Ent.^ Min., Mic^ Gen. Biol. 

C. Ex.* Mass. 

Gripfing, Byron, Shelter Island. Bot. : Marine Alg(£. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Griffing, Moses B., Sheher Island. Or-n.^ OoL, Tax.y Indian Relics. 

C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Griffith, Mrs. B. M., Springfield. Bot. III. 

Griffith, E. H., A. M., Fail-port, Monroe Co. Mic. C. Ex.* N.Y. 
Griffith, H. G., M. D., Marengo. . E7it. C. Ex. la. 

Griffith, Dr. J. P. Crozen, 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Geyi. 

Mic, Veg, Histol., esp. Normal and Pathological Animal Anat. 

Ex.* Peiin. 

Griffith, S. F., Asst. Sm-g., U. S. N., U. S. S. Alaska, Navy Dept., 

Washington. Mic. I>. C. 

Griggs, A* D., Lawrence. GeoLy Con. Kan. 

Grim, William H., Hamburgh. Min. Penn. 

Grinnell, (iEORGE Bird, Asst. in Yale Coll. Mus., New Havep. Os- 

teoL, Vert. Palceo., Orn. Conn. 

Groesel, Charles E., Akron, Summit Co. Ent., Geol. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
GiiOFF, Prof- George G., M.D., Lewisburg. Nat, Hist. C* Penn. 
Groh, Edward, Brooklyn, E. D. Ent. N. Y. 

Gross, C. A., LandisviUe, Atlantic Co. Bot.: Graminacece. C. Ex. 

N. J. Plants for sj^ecimens peculiar to the Great Lakes and St. 

Lawrence Basin ol N. A.* N. J. 

Gross, Oran R., M. D., 455 W. 43rd St., New York. Ph(Bn. Bot., Crypt. 

Bot., Moll., Ichth. C* N. Y. 

Grossklaus, J, F., Navarre, Stark Co. Chem. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Grossman, Prop. John H., Milledgeville, Can'oll Co. ' Bot., Phys., 

Geol. C. Ex.* 111. 

Grote, Aug. R., New Brighton, Staten Island. Biol., Fossils, Crusta- 
cea, Moths.* N. Y. 
Groton, L. C, High School, Detroit. Phys. Mich. 
Grout, D. E., North McGregor. OoL, Orn., Tax.* la. 
Gruber, F., Inventor of the Zoographicon, Director Mus. Woodward's 

Gardens, 823 20th St., San Francisco. Zodl., Orn., OoL* Cal. 

Gruhlky, a. C, Waterloo, De Kalb Co. Min., Paleeo., Numismatics. 

C. Ex.* Ind. 

Grumbling, Christian M., A. M., Simpson Centenary College, Indian- 

ola. Math., Astron. la. 

Grunow, J., Manufacturer of Optical Instruments, 70 W. 39th St., New 

York. Optics in general.* N.Y. 

GuiGNARD, J. A., 36 Daly St., Ottawa. Bot.* Canada. 

Guild, A. S., Lowell. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Guild, E. W., Monument Station, Wallace Co. Ent., Coleoptera. C. ' 

Ex. Kan. 

Guild, Irving, T., Lynn. Invert. : Sponges, Ferns.* Mass. 

Guild, James H., care O. R. &. N. Co., l^ortland. Con. Ore. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dirbctobt. 47 

Guilford, A. B., Union, Hudson Co. Boi. : Fem$. C. Ex. N. J. 

GuNDLACH, Ernst, Rochester. Micros.* N. Y. 

GuNTHEK, W. H^, Sheboypan. Bot., Om. C. Wis. 

GuNN, Charles W., Grand Rapids. Om., Mam. C. Ex.* Mich. 

GuNN, Will., Grand Rapids. Om. Mich. 

GuRLET, William F. E., Danville. Invert, Palao C. Fossils to ex.* 

GuTTENBERO, GuSTAVUS, Erie. Bot. C. Ex. Desires especially ferns 

from all paits of the world.* Peun 

GuTOT, Prof. A., Princeton. GeoL, Phya. Geog., Arch. C. Ex.* N.J. 


Haanel, Prof. E., Ph. D., Victoria Univ., Cobourg, Ontario. Chem,, 

Phys. Canada. 

Haberer, Joseph V., M. D., 23 Fayette St., Utica. Bot., Cyperacea^ 
Comp, Anat. C. Bare plants for ex. Solicit correspondence* 

Habirshaw, Fred., 6 West 48th St, New York. Diatomacea. C 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Habirshaw. John, M. D., 101 W. 47th St., New York. Micros., Vert. 

C* N.Y. 

Habirshaw, William M., F. C. S.,Lon., etc., 159 Front St., New York. 

AncUyt, Chem,, Chem. Enaineering. C* N.Y. 

Hacker, \\^illiam, 233 So. 4th St., Philadelphia. Om., Bot. C. Ex.* 

Hadlet, E., M. D., 191 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Hadley, Miss Lida D., Richmond. Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Hafer, £. £., Reading. Min, Penn. 

Haoeman, Morris, Lebanon, Warren Co. PaUso., Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Hagen, H. a., M. D., Ph. D., Prof. Harvard Univ., Asst. Mus. Comj). 
Zool. 7 Putnam Ave., Cambridge. Ent, Ex. Biological sped- 
mens. Neuroptera Psendomorphs.* Mass. 

Hagen, Miss Jennie, So. Royalton. Min. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Haoent, John H., The Dalles, Wasco Co. Con., Ent. Ex.* Ore. 

. Hager, a. D., 463 S. Leavitt St., Chicago. Geol. C* 111. 

Haight, Charles C, East Homer. Om., Bot. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Hail, F. G., Greenville, Plumas Co. Chem., Min., Geol. C. Ex. Cal. 
Hailes, Williams, M. D., 197 Hamilton St., Albany. Embryology, 

Normal and Pathological Histol. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Haimbach, Frank, 2315 Thompson St., Philadelphia. Etit. : Lepid., 

Coleopt., Hymen. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Haines, A. C, M. D., Columbus. Nat. Hist.* N. J. 

Haines, E. M., Pleasant Grove. Om. C. Ex. Penn. 

Haines, Harry F., 1259 Waverlv Place, Elizabeth. Ool. C. Ex. N. J. 
Haines, H. Cope., Haines St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Bot. Penn. 
Haines, James, M. D., Keokuk. PaUeo. la. 

Haines, James, Jr., Pekin. Zo6l. 111. 

Haines, Mrs. Mart P., L. B. 1094, Richmond. Pdkeo. C. Ex. Ind. 
Haines, Reuben, Wayne St., Germantown, and 315 Willing's Alley, 

Philadelphia. Analyt. Chem., Ent., Mic* Penn. 

Haines, Sarah C, M.D., Galena. Bot., Min., Geol. Ex. III. 

Haines, William T., West Chester. Fungi. Penn. 

Hake, E. G., M. D., New Cumberland, Cumberland Co. Bot. {Crypt.), 
Zool., Mic. C. Ex. Desires Ophioglossaces, LycopNodiacese, 
Isoetes and Hepatics.* Penn. 

Hale, Edwin W., Chicago. Mic. 111. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

48 THE naturalists' directory. 

Halb, Prof. L. B., (Hanover, N. H.), Girard Ave., Philadelphia. Mi- 
cros, Penn. 

Hale, Philip L., 39 Highland St., Roxbury. Perm, AlgtB., Om, Ex. 


Hale, W. C. I., Jamestown. Micros, N. Y. 

Hale, William H., Ph. D., 50 Clinton Ave., Albany. Gen, Biol., Anth., 
Comp. Phihl,* N. Y, 

Hall, A., East Ilockport. Om,, 061. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hall, Asa F., Hudson. Mn., Geol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Hall, Prop. Asaph, U. S. Naval Observ., Washington. D. C. 

Hall, Rev. C. H., D. D., 157 Montague St., Brooklyn. Bat. C. Ex. 


Hall, Clifford B., No. Raynham. Oh»., Ool, C. Ex. Mass. 

Hall, C. W., Prof. Univ. Minn., 601 University Ave., Minneapolis. Min, 
Geol, LithoL C. Ex.* Minn. 

Hall, Dan., Sutherland Falls. Geol., Min, C. Vt. 

Hall, Edwin B.,Wellsville, Allegany Co. Ferns, C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Hall, Elihu, Athens, Menard Co. Bot,, Con. C. Ex.* III. 

Hall, F. G., Elmira. Mic, N. Y. 

Hall, F. W., M. D., New Haven. Bot., Om, Ex. Conn. 

Hall, Isaac H., 725 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Bot. : Ferns, Orchids. 
C. Penn. 

Hall, James, State Geologist and Director of State Mu>. Nat. Hist., 
Albany. Geol., PaUeo. C, Ex. Will send Mus. publications in 
return for books or collections for State museum.* N. Y. 

Hall, James A., Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co. General. Ex. Cal. 

Hall, John W., Jr., Covington. Paltso., Min, C. Ex. Ky. 

Hall, L. Brewer, M. D., 17 So. 16th St., Philadelphia. Penn. 

Hall, Rev. M. S., Lawn Ridge. Geol. 111. 

Hall, Capt. W. P., 2134 W. 3rd St., Davenport. Arch, la. 

Hall, W. T., Guvandotte. Min., PaUeo. C. Ex. W. Va. 

Hallock, A. P.,*N. Y. Gas Light Co., 2lst St. and Ave. A. N. Y. 

Hallock, Prof. E. J., Ph. D., Boston Journal of Chemistiy, 165 High 
St., Boston. Cheni.* Mass. 

Hallo well, Susan M., Prof. Bot., Wellesley Coll., Wellesley.* Mass. 

Halsey, Amelia L., La Fayette, Stark Co. Om.* III. 

Halsted, Byron D., office of ** Aftierican Agriculturalist," 751 Broad- 
way, New York. Crypt. Bot.* N. Y. 

Hambach, G., M. D., 2824 Cass Ave., St. Louis. PaUeo., Bot. C* Mo. 

Hambly, D. W., Spanish Ranch, Plumas Co. Geol., Min,, Met., Gen. 
Biol. C. Ex. Cal. 

Hamel, Thomas E., M. A., Prof. Faculty of Arts, Laval Univ., Quebec. 
Nat. Phil* Canada. 

Hamelton, C. W., Brimfield. Orn. III. 

Hamill, Alexander, M. D., Baldwinsville. Arch, C* N. Y. 

Hamilton, Miss E., Minneapolis. Geol, Minn. 

Hamilton, Edwin H., Petersburg. Ool,, Nat, Hist, III. 

Hamilton, Hugh, B. Sc, M. D., 212 So. 2nd St., Harrisburg. C?iem., 
Geol C* Penn. 

Hamilton, John, M. D., 18 Ohio St., Allegheny. Coleopt. C. Ex.* 


Hamilton, S. G., Newark. Tax, Ohio. 

Hamilton, W. N., Green Castle. Math, Ind. 

Hamlin, A. C, M. D., Bangor. Min,, Palceo., Arch,, Gen, Nat, Hist, 
C. Ex. Me. 

Hamlin, Charles E., Mus. Comp. Zool., Cambridge. Recent and Fos- 
sil Marine Mollusca.* Mass. 

Hamlin, D. A., Cambridge. Bot., Mic,* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Hamblin, Floyd, Boonville, Oneida Co. Min. C. N. Y . 

Hamlin, F. M., M. D., 1 Williams St., Auburn. Mic, Con, C. Ev. 

Bermuda and W» I. sea-shells in ex. lor L. ami F. \V. and other 

marine shells. Also mic. objects generally.* N. Y. 

Hamlin, Harry W., Cai*c Peoria Sugar Refinery, Peoria. Oni., Ool. 

C. Ex. in sets. Would like sets of sea-bircls. III. 

Hammond, C. N., 302 Washington St., Boston. A/am., Orn., Tax. C 

Hammond, H. A., Jr., West DePei-e. Om* Wis. 

Hammond, Mrs. Hylor A., West DePere, Brown Co. Orn. M is. 

Hamp, S. F., Pueblo. Geol., Min, Col. 

Hampton, C. J., Junius, Seneca Co. Om., Min. y Moll. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Hampton, C. M., E. Hamburg, Erie Co. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Hanaman, C. E., 1 Gale PI., First St., Troy. Histol. C* N. Y. 

Hance, Theo. F., 191 Fulton St., New York. Histol. C* IV . Y. 

Hancks, H. G., San Francisco. Mic.y Min. Cal. 

Hancock, E. M., Waukon. Om., Ool., Ent. C* la. 

Hancock, Joseph L., 2555 Michigan Ave., Chicago. Om., OoL C* 111. 
Hancox, Henry A., Spencerport, Monroe Co. Gen. Xat. HiU. C. N. Y. 
Hang, C, 89 Con^i-ess St, W. Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Hanke, Henry C., 309 University Ave., N. E., Minneapolis. Orn., 

OjL C. Ex.* Minn. 

Hankenson, E. L., Newark, Wayne Co. Bot. C. Ex. local for other 

plants.* N. Y. 

Hanks, Henry G., State Mineralogist, and Dircc. State Mus., 1124 

Greenwich St., San Francisco. Ex. for st.nte mus.* Cal. 

Hanna, George B., Assistant Assaycr U. S. Assay Office, Charlotte. 

Min. Engineerinff, Metall. and Min., Chein, C. Ex. Mostly 

ores, but desires cabinet specimens in exchange.* N. C. 

Hanna, Hugh W., Wabash. Geol.y Palao., Min.y Con. C. Ex.* Ind. 
Hannahs, George, Sr., South Haven. Bot., Min., Con. C. 31ich. 
Hanson, James F., Fremont. Bot., GeoL Neb. 

Harbison, W. F., Spencerville, Allen Co. Arch., Geol., Moll., Palceo. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Harbron, George, P. O. Box 181, Hamilton. Tax. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Harcourt, Jay, Nappinger's Falls. Ast. N. Y. 

Hard, M. E., A. M., Washington C. H., Fayette Co. Geol. C. Ex. 

Hardaway, R. a., Ala. Agric. and Mech. Coll., Auburn. Engineering. 

Harden, John H., M. E., Phoenixville. Geol., Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Hardy, E. R., 420 Congress St., Portland. Man., Om., Reptiles. C. Me. 
Hardy,' Manly, Brewer. Om. C. Ex.* Me. 

Hardy, M. C, Readfield. Micros. Me. 

Hare, Sidney J., 1017 Grand Ave., Kansas City. Palceo., Ent., Min., 

GeoL C. Ex. in Palaeo. and Geol.* Mo. 

Haben, William A., 1400 Hickory St., St. Louis. Mic, Ast. C. Ex. 

Mic. slides.* Mo. 

Harford, W. G. W., 2132 O'Farrell St., San Francisco. Zool.* Cal. 
Harger, Oscar, 14 University Place, New Haven. Isopod Crustacea, 

Palteo.* Conn. 

Hargett, Rev. C. W., Fairfield, Franklin Co. Arch., Geol,, Nat. Hist. 

C. :fix. Ind. 

Harqrave, C, Rockville. Articulata, MoU., Geol. C. Ex. L. and 

F. W. shells and carboniferous fossils for anything of value.* Ind. 
Hargreaves, H. B., Box 19, Garnerville, Rockland Co. Micros. : Sec- 
tions of wood. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Habkness, H. W., M. D., Sacramento. Ftmgi, Micros. C. Cal. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

50 THE naturalists' dieectoby. 

Harkness, S. J., Florence.' Micros., Fungi. C. Ariz. 

Hart, Charles A., 710 Vermont St., Quiney. Con., Bot.f Geol. C. 
Ex. Marine specimens desired.* III. 

Hart, Edward, Ph. D., Adjunct Prof. Chem., Easton. Chem. Penn. 

Hartman, John H., Lebanon, Warren Co. L. and F. W. Sheila, Cin. 
Fossils, for ex. in PaUso., Ferns, Min. C. Ohio. 

Hart, Thomas, Meyers, Monroe Co. Bot. Fla. 

Harper, E. T., Port Byi-on. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. III. 

Harper, Esmonde, 2035 Wallace St., Philadelphia. Om., Odl. C. 
Ex. full sets of eggs.* Penn. 

Harper, George W., Prin. Woodward High School, Cincinnati. Geol., 
Con., Palao. C. L. Sil. fossils and F. W. and L. Shells for 
ex.* Ohio. 

Harper, J. B., Rocksville. Chem. Ind. 

Harper, R. A., Port Byron, Rock Island Co. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. III. 

Harriman, M. C, Warner. Orfi., Ent. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Harrington, B. J., B. A., Ph. D., Prof, of Mining, McGill Coll., Mon- 
treal. Min. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Harrington, Edw., 23 Boston St., Salena. Om., Ool. Ex.* Mass. 

Harrington, M., Homestead. CM. la. 

Harrington, Prop. Mark W., Dir. of Obs., Ann Arbor. Ast., Met.* 


Harrington, Rev. W. H.; Stillwater, Arch., Om.* Minn. 

Harrington, W. Hague, P. O. Dept., Ottawa. Ent, C. Ex. Coleop- 
tera. Canada. 

Harris, Edward, Moorestown. C. Ex. N. J. 

Harris, F. L., So. Natick. Horticulture. Mass. 

Harris^ I. H., Waynesville. Geol., Paleeo., Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Harris, Sarah C, M. D., Galena. Bot.,Min,, PaUeo. C. Ex.* III. 

Harrison, Edwin, B. S., St. Louis. Geol. Mo. 

Harrison, George B., 520 Mulberrj' St., Bloomington. Geol., PaUBo. 
C. Ex.* III. 

Harrison, G. E., Pagetown. Pakto., Min. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Harrison, J. B., Fi-anklin Falls. Bot., Geol C. Ex.* N. H. 

. Harrison, Rev. J. B., Vineland. Bot. N. J. 

Harrison, J. L., North Adams. Geol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Harrison, T. F., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Harrison, W. G., M^ D., 69 Centre St., Baltimore. Mic* Md. 

Harrison, William H., Easton. Ent. Penn. 

Harrod, p., M. D., Avon, Fnlton Co. Onl. C. Ex.* III. 

Hartman, Lem. R., Fort Wavne. Mic. Ind. 

Hartman, W. D., M. D., West Chester. Con. C. Penn. 

Hartt, Mrs. Charles Fred. 118 Park St., Buffalo. Geol., Min., Pot- 
tery, Antiquities. C* N. Y. 

IIartwell, Samuel, Lincoln. Hort. and Agric.* Mass. 

Hartzler, Prof. J. C, Newark, Licking Co. Arch., Geol., PaUeo. C. 


Harvey, F. L., B. S., Prof. Nat. Sci., and Chem., Ark. Ind. Univ., 
Fayetteville. Bot., ZooL, Geol., Min., Chem. C. Ex.* Ark. 

Harvey, Hon. J. H., Pres. Iowa State Ornithological Society, Des 
Moines. la. 

Harvey, Leon F., M. D., Buffalo. Lepid. C* N. Y. 

Harvey, William, Bradford, Stark Co. Bot. C.» III. 

Haskell, Miss C. C, Teacher of Botany, Vassar CoU., Poughkeepsie.* 

Haskell, Charles H., Holland Patent, Oneida Co. Palao., Min. C.* 

Haskell, Edw., New Bedford. Horticulture, Orchids, Ferns, etc. C. 
Ex.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dibbctoby. 51 

Haskell, J., Marblehead. Min., Con,y Bot. Mass. 

Haskins, J. P., L. B. 432, Sai-atoga Springs. GeoL, Min.^ Arch. C. 

Ex. N.Y. 

Haskins, William, 223 S. Green St., Chicago. Chem,, Mic.^ Min. 

Spec. Analyt. Chem. and Mic. C. Ex. Minerals, and hairs of 

different animals, mounted or unmounted.* III. 

Hassler, Ferdinand A., M. D., Ph. D., K«6 Uth St., N. W., Wash- 

ington. Ph€Bn. Bot., Geog. Distrib.y MoUusks, C.* D. C 

Hasson, C. B., Dayton. Geol.y MoUusks. C. P^x. Ky. 

Hasson, W. F. C, U. S. N. Acad., Annapolis. Palceo. C. Ex. Md. 
Hatch, C. C, Community. Om. C. N.Y. 

Hatch, Deloss, Oak Centime. Om. C. Ex. birds* eggs, shells and 

minerals.* Wis. 

Hatch. Mrs. Deloss, Oak Centre. Oul. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Hatch, P. L., M. D., Minneapolis, (hn. C. Ex. Minn. 

Hatch, S. R., Milford. Diatoms^ Min., Micros., Photog., Infusoria. 

Electricity, C. Ex. Mass. 

Haupt, Rev. C. E., Lancaster. Mic* Penn. 

Haupt, H., Jr., M. D^ Ph. D., *• The Rogers Engineering Library/* 

Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia. Geoi, Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Haupt, J. G., Davenport. Phesn. Bot., Ferns, Gen. Biol. C. la. 

Hauxhurst, D. C, M. D., Battle Creek. Eye and Ear in medicine. 

Ex. sections human skin for good biological spec. Mich. 

Hawes, Alfred, Sherborn. (Now in Kiinberley, Diamond Fields, So. 

Africa.) Om., Ent. C. Ex. ' Mass. 

Hawes, Amos, Madisonville. Om. Ohio. 

Hawes, George W., Ph. D., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Min., 

Lith. D. C. 

Hawkes, a. a., Wakefield. Geol, Mic. 0. ^Ex. Mass. 

Hawkins, E. M., Fairplay, Park Co. Min., Paleeo. C. Ex. CoL 

Hawkins, Jabtbs, 33-3/ lliver St., Chicago. Mic. III. 

Hawkins, Thomas PL, M. D., Denver. Histology, Col. 

Hawks, S. G., Hesper. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Hawley, Mrs. Helen D., Suspension Bridge. Bot., Ferns, Mosses, 

Geol., Min. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hawley, Miss Minnie, Bristol. Min, Conn. 

Hawley, Rev. R. E., M. A., Washington. Indian relics, Cin. and 

Carb. Fossils, and Goniatiles. C. Sells specimens.* Ind. 

Hawley, R. V., Community, Madison Co. Etit. N. Y. 

Hawn, Prop. Fred., Leavenworth. Geol. Kan. 

Haworth, John, 266 So. 4th St., Philadelphia.* Penn. 

Hay, George U., St. John, N. B. Bot. C. Ex. N. B. plants for 

those of Southern States.* Canada. 

Hay, O. p.. Prof. Nat. Hist., Butler Univ., Irvington. Reptiles, Fresh 

Water fishes, Crustacea. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Hayan, Miss Jennie B., So. Royalton. Shells, Min. C. Ex.* Vt. 
Hayden. F. v., M.D., LL. D., U. S. Geologist, 1910 Arch St., Phila- 
delphia. Geol.* Penn. 
Hayden, N. W., Windsor Locks, Hartford Co. Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 
Haydon, Dr. Walton, Hudson Bay Co. Moose Factoiy, Hudson's Bay 

via Temiscaming.* Canada. 

Hayes, A. L.,Aledo, (now in Colorado Springs, Col.) Ool, Con. C. 

Ex.* 111. 

Hayes, Chandler, Wilmington. Min. C. Ex. Del. 

Hayes, Charles E., cor. Main and Dyre Sts., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Om., 0::l. C. Ex.* Fenn. 

Hayes, Charles I., B. S., Urbana. Hort., Bot. 111. 

Hayes, Geokob E., 1126 Main St., Buffalo. Geol* N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

52 THE naturalists' DIBKCTOBY. 

Hates, S. D., M. D., Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Hatmond, Rupus, Clarksburg. Om, "W. Va. 

Haynes, Ernest E., Obcrlin. Oal, C Ex. Ohio. 

Hatnes, J. N., Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Hayt, H. W., Lowvillc. Mam., Om. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hayward, E. J., Santa Barbara. Or/i., Ent., bidian relics, Tarantu- 
las, and Tarantula nests.* Cal. 

Hayward, Rowland, care Boston Soc. Nat. Hist , Boston. Ent. : Cole- 
opt.. Hymen. (J. Ex.* Mass. 

Haywood, P\ E., Quincy Point. Min. Mass. 

Hazard. I. W.. Peace Dale. Anal. Chem. , R. 1. 

Hazard, R. G., 2nd, Peace Dale. Obi. C.* R. I. 

Hazen, Levi, West Hartford. Min. C* Vt. 

Head, W. R., Chicago.* III. 

Heading, Alice J., Peoria. Bot. C. Ex.* III. 

Healy, a., South Haven. Hort. Mich. 

Heath, S. A., Davenport. GeoL, Bot. la. 

Hecox, Laura J. F., Santa Cruz. Con. C. Cal. shells in ex. for L. 
and F. W. shells and fossils.* Cal. 

Hedden, Robert E., 33 Brittles Ave., Columbus. Ool. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hedge, Frederick H., Jr., Public Library, Lawrence. Bot.* Mass. 

Hedges, Charles E., Orange. C. Ex. N.J. 

Hedley, George H., Medina. Om., Ool. C. Ex. for birds of ihe 
North West, sea birds and foreign birds. CoiTCspondence solic- 
ited.* N. V- 

Heffner, Prop. George H., Principal Academy, Womelsdorf, Berks 
Co. Penn. 

Heighway, a. E., M. D., 86 W. 7th St. Cincinnati. Chem., GeoL* Ohio. 

Heighway, a. E., Jr.. M. D., 86 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. Min., GeoL, 
Mic, Lith. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Heighway, S. C, 86 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. Coleopt., Fossils and Rel- 
ics. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Heiligbrodt, L., Bastrop. Lepid., Hymen., Coleopt., Reptiles. C. Tex. 

Heilprin, Angelo, Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Paltpo. Penn. 

Heimstreet, Thomas B., M. D., 132 2nd St., Trov. Om., Gen. ZooL 
C. Ex. N. Y. 

Heistand, George, Marvsville. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Helbing, C. R., East Toledo. Tax. C. Ohio. 

Helbing, T. O., East Toledo. Tax. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Heller. J. W., 38th St. and 8th Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Helme, James W., Jr., Adrian. Om., Tax. C* Mich. 

Helmuth, Carl A., M. D., 224 N. Clark St., Chicago. ZooL, Bot., Mic* 

Hemphill, Henry, San Diego. MolL C* Cal. 

Henck, J. B., Jr., S. B., Electrical Dept., Am. Bell Telephone Co., 95 

Milk St., Boston.* Mass. 

Henderson, George A., Decatur. Chem. III. 

Henderson, Mrs. J. G., Winchester. Con., OoL III. 

Henderson, Judge John G., Winchester, Scott Co. Anth. C. III. 

Henderson, Dr. J. P., Newville, Rockland Co. Archtso., Eth. C* Ohio. 
Henderson, L. T., Maiysville. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Hbndrick, M. S., Sandwich. Min., OdL C. Ex. HI. 

Hendricks, B. F., Rock Falls. Min. III. 

Hendricks, William, Hummelstown. Min. Penn. 

Henry, John S., Maryville. Om., OoL, Tax. C. Ex. Tenn. 

Henry, W. A., Pi-of. Agric, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison. P?uBn. Bot., 

Fungi.* Wis. 

Henry, Willl^m A., Ithaca. Phcen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Henry, William T., Mineral Point. Mn., Palofo, C. Ex .♦ Wis. 
Henshall, J. A., M. D., 33 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati. Jchth* Ohio. 
Henshajll, Mrs. J. A.. 33 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati. Jchth* Ohio. 

Uemshaw, U. W., Smithsonian Institute, Washington. Om,, Eth, C. 

Ex * D. C. 

Henshaw, Samuel, 77 Newbui-y St,, Boston. Eni.* Mass. 

Hekbein, 11. J., SinkinjLT Spring, Berks Co. Mm, C. Ex. Penn. 

Herbert, W. S. B., Lvnn. Eni. . Coleopt.^ Mic, C Ex.* AIhss. 

Hebbst, William, M. D., Trexleitown, Lehigh Co. BoL C. Ex. 

Herdman, W. J., Ph.D., M.D., Ann Arbor. Anat., Ethnol^ Anth* 

Heron, G. C, Ottawa. Superjictai GeoU., Invert. Pakpo.^ Con, Ex. 

Heron, Gilbert C, C. E., Corsicana, Navarro Co. Con.* Texas. 

Heron, William M., M. D., Kobinsou St., Allejrcny. Ast.^ 3/ir. Penn. 
Herrick, C. 1.., B. S., 81 So. 6th St., Minneapolis. Imn-t. ZodL, Hot. 

C. Ex.* Minn. 

Herrick, FH.,Tilton. Bat . Filicet, Ltth, C. Ex. fi,Il. 

Herrick, F. M., Princeton. Geol. Ill, 

Hekrick, Harold, Brick Church, Orange. Om, C. N.J. 

Herriot, Dr. J. V., Valparaiso. Micros. Ind. 

Herrmann, Richard, Dubuque. Geo/., Paheo, Fossils from Galena 

limestone a specialty. C. Ex.* la. 

Hervev, Rev. A B., Taunton. Crypt. Bot., Manne Alga in particu- 
lar, C. Ex.* * Mass. 
Herzer, Rev. H., Berea. CrypU Bot. . Mosses, PaUeo,, Geol., Micros. , 

Orn. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hess, F., Fort Dodofc. Ast. la. 

Hess, Frank W., 3ril Artilleiy, U. S. A., addi-ess Allegheny Collejrc, 

Meadville. Om. C. Ex. Penn. 

Heusee, George O., Lancaster. Tax. Penn. 

Heuser, H. J., Wythcville, Wythe Co. Antiquities, Min. C. Ex. 

for any curiosities.* Va. 

Heustis, Mrs. Caroline E., Carleton, St. John, N. B. Ent. : Lepid. 

C. Ex. Canada. 

Hewitt, W. C, Ypsilanti. Chem. Mich. 

Hews, A. H., No. Cambridore. Mass. 

Hexamer, C. R., Chappaqua, Westchester Co. Bot, C. Ex. local spec- 
imens.* W. Y. 
Hexamer, F. M., M. D., New Castle. Bot., Con. C* N. Y. 
Heys, Thomas, Toronto. Analyt. Chem, Canada. 
HiBBARD, Homer N., room 77, Government Building, Chicago. Cole- 
opt., Lcpid,* III. 
HiBBARD, William N., Hyde Park. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* III. 
Hicks, Gilbert H., Albion Coll., Albion. Orn., Ent. C. Ex. Mich. 
Hicks, Prof. L. E., Granville. Invert. Paleeo., GeoL, Lithol. C. Ex.* 

Hidden, William E., 142 Broadway, New York. Min., Gems. C. 

Ex. N. Y. 

HiESTAND, J. G., Denver. Min. Col. 

Higbee, Charles H., Boston. Crypt. Bot,, Min., Micros.* Mass. 

HiGGiNS, F. W., Woodburn Cemctciy, Detroit. Bot., Met.* Mich. 

HiGGlNS, Dr. J. J., 23 Bcckman Place, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

* HiGGiNSON, Charles M., M. E., C. B. & Q. R. 11., Chicago. Miti, C. 
Ex. III. 

High, B. Y., West Point, Cuming Co. Con. C. Ex. Ne|», 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

54 THE naturalists' dikectoby. 

High, Ezra, Poplar Neck. Arch<Bo. Penn. 

liiGLEY, D. J., A. M., Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor. Gen, Zooi.t Comp. 
Afiat., EnL: Lepid.y Coleopt, C. Ex. Mich. 

HiGLEY, W. K., M. S., Box 1229, Ann Arbor. BoU C* Mich. 

HiLDRETH, J., Rome. Min. C. N. Y. 

HiLDRETH, John L.. M. D., 37 Bi-attle St., Cambridge. Mass. 

HiLGARD, Euo. W., Prof, of Agric. Chem., Berkeley. Agric^ Chem.y 
Geol Col. in Bot .♦ Cal. 

Hill, Mrs. Charlotte, Florissant, El Paso Co. Min.y Geol. C. Col. 

Hill, Charles F., Huzelton, Luzerne Co. PaUeo, C. Ex. Anthra- 
cite fossils for other good specimens. Penn. 

Hill, Rev. E. J., Enjrlewood, Cook Co. Bot.^ Geol, C* III. 

Hill, E. K., Brownsville, Yuba Co. Bot,, Om.y Ent. Ex.* Cal. 

Hill, F. A., Prin. High School, Chelsea. Am. Arch.* Mass. 

Hill, Franklin C, Box 338, Princeton. Geol, Ent, N. J. 

Hill, George, Arlington. Hort. Mass. 

Hill, George E., Ilazelton. PaUso. C. Anthracite fossils to ex. for 
othere. Penn. 

Hill, Dr. G. II., Ashland. Am. Antiouities. C. Ohio. 

Hill, Dr. H. H., Cincinnati. Arch., Con,, Palceo, 0. Ohio. 

Hill, J. Stuart, M. D., Elmira. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Hill, Russell S., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. OateoL, ReptHes, Amphib- 
ians. C. Penn. 

Hill, W. W., Albany. Leptd, C, Ex.* N. Y. 

Hiller, p. C, Copestoga, Lancaster Co. Arch, C. Ex. for pipes, pot- 
tery, etc.* Penn. 

Hills, E. R., Blue Hill. Me. 

Hills, R. li., Leicester. Bot, Mass. 

Hills, W. D., Odin, Marion Co. Odl, C. Ex.* 111. 

Hilton, A. P., 331 Hudson St., New York. Coleoptera, C. Ex. N. Y. 

Himes, Isaac N., M. D., Prof. Med. College, Cleveland. Pathol, and 
Morbid Anat.* Ohio. 

Hind, Prof. 11. Y., Windsor, N. S. Geol, Canada. 

HiNE, F. B., B. S., Silver Cliff. Mm., Chem, C. Ex.* Col. 

Hinkley, a. a.. Box 444, Rockford. L. and F, W. Shells. C. Ex.* 111. 

HiNKLEY, Holmes, 1 Faii-field St., Boston. Efit.: Lepid. Mass. 

HiNMAN, Chas. D., Columbus Savings Bank Co., Columous. Odl, C. Ex.* 


HiNMAN, C. W., S. B., 32 Hawley St, Boston. Chem. Gas Inspector 
for Mass.* Mass. 

HiNRiCHS, G., A. M., M. D., Prof. Phys. Sci., State Univ., Iowa City. 
Meteo., Dir. la. weather service,* la. 

Hinds, J. I. D., A. M., C.E., M. D.,Prof. of Nat. Sci. and Chem., Cum- 
berland Univ., Lebanon.* Tenn. 

Hinds, Wm. A., Community, Madison Co. Bot, C* N. Y. 

Hinsdale, F. L., M. D., Kewanee, Ileuiy Co. Bot. C. Ex.* 111. 

Hinsdale, Rev. Robert G., Prest. Hobart Coll., Geneva. Ent,: Lepid. 
C. Ex. N.Y. 

HiPKiss, Geo., Stoneham. Min, C. Ex.* Mass. 

HisER, Rudolph, Keokuk. Ent., Tax, la. 

Hitchcock, Chas., Ware. Mic* Mass. 

Hitchcock, Charles A., North-East, Erie Co. GeoU, Min, C. Ex. 
*' Cone in Coue," exchanged. Penn. 

Hitchcock, C. H., Prof. Geol., Dartmouth Coll., Hanover. Geoh^ Lith,, 
Jchnol. C. Ex.* N.H. 

Hitchcock, Geo. N., San Diego. Astron, Cal. 

Hitchcock, Miss Mary, Hanover. Bot,: Ferns,* N. H. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Hitchcock, N. M., Knoxville. General. III. 

Hitchcock, Pkof. R., F. R. M. S., 53 Maiden Lane, New York. Pres. 

N. Y. Mic. Soc, Ed. Am. Monthly Mic. Journal. Mic, F, H'. 

Algee, C* N. Y. 

Hitchcock, Dr. T. S., Denver. Arch,t Mm., Antiquities. Col. 

Hilt. Col. D. F., Pres. Acad. Nat. Sci., Ottawa. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex. III. 
HiTTLE, Alonzo, Foofclsvillc. Omith. Penn. 

HoADLEY, Frederick H., M. D., New York. Om,, Osteol. W. Y. 

HoBART, Arthur, Pcnu Yan, Yates Co. A/tc, Agric. Dot, C* N. Y. 
HoBBS, Barnabas C, Bloomingdale. Geo/., Nat. Sci. lud. 

HoBBS, Chas. E., Winter Hill, Somerville. A/ic, Bot.f Diatoms, Au- 
thor of Hobbs' Botanical List of Crude Vcfcetable Drugs.* Mass. 
HoBBS, Orlando, Jetfei-sonville, Clark Co. Photography, Assay of 

Mitierals and Ores, GeoL, PaUeo. C. Lower bilurian to the 

Hamilton of the Devon, to ex. for Carb. and overlyin<r formations.* 

HoBBT, C. M.. M. D., Iowa City. F. W, Atga, C. Ex.* la. 

HoBSON, Arthur E., 19 Dale St., Boston. Geol.^ Min, Triassic Fos- 
sils and Minerals for ex.* Mass. 
HoBSON, J AS., Gibraltar. Mam.y Orn.f Ichth.f Reptiles, C. Ex. Mich. 
HoBSON, J. W., Saco. Horticulttare.* Me. 
Hodge, F., A. B., A. M., M. D., Hudson. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Hodges, G. C, 129 John St., Utica. Chem,, Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Hoffman, August, Washington. Ent. III. 
Hoffman, D. A., M. D., Osfealoosa. Geol., PaUeo., Ool, Ent., Arch. 

C Ex la 

Hoffman, Paul C, Rockville. Om„ 061., Ta^, C. Ex.* Conn! 

Hoffman, T., Rockville. Oni., Ool, C. Ex.* Conn. 

Hoffman, Walter J., M. D., Bureau Ethnology, Washington. Ajith., 

Vert., Zo6l,,Min.* D. C. 

Hoffmeister, Aug. W., M. D., Fort Madison, Lee Co. Ent. . Lepid., 

Coleopt, C. Ex. la. 

Hoge, Petton H., a. M., Instructor in Math., Univ. School, 109 8th 

St., Richmond. Geol., Bot. C. Ex. Va. 

Holbrook, Francis N., C. E., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New 

York. MetaUurgy,* N. Y. 

Holbrook, J. J., Keene. Geol., Bot, C, Ex.* N. fl. 

Holbrook, L., P. O. Box 636, New York. Geol* N. Y. 

Holbrook, Watson C, C. E., Coleta, Whiteside Co. Geo/., Comp. 

Anat., Arch. C. Ex. SiUCorals for other specimens.* IIL 

Holcomb, Benton, West Granby, Hartford Co. Con., Ool.f Min. 

C. Ex. Conn. 

Holden, E. G. D., Grand Rapids. Arch. Mich. 

Holden, E. S., Washburnc Observ., Madison. Ast, Wis. 

Holden, W., 179 Vine St., Cincinnati. Arch., Aranea, C. Ex. Ohio. 
Holder, Mary H., Berlin. Bot, C* Mass. 

Holder, J. B., M. D., Cur. Zool., Am. Museum, Central Park, New 

York. Gen. Biol.* N. Y. 

HoLDREDQB, D. D., Medina. Tax. C. Ex.* M. Y. 

Holiston, Romanus T., Bonanza City, Saguache Co. Min., Assaying 

and Exam, of Mines, C* CoL 

Holland, Rev. F. R., Hope. Bot., Con., C* Ind. 

Holland, Prof. J. W., M. D., Louisville. Gen, Biol Ky. 

HoLLiCK, Arthur, Ph. B., Box 128 Port Richmond, Statcn Island. 

Phten, Bot., Orn. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hollenbush, H. W., 320 Spring Garden St., Reading. Min., Mic, 

Fungi and Diatomacea. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Hollister, Edward II., Greenfield. Geol, Ent. Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

56 THE naturalists' dibectory. 

HoLMAN, David S., Actuaiy, Franklin Inst., 13 S. 7th St., Philadelphia. 

Mic* Penn. 

HoLMAN, F. A., M. D., San Francisco. Om.^ Mic. Cal. 

HOLMAN, G. M., B. S., 27 N 7th St., Philadelphia. Chem., Mic. C:. 

Ex.* Penn. 

Holmes, Bayard, Yorkville, Kendall Co. Moll. C. Ex. 111. 

Holmes, E. D., (irand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Holmes, Dr. E. S., 114 Ottawa St., Grand Rapids. ZooL, Jchih.* Mich. 
Holmes, Prof. F. S., Charleston. PalcBo.^ GeoL C. Ex. S. C. 

Holmes, J. A., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bol., Ent. C. N. Y 

Holmes, J. C, 41 MotTat Block, Detroit. Ent. C* Mich. 

Holmes, Lucien, Standish, Cumb. Co. A/iw., PA«n. Bot. and Fthces. 

C. Ex.* Me. 

Holmes, Miss Mary E., Box 485, Rockford. Dot., Om. C. Ex. III. 
Holmes, William, Warsaw, Wj-oming Co. Micros. N, Y. 

Holmes, W. H., U. S. Geolog. Survej-, 509 7th St., Washington. GeoL, 

Arch. D. C. 

Holmes, Wm. M., Greenwich, Washington Co. Con. N. Y. 

Holt, Alfred F., M. D., 98 Austin St., Cambridgeport. Histoid Mic. 

slides of same in ex. for any Mic. objects.''^ Mass. 

Holterhoff, G., Jr., Avondale, Cincinnati. Orn.j 061. C. Ex. Ohio. 
HoLWAY, E. W., Decoi-ah. Fungi^ Phuen. Bot.y Mic. C. Ex. parasi- 
tic fungi.* la. 
Homes, Henry A., LL.D., State Library, Albany * N. Y 
HoMSiiER, Geo. W., M. D., Box 31, Fail-field, Franklin Co. Bot. and 

Geol. Specimens for spec, in Arch. Arch. C. Ex.* Ind. 

HoNEYMAN, Key. David, Prof. Geol., Dalhousie Coll., Halifax, N. S. 

Geol. Canada. 

Hood, E. Lyman, Minneapolis. Om., OoL, Ent., Mic. C. Ex. for 

Southern species.* 
Hood, Lewis E., Norwich. Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. Am. Lampyridae, 

Coccincllidae. A few foreign coirespondents desired.* Conn. 

Hooker, J. N., Castleton. OoL, Om. C. Ex. Vt. 

Hooper, Franklin VV., Pi-of. Nat. Sci., Adclphi Acad., Brooklyn. 

Comp. Anat.t Physiol. C. Ex. Algae and Corals.* IS. \. 

Hooper, H. T., Sherman, Grayson Co. Tax. Tex. 

Hoopes, Josiah, West Chester. Bot. : Conifer<p. C* Penn. 

HooPES, J. S., New Brighton, Beaver Co. J^iftc, Geol. C* Penn. 

Hope, Henry W., Paint P. O., Highland Co. Geol., Arch. C. Ex.* 

Hopkins, Albert, Phoenix. Arch. C. N.J. 

Hopkins, F. V., M. D., East Lake, Lake Co. Mm., Geol C. Ex.* Cal. 
HoPKiRK, W. H.. Burlington. Bot., Zobl. la. 

HoppiN, Miss Ruth, Northampton. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

HoPSON, W. B., New Haven. Jchth. Conn. 

Horn, George H., M. D., 874 Noilh 4th St., Philadelphia. Coleoptera 

of U. «. C* T»enn. 

HoRN,'H. B., M. D., Atchison.* Kan. 

Hornaday, William T., Sec. Soc. Am. Taxidermists, 31 Prince St., 

Rochester. Mam., Gen. ZooL, Coll. and Tax, in all branches.* 

HoRR, Asa, M. D., Dubuque. Bot. C* la. 

HoRR, Edw. W., Blandville, Ballard Co. Ky. 

Horpford, B., Springfield. GeoL, Orn. Mass. 

Hosford, F. H., East Charlotte. Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 

HosKiNs, William, 223 S. Green St., Chicago. Analyt. Chem., Legal 

Mic. C. Ex.* * "^ ^III. 

HosMER, Eliza, Concord. Phuen, Bot., Crypt. Bot., Ferns. Ex.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


HoTCHKiss, Maria R., Lewiston. Con, N. Y. 

HoTCHKiss, M. T., 42 E. Onondaga St., Syracuse. Pftmi. Bot.. Filices. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

HOTCHKISS, W. H., M. D., New Haven. Om. C. Conn. 

Hough, F. B., Lowville. Bot* N. Y. 

Hough. R. B., Lowville, Om., Bot C* N. Y. 

Hough, Samuel J., 29 St. Paul St., Baltimore. Ent. : Coleopt. C. 

Ex.* Md. 

Houghton, Charles A., West Medway Om, C. Ex.* JH&sn. 

Houghton, Philip S., Detroit. Om., Odl. Mich. 

Houston, George M., Harrisonville. Min,, Mic, C. Ex.* Mo. 

How, Prop. Henry, Windsor, N. S. Mm. C. Ex. Canada. 

Howard, Cary, 618 8th St., Oakland. Coleopt, C. Ex. Cal. 

Howard, Curtis C, Cumberland. Micros. Ohio. 

Howard, L. O., Asst. Entomoloj^ist, Dept. Agric., Washington. Econ, 

Ent.i esp. Parasitic Hymenoptera.* D. C. 

Howard, Sophia E., M.D., Gi anger Place School, Canandaigua. Gen. 

Biol, Micros. Ex. N. Y. 

Howard, W. H., Sterling, Whiteside Co. Geol, III. 

Howe, Prof. A E., Denver. Math. Col. 

Howe, E. G., Washinjrton. Bot., ZooU, Chem. C. Ex. 111. 

Howe, Elliott C, M. D., Yonkcre. Bot. : Cyperacea, Ferns, Ent., 

Biol. C. Ex. in Bot. N. Y. 

Howe, H. A., Denver Univei-sity, Denver. Ast.* Col. 

Howe, J. M., 37 Stone St., Rochester. Mic, N . Y. 

Howe, Lucien, M. D., 5 West Chippewa St., Buffalo. Mic, Anat, C. 

Ex. desired in slides illustrating anatomy and pathology of the eye 

and ear.* N . Y. 

Howell, Edwin E., A. M., Rochester. Min., Geol., Invert. Pakpo.* 

Howell, Joseph, Sauvie*s Island, Multnomah Co. Bot. C. Ore. 

Howell, Robert, Nichols, Tioga Co. GeoL, PaUeo., Zodl., Arch, C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Howell, Thomas J., Sauvie*s Island, Multnomah Co. Bot, Collects 

native seeds, hulbs, ferns, etc.* Ore. 

Howerton, William J., Garnett. Phan, Bot., Ferns, Geol, C. Ex. 

Howes, C. H., C. E., Essex. Geol., Min, C. Ex. Mass. 

Howey, John M., Box 317, Canandaigua. Om., Odl. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Rowland, Frank G., Saratoga Springs. Odl. C. Ex. N.Y. 

Howland, Snowdon, Box 206, Newport. Odl. C. Ex. for sets only.* R. I. 
HowLETT, C. K., Rochester. Om. C. Ex. N. Y. 

HoxiE, Walter, Port Royal. Orn, " Natuitdists always welcome at 

my house." Locality interesting and rich for the Ornithologist, 

Botanist, Entomologist and Ichthyologist.* S. C. 

Hot, Philo R., M. D., Racine. Ent., Herpetol. and Om. of Wisconsin. 

C* Wis. 

HoYSTRADT, Lyman H., Pine Plains, Dutchess Co. Phaen. Bot., Filices, 

Potamogentons. C. Very fine specimens in ex. for So. and 

Western specimens.* N. Y. 

Hoyt, Brooks F., Ph. B., Columbus. Om,, Nat, Hist, Neb. 

HoYT, C. K., Waterloo, Seneca Co. Micros, N. Y. 

Hoyt, D. B., Rockport. Gen. Nat. Hist.* Mass. 

HoYT, J. A., Box 3n04, New York. Micros, N. Y. 

Hoyt, James J., West Chelmsford. Inventor. Mass. 

HoVEY, C. H., 69 Tremont St., Boston. Ferns, Mosses, Horticulture. 

C. Ex.* ' Mass. 

HovEi, C. M., Boston. Ferns, MosseSy Horticulture, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

58 THE naturalists' directoey. 

lIovEY, Rev. Horace C, New Haven. GeoL^ ArUh, C. Ex. crinoids 

and cave specimens.* Conn. 

HuABT, Rev. Victor A., Prof. Zool., Sem. Chicoutimi, P. Q. Ent., 

Bot., Gen, Sat. Hist. C Ex.* Canada. 

Hubbard, E. H., Fitchburg. Om., OoL C Ex. Mass. 

Hubbard, G. F., Box 424, Fitchburg. Bot.,Ent. C Ex. Mass. 

Hubbard, G. W., M. D., Prof, of Nat. Sci., Centi-al Tennessee Coll., 

Nashville. Bot., Geol.^ Min. C. Tenn. plants for ex.* Teun. 
Hubbard, H. G., 73o Woodbridge St., W. Detroit. Coleopt. C £x. 

Hubbard, Lucius, South Bend. ErU.y L. and F, W. Shells. • C. Ex.* 

Hubbard, W C, 27 West 9th St., New York. Phys., Chem., Mtc. N. Y. 
Huber, Rev. I:d., 213 VV. Marshall St., Richmond. Bot., Om.* Va. 
HUBER, Ed., 213 VV. Mai-shall St., Richmond. Alio. Ex. Va. 

Huber. Lee, Willow St., Lancaster. Nat. Sci.^ Min. 0. Ex. Penn. 
HuBREGTSE, ADRIAN, 34 Cyprcss St., Rochester. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Huckel, Rev. William, 161 Maiden Lane, New York City. Bot., 

Micros* N. Y. 

HucKiNS, D. T., M. D., Watertown. Con. C. Ex. Mass. 

Hudson, B., Peterboro'. Mam., Orn., Tax* Canada. 

Huett, John W., Columbia Station, Lorain Co. Phten. Bot*, Ferns, 

Geol.y Lepid, Mollusks: C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hupp, Barton, Sterling. Min. III. 

HuQHART, W. O., Jr , 118 Jetferson Ave., Gi-and Rapids. Geol. C. Ex. 

Hughes, Hon. D. D., Grand Rapids. Om.* Mich. 

Hughes, W. H., 47 Jetferson Ave., Gi-and Rapids. Geol. C* Mich. 
HuGHEY, James, Orlando. Mm. Fla. 

Hull, H. V., M. D., Schenectady. P. O. Box 212. Mic. N. Y. 

Hume, John, Egington Place, Davenport Geol., PcUao., Arch.. Eih. 

C. Ex.* la. 

Humphrey, D., M. D., Lawrence. Micros., Gen. Biol., Atvth.* Mass. 
Humphrey, Fred, Lawrence. Orn., Arch, C* Mass. 

Humphrey, George, Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Humphrey, George W., Dedham. Bot., Zool. C* Mass. 

Humphrey, James- E., No. Weymouth. Bot. C. Ex. in Mass.* Mass. 
Humphrey, William, Jackson. Mic. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Humphreys, John J., Eddytown, Yates Co. Horticulture, Om., Ent. 

C. N. Y. 

Humphreys, John T., M. A., Lynchburg. Zool., Min. Va. 

Hunt, Alfred O., McGregor. Bot., Geol., Min., Micros., Om. C. 

Ex. la. 

Hunt, Andrew M., C. E., care Navy Dept., Washington. Petrology. 

Hunt, Charles G., Belleville, Ont. Con. Canada.' 

Hunt, David, Jr., A. M.. M. D., 149 Boylston St., Boston. Vert. 

Emb.* * Mass. 

Hunt, George, Box 722, Providence. Ent., Bot. C. R. 1. 
Hunt, George M., C. E., No. Argyle, Washington Co. Geol., Bot. 

C* N.Y. 

Hunt, H. W., A. M., Argyle, Washington Co'. Geol.* N. Y. 

Hunt, J. F., Garnett. GeoL, Ent. C. Ex. Kan. 

Hunt, Dr. J. G., Philadelphia. Bot.^ Micros. Penn. 
Hunt, James G., Fi-anklort, Herkimer Co. GeoL, Mm. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hunt, J. H., M. D., 41 E. Third St., Cincinnati. Mic. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Hunt, P. G., Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Hunt, Ralph, White Cloud. Geol, Kan. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Hunt, T. Sterrt, LL. D., F. R. S., Mo&treaL 

Oeol, ifin., Chem* 

Hunt, William H., Concord. Hort, Mass. 

Hunter, D. £., A. M., Washington, Daviess Go. Ait, Ind. 

HuNTBK, Prof. James, Mt. CaiToll. Min. 111. 

Hunter, Jennie, Garnett. PaUeo^ 0. Ex. Kaii. 

Hunter, John, Auburn. Ool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Hunter, Nannie B., Garnett. Bot. C. Ex. Kan. 

Hunting, A. J., Natick. Om,y OoLy Ent. C. Ex.* JIlaNS. 

Huntington, C. M., Clinton, Oneida Co. Geo/., Min, N. Y. 
Huntington, George S., C. E., *245 Browne St., Cincinnati. Native 

and foreign land shells. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Hurd, Rev. Fayette, Laingsburgh. Microi. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Hurlburt, Edward, Utica. GeoL, Pakeo, 0. Ex.* N. Y. 

Hurlbdrt, W. D., Rochester. Min., GeoL* Minn. 

Hurter, J., 2346 So. 10th St., St. Louis. Om. C* Mo. 

Hurtt, J. H., Indianapolis. Chem. Ind. 

HuRTY, John, 104 N. Penn St., Indianapolis. Chem,* Ind. 
Huston, Samuel, B. S., Richmond, Jefferson Co. Qeolf Pakeo., 

Phcm. Bot.* Ohio. 

HusSEY, Frederick, East Orange. Om., OdL C. Ex. N.J. 

HussEY, George B., Box 174, East Orans^e. Geol, N. J. 
Hussey, John, Prof. Nat. Sci., Purdue Univ., Lafayette. Nctt. Htat. 

C. Ex.* Ind. 

Hutchins, J. P., Oneida. Om., Tax.* N. Y 

Hutchinson, Edward S., C. E., Cannelton. Mtcros. W. Va. 

Hutchinson, J. H., Warren, Jo Daviess Co. Zo^ 111. 

Hyams, Charles W., Statesvillc. Ool, C. Ex.* N. C 

Hyams, F. D., Statesville. OdL, Con. C. Ex.* N. C. 

Hyams, M. E., Statesville. Bot. C. Ex.* N. C. 
Hyatt, Alpheus, Prof, of Palso. and Zool , Mass., Inst, of TechnoL, 

Curator Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist., Boston. Zo&l., Pakeo.* Mass. 
Hyatt Bros., Columbus. Pakeo. (Devonian [Carboniferous! fossils of 

Central O.) C. Ex. for good fossils or collections of fossils.* Ohio. 
Hyatt, James, Stanfordville, Dutchess Co. Chem,, Bot,, Min., Pakeo. 

C* N. Y. 

Hya,tt, J. D., Morrisania, New York. Bot,, Micros.* N. Y. 

Hyde, B. N.. C. E., Pottsville. Phten, Bot. Penn. 

Hyde, G. A., Cleveland. Ohio. 

Hyde, Henry C, San Fi-ancisco. Micros.* Cai. 

Hyde, James N., 1818 Indiana Ave., Chicago. Ific. C 111. 

Htnds, F. p., Ralston Station, Weakley Co. Bot.* Tenn. 

ICKSTADT, L., 11th Ave., between 67th and 68th Sts., New York. Lemd. 

C Ex * NY' 

Iddinos, J- P., U. S. Geol. Surv., 78th St. and 8th Ave., New York, n! Y ! 
"' Arch. 


Illio, Hiram L., Millbach, Lebanon Co. 

Ingalls. Charles E., East Templeton. 
Ingersoll, a., San Jose. Om,,OoL 
Inoersoll, Ernest, U. S. Commission, 

Inoersoll, R. G., 1421 New York Ave., Washington. Eth, D. C, 

Ingersoll, Seymour R., 1374 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Ool.j Om., 

Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Have a coll. of 7000 
of Fish and Fisheries, Wash- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iNGfiRSOLL, T. DwiGHT, 702 State St., Erie. Geol C. Ex.* Penn. 
Ingham, J. Lewis, Willimansett, Hampden Co. Ent.y Ool. C. Ex.* 

iNGRAHAM, R. C, New Bedfoixl. Bot. . Musci and Hepatica (local). 

C ♦ Mass. 

Ingram, J., M. D., Vineland. Met., Geol C. N. J. 

Irish, Charles W., Iowa City. Civtl Engineer. C.* la. 

Irish, Thomas M., Dubuque. Phten. Bot.^ Crypt. Bot, . MosaeSf Fungif 

Fcnis. C. Ex. la. 

Irving, Prof. Roland Dubr, State Univ., Madison. Geol.t Min.^ 

Microscopic LtthoL Wis. 

Irwin, Miss Luct, Decatur. Bot. C. Ex. Ill plants for specimens 

of Asclepiadacese, Orchidacese and Filices.* ^ 111. 

IsAMAN, L. C, Lewiston. Bot. Idaho. 

IsAMAN, S. G., Rosalia, Whitman Co. Fern: C. Ex. W. T. 

IsoM, J. F., M. D., Cleveland. Ent, ; Lepid, C. Ex. Ohio. 


Jack, Edw., Frederick, New Brunswick. Forestry, Min.* Canada. 
Jack, John G., Chateauquay Basin, P. Q. Ent. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Jackson, A. \V., Univ. of Cal., Berkeley Min,, Micros. Lithol. C. 

Ex. Cal. 

Jackson, Prop. C. L., Holworthy 11, Cambridge. Chem. Mass. 

Jackson, E. E., Columbia. Mic. S. C. 

Jackson, George B. H. A., Natick. Nat. Hist, Om., Ool. C. Ex.* 

Jackson, Hallidat, West Chester. Bot. : Lichenty Ftmffi, Alga. Penn. 
Jackson, J. A., DesMoines. Ent.^ Con. C. Ex.* la. 

Jackson, Jabez, New Brunswick. Ent.* N. J. 

Jackson, Joseph, Jr., Prin. High School, Millbury. Bot.^ Mic. C. 

Ex. Mass. 

Jackson, Samuel, 48 Macdougal St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Jackson, Thomas, West Chester. Om. Penn. 

Jacob, Ernest, Box 2836, Denver. Geol.* Col. 

Jacobs, Frank B., McGregor. Collects generally. la. 

Jacobs, F. O., D. D. S., Newark, Licking Co. Phtm. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Jacques, William W., Ph. D., 109 Court St., Boston. Phys.* Mass. 
J^ger, H F., Riverside, Cook Co. Bot.* HI. . 

James, Davis L., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

James, Henry, M. D., Belleville, Ont. Phys., Phys. and Path. Chem., 

Analyt. Geol. C* Canada. 

James, I. E., C. & M. E., Virginia City. Afm., Geol. ' C. Ex. Neb. 
James, Joseph F., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
James, Thomas P., 94 Brattle St., Cambridge. Musci. C* Mass. 

James, U. P., 177 Race St., Cincinnati. PaUeo., Local Con. C* Ohio. 
Jameson, Charles T., Oxford. Ent, Ophidia. C. Ex. Miss. 

Jamieson, PIenry, M. D., Indianapolis. Mic. Ind. 

Janeway, John H., M. D., Asst. Sui'g. U. S. A., Fort Wallace. 

Micros. Kan. 

Jarvis, George C, M. D., Haiifoixl. Geol, Min., Metatt., Cm., Ent. 

Jasper, Theodore, A. M., M. D., Columbus. Zool., Om. C* Ohio. 
Jayne, Horace F., 1826 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Comp. Afiat., 

ZooL, Coleopt. C* Penn. 

Jencks, F. T. (Southwick & Jencks), Naturalist, 283 Westminster St., 

Piovideuce. Om., Ool., Tax. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dibectoby. 61 

Jbnes, Charles W., Groton Centre, Middlesex Co. Bat.* Mass. 

Jenks, J. W. P., Prof. Brown Univ., Providence, Curator Mas. Brown 
University.* R. I. 

Jeffries, J. A., Care John JelTries & Sons, 78 Devonshire St., Boston. 
Om. C. Wishes species of Passercuhis. Mass. 

Jefferis, William W., West Chester. Min, C. Have duplicates from 

^ all parts of the country, particularly from this and acyoining coun- 

ties, for ex.* Penn. 

Jenison, O. a., Lansing. Arch* Micb. 

Jennings, A. F., M. D., Calumet. Mc, Cfiem. Mich. 

Jennings, John L., Cambridge. GeoL III. 

Jesup, Rev. Henry G., Prof. Nat. Hist, Hanover. Bot,* N. H. 

Jewell, E. £., Irving. Con, Kan. 

Jewell.. Pliny, Hartford. Min. C.* Conn. 

Jewell, Theo. F., Lieut. Coram. U- S. N., Torpedo Station. Min.* R. I. 

Jewett, Charles, M. D., 310 Gates Ave., Brooklyn^ Micros.^ Micro- 
photography, C* N. Y. 

Jewett, Fred. A., 1129 Washington St., Boston. Bot, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Jewett, F. R., Woodstock. EnL C. Ex. Vt. 

jEWEtT, H. S., M. A., M. D., 21 So. Ludlow St., Dayton. Chem,, Lepid., 
Bot.t GeoL C. Ex. Lepid. of this region in ex. for those of other 
localities. Ohio. 

JiLLSON, B. C, M. D., Ph. D., Pittsburgh. Geol, ZoQl Penn. 

JiLLSON, James, Hudson. Om., Tax, Mass. 

Johnson, A. B., Utica. Fungi, Min., Micros, N. Y. 

Johnson, A. E., M. D., Minneapolis, E. D. Fungi, Alga, Desmids, 
• Diatoms, Micros., Anthro., Infusoria. C. Minn. 

Johnson, C. A., 174 Lagrave St., Grand Rapids. Mm., Pakeo. C. 
Ex.* Mich. 

Johnson, Charles, New Brighton, Staten Island. N. Y. 

Johnson, C. B., 186 No. Main St., Providence. Mic. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Johnson, E. G., Delaware. PaUeo. Cin. fossils, L. and F. W. Shells, 
for ex.* Ohio. 

Johnson, George A., Taxidermist, Mai*shall. Nat. Hist., Om.* Mich. 

Johnston, Prof. H. A., A. M., M. D., Chicago Medical Coll., 4 Six- 
teenth St., Chicago. Biol.* III. 

Johnson, H. N., 32 Lancaster St., Albafiy. Bot. N. Y. 

Johnson, James S., 4900 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Philadelpliia. 
Lepid. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Johnson, Rev. J. S., South Haven. Arch., GeoL C. Ex. Mich. 

Johnson, Lawrence, M. D., 323 No. 27tli St., New York. Bot, Ex. N. Y. 

Johnson, L. H., Mt. Vernon. OgI., Om, III. 

Johnson, N. C, Petersburg. Pakeo., Min. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Johnson, O. B., Cur. State Cabinet, Salem. Om., Odl,, Con., Ent., 
Ferns. C. Ex.* Ore. 

Johnson, R. W. S., Hudson. Arch,, Min, Mich. 

Johnson, S., Hollv Springs. Micros. Miss. 

Johnson, Sarah E., Community. Bot.^ Om.* N. Y, 

Johnston, Dr. Christopher B., Baltimore. Mic, Md. 

Johnston, Daniel W., Richmond. Mam., Om. C. Ind. 

Johnston, G. Walter, Sacramento. Bot, : Glumaceous phntt, Fungi. 
C. Ex.* "^ tal. 

Johnston, Robert E., Greensburg. Geol., Con. Ohio. 

Jones, Arthur, Lansing. Om., Odl. Mich. 

Jones, Rev. C. M., Eastford. (b-n., Odl. C, Ex.* Conn. 

Jones, F. A., Jr., La Fayette. Geol., Arch. C. Ex. III. 

Jones, George Wheeler, M. D., Danville, VermiUion Cq^ Phys., 
Psych,* lU. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


JONBS, Henrt L., Wellsville. Geol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Jones, Howard, A. M., >I. D., Circleville. Ont., Onl,^ Gen, Nat. Hist,, 

Mic, Physiol., HistoL C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Jones, Hugh Lloyd, Victoria, B. C. Ferns. C* Canada. 

Jones, H. T., Rochester. Obi. C. Ex. full sets, with complete data 

only * N. Y. 

Jones, John P., Keytesville, Chariton Co. Arch., Implements of Iron • 

Ore. C. Ex. Mo. 

Jones, J. Matthew, Halifax, N. S. W. I. Marine Con. C. Ex.* 

Jones, Joshua, M. D., Denison, Grayson Co. Om. C. Tex. 

Jones, L , Grinnell. OoL, Orn. C* la. 

Jones, Prof. Marcus E., A. M., Salt Lake City. Bat. (Col., Utah, and 

Ca\.) y Orn., OoL, Etit., Geol. C. Ex. many rare plants.* Utah. 
Jones, M. 11., Rome. Bot. NY. 

Jones, Nellie A., Lyon's Falls, Lewis Co. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Jones, Richard W., M. A., Prof. Chem., Univ. of Miss., Oxford, Lafay- 
ette Co.* Miss. 
Jones, William L., Lebanon. Orn. C. Ex. for birds, reptiles and 

other mammals. 111. 

Jones, W. Martin, Rochester.* N. Y. 

Jones, Woodruff, Gcrmantown, Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Jordan, David S., Prof. Nat. Hist., State Univ., Asst. U. S. Fish Com., 

Bloomin^cton. Fishes, Vertebrates generally, Bot. C* Ind. 

Jordan, George B., St. Omer, Decatur Co. Geol. C. Ex. Ind. 

Jordan, Mrs. Susan Bowen, Bloomington. Bot., Ferns,, Alga, Ichth., 

Orn. C* Ind. 

JOOR, J. F., M. D., Birdston, Navarro Co. Phaen. Bot., Ferns, Mosses. 

C* Tex. 

JOSTIN, J. T., Newburgh. Micros.* N. Y. 

Joy, Douglas A., M. D., Ann Arbor. Metal., Chem. Mich. 

Judge, Charles R., cor. 6th and Mound Sts., Cincinnati. Con. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

Judge, J. F., Prof. Chem. Cin. Coll. of Pharmacy, Cincinnati. Con. 

C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Julich, Wilhelm, 157 W. 32d St., New York. Ent. : Coleopteia. 

C * N. Y. 

JuiiiBN, Alexis A., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New York. Lith., 

Chem., Geol. C. Wish to ex. thm sections of rocks for the same, 

and for any well mounted microscopic material.* N. Y. 

Jump, R. E., Oberlin. ZooL, Om., Ool., Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Justice, A. R., 321 N. 33d St., West Philadelphia. Oa. C. Ex. Penn. 
Justin, Prof. F., Lewisburg. Efit, Penn. 


Eain, Henry C, Camden. Micros.* N. J. 

Kassube, J. C, 1121 4th St., S. E., Minneapolis. Bot., Ent., Geol., Eth. 

C: Desires to ex. for the more difficult Phsen. and Crypt, sneci- 

mens, such as Carices, Mosses, Lichens, etc. Minn. 

Kaucher, Mrs. Samuel, Yankton. Min., Geol. C. Ex.* Dakota. 
Kaufmann, Ferdinand, Jr., Muscatine. Coleopt. C* la. 

Kedzie, Robert F., M. S., Prof. Chem., Agric. and Mech. Coll., Aorri- 

cultui-al Collejrc* Miss. 

Keeler, F. E., Richfield Springs, Otsego Co. Ool. N. Y. 

Keen, W. W., M. D., 1729 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. Anat,, Mic. C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Keener, W. T., 96 Washington St., Chicago * III. 

Keep, Prop. Josjah, Alameda. Con, Fine Pacific, in e\'. for Atlantic 
and foreign shells.* C'al. 

Kehr, Cyrus, Sterling, Whitesides Co. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. for flow- 
ering plants, forest trees and ferns. Ill, 

Keiqhtley, Mrs. E. R., Louisville. PaUeo. C* Ky. 

Keik, Callie M., Elk Point. Geol, Palao., Vert. Ex. Dak. 

Keim, Edw. T., Dubuque. Geol., Orn. C. Ex. Have full line of 
minerals and fossils of Galena limestone.* la. 

Kellerman, William A., Prof. Hot., Agric. and Mech. Coll., Lexing- 
ton. Bot. C. Ex.* Ky. 

Kellicott, D. S., 119 Fourteenth St., Buffalo. Ent., Mic. C. Ex.. 
parasitic Crustacea. N. Y. 

Kellogg, A., M. D., 2132 O'Farrell St., San Francisco. Boi.* Cal. 

Kellogg, H. F., Box 210, Boston. Micros. Mass. 

Kellogg, J. H., M. D., Prof. Chem. and Phys., Battle Creek Coll., Bat- 
tle Creek. BioL, HistoL C. Ex. Desires specimens of vege- 
table tissues.* Mich. 

Kellogg, J. H., 86 Seventh St., Troy. Micros.* N. Y. 

Kellogg, Justin, 259 River St., Troy. Mm., Emb. C* N. Y. 

Kellogg, Mrs. Olive A., Community, Madison Co. BoL, Orn.* N. Y. 

Kelly, Frank, Clarksville. Mm., PaUso. Ohio. 

Kelly, M. R., A. M., Morrison. Nat. Hist. Ex. for city High 

school. III. 

Kelley, Howard A., 323 So. 17th St., Philadelphia. Comp. Anat. of 
Vert. Penn. 

Kelley, W. L., Hai-wichport, Cape Cod. Con. C. Ex. fine Atlantic 
shells for others.* Mass. 

Kelsey, C. a., Theresa, Jefferson Co. Pakeo., Geol, Min. C. Ex. 
Good specimens only' should be exchanged.* N. Y. 

Kemp, Rev. A. F., LL. D., Prin. Ladies* Coll., Ottawa. Crypt. Bot. : 
Alga, Fungi. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Kendall, T. A., Reading. Mtn., Arch. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Kendall, Mrs. T. A., Reading. Con, C* Penn. 

Kendall, William J. A., Reading. Min, Penn. 

Keney, M. J., Le Roy. Bot. C* N. Y. 

Kenpield, J. W., Prmceton. Geol HI. 

Kennedy, Frank, Washington, C. H., Fayette Co. Geol C. Ex. 


Kennedy, George T., Prof. Geol. and Min., Acadia Coll., Wolfville, 
N. S. Geol, Min., Palceo. Canada. 

Kent, Florence, Booneville. Bot., Palao, ^'. Y. 

Kent, Nellie, Booneville. Bot., Min, N. Y. 

Keutgen, Charles, Stapleton. Met,* N. Y. 

Ke'nyon, C. a., 50 Chestnut St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Kepler, William A. B., Ph. D., Prof. Nat Sci., Baldwin Univ., and 
German Wallace Coll., Berea. Chem,, Min., Geol Ex.* Ohio. 

Kern, Prop. F. L., Grandville. Geol, Con,, Polished Gypsum. C. 
Ex.* Mich. 

Kerr, Prop. J. H., Colorado Springs. Chem., Geol C. Ex.* Col. 

Kerr, W. C, State Geol., Raleigh. Geol, Min., Con. C. Ex. Ter- 
tiaiy fossils for older formations.* N . C. 

Kershner, Jefferson E., Prof, of Math, and Ast., Franklin and Mar- 
shall Coll., Lancaster. Ast.* Penn. 

Kersting, Rod., Yonkers. Bot., Mi?i.,Coleopt., Lepid., Dipt. C* N.Y. 

Kervey, H. R., Box 190, West Chester. Arch., Eth. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Kesler, C. W., Cherry Grove Nursery, Tudell Co. Min, N. C. 

Keutzing, p., 190 Main St., Montreal. Orn., Ent.^ Fishes, Canada. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

64 THE naturalists' dibectoby. 

Ketlor, Howard R., Ann Arbor. Mic, Mich. 

Kbywobth, Thomas, Marissa, St. Clair Co. EtU, C. Ex. 111. 

KiDOEB, J. H., Surgeon, U. S. Navv^ Navy Dept., Washington. Biol.* 

Kidder, L. D., Whitfield. N. H. 

KiLBORNE, F. L., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Phan, Bot,. Ferns. C. Ex.* 

KiLGOBE, William, Minneapolis. Mic.y Aat. C. Ex. Minn. 

KiLiAN, Ed. Aug., 274 Genesee St., BufTalo. Antk. C. Ex. N. Y. 

KiLLEBREW, J. B., Com. of Agr. Statistics and Mines, Nashville. Geol. 

Min, C. Tenn. 

KiLMAN, Alva H., Ridgeway, WeUand Co., Ont. ErU, C Ex.* 

Kilpatbick, Joshua W., Prof. Cential Coll., Fayette. Not. Hist, Mo. 
Kimball, Fbank B., M. D , Reading. Micros. Mass. 

Kimball, Frank H., Rockfoixl. PaU^., BioL C. Ex. III. 

Kimball, J. P., Centunr Club, 109 E. 15th St., New York. Geol, 

Metall N.Y. 

ICiMBALL, J. P., M. E., Prof. Econ. Geol., Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem. 

Geol, Met, Penn. 

King, Clarence, U. S. Geologist, 23 Fifth Ave., New York. Geol* N. Y. 
Kino, F. H., Dept. Nat. Sci., Normal School, River FaUs. Om.* Wis. 
Kino, H. H., M. D., Jacksonville. Zobl. III. 

Kino, James U., Woodstock. Agnc, Marine specimenst Min, C* Vt. 
King, J. D., Cottage City. Moll,, Mic. C* Mass. 

King, John, M. D., North Bend. Geol, Mic,, Elect,, Ast,, Gyruecol 

C* Ohio. 

King, Lauretta A., Wakefield. Min,, Bot. C* Penn. 

King, Mrs. Mart B. A., Rochester. Con.* N. Y. 

King. Rev. O., Walcottvillc, La Grange Co. Geol, Ind. 

King, Robert, M. D., Kalamazoo. Micros,* Mich. 

Kingsbury, E. A., Needham. Mass. 

Kingsbury, Howard, Ph. G., cor. Uth and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

Ent,,Min, C. Ex.* Penn. 

Kingman, A. IL, Champaign. Min, III. 

Kingsley, J. S., Norwich. Invert., Crustacea, C. Ex. N. Y. 

KiNNE, C. M., 422 California St., San Francisco. Mic, C* Cal. 

KiNNE, E. O.. M. D., Svracuse. Bwl N. Y. 

KiNNER, Hugo, M. D., 1517 South 7th St., St. Louis. Eth., Arch., Zool 

C. Mo. 

Kinney, James, Jr., Lamira, Belmont Co. Geol, Palceo,, Min, C. 

Ex. L. Silurian fossils in ex. for M. and F. W. shells. Ohio. 

Kinzer, Georqb H., 233 E. Walnut St., Lancaster. Dm., Mam, C. 

Ex. Penn. 

KiRBY, S. H., Glcnville, Cuyahoga Co. Micros. Ohio. 

Kirk, Hyland C, Phelps, Ontario Co. Gen. Biol, Palaeo, NY. 

Kirk, Isaac S., Fremont, Chester. Miiu, Arch, C. Ex.* Penn. 

Kihkwood, Daniel, Blootainjrton * Ind. 

Kirley, C. P., M. D., Lowville. Odh, Om, C. Ex. IS. Y. 

KiRKPATRiCK, J. A., A. M , Philadelphia. Penn. 

KiRSCH, Prop. Alex., Watertown. Bot., Palceo., Geol, Gen, Btol.,Orn., 

Osteal, Ent, Wis. 

KiTTOE, E. D., M. D., Galena. Bot, III. 

Klayer, F. W., 130 S. 11th St., Pittsburgh. Ent. C* Penn. 

Kleeberger, Prop. George R., San Diego. Bot., Zo6l, Bryolo/v, 

Arachnida, C. Ex.* Cal. 

Kleine, Charles B., 274 Eighth Ave., New York. Micros,* N.Y. 

Klein, Emil G., 60 Baden St., Rochester. Mic. N Y 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Klett, Francis, Mammoth Cave, Cave City. Geol. Ky. 

Klinn, H. a., Vesta. 06L Neb. 

Klugel, C. H., Oakland. Engineerina,* Cal. 

Knapp, Buel, McGregror. Fossils dna Minerals. C. Ex. la. 

Knapp, Ezra B., Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. Geol, C. Ex. N. Y. 

Knapp» Fred. N., Plymouth. Orn, Mass. 

Knapp, Harrison, M. D., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Knapp, James, M. D., 475 E. Main St., Louisville. Palofo. C, Ex.* Ky. 
Knapp, Lyman E., Judge of Probate, Middlebui-y. Min.t GeoL C. Vt. 
Kneeland, Samuel, M. D., New York. Zodl., Eth. N. Y. 

Kneeland, Stella, Svi*acuse. Bot, N.Y. 

Knight, Elizabeth G., 125 E. 54th St., (also Normal Coll.) Bot, C. 

Filiccs for exchange.* N. Y. 

Knight, H. D., Pres. Lancaster Mic. Soc., Lancaster. Mic. Penn. 

Knipe, Rev. S. W., Delaware Water Gap. Bot., Min. C* Pcnn. 

Knott, W. T., Lebanon. Geol., L. atid F. W. Shells. C. Ex. for the 

Devon., Waverh' and Cin. Ky. 

Knowles, Charles J. A., The Ferns, Tampa, Hillsboro* Co. BoL^Con., 

Gen. Nat. Hist* Fla. 

Knowles, H. M., Milnersvilie, Guernsey Co. Mm.. PaUso., Arch. 

C* Ohio. 

Knowlton, E. J. M., Big Lake, Sherburne Co. O&l., Min., Palteo. 

Knowlton, Frank H., Brandon. Om., OiU., Local Bot. C. Ex.* Vt. 
Knowlton, Mrs. H. W., Pecatonica. Min. 111. 

Knowlton, W. J., S. B., 168 Tremont St., Boston. Om., Geol, Chetn., 

Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Knox, Mrs. E. C, Mon-ison, Whitesides Co. Ferns. C. Ex. III. 

Knox, S. B. P., A. M., M. D., Santa Barbara. Al^iB, Mic, Ent, C. 

Ex. Cal. 

Koch, Charles, 502 Diamond St., Philadelphia. Coleopt. C. Ex. Penn. 
Kocher, J. F., M. D., Guths Station, Lehigh Co. Om, Ool., Tax. C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

Kochler, F., Bushnell. Geol., Min., Arch, C. Ex. local fossils. III. 
Kocsis, Alex., Tullahoma, Coffee Co. Philol, History, Tcnn. 

Koebell, Albert, 436 W. 25th St., New York. Ent. ; Lepid. C. 

Ex. N.Y. 

Koehler, Fred,, Litchfield. Tax., Om, C* Conn. 

Koenig, George A., Prof. Chem. Univ. Pa., W. Philadelphia. Chem., 

Min., Geol. Penn. 

Kohler, H. C, 142 Hudson Ave., Albanv. Chem.* N. Y. 

KosT, J., M.D., LL.D., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Adrian Coll., 

Adrian. Geol, Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Kress, Fred., Rockvillc. Ool Conn. 

Kress, Oscar A., Evansville, Vanderburgh Co. Mic. Ind. 

Krider, John, N. E. cor. Second and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia. Om., 

Onl. Penn. 

Krout, Prof. A. F. K., A. M., Coplay. Bot,, Min. C. Ex. desired.* 

Krum, Rev. J. D., Lewisburg. Nat. Hist, Penn. 

Kruttschnitt, J., Box 144, New Orleans. Veg. Phys., Mic* La. 

Koehn, V. E., 816 Charlotte St., Philadelphia. Ent. Penn. 

Kuetzing, p., 49>i Courville St., Montreal. Om., Ent. N. A. Spin- 

gidae wanted in ex. for Canadian spec* Canada. 

KuHLMAN, A., 222 Jeffci-son Ave., Detroit. Mic Mich. 

KuHN, Maria L., Box 213, Peoria. Pheen. Bot, C* III. 

Kuithan, E. F., Burlinj^on. Orn., Ool. C. Ex. in OOl.* la. 

Kuithan, Dr. F., Burlington. Om** la* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


KuMLiEN, A. L., Bussevville. Om.^ Icth.^ EtU. Mis. 

KuMLiEN, Frithiofp, MacUsoD. Om, Wis. 

KuMLiEN, Thdrb, Albion. Bot, Wis. 

KuMMEK, Alfred, A. M., Supt. City Schools, South Bend. Orn. C. 

Ex. Ind. 

KuNZ, GeoRGE F., 408 Garden St., Hoboken., (also with Tiflfany & Co., 

N. Y.) Min.,Geol C. Ex.* N.J. 

Xunze, Richard E., M D., 606 Thii-d Ave., New York. Med. Bot. 

Cacti of the genera Phyllocactta and Cereua,* N. Y. 

Kurtz, Katb Fisher, Box 369, York. Bot, Penn. 

Lacob, R. D., Pittston. Palceo., Min, C. Carb. fossils especially 
wanted in ex. for minerals, fossils, or money cousidei-ation. Cor- 
respondence solicited with persons having fossils of any kind for 
sale, especially well-selected collections.* Penn. 

Laflamme, J., CI L., D. D., Prof. Univ. Laval, Quebec. Mi7i.f GeoL^ 
Mic, C. Ex. , Canada. 

Lakes, Prof. Arthur, State School of Mines, Golden. GeoL, Nat. 
Hist. C. Col. 

Lamb, W. F., Box 396, Holyoke. Tax., Om., Ool., Arch. C. Ex. for 
extreme northern species. Mass. 

Lambert, Thomas, Lonsdale. Om., Ool., Mam., Tax. Coll. of 1000 
specimens. Ex. or sell.* R. I. 

Lamborn, George S., Liberty Square, Lancaster Co. Min., Geol, Pa- 
Iceo., Con. C. Ex. Penn. 

Land, Thomas, Lancaster. Phcen. Bot, C. Penn. 

Landreth, O. H., Nashville. Tenn. 

IjANE, Col. P. P., Norwood. Arch, Ohio. 

Lanodon, C. F., cor. 25th and North Ave., Chicago. Mic. 1\\, 

Langdon, F. W., M. D., 36 Arcade, Cincinnati. Om., Ovl, Mam., Eth., 
Arch. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Langguth, J. G., 48 E. Madison St., Chicago. Mic. C* III. 

Langille, J. H., Knowlesville, Orleans Co. Om., Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Langley, John W., Prof. Gen. Chem., Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Langstroth, J. A., 532 Cal. St., San Francisco. Mic, Cal. 

Langworthy,' Dr. H. H., 29 Elizabeth St., Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Lannon, Joseph, South Haven. Antiq. Hist, JUich. 

Lanphere, Alvin T., Cold water. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex. Mich. 

Lansing, R. PI., 6 Centre Pk., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Lantz, p. a., Saegersville, Lehigh Co. Bot., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* 


La Pierre, E. H., 32 River St., Cambridgeport. Bot.^ Mass. 

Larison, Cornelius W., M. D., Pi-of. Zoiil., Ringoes. Zool., Biol., 
Fishes, C. Ex.* N.J. 

Larkin, D., Jamestown. GeoL, Pakeo., Vert. N. Y. 

Larkin, Edgar L., New Windsor, Mercer Co. Astron. (6 in. Alvan 
Clark & Sons' telescopes.)* . 111. 

Larkin, Prof. E. P., Alfi-ed Univ., Alfred Centre. Fungi, Invert. Pa- 
leeo., Geol., Gen. Biol., Emb., Mottusks, Radiates, Sponges. C. 
Ex. N.Y. 

Lasher, Rev. DR.,Madisonville. Arch, Ohfo. 

Lathrop, James C, Bridgeport. Min, C. Ex. only for fine rare 
specimens.* Conn. 

Lattimore, Miss Alida, E. Main cor. Gibbs, Rochester. Mic, N. Y. 

Lattimorb, Miss Rose, E. Main cor. Gibbs, Rochester. Mic, . N.Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIBECTORY. 67 

Lattimorb, S. a., Ph. D., LL. D., Prof. Chem. Univ. of Rochester, 

Rochester. Cfiem., Mic. N. IT. 

Lattin, Frank H., Gaines, Orleans Co. Ool.t Geol., Min. cmd Gen. 

Curiosities. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Lawlough, Dr., Phoenix Mines. Min.j Crypt, Bot, Mich. 

Lawrence, Dr., Hot Springs. Min, • Ark. 

Lawrence, Frank W., Saratoga Springs. Om., OoL C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Lawrence, G. N., 45 E. 21st St., New York. Om,* N. Y. 

Lawrence, Harry H., Sai-atoga Sprin<js. Orn.^ Qui. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
l^AWRENCE, John L., 18 Irving Place, New York. Orn. C. N. Y. 

Lawrence, Joseph, M. D., Beaver, Beaver Co. Mic. Peun. 

Lawrence, N. T., 45 E. 29th St., New York. Orn. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Lawrence, Robt. B.,^7 Pine St., New York. Oni.,Odi. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Lawton, Prof. U. \V., Jackson. Mic, Ast. C. Ex. Mich. 

Lazier, W. D., Lacou, Marshall Co. Arch., GeoL C. Ex.* III. 

Lea, Isaac, 1622 Locust St., Philadelphia. Con., Min., Geol.* Penn. 
Leacock, W. J., Jr., Morris, Grimily Co. Zool, Geol. C. Ex. III. 
Learoyd, Miss H., Teiry Hall, Lake Forest, Lake Co. Mic. III. 

Leathurby, F. a.. East Fairmount, Cincinnati. Geol., PaUeo., Min.y 

MoU. C. Ex. in all. Ohio. 

Leavitt, H. H., Santa Barbara. Gen. Nat. Hint. Cal. 

LeBaron, J. F., Lynn. Min., Arch., Oni. C. Ex. Mass. 

Lechevalier, Alfred, 434 St. Marv St., Montreal. Vert., Invert. : 

Ent., Crustacea. C. Ex. ' Canada. 

LeContBj Joseph, M. D., LL. D., Univ. of Cal., Berkeley. GeoL, 

Biol* Cat. 

LbConte, J. L., 1625 Spruce St., Philadelphia. N. A. Coleopt. C. 
Will determine the names of species from distant parts of the U. 
S.* Penn. 

Lei>oux, a. R., 17 Cedar St., Agric. Chem. N. Y. 

Lee, F. S., Canton. Zool., Geol., Bot. C. Minerals, fossils and ferns 

for ex.* N. Y. 

Lee, Grace, H., Glasco. Bot. 0. N. Y. 

Lee, John W., 44 Pearl St., Baltimore. Min. C. Ex.* Md. 

Lee, Leslie A., Prof.Geol. and Biol., Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick. Zool., 

GeoL C. Ex. Marine Invertebrates in ex. for fossils.* Me. 

Leh, William F.,M.D., West Cheater. Orn. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Lee, William M.,Greene, Lancaster Co. Min., Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Penn. 
Lee, Will. S., Trenton. Bot., and all branches of plant structure. Ferns 

and Orchids. C. Ex.* N. .J. 

Lees, William T., Enorineer, N. Y. Gas Works, 2lst St. and Avenue 

A, New York. Chem., Min., Con. C. N. Y. 

Leggett, William H., 54 East 81st St., New York. Bot. Wishes 
Lecheas, particularly from Canada, the Lakes, Aileghanies and 
South.* N. Y. 

Legro, John I., New Britain. Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Lehman, E. G., Baltimore. Chem. Md. 

Leiberg, John, Senev. Bot. Desires Gmmineae from Southern states.* la. 
I^EiDY, Joseph, M. D*., Prof. Anat, Univ. Penn., 1302 Filbert St., Phila- 
delphia. Zord., Comp. Anat.* Penn. 
Leland, George H., Windsor. Bot. C. Ex. for ferns.* Vt. 
Lemen, H. a., M. D., Denver. Mic. Col. 
Lemmon, Prof. J. G., Sien-aville, Sierra Co. Bot., Ent., Mic. C. 


Lemmon, Theodore G., Penyville. Orn. C. Ex. Mo. 

Lemmon, William L., Warrensburj?. Ent. C. Ex. Mo. 

LgMojNE, *f. M., Pres. Lit. and Hist. Soc.» Quebec. Orn. C. Ex. 

• Canada. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Lbno, Charles W., B. S., Box 3565, New York. ColeopL, Cerambyc^ 
ida. C. Ex.* N. V. 

Lennebackbr, Miss Helen, Santa Cruz. Alffte. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Lennon, W. li., State Normal School, Brockport. Ferns, Lichens. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Leonard, M. H., Pittsfoiil, Hillsdale Co. Min., PaUso., Numismatics. 
C. Desires to ex.* Mich. 

Leonard, William H., Minneaplis. Ferns, Minn. 

Leonuard. Alex., E. M., Wa-shiu^iton LTniv., St. Louis. Mlc.^ Lith. Mo. 

LERoY,P.V.,Cui-atorColumbuiColl.,NewYork. Bot. C Ex.* W. Y. 

Lesley, J. P., State Geologist, 1008 Clinton St., Philadelphia. Geol* 


Lesquereux, Leo, Columbus. Pakeo., Bryology* Ohio. 

Letterman, G.EORGE W., Allcntou. PhcBH. Bot., Ferns, Anth., Arch., 

Ent. C. Ex. for herb. spec, of N. A. Trees.* Mo. 

Leyengstone, H. M., Saratojra. Om%, ObL N. Y. 

Levette, G. M., M. D., Indianapolis. N. A- Conchology, AnthropoL, 

Archao., Ent. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Levezey, Jos. B-, Clarksboro'. Geol, N. J. 

Levi, J.. 36 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Levy, Alphonso N., San Fi-ancisco. (In Europe.) Bot, ChI. 

Lewis, B. A., Plainville, Hartford Co. Min. C. Ex. Conn. 

Lewis, Burr, A. M., Lockport. Geol. C. N. Y. 

Lewis, C. W., M. D., Minneapolis. Zo:l. Minn. 

Lewis, E., Jr., Cur. L. L Nat. Hist. Soc. Mus., Brooklyn. Geol. N. Y. 

Lewis, Ed.mund, Grafton, Rensselaer Co. Geol. N. Y. 

Lewis, Emma, Copenlui'ren. Bot., Min. N. Y. 

Lewis, Frank, Cawker City. Ent., Tax. C Ex.* Kan. 

Lewis, George, Cedarvillc^ Herkimer Co. Con. N. Y. 

Lewis, George R., La Moille, Bureau Co. Ent., Mm. C. Ex.* III. 

Lewis, Miss. Grace Anna, Philadelphia. Orn. Penn. 

Lewis, Henry C, Prof. Min., Acad. Nat. Science, Philadelphia. Min., 
Geol., Chem. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Lewis, Rev. H. F., Grafton, Rensselaer Co. Phfpn. Bot, N. Y. 

Lewis, L. L., Copenhaj;*en. Specimens of Woods and Ferns to ex. for 
minemls or natural curiosities.* N. Y. 

Lewis, M. C, 255K Annunciation St., New Orleans. Ent. La. 

LlAUTARD, A. F., M. D., 141 West 54th St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

Libbet, William, Jr., A. M., Sc. D., Princeton. Phys. Geog. C. 

Ex. (Vice Direc. E. M. Mus. of Geol.)* N. J. 

LiBHART, Hon. J. J., Marietta. Om., Ichth. C- Ex. Penn. 

LiCHTENTHALER, G. W., Bloomington. Con., Afgce, Ferns from Paci- 
fic coast. C. Ex.* III. 

Liggett, W. K., Marysville. Eth. C. Ohio. 

LiLiENTHAL, H., Sai-atojra Sprinjrs. 06l,0rn., Lepid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

LiLLlA C, 1087 Fulton St., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Lind, G. Dallas, Box 19, Danville. Nat. Hist., F, IV. and L. shells. 
C. Ex. Ind. spec, for others.* Ind. 

Lindahl, Josua, p. D., Prof. Nat. Hist., Aujrustana Coll., Rock'lsland. 

Gen. ZnfiL, Palceo., Phyllopodi, Omsnidce, Mionidtp. C. Ex.* III. 

Lindemuth, Arthur C. Richmond, Wayne Co. Geol., PaUeo. C* Ind. 

Linden, Prof. Charles, Buffalo. Geol. N. Y. 

Lindley, Clarence T., M. D., 326 W. 12th St., Davenport. PoUbo., 
Arch., Mollusks. la. 

Lindsley, J. Berrien, M. D., Prof. Chem., Med. Dept., Univ. of Tenn., 
Nashville. Con. of Tenn. C. Will send shells of Tenn. to pub- 
lic mus. and writers for expense of packing and shipping.* Tenn. 

Line, J. Edw., 18 Rowley Si., Rochester. Mic. N. V. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dirbctory. 69 


LiNGLET, J. A., Jewett, Leon Co. GeoL C. Ex. fossils from Tertiary 

for othei*9. Tex. 

LiNNEY, W. M., B. S., Ky. Geol. Survey, HaiTodsburg. Strat. Geol., 

BoL C. Ex. Ky. 

LiNTNER, J. A., N. Y. state Entomologist, Albany. Gen, and Econ. 

Ent* N. Y. 

Linton, Robert, Columbus. Oiil. C. Ex. Ohio. 

LiPPiNCOTT, George A., Asst. Sec. Y. M. C. A., Mobile. Ent. : Lepid., 

ColeopU, GeoL C. Ex.* Ala. 

Little, Amos M., Newbury. Mm., PaUso. Mass. 

Little, C. S., B. S., Canon Cit^. Afm., Geol.^ PaUeo, Ex. Col. 

Little, George, State Geolojrist, Atlanta. Geol* Ga. 

Litton, A., Prof. Chem., 2220 Eugenia St, St. Louis. Ifm., Paiao. 

C. Ex. Mo. 

Livermore, Mrs. M. A. C, 24 North Ave., Cambridge. Bat, Ent. 

LrvESAY, G. W., M. D., Ironton. Geol, Ohio. 

LivEZEY, Jos. B., Clarksboro'. GeoL C. Ex.* N. J. 

Lloyd, C. G., Newport. Bot. C. Ex.* Ky. 

LocHSCHMiDT, Prof. C, St. Vincenfs Coll., Beatty.* Penn. 

Locke, C. A., Atlanta. Lithol C* Ga. 

Locke, Lewis, 926 Jackson St., San Francisco. Om. C. Ex. Cal. 
Locke, W. M., Marshall's Ferry, White Co. **Gen.f Arch, C. Ex. 

potteiy, bone, shells, stone relics, etc. III. 

LoCKHART, B., Lake Georife, Warren Co. Ool.y Om. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
LocKiNGTON, Wm. Neale, 622 Ellis St., San Francisco. Marine Zodl- 

ogy of the Pacific coast. - Cal. 

LocKLiNG, L. L., San Diego. Philology, Cal. 

LocKwooD, Prop. Samuel, Ph. D., 'Freehold. Phcen. Bot.y Arch,, 

GeoL, ZooL, Mic. C* N. J. 

LoFTUS, John P., Dorchester District, Boston. Bot., Pakeo,, Geog. . 
Distrib.y Om., Jchth., Reptiles. Masn. 

LoiTLOFF, H., Greenville, Hudson Co. Lepid. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Lome, C. F., Bausch and L. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

LoMB, H., Bausch and L. Opt. Co., Rochester. Mic* N. Y. 

LoND, F. H., Colorado Springs. Ast. Col. 

Long, John H., D. Sc, Asst. Chem. Lab., Wesleyan Univ. Conn. 

Long, Joseph, Ely. Min. Vt. 

Long, Judge Thomas B., 320>i Ohio St., Terre Haute. Arch,, Min., 

PaliBo. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Long, William, Ely. Min. Vt. 

LoNQENECKER, C B., 210 N. Prince St., Lancaster. Mic, Cereals. C. 

E\.* Penn. 

Longfellow, Richard K., 37 South St., Portland. Om., OoL C. Me. 
Longnecker, E., U. S. Navy, Washington. Ast. D. C. 

Longshore, Dr. W. R., Hazelton, Luzerne Co. Physician.* Penn. 
LooMis, Elias, New Haven. Conn. 

LooMis, George C, Fulton, Whiteside Co. GeoL Ex, Niagara fossils 

for any specimens. III. 

LooMis, J. C., Jeffci-sonville. GeoL, Micros. C. Ex.* Ind 

LooMis, Leverett M., Chester. Mam., Om. C* S. t). 

Loop, Miss Ada E., Port Sanilac. GeoL, Palceo. Mich. 

Loper, S. W., Durham. GeoL C. Ex. triasaic fish, ferns, etc., for 

those of other formations. Canada. 

Louandi, H. R., Meadvillc. Om., Ent. C* Penn. 

Lord, Benjamin, M.D ., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Lord, Prop. F., Colorado Springs. Ast., Math., Met, Col. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

70 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Lord, James W., Gildersleeve*s Landinor. Ool., Om, C. Ex. Conn. 

LouQUiN, E.- F., San Francisco. General. CaL 

LoTUROP, F. J., Leominster. Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

LoucHS, ( 'ASPBR, York. Collection of Min. and Indian relics. Ool. Penii. 

Loud, Prof. F. IL, Colorado Sprinjrs. Bot* CoL 

LouGHRiDGE, 11. II., Ph. D., Asst. State Geologist, Box 404, Atlanta. 

GeoL C. Ex.* Ga. 

Louis, (ills. W., Louisville, Dunn Co. C. Potsdam sandstone and L. 
Sil. fossils a specialty. Geol., Min., Arch., Palceo. C. Will ex. 
for fossils or minerals fi-om any part of the world."* Wis. 

Love, Edw. G., Ph. I)., School of Mmes. Columbia College, 50th St. 
and 4th Ave., New York. Chem., Min.* N. Y. 

Love, II. M., Clinton, Oneida Co. GeoL, Min. N. Y. 

Love, James, Burlington. Crinoida. C. Ex.* la. 

Love, Samuel G., A. M., Jamestown. Orn.f Min.f Articulates, C. 

Ex * N. Y. 

LovELAND, Mary A., Michigan Seminaiy, Kalamazoo. Phan, Bot. 
C. Mich. 

LovEWELL, Joseph T., Pi-of. Nat. Sci., Wash. Coll., Topeka. C. Ex. 
for Coll. Mus. Kan. 

Low, C. F., Box 47, Cincinnati. Palac, Ent. : Lepid.y Arch. C. Ex. 


Lowe, Francis A., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Mw., Geol. D. C. 

Lowe, F. C, Dunville, Ontario. Ent. Canada. 

Lowe, Tueo. II., Idaho Springs. Geol. Col. 

LowN, Clarence, Poughkeepsie. FemSf Mic. C. Would like Euro- 
pean in ex. for Am. specimens.* N. Y. 

LoWRiE, J. R., Warriorsmark. Bot.* Penn. 

Lucas, Fred. A., 155 E. Front St.. Trenton. Herpet. C Ex. N. J. 

Lucas, Frederic A., 2 College Ave., Rochester. Mam.^ Om., OateoL* 


Lucy, Thomas F., M. D., Lowraan*s, Chemung Co. Bot. C. Ex. 
for native and foreign spec, iV. Y. State Flora. Specially desire 
items of distribution of rare species in N. Y. and specimens of As- 
ter from N. A. Gen. Nat. Hist., (esp. Articulates) Mic* N. Y. 

LuDwio, Kurt II., 379 (harden St., lloboken. Coleoptera. Ex.* N. J. 

]..udwig,«Otto, L. B. 381, San Antonio. Cactacece. Texas. 

LuFKiN, Frank, Pigeon Cove, Rockport. Bot. Eastern Ferns and 
Algse in ex. for Western or foreign Ferns.* Mass. 

Lugger, Otto, P. D., Md. Acad. Sciences, Baltimore. Ent. : Coleop- 
tera. C. Ex. Desires Am. and foreign coleoptera* Md. 

Lugo, Orazio, M. D., Univei-sity of City of New York. Chem.. Elect. 
C* N. Y. 

Lull, E. P., U. S. N., Coast and Geodetic Survey Office, Washington. 


LUPTON, M. T., M. D , LL. D., Prof. Chem., Vanderbilt Univ., Nash- 
ville. Chem.y Met. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

LuTHY, Otto, 220 Chui-ch St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

LYiiiNS, William H. R., Kansas City. Geol, Paf/eo., Mic. C* Mo, 

Lyle, a. T., Millei-sport, Faii-field Co. Om., Arch. C* Ohio. 

Lyle, David A., Lieut, of Ordnance, U.S.A., National Armory, Spring- 
field. Om., Eth., Philol.y Ast., Phys. C* Mass. 

Lyman, Prop. Chester S., M. D., New Haven. Ast., Physics.* Conn. 

Lyman, H. H., M. A., 74 McTavish St., Montreal. Lepifl., Geol., Bot. 
C* Canada. 

Lyman, Theodore, Brooklinc. Radiata, Pisciculture.* Mass. 

Ltnes, J. C, Ph. D., Prof. Chem. Shorter Coll., Rome. Chem., Min. 
Ex. Ga. 01*68 and minerals for those of other states and foreign.* Ga. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Lyon, Victor W., JeflFersonville, Clark Co. Invert., PoUbo, C. Ex. 

crinoids for crinoids only. £x. local fossils, etc.* Ind. 

Lyons, A. B., M. D., Consulting Chemist, Parke, Davis & Co., De- 
troit. Min.^ Bot.f Con. C. £x. ferns.* Mich. 


Mabbett, Gideon, Rodney. ZooL Miss. 

Mabery, C. F., Asst. in Chem., Harvard Univ., Cambridge.* Mass. 

Mackie, George, M. D., Attleborough. Bot., Ent. C. Ex. Mass. 

Mackintosh, James B., £. M., C. E., 65 Garden iSt., Hoboken. Jl/tn., 
Chem. C. Ex. N.J. 

MacLean, J. P., Hamilton, Butler Co. Arch.^ GeoL, Palao, C. Ex.* 


McLean, J. B., Linsbury, Hartford Co. Bot.y Ent. C. Conn. 

McClintock, Emory, Actuary, Milwaukee. Math.* Wis. 

Macloskie, George, LL. D., Prof. Princeton Coll., Princeton. Biol. 
C* N. J. 

Macomber, J. K., Ames. Physics. la. 

Macoun, Prof. J., A. M., Belleville. Bot. Canada plants of all or- 
ders. Canada. 

Macpherson, M. R., McGill College Ave., GeoL, Min.y Palato. Mon- 
ti-eal. Canada. 

Macumber, Jno. L., Wilmington. OdL N. C. 

Madtes, Henry, Lewisburg. Bot. Penn. 

Magivny, William, Jr., Saratoga Spnn&rs. Tax.* N. Y. 

Mailli^rd Bros., Nicasio, Marin Co. Oni., OdL C. Ex. Cal. 

Main, J. T., M. D., Pres. Mic. Soc, Jackson. Mic. C. Ex. animal 
tissue.* Mich. 

Maine, H. C, 64 Scio St., Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Maisch, J. M., Prof, of Materia Medica and Botany, Philadelphia Col- 
lege of Pharm., 145 No. 10th St., Philadelphia. PhiBu. Bot., 
Ferns. C. Penn. 

Makepeace, M. D., B. C. E., Ithaca. Geol., Palcoo. C. Ex. S.Y. 

Malone, D. R., a. M., M. D., Edinburgh, Johnson Co. Palteo. III. 

Mallett, J. W., Prof. Chem., Univ. of Virginia, Albemarle Co. Chem., 
Phys.yMin. C. Ex. Va. 

Mallery, Garrick, Bot., Lt. Col. U. S. A., 1323 N. St., X. W., Waah- 


D. C. 
N. Y. 

Ex.* S. C. 

Sec. Cambridge 

ington. Anth^ Ex. books and publications.* 

Mallory, Dr. M. L., 33 N. Fitzhugh St., Rochester. 

Manahan, Kirk, Lowell. Bot. 

Manigault, G. E., M. D., Cur. Mus., Charleston. C. 

ALkNN, B. PickmaN, Bibliographical Ed. Psyche. . 

Ent. Club, Sec. Ent. Section, B. S. N. H., Sec. Ent. Sub-section, 
A. A. A. S., Cambridge. Ent. Addresses and autobiographies of 
Entomologists desired. C* Mass. 

Mann, Rev. Cameron, Kansas City-. Con.^ Bot. ; Ferns. C* Mo. 

Mann, Charles L., 27 Erie St., Milwaukee. Orn, Arch. (Copper Age). 
C. Ex.* Wis. 

Manning, George F., West La Fayette. Geiteral collector of curios- 
ities, etc. C. Ex.* * Ohio. 

Manning, W. H., Reading. Bot.: Orchids. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Mansfield, F. A., Camden, Knox Co. Zool., Geol., Gen. Nat. Hist. 
C. Ex.* Me. 

Mansfield, J. M., Ph. D., Prof. Biol, and Physics, Grecncastle. Biol. 
C. Ex. Algae, Fungi, Ferns, etc.* Ind. 

Manson, W.W.,M. D., OtUco. Mic. N.Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

72 THE naturalists' niRECTORY. 

Marble, A. D., La¥rrence. Min. C. Ex. Mass. 

Makbury, C. L., Baltimore. ZooL Md. 

Marchant, Thomas W., SUunton, Fayette Co. Con, C. Ex. Ni- 
agara and Devoniau fossils for others. Ohio. 
Marcou, J. B., 42 Garden St., Cambridge. Mass. 
Marcy, Alex., M. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 
Marct, Oliver, Prof. Nat. Hist., Evanston, Cook Co. GeoL^ Bot. 

C.« III. 

Harden, George H., 7 Parker St., Charlestown. Geol. C* Mass. 
Mark, Edw. L., Ph. D., Inst. ZooL Harvard Univ., Asst. Mus. Comp. 

V Zool., Cambridge. Zool.y Emb.y Worms * Mass. 

Markoe, George F. H., Ph. G., 61 Warren St., Boston. Pharm,* Mass. 
Marnoch, G. W., Helotes, Bexar Co. ZobLy Herpet.y Palaio. C. Ex.* 

Marplers, Fred., West Chester. Om. Pena. 

Marplers, Robert, West Chester. Om. Penn. 

Marrbtt, W. H., a. B., M. Sc., M. D., Bioinswick. Aftn., yat. Hist. 

C. Ex. Good specimens for ex.* Me. 

Marsh, Alfred, Detrait. Chem. Mrch. 

Marsh, Charles D., Leicester. Ent,, GeoLy Bot, C. Desires Coleop- 

tei-a and fossils.* Mass. 

Marsh, Don C, Milfoi-d Centre, Union Co. Geol.y Mm., Arch.y Bot. : 

spec, woods. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Marsh, Rev. Dwight Whitney, D. D., Haydenville. Om,y OoL C. 

Ex. Mass. 

Marsh, Joseph W., Pacific Univ., Forest Grove. Bot. C. Ex.* Ore. 
Marsh, O. C, Prof. Yale Coll., New Haven. PaUeo.y Comp. Anat.* 

Marsh, Philip, Aledo. Con.y Om.y 06l.y Palao, C. L. and F. W. 

shells in ex. for shells or fossils.* 111. 

Marsh, William A., Aledo, Mei-cer Co. Com., Arch.y PaUeo.y Min., 

Bot. C. Ex. shells, carb. fossils, etc. Will purchase desirable 

Unionida.* 111. 

Marshall, Dyer M., Fruit Valley, Oswego Co. Om., OoL, Ttix. C 

Ex. for Southern birds and eggs.* N. Y. 

Marshall, John P., Prof, of Min. and GeoL, Tufts Coll., College Hill. 

Litholy Micros., Gen. Biol. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Marshall, Wilber, Mt. Pleasant. Palao.y Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Marston, D., Cambridge. Geol. . III. 

Marten, John, Carbondale. Ent. : Dipt. C. Diptei-a desired in ex. 

for other insects. III. 

Mathews, Frank, Princeton. Geol., Min.* III. 

Martin, Prop. Daniel S., ^36 W. 4tli St., New York. Geol.y Min.y 

Con. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Martin, Edw., Box 59, Kenosha. Micros. Wis. 

Martin, George, M. D., West Chester. PktBn. Bot.y Fungi.* Penn. 
Martin, George H., Bridgewater. Bot.y Geol., Min. Mass. 

Martin, Henry Newell, M. A., D. Sc, M. B., M. D., Prof. Johns 

Hopkins Univ. Baltimore. Physioloqy.* Md. 

Martin, Joseph, 225 Rideau St., Ottawa. '*lBot. C. Ex. Canada. 

Martin, J. McC, A. M., Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Sci., Ohio Univ., Athens. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Martin, Nellie, Princeton. Geol. III. 

Martin, W. E., Oxford. Bot., Zool. Miss. 

Martin, William J., Prof. Davidson Coll., Mecklenburg Co. Chem.y 

Geol. C. N.C. 

Martindale, Isaac C, Nat. State Bank, Camden. Bot. C. Desires 

western species in ex.* N. J. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Marvin, D. Sm Watertown. Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Marvin. J. V., M. D., 153 Chestnut St., Louisville. Chem., Mic. C. 
Ex. Ky. 

Marx, George, Nat. Hist. Artist, Dept. of Agric, Washington. 
Arachnic/a. C. Ex. I>. C. 

Maryatt, Pendleton, Juniata. Civil Eng. Neb. 

Mason, David, Supt. Mag. Obs. U. S. Coast and Geodetic Surv., Madi- 
son. Phi/s. Wis. 

Mason, Mrs. Fannie, Princeton, Burcau Co. Min.^ Geol.^ Curiositifs 
in general. C. Ex.* 111. 

Mason, Frank, Pigeon Cove. Min. Masn. 

Mason, N. N., Providence. Micros. R. I. 

Mason, O. G., Sec. Am. Mic. Soc., Sec. Photo. Sect. Am Inst., N. Y. 
Cit}', Photogrraphic Department Bellcvuc Hospital, New York. 
App. of Photog. to the Illust. of science. C. Ex. Astronomical 
photos, or glass positives for ihe lantern, for mounted mic slides, 
or scientific publications.* N. V. 

Mason, Otis T., Prof. Columbian Coll., Washington. ' Anth* D. C. 

Mason, S.C, Manhattan. GeoL C. Permian and Dakotah fossils lor 
ex. Kan. 

Mason, Dr. William H., Norwich. Micros. Conn. 

Mather, Fred., Asst. U. S. Fish Coram., Fishery editor, Forest and 
Stream, New York. Residence, 25 Hill ISt., Newark, N. J- 
Ichth* N. Y. 

Matlack, J. Hoopes, West Chester. Ool. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Matson, E. a., Greencastle. Micros. Ind. 

Matteson, F. S., M. D., Cogville City. Tax. Ex. Ore. 

Matthew, George F., St. John, N. B. PhcBn. Bot., Ferns, PaUeo., 
Geol.f Min., Geo^. Distrib., Arch.^ Molusks. C. Ex.* Canada. 

Matthew, G. F., Chief Clerk Customs Dept., St. John, N. B. GeoL 
C. Desires named spec, of Primordial fossils.* Canada. 

Maull, D. W., Wilmington. Mic* Del. 

Mauran, James Eddy. Newport. Indian Implements* R. I. 

Maxwell, A. W., D. D. S., Meadville. Ent. C. Ex. Penn. 

Maxwell, Marie A., Meadville. Ent. C. Ex. Penn. 

Maxwell, Prof. S. A., Morrison. Met. 111. 

Maxwell, Mrs. S. B., State Librarian, DesMoines. Gen. Nat. Hist. la. 

Maxwell, W. R., Palestine, Anderson Co. GeoL C* Tex. 

May, a. M., Waukon. GeoL, Arch. C. Ex.* la. 

May, Enoch, Sr., Burlington. GeoL, Arch. C. la. 

Mayall, Rev. J. M., Princeton. GeoL III. 

Maycock, Prop. M. M., Buffalo.* N. Y. 

Mayer, Prop. Albert M., Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken. Experi- 
mental Physiology. N. J. 

Mater, Frank H., Box 248, Ashland. Gen. Nat. Hist., OoL, Mm., 
GeoL C. Ex. Absent in Mexico.* Penn. 

Mayers, Mamie E., Bath. Min. Me. 

Maynard, C. J., Newtonville. Gen. Zool. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Maynard, S. T.. Prof. Mass. Agric. Coll., Amherst. Bot. Hampshire 
Co. plants and dups. of KnotoUon Herb, for ex.* Mass. 

Mayo, E. R., 35 Upton St., Boston. MoUusks. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Mazyck, W. G., 9 Amherst St., Charleston. Con. C. Ex.* S. C. 

McAdams, Jerseyville. C. Mound Builders' Relics. III. 

McAdams, Hon. William, Jr., Otterville, Jersey Co. Arch., GeoL, 
PaltBO. Spec. : exploration of Mounds, Trilol^ites, Crinoids, fossil 
ferns, noaules, mound pipes and pottery in ex. for stone imple- 
ments. III. 

Mc Allan, William, Ghent, Canoll Co. Ent. Ky. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


McAllister, T. H., 49 Nassau St., New York. Micros* N. Y. 

McAllister, W. Y., 728 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 
McAndkews, W., Ypsilanti. Chejn. Mich. 

M AC Arthur, C. L., Troy. Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

McHride, Prop., Iowa City. Bot., Zo6L la. 

McBride, a. S., Freeland, DeKalb Co. Cokopt, C. Ex.* III. 

Mc13ride, F. E., Mansfield. Afin. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

McBride, 11. Wes., Waterloo, DeKalb Co. Arch^^ Ent., Om., Mtn. 

C. Ex.* Ind. 

MqCabe, Phebe A., White Plains. Bot C* N. Y. 

McCall, Mrs. Mary T., 113 Fifth St., Troy. Ent* N. Y. 

McCallum, G. a., M. D., Dunnville. Om.^ Obi. C. Ex.* Canada. 
McCann, Ferdinand, Santa Cruz. 061, C. Ex. eggs in sets.* Cal. 
McCanley, H., Huntsviile. Chem, Ala. 

McCaskey, Prof. J. P , Lancaster. Ast, C. inBoL andMic. Penn. 
McCuesney, Prof., Oakland. Coleopt, Cal. 

McClintock, E., Milwaukee. Math. Wis. 

McClintock, F., West Union, Fayette Co. Ast.^ Physics.* la. 

McCluno, Calvin M., Knoxville. Chem.^ Mtn. C. Tenn. 

McCoMBS, William, Macrnolia, Putnam Co. PaUeo.^ Geol. C. 111. 

McCoNATHY, W. J. M., Louisville. Geol. Ky. 

McConnell, Florence, Elmira. Bot. N. Y. 

McCoNNELL, J. B., M. D., 157 Bieury St., Montreal. Bot. C. Ex.* 

McConnell, L. R., Pittsburg. Geol. Penn. 

McCoNNELL, R. S., B. A., Geol. Sui-v., Ottawa. - Orfi., Min. Canada. 
McCooK, Henry C, Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Penn. 

McCoRD, D. A., Oxford, Butler Co. Palceo.^ Min.y Fossils of the Cm- 

cinnati group and shells. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

McCoskey, Prof. J. P., Pres. Lancaster Scientific Club, Lancaster. 

McCowN, F. O., Oregon City, Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* Ore. 

McCrady, Prof. John, Sewanee. Gett. Biol., Emb., Radiates, Tenn. 
McCreery, Andrew T., 519 Jones St., San Francisco. Coleopt. C. 

Ex. Con-espondents desired. Cal, 

McCreery, J. M., Akron. PaUeo. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

McCuLLOUGH, F., New Albany. Geol. Ind. 

McCuTCHEN, Aug. R., Asst. State Geologist, La Fayette, Walker Co. 

Geol., Palao., Lithol. C. Ex.* Ga. 

McDaniel, Rev. Benjamin F., Exeter. Min. C. Fossils to ex. for 

minerals.* N. H. 

McDonald, M., Va. Mil. Inst., Lexington, Rockbridge Co. Geol, 

Min., Ent., Con. C. Ex. Va. 

McDouGAL, James H., 14 W. Seneca St., BuflFalo. Ast. N. Y. 

McElroy, Prof. G. B., Adrian. Mich. 

MacFadden, F. p., St. Vincent's Abbey, Westmoreland Co. Penn. 

Macfarlane, James, Towanda. Geol.* Penn. 

McGee, W. J., Farley. Surface Geol., Arch., Stratigraphy. C. Ex. 

Silurian and Devonian fossils.* la. 

McGiLL, John T., Ph. D., Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville. Chem., Nat. 

Hist.* Tenn. 

McGuiN, George B., B. S., Canon City. Ent. Ex.* Col. 

McIlwraith, Thomas, Hamilton, C. W. Om. Canada. 

McKay, A. H., B. A., B. Sc, Prin. Pictou Acad., Pictou. Gen. Biol., 

Bot. : Local Cryptogamia. C. Ex.* Canada. 

McKay, C. L., Mushegak, Alaska, care Alaska Commercial Co., 810 

Sansom St., San Francisco. Ichth.* Cal. 

McKay, Joseph, 4 Fifth St., Troy. Crypt. Bot., Micros. C* N. Y. 

Digitrzed by LjOOQIC 


McKeever, I. W., Prof. Adrian Coll., Adrian. Nat. Sci. C. Mich. 
McKiif, Kev. Haslett, Newburgh. Bot* N. Y, 

McLaughlin, William M., Southington. Min., GeoU^ Arch.^ Hot, 

C. Conn. 

McLennan, Kenneth, 745 Craig St, Montreal. Micros. , Ent. C. 

£x. Canada. 

McLeod, Robert R., Leadville. Orn. C. Ex. Col. 

McLouTH, Lewis, Prof. State Normal School, Ypsilanti. PAy«., Ant • 

McMiNN, Rev. Edwin, Easton. Min. Penn. 

McMurtrie, William, E. M., Ph. D., Dept. Agriculture, Washington. 

Chem.* D. C. 

McNair. a. R., Lieut. Commander U. S. N.,Hai*vard Coll., Cambridge. 

GeoLj Deep-sea soundings.* Mass. 

HcN air, Thomas 8., Uazleton, Luzerne Co. Engineenng. Penn. 

McNeill, M., Princeton. Ast. N.J. 

McNiDER, V. St. Clair, M. D., Jackson * N. C. 

McShane, J. T., M. D., Carmel, Hamilton Co. Arch. C. Ex.* lud. 
McSparmon, E. L., Greene, Lancaster Co. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

McWhokter, Tyler, Aledo. Geol, Palceo. C. Ex.* IIL 

McWilliams, Harkiet T., Fiiitown, Cumberland Co. Bof.^ Min.^ Sea 

Weeds. C. Ex.* N. J. 

Meacham, Charles F., Springfield. Micros. C. Vt. 

Mead, J. C, Box 60, No. liridgton. Om. C. Ex. Me. 

Mead, T. L., 674 Madison Ave., New York. Diurnal Lepid.* N. Y. 
Mead, Walter H., 65 Wall St., New York. Mic* N. Y. 

Meamber, Prof. Joseph, East St. Louis, St. Clair Co. Orn.j Odl. C. 

Ex. III. 

Means, Rev. A., A.M., M. D., D. D., LL. D., Oxford. Palceo., GeoL, 

Mm., Chem,^ Pharm,* Ga. 

Mrarns, Edgar A., M. D., Highland Falls, Orange Co. Vertebrates, 

Zobl. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Medling, G. F., 28 Bond St., New York. N. Y. 

Meech, Rev. William W., A. M., Vineland. Geoh, ^"*- C* N. J. 
Meehan, Joseph T., Meehan Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. FiU 

ices. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Meehan, Thomas, State Botanist, Germantown. Pheen. Bot., Ferns, 

Horticulture. C* Penn. 

Mees, C. L., M. D., Columbus. Micros.^ Chem.* Ohio. 

Megerle, H. C, Cal. Curiositj' Shop, Sacramento. Orn., Collections of 

Pacific Slope spec* C'al. 

Meigs, Jane T., Inst, for Deaf and Dumb, Station M, Washington 

Heights, New York. General.* N. Y. 

MeinerTh, Carl, Newbury port. Micros., Photog. Mass. 

Melcher, William P., M. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

Mell, p. H., Jr., A.m., C. & M. E., Ph. D., Prof. Nat. Hist, and 

Geol., State Agric. Mech. Coll., Auburn. Palceo. ^ Genl., Min., 

Zodl. Large supply of Tertiary fossils, especially Irom Claiborne 

Group, always on hand. C. Ex.* Ala. 

Mellichamp, Dr. J. H., Bluffton. Bot. S. C. 

Mendenhall, R. J., Minneapolis. Ent. C. Mmn. 

Mepham, George S., 1025 Winter St., St. Louis, Arch., Min. C. 

Ex. Mo. 

Mercer, F. Wentworth, M. D., Vice-Pres. 111. Mic. Soc, 2600 Cal- 
umet Ave., Chicago. Micro- Histol. and Pathol. Ex.* III. 
Mercer, R. W., 147 Central Ave., Cincinnati. Arch., Mound Relics, 

Fossils, Min. and Curiosities, Numismatics. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Mbrg, Charles, Oxford, Butler Co. Mtn., Arch. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Digitized^by Google 


Mergler, Marie J., M. D., Chicajjo. Mie. III. 

Mekkel, Aug., 310 Humboldt St., Bi-ooklyn, E. D. ColeopteraofN. A., 

north of Mexico. C. Ex. Caral)icl{e wanted.* N, Y. 

Merkel, G.H., M. D., 322 Sbawmut Ave, Boston. Anth., Hhtol, 

£x. Mass. 

Merriam, a. B., Jr., Fifth and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati. EiU.^ Con. 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Merriam, C. Hart, M. D., Locust Grove, Lewis Co. Orn.^ Gen. Zool.y 

Comp. Anat. C. Ex. for bird skins, skeletons of birds, mammals, 

marine invertebrates.* JV. Y. 

Merrim AN, C. C, Rochester. Mic. N. Y. 

Merriman, George B., Ilut«rei-s Coll., New Brunswick. Ast.* N.J. 
Merrill, Frank O., Bradford. Odl. C. Ex. Mass. 

Merrill, Harry. Banjror. Om., Odl. C. Ex.* Me. 

Merrill, James C, Asst. Surg., U. S. A., Fort Custer. Orn,, Odl. C. 

Ex.* Montana. 

Merrill, J. Warren, 400 Broadway', Cambridge*. Native and exotic 

ferns, living and dried. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Merrill, N. F., 15 Beckford St., Salem. Chem., Chem. Geol., Mic. 

Petrog. C. M ass. 

Merritt, W. Hamilton, Assoc. Royal School of Mines, Eng., St. Cath- 
arine's, Ont. Mining Engineering^ Met. Canada. 
Merton, Dr. Arthur, Philadelphia. 'Micros. Penn. 
Mertz, Henry Ney, Steubenville. Ferns, Phem. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Messenger, F. Lawrence, Melrose Highlands. Geol., Min. C. Ex.* 

Metcalf, Charles T., 172 Westminster St., Providence. Min. C. 

Ex. R. I. 

Metcalfe, H., Capt. of Ordnance, Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia.* 

Metcalfe, James K., Silver City, Grant Co. Geoh, Bot., Min.* N. M. 
Mettauer, a., M. D., Macon. Bot., Geol.f Micros., Coleopt., Lepid. 

C. Ex. Ga. 

Metz, Charles L., M. D., Madisonville. Arch., PaUeo. C. Ex. Ohio. 
Myer, Abraham, Cogan House, Lycoming Co. Mm., Local Pai<eo., 

Geol. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Meyer, A. R., Leadville. Met. Col. 

Meyers, J. H., Benton, Mono Co. Min. C. Cal, 

Meynckb, O. M., Brookville. Bot, O. Ex.* Ind. 

Michael, George W., Jr., Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Co. Geol., 

Min. C. Ex. Cal. 

MiCHELS, John, Box 3838, New York. Editor of" Science." Mic* N. Y. 
Michener, Ezra, M. D., Toughkenamon, Chester Co. Cryptogamy, 

Con, C. Penn. 

Mickleborough, John, Cincinnati. Palato., Geol., Zo6l. C, Ex.* 

MiDDAGH, William, Rollag, Clay Co. Arch., Phys.* Minn. 

!MiDDLEBROOK, Fred., Poft Riclimond, Staten Island. Mic. N. Y. 

Middleton, M. F., M. D., Camden. Micros. N. J. 

MiDDLETON, Miss N. H., Asst. State Ent., Carbondalc. Ent.* III. 

Midlan,.L. W., American Hotel, Albany. Ent. N. Y. 

MiELLEZ, A., Horticulturist, Springfield. Bot. : Ferns. C. Ex.* Mass. 
MiGNAULT, Dr. Louis D., 155 Bleury St., Montreal. Ph€en. Bot., Ferns. 

0. Ex.* Canaila. 

Miles, Ethan A., A. B., Marion, Perry Co. Geol. Ex.* Ala. 

Miles, Manly, M. D., D. V. S., Houjrhton Farm, Mountainville, 

Oran«:e Co. Mic, ExperimentcU Agric. Biol,, C.* N. X. 

Miles, Eufus, Knoxville. Arch. 111. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


MiLGATB, W. H., Biddeford Pool. Sea Birds.* Me. 

MiLKE, Rev. P. H. S., Pekin. Fossil Corals. III. 

MiLLAKD, L. S., Bellville, Austin Co. (rero/., Bot., General C. Ex. Tex. 
MiLLEK, Hon. A. S., De Redwood, Santa Cruz Co. Cal. 

MiLLEK, A- W., M. D., N. W. cor. 3d and Callowhill Sis., Philadelphia. 

Bat.* Fenn. 

MiLLEK, Miss Clara, Noinvalk. Om. C. la. 

Miller, Edward, Perrinevillc, Monmouth Co. Pheen. Bot., Orn.^ 

hue. C. N. ,1. 

Miller, E. S., Wadinor River, L. I. Bot.^ Hort, Min.y PaUto.^ Con.^ 
Arch, C. Ex. in Bot. and Hoi-t. only. Desires rare plants East 
of Miss., and ferns of N. A. Will send list of dcsidei*ata and du- 
plicates.* N. Y. 
Miller, F. A., San Francisco. Bot. Cal. 
Miller, H. D., Plainviile. Min, C. Ex. for pood ciystallized speci- 
mens only. Fine Nova Scotia minei-als in ex. lor equivalents* 

Miller, H. S., 104 State St., Albany. Micros* N. Y. 

Miller, Miss Ida, Newcastle. GeoL, Mm., Palao. C. Ex.* Ala. 
Miller, I. F., Richmond. Fossils. I nil. 

Miller, Jacob, Princeton. Geol, C. Ex. " drift *' spec* III. 

Miller, »John, Jr., 122 \V. 21st St., Erie. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Miller, John A-« St. Louis. Geol., Mm., Metall. C. Ex. Mo. 

Miller, Louis P., Ionia. Arch., Remains of Mound Builders, etc. C. 

Miller, Robert, Wai-saw. Geol. N. Y. 

Miller, R. T., D. D S., South Bend. Geol, Arch. C. Ex. casts of • 
celebrated fossils, etc., for good minerals, fossils, and Indian 
relics.* Ind. 

Miller, S. A., 8 W. 3rd St., Cincinnati. PaUeo., Geol C. Ex. Ohio. 
Miller, Thomas B., Box 3788, New York. Miaos. N. Y. 

Miller, W. P., Box 1737, New York. Bot. N. Y. 

MiLLMAX, Thomas, M. D., M. R. C. S., &c., Asylum for Insane, Lon- 
don, Ont. BU. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Milner, Miss F. E., North Lawrence. Geol Kan. 
Milner, :Miss Ida, Newcastle. Geol Ala. 
Milner, Mrs. Sarah A., Waukejran, Lake Co. Bot. C. Ex.* 111. 
Mills, B. M., Necdham. Om , Ool Mass. 
Mills, Henry, 162 Fargo Ave., Buffalo. Mic* N. Y. 
Mills, Henry, Natick. Ont., Odl. Tax. C. Ex. eprffs.*- Mass. 
MiLLSPAUGH, C. F., M. D., 3 Dickinson St., Binjrhampton. Bot. C* 

MnTGEY, Thomas, Horticnl. Hall, Fairraount Park, Philadelphia. Penn. 
Minns, Miss S., 14 Louisburg Sq., Boston. Bot. : Grasses, Um^ell- 

iferce. Ex.* Mass. 

Minot, Charles S., Roslindalc P. O., Boston. Eivt., Physiol* Mass. 
MixoT, II. D., Box 2477. Boston. Orn. C* Mass. 

Mische, William, 350 St. Peter St., New Orleans. Coieopt. of La. for 

sale at reasonable prices.* I^a. 

MissiNER, II. C, Erie. Geol. Penn. 

Mitchel, George, Hanover. Micros. N. H. 

Mitchell, Brainerd, Pearl Depot, Pike Co. Arch, C. Ex. arrow 

and spear heads, scrapei*s, etc. III. 

Mitchell, F. C, Rome. Bot. C. N. Y. 

Mitchell. George ()., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Herman, Dalton. Geol Mass. 

Mitchell, Louis J., Chicago. Orn., Ool, C. III. 

Mitchell, M, Sid., Rome. Gen, Nat, Hist, C. N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

78 THE naturalists' directory. 

Mitchell, Melville A., Mayport. Geol., Min., Con., Fla. Woodt 

and Cora *. C. Ex.* Fla. 

Mitchill.R.M., 996 Dean St., Brooklyn. Ool, Min, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
MoFFATT, Ansel, 104 N. Tenna., Indianapolis. Bot,* Ind. 

Moffat, J. A., Hamilton, Ont. Coleopt., Lepid, C* C!anada. 

Moffat, J. L., M. D., 17 Scliermerhorn St., Brooklyn. Mic* N. Y- 
MoFFiTT, Jacob W., Chillicothe. Ptikso, C. III. 

MoHK, Charles, Mobile. Bot. . Forestry ^ Glumaceous plants. Mosses 

a7id Ferns, Graniinea, Cyperacesp and ligneous plants of the West 

desired in ex. for Southern plants.* Ala. 

MoHR, Charles A., Prof. Chem., Med. Coll. of Ala., Mobile. Ckem,* 

Mohr, E. K., Mon-is, Gi-undy Co. Geol., Min,, Pakeo, C. Fossils in 

ex. for others and minerals. III. 

Mohr, Emilt, Ohio Ave., Cincinnnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

Mohr, Mary, Ohio Ave., Cincinnati. Bot.* Ohio. 

Mohr, Paul, Ohio Ave., Cincinnati. Geol,, Palao,, Min, C. Ex.* 

Moler, W. G., 472 Cass Park, Detroit. ZooL C. Ex. JMich. 

MONELL, Joseph, Box 2873, St. Louis. Bot,, Ent. : Aphida, C. Ex. Mo. 
Monks, Sarah P., A. M., Cold Spring, Putnam Co. Herpet., Comp. 

Osteol., Spec. Batrachia. C. Ex.« N. Y. 

Monroe, C. J., South Haven. Agr, Civ, Eng, Mich. 

Monroe, John M., Auburn. On. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Monroe, K. Dayton, D. D. S., 73 No. Pearl St., Albany. Micros. N. Y. 
Montgomery, Henry, M. A., B. Sc, Lect.on Zool., and Bot., Toronto 

School of Med., Toronto, Ont. Comp. Anat,, Phys., Zool, Palao. 

C. Ex.* Canada. 

Montgomery, S., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Olivet Coll., Olivet, Eaton Co. 

Chem., Phys. Mich. 

Moody, Prof. Edw. F., Camden. Micros, N. J. 

Moody, H. L., Maiden. Ent.: Coleopt. {larva). C* Mass. 

Moody, J. D., Mendota. Am. Antiquities. C* III. 

Moor, M. M., Blooming Grove, Franklin Co. Arch. C. Ex. lud. 

Moore, Alex., 3 School St., Boston. General.* Mass. 

Moore, A. Y., M. D., Cold water. Mioos.* Mich. 

Moore, George, Muscatine. C. Ex. la. 

Moore, Henry K., 411>$ California St., San Francisco. Mic, C, Cal. 
Moore, H. R.. 528 California St., San Francisco. Mic, Cal. 

Moore, Henry S., cor. 6th Ave. and 43d St., New York. Micros, N. Y. 
Moore, James \V., M. D., Easton. Phys.* Penn. 

MoORR, Joseph, Pres. Earlham Coll., Richmond. Geol. C. Ex. 

Trenton fossils for fossils of the Primordial.* Ind. 

Moore, J. P., Cal. Acad. Sci., San Francisco. Mic. C. Cal. 

Moore, Nathan, Gi-ampian Hills, Cleai-field Co. Penn. 

MooRES, Henry, 109 W. Rich St., Columbus. Pakeo., Moll. C. Ex. 

MoRDON, John A., Hyde Park, Ont. Om., Obi, Arch., Geol C. Ex.* 

Morehead, Mrs. H. B., Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati. Lafid, Fresh Water 

and Marine Mollusks. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Morehouse, G. R., A. M., M. D., 227 So. 9th St., Philadelphia. Biol* 

Morehouse, George AV., "Wayland, Steuben Co. Mic* N. Y. 

Morey, S. a., Grand Rapids. "Orn. Mich. 

Morgan, A. P., Columbus. Bot. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Morgan, F. H,, S. B., care Newell Bros. Mfg. Co., Springfield. Analyt. 

and Expr. Chem., Mith* QniO- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Morgan, Henry, 200 Carew St., Springrfield? Om,* Mass. 

Morgan, H. H.. Prin. Hi<?h School, Box 2422, St. Louis. Mo. 

Morgan, Hon. Lewis H., LL D., Rochester. Eth., Zo6l* N. Y. 

Morgan, Mrs. L. V., Columbus. Crypt. Bot.^ Pk€tn. Bot,, Botanical 
Dravnng. C* Ohio. 

Morgan, William J., Somerville. Micros. N.Y. 

Morgenroth, H. a., Titfeu. Lepid. C Ohio. 

MORLEY, Edw. VV., M. D.. Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Western Reserve Univ., 
Prof. Chem. and Tox., Cleveland Med, Coll., Cleveland. Chem., 
especially Gas Analysis.* Ohio. 

MoRONG, Rev. Thomas, Ashland. Phten. Bot.y Vascular Cryptogams. 
Specialty of Potamo«;etum. C. Ex.* MiihS. 

Morrell, H. K., Gardiner. Bat., Min., Con. C. Ex. marine shells ♦ 


Morrill, Albbo D., Teacher of Nat. Sci., Lewistown Acad., Lewis- 
town. Bot., Ent. : Coleopt., Geol. C. Ex. Peiiii. 

Morrill, T. Worcester, cor. Penn and Allen Sts., Frankford, Phila- 
delphia. Min, C. Ex. Peun. 

Morris, Miss Cornelia F., 123 So. Salina St., Syracuse. Geol., 
LithoL, Min., Invert. Pakeo., L. and F. W. Shells. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Morris, GALLOVtrAY C, E. Tulpohocken St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 
Micros., Diatoms. Desmids, Alga. Ex.* i*eiin. 

Morris, J. Cheston, M. D., 1514"Spruce St., Philadelphia. Biol. C* 


Morris, Rev. John G., D. D., LL. D., 106 N. Green St., Baltimore. 
Ent.,Mic. C* Md. 

Morris, Robert T., New Haven. Vertebrates of N. A. Ex. 
Entozoa.* Conn. 

Morris, W. J , Elmore. Peoria Co. Min., Arch., Geol. C. Ex. fos- 
sils, shells and mound relics. in> 

Morrison, H. K., Box 22, Mor^anton, Burke Co. Ent,: Coleopt., 
Lepid. List of species sent on application.* N . C 

MoRBlssEY, Alfred. St. John, N. B. (h-n. Canada. 

Morrow, George E., LL. B., Urbana. Agri. III. 

Morrow, R., Halifax, N. S. Anat. Canada. 

Morse, A. P., Sherborn. Orn,, Min., Con. C Ex.* Mass 

Morse, Edw. S., Director Peabody Acad. Sci., Salem. Zodl.* Mass. 

Morse, Frank B., B. S., 13 Worcester Square, Boston. Geol., Min. 
C. Ex.* Mass. 

Morse, H. Austin, Chicopee. Oil. C. Ex. Mass. 

Morse, H. B., Hanover, Jeflferson Co. Geol. C. Ex. Silurian for other 
fossils.* Ind. 

Morse, Mrs. Walter, Eaton, Madison Co. GeoL, Con. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Morton, Charlotte A., Newburgh. Bot. Ex. N. Y. 

Morton, Edmund Q., Newburgh. Mic. N.Y. 

Morton, Emily L., Newbur^. Ent. C. Ex.* N.Y 

Morton, Henry, Ph. D., Pres. Stevens Inst, of Tech., Hoboken. 
Physics, Chem.* N. J. 

Mortimer, Capt. John H., New York. Hydrozoa, MoUusks. C* N. Y. 

Moseley, a. E., Lawrence. Herpetohgy. Kan. 

Moses, T. F., A. M., M. D., Prof Nat. Sci., Univ. Urbana. Geol., Gen. 
Biol., Arch. C* Ohio. 

Mosey, Richard, 27 Hayden St., Toronto. Ent., 061. C. Ex.* 

Mosher, Dr. J. S., 3 Lancaster St., Albany. Micros. 
MosiBR, C. A., DesMoines. ''Orn. C* 

Moss, J. Clark, P. C, Mid Lothian P. O., Harper Co. Geol, Om 
061. C* 111 




Digitized by LjOOQIC 

80 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Mote, E. J., Richmond. f^altBO., Arch, C. Ex. Desires to make 
cxchantfes generally. Ind. 

MoTHERAL, Kev. N. W„ Mt. Hope. Lawrence Co. Ent. Ala. 

>10TT, Chakles, New Lisbon. Bot. N. Y. 

MoTT, Henry A., Jr., Ph. D., E. M., 90 Wall St., New York. Mi^os., 
Mining Engineering and Analyt. Chem. C* N Y. 

MouLSON, Charles VV., University, Minneapolis. Bot. C. Ex.* Minn. 

MouLTON, Edw., Newbnrvport. Mtc. C Ex. Mass. 

MousEK, S. M.. M. D,, 'IZb Kearney St., San Francisco. jlf*c., Gen, 

Bot., Vert, Emb., Histol. of Vert. C. Ex. CaL 

MoYER, I. S., M. D., Itichlan(rCentre, Bucks Co. Bot. C. Will ex- 
change for plants west of the Mississippi.* Penn. 

Mueller, Otto E., Madison and Shelby Sts., Louisville. Bot. C. 
Ex Ky. 

Mueller, Prof, Rudolph, Ph. D., New Corydon, Jay Co. Arch., 
Eth., GeoL, Met. C. Ind. 

Muhleman, J. R., Woodburn, Macoupin Co. Lepid. C. III. 

MuiR, William, Fox Creek, St, Louis Co. Horticulture, C. Mo. 

MuNDY, Rev. Ezekiel W., Syracuse. N. Y. 

MuNDT, A. H., Fairbury, Livingston Co. Lepid., Coleopt, Native and 
Exotic cocoons and pupa. C Ex.* III. 

Monger, L. D., Leicester Junction. Om., Odl, C. Ex. Vt. 

MuNN, J. L., Box 45, East Orange Horticulture, N. J. 

MuNROE, Charles E., Prof. Chem., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. 
Chem., Paleeo., Min., Mic. C. Ex minerals and tertiary fossils. 
Specialty, the Chem. of Explosives.* Md. 

MuNROE, Miss E. F., East Cambridge. Min, Mass. 

Munroe, Henry F., 821 W. Jackson St., Chicago. Bot. C. Ex. De- 
sires Pacific coast species.* III. 

Munroe, H. S., E. M., Ph. I)., Adj. Prof. School of Mines, Columbia 
Coll., New York. Econ, Geol. N. Y. 

Munroe, William C, M. D., M. R. M. S., 180 E. Main St., Rochester. 
Dermatology, Mic, Diatoms, Infusoria, Bot., Ast., Orn. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

MuNSON, W. W., M. D.. Otisco, Onondaga Co. Gen. Nat. Hist., Mic, 
Ent. C. Ex. Mic. pi-eparation?.* N. Y. 

Murdoch, John, 195 Walnut Ave., Roxbuiy. Gen. Biol, Orn, Mass. 

Murdoch, Dr. R., Baltimore. Bot. Md. 

Murdoch, Hon. S., Elkader. Archieo, la. 

MuRDOCK, A. J., M. D., Taylor's Falls, Chisago Co. Minn. 

Murdock,E.P.,M D.,133So.Hal3tedSt,Chicago Orn,, Biol. C* III. 

MuRDOCK, Hon H. R., Stillwater. Geol. Minn. 

MuRDOCK, Mrs. H. R., Stillwater. Bot. ' Minn. 

Murdoch, J. B., U. S. N., care J. N. Murdock, Box 21, Boston. GpoL, 
Mn. C. Mass. 

Murphy, M.. Prof. Engineering, Halifax, N. S. Min. Canada. 

Murray, James Pern, La Salle Co. Geol. III. 

Murray, William, 115 Jackson St., West Hamilton, Ont. Ent.: Co- 
leopt., Lepid, C. Ex. Canada. 

Murtfeldt, M. E., Kirkwood. Ent., Mic, Pheen. Bot. C. Ex. Mo. 

Musso, George W., Jr., 3 Crosby St., Lynn. Min. C, ■ Ex.* for good 
characteristic spec, cabinet size. Cori'espondence solicited.* Mass. 

MuzzALL, H. W., Santa Barbara. Indian Relics. Cal. 

Muzzy, Mrs. A. J., Bristol. Min, Conn. 

Myall, Rev. James M., Princeton. Geol.,JZobl. C. Ex.* III. 

Mye-rs, Prof. John A., Ky. Univ., Lexington. Chem.* Ky. 

Myers, Justus M. T., fort Madisoq. Coleopt., Lepid., Geol. C. 
Ex.* ^ ^ ', la. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Myres, John H., West Farms St. Min. ' N. Y. 

>1thill, Alfred, Medina. 7ax., Spec. BirdSf their nests and eacjs. 
C. £x. for sea-shoi*e bird skins, or S.' A. bird skins or eggs. N. Y. 


Nachtrieb, H. F., 511 S. 4th Ave., Minneapolis. £jrf., Zo6l. in Gen.* 


Nagel, J. J.. 1411 W. Locust St., Davenport. Bot, la. 

Nash. E. O., M. D., Puebio. OsteoL, Nat, Hist. Col. 

Nash, Prof. F. P., Geneva. Micros, N. Y. 

Nash, George V., Hairisburg. Min, Peiin. 

Nash, H. W., Pueblo. Oni., Tax., Leptd, C. Ex. Lcpid.* Col. 

Nash, Rev. J. A., Pres. Univ., Des Moines. Min. C. Ex. la. 

Nason, Rev. Elias, North Billcrica. Bot., Mtt„ Acoustics.* Mass. 

Nason, H. B., Prol*. Cliein. and Min.. R. P. Inst., Troy. C* N. Y. 

Nason, William A., A. M., M. D., Algonquin. Ent. : Coleopt., In- 
vert. PaltBo., Moll. C. Ex. Want N. A. Coleopt. and Exotic 
marine shells.* III. 

Nat, Silas, La Hai-pe, Hancock Co. Geot. III. 

Neff. William W.. Windham. Min. C Ex. Ohio. 

Neil, James. 100 Public Square, Cleveland. Micros, Ohio. 

Neil, Thomas, Venice, Eric Co. Ohio. 

Neilson, Ernest F., New Brijrhton Reptiles ^ Fish. C. Ex.* ^.Y. 

Neischler, H. M., M. D., Butler, Tavlor Co. Bat.* Ga. 

Nell, Philip, 253 So. 12th St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Arach. C. Ex.* 


Nelson, Miss E. A., EUnira. Nat. Hist., Geol. N. Y. 

Nelson, E. T., Prof. Nat. Hist, and Cur. in charge of Univ. Mus., 0. 
Wcslcyau Univ., Delaware. Geol., ZodL' C. Unionidae, Marine 
Shells and Devonian fossils for ex. Ohio. 

Nelson, E. W.. Chicago. - Address for next two years St Michael's, 
Alaska, rare of Alaska Commercial Co., San^ Francisco, Cal. 
Oi-n., Herpc'tol. III. 

Nelson, Henrv M., Georgetown. Phten. Bot. Mass. 

Nelson, Julius, Waupaca. ZoOl. Wis. 

Nelson, S. Augustus, Gcorjjetown. Geol. Mass. 

Nerbein, H. J., Sinkinf? Sprinjf, Berks Co. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Nettelroth, Henry, Civil Enj^riwecr, Louisville. Palceo,, Orn. L. 
Silurian and Devonian fossils in ex. for specimens from other local- 
ities.* Ky. 

Neumogen, B., Box 2581, New York. Purchase and exchan«rc of Lcp- 
idoptera of the world. Collectors wanted in ail parts of the U. S., 
Canadas, and the world Liberal payments.* N. Y. 

Nevius, Rev. 11 D., D. D., Spokane Falls.* Bot.* \V. T. 

Newberhv. J. S., M D., LL. D., Prof of Geol. and Palaeo., Columbia 
ColU New York. Geol, Palceo., Bot. C* N. Y. 

Newby, Dr. J. B., 1127 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Ool.^ Arch. C. 
Ex. Mo. 

Newcomb, Harry H., Greenwood. Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Newcomb, Simon, Nautical Almanac OflSce, Washington. Mathematical 
Ast.* D. C. 

Newcomb, W., M. D., Cur. Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Con. Ex.* N. Y. 

Newcomer, J. W., M. D., Petei-sburg. Bot.^ Ent.y Mic.y Om. C 
Ex.* 111. 

Newman, A. B., East Saginaw. Mic, Mich. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

82 THE naturalists' directory. 

Newman, Arthur B., Fairport, Moni*oe Co. Mic, C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Newton, Prof. H. A., Yale Coll. Obsei-v., New Haven. Ast, Conn. 
Newton, II. G., Norwich, Chenany:o Co. Bat., Oulf Etit. Ex.* N. Y. 
Newton, W. 8., Oswe^ro. liot.f Zool. Kan. 

NicoLAUS, E. 15„ 40 Pul)lic Square, Cleveland. Micros, Ohio. 

Nichols, Alonzo, Chariton, Lucas Co. Bot.^ Ent. Ex. live plants. Ih. 
Nichols, C. E., M. I).. 14 Fourth St., Troy. Micros. N. Y. 

Nichols, D. A. A., Ed. ** Country Gentleman," Albany. Bot,* N. Y. 
Nichols, E. L., Richmond. Ph'i/s. Ky. 

Nichols, Edw. L., Ph. D., (Gott.) Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Balti- 
more. Phys. Md. 
Nichols, George \V., Memmac. £?»/., Con, C* Mass. 
Nichols, Jason E., Lansing. Orn., Oul. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Nichols, J. H., Easton. Ast,* Penn. 
Nichols, Walter R , New Haven. Oni., 051 C. Ex. Conn. 
Nicholson, Hunter, Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. Tenn., Knoxville. Con. 

C. Ex. Tenn. shells for others.* Tenn. 

Nickerson, Franklin, M. D., 35 Kirk St., Lowell. Bot, C, Ex. Mass. 
Nickerson, George Y., 140 Purchase St., New Bedford. Con,* Mass. 
Nickerson, Mrs. M. J.. New Bedford. Con, Mass. 

NiCKLES, John M., 114 Everett St., Cincinnati. Zo5/., Pakeo. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 

NiEDMAN, Waldimir db, Botanic Gardens, Washington. Graminea.* 

D. C. 
Nlles, William H., (Prof. Mass. Inst. Tech.) Cambridge. Geol.^ 

P/u/s.f Geo J* Mass. 

NiMS, Allen, Watertown. Bot,, Geol., Min., Micros., Gen. Biol., Eth., 

PhioL, Ent. C. Ex. N. Y. 

NiMS, Charles D., Philadelphia. Min. N. Y. 

Nipher, Francis E., Prof. Phys., Washington Univ., Dir. Mo. Weather 

Sei-vice, St. Louis. Met,, Phys.* Mo. 

Nissley, J. R., P. O. Box 228, Mansfield. Arch., Geol, Min, C. Ex.* 

Nixon, T., Box 504, Wellinofton, Summit Co. Ent., Geol. C* Kan. 
Nlaeser, Karl G., Brigham Young Acad., Provo City, Utah Co. Prof. 

Nat Sci. Utah. 

Nloe, E. D., Union Grove, Racine Co. Bot. ' Wis. 

NoE, Louis H., Elizabeth. Micros* N. J. 

Nolan, E. J., M. D., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Biol,, Bibhog. 

Nat. Scf.* Penn. 

NoLT, R. S., Strasbarg, Lancaster Co. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 

NORCROSS, D., Glens Falls. Bot. N. Y. 

NoRDiNO. J. N., 141 St. Francis St., Mobile. Nat. Hist,* Ala. 

NoRRis, J. W.. M. D., Oregon City. Arch. Ore. 

NoRRis, William, 51GCalilornia St., San Francisco. Mic. C. Ex.* Cal. 
North, Mortimer C , New Britain. Min. C. Ex. - Conn. 

Norton, Alice J., Bristol. Bot. C. Ex. Conn. 

Norton, Edw., Farminffton. Ent.:Hvmenoptera. Conn. 

Norton, I. Herbert, Leicester, Ad(fison Co. Geol, Min., Pakeo., 

Med. Mic, Bot. C. Ex. Vt, 

Norton, J. H , Plainville, Onondaga Co. Eth., Arch., {Entotn.) C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Norton, Mary E. B., San Jose. Bot. C, Ex.* Cal. 

Norton, Sidney A., Ph. D., Prof. Chem., 211 E. State St., Columbus. 

Chem. Ohio. 

Norton, William H., Prof. Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Cur. Museum. 

Invert. Pakeo., Geol., Mm, Fossils of Magnoketa Shales and 

Hamilton to ex. List of exchanges sent on application. C. Ex.* la. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Norwood, Pbof. Chables J., Russellvillc. Geol, Invert, Pakeo. 

C* Kf. 

Norwood, J. G., M. D., LL. D., Columbia. Invert., PaUto., Geol 

C. AIo. 

NOTT, E. S., Hamburg. Mic, N, Y. 

NoTTBECK, Pbter DE, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson. Ofn* C. Ex. N. Y. 
Notes, Dr. Robert F., Pix>videuce. Micros. R. 1. 

NoYES, W. H., D. M. D., Newburyport. Mie., Vivaria. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Numsen, W. H., 18 Light St., Baltimore. Ast* Md. 

NuTT, C. N., New Albany. Ent. Ind. 

NuTTALL, L. W., Nuttallburg, Fayette Co. Geol. W. Va. 

Nutter, Frank H., C £., Room 14, Johnston's Block, Minneapolis. 

A/m., Out., Con. C. Ex. shells or any desired specimens of this 

viciniU' for birds' eggs* Minn. 

Nutting, Wallace, Wheaton, Du Page Co. Bot., Mam., Om., Tax. 

C. III. 

Nutting, W., Benzonia. Om., Mam. C. Ex. Mich. 


Oaxbs, R. a., Watertown. PaUeo., Trenton lAmutone and Utica 
Slate. N.Y. 

Oakes, Walter, cor. 9th and Penn Sis., Kansas City. Con., Ool, C. 
Ex. Mo. 

Ober, Frederick A.. Beverly. On.* Penn. 

Oberly. T. J.. Sinking Spring. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

O'Brien, F. H., Chicoutimi, Quebec. Zodl. Canada. 

O'Brien, William D. A., 207 W. Main St.. Springfield. Marine objects. 
C. Ex. Ohio. 

Obst, C. L., Pittsficld, Pike Co. Arch., Prehistoric remains ^ Geol. C 
Ex. Hoeflichst erbitte einen vertausch aller Vorgeschichtlichen 
Geractschaftcn von Stein, Horn, Kupfer,Thon, Kuschen, von den 
U. S. and Europa. III. 

Odell, C. H., Peoria. Zool. III. 

Oertel, T. E., Morgantown, Burke Co. Lepid.* N. C. 

Ogden, John J., 168 Tremont St.. Boston. Micros.* Mass. 

Ohlen, Miss H. E., Springfield. Mo. 

Ohler, William II., ^ Middle St., Portland. Me. 

Oldroyd, O. H., Springfield. General. C. Ex. or buy anything per- 
taining to Abraham Lincoln, or relics of the late war. III. 

Oleson, O. M., Ph. G., Fort Dodge. Bot. C. Ex. la. 

Olmstead, Rev. L. G., LL. D., Fort Edward. Bot., PaUeo., Geol., 

Min.,Anth. C Ex. N.Y. 

Olshausen, Ernest P., 916 Hickory St., St. Louis.* Mo. 

O'Neall, Kelly, Lebanon. Geol., Pafeeo. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Orazio, Lugo, M- D., N. Y. Univ. Chem. N. Y. 

Orcutt, Charles R., San Diego. Gen. Sci., Moll.* Cal. 

Orcutt, John H., San Diego. Con., 061. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Ordway, John M.. Mas#. Inst. Tech., Boston. Chem., Biol. Mass. 

Oremieulx, Prop T. n\ 7 Wiuthrop Place, New York. Micros. N . Y. 

Orne, John, Jr , Cambridge. Phys., Bot., Ent. C. Mass. 

Orton, Prof. Edward, Columbus. Strat. Geol. C* Ohio. 

Orton, P. A., Darlington. Min. Wis. 

OsBORN, A. 0., WateiTille, Oneida Co. Geol,, Pakso,, Con. C, Ex.* 


OsBORN, B. F., Rippey, Greene Co. Pakeo., Geol, Min, C. Ex.* la. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

84 THE naturalists' dieectobt. 

OsBOKN, Francis A., 43 Milk St., Boston. Bot., Mic* Mass. 

OSBORN, 11. L., B. A., Fellow Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Biol., 

Mull , Bot., Mic. C. Ex.* Md. 

OsBORN, Herbert, M. Sc, Asst. Prof.Ent. and Zool., Ag. Coll., Ames. 

Ent. C. Ex.* la. 

OsBORN, Prof. H. S., LL. D., Oxford. Jbfm., Chem. Ohio. 

OsBORN, J. A., Marshfield. Jl/m., Emb.y Gen. Nat. Hist. C. Ex.* JUrks. 
OsBORN» LuciAN M., Madison Univ., Hamilton. Phya. Sd.* N. Y. 

Osborne, J. W., 212 Delaware Ave., N. E., Washinjrton. D. C. 

OSBOKNE, S. D., A. B., 428 HeniT St., Brooklyn. Oni,, 061. C* N. Y. 
Osborne, Thomas B., Box 1152, New Haven. Om.^ Herpetol- C, 

Kx. Conn. 

Osgood, F. Story, Box 517, Newbuiyport. Jfi»., Arch, C. Ex.* Mass. 
Osgood, J. W., Cincinnatus, Coiitland Co. Aat. N. Y. 

OsLER, William, M.D., M.R.C.P. Lond., Prof. Phj-siol., McGill Coll., 

Mouti'cal. Gen, BioL^ Entozoa, Bryozoa.* Canada. 

Osmond, I. T., A. M., Prof. Physics, State College, Centre Co. PAya.* 

Osmun, G. R., Detroit. Astron. Mich. 

Otis, Geo A.. Curator, U. S. A. Med. Mus., Washington. Mie., Mic. 

Photog., Kth., Vert, Osfeol. C. Ex. D. C. 

Ott, Isaac, M. D., Easton, Northampton Co. Phynoh, Toxicol., esp. 

action of nerves on the pupil, and snake poison * Penn. 

OuDESBUTS, C.L., 71 Exchange Place, Baltimore. Min, C* Md. 

Owen, Prof. E. T., Madison, Dane Co. Lepid. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Owen, H. £., Adrian. Fthces and Graminea, Mich. 

Owen, J K., Norwalk. Geol. C. Ohio. 

Owen, Dr. O. W., 23 Rowland St.. Detroit. Mic, Mich. 

Owen, Prof. Richard, New Harmony. Phys. Geol. Ind. 

Owens. A. J., San Die^o. MolL Cai. 

Owens, C. S., 71 MiUer St., Utica. Nat. Hist,, Arch, C* N. Y. 


Packard, A. S., Jr., Prof. Zool. and Geol., Brown Univei-sity, Prov- 
idence. Gen. Zool. Desires Bombycid moths and Phyllopod Crus- 
tacea* R; !• 

Pacquelett, S., Louisville. Om. Ohio. 

Page, Adino, Mctaraora. Geol, Min., PaUeo. C Ex. Many min- 
erals and fossils from Drift formation in this vicinity. III. 

Page, Miss A. L., Danvere. Bot * Mass. 

Page Bros. (J. W. & C. N.), Muscatine. Geol, Arch., Lepid., Om., 
Ool. C. Ex.* la. 

Page, John R., M. D., Prof. Univ. of Virginia. Zod., Agric., Bot., 
Erp'>ri7nenial and Practical Agnc, C. Ex. Va. 

Page, John W., Metamora, Woodford Co. Geol. C. HI. 

Paine, 11. E., Dixon. Biol. HI. 

Paine, Prof. vT. A., Ph.D., Tanytown. Pheen. Bot. \ Ferns. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Palm, Swante, (Swedish Consul,) Austin. PaUeo., Geol., Arch. Tex. 

Palmer, A. Chase, A. B., Fellow in Chem., Johns Hopkins UniVj. 
Baltimore. Chem. Iwd. 

Palmer, Ashur, Kennett Square, Chester Co. Odlt Tax, C. Ex.*» 


Palmer, Elmore, M. D., Dexter. Bot. C. Ex. Mich. 

Palmer, E. R., Louisville. Micros. Ky. 

Palmer, F. W., Victor. Bot., Ent.* N. Y. 

Palmer, Miss Kate, 721 W. Jefferson St., Louisville. Bot, C.» Ky 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dibectory. 86 

Palmer, T. C, Jr., Media, Del. Co., or Haverford Coll. Bd. C* 


Panton, M. H., Junction City, Davis Co. Phent. Bot. Kan. 

Parish, Miss Ella A., Ilinsclalc. Nat, Hist, Mass. 

Parish, Samuel B., San Bernardino. Bot. C* Cal. 

Parish, William F., San Bernardino. Bot, C.* Cal. 

Park, Austin F., 31 Museum BuiidiD«r, Trov. On. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Park, Dora L., Dodge's Corners, Waukesha Co. Bot.^ GeoLt Ent., 
Tax. C. Ex. Wis. 

Park, John R., M. D., Univ. Salt Lake City., Prof. Nat. Sci. Odl. 


Parker, A. T.. Lexington. Micros,^ HUtol, Photo. Mic. C Ex.* Ky. 

Parker, Charles F., 524 N. 2nd St., Camden. Bot. of N. J. N.J. 

Pakker, Dr. Daniel, Bilkrica. Bot. Mass. 

- Parker, Edward H., M. D., Ponjrhkeepsie. Fungi.* N. Y. 

Parker, Georoe W., Wenona, Marshall Co., or Yorkville, Kendall Co. 
Gen.Zodl. C. Ex. III. 

Parker, Herbert, So. Lancaster. Om,, Odl, C. Mass. 

Parker, Prop. H. E., Hanover. Mic, N. H. 

Parker, Prop. H. W., Iowa Coll., GrinneU. Invert, Pakeo., Strut. 
Geol, Orn.y Lepid., MoUusht, C* la. 

Parker, Dr. J. C. Grand Rapids. Ichth. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Parker, John D., Ph. D., Kansas City. Arch.* Mo. 

Parker, P. H., Washington, Tazewell Co. Min., Pdkto,^ Bot,y Con. 
C. Ex.* III. 

Parkbrson, Harrt P., Prescott Place, Dorchester. MoUuska. C. Ex. 


Parkhurst, Henry M., 173 Gates Ave., Brooklyn. Ast.* N. Y. 

Parkhurst, V. P., East Templeton. Gen. Nat. Hist., Invert, Pakeo.^ 
Min., MoUusks. Spec. : Bot. : W, I. Fem8, C. Ex.* Mass. 

Parkman, Eugene, Aledo. Oni.^ Odl. C. Ex.* III. 

Parmele, George L., M. D., D. M. D., Hartford. Jftc., Geol, Min.^ 
Ent.f Gen. Biol. C. Ex. Conn. 

Parmele, Mrs. G. L., Hartfoitl. Femst Ent. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Parr. Thomas W., Boscobal. Chem,, Bot,, Geol, C. Ex.* Wis. 

Parrisii. H. R., Burlinjrton. Odl, C* N. J. 

Parrish, W. J., Genesee St., between 12th and 14th Sts., Kansas City. 
Pakeo. C. Ex. /rood Carb. fossils for other good fossils.* Mo. 

Parry, Dr. C. C, Davenport Bot.* la. 

Parshall, S. E., Cheshire. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Parsons, Miss Ada, Sprinorboi-o*. Geol , Min. Penn. 

Parsons, C. C, 189 Wavcrly Ave., Brooklyn. Chem, N. Y. 

Parsons, Charles W., M. D., Prof. Pli.ysiol., Brown University, Provi- 
dence. Comp. Anat.f Htiman Physiol, R. I. 

Parvin, Prof. T. S., Iowa City. Bot. la. 

Pascoe. Capt. Thomas, Ely. Min. Vt. 

Paterson, W. R., Chipman's Point. Bot. Vt. 

Pattee, Asa F., M. D., 91 W. Springfield St., Boston. Prof. Coll. of 
Physicians and Sur<reons. Bot. C. Ex.* Mas!<(. 

Pattee, \V. D., Burnett Station. Om., Coleopt. C* Wis. 

Pattee, W. H., M. D., Minneapolis. Orn., Min. C, Ex.* Minn. 

Patterson, A. S., Patterson, Ontario. Geol. Canada, 

Patterson, H. N., Oquawka. Bot. C. Ex.* IH. 

Patterson, H. L., 612 N. loth St., Phila. Odl., Tax,^ Geol, Penn. 

Patterson, Col. I. B., Oquawka. Arch., Geol, III. 

Patterson, John D., Geneva. Con., Min., Zo:l.* N. Y. 

Patterson, John P., A. M., Supt. of Schools, Washington C. H., Fay- 
ette Co. Con, C. £x. Ohio. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

86 THE naturalists' directory. 

Patterson, Norman L., L. B. 126, Georgetown. Desires to corres- 
pond with beginners.* Col. 

Patterson, Robert, Ph. G., Camden. Micros. N J. 

Patterson, Thomas VV., Warsaw. Geol^ Ent. C. Ex.* N Y. 

Patton, Rev. A. W., Evanston. Mic , 111. 

Patton, Robert M., 312 N. 33d iSt, Philadelphia. Ent., Gen. Nat. 
Hist. C. Penn. 

Patton, VV. H , Waterbury. Bot,, Ent., Hymenop. C* Conn. 

Patrick, George E., Prof. Chcm., Univ. Kan., Lawrence. Cfiem., 
Mm. C. Ex.* Kan. 

Patrick, John, Jr., M. D., D. D. S., Belleville, St. Clair Co. AtUh. C. 
Ex. 111. 

Paul, C. A., Skowhejran. Orn., ZodL, Ent., Mm., GeoL C. Ex. 
Eastern and northern birds In ex. for others.* Me. 

Paul, Willard A.. M. D., Rock Island. Geol., Om., Min., Bot. C. 
Ex.* III. 

Paulyn, C. W., Yankton. Arch. All kinds of Indian Implements, 
Petrified Wood, Agates, etc., from the Yellowstone, and local min- 
erals. C. Ex.* Dakotah. 

Paulyn, Mrs. C. W., Yankton. Geol., Min., Moll., Invert. Pakso. C. 
of F. W. Shells. Ex. Indian Implements for mins. and fossils.* 


Payne, William M., Teacher Chem. and Phys., So. Divis High School, 
Chioaofo. Bot. 111. 

Payne, William W., Prof. Math, and Ast.; Carleton Coll., Northfield, 
Rice Co. Ast* Minn. 

PEabody, Rev. H. H., Rome. Min., Geol. N. Y. 

Peabody, Selim H., Ph. D., Pres. 111. Univ., Champaign. Phys., Ent. 
C.» III. 

Peale, a. C, M. D., U. S. Geolog. Surv., 509 7th St., N. W., Washing- 
ton. Geol. D. C. 

Pearsall, R F., 151 Broadway, New York. Ool., Om. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Pearson, A. W., Norwich. Ent. Conn. 

Pearson, Jonathan, Union College, Schenectady. N. Y. 

Pease, Arthur D., Wilson, Niagara Co. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Pease, F. N., Lake City. Micros. Ex.* Col. 

Peattie, William I., iTobstown. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid., Bot. ; Ferns. 
C. N. J. 

Peck, Charles H., State Botanist, Albany. Bot., Fungi. C* N. Y. 

Peck, George W., Roselle. Lepid. C. Ex. ' N. J. 

Peckham, B. J., Box 396, Westerly. Ool, Gen. Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

R. I. 

Peck, Geo. H., El Monte, Los Angeles Co. Lepid. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Peckham, Geo. W., Teacher Biol., High School, Milwaukee. Comp. 
Anat. C. Wis. 

Peckham, Prop. S. F., Minneapolis. Min, Zoolites and other miner- 
als for ex. Minn. 

Peckham, W. C, 348 Grand Ave., Brooklyn. Bot. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Pedrick, William R., Lawrence. Geol, Min. C* Mass. 

Peelor, David, C. E., Johnstown. Geol, Micros. Penn. 

Peet, Leonard, Yalaha, Sumter Co. Florida Woods. C. Ex.* Fla. 

Peet, L. R., Baltimore. Mic. Md. 

Peet, Stephen D., Clinton. Arch., Eth.* Wis. 

Peirce, C. B., Wright's Grove, near Chicago. Lepid of No. 111. C. 
Ex. 111. 

Pelton, Miss Emily O., Brownsville. Pheen. Bot., Ferns. C. Ex. Cal. 

Pember, F. T., 164 So. 5th Ave., New York. Ool C. Ex. A large 
quantity of duplicates for ex. ju sets, or for sale.* N. Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Pbmberton, Henry, Jr., Camden. Chem, N. Y. 

Pennock, C. J., Keimett Square. Orn, C* Peun. 

Pennock, £dw., 8U5 Fi-ankliu St., Philadelphia. Mic^ Bot.* Pcnu. 

Pennock, T., M. D., Meilia. Orn , 1. Peun. 

Pennypacker, Charles H., West Chester. Min., Con.^ Arch., AJic, 
Bot, C. Ex. only lor first-class spccinaens.* Penn. 

Pennypacker. J. T., L. B. 13, Philadelphia. Bot., ErU.* Penn. 

Pepoon, Ueruan S., B. S., Wairea, Jo. Daviess Co. Gen, Bot. C. 
Ex.* III. 

Pepper, Walter J.. Keithsburgr. GeoL, Arch. III. 

Pearsall, J., 1420 So. 2Dd St., Philadelphia. QboI,, Om., 061.; Ent. : 
Lepid., Moll. C. Penn. 

Peroande, Theo., Asst. Ent., Dept. Agric., Washington. Jlymenopt., 
Co'eopt. ThripadiF a speciaUy. C .♦ U. C. 

Perkins, Rev. A. E. P., Ware. Aftn., GeoL Mass. 

Perkins, George D., Clyde. Tax. C. N. Y, 

Perkins, George H., Prof. Xat. Hist, Univ. of Vt, Burlington. Bot., 
Geol, Arch., ZoGl. C. Ex. Vt. 

Perkins, Prof. H. M., Delaware. Ast. Ohio. 

Perkins, L. R., Salem. Micros. Mass. 

Perkins, Maurice, M. D., Union Coll., Schenectady. Chem. N. Y. 

Perl, M., M. D., Houston. Bot. Tex, 

Pbrley, Dr. Thomas F., 116 Danfoilh St., Poi-tland. Ent., Bot. 
C.« Me. 

Perot, Charles P., 262 No. Broad St., Philadelphia. Gen. Set.* Penn. 

Perrine, T. M., Anna. Arch. C. Ex. 111. 

Perry, Rev. Edw. A., Qiiincy. Mic, Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Perry, George E., Lansin/?.* Geol, Arch. Mich. 

Perry, N. H., West Paris, Oxford Co. Min. C. Ex. Maine min- 
erals.* Me. 

Perry, Ralph, 50 East Washineton St., Indianapolis. Ent., Lepid. 
C. Ex. Ind. 

Perry, Solomon C, Lansing. Orn., Arch. Mich. 

Perry, S. G., D. D. S., 10 E. 34th St., New York. Micros.* N . Y. 

Peter, Alfred M., Lexington. Analyt. Chem., Phcen. Bot.* Ky. 

Peter, R., M. D., Chemist to Ky. Geol. Suit., and Prof. Chem. and 
Phys., Lexington. Chem.* Ky. 

Peters, C. H. F., Clinton. Ast. N. Y. 

Peters, Thomas M., A. M., Ex. Judge, Moulton. Bot.* Ala. 

Peticolas, C. L., 635 8th St., Richmond. 3/ic., Diatomaca. C. Ex. Va. 

Petraeus, C. v., 113 Walnut St., Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Fettersen, Fred von, M. D., Comfort, Kendall Co. Tex. 

Pettee, William H., Prof. Min. and Econom. Geol., Univ. Mich., Ann 
Arbor. Mining and Geol.* Mich. 

Pettigrew, Elon. G., Flandreau. Min. D. T, 

Pettiorew, George A., Ludlow. Min., Con. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Pettingell, a., Hudson. Coleopt., Land Shells. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Pettinoer, Rev. Wm., Burlington. Micros. N. J. 

Pettet, J., A. M., M. D., Pettet Vaccine Farm, Mansfield St., Cleve- 
land.* Ohio. 

Phelps, Albert H., West Pawlet. Min., Palceo., Bot., Orn., Ichth, 

Ilerpet., Invert. C* 
Phelps, Mrs. A. Lincoln, 363 Eutaw Place, Baltimore. 

, Edttcational Essays, etc.* 
Phelps, Prof. E., Hanover. Micros. 
Phelps, N. S., Ferndale, Humboldt Co. Bot. C. 

Phblfs, W. L. M., 158 Jay St., Albany. Math. 

Bot., Chem., 
N. H. 

Ex. No. Cal. 

N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

88 THE naturalists' directory. 

Philips, Ed., Kansas City. Geol, Paiao, Mo. 

Philips, G. M.. Prof. MHth. and Nat. Phil., Univ. at Lewisburg. Math., 
Ast., Mm. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Phillips, Barnet, Sec'y Am. Fishcultural Assoc., 41 Troy Ave., Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. 

Phillips, John C, cor. Berkeley and Marlborough Sts., Boston. Bot.* 


Phillips, T. S., German Ins, Building, Buffalo. Preparations of Tooth 
Sections for Mic. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Phillips. VVm. B., Ph. B., N. C Agric. Experiment Station, Chapel 
Mill. Agric, Chem. N. Ca. 

Phin, John, U Day St., New York. Mic* N. Y. 

Phippen, Geo. D., Salem- Bot.* Mass. 

Pickering, W. H., 84 Mt. Vernon St., Boston. Phys., Ast.* Mass. 

Pickett, Thomas E., M. D.. M-.ivsville. Anth. . Ky. 

Pierce, A. J., South Haveu, Civil En«fineer. Arch,, Geol, 'Mich. 

Pierce, Mrs. E., Santa Barbara. Con., Sea Mosses. Cal. 

Pierce, J., Box F. N., Providence. Micros. C. Ex. R. I. 

Pierce, J. O., Memphis. Arch. Tenn. 

Pierce, Newton- B., Ludington, Mason Co. GeoL, ZooL, Ent., Mic. 
Desires to ex. Myrmeleon immaculatus for otiier spec, of same 
genus.* ' Mich. 

Pierce, Wm. C, S. T. D., Prof- Emeritus of Nat. Sci., Baldwin Univ., 
Berea. Bot., Geol. C.« Ohio. 

PiERSOL,G. A., 1110 Spring Garden St., Phila. Mic. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Pierson, A. A., Newton. Orn., 061., Ent. C. Ex.* N. J. 

PlERSON, A. II., Gainesville, Alachua Co. Orn., 0:J.. C. Ex. Fla. 

Pierson, Chas. S., L. B. 1133, West Meriden. Corns. C Ex. Conn. 

PiFFORi), Dr. H. G., 123 E. 35th St., New York. Micros. N. Y 

Pike, Clara M., Whcaton Seminary, Norton. Bot., Chem. C* Mass. 

Pike, J. W., Vineland. Geol. C. Lectures on Geol , Miu., Palseo.* 


Pike, Nicolas, 575 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, Algce, Micros.; Photon., 
Arch.* N. Y. 

Pilate, Dr. E., 14 S. Wilkenson St., Dayton. Ent.: Lepid. C. Ex.* 


Pilate, G. R., 14 S. Wilkenson St., Dayton. Ent., Leptd. C. Ex.* 


Pilling, James C, Box 585, Washington. Eth., Geol.* D. C. 

Pillsbury, F. I , Dubuque. Bot. C. Ex.* la. 

Pillsbury, J. H., Teacher Nat. Sci., High School, Springfield. Zohl , 
Mir* Mass. 

Pillsbury, Nellie S., Springfield. Bot. C Ex.* Mass. 

Pinckney, Eugene, Dixon, Lee Co. Bot., Zool, Mic, C. E.\'. unmount- 
ed Mic. material.* IH. 

Pine, Geo., Trenton. Gen. C. Ex.* N. J. 

PiNEO, A. J.,A.B., Berwick, N. S. Geo^., Mw., Con. C. Fossils for 
ex.* Canada. 

Piper, R. U., M. D., Chicago. Mic. III. 

Piper, Mrs. S. M., Brockton. Genl., Ent., Bot. Mass. 

Pique, Edward H., M. D., Nashville. Con, C. Tenn. 

Pirkey, Oval, Prof. Science, Christian Univ., Canton, Lewis Co. Mo. 

Pistchett, C. W., Morrison Observ., Glasgow. Ast. Mo. 

Pitkin, C. F., 721 Penn St., Kansas Citv. Geol. C, Ex. Mo. 

Pitman, John, Capt. U. S. Ordinance, *U. S. Geol. Sui-vcy, Newport. 

Anali/t. Chem. JR. J. 

Pitman. Prof. Stephen M., A. M. B., Tufts Coll., College Hill. 
Chem.* Mass. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dikectoby. 89 

Plank, Edw. C, Oswepro. Orn., Odl, Tax, C Ex.*' N. Y. 

Plank, E. N., Independence. Hot.: Flora of So. Kans. C. Will ex. 

or «rive any intbrmution possible * Kan. 

Platt, Franklin, 615 Walnut St., Philadelphia. GeoL Penn. 

Pleas, Elwood, Dunreith, Heniy Co. GeoL, Pakeo., Mm., Arch. C. 

Ex.* Ind. 

Plimpton, F. S., National City, San Dieso Co. Fillces ♦ ChI. 

Plummer, Gordon, 244 Purchase St., Boston. Om, C. Ex. Only 

first elass specimens wanted. Con*espondcncc solicited.* Mass. 
Plummer, Miss Sarah A., Santa Barbara. Phan. Bot., Crypt. Dot.: 

Ferns, Mosses, Ahce, Micros., Lepid., Moll. Cal. 

POLGLASE, W. A., M. D.. 850 Fort St., W. Detroit. Aftc* Mich. . 

PoMEROY, C. A., Des Moines. GeoL la. 

PoMEROY. Dr. C. G., Newark. Micros. N. J. 

Pond, F. E (** Will WUdwood "), Westfield, Mai-quette Co. Om. Mic. 

Pond, T., Rome. Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Pond, Rev. T. G., Albany. Ga. 

Poole. Herman, Prin. Buffalo Practical School, 23 W. Swan St., Buf- 
falo Mic, Mm., Met. C. Ex. Specialty, gold, silver and pla- 
tinum ores. N Y. 

Poole, II. S., Stellarton, Recton Co., N. S. Min. Canada. 

POOLEY, J. IL, M. D., Prof, of Sur;rcry, Starhng Med. Coll., 117 E. 
Broad St . Columbus. Bot., Ent. Ohio, 

PooRE, D. J., Mcrrimac. Arch. C. Ex. Mass. 

Pope, Alex., Jr., 4 PembertonSq., Boston. Animni Painter, Om.* Mass. 

Pope, C. H., Ph. B. Care Deere, Mansur & Co., St. Louis. Bot. C.» Mo. 

Pope, T. E., Ames. Chem. la. 

PoPENOE, Edwin A., North Topeka. Phaen. Bot. . Composita, Gram- 
tne<B, Geo. Distnb., Ent. . Coleopt. Kan. 

PoPENOE, Mrs. Florence E., No. Topeka. Bot. Ex. Kan. 

PoPENOE, F. O., Topeka. Bot., Geol.,Ast. C* Kan. 

Porter, C H., A. M., M. D., 55 Eagle St., Albanv. Chem., Phys.* JM. Y. 

Porter, C. J. A., A. B., Wooster. GeoL, Nat. Mist. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Porter, F. W., Graml Rapids. Arch. Mich. 

Porter, Dr. H T., Georgetown. D. C. 

Porter, J. B., Gleudale, Hamilton Co. Om.* Ohio. 

Porter. Thos. C, Pi-of. of Bot., and Zool., Lafayette College, Easton. 
Bot. C. Ex. Introduced plants desired.* Penn. 

Postell, James, St. Simon's Mills, Glynn Co. Ga. 

Potter. B. S., Prof. No. Missouri State Normal School, Kirksvillo. 
Bot., Micros. Mo. 

Potter, Frederick G., 266 N. 43rd St., New York. GeoL, Ent. N Y. 

Potter, W. B., A. M., E. M. Prof. Mining and Metal., Washington 
Univ., St Louis. GeoL, Met. C. Ex. minerals, ores, and arch- 
seolosrical specimens. Mo. 

Potter, Dr. W G., 150 Allen St., Buffalo. Micros. N. Y. 

Potts, Edward, 612 N. 44th St., Philadelphia. Mic, Bot, Desires 
samples of Am. F. W. sponges. C* Penn. 

Powell, J. W.. Ph. D., 910 M St., N. W., Box 585, Washington. 
Eth., GeoL* D. C. 

Powell, Hon. Samuel, Newport. Micros. R. I. 

Powers, Prof. John, B. A , M. D., Halifax, N. S. Bot., Zord. Canada. 

PowWALL, J. B., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Coleopt. C. Ex. Cal. 

Pratt, C L., Niagara Falls. Min. N. Y. 

Pratt, H. P., Concord. Hort. Mans. 

Pratt, Stillman B., Marlboro*. Anth.* Mass. 

FlpkTT, W. H., Davenport. Con., Arch.^ Geol.* la. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

90 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Prentice, F. W., M. D., Champaign. Anat., Physiol. 111. 

Prentiss, Albert N., Prof. Bot., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Bot. N. Y. 
Prentiss, D. VV., M, D., 1224 9th St.,-N. VV., Washington. Orn., Aat. 

Htst. C. D. C. 

Prescott, a, B., Prof. Org. and App. Chem., Univ. of Mich., Ann 

Arbor. Analyt. and Org. Chem * Mich. 

Prescott, C. D., New Bedford [In Europe]. Micros,* Mass. 

Prescott, C. D., Rome. Mm. C.- N. Y. 

Prescott, Richard C. E., High School. Albany Phys. N. Y. 

Preston, C. S., South Hadley. Tax., Om. C. Ex. for birds not found 

in Mass.* Mass. 

Preston, H. L., 3331 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. A/in., Con. Penn. 
* Preston, Howard W., 57 Parade St., Providence. P/nen. Bot. C. 

Ex.* R. I. 

Preston, W. F., Box 481, Dixon. Ent, C Ex. 111. 

Price, George H., State Normal School, Florence. Nat. Set. Ala. 

Price, Prof. George H., Acad, for Young Ladies, Nashville. Chem. 

Ex.* Tenn. 

Price, Kate, Cai-pentersville. Zodl, BtoU in general* 111. 

Pride, A., Toronto. Zobl.* Canada. 

Prime, Temple, Wall St., New York. Con.* W. Y. 

Prindle, Beulah, Denmark, Lewis Co. Pakeo. N. Y. 

Prindle, M. S., Morris, Grundy Co. Fossil flora of Grundy Co., 

{Mazon Creek), Coal Measures, C. Ex. Ciystals, Quartz, Agate 

and minerals wanted in ex. for Mazon fossils.* 111. 

Prindle, S. B., Fort Dodge. GeoL, Lithol. la. 

Prinole, C. G., a. M., East Charlotte. Bot,, esp. fora of Ariz., etq, 

C. Ex. Plants of the northeast and of the southwest for sale, or 

ex. for specimens of equally good qualitv.* Vt. 

Pritchett, C. W., Glasgow, Dir. Morris.on O'bservatoiy. Mo. 

PRITCHETT, H. S., Washington Univ , St. Louis. Math., Ast, Mo. 

Prochazka, G. a.. Ph. D., 162 Second Ave., New York. Chem,* N. Y. 
Proctor, Fred., Spencer. Bot. Mass. 

Proctor, John R., State Geologist, Fi-aukfort. Geol. Ex.* Ky. 

Proctor, Thomas, 74 Wall St. Om. N. Y. 

Proudfit, S. v., Pension Office, Washington. Arch,* D. C. 

Prouty, Ira J., M. D., Keene. Om., Mm. C. Ex.* N. H. 

Provancher L., Abbe., Caprouge. Gen. Nat, Hut., Ent., Bot, C. 

Ex.* Canada. 

Pruyn, Francis I. N., Cambridge, Washington Co. Bot., Con. C. 

Ex.* " ' *' N. Y. 

Puissant, P. A., Prof. St. Joseph's Prov. Sem., Troy. Phcen. Bot, 

C.« N. Y. 

Pulsiper, W. H., 1837 Kennett Place, St. Louis. Ast„ Arch.* Mo. 
POMPELLY, Raphael, in charge Div. of Mining Geol., U. S. Geol. 

Sui-v., Newport. Geol. C.* R. I. 

PuRDiE, H. A., State House, Boston. Om., Obi. C. Ex.* Mass. 

PURDY, M. S., Ithaca. Ent., Infusoria. C. N. Y. 

Purrington, Charles, Pequabuck, Litchfield Co. Chem., Min. C. 

Ex. Conn. 

Purviance, Amos T., Hennepin, Putnam Co. Trees, shrttbs, etc. C. 

Ex.* 111. 

Putnam, Daniel, State Normal School, Ypsilanti. Zool, esp, Ent. 

C. Ex.* Mich. 

Putnam, F. W., Curator Peabody Mus. Am. Ai-ch. and Eth., Cambridge. 

Permanent Sec. A. A. A. S. (Office, Salem.) Anth.* Mass. 

Putnam, J. Duncan, Pres. Davenport Acad. Nat. Sci., Davenport. 

Gcfi, Ent., Arach., Sulpugida, CoccicUe- C* la. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 91 

Putnam, J. R.» Portland Block, Chicajro. Min, C. Ex. III. 

Pynchon, T. Rm D. D., LL. Dm Prea. Trinity Coll., Hartford. Zool* 

Ptott, J. D., Lancaster. Ast., Bot.^ Micros, Penn. 


QUACKENBUSH, M. E., MorrisoD. Bot», Phys.y Specialty, Flowers of 
Nebraska* III. 

QuALTROUGH, Edw. F., Naval Obsei-vatory, Washington. Ast.* D. C. 

Quick, Edgar R., Brookville. Mam,, Chm. C. Ex.* Ind. 

QuiMBY, B. F., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

QuiMBY, E. T., Prof. Math., Hanover. Engaged in U. S. Geodetic 
SuiTcy.* N. H. 


Rafter, George W., C. E., Rochester. Geol, Min., Metallurgy. N. Y. 

Ragsdale, D. F., Gainesville. Om., 061* Tex. 

Ragsdale, George H., Gainesville, Cook Co. Om., Ool., Geol. C. 
Ex.* Tex. 

Rains, George W., M. D., Prof. Chem. and Pharra., Univ. of Ga.* Ga. 

Rakestraw, G. G., Dowington. Min.y Mic. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ralph, W. L., M. D., 26 Court St., Utica. Orn., Obi. C. Ex. ♦ N, Y. 

Ralphy, Alfred J., M. D., Nashville, Brown Co. Ent. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Ralston, Anna L., Norristown. Crypt. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ramsbuy, M. C, Westville. Arch. Ind. 

Ramuraoe, George W., M. D., Round Grove, Whiteside Co. Geol., 
Zool. C. .Ex. III. 

Ranch, John H., M. D., Chicago. Bot, III. 

Rand, A. J., Holyoke. Zool. C. Ex.* Mass. 

^AND, B. H., M.D., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Rand, Theo. D., 17 So, 3rd St., Philadelphia. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Randall, F. A., D. R., Union City. Strttct. Geol, Pakeo., Shells, Ra- 
diates. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Randall, J. S., Georgetown. Min. C. Ex. Col. 

Randall, O. E., West Chesterfield. OsteoL, Biol, Zodl* N H. 

Ransburg, Warren C, Valparaiso. Eth., Orn, C. Would like cor- 
respondents in regard to ethnological spec* Ind. 

Raper, Will H., Smith Centre. Nat. Hist. Kan. 

Rassweiler, Henry H., Prof, of Nat. Sci., North Western Coll., Napcr- 
villc, Du Page Co. Ent., Min. C. Ex.* III. 

Rathbun, Dr. E., Newark. Arch., Geol III. 

Rathbun, Frank R., Auburn, Cayuga Co. Orn., Geol.* N. Y. 

Rathbun, Richard, Asst. Cur., U. S. Nat. Mus., Asst. U. S. Fish 
Coram., Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Marine Invertebrates, 
Braeilian Palceo.* I). C. 

Rathbun, Samuel F., 9 Court St.,^ Auburn. Orn., Oil, Tax. C. Ex. 
Sets of eggs of birds of prev especially desired.* N. Y. 

Rathvon, S. S., 101 N. Queen St., Lancaster. Gen. Nat. Hist., specialty, 
Ent.* Penn. 

Rattan, Volney, Girls* High School, San Francisco. Phcen. Bot. C. 
Atlantic coast plants particularly desired in ex. for Cal.* Cal. 

Rattle, W. J., Cu)^ahoga, Summit Co. Mic. Ohio. 

Rau, Charles, Smithsonian Inst., Washington. Arch. C* D. C. 

Rau, Eugene A., Bethlehem. Ph<Fn, Bot., Musct. C* Penn. 

Rausen, F. L., Taxidermist, Colorado Springs. Orn,, Geol, Arch. 
C Ex. - V P f ^^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Bauterberg, F., 264 7th St., Milwaukee. Coleoptera of U. S. Ex.* Wis. 
Ravenel, 11. VV., Aiken. Bot.. Mycology. C. S. C. 

Rawlins, J. V. VV., Calumet. Min.^ Crypt. Bot. Mich. 

Rawson, Warren VV., Arlin;rton. Hort. Jllass. 

Raymond, Chas. F., H}44 Euclid Ave-, Cleveland. Obi C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Raymond, R. \V., Brooklyn. >//»., Geol. N. V. 

Read, Mathew C, A. M., Hudson. Otol.y Zool.^ Arch. C. Ex. Ohio 

fossils and minerals for others * Ohio. 

Read, VV. H. A., 6 Hartford Block, Toledo. Coleopt. Ex.* Ohio. 

Read, Samuel B., Needham. Bat, C. Ex. Mass. 

Readio, William, Garnerville, Rockland Co. Nat. Htst.^ Micros. C. 

Ex.* N. V. 

Ready, Geo. H., Santa Cruz. Ool C. Ex.* Cal. 

Reamer, William D., Grecnsburg, Westmoreland Co. Mm, C. Ex.* 

Redding, T. B., A. M., Newcastle. Mic, Biol. C. Ex.* liid. 

Redfield. John H., 216 W. Logan Square, Philadelphia. Bot.^ Ferns. 

C* Penn. 

Reed, Eva M.; Box 64, Hudson. Bot. C. Ex. Mass. 

Reed, E. B., Asst. Editor Canadian Entomologist, London, Ont. Eftt.* 

Reed, J. Edward, Wright's Station, South Pacific Coast R. R., Santa 

Clara Co. Mm. C. Ex. Desires Mound Builders' and Indian 

relics. Correspondence solicited.* Cal. 

Reed, W. H., Kansas City. Upper local series. C Ex.* Mo. 

Reed, W. H., Como. Geol. C. Ex. Triassic and Jurassic fossils for 

Ex. "Wyoming. 

Rees, J. K., Dir. of Obsei-vatoiT, Columbia College, New York, Ast., 

Geodesy* N. Y. 

Reese, S. W., Dodgeville. Mm. Wis. 

Regal, Edwin, Obeiiin. Etit. C. Ex.* OhiA. 

Rehme, John E., Brookville. Oi-n.^ OJ.y Lepid. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Reid, Eva M., Red Bank. Mm. N J. 

Reiff, Isaac, 853 N. 13th St., Philadelphia. Orn., Ool C Ex.* Penn. 
Reigle, Geokge W., Whitewater. Geol. Wis. 

Reinecke, Ottomar, 500 Main St., Butfalo. Coleopt. C. Ex. local 

Cerambycidse for others.* N. Y. 

Reinuold, Eli S., Mahanoy City. A/in. C. Fossils from Coal meas- 
ures in ex. for minerals.* * Penn. 
Reinhold, William, M. D., 146 N. Clark St., Chicago. Zool. Dm. 

C* III. 

Reinmann, Albert L., 96 Fulton St., Room 9, New York. Ckem., 

Phys. and Elect. Glass apparatus. N»-Y. 

Reisig, Augustus C, 391 Conti St., New Orleans. Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Cicindelidce^ Cftrabeidcr, and. Ceromhycidee preferred.* La. 

Reitter, William, M. D., Penn Ave., Pittsburgh. Bot. . Penu. 
Remick, Edwin, Grand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Remington, Prof. J. P., Phila. Coll. of- Pharmacy, Philadelphia. 

Pharmacy y Chem. C* Penn. 

Remsen, Ira, I*rof. Chem., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Chem.* Md. 
Renice & Maxwell, 133 May berry Ave., Detroit. Birds' eggs and 

skins,* Mich. 

Reppert, Ferdinand, Muscatine. Bot. Ex.* la. 

Resler, Arthur, Prof. Music, 92 Jackson Square, Baltimore. Gen. 

Biol., Ent.* Hid. 

Reverchon, Julien, Dallas. Bot. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Reynolds, Alex. M., Main St., Germantown. Orn, Penn. 

Retnoj^ds, J. R., Jackson. Mic. Jttich. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Betnolds, Miss Mary C, St. Augustine. Collector of Florida plants 

lor the herbarium. C. Fla. 

Reynolds, K. N., Detroit. Mic* Mich. 

Rezner, \V. B., M. D., 306 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Geti. BioL, Medi- 
cal Microscopy. Ohio. 

Rhoads, Samuel N., Haddonfield. Om.y O&l, C. Ex. N. J. 

Rhoades, Mrs. M. A., Cl^-cle, Sandusky Co. GeoL^ Nat. Hist. C. 
Ex. fossils, minerals, etc., lor rare spec.* Ohio. 

Rhoades, H. E., Bri^diton. Palao. C. la. 

Rice, C. S., Nia<^arH Falls. The game fish of Niagara. N. Y. 

Rice, Henry J., Fellow m Nat. Hiit., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. 
Geti. BioLj Emb. 31 d. 

Rice, H. J., M. D., Rockville. Geoly Nat. Hist. Iiid. 

Rice, John Minot, Prof. Math., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. Math- 
einatics. Md. 

Rich, William North, Prof. Nat. Hist., Weslevan Univ., Middlctown. 
Geol., ZooL* ' Conn. 

Rich, (iUY C, Box 372, Saratoga Springs. Oni., OdL, Tax. C. Ex.* 

Rich, Dr. John B., 12 E. 22nd St.. New York. Micros. N. y! 

Rich, Waldo L., Box 372, Saratojfa Sprin<rs. Om., OoL C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Rich, William P., 4 N. Market St., Boston. Bot. Mnss. 

Richards, E. II., Woburn. Oni., O.;/. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Richards, Mrs. P. D, West Mcdforil. Bot.^ Fertis. C. Ex.* Mans. 

Richards, Percival D., West Medford. Elect. Maqnetism. Mass. 

Richards, R. H., Prof. Mining, Mass. Inst. Tech. Min. C* Mass. 

Richards, Mrs R. H., Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. Min. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Richardson, Mrs. Calvin, Dracut. Min. Mass. 

Richardson, C. A., Cananduigna. Bot.* N. Y. 

Richardson, E., Wheeling. Bot.* W. Va. 

Richardson, F. C. A., M. D., East St. Louis, St. Clair Co. Arch. C. 
Ex. fossils for Arch. spec, and books.* 111. 

Richardson, II. S., 607 Main St., Cambridgeport. Bot. C* Mass. 

Richardson, Jenness, Rutland. Orn., Odl. C. Ex.* Vt. 

Richardson, J. G., M. D., Prof. Univ. of Pa., 1836 Chestnut St., Phil- 
adelphia. Hygiene, Micros. , Histol. of Vert. C* Penn. 

Richardson, M. J., Stoneham. Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Richardson, Rev. S. D., Hebron. Min. Mass. 

Richmond, M. S., Box 300, Toronto, Ont. Om. Canada. 

Richmond, A. G., Canajoharie, Mont^omeiy Co. Arch. C. Ex. In- 
dian pottery, arrow-heads, etc., for same from other localities.* N. Y. 

RiCHTER, Frank C, Ashbourne, Montgomery Co. Coleapt., Leptd. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Ricker, N. Clifford, Urbana. Arch. III. 

RiCKETTS, P. dc P., E. M., Ph. D., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., 
N. Y., care A. R. Ledoux & Co., 17 Cedar St., New York. Cfiem.y 
Assnyinfi, Min.* N. Y. 

RiCKSECKER, Edmund, NazaKcth. O;/. C. Ex.* Penn. 

RiCKSECKER, L. Edgar, P. O. Box 2211, San Francisco. Coleoptera. 
C. Ex.* Cal. 

RiDDELL, W. R., B. A., B. Sc, F. B. S., Toronto. Bot., Geol. C* 


Rider, Wheelock, fiO Fitzhufrh St.. Rochester Bot. N. Y. 

RiDGWAY, Robert, Cur. Orn., U S. Nat. Mus., Smithsonian Inst., Wash- 
injjton. Orn.* D. C. 

Ridler, C. E., a. M., Kingston. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

RiEPE, William, 401 W. 2nd St., Davenport. Pniaography, la. 

RiQGS, Geo. W., Jr., Washington Univ., St. Louis. Chem, Mo. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


RiGGS, W. A., M. D., Beaver, Beaver Co. Biology, Penn. 

Riley, C V., M. A., Ph. D., Chief U. 8. Entora. Commission, 1700 13th 
St., N. W., Washinjfton. Articulates, (i^neral and Economic Ent., 
Bot. Desires Diptera, Homoptcra, Galls and grall-insects of all 
orders; also larvfe of all orders; exclianjres for specimens in Me- 
loidae, Coccidap, Tin«^idie, and Alenwdida?.* D. C 

RiNER, W. W., Greene, Butler Co. Micros. la. 

RiNGUEBERG, E. N. S., Lockport. Palceo., Niag. period fossils. C. - 
Ex.* N. Y. 

RiNSDOLLAR, N., M. D., Mt. Carroll. GeoL, Min., PaUeo, C. Ex. 

fossil ferns and corals.* III. 

RiSLEY, F. L., Arredondo. Gen Nat. Hist, Fla. 

Ritchie, Frank, 133 N. 4th St., Troy. N. Y. 

Ritchie, John, Jr., Box 2725, Boston. President Boston Scientific So- 
ciety; Editor Science Observer. Min.^ Geol.^Con., Ast.^ Arch.^ 
C. Ex. Desires minerals, fossils and shells from all parts of the 
world. Can offer minerals from all the noted localities in New 
Enjjland, — Fitchbur^, Bolton, Chester, Chesterfield, Grafton.War- 
ren, &c. Fossils from the Cincinnati and Niajjara jrroups, L., F. 
W. and M. shells from New England. Helices and Unionidae a 
specialty.* Mass. 

Rivers, F. A., Norwich. Min. Conn. 

Rivers, J. J., Univ. ofCal., Berkeley, Alameda Co. Nat. Hist, Cal. 

Roach, Paul, M. D., Quaker St., Scbenectady. Min., Met. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

RoBARTS, John O. K., Phoenix ville, Chester Co. Min. C. Ex.* Penn. 

RoBASZ, W. M., Rochester. Ast. N. Y. 

RoBBiNS, \V. K., B. Sc, Redfield. (Now at Mass. Tech., Boston.) 
Chem. ^ la. 

Roberts, C. H., Rochester. Bot., Geo!,, Chem, Minn. 

Roberts, G. A., Leicester. Oul, C. Ex. Vt. 

Roberts, Prop. G. S., E. M., C. E., 88 Union Ave., Brooklyn, E. D. 

Geol, Min.* N. Y. 

Roberts, J. B., Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Roberts, Mrs. M. A., Rochester. Phys., Zodl. Minn. 

Roberts, M. Josiah, M. D., 4 W. 28th St., New York. Anth.* N. Y. 

Roberts, Thomas S., 27 N. 8th St., Minneapolis, (h'n., Bot,, Ichth,* 


Roberts, William F., Hazleton, Luzerne Co. Geol, Penn. 

Robertson, Charles, Carl in ville. Bot.* III. 

Robertson, R. A., M D., Danysville. Elect. Ohio. 

Robertson, R. S., Fort Wayne', Allen Co. Arch., Min, C* Ind. 

Robertson, W. D., Clinton. Geol. C. la. 

Robinson, A. R., A. B., Hinsdale, Du Page Co. Gen. Ent, C. Ex. III. 

Robinson, Charles, Cheshire, Ont. Co. Tax., OoL* N. Y. 

Robinson, C. H., 8 Rouse Block, Cleveland. Micros. Ohio. 

Robinson, Rev. Edw. S., Enterprise, Clark Co. Bot., Geol. C. Miss. 

Robinson, F. C, Bowdoin Coll., Brunswick. Min., Chem. C. Ex. Me. 

Robinson, John, Treas.P. A. S., Salem. Bot. (In charge Herb. Ar- 
nold Arboretum.) Et. Trees and Shrubs, temp, zone.* Mass. 

Robinson, J. R., Providence. Geol,, Min. C. Ex.* R. I. 

RoBSON, R. W., Cheever. Bot. Kaa. 

Rockey, a. E., M. D., Iowa City. Histol. and Pathol.* la. 

Rockwell, Charles H., Tarrytown, West Chester Co. Ast., Math, 

(Double stales.)* N. Y. 

Rockwell, Rev. E. F., Cool Springs. Min., Arch. N. C. 

Rockwell, George T., Kalamazoo. Min. Prehistoric Relics. Ex. Mich. 

RocKWOOD, Charles G., Jr., Prof. Math., Coll. of N. J., Princeton. 

Meteo,, Seismology,* N.J. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


RODECAP, G. W., Ann Arbor. Bot. Mich. 

RoDGERS, John, Dir. U. S. Naval Obsei-v., Washing^n. D. C. 

RODGERS, McLeod, Ncwburgh. Ent. C. N. Y. 

Rodman, Rev. W., Astoria. Bot. N. Y. 

Roe. J. O, M. D.,-17 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Laryngology,* N. Y. 
Roe, U. C, M. D., Franklin Grove, Lcc Co. Eth. C. Ex.» III. 

RoEBLiNG, VV. A.,C. E., 110 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. Min, C 

Ex. N. Y. 

RoEDER, Conrad, 2821 Thomas St., St. Louis. Arch. Mo. 

ROESLER, F. E., 830 Gratiot St., St. Louis. Arch,^ Mo. 

Rogers, David D., C. E., Daytona, Volusia Co. Nat. Hist. C* Fla. 
Rogers, H. R., Dunkirk. Phys. N. Y. 

Rogers, J. E., MarvviUe Coll., Maiyville. Geol., Min., Palao.j Micros., 

Mam., Reptiles. C. Ex. Tenn. 

Rogers. R. E., M. D., Prof. Chem., Jeff. Med. Coll., 1004 Walnut St., 

Philadelphia. Chem. Penn. 

Rogers, Prof. W. A., Cambridge. Mic. Mass. 

Rogers, Prof. William B., Pres. Nat. Acad. Sci., 117 Marlboroujrh 

St., Boston. Geoi., Phys.* Mhks. 

Rogers, Willis, Grand Rapids. Etit C. Ex. Mich. 

Rohmer, F. J. B., M. D., Sprinjrfield Collcrre, near Mobile. Bot* Ala. 
RoLFE, George W., 406 Broadway, Cambridgeport. Chem., Elect., 

Min.* Mass. 

RoLFE, W. J., Assoc. Editor Boston Journal Chem., 405 Broaihvay, 

Cambridgeport. Chem., Phys. Sci.* Mass. 

ROMINE, J. T., Harveysburg, Warren Co. GeoL C. Ex. L. Sil. fos- 
sils in ex. for those of other ages.* Ohio. 
ROMINOER, Charles, State Geologist of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Mich. 
RoMME, J. Y., Harv6ysburg. Palceo. Ohio. 
Rommel, E., Suspension Bridge. Ent. C. Ex. N. Y. 
RoNEY, Prof. H. B., East Saginaw.* Mich. 
Roof, Prof. B., Woodward Gardens, San Francisco. Zo^l. Cal. 
RooP, C, Prof. Oregon Mus., Portland. General collection in all de- 

partTfients. C. Ex. for Eastern or European species. JEspecial 

attention to rare local spec* Ore. 

Roosevelt, T., 6 W. 57th St., New York. Mam. C. Ex. Desires 

shrews and field mice, N. Y. 

Root, Charles G., Waterbury. Min., GeoL, Sociology. Conn. 

Root, Mrs. E. H., De Kalb. Gen.* 111. 

Roots, Willard H., Little Rock. Ent., Bot. C. Ex. Ark. 

Roper, E. W , Revere. Con. C. Ex. Mass. 

Rosamond, W. B., M. D., Milnersville, Guernsey Co. GeoL, Mm., 

Cryst., Palao., Arch., Vert. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Rose, D. L., Mankato. Oni. C. Ex. Minn. 

Rose, John F., M.D., Oxfoi-d, Chester Co. GeoL, Min. C. Ex. 

Pcnn. minerals.* Penn. 

RosKRUGL, George J., Tucson. Min. C. Ex. Ariz. 

Ross, Prof. A. E., South Haven. GeoL, Bot., Arch. Mich. 

Ross, Alex. Milton, M. D., Montreal. Nat. Hist. Spijc. Fresh Water 

Fishes and Reptiles of Canada.* Canada. 

Ross, C. O., Breckenridge, Sangamon Co. Coleopt., Mic. Ex.* III. 
Ross, Frank W., 321 Orchai-d St., Elmira. GeoL, Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

geol. spec, of Chemung Co.* N. Y. 

Ross, James A., Amity. Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Rossi, August J., New York. Chem. N. Y. 

Rote, A. F., Monroe. Bot.: Phten. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Rothrock, J. T., M. D., Prof, of Bot., Univ. of Penn., West Chester. 

Bot. (Now in Europe.)* Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

ROTHWELL, J. E., 100 Arch St., Boston. Om, C. Ex.* Mass. 

RoTHWELL, R. P., Editor of Engineerings and Mining Journal, 37 Park 

Place, New York. Mining, Mm, C. Ex. N. Y. 

RouBY, H. H., Silver City. But, N. M. 

Rounds, Mrs. H. B., Box 876, Dover. Geol.y Min., Con., Mosses, C. 

Ex. N. H. 

Row, Amos, Postville. Micros. la. 

RowB, R., St. John, N. B. Orn., Odl, Canada. 

RowELL, Frank B., C. E., Lynn. Min., LithoL C. Ex. Mass. 

RowELL, Joseph M., Lynn. Min. Mass. 

Rowland, H. Jr., Fi-ankford, Philadelphia. Penn. 

Roy, Mrs. Jessie D., Royston Park, Owen Sound, Ont. Phmi. Bot., 

Mosses f FeniSy Fwigi, Lichens, Hepaticce, Algae. C. Can. and 

Brit, mosses in ex. for Atlantic coast mosses and algae.* Canada. 
RuARK, R. N., Greenfield. PaUto., Min. C. Ex. 
RuCKER, P. H., Liter, Morgan Co. Nat. Hist., Ent, C. 

spec, for others.* 
RuDKiN, William H., 74 William St., New York. Bot, C* 
RuOGLES, Byron P., Hartland, Windsor Co. Moll, Ent. C. 
RuMNEY, Frank, No. Stou^hton. Nat. Hist., Om.* 
RuNDSTRoM, John, M. D., Lindsborg, McPhersou Co. Bot, 

Rupert, W. W., Pottstown. Min, 

RUPEL, E. C, White Hall. Om., Odl, 

Rupp, William, 961 Third Ave., New York. Analyt, Chem,, 

Chem., Min, C. Ex.* 
RusBY, Henry IL, Franklin, Essex Co. Biol., Bot. 0, Ex, 

Mexico plants.* 
RusSEL, Hattie, Grassy Cove. Min., Orn. 
Russell, Barrett B., State Normal School, Bridgewater. 


Ex. 111. 
Ex. Vt. 
C. Ex.* 


Ent. C. 

Russell, I. C, U. S. Geol. Surv., Salt Lake City. Geol., Palao.* Utah. 

Russell, J. H., San Jose. MoU. C, Ex. Cal. 

Russell, L. W., Pres. Franklin Soc, Providence.* R. I. 

Rust, A. D., Ennis. Lepid., Coleopt., Cret. and Carb. Fossils of Texas. 
Correspondence solicited. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Rust, Horatio N., cor. Rush and Kinzie Sts., Chicago. Arch, C. 
Ex. Will purchase good specimens of stone or copper imple- 
ments. * 111. 

Rust, Mary 0., Pres. Syr. Bot. Club, 112 E. Genesee giv Syracuse. 

Crgpt. Bot. C. Ex.* *• N. Y. 

Rust, W. R., Fort Worth. Pal(Bo., Min., Con. ^ Tex. 

Rutherford, N. L., New York. Micros.* \N. Y. 

Ryder, John A., Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Embryology,* i^enn. 

Ryerson, Thomas, M. D., Newton. Min, 1?^ J. 


Sarin, A. H., Prof. Chem. and Phys., Univ. Vt., Burlington. Chem,* Vt. 
Sachs, Herman, 96 Bloomfield St., Hoboken. Lepid., Coleopt, C. N. J. 
Sackett, Mrs. C. C, Verbank. Bot. N. Y. 

Sadtler, Prof. Samuel P., Univ. of Pa., West Chester. Penn. 

Safford, Prof., Williamstown. Ast. Mass. 

Safford, James M., M. D., Ph. D., State Geologist, Prof. Vandcrbilt 

Univ., Nashville. Nat, Hist,, Geol., Chem, C. Ex.* Tenn. 

Sage, Jno. H., Portland. Orn, C. Ex.* Conn. 

Saguin, Dr., 68 W. 26th St., New York. Micros, N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Sausbubt, Chas. M., 43 N. Main St, Providence. OeoL, Min. C. 

Ex. R. I. 

Salisbury, Henbt C, Florenceville, Howard Co. la. 

Salisbury, Jas. H., M. D., Cleveland. Mic., Med., Crypt, Bot., Geoi, 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Sallers, Coleman, 16th and Hamilton Sts., Philadelphia. Micros. Peiin. 
Saltzwedel, Henry, M. D., 58 Union Ave., Brooklyn, E. D. Mic. 

Ent. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Sampson, F. A., Sedalia. PaUs^^ Gpn., Teatitdinata. C. Cretaceous 

fossils and marine shells of Tex., turtles of Mo. for ex.* Mo. 

Sampson, Ira B., 157 Lancaster St, Alban/. iV. A, Sylva, CoU, of 

tDOod, hark and leaves. Ex.* N. Y. 

Sampson, Mary C, 157 Lancaster St., Albany. Bot. : Ferns. Mosses. 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Samuel, F., Box 621, Auburn. Om^, OoL C. Ex. N. Y. 

Samuels, Edw. A., 25 Congress St., Boston. Om.* Mass. 

Sanborn, Francis G., Consulting Naturalist, Custodian Nat. Hist. Soc, 

Woivcster. Biol., Ent.* Muss. 

Sanborn, Jas. G., East Weymouth. Min. C. Ex. MasM. 

; Sanders, M. L., M. D., Tompson, Carroll Co. Ex. 111. 

I Sanderson, C. H. K., Prin. High School, Box 623, Greenfield. Bot. 

. C. Ex. Mass. 

^ Sanderson, Rev. George E., Fenis, Hancock Co. GeoL, EthnoL C* 111. 

j Sanderson, R. C, City Supt of Schools, Burlington. Geol. C. Ex. la. 

' Sanpord, H. H., Thomasvillc. Bot. Ga. 

Sanford, James A., 289 Summit St., Toledo. Bot, Ex. Phanogams 

and Fungi.* Ohio. 

Sanford, J. N., Elbow Lake, Grant Co. Om. Minn. 

( Sanford, O. N., C. E., San Diego. Gen. Nat. Hist, (local). Ex. in 

Coleopt. and Conch, (general).* Cal. 

\ Sangster, J. H., M.D., Port Peny. Ent. Canada. 

• Sargent, Chas. S., Prof. Arboriculture, H. C, Brookline. Bot.* Mass. 
) Sargent, F. L , Care B. S. Pray, 80 State St, Boston. Biol., Mic, 

I specialty Comp. Anat. C* Mass. 

I Sargent, Porter, Memmac. Geol. C. Ex. Mass. 

I Sarton, Alp. D., Shearman. Geol. Radiata, Palceo. Ent., W. T. 

Satterthwaite, Thos. E., M. D., 50 E. 31st St., New York. Micros. 
i • N. Y. 

Saul, Sara, Jamestown, Boulder Co. Ent.: liepid. C.* Col. 

I Saunders, Ernest C, Prof, of Bot, 11 Baile St., Montreal. Bot.: Medi- 
I cinal Plants. C* Canada. 

Saunders, M. L., M. D., Thomson, Can-oil Co. Indian Relics, Numis- 
1 matics. C. Ex.* III. 

, Saunders, Orlando, 41 East St, Pa wtucket Om. C. R I. 

I Saunders, W. E., London, Ont Om., 061. C, Ex.* Canada. 

f Saunders, Wm. H., M. D., Kenosha. Chem., Min. C* Wis. 

Savage, Henry, Cai-e Boston Soc. Nat Hist, Boston. Ent.: Coleopt., 

Lepid. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Saw, Dr. G., Greeley. Chem,, Min.* Col. 

Sawyer, F., Lawrence. Zodl. Kan. 

Sawyer, Geo. F., A. B., Belleville. Invert. PaUeo., Min. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Sawyer, Louis J., East Templeton. Bot,, Ent., Spec, Ferns. C. 

Ex.* Mass. 

Sayler, M., Ladoga. Bot., PaUeo., Artiettlates, Mollusks, Radiates, 

Sponges, Protozoa, Infusoria, C, Ex. Ind. 

Scarborough, G., Vineland. Bot,, Geol,, Con. C* N. J, 

SCHAEBERLE, J. M., Asst in Obs., Ann Arbor.* Mich. 

ScHAFFER, Chas., M. D., 1309 Arch St., Philadelphia. PAiwi. Bot.* Penn 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SCH^FFBR, E. M., M. D., 1116 F St., N. W., Washinprton. Gen. D. C. 

iScuAPFKANEK, A., Ph. D., 6 17th St., Wheeling. Min,^ EnL : Dipt., 
Hymen., Hergiipt, Con., Ind. ReUca, Hot. C. Preparinjr an illus- 
trated Flora of the United States and of the Pi-ovince of Ontario. 
A limited number of good correspondents in the Dep. of Botany 
only desired.* W. Va, 

ScHANCK, J. S., M. D., LL. D., Princeton. Chem.* N. J. 

ScHAUPP, Prof. F. G., 9 Broadway, Brooklyn. Ent.: Coleopt, C. Ex. 
Cicindelidw and Cai-abidse.* N. Y, 

ScHAUS, WiLHELM, Jr., Exctcr. EtU. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex. N. H. 

ScHEEFFER, L)K G. A., Evansvillc. Ckem., Phya. Ind. 

ScHELLER, Louis, Green Bay. Om., Tax» C. Ex. for So. and West- 
ern spec* Wis. 

Schick, W. H., M. D., 2818 South Park Ave., Chicago, (h-n.. Tax.* III. 

Schickel, Edw. B., 119 Bi*oadway, BuflEalo. Chem,, Geol, Mic. C* 


Schiller, Prof. J. D., Jackson. Mic. C, Ex. Mich. 

Schilling, J. P., M. D., Louisville. Om. Ohio. 

ScHiMMEL, J. O., 431 Master St., Philadelphia. Bot., Mic. C. Penn. 

Schiner, J. F. L., U. S. Mint, Denver. Microa. Col. 

ScHLEMMER, CHARLES, 460 Sycamore St., Cincinnati. Min., Pakeo., 
Con. 0. Ex. Ohio. 

ScHLENER, John A., Minneapolis. Om,, 061., Nat. Hiat. C. Ex.* 


SCHLET, Wm. S., Asst. State Geologist, Atlanta. Invert. Palcto., Geol., 
Min.,Metall. C. Ex. Ga. 

Schmidt, E. F., 88 Ti-avis St., Houston. Chem., Min. C. Ex.* Tex. 

Schmidt, H. D., M D., 263 1-2 Canal St., New Orleans. Normal and 
Pathological Histology, Physiol, La. 

Schmidt, O., Hoboken. Num. N.J. 

ScHNECK, J., M. D., Mt. Cai-mel. Bot., Local Nat. Hiat. C. Ex. 
plants and shells.* III. 

Schneider, Elias, Milton. Math, Penn. 

ScHNUR, William, Warren. Mic. C. Ex. Penn. 

ScHOCK, Oliver D., Berks. Coins and Indian Relica.* Penn. 

Schoenborn, Henry F., 213 7th St. N. W., Washington. Lepid., 061. 
C. Ex.* D. C 

Schoenfeld, John, M. D.. 118 So. 9th St., Reading. Geol, Min. C. 
Ex. Penn. 

Schoenhardt, J. H., 74 Galvez St., New Orleans. Coleopt. La. 

Schoney, L., M. D., 170 E. 71st St.. New York. Biology, Mic, Bot. 
Ex. pathological and botanical specimens.* N. If. 

Schooley, W. D , Richmond. Bot. : Ferns, Mosses, Fungi, Alga, Geol., 
Min., Archao. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Schor, R. F., Evansville. Con., Min. C* Ind. 

Schott, Conrad, Providence. Ent. R. I. 

SCHOWALTER, E. R., M. D., Point Clear. Tertiary, Cretaceous, Marine, 
L. and F. W. shells of So. states for sale. C* Ala. 

SCHRAOE, William Ph., Ch., Sheboyjran. Analyt. Chem. Wis. 

SCHRAUER, L., 228 E. 34th St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

ScHRENK, Joseph, Hoboken. Bot., Mic. C. Ex.* N. J. 

ScHUCHERT, C, 300 Broadway, Cincinnati. C. Ex.* L. Silurian and 
Niagara fossils. Ohio. 

SCHULER, G., 500 Main St., Buffalo. Coleopt. C. N. Y: 

Schuster, Theo., 419 Herkimer St., Brooklyn. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

ScHULTZ, E., 1005 Sixth Ave., New York. Ent., Bot. N. Y. 

Schuster, Moritz, N. W. cor. 2nd Carondelet Ave. and Hickory St., 
St. Louis. Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


SCHWARZ, E. A., 1700 13th St., N. W., Washington. Economic EnL, 

Coleopt. C. Ex. D. C. 

Schweitzer, Paul, Ph.D., Pi-of. Chcm., Mo. State Univ., Columbia, 

Boone Co. Chem Mo. 

SCHWENSEN, F. M., Housatonic. Coleopt. C. Ex. Mass. 

SCHWINN, J. W., Jr., Butfalo. Coleopt, C. Ex. N. Y. 

ScivENSON, J. M., L. Box 3952, New York. Coleopt. : Scarabtridtp, 

Ex. N. Y. 

ScoFiELD, Rev. William C, Oswego. N. Y. 

ScoLLiCK, Joseph W., 49 Asylum St., Rochester. Preparative Osteol- 
ogist* N. Y. 
ScooN, JAJtfES H., M. D., Amsterdam. Micros. N. Y. 
Scott, A. E., Lexington. Hot* Masti. 
Scott, A. J., Crawfist Springs, Walker Co. Arch. Ga. 
Scott, D. B., 61 Broadway, New York. Micros. C. Ex. N. Y. 
Scott, Miss Eugenie, Ogle Co. Phys.^ Geol. Ex. Silurian fossils for 

others.* lU. 

Scott, Fred., Battle Creek. Mic, Mich. 

Scott, George B., Westfield. Micros, N. J. 

Scott, J, G., Westfield. P/tan. Bot., Geol C. Ex. Ma^s. 

Scott, Judge John T., Tene Haute. Geol, {coal measures). C. Ex. 

Have spec, from coal mcasui'es. Want bil. and Devonian.* Ind; 
Scott, W. E. D., Cur. Mus. of Biol., Princeton Coll., Princeton. Geti. 

Biol.y Om. N.J. 

ScovELL, Melville A., M. S'» Urbana. Agric. Chem. 111. 

ScovELL, J. T., Prof. Nat. Sci., Ind. State Normal School, Terre Haute. 

Ferns. C. Ex. Ind. 

ScoviLL, S. S., M. D., Lebanon. Hort.y Geol., Palao., Biol. C. Ex. 

Lower Silurian fossils. Ohio. 

SCRANTON, William H., Oxford. Metal., Min. N.J. 

SCRIBNER, E. O., Prof. Nat. Sci., Ripon Coll. Chem. Fossils desired 

in ex. for minerals. Mis. 

SCRIBNER, F. Lamson, Girard Coll., Philadelphia. GraminetP.* Penn. 
SCRIBNER, G. Hilton, Yonkers.* N. Y. 

Scribneb, Rev. H. F. J., Strafford, Orange Co. Meteorology.* Vt. 

ScuDDER, Newton P., Middletown. £m6. C. Ex. Conn. 

ScuDDER, Samuel H., Hai-vard Coll. Libraiy, Cambridge. Gen. ZooL^ 

Fossil Insects, Orthoptera, Butter/lies.* Mass. 

ScuPHAM, J. R., Asst. Engineer, C. P. R. R., San Francisco. Min. 

C* CaL 

Seagrave, F. E., P. O. Box 1083, Providence. Ast., Phys.* R. I. 

Seaman, W. H., Prof. Chem., 1424 11th St., N. W., Washington. Mic* 

D. C. 
Seamans, Prof. W. O., Delaware. Chem. Ohio. 

Sears, J. F., Niagara Falls. Mic, Optics. C* N. Y. 

Sears, John H., Danvers. Bot. : Shrubs and Trees. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Seeber, Ernest, 939 So. 2nd St., Philadelphia. Ent. : Coleopt., Lepid. 

C. Ex.* Fenn. 

Seeger, C. L., 70 Temple St., Springfield. Phcen. Bot. Mass. 

Seeger, Edward W., /O Temple St., Springfield. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, 

Om. C. Ex. Mass. 

Seeley, Charles A., Ph. D., 37 Park Row, Chem., Phys.* N. Y. 

Seblt, Henry M., Prof, in Middlebury Coll., Middleburj'. Chem. Bot., 

C. Ex.* Vt. 

Sbelye, C. W., Rochester. Ph€Bn, Bot., Ferns, Horticulture.* N. Y. 
Seiber, W. F., Fenville, Allegan Co. C. . Mich. 

Seiss, C. Few, 1338 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. Herpetology, Gen. 

Zool. Pa. reptiles and batrachians for ex.* Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Seiss, Ralph W., 1338 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. Comp. Anat.^ 
Mam,, He) pet. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Selden, James, 116 E. 5th St., Cincinnati. Palceo.^ MoUuakt. Ohio. 

Sellers, C, M. E., 3301 Borintr St., Philadelphia. Penn. 

Seltzer, Jno. A., Lebanon. Penn. 

Selwyn, Alfred R. C, LL. D., F. R. S., F. G. S., Dii*ector Geol. and 
Nat. Hist. Surv. Can., Sussex St., Ottawa. Geol.* Canada. 

Semple, William S., Easton. Ool. (J. Ex.* Penn. 

Sennett, George B., Meadville. Orn., Ent. : especially Lepid. C. 
Ex. fine duplicates of Texas birds and eggs. Penn. 

Sessions, Miss Kate O., 1428 7th Ave., East Oakland. Ferns, Min , 
Etit., Moll. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Severance, Rev. M. L., Middlebury. Geol., Min, C* Vt. 

Sewall, George II., Verdcn, Macoupin Co. Bot. 111. 

Seymour, Arthur B., Normal. Bot., Ferns, Parasitic Fungi. C. 
Ex.* III. 

Seymour. Rev. E., 47 Mun-ay St., New York. N. V. 

Seymour, F. H., 163 Concri-es's St., E., Detroit. Numismatics. C. Mich. 

Seymour, George VV., Taylors Falls, Chisago Co. Arch. C. Ex. 


Seymour, Prof. M. L., Normal. Ckem. and Nat. Phil. III. 

Seymour, W. U., 3 Clinton Place, Troy. Ool. C. Ex. Desires cor- 
respondence.* * N. Y. 

Shaffer, J. M., A. M., M. D. Gen., Orn. C* 

Shaler, N. S., Prof, of Palaeo., Harvard Uaiv., Cambridge. Geol, 
Palieo,* Mass. 

Shallckoss, John, 4610 Fi-ankford Ave., Philadelphia. Ent., Min., 
Con. C. Penn. 

Shall enberger, Thomas M., Toulon, Stark Co. Arch.y Mm., Geol. 
C. Will make collections in iiny department for ex. in above.* III. 

Shannon, W. P., A. M., Greensburg, Decatur Co. Invert. PaUeo, C. 
Cin. and Niag. fossils to ex. for those of other epochs. Ind. 

Sharks, Ebbnezer, Indianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Sharp, A. P., Baltimore. Chem. Md. 

Sharp, S. Z., A. M., Mt. Morris. Con,, Geol. C. Shells for ex.* III. 

Sharples, S. P., S. B., 114 State St., Boston. Geol., Lithol., Mic* Mass. 

Sharpless, Alfred, West Chester. Arch. Penn. 

Sharpless, B'rederick F., West Chester. Min. Penn. 

Sharpless, Isaac, Prof. Math, and Ast.. Haverford Coll. Ast.* Penn. 

Sharpless, Philip P., West Chester. Arch. Penn. 

Shattjck, Lydia W., So. Hadley. Bot. C. Ex. Mass. 

Shattuck, Samuel W., C. E., l/rbana. Math. III. 

Shaup, Rev. J., Hastinirs. Bot. Mich. 

Shavit, C. Jay, Pottersville, Warren Co. Ool., Ent., Min., Forest Bot. 
C. Ex. Trees and shrubs in ex. for eggs, insects and minerals.* 


Shaw, E., B., 49 Dana St., Cambridge. Min. C. Ex. Western and 
southern spec. esp. desired. Desires correspondence.* Mass. 

Shaw, James M., So. Wateiibrd. Min. C. Ex.* Me. 

Shaw, J., Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co. Geol., Prehistoric Man, Mound- 
builders. C. Will ex. sil. fossils or prehistoric relics for potteiT 
or other relics. III. 

Shaw, R. T., Waynesville. Geol. C. Ex. • Ohio. 

Sheafer, Arthur W., B. S., Asst. 2nd Geol. Surv., Pottsville. Geol., 
Mining.* Penn. 

Sheafer, P. W., Pottsville. Iron and Coal, etc., Geol. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Sheahan, J. P., A. M., M. D., Denny sville. Invert. Palao., Lithol., 
Arch., Orn., Mollusks. C, Ex.* Me. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Shearer, J. H., Maiysville. Arch. C Ohio. 

SnEEHAN, William F., M. D., 45 Lake Ave., Rochester. Human 
Anat., Mic. C.» N. Y 

Sheffer, Clark, South Haven. Hort., Bot^ Min. Mich 

Sheldon, Charles S., Normal School, Oswego. Bot.^ Con, C Ex. 

Sheldon, D. S., A. M., LL. D., Prof. Griswold Coll., Daveuport. Gen. 
Nat. Hist., Con. C. Ex.* - la. 

Sheldon, Edwin F., Middletown. Min. Conn. 

SHELDON, John L., Loda, li-oquois Co. Ent. C. 111. 

Shelton, Mrs. VV. S. C, Dunkirk. Micros. N. Y. 

Shepard, Arthur, Santi Cruz. Alga;, Mic Cal. 

Shepard, C, M. D., Grand-Rapida. Mic. Mich. 

Shepard, Prof. C. N., New Haven. Min. €.♦ Conn. 

Shepard. Charles II., Jr., Prof. Chcin., Med. Coll., State of S. C, 
Charleston. Chem. C. Ex. Kutilc, Lazulite and Pyrophj'Uite 
to ex.* S.C. 

Shepard, Elmer E., Fairfield. Arch., Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 

Shepard, Edw. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., Drury Coll., Springfield. Bot.: 
Vase. Cryptogams. C Correspondence from Mo. botanists de- 
sired.* JHo. 

Shepard, James, Box 826, New Britain. Mm. C. Ex. Send list of 
duplicates.* Conn. 

Shepard, Miss Nettie, New Britain. Aftn., Mollusks, Ferns. C. Ex. 
minerals.* Conn. 

Sheppard, Edwin, 2025 N. 17th St., Philadelphia. Vert., Orn. C Peiin. 

Sheppard, Dr. Mark, Alfred. Orn. N.Y. 

Shepherd, M. W., Rochester Depot, Lorain Co. Afm., Arch. C. Ex. 


Sherk, John C, Brookville. Om, Ind. 

Sherman, B. F., M. D., 64 Ehzabeth St., Ogdensbui-g. Chem., Mic, 
Geol.* N. Y. 

Sherman, Lewis, A. M , M. D., Milwaukee. Bot., Chem., Mic* Wis. 

Sherman, O. T., Newburgh. Mathematics. N. Y. 

Sherman, Sanford F., New Hartford, Oneida Co. 07. C Ex. N Y. 

Shrrriff, F. A., Maverick Nat. Bank, Boston. Coleopt. C. Ex. Mass. 

Sherrill, J. E., Danville. Biol., Geog. Uist. C. Ind. 

Sherwood, Andrew, Mansfield. Hort., Geol., Palaeo., Arch. C. 
Ex.* Pcnn. 

Sherwood, W. L., Corning, Adams Co. Specialty, Bhizopods, Her- 
petohgy, C. of Reptiles. Would like to correspond and ex.* la. 

Shields, H., Ti-ov. Obi. C Ex. N.Y. 

Shimer, Henry, A. M., M. D., Mt. Canoll. Orn., Ent., Gen. Sci. C. 
Ex. Has«i frood collection of birds, insects and plants.* IH. 

Shipman, E. F., Evanston. Bot. C Ex. 1000 sp Ind. and 111. 
plants for ex.* III. 

Shirk, John C, Brookville, Franklin Co. Geol, Ichth.* Ind. 

Shoals, George H., PZasthampton. Ool. C. Ex. for rare spec. Mass. 

Shockley, William H., M. E., New Bedford. C. Ex. Mass. 

Shomas, B. W., 918 Indiana Ave., Chicajro. Diatoms, Mic. C. III. 

Shomey, S. S., Morris, Grundy Co. Fossil pi mis. C* 111. 

Shores. E. I., M. D., Sufficld.' Oni. C. Ex. Conn. 

Short. John T., Ph. D., Prof. Hist., Columbus. Anth., Am. Arch, and 
Eth.* Ohio. 

Short, Sidney H., B. S., Prof. Phys., Univ. of Denver, Denver. Elec- 
tric light.* Col. 

Short. Rev, William, 45 Sidnev Place, Brooklyn. jBo^ C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Shorten, J. W., 191 W. 4th St., "^Cincinnati. Zo^l.* Ohio. 

Show, J. B., Jr., Lafaprette. Chem. Ind. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

102 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Shkiner, W. W., M. D., Liberty, Union Co. Arch.t GeoL, Paleto, C. 

Ex. Ind. 

Shriver, Howard, Wythcville. Phaen^ Bot, Ferns. C. Ex.* Va. 

Shrock, Frank H., M. D., So. Pueblo. Arch., PaUso., Osteol. C. 

Ex. Col. 

Shrock; Jacob H., Newark, Licking Co. Arch., Geol, PaUso. C. 

Shroyer, J. C, 365 W. Court St., Cincinnati. Paltso. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Shuelke, Rev. Prof. Paul Fr., Ackley, Hardin Co. Bot., Geol., 

Con. C. Ex. Desires Grasses from every part of the world.* la. 
Shulak, Rev. F. H., Prof. Min. and Nat. Hist., St. Ignatius Coll., 12th 

St., W. Chicago. Min., Geol., Ent., Con. C. Ex. III. 

Shultz, Charles S., Hoboken. Mic, Gen. Biol, Infusoria, C* N. J. 
Shultz, J. H., M. D., Box 332, Logansport. Con., Geol. C. Ex. 

Cal., also U. and L. Silurian fossils.* Ind. 

Shumard, J. H., 18 E. State St., Columbus. Arch., Eth. Ohio. 

Shumard, Mrs. Warren, Richmond. Geol., Palao. C. Ex. Ind. 
Shurly, E. L., 544 Jeifcrson Ave., Detroit. Mic* Mich. 

Shutt, Mrs. W. E., Springfield. Geol., Con. III. 

Sias, Frederick C, Schoharie, Scho. Co. Geol., Palteo. C. coins. N. Y. 
SiAS, Solomon, A. M., M. D., Schoharie. Geol, Palceo., Met., Ast. 

C* N. V. 

Sibley, P. B., Deadwood. Geol Dakotah. 

Sidle, John W., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

SiEWERS, C G., Box 23, Newport. Ent. C* Ky. 

SiGSBEE, Charles D., Lieut. Commander U. S. Navy, U. S. Hydro- 
graphic Office, Navy Dept., Washington. Practice and Economy 

of Deep-sea Sounding, Dredging, etc.* IXr C» 

SiLER, "Andrew L., Pahrhea, Cane Co. Bot., Fenis and F. W. Shells, 

Arch.* Utah. 

Siler, J., 1242 Broadway, St. Louis. Mo. 

Sill, J. M. B., Detroit. Or;i., Zoul Mich. 

SiLLiMAN, Prof. B., Yale College, New Haven. Chem., Min., Met.* 

SiLLiMAN, J. M., Prof. Mining Eng., Lafayette College, Easton. Mic* 

Silvester, Miss Martha, Maiden. Mass. 

Sinks, T., Treas. Acad. Sci., Leavenworth. Kan. 

SiMES, J. Henry C, M. D., Philadelphia. Micros. C* Penn. 

Simmons, Rev. H. M., Madison. Mic C* Wis. 

SIMMS, J. R., Fort Plain. Arch. C Ex.* N. V. 

Simon, H. L., Lancaster. Min., Ool., Geol, Arch. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Simon, Wm., Ph. D., Prof. Chem., 10 Block Street, Baltimore, Chem., 

Mm. C. • Md. 

SiMONDS, F. W., M. S., Ph. D., Prof. Geol., Zool. and Bot., Univ. of N. 

C, Chapel Hill. Geol, Min. N. Ca. 

Sims, B. L., Clarksville. Bot. Tex. 

Singleton, M. T., Atlanta. Pakeo. C. Ex. Ga. 

SissoN, R., La Plume, Luzerne Co. Penn. 

Sizer, N. B. de S., B. Sc, M. D., 336 Green Ave., Brooklyn. Hist., 

Org. Chem. N. V. 

Skaer, Henry, 2634 McNair Ave., St. Louis. Ent., Coleopt. C. Ex.* 

Skarstedt, Ernst, Lindsborg. Mam., Om , Gastej'opoda, Bot. C. Kan. 
Skelton, John L., 376 W. Monn^e St., Chicago. Om., Tax. C. Ex. 

Want birds from Southern States. III. 

Skidmore, Prof. S. F., Cor. 17th and Springs Sts., Philadelphia. Phys. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Skiff, M. M., Jamestown. N. Y. 

SKrxNER, A. G., Yoiingstown, Niagara Co. Bot* N. Y. 

Skinner, Harry, 716 N. 20th St., Philadelphia. Ent,: Lepid, C. 

Ex.* Penn. 

Skinner, M. J., Atco. Bot, Ex. N.J. 

Slade, Elisha, Somerset. Zoo/., Nat. Hist, of the farm. Met., Hered- 
ity in animaU and plants.* Mass. 
Slate, Prop, S., Univ. of Cal., Berkelej. Cal. 
Sleeper, Frank S., Galesburg. Cvleoptera. C* Mich. 
Sloan, John, M. D., New Albany. Aftc, Diatoms of So. Ind. C* Ind. 
Slocum, Charles E., M.D., Ph. D., Syracuse. Histol., twrmal and 

pathological* N. Y. 

Small, H. Beaumont, M. D., Ottawa, Ont. Bot. C. Ex.* Canada. 
Small, Oscar A., Beaver, Beaver Co. GeoL^ Min, C* Penn. 

Smalley, E. D., 435 Clinton Ave., Albany. Nat. Hist. N. Y. 

Smathers, Lillie, Waynesville. Birds Eggs. N. C. 

Smedley, John, Lima, Del. Co. Min. Penn. 

Smith, Mrs. A. T., Medina. Tax. N. Y. 

Smith, Benjamin, G., Cambridge. Hort. Mass. 

Smith, Benjamin H., 705 Walnut St.. Philadelphia. Coleopt. Penu. 
Smith, Rev. C. D., Franklin. Geol., Min. C. Ex. N. C. 

Smith, Charles E., 216 So. 15th St., Philadelphia. Bot. C* Penn. 
Smith, Charles N., L. B. 1011, Delaware. Min., Geol, C. Ex. Ohio. 
Smith, Cyrus, M. D., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Smith, D. M., 144 Waterloo St., St. John, N. B. Bot. Canada. 

Smith, Miss Emily, Jersey City. Nat. Hist. N. J. 

Smith, Everett, C E. Om., Nat. Hist., Fish and Game. C. Me. 
Smith, Mrs. E. A., Dublin. Mosses, Ferns. Ind. 

Smith, Miss Emma A., 136 Moss St., Peoria. Econ. Ent. : Hymen. 

Ex. 111. 

Smith, Mrs. Erminnie A*, 203 Pacific Ave., Jersey City. Min., Geol. 

C. Ex. N.J. 

Smith, Eugene A., Ph. D., Prof. Chem. and Geol., Univ. of Ala., 

State Geolojrist, Tuscaloosa. Chem., Geol., Phan. Bot., Ferns, 

Tertiary SheUs. Ex.* Alft. 

Smith, E. C, Dixon. Bot. 111. 

Smith, Erwin F., Hubbardston. Bot. C. Ex. Foreign ex. desired * 

Smith, E. J., Box 35, Natick. N. A. Birds, Lepid., Coleoptera, Shells. 

C Ex.* Mass. 

Smith, E. Kirby, Univ. of the South, Scwanee. Phten. Bot., Crypt. 

Bot. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

Smith, Frank, 514 Lexington St., Baltimore. Ferns, Hort.* Mil. 

Smith, F. C, Bridgeport. Ent. C* Conn. 

Smith, F. H., Prof. Univ. of Va., Charlottesville. Geol, Va. 

Smith, Fred. E., Ithaca. Geol. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Smith, Fred. Sumner, 78 Trumbull St., New Haven. Om., Ool, 

Herpetol, Bot. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Smith, Geo. C, Litchfield. Min. C. Ex. Me. 

Smith, Geo. D., 194 Washington St., Boston. Ent.: Coleopt. C. Mass. 
Smith, George L., C. E., State Normal School, Baltimore. Bot. C 

Ex. Md. 

Smith, Greene, A. M., Petersboro, Madison Co. Om. C. N. Y. 

Smith, G. A., Fort Wayne. Om., Tax. C. Ex. Ind. 

Smith, Harry H., Wyandotte. Min. Kan. 

Smith, Horace H., CTreen St., Germantown, Philadelphia. Odl. of N. 

A. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Smith, Herbert W., Box 2621, St. Paul. Min., Lith. C. Ex.* Minn. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


SBfTTH, H. L., Prof. Nat Phil, and Astron., Hobart College, Geneva. 

Astron., Aftc. especially JHatomSf Faramimfera and Radwlurite, 

C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Smith, H. £., East SajBrmaw. Mie, C Ex. Vegetable Sections, double 

stained preparations or chem. crystals. Mich. 

Smith, H. S., 610 Commercial St., San Francisco. Afin.* Cal. 

Smith, J. Alden, State Geologist, Denver. Min.^ Geol, C. Ex.* Col. 
Smith, J. B., M. D., Amherst. Gen, Biol., Anth, Mass. 

Smith, John Donnell, 75 Park Ave., Baltimore. BoU in general, 

C* Md. 

Smith, Prof. J. Edwards, M. D., 345 Superior St., Cleveland.* Ohio. 
Smith, Jesse E., Rockville. Odl. C. Conn. 

Smith, J. Lawrence, Louisville. Min,* Ky. 

Smith, Jay L., Ravenswood, L. I., or 86 Bcekman St., New York City. 

Mic.f HistoL and Pathol. C. Ex. sections from Pathol., eyes, 

many i*are cases. Want correctly named Tumors.* If . Y. 

Smith, L.*D., Cedarville, Herkimer Co. Geo/., Min, N. Y. 

Smith, Louis L., Media. Min, C. Penn. 

Smith, Mrs. Mary 1., Keitlisbui^f. Arch,, Bot, III. 

Smith, Minna C, En^Iewood. Zo&l, III. 

Smith, Norman A., M. D., C. M., Frelighsburg, Quebec. Gen, Nat. 

Hist. C. Canada. 

Smith, O. D., Ala. Agric. and Mech. CoU., Auburn. Math, Ala. 

Smith, Miss Rosa, San Dic^o. Bot. : Algee, Ferns, Fishes, C, Cal. 
Smith, R. D., Pres. Columbia Athenseum, Columbia. Geol, C. Ex. 

Smith, Sanderson, New Brighton, L. I, Con. N. Y. 

Smith, S. L., Prof. Comp. Anat., Yale Coll., New Haven. Gen, Biol., 

Crustacea .* Con u . 

Smith, T. Berry, A. B., A. M., Prof. Nat. Sci., McCune Coll., Louis-. 

iana. Pike Co. Chem., Min, C. Ex.* * Mo. 

Smith, William A., M. D., Ph. D., M. A., Columbia. Nat. Hist, C. 

Ex. Tenn. 

Smith, W. H., M. D., Ph. D.. St. Clair. Herpet,, Gen, Nat. Hist, Mich. 
Smith, W. R., Belleville, Box 264. Min,, PaUeo., Con, Canada. 

Smith, William R., Cui-ator Botanic Gardens, Washington. Bot.* D. C. 
Smith, Prof. Uriah, Battle Ci-eek. Mich. 

Smithe, G. C, Cambridge. Om. 111. 

Smock, John C, New Brunswick. Geol, N. J. 

Smuceer, Isaac, Newark. Arch,, Geol,,Pakeo, C* Ohio. 

Smyth, B. B., Topeka. Bot, Kan. 

Smyth, G. A., Newport. Chem, R. I. 

Smythe, Dr., Charity Hospital, New Orleans. Micros. JLa. 

Smythe, G. C, M. D., Greencastle. Mic, Ind. 

Snow, F. H., Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. Kan., Lawrence. Ent., Om,, Bot. 

C. Kansas and N. Mex. Coleopt. and Lepid. for ex. Joists of 

duplicates.* Kan. 

Snyder, J. F., Vir^nia, Cass Co. Geol, Arch, 111. 

Snyder, L. A., M. D., Ashland. Penn. 

Snyder, Mrs. M. S., Champaiorn. 111. 

SoMERS, J., A. B., M. D., Halifax, N. S. Bot., Zoiil,, Phys, Canada. 
SoMERS, James C, Carbon Hill, Hocking Co. Palao., Geol., Min. C. 

Ex. Ohio. 

S0RN3ERGER, Samuel, Ph. M., Cortland. Optics, Acoustics,* N. Y. 
Sorrels, B. W., Aurora. Neb. 

Sotzen, Traugott, Shelby. Bot,, Min,, GeoL C. Ex. Ohio. 

SouLE, E. E., Grand Ridge. Palao. 111. 

Soulb, William, M. S., Cazenovia. N. Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 


SoiTTHARD, Eugene C, Kalamazoo. Comp. Anat, Mich. 

Southwell, J. H., Hock Island. Bot.^ Palao. C. Devon, and Nia^r. 

fossils for ex.* III. 

South WICK, Francis B., 175 Broadway, New York. Orti.tOdl.y Marine 

Alga. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

SouTflWiCK, J. M., (S. AJencks), Naturalist, 283 Westminster St., 

Providence. Alin, C. Ex.* R. I. 

South WORTH, G. \V., Necdliam. Bot., A/m. C. Ex. Mass. 

SowTER, E. T. W., Dept. of Interior, Ottawa. Palceo. CanHila. 

Spalding, Mrs. A. D., Schodiack Landing. N. Y. 

Spalding, Volney M., Asst. Prof. Bot., Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor. 

Fungi.* Mich. 

Spang, Norman, Etna, Allegheny Co. ilfin., Arch. C* Penn. 

Spargrove, Rev. G. M., Mnriysville. Bot. Penn. 

Spath, A., Mt. Carmel. Bot. J 11. 

Spaulding. Flora B., Taftsville, Windsor Co. Om., Odl. Vt, 

Spaulding, Justin, Chicopee. Mic* Mass. 

Spaulding, Randall, Montclair, Essex Co. Bot. C. Ex. N. J. 

Spayde, Prop. William H., Middletown, Dauphin Co. Analyt. Chem.y 
Alin. and Lithol. C. Ex. Wish to ex. good specimens of min- 
ei-als and rocks for others. Inferior specimens not wanted. Ores 
and metallic minerals a specialty. Ilave Hematite from Islnnd 
of Elba.* Penn. 

Specht, George J., Mininjr Engineer, Sutro.* Nev. 

Speers, J. F., Memphis. Micros. Tenn. 

Speir, Francis, Jr., So. Orange. Vei-t. Palaeo.* N. J. 

Spelman, Henry M., 62 Sparks St., Cambridge. Om. C. Ex. for 

spec, from Cal, and Gulf States.* Mass. 

Spence, Mrs. E. Jane, Springfield. Bot. : Fertis, Mosses, Hepaticie, 

Lichens. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Spencer, Charles A., Geneva. Manttfacture^' of Microscopes. N. Y. 
Spencer, G. L., Lafayette. Chem. Ind. 

Spencer, J. W., B. A. S., M. A., Ph.D., B. A. Sc, Prof. Chem., Geol. 
and Mining, King's Coll., Windsor, N.S. Palteo., spec. Fluviatile 
Geol. of Great Lake Regions of N. A. C. Ex. Devon, corals, 
Laurentian minerals, etc.* Canada. 

Spencer, John W., Paxton, Sullivan Co. Bot., Geol., Palteo., Arch., 
Knt. C. Ex. fine Carb. fossils for othera of any age or formation 
" "" * Ind. 


Ferns. C. 









Ex. for fossil 

N. M. 


in the U. S. or Europe.* 
Sperry, J. D., South Haven. Min, Arch. C. 
Sperry, Joseph H., Clinton. Phien. Bot., Crypt 

Spofford, Amos L., Georgetown. Bot., Om. C. Ex. 
Spofford, F. a., M. D., Ludlow. Om. 
Sprague, Charles J., Globe Nat. Bank, Boston. Lichens. 
Spragub, F. H., Wollaston. Ent. C. 
Sprague, Isaac, Grantville. Botanical Artist.* 
Springer, Alfred, Ph. D., A. M., Box 573, Cincinnati 

Springer, Frank, Ciman-on, Colfax Co. Pakeo. C. 

fish or crinoids.* 
Springer, M. J., 153 Bates St., Detroit. Mic. 
Springer, Phil. M., Springfield. Ent., Con. C* 
Sproul, Cyrus, Kevport. Phten. Bot. 
Squires, Mary J., Lockport. Min., Lepid. C. Ex.* 
Staebner, F. W., Care Prof. H. A. Ward, Rochester. Min.* 
&TADTMULLEB, L., Sheffield Scientific School, New Haven. Min, 









Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Stager, Walter, Sterling. Geol.* 

Stahr, Prof. John S., Lancaster. Bot. {Phcen.) C. Ex.* 

Stalker, Milliken, Araes. Anat, 

Stalnaker, J. W., M. D., Austin.* 

Stanaoe, S. W., Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. Geol, MoUusks. 

Standiske, August, 292 23r(l St,, New York. 
Staner, Dr., Grigj;sville, Pike Co. Min., Arch, 
Stanley, F. F., Swampscott. Mic, C. Ex. 
Stanley, Prof. Richard C, Bates Coll., Lewiston. 
Stanton, J. C, Rio Vista. Meteor., Ast. 
Stanton, J. Y., Prof. Bates Coll., Lewiston. Om. C* 
Stapleton, Rev. A., East Point, Tioga Co. Geol. C. 

Catskill and Carb. specimens for ex. 
Starr, Mrs. Amory R , Marshall, Harrison Co. Geol, ( 
Starr, E. S., Springfield. Ferns, Oni. C. 
Starr, Frederick, 27 Seminary Ave., Auburn. 3/tn. 

C. Ex.* 
St. Cyr, Prop. Napoleon D. de Nicolet, Quebec. 







C. Ex.* Tex. 
Pakeo.t Arch. 

N. Y. 
Bot., Ent. C. 


Steacy, W. H., Tampa, Hillsboro' Co. Oni., Tax.* 
Stearns, Charles A., 37 Pearl St., Boston. Min., Con, 
Stearns, D. B., 64 First Place, Brooklyn. 051., Om., 

C. Ex. 
Stearns, Frederick, Detroit. Bot. C. Ex. 
Stearns, H. P., M.D., Hartford.* 
Stearns, R. E.C., Univ. of Cal, Berkeley. Moll. C* 
Stearns, Wm. A., Amherst. Gen. Nat. Hist. 
Stearns, W. H., Caledonia, Racine Co. Bot. C. Ex.* 
Stebbins, Edward S., 326 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 

C. Ex. 
Stebbins, Fred. Brigos, Adrian. Arch., Philately, Geol. Gen. Sci. 

Coll. Fla. specimens and scarce stamps to ec. for similar spec. 

Correspondence on genealogy of Stebbins or Briggs, or any sub- 



N. Y. 






Arch., Od. 


ject, desired.* 

Stebbins, Katharine, Cazenovia, Madison Co. Ent.: Lepid, 
Stebbins, Solomon, Springfield. Ferns. C. Ex.* 
Stedham, Rev. 1. F., Columbus. Mic. 
Steelman, Isaac N., Hamilton, Madison Co. Geol., Palceo. C. 


N. Y. 







Steere, J. B., Ph. D., Prof. Zool., Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor. 

Zool. C. Ex.* 
Steifel, Dr. H. C, Pittsburg. Chem.* 
Stein, Fred., M. D., Indianapolis. Con. 
Steiner, L. a., M D., Frederick City. ' Chem., Sanitary Set.* 
Stelle, Prop. J. P., Mobile. Ent.,' Bot., Orn., Ast. C. Agricultural 

editor Mobile Register.* Ala. 

Stephens, P., 2512 Federal St., Philadelphia. Lepid. C. Penn. 

Stephenson, William, M. D., 119 State St., Portland. Odl. C. Me. 
Sterling, E., Eagle Harbor ♦ N. Y. 

Sterling, Dr. E., Cleveland. Ichth. Ohio. 

Sternberg, Charles H., Ellsworth. C. Fossil leaves of Dakota 

group. Kan. 

Stevens, Cyrus Lee, Stevensville, Bradford Co. Min. Penn. 

Stevens, E. C, Madison. Ph<Bn. Bot., Ferns, Mosses, Fungi and F. 

IV. AlfftB. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Stevens, George T., M. D., 47 Eagle St., Albany. Bot., Ophthal. 

C. Ex. N.Y. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

, THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 107 

Stevens, H. C, Oregon City. Arch. C. Ex. for perfect spec, only.* Ore. 

Stevens, H. V., Harrisonville, Meigs Co. Geol. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Stevens, Lawrence B., 232 Chapel St., New Haven. Zodl, C. Ex. 
Keptiles especially desired. Conn. 

Stevens, L. B., Box 76, Medina. Om.y Tax. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Stevens, Winthrop G., West Farms Station, New York. N. Y. 

Stevens, W. J., Morris, Grundv Co. Bot.f Geol, C. Ex. Mazon fos- 
sil ferns.* ' III. 

Stevenson, James A., 815 So. Main St., A^kron. GeoLt Arch»t Con. 
C. Ex. shells for fossils, etc.* Ohio. 

Stevenson, John J., Prof. Univ. New York, 314 W. 30th St., New 
York. (Between May and Dec, address Uniontown, Fayette Co., 
Pa.) Geol* N. Y. 

Stevenson, Lulu M., Scio. Min.* Ohio. 

Stevenson, William C, Jr., 1525 Green St., Philadelphia. Fungi. 
C. Ex.* Penn. 

Stevenson, W. G., M. D., 339 Mill St., Poughkeepsie. Biol, N. Y. 

Stevenson, W. J., Oshawa, Ont. Tax.* Canada. 

Steward, J. F., cor. Fullerton and Clyburn Aves., Chicago. Palaeo.y 
Arch. C, Ex.* IH. 

Stewart, Angie L., Ver^ennes. Min. Vf. 

Stewart, F. L., MurrysviUe. Chem. Penn. 

Stewart, J. T., M. D., Peoria. Bot. C* III. 

Stickney, J. W., Tyson Furnace, Windsor Co. Geol,, Min, C. Good 
specimens for ex. Vt. 

Stickney, Victor H., Tyson Furnace, Windsor Co. Min, C, Ex. 
• Iron ores.* . Vt. 

Stiefel, Henry C, Ph. D., 44th St., Pittsburgh. Chem,* Penn. 

Stiles, Dr. L. C, Oswego. N. Y. 

Still, Mrs. M. C, 77 James St., Syracuse. Bot. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Stillman, E. F., a. B., Westerley. Palceo., Orn. C. Ex.* R. I. 

Stillman, M. G., Milton, Rock Co. Bot,, Grasses, Sedges and Com- 
posite. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Stillman, Thomas B. S., Plainfield. Chem. N. J. 

Stillson, Prof Joseph O., A. M., M. D., 417 Upper First St., Evans- 
ville. Physiol., Opthal., Mic, C. Ex. Acaris F. W. Algae, 
Diatoms, etc.* Ind. 

Stimpson, Charles M., Peabody. Bot.* Mass. 

Stinson, Floyd, M.D.jEvansville. Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

St. John, A., Topeka. PaltBo.^ Mic. Kan. 

St. John, Prof. Joseph S., State Normal School, Albany. Bot., Min., 
Chem., Phjfs. N. Y. 

St. John, Miss Mary, Topeka. Bot. Kan. 

St John, N. K., M. D., Wayland, Steuben Co. Mic. C. Ex. N. Y. 

St. John, Orestes H., Topeka. Pakeo.* Kan. 

Stockwell, James K., M.U., Oswego. Comp. Zo6l. 0. N. Y. 

Stockwell, John N., Ph. D., Cleveland. Ast., Lunar Theory in ptr- 
ticular,* Ohio. 

Stodder, Charles, 131 Devonshire St., Boston. Diatomaca, Mic.., 
Geol. C* Mass. 

Stoddard, J. T., A. M„ Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Smith Coll., Northamp- 
ton. Mass. 

Stokes, A. C, M. D., 514 E. State St., Trenton. Mic, Bot. C* N. J. 

Stolley, George, Austin. Geol., Zodl., Paleeo.* Tex. 

Stone, Prof. Chas., Cooper Union, New York. Chem., Min, C* N. Y. 

Stone, D. D., Box 1447, Leadville. Orn. C. Col. 

Stone, Dwight D., 193 E. Thii-d St., Oswego. Orn., 061, Tax.- C 
Ex.* » 6 ^^Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

108 THE naturalists' dirbctoey. 

Stonb, Frank M., 216 Sansome St, San Francisco. Shelby Oth.^ 061, 
C. Ex. egjfs.* Cal. 

Stone, George C, Washington Univ., St Louis. Chem,* Mo. 

Stone, Prof. Groroe H., Colorado Springs. GeoL C* Col. 

Stone, Henry, Princeville. Geol. 111. 

Stone,Mr. and Mrs. Leandbr, 3352 Indiana Ave., Chicago. Bot, C.* 111. 

Stone, Miss M. L., East Cambridge. Geol,, Min. Mass. 

Stone, Ormond, .Cin. Obs., Mt. Lookout, Hamilton Co. Ast,* Ohio. 

Stone, Dr. S. E., Walpole. Micros, Mass. 

Stone, W. E., Amhei-st BoL C. Ex. in South or West.* Mass. 

Storks, A. W., Jackson. Mic, Mich. 

Storrs, C. H., Lebanon. Orn.y Mam., Tax. C* N. H. 

Storks, Henry E., Ph. D., Pi-of. Nat Sci., 111. Coll., Jacksonville. 
Phys., Chem. C. Ex.* 111. 

Story, William E , Pi-of. Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore. Mathe- 
matics.* Md. 

Stout, Arthur B., M. D., 1310 Mason St, San Francisco. Anth. C* 


Stout, William, 57 E. 34ih St, New York. Ferns in ex. for foreign 

Ferns only.* . W. Y. 

•Stowell, C. H., M. D., Ann Arbor. Biol, Mic. C* Mich. 

Stowell, Louisa R., M. S., Ann Arbor. Mtc, Bot. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Stowell, T. B., A. M., Ph. D., State Normal School, Cortland. Camp. 
Anat., Physiol. C* N. Y. 

Straight, H; U., State Normal School, Oswego. Anat. and Physiol, of 
Vert,, Gen. Biol, Anth. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Stratton, Charles L., Knoxville. Arch. C. Ex.* Tenn. 

Stratton, F. a., Chattanooga. Cteol, Min. Tenn. 

Stratton, Hattie R., Box 43, Grassy Cove, Cumberland Co. Gen. 
Nat.JJist. C. Ex. , Tenn. 

Stratton, Lorenzo, Gi-assy Cove, Cumberland Co. Min., Arch. C 
Ex. Tenn. 

Stratton, N. Maria, Grassy Cove, Cumberland Co. Etit., Moll. C 
Ex. Tenn. 

Strecker, Herman, Box 111, Reading. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex. Buys 
and sells Lepid. from all parts of the world* Fenn. 

Streng, L. H., Grand Rapids. Con., Meteo. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Steernwitz, W. H., C. and M. E.. Houston. Analyt. and Mining work, 
Geol, Geognosy. C Ex. scec. of ores and i-ocks.* Tex. 

Streets, T. Hale, M. D., P. A. Surg., U. S. N., Washington. Crus- 
tacea. D- C. 

Strieby, Prof. William, Colorado Spring. Min., Met.* Col. 

Stringer, Miss Mary E., Kickapoo, Peoria Co. III. 

Strong, Rev. Charles H., Savannah. Lepid., Coleopt. C. Ex.* Ga. 

Strong, George T., New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Strong, AVilliam, Kalamazoo. Ast. Mich. 

Strong, William C, A. B., Female Coll. Tilton. Nat. Sci. N. H. 

Stroop, L. J., Graham, Young Co. Gen. Biol, Bot., Geol, Palao., 
Ent., Herp. C. Tex. 

Strousb, John, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Om. C. Ex. Penn. 

Strowbridge, John, PeiTy City, Schuvler Co. N. Y. 

Strumberg, C. W., Galesburg. Dm., Odl, Ent., Coleopt. Cicindelidse, 
Buprcstidse and Cerambycidae especially desired. C. Ex.* 111. 

Struthers, R. H., Fort Atkinson. C. Wis. 

Stryker, M. R. H., Brighton Park, Cook Co. Zool III. 

Stuart, A. P. S., A. M., Lincoln. Min. C. Ex. Neb. 

Stuart, Ernest B., Sec. State Mic. Soc., Editor " The Druggist," 60 
Wabash Ave., Chicago. Crypt. Bot., Mic, Micro-Photog.* 111. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THB naturalists' dibkctoet. 109 

Stubbs, Charles H., M. D., Wakefield. Geol.y Afw., Arch, C. Ex. 

minerals found in Hai*ford and Cecil Cos., Md., and Lancaster 

and Chester Cos.* Penn. 

Stubbs, William C, Prof. Chem., Ala. Agric. and Mcch. Coll., 

Auburn.* Ala. 

Stultz, William H., Easton. Bot.^ Ent. C Ex.* Penn. 

StuntZ, C. R., Cincinnati. Chem. Ohio. 

SuLOROVE, Leslie, Glcndalc, Beaverhead Co. Ent» ; Lep(d»t Coleopt. 

C. Ex. foixjijrn or native.* Mon. 

Sullivan, T., Columbus. Micros. Ohio. 

Summers, Ewino, Galesbur;?. Bot, III. 

Summers, Key. U. W., San Luis Obispo. Geol, Radiata,^ MoU., Arch,* 

Summers, Mrs. W. B., San Luis Obispo. Boi, L. and F, W, thella.* 

Summers, T. O., Jr., M. D., Nashville. Micros. Tenn. 

Summers, William U., 3450 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago. Mid,, Ent. 

C. Ex.* IIL 

Sumker, Mrs. Hattie M., Sherman. Tex. 

Sutton, George, M. D., Aurora. Geol, Micros., Arch, qfS, E, Ind- 

tana. C. Ind. 

Sutton, James 11., 82 South St., Box 3309, New York. C. N. Y. 

Sutton, William, 2614 Sacramento St., San Francisco. Con, Ex. 

Desires correspondents in Southern States and abroad.* . CaL 
Sutton, William T., Woi-cester. Ool., Orn., Mm. C. Ex.* Mass. 
Swain, Miss Emma, 1354 Eighth Ave., East Oakland. Mm., MoU, C. 

Ex.* ^ Cal. 

Swain, Mrs. J., Foit Dod^e. Min, C. la. 

Swallow, G. C, LL. D., Columbia. Geol, ZodL, Bot. C. Carb. fos- 
sils for ex.* Mo. 
Swan, A. J., 24 Libert v St., New York. N. Y. 
Swan, Charles W., M. D., 32 Worcester St., Boston. Bot, C. Ex.* 

SwASET, C. L., M. D., New Bedford. Mic. C. Jllass. 

SwATNE, E., Kennett Sq. Got. Penn. 

Sweeny, II O., St. Paul. Ichth. C. Minn. 

Sweet, E. T., Silverton. Chem,, Assaying, Geol, C. Col. 

Sweet, Ida, 86 Ji St. Julia St., New Orleans. Curiosities, La. 

Sweet, William M., 1228 Montgomery St., Philadelphia. Ent, Ex. 

European and Chinese cocoons and pupae. Penn. 

SwEZEY, G. D., a. M., Prof. Doanc Coll., Crete. Nat. Hist,, Geol, C. 

Ex.* . Neb. 

Swift, E. C, M. D., Easton. Indian Antiq, Penn. 

Swift, Lewis, Rochester. Ast* N. Y. 

SwiNo, Annie, De Laud. Birds* eggs. Fla. 

Swisher, S. Mat, Healdsbui-g.* Cal, 


Taber, E. B., Journalist, " Times," New York. Lepid. C. N. Y, 

Taft, Don Carlos, Prof. Geol. and Zoiil., Champai^rn. Geol, Zool* III. 
Taft, J., D. D. S., 117 W. 4th St., Cincinnati. Hisiol, Ohio, 

Taogart, S. M., Leesbuiy. PaUeo., Con, C, Ex.* Ohio. 

Talbot, D. H , Sioux City, Woodbuiy Co. Orn. C* la. 

Talbott, Harry E., Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati. Orn,, OdL, Paho, C. 

Ex. Ohio. 

Talbot, Henry, Waterloo, Monroe Co. GeoL C, Ex, m. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

110 THE naturalists' DIRECTOBY. 

Talbult, J. H., Lexin^rton. Chem, Ky- 

Tallant, a. Q., Columbus. Coleopt. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Tallant, W. N., 73 Jefferson Ave , Columbus. Lepld, C. Ex. Ohio. 
Talmaoe, James E., Bn«;liara Youn^r Acad., Prove City. GeoL^ Min.^ 

Chem. C. Ex. Utah spec, for lithological spec * Utah. 

Ta^idy, M , Dallas Citv, Hancock Co. Tctx. C.» III. 

Tarbox, Miss Mary M., Bath. Bot. : Grasses. Ex.* Me. 

T A rran D, W. P., Saratoga Springs. OoL, Om.^ Tax, C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Tascott. Frank B , 19 So Canal St.. Chicago Ent.fMin., GeoL C. 

Ex.* III. 

Tatnall, Edw., Wilmington. Bot, C* Del. 

Taylor, Dr.. Kankakee. QeoL III. 

Taylor, A. R., Prof. Nat. Sci., Lincoln. C. Ex.* III. 

Taylor, D. D. S., Minneapolis. Micros. Minn. 

Tattlor, (iEORGE C. Thibocleaux, La Fourche Parish, Micros in its 

bcarintf on Agnc. and sanitai-\- matters. C. Ex.* La. 

Tatlor, G. S., Denver. ' ' Col. 

Taylor, Prof. G. ^^'ASHINGTON, Cazenovia. Phan. Bot.^ Ferns, Mosses^ 

Itmpi, Afger^ Gro!., Pahpo. C* N. Y. 

Taylor, G. AV., Kingston Furnace, AVashlngton Co. Arch., Min. C. 

Ex. in Min. Mo. 

Taylor, IIattie C., llillsboro. Geo!., Min, Ohio. 

Taylor, Rev. J., Luck now, Ont. PaJ^eo., Min. Canada. 

Taylor, James, New Bedford. Coleopt. C. Ex. Mass. 

Taylor, John L., Princeton. Ph<rn Bot. C. N.J. 

Taylor, Julius S., M. D., Cur. and Dir. Mus. Nat. Hist., Blackburn 

Univ., Carlinvillc. Ex.* III. 

Taylor, Robert, Auburn. Orn, C. Ex. N. Y. 

Taylor, Thomas, Microscopist, Dept. of Agriculture, Washington. 

Mic* D. C. 

Teator, W. S., Upper Red Ilook, Dutchess Co. Min., Geol, C Many 

fine min. spec, for ex. Can send complete sets N. Y. iron ores. 

Desires western correspondents.* N» Y. 

Tebbetts, Charles E., A. M , Prof. Nat. Sci., Penn. Coll., Oskaloosa. 

Geol., Bot., EiU„ Orn., Con, C. E'c* la. 

Teeler, W., Wyomin r, Stark Co. Mm., CJiem. III. 

Temple, J. B , No. Adams. GeoL, Min. C. AVill purchase fine cabi- 
net specimens. Mass. 
Tenney, Mrs. Ellen L. G., 474 Madison Ave., Albany. Bot., Ferns, 

Mosses and Fungi. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Tenney, E. P., Pres. Colorado College, Colorado Springs.* Col- 

Tenney, Jonathan, M. A., Ph. D., 474 Madison Ave., Albany. Geol, 

Min., Phys. Gcoq. C. Will purchase rai'itics.* N. Y. 

Tepper, Fred., Box 3331, New York. Lepid. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Termant, John D., lAicknow, Ont. Ent. Canada. 

Terrell, A. A.. Sterling. Mic, Min, 111. 

Terry, N. M., Ph. D., U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis. Phys, Md. 

Test, Alfred W., Camden, Micros.* N. .1. 

Test, Erastus, M. D, Adrian. Chem., Arch. C. Ex. Mich. 

Teubner, Charles. Lexington, I^afayctte Co. Relics of the Mound 

Builders. C. Ex. Want pipes, ornaments, etc.* Mo. 

Thacher, C. S., B. C. K., Phelps. Phan. Bot., Ferns, C. Ex. N. Y. 
Thackeu, J. A., A. M., M. D., 121 W. 7th St., Cincinnati. Med., Mic. 

Editor Cin. Med. News. Ohio. 

Thatcher, A. R., Haydenville. Min. C* Mass. 

Thaxter, L. L., Bosfon. Mollusca. C. Mass. 

Thaxter, Roland, Kittei-y Point. Nocturnal Lepidoptera, C. Ex.* Me. 
Thayer, E. O., Greensborough, N. C. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Thayer, Fred A., Sheldonville. Geol., Min» C. Ex. Mass. 

Thayer, H. C, Mendota. GeoL, Tax. C. Ex.* IH. 

Thayer, Samuel Proctor, No. Adams. Bot, C. Ufasn. 

Theiss, O. B,, Louisville. GeoL Ky. 

Thomas, Allen C, Haverlbrd Coll. Aat. Peiiu. 

Thomas, B. W., 1842 Indiana Ave., Chicago. Jfic., F. W, Diatoms 
and Crustacea. C. Ex.* IH. 

Thomas, Chas. W., Danforth, cor. State St., Portland. Orn* Me. 

Thomas, Prof. Cyrus, Carboudale. Econ, Eut., Acridia, C. Ex.* 111. 

Thomas, Flavel S., A. M., M. D., V. S., Hanson. Comp. Anat. and 
Path, and so-called Spiritualism. C. Ex. bones of vertebrates. 
Would like facts and specimens relative to unstudied diseases of 
lower vertebrates.* Mass. 

Thomas, Frank W., M.D.,5681 Germantown Ave.,Germantown, Phil- 
adelphia. Phcen. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Thomas, Mrs. F. S., Hanson. Bot., Zodl* Mass. 

Thomas, George C, Photog., Ent., Lepid., Coleopt. 0. Ex. Wis. 

Thomas, George R., D. D.S., 86 Lafayette Ave., Detroit. C. Ex. Mich. 

Thomas, L. A., Toi)eka. Phys. and Astron. Kan. 

Thomas, W B., Fairmont, Grant Co. Zodl Ex. birds and fishes, liid. 

Thomas, W. G., Phoenix, Keweenaw Co. Min. C. Lake Superior 
specimens.* . Mich. 

Thomas, W. H. B., Mt. Holly. Geol, Invert., Palceo.. Anthro., Geol. 
C. N. J. 

Thomas, Prof. W. S., Little Rock. Geol Ark. 

Thommen, G., Lowell, toleopt. Mass. 

Thompson, Alton H., D. D. S., Topeka. Anth. C* Kan. 

Thompson, B. N., Boulder Valley. Shel's from National Park. Mon. 

Thompson, Edward R., M. D., Newburg, Fillmore Co. Bot., Micros, 
C. Ex. Minn. 

Thompson, Everett A., A. M., 590 Main St., Springfield. Min., Bot. 
C. Ex.* Mass. 

Thompson, E. H., Cur. Nat. Hist. Soc, Worcester. Om., Ichth., Mam. 
C. Ex. Mass. 

Thompson, Frank J., Sunt. Zoological Garden, Cincinnati. Zodl* Ohio. 

Thompson, Miss M. J., Sec. Nat. Hist. Club, Brockpoit, Monroe Co. 
Feims, Orchids., Con, C. Ex. N. Y. 

Thompson, W. W., Orient, L. I. Min., Geol, Arch. C. Ex. N. V. 

Thomson, John H., CM. Z. S., New Bedford. Con, : Non-OpercuUite 
Pulmonifera. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Thomson, R. H., Healdsburg. Bot.* Cai. 

Thomson, \V. B., New Britain. Min. C. Ex.* Conn. 

Thorn, H. T., Rollag, Clay Co. Mifu, Anth., Arch,* Minn. 

Thorp, A. T^., M. D., Marcellus. Biol, Emb,, Archceo, Mich. 

Thorp, A. W., Algansee, Branch Co. Arch., Min. C. Ex. Mich. 

Thorp, R. L., Little Prairie, Cass Co. Geol C. Ex. Mich. 

Thum, H., Grand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Thum, M., Louisville. Chem., Anat. Ky. 

Thurber, Frank W., Woonsocket. Min, C. Ex. R. I. 

Thurber, George, M. D., 751 Broadway, New York. Bot., especially 
Grasses, C. Ex. for grasses.* ' N. IT. 

Thurston, John H., Cambridge. Micros, C Ex. Mass. 

Thurston, Robert H., Prof. Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken. Engineer- 
ing.* N.J. 

Tice, John H., St Louis. Met. Mo. 

TiPPANY, Asa S., 901 W. 5th St., Davenport. Geol, PaUeo,, Eth, C. 
Good fossils correctly named for ex.* . la. 

TiTPANT, Flavel B., M. D., Kansas City. Mo. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

112 THE naturalists' directoet, 

TiLDBN, A. O., Pawtucket. Micros. R. I. 

TiLBMANN, J. M., Natrona. Chem.^ Met* Penn. 

TiNGLBT, Joseph, Th. D., Prof. Nat. bci., Danville. Phys, C. Sub- 
carboniferous to ex. for minerals. rray:raents of meteorite of Dec. 
26, 1876, for sale or ex.* Ind. 

TiNKHAM, Charles. Quechee, Windsor Co. Min.^Ooly Ent. C. Ex. Vt. 

Tillman, Samuel E., Prof. Chcm., Min. and Geol., U. S. Military 
Acad., West Point. Phys* N. Y. 

TiLLOTSON, H. Z., C. E., Marshall. Orn. C. JWich. 

Titus, P. W., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

TiVT, W. H., 6th and Olive Sts., St. Louis. Mie, C. Ex. Mounted 
Diatoms for other good slittes.* M.O, 

Todd, Aurelius, Elk Head, Douglas Co. ZobL^ Om.^ Herpetol.^ Mam., 
Tax, C. Ex.* Oregon. 

Todd, David H., Kansas City. PakBo.y Min. C. Ex. Foi*eign cor- 
respondence solicited.* Vi<i. 

Todd, D. P., Nautical Ahnanac Office, Washington. Ast. D. C. 

Todd, J. E., Prof. Nat. Sci., Tabor Coll., Tabor. Quaternary Geol., 
Moll,, Economic Ent* la. 

TOLLES, Robert B., 40 Hanover St., Boston. Manufacturer of Optical 
Instruments.* Mass. 

Toner, J. M., M. D., Washington. . Anth,* D. C. 

ToNEY, Rev. Thomas, A. M , M. D., Fredonia, Wilson Co. Math, Kan. 

ToOKER, William Wallace, Sag Harbor. Eth.^ Arch. C. W. Y. 

ToRR, J. M., Gi*eencastle, Putnam Co. Geol., Min., Arch. C. Ex.* Ind. 

ToRRBY, Bradford, 1 Somerset St., Boston. Bot., Orn. Mass. 

TONDOUZE, GusTAVE, San Antonio. l>ix,, Mam., Reptiles and Birds. 
C, Ex. Tex. 

Tower, H. M., Spencer. Min. Mass. 

TowNSEND, A. C, 431 Main St., Springfield. Min, C. Large coll. of 
duplicates.* Mass. 

TowNSBND, Charles H., Ward's Nat. Sci. Establishment, Rochester. 


TowNSEND, Charles H., Bcatty. Gen. Nat. Hist., Cm., Herpetol C. 
Ex. Menopoma for bird skins or works on Nat. Hist.* Penn. 

TowNSEND, J. L., Payson, Utah Co. Orn. C* Utah. 

TowNSHEND, N. S., M. D., State Univ., Columbus. Bot. C. Ohio. 

TozER, Henry, Box 1774, Battle Creek. Geol. Mich. 

Tracy, Charles O., Taftsville, Windsor Co. Con., 0:1., Orn., Min., 
Arch, C. Ex. Desires shells, esp. Helices, and eggs from all parts 
of the world.* Vt. 

Tracy, Cyrus M., Lynn. Bot., Min. C* Mass. 

Tracy, S. M., M. S., Prof. Bot. and Ent., Mo. State Univ., Columbia. 
Bot., Ent. C. Ex.* Mo. 

Trahin, Joseph, Black Creek. Om., Bot. Ohio. 

Trask, Mrs. Caroline, Diamond Hill. Geol^ Min, C. Ex. R. I. 

Tkask, Dr. James B., Astoria. Fungi, N. Y. 

Trask, P. H., San Diego. Coleopt. Cal. 

Treat, E. B., Adrian. C?iem, Mich. 

Treat, Mrs. Mary, Viueland. Bot., Ent., Micros, N. J. 

Treoanza, J. A., Hazel Green, Tax., Min. C. Ex. Wis. 

Treherne, H. Sackville, C. E., 45 W. 10th St., St. Paul. Ent. . 
Lepid., Cokopt. Scientific drawings.* Minn. 

Trelease, William, B. S., 281 Graham St., Brooklvn. Mutual rela- 
tions of Flowers and Insects, C. Ex. for material bearing on 
specialty. N. Y. 

Tbbmfeb, E. H., M.D., Albion. Geol. Arch, C. Ex. esp. for fossils* 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Trickle, E. H., M. D., Cutler. Anat, Ohio. 

Triece, W. G., M. D., South Haven. Ent., Lapidary,^ Mich. 

Thimble, Henrt, N. W. cor. 5th and Callowhill bts., Philadelphia. 

Analyt. and Tech. Chem,* Penn. 

Tripp, Dr., Stillwater. Orn. N. Y. 

Tripp, Henry, 369 High St., Providence. Min. C* R. I. 

Trippe, T. Martin, C. E., Howardsville, San Juan Co. Orn* Col. 
Tromblet, Jerome, Petersburg. Local Bot.^ Om.^ Odl.f Ichth.^ Con, 

C. £x. Will ex. N. A. birds' eggs for all kinds of Orn. literature, 

old or new.* Mich. 

Trotter, Spencer, Acad. Nat. Sci., 19th and Race Sts., Philadelphia. 

Orn. C, Ex.* . Penn. 

Trouslot, Rollin B., Taxidermist, Sandwich. Orn., Lepid., Cokopt. 

C* III. 

Trowbridge, David, A. M., Waterburgh. Tompkins Co. Ast., Met., 

Geol., Math. C* N. Y. 

Trowbridge, E. Gilbert, Waterburgh, Tompkins Co. Chem., Math.* 

N. Y. 
Trowbridge, Samuel H., A. M., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Pritchctt 

Inst., Glasgow. Geol,, Ent. C. Have for ex. fossils, insects, 

rocks, minei-als, Indian implements.* Mo. 

Trozler, H. A., 121 E. Market St., Louisville. Coleopt., Lepid. C. Ky. 
True, H. A., A. M., M. D., Marion. Ohio. 

Truesdell, v., Minneapolis. Min., Geol., Orn.* Minn. 

Truesdale, W, H ♦ Jamestown. Mic. N. Y. 

Trusler, M., Blooming Grove, Fi-anklin Co. Arch. C. Ex. Ind. 

Trussdell, v., Minneapolis. Geol., Ool. Minn. 

Tryon, a. Walter, M. D., Lockport. Con., specialty Bot., Pakeo. C. 

Type spec, of fossils, mins. and living sp. of this locality for ex.* 

N. Y. 
Trton, George W., Jr., Conservator of Conchological Museum, Acad. 

Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Con.* - Penn. 

Tucker, G. M., Albanv. Lejncog. N. Y. 

Tucker, Willis G., M. D., Prof. Inor<f. and Analyt. Chem., Albanv 

Med. College. Chem., Toxicology.* N.'Y, 

Tuckermann, Prof. Edw., Amherst Coll., Amherst.* Mass. 

Tuckerman, Prof. S. B., Austinburg. Micros. Ohio. 

Tufts, Charles A., M. D., Dover. Mhv. C. N. H. 

TULLT, A. M., M. D., W. 2d and Bridore Sts i Oswego. Mic. N. Y. 

Tune, W. R., Shelbyvillc. Min., Geol., Obi. Tenn. 

Turner, Fred., Des Moines. Orn. la. 

Turner, Henry W., Ithaca. Gen. Biol, Amphibians, Ent. C. N. Y. 
Turner, Lucien M., Mt. Cai-mel. Eth., Arch., Philol., Orn. C. 

Ex.* III. 

TURNURE, Milton, M. D., Clostcr. Micros., Vert. Ex.* N. J. 

Turtle, Prof. R. A., 43 S. Clark St. Orn., Tax. III. 

TusTiN, Prof. F. W , Ph. D., Univ., Lewisburgh.* Penn. 

TuTHiLL, J. B., Hanover. Mic. N. H. 

TuTTLE, Albert H., 343 E. Broad St., Prof. Zo«l., State Univ., Colum- 
bus. Mic, Gen. Biol., Histol., Myriopoda, Protozoa.* Ohio. 
Tuttle, E. O., Hampden. Tax., Min., Cm. C. Ex. Would like to 

ox. birds for a microscope.* Mass. 

TuTWiLER, Miss Julia S., Tuscaloosa. Ferns. C. Ex. Ala. 

TWEDDLE, G., Box 101, Albany. Bot., HorticvUure, PdUso., Ent. C 

N. Y. 
TwEDDLE, John B., Box 101, Albany. Bot., Horticulture, Palao., Ent. 

C. N.Y. 

Tweedy, Frank, C. E., Plainfield. Phan. Bot.^ Ferns. Q. Ex.* N. J. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

114 THE naturalists' directoby. 

Ttsont, James, M. D., 1506 Spruce St.,l>hiladelphia. Path.^ Anat. and 

Histol, C* Penn. 

Ttson, Samuel, King of Prussia, Montgomery Co. Min,, C. £x. 



Uhler, Philip B., Baltimore. Hemipt, Neuropt., Crayjlsh. C. Ex.* 

Ulke, Henry, 1111 Penn. Ave., Washington, Coleopt. of temperate 

and Arctic Am. Q, D. C 

Ulrich, E. O., lOy Broadway, Cincinnati. Invert. Palteo.y Zoophytat 

Bryozoa, Radiata. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Underwood, H. G., 66 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee. Chemical Patent 

Law. Wis. 

Underwood, Lucien M., Ph. D., Prof. Geol. and Bot., 111. Wesleyau 

Univ., Blooniington. Bot. C. Ferns and other Pteridophyta, 

Musci, and Hcpaticae for ex.* III. 

Up de Graff, Thad. S., M.D., Elmira. Eyit., Mic. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Upham, Warren, Nashua. Geol. (Glacial and recent).* N. H. 

Upson, Henry S., Akron. Lepid. C Ex. Ohio. 

Upson, J. B., Rockford. Pal€BO., L. and F. W. and Fla. shelh. C 

Ex.* HI. 

Upton, Prop. Winslow, Washburn Univ., Madison. Aat, - Wis. 

Utley, Henry, Dixon. Geol III. 

Uttman, J. C, Hei-mon. Min, N. Y. 

Vail, Ben., Jr., Henryville, Clark Co. GeoL^ Min, C. Ex. Ind. 

Vail, Emily A., La Porte. Ind. 

Valiant, W. S., Rome. Arch., Min., Geol. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Vallandingham, George W., 420 Baymiller St., Cincinnati. PaUro. 

C. Ohio. 

Van Allen, T. F. C, Adam's Station, Albany Co. Ent., Mic, Pathol, 

C. Slides in specialties for ex.* N. Y. 

Van Bkunt, C, Poughkeepsie. Mic. C Ex.* N. Y. 

Vance, R. A., M. D., 101 W. 9th St., Cincinnati. Crypt. Bot., Mic. 

Comp. Anat.* Ohio. 

Van Cleff, L., Niagrara Falls. Ent. N. Y, 

Van Denburq, M. W., A. M., M. D., Fort Edward, Wash. Co. Bot., 

Orn. N. Y. 

Van Derveer, A., M. D., Cor. State and Eagle Sts , Prof. Albany Med. 

Coll , Albany. Mic, Path. C. N. Y. 

Van der Weyde, P. H., M. D., 236 Duffield St., Brooklyn. Physics, 

Chem., Elect., Cryst., Micros., Photog., Diatoms^ Infusoria. C* 

N. Y. 
Van Duser, Jesse, Waynesville. Palteo. Ohio. 

Van Duyn, Prof. John, M. D., Syracuse. Micros. N. Y. 

Van Duzee, Prof. Wm. S., Lancaster, Erie Co. Ast C. Ex. N. Y. 
Van Dyck. Prop. F. C, Rutjrers Coll., New Brunswick. Micros.* N. J. 
Van Horn, R. T., Kansas City. Biol. Mo. 

Van Horne, W. C, 258 Mason St., Milwaukee. Paltpo.* Wis. 

Van Rensselear, H., 98 Columbia St., Albany. Arachnida,* N. Y. 
Van Slyke, Charles B., 1120 Main St., Dubuque. Mic. la. 

VaiiSlykb,E.,M.D., 320 So. Pearl St., Albany. Mic. C* N.Y. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Van Vlbck, Balfour H., B. S. N. H., Boston. Comp, Anat. of Vei-t. 

C. Mass. 

Van Winkle. A. S., Keota, Keokuk Co. Ent. C. In. 

Vardon, Maurice, M., Box 219, Toronto. Eni. C. Canada. 

Varnum, C. Eddy, Atco. OoL C. Ex. N.J. 

Varnum, Nelson, Atco. Zoiil. N. J. 

Vaset, George, M. P., Botanist, Dept. Agriculture, Washington. 

Bot.^ especially Graminea * I^* C. 

Vaughan, Victor C., M. D., Ph. D., Lect. Med. Chem., Univ. Mich. 

Ann Arbor. Phys., Chem. C. Ex. mounted Mic. specimens of 

constituents of various secretions and excretions of the body, for 

other specimens of equal vahie. iWich. 

Vaupel, Ernst II , 25 Jones St., Cincinnati. Palao. Corals and Bry- 

ozoa a specialtv. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Vaux, Wm. S., 1702*Arch St., Philadelphia. Min., Arch. C. Willing 

to purchase choice thinjrs.* **^il™* 

Veatch, Charles, Keytesville. Min., Pseudomorpha. C. Ex. Mo. 
Veatch, Fred., Keytesvillc. Coleoptera. C. Ex. Mo. 

Veeder, M A., A. M., Lvons, Wayne Co. Nat, Hist., Histol. C. Ex. 

Stained sections and veg. tissues.* N. Y. 

Veitch, Archibald, New Haven. Bot. Conn. 

Velie, J. W., Sec. and Cur. Chicago Acad, of Sci., 263 Wabash Ave, 

Chicago. Om., Con. C* HI. 

Vbnable, F. p.. Ph. D., Prof. Chem., Chapel Hill. Chem* N. C. 

Vennor, Henry G., F.G.S., Montreal. Orn., Geol., Min.y Geog. 

Dist. C* Canada. 

Verrill, a. E., Prof. Zool., Yale Coll., New Haven. Gen. Biol., 

GeoL, Annelida, Moll., Radiates.* Conn. 

Very, Samuel W., Lieut. U. S. Navy, Buffalo. Astron, N.Y. 

ViCKERY, Miss Helen P., Weymoutfi. Micros.* Mass. 

Viele, E. L., Riverside Ave. and 88th St., New York. Bot., Horticul- 
ture, Min., Micros., Photozoa, Infusoria. C. Ex.* N. Y. 
Vogdes, a. W., 1st Lieut. 5th Arty., Fort Monroe. PaUeo., Arch. Va. 
VoLKERT, Julius H., Benton, Mono Co. Min. C. Cal. 
Voorhees, Miss Belle, Daggett's Mills, Tiojra Co. Geol., Vert., 

Mam., 0;7i., Reptiles, Crust., Worms, Radiates. C. Penn. 

Voorhees, Charles H., M. D., New Brunswick. Nat. Hist., Palceo.* 

Voorhees. Herman, Syracuse. Geol , Vert., Mam., Om., Reptiles, 

Crustacea, Worms, Radiates. C. N. Y. 

Voorhees, Paul, Exeter. Micros., Coleopt. N. H. 

Vorce, C. M., 164 Lake St., Cleveknd. Ewt., Con,, Moll., Mic. C. 

Ex.* Ohio. 


Wachsmuth, Charles, 111 Marietta St., Burlington. Palceo., Crinoids. 

C. Ex.* la. 

Wade, Jos. M., Norwich, publisher Ornithologist and Oologist. Om., 

Qui. C* Conn. 

Wadgymar, Arthur, M.D., Prof. Chem. and Bot., Agric. Collejre, 

San Antonio. Bot., Chem., Ent,, Mic. C. Ex. for first-class 

specimens. Tax. spec, to ex. for works in Nat. Sci.* Tex. 

Wadham, Edward, San Diego. Om. Ca!. 

Wadsworth, F., Keene. Om., Bot. C. N. H. 

Wadsworth, Francis L., M. D., 229 Ontario St., Chicago. Mic, III. 
Wadsworth, F. S., Prof. Physiol., 131 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. Mic. 

C. , III. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Wadsworth, M. Em Ph.D., Asst. Mus. Comp. Zool., Cambricl<?e. 

GeoL, LithoL C* Mass. 

Wadsworth, Samuel, Keene. On., Mic. C* N. H. 

Wadsworth, S. B., Oregon, Ogle Co. Or?i., Geol^ Bet. C. Ex. 

Bocks from Eastern States, Minerals from L.'Superi>r, and local 

plants.* III. 

Wait, Charles E., C. E., M. E., Dii-cc. Mo. School of Mines and Met., 

fioUa. Analyt, Chem.f Met. Mo. 

Wait, S. E., Travei-se City.* Mich. 

Walbridge, O. D., Member Ottawa Acad. Sci., Marseilles. Fossil 

flora and insects in ex. for crystals, stone and flint tools.* HI. 

Walcott, C. D., U. S. Geol. Surv., Washington. Geol* D. C. 

Walcott, Hon. H. R., Denver. Met. Col. 

Waldo, C. A., Middletown. Mm., Palcto. C. Ex.* Conu. 

Waldo, Frank, S. B., Hai-vard Coll. Obsei-vatory, Cambridge. Astron. 

Waldo, Leonard, Yale College, New Haven. Astron.* Conn. 

Wales, Rev. F. H., Dutch Flat, Placer Co., Min. C Ex.* Cal. 

Wales, Wm., Foit Lee. Micros. N. J. 

Walker, Charles, A, 42 Court St., Boston. Nat Hist, Draughts- 
man.* Mass. 
Walker, Miss Cornelia, San Jose. Marine Zodl. C. Ex. Cal. 
Walker, Bryant, 18 Motfat Block, Detroit. Con. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Walker, B. E., 10 Exchange Place, New York. PaUso. C* N Y. 
Walker, E. C, Hamilton, Ontario. GcoL, Palcco. Canada. 
Walker, Edw., M. D., Evansvillc. Neuro/ogt/.* Jnd. 
Walker, Geo. S., M. D., 2809 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Geti. Nat. 

Hist. C. ' Mo. 

Walker, J. B., Pres. Am. lud. Coll., 231 Uth St., Louisville. GeoL 

C. Ex. Ky. 

Walker, J. R., 154 Canal St., New Orleans. Geo/., Physwl. La. 

Walker, N. B., Lotos Club, Fifth Ave , cor. 21st St., New York. Zool , 

Min., Metnll., Mininj. C. N. V. 

Walker, Mrs. Nathan B., New York. Zool. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Walker, R. T., Rome. Min. C. N. Y. 

Walker, AVilliam H., L. B. 200, Rochester. Manufacturers of Ama- 
teur Photograph Apparatus.* ' N. Y. 
Walkley, Fannie S., Plantsville. Lepid., CoUopt. C. Desires Lepid. 

not found in Conn. Conn. 

Wallace, Edwin R., 46 Burnet St., Syracuse. Geol, Min., Bot.. Brp- 

tiles.Jchth. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Wall, John L., 338 Sixth Ave., New York. Bot.y Mic. C* N. Y. 

Wall, O. A , M. D., 1027 Strange Ave., St. Louis. Mic. C. Ex. Mo. 
Wallace, L W., Concord, Knox Co. Oi'n., Onl. C. Nests and errors 

of humming birds a specialtv, always on hand. Ex. Tenn. 

Wallace, John. 16 N. AVilliam St., New York. Tax. C. N Y. 

Wallace, Phippen, Analyt. and Consulting Chem., 113 Walnut St., 

Philadelphia. Chem. Penn, 

Waller, Elwyn, Ph. D., School of Mines, Columbia Coll., New York. 

Chem., Filices. C* N. Y. 

Walling, Henry F., Asst. U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washinir- 

ton. Hypsometn/, Stntrt. GeoL* D. C, 

Walmsley, William "H., 1016 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Micros.* 

Walsh, Dr. J. F., 318 So. loth St., Philadelphia. Micros. Penn. 

Walsh, J. F., M. D., 643 Market St., Camden. Mic. N. J. 

Walters, H. J., M. D., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Walthbw, Frajjk a., Box 992, Galveston. Onu Tex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 117 

Waltok, Miss Alice B., Muscatine. Ent» C* la. 

Walton, John, 62 State St., Rochester. Con., Om, C. Ex. N. Y. 
Walton, Josiah P.. Muscatine. Mtt* la. 

Walton, Miss Lillie P., Muscatine. Ent. C* la. 

Walworth, A. W., Collamer. Ool, Tax. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Ward, G. J , M. D., St. Clair. Cheni,, Biol. C. Ex. Mich. 

Ward, Henry A., A. M., F. Z. S., F. G. S., Wai-d's Nat. Sci. Estab- 
lishment, Rochester. AJtn.^ Geol.^ ZodL, Arch. C* N. Y. 
Ward, James W., Grosvenor Library, Buffalo. Mic, Aat., PAystoL, 

Bot. C. Ex. dried plants for minerals, books, etc.* N. Y. 

Ward, Lester F., A. M., 1464 Rhode Island Ave., Washington. Bot.^ 

Veg. Pa/<BO., Gen. Biol. C. Ex.* D. C. 

Ward, 11. H , M. D., Prof, of Botany, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst , 53 

Fourth St., Troy. Mic, Gen'. Biol. C* N. Y. 

Ward, Rev. William Hayes, D. D., ** The Independent," New York. 

Bot.* N. Y. 

Warder, J. A., M. D., North Bend. Nat. Hist., Forestry. C* Ohio. 
Warder, Robert B., North Bend, Hamilton Co. Chem., Physics.* 

Ware, Ezra, Grand Rapids. Mic. Mich. 

Waring, George E., Jr., C. E., Newport, R. I. Surveying, Engineer- 

t7tg.* R. I. 

Warne, H. a., Oneida, Madison Co. Bot., Fungi, Alga, ZodL, Mic, 

C* N.Y. 

Warner, Miss Anna P., Waverly, Tioofa Co. N. Y. 

Warner, David, Key port. Pakeo., Bot. N. J. 

Warner, H. C, Clermont. Zov/., GeoL, Ent., Con. C. Ex. la. 

Warner, Miss H. F., 101 Front St., W. Detroit. Mic. Mich. 

Warner, Obadiah M., 639 Mulberry St., Reading. Min., Chem. C. 

Ex. ' Penn. 

Warnock, James, cor. Warren and Church Sts., New York. Mic. N. Y. 
Warren, B. Harry, Box 148, West Chester. Chn. C. Ex. Penii. 
Warren, Geo. W., Ferndalc, Humboldt Co. Bot. C. Ferns, etc., 

for ex. Cat. 

Warren, Gouverneur K., Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, Newport. 

Physical Geog. and GtoL* R. I. 

Warren, H. M.. Box 278, West Newton. Om. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Warren, J. E., 7 Washington Ave., Detroit Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex.* 

AVarren, JtesSE, Box 2704, Philadelphia. Orn., Odl. C. Ex.* Penn. 
Warren, Mary, Lockport. Fossil and Recent Shells, Min. C. Ex. 

for spec, from other localities.* N. Y. 

Warrell, M J., South Bend. Om., Tax. C. Ex. for bii-ds of Tex., 

Fla. and Miss.* Ind. 

Warring, Chas. B., Poujrhkeepsie. Cosmology.* N. Y. 

Washburn, F. L., Needham. Om. C. Ex. Mass. 

Washburn, R. R , M. D., Waldron, Shelby Co. GeoL C. Niagara 

fossils for ex.* Ind. 

Waterhouse, a., M. D., Jamestown, Mic, Bot., Ent. C. N. Y. 

Waterman, J. F., Plymouth. Mm., Palao., Con., Arch. C. Vt. and 

N. H. minerals' in ex. for minerals, fossils, relics, shells, etc. C. 

Ex. Vt. 

Waterman, John R., Box 300, Woonsocket. Min., GeoL, Pakso. C. 

Minerals from the noted Cumberland locality.* R. I. 

Waterman, S. C, 300 Hamilton St., Albany. Ent. : Lepid. C. Ex. 

Catocala desired.* N. Y. 

Waterman, S., M. D., 103 W. 49th St., New York. Spectroscopic in- 
quiries and experiments, applied to medicine. Jf . Y. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Waterman, Thomas, A. M., M. D., U6 Boylston St., Boston. Comp. 
Anat. and Phijs,* Mass. 

Waterman, William H., New Bedford. Geol.f Min. C. Ex. Speci- 
mens «rood size, massive or crvjtallized.* Mas«. 

Waters, Charles H., Room 13, *23 Court St., Boston. Applied Me- 
chanics. JWass. 

Waters, Fred, 9 N. Ashland St., Woi-cestcr. Ent. Mass. 

Wattbrs, Henry, 76 Kideau St., Ottawa, Ont. Bot., Min. C Ex.* 


Watson, James S., 28 N. Clinton St., Rochester. Oni.,Mic. C* N. Y. 

Watson, Louis, M. D., Ellis. Bot.j Gen. Nat. Hist. Will collect to 
order.* Kan. 

Watson, Miss Rosa B., East Windsor Hill. Bot. C Ex.* Conn. 

Watson, R. J., Lodemia. Bot. 111. 

Watson, Sereno, Curator Harvard Herbarium, Cambridge. Bot,* Mass. 

Watson, Walter, Rome. Min. C. Ex. N. V. 

Watt, D. A. P., Montreal. Bot. : Acrogens. C. Desii-es Cal. species.* 


Wayne, Prof. Edward S., M. D., Cincinnati. Min. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Wead, Chas. K., Prof. Phys., Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor.* Mich. 

Webb, Benjamin, Salem. Micros. Mass. 

Webb, Rev. Frederick T., Council Bluffs. Curator Acad. Sciences.* la. 

Webb, Hugh L, Richmond. Palfpo., Geol. C. Ex, Ind. 

Webb, S. A., East 4th and Utica Sts., Oswejro. Mic. N. V. 

Weber, Henry A., Ph. D., Urbana. Chem. III. 

Weber, H. K., Sprinjrfield. Ill, 

Webber, F. \V., M. D., Centre St., Ne^vton. Obi. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Webber, William O., Supt. Allen Paper Car Wheel Co., Pullman. 
Min. C. Ex. Geodes, Beryl, Staurolitcs and western mins. for 
other rains, only.* III. 

Webster, Frank B"., Pawtucket. Orn.. OoL. Mam., Tax. C. Ex.* 


Webster, F. M., Waterman, De Kalb Co. Ent. : Coleoptcra of N. A. 
C. Ex. Desires correspondence relating to lood habits of 
beetles.* 111. 

Webster, Frederic S., 112 Univei-sity Ave., Rochester. Om., Tax. 

N. Y. 

Webster, H. E., Prof. Nat. Hist, Union Coll., Schenectady. Annelida, 
Chcetopoda.* N.Y. 

Webster, J. N., D. D. S., Norfolk. Chem. Va. 

Webster, Prof. N. B., A. M., Prin. Webster Military Inst, Norfolk. 
Chem., Phys., Met., Mm., Bot. C. Ex. Va. 

Webster, Peter G., Fort Plain. Geol. N. Y. 

Wehle, John, cor. Front and Mumford Sts., Rochester. Mic. C. Ex. 
recent diatomacse.* N.Y. 

Weisse, Prof. Faneuil D., M. D., Medical Dept University of the 
City of New York, 410 E. 26th St., New York. Atith. C. 
Ex.* N. Y. 

Weist, J. R., M. D., Richmond, Wayne Co. Comp. Osteol. C* Ind. 

Welch, L. B., M. D , Wilmington. Palceo., Min., Con. Ohio. 

Welch, W. P., Greeley. Ast. Col. 

Weld, Clifford R., 68 Moreland St., Roxbury. Orn., Hort. Mass. 

Weld, M. W., M. D , 23 Worcester St., Boston. General. C. Mass. 

Welles, George P., 117 So. Clark St, Chicago. Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Pacific Coast specimens desired.* IlL 

Wellington, Charles, 784 Abbott St., Detroit Mic* Mich. 

Wellington, C. W. W., Hyde Park. Geol., Min., Pakeo. C. Ex. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Wells, E. H., A. M., M. D , Mcshoppen, Wyoming Co.* Penn. 

Wells, M., Inclianapolis. Micros. Ind. 

Wells, Samuel, 31 Pembertou Square, Boston. Min,^ Diatomsy Pho- 
tog. Mass. 

Wells, William L., M.D., 216 So. 9th St., Philadelphia. Anth* Penn. 

Welty, H. G., Siipt. of Schools, Marion. Minerabgjj. C. Ohio 

Wendell, Oliver C, Asst. Harvard Coll. ObseiVatory, Cambrid}.^e. 
Astron. Mass. 

Wendell. Oliver C, Dover. Micros. N. H. 

Wentworth, G. B., 258 Main St., Hartford. Lepid. C. Conn. 

Wenzel, H. W., 710 Mc Kean St., Philadelphia. Efit.; Coleopt of C\ 
S, C. Ex. Peun. 

Wenzel, W. F.. Wilmington. EtU. : Coleojpt, C. Ex. for N. A. 
specimens. N. C. 

Werner, W. C, Joseph. Geol.^ Bat. Mi<«s. 

West, Prof. Chas. E., Brooklyn. Micros, N. Y 

West, E. P., Kansas City. Arch. Mo. 

West, Frank E., Winchester Phtgn. Bot., Ferns. Mans. 

West,J. H.,Closter. Phem. Bot^ Ferni, Crystalhg., Om, C. Ex. 


West, Paul, Minneapolis. Om. C. Ex. Minn. 

West, William C, Monroe. Mic, Ent, C. Mich. 

Westcott, O. S., Racine. E^it., Mic. C. Ex.* Wis. 

Westervelt, Rev. W. D., Monitor. Min. Col. 

Weston, Edw. B., A. M., M. D., Highland Park, Lake Co. Bot.. Om. 
C.« III. 

Weston, Eugene, Canon City, Fremont Co. Geo/., 3/t»., Palao. C. 
Ex. Cabinets and Col. specialties supplied.* Col. 

Wetherbee, I. J., D. D. S., Boston. Micros* Mass. 

Wetherby, Prof. A. G., Cincinnati. GeoL^ Ent.y Con. C. Dupli- 
cate fossils of Cin. group, L. and F. W. shells of Southern States, 
Noctuidie and Coleoptem for ex. Desiderata, L. and F. AV. shells, 
fossils and insects (Trilobites, Am. crinoids).* Ohio. 

Wetmore, E. W., High School, Detroit. Optics.* Mich. 

Wetmore, Mrs. W. H.. Medina. Taa; N. Y. 

Wettstein, G. a., Neyannee, Mai^quette Co. Min., Archean rocks. C. 
Ex. Sell Lake Superior m ins.* Mich. 

Weyburn, L. a., Rockford. GeoL C. Ex.* III. 

Wharton, Joseph, Am. Nickel Works, Camden. Met, N. J. 

Wharton, Joseph, Box 2786, Philadelphia. Met.* Penn. 

Wharton, William R., Germantown, Philadelphia. OoL, Lepid. C. 
Ex.* Penn. 

Wheatland, Henry, M. D., Pres. Essex Inst., Salem. Comp, Anat.* 


Wheatley, Charles M., A. M., Phoenixvillc, Chester Co. F. W. Shells, 
Mesozoic fossils, Min. C. Ex. F. W. shells from Southern 
states especially desii-ed. Penn. 

Wheaton, J. M. M. D., 50 So. 4th St., Columbus. Om,, Diurnal Lep- 
id. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Whelan, Carrie A., 311 Fourth St., Oakland. Coleopt. C. Ex.* Cal. 

Wheeler, Prop., Denver Univ., Denver. Chem. Col. 

Wheeler, A. R.. M. D., Ann Arbor. Bot. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Wheeler, C. F., Hubbardston. Bot. : Cuperacea, Graminete. C. Ex. 


Wheeler, C. Gilbert, Prof. Chem., Univ. of Chicago, Chicago. Cheni., 
Min. C. Ex. for rare mins.* III. 

Wheeler, Erastus S., Berlin. Bot, ; Grasses, Ferns, Musci. Jlort. 
C. £x. List free. Mass. 

Digitized by VjOO^IC 

120 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 

Wheeler, Capt. George M., Corps of Engineers, U. S. Geogi*apliical 
Surveys, W. of lOOtli meridian, L. B. 93, Washington .♦ D. C. 

Wheeler, H. A., 64 Comnieixial St., Boston. Oni, C* Mass. 

Wheeler, Ivan, Grinnell. 06/., Orn., Numismatics. C* la. 

Wheeler, John B., East Templeton. Yoj:., Gen. Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 
Southern specimens, etc. Desire Arch, spec* Mass. 

Wheeler, J. J., East Saginaw. Mic Mich. 

Wheeler, Lottie B., 161 Srd St., Oakland. Coleopt. C. Ex. Cal. 

Wheeler, Orlando B., Asst. Engineer, U. S. Lake Sui-vey, 194 Clif- 
ford St., Detroit. Ast.* Mich. 

Wheeler, S. J., 81 Clark St., Chicago. Min. III. 

Wheeler, William M., 590 Island Ave., Milwaukee. Zo6l., Ent. : 

Coleopt. C. Ex* Wis. 

Wheelock, George A., Keene. C^-ypt. Bot.^ Con. N. H. 

Wherrell, John, Leavenworth. Bot. C. Kan. 

Whidden, Bradley, care J. W. Lovell, Astor Place, New York. Min.* 


Whipple, E., Reed's Ferry. Zo:d. C. Ex. mins., etc.» N. H. 

Whipple, Jennie May, Box 1143, Norwich. Ch-n., Ool C. Ex.* Conn. 

Whipple, H. L., care of Murphy, Grant & Co., San Francisco. Cole- 
opt. Cal. 

Whipple, Warren A., Diamond Hill. GeoLy Min. C. Ex. R. I. 

Whitall, Henry, Phillipsburg. Ast., Geog. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Whitcomb, Ansel, Lawrence. Geol. Kan. 

White, Aug. J., 2401 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Oni., Vol, C. Ex. 
local biwls for others.* IH. 

White, Miss Carrie D., W. F. Seminary, Oxford. Bot. Ohio. 

White, Charles A., M. D., Cur. Palaeo, U. S. Nat. Mas., Washington. 
Geol., Palao.* D. C. 

White, C. E., Box 35, Holyoke. Ent. Ex. Mass. 

White, C. K., Woodstock. Tax., Om, Vt. 

White, I. C, Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. W. Va., Morgantown. Asst. 
Geol. Survey, Pa. Phcen. Bot., Ferns, Invert. Palao., Geol. C* 

W. Va. 

White, James C, M. D., 10 Park Sq., Boston. Bot. C* Mass. 

White, John D., Chicopee. Mic, Ent. C. Ex. mounted insects for 
other preparations.* Mai<s. 

White, Moses C, M. D., New Haven. Prof. Mic. Yale Coll. Conn. 

White, Wm., Lieut. Col., Ottawa. Bot, Canada. 

Whiteaves, J. F., Palaeontologist and Asst. Dir. Geol. Sui-v., Ottawa. 
PaUeo., Recent Marine Invert, C. Ex. in Moll.* Canada. 

Whitehead, G. I., 149 Broadway, New York* Mic. N. Y. 

Whitehead, Wm. A., Newark. N.J. 

Whitemore, Wm. T., Fairburg. Geol., Min., Palcpo. C. Ex. III. 

Whiteside, Albert, Allensboro. Bot. C* N.Y. 

Whitesides, Jennie E., Hannonsburg. Bot. C. Ex.* Penn. 

Whitfield, R. P., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 77th St. and 8th Ave., New 
York. Geol., Palao. C* N. Y. 

Whithill, H. H., Silver City. N. Mex. 

Whiting, Charles B., Worcester. Min. C* Mass. 

Whitley, James D., M. D., Petei-sburg. Zo^l. HI. 

Whitlock, Charles M., Orange, Essex Co. Min., Geol. C. Ex. N.J. 

Whitman, Allen, St. Paul. Philol. Minn. 

Whitman, G. P., Manchester. Orn., Onl.* N. H. 

Whitman, Philip, Sing-Sing. Lepid., Coleopt., Om. N. Y. 

Whitman, P. R., Box 1261, Ann Arbor, Om., Ool, C* Mich. 

Whitman, Wm. B., 1132 Lincoln Ave., Cleveland. Oul. C. Ex.* Mich. 

Whitney, C. P., Milford. Lepid., Dipt. C. Ex. N. H. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Whitney, Prof. J. D., Cambridge. Geol C* . Mass. 

Whitney, Joseph T., Leomiuster. Min, C. Ex. Mass. 

Whitney, Solon F., Watcrtown. Min., Lepid. C* Mass. 

Whittington, G., Mt. Ida, Montgomery Co. Meteo, Ark. 

Whittle, J. F., M-D., Nashua. Bot. N. H. 

Whittelsey, Theo., Box 886, Saratoga Springs. Om., Ool,, C. Ex.* 

N. Y. 
Whorf, Edw. IL, B. R. B. & L, R. R., 350 Atlantic Ave., Boston.* Mass. 
Whtte, R. B., 73 Ridcau St., Ottawa. Bot. C. Ex.* Canada. 

WiBBE, Rev. J. Herman, Ph. D., Osweffo. Bot. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

^Widemire, Samuel, Grampian Hills, Cleai-field Co. Geol. Peiiii. 

AVidmann, Otto, 4024 Carondelet Ave., St. Louis. Om. Mo. 

'WiER, D. B., Lacon, Marshall Co. Ent., ZojL.Orn.^ Hort., Ichth.* III. 
AViGGiN, Fred. S., Maysville Centre, Aroostook Co. Phan. Bot, Me. 
Wight, Sidney B., Member Am. Inst, of Mining Engineei*s, Detroit. 

Min. C* Mich. 

Wight, Wm. H., Baltimore. Mic. Md. 

Wight, William H., Taxidei-mist, Fi-amingham. Oni., Zodl. C. Ex. 

Wightman; Geo. F., Civil Engineer, Lacon, Marshall Co. GeoL^ Arch. 

C. Ex.* III. 

WiLBER, G. M., 140 W. 20th St., New York. Bot., Chem. C. Ex. for 

Southern plants.* N. V. 

Wilder, H. D., Plainville. Min, C. Ex. Conn. 

Wilbur, Benjamin F., W. Waterville. Me. 

Wilbur, Frank A., B. S., Rutgers Coll., New Brunswick. Anal. 

Chem. N.J. 

WiLBURN, T. Barton, M.D., 39 Meigs St., Rochester. Mic. Bot. 

C* N. Y. 

Wilcox, Joseph, Acad. Nat. Sci., Philadelphia. Min. C. Penn. 

Wilcox, Ralph M., Gildei-sleeve's Landing, Middlesex Co. Orn.y 0.1. 

C. Ex. hawk's eggs, etc. Conn. 

Wild, George A., Curator and Taxidermist (State Univ.), Champaign. 

Comp.ZooL C. Ex. 111. 

Wildberqer, Maj. R. H., Prof. Nat. Sci., Kentucky Mil. Inst, Farm- 
dale. Bot., Geol. C. Ex. Sil. fossils and plants.* Ky. 
Wilder, Burt G., M. D., Prof. Phys., Comp. Anat. and Zool, Cornell 

Univ., Ithaca. Comp. Anat. of Vertebrates. C. Ex, Amphi- 

oxus, or living or alboholic Menobranchus, for brains and embryos 

of vertebrates.* J^. Y. 

Wilder, Miss Mary, Decatur. Bot. III. 

Wiley, Harvey W., Lafayette. Chem. " Ind. 

Wilkes, H. B., Bath-on-the-Hudson. Bot. N. Y. 

Wilkins, Frank, Elmore. Arch. 111. 

Wilkins, Frank, (with John Rowell), San Francisco. Mic. Cal. 

Wilkinson, E., Jr., 78 W. Bloom St., Mansfield. Ent. C. Ex.* Ohio. 
Wilkinson, R., Box 1307, Toronto. Ent.: Lepid.* Can ad n. 

WiLLARD, Arthur W., 48 State St., Boston. Efit., Om. Mass. 

Willard, S. L., 27 Oneida St., Utica. Om., Odl. C* N. Y. 

WiLLARD, S. W., West De Pere. Om., Mam. C* Wis. 

WiLLCox, George W., 17-19 W. 3rd St., Cincinnati. Arch., Palceo., 

Min. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

WiLLCOX, H. R., Athens, Clark Co. C. Ex* Mo. 

Willett, Joseph E., Prof. Mercer Univ., Macon. Chem., Nat. Phil., 

Geol, Ent. C* Ga. 

Willetts, Joseph C, Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. Ichth., Geol. C. 

Ex.* N.Y. 

WiLLBY, HsNRY, New Bedford. Lichens.* Mass. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Williams, A. M., M. D., MeadviUe. Mam., Om. C. Ex.* Pcnn. 
Williams, R«v. C. Foster, Ashwood, Maury Co. Pal^to,, Arch, C. 

Ex. Tenn. 

Williams, Charles H., Winchester Centre. Om., OdU C. Ex. for 

first-class well authenticated specimens only.* Conn. 

Williams, Charles P., 912 Sansom St, PhiUdelphia. Chem. Penu. 
Williams, D. A., L. B. 834, Newark. Geol., Palao., Min. C. Ex.* 

Williams, E. Howard, 4458 Main St.,6ermantown, Philadelphia. Ortu, 

Ool. C. Feun. 

Williams, E. T. Mc, Clarksville. Min,, Palao, Ohio. 

Williams, F. H., M. E., Wyandotte. MHal. Mich. 

Williams, Henrt S., Ph. D., Prof. Paheo., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. 

Palao., Zool., Gen. Biol. C. Ex.* N. V. 

Williams, J. D., Chicago. Mic, III. 

Williams, J. L., Fountaindale. Bot. lU.- 

Williams, K. a., Jr., 15 Broadway, New York. Micro» N. Y. 

Williams, Milo G., Prof. Urbana'Univ., Urbana. Bot., GeoL, Paim), 

C. Ex. Ohio. 

Williams, N. H., M. D., Jackson. Mic. Mich. 

Williams, N. Ward, Milton. Con. Ex. Wis. 

Williams, Robert S., Fort Benton. Om., Bot. C* Mod. 

Williams, Prop. S. G., Ph. D., Prof. Geol., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. 

Pai<BO., Geol. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Williams, Thomas M., Adel, Dallas Co. Ent. C. Ex. la. 

Williams, W. H., M. D., Denver. Mic. Col. 

Williams, William H., Reading. Min. C. Ex. Penn. 

Williamson, Charles E., Hooker Station, Fairfield Co. Geol., Min., 

Arch., PaliBO. C. Ex.* Ohio. 

Williamson, C. W., Napoleon, Henry Co. Geol., Pakeo. C. Ex. 

Sil. and Devon, for Rept. and Mammalian age fossils.* Ohio. 

Williamson, D. I., Munysville, Westmoreland Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

plants of W. Pa.* Penn. 

Williamson, James M., Morrison. Palao., Geol., Min., Arch., Om. 

C. Ex. 111. 

Williamson, John, 63 Market St., Louisville. Bot., Fema.* Ky. 

Williamson, Dr. N., New Brunswick. Micros.* N. J. 

Williamson, R. S., Lieut. Col. U.S. Engineers, San Francisco. Meteo., 

Hypsometry. Cal. 

Willis, Dr. L. m., Charlestown. Micros. Mass. 

Willis, Merritt, West Farms Station, New York. Arch., Min. C. 

Ex.* N. Y. 

Willis, Oliver R., Ph. D., Prin. Alexander Inst., White Plains. Bot., 

Physics. C. N. Y. 

WiLLiSTON, S. W., A. M., M. D., Peabody Museum, New Haven. Vert. 

Palao., Ent., Diptera. C* Conn. 

Willmarth^ Harriett M., Pembei-ton, Burlington Co. Bot. C. Ex. 

Specimens from N. E. and Northern 111. especially desired.* N. J. 
WiLMOT, W. H., M. D., Lawn Ridge. Ferns.* III. 

Wilt, Charles, 1306 South St., Philadelphia. Lepid., Coleopt. C. 

Ex. Penn. 

Wiltse, G. W., Clay City. Arch. Ind. 

Wilson, A. D., Chief Topographer, U. S. Geolog. Surv., Washington.* 

D. C. 
Wilson, Prop. D., Toronto. Anth. Canada. 

Wilson, Edw. B., New Haven. Marine Invertebrates. Conn. 

Wilson, F. H., W. Chelten Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. Orn., 

061. C. Ex. *" Penn. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Wilson, Harold B.. Ann Arbor. Coleopi.t Micros. C. Ex.* Mich. 
Wilson, Dr. H. P. C., Baltimore. Mic, Md. 

Wilson, James, Arkansas City. Kau. 

Wilson, John, 707 Superior St., Toledo. Bot.f Ent,, Mic, Ohio. 

Wilson, Miss Mart, Niacrara St., Buffalo. Micros. N. Y. 

Wilson, Miss Mary E., San Jose. FemSf Alga. C. Ex. Cal. 

Wilson. O. S., State Survey, Albany. Att. N. Y. 

Wilson, Thomas J., M. D., Auburn. Om,^ 061. C. Ex. Desires 

skins of warblers and humming birds.* N. Y. 

Wilson, Prof. T. P., M. D., Ann Arbor. Mick.^ Comp. Anat.* Mich. 
Wilson, W. U., Jackson. Mic, Mich. 

Wilson, W. P., 21 North Avenue, Cambridge. Phan. Bot, Mass. 

Winch, Martin, Portland. Om. C Ex. Ore. 

WiNCHELL, Alex., Prof.Gcol. and Palaeo., Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor. 

Pai4!eo., Anth* Mich. 

Winchell, N. H., State Geologist, Prof. Univ. Minn., Minneapolis. 

GeoL, Mm., Mic., Lith. C. Ex. N. J. and Minn, minerals and 

i*ock samples.* Minn. 

Windle, Miss S. C, Stamford. Feii?*. Conn. 

Wing, A. R., Fort Edward, Washington Co. Bot. N. Y. 

Wing, Prof. Chas. H., Cornell Univ., Ithaca. Micros. N. Y. 

Winslow, Chas. T., San Francisco. Con,, Om., Ool. C. Ex. shells, 

birds' skins, nests and eggs. Cal. 

Winslow, Henry, Wallingford. Min. Conn. 

Winslow, Jasper C, Danville. Min. C. Ex. 111. 

Winslow, J. E., VirgU. Bot., Chem. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Winslow, Rev. L. W., Peshtigo. Mic. Wis. 

Winslow, R. K., Cleveland. Om. Ohio. 

Winters, E. C, Coleta, Whiteside Co. Arch., Min., GeoL, Indian and 

Mound Builders* reUcs. C. Ex.* III. 

Winters, J. K. P., Beaver, Winona Co. Minn. 

WiNZEL. W. F., 32 N. Front St., Wilmington. Cqkopt. N. C. 

Withingham, J. P., Box 2139, New York. Micros. N. Y. 

Witter, F. M., What Cheer, Keokuk Co. Con., Lepid. C. Ex.* la. 
Wolf, John, Canton. Con., Bot. C. Ex. 111. 

Wolfe, Walter M., Montclair, Essex Co. Bot. C. Ex. N.J. 

WoLFRAN, Crist., Kansas City. Palao. Mo. 

WoLFORD, W. L., Minneapolis. Om. Minn. 

WoLSTON, R. T., Bonanza. Min. Col. 

WoLLE, Alex., Sr., 2 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore. Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 

Eggs in sets. Md. 

WoLLE, Francis, Bethlehem. F. W. Alga. C. Ex.* Penn. 

WoMBLE, W. F., Raleigh. Ent. N. C. 

Wood, Augustus H., Painted Post Om., Mam., Tax. C. Ex.* 

Wood, C. D., Middletown. Chem. Conn. 

Wood, Cqarles H., Augusta. GeoL, Min., Arch , Palao. C* 111. 

Wood, M., Box 215, Grand Ledge. Micros.* Mich. 

Wood, Clarence E., B. S.,- Manhattan. GeoL C. Ex. Kan. 

Wood, Edw. S., M. D., Prof. Chem., Harvai-d Med. Coll., Boston. 

Med. Chem. and Tox.* Mass. 

Wood, Horatio C, M. D., Philadelphia. Bot., BioL* Penn. 

Wood, Joseph, Bar Harbor. GeoL, Min., Fossils, Arch. C. Ex.* Me. 
Wood, Nelson R., Clyde. Om. Ex. N. Y. 

Wood, P. B., Owing's Mills, Baltimore Co. Om., OoL C. Ex. Md. 
Wood, Dr. R. W., Librarian Am. Statistical Assoc., 19 Boylston Place, 

JSoston.* MasH. 

Wood, Samuel, Ontario. Om., Tax. C. Canada. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

124 THE naturalists' DittECTORY. 

Wood, William, M.D.» East Windsor HilL Om., OoL, Arch. C. Ex. 

cjr^rs.* Conn. 

Wood, William S., Wilminj^'ton. Tajf., Om. C .♦ Del. 

WooDBUiDGE, S. H., Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston. Physics* Ma8H. 

Woodman, Waltek, 9 Kiiilaml Place, CanibiKljre. Orn, C. Ex. Mass. 
WooDBKiDGB, J. E., M. I.)., Yo»in;rsto\vn. Mic, Ohio. 

Woodfald, C, F , Kiantone, Cbaut. Co. Gw/., Palao. N. Y. 

Woodman, II. T., 25 Clinton Place, New York. C.» N. Y. 

Woodman, Miss Katie U., 239 ITtli St., Dubuqnc. Ferns, Alja>, UoU 

luskSf Radiates, C. la* 

Woods, Charles D., Chcm. Lab. Wcslcyan Univ., MidcUetown. 

Chem* Coon. 

Woodson, N. A, Grijrjfsville, Pike Co. Geol, Paltso, C. Ex. Crin- 

oids, Brachiopoils, etc. Ill* 

Woods WORTH, Luke, M. D., Johnson's Creek, Niagara Co. Dot, C. N . Y. 
Woodward, A. J., M. O., Cedar Keycs. HerpeL* Pla. 

Woodward, A. S., Syracuse. Mic. N. Y. 

Woodward, Charles, M. D. Chem. N.Y. 

Woodward, E. M, Keenc. Ent. C. Ex- N. H. 

Woodward, U. J., Peoria. Zo6l. HI. 

Woodward, H. N., Odin. Con, III. 

Woodward, J. J., M. D., Army Med. Mas., Washington. Jl/ic, 

Pathol* ■ ' D. C. 

Woodward, L. F., Worcester. Om., Zool Mass. 

Woodward, W. Elliot, 258 Dudley St., Roxbury. Arch., Mound 

builders and Indian antigu'MeSf coins and medals, Bric-a-brac and 

rare bonks. C. Ex.* JWass. 

Woolman, George S., 116 Fulton St., New York. Micros.* N. Y. 

WooLFENDEN, FREDERICK, Detroit, yat. Hint. Mich. 

WooLLEY, Charles F., Eatontown, Monmouth Co. Arch,, Eth, C. 

Ex. 2J00 duplicates. N.J. 

Woolsey, George, New Haven. Orti., 0"d. C. Conn. 

WooLSON, George C, Pa^jsaic. Bot., Hort. Special, cultivation of 

native plants. C. Price list of native plants and bulbs desired.* 

WooLSON, M., Concoi-d. Min., Zt/loloqy, C. Ex. N. H. 

WooLWORTH, James G., Silver City, i*rovidence. Chem, R. I. 

Woosteu, L. C, Prof. Nat. Sci.,* State Normal School, Whitewater. 

GeoL, Bot. C. Have fossils for ex. from N. Y., Colorado and 

Wisconsin.* Wis. 

Worcester, George W., West Side, Crawford Co. Bot. C. Ex. la. 
Worcester, H. P., Box 334, Norfolk. J5o^« Va. 

WoRDEN, J. D., M. D., 91 Hawk St., Albany. Phijs., Mm, N. Y. 

Workman, Dr. William U., Worcester. Mic. Mass. 

WoRSTER, Joseph, M. D., 1153 30th St., New York. GeoL N. Y. 

Worth, Mrs. S. A., Hespcr, Winneshcik Co. GeoL la. 

Worthen, A. 11., Gcolo^rist and Cur. State Museum of Nat. Hist., 

Sprin^rfield, C. Ex.* III. 

Worthen, Charles K., State Taxidermist, Wai-saw. Orn,, Tax. C, 

Ex.* III. 

Worthen, Rev. H. W., Bradford. Min., GeoL, Arch., Numismatics.* Vt. 
Worthington, C. E., Chica^ro. Ent. III. 

Worthington, W. W., Shelter Island, Suffolk Co. Om., 061,, Arrh., 

Bof., Min, Tax. C. Ex.* N.Y. 

Wortman, Miss Clara A., WilKhire, Van Wert Co. GeoL C. Ohio, 
Wortman, M. L., Willshii-e, Van Wert Co. GeoL C. Ex. Ohio. 

Wright, Albert A., A. M., Ph. B., Prof. Geol. and Nat. Hist., Obcrlin 

CoUege, Oberlin. C* Ohio. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 125 

Wright, Arthur W., Ph. D., Prof. Molecular Phj-sics and Cbcm., Yale 
Coll., New Haven* • Conn. 

Wright, Berlin 11., Penn Yan, Yates Co. Con., Paiteo,, Ast. C, Ex.* 

N Y. 

Wright, Charles, WcthersficUl. Bot. C Ex.* Conn. 

Wright, P'uank S , Box 910, Auburn. Orn , 0>f. C. Ex. N. Y. 

Wright, Uev. CJ. Fkedekick, Amlovcr. Glanialiat* Mass. 

Wright, Ueo. W., West New 13ri;rhton. Bot. C N. Y. 

Wright, Uarkison, Ph. D., A. M., Sec. Wyorainic Hist, and Geol. Soc., 
WilkesbaiTC. M'tn.^ Geol., Arck.^ P'alceo. C. Ex. Coal flora, 
Min. and Lithol. spec, for others, for the society.* Penn. 

Wright, U. J , East Templeton. General.. C. . AIhsh. 

Wright, James, Fredonia, I<iekin;r Co. ^/cA., Prtfco. C. Ex. Ohio. 

Wright, Mrs. J S., San Die^o. Bot. Cal. 

Wright, Mks. Lizzie, Mouterev. Ferns C. Ex.* Cal. 

Wright, Samuel H., M. I)., A. M., Ph. I)., Penn Y'an. Yates Co. 
. Bot. : Carex , Mic , Ast. C. Plants ol Europe and Eastern U.S. 
in ex. ior Pjicitic and Southern specimens.* N. Y. 

Wright, W. (i., San Bernardino. Bot, : Pal/ns, Cacti, Ferns, Seeds. C- 
Ex. for rare ferns.* Cal. 

Wright, ^E Ij , Bristol. Min, Conn. 

Wrlmeu, M. F , Lo«ransport. Geol. Ind. 

Wurtele, Rev Louis C , Acton Vale, P. Q. Coleopt.* Canada. 

Wvhill, Alfred, Medina, Orleans Co. Orn.^ OJ., Tax. C. Ex. De- 
sires hiifh-colored Birds.* N. Y. 

Wylie, T. a , Prof. Phvsics, Ind. Univ., Bloomin^n.* Ind. 

Wyllis, Charles A., ftockville. 0.«., Tax. Conn. 

Wynan, IL W. 76 Providence St., Worcester. Orn. C. Ex. N. /;. 

Birds. Mass. 

Wyman, Wm. S., Prof, in Univ. of Ala., Tuscaloosa. Am. Arch, and 
Eth.* Ala. 

Wynne, Samuel, Pboenixvillc, Chester Co. Min. C. Ex.* Fenn. 

Wythe, Kev. James H., M. D., 965 West St., Oakland. Biol. Cal. 

Yandell, Prop. L. P , M. D., Louisville. Cornlty Shells, etc. C. Ky. 
Yarrow, IL C, M. D., Armv Med. Mus., Washington. Ethnol, Gm., 

Zool., Ichth., Herpetol* 1). C. 

Yates, II. N., 272 Prospect St , Cleveland. Micros.* Ohio. 

Yates, Dr. Lorenzo (i., Contrevillc, Alameda Co. Con., Geol, Mm. 

C. Many specimens for ex. Send lists.* CrtL 

Y^ates, W. S, Centrevillc. Coleopt. C. Ex. East, So., and Forei^rn 

Coleopt. wanted. Cal. 

Young, Aaron, M. D., Bangfor. Bot. Me. 

Young, A. XL, Hanover Coll., Hanover. Bot., Geol. C. Ex.* Ind. 
Young, A. II. , 330 Quincy St., Brooklyn. Phcen. Bot., Feme, Mosses, 

Alqce.,Con. C. N. Y. 

Young, bR. C. A., Coll. of N. J., Princeton. N . J. 

Young, E. Bentley, M, S., 104 Applctou St., Bostoq. Bot., Mm., 

Lithol., Chem,, Phys. C.* Mass. 

Young, H. A., Ilevorc. Bot. C. Ex.* Mass. 

Young, Henry W., Galena. Bot. C. 111. 

Young, Mrs. M. J., Houston. Bot. C. ' Tex. 

Young, Silas C, Edenvillc. Mm. C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Y'ouNG, S. L., lleadtn<;. Min. Penn. 

-YouNGHUSBAND, L., M. D., LL. D., 67 Adams Ave., West Detroit. 

Microscopy.* MiqIi* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Youngs, Geo. R., C. E., Penn Yan. Bat, C. Ex. N. Y. 

YouMANS, Miss Eliza, 2 East Idtli St., New York * N. Y. 

YouMANS, Pbof. Caixj D. Appleton & Co., Publishers, New York City. 

N. Y. 

Zabriseib, Ret. J. L., New Baltimore. Hymenaptera, Fungi. C. Ex. 

Zabriskie, N. L., Aurora. Micros. N. Y. 

Zahm, S. H., Box 140, Lancaster. On., Ocl, Arch, C. Ex.* Penn. 
Zell, Mrs. Ltdia D., Lancaster. Bot.* Penn. 

Zbntmayer, Charles, 147 So. 4th St. Philadelphia. Mic,* Penn. 

Zentmater, Joseph, 147 So. 4th St., Philadelphia. Manufttcturer of 

Microscopes,* Penn. 

Zbsch, Frank, 500 Main St., Buflfelo. Coleopi, C. Ex.* N. Y. 

Zimmerman, Charles, D. State Farm, Lancaster. Eni. : Coleopt.y 

Lepid, C. Ex.* Ohio. 

ZiMMBB, J. C, Cairo. Arch. C. Ex. 111. 


Cabmiool, San Jos^. Bot. 
Trujillo, San Jos&. 


BOLANDEB, Guatemala. Bot, 

Farfau, Dr. Jost. Prof. Univ., Guatemala. Bot. 

Grelck, Juan, Bot. Coll., Guatemala. Bot. 

Luna, Dr. David, Prof. Univ., Guatemala. Phys., Chem,, Bot. 

MiLLO, Jos&, Guatemala. 

Rockstroh, Edwin, National Institute, Guatemala.* Zool. 

Rodriguez, Juan Jost, Dir. Zool. Mus., Guatemala. Bot.* 

RossiGNON, Guatemala. Bot. 

Sarq, Francis C, Vice-Consul German Empire, Cohan. Zodl., esp^ 

sniders. Araneidae for Salvin & Godman's Biology of Central 

TyNKHEiM, H. DB, Coban, Alto Vera Paz. Botany^ Lepidoptera. C. 

Ex. Spec, dried plants in ex. Insects and bii*d-skins for sale.* 
Yela, Db: Joaquim, Prof. Univ. Guatemala. Bot.^ Nat. Hist. 


Ajuria, Agustin, Guanajuato. Mining Engineer. 
Alcacio, Donaciano, City of Mexico. Bot. 
Alcarez, Ramon I., Mexico.. 

Altamirano, Ignatius M., " La Repfiblica,** Mexico,* 
Altamirano, Vernando, City of Mexico. Bot.* 
Andonafgin, Juan B., Pinos Zacatecas. Mining. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


AouiLAR, FONCIANO, GnaDiMuato. Mining Engineer,* 

Arriaga, Josk Joaquin, Mem. Mex. Nat. Hist. Soc., Mexico. Bot.^ 

ATMfe, Lioms H., Herida. Yucatan. Arch,* 
Barcena, Mariano, Director del Observatorio Central, Prof, de Geol. 

& Palseo. Museo. Nacional, Mexico. Geology, C.* 
Barroeta» Prof. G., M. D., San Luis Potosi. Zodl^ Bot, C. Ex.* 
Barkoso, Agustin, City of Mexico. Bot.* 
Blazguez, Prop. Ygnacio, Nat Hist. Coll., Puebla. Boi,* 
BoNiLLA, J. A., Zacatecas. Min, 
BoTTERi, Mateo, Mem. Nat. Hist. Soc., Orizaba. Bot, 
Caleira, Ysidro, Aguas Calicntcs.* 
Carytllo, M., Engineer, Tjeon.* 

Castillo, Ajitonio des, City of Mexico. Geol, Palmo,* 
Cervantez, Faustino, Calle de la Esampa, 2, Morelos.* 
Chico, Dr. Jesus, Hospital Guanajuato. Hygiene.* 
Chizaro, M. M., Flacotalpam. Bot, 

Contorras, Manuel, Cofegio del Estado, Guanajuato. Att,* 
Contrerat, Juan N., Guanajuato. Mining Engineer, 
Crespo, Gilberto, Citj' of Mexico. Min. 
CuBAS. Antonio G., Mexico, 
DoNDE, B. Juan, Prof. Pharm., Chem. and Nat. Hist. Calle de los 

Bosados, No. 48. Merida, Yucatan. Bot., ZocL, Ent, : Coleopt., 

Om„ Chem. C. Ex.* 
Dugbs, Alfredo, Guanajuato. 2U>6l,t Bot.* 
Duges, Eugene, Guanajuato. Entomologif.* 
Fernandez, Vincente, Prof, de Farmacio, Coleg^o del Estado. Calle 

del Cerezo. Guanajuato. Meteo, C, Ex. Mexican birds for 

those of China and Australia.* 
FiNCK, Hugo, Coi-dova. Arch,, Bot., Geol,* 
Flores, Betes G., Guadalajara. Bot. 
Garat, Dr. Fibuscio, Colegio del Esftado, Guanajuato. Metal.* 
Garcia Icazbalceta, Joaquin, Mexico. 
Glennie, Francesco, Guanajuato.* 
GoNZALA, J. Eleuterio, Monterey. Bot. 
GrONZALBZ, Jesus, City of Mexico. Bot. 
Gutierrez, Jos]& Ma., Ameca. Talisco. Bot, 
Heinemann, Dr. C, Vera Cruz. Physiol* 
Hbrrbra, Alfonso, Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, 6 2. Calle de S. 

Juan, 4, Mexico. Bot,* 
Huabusa, Francisco F., Botica de San Francisco. Morelia. Phar- 

macy, Chem.* 
.Idaenz, Joaquin, Mem. Nat Hist Soc, Puebla. Bot. 
Landero, Carlos de, Guadalajara. Min, 
Lazo de la Vega, J. M., City of Mexico. Bot. 
Leon, Miguel Velazqubs de, M. E., Stacicnda de Pabellon A^aas 

Calicntes. Mining, AgricuUure, Can procure silver, copper and 

lead ore samples.* 
LoBATO, Flavio, Guanajuato. Min. 
LoPER, Carlos M., Aguas Calientcs. 
Lopez, Dr. Francisco, Calle 63, Morelos. Meteor.* 
Mariano Leal, Leon E. de, Guanajuato. Chem., Meteor, C. Ex. 

Has meteoTolosrical data for three years.* 
Medico, Paramo, Mexico. Meteor.* 
Mendiyil, CiviLO Gomez, La^os. Agric. 
Mendoza, GuMESiNDO, City of Mexico. Bot. 
MoNROT, I'edro L., San Luis Potosi. Min, 
Moreno, Aniceto, Orizaba. Bot,* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


MuRO, JjViSt Colegio del £8tado, Gaan^juato. Min, 

Navia, Severo, Guanajuato. Min.* 

OCHOA, Juan, City of Mexico. Min. 

Oliva, Sabino, (iuadalajara. Bot. 

Orozco, Iabbo, Guanajuato. Min,* 

Penafiel, Antonio, 8cc. Nat Hist. Soc., City of Mexico. BoL* 

Perez, LAzaro, Guadalajara. Bot, 

Peza, Juan de Dios, Mexico. 

PiMENTEL, Francisco, Mexico. 

PuENSE, Feliciano G., Botica de Yd. Morelos. Pharmacy,* 

QuiJANO, Fiacro, Mazatlan. Bot, 

KAMIREZ, Josi:, City of Mexico. Bot.t Zodl. 

Ramirez, Santiago, City of Mexico. Mining Engineer.* 

Bamos, Jose, City of Mexico. Bot, 

Heyes, Manuel O., City of Mexico. Bot. 

Boche, Ignacio, Calie Sopcna, Guanajuato.* 

BoMERO, Carlos, Guanajuato. Math., GeoL* 

Salgad, Dr. Francisco, Colegio des Kstado, Guanajuato. Pakeo.* 

Sanchez, Jesus, City of Mexico. Zool. 

Santibanoz, Dr. Abraham, Coleeio del Estado, Gaani^uato. Anat,* 

Sauri, RiCARDO, M. D., Merida, Yucatan. Efit, 

Schaffner, Dr. J. Guillermo, Sau Luis Potosi. Bot,, Nat, Sciencet, 

C. Ex. Has over 1000 species of plants.* 
Sagura, Josfe, City of Mexico. Bot, 
SiLVA, J., Zacatecas. GeoL* 
Socket, Sherman G., Con-alitos. Metal.* 
SuMiCHRAST, Prof., Tehuantepec. Bot,* 
Tena, Dr. Miguel, Botica de Guadelupe, Catarinaz, 16, Morelia. Bot, 

C. Ex.* 
Tonel, Jean, Coi-dova. Bot.* 
Urbina, Manuel, City of Mexico. Bot, 
Velasco, Jose Ma., City of Mexico. ZoU., Bot, 
Vernandez, Vicente, Guaniguato. Min. 
ViLLADA, Manuel, Nat. Museum, City of Mexico. Bot,, ZoDl* 
Wadgymar, L. a., Mexico City. Zod7., Orn.^ Bot. C. Ex.* 
Yturbideid, Dr. Luis, C. de Zarte 2, Morelos. Surgery.* 
Yarate, Francisco P., Zacatecas. Mining,* 
Zimenez, Francisco, Colegio del Estado, Guanajuato. PhU,* 


Somerville, Beverly B., M. D., Old Perlican. Medicine, Arch,, Gen,' 
Antiq., Ethnol,* 


Calderon t Arana, Salvador, Leon.* 
Clay, T. H., Matajralpa. 

Downing, Dr. Alex. A., Granada. Anth, Ex. for any kind of spec- 
imens new to Nicarajrua.* 
Flint, Earl, Bivas. Antiquarian.* 
Harpur, Henry, Granada. General Science,* 
Henry, William, Granada. Reptiles,* 
Janson, E. M., Las L^as, Chontales. Ent, 
Levy, Paul, Grenada. Bot, 
HoRAZAN, F., Cbinande^fa,* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



NicoLSOK, Db., Antigua. Bot. 


GoDiNO, Dr. Franqois, Karraonv Hall, Bridgetown. BoU* 
Webb. Rev. T. W.. Bishop of BaVbadocs.* 


Peniston. Annie M., The Flats. MolL C. Ex. Shells of Bermuda 
for those of other localities.* 


Aguilera, Cayetano, Rne O'Reilly. 42, Havana * 

Aguileka, ^Ianuel Antonio, Ruo O'llcilly, 42, Havana.* 

Aguiah, Mauricio Alfonzo y, lugenio demolido, Santo Cristo. Lepid' 

optera, C* 
Arango, Dr. Rafael, Acosta 28, Havana. Malacology, C Ex. shells.* 
Blain, Jose, Sun Cristobal. Bot, 

Cabrera y Martinez. Jose, Santa Maria del Rosano. I.epid. 
Fernandez, Dr. Jose Santos. Csille del Prado, 3, Havana.* 
Gundlach, Juan, Ingcnio Fermiua, Bemba. 3/am.. Orn., Herpet.^ Con,, 

Ent. C* 
Lachaume. Jules, Dir. Garden, Havana. Bot. 
Martinez, Jose Cabrera, Cindad de Santa Maria del Rosario. Lepid. 

C. Ex.* 
Morales, Dr. Sebastian A. de, Calle de Vcrlarde, 5, Matanzas. Bot. 
PiciiARDO V PicHAKDO, Gabriel, Havana. 
PoEY, Dr. Philip, Rtic San Nicolas, 96, Havana. Ichth.* 
Presas. J. Manuel, Matanzas. Bot, 
Reinoso, Fernando, Cal.e dc las Animas, 135, Havana.* 
Ruiz Melo, Ernesto, Havana. 
Sauvalle, Francisco A., Havana. Bot. 
ViLAJto, Dr. Juan, Rue Rcina, 40, Havana.* 


NiCHOLLS, Henry Alfred Alford, M. D., M. R. C. S., Dominica. NaJt* 
Hist.,Zo6L C* 

BONAME, P., Dir. Agric. Station, Pointe a Piti*e. Bot,* 


Bowret, James John, F. C. S., F. J. C, Kingston. Chem.* 
Brennan, J. F.. DistVict Eng. Office, Kingston. Photography, Bot, 

plants and scenery.* 
BtJRGER. H J., Kinjrston. Mi«., Con,* 
Fiddes, Dr. Aleilander, Kingston. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

130 THE naturalists' directoby. 

Hart, John Hinchlet, Supt. Botanical Dept, Goyernment Honse. Bot.^ 

Veg, Physiol. C. £x. Complete sets of Jamaica ferns, wanted, 

Morris, Daniel, M. A., F. G. S., Dir. Bot. Dept., Jamaica. Bot. C. 

Ex. Valuable steeds and economic plants desired in ex. for similar 

produce from the Tropics.* 
Newton, Hon. Ed., C. M. (jI., Kirigston. Om,* 
Nock, W., Supt. plantations, Cinchona. Bot., Fenu.* 
Stme, G., Supt. Castleton Bot. Gardens, CasUeton. Bot.* 
Plummer, C. H., Kingston. Om. 

Belangbr, Ch., Dir. Colonial Gardens, St Pierre. Bot.* 


Alfau t Baralt, Antonio, San Juan. Coleopt., Lepid,* 
GuiLLERNA, CtsAR DE, Ingeniero de Montes, San Juan. Bot.* 
Stahl, Dr. Augustin, Bayamon.* 

Vasconi, Dr. Anqbl, Ingeniero de Minas, San Juan. Min,, GeoLt 


Calderon, H. Charles, St. Thomas. Bot. 
Eggers, H. F. A. Baron, St. Thomas. Bot. 

Dehoux, Dr. J. B., Dir. Med. Sch., Port-au-Prince. Bot,* 
Droit, Prop- J., Medical School, Port-au-Prince. Bot.* . 

Dahl, Christian, Santa Cruz. Bot. 


CoRT, Dr. J., Port of Spain. Bot.* 

Fendler, Augustus, Port of Spain. Bot., Met.* 

GUPPY. J. Lechmere, Trinidad. 

Marshall, Rev. T. A., M. A., Golconda Estate, near San Fernando. E/ni, 

PRESTOE, Henry, Botanic Garden, Port of Spain. Bot,* 

SONGBR, T. B., Botanic Garden, Trinidad. 


. Digitized by VjOOQIC 

THE naturalists' dibectobt. 131 



Arata, Prop. Dr. Pedro R., Buenos Ayres. 

Arribalzaoa, Dr. Enrique Lynch, Buenos Ayres. Diotera.* 

Barrows, W. B , Ooncepcion del Uruguay. Prof. Nat Hist, and Chem. 
Government Collc>fe.* 

Bbro, Prof. Carlos, Buenos A^res.* 

BoLLAERT, Charles W., Kosano. 

BuRMEiSTER, Dr. Carl H. C, Dir. Nat Mus., Bnenos Ayres.* 

Cardlla, Facundo, Buenos Ayres. 

Carvajal t Rueoa, Basilio. Calle de Moreno, 196, Hotel del Sur, 
Buenos Ayres.* 

DoRiNO, Dr. Adolf, Cordova. Moll. 

Galleoos y Sardina, Ventura, Mendoza.* 

HiERONTMUS, Prof. G., Cordova. Botany,* 

Holmberg, Eduardo, Calle C^rrito, 424, Buenos Ayres. BtU. espe- 
cially Arachnida.* 

Lamas, Andres, Buenos Ayres.* 

LisTA, Ramon. C. de la Rbconquista, 93, Buenos A3rres. 

LoRBNZ, Dr. Paul GQenthbr, National College, Concepcion del Uruguay. 
BoL Flora, Phytogeography of Argen, Ripub, C* 

Maxwell, David, Buenos Ayres. 

MiTRB, Gen. Bartolom^, Buenos Ayres. 

Moreno, F. P., Buenos Ayres. Palaeo.* 

Perkins, W., El Gi-an Cbaco. 

Quesada, Vicente, Buenos Ayi-es. 

Sfeoarzini, Dr. Carlos, Cabinet Nat Hist, Buenos Ayres. Mieohgy,* 

Thorne, John M., Coi-dova. Ast,* 

Ze Callos, Estanislao S., Rue du Peron, 23, Buenos Ayres. Geog., 
Arch.f Anth., Geol, C.« Ex. books and maps for Geographical 
maps of N. Amenca. 


Campbro, Gen., Sucre. 
Gamucio, Gil de, Cochabamba. 
Gutibrrbz, Josb B., La Paz. 


Austin, Richard, Rio Janeiro. 

Bom-Retiro, Pedreira, Vizcondb de, Rio Janeiro. Oeog,.^ Ethnol.* 

Capanbma, Dr. L. S. de. Consul, Rue de San Leopoldo, 1, Rio Janeiro. 

Carvalho, Dr. Pedro A. de, Dir. Hospital Mis«*ricoi*d, Rio Janeiro. 
Glarion, Dr., Dir. Public Gardens, Rio Janeiro. Bot,* 
Homen de Mello, Dr. Francisco Ionacio M., Baron de, Rio Janeiro. 

GeoLj Ethnol* 
Lacerda, Antonio de, Bahia. Ent., Min. C* 
Ladislao, Netto, Dir. Imp. Mus. Rio Janeiro. Bot,* 
Liais, Dir. Imp. Obs., Rio Janeiro. 
Loforen, Alberto, Morton College, San Paulo. Bot,yAlgology : F, W» 

Alga, C, Ex.* 
Maoalhaes, Dr J. V. C de, Rio Janeiro. Geog.j Ethnol* 
Nbavb, Dr. John, Rua de Principe, 14, San Paulo. My col,* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

132 THE naturalists' directory. . 

PuiooARi, Dr. Juan T., Apiahy, San Paulo. Cryptogamia : Graminem, 

AlgeB and Moatea. C. Ex.* 
Begnen, Db. a. F., Caldas, Minas Geraes. Bot.* 
RiBEiRO, Julio, Morton College, San Paulo. Phikfl,* 
RiNGGANi, Juan T., Apiahy, ban Paulo. Ctyptogamia,* 
Rio Branco, J. M. da Silva, Rio Janeiro. Geog., EthnoL* 
Sequeira, Luis A., Bel^^ian Consul, Pernambuco.* 
SouzA, Fontes, Prof. Dr., Rio Janeiro. Geog., EthnoL* 
TooTAL, Albert, Rio Janeii-o. ArUh, 
Wilson, A. H., Para. 


JsNacAN, G. S., Goyernment Botanist, Georgetown, British Guiana. Bot,* 


AmunAtegui, Miguel Luis, Santiago. 
Barros Arana, Manuel, Santiago. 
UuiDOBRO, Charles G., Santiago. 
Leyboldt, Frieorich, Santiago. 
Matta, William, Santiago. 
Reed, Edwyn C, Callc Collegia, Valparaiso. 
Seve, £d., Valpai-aiso. 


Destruge, Dr., Guayaquil. 
. Flores, a., Quito. 
Gomez Valdez, C, Guayaquil. 
Herrera, p., Quito. 
Larrea, Manuel Angel, Quito. 
Matovelle, Julius, Cuenca. 


Chacaltana, Cesarb, Lima. 

DiBOS, Felix, Lima. 

Pasapera, Manuel S., Lima. 

Sanchez, HiPiiLiTO, Aroquipa. 

Maoedo, Mariano, Lima. Arch, 

Mendiburn, Gen. Manuel de, Lima. 

Mesa, Pio B., Cuzco. Arch, 

Barranca, Jose S., Lima. Arch,, Nat, Hiat, 


JArteaga, Rodolfo de, Esq. Assoc. M. InstC. E., Montevideo." Care of 

W. B. Cranwell, Esq., 4 Finsbuiy St., London E.C., England.* 
Barrial Posada Clemente, Montevideo. Min,, GeoL^ PaUeo,* 
Magarinos Cervantes, Maeto, Montevideo. 


Perez, Lazaro Maria, Bocroti. 
Zeltner de, M. a., Panama. 


Acosta, Cecilio, Caraccas. 
Ernst, A., Caraccas. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

THB naturalists' dibectobt. 188 



Abbrle, Prof. Dr., Bot. Gar., Salzburg. BoL 

Abich, Guillaume G., Vienna. Mi?i, 

Abt, Dr. Anton, Ord. Prof, dcr Physikan dcr K. Ung. Franz-Josef Uni- 
vdi'sitat, Klaudcnburg, Hungary. Fhtftica, C. 

Adler, KAiiOLY, Dcva. Geol. 

Adolf, Dk. Kunc, Dir. und Obci'gyronasiuni, und Ritter des Franz-Josef 
Ordens, Stcinaniangcr, Hunjrary. Physic*. C. 

Aichinger, Prop., Fcldkn-cU. Bot. 

Alber, F., llovcredo. Coleopt. 

Albrecht, Hermann, Agrnm, Hungaiy. Lepid. 

Allami, Felicitcmplom, GtoL 

AlmAsy, M6ricz, Bees. Geol. 

Alth, Dr. Alois v.. Prof. Min., Univei*sity, Krakan. Geol., PaUio. C» 
Very large collcctioti; will send catalogue if desired. 

Ambrosi,'Fr., Dir. Museum, Trent. Bot. 

Ameiilino, Dr. Carl, Prague, Bohemia. 

Andries, Prop. Johann,' Manehilf 30, Innsbruck. Lepid., Coleopt., 
Conchologuy Mantniahgy. C. 

Angelis, Joii., Prague, Bohemia. European Lepid, 

Anker, Ludwio, Bahngasse, 173, Budapest, Hungary. Lepid,, Coleopt* . 

Anker, Rudolp, Fabriksg, 155, Budapest, Hungary. Leptd, 

Antoine, Fr., Dir. Imp. Gar. of Hof Burg, Vienna. Bot. 

ArAnyi, Dr. La JOS, Budapest, Hungary. GeoL 

Arpad, Saxlehner, Budapest, Hungary, (oleopt. 

AusPiTZ, Prop. Heinricii, I Rosengasse 8, Vienna. 

AussERER, Anton, Prof. Dr., An I. Staatsgymn. Gratz. Zodl., Araeh, 

Bach, Dr. J<5zsep, Szecsenv, Hungary. Geol. 

Baczo, Gabriel, Pi-of. an der Hochschule, Zilah, Hungaiy. Bot. 

Baczoni, Albert, Kassa, Hungary. Geol. 

Ball6, MatyAs, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Barbieux, August, Rothenihui*m$tr., 18, Vienna. Lepid. 

BArdos, MihAly, Selnie-z, Hungary. Geol.' 

Bartm, Jos., Lagcnthal, near Blasendorf. Bot. C. 

Barrandb, Dr. Joachim, Klcinscite, Chotcksgassc, 419, Prague, Bohe- 
mia. Palcpo. of the Pahpozoic Formation, 0. 

Bartscht, Ambros., Haupstr., 4, Ilernals. Lepid. 

BAtuory, NAndor, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Batthyany, Bela, Skervar. Hungary! Bot. 

Bauer, C, Bot. Gar., Lemberg. Bot. 

Baumler, J. A., Dun-mantthorg., 26, Presburg. Bot, 

Beck, Dr. GOnther, Hen-engasse, U, Vienna. Bot, 

Becke, Friedrich, Ph. D., Privat doceut, an dcr Univ., Vicnnat Petro* 

Behmann, Dr. a., Kozyzowa, 21, Krakau. Bot, 

BelhAzy, JAnos, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Belohoubek, a.. Prof. Univ., Prague, Bohemia. CAem. 

Benes, Guyula, Petrozseny, Hungary. GeoU 

Benndorf, G., Prof. Univ.,' Vienna. Arch. 

Benseler, Fr., Bot. Gardens, Vienna. Bot, 

Beranek, Tabor, Bohemia. Coleoptera. 

Berecz, Antal, Budapest, Hungaiy. Geol. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

184 THE naturalists' directory. [AUSTRO- 

Beroenstamm, J. Edler, II, Tempelasse, 8, Vienna. Diptera, 

Bermann, Jos., Sec. Uort. boc., Vienna. Bot. 

Beknako, Karl, Uocb^rafli Eduard Falffy von erdodscher Oberf&rster in 

Vacikou bei Preznitz via rribiam, Bohemia. Coleopteraj Lepid, 
BernAto, J6ZSEF, Budapest, Uuntrary. Geol. 
Berkoyer, Emil, GuiDpcndorfci^str , 63, Vienna. Hymen, 
Bertalan, Miklos, Vihnyc, Hungary. Geol. 
Bertolini, Dr. Stefano de, Doniplatz. Coleoptera of Europe. 
Beust, Constantin F. F. von, Vienna. 

BiAsiOLi, Carl, Tunrain, 16, Innsbruck. Entomology, ConchoL C. 
BiLiMEK, Dr., Dii*. Museum at Miramare, Trieste, not, 
Billroth, Teodore, Vienna. 
Bir6, Ludwio, Ileformiter Theolog, S4toralja-Ujhely, Hungaiy. Hymen,, 

Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Bo€HDALEK, Dr. Vincenz A., Pi'of. Emer., Leitmeritz, Bohemia. 
BocKH, Johann, Geologische Anstalt, Budapest, Hungary. GeoL 
BOGSCH, JoH., Prof. Realsckule, Presburj?, Hungary. Lepid. 
BouATSCH, Albert, I. Schreijrasse, 2, Vienna. Coleopt, 
BoHATSCH, Otto, IV. Bez., Fleischmannsg., 8, Vienna. Lepid, 
BonM, Dr. Jos., Prof. Univ., Waliringestr., 31, Vienna. 
Bolle, F., Goi-z. Bot. 

BoubAs, Prof. Dr.V. de, Dessewffygasse, 3, Budapest, Hungary. Bot, C. 
BORICKY, A., Prof. Univ. Prague, Boiiemia. Min. 
BoRiCKY, Dr. Em., Uuivei*sitat, Prague, Bohemia. Pdrography, 
BothXr, Daniel, JPozsony. Geol, 
BOUE. Dr. Ami, Vienna. Geol, 
Brancsik, Dr. Carl, Trencsin, Hungaiy. Coleopt, 
Brandowski, a. R., Prof. Univ. Krakau. Ethnol. 
Brauer, Prof. Dr. Friedrich, Moritz, Custos am kaif. zool. Hof-muse- 

um, Prof. Zool. Univ., I WoUzeil, 23. Vienna. Ent., Diptera, 

Neuroptera, Biology, Crustacea, Phyllopoda. C. 
Braun, Gustav, k. k. Prof, an der ObeiTealschule, Troppan. Coleopt., 

Braun, Dr. H., Museum, Vienna. Bot. 
Bredel, J. H., Montanistiker, Privat, y. z. in Peggau, Gratz. Metal, 

Micros. C. Ex. 
Breidler, Obere Weisgarbebstr., 15 HI., Vienna. Bot. 
Breitenlohner, Dr., Vienna. Bot, 
Brezina, a., Vienna. Min, 
Breznyik, JAnos, Selmecz, Hungaiy. Geol. 
Brittner, Dr. Alex , k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. Geol, 
Broszmann, Jeno, Selmecz, Hungary. Geol. 
Bruck, Ferenc, Ujvidek, Hungary. * Geol. 
BRtJCKE, Dr. E. W. von. Prof. Pliys. Univ., Vienna. 
BrUner, Prof. Dr. Max, Univ. Gratz. 
Bruihann, Vilmos, Budapest, Hun^aiy. Geol. 
Brusina, Spiridion, Prof, der Universitat und Dir. des Zool, National 

Museum, Zagrab, (Agram) Croatia. Zool., PoUpo, 
BrzorAd, T. Rudolph, Mozyoros Ny-Ujfaln, Hungaiy. GeoL 
Buchmuller, Ferdinand, Burggasse, 108, VII., Vienna. Ent, 
BuDA, Adam von, Gutsbesitzer, Eeapost, Hatszeg, Transylvania. Dm,, 

Zodl, Geol C. Ex. 
Budat, JdzsEF, Bodos, Austro-Hungary. Geol, 
BuGGiS, Andras, Unghvor, Hungaiy. Geol, 
BUhler, Prof. Dr. G., C. I. £., Richardgasse, 5, Vienna. Indian 

Epigraphy and Law. 
BurAny, Johann, Gran, Hungary. Geol, Min, C. Ex. Wishes ores 

of America for Ammonifera of Hungary. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BURGEBSTEIN, pROF. Dr. Alp., Vienna. Bot. 

Burton, Capt. Richard F., Trieste. 

BuzA, JoHANN, Prof, iu Reformer Hoheschule, S&rospasar, Hungary. 

Bot„ Diseases of Plants. C. 
Celakousky, Dr. Laik)8LAus, Prof. k. k. Universitftt, Korngasse, 1572, . 

Prague, Bohemia. Fhra of Bohemia. C. £x. for flora of America. 
CsRifAK, Wenzel, k. k. Militargeogr. Institut, Kircheng., 40, Vienna. 

Macro- Lepid, 
Chayanne, Dr. Joseph, Redocteur in Mitthilungen dcr k. k. Gcograph- 

ischen Gescllschaft, I Nibelungengasse, 15, Vienna. Meteor,, 

Climatology. Ex. 
Chytil, St., Loschitz, Mahren. 
Chyzer, Dr. Cornel, Landes-sanitatsrath Mitglied d. Uugar. Acadomie 

d. Wissenschaften u. Ritter der Franz-Josef ordens, Hungary. Etit., 

Crustacea, ArcMshnida. C. Ex. all kinds of insects except Lepid- 

Ciesielski, Prop. Dr. Th., Univ. Dir. Bot. Gar., Lemberg. Bot* 
Claus, K., Pi-of. Univ., Vienna. Zool. 
Cobelli, Dr. R. de, Rovereto. Bot. : Mycology, 
Coch, Ludwig yon^ k. ung. Schicklmeister, Schemnitz, Comitat Hent, 

Hungai-y. Mountain Geol, C. Ex. 
C8At6, Johann yon, Vicegespann des Unterweissenburger Comitates 

Hochwohlgeboren, Nagv-Enyed, Transylvania. (>n., Bot, C. 

Ex. Desires American bii*ds and plants for those of Transylvania. 
Cseh, LajAs, Selmecz, Hungary. Geol, 
CSBBNI, Bela, Gy.-Feh^rvar. Geol. 
Csernyus, Andor, Pecs, Hungarj-. Geol. 
CzANYUGA, J6sep, Budapest, Hungary. Geol, 
Czeglay, Johann, Troppau. Lepidoptera. 
CzERWiAKOWSKi, Prof. Dr. DE, Ci-acow. Bot, 
Czeschka, Fritz yon, Grfttz. Zoology. 
CzuMPELiK, E., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Chem, 
CzYRNiANSKi, E.. Prof. Univ. Krakau. Chem, 
Dadai, Eugen, Dr. der Philol., Assistant am der Univereitat zQ Elausen- 

burgh. Entomostraca. C. Ex. 
Dahlstrom, Julius, Eperies. Macro-lepidoptera. 
Dalla Torre, Prof. Dr. K. yon, Innsbruck. Ent,, Hymenop., ZooL 
DAyid, Vilmos, Budapest. Geol, 
De Adda, SAndob, Szlatina. Geol. 
Dechy M6b, Budapest. Geol 
Dedecek, Pbof. J., Karolinenthal, Prague, Bohemia. 
Dbiningeb, Pbof., Agric. Acad., Altenourg. Bot, 
DtKANY, Db. RAfael, Kecskemet. Geol, 
Demeteb, Db. Kabl yon, Prof. am. Collegium der Ev. Reform. Maros- 

Vas^rhely. Bot., Histology.* 
Demuth,Theobald, Ritter, k. k. Finanzrath, Erdbei-gerstrasse 19, Vienna. 

D£beb, Mih6ly, Selmecz. Geol. 
Debzsi, K. Febencz, Szekely-Udvarhely. Geol, 
Deschmann, C. Yon, Museum, Laibach. Bot, 
DiEB Laj6s, Szathmar-Nemeti. GeoL 
Dietz-Sandob, Budapest. Geol, 
DoBAi, Vilmos, Dobsma. Geol. 
DOBLA.CH, Fbanz, Ruc de Ferdinand, Prague. MoU. 
Dobiasch, Eugen, Kroatien. Colecft, 
Doelteb, Pbof. Dr. Cornelia, Univ., Gratz. Min, 
Doll, E., Vienna. 
Dobpinoer, Joh., Sallmansdorf near Vienna. Coleopt, , Lepid, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


DoRFMEiSTER, Gboro, (irttz. Lepid. 

Drasche, (iUSZtAv, li^cs. Geol. 

Drasche-Wartinbeko, Dr. liicaARD R. yon, Vienna. 

Drory, Vienna. ApictUture. 

DuDA, Ladilaus, Prof. Cand. Sobeslau, Bohemia. Ent. 

Duma, Gy5rgy, Budapest. Geol. 

DuRisGB, H., Pi'of. Universitat, Weinbei-flfe, near Prague. Math, 

DziERZoN, Dr. Johann, Carlsmarkt, bilcsia. 

Eber NAndor, Hnda|)est. Geol. 

Ebero^nyi KAlmAn, Vcrcspatak. 

Ebbkstaller, Dr. (3scar, (iratz. Anatomy. 

Eoobnbekger-fIilb, Budapest. Geol. 

Eqqer, Sami), Budapest. Geol. 

Ehulich, Custos am. Museum, Linz. Pakeo, 

EissEN, Dr. Edb, Budapest. Geol. 

Elekes, Kakl, Prof, an dcr Ilochschule, Na<ry Enycd. Nat. IJixt, 

Emicu, Gu8T. v. Emoke, K. K. Trucliess, Franziscaucrplaz, 7, Budapest, 

Hun^rary. Lepid. Buy and exchange. 
Engelthaler, H., Vienna. 'Bot. 
Entz, Du. Geza, Pix)f. der Zoolojrie Ond vergl. Anatomic an dcr K. Uni- 

vei'sitAt, Klauseuburg. Protozo i. C. 
E5tv58, LorAnt bak6, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Erber, Josef, Sicgmuudsg., 9, Vienna. Eiit. 
Erdinger, C, St. Polten. Bot. 
Erdody, 8ANDOK, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Ernst, Melle, M. Eysn., Thuristr./19, Salzburg, Hungaiy. Bot. 
Erzbischop, Dk Ludwig, Havuald in Kalocsa, Hungary. Bot. 
EszTRBNQA, IstvXn, Jasz Bcreuy, Hungary. Geol, 
Ettingshausen, Av, Prof. Univ., Giwtz.' 
Ettinghausen, Constantin Baron, Prof. IJniversitat, Gratz. PhytO' 

Pafao., Tertiary ptora. C. 
ExNER, F., ProF. Univ., Vienna. Phys. 
Fabiny, R., Prof. Univ., Klausenburg. Chem. 
Failhauer, Alajos, Leobon (Stiria). Geol. 
Faith, MAtyAs, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Faller, GustAv, Kassa. G. ol. 
Farbaky, Istvan, Sehnecz, Hungary. Geol. 
Farkas, Dr. JAnos, Sz-fejervar, Hungary. Geol. 
Farkas, Robert, Budapest, Hungary. 'Geol. 
Fauser, Antal, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Feiier, Alex., care Moscli & Co., l)orotheergasse, Budapest, Hungary. 
Feischsinger, Dr. Alex., Gran, Hungary. Bot. 
Feismantel, Carl, Smichow, near Prague, Boliemia. Palao.f Bot, 
Fekete, Jos , Bot. Gar., Budapest. Hungarv. Bot. 
Felder, Dr. C. F. von, Vienna. Coleopt.l Lepid. 
Fbrem, Andreas, Tij6rmcban\ a, Hungary. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. 
FiALA, Hort. Soc., Prague, Boljemia. Bo'f. 
Fillinger, Karoly, Butlapest, Hungary. Geol. 
Fischer, Samu, Budapest, Hungary. Genl. 
Fitzinger, Dr. I^eopold J., Hietzing. Orn., Herp., Ichth, 
Fleischer, Dr , Briinn, MHliren. Cokopt. 
Fleischer, Ant. Bol, Cand. Med. Teichg., 18, Prague, Bohemia. 

Flemming, NV., Prague, Bohemia. 

Foalton, Baron v., k.' Iv. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. Chem. 
FoDOR, Prop. Josef, Budapest, Hungary. Uygietie, 
FoRSTER, J. B., Laderstrasse, 20. Bot., 'Bt-yology. 
Franzbnau, Agoston, Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

HuiTGABr.l THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 137 

Frauer, Dr. F. R. von, Vienna. Geol,, Palao. 

Freyn, Josef, Spornersrasse, 40, Prajrue. Bot. 

Fric, Am Prof. LJniv., Prajjue, Bohemia. Zo6l. 

Frio, Wenzel, Vladislaw^rassc, 21 a, Prague, Bohemia. Ent of Bohemia, 

Friedau, Dr. Fkanz R. von, Vienna. 

Friedenfeldt, Otto Bitter von, Nikolsburg, MiihreD. Coieopt, 

Friesach, K., Prof. Univ., Gratz. Ast, 

Friscuaup, Prof. Dr. Johann, Univ., Giiltz. Math. 

Frits, Josef, Tolesva. Lepid. 

Fritsch, Dr. Anton, Dir. Nat. Mus., Prague, Bohemia. 

Fritsch, Carl, Theater*;., 14, Salzburg. Ent. 

Frivaldszky, JANos, Museum, Budapest- Ent., Coieopt., Geol., Con. 

Froscu, Louis, PoircUanmaler, Chodan bci Karlsbad, Bohemia. Lepid* 

FucHS, Tbeodor, Vienna. Paiao., Geol 

FOrenyi, Dr. Ludwio, Budapest, Hungary. Bot. 

Fuss, Mich.. Gross-Scheuern, Hungary^ Bot. 

Gaiger, Vincenz, Zara. Ltpid. 

Galantai, Eszterhazy Mik6s, Budapest. Geol. 

Gallik, (iEZA G., Apothaivcr uud Chcniiker. S. A. Ujhely. Chemistry, 

Micro-Chemiatrtj for Physiology, Pathology. C. Hungary. 
Gander, Lienz. Mosses, Hepatica and Lichens. C. 
Gartner, Anton, Brflnn-Mahrcn. Lepidoptera. 
Gattbrer, k. k. Major i. P.,- Josephg., 10, Gratz. Coleoptera of Europe. 
Geoenbauer, L., Prof. Univ. Innsbruck. McUh. 
Gerendat, Antal, Budapest. Geol. 
Gerinoer, KAroly, B^cs. Geol. 
Gerner, Johan, Hyby, Hungary. Ent. 
Gesell, Alexander, k. ung. Bergrath. Shcmnitz, Hungary. Mountain 

Geter, Prof. Julius, Iglo, Hungaiy. Zoology, Coleoptera. 
Ghyczy, GizA, Budapest. Geol. 
GiANONB, Adolf, Miskolcz. Geol. 
Glanzer, Gyula, Szabolcs. Geol. 
Glanzer, Wiksa, Dios-Gyor. Geol 
Glowacki, Prof , Pettaii. Bot. 
Gobanz, Alois, Cavalesc. Coleoptera. 

Godlewski, Prof. Dr. IiImile, Inst. Agi'ic., Dublany, nearLcmberg. Bot. 
Goldschmidt, G., Prof. Univ., Vienna'. Chem. 
GoLilN, KAroly, Selraeoz. Geol. 
Goltl, Erno, (iyor-Szt-Marton. Geol. 
GoMBOSST, JAnos, Budapest. Geol. 
GOMORY, SAndor, Salgotarjan. GeoL 
Gorget, Lajos, Dern6. GeoL 
Gothard, Jen6, Her^ny letzer Tost, Steinamanger. Physics, Physiology, 

Astronomy. C. 
Graber v.. Prof. Univ. Czernowitz. Zool., Anat. 
Graj>l, Heinrich, Kassier und Statlt Archivar, Eger, Bohemia% Coleop- 
tera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera. 
Gredlbr, Vincenz, Dir. des Pri vat-gymnasiums, Bozen. Coleoptera, 

Greouss, JAnos, Baroth (Eixlely). Geol. 
Grehblich, p. Julius, Prof. der«Naturgesch., Hall, Hungary. Botany, 

Grenzenstein, B^la, Budapest. Geol. 
Grbtzmacher, Gyula, Selmecz. Geol. 
Grosz, Heinrich, Steyr. Macro.- Lepid. 
GRt)BER, Dr. Ludwio, Centrnl^Anstalt fiir Meteorologie un4 ErdmagQ. 

Budapest, Hungaiy, CUmatoloyy. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Grunow, a., Berndorf. Bot.^ Algology, 

Gryolewicz, S., Dir. Bot. Garden, Lemberg. Bot, 

Grzegorzek, Dr., Bochnia, Uiin^iy. Diptera. 

GucKLER, Gtozo, Budapest Geol. 

GurPENBEROER, Le P. Lamb, Ki*emenmunster. Bot. 

GuRLiTT, W., Prof. Univ. Gi-atz Phihl. 

Gyobgy, Teschi^er, Prof, an der Staats-Oberrealschule, Kormocbanya. 

Hungary. Nat. Wat., Chem. C Ex. Trachyte, Sphalerite, 

Opal, Solite, Antimony, etc. 
Gtozo, Siepligeti, Koviil 50, Budapest, Hungary'. Bot. 
Gyula, Czapka, Budapest, Hungary. Bot. 

Haberhauer, Joseph, Natui-alist, Arpadg., 26, Fiinfkirchen, Hungary. 
Haberland, Prop. Dr. G., Hi^h Sch., Gratz. Bot. 
Haberlandt, H., Prof. Univ. Gi-atz. Bot. 
Hackel, Prop. E., St-P61ten. Bot. 
Haimhoffen. Gustav Ritter Hain, Dir. des k. k. mluist. Zahlamts, 

Vni. Florianigasse, 2, Vienna. Hymenoptera. 
Hajdu, Dr. Gyula, Nagy Vai-ad. Geol 
HalAcsy, Dr. Euo., Neubaugasse, 80, Vienna. Bot. 
Halassy, Dr. Vilmos, Veszprem. GeoL 
HalavAts, Gyula, Budapest. Geol. 
Halbherr, B., Roveredo. Coleopt. 

Halbhubervon Festwill, Ant., Freiherr. Exc. Vienna. Coleopt. 
Hamberoer, J^zsef, Bremmberg. Geol. 
Hampe, Dr. Clemens, Herreng., 6, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Hanammann, Dr. Jos., Dir. Agric, Sta., Lobositz, Bohemia. Bot. 
Hanp, Bl., Mariahop, Steiermark. Hungary. Ot-n. 
Hann, J., Austrian Met Soc, Vienna. 
Hansken, Max., Budapest, Hungaiy. Geol. 
Hasenfeld, Dr. Man6, Budaj^est. Geol 
Hatschek, Dr. Berthold, Zool. Inst., Vienna. Embryology, 
HaUck, E., Via Rosetti, 229, Triest Bot, Algology. 
Hauer, Franz Ritter von, k. k. Hofrath, U. Director der k. k. Geo- 

logisehen Reichsanstalt, I Canovagassc, 7, Vienna. Geol 
Haury, C, Smichow, 418, Prague. Bohemia. Coleopt. : CarabicUe. 
Hautken, Miksa, Univ., Budapest. Geol, Min. 
Havooler, Prof. Vincbnz, Innsbruck. Hungaiy. Zo6l., eapec. Myri- 

Haynald, Dr. L. Em. le Cardinal, Pres. Acad. Sci. of Hungaiy, Buda- 
pest Bot. 
Hazslinszky, Frigyes, Eperjes. Geol. 
Hebra, Dr. Ferdinand von, Prof. Univ., Vienna, 
Hederich, FUletelke, Kokelburg, Hungary. 
HegedUs, Sondor, Budapest. Geol. 
Heider, Dr. Arthur Ritter von, Docent f. Zool., Univ., Maiffredg- 

gasse, 4, Gratz. Anthozoa, Corals. 
Heimerl, Prof. Ant., Wiener-Neustat. Bot. 
Heinricher, Dr. E., Gratz. Bot. 
Heller, Camill, Prof. Zoologie an der Univcrsitat, Innsbruck. Hungary. 

Heller, Dr. Carl B., Prof. Nat. Hist., Vienna. 
Hbnnevogl von Ebenburg, Franz,, k. k. FinanzcommissAr, Lejhamts- 

gasse, 654, Prague. Bohemia. Coleopt., Europ. and Exotic. 
Hepperger, Dr. Josef von, Asst. der k. k. Stern wate, Vienna. Ast. 
Herbich, Dr. Franz, k. k. Bergrath, Decent an der Univeraitat zu 

Klausenburg, und Custos- Adjunct Siebenbiii'gischen Landmuseum, 

Klausenburg. Hungary. Geol 
Hebepci, Karl, Prof, an der Hochschule, Nagy Enyed, Hungary. Geol 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Hbrman, Otto, Custos am. IJngar Nationel-Museum. Budapest Hun- 
gary. Arachnida, Orthopia, 
Hermann, GusztAv, Rozsnyo. GeoL 
Hbrrich, KArolt, Budapest. Geol. 
Hbsz, Moritz, II. Circusgasse, 35, Vienna. Micros. 
HiCKL, JozsBF, Trsztena. Geol. 
HiDEGH, C, Prof. Univ., Budapest. Chem. 
Hilber, Dr. Vincbnz, Docent der Univei-sitat zu Grfttz, Steiermark. 

Geol.f Palceo. 
HiRNER, JosBP, VII. Neubaugasse, 70, Vienna. Lepid, 
Hochstetter, Dr. Ferdinand v., k. k. Hofratli, Intendant des k. k. 

Naturhistorischen Hofmuscums, Vienna. Geol., Anth., Eth. 
HoBRNES, Dr. Rudolf, Prof, der Geologie und Palseontologic an der 

Universtat, Gi-atz. C. Wishes to exchan^^e fossils for the same. 
HoFMANN, Dr. Alfred, Chemiker, Orsova, Hungary. Chem., Min., 

GeoL C. Ex. 
HoFMANN, Carl, Greologische Anstalt, Budapest, Hungaiy. Geol. 
HoFMANN, Leopold F. F. von, Vienna. 
HoFMANN, Rafael, Bdes Geol. 
HoFFER, Prof. Dr. Owen, Univ., Gratz. Zodl. 
Hoffmann, Avon, Fiume, Hungary. Coleopt. 
Hoffmann, JA.nos, Budapest. GeoL 

HohenbIth^l, le Baron L. db, Altenzoll, near Hall. Bot. 
Hohbnbuhbl-Hbuflbr, Ludwio F. von, Hall, Tyrol. 
HoLETSCHEK, Dr. Johann, Adjunct der k. k. Sternwarte, Vienna. As- 

troiwmy : Course of the planet Peitho. 
Holl68T, Dr. Justinian, K.-Czell. GeoL 
HoLTSCHEK, Graveur in der Leitenbcrgcmchen Fabrik, Joscphsthal- 

Comanos, Bohemia. Lepid. 
Holtjbt, JoS., Nemes-Prodhi-agy, near Vag-Ujhely. Bot. 
HoLUBT, LuDWiG, Trencsiu, Hungary. Bot. 
Hora, Paul, Bot. Gar., Prague, Bohemia. Bot. 
HoRNES, Dr. Rudolf, Univ., Gi*utz. GeoL, Palceo. 
HoRNiG, Inspector d'Staatsbahn-Gcs., Schonbrunnerstr, 4, Vienna. Lepid. 
HorvAth, Antal, Pecs. GeoL 
HorvAth, Ignacz, Budapest. Geol. 
HorvAth, Dr. v., Varanno, Hungaiy. Hemiptera. 
Hostinskt, C, Facset bei Lugosk, Hungary. Coleoptera. 
Hradczky, Antal, Szepes-Olaszi. GeoL 

HiJBBL, Christof, Schulgasse, 14, Prague. Coleopt. and Lepid. of Europe. 
Hudak, Edward, Lehrer an der Tochtei-schule, Gollnitz, Zips, Hungary. 

HuDOBA, GusztAv, Nagy Banya. GeoL 
HuFFNER, TiVADAR, Budapest. GeoL 
Hugo, Lojka, Prof., Jossefsplatz, 10, Budapest, Hungary. Lichenology. 

C. Ex. Desires only good specimens. 
HiJLTL, JozsEF, Nagy Ag. GeoL 
. HuNFALVY, Dr. JAnos, Budapest GeoL 
HuNDFERT. Dr. F., Gi-atz. GeoL 
HtJRSCH, Agoston, Budapest. GeoL 
Husz, Arnim, Prof, am Evang. Collegium, Esperies, Hungaiy. Coleopt. y 

Husz, Samu, Moi-avicaza. Geol. 
HuTER, Rupert, Stei-zing. Bot. C. 
HUttenbacher, Custos des Fiii-stl. Fiirstenberg'schen Naturaliencabinets, 

Nischburg, Beraun, Bohemia. Coleopt. 
Htrtl, Dr. Joseph, Prof. Emer., Vienna. 
IQISAOV, Prof. Dr., Dir. Agric. Sta., Vienna, Botf 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Inket, B^la, Budapest. Geol. 

Inkby, LAszlo, 8zt. Liirincz. GeoL 

IscHAMEK, Dr. Anton, (iratz. 

IsZLAi, Dr. Josef, Biulapo!*t, lluiurary. Odontology* C. Ex. 

Jablonszky, Janos, Budapest, (ieol. 

Jabobneog-UAmsbnegg, Baron de, Dir. Bot. Gar., Klagenfurt. Bot. 

Jamnitzky, Lipot, Biulapcst. Geol. 

Janczewski, Dr. Ed. de, Prof. Uuiv. Ci-acow. Bot, 

Janra, V. v., Nat. Miis. of Ilun«r.« Budapest Bot, 

Janos, Xantus» Budapest, Hun^^ary. Coleopt. 

Jendrassik, Miksa, Ijrlo. GeoL 

Jermy, CiUsztAv, Btitoi-. GfoL^ Bot. 

JiRAK, JoHANN, HoUcwcliwitz l>ei rrapruc, Bohemia. Lepid^of Bohemia. 

JiRUS, Prof. Dr. Boouslav, Univ. Agruui. Bot. 

JooB, Frig YES, Budapest. Geol. 

Joseph, Kaufuiann, Neumannsjrasse 5, Vienna. Coleopt, 

Jur.4nyi, Dr. D., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar , Budapest. Bot. 

JURASKY, JoHANN, k. k. ()l)erber',natli, Annaplatz 4 ncu. Prague, Bohe- 
mia, Co eopt. of Evrope. 

Kacbelmann, Karoly. Selmecz. Grol. 

Kachler, J., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Chem. 

Kacskovics, SA.NDOR, Moosolad. Geol. 

Kail, Bela, Kornioez. GeoL 

Kalchbrenner, C, Mem. Acad, of Hung., Wallendorf. Bot,^ Mycol. 

KAllay, ]3eno, Pecs. Geol, 

Kalmus, Dr. BrOnn. 

KamenAr, Jozsbp, Szomolnok. Geol. 

Kamienski, F., Prof. Univ., Lembcrg. Bot. 

Kammerer, Prof., Trieste. Bot. 

Kanitz, Dr Aug., Dir. Bot. (iar.. Prof. Univ., Klausenburg. Bot, 

Kanka, Dr. KAroly, Pozsony. Geol. 

Kapeller, LunwiG, Wicdon, Frcihans, Vienna. L^pid. 

Karlinski, F. M., Prof. Univ., Krakau. Math.y Ast. 

Karolvi, Dr., Museum, Budapest. JrWt. 

Karrer, Felix, Sec. des Wissenschaftlichen Club, Hauptsti'asse, 80, 
Vienna, Ol)cr-Dohlinor. Geo/., Paffco., R/nzopoda, C. 

Kasper, Dr., Slaber bei Rakonitz. Coleopt. 

KaszAs, Franz, Prof, der Naturwissenschafcn am Gymnasium zu Sato- 
i-alja-Ujlielv, Hun;rary. Coleopt. C. E\. 

Kaupmann, DR.lilRNEST, f'iinf kii*chen, Gcornfirrubbc, Hunjrar}'. Coleo]7t. 

Kaupmann, Josef, Neumanns<ra3se, 5, 2 St , Vienna. Coleopt. 

Kauffmann, Kamillo, Iglo. Geol. 

KAvoLi, Du. JoHANN, Budapest. Reptiles. 

Keck, Dr. Karl, Aistei-sheim. Bot. 0. Ex. for Cal. and South Ameri- 
can specimens. 

Keller, Emil, Va^-Ujhely. Geol. 

Kemethy, Prof. Carl, Selmec, Hungaiy. Nat. Hist. 

Kempelen, Ludwig v., o!) Donaiistr., 29, Vienna. Arachniila. 

Kempelen, R , Pressburg, Hungary. Lepid. 

Kenderesy, v., Ilatzesr, Hungaiy.* CoU'opt. 

Kerner, Dr. a. J., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot, Gar., Rennweg, 14, Vienna. 

Kerner, Jos., Alleestr., 21, Krems. Bot. 

KezmArszky, Dr. Tivadar, Budapest. Geol. 

Kheil, Nap. Manuel, Pi-of. der Handelswisscnschaftea, Hcinrichsg., 888, 
Prajrue, Bohemia. Lepid. 

KiliAn, Frigyves, Budapest. Geol. 

Kjrchner, Dh. L.) KapLitz, Bohemia. Bot.^ Rymenop, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


KiRCHSBERG, Manger VON JuLivs» Gocthcstr., 7, Gratz. Cokopt, 

Kiss, II., Dohany u. 12, Hmlapcst, Hunjrary. Bot. 

KiTTNEK, Theodor, k. k. liezirksricliter, Kunstadt. Coleopt, 

Klein, Prof. Gyula, Budapest. 6'eW., Bot. 

Klein, W., Prof. Univ., Vienna. Arch. 

Klement, Robert, Kronstadt, Hunjrary. Coleopt. 

Klemeusiewics, Pkof. Dr. Rudolf, Oi-aiz. Experimental PathoU^ 

Klug, Eugen, Ollmiitz, Maliren. 

Klug, Josef, Gynnmsiallchrer, Mfthrisch Trubau, Mahren. 

Ki.UTSCHACK, Prof., Leitmeriiz (gymnasium, Bohemia. Bot* 

Knapp, Dr. J. A., Museum, Vienna. Bot. 

Knopfler, Gyula, Kapnik. GeoL 

Knopler, Dr. Vilm., Marosvasarhely. Geol. 

Knorlein, J., k. k. Bjiurath, Linz. 'Coleopt. 

Kobold, Hermann, Dr. Phil., Observator, Stcrnwarte, O'Gyalla, Hun- 
gary. A St. 

Koch, Dr. Anton, Prof, dc r Mincrnlogie und Geolo<rie an dcr k. Un^rarn 
Franz Josefs Universitat, Klausenburg, Hunfrary. Petrography, 
Geology of Tertiary formations. C. Ex. Offers Transylvania 
Minerals, espec. Szabott, Pseudo-brookis, wishes American min- 

Koch, Dr. Edwurd J., Vienna. 

Koch, Ferencz, Kolozsvar. Geol. 

Kocsner, Pkof. Jos.. Gymnasium, Nvitrd. Bot. C. 

KoELBL, Carl, Dr. Pliil., Wassag. 18,'Vienna. Crust. 

Kohl, Prof. J., Bozen. Hyme^iop. 

Koran, JAnos, Budapest. Geol. 

Kolazy, Josef, k. k. Oilie., Doblinjrerstr., 3, Vienna. Hymenoptera. 

KoLBENHEVER, Prof. C, Bielitz, Brunn. Bot. 

KOLOMBATOVK), Prof. G., Spalato. Bet. C. 

KoNKOLY, Nicola us von. Dr. Phyl. Mitorl. der k. Unor. Academic, der 
Royal Astr. Society, O'Gyalla Stern warte bei Comorh, Hungary. Aat. 

Ko6s, Ferencz, Brasso. GeoL 

KoRCSEK, SiEGMUNi), Lchrcr an der Tochterschule, Pressburg, Hungaiy. 
• Lepid. 

KoREN, Prof. Steph., Lyceum, Szai-\'as. Bot. 

KoRENSKY, J , Lehrer a. d. Tochterschule, Smichew, Prague. Coleopt. 

KoRiZMics, Laszlo, Budapest. Geol. 

KoRNHUBER, Prof. Andreas, Polytcc. Sch., Vienna. Zo6l.t Bot, 

KoRNiss, Emil, Budapest. Geol. 

KoROSi, JosEP, Dir. der Communalpalislichen Bureaji, Budapest, Hun- 

KossiTCH, JA.NOS, Budapest. Geol. 

KossuTANYi, Prof. Dr., Agric. Sta%, Altenburg. Bot. 

KosTEiN, JoH., p. k. ung. Finanzbeamter, Landstrasse, Beatrixg., 4, B. 
II., Vienna. Lepid. 

KoSTELETZKY, Prof. Dr. P. V., Prague, Bohemia. Bot. 

KovAcs, Gyula, Nadasd. Geol. 

KowARZ, Ferd. k. k. Telegraphenbeamter, Asch, Bohemia. Diptera, 

KozocSA, TiVADAR, Budapest. Geol. 

Kraft, JAnos, Selraecz. Geol. 

KrAszonyi, Dr Jozsef, Maria-Nostra. Geol. 

KrAuss, Dr. Ferdinand, Assis. a. d. Lehrk. f. Zool., Graben, 3, Vienna. 

Kravogl, Prop., Bozen. Bot. • 

Krecsarevich, MArk, Ujvide'k. Geol. 

KsEiSL. Franz, Akad. Maler, Wcnzclsplatz, 37, Prague, Bohemia. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Kreisl, Prof. Hermann, Heinrichg, 1, Prague, Bohemia. Cokopi. 

Krek, G., Prof. Univ., Gi*atz. PhiioL 

Kremnitzkt, Amandus, Vizakna. Geol, 

Kremnitzkt, Jakab, Voriispatak. Geol. 

KuEMNiTZKY, Otto, Vciitispatak. Geol. 

KuENRERGER, Jos., Bi*aunersU'., 9, Vienna. Bot. 

Kur.NNER, Prop. Dr. Jos , Budapest, Hungary. Geol. 

Kiu£scH, JoHANN, Prof, der Zoologic am k. hug. Josefs Polytechnikam, 

Budapest, Hun^jary. Hervetplogy. 
Kristop. Prop. L., Lyceum of Mademois, Gi*atz. Bot. 
Krivany, Johann v.,*Comitats ober BuchUalter, Arad, Hungary. GeoL^ 

Geog. C* 
Krupa, J., Bot. (^ar. Cracow. Bot. 
KuBACSKA, Dr. Hugo, Ktirmocz. Geol. 
KuENNER, National Museum, Budapest. GeoL 
KuNC, Dr. Adolf, Szombathcly. GeoL 
KuNCZ, Peter, Budapest. Geol. 
KuNSZT, J., Losoucz. Bot, C. 
KuN.iTZEL, GAbor, Szelakna. Geol. 
KuNZ, Bela, Selmecz. Geol, 

KuTSCHERA, Franz, k. k. Beumter., Reiterg. 12, Vienna. Coleopl. 
Lajos, Ricmter, Leiiler, Marie- Valeriej^asse 9, Budapest IV., Hungary. 

Bot. J Coleopt.f Lepid.f Diptera, Hymenoptera, yewoptera. C. Ex. 

Wishes pressed plants, insects, land moUusks and postage stamps, 

from all parts of the world. 
Lajos, Simkovics, Nagy V&raii, Hungaiy. Bot. 
Lakner, Ambro, Csorna. Geol. 
Lambert, Guppenbebgbr, k. k. Gymnasail Prof., Kremsmiiuster. Bot. 

Lang, Carl, FranzensbrUckenstr., 28, Vienna. Lepid. 
Lang, Edb, Budapest. Geol. 

Lang, V. v.. Prof. Univ., Vienna. Physics, Crystallography. 
Lanza Edler von Casalanza, Prof. Dr. Franz, Spalato. 
LAszLO, Dr. UdrAnszkt, Budatin Zsolna Rutka, Hungaiy. Bot. 
Laube, G. C, Prof. Univ. Prague, Bjhemia. GeoL, PalcM. 
Lauler, Prop. Dr. Gustav C, k. k. Univei-sitat, Prague. OeoL 

Palao. C. Ex. 
Leder, Hans, Paskau, Milhren. Coleopt., Hemiptera. 
Leding, SAndor, Nagy Banya. Geol. 
Legeza, Viktor, Budapest. Geol. 

Lbngzel, Prop. Dr. Bela, Budapest, Hungaiy. Chemistry. 
Lenz, Dr. Oskar, k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. GeoL 
Leonhard, Otto, Libnoves bei Podebi-ad. Coleopt., Micro-Lepid. 
Leypert, Sieomund, Hilmteichstr., Gratz. 
Lichtenstern, Baron Fr., Rovingo, Ystriem, Hungary. Alga. 
Lieben, a., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Chem. 
Leinner, Anton, Hauptmann in Ruhesla'hd, Hauptstrasse, 1, Weinhans, 

near Vienna. Astronomy, Selenography. 
Leitgeb, Prop. H., Univ. Dir. Bot. Gar., Gi^tz. 
Lengyel, B., Prof. Univ. Budapest. Chem. 
Lenhopsek, Prof. Dr. Jos., Budapest, Hungary. Anat. 
Lepkowski, Dr. J., Prof. Univ. Jagellone, Dir. Mus. Arch., CracoYJ^ 

Leutnbr,KArolt, Budapest. GeoL 
LtszAY, Dr. LAszl6, Szaszv&ros. (Erdely). Geol. 
Levay, IstvAn Lajos, Kassa. GeoL 
Liebermann, L., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Chem., GeoL 
Liedermann, J6zsbf, Munkics. GeoL 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


LiNDER, O., Schwarzenbergstrasse, 17, Vienna. Geol. 
LiNHART, Prop, (i., Agric. Acad., Altenburg. Pathol.^ Bot, 
LiNNEMANN, E.» Prof. Univ. Prague, Bohemia. Chetn. 
Lip6t, Bierbau^r, Raab, Hungaiy. Physics. 
LiPPMANN, E., Prof. Univ. Vienna* Chem, 
LiszKAY, Gu8ZTAV,.Se]mecz. Geol, 

LocKAT, E., Consei-v. am Physiol. Institiit, Prague. Coleoptera, 
Loczv, Lajos, Budapest. Geol. 

LOJKA, Huoo, 3 Goklcnc Handgasse, Budapest. Geol. 
LoTE, LuDwio, Prof, an dor Hochschule, Nagy Enyed, Hungaiy. Phys. 
Low, Dr. Franz, Wiedcn, Haupstr. 47, Vienna. Ihpttra. 
LuDwia, Prof. Ernst, AUgera. Kraukcniiante, Vienna. Chem. 
LUTTER, Dr. NAndor, Budapest. Geol. 
LOtzow, K. V , Prof. Univ., Vienna. Arch. 

Mach. Dr. Ernst, Prof. Univei-sitat, II. Weinberggasse, Prague, Bohe- 
mia Physics. 
MACSAY, Dr. IstvAn, Zajesc&r (Szerbia). Geol. 
MadarAsz, Dr. Julius von. Gustos : Adjunct der Zoologischen Abtheilung 

an Ungarn, National Museum, Budapest, Hungary. Otti., Sitty- 

iny Birds. C Would like to ex. 
Madarasz, Sigmund Edward von, Gi-uhdbessitzer Zollamstring, 14, 

Budapest, Hungary. Palao., esp. Cru&tacea. C. Ex. 
Maderspach, Livius, Bergingcnieur, Hosenau (Rozsnju), Hungary. 

Mininy, Geol, C. Wishes American minerals in ex. for Hungai'ian 

iron and zinc. 
MajlAth, BtLA, Budapest. Geol, 

Majsisovics, Dr. Edm. v., k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. Geol, 
>iAKAY, Agoston, Budapest. Geol. 

Maxowsky, Prof. Al., Polytec. Sch., Thalgasse, 25, Briinn. Bot. ' 
Maloch, Furstenb. Neu Joachimsthal bei Beraun. Lepid, 
Maly, Pr., Imp. Gar. of Belvedere, Vienna. Bot. 
Mann, Josef, am. k. k. Zool. cabinet, HI, Rudolfg., 28, Vienna. Lepid' 
March esetti. Dr. Ch. de, Dir. Nat. Hist. Mus., Triest. Bot. 
Marenzeller, Dr. Emil Elder von, Gustos des. k. k. Zool. Hof-cabi- 

netes, Donnergassc, 1, Vienna. Zodl, Ex. Echinoderms. 
AfARG6, Th., Prof. Univ., Budapest. Zool, 
MArka, Geroely, Anina, Geol, 
Markos, Gyorgy, Kassa. Geol. 
MArkus, Agoston, M.-Sziget. Geol, 
MArkus, Lajos, Pfe. GeoL 
Marschall, Augustus Frederick. Count , Chamberlain to H. M. the 

Emperor of Austria, Wallzeil, 33, Vienna. Nat. Sci. in Gen. 
Martonfi, Dr. L., Gymnasial Prof, in Szamosiyvar. Geol., PaUeo., 

Foraminifera of Transylvania. C. Ex. 
Matcovich, Prof. Paul, Gymnasium, Fiume. Bot. 
Mathiasz, Josef, Nagy Mihily. Coleopt. 
Matyaasovszky, Jakab, Budapest. Geol. 
Matz, Al., Hobesbrunn. Bot. 
Mauler, MAtyAs, Budapest. Geoh 

Mayr, Prof. Dr Gustav, Landstr. Haupstr., 75, Vienna. Hymenoptera. 
Mayr, Matth., Prof. Gymnasium, Hall. Cicad. 
Meczner, Vendel, Budapest. GeoL 
MEDGYESi,BtLA, Kolozsvar. Geol. 
MednyAnskzy, Le Baron, Denis Ghamberlin De S. M. I. and R. A., 

Rakovicz, Ifyitra, Hungaiy. Geol. 
MenyhArth, Pr-oL Lad., Innsbruck. Bot. 

Merkl, E., Naturalienhandler, Resicza, Banat, Hungary. Coleopt. 
Mbrtha, Hans, Beamter a. ob. Gerichtshofe, Vienna. Coleopt, 

" Digitized by LjOOQIC 

144 THE naturalists' directory. [AUSTBO- 

METZOEn, Anton, II roth. Kreuzjj., 8, Vienna. Lepid. 

MiCHAELOVics, Prof., Zenj;, Hungary. Bot, 

MiCKLiTZ, Franz, Railnmnusdoi-f. Coleopt. 

MihAldy, IsTVAN, Bakony-Szt-Laszlo. Oeoi. . 

MihAlti, Dr. JAnos, M-Szi«fct. (jcoI. 

Mix, Josef, Prof, am Akail. Gymnasium, Nussdoi*ferstr., 86, Vienna. 

MiKALHOviTZ, Prof. Dr. Gera, Universitiit, Budapest, Hungai-y. 

MiKLOPiCH, Dr. Franz, Prof. Univ., Vienna. 

MiKLOS, KONKOLY, O-Gvala, Hungary. Aat, 

MiKo, UtLA, Nagy Banya. ireol. 

MiKOLAY, Laszlo, I<fl(>. Oeol. 

MiKOSCH, Dr. K., Univ., Vienna. Bot. 

MiLKOVics, ZsiGMOND, Szt-Mihaly. (jeol. 

Miller, Ludwig, Adj. im k. k., Ackerbau-Ministerium, IH, Salmgasse, 
11, Vienna. Coleopt. 

MocSARY, Alexander, Assisten( am National-Museum, Budapest, Hun- 
gary. L'n/., Hi/men, 

MoELLER, Dr. Josef, Mariabrnnn, near Vienna. Bot. 

Mojsisovics, VON MojsvAr August, Dr. Med. Univ. k. k., Pi-of. der 
Zool. and der Teoli. Hochscliule, Gratz, Merangasse, 36. B. Oste- 
ology , Annelides {Morphology). *, 

Mojsisovics, Dr. Edm. von, k.k. Obcrbergi-ath Chefgeologie der k. k. Geo- 
logisclicn Reichsanstalt, III. Rcisnei-strasse, 51, Vienna. Geol.t 
Palceo.t Trias of the Aloes, 

MOLITOR, Edmund, Orsova, Hungary. Coleopt.^ Lepid.i Bot., JUin. C. 

MolnAr, KAroly, Szc'kcly-UdvarheTly. Oeol. 

MolnAr, NAndor, Budap'esft. Geol. 

Much, Dr. M., Secrctar der Anthropologieschen Gesellschaft, VIII. Josefs- 
gasse, 6, Vienna. Prehistoric Arch,^ Pakpo. C. 

.MDller, Florian, Pfarrer in U. Siebenbrunn, Marchfrld, Mahren. 

MOller, Dr. Johann, Prof. Univ., Innsbruck. Phihl. 

Muller, Josef, Csepregh, Hungary. Lepid., Coleopt. 

Muller, Karoly, Villany. Geol. 

Muntean, J., Uj-Moldova. Geol. 

MuRMANN, Le p. O. a., Convent of St. Benoit, Melk. Bot. 

MusLAY, SAndor, Budapest. Geol. 

Nagy, Dr. KAroly, Abrudbanva. Geol. 

Nagy, LAszlo, Budapest. Geol. 

Negro, Adolphe, Ujke'r, Hungary. 

Neminar, E., Prof. Univ., Innsbruck. Mn., Petrog. 

Nendtvich, Dr. KAroly, Budapest. Geol. 

Netoliczka, Prop. Dr. Eugene, Gi-at2. Phys. 

Neubauer, Ferencz, Iglo. Geol. 

Neugebauer, Prop., Pola. Bot. 

Neumann, J., Catechet am Gymnasium, Troppau. 

Neumayer, Prof. Melchior, Univ., Vienna. Paleeo. 

Nevole, M., Prof. Univ., Prague, Bohemia. Organ. Chem. 

NiCKERL, Dr. Ottokar, Obmann der Physiokr. Gesellschaft, Wenzels- 
platz, 16, Prague, Bohemia. Lepid., Coleopt. 

NiESSL, De Meyendorf, Prof. G. Polytec. Sch., Briinn. Bot., Mycol. 

NiKL, MihAly, Budapest. Geol. 

NorAk, Ottamar, Prague, Bohemia. 

NosSALEK, Karl, Karoliuenthal 258, Pi*agtie, Bohemia. Lepid., esp. Noc- 

NowicKi, Dr. Max, Prof, der Zoul., Universitat, Krakau, Hungary. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


NuRNBEROBR, HeilijTe Geistgasse, 12 neu, Troppau. Lepid,, Coleopt. 

Nyulassy, Antal, Nyalka. O^ol. 

Oborny, Ad., Znaim.' Bot. 

Odstreil, Dr. J., (lymn. Prof., Tcschcn. Lepid. 

Okolicsanyi, BtLA, Su>rHta<;. freoL 

5lbero, GuszT/iv, AbriulbanyA. OeoL 

Ortmanx. Joh., Vienna. Bot. 

Pachbr, David, Obcr-Vellach. Bot.^ Coleopt. 

Palisa, Johann, Adj. cicr k. k. Sternwartc, Wahring, near Vienna. Ast. 

Palm. Prop. Josef, Ricd. Diptera. 

Palmer, Andor, Kapnik. GeoL 

Parady, Colomank, Prof, dcr ev. Reform, Klaufenbur^, Hiinfraiy. ZodL 

C. Ex. *' Suss-wasscr-Turbellarica : Dcrostomea, Merostomca, 

Microstomea, Planai^ia." 
PAlffy, SAndor, Arad. GeoL 
PAlffy, Samu, Abrudbanya. GeoL 

PAntocsbk, Dr. Jos., Tovarnok, near Nagy Tapolcsdny. Bot, 
Pantotsek. Dr. L. V., Zlatnd. GeoL 
Parraoh, Gbdeon, Kecskemet. GeoL 
Paschkis, Dr. II., Werderthorgrasso, 15. Vienna. ^ 
Paszlxvszky, J6Z8BF, Uudapcst GeoL 
Paul. Carl, Vienna. GeoL 
Pavel, Job., Notional Museum, Budapest. Lepid. 
P&CH, Antal, Selmecz. GeoL 

Pech, N., Mondsciicin^., 814, Budapest, Taban. L^id. 
PE.IACSEVIC8, JAnos, Budapest. GeoL 
Pblikan von Plauenwald, Anton, Vicc-Pres. des k. k. u. ost. Finanz- 

Landes-Dir. Flci«chcnmarkt, 7, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Pelzeln, August von. Imp. Zoiil. Gardens, I. Wifflibgeratrasse,. 18, 

Vienna. (>;•«., Mam. 
PtTBR, JAnos, Pecs. GeoL 
Peters, Dr. Carl F., Univ., Gratz. 3/m., GeoL 
Petersen, B., Prof Univ., Prairue, Bohemia. Arch. 
Petricsku, Eugen, Ord. Prof, beira K. Obcr-Gymnasium, Ncnsohl, Hun- 

^arv. Zoiil. C. Wishes Acaridae, various preparations of the same, 

and offers local ones, especially Anthropoda. 
PetricsK(>, Jeno, Zombor. GeaL 
Petrina, Prof. Phys. Prapfue, Bohemia. 
Petrogalli, J6zsbp, Beszterczcbanya. GeoL 
Petzval, ()., Prof. Univ., BuiHipest. Math, 

Peyl, Th., Thoma.s(;assc, 13, Prague, Bohemia. Coleopt.^ European. 
Peyritsch, Prof. Johann, Univ., Innsbnick. Bot, 
Pfbiffer, p. Ans£len, Benedictines u. k. k. Gymnasial-Prof., Krcmi- 

miiuster. GeoL C, 
Pfiszter, KAroly, Budapest. GeoL 

Pfund, Dr , Assistent am Natui*aliencabinet, Pra^nic, Bohemia. Ent. 
PiCHLER, Dr. Adolf, Prof. Minei-alogie u. Gcognosie, Universitat, Inns- 
bruck. GeoL 
PiCHLER, Thomas, Licnz. Bot. C. 
Pichter, Prof. Johann, Vienna. Coleopt. 
Pick, Dr. Georg, Prague, Bohemia. Math. 
Pilati, Don Silvio, Vice Dir. am Collegium Vigilianum, Roveredo. 

PiPiTz, Dr. E.,. Gratz. Coleopt. 
Pisco, Pkop., Indus. School, Vienna. 
PiSKO, Prof. Dr. Franz Joseph, IV. Margarethenstrasse, 7, Vienna. 

Acoustics^ Optics, Caloric, 
Planer, Prof. Dr. Julius, Inst., Gratz. Anat. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC , 


Plason, Dr. Victor, I. Postg. 22, Vicnoa. CoUqpi. of Europe and 

Platzek, Fbrbncz, Sclmecz. Geol 
PoDMANiczKY, JAnos, Uuclapest. 
PoETSCH, Dr , Kandc^^. Bot.y Lichenohgy, 
PoKORNY, Dr. Al., Gymnasium, Taborstr. 24, Vienna. Bot, 
PoKouNY, Emanuel, 'PraJect am. k. k. Tbci-esianum, Vienna. Leptd, 
PoLAK, Karl, Opatoviccrj^asse, 12, Prague, Bohemia. Phttn. of Europ$^ 

Carex of the world. C Ex. 
Popoviciu-Barcianu, Dr. D., Nagy-Szeben. Bot, 
PoRcius, F., 0-Ro(lna. Bot. 
PosCHL, Eduard, K. Cifhyatan&csos es Akademai tanir Selmecz Ckay% 

PoscHL, Prof. Jacob, R. Univ., Gi*atz. Phyt, 
PosEPNY, Ferencz, Pribram. Geol. 
PoSNER, KAroly Lajos, Budapcst Geol. 
Prazmowski, Dr. Ad., Dublany near Lemberg. Bot, 
Prelyi, IstvAn, Budapest. Geol. 
PuEUSZNER, J6Z8EF, Budapest GeoL 
Preyss, Dr. J. Georo., k. k. Mcdicinalrath, V. P. des Wiener medic 

Doctoi*ei*s Collcgiums, III. Salesianergasse, 8, Vienna. Anth, 0. 

Pribram, R., Prof. Univ., Czernowitz. Chem, 

Prihoda, Mor., £n<relj;asse, 4, Vienna. Bot. * 

Prihradny, Odon, Dolha. Geol. 
pRiMics, Dr. Georo., Assistent d. Mineralogie nnd Geologrie an der 

Uuivcr<;itat zu Klauscnburt; (Kolozsvar), Hungaiy. Pttrography. 

Ciy stall ized stones of Transylvania. 
pRiviczKY, Ede, Aranyidka. Geol, 
Probstner, Arthur, Budapest. Geol, 
Pkucha, J., Meran. Bot. 
Prugberger, Jozsbf, M.-Szi<rct. Geol, 
Pulszky he, Dir. Nat. Mus. of Hunjr., Budapest. Bot, 
PuNGUR, Julius, Sz.-Na«ryfalu bei Szilajry-Somlyo, Hungary. Orthop, 
Purkyne, Dr. Em., Weisswasscr, Bohemia. Ent.t Bot, 
Puskas, J6zsef, Zalathna. Geol, 
Kabl. Dr. Carl, Zoiil. Inst., Vienna. EmbryoL 
RadvAnszky, Bela, Vadna. Geol. 
Badziszewski, R., Prof. Univ., Lcmbcror. Chem. 
Rath ay, Prof. Emerich, Klostcmeubur;;. Bot, 
Rauch, Fr., Imp. Gar., Laxenburjj. Bot, 
Rauscher, Dr. Rob., Museum, Linz. Bot, 
Rehmann, Dr. A., Univ. Krozvzowa, 21, Cracow. Bof., Bryol, 
Reichardt, Dr. H. VV., Prof. Univ., Traungasse, 4, Vienna. Bot, 
Reinich, Dr., Vienna. 

Reitter, Edmund, Paskau Mahren. Coleopt, 
Reitz, Frfoyes, Budapest. Geol. 
Rettzner, Miksa, Selmecz. Geol. 
Rell, p., Abelood, near Gacs. Bot. 
Renqer, Anton, Smichow, 278, Prague, Bohemia. European Lepidop- 

Renner, Adolf, Diplom. Prof., Assistent an k. Forstakademie, Schem- 

nitz, Hunjraiy. Bot. 
Rennert, Gyula, Pctrozs^ny. Geol. 
Ressmann, Dr. F., Malborjreth. Bot. 

Ressmann, Dr. S., Rosonhiihl, near St. Veit, Kftruthen. MoU. 
Richter, GusztAv, Selmecz. Geol, 
Richter, Joh. Anton, Brunnhausg. 11, Salsburg. MacrO'Lepidoptera, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


RiCHTBR, Dr. Karl, Taborstrasse, 17, Vienna. Bot, 

RiCHTER, Louis, Maria-Vttleria<;assc, 1, Budapest. Bot. C. 

RjEGER, JAnos, Scbesbely. GeoL 

RiTTER VON Keuss, Dk. Xuo. Leop., MaHabilfcrstr. 6, Vienna. Bot, 

RiTTER VON Weinzerl, Dr. Th., Vienna. Bot. 

RoBic, Sim., Uhicbsbcrjr bci Zirklach. Coho/.t. 

RoESLER, Prof. Dr. L., Klostcnieuburfr. Chem.^ Phys,^ Bot, 

RoEZL, Benedict, CaroHnentbal, 109, Pra^rne, BoUeraia. Bot, 

RooENHOPER, Alois Friedrich, Cusitos am. k. k. Zool., Hofcabinet, 

Joscpfstatlterstr, 19, Vrcnna. Lepid. 
Rogner, Prof. Dr. Johann, Gratz. Ast, 
RoHA, Henedek, St^jerlak. Oeol. 
Rohm, Prof. Joseph, Univ. Vienna. Bot. 
ROHON, Dr. Josef, Z<x31. Inst., Vienna. Anai, 
Rollett, Prop. Dr. Alexander, Inst. Gratz. Physiol, HittoU 
ROMANI, Ant. von, Gleisdorf, near Gratz. Moll. 
ROMER, Rev. Dr. F. F., Museum, Budapest. Arch, 
RoMER, Floris. Na;ry Varad. Geol, 
RoNAY, Ferencz, Selmecz. Geol 
RoNAY, JAciNT. Pozsouy. Geol 

Ronninoer, Ferdinand, I. Rotbentbwrmstr. 15, Vienna. Coleopt, 
Rosenthal, A. C, Vienna. Bot. 
RpsiCKf. Prof. Franz, Katharincngasse, 13, Prague, Bobemia. Pot 

Pbititi, Myriopodn, C. 
RcisLER, Prof., Klostenieuburg. Vienna. Chem. 
Rossi, Luigi, A^j-ani. Bot, 
Rostafinski, Dr. Jos.Thom. de, Prof. Univ. Dir., Bot. Gar. Straszcws- 

kistmsse, 11, Cmcow. Bot, 
Roth, Lajos, Budapest. Geol 
Roth, Samu, Lcicse. Geol 
R6z8A, JAnos, Felcffvbaza. Geol 

RozsAY, Emil, Prof. Gvninnsium, Pi-essburg, Hungary. Coleopt,^ Lepid. 
RozsAY, Dr. Jozsef, Budapest. Geol 
RuFFiNT, Jeno, Dobsina. Geol 
RuMPF, Prop Johann, Gi-atz. A/m., Geol 
Rupertsberger, Mathias, Wallern. Coleopt., Biol 
RybAr, IstvAn, Budapest. Geol 
SafcsAk, Gyula, Derno. Geol 
Sajo, Carl, Ungvar, Hungary. Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, 

Sajfhelyi, Friotes, Budapest. Geol 
SAndor, Prop. Johann, Spaspvaros Broos, Hungary. Miiu 
SArkAny, Mikl6s, Budapest. Geol 
Sauter. Dr. Anton E., Salzburg. Cryptogams, 
ScHADRSCHMiDT, JuLES, Klrtuscnburg. Bot., Alga. 
Schafarzik, Ferencz, Budapest. Geol 
^ Schaitter, Ignaz, Rzeszow, Hun^rai-y. Coleopt., Hymen, 
ScHASSL, JOH., St. Georircn, Lanjrssee bei Launsdow. Coleopt. 
Schauer, Ernst, Piemaki p. Brody, Hunjrary. Om. 
ScHEDL, Arnulp, Benediktinier Prof. am. Obcr-gymuasium in Gran (Esz- 

tergorn), Hunjrary. Zof)l., Bot , Mm, C. ' Ex. 
ScHBNK, Moritz, Eli«abethstr. 3, II. neu, Prajfue, Bobemia. Coleopt, 
SCHENK, S. L., Prof. Univ. Vienna. Rmbryol 
SCHENZL, Dr. Guido, Dir. dor Erz. Ungarn Central Anstalt fUr Meteor, 

ologie und erdmairnetisms, Budapest I., Hungaiy. Mettortlogy, 

Terrestrial Magtietism. 
Scherfpel, a., Poprad. . Bot, C. 
Schbrffel, Ansel, Felka, Hungary. Chem, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

148 THE. naturalists' directory. [Austro* 

ScueCthauer, Prof. Gust., Biulapcst, Iluniraiy. Pathology^ Anatomy, 

ScuiAOUZzi, Dr. Beknii., Pirano, Ystricn, Hungary* Om* 

SCHIEDEKMAYK, Dk., Liiiz. Bot,, Crypt* 

ScHiPPNEK, Dr., Vienua. Bot. 

ScHiRNHOFER, P., Gei'li., Scc. GcD. Iloil. Soc, Vicana. Bot, 

ScHLACHTA, Lajos, Maramai'os-Szi^fct. GeoL 

SCHLOSSER, Dr. Josef, Ajrivim, llimjrary. Cohopt, 

ScHMARDA, Dr. Ludwio, Acad. Vienna. 3/o// , Virmes^ Zoophites, 

ScHMiDT-UoEBEL, Prof. a. tlci* Univcrsitat, Hauptstr. 93, Vienna. Coleopt. 

ScHMEHZ, Prof. Dr., Briinn. Bot. 

Schmidt, Alexander, Cnstos-Adjunkt .^m. Niitional Museum, Budapest. 

Hun*j:ary. Mineralofjff^esp. Crystallography. 
Schj^idtofpe'n, Victor Bitter von Tschusizu, Villa Tannentof, Hal- 
lei n, Salzburjf. Orn.^ csp. Oni. of Austria and Hungary, C. Ex. 

Birds of A ustro-Hn notary, csp, of' the Alps. 
SCHMUCK, J. von, Schwaz. 'Bot, 
Schneider, (Justav, Ber«rwcrkobesitzcn und Director, Schmulnitz, Hun- 

jrary. Phys. Chem., Oeol.y csp. Nat. Hist. C 
Schneller, August, Schoudorfergassc, Pressburjr, Hungary. Bot. 
Schoepke, Prof. Hugo, Bnnieck: Bot. 
Schrauf, Dr. Albrecht, Prof.Min. Univei-sitat,Waltcrga3se, 3, Vienna. 

Schroder, Rezso, Selmecz. Geol. 

ScHREiBER, I^R. Egid, Dir. dcr Staatsrcalschulc, Gorz. Coleopt* 
Schrc>ckenstein, Ferencz, Brrs. GeoL 
Schropf, Dr Carl D. R. von, Prof. Emcr., Gratz. 
ScHUCH, Pkof. Dr., llakosjrrabengassc, 14, Budapest. Bot. 
Schulek, Dr. ViLMOS, Budapest. Geol. 

Schuler, I*rof. Alois, Bu<lapc8l, Hungary. Experimental Physic*, 
Scuulze, Prof.'Dr. Franz L., (imtz. Anat.^ Zo'A. 

Schulzer von MifGGENBUUO, Capt., Viukovce. Bot.^ Mycology. \ 

Schuster, Carl, KIjUHcn')iir;r, Hun^rary. Lepid. 
Schuster, Max, Ma\iinilians|)Iatc, 15, Vienna. Min. 
ScHVARcz, Dr. Julius, F. (i. S., M. del. Acad. Hon., Stuhlwcisanburgh 

linugary. Geol.^ A nth. 
ScHWARZ, Dr. Heinrich, R. Univ. Giiitz. ZoOl. 
SCHWARZ, L , Bot. Gar. Cmcow. Bot. 
Schwartz, Dr. Ott.), Sclmccz. GeoL 
SCHWEULA, (tvula, Sclmccz. Geol. 
Schwerer, JAnos, Pancsova. GeoL 

ScHwoDER, Heinr , .Vustorlitz, Mahrcn. Coleopt., Lepid., Ilemipt. 
Sebestven, P.4l, Budapest. Geol. 
Sebesy. Ala JOS, Szonii)athcIy. Geol. 
Seboth, J, Gmtz. hot. 

SELIG.MANN, PitOF. Er. Franz, R. Univ. Vienna. i 

StMic, Wladimir, Nikolicgiisse, Agram, Hungary. Bat. 

Semsey, Andor, Budapest. GeoL ' 

Senek, Dr. IstvAn, Sclmccz. Geol. 

Senoner, Dr., 14 Landstrasse, Kricgelgassc, Vienna. Afic., BoL , 

SERiK, K.4ROLY, Budapest. Geol. 

Setari, Dr. F., Mcran. Lepid. ' 

Shafarick, a , Pra<;ue, Bohemia. 
SiEGMETH, Karl, Inspector dcr Ung. N.O. Bahn, S. A. Ujhcly, Hungary. 

Geol.^ Toptf/taphy^ Geog. C. 
SiEHMON, Adolf, Budapest. Geol. 
SiGMUND, Alois, Gymnasium, Ti'oppnu. Petrography. 
SiMETTiNGER, MicuAEL, Bcrg-ingcnicnr, Auucusti'a;»se, 29, Giutz. OeoU 
SuiKOVics, Pkof. D. L., Paucsiowa. But, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


SiMONTi, Erno, Budapest. Geol. 

SkaLiITZKY, Dr., Kanuelitcrg. 24, Prague, Bohemia. ColeopUra, etp, 

Skofitz, Dk. Alex., Schlossfrassc, 15, Vienna. Bot. 
SOLLA, Dr. 11., via Muda Veceliia, 10, Trieste. Bot, 
SOMARUGA, E. Fhr. V., Pi*of. Univ., Vienna. C/^€m. 
SOMSICH, PAl, Budapest. Oeol. 
Spitzy, Josef N., bt. Leonhatil. Coleopt, 
Splenyi, Bel a, Budai^st. Oeol. 
Spreitzenhofek, G. C, Postjjrasse, 20, Vienna. Bot, 
Sramko, Miholy, Aszod. Oeol. 
Srnka, Anton K. Laudcsbeamter Karlsgassc, 422, Prague, Bohemia. 

St ACHE, Dr. Guido, Bees. (Jeol. 
Staray, Stefan, Academy, Kassan, Hunnrar)*. Bot, 
St.aub, Dii. MOR, TaUakjrasse, 27, Budapest. (reoL 
Staudacii, Franz, v.. Bzcszow, llun;rary. Lepid. 
Stecker, A'NTon, Bi*cn»tcjfassc, 7>a, Pi*a*fue, Boliemia. Arachnida, 
Stefan, Dr. Jos., Sec. R. Acad. Sci., Vienmi. Bot^ /V/ya., MeteoroL 
Steffek, Dr. Adolf, Atilla;r, 647, Taban, Budapesit, IIiiu;;arv. 
Stein, sen.. Prof. Dr. F., Prajruc, Bohemia. Anat.y ZodL, Vermes. 
Stein, jun., Oeoro., Sme<'ka;rassc, L), ueu. Prague, Bohemia. Coleopt, 
Stein, Dr. R , Chodau bei Karl:>bad. Ent.^ csp, Lepid., Ilt/uienop,, 

Stein, Dr. VVilhelm, Prof. Emer , Vienna. 
Steindachner, Dr. Franz, Acad., Vienna. Ueip., Tchth, 
Steiniiatsz, Jixius, Bcrj,'vcrwaher, Pe;r;ran, Hun;rary. Min, C. Ex. 
Witherile, Barito, Ziiicblcuilc, (jalenite, Hydrozisecite, Cerusitc, etc. 
Steinitz, Wenzel, Mullucrgassc, 13, Budajx^st, Hungary. Bot. 
StepAn, Miksa, Pctroz^ny. Geol, 
Stern. IIl-go, Ujpesit. Gtol, 
Stessel, Dr Lajos. Ta'pio-Szcle. Oeol, 
Stieoler. Frau Julia, Agrain, IIun;^ary. Coleopt, 
Stoll, Dr. RrDOLF, Klosterncuberg. dot. 
Stossich, Prof. Mich., (ivninsisiuni, Fiume. Bot, 
Stolz, O.. Prol* Univ., Innsbnick. Math. 

Strassbr, Gabriel, Beuedictincr u. Director der Sterntrartc, Krcms- 
niuustcr. Aat. 

Strobl, Franz, Oberlehrer a dcr Burgei-schulc, Linz. Coleopt, 

Strobl, P^re Gabriel, bcitcustetteu. Bot, 

Struska, J., Soc. llort., Gi-aiz. Bot, 

Studnicka, Lieut. C, Cattaro. Bot. 

Stur, Dr , Acad. Sci., Rasumotfskygassc, 3, Vienna. Palao,, Bot, 

Stur, DtNES, Bees. OetJ. 

Sturzenbaum, Jozsef, Budiipest. Oeol. 

Stussiner, J., Xew;ia<se, A, Laibach. Coleopt, 

Stux, Dionvr., Vienna. Oeol. 

SuEsi, Dr. Eduard, Prof. Univ., Vienna. OeoL, Palao, 

SUKUP, Napawedl, Mahren. Lepid, 

Si'SSNER, Ferexcz, Rotlna. Oeol. 

SvRSKi, S. v.. Prof. Univ., Lemberg. Zo:L 

SzABis, Prof. Dr. Josef, Buihipest. OeoL 

Szab >, Samu, Kolozsvar. Oeol. 

Syakacs, Istvan, Kecskemet. Oeol. 

Szalay, J.'>zsef, FcNii-Telekes. Oeol. 

SzANiszLo, Dr. a., Prol*. Agric. Sch., Univ., Klauscnbut^. Anihropoda, 

§2ASZj Prof. Dr. Etib>'NE, G^'mn., Miko. Bot, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Szatm6rt, BtLA. Naor\' Banya. Oeol, 
SZAUEK, Aknold, Biufafiest. (Jeoi. 

SZECSKAY, ISTVAN, Bll(la|)C:it. Getii. 

SzEOEDY, IstvAn, llcruidiiy. (reol. 

SzENTGYOKGYl, Elek, Budapest. Geol 

SzEFLiGETi, i'KOF. V., Joscr-Uin^rstv. 50, Budapest Soi, 

SziKLAY, LuDWiG, Pi-cke biiiui, lluajj^ary. Bot, 

SziKSZAY. Lajos, Biichtpcst. Oeal. 

SziLNicZKY, Jakao, .bcliuccz. Oeol. 

bzL.vviK, Daniel, BiuhqKst. O'coL 

BziLY, Pkop. Coloman, Budapest, Hungary. 

SzoNTAGH, Andok, Cscluck. Geo/. 

SzoNTAGH, Dk. Nic. DE, Uj Tatrului-cil. Bot. 

SZONTAGH, TaMAS, BuduiK'at. OeoL 

Sztehlo, 8UKEL, Ravacsouyi;ra4sc, 9, Biidapest, Hnngaiy. Boi, 

TAKoiTa, >Jix'>s, Dir. Tclc;fi-aplis, Budapest, Jtluiigaiy. Physics, 

Tallatscuek. Fekencz, Petwzseuv. OeoL 

Talsky. Pkof. Jos., Ncutitsdicin, M&bixMi, Hungary. Om, 

Tamele, Josef. Podcbrail, Bohemia, (-oleopt, 

Taxgl. E., Prof. Univ., Czcrnowitz. Bot, 

Tafpeinek, Dr., Memn. Bot. 

Tatar, M., Bot, Gar., Pi-asruc, Boliomia. Bot. 

Tauscher, Dr. J. Aug., Eresin. Bot. C. 

Tecu, Willhelm, Olbii Jabflu Moudsshcing, 844, Hungary. Bot. 

Teglas, Gabor, Dcva. UeoL 

Teller, Dr. Friedr., k. k. Geolog. Inst., Vienna. GeoL 

Tellocker. P. biGMUND, Piior der Beucdictincr, Kremsmiinster. Min. 

Tery, Dr. ()don, Sclmecz. Oeol. 

Teschler, Gyorjy, Ktirmnoz. Geol. 

Than, Prof. Karl, Budancst, Hun^aiy. Chem. ^ 

Tuanhoffer, Prof. Dr. Ludwig, Builapest, Hungaiy. Pky»., Min. 

ThemAk, Ede, Temesvar. OeoL 

Thoretka, Anton, Thascbau, Hungaiy. Chem, 

Thum EN, Felix Baron, Wahring/ Schulgassc 1, Vienna. Mycology. 

{Systematic). C Ex. 
Thun, Leo, Bees. GeoL 

TiEDLER, JoH., Dir. der Ziickerfabrik Jung Bunzlau, Bohemia. Coleopt,. 
Tiesenhausen, Baron von, Schmidgasse 12, Gratz. Coleopt, 
TiETZE, Emil,. Vienna. GeoL 
Tirscher, J6zsef, iSzelakna. GeoL 
TiTius, Pius, Gcrla, near Gyula. Bot.^ Algce. C. 
Titze, Jozsef, fcjzelakna. OeoL 
ToLiNSZKY, Bela, 105>^, Budapest II. Hungaiy. Bot. 
ToMASCHEK, Prof. Ant., Polytec Srh., Bruun. Bot. 
TumosvAry, Edmund, Dr. Phil. Uuivei-sitat Klousenburg, Hnngiuy. 

Mip-iopoda. C. Ex. Hungarian species for others. 
ToRMA, Fraulein Sofie von, bzaszvai-os (Braos), Transylvania, Anth., 

OeoL^ Palao. C. 
ToTH, Agoston, Gmunden. GeoL 
ToRoK, Dr. J('>zsef, Dcbrcczen. GeoL 
Tret Y OK, JAnos, Dios-Gyor. GeoL 
Treuinfels, L., Maricuberg, near Mala. Bot. 
Trusz, Simeon, Bot. Gar., Lemberg. Bot. 
TscHAPECK, H., 18 Morellcnfeldgasse, Gratz. ilfo//., Coleont. 
TsciiERMAK, Dr. Gustav, k. k. Hofraih, Pix>l*. Min., Univ., Vienna* 

TscuDi, Dr. Jouann J. B. von. Vienna. 
TscHusi, T, Kitter von, HaUein, ncai* Leibacb. Om* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


TiJRK, Rudolf, k. k. Min.-Secrctar, La^crg. 1, Vienna. Coleopt. 

TypoL,Y, Feuer, Gi-an, Hi!n;rar}-. Physics. 

Ulbkicbt, Prof. Dr. 11.. Agric. Sta. Altenbunr. Chem., Bat. 

Ultzman, Dr. Robert, Doc'eut, Univei-sitat, Vienna, Vill. Bezirk, Ach- 
ci*sti*assc 7. 

Urba, Dr. Karl, Prof. Univei-sitat, Praonic. A/m., Petrography. 

VAONER, IjUDVIO, Raho, Mai-maros, Huujjrarj-. Bot. 

Valenta, Michael, Rcl^^uad bcrbicn, Hungary. Bot. 

Valkovices, .'Vntal, Jieimccz. Gtol. 

Vambery. Armin, Prof. Univ., Budapest 

Varoa, Vilmoh, Hziiszka. OtoL 

Varinyi, .Jaxos, Builtipest. GeoU 

VAlya, Miklos, Budapest. GeoL 

Vecsey, J«'>zsep, Budapest. GeoL 

Vejdovsky, Dr. Franz, Decent, Univ.,nnd derbohmtechnischen, Hoch- 
schulc, Pra<^uc, Uoliemia. Zoil.^ Comparative Aftat, 

Venturi, Dr. G., Trent. Bot, Bryology, 

Veres, Jt'»z%jEF, Kolozsvar. GeoL 

Vest, von, Prague, UoUemia. 

Vetter, Ad., linp. (iar. bchoenbrunn, near Vienna. Bot. 

Veydovsky, v.. Prof. Univ., Prague, Bohemia. Bot. 

Vilas, Herman von, lunrain 16, Innsbruck. Con. Will send list of Ty- 
rol Alpiuc shells when wished for. 

ViNCENZ, (iREDLER P., (jfymnasial Dir. Botzcn. Malacology, Coleopt. 
C. YiX, East India or Japancs^»hclls for Tvrolian. 

Vintscugau, Dr. Max R von. Prof. Univ. Innsbruck. 

Vlantkbn, Max, Dir. des Geolo;,'. Institut, Budapest, Hungary. 

Vleck, WiLHELM, Weinbcrjf-Ciemeinde, Pra;fue, Bohemia. £epid. 

VooL, Dr. A., Prof. Univ. Wahringcster. 31, Vienna. 

VooL, Prof. C. v., Inst, hopoda. 

VoGEL, F., Laxenburg. Bot. 

Von Babo, A. W., Klosterneuburg. Bot. 

VoN Ebner, Prop. Dr., Univ. Gmtz. Bot. 

Von Hohnel. Dr. F., Prof. Polytec. Sch., Vienna. Physiol, Bot. 

Von Keck, Dr. Karl, Aistershcim. Bot. 

Von Keller, J. B., Wicden, Hauptstrassc. 78, Vienna. Bot, 

Von Liebenbero, Prof. Dr., Vienna. Bot, 

Von Rath, Prof. Gherado, Vienna. 

Von ThUmen, Baron F., Wahrin«r Schulgasse, Vienna. Bot.^ Mycology, 

Von TsCHUSi, Victor, Villa Tannen, Salzburg. Orn, ' 

Voss, Prof. W., Laibach. Bot.^ Mycology. 

Vrba, C, Prof. Univ. Czcrnowitz. Min, 

Vuchetich, Ruszkabanva. Bot. C. 

Wachtel, F. a., VHI,"Tulpeng. 3, Vienna. 

Wagner, Coloman, Gymnasial-Prof. und Adj. der Sternwart«, Krems- 
miinster. Physics, Magnetism. 

Wagner, Dr. Daniel, Budapest. GeoL 

Wajgiel, Leop., Prof, urn Gymn., Kolomea. Arachnida, 

Waldherr, Jozsef, Versecz. GeoL 

Waldner, Univ., Gmtz. Bot. 

Waltenhofer, Prof. Dr. A., Prague. Electricity, Magnetism, 

Walz, Lud., Bot. Gar., Klausenburg. Bot, 

Wartha, Dr. Vincze, Budapest. GeoL 

Wattenwyl, Brunner, von, Hofi-ath. Theresiauenngasse, 25, Vienna. 
Etit., Orthoptera. C. Ex. Austrian Orthoptera. 

Wawra von Fernsee, Dr Henri, Habsburgei-gassc 6, Vienna. Bot, 

Weidel, H., Prof. Univ., Vienna, Chem, 

Weiler, Prof. J., Innsbruck. Lepid, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Wein, JAnos, BiKlapcst. Oeol 

We IN, KAkolv, BiKlapest. OeoL 

Weiss, Pkof. Dk. Edmuxo, Dir. der k. k. Sternwarte, Wfthring, Vienna. 


tTEiss, G. A., Prof. Univ., Pi-agnc, Bohemia. Bot.^ PhytioL 

Weisz, BernAt, iiudapest. GeoL 

Weisz, Tade, ^alatliuu. Oeol. 

Weningek, i)K. LAszl), Bees. GeoL 

Wettstein, Antal, Bmlapest. GeoL 

Weyk, E., Prof. Univ., Vieuua. Math. 

WiEKZEJSKi, Anton, Phil. Dr., Docent an der Univcrsitat, Krakau. 
Zod,, Crust. t Com/}. A»at. 

WiESBAUR, Prof. J., Kalkslnirg. Bot. 

WiESNER, Dr. J., 'Pi-of. Univ., Alscrvonttadt, Tiirkenstr. 3, Vienna. Bot. 

WiESZNER, Adolf, Sclmccz. GeoL 

WiBLiDAL, Josef, Seliwcfclgassc, ^1, Fi-af^ue, Bohemia. Lepid. 

WiLDAUER V. WiLDHAUSEN, F., Pix)f. Univ. Innsbruck. Philology, 

WiLiiELM, Prop. Dr. Gustav, B. Univ. Gi-atz. 

WiLLiGK, £., Pmf. Univ. Prujfuc, Bohemia. Chem. 

WiLLKOMM, Dr. Heinrick Moritz, Prof. Syst. Bot., d. k. k. Univ , Dir. 
d. k. k. Bot. Garten, Prat^ue, Bohemia. Bot.^ Geog. DUt. C. £x. 

WixcENZ, Prof. WartIia, Budapest, Hungary. Chem. 

Winkler, Beno, Sclmeez. GeoL 

WissiNGER, Prof. Karl, Kecskemet 

WiTTiNGER, JAnos, Budapest. tieoL 

Wolf, Heixricii, Vienna. GeoL 

Wolff, Gabriel, Tliorda, Iluu^rary. Bot* C. 

WoLOszczAK, Dr. Bust., Bot. Gar. Vienna. Bot. 

WoYNAR, J., Rattenbcr;?. Bot. 

WCllerstorf-Urbair, Bernard F. von, Gratz. 

Zakrzewski, v.. Prof. Univ. Krakau. Histology. 

Zanetzky, Paul, Gi»m»»r, Hunjjary. Bot. 

Zebra wsKV, T., Ki-akan, Hun;rary. 

Zechenter, Adolf, Yauoshe^ry.'Hunnrary. 3/m., Ent. 

Zechenter, Dr., Gustav, Krcnmitz, k. un<r. Bcrjrwesensarzt, Hungary. 
Geojnosy.t Afi«., Bot. C Ex. traeliyte, opal, sphalerite, &c. 

Zeitoeb, Dr. Hubert, Prof. Univ. Gratz. * Bot. 

Zelbr, Karl, Asst. der Sternwarte, Woclu'in;^ Turkensclianze, Vienna. 

Zemlinszky, RoEZSi), Salf^Starjan. GeoL 

Zenger, Chas. v.. Prof. Nat. Philos. and Ast. Observatory T. ^l. Bohe- 
mian Polytechnic Scliool, Weinberg. 570, Prajruc. Nat. Philos.^ 
Astron. Would like to ex. sokr and lunar photo<rraph9 for objects 
in the same line. 

Zent, F., Roveredo. Coleopt. 

Zepharovic'H, Dr. Victor L. Ritter von, Oberbergrra'h, Prof. der. 
Mineralo<ric an der k. k. Universitat, Prague. J/m., CrystaUog. C* 

ZiLLNER, Dr. Franz V., Salzburf?. 

ZiM METER, Prof. A., Stcyr. Bot. 

ZiTiiovsKY, L. v.. Prof. Univ. Vienna. N'at. Hist. 

ZocH, Dr J., Sernjcvo. Bot. 

ZsEDENYi, Otto, Szelakua. GeoL 

ZsELTVAY, Boodon, Narannd. 

Zsigmondy, Bela, Budapest. GeoL 

ZsiOMONDY, WiLJ., Budapest, Hungary. Geol 

ZuKAL, IL, Altcubusch, Bohemia. Bot. 

Zwanziger, (t. Ad., Klajyenfurt. Palceo., Bot. 

ZwiFELHOFER, Franz, Sparkassc, Prague, Bohemia. JtftV, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

belgidtm.} the ^Naturalists' dibectoby. 153 


D*Arru, i>a Furtado, Francisco, St. Michael's Islaml. Zodogy, 
Gomes Maciiado, Dr. Carlus Maria, Dircctcur tlu Muscc National, 
Pi-olcs:icur au Lycc'c National de I'lle St. Michel, St. Michacrs is- 
land. ZoUL C. of the Mudeuiu, ex. 


Adan, E., Ruo dc la Com-onne, 2, IxcUcs, near Bioisscls. Math. 

Alvin, Ij. 11. Acadcraia, Brussels. 

Aknoild, (iusTAVE, In^cuieur, Mons. 

AsCHMAN, Dr., Pres. liot. hoc. Rue de Y Ai-scnal, 6, Luxembourg. Bot 

Baquet, Pr. CHS , Rue des Joyenses-Enti-cc:*, 6, Louvain. Bol.* 

Barrow, 80, Rue Royalc Saintc- Marie, Saiut-Josse-teu-Noode. Mie, 

Becker, Leon, Rue (lodecharlcs, Ixclles. Arack, • 

Becquet, Alfred, Namur. 

B£:de, E., Vervici**. 

Bemmel, Charles van, Rue St-Lazarc, 25, St-Jossc-ten-Noode, near 

Brussels. Coleopt. 
Berchem, Fran(;ois, Ing^nieur Principal dcs Mines, Rue Pepin, 32, Na- 
mur. Min.y Gl'oI* 
Beroe, Albert, Membre de la Socie'td Entomolo^ique dc Belgique, Rue 

de la Porte, 122, Schacrbeek, near Brussels. Ent.: Coleofit., cap. 

Buprestida and Lamellironia, C. Ex. Coleopt. of Belj^ium lor 

Buprestida' and Lamellicorus.* 
Bernard, Dr. Hector, Mous. 
Bernardin, Prof. Dr., Curator Com roci-cial and Industrial Museum, Col- 

le;re of McUc, near Ghent. TechnoL^ Uot.y Zo6L C. Ex.* 
BiLHARZ, Oscar, Morcsnet, near Herbcsthal. UeoL 
Blanchart, Camille, Rue Vautier, G, Ixelles. Geol. 
BO.MMER, E., Mnics., Rue de la Chancellerie, 8, Brussels. Bot, 
BOMMER, J. E., Prof. University, Rue de la Chancellerie, 18, Brussels. 

Ent. : Lepid. 
Bonaert, Baron Raoul, Rue Marie-The'i-ese, 85, Brussels. Coleopt, 
BoNNEWYN, Dr. Heinrich, Dir. Phar. Inst, Brussels. 
Bormans, Auguste Ernest de, Rue de Constantinople, 21, St. Gilles, 

Bru.«jsels. Ent. : Orthoptera. C. Ex. Orthoptera of all countries, 

especially of the Dcrraaptei*a, of which have pi*epared a general 

BoRRE, Alfred Preudhomme de. Sec. Mus. Hist. Nat, Rue de Dublin, 

19, Ixelles. Coleopt. 
BouHY, Victor, Rue Darchis, 58, Liege. GeoL 
Bouillon, Auguste, Prof. Athenaeum, Rue Bredcrodc, 13, Brussels. 

Boulanger, Eugene, Pl.ace du Marche, Chatelet. GeoU 
Bourdon, Dr. Jule&, Place St-Picrre, 21, Lie^re. Col4iopt. 
Bovie, Alphonse, Rue des Fabriques, 2, Brussels. Coleopt. 
Branden, Constance Vanden, Rue dc la Madeleine, 89, Brussels. Eivt. : 

Di/tiaciffce. C- Ex.* 
Branquart, Jules, Ru du Grand Hospice, 1, his, Ixelles. Coleopt. 
Breithof, Nicolas, Prof. Univ., Rue du Canal, 54, Louvain. GeoL 
Bremer, Capt., Rue du Tronc, Ixelles. Lepid, 
Brialmond, .\., St-Josse-tcn-Noode. 
Briakt, Alphonse, Morlanwclz. GeoL, Palteo. 
Bustin, Oscar, Rue des Guillcmius, 23, Liege. GeoL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

154 THE naturalists' directory. [BeiaiuX. 

CANDtzE, Dr. Ernest, Glain, near Liege. Entomology: LamtiiUeorns, 

Ehtenda^ I^npironies. C. Ex.* 
Cannart d* IIamale, Fr. de, Malines. Bot. 
Capkonnier, J. B., Hue Ilo;riei% 251, Scliacrbcck. Ent. : Lepid. 
Carion, Fkan<jois, Kuc Nevi-aumont, 55, St.-Jos8e-ten>Noode. Coleopt,, 
Carnoy, Dr. J. B , Prof. Univ. Louvain, Rue Mane-Tberese, 21. Bot. 
Cartuyvels, Jules, Prof. Univci-sity, Rue dcs RecoUets, 29, Louvain. 
Casse, Dr. J., Rue de Li^nc, 39, Brussels. Mic. 
Catalan, C. E., University, Licjre. . 
Chalon, J., St-Servais, near Nafnur. Bot. 
Chapuis, Felicien, Verviers. 

Chandelon, Joseph, Prof. Univ., Rue Dai-chis, 14, Liegre. GeoL 
Chandelon, Theodore, Rue St.-Gilles, 86, Liege. GeoL 
Charles, K , Rue Joseph 11, 49, Brussels. AJic. 

Charlier, Dr. Eugene, Faubourjr St.-Gilles, 19, Liege. Coleopt., GeoL 
Chaudron, Joseph, Rue Joseph, H, Brussels. GeoL 
Chevron, Laurent, Prof. Agrie. Sch., Rue Noti*c-Dame,306, Gembloux. 

Clavareau, Camille, Waret-la-Chaussee, Province of Namnr. Lupid, 
Clemm, Frederic, Rue de TUuiversite, 24, (ihent. Ent.: Coleopt. 
COGELS, Paitl, Collahoratcur ilc hi Commission de la Carte Geologique do 

la Bel;riquc, Deuriie, near Antwerp. (JeoL^ PaUeo, C* 
CoLBEAU, Emile, Ruc d'Orloaus, 41, Ixelles. Mic. 
CoLBEAU, Jules, Ruc d'Orleuns, 41, Ixelles. Coleopt,., Bemipt., Neuropt., 

Lf'pid.f Or a. 
COOMANS, Rue du Poincon, 62, Brussels. Mic. 
CopPEZ, Dr , Boulevard ihi Janhu Botanique, 24, BrussclB. Mic. 
Cornet, J. F., Ruc de hi Tourclle, 43, Brussels. Bot. 
Cornet, Franqois Leopold, lu^r^nicur Civil, Membins do rAcademie 

Royal des Sciences de lkl;^ique, Mons. GeoL C* 
Corput,*1)r. van den, B. Ed., Prof, a TUnivei-site, 19 Avenue de la 

Toisou d'or, Brussels. Therapevtics. C. Ex. Library of 20,0Q0 

vohimes, Nat. Hist, objects, medical pottraits, about ;^,0(K), auto- 

jrraphs, antiquities, etc.* 
Coteaux, Leopold, Avenue dcs Ai-ts, 78, Antwerp. 
Couutin, Jujireuicui-, Mons. 
CoYON, AiviE, Prof. CollA;rc, Dinant. Cohort. 
Crepin, Francois, Dir. Jardin Bot., Ruc dc TEsplanade, 8, Brussels, 

Crick, Dk. Charles, Thuillics, Hainaut. Cofeopt. 
Cuoc.2. Dr. J., Prof. Univ., Ruc Royale, 110, Brussels. GeoL 
CROOSTEMBEuaH, Max DE, Piacc St. Jacqucs, 21, Louvain. Eivt,: Coleopt, 

C. Ex. Colcoptcra, foroi;ru and othei*s.* 
CuYLiTs, Jacques, R«ic Leys, 14, Antwerp. ZoH. 
Dallemagne, Rue de hi Paste, 46, Brussels. Mic» 
Dastot, Dr. Adolphe, Mons. 
Dastot, Prof. Jules, Mons. 
Davueux, Paul, Sec. Mus. Indus, at Brussels, 14 Rue Lefi'ancq, Shaeiv 

beek. Geul. 
De Bonnier. Ruc de la Blanch isscrie, Brussels. Mic» 
De Bokie, Chevalier, Brussels. Ent. 
De Borke, a , Roy. Mus Nat. Hist., Brussels. 
De Caters, Le Baron Comt., Rue Ge'rard, 2, Antwerp. Zoal. 
De Colnet d'IIuart, Luxcmbourjr. 
De Cuyper, Charles, Pi-of. Univ. of Liege, Ruc Mercelis, 80, Brussels. 

6Vo/., Ast.y Math. 
Dbfrance, KAroly, Antwerp. GeoL 
Deheen, Pierre, Rue des Joycuses-Enti-dcs, Louvain. Phye., Ckim, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

BEI.GIUV.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 155 

Dejaer, Ernest, Rue de la Chaussec, 22, Mons. 

DeKerchove de Genterghem, Oswald, Gouvcrncur de la Province du 

Hainaut, Mons. Bot.t Agnc. C. Palm trees and coal fossils.* 
De Koninck, Laurent-Guillaume, Prof, ^merite h rUnivereite, Rue 

Baesan^fc, 48, J^ie<rc. GeoL^ Palteo.* 
Db Konninck, Lucien Louis; Prof. Univei-site, chai-«re du cours de 

chimie analytique, Rue Bassaujfe, 48, Liep. Chem,, Min, C. 

Ex. Minerals of ]3el«;ium for those of America.* 
Delacre, Ambroise, Rue dc TArbre-Benit, 106, Brussels. Mic. 
De Lafontaine, Alfred, Rue Joseph II., 37, Brussels. Aptera, 
I>E Lafontaine, Jules, Univ., Ghent. ColeopL, Lepid., Hymenop,, 

Delaunois, Dr. Gustave, Pdrusvelz. 
De la Vallee, Prof. Toussin, Rue de Namur, 190, Louvain. Geof.. 

Delecosse, Dr., Rue de THopital, 14, Brussels. Mic. 
Delepjerre, M. Octave, Brussels. 
Delogne, C. H., Brussels. Bot, 

Delstanche, Dr. Charles, Rue du Commerce, 11, Brussels. Mip. 
Deluc, Prof., Rue du Viaduc, 84, Brussels. 
Delvaux, Emile, Capitaiuc de Ca valeric k ]*Institut Cartoorraphique 

Militairc, Avenue Bru«rmann, 452, Brussels. Geol., PalcBO.f Anth. 

C. Rocks and fossils, tlints and instruments. 
Delvaux de Fenefe, Ad., Liege. 

Demont, Jules, Rue Neuve, 25, Namur. E^it. : Lepid.^ Cohopt. 
Demoor, v., Alost. Bot. 
Demoulin, Gasfahd, Rue de Nimy, 46, Mons. 
Depaire, J. B., Prof. Univ., Rue l^oyalc, 54, Brussels. Mie. 
De Pitteurs, Hieoaerts, Ch., Zeppcren, Limbourg. Mtc. 
De Puyt, Emil, Naturali:*t, Pres. Socie'te dcs Sciences, des Arts, et des 

Lcttrcs du Ilainaut, Mons. 
De Reul, X., Rue de Robiano, Scharbeck. Geol. C. 
De SfeLTS-FANSON, Baron Ferd., Quai Manclis, Liege. Geol. C. 
De Simony, Baron Hyacinthe, Injrenieur, Mons. 
Despret, Felix-Leon, Rue du Bouchain, Ath, Uainaut. Ent. : Cokopt. 
Destree, Rue au Bcnrre, 49, Brussels. Mic, 
Db Tilly, Joseph M., Antweij). 
Deviller, Prof. Adolpue, Dir. a Tl^cole d'lndustrie et des Mines, 

Devillers, Leopold, President du Cercle Arcbeologique. Mons. 
Devis, Malines. ^pt. 
De Vos, a., IJegc. Bot. 
Dewalque, Franqois, Pi-of. Ordinaire de Chimie Industricllc a I'Uni- 

veisite, 26, Rue dc Joycuses Enti-ees, Louvain. C/iem.f Min. C.* 
Dbwaloue, GrsTAVE, Prof. Ordinaire dc Min^i-alogie, de Geologic ct de 

Pulcontologic n rUnivci-site, 17 Rue de la Paix, Liege. Min , Gcol.^ 

Paf/ro C. Ex. Desires fossils, espec. Devonian, and offers Min- 
erals and Fossils of Belgium. 
De AVinter, J. Jacques, Rue Van Strolcn, 50, Antwerp. Zndl. 
DiETZ, Franqois, Rue Van Bloer. 8, Antwerp. Ent. . Colenpt* 
DoNCHiER, DE DoNCELL, Cli. Ruc Mandcvillc, 134, Licgc. L<>pid. 
DoNCKiER DE J)oNCELL, Henri, Mus. lust. nat., Ruc Malibran, 109, 

Ixelles. Colenpt. 
DoNCKiER, Charles, Qiokicr, near FMmraallc. Geol. 
Donny, Francois, M. L., Ghent. 

DuBOifr, Alphonse, Roy. Mus. Nat. Hist.. Brussels. Ent.: Lepid. 
DuFOUR, Arthur, Rue'Royalc, 72, Brussels. Lepid. 
DuGNiOLLB, MAXiMiLiBN,'Frof. Univ. 57 Coupure, Ghent GeoL 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

155 THE naturalists' directoey. [Belgium. 

DuLiAT, Jules, Rue de Montt<rD7, Charlcroi. GeoL 

DuMONT, L., Sec. Soc. Sci. hdiI Ails of Uaioaut, Mons. 

D\] MoRTiER, Dr. B. C, Tournay. Bot. 

DuPONT, £., Dir, II. Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue de Florence, 66, Bnissels. Geol, 

Du Pre, Dr. Gaston, Rue Duquesnoy, 13, Brussels. Coleopt. 

DuPREZ, FRANgois J., Ghent. 

DuRAND, Theophile, Ruc Lambcil le Begne, 12, Liege. GeoL 

DCSART, E., Rue du Cliatelain, T, Brussels. Mie, 

DuTREUX, Rec. Gen., Luxembourg. 

DuviviER, Antoine, Rue du Progi-^s, 98, Schaerbeek. Ent. : Coleopt.^ 

Lepifi., Min. 
Engels, Charles, Anscremme, near Dinant. Coleopt, 
Errera, Dr. Ljso, Rue Royale, 6, Brussels. Bot, 
£ug]^ne, S., Naturalist, Rue de i'Ensei^nement, 19, Brussels. Coleopt, 
Falisse, J.-V , Prof*. Math. Univ. of Liege. 
Faly, Joseph, Boulevard Charles-Quint, Mons. GeoL 
Fayn, Joseph, Rue des Augustins, 49, Liege. GeoL 
Fettweiss, Maurice, Rue de Limboui*g, 19, Verviere. Coleopt, 
FiRKET, Adolphe, Ruc Dartois, 28, Liege. Af<«., GeoL 
FiRKET, M., Rue de la Paix, 17, Liege. Min.^ GeoL 
F(ETTINGER, O., Roy. Mus. Nat. Hist., Brussels. Mic.t ZoSL 
FOLIE, F., Univ. of Liege. 

FoLOGNE, Egide, Ruc de Namur, 12, Brussels. Lepid, 
FoNDU, Nicolas, Hotel de la Toison d'or, Leuze, (Hainant). Lepid.t 

Fontaine, Cesar, Papignies, canton de Lessines, ( Hainaut). Lepid,, 

FoRiR, Henri, Rue Robci-tson, 11, Leigc. GeoL 
Fraipont, Ji'Lius, Univei-site, Liejre. ZodL 
Frederic, Victor, Rue Rovale, 27, Brussels. Lepid. 
Frederic, Victor, Ruc de Lausanne, 60, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. Lepid, 
Fr^re, Emile, Rue Delanuoy, Brussels. Mie. 
Fritsch, Dr. Carl W. G. F. von, Prof. Min. Geol. Univ., Halle. 
FitOMONT, Rue dc 1' Union, 17, St.-Josse-ten-Noode. Coleopt., Lepid. 
Fromont, Fils, Dr. Edmond, Rue elc la Victou-e, 73, St.-Gilles, near 

Brussels. Coleopt, 
Fromont, Dr. Louis, Rue de la Victoirc, 73, St.-Gilles, near Bi-us- 

scls. Coleopt. 
Fuisseaux, Georges de. Rue Blanche, 20, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. 

Fuisseaux, Henri de,Ruc Blanche, 20, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. Coleopt, 
Furuhjelm,Victor de. Rue du Cadran, 25, Si.-Josse^en-Noodc. Coleopt, 
Gachard, L. p., Brussels. 

Gaittier, Tabbe, Institut St.-Ignace, Antwei-p. Coleopt. 
Ghysens, Dr., Univ., Liege. 
Giele, J. F., Louvain. J:ot. 
Gilbert, Charles, Rue dc Vord, 29, Antwei-p. 
Gilkinet, Alfred, Prof. Univ., Rue Rcnkin, 13, Liege. GeoL 
GiLLE, NoRB., Brussels. Bot. 

(jiLLON, AuGUSTE, Prof Uuiv., Rue Beckmann, Liege. GeoL 
GiNDORFF, Frantz, Eugis. GeoL 
GiRON, Alfred, Rue Gotfart, 16, Ixelles. Lepid, 
Gluge, Theophile O., Brussels. 
GoKET, Leopold, Rue Stc- Marie. 19, Liege. GeoL 
(iouTTiEH, II., Bnxinc-rAlleud, (Brabant). Lepid. 
Graindorge, Joseph, Prof. Phys. and Math. Univ., Rue Paradis, 92, 

Liege. Geol. 
Gbavet, Fred, Louettc-St.-Pien'c, near Gedinnc, Province of Namur. 

Bryology. C. Ex." 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

beloium.1 the naturalists' directort. 157 

Gravis, Dr. A., Une de Naples, 22, Brussels. Bot. 

Greiner, Adolphe, Qiiai Neuf, 10, Scniin^. Geol. 

GUIBA.L, Theophile, Iluc clcs (jlroseillcirs, 43, Mods. GeoL 

Habets, Alfred, Rue dcs Cannes, 9, Liege. GeoL 

Halbrbcq, Alphoxse, Mons; 

Hallez, Paul, Rue RoKJcr, 199, Brussels. Mic. 

'Hans, Louis, Evbau, near licrrcnliut. Moll. 

Harze, Emile, iluc de Treves, 76, lirusscU Geol. 

Hayez, Fr., II Acad., Rue de 1' ()i'an;rcrie, 16, Brussels. Math. C. 

Heoer, Dr. Paul, Prof. Univ., Rue dea I)nipici*s, 35, Brussels. Mic. 

Hennequin, Major E., Prof, a V ccolc de (iucrrc, Sewetairc de la ()om- 
mission de la carte (ieolo^iquc dc Bel;^ium, Rue des Coteaux, 121, 
Schacrbeck, Brussels. (Jartogmphie^ Geol.^ Phys. Geog. Carte 
Geolowique de Y Europe h rechellc de 8.000,000 d 'apres A. Duniont, 
1875, avec uoticc Nouveau tirajrc chromolitliojfraphiquc (1876), dc la 
carte Geolo^rique de la Bcl;fiquc et des conti-ces voisiues pai' A. 
Duinont, avco notice explicative. 

Hennut, LfeoN, Rue St.-Pierre, 10, Dinant. EtU, : Coleopt., Bot, 

Henry, Louis, Louvain. 

Herbmans, J. T. J., (Client. 

Hock, (iustave, Prof. Athcnseum, Boulevard Bcaudiiin do Jerusalem, 
27. Mons. OeoL 

Honoreau, J. C, Dir. Roy. Obs., Brussels. 

HouTAiN, Dr. L., Liege. 

HouzEAU DE Leu A YE, AuGUSTE, Mons. Geol 

HouzEAU, J. C, Brussels. 

Hubert, Joseph, Architecte-in«fcnieur, Mons. 

Inoelrelst, M., Brussels. Bot. 

Jacobs, Dr. J. Cu., Rue des Ui-sulines, 23, Brussels. Coleopt.^ Dipt,, 

Janson, 1'\ul, Place du Petit Sablon, 18, Bnissels. Mic. 

JocHAMS, F., Pi-es. Geol. Comm., Rue de Stapart, 100, Ixellcs, near Brus- 
sels. Geol. 

Jolt, A., Prof. Univ., Rue Marie-Henriette, 3, Ixelles. Mic, 

Joostens, Florent, Chaussee dc Melcnes, 95, Antwerp. 

JoRis, Dr., Rue des Alexiens, 19, Brussels. Mic. 

JoRissEN, Armand, Ruc Sur-la-Foutaiuc, 108, Lie<rc. Geol. 

Jorissene, Dr. Gustave, Rue du P6t-d* Or, 47, Liege, tfco^ 

Julin, Cii., Montague Ste.-Walburgc, Liege. Mic. 

Julius, Charles, Universite, Liege. Embn/olo(/y. 

Kerchoye de Denterghem, Count Oswald de, Gov. of Prov Hainaut, 
Mons. Bot., Coleopt. 

Kick, Dr. J. J., Prof. Univ., Rue St-Georffcs, 28, Ghent. Bot, 

KlRKPATRiCK, R. S., Ruc dc la Croix, 66, IxcUcs. Mic. 

KoLTZ, J. P. J., Sec. at Pfartcnthalf, Luxembourg. Bot. 

Kupfperschlaeger, Isidore, Prof. Emer. Univ., Ruc du Jai'din, 18, 
l.»iege. Geol. 

IwAFONTAINE, Jules de, Univ., Ghent. Coleopt, 

Lagnbsse, Emile, Rue d'Enghcin, 3, Mons. Geol. 

Lallemand, AMiD^E, Ruc Bcrckmans, 12, Saint Gillcs, near Brussels. 

Laloux, Fils, Avenue Rogier, Liege. Bot, 

Lamal Alphonse, Marcbe-aux-Cuirs, 5, Malines. Coleopt. 

Lamarche, Oscar, Pres. du Tribunal de Commerce, Liege. Ent. : Lepld., 
Exotics of Europe. C. Ex. books and insects. 
- Lambert, Gujllaitme, Prof. Univ. of Louvaiu, BQulevtu^d do TObscrvi^ 
toire, 50, Brussels. Geol, 

Lambotte, Dix.t Vcrvicrs. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


LA.MBRICHS, Edmond, Rue Kessels, 66, Schaerbeck. Ent, t Lepid, 

Lameere, Augusts, Cbaussec de Cbaiicroi, 121, Brussels. Ent. : Cwviii- 
bycida. C. £x. 

Lammens, Dr. F., Rue Dupont, 65, Brassels. Mic, 

Lancaster, Albert Benoit Marie, Mcteorologiste-inspecteur a TOb- 
scrvatoire Ruyal de BruxcUes, Rue Royale Ste.-Marie, 129, Schaer- 
beck, near Brussels. Meteo., Ast. 

LaVallee Poussin, Charles de, Prof. Univ., Rae de Namur, 190, 
Luuvain. Geot. 

IjAYEN, Dr., 2Scc. R. Institute, Luxembourg. Bot» 

Leboucq, H., Coiipui*e, 155, Ghent. AtuU., Comp. Htgtol, 

LeBouleuge, p., Lic;re. 

Lecatte, Louis, Rue Linne'e, 79, St.-Josse-ten-Noode. Lqnd, 

Leclerc^, Rue Vautliicr, 56, Brussels. Af<c. 

Lec'OINTE, Prof., Antwen>. Math, 

Lecomte, Tueoi'uile, Deux-Acren, near Lessines, (Hainaat). Eftt.: 
Coleopt., Lepid. 

Ledeganck, Dr. K., Rue Berckmans, 88, Brussels. Miei 

Ledent, Pi-of. Com. Coll., Vcrviers. 

Lef&vre, Theodore, Rue du Pont-Neuf, 10, Brussels, ^eo/., Pdttto, G. 

Lejeune, J., Chaussee d'lxelles, 119, Ixelles. Mic. 

Lemonnier, Alfred, Rue de Quatrc FiU Aymoud, Mons. Lepid, 

LePaige, Dr. Ch., Prol*. Univ., Liege. 

Li AG RE, Charles, Rue d*£«rniout, 46, Malincs. Ent, : Lepid, 

LiAGRE, (iEN. J. B J., Sec. Acad. Roy. Sci., Brussels. Bot, 

LiENARD, v., Boulevard des Hospices, 228, Ghent. Comp, Anat. ofAn* 

I.(INDEN, J., Rue du Chaunie, Ghent. BoL 

Looz-CoRSWAREM, Prince Guillaume db, Cbfttean d'Ahin, near Hnj. 

Lubbers, L., Rue du Berber, 26-28, Ixelles, Brussels. 

Macar, Julien DE, Quai des Pecheui-s, 39, Liege. GeoL 

MacLeod, Jules, Uuiv., P^cherie, 45, Ghent. Anat, 

Maiiaux, Dr., Prof. Univ., Rue Thei^sicune, 8, Brussels. Mie, 

Maillv, Ed., St.-»Tossc-tcn-Noodc. 

Makoy & Co., L. .Iacob. Liege. Bot, C. Plants. 

Malaise, C. II G. L., Prof, k I'lnstitut Agricole dc TEtat Beige, Mcmbre 
de rAcfldcmic Royale, Gcnibloux.- A//n., OeoK C. Ex. Otfer 
Arch:^o!ogi(:rtl objects of Bclirium, Silurian, Devonian and Carboni- 
ferous fossils. Wishes Cambrian and Silurian Fossils, and minerals 
of AuKM-ica. 

>f ALiiF.RBE, Kenier, Inicnieur, Rue Dartois, 14, Liege. Geol, 

ISIalpertuis. Lucien, Rue du Poinr/son. 39, Brussels. Coleopt, 

Manceatx. Rue des Trois-FOtes, 12, Brussels. Mie. 

Mansion, Phof.. University, Ghent. 

IVIauchal, El., Rue V^onck, 43, Brussels. Bot. 

Marechal, Jules, Mcry-Tilff, Prov. of IJeirc. Ent,: Colfopt. 

Martens, Dr. Ed., Prof. Univ., I^ouvain, Rue Marie-Therese, 27. Bot, 

Masquelin, Rue Entrc-deux-Ponts, 56, Liege. Mte, 

Masius, v.. Prof Pnthol, and Thempetdies, Univ. of Liege. 

Matagne, Dr., Rue Terre Neuvc, 177, Brussels. Mic. 

Maus, Henri J., Ivelles 

Melaise, Prof. G , Gcmbloux. 

Mrlise, Louis, Rue du President, 24, Ixelles. Coleopt. 

MtLisE, Louin, Rue Faider, 16, St.-Gilles, near Brussels. Coleopt. 

MtLOT, Albert, Chaussee de Charleroi, 12^ St.*G^Ucs, i|cmr prt|iMto« 

Melsene, Louis F. H., Brussels, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

beloiuh.] the naturalists' dibectoby. 159 

MsRCiER, J., Chftass^e de Wavre, 98, Ixelles. Mie. 

Mebtens, Albert, Rue Marie de Bourgo«fne, 32, Brussels. Coleopl. 

MiCHAELis, Prof., Athenspura, Luxembourg. 

Michelet, Gustave, Rue Pascaic, 6, Brussels. E»t. 

MiCHELS, Louis, Natui-alidt, Galeric du Roi, 19, Brussels. Ent. : CoUopt, 

MiCHiELS, Charles, Canal des RecoUcts, 21, Antwci*p. Zo6l. ^ 

MiCHoT, NoRBERT Louis, Abbc', Mons. llainaut. Bot.f GeoLf Con,, Fot' 

silsy Min. C 
MiEDEL, Joseph, Rue dcs Pitn>cDdiers. 6, Licsrc. Coleopt, 
MiNETTE, Charles, Avenue Rosier, Lie;re. BoL 
MoERENHAUT, VICTOR, Membre de la Societe Entomoloj^ique de Beige 

et de France, Rue dcs Imagoes, 21, Antwerp. Coleopt,, Lepid. A 

very choice collection. 
MoNTiONY, Charles, Schaerbeek. 
Morel, Ar.mand, Rue Joseph II., 10, Brussels. Coleopt, 
Morel, Dr. Jules, Ghent. Bvt, 

Morette, Emile, Rue Keyenveld. 23, Ixelles. Neuropt, 
Mori, Alfred, Rue BcUiard, 83, Brussels. Lepid, 
MORREN, Dr. £douard, Pi*of. ord. de Bot. a i' University, Bovcrie, 1, 

Liege. Bromeliacae and Floi*a of S. America. C. Plants of S. 

Hot, Albert de, Gi-and Rue des Bouchers, 46, Brussels. Coleopt. 
MouRLOx, Dk. Michel. Airre^re a rUnivei-site', Conservatcur an Mns^e 

Royale d'Histoirc Naturelle, Membre de TAcadcmic des Sciences do 

Beltre, Rue de Treves, 24, Ixelles, near Brussels. StrcUigraphical 

Geol., Upper Devonian. C. Ex. for the Museum. 
MuLLER, F , Rue du Beau Site, 2, Brussels. Bot, 
Navez, Lieut.-Col . Schacrbcek. 
NiESTEN, L., Royal Obscrvatoi-y, Brussels. Astronomy, 
NERO.M, Prosper van, Rue St-Guidon, Anderlccht, near Brassds. 

Necvens, Gen. Antwerp. 
NiLis, Dr., Rue St.-Jacques, 22, Brupres. Ettt, 
Noblet, Albert. Avenue d'Avroy, Liege. GeoL 
Nyst, 1L p., Molcul)cek-St.-Jean 
Paque, a., Prof. Math. Univ., Liejre. 
PAques, E., S. J., Rue des RccoUets, 11, LouTain. Bot, C. Herbs of 

Paquot, Remy, Bleyhcrsr. Geol. 

Paterxotte, Jean, Rue Alphonse Vanden Peercboom, 23, Brussels. 
Paternotte, L., Rue Alnhonse Vanden Peercboom, 23, Molcnbcck- 

St.-'Jean, near Brussels, ("olfopt. 
Perard, Louis, Prof. Univ., Rue du St.-Esprit, 93, Liejre. Geol, 
Peteau, .\ntoine. Rue Royale, 173 St.-Jossc-ten-Nootle. Lepid, 
Petermaxn, Arthur, Dir." Airricul. Station, Gcnibloux. Geol. 
Petitbois, Gustave, Rue Louvrex, 97, Licjre. GeoL 
Picard, Edmoxd, Avenue Toison d'or, 47, Brussels. Mic. 
Pierret, Emile, Rue du Proyrres, 132, Schacrbcek. 'Hemipt, 
PiRfe, Louis, Rue Keyenveld, 111, Ixelles. Bot. 
PiRET, Adolphe, Comptoir Bel«;e de Paileontolojric et de ^lineralogic, 

Tournay. Carh. Palteo. C. Ev, Will sell specimens. 
PiTTEURS, Dr. Charles DE,Zeppcrcn, near OrUange, Limbourg. Chem., 

Nat. Philos. 
Plateau, Felix, Pi-of a TUniversitc. Dii*. du Musce, Rue du Casino, 20, 

Ghent. Zo J.,^Comp. Anat. C. 
Pletinckx, Jules, Avenue de la Toison d*Or, 70, St-GUles, near Bras- 

sels. Coleopt. 
PoNciN, Prof., Arlon. Coleopt. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

160 THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. [BKLOIUK. 

Pr4, G. du, Cbauss^c St. Pierre, 99, Etterbeck, BrtMscls. Eni, : Coleopt. 
Pbeudhomme db Books, Alfred, Boulevard du liegent, 21, IxcUes. 

Ent.: Coleopt. 
Prinz, W., Chaiissc'e de Wavrc, 259, BnisseU. Mie. 
Proost, Sec. Soc. Roy. Agric., Place Rovale, Brussels. Mie, 
PuLS, Jacques Charles, Pharmacicn, i'lacc de la CVilandre, 4. Ghent 

Dip/^ra, //y/iwn , cspeciallv /-'ormiV/rf^p of the world. C. Ex. 
PUTZBYS, J., Rue du Ti-onc, 82, txellcs. Coleopt. 
PyNAERT-VAX Geert, Ed., Prof. d'Horticultni-c, Ghent. TJori.^ Arhori- 

culture^ Pomology. C. OrnllineDtal Plants and Fruit Trees. Ex. with 

Botiinical collectors of all countries. 
Pyro, Joseph, Prof. Ajrri. Inst., Gemblonx. Geol. 
QuAEDVLiEO, Louis, Vise' (Liege). Lepid, 
QuETELET, Ernest, Ixellcs. 

Kamy, Albert, Rue Diipont, 56, Schaerbcek. Mie, 
Renard, le R. P. a., Nat. Hist. Mas., Brussels. Geol 
Renson, G., Rue de la Poste, 192, Brussels. Mie, 
Rbul, Gustave de. Grand Ruo, 75, Janibes. Oeol, 
RoBiE, pRANgois, Prcs. Agi'ic. and Uort. Union, Forest, near Brussels. Eni. 
RoDiOAS, Em., Ghent. Bot. 
ROELOFS, Willem, Ancicn Pi*^sident de la Soc. Entomologique, Chauss^e 

de Ilaccht, 218, Brussels. EiU.: Coleopt, (Cii-culionids), Geograph- 
ical Distribution. 
Rommalaer, Rue de Namnr, 44, Brussels. Chem, 
RouFFARD, Rue Imp^'iale, 21, Brussels. Mie, 
Rousseau, £., Rue (hi Conscil. 59. Bot. 
RoussEL, Arsenal, Malincs. Mie. 
RoYER, Emile, Rue Ncuve, 25, Brussels. Coleopt. 
RuHL, FRANgois, Rue Rogier, 12, Ven'iers. Coleopt. 
RuTOT, Aim6, Mus. Nat. Hist., Brussels, Rue du Chemin de fer, 34, St- 

Josse-ten-Noode. Geol. 
Sauveur, Jule, Rue Juste-Lipse, 40, Brussels. Coleopt., Ent. 
Schambergbr, Paul, Tliuin (Hainaut). Ent.: Coleopt, 
ScHMiT, Prof. J. P., Univ. of-Liege. 
ScHMiT, N. C, Prof. Univ. Brussels. 

ScHMiTZ, Chr , S. J. Prof. Nat. Hist. Coll., La Paix, Namnr. Bot. 
Schwann, Theodore, Prof, a T Universitc, Quai de 1* UniTersittf, 11, 

Liege. Phi/a. 
Sebus, H., Antwei-p. Bot. 

Segvelt, Edm. tan, Boulevard des Arbal^triers, 96, Malincs. ColeojA. 
S^TS-LoNGCHAMPS, Baron Edmond de, Boulcvard de la Sauveni^re, 

34, Liege. Geol., Ent.^ Mie. 
Setler, Dr., VViltz, Luxembourg. 
Siegen, Pierre-Mathias, Luxembourg. Geol. 
Simon, Dr., Boulevard Central, 33, Brussels. Mie. 
Spring, Walt^^re, Prof Univ., Rue Beckmann, 32, Liege. GwU 
Stas, J. S., St.-Gilles, near Brussels. Chem, 
Stei^hen, Michel, Ixelles. 

Stevens, Agap., Chausse'e d* Ixellcs, 242, Ixelles. Lepid, 
Stevens, Ren^, Rue Malibran, 127, Ixelles. Coleopt, 
Swaen, a.. Prof. Anat., Univ. of Liege. 
SwEEKTS, Rue Travcrsi^ro, 84, Brussels. Mie. 
Teirlixck, J., Prof. Normal Sch., Rue des Quatre- Vents Molenbeck-Saint- 

Jean. Enf* 
Xerbt, FRANgois, Docteuren Sciences, Merabre de la Socie'td Rovale As- 

tronomique de Londros, Rue des Bogards, 96, Louvain.' Phtfs,, 

Astron. C. of drawings of Planets, esp. Mars, Venus Jupiter. Ex. 

publications on AsU'ouomy, esp. for the Observ. of Planets. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Terssen, Col. of Artillery, Antwerp. 

Thibault, Chev. Edouard de, Place Dailly, 13, Schaerbeek. Lepid. 

Thielunds, Dtt. Armond, Brussels. 

Thirot, Edouard, Hue de la Station, 151, Jctte-St.-Pierre, Brabant. 
I^pid., Coleopt. 

Thiroux, EuGtNE, Boulevard de la Sennc, 101, Brussels. £n^, Coleopt, 

Thomas, E., Rue de la Tribune, 2, Brussels. EnL, Coleopt, 

Thomas, Es, 12, Rue de Projrres, St.-Josse-ten-Noode. Ent. 

Thyes, EuGiNE, Rue Goffait, 24, Ixclles. Lepid. 

TiLLiER, ACHILLE, Rue de la Coupe, Mons. Mic. 

TiRLiNCK, J., Pi-bl*. Normal School, Rue des Quatre- Vents, 74, Molenbeek- 
St.-Jean, near Brussels. Coleopt, 

Tonneau, Emile, Ingenieur, Farciennes. 

ToRissEN.VE, Dr. Gustave, Bouie'vard de la Souveniere, 130, Liege. 
Physiol.^ Bot.y GeoL C. Plants, Rocks and Fossils of Belgium. 

TosQUiNET, Dr. Jules, Medicine priucipale de rarmee. Rue Berckmans, 
79, a St.-Gilles, Brussels. Ent. . Hijnienopt.^ Ichieumonidm, 

Tras, C. R. p.. Prof. Coll. of Paix, Namu'r. GeoL 

Trasenster, Louis, Prof. Univ. Quai de 1' Industrie, 9, Liege. Geol, 

Tricht, Rev P- Victor van. Prof. Coll. of Paiv, Namur. Colnopt. 

Troostembergh, Max de, Place St. -Jacques, 22, Louyain. Ent, : Coleopt, 

VALtRius, Henri, Glient. 

Van Bambeke, Charles, Ghent. 

Van Bastelaer. Desire Alexandre Henri, President du Jury d*Ex- 
aniens de phannacic, Charlcroi-Marcinclic. Hot. C. 

Van Bemmel, Charles, Rue Saint- Lazare, 25, St.-Josse-tcn-Noode. Ent, 

Van Benedem, Edouard, Prof a rUniversitc, Rue Louvrox, 93, Lieorc. 
Embt'i/ologf/t Co/nprratire Anat., Zol. C. of the University, Ex. 
Wishes to receive Tunicates, esp. Ascidians. 

Van Beneden, Pierre Joseph, Prof. I'Universite, 93, Rue de Namur, 
Louvain. Zool , Compnratire Anat., Animal Palcco. C. 

Vanden Born, l'Abbe H., Hassclt. Diatoms. 

Vanden Broeck, Ernest, Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue de Perre-Ncuva, 124, 
Brussels. Geol. 

Vanden Corput, Dr., Prof. Univ., Avenue de la Toison-d*Or, 19, Brus- 
sels. Min, 

Vanden Heuvel, Em., Rue de Laeken, 118, Bnissels. Mic. 

Vanden Oberlee^ Louis, Rue des Tianncurs, 41, Antwerp. Zozl, 

Vanderberohe, Emile, Roulers. Lepid., Coleopt. 

Vander Linden, Henri, Rue Hunt, 43, Antwerp. 

Vander Meusbrugghe, G., Ghent. 

Vander Kindere, Marcel, Rue de Livourne, 64, Brussels. Etit, : 
Lamelli comes. * 

Vandernoot, Louis, Rue de la Croix de Pieire, 12, St.-Gillcs, near Brus- 
sels. Col-eopt 

Vandresse, Paul, Rue Fyon, VenMcrs. Coleopt. 

Van Ertborn, Baron Octave, CoUahorateur de la Commission de la 
Caile (Tfcoloariqne de la Bol;fique, (Winter), Rue des lits, 14, Ant- 
weiT?. (Summer), Autvlaer, near Antwerp. Aat.^ Geol, 

Van Haesendonck, Dr. C. G , Tonu^crloo. Bot. 

Van ITEERfJwiNGHELS, Rue du Pcrsil, 4, Brussels. Mic. 

Van Heurck, Dr. Henri. Prof, de Botanique, et Directenr du Jardin 
Botauique, Rue de la Sante', 8, .Antwerp, /io^, Af/r/o?., Diatoms. 
C. Herbarium of the jrloi>e, 70,00J specimens. Ex. Diatom-^. 
Author and editor of '* Synopsis des Diatome's do Bel^rique," con- 
taining an .Atlas with 100 photo-lith. prints, 2400 fi<^urcs. Price, 100 
fmncs, or $2J. 

Van Hooren, Roy. Mus. Nat. Hist, Brussels. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Vanhokcv, Dr., Grande Place, St. Trond. O^oL 

Vau Houtte, L., Genthrujfjfc. Bot. 

Van Hulle, H. J., (Jheot. Bot. 

Vanlair, C, Prof Univ. of Lie|?c. 

Van Leynzeelb, Rue tie Laekcn, 94, Bnissels. Mie* 

Van Nerom, Prosper, Rue Saint-Guidon, Anderlecht Coliopt. 

Van Uysselberohe, Royal Ob-ierv., BrusAcls. 

Van Schebpbnzebl Trim, Jules, Rue Nysten, 34, Lie^. GeoL 

Van Segvelt, Edmond, Boulevanl des Arlmletricrs, 112, Maline*. EfU^ 
Coleopt.^ Hijmewm. C Ex. (Jolcoptera. 

Van TuiciiT, Rev. P, Victor, Prof. Nat. Sd., Coll. de la Paix, Kamur. 

Van Volxem, Dr. T., Prof. Univ., Rue Belliard, 4, Brussels. Uie, 

Vaughan, E , Boule'vanl Central, 46, Brussels. Mic, 

Vaux, Adolphb de, Rne des Antres, 15, Lic^ure. Geol. 

Vekemans, Jacques, Directcur de la Soci^te Ro}'ale de Zoologie, Ant- 
werp. Zftiil. 

Velob G., Leniic^k-St.-Quentin. GeoL C. 

Vekbessem, Albert, Avenue du Jardin Zoolojsrique, 36, Ghent. Coleopt. 

Vincent, Gerard, Nat. Hist Mus. of Brussels, Bue Granvclle, 95, SL- 
Josse-ten-Xoode. GeoL^ Pai^o, C. 

Von den Broeck. Aug. E., Brussels, 

Vos. Andre de, Univ., Liege. Bot. 

Walther, Prof. Spring, Rue Beckmsnii, 32, Liege. CA«m., GeoL, 
Min. C. Min., Geol. 

Wehenkel, Dr., Prof. Univ., Rue d*Allemagne, 49, Bnissels. JIfic. 

Weinmann, Rodolphe, Chaussee de Mons, 294, Cureghem, near Bnis- 
sels." Lepid. 

Weissenbruch, Paul, RueVanderkindre,22,MoUenbeek-St.-Jean. Mic, 

\VEST.\fAEL. Prof., Nimy, near Mons. Bot. 

Weverbergh, Dr., Place des Martyrs, 18, Brussels. Mic, 

Weyeus, JosEPH-LtoPOLD, Rue de Laeken, 51, Brussels. CoUopt* 

Wilde, De, Rue Travereil^re, 42, Brussels. Chem, 

WiLLAiN, D., Triviei-es, near Braquegnies, Hainaut. Ent., Coieopt, 

Wilmart, Dr., Prof. Univ., Rue d'Assaut. 26, Bi\issels. Mic, 

Wiot, Fit., Liege. Bot. 

Witmeur, Henri, Prof. Univ. and Polytec. Sch., Bue d'Eoosse, li, 
Brussels. GeoL 


Aggesborg, N. N., Copenhagen. Bot. 
Andrae, Dr. Carl C. G , Copenhagen, 
Baagoe, J., Naestved. Bot. 
Bakfoed, Prof. Dr. Christen T., Copenhagen. 
Bautoolin, C T., Copenhagen. Bot. 

Bauer, Chr. A. P., Examinteils Pharmacis, Radtgobiug. Ichth. C. 
Becher, a , Ostcrbrogade 27, 2, Copenhagen. Bot. 
Bendz, Dr. Henbik Carl B., Etatsraad, Copenhagen. 
Benzon, Alfred, Copenhagen. Bot. 
Bekgh, Dr. Rudolph, Snaregade 10, 2, Copenhagen. Bot, 
Bergsted, N., Bodilsker pr. Nexo. Bot. 
Bertelsen, Thisted. Bot. 

BiNG, Direct., 37 Pilesti-ade, k., Copenhagen. Math. 
Blom, Kronprinses seirade 80, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Boas, Dr. J. £. V., Zoologisches Musetlm, Copenhagen. Zo6L (VertS' 
brtUe), Crmtacea. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BoRRiES, 0., Tyskland. Dot. 

BOKKIES, T., Rbeskililc. Bot, 

BoYSEN, J. H. U., ]iavnslx>r;rgradc 6, 2, Copenha|ren. Bot. 

Branth, Deichman^ 8neptrup pr. Skaudei-boi-jj^. Jiot. 

Bk£II>aui«, II., ilorsenii. BoL 

BnwiBir. W.« Cnpeohimren. Boi. 

Brubi«, C. A^ Odeiiflc Mat. 

Chkistiaxsen, (Jhkistiah, CopenibA^n. 

Christensen. IIygom, llK^elboUc pr. Hondc. Bot. 

Christensen, J p., Viloixlc pr. Cliarlortcnlund. Bot. 

CoLDiNO, Prop. Ludvio A., Copenliajren. 

Crone, Dr., 7 Anmlicgade, K , Copenhagen. Math, 

Daniels, V., Dlc^fdamAvej 10, N. Copciihajren. Bot. 

Deithmann-Branth, Rev. J. fci , Sueptnip, near bkandcrborff. Lichen- 

ologij^ GtoL C. Lichens. Wishes Lichens from ho. tenipcmtc 

climates, and can otter Boi*eal and Aiftic in ex. 
DiDRiCHSEN. Prof., 12 hvanemoscjruardvy, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Ernstsen, H. p., Ilorhy pr. Kallundborjf. Bot, 
Fausboll, J., Ilassin;; pr. Thistcd. GVA 
Fausboll, Dr. Michael, V. Copenha<;en. 
Feilberg, C, Osterbro<raUc 52, Copcnba<ren. Bot, 
FiELBERG, Hev. H. F.', Darum priestegaai-d, near Bramminge Station. 

Flhtot, H., Frcdriksbcror Rnnddel, V. Copenhagen, Bot, 
Fraas, v., Valby pr. Helsinjrc. Bot, 
Friedericksen, Th. Bot. Gar , Copenha<ren. Bot, 
Frus, J. J. L., Candidatus Pharmacie, Rudkjobing. Bot, C. 
Gad, C, Viborjr. Bot, 
Gelsrt. Otto C. L., Bred^ade, 66, Copenhaofcn. Bot. C. Ex. Wishes 

plants of America and Asia, in ex. for those of Denmark. 
Gram, Chr., I^adegaardsvei 3, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Graue, Dr., 23 Vendei*s«far)e K., Copenhagen. Math, 
Gronlund, Chr , Fredriksberg Alle, 30, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Hallas, Capt. v., Svendborg. Bot. 

Hannover, Dr. Adolphe, Prof. Anat, Physiol.. Univ., Copenhagen. 
Hansen, Carl, Docent k. Landwiith scliaftilicha Hcchschule, Copen- 

ba<ren. Bot. Cultivates Plants and Trees, C. Ex. European Plants, 

Fruits and Fir Trees, for foreign. 
Hansen, Dr. Emil Chr., Voi-stand des Physiologischen LaboratoriQms, 

CarUberg, Copenhagen. Physiology of Plants, 
Hansen, J. J., Vedbv pr. Riids Vedby. Bot. 
Hansen, Kofoed, Flintinj:e pr. Nykjobing (Falster). 
Hansen, P. M., Slotogade, 8, Aalbor^. Bot. 
Hansen, Dr. T. C. V., 10 Veevergaile, N. Copenhagen. Math. 
Heibero, O. C. B., Norrebros, N. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Helveg, L., V. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Hempel, p., Friesenborg pr. Hammel. Bot. 
Hjorth, a L., Ronne. Bot. 

HoFMAN (Bang), N. E., Hofmansgave pr. Odense. Bot. 
HoFF, R., Ronne. Bot. 
Hoffmeyer, N., Kapitan und Dir. des k. Diiuischen Metcorologischen 

ln-9titQtes, Copenhagen. Meteorology. 
Holm, Th., Frederiksborg^ratlc, 52, Copenhagen. Bot. C. Ex. Wishes 

Cypei-acae, Phancrogamia, Cryptogams, from N. Europe. 
Holm, v. C., HaHgendrup pr. Esrom. Bot, 
Holten, Carl V., Prof Phys , Univ., Copenhagen. 
HoRRiNO, A. F., Frcdriksborggadc, 26, 1, Copenhagen. Bot. 
Jacobsen, a. y. H., Odense. Bot. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

164 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBY. PB5XABS. 

Jacobsen, E., CopcnhaflTcn. Bot, 

JACOB9BN, H., H8e:$eUc pr. Rouncdc. Bot. 

Jacobsen, Dr. J. C, Carlsbcr^r'ved Ck>pcohagen. Bot. 

Jacobsen, J. p., Tbistcd. Bot. 

Jensen, Chk., Nauscns^adc, 34, 2, Copenhagen. 

Jensen. Ct., Uvalso. Bot. 

Jensen, Makius, St. Knudsvcj, 30, .5, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Jenssbn-Tusch, Harald, Frcdriksbcrg Brcdcgadc, 21, Copenhagen. 

Bot. C. 
Jeppesen, Vordingborg. Bot, 
Johansen, v., Aalborg. Bot. 
JounstkCi*, Fu., Pi*of. d. Director dcs Mineral-geogn. museum der Uni- 

vei*sitat, Copenha;feo. J/m., Geoi, Glacier Ibrmations of Denmark. 
Jorgensen, Alfred. Cand. Botauiker, Bartlioliusgadc, 3, 2, Copenhagen. 

Technical Microscopy^ especial ly Botany. 
Jorgensen, H. G., FredriKsl>ci'g Allc, 17, 1, V. Copenhagen. 
Jorgensen, P., Odcusc. Bot. 
Jorgensen, Dr. S. M., Lector an dcr Universit&t, Fi-cderiksborggade, 

33, Copenhagen. Chetn. 
Kabell, llccciver of Public Revenues, Skanderliorg. 
KL<BiiSKoO, IUalmar, Bibliothecaii*c ct Couiiervatcur du Muse'e Botanique, 

Botanical Gaidens, Copenhagen. Fiiices, Brassica, atid Tech. 

Klockeb, a., Coi*t Adelet*sgade, 10, 2, Copenhagen. Bot, 
Koch, U. P. G., Riserup pr. Norrc AUlcv., Falster. Bot. 
Kornerup, A., Bregttde 34, Mbgn., 3, Copenhagen. Bot.^ Geol 
Kuabbe, Dr. IIarald, Lchrcr der Auatuiuic ii. Phy!iiolo<;ic bei der k. 

Veteriu'rifchulc, Monradsvcj, 19, V. Copenhagen. Vet. Anatomy, 

Lanoe, Prof. Dii. Jouan, Lchrer in Botanik bei deni konigl, Vctcrinir 
• und Ackerbau»chulc, Tliorvaldsens \'cj, 5, V. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Wishes N. American plants, Cf»\HHi. trees and shrubs, in ex. lor N. 

Eiii-opean and Greenland plants. 
Langklide, R. C Silkcbor;;, Bot. 
Larsen, R , Frctlkriksvaprk. Bot. 
I^assen, Dr. J., Norregadc 32, 3. Copenhagen. Bot. 
Leth T.. Sahl pr. Bjcrringbro Station. Bot. 
LiND, C, Asscns. Bot. 

L6FFLER, Doc, Fredcriksberg Alle, 22, V. Copenhagen. Geog, 
LoRENZ. Prof. Dr.. I.udvig, V. Co))cnhagcu. 
LoTZE, G., Utlense. Bot. 
Lowzow, A. G., SlettCL'aanl pr Flclsin^re. Bot, 
Lund, Prof. Du. Peter, V. Copenhagen. 

liUND, Samsoe, Bot. Gardens, N. Copenhagen. Bot. ' 

LuFLAU, Svcndliorg. Bot. 
Lutken, Christian F., Dr. Phil , Asst. Zoiil., Zoologicnl Mnseum, Univ. 

Copcnha^^on, Johanncrg, 10, Copenhagen. Gen. Zo6l., Palao., Jchth., 

Cwlctitfrata, Echhioderins^ Parasitical Crustacea. 
Madsen, n. P., ('openha;ren. Bot. • 
Madvio, .T. X., CoiHinhajren. 
Matthiessex, II. J., Kjoge. Bot. 
^lEtNERT, Dr., 20, Biilowsvig, V. Copenhagen. ZodL 
MoLLER, Fabricius-, Ribe. Bot. 
>[r>l.LER, S., Xorrc Sundby. Bot. 

WoLLER-HoLST, Frcdcrik'sbcrir Alle, 15, V. Copenhagen. Bot» 
MoLTKE. E. (i,, Nonigcr nr. Ruds Vedby. Bot, 
MoLTKE, v., Birkcrod. Bot. 
>ioRCH, J.f Uobvo. Bo$. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

DEKiiARK.3 THE naturalists' DIEECTORY. 165 

MoRTENSEN, A. C, Vcnimetoftc pr. Stoi-chedinge. Bot 

MoKTENSEN, H., Jobnsti'up pr. Ballcrup. Bot, 

MoKviLLE, G., Viboiy. Bot. 

MiJLLEK, Dr. Carl L., Copenhagen. 

MDller, Dr. p. E., 2o g\. Kongevig, V. Copenhagen. Zo9l. 

Nielsen, A., Silkclx>rg. Bot, 

Nielsen, J., Viemosw pr. Pi-aesto. Bot, 

Nielsen, P., Oi-slov. pr SkjeUkor. Bot, 

Nordvi, a. G., Moi-tciiJ^nac:*, Ostfinroarken. Bot, 

NYELA.NU, S., Vilvorde pr. Charlotteulund. Bot. 

Oppermann, Prop., L. H. F., 90 Vcsierbi-ojradc, V. Copenhagen. Math. 

Ottesen, L. O. C, Jajrtvej, 81, N. Copenhagen. Bot. 

OvEROAARD, (ijettrup pr. Thisteil. Bot. 

Panum, Dr. Peter L., Prof. Physiol., Univ., Copenhagen. 

Panslex, a., 10 Norrctftule, K. Oopciihajren. Phyaica. 

Pec'HYLE. Dr., ObsenutoiT, K. Copenhagen. Aittron. 

Pedersen, Gustav Christian, Lcoihcuborg, near Kallandborg. Bot, 

Pedersen, N., Nora«rer Vauseskov pr. Kuda Vedhy. Bot, 

Pedersen, 11., Klcrkejradc, 9, 1, Copenhagen. Bot, 

Petersen, E. A., Copeuhat^n. Bot. 

Petersen, E. P. F., Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, K. T., Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, Nicolai Emil, fcollerod, near Holte. Bot. C. 

Petersen, O. G., (^otheriigate, 154, N. Copenhagen. Bot. 

Petersen, Dr. Peter C. J., Polytcc. School, Copenhagen. UatK 

Petersen, S., Slotsbjcrghv pr. bfagelse. Bot. 

Petit, E., Harstlorlsvcj, V. Copenhagen. Bot^ 

Piper, H. A. T., Copenha«ren. Bot. 

PouLSEN, Dr. C. M., 5 Custiinievi, Copenhagen. A/o0., Zo6l,, Bot, 

Poulsen, U. F., Vustcr Egil?;borg pr. Piwsto. Bot. 

PouLSEN, J. C, Odeuse. Bot. 

Poulsen, Vigoo A., Iloscnva*ngets ITovcdvei, 29, Copenhagen. Bot. 

IIascu, C , Gmabi-odi-etorv, 5,2, Co|x?uhagen. Bot. : Al^tr. C. Ex. Wishes 
Alga?, in ex. lor N. European Phanerogamia, Cryptogamia and 

Kasmussen, H., Karlehy pr. Nykjobing p F. Bot. 

Keinuardt, J., Prof, ii! Doccnt d. Zoutogie, Universitat^ Museum, Copen« 
hagen. MamaU^ Birds and HrptiltSt Iving and dead. 

HiiSE, A. II., Fredriksberg Allc, 12, V. Copenhagen. Bot, 

Kink, Dr Hinrich J., Platanvel, 15, Copenhagen. GeoL 

Rosenberg, Caroline, llofmausgave pr. Odcuse. Bot. 

Kosenvinge, L. Koluekup, Fiolstraeiic, 8, Copenhagen. Bot. : Algm, 

Rossi NG, Frethiksberg AUe, 36, 2, V. Copeuliageu. Bot. 

llosTRUP, E., Skaarnp pr. Nyborg. Bot. 

RoTUE, Tyob, Dir. Royal Gai*dens, Rosenberg, Copenhagen. Bot., Cul- 
ture of Plants. 

RUDMOSE, N., Fci-slev pr. Roeskilde. Bot. 

Ri'Tzou. S. M., Cand. Phsirm., Non-egade, 20, Copenhagen. Bot, 

Salomonsen, Dr. Cb. Jul., Gammclsti-and, Copenhagen. Bot, 

ScHiOTZ, Th , Odensc. Bot. 

Schiodte, Jorgen Christian, Prof. Zool. Univ., Copenliagen. 

Schjellerup, Dr. I Jans C. F. C, Prof. Astrou. Observ., Copenhagen. 

Schmidt, A., Copcnhajren. Bot. 

Schmidt, Dr. Frederik T., Prof. Anat. Univ., Copenhagen. 

Schmidt. M Waloemar, Copenhagen. 

Schmidt, Vald , Frcdcrik.shavn. Bot. 

SciiuLTZ, .\. C, Admiral, Lacssocsgadc, 6, Copenhagen. Bot, : Fem$, 

ScbUltz, C, Heliiugor. Bot. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Seehusen, V. L., Copcnhajrrn. Bot, 

Skouskbo, SorjrenlVi, Lyn^rby. Bot, • 

Smith. Dr Caspar W., Copenliajren. « , /, 

Smith, Otto, Lerihcuborjr, near KalmndDorp. not. o. 

Steen, Dr. Adolph. Pi-of. Math. Univ., Copenhajren. ^ ,,_ ^ 

Steenstrup, Dr. Jouann J. S., Prof. Univ., Vcsterbrogade, 115, Copen- ^ 

ba;<:eu. Zol^iieoL \ 

Stockfleth, V. P. T., Ostcrbrogadc, 31, Copenhagen. Bot, \ 

Strom, V., Oilenac Bot. , . ^ . j <, J 

Thiele, Prof. Dr. Thorvalh NicoLAi,Ob9Ci-vatoriet, Copenhagen. Ast. 1 

Thisted, Fi-edriksvaerks. Bot, ^ ^, „ . ^ , 
Thomsen, Dr. Hans P. J. J., Pi-of. Chem. Univ., Copenh.ageii. 
Thorkelsson, Dr. Jon, Copenhacjen. . , , ^ « . 

Thoroddsen, , Modruvellir pr. AknrcjTi, Island. Bot. . 

Thojisen, M., Oi-aesvaenffc pr. Warstal. Bot. | 

ToPSOE, Dr. Haldor, Copenhagen. 

Trier. S. M., Koscnborggade, 3, Copenhagen. Bot. 

Tychsen, Dr. Camillo, Dir. der Staats Lebeui-ver-sicherungs-Anstalt, 

Svauhohurvei, 1, Copcnbagcn. Math. 
Vestesen, B Q., Mynstcrsvej. 4, V. Copenhagen. Bot, 
ViLANDT, Dr. Hans N. T., Ribe. Bot., Ct/peracea. C. 
Warming, Dr. Joh. Euo. BOlolt, Pi-oi*. der Botamk Roscnvangets Hove- 

dvei, 19, Copenhagen. Bot., PodostemaccB. C. Ex. Podoslcmacae 

from all the countries of tlie world, preserved in spirits. Uffew Bi-a- 

zilian plants. 
WiiNSTEDT. Dr. Dronningens, Tvaergade, 52,1, Copcnhajren. Bot. 
* WoRSAAE, Dr. Jens J. A., Dir.Mus.. Northern Antiquities, Copenhagen. 
Zahrtmann, HANS, Hornslet, near Aarhfls. Bot., Insect fertilization. 
Zeuthen, Dr. Hieronymus G., Univ., Copenhagen. Math. 


Abbadie, Antoine T.. Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Geog. and iVatJt. 

Abbadie, d*, 120 Rue dii Bac, Paris. Phi/a, 

ABEiLHt, Ed., Marciac. Coleopt, 

Abeille, de Perrin Elzear, Rue de Marengo, 56, Marseilles. Coleopt., 

Abria. Jeremie J. B., Quai de Bacalan. Bordeaux. Phys. 
Acvet-Touvet, Gieres-Uriage, in Grenoble. Bot, 
Agnel fils, Z. d', Rue Muiron, 10, Mourillon. Toulon. Coleopt. 
AnciLHE, Edouard, Mai-ciae, (Gers). Co'eopt., PaUeo., Om. 
Aimb-Girard. Prop., Rue du Bellay. 5, Paris. 
Alain, L., Rue de Chatcaudun, 23, "Paris. European Lepidoptera, 
Alanore. Pres. Med. Soc, Clermont-Ferrand. Bot. 
Alb an el, Boulevard St. Michel. 67, Paris. E7it, 
Albert, Ampus, near Draguignan. Bot. 

Alexandre, Auguste, Rue Brezin, 4, Monti-ouge (k Paris). Coleopt, 
Alexandre, Paul, Rue de I'Ecusson, 31, Alen(?on. Coleopt. 
Alglave, Prof. Em., Villa dc la Reunion, 91, Rue du Point-du-Jour, 

Paris (Auteuil). 
Alix, Place St-Vincent, Blois. Coleopt. 

Allard, Ernest, Rue Paradis-Poissonni^rc, 2, Paris. Coleopt, 
Allard, Gaston, La Maulevrie, Route dcs Ponts-de-Ce', near Angers. 

Ajllard du Plantier, Rue des Quatre-Chemins, Voiron. Coleopt, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Allart, Louis, Rue Carnot, 6 bis., Paris. Coleopt. 

Alleon, Comte, Rue St.-Dominiquc, 86, Paris. Coleopt, 

Allin, Hue Rousselet, 31, Paris. Efit. 

Alluard, Prof. E , Faculty of Science, Clermont-FeiTand. PhyM, 

Amadieu, Tours (Indre-et- Loire). Etit. 

Amans, Dr., Montpellier. 2^1. 

Amblard, Dr. Louis, tine Paulin, 14 bis, Aoren. Coleopt. 

Amigues, Prof, E., Lyceum, Mai*seilles. Math. 

Ancev, C. F., Gi-aude Rue Maren^^o, 56, Mai-seillcs. Coleopt., MoUusks, 

L. and F. IV. !ShelU. C. Ex. for European and Forcijrn. 
Andouard, Prof. Ambr , Rue Guepin, 2, Nantes. Bet,, Ckem. 
Andr^ Auguste, Rue Nationale, 8, Kennes. Coleopt. 
AxDRfe, Prof. Charles, Lyons. Astrojiomy. 
Andre, Ed., La Ci-oix de Hlc'i-e. Bot. 
Andre, Edmond, Inobnieur, Boulevard Bretonnierc, 21, Beaune (CAte- 

d'or). Hymenop. C. Uymcnopteraot the world. Otters all French 

Natural History objects in ex. for forei<rn llymcnoptcra. 
Andre, Ernest, Rue des Promenades, 17, Gray'(Haiite-Sa6ne). Ent. : 

Uetnifttera of France^ and Formicaria of the world. C. Ex. For- 

micariae of Europe for foreign. 
Andre, Dr. Gustave, Paris. 

AnGOT, a.. Bureau Centi*al Meteor, 82 Rue dc Grcnelle, Paris. Phys. 
ANTESSANTr, i.'Abbe Gabriel d\ Lyceum, Troyes. Coleopt. 
Antuouard, Leon, Sauve. Bot. 

Antoine, Albert, Prof. Math. Lyceum, Rue Embouque-d'or, 7, Mont- 
Apreval, d*. Rue d*Enfer, Paris. Coleopt., Nat. Hist. 
Aragon, Amedee, Pcrpijrnan. Coleopt. 
Archambaud, Gaston, 141 Rue Notre-Damc, Bordeaux. Orn. 
Arood, Albert, Membre des Socie'te's Eutomologiqucs de France et 

d' Italic. Ci*est. (Drome). Coleopt. C. Ex. Insects of France, 

Italy and Switzerland. 
Arnaud, 'Charles, Membre k Vic de la Soc. Botaniquc de France, Lay- 

rac, near Agen (Lot-et-Garounc). Bot. C. Ex. for European 

plants pnlv. 
Arnaud, H., Xvocat, Rue Froide, 23, An^oulemc (C^arente). Geol. 

especiallv Creticeous. C. Ex. for Chalk. 
Aronssohn, Prop. P., 130 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris. 
Artigue, Felix, 28 Rue Lassoppc, Bordeaux. Palao. 
Artique, Henri, 30 Rue de Chcverus, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Artufel, Boulevard du Musee. 1, Marseilles. Coleopt. 
Arlin, St. Sorlin (Loire). Geol, Arch. 
Astre, Charles. 13 Rue Basse, Montpellier. Chem. 
Aubert, Toidon. Coleopt. 
Auberti, Joseph Andr^ Marius, Aide-Naturaliste au Museum, Rue des 

Oblats, 3. Mai'seilles (Bouches-du-Rhone). Cardnology, Crustacea, 

principally of the Mediterranean. C. Ex. for first class specimens 

from all parts of tiie world. 
Aubouy, a.. Rue dc le Gendarmerie, 2, Montpellier. Bot. 
Atjcey, C. F., 56 Rue Marengo, Marseilles. Ent., MnJl. 
Audoynaud, Prof. Alfred, 25 Boulevard de THopital, Montpellier. 

AuGis, Bot. Gar., Caen. Bot. 

Aumonter, Jacques-Marie, Rue Sainte-Placide, 58, Pai'is. Geol. 
AusTANT, Belle^niide, (Aiu.) Lepid. 
AUTHEMAN, MartiiTucs. Bot. 

Auvert, Georges, St-Denis-en-Val, near Orleans. Coleopt. 
Auzoux, Dr. Hbgtob, St-Aubin-d*£crosville, near Neabourg. Coleopt. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

168 THE naturalists' directory. [FRAlfCB. 

AZAM, Ch., Riic (le r Obsei-vancc, 60, DrajruijSrnan. Eni. : Coleopt, 

Baer, Gustave-Adolphe, Cite Bcr^'cre, I 6/*, Paris. ColeopC, 

Baonaux, J. DE, 50 Rue d* Amstei'dani, Paris. . 

Baillarqek, Dk., 8 Rue dc 1' Uuivcrsitc, Paris. 

Baillaud, Dir. Observ., Toulouse. P/iys. 

Baillet, Pussay. Coleopt, 

Bailliot, Marcel, Rue clu Commei-cc, Civray. EtU., Coleopt. 

Balaxsa, Rue des Poitiers, 36, Toulouse. Bot. 

BAJ.B1ANI, Prof, d' Embryo;renie, an College de Fi-ancc, 18 Rue Soufflot, 
Paris. Ent,: Embryology. 

Baldt, Joseph, Frcs. Triuuu'al of Commerce, Rue des Greoadiers, Mont- 
pell ier. 

Balouerie, Alfred, Inj^enieur a la Compac^nie des Cliemin^ du Fer du 
Midi, Mcuibrc de la Socie'td Liuneenue dc Bordeaux., 8i Cours du 
Jardiu Public, Bordeaux. Mm., Cotichology, C. Ex. fossils for 
minei-als, rocks aud shells. 

Barallier, Dr , Dir. Bot. (inr., Rochefoi-t. Bot. 

Barbat, Pierre-Michel, Chalyns. Coleopt. 

Barbier-Dickens, Rue Neuve bt-Augustin, 29, Paris. Coleopt, 

Bardin, balon. Coleopt. 

Bardin, l* Abbe, 23 Rue d* Anjou, Anjrers. Pal^o. 

Bardin, Louis, Aucien Prof, d* Histoirc Naturellc, Seiches, (Mainc-et- 
Loire). Oeul.^ Paleeo. C. Ex. Fossils of Touiiiiuc aud Ai\jou 
lor foreign, e<p. American. 

Baril, UfeDfeoN, Rue Bellcvue, 37, Amiens. 

Babla, Jean Baptiste, Vice Consul de 1' Empire an Brdsil et de la Rtf- 
publique Orieuiale dc 1' Uruguay, Dircctcur du Mu>e'e d* Histoire 
Katureile, Place (iaribaldi, 6, 5«ice. BU.y Mycology ^ Ivhtli. 0. 
Ex. Meridiouai plants, oix'hids, niu>hrooms. 

BARLi:, LoL'13, Ingenieur dc Mines, ancicu ol6vc dc V ^cole Polytcch- 
nique, 143 lioulcvai-d Magenta, Paris. Phya, 

Barnsbt, David, Prof. bch. Med., Quai du Ruuu St. Anne, 36, Tours. 

Baron, G., Avenue de St.-Cloud, 85, Versailles. Coleopt, 

Barrais, J-, bt.-Mnurice, near Lille. Ent. 

Barral. J. A , Sec. hoc. Nut. .Vgrie of France, 66 Rue dc Rcnnes, Paris. 

Barraxdt, Joachin, 22 Rue dc I' Odeon, Paris. Pa tro. 

Barrandon. a., Conscrvatcur du Jardin des Plantes, Montpellier, 
(Ho'i-ault). Bet. C. Ex. OtTers plants of S. France and wishes 
plants of America. 

Barras, Jos , Conducteur de Ti-avauv, Clermont, (Puy de Dome). Bot.^ 
Mhu.Zo I C. Ex. plants of Switzerland, Southern and Ccnti*al 
France, , ^ . , 

Barraud, Jules, 31 Conrs du .Tardin-Public. Bordeaux. Omith. 

BARRfeRE, Felix, Place Marcadieu, 24, Tarbcs. Cohopt. 

Barrois, Dr. TntoDORE, Licencic es-Scicnces-Naturcllcs, 87, Hue de 
Lannoy, Lillc. (Five-*). Moll., Ci-vstarea, Echiuodenns. 

Bartholony,.12, Rue la Rochefoucauld, Paris. 

BaSSOT, Rue dc la Paiv, 2^, Paris. Cohopt. , ^r n r> 

Bataillard, Dr. Paul, Rue Cassini, 6, Paris. Eth., MetaU. C. 

Batault, Rue de?* Poulets, 6. Chalons sur Saone. Lepid. 

BAUCHt, L* .\BBfe, OrenoI>lc. Ent. 

Baudrimont, Dr., Rue St.-Re'mv, Bordeaux. Palcpo. 

Bauduer, Paul, Pharmacicn. Sos by Nerao, (Lot-et-Garonne). Ent.^ 

Cnl'opt. of Europe and the Bnjiiii of the MedUerrniieav, Bvpresti- i 
da and Elattn-tdtp of the (ilohe. C. Ev. Coleopt. of South of > 
France in evchnnire, especially for Buprc^tidae and Elateridse. 

Baumhauer, E. M. De., Sec. Soc. Sciences, Harlem. Pays-Bas. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Frawoe.] THfi NAf tJBALISTS* DIRECTORY. 169 

Bauvier, Qua! des Gds. An^tistins, Paris. ErU. 

Bavay, Prof., k T^cole de Medicine Navale, Rue d* Aiguillon, 25, Brest. 

Concholoffy, Herpetohgi/, Hehninthohgy, C. Ex. L. and F. W. 

Bayard, Sec. Soc. Pharni. of Seine-et-Marne, Fontainebleau. 
Batard, H., Polytec. School, 8 Rue de Bagueux, Paris. 
Bazin, St^phane, Mesnil-St-Firmin, near Breteuil. Coleopt, 
Beaudoin, Victor, Peronne. Coleopt. 
BtcHAMP, Dr., Univ. Cath., 8*Ruc Bcaiiharnais, Lille. 
BtCLARD, Prop. Dr., 65 Boulevar4 Saint-Michel, Paris. 
Becqubment, Avenue de Tei-ai-es, 64, Paris. Ent. 
Becquerel, ALEXANDRE E,, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Phyt. 
Becquerel, Ed., 57 Rue Cuvier, Paris. Phj/s. 
Bedel, Rue Garanciere, 9, Paris. Ent, 
Bedel, Louis, Rue de V Odeon, 20, Paris. Coleopt. - 
Bedorez, Prof., Lyceum, 60 Rue dc Flore, Lc Mans. Phys. 
Beguyer de Chancourtois, Prop., 10 Rue de 1* Universite, Paris. 
Belin de Launay, Amiens. 
Bellbrade, Bial de. Rue du Tondu, 125, Bordeaux. Conchology, 

Bellevoye, Adolphe, Rue du Four-du-Cloitre, 5, Mctz. Coleopt, 
Bellier de la Chavignerib, Rue St. Louis, 35, Evereux (Eurc). Ent : 

Lemd,, Coleopt, C. Ex. 
Belly, Kuc Voltaire, 14, Boi-deaux. Bat, 
Belon,' Prof. Paul. Rue du Plat, 25, Lyons (Rhone). Coleopt, C. 

Lathridiidse and Lon^^icornes of the globe. Ex. 
Beltremieux, Conrad, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honncur, Rue des Fon- 

d^res, 48, La Rochclle, (Charente-Infe'rieure). Geol,, Pakeo., Zo6L 

Benoist, a., Bcaugencv. Coleopt, 

Benoist, Emile, Hue de la Franchise, 6, Bordeaux. Pakeo. 
Bbnoit, Dr. R., Pavilion de Breteuil par Saint-Cloud, (Seine-et-Oise). 

B^nouville, LtoN, Rue de Seine, 53, Paris. Ent. : Neuropt, 
Berard, Charles, La Garde, near Montlieu. Coleopt. 
Berce, Avenue Saint Marie, 30, Paris. Ent, 
Berchon, Dr. Ernest, Directeur du Service Sanitairc de la G|ronde des 

Landes, des Basses Pyrenees et de la Charente Inf., Pauillac 

(Gironde). Zool., Geol, Anth, C. Ex. 
Berdoulat, Jules, Mii-emont. Coleopt, 
Berger, Dr., Rue de Paris, 54, Brest. Coleopt. 
Berger, Eugene-Louis, Rue Beilhollet, 17, Paris. Coleopt. 
Berher, Dr. E., Epinal. Bot, 
Bernard, Prof., Cluny (Saone-et-Loire). Chem. 
Bernard, Dr. Marius Blaise, Quai Saint Pierre, 2, Cannes. Atith. C 
Bernadao, a., Polytec. School, Rue du Jour, 6, Champigny (Seine). 
Bbrnardin, Camille, Brie-Comtc-Robert. Bot. 
Bernault, Abb£, Rue des Bouillis, 25, Blois. Palteo. 
Berne, Dr. Paul, Bachelier es-lettres et 6s-science naturelles, 63 Boule- 
vard St Germain, Paris. Zool., Anth., Hist. C. 
Bbrtant, Bayonne. Ent. 
Berthelot, Marcelin p. E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Magazine, 3, Paris. 

Bertholey, Mornant Coleopt. 
Berthoumieu, v., Cure, Bayet in St. Pour^ain (Allier). Bot,, Ent., 

Bertillon, Dr., Prof, de D^mographie k V e'cole d'Anthropologie de 

Paris, Rue des St. P^res, 18, Paris. Demography, Mycology. C. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

170 THE naturalists' DIRECTOEY. [FiLUrcK. 

Bertin, Dir. Nonnnl School, Rnc d'Ulm, 45, Paris. Phy$, 

Bertin, J., Rue dc la Pctitc-Portc, 5, Honcn. Ent, : Coleopi, 

Bertin, Prof. Dr. Georges, '2 Rnc Franklin, Nantes. 

Bertin, Sans, Prof. Dr. Emile, 3 Rnc de la Mci-ci, Mootpellier. 

Bertrand, tScc. Acad. Sci., Rue dc Seine, Paris. Pfiys 

Bertrand, J., Prof. Coll. of i* ranee, 9 Rue dcs Snints-P^rcs, Paris. 

Bertrand, Jules, Haute-Payre. Ent, : Coleopi, 

Bertrand, J'rof. Dr. Ch. '£ug., Grande Route de Bethunc, 17, Loos 

near Lille. Bot, 
Bertol'T, Bayonnc. Coleopt, 

Besc'HER, .\uguste, Rue Royale-St-Honoi-^, 8, Paris. Coleopt, 
Bescuerelle, JiM., Rue dc Sevres. 45, Paris. Bot. 
Bethune, Albert, Rue dcs Dcux-Auges, 10, Reims. Conch,^ Ent,: 

CoUopt.y Geol. 
Betis, Louis, Rue du Faulwurg du Temple, 19, Paris. Coleopt, 
BiAL DE Bellerade, Mevi<i:nac, (.\ux Tarres), near Bordeaux, (Gironde). 

Ent. : Coleopt. y Cnrnbidw^ Phutophages, C. Ex. 
Biche, Prof., College, Pezenas. Bot, 
BiDARD, Dir. Agrie. Station, Rouen. Bot, 
Bignault, JusfE, Boulevard St-Germain, 149, Paris. Coleopt* 
Bignon, Louis, Lassay. Coleopt, : Ent. 
Bigot, Rue Michel Anjrelo, 23, Paris. Ent, 
Bigot, Rue dc Luxcmlwurg, 2i), Paris. Ent, 
Bigot, F. A., Place de l*U6tcj-dc Villc, 10, Vereailles. Ent. : Lepid, 
Bigot, .Jacques Marie, Francois Proprietaire, Officier d*Academie, Hue 

Canibon, 27, Paris. Ent. . Diptera. C. Diptcra. 
Billet, Pers. Faculty of Science, Rue Philibcrt,41, Dijon. Phya. 
Billet, Albert, Rue Vauquclin, Paris. Gettl, 
Billiet, p.. Prcccptcur, Tauvrcs (Puy dc Dome). Bot.^ Phanerogams 

and Vascular Cryptogams. C. Ex. Plants of Monts-D6res and 

Mont-Donics and Central France, for plants of Europe, N. America, 

Algiers and Asia Minor. 
Billing, Le Baron Robert de, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, 24, Paris. 
Billy, Charles de, Rnc Franklin, 14, Paris. 
Blanc, Edouard, Cei-cy-la-Tour. Coleopt. 

Blanc. Marius, Quai du Canal, 22, Marseilles. Coleopt., Lepid,, TJemipt. 
Blanch ARD, Emile, Rue de rUnivci-site', 34, Paris. Ent.: Coleopt, 
Blanchard, .7., Bot. Gar., Brest. Bot. 
Blanciiard, Dr. Raphael, Pi-eparatcur h la Sorbonne, Rue Monge, 62, 

Paris. Anat., Comparative Physiology, 
Botllat, Ch., Bi*essc. GeoL, Coleopt, 
Bois, Desire, Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot, 
l^oiSGiRAUD, Montplaisir, near Mirambeau. Coleopt, 
BoisSAis, Trouvillo. Coleopt. 
BoissEL, Prof. Emile, Lyc^e de Montlu^on (Allier). GeoL, Min,, 

Palteo., Mimui Conch. C, of 5,000 specimens. Ex. fossils and 

minerals of France lor the same, or F. W. Shells of other countries. 
BoMPART, Gasselin DE, Museum, Rue des Huguenots, 17, Orleans. 

BoMPAR, Dr. Felix, Portets, Gironde. Bot, 
Bon, Dr. Gustave C, Rue Vignon, 29, Paris. Anth, C, Ex. for 

Boniface, Ch., Rue d*Esquerchin, 23, Douai. Coleopt, 
Bonnafont, Dr. T. P., Rue Mogador, 3, Paris. Otology, Chirurgy, 
Bonn A ire, Rue Halle, 62, Paris. Ent. 

BoNNAiRE, Baron Achille, Rue St.-MeW, 114, Fontaineblean. Coleopt, 
Bonnet, Dr. Edmond, Rue Geoflfroy St-Hilaire, 34, Paris. Bot, 
Bonneuil, Vicomte Roger de, Ituc St-Guillaume, 31, Paris. Coleopt, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BoNViER, A., Ruc-de la Repiihliaue, 42, Marseilles. Conch, 

Blanche, Dr. £mm.« Rue ac TEcolc, 8, Rouen. Bot. 

Blandbau, Dr., Dijon. Ent. 

Blai'D, Ch., St.-GerniHin-ile-Prin^a,y, near Chantonnav. Coleopt. 

Blavet, a., Pre'sident di la Societe d'Uoiticultui-c, £tanapes (Seine-et- 

Oise). Bot. C. Ex. 
Blavy, Alfred, Rue Barallerie, Montpellier. Mie, 
Bleichek, Prof,, Naucv. Nat. Hist, 
Bleuse, LfeoN, Rue de l^aris, 36, Rennes. Coleopt, 
Blonay, Roger db, Rue de Larocliefoucauld. 23, Paris. Coleopt 
Blondeau, Dr., Rue Butfbn, 21, Dijon. Coleopt. 
BOAS-BOASSON, J., 28, Rue de Lyons, Lyons. Chem. 
Bobierre, a., Dir. Agrric. Statio'n, Rue Voltaire, 12, Nantes. Bot,, Agrie. 
BooA, Edmond, 16 Boulevard dcs Filles-du-Calvaire, Paris. 
BOGA, Paul, Polytec. Scb. 1, Place du Theatre-Frau9ais, Paris. 
BOHN, Prof., Paris. 

BoiELDiEU, Anatole> Ruc Censier, 13, Paris. Coleopt. 
BoNVOULoiR, VicOMTB Henri DB, Rue de rUniversite', 15, Paris. CoU' 

Bony, vicomte G. de. Rue de Passy, 84, Paris, £n^, Coleopt. 
BoRDE^R, Institnteur Botanistc Aljedre, Luz-St-Sauvcur, Hautes-Pyr^ 

nees. Bot^ C. 
BoRDiER, Henri, Nat. Library*, 182 Rue de Rivoli, Paris. 
Boreau-Lajanadie, 50 Rue a'Aviau, Bordeaux. Geol, 
BoRELLi, Lb Vicomte de, Sec. Ambass. to Athens, 41 Rue de lllniver- 

site, Paris. 
BORNET, Ed., Quai de la Tournelle, 27, Paris. Bot., Alga, 
BouAT, GusTAVE, 11 Ruc Malakoff, Grenoble. Bot, 
BoUBfeE, l*Abb6, Auch. Coleopt. 
BoucARD, Adolphe, Naturalist, Rue Guy de la Brosse, 13, Paris. 

Bouchard, Prof. Dr., Rue de Rivoli, 174, Paris. 
BoucHE, l*Abb£, St-Maurice-d*Exil, near Vienne. Coleopt, 
BoucHUT, Prof. Dr., Rue de la Chausse'e d'Anirn, Paris. 
BouDiER, l^MiL, Place du Marche, Montmorency. Coleopt, 
BoUDiN, A., Principal of College, Honfleur. 
BouJU, Alphonse, Rue de la Republique, 82, Rouen. Coleopt, 
BouiLLAUD, Prof. J., Mem. Acad. Sci., 218 Boule'vard Saint- Germain, 

BouLARD, Rue Manjre, 72, Paris. Ent, 

BouLLET, Eugene, Corbie (Sorame). Coleopt., Lepid, C. Ex. Euro- 
pean specimens for foreign. 
BouLAY, l'Abb£, Dr. es Sciences, Prof.k TUniversit^ Catholique, Rue 

Vauban, 61, Lille (Nord). Bot, C. Ex. Mosses and Vegetable 

BoULLET, EuGtNE, Placc Faidhcrbe, Corbie. Ent.y Coleopt.^ Lepid. 
Bouley, Prof. Henry M., Mem. Acad. Sci., 81 Rue des Saints-Peres. 

Paris. Pathol. « 

BouLLU, L'ABBt, Prof., Rue Bourbon, Lyons. Bot. 
Bourdel, Prof. A , Rue Aiguillerie, 35, ilontpellier. 
Bourgeois, Jlxbs, Bibliothecaire-adjoint dc la Societe, Entom. de 

France, 38, Rue de rfichiquier, Paris. Ent., Coleopt.^ of Europe, 

Foreian Malachidce. C. Coleoptei*a of Europe and Malachidse of 

the globe, ex. or buy. 
BoURGOUGNON, DoUats, near St. Didier (Allier). Bot, 
BoURGUET, Alx (Bouches-du-Rh6ne). 
BoURSiER, Ch., Ruc de la ^oissonnerie, 26, Nancy (Meurthe et Moselle). 

Lqnd., Minerals, Fossils, C, Lepidoptera and Fossils ex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

172 THE naturalists' DIRBCTOBT. CFRAKO0. 

BoussiNOAULT, J6an B. J. D., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

BouTBiLLBK, Frof. Ed., Provins. ErU., Coleopi,, Bot, 

BouTHEBT, Db. Charles Auguste, Langeais. Coleopi, 

BouTMANS, Bot. Gar., Lille. Bot. 

BouTRAT, Ren£ de, 101 Rae de Bac, Paris. GeoL 

BouTY, Prop., Lyceum St.-Louis, 133 Boulevard St.-Michel, Paris. Phys. 

BouviBR, A., Naturalist, Quai des Grauds-Augustins, 55, Paris. Coleopt. 

BouYiBR, Paul, Rue de la Republique, 42, Marseilles. Conchoiogy. C. 

£x. Offers specimens of France, Mediterranean, New CaJeuonia, 

AJgiers and India. 
Botenval, Lyons. Coleopt, 
BoTER, £dmond, Commissaire de la Marine en retraite, 32 Rue de la . 

Comedie, rOrient, (Morbihan). Coleopf. C. £x. Principally 

Carabidse, Buprestids, Cetonidse, Scarabidse and Cerambycidae. 
Brabant, Rdouard, Cambria. Bot. 
Brame, Prop. Dr. Ch., Tours. Chem. 

Branbt, Prof., Catholic Univ., 49 Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris. Phyi» 
Brandenburg, 1 Rue de la Verrerie, Bordeaux. Apictdture. 
Brassaud, Rene, Montlaucon. Bot, 

Brechemin, Louis, Rue du Val-de-GrUce, 18, Paris. Coleopt, 
Br^ouet, Antoine, Polytec. Sch,, Rue de Savoie, 5, Paris. 
Breouet, Louis F. C, Mem. Acad. Sci., 39 Quai de I'Horlpge, Paris. 
Breittmater, Albert, Place de la Prefecture, 8, Marseilles. 
Breton, A. Le., 21 Rue de Buffon. Cryptogamia, 
UntYikfLE. L., St-Saulge. Conch., Bot. 
Briaro, Dr. £., 26 Rue des Carnes, Nancy. Bot. 
Brillouin, Nancy. Phvs. 

Briquel, C, Rue de Viller, 32, Luneville. Coleopt, 
Brisout de Barneville, Henri, Saint-Gei*main-en-Laye. Coleopt, 
Brisout de Barneville, Charles, Rue de Pontoise, 15, Saint-Germain- 

en-Laye. Coleopt. 
Brissaud, ]?rof., Lyceum Charlemagne, Rue Mazaiine, 9, Paris. 
Brivet, Avenue Pereire, 70, Asni^res, (Seine). 
Broca, Dr. Pierre P., Paris. 

Brochon, £. Henri, 25 Rue du Temple, Bordeaux. GeoL 
Brochon, H., Pres. Soc. Linne'enne, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Brolemann, Pres. Tribunal of Commerce, Quai Tilsitt, 11, Lyons. 
Brongniart, Charles, Museum d' Histoirc Naturelle, Rue Gny-de-la- 

Brosse, 7, Paris. Zool., Pakeo., Bot, C. Fossils of the Carbonif- 
erous, Insects and Fishes. Ex. 
Brown, Robert, 39, Pave' des Chartrons, Bordeaux. Ent. 
Brown -StQUARD, Charles Edouard, M. D., College de France, 

Brun, l*abb6, Grande-Rue, Nogent-sur-Seine. Coleopt. 
Brunaud, Paul, 3 Rue Saint- Vivien, Saintes. Bot. 
Brunet, Jean-Marie, Cazavet, near Prat. Coleopt. 
BucCAiLLE, 132 Rue Saint- Vivien, Rouen. GeoL, Pakeo. 
RucHiLLOT, Naturaliste Preparateur ct Conservateur du Museum, Reims. 

All branches, especially Mammaloay and Ornithology, C. Ex. 
Buffet, Paul, 99 Rue d* Aboukir, Pans. Ent., Lepid. 
BuQUET, LuciEN, St.-Placide, 52, Paris. Coleopt. 
Bureau, Charles Albert, Pharmacien, Administrateur du Mus^e, Rue 

St.-Aubert, 7, AiTas. Lepid. of Europe, Sericulture. C. Ex. 
Bureau, ^douard, Quai de Bethune, 34, Paris. Coleopt., Bot, 
Bureau, Dr. Louis, 15 Rue Gresset, Nantes. Om, 
BuRLE, Gap. Coleopt:, Bot. 

BuscH, G., Rue Pien*e-Bertrand, 12, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Coleopt, 
BussT, Antoine A. B., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Frakcb.] the naturalists' dibectobt. 173 

BuTBSON, V. *Hem]U du, Ch&teau du Vernet, BroUt Vernet, (Allier). 

Ent., Coleopt., BtyoL, Bot.f Fungi^ Graminidtt. C. £x. French 

specimens for American. Desire Entomological correspondents in' 

America and England. 
Cabanne, Paul, Museum, Bordeaux. Geol, 
Cadiat, Prof., Kue Mcslay, 24, Paris. 
Cafrawy, Kamil, Boulevai*d du Peyron. Chem, 
Cahon, Dr., Paris. 

Cahours, Augusts A. T., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Chem. 
Caille, a., fiot. Gar., Bordeaux. Bot, 
Caillbtet, Louis, Institute, Chatillon-sur-Seine. Bot,^ Min, 
Cailliot, Prof., Kue Monsieur-Ie-Prince, 48, Paris, 
Caillol De Poncy, Prof. O., Rue Clapier, 8, Marseilles. 
Caix Db Saint-Aymour, Vicomte Am. De, Chateau d' Ognon, pr^s 

Barbery, (Oisc), and Rue de Milan, U, Paris. 
Caliony, Marquis de, Vei*sailles. 
Callay, a., Chesne. Bot, 
Callot, Ernest, Rue Reaumur, 10, La Rochelle. 
Cantaorel, Polytechnic School, BouMvard Malesherbes, 145, Paris. 
Capus, G., Rue dc Buifon, 53, Paris. Bot, 
Carbonnier, Paul, Bordeaux. PiscictUture. 
Carcanaoues, a., Vicdessos, Ari^jre. Math. 
Cardon, Ch-, Rue du Rempait, 3, Tout's. Coleopt, 
Cardot, Jules, AKriculteur, Stena^, (Mcuse). Bot, C. Ex. Phaneiv 

ogams and Musci of France lor those of America. 
Carles, Dr., Quai des Chaitrons, 30, Boixlcaux. 
Carnot, Prof. Adolphe, Rue Soulflot, 15, Paris. Agrie, 
Caron, a. D., Rue Joinvijlc, 22, Havre. Coleopt, 
Caron, E., Rubempre. Bot, 
Caron, Victor, St.- Amour, (Jura). Palao. 
Carpbntier, Ernest de, Clos-Barrey, Commune de Dosnon par OrciS-sur- 

Aube. Sylviculture, 
Carpentier, l^toN, Seci^e'taire de la Soci^te Linn^enne du Nord de la 

France, Rue dc la Pature, 16, Amiens. Micros., PctUeo,, Etit,, 

Coleopt. of Somme et OisCy Parasites of Insects, 
Carret, l'abb^ a.. Prof. Inst. of. Chartreux, Lyons. Coleopt, 
Carrieu. Prof., Grande-Rue, 5, Montpellier. 
CARRiiERB, .E. A., Rue de Vincenncs, Montreuil-sous-Bois, (Seine). 

Cartailhac, Emile de, 6 Rue de la Chaine, Toulouse. Palao. 
Cartault, Prof., Paris. 
Cartereau, Dr., Bar-sur-Seine. Coleopt, 
Cassaone, Comte Antoinb de. Chateau de Saint-Jean-de-Libron, pr^s 

Beziers (Herault). 
Castanier, Jacques, Rue Duhamel, Lyons. 

Castelnau, Paul, Treas. Soc. Agric, Kue Saint-Guilhem, Montpellier. 
CasthelaZ, John, Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, Paris. Chem, 
Castillon, Gi:RARD de, Merabi-e du Soci^t^ Entomologique de France 

et de Suisse, Ch&teau de Pari'on, par M^zin (Lot-et-6aronne). 

Coleopt. C. Ex. Native specimens for European and foreign. 
Caton, J., Prof., Rue des Cultivate urs, 7, Pau. Coleopt. 
Caubet, Prof. Dr., Rue Lapeyrouse, 3, Toulouse. 
Cauchois, Prof. Dr., Rue du Contrat-Social, 28, Rouen. 
Caulle, Rue Berchet, 3, Sedan. Coleopt, 
Causse, Louis, Pres. Soc. Agric, Nimes. 
Cauyet, Dr. D., Prof, a la Faculty de Medicine, Rue Franklin, 38, Ltoqs. 

Bot., Nat, Hist, 
CATAlLLi-CoLL, Avonae Maine, 15, Paris. Phyt, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


CAYAiLLt, AuGUSTiN, CheiDiD de Madame, Viroflay (Sfeine et Oise), 

CoUopt.t Lepid., Myriopoda, Reptiles. C. Ex. Offer Lepidoptera 

and Coleoptcra of I^urone, for Reptiles and Myriopods. 
Cayol, Marius, Rue dea Moines, 50, k Batignolles, Paris. Agrie., 

CiZALis DE FoNDOUCE, Faul, Rue des Etudes, 18, Montpellier. Oeol,, 

Arch., Anth. C. 
Cazeneuve, Dr., Rue des Ponts-de-Comines, 26, Lille. 
Cazeneuve, Prof. Dr. Paul, Avenue du Doyenne', 4, Lyons. 
Certes, Adrien, Inspecteur des Finances, Rue Barbet de Jony, 21, Paris. 

Phj/BioL, Infmoria and Protozoa, C. Ex. Mic. slides a specialty. 
Cessac, le comte Pierre db, Cb&t. de Mouchetar, Gu^ret (Creuse). 

Chabaneix, Jean, Ajirricultural School, Montpellier. 
Cbabas, F. C, Chalons-sur-Saone. 
Chabaud, J. B., Bot. Gar., Toulon. Bot. 
Chaboisseau, l'Abbe T., Rue de Crenelle, 84, Paris. Bot. 
Chafpanjon, J., Universite, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Chaionon, Vicomte L. de, Cuiseaux. Geolt Min. 
Chalande, Henri, Membre de la Soc. d*Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse, 

Rue des Couteliera, 46, Toulouse. Bot., Conch, C. Ex. Wisbes 

plants and sbells of all countries. 
Chalande, Jules, Membre de la Soci<<t<5 d'Histoire Naturelle, Rue des 

Couteliei*s, 51, Toulouse. Etit., Coleopt., Reptilet. C. Ex. Cole- 
optcra of France for those of all countries. 
Chalon, v., Beziei-sr Bot. 

Chaloz, a. F. G., Amance (Haute-Saone). Coleopt., European Lepid. 
Chambovet, Rue du Vieux-Montaux, St.-]^tienne. Coleopt. 
Champenois, Amedeb, Uzes. Coleopt. 
Chanay, Pierre, Secretaire de la Soc. Linn^enne et de la Soc. Botanique 

de Lyons, Coal's d'Herbouvillc, 12, Lyons. Bot., Phanerogama, 

European and Foreign, Ent., Coleopt. 'and Hemiptera of Europe. 

Foi-eiofn LamclHcorns and Sternoxes. C. of herbs and insects. Ex. 

Desii*cs correspondents, especially in Europe and America. 
Chancel, Gustave C. B., Montpellier. Chem. 

Chanrion, l'Abb^, Prof. Seminary of L*Argentiere, Duerne. Coleopt. 
Chantard, J:, Lille. Bot. 

CnANTREUiL, Prof. Dr. Gustave, Rue St -Florentin, Paris. 
Chapek, Maurice, Mineralo(?ical Society, Paris. 
Chappui, MAURrcE, Rue Bausset, 14, Vaugirard, Paris. Coleopt. 
Charbonneau, Rne de la Franchise, 6, Bordeaux. Ent. 
Charbonneaux, £mil. Rue du Bour^ St.-Denis, 98, Reims (Marne). 

Ent.: especially Coleopt. C. 1,500 species. Ex. Coleoptera of Reims 

for those of all countries, especially Carabide and Longicorns. 
Chardon, Gabriel, Bureau of Telejrraph, St. :6tieune. Coleopt. 
Chargueraud, a., Jardinicr en chef k Tl^cole Ve'terinaire, Alfort (Seine). 

Bot. C. 
Charpentier, Prof. Dr., Rue Isabey, 4, Nancy. 
Charpy, Leon, Membre de la Societe mine'ralojfique de France et de la 

Socicte' PaIeontulo<;ique (Suisse), Saint-Amour (Jura). Min,, 

GeoL, Petrology. C. Ex. 
Charreyre, Rue des Trois Rois, 2, Marseilles. Bot. 
Chasles, Michel, Passa<fe Sainte-Marie-Sainte-Germain, 3, Paris. 
Chastel, L'ABBi:, la Seyne, near Toulon. Coleopt. 
Chatin, Gaspard a., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue de Renncs, 129, Paris. 

Chatin, Prof. Dr. Joannas, Boulevard Sainte-Germaln, 128, Paris. 
Chauyeau, Prof. A., Quai dea Brotleaux, 22, Lyons. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Chauvet, GysTAVE, Notaii*e, Seci-^tairc dc la Society Arch^olojriqiie de 

la Chai'cntc, Ruppec (Charente). Arch. C. Arch., especially of 

the valley of the Charente. 
Chelot, Rue Pierre Belon, 1, Mans (Sarthe). Paltfo. 
Cherot, a., Polytechnic School, Ouai de Hillv, 10, Paris, 
Chervin, Dr. Arthur, Avenue d Eylau, 9J, l^aris. 
Chesnel, Eug., Boulevard Saint-Martin, 21, Paris. AgHc, 
Cheux, Albert, Rue Chapcronniere, 9, Angers. Mete<n\, Ent, Geol, 

Chevalier, Michel, Paris. 

Chevillon, Rue Monin, 44, Moutigny (Blois). Lepid, 
CntviN, Dr. Arthur, Paris. 

Chevreul, Dr. Michel E., Prof. Chem. Mus. Nat. Hist., Paiis. 
Chevkier, Cannes Bot. 

Chevrolat, Auguste, Rue Fontaine-St.-Georges, 25, Paris. Coleopt. 
Chiron du Brossay, Rue Manage, 19, Angers. Coleopt. 
Chomienxe, LtoN, Phai'macien, Cours de I'lntendantc, 27, Bordeaux. 

Chouillou, Albert, Avenue Riboudet, 69, Rouen. Agric. 
Chouillou, l^DOUARD, Quai du Havre, 13, Rouen. Chem, 
Cimbal-Lagrave, Ed., Rue Romiguiere, 15, Toulouse. Bot, 
CiTERNE, Clei-montFen-and. Bot, 
Clair, l'Abbe, Villa Stellamare, Menton, (Alpes-Maritime). Ent.^ 

European and Mediterranean CoUopt. C. Ex. European Cole- 

optera, especially of the South of France, in exchange for Coleoptera 

of Spain, Algici-s, Egypt, Svria, Turkev and Russia. 
Ci^AUDON, ISdouard, Quai (Ic la 'Tournelle, 'i?, Paris. Geol^ Mm, 
Clavaud, Armand, Rue Mondenard, 30, Boitleaux. Bot. 
Clement, A. L., Rue Lacepfede, 34, Paris. Coleopt. 
Clement, Stan., 7 Rue Maison-Carree, Nimes. Conch.^ Om, 
Clermont De, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 8, Paris. Chem, 
Clin, Dr. Ernest M., Rue Racine, 14, Paris. Chem. 
Cloez, Prof., Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris. Chem, 
Cloizeaux, Prof. Alfred Des., Museum, Rue Monsieur, 13, Paris. 

Cloquet, Lb Baron Jules, Mem. Acad. Sci., Boule'vard Malesherbes 

19. Paris. 
Clos, Prof. Dominique, Prof, de Botaniqne k la Faculte' des Sciences, 

Directcur du Jardin des Plants, AUee des Zcphirs, 2, Toulouse. 

Bot. C, . 

CloDet, Jules, Prof, du Chimie k I'Ecolede Me'dicine de Rouen, Licen- 

cie es Sciences Naturelles, Rue de la Grosse Ilorloge, 52, Rouen 

(Seine-Inferieur). Bot., Min., Geol. C, Ex, Mineralogy and 

Colin, Museum, Arras. Coleopt. 
Collet, Alfred, Lieutenant cle Vaisseau,R^pctiteur k TEcole Polytech- 

nique, 151, Boule'vard Majrcnta, Paris. Aat.^ Geodesy. 
Collignon, Dr. Rene, Aide-Major de Ifere classc au Icr Bataillon dc 

ChasseursaPied, Verdun surMeuse (Mouse). Anth.^ Craniologt/. C. 

Ex. ancient and modern, against American of any kind, bi* the 

crania of Oceanica. 
COLLOT, Prof. I^ouis, Rue Barallerie, 4, Montpellier. 
COLLlARD, Rue St.-Jacques, 167, Paris. Coleopt. 
Colombet, Jean, Rue Monge, 52, Paris. Ent.^ esp, Lepidoptera^ 

Colrat, Prof. Dr., Rue Gcntil, 19, Lyons. 
Combal, Prof. Dr., Montpellier. 
Comberousse, Prof. De, Rue Blanche, 45, Pai'ia, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Combes, Jacques Ludomir, Chevalier de TOrdrede Charles III., OflScier 
de rAcademie, Chateau de la Dausse, Monflanquin (LiOt-etpGaionne). 
Geoh, Palao,, Arch. C. Ex. 

CoMME, Jean, Rue Belleville, 15, Bordeaux. Bot. 

CoMMOLET, Prop., Lyceum, Kue Clovis, 47, Reims, 

CoNDAMY, Rue des Bazines, 33, ADgouleme. Truffles and Muakroonu, 

Cons, Prof. Uenbi, Lyceum, Rue des Tresoriers de la Bourse, 7» Mont- 

Constant, A., Autun, (Saone et Loire). European Lepid, 


Contejean, Prof., Poitiers. 'Bot. 

CoNTES, Baron G., Avenue de I'Alma, 62, Paris. Coleopt 

Convert, Prof. F., Rue de Richelieu, 30, Montpellicr. Agrie, 

GopiN, Leon, Valenciennes. Chem, 

Coppet, De, Villa Ii-ene, aux Baumettes, Nice. Chem. 

COQUEREL, A., Rue du Thym, Impasse Leroy, Caudebec-l^s-£lbeuf. Eni,, 

Coleopt., Bot. 
CoRBii:RE,VROF. F., Argentan. Bot, 
Corblet, L'Abb£, Vereailles. 

CoRENwiNDER, Benj., Ruc Solferino, 61, Lille. GeoL 
Coret, Simon-Paul, Rue Malissier, 7, Puteaux. Coleopi, 
CoRNiL, Prof., Rue de Seine, 6, Paris. 
CoRNU, Max, Rue des £coles, Paris. Phye., Bot. 
CossERAT, Prof. L£on, Grande-Place, 21, Armenti^res. Geol. 
CossoN, Ernest S. C, Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue de la Boetie, 7, Paris. Bot, 
CosTA DE Beauregard, le Comte Paul, Ravaine, near Chamb^ry. 

CosTE, Dr. Ulysse, Avenue de Toulouse, 3, Montpellier. 
COTARD, Charles, Polytechnic School, Rue de Gi-ammont, 17, Paris. 
CoTTE, Naturaliste, Dourbes, near Diornc. Coleopt, 
CouDREAU, Prof. Rue Hincmar, 35, Reims. 
CouETTE, Maurice, Rue Volney, 2, Angei-s. Coleopt. 
CouLET, AuGUSTE, Dourbcs, near Digne. Coleopt. 
CouPiER, T., CreiUOise). Chem. 

Courage, L*ABBt Emile, Rue Casimir-Pe'rier, 15, Paris. Coleopt, 
CouRBET-PouLARD, Abbeville. 
CouRCHET, LuciEN, Rue du Palais, 5, Montpellier. 
CouBSO, Toulouse. Ent. 
CouRTOis, Henri, Chateau de Muges, par Damazan (Lot-et-6aronne). 

CouRTY, Prof., Montpellier. 
CousTou de Coysevox, Gabriel de, Rue Lagarrigue, Montauban. 

CouTURES, Georges, Rue Palais-de-rOmbriere, 18, Bordeaux. Coleopt., 
CoYE, Capt. C. H., St.-Paul-de-Fenouillet. Coleopt. 
Crampton, L'Abb^, Rue Neuve, 26, Amiens. 
Crauzil, Toulouse. Ent. 
CriI;, L., Rennes. Bot. 

Crocy, W., 3 Rue Bergei*et, Bordeaux. Ent., Coleopt, 
Cros, Dr. Dax. Coleopt. 

Crosnier, Julien, Rue dlUiers, 54, Orleans. Conch. 
Crosse, Hippolyte, Direc<eur du Journal de Conchyliologie, Rue Vron- 

chet, 25, Paris. Conch., PalcBo. C. 
Crova, Prof. Andr^:, Rue du Carre-du-Roi, 14, Paris. 
Crozel, Georges, Place de THotel de Ville, Vienne (Is^re). Oeol, 

PalcBo., Conch. C. Ex. L, and F. W. shells of France in ex. for 

forei^ shells and fossils. 
CuiSANCB, Rue des Godrons, 34, D\jon. Coleopt, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


CuisiN, Charles, Avenue d*0r1ean8, 20, Paris. Nat, HiaL 

CUNY, Gei*aix)mer. Coleopt, 

Curie, Jacques, Rue de fa Visitation, 2, Paris. Chem. 

CusiN, Prof. Instit. Affric. of Rhone, £cully, near Lyons. Bot, 

Decaux, Rue du Maichc, 8, Neuilly. CoUopt. 

DEci:s, Prof. Dr., Rue du Bourg-Saint-Denis, 74, Reims. 

Dechambre, Dr., Rue de Lille, 91, Paris. 

Decharme, Rue Laurandeau, 80, Amiens. 

Deccene-Racouchot, Alfred, Antoines, (Lnzy). CoUopt. 

Daffry de La Monnayb, Albert, Rue de la Barouill^re, 9, Paris. 

Ent. Coleopt., 
DAORtvE, £., Tournon (Ard^he). 
Daguin, Rue Castellahe, 4, Paris. 
Daleau, Francois, Bourg-sur-Gironde. Anth., Arch., Eth,, PaUeo, C. 

Nearly 80,000 specimens. Ex. L. and F. W. Shells of Fi-ance and 

New Caledonia for specimens of Archaeology and Ethnography. 
Damartin, M. E., Mus. Nat. History, Lyons. 
Damour, Auoustin, a., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Darasse, LtoN, Rue Simon-Lefi-anc, 21, Parts. Chem, 
Darboux, Prof. G., Rue Gay-Lussac, 36, Pai'is. 
Darlu, Prof., Lyceum, Bordeaux. Phil, 
DAT, Charles, Quai dcs Vioiettes, 4, Amboise. Coleopt, 
Daubet, Henri, Rue de Magenta, 5, Asnieres (Seine). Lepid, 
Daubr£:e, Gabriel A., Boulevard Saint-Michel, 62, Mem. Acad. Sci., 

Paris. Alin.f Geol. 
Dauphin, Albert, Passage de la Com^die, 1, Amiens. 
Daurel, J., AUees de Tourney, 2A, Bordeaux. Bot, 
Daussy, Rue des Ecoles-Chrctiennes, 3, Amiens. 
Dautzenbero, Philippe, Rue de i'Universite, 213, Paris. Coleopt. 
Davaine, Dr. Casimir, Rue Laffitte, 3, Paris. Coleopt, 
David, l*Abb6 Armand, Rue de Sevres, 9d, Paris. Coleopt, 
Davrbllon, £mile, Hy^i^s. Bot. 
Davy, Marie, Montsonis, Paris. Meteor.^ Aat, 
Debat, Louis, Place Perrache, 7, Paris. Bot, Crypt,, Moaaea, 
Debauoe, Faul)ourg de Hem, 206, Amiens. 
De Beauville« Victor, Montdidier. 
Debernard, Gustave, Coiffeur, Place d'Aisne, 7, Limoges (Haute- 

Vienne). Coleopt. C Ex. 
Debouzy, Dr., Wignehies (Noi-d). Geol. 
Debray, Jules H., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Chem. 
Debrat, Louis, Rue Mayet, 14, Paris. Ent,, Coleopt, 
Debray, N., Rue Jean-sans-Tcrne, Lille. Geol. 
Debray, Rue d'Assas, 76, Paris. Phys. 
Debrijn, E , Rue du Palais-<le-Justice, 48, Bordeaux. Phy». 
Decaieu« Auouste, Rue de la Pature, 34, Amiens. 
Decaisne, Dr. J., Prof. Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue Cuvier, 27, Paris. Bot, 
De Calonne, Boulevard St.-Micbel, 34, Amiens. 
Decrand, Dr. J., Coui-s Lavieuville, 17, Moulins-sur-Allier. 
De Croos, Bcthune. 

Dbfargues, Capt., Boulevard des Iles-d*Or, 2, Hydros. Coleopt, 
Defodon, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 79, Paris. 
DEFRANgois, Prof., Rue du Barbatre, 2, Reims. 
Deoranoe-Touzin, *A., Rue de Temple, 24, Bis., Bordeaux. Geol., 

Min. C. Miocene fossils in ex. for fossils and minerals. 
Dbh^rain, p. p.. Prof, au Museum d*Histoire Naturelle, Rue d'Argen- 

8on,l, Paris. Vegetable Phyeiol, Apric, C Ex. 
Dehlinger, J., Rue Saint-Denis, 92, Pans. Ent,, Coleopt,, Bot, 
Dbjabdin, Octave, Paris. Agric, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Delabt, Edmonp, Rue Nciivc, 10, Amiens. CoUojpi, 

DELADBRRitRR, fiMiLE, Avocttt, Ruc Caproo, 8, Valenciennes (Nord). 
Zoiil,, Eni.t Pakco., and botany of France, C. Ex. Botany. 

Delagranoe, Charles, Iinprimeur, Besanv'on ^Doube). Ent» Cole' 
opt. J Lepid, C Ex. 

Delauaye, Jules, Rue Brezin, 15, Moutrauge, Paris. Coleopt, 

Dblahayb, Victor, Ruc de hi Republiquc, 84, Rouen. 

Delalande, H., Ruc SU-Geor^fcs, 34, Rcnnes. Coleopt, 

Delamain, Henri, Jarnac. Ent.: Coleo/.t.^ Lepid, 

Dblamarb, Prop. Dr., Place Gi-aslin, 3, Nantes. Bot., Nat* Hut, 

Delarue, Pierre, Ruc d'Autcuil, 6, Paris. Coleopt, 

Delattre. Edmond, Boulevaitl du Prince-Eugene, 63, Paris. Coleopt* 

Delauney, Felix-Julien, Chcrbourjr. Coleopt, 

Deleplanque, Dir. Nat. Hist. Mus., Douai. Geol, 

Deleveau, Prop. Paul, Lyceum, Orleans. Chem* 

Delportrie, Ruc de Pcssae, 66, Bordeaux. Palao, 

Delherm de Larcenne, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle, Gimont, (Gcrs). 
Coleopt.t Hymenop., Dot. C. Ex. 

Delisle, Leopold V., Dir Nat. Libi-ai-y, Paris. 

Delore, Prop. Dr., Place Bellccour, 31, Lyons. 

Delort, Prop., Saint-Fleur, Cantal. 

Deloynes, Paul, Rue de la Course, 113, Boi*deaux. Bot, 

Delugin, Pharraacien, Rue Denis Papin, 33, Blois (Loire ct Cher). 
Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Demaison, Charles, Inge'nieur Civil, Rue Rogier, 9, Reims. Etit., 
Coleopt, C. Ex. ColcoDtei-a of Fi-ance, Algiei-s, Egypt and Syria. 

Demaison, Louis, Archiviste Pale'ogi-aphe, Rue Rogier, 9, Reims. Ent , 
Lepid. C, Ex. 

Demarque, Firmin, Cubzac-d'Aude. Coleopt, 

Demenge, Raon-riiltape. Coleopt. 

Denans, Albert, Marseilles. Moll. 

Denis, Alphonse, Place du Cliatcau, 11, Brest. Coleopt, 

Denis, Fernand, Ruc Maiiti-cc, I, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Denis, Th., Bot." Gar., Lyons. Bot. 

Defontailler, Jules, lVIcmbi*e dc la Society Geologique de France, de 
la Socicte Linnecnne, Rue d'Edimboui-g, 20, Paris. PaJao,^ Couch, 
C. Ex. French fossils in ex. for those of all countries, especially 
of the Tertiary. 

Deprez, Marcel, Rue Champollion, 15, Paris. Phys. 

Depuiset, Alphonse, Natui-alist, Rue des Saints-Peres, 17, Paris. 

DERBi:s, Prof., Ruc Reynard, 35, Mai*seilles. Bot, 

Dbrenbourg, Prop. Hartwig, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 39, Paris. 

Dermigny, C, Peronno. Coleopt. 

Dert, L., Rue de rfi;rlisc St.-Scurin, 16, Bordeaux. Coleopt, 

Deruelle, J., Rue de Vaugirard, 199, Paris. Bot. 

Des AGE, Ferdinand, Ruc Saint-Fort, 20, Boi*deaux. Bot, 

Desains, Quentin p.. Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Phys, 

Derboves, Rue Bellevue, 38, Amiens. 

Desbrij^res, Ruc dc Provence, 56, Paris. 

Desbrochers des Loges, Jules, Ai-dcntes, near Ch&teronx, (Indre). 
Descriptive Entomology ^ Coleoptera of the ancient worlds N, of 
Africa^ especially Cu'rculioniday BrenthidtSy AnthiddiFy Scolytidi, 
CetoriciddPy Dynastidce of the globe. C, Wishes European Coleop- 
tera, especially Curculionidse, Brenthidse and Cetoricidoe, and offer 
in exchange European and Mcditeiranean Insects. 

Deschamps, E., Rue Jean-Cousin, 3, Sens. Coleopt, 

Deschamps, F., Rue St.-Mathieu, Rouen. Coleopt, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

frakcb.] the naturalists' dikectoby. 179 

Deschange, '^MiLE, LoD^ruyon, (Mcurthc-Moscllc). Lepid.^ Sericulture, 

Sell, buy or ex. Lcpid'optcra, (Jocooas, Catcrpill8i*s, and Eggs of all 

Dbs Gozis, Maurice, Place de rHotcl-de-Ville, Montla9oii (winter in 

Purls). Coleopt. 
Designolle, p., Kuc dii Bac, 42, Paris. 
Deslongchamps, Prof. M. E., Cacu, (Calvados). Boi, 
Desmakest, Eugene, Aide Naturalist, Museum, Rue CuYier, 57, Paris. 

Desoudin, J., Sistei-on. Coleopt, 
Despeykons, Prop., Toulouse. Mathematicn, 
Dessaignes, Victor, Venc!umc. Chem. 
Destermes. Prop., College, Figeac. Coleopt, 
Destkeez, Kuc 8t.-Fcrdiuaiul, 22, Paris. Coleopt. 
Detalle. p., Senouches. Colt-opt. 
Detroyat, Arnaud, Memhre de la Societe Gcologique de France, Bay- 

oniie. ArchccoUtgy, (local). C. 
Devaulx de Chamboru, 11., Kuc du Cerf- Volant, 5, Moulins. Coleopt, 
Devouzy, Emile Desire, Vervins. Coleopt. 
Dbyrolle, ^mile, Naturnlistc, Kue de la Monnaie,23, or (Dual d*Orleans, 

38, Paris. Zodl., GeoL, Bot. C. of Colcoptera, Conchology, Lcpid- 

optcra, Biixls of Europe, Humming Birds. 
Deyrolle, Uenei, Kue du Faubourg-Saint-Uonore', 248, Paris. EiU,^ 

Detrolle, Theophile, Naturalist, Concarncau. Coleopt. 
Dezanneau, Dr. Alfred, P»of- School Med., Angera. Bot. 
Diday, Dr., Rue de Lyon, Paris. 

Dieulafoy, Prop. Dr. Georges, Kuc Caumai-tin, 16, Paris. 
Dillon, Charles Auguste, Tonucrrc. Coleopt, 
DoGAiN, Paul, Rue de Sent in, 37, Paris. Lepid. 
DoiN, Octave, Place de I'Odcon, 8, Paris. 
Dolle, Maurice, Kue Cbeuizellcs, 2, Laon. Coleopt, 
Dollpus, Adrien, Kue Picrrc-Charron, 5o, Paris. Bot,^ Ent., Coleopt, 
DoLLFUS, Gustave, Kuc de Chabral, 4'), Paris. Oeol., PaUeo, 
Dollpus, Rene, Rue Spontini, 1, Paris. Coleopt. 
DoMERGUE, Francois, Rue de la Logo, 5, Montpcllier. 
DoNNADiEU, Prof., Lvons. 
Dor, Dr. Henri, Prol^ honoraire de rUnivci-site' de Berne, (Suisse) Quai 

de la Charite, 2, Lyons. Opthalmology, Entomology, C. Coleopt. 

of Europe. 
DoREY, Paul, Sables-d*01onne. Coleopt. 
DouAT, Mus<^um, Lyons. Zool. 
DouiN, Louis, Normal School, Draguignan. Coleopt, 
DouMERC, Jean, Rue Corail, 1, Moutauban. GeoL 
DouMERC, Paul, Montauban. <reol. 
DouRiF, Prof., Clermont-Ferrand. 
Dourmet-.^^danson, Nap., Prcs. Hort. Soc, Cettc. Bot. 
DouviLLE, Henri, Inge'nicur dcs Mines, attache aux Collections de Pale'- 

ontologic dc 1* ecole des Mines, Boule'vard St.-Germain, 207, Paris. 

Palteo.y Oeol. 
Doze, Raymond, Rue Bonnean, 15, Montpcllier. Coleopt. 
Dreux, Victor, Vaugirard, (Paris). Coleopt, 
Dre VAULT, L., Rue de I'Arbaletc, Paris. Bot, 
Drouaux, G., Rue Se'ry, Havre. Geol, 
Drouet, H., Charlevillc. 
Drouin, a., Rue Beaubourg, 33, Paris. 
Drouyn de Lhuys, Rue de Lille, 19, Paris. Bot, 
Dbuilhet-Lapargue, Boulevaid de Candei-an, 173, Bordeaux. Horti- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


DuBALEN» P. £., Pharmftcien, St-Sever, (Loudes). Bat., OmUh., Arch., 
Geol, Malacology, Parantes. C. Ex. L. and F. W. Mollusks, 
Fossil MoUiisks of the Tertiary of the basin of the Adour. 

DUBIN, J., Prof., Auch. Coleopt. 

Dubois, Albert, Rue Richauu, 14, Versailles. Ent, : Coleopt. 

Dubois, Dr. d'Amiens F., Pains. Bot. 

Dubois, Prof. J^uile, Rue Cozette, 29, Amiens. Phyt., Nat, HtMt, 

Dubois, Gustavb, Rue Neuve, 10, Amiens. 

Dubois, Michel, Rue Pierre THermite, 24, Amiens. Ent., Caleopi,, 

DuBREUiL, £., Montpellier. Bot. 

Dubreuilh, William, Lormont. Bot. 

Du BuYSSON, H., Chateau du Yernet, in Brou-Yernet. Coleopt. 

DucHAiNE, Rue de Paris, 149, Clamai-t. Coleopt. 

DucHAMP fils, St.-Genis-Lavas. Bot. 

DucHARTE, P., Mem. Acwl. Sci., Rue de Grenelle. 84, Paris. Bot. 

DucLAUx, Prop. Emile, Rue Malebranche, 15, Paris. Agric. 

DucouDRfe, Academy, Rue du Lycee, 14, Chamb^ry. Coleopt. 

Depaud, Gabriel, Clennont-Fen-and. Coleopt. 

DuFET, Henri, Pi-of. Lyceum Saint-Louis, Carr^four de rObsenratoire, 
13, Paris. 

DuPOUR, ^DOUARD, Rue de THe'ronni^re, 6, Nantes. Bot. 

DupouR, Dr. Gustave, Boulevard Latour-Maubourg, 49, Paris. Coleopt. 

DupRESNE, Prop. Univ., Rue Pien-e-Chan-on, 73, Paris. 

DuoAS, Albert, St-Mauricc-d'Exil, nearVienne. Coleopt. 

DuGNET, Prop. Dr., Rue du Havre, 11, Paris. ^ 

Dujardin-Beaumetz, Dr.. Rue de Rennes, 66, Paris. 

Dulignon-Desgranobs, Rue de Cheverus, 30, Bordeaux. AMropohay* 

Dumas, Jean Baptiste, Sec. Acad. Sci., Rue Saint-DomiBmue*Samt- 
Germain, 3, Paris. • 

Dumas, Dr. Leon, Plan du Palais, Montpellier. 

DuMESNiL, H., Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 59, Paris. Coleoptji^ Ent., 

Dumesnil, Rue Bernaixlin-de-St-Pien'e, 19, Havre. Coleopt. 

Du Moncel, Le CoMTfe T. A. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

Duneau, Ed., Orleans. Bot. 

Duparc, Georges, Quai du Louvre, 30, Paris. Coleopt. 

DuPLAY, Prop., Rue Neuve-des-Mathurins, 3, Paiis. 

Duponchelle, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle au Lyceum, Rue Auber, 41, 
Lille. ZoUL 

Dupont, ;^douard, Boulevard de TEst, 17, Amiens. 

Dupont, Louis, Rue des Bernardins, 36, Paris. Ent.y principally Lepid. 
C. Ex. especially with Naturalists of America. Wishes Lepid- 
optera of N. America, in ex. for insects of Europe, especially Cole- 
optei*a and Papilio. 

Dupre, Anatole, Rue d'Ulra, 25, Paris. 

Dupre, Dr. G., Rue Saintc Foy, 1, Montpellier. 

DUPUY, Dominique, Prof. d*Hist. Natui-elle, Auch (Gers), ou k Lectoure 
(Gers). Malacolopy, especially L. and F. W. Shetts. C. Ex. na- 
tive specimens for foreign. 

DuPUY, G., Anjrouleme. Ent.: Lepid. 

DupUY, Leon, Prof. Lyceum, Rue vital-Carles. 13, Bordeaax. 

DuPUY, Prop. Dr. Paul, Chemin d'Eysines, 78, Bordeaux. 

DuPUT DE L6me, S. C. H. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Saint-Honor^, 374, 
Paris. Geog. and Navigation, 

Duquesne, A., Pont-Audemet (Eure). Bot., Zo6l., Om. C. Ex. 

Durand, Albert, Rue des Carmelites, 16, Rouen. Coleopt, 

DuRAND, Prop. Edouard, Rue d*A8sas, 40, Pai-is. Geog. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

fkakob.] thb naturalists' dibectobt. 181 

DuBAND, Prof. EuoIenb, Montpellier. Aarie, 

DuBAND, Joseph, Domaine d*Ai*sac, near Kodez (Avevron). 

DuRAMTT, Prof. Nicholas, Rue Montaux, 4, Marseilles. 

DuBEAU, Alexis, Rue de la Tour-d'Auver^ne, 16, Paris. Anthropology. 

DuRiB DE Maisonneuye, £., Rue David-Johnston, 39, Dir. Bot. Gar.» 

DuBiF, Db. X., Rue de THotel-Dieu, 28, Clermont-Ferrand. 
DuBOTEB, Rue Mazagran, 14, Amiens. 
Du SoDiCH, Rue' Feron, 4, Paris. Geol. 
DuTAiLLT, Prof. G., Lyons. 

DuTERTRE, Emile, Boule'vard Montparnasse, 88, Paris. Geol, 
Dutreux-Pescatorb, Aug., Cb&teau de la Celle-St.-01oud, near Bougi- 

▼al (Scine-et-Oisc). European Lepid. 
DuYAL, Antonin Gaulmier, Manufacturier, Chevalier de la L^on 

d'Honneur, Rue Pints-Gaillot, 31, Lyons. Agric. 
DuYAL-JouvE, J., Rue Au^uste-Bronssonnet, 1, Montpellier. Bot. 
Duyerobr, Joseph-Alexandre, Dax. Coleopt. 
DuYERGiER DB Hauranne, £m., Rue de Rivoli, 5, Paris. Bot. 
DtTVEROiER, Rue Saint-Cyr, 35, Lyons. 
DuviviBR, Sec. Hort. Soc, Rue de Gi^nclle, 84, Paris. Bot. 
£brard, Stlvain, Firminy. Herpet., Ewt. : Lepid, 
ECORCHARD, Dr., Nantes. Bot. 

Edwards, Alphonse M., Mem. Acad. Sci., Pai*is. Anai., ZoOL 
Edwards, Henry M., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Awit., ZodL 
EOOER, C, Rue de Madame, 68, Paris. 
Eichthal, d*, RueNeuve-des-Mathurins, 42, Paris. 
Elph^e, Prof. Seminary, Sainte-Anne-d'Aui*ay. Coleopt, 
Emert, Prof. H., Rue Verrerie, 32, Dijon. Bot, 
Enoel, Prof. Dr. Rodolphe, Montpellier. 
Epremesnil, Lb Comte, d*. Rue de Lille, 19, Paris. Bot, 
Ervert, Dr. Jacquet, Coui-s Lafayette, 3, Lyons. Ent. C. Ex, Wishes 

Coleoptera of Europe and the HemispHeres. 
ESTOR, Prof. Dr., Montpellier. Anat., Pathol., Eistol. 
EuvHTME, Lb FrIere, Institut des Petits-Fr^res de Marie, 6t.-Genis- 

Laval. Coleopt. 
Fabrb, Alex., Toulon. GeoL 
Fabre, J. H., Prof. Lycee, Orange. Coleopt, 
Faguet, L. Auouste, Avenue des Gobelins, 26, Paris. Bot. 
Fairmaire, L£on, Rue du Bac, 94, Paris. Coleopt. 
Fallou, Ren6, Rue des Poitcvins, 10. Coleopt., Lepid, 
Falsan, Albert, Officier de I'lnstruction publique, Saint-Cyr-au-Mont- 

d'Or (Rhone). Geol. C 
Farjasse, Maurice, Rue Deufert-Rochei-eau, 39, Paris. Conch,, GeoL 
Faocon, Dr., Lille. 

Fauconnet, Mart- Louis, Autun. Coleopt, 
FAUOfe, A., Rue Malher, 20, Paris. 
Faulconnier, Eug^e, Avenue d'Orle'ans, 39, Montrouge, Paris. Neur- 

Faure, Dir. Seminary, Grenoble. Bot, 
Faure, Rue Sainte-Claire, 35, Clermont-Ferrand. 
Fauvel, Albert, Rue d'Angc, 16, Caen. Coleopt. C. of Staphyliaidw of 

the United States. Exl for the Coleoptera of America. 
Fauvellb, Dr., Rue de Medicis, 11, Paris. 
Favarcq, L., Rue du Vernay, 48, St.-6tienne. Coleopt. 
Fave, Idblphonsb, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Favier, Prof., Rue de la Juiverie, 16, ^tampes. 
Favreuil, de. Rue du Molinel, 25, Lille. Geom, 
Fate, UBRVt, A. E. A., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paiis, 4«^ 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

182 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBY. [Fbavce. 

F£e, Prof. Dr. F^lix, Place dc la Bourse, 19, Toulouse. 
Felissis-Uollin, Jules, liue do Renucs, 72, Paris. CoUopt. 
Fellot, Ix>ui8, Chateau de Picrrefilant Hivolet, near Villefranche 

(ithonc). Mam., Orn, C. Ex. 
Frminier, CiABRiEL, .Alais. Hot , Lith, 
Fekmond, Ch., Uuc Pasquicr, 28, Paris. Bot, 
Feknique, l'Abbe, Rue de Vaucausou, 4, Paris. CoUopt.^ Mie. 
Fekrand, ()., Amiens.^ 
Fekuouillat, Rue d'Ii)<rypte, 1, Lvons. 
FiCHEUK, PitoF. E., lieauvais. Math. 
Fi4:re, Paul, Voii-ou (Isbrc). Arch. 
FiouiER, Pitop. Dr., lionlcaux. 
FimoL, Prof. £., Toulouse. 

FiLLEAU, Prof. Dr. A., Place do la Rcpubliqnc, 1, Paris. 
FiNOT, Adrien, Capiiaiuc d'liitat, Majorca retraitc, Rue St. HononJ, 27, 

Foniainebleuu (Sciue-cl-Marne). Ent., esp. Oitk. C. Ex. and 

buy. Otter Orthoptcra of France and Algeria, and desire to buy or 

ex, Oitlioptera oi the whole world. 
FiNOT, Etie.nnt, Clarcniont-Ferrand. Chem. 

Fischer, Dr. Paul, Museum of Nat. Hist., Jardin des Plantes, Paris. 
FiZEAU, Armand 11. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue de la Vieille-Estrapade, 

3, Paris. Physics. 
Flahault, Charles, Prof, dc Botanique k la Faculty dcs Sciences, 

Miitpellicr. Bot ^ Crypt. ^ Vegetable Anat.<, Physiol. 
Flammarion, Camille, Avenue de I'Observatoire, 36, Paris. AMt, 
Fleury, O., Douai. 

Floccard, Rue du Plat, 1, Paris. Bot, 
Flourens, G., Haul>ourdin, near Lille. Chem, 

Foex, Prof. Gustave, Faubourg Saint-Jacques, 29, Mpntpellier. Agric. 
FoLiN, Marquis de, Bayonnc. Conch. 
FoLSOM, Albert, Collou«res-sur-Saone, near Lyons. Geol, 
FoLus, Marquis de, Biarritz. Arch. 
FoNTANNES, F., Attache au Service dc la Carte G^ologique de France, 

OflScier d*Academie, 4 Rue de la Republique, Lyons. Geol. • 
FoRCEViLLE, Gedeon, DE, Ruc Lamaix'k, 35, Amiens. 
FoucAUD, Julien, St.-Christophe. Bot. 
FouLQUiER, G. A., Ruc St.-Scpulcre, 1, Marseilles. Coleopt, 
Foulquier, G., Boulevard Pctit-Coiirs, Nimes. Coleopt. 
FouRNiER, L'Abbe, Drajruijrnan. Coleopt, 
FouRNiER, Daniel, Lyceum, Poitiei-s. Coleopt. 
FoLiN, Marquis Leopold de, Directeur des " Fonds de la Mer," Mem- 

brc dc phisieurs Academies et Societe'a Savantes, Rue d*£spagne, 18, 

Biarritz. MoUusks, Rhizopoda, C, Ex. Publications with other 

Fontaine, Hippolyte, Rue Drouot, 15, Paris. Phya, 
FONTANES, F., Rue de la Republique, 4, Lyons. Geol. 
Foucaud, Sainte-Christophe (Charente-Infe'rieure). Bot. 
FouREAU, Fernand, Frcdl^re-Saint-Barbaut, near Me'zi^res (Ebiute- 

Viennc). Geol. 
Fournereau, Prop. l'Abbe, Lyons. 
FouRNiER, Prop. Dr. A., Rue Volnev, 1, Paris. 
FouRNiER, Felix, Ruc de rUniversite, 119, Paris. 
Foussereau, Prof. Lyceum, Rue du Petit-Roland, 25, Reims. 
Francezon, Paul, Alais (Gard). Chem. 
Franchet, A., Chateau de Cheverny, Cour-Cheverny. Bot, 
Frachon, L'Abbe, Annonay. Coleopt. 

Franck, Dr. F., Prof. Coll. of France, Rue des Feuillantines, 64, Paris. 
FBANgois, fils (Ph.), Chateau a« to Yi^une, neai* Grwae-PressigQT, 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Frauciel, Edmond, Cours d*Alsacc-ct-Lorraine, 105, Bordeaux. Bot. 
Frat, J. P., Aiimunier a Tl^colc Nornialc, Bourj; (Ain). Bot. C. Ex. 
Frbdbt, Prof. Dr., Clermout-Feri'aad. 
Freminville, Paulde, Chateau de TAumussc, Pont-do-Veylo (Ain). 

Eiit,f Min,f Con. C. Ex. 
Fbbmt, Edmond, Mem. Acad. Sci., Dir. Hus., Rae Cuvier, 33, Paris. 

FBtRB, Louis, Rue de TAnge, Perpi^nan. Cokovt, 
Frbsquet, Prop. Edouard de, Cluny (Saone-ct-Loire). 
Fridrici, Edmond, Berueuil, Guise-la-Mottc. CoUopt, 
Fribdel, Charles, Mem. Acad. ISci., Ruo Michclet, 9, Paris. PAy«., 

Frontin, a., Quai de la Grande-Chauss^e, 63, Rouen. ColeopL 
Frossard, Rue de Boulo^^oe, 14, Paris. Coleopt. 
Frossard, lb Pasteur, Rue de la VeiTcric, 11, Bordeaux. Bot.^ Min» 
FUMOUZE, Dr., Rue du Faubourg-St.-Deuis, 78, Paris. Coleopt, 
FusTEL De CouLANGES, Dir. Normal School, Paris. 
Fuzier-Hbrman, Chateau de la lluussierc, in Ligueil. Cokopi, 
Gabillot, Joseph, Quai des C(flcstins, 5, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Gadeau de Kervillb, Henri, Rue du Pont, 7, Rouen. Ent. : New-opt., 

Orth.f Murio.t Coleopt. 
Gadin, L'Abbb, Angers. Bot, C. 

Gaoe, Dr. LtoN, Rue de Gi*cnelle-St.-Germain, 9, Paris. Coleopt, 
Gaillard, Henri, Rue du Chei-chc-Midi, 34, Paris. Coleopt, 
Galippe, Dr., Rue Saintc-Anne, 48, Paris. N(U. Hist. 
Gall6, C, Sec. Hort. Soc, Avenue dc la Garenne, 2, Nancy. Bot, 
Galls, Ernest, Cour du Chateau, 12, Crcil. Conch., Ent., Coleopt. 
Gall^b, Jules, Fauboui'g de Paris, 21, Rennes. Coleopt, 
Gallois, Joseph, Rue Inkermann, Angers. Coleopt. 
Gambet, Avenue Casimir, 10, Asni^ras. Coleopt. 
Gand, Prop., Rue du Bastion, Amiens. 
Gandillot, Arthur, Rue Clausel, 22, Paris. Coleopt. 
Gandolphe, Paul, Rue Laffitte, 17, Paris. Coleopt. 
Garat, J., Place Fondaude;rc, 7, Boi-deaux. Bot. 
Garden, Museum, Rue de la Loira, 53, St.-Etienne. Coleopt. 
Gariel, C. M., Pi-of. Dr., Rue Jouffi-oy, 39, Paris. Phya. 
Gariel, Menton. Coleopt, 

Garin, E., Quai Saint-Ciair, Irigny. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Garlin>Soulandrb, Prof., Rue Saint-Firmin, i8, Montpellier. Math. 
Gaunier, l'abb^ Alphonse, Rue de rU6tel-de-Ville, 18, Ti*oyes. Cole^ 

Garnier, E., St.-M^rae-les-CaiTi6res. Coleopt. 
Garnier, Amiens. Bot,, Nat. Hist. 
Garreau, Ferdinand, Alais. Geol,^ Min. 
Garreau, Lucien, Rue Patou, 35, Lille. Chem. 
Garrioon, Dr. Joseph Louis Felix, Rue Valade, 38, Toulouse, (Haute 

Garonne). Geol., Chem., Anth, C. 
Gaschet, p. a., Rue des Rempai'ts, 40, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 
Gatien, lb pr^^re Ernest, Impasse Godclix>y-de-Bouillon, Clermont-. 

Ferrand. Coleopt, 
Gatinb, L., Rue des Rosiers, 23, Paris. Chem, 
Gaudrt, Albert, Prof. Nat Hist. Museum, Rue des Saints-P^res, 7 6w, 

Paris. Pabeo, 
Gaulle, Jules de. Rue de Vaugirard, 73, Paris. Ent*t Coleopt., 

Gauthier, v., Prof. Lyceum, Rue Jaubert, 2, Marseilles. 
Gauthiot, Charles, tioulevai*d Saint-Germain, 63, Paris. 
Gautibb, Hubert, Rue Neuve, Langres. Coleopt. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Oautibr, Frov. Dr., Boulevard d* Enfer, 105, bis, Paria. 

Gautibr, Gaston, Place St.-Just, Narbonne. Bot^ BrycL 

Gav ARRET, Prop. Dr., Rue de Gi-enelle-SainUGennain, 73, Paris. 

Gavot, Louis, Rue de la Prefecture, 5, Carcassonne. Coleopt,, Ent. 

Gat, Prop., Lyceum, Villa Marie, Montpellier. Phy». 

Gat, Prop. Henri, Rue de la Paturc, 27, Amiens. 

Gatet, Prop. Dr., Rue de la Barre, 1, Lyons. 

Gatraud, Prop. E., Rue Argenterie, Montpellier. 

Gbhin, Joseph Jean Baptists, Villa du Point du Jour, Remiremont, 
( Vosges). Entomohgy, especially Carabida, C. Ex. Would pre- 
ler to buy. 

GtNtviER, Gaston, Nantes. Bot. 

Genrbau, Pau, \Basses Pyrenees), Min. 

GERARD, Cl. Alb., Neuilfy-St.-Front Bot C. Ex. 

GtRiN, Leopold, Lourdes. Coleopt. 

Germain, Philibert, St-Genis-Laval. Coleopt. 

Germain, V., Faubourg Matabiau, 36, Miremont Coleopt, 

Gernez, Prop., Lyceum I^ouis-le>Grand, Rue Medicis, 17, Paris. Phy», 

Gerth van Wyk, H. L., Middlebourg, (Pays Bas). Coleopt.^ Lepid, 

Gervais d'Aldin, Pe'ronne. Coleopt. 

GiARD, Dr. Alpred Mathieu, Prof, h la Faculte des Sciences et k la 
Faculte de Medicine, Directeur du Musee Zoologique, et de Labor- 
atoire de Zoologique Maritime de Mineraux. Lille. C. Embry- 
ology of Invertebrate*, Ex. Specimens preserved in alcohol. 

GiARD, Pierre, Sec. Soc. Geog. of N. of France, Grand Place, Valen- 

Gilbert, Marc, care Dr. Gilbert, Rue Serg, 41, Havre. GtoUt Om. C. 
Ex. European birds and fossils for foreign. 

GiLNiCKt, Henri, Rue des Bouixionnais, 37. Entomohqy, 

Gillet, C. C, Rue de I'Adoration, 23, Alenpon. Bot.^ Myeoh 

GiLLOT, Dr., Rue de la Halle-aux-Bles, 4, Autun. Bot, C. 

GiNON, l'abb£ G., Dir. Seminary, Grenoble. Coleopt. 

GiRARD, Prop. Maurice. College Rolin, Rue Thenard, 9. Ent, : Coleopt, 

GiRARDiN, Jean P. L., Rouen. 

GiRAUD, Theodore, Quai d'AIbret, 15, Lyons. Coleopt, 

Giradd-Teulon, Dr., Rue d'Edimbourg, 1, Paris. 

GiRAUDiAS, Louis, Receveur de TEnregistrement, Palluan. (Vendi). 
Bot. C. Ex. Plants of westeru France in exchange for foreigm 
and those of eastern Europe and the Mcditeri*anean. 

GiRAUZ, Dr. H., Ch&lons-sur-Marne. Ent. 

Glastibn. Prop. Joseph, St.-:fitienne. Bot, 

6k>BBRT, Dr. Emile, Rue de la Prefecture, 2 Mont-de-Marsan. EfU,, 

Gobet, Mornant. Coleopt. 

Goblet, Rue Mazagran, 10, Amiens. 

Godart, Capt., Avenue de Saxe, 108, Lyons. Coleopt, 

GoDARD, Jules, Rue dc Paris, Perigueux. Bot. 

Godefroy, Eug., Rue de la Montague, St.-Genevi^ve. 8, Paris. Bot, 

GoDEFROY, LtoN, Prof. Se'minaire de la Chapelle-St-Mcsmin. Coleopt, 

GoESLE, Prof. Lyceum Bicoquet, Caen. Coleopt. 

Gonzalez Linares, Dr. August, Boulevard Montparnasse, 128, Paris. 

GoosSENS, Th., Rue du Faubourg St.-Martin, 171, Paris. Lepid, 

Gosselet, Prop. J., Rue d*Autin, 18, Lille. Geol, 

GossELiN, Prof. Athanase L., Mem. A<»d. Sci., Rue Saiut-Lacaro, 81, 

GossiN, Prin. Lyceum, Lille. Phye. 

GouALT, Albert, Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot. 

GouLiBR, Rue Vanneau, 49, Paris. Phy$* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Fbavcb.] the naturalists' DUIECTOBT. 185 

GouNELLB, Emilb, Bue de Rennes, 115, Puis. Agric., CoieopC. 

GouPiLLEAU, Rue Chambronne, 3, Nantes. Agric, 

GouKDON, Maurice, Villa Maurice, LuchoD. Coleopt, 

GouRE DE ViLLEMONT^E, GusTAVB, Prof. Normal School, Clany. 

GouRO, Georges, Rue de MoDtmoraau, 44, Ansrouleme. Coleopt, 

GouRNERiE, de LA, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 7o, Pai'is. 

GousB, Dr., Amiens. BoL C. 

GoussARD, St.-Leonaixl, near Marcbenoir. Coleopt. 

GoUTAT, Edouard, Ruc de I'Horlo^'e, 32, Riom. Coleopt, 

Gozis, Maurice des. Rue de Beotie, 130, Paris. Coleopt, 

Grancher, Prof. Dr., Rue du Pont-Neuf, 7, Paris. 

Grandeau, Louis, Directcur de la Station A^^ronomique de I'Est, Doyen 
et Prof, de Chimie Agricole Ic Faculte des Sciences, Prof, de I'J^cole 
Nationale Foresti^ra, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jean, 24, Nancy 
(Mcuinhe-et-Mosellc) . 

Grand'Eury, Rue dc Pans, Rennes. Bot , Vegetable Palao, 

Granoeneuve, Maurice, Avoue Licencie, 32 Cours de Toumay, Bor- 
deaux (Gironde). Min, C. 

Granger, Albert, Boulevai*d de Talence, 330, Bordeaux (Gironde). 
Conch. C. . Ex. Shells of the coast of the Mediterranean, ana 
shells and fossils of the Gironde, for L. and F. W. shells. 

Granyal, Prof. Dr., Rue Fery, 14, Reims. 

Graslin, Adolphe Hercule de, Ch&teau dc Malitouine, near Chftteau- 
du>Loire (Saithe). Ent, : Lepid,, Cateipillara, C. Ex. 

Grasidou, Moutpcllier. Bot, 

Greaux, de, Dir. Zool. Gar., Marseilles. Bot, 

GR&HANT, Prof., Nat. Hist. Mus., Paris. Phyeiol, 

Grenier, Dr. A., Rue de Vaugirard, 55, Paris. Ent, : Coleopt, 

Griffith, W. J., Rue de Paris, 32, Rennes. Ent, : Coleopt., Hemtp, 

Grilat, R., Rue Rivet, 19, Lyons. Ent, 

Grisard, Jules, Rue dc Lille, 19, Paris. Bot, 

Gronier, Ruc de Foy, 6 bisj St.-Quentin, Aisne. European Lepid, 

Groult, Edmond, Lisicux (Calvados). 

Grouvellb, Antoine, Wice, Coleopt, 

Grouvellb, Jules, Rue des Ecoles, 26, Paris. Ent, : Coleopt, 

Gu^hard, Dr. Adribn, Rue dc Chai-tres, 12, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Phyiici, 

GuBDE, J. P., Rue d*A8sas, 85, Paris. Ent, : Coleopt, 

Gu&DBL, Dr., Cours St.-Bruno, 10. Gronoblc. Coleopt, 

GvtstE, Archillb, Officier u*Acad. Chateaudun (Eore-et-Loire). 

GutNiN, C, Rue de I'Eglise, 17, Saint-Cloud. 

GuBNON, Dir. Agi'ic. Station, Chateauroux. Bot, 

Guerard, Rue Riolan, 7, Amiens. 

GutRiN, Dr. Alphonse, Rue Jean-Goi^on, 17, Paris. 

GuERiN, Rue de Sti-asbourg, 13, Mkcon. Coleopt. 

GuERiN, Rue Violet, 54, Grenellc, Paris. Coleopt. 

GuERiN DE SozzioNDO, Chatcau de Fonfi'ede, par Roulette (Charonte). 

GuERLB DE, Nancy. 

GuBRNE, Dr. Jules Germain db. Rue Solferino, 181, Lille. ZodL, eape- 
cicUlg Anatomy of MoUueke. C. Ex. Seashells of the coasts of 
France for those of the Atlantic, with remarks upon the localities. 

Gubrry-David, Rue de TArsenal, 58, Angoaleme. Coleopt, 

GUBRTIN, :^MILB, Chiuon. Coleopt, 

GUBSTIBR, Daniel, Pave des Chai-trons, 35, Bordeaux. Malacol, 

GuiARD, Abbe V., Rue de Bayeux, 26, Caen. Bot, 

GuiCHARD, Joachim, Rue de rHotel-de-Ville, 37. Coleopt, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

186 THE naturalists' DIRECTOBY. [FsAVCS. 

60IEYS8E, Prof., Fensionnat dc Camonili pr^s Rodez (Ayeyi'on). Ent.t 
0)11. y Aiam.f Min-t Hot. C. £x. Coleoptera of France for those ^ 
of Europe and foreign. 

GuiLBERT, A., Warloy-Baillon. Bot. 

GuiLBERT, Robert, Kue de Buflfon, 24, Rouen. Coleopt. 

GuiLLAUD, Prof. Dr. A., Rue Tureone, 99, Boixleaux. Boi. 

Guillaume, Leon, Grignon (Scine-ct-Oisc). AgHc, 

GuiLLAUMiN, Charles, Rue dc Buifon, 73, Paris. Conck.y Geol., L, and 
F. W. Shells and fossils. C. Ex. 

GuiLLEBEAU, Plantay. Coleopt. 

GuiLLEMARRE, Prof., Ruc dcs Capucins, 97, Reims. 

GuiLLiou, Rue dcs Rosiers, 6, Paris. Coleopt. 

GuiNARD, E., MoutpelUer. idic, 

GuiNON, E., Directeur de la Station ARi'onomique, Rue de D^ols, 33, 
Chateauroux (ludre). Geol. C. Minerals and fossils of I ndre. 

GuRiAUD, Dr. L., Avenue de la Gare. 39, Nice (Alpes Maritimes). Sum- 
mer address, Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne). Anth., Bot, £x. 

GuYERDET, A., Rue Gay-Lussac, 36, Paris. 

Haas, Nice. Coleopt. 

Hallek, Prof. A , Nancy. 

Hallez, Paul, Maitre de Conferences kla Faculty des Sciences, Rue de 
Gninil, 45, Lille (Nord). ZooL C. Ex. Lower animals in alco- 
hol, particularly Turbellaria. 

Halloy, Leon d'. Rue Porte Paris, 23, Amiens. Coleopt. 

Hamonville, Baron Louis d*, Ancien Conseiller-G^nei-al auCh&teau de 
Mauonville, par Noviant-aux, near Meuilhe-Moselle. (?m., OdL, 
Con. C. Buys Birds of Europe and Trochilidw. Ex. or sell Egffs 
of Birds of all countries. Ex. L. and F. W. shells of France tor 

Hamy, Dr. Ernest, ConseiTateur du Mus€e d*Etbnographie de Paris, 
Aide-Naturaliste charge de Cours au Museum, Boulevard St. 
Michel, 129, J'uris. Anat., Anth., Ethnog, 

Hanra, Prof. D., Chalons. Bot.y Geol. 

Hanry, Hipp., Luc. Bot.^ Bnjol. 

Haraucourt, Prof. C, Lyceum, Rouen. 

Hardouin, Quimper (FinisteiTc). 

Hardy, E., Ruc Bonaparte, 19, Paris. Chem, 

Harm AND, Dr., Mus. French Col , Paris. Bot. 

Haton de la Goupilliere, Rue Gai-anciere, 8, Paris. 

HauterIve, Leopold, Pons d', Naturaliste, Estaing d*Averron. MoU, 
C. Birds, Animals,' L. and F. W. MoUusks. Ex. for 'foreign. 

Haut-Saintamour, Adolphe, Rue Mexico, Havre. Coleopt. 

Hebert, Prof., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Garanciere, 10, Paris. GeoLf 
Mill. , 

Heckel, Dr. Edouard, Prof, a la facultie' des Sciences, et k I'Ecole de 
Medicine, Dir. du Jardin Botanique, Travasse du chapitre, 22, Mar- 
seilles. Bot.^ Physiol., Anat., Con. 

Hecquet, Dr., AblKville. 

Hedley, Ch., Menton, Conch. 

Heilman, J., Museum, Cannes. Bot. 

Hemard, Hippolyte, Pont-a-Mousson. Lepid. 

Hfnnebert, O., Vei*sailles, 

Henneguy, Fr., Rue du Sommerard^ 17, Paris. Ent. 

Henon, Escombres, in Pourru-St.-Remy. Coleopt., Lepid. 

Henriet, L., Rue de Beam, 14, Paris. Chirurgy. 

Henrivaux,.J., Chimist, Directeur de la Glacerie, Membre de Physiens 
bociete bavan*es, St. Gobuin (Ai:>ne). 

Henrot, Prof. Dr Wcsbi, Rue Neuve, 73, Reims* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Hebattd, Pharmacien k chef de la Marine, Toulon (Var) . Bot, Geol, 

Zod'l, Min. 
Herbet, Rue des Jacobins, 61, Amiens. 
Heribaud, Prof., Clermont-Fcn-and. BoU 
H^RINCQ, Conservateur des Galeries de Botanique au Museum d'Histoire 

Naturelle. Paris. Boi.f Cultivated Plants. 
Hermitb, H., Quai des Augustincs, 55, Paris, 
Hebon, Daniel, Rue d'AJ^cr, 8, Paris. Coleopt. 
Hebon-Roybb, Rue de Clery, 22, Paris. Lepid. 
Hebv±, E., Morlaix. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Hebvieb, Joseph, Grande Rue de la Bourse, 31, Saint-£tienne (Loire). 

Bot.t PhanerogamSf and vascular Ct-yptogams. C. Exchaoi^e 

herbs of Europe and Algiers for Phanerogams of Europe and 

Hette, F., Rue de Mons, 107, Valenciennes. Neuropt.^ CoUopt,, Lepid., 

Hibebt, Pbop. Ed., Sorbonne, Paris. 
Hickel, Robebt, Rue Hautefeuille, 9, Paris. Coleopt. 
HiB, Daniel, Finisterre. 

HiBN, Pbof. l*abb& Geobges, Roupemont, near Belfort. Bot. 
Hoffmann, Prof. H., Rue de Joinville, impasse Quesnay, Havre. 
HOMMET, Db., Rue Potin, Se'cz. Bot., Bryol. 
HONNOBAT, ED.-F.,Naturalistc, Quartier des Si^yes, Digne (Basses-Alpes) 

Ent. : Coleopt., 061., Herp., PaltBo, C. Ex. Reptiles, Coleoptei*a, 

and Crinoids of France, for foreigp specimens. 
HoBSTEB, Pbop., College Soissons. 
HouLLBT, R., Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris. BoL 
HouBY, Alphonse, Mer (Loire-et-Cher). Ent. C. of Stones, Birds, 

Reptiles, Shells, etc. Ex. Coleoptcra, Lepidoptera. 
Houzt DE l'Aulnoit, Pbof. Alfbed, Lille. 
Hovelacque, Prof. Abel, Rue de I'lTnivei-sitd, Paris. Anthrop. 
Hovelacque, Maubicb, Rue des Sablons, 88, Passy, Paris. Cole^ 

HuABD, Rue Dauphin, 5, Paris. 

HUBER90N, Gabbiel, Rue Laromigui^re^ 2, Paris. Coleopt., Bot. 
Hue, Place Centi-ale, 3, Fontainebleau. Coleopt, 
HUET, Pbof., Pamiers. Bot. 
HuET, Pbof., Nat. Hist. Muse'um, Paris. Zo6l. 
HUBT, Louis, Place Richebe'. 7, Lille (Nord). Chem. 
HuouES, GusTAVE, Ruc du Marche, 7, Bergerac. Coleopt. 
HuGUET, Pbof., Clermont-Ferrand. 

HuMNiCKi, Valentin, Rue Neuve-St.-Aignan, 4, Orleans. Coleopt. 
HusNOT, Th.j Cahan, Athis. Bot., Bri/ol. 
Hutabd, Henby, Ruc Sautcyrou, 55, Bordeaux. Chem. 
Hy, abbb FfeLix Ch., Prof. Catholic Univ., Angers. Bot. 
Itasse, LtoN, Rue du Faubourg-Montmnrtrc, 56, Paris. Coleopt. 
IzABN, Pbop., Lyceum, Clerraont-Feri-and. 
Jablochkoff, Rue de Naples, 52, Paris. Phys. 
Jaccoud, Pbop., Boule'vard Haussmann, 62, ]?aris. 
Jacquemabt, Rue du Barhatce, 22, Reims. 

Jacquet, Db., Cours Lafayette, 3, Lyons. Ent. : Hemip., Coleopt. 
Jahan, Cours de Tournon, 16. Bordeaux. Min. 
Jamin, Pbof., Rue Soufllot, 24, Paris. 

Jamin, Jules C, Mem. Acad. Sci., Can-e'four del'Ode'on, 2, Paris. Phys. 
Jannel, Chables, Dcssinateur Principal aux Chemins de Fer de TEst, 

Charlcville (Ardennes). (Jeol. C. Wishes Ground Jurassic and 

Crustaceous Fossils. 
jAinON, EuaiNE, Rue des Saints-P^res. 5, Paris. Coleopt. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


JAK88EN, PiEBBE JuLES, AstroDome-physicien, Membre de llnstitut de 
France dcs Bureaux des I^onpfitudc, Directeur de TObsei'vutoire 
d'AstroDomie Physique, Meudon (Seiue-elrOise). Phya. Astrmiomy. 

Janvier, Boulevard du Mail, 73, Amiens. 

Jarlan, Rue Frei*e, 40, Bordeaux. Coleopt, 

Jarris, Pierre, l'abbe, Pi*of. de Philosophie au Colle<ce Saiute-Marie, 
St. Andre' de Cubzac (Girondc). Bot,, Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt. C. 
£x. Offers Rubiis, Verbascum, Cerastiitm, Mosses and Lepidoptera 
of France, in ex. for Plants and Lepidoptera of America. 

Javal, Dir. Opthal. Lab. of La Sorbouue, Kue de Gi*enelle, 58, Paris. 

Javet, Charles, Rue Jcan-Bologne, 13, Pasav, (Paris). Coleopi, 

Jean, J., Castelbosc, near Alairac, Canton de Montreal. Coleopt, 

Jeanbernat, Dr. Ernest, Rue du Musee, 5, Toulouse. Bot. 

Jeannel. Prof. Charles, Place Notre-Dame, 43, Montpellier. 

Jeannenot, Prof. Louis, Rue Guillaume-de-Nogaret, (Faubourg Saint- 
Domiuique), Montpellier. Agric, 

Jekel, Henri, Naturalist, Rue de Dunkerque, 62, Paris. Coleopi. 

Joanne, Ad., Rue Gay-Lussac, 1, Paris. 

JOBIN, A., Rue de Fleurus, 31, Paris. Coleopt.^ Nat. Hitt. 

JoLiBOis, Boule'vai*d St.-Michel, 64, Paris. Bot, 

JoLLET, Andr&, La Mothe-St.-Heray. Coleopt. 

JOLY, Charles, Rue Boissy d* An<;lais, 11, Paris. Hort, 

Jolt, Dr. Marie Auouste ^mile, Licencie ^s sciences, Laur^at de 
rinstitutde France, officier d* Academie, Medccin-Majorde premiere 
classe au 75, Regiment de Infanterie de Ligne en garrison, Rue 
de France, 23, Gap, (Hautes-Alpes). Entomology ^ {Anatomy^ Phya- 
iology), Orthoptera^ Ephemeridca of Europe. C. £x. Wish Larva 
and 5fymph» of Epbemeridse. 

JolT) Nicolaus, Prof, a la Faculty des sciences de Toulouse, Rue des 
Amidonniers, 52, Toulouse, (Haute-Gai-onne). ZoSL 

Jordan, Al., Rue de TArbi-e Sec, 40, Lyons. Bot, C. 

Jordan, Prof. Camille, Rue de Varennes, 48, Paris. 

JouANCOUX, Cachv, near Villers-Bretonneux. 

JouBERT, Prof., College RoUin, Rue Violet, 67, Grenelle, Paris. Phye. 

JouRDAN, P., Rue de la Course, 121, Bordeaux. Coleopt, 

JouRDiN, BouMvard de Belleville, 3, Paris. Ckem, 

JouRDHEUiLLE, Juge au Tribunal, Troyes, (Aube). Lepid, 

JoussET, E., Rue Lafayette, 1, Rochefort. Bot. 

JoussET DE Bellesme, Prof. dc Physiologic a TEcole de Medicine do 
Nantes, Rue Chanoinesse, 12, Paris. Phya, 

JouvE, August, Sigean, (Aude). 

JoTAU, Prof., Lycee Angouleme. Philoa, 

JuOLAR, Chalons^sui'-Marnc. Bot, 

JuiGNET, Dr. R. J., Coudrav-Macouard, Sanmur. Coleopt, 

JuLiANT, Joseph, Place d,e I'Hotel-de-Ville, 12, Manosque. Coleopt., 

Julien, Prof., Clermont-Ferrand. Oeol. 

JuLLiAN, Camilla, Boulevard der Nord, 15, Marseilles. Hymenoptera, 

Jullien, Jean, Rue de University, 2, Paris. Chem, 

JUMEAU, Beziers Coleopt. 

Jungpleisch, Prof. School Phar., Rue des Ecoles, 38, Paris. Phya, 

JuRiEN DE LA Gravi^re, Vicc Admiral J. P. E., Mem. Acad. 8ci., Paris. 
Geography and Navigation. 

Kaziarowicz, Ajacio, (Corse). Ent. 

Kelly, Edmond, B. A., Rue Scribe, 3, Paris. 

Kercado, a. Oqmte de, Place Pa^-Berland, 30, Bordeaux. Conch. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ebrvillb, Henri Gadbau db, Membre de la Society Entomologique de 

France, Rue Dupont, 7, Rouen. Om., Ent. C. 
KiBCHBEKG, Prop. Dr., Rue Basse-du-Cb&teau, 1, Nantes. 
Koch, Prop. Gustavb, Rue Jeanne d' Arc, 54, Reims. 
K(ECHLIN, Camillb, Avenue Ruysdael, 4, Paris. Coleopt, 
KcECHLiN, Edmond, Rue St.-Jacques, 6, Marseilles. Ent : Coleopt. 
K(ECHLiN, i^MiLE, Ingeuieur, Rue Michelet, 11, Paris. Ent. : Lepidopt., 

Coleopt. C. Ex. 
KOBNIG, Rue de Pontoisc, 26, Paris. Phya. 
KovALSKi, Prop., Rue Rayez, 18, Bordeaux. 
KoziOROWicz, ]^DOUARD, Anne^y. Coleopt. 
Krappt, Prop. Euoj^b, Lyceum, Perigueox. Math. 
Erantz, Rue La Bruyere, 47, Paris. 
KuHLMANN, Charles F., Rue du Maire, 4, Lille. 
Ei)NCKBL d'Herculais, Jules, Aide-Naturaliste au Museum, Rue Gay- 

Lussac, 26, Paris. Ent.^ Anatomy of Articulate AmmiUa. Ex. 

publications relating to Entomology. 
Labbe, Louis, Rue du Temple, 17, Bordeaux. Bot. 
LABRt, Paux, Rue de Choiscul, 15, Paris. Coleopt. 
Labeyrie, Balanzac. Coleopt. 

Laboulb^ne, Prop. Dr. Alexandre O., Rue de Lille, 11, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lacatte, l'abb^. Seminary, Autun. Coleopt. 
Lacaze-Duthiers, Prop. Felix J. H. de, Rue de la Vieille-Estrapade, 

7, Paris, Anat.f Zo&l. 
Lacroix, Avenue Parmentier, 186, Paris. 
Lacroix, Francisque, Macon. Bot. C. 
La Cuisine, Henri db. Rue d*Assas. Coleopt. 
Ladouce, Maison des Fr.'i-es St.-Vincent-de-Faul, Chaville. Coleopt. 
Ladouce, Rue de Dantzig, 1, Vaugirard, Paris. Coleopt. 
Ladret, Dijon. Bot. 

La Ferti:, Senectere, lb marquis DE,Rue Nicola8-Simon,Tour8. Coleopt. 
Laposse, Ferdinand, La Garde, near Montlieu. Coleopt. 
Lagneau, Dr. Gustave, Rue de la Chausse'e d* Antin, Paris. 
La Godelinais, l'abbe de, Redon. Coleopt. 
La Gournerie, Jules A. R. de, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 
Lagrenee, Mmb. Georges, Chateau de Trocoui*t, pi'es Beauvais, (Oise). 

Laguesse, Prop. Dr., Diion. Bot. 
Lahaussois, Charles, Kue Biot, 22, Paris. Entomology^ especially 

Hymenoptera and Coleoptera. C. Ex. Coleoptera of France for 

those of other countries. 
Lair, £., Grande-Rue, Amboise. Coleopt. 
Lajote, Abel, Rue Ruinart-de-Brimont^ 9, Reims. Entomology : Cole* 

opt.y Mineralogy. 
Lalanne, Prop., Lyceum, Orleans. 

Lalannb, Leon L. C, Mem. Acad. Sci.. Rue des Saint-Peres, 28, Paris. 
Lambert, Dr. Paul, Chateau de la Gagnerie, Semblanjay (Indre-et- 

Loire). Ent. : Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Lambin, Charles, Rue St.-Antoine, 164, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lamet, 0., Boi*deaux. 

Lami, Stanislas, Villemetrie, Senlis. Coleopt. 
Lamothe, Louis, Quai de la Monnaie, 18, Bordeaux. Hort. 
Lamotte, Henri, Chantelle. Ent. : Lepid. 
Lamotte, Prop. Dr. Martial, Rue de rEclache, 15, Clermont. Coleopt.^ 

Bot., Nat. Hist. 
Lamt de la Chapelle, Edouard, Botaniste, Membre de la Soci^t^ 

Botanique, Rue du Saint-Esprit, 17, Limoges ( Haute- Vienne). 

Mosaest Hepaticaf Lichena. C. Especially Ciyptogams. Ex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

190 THB naturalists' DIRECTOBY. [Frasce. 

Lancelbv£b, Th., Rue St.-lJtienne, 29, Elbciif.snr-Scinc. Coteopi,, 

l^d., L. and F. W. Shell*, Hot. C. Ex. Offer especially speci- 
mens of the Province of Normiindy. 
Lancerraux, Dr. Etibnne, Prof. Agi-cj^c k TEcolc de Medicine de 

riiopitHi, Paris. Ayint., PathoL 
Lancereaux, EuotNE, Chateau du Thcil, in Chauvigny. Coleopi. 
Laxcereaux, Prof. Dr., Rue Volocy, 3, Paris. 
LANE5SAN, Peof Dr. DE, Ruc dcs Ilalle:), 13, Paris. Boi. 
Laxglois, Maurice, Rue Soufllot, 2&, Paris. Coleopt., Lepid. 
Lanqrano, Charles, Ruc Raze, 18, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 
La PERRAUDitRE, Rauul DE, Kuc des-Fosses. Laval. Coleopt. 
La PERRAUDiibRE, Rexe DE, Mavenue. Coleopt. 
Laplanche. Maurice de. Chateau de Laplanche, Luzy (Ni^vre). 

Co/4fopt. C. Ex. 
Laporte, Erxest, Rue Lai-oche, 83, Bordeaux. Coleopt. 
Laporte, E., Capt., Navan-enx. Coleopt. 
Laporte, Prof., Rue Mouueyra, 71, Bordeaux. Geom. 
La Porte-Orieulx, de, Lai'arge, Viviers. Coleopt. 
Lappa RRENT, Prof, de, Catholic Univ., Rue Tilsit, 3, Paris. Geol, 
Larchek, Ad , Avenue <le Clii-hy, 127, Paris. Bot. 
Larelause, R. de, Montlouis, near St.-Julien. Ornithology, Coleoptera, 

Laroix, Maron, Sa6ne-et-Loii*c. Bot., Min, 
Laroque, Prop., Lycee, Rue Malherbe, Bordeaux. Math. 
Laroyenne, Dr., Rue de riI6tel-de-Ville, 110, Lvons. 
Larralde d'Arancete, Martin, Lourdes (Hau'tes Pyr^ne^). Lepid- 

Larrey, Dr. Felix H. B., Med. Inspector of Army, Paris. 
Larrey, Le Baron F. U., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue de Lille, 91, 

Lartet, Prop., Toulouse. Geol. 

Lartigue, Henri, Rue dc la Tour, 60, Passy, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lascols, Mcndc. CoLopt. 

Lataste, Evard, Cadillac-sur-Garonne. Ent. : Coleopt., Conch. 
Lataste, Fernand. Repe'titeur au Coll<?ge de France, 7, Avenue des 

Gobelins, Paris. Batrachians, Reptiles, Mam. C. Ex. Wishes 

livin<r animals, or in alcohol, in exchange for French or European. 
Launay, Prof., Lycee, Rouen. Hist. 
Launois, p. E., THotel-Dieu, Reims. Coleopt. 
Lauret, FRtDl:Ric, Millau (Aveyi-on). Geol., Min. 
Laussedat, Prof, le Colonel, Poly tec. Sch., Rue Descartes, 23, Paris. 
Lavall6e, Alphonse, Pi-c'sident de la Socie'te' Nationalc d'Hoiticulture 

de France, Rne dc Pentliievre, 6, Paris, et Ch&teau de Segrcz, near 

Boissy-sous-bt.-Yon (Seine-et-Oise). Bot. C. 6,000 specimens 

trees and shrubs. Ex. 
IjAVERgne de La BARRii:RE, Rue Laffitte. 5, Paris. Coleopt. 
Lawton, Edouard, Quai des Chaitrons, 95, Bordeaux. Om. 
Layne, C, Place Moraud, 9, Lyons. Coleopt. 
Lebaigue, Euo., Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 117, Paris. Chem. 
Le Blanc, Dr. F., Place Pcri^re. 6, Paris. Therapeutice. 
Le Blanc, Prof. RENt, Reims. Chem. 
Leboeuf, Charles, Membre de la Socie'td Entomologique de Fi-ance, 

Rue Godot-de-Manroy, 16, Paris, or Rue de Talleyrand, 19, Reims. 

European Coleopt., uarabida, Dytisida, HydrophiUdte, Silphida, 

Lamelli corns, Clerida, Longicoms. C. Ex. 
Lb Bouteiller, Edmond, Rue Malatii*^, 82, Mout-St.-AigDan, near 

Rouen. Coleopt. 
Lb Bret, Dr., Bareges. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Le Breton, A2n>Rt, Secr<Jtaire de Coirespondance dc la Societc des 

Amis des Sciences Naturelles dc Koucu, Mcmbrc dc la Societe' 

Botaaiqiie de Frauce, Membre-Fondateur dc la bocietd Zoiilojrique 

de France, Rue de Butfon, 21, Rouen, (Seiue-Iiilerieure). Mijcolw/tf^ 

Om,y OoL C. £x. Books and papers upon Mycology, native and 

Le Brun, Marcel, Rue du Cloitre de St.-Pienc, 28, Troves. Ent, : 

Lecarme, Prof., CoUejj^e Chaptal, Rue Saint-Petersbourg, Paris. Chem, 
Lbcat, Rue de Lyon, 65, Lyons. Coieopt. 
LECLEkC, A., Me'ttniy. Agric.^ Bot. 
Leclerc, 31, Rue dc*Li;fne, Blois. Geol, 
Leclerq, Eugene, Prof. College of Quesnoy (Noixl). Geol. 
Lecomtb, Rue Cli. Dubois, 27, Amiens. 
Lecoq de Boisbaudran, Francois, Correspondant of Inst., Cognac. 

LtcouFLET, EsnLE, Rne d*£cosse, 1, Dieppe. Colsopt. 
Lee, Dr. Edwin, Nice. 

Lef^vrb, J^douard, Rue du Bac, 112, Paris. Ent.: Coieopt, 
Le Fort, Prof. Leon, Rue de la Victoirc, 96, Paris. 
Legrand, Antoine, Montbrison. Coieopt. 

Le Grand, Gu8TAve, Avenue du Parc-<ie-Bercy, 3, Cliarcnton. Coieopt. 
Leguat, Louis, Ofiicier de 1' Academic, Rue'de la Saint c-Chapclle, 3, 

Paris. Anth.^ Arch. C. 
L*homme, Euo , Rue d'Aij^lc Noir, Vcsoul. Bot. 
Le Jakiel, Cliateau-Gontier. Coieopt. 
Le Jolis, Dr. Acgust F., Cherbourjr. Bot. : Alga. 
Lelaurin, Henri, Institution St.-Vincent, Senlis. Coieopt. 
Leleu, Lyceum, .'V.micns. 
Leli^vre, Alfred, Couservateur de la Musec de Valencicnecs, Grande 

Place, 3d, Anzin. Ent.f Malacology y Bot.^ PhanerogameSy Crypto- 

game. C. Ex. 
LELiiiVRE, Ernest, Entreponts, 22, Amboise. Herpet., Ent.: Coieopt., 

Lepid.y Hemip., Bot. 
Lelong l'abb6. Rue St.-Uilaire, 13, Reims. Coieopt. 
Lelorrain, M., Marnc (Suinpes). 

Leloup, Charles, Avenue des Gobelins, 25, Paris. Coieopt. 
Lemaiue, Eugene, Fondatcur de la Societc Linne'cnnc de la Charente- 

Infe'rieure, St. Jean d'Ange'ly. Bot., Marine Alga. C. Local 

altfs, shells, plants, arcb8e^olo<r.y. Ex. 
LEBfAiRE. Henri, Kue Violet, 54, G'rcncllc, Paris. Coieopt. 
Le Mesle, G., Rne du Gi*ain-d*or, 6, Blois. Oeol. 
Lemoine, Prof. Dr , Boule'vard dos Pi-omcnatlcs, 49, Reims. 
Lemoine, Emile,, Polytec. Sch., Rue du Cherchc-Midi, 55, Paris. 
Lemonnier, Polytec. Sch., Avenue de Sutfrcn, 23, Paris. Phys. 
Le Monnier, Prof., Rue de la Pe'piunierc, Nancv. Bot. 
Lemoro, EuotNE, Rue Guichard, 2, Passv, Pari?. Coieopt. 
Lennier, G., Dir. Nat. Hist. Museum, Rue Bcrnardin-de-Saint-PifeiTC, 

2, Le Havre. 
Lenoel, Dr., Rue de la R^publique, 34, Amiens, yat. Hist. 
Lepeintrb, Henri, Rue de TAnnonciation, Passy, Paris. Ent. : Coieopt., 

Lepeltier, Dr. Arm. Rue de Fcltrc, 10, Nantes. Bot. 
Lepileur, Dr. Louis, Rue dc Castellane, 12, Paris. Coieopt. 
Lepine, Fauconcourt. Coieopt. 
LtPiNOARD, Rue Bellecroix, St -Lo. Coieopt, 
Le Plat, Dr. Friedrich, Paris. Metall. 
LsPRiEUB, C. E., Rue des £lcolcs, 38, Paris. Coieopt. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

192 THE naturalists' DntECTOBY. [FbavcS. 

Lbbg, a. Michel, Geological Society, Paris. 

Lb Bichb, Institiitear Gezaincouit, near Doullens (Somme). EtU,, Nat. 

Hist, of BeeM and their Enemies. C. .Ex. Insects and Bees of 

Yarious races and their enemies. 
Lb Roux, Polytec. Sch., Boulevard Montpamasse, 120, Paris. Phys. 
Lebot, Pbof.'A., Lycee, Rue Lambrecht, Doiiai (Nord). 
Lbbot, Euo^e, Prof, au College Libre, Lachapelle-sous-Rougcmont 

Lepid., Coleopt. C. 
Lb Rot, Gustavb, Rue de Tonmai, 47, Lille. GeoL, Ent. : Lepid. 
Lescutee, Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne). Om. 
Les^leuc, Dr., Auoustin de. Rue Voltaire, 40, Brest (Finisterre). Ent. : 

Coleopt. C. Ex. Coleoptera of all countries, especially of France, . 

Algiers, Spain, Portugal, Italy, for those of the Unitca States and 

Lb StNtCHAL, Raoul, Gorbon, in Cambremer. Coleopt. 
Lesoubd, Dr., Rue de TOdeon, Paris. Bot,, Bryol. 
Le Sourd, Direc., Rue des Saints-Peres, 57, Pans. Moll. 
Lesseps, Ferdinand de, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. 

LETELX.IER, Prof. Lyceum, Rue des Promenades, 16, Alen9on. Coleopt.. 
Letbndre, Abbe, Grand Oucvilly, Rouen. Bot. 
Lbtbierrt, Lucien, MembrodesSociete'sEntomolo^ques de Belgium et 

de Fi-ance, Rue Blanche, 46, Faubourg Saint-Maurice, Lille. Ent. : 

Coleopt.^ Hemipt.j Hymen. C. Ex. Coleoptera and Hemipteiti of 

all countries, especiaUy of Europe and Algiers, and Hymcnoptera 

of Europe, in ex. for Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Hymenoptei*a of 

L6ti±vant, Prop. E., Place Bellecour, 16, Lyons, 
Letournbdx, Tacitb, Rue J. J. Rousseau, 5, Nantes. Bot. 
Le Tuaut, l'abbe, Ei-deven, in Etel. Coleopt. 
Leuduger-Fortmorel, Dr., Saiut-Brieux. Mie. 
Le Vassedr, Benoit, Havre. Coleopt. 
Le Vasseur, Prop., College of France, Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, 26, 

Lbvassort, Georges, Rue du Vieux-Colombier, 4, Paris. Ent. : Colecpt., 

Levaux, Prop., Colleore Maubeu^e. Geol. 
LEVEiLLt, Albert, Rue St.-Placide, 42, Paris. Coleopt. 
L&VEILL&, Prosper, Chaussee de Clignancourt, 30, Paris. Coleopt. 
Levoiturier, J. A., Rue du Glaieul. 36, Elbeuf. Coleopt. 
Lichtenstein, Jules, Villa Lironde, Montpellier (Herault). Ent., 0. 

Ex. Aphidse, Coccidse, Hymenoptei*a, especially Chrysides. 
Libbenbero, Alpred de, Rue Lacharri^re, 15, Paris. Coleopt. 
LiBUTAUD, Dr. Em., Prof. Sch. Med., Boulevai*d de Lices, 19, Angers. 

Ligner-Armand, Eugene, Rue Boucher-de-Perthes, 17-19, AbbeviUe. 

Lignier, O., Place des Patiniers, 7, Lille. Bot. 
Linbo, Dr., Boule'vard Malesherbes, 110, Paris. 
LiMUR, F. COMTE de, Membre de la Socie'te de Minei-alogie de France, 

Officier de I'ordre de la Rose du Bresil, Pre'sident de la Commission 

M^te'oroloffique du Morbihan, Hotel de Limur, (Nannes) Mobihan. 

Min.y Geoly Arch. C. Ex. Wishes minerals and rocks of the 

United States. 
Lionnet, G., Vice-President de la Socieje' Ge'ologique de Normandie, 

Havre. Con.y Geol., Bocks^ Fossils and Minerals. C. Ex. 
LiPPMANN, Rue des Feuillantines, 45, Sorbonne, Paris. Phys. 
Lionvillb, Joseph, Membre Acad. Sci., Quai Malaquais, Pai-is. Ast. 
Libondblle, Pbop., Lyceum, Douai. Geol, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


LivoN. A., Rue Peiriea, 17, Marseilles. Om., Ent, : Lepid. 

LiZAMBARD. L*ABBB CHARLES, Chateau de Gizeux. CoUopt, 

Llcch y Diaz, Jost Makia, Toulouse. Oeog, 

Llotd, James, Kuc de la Bastille, 25, Nantes. Bot. 

]^OCAR0, Arnould, Quai dc la Charite, 38, Irigny. Conch, 

I^OCARD, Rue dc lu Rciuc, 59, Lvoas. Agric, 

LoEVY, Maurice, Dlr. Obscrv., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue Cassini, 6, Paris. 

I^OMBARD, C, Hopital, Banon. Goleopt. 

Lombard, Dr., Sommicres. Bot. 

Lombard, FtLiciE.N, Rue Mon>>:e, 60, Paris. Coleapt, 

LoNOCHAMPS, Prof. G. de, Lyceum of Charlemagne, Rue d^Arcole, 
7, Paris. Math. 

LoNOPtRiER DE, Ruc de Londres, 50, Paris. 

Looz, (lEOROES COMTE DE, Ch&Teau d'Avin, near Arcnnes. Oeol. 

LoRENTi, Sec. Soc. Agriculture, Coiirs Morand, 22, Lyons. 

LoRET, Henri, Ruc Barthcz, 4, Montpellier. Bot. 

LoRiFERNE, Grande-Rue, 134, Sens. Coleopt, 

LoRiN, Place des Verges, 5, Pans. Chem, 

LoRTET, Dr. Louis, Dii-^ctcur du Museum des Sciences NaturcUcs, 
Palais St. PieiTc, Place des Ten'eaux, Lyons. Palteo.t Jchth., 
Crypt, C. Ex. 

Lory, Charles, Dir. Agric. Station, Gi-enoble. Bot.^ Min, 

Louis, Adrien, Ressiuaud, near St.-Rambert en Bugey, (Ain). Bot., 
PhaneroaamSt CryptoganUy Mosges^ HepnticiBt Lichens^ Mush- 
rooms^ Alga of Europe. C. Ex. Offers Phanei*ogums and Ciyp- 
togams of Europe in exchange for the same native and foreign. 

Louise, Principal of College, Sedan. Geol 

LUCAXD, Capt., Rue St.-Christopher, 8, Autun, (Saone-ct-Loire). Bot, 
C. 60JU Phanerogams, 3000 CiTptograms, Author of " Mushrooms 
of France,*' price 30 francs per tasicle. 

LUCANTE, A., Courrensan, near Gondrin. Coleopt. 

Lucas, Henri, Mus. Nat. Hist., Rue Cardinal Lemoine, 9, Paris. Zodl, 

Lucas, Hippolyte, Entomologiquc Museum, Rue Mousieui'-le-Prince, 
10, Paris. EiU, : Colef»pt. 

Luoo, AUGUSTE DE, Bagn^res-de-Bigorre. Bot, 

LusTRAC, A. DE, Gaillan. Coleopt. 

LuYS, Dr. Jules, Rue de Seine, 23, Ivry, (Seine). 

Mabillb, Prop. Paul, Lyceum of Vanvcs, Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 
75, Pans. Coleopt. 

Macquerys, Emile, Evrcux, (Eure). Ent, 

Macquerys, S., Rouen. Ent, 

Madelain, Tours. Hot, 

Madon, Cours Mirabcau, 4, Aix. Coleopt, 

Maoer, Henri, Publiciste Ge'ogi-aphe, 11 Rue d'Aboukir, Paris. Geog. 
Ex. or buy charts and topogmphical plans. 

Maonb, Dir. Veterinary Sch., Alfort. Bot, 

Maonin, Ant., Sec. Bot, Soc., Quai de TEst, 6, Lyons. Bot, 

Magnin, Jules, Rue Honore-Chevalier, 3, Paris. Coleopt. 

Maonien, Lucien, Prof, d* Agricidture du Depai-tement de la C6te-d* or, 
* Rue Devosge, 27, 6m, Dijon. Agric, 

Magnier, Charles, Dir. Bot Gar., St.-Quentin. Bot, 

Maillard, Prof. Dr. Aug., Rue du Petit-Potet, 34, Dyon. Bot. 

Maillot, EuGi:NE, Prof., Montpellier. Agric, Coleopt,, Bot. 

Maindron, Maurice, Rue Gay-Lussac, 14, Paris. Coleopt. 

Maisonnbuve, Dr. Paul, Rue du Cornet, 26, Angers. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Malbranche, Rue de Joycusc, 26, Rouen. Bot., Lichens. 

Malosse, Prof. Theodore, Rue Saint-Benoit, Montpellier. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Mallard, Prof., School of the Mines, Rue dc M<$dicis, 11, Pftris. Pkys^ 

Maxcao, L'ABBt, Caen, (Calvados). Ent, 

>Ianceac, l'abbb, Ccnoii-hi-Bastidc. Conch, 

Mancll, ituo bitint-Fuscicn, 64, Amicn:!. 

Mani::s, Adolphe, Capt., 8:uijoo. Coleopt, 

Man&in% Lieut.-Col., Uoulcvai-d dcs InvnUdes, 18, Paris. Phya, 

Maxgon, Charles F. II., Mem. Ac-ud. Sci.. Paris. 

Mannheim P., Pohtec. School, line dc la Pompe, II, Passr, Paris. 

Mani'el de Locat'el, le comte Alfred db, Chateau de' Coullans, Al- 

bcrtville. CoUx}pt, 
Maquenne, Dr , Prc'paratcur au Museum, Rue MoUet, 32, Paris. Phyt- 

io/oyi/, l/hysica., Chem, 
Marciiand, Elie, Sainie-Foy, (Gh-ondc). Bot. 
Makchand, Dr. Leon, Thia'is, in Choisv, (Seine). Bot, 
Makcillv, Charles. Bar-snr-Anbc. Coleopt. 
Marcotte, Felix, Museum, Uuc Lcdien, 31, Abbeville. CoieopL 
Maheine, Remiremont, (Vos<res). Geomett-y, Mia. 
Mar^s, IIenki p. L., MontpcUior. 

Marey, Ur. ^tiexne J., Rue Oujruar-Tronin. 13, Paris. Phya. 
Maui£, Davy, Director-Meteorological Observatory of Montsouris, Paris. 

Marion, E., Dijon. Palaso, 

Marion, Prop. Dr. A. F., Mawcilles. Bot., PaUeo, 
Margolin, Dr. Renatus, Rue Chaptal. 16, Paris. 
MARMIE8SE, Prof., Boulevard des Promenades, Reims. 
Marmottan, Dr., Rue Desbordcs-Vahnore, 31, Pass}', (Paris). Ent,: 

Co let) at. t Bot. 
Marquet, LtoN, Rue Vieillc-du Temple, 13, Paris. Chem. 
MAR^iUET, Rue ISt.-Joseph, lo, Toulouse. Coleopt. 
Marseul, jSilvin de, Directeur du Journal Entomolo;;ique rAbeillc, 

BoulivHril Pereire, 271, Ternes-Paris. Ent,: Coleopt, of Europe^ 

N. of Africa and Asia, Ileteromera and Histerida of the entire 

world. *C. 30,U00 specimens Ex. Coleopt. of the ancient world, 

espc'ciully of France and Aliricr^, also will exchange publications. 
Marsillay, O. de, Director dcs Minos, Anzin. 
Mausv, Comte .Vrthur de, Compiejrnc, (Oise). Geoy. 
Maktel, Dr. Joannis, Rue Saint-Lazare, 97, Paris. 
Martin, i/abb^ A., Uxeau, in (.Teujrnon. Cokopt, 
Maui IN, Aug., Hue de la Pomme, 7, Toulouse. Bot. 
.Martin, P2m., Romorantin. Bot. C. 

Martin, Dr. Henri Charles, Rue Ste.-Claire, 4, Passy , Paris. Coleopt. 
Martin, (),, Rouen. Bot. 
M\RriN, Prof., Lvccum, TTavrc. 

Martin, Dr. de, l^ouldvard du Jcu-de-Paume, 22, Montpellier. 
Maktin, Capt., Perpi«rn?in. Coleopt. 
.Mariinet, LfeoN. Rue Sainfc-Helene, 35, Iritrnv. Bot. 
Martins, Prof. Ch , Dir. Hot. Garden, Montpellier. Bot. 
Mamcart, Prop, Coll France, Dir. Central Me'teor. Bureau, Rue de 

(irenellc, 00, Paris. Phys. 
>rAHM()N, E , Oiscmont. Coleo/,t. 
Mahhon, Edmond, Mcnx, in Corapi^gne. Coleopt, 
Math AN, Rijnk de, Albi. Coleopt. 
Matiiieu, A , Rue Girardot, 10, Nancy. Coleopt., Bot, 
Matiiiku, Prof. Louis, Rue de Marne. 48, Chalons, (Marne). GeoL, 

Ent., Rot. C. Ex. for fine specimens. 
Matfiieu, Loricnt. Coleopt. 
Mathieu, Prof., Lyceum, Reims. Math, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Maupras, ]6mile, Notatrc, Membrc de la Societif d* Anthropologie de 

Paris, Pons, (Charcote-Infcrieure). Geol.t Anth,^ Arch., L, and F, 

W, >helU. C. Kx. Fossils of Chalk, Flint, L. and F. W. Shells 

of S. £. of France. 
MAUMEKi, Uoulcvai*d Goiivion-St-Cyr, 51, Paris. Coleopt, ^ 

Macnior, Rue Jacob, 14, Paris. Geography, 

Mauppin, Paul-Alfkbd, Booldvaitl bU-Gcrmain, 155, Paris. Cokopi. 
Maurbin, v., Dir. Bot. Uar , Rue do Gand, 30, Lille. Bot. 
Maukel, Augusts, Villard-des-Dourbes. Coleopt. 
Maurice, Charles, l^icencic cs-8cieuccs-natui*ellos, Rue Saint-Julien, 24^ 

Douai (Nord). Ltpid, PaUto, especial y AtUh. C. Ex. 
Maurice, Jules, Liccncic es-Scicuces-uatinvllcs, Rue Saint-Julian, 24, 

Douai (Nol1l^ Coleopty Hemip,. Dtptera. C. Ex. 
Mauxion. Dr. Abel, Secretaire de la bociete' Zoulogique de France, 

Rue Saint-Jacques, 34. Paris. Physiol. 
Maxwell-Lyte, F., Faubour^r-Saint-Honore, 30, Paris. Chem. 
Ma YET, Valery, Prop*, Rue Urbaiu V., 3, Moutpollier. Colfopt.^ Agrie, 
MtoE^J. L* E.,Cure,Vill<incuvc by Blayc (Giix>udc). Shefft , Coletft., 

Lepid. C. Especially Eurapcnu and foreign Lopidoptera. Ex. 

Specimens of Fi-ancc, Algiers. New Caledonia and China. 
MiHU, Ad., Villffranchc, Sur-Saune. But., Sat. Hist. C. 
MtNARD, L*ABBfe, Saint-Andrc-dc-Cubzac (Gironde). Evt. 
MiNARD, ST. Yres, Sous Dircctcur du Jardin Zoulofjfiquc d'Acclimatation, 

Prof, de Zo()technic It 1 'J^cole Central des Ails ct Manufactures, 

Rue Charles Lafettc, 104, Neuilly sur Seine. Technical Zool, C. 
MtNiER, Prop. Or. Ch , Place Graslin, 1, Nantes. Bot, 
Menier, Rue d'En;;liicn, 6, Paris. Geol. 

Mensionac, Edouaro de. Rue de la Rousellc, 67, Boixleaux. Bot. 
Mer, i^MiLE, Avenue Duqucsuc, Paris. Bot, 

Mercadier, lujipector of Tclcgniplis, Rue de Bourgoj^ne, Paris. Phy9, 
Mercey De, Hy^res. GeoL 
Meritens De, Rue Boursault, 44, Paris. Phya, 
Merle de Massonneau, Axtoine, Ncrac. Agi-ie. 
Merlin, Palx, Place baint-l^tiennc, Toulouse. 
Mersaunne De, Rue Vavin, 13, Paris. Phya, 
Mescbinet de Riciiemond, Louis Marie, Sec. de TAcad. des Belles 

Lettros. Sciences ct Arts, de la Rochclle, Rue Verdiere, 23, Rochellc. 

MoUttMks, ZtMphytf'»y Alga. 
Mesmin, Louis, Moitlkcmcr, near rilommaize*. Coleopt. 
Mestre, Gaston, Rue dc la Chainc, 4, Toulouse. Etit. : Coleopt. 
Meuoy, Rue Madame, 53, Paris. Ueol, 
Meunier, Ussar. Coleopt. 

Meyer, Jean, Rue de la Basrtie, 3, Elbeuf. Coleopt. 
Meyran, Octave, Rue de THotel de Villc, 39, liyjrny. Bot, 
Micault, Rue Fardel, Saiut-Bricnc. Mic. 

Michard, Claude Adrien, Rue Godefroy, 40,Puteaax. Ent. : Coleopt, 
Michel, Dr. l'abjb^) Mudaison (Uemult). 
Michel, Albin, Rue Neuve-des-Ar^ncs, Nimes. 
Michel, Dr. Edouard, Rue dc Rougcmont, 11, Paris. 
MiCHELON, Dr., Nantcn-e (Seine). 
MiciOL. E., Morlaix. Bot. 
MiONEAUX, Jules, Rue du Cloiti-e-St-MeriT, 16, P»ris. Coleopt., Nat. 

Millardrt, Prop., Rue Bertrand de Goth, 128, Bordeaux. 
MiLLiEN, ACHILLE, Beaumont-la-Fcrrierc, Nievre. 
MiLLltRE, P., Cannes. Ent. : Lepid. 
HiLLOT, Adolphb, Dessinatear, Rue de TArbalite, 11, and Lac^p^de, 34, 

Paris. Nat. Hist., Ent, C Ex. Lepid. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


MiLLOT, Pbof. Arthub, Ruc Mazarine, 11, Paris.. 

MiLLOT, Paul, PIjicc Saint-Jean, 51, Nancv (Meurthc et Moselle). Bot., 

Phan fro tarns, C. Ex. Plants of Loiminc and Algeria for Gra- 

ininie of Fptncc. 
Milne-Edwards, Prof. Alphonse, Rue Cnvicr, 57, Paris. Coleopt., 

ZfHi'., Bot., Nat. Hist., Henui, Rue Cuvicr, 67. Paris. CoUopt, 
MiMONT de. Chateau dc la llou!«aye, in Fonteuay-Ti-Ciiguy. Coleopi. 
Minoaud Galibn, St-tJeaii-du-G;inl. Co/fOot., Hot. 
MiOT, Henri, Olttuier d'Academie, Mcnibre ues Societes Entomolo^riqnes 

dc France, de Suisse et de Bel^iquc, Coircspondant du Musce lioysU 

d'Uistoire Naturelle de Belgiquc, Scmur (Cote d*Or). Economic 

EtU. C. Ex. 
MlQUEL, Obsei-vatoire de Mont-Souris, Rue Honge, 12, Paris. Mie, 
MiRBECK, Dr., St.-Dic. Voleofyt. 
MidSOL. Rue Montonrueil, 19, Paris. European Lepid. 
Mniszech, Comte G. de, Rue Balzac, 22, Paris. Eht. 
MocQUARO, Dr. FRANgois, Elevc d'Ecolc Pratique des hautes Etudes, 

Boulevard Saiut-Geruiain, 3J, Paris. Anatomy of the Crustaceti* 
MocQUKKYS, £>ia.E, Rue tic la Pitflw-ture, 2:j, Evixrux. Coleopt. 
MoLETRB, Eutomolo«rique Museum, Pari.s. Etit.: Coleopt. 
MOLLET, VuLPRAN, Ruc Grcssct, 12, Amiens 
MoMMBJA, Jules, Faubourg Sapiac, Montaban. Arch. 
MoNCEAUX, 11., Auverrc. Cul'opt. 

IkloNCouRT, Prof,, Lyceum, Rue Prc-Ninan, 1, Nantes. Math, 
Mondiet, Prof., I^vcemn, Mout-dc-.Marsau. 

Mondom, R. p.. Prof. College Saint-Marie, Saint-Chamond. Coleopi. 
MONIEZ, Dr. R., Rue de Flcurs, 18 &/«, Lille. Cento dm, C. Ex. 
Monod, Prop. Dr. Charles, Rue Cambace'rics, 12, Paris. 
Monod, L^on, Pouilly-par-Inor, Mcuse. Agric. 
Monod, Robert, Rue d'Aumale, 19, Paris. Bot.^ Bryol, 
MoNNOT, Edouard, Lyccuni, Mans, Colenpt. 
Mons, a., Ruc Vergniauil, 49, Bordeaux. Colenpt. 
MoNTAONE, J. B , Rue de Sambi-c-et-Meuse, 56, Paris. Coleopt, 
MoNTAUOt, P. DE, Villa Lcetitia, Arcachon. 
Montenut, Dr. de, Chalon-sui'-Sadne. Coleopt, 
MoNTP )RT, Prop. Dr., Rue Voltaire, 19, Nantes. 
MoNTOAZON, Dr. Alpiiee B. de, Paris. Bot, 
MoNTiLLOT, Louis, Rue du Cherche-Midi, 84, Paris. Coleopt. 
MoNTLAUR, Comte de R emo ud, Ch&teau dc Poudi-cs, Sommi^rcs (Gard). 

MONTOLivo, ABBfe, Nicc. Bot, 
Moquin-Tandon, Prof. Gaston, Besan^on. Bot. 
Moreau, Dr. .\rmand, Rue de Vaugii-aixl, 55, Paris. 
Moreau. Ferdinand, Rue Mondcnaiil, 35, Bordeaux. Om, 
Morel, Nyons (Dn)ine). Arch. 
MOROES, lluc 6iunt-.\ndi-e-tle3-Ai-t8, 27, Paris. Chem. 
MORISSE, A., Octcville, in Montivilliers. Colenpt. 
>k)RiTZ, Naturalist, Ruc dc I'Arbrc-Scc, 46, Paris. Coleopt, 
Mors, Louis, Ruc de Solfc'rino, 4, Paris. Coleopt. ■ 
MossE, Dr., iJoulevard Saint-Michel, 107, Paris. 
MoTELAY, L^ONCE, ^Jembrc dc la Societe' Botanique de France, et Archi- 

diste Bibliothecainc de la Soc. Linn^enne de Bordeaux, Cours de 

GourfTUCs, 4, Bordeaux. Bot. C. 
MoucBEZ, Ernest A. B., Mem. Acad. Sci., Dir. Observatoiy, Paris. 

MOUGEL, J. B., Vagnev (Vosges). Om,, 001, C. Ex. 
MouQBOT, Dk. Ant., Bniy^res. Bot, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


MouLi^RE, AuousTE, Biic Rcniutisc, Laval. GeoL 

MouiLLARD, l'abbb, Hcminiuc, iu Cai*entoir. Ccleopt, 

MOUILL.EFARINE, Eo., Riic baint-Anoc, 46, Paris. 

MouiLLEFEKT, Piof. AjLTriculturdl School, Place Mon^^^o, 3, Paris. 

MouLLAKT, line Cozettc, 27, Auiicns. 

MouREAU, Prop. U., Coiii-s buint-Jcan, 141, Bordeaax. Bot,<, Lepid., 

Coleopt. C Ex. for iirst-clusH specimens. 
MouRiERE, Prof. F. von, Caon (Culvuiios). 
MuLLER, Frederic, Prof. Lyceum, Hue Nazareth, 5, Montpellicr. 
MuLSANT, l'abbe, Prof. ColIe^fCthaint-Chamomi. Coleopt. 
MuLSANT, Quai Saint- Vincent, Lyons. 
MuNiER, Dii. Henri, Auray. Coleopt, 
MussAT, Prof. E., Uoiilevaitl Saint-Germain, 11, Paris. Bot. 
MussET, Dr., Grenoble. Bot. 
Nadaillac, Marquis de, Aucicn Pi^efet, Rue d'Ai\}oa Saint-HoDortf, 

Paris. Anth.y Arch. 
Nadal, Victor, Avenue tie TObseiTatoirc, 10, Paris. 
Nadar, Paul, Hue d'Anjou-St-llonoi'c, 51, Paris. Coleopt. 
Naksouty, Max de. Hue Saiut-Maitin, 2, Paris. Chem. 
Naksouty, General de, Observatoii-e Pic du Midi, Bagn^res-de-Bigorre. 

Meteor, f ConcU. 
Nanteuil, Roger de, Avenue de Villars, 10, Paris. Coleopt, 
Napoli, David, Faubour;? PoissonniiJre, 98, Paris. 
Naucillac, xe Comte de, Boulcvanl des Italicns, 6, Paris. Coleopt. 
Naudin,, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris, Villa Thurat, Autibcs (Var). 

Natsser, Antoine-Babthelemy, Natui-alist, Rue Notre-Dame, 15, 

Cannes. Coleopt. 
Nerville, F. de, Injre'nicur des Tc1c<rraphes, 116 Boule'vaixl Haussmann, 

Paris. Comh., GeoL, Min., Ent. C. Ex. ^ 

Neumann, L., Chatean, Fontainebleau. Bot. " 

Neyra, Romaix, Tronche, near Grenoble (Isdre). Bot. C. Ex. 
Netraud, Marcel, Montferrand, near Bordeaux. Cofeopt. 
NiAUDET, Alf., 6, Rue de Seine, Paris. Elect., Electric Batterie^f Mag- 

neto and Di/namo Machines. 
NiCAiSE, Prof. Cr., Boul(5vard Malc«hcrbes, 37, Paris, 
Nicolas, Andr^, Rue St-Brice, 48, Chartres. Coleopt. 
Nicolas, J., Soo. Iloi-t. Ass., Rue Passer, 10, Lyons. Coleopt, 
Nicolas, Rue Vclouterie, 9, Avisrnon. Cuteopt. 
NicoLis. ^Iademoiselle, St.-Mnricns (Gironde). Bot. 
NiVET, Prof. Dr. V., Clormont-F*crrand. 
Nodier, Dr., Rue Faint-Uhel, 2, Lorient. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Noel. St.-Fleur. Col -opt. 

Noel, Fr , Rue Dc^pirec, 2«, St.-Etienne. Colerpt. 
Noel, Paul, Chimiste, Rue Panpuy, 1ft, Bni>;(ruillaume, near Rouen. 

European Lepidoptera. C. Ex. Lepidoptera for minerals and 

NoGUET, GusTAVE, Rue Cliai-des-Farine«, 14, Bordeaux. Om., PdUto. 
Nolen, Prof., Rue Basville, 10, Montpcllier. Phil. 
NoRGUET. Anatolk DE Mardre DE, Rue Jemmapcs, 61, Lille. Coleopt, 
NOROT, Ch.. Rue Mexico, 63, Havre. Chem. 
NoTTELLE, Rue Reaumur, 49, Paris. 
Nou, Michel, Naturalist, Vcrnet-les-Bains. Coleopt. 
NouALHiER, AFauice, Laboric, nonr Limn<res. Coleopt. 
NouLET, Dr., Prof Scb. .Med., Rue du I.ycc'e, 14, Toulouse. Bot. 
Nozeille De, Conservateur do TExpo^Jition permanente des Colonies 

francais Palais de Tlndnstrie, Port^, xii., Paris. Ethnography. 

Zo6L, Bot, C. Ex, ^ ^ ^* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

198 THE naturalists' DISECTOBT. [FBAiroB. 

NuoUE, L*ABBi A., Villcdieu-les-Baillcul, in TniiL Cofwpi, 
Ntlandek, Dr., Passaj^e dcs Thermopyles, 61, Paris. Bci.^ Crypt.^ 

Obbrt, Prosper, Roye. Coleopt. 

Oberthuk, Charles, Imprimeur, 44, Faubonrpr de Paris, Renncs (me- 
et- VilaiDe). Ent,: Lepid. Has the complete collections of Boisdu- 

val and Ciucnee. 
OberthCr, Rene, Imprimeur, Faubonrg de Paris, 42, Rennes (Rle-et- 

Vilainc). EiU.: Coleopt. C. £x. Offer Coleoptera of all parts of 

the world in ex. for Carabidsp. 
Obbt, Ernest, Rue des Jacobins, 7», Amiens. 
Odier, Georges, Polytec. School, Rue 8t.-Lazare, 03, Paris. Coleopi^ 

Hetitipt., Lepid, 
Oehlert, D., Crosse Rue Trouchet, 25, Paris. 
Olive, G., Rue Mont<n'and, 14, Mai*scilles. Om,, Herpet.f Ent., Coneh,^ 

Bot.f Creot,, Pa/ao., Min. 
Oliver, l*abb^, Dreux, Eurc et Loii'e. Aatronomv. 
Olivier, Ernest, Moulins (Allier). Hot., Zool,, Ent. C. of Botany and 

i:oolo;ry of France ; Entomolojfy of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Ex. 

animals, birds, and plants of France, insects of Europe, and of the 

noith of Africa. 
Olivier, H., Autheuil (Orne). LichenoJogy^ Mouet. C. Ex. Lichens 

of Orne ami Calvados for other countries. 
Oliver, Coilioure. Coleopt. 
Ollier De Marichard, Vallon, Ard^che. Arch, 
Ollier, Prof. Dr., Quai de la Charite, Lyons. 
Ollivier, Phof. Dr., Rue de rUnivei*site, 5, Paris. 
Orbigny, Henri de, Rue dcs Beaux-Arts, 12, Paris. Coleopt. 
Ortlieb, Jean, Croix, near Roubaix. Chem., GfL 
Orza, Paul de L', Naturalist, Rue Mautrcc, 4,Taris. Coleovt. 
OsMONT, AuGUSTE, Controlcur des Douanes, Rue de Geoie, 29, Caen 

(Calvados). Ent. : Lepid., Calaanma, Carabtts^ Chychrus. C. Ex. 

specimens Cambus, Colosoma, Chychrus, Catacola. 
Oster, Rue Bonaparte, 59, tcr Paris. Malacology, 
Oustalet, Museum, Rue Bonaparte, 52, Paris. Coleopt. 
Ozanon, Charles, St.-Emiland in Conches-les-Mines. Bat, C. 
OziL, Dr., Lille. Geol. 
Pacaut, Rue LauiTudcau, 79, Amiens. 
Pagnoul, Prof., Dir. Agrric. Station, AiTas. Chem,, Bot, 
PANDELLt, Louis, Rue du Lycc'c, 17, Tarbes. Coleopt. 
Papillaut, Chatellei*ault. Cvteopt. 
Paquet, Rene, Rue de Vauffirard, 34, Paris. Orn, 
Parat, Rue de I'Araenal Rochefort-sur-Mer. Bot, , -, , -» . 

Paris, Vice-Admiral Franqois Edmond, Mem. Acad. Sci,, Piuis. 

Geoaraphy and Navigation. 
Parrot, Prof.Dr , (Juai Malaquis, 15, Paris. 
Pautuidge, Rue Paris, 145, Havre. Geol. 
Passy, Frederic, Rue Laboi-d^re, Neuiily-sur-Seine. 
Passy, p. PIdmond, Rue Labordero, 8, Neuillv. Bot, 
Pasteur, Joseph, Rue de Seze, 17, Lyons. Coleopt, 
Pasteur, Louis. Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue d'Ulm, 45, Pans. Aftn. 
Patouillard, Rue dc Buffon, 67, Paris. Bot. 
Paul, Prof. Dr. Constantin, Rue de Cambon, 48, Paris. 
Payot, VtN , Chamounix. Bot, 
Peccadeau de Lisle, Loricnt. Coleopt, 
Pechiney. A , Saliudres (Gard.). Chem, 
Pecholier, Prof. Dr., Montpellicr. 
Peligot, Eugene M., Mem. Acad. Sci., Hotel dcs Monnaies, Paris. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fbavce.] the naturalists' directory. 199 

PiiLiSSlBR, EMitE, Toiil. Coleopt. 

Pellat, Ed., Rue de Vau^irard, 77, Paris. Geol, 

Pellet. H., Avenue du Roi-dc-Ilome, Passv, Paris. Chem. 

Pelletan, Dr. J., lioule'vard dcs Baii«»:nollcs, 34, Paris. Bot. 

Pelletiek, H., Madon, near Blois. Cuieopt. 

Peltiek, Edmond, (Jo»niiicry»ant, Hue de Monsieur, 18. Reims (Marnc). 
J£7it. : Coleopt. C. Ex. Insects of Reims for those of other coun- 

Peney-Ray, Rue rH6tel-dc-Villc, 35, Lyons. Coleopt. 

Pennes, J. A., Rue dc Latnin, 2, Paris. Chem. 

Pennetiek, Dh. Geokges, Directeur du Museum d'Histoire Naturellei 
Rouen. ZooL 

Penoud, Dr., Lyons. Bot. 

Peragallo, Al.', Nice. Coleopt. 

Perard, C. a., MontUicon (Allier). Bot.^ Vegetable Pakeo. 

Pebez, J., Prof, de Zoi)Io;rie a la faculte des Sciences, Bordeaux. Em- 
bryology, Hymenoptera. C. Ex. 

Perier, Alekandre, Belcsta. Coleopt. 

Perrens, Prop. Dr., Route deBayonne, 72, Bordeaux. Bot. 

Perret, Rue Husrurie, 12, Bordeaux. Geol. 

Perrier de la Bathie, R., Albertville. Coleopt. 

Pekrier, Prof., Museum, Rue des Saints-Peres, 19, Paris. Zodl.^ Moll. 

Perrier, Lieut.-Col. P'rancois, Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue du Bac, 103, 
Paris. Geography and yarlgntion. 

Perrin, Abeille de, liue Maren«f0, 56, Maraeilles. Coleopt.^ Hymenopt, 

Perroud, Dr., Qu.ii des Celestins, 6, Lyons. 

Perroud, Rue Borie, 16, Bordeaux, ^nt. 

Pesjier, Edmond, Valenciennes. Chem. 

Pestre, Rev. P., Rue de Vaujrirard, 104, Paris. Coleopt. 

Peter's Alerme, Rue Bonaparte, 72 bin, Paris. Coleopt. 

Petit, Paul, Rue des Quatre Vents, 16, Paris. Diatoms, Fresh Water 
Alga:. C. 

Peticlerc, Paul, Geolojrue, Conscrvateur du Muse'c, Rue du College, 4, 
Vesoul (Haate-Saone). Geol., Palceo., Min. Ex. well <letcrmined 
fossils witli amateurs and museums. Otfer fO'*sils from Jurassic and 
Cretaceous furmatioiis of France in exchan-je for well determined 
fossils of the Paleozoic, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, 
Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous of other countries. 

Petrahidez, J., Montpellier. Apic. 

Pbuleve, Dr., Rue Lamarck, 15,' Amiens. 

Peyremal, Prof. Dr., Rochelort. Bot. 

Peyrox, Ed., Rue de Lodi 47, Mai-scilles. Coleopt. 

Philibeaux, GuSTAVE, Blijrnv-siir-Onche. Coleopt. 

Philibeaux, Auguste, Dijon (Cote-d'Or). Ent. 

Philipeaux. Prof., Nat. riist. Museum, Paris. Physiol. 

Philibert, Prof., Aix. Bat., Mosses. 

Picart, Rue- Linne'e, 10, Paris. Coleopt. 

Pichereau, L., Rue de la Barouilliere, 8, Paris. Coleopt, 

PiCHON, St.-Amand-sur-Fion. Bot., Mt/rol. 

PiCHOU, Alfred, Route de Toulouse, 305, Bordeaux. 

PlEDAGNEL, Ruc dcs Sablons, Passy, Paris. 

Pierre, Prof. Isidore, Dirrc. AjrVic. Station, Caen. Bot. 

PlERRAT, D., Naturalist, Gerbamont, near Vajrncy ( Vos;res). Zool, Om., 
Bot., Etit., Urth. C. Ex. Mounted birtls or skins, dried plants, 

PiERsoN, IL, Rue Coquilliere, 39, Paris. Coleopt. 

PiLLOY, St.-Qucntin. Ast. 

PiNET, Dr., Place de I'^cole-de-Medecine, Paris. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


PiNOT, R^P., Convent of Coublcvie, in Voiron. Coleopt, 

Piquet, York Street, 2, Jersey. Coleofd, 

PissoT, Abl)ey de Lon;rchttnip4, in Neiiilly. Coleopt, 

PLA.CB, Hbnki de, Chateau cfe la Rive, bte-Gcmmes-sur-Loire. CoUopt, 

Place, Louis de, AQ<rers. Co'eapt. 

Planciion, Prof. J. E., Moutpellicr. Coleopt.^ Bot. 

Planchon, Phop. Gustavb, Boulevard St. Michel, 139, Paris. Bot. 

Plante, Gaston, Rue des Tournellea, 66, Paris. Phy$. 

PoiRAULT, Geoboes, Ruc des 3 Piliers, 36, Poitien (Vienna). 5o^., 

PoiRiER, J., Museum, Avenue du Maine, 43, Paris. Zool. 
PoissoN, Jules, Museum, Rue de Buflfon, 69, Paris. Bot. 
PoiRRiER, Uuc Hautevillc, 49, Paris. Chem. 
Polle-Deviermes, L&on, Rue dc la Fcrme-des-Mathurius, 18, Paris. 

Pollet, Charles-Louis-Joseph, Gen^dogist, Rue de Tourneville, 33, 

Havre. Coleopt. 
PoMARAT, l'abb£, Chava<rnac, Sai^nes. Coieopt. 
Pommey, Charles, Rue de la Manutention, 3, Dyon. Coleopt. 
PoNCHE, Narcisse, Rue Constantine, 6, Amiens. 
Ponsan, Charles, Toulouse. Min. 

PoNSiN, L'ABBt, Prof. Semluarv of Rondeau, Grenoble. Coleopt. 
PoNSON, A. fils, Quai de la Guiilottiere, 20, L^ons. Coleopt, 
Pontain, Prof. Ur , Boule'vard Saint-Germain, 256, Pari*. 
PoPULUS, Dr., Coulanjfcs-Ia-Vineuse. Hemipt., Orth.^ Coleopt. 
PoRTEViN, Hippolyte, Inore'nieur Civil, Ancien E16vc de T^cole Pol^- 

technique, Ruc de la Bellc-Bueyrc, 2, Reims.' Min. Wishes speci- 
mens of ores of iron, with indication of uses for which they are^m- 

PossER, (tustave Oscar, Ingt^nieur des Arts ct Manufactures, St. Ouen 

dcChoiihervillc, near La Bossille (Seine Inie'rieurc). Coleopt. y esp. 

Brenth ides of the entire world, C. £x. Principally Bi*enthides, 

either to buy or ex. 
POTIER, Prof., I^olytechnic School, Rue de Boulogne, 1, Pai'is. PAy«., 

Geol. * 

Pouciiet, Prof., Rue Edouard-Adam, 6, Montpellier. 
Pouchet, Prof. Dr., Museum, Rue Medicis, 5, Paris. Anat, 
PouciN, Ruc Saint-Fort, 11, Boi-deaux. 
PouECH, l'abbe, Parviei-s (Ariejre). Geol, 
PoucNET, EuGtNE, Landoiif (Lorraiuc). Coleopt, 
PouJADE, Prof., Lyceum, Lyons. 
PouJADE, Gustave ARTHUR,' Museum, Rue des £coles, 15, Paris. Ent,^ 

PouJOL, A.. Corinthc-de-Coprnin, near Chambery. Coleopt, 
Poulain, Prof. Normal School, Verseilles. Coieopt, 
Poussielgue, J., Belmont Tranionet, in Pont de Beauvoisin. Coleopt, 
Power, (Gustave, St.-Aucn-de-Thoubrevillc(Eure), neorBouille (Seine- 

Inferieure). Coleopt. 
Power, G., Place Bouvreuil, 2, Rouen. Coleopt, 
J'ozzi, Prof. Dr., Place Vendomc, 10, Paris. 
Praroxd, Ernest, Abbeyvillc (Sommc). 
Prat, Route dc Toulouse, 111, Boiileaux. CJiem. 
Pravaz, Dr., Quai des Etroits, 46, Lyons. 
Pkazmowski, Rue Bonaparte, 1, Paris. Phyx, 
Pkeaubert, Prof. E., College, Beauvais. Phye. 
Prie, .1., Foulijrnen (Loiro-Inferieure). Cru^tnctp, 
Prillieux, Prof. Dr., 1i:douard, Rue Cambaceres, 14. Bot, 
Prompt, Dr. P. Y., Polytechnic School, Rue de !» Giw, 17, I^ice. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

FsA3ffCE.3 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBT. 201 

Promst, fiU J., Chatcan-Porclen. CoUopt, 
Proust, Prop. Dr., Hoiile'vanl Male^herbcs, 9, Paris. 
PuJOS. Dr. a., liue Saiut-Seruiu, 58, Bordeaux. 

PcTON, Dr. J. B. Aug., Keiuireoiout (Vosgcs). Ent, : Hemipt,, CoUopt. 
C. £x. Hemipteni. 


Pyot, Victor, Gien. Coleopt. 

QuJBDVLiEO, L0UI8, Natui-alist, Rue dc ]a Goutte-d'Or, Aubcrrillicn. 

Ent. : Coleopt.t Ltpid.y Bot. 
QuATttBFA.aE8 DE liRBAU, Jean Louis Armand db, Mcmbrc dc rinstU 

tut, Pruf. au Muse'um, Paris. Zoiil, Anth, C. of tiio Museum. 

Ex. Ci-ania. 
Qu&LET, Dr., Moutb^iard. Dot,, Mt/coL 
QutTiN, EuotNE, Rue de Bruys, 9, Marseilles. Coleopt, 
Quiuou, Zoiil. (lar., Bois dc Boulo«rne, Paris. Bot, 
Q.uiXQUAD, Dr., Rue de l*Ode'on, 5, Pnris. Coleopt, 
Rabaud, Alfred, Rue Paradis, 101, Marseilles. Geo^, 
Rabot, Dr., Versailles. 
Rabodrdin, Prof. Lucien, Orleans. 
RafaillAc, Marjraux. Astronomy, 

Ragain, Prof. (tUSTAVE. l^yceura, Rue de S^falier, 42, Bordeaux. 
Rainoeard, Prof. Dr., Rue Jean-Jacques, 8, x^antes. 
Rainneville de. Rue dc la Villc I'Eveque. Poi'is. 
Ramband, Cousans. Orn, 

Rames, Dr. J., Rue d*Aui*ci^nes, Aurillac, Cantal. OeoL 
Ramond, a., Rue dcs £colcs, 38, Paris. Bot. 
Raoult, Dr. Charles, Raon-rEtai)e. Coleopt, 
Rataboul, Joseph, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle, Moissac (Tarn-et-Ga- 

ronne). Vegetible AtuUtuny^ Microscopy ^ Entomology, C. Ex. 

Microscopic and cntomolo<;ical specimens, especially Leptdoptera. 
Rath, Prof. Gherardo, von, Vienna. 
Ravain, l*abb& J. Ren£, Prof. Catholic Univ., Rue Baudri^re, 71, 

Anjrcrs. Bot, 
Ravet, Ernest, Notaire, Surgeres (Charente Inf^rieure). Marine and 

F. IV. Ali/epf Diatomt, Uenmids^ etc, C. Ex. 
Ravoux, Alfred, Nyons. Coleopt, 
Rat, Jdles, Muse'unI, Troyea. Coleopt, 
Ratet, Prop., Bordeaux. Phye 
Raynaud, Dir. Telegraph Luic:*, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 60, Paris. 

Reclus, Prof. Dr., Rue dc la Sorbonne, 20, Paris. 
Regimbart, Dr. Maurice, Rue dc la Petite Citd, 19, Evrenx (Enre). 

Eiitomoloffy and Coleoptern of Europe and of the basin of the Mrd^ 

iterraneaiit especiallt/ Dytiieiday (rynnidtFf Hydrophiddig^ Paniida 

and Heterocerida of the Globe. C. Ex. Colcoptera of Europe in 

exchan<;e for specimens indicated above. 
RiGUis, Sec. Bot. and liort. Soc. of Provence, Place St.-Michel, 12, Mar- 
seilles. Bot, 
Retch, Louis, Arles-sur-Rhone. AgHc, 
Reiche, Louis, Rue St.-Honoi-e, 191, Paris. Coleopt, 
Reinwald, C., Libraire-lSditeur, Rue des Saints-P^re.^, 1ft, Paris. Pub- 

Ucation of Frenrh Scientific Works, and records of Experimental 

and General Zoology, 
Reiset. Jules, liicoroheboBuf. 

Reliquet, Dr., Boule'vard de la Madelainc, 17, Paris. 
Remt, Jules, Auoien Naturaliste-voyanfeur, Louvercy, near Monrmclon 

(Marnc). Bot, C. Plants from all paits of the world except the 

bandwich Islands. Ex. Offei-s Ferns of Australia in exchange for 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

202 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBY. [FKAXtsm. 

Benaud, Georges, Rue Cimarosa, IS, Avenue du Boinle-Bome, Pass^r,- 

Renauo, J. B., Coors dUerbouville, 21, Lyons. ErU,.: Coleopt,, 

Renault, Dr. B., Museum, Buc dc la Collesriale, 1, Paris. Bot , Pakeo. 
Renemesxil, Pierre de, Chef de Bui-cau ala Mairie de Caen, Rae de 

TE^fiisc St.-Julicn,12,Caen (Calvados). Ent, : Cokopt, C. £x. 
Renou, F.. Nantes. Bot. 
Renouard, fils, Alfred, Inge'nienr, Secretaire-general de la Socie't^ In- 

diistricUc du Nord de la France, et de la Societe des A«rriculteurs 

du Nord, Rue Alexander Lcleox, 46, Lille (Noi*d). AgrictUture, 

Textiles (tf tropical countrie$. 
Resal, Prof., Polytechnic School, Rue Saint-Andr^-des-Arts, 58, Paris. 
Reveli^e, G., Rue Volney, 45, Angers (Maine<-et-Loire). Mineralogy, 

Geolitgify PakBontology. C. Ex. Minerals and rocks of Bretagne. 
Bevelijsre, Jules, Rcccveur de rEnre^^istremeut, Rue Volnej, 45, An- 
gers, (Maine-et- Loire). Coleoptera of Europe and of the biuin of 

the Mediterranean. 
Reverchon, Elisee, BoU^ne (Vaucluse). Bot. 
Reverchon, L., Mazan. Bot. 
Reverdi, Fernand, Boulevard St.-Germain, 88, Paris, Rue de la Paix, 

4, Laval (Mayenne). Ent.: Coleopt., Lepid. 
Bevon, Louis, Museum, Annecy. Bot. 
Rey, TiMOTHfcE, Nissan, near Beziei-s (H^rault). Birde and MammdU. 

Ret-Lescure, Faubourg du Moustier, 8, Montauban. GeoL 
Reynaud, Lucien, Rue de Vendome, 235, Lyons (Rhone). Lepidoptera. 

C. Ex. 
Reynier, Rue Be'nouville, 3, Paris. Phya. 
Rexes, Jarnac-Charcnte. Agric. 

RiBADiEU, Ferdinand, Coura d'Albret, 83, Bordeaux. Arch. 
Ribail, Xavier, Rue de Moscow, 39, Paris. Phyt.. Chem, 
Rib AN, Dr., Paris. Chem. 
Richard, Cours St.-Bruno, 2, Grenoble. Coleopt. 
Richard, Rue Crevier, 13, Rouen. Chem. 
Richard, Jules, Ancien Procureur de la Republique, Place Vayrolea^M, 

La Roche sur von (Vemle'e). Phanerogamt, Lichens, C. Ex. 

Lichens of France for those of America. 
Richer, Henri, Rue Bonaparte, 66, Paris. Coleopt. 
Richer, Henri, Rue St.-Picrre, 3, Chartres. Cokopt. 
Richer, Dr., Rue baint-Jacques, 98, Amiens. Nat. Hist. 
Richet, Prof. Ch., Rue Bonaparte, 5, Paris. Bot. 
Rigaud, Rue Vivicnoe, 8, Paris. 
RiGAUD, LfcoN de, Inge'nieur, Che'miste, Naturaliste, Viroflay (Seine-ct- 

Oise). Min.f Orn., Riptilea, Articulates. C. Ex. European 

specimens for those of N. and S. America. 
RiOAUX, Henri, Rue de rHopital-Militaire, 112, Lille. GeoL 
BiGOUT, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 60, Paris. Chem. 
RiPOCUE, Diego, care of Dr. Verneau, Boulevard Voltaire, 134, Puns. 
Risler, Charles, Rue de rUnivci-site, 39, Paris. C/iem. 
Risler, Edmund, Dir. Nat. Agric. Station, Paris. Bot., Agric. 
Risler, Eugene, Boule'vard Haussmann, 168, Pai-is. Agric. 
RiSTON, Victor, Malzeville, near Nancy. GeoL, Palofo. C. Ex. 
Rivals, l'abbe de, Moulcau, near Arcachon (Gironde). Coleopt. C. 

Lougicorns of the <'lobe. Ex. 
RiVEAU, Charles, Prof. Libre ct Maire, Genouille (Charente-Inftrienre)* 
' Oeii. ^at. Hist., especially Botany, Entomology, C. Ex. Plants 

and insects. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

fttAscB.] THE naturalists' directobt. 203 

RiviiRE, Em., Rue dc Sevi-cs, 139, Phhs. Arch. 

Kizaucouut.Jean-Baftiste, Kucdc la Roto nde, 63, Marseilles. CoUopi, 
Robert, Luc. Coleopt. 

Robin, Chaiiles, Uoulevaitl Saint-Germain, 94, Paris. CoUoot. 
Robin, U. A., Pi-eparaleur dc la Facnlte dcs Sciences, 38 Rue d'Ulm, 

Paris. Mammt loffy^ Annelids, F. IV, 7urbtUa}ia, Anatomy, C. 

£x. Mamumh in alcohol, Auuilids and TurbeUaria. 
Robinet, Epcrnay (Manic). 

Roche, Prof. Eoouaud A., Rue Basse, G, MontpclUer. Ait, 
Rochebrune, Prop. De, Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris. Zoiil, 
Roc'UER, Maximin, Mouilouis, near St.-<Julicn-rArs. Coleopt. 
RoDiER, ^MiLE, Rue Mazarinc, 61, Bordeaux. Uot.y Diatoms, 
Roger, Rue (iressct, 29, Amiens. 

RoGONOT, I^MiLE L., Quat de la Rape'e, 12, Paris. Ewropean Lcpid, 
RoLLAND, E., Rue de Ucnncs, 66, Paris. P/iys, 
RoLLAND, Ferna!7D, Sur^Tcrcs. Ent, : Coleopt, 
RoLLAND, Victor, Run Surcouf, 1, Paris. Om. 
RoLLET, Prof. Dr , Rue Saint-Pierre, 41, Lyons. 
Romans, Baron Fernand de, Chateau de la'Planchc d'AndilM, La Ville- 

Dieu-du-Clain. Colfopt, 
RONCHAIL, Privas. Colenpt. 
Roset, Henri, Pharmacien, Cliimiste, Membrc de TAcad^mic Natiooalc, 

Rue Jchan-Fouco«ict, 5, Tom's. MoUusks. C. 
RossiGNOL, Rue Folie-Mcricotu-t, 12, Paris. Coltopt, 
R08SIGNOL, L., Rue du Mcrisicr, 7, Rouen. Coleopt, 
R08SIGNOL, Orleans. Dot. 
Rottknstein, Dr. Johann B., Paris. 
RoiJAST, Georges, Quai de la Cliarite, 23, Lyons. European Lepid, C. 

Roubalet, L., Rue St.-Georjres, 12, Nancy. Coleopt, 
Roubertie, Rue do l,i Devise, 17, Bordeaux. Bot, 
Roudier. Moutpellier. Bot. 

Rouoet, Prop. Ch., Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris. Phya, 
Rouoet, p. Augustin, Rue de la Pre'lectin-e, 28, Dijon. Coleopt, 
RoL'JOX, Prof. A , Clermont-Ferrand. But. 
RouMEGutRE, C, Rue Rlquct, 37, Toulouse- Bot.^ MycoL 
Rouquier, i/\BBk, Leyme, La-Capolle-Marival. Coleopt, 
Rousseau, Charles, llue^Foudaudejre, 47, Bordeaux. Ent. : Coleopt. 
Rousseau, Em., Rue dcs licolcs, 44, Paris. Chem. 
Rousseau, P., Boulevard St. -Germain, 258, Paris. Chem, 
RoussEL, Dr. Theophile, Rue Ncuvc-des-Matluu'ius, 64, Paris. 
Rousselet, L., Boulevard Saint-Germain, 126, Paris. Arrh. 
RoussiLLE, Albert, Professeur de Mineralojrie et Geolojric h I'Ecolc 

Nationale d'Ajrriculture, Grijrnon, Neauplde le Chateau (Seine-et- 

Oise) Min, C. Ex. Fossils of (irignon. 
Roux, Rue de Pessac, 31, Bordeaux. ZoOl, 

Roux, H., Pres. Bot. and lioit. Soc. of Provence, Mai'seilles. Bnt. 
RoUY, Georges, Membre de la Societe' Botaniqiie de France, Uedacteur 

au Naturalistc, Dii'ecteur du Comptoir Parisien d'Excliange de 

pluntcs, Passajre Sauliner, 22, Paris. Bot. C. 12,000 speciesJ. Ex. 
Router, Dr., Laijrle (Orne). Ast. 
Rouzand, Henri, Licencie' es Sciences Naturelles, Pi-eparateur dcs Cours 

de Zo<iIojrie a la Faculte des Sciences, MontpclUer. ZooL^ Aunt,, 

Hiatol.y Emhryolofjy. Desires L. and F.W. MoUusks of N. America, 

Antilles an<l New Caledonia. 
RoTER, Charles, Rue dcs Encommenccs, Lanjrres. Coleopt. 
Roze, Ernest, Rue des Feuillantines, 101, Paris. Bot. 
RozT, Prof. H., Rue Saiut-Autoine-uu-T., 10, Toulouse. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


RuPiN, E., Brivc. Boi. 

Saba TIER- Desarnauds, Bezicrs. Boi. 

Sagnikr, Henri, Kiic dc Rcnncs, 152, Paris. Agrie. 

Sagot, Dr. p. a , Hue dcs (jotlnius, 30, Dijon. Bot. 

Sainte-Ci^aire Deville, Henri. Mciu. Acad. Sci., Boul^rard Saint-Ger- 

main, 155, Piiris. Vhyt.^ Alin. 
Saint-Exupery, Lb Comte de, line da Gouvcrnemcnt Saiut-Qucntin. 

Saint (jal, a1. J., Prof, dc Botaniqiie h l*£co1c Nationale d'A^*icu1tnre 

dc l<raiul-Jouiin, Nozay (lrf>ire-Inferieurc). Bvt., i>ylcacuUure, 

Agnniitwal Eut. C. 
Saint-Hilaire, Albert Geoffrey, Dii'cetcnr dii Jardio Zoologiquc 

d'AccIiiimtations, Ncuilly sur Seine. ZooL C 
Saint-Lager, Dr., Prcs. Bot. Soc., Quai dc I'Est, C, Lyons. Bot. 
Saint-Pierre, Camille, Montpellier. Agric. 
Saint-8aud, Baron de Aymar o'Arlot, Cbatcau de la Yalouzc, par La 

liochc-Chnlaid, Dordo;rnc. Arch, 
Saint-Quentin, C, Tcmisse St.-PieiTC, 10, Douai. Coleopt, 
Saint-(Juentin, Prof. College, Peronnc. ColeopL 
Salle, Auglste, Naturaliste, Rue Guy dc la Bi-osse, 13, Paris. Coleopt, 

ofAmerua, L. and F. \V, Shell t, Orn. C. Ex. 
Salleron, J., Rue Pavec en Marais, *i4, Paris. Phya, 
Salmon, Puilippe, Meiubi-e ilc la Commission dcs Monuments M^gali- 

tliiqncs. Rue Ic Pclcticr, 29, Paris. PaUeo. C. 
Samie, J. Leonard, Clieniin de Eigoulet, 22, near BoHle'vai*d du Tondu, 

Bordeaux. Ent, : Coleopt, 
Sancey, Louis, Rue Ncuve, 26, Besancon. Ent, : Coleopt,^ Lepid. 
Sand, Maurice, Baron Dudevant, Chateau de Noliant, near LaCh&tre. 

Saporta, Le Cte. Gaston de, Aix. Bot., GeoL, Palteo. 
Saquet, 11. R. R.. Conne sous Ic pscudonyme Auagrammc Nc'r^e Qudpat, 

34, Rue dc Vaujrimixl, Paris. Orn. 
Sarromejean, B., Cacarcus, near Lanncpax. Coleopt. 
Saulcy, Felicien-Uenri Caignart de, Rue Chatillon, 3, Metz. 

Saury, E. J., Rue dcs Fi-ei-es, Atirillac. Coleopt. 
Saury, Jules, Rue Pout-Hc'rissou, 8. Limoges. Coleopt, 
Saussure, Henri de, Boune-sur-Mc'nagc. Coleopt, 
Sauvage, Dr. Emile, Rue Monge, 2, Paris. ZodL 
Savioz, Naturalist, Cliamonix. Coleopt. 
Savoy e, Emile, Rue du Blcumoutoo, 4, Lille. GeoL 
Say, LfeoN, Rue la Bruyere, 45, Paris. 
Sazerat, Marc, Place St.-Picrrc, Limoges. Coleopt, 
Scalaure, Ferdinand, Naturalist, Ham. Coleopt, 
Schlerxitzauer, Jules, Jiwc Saint-Denis, 221, Paris. Coleopi, 
Schlumberger, (iusTAVE, Pau. Coleopt, 
Schmitt, Prof. Ernest, Lille. Chem. 
Schneider, Prop., Poitiers. Bot.^ Zodl, 
Schutzenberger, Prof., College of France, Rue des Fcuillautines, 67, 

Sebert, Licut.-Col. Marine Artil., Boule'vard de Courcellcs, 17, Paris. 

Sedillot, Charles £., Mem. Acad. Sci., Boulevai*d St.-Micbcl, 131, 

Sedillot, Maurice, Memhre dcs Society Entomologiquc dc France, Bel- 

giquo, etc, 20, Kuc dc I'Od^on, Paris. European and Exotic Coleopt., 

principally Hydroccmthut Erotylidte, Trogoaitida, Cleridee, HeUro- 

mera. C. Ex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

fraxcb.] the naturalists' directory. 205 

StE, Prof. Marc, Boulcvnnl Saint •Germniu, 126, Paris. 
Seize, Pierre, llopital St.-Mai-tiu, Hue iles Uecollcts**, Paris. Coleopt, 
S^NAC, Dr. lilPPOLYTE, lluc dcs Pyraiuiilcs, ;">, Paris. Colnopt. 
Senneville, Gaston de, liuc ilc lii'ciicUc-bt.-(jei*inaiu, 52, Pai*is. 


SEPULCHRE, Joseph, Maubenjrc (Nonl). Geol. 

Sekre, Gaston de, Rue Las-Cases, t«, Paris. GeoL 

Sekke-Guino, BonleaiiK. Hot. 

Sekrin, v., IJoulivartl St.-Maitin, 1, Paris. Pht/i. 

StRiziAT, pR , Epinal. Culanpt. 

Sharbek, Emile, Men<ii;rnac. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Shotte, H.. Rue de la Re'piiblique, 4, Rojicii. Lepid. of Franre, 

SiEPi, PiEHRE, Prepamtour-Natiiralistc Pan Museum dc Marseilles, Ecolc 
dc Medcciue, etc.. Boulevard de la Maileleiue, 14, Marseilles. Mam" 
molo/ift Om.f Hei'ptt^ Ichth.^ Eut.^ Coiic/i. Ex. Birds of Europe. 
De<(ires skius and skeletons of animals of all countries and of all 

Si^Pl, p., Rue dn Rempirt-Bouvreuil, 1 bisy Rouen. Colnopt, 

SiLVA, R. D.,Clief de Ti-avaux of Analyt. Clieni., Central School of Arts 
and Manufactures, Place dc la Sarbonne, 4, Paris. Ort/., Cham. 

Simon, Eugene, Ancien pi-esident de la Socicte' Entomolo<rique dc France, 
vice-pi'e'sident de la .Socic'te' Zotilo;:ic|ue de France, Avenue du Bois- 
de-Boulo^nc, 63, Paris. Arachccology, C. of Aiuchuids, with tlie 
exception of Acari. Ex. 

Simon, J., Redon (lUe-et-Vilaine). Geot 

SiNOT, Prof., Cette. Phys, 

Sire, Dr. G., Besan;>on-Mouilli&rc. Phya. 

SiRODOT, Prof. S., Reunes. Bot. 

Societe Anonyme de Fabrication de Produits^Chimioues pour les 
Sciences et l'Industrie, 42-44, Rue dcs ificolcs, Paris. Chem., 
P/tys., Met. C Ex. Oriranic Chemistry and Mineralojry. 

SociiTE Populaire d*Etudes Diverses. Burtin Jule-*, Secretairo, Vil- 
ler>-, Pi-csidcnt, Rue du Moulin a Vent, 23, Sothcville-lcs-Rouon 
(Seine Inferieurc). Satural Sciences in aeneraK and their applica- 
tions. C. Ex. Mincralo;ry, Gcolo;ry.Eth noloify, Zoolojjy, Botany. 

Soland, Aim6 de, Rue de THopital, An;;e'rs. Bot, 

SOUBEIRAN, PuoF. J. Leon, Montpcllicr. Bnt. 

SouCHON, Abel, Bureau dcs Lonjritudes, Paris. Astronom?/. 

SoURBlEN, M. E., Rue Saint-Lucicn, 3n, Carc;issonnc (()udr€). L. afid 
F. \V, Shells 1 Ent. : Col'^opt.f /.epid., Hemipt.t Orthoplera, 

SOUTHOMAR, L., Rue de la Rdpuhliquc, 12, Lyons. Ent. 

SouvERBiE, Dr., Saint-Martin, Dir. Mus., Cite Bardincau, 5, Bordeaux. 

SouYOLLE, Alexandre de Breuil de. Chateau dc SouvoUc, Duu- 
le- Pallet cau. Coleopt. 

Stableau, Rue Guilleminot, 29, Plaisance. Coleopt, 

Staes, Dr., Croix. Geol. 

Stephan, J. M. E., Dir. Observ., Mareeillcs. Ast. 

Strapart, Prof. Dr., Impasse du Carroujre, 9, Reims. 

Strobl, Hermann, Rue Saint-Gery, 6, Valenciennes. Chem, 

SuDRE, Prop. Louis, La Chapellc,'i5aint-Mc!jnin. 

Surf, l*abbe J., Dir. Seminary, Reims. Coleopt. 

Sylvain, Ebkard, Acieries-d'Unieux, Loire. Ent.j Zodl C. 

Tallon, Raoul, Rue de I'Horio^fe, Riom. Coleopt. 

Talkich, Jules, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 97, Paris. Anat, 

Tannel, Charlcvillc. Fossils, 

TannetTaz, Prof., Nat. Hist. Mus(?um, Paris. Min, 

Tappes, Gabriel, Rue NoUet, 27, BatignoUes, Paris. Coleopt,, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Tardieu, »Tcle8, Rue dc Brcttcs, Li moires. Cokopi, 

Tauniek. Frsderic, Rue Vaiiban, 21, l)\jon. Conch., Coleopi, 

Tarxiquet, Bczirrs. Co'ropt. 

TauissaX, Jeax Marie. Prof. Lycoiim. Coleopt, 

Taruiel, E., Hue bt. (iervais, 6, Ilouen. EiU.: Coleopt, 

Tassel, Uaoul, E1!>cu1'. CoU-opt, 

Taton-Baulmont, Edouard Louis, Riic St.- Jacques, 152, Paris. Coleopt, 

Taylor, Arthur, Fout«fibuiul (Piiy-de, Dome). Min, 

TcHiHATCiiEF DE, Kuc St.-Houorc, Pai'is. Bot, 

Teallier, Clernioiit-Fen-dnd. Aync, 

'J'EJssiER, Prof. I^r., Quai Tilsitt, 16, Lyons. 

TissEREric DE BoRT, Lbox, Kiie do Grciicllc, 60, Paris. Meteor. 

Telesi'HORE, F., Uuc Cahulc, 34, Avi«rnou. Coleopt. 

Tern ANT, Keprcscatativc of Eastcra Tel. Co., Boule'vard de LoDgchamp, 

62, Marseilles. P/tys. 
Terquem, Prop. Alfred, Rue Nationale, 116, Lille. 
TFjtQUEM, Kuc dc la Tour, 7iS, Psissv, Paris. GeoL 
Terrier, Prof. Dr., Hue Pi;i'alc, 22, Paris. 
Terrier, Boulevard Montparnasses, 136, Paris, 
Terrier, Prof. Leon, Colley:c KoUiu, Avenue Tnidaine, Paris. 
Terreil, Rue Roycr-Collard, 11, Paris. Chem, 
Tessier, Lucien, Kicliompi-c, ncnr Gdraixlmer. Coleopt. 
Testout, a., Cour d'Appcl, Grenoble. Cokopt, 
Teulade, Marc, Rue Pcyras, 10, Toulouse. Geoq., Nat. Hitt. 
Teullieres, Prof., Rue Dupuis-Vendome, 9, Paris. Coleopt., Nat. 

Thenard, Le Baron A. P. E., Mem. Acad. Sci., Place Saint Surplice, 6, 

Paris. Phi/s. 
Therrv, J., Ruc'Mcrciere, 50, Lyons. Bot.y Mf/rol. 
Theurier, a., Place dcs Penitents, 8, Lyons. Chem. 
Thiebaut, Ch., Rue Traverse, 53, Brest. Bot. 
Thierry, A^nic. lust, of Rhone. EcuUy, near Lyons. Bot. 
Thierry-^Iieg, Paul, Rue dcs Mathurins, 51, Paris. Ent.: Lepid. C 

2,00J European species. Ex. for N. American species. 
Thiriat, Xavier, Kichorapi-e. EiU. : Coleopt., Bot. 
Thiriez, Prof., C'ollejre, Sedan. GeoL 
Thoinet, Dr., Rue St.-Clement, 44, Nantes. Bot. 
Tholin, Rev. P. A., Prof. Collej^e, La Seyne. Coleopt., Bot. 
Tholin, R. p.. Institution St.- Vincent, Sculls. Coleopt. 
TuoLLON, Rue SoutHot, 3, Paris. Phvs. 
Thomas, R«ic Copcrnic, 18, Nantes. Herpet. 
Thomas, liiMiLE, Prof. Normal School, Charleville. Geoh 
Thomas, Louis, Boulevard licurtcloup, 19, Tours. 
Thomson, James, Rue de Presbour«r, 12, Paris. Coleopt. 
Thuan, l'abbe Theodore, St.-Lambert-du-Lattay. Coleopt. 
TrCHiT, Directeur des Frercs, Lapanouse, Canton de Se've'rac (Aveyron). 

Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Tillet, Paul, Ex-Professeur de Sciences Natui-elles, Place des Minimes, 

Lyons (Rhone). Bot., Ent. : Coleopt. C, Ex. 
Tilman, Victor. Dir. Sup. Sch., Rue des Lombards, 2, Lille. Geol. 
Timbal-Lagrave, Ed., Rue Roumijruierc, 15, Toulouse. Bot. 
TixsEAU, Robert de, Villa Molitor, Auteuil, Paris. Coleopt, 
TisoN, Dr., Rue des Missions, 31, Paris. 
TissANDiER, G., Avenue de TOpera, 19, Paris. Chem. 
Tisserand, Francois-Felix, Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Ast. 
TissEYRE, Albert, Cours du Vinfrt-Neuf-Juillet, 26, Bordeaux, 
T07FART, Auguste, Lillc. Geol. 
TOPINAKD, Dr. Paul, Rue dq Reques, 97, Paris. Anthrop^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

FRAXC*.] THE naturalists' DlRECTOBf . 207 

Torre, Carlo dblla, Kiio Mon^c, 60, Paris. Col'opi. 

ToucHBT, Georges, Prot'csscur au Museum, 5, Rue de M^dlds, Paris. 
Cotnparatice AiMtomy^ Hi$t, 

Toulouse, Adolphe-Uertrano, Rue Fcrbos, 31, Bordeaux. Bot. 

TouRLET, £. U., Cliinon. Jittt. 

TOUKNBVILLE, ALBERT, Arcliivitc de la Society Zoulogiqnc dc France, 
Rue Mon^c, 36, Paris. Herpetolofff/t Mammulogy. C. £x. Rep- 
tiles and Ratrachiaus of France, for foreign, especially those of N. 
and S. America. 

TOURNIBR, J. Prof, au Coll(?«rc, Choissy (Ain). Geol^ Min., Arch, C. 
£x. Fossils of Frauce for foreign specimens. 

TOURNOUER, Raoul, Rue dc Lille, 43, Pans. Geol. 

Traidon, Naturalist, Pczciia<. BoL 

Trecul, Auqustb a. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., Hotel do Londres, Rue Linn^, 
Paris. Bot, 

TRtDiLLE« Prosper, Rue Lencpven, 32, Angers. Bot.f PaUo. 

Trelat, Emile, Rue Denfert-Rocbei*eau, ITj Paris. 

Trelat, Prof. Dr. Ulysse, Rue de TArcade, 18, Paris. 

Tremeau ob Rochbbrune, Naturalist, a An&^oul^mc. Coleopt 

Triama, Joseph, Actucllcmeut Consul-<;encraT dcs Ktate Unis de Colombie, 
en France, Aneicn Membre de la Commission Coiwraphique de la 
NoHvelle Grenade (E. U. de Colombie), 10, Boule'vai-d d*Enfer, 
Paris. Bot. 

Tbipibr, Dr. I^^on, Rue Childebert, 17, Lyons. 

Tromelin, G. lb G. oe. Chateau de Roselin, Finist^re pi^s Quimper. 

Trosier, Dr., Boulevard de S<n)astopol, 111, Paris. 

Trouessard, Dr., Villeveque, in Pcllouailles. Cokopi, 

Truchot, Prop., Barriere d'lssoire, 4, Clcrmout-Ferrand. Agric.f Bot» 

Trutat, Eugene, Conservatcur du Museum de Toulouse, Membra dc la 
Commission des Monuments MeValithiques, au Ministerc de I'ln- 
Btruction publique. Rue des Pretres, 3, or Jaixlin des Plantcs, Tou- 
louse (Haute Garonne). PaUpo* ((ilacial Epoch.) 

TuLASNE, Louis R., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Bot, 

TuRQUiN, Georoes-Hippolyte, Laon. Coleopt, 

TuSKiEWiTZ, Dr. Diom^db, Lc Vi^jan. Bot. 

Umhang, Jean, Directeur du Colle«j:e I/ibrc, Lachapelle s. Roufremont 
(Bel fort). Lepid.f Coleopt, C. Ex. Lepidoptera of France for 
those of other countries. 

UsQUiN, li^MiLB, Rue Dcfly, 18, Nice. 

UZAC, Alfred, 50, Cours d'Aguitainc, Bordeaux (Girondc). Coleopt., 
Lepid, C. Ex. or buy Ciirculionidse or Carabidse, especially Euro- 
pean Carabus. 

Vachal, Joseph, Arfrcntat. Coleopt, 

Vaillant. Prof. Dr. LtoN, Polytechnic School, Rue de Cursol, 38, 
Boraeaux. ZodL 

Yaldar, de G. O., (.Tten.f TIslc-Adam. Ent. : Coleopt, 

Valenciennes, A., Avenue dc Paris, 317, Saint-Deuis. 

Valla, J., Professeur au Seminaira de TArgentiera, Duerne (Rhone). 
Coleopt, C. Ex. 

VALLtE, Gaston, Place Saint-Marie, 7, Rouen. Om, 

Vallbtte, RENt, Rue des Carmes, 1 6t«, Poitiers. Coleopt, 

Vall^e, Marcel, Rue de la Graviera, 17; Chalons. Bot. 

Vallin, Prof. Dr., Boulcvanl Saint-Michel, 50, Paris. 

Valser, Prof. Dr. A., Rue Petit-Roland, 20, Reims. 

Van Ti^ghem, Philippe E. L., Mem. Acad. Sci., de TOd^on, 20, Paris. 

Varenne, E., Rouen. Bot. 

Vauloob, Marcel, Rue Saint-dernin, 58, Bordeaux. ErU. : Coleopt. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



VAU88EN4T, C. X., Baflrn^rcs-dc-BiffoiTO. Uin. 

Vauthibr, J. L., lliiu ilu Uutfon, 3a, Paris. Zool. 

Velain, C. H., Uoiiluvurd htiiiit-Gcrmuiu, 50, Pai'is. GeoL \ 

Vendrbly, Clianip*»jfiicv. Jkt. 

Venortes, Rue tic Mailnmc, 3i, Paris. BoL 

VEBCHtRB, Ernest A., Buc dc Cuii-e, 83, Argcnti^re, (Dueme). Coh' 

Verdin, Ch., Riic GiUlc-Coeur, 11, Paris. Phyi. 
Vebet, Dr., DoiiUerw. 

Veronette-Lamotte, Viscount, G. E. A. de, Bcanne. 
Verlaque. l*abb6, Im Scync. near Toidoa. Coltopt. 

Verlot, B., Riic Cuvier, 57, Paris. Bot. ' 1 

Veiilot, J. B , (ircnoMc. Bot. I 

Verne, Jules, Boulevard Lonpriicvillc, 44, Amiens. \ 

Verneau, Dr. 11., Boulevard Voltaire, 129, Paris. Anth. 
Vekneuil, Prop. Dr., Boulevard du Palais, 11, Paris. 
Vehrier, C, Aniieus. Col"Oftt. 

VfiRiN, E., Naturalist. Rue dcs Cvgnes, 13, Cambrai. Coleopi, 
Vesque, Dr. .Julien, Chef de l^*avauv a Tlnstitut Aj|:ronomiqne, Aide- d 

Naturaliste au Museam, Rue dc Mirbel, 4, Pai'is. Anal., Vegetable 

V&TU, Louis, Rue St.-Josepli, 23, Ai'senti^re, Dueme. Coleopt, 
Vialla, Lours, Rue dcs Grenadici*s, Montpellier. Apnc, 

Viallanes, Dr. Alfred, Prof School Mcdicioe, Dyon. Bot. | 

ViALLANES, Henri, Prcparatcur a la Faculte des Sciences, Rue de U Qef, 

39, Paris. Htstolor/y of Inaecis. 
Viaud-Grand-Marais, Prop. Dr., Place St.-Pierre, 4, Nantes. Bot. 
ViBERT, LB FitittE, (iraiKlricu. Coleopt, 

ViDAL, Olivier, Rue Xaujic, 212, Bordeaux (Gironde). Coleopt. 
ViEiLLARD, Alphonse, Mouaco. Coleopt, , 

ViEiLLARD, Euoi:NE, Dir. Bot. Gar , Rue St.-Jean, 245, Caen. Bot. 
ViGXARD, llBNiti, Aveuue d'Aniiu, 21, Paris. 

ViGCiER, Dr. Maurice, Faul)our;r St.-tJaunnes, Montpellier. Nat, Hiet, ' 

Villa ui>, L., Rue Royalc, 33, Lyons. Coleopt , Lotigicoma. C. 8,000 i 

species. Ex. Coleoptcra for first-class specimens of native and for- ' 

o.iifn Lon^ficorns. i 

ViLLE, Prof. Georges, Rue de Buffon, 43 6»>, Paris. Nat. Hist. 
ViLLE, Jules, Cours dcs Casernes, 33, Montpellier. Chem,, Phye. ' 

ViLMORiN, 11., Boulevard St.-Gei-main, 149, Paris. Bot. 
ViNOT, Prop. Jos., Cour de Rohan, Paris, Ant, 
ViON, Michel, Rue du Chem in- Vert, 27, Amicus. 
Viret, Georges, Paris. Coleopt. 

Virieu, Wilfrid de. Rue de Vai-ennc, 72, Paris. Coleopt. 
ViVAN, Jules, President Societe' Zoologie dc France, Rue dcs Petita , 

Champa, Paris. 
Vdillemin, (iEOROES, Anichc (Noi-d). I 

VuLPiAN, Edme F. A., Mem. Acad. Sei., Paris. | 

Walker, Boulevard Montehello, Lillo. A/ic. i 

Wallon, Prop., Lyceum. Rue Cadran-S.-Pierre, Reims. 
Warmont, Paul, Lyceum, Louis-le-Grand, Rue du Four-Saint-Gennain, 

Wartel, Rue de Lannoy, 35, Lille. Oeol, 
Wattebled, Gustave, Lieutenant au 16me Chasseur, Moullins (Allier). 

Conch, C. Ex. L. and F. W. Shells of France, for those of other 

Weber, J. B., Dijon. Bot, 
Weill, Univei-sity, Rue Roqu^pine, 20, Paris. 
Westphal-Castelnau, MontpclUcr. Coleopt. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

gbsmaht.] the naturalists' directoet. 200 

WiLLM, Dr., Boul^rarcl Montnarnassc, 82, Paris. Chem, 

WiNGARTER, Ch., Bot. Gai'.. lloc'liclbit. Bot. 

WiTZ, Georges, Place des Carracs, 46, Rouen. Chem. 

WoiLLEZ, Dr., Rue dc la Chausse'e-d'Autin, Paris. 

WuRTz, Prof.. A., Mem. Acad. Sci., Rue baint-Guillaume, 27, Paris. 

Wynde, Henry Zylop de. Rue dcs Blancs Monchons, 39, Donai (Nord). 

Om, C. Ex. 
Wyrouboff, Dr. G., Boule'vard Saint-Germain, 127, Paris. 
Xambeu, Capitaine Adjudaut Major au 22 Re^iraeut d'lnfanterie, Ljons 

(Rhone). Coliopt. C. £x. Insects of Fmnce, of all orders, for 

those of other countries, especially laiTa and nymph. 
YUMCAN, Bezicrs (Herault). Herpet, 
Yver, P , Briarc. Coleopt. 
YvoN Villarceau, Antoinb J. F., Mem. Acad. Sci., Paris. Geography 

and Navigation, 
Zeiller, Rue de Renncs, 43, Paris. Pafao., Zool., Bot, 
ZuBEB-UoFBB, CHARLES, Place Wagram, 1, Paiis. Coleopt, 


Abbb, Dr. Carl E., Prof. Math, and Phys., Univ., Jena. • 

Abendroth, Dr. R., Hohestr. 11, Lcip3ic. Coleopt, 

Ackermann, Dr. Carl, Seci-etar des Vereins fur Naturknnde, Hocli 

Paleschken ( Altkischan) £x. Olfcrs the Publications of the Society 

of Natural Pnilosophy. 
Adelmann, Dr. Georo B. von. Prof. Emer., Berlin. 
Adler, Dr., IScIdeswi<;. Hi/menop, 
Ahles, Dr. Wilhelm E., Prof. Bot. and Pharmacy, Polytechnic School, 

Ahrbbck, Hanover. Coleopt ., etpeeiaUtf Lamellicorna, 
Alberti, R., Hildesheim. Bot, 
Albrbcht, Prof. Dr. Th., Sectionschcf im kiinijrl. Preuss. geodatischen 

Institut, v.d., 5, Berlin, \V. Astronomical Geography, 
Albrbcht, Dr., Director Gymuasinms, Stmsaburg. 
Altum, Prop, Dr., Eberswalde. Forest ZoiiL^ Ent, 
Ambronn, Dr. H., Botanical Institut, Lcipsic. Bot, 
Ammon, Gottfried (Niirnbcrg). Lepid. 
Andrae, Prop. C. J-, Univ. Bonn. Veg. Pal<fo, 
Andrae, Prof., PoppeUilorf, near Bonn. Min. 
Andreae, Archilles, Stud. Geolo;;., Land.strasse, 23, Bockcnhcim 

(Fmnkfort-ou-Main). Pakeo. Tertiary iu Alsace. C. 
Andrae, Ao., Miiudeu. Bof, 


Apel, Dr., Preetz. CoU'opt. 

ARENDT9, Dr. Carl, Prof. Eraer., Munich. 

Arndt, C , Biitzow (Mecklenburg). Moll. 

Arnold,Dr. F., Sonaenstra««se, 7, Munich. Lichens, 

Arnold, Dr. Friedrich, Prof. Emer , Heidelberg. 

Arnold, Herm., Nordhauscn. Moll. 

Arzruni, Dr., Berlin. Min. 

AscHERSON, Dr. p. Prof. Univ., K«irnerstr., 9, Berlin. Bot. 

AskenaSy, Prof. A., Univ. lloidclbeig. Bot. 

AuERBACHt Dr. Ffif I.X, Prof Meteor., Royal Univ., Breslau. 

Auerbach, Dr. Leop., Prof. Uuiv , Breslau. Bot. 

AuwERS, Prof. Dk , Berlin. 

Baader, Friediuch, Frankfort-on-Main. Geol. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Bach, Dr., Boppard. Bot. 

Bachmann, Dr. Fkanz, Gcrbinfrasse, 2, Wiirzbnr^. Boi 

Bachmann, Otto, KonijrI. llcallehrer, Labonitorium fiir Mikro9kopiei 
Lamlsber<r nm Lech (Uavatia). Conch. C. Ex. Wishes to re- 
ceive shells of any kiiul iu ex. for any Microscopic preparations. 

Baenitz, Dr. (J., Koniisherj?. Dot. 

BAisrER, A., Prof. Univ., Munich. Ohem. 

Baeter, Dr. F. F., Piwaident der Kuni«;l. Preuss. ^eodiitischen In^titut, 
uud Centralburcaus der Eiiropischen Gradmessung, Liitzow Str, 
42, Berlin, W. Geodesy. 

Bail, Dr. Carl A. T., Prof. P. lytechuic School, Dantzic. Bot, 

Baldamus, Dr. Eduard, Morltzwinger, 7, Halle. Orti, 

Balzer, C, feonderburjr- Physic*, 

Banning, Prof. Dr., Minden. Rot. 

Bansa, Gottlieb, Frankfort-on-Main. A$t, 

Barbiche, Rene-Theodore, Cure de la Parvissc Catholique Bionvillepar 
Knrzel (Lori-aine allcmandc), (Lothringen). Bot.^ Pha7ieroffitm9t 
espeiinlly (-n/ptognmSt MosseSf LichettSi Mushrooms^' eturoptera^ 
(Odonata), Shells. C. Ex. Offo-s plants and L. and F. W. shells 
of Lorraine, for the same from all parts of the world. 

Barentin, Prof. Dr , Grosbarcn Str. 14, Berlin. 

Barnewitz, a., Brandenbur«r on the Havel. Bot. 

Baktels, Dr., Grosbaren Str. 93, Berlin. 

Bary, a. de, Prof. Univ. Strassburg (Abace). Bot. 

Basler, Dr. VV., Offenburjr, Bnden. Mo I. 

Bastian, Dr. Adolph, Dir. Eth. Musenm, Berlin. 

Bau, Alexander, S. Elisab -Ufcr, 2, Berlin. Coleopt., Diptera, 

Bauer, G. PL, Chemiker und Botauikcr, Alte Jacob-Strassc, 167> I. Ber- 
lin, Chem.f Rot. C. Ex. 

Bauer, Prof. M., University, Koni^sberfi: (Prussia). Min, 

Bauernfeind, Or. C M. von, Prof. Polytechnic School, Munich. 

Baum, Dr. Wilhelm, Prof. Univ. Guttiugen. 

Baumgardt, Dr , Potsdam. But. 

Baumstark, Prof. F., Univ. Grcifswald. Chem. 

Bause, Prof., May^deburg. Bot, 

Becker, G., Bonn. Rot. 

Beckmann, Apothcker, Bassum (Hanover). Bot. 

Beech ENAU, Prof. Dr. Franz, Director der Realschule, Bi*emen. Bot, 
Tuuic€e, Butomfice(ty TuncaginactBt Morphology ^ Gninan Flora, Ex. 

Beetz, Prop. Dr. F. W. H. von, Polytechnic School, Munich. Physics. 

Bequens, WILHEL.M JuLius, Dr. Phil. Kcdactenr do Botanique Institut, 
Gotiin<xcn. Rot ^ Physiol. ^ ZooL, Anat, C. 

Behrmann, Dtt» Carl, Director Elsfleth. Ast.^ Meteor,^ Decicttions of the 

Beinling, Dr , Carlsruhe. Bot. 

Bellevoye, Ad., Rue du Tour-du-CHoitre, Metz (Lorraine). Ent. : 
Ilemipt. and Coleopt. 

Benecke, Dr. E. W., Professor Universitiit Strassburg (Alsace). Geol., 

Benfey, Th., GottiufTcn. 

Bentfeld, Guissjin, noarEutin. MycoL 

Bergemann, Dr. Carl W. S., Berlin. 

Berghaus, 11. K. W , Potsdam. 

Berlefsch, Count Hans von, \Vitzenhau.sen (Hessen-Nassau). Om, 

Bernstein, Dr. Julius, Univ. Halle. Phys. 

Bernthsex, Prof A., Univ. Heidelberjr. Chem. 

Bertkau, Dr. Philipp, Dir. Museum, Poppelsdorf, near Bonn. Coleopt* 

Bertram, W., Bruuswick. Bot., Mosses, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

GE»Muurr.] THE naturalists' dieectobt. 211 

Besnard, Dr. Anton F., Munich. B<a. 

Besselich, Nic , Treves. MiiU. 

Betrich, Prof. Dr. Heinrich £., Uoiv. BcrliiL Ifiii. 

BiBON, Dr , Gartz. Coleopt. 

Bibuermann, Prop. R., Royal Univ., Berlin. Chem. 

BiRNBR, Dr. H. F. W., Re<rcn\valde. Agric, Chem. 

BiscHOFF, Prof. Dr. Theodor L. W. von, Munich. Anat., Phy$, 

BiTTGER, Oscar, Frankfoit-on-Main. Bo<., Geol. 

Blankenhorn, Dr. Adolph, Professor der Univcrsitat, President der 

Dcutsch. Weinbauer, Karlsruhe (Baden). Grupea and Grape Vine$, 

C. Ex. 
Blasius, Prof. Dr. Welhelm. Herzo<rliches Naturbistoirisches Museum, 

Braunschweig. Zo'i.t especially Mammalotfv and Ornitbolojry. C. 

Ex. Wishes foreign skeletons, or samples in* spirit, rodents, mount- 
ed bii*d3, and mammals in all preparations. 
Bleisch, Dr., Steblen. Diatomt, 
Blby, C, Dresden. Bot. 
Blind, Fi*ed., Hnnawihr (Alsace). Coleovt. 
Blucher, F., Lehrer, Georjrenkirchstr., «• Coleopt, 
Blum, T., Frankfort-on-Main. MoU, 
Blunschli, J C, Heidelberg. 
BocKHOLTZ, Ti-^ves. Bot, 
BoDiNUS, Dr., Berlin. Zodl, 
BoECKEL, Dr. Eugene, Prof. Emer., Strassburg. 
BoECKELER, O., Varcl. Bot. 
BoECKER, Ubinrich, Mikroskopisches-Inslitut, Wetzlar. Micro$., Macro^ 

Lepid. C. Ex. 
Boedeker, Prof. C, Univ. Gottingen. Phys,^ Chem. 
BoETTOER, Dr. Oskar, Lehrer der Naturgesch., Seilerstrasse, 5, Frank- 

fort-on-Maiu. Herpetohgy^ Living and Fostil MoUuska, C. Ex. 

Species Pupa and Clausilia, living and fossil. 
BdHM, Dr. a., Anat. In-^t.. Konigsl>erg. Embri/ohgy. 
BOLAU, Dr. Heinrich, Director des Zoiilogishen Gartens, p. t. Pres. der 

Venvaltnugs-Commission fur das Naturgcschicht Museum, Ham* 

burg. Zo8Lf esp'cially Mimma/s. Ex. Wishes N. A. birds to stuff. 
BOLLE, Dr. C, Leipzi^'cr Platz, 14. Berlin. Bot. 
BoLSfMANN, pa^teur, Gimbtc, near Miinster. Coleopt. 
BoNiTZ, Hermann, Berlin. 

BoRCHERDiNG, Fr., 9 Bi-cmcratr. Vergesack. Moll. 
BoRNEMANN, Dr. Johann G., Eiscnbach. 
BORNTRAGER, Prof. A , Univ. Heidelberg. Chem. 
BORST, L., Lehrer, Medoldcn, near ScheiTcbeck (Schleswig-Holstein). 

Bot.i (rraminea. C. Ex. Juncus pygmseus, Juncus atricapillus, 

and Carex trinei'via. 
BouCHE, C., Potsdamerstr., Berlin. Bot. 
BOUCHG, Emh^e, Bot. Gar. of Polytechnic School, Bininswick. 
Bqjtger, Dr. Oscar, Fmnkfort-on-Main. Herpet., Molt., Pakeo. 
BouCHE, J., Botanical Gaixlcns, Bonn. Bot, 
Brand, Dr. Ernst, Stettin. 

Brandbnburger, Joe., Seminerlehi'cr, Fulda. Bot., Ent, 
Brandt, Dr., Physiol. Inst., Berlin. 
Branoo, Dr., Berlin. Min. 
Bratdscheck, Prop. E.. Univ. Glessen. Phil, 
Braun, G , Hausherge, Westphalia, Mouea. 
Brauns, Oberlchrer, Schwerin (Mecklenburg). Coleopt. 
Braungardt, Dr., Prof. Bot. Agric. Acad., Wcihenstephan. 
Brehm, Dr. Alfred E.^ Berlin. 
Bkebmer, l>i^., Liibcck. Bot, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Brehmer, Dr. Gustav A., Gorbersclorf, near Friedland. 

Brrpelu, Or. O., EbcrswaUic. JioL 

Bketpeld-Kkonenbuko, Dr. Freiherr von, Breslaa. VeffeiabU 

Brinkmaxn, a., Obcrlchi*er, Wullc, near Bremen. Hjfmenopt, 

Bkitzelmayer, DUm Au>rshurjf. Mycol. 

Brock, Dr., Erlangcn. MoU. 

Brockmuller, Heinrich, Fleisehbescbaner, KiinipfStrassc, 16, SchTrerin. 
Bot.^ eapeciallif (hyptogams, C. Ev. Otfera Phanerogams, and 
Cryptogams of Mcckleuburj|r« and wubes plants fix>m all foreign 

BRdsiEKE, Dr., Louisenstr., 64, Berlin. 

Bruck, Emil von, CrclcUI. Coljopt, 

Bruck, Dr. Jonas, Brcslan. 

Brunn, PitOF. H., Univ., Munich. ArcfuBol, 

Bruns, Prop. Dr. IIeinrich, Berlin. 

Brussow, Victonaschule, Fiirstenstr. 14, Berlin. Lepid. 

Buchenau, Prop. Dr. Franz, Poh'technic School, Bremen. Boi. 

BucHiNGBR, Prop^ btnisburjr (AUacc-LoiTaine). Bot. C. Ex. 

Buck, Dr. Emil, Frankfoin- on-Main. Bot., Mic, Zool. 

Budge, Prop. Dr. Ludwig J., Univ. Greifswald. Anat» 

Bunsen, Prof. Dr. K., Univ., Hcidolbcrjr Chem. 

Bunsen, Prof. 11., Univ. Heidclherj^. Chem» 

BuRKHAROT, Dr. A., BesscUtr. 17, Berlin. Lepid. 

BuRKHARDT, Dr. G., AlcxandHnenstr., 82 a, Berlin. Lepid, 

Buttner, K., Burjrstrasse, Potsdam. L, and F. \V. Mo/lusks, C. Ex. 
Shell's of Northern Germany lor those of other lands. 

BuTSCiiLi, Prof. Univ., Carlsrube. 

BuvRY, Dr. Louis L., Berlin. 

Cabanis, Dr. Jean, Professor, Herausffeber des Journal fdr Omithologie, 
Alte Jacobstrasse, 103 a, Berlin S. W. Orn. 

Caflisch, Prof.. Aiigsburjr. Bot, 

Calix, O., Bliimenstr., 25, Berlin. Coleopt, 

Cantor, Prof. Dr. Moritz, Univ. Heidelbei-g. Math, 

Cahstanjen, E., Univ. Lcipsic. Chem, 

Carus, Dr. Albert G., Dresden. 

Carus, Dr. Jul. Victor, Ph. D., D. C. L., Professor Unlvci*sitiit, Anciv 
strasse, 30, T^cinsic. Zool., Comp, A^int, 

Caspary, Prop. R., Univ. Kiinitrsberti^. Bot., Micros, 

Chun, K., Univ. Lcipsic. Zoiil. 

Claudon, Albert, Membre de la Soci^td d*IIistoire Natnrellc, Rue Saint- 
Jean, 5, Colmar (Alsace-Lorraine). Bot,^ Geol.^ Coleopt,, only Car' 
abuf, BtrprfstidiP, Cefoftid^r, Lwigicorne, C Ex. Plants of Col- 
mar and Alsace, Gcolojrical specimens, and Coleoptei*a as above. 

Claus. Prop. A., Roy. Univ. Freiburjr, Breslau. Chem, 

Clausius, Rudolph,' Professor an der Univei-sitat nnd Geheimer Regicr- 
un<rsrath, Bonn. J*hf/sira, f specially heat and electricity, 

Clessin, S., Ochsenfiu-t, near Wiirzburjr. MoU, 

COCCIU8, Dr. Ernst A , Prof Univ. Leipsio. 

COHN, Prop. Dr Ferdinand, Univ., Schweidnitzer Stadtgi-aben, 26, 
Breslau. Hot. 

CoLOMBAiN, Niederbronn, Alsace. Coleopt, 

CONWENTZ, Dr. H . Dircktor des West Prouss. National Museum, Dant* 
zic. Vcqetaile Palero. 

Cornelius, Prop. Dr. Carl Sebastian, Halle (Saxony). Physios, 

Cornelius, Prop. C, Elbei-fcld. Coleopt. 

Crednek, Prop. H., Univ. Leipsic. /W«o , GeoL 

Crumbach, Prof. Gustave, DOsseldorf. Coleopt, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Gesmakto the naturalists' directory. 213 

Crup, Dr. Z., Cnstos am K. Natnralicn-Kabinet, AlleenstrMse, 9, Stutt- 
grai't. Entomolovjf enpeciaJly dffrehpment of sight in itueets, 

CURTIUS, Prof. E., Roy. Univ., lierlin. Arch. 

Czech, Dr., Diisscltloif. Bot. 

CzwALiNA, O., (ilettkaii, near Oliva, Dantzic. Coleopi. 

Dames, Prof. Dr., licrlin. 

Dannexbero, E., Apothckcr, Fnlda. Bot., Licfiem, Chem. C. 

DARMSTiBDTER, DR., Lttud.Nlmssc, 16, Bci'liu. W. 

Db Bart, Dr. ^Vxt., Prof. Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Strasburg (Alsace- 

Debekind. Richard, Bi-nnnschwciff. 

De Bev, Dr. M. II.. Professor, Ai*zt Univcrsitat, Jacob«5tnw3e, 114, 
Aarheu. Ent. : PuLvo. C. Very larjre number of specimens for ex. 

Decbex, II. VON, Wirklicher Gcheimc llatb, Dechenstr, t5, Bonn. GeoL, 
fspeciallj of N. \V, Germany. 

Deoenfeld-Schonburo. Kurt Graf voN.Universtat-Profcasor, Eybach, 
near GcUlin^rcn (\Vuitcml»er«r). Palao., MoUusks. C. Ex. 

De la Valette St. George, Bonn. 

Detharding, Dr. Georo W., Rostock. 

Detmer, Prof. Dr. W., Jena. Bot. , 

Dewitz, Dr H., Custos am Zoiilojrischcn Museum dcr Univertitat Ber- 
lin. Knt. , T» . 

Dickert, Anton, Compcr\'atos, Babusti-asse. 4, Boi^n. C. Plaster Pans 
models, jrlass model*. prcijare«l spidei-a, etc. 

Dicktn, Fr., 80, Musikanlenwcjr, Frank foit-on-Main. Molt, 

DiECK. Dr. Georo, Hitter, Zocschen-Mci-seburp (Savony). ColeopterOt 
DendroUiiiy C Ex. European Colcoptcra for rare and new speci- 
mens of seeds or silicified plants. .. , 

Dieffenbach, Ludwio Ferdinand, Cbemist, Redacteur dcs Kunigl. 
Dresden Journals, Rosseustrassc, 45, II., Dresden. Met, 

Diemar, F. II., Cassel. MnU, 

Dietrich, Dr. D., Univ. Jena. Bot, 

Dietrich, F., Liiteowstr , 107. Berlin. Bot. 

Dietz, Herni-, Augsbur^f. Moll. 

Dietzell, Dr. B., Aujriibur<r. Bot, ' 

Dilthev. Prop. Dr. G., Royal Univ. Breslan. Philosophy. 

Dingler, Dr. Hermann, Custos am k. Botauischen Garten, Karlstrasse. 
61 a, Munich. Bot. Ex, for various specimens of Circ», or will 
buy. , 

Dippel, Prof. Dr. Leop.. Dir. Bot. Garden, Darmstadt. 

Dittman, I-elu-er, Puttkammei-str., 20, Berlin. Lepid. 

DoEBNER. Prof. O.. Royal Univ. Berlin. Chem, 

Doell. Prof. Dr. J. Ch., Carlsruhc. Bot, 

Dohrn. Carl August. Stettin. Cohopt. 

DoHRN, Dr. II., Lindenstr.. 22, Stettin. MoU, 

DoLLiNOER, Ignatz VON, Munich. 

DoMRiCH, Dr. Ottomar, Meiningen. 

DoMS, Oislin. Bot. ., . « , «» . 

DoRN, Prof. Dr. F. E., Royal Univ. Bi-eslau. Physics, 

Dove. Henri Guillaume. Berlin. 

Dreesen, Pierre, Burg Pfaflfendorf. Bot., Bn/ol 

Dreher. Dr. Eugen, Docent an dcr Lniversuat Halle (Wittenberg), 
Invalidcnstrasse, I , Berlin N. General Science, 

Dreisch, Dr., Bonn. Bot. tn- * 

Drude Dr. Oscar, Professor der Botanik am Polvtechnikum, Director 
derKonijrl. Botanischen Gartens, Dresden. Bot, Monograpby of 
Palm-trees, Geojrrapby, distribution of plants. 

Du Bois-Retmond, Prof.,* Univ. Berlin. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


DDcKEB, Baron Franz Fritz von, Konigl. Prof., Beiigrath, Biickcbmsr. 

Genl.^ Patito, C. Kx. 
DuHN, Prop. F. v., Univ. Heiilclberg. Arehaol. 
UuNCKER, Prof. Dr. W., Marburjr. Moll. 
Duscn, Prof. Dr. Theodor voN,Univ. Heidelberg. 
Dussow, Foi-9 nicister, Kuiiijfsberg. Cokojit. 
Kbblino, Prof. W., Ma»rilebur;r. Bot. 

Ebenbock, Prof , Schwantliiileistr., 17, Munich, Bavaria. Lepid. 
Kbekmayer, Prop. Dr., Univ. Mnnich. Hot, 
Edelmann, Dr. Max Thomas. Privat-tloccnt a. d. techmschcn Hoch- 

sehiilc, Mit|rlied dir Kaiscrl. Leopold AcHdcmie der NaturforseUcr, 

luimber ciner physicalisch-mcchaaischcn Wcrkst&tte, Muuich. 

Edlich, Freimund, Gruna, near Di*csdcn. 
Kgelino, (iusT., Waldenmi'str., 16, Potsdam. Lichens. 
Ehlers, Prop. Dr. Ernest U., Univ. Giittinflren. Zobl. 
Eichhoff, M.. Miilhausen (.\lsHce). Coteopt. 
EiCHLER, Prop. Dr. .V. VV.. Univ., Potsdanierstr., 75, Berlin. BcL 
EiDAM, Dr. E., Bresian. Mt/roloffi/. 
EiLLES, Prof. Jos., Land.shnt, Bavaria. Pkyin^ Math, 
EiMEK, Prof. Th , Prof. Univ. Tiibin«ren. Zo&L 
EixiCKE, C, Bot. (lardens, Kr»uiji:!iber«r. Bot. 
Elsner, Dr. Caul F. M., Gymnasium, Brcslin. Bot. 
Emmerling, Dr. Adolpii, Vor.stand der A«rricnltui-c]icniisclien Versuchs- 

statiou iind Privat-doccut der Univer:$itat, Damoistrasse, 54, Kiel. 

A(/t'iru>tara'. and Phyaio^ogical ChemUtry, 
Engel,'Dr Ernst, Berlin. 
Enoelhardt, B. von, Kiiisscrlich Rusniscben Collcpicn-Sccrc^r zur 

Zeit, I^iel)itr3triW:<c, 1, Dresden. Ast. C of mstnmients. 
Engelhariit, Hermann, RealscUuloberlckrer, &choUci*sti-asse, 16 pt., 

Dresden. PaUeo. 
Engler, Dr. .'Vdolf, Prof der Botanik, Director des Bot. Gai-dens, Karl- 

str , 1 A, Kiel. Bot. C. E.\. Plants of Europe for those of N. 

America and An?<tndia. 
Engler, Prof. Dr. Carl, Polvtecb. School, Carlsruhe. 
Engler, Pro?. Dk. Heinrich'G. .A., Univ. Kiel. Bot. 
EpPELSHEivf, Dr. Edouard, Grunstadt (Palatinat). Coleopt 
Erdmann, Prof. Dr , Berlin. 
Erlenmever, Prof. Dr., Munich. 
Ernb, R[ic des Orphclin-j, Mulhausen (Alsace). CoUopt, 
Eulenbero, Dr. Hermann, Berlin. 
EvEUKEN, (iriinl>er«;. Bot.^ Bt-yol. 
EwALi), Dr. Julius W., Berlin. 
Eyrich, Dr. L., Mannheim. Moll. 

Eager, Hermann, Grosshei-zolicher Hofgarteninspector, Eisenach (Sax- 
ony). Bot. 
Falck. Dr., Kiel. Bot. 

P'ALKENBERo, Dr. Paul, Univ. Gottinofen. Bot. 
Faudbl, Dr., Rue de Die's, 8, Colmar (Alsace). Nat. Hist. 
Fechner, Prop. Dr. Gustav T., Univ. Leipsic. Physics. 
Feddersen, Dr. Berend Wilhelm, Caroliuenstrasse, 5, Leipaic. PAyt- 

ical Sciences^ especially Electricity. 
Fellmann, Charles, Cassel. Horticulture. 
Felsmann, Dittmannsdorf. Bot. 
Fettig, l'abbe, Matzenbeim (Alsace). Coleopt. 
FiCK, E., Hirsehbcr;r. Bot. 

Fieberg, Dr. P:., Michaclkirchplatz, 19, Berlin, S. O. Chem. 
Fiedler, Dr. Carl A. U., Bi-eslaa. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

GXBMAKT.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 215 

FiBDLBK, Dr. Alfred, Gch. Mcd.-Ratb., Koni^l. Lcibarzt, Dresden. 

Medicine. Collcctiun of Prchistoric untiquitics. 
FiETZ, Carl, Professor, Altkircli (Upper- Alsace). Bot.^ Moll. C. 
Finger, Dr. Aug , Frnukfort-ou-Muin. AMhr, 
FiNSCH, Dr. Otto, Bremen. 
Fischer, Dr. UEiNRiCRfPi-ufcssorUniversitiit, Freiburg (Baden). Afm., 

Micros, and ArchauL 
FiTTBooEN. Dr. J., Dahme. Bat. 
FiTTicA, Dr. Friedricu Bernard, Privat-docent a. d. Univci-sitat Mar- 

bur;r (Marburg oil tbe Lahii). (Uwm, 
FiTTio, Prof. K., tuiv. bti-assburg (AUacc). Chem. 
Fleischer, H. L., Lcipsic. 
Fi^EMMiNO, Dr Waltuer, Prof. der Anatomic, Director des AnatomU 

scbeu lustitiit, iScUlossgaiten, 1, Kiel. Atuxl.^ HistJ., Morphuior/t/ 

and Biol iff I/. 
Fluckioer, Prof. Dr. F. A., Strasbarg (Alsace- Lorraine). Botany , 

FlCgel, Dr. Felix, A<;ent Smitbsonian Institution, Leipsic. 
FOCKE, Dr. Wilh. Olbers, Kreuz, 2 a, fcteiu, Bremen. Bot. (Hybridi- 
zation of liosaceie). C. £x. Kurofx^an Phanerogams for ibi-cign 

Foerster, Arnold, Prof, Aix-la-ChapcUe (Aachen). Cohcpt, 
FoRSTER, Prof. Dr. W., Univ. Fi-auzsti-asse, 23, Berlin. Bot, 
FoRTLAGB, Pkof. C, Uuiv. Jcna. Psychol. 
Fraas, Dr. Oscar, Prof, am Konijrl. Naturalien Cabinet, Stntt^rnrt. 

P^iUto.^Arth. Ex. Wishes Miocene Mammals for those of Nc« 

Frank, Prof. Dr. B., Univ. Leipsic. Bot. 
Franz, Dr. Julius, Observator der Univershuts-Stcrnwartc, Koulgsber;;. 

Fraustadt, Dr , Onlenllichcr wisscnschaftlichcr Lchrcr an der hiiheron 

Bur;;erschulc [I., Broslau. Bot. Anatomy of plants. C. 
Frenzel, Dr. A., Freiberg (Savony). Chem. 
Frerichs, Prof. Dr. Fr Theod,* Director der Med. Klinik der Univ. 

(ichcimob Med. Rath, im Ministerium, Bismarckstr., 4, Berlin, N.W. 
Fresnius, Dr. Carl Remigius, Geheimcr Jlofmth u. Prof., Director 

des Cbemiischcn Labomtoriums, Wiesbaden. Organic, Technical 

and Analytic Chemistry. 
Freter, Jacobskiivhe, 25. Augsbm-jr. Lepid. 
Frevtao, Prof., Poprelsdorf, near Bonn. Chcm. 
Friedel, Ernst, Stadti-ath von Berlin nnd Dirigent des M«rki-«chcn Pro- 

vincial-MuNenm9, Kollnisches Rathhaus, Breitestr , 20, Berlin. C. 

Ichth.^ Conch., Anfhron. 
Friederichsen, L,, Goneralsecrctair der Geographiscben GescUschaft, 

Admiralitat-str., 314, Hamburjr. Oeog., Cartog., Navigation, 
Friedrich, Dr., Invnlidstr., 44, Berlin. Pakpo. 
Friele, IIerm., Ber:rcn. Molt. 
Frings, Edouard. Uei*dingen. Co'eopt. 
Friren, Augusts Marie Joseph, Prof, de Sciences au Petit-Scminaire, 

Montijrny-los-Metz (Alsace-Lorniine). Palao. C. Ex. Fossils of 

Metz for* Brachiopods and Echinoderms. 
Frische, Henri, Diisseldoif. Coleopt. 
Fritsch, Dr. Karl von, Prof., Director des Kon. Akademischen Mine- 

raloirischen Mnseum.s, Halle (Savony). Geol. C. Ev. Offers 

German Petrifactions of various formations in ex. for Anthozoa, 

Echinodci'm-:, Oustacese, Vertebrates. 
Fritze, R , Apotheker, Rybnik, Olicr-Schlesien, (Prussia). Bot.y Culture 

o'f Alpine plants. C. Ex. Oifers livin;; Alpine plants in ex. for 

those of the mountains of America and Himalaya. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Fromm, L., Schwcrin. MolL 

Fkomme, Frof. C, Univ. (iicsscn. Maffnetism, Galoanitm. 

Fkommuoltz, Ncuc Fnetlrichstr. 47, Bctiiu. Lepid. 

Fucus, Dr. Ernst, I-.chrcr uiul Voi-siamI agrrieultui'wisscn. LalK>rato- 

riuuis (ler Laiuhvii*tliscli:it'lli(*hcn Scliiile, Koppcln (Schlcswi^-Hol- 

sti'iii). Aualf/tic C/icmntiy. C. £x. Pliaiici*r>;riims and Mushi'ooins. 
FCJONBR, K., Pix)f. Normal Sfliool, Witteii-oii-tlic-Rulir. roleopt. 
FuLFS, Christian, JA-hrer an dcr (Trosshcrzoclilk-h OUIenfuir^ischcn 

fcichnlc, LUflc'tli-o»-tlic-\Vc8cr. Jbol, C. Ex. Plants of N. W. 

Germany for I'orci^rn. 
FUXCK, F , liot. Ciar., Lcipsic. Bot. 
Funk, Dr., Dir. Hot. Gar., narabcrjr. Bot. 
FuRTW ANGLER, PROP. A., Roy. Univ. Berlin. Arch. 
Fuss, II., Clcvcs. CrL'i/pt. 
Fut6, Prop. Louis, Kr»ni;rsbcr«r, Ncnmark (Prussia). Conch,, Bot. C. Ex. 

L. and F. W. shell?*, nnd F. W. Aljra» ot'Geiinany for foreign. 
Gaedechens, Prof. U., Univ. .lena. Anh, 
Galle, Prop. Dr. J (i., Uov. Univ., Breslau. Ast, 
Ganoe, Prof. Cur., Univ. .Jena. Cht-m. 
Garcke, Dr. August, Prof, nn dcr Univcraitat uryj Lchrcr am Konigl. 

Botaniselicn Miiscnm, 1 ricdrieh.str., 227, Berlin. Phan., Bot, 
Geoenbauer, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ lleidcUKT^r. Anat. 
Geheeb, Adalbert, Apotlickcr, Geisa, b'aehscn- Weimar. Bryology, 

Braziiiiin Mos-es. C. Ex. mosses of Europe, Brazil, Afi'ica, 

Anstrulia, Intlie^, etc. 
Getlenkauser, (iUILlaume, Prof., Elbcrfeld. Cofeopf, 
Geinitz, Prof. E , Univ Ilo-^tock. Geo/., Mic, 3//«., Physioh 
Geinitz, Prof. Dr. 11. H., Dresden. toL^ GeoL, Vcg, PaUto, 
GE.MMINGER, Dr. Max, Municli. ColeopL 
Gecrgexs, Dr Daniel, Berlin. Attth, 
Gerhardt, Prof. Dr. Carl I., (Jymnas-ium, Eislebcn. 
Gerlach, Joseph von, Prof dcr Anatomic, Uuiverai&t Erlangen. 

A not., Hist. Anatomy' of the eyes. 
Gerland, Dr. Ernst C. \V.. Cassel. 
Gerlani), Prof. Ur (iEORO, Univ. Sti*a.«<slnirjr. Geog. 
Gerndt, Dr. Leonhard, OUcrlehrcr, lioraci-sti'asse, '21, Zwickau (Sax- 
ony), (leouraphical flistnbution of plants. 
Gerstacker, Prop. A., Univ. (Jreifswald. /iw^, ZooL 
Gerstenberoer, C. Glob., Koni^rsbriicker pi, 4, Dresden. Diatoms, 
Getschmann, Molcr, Adulbcitstr. 81, Berlin. Cokopt. 
Geuther, Prof. Dr. Johann (i. A., Univ. Jena. Cht^i. 
Geyler, Dr. Hermann T , Fricdbcrger Laudsu*assc, 107, Dir. Bot Gar- 

den^, Fninklbit -on-Main. 
Giebel, Prof. Dr. Christian G. A., Univ. Halle. Zo67. 
Giebeler, Lieut ,Zal>crn. Coeopt. 
Ghbsbers, Charles, Dusscldori'. Coleopt, 
Gies, Prof. Dr. W., Fulda. l^ot. 
Gieseler, H., Bot. Gardens, Gottingen. Bot, 
Glan, Dr. Phil., Privnt-docent a. d. Univcrsitat, Sebastianstr. 75, II., 

Berlin. Physics^ Meteorology. 
Gmelch, F., Munich. Mnll. 
Godeffroy, C. sen, llambiu-ff. Moll. 
Goebel, Dr. Karl, Vctshochheimei-str., 6, Wfirzburg. Bot. 
Gobpper, Dr. II. U., Brcslau. 
Goeppert, Prop. Dr. Heinrich R., Breslan. Bot. 
GoETTE, Dr. Alexander, Professor an <ler Univei*sit&t, Director dea 

Stadtischen Naturwisscnschaftlichen Museums, Sti*assburg. Zobl.f 

Comp. Anat.f EvohUion. ^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


GoEZB, Dr. Edm., Bot. Gardens, Greifswald. Boi, 


CJoiiDFUSS, Otto, Halle. Moll, 
GoiiENZ, J., Schoiifekl, near Muhlbach. Bot. 
GoLTZ, Prop. Dr. Friedrich L., Univ. Strassburg. Phyaics. 
GoNNERHAXN, Dr., Neustadt. MycoL 
GoRDAN, Prop. Dr. Philipp P. A., Univ. Erlangen. Math. 
GoTHE, R., Geiscnheim. Bot. 
GoTTSCHE, Dr. Carl M., Altons. Bot., Herpatica. 
Grabbb, Heinrich, Candidatus pbilosophiae, Lickwc^en, near Biicke- 
bm'ir. Geol.f Palao, C. JEx. Offera petrifactions from N. Ger- 
man territories. 
Graeffe. Dr E., Prof, der k. k. Zocilog. Station, Trieste. Zool. 
Grebe, Dr. Carl F. A., Eisenbach. 

Grbepp, Prop. Dr. Richard, Univ. Marbui'pr. Zo8l., Anat, 
Grenacher, Prop. H., Univ. Rostock. Zo&l. 

Gribwank, Dr., I^reisphvsicus, BUtzow (Mccklenbur<r). Medicine, Bot,, 
Coleopt. C. Ex. Plants of noithern and centitil Germany for 
Grinbach, Prop. N., Gottingen. Bot. 
Gronland, Dr. Johann, Acad., Dahme. Po^, Micros. 
Groth, Prop. E., Univ. Sti*assburg ([Alsace). Physics, Chem. 
Grubb., Prof. Dr. Adolph E., Univ. Bfeslau. Zool, Anat. 
G&mbel, Prof. Dr. Carl \V., Univ. Munich. Geognosy. 
Grun, Augustb, Bof« Garden, Sti'assburg (Alsace-Lorraine). 
Guntuer, Prop. Dr. Adam W. S , Ansbach. 
GuNTHER, Dr. Rudolph, Dresden. 
GiJNTz, Dr. Eouard W., Colin, near Meissen. 
GuRET, Prof., Hallesche^str. 18, Berlin. 
GussPELDT, Dh. Paul, Berlin. 
GuTZEiT, Prop. H., Univ. Jeaa. Chem, 
Gysser, Auo., Cattenon, near Diedenhofen. Mott. 
Habelmann, p., Kopnickcrstr. 140, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Hache, Mittelstr. 17, Berlin Lepid. 
Haeckel, Prop. Dr. Ernst, Univ. Jena. ZoSl. 
Haenlein, Dr., RegenwaUle. Bot, 
Hag SNA, Prof. Karl, Marienstr. 15, Oldenburg. Bot. : Phanerogams, 

Haoens, von, Marienstrasse, 8. Diisseldoif. Coleopt. 
Hahn, H., Wilhelrastr. 3, Magdeburg. Coleopt. 
Halpern, Fr. v., Knrbrunnenstr. 1, Burtscheid, near Aachen. 
Hai,las, v., Cand. Pharm., Sonderburg. Bot, 
Hallier, Prop. Dr. Ern., Univ. Jena. Bot, 
Hampe, Prof. Dr. Georg E. L., Helmstedt. 
Hansen, Dr , Bot. Inst., Erlangen. Bot, 
Harold, B. E. von, Barerstrasse, 52, Munich. Ent, 
IIartio, Dr. Robert, Universitats Prof, ordin., und Vorstand des Forst- 
botauischen Instituts, Amalienstrasse, 74, Munich. Forest Bot. and 
Pathol, of Plants. C. 
Hartig, Prof. Dr. Theodor, Brunswick^. 
Haktlaub, Dr. Carl J. G., Bremen. 
Hartmann, Prof. Dr., Margarethen Str. 8, Berlin. 
Hartnack, Dr. E., Potsdam. Bot., Micros. 
Harz, Dr. C. C, Prof, der Kouigl. Centralthlerarzncischule, und Privat- 

docent der technischen Hochschule, Munich. Bot. 
Haskarl, Dr. Justus ICarl, Mitglied der Konigl. Akademie der Halle, 
Sa.Kony, Vierpagwcg, Clevcs. Bot. C. Ex. Plants of Germany for 
those of America. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

218 TdE KATtlBALISTS^ DIBSCTOltr. [GsftltAinr. 

Hasse, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Breslau. Anai, 

Haupt, W. Albert, Chemnitz. Bot. 

llAUPT. Dr., Inspector Nat. Cabinet, Bamberg. Moll,, Bd, 

Haussknecht, Prof. C, Weimar, bot. 

liEtHEL, WiLHELM, Lolirer an dei* Hoheren Tochterschule, Brandenbnrg 

on the Havel Systematic and GeographiccU Bot,, Equisetum. C. 
IIecht, Dr., iSanitatsrath, StraUund. Coleopt, 
IIeqelmaier, Dr. Christian F., Prof. Bot. Unir., Tiibiiigen. 
IIeiden, Prop. Edouard, Pommritz. Bat, 

liEIDENREICH, DR., Tilsit Bot, 

Heidenreich, Inspec. Bot. Gar., Miinster. Bot, 

Heidepriem, Dr. F., Dir. Agric. Stat, Coethen. Bot, 

Heidor.v, Dr., Calcuhitor der Koniglichcn Sternwai*te, Gottingen. Ast., 

H'eiland, G., Lyohen, near Brandenburg. Bot. C. Ex. 
IIeimbcrg, v.. Adjutant, Oldenburg Conch* 
Heinmann, Dr. Gustav, Privat-Docent, Assistent am Geognostiscli- 

palspontologischen Institute der Univeraitiit Strassburg. GeoL, 

PaUeo. £x. Fossils and Foraminifcra. 
Heinrich, Prof. Dr., Dir. Agric. Stat., Rostock. Bot. 
Heinzel, Prof. Dr., Agric. Gar., Proskau. Bot. 
Heiss, Fi-ankfort-on-Main. Bot, 

Hell, Dr. C, Prof, am Polytechnicum, Stuttgart. Chem, 
Hellmann, Dr. Gustav, Konigl. Meteorolo^ischen Institut (Abtheflnng 

d k. Statistischen Bureaus), Berlin, S. W. Meteor. Lioraiy. £x. 
Hellriegel, Prof. Dr., Bernburg. Bot.y Affronomy, 
Helmholtz, Prof. H., Roy. Univ. Berlin. Phya., Math. 
Hempel, C. £d., Chemnitz. Bot. 
Henninos, p., Roy. Bot. Museum, Berlin. Bot. 
Hensen, Prop. Dr. Victor, Univ. Kiel. Phys, 
Henzel, Prof. Dr. Gustav, Realschuloberlehrer, EHosterstnsae, I, a. 

Broslau. Bot.y Palao. 
Herbst, Dr. Gustav, Weimar. 
Herixo, Prof. Dr. Edward A. VOK, Stuttgart 
Hering, C, Dusseklorf. Bot, 
Hermann, R., Proskau. Bot. 
Hermes, Dr., Berlin. 
Herpell, Gustav, St Goar on the Rhine. Bot, C, Ex. Mosses of 

Europe for those of other countries. 
Hertwig, Prof. B., Univ. Jena. 
Hertwish, Prof. Dr., Carlstr. 26, Berlin. 
Hertz, Dr. M., Prof Philol. Roy. Univ. Breslau. 
Hesse, Prop., Univ. Munich. 
Hesse, P., Minden. Moll. 
Hesse, Dr. R., Marburg. Bot. 
Hesselbarth, Dr., Hartha. Bot. 
Hetzer, G., Dresden. Coleopt. 
Heule, Prop. Dr. F. G. J., Univ. Gottingen. Anat. 
Heyden, Dr. Lucas von, Konijjl. Preuss. Hauptmann, Schlosstrasse, 

54, Bockenhcim, near Fi*ankfort-on-Main, Prussia. Entomology, 

especially Coleoptera of EurojiCy N, Africa^ Asia and SibefHa, C. 

American Carabns, Cvchrus, Calosoma desired for European. 
Heydemann, Prof. H., Halle, Savony. Archeeol. 
Hevneman, D. F., 53 Schiffei-slr. Frankfort-on-Main. Moll. 
Hiemmeran, Dr. Adam, Frankfoj-t-on-Main. Efhnol. 
HiLD, Eduaud, KOnigl. Univei-sitiits Gartner, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. 

Hilgendorf, Db,, Franz M., Zool. Mus., Berlin. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

^eBManyJ ttii; KAftrtULISTS' DIEfiCTOtilf. Sid 

HiLGER, Prof. A., Hoy. Univ., Erlangen. Chem, 

UiLLE, Dr. L., Marburg. MolL 

HiLLER, Demminerstr. 2, Berlin. Coleopt. 

HiNRiCHSEN, Prof. N., Schleswig. Bot, 

HiNTZ, Dr. Ernst, Docent am Chemischen Laboratoriam, Wiesbaden. 

HiRN, GusTAVE Adolphe, Coirespondant dc Tlnstitut de Francei Boule- 
vard du Hohlandsberg, 10, Colmar (Alsace). Physics and Aiechati' 

HirschFeld, Prof. G., Univ. Eonigsberg, Prussia. Arch., Meteorology, 

HiTTORF, W., Miinster. 

Hochstetter, W., Bot. Gardens, Tubingen. Bot, 

HoECHHARDT, Prof. Dr. Ernst Thbodor, Weimar. Agriculture, Fof' 
est Botany, 

HoEME, Alphonsb^ Dresden. Bot. C. 

HoFMAN, Prof. Dr. A. W., Roy. Univ., 10 Dorothea Strasse, Berlin. Chem. 

Hoffmann, Prof. H., Univ. Giessen. Bot, 

Hoffmann, Dr. O., Blumentlialstr. 1, Berlin. Bot, 

Hoffmann, Prof. Ph., Eichstaett Bot. 

HoFFMANSBOO, CouNT, Dresden. 

Hofrath, Dr. Ed. S. C, Pi-of. Univ. Jena. Bot, 

HOLDBFLEiss, Dr., Breslau. Bot, 

HdLDER, Dr. Hermann F. von, Stuttgart. 

Holler, F., Kgl. Bezirksarzt, Memmin<;en (Bavaria). Bryology. G. Ex. 
Mosses, especially of Bavaria, Central Tyrol and Switzerland. 

HoLTZ, G., Bot. Garden, Hamburg. Bot, 

HoLTZ, L., Bot. Gardens, Greifswald. Bot. 

Homann, G., KuiTiii'stenstr. 12, Berlin. Ent, 

Horn, Dr. P., Waren. Bot. 

HoRSTMANN, Prof. A., Univ. Heidelberg. Ch^m, 

HosAus, Dr. Arnold, Obcrlehrec am Rcal-Gymnasinm, Eisenbach. Ag- 
rictUtural Chem. 

Hi)BNER, Dr. Hans, Ordentlicher, Oeffentlicher Professor der Chemie an 
der Universitat Gottingen, und Director des Chemischen Universi- 
tats-Laboratoriums, Geismar chaussee, 17, Gottingen. Chem. 

Ht^FNER, C. G., Prof. Univ. Tiibingen. Physiol,, Chem, 

HuGUENT, Prof., Sti-assburg. 

HiJLSEN, R., Staykowo, near Czarnikau. Bot. 

HuNEFELD, Prof. F. L., Univ. Greifswald. Chem., Min., OeoL, Palneo, 

Hunger, Emil, Lehrer, Dir. des Inst. Bot. Tauschvcreins zu Berlin, N. O., 
Heinelshof, 6, Berlin. Bot., Geog. of plants. C. Ex. Oifera plants of 
Germany in exchange for plants from all parts of the world, Crypto- 
gams, especially Equisetese. 

Hupp, Charles, Diisseldoif. Coleopt, 

Iherino, Dr. von, Leipsic. Moll. 

Ilse, Inspector of Forests, Hagenau. Bot. 

Insel, Krausnickstr. 3, Berlin. Ent, 

Jacobsbn, Oscar, Univei^sitHts-Professor, Rostock (Mecklenburg). Chem* 

Jacobt, Dr. N., Wendisch, Buchholtz, W. Berlin. Coleopt, 

Jack, J. B., Constance. Bot., Hepatic^, 

J^OER, H., Eisenach. Bot. 

Jaennicke, Maycnce. Coleopt, 

Jaoor, Dr. Fedor, Berlin. 

Jahn, Prof. G., Roy. Univ., Berlin. 

Jenisch, Wilh., Ocker. MoU, 

Jenssen, Dr. Chr., Kiel. Bot, 

Jersild, Dr., Sleswick. Bot. 

JesKitzer, Rector, Zanow (Stettin). Coleopt, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Jessen, Dr. C, Prof. Univ. Greifswald, Kastnnien Alice, 69, Berlin. Bot, 

Jetschin, Kobekt, Gch. Mini^tcrial-Sckretar, Mclchiorstrasse, 45, Ber- 
lin, S. O. Concholoff^. C £x. European L. and F. \V. shells in 
exchau<;e for those ol all lands. 

JiCXELi, C. F., Jk., 17 VVcinjrartenstr., Wiii*zburg. MoU. 

Jolly, J., Prof. Univ. Wiirzbnr<j. EtknoL 

Joseph, Dr. Gustav, Docent an dcr Universitat, Nea-Antoiniastrassc, 4, 
Broslan. Comp. Anat. and ZoOl. C. £x. 

JUDEICII, J. F., Thanind. Bot. 

Jl^HLKE, l)ir. Roy. (iardens, Potsdam. Bot. 

Jung, Carl, Ste!)cnhiifenerdtr., 26, Berlin. Lepid. 

Just, Prof. Dr. Johann L., CarUruhe. 

Kabath, U., Schuhbriicke, 27, Breslau. Bot. 

Kaibel, Pbof. Dr. G., Roy. 17uiv., Breslau. PhiloU 

Kaiser, Dr. E., Friedcnstmsse, 27, Berlin. Micros, 

Kalender, Dr., Colo;rne. Bot. 

Kalkowsky, E., Univ. Leipsic. Chem., Geoh 

KARSdii, Prop. Dr., Minister. Bot. 

Karsch, Franz, Strctzeistr. 13, Berlin, Cobont, 

Karsten, Prof. Dr. Gustav, Univ. Kiel. Phys. 

Kasper, J., Reichcnber^rerstr, 120, Berlin. Coleopt, 

Katter, Dr. F., Putbu-s (Rujjen). Entom. 

Kaysbr, Dr , Ansbach. Bot., Bn/oloffi/, 

Kayser, Prof. E., Invalidensti-asse, 46, Berlin. Geol. 

Keitel, G. T., Natumlist, Nicohi.-Kirchhof, 9, Berlin C. Lepid., Coleopt. 
and al' branches of Snt. Hist. C Ex. 

Kekulc, Prof. A., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Chem, 

Kekulk, Prof. R., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Arch. 

Kellermann, Dr., Wlinsietlel. Bot. 

KE.MMLER, Donnstetten, near Urach. Bot, ^ 

Kefler, Prof., Hildburjrhausen. Bot. f 

Kersten, Dr., Plan-ufer, 93, Berlin. i 

Kesselmayer, p., Frankfort-on-Main. Boi. ^ 

Kessler, F. F , Frankfort-on-Main. Physics. 

Kessler, Dr. Hermann F., Polytechn. School, Cassel. Bot, 

Ketteler. Prop. Y^.y Roy. Univ.j Bonn. Physics. 

Kienitz, Dr. M., Ebcrswalde. Bot 

Kiepert, Prof. 11., Roy. Univ., Berlin. 

Kiesenwetter, Ernst A. H. von, Dresden. 

Kiesenwetter, Fr., Wiesbaden. Moll. 

Kiliani, Dr., Munich. Bot. 

KiNKELiN, Dr., Zeisselstrasse, 7, Frankforl-on-Main. MoU. 

Kirchenpauer, Dr. G. H., Senator, Ziifaubindersof, 69, Hamburg. 
Systematic Zoiilogyy especially Bryozoa and Hydroid Polypi. C. 

KiRCHHOFF, Dr. Alfred, Odentlicker l^rofessor des Institiits, Halle (Sax- 
ony). Anth.f Eth. 

KiRCHHOFF, Prof. Dr. Carl R. A., Univ. Halle. 

KiRCHHOPF, (iusTAVE R., Hciddberjr. Phys. 

KiRCHOFF, ChicfGardeiier to Prince de Fuistenber<r, Donaueschingen. Bot, 

Kirchner, Dr. Oscar, llohenheini, near Stuttjrait. Bot. 

KiRSCU, TiiEODOR, Custodian Zoiil. Mus., Dresden. 

KiBSCUBAUM, Frau Prof. Dr , Wittwe, Louisenstrassc, 43, Wiesbaden. 
Eivt. C. Wishes to sell the collection belonging to her late 

Kjer, C, Sonderbnrjr. Physics. 

Klaeger, H , Adalbertstr. 6, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Klaeoer, O., Wilhchnstr. 114, Berlin. Coleopt. 

Klatt, Dr. F., St. Pauli, Amandastr. 18, Hambarg. Bot. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

gebmant.] the naturalists' directory. 221 

Klebs, Dr. G.. Strassbiirjor (Alsace-Lorraine). 

Klein, Pkof. Dr. C, Univ. Giittinxcu. Min.^ CnfitalloTraphy. 

Klein, Prof. Dr. (i., Director ilcr Wcttcrwartc <ler KoIuUchcn Zeitiinj**, 

Besitzcr 0111*^5 Astrononiischen Privat-observatoriuiiis, Cologne. Aat, 

and Mft. Topo^fniphy of the upper surface ot^the uioou. 
Klencke, Dr Phil. F. II j Hanover. 
Klinger, Dr. Heimr., Privat-doccut an dcr UDivci*sitat Bonn, on the 

Khine. Chejn. 
Klinkerfues, Prof. Dr. Ernst F. W., Univ. Gr»ttin«j:cn. Ait. 
Klinkerfues, Prof. Dr. \V., Director der K4>uj«j:1. fcjternwartc, Giittin- 

freu. A .^, Mtt» 
Klippert, Griinestrassc, Vcjrcsack. Oni.^ (Wl. 
Klipstein, Prof. Dr. v, Giessen (Upiwr-llcsse). Geol, Pa^mo, C, 

Kx. Otf'ef's nctritactions nud niincruh of the Alps and \V. Germany 

for those of N. America. 
Klocke, Pkof. F., IX< y. Univ., Frciburjr. jlii;i. 
Kloss, Dr. Hermann,' Fraukfort-on-Main, 
Klunzinger, Prof. Dr Carl Benjamin, Custos nm Koniorl. Natiiralien 

Cabinet, /Vlcxjindersrassc, 1, btuit^ait, \Viirtember«jr. ZoUL, Jc/tth.^ 

CoraLs^ Crustacea, C 
Knolbauch, August. Zcil, 54, Frnnkfort-on-Main. MolL 
Knolbauch, Prop. Dr. Carl H., Univ., Halle. P/*y*. 
Knop, Prop. \V., Univ. Lcipsic. C/wm, 
Kny, Dr. Leopold, Professor an dcr Univcrsitat unci an der Landwirth- 

sclmftlicbeu Hochschulc, Keithsitr. b, Berlin, W. Bot,, Phyaiolygy 

of p'aiU. 
Kobell, Prof. Dr. Franz X. W. Ritter von, Univ. Miraich. Min. 
Kobelt, Dr. WiLHEL-M, Frankfoiiou-Maiu. MoU. 
Koch, Dr C., Rov. (ieolo«ri-it, Adolfstr. 7\ Wiesbaden. MoU, 
Koch, F. E., A«rriculturist, Giistrow. McU. 
Koch, Prof. Dr. L., Univ. Heidclbcrfr. Bot,^ Anat. 
Koch, Victor von, Brunswick. Moll. 

Koch de Wolestein, Dr. Robert, Rcjrierunjjsratb, Berlin. Bot, 
KoECHLiN, Joseph, Qiuii du Ballaire. Mulliausen (Alsace). Coleopt. 
KoECHLiN, Oscar, Chimistc, Dornach, near Mulhouse (AUacc). Ent,^ 

principnlly Colropt. C. Coleopfera and Heniiptera. 
KoEHNE, Dr. Lmil, Rcalscbulk'hrcr, Potsdamei-str. 83, Eing. Gocbenstr. 

bot. Wishes Lythrncea*. 
KoENio VON Warthausen, Carl W. R. F., Biberach. 
KoEPPEN, W., Stendal. Coleoi-t. 
KoHLMANN, Reinhard, Vc«resack, near Bremen. Higher Muahrooma 

{Ilt/mejiomycftes), Oni.^ Conch. C. Ex. East India shells for 

hijrhermusinooins, fresh ordry,shelL5 (CypraeaSti-ombuSfVolutaiCtc.) 
KoHNE, Dr., Kurfursien<tr , 106, Berlin. 
KoLB, E., Kisslcgjr. Bot.^ Bryol. 
Kolb, Max, Bot. Gaixlcns, Munich. Eot» 
Kolbe, it., Miinster. Coleopt. 

Kolliker, Prof. Db. August A. von, Univ. Wiirtzbnror. Anat. 
KoLTZE, W., Repsoldstr. 14, Ilambur^r. European Coleopt, 
Konen, Prof. A. v., Univ. Giittinjjen. Pakeo.t OeoL 
Konig, Franzosischestr. 48, Berlin. Lepid. 
Konow, Fr. W., Pastor, Fiirstenbcr":, Mecklenburg. Bot,, Ent,, Conch,, 

Mui. C. Ex. 
Kopp, Prof. Dr. Hermann F. M., Univ. Heidelberg. Chem, 
Korber, Dr., Prof. Univ., Breslau. Bot., Lichens, 
Kornicke, Prop. Dr. Friedrich August, Decent der Botanik an der 

Kouiglichen landwiiihscliafi lichen Akadeniie, Poppclsdorf, near 

Bonn. . Bot, Wishes samples of prain for sowinfr, and maize in 

whole cars. Especially interested in diseases of plantSt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


KoRTE, Prop. G., Univ. Gottin^en. Arch, 

KossMAN, Prof. R.» Univ. Heidelberg. Zo6l. 

KosTER, T. E.. Elsfleth-on-the-Weser. Navigation and Astronomy, 

KosTLiN, Prop. Dr. Otto, Stuttgart. 

Kraatz, Dr. Georo, Linksti-asse, 28, Berlin. Ent, 

Kraatz, Koschlau von, Gen.. Wiesbaden. Coleoot. 

Kraepelin, Dr. Karl, Uammerbrookstr. 17, HamDui^. Bot, 

Kraetzer, Dr. J., Darmstadt. Moll. 

Krantz, E., Bonn. Veg. Pal€BO., Min. 

Kranz, Dr. August, Kheinisches Mineralien Comptoir, Coblenzerstrasse, 

121, Bonn. Min., Pakeo., Petrography, C. £x. minerals and 

Kranz, Dr. C. a., Karlstr. 21, Munich. Ent, 
Kraty, Dr. J., Berlin. Ent, 
Kraus, Dr. Carl, Lehrer der Landwirthschaftlichen Scbule,iindyorstand 

dcr Saniencontrolstation, Friesdoi*f, Bavaria. Physiology of plants, 
Kraus, Prof. Dr. Gregor, Univ. Halle (Saxony). Bot, 
Krauss, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von, Stuttgait. Nat, Hist, 
Krauze, Dr. Hermann, Hanover. Bot. 
Kreglinger, Karl, Privatgclehiter, Stephanienstrasse, 44, Carlsruhe, 

(Baden). Conch, 
Krempelhuber, Dr a. von, Amalienstr. 3, Munich. SJchens, 
Krecscher, Prop. G., Freibei-g. Bot.^ Alga, 
Kretzer, J. F., Mtilheim-on-Main. Moll. 
Kreusler, Dr., Arolsen (Waldeck). Coleopt. 
Kricheldorff, Ad., Oi-anienstr. IST), Berlin. Coleopt., Lepid, 
Kriechbaumer, Dr., Schwanthalerhohe, 20, Munich. Ent, : Hymenop- 

tera, Dipte^-a. 
Krohn, Prop. Dr. August D., Bonn. 
Krukenberg, Dr. C. F. W., Physiolog. Institut, Heidelbei^. Physiol., 

Chem.y Comparative Physiol, 
Kubary, Joh., Hamburcf. 
Kuchenmeister, Dr. F., Dresden. 
Kugler, Dr., Zeil, Frank foit-on -Main. Bot. 
Kuhn, Prof. Dr. Gust., Mockern. Bot, 
KUHN. Prof. Dr. Jul., Univ. Halle- on-the-Saale. Bot. 
Kuhn, Dr. M., Louisenstr. 67, Berlin. Bot. 
KuMMER. Prop. E. E., Rov. Univ., Berlin. Math, 
Kummer, Prop. Paul, Munden (Hanover). Bot,, especially Mosses, 

Lichens and Fungi. C. 
Kuntze, Dr. Otto, Leipsic, Eutritzsch. Bot, 
KuNZE, Prop. Dr. Carl L. A., Weimar. Math., Phys. 
Kunzb, Dr. Joh., Lutherstrasse, 10, Eisleben. Bot,, MycoL 
KuNZE, Prop. Max, Acad. Tharandt, near Dresden. MolL 
KuPFPER, Prop. Dr. Carl, Univ. Kiinigsberg. Anat. 
Kurtz, Dk. Fritz, Assistent am Mineralog. Museum, Konig. Augustastr. 

50, Berlin, W. Bot. C. Ex. European plants for cryptogams 

from all parts of the world, including Ferns, Lycopodiacea and 

KussMAUL, Prop. Dr., Strassburg. 
KiJTziNG, Prop. Dr. C T., Nordhausen. Bot,, Alga. 
KUWERT, Giitsbesitzer, Wernsdorf, near Thai-au, in Old Prussia. Coleopt., 

Lepid. C. Ex. Wishes Lamellicorns and Cyrambycida in ex. for 

Coleoptera of Gennany. 
Lackowitz, a. W., Schcinhauser Allee, 57, Berlin. Bot, 
Lademann, Spandan. Moll, 
Lagarde, p. de., Gottingen. 
Lambrs, Guillaume^ Jagerhofstr., 1, Diisseldorf. Coleopt. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

qebmakt.] the naturalists' dibectory. 223 

LiAMONT, J., Dir. Obsenr. Munich. 

I^AMP, Dr. E., Observaior, Konijjliche Sternwarte, Kiel. 

liANDOis, H., Prof. Univ. Munstcr. Om., Uic, 

1-iANDOLT, Prof. Dr. Hans H., Aachen. Ciiem, 

L.ANO, Ch., Bot. Oar , llciclelber«jr. 

Lano, Prop. 0., Univ. Giittingeu. Mic, 

LiANONER, H., Breslau. Bot. 

Lappb, Neudietcndorf, near Gotha. MoU, 

LiASARD, Dr., KiJnigin-AugHSta Str. f>0, Berlin. 

Laspeyres, Prop. II., Polyteclmischc Ilochschulc, Aachen. 3/tn., 

Lasaubb, Dr. Arnold von, Prof. a. d. Univei*sitat, Direktor des Mine- 
raloifisch Museums der Univei-sitat, Bonn-un-liliine. Mln.^ Pvtrog, 
Ex. Minerals and stones of tlic Rhine and Germany lor American 

Laubenheimer, Prof. A., Univ. Giesscn. Chem. 

Laucbe, W., Kiiiiigl. Garten Inspector, Dir. des Botnnischen Gai-tcns, 
Lehrei-anstalt, Potsdam, Prussia. Dendroloyy^ Ponwluf/t/, Bot, 

La Valette Saint-George, le Baron von. Prof., Bonn. ColtojH. 

Lehmann, Dr. Johannes, Decent a. d. Universitat bchloss-Poppclsdorf, 
near Bonn, Rliein. A/m., GeoL C. 

Lehmann, J., Ettlinjfcn, near Carlsruhc. MolL 

Lehmann-Filhes, Dr. Rudolf, Decent der Astronomic an der Kiinigl. 
Univei-ailat, Landgrafenstr. 4, Berlin, W. Ast, 

Lehr, Counsellor, Wiesbaden. MoU. 

Leichtlin, Max, Eigenthiimercines Botanischen Privat Gartens, Baden- 
Baden. B9t» Introduction of new and rare phnts. C. Ex. Wishes 
samples of foreign plants, and bulbs; offers first-class specimens of 
the same. 

Lbimbach, Dr. Gotthelp, Prof., Pi-asident u. Redacteur des *|Tormi- 
schia,"Sondei*shausen, Thuringcn. Bot, C. Ex. European oi-chids 
for those not of Europe. 

Leiner, L., Constance, Bot. 

Lemke, August str. 93, Berlin. Lepid. 

Leno, Dr., H., Museum, Liibeck. Zool. 

Lenz, Dr. Heinrich, Conservator am Naturhistorischen Museum, Lii- 
beck. Zool, C. Ex. Crustaceie, Animals of the East, Fauna of 
Mada<;ascar, in ex. for all specimens of the animal kingdom, for the 

Lbpsius, C. R., Berlin. 

Lessino, Dr. M. B., Berlin. 

Letzner, K., Nicolai-Str. 63, Berlin. CoUopt, 

Leuchart, Rudolf, Prof. u. Kgl. Sachs. Gehcimer Hofrath, Zoologischcn 
Institut, Thalstr. 15, Leipsic. ZooL 

Letden, Prof. Dr. Ernst, Univ. Berlin. Path, 

Lichenstein, Dr. Eduard, Berlin. 

Liebe, Dr. Th., Rittei-str. 35, Berlin. Bot. 

LiEBERKUHN, Prop. Dr. Nathanael, Univ. Marburg. Anat, 

Liebermann, Prof. C, Roy. Univ. Berlin. Chem, 

Liebisch, Prof. Dr. T., Roy. Univ. Breslau. Min. 

Limpricht, G., Palmstrasse, 21, Breslau. Bryol. 

LiMPRiCHT, Heinrich, Prof, der Chemie an der Universitat Greifswald. 

Lindlet, W. H., Civil Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil 
Engineers ^London), Fellow of the Geogi-aphical Societv (London), 
29, Blittersaorffs Platz, Frankfort-on-Main. Sanitary Engineering, 

LiPSCHiTZ, Pbof. R., Roy. Univ. Bonn. Math, 

LisCH, G. C. F., Schwerin. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


List, Dr. Edmond, Neustadt-an-dcr-Hardt. Bot. 

Listing, Dr. Johann Uenedict, Prol*. of Natural Philosophy in the 
Uiiivci'sity of (iiittinjreu. Optiat^ Math, (Jeog., Aitttor, 

LoEBBECKE, Th., Conchiiicu-Mnsfiim, Diisseldoi*!'. Livttig ahells. 

LoEW, Dr. E , Lutzowatr. nl, Beiiiti. Hot. 

LoEwio, Prof. Dr. C. J., Roy. Uuiv. Breslau. Chem. 

LoHMEYER, Dr. Carl, Emden. Moll. 

LoHSE, Dr. Oswald, Koui^Iiches Obscrvatoriam, Potsdam. Astro^ 
Physcs and A&tro- 1* holography. 

LoRETZ, Dr. Hermann, Frnnklbit-on-Maia. Geol, 

LouiTZ, Dr. N., Fi-ankiort-on-Maiu. MolL 

l^oso, Dr.. Liitzov btr. 51, Berlin. 

LossEN, Dr., Klcinbecrcn Str. 8, Berlin. 

LossEN, Prof. \V., Univ. Konipberg. Chem, 

Lucas, Dr. Ed., llcutliujrcii. Bot. 

LucHS, Or. Ernst, \Varm!)runn. 

Ll'DECKE, Prof. O., Haile (baxony). CrystaJlogrzphy. 

Luders, Edward, LauicrbcT*r-on-*Harz. Moll. 

LuDwiG, Dr. Friedrich, (iymuasial-Obcrlehrcr, Grciz. Bot,, Biol. 

L u d V , M elc h iorsi r. aO, Bcrl i u . Coleopt. 

LuERSSEN, Dr. (terhard C. F., Doceut dor Botaoik, Gustos des Univcr- 
sitiits iierbariunis, Brau.strassc, 6 B, II. Lcipsie. Vasctdar Ci-ypto- 
fyams, Ferns and their allies. C. 18,000 specimens of Ferns. Ex. 
Ferns of Polynesia, Asia and Europe, for those of the globe, espe- 
cially America. 

Luther, Prof. E., Univ. Kuni^rsbei^. Aet, 

AIaass, M. C>., Altenhausen. Bot, 

Macker, Dr. Emile, Colmar (Upper Alsace). Lepid. 

Magnus, Dr. P., Prof Uuiv. Bellevuestr. 8, Berlin. Bot, 

Malherbe, .Tiul^c, Metz. 

Malortie, Dr. Carl (). B. von Hanover. 

Maltzan, Baron Hermann von, 45 jrr. Eschenheimcrstrasse, Fmnkfort- 
on-Main. Cnnchnlogy, espeeiaUy geographical distributiofi of am" 
mnls. C. Ev. Marino shells. 

Mangold, C, Pot.sdam. Moll. 

Maume, \V., Gottiujrcn. 

Marquart, Dr. Louis C, Bonn. 

Marshall, W., Univ. Jvcipsic. Nat, Hist, 

Marshall, Dr. Wm. A. L., Weimar. 

Marsson, Dr. Theodor, Greifswald, Pommern, Prussia. Bot,, Pxleeo., 
Chem. C. 

Martens. Dr. E. von. Prof. Zoc31., 35, Kui-fiirstenstr. Berlin W. MoU. 

Martin, Prop. Dr. Aloys, Univ. Munich. 

Matthes, Dr. Benno O., Dresden. 

Matuschka, v., Kreuzkirchc, 4, Berlin. Coleopt, 

Maurer, L., Bot. Garden*, Jena. Bot, 

;Mayer, C, Dir. Bot. Garden, Grand Ducal, Carlsmhe. 

Mayer, Jules Robert, Hcilbronn. 

Mayer Prof. W., Univ. Tuhinjren. Micros. 

Mayr, Prop. A , Univ. Wiirzbnrp. Ast., Anth, 

Mechtritz, Rudolf von, Privat^elehrter, Klosterstrasse, 84, Brcslan. 
Systematic Bof. and Geog. of plants. C. Ex. Wishes Hieraccap of 
Great Britain, Ru.ssia, and N. Asia. Phanerosrams of N. America, 
especially of the U. S., and offers the same fi-om Germany, princi- 
pally from Silesia, Austro-Hunjrary and South Germany. 

Medicus,' Prof. L., Wui-zhurjr. Analyt. Chem. 

Meissner, Prop. Dr. Georg C. F., Univ, GQttingen. Physics^ 

Mejer, Dr., Hanover. Bu^, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Mblsheimer, Linz-on-Rhinc. Bot. 
Menge, Pkof., Danzi<r. Bot., Ent, 
Mekbach, JPbof. Dr. Mokitz, Dresden. 
Mekkl, JoSm Munich. European Lepid, 
Messek, £., Reallehi'er, Urcincn. Bot. 
Metzoek, Frof. Dr., Mundeii. ZoOL, MoU, 
METZL.ER, Adolf, Franklbn-on-Main. Bot, 
Meyer. Dr. Adolf B., Dir. Zoiil. Mus., Dresden. 
Meyer, Ferdinand, Telegraphcnbeamtcr, Markirch, Upper Alsace. 
Malacology, especially of Germany, C. Ex. Eurapean Helices 
lor tliose of North America. 
Meter, Dr. Heinrich A., Kiel. 
Meyer, Prop. Dr O. A., Roy. Univ., Breslaa. Math, 
Meyer, Dr., Kouijrsberjr. heoL 
Meyeruolz, a., Obersiein. Bot, 
Michael, A., Waldcubur^ (Silesia). MoU. 
Miller, Dr. CoNR., EssendorflWiiilemberg). MoU, 
Mink, Wilhelm, CrefcUl. Coleopt, 
Minks, Dr. Arthur, Fraueustmssc, 43, Stettin. Lichens, 
MiNNiOERODE, Bernhard, Grcilswalil. 

M1T8CHERLICH, Prof. Dr. A., Miiudcn. Chem. C. Wishes to sell 
chemical preparations, miuci-als, and models for technical chem* 
MoBius, Prof. Dr. Carl A., Univ. Kiel. Zo67., Anat, 
MoECKEL, Elisabeihstr. 65, Berlin. Lepid.. 
Moesta, F., Univ. Marbui-g. Min., Mte., Phijs,, Chem., Geol 
MoLLER, J .UDWIG, Erl'iirt. Bot. 

MoLLER, T. D., Pranarator fiir Microscopie, Wcdel, Holstein. Dtatotns, 
MoMMSEN, Th., Berlin. 
Monheim, v., Aix-la-Lhnpclle. Bot. 
MON9TERBERG, Major von, Bambcrff. MoU, 
MoRiTZ, Prof. Dr., (Tcisenheim. Bot. 
MoRSBACH, Dr. Ad., Doitmund (Westphalia). Cofeopt, 
M08ER, Dr. James, Berlin. 

Moulin, Le Comte du, Bcrtob.hcim, nearXeuburg-on-the-Danube. Boi, 
^IrHLiG, F. G. O., Fi-aukibrt-on-Main. Min-os, 

MiJHLiG, JOHANN GoTTLOB, Inspector dcr von Gnaitajschcn Stiftnnjrcn, 
Ehrenmit«jlicd u. Mit^lied mchrerer jrelchrten GesoUschaftcn wie 
ohcn und Ncuc Maintzcrstmsse, 9, Frankibit-on-Main. European 
Lepid., Om., Bin', of Coleopt. C. Ex. « u u 1 

MuLLER, August, Siudiosus der Naturwissonschaftcn, OflFenbach-on-the- 
Main (Hessen). Orn, C. Ex. or sclU European and Exotic Birds 
E*rL's, Beetles, and Shells for first-ilass specimens. 
Mi^LLER, Dr. Herman, Geisenheim. Bot, 
M<'^LLER, Dr. Johann B., Berlin. 
MCller, Prof. Dr. Johann W , Univ. Jena. Anai, 
MiTLLER, J. F., Bot. Garden, Giesson. Bot. ,, „ ,« x » * 

Muller, Dr. Karl, Hei-ausjrebor der " Natnr,* Halle, (Saxony). Bot,, 

Bruohnii. C. Ex. onlv Mosses of unexplored lands. 
Muller, Dr! N. F. C-,' Professor der Botauik, Miinden (Hanover), 

Prn^^ia. Phtisiological Botany. 
Mi'TLLER, Theodor, Ro\ al Herbarium, Di-csden. Bot. 
MuNTER, Prof. Dr. Andreas H. A., Greifswald. Bot^Zo&L 
MDnter. Dr. Julius. Ord. (iff. Prof, der Botanik, Director des Bot. 
Gnrten^ and er K. Preus.^. Universitiit, Greilswald (Prussia). Bot,, 
nendrohgy, C. Ex. Wishes specimens of N. Amencan woods. 
Murdtfield. Kbeina (Westphalia). Coleopt, 
Nachtigal, Dr. Gustav, Bedin. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Naeqeli, Prof. Dr. Ch. Guill. yon, Univ., Aagustenstrasse, 15, 

Munich. Bot. 
Naumann, Prof. Al., UniT. Giessen. Chetn., MefaL 
Naumann, Dr. F., Ge'ra. Bot, 

Neesen, Prof. Friedrich, Ziethenstr., Berlin, W. Phytics. 
Nehrkorn, Adolph, Obei-amtmann, Riddagrshansen, near Braunschweig. 

Orn.f especially OoL C. 2000 specimens. £x. eggs from all coun- 
Nbrz, Fidblis, Geschaflsfiihrer des Ph^p^sical. Mech. Institute Ton M. Th. 

Edelmaun, Munich. Physical Science. 
Nestlbr, Prop. Dr. Jul., Dir. Stat. Agron, Carlsruhe. Bai, 
Neubbrth, Ernst J., Dresden. 
Neumayer, Dr. George, Professor, Director Deutsche Stemwarte, Ham- 

burtr. Geography, MagneUsm^ Meteorology^ Hydrography, 
NiEPRASCHK, J., Colojfne. Bot. 

Nibs, Prof. Dr. Fribdrich, Hohenheiro. Min.^ Geognosy. 
NiBTSCHMANN, Seidelstr. 3, Berlin. Lepid. 
NiTSCHE, Prof. Dr. H., Thai-and. Zo&L 
NiTSCHKE, Prof. Dr. Th., Mitnster. Bot. 
NoBBE, Dr. Fred, Tharand. Bot. 
NoETLiNG, Dr. Fritz, Assistent am Min. Museum, Konigsberg, Prussia. 

Geol.y Pakeo. (Diluvial of E. Prussia.) 
NoLDEKE, Cellc. Bot. 
NoLDEKE, T., Strassburg. 

Noll, Dr. F. C, 96, Oederweg, Frankfort-on-Main. MoU. 
NoRDLiNOER, Prof. Dr. VON, Hohenheim, near Stuttgart Bot. 
NORTHAGEL, Prof. Dr. HERMANN, Uuiv. Jena. PathoL 
NoTLiNG, Fritz, N. Schlegelstr. 18, Berlin. Moll. 
Oberdeck, Prof. Dr. Anton, Univ. Halle. Physics. 
Oberndorfer, Rudolf, Lehrer der Univeraitat der Naturkunde, und k. 

Landschule, Giinzbiirg. Ent., especially Coleopt.^ Mataeohay, C. 

Ex. Wishes firat-class specimens of L. and F. W. shells from all 

Olshausen, Prof. Dr. Robert, Univ. Halle. 
Oppenheim, Dr. H., Sternwarte, Blumeshof, 1, Berlin, W. Att. 
Orth, Prof. Dr., Wilhclmstr. 43, Berlin. 
Ost, 11., Univ. Leipsic. Histol., Chem. 
Ottino, Count Max, Wiesenfelden. MoU. 
Paalzow, Prof. Dr., Wilhelmstr., 50, Berlin. 
Paasch, Dr., Stralauer Briicke, 4, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Pagbnstecuer, Prof. Dr. Heinricu A., Univ. Heidelbei^. ZoSl, 
Pahle, Puttkammerstr., 10, Berlin. Lepid. 
Pappenheim, Dr. Samuel, Berlin. 
Patze, Konitrsbcrjf. Bot. 

Paul, Ubter den Linden, 64, Berlin. Coleopt., Lepid* 
Pauli, G. R., Gottin^fen. 
Paulisch, R., Fruchtstr., 77, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Peck, F., Schweidnitz. Bot. 
Peck, Dr. R., Goerlitz. Bot. 
Penck, Dr. Albrecht, I.*indenstr., 81, Leipsic. 
Perlenfein, G., Fi-ankfort-on-Main. Bot. 
Perking, W., Bot. Gardens of the Univ. Berlin. Oeol., Bot. 
Peter, Dr. Albert, Bot. Gardens, Munich. Bot, 
Peters, Prof. Dr. Christian A. F., Observatory, KieL AlU 
Peters, Prof. W., Roy. Univ. Berlin. ZoUl. 
Petersen, HARTV«rio, Hamburg. MoU. 
Petersen, Dr. Theodor, Fi-ankfort-on-Main. 
Pettenkofbr. Prof. Dr. Max yon, Univ. Munich. BygUn^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Petho, Gtula, Munich. Geol 

Petry, Arthur, Schwanthalerstr. 67, Munich. Ent. 

Petzholdt, Dr. Alexander, Prof. Emeritus, Wirklichcr Staatsrath, zur 

Zeit, Freiburjf, Baden. 
Pfaff, Prof. F., Roy. Univ. Erlangen. Mm., GeoL 
Pfeffer, Prof. W., Univ. Tubingen. BoL, Mtc. 
Pfitzer, Prof. Dr. E., Dir. Bot. Garden, Heidelberg. 
Pfleiderer, Prof E., Univ. Tubingen. Phtl. Anth. 
Pfutzner, J., Alexandrinenstr. 87, Berlin. Lepid, 
Philippi, Prof. A., Univ. Giessen. Arch, 
Phtsikalische Gesellschaft in Berlin, F. Neesen, CoiTesponding Sec- 

retaiy, W. Ziethenstrasse. 
Pinner, Adolf, Ph. D., Univ. Berlin. Chem. 
PiNZGER. Prof. Dr., Reichenbach. Bot. 
Planck, Dr. Max, Privat-docent a. d. kgl. Universitat, Barersti-asse, 48, 

II., Munich. Physics, 
Planeth, Dr. H., Schwedn, Mecklinberg. Conch., Min, 
Plotz, C, Gi-eifswald. Lepid. 
•Pogge, Greifswald. Lepid, 

Polakowskt, Dr. H., Augustastr. 49, Berlin. Flora of Costa Rica, 
PoLECK, Dr. T., Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ., Breslau. 
Pollack, Wilhelm, Kaufmann, Siidefelderstrasse, Miinster. Ent,: 

Lepid. C. Ex. 
PoLSTORFF, Prof. C, Univ. Gottingen. Chem. 
Polytechnische Gesellschaft, Friedei-strasse, 36, Berlin. C. 
POSCHARSKY, G. A., Bot. Gardens, Dresden. Bot, 
PossAVANT, Theo., Frankfoil-on-Main. 
Post, Prof. J., Univ. Gottingen. Chem. 
POSTH, F., Bisch wilier* Ent'.: Lepid. 
PoTONiE, Henry, Assistent am kgl. botanischen Garten, Dorotheenstr. 

42, Berlin, N. W. Bot. C. Herbarium to sell. - 
POUGNET, Eugene, Ingenieur, Landroff (Lon-aine). Zodl., Pal€BO., Min, 

C. Ex. Wishes objects of Zo()logy, PalseontologA* and Mineralogy, 

especially mammals, birds' eggs. Arachnids, L. and F. W. shells, 

insects, tossils, etc., in exchange, the same specimens of Lorraine 

and exotic, and insects and fossils of France. 
PRAHL, Dr. p., Flensburg. Bot. 
Prantl, Dr. Karl, Professor dcr Botanik an der k. Forstlehranstalt, 

Aschafrenl)urg, Bot., Filices. C. 
PRAZMOWSKI, Dr. Adam, Hohcstr. 11, Lcipsic. Bot, 
Preiss, Dr. Johann A. L., Herzbcr«r-on-Harz. Bot. 
Prestel, Dr. Michael A. F., Prof. Math, and Phys., Emdcn. 
Preuss, Wilhelm Heinrich, Naviiration-l^ehrcr, Elsfleth. Physical 

Science, Biology, (J. Ex. Beetles of the North of Germany for 

Preussing. Hr., Bcnburar. Bot, C. Ex. 

Preyer, W., Professor Univei-sitat, Jena. Physiohfjy of Emhyol, 
Pringsheim, Dr. N., Professor, Bendlersti-asse, 31, Berlin. W. Bot., 

Probst, Du. Josst, Wiirtcmberg. 
PROGEL, Dr. a., Waldmiinchen.' Bot. 
Quedenfeldt, Fi-obenstr. 29, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Qdenstedt, Prof. F. A. v., Univ. Tiibingen. Geog., Nat, Hist, 
Quincke, Prof. G., Univ. Heidelberg. Optics, Elect. 
Rabenhorst, Dr. Gottlob L., Villa Louisa, Meissen. Bot, 
Rade, E., Miinster. Ent. 
Radlkofer, Dr. Ludwig, Universitat Professor, Munich (Bavaria). 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

228 THE naturalists' DIBECTOEY. [GEaHAKY. 

Rahl-Rinkers, Dr., Genthinerstr. 6, Berlin. 

Rammelsberg, Prof E., Koy. Uqit., Berlin. Chem, 

Rangabe, a. B., Berlin. 

Ranke, Leopold, Berlin. 

Rathke, Prof. B., Halle (Saxony). Organ, Chem,, 

Rau, Dr., Hohcnheiin, near Stutt||:art. not, 

Reclam, Prof. Dr. Carl II., Univ. Leipttic. 

Reess, Prof. Dr Max F. F., Univ. Kriangen. Bot, 

Rehm, Dr., Riitisbouuc. Bot., Mycology, 

Reiser. Ferdinand, Faubourg dc Savcrne, 8, Strassbnrg (Alsace). CoU' 
opt., liemipt. 

Reich, Prof. Du. Ferdinand, Freiberg. 

Reichardt, Prof. Dr. Edward, Univ. Jena. Chem. 

Reicuenbach, Prof. Dr. II. G., Dir. Bot. Garden, Hambni^g. Orchidt, 

Reic'HENuach, Dr. Johann P. D., Altona. 

Reichenow, Dk. Anton, Redactcurdes Oniitholoorischen Centralblatts, 
• Vorsitzeuiler dcs Deutscheu Vcreins fiir Vogelzuclit und Acclima- 
tisation, (iroisbccreustrassc, 52, Berlin, S. W. Onu 

Reicherbauh, Heinricu, Fraukfoit-on-Main. Zoiil, 

Reichert, Prof. Dr. Carl B , Univ. Berlin. Anat, 

Reifperscheid, Prof. Al., Univ. Grcifswald. Min, 

Reimers, D., Aabeuraa, blcswick. l^ot. 

Reinuaud, Dr. Hermann, Priisid. d. Landes-Medro-Collegiom, Johanniz- 
strassc, 14, Dresden. Uymenopt, 

Reinhardt, Dr. O., Oranienstr. 45, Berlin, S. Moll, 

Reinke, Prof. J., Univ. Gottin^en. Bof., Mic, 

Reinsch, Paul Friedrich. Prolessor der Naturwissenschaften, Erlangen, 
Biivuria. Muroscopie Bot., Cfeol., PaUeo, C. Microscopic sections 
ol rocks and ibssiis. • 

Reiss, Dr. Wilhel.m, Berlin. 

Rennert, Carl, Miihlcubach, 24, CoIogne-on-thc-Rhine. Organic Chem* 


Rensch, Rector, Nostizstrassc, 14, Berlin. Bot, 

Renz, Dr. VVilhelm T. von, Wildbald. 

Reu.mont, Dr. Alex., Aix-la-Cbapoile. 

Reusch, Prof. Dr. F. E. von, Univ. Xiibingen. Pky$, 

Re YE, Theodor, btrassburjr. 

Reymond, Emil du Bois, Berlin. 

Ricuter, Paul, Lclner, Villa Drevzehner, Leipsic-Angcr. Bot, Algw, 

C. Ek. Alira» of all kinds for 'F. W. AlgaJ. 
Riciiters. Dr., Frankfort-on-Main. 
BlCHTER, Dr. liEINHARD, Sajill'cld. 
Richter, Du. V. De., Prof. Chcni. Roy. Univ., Breslau. 
Richthofen, Prop. Dr Ferdinand F. von, Bonn. 
Ried, Prof. Dr. Fkanz J., Univ. Jena. 

Riemenschneider, C, Bnrfusxcrsti-asse, 11, Nordhauscn. <2ld||w<; 
RiESE, Du. Ferdinand, Frankfort-on-Main. * 

liiESS, Prof. Dr., Spandauerstr. 81, Berlin. 
Kinecker, Prof. Dr. Franz von, Univ. Wurzburg. 
KiNGSEis, Prof. Dr. Johann N. von, Munich. 
Rodewald, Dr. II., Inst. Physiol., Giittin^cn. Bot. 
RoEMER, Ferdinand, Royal' University, Breslau, Prussia. Geoly Paleto, 

C. Ex. Paheozoic and other fossils of Europe for North American 

Roeper, Dr. .Johann A. C, Director Botanical Gardens, Prof. Univ., 

Roess, Max, Professor an dcr Universitat Erlangen, Bavaria. Bot., 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

oebmakt.] the naturalists' dibbctoby. 229 

ROHBMANN. Bernstadt (Silesia). MoU. 

Roll, Dr. Julius, Lehi*er an der hub. Madechcnschnle, Darmstadt. Bot,^ 
Mosses of Thwringen, C £x. Mosses of Germany Ibi* those of 

Roos, Heinr., Frankfort-on-Main. MolL 

RoosE, WiLUELM, FraDUfort-on-Maiii. 

Rose, P., Pi-of. Uoiv. Strassbur); (Alsace). Chem. 

RosENBOHM, Euo., Bot. Gardens, K6nifrsbcr<i:. Hot, 

RosBNBUCH, Prof. H. F., Univ. Hcidelberj;. J/*«., Geol^ Petrography. 

RosENHAUEK, Prop. W. G , Roy. Univ., Erlungen. Zobl 

RossBACH, Prop. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Berlin. PhiloL, ArchtBoL, Hist, 

Rossi, K. (tustave de. Novices. Co/eopt. 

Rostock, Dresden (Sa<ony). iVewoptera. 

Roth, Prof. Dr. Justus, Univ. Berlin. Afi/i., GeoL 

Roth, Insp. Bot. Gardens, Mtiskau (Silesia). BoC. 

Rottenbach, Prof., Mcinins^csn. Bot. 

RDhter, Dr. Rblnoardt, Director, Hofi-ath, Saalfeld. Geol, PaFao, C 

RQmker, George, M. A., Director der Sternwarte, Reichs-Prutun>fs-ln- 
spector fur die Nautischcn Prufuniren der Deutsciicn Handul^i-Marine} 
Abtbciluu^rs-Vorstand der Dciitscben Sternwurtc, Humburt;. Astroi^ 
omy and NacigcUion. C. Libmry of Astronomical and Nautical 

ROppell, Dr. Edward, Frankfnrt-on-Mafn. ZooL 

Ri>pPELL, Dr. Wilhelm P., Fi*ankfort-on-Muin. 

RDST, Dr. D., Friedrichnrasie, 22, Fi-eibiUp'. EtU, C. Ex. 

Ruthb, R, Barwiilde. BruoL 

Saalmuller, Max, Koni^rlicU Preiis^ischer Oherstlietitenant a. d. GrtiTie* 
bur>rwe;f, 92, Frankfort-on-the Mrtin. Ent: hepid. C. Ex. Wish 
L<»pidoptcrrt of Madji^fjucsir, Ccvhrn and llavti. 

Sachs, Prop. Dr. Jul. von, Univ., Dir. Bot. CJai-llem, Wurzbui'g. Bot, 

Sacusse, Dr. Hob., Univ. Lcipsic. Bot,, Chem. 

Sadbbeck, Prop. Dr. Kichakj, Besjn'nndcrliof, 48, Hamburg:. Bot.^ 
PhfiS ofofiy of ftlauls, Mtrpho oqy, M/cahiy, 

Saderbeck, Dr., Prof, in dcni Kdui^^l. Geodcsisclicu Iustitut,Steglitzerstr. 
4 f., Berlin \V. Gtwle^y, 

Saipert. J., Bot. Gaitlcns, Erlancren. Bat. 

Salkowski, Piiop li , Univ. M duster. Chcm. 

Salm-Salm, Phince zu, Anhalt, Westphalia, MoU, 

Salmin, St Pauli, Hiimbur^^. Lepid, 

Salomon, C, Bot. Gardens, WurzSur:;. Bot. 

Sandbergeh, Dr. Fuidohn, Prof. Univ., Wurzbursr. */m., G^l., MoU. 

SANDiSR Prop. 1 )r. J ulius, Belle- All iancestrasse, 15, Berlin, S. W. Phys- 
iology and Medicine. 

Sanio, Da! Carl Gustav, T<.vk (E. Prussia). Bot. 

Sattler, Georo C. (^., Schweinfuit. Cfwm. 

Sattler, J. C , Schxyeinfurt. Chtin, 

Sauppe, H., Gottinjrcn. 

Schaafhausen, Dr. Hermann, Prof. Univ., Bonn. 

Schabert, J. W., Sec. Soc. llort. of Hambur;,', Altona. Eimsbiittcl, 
San.lwejf, 25 b, llarabur<:. BoL 

SOHACKO, Gustav, Mccliauicns, Waldemai-sti-assc, 14, Berlin. MoU., 
Micros., FornnwifiTa. C. Ex. samples of dcop-sea sonndin«;, and 
fO"5sils from China, Japan, Red Sea and the environs of Berlin. 

SchXfpbr, Prop. Dr Carl J. T. 11., Univ. Jena. Math, and Phys. 

Schaphautl, Prop. C. F. v., Univ. Munich. Ueog, 

SCHARPP, Dr Fried., Frankfort-on-Main. Mm. 

Sharlok, Gartcnstrwsc, 22, Graudciw, W, Prussia. Bot, C. Wishes to 
buy and sell 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

230 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBT. [Qkrmasy. 

ScHAUF, Db. WiLHi!LM,Frankfort-on-Maiii. Ifin. 

ScHAUFUSS, Camillo Festir, Assistent am Museum Ludwig Salvator, 

Oberblasewitz, Dresden. Zool. C. £x. for insects. 
ScHAUFUSS, Dr. Ludwio Wilhelm, Director des Museum Ludwig Sal- 

vatot% Oberblasewitz, near Dresden. ZodL C. £x. eggs, birds, 

shells and beetles. 
ScHELLUASs, Prof., V., Landshut (Bavaria). Chem., Nat, HUi, 
ScHEKENBERO, Gix>hn, near Vegesack. Orn. 
bCHERFLiNG, Neue Willielmstr. 12, Berlin. Diptera. 
8CHIECK, Hallesehestr. 15, Berlin. Coleopt. 
ScHEiDEL, Seb.-Al., Museum, Bockenheimer Landstrasse, 8, Frankfort- 

on-the-Maiu. Lepid.^ Anth.^ Coleopt. 
ScHiERBRAND, WoLF C. VON, Dresden. 
Schenk, Prof. Dr. August von, Univ. Lcipsic. Bot, 
^CHERZER, Dr. Carl H. von, Leipsic. 

Schick, Dr. Oscar, Professor am Gymnasium, Weimar. Math,, Phyt. 
ScHiLSKT, J., Scli(iuhauser Alice, 160, Berlin. Ent, 
ScHiMPER, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm P., Univ. Sti*assbuiig. Min,, GeoL 
ScHiRMER, F., Balmhofstr , Wiesbaden. Moll. 
ScHLAGiNTWEiT, lioBERT VON, Prof. Universitat, Gieasen (Hessen). 

Phtfsical Geography ^ Ethjiology, C. Wishes to sell Asiatic skulls, 

skeletons, ethnolotfical oasts, and olvjects of various kinds, 
ScHLEOEL, Prof. Herman, Univ. Mus., Lcyden. Om, 
ScHLEMM, Dr. Oscar, Rustenburg. MoU. 
SCHLICKUM, J., Winninjjen. Bot. 
ScHLiBPHACKE, Dr. Karl, Waldau, near Osterfeld, Merseborg (Prussia). 

Bryol.^ Mosses. C Ex. 
ScHLOMiLCH, Prof. Dr. Oscar, Dresden. Math. 
Schlosser, Gliicksstr. 1, Munich. Lepid. 
ScHLUMBERGER-DoLLFUSS, Jean, Guebwillcr, Alsace. Coleopt, 
Schlltter, Prof. Dr. Clemens, Bonn. Pa/ao., Geognosy, 
Schmeltz, J. D. E., Jr., Dir. Mus., Godeffroy, Plamburg. Bot,, Moll, 
ScHMiD, Prof. Dr. Ernst E., Univ. Jena. Mm,, Geol. 
Schmidt, Adolpiie, Ascher!slcl)en. Diatoms. 
Schmidt, Dr. Franz A., Hamm, near Hamburor. 
Schmidt, Georges, Rue de Bale, 23, Colmar (Alsace). Coleopt., Bot, 
Schmidt, Prof. Dr. J. A., Univ. Heidelberg, Mittelstr. 37, Hamburg. 

Schmidt, Dr. Maximilian, Dir. Zool. Gardens, Frankfort-on-Main. 
Schmidt, O., Weimar. Mofl. 

Schmidt, Prof. Osc, Univ. Strassburg (Alsace). Zo6l,, Mic, ' 

Schmidt, P., Bot. Garden, Darmstadt. 
ScHMiTT, Dr., Mavenoe. Coleopt. 
ScHMiTZ, Prof. F'., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Bot, 
Schnauss, Dr. Julius C, Jena. 
Schxeegans, Prof. Dr., Strassbur*?. 
Schneidemuhl, Georo, Universitat Kiel, Schleswig-Holstcln. Anatomy, 

Schneider, Prof. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Breslau. Zo6l, 
Schneider, L., Zerbst. Bot, ' 
Schneider, Dr. Oscar, Portikusstr. 4, Di-csden. Physical Geography, 

Coleopt. C. Ex. European Caucasian beetles fur foreigu aoiber 

and insects of all countries. 
Schneider, Dr. W. G., Breslau. Mycology. 
Schneider, Prof. Dr., Dorothecnstr. 46, Berlin. 
Schneider, Prof., Frankfort-on-the-Main. Coleopt^ 
ScHODLER, Prof. Dr , Potsdamerstr. 13, Berlin, 
ScHOLZ, Pbo7. M., Univ. Greifswald. Min^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

gbsmant.] the naturausts' directoby. 231 

ScHONFELDy Prof. E., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Ast,, Math, 

ScHRADER, Dr. Carl, Observator der Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg* 

ScHREFELD, Muskau. Bot. 
ScHRiCKEL, Lichtenbergerstr. 2. Berlin. 

ScHROEDERSTiFT, £d. Otto, 29 U, Louisenstrasse, Hamburg. Bot, 
ScHROETER, Dr. Julius, Breslau. MycoL 


ScHiJLE, W., Dir. Pomol. Sch., Brumath. Bot, 

Schulter, Prof., Univ. Bonn. GeoU 

SCHULTES, Dr. J. H., Schwanthalerstr. 41, Munich. Bot, 

SCHULTZ, Prof. Dr. A., Roy. Univ., Breslau. Arch. 

ScHULTZ, Dr. a., Finstei-waide. Bot. C. 

ScHULTZB, Dr. Hugo, Brunswick. Bot, 

ScHULTZE, Caft., Ehrenfeld, near Cologne. Coleqpi. 

ScHULTZE, Prof. Dr. Bernard, Univ. Jena. 

ScHULZ, Dr., Linien Str. 12, Berlin. 

ScHULZE, Max, Jena. Bot. 

Schumann, Dr. Ch., Breslau. Bot. 

Schumann, Dr. H. A., Dresden. 

Schumann, Dr., Reichcnbach. Bot. 

SchunkS, Lottumstr. 25, Berlin. Ent. 

SchGpfel, Dr. Oscar, Prof. Univ. Tiibingen. Pathol, Anat, 

ScHUPPLiE, Theodor, Bielau, near Neisse, Silesia. Bot. 

ScHWALBE, Prof. Dr. Gustav, Univ. Jena. Anat. 

Schwan, Rud., Halle-on-the-Saale. Bot. 

SCHWANERT, Db. Huoo, Prof. der Chemie anderUniversitat, Greifswald. 

Schwartz, Dr., Hallischcs Ufer, 2el, Berlin. Diatoms, 
SCHWARZE, P. VON, Dresden. 
SCHWEiKERT, Dr. Johann G., Breslau. 

ScHWENDENER, Dr. S., Prof. Univ. Mathaikirchsh'. 28, Berlin. Bot, 
ScRiBA, W., Wimpfen-on-Neckar (Hesse Darmstadt). Cokopt, 
Sedillot, Dr. Carl E., Prof. Emer., Strassburg. 
Seehaus, Prof. C, Stettin. Bot. 

Seeliger, Dr. Hugo, Docent an der Universitat, Leipsic. Ast. 
Sbgnitz, Prop. Dr. Gottfried von, Schweinfurt. Bot, 
Sbibert, Hermann, Eberbach-on-the-Neckar (Baden). Zo67., Moll. C. 

Ex. Offer MoUusks from this place and various forms of NepbAline 

from Katzenbuckel, and wish Shells and Minerals. 
Sbibert, Wilhelm, Wetzlar. Optica, Mushrooms. 
Seidel, Heinrich, Chemnitz. Bot. 
Seidel, Prof. Dr. Ludwig, Univ. Munich. Math., Ast, 
Seidlitz, Dr. Georo von, Univ. Konigsberg. 
Seitz, Prof. Dr. Franz, Univ. Munich. 
Selenka, Prof. E., Roy. Univ. Erlangen. Anat., MoU, 
Semper, Prof. Dr. C, Wurzburg. MoU, 
Semper, George, Altona, Prussia. 
Sendtner, Ludwigstr. 2, Munich. Lepid, 
Senft, Dr. Carl F. F., Eisenach. Bot, 
Sbydler, Prof. F., Braunsberg. Bot. 
Siebert, Prof. Dr. Fred. L. J., Univ, Jena. 
SiEBOLD, Prof. Dr. Carl T. von, Univ. Munich. Zo6l, 
Siemens. Dr., Markgiafen Str. 94, Berlin. 
Simon, Hans, Kaufmann, Lindenstrasse, 3, Stuttgart Ent. C, Ex. 

Desires only Prussiden, Pselaphus, Soydmaaen and Mastigas. 

Will buy and exchange. 
Singes, Pbof. Db. J., Ratisbonne. Bot, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

232 THE naturalists' directory. [GERacAjrr. 

StNTEKiS, p., Bolkenhain. Bot. C. 

SocHTiNo, DRm Poudamcr Str. 120, Berlin. 

SoLOEK, Dk. Bbkxako, Prof am Aimtomischen Institat imd Fri?at-I>o- 

cunt a. d. Uuivefsiiat, Haile (Prussia). Comp. Anai. 
Solms-Laubach, Prop. IL, Uuiv. Giktiugca. Bot, 
80NDEK, Dr. Otto Wilhel.m, Uambur;r- 
Bonder, Dr. W., Eilbeck Pappcostnuse, 46, Hamboi^. Bot 
SoNNENKALB, Prop. Dr. Ilucio, Uiiiv. Leipsic. 
80RAUER, Prop. Dr. Paul, Proskau. Bot, 
S0RHA6BN, Dr., RciiNcli'iUeht'cr, Hambui^. Lepid. 
Spenoel, I^eoxuard, Munich. 

iSPEYER, Dr. ()., Roy. Gcolo^fist, 6, Elsassscrstr., Berlin, N. MoB, 
bPiEKER, Prop. Dr. Th , Potsdam. Bot, 
Spibssbx, Prop. August von, Koni«rl. Preuss. ObserTatoriam, Wiesba- 

dcu (Iles^en-Nassau). Syatemntic Bot, a/id Geognosjf* C. Ex. 

German plauLs for those of other countries. 
Spiblmann, a., Parkailce, 10, Hambur<;. Bot, 
BPiRGATid, Prop. H., Uuiv. Kiini^sbei-g, Prussia. Chem. 
8PRENGEL, Prop., Ik>uu. Bot, 
Stachelhausen, Dr. (ttUSTav, Barmen. Coleopt. 
Staoei,, Prop. W.,Vniv. Tubin;rcn. Chem. 
Stahl, Prop. Dyu Ernst, Domplatz, 3, Strassbuii^ (Alsace-Lorraine). 

Stammer, Dr., Diisscldorf. 
Stannius, Dr. F. H., Pn>f. Emcr., Rostock. 
Stein, B., Bre^lau. Bot. 
Steixacii, W., Munidi. Mo<l. 
Steinbrinck, Dr. C, Hamm. Bot, 
Steinike, DiisscMorf. Culmtpt, 
Steinmanx, (tustav, Privat-doccnt, Assistcnt a. Geolo^. Institute, Strass- 

bur;f. (.Vlsacc). Oeol,^ Palao, C Ex. Fossils and Foraiuuii'cra. 
Steinvorth, Dr , Lilncburjr. Bot. 
Stelzner, Dr. Alfred, Prafessor, Kgl. Bcrgakademic, Freiberg (Sa.x- 

ouy). Oeof.f M n. 
Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Carl G. W., Breshin. Bot, 
Stern, J. C , Gutlcntsttr. 1«, Frankfort-on-Maiu. ColeupL 
Stekzel, Dr. J. F., Chemnitx (8a\on\'). PuUro.^ Bot, 
Stizenbrrger, Dr. £., Cou'itaiiec. 'Bot.^ Lichens. 
Stockhardt, Prop. Dr Julius .V., Tharand. Chem, 
Stjckhardt, Dr. Ernst T., Weimar. 

Stopfel, Jean Georges, Ruo dcs Juif:), 39, Mulhauscn (Alsace). Coieopi, 
Stoiimanx, Prop. F. K. A., Univ., Lcipsie. Chfm. 
Stollwerk, Prop., Ucrdin<ren (Westplialia). Coleopt, 
Straetiler, a., (Toerbersdoi-f. Bot. 
Strasburger, Prop. Dr Eduard, Univ. Jena. Bot, 
Strebbl, IIerm., Hamhnrjr. Moil. 
Streckpuss, Melchiorstr , 18, Berlin. Lepid, 
Streng, Prop. A., Univ. Gicsscn. Geo!., A/in, 
Stricker, Dr. Wilhelm, Frnnkfoit-on-Main. Anth, 
Strubel, Dr. Alfhonse, Feldgasse, 17, Dresden. Geoly Vokanie Geog, 

of South America. C. 
Strubell, Bruno, Rentier, Schwindsti*asse, 9, Frankfort-on-Main. ConeH, 

C. Ex. T-. and F. W. Sliells of Germany for othera. 
StrObing, Louisenstr. 4. Berlin. Ent, 
Struck, Carl, Gymnasiallehrcr, Custos d. von Maltznnscben Musenms 

fur Meckl.,*Waren (Mccklenburg-Scbwcrin). Bot., ZooL C 
Struve, Dr. Gustav A., Dresden. 
Sussdorp, Prof. Da. Julius G,, Dresden. Chem,, Phya, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

qbbuaxt.] the naturalists' uirectory, 283 

SuTOR, Dr. August. Mcinin;rcn (Thuiin^rcn). Conch, 

Sy, Eugene, Ja^^erstr. 40, berliu. Coieupt. 

Stbel, L. v., Uuiv Miirbiir;r. Arch. 

Stdow, Paul, I^ein'cr, I)iri^a*Dt dcs Berliner Botanisclien Tauschvci'ciDS, 
Ueunewitzstr. 34, Berlin, \\\ (■iyi}t. C Ex. Filiccs 

Taschenbekg, Dr. Ernst Luhwig, Prul'. Extr., Inspector am Zoitl. Mu- 
seum, lluUc (baxunv). Ent. C. 

Taschbnberg, Dr. Ernst Otto, Pri\ at-doccut, Ilalle (Saxony). Zo6L 

Tenckhoff, Dr., Pailci-lM)ru. Moll. 

Tepper, Koichenbergerstr. 6, Berlin. Lepid, 

Terscuek, Pilluitz. ' Hot, 

Tfepper, Dr. Georg, liamhiirjp:. MnlL 

Thaer, Prof. A., Univ. GieHscu. Mic, 

TuiEME, Dr., Tcmpliiicrstr. 4, Berlin. Colenpt, 

Thomas, Dr. Carl, Prof. Enicr., Wiesbaden. 

Thomas, Dr. Friedricii August M'ilhelm, Professor nnd Obcrlehror 
an der Kiuii^rl. U niversitat, OUrtrup, near UotUa. P/it/toputholoffi/, 

Thome, Dr. O. W., Coloprnc. Bot. 

Thurau, F , Fischerbriicke, 15, Berlin. Lfnid, 

Tieffexbach, Mariui.nensir. 43, Berlin. Neuroptera, Orthoptera, 

TlEMANX, Prof. F., Roy. Univ., Berliu. C/um. 

Tjetgen, Prof. Dr., Eindeustr., Ul, Berliu. 

Tischbein, Eutin, near llnuibur*;. 

Toepffer, Auolpu, Kaul'uuinn, Brandcnbur^^^n-thc-Havcl, (Prussia). 
Si/nteinatic and Otor/r phtccil BU. C. Ex. Phanerogams and 
Cnptoganis of ihe world. 

Tobpler. Prop. Dr. August, Dix?s<!cn. Phys, 

Traube, Dr. Moritz, Breslau. Bot. 

Tkeichel, Alexander, Agrosoph Hoch-Palcschkcn, Post, Altkischan, 
(Pruiisia). BoL C. Ex Offer plants of West Prussia. 

TRETTENBAcnER, Dr. Mathias, Munich. 

Troeltsch, Dr. Anton Friedrich, Freiherr von. Professor an dcp 
Univcrsitkt, Wiiraburg. C. 

Troschel, Franz Hermann, Gebeimcr Begicrungsrath u. Professor, 
Bonn. Schlos-* Poppelsdorf. Zool. 

Trost, Theodor, Fmnkfoit-on-AFuin. Moll. 

Tschirch, Dr. Alexander, Assistent dcr Botanik, Bcndlcrstr. 31, Ber- 
lin, W. Hintohqy, 

Turckheim, Bar »n H. von, Niederbronn (Alsace). Coleopt. 

Uechtritz, R. von, Klostei-str. 84. Breslau. Bot, 

Uhde, Dr. Carl W. F., Braunsohwei^r. 

Uhlworm, Dr. Oscar, Diroctor dcr Stadtbibliothck, Redacteur des 
Botan. Centi*alblatte«, K(ini<rsthor, 40, Casscl. Bot. C. 

Uloth, Dr. W., Friedlxjrjr. (-hem.^ Bet. 

Umhhang, l'abbe, Dir. C'oUege Lachapelle-sous-Rougemont, near Bel- 
fort (Alsace). Coif opt. 

Urban, Dr. Ignatz, I. Assistent am Kr>ui<;l. Botanischen Gai*tcD, Ber- 
lin, Grunewaldstrasse, 19, Scb(ineber(r, near Berliu. Bot. 

UsLAR, Prof. L. v., Univ. G(>ttin*ren. Chem. 

Varendorf, von, Arcnsberff (Westphalia). Coleopt, 

Varrentrapp. Dr. Geo., Fi-aukfort-on-Main. Geoy, 

Vatke, W., Leipzis:ei*str. 2, Berlin. Bot. 

Vbitmeyer, C. a., Berlin. 

Vetter, Ch., Gro.s8e Bleichen, 32, Tlambui-g. Bot, 

VlGBNER, A., Bieberich-anj-Rhein. Bot. 

Virchow, Prop. Dr. Rudolph, Univ. Berlin. Anaff 

YocKE, Ad., Nordhausea. Bot, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


V<ELKER, Prof. Gymn., Elberfeld. Coleopt, 

YooEL, Prof. Dr. H. C, Astronom am Konigl. Astrophjsikalischeii 

Obscrvatoriiim, Potsdam. Astron. and Aatro-physica. 
VoiGTLANDER, Prof. Dr. Carl F., Univ. Munich. Phy$, 
VoiT, Carl von, Pi-ofessor iler Physiologic an der Universitat, und 

Voi*stattd des Pliysiologischen Instituts and der Physiolog. Samm- 

lung des Staats, Munich. Phy$. 
VoLOER, Prof. Dr. G. H. O., Frankfoi*t-on-Main. 
VoLHARD. Prof. J., Roy. Univ., Erlangcn. Chem. 
VoLLER, Dr. Aug., Hornerwcg, 54, Hamm, near Hamburg. Phyties, 
VoM Uath, Prof. G., lioy. Univ., Bonn. Min. 
Von Dechen, Henri, Bonn. 
Von Kremer, Dr A., Lcipsic. 
Von Lasaulx, Univ. Kiel. Mic, 
VoRMANN, Dr., Muustcr (Westphalia). JJymenop, 
Wagener, Prof. Dr. Guido II., Univ. Marburg. 
Wagner, Prof. Dr Herman, Univ. Kunigsberg. J?o*. 
Wagner, Prof. Dr. Moritz F., Dir. Ethnol. Mas., Munich. 
Wahle, Linkstr. 10, Berlin. Lepid, 
Wahlpaender, Dr., Puttkammeretr., 16, Berlin. Coleopt, 
Wahnschaff, Dr., St.-Panlistern8tr., 5, Hamburg. Bot.^ BryoU 
Waitz, von, Cassel. Min. ■ 
Waldburg-Zeil-Trauchburo, Carl J. G. yon, Schloss Zeil-Ober- 

Waldeyer, Prof. Dr. H. W. G., Univ. Strassbui^. 
Waldner, Henry, Secretar des Botanischen Vereins, Alsace-LoUiringen, 

Wasselnheim. Bot, C. Ex. Native herbs for European. 
Wallach, Prof. O., Roy. Univ., Bonn. Chem, 
Walsek, Dr., Pi-aktischer Arzt, Schwabhausen, near Dachau, Ober Bay- 

ern. Conch. C. Ex. Buys and sells. Wishes all kinds of Marine 

shells, especially of the Atlantic Ocean, in exchange for European. 
Walter, Dr. A , Bayreuth. Bot,^ BryoL 
Warnstedt, Adolp'von, Gottingen. 

Warnstorp, Carl, Lehrer, Neuruppin (Prussia). Bryoh C. Ex. Mossea. - 
Webeu, Frankfoit-on-Main. Bot. 
Weber, Prof. Dr. Theodor, Univ. Halle. 
Webeu, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm E., Univ. Gottingen. Phyu 
Weberbauer, Otto, Landeck. MyeoL 
Websky. Prof. M., Roy. Univ., Uerlin. 
Weddige, a , Univ. Leipsic. Chem. 
Weierstrass, Prof. C, Roy. Univ., Berlin. Math, 
Weigelt, Dr. Kurt, Dir. Agric. Station, Bufach. Bai, 
Weiler, Prof. Dr. August, Ritteratrasse, 18, Carlsruhe (Baden). M<Uh,^ 

Wein, Dr. Ernst, I. Assistent der Konigl. Landwirth. Sammlungstrasse, 

Munich (Bavaria). AtHc, Chem, 
Weinkauff, Heinr. Carl, Creuzznach, Rhine. Conch,t Palao. C. 
Weinland, Dr. David F., Esslingen (Wiiitembei-g). MolL 
Weise, J., Kastanien-Allee, 19, 20, Berlin. Coleopt. 
Weismann, Dr. August, Prof. d. Zoiilogie, Freiburg (Baden). Zo6L 
Weiss, Gustave, Miilhouse. Oi'n, 
Weiss, Dr. Ernst, K. Landesgeolog u. Decent der Bergakademie, Loui- 

senplatz, 2, or N. Invali'denstrasse, 44, Berlin, N. W. OeoL, Min, 

G. Ex. mineral and fossil plants of all formations. 
Weiss, Dr. Guido, Berlin. 
Weiss, Frankfort-on-Main. Coleo^, 
Weissflog, E., Strehlener Str. 7, Dresden. Diatomt, 
Wejzsacker, J., Gotting^en. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

gbbmastt.]' the naturalists' dibectobt. 235 

Wbndland, H., Hanover. Bot, 

Wenzio, Th.; Ki*euzbergstr., 6, Berlin. BoL 

Westermaier, Dr. M., Fcilnerstr., 3, Berlin, S. W. Bot 

Westhoff, Fr , Munster, Westphalia. Ent. 

Wbtzler, a., Gunzburg (Bavanu). Moll, 

Wbter, Prof. Dr. Gboro D. £., Univ. Kiel. MtUh,, Aat. 

WiBBEL. Prof. Dr. Carl W. M., Domsti*asse, 5, Hamburg. Phyt,^ 

Wiedemann, Prof. Dr. Ernst £. G., An der ersten Berg^chule, Leip< 

sic. Physics, 
Wiedemann, Heinrich Gustay, Hofrath und Professor Biirgerschule, 

Leipsic. Physicsy Chem. 
Wiedersueim, Prof. Dr. Robert, Univ. Freiburg. 
WiEOMANN, Fritz, Jena. MoU. 
Wiepken, C. F., Oldenburg. AfoU. 
WiESELER, Prof. F., Univ. Gottingen. Arch, 
WiGAND, Dr. Julius W. A., Pi-of. Bot, Univ. Marbai^. 
WiLDT, Dr. Eugene, Kuschcn. Bot, 
WiLHELM, Dr. K., Munich. Bot, 
Will, Prop. H., Univ. Giessen. Chem, 
WiLLGERODT, Prof. K. F., Royal Univ., Freiburg. Chem, 
Wilms, Dr. Fribdrich, Apotheker, CIcmenstr. 15, Mtinster, Westphalia. 

Bot., Coleopt, C. Ex. Expects to go to Transvaal, S. Africa, in 

WiLSDORF, Max, Chemnitz. Bot. 
WiNCKEL, Prof. Dr. Franz Carl L. W., Geheimer Medicinalrath, 

Seminarstrasse, 12, Dresden. Pathol, and Anat. 
Winkler, A., Geh. Kriegsrath a. d. Schillstr. 17, Berlin, W. Bot,, Mor- 

phology, Biology. C. 

KLER, PR ^ '^ 

Winkler, Prof. Dr. Clemens A., Freiburg. Chem, 

Winkler, Giesmannsdoi*f. Bot, C, 

Winnecke, Prof. A., Univ. Strassburg (Alsace). Ast. 

Winter, Dr. H., Brandenburg-on-the-navel. Bot, 

Wislicenus, Prof. J., Univ. Wiirzburg. Chem. 

Witt, Ottq N., Hochfeld-on-Rhine. Diatoms, 

WiTTB, Rath, Breslau (Prussia). C. 

Wittmack, Dr. L., Prof. Univ., Invalidenstr. 42, Berlin. Bot,, Mie, 

WiTTRiCH, Dr. W. H. von. Prof. Phys., Univ. Konigsberg. 

Wohler, Prof. Dr. F., Univ. Gottingen. Chem, 

Wolf, O. Halle-on-the-Saale. Bot. 

Wolf, Dr. Wilhelm, Oberlehrer der Kiinigl. Landwirthschaftschule und 
• Vorstand des Agriculturchemischen Laboratoriums, Dobeln. Agric,, 

Wolff, Prof. Dr. E. von, Hohenheim, near Stuttgart. Bot, 

Wolff, Dr., Griesheim, Frankfort-on-Main. Hygiene, Chem, 

WOLLNY, Dr. Ewald, o. o. Prof, der Landwirthschaft an der K. Tech- 
nischcn Hochschule, Nymphenburgerstr. 20, Munich (Bavaria). 
Agric, Physiology of plants, C. Ex. Wishes samples of Ameri- 
can cultivated plants, especi^ly corn and gi*ain ; offers specimens of 

WoLTEMADB, Gvpsstr. 29, Berlin. Lepid, 

WoRONiN, Dr., Mainzei*str. 24, Wiesbaden. 

WoRTMANN, Dr. F., Strassburg (Alsace-Lorraine). Bot* 

Wredb, Potsdam. Bot, 

WuLLMER, Adolph, Prof. Phys., Aix-la-Chapelle. 

WuNsCHE, Dr. Otto, Zwickau. Bot, 

WuNSCHMANN, Dr., Templinei*str. 14, Berlin. Entn 

WOstbnfeld, H. F., Grottiugen, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Wydler, Dr IIbinrich, Gewesencr Pi^ofcssor <i Botnnik in Bcrne» 

bwitzcriaad, uu iu GerQ:ibacli, Grosslicrz. (Uailcii). Morphology 

Zabel, Hermann, Kimitrl. GHrtcnmcister, Miinclen (HaooYcr). Dendroid 

ogi/t Spirttf iMiucata. C 
Zach ARIAS, L)R. Ed., Uuiv. Strasshur;; (Alsucc-LoiTainc). 
Zaodach, Frok. O., Uuiv. Knui^rsberg (Prussia). ZoOL 
Zech, Fhof. Dr. Paul 11. von, btuttgart. iV*y«. 
Zeis, liuy. Mtu. Nat. Hist., Di^csilen. 
Zeis, Prof., Lauvlsluit. ^ Bitt. 
Zeisj, T. Ueoro K., Gyinnasialprofcssor, Landshut (Bavaria). Bot* C 

Ex. \Vi:ihe3 American plauis fur the Botanical society of Laudshut 
Zeller, Dr. E., btutt<fart. Bot : Aft/a. 
Zellek. (fUiLL., Bot. (ianlcns, Mui-b'urjir. Bot, 
Zellner, DH' Gustav H. von, ;btuitj'art. 
Zenker, Prof Dr F. A., Univ. Erlangen. Anai, 
Zeuner, Dr. Gustav, Dresden. 
ZiEULBR, Du. Ji'Lius. Frankfoi't-on-Main. Bot, 
ZiERow, Bellc-Allianccstr., bb, Berlin. £nt, 
ZiMMERLiCH, M'lle, TUaun Bot. 
ZiMMERMANN, Dr. Uscar Emil BEiNHOLD.Obcrlclircr an der R^ahcliulo 

1. Orihiunr, Bernsbaeh <tr. 15, I. Chemnitz (6a\0uy). M/cola/y, 

C, Ex. Desires first-class f^peeiraeui; of muslirooais'aud iicheus for 

{rood micros(ropieal propjirations 
ZiMMERMANN, Dii., Bot. (tardcus, Marbm-g. Bot. 
ZiNCKE, Th., Univ. MarburiT. C/tem. 
ZiRKEL, Prof. F.. Univ. Lcip^c. 3/i«., Mic. 
ZiTTEL, Prof. C. A., Univ. Munich. Geol,, PaltBO, 
ZoLLNER, Prof. J. K. F., Univ. Leipsic. Photomerie, Astrpph, 
ZOPF, Dr. NV., Barntiierstr. 13, Berlin. Bnt , Phifsiol. 
ZuNTZ, Prof., Poppelsdorf, near Bonn. Phtjstot 
ZuRN, F. A., Univ. Leipsic. Mic. 
ZwENOER, C, Uuiv. Marburg. Cliem, 


Brain, Capt., D. L., 4th He^iment. 

Napier ot Magdala, It. Loni. 

Prevost, Capt. L. de Tessier, 93ixI Highlanders. 


[ When the name qfthe island is not mentioned ^ England should he understood 
as forming a part of the cuidress.] 

Abbat, Rev. Richard, M. A., F. R. A. S. East Soham Rectory, Fnun- 

lin;rhara, Suffolk. 
Abbott, Rev. Arthur R. St. James*s, Waltharastow. 
Abel, F. A., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. 

Abercrombie, John, M.D., 13 Suffolk Square, Cheltenham. Mie, 
Aberdare, Henry Austin Bruce, Lord, 1 Queen's Gate, Kensington, 

S. W. 
Abney, William de Wirdeslie, 3 St. Albans Road, Kensinorton, W. 
Abraham, PhineasS., M D., Royal Collejre of Surgeons, Stephen's Green, 

Dublin, Ireland. Comp. Anat.^ Phgsiol. 
Abrahams, Israel, 56 Russell Square, London, W. C. 
Acland, Henrv, A.m., M. D., \Aj. D , Broad Street, Oxford. 
ACKLAND, William, 416 Strand, London, W. C. Mic, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gt. Britain.] THB KATURALISTs' DlllKCTOKV. 237 

Adams, Andrew Leith, M.A., M. B., F. R. S., Professor of Natural 
History in Queen's Colle<<c, Cork. Queen's College, Cork, Ireland. 
Adams, £kne»t, Ph. D., Ansoii UohU, Victoria Park, Manchester. 
Adams, Fui^dekick C, 74 Jeruiyu bti-cct, Lonilon, S. W. Knt. 
Adams, U. F., M. Inst. C.£. Guiklhall Chambers, Cardiff, Wales. 
Adams, Herbert J., Roseueath, Loudon Road, Euticld. Ent. 
Adams, John Couch, M. A., LL. D., F. R. b. Lowdeau Prof. Ast. Univ., 

Vice-Pres. Ul)a , Cambridge. 
Adams, William, Park Place. Cardiff, Wales. Mining. 
Adams, WilliaxM Grylls, M. A., F. R. b., Prof, of Nat Philos., King's 

College, London, W. C. 
Adamson, Uaniel, Tlie To\vei*s; Didsbury, Manchester. 
Adamson, Samuel A., 16 Lovcll Tei-racc, Leeds. OeoL C. 
Adie, Richard, care of Alex. Adie & buns, 3/ Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 

Scotland C/tern. 
Addison, William, M. D., 10 Albert Road, Brighton. 
Agar, Agar Padley, care Griudlay «& Co:, 05 Parliament Street, lK>ndon, 

S. W. 
AiNSWORTH, George, Consctt Iron Company, Blackhill. Durham. Chem, 
AiNSWORTH, Ralph F., M. D., Clitf Point, Lower Broughton, Man- 
Aird, David A., 3 Plowdeu Buildings, Temple, London, E. C. 
AiRir, Sir George Biddell, LL. D., Asti-ouonier Royal. The Royal 

Oi)servatory, Greenwich, London, S. E. 
AiTCUisoN, James E. T., M. D , Puigab, East Indies, cai*e Grindlay 3k 

Co., 00 Parliament Street, London, S. W. 
AiTKEN, Capt. J. P., Sandficlii, Unnstou, Manchester. GeoU 
AiTKEN, Thomas, M. D , Inverness, Scotland. Alin, 
AiTKEN, William, M. D., Netley Park Villa, Woolston, Southampton. 
Alabonb, Edwin W., M. D., Lynton House, Mildmuy, New Pai*k, Lon- 
don, N. Mic. : Insfict DissjcUons, C. 
Alcock, Randal II., Iludcar House, Bury, Lancashire. 
AL.COCK, Thomas, M. D , Oakficld, Sale, M anchester. Nat, Hist. 
Alderson, Sir James, M. A , M D, 17 Berkeley Square, London, W. 
Alexander, Lieut.-General Sir James, 30 Bedford Place, Russell Squai'e, 

London, W. C. Mic. 
Allbon, William, 525 New Oxford Sti*eet, London, W. C. J/i'c. 
Allbutt, Thomas C , M. A., M. D., Park Chambers, Leeds. 
Allen, A. H., F. C S., Sheffield. Chem., Mttall. 
Allen, C. Bruce, 11 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. 
Allen, C. J. H., F. L. S., 4 Park Crescent, London, N. W. Mic, 
Allen, Daniel, 69 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Mic. 
Allen, Edward, St. Saviourgatc, T^ork. 
Allen, F., Chemical Works, Bow Common, E., and 13 Stainsly Road, East 

India Roail, Poplar, London, E. Chem, 
Allen, Rev. William H., F. R. A. S., 14 Frederick Place, Plumstead, 

Allman, George J., Prof. Nat. History, Edinbur(;h, Scotland. 
Allman, G. J., The Queen's Collcire, (ialwav, Ireland. Math., 7oOl 
Allpass, Henry, F. 11. S. L., 5 The Walk,* Ludnfai-villc, CartUff, Wales. 
Engaged in completion of Analytical Index of the ** Archseologia 
Cambrcnsis," will be complete in' about two ycai*8. 
Allport, Samuel, Mason Colloirc, Birmingham. GeoL 
Alsop, J. W., B A. ,6 Lome Road, Birkenhead. 

Alston, Edward Richard, F.L.S., 14 Maddov Street, London, W. Om, 
Ames, George Acland, Union Club, London, S. W., and schooner-yacht 

** Uraniu," Cowes, Isle of Wight. Af/c, Xavi/ntitm, 
AiTDERSON, Sir James, 16 WaiTington Crescent, London, W. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2S8 trtE NATURALiSTs' DIRfiCTdRY. [Gr. fiRlTAnf. 

Anderson, John, Holywood, Belfast, Ireland. GeoL 
Anderson, Joseph, Jr., Alve Villa, Chichester. Lepidoptera, 
Anderson, Richard, F. C. S., Rose Cottajje, New Maiden, Surrey. 
Anderson, Sir James, 16 Warrino^ton Crescent, London, W. 
ANDR'i, George Guillaume, 16 Craven Street, Sti-and, London, W. C. 
Andrew, Thomas, 18 Southernhay, Exeter. 

Andkews, Arthur, Newton House, Blacki-ock, Co. Dublin, Ii-eland. Mic, 
Andrews, Dr., F.R S., Belfast, Ireland, Chem, 
Andrews, R., Castle Street, Hertford.. Bot. 

Andrews, Thomas, M. D., LL. D., Fort William Park, Belfast, Ireland. 
Anoas, George F., 48 Norland Squai-e, Holland Park, London. Moll. 
' Annandale, Thomas, Prof. Univ. Edinhurg-h, Scotland. 
Ansell, Charles, 7 Eastern Ten-ace, Brighton. 
Ansted, Prof. D. T., M. A , F. H. S., Melton, Suffolk. Afm. 
Anstie, John, B. A., 5 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

Anthony, John, F. R. M. S., 6 Greenfield Crescent, Edgbaston, Birming- 
ham. Physiol, HistoL C. 
Archer, F., Little Ci-osby-i-oad, Crosby, Livei^pool. Ent.^ Con. 
Archer, Thomas C, Director Museum of Science and Arts, Edinburgh, 

Archer, William, St. Brendan's, Grosvenor Road, East, Rathmines, 

Dublin, Ireland. 
Archer-Hind, T. H., Newton, Abbot, Devon. 
Arden, Richard Edward, East Burnham House, Buckinghamshire. 
Argall, p. H., Cronelane Mines, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Min, 
Argyll, Duke of. K.T., D. C. L., F. R. S., Campden Hill, Kensington, 

W., and Inverary Castle, Ai-gyllshire. 
Armitage, Edward, 3 Hall-road, St. John's Wood, London, N. W. Ent, 
Armstrong, Sir Alexander, M. D., LL. D., The Admiralty, 9 New 

Street, Siu'ig-Gardens, London, S. W. 
Armstrong, George Frederick, M. A., Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Pi-of. 

Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Yorkshire Coll. of Sci. Leeds. 
Armstrong, Henry Bruce; B. A., 25 Savile Row, London, W. 
Armstrong, Henry E., Ph. D., F.R. S., London Institution, Finsbuiy- 

circus, London, E. C. Chem, 
Armstrong, William. Pelaw House, Chester-le-street, Durham. 
Armstrong, Sir William George, 8 Great George Street, London, S.W. 
Arnot, William, Chemical Laboratory, 18 Picai*dy Place, £dinl)urgh, 

Scotland. Chem. 
Arnott, James M., 36 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, London, W. 
Ash well, James, M. A., M. Inst. C. E., Ivy Cottage, Bathwell, Bath. 
Atkinson, G. M., 28 St. Oswald's Road, West Brampton, London, S. W. 
Atkinson, John Thomas, Selby, Yorkshire. 
Attfield, Prof. John, M. A., Ph. D., F.R.S., etc., 17 Bloomsbury Square, 

London. Chem. 
Attwood, George, F. C. S., 4 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square, 

Loudon, N. W. 
Austin, Charles Edward, 1 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, 

London, S. W. 
Austin, Major Thomas, Lyncombe Villa, Hampton Road, Redland, 

Aveline, William Talbot, Geological Survey of England, Museum, 

Jermyn Street, London, S. W. 
Baser, James, 1 South place, Knightsbridge, London, S. W. 
Babington, Charles Cardale, M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.S.A.,Prof. Bot, 

Univ. of Carab., 5 Bi*ookside, Cambridge. 
Bagshaw, Benjamin, Sheffield. Genealogy. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Gt. Brixain.) TttE I^ATURALISTS* DIRECTORY. 239 

Baiobnt, R. C, War Office, Pall Mall, London. Min, 

Bailet, Charles, 85 Witliin^ton Koad, Wlialley lian<;e, Manchester. 

Bailey, G. H., B. Sc. Grammar School, Bowes via Darlin^rton. Chem. 

Bailey, Samuel, Pern- BaiT, Birmingham. 

Bailey, Wm. H., F.L.S., Acting Palaeontologist to theGeol. Surv. of Ire- 
land, and Demonstrator in Palseo. to the Ro^'al Col. oi* Sci. for Ire- 
land, Apsley Lodge, 92 Rathgar Road, Dubhu, Ireland. PaUeo, 

Bain, Donald, wick, Scotland. Bot, 

Baker, George, AIni Villa, Builou-on-Trent. Ent, C. Ex. British 

Baker, John Gilbert, Royal Herbarium, Kcw. 

Baker, John I^loyd Barwick, Hardwicke Court, Gloucestershire. 

Baker, Sir Samuel White, Saulbrd, Orleigh, Newton, Abbot, Devon- 
• shire. 

Baldock, John H., South Norwood, London, S. E. 

Baldry, James Danporu, M. Inst. C. E., 2 Queen Square Place, West- 
minster, London, S. W. 

Baldwin, Arthur E., Sunnydale, The Avenue, Lee, London, S. E. 

Balfour, L Bayley, M. B. D*. Sc.,27 Inverleith Row, Edinb»rgh,Scotland. 

Balfour, Francis M., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Comp. 
AncU, and Emb. 

Balfour, Prof. Isaac B., Prof. Bot. Univ. Glasgow, Scotland. Bot. 

Balfour, J. Hutton, M. D., LL.D., Emeritus Pi-of. Bot., Inverleith 
House, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Bot. C. Ex. Bntisk Flora, 

Balfour. Thomas Graham, M. D., Coombe-lodge, Wimbledon Park. 

Balfs, John, Penzance. Bot, 

Ball, <Iohn, 10 Southwell Gardens, South Kensington, and Athenaeum 
Club, I^ondon, S. W. 

Ball, R. S., LL.D.. F. R. S., Royal Astronomer of Ireland, Observatory, 
Dunsink, Co. Dublin. Ast.^ Math. 

Balston, Wm. E., B. A., Bearsted House, Bearsted, Maidstone. 

Baly, Joseph S., The Butts, Warwick. Ent. 

Bamford, Herbert, 14 Viinburgh Park Road (W.), Blackheath, London, 
S. E. 

Bancroft, T. L., 24 Buecleuch Place, Maidstone. 

Banerman, Hilary, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton, London. JIfm., Mining.' 

Banister, Richard, Inland Revenue Laboratory, Somerset House, Lon- 
don, W. C. Chem, 

Barber, John, 31 Randolph Crescent, Maida-hilt, London, W. 

Barber, William, M. A., Banx)w Point, Pinner. 

Barclay, Andrew Whytb, M. D., 23 A, Bui-ton Street, Berkeley 
Sqiiai*e, London, W. 

Barclay, Joseph G., Observatory Leyton, Essex. Ast. 

Barclay, Hanburt, The Anchor Tube Co., Gas Street, Birmingham. 

Barfoot, G. H., M. D., 15 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. 

Barford, a. H., 1 Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 

Bareas, Thomas P., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Barker, Samuel, M.D., 24 Eaton Place, Brighton. 

Barkly, Sir Henry, 20 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London, 
S. W. 

Barlow, Peter Wm., F. R. S., 26 Great George Street, London, S. W. 

Barlow, W. H., Vice-President, Royal Society, High Coombe, Old 
Charlcton, London, S. E. 

Barnard, Major, R. C, Lockhampton, Cheltenham. 

Barnes. John Hickman, 30 Great George Street, London, S. W. 

Barnett, a. K., Chyandour, Penzance. 

Babrand, Allan T., St. John's Villas, Watford. Om. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Barrett, Prop. W. F., R. Colleorc Sci., Dublin, Ireland. Phys, 
Bakhon, Wm. a., Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Althoi-p House, Queen's Road, 

Kiclnnouit, Surrey. 
Barrow« G£orqe, Gcolojrical Survey of England, Museum. Jermyn 

htit-et, London, S \V. 
Barrow, Francis, M. A., Treasurer, 3 Phillimore Gardens, London, W, 

Barrow, John, F. S. A., 17 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 

Bartlett, \V. II., 4 Great Geoi-jrc Street, Westminster, London, S. W. 
Bartlett, IIenrv C, Ph. D., Laboratory, 39 Duke Street, Grosvcnor 

iSqiiarc, London, W. Chetn. 
Barton, .Stephen, 32 St. Mieliacra Hill, Bristol. Ent, 
Barugh, Lieut. J., Clmdestown, Bridlin|rton, Yorkshii-e. 
Bastian, Henry Charlton, M. A., M. D., Prof, of Patholopical Anirt. 

at rnivcrsity Colleife, • London, 20 Queen Anne Street, W., Madge 

Hill, Hanwell. Loudon, \V. » » e 

Bate, Charles Spence, F. R. S., 8 Mulgnive Place, Plymouth. Marine 

Zool.f Cntstacea, C. Ek. 
Bateman, F., M. D., Norwich. Psychol. 
Bateman, James, M. A., 9 Hvde Park (iate, Smith, London, W. 
Bateman, John F., F. R. S.,* 16 Great Georjre btreet, Loudon, S. W. 
Bates, Henry W.,40 Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town, London, N. W. 

Bates, Rev. J. Chadwick, M. A., F. R. A. S., S.. Martin's, Castleton 

Moor, near Manchester. 
Bauerman, Hilary, Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Geologist to the American 

Boimdary Commission, Museum, Jermyn btreet, S. W. ; and 41 

Acre Laiic, I^ondon, S. W. 
Baxendell, Joseph, 14 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport. Ast, 
Baxter, Wynne E., 9 Laurence Poutucy Hill, Cannon Street, London, 

E. C. 
Bayfield, T. G., Ma<rdalcn Street, Norwich. 6VoZ., Archaol 
Baynes, J., Jr., F. C. S., Borough Analyst's OflSce, Royal Chambers, 

Scale Lane, Hull. C/ie/n. 
Beale, C, The Qiiarry, Cawncv Bank, Dudley. GeoL 
Beale, Lionel Smith, Prof. King's College, 61 Grosvenor Street, Lon- 
don, W. Mimite Anat.y Physiol., Mic. Pres R. M. S. of London. 
Beale, W. Phipson, 3 Victoria Street, London, S. W. 
Beanes, Edward, F. C. S., Moatlamla, Paddock Wood, Brenchley, Kent. 
Beanes, F. E. v., Moatlands, Paddock Wood, Brenchley, Kent. Analyt, 

Beanland, Rev. Arthur, 87 Long Westgale, Scarborough. 
Beardmore, N. St. Bernard, 30 Great George Street, Westminster, 

London, S. W. 
Beardsley, Amos, F. L. S., F. G. S., Grange- over-Sands, Lancashii*e. 

GeoL, Nat. Hist. C. Ex. in Suffolk Craig and other strata. 
Beaumont, Alfred. Steps Mills, Huddersfield. Efit, 
Beaumont, Wentworth B., M. P., Bretton Park, Wakefield. 
Beck, Joseph, F.R.A.S , 31 Cornhili, London, E. C. 
Becker, Hermann, M. D., Park Browse House, The Lizaixl, Cornwall. 
Beckett, Sir Edmund, LL.D, 33 Queen Anne Street, Loudon, W. Hor- 

Beckles, Samuel Husbands, F. R. S., 9 Grand Parade, St Leonards- 

Beddoe, John, ^LD., Mortimer Houso, Clifton, Bristol. 
Bedford, Rev. J. L., M. A., 97 Staffonl Street, Longton. Staffoi-d. 
Bedwell, FiiANCis A., M. A., Fort Hail, Bridliugtou Quay, Yorkshire. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Gt. BRTTAnr.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 241 

Bbeby, W. H., U Ridinorhouse Street, London, W. Bot 

Bebsley, Thomas, lligli Sti-eet, Banburv, Oxlbrdshire. Geol, 

Bbbtham, a. W., 1 South Square, Gray's Ian, London, \V. C. 

Bbgo, John, Wick, Scotland. Ent, 

Bell. Prof. F. Jeffry, F.Z. S., King's College, London. Comp.Anat., 

Bell, I. T-.., Rounton Grange, by North AUerton. 
Bell, Matthew, Bourne JPark, Canterbury. 
Bell, Robert, 31 Bath Road, Chiswick. 

Bell, Rev. Thomas, Kcij^, Abci-deenshire, Scotland. Ent., Bot. 
Belshaw, M., Haybridffe, Maiden, Essex. 
Bendix, David, care of Burt, Boulton, and Haywood, Prince Regent's 

Wharf, Victoria Docks, London, E. Ckem. 
Bennett, Alfred W., M. A., B. Sc, 6 Park Village, East, London, N. 

W. Lect. on Bot., St. Thomas Hospital, and at Bedford (Ladies) 

College. Bot, C. 
Bennett, Arthur, F. L. S., 107 High Street, Croydon, near London. 

Bot,t Pot tmrtgetofia and CharacetB. C. Ex. 
Bennett, Fiuncis James, Geological Sui*vey of England, Museum, 

Jennvn Street, London, S. W. 
Bennett, F., 1 Old Broad Street, London. Mic 
Bennett, J. R., M D., 22 Cavendish Square, London, W. 
Bentham, George, 25 Wilton Place, London, W. 
Bentley, Robert, Prof. Bot., King's College, 1 Trebovir Road, Earl's 

Coui-t, Ivondon. Bot. 
Berens, Alexander A., 68 Great Cumberland Place, London, W. Ent. 
Berespord-Hope, A. J. B., LL. D., Arklow House, Connaught Place, 

London, W. 
Beringer, Cornelius, Redruth. Min, 

Berjeau, Charles, 137 Hungerfonl Road, Camden Road, London, N. 
Berkeley, Rev. M. J., Sibbcrtoft, Market Harborough. Fungi. 
Bernays, Albert James, Ph. D., Acre Housse, Brixton-rise, London, S. 
Besant, W. H., M. a., 4 Benet Place, Cambridge. 
BES.SEMER, Sir Henry, Denmark Hill, London, S. E. 
Betley, Ralph, Hindley, Wigan. 
Bettany, George T , M. A., Lecturer on Bot, Guy's Hospital, 10 Ches- 

tci-field Grove, East Dulwich, London, S. E. 
Bevan, G. p.. Uplands, Richmond, Suirey. 
Bevan, Rev. J. O., M. A., Assoc. Inst. C. E., 72 Beaufort Road, Edgbas- 

ton, Birmingham. 
Bewick, Thomas John, Haydon Bridge, Carlisle. 
Bewsher, Samuel, St. Paul's School, London, E. C. 
Bicknell, Percy, Beckcnham, Kent. Ent. 

BiDDFR, Bartholomew Parker, M. Inst. C. E., Waunceirch, Neath. 
Biddulph, Major John, 43 Charing Cross, London. Orn. Will ex- 
change Indian, and especially Himalayan birds, for specimens of 

Frinqillidcp. from other countries. 
Bidwell, Edward, 7 Ormond Terrace, Richmond, Surrey. Orn. 
Bidwell, Shelford, M. A., LL.D., Rivcratone Lodge, South£clds, 

Wandsworth, London, S. W. 
Biggart, J. W., Chemical Laboratory, 29 Cathcart Street, Greenock. 

Bigge, Matthew R., 6 John Street, Adelphi, London, W. C. 
BiGNELL, Geo.^C, M. E. S., 7 Clarence Place, Stonehouse, Plymouth. 

Lej}idopterny Tchnettmonida. C. Ex. 
BiGSBY, John J., M.D., F.R. S.,89 Gloucester Place, Poilman Square, 

London, W. 
BiLKB, Edward, 1 Chester Square, London, S. W. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

242 THE KATITRALISTS' DIRECT03Y. [Gt. Britaijt. 

HiLLiNO, Archibald, M. D , 34 Park Lane, London, W. 

biLLUi's, T. li., 4 6wis4 V'tUiis, CopplestOMC Uoad, rcckham, London, S. 

E. lint, 
liiNNEV, Kdwarp William, Chatham Hill, Manchester. Dn;;land, and 

Havciisilitl'c, Doujilus Isle ol" Man. O'Vo/. and l*lanU oj Vie Co.U 

mtasuns^ tspec. Carboviferous mul Ptrmian beds. 
IliNNiE, Alexander Richardson, M. Inst. C. E., Townhall, Bradford. 
1 i.NN^. E. IvNOWLEsi, 216 licavv^ute Uoad, Slictiicld. 
i>iNN'?>, Ucv \Vm., btoiirtou Loily: •, Aruo Koad, UMon, Birkenhead. 
i.iK^ii, (i. IL, 3.) Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, \V. C. 
i>iKCH, R. \V. r., As:>or. M. Inst. C. E., Westminster Chambera, Vic- 
toria Street, London, S. W. 
niRcriALL, Edwix, Woodside, Donjrlas, Isle of Man. 
liiRi), Ernest, En<rhani Lodjre, Woodland, Shepherd's Bush, London, W. 
liiRDs, James Adey, B. A.,^2 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, 

W. Gt^l. 
BiRKs, Edward, Lecturer on Botany in the Sheffield School of Medicine, 

bhefficld. Hot. C. 
Birmingham, John, Willtown, Tuam, Ireland. Ast. 
BiHT, W. R., 4 Leysprinj; Terrace, Cowley Road, Leytonstone, London, 

E. Aat.^ Se tonography^ Meteor, 
BiRT, William Radcliff, 3 Shrewsbury Villas, Water Lane, Stratford, 

London, E. Ast, 
Bishop, (iEORGE, care F. B. Mai-son, Finsbury Distilleiy, London, £. C. 

Bishop, Mrs , The Piatt, Watford. Bot, 
Black, Charles, Arbijrland, Dumfries, Scotland. Geol^ Bot. 
Blackie, W. (»., Ph. I)., 17 Stanhope Street, Gla^jrow, Scotland. Geog, 
Blair, D., 34 Oviu^^ton Street, CheUeji, London, S. W. 
liLAKE, Rev. J. F., M. A., 17 Uilston Road, South Kensington, London, 

S. W. 
Blake, Henry Wollaston, M.A., 8 Devonshii-c Place, Portland Place, 

Loniion, W. 
Blake, J. IIopwood, Assoc. M. Inst. C E, Geolo'jrical Survey of Eng- 
land. Museum, Jeruiyu Street, Lou. Ion, S. W. 
Blakemore, William, 'ioudu Iron Works, Brid^jend, Wales. 
Bi.AKEY, J. Kenworthy, 33 Hanover Sti'eet, Leeds. 
Blomefield, Rev. Leonard, M. A., 19 Belmont, Bath. Zo67., Bot, 
Blount, William, Orclieliill, (icrnird's Cross, Slou^^i. 
liLOXAM, Geo. W., 44 Dacre Park, Lee, Kent. Zolil^ Comp, Anat,r 

A nth. 
Blunt, (ieorge V , M. D., Prof. Med. Jurisp. Queen*s Coll., Birmingham, 

7 Old-Square, Birniin^^ham. 
Boberct, William, Markree-Obsci*vatoiy, CoUoony, Ireland. Astronomy ^ 

Duvhlc Stars. 
Boase, Henry S., M. D., F.R. S., Seaficld House, Magdalen Place, 

Dundee, Scothind. 
Bock, Carl, 19 Fernka Road, Balhani, London, S. W. In care of the 

Swedish and Norwegian Consul-General, Bangkok, Siam^ Con.f 

Borneo anrl Siamese Landshel/s, C. Ex. 
BoGUE, David, 3 St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar Squaie, I^ondon, W. C. 
Bohn, Henry G., North End House, Twickenham, London, S. W. 
BoiLiCAU, John T., 31 Ladbroke Square, Netting Hill, London, W. 
Bolam, II. G„ Little Inu'estre, Staliord. • 

Bolton, Thomas, Naturalists' Studio, 17 Ann Sti-eet, Birmingham. An" 

imnl Pht/fiol^ esp. lioti/era ai'd Zoophites^ Ast. 
Bolton, Rev. W. XL, Grammar School, Kinver, near Stourbridge. Bot,^ 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BoMPAS, George Cox, 15 Stanley Gardens, Kensinprton, London, W. 
Bond, Francis, M. A., Snowdoii House, John Street, llampstead. Lon- 
don, N. \\\ 
Bond, Fred, 5 Fairfield Avenue, Staines. Eiit, 
Bond, J. K , B. A., B. JSc, Park Grammar Sth., Plymouth. Bot. 
BoNNKY, Prof. T. G., F. K. b., St. John's Collcjje, Cambridge. Geol., 

Petrology, C. 
BoNSOR, bAMUEL,, 433 Oxfoixl Street, London, W. 
Booo, Bev. Watson, Cardross, Scotland. Moll. 
Booth, Isaiah, Mining Engineer, Oaks Collieiy, Oldham, Finvood, 

Alderley Ed;re, Manchester. 
Booth, James, The Granjfe, Ovenden, Halifax. 

BoREHAM, VVm. W., J. P., F.R.A.S. The Mount. Haverhill, Essex. Ait. 
Borland, John, liosebank, Kilmarnock, Scotland. 
BORRADAILE, CHARLES, East llcutlilcy, llawkluirst. 
BoRRER, William, M.A., Cowfold, Horsham. Oni,^ Ent, 
BoscHER, Edward, Bcllevue House, Twickenham. Ent, 
BossEY, Francis, M. I)., O.vford-i-oad, Bc<lhill, Surrey. 
BoswELL, Dr. Syme, Balmuto, Kii-cahiy, Fife, Scotlau'd. Bot. 
BOSWELL, H., Woodstock Koad, Oxford. Mosses, Hepiticte. 
BOSWORTH, John Alleyne, Humherstone, Leicestershire. 
BoTT, Arthur, 227 Southampton Street, London, S. E. 
BouLaER, G. S., F. L. S., F. C. S., Prof Nat. Hist., 144 KcnMnjrton Park 

Road, LondoUf W. Bit.l.^ GeoL, JW/'/i., Spec, Neg. Ontogeiuf. 
Bourne, Alfred A., M. A. Rossall School, Fleetwood Lancashire. 
BouvERiE, Rijrht Hon. Edward, 44 Wilton Crescent, London, S. W. 
BouvERiE, PusEY, S. E. B., Puscy House, Fariugdon, and 50 Upper 

Brook Street, Gi-osvenor Square, London, W. 
BoWEN,*E., M. I).. Talbot House, Palm Gvove, Birkenhead. 
Bower, H. S., Fi-ontracll Parva, Blandford. 
Bowie, Mrs. A. A. L., 43 Palace Ganlens Ten-ace, London, W. 
Bowman, Fred H., D. Sc. F.L.S., F.G.A., KU.A.S., F.C.S., "West 

Mount, Halifax, Yorkshire. Cheni.^ Eltfct.^ Moleruhr Physics^ Sped. 

El'ct, and structure of cotton and other textile JU)res, 
Bowman, William,}') Clitford Street, Lon«lon, W. 
BOWRINO, John C, Forest Farm, Windsor Forest. 
Boxer, Edward M., Upton House, near Ryite. 
Boycott, Thomas, M. D., 46 Monta;ru Square. London, W. 
Boyd, Nelson, 7 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, S. "W. 
Boyd, Thomas, Surrey Lodgo, Hornend Road, Norwood, I^ondon, S. E. 

Boyd, William C, Cheshunt, Herts. Ent, 
Boyle, Arthur Robert, En;rineer*s Office, Central Railway Station, 

Watson Street, Manchester. 
Bbaby, Frederick, F.C.S., Cathcart House, South Kensington, London, 

Bradley, Henry, Sheffield. Philology. 

Brady, Sir Antonio, J. P. MarylanJl Point, Stratford. London, E. 
Brady, Dr. George S., 22 Fawcctt Street, Sunderland. Invertebrate Zool- 
ogy ; Entomostracay chiefly copcpoda and oatracoda Would ex- 

chan;;e s«pecimens of Kntomostnica, etc. 
Bbady, Henry Bowman, F. II. S., F. L, S., F. C. S. Gateshcnd on Tyne. 

Recent atid Fosnil Protozoa^ csp, I'oraminifi-ra and lladiolari. C. 
Braooe, William, F. S. A. Clarendon House, Hall Iload, Birmiu;rham. 
Braham, Philip, Optician, G(icor;xc Street, Bath. Chem., Phi/s.y Chryst. 
B:iAiDWOOD, P. M., Delaraere Terrace, Park Rood South, Birkenhead. 

Boaikenridge, Rev. George W., M. A., Clevedon, Bristol. E7it, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Braithwaite, R.» M. D., 303 Clnpham RomI, London. Motses. 

Briaxt, a. B., Lansdownc Tcn-ace, Hampton Wick. 

Bramwell, Frbdk. Joseph, 37 Great George SU'eet, Westminster, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Brass, Ucv. Henry, M. A., Red Hill, Rcigrate. 

Bkebner, James, S. Tay Street, Dundee, Scotland. Bot. 

Bkeese, Charles J., 1 Mai-quess Road, Canonbury. 

Breton, William Henry, Commander R. N., 15 Camden Crescent, 

Brett. Alfred, T., M.D., Watfoi-d Honse, Herts. 

Brickenden, James Gordon, King's Cliffe, Wansford, Northampton- 

Brtdoman, John B., 69 St Giles Street, Norwich. Ettt. 

Brierley, James, 29 Manchester Street. Southampton. CA«m., PAy«. 

Briog, John, F.C.S., Bix)omfield, Keiohlev. OeoL C. 

Briogs, Charles A., 55 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W. C. Ent. 

Briogs, Thomas H., M.A., 55 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W. C. 

Briggs, T.R a., F.L.S., Portland Square, Plymouth. Bot. 

Bright, Sir Charles Tilston, 20 Bolton Ganlens, London, S.W. 

Bright, James, M.D., 6 llolvrood Phicc, Plymouth. 

Brightwbn, Mrs. George, 'Ihe (irove, Great Stanraore. Bot. 

Bristow, Henry William, F.R.S., Director of the Geological Survey 
of En<rland. Museum, Jerrayn Street, London, S.W. 

Brittain, Frederick, Taptouvi lie* Crescent, Sheffield. Bot., etp. Insect- 
cat'thiiig plants. C. £x. in specialty. 

Brittain, Thomas, Sheffield. Mic. 

Broad, T. W., Stanhope Gardens, London, S.W. 

Brockbank, William, Brockhurst, DidsbuiT, Manchester. 

Brodhurst, Bernard Edw., 20 Grosvenor iitrect, London, W. 

Brodie, Rev. Peter B., M.A., Rowington Vicai*age, near Warwick. 

Brogden, Henry, Hale Lodge, near Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Brogden, James, F L.S., Sea-Bank House, Porthcawl, Bridgend. 

Bromley, J. Harrison, Eldwick Ci-a^:, near Bin^ftcv, Yorkshire. Geol, 

Brook, George, Jr., F.L.S , F.R.M.S., Fernbrook, Huddei-sfieid. Crua- 
tacea. C. Ev. Brit, sp for others. 

Brooke, Arthur B., Cardnev, Dunkcld. Om. 

Brooke, Edward, Oakley House, Edgcston, Hnddcrefield. 

Brooke, Sir Victor A., 'Bart , F.L.S. Colebrooke, Bi-ookcborough, Co. 
Fermanagh, Ireland. Oni. 

Brooke, Sir William Brooke 0*Shaughnessy, M.D., 55 Parliament 
Street, London, S.W. 

Brookes, John, Yew Villa, Westjrate, Southwell. 

Broom, G. J. C, Town Hall, Dudley. 

Broom, C. E., M.A., F.L.S., Elmhurst, Batheaston, near Bath. Bot., 

Brothers, Horatio, St. Lawrence, Putnev Hill, London, S.W. 

Brotherston, a., Sheldon Park Roa<l, Scotland. Bot. 

Brown, Alexander Crum, M.D., Prof. Chem. in the University of Edin- 
burg, Edinburgh, Scotland. Chem. 

Brown, C. Barrington, 115 Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill, London, 

Brown, Edward, 2 Blythwood Villas, Crouch End, London, N. 
Brown, James Campbell, Royal Infirmary School of Medicine, Liver- 
pool. Chem.^ Min. Ex. 
Brown, John, 12 Bedford Street, Belfast. Ireland. Contact Electricity, 
Brown, John, The Hawthorns, 3 Lozell's Road, Birmingham. '^-'■ 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

aT.BKiTAiN,] THK naturalists' directory. 246 

Brown, John Allen, 7 Kent Garden, Ealinjr, London, W. Geol^ Min. 

Brown, John C, LL.D., Prof. Emer., Haddington, Scotland. Forestry 
and Econ. Bot. 

Brown, Joseph, Q. C, 54 Avenue Road, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 

BiiOWN, J., Osboru Park, Belfast, Ireland (late of Edenderry Uouse). 
Chemical Uieory of VoUjic Action. 

Bkown, N. E.. Ivy Cottage, Red Hill. EnL 

Brown, Richard' 115 Lansdownc Road, Notting Hill, London, W. 

Brown, Robert, M.A., Pli.D, F.L S., 26 Guildford Road, Albert 
Square, Loudon, S. W. Phya.y Geof/., more especially in its bio- 
logical and cthuological aspects (spec. Arctic Regions and Fri'cssian 
Islands). Ex. papers, books, and maps, in relation to above. 

Brown, Thomas, Further Barton, Cirencester. 

Brown, Thomas Forster, Guildhall Chambei's, Cardiff, Wales. 

Browne, Colvile, 5 Hilldix>p Road, Cauidcu Road, London, N. 

Browne, James Crichton, M,1>., LL.D., 7 Cumberland Ten*ace, Re- 
gent's Park, London, N. W. 

Browne, R. Mackley, Northside, St. John's, Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Browne, ^The Vcn. Archdeacon Robert W., M.A., Prebend of St. 
Paul's, Wells, Somerset. 

Browne, Rev. T; H., High Wycombe, Bucks. Ent., Mie. 

Browning, John, 63 Strand, London, W. C. 

Bruce, Henry Alexander, M. D , Indian United Service Club, 14 St. 
James's Square, London, S. W. 

Bruce, Rev. Wm. Conybeare, St. Nicholas' Rectoiy, near Cardiff, 
Wales. Ast, 

Brunlees, James, F.R. S E., M. Inst. C. E., 6 Victoria Street, West- 
minster, London, S. W. 

Brunt, Ephraim, Havclock Place, Hanley, Stoke-oii-Trent. 

Brunton, John, 13a Great George Street, London, S. W. 

Brunton, Richard Henry, M. lust. C.E., Young*s ParaflSne Light Co., 
Batligate, Scotland 

Brunton, T. Lauder, M D., F.R.S., 50 Wellbeck Street, London, W. 
Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 

Buccleuch, Walter Travers Montagu-Douglas Scott, Duke of, 
Whitehall Gardens, London, S. W, 

Buchan. Alex., Sec. Scotch Meteor. Soc, 73 Gi*eat King Street, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland. M<teoi\ 

BuCKLAND, Miss A. W., 106 Guilford Street, London, W. C. 

Buckley, Sir Edmund, Bart., 36 Higher Ardwick, Manchester. 

Buckley, Henry, 27 Whcclcy's Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. OoL 
C. Ex Desires rare N A. egjrs. 

Buckley, Thomas E., B. A., Attadale House, Strath Carron, Ross-shire, 
N. Bm Scotland. Orn. 

Buckman, James, Prof Geol. and Rural Econ., Bradford Abbas, Sher- 
borne. Dorset,. Geol., Bot.., and Rural Econ. (Spec. Jnrnfisic 
Ammonites. Ex. many fine specimens from Doi*set and Somerset.) 

Buckney, Thomas, F. It A. S., Little Thurlow, Newmarket Time^ 
keepers and Gnlrnnic Chronographs for Observatories. 

BUCKNILL, J. C, M. D , 39 Wimpohj Street, London, W. 

BucKTON, G. B , Wevcombc, Haslemcre, Surrey. 

BuDD, George, M. 6., Ashlcigh, Barnstaple, Devonshire. 

Bulger, G. E., caro of Messrs. Whoatlcy & Co., 156 Leadenhall Street, 
London, E. C. Orn. 

Bull, Rev. Josiah, M. A , Bun* Lodge, South Nonvood, London, S. E. 

Bull, R E , 85 Milton Street, f)oi'set Square, London, N. W. Ent. 

Bunbury, Sir Charles James Fox, Bart., F.R.S., F.L. S., 48 Eaton 
Place, Belgrave Square, London, S. W, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BuNBURT, Edward Herbert, M.A.,35 St. James's Street, London, S.W. 

BUROEK. It , M. D., (;iit'toii, Bristol Meteor. 

BuROBSS, James, LL.D., 22 betou Plane, Ecliubui*gh, Scotland. Indian 

Arch'teciure, History and Epigraphy, 
BuRGHARDT, Dr. C A., Owcu's 0)llejre, JVlanchester. Min. 
BURNARD, C. F., Plyiuoiith Chemical Works, Plymouth. Chem, 
BuRNAND, (lEORGE, Tewin WattT, Welwyu. 
BuRNELL, Edward H., 32 BecUurd Kow/l^omlon, W C. Eni, 
Burnett, Ernest, Stoirumber, near Taunton, Somerset. Om. 
Burns, David, Geological Survey of England. Museum, Jermyn Street, 

Loudon, S. W. 
Burrows, Sir George, M D., 18 CavendLsh Square, London, W. 
Burt, Major T. Seymour, Pijipbrook House, Dorking, Suitcv. 
Burton, Decimus, 1 Gloucester Houses, Gloucester Crescent, Bishop's 

Road, London, \V. 
Burton, Frederick M., Highfield, Gainsborough. 
Burton, Rev. John Richard, B. x\.. The Grammar School, Bewdley. 
Burton. John, 50 Poilland Road, Nottingham 
Busk, George, F.R.C.S., F.R.S., F. L S.,32 Harley Street, London, 

Butler, Arthur G., 10 Avington Grove, Penge, London, S. E. Ent. 
Butler, George Grey, B. A., Civil Service Commission, Cannon Row, 

London, S. W. 
BuTTERiLL, 1. D., 2 St. John Street, Beverley. MoU, C. Ex. Fisidiums. 
Byerley, Isaac, Seacombe, Birkenhead, Cheshire. 
Byron, \V Ascropt. 31 King Street, Wigan. 
Bywater, W. M., Hanover Square, London, W. 
Cairo, James, 8 Queen's Gate Gardens, London, S. W. 
Caithness, James Sinclair, Earl of, 34 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, 

Loudon, W. 
Caley, James Augustus, M. Inst. C. E., Flax Bonrton, Somersetshire. 
Callard, T. Karr, 4 Blenheim Terrece, St. John's Wood, London, 

N. \V. 
Callaway, Charles, M A.D Sc. Lond., Wellington, Shropshire. 
Calver, E. K., The Grange, Red Hill, Surrey. 
Calver, George, Hill House, Widfoi-d, Chelmsfoixl. Ast, 
Calvert, T., Ci-aig Couit, Charing Cross, London, S. W. 
Cambridge, Rev. O. P., Bloxworth Rcctorv. Lepid. 
Cameron, J. Macdonald, Lab. of Arigcui. Chem., 52 Lime Street, Lon- 
don, E. C. Chem. 
Cameron, Peter, 31 Willow Bank, Crescent, Glasgow, Scotland. Ent. 
Campbell, Albert J., 58 Lancaster Gate, London, W. 
Campbell, Charles, Gas Works, Necpsend, Sheffield. 
Campbell, Donald, Elirin, Scotland Bot. 

Campbell, Frank M , Rose Hill, Hoddesdon, Herts Ent., Araeh. 
Campbell-Johnston, A. R., 84 St. George's Square, Loudon, S. W. 
Campbell, John F., Niddn- Lodge, Kensington, London, W. 
Campbell, Liout.-Col. John Robert, Charing, AshfoM, Kent. 
Campion, Frank, The Mount, Duffield Road, Derby. 
Canderlier, Ernest, 90 Great Tower Street, London, E. C 
Canesdale, W. D., 4 Guithavon Termce, Witham, Essex. Ent, 
Capron, Dr Edward, Shore, Guildford. Ent. 
Capron, J. Rand, Guildown, Guildford, Sun-ey. Ast. 
Cardwell, Visroiint, D. C. L., F. R S., 74 Eaton Square, London, S. W. 
Carew, R. Russell, Carpenters Hall, Watford. Met. 
Carey, Sir Peter Stafford, M. A., Candie, Guernsey. 
Carmichael, C. H. E.,M.A.,46a ColeshUl Street, Eaton Square, London, 

S.W. Anth. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

GT.BMTAiy.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 247 

Carmichael, Thomas D. Gibson, Castle Craijj, Dolphinton. Ent. 
Caunakvon. II. II. Mo. IIeubeut, Earl of, P. S. A., 16 Burtou Street, 

Lomtoii, W. 
Carpenter, William Bex.umin, C. B., M. D., LL.D., 56 Re<j:cnt*s Park 

Uoad, Loiulon, N. W. Aiic 
Carrick, llev. J. L , M A , Sprin;: Hill, Southampton. 
Carrington, C , Ellershc, l.o\ver Morton, Loiidcm, S. W. Ent. 
Carrington, John T., Roy;il Aquarium, Westminster. Ent. 
Carrington, Thomas, Jr.', Endclitte Court, ShctJiehl. 
Carkuthers, William, F- R.S , F. L S., British Museum (Natural His- 
tory Branch), South Kensington, S. W. 
Carteighb, John, 3 Hcrelbrd Squai-e, South KensiD<;ton, London, 

S. W. 
Carteiohe, Michael, 180 New Bond Street, London, W. 
Carter, II. J., F.K.S., The Cottage, Budlcigh, Saltcrton, Devon. Sponges, 

Furaminit'era. C. 
Carter, James, F. R. C. S., 30 Petty Cury. Cambridge. 
Carter, Thomas, LL.D., Mill Hill* House, Leicester. Bot, 
Carter, Richard, Cockcrham Hall, Barnslcy. 

Cartmell, Rev. James, D.D., Master of Christ's College, Cambridge. 
Cartwright, Prof. Samuel, 3*2 Old Burlington Street, London, W. Aiitk,^ 

Carulla, F. J. R., Peninsular Steel Works, 89 Brunswick Sti-eet, Shef- 
field. Cheni. 
Garvalho, S. N , Jr., 8 Inverness Ten*ace, London, W. 
Carver, T. G., MA., Storeton Road, Birkenhead. 
Casey, John, LL. D., Catholics Univ., 2 lona Terrace, South Circular 

Road, Dublin, Ireland. Math. 
Cash, William, '66 EInitleld Terrace, Halifax, Yorkshire. lleceiU and 

Ff.ssil Moll. C. Ex. Brit, recent or fossil animals and plants. 
Cassal, C. E., llvgienic Laboratory, University College, London, W. C. 

Cator, Charles Oliver Frederick, Stratford House, Beckenham, 

Cavell, Edmund, Saxmundham, Suffolk. 
Cayley, Prof. Arthur, Univ., Cambridge, London. 
Cazaux, D. B., 61 Finsbury Park Road, London, N. 
Chadwick, David, 65 Moorgatc Street, London. Mic, 
Challis, Rev. James, Plumian Prof. Astron. Univ. Cambridge, 2 Trump- 

ington Street, Cambridge 
Chamberlin, Rev. T. C Bigsb v. North Whcatley Vicarage, East Retford. 
Chambers, Geo F., NorthlieUl Observatory, East Bourne, Sussex. Ast. 
Chambers. William, LL.D., 13 Chester Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Chambers, W.M. Oldham, F. R.I. B. A,, Lowestoft. Pisciculture, espe- 

cialli/ propagaticn nf fond-producing fishes. 
Champernowne, ARTiiUR,"Daitington Hall, Totnes, Devon. GpoL, Palao., 

spec. Strntigraphicnl Geol. in So. Denm. C. Ex. Devon. Corals, 

Stroniatophorje, etc. for Triasbic Fossils, Muschelkalk, and Alpine 

limestones, Am. Palaeozoic. 
Champion, G. C, 274 Walworth Road, London, S E. Ent. 
Champneys. F. H., 11 Wyndham Place, Bryanston Square, London, W. 
Chance, Edward John,"F.L.S., 59 Old Broad Street, Loudon, E. C. 
Chantre, M. Cesar, 56 New Bi-oad Street, London, E. C. 
Chapman, David B., Roehsmipton, London, S. W. 
Chapman, Edward, M.A., Frewcn Hall, Oxford. 
Chapman, Thomas, 25 Bryanston Square, London, W., and Whitby. 
Chapple, William, Liverpool College, Liverpool. 
Charlesworth, Edward, 277 Strand, London, W. C. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

248 THE naturalists' DIKECTOBY. [GT.BBiTAnr. 

Charlton, Ernest S., Hesleyside, BelliDgham, Hexh&m. Ent, 

Charlton, George, 42 Miklmay Road, London, N. 

Chakte, a., M.A., M.D., Dir. Nat. Hist. Museum, Dublin, Ireland. 

Chater, K. M., Hi;:b Sti-ect, Watford. Alie, and Bot. 

CuEADLE, Robert William, 93 Ladbroke Gi-otc Road, Notting Hill, 
LoDtlon, W. 

Checkley, Thomas, IJcbficld Street, Walsall. 

Cherry, John Law, Huwley Park, Stafford. 

Child, Gilbert \V., M.A., Cowley House, Oxford. 

Childers, Rig lit Hon. Hugh C.E., Atbenaeum Club, London, S. W. 

Chimmo, (Japi, William, Westdowne, Weymouth, Doi-set. 

Christopher, G., F.C.S., Analytical and 'Consulting Chemist, 8 Rectory 
Grove, Clapham. London, S. W. Ckem., Phy$, 

Christy, W. H. M., M.A., Royal Observatoiy, 12 Royal Parade, Black- 
heath, Lon<loo, S. £. Xst. 

Church, Prof. Arthur Herbert, M.A., Royston House, Richmond 
Road, Kew. 

Church, H. F., Southgate, London. 3iin, 

Churchill, George Cheetham, care of Mr. E. Stanford, 55 Charing 
Cross, London, S. W. 

Clapham, Crochley, M.D., Muriel House, Peak Hill, Sydenham, Lon- 
don, S. £. Anth.y Cranioloffical Section, C. Slkull-forms and 
Biiiin-Avcifrhts of the Insane. 

Clapton, Edward, M.D., Physician, St. Thomas Hospital, 10a St. 
Thomas Sti-cet, Soiithwark, I^ndon, S. E. 

Clark, George T., F.S.A., Dowlais House, Meithyr-Tydvil, Wales. 

Clark, J. Gilchrist, Dabton, Thornhill, Dumfries, Scotland. Min. 

Clark, J. Edmund, B.A., B.Sc, F.G.S., 20 Bootham. York. 

Clark, John, Ph.D.. F.C.S., 138 Bath Street, Glasprow, Scotland. Chem. 

Clark, Frederick Le Gros, The Thorns, Scvenoaks. 

Clark, Latimer, 6 Westminster Chambei-s, Victoria Street, London. 

Clark, Thomas, Truro. Mm, 

Clarke, A. H., Ki Furnivai's Inn, London, E. C. Ent, 

Clarke. Alex. Ross, Or<lnance Survey Office, Southampton. 

Clarke, Charles Baron, F.L.S., Herbarium, Kew. Ent, 

Clarke, Hyde, 32 St. Geoi-ge's Squai*c, London, S. W. Comp, PhiJoLt 

Clarke, Stephenson, Croydon Lodore, Croydon. 

Clarke, Rev. Robert, F.L'.S., 150 Cromwell Road, London, W. Nat, 

Clarke, William Eagle, 5 East View, Hyde Park, Leeds. Om. 

Clay, Charles, M.D., Landcnshaw Lodpe, and 191 Piccadillj', Manches- 
ter, Obstetric Med. Collector of Theological Literature. 

Clay, Joseph Travis, Rastrick, near Hnddcrsfiold. 

Cleaver, Edw. L., 289 Kin»f*s Road, Chelsea, London, S. W. Chem. 

Cleghorn, John, Wick, Caithness, Scotland. Geo/., Anth, 

Cleland, John, ]Sf.D., Prof. Anat. University of Glasgow, 2 College, 
Glasgow, Scotland. 

Cleminshaw, Edward, M.A., F.C.S., Grenhill, Sherborne, Dorset 

Clerk, Henry, 3 llobart Place, Eaton Square, London, S. W. 

Clerk-^Iaxwell, J., Cambridge. 

Cliff, John, Linnburn, Ilkley, Leeds. 

Clifford-Allbutt, T., M.I5., Lyddon House, Leeds. 

Clifford, Rev. John, M.A., LL*.B., B.Sc, 61 Porchester Road, West- 
bourne Park, London, W. 

Clifton, R. B., Prof. Exper. Philos., Univ. of Oxford, Portland Lodire, 
Park Town, Oxfoi-d. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Gt, Britain.] the NATURALISTS* DIRECTOBT. 249 

Close, Rev. Maxwell H., Newtown Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ire- 

CloOoh, Charles Thomas, B.A., Geological Sui-vey of England, Muse- 
um, Jermyn Street, London, fc>. W. 

Clouston, Rev. Charles, LLD., Stromness, Orkney, Scotland. Nat, 
Hist.^ Meteor. 

Cluttekbuck, Robert, 8 Rryanston Street, London, W. 

COAPE, Lieut -Col., Capel, Pryor's liank, Fulhara, London, S. W. 

GoATES, James, Pitc'uUen House, Perth, Scotland. Con, 

CoATES, John, Assoc. M. Just. C. E., 33 Frederick Street, Gi-ay's Inn 
Road, London, W. C. 

CoBBOLD, E. Sterling, Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., Chasewood Lodge, Ross, 

CoBBOLD, T. Spencer, M.D., F.L.S., 74.Pftrts down Road, Maida Vale, 
London. Bot.f ZooL, Spec. HelminCholo^y, Parasites of hUphants. 

CoCKBURN, L., Weatlierley, The Mount, Totnes, S. Devon. 

CocKBURN, William, Huntcliffe House, Saltburn-by-thc-Sea, Yorkshire. 

CocKBURN-HooD, Thomas H., F.R.S.E., Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, 
London, S. W". 

Cockle, Capt. G., 9 Bolton Gardens, London, S. W. Ent, 

Cockle, Hon. Sir James, 2 Sandriugiium Gardens, Ealing, London, W. 

CODD, Francis, 51 Duke Street, Devonport. 

CoDRiNGTON, Thomas, 10 Moutagu Villas, Richmond, Surrey. 

Cogswell, Charles, M D., 47 York Terr , Regent's Park, London, N. \V. 

Coke, Richard George, Briraington Hall, near Chesterfield. 

Colchester, William, Sprin<rfierd House, Ipswich. GeoL 

Cole, B. G., Laurel Cotta^re, King's Place, Buekhui-st Hill, Essex. Ent, 

Cole, W. F„ F.CJM S., St. Mary Street, Weymouth, Dorset. Mic. 

Cole, William Mason, 93 St. /lelcu's Street, Ipswich. 

Colebrooke, Sir Thomas Edward, Bart., M. P., 14 South Sti*eet, Gros- 
venor Squai*e, London, W. 

Coleridge, John, Duke, Lord., 1 Sussex Squlare, Hj'de Park, London, W. 

Coles, John, F.R.A.S., F.R.G.S., 1 Savilo Row, Burlington Gardens, 
London. Oeog., Ast.^ Surveying, 

Coles, Ferdinand', 18 Bi-ooke Road, Stoke-Newington Common, Lon- 
don, N. 

CoLLARD, Thomas White, St. George's Place, Canterbuiy. 

CoLLES, Miss, Kilkenny, Ireland. Bet, 

CoLLETT, Lieut. Col. H., 23 Pioneers Mcean, Mcer, Punjaub, India, care 
of Tratibrd House, Surbiton Hill, Surrey. 

CoLLiNGS, Rev. William Thomas, Guernsey. 

COLLINGWOOD, J. FREDERICK, Scicncc Club, 4 Savile Row, London, W. 

Collins, John, F.C.S., Bradtbrd Buildings, Mawdslcy Street, Bolton. 

Collins, J. II., 57 I^enion Street, Trui-o. Chem., Geol, and Min, 

COLLINSON, Thomas, The Elm, Southey, Sheffield. 

CoLQUHOUN, James, Tredeirar Iron W^orks. Ti-ede^ar, Monmouthshire. 

CoLTHURST, Joseph, Drifney Castle, Cork, Ireland. 

Coltman, William B., 8 Ilvde Park Gnrdeus, l^ondon, W. 

Col vile, Right Hon. Sir James W., 8 Rutland Gate, London, W. 

CoLViN, Alexander, BA., Beaconside, Penrith, Cumberland. 

Comber, Thomas, Redcliffe, Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire. 

Comerford-Casey, G. E., M.A., 68 Cromwell Street, Nottingham. 

Common, Andrew Ainslie, 37 Eaton Rise. Ealing. Ast, 

Conchie, William, Livinjrstone, Mid Caldcr, Scotland. GeoL, Bat, 

Coode, Sir John, 35 Norfolk Square, London, W. 

Cook, Henry, M.D., Ringmore, Teignmouth, Devon. 

Cooke, Alfred H., Kings College, Cambridge. Conch, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Cooke, Col. Anthokt Charles, C.B., R.E., Ordnance Sorrcj Office, 

Cooke, Bancroft, 11 Gi-osvenor Place, Birkenhead. 
Cooke, Benj., 103 Windsor Boad, Soutbport, Lancashire. Ent, 
Cooke, C. W., C.E , 6 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Sti^eet, London. 

Phya, Sci. 
Cooke, .James Samuel, 5 Raymond Building, Gray's Inn, London, W.C. 
Cooke, M. C, M.A., LL.I>.. 146 Junction Boad, Upper Uolloway, Lon- 
don, N. Funt/i, Desmtds. C. 
Cooke, Rev. Robkkt Bryan. Brvn Alyn, Molrl, Flintshire. 
Cooke, Stephen, Veieriaary Collc;fe, Glasjfow, Scotland. Chem» 
CooKSBr, Joseph, West Bromwidi. 

COOMDS, John A., C.K , Chcl enhara Gas Works, Cheltenham. 
Cooper, E. F., Dc Montfort .square, I^iccstcr. Bot. 
Cooper. CoI. E. II., Markrcc Obs., Collooiicy. Ii*eland. Ast, 
Cooper, Robert Elliott, 1 Westminster Chambers^ Victoria Street, 

London, S. W. 
CoPELAND, Alfred J , Dell Field, Watford. Om., Ent. 
CoPELANi), Ralph, Pli.D., OUs. Dun Ecbt, Aberdeen, Scotland. Ast, 
CoPL\ND, PATiacK F., HiUcotc, Buckhm-st Hill, Essex. Ent, 
Copland-Crawford, R. F., Lieut -Gen. R. A., Sudbury Lod^e, Harrow. 
Copperthwaite, W. C, Becch«riove, Malton. Ent, 
CoRDEAUX, John, Great Cotes, Ulcebv, Lincolnshii-c. Orn. 
CoRFiELD, William Henry, M.D., ^1.A.. Prof. Hygiene in Unir. Coll., 

Loudon, 10 Bolton Row, Mavfair, London, W^ 
CORRY, Thos 11., M .\., lielfast, Ireland. Bot, 
CossHAM, Handel, Hill House, near r>nstol. 

Cottam, Arthur. Elilcrcroft, Watford. Coleopt., Diatoms, Ent., Bot. 
Cotterell, William, F,R.A S., Park SUcet, Walsall, Staflfordshirc. 

At.^Min. C. 
CoTTERiLL, J. II., 18 Gloucester Place, Greenwich, London, S. E. 
Cotton, Thomas, M.D., 214 Seven Sisters' Road, London, N. 
Courtney, John Sampson, Pcnzani'c. 
Cowan. Thomas Wm., Comptons Lea, Hoi-ahara, Enjarland. Oeol, Nat, 

Hust,, Bee Kef^ing, spec, D/aeases of Bees, C. Ex. Geol. spec., 

flint implements and min, objects. 
Cowham, Joseph H., 1 Leicester Villas, Brodrick Road. Upper Tootinff. 

London, S. W. '^'^ ** 

Cowherd, Javes, Stony Dale, Grange-over-Sands, Cranforth, North 


CowiE, Thomas R., RIddrie Vale, Parkhead. Glas;?ow, Scotland. Bot,. 
Creol. ' 

CowLisHAW, .John, Chapeltown Collieries. Sheffield. 
CowPER, lit. Hon. Earl of, Panshanjrer, Hertford. Boi, 
CowPER, Hon. Henry F., Brocket Hall, Hatfield. 
Cox, Col. U. J., Fonlwicli House, Canterbury. Ent, 
Cox, Herb'Srt E., Rose.dieim, Rei;rate. Ent, 
CoxoN. Samuel B Usworrh Hall, Washinsrton Station, Co. Durham. 
COYLE, Denis, 69 Lenham Parade. Greenhill, Derby. Mhu 
Crane, Edward, St. Jobn's Lodjre, Wcllinirton Villas, Bri'-hton. 
Craven, Alfred E., F.L.S., 36 Princes Gate. London, S. W. 
Crawford AND Balcarres. Lord, MP., F R.S , Pres. Rov. Ast Soc, 
r^.^^tU i^^^' London, W and Dun Echt, Aberdeen, Scotland. A^, 
Crawford, James Coutts, F.G.S.. Overton House, Sti-athaven, Lanark- 

shn-p, Scotland. CieoL C, 
Crawley, W. J. Chetwode, B.A., LL.B., 3 Ely Place Dublin Ireland 
Crawshaw, Edward, In Chiiter-house Street London ' Min.* 
Cresp^gny, E. db, 64 Tavistock Crescent, Westbom^ic iS, Londoa. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Crichton, Alexander, Athenfciim Club, Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

CiUCUTON, AllTHUK W'., li.A., Bioadward IhUl, fculop. Orn, 

CiiiMi', William bAMTO, iUsoc. M. lust. C.E., 3 lioic Villas, Merton, 

Crisp, Frank, LL.B., B.Sc, F.L.S., 5 LaDsdowne Koad, Notting Hill, 

London, W. Mic. 
Criswick, George 8., K. Obs., Gi-eenwich, S. £. Ast. 
Crocker, John, Exmouth. Min, 
Croit, Mrs., Fanhams Hall, Ware. Dot. 
Croft, Kichard B., Fanhams Hall, Ware. Bot.^ Crypt, 
CuoFTON, M. W., Woolwich. 
Croke, J. O'Brien, M.yV., The French College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 

Ireland. Exper, l^hysicx, 
Croli., James, LL.D , Gcol. JSurvey Office, and 21 St. Catherine's Place, 

Ldinbm*^h, bcotland. 
Crombie, Kev. James M., M.A., F.L.S., 12 Colehcrne Hoad, W. Bromp- 

lon, London, b. W. 
CitOMPTON, Kev. James, Buckley, Chester. 
Crookss, William,, F.C.b., 7 Kensington Park Gardens, London, 

W. (:hfin.,Phyi. <;. 
Crosbie, Frank, The Chestnuts, Barnet, Herts. Ent. 
Cross, Kev. J. E., M.A , F.K.A.b., Appleby, Bri;rg, Lincolnshire. 
Cross, Right Hon- bir Kicuard Assueton, LL.D., 53 Eccleston Square, 

and Athenaeum C lub, London, b. W. 
Crossket, Kcv. H. W., 2b George Roail, Birmin;;ham. Geol. of Glacial 

Epo^k and Satid^tone of the Eozonn rock. C. Ex. Brit, fossils 

for 8hell;4 from glacial beds and Eozoan rocks. 
Crossley, Edward, Halilav. Aat. 

Crowley, Jonathan bPAKROW, 3 Park Hill Rise, Croydon. 
Cruickshank, Alexander, 12 Rose Street, Al>erdcen, Scotland. Min» 
Crl'IKSuank, George E., M.A., 5 btoue Buildings, Lincoln'^ Inn, Lon> 

don, W. C. 
Cruttwell, Alfred C, F.G.S., West Hill, Frome, Somerset Geol, 

IMhol C. Ex. 
Gumming, John, The Cottage, Tunbridge Wells. 
Cunliffe, Brooke, Bathafarn, Ruthin, Wales. 
CuNUFPE, Peter G., 'J'ho Elms, Handforth, Manchester. 
Cunnack, J., Ilelston, Cornwall. Bot, 
Cunningham, D. J., M.D., F.R.S.E., Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Humttn twd Comp, Amit, 
Cunningham, Robert ()., M.D., Prof. Nat Hist (BioL) and Geol., 

Queen's College, Belfa-^t, Ireland. Biol.^ Geol 
Cunnington, William. U Gauden Road, Clapham, London, S. W. 
CuNON, John, M D., 3 George Street, iJanover Square, London. Anat. 
Curley, Timothy, Hereford. 

Curling, Thomas B., 27 Brunswick Square, Brighton. 
Curphy, W. S., Chemical Laboratoiy, 22 Devonshire Street, All Saints, 

Manc^hester. Chem. 
CuRREY, Frederick, 3 New Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, W. C. 
Curties, Thomas, 244 Hiarh Holborn, London, W. C. 
Curtis, A H , LL.D., A«««istant Com. Intermediate Education Office, 

Dublin, Ireland. Math.^ Phys. 
CussANS, J. E , 4 Wvndham Crescent, .Junction Road, London, N. Arch, 
Dale, C. W.. Glanvillc's Wotton, Sherborne. Ent, ^ 

Dale, William, Ep^om. 

Dalgleish. J. J , 8 Athole Crescent Edinburgh, Scotland. Orn. 
Dallas, John, 21 Alma Squai-e, Abbey Road, St John's Wood, London, 

N.W. Mic. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Dallas, W, S., Assist. Sec. Geol. Soc., Burlington House, London, W» 

Dallinger, Kev. W. H , Prin. Wesley College, Sheffield. Biol. C. 

Dallmeyeu, John H., 19 BloomsiMiry Street, London, W. C. 

Dalton, W. 11., Geol. Surv. of England and Wales, 28 Jermyn Street, 
London, 2S. W. Geol., Triaasic rocks and GeoL Bibliography. 

Daltry, Rev, T. W., M.A., Madeley Vicarage, Newcastle, Stafford- 

Damon, Robert, PuUency Building, Weymouth, Dorset. GeoL 

Danby, Tuomas Wm., M.A., 1 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W. 

Daniel, John, Epsora. tjiirrcy. Conch., Bot. 

Daniell, John R., Camborne. Mm. 

Darbisiiire, Robert Dukinfield, B.A., F.S.A., Victoria Park, Man- 

Darwin, Charles, Down, Beckcnharo, Kent. Biol, 

Darwin, Francis, Down, Beckenham. Physiological Bot. 

Dauwin, George 11., F.R S., Triniiy Coll., Cambridge. Ast , Maih. 

Daubeny, Robert Henry, Wrington, Somerset. 

Davey, Edward Charles, Wantage. 

Davey, Henry, Rupert Lodge, Hcadino.ley, Leeds. Mechanics. 

Davey, Rev. Henry Mahont, M.A., Oving Vicai-affc, Chichester. 

Davidson, Rev. G., The Manse, Logie-Coldstone, by Ballater, Scotland. 

Davidson, J. H., 14 Holloway Road, UaiTod Green, Leytonotope, Lon- 
don, E. Pnys., Cheni. 

Davidson, Thomas, F.R.S., 9 Salisbmy Road, West Brighton. 

Davies, D. C., Ehnal Lodge, near Oswesti-y. 

Davies. Rev. Ebenezer, The Green Oaks, Talbot Street, Sonthport. 

Davies, Ed., Royal Inst , Liverpool. Chem. 

Davies, Rev. Gerald, Charterhouse, Godalming. Ex. prehistoric speci- 
mens for good N. A. and Mexican antiquities. 

Davies, Thomas, British Museum (Natural History Branch), South Ken- 
sington, London, S. W. 

Davies, William, British Museum (Natural History Branch), South 
Kensington, Lpndon, S. W. 

Davis, J. Barnard, M.D., Shelton, Staffordshire. Anth. 

Davis. Sir J. F., Athenaeum Club, S. W., and Hollywood, near Compton, 

Davis, James W., Chevinedge, Halifax. Geol., spec. Fossil Fishes of 
Coal Measures. C. Ex. for those of other formations. 

Dawes, George, Milton Iron- works, near Barnsley. 

Dawes, John T., M.E., C.E., F.G.S., Cefn Mawr Hall, Mold, Flintshire, 
North Wales. Geol., Min. C. 

Dawkins, W. Boyd, M.A., F.B.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., Prof, of Geology, 
The Victoria Univ., The Owens College, Manchester, and Curator 
Milnohcster Museum. Anth., Geol. C. Ex. Remains of British 
Bonccavcs offered for Am. mammals, recent or fossil. 

Dawson, John, M.A., 11 Somei-set Place, Bath. 

Day, St. John V., St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Civil Engi- 

DAYTtfAN, Charles O., M.A., Merrie Meade, Millbrook, Southampton. 

Deane, Rev. George, The Chestnuts, Moseley, Birmingham. 

Debus, IIeinrich. Professor of Chemistiy at the Royal Naval College, 
Greenwich, Guy's Hospital, London, S. E. 

Deby, Julien, 3 Lombard St., London, E. C. Geol, Mic. 

De Blaouiere, Rigiit Hon. Lord, Springfield, Crawley, Sussex. 

De Castro, James C, care G. Carew, 15 Southampton Street, Blooms- 
bnry, Londou, W. C. 

De La Rue, W., 73 Portland Place, London. Electricity^ Chem., Ast. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Gt.bbitaiw.] the natitbalists* directort. 263 

Db La Sala, p. P., Col. of Engineers, Sevilla House, NaTarino Road, 

London. Veg, Chem., spec, rendering wood pUable and non-com' 

bustible, £x. edible fjri'amineous and icgumineoiis seeds, Intertrop- 
ical woods and their products. 
Ds LA Taillb des Essabts, Bahon a., M.D., 2a Pall Mall, London, S. 

W. Alic, 
Denham, Sir H. M., 21 Carlton Road, Maida-vale, London, W. 
Denning, Wac. F., Tyndale House, Ashley Pown, Bristol. Ast» 
Bent, Gregory, Ousegate School, Selby. 
Denton, John Bailet, Gi*avely, near btevenagc, Herts. 
Dents, Sir George Wm., Bart., Draycott Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire. 
De Rancb, Charles £., Geol. Surv.* of England, Museum, Jerinyn St, 

London, S. W. 
Dbrbt, Hbnrt Edward Stanley, Eai*l of, LL.D., M.A., 23 St. James 

Square, London, S. W. 
Dbbham, Walter, M.A., LL.M., Henleaze Park, Westbuiy-on-Tiym, 

Derby, F., D.D., 31 Upper Hockley St, Birmingham. Geol, Geog, 
De Salis, William. Fane, Dawley Court, Uxbridge. 
Dbsse, Ethelred, M.D., 43 Kensington Gardens Squai-e, Bayswater, 

London. Mic. 
Devonshire, William, Duke of, K.G., M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., Devonshire 

House, Piccadilly, London, W. 
Dewar, James, M.A., Prof. Nat Phil., Univ. Cambridge, 19 Brookside, 

Dewick, Edward S , M.A., 2 Sonthwick Place, Hyde Park, London, W. 
Dickie, Dr., F.L.S., 16 Albyn Ten-ace, Aberdeen, Scotland. Algology, 
Dickinson, F. H., Kingweston, Somerset, and 121 St. George's Square, 

Pimlico, London, S. W. 
DiCKiNson, Joseph, South Bank, Pendleton, Manchester. 
Dickinson, Thomas Lidney, South Bank, Pendleton, Manchester. 
Dickinson, William, Jr., 3 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. 
Dickson, Alexander, Prof. Bot University, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Dickson, Prof. Wm., Glasgow, Scotland, kiit, 
Diogens, James, 22 Springfield Ten-ucc, Lancaster. 
Dillwyn, Lewis Llewelyn, M.P., F.Ij.S., Hcndrcfoilan, Swansea, 

DiMSDALE, Hon. Baron, Essendon Place, Hertford. 
Distant, W. L., M.A.I., V. P. Entomol Soc, 1 Selston Villas, Derwent 

Grove, East Dulwich, London, S. E. Ent.^ Anth. C. Ex. Am. 

Homoptora csp., Ci<'ailidse required ; Exotic Phynchota in ex. 
Dixon, George, Whitehaven. 

Dixon, John, C.E., The Choubra, Surbiton, Kingston, Surrey. 
Dixon, Re'v. R., l^L.D., High School, Nottingham. 
Dixon, Stephen Brown, Pcwsev, Wilts. 

Dobesck, W., Ph.D., Marksee OW., Collooney, Co. Sligo, Iroland. Ast, 
Doble, Edmund M., 12 Mount Ararat Villas, i^ichmond, Sun-ey. Mic, 
DOBSON, George E., M.A., M.B., Surgeon Mujor, Array Med. Dent, 

Royal Victoria Haspital, Netley, Southampton. Z»o/., M^tminaUa^ 

{Jttsectirora, ) 
DODD, B. S., Beech Avenue, Shorwood Rise, Nottingham. Con. 
DoEG, T. E., Evesham. Ent., Con.^ BoC, Orn. 

DoNAGAN, Miss, Handel House, Haverstock Hill, London, N. W. Mic» 
Donaldson, John, Newpoi-t-on-Tay, near Dundee, Scothind. Bot, 
Donovan, Patrick, J.P., Tralco, Co. Kerry, Iroland. Mic. 
Dormer, John B., J. D. Lord, Grove Park, Warwick. Ent, 
DoRNiNG, Elias, 41 John Dalton Street, Manchester. 
Dobrington, James, Oi-phan Asylum,- Wolverhampton. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Douglas, D., 87 Bamin;rton Road, I^ctth, N. B., Scotland Boi. 
Douglas. John \Vm., b Bcaui'ort Gardons, LcwUhaui, I^ondon, S. £. 

Douglas, Thomas, West I^dsre, Ci'ook, Darlin«rton. 

Di^UiiLAss. James X., Trinity House, London, E. C. 

DovAsroN, JouN, West Fuhon. 11. IS. O., balop. Mie, 

Dove, Hamilton. J^ondon (ins Light Co., Nine Eluis, London. Chem, 

Dove, .John, , (Jheslnut Coitage, Pinner. 

Dover, \V. Kinsev, Myrilc Guac, Keswick. 

Do WEN, ttev. Z. T., Newhintla Terrace, Bootle, Liverpool. 

Dowker, (iEOUOE, btonrmoutli H(ni:ie, near Windham, Kent.. 

DowNES, licv. \V , U A., Keutisl)cai*e, Collomptoii. « 

Downing, A. M. W., M.A., Asst. Ast., Boyal Observatoiy, Greenwich, 

liOudon, iS. E. Asi. 
DowsETT, Aktuuk, Kin;r^gatc Villa, King's Roatl, Reading. EnL 
Draper, H. N., Temple Road, Ratliniiues, Dublin. Ireland. Chtm. 
Dresser, Christopher L., C.E., FC.fcJ., 30 Park Row, Leeds. 
Dresser, Henry E., 6 Teutei-den Street, Hanover bquai*e, London, W. 

Drsw, Frederic, Eton College, Windsor. 
Drew, Joseph, M.A., LL.D.,6 Devonshire Buildings, Weymouth. Geol, 

Drew, Joseph, 4 Fovgix)ve Road, Beckenham. 
Drew, John Edb, Cornwall House, Penzance. 3/m. 
Dreyer, John L. E., M.A., Obs., Duusink, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ast, 
DREYFU3, J^UDWiG, 181 Adelaide Road, SSt. John*s Wood, London. Mic, 
Druce, E. C, Clieniics, Northampton. Bot. 

Druce, Herbert, 1 Cii-cus Road, bt. John's Wood, London, N. W. Ent. 
Drummond, Henry, Lect. on Nat. Sci., Free Chureh Coll , Glasgow, 

bcothind. GpU. 
Drummond-Hav, Henrv M., Lieut-Col., Royal Perth Rifles, Seggieden, 

Perth, Scotland. Orn, 
Drysdale, John, M.D., 36 Rodney Street, Liverpool. Biolojy^ spec. 

Ducie, Earl of. F R S , 16 Portm»n Square, London, W. ; and Tortworth 

Court, Wotton-undcr-Edge. 
DucKwouTH, Henry, F.L.S., Holme House, Columbia' Road, Oxton, 

Dudgeon, Patrick, Carjren, Dumfries, Scotland. Min, 
Duff, M. E. G., York House, Twickenhnm. 

DuFFiN, W. LE Strange, White Church, Cappoquin. Ireland. GeoL 
Duffy, P., 4 Clifton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, N. W. 
DuFTY, J. N., The Grammar School, Tuxfoixl, Newaik. 
Duke, Uev. Edward, Lake House, SalishuiT- 
Duncan, Alexander, M.A., (Piovidcnee, li. I., U. S.,) and 7 Princes 

(iatc. London, S. W. 
Duncan, >rajor Francis, M.A., D C.L., LL.D., Royal Artillery, 29 The 

Common, Woolwich. 
Duncan, James M., The Medical Directory of London, Pres. Obstetrical 


Duncan, Peter Martin, Prof. Geol. King's Coll., 4 St. Geoi:ge*s Ter- 
race, Regent's Park Road, London, N. W. 

Dunk, William, 111 Camden Street, London, N. W. Mie. 

DuNKiN, Edwin. F.R.S., Kenwyn, Kidbrooke Park Road, Blfu:^eftth| 
London, S E. Ast. 

DuNLOP, Andrew, M.D., 50 Val Plaisant, Jci-sev, 

Dunnet, John, Wick, Scotland. Bot, 

Dunning, John, Middlesbrough. 

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gt.bbitaik.] the natukausts' dibectobt. 256 

Dunning, Joseph W., 12 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, VV. C. Ent. 
DuNRAVEN, Rt. Hon. Earl of, Adarc Manor, Adurc, Co. Limerick, Ire- 
laud. Anth. 
D'Urban, W. S., Alhuera, St. Leonards, Exeter. Ent. 
DuiiHAM, A. E., 82 lirook Sti-eet, Grosvenor Square, London, W. 
Durham, James, Winjjate Place, Newport, File. Geol. 
DuRNFOKD, W. Arthur, liirdwcU, liarnsley. Orn, 
DUPRE* Dr. Aug., F.11.S., Westminster Hospital, London, W. Ck$m,^ 

Du Pre, Charles C, 17 Pembroke Gardens, Kensin^'ton, W. Ent. 
Du Sautoy, J. li. A., 13 Bleubeim Koad, Bedford Park, CUiswick. 
Dter, VVm. T. Thiselton, M.A., Royal Gardens, Kew. 
Dyke, Edward George, bt. Austell. 
Dyster, Frederick D., M.D., Tenby, Perabrokesbire. 
Eassie, William, F.L. S., 73 King Henry's Road, Cbalk Farm, London, 

N. W. 
Easton, Edward, 9 Delabay Street, Westminster, S. W. 
Eastwick, Edward iiACKHOUSE, 51 llogartli Road, Cromwell Road, 

l^oudou, fci. W. 
Eaton, Rev. A. E., 51 Park Road, Bromley, Kent. Etit. 
Eaton, Richard, Mecbauical Eu^iueer, Niittall House, Nuttall, near 

Nottin>rbam. Thermo-^ynamUs and fuel economy ^ MctiUnrgy. 
Ebury, Rt Hon. the Lord, Moor Park, and 35 Park Street, Grosvenor 

bquare, London, W. A/i'^, Orn. 
EcCLES, James, 15 Durham Villas, Pbillimoi'C Gardens, Kcnsin<^on. AV. 
Eddowes, bTANTON, 12 Hamilton bquare, Birkcubead. 
Eddy, James Ray, Carleton Grange, Skipton. Mic. 
Edgell, Arthur Wyatt, Cowley House, Exeter. Palcso, : Sil. LamellU 

EpoEWORTH, M. P., 9 Lexham Gardens, W. Kensin^rton, London. 
Edkins, Wm., 12 Charlotte Street, Loudon. Antiquuri/. 
Edmunds, James, M.D., 8 Grafton bireet, Piccadilly, London, W. 
Edmunds, Thomas W., 32 Old Chan<;e, London, E. C. Mic. 
Edmundson, John W., C.E., 35 Chapel Street, Dublin, Ireland. iTy- 

draul C8 and Engineenng. 
Edward, Charles, D.G , Chambers, 12 Bank Street, Dundee, Scotland. 
Edward, Thomas, A.L.S., 1-ow Shore, Bauff, Scotland. Not. Hist. 
Egerton, Lieut., Badlcsmere Rectory, Faversham. Om, 
Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey-, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., Oiilton 

Park, Tarporley, Cheshire. 
Egerton, Rev. William Henry, Whitchurch, Salop. 
Eloer, Thomas G. E., St. Mary's, Bedford. Aat., Mic. 
Elgood, John E., 21 Oxford Street, Leicester. Mic. 
Elliot, Sir George, Bart., M.P., 23 Great George Strcet, London, S. W. 
Elliot, Sir Walter, LL.D., Wolfclee, Hawick, Scotbind. 
Ellis, Alexander John, 26 Ar«ryll Road, Kensin<i:ton, W. 
Ellis, W^illiam, Roval ObseiTatorv, Greenwich. Ast.^ Met. 
Elphinstone, Sir IIoward, Bart.', M.A., The Lawn, St. Leonard's-on- 

Elsden, James V., 2 Ekowe Villas, Southcote Road, Bournemouth. Geol. 
Elt, C. H., 41 Gibson Squai*e, Islinjrton, London, N. Mic. 
Elwes, H. T., Preston House, Cirencester. Living monocotytedonous 

p//ints^ Pul/parctic and Indinn Birds and Lepidoptera. C Ex. 
Emmens, William, National Bank, Old Broad Street, Loudon, E. C. 
England, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Rectory, North Lew, Devon. 
Enniskillen, Earl of, D.C.L., F.R.S.,*Florence Court, Enniskillen, Ire- 
Ekogk, Fred., 30 Russell Road, Seven Sisters* Road, HoUowaj, London, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Erck, Wentworth, LL.D., Shemngton, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

Erichsen, John Eric, 6 Cavendish Place, Cavendish Square, London, 

FsKRiGGE, B. A., 18 H^ckin*s Hev, Livei-pool. 
EspiN, T. E.. F.K.A.S., Wallasey RectoiT, Birkenhead. Ast. 
Essex, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, Cassiobury Park, Watlbi-d. OeoL 
EssoN, William, 1 Bi-admoi-e Koad, Oxfoiil. 
Etheridoe, Robert, F.R.S., L. & £., Palapontologrist to the Geolo|rical 

6ui-vey of Great Britain, Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S. w. 
Etheridoe, Robert, Jr., British Museum (Natural History Branch), 

South Kcnsiujfton, S. W. Palipo, 
EuNSON, John, C.E., 20 St. Giles Street, Noi*thampton. 
Evans, Arthur H., B.A., Clare College, Cambridge. Om.^ 061. C. 

Ex. ejrjrs. 
Evans, Caleb, 3 Downshirc Hill, Hampstead, London, N. W. 
Evans, Daniel Thomas, 5 Elm Court, Temple. I^ondon, E. C. 
Evans, Franklin G., Pentyreh near Cardiff, Wales. Met. 
Evans, Frederick J. Owen, Whitehall, and 116 Victoria Street, West- 
Evans, Henry S., care Evans <& Co., 60 Bartholomew Close, London, 

Evans, John, D.C.L., LL.D., Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead. PrehU- 

tone Arch. 
Evans, Mi-s. John, Nash Mills, Hcmel Hempstead. Geol, Arch. 
Evans, J. T., M.D., Fore Street, Hertford. 
Evans, Dr., Little Horton Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire. MolL 
Evans, Mortimer, C.E., F.R.A.S., 97 West Regent Street, Glasgow, 

Evans, Sebastian, LL.D., Heathfield, Alleyn Park, West Dulwich, 

London, S. E. Anth. 
Evans, Thomas, Pen-y-brvn, Dnffield Road, Derby. 
Evans, W. Hill, M.D., 6S Horton Lane, Bradford. Yorkshire. Conch. 

C. Ex. British shells for Am. Helices and Unionidse. 
Eve, Richard W., MB., 101 Lcwisham Hi;rh Road, London, S. E. 
EvERARD, J. B., 6 Millstone Lane, Leicester. 
Everett, Joseph David, Prof, of Nat. Philos., Queen's College, Belfast, 

Ireland. Nat. Philos. 
EvERS, Dr. H , Dr. Armstrong's Coll., Newcastle. Steam and Mechamct. 
EvERSLEY, Viscount, 114 Eaton Square, London, S. W. 
EwiNG, Rev. J. A., M.A., Wcstraill Rectorv, Buntinirford. Orm 
EwiNG, T. J., D.D., 3 Crescent Villas, Plymouth. Om. 
Eyre, George Edward, Wan-cns, near Lymlhuret, Hants. 
Eyton. Thomas C, Eyton HjUI, Wellingrton, Salop. Orn. 
Fair, William, M.D. * 78 Poitsdown Road, Maida Vale, London, W. 
Falconer, Thomas, Usk, Monmouthshire. 
Falconer, Rev. W. A., M.A., The Rectory, Bushey. Ast, 
Faraday, F. J., 17 Brazenosc St., Manchester. 
Fauie, James, 83 Highbuiy Quadrant, J^ondon, N. 
Farrar, Rev. Adam Storey, D.D., F.R.A.S., The College, Durham. 
Farrar, Rev. F. W., M.A., D.D., 17 Deans Yai-d, Westminster, S. W. 
Farre, Arthur, M.D., 18 Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Farrbr, T. H., 11 Bi-yanston Square, London, W. 
Farrer, William James, 18 Upper Breok Street, London, W. 
Faust, Miss Emily, 6 I^ime Tree Villas, Bischanger Road, South Nor- 
wood, London, S. E. Mic. 
Favell, T. Milkes, Noi-th Shields Water Co., 14 Savllle Street, North 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Fawcett, Wm., care Rev. W. Wheeler, Southboroujfh, Tunbridflre Wells. 

Fatrer, Sir Joseph, M.D., 16 Granville Place, Putnian Square, Lon- 
don, W. 

Feilde^t, Captain Henrt W., R.A., The Barracks, Norwich. Om,, 

Feroie, Georce, Coronel, South Chili, care of Rev. T. F. Fergie, M. A., 
Ince, Wi^jan. 

Ferguson, Rev. J., Fern, Brechin, Scotland. Mosses, 

Ferguson, William, F.L.S., Kinmundy, near Mintlaw, Abei-dcenshire, 

Fergusson, James, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., 20 Langham Place, Lon- 
don, W. Indian Architecture, 

Ferrers, Rev. N. M., M.A., The Lodge, Gonville and Gains College, 

Ferrier, David, M.A., 16 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W. 

Festino, Major A. M., 6 St. Jean D'Acre Terrace, DevonporL 

Field, Frederick, Upper Marsh, Lambeth, London, S. W. 

FiLLiTER, Edward, M. Inst. C. £ , Leeds. 

Finch, Dr.« Borough Lunatic Asylum, Leicester. Bot, 

FiNNEMORE, Rev. JosEPH, Summcrseat, Manchester. 

FiNZi, John A., 105 Gower Street, London, W. C Ent, 

Fischer, W. L F., Prof, of Natural Philos., Univ. St. Andi-ew's, Scot- 

Fisher, Henry, 7 Kennet Road, St. Peter's Pai-k, Harrow Road, Lon- 
don, W. 

Fisher, John Cowlet, Wood Hall, near Cockermouth, Cumberland. 

Fisher, Rev. Osmond, M.A., Harlton Rectory, Cambridge. 

FiSHWiCK, Henry, F.S.A., The Pleights, Rochdale, Lancashire. Arch. 

Fitch, Edward A., Brick House, Maiden, Essex. Ent, 

Fitch, F., Hadleigh House, Highbury New Park, London, N. Ent. 

Fitch, Oswald, 40 Highbuiy New Park, London, N. 

Fitch, Robert, F.S.A., Noi-wich. 

Fitz-Gerald, F., Folkstone. Moil. 

Fitz-Gerald, Geo. F., Prof. Expr. Sci., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Fleming, Ernest L., Borax Works, Old Swan, Livei-pool. Chem. 

Fleming, Wm. J., M.D., 155 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Phys, 

Fletcher, Alfred E., 5 Edge Lane, Liverpool. Chem, 

Fletcher, J. E., Happy Land, Worcester. Ent. 

Fletcher, Lazarus, &![.A., British Muscuiji (Natural History Branch), 
Soutli Kensington, S. W. 

Fletcher, Colonel Thomas William, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., Lawnes- 
wood House, near Stourbridge. 

Fletcher, William, Bngham Hill, near Carlisle. 

Flight, Walter, D.Sc. Lond., 12 Clairville Grove, South Kensington, 
S W. Chem,, Min. 

Florence, H. L., 6 Prince of Wales Ten-ace, Kensington, W. 

Flower, John, M.A , 6 Faii*ficld Road, Croydon. ZoiiL 

Flower, William Henry. LL.D., Hnnterian Prof. Comp. Anat. and 
Conservator of the Museum, Royal College of Surgeons, London. 
Comp. Anat,t Anth. 

Floyd, Thomas, 5 Westminster Chambei*s, Victoria Street, London, S. 

Floyer, F. a., B.A., St. Thomas Hospital, Thames Embankment, Lon- 
don. Odl. of Persian Gulf. 

Floyer, John, B.A., M.P., Stafford, Dorchester. 

Foord, Alfred Stanley, 186 Malpas Road, Brockley, London, S. E. 

FoRBBSy Prof. George, Anderson's Univ., Glasgow, Scotland* Ast, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

258 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt-Britact. 

Forbes, John E., 40 Ilvdc Road, Manchester. Geol , il/m, C. 
FouBEs, VV. A., B.A., Pi-osccior to the Zoi31o«rical Society, 14 Ashley 

Plncc, Victoria Street, London, S. W. Orn.f GeoL 
Ford, John, Tancreil, VVhixlcy, York. 
FOKOHAM, II. U., Oilsey, near 'lioyston, Herts. GeoL 
FouKEST, 11. E , Mason's CoUetre^' Birmingham. 
FoHSTER, Geokge Uaker, Backworth Hall, Newcastle-on-T)'ne. 
Forster, U. Cochrane, East View, GlHndore, Leap, Co. Cork, Ireland. 
Forster, William, The Hill, VV'hitely, Surrey. Oni. 
Forster, Ri^Hit Hon. William E., 80 Ecdeston Square, London, S. W. 
Fortescue, The Hon. Dudley Francis, M.P., Summei-ville, WRtcrfoi-d. 
Foster, Baltuasar, M.l)., 14 Temple Row, Birmini:ham. 
Foster. Clement Le Neve, D. Sc, B. A., H. M. Inspector of Mines, 

Llandnihio, North Wales. Geol.^ Min., Mming. 
Foster, (i. C, B.A , Prof, of Phys., Univ. College, London, 12 Hilldrop 

Road, London, W. 
Foster, Michael, M.D., Prelector of Physiol., Trinity College, Cam- 

FoTHERBY, Henry, 3 Finsbury Square, London, E. C 
Fotiiergill, Capt. C. W., Roval Military Collejre. Sandhurst. 
FouLERTON, John, M.D., 41 f*enibridge' Villas, Bayswater, London, W. 
Fowler, George, Basford Hall, near Nottin^^ham. 
Fowler, Rev. G. T., M A., F.S.A., Durham. Arch. 
Fowler, John, 2 Queen Square Place, Westminster, S. W. 
Fowler, Rev. J. C , B.A., North Stainley Vicaraore, Ripon. 
Fowler, Rev. W. W., The School House, Lincoln. Ent, 
Fox, Major-Gcneral A. 1..ANE, 19 Penyweru Road, South Kensington, S. 

Fox, Henry, Field End Lodge, Easteote, Pinner. 

Fox, Rev. Henry E., M.A., 30 Warwick Square, London, S. W, Orn. 

Fox, St. George L., 4 Grosvcuor Gardens, London, S. W. Phys,, 
Chem , Elect, 

Fox, Wilson, M.D., 67 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Frail, Prof., University. Aberdeen, Scotland. Bot. 

Francis, William, Ph.D., Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London, E. C. 

Franqois de Chaumot, F. S. B., M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, 

Frankland, Edward, D.C.L., F.R.S , Ph.D., Prof. Chem., Science 
School, S. Kensin^rton Museum, London, W. Chem. 

Franks, A W., Keeper of Antiquities at the British Museum, 103 Victoria 
Street, London, S. W. 

Franks, W. S., 1 Hi«rh Street, Leicester. Ast., Double Stars. 

Eraser, Jno. H., Allaby House, Upper Clapton. Alicroa, 

Eraser, Dr. J., Wolverhampton, not. 

Eraser, T. R., M.D., 37 Melville Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Fream. William, Prof. Nat. Hist. Wilts and Hants Agric. Coll., Down- 
ton, Salisbuiy. 

Frecheville, William, 97 Mount Street, Berkelev Square, London, W. 

Freeland, Humphrey William, Athenaeum Clu^, Pall Mall, London, 
S. W. 

Frere, George Edward, Roydon Hall, Diss, Norfolk. 

Frere, Right Hon. Sir. Henry B. E., Athenjeum Club, London. 

Friswell, R. J., 10 Clapham Square, London, E. Min. 

Fry, Alexander, Thoruhill House, Dulwich VVood Park, Norwood, Lon- 
don, S. E. ICnt. 

Fry, C. E., Tlie Little Elms, Watford. Etit. 

Fryer, Herbert P., Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. Eftt. 

Gale, James, M. A., Ph. D., F. G. S., etc., 18 Lockyer Street, Flvmouth, 
Devon. Med. Elect. Q. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Gallowat, T. Lindsay, M. A., Lanrcl Bank, Oakshaivhill, Paisley. 

Galton, Capt. Douglas, 12 Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, London, 
S. W. 

Galton, Francis, 42 Rutland Gate, Kniffhtshridjrc, London, S. W. 

Gamoeb, Arthur, M. D., Prof, of Practical Physiol, and Ilistol., Owens* 
Collejre, Manchester, Fairview, Princes lioud, Fallowfield, Man- 

Gardiner, Henry J., Huretmeade, Eltham. 

Gardner, John Starkie, Park House, St. John's Wood Park, London, 
N. W. Fossil Bot. 

Garland, Joseph, Asshetou Mines, Aberaoch, Pwllheli, Wales. 

Garlick, Edward, Preston, Lancashire. 

Gaknar, J. XL, Blenheim Ternicc, Leicester. Micros. 

Garneys, W., Repton, Burlon-ou-Trent. Knt. 

Garkod, Alfred Baring, M.D., 10 Harley Street, London, W. 

Gascoyne, Rowland, Mexboron^rh, Rothcrham. 

Gaskell, Francis, B A., Southi^iitc, London, N". 

Gaskill, Roger, B A., North Hill, Hijrhgate, London, W. Geol 

Gaskin, D M. F , Town Hall, St. Helen's, Lancashire. 

Gaskin, Rev. Thomas, M. A., 7 Pitvillc Lawn, Chchenham. 

Gaskino, Rev. Samuel, 10 Cheetham Hill Road, Stalybrid<;c. 

Gasquet, Dr. J., 127 Ea-^ton Roail, Bri;rhton. 

Gatcombe, John, Durnford Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Oni, 

Gatty, Charles Henry, Fclbrid/e Park, East Grinsiead, Sussex. 

Gavey, George Edward, care of Mrs. Gavey, 17 Louvaine Road, New 
Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

Gayner, Charles, M. A , M. D., 5 Kinp: Edward Street, Oxford. 

Gee, Rev. C, D. I)., The Vicara.rc, Windsor. Naturalist. 

Geikie, .Vkchibald, l^L.D., F. R. S., L. and E. Prof, of Geol and Minci-al. 
in Univ. of Edinburjrh ; Dir. Geol. Sur. Scotland. Geological Sur- 
vey Office, Sheriff Court Buildin;rs, Edinburj^h. Scotland. 

Geikie, 'James, LL.D., F. R. S , L. and E. Geol. Sur. of Scotland. Geo- 
logical Survev Office, Sheriff Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

George, Thomas -t., Keyston, Thrapston. 

Gervis, Walter Soper, ftL D., West Sti-cet, Ashhurton, Devon. 

GiBBES, C. Chapman, M. D., 3 Wyburn Villas, Surbiton, Kingston, 

Gibbons, L'ieut. J. S., M. D., Southampton. Conch. 

Gibbs, Arthur E., Cumberland Road, St. Albania. Bot, 

Gibson, Ernest, 9 Mayfield Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Om, 

Gibson, George Alexander, M. B., D. Sc, 1 Randolph Cliff, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland. 

Gibson, Thomas Field, Broadwater Down, Tnnbrldgc Wells. 

Gibson, W. G , Dumfries, Scotland. Antiquities. 

Gilbert, Joseph Henry, Harpendcn, St. Alban's. 

Gilbertson, Henry, Mangrove House, Hertford. Mic, 

Gilchrist, Dr. James, Dumfries, Scotland. OeoL 

Gill, I. H. E , Nunclose, Oxton, Birkenhead. 

Gill, Wm. Hodgson, Park Cottage, Thwack Gate, Hunslet, Yorkshire. 

Gillespie, Franklin, M. D , care of Genci-nl Freeth, 30 Royal Crescent, 
Notting Hill, l^ondon, W. 

GiLLETT, Alfred, Somerset. Oeol. 

GILL.MAN, Fritz, caro of T. Sopwith,, 6 Great George Street, London, 
S. W. 

GiNSBURY, Christian D., LL.D., Holmea, Chertsey, Suitcv. Pliilol 

Gladstone, I. H., M. D , F.R. S., 17 Pcmbridgc Square, Bayswatcr, Lon- 
don, W. Chem., Phys. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

260 THE naturalists' DIRECTOBY. [GT.BaiTAnf. 

GLAI8HBR, J. W. L., M. A., F.R.S., Sec. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Aat.f Meteor,, Mic, 

Gledhill, Joseph, Bermersidc Obsei*vaton% Skircoat, Halifax, York- 

Glen, D. Corse, F. G. S., 14 Annfield Place, Glasgow, Scotland. Jfcfm., 
Petrology, C Ex. rare and line minerals, ores, rocks, and receut 

Glover, G. T., 30 Donegal Place, Belfast, Ireland. Chem. 

GoADBY, Rev. J. Jackson, The Manse, Henley-on-Thames. 

GoDMAN, Frederick Du Cane, 6 Tcnterden Street, Hanover Square, 
London, W. 

GoDMAN, Percy S., B.A., Muntham, Horsham. Om. . 

Godson, George R., 8 Albeit Mansions, Victoria Street, London, S. W. 

Godwin- Austen, Lieut-Colonel H. H., F.R.S., 17 Bessborough Gar- 
dens,- London, S. W. Oru., Geol. 

Godwin-Austen, Robert Alfred C, Shalfoixl House, Guildford. 

Godwin, Grorge, 6 Cromwell Place, South Kcnsiu;fton, S. W. 

Gonzalez y Okbegoso, C. A., Lima, Peru, care of Messrs. A. Gibbs A 
Co., 15 Bishopsgatc Street within, Loudon, £. C 

GooCH, \V. D., The College, Richmond llill. Ent., Anth. 

Goodacre, F. B., M.D., F. Z. S., Wilby Rectory, Atilcboro, Norfolk. 
Zool. C. Ex. 

Goodenough, Lieut.-Coloncl William Howley, R. A., 49 Weymoath 
Street, Portland Place, London, W. 

Goodman, C. IL, Kcarsbrook Lodge, Lesncss Heath, Kent. Ent. 

Goodman, John, M. D., 8 Leicester Street, SouthiM)!!. Elect.^ Phys, 

Gordon, George, LL.D., The Manse, Birnic, Elgin, N. B. 

Gordon, Douglas, G. H., Society for Pi-omoting Christian Knowledge, 
Northumberland Aveniie, Charing Cross, London, S. W. 

Gordon, John W., A. I. A., 28 Penbuiy Grove, Lower Clopton, London. 

Gordon, Rev. C. R., D. D., M. A., Chetwynd Park, Newport, Shropshire. 

Gore, George, LL.D., F.R.S., 67 Broad Street, Birmingham. Chem., 
Phys., Electro-MetnU, 

Gore, John E.. C. E., F.R.A.S., Beltra, Ballisodare, Co. Sligo, Ireland. 
Ast,, Variable Stars. 

Gore, Richard Thomas, 6 Queen's Square, Bath. Anth, 

GoRiiAM, Rev. Henry S., Shiplcj', Sussex. Ent, 

GoscHEN, Ri<;ht Hon. George Joachim, M. A., 69 Portland Place, Lon- 
don, W. 

Goss, Herbert, F.L S., The Avenue, Surbiton Hill, Kingston, Surrey. 

GossB, Philip Henry, Sandhurst, Torquay. 

GosTENHOFER, C T., Bercsford Road, Birkenhead. 

GoTTO, F., The Cross, Leighton Buzzard. GfoL 

GouGH, T., B. A., Elmfield College, York. Bot. 

GouoH, Viscount, F. L. S., Loufrh Cutra Castle, Gort, Galway, Ireland. 

Gould, John, 26 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London,* \V. C. 

Gov3R, Rev. Canon, M. A., Saltleystead, Findon, Worthing. 

Grace, Miss, New Ross, Ireland. ' Bot. 

Graham, Charles, D. Sc, Univei-sity College, Gower Street, London, 
W. C. 

Grainger, Rev. Canon, D.D., Broughsham. Nat. Hist., Antiquities. 

Grant, Dr. James, Wick, Scotland. Hot. 

Grant, Robert, M.A., LL.D., Rejrius Prof. Astron. Univ. of Glas- 
gow, Observatory, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Grantham, Richard B., 22 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. 

Granville, George Leveson Gower, Earl, Stone Park, Staffordshire. 

Granville, J. Mortimer, M. D., 18 Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, 
London, W. Psychol.^ Physiol. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Grates, Rer. James, B A., Inisnay Rectoiy, Stongford, Co. Kilkenny, 

Ireland. History and Antiq. of Ireland, 
Grat, John, Claygate House, Eslier. Ent. 
Gray, Robert, 1*3 Invciieith Row, Edinburo^h, Scotland. Om, 
Gray, William, Belfast, Ireland. Geol.^ Anh<sol. 
Greaves, Charles, 19 Siin-ey Street, Strand, London, W. C. 
Greaves, Rev. Richard VVilsox, M.A., 1 Whitehall Gardens, London, 

Green, A.H., M.A., Prof. Geolojry Yorkshire Coll. of Sci., 15 Ashwood 

Villas. Headinglev Lane, Leeds. 
Green, W. Abbott,' ]Vf.R.C.P., Capcl Lodge, Capel, Dorking. 
Green, W. E., 24 Trian«fle, Bristol. Bot. : Mycologi/. 
Greene, Rev. J., M.A., Rostrevor, Apsley Road, Clifton, Bristol. Ent, 
Greenfield, Prof. W. Smith, University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Path- 
Greenhow, E. H , M.D., 14 Manchester Square, London, W. 
Greenwell, George C, Tyuemouth, Northumberland. 
Greenwell, Rev. William, F.R.S., Durham. Ethnology, PrehUtoHe 

Arch tool, 
Greo, R. p., F.G.S., etc.. Coles, Buntinprford, Herts. !/»»., Arch,, Me- 
teoric Ast, C Ex. Prehistoric specimens. 
Gregory, James R., 88 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W. 

Gregory, Right Hon. Sir Wm. H., 3 St. Geoi-pfe's Place, London, S.W. 
Gregory, T. Currie, 52 Queen Victoria Street, London, £. C. Engi- 

nerving, Geol, C. 
Grenfell, Kev. A. S., M.A., Mostvn House, Packgate, Chester. 
Grenfbll, J. G., B.A., F.G.S., Clifton College, 1 Cecil Road. Geol., 

CHeni. C. Ex. carb. corals for carb. or other Encrinifes. 
Gresley, William S., M.E., Overseal, Ashby-de-la-2ouch. Geol. as 

appl. to Mining and Engineering. C. Ex. coal-measure fossils, etc. 
Greswell, Rev. Richard, M.A., 39 St. Giles's Street, Oxford. 
Grey, IIenry, Bengal Statf Corps; care of Messi's. Griudlay & Co., 

London. Oni, 
Grierson, Thomas B., Thoruhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Physiol,^ 

Nat. Hist. C. Ex. 
Griess, J. P., Burton-on-Trcnt. 

Grieve, G. J- P., Kirkbank, Burntisland, Scotland. Min, 
Grieve, David, Hobart House, Eshbank, Dalkeith, Scotland. 
Griffith, Rev. Henry, Treliwyd House, Barnet, Herts. 
Griffith, N. R., Wrexham, Wales. 

Griffith, Sir Richard J., 2 Fitz -William Place, Dublin, Ireland. 
Griffiths, Ernest Howard, M.A., 12 Park Side, Cambridge. 
Grimshaw, William James, 1 Caerleon Villas, Prestwich, Manchester. 
Grindrod, Ralph Barnes, M.D., LL.D., F.L.S., Townsend House, 

Great Malvern. 
Grossart, Dr. William, Salsburgh, Holytown, Scotland. Geol,, Arch,, 

Grote, Arthur, F.L.S., 20 Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, London, W. 
Grove, Hon. Sir William Robert, M.A., LL. D., 115 Harley Street, 

London, W. 
Groves, T. B., F.C.S., St. Maiy Street, Weymouth, Dorset. Chem. 
Grubb, Howard, M.I.C.E.I.,*Hon. Master Engineering, Univ. Dublin, 

17 Leinster Squai*e, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. Ast, 
Grundy, C. C, Bankfield, near Bury, Lancashire. 
Grut, F , 9 Kino: Street, South wark, London. SE. Ent, 
Guest, Rev. William, Milton-next-Gravesend, Kent. 
Guise, Sir Wm. Vernon, Bai*t., F.L.S., Elmore Court, near Gloucester. 

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262 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt.BRITAIK. 

Gull, Sir Wm. W., M.D., 74 Brook Street, l^ondon, \V. 

Guj.LivER, (lEOROE, 27 OKI Dovcr RosmI. Cantcrbiiiy. 

GuLLON, Rev. J. T. Campbell, Cashiohiiry LoiI*;c, Rciulintr. 

(iUNN, .John, M.A., 2.) Prince of Wales Road, Xorwieli. Oeot 

GuNN, William, (Tcological Sui-vey of England. Museum, Jeiinyn Street, 
Lonilon, S. \y. 

GCxTiiEii, Albert C, L.G., A.M., M.D., Ph.D., British Museum, Lon- 
don, W. C. Oin. 

GuRNEY, Rev. Henry P.,M.A., 10 Clvdcsdalc Roacl, Colville Square, Lon- 
don, W. 

GuRXEY. John II., Northrepp^, Norwich. Om. C. Ex. 

(iURNEV, Samuel, 20 Hanover Terrace, Rejrcr.t*s Park, London, N. W. 

(iUTHRiE, Alfred, ToUbank, Duniico, Scorhiud. Nat. H at ^ Geol., Dot, 

Guthrie, Frederick, ^science Schools, South Kensinyrton, S. W. 

(iuv, William A , 12 (iordon Sti-cct, (iordou Square, Loudon, W. C. 

Hadkinson, John, 18 Brnu'<wick Street, Liverpool. 

Haeusler, Rudolf, Ph.D., Western Colle^re, Ilarroorate. 

llAl.iES, John, Vernon Lodjro, .\ddison Road, Keusiu^on, W. 

Haines, J Richard, Adtlcrley Green Collieries, Stoke-ou-Trcnt. 

Hainselin, Henry F., 9 Railnor Place, Plvmouth. Lepid. C. Et. 

Hake, H. Wilson, Ph.D., Queenwood College, near Stoekbridj^, Hants. 

Hale, Rev. E., M.A., Eton College, Windsor. 

Hale, Robert Blaoden, 10 Bolton Streer, PiccadiHr, London, W. 

Halked, W B., Klmhnrst, Aiirbriish, Liveiijool. Bot., Hort, 

Hall, (^eorob Berringer, F.C.S., 13:1 Loudon Wall, London, E. C. 
Gcol. Pa a J C. 

Hall, Hugh Fergie, 17 Dale Street, Liveriwol. 

Hall, John, M.D , Brown Street, Lei<rli, Lancashire. Hygiene^ Mie. 

Hall, Cant. Marshall, F.C.S., 13 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, 
W. C. 

Hall, Townshend ^I., Piltop, Barnstaple, Devon. GeoL of Devon. 
ScrieSf and Brit. Min, C. Ex. Upper Devon, fossils for any Devon, 
of U. S. or Canada. 

Hallett, Mnjor F. F., The Manor House, Kemp Town, Brighton. 

Hallett, W. H., Buckiirzluini House, Marine Parade, Brighton. 

Halliwell-Phillipps, James O., U Ti-eguutcr Road, South Kensington, 
S. W. 

Hamand, .\RTnUR S., Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, Westminster, 
S. W. 

Hambly. Charles Hambly Burbi{>qe, F.C.S., Barrow-on-Soor, Lough- 

Hamilton, Archibald, South Barrow, Bromlev, Kent. 

Hamilton, Charles William, M.R.I.A , 1 Denmark Street, Dublin, 

Hamilton, Charles, care of F. G. H. Price, Messrs. ChUd <fc Co., Bank- 
ers, Fleet Street, London. 

Hamilton, John J., Sonth Barrow, Bickley, Kent. Mic. 

Hammond, Chas. William, M.D., 12 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, 
Suttblk. Medicine. 

Hanburv, F. J., 11 Warwick Road, Upper Clapton. 

Haxburv, Thomas, Ashbui-ton Hou<;c, Addiscombe, Crovdon. 

Hance, H. F., Ph.D., care of F. Thimm, 24 Brook Street*, London, W. 

Hancock, J., Oatland, Walton-on-Tham'»s. Orn, 

Handford, George C, 224 King's Road, Chelsea, London, S. W, Mie, 

Hankey, John Alexander, F.L.S., Balcombc Place, Cuckfield. 

Hanley, Svlvanus, Hanlev Road, 27 Hornsev Rise, London. Con. 

Hannah, Robert, Craven Hou;ie, Chuith Street, Fulham Road, London, 
S. W. 

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Gt. Britamj.) the KATURALISTS' DIRECTORY. 263 

IIannay, J. B., Woodbournc House, Helensbar<rh, London. Min. 

Hakcuurt, Augustus Ueokge Vernon, Cowley Gi"an«je, Oxlord. 

IIahcoukt, Edwakd, Nuuchaiu Park, Oxlbitl. bm, 

IIarcourt, Kgerton V. Vernon, WhitwcU Hall, Yorkshire. 

Harding ham, George G., 33 St. (icorge's Square, Loiulon, S. W. Mic. 

Uardmann. Kdwaro T., F.C.S., Geol. Survey of Irelaud, Lynn's Place, 
bWiio, li*elaud. Oeoi., Mm., Chem, 

Hardwick, p. C, F.S.A^ 2 Uei-elbrd Gardens, Park Lane, London, W. 

Hardt, Mitchell C, 6 The Ten-ace, Farquhar lioad. Upper Morwood, 
Loudon, S. £. Mic. 

Harford, J. U., Upper Nascot, Watford. Min, 

IIargitt, E., I Bedfoi-d RoaiK Bedi'oiil Park, Chiswick. Om, 

Harkness, Prof. Robert, Queen'8 Collc«i:c, Cork, Irclan;!. 

Hakland, Rev. A. A., M A., llaretield Viculai^e, Uxbridge. NaJt, Hist. 

IIarlett, George, M.D., 25 Ilarlcy Street, London, W. 

Harley, Rev. Robert, Bnitou Bank, Mill Hill, Lomlon, W. 

Harmer, F. W , Oakland House, Crinjrlcfonl, Norwich, W. 

Harper, Allen, 17 Southj^ate Street, Gloucester. Biol. 

Harper, P. H., 30 Cambridge Sti'cct, Hyde Park Square, London, W. 

Harraden, Samuel, 32 St. John's Wood Park, London, N. W. 

Harris, Edward, F.L.S., Rydal Villa, Longton Grove, fcydcuham, Lon- 
don, S. E. Mic, 

Harris, Francis, M.D., St. Bartliolomcw's Hospital, 2 i Cavendish Square, 
London, W. 

Harris, John T., Ne^vton Road, Buiton-on-Trcnt. Etit. 

Harris, William Hetherington, B.A., B.Sc. Loud., Clewcr House, 

Harrison, Edward, Upper Xascot, Watfonl. Met. 

Harrison, J. Park, >LA., Alexandra House, Sheerness. 

Harrison, John THornhill, Local Government Board, Whitehall, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Harrison, William Jerome, Fernsidc, Golden Hillock Road, Small 
Heath, Birmingham. 

Harrison, R. H., Highfields, Gi*eat Amwcll, Ware. Elertncit'/. 

Harrowby, Dudley Ryder, Earl of, 39 Grosvenor Square, London, W. 

Habting, James £., 22 Regent's Park Road, Gloucester Gate, N. W. 

Hartley, W. N., F.R.S.E., Royal Coll. Science, Stephen's Gi-een, Dub- 
lin, Iraland. 

Hartley, W. N., F LC, College of Science, Dublin, Ireland. Chem. 

Hartog, M. M., B a., Owens Collesre, Manchester. 

Hartnup, John, Liverpool Ob-*., Bidston, Birkenhead. Ast, 

Hartree, William, Carlton Villas, Blackheath Park, London, S. E. 

Hartshorne, Betram F., M.A., 11 Neville Terrace, Onslow Gardens. 
London, S. W. Anth. 

Harvie-Brown, J. A., F.R.S E., F.Z.S., Dunipace House, Larbert, Stir- 
lingshire, Scotland. (>m.. Migration of Birds. C. 

Harvey, Rev. C. W., Throcking RectoiT, Bnntingtbrd. Mrt. 

Harvey, Reuben T., ^I.D., Carmichacl Coll., Dublin, IrePand. Physiol 

Harvey, Enoch, 12 Rivei-sdale, Liverpool. Bot,, Hort. C. Ex. Or- 
chids, Alpine, Herbaceous and bulbous phints. 

Hatherley, W. p. W., Lord, D.C.L., LL.D , 31 Great George Street, 
London, S. W. 

Hauohton, Rev. Samuel, M.A., M.D., Prof. Geol., Trinity College, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

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264. THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. BHTTAIK. 

Hawes, William, 17 Montajjn Place, Russell Square, London, AV. C. 

Hawker, E. W., LL.B., B.A., care of A. Scott, Esq., 6>i Austin Friaw, 
London, £. C. 

Hawkes, Rev. IIenkt, B.A., Marstin Lodge, Elm Grove, Southsea, 

Hawkins, Bissett, M.D., 146 Harlcv Street, London, W. 

Hawkins, B. Watekhouse, care ol^ Professor J. Tennant, 149 Strand, 
London, W. C 

Hawkins, C. H., 26 Grosvcnor Street, London, W. 

Hawkins, Rev. Herbert S., M.A., Bcyton Rectory, Snflfolk. Orn, 

Hawkins, Rev. William B, L., M.A., *33 Bryanstcw Squai-e, London, W. 

Hawkshaw, Sir John, F.R.S., 33 Great Gcorjre Street, London, S. W. 

Hawkshaw, John Clarke, M.A., 25 Cornwall Gardens, South Kensing- 
ton, S. \V. 

Hawksley, Chas., 22 Queensboi-ough Ten-ace, Bayswater, London, W. 

Hawksley, Thomas, F.R.S., M.Inst.CE., 30 Great Geoi-ge Street, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Hawley, J. P., 2 Chatham Houses, Brixton Hill, London, S. Geol 

Hay, Col. Dummond, Scgjricden, Perth, Scotland. Oni.^ Bot, 

Hay, Sir John C. D., lOS St. (icorije's Square^ London, S. W. 

Hayter, Harrison, 33 Great Gcorjre Street, London, S. W. 

PlAYWARD, Robert B., M..\., The Park, Harrow. 

Head, J. VV., 2 St. James's Terrace, Park Hill, Clapham, London, S. W. 

Heaphy, Thomas M., C.E., 4 Kadnor Place, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Heard, H. C, Hailey Hall, Hertford. Om, 

Hearder, (t. a., M.D., Job's Well, Cannarthen, Wales. Ent, 

Heardek, IIenuy p., Plymouth, Devon. • Che.m.^ Elect, 

Hearder, Wm. S., D. Sc, F.L.S., 195 Union St., Plymouth. Elect, C. 
Ex. rare lisli, Crustacea. 

Heath, Mrs., 62 Elgin Crescent, Netting Hill, W. Geol. 

Heathfield, W. E., 20 King St., St. James, London. Chem, 

Heaton, C. W., Charing Cross Hospital, Loudon, W. C. 

Hebert, E. J., M.A., Geol. Surv. of England, Museum, Jermyn Street, 
London, S. W. 

Heddle, Prof. St. Andrew's Univ., Edinburgh, Scotland. Chem., Geol. 

Heighton, H. J., Lurab Lane, West Gate, Bradford, Yorkshire. 

Hele, J. C , Knowles, Newton-Abbott. Oiit, 

Helliek, Baily, Dublin, Ireland. Pakeo. 

Henderson, Andrew, 24 Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, London, 
N. W. 

Henderson, F. B., C.E., 23 St. Peter's Sq., Hammersmith, London, W. 

Henderson, George, M.D., care H. S. King & Co., 45 Pall MaU, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Henderson, Major F., H. M. 107th Regt., Chichester. 

Hennessy, Henry G , Prof. Applied Math, and Mechanics, Royal Col- 
lege of Science for Ireland, Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 

Henrici, Olaus, Meldorf Cottage, Greenhill Park, Harlcsden, London, 
N. W. 

HENRiQUEsi A. G., 96 Gloucester Ten-ace, Hvde Park, London, W. 

Henry, W. C, M D., Hafficld, near Ledburv* Herefordshire. 

Henslow, Rev. George, M.A., F.L.S., l»rof. Bot., Queen's College, 6 
. Titchfield Terrace, Regent's Park, London, N. W. Bot., Geol., 
Min., Physiol. C. 

Herapath, Spencer, 18 Upper Phillimore Gardens, London, W. 

Herbert, W. H., Havenfiekl Lodj^^e. Great Missenden, Bucks. 

Herdmann, W. a., "ChaUenger" Office, 32 Queen Street, Edinburgh, 

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Gt. Bbitain.] the naturalists' DIRECTORY. 265 

Heron, William, C.E., CoUooney, Co. Sliofo, Ireland. Bot, 

Herschel, Prof. Alex. Stewart, Coll. Phys. Sci., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Hervey, The Rev. Loi-d Charles A., M. A., Vicarage, Great Chesterford, 
Saffron Walden, Essex. 

Hete, John Carroll, The Knowle, Newton- Abbott, S. Devon. Om. C. 

Hbwett, p. G., 1 (;hestei*field Street, Mayfair, London, \V. 

Hewlett, Alfred, Haseley Manor, Wanvick. 

Heywood, Henry R., 24*Geach St., Birmingham. Tax.^ Lepid. C. 
Ex. Brit. Lepid. for cocoons of Lepid. of U. S., and showy com- 
mon beetles. 

Heywood, James, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., 26 Kensington Palace Gardens, 
London, W. 

Hichens, Lieut. -Col. William, Royal Engineers, 27 Chester Street, 
Grosvenor Place, London, S. W\ 

Hick, Thomas, B.A., 2 St. George Street, Harrowgate. Bot. 

Hicks, Hy., Heriot House, Hudson, London, N. W. 

Hicks, John B., M.D., 24 George Street, Hanover Square, London, W. 

Hicks, Dr. J. Sibley, 2 Erskine Street, Liverpool. Marine Zoophytes. 

Hicks, Henry, M.D., Heriot House, Hendon, Loudon, N. W. Geol. 

Hiern, W. O., M.A., F.L.S., Castle House, Barnstaple. BoL, Math. 

HiGOiNS, Rev. H. H., Free Public Museum, Liverpool. Invert, Zo&l. 

HiGOiN, Thos., F.L.S., Huyton near Liverpool. Sponges. 

HiosoN, John, Crown Buildings, Booth Street, Manchester. 

Hill, Rev, Edward. M.A., Sheering Rectory, Harlow, Essex. GeoL 

Hill, Rev. Edwin, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Hill, Joseph, Hull and Beverley. Meteor, 

Hillhouse, W., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. 

HiLLiER, Rev. John, M.A., Ph.D., Sandwich, Kent. 

HiLLMAN, Thomas S , Eastgate Street, I^ewes. Ent. 

Hills, T. H., 45 Oueen Anne Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

Hilton, T. W., Haigh, near Wigan. 

HiME, Thomas W., M.D., Medical Officer of Health, Sheffield. Biol. 

HiNCHLiFF, Miss, Worlington House, Instow, N. Devon. Lepid. 

Hind, John R., F.R S., Supt. Nautical Almanac, 3 Cambridge Park Gar- 
dens, Twickenham. Ast. 

HiNDE, Geo. J., Ph.D., F.G.S., London. GeoL, Palaeo, C. 

HiNDE, George J., Godalming, Sun-ey. 

Hincks, Rev. Thomas, Stancliffe House, Clevedon, Somerset. 

Hind, John Russell, Cambridge Park Gai-dens, Twickenham. 

HiPPisLEY, John, Athenaeum Club, London^ S.W. 

Hirst, T. A., Vice-President Royal Soc. Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 
London, S. E. 

HoBKiRK, Chas. C. p., F.L.S., West Riding Union Bank, HuddersfieM, 
Yoik. Crypt. Bot., Gen. Nat. Hist, C. Ex. 

Hodge, William, Camborne. Min, 

Hodges, John F., M.D., Prof. Agric. Queen's Coll., Belfast, Ireland. 
Agric, Cheni., Toxicol. 

Hodgson, Rev. John, M.A., Kinver Vicarage, Stourbridge. Geol. 

Hogg, Robert, LL.D., 99 St. Geoi-ge's Road, Pimlico, London, S.W. 

Holden. J. Sinclair, M.D., Sudbuij, Suffolk. Geol., Prehistoric Arch, 

Hollingworth, George Henry, HoUinwood, Oldham. 

Holt, Henry P., 15 Park Row, Leeds. 

Holmes, Thomas Vincent, 28 Ci-oom's Hill, Greenwich, London, S.E. 

Home, David Milne, LL,D., Pres. Edinburgh Geol. Soc. Milne Graden, 
Coldstream, Scotland., Meteo. Geol., Agric. 

Homer, Charles J., Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 

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266 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. BBlTAHr. 

Hope, A. J. B., Bedpcbmy Park, Kent. 

HoPKiNSON, John, F.L.S., Wausfonl House, Watford. Palao., Mie, 

HoPKiNSON, Mrs. John, Wansford House, Watford. Bot. 

Hood, Charles, F.K.S., 10 Leiuster Gardens, Hyde Park, London. 

HooKEK, George, F.Z.S., Nascott House, Watford. Om, 
Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton, K.C S.I., C.B., M.D., D.C.L.. LL.D., 

F.ll.S, F.L.S., Royal Gardens. Kew. 
HooPELL, Robert Eli, M.A., LL.D., Byei-s Green Rectoiy, via Spenny- 

luoor. Ast.^ Meteorol.y Arch, 
HORNE, John, F.R.S.Z., Gcolojrical Survey of Scotland. Geological 

Survey Office, Sheritf Court Buildinjrs, Edinburfrli, Scotland. CreoL 
HoRNE, Robert, Union Tcrriice, Cbectliani Hill, Manchester. Mic, 
HoRE, Rev. William Strong, MA., Barnstaple, Devon. 
HORNIMAN, F. J., Surrey House, Forrest Hill, London, SJE. ErU, 
Hornby, John, 1 Lamljeth Road, London. Chem, 
HosKiNS, S. E., M.D., Guernscv, via London. 
Houghton, F.T.S., Kinjr Edward's School, Bii*min<rham. GeoL 
Houghton, Richard M. Milnes, Lord, M.A., Ti-avellei-s* Club, Pall 

Mall, London, S.W. 
Houghton, Samuel, Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland. Geol, Maih.^ Pkyt. 
Houstoun, George L., Johnstone Castle, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scot- 
Hovenden, Charles W., 95 City Road, London, E.G. Mic, 
Hovenden, Frederick, 93 City Road, London, E.G. Anth.f Mic. 
Howard, John Eliot, Tottenham, Middlesex. 
Howard, Robert L., Mackcrye, Harpcndcn, St. Albans. Mic, 
Howchin, Rev. Walter, 9 Frank Place, North Shields. Geol, 
Howell, H. H., Geolojfical Survey of England. Museum, Jermyn Street, 

London, S.W. 
Howlett, R. F., F.R.A.S., East Liste Rectorv, Alton, Hants. Ast,, Biol. 
Howorth, II. H , Derby House, Ecclcs, Manchester. Anth. 
HowsE, Richard, The "Museum, Nc\vcastle-on-Tync, Geol, 
HoYER, F., care Charles Tyler, 317 HoUoway Road, HoUoway, London, 

N. Mic. 
Hudd, a E., 96 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol. Ent. 
Hudleston, Wilfrid H., 23 Cheyne Walk, London. S.W. Geol. 
Hudson, Chas., Manila Hall, Clifton, Bristol. Mic, Rotifera. 
Hudson, Robert, F.R.S., F.L.S., Clapham Common, London, S.W. 

Mir., Bot., ZoiiL, Palrro. 
Hugel, Baron A. von, 116 Hijrh Street, Camden Town, London, N.W, 

Eth)i()loffyt esp of Fi.i Islands. C. Anxious to procure native 

manuiacliires from the Pacific, esp. from Fiji. 
Huggins, William, LL.I), 90 Upper Tulsc Hill, London, S.W. Ast. 
HucJiiES, David E., C9 Pall Mull, London, S. W. 
Hughes, Theodore H., (Jcoloirical Survey of India. Calcutta ; and St. 

Nicholas House, Upper Totting, London, S.W. 
Hughes, Thomas McKenny, M.A., F.S A., Woodwardian Prof. GeoL 

Univ. Cambridge. Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Hughes, W. R , Birminjrham. 

Hulke, J. Whitaker, 10 Old Burlinjrton Street, London, W. 
Hull, Edward, LL D., F.R S., Dir. Geol. Surv. of Ireland ; Prof, of 

Geol in the Royal Coll. of Sci. for Irchina. 14 Hume Street, Dublin, 

Ireland. Laurentian rocks in Ireland. 
Hudlestone, W. H., M.A., 23 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London. Min. 
Humbert, Charles Francis, Watford, Herts. Geol. 
Humbert, Sydney, Little Nascot, Watford. Ent.: Coleopt, 
Humphrey, George Murray, M.D., Prof. Anatomy, Univ. Cambridge, 

Grove Lodge, Cambridge. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gt.Bmtaiw.] THK naturalists' DIRECTORY. 267 

Hunt, Arthur Roope, Southwood, Torquay, Devon. GeoL 
Hunt, Rev. H. G. Bonavia, Mus. B., Warden of Trinity College, Lon- 
don, Trinity College, 13 Maudeville Place, Manchester Square, 
London, W. 
Hunt, George, West Dulwich, London. Aat.y Mic. 

Hunt, Robert, F.R.S., Museum of Pi*actical Geology, 28 Jermyn Street, 
Loudon, S. W. Mineral Statistics. 

Hunter, Rev. Robert, M.A., 9 Mecklenburgh Street, London, W. C. 

Hunter, William, Saudhoe, Hexham. 

Hurst, George, King*s Bt-ook House, St. Mai-y's, Bedford. 

Hurst, Thomas Grange, Lauder Grange, Corbridge-on-Tyne, Northum- 

Huskisson, Henrt O., 42 Hicrhbury Park, London, N. 

Hutchings, W. M., Swansea Zinc Oi*e Co., Swansea, Wales. Metal, 

Hutchinson, Lieut.-Col. Alex. H., R.A., Tenby, Wales. 

Hutchinson, J., 4 Strickland Gate, Kendal. Bot. C. 

Hutchinson, William, 20 Temple Street, Wolverhampton. 

HuXHAM, Hortensius, 3 Rutland Sti-eet, Swansea, Wales. 

Huxley, Thomas Henrt, LL D., Ph.D., F.R S., F.L.S., Professor of 
Natural Histoiy at the Royal School of Mines, S. Kensington Mu- 
seum, 4 Marlborough Place, Abbey Road, London, N. W. 

Htlton, Lord, Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

Hymers, Rev. John, D.D., F.R.S.. Late Fellow of St. John's College, 
Cambridge, Brandsburton Rectory, near Beverley. 

I' Anson, Edward, jALaui-ence Pountney Hill, Cannon Street, London, 
E. C. 

I* Anson, James, Fairfield House, Darlington. 

I*An80N, J. Coventry, Ebor House, Saltburn-by-the-Sea. 

Ibbetson, George Augustus, 19 a Hanover Square, London, W. Mic, 

Ibbetson, Mr., Howgate, York. Bot, C. Ex. 

Ilsley, I. S., 6 Trersthin TeiTace, Falmouth, Cornwall. Marine ZoUl. 

Ince, Joseph, F.L.S., 29 St. Stephen's Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, 
W. Mic. 

Ince, W. H., 17 Cromwell Crescent, London, S. W. 

Inchbald, Peter, The Lodge, Hovingham, York. Ent, 

Inoall, Charles, 5 Jeffrey's Square, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. GeoL 

Inglefield, Sir Edward Augustus, United Service Club, and 99 Queen's 
Gate, London, S. W. 

INGRAM; Rev. Arthur Henry Winnington, M.A., Hai-vington, near 
Evesham, Woi'cestci'shii'e. 

Inman, T. F., Apsley House, Batheaston, Bath. 

Irvine, W. B., 17 S. Tay Street, Dundee, Scotland. Nat. Science. 

Irvine, Duncan R., Geological Survev of Scotland, Geological Suinrey 
Office, Shenff Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Irving, Rev. Alexander, B. A., B Sc, Wellington College, Wokingham. 

Isaac, Player, liinton Abbey, Bath. 

Iselin, J. F., M.A., Inspector of Science Schools, South Kensington 
Museum, S. W. 

Ives, James T. B., Manor Lodge, The Vale, Hampstcad, London, N, W. 

Jackson, Abraham Williamson, 8 Landsdownc Square, Brighton. 

Jackson, B. D., 30 Stockwcll Road, London, S. W. 

Jackson, C. L., Hillfold, Bolton, Lancashire. 

Jackson, E. S., M.A., Portland Grammar School, Plvmouth. 

•Iackson. H. Wm., 159 High Street, Lewisham, London, S. E. 

Jackson, Rev. J.C., M.A., 13 Manor Terrace, Hackney, E. Ast. 

Jackson, Thomas H., J. P., Manor House, Claughton,' Birkenhead. 

Jackson, Wm. H., M.A., Pen Warlha, Weston-super-Mare. 

Jago, James, M.D., F.R.S., Lemon House, Truro. Physiological and 
Pathological Optics, Acoustics, Mechanics, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Jambs, G., Abbey Street, Birmingbam. Min., Geol, 
James, W. H., care of H. C. James, Esq., 33 Regent's Park Road, Lon- 
don, N. W. 
Jambs, Sir Walter C, Bart., 6 Whitehall Gardens, London, S. W. 
Jambs, J. H., Kingswood, Watford. 
Jamieson, Thomas F., Ellon, Abeixleenshire, Scotland. 
Janson, E. W., 35 Little Russell Street, Bloomsbuiy, London, W. C. 

Janson, F. H., 41 Finsbury Circus, London, E. C. 
Janson, Oliybr E., 35 Little Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, W. G. 

Jaques, Edward, Office of Woods and Forests, Whitehall, London, S.W. 

Jauncby, Walter, The Homend, Cradley, near Malvern. 
Jeffcock, Thomas William, C.E., 18 B'ank Street, Sheffield. 
Jeffrey, Henry Martyn, M.A., The Grammar School, Cheltenham. 

Jeffreys, J. Gwyn, LL.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., Ware Priory, Hei-ts. Conch. 
Jbnkin, Prof. F., F.R.S., 3 Great Stuai-t Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Engin.f Elect. 
Jbnkin, Henry C. F., 3 Great Stuai't Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Jenkins, Henry Michael, Secretary of the Royal Agricultural Society 

of En<;Iand, 12 Hanover Square, London, W. 
Jenkinson, R. J., Keswick, Cumberland. Min. 
Jenner, J. H. a., Hi|rh Street, Lewes. Ent. 
Jenner, Robert F. Lascelles, Wenvoe Castle, Cardiff, Wales. 
Jenner, Sir W., M.D., 63 Brook Street, London, W. 
Jennings, Francis M., Brown Street, Cork, Ireland. 
Jennings, J. H., High School, Nottingham. Mn., Geol. 
Jessel, Right Hon. Sir George, 10 Hyde Park Gardens, London, W. 
Jesson, Thomas, B.A., Manor House, Nntbourne, Pulborough, Sussex. 
Jeula, Henry, West Combe Lodge, Blackheath, London, S. E. Mic. 
Jevons, W. E., Storeton Road, Birkenhead. 
Jevons, William S., F.R.S., LL.D., M.A., 2 The Chestnuts, Branch 

Hill, Hampstead Heath, London, N. W. Logical Method of Science, 

Statistics^ Economics. 
Jewell, Jos., 3 Mount Ambrose Terrace, Highway, Redruth. Min. 
Joad, G. C, Oakfield, Wimbledon Park, London, S. W. 
JOASS, Rev. Dr., Golspie, Scotland. Nat. Hist., Arch., Geol. 
John, Evan, Llantrissant, Pontypridd, Wales. Ent. 
Johnson, Miss, Langley Hill, King's Langley. 
Johnson, David, F.C.S., Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, Wales. Mic, 
Johnson, George, M D., 11 Savile Row, London, W. 
Johnson, James Henry, 64 Albert Road, Southport. 
Johnson, The Vei-y Revt George Henry Sacheverell, M.A., Wells. 
Johnson, John, 21 Victoria Square, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Johnson, K. C, Queen Buildinors, Liverpool. Ast. 
Johnson, Frank, Rcdrath. Min. 

Johnson, M. Hawkins, 379 Euston Road, London, N. W. 
Johnston, William, M. D., 16 Lonsdale Terrace, Upper Kent Sti-eet, 

JOLIET, Albert K., LL.D., Logan House, Hull. Physics, Electricity. 
Jolly, Wm., F.R.S., F.G,S., Inverness, Scotland. Geol., Arch. C. 
Jones, Charles Handfield, 49 Green Street, Park Lane, London, W. 
Jones, Daniel, Albrighton, near Wolverhampton. 
Jones, Samuel, 18 Hanover Street, Swansea, Wales. Min. 
Jones, T., F.R.A.S., Breomhill, Shooter's Hill. Kent. 
Jonbs, Thomas, Jr., 2 Clytha Square, Newport, Monmouthshire. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

gt.bbitain.] the katubalists' dibectoby. 269 

Jones, Thomas Rupert, F.R.S., Prof. GeoL, Staff College, Sandhurst, 
Powis Villa, Camberley, Surrey. 

Jones, T. R., 22 Castletown Road, Barons Court, London, S. W. Pakeo, 

Jones, Thos. W., F.R.S., 35 George Street, Hanover Square, London, 

Jones, Sir Willouohby, Bart., Ci^nmer Hall, Fakenbam 

Jordan, Henry, Keys, Gold Tops, Newport, Monmouthshire. 

Joshua, William, Cirencester. 

Joule, James Prescott, LL.D., F.R.S., 12 Wardle Road, Sale, Man- 
chester. Phys. 

JuDD, J. W., Prof. Geol., Royal School of Mines, Science Schools, South 
Kensington, S. W. 

Jukes-Browne, A. J., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jennyn 
Street, London, S. VV. 

Kainbs, Joseph, M.A., 4 Trinder Road, Crouch Hill, London, N. Anth, 

Kane, Prof. G. D. Univ. Coll., Sower Street, London, W. Human Anat, 

Kane, Sir Robert, M.D., LL.D., Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

Kay, John D., Leeds. Ent. 

Keanb, a. pi., 19 Westwick Gardens, Kensington Park, London, W. 

Keeping, Walter, M.A., F.G.S., Keeper of the Museum, St. Mary's 
Lodge, York. GeoL^ Palceo. 

Keith, Rev. James, The Manse, Forres, Scotland. Fungi, 

Kelham, Henry R., Lieut. 74th Highlanders, Maryhill Barracks, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. Om, 

Kelham, Lieut. H. R., 74th Highlanders, Aldershot. Orn, C. 

Kellock, W. B., Stamford Hill, London, N. 

Kelly, C , M.D., Worthing. Hygiene, 

Kelly, Thomas, Yealmpton, Devon. Antiquarian, 

Kempb, Alfred Bray, 7 Crown-Otfice Row, Inner Temple, London, E. C. 

Kempton, H. T. K., 17 Cavendish Place, London, W. 

Kemshead, William Bath, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., Hanover Villa, 
Thurlow Park Road, West Dulwich, London, S. E. 

Kendall, John Dixon, 59 Roper Street, Whitehaven. 

Kendall, Rev. William Charles, M.A., Newark, 

Kennedy, Capt. Alexander W. M. Clark, Knockgray Pai'k, Galloway, 
N. B., Scotland. Om, 

Kennedy, Myles, Hill House, Ulvereton. 

Kent, John C, Levant Lodge, Earl's Croome, Worcester. Chem,, Bot,, 
Geol, C, 

Kernahan, Rev. James, M.A., Ph.D., 237 Queen's Road, Dalston, Lon- 
don, E. 

Kershaw, Allen E., 6 Albert Road, Salbaire, near Bradfoixl, Yorkshu'e. 

Kerswill, J. B., Fairfiqld, St. Germans, Cornwall. 

Key, Sir Astlby Cooper, United Service Club, London, S. W. 

KiDD, H. W., Church Street, Godalming, Surrey. Nat. Hist, 

KiNAHAN, G. H., C.E., M.R.I.A., Geological SuiTey of Ireland, Ii-eland. 

KiNCAiD, Lieut-Col. W., care Alexander Fletcher & Co., 2 St. Helen's 
Place, Bishopsgate Street, London, E. C. 

KiNCH, Edward, Prof. Chem., Royal Agric. College, Cirencester. Agric, 

King, Charles Cooper, Capt. Royal Marine Artillery, Royal Militaiy 
College, Sandhurst. 

King, John T., 4 Clayton Square, Liverpool. Patents for Inventions, 

King, Kelburne, M!d., 27 George Street, Hull. Antn. 

Kino, John Langlby, Doublegates, Merton, Surrey. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


EiNO, William Poole, Avonside House, Clifton, Bristol. 

KiNOSETT, C T., 13 Auriol Road, W. KensinjjrtoQ, London. Chem, 

K1PPI8T, RiCHAHD, Linneau 80c., Burlinjyrton House, London, W. Me. 

KiRBT, W. F., 5 Union Road, Tufnell Park, London, N. Eftt. 

KiRKHOUSE, Herbert, 22 Park Place, Cardiff, Wales. 

KiRKMAN, Rev. Thomas P., M.A., Croft Rectory, near Warrin^n. 

KiTTO, Benedict, F.G.S., Camborne, Cornwall. Jfin., AntUyt, Chem. 

C. Ex. Wolfi-am, Tin Pyrites and other Cornish mins. 
Klaassbn, H. M., 2 Chepstow 'Road, Croydon. 
Klein, Edward E., M.I)., 5 Longi'idge *Road» Earl's Court, London, S. 

Knight, John Mackenzie, 50 Bow Road, London, E. GeoL, Mic, spec, 

Eocitie Shells. C. Ex. Ci*ag and Barton Cliff shells for any Am. 

Tertiary fossils. 
Knobel, Edward Ball, F.R.A.S., Vicarage Cottage, St. James' Street^ 

Knott, George, LL.B., Cuckfield, Sussex. Ast. 
Knowles, Rev. John, A.M., Ph.D., F.S A., Tumbridge WcUs. 
Knowlbs, Sir Francis Charles, Ma3-ficld, Ryde. 
Knowles, J. T., Ballymena, Ireland. Prehittoric Arch, 
Knox, Arthur E., M.A., Trotton House, Petersfeld, Sussex. Om» 
Knubley, Edw. p., M.A., Staveley Rectoiy, Leeds. BioL^ Geol. C. 
Koch, Walter K., 107 Philbeach Gaixlens, Wanvick Road, London, S. 

Kundell, W. W., Lloyds, Livei-pool. ElectricUv, Meteor, 
Kuper, Rev. C. A. F., M.A., The Vicarage, Ti^lleck, Chepstow. EtU, 
Laby, James, Allerton House, Blackheath, London, S. £. QcoL 
Ladd, William, 12 Beak Street, Regent Street, London, W. Jfic. 
Ladds, John, 8 Kent Gardens, Castle Hill Park, Ealing, London, W. 

Ladell, H. R., M.A., The London International College, Spring Grove, 

Laino, Samuel, 5 Cambridge Gate, Regent's Pai»k, London, N. W. 
Lainson, Mi's., Stafford House, Clevedon, Somerset. BoL, GeoL 
Laird, John. J.P., Grosvcnor Road, Birkenhead. 
Laistone, William, Union Street, Plymouth. Lepid, C. Ex. 
Lait, Lawson, 7 Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Biology. Exi slides 

illustrating gland structure, mounted for microscope. 
Laiylay, J. N., Trinity College, Cambridge. Physiol. 
Lamb, A. C, F.S.A., Lamb's Hotel, Dundee, Scotland. AntiauUiei. 
Lambert, Alan, Heath Lodge, Putney Heath, Loudon, S. W. 
Lambert, Rev. F. C, B.A., 62 St. Andrew's Street, Cambrid^. 
Lamont, James, 134 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Lancaster, John, Bilton Grange, Rugby. 
Lancaster, William James, F.R.A.S., F.C.S., F.G.S., Colmore Row, 

Birmingham. Exper. Physics^ spec, light of Electricity. 
Lang, Henry C, M.D., 41 Bernei-s Street, Oxford Street, London, W. 

Lanoley, Rev. C. J., MA., Berkhampstead. Bot. 
Langridoe, Herbert A., 2 Sion Villas, Thornton Heath, Surrey. Geol. 
Lankester, E. Ray, M.A., Prof. Zocil. and Comp. Anat., Univei'sity Col- 
lege, London, 11 Wellington Mansions, North Bank, N. W. 
Lapworth, Charles, 4 Kinburn Place, St. Andrews, Scotland. PaUto. 
Latham, Baldwin, 7 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

S. W. 
Laughton, G. J., 55 Hamilton Street, Birkenhead, Scotland. 
Laurance, John, Elton, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, 
Laver, H., 1 Trinity Street, Colchester, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Law, J. S., South Lodpre, Southjrate, London, N. 

Lawes, .John Bennett, LL,D., lioihamsted, yt. Alban's. 

Lawrence-Hamilton, Julius, 34 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, Lon- 
don, VV. 

Lawrence, Philip Henry, Fearegg House, Prince's Road, Wimbledon 

Lawson, Prof., M.A., Botanic Garden, Oxford. Bot. 

Lawson, Charles E., 19 Portsea Place, Connaught Square, London, W. 

Lawton, Wm., Victoria Terrace, Derringham, Hull. Ast.^ Met. C. 

Lea, a. S., Trinity College, Cambridge. PkysioL 

Lea, John Walter, B.A., F.(t.S., F.Z.S., 9 St. Julian's Road, Kilburn, 
London, N.W. Geol, ZoiiL, Biol. 

Leach, Rev. Charles, 21 Noel Road, Birmingham. 

Leaf, Charles John, F.L.S., F.S A., Old Change, London, E. C, and 
Pain's Hill, CobUani, Surrey. 

Lebour, (tI. a , M.A., Professor of Geology in the College of Physical 
Science, Newcastle -on-Tyne. Oeol. (Carbon.) C. Carb. fossils in 
ex. for foreign spec. 

Lee, Henry, F.L.S., Etiielbert House, Margate. 

Lee, John Edw., Villa Syracuse, Tonjuav, Devon. Geol.y Arch,, spec. 
Devonian fossils. C. Ex. for Am. bevon. fossils. 

Le Feuvre, William Henry, 28 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, W.; 
and Jersey. 

Lefevre, Henry Francis Shaw, 29 Green Street, Grosvenor Square, 
London, W. 

Leog, John E., B.A., Berkhampstead. Bot. 

Leoge, Vincent, Capt. R.A., Aberystwiih, Wales. Orn. 

Leefe, Rev. J. E., M.A., Cresswell Vicarage, Morpeth. 

Lees, Edwin, F.L.S., Green Hill Summit, Worcester. 

Leiohton, J as., Kew, London, W. Bot. 

Leiohton, William Henry, 2 ^lerton Place, Chiswick. 

Leipner, Adolph, Hampton Park, Bristol. Bot. 

Lemon, William George, B.A., Montpelier Lodge, Blackheath, Lon- 
don, S. E. 

Lbndy, Major Auguste Frederic, F.L.S., Sunbuiy House, Sunbury. 

Le Neve Foster, Arthur, Telegi-aph Works, Silvertown, Essex. Tele- 

Le Neve Foster, Herbert, Mossend Iron Works, Holytown, Glasgow, 
Scotland. Cheni. of iron and steel. 

Leonard, Hugh, Geological Survey of Ireland, 14 Hume Street, Dublin, 

Letcher, Thomas H., St. Dav, Cornwall. Min. 

LoEWY, B., Richland Villa, Woodland, Islworth, London, W. Phys.^ 
[ Terrestrial Magnetism . ) 

Lester, Lester, F.L'.S., Langton ^laltravei's, Doi-set. 

Le Strange, Hamon, Hunstanton Hall, King's Lvnn, Norfolk. Orn. 

Le Strange, Paget W-, Lieut. -Col. Royal Artilleiy, Guernsey. Orn. 

Leverson, Julian John, 18 Queensbeny Place, Cromwell Iload, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

Lewis, A. L., 35 Colebrooke Row, Islington, London, N. Anth. 

Lewis, W. J., 21 Fitzwilliara Street, Cambridge. Min. 

Lewis, A. W., 35 Colebrook Row, London, N. Anih., Prehistoric Arch. 
C. Ex. 

Lewis, J. H., 145 Windsor Street, Liverpool. Bot. 

Lewis, J. F., War Office, Horse Guards, Whitehall, London, S. W. 

Lewis, Thomas, Asst. Royal Obsei-vatoiy, Greenwich, Ast, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Lewis, William Thomas, C.E., Mardy, Aberdare, Wales. 

Ley, John II., London lioad, Croydon. GeoL 

LiEBREicH, liiCHA&D, M.D., 16 Albemarle Street, London, W. 

Limerick, Charles Graves, Lord Bishop of, D.D., The Palace, Limer- 
ick, Ireland. 

LiNDLEY, William, 10 Kidbrooke Ten-ace, Blackheath, London, S. E. 

Lindsay, Charles, Ridge Park, Lanark, Scotland. 

Lindsay, James Ludovic, Lord, 47 Brook Street, London, W.; and 
Dun. Echt, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

LiNGWOOD, Robert Maulkin, M.A., F.L.S., 6 Park Villas, Cheltenham. 

Linn, James, II. M. Geol. Sui^., Sheri£f-Court Buildings, Edinburgh, 
Scotland. Geo/., Arch. C. 

Lister, Joseph, M.D., 12 Park Crescent, Poiiland Place, London, W.' 

Littleboy, John E , Hunton Bridge, Watford. Oni. 

Liveing, George Downing, M.A., Prof. Chem., St. John's College, 
Newnham, Cambridge. 

Livingstone, Clermont, Tudor Lodge, Snakesbrook, London, E. EtU, 

I^lewelyn, John Dillwyn, 39 Cornwall Gardens, London, S. W. 

Llewelyn, J. T. D., M.A., Yiusgenvn, Neath. Ent, 

Lloyd, Alfred, The Dome House, Upper Bognor, Sussex. Ent. 

Lloyd, George, M.D., Birmingham. 

I^loyd, Rev. Humphrey, D.D., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Lloyd, Major John H., Colebrooke Lodge, Bognor, Sussex. Om, 

LoBLEY, James L., 59 Clarendon Road, London, W. Oeol. 

Lockyer, J. Norman, F.R.S., 16 Penywern Road, London. 

Logan, R. F., Spy law House, Colinton, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Ent. 

Lolly, William, H. M. Inspector of Schools, Inverness, Scotland. GeoL, 

Lomax, a. E., 41 Church Road, Ti*anmere, Cheshire. Bot. C. Ex. 
British wild plants for those of U. S. 

Long, Jno. I., Whitevale Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

LoNGE, Francis Davy, B.A., Coddenham Lodge, Cheltenham. 

LoNGSTAFF, Geo. B., South Fields Grange, Wandswoith, London, 8. W. 

LoNGSTAFF, Geo, D., M.D., Buttcrkuowle, Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

Lory, Harry A., 52 Jane Street, Blythswood Sq., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Love, James, F.R.A.S., Talbot Lodge, Bickerton Road, Upper Holloway, 
London, N. 

Loveday, William T., 17 Stanley Crescent, London, W. 

Lovelace, William King, Earl of, East Horscley Park, Ripley, Surrey. 

LoviCK, Thomas, Metropolitan Board of Works, Spiing Gardens, London, 
S. W. Geol. 

Low, William, Roseneath, Grove Park, Wrexham, Wales. 

LowDON, George, Scientific Instrument Maker, 1 Reform Sti-eet, Dun- 
dee, Scotland. ElectHcian. 

Lowe, Edward Joseph, Shirenewton Hall, near Chepstow, Monmouth- 

Lowe, W. H., M.D., Woodcote Lodge, Inner Park Road, Wimbledon 
Park, London, S. W. Ent. 

Lowe, Edward J., Highfield House Observatory, near Nottingham. - 

LowsoN, D.L., M.A., Clarendon House, 164 Kennington Road, London. 

Lucas, Henry, 46 Gloucester Square, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Lucas, Joseph, 21 Surrey Street. Strand, London, W.C. 

I-.UCY, W. C, The Winstones, Brookthorpe, near Gloucester. 

LuDLAM, H., 174 Piccadilly, London. Minn 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Gt. Britain.] thB NATUKALISTs' DIBKCTOBY. 273 

Luff. A. P., 13 Lisson Sti'eet, Marvlebooc Road, London, N.W. 

Luke, James, Fingest Grove, Boulter End. 

LuMSDEN, J., Jr., Arden House, Alexandria, Scotland. Orn, 

LuNDiE, C, Rhymney Railway, Cardiff, Wales. 

LuPTON. Arnold, Crossgates, Leeds. 

LuPTON, Henry, The Elms, Chapel AUei-ton, Leeds. Ent, 

Lush, VV. J, H.,Fyfield near Andover, Hants. 

Lyall, George, ISouth Shields. 

Lye, G. Sheriff, Caroline Street, Birmin<^ham. Con, 

Lyell, Leonard, 92 Onslow Gardens, South Kensington, S. W. 

Lynam, James, C. E, Raheen, Ballinasloe, Ireland. Bot, Ex. 

Lynde, James Gascoignb. The Orchard, Gore Street, Greenheys, Man- 

Lynn, William, T., B.A., Royal Obs. Greenwich, S.E. Ast. 

Lyttleton, Right Hon. Lord Lilford, Lilford Hall, Oundle, Northants. 

Lytton, Rt. Hon. Earl of, Knebworth Pai-k, Stevenage. 

Macadam, W. Ivison, F.C.S., F.I.C., etc.. Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh, 
Scotland. Chem.y GeoL^ Agric, C. 

MacAlister, Donald, St John'*s College, Cambridge. Math,, Physics^ 

MacAndrew, James J., Lukesland, Ivy Bridge, S.rDevon. 

McCance, James, L., Rathfern, Rayner's Road, Putney Hill, London, 
S.W. Ast. 

Macaulay, J. J., High Street, Holy wood, Co. Down, Ireland. Mie. 

McC^EAN, Frank, M. A., 23 Great George Street, London, S. W. 

McClelland, John, Rivei*sdale House, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 

McDonald, J. A., Holly Phice, llampstead, London, N. W. 

Macdonald, John D,, Ro\'al Victoria Hospital, Netlcy. 

McDonnell, Robert, M.D., 14 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin, Ireland. 

MacDougald, G. D., 41 Reform Street, Dundee, Scotland. Chem, 

Mackenzie, G. Welland, F.R.C.S., 15 Hans Place, London, S. W, 

Mackeson, Henry Bean, Hythe, Kent. 

MACKINNON, A. K., 1 Gloucester Street, South Belgravia, London, S. W. 

Mackintosh, Daniel, 32 Whitfoixl Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead. 

McIlwain, Canon, D.D., Belfast, Ireland. Antiquarian. 

McIntosh, William Carmichael, M.D., Monthly, Scotland. 

MacIver, David, M.P., Woodslee, Spital, Birkenhead. 

Mackay, J. B., Totteridgc Green, Herts. 

Mackrell, John, 3 Victoria Road, Clapham Common, London, S. W. 

McLachlan, Robert, 39 Limes Grove, Lewisham, London, S. E. 

McLandsborough, John, F.R.A.S., South Park Villa, Harrogate. 

MacLauchlan, Henry, 14 Listen Road, Grafton Square, Clapham, Lon- 
don, S. W. 

MacLaughlan, John, Louise Terrace, W. Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland. 

McClay, James Lynn, Rose Villa, Victoria Mount, Oxton, Birkenhead, 
Geol, Arch. C. 

Maclean, Hector, 45 Park Crescent, Brighton. 

Maclean, W. C, 31 Camperdown Ten-ace, Great Yarmouth. 

MacLeay, Sir George, Pendell Court, Bletchingley, Surrey. 

Maglennan, Rev. Alexander, M.A., Carlton House, llewcastle-on- 

McDonnell, Robert, M.D., F.R.S., Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin, 
Ireland. Physiol. 

McMahon, Lieut.-Col. C. A., care of Messrs. Grindlay &, Co., 65 Parlia- 
ment Street, London, S. W. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

274 THE naturalists' directory. [Qt, BBETAHr. 

Macmillan, Alexander, Bedfoi-d Street, Covent Grarden. 

>IacMum, C. A., M.D., Wolverhampton. Medical Speciroteopjf. 

McMuRTKiE, James, Radstock Collieries, Bath. 

McNab, W. R., M.D., Prof. Hot R. Coll. of Science, Dublin, Ireland. 

Macpheuson, Alexander, 3 Great Tower Street, London, £. C. 

Macpherson, John, M.D., 36 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, W. 
Macvicar, John G.. D.D., LL.D., The Manse of Moflfat, Dumfriesshire, 

Scotland. Molecu'ar Sei^ Phya., Phil, 
McVie, James, Anchorelle, Kirkcutlbrijrht, Scotland. Nat, Hist. 
Haddock, Rev. Henry E., M.A., Clare College, Cambridge. 
Main, I. F , M.A., B Sc, Clifton. Math. 

Maine, Sir Henry S., LL.D., 27 Cornwall Gaixlens, London, S. W. 
Maggs, Thomas C, Yeovil, Somersetshire. GeoL 
Magnus, Philip, B Sc, B.A., Gi-esham Colle<re, London. 
!Makins, Walter K., Wcsthorpe House, Hendon, N. W. Mie. 
Malcolm, John Wingfield, 7 Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London, W. 

Major, Richard H., F.S.A., V. P. Royal Geog. Society, 61 Holland 

Road, Kensington, London. History of Discovery. 
Maling, C. T., 14 Ellison Place, Newcastlc-on-Tvne. Geol. 
Mallet, Robert, RR.S., Enmore, The Grove, Clapham Road, London. 

S. W. 
Mammatt, John E., Bi-amley, Leeds. GeoL 
Man, George, F.G S., Benthale Hall, Broseley. Geol.^ Bot. 
^lANBY, Lieut.-Coi. Charles, f*.R.S., 9 Victoria Chambers, Victoria 

Sti-eet, London, S. W. 
Mann, Robert James,M.D.,6 Kingsdown Villas, Wandsworth Common, 

London, S. W. 
Manners-Sutton, Hon. Graham, 60 Thurloe Square, London, S. W. 

Manning, Robert, C.E., 4 Ely Place Upper, Dublin, Ireland. Hydrology, 
Mansel-Pleydell, John C.', F.L.S., Longthorns, Bhindforcf, Dorset- 
shire. Oen. Nat. Hist. 
Mansergh, James, 3 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

S W. 
Mantua & Montserrat, H.M.S.H., The Prince of. The Curator of the 

Museum of, 18 Elgin Road, St. Peter's Park, London, W. Om., 

Ool.f and Gen. Sci. C. Ex. Spec, wanted in ex. for Eggs, Miner- 
als, Fossils, Plants, Insects, Shells, etc. 
Marcet, Francis, 13 Stratton Street, Loudon, W. 
Marcet, William, M.D., 39 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 
Marks, Henry S., 15 Hamilton Ten-ace, London, N. W. Om. 
Markby, J. R., 7 Univei-sity Street, London, W. C. Geol. 
Markham, C. R., Athenaeum Club, and 21 Ecclcston Square, London, S. 

Marr, John E., B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Marr, J. E., B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. Oeol. 
Makrat, F. p.. Free Public Museum, Livei-pool. Con.^ Min. 
Markeco, a. F., College of Phys. Science, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Geol. 
Marriott, John, Fleckney \V., Market Harborough, Leicestershire. 

Marsh, John G., 16 Hanover Street, Rye Lane, Peckham, London, S. £. 

Marsh, T. E. Milles, C.E., Grosvenor Place, Balh. 
Marshall, Arthur, Heailingley, near Leeds. 
Marshall, John, F.R.A.S., Chuix-h Institute, Albion Place, Leeds. 
Marshall, W., Elm Lodge, Clay Hill, Enfield. Ent, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

GT. Bbitaiw.] the NATUBALISTS* DIRECTORY. 275 

MarshaMj The Hon. Robert, 5 Chestci-field Street, Mayfair, LondoDi W. 

Makten. E. B., Pedmore. near Stourbridfje. GeoL 

Marth, Albert, 66 Lambeth Road, London, S. E. Aat. 

Martin, Joseph Samuel, Prestwich, Manchester. 

Martin, Richard Riddulph, Chislehurst. Anth. 

Maskelvne', Nevil Story, M.A., M.P., F.R.S., F.C.S.. Professor of 

Mineralogy in tlie Univei*sity of Oxford, 112 Gloucester Ten-ace, 

Hyde Park Gai-dens, London, W. 
Mason, James, F.C.S., Tynsham Hail, near Witney, Oxon. 
Mason, James Wood, Junior Oxford and Cambridge Club, St James's 

Square, London, S. W. 
Mason, Philip B., Buitoh-on-Trent. Brit. Zool, and Bot. 
Massee, G. E., Oak House,.Oak Road, Scitrbro. Bot, 
Massey, Gerald, New Southjrate, London. Antfi. 
Masters, Maxwell T., M.D., 41 Wellington Street, Sti-and, London. 

Mateer, Rev. S., The Mission House, Blomfield Street, Finsbuiy. 
Mathew, Gbrvase F., Pavmaster Royal Navy, lustow. North Devon, 

Lepid. C. Ex. British for Exotic Lepid. 
Mathew, Rev. Mun-ay A., M. A., Stone Hall, Haverfordwest, Wales. Om. 
Mathews, Wm., M. A., 60 Harborne Road, Birmingham. Bot,, Geol 
Mathewson, Allan, C.M.S.A., Sec. Dundee Nat. Hist. Soc, Constitu. 

tion House. Constitution Road, Dundee, Scotland. Geol^ Arch. 
Matthey, George, Cheyne Walk House, Chelsea, I^ondon, S. W. 
Maudsley, Henry, M.D., 9 Hanover Square, London, W. 
Maunder, E. W.. 3 Woodlands Road, Blackheath, London. Photohe^ 

liography. Spectroscopy. 
Maw, George, F.L.S., F. S.A., F.G.S., Benthall Hall, Broseley, Salop. 

Bot.y Geol.y eap. Genus Crocus and Sil. Brachiopods. C. 
Mawer, Walter, 37 Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W. C. 
May, John W., Arundel House, Percy Cross, Fulham Road, London, S. 

W. Ent. 
May, William, Northficld, St. Man* Cray, Kent. 
Mayall, J., Jr., 22 Regent Street, London. Mic 
Mayburt, a.. Constable, 23 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, 

W. C. 
Matnard, John, East Pool Mine, Redruth. Min. 
Maynard, Richard, 78 Pcndai-vcs Street, Tucklngmill. Jdin, 
Mayo, Herbert, Cheshunt, Herts. 
Maxted, Charles, Providence Cottage, Well Road, Hampstead, London, 

N. W. 
Meaden, Henry P., Hallgarth Street, Durham. 
Medlicott, C. W. C., M.D., County Asylum, Wells, Somerset. 
Medwin, Aaron G.. M.D., 11 Mon'tpelier Row, Blackheath. 
Meek. E. G., 56 Brompton Road. London, S. W. Ent. 
Meiklejohn, Dr. J.W. S., M.D., Fleet Surgeon, R.N., H. M. Dockyard, 

Chatham. Bot. C. 
Meldola, R., 21 John Street, Bedford Row, London, W. C. Ent. 
Melliss, John Charles, 232 Gresham House, Old Broad Street, London, 

Mello, Rev. John Magens, M.A., St. Thomas's Rectory, Brampton, 

Mellor, T. Randolph, CE., Nutfield, Redhill, Sun'ey. 
Merivale, Prof John H., Durham Univ. College of Phys. Sci., New- 

castle-on-Tyne. Minim/, 
Merrifield, Charles W., 20 Girdler's Road, Brook Green, London, W. 
Merrified, Dr. I., F.R.A.S., Gascoyne PI., Plymouth. Math., Meteor, 
Mebbt, James S., Swansea, Wales.' Min, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

276 THE naturalists' DIBECTORY. [Qt. BaiTAiif. 

Merrtweather, Henrt, 153 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, S. W. 

Merton, Henry, 3 Westbourne Crescent, London, W. 

Meryon, Edward, M.D., 14 Clarges Street, London, W. 

Messer, Dr. a. ]B., Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth. 

Metcalfe, Arthur T., Southwell, Notts. 

Meyeh, C. J. A., 3 Princes Gardens, Clapham Common, London, S. W. 

Meyuick, E., Ramsbuiy, Hungertbrd, Wilts. Ent. 

MiALL, Louis C, Prof. Biology, Yorkshire CoU. Sci., 173 Belle Vue Road, 

MiCHiE, Rev. J. G., Din net, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Min. 
MiDDLETON, Rev. George, Bourne College, Summer Hill, Birmingham. 
MiDDLETON, John O., 1 Ebenezer Ten-ace, Plumstead Common, Kent. 
MiDWOOD, Lieut. H., 74th Highlanders, Aldershot. Conch. 
Miers, Edward J., F.L.S., British Museum, Loudon. Crustacea, 
Millar, John, Bethnal House, Bethnal Green, London, £. 
Miller, Hugh, Geological SuiTcy of England, Museum, Jeraiyn Street, 

London, S. W. 
MiLLiGAN, Joseph, F.L.S., F.R.A.S.> 6 Craven Street, Strand, London, 

W. C. 
Mills, Edmund J., Young Prof, of Technical Chem., Anderson's Univ., 

60 John Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Mills, Thos. S., B.A., 19 Forest Road, Birkenhead. 
Milnes, William, Coal Exchange, London, E. C. 
MiLWARD, Miss, TuUogher, New Ross, Ireland. Bot 
Minton, Samuel, Oakham House, near Dudley, Sta£fordshire. 
Mitchell, Frank Johnstone, Newport, Monmouthshire. 
Mitchell, Frederick S., Hornshaws, Clitheroe, Lancashire. Om, 
Mitchell, Joseph, C.E., Inverness, Scotland. 
Mitchell, Joseph, Jr., Woreboro' Dale, near Barnsley. 
Mitchell, Richard, 30 St. George's Road, Regent's Park, London, 

N. W. 
Miv ART, Prof. St. George, 77 Seymour Street, London, W. Biolf Comp, 

Moffat, Thomas, M.D., F.R.A.S., Hawarden, near Chester. MeteoroL 
MoGGRiDGE, Matthew, F,L.S., 8 Bina Gardens, South Kensington, S. 

W. Geol. 
MoRRiESON, Col. R., Oriental Club, Hanover Square, London, W. Mie, 
Morris, James, 6 Windsor Street, Swansea, Wales. Min, 
MosHER, W. A. E., F.G.S., Geological Sui-vey, Jermyn Street,. London. 

MoiR, Edward, Newpoi-t-on-Tav, near Dundee, Scotland. Bot, 
MoiSER, H. I., South View, York. Bot.f Geol, 
MoiSER, R. H., Heworth Grange, York. 
MoLYNEUX, Wm., Branston Lodge, Burton-on-Trent. 
MoNCRiEFF, Col. Alexander, Easter Road Barracks, Edinburgh, Scot- 
land. Ordnance Engineering. 
MoNCKTON, E. P., M.A., Fineshade Abbey, Wansford, Northamptonshire. 
MoNKHOUSE, Rev. P. E., M.A., Park Road South, Birkenhead. 
MoNE, A. G., R. Dublin Soc, Dublin, Ireland. Nat. Hist, 
MoNTALBO, Antonio R., 20 Stanley Crescent, Kensington Park, London, 

W. Geol. 
MoNTEFiORE, Sir Moses, 35 Park Lane, London, W. 
Moore, Charles, 6 Cambridge Place, Bath. Geol. 
Moore, F., 110 Oakfield Road, Penge, London, S. E. Ent, 
Moore, John Carrick, M.A., 113 Eaton Square, London, S. W. 
Moore, R. W., 19 Catherine Street, Whitehaven. 

Moore, Septimus P., LL.B., B.Sc, Firfield, Sun*ey Road, Bournemouth. 
Moore, Thomas J., Free Public Museum, Liverpool. ZodV., Palteo, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


MoRANT, Alfred William, F.S.A., 33 Virginia Road, Leeds. 

More, Alex. G., Museum of Science and Ait, Dublin, Ireland. Om., 

Brit, Bot, 
Morel AND, Richard, Jr., 4 Highbui-y Quadrant, London, N. 
MoRETON, Frederick Leslie, 21 Ker Sti-eet, Devonport. Lepid, C. 

Morgan, W., F.G S., C. &M.E , The Guildhall, Bristol. 
Morgan, Rev. Francis Henry, M.A., Gisbro' Rectoi-y, Yorkshire. 
Morgan, James Arthur, 47 FlnsbuiT Circus, London, E. C. 
Morgan, Octavius S., M.A., 10 Charles Stieet, St. James's Square, 

London, S. W. 
Morgans, William, Chantiy, Frome. 
MoRLET, John, Mason's College, Birmingham. 
Morris, John, M. A., 15 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square, London, 

N. W. GeoL 
Morris, Richard, M.D., Inst, of Scientific Research, 67 Bi-oad Street, 

Sexways, Birmingham. Physiol. 
Morrison, Francis R., 3 SufFolK Villas, Breakspear Road, Lewisham 

Road, London, S. E. GeoL 
Mortimer, R., Fimber, Malton, Yorkshire. GeoL 
Mortimer, J. R., St. John's Villa, DriflSeld, Yorkshire. 
Morton, Dr., New Brompton, Kent. Bot, 
Morton, George H., 122 London Road, Liverpool. Geol^ Curb. Lime- 

stofies of y. Wales, C Ex. 
MosLEY, George, Holgate Classical and Commercial Seminary, York. 
MosELET, H. N., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S., etc., Univ. of London, BurliAg. 

ton Gardens, London, W. ZooL 
MoSLEY, S. L., Beaumont Park, Hudderafield. 
Moss, John, 25 Abchurch Lane, London, E. C. Chem, 
MossE, G. S., Stanford Road, Kensington, W. Ent. 
Mostyn, Charles, Elmley House, Grove Road, Surbiton, London, S. W. 

Mott, Albert J., Adsett Court, Westbuiy-on-Severn, Gloucester. 
Mott, Basil, 109 Broom Spring Lane, Sheffield. Mining, 
Mott, Frederick T., F.R.G.S., Bristol Hill, Leicester. Bot-^ Mosses^ 

Edible Fruits, C, Ex. Desires information about all edible fruits 

which are unknown in England. 
MouLTON, John Fletcher, M.A., 74 Onslow Gardens, London, S. W. 
Mountcastle, Wm. R., Bridge Farm, Ellenbrook near Manchester. 

MuiR, Edwin, 26 King Street, Manchester. 
MuiR, Thomas, Beechcroft, Bishopton. Math, 
MuiR, M. M. Pattison, Pi-oelector in Chem., Gouville and Caius College, 

Cambridge. Inorg. Chem. 
Muirhead, Henry, M.D., F.F., P.S.G., Bushy Hill, Cambuslang, Lan- 
arkshire, Scotland.- PsychoL and Phys, Philos^ spec. Genesis of 

McJLLER, Hugo, 13 Park Square East, Regent's Park, London, N. W. 
MiJLLER, Max, Oxford. 

MuLLiNER, Francis, Leigh House, Devonshire Road, Birkenhead. 
Mummery, John R., 10 Cavendish Place, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

MuNROE, Hbnbt, M.D., 19 Charlotte Street, Hull. Mic.^ Hist. 
Murdoch, J. R., care Messrs. J. Barran & Co., St. Paul's Street, Leeds, 

MuRiE, Jambs, M.D., LL. D., F.L.S. 7 Torriano Gardens, Camden 

Road, London, N. W. 
Murphy, J. J., Old Forge, Dunmuny, Co. Antrim,, Ireland. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

278 THE naturalists' directory. [Gt. Britain. 

Murray, Adam, Science Club, 4 Savile Row, London, W. 
Murray, John, 50 Albemarle Sti-eet, London, W. 
Murray, Lieut. H., Tralee, Ireland. Ent. 
Murray, Mrs., Lonjrhboi-o' Park, Brixton, London, S.W. GeoL 
MuRRAr, William, Monkland House, Lanarksliii*e, Scotland. 
Musson, C F., Goldsmith Street, Nottingrham. Con. 
MussoN, Edward C, M.A., Brown's Scliool, Stamford. 
Myers, Edward, The Parsonage, Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury. 
Myers, John W., 20 Westburv Road, Wcstbourne Squai*e, London, W. 
Myhill, Charles, Curzon School House, Mayfair, London, W. 
Mylne, Robert William, 21 Whitehall Place, London, S. W. GeoL 
Naidley, Henry, Oxford Military College, 35 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lon- 
don, W. C. GeoL 
Napier, Charles G , 2 GaiTille Avenue, Rathgai*, Dublin, Ireland. 
Napier, Capt. Johnston, Elm Grove Pleasure-Garden, Salisbury. Eti- 

gineering {Militaiy\ Chem.y GeoL C. 
Nash, William C, Assistant Ma^netical and Meteorological Department, 

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London. 
Neate, I^ercy J., 53 Belsize Park, Hampstead, London, N.W. 
Needham, S. H., 5 Mecklenburgh Street, Mecklenburgh Square, Lon- 
don, W. 
Neison, Edmund, F.R.A.S., Science Club, London. AsL^ Chem. 
Neve, J. R., Kinjrston-on-Thames. Bot 
Nesbit, A. A., F.C.S., 38 Gracechurch Sti-eet, I<ondon, Chem. Action 

of Poisons on Fish. 
Nevill, Hugh, Newton Villa, Godalroing. Om. 
Nevill, W. James, Whaddon House, Bruton, Somerset. 
Nevins, Dr. John Birkbeck, 3 Abercromby Square, LiverpooL Bat, 

Nevinsox, B. G., 19 ToiTington Square, London, W. C. Ent. 
New, Roland, 39 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. 
New all, Robert Stirling, Fcrndene, Gateshead-on-Tyne. 
Newbould, Rev. W., Mont«a:ue House, Kew Green, London, W. 
Newcome, Francis D'A., W.C, Feltwell Hall, Bi-andon, Suffolk. Om. 
Newdigate, Albert Lewis, M.A., 25 Ci-aven Street, Charing Cross, 

London, W. C. 
Newman, Frederick, Slinfold, Horsbam. 
Newman, T. P., 54 Hatton Garden, London, E.G. Ent. 
Newmarch, William, Beech Holme, Nightingale Lane, Balham, London, 

Newton, Alfred, M.A., Prof. Zool. and Comp. Anat. Univ. of Cambridge. 

Magt'alen College, Cambridge. Grn. 
Newton, Edwin T., Assistant Naturalist to H. M. Greological Survey. 

Museum, Jerniyn Street, London, S.W. 
NicOLSON, David, Wick, Scotland. Bot. 
Nichols, George Benjamin, Handsworth, Biimingham. 
Nicholson, Sir Charles, Bart., M.D., D.C.L., The Gi-angCj Totteridge, 

London, N. 
Nicholson, Cornelius,, F.S.A. Ashleigh, Vcntnor, Isle of Wight. 
Nicholson, Francis, The Grove, Oldfield, Altrincham, Cheshire. Om. 

C. Ex. or buys MotacillidsB and Javan and Sumatran skins, nests 

and eggs, if properly identified. 
Nicholson, H. Alleyne, Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. St. Andi'ews, Scotland. 

Nat. Hist. 
Nickels, J. L., Noctorum, Birkenhead. 

NiCOL, Prof. J., Univ. of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, Scotland. Mii%, 
NicoLs., Arthur, 11 Church Row, Hampstead, London, N.W. 
Niven, Charles, M.A., Prof, MatU. (Queen's CoU, Cork, Ii-elaud, Jjst* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Noble, Andrew, Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle-upon-Tyoe. 

Noble, John, 50 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. 

Noel, Ernest, Lydhui-st, Warninj^lid, Hayward's Heath. 

NORGATE, F., Sparkam Vicarage, Norfolk. ' Ent,y Om, 

Norman, Rev. A.M., Rectory Burnmoor, Durham. Crustacea, Moll. 

Norman, George Ward, Bromley, Kent. 

NoRRis Alfred, M.D., Bii-chficld, Birmingham. Physiol. 

NoRRis, Richard, M.D., Birahiield, Birmingham. Physiol, 

North, Frederic Wm., F.G.S., M. <& C.E., Rawley Hall, Staifordshire. 
Civil and Mining Engineering^ South African Coal-kelds. 

North, S. W., 84 Micklej^ate, York. 

NoRTHBROOK, Thomas Georoe Baring, Earl of, D.C.L., 4 Hamilton 
Place, London, W. 

NoRTHCOTE, Riufht Hon. Sir Stafford Henrt, London. 

NoRTHESK, Right Hon. Earl of, 76 St. George*s Square, London, S. W. 

NORTHWICK, Lord, Northwick Park, Moi-eton-in-Marah. 

Norton, Henry. F.G.S., 21 Unthank's Road, Nonvich. 

Norwood, Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, Wrenbury Vicarage, Nantwich, 

Nottidge, Thomas, Ashford, Kent. Ent. 

NowERS, George P., M.A., Oxon, 49 Hagley Road, Birmingham. O90I, 

NuNN, C. W., Hertford. Mic. 

NuTTALL, R., Jr., 14 Westbourne Park TeiTace, London, W. GeoL 

Oakley, Christopher, 10 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London, S. W. 

Odling, William M. B., Prof. Chem. Univ. of Oxford, Museum, Oxford. 

Ogilvie, a. Graeme, B.A., 20 Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, 

Ogilvie, W. M., Pres. Dundee Nat Soc, Lockee, near Dundee, Scot- 
land. Bot. 

Ogle, William, M.A., M.D., 10 Gordon Stroct, Goi'don Square, London, 
W. C. Bat., Ent. 

Olivbr, Daniel, Prof. Bot, University College, I<ondon, Royal Gardens, 

Oman, J. C, 2 Rutland Villas, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N. Geol. 

Ommanney, Sir Erasmus, The Towers, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight; and 
Unked Sei-vice Club, London. 

0*MuTwRENIN, R. J., The Weeklv Freeman Office, Dublin, Ireland. Agrie. 

Ord, C. K., M.D., The Limes, Lewisham, London, S. E. 

Ord, William Miller, M.D., 7 Brook Su*cet, Hanover Square, London, 

Orde, Sir John, Bart, Kilmoiy House, Loch Gilp Head, N. B., Scotland. 

O'Reilly, Prof , Royal College of Science, Dublin, Ireland. Min. 

Ormbrod, Mi9s Eleanor A., F.M.S., etc., Dunster Lodge, Spring Grove, 
Islewoith. Economic Ent, 

Ormbbod, George W., M.A., Wood way, Teignmouth. 

Ormebod, Henry Mere, Clarence Street, Manchester. 

OsLEB, Abraham F., South Bank, EdKbaston, Birmingham. 

OsLER, FoLLETT, F.R.S., Edgbarton, Birmingham. Meteor, 

OvEBSTONE, Lord, 2 Cai'lton Gai*dens, London, S. W.; and Overstone 
Park, Noithampton. 

Owen, Richard, C.B., M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S , F.L.S , Assoc, de 
rinstit de France, Superintendent of the Natural Ilistoi-y Depart- 
ments, British Museum. Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, East Sheen, 
London, S. W. 

Owen, Miyor Samuel R. J., Assoc. King's College, London. 

Packe, Charles, Stretton Hall, I^eicester. 

Page, Julius. 63 South Street, Greenwich. London, S. E. Mic. 

Pagen, John Fletcher, Port View, Saltash, Cornwall. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Pagbt, George E., M J)., Prof, of Physics in Univ. of Cambridge, Cam- 

Paget, Sir James. Vice-Pres. Royal Soc., 1 Harewood Place, Hanover 
Square, Lonaon, W. 

Paine, William Henry, M.D., Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Palmer, Thomas, Homeleigh, Lower Camden, Chislejiarst Mie, 

Parish, Sir Woodbine, K.C.H., F.R.S., Quarry House, St. Leonards-on- 

Parke, George Henry, F-L.S., F.G.S., Infield Lod^e, Furness Abbey, 
Lancashire. Recent and Foml Moll, and Ecmnoderma, C. £x. 
British for foreign spec. 

Parker, Major Francis George Shirbcliffb, 54th Regiment, West- 
here House, Sturr>', Kent. 

Parker, James, M.A., Oxford. Geol^ Arch. 

Parker, Joseph, Jr., Upton Chaney, Bitton, near Bristol. 

Parkin, Thomas, Halton near Hastmgs. On. 

Parkinson, James, F.C.S., 124 Holland Road, Kensington, Lon- 
don. W. 

Parkinson, Rev. Stephen, D.D., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Parry, Major F. J. Sidney, London. Ent, 

Parry, T. S., Castlebar Hill, Ealing, London, W. 

Parsons, H. Franklin, M.D., Local Government Board, Whitehall, 
London, S. W. 

Parsons, R. Mann, Hydevale, Blackheath, London, S. £. 

Parsons, William, Sergeant R. £., Ordnance-Sui'vey Office, 46 St 
Geoi-ge's Road, London, S. W. 

Parton, Thomas, Gordley House, Dudley Road, West Bromwich. 

Pascoe, Francis P., Burlington Road, Westbourne Park, London, W. 

Paterson, James, Palmvra Square, Warrington. 

Paton, J. W., Curator of Industrial Museum, Kelvingroye Park, Glasgow, 

Patterson, R. Lloyd, Belfast, Ii-eland. Om, 

Pattinson, John, F.I.C, 75 The Slide, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Analjft, 

Pattison, S. R., 11 Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. 

Paul, John Dennis, Regent Road, Leicester. Geol. 

Paull, Joseph M., 2 St. George's Tenace, Stonehouse, Plymouth, 

Pavy, Frederick W., M.D., Lecturer on Physiol., Comp. Anat., and 
Zool., Guy*s Hospital, 35 Grosveuor Sti-eet, London, W. 

Payne, G., Jr., 25 High Street, Sittingbourne. 

Peace, Maskell W., Ashfield, Wigan. 

Peach, Benjamin N., Geological Sui*vey of Scotland, Geological Survey 
Office, Sheri£f-Court Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Peacock, R. A., 41 Osborne Road, ToUington Park, London, N. Steam, 
Volcanoes and Earthquakes. 

Peacock, T. Bevill, M.D., 20 Finsbury Circus, London, E. C. 

PeaCv^ck, William Harrison, 3 Victoria Crescent, Barnsley. 

Peal, C. N., Fernhurst, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W. Diatomace^e, 

Pearce, iloRACE, F.L.S., The Limes, Stourbridge. Geol, Bot. 

Pearce, Joseph Chaning, M.B., The Manor House, Brixton Rise, Lon- 
don, S. W. . 

Pearson, Sir Edwin, M.A., Wimbledon. 

Pease, Thomas, Cote Bank, near Biistol. 

Peckover, Algernon, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 

Peckover, Alexander, Bank House, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 

Pengelly, William, Lamorna, Torquay. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

ot.bbitaik.] the naturalists' due&ectoby. 281 

Pennino, W. H., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn Street, 

London, S. W. 
Pennington, Rooke, LL.B., Castleton, Derbyshire. 
Penny, Rev. C. W., M.A., Wellington College, Wokingham, Berks. 
Penrose, John F., Parkbenver, Redruth. 

Penton, Edward, Jr., 51 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W. 
Pbppe, T. F., Herald Lodge, Spencer Hill, Wimble'don. 
Percy, Dr. John, F.R.S,, 1 Gloucester Crescent, Hyde Park; also Houses 

of Parliament, London. Metallurgy of Iron^ Steely Gold, and Silver. 

C. Wishes to correspond with collectors. 
Perkin, William Henry, The Chesnuts, Sudbury, Harrows. 
Perkins, V. R., 54 Gloucester Street, South Belgravia, London, W. Efit, 
Perry, Stephen Joseph, Dir. Stonyhurst Coll. Observatory, Whalley. 

Terrest. Mag., Solar Phys. 
Perry, Sir Thomas Erskine, B.A., 36 Eaton Place, London, S. W. 
Fershouse, Francis, Jr.. Tor Hohun House, Toi-quay. Oni. C. 
Petrie, Capt. Francis W. H., 11 Gloucester Tenace, Campden Hill, 

Kensington, London, W. 
Petrie, W. Flinders, Broml^, Kent, Meteorology, 
Pettigrew, James Bell, M.D., Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland. AruU, 

and Physiol. 
Peyton, John E. H., F.R.A.S., 1 Uplands, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Peyton, Rev. W. W., Hill Street, Rock Villa, Broughty Ferry, Scotland. 

Geol., Bot., Min. 
Phear, Rev. Samuel George, D.D., M.A., Master of Emmanuel Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 
Phene, J. S., LL.D., 6 Carlton Terrace, Oakley SU-eet, London, S. W. 

Arch., Anth., Oeol. C. 
Philips, T. Winhart, 33 Woodstock Road Poplar, London. Phys. 
Philips, Henry Louis, 28 Brownswood Park, South Hornsey, London,N. 
Phillips, J. Arthur, C. E., 18 Fopstone Road, Kensington, London. 

Mining, Geol. C. 
Phillips, William, Canonbury, Kingsland. Shrewsbury. Mycology : 

Discomycetes. C. Ex. Brit, species for those of any other countr}'. 
Philpot, The Yen. Archdeacon B., Mona Lodge, Oak Hill, Surbiton, 

Phipson, Arthur, 3 Gray's Inn Square, London, W.C. Ent. 
Pickup, Peter, Towneley CoUieiy, Burnlevj Lancashire. 
Pidgeon, D., F.L.S., Holm wood. Putney Hill, London, S.W. 
Piesse, C. H., AnaMical Laboratoiy, Lyon's Inn Chambers, 303 Strand, 

London, W. C. Chem. 
Pigott, G. W. Royston, M.A., M.D., Annandale, Eastbourne, Sussex. 

PiGGOTT, F. T., M.A., 1 Mitre-court Buildings, Temple, London, E.G. 
PiM, H. Bedford, Leaside, Kingswood Road, Upper Norwood. Ent., 

esp. Brit. Coleopt. C. Ex. 
Piper, George H., Court House, Ledbury. 

Plant, James, 40 West Terrace, West Street, Leicester. Geol., Phys. C. 
Plant, Cant. John, Superintendent of the Royal Museum and Library. 

Peel Park, Salford, Manchester. 
Plant, Robert, Cheadle Park, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent.* 
Playfair, Lyon, Riffht Hon. LL.D., 68 Onslow Gardens, London, S.W. 
Plews, Henry T., Bedale, Yorkshire. 
Plowright. C. B., 7 King Street, King's Lynn. Fungi. 
Plummer, John I., M.A.. Orwell Park Obs., Ipswich. Ast. 
Flunkhtt, Thos., Enniskillen, Ireland. Geol., Arch. 
Pode, John D., Slade Hall, Ivv Bridare, Devon. Antiquarian. 
Poland, J., Eliot Vale, BlackHeath, London, S.E. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Pole. William, F.R.S., Athensum Club, London, S.W. Mech, Science. 
FoLWUELE, Thomas Uoxiiuko, M.A. Folwhele, Ti-uro, Cornwall. 
POXSONBY, J. 11., 16 St. James' Street, Loudon, S.W. AIvH 
PoNTlFtx, Captain, 9 Pavilion Squai-c, Scarborough. Geol. 
POOLEY, CUAKLES, F.K.C.S., F.S.A., 1 Kaglau Circus, Weston-super- 

Pope, William J , Brook Hill Park, Plumstead, Kent 
FOPPLETON, Richard Dickon, Leather Maiket, Bcimondsey, London, 

PoRRiTT, George T., Huddei-sfield. Ent. 
PORTER, Kcv. J. 11., B.A., Wartling Vicarage, Hastings. 
Potter, Edmund, 64 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, S.W. 
Potter, Frederick Antony, B.Sc., Nagasaki, Japan ; and b« Tower Hill, 

Loudon, E.C. 
Potter, George, 42 Grove Road, Upper Holloway, Lon<lon, N. Mic. 
Potter. William Aubone, Canilington House, *Noii hum berland. 
PouLTON, Edward B., B.A., Victoria Villa, Argyll Road, Reading. 
Powell, Hugh, 170 Euston Road, Euston Square, London, N.W. Mic. 
Power, IIy. d'Arcy, 10.^ Camberwell, New Road, London, S.E. Ent. 
Power, Dr. I. A., Burton Crescent, I^oudon, W.B. Ent.: Coicopt, 
PowRiE, James, ReswalHc, near Forfar, Scotland. 
Pratt, Henry, E.R.A.S., 18 Preston St., Brighton. Aet^t Horology ^ 

Preece, W. H., Gothic Lodge, Wimbledon Common, London. £&e- 

Preston, Rev. T. A., M.A., The Green, Mai borough, Wilts. Ent, 
Preston, Lawrence, Wickwar.Chai-field, Glouccstei-shire. 
Prestwich, Joseph, M.A. , Professor of Geology in the Univci-sity of Ox- 
ford, 34 Broad Street, Oxford. Geol,(Qwtr ternary or Tertiary.) 
Price, Bartholemew, M.A., Prof. Nat. Phil., Pembroke Coll., Oxford. 

Math., Phi/s. 
Price, David, 48 West Street, Hoi-sham, Sussex. Ent. 
Price, F. G. H., 29 Weymouth Street, Portland Place, London, W. 
Price, Jolin E., 60 Albion Road, Stoke- New ington, London, N. 
Price, T. Jones, B.A., Pencoed, near Bridgend, Wales. 
Price, Capt. W. E., Tibbcrtou Court, near Gloucester. 
Prince, C. L., F.R.A.S.,& F.M.D., The ObseiTatory Crowborougb, Tun- 
bridge Wells. Ast.f Meteorol. 
Prior, Charles M., The Avenue, Bedfoixl, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 

Prior, Richard C. A., M.D., 48 York Terrace, Regent's Park, London, 

N.W. Bot. C. 
Pritchard, Andrew, F.R.S.E , 87 St. Paul's Road, Highbuiy, London. 

Pritchard. Rev. Charles, MA., F R S., F.R.A.S., SavUian Professor of 

Ast Univ. of Oxford, 8 Keble Teri-ace, Oxford. 
Pritchard, E., C. E., 37 Waterloo St, Birmingham. Sanitary Engineer- 

Pritchard, H. B., Chemical Dept., Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London, 

S. E. Chemistry. 
Pritchard, U»<ban, M.D., 3 George Street, Hanover Sq., London. 

llisfnl. of Internal Ear, 
Proctor, Richard A., B.A., 76 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Propert, W. Peregrine, LL.D., M.A., The Cross House, St David's, 

Prouse, Oswald AFilton, Assoc. M. Tnst. C. E.. Westbourne House, 

Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith, London, W. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ProxTt, Rev. Thomas J., Christ Church, Oxford. 

Provis, T. B., Camlwrne. Min. 

Provis, Edward, M.A., Worcester Street, Bromsgrove. 

Pryor, Joseph, Trefula House, Redruth. 

Pryor, R. a., Baldock, Hei*ts. 

PuLESTON, John H., Westminster Palace Hall, London, S. W. Mtc. 

Purser, John M., M.D., Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland. Physiol. 

Pyb, W., Kniufht's Place, Cobham, Gravesend. GeoL 

Pyrke, D., Jr., 26 Clarence Square, Cheltenham. 

QOAIN, Richard, 32 Cavendish Square, London, W. 

QuAiN, Richard, M.D., 67 Harley Street, London, W. 

KADCLiFPE, Charles Bland, M.D., 25 Cavendish Square, London, W. 

Radford, William, M.D., Sidmouth. Mic, 

Rae, John, M.D., LL.D., 4 Addison Gardens, Kensington, W. 

Rains, Rev. Canon, M.A., York. Arch. 

Raisin, Miss C. A., 154 Camden Street, London, N. W. Geol, 

Ramsay, Alexander, F.G.S. etc., 6 Kent Gardens, Ealing, London, W. 

Phi/8. Geog.f Met. 
Ramsay, Prof. Andrew C, LL.D., F.R.S., Dir.-General of the Geol. Sur. 

of the United Kinjjdom. Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S. -W. 
Ramsay, Capt. R. G.'Waudlaw, 74th Hi<rhlanders, Whitehill, Rosewcil. 

Scotland. Oiti. C. Ex. Indian, Malay, Sumatra or Philippiuc Island 

Ramsdbn, H., M.A., Forest Rise, Walthamstow, Essex, London, N. E. 

Randell, Frank E., Newlanda, Preston Park, Brighton. 
• Randell, James S., Rudloc Lodge, Corsham, Wilts. 
Ransom, William Henry, M.D., The Pavement, Nottinjrham. Ent. 
Ransome, Arthur, M.D., M.A., 1 St. Peter's Square, Manchester. 

Ranyard, a. C, 25 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London. Ast.^ Solar 

Rathbone, Edgar P., The Nunneiy Collieiy Co., New Haymai-ket, Shef- 
Rattray, Richard, Balfour Street, Dundee, Scotland. Mic. 
Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke, K.C.B., D.C.L., Athcnreum Club, 

London. S. W. 
Rawson, Herbert E., The Vicarage, Bromley Common, Kent. Onu 
Rayleigh, John W.S., Lord, M.A., 5 Salisbury Villas, Cambridge. Phya. 
Reade, T. Mellard, C.E., Park Corner, Blundellsands, near Liverpool. 

Readwin, T. a., Manchester. Min. 
Redfern, Peter, M.D., Pr<)f. Anat. and PhysioL, 4 Lower Crescent, 

Belfast, Ireland. 
Redhead, R. M., Springfield, Seedier', Manchester. 
Reed, Sir Edward James, K.C.B., Hextable, near Dai-tford, Kent. 
Reed, .J., Byhope, Linderland. Om. 
Reed, William, Great Blake Street, York. 

Reeks, Henry, Manor House, Thruxton, near Andover, Hants. Ent. 
Rees, George Owen, M.D., Albemarle Street, London, W. 
Reid, Clement, Geological Sui-vey of England, Museum, Jerravn Street, 

London, S. W. 
Reid, Saville G., Capt. R.E., 14 Medway Villas, New Brompton. Om. 
Reid, William, Natui-alist, Wick, Scotland. 

Rennie, James, 9 Motcombe Street, Belgi-ave Square, London, S. W. 
Reinold, Pix)f. Arnold W., M.A., Royal Naval College, Greenwich. 

Renshaw, Alfred George, 5 Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, London, 

yfn C» 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

284 THB naturalists' DIKBCTOEY. [OT.BRlTAnr. 

Renshaw, C. Bine, Glenpatrick, Paisley, Scotland. 

Reynolds, J. Emerson, M.D., Prof. Chem., Ti-inity College, 62 More- 

hanipton Road, DubliD, Ii-eland. 
Reynolds, John Russell, M.D., 38 Gi-osvenor Street, London, W. 
Reynolds, Osborne, M.A., Prof, of £ngiueeriug, Owen's College, Man- 

cliesler. Phys, 
Rhys, Leybon, Aberdare, Wales. 
Rich, Wm., Redruth. Mitu 

Richards, Rev. W. J. B., D.D., St. Mary's, Westmoreland Road, Bays- 
water, London. Astronomy and Physics, 
Richards, W. Phelps, The Poplars, Shephei*d's Bush, London, W. 
Richardson, Benjamin Ward, M.D., 12 Uinde Street, London, W. 
Richardson, Christopher T., M.D., 13 Nelson Ci-escent, Ramsgate. 
Richardson, John, M. Inst. C.E., Methlev Park, Leeds. 
Richardson, Joshua, M. Inst. C.E., Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales. 
Richardson, Richard, Rhayader, Radnorshii-e, Wales. 
Richardson, J.W. H , 27 East Parade, Leeds. 
Rickarde-Seaver, Major F. Ionacio, F.R.S.E., Conservative Club, St 

James Street, London, S. W. 
Rickards, Rev. M. S. C, M A., Merton CoUepre, Oxford. « 
RiCKETTS, Charles, M.D., 22 Argyle Street, Birktmhead. 
Riddell, Charles J. B., Oaklands, Chudleigh, Devonshire. 
Rider, I. A., Stoke, Dcvonport. Chem, 

RiDSDALE, Edward Ij. J., Royal Mint, Tower Hill, London, E. 
Riley, E., 14a Finsbnry Square, Londoq, E. C. 
RiMMER, R., 12 Westbourne Crescent, Hyde Park, London, W. 
RiPON, Marquis of. K.G., D.C.L., F.:ft.S., F.L.S., 1 Cailton Gardens, 

London, S. W. 
Rivers, Major-Gen. Fox Pitt Rivers, Rushmore, Salisbury, and 4 Gros- 

venor Gardens, London. Anth,^ Arch, Pres. Anth. Inst, of Great 

Britain. C. Ex. 
ROBARTS, N. F., Rosebrae, Glengall Road, Woodfoi*d, Essex. Geol 
Robert des Ruffi^res, Charles, 68 Belsize Pai*k Gardens, South 

Hainpstead, London, N. W. 
Roberts, Isaac, Kenncssee, Maghull, Liverpool. 
Roberts, John, Llewellyn Terrace, Llani'wst, Wales. Min, 
Roberts, R. D., D.Sc, M.A., Clare College, Cambridge. Phys, Geog,, 

Roberts, Samuel, M. A., 126 Tuffncll, Park Road, HoUoway, London, W. 
Roberts, William, M.D., 89 Mosley Street, Manchester. 
Roberts, William Chandler, Chemist of the Royal Mint, Royal Mint, 

Tower Hill, London, E. 
Roberts, Rev. W. W., Bracklev, Erith, Kent. 
Robertson, David, F.L.S., 42 Kclvingrove Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Nat. Hist., Geol. 
Robertson, William, Wick, Scotland. 
Robinson, Augustin, Lavant House, Chichester. 
Robinson, Henry, 7 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London, 

Robinson, F. E., 10 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford. Etii, 
Robinson, Rev. Dr., Observatory, Ai*magh, Ireland. Ast. 
Robinson, John, Kingscote, East Grinstead. 
Robinson, Robert, 2 West Terrace, Darlington. 
Robinson, Sir Robert Spencer, 61 Eaton Place, London, S. W. 
Robinson, Thomas R., D.D., F.R.S., M.R.I.A., Observatory, Armagh, 

Ireland. Ast 
Robinson, Thos. W. U., Houghton le Spring, Durham. Prehistoric 

Arch, C. Ex. for stone and flint implements from Lreland. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


RODWBLL, Geo. F., Marlboi-ougrh College, Wiltshire. Ckem., Pkys, 

Roebuck, Wm. Dbnison, Suuny Bank; Leeds. Brit, Mam., RepHHa, 
and Hymenop. 

Rogers, Col. Henry T., Royal Engineei-s, 24 Bassett Road, Notting Hill, 
London, W. Ast., Oj^ica, 

Rogers, George, M.D., 6 Portland Squai-e, Bristol. 

Rogers, T., Selmeston House, Thurlow Park Rood, West Dulwich. 

Rogers, Wm., Ph.D., Rosemill, near Dundee, Scotland. Chem. 

Rolleson, J. F. L., St. Peter's TeiTace, Leicester. 

Rolleston, George, M.D., Prof, of Anat and Physiol., University of 
Oxfoi-d, Oxfoi-d. 

RoLLO, Loi-d, M.A., F.S.A., Duncrub House, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Romanes, Geo. J., M.A., F.R.S., 18 Cornwall Ten-ace, Regent's Park, 
London, N. W. Physiol,, PaycTiol. 

RoMiLLT, The Hon. Edward, F.L.S., 6 Atheratone Terrace, Gloucester 
Road, London, S. W. 

Rooper, George, 20 Hyde Park Square, London, W. Zool. 

Roper, Freeman Clark Samuel, F.L.S., F.G.S., Palgi-ave House, 
Eastbourne, Sussex. Bot. C. 

RoscoE, Henry Enfield, LL.D., Prof, of Chem., Owen's College, Man- 

Rose, H. Cooper, M.D., F.L.S., Hampstead, London, N. W. 

RosiE, Peter, Dempster Street, Pultcneytown, Scotland. Bot, 

Ross, Alexander, Kivei-field, Inverness, Scotland. 

Ross, C. C, Penzance. Min, 

Ross, J. Carne, 12 Chalmei-s Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Ross, Captain G. E., Waterside, St. Alban's. Geol. 

Ross, Rev. Wm., F.S.A S., M.R.I.A., etc., Ivy Bank, Rothesay. Arch., 
Phihl., Celtic Philology and literature ojr the Gaidheal. C, 

RossE, LaurenciTP., Earl of, D.C.L., Birr C*astle, Pai-sonstown, Ireland. 

ROTHERA, G. B., Waverlv Sti-cet, Nottingham. Ent,, Biol, 

RouTH, Edward J., St. 'Peter's College, Cambridge. 

RouTLEDGE, Thomas, C.E., F.L.S., F.G.S., Claxeugh, Sunderland. The 
Botany and treatment of Fibres for Paper-making . C. 

RoviE, James, M D., Royal Asylum, West Green, near Liff, Dundee, 
Scotland. Con., Physiol., Psychol., Nat, Hist, 

ROWB, W. L., Devon and Cornwall Bank, Redruth. Min, 

RowE, I. Brooking, Lockyer Street, Plymouth. Lepid. C, Ex 

Roxburgh, William, M.D., Crick Road, Oxfonl. 

Roy, John, 3 Loanhead Place, Abei-deen, Scotland. F. W, Alga: {not in- 
cluding Diatoms), Deamidia, C. Ex. Would prefer specimens 
presei-ved in Acetate of Potash, or otherwise ; but, ifpossible, not diy. 

Rotston, Pigott George West, M.D., Annandalc, Eastbourne, Scot- 

Ruddle, Daniel, 60 Delancy Street, London, N. W. 

RuDLER, Frederick William, Curator of the Museum of Pi-actical Geol- 
ogy*, Museum, Jennyn Street, London, S. W. 

Rumble, T. W, The Cottage, East Hill, Wandsworth, London, S. W. 

RusKiN, John, M.A., Denmark Hill, Cambenvcll, London, S. E. 

Russell, Rt. Hon. Lord Arthur John Edward, 10 South Audley St, 
London, W. 

Russell, John Scott, Sydenham, London, S. E. 

Russell, Robert, Geological Survey of En^and, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, London, S. W. 

Russell, Wm. J., Lect. on Chem., Medical School of St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, 34 Upper Hamilton TeiTacc, London, W. 

Russell, Wm. H. Leighton, A.B., 5 Ridgmount TeiTace, Highgate, 
London, W. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Rutherford, Prof. William, M.D., The University, Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, rhys. 

RuTLEY, Frank, Geol. Sui-v. of Enffland, 28 Jermyn Street, London, S, 
W. Petri L, Freextones and Vitreous Rocks. 

Rye. Edward C, Parkfickl, Putney, London, S. W. Ent. 

Rylands, Thomas Glazebkook, ftijrhficlds, Thelwell, near Wamngton. 

Sabine, General Sir Edward, 13 Ashley Place, Westminster, London, S. 
W. Meteor. 

Sack, Hermann, B.A., Ph.D., 47 Lai-khall Lane, Clapham, London, S. 
W. O'eol. 

Sadler, Herbert, 32 Manor Street, Clapham, London, S. W. Ast, 

Safford, John Burham, 5 Paj-k Place, St. James, London, W. 

Safford, Samuel S., Parkshot, Richmond, SuiTey. Genealogy and 

Sainter, Joseph Denby, Macclesfield. 

Saise, Walter, Richmond Cottages, Coburgh Road, Montpellier, Bristol. 

Salisbury, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoione-Cecil, Marquis of, 
Hatfield House, Hatfield, Heits. 

Salkeld, Lieut-Col. J. C, 29 St. James*s Street, London, W. GeoL 

Salmon, Rev. George, D.D., D.C.L., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Salmon, William, 3 South Vale, Blackheath, Tendon, S. E. 

Salomons, Sir David L., Bart., Bi-oomhill, Tunbridge Wells. 

Salter, S. J. A., M.B., Basingfield, near Basingstoke, Hants. 

Salvin, Osbert, M.A., Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge. Orn, 

Sandeman, Col., 24 Cambridge Square, London, W. 

Sandeman, David, Woodlands, Lenzie, Scotland. OeoL C. 

Sanders, Alfred, care Mi-s. Jordan, Milton, Sittingbourne. 

Sanders, Gilbert, Albany Gi*ove, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ma- 
rine Bot., Con.j Cordis, of Brit, shores. C. Ex. Marine Algae. 

Sanders, Rev. Samuel J. W., M.A., The Grammar School, Noitliaropton. 

Sanford, William Ayshford, Nynehead Court, Wellington, Somei'set 

Saunders, Edwin, 13a George Street, Hanover Squara, I^ndon, W. 

Saunders, James Ebenezer, 9 Finsbun- Circus, London, E. C. 

Sanderson, J. S. Bourbon, M.D., Prof, of Physiol, in University Col- 
lege, 26 Gordon Square, London, W.C. 

Saunders, E., Holmesdale, Wandle Road, Upper Tooting, London, S.W. 

Saunders, G. S., St. Stephens, Canterbury, Kent. EnL 

Saunders, Howard, 7 Kandor Place, Hyde Park, London, W. Om. 

Saunders, Sir Sidney S., Gatestone,Centi-al Hill, Upper Norwood, Lon- 
don, S.E. E9it. 

Savile, a G., B.A., Grosvenor School, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham. 

Savin, Alfred, Cromer. GeoL 

Savory, William S., M.B., 66 Bi-ook Street, London, W. 

Sawyer, George D., 55 Buckingham Place, Brighton. Mic. 

Schafer, Edward A., Asst. Prof. Physiol., University College, London, 
Boreham Wood, Elstree, Heils. 

Scharff, Robert, 17 Wan*endcr Park Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Scam ell, Georoe, 18 Great George Street, London, S.W. 

SCARTH, W. T., Raby Castle, Staindrop, Darlington. 

Schoolbred, James N., B.A., C.E., 3 Westminster Chambera, Victoria 
Street, London, S.W. App. of electricity to power, Ughtintf, etc. 

Schorlemmer, Carl, Pref Organic Chem.. Owens College, Manchester. 

Schunck, Edward, Ph.D., F.R.S., Oaklands, Kei*sall, Manchester. 
Chem., Chlorophyll. 

Schuster, Arthur, Ph.D., Sunnyside, South Hampstead, London, N.W. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ScLATER, Philip Lutlet, Ph. D., M.A., SecretaiT of the Zoolopfical So- 
ciety, 11 Hanover Square, London, W. Zool., Oni. C. Ex. De- 
sires bird skins from S. Am. with exact localities. 

ScLATER-BooTH, Right Hon. George, 74 St. Georges Square, London, 

Scott, Sir Arthur, Bai't., 97 Eaton Square, London, W. Ettt, 

Scott, Henry Y. D., Sunnyside, Ealing, Middlesex. 

Scott, Robert Henry, M.A., 116 Victoria Street, London. MeteoroU 

Seal, Stephen, Cox bench House, Darfield, Barnsley. 

Search, C G., Dorking, Surrey. Min. 

Sedgwick, Adam, Trinity College, Cambridge. Comp, Anai. 

Seebqhm, Henry, 6 Tenterden Street, Hanover Square, London, 'W. 

Seeley, Harry Govier, F.R.S., F.I^S., Prof. Geo., King's College, 
London. 14 Oppidans Road, Primrose Hill, London, N.W. GeoL 

Selbokne, Roundell Palmer, Lord, 30 Portland Place, London, W. 

Selkirk, Earl of, St. Maiy's Isle, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. 

Semmour, Wm.. 57 Grace Chui-ch Street, Loudon, E.C. Min.t Oeol, C. 
Ex. English metallic ores and rocks for Am. niiuei'als or recks. 

Serocold, Charles Pearce, Taplow Hill, Maidenhead. 

Service, Robert, MaxwoUtown, Dumfries, Scotland. Orn. 

Sewell, Edward, M.A., Methven College, Grange, Carnforth, Scotland. 

Seyton, Charles Smith, C.E., Preston Lodge, Walton-on-Thames. 

Shadbolt, George, Beechcroft, Camden Park, Chiselhurst, Kent. 

Shadwell, Sir Charles F. A., Meadow Bank, Melksham, Wilts. 

Shakespear, Lieut.-Col. J. D., Science Club, 4 Savile Row, London, W. 

Sharp, David, Eccles House, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Cole- 
opt, C. 

Sharp, John, Culverdon Hill, Tunbridge Wells. 

Sharp, Samuel, F.S.A., Great Harrowden Hall, near Wellingborough. 

Sharp, William, F.R.S., Rugby, Warwickshire. 

Sharpe, Richard B., Senior Assistant, Zoological Depaitment, British 
Museum, London. Om. . 

Sharpe, Samuel, 32 Highbuiy Place, London, N. 

Shaw, George, 37 Temple Street, Bii-raingham. 

Shaw, John, M.D., F.L.S., Hop House, Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Sheibner, Charles PRELLER,Ph.D., F.C.S., 9 Charles Street, Gros- 
venor Square, London, W. 

Shelpord, William, M. Inst. C.E., 3oa Great George Street, London, 

Shelley, George E., Capt., late Grenadier Guards, 6 Tenterden Street, 
Hanover Square, London, W. African Om., Butter fiies and 
Beetles generaUy, and British Moths, C. Ex. a large number of 
dupa. for spec, in above, with locality. 
_Shepheard, Thomas, Kingsley Lodge, Chester. Mic. 

Shepherd, Rev.,CHARLE8 W., M.A., Trotteissclitfe Rectory, Maidstone, 
Kent. Om, 

Sheppard, Edward, 18 Durham Villas, Kensington, W. Ent. 

Shillitoe, B., 2 Frederick Place, Old Jewrv, London, E.C. 

Shone, Isaac, Pentrefelin House, Wrexham, Wales. 

Shone, William, Upton Park, Chester. 

Shoolbred, W. a.. The Castle House, Chepstow, Monmouth. 

Shore, Prof. T. W., F.C.S., F.G.S., Hartley Institution, Southampton. 
GeoLf Chem. 

Short, Frederick, 2 King Street, Borough, London, S.E. Geol. 

Shrubsole, George W., Town Hall Square, Chester. Carb.^ Devon. 
07irf SiL Polyzoa, or Brtfozoa. C. Ex. Carb. or Sil. fossils. 
Wants a specimen of Archimedes Worthefti, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

288 THE naturalists' DIRBCTOBY. [Gt. Britain. 

Shrubsole, Octavius Albert, 45 Waylen Street, Reading. 

Shrubsole, William Hobbs, Sheerness. 

Shuter, James L., F.R.A.S., 33 Farringdon Street, London. Mic. 

SiDDALL, J. D., The Cross, Chester. Nai. Hist. 

SiDEBOTHAM, JOSEPH, Tlic Beeches, Bowdon, Cheshire. EnL 

Sioerson, George, M.D., 3 Clare Street, Dublin, Ireland. 

SiGSWORTH, John C, 18 Chaucer Road, Herne-Hill, London, S.E. Mic. 

Silber, a. M., 4 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, London, S.W. 
Light and Heat. 

Silver, Rev. Frederick, M. A., Rectory, Norton-in-Hales, Market Dray- 
ton, Salop. 

Silver, Hugh A., Assoc. Inst. C. E., Hillside, Chiselhurat, Kent. Mic. 

Silver, S. W., 3 York Gate, Regent's Park, London, N.W. 

Simon, John C. B., D.C.L., 40 Kensington Square, London, W. 

Simpson, Charles T., 14 Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 

Simpson-Baikie, Edwin, United Universities Club, Pall Mall East, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

Simpson, J. B., Hedgefield House, Blaydon on-Tync, Durham. 

Skertchly, S. B. J.', Geological Sui*vey of England, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, London, S.W. 

Slack, Henry James, Ashdown Cottage, Forest Row, Sussex. 

Slade, Jeremiah, Fern Villa, Lion Road, Bexley Heath, Kent. 

Sladen, Lieut.-Colonel £. B., care oi' Messrs. Grindlay and Co., Parlia- 
ment Street, London, S.W. 

Sladen, W. Percy, F.L.S , F.G.S., etc., Exlev House, Halifax, York- 
shire. BioLf Echinodermata^ recent and fossil. C. Ex. 

Slater, Rev. H. H., B.A., Sharow Cottage, Ri'pon. Zool, 

Slater, J. W., editor Journal of Science, 18 Wray Crescent, Tollington 
Park, London, N. Biol,, esp. Ent. C. Ex. Buprestidse for 
Cicindelidse, Carabidae. 

Slater, Robert, 10 Lansdowne Place, Blackhcath, London, S.E. 

Slatter, George W., F.C.S., 12 Bromley Street, Shipley, Yorkshire. 

Slatter, Thomas James, Bank, Evesham. Geo/., Pal^. of Lias and 
Oolites. Bot., Mic, spec. Lias Palaeo. C. Ex. Liassic moll, and 
Faraminiferafor L. Secondary fossils (not chalk) from other localities. 

Slaughter, George M., Surgeon-Major, Farningham, Kent. Om, 

Sleeman, Rev. Philip, Clifton, Bristol. Phys.^ Ast. 

Sloper, G. E., Devizes, Wilts. Geol. 

Sloper, S. W., Devizes, Wilts. Geol. 

Smart, William, 27 Aldgate, London. Mic. 

Smethurst, Willi am, Langate House, Biynn, near Wigan. 

Smith, Abel, Woodhall Park, Watford. Ot-n. 

Smith, Rev. Alfred C, M.A., Yatesbury Rectory, Wiltshire. Om. 

Smith, Benjamin Leigh, Oxford and Cambridge Club, 74 PaU Mall, 
London, S.W. 

Smith, Cecil, Lydeard House, Taunton, Somersetshire. Om. 

Smith, Charles, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire. 

Smith, Edgar A., British Museum, London. Con. 

Smith, Edwin, M.A., Forest Road, W. Nottingham. 

Smith, G. Fereday, M.A., Grovehurst, Tunbridge Welk. 

Smith, Harold, Vielford House, HuU. Meteor. 

Smith, H. Fred., J. P., Hull and Sutton. Ast. 

Smith, H. G., Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, London, E.G. Ent. 

Smith, John, T., 10 Gledhow Gardens, Wetherby Road, South Kensing- 
ton, S.W. 

Smith, James Taylor, M.D., Reedsmouth House, Bellingham, Northum- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Gt. BRITAIN.] THE naturalists' DIRECTORY. 289 

Smith, Robert Angus, Ph.D., 22 Devonshire Street, Manchester. 

Smith, R. Clifford, Pai-kfield, Swinton, Mancliester. 

Smith, Samuel Joseph, C.E., F.C.S, F.S.A., Aucklands, Wandsworth 
Common, London, 3.W. 

Smith, Thomas Macdouoall, 1 Chapel Place, Delahay. Street, West- 
minster, London, S.W. 

Smith, Thomas James, F.C.S., Hornsea Burton, Hornsea, Hull. 

Smith, Riofht Hon. William Henry, 2 Hvde Park Street, London, W. 

Smith, Worthington G., 125 Grosvenor iRoad, Highbury, London, N. 

Smith, Urban A., Castle Street, Hertford. 

Smith, Rev. W. Saumarez, B.D., St. Aidan*s Coll., Birkenhead. 

Smith, W. L., Southfield House, Watford. Bot. 

Smithe, Rev. Frederick, M.A., LL.D., Churchdown Vicarage, Glou- 

Smyth, Charles P., F.R.S. E., Ast. Royal for Scotland, Royal Obs. 
Edinburgh, Scotland. Ast. 

Smtth, John, Jr., M.A., Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland. Chem. 

Smtth, Samuel Richard, care of J. Brodbag, 90 Newgate Street, Lon- 
don, E.C. 

Smyth, WaringtonW., M.A., F.R.S., Chief Inspector of Crown Mines, 
Museum, Jermyn Street, London, S.W. 

Smythe, William James, Athenaeum Club, London, S.W. 

SnelIt, a. H., The Grange, Harkbridge, Surrey. Chem. 

Snell, John, 90 Pydar Street, Truro. 

SoLLAS, W. J., M.A., F.R.S.E., Pi-of. Geol. and Palpeontology, Univ. 
Coll., Bristol. 4 The Polvgon, Clifton, Bristol. 

Solly, Edward, Park House, Sutton, Surrey. 

Solly, Richard H., Spa House, The Avenue, Cambridge. 

Solly, W. H., M.A., Serge Hill, Bcdmont, Hemel Hempstead, Hei'ts. 

Solomons, Sir David Lionel, Brown Hill, Kent. Mech.^ Elect. C. 

Somerville, Rev. Jas. E., M.A., Mansefield, Broughty Fervyf near Dan- 
dee, Scotland. Nat. Set., Miti. 

SoPER, F.L., 7 Cholmeley Villas, Highgate, London, N. 

Sopwith, Arthur, Cannock Chase Collieries, Walsall. 

SoPWiTH, Thomas, Thornfield, Nightingale Lane, Balham, London, 
S. W. 

SoRBY, Henry Clifton, LL.D., Broomfield, Sheffield. Mic, GeoL 

SouTHALL, W., Sir Han-y's Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Southwell, Thomas, F.Z.S., Earlham Road, Norwich. Zodl. 

Spark, Henry Kino, Staitforth House, Barnard Castle. 

Sparrow, James, Gwersyllt Hill, near Wrexham, Wales. 

Spence, James, M.D., Prof. Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Spence, J. Berger, F.L.S., F.R.A.S., EUesmere Chambera, King Street, 

Spencer, James, 8 Salisbuiy Place, Akroydon, Halifax. 

Spencer, John, Rock Terrace, Crawshaw Booth, Manchester. 

Spencer, John Henry, Crawshaw Booth, Manchester. 

Spencer, William, M.E., Cross House Chambers, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Spicer, Henry, F.L.S., 14 Aberdeen Park, Highbury, London, N. 

Spiller, John, F.C.S., 2 St. Mary's Road, Canonburg, London. Chem. 

Spink, J., Vine Lod^e, Sevenoaks, Kent. Geol. 

Spon, Ernest, Mining and Civil Engineer, 16 Craven Street, Charing 
Cross, London, S. W. Geol. 

Spooner, Charles Easton, C.E., Bron-y-Garth, Portmadoc, Wales. 

Spottiswoode, William, M.A., LL.D., Pres. Royal Soc, 41 Grosvenor 
Place, London, S. W. Math.y Optics.^ Elect. 

Spbatt, Rear-Admiral, Thomas A. B., Clare Lodge, Tunbridge Wells, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Spratling, W. J., B. Sc. Lond., 72 Wickbam Road, Brockley, London, , 

S. E. 
Sprengel, Hermann Johann Philipp, Savile Club, Savile Row, Lon- 
don, W. 
Spruce, Samjjel, Albert Road, Tamwortb. 
Spurrell, F. C. J., Belvedere, Lessness Heatb, Kent. 
Squire, Peter, 12 York Gate, Repfent's Park, London, N. "W. 
Stainton, Henry Tibbats, F.R.S., F.L.S., Mountsfield, Lewisham, 

London, S. E. Ent. 
Stair, Alfred, Stamp Office, Mount Street, Mancbestor. 
Standen, Richard S., Tbe Wbite House, Alby, Norwicb. Ent, 
Stanford, John Frederick, M.A., Forest Lod^e, Nortb Bank, Regent's 

Park, London, N. W. 
Stark, A. C., En^adine, Toi-quay. Om, 
St. Clair, George, 61 Bristol Road, Birmingbam. GeoLj Anth., BibU- 

col Arch, 
Stead, John E., 3 Zetland Road, Middlesbi'5 on Lees. Metallurgy of 

Iron and Steel. 
Steering, Rev. Henry, D.D., St. James's Pai-sonage, Hampstead Road, 

London, N. W. 
Stebbing, Thos. R. R., M.A., Warbeny House, Bisbopsdown Park, 

Tunbridge Wells. Sessile-eyed Crustaceans, C. Ex. 
Stenhouse, John, LL.D., 17 Rodney Street, Pentonville, London, N. 
Stephens, Darell, F.G.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S., St. Stepben's, Ph'mpton, 

Stevens, George, Alexandria, Scotland. Chem. 
Stevens, Henry, F.S.A., 4 Trafalgar Square, Cbaring Cross, Vermont 

House, 13 Upper Avenue Road, Soutb Hampton, London. Hist, 

and Bibliog. 
Stevens, John S., 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, W. C. Ent, 
Stevens, Samuel, Loanda, Bculab Hill, Upper Noi*wood, London, S. E. 

Stephenson, John Ware, 186 Clapbam Road, London, S. W. 
Stevenson, Rev. John, Tbe Manse, Glamis, Scotland. Fungi, 
Stevenson, Francis, London and Noitb-Western Railway, Euston 

Square, London, N. W. 
Stevenson, George Wilson, 38 Parliament Street, London, S. W. 
Stevenson, Henry, F.L.S., 10 Untbank's Road, Noi-wicb. Bnt. Om, 
Stevenson, Thomas, 17 Heriot Row, Edinburgb, Scotland. 
Steuart, William, Selms, Mid Calder, Scotland. Bot. 
SteuaUt, Daniel R., F.C.S., Broxburn Oil Works, Broxburn, Scotland. 

Stewart, A. Y., 212 Camden Road. London, N. W. 
Stewart, Balfour, LL.D., Lady Barn Villa, Fallow Field, Manchester. 

Stewart, C, 42 Sinclair Road, Kensington, London, W. 
Stewart, James, B. A., M.R., L.R., Dunmuny, Sneyd Park, Clifton, 

Stewart, Martin, York House, Wakefield. 

Stewart, Samuel A., Nortb Street, Belfast, Ireland. Nat. Hist.t OeoL 
Stewart, Thomas G., M.D., Prof. Univ. Edinburg, Scotland. 
Stiffe, a. W., Manom, Hollington Park, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Still, Henry, Clevedon, Somersetsbire. 

Stirling, John, 17 Ennismore Gardens, Prince's Gate, London, S. W. 
Stirling, Wm., M.D., Prof. Univ., of Aberdeen, Scotland. Physiol, of 

Vert, and Invert. Animals. 
Stirrup, Mark, 14 Atkinson Street, Deansgate, Mancbester. 
Stirton, Dr., 15 Newton Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Lichenology, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Stoddakt, W. Walter, Park Sti-eet, Bristol. Min. 

Stokes, Prof., F.R.S., Cambridge. McUh, 

Stokes, Arthur H., Green Hill, Derby. Geol., Mining. 

Stokes, George Gabriel, D.C.L., Lensfield Cottage, Cambridge. 

Pht/s., Math. 
Stokes, Rev. William Haughton, M.A., Fell<Jw of Caius College, 

Cambridge, Denver, near Downham Market. 
Stokoe, Paul H., B.A., M.D., Beddington Park, near Croydon, Surrey. 
Stolterforth; Dr. H., Watergate, W. Chester. Diatoms. 
Stone, Edwari> James, M.A., Dir. Radcliffe Obsei-vatoiy, Oxfoi-d. 
Stone, John Benjamin, F.G.S., F.R.H.S., The Grange, Erdington, 

Birmingham. ' 
Stone, Wm. li., M.D., F.R.C.P., 14 Deans Yard, Westminster Street, 

Thomas* Hospital, London. Phys., esp. Acoustics. C. Ex. 
Stonby, George Johnstone, 3 Palmeratou Park, Dublin, Ireland, 

Stopes, Hbnrt, Kenwyn, Cintra Park, Upper Norwood, London. Geol. 

C. Ex. Crag shells for stone implements, etc. 
Storer, D. I., Sydney Sti-eet, Glasgow, Scotland. Chem. 
Story, E., M.A., F.L.S., F.R.A.S., 88 Oldfield Road, Stoke Newington, 

London, N. 
Strachey, Lieut-General Richard, R.E., C.S.T., F.R.S., F.L.S., India 

Office, Charles Street, Westminster, London, S. W. 
Strachey, Richard, India Office ; and Stowey House, Clapham Common, 

Strahan, Aubrey, M.A., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jer- 

myn Street, London, S. W. 
Stbaker, E., Hayleshaw, Kenly, W. Croydon, Surrey. Bot. 
Strangways, C. Fox, Geological Sui'vey of England, Museum, Jermyn 

Street, London, S. W. 
Stuart, Edward H., Lord Clifton, Cobhara Hall, Gravesend. Om. 
Stuart, M. G., B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Stuart, Graham, Dolgclly, Wales. Min. 
Stubbins, John, Chester Cottage, Old Lane, Halifax. Mic. 
Stutchbury, Edward, 1 Bristol Chambera, Nicholas Street, Bristol. 
Struthers, John, M.D., Prof. Anat., University, Aberdeen, Scotland. 
Strype, Wm. G., C.E., The Murrough, Wicklow, Ireland. Chem. 
Suffolk, William T., Stettin Lodge, St. Faith's Road, Lower Norwood, 

London, S. E. Mic. 
Sully, James, M.A., Savile Club, Savile Row, London, W. Psychol.^ 

Summer, Fred., 11 Westfork Cotham, Bristol. 
Sutherland, George Granville William Sutherland Leveson- 

GowER, Duke of, Stafford House, London, S. W.; Trentham Hall, 

Staffordshire, and Cliefden House, Berks. 
Sutherland, James, Wick, Scotland. Om. 
Sutton, Wm. D., Upper Claremont, Newcastle-on-T\-ne. Moll. 
Swain, Ernest, 34 Elsham Road, Kensington, London, W. Biol. 
Swan, David, Spelter Works, Maiyhill, near Glasgow, Scotland. Zinc 

Metallurgy f Metals. C. Ex. Would like Am. specimens. 
Swan, Capt. John Sackville, F.S.A., Holyshute, Honiton, Devon. 
SwANSTON, William, 50 King Street, Belfast, Ireland. Nat. Hist., GeoL 
SwETE, Edward H. W., M.D., The Grove, Rainbow Hill, Worcester. 
SwiNTON, A. H., Binfield House, Waterden Road, Guilford. Oen. Sci., 

Ent. C. Ex. Brit, insects for exotic. 
Symonds, Rev. W. S., Pendock Rectory, Tewkesbury. Geol, Nat. Hist. 
Symes, Richard G., Geological Survey of Ireland, T^he Rock, Ballyshan- 

non, Co. Donegal, Ireland. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

292 •rHE ifAtUftALISTs' DIRECTORY. [Gt. iJftltAilf. 

Stmons, G. J., F.R.S., 62 Camden Square, London, N. W. Meteorology, 

Ex. Met. publications. 
Stmons, \Vm., F.C.S., 26 Joy Street, Barnstaple. Chem., Elect. 
SzLUMPER, J. W., M. Inst. C.E., Aberystwith, Wales. 
TACKHADA.KAB, M. A., care of Mr. Lewis, 136 Gower Street, London, 

W. C. 
Taft, Rev. John "R., St. George's, Wolverhampton. 
Tait, p. Guthhie, Prof. Phys., Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland. Chem.f 

Take, James H., Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Oifi.t Ool. C. 
"Talbot, Christopher Rice Mansbl, 3 Cavendish Sq., London, W. 
Talbot de Malahide, James, Lord, F.R.S., F.S.A., Malahide Castle, 

Co. Dublin, Ireland ; and Evei-creech House, Somerset 
Talmage, Charles G., Obsei-vatory, Leyton, Essex. Ast. 
Tanner, J., M.A., LL.D., Ph.D., 102 Hailey Stieet, Cavendish Square, 

London, W. 
Tarbock, Robert R., Public Chem. for City of Glasgow, 138 Batle Street, 

Glasgow, Scotland. Analyt. Chem. 
Tarbotton, Marriott Ogle, The Park, Nottingham. 
Tate, Thomas, Rushton Villas, Thornbury, Bradford, Yorkshire. 
Taunton, John Hooke, The Hill, Brimscombe, Stroud. 
Tawnet, Edward B., Woodwai'dian Museum, Cambridge. Oeol. C. 

Taylor, Claude, M.D., Derby Road, Nottingham. 
Taylor, A. O. D., Belfast Ireland. Ch-n, 

Taylor, Edward C, M.A., 74 Jermyn Street, London, W. Om. 
Taylor, George C 42 Elvaston Place, Queen's Gate, London, W. Om, 
Taylor, John, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street London, 

E. C. 
Taylor, John Ellor, F.L.S., Museum, Ipswich. 
Taylor, Richard, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street, London, 

E. C. 
Taylor, Richard, Marske-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire. 
Teague, Harry, Redruth. Min. 
Teall, J. J. H., B.A., 9 All Saints, Nottingham. Geol. 
Tebbitt, Walter, Elmhurst, Cavendish Road, Clapham Park, London, 

S. W. Mic. 
Tegetmeier, William B., Finchley, Middlesex. Ont. 
Teignmouth, Charles John Shore, Lord, D.C.L., LL.D., Langton 

Hall, Northallerton, Yorkshire. 
Tendron, Frederick, U Kidbrooke Teirace, Blackheath, London, S.E. 
Tennant, James, F.C.S., Professor of Minci-alogy in King's College, 

London, 149 Strand, London, W. C. 
Tennent, R., Edinburgh, Scotland. Meteor, 

Terry, William, Peterborough House, Fulham, London, S. W. Mic. 
Thackeray, W. G., Asst Royal ObseiTatory, Greenwich. Ast, 
Thairwall, F. J., 169 Gloucester Road, Regent's Pai-k, London, W; 

Thane, George Dancer, Prof. Anat, 15 Montagu Street, Russell 

Square, London, W. C. 
Thomas, T. H., The Walk, Fredegai-ville, Cardiflf, Wales. Anth, 
Thomas, Arnold, Bilson House, Newnham, Gloucestershire. 
Thomas, Charles, Clarendon House, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. 
Thomas, David, Great Western Chambers, Neath, Wales. 
Thomas, E., F.R.S., Athenieum, London. Indian Numismaticg, 
Thomas. Edward, 47 Victoria Road, Kensington, London, W. 
Thomas, George F., 7 Grove Park, Wrexham, Wales. 
TH0MA&, John G., Ifor Cottage, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Thomas, Oldfield, British Museum, London. MammciUa, 

Thomas, William, Bryn-Awel, Aberdare, Wales. 

Thomas, Wm., Cook's Kitchen Mine, Camborne. Min, 

Thomson, John, Dundee, Scotland. Nat, Science. 

Thompson, Claude M., Rcdlands, Bridgewater. Chem. 

Thompson, Sir Henry, F.R.C.S., 35 Wimpole Street, London, W. • 

Thompson, Rev. L H., Coddley near Stourbridcre. Bot. 

Thompson, Joseph, Hilton House, Blackrod, Chorley. 

Thompson, J. Barclay, Christ Church, Oxford. 

Thompson, Rev. J. H., Cradley, near Brierley Hill. Bot. 

Thompson, Miss Sophia, Barn Hill, Stamford. Ent. 

Thompson, S. r., B.A., Prof. Exper. Phys., Univei*sity Coll., Bristol 

Ex. papers on Exper. Physics. 
Thoms, G. Lastlake, Assoc. M. Inst. C E., Wolverhampton. 
Thomson, Allen, M.D., 66 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 
Thomson, G., M.D., Worcester Lawn, Clifton, Bristol. Meteor. 
Thomson, James, 3 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Thomson, Sir Wyvillb, LL.D., F.R.S.L., & E. F.L.S., Professor of 

Natural History in the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scot- 
Thorburn, John, Ditton, Widnes. 

Thorman, Edw., West Ham Gas Works, Stratford, Essex. Micros. 
Thorne, a., Dunster House, 12 Mark Lane, London, E. C. 
Thornton, Rev. John, B.A., Vicarage, Aston Abbots, Aylesbury. 
Thornton, Heijby Sykes, M.A.; Ba'ttcrsea Rise, London, S. W^ 
Thornton, Rev. William, Kin^sthoi-pe, Northampton. 
Thorp, Thos. E., Prof. Chem., Yorkshire College, Leeds. Chem. 
Thorpe, William G., Gloucester House, Larkhall Rise, London, S. W. 
Thuey, Alexander, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 3 Victoria Street, London. 

S. W. 
Thuillier, Sir Henbt E. L., 32 Cambridge Ten-ace, and Oriental Club, 

London, W. 
Thurtell, Rev. Alexander, M.A., Fellow of Caius College, Oxburgh 

Rectory, Stoke Feny. Norfolk. 
Tiddeman, R. H., M.A., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jer- 

myn Street, London, S. W. 
Tidy, Dr. C. Mbymott, Prof. Chem., 3 Mandeville Place, Manchester 

Square, London, W. 
Tilden, William Augustus, 36 Frederick Road, Birmingham. 
Timins, Charles, 12 Somerset Place, Bath. 
Timins, Rev. John Henry, M.A., West Mailing, Kent. 
Tingle, Thomas, Apothecaries* Hall, Blackfriars, London, E.C. Mic, - 
TiTMAsi Rev. S. D., Charter House, Godalming. 

Todd, Rev. J. W., D.D., Tudor Hall College, Forest Hill, London, S.E. 
Todhunter, Isaac, M.A., Brookside, Cambridjfe. , 

Tomes, John, 37 Cavendish Square, London, W. 
Tomes, Charles Sissmore, 37 Cavendish Square, London-, W. 
Tomes, Robert F., South Littleton, Evesham. Geol^ Fossil Corals. 
Tomlinson, Charles, 3 Ridgmount Terrace, Highgate, London, N. 

Chem., Physics. 
TooKBY, Charles, Museum Pract. Geology, Jermyn Street, London, S. 

W. Chemistry. 
Topley, William, Geol. Suit, of England, 28 Jermyn Street, London, 

S.W. Geol. 
TowNEND, W., Westparade, Halifax, Yorkshire. Mic. 
TowNLEY, James, 302 Kensin^jton Park Road, London, S.E. 
Townsend, Rev. Richard, Prof. Nat. Phil., Univ. Dublin, Tiinity Coll., 

and 24 Upper Leesou Street, Dublin, Ireland. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

294 THE naturalists' directory. [Qt.Bbitaih. 

Trail, J. W. H., Prof. Bot, Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland. Bci,, EfU,, 
e»p. Galls and Am. Palms. C. Ex. 

Traquaib, Ramsay H., M.D., 8 Dean Park Crescent, Edwburgh, Scot- 

Traters, Archibald, 119 Cannon Street, London, B.C. 

Trecpmann, Charlbs O., Ph.D., 106 High Street, Hartlepool. Mtn. 

Tregay, W., Redi-uth. Min. 

Trembnheere, Miyor-Gen. G. B., B.E., Spring Grove, Isleworth. 

Trbmenheerb, H. Sbymoub, C.B., 43 Thurloe Squai-e, Brompton, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

TRBBffLETT, Rear-Admiml F. S., Belle Vue, Claremont Road, Tunbridge 

Tribe, Alfred, 14 Denbiffh Road, Bayswater, London. Chem. 

Trickbtt, Samuel, 4 Springfield, Upper Clapton, Dondon,E. 

Tristram, H. B., LL.D., FJI.S., The College, Durham. Om., Con,, 
GeoL. Nat. Hist, of Palestine and Syria. C. 

Trotter, Coutts, 3 Richmond Gardens, Bournemouth. Physics. 

TucKETT, Philip Dbbbll, Southwood Lawn, Highgate, London, N. 

TuKB, James H., Hitchin. Om. 

Tupman, Major G. Lyon, R.M.A., 1 Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, Lon- 
don, S.E. Ast. _ , . 

Tuppbr, Martin Farquhar, D.C.L., Western ViUa, North Park, Croy- 

TuRNBULL, Gborgb, Rose Hill, Abbot's Langley. 

Turner, Henry, Court Lodge, Knockholt, Sevenoaks. 

Turner, Robebt Drysdalb, 64 Alexandra Road, St John's "Wood, Lon- 
don, N.W. , ^ ^ 

Turner, William, Prof, of Anat., University of Edinburgh, 6 Eaton 
Ten-ace, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Twamley, Charles, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Co^®°^'_ j 

TwEEDiE, Alexander, '^ " " ' "" ' 

Tweedy, John, 

'I'mrTac Sir 'Fravbrs - 

Twite, Charles, Castle House, St. Agnes, Scorrler, Cornwall, 

Tyerman, I., Penlee, Tregoney, Cornwall. Moll. 

Tylden-Wmqht, Charles, Shireoak Colliery, Worksop. 

Tyler, Charles, F.L.S., 317 Holloway Road, London, N. 

Tylor, Alfred, Shepley House, Carshalton, Surrey. ,. „ , 

Tylor, Edward Burnett, DCL., LL.D., Linden,Wellington, Someraet. 

Tyndall, John, LL.D., Prof. Nat. PhUos. Royal Inst., Royal Institu- 
tion, Albemarle Street, London, W. Phvs., Math, 

Upcher, Henry M., Sheringham Hall, Norfolk. Orn, 

Ussher. W. a. E., Geological Survey of England, Museum, Jermyn 
Street, London, S.W. .>-... 

Vacher, Francis, 36 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. Medicine. 

Valpy, Robert Harris, Enborne Lod^e, Newbury. 

Vanner, William, Camdenwood, (;hiselhai'st, Kent. Mic. 

Varicas, Lionel, C.E., 24 Chancery Lane, London, W.G. Geol. 

Varley, Cromwell Fleetwood, Cromwell House, Bexley Heain, 

Vaughan, Howard, 11 Ospringe Road, Brecknock Road, London, N.W. 

Ent., Bot. ^ -r ^ xrr 

Vaux. William S. W., M.A., 22 Albemarle Street, London^. . 

Vbitch, Harry J., Royal Exotic Nursery, King's Road, Chelsea, Lon- 

<lon, S.W. ^ . 

Vbrini, William, The Ferns Bushey Heath. Oeol. ^ ^ _ __ ^ 
VBRKRtJZEN, T. A., 2 Ampton Place, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.O. 

UoU. C. Ex., buy or sell. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Verrall, G. H., Sussex Lodge, Newmarket. Ent. 

Vezey, John J., 39 St. Donatt*8 Road, New Cross, London, S.E. Mic, 

ViCART, William, The Priory, Colleton Crescent, Exeter. 

ViCKERS, T. Edward, Bolsover Hill, Sheffield. Min. 

Vincent, M. C, Prof. Econ. Geol. and Metall., 127 Strand, London. 

Vine, G. R., 112 Hill Top, Abei-cliffe, Sheffield. Fossil Polyzoa. 

ViNEN, Edward H., M.D., 17 Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, London, W. 

Vines, Sidney H., M.A., Christ's College, Cambridge. 

Vivian, Arthur Pendarves, M.P., Glanafon, Taibach, Scotland.^ 

Vivian, Henry Hussey, M.P., Singleton House, Swansea, Wales. 

Vivian, Stephen, Llantrissent, Wales. Min, 

Vivian, William, Llantrissent, Wales. Min. 

ViZB, Rev. Jno. E., M.A., Forden Vicarage, Welshpool. Cryptogams, 

VoELCKER, Augustus, F.R.S., 12 Hanover Square, London, W. • Agric. 

Wade, C. H., 2 South Square, Gray*s Inn, London, W.C. 

Wagner, Henry, M. A., F.S. A., i3 Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, Lon- 
don, W. 

Wailbs, George, Park Road, Watford. Geol. 

Wain, Thomas, Shrublands, Hersham, Esher, Surrey. Mic, 

Wainwright, J., George Street, Wakefield. 

Wake, Charles Staniland, M.A.I., Hull. Anthropology, 

Wakefield, Charles M., Belmont, Uxbridge. Ent. 

Walford, Edwin, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Geol. 

Walhousb, M. J., 9 Randolph Crescent, Maida Vale, London, W. 

Walker, Chas. Vincent, Fernsifle, Reigate Hill. 

Walker, Edward, M.A.,Fern House, Turnham Green, Chiswick. 

Walker, Rev. F. A., M.A., Bourne Villa, Bournemouth, Hants. Ent, 

Walker, George Blake, Lacton Cottage, Tankersley, Barnsley. 

Walker, Henry, 6 Oakington Road, St. Peter's Park*, London, W. 

Walker, Jo"bN Francis, M.A., F.L.S., 16 Gillygate, York. 

Walker, J. J., 12 Ranelagh Road, Marine Town, Sheerness. Ent. 

Walker, J., Watson, Faii-field House, Watford. Bot. 

Walker, William, 18 Lendal, York. 

Walker, William Nbish, 2 Hillpark Ten-ace, Newport, Fife. Geol. 

Wall, George Parkes, 3 Victoria Road, Broomhall Park, Sheffield. 

Wall, Philip Willlam, M.Inst.C.E., The Grove, Clevedon, Somerset- 

Wallace, Alexander, M.D., Trinity House, Colchester. Ent, 

Wallace, Alfred R., Pen-y-biyn, St. Peter's Rpad, Croydon. Eiit. 

Wallace, John, Carshalton Lodge, Surrej^. 

Waller, T. H., Summer Road, Birmingham. Chem.^ Microscopic 
Igneous sections. 

Walpole, The Right Hon. Spencer Horatio, M.A., 109 Eaton Square, 
London, S. W., and Ealing. 

WalsinAham, Lord, Merton Hall, Thetford. Lepid. : Tineidat. C. Ex. 
British and European Tineidae and Tortricidae offered for N. A. or 
other TineidsB, Tortricidae and Pterophoridae, good specimens only. 

Walton, Thomas, Hull. Chem. 

Warburton, Thomas, 11 Grange Road, Canonbury Park, London, N. 

Ward, F. H , Springfield, Tooting, London, S. W. Ent. 

Ward, Henry, Rodbaston, Penkridge. 

Ward, John, Lenoxvale, Belfast, Ireland. 

Ward, John, 23 Stafford Street, Longton, Staffordshire. 

Ward, William, Beverly, care of Messrs Keighley, Maxsted & Co., 
Hull. Mic, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

296 THE naturalists' DIKECTORY. [Gt. Britain. 

Wardell, Frank N., Wath. near Rotherham, Yorkshire. 

Wardle, Thomas* F.C.S., Leek, Staffordshire. 

Waring, E. J., M.D., 49 Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale, London, W. 

Warner, F. L, 20 Hyde Street, Winchester. 

Warner, Robert, Broomfield, Essex. 

Warrand, Licut.-Col. William E., B.E., The Bught, Inverness, Scot- 

Warren, Lleut.-Col. Charles, R.E., C.M.G., Brompton Barracks, Chat- 

Warrington, R., Ilarpenden, St Albans. 

Warwick, Frederick, 20 York Street, Swansea, Wales. 

Waterfield, W., The Quarries, St. Thomas, Exeter. 

Waterhouse, Chas. Owen, British Museum, London. CoUoptera. 

Waters, Arthur W., F.L.S., care Mr. West, Linnean Society, Burling- 
ton House, London. Bryozoa fossil and recent. C. 

Waters, W. H., Physiol. Lab., Cambridge. Physiol. 

Watson, Rev. Robert B., Cai^drops, Dumbaitonshire, Scotland. Conch., 

Watson, Henry H., J.P., F.C.S. Braystones, near Whitehaven, Cum- 
berland. Chem. 

Watson, Joseph Yellolt, Thoi'pe Grange, Colchester. 

Watson, Rev. Robert Booo, B.A., F.S.T.E., Free Church Manse, 
Cardross, Dumbailonshii'e, Scotland. 

Watson, Sir Thomas, M.D., 16 Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, 
London, W. 

Watson, Wm. H., F.C.S., F.M.S., Braystones, near Whitehaven, Cum- 
berland. Chem. 

Watts, Rev. Arthur, F.G.S. etc.. Belvedere House, Dui-ham. Physiol., 
Geol, Veg. PuUbo. C. 

Watts, Henry, B.A., 151 King Heniy's Road, South Hampstead, Lon- 
don, N. W. 

Watts, William, Piethorne, Rochdale. 

Waugh, Henry, Stanwell, Middlesex. * 

Waveney, Robert Alexander Shafto ^aib, Lord, 7 Audley 
Square, London, W. 

Way, Thomas, F.I.C, 9 Rupell Road, Kensington, London. Chem. 

Webb, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Hardwick Vicai-age, Hay, R. S. O., Here- 
fordshire. Ast. 

Webb, William Frederick, Newstead Abbey, Notts. 

Websdale, C. G., 78 High Street, Barnstaple. Ent. 

Weiohtman, Wm. Hy., Minster Buildings, Church Street, Liverpool. 
Microscopical Study of Insects^ Coleopt. C. Ex. 

Weir, John J., 6 Haddo Villas, Blaekheath, London, S. E. Ent. 

Wells, Thomas Spencer, 3 Upper Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, 
London, W. 

West, George Herbert, B.A., Woodcote, Bournemouth. 

West, Tuften, Frensham.Farnham, Sun-ey 

West, Wm., 15 Horton Lane, Bradford, York. Bot. C. 

Westendarp, C. H., 19 Stanley Crescent, Kensington Park, London, W. 

Western, E. Young, 27 Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater, London, W. 

Westgarth, Wm., 10 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, London. Eco- 
nomic, Monetary arid Banking. (Also Hist, of Victoria, Aus- 

Westlake, Ernest, Fordingbridge, Salisbury. 

Westropp, Hodder M., St. Maur, Ventnor, tsle of Wight. 

Westwood, John O.; M.A., Walton Manor, Oxford. Eni. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

gt. beitaiic.] the natubalists' dibectoby. 297 

Wethbred, EdwaBDj F.G.S. ^.C.S., 4 St. Margaret's TeiTace, Chel- 
tenham. Chem., GeoLf spec. Carh, Rocka. C. 

Wharton, Charles B., Houusdown, Totton, Hants. Om. 

Wharton, Henky T., M.A., 39 St. George's Boad, Kilburn, London, N. 
W. On*., Bot. : Funai, 

Whatman, James, M.A., Vinters, near Maidstone. 

Wheeler, Edwin, The Triangle, Bristol. Bott Om.^ Ent. 

Wheeler, Edmund, F.R.A.S., 48 Tollington Road, HoUoway, London, 
N. Mic. 
, Whewall, James, Savile House, Obs., Halifax. Ast, 

Whidborne, George Ferris, M.A., Charant^, Torquay^ 

Whinfield, Edward Wrey, B.A., Severn Grange, Worcester. 

Whitaker, William, B.A., F.G.S., Geologic^ Survey of England, 
28 Jerrayn Sti-eet, London, S. W. Geol. 

White, A. H. Scott, B.Sc, B.A., F.C.S., Western Terrace, The Park, 
Nottingham. Geo/., Min, 

White, B., M.D., Perth, Scotland. Ent., Lepid. 

White, F. Buchanan, M.D., F.L.S., Annat Lodge, Perth, Scotland. EtU^, 
Bot. C. Ex. hemiptera of the world. Living Alpine and hardy 
herbaceous plants. 

White, Rev. F. Le Grix, M.A., Learning House, Ulleswater, Penrith. 

White, Henry, F.S.A., 96 Queen's Gate, Hyde Park, London, W. 

White, James, 8 Thurloe Square, South Kensington, London, S. W. 

White, James, 244 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Phya, 

White, J. Fletcher, 75 Westgate, Wakefield. 

White, Miss Rose, Maisonette, St. Albans. Bot, 

White, Rev. W. F., Stonehouse, Vicarage, Gloucestershire. Ent, 

White, Wm., The Mall, Clillon, Bristol. Bot, 

Whitehead, Charles, F.S.A., Banning House, Maidstone. 

Whitehead, 'Frederick Thomas, 8 Exchange Street, Bolton. 

Whitehead, Herbert Maouire, 1 Suffolk Place, Pall Mall, London, 

Whitehouse, E. O. Wildman, Down Place, Petei-sfield, Hants. 

Whitelaw, Alex., 87 Sidney Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Chem. 

Whitley, Henry Michell, Assoc. Inst. C.E., Penarth, Trui*o, Corn- 

Whitmell, Charles T., M.A., B.Sc, H.M. Inspector of Schools, 31 
Havelock Street, SheflSeld. 

Whitworth, Sir Joseph, LL.D., The Firs, Manchester. 

Whittley, N., F.G.S., Truro. Geol, 

Whittall, J. W., Sti-and, London, W. C. 

Whytt, a. H., 13 Beresford Road, Birkenhead. 

WiCKHAM, W., Binsted-Wyck, Alton, Hants. 

WiGHAM, John R., 19 St. George Street, Westminster, London. Light 
House Engineering. 

WiGRAM, Robert, 39 Courtfield Gardens, London, S. W. 

Wild, C. J., 128 Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Musci, Hep€Uic€B, 

Wild, G. A., Science School, South Kensington, London. 

WiLKiNS, Ernest Powell, L.R.C.P.E. Newport, Isle of Wight. 

Wilkinson, Rev. Burgess. The Manse, Melbourn, Cambridgeshh-e. 

WiLKS, Samuel. M.D., 77 Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Willacy, Rev. T. R., B.A., 15 The Mount, York. 

WiLLETT, Henry, Arnold House, Brighton. 

Williams, Alfred, M. Inst. C.E., 18 Great George Street, London, S.W. 

Williams, B. S., Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, Upper Holloway, 
London, N. 

Williams, Charles Jambs Blasius, M.D., 47 Upper Brook Sti'eet, Lon- 
don, W. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

298 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBT. [Gt. BBlTAUr. 

Williams, Charlsb O. C.E., Holt Street House, Wrexham, Wales 

Williams, Gbeyillb, F.G.S., St. Stephen's Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. 
Chem.,Phya. C. 

Williams, M. W., 18 Kempsford Gardens, London, S.W. Chem,, Phy». 

Williams, Rev. William, 14 Queen^s TeiTace, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Williamson, Alexander William, LL.D., Prof, of Chem. and Practi- 
cal Chem. Univeraity College, London, 15 Primrose-hill Road, Lon- 
don, N.W. 

Williamson, Benjamin, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Williamson, William Crawford, Prof, of Nat. Hist., Anat. and Phys., 
Owens College, Manchester, 4 Egerton Road, Fallowfield, Manches* 

Willis, Jambs, 14 Portland Terrace, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

WiLLMER, Charles, 55 Woodlands, Tranmere, Birkenhead. 

Wills, A. W., Wylde, Green, near Birmin<;ham. Biol^ Mic, 

Wilson, Alexander Stephen, North Kinmundy, Summerhill, by 
Aberdeen, Scotland. Bot., Experimentai and Strttcturalt spec. 
Embryo of Cereal GraaseSf and Plasmodiophora brassica Wor, C. 

Wilson, Andrew, M.D., Ph.D., 110 Gilmore I*lace, Edinburgh, Scot- 
land. Biol.y ZooL 

Wilson, Charles William, 6 Lannsdowne Terrace, Rodwell, Wey- 

Wilson, Edward, 18 Low Pavement, Nottingham. Oeol,^ Min, Ex. 
English fossils for those not found in England. 

Wilson, Erasmus, 17 Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 

Wilson, George Feugusson, Heatherbank, Weybndge Heath, Surrey. 

Wilson, Rev. James Maurice, M.A., F.B.A.S., late Fellow of St John's 
College, Cambridge. Clifton College, Bristol. 

Wilson, John, F.R.S.E., Prof, of Agriculture in the University of Edin- 
burgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Wilson, Owen S., Cwmflfrwd, Carmarthen, Wales. Lepid, C. Ex. Eggs 
of Lepid. desii*ed for figuring species in all their transformations, 
for publication. 

Wilson, Wright, Crescent, Bii-mingham. Zo6L 

Wiltshire, Rev. Thomas, M.A., 25 Granille Park, Lewisham, London, 
S.E. GeoL 

WiNBOLT, J. S., M.A., Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 29 Tregunter Road, West 
Brompton, London, W. 

Winch, W. R., North Mymm's Park, Hatfield, Herts. 

Wing, H. Trton, Lieut.* 97th Regiment. Royal Military College, York- 
town, Farnborou^h, Station. 

WiNWOOD, Rev. H. H., M.A., F.G.S., 11 Cavendish Crescent, Bath, 
Geol C. 

Winn, Rowland, M.P., 11 Grosvenor Gardens, London, S. W. 

WiNSTONE, Benjamin, F.C.S., 53 Russell Square, London,' W. C. 

Wirth, George Henry, Hereford Silver-onrglasa specula for Netotoman 

Witchell, Edwin, Stroad, Gloucestershire. 

Witts, Rev. Edward Francis, Upper Slaughter, neai* Stow-on-the-Wold, 

Wohlmann, James B., Fore Street, Hertford. 

Wollaston, G. H., M.A., 24 College Road, Clifton, Bristol. 

WoWNACOTT, John, F.G.S., etc.. East Cornwall College, Liskeard. GeoL, 
Physiol., Animal and Veg, Physiol. C. 

Wood, Biev. Henry Hayton, M. A., Holwell Rectoiy, Sherborne, Dorset 

Wood, Prof. John, 61 Wimpole Sti-eet, Cavendish Square, London. 
Human <ind Comp. Anat. 

Wood, Theodore, 5 Selwyn Tentwe, Jasper Road, Upper Norwood. 
Ent, : Brit. Coleopt. 0. Ex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Gt. Britain.] the NATUBALISTS' DIEECTOBY. 299 

Wood, Sbablbs Valentine, Beacon Hill House, Martlesham, near 
Woodbridge, Su£folk. 

Wood, Kev. H. H., Holwell, Dorsetshire. Mosses. 

Wood, Wm., M.D., 99 Ilarley Street, London. Psychological Medicine. 

WoODALL, John Woodall, St. Nicholas House, Scarboroujrh. 

Woodcock, Keoinald C, 23 Abinjrdon Street, London, S. W . Min, 

WooDD, Charles H. Lardnbr, Koslyu, Hayipstead, London, N. W. 

WooDDOUSB, Rev. Thomas Edward, B.A., 183 Amhui*st Road, Hackney, 
London, E. 

WoODGATB, John, Richmond Road, New Barnet, Herts. Ent. 

Woodward, B. H., 5 Beresfoi-d Road, Highbury, New Park. Min. 

Woodward, C. J., 76 Francis Road, Ed^baston, Birmingham. 

Woodward, Henry, LL.D., F.R.S., British Museum (Natural History 
Branch), South Kensinsrton, London, S. W. 

Woodward, Horace B., Geological Survey of England, Museum, 28 
Jermyn Street, London, S. W. English Geol. 

WORMALD, Percy C, 2 Clifton Villas, Highgate Hill, London, N. Ent. 

Worms, Baron George de, F.S.A., 17 Park Crescent, London, N. W. 

Worms, Baron Hbnby db, M.P., F.B.A.S., 2h The Albany, Piccadilly, 
London, W. 

WoBSLBY, Philip, 26 Chester Terrace, Regent*s Park, London, N. W. 

Worsley, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Master of Downing College, Cambridge. 

Worslby-Bbnison, H. W. S., 25 Grange Road, Canonbuiy, London, N. 

Worth, Richard Nicholls, 4 Beaton Avenue, Mutley, Plymouth. 

WouNDCOTT, T., Devonshire House, Farnham, Surrey. Ast. 

Wright, Brycb M., 90 Great Russell Street, London. Min. 

Wright, Charles A., Kayhough House, Kew Gardens Road, Kew. Om, 

Wright, C. R. A., D.Sc, St. Maiy's Hospital, Paddington,' London. 
Chem., Phys. 

Wright, E. Perceval, M.D., Pi'of. Bot., Univ. Dublin, Ireland. Orn. 

Wright, Jambs, F.G.S., Belfast, Ireland. Geol. 

Wright, Joseph, 1 Donegall Street, Belfast, Ireland. Foraminifera. C. 
Ex. recent or fossil Foraminifera. 

Wright, Thomas, M.D., F.R.S., L. & E., St. Margaret's Terrace, Chel- 

Wright, Samuel, St Neots, Huntingdonshire. 

Wrightson, Thomas, Norton Hall, Stocltton-on-Tees. 

Wyatt, Claude W., Adderbury, Banbury. Om. 

Wyatt, James, Brvn Gwynant, near Beddgelert, North Wales. 

Wyles, Thomas, Allesley Hall,^ Coventrv. Geol^ Biol. C. 

Wynne, Thomas, Manor House, Gnosall, Staflfordshire. 

Yeats, John, LL.D., 7 Beaufort Square, Chepstow. 

YocKNEY, Samuel Hansard, M.Inst. C.E., 25 Queen Anne's Gate, 
Westminster, London, S. W. 

YoLLAND, William, 14 St. Stephen's Square, London, W. 

Yool, Henry, Oakfield, Weybridge, Surrey. Mic. 

York, His Grace William Thomson, D.D., Lord Archbishop of, The 
Palace, Bishopsthoi-pe, Yorkshire. 

YoRKB, John Reginald, Forth ampton Court, near Tewkesbury. 

YoRKB, Philip, Erddig Park, Wrexham, Walfes. 

Young, Frank W., F.C.S., High School, 2 Dirlie Terrace, Dundee, Scot- 
land. Chem. 

Young, James, LL.D., Kelley, Wemyss Bay, near Greenock, Scotland. 

Young, John, M.D., F.R.S.E., Prof. Nat. Hist., Univ. of Glasgow, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. 

Young, John, Hunterian Museum, the University, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

300 THE naturalists' DIEECTOBY. [Gbeece,etc. 

Young, John, 64 Hereford Road, Westbourne Grove, London, W. Orn, 

Young, John Thomas, 32 Mount Street, London, E. 

Young, J. T., City Press, Aldei*8gate Street, London, E. C. Geol, and 
ikone Implements. C. 

Young, Lamont 11. G., 9 Manor Road, Forest Hill, London, S. E. 

Young, Mokkis, Free Museum, Paisley, Scotland. Ejit, 

Young, Robert, 7 Donegall Square feast, Belfast, Ireland. Arch, C. 

Younge, Rev. Duke, Puslinch, Yealmpton, Devon. Elect. 

Younghusband, Charles Wright, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich; and 
Athenaeum Club, London, S. W. 

Zambra, Joseph C^sar, Cambridge Villa, Yufnell Park, London, W. 

Zerffi, G. G., Ph.D., F.R.S.L., Prof. Art, Hist, and Sci., South Kensing- 
ton, 3 Warrington Gardens, Maida Hill, London, W. Sci, of Gen, 
and Art, Hist, C. 


Cassimati, Sttlianus J., M.P., Athens. Anthropology, Laws, Politics. 
Heldreich, Prof. Th. de, Dir. Bot. Gardens, Athens. Bot., Zodl., 

Anth. C. Ex. 
Holzmann, Timoleon, Athens. Bot. 
Kallibources, Dr. P., Prof. Phys. Univ., Athens. 
Klodtzcher, H., Royal Gardens, Athens. Bot. 
Kruper, Dr. Theobald J., Conservator Univ. Museum, Athens. Zodl.^ 

Geol. C. Ex. Coleopt., Hemipt., etc. 
Landerer, Prof. Pr. X., Athens. Bot. 
MiTZOPOULOS, Prof. E., Athens. Nat. Hist. 
Orphanides, Th. G., Athens. Bot. 
Phassuzlis, Ph., Bot. Gar., Athens. Bot, 
Poneropoulos, Eustate, Athens. Bot. 
Rangabe, a. R., Athens. 

Read, Gen. John Meredith, Minister to Greece, Athens. 
Schmidt, Dr. J. Fr. Julius, Director of Observatory, Athens. AMt.^ 

Meteo.f Variable Stars. 
Von Hahn, Dr., Syra, 


Taylor, Joseph Walter, Koungme. 


Gatke, Heinrich, Sec. to Gov. Heligoland. Orn, 


(S0« Netheblaitds.) 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Abbtti, Prof. A., Padua. Ast 

AcRi, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Bologna. Phtlo$, 

Ajuti, L., Florence. Bot, 

Albicini, Prof. Cbsare, R. Univ. Bologrna. 

Alessandrini, Sbbastiano, R. Univ. Boloena. 

Alfieri, di Sosteono, Carlo, Presidente del Consiglio e Supnntendente 

deir lustituto, Florence. 
Amari, Prof. Michelb, Florence. .., . ^^ , 

Andres, Dr. Anoelo, Bibliothecaire de la StaUon Zoologique, Naples. 

ANNiBALE,*Prof., Palermo. Ast. 
Anzi, L'ABBfe M., Como. Bot, Lichenology. 
Arcangeli, Prof Dr. Jean, Univ. Turin. Bot. 
Ardissonb, Prof. Fr., Dir. Bot. Gar., Milan. Algology, Bot. 
Armitago, E., Via Ripetta, Palazzo Campana, Rome. Bot. C. 
AsTORi, Enrico, R. Univ. Bolojjna. 
Baolietto, Fr., Voltri, near Genoa. LichenoL, Bot. 
Ballada di, St. Robert Paolo, Turin. 
Balsamo, Dr. Franc, Naples. Bot. 

Bandi di Sblve, Flaminio, Via Carlo Alberto n 44, Turin. CoL^ Ent. 
Baravelli, Dr. Giambattista, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Barbera, Pi-of. Luioi DI Minervino, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 
Barbiani, Giovanni, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Bargagli, Pierre, Via dei Bardi 1, Florence. ErU., eapec. Cetonides, 

Coleopt. C. 
Bargellini, Dr. DfeMisTRE, Via Guelfa, 1, Florence. Mycol 
Barilari, Pacipico, Rome. 

Baroni, Giov., Borgo la Croce 53, Florence. Coleopt., Lepid., 
Baroni, p., Bot. Gar., Florence. Bot. 
Barozzi, Stepano, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Bassini, Ugo, B. Univ. Bologna. 
Basterot, Baron De, 148 Via Rosella, Rome. 
Bastlanani, J., Florence. Bot. 
Batelli, Dr. Andrea, Florence. Ent. 
Battaolini, Giuseppe, Prof. Geom., Rome. 
Battistini, Attilio, Rome. Physiology. 

Beccari, Ed., Dir. Bot. Mus., Boi*go Tegolaja 48, Florence. Bot. 
Beccaria-Incisa, di S. Stefano, Gen. Luigi, Via Giannone 6, Turin. 

Bechi, Pi-of. Emilio, Roy. Inst. Tech., Florence. Ent. 
Bellardi, Prof. Luigi, R. Mus. Zool., Turin. Ent., Diptera. 
Bella vitis, Prof. Giusto, Padua. 
Bellucci, Dr. E., Bot Gar. Portici, near Naples. Bot. 
Belluzzi, Dr. Cesare, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Beltrami, Prof. Eugenio, Pavia. Math., Physics. 
Bbltrani, Vito, Licata, Sicily. Botany : Cryptogams, Mycology. 
Beni, Dr. Carlo, Tuscany. Om. 
Berenoeb, J. M. Adolph de, Inspecteur G^n^i-al des Forets en retraite, 

jadis professeur d'liistoire naturelle et d'Economie forest: ^ 

r^cole forest. Villino * Ferruzzo, near Vallombrosa, (Tuscany.) 

Bot. C. Ex. Desires plants and herbs of the forests of America. 
Bergamasco, Camtllo, Casal Belti-anie, (Provincia di NoYWa ) Ent. 
Berti, Prof. Leonida, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Bebthold, Dr. G., Zool. Station, Naples. Bot.f ZooU 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

302 THE naturalists' DIRKCTOEY. [Italy. 

Bertolini, Dr. Antonio, Prof. Cavaliere,yillettadella Fortuna, Bologna. 

BotandHort. C. Ex. 
Bbtocchi, Alessandro, Rome. 

Betta, Antonio, Via S. Bartolommeo 228, Pavia. Coleopt., ErU. 
Betti, £nrico, Prcf. Phvs., Pisa. 
BiAOi, Dr. Clodovbo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
BiANCA, Joseph, Avola, Sicily. Bot. 
BiccHi, Prof. Dr. C, Lyceum, Dir. Bot. Gar., Lucca. 
BiLLi, Dr. LuiGi, Via de* Servi 15 p. t., Florence. Aeari, Ent. 
BiONDi, Antonio, Member of the R. Horticultural Society, Agronom, 

Via dei Serragli 115, Florence. Bot, C. Ex. for European Floi*a. 
Bizzozero, Giacomo, Conserv. du Jardin Botanique, Padua. Bot, C. 

Plants of the Flora of Venice. Ex. OtTers Phanerogams and 

Vascular Ciyptogams, Venice, in exchange for those of Eui'ope. 
Blaserna, Prof. Pibtro, Rome. Phys. 
BoccACCiNi, Prof. C, Lyceum, Cuneo. Bot. 
BoDio, L., Rome. 

BoLDRiNi, Dr. Luioi, Castel d*Ario, (Mantovano.) Ent* 
BoMBici, Luioi, Via Mazzini 20, Bologna. Min. 
BoMBicci, Porta (Com. Chev.) Louis, Prof, de Min^ralogie et le 

Directeor de Cabinet Mineralogique de le Royale Uniyersite, 

Bologna. Min. C. 26,000 specimens in the University. Ex. 

Offers mineral crystals of Italy in exchange for those of other 

BoNATBLLi, Pi-of. FRANCESCO, R. Univ. Bologna. 
BoNCOMPAQNi, Prince Balthasar, Rome. 
BoRzi, Dr. Antonio, Professeur de Botanique Ik rXJniyersit^ Royale et 

Directeur du Jardin Botanique, Messina, Sicily. Botany, Ai^a, etc. 

C, Ex. Desii*es to exchange plants of Sicily for AlgsB, Quercus, 

and Salia of America. 
BOSCHI, Prof. Pibtro, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Geom. 
Bosi, Prof. Fbderico, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Bozzo, Prof. G., Sec. R. Acad. Sci., Palermo. Bot. 
Bracciforti, Prof. Alberto, Via biritta 130, Piacenza. Ent, 
' Brioschi, Francesco, Dir. Inst. Tech., Milap. Math. 
Bkiosi, J., Prof. Univ., Dir. Agi-ic. Station, Rome. Physiol., Agrie., Bot. 
Brizi, Dr. Orestes von. Sec. Acad. Sci., Arezzo. 
Brizio, Prof. Edoardo di Torino, R. Univ., Bologna. Archeol. 
Broqi, Sigismondo, Naturaliste k la Royale Acad, des Fisiocritici. 

Piazza S. Agostino 5, Siena. General Sciences. C. Buys, sells and 

exchanges Natural History objects, except Botanical specimens. 
Brugnoli, Prof. Dr. Giovanni, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Bruno, Dr. F., Bot. Gar., Turin. Bot. 
Bruschi, Prof. Al., Univ. Perugia. Bot. 

BuBANi, Dr. Pibtro, Bagnacavallo, (Emilia.) Botany, C. Ex. 
BuRRBSi, Pibtro, Professore ordinario di Clinica generale medica. R. 

Istitutio, Florence. 
Calderini, Prof. Pibtro, Varallo. Ent. 
Caldesi, Ludovic, Faenza. Botany. 

Callegari, Ferdinando, Campo della Guerra, Venice. Ent. 
Calori, Prof. LuiGi, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Caluri, Olivio, Pisa. Ent. 
Calzolari, Cesare, R. Univ., Bologna. , 
Camerano, Dr. Lorenzo, Assistente al R. Museo Zoologico, Turin. 2Sq^ 

Cammarota, Gaetano, Piazza d' Azeglio, 22, Florence. Ent^ 
Canepa, J. B., Bot, Gar., Rome. Bot. 
CiAjsfsvjLZZi, Silvio, B. Univ., Bologna, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


C4NT0NI, Prof. Gabtano, Dir. Agric. Station, Milan. Bot. 

Cantoni, Giovanni, Prof. Phys., Pavia. 

Cannizzaro, Prof. Stanislao, Rome. Chem, 

Capellini, Giovanni, Via Zamboni, 59, Bologna. Geology. 

Cappannblli, Giuseppe, Cortona. Ent. 

Capranica, Stepano, Rome. Physiological Chemistry, 

Caroucci, Prof. Giosui di Pietrasanta, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Careoa, Francesco, R. Univ., Bologna. Agron. 

Carbstia, l'Abbe Ant., Riva Valdobbia (Varallo). Botany. 

Carini, Giulo, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Carlucci, M., Avellino. Bot. 

Carpeona, Count Guido, RonfiB. Ent 

Carpenb, Prof. A., Conegliano. Bot. 

Carrara, Guido Luiqi, Lucca. Coleopt, 

Carruccio, Prof. Antonio, R. Univ., Modena. Eni, 

Cabuel, TaoDORO, Professeur de Botanique et Directeur du Jardin et 

du Mus^e Botanique, de Tlnstitut des Etudes superieures, Florence. 

Cabutti, D., Rome. 

Casoni, Dr. GiULio, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Casorati, Felix, Professeur University, Pavia. Mathematical Analysis 
Cassani, Prof. GiACOMO, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Castaldini, Luciano, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Castelli, David, Professore straordinario di Lingua ebraica, R. Istitn. 

tio, Florence. 
Castracane Deqli Antelminblli, Ab. Conte Francesco, Piazza delle 

Capello, 60, Rome. Diatoms. C. Ex. 
Cattaneo, Dr. Achillb, Pavia. Bot. 
Cayanna, Dr. GuELFO, Secret. Societe Entomologique ; al Regie Museo. 

Via Romana, 19^ Florence. Arachnida Hemiptera, Comp. Anato- 
my, Ex. Mynapods for the R. Museum. 
Cayazzi, Dr. Alfredo, R. Univ., Bologna. 
Cazzuola, Ferd., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot, 
Ceccoti, N., Bot. Gar., Pai-ma. Bot. 

Ceneri, Giuseppe, R. Univ., Bologna. « 

Cekletti, Prof. G. B., Conegliano. Bot. 
Cernello, Dr. V., Palenno Univ. Bot. 
Cesati, Vincenzo, Prof. Bot. Roy. Univ., Naples. 
Chiamenti, Dr. Alex., Chioggia. Bot. 
Chioyenda, Umberto, Domo d'ossola. Ent. 
CiACCio, Prof. Guisbppb, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Math.^ Phys.,, 

CiALDi, Com., Direc. Naval Works, Rome. 
Cianchettini, Guilio, Via Delia Crocetta, 3, Genoa ;:. ol. 
CiTARDA, N., Bot. Gar., Palermo. Bot. 
CoBBOLD, C. H., San Valentino, Abruzzo Citeriore. 
CoccHi, Prof. Igino, Florence. Ent. 
CoccoNi, Prof. GiROLAMo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Bot. 
CoooLLO, GiROLAMO, Vicenza. Ent. 
CoLASANTi, Giuseppe, Professore di Fisiologia, Univei-sita, Camermo. 

CoLBTTi, Prof. Dr. Ferd., Univ., Padua. Bot. 
CoLOGNBSi, Prof. Alfonso, Mem Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
CoBBS, Prof Dr. Horace, Inst. Tech., Naples. Bat., Nat. Hist. 
Console, Prof. Dr. Michelangelo, Via Stobilc, 281, Univ., Palermo. 
CoNTi, AuGUSTO, Professore ordinario di Filosofia teoretica e morale, 

R. Istitutio, Florence. Philos. 
CORNALIA, Dr. E., Prof. Zool. Tech. Inst., Dir. Mas., Milan. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

304 THE naturalists' DIKBCTOBT, [Italy. 

Ck>RBADi» Prof. Alfonso, Pavia. 

Ck>RRADO, Annibale, Prof. Math., Naples. 

CoRRiDi, Prof. Francesco, Rome. 

CoRSiNi, ToMMASO, Florence. Ent. 

CoRTESE, Prof. Francesco, Rome. 

CORTI, Dr. San S. B. A. db, Turin. Bot. 

CossA, Alfonso, Prof. Chem. Roy. Ind. Mus., Turin. 

Costa, Prof. Achille, Dir. Roy. !lSius. Zool., Naples. Etii, 

Costa, Prof Venanzio, R. Umv., Modena. Ent. 

Cremona, Luioi, Rome. Math, 

Cristofani, H., Pisa. Bot. . 

CuBONT, Dr. J., Bot. Gar. Bot. 

CuoiNi, Pi'of. Dr. G., Univ., Bologna. PhyaioL, Bot. 

CuGiNi, Prof. Carlo, Paima. EtU. 

CuRO, Antonio. Bergamo. Lep. 

I)*AcHiARDi, Antonio, Prof. IJniv. Pisa. Min, 

Dainelli, Dr. Ugo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Dalle Donne Gaetano, R. Univ. Bologna. 

D'Amato, Dr. Fred, Inst. Tech., Teramo. Bot. 

Damiani, Gian Maria, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Damry, Naturalist, Ozi^ri, Sardinia. Coleontera, Hemiptera, Diptera, 

Hymenopy Om.^ of the Islands in the Mediterranean. C. Ex. for 

Hyrocanthus, Polpicorns, Pselaphidse, Scydmseraidfleo of Europe. 
D'Ancona, Cesare, Docteur ^s sciences, agi'ege ^our la paleontologie au 

Musee d'histoire naturelle. Piazza d Azeglio 14, Florence. PoUb- 

ontology^ Living Malacology. Ex. for the Museum, Fossils and 

L. andT. W. shells. 
D'Apel, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 
D*Arcais, Prof. Francesco, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Db Castracane, Comte FRAN901S, Rome. Mic. 
Defilippi, Michel, Bot. Gar., Turin. Bot. 
Db Gasparis, Annibale, Dir. Roy. Obsei-v., Naples. Ast. 
Db Greoorio, Marquis, Molo, V'ia Palermo. Fossils of the Tertiary 

Dehnhardt, Alfred, Bot Gar. Naples. Bot. 
Della Vallb, Prof Dr. Antoine, Lyceum Prince Humbert, Naples. 

ZoGl., Bot., Nat. Hist. 
Dbi, Apelle, Secretaire de la Commission ampelographique de Sienne. 

Via Dei Tufi 1. Siena (Tuscany). ZoSl. ; Om., Ent., Comp. Anat. C. 

Offers birds* skins and insects of the ordera of Coleoptera, Orthop- 

tera, Hemipteiti, and Lepidoptera, in exchange for Neuroptera, 

especially Termitidse. 
Delpino, Federigo, Prof Bot.R. Uniy. Genoa., EtU. 
Delponte, Prof G. B., Turin. Bot. 
De Paolis, Prof Riccardo, R. Univ. Bologna. Geom. 
De Rossi, Prof. Michele Stefano, Rome. 
Db Sanctis, Leone, Prof Zool., Rome. 
Desimoni, Caballei-o C, Genoa. 

Devincbnzi, II Commendatore G., Senator, Rome. Ent. 
De Ziguo, Bai-on Achille, Padua. Geol. 
Diblassi, Prof. Dr., R. Lyceum, Palermo. Hot. 
DoHRN, Prof Dr. Anton, Zoological Station, Naples. Zodl. 
Donati, Pi-of Luigi, R. Univ., Bologna. Math. 
Doria, Giacomo, Dir. Mus., Genoa. 
DoRiA, Mai-quis G., Strada Nuova, Genoa. Ent. « 
Dorna, Alessandro. Dir. Roy. Astron. Observ., Turin. 
DUFOUR, Luigi, Via Balbi, 16 Genoa. Bot., AlgoL 
EisiQ, Dr. Hugo, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zo&L 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Embbt, Cablo, Prof, di Zoologia nella R. Univei*sitk, Bologna. Comp, 
Anat.j esp. of Vertebrates^ Entomology ^ Natural History of Ants. 
C. £x. Offers ants of Europe for foreign specimens, copies of his 
works, against analogous publications. 

Ebcolani, Prof. G. B., Sec. Acad. Sci., Boloffna. 

Fabbri, Dr. Ercole-Federico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fabbbtti, Prof. Ariodante, Univ. Turin. Arch, 

Facgioli, Prof. Rappaele, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Faonoli, Dr. N. U. Giuseppe, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Failla-Tedaldi, Luigi, Castelbuono, Palermo, Sicily. Ent. 

Fais, Prof. Antonio, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fanelli, Brandimakte, Sai-teano, Siena. Ent. 

Fanzago, De. Filippo, Prof, nell' R. Univ., Sassari. Myriopoda, Acarif 
Z06L C. Ex. 

Fba, Leonabdo, Civ. Mus., Genoa. Ent. 

Fbderici, Antonio, Prof, di Botanica nel' Universitk, Urbino. Bot. 

Felici, Riccardo, Prof. Phys., Pisa. 

Fbnzi, E. O., Pres. Hort. Soc, Florence. Bot. 

Fer&anti, Vincenzo, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos. 

Ferrari, Costantino, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Ferrari, Pietro, 40 Via Consolazione, Genoa. Hemipt, 

Fbrrero, Prof. U., Dir. Agric. Station, Caserta. Bot. 

Ferrucci, Prof. Michele, R. Univ. Bologna. 

FlASCHi, Tito, Segretario Capo e per la Sczione di Filosofia e Filologia, 
Floi-ence. Phihs,, Philol. 

FiLiPPi, Angelo, Pix>fessoi*e sti-aordinario di Medicina legale, R. Istitutio, 

FiLOPANTi, Pi-of. QuiRico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Fiorini, Matteo, Via Mazzini, 37, Bologna. Geodesy. 

FiXTME, Camillo, Badia Polesine (Veneto). Ent. 

FoNTANA, Giuseppe, Sec. R. Univ. Bologna. 

F0RE8TI, Dr. LoDOVico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Franchi, Tito. Genoa. Ent. 

Francolini, Massimiliano, Rimini. Ent. 

Frati, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Fbeda, Dr. P., Rome. Agric., Bot. 

Gauberini, Pietro, Pi-of. k TUniversite, Rue des Beaux Arts, 15, 
Bologna. Dermatology, C. Offers " Treatise on Maladies of the 

Gandino, Gio. BATtiSTA, R. Univ. Phil. 

Garbiglietti, Dr. Antonio, Via dell* Accademia Albertina 6, Turin. 
Col., Hym., Hem. 

Garbocci, a., Pisa. Bot. 

Garibaldi, Prof. Univ., Genoa. 

Gabovaglio, Santo, Prof, de Botanique k I'Universit^, et Director du 
Laboratoii'eCriptogamique,Pavia (Lombardy). Bot. C. Ex. Of- 
fera Ciyptogamic plants, especially miisci or lichens of Europe, in 
exchange for the same families of fungi, parasites of cultivated 

Garzoni, March. Giuseppe, Via dei Ginori 17, Florence. Ent. 

Gasco, Prof. Francesco, R. Univ. Genoa. Zodl. 

GEI.ARDA, Prof. Dr., Inst. Tech., Palermo. Bot. 

Gemmellaro, Prof. Dr. Carl, Univ. Catania, Sicily. Min., Geol. 

Gemmellaro, Prof. Gaetano Giorgio, Roy. Univ. Palermo, Sicily. 
A/m., Geol, 

Gemmi, J.. Florence. Bot, 

Gbnnarelli, Achille, Professore ordinario di Ai*cheologia, R. Isti- 
tutio, Florence. Arch, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

306 THB naturalists' DIRECTOBY. Italy. 

Gehnau, Prof. Dr. P., Uniy. Cagliari (SardinU). 

Genocchi, Angelo, Turin. Math. 

Gentile, Prof. Giacomo, R. Inst. Tech. Porto Maurigio. Bot, 

Gbstro, Dr. Raffabllo, Via S. Giacomo 18, Genoa. Coleopt, 

Ghelli, Pibtro, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Gherabdi, Com., Dir. Inst. Tech., Florence. 

Giacomelli, Prof. Enrico, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Gianelli, Giacinto, Place Victoir Emanuel 21, Turin. Lepid. C Ex. 
for good specimens. 

GiBELLi, Dr. Giuseppe, Professore di Botanica nella R. University, 
Bologna. Bot, Diseases of plants. 

Gibello, Prof. J., Turin. Bot. 

GiESBRECHT, WiLHBLM, Stazioue Zoologica, Naples. Zool. 

GiGLiOLi, Henry Hillyer, Prof. Zoology and Comp. Anatomy of Ver- 
tebrate Animals, and Director Zool. Mus., R. Univ. Florence. 
Zod/., Anat.f Pakeo.y and Geographical Distributioti of Vertebrates, 
Anth, C. Ex. Italian Vertebrates in exchange for Vertebrates 
and Ethnological objects from any part of the world. 

GiORGiNi, Prof. Gaetano, Pisa. 

GiNORi, March Carlo, Via dei Ginori 11, Floi-ence. Ent, 

Giordano, Prof. Jos. Camillb, Inst Tech. Tarsio, Naples. Bot.^ 

GiovANBTTi, Carlo, R. Univ., Bologna. 

Giovanni, A. Phil., Bot. Gai-., Bologna. Bot, 

Giudici-Albergotti, De, March. Angiolo Lorenzo, Arezzo. Ent, 

GiuLi, Giuseppe, Siena. 

GiusTi, Prof Emilio, R. Univ. Bologna. 

GoiRAN, Prof. AuGUSTiN, Lyceum, Verona. Phya,, Bot, 

GoNZAGA, Ferrante, Palazzo Gonzt^a, Mantova. Ent. 

GoTTi, Prof. Alfredo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

GoTTi, Dr. ViNCENZO, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Govi, GiLBERTO, Prof Phys., Naples. 

GozzADiNi, Jean, Docteur de la faculte filosophique-filologique d. ITJni- 
versit^, Senateur du Royaume d'ltalia, etc., Bologna. Anth, 

Grandi, Dr. Giacomo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Grassi, Giov. Batt., Rovellasca, Como. ZooL 

Grattarola, Prof G., Piazza S. Marco, Florence. Min. 

Gribodo, Giovanni, Ingenieur Assistent a I'Univei-site, Rue Accademia 
Albertina 5. Hymenopt. C. Ex. Very desirous to buy or ex- 
change Chr}'sides and Evanides. 

Groves, H., Bogognissanti 15, Florence. Bot. 

GuALANDi, Dr. Francesco, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Gualandi, Dr. Giovanni, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

GuicciARDiNi, Count Piero, Via dei Guicciardini 17, Florence. 

GuiDi, Louis, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle k I'lnstitut Technique, Pesaro 
(Marches). Bot., Geol. C. Ex. 

GuiscARDi, Guglicluro, Prof Univ. Naples. Geol. 

Hawkins, Thomas, Naples. 

Inzenza, Prof. Dr., Univ. Palermo. Agric, MycoU, Bot. 

IssEL, Prof. Arturo, R. Univ. Genoa. Geol., Min., Malacol, 

Jatta, Antoine, Ruvo di Puglia. Bot., Lichenol. 

Jervis, le Chev. William Faget, Conservatore del Reale Museo In- 
dustriale Italiano, Turin 

Johnston-La VIS, H. J., Palazzo Falvella, Chiatomone, Naples. 

Keller, Prof Dr. Ant., Univ. Padua. Agron., Bot. 

Kminek-Szbdlo, Giovanni, R. Univ. Bologna. 

KoENio, Dr. Fr., Asti. Bot. 

Laag, Dr. Arnold, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zo&l, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Lancia De Bbolo, Frederic, Secretaire de TAc. des Sciences, Via Mac- 
queda 336, Palertno, (Sicily). Malcufology, PakeorUology, Geology . 
C. Ex. Offers volcanic rocks of ^tna, minerals of sulphur, L. 
and F. W. shells. 

LA170, Dr. Arnold, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zodl, 

Lanzi, Dr. Matth., Via Cavour 6, Borne. Bot,, MycoL 

Lawlbt, Bobbrto, Montecchio near Pontedra. (Pisa.) 

XjSONESI, Augusto, B. Univ. Bologna. 

Lepori, Dr. Cbsabe, Prof. B. Univ. Cagliari. Ent. 

Levier, Dr. Emile, Borgo San Frediano 16, Florence. Botany^ Phane^ 
rogamsy Bryology. C. Ex. Offera Phanerogams and mosses of 
Italy, Corsica, Spain, and Portugal for mosses of America. 

LiBASSi, Prof. LB PiiRE, Seminary, Palermo. Bot. 

LicoPOLi, Prof. Dr. Caj., Lyceum Victor-Emmanuel, Naples. Bot, 

LODI, Prof. FORTUNATO, B.'Uoiv. Bologna. 

Lo Jacono, Michel, Botaniste Conserv. des Herbiers du Jardin Bot, 
Piazza Sto. Spirito 6, Palermo. Phvtographyt Organography ^ Mono- 
graphy of Genera TrifoHumf Orobanche, especially of Sicily, C. 

LoMBARDiNi, Elia, Milan. 

LoRENZiNi, Dembtrio, Porrctta. Col, 

LORETA, Prof. PiETRO, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Lucca, Prof. Chem. Univ., Naples. 

Macagno, Dr., Dir. Agric. Station, Palermo. Bot, 

Macchiati, Prof. LuiGi, Inst. Tech., Sassari. Bot, 

Macchiavelli, Leopoldo, B. Univ., Bologna. 

Maestri, Ulisse, Capitano del 25, Fanteria, Naples. 

Maggi, Dr. Leopoldo, Prof. Univ. Pavia. Anat. 

Maggiorani, Carlo, Prof. Emer., Borne. 

Magnaguti-Bondirini, Cte. Antoinb, Mantua (Lombardy). Botany , 
Conchology. C. Ex. Offers specimens of plants and mushrooms 
of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, especially of Algeria. 

Maoni, Francesco, Pres. B. Univ. Bologna. 

Magretti, Dr. Paolo, Mus. B. Univ., Pavia. Zo6L 

Major, Dr. J. C. Forsyth, -Piazza S. Marco, Florence. PaUeo. 

Malfatti, Giovanni, Professore di Scienze Naturali, Milan. Entomo- 
logy, Orthoptera^ Fossil Insects. C. Ex. Offers Orthoptera of 
Lombardy and Italy for foreign. 

Malinoerni, Alexis, Quinto-Vercellere, near Verceil. Bot. 

Mamiani, Prof. Bovbrb, B. Univ. Bologna. 

Manbtta, Prof. FiLiPPO, 4 Borgo Nuovo, Turin. 

Manganotti, Prof. Ant., Lyceum, Mantua. Bot, 

Manganotti, Dr., Sec. Acad., Verona. Bot. 

Mantegazza, Prof. Paolo, Via Gino Cappeni 3, Florence. Anth, 

Manzoni, Count Anoblo, M.D.^ 32, Via Barberia, Bologna. Geol., 
Palceo. Ex., especially Echinoderms and fossil sponges. C. 

Marchi, Prof. Pietro, Via Degli Alfani 50, Florence. 

Marconi, Dr. Scipione, Via Santa AppoUonia 18, Florence. 

Marconi, Prof. Francesco, Bologna. 

Marcucci, Dr. E., 48 Borgo Tegolasa, Florence. Bot, 

Maresootti, Prof. Angelo, B. Univ. Bologna. 

MAst, L*ABBi: Franc, Casteldario, Mantua. Bot, 

Masi, Francesco, B. Univ. Bologna. 

Massalongo, Dr. Carus, Prof, de Bot. a I'Universit^, et Directeur du 
Jardin Bot., Ferrara. Botany; Cryptogams. C. Ex. Hepaticie 
of Europe for those of America. 

Massarbnti, Prof. Carlo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bcdogna. 

Massimo, Mario, Bome. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

308 THE naturalists' DIRECTOBT. pTALT. 

Masini, J., Siena. Bot. 

Matteuzzi, Fbdebico, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Mauri, P., Bot. Gar., Rome. Bot, 

Mater, Dr. Paul, Zool. Sta., Naples. Z06L 

Mbda, Enrico, Capo stazione Oneglia (Li^uria). 

Mella-Akborio, Count Charles, Vercefli. Bot. ^ 

Menabrea De Val-Dora, Rome. 

Meneghini, Giuseppe, Prof. Geol. Univ., Pisa. Bot 

Metelli, Capt. DoTT, Medio nel 63 fantcria, Messina, Sicily. 

Michelacci, Prof. Augusto, Via Pinti 57,2, piano, Florence. 

MiLLOSEYiCH, Elia, Vice Direttore dcU' osscrvatorio asti*onomi8CO del Col- 
legio, Rome. Ast. 

Minarelli, Giuseppe, R. Univ. Bologna. 

MiNiCH, Serafino, Prof. Emer., Padova. Math. 

MoLESCHOTT, Jacopo, Pix>fessoi*e di Fisiologia Nella Sapienza di Roma. 

MoLPiNO, Gio. Maria, Advocato, Professore di Fisico, Genoa. EtU. 

MoNi, Olinto, Bagni di Lucca. Coleopt. 

MoNTANARi, Prof. Antonio di Meldola, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Monti, Cleto, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Monti, Gio. Battista, R. Univ. Bologna. 

MORETTINI, Al., Perugia. Bot, 

Mori, Prof. Ant., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot. 

MoRiOGio, Aliprando, Professore in Istologia e Fisiologia, Via 4 Fon- 
tane, Rome. Physiology^ Embryology. 

Mosso, Angelo, Prof. Physiol. Roy. Univ., Turin. 

Mi^LLER, August, Zool. Stazione, Naples. Z06I. 

MuRRi, Prof. Augusto, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Nallino, Prof., Dir. Agric. Station, Udine. Bot. 

Negri, Dr. A., Padua. Geology, Paleontology. 

Negri, Cristofore, Florence. 

Negri, F., Casale-Monfen-ato. Bot.y Mic. 

Nencioni, J., Bot. Gar., Pisa. Bot. 

Neri, Bruno, R. Univ. Bologna. 

NicoLUCCi, GiusTiNiANO, Trof. d'Anthropologie k TUniversit^, Sette 
Dolori 66, Naples. Anth. and Prehistoric Arch. C. Ex. Offers 
ancient and modern skulls of Italy, and prehistoric objects in stone, 
in exchange for the same from America. 

NiCOTRA, Dr. LtoPOLD, Univei-site, Messina, Sicily. Bot. 

NiNNi, Count, Dr. Alessandro, Ponte Erbe 6120, Venice. 

NOBU.E, Prof. A., Capodimonte, Naples. Ast. 

NOBILI, NiccoLO, Via dei Ginori 6, Florence. 

NocENTiNi, LoDOViCO, R. Istitutio, Florence. 

OccHiNi, Dr. Francesco, Via del Corso 499, Rome. 

Omboni, Giovanni, Prof, de Geologic a TUniversite, Padua. GeoL, 
PaUeo. C. Director of the Museum of Geol. of the Univ. 

Pacini, Prof. Filippo, Via Fiesolaua 12, 3 p., Florence. 

Padula, Fortunato, Dir. Roy. Sch., Naples. Math. 

Paganucci, Luigi, Professore ordinario ai Anatomia descrittiva, R. Isti- 
tutio, Florence. 

Pagliari, Luigi, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Palagi, Dr. Alessandro, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Palasciano, Prof. Ferdinando, Naples. 

Palmieri, Luigi, Dir. Met. Observ., Naples. Meteor. 

Palumbo, Prof. Augusto, Castelveti-ano, Sicily. 

Panizzi, Franz, San Remo. 

Paoli, Cesare, Incarieato dell' insegnamento della Paleografia e della 
Diplomatica, R. Istitutio, Florence. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Paoldcci, Prof. L., Inst. Tech., Ancona. Bot. 

Papasogli, Prof. J. P., Inst. Tech., Alessandria. Bot, 

Pabbto, Rafpablb, Rome. 

Parona, Corrado, Ca«^liari. Zodl, 

Pascucci, Dr. Luioi, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Pasquale, F., Inst. Tech., Naples. BoL 

Pasquale, Prof. Dr. J. A., Via Crocelle a San Gennaro 74, Naples. Bot 

Pasqualini, Prof. A., Dir. Ajcric. Station, Forli. 

Passbrini, Dr. Giovanni, Pi-of. de Botanica, Rettoi-e della R. Universitk, 

Parma. Bot. : PkaneroaamSy Mycology y Ent.y Aphides, C. 
Paterno, Emanuele, Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ., Palermo. 
Paclucci, Marohese, Florence, Villa Novoli. MolL 
PayesI; Dr. PiETRO, Professore ordinario di Zoologia nella R. Univer- 

sitk, Pavia. Zodl. 
Pbcorara, G., Milan. Bot. 

Pedicino, Prof. Dr. Nicolas A., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Rome. Bot. 
Pelliccioni, Gabtano, R. Univ. Boloprna. Phil. 
Pbnziq, Dr. Otto, Docent privato, R. Orto Botanica, Padua. Bot,; 

{Anatomy f Morphology^ C. Ex. European plants. 
Pepoli, Count Carlo, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Perazzi, Commendatore C , Councillor of State, Rome. 
Peroglio, Prof. Celestino di Palestro, R. Univ. Bologna. Geog. 
Perreau, Pietro, Bibliotecario della Reale, Biblioteca, R. Istitutio, 

Paima. • 

Pescetto, Capt. Federigo, Turin. Lepid. 
Plana, Dr. Gian-Pietro, Professoi-e di Anatomia Patologica Comparata, 

Insequante nella Regia Universita, Parma. Comparative Anat., 

PathoLy Helmintkology, 
Piazza, Prof. Pietro, Via Zamboni 29, Universitk, Bologna. Organic 

PicCARDi, Carlo, Bot. Gai\, Sassari. Bot. 
PicciOLi, Ferdinando, Aggreg. al. R. Museo, Via Romana 19, Florence. 

Coleopt; Hymenoptera. 
PiCCONE, Dr. Antoine, Professeur d'Histoire Naturelle R. Lycc^e Cris- 

tofo Colombo, Via Palestro 20, Genoa. Bot. ; especially Algology. 

C. Ex. Algse of the Mediterranean for those of other localities. 
Pibri, Count Antonio dei Marchesi Nerli, Taverne d'Arbia, Siena. 
PiGAL, G., Padua. Bot. 

PiGORiNi, Prof. Luis, Dir. Archaeol. Mus., Rome. Arch. 
Pincitore-Marott, Jacques, Dr. en Jurisprudence et en Sciences Natu- 

relles, Via Alacqueda 129, p.* p.' Palermo. Ent. : Lepid., Coleopt,, 

Shells. C. Ex. Coleoptera and Lepidoptera of Europe only. 
PiNi, Napoleonb, Ragioniere, Via del Crocinsso 6, Milan. CoL 
PiOLTi, Guisbppb, Via Arsenale 6, p. 3, Turin. 
PiRAZZOLi, Dr. Odoardo, Imola. Coleopt, 
PiRONA, Dr. J. A., Udine. Bot. 

PiROTTA, Prof. Dr. Romualdo, R. Lyceum, Alessandro. Bot., Mycol, 
PiROTTA, J., Bot. Gar., Modena. Bot. 
Pizzi, Prof., Vicebibliotecario della R. Biblioteca, Mediceo-Laui*enziana, 

PocHBTTiNO, Prof. J., Inst. Tech., Rome. Bot. 
PoNzi, Guisbppb, Prof. Geol., Rome. 
Pozzi, Guisbppb Ernesto, Via Po 26, Turin. 
Pozzolini, Enrico, Via dei Pilastri 31, Florence. Ent, 
Prada, Prof. Dr. Teodore, Pres. Inst. Tech., Pavia. Ent., Coleopt, 
Pbbdieri, Dr. Paolo, M^m. Acad. Sci., Bologjia. 
PuiNi, Carlo, Professore straordinario di Storia e Geografia dell* Asia 

orientale, R. Istitutio, Florence. Geography, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

810 THE naturalists' DIRECTOEY. [Italy. 

FuLLt, Francesco L., Professore di Storia comparata delle Lingue 

classichc e neo-Iatinc nella R. Universtta, Padua. 
QuADRi, Dr. ACHILLE, Pi'of. Zool. aod Comp. Anat, B. Univ. Sienna. 

Ent. Gen. 
Raoazzi, Dr. Vincenzo, R. Univ. Modena. 
Raousa, Enrico, Alberero Trinacria, Palermo. Coleopi.f Lqsid, 
Ranieri, Dr. Peni, Villa di Griffiiano, Pi-ato. Hort, C. Ex. 
Rasponi, Delle Teste Contb LtJioi, Via del Mandorlo 12, Florence. 
Razzaboni, Cesare, Bologna. Math, 
Regaldi, Prof. Giuseppe di Novara, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Regnoli, Prof. Oreste, R. Univ. Bolc^na. 
Respiohi, Lorenzo, Prof. Asti*on., Dir. Ast. Observ. of Campidoglio, 

Revel, Prof. Alberto, Florence. 

Rezzio, Dr. Giuseppe, Univ. Palermo. Comparative Anatomy, 
RiCASOLi, Baron Bettino, Florence. 
RiCASOLi, Vincent, Via Ricasoli 7, Florence. Bot. 
RiccARDi, Prof. Pietro, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Geom. 
RiDOLFi, Marehese L., Via Maggio 13, Florence. Ent. 
RiGHi, Pi-of. Augusto, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
RiGO, P., Torri del Benaco, Gai*da. Bat, 
RizzoLi, Prof. Francesco, Pres. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
BoMAGNOLi, Alfonso, R. Univ. Bologna. 
RoNCATi, Prof. Francesco, R. Uuiv.J}ologna. 
Rondani, Prof, Camillo, Pres. R. Inst. Tech., Parma. Ent,, Dipt, 
RossETTi, Francesco, Prof. Phys. Roy. Univ., Padua. 
Rossi, Dr. A., Possagno near Bassano. GeoL, PaUeo, 
Rossi, Grambattista db, Rome. 
RosTAN, Dr. Edouard, Perrero di Pinerelo, Piemont. Plants of the 

Alps. C. Sells' plants of Europe; 25 fr. a hundred specimens. 

Postage at expense of the purchaser. 
RcFFiNi, Prof. Ferdinando, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Saccardo, Pier-Andrea, Prof, de Botauique, et Directeur du Jardin 

Botanique de rUniveraite de Padoue, Padua. Bot,, especially My-- 

cology. C. Ex. 
Sacchetti, Dr. Gualtiero, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Salvadori, Prof. Tommaso, Roy. Mus., Turin. Om, 
Samuelli, Ferdinando, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Santagata, Prof. Domenico, MHi-a di Porta Mazzini 1, Bologna. Chem, 
Sapeto, Giuseppe, Professore di Arabo nel R. Istitutio Tccnico, Genoa. 
Saporetti, Prof. Antonio, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. Ast» 
Saporetti, Antonio, Via Zamboni, 33, Bologna. Aat. 
Sassoli, Enrico, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Savi, Dr. Adolfo, R. Mus. Nat. Hist., Pisa. Ent, 
ScACCHi, AucANGELO, Prof. Uuiv. Naples. Min. 
ScAFFAi, L., Florence. Bat, 

Scandellari, Dr. Gaetano, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
ScARABELLi, GiusEPPE, Imola. GeoLj Palao. 
ScHiAPARELLi, GiovANNA V., Obsci-v., Milan. Ast, 
ScHiAPARELLi, GiovANNi, Dir. R. ObseiT. of Brera, Milan. Ast, 
Schmidtlein, Dr. Richard, Zool. Sta., Naples. Zo&l, 
Secchi, Angelo, Rome. 

Seguenza, Prof. Giuseppe, Univ. Messina, Sicily. Oeol. 
Sella, Eugenic, Piazza Lagi'ange 2, Turin. Coleopt. 
Sella, Quintino, M.P., Rome. Crystallography, 
Selmi, Francesco, Prof. Chem. Roy. Univ. Bplogna. 
Severini, Antelmo, Professore ordinario di Lingue dell* estremo 

Oriente, R. Istitutio, Florence. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SiACCi, Francesco, Prof. Math. Roy. Univ., Turin. 

SiciLiANi, Prof. PiETRO Di Galatina, R. Univ. Bologna. Philos, 

SlEMONi, G. C, Rome. Avric, Bot. 

SiLVANi, Prof. Antonio, K. Univ. Bologna. 

SiMONETTi, Dr. T., Dir. School Agric, Caltagironc, Sicily. Bot 

SiMONiNi, Anoelo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

SiKAGusA, Francesco Paolo Camillo, Prof, pareggiato all' Universitk, 

Via dellePergole33, Palermo, Sicily. Bot., and Veg. Physiol. 
SiSMONDA, Prof. Angelo, Turin. 
SOBRERO, Prof. Ascanio, Turin. 

Sommier, Stephen, Lungarno, Coreini 2, Florence. Bot, 
SoRDELLi, Ferdinand, Museum, Milan. Paleeo., Bot. 
SovERiNi, Dr. Carlo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 
Spagnolini, Dr. Albssandro, Prof. Nat. Hist. Military College, 

Florence. Ent. 
Spence, Guglielmo, Via degli Strozzi, f^azzo Corsi, Florence. Lep., 

Spence, W. B., Rome. 
Spezia, Giorgio, Turin. Min. 
Stabicini, Giulio, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Stbpanelli, Prof. Pietro, Via Pinti 57, Florence. Lep. 
Stoppani, Antonio, Prof, de Geologic kl'Institut des ]6tude9 sup^rieurs. 

Via del Mandorlo 6, Florence. PaUeon.^ Oeol.f Terrestrial Physics. 

C. Ex. Wishes fossils of all territories in exchange for colored 

casts of the celebrated fauna of Valderia, and some original fossils 

of Italy, especially of Tuscanv. 
Strobel, Dr. Pellegrino, Professor an der K. Universitat., Parma. 

Malacology y Pakeontology. 
Struver, Giovanni, Prof IJniv. Rome. Min. 
Tacchini, Roman College, Rome. Ast. 
Tacchini, Pietro, Direttore dell' osservatorio del CoUegio Romano, 

Rome. Ast. £x. . 
Tanari, March. LuiGi, Via Palestro 3, Florence. Ent. 
Tapparoni-Canefri, Dr. Cesar, 21 Via San Quintino, Turin. Moll. 
Taramelli, Dr. Torquato, Prof, de Geologic a I'Universite, Pavia. 

Geol. of secondary formations of the Alps and Apennines. C. 

Fossils of the Alps. Ex. 
Tardy, Placido, Roy. Univ., Genoa. Math* 
Targioni-Tozzetti, Ad., Dir. Bot. Gar., Via Romana 19, Florence. 

Bot., Zool 
TARLATORE,Prof., Florence. 

TARUFFi,Prof. Cesarb, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. AncU. 
Tassi, Prof. Att., Univ. Sienna. Bot. 
TcHiHATCHEF, PiERRB DE, Placc dcs Zouavcs 1, Florcncc. 
Tempel, W., Observ. Arceti, Florence. Ast. 
Tenderini, Dr. Giuseppe, Prof Anat., Carrara, 
Tenore, Prof. Dr. Vincent, Naples. Bot., Zodl. 
Terraciano, Dr. N., Dir. R. Gar., Caserta. Bot. 
Terreni, Maggior Fortunato, Via dell* Orivolo 35, Florence. Ent. 
Testi, Francesco, R. Univ. Modena. Ent. 
Teza, Prof. Emilio, R. Univ. Bologna. 
Thorell, Prof. Dr. Tamerlan, Civico Museo., Genoa. Arack. {See 

Toco, Felice, Professore ordinario di Storia della Filosofia, R. Istitutio 

Florence. Philos. 
Todaro, Prof. Agostino, DirettoRB del Oi-to BotanicOi Palermo, Sicily, 

Bot. C. Ex. Floi-a of Sicily. 
Todaro, Prof. Francesco, Rome. Anat. 
TOMMASi, Prof. Salvatore, Naples. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

812 THE naturalists' DIBECTOBT. [Italy. 

TomcASi-CRUBELi, Conrad, Prof. d'Anatomie Pathologique, Universite, 
7 Via Balbo, Rome. Experimental Pathology ^ especially infections 
and malaria. 

TORNABENE, Fix)f. Fr., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Catania, Sicily. Bot. 

Torre (Della) Carlo, Via Fra Bartolommeo 2, Florence. 

Tozzetti, Adolfo Taroioni, Pi-oi'essoir di Zoologia ed Anatomia, K. 
Muaeo, Florence. AtuU. attd Zo*il. of Invert. {Crustacea and 
OrthopUra.) C. Ex. 

Travekso, J., Pavia. Bot. 

Traverso, G. B., Civ. Mus., Genoa. Iff i. 

Trevisan, Victor B. A. G. von, Padua. 

Trevison di 8. Leon, Count Vittore, Monza, near Milan. Bot. 

Trinchese, Salvatore, Pi-of. Comp. Anat. Iloy. Univ., Naples. ZodJ. 

Trineber, Prof., Univ. Naples. Zool. 

Trois, Henry Philippe, Conservateur des Musec zoologiques et ana- 
tomiques de I'lnstitut Royaie des Sciences. Palais Diicale, Venice. 
Ichth , Anat. of fishes^ Algohgy of inferior reriebrates^ Anatomy 
of marine inrerteorates. C. Ex. Offei-s cluplii'ate anatomical prepara- 
tions of vcitebrates, especially marine fishes, tiu'tles, cephalopods, etc. 

TuRATi, Count Emilio, Via Mci-avi^i 13, Milan. Ent. 

Turazza, Domenico, Prof. Math., Padua. 

TuRRiNi, Prof. Giuseppe di Avio, R. Univ. Bolofjrna. Philos. 

Unvi, Giotto, Doyen, Campi-Bi^enzio, (Tuscany.) Ent. : Nat. Hist.f 
ofBeeSf Hymenoptera. 

Uzielli, Prof. Gustave, Turin. Min. 

Valenziani Aw. Carlo, Professore di Xingue e Letterature del-l* 
Estromo Oriente nella R. Univei'sita, Rome. 

Valero A, Abate Pietho, Assistente nella Biblioteca della R. University, 

Valiante, R., Ponterorvo, 90, Naples. Bot. 

Vegni, Prof. Angelo, Via S. Niccolo 131, Florence. 

Venturi, Ugo, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Verardini, Dr. Ferdinando, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Verdiani, Dr. Giuseppe, Volterra. EfU. 

Verdi ani-Bandi, Luigi, Rocca d'dcia, (Sienne.) Coleopt. of Europe. 
C. Ex. Coleoptei-a of Europe, especially of Italy, for Coleoptera 
of the world, but pi-efere Pselaphidse, Cerambycidae and Chiysome- 

Versari, Prof. Camillo, Mem. Acad. Sci., Bologna. 

Verson, Prof. E., Padua. Bot. " 

Villa, Antonio, Milan. Nat. 

Villari, Imilio, Via Delle Belle Arti., Univei-sita, Bologna. Physics. 

Villari, Pasqu ale, Professore ordinario di Storia moderna, Presidente 
della Sezione, R. Istituto, Florence. 

ViMERCATi, Comte Professeur Guido, Directeur de la Revue Scientifiqiie 
indus., Place Cavalleggieri, Florence. Ent. C. Ex. 

Vinciguerra, Decio, Civ. Mus., Genoa. 

VisMARA, Francesco, Civ. Mus., Milan. Hem, 

Winterberg, Dr. E., Rome. Ast. 

Zampa, Raffaello, R. Univ. Bologna. 

Zannetti, Dr. Arturo, Prof. Nat. Hist, Tech. Sch., Via de'ConU, Flor- 
ence. Ent. 

Zantedeschi, Franz, Prof. Phys., Univ. Padua. 

Zers, Z. p., Rome. 

Zersi, Prof. Elias, R. Lyceum, Bei'gamo. Bot, 

ZiGNO, Baron A. de., Venice. 

ZiGNio, Dr. Achilles, F. von, Padua. Bot,^ Palao, 

Zona, Dr. T., Forli. Ast. 

Zoological Station at Naples. Marine Zo6l, Anton Dohrn, Director. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

nbthebxiaitdb.] thb naturalists' dibectory. 313 


Bbickekdbk, Major Richabo Thomas William Lambbbt. 
GuLiA, Dr. Gavin, ValettB. Ich. 
Warton, Capt. R. G., 10th Regiyient. 
Zbbaffa, Brof. Stefano. i^. 


Abeleven, Th. H. a. J., Sec. Bot Soc. Nymwegcn. Bot, 

AoHiNA, ViNC. Mar., Sacr. Ord. I*raed, Schiedam. Ent, 

Albarda, J. Herman, Leuwarden. Lepidoptera^ Neuroptera. 

Ankum, Dr. H. J. van, Prof, an der Univei-sitat, Groningen. Zo67., Ent, 

Backer, J., Oostbrbeek, near Arnhem. Coleopt. 

Baehr. G. F. W., Delft. Math. 

Ballot, Dr. C. H. D'Burs, ProC und Dir. des Meteorologischen Insti- 

tuts,. Utrecht. Phya.y Meteor. 
Baumhauer, Dr. Eduard Hbndrik von, Member Royal Acad. Sci., 

Amsterdam, Sec. Dutch Society of Science, Haarlem. Haarlem. 

Chem. C. Large libraty. £x. publications on Natural Science of 

Netherlands for others. 
Baxter, M. S., Box 136, Amsterdam. Bot, Filices. C. 
Bbhrens, H., Delft. Min, 
Beijerinck, Dr. M.W., Lehrer derPflanzeKunde an der Rijkslandbouw- 

school, Wageninjreni Plant galls. Ex. Wishes living American 

Rosegalls, with living W&<«ps (Rhodites) and American seeds, in 

exchange for those of Holland. 
Beterinck, Dr. M. W., Wageningen. Bot. 
Berlin, Dr. W , Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Zool. 
Bettink, Prof. Dr. H. Wepers, Utrecht. Pharmacy. 
Biebens de Haan, D., Leiden. Math. 
Boer, Dr. P. de. Prof, an der Universitat Groningen. Bot. 
Boer, W. R., Utrecht. 
BoERLAOE, Dr. J. C, Uithoom. Bot. 
Bohnensieo, G C. W.,'Militair Pharmaceut I Classe, Conservator des 

Bibliotheke von Teylers Museum, Haarlem. Bot. 
Boot, Dr. J. F. G., Sec. K. Academia, Amsterdam. 
Bosqnet, J., Maastricht. 
BosscHA, Dr. J., Prof, und Director der Folytechi^hen Schule, Delft. 

Brandt, A. van den, Venlo. Coleopt. 
Brill, Dr. W. G , Prof. Acatlemy, Utrecht. 

Bbondqeest, Dr. P. O., Lector an der Universitat Utrecht. Phynol. 
Brutsl de la RivitRE, P. M., Leiden. 
Buws Ballot. C. H. D., Utrecht. 
Burck, Prof. Dr. W., Apeldoorn. Bot. 
Buse, Dr. L. H., Renkum, near Arnheim. Bot. 
Calker, Dr. F. J. P. van, Prof, an der Universit&t, Groningen. Min. 
Chanfleury van Ysselsteijn, Dr. J. L., Pi-of. Univ., Amsterdam. 
Cobet, Prof. Carl G., Leiden. 
Cohen Stuart, L., Delft. 
Conrad, J. F. w., Gravenhage. Engineer. 
COSTERUS, Prof. Dr. C, Amsterdam, Bot. 
De Boer, Prof. Dr. P., Univ., Dir. Bot. Gar., Groningen. Bot. 
Delpbat, J. P., Gravenhage. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

314 THE naturalists' DIBECTORY. [NETHERLAin>S. 

Db Man, Dr. J. G., Leiden, (Pays-Bas.) Mic, 

De Vries, Dr. Hugo, Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Physiol., Bot, 

DiBBiTS, Dr. H. C, Prof, an der Universitfit, Utrecht. Inorganic Chem, 

DoNOERS, Prof. F. C, Utrecht Akademie. Physiol. C. Ex. 

DoTER, Dr. D., Pi*ofk an der Universitat, Leiden. Ophthalmology. 

Dozy, Prof. Reinhart, Leiden. 

Dreessens, W. H., Naturalist, Oudebragsteeg 5, Amsterdam. Coleopt. 

Ekama, Dr. E. C, Haarlem. Bot. 

^NOELMANN, Dr. Th. W., Prof. Academy, Utrecht. Physiol. 

Enschede, Dr. W. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. Math. 

Everts, Dr. Eduard, Realschulprofessor, Huigensstraat u., Hague. Ent. 
Work on the Ctoleoptei-a of Netherlands. C. 

FiET, A.,*Hortulanus an der Rnka-Universitcit. Kijk in 't Jat Straat, 426, 
Groningen. C. Ex. Offers duplicates of Botanical Tuin, in ex- 
change for Ouvirandza, Nepenthes, Sarracemk, Drosera, Darling- 

FiJNJE Van Salverda, H. F., Nymegren. Eng. 

FoKKER, A. J. F., Boommarkt 5, Leiden. Entomology : Hemiptera, Co- 
leoptera. C. Ex. Offers Coleoptera and Hemiptera of Holland for 

Franchimont, Dr. A. P. N., Prof, and er Universitat, Leiden. Organic 

Franquinet, G. D., Maestricht. 

Fruin, Dr. R. J., Prof. Academy, Leiden. 

FtJRBRiNOER, Dr. M., Prof. Univ., Amsterdam. 

Geer, Dr. P. van. Prof, an der Univereitat, Leiden. Math. 

GiLTAT, £., Assistent am botanischen Laboratorium, Nat. Oude Rijn 48, 
Leiden. Bot., especially Anatomy and Physiology of plants. Micro- 

Gratama, Dr. W. D., Lehrer am Gymnasium, Delft. Chemistry. 

Grinnis, Dr. C. H. C., Prof, an der Universitat, Utrecht Mathematics, 

Groeneweoen, J. C, Univ. Amsterdam. Bot. 

Grool, H. W., Spaarne, Haarlem. Coleopt. 

Gunning, Dr. W. M., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Ophthalmology.' 

Haan, David B. de. Prof. Math., Univ. Leiden. 

Haar, Dirk ter, Mulchtertraat, Niijmegen. Lepidoptera {Macro Lepid). 

Haga, Dr. H., Lehrer an der Hoheren Biirgershule, Delft. Physics, 

Halbertsma, Dr. T., Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht. 

Harting, Prof. Dr. Peter, Univ. Utrecht. Zool. 

Heemskerk, J., Gravenhage. 

Heusch db la Zangrye, le Baron Oscar db, Strabeek, Fauqnemont 
(Limburg.) Coleopt. 

Heylaerts pils. Dr. H. J. M., rue St-Jean, A-503, Bi-^da. Coleopt. 

Heynsius, Dr. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Physiol. 

Hoeven, Dr. James van der, Rotterdam. 

HoFF, Dr. J. H. Van*t, Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Chem, 

Hoffmann, Dr. C. K., Leiden. Zodl. 

Holland Gesellschaft der Wissenschapten, Haarlem. Dr. E. H. 
Van Baumhauer, Secretary. 

HooRWEO, Dr. J. L., Lehror a. d., Hoheron Biirgerschule, Utrecht. 

HoRST, Dr. R., Conservator des ZoiSlog. Museums, Utrecht. Zodlogi/. 

Hubrecht, Dr. A. A. W., Lector an der Universitat, Leiden. ZoSlogy. 

HuET, Dr. G. D. L., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

HuiziNGA, Dr. D., Prof, an der Univei-sitat, Groningen. Physiol, 

HiTLDER, E., Prof, an der Universitat, Utretcht. Chemistry, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

nbtheblands.] the natusalists' dibectoby. 316 

Iterson, Dr. J. E. van, Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

JONKMAX, Dr. H. F., Univei-sitat, Utrecht. Bot, 

Kapteijn, Dr. J. C, Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. Math.^ Ast. 

Kapteijn, Prof. Dr. W., Utrecht. Math. 

Keyzer, Dr. Y., Middelhnrg. Moll. 

Kjnker, J., Rentier, Achterburgsval B, 223, Amsterdam. Diatoms. C. 

KOOTKER, Dr. H. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 
KORTEWEO, Dr. D. J., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
KORTHALS, Dr. P. W., Haarlem. Bot. 
KosTER, Dr. W., Prof. Academy Utrecht. Anatomy. 
Krecke, Dr. F. W. C, Privatier, fruher Director des Meteorologischen 

Instituts, Uti-echt. Meteorology. 
KuENEN,Dr. A., Prof. Academy, Leiden. 
KuHN, Dr. C. H., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 
LiEBMANS, D., Dir. R. Museum, Leiden. 

Lbesberg, a. F. a., Jean Hendrick-Straat, 9, La Hayn. Coleopt, 
Lehman, Dr. L., Prof. Univ. Amstei-dam. 
LoNCQ, Dr. G. J., Eraer. Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht. 
LoRENTZ, Dr. H. A., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Mathematical 

LuBACH,Dr. D., Kampen. 
MacGillavrt, Dr. Th. H., Leden. 
Man, J. G. de. Conservator am Zoologischen Reichs Museum, Leiden. 

Zodhat/y especially Rotiferas^ Cmstacea^ MoUusks and Nematoidte. 

Ex. for the Museum, would like American specimens Crustacea, 

Mollusks, and lower animals. 
Martin, Dr. K., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Geol., Min. 
Matthes, Dr. C. J., Prof Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
Maurissen, a. H., rue de Frongres, Maestricht. Lepid., Coleopt. 
Mayer, Prof Dr. Adolf Eduard, Director der Reichsversuchsstation, 

Wageningen. Agricultural Chemistry. 
Mees, R. a., Groningen. Phya. 
Michaelis, N. T., Gravenhage. Engineer. 
Middendorp, Dr. H. W., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 
Moll, Dr. J. W., Lehrer an der Realschule, Utrecht. Botany, 
Mulder, Ed., Utrecht. Organic Chem. 
Mulder, G. J., Bennekom. 

Ortt, Jhr. J. R. T., Prof. Academy, Haarlem. Engineer. 
Oudemans, a. C, Zool. Bot. Cand., Mitglied der Niederlandischen En- 

tomologischen GeseUschaft, Lange, Nieuwstraat, A, 638, Utrecht. 

Zoolo^f especially Acarinology. C. Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, 

Parasites -Pulicidae, and Acarina of Netherlands. 
Oudemans, A. C, Jr., Delft. , 
Oudemans, Dr. C. A. J. A., Prof, der Botanik an der Universitat, Sarp- 

kati-strassa, 78, Amsterdam. Mycology. 
Oudemans, Dr. J. A, C, Prof. Academy, Utrecht. Ast. 
Overbeek db Meyer van, Dr. G., Pi*of. der Universitat, Utrecht. 

Pekelharino, Prof. Dr. C A., Utrecht. 
Pesch, Dr. A. J. van, Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. Math. 
Piaqet, Dr. E., Prof. Normal School, Kortenaerstraat, 416, Rotterdam. 

Plaats, Dr. J. D. van der, Lehi-er an der Reichs-Thierartzenei-schule, 

Utrecht. Chemistry. 
Place, T., Amsterdam. 

Plugge, Dr. P. C, Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. Pharmacy, 
Rankb, Dr. J. R., Prof, an der Universitat, Groningen. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


lUnwBKROrr. Dr. N. W. P., Mitglied der Kon^rl. Academic der Wis- 
sen^chaften, Professor der Botanik an der Beichs-Universitat, 
Utrecht. AntUmny cmd Phytiology of pkmtt ; Cryptogams, 

Reyillb, a., Neuville-sur-Dieppe. 

BiBMSDiJK, Dr. A. D. van, Essayeur-General an der Reichsmiinze, 
Utrecht. Chemistry. 

Rink, Dr. H. J., Prof, an der Universitat, Groninoren. Math, 

RiTSEMA Cz., C, Museum Ent, Rapenbur«r» 94, Leiden. Coleopt, 

RiTZEMA Bos, Dr. J., Prof. Aric. School Wageningen. Colecpi, 

Robbers, J.» Utrecht. Asi, 

R08EN8TEIN, Dr. S. S., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

Rtke, Dr. P. L., Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. Physics, 

Sanger, Dr. W. M. H., Prof, an der Universittlt, Groningen. 

ScHBPMANN, M. M., Rhoon near Rotterdam. MolL 

ScHLEOEL, Dr. H., Dir. Mas. Nat. History, Leyden. 

ScHOLS, C. M., Prof, an der Polvtechnischcn Schule, Delft Maih» 

Seipoens, Emile, Prof. Normal School, Zutphen. Coleopt, 

Six, G. A., Hague. Holland. Coleopt, 

Smbets, J. a., Leiden. Bot, 

Sneilen, Prof. Dr. H., Utrecht Ophthalmology, 

Snellen Van Vollenhoven, S. C.. Gravenhage. 

Snijders, J. A., Prof, an der Polytechnischcn Schule, Delft Mathemat. 

Stamkart, F. J., Prof. Emeritus an der Polytechnischen Schule, Amster- 
dam. Physics^ Mathematics, 

Stetn Parve, Dr. D. J., Leiden. Physics, 

Stieltjes, T. J., Rotteraam. 

Stokvis, Dr. B. J , Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 

SuRiNOER, Dr. W. F. R., R. Acad. Sci., Amsterdam. Bot, 

Swibrstra, K. N., Amstei*ilam. Coleopt, 

Talma, Dr. S., Prof. derUnivei-sitat, Utrecht 

Thbmmbn, Dr. Cornelius J., Devent«r. 

Thomas, Dr. A. E. Simon, Prof, an der Universitat, Leiden. 

TiDEMAN, B. J., Amsterdam. 

TiLANUS, Dr. C. B., Amsterdam. 

Treub, Dr. M., R. Acad. Sci., Amsterdam. Bot, 

Ubags, Casimir, Maastricht, Limburg. Oeol, 

Uybn, H., Priemstraat, Nijme^en. Lepidnptera. C. 

Valeton, Th., Doctorandus in plantendierkunde, Assistcnt by *t bota- 
nisch Kabinet an der Ryks-Universiteit, Groningen. Anatomy of 
plants^ Microscopy, 

Van Ankum, C. H., Groninoren. Chem, 

Van Bemmelbn, J. M., Prof, der Anorganischen Chemie an der Uni- 
versitat, Leiden. Inorganic Chemistry, 

Van den Bero, F. J., Delft. 

Van den Brinck, G., Bot. Gar., Utrecht Bot, 

Van den Broek, Dr. J. H., Nymegen. Chem, 

Van db Sande Bakhumzbn, Dr. H. G., Prof. Academy, Leiden. Ast, 

Van der Sandb Lacoste, Dr. C. M., R. Acad. Sci., Amsterdam. Bot,^ 

Van der Ven, Dr. £., Haarlem. Physics, 

Van der Waals, J. D., Prof, der Univereitat, T. C. Hooftstraat F. F. 
67, Amsterdam. Physics, 

Van Diesen, G., Middelburg. 

Van Eedbn, F. W., Dir. Museum, Haarlem. Soi, 

Van Geuns, J., Amsterdam. 

Van Gooh, J., Amsterdam. 

Van Gorkum, K. W., Baam. Bot, 

Van Goudobtbb, Dr. L. C, Prof, der Universitat, Utrecht 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

KoswAT.] THB naturalists' DIBECTOBY. 317 

Van Hasselt» A. W. M., Grayenhage. 

Van Laer, Dr. J. R. E., Utrecht. Chem. 

Van Leddbn Hulsbbosch, M. L. Q., Apotheker, Nieuwend^'k, 17, Am- 
sterdam. Microscopic CryptogatMt Algm. C. £x. native Crypto- 
gams for those of other countries. 

Van Oordt, J. W. L., Gravcnha^e. 

Verloren, Dr. M. C, Prof. Acauemj, Amersfoort Zo6l. 

Vbb Loren de Thehaat, Dr. M. C, Scbothorst, near Amersfoort 

Vbth, Dr. H. J., Kruiskade* 16» Rotterdam. CoUopUra. C. Ex. Euro- 
pean for N. American specimens. 

Von Baumhauer, E. H., Haarlem. 

Vbies, Dr. Hugo de, Prof. Ordinarius an der Universitiit, Plantage Eerk- 
laan, 9, Amsterdam. Physiology of platUs, 

Vbt, Dr. Job ANN E. de, Hague. 

Weber, Dr. M., Lector an der Universitat, Utrecht. Phytioloay. 

Westerman, Dr. G. F., Dir. Zoiil. Gardens, Amsterdam. Zoof. 

Wettlandt, a. J., Ryswyk, near Hague. Coleopt, 

WiCBMANN, Dr. C. E. A., Prof, an der Reichs-Uniyersitat, Utrecht In- 
organic Chemistry. 

Winkler, D. C. J., Museum, Haarlem. 

WiTTB, H., Bot Gar., Leiden. Bot. 

WuBFBAiN, Dr. C. L., Prof. Univ. Amsterdam. 

Zaatbb, Dr. A., Prof, an der Univei'sitat, Leiden. 


AmmitzbOll, Dr. Iyar., Christiania. Ent, 

Bang, Prof. C , Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. Philos. 

Berner, Director C. C. Museum, Bergen. 

Bjerknes, Dr. C. A., Universitas Resfia Fredericiana, Christiania. Math, 

Blix, Prof. Dr. E., Univeraitas Re|?ia Fredericiana, Christiania. ' Philoa, 

Blttt, Axel, Prof. Bot. Unirersity Christiania. Bot. ; Oeog. IHst, of 

Bonnevib, J. A., Trondhjem. 
Bkigoer, W. C, Universitas, Christiania. PeUmo* 
Broch, Prof. J. P., Christiania. 
Broch, Prof. O. J., Christiania. 
Brogoer, W. C., Christiana. 
BuGGE, Dr. Elseus Sofus, Uniyersitas, Christiania. 
BuGGE, K. L. T., Trondhjem. 
Carstens, Prof. M. C, Trondlyem. 
CoLLETT, Robert, Docent of ZofSlogy, and Assistent at the Zoological 

Museum of the University, Christiania. Vertebrates. 
Daab* Prof. L., Christiania. 
Dahll, Dr. Tellep, Ingenieur en chef des Mines, Eragero. Oeol.^ Min. 

C. Ex. 
Danchertsen, Dr. J. C, Museum, Tromsoe. 
Danielssen, Dr. Daniel Cornelius, Chief Physician, President of the 

MusLMim, Bergen. Marine Invertebrates. "Ex, for the collection of 

the Museum. 
Dietrichson, Prof. Dr. L., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

Dons, W., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
EsMARK, Prof. M., Universitas, Christiania. Zodl. 
ESMARK, Fraulein Bibgithe, Peder Clauaensgade 3, Christiania. Malaco' 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


EsBCARK, H. M. Th., Pfarrer, Peder Clausensgade 3, Christiania. Min, 

E88ENDROP, B. L., Tromaue. 

Faye, Dr. F. C, Christiania. 

Fearnlet, Pi-of. C, Universitas, Christiania. Att, 

FosLiB, M. H., Telecrrafist, Ltidinoren (Nordland). Algohgy, C. 

Fbiele, Herman, Dir. of tlie Museum, Bergen. • idalaeol, C. Ex. 

Norwegian and Arctic sheila for N. A., csp. Pleui'otoma and Buc- 

Friis, Prof. J. A., Christiania. 

Geblmutden, H., Univcrsitas Begia Fredericiana, Christiania. Ast, 
Getz, K. H., Trondlyem. 
Grieg, James, Bergen. Bot. 

GULDBERO, Prof. Dr. Cato*M., Universitas Ecgia Fredericiana, Chris- 
tiania. Math. 
Haoerup, F., Universitas Begia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Hansen, G. A., Oberai-zt, Bergen. Annelids, 
Henrichsen, Rec. C, Ber(;en. 
Helland, A., Universitas, Christiania. Geol. 
Hjortdahl, Prof. Th., Universitas, Christiania. Chem, 
HoLST, Ellino, Universitas B«gia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
Jensen, O. S., Conservator, Bergen. 
Kaurin, Chr., Christiania. Bot,^ Bryology. 
KlAER, A. N., Christiania. 
Klsr, Franz, Praktlscher Arst, Das Diaconissenhaus, Christiania. Bry- 

ology, Hepatica. C. Ex. Rai-e European mosses and Uyerworts 

in exchans-e for European and foi*cign. 
Kindt, Dr. C, Trondhjem. Bot., Lichens, 
Kj^R, Dr. F., Christiania. Bot. 
Kjerschon, C. C, Tromsoe. 

Kjerulf, Prof. Dr. Th., Universitas, Christiania. Geol. 
Koren, Johan, Conservator, Bergen. Maritie Invertebrates, 
Lbiblein, Prof. J. D. C, Universitas Begia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

Lie, Prof. M. S., Christiania. 
LDtke, Prof. M. F.. Trondhjem. 
Ltno, Prof. Dr. Georgius Guilielmus, Universitas Begia Fredericiana, 

Christiania. Philosophy. 
Mob, Dr., Botanical Gardens, Christiania. Bot. 
MoHN, Prof. Dr. Henrik, Meteorologish Institut, Christiania. Meteor,, 

Physical Geography. 
MoNRAD,* M. J., Christiania. 
MosLiNO, S., Trondjheim. 

MuLLER, Prof. Dr. Worm., Universitas, Christiania. Physiol, 
MiJNSTER, Prof. E. B., Universitas, Christiania. Metallurgy. 
NicOLL, Dr. N. B. T., Museum, Bergen. 
NiCHOLAYSEN, Prof. J., Christiania. 

Nielsen, Dr. Yngvar, Universitas Begia Fredericiana, Christiania. 
NoRDVi, A. G., Land, phil., Christiania. Zool., Bot. C. Sells northern 

Birds and Bird-skins. 
Norman, J. M., Foi*stmeister, Ladrvig. Arctic Norwegian p?Mnerogamic 

Florut Lichenology. C. Ex. 
Norman, J. M., Tromscie. 
Pettersen, Karl Johan, Toldkasserer (Zoll-Direktor), TrpmaoQ. Geol, 

of N. Norway, 
Rasch; Prof. H. H., Christiania. Zodl. 
Beusch, H. H., Christiania. GeoL 
Btgh, K. D., Trondhjem. 
Bygh, O., Christiania. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Sandbbbo, Gboro, SogneprjBst, Sydvaranger Pnestegaard, Finmark. 
Etit. C. Ex. Offers various kinds of Arctic Lepidoptera in exchange 
for American. . „ ... ^ ^ j 

Sabs, G. O., Prof. Universitas, Christiania. ZodL, apee, Crustacea and 

ScHJOTT, Prof. P. 6., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. Phiha. 

Schneider, H. J. S., Tromsoe. Z06L ^ ^ a ^ 

Schneider, J. Spabrb, Konservator, Museum, Tromsoe. £n<., Arctic 
Lepidoptera. C. 

SCHOOEN, Dr. W. M., Christiania. Lepid, 

SCHOTZ, Prof. O. E., Universitas, Christiania. PAy*. 

SchCbeleb, Dr. F. C, Dir. Bot. Gardens, Christiama. Bti^. 

Sbxe, Pi-of. S. A., Christiania. . . 

Siebke, Dr. H., Conserv.Mus. Zootomica, Christiania. ^^ . . . 

Skavlan, Prof. Dr. O., Universitas Begia Fredericiana, Chrutuuua. 

Slater, H. H., F.C.S., Brettnaes, Loffoden. Chtm. 

Stalsberg, R. F., Konigsberg. 

Steioer, Leonard, Bergen. Om. « t^ vt 

Stbjneger, Leonhard, Mohlenpri3,Bergen. Om, C. Ex. Norwe^an 
fishes in alcohol, and bird-skins, for skins of Cygnus, Larius, Sitta, 
and other N. A. birds. (Address for one year, 1010 6th Street, 
Washington, D. C.) ' ... 

Stenersen, Dr. L., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Chnatiama. 

Storm, Prof. V. J., Trondbpem. 

Unoer, Carl R., Prof. Universitas, Christiania. 

Waage, Prof. P., Universitas, Christiania. CAem. 

Weisse, Prof. J. P., Universitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. PhiM, 

WiLLB, N., Keijersgade 5, Christiania. Bot, 

WuLFSBERG, N1BL8 G. I., Univcrsitas Regia Fredericiana, Christiania. 

XOBEN, J., Z06I. Museum, Bergen. ZoW. 


Agxtiab, Antonio A. db, Prof. Polytec. Sch., Mem. Acad. Sci., Lisbon. 

Alvarenga, Dr. Pbtbr F. Da Costa, Prof. Med. Coll., Lisbon. Bot, 
Barbosa, Joaquim Casimiro, Bot. Gar., Oporto. Bot, 
Barboza du Bocaoe (Josd Vicente), Dir. Mus. Hist. Nat, Lisbon. Om., 

Herpet., EthnoLy Geol, 
Bbeyner, Luiz de Mello, Dir. R. Gar., Lisbon. Bot, 
Capbllo, Joao Carlos db Brito, Directeur de TObservatoire do Infan- 
te D. Luiz. ^scola Polytechnica, Lisbon. Meteorology and Terres- 
trial Magnetism. 
Carreiro, Bruno S. Tavares, Univ. Coimbra. C. Bot, 
Cabyalho Monteiro, Antonio Augusto de, Docteur en Droit et es 
Sciences Naturelles. Rua do Alecrim 72, Lisbon. Lepidoptera. 
C. Ex. Offers European specimens in exchange for those of Brazil, 
and Portuguese colonies in Africa. 
Chaperon, G., Poljrtec. Sch.,Place,Decazes, 40, Lisbon. 
Chofpat, Paul, Privat-docent ^ TEcole Poljrtechnique de Zurich (Suisse), 
Provisoirement attache k la section geologique. 113 Rua do Ai*co a 
Jesus, Lisbon. Geol., Pdkeo, C. Of the Jui*assic and cretaceous 
Coelho, Joseph M., Prof. Min. Polytec. Sch., Lisbon. 
CoRYo, Joao de Andradb, Prof. Polytec. Sch., Dir. Bot. Gar., Lisbon. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


CouTiiTHO, Perbira, A^c. Inst., Lisbon. Bot, C. 

Da Costa de Macedo, Dr. J. J., Listion. 

Da Costa biMOES, Dr., Prof. Phys. Uoir., Coimbra. ^ 

Dbvsau, Jules Alb2Landbb, lospecteur du Jardin Botaniqae, de l*£cole 

Polyteckoi^uts Lislwooe. Bot., BtU, C. £x. Offers plants and co- 

Icoptcra ol Portu<iral, in exchange for plants of the region of the 

DUPUT DB LA Grand 'Rive, E. rue Grande 36» Lisbon. OeoL, ColeopU 
Durand-Degrange, 28 Place Decazes, Lisbon. ifo<. 
FiCALUO, Prof. Comtc de, Lislwn. 
Fradesso da Silvbira, Dir. Observ., Lisbon. 
Freire, Antonia Castro, Univ. Coimbra. Boi, C. 
Gomes, Bernardino Uarros, Lisbon. Bot.^ C. 
Henriques, Dr. Julio A., Prof, dc Botanique k T Uniyersite' Coimbra. 

Botany. £x. plants of Portugal for the herbarium of the Botanical 

Lbtman, £. M., rue de la Belotte, l^isbon. Boi, 
Luzo DA SiLVA, Prof. AuousTO, I^jjTceum. Bot., Crypt, 
Mariz, Joaquim de. Naturalist, Coimbra. Bot, 
Meirelles Gubdes Couto Gabsido, Profi Antonio db. Coimbra. 

Mello Perbira Cacebbs, Manobl d' Albuquerque, Oporto. Bot. C. 
Hoi ler. Ad. Fr., Bot. Gar., Coimbra. Bot, C. 
MoNTEiRo, A. A. DB Carvatho, 72 Rua do Aiecrion, Lisbon. ErU. 
Newton, Isaac, Oporto. Bot.^ Crypt, C. 

Oliyeira, Jose Duartb db, Jr., £d. Hort Journal, Oporto. Bot, 
Paulino d' Oliveira, Manuel, Prof, k rUniversite. Coimbra. Ewt, 

X^, Ex. Insects of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, India, and Macon* 
Penaud, Emile, Rue de Mande, Lisbon. Bot, 
Ribeiro, Carlos, Acad. Sci., Lisbon. 
Salles Gomes Cardozo, Dr. Francisco db, Prof. PolTtec. Acad., Dir. 

Bot. Gar., Oporto. Bot, 
ScHMiTZ, £., Oporto. Bot, C. Ex. 
Smith, G. W., Oporto. 
Valois, de, Consul of France, Lisbon. 

Veioa, Estacio du, Prof Mil. Coll.. Ruedu Sacramento, 28, Lisbon. B<d, 
Villa Major, Vicomte de, Univ., Mem. Acad. Sci., Counbra. Bot, 


BRAin>ZA, Dr. D., Prof, de bot. & ITTniv., dir. du Jard. bot et Membre de 

rAcademie, Strada Font&nei, 14, Bucharest Bot. C. £x. plants 

of Roumania for others. 
FftTU, Prof. Dr. A., Univ., Dir. Bot Gar., Yassy. Bot, 
Gottbland, Andr£, Bot. Gar., Bucharest. Bot, 

Grecescu, Prof. Dr. D., Univ., Strada Diaconiselor, 8, Bucharest. Bat, 
Montandon, Arnold, Sous Administrateur du Domaine Royal, Bros- 

tcni in Folticeni, Moldavia. Ent, : Hemiptern, Coleopt., Conch, C. 

Ev. Offers Hemiptera, Coleoptera and Shells of Carpathia, hgainst 

similar specimens from all countries. 
Sabba, Prof. Stepanescu, Sti-ada Grivita, 35, Bucharest Geol.f PaUto, 

Zodl C. Shells and fossils. £x. shells of Btfumania for those of 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Adamowicz, Dr. Adam F. B. von, Prof. Emer., Wilna. 

Ahlqyist, Prof. Dr. Auouste £., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Alexandrowicz, Prof. J., Universitat, Wai-saw. Boi. 

AUERBACH, Prof, Moscow. 

Arppe, Prof. Dr. Adolph £., Universitat, Helsinjdbrs, Finland. Chem, 

Batalin, Dr. Alexander, Botanical Garden, St. Petersbui^g. Phyto^ 

Bartelsen, H. C, Botanical Gardens, St. Petershurfi^. Bot, 

Beck, Dr. Alexander, Prof, am Baitischen Polytecnnikum, Riga. 

Becker, A., Sarepta. Bot. C. 

Becker, Prof. Dr. F. J., Universitat, Helslngfors, Finland. Phyaiol,, 
Chem.f Pharm. 

BtKkTOVV, Prof. ANDRt, Uniyersitat, Dir. Botanical Gar., St. Petersburg. 
Bot, : Morphology, Phytography, 

Bblopolskt, Sternwaite, ^foscow. 

Berdaou, Prof. Dr. F., Institut Agronomique, Nouvelle-Alexandrie. Bot, 

Berg, Dr. Ernst von, Riga. 

Bial, Dr. Johannes, Uandelsfaause StoU u Schmidt, St. Petersburg. 
Analyt. Chem, 

Bidder, Prof. Dr. F. H. von, Universitat, Dorpat. Physiol,, Pathol 

Blom, £. W., Helsin<?fors, Finland. Bot, : Pharterogams. 

Bobtleff, D., Prof, der Universitat, St. Peteraburg. 

Bohtlinok, Dr. Otto, Acad., St. Petersburg. 

Bonsdorff, Dr. Evbrt-Jules, Prof. Emer. Universitat, Helsingfors, 

BoBENius, Praf. Dr. Heinrich G., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

BoROMANN, T., Privat-Docent der Universitat, St Petersburg. Phys, 

Borodin, Prof. J., St Petersburg, Bot, 

BoTHLiNGK, Otto, Imp. Acad. Sci., St. Petei-sburg. 

Bouniakofski, Victor, Vice-President Imp. Acad. Science, St. Peters- 

Brandt, Dr. Edouard, Imperial Medico-Chirurgical College, St Peters- 
burof. Ent. 

Braun, Prof. Dr. Mar, Imp. Universitat, Dorpat. Anai, 

Bredichin, Prof. Dr. Th., Director der Sternwarte, Moscow. Astronomy, 
C. Ex. Annals of the ObseiTatoiy of Moscow, 7 volumes, for pub- 
lications of American observatories. 

Brotheuus, Dr., Helsingfoi-s, Finland. 

Bruckner, Prof. Dr. Alex., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Hist, 

Brunner, Prof. Dr. Bernhard, Imp. Univ., Dorpat 

Bruttan, Andreas, Imp. Univ., Doi*pat. Bot. 

BuHRio, Dr. H., Wassili Ostrow, Koschewenn^ja Linie 36, St Petersburg. 

BuHSE, Dr., Pres. Soc. Hort., Riga. Bot, : Plants of Persia, 

Ceraski, Sternwarte, Moscow. 

Cettingen, Prof. Dr. Arthur v.. Imp. Univ., Dorpat Phys, 

Cheffkine, Gen., St Petereburg. 

Chtdenius, Pi^f. Dr. Jean Jacques, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Cronebero, Dr. Alex., Moscow. Ent., Arachnids, 

Ctbulski, H., Bot. Gar., Warsaw. Bot, 

Ctgnaeus, Dr. Fbbdxbic, Prof. Emer., Umversil&t, Helsingfors, Fin- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Dietrich, August, Reval. 

DoBROSLAV INK, Dr. ALEXIS, Prof. Imp. Med. Chir. Academie, St. Peters- 
burg. Hygiene^ Nutrition. C. £x. 

DoLOOW, W., Varoslav. Hot. 

DoNNER, Prof. Dr. Otto, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. PhiloU 

Dbaoendorff, Dr. Georg, Prof, an der Universitat, Kaiserl. Rttssisiker 
Staatsi-ath und Ritter. Pharmacy, Phyto-Chemistry, C. of the 
Univei*sity. Ex. 

Dtbowsbt, Dr. W., Niankow. MolL 

Egoroff, N., Prof, der K. Univei-sitat, "Warsaw. Physic. 

Elfving, FredriKi Privat-doccnt des Botanisclien Museums, Helsing- 
fors, Finland. Physiol. 

Elmgren, Prof. Dr. Sven-Gabriel, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Endbr, Ernst, Imp. Botanic Gardens, St. Peteraburg. iBot. 

Emgelhardt, Prof. Dr. Moritz v., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Theology. 

EsTLANDER, Prof. Dr. Charles G., Universitat, Helsingfoi*s, Finland. 

Famintzin, Prof. A., Universitat, St. Petersburg. Botany, Anatomy, 

Fischer von Waldheim, Prof. Dr. Alexander, Moscow. Bot. 

Flor, Dr. GusTAVE, Prof. Zool., Director Zool. Mus. an der Universitat, 
Dorpat. Zool. C. 

FoRSMAN, Prof. Dr. George Z., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Freudenthal, Prof. Dr. Axel-Olof, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Frosterus, Prof. Dr. J. G., Helsingfoi-s, Finland. 

FURUHJELM, Hjalmar, Director of the Corps of Mining Engineers, Hel- 
singfors, Finland. 

Gadolin, Gen. Axel, Imp. Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg. Min. 

Glasenapp, Serge von, Docent der Astronome, Dir. der Stemwaite der 
Kais. Universitat, St. Petersburg. Theoretical and Practical As- 
tronomy. C. 

Glausen, Dr. Thomas, Prof. Emer., Imp. Univ., Doi<pat. 

Gobi, Christopher, Universitat, St. Petersburg. Bot.: Morphology. 
Algse of Baltic and White Seas, Flora of Valdai HiUs, Europe and 

Golofkinsky, Prof. N., Univei-sitat, Odessa. Min. 

Greenisch, H. G., Dorpat. 

Grewingk, Prof. Dr. Constantin, Imp. Univ., Dorpat Min. 

Gruber, Prof. Dr. Wenzel, Academic, St. Petersburg. Anat. 

GusTAvsoN, Prof. Gabriel, Academic, Peti-owsk, near Moscow. Organic 

HA.LL0TEN, Prof. K. S., Helsingfora, Finland. Anat. 

Handysides, J. R., St. Petersburg. 

Hausmann, Prof. Dr. Richard, Prof. Imp. Univ., Dorpat Hist. 

Helmersen, Dr. Gregor v., Academic, St. Peteraburg. 

Helmling, Prof. Dr. Peter, Imp. Univ., DoiTpat. Math. 

Hensel, Prof. Dr. Reinhold F., Proskau. Zotil. 

Herder, Dr. F. G. von, Bot. Gardens St Petei-sburg. Bot, 

Hesehus, N., Privat-Docent der Universitat, St. Petei*sburg. Physics. 

Heyfelder, Dr. Frederick O. A., St. Petersburg. 

HiRSCHSOHN, Eduard, Dorpat. 

Hjelt., Dr.y Eduard, Docent an der Universitat, Laboratorium, Helsing- 
fors, Finland. Chem. 

HoLTZER, H., St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Ignatius, Dr. Charles E. F., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. PhiJol. 

Imschenetski, Prof. Universitat, Kardoff. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Jacubowitsch, Prof. Dr. N. von, Academie, St. Petersburg. Physiol. 

Jaesche, Dr. Emanuel, Dorpat. 

Jeremejen, p. de, Sec. Min. Soc, St. Petersburg. 

Jegobow, Tiflis, Georgia. Bot, 

JOHANSON, Mao. Edwin Adolf, CoUe^ieoassessor, Oberlehrer der Nature- 
wissenscbaften, Chemiker der Pbarm. Gesell., Redacteur der Ph. 
Inst. Woruessenski, Prospect. Haus Sky&rski, N. 31 quar, 16, St. 
Petersburg. AncUyt, Chem, 

Karsten, Dr. P'. A., Mustiala, Finland. Bot, : Mycology, 

Kasloff, Dr. NicoLAUS voN, St. Petei-sburg. 

Kauffert, B., Universitat Bot. Gardens, St. Petersburg. Bot, 

Keussler, Eduard, Kiga. 

Keyserlino, Count A. de, St. Petersburg. 

Klinge, Johannes, Dorpat. Bot. 

Knabe, C. a., Kuopio, Finland. Bot. 

Koehne, Bernhard von, St. Petersburg. 

KoKscHAROW, NicoLAUs VON, Pres. Min. Soc., St. Petersburg. 

KoscHEVNiKOFF, Prof. D., Universitftt, Odessa. Bot, 

KovALEWSKY, Prof. ALEXANDER, Universitat, Odessa. Zool. 

KowALSWSKY, Wladimir, Universitat Moscow. Geol., Paiao,^ Mam. 

Krueoer, Prof. Dr. Adalbert. Universitat, HeUingfors, Finland. Ati, 

Krutizki, p. J., Universitat. 6ot. 

Krylow, p., Bot. Gar., St. Petei-sburg. Bot. 

KuHLBERO, Ch., St. Petersburg. Cfietn, 

KiJSTER, Dr. Carl F. von, St. Petersburg. 

Laoorio, Prof. Dr. Alex., Warsaw. 

Leder, Hans, Tiflis, Georgia. MoU. 

Lemstrom, Prof. Dr. Chables-Selim, Universit&t, Helsingfers, Fin- 
land. Physics. 

Lider, Hans, Naturalist, Museum, Tiflis, Georgia. ErU.t Conch. C. 

LioiN, Valerian, Prof, ordinarius an der Universitat, Kaiserliche Uni- 
versitat, Odessa. Mechanics, 

LiNDBERG, Prof. S. O., Helsingfors, Finland. Bot. 

LiNDELoF, Dr. Laurent-Leonard, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Lindemann, Eduard, Wissenschaftlicher Secretair der Stemwarte, Pul- 
kowa, near St. Petei-sburg. Astronomy^ especially Photo-metric, 

Lindstedt. Prof. Dr. Andres, Imp. Univ., Dorpat Math,, Ast. 

LoNNROT, Dr. Elie, Prof. Emer. Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

LuDWiGS, Johann G., Dorpat. 

Macklin, Prof. F. W., Helsingfors, Finland. ZooL 

Mahl, Prof. Dr. Eduard von. Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Maklin, Prof. Dr. Frederic G., Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Malgren, Prof. Dr. ANDRt-jBAN, Universitat, Helsingfors, Finland. 

Mandelin, R. F., Dorpat. 

Maximowicz, Charles John, Ord. member Imp. Acad., and Botanist at 
Imperial Botanic Garden, St. Petersburg. Bot., Phytography and 
Phytogeography; Flora of E. and Central Asia and Russia. Ex. 
especially desired either for Academy or Botanic Gardens, from N. 
and S. America, South Atlantic States, U. S., Caiices and Salices, 
authentically named. 

Mbinshausen, Charles F., Dir. Bot. Mus., Acad. Sci., St. Petei-sburg. 
Bot.f Phytography. Flora of St. Petersburg, Carices of Russia. 

Mela, A. F., Helsin^ors, Finland. MoU. 

Mbnde, Dr. Carl von,' St. Petersburg. 

Metschnikoff, Prof. Elias, Universitat, Odessa. ZoUl. 

Meyer, Dr. Lev., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


KiDDSHDORFF, Dr. Albzandxb TOif, Geheimrath» (Ehrenmitelied der^ 

Akad. d. Wissenscb. zuSt Feienburg.) RevalT.kAllick inrurrater. 

ZooL, Ethnography. 
MiNDiNO» Pi-of. Dr. Fbbdinand, Imp. Uniy., Dorpat Math. 
MoBBRG, Pi-of. Dr. Adolph, UniverBitiU, Helsinglors, Finland. Phyfict. 
MoNT&VBKDt, N. A., St. Fetersbury. Bot. • 
MoRiTZ, Dr. Abnold, Dir. Pbys. Lab., Dorpat. Meteoroht Phya., tpec. 

Terrestrial JJagnetitm. 
MORITZ, Dr Aug., Dorpat. 

MoELLBR, Prof. Dr. Valerian von, St. Petersburg. 
MOhlan^ Prof. Dr. Ferdinand, Imp. Uniy., Dorpat TheoL 
MUhlxn, Max von Zur, Oberlchrer Ber^ TechelTer Haiu MUhlen, Dor- 
pat. ZoOl., Newroptera and Leaf wasp§. C. Ex. 
Nedzelskt, Ant., Sebastopol. Bot. 
Necoebauer, Prof. Dr. Lcowio A., Academie, Warsaw. 
Nordenskiold, Nils Karl, Direktor Meteorologische-Maffnetische 

Observatorium, Helsingfors, Finland. Meteorology mtd 'J%rrestrial 

Norrlin, Dr. JoHAN Petter, Prof, an der Uniyersitiit, Helsingfors, 

Finland. Geography and Topogrt^y of Plants, lAchenology: 

CrypUioams of Finland, especieuly HUrada. C. 
NORWICKI, Prof. Dr., Dir. Museum, Cracow, Poland. Moll. 
NOVAKOWSKY, Dr. Lbon, Dir. Tech. Schiile, Lublin. Bot.: Mycology. 
Ntlander, Pix)f. Dr. Willhelm, Universitiit, Helsingfors, Finland. 
Obttinoen, Prof. Dr. Alex., Imp. Univ., Doroat. TheoL 
Oettinoen, Dr. Arthur von. Prof, der Physik an der Universitat, Dor- 
pat. Meteoroltgy and Physical Sciences, Acoustics. 
Oettingen, Dr. (iEORO v., Prot. Emer., Imp. Univ., Doi^Mit 
Oswald, Dr. Wilhelm, Fiscberstrasse 4, Dorpat Chem., especially 

chemical oMnUy. 
Otbowski, Dr. Wladislaus, Nankow, 

Palmen, Dr. F. A., Helsingfors, Finland. Zo6l., Comp. Anat. 
Palmer, Dr. J. H., Helsiugfora, Finland. Zodl. 
Pelikan, Dr. Eugene von, St Petei-sbun^r. 
Perepelkine, Alexis, Secretaire de la Societi^ Imperiale d'Agriculture. 

Smolensky Boulevard, care of Mr. Brock, Moscow. Technical 

Petrowskt, a., Staatsrath, Postucbowski pereulok, eigenes Haus, 

Yaroslav. Bot, Systematic Morphology. C. Ex. Offers plants of 

Yaroslav, for plants of N. and Central Europe. 
Petzboldt, Dr. Alex., Prof. Emer., Mitau. 
PiHOGOPF, Dr Nicolaus von, St. Petersburg. 
Posse, C, Docent der Universitiit, St. Petersbux^. Math, 
Badde, Prof. GusTAV, Tiflis, Georgia. 

Radoszkoffski, Pros. Entomological Society, St Petersburg. 
Kegel, Dr. Eduai^d A., Wirklicher Staatsratb, Dir. dea Kais. Botani- 

schen Gartens, St. Petersburc. Bot.: Dendrology. Wishes seeds 

and bulbs of Amencan plants for the Botanical Gardens. 
IIeinhardh, Prof, Univei-sitat, Odessa. Bot. 
Renard, Dr. Carl von, Wirklicher Staatsrath, Excellenz, Vice-Prasident 

der Kaisei'Hchen Natui'foi'schenden Gesellschaft, Moscow. Nat. 

Hist., especitWj Ethnography. 
Reuter, Dr. Odo Morannal, Docent a. d. Universitat Fredsgatan, 4, 

Helsingfoi*s, Finland. Ent., especially Hemiptera, Thysdnoptera. 

C. Ex. Poduridse. Wishes specimens preserved in alcohol. 
Rether, Dr. Carl, Basseinaja 16, St Petersburg. Chirurgy. 
Rether, Dr. GusTAV, Docent der Universitat, Dorpat, (Livonia.) 

Medicine and Therapeutics, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

RUSSIA.] THE naturalists' dirbctort. 326 

RisCHAWi, Prof. L., Universitat, Warsaw. Bot, : Vegetable PhyiioL 

RoMANOWSKi, Col., School of Mines, St. Petersburg. 

Rosenberg, Prof. Dr. Alexander, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Rosenberg, Prof. Dr. Emile, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Atiat. 

RosENBERGER, O. J., RintTcn, Courland. 

Rudolph, R , Bot. Gar., Odessa. Bot. 

Russow, Prof. Dr. Edmond, Universitat, Dir. Botanical Gardens, Dor- 
pat. Bot, 

Sabanisbw, W., Yaroslav. Milacohgy, 

Saelan, Dr. Tii., Hclaiujrfors, Finland. Bot, 

Sagemehl, Maxmilian, Dorpat. 

Sahlberg, Dr. John Heinhold, Decent der Zooloone, Brnnsparken 18, 
Helsingfors, Finland. Ent, : especiallif Cohoptera and Hemiptera, 
C. Ex. Wishes Dytiscidae and Staphylinidae in exchan<;e for Arctic 
insects, especially Colcoptera, Lcpidoptera and Trichoptera. 

SCHARRER, W., Tin is, 'Georgia. Bot, 

SCHELL, Jul., Wilna. Bot. 

Schilling, G. Baron, Reval. 

Schmidt, Prof Dr. Alex., Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Physiol. 

Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Carl, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Chem. 

Schmidt, Friedrich, Academic, St. Petersburjj. 

Schone, Dr. Emil, Prot. der Chcmie an der Land-und Forstwirth- 
schaftlichen Akademie, Petrowskoye Rasumowskoye, near Moscow. 

SCHONFELDT, Dr. Ernst, Dorpat. 

SCHRENK, Dr. August vox, Dorpat. 

SCHULTEN, Dr. August, liclsin;rlors, Finland. Inoraanic Chem. 

ScHWARZ, Prof r)r. hUDWiG, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Ast, 

Scrobic'hewskt, L., Dir. Gartenbau Schule, Ouman. Bot. 

Selheim, G., iSl. Petersburg. Bot. 

Semiradzki, Joseph, Imp. yniv., Doi'pat. 

SiMONOFF, Director Dbscrvatory. Kasan. 

SiNTENis, F., Obcrlchrer Universitat, Doi-pat (Livonia). Lepid., Coleopt. 

Smirnoff, Tiflis, Georgia. 

Snellman, Prot. Dr. J W., Universitat, Ilelsinjyfors, Finland. Philos, 

SocHOTSKY, T., Prof, der Universitat, St. Petersburg. Math. 

Sohlberg. Dr. J II., Iklsin;zfors, Finland. Zool. 

Sokoloff, Observatory, Mo>tow. 

Sommek, Alfked IliciiAKD, Sc'blossbcrj?, 7, Dorpat. Zodl.^ Foraminifera. 

SoROKiN, Prof. N. \V., Universitat, Dir. Botanical Gardens, Kazan. Bot. 

Stellino, Edward, PhvMkalischcs Central-Obsci-vatorium, W. O. 23 L. 
H. 2. 8t. Petersbuiir. Meteor. 

Stephaxi, Lvdolph, 8t. Petersburg. 

Stettegast. Dr. II., Pioskau. 

Stieda, Dr. Ludvvig, Prof der Anatomic a. d, Universitat, Dorpat. 
Anatomy^ Histology, Emhryology. C. 

Struve, ()tt{). Director Observatory I^ulkowa, Academy of Sciences, St 
Petersbui«i. Astronomy. 

Sundell. Prof. A. F., Ileisingfors, Finland. Phys, 

SZEDINSZY, N., Kharkov. Bot. 

SzoKALSKi, Dr. Victor F., Warsaw. 

Talmen, Dr. J. A., Ilelsinjrloi-s, Finland. Zobl. 

Tchebichef, Academy, St. Petersburg. 

Tchebicheff, Prof Pafnutij, St. Petersburg. 

TcHiHATCHEF, Dr. Peter VON, St. Petersburg. 

Teng8Tr6m, Dr. J. M. J., Lojo, Finland. Lepid. 

TiMiRiASER, Prof. Dr. C, Akademie of Agriculture, Fetrowski, near Mos- 
cow. Physiology of plants. 

Digitized by VjU>D' 



TBAT7T8CROLD, Dr. HERMANN, Prof. Chem. und Min. Pedrowskische 
Ackerbau und Forat-Akademie, near Moscow. GeoL, Pakeo,, Min, 

Trautvetter, E. R., St. Petersburg. Bot. 

Treffner, Edward, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

Treumann, Carl, St. Petersburg. 

Unterberger, Prof. Dr. Fkibdrich, Imp. Univ., Doipat. 

Van-der-Flitt, Prof, der Universitat, St. Petersburg. Phytia, 

Verigo, Prof. ALE2LANDER, Umvereitat, Odessa. Chem. 

ViOHNiAKOV, Nicholas, Gagarinstr., Moscow. PcUao, 

VoLCK, Dr. WiLHELM, Imp. U uiv.. Dorpat. 

VoLBORTH, Dr. A. VON, St. Petersburg. 

Wainio, Dr. Edw., Docent, Uelsingfors, Finland. Lichenol.^ Topography 
of plants, Flora of Lapland, C. 

Walz, Prof. Dr. J. J., Dir. Bot. Gar., Odessa. Bot 

Weihrauch, Prof. Dr. Carl, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. Meteor,, Geom,, Phya, 

Wiedemann, Dr. Ferdinand, Academic, St. Petersburg. 

WiEZEMSTi, Prof. Dr. Adam, Imp. Univ., Dorpat. 

WiiK, Prof. Fred. Job., Hclsiogfors, Finland. Crystal., Min,, GeoL 

Wild, Dr. Heinric'b, Wirkl. Staatsratb, Mitglied der Academie der Wis- 
senschaften, und Director des pbysikal. Central-Observatoriums, St. 
Petersburg. Physics, especially Meteorology and Terrestrial Mag- 

Willebrand, Prof. Dr. Canut-Fblix db, Universitat, Helsingfors, Fin- 
land. NaL Hist, 

Winkler, Constance, St. Petersburg. Bot, 

WoEiKOF, Alex. J., Ph.D., Imp. Geog. Soc., St. Petersburg. Meteor. 

Wolff, Prof. Dr. R. Reinh., Polytechnische Schule, Riga. Bot, 

Zander, Dr. Arthur, Dorpat. 

ZiNGBR, Prof., Universitat, MOSCOW. 


Abela t Sainz de Andino, Eduardo, C. de Felipe V, 2, Madrid. 

Adan de Yarza t Torre, Ramon, Bilbao. Min., GeoL, Pakso, 

Aguas, Mariano, Segovia. 

ALBifiANA T Rodriguez, Jost, Lerida. 

Alea, Francisco, Nat. Sci. Mus., Madrid. 

Allende Salazar t Salazar, Angel, Calle de la Reina, 19, Madrid. 

Allende Salazar t Salazar, Manuel, C. de la Reina, 19, Madrid. 

Almbra, Jaime, Calle de Sellent, 3, 3.°, Barcelona. Geol 

Alonso Martinez, Adriano, Calle del Conde de Aranda, 3, Madrid. 

Alvarez Alvistdr, Louis, Agronome, Delegud du Minist^re de Fo- 

mento pour TEtude des infirmites des plantcs, de la Roval Academie 

de Sciences et lettres, Rue Alcala, 48, 3.°, Madrid. Ent. : Hymen- 

Alvarez Ardanut, Eduardo, C. de Leganitos, 1, 2.°, Madrid. 
Alvarez Garcia, Rodulfo, Aviles, Oviedo. 
Alvarez Montequin, Saturnino, Oviedo. 
Amado Salazar, Enrique, C. del Prado, 20, 2.°, Madrid. 
Amo, Dr. Mariano del, Grenada. Bot. 

Andres y Montalvo, Tom As, C. de la Cava alta, 2, 2.°, Madrid. 
ANDRfes Y Tubilla, Jose, Mayor, 118, 4.°, Madrid. 
Andr±s y Tubilla, TomAs, Sec. Soc. Linnean Matritense, C. de SanU 

Clara, 3, Madrid. Bot. 
Angoitia, FiUNCisco, C. del Arco de Santa Maria, 43, Madrid. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

spadt.] the natubalists' directoby. 827 

Anton t Fbrbandiz, Manuel, C. de Jacometrezo, 74, 2.®, Madrid. 

Antonio Ibanez, Francisco, Cartagena (Murcia). 

Arce y Jurado, Jost, C. de Recoletbs, 13, 3.°, Madrid. Bot. 

Arcimis, Auousto T., Cadiz. A$t. 

Areitio y Larrinaga, Alfonso Mar/ a de, Bilbao. Min,, Geolt PdUeo, 

AsENSio, Dr. Ildefonso, C. de las Fuentea. 6, S.**, Madrid. MalaeoL 

Asuero y Villaescusa, Dr. Vicente, C. del Principe, 15, 2.®, Madrid. 

Atienza y Silvent, Meliton. C. de la Madre de Dios, 34, Malajra. 

AuTRAN, YsiDORO, Substitut du Procureur Boyal au conseil d'Etat, 00 
Calle de Sen*ano, Madrid. Micrography, C. 

Avila, Pedro, Escorial. 

AzcArate, Prof. Casildo, C. de Serrano, 72, Madrid. Bot, 

Barandica, Torcuato, Bilbao. 

Barazona, Salvador, Carpio (Cordova). 

Barcelo y Combis, Prof. Francisco, Inst, Palma. Bot, Phy», 

Barrbdo, Emilio, Badajoz. 

Benavente, Mariano, C. de Atocha, 109, 2.*', Madrid. 

Benavides, Jose R., 0. de San Migruel, 17, Madrid. 

Berenouer, Enrique, Quijas (Santander). 

Bernat y Tabuenca, Juan, C. Mayor, 108, Madrid. 

Bofitt, Arturo, Bambla de Canatetas, Barcelona. Bot, 

Bolivar, Ionacio, Prof. d'Entomoloffie a TUniv., (Winter address) 
Atocha, 24, Madrid ; (Summer) Pinto, near Madrid. Eni., eape- 
cuMy Oi-thoptera and Hemiptera of the entire world, C- Ex. 
specimens of Spain for those of foi*eign countries. 

BoLfvAR Y .Urrutia, Josfe MARf A, C del Carbon, 2, 2.°, Madrid. 

Bol68, Ramon MARf a, Olot (Gerona). 

BoRJA, Pedro, Madrid. 

BoRRELL, Dr. Felix, Puerta del Sol, 9, Madrid. 

BoscA, Eduardo, Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle, Institnto de 2a ensefianza 
de Ciudad-Rcal. Eerpetology, Reptiles and Amphibia of the Iberi- 
an Peninsula and of the Bsdearic Isles. C. Ex. for the same from 
the region of the MediteiTanean. 

BoscA, Fernando, Valencia. Bot, 

Botella y de Hornos, Federico db, C. de San Andres, 34, Madrid. 

BouTELOU, EsTtBAN, Plaza de Santa Ana, 17, Madrid. 

Brehm, Reinaldo, Calle de Goya, 6, Madrid. Om, 

Bre^osa, Rafael, Insreniero de Montes. San Ildefonso (Segovia). 
MicrO'Uthology^ Mineralogy, Micrography, 

Srochard, Belmonte, (Cuenca). Coleoptera, 

Brunetti db Lasala, Cristina, C. de Fuencarral, HI, Madrid. 

Buergo y Campillo, Francisco, C. de la Concordia, 4, Madrid, 

Cabello-e-Ibanez, Barcelona. Chem, 

CAgeres, Francisco S. Dk, Plaza de Zurbaran,6, Seville. Bot. 

Cadevall y DiARS, Dr. Juan, Tarrasa. 

Cadrecha, Enrique, C. del Fiicar, 15, 2.®, Madrid. 

Calahorra, Benito, Soria. 

Calahorra, Enrique, Santiago de Galicia. 

Calavia. Salvador, Aranda del Conde, Madrid. Bot, 

Calderon, Jose Anoel, Corredera baja de San Pablo, 57, 2.®, Madrid. 

Calderon, Prof. Salvador, lust., Madrid. Bot, 

Calderon y Ponte, Luis, Cabue'rniga (Santander). 

Calleja y Ayuso, Francisco de la, Talavera de la Reyna. 

Calleja y Sanchez, Dr. Julian, Plaza de Matute, 9, 2.°, Madi'id. 

Campion y Aristeguieta, Ricardo, Plaza de Guipuzcoa, San Sebastian 
(Guipiizcoa). Ent. 

Campo, Enrique, C. de Gravina, 11, Madrid. 

Camfo t Fernandez, Lucas, Alcala de Henares, Madrid. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


CASfPO T Garcia, Custodio, Bielsa, (Huesca). 

Cano y Nieves, Dr. Francisco, VaUequillo, fCdrdoba). 

CAnovas, Francisco, Prof. Inst., Ix)rca. ^Polao., Bat,, Nat, Hist, 

Caramanzana, Felipe, C. dc Atocha, 109, Madrid. 

Carb^>, Prof. Dr. Narciso, Calle de Jerusalcn, 10, Barcelona. BoL 

Cakdona y Orfila, Dr Francisco. C. del Ilorno, 23, Mahon, Balearic^ 
Isles. Maiacologifs Entomology^ Palaimtohgy, C Ex. Otfew 
Mollusks, fossils and Coleoptei-a of Minorca, for those of other coun- 

Carrasco y de la Sagra, Francisco, Ai-quillbs (Jaen). 

Casa-Lorino, Marquise dc, 23 Alcaia, Madrid. 

Casal y Lois, Jose, Pontcvedra. 

Casas y Abad, Dr. Serafin, Instit., Huesca. Nat, Hiat, 

Castan, Vicente, Graus (Huesca). 

Castel, CA.RLOS, C. de Hoi-talcza, 44, 3.®, Madrid. 

Castellarnac y de Lleopart, Joaquin Maria de, Sanlldefonso (Se- 

Castro, Dr. Antonio Senen de, Cuenca. 

Castro y Duqve, Jacinto, Eseorial. Comp. Anat,, Lepid. 

Caule, Dr. H. Priato. Sta. Barbara, 7, Madrid. Moll, 

Causin, Bartolome, La Agruilera, (Burgos.) 

Cayuela, Natalio, Pamplona. 

Cervelli, Rev. P. Luis, tian Gervasio, 20, 1.®, Barcelona. Con. 

Ceryera, Rafael, Calle de Jaconietrezo, 66, 2.*, Madrid. 

Chape, Prof. Dr. Juan Bautista, Cadiz. Nat, Hist,, Bot, 

Chaves, Antonio, Bot. Gar., Barcelona. Bot. 

Chicote y del Riego, Dr. C^sar, San Bernardo, 41, Madrid. EntomoU 
oay, C. Homiptera of Europe. Ex. good native specimens for 
tiiose of Egypt and of Russia. 

CoDiNA Y Langlin, Ramon, C. de San Pablo, 70, Barcelona. 

Codorniu, Ricardo, Cartagena. Bot, 

CoLMEiRO, Prof. Miguel, Dir. Bot. Gar., C. del Clavel, 2» 3.® derccha, 
Madrid. Bot. 

CoLVE, Dr. Pablo, Plaza de Mirasol, 1, Valencia. 

CoMERMA, Andres A., Fcrrol. 

CoMPANO, Manuel, Ciudad Real. Bot, 

CoRONADO, Francisco, Calle Seri-a, 18, 2.°, Barcelona. Conch, 

Corral y Lastra, Rafael, Cudillero (Oviedo). 

Cortadelles, Jacundo, Burgos. Con. 

Cortazar, Daniel, C. del Saiici 16, Madrid. 

Cortazar de, Calle Isabel la Catolica, 2o, Madrid. GeoU 

Cortes, Balbixo, C. de Campomanes, 6, 2.°, Madrid. 

CoRTfcs, Juan Francisco, Agric. Sch., Madrid. Bot, 

Costa, Dr. Antonio Cipriano, Claris, 7, Barcelona. Prof. Emer, and 

CouDER, Gerardo, Avila. 

CuESPf, Dr. Antonio, C. de San Felipe, 4, Palma (Mallorca). Bot, 

Cruz Manso de ZufJiGA y Enrile, Victor, C. dc la Aduana, 4. Ma- 
drid. Bot. 

Cuellar y Ruiz, Majtuel, C. del Romero, 34, Cordova. 

CuESTA, Pablo, C. dc Carrctas, 9, Madrid. 

CuNf Y Martorell, Miguel, C. de Codols, 18, Barcelona. Bot., Ent, 

De Alos, Luis F., Calle Bassa S. Pedro, 31, 1.°, Barcelona. Numis. 

Db Barnola, Rafael, Calla Escedellers, 5, 7, 9, 1.°, Barcelona. Numit, 

De Belloch, Conde, Pasco de Gracia, 163, 1.°, Barcelona. 

Db Siscar y db Montolin, Ramon, Calle Puertaferessa, 21, 1.®, Barce- 
lona. Numis. 

Diaz Cubto t Tbran, Emetbrio, MoUedo (Santander). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


DiEZ Ulzurrum t Monasterio, Pablo, Imperial, 1, Madrid. 

Domingo, Francisco, liiera ilel Pino, 4, Barcelona. 

DoRBONSORO Y UcELAYETA, Behnabe, Montera, 51, 3.®, Madrid. 

£OEA T TORT03A, MArcos, Velcz-lliibio (Aluieria). 

Ehlers, \V., Bauquicr, 37 Muralla del Mar. (Bureaux 17 Plaza del R«y)i 

Cai*ta;;eQa. Entoniolotfy : ColfOptera, C. Cicindelidse and Caxabios. 

Buys and exchanges specimens of all countries. 
Ercolani, Prof. G. B., Bolo^rim. 
ESCALANTE, JosE, C. del Cubo, 8, 2.°, Santander. 
EscosuRA, Luis oe la, C. de 2^an Miguel, 11, Madrid. 
EsPADA Y Aldama, Manuel de LA, Cruz, 12, 4.0, Madrid. 
EsPEJO, ZoiLO, Dir. Bot. Gar. of Manila, C. de Fuencarral, 97, Madrid. 

Bot.^ Agnc, 
EsPLUGA Y Sancho, Faustino, Barbastro. 
EsTEBANEZ Y Mazon, Jose, SonciUo (Burgos). 
Estrada Catoyka, Domingo, Santander. 
Fabie, Antonio MARf a, C. del Principe, 12, Madrid. 
Falcon y Lorenzo, Antonio, Castelton. Bot, 
Fatigati, Prof. Serrano, Ciudad Real. Bot. 
Femenias Aledo, G., Hue Morera^, Mahon (Baleares). Botany ^ Marine 

AlgcB, C. 
Fernandez Cubsta, Nemesio, C. de Lope de Vega, 50 y 52, Madrid. 
Fernandez de Castro, Angel, Santander. 
Fernandez de Castro, ^Unuel, C. de las Infantas, 13, 3.^ Madrid. 

Fernandez, Francisco, Gna^alajara. Bot, 
Fernandez Losada, CesAreo, Plaza del Progreso, 5,2.<>, Madrid. 
Fernandez Molina, Dr. Ramon, Campanario (Badajoz). 
Fernandez y Rodriguez, Dr. Mariano, C. de Pontejos, Madrid. 
Fbrrand, Julio, Oficina del Ferrocarril de Malpartida k Plasencia, 

Valencia de Alcantara. 
Fbbrandiz, Dr. Manuel Anton, Aide-Naturaliste au Museum d'Histoire 

Naturelle, Madrid. - MoUusks^ Zodpki/tes, C. 
Ferrari, Dr. CArlos, Plaza de San Ildefonso, 7, Madrid. 
Ferrer y VinarI-a, Dr. Enrique, Univ., Calle de Ballesteros, 7, Valen- 
Florez t Gonzalez, Dr. Roberto, Escuela Normal, Oviedo. 
Foresti, Dr. Lodovico, Geolojrical Museum, Bologna. Pakso. 
FORNASINI, Carlo, Geolosrical Mu^ieum, Bologna. PaUeo, 
Fortanet, Ricardo, C. de laLibeitad, 29, Madrid. 
Galdo, Dr. Manuel Maria Jos^ de, Prof. Numeraire a Tlnstitut du 

Cardinal Cisneros. Rue d'Hoitaleza, 78, 2.® etage, Madrid. Nat» 

Hist.f Pht/siol.y Hygiene. 
Gallego y Castro, Mariano, Plaza del Cordon, 3, Madrid. 
GARCf A Cardiel, Ricardo, Travesia de San Mateo, 4, Madrid. Coleopt,, 

Dipt, of Europe. 
GARCf A Mediavilla, SALVADOR, C. de las Huertas, 78, 3.®, Madrid. 
GARCf A OchDa, Miguel, Salamanca. 

GARCf A Rfndueles, Rufo, C. del Bai*quillo, 4 y 6, 3.®, Madrid. 
GARCf A Y Alvarez, Rafael, Granada. 
GARCf A T Arenal, Fernando, Gijon. 
Gennari, Patrwio, Prof. R. Univ., Cagliari. Bot. 
Ghersi, Trancisco, Cadiz. Bot. 

Gil y Flores, Manuel, Lorencade Tajuna (Guadalajara). Geol, Bot. 
GiMENO Brun, Ricardo, C. de los Avellanos,.3, Burgos. 
GoGORZA Y Gonzalez, Jose, C. de Claudio Coello, 38, 4.**, Madrid. 

Ent.f Hymenopt. 
Gombz Pamo, Dr. Juan Ramon, Santa Isabel, 5, Madrid. 

Digitized by CjOO^IC 


GoMBZ T GARcf A, Manuel, C. del Arenal, 18, Madrid. 

GrONZALEZ Arias, Anastasio, LiUo. 

Gonzalez t Canales, Prof. Dr. Vincente, Dii*. Bot Gar., Santiago. 

Bot., Nat, Hist. 
Gonzalez de Velasco, Eduardo, Oviedo. 
Gonzalez de la. Pena, Pablo. Dir. Agric. Sch., Madrid. Boi, 
Gonzalez Frades, Luis, Ovieao. 
Gonzalez Mariano, Agric. Sch., Madrid. Bot, 
Gonzalez Marti, Dr. Ionacio, Encomienda, 9, Madrid. 
Gonzalez Velasco, Dr. Pedro, Mus. Antropol., Madrid. 
GoNZALO T Goya, Anoel, Plaza de la Verdura, 7, Salamanca. 
GoRRiz, RiCARDO, Pamplona. Ent, : Coleopt, 
GoRRiz T Mu^oz, RiCARDO Jost, Milagro (Navarra). 
Gra2lls, Dr. Mariano de la Paz, Profesor de Anatomia Comparada v 

Fisiologia, Consejero d'iustruccion publica. Calle de la Bota, z, 

Madrid. Comparative Anatomy^ Physiologyt ZoSlogy, Botany^ 

Entomology, C. Ex. 
Grbbnhill, TomAs Arturo, C. de Serrano, 40, Madrid. 
Greus y Martinez, Dominoo, Plaza de Santa Catalina, Valencia. 
GuiRAO Y Navarro, Anoel, C. del Prado, 24, Madrid. 
Gutierrez de la Vega, Jos&, C. de Espoz y Mina, 3, Madi'id. 
HsREpiA, RiCARDO, Paseo de la Fuente Castellana, Hotel mlm. 16, 

Hernandez MuSoz, Antonio, C. de Peligros, 6, Madiid. 
Herrero, Eusebio, C. de Alcala, 49, Madrid. 
Herreros, Francisco Manuel de los, Palma. 
Hidalgo, Dr. Joaquin G., Huei-tas, 36, 2.°. Madrid. MoU, 
HontaSon, Dr. Leopoldo, C. de Hernan-Cortes, 2, Santander. 
Hysern, Joaquin, Calle del Prado, 20, Madrid. 
iBAf^BZ, Francisco Antonio, Muralla del Mar, 43, Cartagena. Bot.^ 

Iglesia, Dr. Santiago de la, Calle Real, 78 pral, Ferrol. Ent,, Conch, 

C. Ex. Coleoptera and shells. 
ISJarra y EcHEVERRf a, Fermin, C. del Barco, 6, 3.®, Madrid. 
Inchaurrandieta, Rogelio, C. de la Princesa, 7, Madrid, ifm., OtoL 
Ingunza, Ramon, Plaza de Santa Ana, 5, Madrid. 
IzQuiERDO, Joaquin, Granada. 
Jimenez de la Espada, MArcos, C. de Claudio Coello, 38, 2.°, Madrid. 

Mam.f Om.f Reptiles and Batrachians, 
Jimenez de Pedro, Justo, C. de Atocha, 103, principal, Madrid. 
Jimenez y Jimenez, Dr. Jose, Alboj (Almeria). 
Lacasa, Manuel, Vera (Almeria). Geol, 
Lacoizqueta, Josfe MARf A DE, Navarte (Navarre). Bot. 
Laffite y Ovineta, Vicente, C. de Ponteios, 6, 3.°, Madrid. 
Laguna, MAximo, C. del Clavel, 2, 3.°, Madrid. Bot, 
Landa, Nicasio, Pamplona. 
Landerer, Jose J., Tortose (Tarragone). Geol, {Sidereal), Ptikeo, C. 

Lara, Jost Perez, Jerez de la Frontera. Bot, 
Larrin^^a y Azcona, Dr. Angel, C. de Legazpi, 1, 2.^, San Sebastian 

(Guipiizcoa). Coleopt. 
LaviSa, Federico, C. de Villalar, 6, 2.°, Madrid. 
LA.ZAR6 t Ybira, Dr. Blas, Prof, en Ciences, Calle de Embajadores, 

50, pral, Madrid. Bot., especially of Spain, C. Ex. with Euro- 
Lanzarote, Joaquin, Proprietaire, Commandeur, San Judas, 3, ^urcia. 

General Sciences, Agric, 
XiiTRAN Y Lopez, Jos&, Almeria, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


LizAMBABD, ABBt, Consulat de France, San Sebastian. Ent.: Coleopt. 

LrOBiANA T Aix)N80, ViNCENTE, Alcala, 3, Madrid. 

Lopez db Quintana, Diego, C. de la Independencia, 8, 3.*', Zaragoza. 
Min., GeoL 

XiOPEZ DB SiLVA, EsTtBAN, C. de Leganitos, 46, Madrid, 

Lopez D6rioa, Jose, Oviedo. 

Lopez Lezcano, Francisco, C. de Carretas, 9, 3.°, Madrid. Coleopt, 

Lopez Seoane, Dr. Victor, Ancien Prof. d'Histoire Naturelle, Phisiqae 
et Chimie, Coruna. Reptiles, Batrachians, Insectt, Shells, and plants 
of Europe. C. Ex. 

Lopez Vidaur, Aurelio, Santander. 

Lopez t Bibnert, Guillermo, Cartagena. 

Loscos, Francisco, Castelser^. Bot. 

LozANO, IsiDORO, C. de la Peninsular, 9, 4.*', Madrid. 

LozoTA, MARQuts DE, Plaza de San Pablo, Segovia. 

Lle6, Antonio Mar/ a, Valencia. 

Machado, Prof. Dr. Antonio, Dir. Bot. Gar., Seville. Bot,, Nat Bist, 

Macho de Velado, Jer6nimo, Santiago de Galicia. 

Mac-Lennan, Jos£, Portugalete (Bilbao). 

Macpherson, Joseph,? Rue Fernando el Santo, Madrid. Petroffrapky. C. 

Macpherson, William, British Vice-Consul, British Legation, or Calle 
Vernando el Santo, 7, Madrid. Prehistoric Arch, and Min, 

Madrid t Moreno, Jos&, Huertas, 63, 2.°, Madrid. 

Madariaoa t Regil, Julian, Plaza de lalndependencia, 9 y 10, Madrid. 

Madrazo, D. Fernando de, C. de San Bernardino, 10, Madrid. 

Maffei, Eugenio, C. de Mendizabal, 2, Madrid. 

Mallada, Lij'Cas, C. de San Vicente, 40, Madrid. 

Manzoni, a., Bologna. Fossils, 

Marin t Sancho, Francisco, C. del Viento, 3, Madrid. 

Martin, Antonio, Calle del Osario, 9, Cordova. 

Martin Sanchez, Enrique, Castellon. 

Martin del Amo, Eduardo Jacobo, C. de Alfareros, 15, Valladolid. 

Martin de Argenta, Vicente, C. de Hortaleza, 86, Madrid. 

Martinez AS^ibarro Rives, Dr. Jost M., Lain Cairo, 20, Biirgos ; also, 
Haro (Logrono). Philosophy, 

Martinez, Luis Arcadio, Huelva. 

Martinez Canada, Andr^is, C. de Saurin, 4, Murcia. Om,, Mai., Min, 

Martinez de Pison, Venancio, C. de Preciados, 6, 2.°, Madrid. GeoL, 

Martinez Molina, Rafael, C. de Atocha, 133, Madrid. 

Martinez Vigil, Ramon, des Fr^res Precheurs, Procurador General de 
la Orden de Pi*edicadores, Pasion, 15, Madrid. Bot, C. of the Vt&r 
versity of Manila. Ex. shells. 

Martinez t Angel, Antonio, C. Mayor, 114, 3.®, Madrid. 

Martinez y Martinez, FiLix, Mogente, Valencia. 

Martinez t Saez, Francisco db Paula, Catcdr^tico de ZoografTa de 
los Vei'tebrados en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad, Plaza 
de los Ministerios, 5, 3.° izquierda, Madrid. Coleoptera of the Medi- 
terranean basin, C, Ex. Desires specimens not already in collec- 

MARTf T DE Llbopabt, Francisco MARf A DE, C. del Bruch, 4, Barce- 

Martorell, Dr. Francisco, Rambla de Sta-Mdnica, 33, 1.^, Barcelona. 

Martorell t Cuni, Jer6nimo, C. de Serra, 18, 2.®, Barcelona. Agric, 

Martorell t PeSta, Manuel, Rambla de Santa Monica, 33, 1.®, Barce- 
lona. Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Eymenoptera, Orthoptera, Lepid., 
Diptera, C. Ex. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Masfekrer t ARQUiBfBAU, Dr. Ramon, Flazs de Don Miguel, 1, piso 
2.0, Catalonia (Vich). Bot. C. 

Matoroa y Garcia, Antonio, C. Mayor, 43, Madrid. Bot. 

Mazarredo, Carlos de, Ingeniero de Monies, Almirante 2 caadro., 2.°, 
izqda., Madrid. Arachnida and Mtfriapoda. 

Menendez y Fernandez, Fernando, Travesia del Conservatorio, 7 y 9, 

Mercado y Gonzalez, Dr. Matias, Nava del Rev, (Valladolid). EnUt 
especially Coleopt. of Spain and Portugal, C. Ex. Coieoptera of 
Spain, for European. 

MiRA Y Rico, Gaspar, FuencaiTal, 14, Madrid. 

MiKALLES DE IMPERIAL, Clemente, Plaza de Ramiro, 3, Alicante. 

Miranda y Eguia, Genaro de, Oviedo. 

Mir y Navarro, Manuel, Barcelona. 

MoJADos, PJduardo, Prof. Min., and Geol. C. de Valverde, 30 y 32, 3.®, 

MoMPo Y ViDAL, Vicente, Albacete. Om. 

MoNJO MoNJO, Prof. P., Place Principe, Mahon. Mollusks, 

MoNSALUD, Marques de, AInieudialejo (Badajoz). Agric. 

MoNTSERRAT Y Archs, Juan, Scc. Bot. Soc, C del Hospital, 47, Barce- 
lona. Bot, 

Mora, Manuel, C. de las Cortes, 28, Caceres. Coleopt. 

MoRAGAS Ucelay, Ricardo, LiUo. 

Moraoues, Fernando, Palma. Coleopt. 

Moreno, Prof. Euoenio Prieto, Ag:ric. Sch., Madrid. 

Moreno y Espinosa, Luis, C. de Claudio Coello, 38, Madrid. 

Moreno Nieto, Jost, Univ., C. de San Marcos, 26, 3.^, Madrid. 

MORIANA, CoNDE DE, Las Fi*aguas (Reinosa). 

MuLLER, Daniel, Pasco Gracia 123, 4.°, Barcelona. Ent. : Coleopt. 

Mu5loz CoBO Y Arredondo, Luis, Jaen. 

MuSoz DEL Castillo, Dr. Jose, Prof, k la Faculty des Sciences de 
rUnivei*site, Alfonso 1.°, 43, 20, Sara^osse. Atnpehgraphy, 

MuSoz y Frau, Jose MARf a, C. de San Bernardo, 75, Madrid. 

MuRGA, GoNZALO DE, C. dc la Libertad, 29, Madrid. 

Nieto y Serrano, Dr. Mat/as, Ronda dc Recoletos, 11, Madrid. 

NoRALEDA, Bernardino, Universidad, Manila. Gen. IScience. 

Obrador, Pedro Antonio, Palma. 

Ola VIDE, Jose, C. de Jacometi-ezo, 45, Madrid. 

OSate, Condesa de, C. Mayor, 4, Madrid. 

Ordonez, Valeriano, Badajoz. 

Orio, Prof. Dr. Antonio, Madrid. Bot., Min. 

Ortiz y Landauri, Antonio, C. de Bailen, 6, Caballerizas, Madrid. 

Orueta, Domingo, Cortina del Miielle, 65, Malaga. 

OsES Y EzTERRiPA, Blas, C del Sauco, 16, 3 °, Madrid. 

Palacios y Rodriguez, Josede, Plaza de Santa Ana, 11, Madrid. 

Palou y Flores, Eduardo, C. de la Manzana, 4, 2.°, Matlrid. ^ 

Parada, Adolfo, C. dc San Fernando, 8, Jerez de la Frontera. 

Pardo y Moreno, Eduardo, Murcia. 

Paredes y Guillen, Ramon, Caceres. 

Pastor, Pi-of. Dr. Pascual, Dir. Bot. Gar., Rue St. Michel, 12, Vallado- 

Pedrals y Moline, Arturo, Calle Aucha, 7, 4.°, Barcelona. Ntmiis. 

Pereda y Martinez, Sandalio de, C. dc la Ballesta, 1, Madrid. 

Perez Arcas, Laureano, C. de las Hucrtas, 14, 3.°, Madiid. Coleopt. 
of Europe. 

Perez" de Arce, Facundo, Guadalajai-a. 

Perez db Arrtlucea, Andres, Cameras (Logrono). 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Perez Hernandez, Enrique, Calle de la Colegiata, 7, 2®, Madrid. 
Perez Maeso, Jose, Mem. Nat. Hist. Soc., C. dc Quintaua, 8, 3.°, 

Madrid. Bot. 
Perez Minguez, Pi-of. Dr. Luis, Valladolid. Bo^, Nat. Hist. 
Perez Moreno, Andres, C. dc Ljpganitos, 2, Madrid. 
Perez del Molino, Lduardo, Ton-elavega (Santander). 
Perez Ortego, Dr. Lnkique, C. dc AtocUa, 36, Madrid. 
Perez 8 an Millan, Mauricio, Biir^os. 
Peronen, Tomas, bail Gabriel, Manila. 


Planellas Giralt, Dr. Jose, Dir. Bot. Gar., Barcelona. Nat. Eiit., 

Plans, Fructuoso, C. de Claris, 6, 4.® Barcelona. 

PoMATA ET GisBERT, Eladio, Oficier 3e du corps de Topoprraphes, Jef 
au jour d'hiii de la 37o bri<rade topogimphique d'£8pa<rne. (Ambu- 
lant) Perite a;irononie et Maitrc en construction des edifices priv^s. 
Polan, (Toledo). Minerahgy, Oeol., Bot. C. Ex. Desires en- 
graved lithogi-aphs of natural-histoiy objects and botanical speci- 

POMBO, Antonio, C. del Area, 1, 2.°, Vittoria. 

Pons t Soler, Juan, Mabon. Conch^logy, Palaontohmf. C. Ex. 
Sliells of Europe and fossils of Minorca, for sbells of aU the world 
and ancient rocks. 

Pbado, Norbeuto, Univcrsidad, Manila. Gen. Science. 

Prieto y Cai'les, Francisco, C. de Kelatores, 18, 2.°, Madrid. Geol.^ 

Prieto y Prieto, D. Manuel, C. del Turco, 8, 3.°, Madi-id. Zo67., 
Comp, Annt.f Physiol. 

Prolongo, Dr. Pablo, Malaga. Bot. 

PuiGGARi, Juan, Baicelonu. Bot. 

Puig y Larraz, Gabrii l, C. de Pavia, 2, 2.®, Madrid. 

SUIR06A Y Rodriguez, Francisco, C. de Goya, 19, 4.®, Madrid. 
AMON Gomez Pa mo, Juan, Pros. Soc. Linnean Matritse, Madiid. 
Ramos, Siro, Pasco del Obelisco, 3, Madrid. 
Ramos y MuSoz, Josi:, C. de Pontejos, 6, 3 ®, Madrid. 
RiBERA, Emilio, C. dc Chofrcns, 1, 3.°, Valencia. 
RiBERA, Marques de la, C. de Serrano, 6, 2.°, Madrid. Aftn. 
Rico Y JiMEXO, Tom As, Cornna. Gtol. 
RiviLLA, Julian, Universidad, Manila. Gen. Science, 
RocA Y Carchan, Ignacio, Calle (iijrantes, 6, 2.®, Barcelona. Eni. 
RoCA Y Vecino, Dr. Santos, Puerta de Segovia, 1, Madrid. Min., Zodl. 

C. Ex. minerals of Spain for those of other countries. 
Rodriguez de ('epeda, Antonio, Valencia. 
Rodriguez Carracido, Jose, C. del DesenpraHo, 10, Madrid. 
Rodriguez Femenais, Jean J., Rue Ysabel H., 2.° 46, Mahon (Baleares). 

Botany : Phanerogams and Marine Alga. C. Ex. Algae. 
Rodriguez Ferrer, Miguel, C. de la Cruz, 42, 3.®, Madrid. 
Rodriguez Mourelo, Jose, C. de Boi-dadores, 3, Madrid. 
Rodriguez Pumariega, Ulpiano, Aviles, (Oviedo.) 
RoiG Y. Torres, Prof Rapha£l, Barcelona. Phys, 
Romeo, Pedro, Huesca. 

Romero y Alvarez, Julian, C. del Homo dc la Mata, 5, Madrid. 
RuBio, Dr. Federico, C. de Alcala, 57, Madrid. 
RuBio, Jacobo MARfA, Ronda de Recoletos, 11, Madrid. 
Ruiz Casaviella, Juan, Liccnciado en Pharmacien, Pamplona, Capar- 

roso, (Navarre.) Botany^ especially plants of Nata^re, C. 
Ruiz Madrid, Luis, C. de Juan de Diosi, 4, 2.®, Madrid. 
Ruiz db Salazar, Emilio, C. del Homo de la Mate, 12, 2.°, Madrid. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Saatbdra, Eduardo, C. de San Joaqnin, 14, Madrid. 

Sainz Gutibrrbz, Pedro, Cateoratica de Organografia j Fisiologia vege- 

tatenlaFacultas de Ciencias Salud, 11, 3.°, Madrid. Bot, C. Plants 

of Spain. Ex. 
Balarich t Jimenez, Jost, C. del Progreso, 1, Yich. 
Salazar de Perez de Castro, Snu Dof^A Paz, Calle de las Huertas, 6t, 

Sanchez Comendador, Prof. Antonio, Universidad, Barcelona. Math,f 

Sanchez Merino, Ramon, C. de Espoz 7 Mina, 9, 2.^, Madrid. 
San Martin, Basilio, Plaza de Celenque, 3, Madrid. 
8anti8t£ban, Mariano, Istitutio, Travesia del Fucar, 14, Madrid. 
Sanz, Prof. Serafin, Dir. Bot. Gar., Grenada. Bot.^ Nat. Hist. 
Sanz de Diego, Jose, Prof., C. de San Bernardo, 15, Madrid. Math, 
Sanz de Diego, Maximino, Naturaliste, Justa, 7, 2.°, Madrid. General 

Nat. Hist. Buys, sells, or exchanges Nat. Hist, objects. 
Saura, Santiago Angel, C. del Duque de la Victoria, 14, Barcelona. 

Ent.j Malacol. 
Secall t Inda, Jost, Salamanca. 
Sbbbold, Tbodoro, Apartado, 5, Bilbao. Lepidoptera, especially 

Miero-lepidoptera. C. Ex. European specimens for those of N. 

Sbp^lybda, Jost, Humanes. 
Sbpi^lybda y Lucio, Fernando, Licenciado en Farmacia, Plaze 6, Far- 

macia. Villa de Brihucga, Guadalajara. Botany. C. Ex. 
Sbrrano Fatigati, Enrique, C. de Leganitos, 35, Madrid. 
Serrano, Dr. Matias N., Madrid. 

SiLVELA, Luis, Univei-sidad, C. de Pizarro, 19, 2.**, Madrid. 
Socorro, Marques del, Academia de Ciencias, C. de Jacometrezo, 41, 

Solano t Eulatb, Jost Mar/ a, C. de Jacometrezo, 41, Madrid. Min.^ 

SoTOMATOR, Manuel, C. del Ave-Maria, 12, Madrid. 
SUAREZ, Sergio, C. del Prado, 3, 2.<>, Madrid. Bot.^ Ent. 
SuAREZ Inclan, Julian, Ronda. 
SURBDA Y Villalonga, Juan, Palma. Geol. 
Taboada de la Rita, Marcial, C. de las Infantas, 11, 3.^, Madrid. 
Tellez t Vicen, Juan, C. de Tintoreros, 3, Madrid. 
Texidor, Dr. Juan, Barcelona. Bot. 

TORREPANDO, Le Comte de, C. de Gi-avina, 20, 2.o, Madrid. Bot. 
ToRTOSA Y Picon, Mariano, Oviedo. 
ToRNOS, Li5cA8 DE, C. de los Reyes, 20, 2.°, Madrid. 
TRtMOLS, Frbderico, Catedratico de Quimica, Calle de Cortes, 214, 

Barcelona. Botany. C. 15,000 specimens of herbs. Ex. 
Ubach y Soler, Antonio, Tarrasa. 
Uhagon, Federico de, Marquina, Vizcara. 
Uhagon, Pedro Pascual de, C. de San Bartolom^, 7, 9 y 11, 3.^, 

Uhagon, Rodrigo de, C. de Jorge Juan, 7, Madrid. 
Uhagon y Vedia, Serafin de, Membre fondateur de la Soci^te Espa- 

gnole d*Histoire Naturelle de Madrid. Tresorier de la meme So- 

cidte, Membre des Soci^t^s Entomologiques de France et de Berlin, 

et de la Soci^te' Entomologique Allemande. Calle de Jovellanos, 7, 

Madrid. Entomology. C. Coleoptera of Europe and of the basin 

of the Mediterranean, especially of Spain. Ex. 
VALDts Y Pajares, Juan, C. de la Amnistia, 12, 2.^', Madrid. Om. of 

Valero y Castbll, Blas, Bot Gar., Valencia. Bot. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

sincDBN.] THE naturalists' directort. 335 

Vallduvi t Vidal, Francisco, C. de la Luna, 36, 3.**, Madrid. Hymen- 

Vaixb y Ortega, TomAs, C. delCaballero de Gracia, 24, 3.*S Madrid. 
Vallejo y Pando, Luis, Baeza. 

Vayreda y Vila, Estanislao, Besalil, Sap:ar6 fGerona). Bot. 
Vazquez y Lopez Amor, Antonio, C. de la Biblioteca, 2, Madrid. 
Velaz de Medrano, Fernando, Soria. 
Vergara, Mariano, Avocat, ex. Depute', ex. Prefet, Barquillo, 34 dn- 

plicado, principal, isquierdo, Madrid. General Sciences, Agriculture, 
Vicente, Nemesio, Fen-ol. 

Vicuf^A, GuMERSiNDO, C de San Agustin, 10, 3.°, Madrid. 
Vidal, Dr. Ignaz, Prof. Univ., Valencia. Physiol, 
ViDAL Y Quadras, Manuel, Calle Cristina, 1, 2.®, Barcelona. Numie. 
Vidal t Soler, Sebastian, Manila. 
Vrfe, Louis, Nat. Sci- Mus., Matlrid. 
ViBiTES DE Andradb, Vincente, Juez de 1* instancia, como idica la 

adjunta faja impresa, Barbastro. Zodloay. 
Vigil Llano, Wenceslao, Soto del Barco (Oviedo). 
ViLANOVA Y PiERA, Josfe, C. del Gobernador Viejo, 7, Valencia. 
ViLANOVA Y PiERA, JuAN, C dc Sau Vicente, 12, Madrid. Geol.f Paleo. 
Vincent, Pascual, Con-edei-a Baja de San Pablo, 22, Madrid. 
Vincente, Nemesio, Ingeniero de la Armade, Cartagena. 
VizCARRONDi, Julio, 4 Calle del Soldado, Madrid. 
Wagner, Eugenio, C. de San Quintin, 6, Madrid. 
Xayier de Castro, Pi-of. Dr. Francisco, Madrid. Bot, 
YaSez, Dr. Teodoro, Universidad, C. de la Magdalena, 19, Madrid. 
Zapater y Gomez CoRDOsts, Ildefonso, Teruel. 
Zapater y Marconell, Bernardo, Alban-acin. Lepid., Bot. C. 
Zaragoza, Justo, C. de Campomanes, 4, 2.°, Madrid. 
Zimmerman, Augusto, C. de SeiTano, 82, Madrid. 
ZubIa, Prof. Ildbfonso, Istitutio, C. Mayor, W, Logrono. Bot., Hist, 


Abelin, Prof. Hjalmar A., Stockholm. 

Aberg, a. K., Carol. Inst., Stockholm. Histoid 

Adlerz, E., Upsala. Bryol. 

Adlerz, Gottfrid a., Upsala.- Ent. 

Agardh, Dr. Jacob G., Prof. Bot. Univ., Lund. 

Ahlberg, Dr. N. P., Univ. Bot. Gar., Upsala. Bot. 

Ahlner, Kl., Wexio. Algology. 

Ahlrot, Albert J., Kalniar. Ent. 

Ahrling, Dr. EwALD, Arboga. Botany, 

Akerman, a. R., Tech. Inst., Stockholm. Mining, 

Almbn, Prof. Dr. August, Roy.. .Univ., Upsala. Jded, Chem. 

Almquist, S., Lektor. Joh. O. Kyrkogata, 22, Stockholm. Botany, 

Lichens of the family of Graphidse, Japanese Lichens, and Swedish 

Uieracse. C. Ex. 
Alstromer, p. J. N. O., Freiherr. Grubeningenieur, Gefle. Geology and 

Anderson, Dr. F., Halmstad. Nat. Hist. 
Andersson, Dr. A. E., Kristianstad. Nat, Hist. 
Andbrsson. Carl G.. Sater. Ent. 
Angstb5m, Canutus, Asst. Phys. Cabinet, Upsala. Phys, 
AREacHOUG,Dr. J.E., Prof. Emeritus, Univ. Upsala, Stockholm. Bot. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Arkarchona, Jakob W., Lyckeby. Ent. 

ARB8CHOUO, Prof. Dr. Frbdbkik wilhelm Christian, Direc. Bot Gar., 

Lund. Bot. 
Arnbll, Dr. H. WiLH., Hemisand. Bryology, C. Ex. 
Arrbenius, JProf. John, bee. Boy. A<fric. Acad., Stockholm. Agrie. 


Attbrbbro, Dr. Albert, Vorstelier der Chemischen Station fur Land- 

wiilhsehaft und Gewcrbe, Kalinar. Chemistry, 
AuRiviLLius, Carl, Up^mla. yoiil. 
AuRiviLLius, Christopher, Acad. Sci., Stockholm. Ent, 
AXELL, S., Sundsvall. Bot,, Phytiol, 

Baakluno, Prof. Dr. Albert Victor, Roy. Univ., Lund. Mech, 
Baobr, Ernst, Malnio. EtU. 
Bero, Dr. Thbodorb F., Stockholm. 
Berobndahl, Dr. D., Lund. Bot, 

Berobr, Dr. Alexander Fredrik, Hoy. Univ., Upsala. iltdh. 
Berooren, Prof. Dr. Sven, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Bot. 
Bbrolund, Dr. Emil, Tech. lust., (iotheborjf. Vhem, 
Bergman, Dr. F. A. G., Docent, Up-^ala. Epidemio ogy, 
Bbrgstrand, Prof. Dr C. £., Voi*stehcr der AKricultuiThemischen und 

physiolo«fischcn Versiichs-Anstalt hei der K, Akademie der Land- 

wirthschatl, Stockholm. AgricvLural Chemistry. 
Berlin, Dr. Mac. Juukoping. S^tU, hist. 
Berlin, Nils J., Stockhohn. 

Billberoh, Lcc. Dr. Tiiure, Westerns. Phys., Math. 
Bjorlino, Prof. Dr. Charles F. E-, Roy. Univ., Lund. Math, 
Blix, Carl A., Carol lust , Stockholm. Pathol. , Anut. 
Blix, Dr Magnus Gustav, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Phy8. 
Blomberg, Dr. Albert, Stockliolm. Geol. 

Blombbrg, Olop Gotthard, Pastor, St. Sundby. Lichenology. C. Ex. 
Blomstrand, Prof. Dr. Christian Wilhelm, Roy. Univ., Lund. Chem. 
BOMAN, Capt. Claes Eric, New Polvtechuicum, Malmo. Math,, Phys. 
Bortzell, ^Vlex., Stockholm. Geol 
BovALLius, Dr. Carl, Roy. Univ., Upsala. " Carcinology, Comp. Emb, 

C. Ex. Scandinavian and Moll, for AmpLipoda, etc. 
Bowman, C. E., Tech. Inst., Malmo. Phys. 
BrostrqM, C. M., Upsala. Alqology, 
Brunnstrum, Dr. J. A., Karlshumu. Nat. Hittt. 
Brusewitz, Emil, Mint, Stockholm Chem., Metal, 
Bruzelius, Dr N. G., Rec. Schol., Ystad. EthnoU 
Busch, T. a. W., Soderkiipiuij:. Mining. 
Carlbbro, p. M., Stall Jalen. Mining. 
Carlson, A. F., Skane. Ent. 
Carlsson, Victor, Stockholm. Geol. 
Carpelan, Gustap T., Stockholm. Ent. 
Cbobrstrom, Dr. Carl, Freiherr, Rittergutsbesitzer, Carlstad. ZoGlogyt 

Archctology, Ethnography. C. 
Ceiller, D. C, Kopparberjj. Metallurgy, 
Christensen, R., Univ. Lund. Bot. 
Claesson, Dr. John Peter," Roy. Univ., Lund. Chem, 
Clason, Prof. Dr. Claes Herman, Roy. Univ., Upsala. Anat,^ Biti, 
Clason, Prof. Edward, Upsala. Annt., lliaf, 
Cleve, Dr. P. T., Prof. Chem., Roy. Univ., Upsala. Chem, 
Collin, Prof. Johan G., Norrkjoping. 
COLLINDER, E., Sundsvall. Bryology, 
Cramer, Dr. H. J., Visby. Nat. Hist. 

Cronvall, Dr. Alex. Jitltus Alexander, Linkoping. Meteo, 
Cronandbr, Dr. A. W., Upsala. Chem. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CuRiCAN, Prof. Dr. Carl, Boy. Med.-Chi. Inat., Stockholm. Meteor, 

Dahlander, Prof. Dr. 6. R., Polytechnicum, Stockholm. Phya,, tpee. 

Dahlandbr, Prof. Gustaf B., Stockholm. 

Dahm, Oscar £. L., Kalmar. Ent. 

Dal&n, Dr. J. E., Ostersund. Nat, Hist, 

Dauo, Prof. Dr. Herman Thbodor, Boy. TJniT., TJpsala. Math, 

De Geer, G., Upsala. Oeol, 

De Laval, Dr. Patrick, Stockholm. Malacology, 

Dellyik, C. a., Stockholm. Metal, 

DiLLNBR, Prof. Dr. Goran, Boy. Univ., Upsala. Math, 

Dub EN, Prof. Gustaf W. J. von, Stockholm. 

DuNER, Dr. Nils Christofbr, Observator, Lund. Astronomy, 

DuSEN, K. F., Asst. Hot. Gardens, Upsala. Bot, : SphaanaceiB, C. Ex. 
fine specimens of Scandinavian Sphagnacese for others. 

Edoren, Dr. Per Adolf, Sodra Humle^lrdsgatan, 10, Stockholm. Ent, 

Edlund, Prof. Dr. E., Dir. Konigl. Academic der Wissenschafben, Drott- 
ninggatan, 94. Stockholm. Physics^ Elect, 

EooBRTZ, Carl M. U., Karlskrona. Ent. 

EooERTZ, Victor, Prof, und Vorstcher der Konigl. Bergschole. Stock- 
holm. MetaLf Chem. 

Ekbbbro, Hans J., Gotheborg. Ent.^ Moll, 

Ekelund, Prof. Adam W., Unlv. Lund. 

Ekholm, Nicolaus Gustav, Asst. Meteo. Observ^ Upsala. Meteor, 

Ekman, Fredrik Laurenz, Prof. Tekniska Ilb'gskolan, Stockholm. 
Chem,, TechnoLf Hydrography, 

Ekstrand, Dr. akr Gerhard, Uoy. Univ., Upsala. Chem. 

Ekstrand, Lee. Dr. Charles Bichard, Polytechnicum, Gothenburg. 

Ekstrand, E. V., Upsala. Bryology, 

Enell, Henrik, Apotheker, Drottning»itan, 71 A., Stockholm. Chem. 

Enostrom, Dr. B. A., Kalmar. Nat, Hist. 

Engstr5m, Folks August. Licentiat, Amanuens., Lund. Ast, 

Erdmann, Edvard, State Geologist, Amanuensis of the Geol. Museum, 
Geological Bureau, Stockholm. Geol. (Coal Mines and Quater- 
nary deposit-s.) 

Eriksson, G., Stockholm. Bot, 

Eriksson, Dr. Jac, Boy. Acad. Agricul., Stockholm. Bot. 

EUREN, Prof., Upsala. Invert, 2^. 

EuRENius, Lee. Dr. Axel Gustav Julius, Polytechnicum, Norrkjoping. 

EwERT, Lee. Dr. Axel Wilhelm, Polytechnicum, Gotheborg. Chem. 

Fagerholm, Lee. Dr. John Alfred, visby. Phys., Math, 

Fahrcbus, Olof T., late Minister Interior, Stockholm. Ent. 

Falk, Dr. Matths, Boy. Univ., Upsala. Math, 

Fernqvist, Eric Bern