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Full text of "The Ohio blue book; or, Who's who in the Buckeye state; a cyclopedia of biography of men and women of Ohio"

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The Ohio Blue Book 




Who's Who in the 
Buckeye State 

A Cyclopedia of Biography 

of Men and Women 

of Ohio 


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Compiled under the direction of 

C. S. VAN TASSEL, Toledo, Ohio 




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p||^|||T|HE Cyclopedia of Ohio Biography issued under the title of 
"The Ohio Blue Book or Who's Who in the Buckeye State" 

tH fflli ' S k e li evg d to k ^ e most successful work of this character ever 
^ ^^ issued on any State in the Union. 

I The idea is to produce a valuable book of reference giving concise 

biographical information about living people of Ohio who are active in all 
the lines of reputable endeavor, and are today moving the wheels of business 
and industry, of education, science, literature, art, music and the professions 
people who today are "doing things" in the Buckeye State; and it is 
believed the list given marks the 1917 mile post in the biographical history of 
the State in a manner that will long stand as a record to be referred to with 
much interest. 

It is by no means contended that the list contains the sketches of all 
Ohioans who are worthy of a place in such a volume, but it may be safely 
said that the work contains from five to ten times as many biographies of 
worthy subjects as ever before appeared in one Ohio publication. With 
the alphabetical and index arrangement it is easy to find the names of the 
subjects who appear in the work, and to the public, therefore, the "Ohio 
Blue Book or Who's Who in the Buckeye State" is humbly submitted for 
what it is intended to be a concise story of thousands of Ohio People who 
in 1917 are leaving their footprints on the sands of time in the vocational life 
of this great commonwealth. 

Following the modern idea of the times in bookmaking, a quality of 
paper as thin as practical has been selected, making a volume easy to handle 
and only about one- third the thickness required had the ordinary thick paper 
been used, thus producing the work in much more commendable form. 


EXPLANATORY NOTE Where dates are given for various positions or occupations of the biographical subiects. 

followed by a dash, such as "President First National Bank. 1910 ;" or "Professor of Law, Univ. of Cin., 1896 

i the dashf ) indicates that the subject of the sketch took said position at the date specified and is now holding the same. 

j or occupies said position at the present time. 

Under the head of Societies and Clubs. ("Socs. &- Clubs") it has been deemed advisable to group after this 
classification, without taking up further space to distinguish the same, all business and social clubs, fraternal societies and 

organizations, college fraternities, etc., etc., as it can easily be distinguished by the names of the societies as given, their 

meaning or classification. 

The Ohio Blue Book 



man; born. July 11. 1881, Halifax, Nova 
Scotia; son of Rev. John Abbott and Ella 
(Almon) Abbott; educated: Rothesay Col- 
legiate Sell.. Rothesay. New Brunswick: 
King's Coll.. Windsor. N. S. ; Oxford, Eng. 
College degrees: M. A.; D. D. Married, 
Rachel Gwyn. July 11. 1907. Asst. St. 
Luke's Cathedral. Halifax. N. S.; asst. 
St. James' the Apostle. Montreal. P. Q. ; 
rector Christ Church Cathedral. Hamil- 
ton. Ont.; dean of Niagara; dean Trinity 
Cathedral. Cleveland. O. Socs. and clubs: 
32d deg. Mason; Cleveland Chamber Com- 
merce: Cleveland Advertising Club, etc. 
Episcopalian. Home address: 2241 Pros- 
pect Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

ABBOT, HELEN MUNRO, born, Zanesville, 
O., Feb. 12. 1877; daughter uf Charles 
Henry Abbot and Ella (Brown) Abbot; 
educated: Brooklyn Heights Sem., Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. : Smith Coll.: Univ. of Pennsyl- 
vania,; Berlin Univ. College degrees: B. 
L., Smith Coll. Unmarried. Taught at 
St. Mary's School, Garden City, Long Is- 
land. 3% yrs. ; at the Mary A. Burnham 
School, Northampton, Mass., 1913-1914. 
Home address: Route 1, Galloway, Ohio. 

ABBOTT, URN S., Editor; born, Seneca Co., 
July 13. 1S70; son of Lyman Abbott and 
Avilda J. (Vannatter) Abbott; educated: 
Heidelberg Univ.; "Wooster Univ.. 1892. 
College degrees: L. M. Married, Victoria 
E. Buchman, June 5. 1907. Admitted to 
Ohio bar in 1894; attorney-at-law 1894- 
1901 : managing editor and director Tiffin 

Advertiser Company, 1901 . Sprved in 

Spanish- American War 2nd Reg., O. V. I. ; 
member Seneca Co. board complaints, one 
term. Socs. and Clubs: Tiffin Lodge P. & 
A. M. ; Seneca Chant. R. A. M. ; Clinton 
Council R. S. M. ; Pickwick Lodge K. P.: 
Commander of Col. Kuert Camp Spanish 
War Vets.; mem. Mohawk Country Club. 
Home address: Tiffin. Ohio. 

ABE. EDWIN, Manufacturer; born. Ger- 
many, Oct. 28. 1863; son of Adam Abe and 
Ernestine (Schmidt) Abe; educated: Ger- 
many and U. S. Married, Emma Smith, 
Oct. 16, 1892. Engaged in the manufactur- 
ing business 22 yrs.; pres. The New Wapa- 
koneta Wheel Co. since re-organization, 

1910 -; director The Auglaize Nat. Bank: 

general manager Cigar Factory operated 
in Wapakoneta; manager Cigar Factory 
operated under firm name Abe & Boyer, 
Marysville, O. Was instrumental in "the 
re-organization of The New Wapakoneta 

Wheel Co.. and assisted in the organiza- 
tion of The New Auglaize Bank. Landed 
penniless in New York City a,t the age 
of 17 yrs. Socs. and clubs: Mason. 32d 
degree; Shriner; I. O. O. F. St. Paul's 
Lutheran Church. Home address: Wapa- 
koneta, O. 

ACKERMAN, HENRY, Business Man; born, 
Nieder Modau, Germany, Feb. 2, 1845; son 
of George Ackerman and Margarette 
(Bossier) Ackerman; educated: Nieder 
Modau and Darmstadt. Germany. Mar- 
ried, Miss Matthes, Dec. 26. 1S6S. Pres. 
The Henry Ackerman Piano Co. having 
stores in Marion, O., Mansfield, O., Bucy- 
rus. O.. and Gallon. O. Socs. and Clubs: 
I. O. O. P.: K. of P.: Royal Arcanum; 
Druids; Elks; Chamber of Commerce; 
Marion Deutsher Bund. Protestant Church. 
Home address: 314 South Main St.. Marion, 

ACH. FERDINAND J.. Merchant; born, June 
23. 1861; son of Jacob Ach and Janet 
(Guthman) Ach; educated: Common Sens, 
of Dayton, O. Married, Carrie Kahn, Jan. 
16. 1888. Started as office boy at 15 yrs. 
of age with Edward Canby. Admitted to 
partnership in 1883, and became Presi- 
dent of the Company at incorporation in 
1902. Dir. City National Bank; Vice Pres. 
of The Samuel Ach Co.. Cincinnati. O. ; 
Dir. of Bureau of Research; Dir. and Pres. 
of Greater Dayton Assn.; Dir. Jewish Or- 
phan Asylum, Cleveland, O. ; Dir. of Day- 
ton Branch Red Cross. Socs. and Clubs: 
Dayton City Club; Dayton Bicycle Club; 
Standard Oub iof Dayton; Losaiftiville 
Country Club, Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. Pres- 
ident Jewish Congregation, Dayton, O. 
Home address: Cor. Harvard and Amherst, 
Dayton. Ohio. 

ACKERMANN, CARL (Rev.), Cler.aryman- 
College Prof. ; born. Wooster. O. : son of 
George Ackermann and Dorothy (Walter) 
Ackermann; educated: country Sfchs. 
Wayne Co.. O. ; Clyde. (O.) high Sch.; 
Canaan Academy (Wayne Co., O.); Capi- 
tal Univ. Coll. & Theological Seminary. 
College degrees: A. B. (1879); A. M. 
(1882); Ph. D. (1901). Married. Mary Ellen 
Reese, Oct. 30, 1S84. Ordained in Luther- 
an ministry. 1884: pastor: Attica. O., 
Lutheran Ch., 1*84-90: Lithopolis, O.. 1 
91: Fremont. O.. 1891-92: Fostoria. O.. 
1892-93: Lima. O.. 1S95-1907: Pres. Lima 
College. 1893-97: dean and Prof. English 
psychology and math., Lima Coll.. 1897- 
1907; pres. Pacific Seminary Olympia, 
Wash., 1907-9; prof. English Capital Univ., 
Columbus, O., 1909 . Contributor to re- 
ligious and educational magazines: chair- 
man of committee on Church Hymnal with 


Music. 1907. and of Sunday Sch. Hymnal, 
1915; translator and author of several 
juveniles. Socs. and clubs: Nat. Council 
of Teachers of Eng., Eng. Section of Ohio 
Teachers' Assn. Lutheran. Home ad- 
dress: Capital Univ.. Columbus, O. 

ACKLIN. GRAFTON M.. Wholesaler-Man- 
ufacturer; born, Aberdeen, O., July 30, 
1 v~,i ; son of John S. Acklin and Martin 
(Smith) Acklin; educated: rub. Schs. of 
Toledo, O. Married, Jessie Ridenour, Feb. 
2. 1SS1. For many years. Trustee of the 
Sinking Fund; Commnr. of School Fund: 
Mem. Tax Commn.. Toledo. Socs. and 
clubs: 33d degree Mason: Past Grand High 
Priest. Grand Chapter R. A. M.: Past 
Grand Master R. & S. M. : Past General 
Grand Master, General Grand Council, U. 
S. A. First Congregational. Home ad- 
dress: 21 -1C Collingwood Ave., Toledo, O. 

ADAIR, ROBERT L., Attorney; born, Woos- 
ter. O. : son of Anderson Adair and Eme- 
line (Tocum) Adair; educated: Wooster 
Univ., Wooster. O. College degrees: A. 
M. Married, Sept. 10. 1908. Admitted to 
bar. City Solicitor of Wooster. O.: Pro- 
bate Judge, Wayne Co.. 2 terms. Metho- 
dist Church. Home address: Beall Ave., 
Wooster. Ohio. 

ADAMS, CHARLES E., Manufacturer; born, 
Cleveland. O.. June 8. 1859; son of Edgar 
Adams and Mary Jane Adams; educated: 
common sens. Married, Jennie M. Bowley, 
June 11, isv-i. with The Chandler & Rudd 
Co., Cleveland, 1884-91; pres. Cleveland 
Hardware Co., Cleveland, O., 1891 . 
Dlr. Cleveland Trust Co.; First National 
Bank; Cleveland Life Ins. Co. President 

Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, 1910-; . 

S'ocs. and clubs: Cleveland Engineering; 
Union Club; Ma yfield Country Club. 
Baptist. Home address: 2700 E. Overlook 
Ave., Euclid Heights. Cleveland. O.; office, 
1241 E. 45t.h St.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

ADAMS, EUGENE B., Secretary Chamber 
of Commerce; born Atlanta, Ga., July 23. 
1X88. son of Eugene Flournoy Adams and 
Inez (Baber) Adams; educated: Furman 
Univ. of Greenville. South Carolina. Col- 
lege degrees: B. A. Married, Clare O'Con- 
nor. Aug. 11. 1909. Secretary of Chamber 
of Commerce. Socs. and clubs: B. P. O. 
E.. No. 713, Albany. Ga. Baptist Church. 
Home address: Ironton. Ohio. 

ADAMS. FRANK H.. Manufacturer and 
Banker; born. Akron. O.. Dec. 28. 1866; 
son of Frank Adams and Janette (Mur- 
phy) Adams; educated: Akron public schs. 
Married, Frances Robinson. 1S91. Treas- 
urer Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company; 
Director First-Second Nat'l Hank. Akron; 
Dlr. Peoples Savings and Trust Co.; for- 
merly rashier old First Nat'l Rank. Akron. 
S'H-s. and clubs: Akron City Club; Portage 
Country Club. Akron. Home address: 
Medina Rd.. Akron. Ohio. 

born, Sept. 9. 1872: son of Lorenzo B. 
Adams and Hulda B. (Carpenter) Adams; 
educated: Baldwin Univ., Berea, O. ; Ohio 
Northern Univ., Ada, O.: Univ. Mich. Col- 
lege degrees: B. L. Married. Florence 
Terrell. Jan. 31. 1895. Admitted to Ohio 
bar. and engaged in practice law, Lorain, 
O. Elected city solicitor. Lorain, O.; 
elected prosecuting attorney Lorain Coun- 
ty. O. Socs. and clubs: Sons Vet.; K. P.; 
F. O. E.: B. P. O. E. Congregationalist. 
Home address: 1063 East Erie Ave.. Lo- 
rain. Ohio. 

ADAMS. JOHN JAY. Dean Law College; 
born, near Dresden, Muskingum Co., O.. 
Nov. 18. 1860; son of George Wilson Adams 
and Mary Jane (Robinson) Adams; edu- 

cated: Kenyon Coll. College degrees: A. 
B. (1S79): A M. C1SS9); LL. D. (1910). 
Married. Dora May Black. Oct. 26. 1892 
(died 1904). Teacher, Harcourt Academy, 
Gambier, O., 1879-82; admitted to Ohio bar 
Jan. i'. 1^3; in practice, Zanesville. O., 
mem. firm. Munson & Adams, 1SS3-94; 
imlge Ohio Circuit Court. r>th Cir.. 1896- 
1901; in practice. Zanesville. O.. 1901-9; 
dean law coll. O. S. U. Columbus. Ohio, 
l!n>'.' . Member com. examiners for 
Ohio bar. 1905-10. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
Bar Assn.; Ohio State Bar Assn.; Phi 
i:>t.-i Kappa: Delta Kappa Epsikm; Pres. 
Kenyon Alumnae Assn.; Columbus Club; 
Scioto Country Club: Coshocton Country 
Club; Zanesville Golf Club. Home address: 
40 South Monroe Ave.. Columbus. Ohio. 

ADAMS. JOHN T.. Railroad Contractor; 
born. Coopersville. O.. Feb. 9. 1858; sun of 
Hugh Adams and Emily (Long) Adams; 
educated: Common Schs. of Southern Ohio. 
Married. Sarah Noel. Aug. 12. 1882. Waa 
School Teacher, Merchant, County Auditor, 
and at present is a railroad contractor. 
Has completed several big engineering 
projects. Socs. and clubs: Masons; Colum- 
bus Athletic Club. Northminster Presby- 
terian Church. Home address: 1S2 But- 
tlt-s Ave.. Columbus. O. 

ADAMS. HARRY C.. Attorney: born. Mon- 
roeville. O.. Dec. 24. 1S60: son of Lyman 
Adams and Samantha (Wortman) Adams; 
educated: Ohio State Univ. College de- 
grees: B. A.; M. A. Married Adda Mc- 
Williams, Dec. 24, 1883. Prln. Toledo High 
School. 1886-1895; admitted to Ohio bar, 
1S95; engaged in practice law. Toledo. O., 

1895 . Trustee Toledo Public Library; 

mem. Toledo Board Education. 1896-98; 
holder state high school teachers' certifi- 
cate. Organizer and promoter number 
corporations. Unitarian. Home address: 
532 Virginia St.. Toledo. O. 

ADAMS. JOHN QUINCY, Attorney; born. 
Prairie Depot. O.. Dec. 20. 1S58; son of 
John McCook Adams and Susan (Lesher) 
Adams; educated: Normal Training Sch., 
Fostoria. O. ; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., grad. 
in 1883. Married. Ruth Thrift. Dec. 1, 
1907. Studied law with P. M. Adams In 
Tiffin, O.. and later with Pratt & Wilson 
in Toledo. Admitted to bar in 1898 and 
entered a partnership with Curtis T. John- 
son and Charles G. Wilson. Was inter- 
ested in oil operations, and in 1901 organ- 
ized the Toledo-Bryan Air Line Electric 
Railway Co. and supervised the construc- 
tion of several miles. Socs. and clubs: 
Natl. Union: Ben Hur; Modern Woodmen; 
Fraternal Mystic Circle; Home Guards of 
America: American Insurance Union. 
Home address: 2314 Hollywood Ave., Office 
address: 434 Spitzer Bldg., Toledo, O. 

born, Orwell, O., April 14, 1S6S; son of 
Thomas Addicott and Eliza (White) Addi- 
cott. Educated: Orwell Acad., Orwell, O. ; 
New Lyme Institute. So. New Lyme, O. ; 
Valparaiso Univ.. Valparaiso. Ind.; B. S., 
1904; C. E.. 1909, Case School of Applied 
Science, Cleveland, O. Married, Carrie M. 
Brown. Aug. 1, 1S94. Siipt. of Pub. Schs., 
Orwell. O.. 1893-1900; Prof.. Civil En- 
gineering. Ohio Univ.. Athens. O.. 1904. 
Elected to City Council. Athens. O.. 1915. 
Socs. and clubs: Ohio Engineering Soc. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 55 Elmwood 
Place. Athens. O. 

ADLER, EUGENE ISAAC, Attorney; born, 
Montgomery. Ala.. March 1. 1874: son of 
Leopold Adler and Rosa (Simon) Adler; 
educated: Cincinnati Pub. Sch. College 
degree: LL. B. Married, Nancy Weil, April 
12. 1S95. Admitted to Ohio bar. June. 1898. 


Ran for Judge of Municipal Ct. in Cin- 
cinnati, O., as an Independent in 1913. re- 
ceived 5000 more votes than any other 
candidate on the Independent Ticket but 
was defeated. Mem. of Gen. Assembly of 
Ohio from Hamilton Co.. 1P06. 1907. 1908; 
left Democratic party in 1909. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons: Knights of Pythias: ndrl 
Fellows; Red Men; Masonic Club; Knight 
of Joseph; Progressive Order of West; 
Chamber of Commerce; Blain Club; B'nal 
B'rith. Rockdale Ave. Temple. Home ad- 
dress: 17 Albany Ave., Avondale, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

AGNEW, WILLIAM, Attorney; born, Glas- 
gow. Scotland. May 30. 1S70; son of John 
Agnew and Elizabeth (Black) Agnew; edu- 
cated: Cleveland Public Schs.; Cleveland 
Law Sch. College degrees: LL. B. (Bald- 
win Univ.). Married, Anna B. Coville, 
June 20, 1899. Clerk, Cleveland postoffice, 
1887-1903; admitted to bar, 1906; engaged 
in active practice law (tax specialist), 

Cleveland, O., 1911 . Chief deputy clerk 

of courts, Cuyahoga County, 1903-11; 
president, Cleveland Bd. Review, 1913; 
deputy state Tax Commissioner, Cuyahoga 
Co.. O.. 1914-15. Elected State Senator, 
1916. Socs. and clubs: Masonic order; K. 
P.: Cleveland Athletic Club; City Club. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 4145 East 
95th St.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

AHERN, WILLIAM J., JR., Common Pleas 
Judge; born. Hudson, O., May 23. 1886; 
son of William John Ahern and Rose 
(Kinney) Ahern; educated: Ohio Univ.; 
Ohio State Univ. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married. Rose May. June 24, 1913. / d 
mitted to bar. June. 1910. Practiced law 
until Jan. l. 1913. Special Counsel to 
Atty. Gen. Hogan. Apptd. Judge of Com- 
mon Pleas Court by Gov. Harmon. Dec. 
31. 1912. to succeed Judge Wanamaker. 
Elected Nov.. 1914. for a short term; re- 
elected Nov.. 1916. for long term. Socs. 
and clubs: Knights of Columbus: A. O. 
H. ; Akron City Club; University Club; 
Elks; Kiwanis Club. Catholic Church. 
Home address: 136 Edgerton Road, Akron, 

AIGLER, ALLAN G., Attorney; born, farm 
in Sandusky Co.. O.. Sent. 6. 1SS1; son 
of Wm. Aigler and Mary I. (Hartman) 
Aigler; educated: Bellevue pub. schs. ; 
grad.. Heidelberg 1 Univ., Tiffin, O., and 
from the law department of the Univ. of 
Michigan. 1905. Degrees: A. B.. Heidel- 
berg Univ.; LL. B. Univ. of Mich. Mar- 
ried, Magdalene Knapp, June 26, 1415. 
Practiced law in Bellevue. O.. since 1905. 
Solicitor of the City of Bellevue, O.. 1911- 
1916. Socs. and clubs: Mason: Knight 
Templar; Elk. Reformed. Home address: 
Bellevue. Ohio. 

AIKIN, DOW, Attorney; born, Bellefontaine, 
O.. Sept. 26. 1857; son of George W. Aikin 
and Martha Ann (Dow) Aikin; educated: 
Bellefontalne high sen.; Westminster Col- 
lege. Nevr Wilmington. Pa.: college de- 
grees: A. B. Married, Jennie Peirsol Feb. 
25. 1891. Admitted to Ohio bar. 1887: en- 
gaged in practice law. Bellefontaine. O., 

1877 . Elected member Gen. Assembly, 

1904. 1906. 1908. United Presbyterian. 
Home address: Bellefontaine. O. 

AKE, HARVEY FRANCIS, Judge; born, 
Mapleton. O.. Feb. 1. 1872: son of Francis 
Ake and Catherine (Rusher) Ake; edu- 
cated: Mt. Union Coll.: Univ. Michigan. 
College degrees: B. S.. 1895: LL. B.. 1898. 
Married. Anna McCall Brush. May 23, 1899. 
Admitted to bar of Ohio. 1898: eng-agerl in 
practice law. Canton O.. 1898-Feb.. 1913. 
Elected judge. Court of Common Pleas, 

Feb.. 1913- 

Trustee Mt. Union Coll. 
Socs. and clubs: Wm. McKinley Lodge, 
431 F. & A. M.. Canton Commandery. K. 
T.. Al Koran Temple; Canton Lodge. B. 
P. O. E.; Washington Council No. 12. Jr. 
O. U. A.; Canton Lodge. Loyal Order of 
Moose. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: 828 Shorb Ave.. N. W.. Canton. O. 

ALAN, JOHN S., Educator; Supt. of Schools, 
Salem. Ohio. Home address: Salem, O. 

ALBAN, SAMUEL E., Merchant; born, 
Unionport, O., July 29, 1SS3: son of George 
L. Alban and Lottie B. (Palmer) Aiban; 
educated: Unionport Pub. Schs. Married, 
Ethel C. Alward. June 9. 1909. In Rail- 
road offices for eleven years. In Furniture 
business for six years. Secy.. Treas ami 
Gen. Mgr.. Stewart Bros., Alward 
Socs. and clubs: Rotary Club, Masons, K. 
of P., Buckeye Lake Yacht Club. United 
Brethren Church. Pres. Bd. of Trustees. 
Home address: 19 Columbia St., Newark, 

ALBAN, WILLIAM ROSS, Attorney; born, 
Island Creek Twp.. Jefferson Co.. Ohio. 
Oct. 10. 1864; son of John Alban and Mar- 
garet J. (Warden) Alban; educated: Dist. 
Schs.: Scio College; Ohio State Univ. 
Married. Laura A. McWha. Dec. 24. 1S 
Taught public Schs.. 5 years. Admitted 
to bar in 1893. and since, pursued legal 
profession in Steubenville. O. Pros. Atty., 
'Jefferson Co., 1903-1909. Trustee Mt. 
Tnion College. Socs. and clubs: Knights 
of Pythias: S. A. R.; Masons; Steuben- 
ville Commandery: F. & A. M. Metho- 
dist Church Politically. Republican. 
Home address: Steubenville, Ohio. 

cator; born, Crossen, Germany, March ' 
1885; son of Benjamin Albrecht and 
Helene (Wagner) Albrecht; educated 
Germany Grammar Sch. and Royal Gym- 
nasium, Univs. of Heidelberg, Leipzig, 
Kiel. Leland Stanford. College degrees: 
Ph C : M. A.: Ph. D. Professor of Chen 
istry, Dept. of Pharmacy, Western Re- 
serve Univ.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: 

P. L U. ; Sigma. Xi; Kappa Psi: American 
Chem. Soc.; Am, Pharm. Assn. Home 
address: Hotel Croxden. Prospect Ave.- 
39th. Cleveland. Ohio. 

ALCORN, JAMES G., Physician; born, Gal- 
lipolis. O.. March 7. 1RS1; son of El: 
Alcorn and Alice Nancy (Bickel) Alcorn; 
educated: Pub. and High Schs. of Galh- 
polis. O.: Miami Med. Coll. College 
grees: M. D. Unmarried. Assistant 
Pathological Laboratory, Ohio Hosp. for 
Epileptics. Asst. Phys., Ohio Peniten- 
tiary. Staff member 'of Mercy 
Columbus. O. Socs. and clubs: Columbus 
Athletic Club: Ohio State Med. Soc.; 
lumbus Academy of Medicine. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Franklin AVP . Colu 
bus, O. Home address: 1411 Bryden Road, 
Columbus. O. 

ALCORN, JOHN B., Physician; born, Crown 
City. O.. 1873: son of Dr. E. G. Alcorn 
ami Alice N (BickeH Alcorn: educated: 
Gallipolis High Sch.: Gallia Acad.; Univ. 
of Louisville, Ky. : Spl. studies, N. Y. Ci 
and Vienna, Austria. College degrees 
M. D. Married. Jessie Walton Glovei 
Dec 7, 1S9.S. Engaged in practice gener; 
medicine. Gallipolis. O., 10 yrs.; was health 
officer of Gallipolis. O. Now specialist 
in Columbus, O. Surgeon U. S. Army 
during Spanish-Am. War; 1st Lieut. T. . 
S. Army Reserve. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son; Elk; K. P. Methodist Episcopal 
Ch. Home address: 1251 E. Broad St., 
Columbus, Ohio. 



ALDRICH, ORLANDO, Attorney; born. 
Clarence. Erie Co.. N. Y.. March 30. 1840; 
son of Sidney Aldrich and Lydia A. 
(York) Aldrich; educated: 111. Wes. Univ.; 
Albert Univ.. Belleville. Ont. College de- 
crees: A. B. (1869): Ph. D. (1875); LL. D. 
(1878); D. C. \j. (1SSD. Married. Sarah 

A. Coulter. July 25. 1878. Served in 14th 
Inf.. X. Y.. 1861-3; admitted "> bar, is;n; 
editor: The Weekly Jurist. Bloomington, 
111.. 1877-81; prof. law. Illinois Wes. Univ., 
1876-81; Ohio state Univ.. 1891-6: Pres. 
Worthington. Clintonville & Columbus St. 
Kv. Co.. 1S91-S. Editor: First American 
Edition. Ansun mi Contracts. 1S79; Sup- 
plemental vol. Ohio Statutes, 1XS4; con- 
trib. law ''Hey., journals, etc. First Pres. 
Ohio Interurban Ry. Assn.; councilor Am. 
Inst. Civics. Socs. and clubs: Royal Soc. 
Arts. London: Royal Order of Scotland; 
Union Veteran Region; G. A. R.; Soni 
Am. Rev.: Soc. War 1M2: Ohio Soc. of 
New York: Am. Political Assn.; Nat. 
Geotr. Soc.; :!-d degree Mason. Home ad- 
dress: Maplehurst. North High St.. Co- 
lumbus. Ohio. 

ALEXANDER, DAVID, Rabbi; born, Brook- 

Ivn. N. Y.. Dec. 7. ls~s; son of Harris 

B. Alexander and Hannah Betsey (Har- 
ris) Alexander; educated: Brooklyn, N. 
Y.: Univ. of Cincinnati. O. ; Hebrew Union 
College. College degrees: Bach, of He- 
brew and Rabbi, Hebrew Union Coll., 
Cincinnati. O. B. A.. Univ. of Cincinnati. 
Married, Irene Schwab, June 22, 1904. 
Rabbi of Temple Israel, Paducah, Ky., 
Sept.. 1901 to Feb.. 1905. Rabbi of Con- 
gregation, Collingwood Ave. Temple, To- 
ledo. O.. Feb.. 1905- . Socs. and clubs: 
Hon. Life Mem.. Paducah Lodge of Elks; 
Pres.. Social Workers Club. 1916-7: Dir. 
Community Center Fed.; Mem. Central 
Conf. of Am. Rabbis; B'nai B'rlth. Dele- 
gate to Constitutional Conv. of Order of 
B'nai B'rith. held at San Francisco. May, 
1915. Home address: 229 Winthrop St., 
Toledo. Ohio. 

born. St. Clairsville. O., Jan. 22. 1S69; son 
of (Rev.) Robert Alexander. D. D.. and 
Mary (Eckert) Alexander; educated: 
V\ ashington and Jefferson. College de- 
grees: B. A. Married. Nellie Elizabeth 
Hunter. June 23, 1S97. Editor and propri- 
etor Woodsfield. O.. Spirit of Democracy. 
1891-1898: Pres. The Signal Co.. publish- 
ers of The Zanesville Signal. 1898 . 

Zanesville Postmaster. May 1, 1914 . 

Socs. and clubs: Masons: Zane Club. 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: 34 
Culbertson Ave.. Zanesville. O. 

ALLAMAN. DANIEL W.. Attorney: born, 
Montgomery Co.. O.. Aug. 5. 1861: son 
of David Allaman and Catherine (Zim- 
merman) Allnman; educated: public 
schools, Montgomery Co.; Nat. Normal 
Univ.. Lebanon. O. 'Married, Iva C. Gulp, 
April 2S. 1SS5. Engaged in practice law, 
Dayton, O.. 1888 . Elected member 
>th Gen. Assembly. Ohio House Rep.; 
Delegate Nat. Ren. Conv.. 190S-12: mem- 
ber State Rep. Com.. 1906-14. Socs. and 
clubs: 3d degree Mason: K. T.: Scottish 
^ite; Rhriner; Dayton Country Club. 
United Krethren Ch. Home address: 705 
Superior Ave.. Dayton. Ohio. 

cian: born. Montgomery Co.. O. March S 
1872: son of David Allaman and Martha 
(Cassell) Allaman: educated: Butler Town- 
ship Common Schools: Hmokville. O., 
"i-'i Sch.: (Hiio state Univ.: Ohio Med. 
Univ. College degrees: G. Ph.; M. D. 
Married. Edna Gilbert. Jan. 27. 1903. In- 
terne. Protestant IIosp.. Columbus, O., 
1902-03; Obstetrician. Miami Valley Hosp , 

Dayton. O., 1907- 

; general practice, 

Dayton, Ohio. 1903 ; Police surgeon, 

Dayton. O.. 1909 ; civil service exam- 
iner. l>avton. O.. Hill ; member I". S. 

Board Pension Examiners. 1912-13. Socs. 
and clubs: Montgomery Co. Med. Soc.; 
Ohio State Med. Soc. United Brethren. 
Home .address: 1002 West Third St.. Day- 
ton. Ohio. 

ALLEN. ALFRED G., Congressman: born, 
Wilmington. O.. July 23. 1S67: son of Isaac 
H. Allen and Eliza W. (Gaither) Allen; 
educated: Grammar & High Sens.. Wil- 
mington. O. ; Cincinnati (O.) Law Sch. 
College degrees: 1.1, K. Ma-ried, t'lara B. 
Forbes. Dec. 10. 1901. Admitted to Ohio 
bar. isini; engaged in practice law. Cin- 
cinnati. O.. under firm name. Harper A 
Allen, isw ; United States Commis- 
sioner, 1896-1900; Member, Bd. Sinking: 
Fund Trustees. 1908-10; member, Cincin- 
nati City Council. 1906-8; elected to 62nd 
and each succeeding Congress. 2nd Ohio 

Dist. Democratic Ticket, 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Masonic Order; Phi Delta Phi; 
City Club; Business Men's Club; Duck- 
worth Club; Cincinnati Democratic Club. 
Methodist. Home address: 716 lOlberon 
Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

born. Zanesville. O.. July 5. 1S7S: son of 
Edgar W. Allen and Jane W. (Dempsey) 
Allen; educated: Zanesville. O., high sch.; 
Starling Med. Coll. College degrees: M. 
D.. 1900. Married. Catherine F. McG-on- 
agle. Jan. 30. 1912. Engaged in practice 
medicine Zanesville O. 1900-2: Crooksville. 
O.. 1903 . Member Bd. Pension Exam- 
iners Perry Co., O. Sexes, and clubs: 
Perry Co. Med. Soc.; Ohio State Med. 
Soc.; Mason: Phi Sigma Psi. Protestant. 
Home address: Main and Buckeye Sts., 
Crooksville. O. 

born, Kalamazoo. Mich.. June 2, 1S68; son 
of George Ladd Allen and Harriet M. 
(Bourner) Allen; educated: Public Schs., 
Kalamazoo. Mich.; Parson's Business Col- 
lege. Kalamazoo, Mich.: Olivet c. f.lege. 
Olivet, Mich. College degrees: B. A., 1895; 
B. D.. Oberlin Theol. Sem.. 1903: D. D.. 
Olivet, 1907. Married, Mary R. Bryant, 
June 2. 1X97. In business. 1SS3-1SSS, Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. Ordained Congregational 
Ministry. Sept. 19, 1895. Pastorates: Pil- 
grim Congl. Ch., Lansing, Mich., 1S95-1901; 
Washington St. Congl. Ch.. Toledo. O., 

1901 . Trustee, Olivet College, 1S97 . 

Moderator, Ohio Congl. Conference. 1907- 
190S. Corresponding Editor, "The Com 
gationalist." Boston. Mass. r.nn. Con- 
tributing Editor, "The Advance." Chica- 
go, 111.. 1910. Trustee, Toledo City Mis- 
sion, 1912; Toledo Federation of Charities, 
190S-1911. Socs. and clubs: Toledo Com- 
merce Club; Exchange Club. Congrega- 
tional Church. Home address: 914 Lin- 
coln Ave.. Toledo*. O. 

ALLEN, EUGENE W., Banker; born, Wolf- 
Lake. Ind.: son of Felton Allen and Susan 
(Childs) Allen; educated: Country and Vil- 
lage Schs.: M. B. Coll.. Ft. Wayne. Ind. 
Married. Jan. 16. 1S9S. Druggist; Auto- 
mobile Mfg.: Banker; now Pres. Union 
Nat. Hank. Fostoria. O. Trustee Univ. of 
Wooster. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Fostoria. Ohio. 

ALLEN, FRANK PALMER. Printer; born, 
Akron. O.. Sept. 4. 1871; son of Victor 
Jones Allen and Ella (Shepard) Allen; 
educated: Akron Pub. Schs. : Buchtel Col- 
lege. Akron. O. Married. Jennie B. An- 
derson. June 17. 1S96. Vice Pres. of The 
Commercial Ptg. & Lithographing Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Masonic; The Portage 



Country Club; Akron City Club. First 
Congregational Church. Home address: 
41 Rose Ave.. Akron. Ohio. 

born. Granger. O., Aug. 26, 1855: son of 
Xemanthus Allen and Margaret E. (Tur- 
ner) Allen; educated: Country Sen. at 
Granger; Akron Public Schs. Married, 
Olivia F. Oviatt, July 18, 1877. Attorney- 
at-law. Besides practicing law. has been 
active in mining in Canada and manufac- 
turing in U. S. Mayor pro tern of Akron. 
Socs. and clubs: Portage Country Club; 
Akron City Club. First Congregational 
Church. Akron, Ohio. Home address: 715 
"West Market St.. Akron. Ohio. 

ALLEN, HORACE N.. Diplomat; born, Del- 
aware. O.. April 23. 1858; son of Horace 
Allen and Jane M. (Riley) Allen; educated: 
Ohio WPS. Univ.; Miami Med. Coll. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S. (1881); M. D. (18S3); 
LL. D. (1911). Married, Frances Ann 
Messenger. May 17. 1583. Medical mis- 
sionary Presbyterian Ch. in China; went 
to Korea. 1S84: saved life of a prince and 
others in a revolution; became medical 
officer to Korean Court: took first Korean 
legation to Washington. 1888; returned as 
sec. U. S. legation. 1890: promoted min- 
ister, resident and consul-gen., 1897; E. E. 
and M. P., 1901-June 10, 1905. Hon. commr. 
and took Korean government exhibit to 
Chicago exposition, 1893; sipecial envoy 
to Korean coronation. 1902; thrice 
decorated by Korean Emperor. Author: 
Korean Tales, 1889; Chronological Index 
of Foreign Relations of Korea from Be- 
ginning of Christian Era to 20th Cen- 
tury. 1900 (Seoul); Supplement to same. 
1903: Korea Fact and Fancy. 1004 
(Seoul); Things Korean, 1908. Presby- 
terian. Socs. and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa: 
Author's Club, London; Toledo Club; 
Country Club. Home address: 2248 Park- 
wood Ave.. Toledo. Ohio. 

ALLEN, HUGH, Editor; born. Washington 
C. H.. O.. July 4. 1882; son of Henry Clay 
Allen and Margaret (Pitzer) Allen; edu- 
cated: Univ. of Michigan. College degrees: 
A. B. Married. Isabel Wait. May 7. 1910. 
Reporter Detroit Free Press; Cleveland 
Plain Dealer: Mang. Editor. Seattle Star; 
Editor Tacoma Times: Editor South Bend 
Mini.) News Times: Editor Akron Beacon 
Journal. 19.14 . Socs. and clubs: Uni- 
versity Club. First Presbyterian Church. 
Home address: 168 Merriman Rd.. Akron, 

ALLEN, HUGH E., Com. Pleas Judge; Van 
Wert County. Term expires Dec.. 1922. 
Home address: Van Wert. Ohio. 

ALLEN, JAMES HENRY, Banker; born, 
Geneseo. Livingston Co.. New York. Jan. 
22. 1S59: son of Hezekiah Allen and Polly 
(Deniston) Allen; educated: Geneseo State 
Normal Sch. Married. Harriet Cornelia 
Gray, June 15, 1887. Bookkeeper, Avon, 
N. Y. ; with Standard Oil Co.. Clean. N. 
"'.. 1882-5: Incited in Kenton. O.. entered 
Kenton Nat. Bank upon its organization 
in June 1. 1SS6. became asst. cashier and 

bookkeeper; cashier and dir., 1S92 . 

ivrerrnbe- Sch. Bd.. 1887-90: trustee Sinking 
Fund Bd. Socs. and clubs: Mason: Ath- 
letic Club: Ohio State Automobile Assn. 
(served as trustee and treas. ). Trustee 
First Presbyterian Ch. and identified with 
church interests. Home address: Ken- 
ton. Ohio. 

ALLEN, LEROY, College Dean; born, Woos- 
ter. O.. Dec. 6. 1878: son of James Harvey 
A'len and Emma Jane (Hummer) Allen; 
educated: Wooster high sch. (1898); Col- 
lege of Wooster, (1906); Xenia Theological 
Seminary, (1914) ; grad. work- summer ses- 

sions College Wooster; Univ. Wis.; Univ. 
Chicago. College degrees: B. Ph. (1906). 
Married. Ethel Jeannette Boyd Aug. 19, 
1914. Prof, economics, sociology and edu- 
cation. Cedarvillc College. 1906 ; dean, 

Cedarville Coll., Cedarville, O.. 1915 . 

Licensed as gospel minister by Xenia 
Presby. of United Presby. Ch.. April 13, 
1914. and ordained by same Presby.. May 
6. 1915. Home address: Cedarville. Ohio. 

ALLEN, MAURICE, Attorney; born. Seoul, 
Korea, June 22, 1886; son of Horace New- 
ton Allen and Frances (Messenger) Allen; 
educated: private studies at home. Seoul. 
Korea, 1899; St. John's Military Sch.. Man- 
lius, N. Y., 1899-1903; studied with private 
tutors, Geneva, Switzerland. 1903-4; Mass. 
Institute Tech.. 1904-8: Univ. Mich. Law 
Depart.. 1908-11. College degrees: S. B.; 
J. D. Married. Mildred Barton Smith, 
Nov. 15. 1911. Admitted to Ohio Bar, 1911; 
engaged in practice law, Toledo. O.. 1911- 
14; became member firm. Smith, Baker, 

Effler & Allen. 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

Delta Kappa Epsilon: Mason; Sons Am. 
Rev.: Toledo Club: Toledo Commerce Club; 
Toledo Country Club. Congregationalist. 
Home address: 2267 Robinwood Ave., To- 
ledo. Ohio. 

Carlion Co.: bom. Akron. O.. Feb. 24. 1879; 
son of Miner J. Allen and Frances C. (De- 
Wolfe) Allen; educated: Akron Public 
Schs., Hiram College. Stevens Inst. of 
Technology. College degrees: M. E. 
Married. Erma R. Wing. Nov. 17. 1905. 
Engineer, Consolidated Gas Co., New York 
City. Engineer. Lungwitz Reduction Co., 
New York City. Supt. of National Carbon 
Co.. at present. Socs. and clubs: Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce, Westwood 
Country Club, Illuminating Engineering 1 
Soc. Franklin Circle Disciple Church, 
Cleveland. O. Home address: 13909 Lake 
Ave.. Lake wood. Ohio. 

born. Medford. N. J.. Jan. 3. 1872; son of 
Milton Hannah Allen and Martha B. (Gas- 
kill) Allen; educated: B. Sc.. M. Sc.. 1893- 
97; Rutgers Coll.: Ph. D.. Clark's Univ., 
1905. Married. Anna Linda Graff. 1898; 
2d. Bessie Adelaide Condit. 1909. Acting 
Prof.. Math.. Mass. Agricultural Coll., 
189 1-5: head Dept. Math.. Paterson Clas- 
sical & Scientific School. 1895-97: Instr. 
and Asst. Prof.. Math.. Adelphi Coll., 1S97- 
1901: Lecturer and Instr., Math., Clark 
Univ.. 1905-6; Peabody Prof.. Math.. Ken- 
yon Coll.. 1906 . Socs. and clubs: Chi 

Psi: Phi Beta Kappa; Am. Math. Soc. ; 
mem. and fellow. Am. Assoc. Adv. Soc. 
Episcopal. Home address: Gambler, O. 

ALLEN. W. O.. Manufacturer: born. Wolf- 
Lake. Ind.. March 9. 1866: son of Felton 
Allen and Susan (Childs) Allen; educated: 
Ft. Wavne Coll. and Normal Sch.. Albion, 
Ind. Married. Winifred Walters, June 24, 
1891. Came to Fostoria in 1893 with his 
brother. E. W. Allen, and together, oper- 
ated the Peabody Buggy Co. until 1913, 
when the Allen Motor Co.. capitalized at 
$1,500,000, was organized. Treas. and Gen- 
eral Manager. Allen Motor Co.; Director, 
Union Natl. Bank. Socs. and clubs: 
Amiens Club; Fostoria Chamber of Com- 
merce: Mason'c bodies. M. E. Church. 
Mr. Allen's ability as teacher and speaker 
on religious topics is well known and he 
is frequently called on to address church 
and Sunday school Convs., Laymen's mis- 
sionary meetings, etc. Home address: 505 
North Main St.. Fostoria. Ohio. 

cator: born, near Canal Dover. O.. March 
11. 1870: son of Joseph Alleshouse and 



Rachel (Fisher) Alleshouse; educated: 
Rural Sch.; Dover High Sch.; Wittenl<e: .-: 
College; \Voostei- Simi'iirr Sch ; I'niv. of 
Chicago. College degrees: A. B.. 189S; M. 
A.. i:ml. Married. I-:melie Hecker. AUK. 
2:',. 1903. Rural School Teacher, and at 
Wittenberg College. S\ipt. Schs., Belle 
Center. O.. 5 yrs.: Canton High Sch.. 2 
yrs.: Supt. Sch.. Kellev's Inst.. 1 yr.; Supt. 
Huron. O.. 7 yrs.: Suot. Leipsic. O.. 4 yrs. 
Member Bd. Exams. Teachers', Logan Co., 
Canton. Brie Co. Pres. County Teachers' 
Inst.. County Sec.. O.-T. R. C. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason. Huron. F. <t A. M.. No. 359; 
Alpha Tail Omega. U. B.. Presbyterian, 
now Methodist Church. Home address: 
Leipsic. O. 

born. Franklin Co.. O.. April 3. 1S62; son 
of Henry Allgirc and Elanor (Holbert) All- 
sire; educated: rural sens., Franklin, Fair- 
fi( ! I and Shelby Counties: Northern Ind. 
Normal, Valparaiso, Ind. ; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. S.: A. B. Married, 
Catherine Beck, June 22, 1887. Reared on 
farm, teacher rural schools, 4 yrs.; teacher 
and prin. village high sch.. 5 yrs.: teacher 
City High School. 2 yrs.; supt. village 
schs.. 21 yrs.: county supt. schs.. Knox 

Co.. O.. 1914 . Socs. and clubs: Blue 

Lodge. F. & A. M. : Ohio State Teachers' 
Assn.; Central Ohio Schoolmaster's Club. 
Methodist -Episcopal. Home address: 111 
East Chestnut St.. Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

ALLREAD. JAMES I.. Judge Court of Ap- 
peals; born. Darke Co.. O.. Sept. 29. 1858: 
son of Isaac Allread and Hannah C. (Houk) 
Allread; educated: High Sch.. Greenville, 
O. Married. Emma S. Roland. Aug. 1, 
S3. Was admitted to practice law in 
Supreme Court. Oct.. 1880. and began 
practice at Greenville after admission and 
has continued actively so except while 
holding the offices enumerated. Judge of 
Circuit Court by appointment, Feb. to 
Nov.. 1S95. Elected to the same office in 
Nov.. 190S. Was elected to the Court of 
Appeals. Nov.. 1914. for the term of 6 yrs. 
Was elected Chief Justice of Court of 
Appeals of Ohio, for 1917. Socs. and clubs: 
Masons: K. P.; Elks. Presbyterian Ch. 
Home address: Greenville. Ohio. 

LIAM. Clergyman: born. Sept. 26. 186S, 
Marque tte Co.. Wis.; son of (Dr.) Henry 
August Allwardt and Katherine (Kalb- 
fleisch) Allwardt; educated: Northwestern 
Coll., Watertown, Wis.. 1882-85; Capital 
Univ.. Columbus. O.. 1885-91. College de- 
grees: A. B. (1888). Married, Anlonie 
Pauline Hoffman. July 14. 1892. Pastor: 
Portland. Oregon, Ev. Lutheran Ch., 1S91- 
93; pastor: Shelbyville. 111., 1893-1903; pas- 
tor: Canal Winchester, O., 1903-4; pastor: 

Hamilton, O.. Ev. Lutheran Ch., 1904- . 

Member Bd. Trustees Capital Univ., Co- 
lumbus. O.. 1906 (pres. of bd. 1912 ); 

Pres. Hamilton Conference; sec. Central 
Com. for Jubilee of the Reformation: 
served number times as sec. synodical 
conventions. Evangelical Lutheran. Home 
address: 212 S. Front St.. Hamilton, Ohio. 

born, Watertown, Wis., March 5, 1880; son 
of (Rev.) Henry August Allwardt and 
Katherine (Kalhfleisch) Allwardt: edu- 
cated: Lutheran Parochial Schools; pub- 
lic schs.: Watertown. Wis.; High Sch., 
Shelbyville, 111.; Evangelical Lutheran 
Teachers' Seminary. Woodville, O. Mar- 
ried. Ida Bauin. June 28. 1904. Teache'-, 
Zion's Lutheran School. Sa.ndusky, O.. 
1900-05: teacher. St. Paul's Lutheran 
School, Dayton. O., 19&5-11; prof. German, 
"Woodville. O.. Normal School, 1911 
Member Ev. Lutheran Joint Synod of Ohio 

and other states. Home address: Wood- 
ville. Ohio. 

ALLYN, FRANK P.. Educator; born. Union 
Co.. O.. Oct. 13. 1857: son of William II. 
Allyn and Sarah A. (Slayton) Allyn; edu- 
cated: Hiram College. College degrees: 
B. S. (18S3>: M. S. (1888); holder of C. 
L. S. C. and O. T. R. C. diplomas, and 
holier nl' Stall- Common Sch. and State 
High Sch. Life Certificates. Married, Rena 
Kennedy, .lulv 1. lsv~>. Supt. Schs.. 19 yrs.; 
county examiner, 16 yrs.; engaged in mer- 
cantile business, 10 yrs.; .county supt. 
schs.. Har.lin Co.. Ohio. 1'.'14 . Socs. 
and club?: Forest Lodge. 394. I. O. O. F.; 
Hope Encamp.. 160. I. O. O. F.: Patriarch 
Militant. Hiram Lodge. 18. F. & A. M. 
Methodist. Home address: 320 N. Wayne 
St.. Kenton. Ohio. 

ALLYN, WILFRED EARL, Physician; born, 
Hartsffrove. O.. June m. is?,: son of 
Alvin Byron Allyn and Juletta May (Huff) 
Allyn: educated: Charclon High School.; 
Cleveland Homeopathic Med. Coll. Col- 
lege degrees: M. D. Married. Stella sue 
Basquin. July. 1908. Engaged in general 
practice medicine. Chardon. O. ; Coroner 
of Geauga Co. since 1909: Mem. Chardon 
Christian Ch. Home address: Chardon, O. 

born. Toledo. O.. 1S67; son of John P. 
Alter and Barbara (Wortge) Alter; edu- 
cated: Pvt. and Pub. Schs.; New York 
Preparatory Sch.; Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll.. N. Y. : Resident Surgeon. Eye and 
Ear Hosp.. N. Y.; Post-Grad. Study. New 
York Opththalmic & Aural Inst.: 1 yr. 
post-grad, study nt Vienna, Austria. Mar- 
ried, Edna Marie Hegley. 1909. In prac- 
tice for 20 yrs. at Toledo. O. Specialist 
of Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat: formerly 
Prof. Ophthalmology, Univ. of Toledo; 
Ophthalmic Surgeon. St. Vincent's Hosp.; 
Laryngologist. St. Vincent's Hosp.; was 
Secy. Lucas Co. Med. Soc. : Vice Pres. 
A cad. of Med. of Toledo and Lucas Co. 
Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons: Am. Med. 
Assn.. Am. Acad. of Ophthalmology and 
Oto-I.aryngology; Mem. Ohio State, North- 
western Ohio and Acad. of Med. of To- 
ledo and Lucas Co. Author of various 
technical papers, viz.: Retinitis Albumi- 
nurica; some of the Commoner Contagious 
Diseases of the Eyes; Surg. Treatment of 
Tubercular Laryngitis, Melano-Sarcoma of 
the Choroid coat of the eye; the Paraffine 
correction of Nasal Deformities; Sub Mu- 
cous Op. of Deviated Nasal Septa; Mel i- 
statie Purulent Ophthalmia, Report of a 
case of Perpetual Origin; the value of 
Blood Cultures in certain phases of Aural 
Surgery; some new instruments to Sim- 
plify the Modern Tonsillectomy opera- 
tion; a Resume of the Trachoma Bodies 
as the Ethnological Factor in Trnchom.i. 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. of Toledo Cluh; 
Inverness; Maumee River and Toledo 
Yacht Clubs: I. O. O. F. Home address: 
Maumee River Road and Clark Ave.. To- 
ledo. Ohio. 

ALTSTETTER, M. L., Educator; born, Allen 
Co., O.. Sept. 6, 1883; son of George L. 
Altstetter and Margaret Ann (Olt) Alt- 
stetter; educated: Country Schs., Monroe 
Twp., Allen Co.. O. ; Academy, Lima Col- 
lese. Lima. O. ; Lima Coll.. Lima. O.. grad., 
June. 1906; Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, 
O.. grad.. June. 1909; Univ. of Chicago, 
1916. Married. Mabel G. Flick. June 18, 
1913. Principal high school, Columbus 
Grove, Ohio, 1906-1907-1908;. instructor, 
East Liverpool. Ohio, High School, 1909- 
1910; prin., Bryan, O.. High School, 1910- 
11-12-13; prin., Wauseon, O., High School, 
1913-11: supt. of schs., Wauseon, O., 1914- 
15-16-17. Societies: State Teachers' Assn.; 



Booster Club. Congregationalism Home 
address: Wauseon. O. 

er: born. Sandusky. O.. Feb. 27. 1873; son 
of Frederick Wakeman Alvord and Carrie 
(Spraeue) Alvord. Married. Ella Goodwin 
Parmelee. July. 190*9. Publisher of Star- 
Journal since 1902. Home address: 1305 
Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio. 

AMBLER, RALPH STEELE, Attorney; born, 
Salem. Columbiana Co.. O.. July 24, 1859; 
son of Judge Jacob A. Ambler and Mary 
Ann (Steele) Ambler; educated: Adelbert 
Coll Western Reserve Univ. College de- 
grees- B S.. 1883. Married. Mary Eva 
Phillips. June 20. 1900. Admitted to bar, 
1885; removed to Canton. O.. associated 
with Hon. Henry A. .Wise. (Wise and 
<\mbler), 1886-90; formed partnership with 
Col. J. J. Clark. (Clark and Ambler), after- 
wards. Clark. Ambler & Clark, 1890-1900; 
appointed to fill unexpired term Judge 
Isaac H. Taylor, as Common Pleas Judge, 
1st Sub. Div. 9th Jud. Dist. Stark Co.. O., 

190Q -; (elected two terms), 1900-11; 

formed partnership with Senator Atlee 
Pomerene and Judge Celsus' Pomerene 
(Pomerene, Ambler & Pomerene), Canton, 

O.. 1911 . Socs. and clubs: (pres.) 

Stark Co. Bar Assn.; (pres.) Stark Co. 
Law Library Assn.; Alpha Delta Phi; Can- 
ton Club; Lakeside Country Club. Home 
address: New Berlin Rd.. Canton. O. 

AMOS, JAMES OLIVER, Editor-Publisher; 
born, Ozark, Monroe County, Ohio, March 
30. 1833: son of Joshua Amos and Orpha 
(McComas) Amos; educated: Monroe Co. 
public schs. Married. Nancy J. Craig-, 
Sept. 9. 1S56. Teacher and farmer. 1851- 
60: in practice of law. -1860-76; editor and 

publisher Newspaper, Sidney, O., 1876 . 

Sen. Examiner, Monroe Co., 1860-70; 
Shelby Co.. 1868-71; pros. atty. Monroe 
County. 1862-66; elected State Senator, 
19th Dist. Ohio 1870-4; Adjt.-gen. Ohio, 
1874-6; State Senator (to fill vacancy), 
12th Dist.. 1891-92. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son; 1. O. O. F.; (Grand Lodge) I. O. O. 
F.. 1869-70. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address. Sidney. Ohio. 

AMOS, JOHN MAJOR. Journalist; born, 
Belmont. Co.. O.. Aug. 20. 1839; son of 
James Gordon Amos and Jane L. (Gillis- 
pie) Amos; educated: Common Schs. of 
Belmont and Noble Counties; Ontario 
Academy; -Allegheny College, Meadville, 
Pa. College degrees: A. M. Married, 
Elizabeth Franklin McClintock. Dec. 25, 
1862; (2) Mary E. Wallar. 1875. Teacher 
Common Schs. Supt. Graded Schs. law- 
yer, 1872-1886. Editor, 1886-1916. Twp. 
Clerk. Treas. Sch. Director. Trustee 
Athens, O.. Asylum, 4 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: F. & A. M.. 14 degrees. Scottish 
Rite. 18 degrees. Deacon First Baptist 
Church, Cambridge, Ohio. Associated with 
his sons. Thos. E.. Herbert E. and Harry 
W. in the publication of the Daily Jeffer- 
sonian, Cambridge. O'hio, since 1886. Home 
address: Cor. North 9th St. and Go-mber 
Ave.. Cambridge. Ohio. 

born, Meiringen. Switzerland, June 11, 
1852; son of Andrew Anderegg and Mag- 
dalena (Otth) Anderegg: educated: Oberlin 
College: Harvard TJniv. ; Univ. Berne, 
Switzerland. College degrees: A. B. (1885); 
A. M. (1889). Married. Anna E. Krebs, 
(died); 2nd Mary Osband Swift. Prof. 

Math.. Oberlin Coll.. Oberlin. O.. 1S90 . 

Joint-author: Anderegg and Roe's Trigo- 
nometry, 1896. revised edition, 1913. Socs. 
and clubs: Am. Math. Soc.: Math. Assn. 
of Am.: Teachers' of Math. & Science 
Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa; Swiss Alpine. 

Congregationalist. Home address: 207 E. 
College St.. care Oberlin College. Oberlin, 

born. Princton. Wis.. June 29. 1857; son 
of (Rev.) George W. Anderson and Bethiah 
(McClurg) Anderson; educated: Allegheny 
Coll.; Univ. Mich. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married, Mary E. Jobes, Oct. 22, 1S80. En- 
gaged in practice law. Akron. O.. 1884-97; 
city solicitor. Akron. O.. 1889-93; probate 
judge. Summit Co., 1897-1903; resumed 

practice law. Akron. O.. 1903 . Socs. 

and clubs: Mason; Odd Fellow; Elk. Home 
address: 369 Silver St.. Akron. Ohio. 

ANDERSON, HARRY R., Brigadier-general, 
U. S. A.; born. Chillicothe. O.. Jan. 20, 
1844; son of Col. William Marshall Ander- 
son and Eliza (McArthur) Anderson; edu- 
cated: captain's clerk in U. S. Navy, May 
2. 1863-June 30, 1864; apptd. from Ohio, 
and cadet U. S. Mil. Acad.. July 1, 1864- 
Jan. IS. 1865: grad. Arty. Sch., 1875. Mar- 
ried, Florence Allison, Aug. 26, 1869. Capt. 
6th U. S. Vol. Inf.. April 28. 1865-June 12, 
1866; 2d It.. 6th U. S. Inf.. March 7. 1867; 
assigned to 4th Arty.. July 14. 1869; 1st It., 
April 29. 1S73: capt.. June 6. 1896; maj. 
Arty. Corps, May 8. 1901; It. -col.. Aug. 
14. 1903; col.. March 26. 1906: brig-gen. 
U. S. A. and retired by direction of the 
President, being over 62 yrs. of age, April 
5. 1907. Participated in campaign against 
Sioux Indians on Powder River, Neb., 1865; 
apptd. A.-D.-C. to Gen. E. R. S. Canby, 
1868; in campaign against Modocs. 1873 
(hon. mention) ; against Sioux Indians, 
under Gen. Crook. 1876; against Bannocks, 
in Oregon. 1877-8: served in Cuba and P. 
R. during Spanish-Am. War; comd. Dist. 
of Savannah. Ga.. 1903-5; Dist. of Balti- 
more. 1905-7. Socs. and clubs: Army and 
Navy Clubs; Chevy Chase Club, of Wash- 
ington. Home address: Circleville. O. 

ANDERSON, JAMES F., Attorney; born, 
Belmont. Co.. O. ; son of John D. Ander- 
son and Lucinda (Brown) Anderson; edu- 
cated: Pub. Scbs.; Commercial Coll. Mar- 
ried. Alice C. Birdsong. October 25. 1SS3. 
Engaged in practice law. Bellaire. O. 
Member Bd. Education, Bellaire; County 
Bd. Sch. Examiners; city Bd. Sch. Exam- 
iners; Supervisor of Roads; mem. Ohio 
Rep. State Central Com. Enlisted in 7th 
O. V. I., Co. "H", became sergeant. Civil 
War. Socs. and clubs: Grand Army of 
Republic; Bellaire Bd. Trade. Home ad- 
dress: Bellaire. Ohio. 

ANDERSON, JOHN M.. Physician and Sur- 
geon; born. Ansonia. O.. June 21. 1876; son 
of Lewis C. Anderson and Ollle (Tullis) 
Anderson; educated: Ohio State Univ.; 
Rush Med. College. Chicago. 111. College 
degrees: M. D. Married. Isabel Turner, 
July 15. 1913. Engaged in practice medi- 
cine and surgery. Greenville. O-. June 21, 

1902 . Socs. and clubs: Darke Co. 

and State Med. Assn.: Elk; Red Men Lodge 
Home address: Greenville. O. 

farmer; born, on farm near AtHalia. O., 
Jan. 10. 1S42: son of Lewis Anderson and 
Louisa (Hildreth) Anderson; educated: 
public schs.. Iron ton. O. ; Marietta Coll., 
Marietta. O. College degrees: A. B.; M. 
A. Married. Juliet Turner Savage. Oct. 
18. 1871; 2nd Alice Campbell Neal. April 
30. 1907. Engaged in teaching sch. at age 
of IS yrs.; Lawrence Co.. O, pub. solis.: 
age 23 yrs.. Washington County. O. : Supt. 
public schs.. Clarksburg. W. Va.. 1867-8. 
City 'solicitor, Ironton, O., 3% yrs. En- 
gaged in practice law, Ironton. O.. in all 
courts, state, federal and supreme court 
of U. S. 1871 . Socs. and clubs: Ma- 



sonic order. Favors I 'ri'sl iyl cria n Church. 
Home address: lionton. O. 

ANDERSON, W. S.. Com. Pleas Judge, Ma- 

honing County. Term expires Feb., 1919. 
Home address: Youngstown, Ohio. 

facturer; horn. Ca.rterville. O.. son of Rob- 
ert Miskelly Anderson and Elizabeth Mann 
(Belville) Anderson; educated: High Sch.; 
Cooper Acad. Married. Harriet Elizabeth 
Cooper. Nov. 14. 18S3. Pres. Buckeye Iron 
& Tirass \YI<s.. l-iayton, O.. since Dec. 1, 
1916; Pres The Chas. A. Wirshing Co.; 
Pres. The J. A. Winter Co.; Pres. The 
Still water HomeSite Co.; Pres. Dayton 
Home Builders Co.; Dir. Am. Loan & Sav- 
ings Assn.. Dayton. O. Apptd. Police 
Comr. by Gov. Campbell. 1891. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Past Master Dayton Lodge, 
No. 147. F. & A. M.; Past High Priest 
rnity Chapter, No. 16, R. A. M.; Past 
Thrice Illustrious Master Reese Council, 
No. 9, R. & S. M.; Past Eminent Com- 
mander Reed Commandery, No. 6, Knights 
Templar; Most Illustrious Past Grand 
Master Royal Select Masons of Ohio; 
Hon. 33d degree Supreme Council North- 
ern Masonic Jurisdiction; Mem. Antioch 
Temple Noble Mystic Shrine; Dayton 
Country Club; Keystone Club. Trustee 
Third St. Church and Miami Valley Hos- 
pital. Presbyterian. Republican. Home 
address: 399 West First St.. Dayton. O. 

chant; born. Jan. 22. 1859. Howard's Mill. 
Montgomery Co.. Ky. : son of George W. 
Anderson and Annie H. (Warwick) An- 
de"son: educated: Pub. Schs., Portsmouth, 
O. : Council Grove. Kan. Married. Feb. 
2. 1886. Ida Russell. Entered store owned 
by G. W. Anderson (his father). Nov., 
1S74; admitted to firm G. W. Anderson & 
Son. 1878; succeeded as head of firm (upon 
death of father). 1895: incorporated busi- 
ness. 1904. as The Anderson Bros. Co. 
Portsmouth, O., and became pres., 1904 

Dir. Security Savings Ba/nk. Portsmouth 
O. : dir. Breeoe Mfa:. Co., Portsmouth. O. 
vice-pres. The Anderson-Newcomb Co. 
Huntington. W. Va. ; pres. Board Trade 
Portsmouth. O.. 1914-15; supt. Methodist 
Episcopal S. S.. 26 yrs.; trustee Ohio S. S. 
Assn. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; 
K. T. Home address: Rose Ridge. Office- 
business: Portsmouth. Ohio. 

Book Publisher: born. Cincinnati. O. ; son 
of "William Anderson and Jane (Douglas) 
Anderson; educated: Cincinnati public 
schs. PJ-PS. of The W. H. Anderson Co., 
Law P.ook Publishers, Cincinnati, O. Trus- 
tee Univ. Cincinnati. Socs. and clubs: 
Queen City; Cincinnati Commercial; 
Optimist Club; Literary; Country, Hamll- 
t^n County Golf Club: Business Men's 
Club. Presbyterian. Home address: 938 
Lenox Place. Avondale. Cincinnati. O. 


Bishop; born, Morgantown, Va. (now West 
Va.). April 22. 1860: son of William An- 
derson and Elizabeth (Coombs) Anderson; 
educated: public sens.; West Va. State 
Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ. ; Drew Theol. Sem- 
inary; New York Univ. College degrees: 
A. B.: A. M.: B. D. : D. D'.: LL. D. Mar- 
ried. Liilah TOtr-ham. June 9. 1887. En- 
tered New York Conference, M. E. Church, 
1887: pastor: Mott Avenue M. E. Church, 
New York City. 1XX7-9; St. James Ch., 
Kingston. N. Y.. 1890-4; Washington Sq. 
Ch.. New York City. 1895-8: Highland Ave. 
Ch.. Ossining. N. Y.. 1899-1904; corres. sec. 
Bd. Education M. E. Ch. 1904-8; elected 
Bishop at Baltimore. 1908; resided in 
Chattanooga. Tenn.. 4 yrs.; official resi- 

dence. 420 Plum St.. Cincinnati, O., 
li' 1 2 . Author: The Compulsion of Love, 
1904; The Challenge of Today. 1915; vis- 
ited-jointly (with Bishop Hartzell). work 
of M. E. Church in North Africa. 1914; 
has jurisdiction of mission work in France, 
Finland, Italy, Norway, Russia and North 
Africa. Socs. and clubs: Delta Tau Delta; 
Phi Beta Kappa Frat. Home address: 
3360 Bishop St.. Clifton. Cincinnati. O. 

ANDRE, ORRIN C.. Physician; born, Wheel- 
ersburg. O.. April 29. 1856: son of Peter 
D. Andre and Nancy Caroline (Tong) 
Andre; i-diica t i-d : Public Seh.. \\'hi.M-lers- 
bursr. O. College degrees: M. D.. 1877. 
Married, Marie E. Sargent. Feb. 28, 1883, 
who died April 15. 1884. 2d. Martha J. 
Weisenstein. Oct. 30. 1890. Practiced Med- 
icine. Buchanan. O.. April. 1877 to. April. 
1878; Piketon. O.. 1878 to 1894; Waverly. 

O.. 1894 . Postmaster of Waverly. O.. 

1905-1914. Socs. and clubs: Pike County 
Med. Soc. : Ohio State Med. Assn.: Am. 
Med. Assn. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Home address: Waverly. Ohio. 

ANDRESS. HARRY E.. Attorney: born, 
llayesville. O.. Oct. 16, 1870; son of Sam- 
uel D. Andress and Sarah (Hilderbrant) 
Andress; educated: Vermillion Inst. Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B. Married. Addie L/. 
Montenyohl. Dec. 24. 189S. Teacher and 
Attorney. Pres. and member Bd. of Edu- 
cation. Akron. O.. 4 yrs. Socs. and clubs: 
University Club: Portage Country Clul>; 
Congre&s Lake Club: Rotary Club; Akron 
City Club, etc. Episcopal Church. Home 
address: 753 W. Market St.. Akron. Ohio. 

ANDREWS, ALLEN, Attorney; born. Mun- 
<-ie. Ind.. Aim. 11, 1849; son of George L. 
Andrews and Margaret (Rodebaugh) An- 
drews; educated: common schs.; Liber 
Coll.; Nat. Normal Univ.. Lebanon. O. 
Married. Belle Davis. Jan. 30. 1879. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar. 1874; engaged in prac- 
tice law. Hamilton. Ohio, 1876 . Mem- 
ber firm Morey, Andrew's & Morey. 22 yrs.; 
Andrews. Harlan & Andrews. 9 yrs. : An- 
drews & Andrews. 4 yrs. Vice pres. and 
dir. Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co.. 
Hamilton. O. Socs. and clubs: (pres. 1911) 
Ohio State Bar Assn.: Hamilton Club. 
Methodist. Home address: ' 644 Dayton 
St.. Hamilton. Ohio. 

sician; Composer; born, Wayne. Ashta- 
bula Co.. O.; son of Melancthon Zuingliua 
Andrews and Augusta (Cathcart) An- 
drews; educated: Oberlin public schools; 
Oberlin Conservatory Music; Leipzig, 
Munich. Paris. College degrees: A. M. 
(hon. Oberlin Coll.. 1900) ; Mus. Doc. 
(Oberlin Coll.. 1903): Mus. Bac. (Oberlin 
Conserv.. 1906). Married, Harriet Augusta 
Clark. July 3. 1888. Teacher, pberlin Con- 
servatory, 1883; concert organist. 1S76 ; 

organist Second Congregational Church, 


Orchestral & Choral conductor, 
conductor. Oberlin Musical Union 
and Oberlin Conservatory Orchestra: prof. 
Music, Oberlin Conserv., Oberlin, O., 
1SS3 ~. Composer: certain published and 
number manuscript vocal and organ, 
orchestral pieces. Socs. and clubs: (found- 
er) American Guild of Organists. Congre- 
gationalist. Home address: 195 Forest St., 
Oberlin. Ohio. 

ANDREWS. LA FOREST R., Attorney; born. 
South Point. O.. Sept. IS, 1865; son of Lee. 
Andrews and Delilah (Davidson) Andrews; 
educated: Common School. Married, Mar- 
garet Markin. July 9. 1899. Prosecuting 
Attorney. 1900-1906. Member of la.w firm 
of Andrews & Irish. Socs. and clubs: B. 
P. O. E. No. 77: Odd Fellows; Golden 
Eagles. Baptist Church. Ironton, O. 


Leader in Republican politics. Home ad- 
dress: 414 South Sixth St.. Ironton. Ohio. 

(Mrs. W. W. Andrews), born. Cincinnati. 
O. ; daughter of James Waugh Canfield 
and Mar>- Jane (Williams) Canfield; edu- 
cated: Litchfield. Conn. Socs. and clubs: 
Cincinnati Women's Club; Daught. of Am. 
Rev.: New England Women's Club (New 
York City): Colony of Nat. Soc. Daughters 
of 1832: MacDowell Club (Ky). Trustee 
for past 25 yrs. Home for Incurables. Vice 
Pres., Lawrence Home, Cincinnati, 1916. 
Home address: 962 Burton Ave., Avondale, 
Cincinnati. O. 

ANDREW, ROBERT E., Educator; born. 

u'estiniro, Ohio, July 18, 1 >">-: son of Wil- 
liam Andrew and Ruth (Garner) Andrew; 
educated: Public Schools. Married, Clar- 
enda Van Winkle. Oct. 7. 1875. Teacher 
and Supt. of Public Schs. for 35 yrs. Coun- 
ty Sch. Examiner for 20 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Blue Chapter and K. T. ; 
Royal Arcanum: K. P.: Grange. Quaker. 
Home address: Blanchester. Ohio. 

ANDREWS. VICTOR R., Educator; born, 
Stokes Tp.. Logan Co.. O.. Nov. 10. 18S9; 
son of Lorin Andrews and Nellie (Mahan) 
Andrews; educated; Rural Schs. of Goshen 
Twp.. Auglaize Co.; passed Patterson 
Exam, at age of 12 yrs. Secondary, 
Waynesfield High Sch. Collegiate. Defi- 
ance (O.) Coll. Married. Carolyn C. Win- 
get. Oct. 26. 1916. Rural School Teacher. 
4 yrs.; Village Grade Prin. at St. Johns, 
] yr. : Ward Prin., \Va;.akoneta, O., 1 yr. ; of Ooshen Tp. Schs.. centralized, at 
New Hampshire, 3 yrs.; centralized under 
his direction. County 6'upt. of Schs., 
Auglaize Co.. since 1916. Apptd. Co. Sch. 
Ebcam. for Auglaize Co. in 1913 for the 
regular term of 3 yrs. : holds same office 
now by virtue of being County Supt. 
Socs. and clubs: M. E, Brotherhood of 
County; County and State Teachers Assn.; 
Ohio Teachers Reading Circle.. M. E. 
Church. Home address: Wapakoneta, O. 

ANDREWS, WILLIAM N., Contractor; born, 
Hamilton. Butler Co.. Ohio. Oct. 10. 1S6S: 
son of Robert N. Andrews and Caroline 
(Wehbring) Andrews; educated: Hamilton 
High School and Cincinnati Univ. Mar- 
ried. .VTnrv Beckett. Sept. 30. 1908. Pres. 
The Andrews Asphalt Paving Co. Socs. 
and clubs: Hamilton Club: Elks: Butler 
County Country Club. Home address: 
Hamilton. O. 

ANGEL, WILLIAM HENRY, Educator; born, 
Stone Creek. O.. Nov. 12, 1870; son of 
Hiram Angel and Caroline (Hahn) Angel; 
educated: rural sch.: private normal; Scio 
Coll.; Ohio Northern Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B.; A. M. Married. Grace L. 
Roll. Nov. 27. 1897. Taught 9 yrs. rural 
sch.; pub. sch.. Uhrichsville. O.. 4 yrs.; 
supt. schs.. Mineral City. O., 3 yrs.; supt. 

schs., Dennison. O.. 1905 . Socs. and 

clubs: I. O. O. F.; Jr. O. U. A. M. Metho- 
dist. Home address: 823 North Second 
St., Dennison, Ohio. 

ANSON. SAM B.. Publisher; born. Cleve- 
land. O.. Aug. 28, 1884; son of Charles L. 
Anson and Elizabeth A. (Fagan) Anson; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Minneapolis, Minn. 
Married, Edith M. McConville, Oct. 14, 
1908. Was identified with Lockport. N. 
Y., Review; Uniontown, Pa., Evening 
Genius; St. Joseph. Mo.. News-Press: Des 
Moines. Iowa. News; St. Paul Globe: Buf- 
falo. N. Y.. Times: Cleveland. O.. Cleve- 
land Plain Dealer; Newspaper Enterprise 
Assn.; Cleveland Press; Cleveland News; 
now Publisher Columbus Daily Monitor. 
Socs. and clubs: Columbus Athletic Club; 

Highland Park Golf Club; Columbus 
Chamber of Commerce; Columbus Adver- 
tising Club. Home address: Columbus 
Athletic Club. Columbus. Ohio. 

ney; born. Defiance. O.. Dec. 24, 1871: son 
of Edmond Ansberry and Elizabeth (Fitz- 
patrick) Ansberry; educated: Defiance 
Public Schools; Univ. Notre Dame. Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B.; A. M. Married, 
Nelle Kettenring. 1904. Admitted to Ohio 
bar, 1893; elected Justice Peace, Defiance, 
O.. iS93: resigned, fleeted to prosecuting 
attorney, Defiance County, 1895; re-elected 
for two succeeding terms. 3 yrs. each; 
nominated for Congress, 6 times, 1904- 
14; elected 4 times; member Ways and 
Means Committee in 62nd and 6"3rd Con- 
gresses; resigned from Congress. Jan. 9, 
1915. to accept judgeship, Appellate Court 
of Ohio; resigned judgeship to resume 
practice of law. Washington, D. C., 
1916 . Socs. and clubs: Knight Colum- 
bus. Catholic. Home address: Defiance, 

Writer; born, Germaniown. O., Feb. 21, 
1869; son of Francis Titus and Mary Ann 
(Kemp) Antrim; educated: DePauw Univ., 
Greencastle. Ind.. A. B.. 1889: Boston Univ., 
Boston, Mass.. A. M., 1S90; Goettingen 
Univ., Goettingen. Germany, Ph. D.. 1S97. 
Married. Saida Brumback. 1899. Taught 
English and other branches in Belmont 
Coll., College Hill. O., and Wyoming Univ.. 
Laranve, Wyo. Since 1899. time divided 
between banking and writing; Vice Pres., 
Van Wert Nat'l. Bank. Represented Van 
Wert County in Fourth Constitutional 
Conv. of Ohio. Co-author of "The Coun- 
try Library." and author of "Fifty Million 
Strong" or "Our Rural Reserve" and of 
numerous articles in papers and maga- 
zines. Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi 
and K. of P. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Home address: Van Wert. Ohio. 

APPEL, FRANKLIN, Educator; born. Lu- 
casville, Scioto Co., O., Sept. 15. 1868; 
son of Charles Theodore Appel and Mary 
Elizabeth (Brant) Appel; educated: Lucas- 
ville public schs.; Ohio Wes. Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B. Married. Martha Jane 
Cook. June 15. 1894. Teacher, rural schs., 
Scioto Co.. O.. 3 yrs.; supt. Lucasville 
sch., 2 yrs.: supt. Wheelersburg, O., schs. 
5 yrs.: supt. Ludlow. Ky.. schs.. 5 yrs. 
prin. Portsmouth. O.. high sch.. 2V 2 yrs. 
supt. Portsmouth public schs.. 8 yrs. Socs- 
and clubs: Delta Tau Delta frat. (Ohio 
Wes. Univ.). Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: S40 Eighth St.. Portsmouth. O. 


Commercial Executive; born, Jacksonville, 
Florida. Feb. 8. 1884: son of Thomas J. 
Appleyard and Sarah E. (Kennedy) Apple- 
yard; educated- Montreal, Canada. Mar- 
ried. Rhoda M. Gilbert. March 23. 1909. 
Executive Secretary of Piqua Chamber of 
Commerce. Piciua. O.. since Feb. 15. 1916. 
Socs. and clubs: Piqua Club; Rotary Club; 
Cosmopolitan Club; Y. M. C. A.; Nat. 
Assn. of Commercial Organization Secre- 
taries; The Ohio Commercial Secretaries 
Assn. Episcopalian. Home address: 
Piqua. Ohio. 

Univ. Prof.; born. Pittsburgh. Pa., May 
30. 1876: son of James MacKay Arbuthnot 
and Rebecca McClure (Criswell) Arbuth- 
not; educated: Geneva Coll.. Beaver Falls, 
Pa.; Univ. Chicago. College degrees: B. 
S.: Ph. D. Unmarried. Asst. in History, 
1899-1900: Fellow Political Economy, Univ. 
Chicago, 1901-03; instructor Political 
Economy, Univ. Nebraska. 1903-04; ad- 



junct prof.. 1904; Instructor Economics. 
Adelhert Coll. & Coll. for Women. 1904-06; 
associate prof. Economics. 1906-08; prof. 
Economics, Western Reserve Univ., Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1908 . Socs. and clubs: 

Clevt land, O.. Chamber Commerce; City 
Club. Home address: 2263 Demington 
] n ive. Cle\ eland. Ohio. 

ARCHER, MARTIN B., Attorney-Banker; 
born, East Union. O.. Noble Co.. Aug. 26, 
I860; son of Stephen M. Archer and 
Rachael (Matheny) Archer; educated: 
public schools. K;ist Union. O. ; Summer- 
field Normal. Married, Arabella Ruther- 
ford. Oct., 1881. Engaged in farming, 1891; 
merchant, 1894; elected Probate Judge, 
Noble Co.. O.. 1S93-99; engaged in Leaf 

Tobacco business. 1896 ; owner and 

operator. Dairy Farm, near East Union, 

O.. 1915 ; pres. Farmers & Merchants 

Bank, Caldwell, O., 1915 ; practicing 

attorney-at-law, Caldwell, O., 1900 . 

Nominated for County Treasurer. Noble 
Co., O., withdrew from (Republican) ticket 
1891; presidential elector. 15th dist. Ohio, 
Republican Ticket. 1900; ran for State 
Senator (rep. ticket) but defeated. 1912; 
elected for State Senator. 9th and 14th 
dist. by 1900 majority. 1914. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic Order. Home address: 
Caldwell. Ohio. 

urer State; born. Bellaire. Belmont Co., 
O., Sept. 20. 1S69; son of Orlando Galla- 
gher Archer and Lena (Keifer) Archer; 
educated: Bellaire common schs. Married, 
Hannah St. John Archer. May 8. 1905. 
County Treas.. Belmont Co.. O., 1906-11; 
treas. State of Ohio. 1915-17. Socs. and 
clubs: K. P.: Jr. O. U. A. M. ; Masonic 
Fraternities; Elk; Lakewood Tennis Club; 
Tippecanoe Club. Cleveland. O.; Buckeye 
Club. Columbus. O. Republican. Chris- 
tian Church. Home address: 1285 West 
105th St.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

ARGANBRIGHT. C. A.. Educator: born. 
Vinton Co.. O.. .Nov. 5. 1875; son of Mah- 
lon Arganbright and Cynthia (Clark) Ar- 
ganbright: educated: Ohio Univ.: Ohio 
Northern Univ.: Miami Univ.: Columbia 
Univ. College degrees: B. Ped.. 1898; A, 
B.. 1906; A. M.. 1912. Awarded McFarland 
Math. Prize. 1906. Married, Maude Thom- 
as. Nov. 23, 1898. Supt. schs.. South Solon, 
<>.. 1901-4: supt. Bluffton, O.. 1906-14; Co. 
supt. schs. of Allen, 1914 . Holder 
;non and high school life certificate. 
Socs. and clubs: N. E. A.: F. & A. M. 
Methodist. Home address: Lima, Ohio. 

born. Point Isabel. O.. Sept. 9. 1868; son 
of James M. Armacost and Catherine L. 
(Plackard) Armacost; educated: De Pauw 
Univ. (1893): Ohio Wes. Univ. (1S99); post- 
- ;.'!. Moore's Hill, Incl. College degrees: 
B. A.; M. A. Married. Anna Rebecca 
Croswell. 1894. Began ministry as pastor 
for country circuit: pastor: New Carlisle. 
O.. 1903-4: Grace Ch.. Piqua. O.. 1905-8; 
Columbia Ch.. Cincinnati. O. 1909-10: Nor- 
wood M. E. Ch.. Cincinnati. O.. 1911-13; 

Fostoria (Ohio) M. E. Ch.. 1914 . Home 

address: Fostoria. Ohio. 

ARMLEDER, OTTO, Manufacturer; born, 
Cincinnati. O.. Oct. 15. 1862; son of John 
Armleder and Marie (Geiser) Armleder; 
educated: St. Mary's Institute. Dayton. O.; 
St. Xavier College. Cincinnati. O.: Queen 
fity Commercial College. Married, Kath- 
erine Manss. Nov. 19. 1889. At the age of 
20 yrs.. entered the wagon manufacturing 
business under the name of O. Armleder 
& Co.; later operated two additional plants, 
all of which were consolidated into a new 
plant at 12th and Plum S'ts.. Cincinnati, 

O., in 1904. Now manufacturing motor 
trucks as well as horse-drawn business 
wagons. Socs. and clubs: Scottish Rite 
Mason; Shriner; Life member of Elks; 
Business Men's Club; Cincinnati Chamber 
of Commerce; Queen City Club; Cuvier 
Press Club; Laughery Club; Hamilton Co. 
Golf Club; Wyoming Golf Club; National 
Chamber of Commerce; National Assn. 
Carriage Manufacturers Club; Cincinnati 
Carriage Makers Club. Home address: 
104 Elm Ave.. Wyoming. Ohio. 

ARMSTRONG, DAVID, Banker; born, Wav- 
erly. O.. March 7. 1S73: son of David Arm- 
strong and Eliza (Martin) Armstrong; 
educated: Jackson. O. Married, Jessie 
Thomas. June 27. 1900. Pres. The Citi- 
zens Savings & Trust Co.. July. 1905 . 

Socs. and clubs: K. of P.: Masons; Red 
Men; Moose. Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: Jn.ckson. Ohio. 

Prof.: born. Adelphi. Ross Co.. O.. Feb. 
14. 1875: son of Nelson Armstrong and 
Alice (Dillon) Armstrong; educated: coun- 
try schools. Hocking & Pickaway Cos.; 
Logan. O.. high sch.; Ohio Wes. Univ.; 
Harvard Univ.; Univ. Chicago; Koenig- 
liche Technische Hochschule, Munich, Ger- 
many. College degrees: A. B.; M. A.; 
Doktor der Technischen, Wissenschaften. 
Unmarried. Teacher, Bast Liverpool, O., 
high school, 1897-1902; Instructor Math. 
Oberlin Coll., 1905-07; associate prof. & 
prof. Applied Math., Ohio Wes. Univ., Del- 
aware, O., 1907 . Socs. and clubs: 

American Math. Soc. ; American Assn. 
Advancement Science; Math. Assn. of 
Am.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa 
Frat. Associated with the department 
Terrestrial Magnetism of Carnegie Insti- 
tution, Washington, D. C., summer, 1914. 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: Del- 
aware, Ohio. 

born, near Carrollton, Carrol Co., O., 1867; 
son of David S. Armstrong and Lavina 
(Byers) Armstrong; educated: common 
schools, Carrol Co.; Coll. preparatory, Mt. 
Vernon, O. ; post-grad. Columbia Univ., 1 
yr. College degrees: Ph. B.; A. M. Mar- 
ried, Clara Diver, who died Jan., 1901; 
second marriage, Elva J. Campbell, 1908. 
Supt. Deerfield Township, Portage Co., O. ; 
high school teacher, 1896-1900; teacher 
country schools, 1900-06; supt. Vandergrift 
schools, Pa., 1907-11; supt. Girard, O., 
public schools, 1911-13; prin. Perkins Nor- 
mal Sch., Akron, O., 1913-14; county supt., 

Stark Co., O., 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

S. A. E. ; Adcraft Club; Ohio State Teach- 
ers' Assn.; Northeastern Ohio Teachers' 
Assn. Methodist. Home address: 1222 
Short Ave., Canton, Ohio. 

Clergyman; born, Reed City, Michigan, 
Feb. 4, 1888; son of Robert Foster Arm- 
strong and Mary Emery (Maxim) Arm- 
strong; educated: Amherst College; Oberlin 
College; Oberlin Theological Seminary. 
College degrees: B. A.: B. D., Oberlin Col- 
lege. Married, Esther Porter, Aug. 12, 
1914. Pastor of the Amherst Congrega- 
tional Church. Secretary of the Amherst 
Chamber of Commerce. President of the 
Amherst Weekly News Co. Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Amherst Gymnasium 
Assn. Socs. and clubs: Phi Gamma Delta 
Fraternity; College; Masons; mem. East- 
ern Star. Congregational. Compiler of 
"Amherst's story." Author of occasional 
articles on church work. Home address: 
24 South Main St., Amherst, Ohio. 

ARNOLD, FREDERICK G., Clergyman; born, 
Stella, Nebraska, March 25, 1886; son of 
William Christian Arnold and Eliza A. 



(Scott) Arnold; educated: Grand Island 
Coll.; Rochester Theol. Seminary; North- 
western Univ.. Chicago. Married. Helen 
Anna Kuper. Feb. 5, 1910. Pharmacist, 
1903-1905; teacher grade schools; 1905-07; 
pharmacist, head-nurse Nebraska Soldiers' 
and Sailors' Home, 1908-09; student pas- 
tor. Humboldt. Neb.. 1909; Pittsford, X. 
Y., 1910-12; pastor First Baptist Church, 
Urbana, O., 1912-16; pastor Evang. Spring- 
dale Baptist Ch., Marysville, O., 1917 ; 

Chaplain 66th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Order; I. O. O. F. Bap- 
tist Church. Home address: Marysville, 

Newark, N. J., Sept. 8, 1S77; daughter of 
George Henry Russell and Nettie Louise 
(Gardiner") Russell; educated: Mont Clair, 
N. J., public schs., and Smith College. Col- 
lege degrees: B. L. Married, Harry Bart- 
ley Arnold, May 26, 1910. Teacher. New 
York Collegiate Inst., 2 yns.; asst. direct- 
ress American Art Students Club, Paris, 
France, 1 yr. Christian Scientist. Home 
address: 1584 Hawthorne Park, Columbus, 

ARNOLD, JOHN H., Attorney; born, Free- 
port, Pa., Dec. 11, 1862; son of Richard 
V. Arnold and Araminta J. (Holmes) Ar- 
nold; educated: Pub. Schs. of Pittsburg, 
Pa. Married, Eleanor A. Moore, Aug. 17, 
1904. Lumberman; Mechanic with Penn- 
sylvania R. R.: Foreman with Case Mt'g. 
Co.; Read Law at night. Admitted to bar, 
Oct., 1S94. Elected Lieutenant Governor 
of Ohio, Nov., 1914. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sons; K. of P.: Woodmen of the World; 
Loyal Order of Moose; Loyal Order of 
Oaks: Columbus Caledonian Soc. ; Frank- 
lin Co. Bar Assn.; Buckeye Republican 
Club. Presbyterian Church. Republican 
in politics. Home address: 467 N. Gar- 
field Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

ARNOLD, JOSEPH C., Business Man; born,' 
Tiffin. O.. Sept. 30. 1863; son of Anthony 
H. Arnold and Mary R. (Fanning) Arnold; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Tiffin, O.; Heidel- 
berg College. Married, Ada Engstrom, 
July 1, 1S97. Engaged in the coal, hay and 
grain business with the firm of B. D. 
Knepper until 1909, when he purchased 
the Steward coal yards, conducting the 
business since then. Served as Mayor of 
Tiffin. O.. as a Democrat. 1907-10. Socs. 
and clubs: Elks: K. of C. Catholic Ch. 
Home address: 74 Hall St., Tiffin, Ohio. 

born, Darke Co., O., July 27, 1884; son 
of Winfield Lincoln Arnold and Rebecca 
(Eisele) Arnold; educated: Dallas Coll., 
Dallas, Oregon. College degrees: A. B. 
Married, Bessie Viets, Aug. 9, 1911. Pub- 
lic Sch. teacher. 1 yr. ; Dir. Religious 
Wk., Y. M. C. Assn., Wilkesbarre. Pa.. 1 
yr. : pastor: Darke Co., Ohio, 2 yrs. ; Day- 
ton. O.. 6 yrs.; pastor: Miami Chapel Ch., 

U. B. in Christ, Dayton, O., 1914 . Socs 1 

and clubs: Genealogist and historian of 
John Arnold Family Assn. Home address: 
1208 Miami Chapel Rd., Dayton, O. 

ARPEE, LEON, Clergyman; born, Constan- 
tinople, Turkey, pet. 18, 1877; son of (Rev.) 
Stephen Tschorigian Arpee and Tacul 
(Nergarar) Arpee; educated: Robert Coll., 
Constantinople, 1892-96; Auburn Theol. 
Seminary, Auburn, N. Y., 1897-1900. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B. Presbyterian Home 
Miss, in Oregon, 1901-03; pastor Richwood, 
O.. Presby. Ch., 1904-09; pastor, Nelson- 

ville, O., Presby. Ch.. 1910 . Stated 

clerk, Athens Presby., 1914 . Member 

Am. Soc. Ch. Hist., 1915 . Author: 

The Armenian Awakening, 1909. Home 
address: Nelsonville, Ohio. 

born. Gary, 111., Jan. u::. IS,.:; son of August 
Arps and Ida (Hansen) Arps; educated: 
Academy Univ. (111.) Univ. of Illinois; Le- 
land Stanford Univ.: Indiana Univ.; Univ. 
Berlin; Leipzig. College degrees: A. B. 
(1904): A. M. (1905): Ph. D. (1908). Mar- 
ried, Alice Mary Black, Oct. 18, 1905. 
Science teacher, Tuscola, 111., 1898-99; 
Clarion State Normal Sch., Clarion, Pa., 
1899-1900; supt. Tuscola Public Schs., 1900- 
03; associate prof, psychology, Indiana 
Univ., 1908-1910; asst. prof, psychology, 
Univ. Illinois, 1910-12; prof, psychology, 
Ohio State Univ.. 1912 ; head depart- 
ment of psychology, Ohio State Univ., 

1914 . Au,thor: Scientific articles in 

German and American periodicals. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma XI; 
Phi Delta Kappa; Psychological Assn.; 
American Assn. for Advancement of 
Science; Nat. Educational Assn.; Central 
Ohio School Masters' Club; Arlington Golf 
Club; A. A. O. N. M. S.; Medina Temple. 
Lutheran. Home address: 216 East Lane 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

ARTER, SHERMAN, Attorney; born, Han- 
overton, O.. Feb. 5, 1865; son of Theodore 
Arter and Susan (Pritchard) Arter; edu- 
cated: Adelbert Coll., Western Reserve. 
College degrees: A. B.; M. A. Unmar- 
ried. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1888; en- 
gaged in general practice law, Cleveland, 

O., 1888 . Socs. and clubs: Sous Am. 

Rev.; Delta Tau Delta Frat.; (Prea.) 
Men's I eaarue for Woman Suffrage, Cuy- 
ahog-a Co.; (Sec.) Early Settlers' Assn. 
Methodist. Home address: 2100 Adelbert 
Rd.: office, 1308 Williamson Bldg., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

born, Cambridge, O., 1874; son of William 
Arter and Susan (Matthews) Arter; edu- 
cated: Rural Schs., Belmont Co., Ohio; 
Doane Academy. Granville, O.; Dennison 
Univ., Granville, O. College degrees: B. S. 
Married. Alta Wood. Oct. 2S. 1900. Taught 
in rural schools, Belmont Co., O.; Bridge- 
port Public Schs., Bridgeport, O. ; Sclo 
College. Principal of Hillsboro High Sch., 
Hillsboro, O. ; Supt. of Schs. of Hillsboro, 
O., and now at Cambridge, O. Socs. and 
clubs: K. of P. Lodge; Masons. Baptist. 
Home address: Cambridge, Ohio. 

ARTHUR, ALFRED, Musician; born, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.. Oct. 8. 1844; son of Hamilton 
Arthur and Margaret (Hanna) Arthur; 
educated: Boston Music Sch. (1868); stud- 
ied under B. F. Baker. William Shultzie, 
George Howard, Mathew Arbuckle, Henry 
Brown, later with Julias Eichberg at Bos- 
ton Conservatory of Music. Married, Kate 
S. Burnham. Dec. 12. 1871. Located In 
Cleveland, O., in 1871, as teacher of voice; 
dir. Cleveland (Inc.) Sch. of Music, 

1SS5 . Composer: (operas) The Water 

Carrier, 1876; The Roundheads and Cava- 
liers, 1878; Adaline, 1879; (songs) Memory's 
Dream, 1868; Tell It, Silver Throat, 1880; 
Song of the Opal. 1SS1. Author: Progres- 
sive Vocal Studies. 1887; Seventy-Nine 
Studies for Alto or Bass. 1889: Seventy- 
Four Lessons in Voice Training. 1883; 
Vooal Technique. 1901: "Elementary 
Theory"; Forty Vocal Art Studies; The 
Night Has a Thousand Eyes, (song), 1910; 
Romance for a Violin. 1910; Yesterday, 
(song), 1911; numerous pieces for violin 
and piano. Teacher and founder of a 
number of musical socs. , founded Cleve- 
land Vocal Soc., 1873; founded Bach Choir 
of Woodland Presby. Ch., 1878; Sacred 
Music Soc. Pilgrim Cong. Church. Visited 
Italy, Germany, France, England, to study 
their systems of musical instruction. Socs. 
and clubs: Men's Music Teachers' Club. 



Home address: 3101 Prospect Ave., Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 

Y M C. A.; born. Dansville, N. Y.. Aug. 
IS 1SS3; son of Arthur M. Artman and 
Almira Adella (Huggins) Artman; edu- 
cated: Common and High Schs., LeRoy, 
N Y Cornell Univ., and Syracuse Univ.; 
Lake Geneva (Wis.) Y. M. C. A. Summer 
Sen. College degrees: Ph. B. (Syracuse 
Univ 1910). Educational Secretary Pitts- 
burgh (Pa.) Central Y. M. C. A. 1910-12. 
Secretary Lake County (Ohio) Y. M. C. A., 
191 9 -13 Secretary Madison County (O.) 

Y M. C. A., 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

Delta Upsilon Fraternity; Masonic. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. Home address: London, 

ASCHAM, JOHN BAYNE, Clergyman; born, 
Vanlue, O., Feb. 11', 1N73: son of Augustus 
Ascham and Minnie (Ault) Ascham; edu- 
cated: Tri-State Normal, Angola, Ind. ; 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ., A. B.; Harvard 
Univ., A. M. ; Boston Univ., Ph. D. Mar- 
ried, Jessie Biggs, Aug. 15, 1895. Minister 
on Marysville Circuit, 1897-9S, 1900-01; 
Spencerville Circuit 1901-02; Delphos, O., 
1902-05, 1907-10; Epworth Ch., Toledo, O., 
1910-16; Avondale Meth. Episcopal Ch.. 

Cincinnati, O., 1916 . Author: Help 

from the Hills; A Syrian Pilgrimage; The 
Development of the Kingdom of God in 
Old Testament Times. In 1907 spent six 
months in travel and study in Italy and 
Germany; in 1913 made an extended tour 
in Palestine. Socs. and clubs: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ancient and Apcepted Scottish 
Rite Masonry, Valley of Toledo; trustee, 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; trustee, Methodist 
Children's Home, Worthington, O.; trus- 
tee, Flower Hosp., Toledo, O. Home ad- 
dress: 519 Forest Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

cator; born, New Washington, O., Sept. 
29. 1877; son of Jacob Fred Aschbacher 
and Mary (Klink) Aschbacher; educated: 
New Washington Public Schools; Wood- 
ville. Teachers' Sem.; Lima College; Ohio 
Univ. Married, Emma Elizabeth Beier, 
July 24. I:HIO. Parochial School Teacher, 
Music Supervisor, High School Teacher 
Math and Science; Principal Oak Harbor 
High' School; Supt. Oak Harbor Public 

Schools, 1909 . Pres. County Board 

Examiners. Lutheran Church. Home ad- 
dress: Oak Harbor. Ohio. 

A5H BROOK, CLAUDE, Banker-Broker; 
born, Boone Co., Ky.. July 7, 1867; son 
of Benjamin Ashbrook and Elizabeth 
(Tucker) Ashbrook; educated: Pub. Schg. 
of Covington, Ky. Married, Cora Cullom, 
1S92. Connected with Third Nat. Bank, 1 
yr. ; Fidelity Natl. Bank; organized City 
Hall Bank, cashier. 2 yrs. ; engaged in 
brokerage business; now foremost of Cin- 
cinnati brokers. Socs. and clubs: Queen 
City Club: Business Men's Club. Home 
address: 4078 Rose Hill Ave.. Cincinnati, 

man: born, Johnstown. O., July 1, 1867; 
son of William Ashbrook and Lucy (Pratt) 
Ashbrook; educated: Pub. Schs.; Business 
Coll., Johnstown O. Married. Jennie B. 
Williston, Dec. 24, 1S89. Editor and pub- 
lisher Johnstown Independent, 1885 ; 

Pres. Citizens Bank, Johnstown, O.; Secy. 
Johnstown Bldg. & Loan Assn. Co., 

1SS9 ; Postmaster of Johnstown, O., 

1SS9-1903; mem. 77th Gen. Assembly, 
1905-6; mem until, r.lst. f.i'd, f.3rd and 64th 
Congresses, 1907-17. 17th Ohio Dist.; re- 
elected 1916 to 65th Congress. Democrat. 
Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; Elks; 

Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows; Eagles; 
Woodmen; Secy. Nat. Editorial Assn. of 
U. S., 1902-5. Methodist Church. Home 
address: Johnstown, Ohio. 

Kn.sdii'-er; born. Bombay. East India. May 
!i. 1X70; son of Charles Edward Ashburner 
and Annie (Barker) Ashburner; educated: 
Lancaster, Eng. ; Cheltenham College. Eng- 
land; Heidelberg, Germany, and Dieppe, 
France. College degrees: Civil Engineer. 
Married. Cora M. Hobson, Oct. 1. 1896. 
Engineer River & Harbor. U. S. Govern- 
ment. 1889; engineer. Lewis Gonter. Rich- 
mond. Va.. 1890-96; contractor. 1896-98; 
engineer Porto Rico, 1899-1900; engineer 
Ches & Ohio. 1901-02; contracting (charge 
railroad), 1903-08; 1st city manager, Staun- 
ton, Va. 1908-11; engineering work with 
American Ry. Co.. Lynchburg. Va.. 
14; city manager, Springfield, O., l'.'1-t 
Socs. and clubs: Mason (Blue Lodge, 
Chapter, Commandery. Shrine); Elks; K. 
P.; Moose; vice pres. Virginia Good Road 
Assn., 1904; pres. State Municipal League, 
1910\; pres. Nat. City Managers Assn., 
1914. Baptist. Home address: 233 Doug- 
las Ave., Springfield. Ohio. 

born. West Carlisle, O., April 3d, 
son of Gilbert Ashcraft and Amanda Jane 
(Homer) Ashcraft; educated: West Car- 
lisle and West Bedford High Schs.; Ohio 
Northern Univ., Ada, O. College degrees: 
B S and B. of Laws. Married. Barbara 
E Preston. June 26. 1912. Practice of 
law since Sept. 1. 1910. Socs. and clubs: 
Acme F. & A. M.. 554. Newark. O.; Theta 
Lambda Phi. legal Fraternity. Home ad- 
dress: 69 Flory Ave., Newark, Ohio. 

born, Tallmadge. O.. Jan. Ul. 1841; son of 
Russell Atwater Ashmun and Marcia 
(\Vright) Ashmun; educated: Tallmadge 
Academy; Med. Depart. Western Reserve 
Univ. College degrees: M. D. Married, 
Laura J. Post. May 25. 1SSO; second mar- 
riage. Alice Ford. Nov. 27. 1SS8. General 
practitioner medicine and surgery, 1S73-S9; 
Instr. Physical Diagnosis, Med. Dept., 
Wooster Univ., 1874-1879; Prof. Diseases 
Children. Med. Depart.. Wooster Univ., 
1889-93; Prof. Hygiene and Preventative 
Medicine. Western Reserve Univ.. 1S93-09: 
Prof. Med. Jurisprudence and Medical 
Ethics, Western Reserve Univ., 1909-12; 
senior Prof. Med. Jurisprudence and Med. 
Ethics, Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, 
O.. 1912 . U. S. Examiner for Pen- 
sions. Cleveland O.. 1873-86; member 
Cleveland Board Health. 1SSO-S1; Health 
Officer, Cleveland, O., 1881-91; surgeon 5th 
He; O N G.. 1S89-9S: member City Coun- 
cil, Cleveland, O., 1898-99 and 1902-03; 
member Board Education, Cleveland, O., 
1909-15; pres. Board Ed., 1910-12-13. En- 
listed in the Second Reg.. O. V. Cav., 
1861, mustered out Sept.. 1862; enlisted in 
7th Independent Co., Ohio Vol. Cavalry, 
Nov., 1S63, mustered out Sept.. IM',:.. This 
Company was known as the "Union Light 
Guard," served as the body guard of Pres. 
Lincoln. Dec.. 1863 until his death, (com- 
posed of one man from each county of 
Ohio); Dr. Ashmun was 2nd Lieutenant of 
this Company. Congregationalist. Home 
address: 196.'.' East 101st St., Cleveland, O. 

ASMAN, FRED J., Banker; born. Marys- 
ville. O.. May 26, 1877: son of John C. 
Asman and Barbara (EmmerO Asman; 
educated: Marysville, O. Married. Matilda 
Trapp. June 19. 1902. Engaged in The 
Union Banking Co., for 20 yrs. Has been 
cashier since June, 1914. Socs. and clubs: 
Trinity Lutheran Benevolent Society. 
Trinity Lutheran Church. Grad. from 



Marysville Hig-h School in 1895. Home ad- 
dress: Marysville, Ohio. 

ASSEL, JOHN, Clergyman; born, Hamil- 
ton Co.. O., March 12, 1857; son of Valen- 
tine Assel and Elizabeth (Durresin) Assei; 
educated: in Germany. Married, Jose- 
phine Hoock, May 28, 1878. Pastor: IT. B. 
Ch., Dayton, O. Home address: 111 Xenia 
Ave., Dayton. Ohio. 

ASSMUS, A. L., Banker; Vice pres. Cleve- 
land Trust Co. Home address: 1448 E. 
108th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

ATKINS, C. H. M., Manufacturer-Banker; 
born, Cincinnati. O. ; son of Richard L. 
Atkins and Anna S. (Warner) Atkins; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Cincinnati. O. ; 
Baldwin Private Sch. Married, Lilla W. 
Jones, March, 1897. Pres. Warner Eleva- 
tor Mfg. Co.; Pres. First Nat. Bank. Nor- 
wood, O. ; Pres. Acme Machine Tool- Co.; 
Pres. Cincinnati Planer Co.. Socs. and 
clubs: Business Men's Club; Queen City 
Club; Hamilton Co. Golf Club; Cincinnati 
Automobile Club; Chamber of Commerce; 
Manufacturers Club. Methodist. Home 
address: 4008 Rose -JJill. Avondale, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

ATKINS, HARRY T., Manufacturer; born, 
Ireland. March 26. 1849; son of Richard 
Atkins and Frances (Jago) Atkins; edu- 
cated: Hughes High Sch.. Cincinnati, O. 
M;irried, Anna Pearce, June 2, 1875. En- 
tered manufacturing business, Cincinnati, 
1^75; pres. The Atkins & Pearce Mfg. Co., 
The Deer Creek Mfg. Co.. Pres. Ohio 
State Bd. of Commerce, 2 yrs.. Socs. and 
clubs: mem. Cincinnati Chamber of Com- 
merce; Pres. Ohio Mechanics' Inst.; Ma- 
sons: Business Men's Club. Mem. Disci- 
ples of Christ. Republican. Home ad- 
dress: 2311 Upland Place, Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

cator-Consulting-Engineer; born, Nelson- 
ville, O., March 7, 1867; son of Samuel 
L. Atkinson and Sarah E. (Dean) Atkin- 
son; educated: preparatory school; Ohio 
Univ., 18S4-18S7; Ohio Univ., 1891; Univ. 
of Mich., 1892-93. College degrees: B. S.; 
M. S. Married. Julia A. McDaniel, Aug. 
20, 1892. Taught school while college stu- 
dent; Supt. E. Townsend and Township 
Schs., Huron Co., O., 1881-92; Asso. Prof., 
Phys. and Elect. Eng., 1893-95; Prof Phys. 

and Elect. Eng., Ohio Univ., 1895 . 

Author: Electrical and Magnetic Calcula- 
tions, Elec. Meters and Measurements, 
1902-1911'; Laboratory Manual El--ni. 
Physics, 1909-1913; Practical Physics, Ex- 
plosion Engines, in press. Contbr. scien- 
tific journals; papers and addresses on 
scientific subjects. Socs. and clubs: Ohio 
Teachers of Math. & Science; Ohio Acad. 
Science; Am. Inst. Elec. Eng.; A. A. A S. ; 
Am. Phys. Soc.; Phi Delta Theta; Masonic 
Order. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Athens. Ohio. 

born. Lisbon. O., Sept. S. 1874; son of 
Thomas Cook Atwater and Clara (Parkin) 
Atwater; educated: Kenyon Coll. and 
Bexley Theol. Sch. College degrees: B. 
A. (1895): M. A. (1899). Married. Marie 
L. Carey. Nov. 19. 1901. Deacon Episco- 
pal Church. 1898; priest, 1S99; Rector, 
Church of Our Saviour, Akron, Ohio, 

1899 . Author: The Young Crusaders, 

1912; Young Crusaders at Washington, 
1912. Conducts social work at Marvin 
Memorial Parish House; deputy to Gen. 
Convention Episcopal Church, " 1910 and 
1916; del. Pan-American Congress, Lon- 
don, 1908. Pres. Citizens' Welfare League, 
Akron; in charge 800 citizen-police dur- i 

ing rubber workers' strike. 1913. Grand 
Prelate at Grand Commandery of Ohio, 
Knights Templar. Socs. and clubs: Beta 
Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; 32d degree 
Mason; Beta Theta Pi. of New York. 
Episcopalian. Home address: Akron, O. 

AUBLE, ANDREW, Merchant; born, Wads- 
worth. O.. Sept. 13. 1873; son of Thomas 
M. Auble and Clarissa M. (Turner) Auble; 
educated: Country School; Wadsworth 
Normal Acad. Married. Lela L. Young, 
Aug. 8. 1895. Automobile Dealer. Mgr. 
Bicycle store from 1892 to 1901. Mgr. 

.Akron Auto Garage Co.. 1901 . Pres. 

and Gen. Mgr. Olds Oakland Co., July, 
1909-11. Was one of the seven charter 
members of the Ohio State Auto Assn. 
Mem. of the Legislative Bd. when present 
Auto License law was drafted. Now di- 
rector in Akron Auto Club, and Ohio State 
Auto Assn. One of the officials of the 
Akron Rotary Club. Member Executive 
Com. American Auto Assn. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons: I. O. O. F. ; Portage Co. 
Country Club: Akron City Club; Cleve- 
land Auto Club: Akron Auto Club; Ohio 
State Auto Assn.; Rotary Club; American 
Auto Assn. Church of Our Saviour. Home 
address: 50 Metlin Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

born. Bucyrus. O.. Oct. 12. 1847; son of 
Jacob Augenstein and Mary (Boehler) 
Augenstein; educated: Bucyrus Schs. 
Married, Carrie M. .Hubbard, Jan. 4, 1872. 
Died. March 9. 1875. 2nd, Sarah C. Show- 
man, Nov. 14, 1876. Engaged in Napoleon 
Woolen Mills. 1864; in Dry Goods. 1869- 
1872;. then in Woolen Mills business, 1872- 
1887; then Grain and Milling- business, 
1887-1902. Pres. First National Bank, 
Napoleon, 1898-1902. Retired from active 
business for a time and then became 
Pres. of The Commercial State Bank, Na- 
poleon. O.. 1915. Now acting in that ca- 
pacity. City Clerk. Napoleon, five con- 
secutive terms, 1870-1880. Socs. and clubs: 
Knight Templar; Mason. First Presby- 
terian Ch. Home address: 412 Welsted 
St.. Napoleon. Ohio. 

AULT. LEV1 ADDISON, Manufacturer; 
Pres. and Treas. The Ault & Wiborg Co.; 
born. Ontario. Can.. Nov. 24. 1851: son of 
Simon W. Ault and Caroline (Brownell) 
Ault; educated: Cornwall Grammar Sch. 
Bookkeeper, 5 yrs. Cincinnati. Married, 
Ida May Holsinger. Oct. 23. 1878. Began 
the manufacture of printer's inks in 1878, 
Cincinnati, O., and organized the Ault & 
Wiborg Co. Mem. of Bd. of Directors of 
First Natl. Bank. Union Central Life Ins. 
Co.. C. N. O. & T. P. R. R. Socs. and 
clubs: Commercial Club; Queen City Club; 
Cincinnati Country Club; Business Men's 
Club; Cincinnati Art Museum. Unitarian. 
Home address: Elmhurst. East Walnut 
Hills. Cincinnati. O. 

AULTMAN. H. C., Educator; County Supt. 
of Schools Clermont County. Home ad- 
dress: Batavia. Ohio. 

man: born. Clinton Co.. O.. Jan. 24. 1863; 
son of Benjamin Naylor Austin and Mary 
(Smith) Austin: educated: Wilmington, O., 
High School; Ohio Wes. Univ.. Delaware, 
O. ; Drew Theol. Seminary, Madison, N. J. 
College degrees: A. B. (1885); S. T. B. 
(1S87); D. D. (1911). Married. Fannie W. 
White. Oct. 12. 1893. Pastor: Columbia 
M. E. Ch.. Cincinnati. O.. 1SS7-SS: Ivan- 
hoe. Cincinnati. O., 1889-91; York St.. M. 
E.. Cincinnati. O.. 1892-94; Winton Place, 
Cincinnati, O., 1895-98; Franklin, O.. 1899- 
1901; Greenville, O., 1902-04; First Church, 
Hamilton, O., 1905-10; (Cin.), Madison- 
ville. O.. M. B. Church. 1911 . School 



Examiner, 1899-1901; Library Trustee, 
1902-10. Author: 1913 Volume of Sermons, 
entitled, "Linked Lives." Socs. and clubs: 
Phi Bet:i K:i|>pa; Delta Tau Delta; Round 
Table, Madisonville; Clerical Club; City 
Club, Cincinnati. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: Box 244 Madisonville Sta., Cincin- 
nati. Ohio. 

horn. Clinton. O.. Aug. 21. 1851; son of 
David Sharp Austin and Lois (Smith) 
Austin; educated: "Wilmington, O., High 
School; Ohio \Ves. Univ. College degrees: 
Ohio Wes. Univ.. B. A.. 1879; M. A.. 1883; 
Miami & Ohio North. Univ.. D. D., 1907. 
Married, Mary Pickering McVay, Colum- 
bus, ii.. An-. 28, 1884. Instructor, Math., 
Ohio WPS. Univ.. 1879-82; adj. prof.. 1882- 

&4; prof. Math. & Astronomy. 1906 ; 

Registrar & Dean. Ohio Wes. Univ., Del- 
aware. O.. 1883 : Pres. Delaware Sav- 
ings Bank. Socs. and clubs: Assn. Teach- 
ers Math. & Sciences; Assn. College Pres. 
and Deans, (pres. 1911-12); mem. National 
Inst. Social Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Delta Tau Delta Frat. ; Masonic Order. 
Ordained minister, Methodist Episcopal 
Church. 1SS:): member. West. Ohio Con- 
ference. Home address: Delaware. Ohio. 

AUSTIN, JAMES, JR.. Judge Police Court; 
born. Woonsocket. R. I.. April 11. 1S5S; 
son of James Austin and Jane T. (Whit- 
ing) Austin; educated: Brown Univ. 
i Providence. R. I. ). College degrees: A. B.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; A: M. Married. Minnie 
Weber. Jan. 13. 1887. Judge city court, 
1886-1895; mem. city council, 1895-1897; 
-mem. board elections. 1S97-1902; police 
prosecutor, 1906-07; police judge, Toledo, 

O.. 1908 : Prof. Latin-Greek language 

and literature. Toledo Univ.; Prof, crim- 
inal law and procedure, Toledo Univ.; 
Prof, criminal law and procedure, St. 
John's Univ., Toledo, O. Author: Austin's 
Manual Criminal Law & Procedure. Socs. 
and clubs: Rubicon Lodge. F. & A. M. : 
Ft. Meigs Chapter. R. A. M.; O-ton-ta-la 
Grotto; Chas. Sumner Lodge. K. P.; past 
adjt. gen. Ohio brigade U. R. K. P.; Amer- 
ican Historical Assn.; Sons Am. Rev.; 
associate comrade. Forsythe Post. G. A. 
R. ; Toledo Maennerchor; Toledo Art Mu- 
seum; Zoological Soc.; Social Worker's 
Club; Toledo Musical Art Soc.; North To- 
ledo Settlement Assn.; Trustee Toledo 
Florence Crittenden Home; Sec. Masonic 
Library; vice pres. Pythian Bldg. Board; 
Toledo Commerce Club. Lecturer on 
"Crime and Punishment" through Central 
States. Unitarian. Home address: 727 
Oakwood Ave.. Toledo. Ohio. 

born. St. Louis. Mo.. Dec. 25. 1875; son 
of Henry E. Averill and Julia M. (Dodge) 
Averill; educated: High School, Perrys- 
burg, O. ; Univ. Mich.; Columbia Univ. 
College degrees: M. A.; LL. B. Admitted 
to Ohio Bar. 1901; practicing attorney-at- 
law. under firm name. Averill & Dodd, 

Toledo, O.. 1901 . Presbyterian. Sec. 

Board Managers Way Library, Perrysburg, 
O. Summer home. Perrysburg. O. ; 855 
Spitzer Bldg.. Toledo. Ohio. 

born. Erie. Monroe Co.. Mich., July 14, 
1844; son of Caspar Hugh Avery and Dor- 
othy (Putnam) Avery; educated: Monroe 
High Sch.: Univ. Mich. College degrees: 
Ph. B. (1871); Ph. M. (1874); Ph. D. 
(1881): LL. D. (1894); D. C. L. (1911). 
Married, Catherine Hitchcock Tilden, July 
2. 1S70. Served in Civil War; mustered 
out as sergt. -major, nth Mich. Cav. Prin. 
High Sch., Battle Creek, Mich., 1869; high 
and normal schs.. Cleveland. O., 1871-9. 
Author: Elementary Physics, 1876; Ele- 

ments of Natural Philosophy, 1S78; Physi- 
cal Technics, 1879; Teacher's Handbook of 
.Natural Philosophy, 1S79; Elements of 
Chemistry. 1881; Teacher's Handbook of 
Chemistry, 1882; Complete Chemistry. 
1883; First Principles of Natural Philoso- 
phy. 1884; Words Correctly Spoken. 1887; 
Columbus and the Columbia Brigade, 1892; 
School Physics, 1895; Elementary Physics, 
1897; First Lessons in Physical Science, 
1897; School Chemistry. 1904; The Town 
Meeting. 1904; The Groton Avery Clan, 
" Y..IS . in 11: History of the United State? 
and Its People. 12 vols. Mem. Cleveland 
City Council. 1891-92: Ohio Senate. 1893- 
'.', S"<-s and Hubs: Zeta Psi Frat.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Fellow. A. A. A. S.; hon. 
mem. Minnesota Hist. Soc.; mem. of Am. 
Hist. Assn.. and many other hist, and 
econ sues.; Masons: Knight Templar. '-'! 
degree. Congregationalist. Home address: 
2831 Woodhill Rd.. S. E.. Cleveland, Ohio. 

AVERY. M. C.. Educator; Supt. of Schools. 
Orrville. Ohio. Home address: Orrville, 


born. Rural Deele. O.. Aug. 21. 1S78; son 
of John H. Axline and Martha M. CMelick) 
Axline; educated: Lancaster High Sch.; 
Wittenburg College: Starling Ohio Medical 
Sch. College degrees: M. D. Married, 
Abbie Simon. Sept. 29. 1910. Practice of 
Medicine. Major Surgeon. Medical Corps 
Ohio National Guard. Socs. and clubs: 
Fairnelrl Co. Med. Soc.: State Med. Soc.; 
Am. Med. Assn. Lutheran Church. Home 
address: 1 10 E. Main St.. Lancaster. O. 

AXLINE. JOHN HENRY. Physician: born, 
Fultonham, Muskingum Co., p.. Aug. 18, 
1S49: son of Noah Adam Axline and Lu- 
c-imla C. (Gibson) Axline; educated: Med. 
Dept. nf Univ. of Mich. Graduated from 
Central Univ. of Kentucky. College de- 
grees: M. D. Married. Martha Maria 
Melick. July 27. 1878. Socs. and clubs: 
Fairfield Co. Med. Soc.: State Med. Soc.; 
Am. Med. Assn. Evangelical Lutheran 
Church. Home address: 140 East Main 
St., Lancaster. Ohio. 

gineer-College Professor: born, Sheshe- 
ciuin. Bradford Co., Pa., Oct. 24. 1876: son 
of Oscar Francis Ayer and Anna (Morley) 
Ayer; educated: Susquehanna Collegiate 
Inst.. Towanda, Pa.; Lafayette Coll., East- 
on. Pa.. 19-00. College degrees: C. E. Mar- 
ried, Bessie Barnes, Sept. 6, 1906. Drafts- 
man and Shop Inspector. Bridge and Con- 
struction Dept.. Pennsylvania Steel Co., 
l^'.i'.t-liio] : draftsman Am. Bridge Co.. East 
Berlin. Conn.. 1901-03; Chief Draftsman, 
New Jersey Bridge Co., Manasquan, N. J.. 
1903-04; Draftsman and Timekeeper, June, 
L904. to Oct.. 1904. Great Falls Iron Wks., 
(Treat Falls. Mont.: Draftsman and Office 
Engr.. U. S. R. S.. Great Falls. Mont., 
1904-06: Instr. and Asst. Prof, and Assoc. 
Prof, of Civil Engineering Dept., Univ. of 
Cincinnati. Cincinnati, O.. 1906-14; Dean 
of the College of Engineering Municipal 

Univ. of Akron, Akron, O., 1914 . Socs. 

and clubs: Master Mason; Akron Rotary 
Club; Assoc. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil 
Kngrs. ; Akron I'niv. Club; Am. Soc. for 
Promotion of Engineering Education: Nat. 
Soc. of Urban Universities. Universalist 
Church. Home address: 401 Brown St., 
Akron. Ohio. 

AYRES, STEPHEN COOPER, Oculist; born, 
Troy. O.. June 5. 1840: son of Dr. Henry 
P. Ayres and Eliza K. (Rowan) Ayres; 
educated: A. B.. Miami Univ.. 1861; Med. 
Coll. of Ohio. 1864. M. D.. A. M.. 1876; 
(hon. A- M.. Univ. of Wooster. 1875). Mar- 
ried. Louise McLean. Oct. L"V 1*7:!. Pvt. 



Co B. 20th Ohio Vol. Inf. April. 1861; 
me'd. cadet. 1S63: acting asst. surgeon. U. 
S. A., 1864; asst. surgeon, U. S. A., 1865; 
bvtd capt.. 1865; Lecturer. Cincinnati 
Hosp . 1871. 84. 9S and 1899; prof. Ophthal- 
mology, Med. Coll. of Ohio (U. of Cincin- 
nati). 1S9S-1910. r>el. Internat. Ophthal. 
Congress. 1905. Socs. and clubs: Mem. 
Am. Ophthal. Soc. ; Am. Otol. Soc.; A. M. 
A ; Loyal Legion. Republican Home ad- 
dress: 3760 Clifton Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 


elected second term, 1914- 

-; (made pres. 

BABCOX. EDWARD S.. Adv. Mgr., Firestone 
Co.; born, Plymouth, O., Sept. 26, 1885; 
son of Arthur G. Babcox and Julia (Bis- 
sell) Babcox; educated: Cleveland. Ohio. 
Married. Marie Louise Reid, June 30, 1910. 
Advertising Manager of Yawman & Erbe 
Mlg. Co.. Rochester. N. Y.. 1910-1913. Adv. 
Mgr , Firestone Co.. Akron, O. Socs. -and 
clubs: Akron City Club; Portage Country 
Club; New York Advertising Club; Cleve- 
land Advertising Club; Assn. Natl. Ad- 
vertisers: Masons; Akron Commandery, 
Knight Templars. Congregational Church. 
Home address: Conger Ave.. Akron, O. 

BABST. CARL MARTIN, Attorney: born, 
Crestline, O.. Feb. 19. 1875; son of (Judge) 
Daniel Babst and Alice E. (Martin) Babst; 
educated: Oberlin Coll.; Kenyon Coll. 
Married. Tressa Walters. April 20. 1916. 
Engaged in engineering until 1902; started 

active practice law, Crestline, O., 1902 : 

City engineer. Crestline, O., :! yrs.; city 
solicitor. Crestline. O., 3 yrs.; mayor. 

Crestline, O., 1913 . Delegate to State 

and Nat. Convs. Socs. and clubs: Arcana 
Lodge, F & A. M.; Crestline Chapter, R. 
A. M. ; Mansfield Commandery. No. 27; 
Elk: F. O. E. 859. Crestline Aerie: Theta 
Delta Chi Frat. Episcopalian. Democrat. 
Home address: Crestline. O. 

BABST, DANIEL. Attorney; born. Canal 
Fulton. Stark Co.. 1847: son of I>aniel 
Babst and Margaret (Yost) Babst: edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs.: Oberlin Coll.; studied 
law with Nathan Jones, of Crestline. Mar- 
ried Alice E. Martin, dead. 2nd. Lou 1 
Carlisle. 1881. Admitted to bar in 1872 
and engaged in practice at Crestline. O.; 
in 1877 became City Solicitor; Mayor, 1878- 
1885. and in 1894 was re-elected. Served 
on the Republican State Exec. Com. for 
many years. Since 1896 has supported the 
Democratic party. Elected Common Pleas 
Judge in 1906. of the 2nd sub-division of 
the 10th judicial district, and in 1912 was 
re-elected. He has long been connected 
with the school board and board of school 
examiners of the city. "Was instrumental 
in the construction of what is now the 
Cleveland and Southwestern traction line 
from Mansfield to Gallon. O. Has been 
identified as receiver of the New York, 
Pennsylvania, and Ohio R. R. Apptd. by 
Gov. Harmon in 1911 a member of the 
commission to revise and codify the ju- 
venile laws of Ohio and acted as its pres- 
ident. Home address: Crestline. Ohio. 

born. Tiffin. O.. Oct. 6. 1869: daughter of 
Henry H. Sandoe and Eliza M. (Barton ) 
Sandoe; educated: public schools, Pleas- 
antville. O.; Collegiate Inst.; Curry Univ., 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Law Depart.. Ohio State 
Univ. College degrees: LL. B. Married. 
J. L. Bachman. Oct. 6. 1894. Admitted 
to Ohio bar. 1892: engaged in practice of 
law. under firm name. Bachman & Bach- 
man. Columbus. O.. 1893 . 'Elected to 

Board Education, Columbus. O., 1910; re- 

by unanimous vote of Board, 1913.) Socs. 
and clubs: Ohio Women's Suffrage Assn.; 
State Fed. Women's Clubs; Florence 
Crittenden League. Home address: 1425 
Bryden Road. Columbus. Ohio. 

MEYER, Author; born, Cincinnati, O., 
Dec. 18, 1877; daughter of Louis William 
Schiermeyer and Henriette (Kroger) 
Schiermeyer; educated: Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Married, Henry W. Backus, Aug. 7. 1903. 
Author: "The Career Dr. Weaver" (re- 
cently published- L. C. Page & Co.. Bos- 
ton. Mass.): "The Rose of Roses": also, 
a dramatization of first book, under title, 
"The Doctors." produced at the Woman's 
Club; another play. "The Crystal Door." 
produced by the Univ. Alumnae, April, 
1916: "A Place in the Sun," in press to 
appear March. 1917. Socs. and clubs: Cin- 
cinnati McDowell Soc.; Civic League; 
Woman's City Club; Press Club. People's 
Church. Home address: Briar Cliff, Fort 
Thomas, Kentucky. 

BADGLEY, SIDNEY ROSE, Architect; born, 
Ernestown. Ont.. Can.. May 28. 1850; son 
of William Edwin Badgley and Nancy 
(Rose) Badgley; educated: Pub. Schs. and 
Acad.; studied architecture in Toronto, 
Can., later by traveling in England, France, 
Italy. Greece, etc. Married, Alma A. 
Clark. 1S72. who died in 1874. 2nd. Char- 
lotte J. Gilleland. Sept. 21. 1876. Settled 
in Cleveland. O.. 1887; in general practice, 
specializing in churches and public build- 
ings, in the leading cities of U. S. and 
Canada; also in China and South Amer- 
ica. Vice Pres., Equity Savings & Loan 
Co.. Cleveland. O. Fellow Royal Soc. 
Arts. London; Mem. A. I. A.. Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Home address: Springbank 
farm, Wickliffe, O. Office: 6408 Euclid 
Ave.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

BAEHR. HERMAN C., Banker; born. Keo- 
kuk. la.. March 16. 1866; son of Jacob 
Baehr and Magdalena (Zipf) Baehr; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs. of Cleveland. O. : Leh- 
man Scientific Acad., Germany. Married, 
Rose E. Schulte. April 22. 1899. County 
Recorder. 3 terms; was also Mayor of 
Cleveland. O. Served as Park Commis- 
sioner, 1898-1900; retired from political 
affairs and refused to stand for re-elec- 
tion. First Vice Pres. of The Forest City 
Savings & Trust Co.. of Cleveland. Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Chamber of Commerce; 
Athletic Club: German Club; 32d degree 
Mason. Menonite. Home address: Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 

BAER, HENRY, Attorney; born, Cincinnati, 
O.. Nov. 29. 1857: son of Henry Baer and 
Barbara (Humbert) Baer; educated: Cin- 
cinnati public schools; Cincinnati Law 
School. Married, Catherine R. Tucker, 
1882. Practicing attorney continuously in 
Cincinnati since 1878; member Cincinnati 
Bar Assn.: Ohio State and American Bar 
Assns.; member City Council. 1899-1901. 
Socs. and clubs: Odd Fellows Club: Elaine 
Club. Protestant. Home address: 3515 
Wilson Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

BAILEY, DANIEL M., Attorney of the firm 
of Bailey & Leasure, Ottawa, O. Home 
address: Ottawa, O. 

BAILEY. JOHN P.. Common Pleas Judge: 
born, Rockingham Co., Va., Sept. 12, IS." 
son of George W. Bailey and Malinda 
(Driver) Bailey; educated: Country Schs. 
of Allen Co.. O. : Normal Schs. of Ada 
and Lebanon. O. Married. Laura Edge- 
comb. Sept. 2. 1875. Prin. of Schs. at 
Beaver Darn, Bluffton. and Leipsic, Ohio. 



Practiced law in Ottawa until 1906. at 
which time he was elected Common Pleas 
Judge. He has been on the bench since 
that time. Candidate for Attorney Gen- 
eral in ivi .-Hid ivo One of the organ- 
izers of the P. Ft. W. & W. R. R. One 
of the organizers of the Ohio Telephone 
Co. Democrat. Home address: Ottawa, 

BAINBRIDGE. FRANCIS W.. Banker; born. 
Roniulii's, X. Y.. Nov. i".t. 1X4*;; son of Win. 
Bainbridge and Mary (Sweet) Bainbridge; 
educated: Ovid Academy and Lima (New 
York) Univ. Married, Ellenore A. Thomp- 
son, Sept. 23, 1880. Came to Toledo in 
1873. and in 1906 became identified with 
The Dime Savings Bank, Toledo, and is 
an active official as Dir. and Vice Pres. 
in same: Pres. State Savings Bank, Mau- 
mee. O. Socs. and clubs: Elks Club. Bap- 
tist. Home address: 2221 Parkwood Ave., 
Toledo. Ohio. 

thor; born, Lebanon, New Hampshire; 
daughter of Horace. F. Willis and Minerva 
J. Willis; educated: common schools, 
Springfield. O. ; A. M.. Wittenberg Coll. 
Married, Evan Franklin Baines, 1863; 2nd, 
Leroy Edgar Miller. 1892. First sketch 
published in Waverly Magazine when 14 
yrs. old; writer of books, short and serial 
stories, poems, etc.. for various papers 
and magazines. Lecturer on temperance 
topics. Author: The Silent Land. 1890; 
His Cousin. The Doctor. 1S91; The Pil- 
grim's Vision. 1891; Mrs. Cherry's Sister, 
1909. Socs. and clubs: Woman Suffrage; 
"*v C. T. U. Home address: Springfield. 

BAIR, JAMES GILBERT, Retired; born, 
near Freeport. Harrison Co.. O.. Dec. 27, 
1S53: son of Peter Bair and Eliza Ann 
(Dougherty) Bair; educated: common 
schools of Crab Orchard and Freeport, O. 
Married, Nancy O. Criswell, July 12, 18S3. 
Clerked in drug store at Fairview, O., 
for Dr. J. T. McPlerson. 3 yrs. Clerked 
in a drug and hardware store in Free- 
port. O.. for B. H. Black, 6 yrs. Moved 
to Cambridge. Ohio. 1889. Entered into 
partnership with James M. Criswell in 
the furniture and undertaking business 
which continued until 1892. The business 
was then taken over by J. G. Bair who 
conducted the work until 1908. A com- 
pany was then formed under the name of 
The J. G. Bair Co.. of which he is presi- 
dent. Elected Pres. of the Guernsey Bid?:. 
& Loan Co.. 1906. Director in The Cam- 
bridge Savings Bank Co. Socs. and clubs: 
F. & A. M. : Cambridge Chapter, R. A. 
M. : Guernsey Council. R. & S. M. : K. T. ; 
Cambridge Chapter Rose Croix, 18 degree; 
Sci'oto Consis^ry, 32d degree; Aladdin 
Temple; A. A. O. N. M. S.; O. E. S.: 
I. O. O. F.; Rehekah Lodge. K. P.; Pythian 
Slaters. M. P. Church. Home address: 
319 N. 10th St.. Cambridge. O. 

BAKER, ADOLPHUS, Merchant; born, 
Mecklenburg, Germany. May 22, 1v~>7: son 
of Frederick Baker and Fredericka tPet- 
ers) Baker; educated: Lutheran Schools, 
Klyria. O.. and Germany. Married. Hat- 
tie Rosenwald. May 24. 1883. Started 
merchant tailoring in Elyria. O.. 1882. 
Bought out clothing business in Amherst, 
1888. Elected Treas.. 1894. and served 4 
years. Elected Mem. Bd. of Education, 
1896. serving 4 years. Elected Mayor of 
Amherst. 1902. and served 2V Z years. Re- 
signed to take post office position in which 
he served 9 years. Elected County Treas- 
urer, Lorain Co.. on Republican ticket, 
1916. with majority of 2100: Pres. Wilson 
carried same county by 800. Lutheran 
Church. Home address: Amherst, Ohio. 

BAKER, ELBERT H., Newspaper Publisher; 
born, Nurwalk, O.. July 2.~i. ls.">4; son of 
Henry Baker and Clara Maria (Hall) 
Baker; educated: public schools. Mar- 
ried. Ida A. Smith. June 1. 1S76. Started 
career in newspaper work, Cleveland 
Herald. Cleveland. O. 1X77: advertising 
manager. Cleveland. O., Leader, 1^2-97; 
general manager Cleveland Plain Dealer, 
IV.IN ; president Plain Dealer Publish- 
ing Co.. 1913 ; president City Invest- 
ment Co.', Commercial Bldg. Co.; Trustee, 
Cleveland Y. M. C. Assn.; Pres. Am. News- 
paper Pub. Assn.. 1912-14. Socs. and clubs: 
1'nion: Athletic; Chagrin Valley Hunt; 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; chair- 
man, Agricultural Development Commit- 
tee. Congregationalist. Home address: 
Cites Mill. O.; office: The Plain Dealer, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Surgeon; born. Fostoria. O.. June !). 1864; 
son of Joshua C. Baker and Clarissa A. 
(Moorhead) Baker; educated: public 
si'hools. Portage. O. and Findlay. O. Mar- 
ried. Harriet Schwartz. May 'jr.. ls:i2. 
Grad. Starling Med. Coll., 1S90; Post- 
<;rad. courses New York Polyclinic, 
New York, and Post Graduate Harvard 
.\li-d. School. Pres. Board of Health. 
Member Business Men's Assn. Consult- 
ing Physician. Home and Hospital; Sur- 
geon L. E. & W. and C. H. & D. railroads; 
T. B. G. A: S. and T. F. & F. traction com- 
panies. Chairman of Board of Managers 
of Associated Charities. Socs. and clubs: 
Hancock Co. Med. Assn.; Northwestern 
Ohio Med. Assn.; Ohio State and Am. 
Med. Assns.; Masons: K. of P.: Elks; Odd 
Fellows. Lutheran Church. Republican. 
Home address: 228 W. Lincoln St.. Find- 
lay. Ohio. 

born. Martinsburg, Va.; son of Newton 
Diehl Baker and Mary (Dukehart) Baker;- 
educated: Johns Hopkins Univ.; Washing- 
ton and Lee Univ. College degrees: B. A., 
1892; LL. B.. 1894. Married. Elizabeth 
Leopold. July 5. 1902. Private secretary 
to Postmaster General Wilson. 1S96-1S97; 
began practice of law. Martinsburg, W. 
Va., 1897; city solicitor, Cleveland, O., 
1902-1912: mayor, City of Cleveland, O.. 
term. 1912-1914. and 1914-1916. Secretary 

of War of Pres:. Wilson's Cabinet. 1916 . 

Socs. and clubs: Phi Gamma Delta; Union 
Club; University Club. Democrat. Home 
address: Cleveland. Ohio. 

BAKER, PURLEY A., Clergyman; born, 
Jackson Co.. O.. April 10. 1858; son of 
Albert Baker and Marinda Baker; edu- 
cated: common and normal schools. Mar- 
ried. Lillie I. Greene. Aug. 27. 1884. Or- 
dained M. E. ministry. 1884; pastor. Jas- 
par. O.. M. E. Church. 1SS3-4; Racine. O.. 
1884-8; Gallipolis. O.. 1SSS-93; Columbus, 
O., lM>:;-r>: in charge Cleveland Dist. Ohio 
Anti-Saloon League. 1896; state Supt., 
1S07-1903; Nat. Supt. Anti-Saloon League 
of America. 1903 Home address: 

Westerville. Ohio. 

BAKER, RUFUS HAROLD, Attorney; born, 
Toledo. O.. Sept. 25, 1S5S: son of William 
Baker and Frances C. (Latimer) Baker; 
educated: Toledo Public Schools; Willis- 
ton Seminary, Easthampton. Mass.; Co- 
lumbia Law College. New York. College 
degrees: LL. B. (1879). Married. Mary W. 
Howard. Jan. 16. 1883. Admitted to bar 
of Ohio. 1S7H: entered into firm. W. & R. 
H. Baker. Toledo. O.. 1SSO-81; entered in- 
to firm. Baker. Smith & Baker. Toledo, 
O., 1881-96; became, Smith <Sr Baker, 1895- 
1914: became. Smith. Baker. Effler & 

Allen. 1!)14 . Toledo. O. Socs. and 

clubs: Toledo Club; Toledo Commerce 



Club: Toledo Country Club. Congregation- 
alist. Home address: 2116 Madison Ave., 
Toledo. Ohio. 

BAKER, SCIPIO EUGENE, Manufacturer: 
born. Donnelsville. Clark Co.. O., June 12, 
1860; son of Dr. Alonzo A. Baker and 
Margaret (Miller) Baker; educated: Wit- 
tenberg Coll.. Sipringfield. O. College de- 
grees: A. B. Married. Jessie Foos. June 
25. 1S95. Pres. The Foos Gas Engine Co.. 
Springfield. O. : The Champion Chemical 
Co.; -The Royal Salt Co.; The Western 
Rock Salt Co.; Dir. Springfield National 
Bank; (one of the founders) Metallic 
Casket Co.. Springfield. O. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Springfield Club. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Spring-field, O. 

BALE. FRED G.. Attorney and Lecturer; 
born. Delaware Co.. O.. Nov. 4, 1885; son 
of William C. Bale and Elizabeth (Sher- 
man) Bale; educated: Otterbein Univ. and 
Ohio State Univ. College degrees: A. B. 
and LL. B. Married, Maybel Gifford, June 
24, 1909. Admitted to bar, 1908. Practiced 
in Columbus. O.. 4 yrs. Attorney and 
Supt., Canton Dist. Anti-Saloon League. 
4 yrs. Now Lyceum and Chautauqua Lec- 
turer. Prof, of Rhetoric and Oratory in 
Mt. Union College, Alliance, O., 1914-16. 
Mayor of Westerville, O., 1909-11. Colum- 
bus Juvenile Court Prosecutor, 1909-1913. 
Socs. and clubs: Delta Sigma Rho; Conf. 
Charities and Corrections. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Home address: Knox 
Place. Westerville. O. 

BALDWIN, BENJAMIN, Attorney; born, on 
farm, near Dennison, O.. Aug. 21, 1866; 
son of David Baldwin and Drusilla (Ar- 
nold) Baldwin; educated: country schools; 
Dennison high school (class 1886); B. C. 
S. Scio College, 1888. and B. S. 1891. Mar- 
ried. Nellie M. Mann, March, 1896. Teach- 
er, country schools, winters, 1886-91. to 
defray expenses for college education; lo- 
cal manager Dennison Water Supply Co., 
while reading law; admitted to bar. 1896; 
engaged in practice law. Dennison. Ohio, 

1S96 . Former Sec. and Treas. and now 

auditor, The Citizens Savings & Loan Co., 

Dir. Co.. 1899 . Justice Peace, Mill 

Twp.. Tuscarawas Co.. IS yrs.; city so- 
licitor. Denni'son. O.. 1910-14; Pres. Union 
Coal and Fire Clay Co.. 1915 ; also in- 
terested in various enterprises. Member 
Exec. Com. Tuscarawas County Dry 
League, and active temperance worker for 
past 8 yrs. Socs. and clubs: National 
Geographic Soc. Home address: Denni- 
son. Ohio. 

born. Charleston. N. Y.. 1846: son of 
George Colfax Baldwin and Mary Cynthia 
(Jacobs) Baldwin; educated: Madison 
(now Colgate) Univ.. Hamilton. N. Y., 
1S64; Grad. Rochester Theol. Seminary, 
186S; (Denison Univ.. D. D. 1900). Mar- 
ried. Adelaide Fosdick. Aug. 3. 1870. Or- 
dained Baptist ministry, 1S68; pastor: 
Chelsea, Mass., 1868-74: First Ch., Roches- 
ter, N. Y., 1874-S6; Granville, O., 1S86 . 

Served as 1st Lt. and Adj. 157th N. Y. 
Vols., 1863-5; participated in campaigns of 
Chancellorsville. Gettysburg and siege of 
Charleston. Author: Modern Miracles, 
1895: The First American. 1911. Baptist. 
Home address: Granville. Ohio. 

BALDWIN. FRANK A.. Attorney; born. 
Geneva. N. Y.. July 30. 1854; son of San- 
ford Baldwin and Juliette E. (Smith) 
Baldwin; educated: common schools, Per- 
rvsburg. O. ; Weston, O.; Toledo, O. Mar- 
ried. Clara Foote. Jan. S. 1879; second 
marriage. Asnetta D. Chidester. April 15, 
1914. Admitted to Ohio bar. Tiffin. O., 

April 13. 1877: engaged in practice law, 
Weston. O.. 1877: moved to Bowling Green, 
O., 1877. Prosecuting Attorney, Wood Co., 
O.. 1878-80: elected Judge Common Pleas 
Court, 10th Dist. Ohio. 1909-15; retired 
from active practice since left the bench 
in 1915 and was one of Ohio's ablest judges. 
Delegate, National Democratic Convention, 
Baltimore. Md.. 1912. Home address: 707 
West Wooster St.. Bowling Green. O. 

born. Jan. 16. 1879; son of James Fair- 
child Baldwin and Fidelia (Finch) Bald- 
win, educated: Columbus public schools; 
Ohio State Univ.; Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege; Univ. Vienna. College degrees: M. 
D. (19'01). Married, Erzebet Coelestine 
Moor. Feb. 10. 1912. Specialist Genito- 
urinary diseases; surgeon Genito-Urinary 
Grant Hospital. St. Francis Hospital; 
Genito-Urinary Department College Medi- 
cine. Ohio State Univ.; surgeon T. O. C. 
Ry. Co. Socs. and clubs: Fellow American 
College Surgeons; member various medi- 
cal societies; Columbus Athletic Club; Au- 
tomobile Club; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha 
Sigma. Congregationalist. Home address: 
347 E. State St.. Columbus. Ohio. 

born, Orangeville. N. Y.. Feb. T2, 1S50; 
son of Cyrus H. Baldwin and Mary P. 
(Fairchild) Baldwin; educated: Oberlin 
Coll.; Jefferson Med. Coll.. Philadelphia. 
College degrees: A. B.: A. M. ; M. D. Mar- 
ried. Fidelia Finch. 1874: 2d. Ida Strickler, 
1889. Prof, physiology and anatomy. Col. 
Med. Coll.. 1875-82; Prof, gynecology and 
chancellor. Ohio Med. Univ.. 1S92-9: sur- 
geon and chief of staff. Grant Hospital, 

1900 . Author: Operative Gynecology, 

1898; contributor: on surgery and gynecol- 
ogy to medical journals. Socs. and clubs: 
Col. Acad. of Med.: Am. Med. Assn.: Ohio 
State Med. Soc.: Am. Assn. of Obstetri- 
cians and Gynecologists; Col. Country 
Club: Col. Athletic Club. Home address: 
115 SO'. Grant Ave.. Columbus. O. 

BALDWIN. W. M.. Banker; Treas. Citizens 
Savings & Trust Co. Home address: 44 
Roxbury Rd.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

born. Bridgewa,ter. Mass.. 1878; daughter 
of Nathaniel Seaver Keav and Anne Clar- 
endon (Hyde) Keay; educated: Philadel- 
phia. Pa., schools: Bryn Mawr. (A. B.): 
University Penna.. (LL. B.). Married, 
Thomas P. Ballard. Aug. 39. 1907. En- 
gaged in practice of law. Philadelphia. Pa., 
1902-07. Attorney Legal Aid Soc.. Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; research work, S'eaman's 
Wages and Nationalities; author articles 
on Seamen in Charities and Commons, 
1907. Member, Dist. Bd. Education, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.. 1906. Socs. and clubs: W T om- 
en's National Agricultural & Horticultural 
Assn.; Municipal Sch. League; Consumers 
League. Congregationalist. Hiome ad- 
dress: 45 Hastings Ave.. East Cleveland. 

born. Coal Grove. Lawrence Co.. O.. Nov. 
15. 1880; son of John Ballard and Jane 
(Sparling) Ballard; educated: public 
schools. Coal Grove. Married. Grace E. 
Forney. June 30. 1909. Teacher. Lawrence 
county schools. 1896-1903; admitted to 
Ohio bar. Dec.. 1903; engaged in general 
practice law. Columbus. O.. 1903-11: Asst. 
prosecuting attorney. Franklin Co., Ohio, 
1911-15: first assistant Atty. Gen. of Ohio. 

1915 . Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order; 

Odd Fellow: K. P.; Columbus Republican 
Glee Club; Buckeye Republican Club; 
Ohio State Univ. Club: Lawrence County 
Soc. of Columbus. Baptist. Home ad- 
dress: 204 Midland Ave.. Columbus. O. 



BANCROFT, COLMAN. Educator; born, 
Farmersville. N. Y.. Aug. 25. 1S53: son of 
Daniel B. Bancroft and Hannah (Strunk) 
Bancroft: educated: public schools; Rush- 
ford Academy; East Aurora Academy; 
Pike Seminary; Univ. Michigan. College 
<1> xrees: B. S. : M. S-. U. Mich.: Ph. D.. 
Hiram Coll. Married. Clara Fannie Cook. 
1880. Prin. high school, Laporte, Ind., 
1MI9-70; Prof. Math.. Alliance Coll., 1870-1; 
teacher, Lowville (N. Y.) Academy, 1872-3; 
Prof. Math.. Hiram Coll.. 1S75-9; also 
1881-1913; retired emeritus Prof. Math., 
i:'i:; . Dir. Hiram College Observatory, 

1901 . goes, and clubs: Faculty Club 

(Hiram College). Christian (Disciples) 
Church. Home address: Hiram, Ohio. 

born, near Triadelphia, Morgan Co.. O.; 
son of William Bankes and Elizabeth 
(Stoneburner) Bankes; educated: Ohio 
Univ.; Lima College; Ypsilanti State Nor- 
mal; College of Wooster; Clark Univ., 
Master of Arts. Married. Marv "W. Wil- 
liams, Aug. 28. 1902. Taught in rural 
schools. 2 yrs. ; Asst.. high school. Crooks- 
ville. O.. 1 yr. ; Prin.. high school. Crooks- 
ville. O.. 1 yr. ; Prin., high school. Carding - 
ton. O.. 5 yrs.; Supt. of schools, Carding- 
ton. O.. 2 yrs.; Co. Supt. of schools. Perry 
Co.. O.. 191 1 . Socs. and clubs: Mem. 
N. E. A.: Ohio State Teachers' Assn.: F. 
& A. M. Church of Christ. Home address: 
New Lexington. Ohio. 

BANNON. ARTHUR H., Attorney; born, 
Portsmouth, O., Aug. 16, ls6S; son of James 
William Bannon and Mary E. (Smith) 
Bannon; educated: Portsmouth, O.; Grad. 
Univ. of Michigan. 1890. College degrees: 
Ph. B. Married. Edith M. Leeds, Dec. 4, 
]903. Division Counsel of the Norfolk & 
Western Railway. Owner of considerable 
real estate in Scioto county. Interested 
In many industrial enterprises. One of 
the leading young lawyers of Southern 
Ohio. Member of Portsmouth Board of 
Education. 1S96-1901. Socs. and clubs: 
Elks. Home address: 1404 Offnere St., 
Portsmouth. O. 

man: born. Scioto Co.. O.. June 5. 1867; 
son of James W. Bannon and Mary E. 
(Smith) Bannon: educated: Univ. Michi- 
gan. College degrees: B. Litt. Married, 
Jessie Damarin. May 25. 1893. Admitted 
to Ohio bar. 1891; practicing attorney. 
Portsmouth, O., 1891 . Prosecuting At- 
torney. Scioto Co.. O.. 1897-1903; Mem. 
59th and 60th Congresses (1905-9) 10th Ohio 
Dist. Dir. First National Bank; counsel, 
Norfolk & Western Ry. Republican. Socs. 
and clubs: Columbus Club; Athletic Club 
of Columbus. Home address: Portsmouth. 

born. Van Buren. Onondaga Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 11. 1865; son of Corydon Tappan Bar- 
ber and Louisa (Dye) Barber: educated: 
Morenci. Mich., public schools: Fayette 
Normal Univ.. Fayette, O. Married. Carrie 
Ellen Cottrell, July 2, 1890. School teach- 
er; insurance solicitor; hardware business; 
clerk Gorham Twp., 6 yrs.; probate judge 

Fulton Co.. 11 yrs. (1915 ). Wauseon. 

O. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Lodge. Delta, 
O. : K. P.. Wauseon. O. ; I. O. O. F., Waus- 
eon. O. Trustee and Mem. M. E. Church, 
Wauspon. O. Home address: 210 East Oak 
St.. Wauseon. O. 

BARBER, MARSHALL, Banker; Vice Pres. 
Central Savings Bank. Home address: 33S 
Market Ave.. S.. Canton. Ohio. 

BARGAR, BYRON LAKIN, Attorney: born. 
New Castle. O.. Jan. 12. 1S67; son of 
Gilbert TIare Bargar and Sophia Jane 

(Lakin) Bargar; educated: high school of 
Coshocton. O. ; father's law office; clerical 
positions; Yale Univ. Married. Florence 
Neil. Oct. 6. 1896. Attorney for T. & O. 
C. Ry.. 14 yrs.; general law practice, 5 
years. 1881-1886, private in 17th Inf. O. 
N. G. Two years. 1890-1891. as 1st Lt. 
Ohio Lt. Artillery. Two years, as Lt. in 
Putfh Videltea (Co. A. 14th O. N. G.). 
Capt. 1st Ohio Vol. Cav., Spanish War. 
Lt. Col. 4th Ohio Inf.. 1902-1906. Col. 
4th Ohio Inf. since May. 1908. Director of 
public safety. Columbus, O., Jan. 1, 1912- 
March 23. 1916. With 4th Ohio Regt. at 
Border. Col. of Fourth. Socs. and clubs: 
S. A. R. : Sons of Veterans; Spanish War 
Veterans; State and Franklin Co. Bar 
Assns.; Goodale Lodge, F. & A. M.; Tem- 
ple Chapter. R. A. M. : Mt. Vernon Com- 
mandery No. l. K. T. : Aladdin Temple. 
A. A. O. N. M. S. : Columbus Lodge Elks; 
Loyal Legion; Cincinnati Commandery, etc. 
Home address: 78 Auburn St., Columbus, 

and Surgeon; born, McConnelsville, O., 
1860; son of Charles Luther' Barker and 
Rachel (Maxwell) Barker; educated: pub- 
lic schools, McConnelsville, O.; Denison 
Univ. (Granville, O.); Univ. Penna. ; Univ. 
London (Eng.); Univ. Vienna (Austria). 
College degrees: Ph. M.: M. D. Married, 
Helen Rebecca Rice. 1S96. Engaged in 
practice medicine and surgery. Presby- 
terian Hosp.. Philadelphia. Pa.. 1 .yr. ; ac- 
tively engaged in practice of medicine and 

surgery, Dayton, O., 1891 . Surgeon on 

staff. Miami Valley Hosp.; member Bd. 
Education, Dayton. O.. 5 yrs.; member 
Bd. Trustees. Denison Univ. Socs. and 
clubs: County. State and National Medi- 
cal Socs. First Baptist Church. Home 
address: 29 North Perry St., Dayton. O. 

born, Wooster, Wayne Co., O., April 7, 
1S77; son of Jacob Smith Barnard and 
Hannah (Slauker) Barnard; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Wooster, O.; Wooster Coll.; 
Western Reserve Med. Coll. College de- 
grees: Ph. B. Married. -Grace Brown Mil- 
ler, Aug. 9, 1900. Teacher Science, Geneva 
Coll.. Beaver Falls. Pa., 1901-03; Grad. 
Western Reserve Univ.. 1907; at Lakeside 
Hosp., Cleveland, O., 1907-09. Engaged In 

general practice in Alliance. O.. 1909 . 

Socs. and clubs: Salem Commandery, 
Knights Templar, Salem; G. E. M. in 
Erneth Lodge of Perfection. Canton; K. 
of R. C. in Brenton Chapter, Canton: I. 
O. O. F.: Conrad Lodge, F. & A. M. ; 
Alliance Chapter, No. S3. R. A. M.: Omega 
Council. No. 44. R. & S. M.; Stark Co. 
Med. Soc.; Ohio State Med. Soc. : Am. 
Med. Assn. Presbyterian. Home address: 
133 South Linden St.. Alliance. O. 

BARNES, HARLEY, Banker-Capitalist; 
born, Chester, Geauga Co., O., March 6. 
1859; son of Leverett Barnes and Adaline 
(Sperry) Barnes; educated: public schools; 
Chester Sem. Married. Arloa A. Gloin. 
Dec. IS. 1S82; 2d. Ethel G. Daughters. 
Oct. 4. 1910. Reared on farm; engaged in 
newspaper work; admitted to bar of Ohio, 
1S84; Appt. recorder of Lake county, 

1S91 : founded local abstract business, 

also real estate, banking and investment 
enterprises. Painesville. O. Socs. and 
clubs: Life Mem. Ohio Arch. & Hist. Soc.; 
Life Mem. Western Reserve Hist. Soc.; 
(Hon. Mem.) Luther Burbank Assn.; 
Sons of American Revolution, etc. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Home address: Paines- 
ville. O. 

born. Adams Twp., Champaign Co., O., 
June 14. 1S69; son of John Henry Barnes 



and Mary (Hubbell) Barnes; educated: 
Adams Twp. Schs. ; Sidney high Sch.; Cin- 
cinnati Law Sch. Married. Razburn Ep- 
ler. Dec. 20. 1899. City solicitor. Sidney. 
O., 1893-5; prosecuting attorney, Shelby, 
Co., 1895-1901. Engaged in practice la,w, 

Sidney, O.. 1890 ; in partnership with 

D. F. Mills, under firm name. Barnes & 
Mills. July, 1909-Jan., 1915; resumed prac- 
tice alone. 1915 . Elected Judge Com- 
mon Pleas Court, 1916 , and took office 

Jan. 1. H>17. Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. F.; 
B. P. O. E. ; F. & A. M.: Commercial Club. 
Member St. Mark's Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 424 South Main Ave.. Sid- 
ney. O. 

born. Washington Court House. O.. May 
19. 1SS6: son of W. P. Barnes and Mary 
Elizabeth (Wendel) Barnes; educated: 
Washington C. H.. O.: S'tarling Ohio Med. 
Coll.; Harvard Med. Coll.; Johns Hopkins. 
College degrees: M. D., Starling Univ. 
Married. Mazie Marian McCafferty, June, 
1909. Practiced, Internal Medicine, 112 E. 
Broad St. Socs. a.nd clubs: American and 
State Medical Assn.; Columbus Athletic 
Club. Home address: 1416 Madison Ave., 
Columbus. O. 


born. Amelia Co.. Va. ; daughter of Wil- 
liam Old Harvie and Ann Maria (Jeffer- 
'son) Harvie: educated: State Normal Sch., 
Virginia; Cornell Univ. College degrees: 
B. A. Married. S. J. Barnett (noted 
scientist). July 30. 1904. Taught State 
Normal School, Virginia; Computer, Nava] 
Observatory Ctoast Survey, Washington, 
D. C. Socs. and clubs: Sigma Xi; Colonial 
Dames, America; Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. Presbyterian. Home address: 
241 West Eleventh Ave., Columbus. O. 

Professor; born, Woodson Co., Kansas, 
Dec. 14, 1873; son of James Barnett and 
Margaret (Lees Duff) Barnett; educated: 
public schools and college, Emporia, Kan- 
sas: Univ. Chicago; Univ. Denver; Univ. 
Virginia; Cornell Univ. College degrees: 
B. A.: Ph. D. Married, Lelia Jefferson 
Harvie. July 30, 1904. Instructor, physics 
and biology, Univ. Denver. 1894-5: Asst. 
in observatory. Univ. of Virginia. 1895-6; 
scholar and later fellow in physics, Cornell 
Univ.. 1896-8; instructor and later Prof, 
physics. Colorado Coll.. 1898-1900; Asst. 
Prof., physics, Stamford Univ.. 1900-1905; 
Prof, physics, Tulane Univ. of Louisiana, 
1905-1911: Afst. Prof, physics, Ohio State 
Univ.. 1911-12: Prof, physics. Ohio State 

Univ., 19] 2 . Magnetic Observer U. S. 

Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1902-4. Socs. 
and clubs: American Physical Soc. ; Ohio 
Academy Sciences: fellow A. A. A. S. 
Author: Elements of Electromagnetic The- 
ory. 1903: papers on experimental and 
theoretical electricity and magnetism. 
Unitarian. Home address: Ohio State 
University, Columbus, O. 

BARNHILL. HARVEY. Probate Judge; 
born. New Philadelphia, O., Jan. 14. 1857; 
son of John H. Barnhill and Henrietta E. 
(Croxton) Barnhill; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of New Philadelphia; Wooster Univ. Mar- 
ried. Kate M. Miskimen. Sept. 17. 1893. 
Taught school 7 yrs., 1874-1882; engaged in 
real estate, insurance and law business 
since 1882. Mem. New Philadelphia Bd. 
of Edn.. 2 terms; Asst. postmaster of New 
Philadelphia. 4 yrs.: deputy clerk of pro- 
bate court. Tuscarawas Co.', 1882-1891; 
elected probate .iudge of Tuscarawas Co.. 
1908. Re-elected probate judge, 1912. 
Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; Modern Wood- 
men. Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 

dress: 130 W. High St.. New Philadelphia. 

BARNHILL, JACOB W., Physician; born, 
Liberty Twp., Hancock Co.. O.. Oct. 28, 
1866; son of Joseph Barnhill and Sarah 
(Funkhouser) Barnhill; educated: Clevel'ni'l 
Homeopathic Med. Coll. of Homeopathy. 
Married. Alice V. Smaltz. Jan. 17. 1894. 
Practicing physician, Napoleon, Ohio, 

1893 . Elected coroner. Henry Co.. O., 

2 terms. Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. F.: B. 
P. O. E. Presbyterian. Home address: 
318 Main St.. Napoleon. O. 

Pleas Judge: born. Rock Creek. Ashtabula 
Co.. O.. Oct. 15. 1879; son of William 
Payne Barnum and Nannie L. (Knowlton) 
Barnum: educated: Geneva Coll. (Beaver 
Falls. Pa.). Married. Pearl C. Cla,pper. 
Dec. 21, 1904. In manufacturing business, 
1900-1901: admitted to bar. 1902; practiced 
in Weiser. Idaho. 1902-1903; removed to 
Youngstown, O., resumed practice. 1904- 
10; elected Judge Court Common Pleas, 
2d Sub. Div.. 9th Jud. Dist.. Ohio, Jan. 

1. 1910 . Re-elected Jan.. 1917. Socs. 

and clubs: 32d degree Mason; K. P.; Elk; 
Sons Am. Rev.; Poland Country Club. 
Republican. Home address: 230 Crandall 
Ave.. Youngstown. O. 

turer; born. Bellaire. O.. May 21. 1873; 
son of Alfred L. Baron and Agnes (Tol- 
mie) Baron; educated: Pub. Schs. and 
High Sch. Married. Frances E. C'lauss, 
Jan. 15. 1913. Secy, and Mgr.. The Ohio 
Lantern Co.. Tiffin. O. Socs. and clubs: 
Elks; Masons. Protestant Episcopal Ch. 
Business address: 60 Hudson St.. Tiffin, 
O. ; Home address, 299 Sycamore St., Tiffin, 

BARRY. MICHAEL J., Director of Public 
Safety, Columbus, O.; born, Co. Cork, Ire- 
land. Jan. 6. 1860: son of Richard Barry 
and Fannie (McCarty) Barry; educated: 
Boston; Chelsea; Revere. Mass. Married, 
Anna L. Early. July 13. 1882. On police 
force for 13 yrs. as patrolman, detective, 
and sergeant. Letter carrier, 1 yr. ; trav- 
eling salesman, 17 yrs. Mem. of city coun- 
cil. 4 yrs. : present director of public safe- 
ty. Mem. of the city board of purchase: 
5 yrs. in regular army, last 3 yrs. 1st Sgt. 
of Co. Socs. .and clubs: A. O. Hibernians: 
F. O. Eagles: B. P. O. Elks: L. O. Moose; 
Franklin Co. Democratic Club; C. O. For- 
esters; Chamber of Commerce. Catholic 
Church. Home address: 98 N. Hague Ave.. 
Columbus. O. 

born, Rhenish Prussia, Germany, Jan. 1, 
1876: son of Jacob Barthelmeh and Caro- 
lina (Schmidt) Barthelmeh; educated: 
Baltic public schools: Scio College; Woos- 
ter Univ.; Ohio State Univ.. Married. 
Olive Rinehart, June 15. 1S9S. Teacher 
rural schools. 1893-1903: Supt. schools 
Sugarcreek 1903-08; Supt. schools village 
of Strasburg. 1908-14: Co. Supt. schools 

Tuscarawas Co.. 1914 . Mayor village 

Sugarcreek, 1904-07; member county board 
school examiners. 1906-12: Pres. County 
Teachers' Institute. 1913-14. Socs. and 
clubs: N. E. A.; Ohio State Teachers 
Assn.: Lutheran Brotherhood: K. P.: 
Grange. Lutheran Church. Home address: 
222 North Eighth St., New Philadelphia. O. 

Physical Director and Athletic Coach: 
born. Greenspring. O.. Dec. 11. 1SS5; son 
of Edward Lincoln Bartholomew and Flor- 
ence (Paine) Bartholomew: educated: 
Pub. Schs.. Hiram. O. : High Sch.. Elyria, 
O.; Am. College of Physical Education, 



Chicago, 111.; Harvard Summer Sch. of 
sical Education: 2 yrs. at Univ. of 
Chicago, ill. Married. Helen May Hooey. 
Oct. 12. 1912. Physical Director and 
Coacb. Armour Inst.. of Technology, Chi- 
cago. 111.. 1909-10. Instructor in Physical 
Education and Coach. Univ. of Chicago, 
1910-12. Instructor Dept. of Physical Ed- 
ucation. Ohio State Univ.. Columbus. O., 
1912-15. Physical Director. South High 

Sch.. Youngstown. O.. 1915 . Director 

of Play Grounds. South .Parks. Chicago, 
summer. 1912. Instructor Summer Sch.. 
Ohio State Univ.. 1913. Interested in Mil- 
itary Affairs. Spent one enlistment in >< s th 
Co.. Coast Artillery Corps. U. S. A. Has 
been in the Ohio Natl. Guard. 3V ? years. 
Present rank. 1st Lt.. 1st Ohio Field Ar- 
tillery. Attended school for Field Artil- 
lery Officers. Tobyhanna. Pa:. 1914. Socs. 
and clubs: Gamma Phi Athletic Frat.; Am. 
Physical Education Assn.; Athletic Re- 
search Soc. Christian. Home address: 43 
E. Evergreen Ave.. Youngstown. O. 

BARTLEY. RUDOLPH A., Wholesale Mer- 
chant ; born, Royensburg, Wittenberg, Ger- 
many. May 9. 1851: son of Gebhard Bart- 
ley and Josephine (Ganter) Bartley; edu- 
cated: Lucas county public schools. Mar- 
ried. Hattie Barnes. Nov. 14. 1874. At 
head of large wholesale grocery establish- 
m^nt, Toledo. O. Ex-Pres., Toledo Board 
of Education; E-x-Pres.. Toledo Chamber 
of Commerce; Pres. of the Adams St. 
City Mission: Vice Pres. of Toledo Hu- 
mane Soc. Socs. and clubs: Toledo Club; 
Toledo Yacht Club; Masonic Order. Bap- 
tist. Home address: 1855 Collingwood Ave., 
Toledo. O. 

BARR, ORTHA O.. Prosecuting Attorney; 
born. Clark Co.: son of Eugene J. Barr 
and" Sarah Catharine (Michael) Barr; 
educated: Hume. O.. Pub. Sens.: Lima 
Coll.. Lima. O. : Univ. of Michigan. Ann 
Arbor. Mich. Married. Bertha A. Woerner, 
Sept. 4. 1907. Began practice of law. June, 

1904 . Deputy Sheriff; Deputy Clerk of 

Probate Court; Asst. Prosecutor, 1911-14; 

Allen Co. Prosecuting Attorney, 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Odd Fellows; Knights of 
Pvthias: Elk: Modern Woodmen. Metho- 
dist. Home address: 615 W. Elm St., 
Lima. Ohio. 

born. Cadiz. O.. Aug. (i. 1859: son of David 
Barrett and Eliza Jane (Clifford) Bar- 
rett; educated: Hoperlee College; National 
Normal Univ.: Ohio State Univ. College 
rt esrees ; B. S. Unmarried. Prin. Cadiz 
High School. 1884-87; Prin.. Fifth Ave. 
Sch., Columbus, O., 1887-1900; Prin., South 

High Sch.. Columbus. O.. 1900 . Socs. 

and clubs: National Educational Assn.; 
State Teachers' Assn.; Central Ohio School 
Masters' Club; Mem. 'Principals' Assn., 
Columbus. O.. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 1497 Neil Ave.. Columbus. O. 

and Kditm-; born. Isle of Wight Co.. Va.. 
Fell. :". 1S">2: son of John Barrett and 
Mary J. (Holland) Barrett; educated: 
Hidminnd College. Richmond. Va. Mar- 
ried. 10 Adelaide Everett. June 13. 1S7S; 
Emily S. Everett. Nov. 7. 1SS2. Minis- 
ter over 40 yrs. Pastor. Raleigh. N. C.: 
Norfolk. Va.: Covington, O.. Editor, 22 
yrs.. The Christian Sun, Raleigh. N. C.. 
11 yrs.; The Herald of Gospel Liberty, 
Dayton. O.. Jan. 1. 1907 . Mem. Ecu- 
menical Conference, New York, 1900; 
World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh, 
Scotland. June. 1910. Christian Church. 
Home address: 63 Fountain Ave.. Day- 
ton. O. 

burn, Glfiicoe, < ., March 2s, 1S76; son of 
William liarrett and Susanna M. (Ault) 
Barrett; educated: Franklin Coll.. A. B.. 
I.s:i7; I >. l>.. 1913; Western Theol. Sem., 
I'iMsburnh. Pa., 1900; Wooster Coll.. D. 
D., 1914. Married, E. Valletta Lucas, May 
:;s, l'.H>3. Pastor: Worthington and West 
Glade liun Presby. Chs., Worthington, Pa., 
r.' >ii-04; pastor: 1st Presby. Ch.. Blalrs- 
ville. Pa.. 1905-10; 1st Presby. Ch.. Belle- 

fontaine. O.. 1911 . Member Presbytery 

of Marion. Synod- of Ohio. Presbyterian 
Ch. U. S. A. Home address: 225 E. Chilll- 
cothe Ave.. Rrllrfontaine. O. 

BARRON, JANE CARSON, Metal Work and 
Enamels; born, Cleveland, O.. Jan. 26, 
1S79; daughter of James W. Carson and 
Mary (McMillan) Carson; educated: Sch. 
of Drawing and Painting, Boston Mus. of 
Fine Arts, and Amy Sacker Sch. of De- 
sign (Thayer prize, Boston Mus., 1900). 
Married. Amos N. Barron. Feb. 11. 1908. 
Awarded silver medal for jewel setting 
a ml enameling on metal, St. Louis Ex- 
position; received commendation for ex- 
hibits in Jewelry Dept. of Arts and Crafts 
Exhibition held in Boston. 1907. Socs. and 
clubs: Mem. Bd. Young Women's Chris- 
tian Assn.: Boston Soc. Arts and Crafts 
(master). Home address: Devonshire Rd., 
Ambler Heights. Cleveland. O. 

BARTLOW, BERTIN S.. Specialty Sales- 
man; born. Springfield Tp.. Franklin Co.. 
Ind.. July 10. 1869; son of James Thomp- 
son Bartlow and Almira (Luse) Bartlow; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Ind. and Ohio; 
Miami Univ., Oxford, O. College degrees: 
A. B.. 1893. Unmarried. Studied la.w in 
office of Hon. Edward E. Hull. Hamilton. 
O., 1893-94; special newspaper correspond- 
ent, 1S93-1902; editor, Butler Co. Press, 
1902; city editor. Hamilton Evening Sun, 
1902-03; editor. The Censer, Dayton. O., 
1903-05; editor-in-chief, Centennial His- 
tory of Butler Co.. O.. 1905: general editor, 
Alumni and Former Student Catalog, 
Miami Univ.. (Centennial edition). 1909: 
clerk board deputy state supervisors of 
elections, Butler Co., 1894-98; member and 
chief deputy board, 1903-07; elected mem- 
ber Ohio house of representatives, gen- 
eral assembly, 1898-1902; sergeant-at-arms, 
senate, Ohio general assembly, 1900-09; 
alumni and field secretary, Miami Univ., 
1906-13: chief, dairy and food Div.. Ohio 
Agric. Com., 1913-15; Dist. Mgr. R. L. Dol- 
lings Co.. Hamilton, O.. 1915-17. Sales 
Rep., Educational Dept., Underwood & 
Underwood, Inc., N. Y. ; headquarters, Cin- 
cinnati, O., 1917 . Has represented 

Democratic party in county, district, state 
and national conventions. Socs. and clubs: 
Supreme Senator. Knights A. E. Order, 
Cincinnati. O.. 1902-03: Supreme Pres. 
Fraternal Censer, Dayton, O., 1903-06; Nat. 
Council. Delta Kappa Epsilon Frat., 
r.n:: : I. O. O. F.: K. P.: National Hist. 
Soc.; Ohio Arch, and Hist. Socs. (life 
member): Ohio Soc. Sons Am. Rev.: Vice 
Pres. Nat. Dem. League of College Clubs 
from Ohio. 1908-16: Pres. Ohio League of 
Democratic Clubs, 1912-16. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 206 Eaton Ave.. Hamil- 
ton. Ohio. 

BARTON. ROBERT S., Physician: born. 
Pleasant City. Guernsey Co.. O.. Feb. 22, 
I860; son of John Barton and Sarah Z. 
(Call) Barton: educated: Pub. Schs. of 
Pleasant City; High Sch. at Cumberland, 
Guernsey Co.; Med. Coll. of Columbus, O.. 
1884. College degrees: M.- D. Married. 
Mary E. Markley. June 11. 1904. Began 
the practice of medicine at Baltic, 1884: 
removed" to New Philadelphia in 1897 and 
has practiced medicine in that locality 
ever since; Pres. of Bd. of Edn.: Vice Pres. 



and Dir.. Merchants State Bank; Vice 
Pres. and Dir. Democrat Publishing Co. ; 
Dir. of Industrial Improvement Co.; Pres. 
Tuscarawas Co. Med. Soc., 1912; Coroner 
of Tuscarawas Co.. 1900-1902. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons, Chapter and Council; Mem. 
Tuscarawas Co. Med. Soc.; St. Bernard 
Commandery of TJhrichsville, O. ; Alladin 
Temple of Mystic Shrine at Columbus; 
Ohio" State Med. Assn.; Fellow A. M. A., 
New Philadelphia; Elks: K. P.: Chamber 
of Commerce. Methodist Episcopal Ch. 
Home address: 115 N. Seventh St., New 
Philadelphia. O. 

born. Scotland. Conn.. Julv 17. 1878; 
daughter of Lucian Bass and Mercy (Rey- 
nolds) Bass; educated: Windham High 
Sch.; Brown Univ.; Oxford, Eng. ; Paris, 
France. College degrees: Ph. B.. 1900; A. 
M.. 1907. Instr. State Normal Sch.. Wil- 
limantic. Conn.. 1900-1901: Prin. Wheeler 
Sch.. North Stonington. Conn.. 1901-1906; 
German Fellowship, Brown Univ., 1906-07; 
Instr. Romance Langs.. Washburn Coll., 
Topeka, Kansas, 1907-1909; Prof. Romance 
Langs., Washburn Coll.. Topeko. Kansas, 
1909-12; Prof. French. Western Coll.. Ox- 
ford, O.. Sept.. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: 

College Women's Club (Oxford, O.); Cer- 
cle Francais. Western Coll.; Arch. Inst. 
of Am. (Oxford branch); Modern Lan- 
guage Assn. of Am. Congregationalist. 
Address: Western College, Oxford, Ohio. 

ufacturer; born. Clarksburg. Va., June 23, 
1847; son of Stephen J. Bassell and Cath- 
erine (Young) Bassell; educated: Univ. of 
Virginia. Married. Rebecca Gray Bene- 
dict, July 7, 1870. Secy. Columbus Cham- 
ber of Commerce for 16 years. Mgr. Co- 
lumbus Conv. and Publicity Assn. for 3 
years. Socs. and clubs: Elks: K. of P.; 
Odd Fellows; Columbus Country Club; 
Athletic Club. Episcopal. Home address: 
Chittenden Hotel, Columbus, O. 

Photographer; born, Painesville, O., July 
31, 186S; son of Michael Boyd Bateham 
and Josephine Abiah (Penfield) Bateham; 
educated: Painesville public and high 
schools. Married. Katharine Terese 
Haines, Nov. 12. 1890. Learned photo- 
graphic profession of J. M. Greene, Cleve- 
land. O.; moved to Elyria, Ohio, and 
started in business for himself in 1888; 
moved to Norwalk. Ohio, 1892, and pur- 
chased studio of C. A. Park, and has 
since been the leader in photographic 
profession in Huron Co.: has added an 
extensive wholesale and retail art busi-. 
ness; has served as Secy., Vice Pres., and 
in 1901 'and 1902 as Pres. of Ohio-Mich. 
Photographers' Assn.; later Pres. of Pro- 
fessional Photographers' Soc. of Ohio; 
awarded many medals for superiority of 
work, including gold medal at Inter- 
national Photographers' Exposition at 
Dresden. Socs. and clubs: Past Exalted 
Ruler of Norwalk B. P. O. Elks; 32d de- 
gree Mason; Knight Templar; Mem. of 
Mystic Shrine; Shakespeare Club of Nor- 
walk. Presbyterian. Has always been 
identified with progressive business move- 
ments in Norwalk; for several years was 
an officer of the Chamber of Commerce 
and is now a stockholder in Citizens 
Banking Co. Home address: 189 W. 
Main St.. Norwalk. O. 

turer-Jobber; born. Rockford. 111.. Oct. 4, 
1883; son of James J. Bateman and Anna 
J. (Metcalf) Bateman; educated: Rockford, 
111., high school; Univ. Illinois. Married. 
Maude Victoria Broughan. Sept. 7. 1909. 

Traveling salesman, Western Elec Co., 
Chicago. 1909-10; sales manager. Western 
Elec. Co.. Minneapolis. Minn.. 1911-191-; 
sales manager, Omaha. Neb.. 1913-1914; 
manager. Company, Cleveland, O., 1915 
Socs. and clubs: (Mem. Bd. Dir.) Electri- 
cal League of Cleveland; Elk; Jovian Or- 
der; Athletic Club; Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce. Methodist. Home address: 
59 Belmore Rd.. East Cleveland. O. 

BATES. ERNEST D.. Educator: born, near 
Summerfield, O., Nov. 10. 1884; son of 
Moses Bates and Annie (Smallwood) 
Bates; educated: Quaker City High Sch.; 
Muskingum Coll.; Ph. B.. Scio Coll.: Ph. 
B.. Mt. Union Coll. Married. Hannah 
Franklin. 1910; 2d. Wilda Williams. 1915. 
Taught Dist. Sens.. Noble C ).. 4 yrs. ; 
Supt. Schs.. Sarahsville O., 1 yr. ; Prin. 
High Sch.. Roseville. O.. 1 yr. ; Prin. High 
Sch.. Crooks\ille. O.. 1 yr. ; Supt. Schs.. 
Crooksville. O.. 1912-17. Socs. and clubs: 
Mason: K. of P.; Ohio State Teachers' 
Assn.; Southeastern Ohio Teachers' Assn.: 
Southeastern Ohio Schoolmen's Club. 
Church of Christ, tjome address: Crooks- 
ville. O. 

BATES. H. L., Educator; County Supt. of 
Schools. Noble County. Home address: 
Caldwell. O. 

BATES, MINER LEE, College Pres.; born, 
Fairfleld. Mich.. Oct. 9. 1869; son of Tal- 
cott Arthur Bates and Elvira Hudson 
(Sparhawk) Bates; educated: Normal Coll., 
Fayette. O.. 1882-7; Angola. Ind.. 1889-90; 
Kentucky Univ., Lexington, 1S90-1; Hiram 
Coll.. 1895: Columbia Univ.. 1904-7. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; LL. D. Mar- 
ried, Georgia Kinney, Feb. 26", 1896. Teach- 
er, public schools. 1886-9; ordained. Chris- 
tian (Disciples) ministry, 1895'; pastor, 
Central Ch. Christ. Newark. O.. 1895-1901; 
Central Church, Warren, O., 1901-1904; 
Park Ave. Church. East Orange. N. J., 
19*04-6; First Church Disciples. New York 
City, 1906-8; Pres. Hiram College, Hiram, 

O., 1908 -. Disciple. Home address: 

Hiram. Ohio. 

man; born. Oakland Co.. Mich., age 54; 
son of Sumner Bathrick and Lo\ isa Bath- 
rick; educated: high school, Pontiac, Mich. 
Married, May L. Clark, 1889. Mem. 62d 
and 63rd Congresses (1911-15), 19th Ohio 
Dist. Member of 65th Congress from 14th 

Dist., 1917 . Democrat. Address: 

Congress Hall Hotel. Akron. O. 

born. Columbus. O.. Sept. 13. 1S42: son of 
Ludwig Battefeld and Christiana (Biber) 
Battefeld; educated: Pub. Schs. nf Craw- 
ford Co., O. Married, Philapina Krebs, 
July 2. 1867. First conducted a grocery 
store; took up harness making; in 1877 
built a drain tile plant near Bucyrus, O., 
and conducted same until 1894. Apptd. 
Village Marshal of Bucyrus, O., 1869; 
elected to same office in 1870 and re- 
elected in 1872, holding office of Constable 
at same time; elected Township Trustee 
of Bucyrus Twp., 1886, and re-elected in 
1889. Elected County Commissioner of 
Crawford Co., O., 1894, and re-elected in 
1897, serving 6 yrs. in all. Served as 
Pres. of the County Commissioners Or- 
ganization of Ohio, 2 terms, 1898 and 1899. 
Elected Representative to the Gen. As- 
sembly of Ohio in 1908, and re-elected in 
1910. Always active in political affairs; 
served as member of the Democratic Cen- 
tral Com. of his county, 15 yrs., and as 
chairman of the committee, yrs.: 
upon many occasions served as delegate to 
the Judicial, Congressional, Senatorial and 
State Convs. of his party; in 1900 served 



as delegate to the Dem. Nat. Conv. at 
Kansas City, Mo. While Pres. of the Co. 
Comrs. Organization of Ohio, he urged the 
adoption of an excise tax on corporations 
doing business in this state, and as a 
result of his efforts the same was taken 
up by Gov. N;isli and by him caused to 
be enacted into law and thru which Act 
the State of Ohio is now receiving over 
two million dollars annually. Home ad- 
dress: South Walnut St., Bucyrus, O. 

turer; born, Clarksburg, Va., May 12, 1S45; 
son of Gordon Battelle and Maria Louisa 
(Tucker) Battelle; educated: Fairmont, 
Va., Acad.; Lindsay Inst., Wheeling, Va. 
Married, Annie M. Norton, 1881. Active- 
ly engaged in the iron and steel business, 
50 yrs., Wheeling, W. Va.; Memphis, 
Tenn.; Cincinnati; Piqua; Columbus, Ohio; 
now Pros, of The Columbus Iron and Steel 
Co.; Commissioned Colonel Ohio Nat. 
Guard by Gov. Nash. Ohio Commissioner 
to Panama-Pacific International Exposi- 
tion. San Francisco. Calif. Socs. and 
clubs: Sons of Colonial Wars; Sons of 
the Revolution; Military Order of The 
!.<>y;ii Lesion; Soc. of Am. Indians; Na- 
tional Geographical Soc.; Aero Soc.; Lin- 
coln Memorial Assn.; Soc. for National 
Preparedness: Dir. in Nat. Assn. of Man- 
ufacturers; Vice Pres. of Ohio Mfrs. Assn.; 
Mem. Am. Iron and Steel Inst.: Repub- 
lican Glee Club; Columbus Club: Columbus 
Country Club; Arlington Country Club; 
Scioto Country Club; Athletic Club. Epis- 
copalian. Home address: 662 East Town 
St.. Columbus. O. 

sician; born, Covington, Ky., July 29, I860; 
daughter of William Bainbridge Miller and 
Emily (Howell) Miller; educated: Miss 
Armstrong's Sch., Cincinnati, O. ; Grand 
River Institute, Austinburg, O. ; Univ. 
Mich.; post-Grad. Med. Dr. Knapp's Sch. 
Opthal. & Otol., New York City. 1890-91. 
Married, William Porter Battels, Jan. 16, 
1895. Practicing physician and specialist, 
eye, ear, nose and throat, Detroit, Mich., 
1892-94; practicing physician, Ashtabula, 

O., 1894 . Socs. and clubs: Ashtabula 

Co. Med. Soc.; Sec. (1912-13); Pres. (1914- 
15); State Med. Soc.; American Med. Assn.; 
Vice Pres. Women's Fortnightly Club, 
(Pres., 1895-96); County Fed. Women's 
Clubs; Ashtabula County Health League. 
Episcopalian. Home address: Austinburg, 
Ashtabula, O. 

born, New Washington, Crawford Co., O., 
Jan. 13, 1873; son of Gottlieb Frederick 
Bauer and Magdelena (Shone) Bauer; edu- 
cated: Springfield and Cincinnati, O. Col- 
lege degrees: D. D. S. Married, Augusta 
May Clark. Nov. 11. 1893. Hamilton Co. 
Infirmary Director, 1909-10. Member Ohio 
Senate, 81st General Assembly. County 

Commissioner, Hamilton Co., 0., 1916 . 

Socs. and clubs: Snow Lodge No. 193, F. 
& A. M.. Harrison. O. ; I. O. O. F., No. 140, 
Harrison, O. St. John Lutheran Church 
(German). Home address: 410 Harrison 
Ave., Harrison, O. 

BAUER. CHARLES LOUIS. Manufacturer; 
born. Cincinnati. O.. March 16. 1871: son 
of Charles August Bauer and Louise J. 
(Haessler) Bauer; educated: Pub. Schs. of 
Springfield. O.: Wittenberg Coll.: Ohio 
State Univ. College degrees: B. S. Mar- 
ried. Nancy B. Carpenter. Dec. 14, 1892. 
With Mfg. Dept.. 14 yrs.. Warder-Bush- 
nell & Glessner Co.: Gen. Supt.. until 1904; 
with The Bauer Bros. Co. Springfield. O.. 
as Pres.. 1904 ; Pres. Springfield Ceme- 
tery Assn.; Trustee Springfield Savings 
Bank. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Lodge; 

Antioch Shrine; Past Pres. Springfield 
Country Club and Rotary Club. Presby- 
terian. Home address: 1215 E. High St.. 
Springfield, O. 

BAUM, ORRIN, W., Business Man: born, 
Jackson Twp.. Stark Co.. O. ; son of An- 
dvw J. Baum and Marv A. (Shanabrook) 
Baum; educated: Country Schs.; High Sch., 
Canal Fulton. O.. 2 yrs. Married. Jennie 

C. Spangler. May 11. 1887. Farmer; teach- 
er country schools; clerk hardware store; 
traveling salesman; insurance and real 
estate business. Civil Service Commr., 
Akron. O.. .", yrs.: Tax Commr.. Summit 
Co.. 1 yr ; Member-elect. General Assem- 
bly. 1917-18. Director. The Citizens Sav- 
ings & Loan Co.; The Real Estate Mort- 
gage Co.; The Equitable Mortgage Co. 
Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. F. ; B. P. O. E. 
Home address: 327 E. Buchtel Ave.. 
Akron. O. 

BAUMAN, CARL L., Attorney; born. Day- 
ton. O., Feb. 18, 1868; son of Clement L. 
Bauman and Mary A. (Schneider) Bau- 
man; educated: Pub. Schs. of I>ayt"n, O., 
anrl Univ. of Michigan. College degrees: 
LL. B. Married. Elizabeth Brehm. Nov. 
19. 1894. Attorney-at-law. Socs. and 
clubs: Bicycle Club. Home address: R. 
R. 13. Dayton. O. 

Fremont. O.. May l'<, 1869; daughter of 
late Judge Jno. Lynde Greene and Emma 
E. (Shaw) Greene; educated: Pub. and 
High Schs.. of Fremont. O. Married. Al- 
bert V. Baumann. Jan. 16. 1SS9. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. D. A. R. ; Soc. of New 
England Women; U. S. Daughters of 1812, 
Ohio; Ohio Aub. Soc.; Cosmopolitan Club; 
Nat. Geog. Soc.; Nat. Forestry Assn.; 
Past State Pres. Ohio Daughters of I>a2; 
ex-Regent Col. George Croghan Chapter 

D. A. R. : Past Pres. Cosmopolitan Club; 
Past State Chairman of Patriotic Edn. ; 
Chairman Conservation of Ohio Fed. of 
Women's Clubs. Presbyterian Church. 
Home address: 613 Croghan St.. Fremont, 

born. Bluff ton, Ind.. June 24. 1S69; son 
of Benjamin B. Baumgardner and Magda- 
lena (Summers) Baumgardner; educated: 
District Sch.. Rittman. O.; Wadsworth, O., 
High School; Western Reserve Normal; 
Oberlin Coll.: Ph. B., Wooster Univ. 
Married. C. Delia Koppes. Mar. 29. 1^93. 
Taught country school. Montville Twp., 
Medina Co.. O.. 3 yrs.; Prin.. Chippewa 
Lake, O., schools, 4 yrs.; Supt. of Schs.. 
Seville. O.. 1900-1903; Supt. of Schools, 

Sterling. O.. 1903-1909: Supt. of Schools, 
Shreve. O.. 1909-14; Co. Supt. of Schools, 

Wayne Co., Aug.. 1914 . Socs. and 

clubs: Masonic: K. of P.: Bd. of Trade. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 735 N. Buck- 
eye St.. Wooster. O. 

born, Winchester. Va., Jan. 21. lv~4: son 
of Michael Bauslin and Martha (Lewis) 
Bauslin: educated: Wittenberg Coll. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.. 1S76: B. D.. 1878; D. 
D.. 1890. Married. Elizabeth Clark. June 
5. 1S79. Ordained Luth. ministry. 1878; 
pastor Tippecanoe City, O., 1878-81: Bucy- 
rus. O.. 1881-9; Springfield. O., 1889-93; 
Canton, O., 1893-6; Prof, practical theology, 

Wittenberg Theol. Sem.. 1896 : Dean 

since 1911. Editor Lutheran World since 
1901. Pres. Gen. Synod Evang. Luth. Ch. 
in U. S. 1905-7: Pres. Bd. Dirs. Witten- 
berg Coll.. lX'.i:,-fi. Lutheran Church. Au- 
thor: Is the Ministry an Attractive Voca- 
tion?. 1901: The Genesis of the "New 
Measure" Movement in the Lutheran 
Church in this Country. Also articles on 



theological subjects. Home address: 

Springfield. Ohio. 

BAXTER, JOHN KIRK, Educator; born, 
West Liberty. la.; son of William A. Bax- 
ter and Hannah M. (Ball) Baxter; edu- 
cated: Hiram College. (Grad.. 1890). Col- 
lege degrees: A. M.. 1893. Married. Flora 
J. Ross. June 28. 1892. Supt. of Schs., 
Malvern, O.. 1882-87. In college. 1887-90. 
Prin. High Sch'.. Mt. Vernon, O.. 1890-98. 
Supt. Public Schs.. Mt. Vernon. O.. 1898- 
1905. Supt. Public Schs.. Canton. O.. 
1905 . Pres. Northeastern Ohio Teach- 
ers' Assn.. 1913. Member Ex. Com. N. E. 
O T A., 1909-13. Member Ex. Com. Ohio 
State Teachers' Assn., 1910-1913. Treas. 
O. S. T. A.. 1907-1909. Pres. O. S. T. A.. 
1914. Director from Ohio in the National 
Education Assn.. 1903. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic; Blue Lodge: Knights Templar. 
Christian Church. Home address: 1104 
Cleveland Ave.. N. W.. Canton. O. 

Professor; born. Marietta, O., Nov. 
1870: son of David Edward Beach and 
Alice (Allen) Beach; educated: Marietta 
Coll. (A. B.); Yale Divinity Sch. (B. D.); 
Univ. Berlin; Univ. Mich. (Ph. D.). Mar- 
ried, Mary Frances Davies, June 8, 1896. 
Pastor, Ashland. Wis., 1897-1901; Ypsilanti, 
Mich., 1901-12; Prof. English, Marietta Col- 
lege, 1912 . Socs. and clubs: Delta 

Upsilon Frat.: O. B. K. (College Home 
Soc.). Congregationalist. Home address: 
L'16 5th St., Marietta, O. 

BEACH, HENRY D., Publisher-Manufac- 
turer; born, Fredericktown, Knox Co., O., 
Sept. 9, 1850; son of Daniel C. Beach and 
Eliza (Amudon) Beach; educated: public 
schools. Married. Camilla S. Cantwell, 
June 5. 1871. Publisher, Democratic Stand- 
ard. 1879-91; Pres. Standard Advertising 
Co., 1889-1900; Pres. The Meek & Beach 

Co.. 1901 ; The H. D. Beach Co., 

1902 ; The Beach Leather Co., 1906- 

The Beach Enameling Co., 1914 . 

Postmaster. Coshocton, O., 1885-9; Pres. 

Associated Charities. 1911 . Socs. and 

clubs: Elk; Royal Arcanum. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Coshocton. O. 

BEACH, CLARK JACKSON, Editor; born, 
Zanesville. O.. Aug. 20. 1888; son of W. 
T. Beach "and Lucy (Clark) Beach: edu- 
cated: Zanesville, O.. schools. Married, 
Kitty V. Willey. June 22, 1910. Entered 
newspaper business as cashier: Pres. and 
Editor. Lancaster Daily Gazette. Home 
address: 151 E. Chestnut St.. Lancaster, 

cator; born, Owego, Tioga Co.. N. Y.; 
daughter of Joseph DeWitt and Catherine 
(Carnochan) DeWitt; educated: Pub. and 
High Schs.. of Owego, N. Y.; Cornell Univ. 
College degrees: B. A.. 1878. Married, 
Willard Beahan, June 29, 1892. Taught in 
high school. Sparta. Wis., 1878-79: high 
school, Warwick, N. Y., 1879-1881; high 
school. Binghamton. N. Y.. 1881-87: Girls' 
high school. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 1887-1892. 
Socs and clubs: College Club of Cleve- 
land; Cornell Alumnae Club Ohio. Pres.: 
Federation of Cornell Women; Federa- 
tion of College Women, (Director); Mu- 
nicipal School League, (Mem.); Women's 
City Club of Cleveland; Women's Civic 
Club of Cleveland Hts. : church and other 
philanthropic and charitable organizations; 
Mem. College Equal Suffrage League. 
Congregational Church. Home address: 
2213 Bellfield Ave.. Cleveland, O. 

BEAL. EDWIN GEORGE, Banker; born. 
Bucyrus. O., Sept. 1. 1876; son of Benja- 
min Beal and Lydia Anna (Rexroth) Beal; 

educated: high school of Bucyrus, O.; Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ.; Ohio State Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., 1901; LL. B., 1902; 
A. M.. 1904. Married. Rachel Monnett, 
Sept. 20. 1911. Banker. Teller. Second 
National Bank, Bucyrus, O., 1896-l.v.ts; 
Asst. Cashier, 1898: Secy. Crawford Co. 
Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co.. Bucyrus. 
1898. Entered Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1 
Ohio State Univ.. 1901. Entered First 
National Bank, Bucyrus, O., 1902; Asst. 
Cashier, 1903; Cashier, 1904-1916; Vice 
Pres. and Cashier. 1916: President First 
Natl. Bank. Bucyrus, O.. 1917 -- . Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Kappa Psi. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Supt. of M. E. Sun- 
day School. Home address: 231 South 
Ponlar St.. Bucvrus. O. 

BEAL, JAMES HARTLEY, Pharmaceutical 
Chemist; born, New Philadelphia, Ohio, 
Sept 23, 1S61; son of Jesse Beal and 
Mary Beal; educated: Scio College; Cin- 
cinnati Law School; Ohio Med. College; 
Mt. Union College. College degrees: A. 
B., 1884; LL. B.. 1886; Ph. G., 1894; Sc. 
D., 1895. Married, Fannie Snyder Ycung, 
Sept. 29, 1886. Dean Dept. Pharmacy and 
Prof. Chemistry and Pharmacy, 1887-1907; 
acting Pres., Scio College, 1902-4; Dir. Era 
Course in Pharmacy, New York, 1889-1909; 
Prof. Theory and Practice of Pharmacy, 
Univ. Pittsourgh. 1903-11; Gen. Secy, and 
Editor. Journal of the American Pha? n i- 
ceutical Assn., 1911-14; editor Midland 
Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review, 
1908-11; Mem. Ohio House Rep., 1901. Au- 
thor: Ohio Local Option Law; Notes on 
Equation Writing and Chemical and 
Pharmaceutical Arithmetic, 2nd edition, 
1901; Pharmaceutical Interrogations, : 
Interrogations in Dental Metallurgy, 1900; 
Practical Pharmacy, 1907; Prescription 
Practice and General Dispensing, 1908; 
Principles of Theory and Practice of 
Pharmacy (5 vols.), 1910; contributor to 
Pharmaceutical Journals; chairman of 
Committee on Uniformity of Legislation, 
Methods of Analysis and Marking of Food 
Products. Nat. Pure Food and Drug Con- 
gress, 1898; trustee IT. S. Pharmacopoeial 
Conv.. 1900 (Pres. Bd. Trustees. 1910-17); 
Dir Pharmaceutical Research, Univ. 111., 
1914 - ; Nat. Councillor. U. S. Chamber 
of Commerce, 1917 -- . Socs. and clubs: 
(Pres.) American Pharm. Assn., 1904-5; 
Ohio State Pharmacal Assn.. 1898; Am. 
Conf. Pharm. Faculties. 1907-S. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Home address: Urbana, 

BEAM. HENRY L., University Prof.: born. 
Neriah. Mich.. May 29. 1865: son of Rev. 
Dr. Samuel Z. Beam and Frances 
(Rauch) Beam; educated: Western Penn. 
C. & S. Institute. 1883: Heidelberg Coll.. 
1887; Heidelberg Seminary, 1889: 'summer 
school. Univ. Chicago. 1910. College de- 
grees: A. B.: A. M. Married. Ida R. Loose. 
Vug. 19. 1890. Pastor: Ref. Church. Mohi- 
can. O.. 1889-90; Pres. Coll. Northern 111. 
(later Interior Academy). Dakota*, 111., 
1S90-94, and 1895-1904; Prin. Union Acad., 
Anna, 111.. 1894-5; pastor: Ref. Church, 
Dakota, 111., 1897-1904; pastor: Trinity Ref. 
Church. Wadsworth. O.. 1904-1909: Prin. 
Heidelberg Academy. Tiffin, O.. 1909-11; 
.icting principal, Heidelberg Academy, 
1910-1915; Prof. Baughman Latin & Bibli- 
cal Inst.. Heidelberg Univ., Tiffin. O., 
Socs. and clubs: T. O. O. F. : 

- . . . . . . 

Classical Assn. Middle West & South; 
Assn. of Biblical Instructors in American 
Colleges and Secondary Schs. Minister, 
Reformed Church U. S. Home address 
138 Greenfield. Tiffin. O. 

BEAM, JOHN ALBERT, Univ. Prof.: born. 
Fulton. Mich.. June 16. 1869: son of Rev 
Samuel Z. Beam. D. D.. and Frances 



(Rauch) Beam; educated: Heidelberg 
Univ. : Univ. Wooster: Univ. of Illinois. 
College degrees: A. B.: A. M. ; M. D. 
Married. (Dr.) Lillian Kbel. Aug. 12. 1902. 

Teacher t\v<> yrs. public scl Is; 4 yrs. 

science master I'niv. School. Chicago, 111.; 
medical missionary to Yochow. Hunan, 
China, under Foreign Board Ref. Church, 
i: yrs.; Asst. Secy,. For. Hoard Ref. 
Ch.. 3 yrs.; Prof, biology. Heidelberg Univ., 

1912 . Socs. and clubs: Alpha Tau 

Omega; Alpha Kappa K,-tppa: member A. 
A. A. S. : member Med. Miss. Assn. of 
("liina. Reformed Church. Home address: 
Tiffin O. 

BEAN. E. HARRY. Phvsician: born. Guys- 
ville. O.. Anril 2.".. 1ST.",; son of JoKn F. 
Bean and Surah .1. i I :. Hows) Bean: edu- 
cated: Ohio University. Athens. O. : and 
American School of Osteopathy, Kirks- 
villp. Mo. (1910). College degrees: D. O. 
("Doctor ',{ < isfeon;] thy i. Married, Flor- 
ence Timmons, Sept. 11, 1904. Stenog- 
rapher and bookkeeper; public school 
teacher; business college instructor: and 
at present, osteopathic physician and pub- 
,lic sneaker on health topics. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic Lodge. Methodist Epis- 
eonal Church. Author of Food Funda- 
mentals (a work of 200 pages on food and 
diet), and various osteopathic tracts in- 
cluding one on Goiter and another on 
Infantile Paralysis. Office, 145 North High 
St.. Columbus. O. Home address: 2609 
Summit St.. Columbus. O. 

BEAN, LEWIS CHAPMAN, Physician-Sur- 
geon; born, Fairfleld, Wayne Co., 111., Dec. 
9. 1866: son of George Bean and Celinda 
J. (Crouch) Bean; educated: Ohio Univ., 
Athens. O.; Starling Med. Coll.. Colum- 
bus, O. ; New York Post-Graduate and Chi- 
cago Post-Graduate; Illinois Sch. of Elec- 
tro Therapeutics. College degrees: M. D. 
Married, Mabel E. Jackson, Sept. 11, 1887; 
2d. Carrie Belle Walker. July 1. 1905. Mer- 
chant. 1887-1889; Physician and Surgeon, 
]8;_ Surgeon in charge Unitjed 

States Marine Hospital since May. 1892. 
City Water Works Director, 1900-1906, 
City Councilman, 4 yrs., 1909-1913. Direct- 
or Public Service, 1916. Vice Pres. Ohio 
Valley Bank. 1912. Director Gallipolis 
Savings & Loan Co.. 1913. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic Bodies; Knight Templar; Elks. 
Presbyterian Ch. Pres. Board of Direct- 
ors. Home address: 538 Second Ave., 
Gallipolis. O. 

BEAR, HARRIS V., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
M ianiisburg. O. Home address: Miamis- 
burg. Ohio. 

BEATTY. BYRON W.. Physician: born, 
Cardington, O., July 10, 1883; son of Wil- 
liam J. Beatty and Mary A. (Lawyer) 
Beatty; educated: Columbus. O. College 
degrees: M. D. Married. Maude A. Wheel- 
er. June 4. 1908. Engaged in practice 

medicine. Dayton. O.. 1906 . Surgeon 

St. Elizabeth's Hosp.. Dayton. O. Socs. 
and clubs: County, State and Nat. Med. 
Socs.; Central States Orthopedic Club; 
Mason; K. P.: Eagle: Red Men; Ben Hur. 
Methodist. Home address: 1007 North 
Main St.. Dnyton. O. 

La\v: born. Ravenna. O.. April 4. 1865; 
son of John C. Beatty and Hettie (Dayi 
Beatty; educated^ Cincinnati Law School, 
Cincinnati, O. Married. Eleanor Wallace, 
April 9. 1889. Practiced law since 1SS6 
at Ravenna, O. Secy, and Gen. Mgr. Por- 
tage County Telephone Co.. since 1904. 
City and Twp. Clerk. 18SS-1S96. Member 
General Assembly. 1896-1900. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons: Knight Templars: Knights 
of Pythias: Elks. Episcopalian. Home 
address: 230 Highland Ave., Ravenna, O. 

BEATTY, HUGH GIBSON, Physician: born, 
Washington C. H.. O.. Sept. 12. ISM>: son 
"f Talcott T. Beatty and Olga F. (Evans) 
Beatty; educated: High Sch.. Washington 
C. H.. O. ; College of Pharmacy and Medi- 
cine. State Univ.: and Univ. of Vienna. 
College degrees: Ph. C.; M. D. Unmar- 
ried. Specialist in diseases of eye, ear, 
nose and throat. Soos. and clubs: Colum- 
bus Athletic Club: Scioto Valley Country 
Club; Ohio State Univ. Club; Local, State 
and American Med. Assn. Home address: 
l.")'i E. Broad St.. Columbus, O. 

Broker and Producer; born, Harrisville, 
t-vi.. ii., L859; son ol William Heitiy 
and .Mary J. (Coulter) Beatty; educated: 
H rrisville. Pa., High Sch. Married, Min- 
erva Casiday, 1^7S; 2d, Rose M. < Mark in, 
1896 State Sen.. 1905-11: Mem. Constitu- 
tional Convention. 1912. Socs. and club-: 
Klk. Presbyterian. Home address: Bowl- 
ing Green. O. 

BEATTY, WILLIAM, Grand Keeper of Rec- 
ords and Seal. Knights of Pythias. Ohio; 
born. Montreal. Can.. Oct. 27. 1851: son 
of John Beatty and Mary (Gray) Bean-,: 
educated: "Poor Man's Coll."; printing 
office. Married. Mary Drouillard. Feb. 7, 
1S71. Came to Toledo, O., July, 1869. Em- 
ployed on Toledo Commercial and Blad- 
as printer, and on Bee as printer and 
editor. In 1S92. appointed Grand Keeper 
f>f Records. Knights of Pythias of Ohio. 
Previously served as Grand Chancellor of 
Ohio and as Supreme Representative from 
Ohio in the Supreme Lodge. Councilman, 
6 yrs.: Pres.. 3 yrs. ; Mem. of Ohio Legis- 
lature. 1 term; served 23% years as Trus- 
tee of Boys' Industrial Sch.. Lancaster; 
Secy. Toledo House of. Refuge Board; 
Mem. of Centennial Com.; Mem. of To- 
ledo Park Board; Dir. of Public Welfare. 
Socs. and clubs: 3-d degree Mason and 
Shriner; Knights of Pythias; Elks; Na- 
tional Union; Toledo Commerce Club; 
Tul' 'do Typographical Union; Pres. of first 
Toledo Trades Assembly from which grew 
present Central Labor Union. St. Paul's 
Methodist Church. Home address: 336 
Sixteenth St.. Toledo. O. 

er; burn, Cincinnati, O. ; son Harry Beau- 
champ and Sarah (Godman 1 ) Beauchamp; 
educated: home stud.y. Married. Mellie 
Gardner. March 31. 1S77: at 19 telegraph 
editor Cincinnati Star (now Times Star), 
and writing sketches and poems for Xew 
York papers: later managing editor Ft. 
Wayne Gazette: lecturer on humorous 
topics (delivered over 8,000): the most 
notable ones are: Take the Sunny Side; 
The Age of the Young Man: New Ideas 
on an Old Subject. Author number of 
tics and published poems. Presbyte: ian. 
Home address: Hamilton. O. 

turer; born. Dayton. O.. Nov. 29. 1845; 
son of John Nicholas Frederick Beaver and 
Caroline (Snyder) Beaver; educated: high 
school, Dayton, O. Married, Emma Thomp- 
son, Nov. 2S, 1893; second marriage, Mary 
M. Thresher. Feb. 16. 1903. Engaged in 
clothing business, Tpledo. O.. 1S6S-1S70; 
engaged in planing mill, Hopkinsville, Ky., 
1S71-72; furniture business. Dayton. O.. 
ls72-77: engaged in manufacture baking 
powder. Dayton. O.. 1.S7S; engaged in 
manufacture of soap. Beaver Soap Co., 

Payton O.. 1879-1905. Retired. 190." . 

Socs. and clubs: Dayton Country Club; 
Grand Army Republic. Baptist. Home 
address: 215 West 2nd St.. Dayton. O. 

BEBB. RICHARD E., Manufacturer: Pres. 
& Gen. Mgr. Canton Stamping & Enamel- 



ing Co. Home address: 1625 Cleveland 
Ave. N. W.. Canton. O. 

neer; born, Akron, O., June 8, 1885; son 
of John Martin Beck and Kate J. (Buch- 
tel) Beck; educated: Case Sch. of Applied 
Science. College degrees: C. E. Married, 
Emogene F. Conner. Oct. 4. 1911. Land 
Examiner for Northern Pacific Ry. Co. ; 
Asst. Chief Engineer. A. C. & Y. Ry.; 
organized The Portage Engineering Co. 
In 1916 was appointed Director of Public 
Service. Akron. O. Socs. and clubs: Uni- 
versity Club: Masons; Akron City Club. 
First Congregational Church. Home ad- 
dress: 58 Dodge Ave.. Akron. O. 

BECK, FERNANDO, J., Attorney; born, 
North Georgetown. O.. Feb. 9. 1858; son 
of A. Beck and Anza (Milner) Beck; edu- 
cated: Damascus Acad., Damascus, O.; 
Ohio North. Univ. Ada. O. ; Toledo, O., 
Univ. College degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; B. 
L-. Married. Lena Stark. June 2. 18S3. 
Taught public schools. 25 yrs.; 10 yrs. 
eastern part Ohio; Supt. Napoleon, p., 
nuhlir- schools. 15 yrs.; admitted to Ohio 
bar. 1910; practicing attorney-at-law, Na- 
poleon. O.. 1911 Elected, auditor, 
Henry Co.. O.. 1902; re-elected. 1905; 
served 2 terms, retiring. 1909: Mem. Na- 
poleon School Bd.. 1 term. Socs. and clubs: 
I. O. O. F. : F. & A. M.; Toledo Consistory, 
Masons; Elks; Royal Arcanum. Presby- 
terian. Home address: 506 Haly Ave., 
Napoleon, O. 

born. Cleveland. O.; son of Charles Beck 
and Rebecca J. (Butler) Beck: educated: 
high school, Cleveland; Grad. Leipzig 
Conservatory Music, 1882; special studies 
on string instruments and all branches of 
musical composition. Married, Blandina 
Fellar. June 19. 1890. Ex-Mem, examining 
board of Am. compositions and violin ex- 
aminer of Am. Coll. Musicians; Dir. De- 
troit Symphony Orchestra 1900 ; Dir. 

Pilgrim Orchestra, Hermits' Club Orchestra 
and Blyria Grand Orchestra. Composer: 
Overture to "Lara." first performed by 
Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1S86; "Skir- 
nismal," first performed by Thomas Or- 
chestra, Chicago, ISS'7; "Sextet," first per- 
formed at Indianapolis, Ind., 1SS8; "Moor- 
ish Serenade." first performed at Phila- 
delphia. 1889; "Scherzo" in A major, first | 
performed at Detroit, by Thomas Orches- 
tra. 1S90: "The Kiss of Joy." first per- 
formed by Cleveland Symphony Orches- 
tra. 1900. and at St. Louis Exposition, 
1904. by special request of music, com- 
mittee; "Meersabend" for voice and or- 
chestra: "Liebeslied" for same; "Scherzo" 
in F maior. first performed by Theodore 
Thomas at Cleveland. 1896: "Aus meinen 
Lehen." tone poem for grand orchestra. 
Socs. and clubs: The Cleveland Men Mu- 
sic Teachers Club. Home address: 942 
Prospect Ave.. "The Bangor." Cleveland, 

BECKER, HENRY A., Surgeon; born. Chi- 
cago, 111.. March 3. 1871; son of August 
Becker; educated: Western Reserve Lit. 
& Med. Coll.; Univs. Vienna, Berlin and 
Paris. College degrees: M. D. Married, 
Laura E. Ferguson, Sept. 18, 1901. Asst. 
Prof. Surgery, Western Reserve Med. Coll.; 
associate surgeon. Lakeside Hosp.; visit- 
ing surgeon. German Hosp.; Asst. head. 
Surgical Dept. City Hosp.; surgeon for 
Big Four Rv. and Baltimore & Ohio Ry. 
Engaged in practice medicine and surgery, 
Cleveland. O. Socs. and clubs: Am. Coll. 
Surgeons; County and State Med. Socs.; 
Univ.. Clifton and Cleveland Yacht Clubs; 
Keeeerick Golf Club. Congregationalist. 

Home address: 19S41 Lake Rd.. Clifton 
Park. Cleveland. O. 

BECKER, HENRY J., Clergyman; born, 
Massillon, O., June 19, 1846; son of Lewis 
Becker and Elizabeth (Baker) Becker; 
educated: Clinton and Tiffin, O.. (Heidel- 
berg Coll.). College degrees: D. D., Harts- 
ville Coll. (Ind.). Married, Elizabeth 
Houk, Aug. 18, 1870. Traveling itinerant 
in Ohio. 1870-75: itinerant pastor in Cali- 
fornia. 7 yrs.; presiding elder and editor 
Pacific Telescope. 2 yrs.; Telescope com- 
bined with Philomath Crucible. 1 yr. ; 
traveled in Egypt. Arabia. Palestine, 
Syria, Greece, Corinth, Rome, and all 
principal cities of central Europe. 188S; 
served as bishop, editor, missionary Sec. 
and pas-tor in Church of United Brethren 
in Christ. 1869-1905; Presbyterian Church, 

1905- . For over thirty years has given 

considerable time to Chautauqua and Ly- 
ceum work. Socs. and clubs: G. A. R.; 
Dayton Ministerial Assn. Home address: 
21 s" Kiefaber St.- Dayton. O. 

way Official: born. Letart Falls. O.: son 
of Jacob L. Beckler and Georgiana (Alex- 
ander) Beckler; educated: public schools. 
Married, Edna Jones, May 16, 1911. Clerk, 
ticket office. C. H. V. & T. Ry.. Middle- 
port, O.. 1SS6-7; ticket agent, 1887-1 
traveling passenger agent. C. St. P. & K. 
C. Ry., 1889-93; Northern passenger agent, 
Queen & Crescent Route. 1894-1908: Asst. 
Gen. Pass. Agt., Queen & Crescent Route, 
1908-10; Cincinnati, O., general passenger 
agent. Queen & Crescent Route. July 1. 
1910-Jan. 17. 1917: passenger traffic man- 
ager. Southern Railway System. Jan. 17, 

1917 . Socs. and clubs: Queen City 

Club; Cincinnati Business Men's Club; 
Cincinnati Country Club; Cincinnati Golf 
Club. Home address: 2526 Handasyd, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Treas. The Bour Co.: born. Bedford. Pa.. 
Dec. 11. 1871: son of George Beckley and 
Susana (Wendle) Beckley; educated: 
Schellsburg Normal Sch. Married, Ger- 
trude Masters. May 10. 1892. Sec.. Treas. 
and sales manager. The Bour Co.. whole- 
sale dealers in teas and coffees. Toledo. 

O.. 1906 . Socs. and clubs: Masonic 

Order. 32d degree; Toledo Club. Home 
address: 304 Kenilworth Ave.. Toledo. O. 

BECKLEY. WILLIS J.. Attorney; born, 
Ravenna. O.. Oct. 6. 1866; son of Charles 
A. Beckley and Henrietta E. (Brigham) 
Beckley; educated: Pub. Schs.. Ravenna, 
O. ; Ann Arbor High Sch.. and Univ. of 
Michigan. College degrees: Ph. B.. 1889. 
Married, Lora Geiger, 1896. Practiced law 
at Ravenna since 1892. Pres. Browning 
Foundry Co.; Pros. Atty., Portage Co., 
1899-1905; Portage Co. Road Commissioner: 
Del. Republican National Conv., Chicago, 
1912. Socs. and clubs: Xi Chapter Zeta 
Pi. College Frat. ; Masons; K. T.: Elks; 
Ohio State Bar Assn.; Univ. of Mich. 
Alumni Assn. Episcopal. Home address: 
111 E. Main St.. Ravenna. O. 

BEEBE, BROOKS FORD, Physician; born, 
Washington Co., O., June 25, 1850; son of 
(Dr.) William Beebe and Elizabeth (Rath- 
bone) Beebe; educated: common school? ; 
Coll. Prep. Sch.: Marietta Coll.. class 1S73; 
Ohio Medical Coll., 1880. College degrees: 
A. B.: M. D. Res. Phys.. Good Samaritan 
Hospital, 1881; nine years Asst. U. S. 
Marine Hospital: taught 10 years, Marietta 
Coll., physiology and physiological diag- 
nosis: chair of mental diseases of 
Ohio Med. Coll.; in 1900 established Grand- 
view Sanitorlum on Price Hill: 1902, one 
of counsellors of Ohio State Med. Assn. : 



7 years chairman of council of college. 
Socs. and clubs: American Med. Assn.; 
AI'-'l. Psych. Assn. Home address: Meta- 
mora Bldg. it'lifton), Cincinnati, O. 

BEER, DORCAS GRIZZEL, Educator; born, 
Bucyms. ().; daughter of .linlue Thomas 
Beer and Tahitha M. (Dinsmore) Beer; 
educated: high ischool of Bucyrus, O.; 
Glendale Female Coll., near Cincinnati; 
Pennsylvania Coll. for Women at Pitts- 
burgh; Post -< ;i-:nl. course at Wooster I'niv. 
College degrees: A. B. ; A. M. Unmar- 
ried. Taught in public schools and high 
schools, Bucyrus, O., and Yonkers, N. Y., 
'2" yrs. Now teacher of Latin, French and 
English, Bucyrus high school. In 1911 
organized the Hannah Crawford Chapter 
of the D. A. R., and is now regent of 
chapter. In 1911 also organized Bucyrus 
Woman Suffrage Assn., of which she is 
Secy. Socs. and clubs: D. A. R. ; Bucyrus 
Woman Suffrage Assn.; Mem. American 
Flag Assn.: Mem. Nat. Soc. Woman Suf- 
frage at Yonkers, N. Y. Episcopal Ch. 
Active in Sunday School work and vari- 
ous church organizations In Bucyrus and 
Yonkers. Home address: 506 Southern 
Ave., Bucyrus, O. 

BEER, KATHERINE J., born, Bucyrus. O. ; 
daughter of Judge Thomas Beer and Ta- 
bitha M. (Dinsmore) Beer; educated: 
Bucyni's, O. ; Pennsylvania Coll. for Wom- 
en: Univ. of Wooster. Associated with 
religious and philanthropic activities of 
Bucyrus. Worked for Woman Suffrage in 
recent campaign in Ohio. Episcopal Ch. 
Home address: 506 Southern Ave., Bucy- 
rus, Ohio. 

born, Ellsworth. O., Dec. 2, 1869; son of 
John Beetham and Mary (Rennyson) 
Beetham. Educated: Delaware (O. W. U.), 
and Mt. Union College. College degrees: 
Ph. B. from Mt. Union. Married, Emma 
Xarragon, Dec. 24. Taught country and 
village schools for ten years; Supt., at 
Carrollton. O.. five years; Supt. of schools. 
Bucyrus, O., 1906 to 1916. Member N. E. 
A.; O. S. T. A.; Secy, of Ohio Schools 
Improvement Federation for six years, and 
one of its organizers. goes, and clubs: 
Mason; K. of P. Presbyterian. Home 

ney-Agriculturist; born, Greensburg, Trum- 
bull Co., O., Aug. 29, 1877; son of John 
Beetham and Mary (Rennison) Beetham; 
educated: Canton High Sch.; Scio Coll.; 
Ohio State Univ. Married, Crete Mc- 
Laughlin, Sept., 1900. Teacher, 1897-98; 
admitted to bar, 1900; practicing attorney, 

inuu , Cadiz, O.; actively engaged in 

farming, 1912 . (Breeder of fine Jer- 
sey cattle.) Postmaster of Cadiz, O., 1906- 
1914; Mem. of House of Representatives, 

1915 ; Mem. Bd. of Education, 1905 ; 

served on Senatorial Com., 4 yrs.; Dir. 
of Fourth Nat. Bank of Cadiz, O.; owner 
of The Harrison News of Cadiz. Author: 
Normal School Law for Eastern Ohio to 
be located at Cadiz, O.; manager Cadiz 
Chautauaua, 1913-1915. Socs. and clubs: 
Ma s.m; K. P.; Mem. M. E. Gen. Co'nf. at 
Minneapolis 1912. Home address: Cadiz, 

BEGG, JAMES T., Educator: born, Colum- 
bus Grove. O., Feb. 16, 1877; eon of John 
Begg and Mary Ellen (Kalb) Begg; edu- 
cated: Rural Schs., Lima, O.; Wooster 
Univ. College degrees: B. S. Married, 
Grace Mohler, Aug. 26, 1903. Taught Lima 
Coll. summer school, 3 yrs.: Wooster sum- 
mer school, 3 yrs.; high school principal, 
1 yr. ; Supt. Schs., Columbus Grove, O., 5 
yrs.; Supt. Schs., Gllboa, O., 2 yrs.; Supt. 
Schs., Ironton, O., 3 yrs.; Supt. Schs., 

Sandusky, O., 1914- 

Socs. und clubs: 

Masonic Fr.-it: Knights of Pythias; 
Sunnyendeand Club; Literary Club; Ad 
Club. Presbyterian. Home address: 228 
Huron Ave., Sandusky, O. 

BEGG, JOHN, Farmer, Lecturer & Agricul- 
tural Writer; born, Madison Twp., Frank- 
lin Co., O. ; son of John Begg and Mary 
(White) Begg; educated: common schools, 
Franklin Co., O. Married, Nov. 26, 1873. 
Farmer and teacher; lecturer Farmers' In- 
stitute. ]S!)4 to 1917: 23 years as lecturer 
in Ohio, West Va. and Oklahoma. Town- 
ship Trustee; Mem. Board of Trustees, 
Bowling Green Normal College, 1910-1915; 
Mem. State Board of Agriculture and 
Pres., 1915-1917. Soca. and clubs: Mem. 
ni State Grange for 40 yrs. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Home address: Columbus 
Grove, Putnam Co., Ohio. 

BEGGS, FRANK LESLIE, Manufacturer; 
born. Vintpn, Gallia Co., O., April 28, 
]M,.;; son of George \V. I'.-ggs and Taphena 
(MacMillan) Beggs; educated: Nat. Nor- 
mal Univ., Lebanon, O. Married, Cora A. 
Styron, May 10, 1893. Engaged as school 
teacher; traveling salesman; helped or- 
ganize firm Styron-Beggs Co., Newark, O., 
manufacturers and jobbers drugs and fla- 
voring extracts, president and general 
manager, 1913-17; Pres. Newark, O., Bd. 
Education, 1905-09; Pres. Trustee. Y. W. 
C. A., Newark: Pres. Masonic Temple Co.; 
Dir. Canal Land Co.: Trustee Newark City 
Hosp.; Mem. Official Bd., First Methodist 
Episcopal Ch. Socs. and clubs: United 
Commercial Travelers; Sons Veterans; 33d 
degree Scottish Rite Mason. K. T.. Shriner; 
Rotary Club; Country Club; Business 
Men's- Assn.: Chamber of Commerce; Pres. 
and Dir. of Newark Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1916-17; Pres. and Dir. of The 
Flavoring Extract Manufacturers Assn. of 
the U. S. and Canada, 1915-17. Methodist. 
Home address: 221 Wood's Ave., Newark, 

Educator; born, Paris, France, Oct. 5, 
1865; son of Emile Behoteguy and Virglnle 
A. (Grandplerre) Behoteguy; educated: 
Protestant School in Paris; Pub. Schs. in 
St. Maur, near Paris: Inst. du Parangon, 
Joinville-le-Pont; High Sch., Greenville, 
111 : 1 'arsons College. Fail-field. la.. 1875- 
1S80; Lane Theol. Sem.. Cincinnati. O., 
1NV2-V-, : student at the Sorbonne. 1912-1::;. 
College degrees: A. B. and A. M., Parsons 
College. Married, Claribel Durstine, June 
27, 1912. Teacher of French and German, 
Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn., 1885- 
1^7: Prof, of French and Greek. College 
of Emporia, Emporla, Kans., 1887-1892; 
Prof, of French Language and Literature, 
College of Wooster, 1892 to date. Socs. 
and clubs: National Geographic Soc.; 
Assn. Modern Language Teachers: Pres- 
byterian Church. Home address: 1368 
Beall Ave., Wooster, O. 

BELDEN, EDGAR A., Attorney; born, Ham- 
ilton. O.. Nov. 2S. 1855: son of Samuel C. 
Belden and Mary (Filton) Belden; edu- 
cated: Pub. and High Schs. of Hamilton, 
O. Married. Elisa Potter. May 22. 1SSS. 
Began reading law in office of Thomas 
Millikin after leaving school. Admitted to 
bar in INS]. Entered partnership with S. 
D. Fitton. Jr.. in 1893. organizing firm of 
Belden & Fitton. Later was elected Com- 
mon Pleas Judge of Butler Co.. serving 5 
yrs. At present is practicing law in 
Hamilton. O. Was one of very ftw Re- 
publicans ever elected to .office in Butler 
Co. Socs. and clubs: Prominent in Y. M. 
C. A. work; Mem. and active worker in 
first M. E. Church. Home address: 921 
Dayton St., Hamilton, O. 



BELKNAP, JOHN GLENN, Attorney; born, 
Sherrodsville. O.. Aug. 3. 1883; son of 
James L. Belknap and Elsie (Barrick) 
Belknap; educated: High Sch.; Scio Col- 
lege, and Ohio Northern Univ. College 
degrees: B. S.; LL. B. Married. Bessie 
Fletcher. Oct. 4. 1911. Admitted, to bar, 
June. 1908. and practiced law since then 
in Steubenville, O. Judge of Probate Court 
of Jefferson Co., O., 1912-16; re-elected in 
1916. Socs. and clubs: Mason; Orange 
Lodge No. 406; Union Chapter No. 15, 
R. A. N.; Steubenville Commandery, No. 
11, K. T.; A. A. Scottish Rite, 32d degree; 
Elks; K. of P. Methodist Episcopal Ch. 
(Hamline.) Home address: 525 Belleview 
Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio. 

BELL, ELBERT M. ( Attorney; born, on 
farm near Ridge way, O., Oct. 31, 1870; son 
of John Bell and Nancy E. (Hamilton) 
Bell; educated: Findlay (O.) Coll.; O. N. 
1". College degrees: LL. B. Married, 
Martha E. Rosebrook, Oct. 18, 1899. Teach- 
er of Pub. Sens.. 1889-1896. Admitted to 
Ohio bar. 1897. and to Federal bar. 1914. 

Practicing law at Piqua, O., 1899 . 

City Solicitor of Piqua. 1906-1909; 1914- 
1915. Mayor of Piqua, 1916-1917. Served 
in Spanish-American "War, 1898-1899. 
Methodist. Republican. Home address: 
720 West Ash St.. Piqua. O. 

BELL, ERMAN W., Educator; born, Cum- 
berland, O., Nov. 15, 1882; son of Charles 
Wesley Bell and Elizabeth <Moore) Bell; 
educated: B. S., Muskingum Coll.; Woos- 
ter Summer Sch.; Columbia Univ. Mar- 
ried, Anna Chambers, Aug. 27, 1907. 
School teacher, 4 yrs.; village superintend- 
ent, 6 yrs.; township superintendent, 2 
yrs'.; school examiner. 5 yrs.; county su- 
perintendent, 3 yrs.; second term as coun- 
ty superintendent of Richland Co. public 
schools. Socs. and clubs: N. E. Ohio 
Teachers' Assn.; Ohiu State Teachers' 
Assn.; National Edn. Assn.; Masonic Or- 

. ders, Blue Lodge, Eastern Star, Chapter 
and Council. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 504 S. Main St., Mansfield, O. 

BELL. GEORGE EDWIN, County Supt. of 
Schools; born, Cambridge, O., Aug. 2, 
1868; son of John Bell and Sarah J. (Wat- 
son) Bell; educated: Muskingum College, 
New Concord, O.; Allegheny Theol. Sem., 
Allegheny City. Pa. College degrees: B. 
S.; M. S. Married. Florence L. Clark, 
June 25. 1902. Taught in rural and vil- 
lage schools of Guernsey Co., 1887-1890. 
Prin. of Salem Schs., 1894-96. Prin. Con- 
noquennessing Academy, Butler Co., Pa., 
1898-1900. Member Co. Bd. of Sch. exams., 
Guernsey Co.. 1901-1907. Secy, of Ohio 
Sch. Improvement Fed., 1904-1908. Supt. 
of Cumberland Pub. Schs., 1902-10. Supt. 
of Carrollton Pub. Schs., 1910-14. County 
Supt. of Carroll Co. Schs.. 1911 (term ex- 
pires 1919). Served as Pres. and member 
of Ex. Com. of Guernsey Co. Teachers' 
Inst., 1902-08. United Presbyterian. Home 
address: Carrollton, O. 

BELL, JAMES F., Attorney; born, near 
London. Madison Co.. O.. Jan. 12. 1872; 
son of Joseph Bell and Elizabeth (Amos) 
Bell; educated: Dist. Sch. of Oak Run 
Twp.. Madison. Co., O., and the Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, Ohio. Married, 
Rowena Moore, June 27, 1899. Worked on 
farm in summer and attended Dist. Sch. 
in winter until 19 years of age, then 
tauerht school and attended University 
tmtil 1899, when graduated from the Ohio 
State Univ. College of Law, 1899, and since 
that time has been practicing law in Lon- 
don, O. Served as Clerk of Oak Run Twp., 
as member of the Bd. of Deputy State 
Supvrs. of Elections, as Mayor of London, 
and as Prosecutor of Madison -Co. Socs. 

and clubs: Mem. of Madison Lodge No. 
70, I. O. O. F.. Past Grand and Past 
Dist. Deputy; Mem. of Encampment No. 
126; Mem. London Club and the London 
Bd. of Trade. Presbyterian Church, Lon- 
don, O. Home address: 166 Washington 
Ave.. London. O. 

BELL, SAMUEL W., Judge of Municipal 
Court; born, Cincinnati, O., June 25, 1870; 
<son of Samuel Walter Bell and Mary 
Alice (Logan) Bell; educated: Hartwell 
and Carthage Schs.; MacDonald Night 
Law Sch., 1899. College degrees: LL. B. 
Ma'-rird. Matilda Custer. Oct. 15. 1903. 
Solicitor of Village of Carthage, O., 1900- 
1911 : Annexation Commissioner of Village 
of Carthage 1910-1911; Justice of the Peace 
of Millcreek Tp.. 1905-1913: Judge of the 
Municipal Court, 1914-15; Presiding Judge 
of Municipal Court, 1916. Socs. and clubs: 
Elaine Club; Third Ward Republican Club; 
All Trades Republican Club; Mohawk Rep. 
Club; North Cincinnati Rep. Club; West 
End Republican Club; Cuvier Press Club; 
Millcreek Valley Improvement Assn., Fed- 
erated Improvement Assns., of Hamilton 
County; K. of P.; Junior Order United 
American Mechanics; I. O. O. F. ; Naomi 
Court. Tribe of Ben Hur: Carel Council, 
Royal Arcanum; Loyal Order of Moose; 
Fraternal Order of Eagles; Dramatic Or- 
der Knights of Korassan; Daughters of 
America; Pythian Sisters; Order of Poca- 
hontas; Methodist Episcopal Church; Al- 
ford Chapter. Epworth League; Cincin- 
nati Missionary Soc. ; Progressive Council 
No. 7. Welfare Assn. of the Blind; Storn 
Fishing Club. Home address: 7023 Van 
Kirk Ave., Carthage, Cincinnati, O. 

BELT, WILLIAM ALVIN, Physician; born, 
Wapakoneta. O.. April 23. 1863: son of 
Rev. LeRoy A. Belt. D. D.. and Rachel 
(Burgett) Belt: educated: Toledo Public 
Schools; Ohio Wes. Univ., 1884; Med. Coll. 
Ohio. 1886. College degrees: B. S.; M. S.; 
M. D. Married. Alba F. Webster, 18S7; 
second marriage, Barbara Garst Belt, 
1901. Engaged in medical practice. Ken- 
ton. O., 1SS6 ; Mem. Board Pension 

Examiners, 1902 ; Mem. Board Educa- 
tion. 1902-10: Mem. Hardin Co., Ohio State, 
Northwestern Ohio, and Am. Med. Socs.; 
Trustee and Sec. Board Ohio Northern 
Univ., 1895-1905; Chairman Hardin Co. Ex. 
Committee, 1902-1904; Mem. Rep. State 
Executive Committee, 1904-06; Mem. Ohio 
Centennial Commission, 1898-1902. Joint- 
editor: Vols. 1. 2 and 3. "History Masonry 
in Ohio." Delegate to General Conference 
M. E. Church, held in Los Angeles, Calif., 
1904. Socs. anil clubs: Grand Master. F. 
& A. M. of Ohio: 33d degree Mason, and 
member of all other Masonic divisions; 
Grand High Priest, R. A. M. of Ohio, 1916- 
1917. Methodist. Home address: 233 N. 
Main St.. Kenton. O. 

BEMAN, LAMAR T., Educator-Attorney- 
Welfare Worker; born. Cleveland, O., June 
2. 1877; son of Anson W. Beman and Clara 
E. (Williams) Beman; educated: (Grad.) 
Cleveland High Schs.; Adelhert College. 
Ohio State Univ.: Post-Grad. work at 
Western Reserve Univ.; Univ. of Wiscon- 
sin, and Cleveland Law Sch. College de- 
grees: A. M. : A. B.: LL. B. Teacher at 
^outh High Sch,;: at Cleveland 
Bast High Sch., 1906-1915. Nominated for 
State Legislature at head of Republican 
ticket. 1912. defeated at elections because 
of split in party. Director of Public Wel- 
fare. Cleveland. Jan. 1. 1916. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons; K. of P.; Moose Lodge: 
City Club of Cleveland; Am. Economic 
Assn.; Am. Political Science Assn.: Alpha 
Tan Omega Frat.; Delta Theta Phi Law 
Frat.: Delta Sigma Rho Honorary Soc. 


Miles Park Presbyterian Church. Pub- 
lisher of "Compulsory Industrial Arbitra- 
tions" 1911, and "Prohibition of the Liquor 
Traffic," 1915, in the Debaters Handbook 
series, and numerous articles in papers 
and magazines. Home address: 1939 East 
86th St.. Cleveland. O. 

BENNEHOFF, JOHN H., Abstracted born, 
Seneca Co.. O.. AUK. 29. 1851; son of Solo- 
mon Bennehoff and Ann (Rader) Benne- 
hoff; educated: public schools; Heidelt" ''- 
Coll.; i;ryan t ^- Stnrtton's Commercial 
College. Cincinnati. O. Married. Ida. A. 
I l.-irsingcr. N<iv. '.'. 1882. Abstracter of 
titles, real estate and loans, general con- 
veyances, Tiffin, O. County recorder, 
1881-7: member Bd. Education. 10 yrs., 
ami clerk of same. Socs. and clubs: Sen- 
eca Lodge. No. 35. I. O. O. F. ; Equity 
Club. German Reformed. Home address: 
468 South Washington St., Tiffin, O. 

born, Minneapolis, Minn.; son of Webster 
Benner and Clara Ellen (Hoak) Benner; 
educated: Univ. Minn.. 1902; Univ. Wis., 
1906. College degrees: B. S.; M. A.; Ph. 
D. Married, Lillian Brownell Stebbens;, 
June 8, 1908. Instructor. Michigan Agri- 
cultural Coll.. 1902-3; Univ. Wis.. 1903-6; 
Asst. Prof. Chemistry, Univ. Arizona, 1906- 
11; Prof, electrometallurgy, Univ. Pitts- 
burgh, 1911-13; chemist Wis. Geol. Survey, 
1903-6; in charge of the Smoke Investi- 
gation of the Mellon Institute of the Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh, 1911-13; Director of 
The Laboratories of the National Carbon 

Co.. at Fremont. O.. 1913 ; extensive 

researcher and contributor of many arti- 
cles on Metall. and' technical subjects. 
Societies and clubs: American Chem. 
Soc. ; Engs. Soc. of Western Pennsylvania; 
Alpha Chi Sigma; Acacia; Mason. Demo- 
crat. Congregationalist. Home address: 
Fremont, O. 

BENNETT, ARTHUR J., Manufacturer; 
born. Jan. 18. 1866; son of Benjamin Ben- 
nett and Elizabeth B. (Crocker) Bennett; 
educated: London, Eng. Married, Martha 
C. Lnokp. Oct. 13. 1892. Learned china 
and glass trade, was interested in man- 
ufacturing china in Carlsbad, Bohemia; 
organized the business and president and 
owner of The Cambridge Glass Company, 
Cambridge, O., and Byesville, O., (fac- 
tories). 1901 . Vice Pres. Central Na- 
tional Bank, Cambridge, O., 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Lotus Club (New York); 
Columbus Athletic Club (Columbus, O.). 
Episcopalian. Home address: 519 North 
Seventh St.. Cambridge. O. 

BENNETT, BEN L.. Attorney; born. East 
Liverpool. O.. June 20. 1886; son of T. 
Mills Bennett and Malvina (McBane) 
Bennett; educated: East Liverpool High 
Sch.; Univ. of Michigan; Ohio Northern 
Univ. College degrees: LL. B. Married, 
Eve Whittenberger. Nov. 25. 1914. Prac- 
ticing Attorney-at-Law. City Solicitor, 
Bast Liverpool. O.. 1912-1915. Soos. and 
clubs: Sigma Phi EpsiTbn; T. N. E.; B. 
P. O. E.. Presbyterian Church. Repub- 
lican. Home address: East Liverpool, O. 

facturer; born, Adrian, Mich., Dec. 8, 
1S74; son of Clarence E. Bennett and 
Imogen (Worden) Bennett; educated: 
Pub. Schs.. Detroit. Mich.; Kansas City, 
Mn.. and Toledo. O. Married. Aimee E. 
Weed, June 14, 1899. Traveling sales- 
man. JS97-190S: N. Y. Branch Manager, 
Toledo Metal Wheel Co., 1909-1911; Gen. 
Mgr.. Amer. Metal Wheel Co., Toledo, O., 
1912-16; Vice. Pres. and Gen. Mgr.. same, 
1917 . Socs. and clubs: Knight Temp- 
lar: Shriner: Toledo Commerce Club; To- 
Jedo Automobile Club. Episcopalian. 

Home address: 401 W. Bancroft St., To- 
ledo. Ohio. 

Artist; born. Chillicothe. O.. Dec. 5, 1863; 
son of John Henry Bennett and Eliza 
Jane . (McClintock) Bennett; educated: 
Chillicothe Schs.; Kenyon Coll. Employed 
in general offices B. & O. S. W. R. R. and 
Union Pacific, Kansas City, Mo.; reporter, 
Kansas City Times. 1890; city editor, 
Scioto Gazette, Chillicothe, O., 1893-1897; 
editor, Chillicothe News-Advertiser, Chil- 
licothe, O.. 1914 . Writer for Atlantic, 

Century, and other magazines. Studied at 
Ait Students League, N. Y. City; illus- 
trated own articles; landscape painter; 
art director Ohio Columbus Centennial, 
1912; director Pageants, Ohio State Univ.; 
Sec. and landscape director Chillicothe 
I 1 .- >rk Commission. Author: "The Flag 
Goes By," and other poems. Socs. and 
clubs: "Theta Delta Chi. Episcopalian 
(vestryman, St. Paul's Ch.). Home ad- 
dress: 76 West Second St., Chillicothe, O. 

born, Covinerton. O., Feb. 28, 1S7S; son of 
Reuben F. Bennett and Frances M. (Jor- 
dan) Bennett; educated: elementary and 
high schools, Covington, O. ; Piqua high 
school: Ohio Wes. Univ.; Teachers' Coll., 
Columbia Univ. College degrees: A. B.; 
A. M., (O. W. U.); A. M., (Columbia). 
Married. Adelyn F. Harwood, June IS, 
1906. Teacher, Bethel Township High 
Slchool, Tippecanoe City, O., 1901-1902; 
Covington, O., High Sch., 1902-03: Supt. 
Bethel Town Schs., 1903-04; Supt. Coving- 
ton, O., Schs., 1904-14; Supt. Schs., Miami 

Co., O., 1914 . Instructor in Method, 

Miami Univ.. summer, 1914; Miami Co. 

Sch. Examiner, 1907 . Socs. and clubs: 

Mason; National Educational Assn.; Miami 
Valley Sch. Masters' Club: Western Ohio 
Supt. Round Table; State & Local Teach- 
ers' Assns. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: Troy. Ohio. 

BENNETT. N. E.. Clergyman; born. Green- 
field. O.. Sept. 27. 1850: son of J. K. Ben- 
nett and Christina (Beales) Bennett; edu- 
cated: Denison Univ. Married, Elizabeth 
Churchill. Jan. 25. 1880. Pastor in Bap- 
tist Ch.. 20 yrs.: teacher astronomy. Wil- 
mington Coll.. 6 yrs.; Supt. Irwin Auger 
Bit Co.. Wilmington. O., 15 yrs. Soes. and 
clubs: American Assn. for Advancement 
(if Seience; Am. .Astro-Physical Soc.; 
Astronomical Soc. of France; Belgium Soc. 
nf . \stronomv. Baptist. Home address: 
Wilmington. O. 

born. Montpelier, Vt.. Feb. 25. 1856; son 
of George Hackett Bennett and Emiline 
(Young) Bennett; educated: Harvard Univ. 
Studied twice a.broad. first time. 1SSS. in 
Lab Imperial Bd. Health, Berlin, last time, 
1909-10. in Lab. Emil Fischer, Berlin, and 
in Sorbonne. Paris. College degrees: A. 
B.. 1878: A. M.. 1881; Ph. D.. 1883. Mar- 
ried, Minnie Sinclair Proctor, Aug. 14, 
I xxi. Asst. in chemistry. Harvard. ]^7S- 
1SSO; Asst. Prof.. Chemistry, Wooster, 
lxxit-lS83; Kauke Prof., natural sciences, 
lxx:;-r,; Hro\vn Prof, chemistry and phys- 
ics. 1xsi;-l!t02; Brown Prof, chemistry and 

Dir. . chemistry Lab., 1902 . Univ. 

Winpster. Wooster. O. Has done impor- 
tant research work in organic and physi- 
cal chemistry and water analysis. Socs. 
and clubs: Fellow. Am. Chem. Soc.; Fel- 
low. A. A. A. S. : Deutsche Chemische 
Gessellschaft: Phi Beta Kappa. Presby- 
terian. Home address: Wooster. O. 

turer: born. Hamilton. O., Sept. 25. 1855; 
son of John W. Benninghofen and \Vilhei- 



miha E. (Klein) Benninghofen; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Hamilton, O. Married, Anna 
Stahl. AUK. 15. 1881. After leaving pub- 
lic schools became associated with father 
in manufacture of woolen goods; later be- 
came one of the owners of Shuler & Ben- 
ninghofen, large woolen manufacturers. 
Pres. Hamilton Auto Register Co.; Dir. 
of First National Bank, Hamilton, O.; 
member of firm of Krauth & Benning- 
hofen; member of firm of C. Benning- 
hofen & Sons; member City Council from 
Fifth Ward for three terms; now member 
at large of City Council; also member of 
City Board of Public Service. Established 
the electric railway in Hamilton. German 
Lutheran Church. Home address: 807 
Dayton St.. Hamilton. O. 

born. Plamilton. O.. Sept. 29. I860; son 
of John W. Benninghofen and Wilhelmina 
E. (Klein) Benninghofen; educated: Pub. 
Schs. of Hamilton O. Unmarried. En- 
gaged in business as soon as he left 
school with Shuler & Benninghofen. Vice 
Pres. of the First Natl. Bank of Hamil- 
ton; member of the firms of Shuler & Ben- 
ninghofen and Hamilton Autographic Reg- 
ister Co. Member of City School Board, 
term of 4 years. Helped to build and oper- 

, ate electric railway line for Hamilton. 
Dir. of Y. M. C. A. of Hamilton and the 
Butler Co. Country Club. Home address: 
327 N. Second St.. Hamilton. O. 

BENTLEY, LUETTE P., Educator; born, 
Streetsboro. O.. June 2. 1S41; daughter of 
Charles Bentley and Clarina (Bronson) 
Bentley; educated: Lake Erie Sem., 
Painesville, O.. graduated In 1865; Hon- 
orary degrees: Mt. Holyoke Coll.. M. A., 
1909. Unmarried. Taught at Lake Erie 
Sem. (now college), 1865; Asst. Prin., 1877- 
1S98; Dean of College in 1898. and re- 
signed in 1909. Home address: 549 Men- 
tor Ave.. Painesville, O. 

versity Professor; born. Aug. 8. 1866: son 
of William H. Bentley and Elizabeth 
(Cummings) Bentley; educated: Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass., and Harvard Univ. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1SS9: A. M.. 1890; 
Ph. D.. 1898. all from Harvard. Married, 
Susan Prescott. Dec. 15. 1891. Asst. Har- 
vard Chem. Dept., Sept., 1889-March, 1891; 
Asst. Chemist. U. S. Torpedo Station. New- 
port. R. I., summer of 1890: Adj. and 
Assoc. Prof. Chemistry and Physics, Univ. 
of Arkansas, March. 1891-June, 1900; Prof. 

of Chemistry, Ohio Univ.. Sept., 1900 . 

Socs. and clubs: Fellow Am. Assn. for Ad- 
vancement of Science; Am. Chem. Soc. ; 
Hon. Fellow Soc. Biological Chemistry: 
K. T. ; Athens Reading Club. Home ad- 
dress: 42 Morris Ave.. Athens. O. 

BENTON, ELBERT JAY, Prof. History; 
born, DubiKiue. la.. March 23. 1871: son 
of Oliver Dustin Benton and Sarah (Proc- 
tor) Berfton; educated: Kansas City Univ. 
(Campbell Coll.). A. B.. 1895: post-Grad. 
work in hi'story, Univ. Chicago, Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; fellow in history, Johns, 
Hopkins. 1902-3; Ph. D.. 1903. Married, 
Emma Kaul. June 2.">. 1895. Prin. High 
Srh.. Ilolton. Kan.. 1895-7; teacher his- 
tory. Lafayette (Ind.) high school. iviS- 
1901; Tnstr. history. 1903-6; Asst. Prof., 

1!fifi-9; Prof.. 1909 . Western Res. TV-- 

Univ.. Cleveland. O. : Albert Shaw lecturer' 
Johns Hopkins. 1907. Secy. Western Re- 
serve Hist. Soc. and editor of the pub- 
lications of the Society since 1914. Au- 
thor: History Taxation in Kansas, 1900; 
The Wabash Trade Route, 1903; Internat. 
Law and Diplomacy of the Spanish-Amer. 
War. 190S; (with Prof. Henry E. Bourne) 
Introductory American History, "1912; His- 

tory of the United States. 1913. Socs. and 
clubs: Civic League: Am. Hist. Assn.; Am. 
Political Science Assn.; City Club. Home 
address: Cleveland. Ohio. 

BERG, JOHN C., Educator; born, Antwerp, 
Paulding Co., O., Oct. 20, 1882; son of 
Adam Berg and Martha (Bowyer) Berg; 
educated: Antwerp high school; Lima (O.) 
Coll. Grad.. 1907; special work, Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Ohio State Univ. College 
degrees: B. Fed. Married. Elizabeth 
Rhees. Aug. 30, 1908. Taught common 
school. 2 years; Supt. Schs. of Boughton. 
Antwerp. Latty. Paulding Co.. O.: elected 
county Supt.. Pnulding Co.. O.. 1914 
Socs. and clubs: Philomathean Lit. Soc.. 
O. N. U. : Mason. Presbyterian. Home 
address: Paulding. Ohio. 

BERG. PHILLIP C.. Supt. Dept. of Banks 
and Banking of Ohio. Democrat. Term 
expires Jan.. 1919. Home address: HMls- 
boro. Ohio. 

BERGER, DANIEL, Clergyman; born, near 
Reading. Pa.. Feb. 14. 1832: son of Daniel 
Berger and Esther! (Boda) Berger; edu- 
cated: Ohio Conference High Sch. College 
degrees: (Hon.) A. M.. Ohio Univ.. 1858; 

A. M.. Otterbein Univ.; D. D.. Westfield 
Coll.. 1878. Married, Mary Frances Merry, 
July 28, 1853. Teacher, Linden Hill Acad'., 
New Carlisle. O., 1852-55; Prin. Pub. Schs., 
Springfield. O.. 185S-7; Prin. Springfield, 
O., High Sch., 1857-8; pastor. U. B. Church, 
1858-64; editor. Religious Telescope, IT. 

B. Publishing House. Dayton. O.. 1S64-9; 
editor. Sunday School Literature. U B. 
Pub. House. 1869-97; author: History of 
the United Brethren Church. 1897: con- 
tributor, Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia; 
American Church History Series; Weaver's 
Theology; magazines and various publi- 
cations. Member International Sunday 
School Lesson Committee, 1884-96; dele- 
gate. Triennial International S. S. Con- 
ventions. 1875 to 1896: World's S. S. Con- 
vention. 1893; member and chairman 
United Brethren S. S. Board. 1865-1897. 
United Brethren. Home address: Dayton, 
O.. 231 "West Fourth St. 

born. Monroe Co.. O.. Dec. 6. 1851; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs. Married, Cora V. Dor- 
sey. Jan. 20. 1881. Cashier. German Sav- 
ings Bank, Martins Ferry, O., since April 
26. 1902. Treasurer of .Belmont Co., O., 
1S99-1900-1901-1902. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son. Home address: 201 N. Fifth St., Mar- 
tins Ferry. O. 

born, Hamilton Tp., Lawrence Co., O., 
Nov. 13. 1848; son of James Herman Berk- 
ley and Elizabeth Ann (Davisson) Berk- 
ley; educated: Dist. Sch. in Hamilton Twp. 
Married, Helen Josephine Compton, Dec. 
20, 1876. Farmer and carpenter. 1878; 
merchant, 1878-1892; bookkeeper and col- 
lector for Fort Wayne Electric Co.. ls:<J- 
1894;. engaged in the Gen. Ins. and Bldg. 
and Loan business since 1894. Was Mng. 
Trustee of Woodland Cemetery. 3 years, 
1910-1913. Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M.: 
Knights of the Maccabees of the World, 
Tent No. 193; National Union. Southern 
Ohio Council No. 133: Mem', of Ironton 
Chamber of Commerce. Mem. of First 
Congl. Ch. of Ironton. O. Home address: 
519 Vernon St.. Ironton. O. 

Attorney; born, Lexington. Richland Co., 
O.. Dec. 30. 1877: son of Daniel Bermont 
and Retta (Riley) Bermont: educated: 
Fredericktown, O., Pub. Schs.; studied law 
under the direction of Hon. L. C. Still- 
well. Mt. Vernon. O. : admitted to prac- 
tice. Dec.. 1912. Married, Zada M. 



Oct. 25. 190.',. Taught school. 1S9S-1905. 
Mayor of village of Fredericktown, O., 
1903-1905; clerk of couris ( Knx Co., O., 
1!i"5-lii: proserutins attorney. Knox Co., 
I'M.', . Methodist-Episcopal. I > mocrat. 
Home address: f)07 N. Main St.. Mt. Ver- 
non. Ohio. 

BERNHART, REUBEN Y., Wholesale Mer- 
chant; li'irn. Salem. Pa.. July 17. '1873; 
son of John J. Bertihnrt and Martha 
(Adair) Bernhart; educated: Toledo Pub. 
Schs. Married. Julia Kress. June 4. I'.Ml. 
Toledo airent. Arbuckle Bros.. New York, 
X V 1.S93-1S97: special agent, traveling 
I'nitid States for Arbuckle Bros., New 
York, N. V., 1MI7-1907; salesman and sales 
in anagcr for The Gasser Coffee Co., To- 
i"'lo. O.. 1907 . Socs. and clubs: Com- 
mercial Club: Knights of Pythias. Evan- 
gelical. Home address: 1337 Goodale Ave., 
Toledo. O. 

nalist: born. Gallia Co. O.. Aug. 1. 1867; 
son of John L. Berridge and Missouri A. 
(Lewis) Berridge; educated: Com. School. 
Married, Margaret L. Merrill, April 15, 
1:'14. Taught in the public schools. 
Special political editor for Irontonian, 
democratic newspaper, since 1897. Prom- 
inent in Democratic politics. Mem. Board 
of Review of Ironton. O.. 1903-1908. Chief 
of Police. 1908-12; District Tax Assessor, 
1913-14. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; K. of 
G. E. Congregational Church. Home ad- 
dress. Ironton. O. 

BERRY. ARTHUR J., Pres. United Electric 
Supply Co.: born. Pleasant Twp.. Marion 
Co., O., Aug. 20, 1S76; son of Joshua 
Berry and Susan (Danner) Berry; edu- 
cated: public schools and high school 
Prrs. United Electric Supply Co., 1910-17 
Pres. Berry-Glosser Co., 1912-1917, inc. 
Secy. The Marion County Telephone Co., 
1M8-1917. Organized Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1914; Pres. same. 1915-1916. Socs. 
and clubs: 32d degree Scottish Rite Ma- 
son: Shriner; K. P.; Elk; Marion County 
Automobile Club: Marion Club. Home ad- 
dress: 342 Windsor St.. Marion. O. 

BERRY, CHARLES WOLF, Secy. & Trea., 
McNeil Boiler Co.; born. Akron. O.. April 
15. 1863; son of George Chase Berry and 
Annie (Wheeler) Berry; educated: Akron, 
O. Married. Romina Leah Bauer, Oct. 26, 
1900. Retail business, house furnishings, 
10 yrs.: Secy, -and Treas. of the McNeil 
Boiler Co.; Mem. Bd. of Education. Grace 
Church. Home address: 39 South Portage 
Path. Akron. O. 

BETTMAN, ALFRED, Attorney; born, Cin- 
cinnati. O.. Aug. 26. 1873: son of Louis 
Bettman and Rebecca (Bloom) Bettman; 
educated: Cincinnati Pub. Schs.; Harvard 
College; Harvard Law Sch. College de- 
grees: A. B.: A. M.: LL. B. Married, 
Lillian Wyler. June 20. 1904. In active 
practice of law since 1898 at Cincinnati, 
O.; attorney of the trustees of The Cin- 
cinnati Southern Railway; Asst. Pros. 
Atty. of Hamilton Co.. O.. in charge of 
Civil Dept.. 1909-1911; City Solicitor of 
Cincinnati. O.. 1912-13. Socs. and clubs: 
American. Ohio. and Cincinnati Bar 
Assns. : City Club: Chamber of Commerce; 
Business Men's Club: Queen City Club: 
Phoenix Club; Cuvier Press Club; 'numer- 
ous national Assns., relating to civics, po- 
litical 'science, etc. Jewish Church. Home 
address: Navarre Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

BEVIS, HOWARD L,, Attorney; born, Bevis, 
Hamilton Co.. Nov. 19. 1885: son of Ed- 
gar M. Bevis and Cara E. (Corson) Bevis; 
educated: Colerain Twp. Pub. Sens.: Cin- 
cinnati Technical School: Univ. of Cincin- 
nati; Cincinnati Law Sch. College degrees: 

A. B.: LL. B. Married. Alma D. Murray, 
June 30. 1914. Practitioner at Cincinnati 
bar. Socs. and clubs: Master. McMalsin 
Lodge. No. 120. F. & A. M. ; Chamber of 
Commerce; Real Estate Exchange; Bar 
Assn.; Phi Alpha Delta. Law Frat.: Tau 
Kappa Alpha, Debating Frat.; Masonic 
Club. McMillan Chapter. R. A. M. : Pres. 
of Board of Trustees. Trinity Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Lecturer on Commer- 
cial Law. College of Commerce. Univ. of 
Cincinnati. Home address: 6246 Aspen 
Ave.. Cincinnati, O. Office: 415 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg.. Cincinnati. O. 

born. Union Twp.. Ross Co.. O.. May 25. 
1861; on of Andrew Jackson Beyerly and 
Susan (Fulton) Beyerly; educated: Com- 
mon Schs.; Ohio Univ.. Athens. O. ; and 
1 yr. at Ohio State Univ. Married. Artie 
May Sigler. Jan. 31. 1S90. Taught school 
from 18 yrs. of age until 1911. at Zaleski. 
Bainbridge. New Richmond, where IIP 
WHS superintendent, and at Chillicothe 
where he was principal of the Western 
District School. Began practice of law 
in 1900. Clerk of Chillicothe City Coun- 
cil, 1911-15. Socs. and clubs: Masons, Blue 
Lodge, Chapter and Council, and Odd Fel- 
lows. First Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: 242 W. Second St.. Chillicothe, 

BICKEL, JOSEPH, Attorney; born. Wash- 
ington Tp., Darke Co.. O.. Dec. 2. 1852; 
son of Tobias Bickel and Elizabeth (Mc- 
Adams) Bickel; educated: Public Schs. 
Married. Metilla Clark. Oct. 1. 1SS3. En- 
gaged in farming in early youth: teacher 
country schools. 12 yrs.: admitted to Ohio 
bar. 1885; law partner Judge J. I. Allread, 
Greenville, O., 1888-1894; member law firm, 
Bickel & Baker. 1900-12: law firm. Bickel, 

Baker & Murphy, Greenville, O., 1912 ; 

Member Bd. of County Sch. Examiners, 
Darke Co.. O.. 1888-92: elected Probate 
Judge. Darke Co.. O.. 1S94-1900. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason. Home address: Greenville, 

BICKLE, HARRY C., Business Man: born, 
Chippewa. Ontario, Canada, Nov. 23, 1S75; 
son of Henry Bickle and Theresa (Gallin- 
ger) Bickle; educated: Chardon High Sch. 
Married. Caroline Conley. Nov. 9, 1904. 
Automobile dealer; Director First Natl. 
Bank; Mayor of Chardon. Ohio. 1904-1907 

and 1914 ; Councilman. 1902-1904. 

Soes. and clubs: K. of P.: I. O. O. F. ; 
K. O. T. M.: Cleveland Chamber of Com- 
merce. Home address: Chardon, O. 

BICKLEY. BEN A., Attorney; born. St. 
Charles. O.. Oct. 12. 1S77: son of Benja- 
min H. Bickley and Sarah E. (Grant) Bick- 
ley; educa.ted: New London High School; 
Shandon. O. ; Univ. of Mich. College de- 
grees: B. L. Married. Myrtle M. Fye. 
June 2S. 1911. Mem. of law firm of Bick- 
ley & Bickley. Hamilton. O.; Pros. Atty. 

of Butler Co., 1913 . Congregationalism 

Home address: 349 Third St.. Hamilton. 

turer and Banker; born, Morrisville, N. 
Y.: son of J. Bennett Bicknell and Han- 
nah W. (Wagner) Bicknell; educated: 
Morrisville High School: Cleveland High 
School. Married. Ida M. Grove. Oct. 20, 
1S90. Oil Refiner and Producer; Pres. 
Findlay Electric Porcelain Co.; Pres. Am. 
Natl. Bank. Socs. and clubs: Masonic; 
Scottish Rite: Elk: Y. M. C. A. (Pres.). 
Presbyterian. Home address: 1017 S. 
Main St.. Findlay, O. 

BICKNELL, WARREN, Railway President; 
born. Morrisville. Madison Co.. N. Y. : son 
of Charles Thompson Bicknell and Susan 



(Payne) Bicknell; educated: Pub. Schs., of 
Massillon. O. ; Adelhert Coll.: Western 
Reserve Univ.. 1S90. College degrees: B. 
S. Married. Anne Guthrie. Feb. 19. 1900. 
Auditor, Southern Ohio Traction Co., 1899- 
1902: Gen. Mgr.. Aurora. Elgin & Chicago 
Ry. Co.. 1902-03: Pres.. The Lake Shore 
Electric Ry. Co., 1903-06; Pres. The Cleve- 
land Construction Co., 1906 ; Fres., 

The Warren Bicknell Co.: Pres.. Havana 
Electric Rv. Co. 1907-1?,; Receiver. Cleve- 
land Ry. Co., 1908-10; Pres., The Spring- 
field & Xenia Ry. Co.. 1907 ; Pre-s., The 

Youngstown & Ohio River Rd. Co., 1916; 
Pres., The Bicknell Construction Co., 1916. 
Socs. and clubs: The Union Club; The 
Country Club: The Mayfield Country 
Club; The Shaker Heights Country Club. 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Cleve- 
land. Home address: 2323 Coventry Rd., 
Cleveland. O. 

BIDDLE, THOMAS, Real Estate Dealer; 
born, Nottingham, England, Nov. 10, 1852; 
son of Samuel Biddle and Catherine (At- 
kin) Biddle; educated: public schools. St. 
Catherine. Canada. Came to Toledo in 
1871. Married. Annie M. Bramwell. May 
24. 1S76. Sixteen years Secy, and Treas. 
The Toledo Gas Light and Coke Co. ; 
Treas. Lucas County, one term: Dir. and 
Treas. the "Old Adams St. City Mission"; 
now in real estate business in Toledo. 
Socs. and clubs: Mason; Royal Arcanum. 
Steward St. Paul M. E. Church. Home 
address: If) East Woodruff Ave.. Toledo. 

BIDDLE, THOMAS R.. Retired Physician; 
born. St. Marys. W. Va.. Nov. 27. 1863; 
son of John F. Biddle and Mary C. (Kis- 
ter) Biddle: educated: Ohio Univ. of 
Athens. O. : Med. Coll. of Ohio, at Cin- 
cinnati. O. College degrees: Ph. B.: M. 
D. Married, Grace M. Poston. Oct. S, 
1895. General practice of medicine. 10 
yrs. ; 'since that time manager of coal 

properties; Trustee Ohio Univ., 1900 . 

Socs. and clubs: Athens Reading Club; 
Masonic Bodies . of Athens. Member and 
Trustee of The First M. E. Church- of 
Athens. Home address: 29 Park Place, 
Athens. O. 

BIEFELD. PAUL A.. College Professor; 
born. March 22. 1S67: son of Henry Biefeld 
and Wilhelmina W. (Glaeser) Biefeld; 
educated: Univ. of Wis.; Eidgenoess Poly- 
technikum and Univ. Zuerich, Switzerland. 
College degrees: B. S.; Ph. D. Married, 
Emma Bausch, Apr. 11, 1900. Asst. phys- 
ics to H. F. Weber, Poly technikum. Zue- 
rich, 1899-1900: Prof, physics and electrical 
engineering, Technikum, Hildburghausen, 
Germany, 1900-190<6; Prof, physics and 
mathematics. Buchtel Coll.. Akron. O.. 
1906-1911; Prof, astronomy. Dir. Swasey 
Observatory, D'enison Univ., Granville, O., 

1911 . Socs. and clubs: Mem. of the 

Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific; Hon. 
Mem. Nat. ^Assn. Stationary Engrs. Bap- 
tist. Home address: Granville. O. 

BIERY, CALVIN JOHN, Educator; born, 
North Georgetown. O., March 10, 1SC6; 
son of (Rev.) John Biery and Mary M. 
(Schwartz) BierV; educated: Calvin Col- 
lege; Ohio Northern Univ.: Univ. of Chi- 
cago. College degrees: B. S.; M. S. Mar- 
ried. Jennie Lvon. Dec. 24. 1890. Supt. 
of Schs. at Zaleski. O.. 2 yrs.; Oak Harbor, 
O.. 9 yrs.: Wauseon. O.. 14 yrs.; County 
Supt. of Fulton Co.. O.. 1 yr. : Mem. of 
State Bd. of Sen. Exams.; Mem. of Com. 
to edit State Elementary Course of Study; 
head of Dept. of Rural Education. State 
Normal College, Bowling Green, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Grange; Masonic Order; Blue 
Lodge, Chapter. Council. Knight Templar; 
Knights of Pythias; O. S. T. A.; O. S. I. 

F. Presbyterian Chunch. Home address: 
Bowling Green. O. 

BIGBEE, ROYAL C., Mayor; born, Rich- 
land Co., O., Feb. 4, 1849; son of George 
Bigbee and Susan (Shaffer) Bigbee; edu- 
cated: Common Schs.. Richland Co.. O. 
Married. Aug. 4. 1887. to Susan Ackerman. 
"Was a soldier in Civil War, then became 
a carpenter, later a manufacturer in ;i 
small way: served as city Treas.. 1906-7; 
elected Mayor of Newark. 1913. re- 
elected. 1915 (term expires 1917). Socs. 
and clubs: G. A. R. ; I. O. O. F. ; K. of P. 
Protestant. Home address: 176 Hudson 
Ave.. Newark. O. 


born. Findlay, Ohio. June ~>, 1854; son of 
Phillip Doddridge Bigelow and Harriet 
Hine (Frisbie) Bigelow; educated: Find- 
lay. O.. High Sch. Married. Flora May 
Vance. Oct. 15. 1879. Engaged in farming 
in early part of life; became interested in 
banking business as Secy.-Treas., The 
Commercial Bank Pavs. & Tr. O , Find- 
lay. O.. 1908 . Socs. and clubs: Sons 

Am. Rev.: 32d degree Mason. Presbyte- 
rian. TJ rme address: Bigelow Hill, Find- 
lay. Ohio. 

born, Elkhart, Ind.. Jan. 4, 1870; educated: 
A. B.. Western Reserve Univ.. 1894: 
died Lane Theological Seminary. Mar- 
ried. Marfgaret M. Doane. Sept. 10. 1894. 
Ordained in Congregational ministry, 1896; 
pastor, Vine St. Ch., Cincinnati (now 
People's Ch.). 1896 . Prominent in so- 
cial reform movements: contributor to 
liberal press; lecturer. Democratic can- 
didate for Sec. of State. Ohio. 1902: Sec. 
Ohio Dist. Legislation League; Pres. Ohio 
Const. Conv.. 1912; Mem. Ohio House of 
Rep.. 1912-14. Home address: Mt. Wash- 
ington. Ohio. 

BIGGER. THOMAS M., Common Pleas 
Judge; born. Washington Co.. Pa.. Nov. 
r> 1855' son of Thomas Bigger and Esther 
(Donaldson) Bigger; educated: Franklin 
Springs (Pa.) Acad.; Hopedale (O.) Coll.; 
Univ. of Wooster. College degrees: A. B ; 
A. M. Married, Nellie Miskimen. ISi 
Admitted to bar in 1885. Former head 
watchman of National Order of Modern 
Woodmen of America. Police Judge. Co- 
lumbus, O.. 1894-1896; elected to Frank- 
lin Co. Common Pleas Ct.. in 1896. and 
ha'S since continued in that capacity. 
Socs and clubs: Assoc. Mem. of G. A. 1 
Presbyteiian. Republican. Home address 
124 West Ninth Ave.. Columbus. O. 

born. West Newton. Pa.. Aug. 16. 
son of Andrew Wesley Biggs and Ma 
F (Gressley) Biggs; educated: Ft. 
Kansas; Cleveland Law Sch. (1908). Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B. Married. May 
Blanche Fletcher. May 9. 1899. In early 
youth engaged in manufacture of bicy- 
cles. Chicago. 111.: appointed state man- 
ager. Michigan. North American Insur- 
ance Co.. of Chicago. 111.. 1899: engaged 
while traveling in study of law, completeo 
in Cleveland Law Sch.. 1899-1908; became 
member firm, Biggs & Staiger, 1909: later 
became firm, Bentley. McCrystal, Biggs &: 

Staiger. Cleveland. O.. 1910 : Manager 

Northern Dist. of Ohio for Maccabees. 
Socs and clubs: F. <<k A. M.. Woodward 
Lodge; Mt. olive Chapter: Holyrood < 
mandery; Lake Erie Consistory; Al Koran 
Tomple: Al Sirat Grotto. North Amenc 
Union. (Chicago): Am. Insurance 
(Columbus): Nat. Lodge of K. P.: Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce: Civic Lea 
Cleveland; Cuyahoga County Bar As? 
Ohio State Bar Assn. Home addres: 



East Overlook and Coventry Rd.. Cleve- 
land Heights. Office: 902-904 Engineers 
Bldg.. Cleveland. O. 

cial; born. Dorset Co., Eng., July Is. 1857; 
son of Phineas Biles and Anne Cooper 
orchard) Biles; educated: Common Sens., 
I >c>i set Co.. Kug. .Married, Louise A. 
Pttume. Sent. 20. 1893. Began as ticket 
elerk, London. Brighton & South Coast 
K\.. Victoria Sta... London. 1S72: came to 
U. S.. 1883; flate clerk and chief rate 
clerk, general fn-ight office, Queen & Cr 
cent System, Cincinnati, O., 1884-1888; 
Asst. <;en. Kn. A.i;i.. L888-95, same sys- 
tem; general freight agent, Cincinnati, 
New Orleans & Tex-Pacific Rv.. Cincin- 
; ii. lN!i.".-7: Frt. Traflic Mgr. C. N. < ). 
<fe T. P. Ry.. and Alabama Grteat South- 
ern Ry.. Cincinnati. 1907-9; Frt. Traffic 
Mm-. C. X. < ). \- T. P. Ry.. Cincinnati. O., 
1909; Frt. Traffic Mgr., Southern Railway 
Svstem. Ja-n., 191"! . Socs. and clubs: 
O &en City Club: Business Men's Club; 
Walnut Hills Business Men's Club; Cin- 
cinnati Golf Club. Republican. Nejv 
Thought Church. Home .address: 46 Tin' 
Alexandra; office: Ingalla Bldg.. Cincin- 
nati. Ohio. 

born. Cuyahoga Falls. O.. July 10. 1875; 
son of Herbert W. Bill and Mary (Mc- 
Ilwain) Bill; educated: Adelbert College 
(Western Reserve Univ.); Harvard Univ. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1894: A. M.. 1895; 
A. .M.. is).; : I'll. D.. IS'.is. Married. Sarah 
Amanda Babbitt. Jan. 26, 1907. Instruct- 
or, Latin and Greek, 1S9S-1904; Asso. 
Prof. Greek. 1904-5; Prof. Greek. Adelbert 
Coll.. Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, 
O.. 1905 : Prof, and Acting Dir. Amer- 
ican Sen. Classical Studies. Athens. O., 
1012-13. Socs. and clubs: Secy, of Am. 
Philol. Assn.; Archaeol. Inst. of America; 
Delta Unsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Home address: 
2076 Cornell Road. Cleveland. O. 

born. Scharia. N. Y.. May 13. 1863: son of 
Thaddeus Billings and Sally (Williams) 
Billings; educated: Colgate Univ., Hamil- 
ton. N. Y. Married. Margaret D. Patter- 
son. Aug. 6. 1890. Ordained at Addison, 
X. Y.. Feb. 2. 1894: pastor Baptist Chs.. 
Addison. N. Y. : Marengo. 111.; Dixon. 111.; 
Waukesha. Wis.. and LaCrosse, Wis.; 
Springfield. O. Baptist Church. Sent. 1. 

1913 . Socs. and clubs: Phi Kappa Psl 

Frat.: Modern Woodmen of America. 
Baptist. Home address: 29 West Liberty 
St.. Springfield. O. 

torney: born. Columbians Co.. O.. Oct. 9. 
1850; son of John W. Billingsley and Lydia 
(Bayless) Billingsley; educated: country 
and village schools.; Mt. Union Coll. 
Married. Mary Wallace. May IS. 1S7G. 
Admitted to bar of Ohio. 1S73; engaged 

in practice law. Lisbon. O.. 1873 . 

Presidential elector, 1SSO; Appt. Judge, 
Court, of Common Pleas by Gov. McKin- 
ley. 1S93; elected to same judgeship, 1894; 
d, 18-95; became president and gen- 
eral Counsel Pittsburgh. Lisbon & West- 
ern Ry. Co. 1892 and 1902 . Socs. and 

clubs: Masonic Soos.: Duquesne Club 
(Pittsburgh). Vestryman. Trinity Epis- 
copal Church. Lisbon. 1890 . Home 

address: Lisbon, O. 

BINDLEY, JOSIAH. Business Man: born, 
Level. O.. June 2. 1^71: son of John A. 
Bindley and Katherine (Barclay) Bind- 
lev: educated: Level and Lebanon. Ohio. 
Married. l.iieile Bennett. July 10. ls;i ; i 
Pres. of Bindley Grocery Co.'. wholesale 

grocers of Marion. O. Pres. of Marion 
Chamber of Commerce. Socs. and clubs: 
The Marion Club; Masonic Bodies; Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Home address: Marion, 

BINNS, ELIEL TAYLOR, Merchant; born, 
Leroy. Medina Co.. O.. Sept. 16. 1850: son 
of Samuel Binns and Ellinor (Taylor) 
Binns; educated: Fayette Normal School. 
Married. Rhoada E. Lane. April 20. 1882. 
Secured early mercantile training as clerk 
for dry goods firm of Welker & Killits, 
Bryan. O., 1871-8; operated a store in 
Bryan. O.. 1878-1908; retired after a num- 
ber of years of successful business life. 
Owner. Mortgage & Insurance business, 

Bryan. O.. 1915 . Pres. Bryan Board 

of Health; Pres. Bryan Business Men's 

M.; Pres. Williams Co. Crop Impi 
nv nt Assn.; member, Deputy State Super- 

visors Election; Pres. Williams Co.. Bel- 
gian Relief Assn.; trustee, Universalist 
Ohio State Convention; Manager, Anti- 
Saloon Campaign for Dry County and 

State. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: Masonic 

Lodge; Chapter. No. 4."; Defiance K. T. 
Commandery No. ::o: Zenobi i Temple, A. 
A. O. N. M. S.. Toledo. O. Trustee and 
member, First Universalist Church. Home 
address: 223 West Maple St., Bryan, O. 

BIRCH, T. BRUCE, College Professor; born. 
Bloomsburg. Pa.. Sept. 11. 1866: son of 
Richard Birch and Ruth (Edwards) Birch; 
educated: Bloomsburg State Normal Sch.; 
Susquehanna Univ.: Pa. Coll.; Gettysburg 
Theol. Seminary; Univ. Penna. College 
degrees: A. B.: A. M. : Ph. D. Married. 
Sarah C. Himmelreich. Sept. 15, 1S94. 
Pastor. 2 yrs.. Boiling Springs, Pa.; taught 
in preparatory of Penna. Coll., Gettysb"r^, 
Pa.: Irving College, Mechanicsburg. Pa.; 
Susquehanna Univ., Selinsgrove. Pa.; 
Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, 

1915 ; Harrison Foundation Scholar. 1 

yr. ; Harrison Foundation Fellow. Univ. 
Penna.. 2 yrs.: Treas. Ohio Coll. Assn.; 
Sec. Ohio Soc. Education; Sec. Department 
Education, Ohio Coll. Assn.; Dir. Witten- 
berg Coll. Summer School. Socs. and 
clubs: Young Men's Lit. Club; Lowell 
Club: Central Ohio School Masters' Club; 
32d degree Mason. Lutheran. Home ad- 
dress: Springfield. Ohio. 

born. Bucyrus. O.. April 29. 1852: son of 
John G. Kirk and Johana (Kuhnl Kirk; 
educated: Bucyrus Union Schs. Married, 
Bertha A. Volk. June 10. 1873. Engaged 
in harness business, 18 yrs.; drug business 
last 24 yrs.: Chief Police, Bucyrus. O.. 
6 yrs.: Sheriff. Crawford Co.. 4 yrs.: Mayor 
of City of Bucyrus. O.. 4 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: K of P.; Elks. German Lutheran. 
Home address: 464 S. Spring St.. Bucy- 
rus. Ohio. 

born. New Athens. Harrison Co., O., Mar. 
29. 1876: son of Robert Nelson Birney and 
Mary (Brown) Birney: educated: Sclo 
Coll.. Scio. O. : Drew Theol. Sem.; New 
York Univ. College degrees: B. A.: B. 
D. ; D. D. Married. Bernice Dickinson. 
June 30. 1897. Joined Methodist Episco- 
pal ministry. Upper Iowa Conf., 1902, and 
has held pastorates at Cedar Falls, Iowa, 
1904-1909: First M. E. Ch.. Grand Rapids, 
Mieh.. 1909-1912: Euclid Ave. M E. Ch., 

Cleveland. O.. 1912 . Prominent in work and a notable lecturer. 
Home address: 2095 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, 

BIRNEY, NELSON LAW, Retired; born. 
Plum Run. O.. Dec. "1. 1?44: son of Rob- 
ert Birney and Elizabeth (Law) Birney; 
educated: Pub. Schs. Married, Harriet A. 
Haverfield. Nov.. 1865. 2nd. Delia Reed. 



Aug. 18. 1968. Engaged as farmer and 
stock raiser and buyer. Retired. Infirm- 
ary Director. School Director. Township 
Trustee and Assessor. Socs. and clubs: 
G. A. R. Member of Uhrichsville M. E. 
Church and member of official board of 
same. Enlisted in 98th O. V. I. when IS 
yrs. old and was wounded in left hip in 
battle of Perrysville. Mem. Bd. of Direct- 
ors of Dennison Natl. Bank; Bd. of Direct- 
ors of Dennison Sewer Pipe Co.: Bd. of 
Directors of Citizens Loan Co.. Uhrichs- 
ville. O. Home address: 910 N. Water St., 
Uhrichsville. Ohio. 

fessor: born, Grafton, Mass., May 12, 1S40: 
son of Thomas C. Biscoe and Ellen (Lord) 
Biscoe: educated: Amherst College; Hart- 
ford Theol. Sem.; Univ. of Halle. Mariet- 
ta, O. College degrees: A. B., 1863; A. M., 
1866; LL. D. Married. Laura A. Capron, 
Jan. 12. 1875; died. Oct., 1878; 2nd. Ella 
Shipman. July 13. 1S80. Tutor. Amherst 
Coll.. 1S65: Walker Inst. Mathematics. 
1867-9; teacher. Cincinnati. 1871-2; Prof, 
natural sciences. Marietta Coll., 1874-1907; 
emeritus since 1907. Congregationalist. 
Home a,ddress: Marietta. O. 

tor; born. Hannibal. Mo.. Nov. 1. 1875; 
daughter of William M. Bishop and Har- 
riette A. (Warner) Bishop: educated: 
Vassar Coll.: Univ. of Chicago. College 
degrees: A. B., 1897; A. M.. 1S98. Unmar- 
ried. Prof, of Latin, Western College for 
Women. Oxford. O. Socs. and clubs: Phi 
Beta Kappa; Assn. of Collegiate Alumni; 
Archaeological Inst. of America; Classical 
Assn. of Middle West and South. Con- 
gregational Church. Home address: The 
Western College. Oxford, Ohio. 

BISHOP, JOSIAH G., Clergyman- Author; 
born. St. Glair Bottom. Va.. Sept. 14. 1833; 
son of David Bishop and Catherine (Good- 
man) Bishop; educated: Pub. Schs.. In- 
diana and Iowa; Christian Biblical Insti- 
tute, Stanfordville, N. Y. College degrees: 
D. D. (Hon. Palmer Coll.. Iowa). Mar- 
ried. Nannie L. Kilby. Oct. 30. 1851. who 
died, 1873; 2d. Emily . Knapp, Dec. 25, 
] S75. Local city clerk, treasurer and as- 
sessor, Winterset, Iowa. 1864; bookkeeper, 
mercantile company, Des Moines, Iowa, 
1ST2: partner and bookkeeper, hardware 
business, Winterset, la.; pastor, Chris- 
tian churches, 37 yrs. ; editor, organizer 
and publisher "Christian Missionary" (a 
missionary magazine), 12 yrs. Author: 
"Money and the Kingdom"; "Christian 
Baptism"; "A Biblical View of the 
Church"; "The Christians and the Great 
Commission, or the History of the Home 
and Foreign Missionary Work of the 
Christians." Acted as Pres., 24 yrs.; 
Treas., 22 yrs.: Secy., 16 yrs.. of Mission- 
ary Board of Christian Church; made one 
official trip to Japan. Christian Church. 
Home address: 1231 Fifth St., W., Dayton, 

Lawrence), born. Des Moines, la., May 
21. 1877: daughter of Lewis C. Smith and 
Ida (Clapp) Smith: educated: Pub. and 
High Schs. of West Des Moines: Rachel 
Clarks School for Girls, Des Moines. Mar- 
ried. Alword Lawrence Bishop. 1902. In- 
terested in women's departmental clubs 
and federation of clubs. Socs. and clubs: 
Mem. Cleveland Olla Podrida Club; Cleve- 
land "Women's Club; Chairman of Fi- 
nance Com.. Cleveland Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Episcopal Church. Home address: 
52 Idlewood Ave. Cleveland. O. 

BISSELL. FREDERICK, Manufacturer; 
born, Toledo, O., Oct. 23. 1S65; son of 

Edward Brssell and Sarah (Secor) Bissell; 
educated: Toledo Schools. Married, Kath- 
erine Latham Scott. Oct. 25. 1892. Jobber 
and manufacturer electrical supplies and 
machinery; Pres. The F. Bissell Co., To- 
ledo. Ohio. Socs. and clubs: Toledo 
Club; Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo 
Country Club. Unitarian. Home address: 
1906 Parkwood Ave.. Toledo, O. 

cator; born, Crawford Co., O., May 24, 
1876; son of Jacob J. Bittikofer and Chris- 
tina R. (Aekerman) Bittikofer; educated: 
country 'schools; Sulphur Springs high 
school; Ohio Northern Univ.; Grad. Hei- 
delberg Univ.; Grad. student Columbia 
Univ. Married. Katherine Geneva Nor- 
ton. June 13. 1906. Supt. County Schools, 
Crawford Co.. O., 1915 . Holding Com- 
mon Schools and High School life certifi- 
cates. English Reformed Ch. Home ad- 
dress: Bucyrus. O. 

er; born. Grinnell. Iowa. Sept. 6. 1869; son 
of Tilson H. Bixby and Mary (Armstrong) 
Bixby; educated: GrinneU College. Iowa; 
Chicago Theol. Sem.. Chicago. 111.; School 
of Philanthropy, New York City. College 
degrees: A. B.: B. D. Married. Halcie 
Wilson. 1896; died. 1904; 2d, Laura A. Rew, 
1906. Pastor of Congregational Churches, 
Netawaka, Kans., 1894-95; Severy. Kans.. 
1896-1904; Leavenworth, Wash., 1905; with 
New York City Federation of Churches, 
1906-11. Director Dept. of Public Chari- 
ties and Corrections; Sec. Charity Organ- 
ization Soc.. Akron. O.. 1912 . Congre- 
gational Church. Home address: 818 
Avon St.. Akron. O. 

born. New Philadelphia. O.. Jan. 21. 1875; 
ison of Samuel Bixler and Mary (Weaver) 
Bixler; educated: Dover High Sch. Mar- 
ried Theresa Glauser. Oct. 14. 1911. En- 
gaged in newspaper business East Liver- 
pool O., Canton, O. ; entered office Daily 
Reporter, became business manager and 

editor. (Canal) Dover. O.. 1905 . Socs. 

and clubs: Dover Lodge No. 975. B. P. O. 
E.: Dover Lodge No. 168, K. P. Moravian 
Church. Home address: (Canal) Dover. 

BLACK, ARTHUR P., Private Secy, to Sen. 
Pomerene; born. May 10, 1875; son of 
Henry Adam Black and Augusta (Ful- 
mer) Black: educated: common schools. 
Married, Clara Belle Kiplinger, Dec. 24. 
1899. Teacher in public schools. 6 yrs.: 
Editor Ashland Press since March 5. 1902; 
served as corporation clerk, Ashland. O.. 
Jan.. 1906 to Jan.. 1909; member 78th and 
79th Ohio General Assemblies. Jan.. 1909 
to Jan.. 1913: Secy, to United States Sen- 
ator Atlee Pomerene. 1911 . Socs. and 

clubs: Ashland Blue Lodge No. 151. F. 
& A. M. ; Ashland Chapter No. 67. Royai 
Arch Masons. Associate member Ingram 
Memorial Church (Institutional) Wash- 
ington. D. C. Home address: 132S North 
Carolina Ave., N. E.. Washington, D. C. 
Legal Residence: Ashland. Ohio. 

BLACK. JAMES L., Manufacturer; born. 
Tontogany, O., May 20. 1876; son of 
Luther Black and Georgia (Cooper) Black; 
educated: Bowling Green (O.) High Sch.; 
Oberlin Coll. Married. Florence P. Zitter- 
bart. 1904. Organized The Superior Un- 
derwear Co.. Piqua. O.. 1900. and is now 
Secy, and Treas. of same; organized The 
Superior Athletic UnderKvear Co;, 1911, 
and is president. Socs. and clubs: F. & 
A. M.; K. T. ; Scottish Rite: Shriner: Piqua 
Club: Piqua Golf Club: Dayton Club; Day- 
ton Country Club. Presbyterian. Home 
address: Green and Downing Sts.. Piqua, 



BLACK. JOHN GRAEME, College Profes- 
sor; bom. near Cambridge. O.. May 6, 
1S47; son of David Black and Elizabeth 
(Oliver) Black; educated: Miller Arad":n, . 
K'cM.vnii Cull.: Princeton Theological Sem- 
inary; Free Kirk Seminary. Edinburgh, 
Scotland. College degrees: A. B.; A. M.. 
D. D. Married. Helen Finney Cox. Aug. 
6. 1878. Supt. Pub. Schs.. St. Clairsville. 
O.. 3 yrs. : pastor. Rockhill Presbyterian 
Ch.. 6 yrs.: Pres. Franklin Coll.. 1 yr. ; 
Adjunct Prof. Math.. Wooster Univ.. issT- 
i v<| 7; Prof. Geology. Wooster Univ.. Woos- 
ter. O.. 1897 . Socs. and clubs: Na- 
tional < ; oLrraphical Soc. : Ohio .A cad. of 
Science: Nature Club of America; Cen- 
tury Club. Wooster. O. Presbyterian, 
lie unc address: Wooster. O.. R. D. No. 10. 

BLACK. MORRIS ALFRED, Manufacturer; 
born. Toledo. O. ; son of Herman Black 
and Eve (Judd) Black: educated: Toledo 
and Cleveland, O.. public and high Schs.; 
Harvard Coll. College degrees: A. B., 
IV.HI. .Married, Lenore Ella Schwab, Mar. 
21. 1899. Pres. The H. Black Co.. manu- 
facturers Wooltex Coats and Suits, 

eland, <>.. im:j . Socs. and clubs: 

Chairman Executive Boar'd Civic League; 
(Pres., 1915) Cleveland Chamber Com- 
merce; Oakwood Club; Excelsior Club. 
Home address: 1864 East S9th St., Cleve- 
land. O. 

BLACKER. JOHN HENRY. Banker: born, 
Pickaway Co.. O.. Aug. 7. 1S59; son of 
Henry Clement Blacker and Mariam 
(Bowsher) Blacker; educated: Pickaway 
Co. Sons., and Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada, 
O. Married. Mary M. Rankin, July 5, 
1885. Worked on a farm until 21 yrs. of 
age; taught country school at Circleville, 
O. : worked in a store at Clarksburg. O., 
and lat'-r bought it; came to Chillicothe 
and went into the real estate business; 
later entered the banking business, and 
is now Cashier of the Valley Savings Bank 
and Trust Co.; Sheriff of Ross Co., ls91- 
iv.14; chairman of the Democratic State 
Executive Committee. 1S9S. Socs. and 
dnbs: Odd Fellows: Elks: Country Club. 
First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Blacker 
is very widely known throughout the 
state as a banker. Home address: 152 
West Second St.. Chillicothe. O. 

BLACKFORD, FRANK P., Attorney; born, 
Findlny. O. Aug. 1. 1S63: son of Aaron 
Blackford and Margaret (Ricketts) Black- 
.ford; educated: Findlay high school; De 
Pauw I'niv. and A. R., Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. Married. Clara Zay. April 29. 1VU. 
Admitted to bar. Dec. 5, issg; began prac- 
tice of law at Findlay, O., Dec. 5, l^;i. 
firm name, Blackford & Blackford. Luth- 
eran. Home address: 936 South Main St., 
Findlay. O. 

Courts; born. Clarkstield. O.. Jan. 2. 1881; 
son f Sherman F. P.laekman and Kill.' 
L. (Clark) Blackman; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of Clarksfield, O. and Norwalk. O; Nor- 
walk Business Coll. Married, Dessie Mae 
Ford, July 16, 1904. Taught in Business 
Bookkeeper and traveling salesman. 
Apptd. deputy clerk of courts for Huron 
Co.. Aug., 1909, and served in that capacity 
for four years. Elected clerk of courts in 
1912 and re-elected in 1914 for second 
tenm. Socs. and clubs: Mt. Yernon Lodge 
No. 64. F. & A. M.; Xorwalk Commandery 
K. T.: I. O. O. F. ; Elks; Xorwalk Cham- 
ber of Commerce and served as Secy, of 
same. Uni\ ersalist. Pioneer family, four 
generations of which are now living in 
Huron Co.: Andrew J. Blackman. great 
grandfather; Sherman F. Blackman, 
grandfather; Clark A. Blackman, and 

Randolph A., son of the subject of this 
sketch. Home address: 12 Maple St., Nor- 
walk. Ohio. 


Clergyman; born, Freeport, Harrison Co., 
O.. Oct. 19. 1SG5: son of Wm. James Calder- 
wood Blackwood and Nancy Clarissa (Mor- 
rison) Blackwood; educated: Pub. Schs., 
Harrison and Guernsey Cos., O. ; Ohi<> Nor- 
mal Univ.: Geneva Coll.; Reformed Pre-liv 
Theol. Sem., Allegheny, Pa.; Indiana Univ. 
College degrees: A. B.; diploma from 
Theol. Sem. Married, Mamie Anna Willi- 
sOn, Aug. 2, 1894. Teacher, Pub. Schs. 
of Harrison and Guernsey Cos., O., 1885- 
1890; stated supply 1st Rof. Ch., St. Louis, 
Mo., 1896-97; pastor, Ref. Preshy. Church. 
Bloomington, Ind., 1897-1901; First United 

Presby. Ch., Coroapolis, Pa., 1'." I; 

stated supply United Presby. Ch., Nobles- 
town, Pa., 1907-1908; pastor, First United 
Presby. Ch., South Sharon, Pa., 1908-1913; 
pastor, First United Presby. Ch., Dayton, 
O., 1913-17: pastor, United Presby. Church. 

Paterson, N. J., 1917 . Clerk Southern 

Illinois Presby., Reformed Presby. Ch.; 
Moderator Mercer Presby., Pa. (U. P. 
Ch.). Socs ami clu'is: philonn t hi-in Lit. 
Soc.; Alethiorian Lit. Soc.; Geneva Coll.; 
Ministerial Assn. Reformed Pr.-sliy. and 
United Presbyterian. Home address-: Pat- 
erson. N. J. 

born, Jackson Twp., Highland Co., O., 
Dec. 13, 1S61; son of George Washington 
Blair and Nancy (Miller) Blair: educated: 
country schools, Jackson Twp., Highland 
Co., O. Married, Albert? M. A'nncost, 
Feb. 21, 1SS9. Engaged in practice law, 
Portsmouth, O. Elected Judge, Court 
1 . "irion Pleas. 7th Jud. Dist., Ohio. Apr. 
1!i04-Feb., 1913. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dr'ess: 1635 Rose Ridge, Portsmouth. O. 

cian: born. Kentucky. Jan. 11. IS5G: son 
of R.Ober1 I 'o\vr,<-y Blair and Lucinda 
(Holloway) Blair; educated: Louisville, 
Ky., common schools; Jefferson <Ky.) 
Academy. College degrees: A. M. (Hon.); 
M. IX Married. Luella Miller. Off. ifi, 
1877. Engaged in practice medicine Cupid, 
Ky.. 12 yrs.; Lebanon, O., 2s vis. Mem- 
ber Lebanon Sch. Bd., 6 yrs.; U. S. Pen- 
sion Examiner. Socs. and clubs: <ex- 
Pres.) Warren County Med. Soc.: Miami 
Valley Med. Soc.: (1st Vice Pres.) Ohio 
State Med. Soc.; Ohio delegate to Am. 
Med. Assn.; Mississippi Valley Med. Assn.; 
Am. Assn. for Study and Prevention of 
Infant Mortality. Presbyterian. Home 
address: 210 Silver St., Lebanon, O. 
BLAIR. JOSEPH LINN, Manufacturer; born, 
Hamilton. O.. Sent. 26. 1861; son of Wil- 
liam H. I'.lair and Angeline (Linn) Blair; 
educated: Public Schs. of Hamilton, O. 
Married, Jennie Wasson, Jan. 31, 1S93. 
Employed by The Niles Tool Works Co., 
in clerical capacity from April 1^7^ to 
Nov.. 1SS4. Left their employ to enter 
that of The Gordon & Maxwell Co., man- 
ufacturers of steam pumping machinery, 
afterwards succeeded by The Gordon 
Steam Pump Co. Remained with this 
company as Asst. Secy, until Isfif,. Re- 
tuined to The Niles Tool Works Co.. as 
purchasing agent, later being elected a 
Director and Secy. Socs. and chilis: Ham- 
ilton Club and Butler County Country 
Club. United Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: M4 North 7th St v Hamilton, O. 
BLAIR, PARK B., Com. Pleas Judge, Knox 
County. Term expires Dec., 1920. Home 
addivss: Mt. Vernon. O. 

sity Professor; born. Decatur, III.. Oct. 30, 
; son of Christopher C. Blake and 



Rachel Ellen (Beam) Blake: educated: 
Univ. Colorado; Columbia Univ.; Cam- 
bridge Univ. (England); Univ. Berlin 
(Germany). College degrees: Ph. B., 1901; 
Ph. D.. 1905. Married. Edith Sherwin 
Adams, Aug. 20, 1907. Teacher, sciences, 
Leadville (Colorado) high school, 1901-3; 
student, 1903-7; Asst. Prof, physics, Ohio 
State Univ. 1907-12; Prof, physics, Ohio 

State Univ., Columbus, O., 1912 . Socs. 

and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; 
fellow, Am. Assn. for Advancement 
Science; Ohio Academy Science; Am. 
Physical Soc. Congregationalism Home 
address: 2107 luka Ave.. Columbus, O. 

born, Madison, O., Oct. 29, 1875; son of 
Harlow Westol Blakely and Alta Clarinda 
(Follett) Blakely; educated: Madison high 
school; Univ. Mich. College degrees: B. 
L. Married. Jessie M. Quirk. Dec. 20, 
1899. Adrhitted to Ohio bar; engaged in 
practice law. member firm, Alvord & 

Blakely, Painesville, O.. 1909 : elected 

Pros. Atty.. Lake Co.. O.. 1904-11; Pres. 
city council, Painesville, Ohio, 1912- 
1914: Corporal Company "M" 5th 
O. V. I.. Spanish-American War; Capt. 
Co. "M" 5th O. N. G.. 1900-2. Socs. 
and clubs: I. O. O. F.: K. O. T. M.; Sons 
Veterans; Am. Bar Assn.; Ohio State Bar 
Assn. Methodist Episcopal Ch. Home 
address: 120 West High St., Painesville, 

born. Union Groove. Wis.. June 17, 1879; 
son of John S. Blakey and Mary (Brush) 
Blakey; educated: Univ. of Chicago; Rush 
Medical College. College degrees: S. B.; 
M. D. Married. Edna M. Miller, 1908. 
Asst. Prof, of Medicine, Ohio State Univ.; 
Med. Staff of Protestant Hospital; Con- 
sultant at Grant Hospital. " Socs. and 
clubs: Phi Delta Theta: Phi Rho Sigma; 
The Athletic Club of Columbus; Columbus 
Country Club; Columbus Republican Glee 
Club. First Congregational Ch. Home 
address: 637 E. Broad St., Columbus, O. 

torney; born. Galesburg, Mich., Jan. 17, 
1876; son of Samuel E. Blanchard and 
Lucretia (Judson) Blanchard; educated: 
Univ. Mich. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married, Katherine M. Resh, June 28, 1899. 
Prin. Wauseon High Sch., 1900-03; Asst. 
Prof. Eng. Ohio State Univ., 1908-10; Asst. 
Prof. Law. Ohio State Univ.. 1911-13; 
member law firm, Morton, Irvine & Blanch- 
ard, Columbus, O., 1910-17; Morton, Irvine, 

Turner & Blanchard. 1917 . Socs. and 

clubs: Columbus Club; American Bar 
Assn.: Phi Delta Phi: Mem. Benevolent 
and Protective Order of Elks. Methodist. 
Home address: 139 West Northwood Ave., 
Columbus. O. 


Clergyman; born, Jersey City, N. J., 1876; 
son of Edward R. Blanchard and Anna W. 
(Quincy) Blanchard; educated: Newton, 
Mass., high school; Amherst Coll., Am- 
herst. Mass.; Yale Divinity School, 1901. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1898; B. D., 1901. 
Married. Ethel H. West. June 19. 1901. 
Pastor. Southington, Conn.. Congrega- 
tional Church, 1901-4; East Orange, N. J., 
1904-15; Euclid Ave. Congregational Ch., 

Cleveland. O., 1915 . Author: Treasure 

Island. Barnes' Classical Text, with life 
Stevenson and notes; "For the King's 
Sake/' published by Dodge Pub. Co. 
(story) ; Hymns, in various church 
hymnals. Member Southington, Conn. Bd. 
Education; East Orange. N. J., Bd. Edu- 
cation (Pres.); Mem. Amherst College 
Alumni Council: Sec. Executive Commit- 
tee. American Missionary Assn.; Trustee, 

Piedmont Coll., Ga. ; Tillotson Coll., Texas. 
Socs. and clubs: Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce; New England Soc., Cleveland; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sons American Rev. 
Congregationalist. Home address: Cleve- 
land. O. 

BLEICH, CLEMENT H., Commercial Secre- 
tary: born. Paducah. Ky.. Jan. 28, 1887; 
son of John J. Bleich and Rosa A. (Rock) 
Bleich; educated: Pub. Schs. of Paducah, 
Ky. Married. Serena J. McCutchen. Dec. 
18, 1905. Railroad Accountant, 1903-1907; 
Chief Clerk to Supt. of Railroad. 1907-11; 
Prop, of Bleich Amusement Co., conducted 
several motion picture theatres in Ken- 
tucky. 1911-13; Secy. H. B. M. A.. Hop- 
kinsville, Ky.. 1913-14 1 ; Secy. Chamber of 
Commerce, Alliance, O., 1914-1917; Secy., 
Chamber of Commerce, Auto Club, Build- 
ers' Exchange; Real Estate Board; Xat. 
Councillor to National Chamber of Com- 
merce; Dir. Alliance Rotary Club. Socs. 
and clubs: Masons; Knights Templar; 
Shriner; Elk; Chamber of Commerce; 
Auto Club; Nat. Assn. of Commercial 
Secretaries; Ohio State Commercial Secre- 
taries; Rotary Club. Trinity Episcopal. 
Home address: 1048 South Arch St.. Alli- 
ance. Ohio. 

born. Columbus. O.. June 26. 1856: son of 
Jacob Bleile and Catherine (Schmitt) 
Bleile; educated: Columbus Schs.; Star- 
ling College; Vienna; Leipsic; Paris. Col- 
lege degrees: M. D. Married. Flora 
Krumm, Nov. 4, 1880. Prof, of Physiology, 
Starling: College; Prof. Physiology, Ohio 

State Univ.. 1SSO . S>ocs. and clubs: 

A. A. A. S.: Am. Microscope Soc.: Am. 
Med. Assn.: Columbus Club. Home ad- 
dress: 218 King Ave., Columbus, O. 

Writer; born. Granville. Washington Co., 
N. Y.. July 31. 1836; son of Cyrus Bliss 
and Susan (Fisher) Bliss; educated: Wor- 
cester, Mass.; Harvard Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B.: A. M. Teacher. 1SG3-1S79: 

retired. 1879 . Author: Diary of David 

Zetsberger. Translator and Editor.' 1885; 
in memory Elizabeth Haven Appleton, 
1891; editor and writer of The Life; one 
of the four translators from French of 
"Tales for a Stormv Night." Socs. and 
clubs: Hist. & Philosophical Soc. Ohio; 
Am. Hist. Assn.: American Antiquarian 
Soc.; Queen City Club; University Club. 
Home address: 4*50 East 5th St., Cincin- 
nati. O. 

BLISS, J. J., Banker; born, Russell, Geauga 
Co.. O.. May 16. 1854: son of Olney R. 
Bliss and Mahala J. (McFarland) Bliss; 
educated: Hiram College and Oberlin Co 
lege. College degrees: A. B. and A. M. 
(Oberlin College). Married, Ella M. Fuhr- 
man. June 24. 1886. Teacher and Supt. 
of Schs.. 1881-1907. Kelleys Island, Crest- 
line and Bucyrus. Secretary of the Bucy- 
rus Public Library Board since 1905. Socs. 
and clubs: Knights of Pythias; Chamber 
of Commerce. Presbyterian. Was instru- 
mental in securing a Carnegie Library 
for Bucyrus and organized the Y. M. C. A. 
and was its first President. Home ad- 
dress: 512 East Rensselaer St.. Bucyrus, 

BLODGETT, ALBRO, Wholesale Merchant; 
born. Claremont. N. H.. Nov. IS, 1S64: son 
of Albro Blodgett and Esther (Henry) 
Blodgett; educated: Stevens High Sch., 
Claremont, N. H. : Dartmouth Coll. Mar- 
ried, Elizabeth Doolittle, Jan. 21. 1893. 
Merchandise brokerage business, 22 yrs. ; 
Pres. and Mgr. of The Bour Co.. Toledo. 
O_ 1909 ; Pres. Ft. Industry Litho- 
graphing Co. Socs. and clubs: Toledo 



Club; Toledo Country Club; Toledo Yacht 
Club. Spent 4 yrs. in Europe. Home ad- 
dress: 2146 Parkwood Ave.. Toledo. O. 

BLOOM, EARL D., Lieutenant-Governor; 
born. Wood Co.. O.. May 29. 1871: son 
of James L. Bloom and Lydia A. (Acker- 
man) Bloom; educated: Ohio Northern 
Univ. College degrees: LL. B. Married, 
Kl'iiiinr '!. Lai limp, July I'l, is'Jo. Attor- 
ney-at-Law. Kl.-rt.-d lieutenant-Govern- 
or in 1916. and is now serviiit; in that 
capacity. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree 
Mason; Elk; Odd Fellow. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Bowling Green, 

.Mr. Bloom is Pres. of the New State 
nk of Bowling Green, O. 

BLUMENTHAL, HARRY J., Printer; born, 

l.iiiau. Russia. March 16, 1884;. son of 
Abraham Blumenthal and Rose (Fogel) 
Blumenthal; educated: public schools, Cin- 
Hnnati and Hamilton. O. Married. Elsa 
Mondschein. Sept. 14. 1910. Engaged in 
printing business. Nov. 5. 1906-8^; moved 
to larger quarters. 1913; changed to Blu- 
menthal Printing Co., formerly Star 

Printing Co.. 1913 . Socs. and clubs: 

Y. M. C. Assn.; K. P.; Butler County 
Cycle- Club: Dir. of Ben Franklin Club of 
Cincinnati; Mom. Reformed and Ortho- 
dox Jewish Synagogue; won first place 
in State ot Ohio for best all-round 
athlete. 1915. Home address: 106 North 
"C" St.. Hamilton. O. 

BOAL, STANHOPE, Manufacturer; born, 
Greenup. Ky.; son of William King Boal 
and Eliza (Van Bibber) Boal. Pres. of 
The Favorite Stove and Range Co., Piqua, 
O. Home address: Piaua. O. 

BOARDMAN, ALICE, Librarian; born, Hnis- 
boro. O. : daughter of Joseph Lockhart 
Boardman and Susan Colburn (Hill) 
Boardman; educated: Highland Inst., 
Hillsboro, O.; Amherst, Mass.; Summer 
School Library Science. 1S94. Albany, N. 
Y.: Summer Library Sch.. 1S9S. Private 
Sec. Supt. State Hosp., Columbus, O., 
1886-88; recording clerk, Ohio House Rep., 
1SS8-89; Asst. State Lib.. 1889-90; clerk 
U. S. Pension Office, Columbus Branch, 
1S90-92; Asst. State Lib., 1892 , Co- 
lumbus. O. Socs. and clubs: D. A. R. : 
Am. Lib. Assn.; Ohio Lib. Assn.; Old 
Northwest Hist. & Gen. S'oc. ; Columbus 
Feel. Women's Clubs: Columbus Library 
Club. Methodist. Home address: 1233 
Oak St.. Columbus. O. 

ness Man; born, Middle'bury, O., now 
Akron. O.. Jan. 6. 1848; son of John Clin- 
ton Boardman and Priscilla Patience 
(Granger) Boardman; educated: High Sch., 
Akron. O. Married. Fannie May Funk, 
April 29. 1873. Tried to enter the Union 
Army at Camp Massillon but was re- 
jected on account of his youth. Worked 
4 yrs. on Erie Ry. as newsboy and brake- 
man; served in several capacities, with 
the Wabash Rv. : in 1894 assisted in or- 
ganizing The Iron Elevator Co.; in 1895 
organized the East Side Iron Elevator Co., 
of which he was manager and secretary 
until January. 1914: pioneer iron elevator 
man of Toledo. Served as director of 
public service. Toledo. O.. Jan.. 1914. 10 
June 1. 1915. when he resigned. Largely 
identified with Toledo business interests. 
Socs. and clubs: Wapaukonica Lodge. I. 
O. O. F.. No. 38 and Toledo Encampment. 
No. 118: Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo 
Transportation Club; Anthony Wayne 
Chapter, Sons American Revolution. Con- 
gregationalist. Home address: 1854 Law- 
rence Ave.. Toledo. O. 

Grocer; born, Columbus, O:, Aug. IS, 1871; 
.son of George Bobb and Mary M. (Kaet- 
zel) Bobb; educated: Pub. Schs.. Colum- 
bus. O. Married. Nellie Ann Pryce. Oct. 
9, 1895. Has been in grocery business 
since 14 yrs. of age. Socs. and clubs: 
Junia Lodge. I. O. O. F. : Chamber of Com- 
m<-T-ce; Columbus Athletic Club: Khvanis 
Club. Broad St. M. E. Church. Home 
address: 723 Oak St.. Columbus. O. 

born. Athens. O.. Jan. 10. 1S70; son of 
John H. Boden and Priscilla (Shotts) 
Boden; educated: Nat. Normal Univ., Le- 
banon, O.; Hiram Coll.. Hiram, O.; Ohio 
Univ., Athens, O. College degrees: B. S., 
L890: A. B.. 1S98; A. M.. 1910. Married, 
Dasa Hewitt, Feb. 24, 1889. ' Teacher, Pub. 
Schs., 6 yrs.; ordained in ministry of 
Church of Christ (Disciples), 1898; pastor, 
Church of Christ, Canfield, O., and Green- 
ford. O., 1898-1900; Trimble, O., 1900-1902; 
Washington C. H., O.. 1902-7; Athens, O., 
1907-12; Nclsonville, O., 1912-16; Evangelist 
of Church of Christ. New Marshfield. O., 

1916 . Life Dir. Foreign Christian 

Missionary Soc.; Mem. Board Managers, 
Ohio Christian Miss. Soc. Home address: 
New Marshfield. Ohio. 

born. Champaign Co.. O.. Jan. 2S. 1867; 
son of Christian Bodey and Naomi E. 
(Sheppard) Bodey; educated: Pub. Schs.; 
Northwestern Univ. Married, Rachael M. 
Grove, Feb. 14, 1888. Teacher Twp. Schs., 
7 yrs.; Supt. Twp. Schs.. 7 yrs.; admitted 
to bar. June. 1900: engaged in practice 
law, Urbana, O., 1900 . Served as jus- 
tice peace. 2 terms: mayor. City Urbana, 
1 tei'm. Candidate for State Rep., twice, 
but defeated. Admitted to U. S. Di&t. 
Court. Jan.. 1915. Socs. and clubs: F. & 
A. M. ; K. P.; Urbana Club; Masonic Club. 
Prefers United Brethren Ch. Home ad- 
dres's: 336 Lafayette Ave., Urbana, O. 

BOEHMS, ERNST ADOLPH, Retired Clergy- 
man; born, Zittau, Saxony, Germany. May 
11. 1848; son of Ei*nst Julius Boehms and 
Antonie Therese (Nautz) Boehms; edu- 
cated: Gymnasium, Zittau, 1858-64; Luth- 
eran Theol. Seminary, Columbus, O., 1S66- 
IM>. Married, Mary B. Emmelhainz, June 
20. 1871. Pastor: Union City. Ind.. 1868- 
1878; New Washington, O., 1878-82; resi- 
dent Prof, and Prof, practical theology. 
Theol. Seminary, Capital Univ., Columbus, 
O., 1882-5; pastor: Martin Luther. Church, 
Youngstown, O., 1885-1910; retired, 1910. 
Editor: "Die Kinderfreude." A. S. S. paper. 
12 yrs.; Asst. editor and editor-in-chief: 
"Die Litherische Kirchenzeitung, Colum- 
bus. O.. 10 yrs. Pres. Theological Sem.. 
Capital Univ., 36 yrs.; Mem. Bd. Directors, 
Capital Univ.. 36 yrs. German Sec. and 1st 
Vice Pres. Joint Synod of Ohio and other 
States. Evangelical Lutheran Church, 
1SS6-1910. Home address: 521 Yale Ave., 
Youngstown. O. 

born, Swartnas, Sweden, May 23, 1872; son 
of Rev. Jacob T. Boethius and Augusta 
E. (Lindell) Boethius; educated: Prepara- 
tory School in Norrkoping, Sweden; 
Bethany Coll., Lindsborg, Kan.. 1907-10; 
Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans., 1910- 
1911. College degrees: B. A., Bethany 
Coll.; M. A.. Univ. of Kansas. Unmar- 
ried. Instr. in Modern Langs.. Coll. of 
Montana. Deer Lodge, Mont.. 1911-1912; 
Lafayette Coll., Easton. Pa., 1912-3914; 
Case Sch. of Applied Science. Cleveland, 
O.. 1914-15; Asst. Prof, and Head of the 
Department of Romance Languages, Univ. 

of Idaho. Moscow. Idaho. 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Norrkoping Athletic Club, 



Sweden. 1S88-1905: T. M. C. A.. Cleve- 
land, O., 1914-15; Swedish Naval Soc., 
Stockholm, Sweden; Nat. Geog. Soc., 
Washington, D. C. ; Bethany Alumni Assn.; 
Alumni Assn. of the Univ. of Kansas; 
The Idaho State Teachers' Assn. Member 
of Evangelical Lutheran Church. Editor 
of the Swedish-American Newspaper, 
"Lindsborgs Posten," Lindsborg, Kan., 
1907-1908. Clerical work in Sweden and 
agent for Insurance Cos. and business 
concerns 1SSS-1907. Traveled extensively 
in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, 
England. Canada, Porto Rico, and United 
States. Home address: Moscow, Idaho. 

Supt. of Sens., Trumbull Co. Home ad- 
dress: Warren. Ohio. 

BOGGESS, CAREY, Educator; born, near 
Bethel. Clermont Co.. O.. Jan. 31. 1861; 
son of Jordan Bogrgess and Mary (Altman) 
Boggess. Married, A. Maude Lemon, Mar. 
IS. 1886. Admitted to Ohio bar: engaged 
In teaching. 4 yrs.. Clermont Co.: 2 yrs. 
Clark Co.: Suet, public schools. Spring- 
field, O., 1883 . Socs. and clubs: Cen- 
tral Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Ohio State 
Teachers' Assn.; Nat. Education Assn.; 
Lowell Club; Mason. Methodist. Home 
address: 513 South Wittenberg Ave., 
Springfield. O. 

tician; born. Mathews C. H.. Va., April 
2>0. 1855: son of Dr. John Gordan Bohan- 
nan and Laura Lee (Daniel) Bohannan; 
educated: Univ. of Virginia; Yale Univ.; 
Cambridge Univ., England; Gottingen 
Univ., Germany. College degrees: B. S.; 
C. E. : Mining Engr.. Univ. of Virginia, 
ls76. Married. Ellen Ja.mes Peirce, June. 
1880: died. Oct. 24, 1900: 2nd. Florence 
Short, June 13. 1904. Acting Prof, ol 
Mathematics in Univ. of Virginia, 1883-4. 
Prof, of Mathematics in Ohio State Univ. 
since 1887. Was Prof, of Mathematics in 
Ensory and Henry College, Virginia, 2 
yrs. Socs. and clubs: A. A. A. S.; Am. 
Math. Assn.; Columbus Riding Club. Au- 
thor of numerous Mathematical papers, 
also author of papers on horse breeding 
and dog breeding. Home address: 226 
Sixteenth Ave.. Columbus. O. 

BOHL, HENRY, Banker; born. Bavaria, 
Germany. July 4. 1844; son of Conrad Bohl 
and Catherine (Altvater) Bohl. Widower. 
Dir. of Ohio Mutual Fire Ins. Co. more 
than 38 yrs. Present Pres. of Union Bldg. 
it Pavings Co. : Dir. State Savings Bank 
& Trust Co.: three terms in Ohio House 
of Representatives from Washington Co., 

1875. 1877. 1SS3: delegate to National 
Conventions which nominated Tilden, 

1876, and Hancock for presidency, 1SSO; 
former U. S. Marshal for Southern Ohio 
Dist.; served as chairman of the Ohio 
House Finance and Insurance Committee: 
in 1894 managed three great railroad 
strikes in Ohio, including the Pullman R. 
R. strike in Cincinnati. Socs. and clubs: 
Mn sonic Bodies. Congregationalist. Home 
address: 1345 Neil Ave.. Columbus. O. 

to the President. Oberlin College; born. 
St. Louis. Mo.. .Aug. 24. 1878: son of Wil- 
liam Ferrel Bohn and Ellen (Frisbie) 
P.ohn: educated: Oberlin College; Oberlin 
Theological Seminary. College degrees: 
A. B.. Oberlin (1POO); D. B. (1905): A. M. 
C1908). Married. Eva Beardsley, Nov. 28, 
1901. Ordained in Congregational min- 
istry. 1901: Secv. to the Pres.. Oberlin, 
1905-13: Sec. Bureau of Appointments, 
1905-15: assistant to the president. Ober- 
lin Coll.. 1913 . Socs. and clubs: The 

City Club of New York; Cleveland Cham- 

ber of Commerce; Oberlin Board Com- 
merce; Religious Education Assn.; Ober- 
lin Golf Club. Congregationalist. Home 
address: 285 Oak St.. Oberlin, O. 

President; born, Middletown, Frederick 
Co.. Md.. Aug. 7, 1859; son of John Chris- 
tian Bolinger and Rachel (Crawford) 
Bolinger; educated: common schools; at- 
tended two terms in the Milan, Ohio, Nor- 
mal Sen. Married. Annie Maude Foster, 
Dec. 12. 1S82. In 1878. at the age of 19, 
entered employ of The Clyde Banking 
Co.. Clyde. O. In 1880. at the age of 21, 
was made Asst. Cashier. Resigned in 
1883 and became active in the organ- 
ization of The Peoples Banking Co., of 
Clyde, and was its cashier from date of 
organization (1884) until 1901. In 1901, 
was elected cashier of The Croghan Bank 
& Savings Co.. of Fremont. O.. and in 
Sept., 1916, was elected Pres. of said bank. 
Republican. Is now serving third term as 
Treas. of Fremont, although the city is 
strongly Democratic. While in Civile. 
served as Treas. of the village, the school 
board and Green Creek Twp. Socs. and 
clubs: Knights of Pythias; Masons; Royal 
Arcanum, and I. O. F. Attends Epis- 
copal Church. Home address: 615 Ewing 
St.. Fi'emont. O. 

Professor; born. Baltimore. Md.. Apr. : 
1871; son of William Nicholls Boiling and 
Hannah Lamb (Bonham) Boiling; edu- 
cated: Baltimore, Md.. Loyola Coll.; Johns 
Hopkins Univ. College degrees: A. B., 
1891; Ph. D.. 1896. Married, Irene John- 
>soii. Sept. 8, 1898. Fellow in Greek, Johns 
Hopkins Univ.. 1S93-1894. Various posi- 
tions in Catholic Univs. of America, 1895- 
1913, being finally Prof, of Greek and 
Assoc. Prof, of Sanskrit and Comparative 
Philology. Resigned these positions and 
devoted the year 1913-4 to research as 
Johnston Scholar in Greek at Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. Prof, of Greek. Ohio State 

Univ., 1914 . Publications include: The 

Participle in Hesiod, The Parisistas of 
the Atharvaveda. and various articles in 
technical periodicals, especially in rela- 
tion to the Homeric Question. Socs. and 
clubs: Am. Philological Assn.; Am. Orien- 
tal Soc.; Archeological Inst. of Am.; Soc. 
for Promotion of Hellenic Studies; Am. 
Assn. of Univ. Professors; Cosmos Club: 
Faculty Club of Ohio State Univ.; Scioto 
Country Club. Home address: 93 N. Ohio 
Ave.. Columbus. O. 

BOLSINGER, HIRAM C., Attorney; born, 
Hillsboro, O.; son of Michael Bolsinger and 
Martha (Wagner) Bolsinger; educated: 
Cincinnati. O. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married, EtheT Renshaw, Dec. 25, 1903. 
Started to work at 13 yrs. of age. Began 
nractice of law. Jan. 1, 1904. Elected 
Justice of Peace. Millcreek Twp., Hamil- 
ton Co.. O.. 1914. and served 4% years. 
Served 3 vrs. as Civil Service Commis- 
sioner of Norwood, O., 1912-15. Attorney- 
at-law. Socs. and olubs: Chamber of 
Commerce; Mason; Eagle; Moose: Red 
Men. Grace M. E. Ch. Home address: 1916 
Hopkins Ave.. Norwood. O. 

Root & McBride Co.; born Philadelphia. 
Pa.. Nov. 8. 1859: son of William J. Bond 
and Lueelia (Nones) Bond; educated: 
public schools. Married, Gertrude Hay- 
den. June 2. 1886. Organized retail dry 
goods store Ft. Wayne. Ind., at age 17 
yrs.; disposed of store, became salesman 
for Johnston & Erwin, wholesale dry 
goods. Indianapolis. Ind.. 1SSO-4: entered 
employ of Root & McBride Bros.. Cleve- 
land. O.. as department manager, 1SS4- 


;ie Sec. The Root & MeBride 

'o, I:HI.,-II'; President company. 1912 . 

I Mr. Guardian Savings & Trust Co., Cleve- 
land; Dir. Cleveland National Bank. Socs. 
and clubs: Union Club; Ma\ field Counny 
''lnb; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. 
Pres. Trustees, Calvary Presbyterian di. 
Home address: Euclid Heights. flc\ .-land, 

BON I FIELD, C. L., Physician; born, Mus- 
kinmim Co.. ( ).. .M:irch 23. 1S63; son of 
Ephriam Bonifield and Somerville (Reamy) 
Bonifield; educated: Pub. Schs. of K.m- 
sas; High Sch. of Zanesville, O. ; Medical 
Col], of Ohio, Cincinnati, O. College de- 
grees: M. I>. Married, Mabel Finney 
1899, who died, Jan., 1901; 2nd, Grace Fin- 
ney, 1902. In 1886 he became assistant to 
I >r. T. A. Keamy. his uncle; in 1892 he 
studied in the hospitals of Berlin and 
other European cities; has served as 
gynecologist at Christ Hosp., Good Samar- 
itan Hosp. and Christ's Hosp.; Prof, ot 
Gynecology to Med. Dept.. Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati. Socs. and clubs: University Club; 
Business Men's Club; Pres. Cincinnati 
Automobile Club; Ex-Pres. A'm. Assn. of 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Home 
address: 1763 E. McMillan St.. Walnut 
Hills, Cincinnati. O. 

State Sec.. V. M. C. A.; born. Cedar 
Racids, la. Oct. -';. 1873; son of Le\\is 
(LL. D., Clergyman, Kansas City), Book- 
waiter and Emma (Guetner) Bookwalter; 
educated- Yale Univ.. A. B.. 1S97; A. M.. 
1901: ll.-.rvard Univ.; Boston School for 
Social Workers: studied industrial educa- 
tion in Germany. Married. Amy Mitchell 
Shuey. April 21, 19-08. Master. St Paul's 
Sch.. Concord. N. H.. 1898-1903; with one 
year's absence, 1900-1. when was educa- 
tional secretary Internat. Com. Y. M C 
A. of New York; Sec. Dept. of Industrial 
Edn., Mass, and R. I. Y. M. C. A., 1903- 
09, representing committee of 25 manu- 
facturers in extending industrial educa- 
tion in Mass, and Rhode Island; 4 vis 
State Sec. Y. M. C. A.. Columbus, O. : at 
Cincinnati since Sept., 1912. Author- Mon- 
ographs on "The Second Chance Man"; 
The Continuation Schools of Gertnanv " 
etc. Socs. and clubs: Ohio Soc. Sons of 
the Am. Revolution: Soc. for Promotion 
of Industrial Edn.; N. E. A.: Religious 
Edn. Assn.: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma 
Tniv.; Business Men's; Yale; City- 
Schoolmasters'; Social Workers'. Epis- 
copalian. Home address: 564 Evanswood 
Place. Clifton. Cincinnati. O. 

BOONE, D. J., Educator; Supt. of Schools 
Lorain, O. Home address: Lorain, O. 

BOOTH, HENRY JUDSON, Attorney; born, 
Lancaster. O.. March 14, 1S49; son of 
Henry Madison Booth and Ann A. (Jones) 
Booth; educated: Amherst Coll. College 
degrees: A. B. Married, Madge I. Cone'y, 
Admitted to bar in May, 1S74. Pres. 
of Franklin County Bar Assn.. 1882; Trus- 
tee of Ohio State Univ.. 1884-1888: Pres 
Ohio State Bar Assn., 1903-1904; Vice Pres. 
of American Bar Assn., 1904-1905. Dele- 
gate to Universal Congress of Lawyers 
and Jurists. St. Louis. 1904. Mem. Ohio 
House of Representatives. 1878-1879. Mem 
of law firm of Booth. Keating. Peters & 
Pomerene. Socs. and clubs: Scioto Coun- 
trv Club: Columbus Auto Club; Colum- 
bus Club: Columbus Country Club: Co- 
lumbus Riding Club; Columbus Athletic 
Club: The Assembly; Ohio State and 
Franklin Co. Bar Assn.; Chamber of 
Commerce; Masons. Democrat. Author: 
"Law of Street Railways." Home address: 
Y> ndome Hotel. Columbus. O. 

BOOTH, JOHN HENRY, Attorney-Civil 
Engineer: born. Franklin Tp., Tusearawas 
Co.. O.. May 0. lS4n; sun <>f Edwin Booth 
and Susanna (W.-lty) Booth; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of New Philadelphia; Unir. of 
Michigan. College degrees: B. S.; M. S. 
Maiii.-.l, Mary A. O'Donnell, Sept. 30, 
ivr,s. Practiced law in Tuscarawas Co. 
sit:' Sept.. 1^68. Elected Justice Peace 
in l^xs and served 3 terms: now serving 
in that capacity. Served 7 yrs. as Co. 
.Surveyor. Was en~a--ccd on government 
survey on Green Bay. Mich, LS63-1865. 
' nl United to the naming of "Bum" Is- 
1-iinl. a made island in Grepn Bav. at 
the mouth of the Menominee River. Socs. 
and dul is: New Philadelphia Lodge, No. 
177, F. .V- A. M. Lutheran Church. Iloim- 
address: 403 West Ray St.. New Phila- 
delphia. O. 

BOOTH. LLOYD, Manufacturer: born, 
Youngstown, O., Nov. 30, 1SSS; son of 
Charles Herbert Booth and Harriet E. 
<Arms> Booth; educated: Hackle: 
Tai rytown, X. Y. ; Harvard Univ. College 
degrees: A. B. Married. Lauretta Thom- 
as, April 22, 1915. Entered upon business 
career as paymaster of Trumbull Steel 
Co.. Warren. O.: later. Asst. Treas.; then 

Treas., Trumbull Steel Co., 1915 . Dir. 

of the Mahoning Nat. Bank, Youngstown, 
O. Socs. and clubs: Youngstown Club; 
Youngstown Country Club; Harvard Club 
(Boston); Harvard Club (New Yorki. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 250 Scott 
St.. Warren, O. 

BOOTH, WALTER THOMAS, Banker; born, 
Jefferson Tp., Madison Co., O., April 14, 
1S70; son of James William Booth and 
Mary (Johnson) Booth; educated: Country 
Schs'. and West Jefferson High Sch. Mar- 
ried, Imogene Vent, May, 1897. Taught 
school, 1SSO-S2; deputy county clerk, 1S82- 
86: farmed, 1886-1889, when he became 
teller in London Exchange Bank, which 
position he retained until he became cash- 
ier in the Madison National Bank in 1913. 
Served 2 terms in City Council and 2 
terms as Mem. of the School Board. Socs. 
and clubs: Masons; I. O. O. F.: London 
Club. Methodist Episcopal. Mr. Booth is 
a very energetic and 'successful banker as 
well as farmer. Hnif address: R. D. 2, 
London, Ohio. 

BOPE, EDWARD VANCE, Attorney: born, 
Findlay, O., May 1^, iv.6; son of (Col.) 
James A. Bope and Martha J. (Meeks) 
Bope: educated: Findlay, O., public schools 
and high school: Kenyon Coll.. Gambier, 
O. ; Law Sch., Univ. Mich. College de- 
grees: B. A.; B. L. Married. Leila M. 
Ernest, June 25, 1902. Engaged in prac- 
tice law, Findlay. O.. 26 yrs. (was in part- 
nership with his father. Col. Bope. until 
his death in 1908). Dir. First Nat. Bank, 
Findlay, O.; general counsel Toledo. I:. idl- 
ing Green & Southern Traction Co.: in- 
terested and connected with number other 
financial and manufacturing institutions 
of Findlay. O. Has one son, James A. 
Bope. 12 yrs. old. Socs. and clubs: Beta 
Theta Pi: Findlay Lodge. 75. B. P. O. E. 
(Past Exalted Ruler"): Masonic Lodges of 
Findlay, O. ; Toledo Consistory (Masonic); 
Elks Club"; Country Club. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Findlay. O. 

BORDEN, GEORGE A. Director of Public 
Service of Columbus. O. ; born. Lebanon, 
Ohio. March 4. 1864; son of Joshua Bor- 
den and Mary Jane (Hays) Borden: edu- 
cated: public schools and National Normal 
Univ., Lebanon, O. Married, Frances J. 
Pliter. July 7. 1886. Was printer. News- 
paper Reporter, Clerk-in-Charge Ry. Mail 
Service; retail grocery store keeper; with 
Columbus State Hospital: Supt. of Street 



and Sewer Construction, Columbus, p., 2 
yrs. ; Mem. of Columbus City Council, 5 
yrs. ; Pres. of Columbus Bo.arti of Pur- 
chase; Clerk of Board of Elections, and is 
at present Director of Public Service, Co- 
lumbus. O. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree 
Mason; Shriner; W. O. W.; K. of P.; 
Eastern Star; Chamber of Commerce; 
Franklin Co. Democratic Club. Episcopal 
Church. Home address: 42 Winner Ave., 
Columbus. O. 

BORDEN, WALTER W., educator; born, 
Brink Haven. O.. Jan. 1C. 1880; son of 
Henry Borden and Hannah J. (Hyatt) 
Borden; educated: Brink Haven. O.. high 
school; Wooster Univ.; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. S. (in Education. O. 
S.). Married. Maud Bailey. Dec. 31. 1903. 
Teacher country schools; Supt. schools, 
Fredericktown, O. ; teacher, South High 
school, Columbus, O. ; Supt. public schools, 
Orrville, O., 1912-1916; Supt. schools, Bucy- 

i'us. O.. 1916 . Socs. and clubs: Odd 

Fellow; Mason. Disciple. Home address: 
Orrville, O. 

BORDERS, GEORGE L., Educator; born, 
Roundhead. Ohio. Dec. 27. 1884; son of 
William Borders and Rachel V. (Lyle) 
Borders; educated: Roundhead Tp. High 
Sch. ; Ohio Northern Univ.; Univ. of Chi- 
cago. College degrees: B. Ped. ; B. S. 
Married, Bernice F. Holdren, June. 1914. 
Taught in Roundhead and Belle Center, 
Ohio, Pub. Schs. ; Supt. of Sens., Bloom- 
ington, O.. 1912-1914; Supt. of Schs?., New 
Richmond, O., 1914 . United Presby- 
terian. Member of Masons. Democrat. 
Home address: New Richmond, O. 

versity Prof.; born. Belgium, 1870; son of 
Theodore P.orgerhoff and Elizabeth (Opt' 
Eynde) Borgerhoff; educated: Ecole Moy- 
enne. Loan; Ecole Normale de 1'Etat 
Bruges; Univ. of Brussels; Vanderbiit 
Univ.. Term.; Univ. of Wis.: Univ. of Chi- 
cago; Univ. of Paris. College degrees: 
M. A.. 1901: Ph. D.. 1913. Married. Eliza- 
beth Woodward Guerard. Sept. 16, 1903. 
Came to America in 1895. Naturalized, 
1911. Fellow and Assistant in Romance 
Languages, Vanderbiit Univ., 1900-1901; 
Asst. in Gertnanic Langs.. Univ. of Wis.. 
1901-1902; fellow in Romance Langs, and 
Asst. in Spanish. Univ. of Chicago, 1902- 
1903; Instr. Romance Langs., 1903-1906; 
Asso. Prof., 1906-10; Prof., 1910, Western 
Reserve Univ. Chevalier of the Crown of 
Belgium. Socs. and clubs: Modern Lang. 
Assn. of America: Univ. Club of Cleve- 
land. Author: LeTheatre Anglais a Paris 
sous la Restauration, 1912. Editor: Lau- 
rie's Memoires d'un Collegien ( \merican 
Book Co.), 19'08; Rostand's La Princesse 
Lointaine (Heath), 1909; France's Crime 
de Rylvestre Bonnard, 1917, D. C. Heath 
& Co. Contributor to scholarly maga- 
zines. Home address: 2020 E. 90th St., 
Cleveland, O. 

BORN, C. EDWARD, Banker; born. Colum- 
bus. O.. Feb. 3. 1S75; son of Jacob Born 
and Katharine P. (Jung) Born; educated: 
Grad. Central High Sch., Columbus, O. 
Married, Dorothy Muriel Newcomb, No- 
vember 15, 1906.' Mgr. Real Estate, In- 
vestments, Credits, of the Hosier Colum- 
bus Associated Breweries Co., 1905-1912: 
Pres. of The Central National Bank, 1912 
to the present time. Also Treas. of The 
Mykrantz Co. ; Vice Pres. of The R. L. 
Dollings Co., dealers in bonds and invest- 
ment securities. Socs. and clubs: Ath- 
letic Club; Elks; Marshalsea Club; Bis- 
marck Club. Home address: 160 S. Mon- 
roe Ave., Columbus, O. 

logian; born, Dundee, 111.; son of Frank 

S. Bosworth and Sarah (Hunt) Bosworth; 
educated: Oberlin Coll.; Yale Univ.; Univ. 
Leipzig; Athens, Greece. College degrees: 
A. B.; A. M.; B. D.; D. D. Married, Bertha 
McClure, Oct. 1, 1891. Ordained in Con- 
gregational ministry, 1886; pastor, Mt. 
Vernon, O., 1886-7; Prof. English Bible, 
1SS7-90; Prof. N. T. Lang, and Lit. 

1892 ; Dean, 1903-10; senior dean, 

1910 , Oberlin Teological Seminary, 

Oberlin, O. Author: Studies In the Acts 
and Epistles, 1898; Studies in the Teach- 
ing of Jesus and His Apostles, 1901; Stu- 
dies in the Life of Jesus Christ, 1904; 
New Studies in Acts, 19'08; Christ in 
Everyday Life, 1910. Home address: 
Oberlin. O. 

born, Chillicothe, O., Oct. 24, 187S; son of 
James Boulger and Caroline (Alberti) 
Boulger; educated: Pub. Schs. Married, 
Becky L. Laughlin. July 29. 1916. En- 
gaged in newspaper work. Studied and 
entered the practice of law in Chillicothe 
and now practicing in Columbus under 
firm name of Booth, Keating, Pomerene 
& Boulger. Mem. and Pres. of the Chilli- 
cothe Bd. of Education, serving 12 yrs. ; 
Asst. Atty. Gen. of Ohio under Gov. Cox's 
first administration; was. also clerk of 
the Chillicothe Bd. of Health. St. Mary's 
Catholic Church, Chillicothe, O. Home 
address, 52 N. 20th St., Columbus, O. 

BOUR, ROMANUS R., Real Estate Mer- 
chant; born. Tiffin O., Jan. 19. 1860; son 
of John Bour and Elizabeth (Swope) 
Bour; educated: Parochial School, High 
Sch., Tiffin, O. ; Heidelberg College. Mar- 
ried, Ida M. Strouse, May 14, 1884. En- 
tered County Auditor's office as clerk in 
1SS2, became deputy in 1883. serving 21 
yrs.; elected Co. Auditor, 1903, serving 
from Oct.. 1904 until Oct.. 1909; repre- 
sentative from Seneca Co. in Ohio Legis- 
lature. 1910-1914; has been engaged ex- 
tensively in the real estate business in 
Tiffin. O. since 1915. Socs. and clubs: 
Knights of Columbus. Catholic Church. 
Home address: 27 Jackson St., Tiffin, O. 

lege Professor; born. Peoria. Illinois, 
May 2. 1S70; son of Benjamin L. T. 
Bourland and Clara Elizabeth (Par- 
sons) Bourland; educated privately in 
Paris College Latin, Neuchatel. Swit- 
zerland; Royal Gymnasia, Wiesbaden, 
Germany; Univ of Mich.; Univ. of Vienna. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1889: A. M., 1890; 
Ph. D., 1897. Married, Gertrude L. Thay- 
er, June 18. 1902. Instr. in French, Univ. 
of Mich., 1892-5; student in Vienna, Paris, 
Florence, Madrid. Rome, 1895-8; Instr. in 
Romance Langs., 1898-9; Asst. Prof., 1899- 
1901, Univ. of Mich.; Asso. Prof. Romance 
Langs., Adelbert Col!, and Western Re- 
serve Univ.. 1901-3: Prof., since June of 
1903. Socs. and clubs. Secy., Treas. and 
Fellow of Rowfant Club Co.; Mem. Modern 
Lang. Assn. of America; Am. Philol. Assn.; 
Hispanic Soc. of Am.; Alpha Delta Phi; 
Phi Beta Kappa. Unitarian Church. 
Editor: Tellez's Don Gil de las Calzas 
Verdes. 1902; Alarcon's El Sombrero de 
Tres Picos. 1907: The Rimed Chronicle of 
the Cid, 1912. Home address: 11500 Euclid 
Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Prof.; born, E. Hamburg, N. Y., April 13, 
1862; son of James R. Bourne and Isabella 
G. (Staples) Bourne; educated: A. B., 
Yale Univ.. 1883; B. D.. 1887: (Hooker 
Fallow. 1887-8); L. H. D.. Marietta Coll. 
(Ohio) 1910. Married. Associate editor 
The Congregationalist, Boston. 1SSS-9; 
teacher history and psychology, Norwich, 
Conn.. Free Acad.. 18S9-1S92; Prof. His- 



tory. Coll. fur Women. Western Res. TV.-- 

Univ., 1892 . Author: The Teaching of 

History and Civics. 1902; Mediaeval and 
Modern History, 1905; Revolutionary 
Period in Europe, 1914; joint-author: In- 
troductory American History, 1912; His- 
tory U. S.. 1913. Editor: Lecky's French 
Revolution, 1904. Contributor to reviews. 
Home address: Western Reserve Univ., 
Cleveland, O. 

Journalist-Lecturer; born, New Canaan, 
Fairfield Co., Conn.; daughter of Dam>l 
\\Vt.b Bouton and Almira uSt. John) Bou- 
ton; educated: Eastern Priv. Sens.; San- 
dusky, O., High Sch. Teacher, High Schs. 
Milan, Tiffin and Toledo, O.; occupied 
chair Eng. Lit.. Central High Sch., Chi- 
cago, 111.; editorial writer, Toledo, O., 
Blade, until 1907; engaged in book, maga- 
zine work, lecturing, 1907 . Author: 

"Health and Beauty"; "Social Etiquette"; 
"Life's Gateways"; "Life Joyful." While 
engaged in newspaper work wrote for 
number of publications, for advancement 
of all movements for Woman's Progress, 
general, moral and spiritual good. Socs. 
and clubs: Woman's Bldg. Assn.; Political 
uUity League; Educational Club; First 
Emerson Class; Soro'sis; Writer's Club; 
Drama League. Christian Scientist. 
Home address: 2139 Glenwood Ave., To- 
ledo, O. 

born Cincinnati, O., Sept. 4, 1868; son of 
Daniel D. Bowdle and Ellen E. (Doran) 
Bowdle; educated: Pub. Schs.; served 
apprenticeship in machine shop. Cramp's 
Ship Yard. Philadelphia; LL. B.. Cincin- 
nati Law Sch., 1SS8. Married, Lillian 
Crane Scott. Nov. 29, 1900. Practiced 
law, Cincinnati, O.. except four years, 
on account of ill health, which spent in 
Mexico and Southwest; Mem. Ohio Constl. 
Convention, 1912; Mem. 63d Congress, 1st 
Ohio Dist. Democrat. Socs. and clubs: 
Literary Club of Cincinnati; Pres. Spanish- 
American Club. Episcopalian. Office: i'^ 
Gwynne Bldg., Cincinnati. O. 

BOWE, ALBERT P., Advertising Manager; 
born, Bradner, Wood Co., O., Jan. 30, 
1890; son of Carl Bowe and Margaret 
(Jacobs) Bowe; educated: High School, 
Bradner, O., Sheldon's Course of Business 
Building and Salesmanship. also at 
Printer's Composing Case. Printer for 7 
yrs. One year layout man and special 
service advertising man at The Penton 
Pub. Co., Cleveland, O. ; Advertising M.UT. 
of The Hydraulic Press Mfg. Co., Mt. 
Gilead, O.. at present. Socs. and clubs: 
F. & A. M.. 206. Mt. Gilead. O.; R. A. 
M.. No. 59. Mt. Gilead. O.; R. & S. M., 
No. 22. Marion, O.; Knights of Pythias, 
No. 195. Mt. Gilead. O.; Cleveland Typo- 
graphical Union, No. 53. Methodist Epis- 
copal. Home address: 82 S. Main St.. Mt. 
Gilead. Ohio. 

sity Prof.; born, Chili, N. Y., July 5, I860; 
son of Benj. Franklin Bowen and Marie 
Frances (Bangs) Bowen; educated: Univ. 
Rochester; student, Paris, Bonn, Rome, 
Madrid, 1885-87; Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1888. College degrees: A. B.; Ph. D. ; Litt. 
I >. Married, Grace Bowen King, June 21, 
1894. Prof, languages, New Windsor Coll., 
1-3; \-st. in French. Johns Hopkins, 
18S4-8; Prof. French and Latin. Bowdoin 
Coll. 1888-9; Prof. French Lang, and Lit., 
lsv.i-90; Romance Langs., 1890 ; Chair- 
man Grad. Sch., 1909-10, Ohio State Univ. 
Traveled in Europe, 1910-11. Author: In- 
troduction to Modern French Lyrics, 
1V 1: First Italian Readings. 1897; Cha- 
UMubriand's Atala and Rene. 1901: First 

Scientific French Reader, 1902; contribu- 
tor: Modern Lang. Notes, Dialect Notes, 
etc. Socs. and clubs: Modern Lang. 
Assn.. of Am.; Am. Philol. Assn.; Am. 
Dialect Soc. : Am. Assn. of Univ. Pro- 
fessors; Phi Beta Kappa; Sons Am. Rev. 
Congregationalism Home address: Ohio 
State Univ.. Columbus. O. 

BOWEN, CHARLES E., Banker; born, Lo- 
gan, O., Oct. 7, 1S:I9; son of Meade Bowen 
and Lucy (Drake) Bowen; educated: Lo- 
gan, O. Married, Lucy E. Rochester, Apr. 
5. 1877. Banker for 56 yrs. Pres. Natl. 
Bank. Logan. O. Socs. and clubs: F. & 
A. M., Logan Chapter No. 75; Hock-Hock- 
ing 1 Council No. 3'.': Lancaster<l- 
ery No. 2. Knights Templar. .Mm. of 
First Presbyterian Church of Logan since 
1856; elder for 18 yrs. Home adress: Lo- 
gan. Ohio. 

BOWERS, LONDES M., Attorney; born. 
Crane Twp., Wyandot Co.. O.; son of 
John S. Bowers and Mary <^\ <\\<-ri j low- 
ers; educated: Ohio Normal Univ., Ada, 
O. Married. Emma L. Pfeifer. Dec. 8, 
1897. Admitted to Ohio bar. 1S93; en- 
gaged in active practice of law, Upper 

Sandusky, O.. 1893 . Elected Probate 

Judge, Wyandot Co.. O.. 1894-1897. Socs. 
and clubs: F. & A. M. ; Modern Woodmen 
of Am. Presbyterian. Home adclr- s.--: 
380 W. Wyandot Ave., Upper Sandusky, 

BOWERS, WALTER J., Business Man; 
born, McKean Twp., Licking Co., O., May 
2."., 1876; son of William Bowers and Mary 
J. (Ferguson) Bowers; educated: public 
schools, Newark, O. Married, Laura Land, 
April 6, 1899. Bookkeeper, Asst. Mgr., Dir. 
and now Secy.-Treas. The Advocate Print- 
ing Co. Newark, O. Socs. and clubs: Dir. 
Chamber of Commerce; Mem. Publicity 
and Conv. Bureau of same; Ohio Printers' 
Fed.; Ben Franklin Club, Columbus, Ohio; 
Acme Lodge F. & A. M., 554, Newark, O.; 
Warren Chapter. R. A. M.. No. tj; Blse- 
low Council No. 7. R. & S. M.; Newark 
Lodge, 623, I. O. O. F. ; Mt. Olive Encamp. 
No. 12. I. O. O. F. Home address: L'uO 
Elmwood Ave.. Newark. O. 

born, Sonora, O., May 28. 1854; son of 
Nicholas J. C. Bowers and Margaret Eliz- 
abeth (Conrade) Bowers; educated: Mt. 
Union Coll.; Columbia Univ. College de- 
grees: Ph. B.; Ph. M. (Mt. Union). Mar- 
ried, Gertrude O'Neal, Aug. 20, 1884. Supt. 
Schs., East Palestine, O.. 1 yr. ; Roseville, 
O., 3 yrs.; Prin. High Sch., Barne'sville, 
O., 14 yrs.; Supervisory Prin., Miller Sch., 
Akron, O., 8% yrs.; Supt. Schs.. Zanes- 
ville, O.. 7% yrs. (1910-1917). Served as 
city school examiner Barnesville and 
Zanesville. O. Socs. and clubs: K. P.; 
Church SOPS. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: 943 Maple Ave., Zanesville, O. 

Judge; born, Fayette Co., Pa., Feb. 22, 
1874; son of George D. Bowers and Caro- 
line (Hertzog) Bowers; educated: public 
schools; State Normal, California, Pa.; 
Hiram Coll. Married, B. Hazel Hogan, 
July 8, ly'irt. Came to McGuffey. O., and 
engaged in agriculture, specializing- on 
onion growing, became a flourishing and 

extensive business, 1895 . Elected 

mayor, village McGuffey. p.. two terms; 
elected probate judge Hardin Co., O., 1908- 
1912; re-elected to judgeship, 1912 
(Feb. 8. 1917.) Received highest vote of 
any county candidate. Socs. and clubs: 
Scottish Rite Consistory, Toledo, O.; Zenp- 
bia Shrine. Toledo. O.; K. T.: Council; 
Chapter; Blue Lodge; Travelers; Elk 
(Kenton Bodies). Meni!><-r Church Christ. 



Home address: 207 N. Main St., Kenton, 


Judge; born. St. Joseph Twp., Williams 
Co., O.. Oct. 16. 1S46; son of John W. 
Bowersox and Mary J. (Breckenridge) 
Bowersox; educated: public schools; Ot- 
terbein Univ., Westerville, O. College de- 
grees: A. M. Married, Laura Alice Jar- 
vis, June 10. 1875. Spent early youth in 
fanning, singing master, teacher public 
schools. Prof, music (vocal), Otterbein 
Univ.; Supt. public schools, Edgerton, O., 
1874-6; elected probate judge, Williams 
Co.. O.. 1875; editor Bryan Press, 1S77-S; 
appointed judge, Common Pleas Court, 
"Williams Co.. O., 1884; and elected Nov., 
1916, to same office for term of six 
years; Pres. Farmers Nat. Bank; First 
Nat. Bank, Montpelier; Edon State Bank; 
Edgerton State Bank; also Pres. number 
manufacturing enterprises; actively en- 
gaged in practice law, Bryan, O., 1879- 
1916; elected member State Legislature, 
1SS2-3. arid 1908. Pres. Otterbein Univ., 
1890-92. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Lodge. 
United Brethren, Presbyterian. Republi- 
can. Home address: 225 East High St., 
Bryan, O. 

BOWMAN, BORDER, Attorney; born, 
Springfield. O.. Jan. 11. 1869; son of Sam- 
uel A. Bowman and Adeline (Ogden) 
Bowman; educated: public schools, Law- 
renceville. N. Y.; Harvard Univ.. 1S91. 
College degrees: A. B. . Married, Mary 
Cooper Proudfit. Jan. 19. 1904. Admitted 
to Ohio bar. 1S93; engaged in practice law, 
member firm. Staley & Bowman, Spring- 
field. O. Presbyterian. Home address: 
1804 East High St., Springfield. O. 

man; born. Bartlett, Washington Co., O., 
July 21. 1879; son Thomas Bowman and 
Malissa (Emmons) Bowman; educated: 
Pub. Schs., Bartlett. O.; Ohio Univ., 
Athens, O.; Ohio Wes. Univ.. Delaware, 
O. College degrees: B. A., 1904; M. A., 
1910. Married, Lena Gage. Oct. 26. 1904. 
Ordained and admitted Ohio Conference 
M. E. Church. 1904; pastor: Guysville, 
1904-06; Iliffs & Rehoboth, 1906-08; Rose- 
vine, 1908-1913; Shawnee, 1913-1916. Socs. 
and clubs: F. & A. M., Bartlett, 293; 
Lodge 606. K. P. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: Shawnee. O. 

BOWMAN. D. W., Common Pleas Judge, 
Darke Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. Home 
address: Greenville. O. 

born. Cleveland. O., Oct. 15, 1SSO; son of 
Israel Tennes Bowman and Harriet 
(Stillman) Bowman; educated: Cornell 
Univ., A. B., 1902. Married, Amy Mullins, 
April 20, 1911. Sec. The George H. Bow- 
man Co.. Cleveland, O. Socs. and clubs: 
University Club; Athletic Club; Alpha 
Delta Chi (N. Y.). Home address: 1806 
East 90th St.. Cleveland O. 

BOWMAN, FRANK ARTHUR, Editor; born. 
Lisbon, O., June 28, 1869; son of Alexander 
Bowman and Anna E. (Marratta) Bow- 
man; educated: public schools; Paines- 
ville, O.. Academy. Married, Charlotte 
Gunn, April 29. 1895. Entered newspaper 
office. 1885. Editor of Bowman's Week- 
lies. Cleveland, O. Socs. and clubs: I. O. 
O. F.; L. O. O. M.: I. T. U. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 808 East 152d 
St., Cleveland. O. 

BOWMAN, JENNIE, Educator; born, Leip- 
sic. O., 1871: daughter of Martin Bowman 
and Ann (Hull) Bowman; educated: Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Newcomers School of Ex- 
pression. College degrees: Master of Ora- 

tory. Unmarried. Instr. in Lima Coll., 
1904-1907; Ohio Northern Univ., 1907-1912. 
Has given over six hundred public enter- 
tainments as a public reader. Member 
Christian Church. Politically a Democrat. 
Home address: 401 W. Lima St., Ada, O. 

BOWMAN, JOHN BRADY, C9llege Dean; 
born, on farm near Robertsville. O.. Oct. 
5. 1865; son of Jonathan Bowman and 
Eliza Jane (Kelley) Bowman; educated: 
rural school. ; Mt. Union Acad. College 
degrees: A. B., 1892; A. M.. 1903. Mt. Union 
Coll. Married, Hattie May Wert, Aug. 
10, 1892 (died, 1899); 2nd, Nellie Mae Whit- 
ney. June 26. 1901. Taught Latin and 
Math.. Volant Coll.. 1892-96; Pres., Mt. 
Hope Coll., 1896-98; Math, and Edn., North 
East Ohio Normal Coll.. 1898-99: Pres., 
North East Ohio Normal Coll. 1899-1902; 

Prof, of Edn.. Mt. Union Coll., 1902 ; 

dean, Mt. Union Coll., 1912; Bursar, 
Mt. Union Coll.. 1908-12; Secy, of Faculty, 
1908 ; Pres. Epworth League, New Cas- 
tle Dist.. M. E. Church, 1894-95; Alliance 
Bd. of Examiner. 1906-14; vice chairman 
Stark County Dry Federation; chairman, 
Alliance Dry Federation. 1914-15. Socs. 
and clubs: Alpha Tau Omega; Ohio State 
Teachers' Assn.; Natl. Educational Assn.; 
A. A. A. S.; Nat. Geog. Soc. ; Alliance 
Chamber of Commerce; Wranglers' Club; 
Mem. of Alliance McKinley Club. Repub- 
lican. Methodist-Episcopal. M. E. Sun- 
day School Supt., 1890-92; 1894-96; 1S97-9S; 

1903-09; 1913 . Home address: 602 

State St.. Alliance. O. 

BOWMAN, ORION E., Attorney; born, near 
New Lebanon. O.. Oct. 27. 1879; son of 
Rev. John J. Bowman and Catherine 
(Billheimer) Bowman; educated: Ohio 
Northern Univ.. Ada. O.; Jacob's Business 
Univ.. Dayton. O.; American School Law, 
Chicago 111. Married. Delia M. Newsock, 
June 1, 1902. Prin. Arlington Sch., Day- 
ton. O.. 7 yrs. (now known as Jackson 
Sch.); Dep. clerk to probate Judge, Mont- 
gomery Co., O., 8 yrs.; 1912, organized and 
promoted The West Dayton Commercial 
Savings Bank. Dayton. O., and Secy, and 

Atty., 1916 . Member Dem. County 

Central Com., 1909-11; general Secy. Sun- 
day schools, of The Brethren Church. 
Candidate for probate judge. 1916. Socs. 
and clubs: Jefferson Club (organized and 
first president) ; Frat. Lodge 510 I. O. 
O. F. ; Frat. Encampment, I. O. O. F. ; 
Galilee Rebecca Lodge. The Brethren 
(Dunkard). Home address: 2701 West 
Third St.. Dayton, O. 

BOWMAN, SHADRACH W., Attorney; born, 
Leipsic, O.. Feb. 20, 1876; son of John C. 
Bowman and Eliza A. (Wolf) Bowman; 
educated: Tri-State Normal College, law 
department, Ohio State Univ. Married, 
Blanche "Wood. Dec. 25. 1893. Teacher, 
public schools. 1893-1900; county recorder, 
Wood Co.. O., 1901-1907; admitted to bar, 
1909; practicing attorney-at-law, Bowling 
Green. O. Mayor, Bowling Green, Ohio, 

1915 . Socs and clubs: F. & A. M.; B. 

P. O. E.; K. P.: I. O. O. F, Home ad- 
dress: Bowling Green. O. 

cist; born. Bucyrus, O., Aug. 20. 1S76; 
son of William Moffett Bowman and Sarah 
(Hamilton) Bowman; educated: Bucyrus 
and Toledo. O. Unmarried. Began his 
profession as pharmacist in Toledo. O., 
1S94; physician and nurses' supplies. 1898; 
now of The Rupp & Bowman Co., 319 Su- 
perior St, Toledo, O. ; Pres. Ohio State 
Pharmaceutical Assn., 1914. Socs. and 
clubs: Am. Phar. Assn.; Am. Pub. Health 
Assn.; Toledo Commerce Club; Ohio 
Pharm. Assn.; F. & A. M. Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: Kenilworth 
Drive. Toledo. Ohio. 



born, near St. Paul, i >., March 11. 
SMU (.!' .Mifhael Bowniirki-r and Eliza 
(Adams) Bownocker; educated: Ohio State 
Univ.; I'niv. of Chicago; Yale Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: B. Sc.; D. Sc. Married, 
Anna K. Flint. June 12. 1911. Principal 
high school. Martins' Ferry. O.. 1889-1892; 
it. Geol. Surveyor of Ohio. 1892; New 
Jersey. 1893. In various positions. Ohio 

State Univ., 1895 ; Prof. Inorganic Geol. 

and Curator of O. S. U. Museum. 1902 
Asst. Geologist, Geological Survey of Ohio, 

1900-1906. State Geologist, 1906 . Has 

published several bulletins on the Geology 
of Ohio and numerous shorter papers. 
Socs. and clubs: Chi Phi; Sigma Xi; fel- 
low American Assn. for the Advancement 
of Science; fellow Geological Soc. of Am.; 
Hun. Mem. Natural Gas Soc. of America; 
Ohio Acad. of Science. Home address: 185 
15th Ave.. Columbus. O. 

BOYCE, LESTER SMITH, Clergyman; born, 
Delaware. O.; son of . William Boyce and 
Sarah Jane (Bell) Boyce; educated: Ohio 
\Ves. Univ.: Princeton tlniv. ; Princeton 
Theological Seminary. College degrees: 
A. B. (1SS4), O. W. U.; D. D. (1909). 
Wooster Tniv. Married, Grace M. Busby, 
May 1, 1889. Pastor, First Presbyterian 
Ch., Alinon<i. N. V.. 1887-89; .Home Mis- 
sionary in Nebraska, 1889-94; pasior, First 
Presby. Ch., Hiawatha, Kan.. 1895-1899; 
pastor, First Presbyterian Ch., Newark, 
O., iviii-r.iOG; pastor. First Presbyterian 
Ch. Findlay, O., 1906-1911; pastor. Park 

Presbyterian Ch., Dayton, O., 1911 -. 

Socs. and clubs: (Pres.) Dayton Church 
Federation, 1914-1916; Executive Secretary 
Dayton Church Federation, 1917 . Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 130 Richmond 
Ave.. Dayton. O. 

BOYD, JAMES PETER, Physician; born, 
Wimbledon, England Dec. 9, 1850; son of 
James Boyd and Mary Ann (Ruel) Boyd; 
educated: Union School, Jamestown, N. 
Y. ; Ann Arbor. Mich. College degrees: 
Ph. C.; M. D. Married, Marie A. Partridge, 
March 20. 1879. Spent one year in th 
Long Island College Hospital. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Removed to Akron in Sept. of 1S76. 
Socs. and clubs: Masonic Orders; Am. 
Med. Assn.; State Med. Assn.; District 
Med. Soc.; County Soc.; Cleveland Acad. 
of Med. St. Paul's Church. Home ad- 
dress: 239 W. Market St.. Akron. O. 

BOYD, ROBERT WILSON, Banker; born, 
London. O., Oct. 4. 1864; son of Robert 
Boyd and Caroline (Wilson) Boyd; edu- 
cated: High Sch. of London, O. ; O. W. U. ; 
Duffs Mercantile Coll. of Pitts-burg. Spent 
several years in a clerical position prior 
to 1893. when he entered the London Ex- 
change Bank where he has since remained. 
Deputy Co. Treas.. 1886-1892, Madison Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Masons, Aladdin Shrine, 
Columbus, O. ; K. of P.; I. O. O. F. : Lon- 
don Club. London. O. Methodist Episco- 
pal. Home address: 160 Elm St., London, 

President; born' Allegheny, Pa., March S, 
1862; son of Rev. Joseph Reed Boyd and 
Martha J. (McGonagle) Boyd; educated: 
Lancaster, O. public schools; Muskingum 
Coll. (1 yr.): Marietta. O.. College (4 yrs.). 
College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; Ped. D. 
Teacher, Grammar Sohs., Cambridge, O., 
1 yr. ; Priri. Crawfls Institute, Lancaster, 
O., 3 yrs.; Prin. high school. Marietta, O., 
1 yr. ; Supt. Schs.. Martetta. O.. 7 yrs.; 
Supt. Schs.. Painesyille. O., 4 yrs.; high 
school inspector, Ohio State Univ., 5 yrs.; 
dean College Education, Ohio State Univ., 
7 yrs.; Pres. Western College for Women, 

Oxford, O., 1914 ; Member Ohio Stat 

Bd. School Examiners 1897-1902. SOCB. 

and clubs: Cincinnati, O., Business Men's 
Club; Cincinnati School Masters' Club; 
Ohio Teachers' Assn.; National Educa- 
tional Assn. Presbyterian. Author of 
"Government and Civil Institutions of 
Ohi" . " 1 Ionic address: Oxford, O. 
Clergyman; born, Kilnaleek Co., Covan, 
Ireland; son of Mathew Boylan and Mar- 
c-flla i I 1 .. 'ally) Bnylan; educated: Patrick 
Boylan, head master (uncle), National 
School; Brady's Classical School: St. 
Augustine's Coll.; St. Joseph's. Troy, N. 
Y.; St. John's Univ.. Minn. Prof. Latin 
and History. St. Bonaventure's Coll., Al- 
legheny, N. Y.; ordained priest by Bishop 
Rosecrahs. in Columbus. O., 1S7~>: pastor 
Catholic Churches. New Straitsville and 
Corning. O. ; rector St. Francis De Sales, 
Newark. O., 1902 ; publisher and edi- 
tor "The Synoptic"; author 5 pamphlets 
and numerous newspaper articles. Au- 
thor: Drama in 5 acts, "The Rebels," 
founded on the life and times of Robert 
Emmett; Christmas Cantata; poems soon 
to be published in book form. Roman 
Catholic. Home address: St. Francis De 
Sales Church. Newark. O. 

Engineer; born, Ashtabula, O., April 10, 
1861; son of Lyman Boynton and Mary 
(Shepard) Boynton; educated: common 
schools and Grand River Inst., Austinburg. 
O. Married, Katie Crowell, May 5, 1886. 
Pres. city council, Ashtabula, O., 1912-13; 
Vice Pres. Charter Commission, 1914. To 
Mr. Boynton's persistent efforts and en- 
thusiasm is due the proportional repre- 
sentation feature of the City Charter of 
Ashtabula. O. Socs. and clubs: Brother- 
hood of Locomotive Engrs.; Am. Propor- 
tional Rep. League. Presbyterian. Home 
address: 324 West, Ashtabula, O. 

Clergyman; born, near St. Johns, O., Sept. 
16, 1868; son of Reuben Brackney and 
Samantha J (Lusk) Brackney; educated: 
country schools Auglaize Co., O.; Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ.; Boston 
Sch. Theology. College degrees: A. B., 
1894; S. T. B., 1899; A. M., 1907; D. D., 
1909. Married. Erne May Howe, June 21', 
1894. Ordained in M. E. ministry, 1894; 
pastor. York, O.. 1894-1895; Harpster, O., 
1895-1897; Glendale Ch., Everett, Mass.. 
1898-9; Waterville, O., 1899-1900; Wauseon, 
O.. 1900-1902: First Ch.. Ada. O., 1902-4; 
First Ch.. Marysville. O.. 1904-1907; Dist. 
Supt.. Delaware Dist.. Central Ohio Con- 
ference, 1907-12; pastor, First Ch., Kenton, 

O.. 1912 . Trustee, Flower Deaconess 

Home and Hospital, 1912 ; Sec. Conf. 

Bd. Trustees, West-Ohio Conf., 1913 ; 

ministerial delegate from West-Ohio Conf. 
to General Conf. of M. E. Church, Sara- 
toga Springs, N. Y., 1916. Home address: 
Kenton. Ohio. 

BRADEN, JAMES ANDREW, Author: born. 
Gtreensburg, O., July 10, 1872; son of 
James Braden and Miriam (Cory) Braden; 
educated: public schools. Married, Rosalie 
M. Flohr. Aug. 1. 1894. Journalist; General 
Agent Northern Ohio Traction & Liuht 

Co.. Akron, O.. 1915 . Author: Far 

Past the Frontier. 1902: Connecticut Boys 
In the Western Reserve. 1903; Captives 
Three. 1P04; The Trail of the Seneca. 1907; 
The Auto Bor=. 1908; The Auto Boy's 
Outing. 1909: The Auto Boy's Quest. 1910; 
The Auto Boy's Camp. 1911; The Auto 
Boy's Bic Six. 1913. Socs.- and clubs: Ro- 
tary Club. Episcooalian. Home address: 
Akron. O. 

ist: born, near Cedarville, O.. Jan. 21, 
1862: son of David Bradfute and Martha 
E. (Collins) Bradfute; educated: Xenia 



TD. Schs.: Clifton High Sch. : Blooming- 
ton (Ind.) Hig-h Sch.; Indiana Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B. (1884). .Married. Jen- 
nie M. Collins. April 10. 1890. President, 
CedarVille Telephone Co.. Cedarville. O., 
1910 . Has delivered many lectures on 
live stock subjects before college students 
of U. S. A breeder of fancy cattle; owner 
of the famous prize winning Aberdeen- 
Angus herd of cattle; served as president 
of live stock organizations, both state and 
national; on executive to organize Inter- 
national Live Stock Show of Chicago, Dir. 

of same. 1900 ; Trustee Ohio Agricul. 

Experiment Station. 1902-5; trustee Ohio 

State Univ.. 190'5 ; trustee Greene Co. 

Children's Home. 1912 ; trustee Cedar- 
ville Coll. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: Pres. 

Am. Aberdeen-Angus Assn.; Cedarville 
Community Betterment Club; Phi Delta 
Theta. United Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: Route 5. Xenia. O. 

BRADLEY, ALICE (Mrs. Arthur), Music 
Critic; born, Chicago, 111.; daughter of 
John Parker Il'sley and Susan (Porter) 
Ilsley; educated: private schools, Philadel- 
phia. Married, Arthur Bradley, 1891. 
Editor: music department, Cleveland. O., 
papers; correspondent from Cleveland of 
Musical America; chairman Extension 
Section. Fortnightly Musical Club. Uni- 
tarian. Home address: 2081 East 36th 
St.. Cleveland. O. 

born. Bangkok, Siam. March 17. 1857; son 
of Dan Beach Bradley and Sarah 
(Blachly) Bradley: educated: A. B.. Ober- 
lin. 1882; Grad. Theol. Sch. same. 1885; 
(D. D.. Yarrktbn Coll.. S. D.. 1892; Cornell 
Coll.. la.. 1904; Oberlin Coll.. 1908). Mar- 
ried Lillian J. Jaques, July 9. 1883. 
Ordained Congregational ministry, 1885; 
acting Pres. Yankton Coll.. 1889-1892; 
pastor First Cong. Church. Grand Rapids, 
Mich.. 1S92-1902: Pres. Iowa Coll.. 1902-5; 
pastor Pilgrim Congl. Ch., Cleveland. O.. 

1906 . Mem. Chamber of Commerce. 

Socs. and clubs: Colonial (Grand Rapids). 
Home address: 2905 W. 14th St.. Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 

Writer; born, Kinderhook, Mich., April 12, 
1884; son of Albert C. Bradley and Ada 
B. (Smith) Bradley; educated: Di<st. Sch., 
Kinderhook. Mich.; High Sch., Coldwater, 
Mich. ; Univ. of Michigan. College de- 
grees: A. B.; A. M. ; Ph. D. Married, 
Mae E. Clark. Jan. 1. 1907. From July 
to December of 1907 was engaged in 
private business in Watonga. Oklahoma; 
Dec.. 1907 to Sept., 1909, in Auditing Dept. 
of the Santa Fe R. R. at Topeka. Kansas. 
Taught history in the Leavenworth, Kans., 
High Sch., 1909-10; Prin. of the High Sell, 
of Newton. Kans.. 1910-12: graduate stu- 
dent In the Univ. of Mich.. 1912-1915; 
Instr. in Univ. of Mich.. 1912-16; Asst. 
Prof, of History, and Acting Prof, of Eng- 
lish. Toledo Univ.. 1916 . Socs. and 

clubs: Kansas Historical Soc. Associate 
editor and special contributor to Santa 
Fe Magazine, 1909 . Author of numer- 
ous magazine articles and three books: 
"Winning the Southwest," 1912; "The 
Story of the Pony Express." 1913: "His- 
tory of the Santa Fe Railroad." not yet 
off the press. Address: Toledo Univ. To- 
ledo. Ohio. 

turer; born. Ashland, O., Feb. 4. 1853; son 
of Horatio Strong Bradley and Sarah M. 
(Patterson) Bradley; educated: public 
schools; Ohio Wes. Univ. (Delaware. O.). 
College degrees: B. A. Married. Nannie 
Gileen, 1881. One organizers. Secy. The 
Foo's Mfg. Co.; organizer, Pres. Lagxmda 

Mfg. Co., Springfield, O.; Dir. Springfield 
Nat. Bank; one of the organizers and 
new Pres. of Provident Savings & Loan 
Assn.; trustee City Hospital, 9 yrs.; trus- 
tee Ohio Wes. Univ. Socs. and clubs: 
Sigma Chi Frat. ; Mem. and Dir. Lagonda 
Club; Commercial Club; Country Club. 
Trustee High St. M. E. Church. Home 
address: 1576 E. High St., Springfield, O. 

born. Kent. O., Jan. 27, 1864; daughter of 
Henry G. Bradley and Sybil J. (Alexan- 
der) Bradley; educated: Kent Pub. Schs.; 
Buchtel Coll.. Akron. O. ; Univ. of Michi- 
gan. College degrees: M. D.. Univ. of 
Michigan. Unmarried. Asst. Phys. and 
Pathologist, Columbus State Hosp., 1899- 
1908: Asst. Phys.. Friends Hosp., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. 1908-11; general practice, 

1911 . Akron. O. Socs. and clubs.: A. 

M. A.: Am. Medico-Psychological Soc.; 
Ohio State Med. Assn.; Natl. Med. Wom- 
en's Assn.; Ohio Suffrage Assn. Presby- 
terian Church. Home address: 729 Sec- 
ond National Bldg.. Akron, O. 

BRADSHAW, MARION W., Attorney; born, 
Satillo. O.. April 10. 1S75: son of Francis 
M. Bradshaw and Mary Jane (White) 
Bradshaw; educated: New Lexington (O.) 
High Sch.; B. L., Valparaiso Coll.. Val- 
paraiso. Ind. Married. Effie V. Jaynes. 
Aug. 2. 1909. School teacher. Pub. Schs., 
Perry Co., O.. 8 yrs.; practiced law. 12 
yrs., Shawnee, Perry Co., O.; Mayor, 
Shawnee. O.. Jan. 1. 1914. to Jan. 1. 1916; 
Pres. Bd of Edn., Shawnee Village Sch. 
Dist.. Shawnee, O., Jan. 1, 1913. to Jan. 
1. 1917. Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. F. (Noble 
Grand); K. of P.; Mason. Methodist- 
Episcopal. Home address: Shawnee, 
Perry Co.. O. 

ney; age. S2 yrs.; son of (Rev.) Stephen 
Ingall's Bradstreet and Anna Dana (Smith) 
Bradstreet; educated: Western Reserve 
Univ.; Yale Univ. College degrees: B. A.; 
M. A. Married. Minerva D. Fraisse. who 
died. 1S67; 2nd, Harriet B. Herrick. 1883. 
Began practice of law as member of firm 
of Ferguson, Long & Bradstreet; two yrs. 
later associated with Henry Snow, attor- 
ney, as Snow & Bradstreet; now practic- 
ing alone. Member of Board of Educa- 
tion several years and assisted in estab- 
lishing Cincinnati Public Library; as- 
sisted in founding the Associated Chari- 
ties in Ohio, and was president of same. 
A founder of Humane Society and served 
as Dir. of the Assn.. 36 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: Queen City Club; Church Club; 
Yale Club; Cincinnati Gymnasium; Trus- 
tee Kilwinning Chapter, R. A. M., of Cin- 
cinnati; Warden of Holy Trinity Church, 
Hartwell; 20 yrs. Supt. of Sunday School 
of St. Paul Church; one of the founders 
of Cincinnati Vigilance Soc. and a life di- 
rector of the American Bible Soc. of New 
York; Pres. of Cincinnati Bible Society; 
Vice Pres. Home of the Friendless. Home 
address: Parkway Ave. (Hartwell). Cin- 
cinnati. O. 

BRAMELY, M. F., Contractor; Pres. Cleve- 
land Trinidad Paving Co. Home address: 
Harbor View Road. Cleveland. O. 
BRAND, JOHN FRANCIS. Insurance Man; 
born. Champaign Co.. O.. June 18. 1S4^: 
son of (Maj.) Joseph C. Brand and La- 
vinia (Talbott) Brand: educated; Urbana 
Pub. Schs.; Urbana Univ. Married. Fan- 
nie Patrick. Dec. 1. 1S70. Early in 1S64 
became clerk in the subsistence depart- 
ment of U. S. army, resigning at the 
close of the war. In grocery business a 
number of years and from 1869 to 1879 
was connected with the Urbana Citizen 
& Gazette, rising from compositor to man- 



ager. Tn ISSfi became iin-mlx-r of firm of 
W. H. Mai'vin & Co.. wholesale grocers. 
For many years he was a director of the 
Western Mutual Fire Insurance Co.. Ur- 
bana, and also served as general manager. 
He wais recently elected president of the 
company which position he now holds. 
Also a director of the Champaign Nat. 
Hank.: Tin- \V. II. Marvin Co.. and the 
Urbana Telephone Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Harmony Lolge No. X. F. ,^- A. M.: R. A. 
M.: u.iper Commandery. No. 19. K. T. ; 
32d degree Scottish Rite. Member Grace 
M. E. Ch., Urbana. O. Home address: 
135 West Reynolds St.. Urbana, O. 

rian; born, Germantown, O., Jan. 13, 1880; 
son of Richard B. Brandenburg and Emily 
A. (Cooper) Brandenburg; eduea'-il 
country schools; Miami Univ.; Chicago 
Univ.; Univ. of Illinois. College degrees: 
A. B.. Miami. 1904; Ph. M.. Chicago, 1909. 
Married. Margaret Johnston, Aug. 5, 1907. 
Teacher of history, Franklin, O., and Day- 
ton, O., high schools, 1904-190S: student. 
Univ. of Illinois Library School 1908-09; 
librarian. Miami Univ.. 1909; Prof, of 

economics. 1913 . Socs. and clubs: 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Amer. Library Assn.; Ohio 
Libra rv Assn.; Amer. Hist. Assn.; Amer. 
EC. Assn. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Oxford. O. 

ance Man; born. Marion. Ind., Dec. 11, 
1858; son of Rev. Thomas A. Brandon and 
Susannah (McCullough) Brandon; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs. Lebanon, Yellow Springs, 
Williamsport, Bellefontaine, Dayton and 
J;imestown, Ohio., and Union City, Ind. 
Married. Josephine S. Archard, Sept. 18, 
1877. School teacher in Darke Co. O.; 
bookkeeper at Bellefontaine, O.; book and 
stationery business, Bellefontaine, O.; 
agent Union Central Life Ins. Co., Green- 
ville, O.. and Dayton. O.; agent Plwenix 
Life Ins. Co., Dayton. O.; agent. Reliance 
Life Ins. Co.. Columbus. O.; in 1906-1908, 
organized The Columbus Mutual Life Ins. 
Co., and has been its president since. 
Member First Church of Christ, Scientist, 
Columbus. O. Mr. Brandon has always 
displayed great energy and executive 
ability in conducting his affairs, and 
stands high in business circles. Home ad- 
dress: 1220 Madison Ave., Columbus, O. 

born, York Springs, Pa., Aug. 9, 1865; son 
of John Calvin Brandon and Mary Braid- 
ing (Ewing) Brandon; educated: Univ. of 
Mich.; Univ. of Parrs, France; Docteur 
D'Universite. College degrees: A. B., 
1888; A M... 1897. Married, Charlotte Tay- 
lor. June 11. 1901. Latin master, Carthage. 
Mo.. 1889-1893; Instr. in French. Univ. of 
Mich.. 1895-6 and 1S97-S: fellow in Ro- 
mance Langs., Univ. of Mo., 1896-7; Prof. 

Romance Langs., Miami Univ. 1898 ; 

Vice Pres.. 1908 ; dean, 1912 ; acting 

Pres.. 1909-10. Miami Univ. Mem. Civic 
League of Oxford. O. Socs. and clubs: 
Modern Lang. Assn. of Am.; Am. Assn. 
of Univ. Professors: Modern Lang. Assn. 
of Ohio: Pan-Amer. Soc. of the IT. S. : 
Phi Beta Kappa: Mason. Presbyterian 
Church. Independent. Cor. Mem. Span- 
ish-Am. Athenaeum, Washington. Au- 
thnr: Robert Estienne et le dicionnaire 
francnis an XVI Siecle, 1904; Latin Amer- 
ican Universities. 1912. Editor: La Tulipe 
Noire, 1899; Monte Cristo. 1900. Special 
Commr. of Pan-Am. Union to visit and 
report in Instns. of higher learning in 
Latin America. 1911-12. Home address: 
Oxford. O. 

born, Union City, O.. Sept. S. 1S79; son 

of C. W. Brandon and Josephine < Ar- 
chord) Brandon; educated: Steele High 
School. l>.!.vt<>n. O. Unmarried. Writer 
for Dayton. O.. Herald, 1S97-1S99; Dayton, 
O., Journal, 1S99-1902; writer and head of 
various departments, Ohio State Journal, 

Columbus. O.. 1902 . Also city editor 

of Ohio State Journal. Socs. and clubs: 
Scottish Rite Mason; Shriner; Athletic 
Club of Columbus; Scioto Country Club; 
Columbus Riding Club. Home address: 
1220 Madison Ave.. Columbus, O. 

BRANE. COMMODORE I. B.. Editor; born. 
Frederick. Md.. Dec. 25. 1848; son of 
Henry Brane and Margaret (Lauman) 
Brane; educated: public schools. Married, 
Clara M. Hartp. Feb. 19. 1885. Pastor: St. 
Paul's Ch., Hagerstown, Md., 1SS6-1S90; 
Washington. D. C.. Memorial Ch.. 1S90-3; 
Lebanon. Pa.. Trinity Ch.. ! 
Reading. Pa., Otterbein Ch.. 1905-1908; 
associate editor, Telescope, 1909 , Day- 
ton, O. ; presiding elder, 1885-6; Sec. Ch. 
Erection Soc.. 1893; delegate to Gen. Conf., 
1889, 1893. 1905. 1909. United Brethren. 
Home address: 6 Dayton Ave.. Dayton. O. 

BRANSON. ALAN R., Editor; born. Well- 
ington. O.. Oct. 24. 1SS6: son of E. C. 
Branson and Caroline (Rocduli Hninson; 
educated: Wellington, O.; Uberlin I'-iL-uc. 
Married. Alberta Knowlton, June 16. 1910. 
Clerk Bd. Pub. Office; clerk Twp. ; Deputy 
Tax Collector; for Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Mason. Home address: 91S West Ave., 
Elyria. O. 

Surgeon; born, Hayesville, Ashland Co., 
O.. 1852; >son of Henry Brant and Nancy 
(WhitingtoiO Bi-ant; educated: Yennillian 
Inst., Hayesville, O.; Lebanon Coll., Leban- 
on. O.; Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., New 
York. College degrees: M. D.; A. C. S. 
Married. Mary B. Bowdle. June 1.". 1""^. 
Physician and surgeon. Surgeon, Wheel- 
ing & Lake Erie R. R. ; Surgeon Northern 
Ohio Traction; Dir. Diebold Safe & Lock 
Co. Socs. and clubs: Am. Coll. of Surgs. 
Am. Med. Soc.; Ohio State Med. Soc. 
Union Med. Soc.: Stark Co. Med. Soc. 
Canton's Med. Club; Lake Side Country 
Club: Canton Club; Canton Chamber of 
Commerce. First M. E. Church. Home 
address: 848 Market Ave.. N. E.. Canton, 

BRASCHLER, CHARLES, Clergyman; born, 
Lachen, Switzerland. Oct. 29. 1S4J: son of 
Jacob Braschler and Elizabeth (Baehtiger) 
Braschler: educated: various colleges of 
Switzerland and Italy; Theological studies 
four year course in Cleveland. Appointed 
by Bishop to different parishes: 47 yrs. 
in the ministry and in three years will 
celebrate his Golden Jubilee: now pastor 
Holy Trinity Ch.. where he has been for 
18 yrs. Socs. and clubs: Knights of Co- 
lumbus; German Benevolent Soc. of C. M. 
B. A. Home address: 224 East Mary St.. 
Bucvrus. O. 

Educator; born, April IS. 187."'. Gibsonville, 
O. : son of Isaiah Mark Brashares and 
Clara Emma (McBroom) Brashares; edu- 
cated: Otterbein Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ.; 
Chicago Univ.; Ohio State Univ. College 
degrees: A. B. Married. Mary Ambrose. 
June 29. 1904. Teacher. ('nek, 3 
yrs.: Miamisburg. 1 yr. ; Lancaster. 9 yrs.; 
Supt. Logan, O., Hocking County Schs., 

1914 . Socs. and clubs: Ohio State 

Teachers' Assn.; S. E. Teachers' Assn.; 
S. E. O. School Masters: F. & A. M. ; R. 
A. M. and Council. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: 464 W. Hunter St., Logan. O. 

Professor Music. Oberlin Conservatory; 
born. Pardoe. Pa.. 1867; son of Joseph Cal- 



vin Breckenridge and Elizabeth Agnes 
(Kilgore) Breckenridge: educated: Ober- 
lin, 18S8. College degrees: Mu<s. Bac.. 190ti; 
Prof, piano music. Oberlin Conservatory 
Music, 1902 - . Organist, First Congre- 
gational Ch.. Oberlin. O.. 1886-1917; Organ- 
ist Calvary Presby. Ch., Cleveland, Ohio. 
1914-15. Teacher of the Harp. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 5 South Main 
St.. Otoerlin. O. 

BREENE, FRANK SHUEY, Attorney; b9 
Dayton, O.. Nov. 20. 1860; son of William 
G. Breene and Margaret (Jernee) Breene; 
educated: Dayton public and high school. 
Unmanned. Engaged in practice law, 
Dayton. O. City Solicitor, Dayton, O., 
1910-14. Socs. and clubs: K. P.; lola 
Lodge; Elk Lodge, No. 58. Home address: 
740 Superior Ave., Dayton. O. 

BREESE, BURTIS BURR, Psychologist; 
born, Horseheads, N. Y., May 17, 1S67; son 
of Corvdon Benton Breese and Ann Eliza- 
beth (Tanner) Breese; educated: Univ. 
Kansas; Harvard Univ.: Columbia Univ.; 
studied in Europe, 1901-2. Married. Lil- 
lian M. Burnett. April 14, 1903. College 
degrees: A. B. (189'6^: A. B. (1897); A. 
M. (1898;) Ph. D. (1899). Asst. in psy- 
chology, Harvard, 1897-8; Prof, psychology 
and ethics, Univ. Tenn., 1902-1904; Prof. 
Psychology, Univ. Cincinnati, 1904 -- . 
Author: Text-book of Psychology; mono- 
grtiph, On Inhibition. 1899; contributor to 
papers on Binocular Rivalry in psycholog- 
ical journals. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
Psychol. Assn.: Ohio Acad. Science: Phi 
Beta Kappa; fellow, A. A. A. S. Home 
address: 560 Evanswood, Cincinnati, O. 

BRELSFORD, MILLARD, Clergyman; born. 
Champaign Co., O., Aug. 17, 1873; son of 
Charles Brelsford and Mary Ellen (Han- 
back) Bnelsford; educated: Doane Acad., 
1893; (A. B.) Denison Univ., Granville. O., 
1897; (B. D.) Rochester Theological Sem.. 
Rochester. N. Y.. 1900. Married, Gertrude 
M. Garhartt, May 16, 1900. Pastor. Bap- 
tist Ch.. Urbana, O., 1900-1905; East Cleve- 
land, O.. Baptist Ch., 1905-13; First Bap- 
tist Ch., Granville, O., Sept., 1913 -- . 
Trustee. Denison Univ.. 1902 -- : Sec. Ril. 
Denison Univ., 1914 -- -. Socs. and clubs: 
Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. Bap- 
tist. Home address: Granville. O. 

Pres. ; born. Insterburg, East Prussia, 
Germany, May 8. 1873; son of Louis Bres- 
lich and Herinine (Kummer) Breslich; 
educated: Gymnasium. Insterburg, Ger- 
many; A. B.. Baldwin-Wallace College, 
Berea. O.; B. D.. Nast Theological Sem- 
inary, Berea, O. ; Ph. D.. Univ. of Wiscon- 
sin. Madison. Wis.: D. D.. Univ. of Chat- 
tanooga. Married. Lydia E. Filter. Oct. 
11. 1904. Pastor. German M. E. Church, 
Madison, Wis., 1S9S-190S: Instructor Of 
Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek. Univ. of 
Wisconsin. 1905-1907: Prof, of Greek and 
Hebrew. Baldwin-Wallace Coll.. 1908-10; 
Pres. Baldwin-Wallace Coll., 1910 
Socs. and clubs: National Educational 
Assn.; Ohio Coll. Assn.; Religious Edn. 
Assn.; National Institute of Social 
Sciences. Methodist-Episcopal. Home 
address: Ber"ea. Ohio. 

Clergyman; born. State Line. Franklin 
Co.. Pa.. Oct. IS. 1869: son of Abraham 
Rush Brewbaker and Mary Elizabeth 
(Sourbeck) Brewbaker; educated: public 
schools; West Va. Academy, Buckhannon, 
W. Va.: Leander Clark Coll., Toledo. la.; 
Bonebrake Theol. Seminary, Dayton, O.; 
CGrad. work) Wooster Univ. and Illinois 
Wes. Univ., Bloomington, 111.; Otterbein 

Univ.; specialized in religious education, 
Yale Univ.. 1911-12. College degrees: Ph. 
B.; Ph. M.: B. D.; A. M.; Ph. D.: (Hon.) 
D. D. Married, Nellie Maude Snoke, Aug. 
30. 1899. Quarterly conference, licensed 
to preach. Jan. 12. 1888: ordained as min- 
ister, March. 1893; served as pastor, 
Hagerstown Circuit. Md. Conference. ZVa 
yrs.; Canton. O.. 6 yrs. : Chambersburg, 
Pa.. 7 yrs.; in conjunction with pastorate, 
general corresponding 'secretary. Young 
Peoples' Work. 6 yrs.; associate pastor, 
Congregational Center Church, while at 
Yale, and director religious education of 
New Haven; appointed pastor, Salem 
United Brethren Church, Baltimore. Md. 
(served 8% months) : general secretary 
Sunday Schools Brotherhood. U. B. Ch., 
June, 1913 . Author: "The Sunday- 
School in Action." 1914. Socs. and clubs: 
I. O. O. F. Home address: 926 Manhat- 
tan Ave.. Davton. O. 

born. Ashtabula, O.; daughter of Edward 
Hubbard Fitch and Alta Deirexa (Win- 
chester) Fitch; educated: Ashtabuly-. O., 
public schools; Jefferson, O., high schools; 
Lake Erie Coll.. Painesville. O. Married, 
Isaac Curtis Brewer, Jan. 29, 1893. Author: 
The Story of a Mother Love; Dorothy's 
Violets; short stories, poems, newspaper 
articles. Speaker on Equal Suffrage; first 
salaried State Organizer for Eaual Suf- 
frage League of Ohio: lecturer: Farmer's 
Institutes, winter. 1912-1913. Socs.- and 
clubs: Moses Cleveland Chapter, D. A. R. 
Eastern Star; Grange; New York Soc. 
Mayflower (descendants) ; Washington 
State Soc. Mayflower. Episcopalian. 
Home address: Jefferson, O. 

born. Clear Spring, Washington Co.. Md., 
Sept. 17, 1832; son of Emmanuel Brewer 
and Catherine (Zacharia<s) Brewer; edu- 
cated: Schs. of Frederick City Md. ; Hei- 
delberg College. Tiffin. O. College degrees: 
A. B. Married. Libbie Mason. Sept. 17, 
1\57: 2nd. Harriet M. Chidester Feb. 19, 
1X61. Studied law under late Hon. J. C. 
Lee. Admitted to bar. May. 1858: taught 
at Heidelberg College; formed partner- 
ship with Hon. J. C. Lee. 1S59. continued 
10 yrs.; still engaged in practice of law; 
served in civil war. retiring as captain. 
Was member of School Board. 20 yrs. 1st 
Reformed Church. Home address: 300 E. 
Market St.. Tiffin. O. 

born. Prattsville, N. Y., July 13. 1870; son 
of John L. Brewster and Anna L. (Lara- 
way) Brewster; educated: Lay College; 
Boston Univ. College degrees: Oxford, 
Eng., Hon. D. D. Married, Essie L. 
Finger. Oct. 28. 1902. Reared on farm 
in state New York; entered college at 
age of 19 yrs.: after graduation entered 
ministry; African Missionary, 1898, re- 
mained" in Africa 3 yrs.. as missionary 
and explorer; helped in investigation of 
the dreaded "Sleeping Sickness"; helped 
give to the world the true condition of the 
natives in the Congo Free State; traveled 
extensively through the heart of Africa, 
along Congo, Niger, Coanza and many 
other rivers of Africa. Pastor, First 
Christian Church, Lakewood, Cleveland. 
O., 1915 . Author, lecturer and mis- 
sionary. A direct descendant of Elder 
Brewster, who came with the Pilgrim 
Fathers. Socs. and clubs: Golf Club; 
Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Home 
address: 1483 Roycroft Ave. Lakewood, 
Cleveland. O. 

Women; born, Columbus. O.: daughter of 
Charles Breyfogle and Matilda (Cloud) 



Breyfogle; educated: <;r.-i<]. I'niv. of Chi- 
cago; studied three semesters in Univ. of 
lii-rlin. College degrees: A. B.; Ph. D.. 
Univ. of Chicag" Unmarried. Asso. 
Prof, of i:ililit-:il Mist.. Literature and K.\c- 
gesis, Wellesley Coll., Well, sl.'v. Mass.. 
1900- 1!H).-,; Ivan .if Women and I'mf. Bib- 
lii-nl I list.iry. Literature and Exegesis, 
Ohio State Univ.. Columbus. O.. 1912 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. Local College Equal 
Suffrage League; Councillor of Assn. of 
Collegiate Alumni (National); School and 
Home Assn.: Concordia Assn. of Am.; 
Soc. of Biblical Lit. and Exegesis (Na- 
tional); Vice Pres. College Club of Colum- 
bus; Women's City Club of Chicago; Phil- 
anthropic Council of Columbus; M' ;n. 
Western Branch of National Archaeolog- 
ical Soc. Methodist. Author: The Social 
Status of Women in the Old Testament 
(Biblical W.irld): Tin- Hebrew Sense of 
Sin in the Pre-Kxilic Period (Am. Jour- 
nal of Theology) ; The Religious Status 
of Women in the Old Testament (Biblical 
World). Home address: Ohio State Univ., 
Columbus. O. 

born. Steubenville, O.. Nov. 19, 1S52; son 
of David %. Brickell and Mary Ann <Mc- 
Carty) Brickell; educated: Univ. Pa. Mar- 
ried. Cora M. Ross. July 15. 1SS5. Printer 

4 yrs. ; pressman 2 yrs. ; reporter Pitts- 
burgh Daily Post; night manager Globe 
Democrat. St. Louis; Indianapolis Senti- 
nel* purchased Columbus, Ohio, Evening 
Dispatch 1S76-1910. President, Iron-Clay 
Brick Co.; director number banks; Pres. 
Interurban Ry. ; identified with number of 
manufacturing enterprises in Columbus, 
O.. and Pittsburgh. Pa. Socs. and clubs: 
Social and Business Clubs; Columbus 
Athletic Club: Elks; 2 Country Clubs. 
Broad Street M. E. Church. Home ad- 
dress: 715 East Broad St.. Columbus. O. ; 
summer home on Sioto river, near Dublin, 

BRICKER. CAREY T., Druggist; born, 
Utica, Licking Co., O.; son of Hiram 
Bricker and Melissa (Bell) Bricker; edu- 
cated: Utica. O.. and Ada. O. Married, 
Miss McKinney. June 20. 1901. Entered 
the drug business in Newark, Ohio, 1898. 
Socs. and clubs: S. of V. ; K. of P.; F. 
& A. M.: B. P. O. E.: B. S. Y. C. Pres- 
byterian Church. Home address: 581 N. 
4th St.. Newark. O. 

of Law; born, near Norwalk, O., Sept. 29, 
1878; son of Daniel A. Brightman and 
Ellen (Collins"* Brightman; educated: 
Oberlin Coll.; Western Reserve Law Sch. 
College degrees: A. B.. Oberlin; LL. B.. 
Western Reserve. Unmarried. Engaged 
in the book business. 6 yrs. Prof, of law, 

5 yrs.. Western Reserve Law Sch. Socs. 
and clubs: Cleveland Chamber of Com- 
merce; Civic League. Presbyterian. Home 
address: 14S3 E. 116th St., Cleveland, O. 

tor; born, Middleton, Pa. Jan. 10, 1S69; son 
of Rev. Solomon Heisey and Elizabeth 
(Shearer) Brinser; educated: Londonderry 
T\\n. Pub. Schs.; Middle), i n High School; 
Kutztown State Normal School, Pa.; Mil- 
Jersburg State Normal School, Pa. Mar- 
ried. Kmily Erb Goss. Dec. 25, 1S92. 
Teacher common schools. S yrs.; super- 
visory principal Connoy Township Central 
High School. Bainbridge, Lancaster Co., 
Pa.. 13 yrs.; conductor normal classes, 
correspondence classes; head of depart- 
ment of Education, Findlay College, since 
1912; Prof, of pedagogy, sociology, econ- 
omy, agriculture, and Dir. of Coll. Mu- 
seum. Director Bank of Bainbridge Pa., 

1 !"i:t- 1J; member committee Permanent 
Certificates, 1910-12; Pres. Lancaster Co. 
Bird Day ( '011111111 tee, 1902-12: Vice Pres. 
Lancaster Co.. Inst., Pa., l v<'.'-r.U2. Or- 
dained minister. 1910; newspaper corre- 
spondent, :T> yrs: author: Ice Gorge of 
the Susquehanna; writer of travelogues; 
poems, terse sayings, educational sub- 
jects; gave illustrated lectures at Central 
.Manor. Pa., for 8 consecutive years. Socs. 
and clubs: Natural Science Club; National 
Geographic Soc.; Up-to-Date Club Find- 
lay O. ; Pennsylvania Club. Church of God. 
Home address: 305 College St., Findlay, 

BRISTOR. JOHN HENRY, Dentist: born, 
Manstirld, O., April L'."., 1^7.",; son of James 
Uui'lc Dristor and Hannah M. (Duncan) 
Bristor; educated: Mansfield i'uii. Schs.; 
Ohio Med. Univ. (now Ohio State Univ.) 
College degrees: Doctor Dental Surg'-ry, 
iv:>. Married. Mary Viola Carr. March 
19, 1901. Asst. demonstrator in operative 
dentistry, Ohio Med. Univ.. 1S98-99; en- 
gaged in practice dentistry, Mansfield, O., 
April 19. 1899 . Member Bd. Educa- 
tion, Mansfield. O., 1908-11; clerk Bd. Ed., 

Jan. 2. 1909 . Socs. and clubs: National 

li.'iital Assn.; Ohio State Dental Soc.; 
Northern Ohio Dental Soc.; Richland-Ash- 
land Co. Dental Soc.: Mason; K. T.; K. 
P.: Mansfield Chamber Commerce. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 68 East Second 
St.. Mansfield. O. 

Judge: born. Allen Tp.. Union Co.. O.. May 
19, 1854; son of Isaac Brodrick and Sarah 
P. (Hoff) Brodrick; educated: Dist. Schs., 
Allen Tp., Union Co., O., graded schools, 
North Lewisburg. O. Married, Narcissa 
M. Benton, Apr. 15, 1S7S. Practice of law, 
Marysville, O.. Sept. 6, 1S75 to Feb. 8, 
1900: from Feb. 9. lnuii to Feb. 8, 1907; ad- 
mitted to practice, State Courts, Sept. 6, 
1S75; admitted to practice. Federal Courts, 
Dec. 9, 1SS6; corporation clerk, Marys- 
ville, O.. 1878-82; Pros. Atty., Union Co., 
O., 1882-88; Probate Judge. Union Co.. O.. 
1900-06; Judge Common Pleas Court. 3rd 

subdivision, 10th Dist. of Ohio. 1907 . 

Socs. and clubs: Marysville Lodge No. S7, 
I. O. O. F.. Past Grand Master and Past 
Grand Representative: Palestine Lodge 
No. 158, F. & A. M.; Marysville Chapter, 
No. 99. R. A. M.: S. S. Jewell Council, 
No. 89. R. & S. M.; Raper Commandery, 
No. 19. K. T.. Urbana. O. ; Scioto Con- 
sistory 32d degree, Columbus, O.; Past 
Grand Patron O. E. S. of Ohio; MarVs- 
ville Lodge. No. 100. K. of P. Methodist- 
Episcopal. Home address: 275 West 5th 
St., Marysville, O. 

born. Nov. If., 1^,f>; son of David Ostrum 
Bronson and Mary Jane (Demsey) Bron- 
son; educated: public schools; Oregon 
Acri. ('oil.; Univ. Oregon; Columbia Univ. 
(now George Washington Univ.) Washing- 
ton. D. C. Married. Ada Belle Kumler, 
June 2S, 19(X~>. Admitted to bar. state of 
Oregon. 1901; admitted to bar of Ohio, 
1903; Asst. Gen. Consul, The National Cash 
Register Co., Dayton, O.. 1903-6; engaged 
in general practice law, Dayton. O., as 
member firm. Thomas & Bronson. Jan. 1, 
1907 to March 3. 1916; Col. Alfred A. 
Thomas, '.senior member of firm died. Mar. 

3, 1916: practicing alone, March 3. 1916 . 

M. ml., r Bd. of Health, City Dayton, 1908- 
1909. Candidate for judge*. Court Common 

* Pleas. Montgomery Co.. O.. 1916. Socs. 
and clubs: Mason: Scottish Rite: Mystic 
Shrine: Veiled Prophets; Dayton Club; 
Phi Delta Phi. First U. B. Ch.. Dayton, 
O. Home address: 501 Grand Ave., Day- 
ton. Ohio. 



horn. March 21. 1857; son of Charles Fin- 
ley Brooke and Susan (Mathews) Brooke; 
educated: Eaton, O.. Pub. Schs.; Ohio 
Wes. Univ., Delaware. O. Married, Mary 
Gould. Ausr. 28. 1889. Entered First Nat. 
Bank. Eaton, O., Jan. 1, 1881. as Asst. 
Cashier. Organized Farmers & Citizens 
Bank of Eaton. July. 1884; was cashier 
of said bank until Sept. 1, 1902; became 
Vice Pres. of Eaton Banking- Co., Jan. 1, 
1905; has been Vice Pres. of Eaton Nat. 

Bank. 1905 . Socs. and clubs: K. of P. 

Home address: Eaton. O. 

ney; born, Cleveland, O., May 22. 1875; 
son of Stephen E. Brooks and Mary (Cof- 
finberry) Brooks; educated: Cleveland Pub. 
Sch. ; Univ. Sch.. Cleveland; Tale College; 
Harvard Law Sch. College degrees: A. 
B.; LL. B. Married, Frances Perkins, 
Oct. 2i>. 1904. Admitted to bar in 1903, 
entered law office of Garfleld. Garfleld & 
Howe, Cleveland. O.. in 1904. Became 
member of law firm of Garfield. Howe & 
Westenhaver, and in 1908, member of 
law firm of Westenhaver, Boyd & Brooks. 
Home address: 11107 Magnolia Drive, 
Cleveland. O. 

BROOKS, JENNIE, Author; born, Cincin- 
nati, O.. 1853; daughter of E. S. Brooks 
(originator and founder of the first class- 
ical school west of the Alleghenies) and 
Mary Jane (Keller) Brooks; educated: 
Oxford College. Ohio. Author. Magazine 
writer on out-door life, bird study, short 
stories, essays. Contributor to Harpers, 
Lippincotts. Outlook. Continent. Short 
Stories, Chap-Book, and other periodicals 
and magazines. Author: Under Oxford 
Trees. 1911. Episcopal Church. Home 
address: Oxford, Ohio. 

BROTHERTON, CLOYD J., Attorney; born, 
Lima. O.. May 22. 1869; son of John F. 
Brotherton and Clara (Jacobs) Brother- 
ton; educated: Pub. Schs. of Lima; Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ.; Harvard; Cincinnati Col- 
lege. College degrees: A. B.. 1891; A B, 
1892: LL. B.. 1S93. Married. Bertha G. 
Paden. Has been in the general practice 
of law since 1893. Mem. of General As- 
sembly of Ohio. 1915-17. Socs. and clubs: 
Lima Club: B. P. O. E.:. K. of P. Presby- 
terian Ch. Home address: 56% Square, 
Limn. Ohio. 

mon Pleas Judge; born, Delphi, Ind., Feb. 
2S. 1S71: son of James Vincent Brough 
and Mary (Brearley) Brough: educated: 
Toledo Pub. Schs.; Delphi Pub. Schs.; 
Univ. Mich. Unmarried. Admitted to 
Ohio bar 1893: appointed U. S. Commis- 
sioner. Northern Dist. Ohio. 1895; Police 
Court Prosecutor. 1905: Judge. Police Ct., 
1905; elected Judge, Court Common Pleas, 
1906. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; 
Knight Templar; Elk; Toledo Club; Toledo 
Commerce Club: Maumee Yacht Club; 
Inverness Club. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: No. 3 The Wilson. Fulton & Ban- 
croft Sts.. Toledo. O. 

born. June 5. 1SS4; son of Joseph Brower 
and Nannie (Hern) Brower; educated: 
Univ. Mich.; Dayton. O.. Pub. Schs. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B . : M. D. Married, Flor- 
ence Giles. AIIR-. 27. 1913. Interne. Univ. 
Hosp.. Ann Arbor. 1909-10: first assistant 
surgeon, Calumet & Heckle. Dollar-Bay, 
Mich.. 1910-11; city physician. Dayton, O., 
] 911-12; member medical staff, Miami Val- 
ley Hospital. Dayton, O., 1914 ; prac- 
ticing physician and surgeon^ specialist 
on internal medicine, Dayton, O., 1914 
Socs. and clubs: Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi 

Rho Sigma; Ohio State Med. Soc. ; Am. 
Med. Soc. Baptist. Home address: 1330 
North Main St.. Dayton. O. 

BROWN, AUGUST J., Banker; born, Wapa- 
koneta. O.. Mar. 15. 1885; son of Michael 
Brown and Louise (Stenger) Brown; edu- 
cated: Notre Dame. Ind. & Ohio State 
Univ. Married, Therese Callahan, Sept. 
4. 1906. In banking business since 1901; 
Cashier Peoples Natl. Bank. Wapakoneta, 
since 1911; Vice Pres. Home Milling Co.; 
Treas. M. Brown & Co.; Treas. Uniopolis 
Lumber & Coal Co.; Secy. Natl. Artificial 
Refrigerating Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Knights of Columbus; B. P. O. E.: Lima 
Club. Catholic. Home address: No. 5 
East Main St.. Wapakoneta. O. 

structor; born, Bristol. Morgan Co.. O., 
July 17. 1SS5; daughter of Philip Henry 
Brown and Alice Elizabeth (McDonald) 
Brown; educated: Dist. Schs.. Noble Co., 
Ohio; Cumberland high schools, Guernsey 
Co.. O. ; Doan Academy, Granville, O. ; 
Denison Univ.. Granville; Univ. Chicago 
and Columbia Univ. (post grad. work). 
College degrees: B. Ph. Instructor in 
English. Muskingum Coll.. New Concord, 
O., 1910 . Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: New Concord. O. (Muskingum Co.). 

BROWN, CHARLES OSCAR, Manufacturer; 
born, Howard Furnace, S'cioto Co., O., 
Feb. 6. 1856; son of Isaac Brown and 
Susan (Richey) Brown; educated: Jack- 
son. O.. Pub. Schs.; Marietta Coll.; Nel- 
son's Business Coll.. Cincinnati, O. Un- 
married. Sec. and Mgr. Star Furnace Co., 
Jackson. O. : Vice Pres. Iron Bank. Jack- 
son. O.: Secy. Canaan Coal Co.. Jackson, 
O. Socs. nnd clubs: Alpha Sigma Phi; 
32d degree Mason: K. T. and Shriner; 
(Hon. Mem.) Loyal Order Moose. Favors 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: 21 
Broadway. Jackson. O. 

BROWN. E. A., Probate Judge; born. E. 
Ringold. O.. June 11. 1868: son of Joseph 
H. Brown and Lucinda (Peters) Brown; 
educated: public schools; Ohio Wes. Univ., 
Delaware. O.: Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada. 
O. College degrees: LL. B. Married. Anna 
O. Bell, Feb. I. 1899. Teacher in public 
schools. 6 yrs.: admitted to bar of Ohio, 
engaged in practice law. Circleville. O., 
17 yrs. Probate Judge. Feb. 10. 1913 
Socs. and clubs: K. P.; Elk: Circleville 
Athletic Club: Men's Club of Presby. Ch. 
Elder and member Presbyterian Church. 
Home address: 139 West Franklin St., 
Circleville. O. 

born, Crooksville. O., Dec. 27, 1872; son 
of Alexander Brown and Roselba (Search) 
Brown; educated: public schools, Crooks- 
ville, O.: Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada. O.: 
Univ. Chicago. Married, Alta May Rambo, 

- Nov. 27. 1893. Teacher, public schools, 
Crooksville, O., 5 yrs.; Supt. public schools, 
Stockport. O.. 1902-06; Supt., Bloomdale, 
O., 1906-09; Supt., Ada, O., 1909-13: Supt., 
Napoleon, O., public schools, 1913 
Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M.; O. E. S. 
Jr. O. U. A. M.: Nat. Educational Assn. 
Ohio State Teachers' Assn.: Schoolmasters 
Club; Henry Co. Teachers' Assn. Metho- 
dist. Home address: Napoleon, O. 

Surgeon; born, Chillicothe, Rosa Co., O., 
Aug. 10, 1878; son of Austin Hough Brown 
and Eleanor Madeira (Burbridge) Brown; 
educated- Country Sch.. Ross Co.: Grade 
Sch., Chillicothe. O., and Marietta, O.; 
Chillicothe High Prh.: Ann Arbor, Mich- 
igan, High Sch.; Univ. of Mich.; New 
York Post-Grad. Sfch. of Med. College 


degrees: M. D. Married, Mabel R. Down?, 
Oct. ?,, 1!or,. Interne Calumet & Heela 
Hospital, Calumet. Mich.. 1901: private 
pr;.etice in Mt. Israge, Md., 1902-1903; 
pr.ieticed in Chillicothe. O.. 1903 to pres- 
ent time. U. S. Pension Examining Sur- 
1912. Asst. Surgeon, Baltimore 
.^- Ohio R. R.. 190-1-1907. Asst. Surgeon 
to Norfolk ,<C- Wosterti R. R.. 1908-1916. 
Held office in local and state medical so- 
eji'ties-. Sues. Mini dulis: Knight Templar; 
32d degree Mason; Shriner; Member Nu 
STgma NM Med. Frat., Michigan. Episco- 
palian, St. Paul's Parish, Chillicothe, O. 
Homo address: 53 West Fourth St., Chil- 
licothe. O. 

BROWN. JOHN EDWIN, Physician; born. 
Malta. O.. May 30. 1S64; son of John Brown 
HIM Mary Ann ( Longstreth) Brown; edu- 
cated: Ohio Wesleyan T T niv.: Med. Dept. 
of Univ. of Mich.; Med. Coll. of Ohio 
<["niv. of Cincinnati); New York Post- 
Grad. Med. Sell.: special work, Univ. of 
Vienna. college degrees: B. S., 1884; M. 
A., 1S94; M. D.. 1SS7. Married, Fanny 
\Vilkin Barker, Nov. 28, 1S89. Asst. Sur- 
geon. Natl. Military Home, Dayton, O., 
1^7: since isss, has practiced in Colum- 
bus, O.: ophthalmologist, Ohio Peniten- 
tiary, 1S94-19-00; Ohio State School for 
I'.lMnl. L895 : < >l>io Institution for Deaf, 

VMM. ; Prof, oto-laryngology, Ohio M<<1. 

Univ.. 1891-1896; Prof, diseases of Nose, 
Throat and accessory cavities. Starling 
Med. Coll., OHio, 1906-1914; Prof. Oto- 
Lnryngology and Head of Dept.. Med. 

Coll., Ohio State Univ., 1914 ; otologist 

and rhinologist, Protestant and St. Fran- 
cis Hosps.: Dir. Nat. Bank of Commerce. 
Socs. and clubs: A. M. A.; Am. Acad. 
Ophthalmology and Oto-T.aryngology, Pres. 
of same, 1915-16; Am. Laryngol., Rhinol. 
and Otol. Assn., Vice Pres. same, 1916-17; 
vipha Mu Pi Omega: Phi Beta Kappa; 
Columbus Club; Columbus Country Club: 
Scioto Country Club. Methodist Church. 
Republican. Editor Scroll, Phi Delta 
Theta, 1S89-1S96; Pres. Gen. Council, 1902- 
''">v Del. Internal. Ophthal. Congress, 
Utrecht. 1889. Naples, 1909. Home ad- 
dress: 1680 E. Broad St.. Columbus, O. 

BROWN, JOSEPH A., Supt. of Cincinnati 
Markets: burn, Cumberland, Md., 1S55; 
son of Harmon Brown and Mary Ann (Van 
Walde) Brown: educated: Allegheny 
Acad., Cumberland, Md. Married, Alvina 
Busch. Was salesman for Winchell, Up- 
son <S: Co.: Marshal of Avondale; Apptd. 
Supt. of Cincinnati (O.) Markets, 1901. 
Socs. and clubs: Masons; Avondale Lodge, 
A. F. & A. M.: Ohio Consistory. S. P. R. 
S.: Svrian Temple. A. A. O. N. M. S. ; 
Golden Lodge. K. P.: Uniform Rank; Bd. 
of Directors German Cemetery Assn. 
Presbyterian Church of Avondale. Home 
address: 740 Ridgeway Ave.. Cincinnati, 

BROWN, LORENZO DOW, Banker; born, 
Hornell. N. Y.. Deo. 28. 1^74; son of Lu- 
cien C. Brown and Maria A. (Cooper) 
Brown: educated: 'Akron, Ox Married, 
Ann C Sevmojjr, Jan. 9, 1S95. Banker. 
Cashier of Second National Bank. Akron, 
O. : Treas. Akron Savings & Loan Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Masons: Portage Coun- 
try Club; Akron City Club; Congress Lake 
Club. First Congregational Ch. Home 
address: -">7 P.yors Ave.. Akron. O. 

BROWN, OREN BRITT, Attorney; born, 
Orleans Co.. X. Y.. June 22. 1S53: son of 
(Col.) Edwin Franklin Brown and Eliza- 
beth 'BritO V.rmvn; educated: Denison 
Univ.. Granville. O.; College of New Jer- 
sey. Princeton, N. J. College degrees: A. 

B.. 1870; M. A.. 1879. Married. Jeannette 
Gebhart, June 12, 1883. Admitted to bar, 
1878; county clerk, 18S2-18S5; engaged in 
practice law. member firm, Gottschall & 
Brown, Dayton. Ohio, 1885-1S96; elected 
Ige Court Common Pleas, Dayton, O., 
1896-Dec. 31. 1912; resumed practice law, 
member firm Brown and Frank. Jan. 1, 

1913 . Attorney for Miami Conservancy 

Dist., 1915 . Socs. and clubs: Dayton 

Club; Buzfuz Club: Dayton Country Club. 
Itaptist. Home address: 115 West Sec- 
ond St.. Dayton, O. 

ter Miami Mil. Inst.; born, Germantown, 
O., Jan. 28. 1888; son of Orvon Graff 
Brown and Lulu (Reed) Brown; educated: 
Twin Valley Coll.; Miami Military Inst.; 
Yale Univ. College degrees: A. B.; Ph. 
B. Married. Julia Celeste Wilson. April 
4, 1912. Headmaster Miami Military Inst., 
Germantown. O. Socs. and clubs: Cin- 
cinnati Univ. Club; Cincinnati Yale Club; 

.'JIM degree .Mason; Mirnn-r. .UeilludlSl. 

Home address: Germantown. O. 

Man; born, New Concord, O., Oct. 2, 1844; 
son of Alexander Brown and Margret 
(Lorimer) Brown; educated: Pub. Schs., 
New Concord, O.; Eastman's Business 
Coll., Poughkeepsie. N. Y.. 1S66: studied 
law 3 yrs. Married, Evaline Waters, May 
18. 1SS7. Served in U. S. Vol.. 1S61-1865; 
editor Zanesville Courier, ^.anesviue. c>., 
1873-1913; Secy. Zanesville Chamber of 
Commerce, 1913-16. Commander-in-chief, 
<;. A. R.. 1906-7. Home address: Zanes- 
ville, O. (Died while work in preparation, 
July 30. 1916.) 

BROWN, ROY ATKINSON, Electrical En- 
gineer; born, Salineville, O., July 27, 18S5; 
son of Guilford F. Brown and Martha 
(Cox) Brown; educated: Ohio State Uni- 
versity. College degrees: Mech. Engr. in 
Electrical Engineering. Married, Clara 
Ella Robbins, May 20, 1911. Practical 
work. Feb. 1911 -Sept. 1912. Instructor in 
Electrical Engineering Dept.. Ohio State 
Univ., Sept., 1912, to present time. Socs. 
and clubs: Jovian Order. Home address: 
2074 Peasley St., Columbus, O. 

born, Germantown, O.. Dec. 2. 1890: son 
of Orvon Graff Brown and Lulu (Reed) 
Brown: educated: Miami Military Inst.; 
Twin Valley College; Yale Univ. College 
degrees: B. A. Married. Nellie Knabe. 
June 2S. 1916. Registrar Miami Military 
Inst. of Twin Valley College. Socs. and 
clubs: Delta Kappa Epsilon Frat. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Home address: German- 
town. Ohio. 

BROWN. SAN FORD, Attorney; born. Cin- 
cinnati. O.. Oct. 6. 1S71: son of Charles 
Kmery Brown and FJliza (Gorton) Brown; 
educated: Univ. of Cincinnati, 1S94; Cin- 
cinnati Law Sen.. 1895. College degrees: 
B. L.. 1894: LL. B.. 1S95. Unmarried. 
Member Cincinnati Bar Assn.; devoted to 
practice of civil law: Director of Univ. of 

Cincinnati. 1905-1910 and 1914 . Socs. 

and clubs: University Club. Home ad- 
dress: 1339 Ernst St., Cincinnati, O. 

born. Massillon. O., May 31. 1869; son of 
James Marshall and Lavinia (Folger) 
i'.n>\vii; educated: Harvard Law Sch. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.. 1892. Married. Kath- 
erine Hafer. Sept. 10. 1903.- Practiced law 
in Toledo with father. 1904-1908. Mem. 
of firm of Brown. Hahn. Sanger & Froe- 
lich. J90S-1915: Brown. Hahn & Sanger, 

1916 ; Chairman of the Republican 

State Central Com.. 1906-1912: chairman 



of the Progressive State Central and Ex- 
ecutive Committee of Ohio, 1912-1913; 
Mem. of Progressive Natl. Executive Com.; 
Pres. of Toledo Humane Soc. ; Trustee, 
Lucas Co. Children's Home. Soos. and 
clubs: Toledo Club; Commerce Club; 
Country Club: Toledo Yacht Club; Har- 
vard (New York) Ohio (Columbus). Home 
address: 2117 Robinwood Ave., Toeldo, O. 
Office: 1007-1016 Nicholas Bldg., Toledo, 

BROWN. WILLIAM CRAIG, Attorney: born, 
Toronto. Canada, Feb. 15, ; son of 
Benjamin J. Brown and Margaret B. (Mc- 
Clure) Brown; educated: Univ. Wooster; 
Ohio State Univ. College degrees: A. B., 
1899; LL. B., 1902. Married. Katharine 
M. Crumine. June 21. 1906. Engaged in 
practice law, Steubenville, O., July 1, 
1902- Jan. 1. 1903: Pros. Atty.. Jefferson 

Co.. O.. Jan. 1. 1903 . Soos. and clubs: 

Mason; United Woodman; K. P.; Loyal 
Order Moose; Redmen; Knight Maccabees. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 417 High- 
land Ave.. Steubenville. O. 


Bishop; born, near Orrville, Wayne Co., 
O.. Sept. 4, 1855; son of Joseph Morri- 
son Brown and Lucina (Gary) Brown; 
educated: Seabury Hall, Faribault, Minn.; 
Kenyon Coll.. Gambier. O. College de- 
grees: D. D. Married. Ella Scranton 
Bradford, April 9, 1885. Deacon, 1883; 
priest, 1884, Protestant Episcopal Church; 
rector, Galion. O.. 1883-1891; Gen. Mission- 
ary and arch-deacon. Diocese of Ohio, 
1891 ; consecrated bishop coadjutor of 
Ark., June 24, 1898; bishop of Ark.. Sept. 
5. 1900: resigned. April 12. 1912. Author: 
The Church for Americans, 1895; The 
Crucial Race Question. 1907: The Level 
Plan for Church Union. 1910. Socs. and 
clubs: The American Soc. of Church His- 
tory. Episcopalian. Home address: Galion, 

Dean; born. South Bend. Ind.. March 4, 
1S73; daughter of John Brownfleld and 
Joanna (Kelley) Brownfleld; educated: 
Shortridge high school, Indianapolis; De 
Pauw Uniy. ; Ohio Wes. Univ.; Indiana 
Univ.; Chicago Univ. College degrees: 
A. B. (1895): A. M. (1904): Ph. D. (1914). 
Head English Dept.. South Bend High 
Steh., 1897-1912; Instructor English In- 
diana Univ., 1913-15; Prof, and Dean, Lake 

Erie College. 1916 . Socs. and clubs: 

Progress Club: (South Bend, Ind.) Kappa 
Alpha Theta Sorority; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Episcopalian. Home address: Lake Erie 
College, Painesville, Ohio. 

BROWNLEE, DANIEL, Clergyman; born, 
Cincinnati, O., May 2, 1867; son of John 
Brownlee and Nancy F. (Findlay) Brown- 
lee: educated: Cincinnati. O.. Pub. Schs. : 
Woodward High Sch.; Western Seminary, 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Cincinnati Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: B. A.; D. D. Married. Luella 
Davies Sept. 10. 1895. Pastor: Clifton, O., 
1895-1911; Memorial Presbyterian Church, 

Dayton, O., 1911 . Presbyterian. Home 

address: 1513 East Third St., Dayton, O. 

BRUBAKER, URIAH B., Clergyman: born, 
Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 28. 1872; son of 
Isaac L. Brubaker and Anna (Brubaker) 
Brubaker; educated: public schools, Lan- 
caster Co.. Pa., and McPherson Co.. Kan- 
sas; McPherson College; Otterbein Univ.; 
Bonebrake Theol. Seminary. College de- 
grees: A. B. (1904); B. D. (1914). Mar- 
ried, Martha A. Roloson, June 28, 1905. 
Teacher at age 19 yrs. ; head grocery 
department several years; pastor, Punx- 
sutawney. Pa., 1897-98; student, 1899-1904; 
pastor, Huntington, Pa., 1904-7; East 

Pittsburgh, Pa., 1907-11; Seminary. 1911- 
1914; pastor. High St. U. B. Church, Day- 
ton, O., 1914 . Pres. Huntington Co. 

Sunday School Assn., 1905-6; Mem. Bd. 
Allegheny Co. S. S. Assn.. 1908-9; Secy. 
Student Vol. Movement in United Breth- 
ren Church. Socs. and clubs: National 
Geographic Soc. United Brethren in 
Christ. Home address: 213 Xenia Ave., 
Dayton. O. 

BRUCE, CHARLES A. Univ. Professor; 
born, Chesterville. O.. Mar. 21. 1871; son 
of Joel D. Bruce and Ann (West) Bruce; 
educated: Ohio State Univ.; Chicago Univ.; 
Univ. Paris. France. College degrees: A. 
B. Married, Jeannette Beebe Hall, June 
26, 1901. Asst. in French. Ohio State 
Univ.. 1895-1S99; Asst. Prof. Romance 
Icings.. 1S99-1901; Assoc. Prof. 1901-1908; 

Prof. Romance Langs., 1908 . Socs. 

and clubs: Modern Lang. Assn. of Amer- 
ica; Am. Assn. of University Professors; 
Phi Beta Kappa. Congregationalist. Home 
address: 1981 Indianola Ave., Columbus, O. 

ney; born, Delaware Co., O., Dec. 2. 1855; 
son of John Sanford Brumback and Ellen 
Perlena (Purmort) Brumback; educated: 
Van Wert. O.. Pub. Schs.; Wooster Univ.; 
Princeton Univ.; Univ. of Mich. College 
degrees: A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. Married, 
Jennie King Carey, Oct. 26, 1881. Attor- 
ney and counsellor at law. Toledo, O., 
1879 . Director and officer various cor- 
porations, banks, railway companies, in- 
surance companies, manufacturing and 
mercantile companies; member Ohio Leg- 
islature. 1885-86; trustee and Pres. Tole- 
do Pub. Libriary. During professional 
career has represented many of the larg- 
est interests in Northwestern Ohio; instu- 
mental in building up Toledo & North- 
western Ohio. Socs. and clubs: Toledo 
Club; Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo Au- 
tomobile Club: Toledo Bar Assn.; Ohio 
State Bar Assn.; Sigma Chi Frat. (Grand 
Consul) ; S. A. R. Congregational Church. 
Home address: 1603 Madison Ave., Toledo, 

representing the 12th Congressional Dis- 
trict, or the Capitol District of Ohio, was 
born and reared on a farm near Green- 
ville. Darke Co.. O. His father dying 
when very young, he was left to make 
largely hi-s own way in the world; was 
a farm-hand, country school teacher and 
after reaching his majority began to work 
his way through collegiate education. 
Graduated at the National Normal Sch., 
Lebanon, O., with B. S. degree, 1887; 
founded and conducted the Van Buren 
Academy, 1887-1891; took special course 
in ancient languages at the Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ., 1891-1893; graduated at Harvard, 
1S!>4. with degree of A. B.; was Supt. 
of Greenville. 9.. Pub. Schs.. 1896-1900; 
member and minority leader Ohio Legis- 
lature, 1900-1904; alternate-at-large for 
State of Ohio to Democratic National 
Convention, Kansas City. Mo., 1900; ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar. 1900; located in the 
practice of law at Columbus. O.. 1903: 
elected to the 63rd Congress, 12th District 
of Ohio by plurality of 9968 votes (only 
Democratic candidate from Ohio receiv- 
ing endorsement and nomination of Pro- 
gressive party) ; re-elected as a member of 
the 64th and 65th Congress; member Com- 
mittee on Insular Affairs. Committee on 
Territories, Expenditures in the State 
Department and Committee on Railways 
and Canals. As a member of Insular Af- 
fairs Committee has traveled through the 
Hawaiian Islands, the Philippines. China, 
Korea and Japan. Was a member of the 



committee that prepared the Philippine 
Independence Bill and made the closing 
argument for the maj.u-ity side in Con- 
gress in behalf of the Philippine Independ- 
ence Bill. Assist. -d in preparing the Alas- 
kan Railroad Development Bill and the 
Constitutional Bill for Porto Uie.i. Is a 
member of the Methodist Church; K. of 
P.; W. O. W.; I. O. O. F. Marti, d. Home 
.- M! dress: 13<>!i Neil Ave., Columbus. O. 

sician; born. McCutchenville. O., Dec. 16, 

l^T'.i; son of Leonard F. lirmi.lage and 
Martha 1j. (Lowmaster) Brundage; edu- 
d: Ohio Northern Univ.; Ohio Med. 
I'niv. College degrees: M. D. Married, 
Florence M. Veatch. Dec. 16. 1913. Grad- 
uated in 1906. and served as member staff 
of <'olumbus State Hosp., 6 a / yrs. Now 
in practice in Columbus for 5 yrs.. and 
practice limited to clinical and patlmlogieal 
diagnosis. First Lieut. Med. Reserve 
Corps, U. S. A.; Consulting pathologist to 
1'ilumbus State Hosp.; Asst. Pathologist, 
Mt. Carmel Hosp. Formerly assistant in 
Anatomy: Instr. in Psychiatry; later Instr. 
Clinical Microscopy. Starling Ohio Med. 
U/niv. Socs. and clubs: Am. Medico-Psy- 
chological Assn.; Ohio State Med. Soc.; 
Columbus Acad. of Medicine; Columbus 
Practitioners Soc.; Alpha Mu Pi Omega 
Med. Frat.: Scottish Rite Mason and 
Shriner; Columbus Automobile Club; 
S.-joto Country Club; Columbus Athletic 
Club. Methodist Episcopal Church. Co- 
author of a manual in Obstetrics. Home 
address: 1797 Hryden Road. Columbus, O. 

BRUNER, C. A., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Lebanon, O. Home address: Lebanon, O. 

ogist; born, Columbia, Pa., age 51; son of 
Abram Bruner and Sarah Jane (Brene- 
man) Bruner; educated: Dickinson Coll., 
Carlisle, Pa., 1 yr. ; A. B., Wesleyan Univ., 
Middleton, Conn., 1888, A. M.. 1891; M. D., 
Med. Dept., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1891. 
Married, Lydia S. Clark, Feb. IS. 1897. 
Began as clinical assistant in ophthalmol- 
ogy. 1894; clinical professor. 1912-14. Prof. 

of Ophthalmology, 1914 , Med. Dept., 

Western Reserve Univ.; visiting ophthal- 
mologist, St. Vincent's Hosp.. 1S9S-1917; 

Lakeside Hosp.. 1!UL' ; Mem. Advisory 

Bd. Ohio State Commn. for the Blind. 
Oculist to U. S. Pension Bureau. Pres. 
Cleveland Acad. of Med.. 1916. Socs. and 
clubs: Fellow of Am. Coll. of Surgeons, 
Med. Reserve Corps. U. S. A.; Cleveland 
Soc. for the Blind: Am. Ophthalmol. Soc.; 
Am. Acad. of Ophthal. and Oto-Laryngol- 
ogy; Am. Med. Assn.: Cleveland Acad. of 
Med.; Cleveland Med. Library Assn.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi; Sigma Nu; 
Union Club; University Club; Rowfant 
Club. Home address: 133SO Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland. O. 

BRUSH, EDMUND CONE, Physician-Sur- 
geon: born, Zanesville. O.. Oct. 22. iv'.i 1 ; 
son of Edmund Brush and Alice (Cone) 
Brush; educated: Pub. Schs. of Marietta, 
O. : Marietta College Acad.; Starling Med. 
Coll. College degrees: A. M.. 1SS8; M. D.. 
1875. Married. Fannie L. Russell. Oct. 
24. IS*??,. Practiced at Harmar. O.. 1875- 
1876; Med. Staff Ohio Penitentiary, 1876- 
1878; demonstrator of anatomy, Columbus 
Med. Coll.. IS7S-79: demonstrator of anat- 
omy. Starling. 1879-1881: practiced Co'-n- 
in.c-. 1SS1-S4; practiced in Zanesville, 

1884 . Asst. Secy. Ohio State Med. 

Socs.. 1885-1890; Pres. of same, 1902-iun:;: 
Pres. Zanesville Atheneum. 15 yrs.. and 
originated plan to incorporate it into the 
Zanesville Public Library. 1904; served in 
Ohio Natl. Guard. :'.". yrs.. and made Sur- 
geon General. 1900: Mem. Reserve Sur- 

geons U. S. A.; writer of note on mili- 
tary subjects and medical literature. 
II. line address: Zanesville. O. 

State; born. London. O.. Oct. L'i>. 1859; 
son of Marcellus L. Bryan and Martha 
(Materson) Bryan; -dueated: Pub. Schs. 
of London, O. Married, Maria Daley, 1-Vh. 
25, 1S86. Began journalistic career in 
l vi n on Madison County Democrat, which 
paper he still owns and publishes. ilas 
served on various State and National Com- 
mittees. Elected Treasurer of State in 
1916 on the Democratic ticket. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Scottish Rite; Shriner and 
Elks. Has served as President of London 
Board of Trade: Buckeye State PL ss 
Assn.; Madison County Fish and Came 
Assn.; and life member nt' National l-Mi- 
torial Assn. Home address: 136 East First 
St.. London. Ohio. 

BRYANT, C. E., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
i '. .-aorton. Ohio, ilimie address: Coshoc- 
ton. Ohio. 

BRYANT. F. B.. Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Kent. Ohio. Home addi.-ss: Kent, Ohio. 

man; born. Cincinnati, O.. Oct. 31, 1865; 
son of P. F. Bryce and Mary J. (Moore) 
Bryce; educated: Indianapolis Classical 
School; Center College. Danville, Ky.; 
Princeton Coll. Theological Sem.. N. J. 
College degrees: B. S.; M. A.: D. D. Mar- 
ried, Clara Lee McGorty. May 30. 1x^9. 
Asst. pastor Burlington. N. J., 1 ssfi-1 VMI ; 
pastor-elect Louisville 4th Ch.. 1890-lvil; 
pastor Shelby ville Ky.. 1892-1894; pastor, 
Denison, la.. 1904-1907; pastor. Ashland, 
O.. 1907-1917. Member Board Trustees 
Louisville Theol. Seminary; member Bd. 
Trustees Buena Vista College. Storm Lake, 
la. Contributor to religious press. Socs. 
and clubs: Beta Theta Pi Frat. Member 
Presbytery of Wooster. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Ashland. O.; winter home: 

BRYSON, M. M., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Glouster. Ohio. Home address: Glouster, 

born, Hallsville O.. June 1. 1S41: son of 
Levi Buchwalter and Margaret (Lyoni 
Buchwalter; educated: Pub. Schs. of Halls- 
ville. O.; Ohio Univ.. Athens, O. Married, 
Clementine Berry. Sept. 1. 1S6S. who died 
in the fall of 1912: 2nd. Manila Andrews, 
March 3, 1914. Farmer and live stock 
raiser, number of years; one of the or- 
ganizers of The Superior Drill Co.. and 
Pres. of same. 1SS3-1903. when said com- 
pany merged into American Seeding 
Machine Co.; Pres. of latter company, 
1903-1911: one of the organizers of the 
Citizens Nat. Rank of Springfield. O., 1898, 
and has been its President since 1S98. 
Mem. Bd. of Trustees. Warder Pub. Li- 
brary. Springfield, since 1S7S. Left e.'l- 
lege to enter the Union Army, serv.-d . .v.-r 
3 yrs. Socs. and clubs: G. A. R. ; Loyal 
Legion Assn.; Springfield Country Club; 
Lagonda Club. Home address: Spring- 
field. O. 

born, Hallsville. Ross Co.. O., Sept. S, 
IMG; son of Levi Buchwalter and Mar- 
garet (Lyon) Buchwalter; educated: Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ.; Cornell Univ.; Cincin- 
nati Law School. College 'degrees: A. B.; 
LL. I' Married, Louise Zimmermnn, May 
14. 1S73. who died Dec. 10. 1902; 2nd. Mary 
F. Knox, July, 1909. Appointed Judge of 
Common Pleas Court, by Gov. Foster, In 
Issl. to till va. -aney. Re-elected for 
three terms. Ended judicial service, 1897. 



Former Trustee Cincinnati Univ. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Ohio Alpha 
and New York Alpha of Phi Kappa Psl 
Frat.; Mem. of Loyal Legion; 33d degree 
Mason. Home address: 3315 Reading Rd., 
Cincinnati. O. 

BUCK. JIRAH DEWEY, Physician; born. 
Fredonia. N. Y.. Nov. 20. 1838; son of 
Reuben Buck and Fanny (Morton) Buck; 
educated: Cleveland Homeopathic College, 
1864. Married. Melissa M. Clough. 1865. 
Prof, physiology. Cleveland Homeo. Coll., 
1866-1871: Prof, therapeutics and dean, 

Pulte Med. Coll.. 1880 ; Pres. Theo- 

sophical Soc. in Amer.. 1892-4; Am. Inst. 
Homeopathy. 1890; Ohio State Homeo. 
Med. Soc.. 1&75. Author: The Nature and 
Aims of Theosophy, 1887; A Study of Man 
and the Way to Health, 1888; Mystic Ma- 
sonry, 1896; Browning's Paracelsus and 
other Essays. 1897; The Genius of Free- 
masonry, 1908; Constructive Psychology, 
1909; The Lost Word Found. 1909; The 
New Avatar and the Destiny of the Soul. 
1909; The Soul and Sex in Education; 
Recent World-Movements; Theosophy and 
the Great School of the Natural Science. 
Socs. and clubs: Literary Club; City Club. 
Home address: 628 Oak St., Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, O. 

er; born, Wells Tp., Jefferson Co., p., Jan. 
IS. 1850: on of George H. Buckingham 
and Catherine (Church) Buckingham; edu- 
cated: Wells Tp. Schools until 18; then 
taught Dist. Schs. until 22. when he en- 
tered Scio Acad. for 1 yr. Married, Wini- 
fred D. Reese. Sept. 26. 1878. Clerked in 
grocery. Tlhrichsville. O.. 1872-73; freight 
and ticket agent Pittsburgh, Cincinnati 
<t St. Louis R. R., Tlhrichsville, 1873-1876; 
taught school, Wells Tp., 1876-1879: Prin. 
Mingo Junction Pub. Schs.. O., 1880-188] ; 
Deputy clerk, Jefferson Co., 188*2-1883; 
Deputy County Auditor, 1883-1888; elected 
and served as Clerk of Courts. 1888-18!).".; 
elected cashier Commercial National Bank 
in 1895. serving in that capacity until 
April. 1916. when he severed his con- 
nection with that institution to become 
Treasurer of the Union Savings Bank & 
Trust Co.. which position he now holds. 
Socs. and clubs: Odd Fellow: K. of P. 
Home address: Steubenville. O. 

Professor; born, Leyden. Mass.. Oct. 22, 
1S72; son of Stephen Buckland Budington 
and Ereda (Baker) Budington; educated: 
Mt. Hermon School (1892); Williams Coll. 
(1896); Columbia Univ. (1899-1902). Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., Williams; A. M., Wil- 
liams. Married. Mabel Frances Stone, 
Dec. 27. 1906. Instructor Science & Math., 
Dow Academy. Franconia. N. H.. 1896-98; 
Asst. Zoology. Williams Coll.. 1898-1899; 
demonstrator Physiology, Columbia Univ. 
'P. & S.), 1900-1902; teacher, Zoology & 
Physiology. Mt. Hennon School. 1902-05; 
instructor Zoology, Wesleyan Univ., 1905- 
1908; associate Prof. Zoology, Oberlin 
Coll., 1908-13; instructor Embryology, Ma- 
rine Biol. Lab.. Woods Hole, Mass., 

1911 ; Prof. Zoology, Oberlin College. 

Oberlin, O.. 1913 . Socs. and clubs: 

American Soc. Zoologists; Am. Natural- 
ists: Am. Assn. Advancement Science 
(fellow); Am. Geographical Soc.: Ohio 
Academy of Science. Joint-author Ad- 
vanced Physiology & Hygiene; author: 
articles in biological journals. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 34 S. Cedar Ave., 
Oberlin. O. 

man; born, Cleveland. O.. Oct. S. 1880; 
son of Charles Henry Bulkley and Roberta 

(Johns) Bulkley; educated: University 
Sch.. Cleveland, O. ; Harvard Coll.; Har- 
vard Law Sch. College degrees: A. B.. 
1902; A. M, 1906. Married, Katharine 
Pope. Feb. 17, 1909. Admitted to Ohio 
bar, June, 1906: partner in law firm. Bulk- 
ley & Inglis, 1909-1912; partner, Bulkley, 
Hauxhurst, Inglis & Saeger, attorneys, 
Cleveland, O., 1912 ; elected first pres- 
ident. Morris Plan Bank. Cleveland. O., 

1916 . Member Congress. 21st Dist., 

1911-15; served on Banking & Currency 
Committee during preparation and pas- 
sage of Federal Reserve Act; chiarman. 
House Sub-Committee on Rural Credits; 
delegate to Democratic National Conven- 
tion Baltimore. 1912. and St. Louis. 1910; 
chairman, Cuyahoga County Democratic 
Central & Executive Committees. 1914-16'. 
Home address: 2926 Euclid Ave Cleve- 
land. O. 

born. Equality. Gallatin Co., 111., April 6, 
1S79; son of Dr. Henry Wallace Bunion 
and Mary (Charles) Bunton; educated- 
Asbury Coll., Wilmore, Ky. College de- 
grees: B. S.; M. A.; D. D. Married. Ina 
Belle Case, April 27. 1904. Pastor. Cold 
Spring, Ky., 1903-1905; Maysville, Ky 
1905-1908; S'upt. Covington Dist. Kent. 
Conference, 1908-11109; pastor, Union Ch , 
Covington, Ky.. 1909-1915; Grace Ch., Day- 
ton. O.. 1915 . Pres. Dayton Church 

Federation. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree 
Scottish Rite Mason. Knight Templar and 
Shriner; Freedmen's Aid Soc. (Mem Bd 
Managers. 1912-lfi). Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: 333 North Boulevard, Dav- 
ton. Ohio. 

BUNTS, FRANK EMORY, Surgeon; born, 
Youngstown. O.: son of William C Bunts 
and Clara E. (Barnhisel) Bunts; educated: 
U. S. Naval Academy 1881; served in U. 
S. Navy, 1881-3; Western Reserve Med. 
College. 1886 (M. D.). Married. Harriet 
E. Taylor. Cleveland, O., Oct. 29. 1888 
Prof, surgery. Western Reserve Med. Coll., 

1893 . Socs. and clubs: fellow Am. 

Surg. Assn.: Am. Med. Soc.; Soc. Internal 
de Chirurgle; Miss. Valley Med. Assn.; 
Ohio State Med. Assn.; Academy Medicine, 
Cleveland; Nu Sigma Nu; Union: Univer- 
sity; Army and Navy (Wash.). Home ad- 
dress: 1821 E. 63rd St.. Cleveland. O. 

Hodgenyille. Ky., May 4. 1865; son of 
Benjamin F. Burba and Elizabeth (Rod- 
man) Burba; educated: Country Schools; 
Columbian Law Sch. (now George Wash- 
ington Univ.), Washington, 1903. College 
degrees: LL. B. Married. Rebecca Bruce 
Hunter. Oct. 31, 1895. Worked on Louis- 
ville (Ky.) Courier- Journal as printer; 
started weekly paper at Hodgenville, 
1885; clerk Interior department, Washing- 
ton, 1890; special pension examiner; re- 
signed, 1901; managing editor. The Sun. 
Springfield, O., 1903-1904; editor-in-chief 
News League of Ohio. 1905 (Dayton 
Daily News and Springfield Daily News); 
Sec. to Governor Cox. 1913-14. Author: 
Our Bird Friends. 1908; contributor to 
various publications on political economic 
and nature subjects. Awarded Carnegie 
Hero Medal for rescuing child from drown- 
ing. 1910. Socs. and clubs: Sons Am. Rev. 
Home address: 35 Central Ave.. Dayton, 

born, Maumee, O., Nov. 24. 1868; son of 
Robert Burge and Margaret (Shoemaker) 
13 urge: educated: Pub. Schs. of Maumee 
and Toledo, O. Married, Leonora C. 
Barks, June 15, 1892. Entered the office 
of his uncle, S. W. Flower, seed merchant, 



at the age of 14. ami in IsSO became a 
partner in the firm. Now president of the 
S. W. Flower Co.; Mem. Toledo Produce 
Exchange. Socs. and clubs: Masons. 
Home address: 3262 Colling-wood Ave.. To- 
ledo. O. 

BURGER, FRANK, Dentist; born. Kenton. 
O.. Jan. 9, 1879; son of William Burger 
and Catherine (Ramge) Burger; educated: 
graduate of Kenton High Sen., 1S97; Grad. 
of Ohio College of Dental Surgery. 1902. 
College degrees: D. D. S. Unmarried. 
Dentist. Socs. and clubs: Mason; Alla- 
ilin Temple Shriner, Columbus. O.; Latham 
Lodge; Scioto Chapter; Kenton Council; 
Kenton Commandery. Kenton, O.; Toledo 
Consistory, Toledo, O.; Psi Omega Frat. 
Methodist Church. Home address: Ken- 
ton. O. 

BURKE, MILO DARWIN, Civil Engineer; 
horn, Ashland Co., O., Aug. 23, 1841; son 
of Sirenoe Burke and Tirza Burke; edu- 
cated: common schools and Oberlin Col- 
lege. Married, Ellen S. Bachtell. Dec. 25, 
1S66. Left college in 1863. enlisted in the 
15th Ohio Infantry and served in the 
third brigade (Willish's) of the third di- 
vision of the fourth army corps until after 
the fall of Atlanta, when he was detailed 
as an assistant topographical engineer at 
Gen. Geo. H. Thomas' headquarters, 
where he served until he was mustered 
out with his regiment in Dec.. 1S65. He 
has had general practice in civil and mine 
engineering, has constructed four in- 
clined Planes for passenger traffic (three 
at Cincinnati and one at Hamilton. Ont.) 
and numerous steam and street railroads, 
as well as municipal work, and developed 
mineral and suburban properties. He is 
the author of "Brick for Street Pave- 
ments." 1893. also numerous technical pa- 
pers in current publications. He is a 
member of the American Institute of Min- 
ing Engineers; The American Society of 
<"ivil Engineers, and was one of the 
founders of The Civil Engineers Club in 
Cincinnati. O. Home adtfress: Second Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. S. E. Cor. of Ninth and 
Main Sts.. Cincinnati. O. 

ney; born, Findlay, O., May 15, 1860: son 
of Jacob F. Burket and Pamy D. (Walters) 
Burket; .educated: Grad. of Oberlin Coll., 
1882. College degrees: Ph. B., 1890; A. M., 
1S91. Married. Augusta Dukes. Jan. 16, 
1895. Admitted to bar in 1SS". and since 
then has practiced at Findlav. O. Mem. 
of law firm of Burket & Burket since 
1SSS. Now Vice Pres. Am. Natl. Bank of 
Findlay. O. Pros. Atty.. Hancock Co.. O., 
1S91-4. Socs. and clubs: Ohio Rep. League, 
(Vice Pres.. 1889-91); Mem. Am. Bar Assn.: 
oliio State Bar A<ssn. (Pres. 1913-14): Ohio 
Archaeol. and Hist. Soc. ; Old North West 
Geneal. Soc.; S. A. R. : Del. Universal 
Congress Lawyers and Jurists. St. Louis, 
!'"'( Lutheran Oh. Republican. Hume 
i'Hress: Findlay. Ohio. 

BURKETT, D. VAN BUREN. Physician; 
born, Thorn\>ille, O., Nov. 12, 1872; son 
of Joseph W. Burkett and Anna (Klingerl 
Burkett; educated: Thornville High Sch.; 
Ohio Staff Univ.; Ohio Med. Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: B. Ph.; M. D. Married, 
Sarah J. Miller. March 29. 1905. Engaged 
in practice of medicine. Columbus, O., 
I!ift2 . First Sergeant. Troop B, Cav. 
O. N. G.. 1902; Capt. and Asst. Surgeon, 
t';ivalry. O. N. G.. 1902-16; Reg. Surgeon, 
llth Div.. Cavalry. U. S. A.. 1917. Socs. 
and clubs: Columbus Acad. Med.; Ohio 
State Med. As'sn.; Am. Med. Assn.; Span- 
ish-Am. War Veterans Assn.; Assn. Mil. 
Surgeons of U. S.: Elks; Kappa Sigma 
Frat.; Alpha Mu Pi Omega Med. Frat.; 

Theta Nu Epsilon Frat.; A. I. U. Luther- 
an. Home address: 112 North Fourth St., 
Columbus. O. 

BURKHARDT, HALLY C., Clergyman; 
born, Tipton, Tnd.. Dec. 15. 1S79; son of 
Alonzo George Burkhardt and Anna 
(.Mount i J'.urkhardt; educated: Tri-State 
Coll.. Angola. Ind. : Butler Coll.. Indianap- 
olis. Ind. ; Yale Sch. Religion. College de- 
grees: B. S. : B. A.; B. D. Married. Lois 
Kisher McKay. March 25. 1903. Engaged 
in farming pursuits until age 28 years: 
began collegiate course in 1907 and fin- 
ished in 1915; ordained as minister. 1912; 
pastor. Central Church Christ (Disciples), 
Dayton. O., Aug. 1. 1915 . Home ad- 
dress: 89 Faulkner Ave. Dayton. O. 

Clergyman: born. Adams Co.. O.. April 
It;. 1851; son of Enos Burnett and Hannah 
(Carson) Burnett; educated: common 
schools, Adams Co. College degrees: D. 
D., by Union Christian College. Married, 
Elizabeth Ellen Turner, 1870; 2nd. Alice 
Edwards .Morton, 1901. Now editor 
Christian Annual; Gen. Sec. of American 

Christian Convention, 1S94 ; trustee, 

Union Christian Coll. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic Order; Odd Fellows; Knight Py- 
thias. Christian Church. Home address: 
310 S.' Broadway. Dayton. O. 

born. Pike Tp., Madison Co., O.. Oct. 
13. I860; son of John Burnham and Celina 
(Fullington) Burnham; educated: country 
schools; O. W. U.: O. S. U. Married, 
Lizzie R. Chaney, Dec. 22, 18*2. Engaged 
in farming after finishing college course. 
Located in London, O., in 1900, and is 
now engaged in the automobile business. 
Elected mayor of London in 1913, and re- 
elected in 1915, and is now serving in that 
capacity. Home address: 55 Elm St.. Lon- 
don. Ohio. 

BURNHAM, WALTER D,, Agriculturist; 
born, Dec. 1, 1859, Pike Tp.. Madison Co., 
O. : son of Henry Burnham and Eveline 
(Williams) Burnham; educated: country- 
schools; Ohio State Univ.; Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. Married. Josephine Robbins. Jan. 
29, 1SS5. Taught -school 2 yrs. at Rosedale, 
then devoted himself to farming, which he 
has since followed. Has held the office of 
township treasurer, trustee, and member 
board of education; also was a member of 
board of tax adjusters. 1913-15. Socs. and 
dubs: Delta Tau Delta; O. W. U. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Active in school organiza- 
tion. Home address: Mechanicsburg, O., 
R. D. No. 3. 

BURNITE, CAROLINE, Librarian; born, 
''aroline Co.. Md.. Jan.. 1875; daughter of 
Emeity Burnite and Annie K. (Holmes) 
1: i unite; educated: Easton (Md.) High 
Sch.: Pratt Institute Library Sch. (1894). 
Unmarried. Asst. Schermerhorn Library, 
T.rooklyn, N. Y., 1894; librarian Equitable 
Assurance Soc. of U. S., 1895: librarian 
Tome Inst., Port Deposit. Md.. 1895-1901; 
Asst. Carnegie Library. Pittsburgh, 1902- 
19f>4; Dir. Children's Work Pub. Library, 

Cleveland, 1904 ; contributor: Ifbrary 

i iodicals. Socs. find clubs: Am. Library 

Assn.; Mem. of Council, 1912-17; Ohio Li- 
hrarY Assn. (Pres., 1911-12). Home ad- 
dn-ss: 4.". The Plaza, Cleveland, O. 

BURRETT, CLAUDE A., Surgeon-College 
Dean: born, Greece, N. Y., July 13. 1878; 
son of Cyrus A. Burrett and Ida I. (Sage) 
Burrett; educated: High ' School of E. 
Bloomfield; Syracuse Univ.; Ohio State 
Univ.; Cleveland Homeopathic Med. Coll. 
College degrees: Ph. B. ; M. D. ; F. A. C. 
S'. Married. Clara Virginia Partridge. 
July 13, 1905. Prof, of Surgery, Univ. of 



Michigan and Registrar of the Homeo- 
pathic Med. Sch. of same; Prof, of Sur- 
gery and Dean of the College of Homeo- 
pathic Medicine of the Ohio State Univ., 
1914-^- ; was Secy, and Pres. of the 
Michigan Homeopathic Soc.; Pres. of the 
Surgical and .Gynecological Soc. of the 
American Inst. of Homeopathy, and Secy. 
of the College of Alliance of the A. I. H. 
Socs. and clubs: Am. Inst. of Homeop.; 
Am. Coll. of Surgeons; Ohio Homeop. Med. 
Soc.; Shriner: Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Up- 
silon Rho. Methodist Church. Author of 
many surgical and medical articles. Home 
address: 1948 luka Ave.. Columbus. O. 

er: born, Hollis, Torke Co., Me.. Dec. 21, 
1&49; son of Joseph Wesley Burrows and 
Mary Elizabeth (Atkinson) Burrows; edu- 
cated: U. S. Military Academy, 1870; 
served as 2nd Lieut., 3rd Light Artillery, 
1870-1872. Married, Lottie Thomas Mott, 
Feb. 26. 1884. Organized the firm, Bur- 
rows Bros.. 1873; later merged to Bur- 
rows Bros. Co.. publishers and booksellers, 

Cleveland, 1886 ; Pres. The Burrows 

Bros. Publishing Co. 1886-1912; Pres. Nat. 
One Cent Letter Postage Assn. Prevailed 
upon Elrpy M. Avery in 1886 to devote 
rest of his life to great labor of prepar- 
ing his "History of the United States and 
its People" (12 vols.). Socs. and clubs: 
Cleveland Chamber Commerce;; Colonial 
Wars; Union; Euclid; Athletic; Alumni of 
U. S. Mil. Academy. Republican. Home 
address: 1881 East 82nd St.. Cleveland, O. 

born. Mt. Clinton. Va.. Oct. 31. 1881; son 
of W T illiam Henry Burtner and Frances 
(Paul) Burtner; educated: College Pre- 
paratory, Shenandoah Collegiate Institute 
& School of Music; Otterbein Univ.; Yale 
School Religion: Tale Grad. School. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.; A. M.; B. D. Mar- 
ried. Zetta Maude Truxal. Aug. 17. 1910. 
Pastor. First Congl. Ch.. Derby. Conn., 
1909-10: First Congl. Ch., Missoula. Mon- 
tana. 1910-13; Pilgrim Congl. Ch.. Spo- 
kane. Wash.. 1913-14: First Church United 
Brethren, 1914 . College pastor, Otter- 
bein Univ., Westerville, O. Home address: 
Westerville. O. 

Senator; born, Jefferson, O., Dec. 20, 1851; 
son of (Rev.) William Burton and Eliza- 
beth (Grant) Burton; educated: Oberlin 
Coll.. Oberlin, O. College degrees: A B. 
(1872); A. M. (1875): LL. D. (1900), Ober- 
lin; also Dartmouth Coll.: Ohio State Univ.; 
St. Johns Coll.. Annapolis. Unmarried. 
Admitted to bar of Ohio. 1875; practicing 

attorney, Cleveland, O.. 1875 : member 

51st (1889-1891) and 54th to 60th (1895- 
1909) Congresses, 21st Ohio Dist.; resigned 
from 61st Congress. March 4. 1909: U. S. 
Senator, 1909-15. Chairman Inland Water- 
ways Commn., 1907-09; also National 
Waterways Commn., 1909-12. Mem. Nat. 
Monetary Commn.; Delegate Republican 
National Conventions, 1904. 1908. 1912 
(placed William Howard Taft in nomina- 
tion for the Presidency, Chicago. 1908); 
unanimously supported by the Ohio dele- 
gation as a candidate for President at the 
Republican Nat. Conv.. in - 1916. Author: 
Financial Crises and Periods of Industrial 
and Commercial Depression, 1902; Life of 
John Sherman, 1906: Corporations and the 
State. 1911. President. Grant Family As- 
sociation of the United States, 1901-1903. 
Elected President Merchants National 
Bank of New York. Jan.. 1917. Socs. and 
clubs: Union Club, Cleveland; Metropoli- 
tan, University (Washington); Authors, 
Bankers and Metropolitan, New York. 
Pres. American Peace Society. 1911-1915. 

Republican. Residence: Cleveland. Ohio. 
Present address: 42 Wall St.. New York 

Professor; born, Woodville, Sandusky Co., 
O., March 23, 1883; son of (Dr.) C. Henry 
L. Busch and Sophia (Cronenwett) Busch; 
educated: graded and parochial schools; 
high school. Woodville, O.; Capital Univ., 
Columbus. O. ; Univ. Mich.; Ohio State 
Univ. College degrees: B. Sc.. 1903; A. B., 
1904; Grad. in Theol., 1906. Married, Lulu 
E. Snapp. Dec. 29. 1908. Head science 
department. Lenvoir Coll., Hickory, N. c., 
1906-8; Math, and science. Luther Sem., 
St. Paul, Minn., 1908-13; head science de- 
partment, Lenvoir Coll., Hickory, N. C., 
1913-14; head department of Science 
(teacher chemistry and botany). Capital 

Univ.. Columbus, O.. 1915 . Lutheran. 

Home address: Bexley Station, Columbus, 

born. Brick Church, N.. J., Oct. 4. 1863; son 
of (Rev.) James S. Bush and Harriet E. 
(Fay) Bush; educated: Stevens high Sch.; 
Stevens Inst. Married, Flora Sheldon, 
1894. Asst. Engr.. Motor Power. P. C. C. 
& St. L. R. R.. 1888-1890: Master Mechanic, 
Pennsylvania shop at Dennison and Co- 
lumbus. O., 1890-94; Supt. Motor Power, 
Southwest System Pennsylvania, 1894-99; 
Supt. of Motor Power, C. M. & St. P., 
1899-1901; Pres. and Gen. Mgr.. Buckeye 

Steel Castings Co., Columbus, O., 1908 . 

Socs. and clubs: Nat. Mfrs. Assn.; Du- 
quesne Club of Pittsburg; Engineers Club 
of New York; Univ. Club of Chicago; 
Rcioto Country Club; Columbus Auto Club; 
Columbus Club; Columbus Athletic Club; 
The Assembly; Review Club. Home ad- 
dress: Columbus, O. 

BUSOKER, CHARLES E., Attorney; born, 
St. Paris. O.. May 12. I860; son of Joseph 
Busoker and Catherine (Snapp) Busoker; 
educated: Wittenberg Coll.; Univ. Mich. 
College degrees: B. L. Married, Anna L. 
Pand. 1888. Attorney-at-law of Urbana, 
O. Member Fish and Game Commission 
under Gov. Nash. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic; Springfield Country Club. Home 
address. Urbana. O. 

man; born, Paterson, N. J.. Aug. 20. 1871; 
son of Robert Bustard and Sarah F. (Mat- 
thews) Bustard: educated: Grad. S. Jer- 
sey Inst.. Bridgeton. N. J.: Brown Univ.: 
Newton Theol. Inst., Newton Centre. Mass. 
College degrees: A. B., 1895; D. D.. 1913. 
Married. Ethel M. Channell. Oct. 5. 1S9S. 
Ordained in Baptist ministry. 1898: pas- 
torates: Amesbury. Mass.,- 1898-99; Dudley 
St. Ch.. Boston, 1900-09; Euclid Ave. Ch., 
Cleveland. 1909 . Dir. Christian En- 
deavor Soc. Ohio: Pres. Am. Civic Re- 
form Union, Cleveland. Socs. and clubs: 
Beta Theta Pi. Baptist. Home address: 
13679 Fairmount Bldg.. Cleveland, O. 

BUTLER, ALFRED. Banker: born. Belle- 
fontaine. O.: son of Joshua O. Butler and 
Eveline (Miltenbei^ger) Butler; educated: 
Bellefontaine Pub. Schs. Married, Carrie 
S. Bateman. July 2, 1878. Commenced in 
1863 as dry goods clerk. In dry goods 
business under firm name of Butler & 
Allen. 1875. In 1878. he bought out Mr. 
Allen's interests. Continued in dry goods 
business until 1909 when he sold out to 
become cashier of the Commercial and 
Savings Bank Co.. of which he was one 
of the founders, and of which he is still 
serving as cashier. One of the organizers 
of Bellefontaine Building & Loan Co.. of 
which he has been director for past 22 
yrs. School Bd. Pres., 7 yrs. Chautauqua 



Pres.. - ym Active in all commercial in- 

. -is iii Bellefontaine. :::M degree Ma- 

Vtethodist Kpiscopal Church, Treas., 

37 yrs. Promoter of all lecture courses 

for many years in r.eiierontaine. i;.-i>uii- 

lican. Home address: 416 E. S'andusky 

Ave.. Bellefontalne. O. 

turer; born. Temperance Furnace. -Mercer 
Co., I'a . I >ec. -I. l^i"; son "i jo 
Green Sutler and Temperance lOrwig) 
Under: educated: l'ul>. Sch., Xiles. Ohio. 
Man ifd, Harriet Voorhees Ingersoll, Jan. 
in |M;<;. iic^.-in business career as 1 It- 
keeper \vilh James \Vartl .V Co.. Niles, 
O. 1v,7: financial manager. 1 v,s- 1 M;:; ; with 
Hale \- Ayer. Chicago. 1863-66; manager 
Girard Iron Co., 1S66-1S7S; M^r. Brier Hill 
Iron & Coal Co.. 1878-1912; Vice Pres. 
Brier Hill Steel Co., 1912-17; Vice Pres. 
Ohio Steel Co.. 1S96-1906: Pres. Portage 
Silica Co.; Chairman Board of Directors, 
Bessemer Limestone Co.; Dir. Mahoning 
& Shenango Valley Ry. & Light Co.. The 
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.. Penn. & 
Lake Erie Dock Co.. Commercial Nat. 
I'.ank. Am. Iron & Steel Inst., Pittsburg, 
Youngstown & Ashtabula K. U. Co.. Cleve- 
land & Mahoning Valley Ky. Co.; Treas.. 
The Valley Investment Co.; Pres.. The 
Mahoning Inst. of Art; Mahoning Valley 
Hist. Soc.; The Nat. MrKinley Birth- 
place Memorial Assn.; The Youngstown 
I In inane Soc.; Mem. Youngstown City 
Council. 3 term's. 10 yrs.; Youngstown Bd. 
of Health. 6 yrs.; Pres.. The Youngstown 
Chamber of Commerce. 7 terms. Dele- 
gate to the Republican National Conven- 
tion. Philadelphia. 1900; Delegate to the 
Republican Nat. Conv.. Chicago. 1916; 
Mem. of the American Industrial Commn. 
to France. 1916. Author: Life of McKin- 
lev. 1900; First Trip Across the Continent, 
1904; First Trip Abroad, 1906; Presidents 
I Have Seen and Know. 1910; A Journey 
Through France in War Time. 1917. Own- 
er of gallery of original Indian portraits 
i H'ii in number). Dir. and active in move- 
nt to secure Sulgrave Manor, England, 
as memorial of George Washington. Socs. 
and clubs: Mahoning Valley Hist. Soc. 
(F'res.); The Youngstown Humane Soc. 
(Pres.); Nat. McKinley Birthplace Me- 
morial Assn. (Pres.); Vice Pres. Gen. 
Sons of Am. Revolution; Duciuesne Club 
of Pittsburg: Tnion Club of Cleveland; 
Friars, New York; Salmagundi, N. Y.; 
Ohio Soc. of New York. N. Y. Home ad- 
tlrt-ss: Youngstown. O. 

Moses), born, \Varkworth. i>nt.. Aug 11', 
l^Tii- il:i imhtor of r.artholomew Clune and 
KlU-n < Kennedy i Clime; educated: Queens 
Univ.. Kingston: Univ. of Leipzig: Univ 
of Heidelberg. College degrees: M. A.; 
Ph. D. Married. Dr. Moses Buttenweiser, 
Jan. 11. 1V7. Socs and dubs: Woman's 
Peace Party; Hamilton Co. Woman's Suf- 
frage Assn.: Woman's City Club: Civic 
I i 'ague: Pres;. Ohio Valley Branch of Assn. 
..I Coll, -slat.- Alumnae. Author: The' Ob- 
stinate child H'ed. Sem.. 1911): Studien 
zur Verfasserscliaft des ' altenglischen 
Ciedichts Andreas. Heidelberg Univ., 1899; 
contributor to various literary magazines. 
Home address: 257 Loraine Ave.. Clifton, 
Cincinnati. O. 

born. Mt. Vernon. O.. Jan. 14. 1S51: son 
of Francis A. T.nxton and Rosana. M. 
(Pearson 1 ! T'.uxton: educated: National 
Normal Univ.. 1^7-1-76: Boston Univ., 1879; 
Calihvin T T niv.. 1S84; Boston I'niv.. 1S90; 
rh p.; <">hi<> Wesleyan. isiij. College de- 
grees: B. S.: A. B.; S. T. I!.: A. B. ; Ph. 
D.; D. D. Married. Belle Radcliffe. 1^7!'. 

Ordained. M. E. ministry. 1879: pastor, 
l'i mklin \ve. Church. Cleveland. O.. 1889- 
lv:M; pastor, Avondale Ch., Cincinnati. O., 
IVM-IVO: Trinity Ch.. Youngstown. O., 
1899-1906; Ties, i;.-ildwin Univ.. 1902-1904; 
pastor. Kiist Ch.. Canton. O.. 1906-1909; 
Supt., Akron Dist. E. Ohio Conf.. 1909-15; 
pastor, Grace M. E. Church, Coshocton. O., 

I'.iU* . Delegate general conference, 

Minneapolis. 1912. Socs. anil clulis: Ma- 
sonic Order; 32d degree, Cincinnati Con- 
sistory. Home address: 422 Walnut St., 
Coshocton. O. 

born. Sterling, III.. July 26, 1^73: 'son of 
John .1. Byers and Ksther ( Kbersolei By- 
er*s: educated: B. S.. Northwestern Univ., 
.graduate student. The I'niv. of < 'hi 
A. M.. Harvard 1'niv. Married. !: 
l>oia LaFevre. July 0, 1898. Principal of 
Elk hart Institute. Elkhart. Ind., 1898-1903; 
Pres., Goshen College, Goshen. Ind., 1903- 
1913; dean of Bluffton Coll.. 1!M' . Socs. 
and clubs: Founder of Intercollegiate 
Peace Soc. Mennonite. Has traveled 
widely in Europe and America and is an 
institute lecturer on Psychology. Home 
address: Bluffton. O. 


CADMAN, W. S., Educator; Supt. of Sons.. 
Norwood, O. Home address: Norwood, O. 

CADWALLADER, STARR, born. Howard. 
X. Y.. June 11. IstiH; son of Joseph She,,- 
ard Cadwallader and Anne E. (Starr) Cad- 
wallader; educated: Hamilton Coll. (1893); 
Union Theological Seminary. College de- 
grees: A. M. (1S96). Married, Harriet E. 
Gomph, July ::. IV";. Engaged in V. M. 
C. A. work, 1S87-1S89; head worker. Good- 
rich Social Settlement, Cleveland, O., 1896- 
1903 (trustee. 1903 ; Secy., 1!"": ) ; 

Sch. Dir. of Cleveland 1902-5; Sec. Board 
Trustees. Cleveland Sch. Art. 1905-1908; 
Supt. sanitation. 1908-10; Board of Trus- 
tees, Kent State Normal School, 1912-13; 
Ohio Board of Administration. 11113-1915; 
Bd. of Education, Shaker Hgts. Vil.. 1916. 
Contributor to magazines. Socs. and 
clubs: Mem. Exec. Com. Cleveland Asso- 
ciated Charities: Cleveland Chajuber Com- 
merce; City Club: Automobile Club; 
Shaker Heights Country Club; Alpha Del- 
ta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Univ. Club. 
Home address: Marshall Bldg., Cleveland, 

b.irn. Cleveland. <>.. Nov. 24, 1866: son of 
Seth M Cady and Amelia L. (Reed) Cady; 
educated: Cleveland, O.. public schools. 
^' Tried. Kinnia Page Watson. Sept. 2S, 
1899. Entered banking business. Ohio 
National Bank. Cleveland. Ohio, as clerk, 
.Mav. issT; went to Union National Hank. 
Cleveland. Ohio. 1891; elected assi- 
cashier. 19<i2: elected cashie'-. <>hio 
Savings Bank. Toledo. O.. 1906. and Vice 
Pres.. same. 1912: Pres. Guardian Trust 
& Savs. Bank. Toledo. O.. 1913 -- . Pres. 
Louisville Home Telephone Co.; Vice. Pres. 
Continental Sugar Co.; Secy. Central 
Home Telephone Co.; Sec. Fifty Associates 
Co.: Treas. Toledo Factories Co.; Vice 
Pres. Morris Plan Bank Toledo. O. Socs. 
and clubs: Commerce Club: Toledo Club: 
Toledo Country Club: Rotary Club: In- 
verness Country Clnb; Automobile Club: 
Hermit Club (Cleveland. O.); Pendennis 
Club (Louisville. Ky.); Bankers Club of 
America iX'-w York City). Unitarian. 
Home address-: 2336 Scottwood Ave., To- 
ledo. O. 



born, Wartburg. Tenn.. March S. 1888; son 
of Rev. I. .T. Cahill and Lillian Morse 
(Skidmore) Cahill; educated: Pub. Schs., 
Steel High, Dayton. O.; Hiram Coll.; Cor- 
nell Univ. College degrees: B. S. Mar- 
ried, Ada Christina Pagenstecher, June 12, 
1913. With National Cash Register Co., 
Dayton. O.. 1906; partner with brother, 
Vaughn D.. in Cahill Print. Hiram. Ohio, 
1907-8; Inst. Stivers Manual Training Sen., 
Dayton. O.. 190S-10; with Schenck & Wil- 
liams and Albert Pretzinger, Architects, 
Dayton. O.: removed to Cleveland. Ohio, 
1912: engaged in architectural work as 
designer stores, apartments, hospitals, 
residence's and many churches in Ohio. In- 
diana and Illinois. 1915 . Socs. and 

clubs: American Institute Architects; 
Cleveland Arch. Club; Cleveland Eng. 
Soc.: Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; 
Lakewoocl Chamber of Commerce; Young 
Men's Business Club; Kiwanis Club; 
Cleveland Real Estate Board; Lakewood 
Tennis Club. Member Church Christ. 
Franklin Circle. Cleveland, O. Home ad- 
dress: 1642 Marlowe Ave.. Lakewood, 
Cleveland. O. 

CAINE, WM. C., Banker; Cashier Bank of 
Commerce Natl. Assn. Home address: 
1945 E. 93rd St.. Cleveland, O. 

Professor; born. Troy. O. Nov. 2. 1871; 
son of Samuel Alexander Cairns and Mary 
Brook (Gunn) Cairns; educated: Troy, O., 
high school; Ohio Wes. Univ.; Harvard 
Univ.; Univ. Gottingen. Ger. College de- 
grees: A. B.; A. M.; Ph. D. Married, Iva 
M. Crofoot. Aug. -25. 1898. Instructor, 
Troy, O., High Sch., 1894-96; instructor. 
Calumet, Mich., High Sch.. 1898-99; Instr. 
Math., Oberlin Coll.. 1899-1904; associate 

Prof., Math., Oberlin, O., Coll., 1904 . 

Socs. and clubs: Secy.-Treas. Math. Assn. 
of America; Am. Math. Soc.; Assn. Ohio 
Teachers of Math. & Physics. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 55 E. Lorain 
St.. Oberlin. O. 

CALDWALLADER, J. L., Educator; County 
Supt. of Schs., Clinton Co. Home address: 
Wilmington, O. 

born, Amelia, O., May 1. 1S77; on of Wil- 
liam G. Caldwell and Mina CRicker) Cald- 
well; educated: Hughes High Sch.; Univ. 
of Cincinnati. (B. S.), 1899; (LL. B.), Har- 
vard Law School, 1901. Practicing attor- 
ney Cincinnati; identified with Citizens 
Mortgage & Loan Co., and Associated 
Charities. Socs. and clubs: City Club; 
Harvard Club; Literary Club; New Eng- 
land Society; University Club; Cincinnati 
Golf Club; Cincinnati Country Club; Busi- 
ness Men's Club; Beta Theta Pi; Ohio 
State Bar Assn.; Hamilton Co. Bar Assn.; 
Dayton Country Club: Butler Co. Club. 
Home address: 2342 Upland Place (Wal- 
nut Hills). Cincinnati, Ohio. 

W T elfare Worker; born, Columbus, O., June 
6. 1877; daughter of Edwai'd Orton and 
Anna Davenport (Torrey) Orton; educated: 
"Wellesley College. College degrees: B. A. 
Married, Francis C. Caldwell, July 12, 1900. 
Pres. Women's Club. Ohio State Univ., 
1913-14; Pres. Columbus Branch Assn. Col- 
legiate Alumnae. 1914-16: Treas. Honi" X- 
School Assn. of. Columbus. 1913-16: Pres. 
Home & School Assn.. Columbus, 1916-17: 
Present Day Club; D. A. R.: Suffrage 
Assns. Congregationalist. Home address: 
206 16th Ave.. Columbus. O. 

born. Beaver. O.. Nov. 20. 1866; son of 
John L. Caldwell and Kate (Hoffman) 

Caldwell; educated: Waverly High Sch.; 
Wooster Univ.; Kentucky Univ., and 
graduated from Cincinnati Law School. 
College degrees: LL. B. (Cincinnati Law 
Sch.). Married. Mollie Schrader, Oct. 16, 
1S95. Practiced law since June. 1889. Ad- 
mitted to O<hio bar June 4, ISMI; ad- 
mitted to practice in United States Court, 
Sixth Circuit and Southern Dist. of Ohio, 
June 6. 1905; admitted to practice U- S. 
Circuit Court of Appeals at Cincinnati. 
Dec. 5, 1905. Prosecuting Attorney of 
Pike Co.. O.. 1894-97; re-elected Pros. Atty. 
of Pike Co.. Nov.. 1916. Member of Board 
of Education and Solicitor for Village of 
Waverly. Democratic nominee for Con- 
gress in 10th Ohio District, in 1912. Socs. 
and clubs: Secy, of Waverly Commercial 
Club; Masonic and Knight's of Pythias of 
Waverly; Chillicothe Commandery Knights 
Templar; Mem. of Ohio State Bar Assn.: 
Mem. of Commercial Law League of Am.; 
Secy, of Pike County Bar Assn. Presby- 
terian. Home address: Waverly, O. 

Professor; born. Ithaca. N. Y.. Dec. 25, 
1868; son of George Chapman Caldwell and 
Rebecca (Stanley) Caldwell; educated: 
Cornell Univ.; Nat. Polytechnicum, Zur- 
ich. Switzerland. College degrees: A. B. 
(1890); M. E. (in Elec. Eng.. 1891). Mar- 
ried, Louise Taft Orton. July 12. 1900. 
With Thomson-Houston Electric Co , 1891- 
1892; Asst. Prof. Elec. Eng., 1893-1897; 
Associate Prof., 1897-1901; Prof. Elec. Eng., 
Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, O., 1901 
Trustee Antioch Coll.. Yellow Springs. O. 
Author: Notes and Questions for the Dy- 
namo Laboratory, 1900; Electrical Ens. 
Problems, 1904-13; Electrical Eng. Test 
Sheets. 1911. Socs. and clubs: Am. Assn. 
of Univ. Profs.; Ohio Electric Light Assn.; 
Fellow Am. Inst. Elec. Engs.; Illuminating 
Eng. Soc.; Soc. for Promotion of Eng. 
Education: Ohio Acad. of Science: En- 
gineers Club of Columbus; Jovian Order; 
Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Lamibda Phi Omega. Republican. 
Unitarian. Congregationalist. Home ad- 
dress: 206 16th Ave.. Columbus, O. 

born, Cambridge, O., Sept. 17, 1877; son of 
William F. Ca.llihan and Mary (Nicholson) 
Callihan; educated: Pub. Sch. of Cam- 
bridge. O. Married. Mary A. Wallace, 
Nov. 20, 1902. Started in business with 
one foot power press in 1907. Formed 
partnership with F. E. Stottlemire, 1908. 
At present. Gen. Mgr. and Treas. of the 
Callihan & Stottlemire Co. Socs. and 
clubs: I. O. O. F. ; Order of United Amer- 
ican Mechanics; Treas. of State Council 
of Ohio. O. U. A. M. ; National Marshal 
of the National Council. O. U. A. M. First 
Baptist Church since Mar. 11, 1S94. Home 
address: 130 East Eighth St.. Cambridge, 

Official; born. Harrison. O.. Dec. 28. 1873: 
son of Thomas Bond Galloway and Anna 
(Bowles) Calloway; educated: Wabash 
Coll.. Crawfordsville, Ind.. 1890-1. Mar- 
ried. Wilma Rhine. Oct. 6. 1903. Began 
as office boy. freight claim department, 
C. C. C. & St. L. Ry.. 1891; various posi- 
tions, passenger department, same road, 
1894-8; division clerk. C. H. & D.. 1898- 
1900; chief rate clerk. 1900-1; advertising 
manager, 1901-2; general passenger de- 
partment of C. H. & D. Ry. ; assistant 
general passenger agent, Cincinnati, Rich- 
mond & Muncie R. R., at Richmond, Ind., 
1902-3; general passenger agent, Chicago, 
Cincinnati & Louisville R. R. at Cincin- 
nati. 1903-4; assistant general passenger 
agent, same road, and C. H. & D. Ry., 



Hint-."; general passenger agent, C. H. & 
D. Ry.. 190."-! i: assistant general passen- 
ger agent, March-Sept., 1911; general pas- 
senger agent. Sent. 1. 1!H1 . B. & O. 
Southwestern R. R.; general passenger 
.i:;'iit. B. fk O. R. R.. Baltimore. Oct., 
19ir, - Sues, and clubs: M in. Phi 

Kappa I'si; I'.usiness Men's Club; Western 
Mills <;]{ ciuli. ( mice address: - ; 

Home address: Cincinnati. O. 

ii'-y: horn, Faii-haven, Preble Co., O.; son 
of Alexander Porter Calowell and Sarah 
Jane (Pinkerton) Calowell; educated: 
pulilic schools: private tutor. .Man !'!. 
Anna B. Eversull. Dec. 28. 1876. City Pros. 
Ally.. 2 terms; police judge, 1 term; 
ted to Congress. 3 terms; mayor Cin- 
cinnati; lieutenant Gov. Ohio; Judge 
c.namon Pleas Court, serving third term, 
first term beginning 1902. Socs. and clubs: 
Pres. Ohio Reo. League Clubs; Del. to 
Nat. Conv. ; Mason: Shriner; Prep. Club; 
Press Club. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: Glen Park Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

er 1 ; born. Keighley. Yorks. England. April 
17. 1876; son of Peter Calvert and Eliza- 
beth (Smith) Calvert; educated: grammar 
schools. Keighley. and Technical Coll., 
Keighley. Married, Mildred Agnes Burn- 
side. 1905. Entered newspaper business, 
Guelph (Canada) Herald, IMM: became 
manager Guelph Advocate, 1901-4: mamger 
printing department, Brantford ("Canada) 
i:\piisitor. 1904-7; removed to Cleveland, 
Ohio, became member firm. The Calvert- 
Hatch Co., printers and publishers, 

>907 . Socs. and clubs: Cleveland 

Chamber of Commerce; Athletic Club; 
Willowick Country; Cleveland Advertising; 
Ben Franklin Club; Fellowcraft; Automo- 
bile Club; Windemere Lodge, No. 627, P. 
& A. M. ; Windemere Chapter, No. 203, 
R. A. M.; K. P.; O. E. S'. Christian Scien- 
tist. Home address: 50 Prospect St., 
East Cleveland. O. 

CALVERT, T. L.. Ohio Dairy and Food 
Commissioner*: Civil Service. Home ad- 
dress: Selma. O. 

CALVIN, HOMER M., Physician; bom, Cal- 
cutta. O.. Nov. 20. 1867; son of (Dr.) 
Joshua Calvin and Caroline (Hamilton) 
Calvin: educated: Mt. Union Coll.; West- 
ern Reserve Univ. (Med. Dept.); Colum- 
bus Med. Coll. College degrees: M. D. 
Married. Lulu Maple, 1S92. Engaged in 
practice medicine. Salineville. O.. 25 yrs. 
Has taken post-graduate courses three 
times. Home address: Salineville. O. 

born. Bryan. O.. Dec. 13. 1S45; son of 
John Cameron and Lydia (Stenger) Cam- 
eron; educated: Pub. Schs. of Bryan. O. ; 
I'.ryan Normal Acad., 1S67: attended med- 
ical lectures Univ. of Michigan; Grad. 
Starling Med. Coll.. Feb.. 1873. Married, 
Isabelle Christy, Oct. 15, 1S76. Apptd. 
postmaster at Evansport, O., 1875, and 
resigned in 1SS1; held minor offices in 
township; elected member of Ohio House 
of Representatives in 1912. 1914 and I'.uc,. 
Came to Defiance in 1915 to practice his 
profession of medicine. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic: T. O. O. F. Democrat. Home 
address: 906 Perry Ave., Defiance, O. 

burn. Tiffin Tp., Defiance Co., O., March 
29. 1851: son of John Cameron and Lydia 
(Stenger) Cameron; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of Defiance Co.; Bryan Normal Acad., 
Bryan. O. : began study of law in 1873; 
entered law department of Univ. of Mich- 
igan and graduated in 1875. College de- 
grees: LL. D. Married. Fannie "Wisler, 

Nov. 1. l^'-v Came to Defiance in 1876; 
elected clerk of courts in 1881. the first 
Republican ever elected to that position 
in the county; City Solicitor in 1889; 
Apptd. A'sst. V. S. Dist. Atty. for the 
northern district of Ohio in 1S91; elected 
Common Pleas Judge of the district for 
six year term in 1906; elected mayor of 
Defiance in 1903 for two years, change in 
law extending term eight months. Socs. 
and clubs: 33d degree Scottish Rite Mason; 
K. of P. Home address: 643 Jefferson 
Ave.. Defiance. Ohio. 

CAMERON, HARRY E., Gen. Supt. of 
Alines: born, near St. Clairsville. O., June 
8. 1871: son of Boyd K. Cameron and 
Mary E. (Peck) Cameron; educated: 
country school. Married, Katherine E. 
France. Oct. 14. 1895. Socs. and clubs: 
V. & A. M. First Presbyterian Church, 
Cambridge, O. When 19 years old, started 
in mines as a coal loader. At present, he 
is general superintendent of ten mines 
owned and operated by The Cambridge 
Collieries Co.. which produce a little ovei 
3,000,000 tons per year. Home address: 
431 Oakland Blvd.. Cambridge, O. 

CAMERON, L.- J.. Banker; Vice Pres. Cen- 
tral Natl. Bank. Home address: Univer- 
sity Club. Cleveland. O. 

CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH, Physician; b irn, 
Ripley, O., Feb. 3, 1S62; daughter of Wil- 
liam Byington and Mary D. (Leavitt) 
Campbell; educated: Univ. of Michigan, 
1S92-1S94: Cincinnati "Woman's Med. Coll., 
1895. College degrees: M. D. Unmar- 
ried. Mem. Staff. Christ Hosp.. Cincin- 
nati, O.; Pres. Visiting Nurses Assn., Cin- 
cinnati. O. Socs. and clubs: Mem. A. M. 
A.: Cincinnati Acad. Med. Medico-Civics 
Assn. of Cincinnati; Cincinnati Research 
Sbc. : Cincinnati Woman's Club. Presby- 
terian. Home address: 3550 Reading Rd., 
Cincinnati. O. 

born, Middlebourne. Guernsey Co., O., 
Sept. 20. 1847; son of James Campbell and 
Susan (Brown) Campbell; educated: Wit- 
tenberg Coll., Springfield, O.; Williams 
College, Williamstown. Mas>s. College de- 
grees: A. B., 1869; A. M. 1889. Married, 
Martha White. Feb. 12. 1S73. Admitted 
to liar, L874; engaged in practice law. Cam- 
iiridge. O.. 1S74-1SS4: elected judge. Court 
Common Pleas 3rd Sub. Div.. 8th Judicial 

Dist.. Ohio. 1SS4 ; enlisted in 129th O. 

V. I. (at age 15 yrs.), of Civil War. served 
until close of war in 1865. Pres. Board 
Trustees First Methodist Episcopal Ch., 
Cambridge. O. Vice Pres.. Old Nat. Bk., 
' '.i mhridge. Ohio. Socs. and clubs: Beta 
Theta Pi: officer and director of fifteen 
corporations. Home address: Cambridge. 

born. Delaware, O., May 2:!. ls.">4: daugh- 
ter of Dudley Woodbridge Rhodes and 
Marcia (Parrish) Rhodes; educated: Prlv. 
Soh.; Ohio Wes. Univ.. Delaware. Ohio; 
Mi'ss Nourse's Sen. & Conservatory Music, 
dncinnati, O. Married, Franklin L. 
Campbell, May 19, 1874. Writer short 
stories and articles in various religious and 
secular papers; contributor, St. Nicholas, 
lion's Herald; Our Young People, The 
Continent: The Rosary; Housewife. Au- 
thor: The Fiddling Girl; The Proving of 
Virginia: Violin Lady. " Writer of short 
stories at an early age; 'urged by the 
noted novelist Hallie Erminie Rives, she 
wrote books for the first time. Socs. and 
clubs: Monday Club; Advance & Mothers' 
Council: Aid Soc. St. Peter's Church and 
Woman's Aux. Episcopalian. Home ad- 
dress: Delaware, O. 



CAMPBELL, JOSEPH C., Banker; born, 
near Edinburgh Va.. Oct. 26, 1862; son 
of Samuel Campbell and Rebecca Camp- 
bell; educated: rural school; private in- 
struction. Married. Emma A. White, Dec., 
1S83. Came to Ohio at the age of 20 and 
secured a position as clerk in a dry goods 
store at Columbus. O.. some few months 
later. Secured the Columbus agency of 
the John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co., 
of Boston, Mass., and was soon advanced 
to the position as state agent of the 
company for Ohio and West Virginia, 
which position he still occupies. In 1900 
became connected with the organization 
now known as the Nat. Bank of Com- 
merce and has been its president since 
its inception. Served as trustee of The 
Toledo State Hospital receiving his ap- 
pointment from Gov. Nash, and remained 
on the Board through the administration 
of Govs. Herrick and Harris, resigning 
prior to the following state election. Socs. 
and clubs: The Columbus Chamber of 
Commerce, having served upon its Board 
of Directors and in City Council: Pres. of 
Bd. of Trustees City Sinking Fund; Mem. 
of Columbus Club; The Columbus Coun- 
try- Club: Knight Templar and Scottish 
Rite Bodies. Home address: 1203 E. 
Broad St.. Columbus. O. ; Summer Home: 
"Bryn-Mawr." near Denison Univ.. Gran- 
vine. O. 

ney; born. Washington, D. C., May S, 1S75; 
son of Charles D. Campbell and Emma L. 
(Knight) Campbell; educated: Bellefon- 
taine Pub. Sch'S.; Columbian Univ., Wash- 
ington. D C. Married. Legusta M. Wil- 
son, June 17. 1903. Admitted to bar, June, 
1901; practiced law. Belief ontaine, Ohio, 
since Sept. 1, 1901; city solicitor. Belle- 
fontaine. O.. 4 yrs. ; adjutant. 1st Bat., 
2nd Ohio V. L. war with Spain; detailed 
brigade commissary on staff, Gen. Thomas 
L. Rosser. 3d brigade, 2d Div., 1st army 
corps. Soos. and clubs: United Spanish 
War Veterans; Mason; Knights of Pyth- 
ias. Presbyterian. Home address: 213 
W. Chillicothe Ave., Bellefontaine, O. 

CAMPBELL, JAMES E., ex-Governor; born, 
Middletown. O.. July 7. 1843; son of Dr. 
Andrew P. Campbell and Laura P. (Rey- 
nolds') Campbell. Married. Elizabeth 
Owens. Jan. 4. 1870. Served in U. S. 
Navv. 1R63-5. Admitted to bar, 1865; 

practicing- attorney. Hamilton, O., 1865 . 

Prosecuting attorney, Butler Co., O., 1876- 
1880; Mem. 48th Congress and 50th Con- 
gress (1883-1889): seat in 49th Congress 
unsuccessfully contested and was not 
seated until June 20. 1884; governor of 
Ohio. 1890-2: unsuccessful candidate for 
re-election, 1891 and 1895. Democrat. 
Home address: Hamilton, O. 

man; born, Des Moines, la., June 18, 
1872; son of William Campbell and Emma 
Charlotte (Atwood) Campbell; educated: 
State Coll. Kansas; Emporia Coll.; Au- 
burn Theol. Seminary, N. Y. College de- 
grees: B. Sc.; D. D. (Denver Univ.). Mar- 
ried, Caroline Vickers Lovell. Pastor, 
First Presby. Ch., Providence. R. I., 1896- 
1899; Cohocksink Presby. Ch., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.. 1899-1902; 23rd Ave. Presby. Ch., 
Denver. Colo.. 1902-9; Third Presby. Ch., 

Dayton. O.. 1909 . Socs. and clubs: 

Biological Soc. of Colorado; Dayton City 
Club; Dayton Country Club. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 1640 South Main St., Day- 
ton. O. 

State Sch. for Blind; born, London, Eng., 
]S7: iRon of pir Francis ami Lady Camp- 
bell; educated: Dulwich Coll., England; 

Mass. Inst. of Tech. ; Univ. of Leipsic. 
College degrees: B. S. Married. Wilhel- 
mina Dranga. 1903; 2nd. Mary Dranga, 
1912. On teaching staff of Royal Normal 
Coll. of Music for the Blind, London, 1902; 
Exec. Secy, of Mass. Assn. for Promoting 
Interests of Blind, 1903-6; Supt. Industrial 
Dept., Mass. Conimn. for Blind. 1906-10; 
Exec. Secy, of Penn. Assn. for Blind, 1910- 
1911; Secy. Ohio Commn. for Blind, 1911- 
1916; Supt. of Ohio State Sch. for the 

Blind, 19~16 ; Mem. Ohio Commn. for 

the Blind, 1916 ; Secy. Am. Assn. of 

Workers for the Blind. 1907 : founder 

and editor of The Outlook for the Blind, 

1907 . Socs. and clubs: Am. Assn. 

Workers for the Blind; Am. Assn. In- 
structors of the Blind; Mass. Tech. Alumni 
Assn.; Twentieth Century Club. Boston, 
Mass.; Columbus Automobile Club. Con- 
gregationalist. Home address: Ohio State 
School for the Blind, Columbus, 0. 
CAMPBELL. WALTER C., Educator; born, 
Cambridge, O., Sept. 19, 1878; son of John 
Scott Campbell and Elizabeth (Oldham) 
Campbell; educated: Cambridge Tp. Sens.; 
Wooster Academy; Univ. Wooster; Univ. 
Chicago. College degrees: Ph. B.; Ph. M. 
Married. Cora F. Hoelzel. Feb. 15. 
Teacher, country schools, Cambridge Tp., 
Guernsey Co., O., 6 yrs.; Supt. LeRoy, O., 
public schools, 1907-8; Supt. Ashland, Ky., 
public schools, 1908-10; Supt. Niles, O., 
public schools. 1910 . Special collabo- 
rator for City Club of Chicago in report 
on "Commercial and Industrial Education 
in U. S." Home address: Niles, O. 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM W., Attorney; born, 
Rochester. Vt., April 2. 1853: son of John 
W. Campbell and Philinda (Hubbard) 
Campbell; educated: common schools of 
Rochester, Vt.; Goddard Sem., Barre, Vt.; 
Tufts Coll. Married, Florence Van Camp- 
en, 1879; died, 1892; 2nd. Laura Harrison, 
Nov. 21. 1898. Admitted to bar in 1878. 
Came to Napoleon, O.. in 1883, where he 
still continues in the practice of law. 
Pros. Atty. of Henry Co., 1894-96; Mem. 
of 59th Congress of Ohio, 1905-1907; Mem. 
Constitutional Conv. of Ohio, 1912. Socs. 
and clubs: Odd Fellows; Elks; K. of P.; 
32d degree Mason. Presbyterian. Home 
address: Napoleon. O. 

CANARY, SPENCER A., Editor; born, 
Bowling Green. O., May 13, 1874; son of 
John W. Canary and Celia E. (Duncan) 
Canary; educated: Bowling Green common 
and high schools; Tri-State Business Col- 
lege, Toledo, O. Married, Lucy L. Chaney, 
Dec. 8. 1903. Stenographer for B. & O. 
Commercial Dept., Toledo, O., 1899-1 '.'"": 
began reporting for Sentinel at Bowling 
Green. O.. Nov. 5. 1900; left that position 
to become business manager of the 
Tribune, Bowling Green, O., Jan. 6, !!<"-, 
of which he owned half; sold his interest 
to A. C. Grouse, July, 1905, and engaged 
in subscription book business; resumed 
work as reporter for Sentinel in Dec., 
1905; bought interest in Oct., 1907 and 
became associate editor; became president 
and editor in April, 1909; Secy, of the 
Republican executive committee in Wood 
Co.. 1902. 1903 and 1910; has been dire, i- 
of Commercial Club since its organization 
in 1910. Socs. and clubs: Commercial 
Club; Masons; Elks; Royal Arcanum; Pas; 
Chancellor Commander of Kenneth Lodge, 
K. of P. Presbyterian Church. Has been 
particularly active in fostering the agri- 
cultural interests of Wood Co. His motto 
is "Put Yourself in His Place." Home 
address: 132 Clay St., Bowling Green, < 

Pres. ; born, Litchfield, Mich., Oct. 22, 
1847; son of Lewis B. Canniff and Matilda 



I-. Canniff; edura i > ii ; common schools, 
loitered railway service. IM;:;I ii!li-d posi- 
tions on L. S. & M. S. My. from night 
v tchman to Supt.. l^ss-iv2; assistant 
Gen. Supt., 1892-1896; Gen. Supt., IVM;- 
1898; Gen. Mgr.. and Pres. N. Y.. Chi- 
cago & St.. L. R. R. 1898-1916. Sues, and 
clulis: Union Club: Country Club; Cham- 
ber of Commerce: Cleveland Museum of 
Art; Western Reserve Hist. Soc. Home 
address: 11235 Bellflower Road, N. B., 
Cleveland. O. 

CANFIELD. GEORGE R., Real Estate Man- 
Ranker; born. Mantua. Portage Co.. <>., 
Dec. I. 1857: son of George W. Canfield 
and Jennette ( Merry fivid) c'anfield; edu- 
cated: Country and Cleveland City Schs. 
and Business Coll. Married, Ella M. Sim- 
uionds. Oct. 1, 1878; died. 1884: 2nd. Mrs. 
Lucy Quayle Long-, Oct. 19, 1886. Pres. 
<>f Canfield Oil Co. since its organization 
in 1SS'6; director and for some years vice 
president of Columbus Savings & Loan 
Co.: Pres. Canfleld Realty Co.. Chester 
Realty Co.. and connected with some other 
real estate companies. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic; Chamber of Commerce; Shaker 
Heights Country Club; holds life member- 
ship in Hollywood Commandery Knight 
Templars. Unitarian Church, Euclid Ave. 
and 82d St.. Cleveland, O. Home address: 
!232 Elanton Drive. Cleveland Heights, O. 

lisher; born, Mt. Healthy, O.. Jan. 16, 
1^72; son of Wm. S. Cappeller and Eliza- 
beth Cappeller; educated: Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.; Cornell Univ. Married. Nellie M. 
West. March 20. 1907. Pres. and Gen. 
M-T.. Mansfield. O.. News, founded by Hon. 
Win. S. Cappeller. issr.: grew up in news- 
paper business, succeeded to business 
management from advertising manager's 
desk; presiding officer. Mansfield Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 1913-14: identified with 
the commercial development of Mansfield. 
Republican. Actively interested in state 
and local politics. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic; Elks. Home address: 426 West 3rd 
St.. Mansfield. O 

born. Chillicothe. O.. Oct. 19. 1880; son 
of Gottlieb Capple and Mary Amelia 
(Eteker) Capple; educated: Pub. Sfchs., 
Chillicothe. O. Married, Dorothy Idell 
Sherlock. June 22. 1914. After clerking in 
a 'Shoe store, studied law and has engaged 
in the practice of law at various times 
sines ]902. Served 4 yrs. as a deputy 
auditor of Ross Co., and in 1912 was. 
elected probate judge of Ross Co. He 
was re-elected to tin's "ftice in 1916 for 
a term of 4 yrs. In addition to his duties 
as probate judge, he serves as judge of 
the Juvenile Court. In the latter capacity 
he cooperates heartily -with all social 
service movements of the city. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason's: Elks: Eagles; Eintracht 
Singing Soc.; Chillicothe Chamber of Com- 
merce. First Presbyterian Church. Judge 
Capple is one of the best known men in 
the city and county. Home address: l.!5 
Ilelleview Ave.. Chillicothe. O. 

CAREW. R. GORDON, Mercantile Manager; 
born, Cincinnati. O.. 1878; educated: 
Princeton Univ., 1896-98. Married. Glad-** 
Little. Feb. 2. 1909. Entered Caret? Stores 
in 1898 and passed through the various 
capacities to general manager, which po- 
sition he now holds. Socs. and clubs: 
Princeton and Cincinnati Golf Clubs: 
Queen City Club; Country Club. Cincin- 
nati. Home address: 2565 Observatory 
Ave., Hyde Park. Cincinnati, O. 

CAREY. CHARLES H., Educator: born. 
New Vienna, O., Jan. 31, 1885; son of Z. 

H. Carey and Ida B. (Fenner) Carey; 
educated: country schools, Highland Co.; 
New \ii-ima high school: Lebanon State 
Normal Univ.; summer session. Miami 
T'niv. College degrees: B. S.: M. S. Mar- 
ried. Florence Bratten, July 31. 1907. 
Teacher, rural schools, 3 yrs.; principal 
Waynesville, O., high school; superintend- 
ent West Alexandria, 4 yrs.; superintend- 
ent Germantown. O.. public schools, 

1913 . Socs. and clubs: Supts. Round 

table, Western Ohio; Nat. Educational 
Assn.; Commercial Club. Germantown; F. 
& A. M.; K. P. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: Germantown. O. 

CAREY, JOHN TERRY, Attorney; .born, 
Wyandot Co.. O.. Aug. 24. 187S; son of 
Robert Carey and Emily A. (Terry) Carey; 
educated: public schools. Inyh school, 
Upper Sandusky. O. ; Ohio Northern Univ., 
Ada, ().; Ohio State Univ. Married. Alice 
M. Stevenson. June 27. 1912. Admitted 
to bar Ohio, 1901; practicing attorney-at- 
law, office. Upper Sandusky, O., 1902 
admitted to mactice in LT. S. Ct.: serv< d 
as mayor, Upper Sandusky, O.. 1907-11; 
leferet- in bankruptcy. \Vvandot Co.. U., 
19 . Socs. and clubs: Masonic Orders, 
Upper Sandusky. O. Presbyterian. Homo 
address, Upper Sandusky. 0. 

born, near Cardington. Morrow Co.. O., 
Sept. 13. 1SS1; son of S. A. Caris and 
Sophrona E. (Warner) Caris; educated: 
Pub. Schs., Madison, Clark. Pickaway and 
Union Counties. O.; grad. Watkins. O., 
high school. 1896; O. W. U.; Defiance 
Coll.; Univ. of Chicago. College degrees: 
A. B.. Defiance. I!in7: A. M.. Defiance. 
190S; Hon. degree, Litt. D., conferred by 
Elon Coll. (N. C.). 1914; several terms of 
graduate work in Chicago Univ. Married, 
Mary Gertrude Jennings, Dec. 27. 1904. 
Prof, of Mathematics, Defiance Coll., 

1907; Dean of Defiance Coll., 1911 ; 

Sec. of Edn. for Ohio State Christian 
Assn.. 1913 . Chosen to deliver educa- 
tional address before Am. Christian Con- 
vention held at Springfield. O.. Oct. 1914, 
subject. "The Place of Education in the 
Advancing Kingdom." Ordained as min- 
ister by Ohio Central Christian Confer- 
ence, 1908. Christian. Home address: 5 
College Place. Defiance. O. 

CARLE, ROSCOE, Editor; born, Geneva, 
Wis.; son of (late) Jonas H. Carle .and 
Priscilla F. (Egbert) Carle; educated: 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. College de- 
grees: B. L. Married, Dottie M. Hale, 
Sept. 11. 1906. Editor and owner Fos- 

toria Daily Times, Fostoria. O., 1902 ; 

appointed postmaster. Fostoria, O.. May. 

1915 ; representative, Seneca Count y. 

O.. 75th and 76th Gen. Assemblies: Pres. 
Board Trustees. Fostoria Public Library; 
Captain Ohio Nat. Guard. 1892-95. Socs. 
and clubs: Elks; Masonic Order: K. P.; 
Grange; Director Chamber of Commerce; 
Country Club. Home address: 852 North 
Main St., Fostoria, O. 

born, Philadelphia, Pa., July 15. 1865; son 
of Justus A. Carlile and Catherine M. 
(Frederick) Carlile: educated: Central 
High Sen.. Philadelphia; Univ. Penn. 
i \Vharton Sch. and Law Sch); Univs. of 
Halle and Berlin, Germany. College de- 
grees: A. B.; Ph. B:. LL. B. Married, 
Florence Jeffrey, June 2, 1896. Engaged 
in practice law. Philadelphia. 1888-1905; 
engaged in practice law. Columbus, Ohio, 

(general counsel Jeffrey Mfg. Co.), 1905 . 

Socs. and clubs: Germantown Cricket 
Club (Phila.); Penn. Soc.; Am. Academy 
Political and Social Science: Univ. Penn. 
Alumni; Scioto Country Club; Columbus 



Country Club; Athletic Club (Columbus); 
Sharswood Law Club (Phila.). Home ad- 
dress: Walnut Ford. Reynoldsburg, O.; 
Office: Columbus. O. 

CARLIN, JAMES KENNER, Editor; born, 
Covington, Ky., Sept. IS, 1884; son of 
Charles C. Carlin and Ada M. (Skaats) 
Carlin; educated: Erlanger, Ky., public 
schools; Celina. O., public and high 
schools. Married. Rhoe E. Maehlmann, 
June 28, 1910. Became associate editor 
and publisher Celina (O.) Democrat, 

1914 ; served 1 term as village clerk. 

Socs. and clubs: Knights of Columbus; 
Catholic Knights of Ohio; K. of St. John; 
Eagles: Loyal O. of Moose; Ohio Printers' 
Fed.; Ohio Good Roads Assn.: Buckeye 
Printers Assn. Roman Catholic. Home 
address: 433 E. Market St., Celina, O. 

er; born, Findlay. O., Nov. 27. 1876; son 
of Theophilus Carnahan and Mary Orcelia 
(Peet) Carnahan; educated: Findlay Coll.; 
Buchtel Coll. Married, Blanche Hershey, 
Nov. 29. 1909. Dry goods merchant in 
Findlay, O.. until 1898; then auditor at 
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., at Akron. 
O. ; then department manager and direct- 
or, Goodyear T. & R. Co.: engaged in 
banking business in 1908; organized the 
Portage Hotel Co. which built the Port- 
age Hotel in Akron. O.; Secy, and Treas. 
of Barberton Sav. Bank; at present, Vice 
Pres. of Summit Co. Bank, and Pres. of 
The Mortgage Securities Co., Akron, O. 
Socs. and clubs: University Club; Portage 
Country Club: Akron City Club: Masonic 
Club; 32d degree Mason. Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: 75 N. Portage 
Path. Akron, O. 

CARNAHAN, JOHN E., Manufacturer; 
Pres. and Gen. Mgr. The Carnahan Tin 
Plate & Sheet Co. Home address: 810 
Tuscarawas St.. W.. Canton. O. 

CARNEY, FRANK, Geographer; born, Wat- 
kins, 'N. Y.. March 15. 1868; son of Hugh 
Carney and Esther R. (Beahan) Carney; 
educated: Starkey Sem., Eddytown, N. 
Y. ; Cornell Univ. College degrees: A. B.; 
Ph. D. Married. Mary E. Keegan, June 
26, 1890. Instr.. 1887-90; Prin.. 1894-5, 
Starkey Sem.; Instr. Keuka Inst.. 1895- 
1900; Asst. in Geology, Cornell Univ., 1901, 
and Instr. Cornell Summer Sch. of Geog- 
raphy. 1901-4; Vice Prin. Ithaca High Sch., 
1901-4; Prof. Geology, Denison Univ., 1904- 

1914; Prof. Geography, 1915 ; lecturer 

on Geography, Summer Sch., Univ. of 
Va., 1909-11; Prof. Geology, Summer Sch., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1912; acting Prof. 
Geology.' Univ. of Mich.. 1912-13; Prof. 
Geography, Cornell Summer Sch., 1914-15; 
Asst. Geologist. Ohio Geol. Survey, 

1907 . Socs. and clubs: Geol. Soc. of 

Am.; Assn. Am. Geographers; Am. Seis- 
mol. Soc.; A. A. A. S.; Ohio Acad. Science 
(Pres. 1909); Mich. Acad. Science; Corda 
Fratres; Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Xi. 
Author of: Pre-Wisconsin Drift in the 
Finger Lake Region of New York; Glacial 
Erosion in Longitudinal Valleys; Springs 
as a Geographical Influence in Humid 
Climates; The Development of the idea 
of Glacial Erosion in America; The Meta- 
morphism of Glacial Deposits; Glacial 
Erosion on Kelley's Island; Economic 
Mineral Products of Ohio; Glaciation in 
Ohio; Geographic Conditions in the Early 
History of Ohio; The Shorelines of Glacial 
Lakes in Northern Ohio; The Progress of 
Geology during the Period, 1891-1915; and 
numerous other papers on phases of geol- 
ogy and geography. Editor Bulletin 
Science Laboratories of Denison Univer- 
sity. Baptist Church. Home address: 
Granville. O. 

born, Spencerville, O., Oct. 27. 1878; son 
of John Peter Caroki's and Mary Ada 
(Rupert) Carolus; educated: Spencerville 
Pub. Sch.; St. Mary's High Sch.; Tri- 
State Normal College, Angola, Ind. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B. Married, Nina lone 
Dorian, June 8, 1910. School teacher, 1898- 
1902; newspaper editor. Lima Republican 
Gazette, 1902-1907; commercial salesman, 
1907-1911; reporter Cleveland News and 
Cleveland Leader. 1911-1912; night editor 
Sandusky Register, 1912-1915; publisher 

and editor, Montpelier Leader, 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Masons; K. of P.; U. C. 
T.; Montpelier, A. C. Methodist-Episco- 
pal Church. Home address: Montpelier, 

late Judge; born, Newville. Richland Co., 
O., Sept. 25, 1849; son of William Barney 
Carpenter and Emeline (Grove) Carpen- 
ter; educated: Vil. Sch., High Sch., Mans- 
field, O.; Ohio Wes. Univ.; Univ. Mich. 
College degrees: A. B.; M. A.; LL. B. 
Married, Alice Biyd, London, O.. Oct. 18, 
1877. Taught school 2 yrs, principal Mans- 
field high school; admitted to Ohio bar. 
1875; entered law office, Foster & Hins- 
dale. after six months admitted to firm, 
being known as Foster. Hinsdale & Car- 
penter; after three years, Mr. Hinsdale re- 
tired, firm then known as Foster & Car- 
penter; in 1885, upon retirement of Mr. 
Foster, the firm name was changed to Car- 
penter & Young's Mr. Stocker admitted 
in 1900. when firm became. Carpenter, 
Young & Stocker: March 14. 1914, J. A. 
Fenner was admitted to firm. Carpenter, 
Young. Stocker & Fenner, which is now 
Young, Stocker & Fenner. Judge Car- 
penter, Prof. Law Bills, Notes. Law Con- 
tracts, law school. Western Reserve Univ., 
1896-1902; member city council of Cleve- 
land, 1898-1900; elected judge of the court 
of appeals, 8th Jud. Dist., 1914; affiliated 
with Hart Mfg. Co., as Vice Pres.;- direct- 
or Ohio Sash & Door Co.; director F. H. 
Bultman Co.; director Hossburg-Scott Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order; Phi Kappa 
Psi; Sons Am. Rev. Methodist Episco- 
pal. Home address: Cleveland. O. 

Reid), born. Youngstown. Ohio, June 21, 
1860: daughter of A. B. Cornell and Rose- 
lia M. (Prentiss) Cornell; educated: Wel- 
lesley Coll.. Gracl. in 18S2. College de- 
grees: B. A. Married. R. Reid Carpen- 
ter, Oct. 22. 1SS9. Taught in high schools 
several years before marriage in 1889; 
served as secretary of the Hospital Board: 
was Secy, of the Board of Trustees of 
the Memorial Library of Mansfield. 5 yrs. 
Socs. and clubs: D. A. R. ; Pres. Travelers 
Club. Presbyterian Church. Republican. 
Home address: 125 Marion Ave., Mans- 
field. O. 

sician; born, Kingston, O., Feb. 19, 1856; 
son of (Rev.) George Carpenter and Ma- 
tilda (Gilruth) Carpenter; educated: Wash- 
ington C. H., O.; Wooster, O.; Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Hahnemann Med. Coll. College 
degrees: A. B.; M. A.; M. D. Married, 
Carrie L. May, Sept. 29. 1880; 2nd. Ida 
F. Lindsey, June 24. 1897. Engaged in 
general practice medicine. Columbus, O., 

July, 1879 ; specialist on diseases of 

nervous system; medical director Colum- 
bus Mutual Life Ins. Co.; clinical lecturer, 
diseases of nervous system. Coll. Homeo- 
pathic Med.. Ohio State Univ.. Columbus, 
O. Socs. and clubs: Sons American Rev.; 
Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims; Ohio 
State Historical and Arch. Soc.: Old 
Northwest Genealogical Soc.; Athletic 



Club. Columbus, O. ; I. O. O. F. : Local, 
Si-etionnl. State and National Medical 
Socs. : chairman Exec. Council, Ohio Pub- 
lic Health Fed. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: TIM; Buttles Ave.. Columbus, O. 

CARPENTER. FRANK G., Common Pleas 
Judge. Fayette Co. Term expires Feb., 
1921. Home address: Washington Court 
House, Ohio. 

spector of Oils; born, Cambridge, O.. Mar. 
7, 1S67; son of John Carr ami Mary (Mont- 
gomery) Carr; educated: Muskingum Coll. 
College degrees: B. S. Married. Annie 
Mendenhall, ls<i.~. School teacher and 
school superintendent; newspaper work; 
insurance and real estate business; Mem. 
Ohio Gen. Assembly. 1902-1905; State In- 
spector of Oils, 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

Masonic Blue Lodge; Chapter; Knight 
Templar; Eastern Star. Mem. Presby- 
terian Church. Home address: Barber- 
ton. O. 

CARR, SPENCER D., Banker; born, Clifton 
Springs, N. V., Jan. 24, 1S47: son of Wil- 
liam P. Carr and Mary J. (Hazelton) Carr; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Ontario Co.. N. V. 
Married, Louise M. Richards, O'ct. 12, 
1S71. Entered postoffice at Clifton Springs 
as clerk at 13 yrs. of age; remained 2 yrs.: 
clerk commissary department during Civil 
War; after the war. entered freighting 
business with his uncle who resided in 
Missouri: in this business 6 months; 
clerked in a New York hotel. 1 yr.; en- 
tered wholesale notion house of Calhoun, 
Robbins & Co.. in 1867; in 1S6S. removed 
to TolerlD as bookkeeper for Warriner, 
Patrick & Co.. wholesale dealers in car- 
riages and saddlery hardware, a firm of 
which Lyttle & Weeman were the out- 
growth, worked here 7 yrs.; since 1S75 he 
has been identified with Toledo's National 
Banks; from bookkeeper in the First Nat. 
Bank he became cashier, when in 1SS7 his 
health failed him. he was forced to go 
West for a year; he returned to the First 
Xat. Bank as Vice Pres. in 1SSS; remained 
there until 1S92 and accepted the vice 
presidency of the Ketcham National Bank, 
now The National Bank of Commerce; 

Pres. Natl. Bank of Commerce. 1910 . 

Socs. and clubs: Mason; Toledo Club; 
Commerce Club: National Union. Home 
address: 230S Robinwood Ave.. Toledo, O. 

CARR, HENRIETTA A. (Mrs. W.), Physi- 
cian; born, Newport, Mich.. Dec. 13. 1S68; 
daughter of Joseph Carr and Clara ('Col- 
burn) Carr; educated: Albion Coll.. Mich.; 
Univ. of Mich (Mem. A. E. I.). College 
degrees: M. D.. 1892. Married. Whitnev 
Carr. May 11. 1905. Practiced medicine at 
Eaton Rapids, Mich., 1S92-1905. and later 
in Ashtabula. O.; retired from active prac- 
tice. Socs. and clubs: Mem. Order East- 
ern Star. Congregational Church. Home 
address: 22 Spruce St.. Ashtabula, O. 

Toledo, O., Aug. 18, 1S73; son of Spencer 

D. Carr and Martha (Richards) Carr; edu- 
cated: Toledo high school. Married, Cora 

E. Crim. July 18. 1898. Started as mes- 
senger in Second Nat. Bank, Toledo, Ohio. 
Oct., 1M2: became cashier, 1905; Vice 

Pres. Second Nat. Bank. 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Mason: Toledo Club; Country 
Club; Inverness Club; Toledo Yacht Club; 
Commerce Club. Elder in Coilingwnod 
Presby. Ch.. Toledo. Home address: 2233 
Robin'.vood Ave., Toledo, O. 

CARRICK. C. M., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Port Clinton, O. Home address: Port 
Clinton. O. 

turer; born, Defiance, O.. July 21. 1S72; 

son of Thomas K. Carroll and Godie A. 
(Cary) Carroll; educated; Pub. Schs.. De- 
fiance, O. Married. Grace L. Jenelle, Mar. 
10, 1S93. Connected with The Shaw. Ken- 
dall Co.. and National Supply until 1904, 
and since then with The Toledo Pipe 
Threading Machine Co.. and The Shaw- 
Kendall Engineering Co.; Director Second 
National Bank and Security Savings Bank 
& Trust Co. Socs. anfi clubs: Toledo 
Club; Inverness Club; Toledo Country 
Club; Toledo Yacht Club; Commerce Club; 
Masonic Bodies. Presbyterian Church. 
One of the founders of the Toledo Santa 
Claus Club. Home address: 2-'7n Maple- 
wood Ave., Toledo, O. 

CARROLL, JOHN J.. Merchant; born. Chil- 
licothe, O., Nov. 14. I860; son of Thomas 
Carroll and Nora (Gleason) Can-oil; edu- 
cated: St. Patrick's Parochial Sch.. Co- 
lumbus. O. Married. Susan H. Cooney, 
June 1. 1SSS. who died in 1S96; 2nd. Mary 
I. Cooney. Feb., 1900. Began business 
career as clerk for Miller. Green & Joyce, 
wholesale dry goods. Columbus, O.. age 
15 yrs.; started retail dry goods store, 

Newark, p.. Oct. 1. 1887 . Socs. and 

clubs: Knights of Columbus; Mound Build- 
ers Country Club. Roman Catholic. Home 
address: 499 Hudson Ave.. Newark. O. 

Defiance. O.. Dec. 9. I860; son of William 
Carter and Elizabeth A. (Daggett) Car- 
ter; educated: Pub. Schs. of Defiance. O. 
Married. Maude C. Armstrong, Nov. 14, 
1889. Banker; cashier The State Bank of 
Defiance. Home address: 322 Jefferson 
Ave.. Defiance. O. 

born. Everett. Mass., Nov. 8. 1890; son of 
Lewis Leslie Carter and Albena Warren 
(Smith) Carter; educated: Lincoln Acad., 
Newcastle, Maine; Clark Univ., Worcester, 
Mass.; Northwestern Univ.. Evanston, 
HI.; Goettingen, Germany. College de- 
grees: A. B.; A. M. Unmarried. Head 
of Modern Lang. Dept., Colby Acad., New 
London. N. H.; fellow in Germanics, 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston. 111. ; Prof, 
of German, Ohio Univ.. Athens, O. ; stu- 
dent in Goettingen, Germany. Socs. and 
clubs: A. S. A. Frat. Home address: 31 
South College St.. Athens. O. 

born. Jacksonville, 111.. Feb. 6, ISM: son 
of E. R. Carter and Anna E. (Rogers) 
Carter; educated: Illinois Coll., 1905; Univ. 
of Wisconsin; Univ. of 111. College de- 
grees: A. B., 1905; A. M., 1906; Ph. D., 
190S. Married. Lillie Robertson, Sept. 5, 
1905. Asst. Prof. History and Political 
Science, 111. Coll.. 190S-10: Prof. History, 
Ohio State Univ.. summer sessions, UU2, 
1914; Columbia Univ., summer session, 

1913; Prof. History. Miami Univ., 1910 ; 

Prof. History, Univ. of 111., summer ses- 
sion, 1915. Author: Great Britain and the 
Illinois Country, 1763-1774, Washington, 
1!HK; editor. The Critical Period in Illinois 
Hist. Colls.. 1915; The New Regime, 19ir.; 
contributor to numerous 'historical re- 
views and publications. Socs. and clubs: 
Mem. Am. Hist. Assn.; Mississippi Val- 
ley Hist. Assn.; Delta Upsilon Frat.; Tau 
Kappa Alpha CHon.). Methodist Episco- 
pal. Home address: Oxford. O. 

born, Tallmadge, O., June 9. 1855; son of 
Homer Sackett Carter and Martha 
(Wright) Carter: educated^ Oberlin Coll. 
Conserv., 1S72-77: Leipzig. 1878-81; Ber- 
lin and Frankfort, 1SS6-7; Berlin. 1S91-2, 
190<;-7. College degrees: Mus. B.. 1906; 
(Hon.) A. M., 1915. Married. Harriet 
Newell Wright. March 29. 1892. Instr. 
Pianoforte Music, Oberlin Conservatory, 



Oberlin. O.. 1881-92; Prof.. 1892- 


gregationalist. Home address: 171 Elm 
St.. Oberlin. O. 

turer; born, London, O.. March 21, 1846; 
son of John C. Cartmell and Sarah Ann 
(Black 1 Cartmell; educated: Kenyon Col- 
lege, Gambler. O. College degrees: A. B., 
Kenyon; Phi Beta Kappa, Kenyon. Mar- 
ried, Clara Mithoff. April 24, 1879. Prin. 
High Sen., Lancaster, O., 1875-76; Supt. 
Public Sens., Morrow. O., 1877-79; Secy. 
Hocking Valley Mfg. Co., Lancaster. O., 
1880-1894; Pres. Hocking Valley Mfg. Co., 
Lancaster, O., 1894 . Protestant Epis- 
copal Church. Home address: Lancaster, 

CASE, MYRON LEROY, Manufacturer; 
born. Crestline. O.. Dec. 10. 1863; son of 
Samuel Case and Mary E. (McMahan) 
Case; educated: public schools, Bowling 
Green. O.; Ohio Wes. Univ. Married, 
Agnes M. Boyd, April 26, 18SS; died. Mar. 
14. 1910; 2nd, Clara Dunn. Feb. 6. 1912. 
Entered Exchange Bank. Bowling Green, 
O.. 1SS3; appointed cashier. 1886; became 
pai't owner, 1S8S; sold interests, 1892; 
elected cashier First Nat. Bank, Dunkirk, 
Ind., 1893; Pres. First State Bank, Dun- 
kirk, Ind.. 1900-1910; Pres. Wood County 
Savs. Bank. Bowling Green, O., -1901-10; 
engaged in manufacture glass, flint and 

window, 1910 , Bowling Green, O. 

Presbyterian. Home address: 811 Woos- 
ter St.. Bowling Green, O. 

born, Orwell. O.. Sept. 9. 1870; son of 
Freeman D. Case and Annette J. (Barn- 
ard) Case: educated: Ashtabula High 
Sch.; Oberlin Coll.: Western Reserve Univ. 
College degrees: M. D. Married. Mary 
Edith Coup. June 26. 1902. Practicing 

physician. Ashtabula, O.. 1895 . Socs. 

and clubs: Ashtabula Co. Med. Soc.; 
Cleveland Academy Med.; Ohio State Med. 
Soc.; Am. Med. Assn.; fellow. Am. Coll. 
Surgeons: Lake Shore Club; Shore Golf 
Club. Home address: 91 Center St.. Ash- 
tabula. O. 

CASE, FRANK E., Manufacturer and Bank- 
er; Pres. The Harvard Co.; Pres. Dime 
Savings Bank. Home address: 1717 Mar- 
ket Ave.. N.. Canton. O. 

CASH, H. L., Educator; Supt, of Schools, 
Girard, O. Home address: Girard, O. 

CASS. CHARLES CLINE, State Senator; 
born, Tontogany, Wood Co., O., Nov. 22, 
1865; son of George Bailey Cass and Cath- 
erine Ann (Kline) Cass; educated: Otta- 
wa Pub. Schs. : Wooster Univ. College 
degrees: A. B.. 1888; A. M., 1891. Married, 
Ada Timmerman. April 27, 1892. Engaged 
in grain and milling business, 1888-1895; 
manager of line farms aggregating 1300 
acres, number years; engaged in hardware 
business, 1907-1910; city clerk, Leipsic, O., 
1891-5; state senator, 33rd Senatorial Dist. 
(Fulton, Hancock, Henry, Putnam and 
Wood Counties), 81st Gen. Assembly, 1915- 
1917. Author: The Cass Highway Law, 
codifying the road laws of Ohio, most 
notable legislative enactments on subject 
of roads ever passed; law providing that 
the question of sufficiency or insufficiency 
of signatures to "I" and "R" petitions 
shall be decided in each county where 
such question's arise, by the Court of 
Common Pleas of said county, this great 
power formerly resided with the secretary 
of state and was not subject to review; 
law appropriating sum of $20,000 to defray 
the expenses of a memorial at Lookout 
Mountain, Tenn.. in honor of Ohio Troops 
that participated in the battle of Look- 
out Mountain. Socs. and clubs: Mason; 

Knight Templar; Scottish Rite; R. A. M. 
Chapter; K. P. Presbyterian. Republi- 
can. Home address, Ottawa. O. 

born, Brecksville, O., June 24. 1885; son 
of Charles Darius Castle and Eliza (Von 
Wanger) Castle; educated: New Lyme 
Inst. (5 yrs. work) ; Western Reserve 
Univ., Law Dept. (1 yr.); Ohio State 
Univ. (5 yrs.); Grad. work. Columbia 
Univ., 1912-14. College degrees: B. Sc.; 
M. A. Married, Abigail Glade Gladding, 
June 28, 1907. Supt. schools, North Kings- 
ville, O., 1907-9; Prin. Clinton High Sch., 
Columbus. O.. 1910 ; Grad. work, Co- 
lumbia Univ., Faculty of Philosophy, 

1912 . Socs. and clubs: Ohio State 

Teachers' Assn.; Central Ohio Teachers' 
Assn.; National Geographical Assn.; Co- 
lumbus School Masters' Club; Symbol 
Lodge. No. 452. F. & A. M.; Phi Delta 
Kappa (Col. Univ.). Congregationalist. 
Home address: 175 Tibet Rd.. Columbus, 

born, Philadelphia, Pa., ISHO; son of James 
H. Castle and Phoebe (Dick) Castle; edu- 
cated: Acad. of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church; Univ. of Penna., 1880; Miami Med. 
Coll. (Univ. of Cincinnati), 1885. Married, 
Eleanor Abell, 1904. Practiced in Den- 
ver, Colo., a.nd Cincinnati, 1892-6; resident 
physician, Cincinnati Hospital; Asst. sur- 
geon, Episcopal Hosp. for Children, 1896- 
.1898; captain and assistant surgeon, First 
Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1898 (war with 
Spain) ; assistant surgeon. Holmes Hosp. 
and Presbyterian Hosp.. 1899-1909; a Dir. 
in Federal LTnion Life Ins. Co. Socs. and 
clubs: Ohio Soc. Sons of the Revolution; 
Soc. Foreign Wars of the U. S.; County, 
State and National Med. Assns. Address: 
The Poinciana, Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 

CELLARIUS, HERMAN F., Business Man; 
born. Dayton. O.. Jan. 26. 1S64; son of 
Henry Cellarius and Mary C. (Haessig) 
Cellarius; educated: Central High Sch., 
Dayton, O. ; Miami Commerical Coll. Mar- 
ried, Sallie E. Kinder, Oct. 1, 1889. Was 
city editor, Dayton Daily Democrat; clerk 
of Dayton Bd. of Education. 1886; Supt. 
of Board of Trade of Dayton, 1889; Apptd. 
inspector Building & Loan Assn. of Ohio, 
June 1. 1891; chief deputy collector of 
Internal Revenue. 1st Dist., Cincinnati, 
1893; Apptd. by Roosevelt, collector of 
Internal Revenue, 1st Dist. of Ohio, 1905; 
resigned Oct. 16. 1907 to become general 
manager of Clifton Springs Distilling Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Chamber of Commerce; 
Business Men's Club; Cuvier-Press Club; 
Pres. San Marco Bldg. & Loan Assn., 
1898; Director Permanent Bldg. & Savings 
Assn. of Dayton; Secy. U. S. League of 
Local Bldg. & Loan Assns., 1896 . Home 
address: 3843 Forest Ave., Norwood, Cin- 
cinnati. O. 

sity President; born, Litchfield, O., Oct. 
29. 1870: son of Wells A. Chamberlain 
and Cynthia (Aldrich) Chamberlain; edu- 
cated: A. B.. Denison Univ.; Univ. Chi- 
cago; .Ph. D.. Columbia Univ. Married, 
Jessie Isabel Husted. Jan. 1. 1900. Fel- 
low, Univ. Chicago, 1899-1900; Prof. Phy- 
sics and Astronomy. Colby College, 1900- 
1901; Prof. Physics. ' Denison Univ., 1901- 
1908; Fellow. Columbia Univ., 1908-1909; 
Ernest Kempton Adams Research Fellow, 
1909-1911; Prof. Physics, Vassar College, 

1908-13; Pres. Denison Univ., 1913 . 

Socs. and clubs: Fellow. Am. Assn. Ad- 
vancement Science; Am. Physical Society; 
Am. Inst. o-f Social Science. Baptist. 
Home address: Denison Univ., Granville, 



rr-y; born, IM;I'; si.n of George I'.. I'hani- 
berlain and Elizabeth (Cragin) Chamber- 
lain : educa ted: Kb > ia Schs.; < iberlin i 'nil. 
Studied law in office of B. G. Johnson. 
Married, Etta K. Mynderse, 1883. Admit- 
ted to bar in 1SS7; momber of 75th and 
76th State Legislature; nominated for 
State Senator and for Congre -, county 
recorder; member Board of Education; 
Chamber of Commerce. Supt. of Sunday 
School of First Methodist church. Home 
address: Second St.. Elyria. O. 

Prof.; born, Beloit, Wis., Nov. 2, 1846; 
son of John Chamberlin and Celia (Gill) 
Chamberlin; educated: Reloit High Sch.; 
Beloit College; Yale Univ.; Univ. Leipsic, 
Germany. College degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; 
Litt. D.. (Hon.). Married. Lilla Celia 
Redington, July 6, 1876. Teacher and Supt. 
public schools. Lancaster and Black River 
Falls, Wis. ; instructor Latin, Carleton 
College, 2 yrs.; principal Academic Dept., 
State Normal School. Whitewater, Wis., 
1 yr. ; Prof. English. Marietta, O., College, 
1881-1916; Prof. Emeritus, Marietta Coll., 

1916 ; dean in charge of College, 4 

yrs.; dean under presidents, 10 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Marietta 
Reading Club. First Congregational Ch. 
Home address: 307 Wooster St., Marietta, 

CHAMBERS, HORACE G., Attorney; born, 
Hancock Co., O., Nov. 19. 1867; son of 
David Chambers and Sai'ah A. (Sargent) 
Chambers; educated: Fostoria Academy, 
Fostoria. O.; Ohio Wes. Univ., Delaware, 
O. College degrees: B. A., 1892. Married, 
Catherine Zahn. Oct. 30. 1900. Engaged 

in practice law. Carey, O., 1895 ; mayor, 

Carey, O., 1900-1906; re-elected, 1908-10, 

1916 . Socs. and clubs: K. P. Lodge; 

F. & A. M. English Lutheran. Home 
address: Carey. O. 

College Professor; born, Dayton, O., Sept. 
25. 1S67; son of David Warwick Chancel- 
lor and Harriet (Estabrook) Chancellor; 
educated: Dayton Pub. Schs.; Worcester, 
Mass.. High Sch.; Amherst College; Med. 
Student, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Europe, one yr. ; 
Harvard Law Sch.: Fellow and lecturer, 
New York Univ. College degrees: A. B., 
18S9; A. M., 1895. Married, Louise Beech- 
er, Deo. 14. 1892; died. Aug. 18, 1908. 
City School Supt., 18 yrs., including Pater- 
son, N. .!.. and Washington, D. C. : Chmn. 
D. C. Architectural Com., 2 yrs.; lecturer 
successively for summer courses, New 
York Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; College 
of Wooster .and Denison Univ.. Lecturer 
thru 1 winter once a week each at Georgp 
Washington Univ. and Johns Hopkins 
Univ. Head of Dept. of Politics, Econom- 
ics and Sociology. College of Wooster, 
^ince Sept., 1914. Trustee of Paterson, N. 
J., Public Library. 1904-1906; Presidential 
Elector. Democratic Party. 1916, Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Century Club, "Wooster, 
O.; New York Press Club; Natl. Edn. 
Assn.; Am. Econ. Assn.: London Authors 
Club. London, England; Royal Arch Ma- 
sons; Alpha Delta Phi Frat. : Phi Beta 
Kappa Frat. Presbyterian Ch. Author 
of "Our Presidents and Their Office," 
"Our Schools; Their Administration and 
Supervision," "Motives in Education," 
"Class Teaching and Management." four 
books of American History, "Evening 
School Series." "Graded City Spellers," 
"Mathematical Series," "Life of Silas 
Wright. Governor and Senator." Editor 
various magazines. Contributor to vari- 
ous periodicals including "The Annalist," 
"The Delineator." "The Dial," "Colliers" 
and many educational magazines. Has 

traveled in every state of the Union, lec- 
turing in nearly all. Financially interested 
in publishing enterprises, etc. Business 
address 31 B. i'7ih St.. New York. N. Y.; 

lloin,. address: MU. P.eall Ave., \YoOSter, O. 

Prof, and Dean; born, Brooklyn. N. Y., 
1."'7I; .son of Frank Hilton Chandler and 
Narcissa (Davis) Chandler; educated: 
I'.rooUlyn I'olytech. Jnst. (1894); Colum- 
bia i ivit;-:t:i) ; traveled and studieil in Eu- 
rope. College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; Ph. I. 
.Married, Adele Walton, Nov. 26. 1901. 
Instr.. 1899; Asst. Prof. Lit. and History, 

1! -1; Prof. Knglish, 1901-10, Brooklyn 

Poly. Inst. ; Prof. English and Compara- 
tive Lit.. 1910 : dean of Coll. of Liberal 

Arts. Univ. Cincinnati. 19l:j ; lecturer 

Comparative Lit., Columbia, l'JOl-4. and 
summers of 190S-13-15-K.-17. Author: Ro- 
mances of Roguery, an Episode in the 
History of the Novel. 1S99; The Literature 
of Roguery (in the Type's of Literature 
series), 1907; Aspects of Modern Drama. 
1914. Socs. and clubs: Modern Language 
Assn. of America. Home address: ::.:; 
W T arren Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

CHANEY, H. M., Dentist; born. Highland 
Co.. Jan. 2. 1S72; son of John Chaney 
and Mary (Holmes) Chaney; educated: 
Di'St. Schs.; Pub. Schs., Washington C. H., 
O. ; Ohio Dental Coll.. Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Married, Jeannette Squires, June 19, 1895. 
Immediately after his graduation he be- 
gan the practice of dentistry in London, 
O.. and has continued in this profession 
since then; mayor of London. O.. 1 term, 
1909-10; county auditor, 1910-14. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons; K. of P.; Ohio Dental 
Assn. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: 157 East First St., London. O. 

CHANEY, N. H., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Youngstown, O. Home address: Youngs - 
town. Ohio. 

CHAPMAN, EUGENE C., Postmaster; born, 
Plain City. O.. March 6. 1853; son of Silas 
G. Chapman and Mary A. (Thompson) 
Chapman; educated: Dist. and Plain City 
Schs. Married. Margaret B. Tauber, Mar. 
9. 1S91. In real estate business for .."> 
yrs. Postmaster Plain City, O., since 191. V 
Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M. Home ad- 
dress: Plain City. O. 

born, Nottingham, Eng., July 23, 1884; 
son of Rev. Dr. Chapman and Annie 
(Thompson) Chapman; educated: City of 
London; London Univ.; Cambridge Univ. 
(Eng.): Columbia Univ. (Education). Col- 
lege degrees: B. Sc. ; A. K. C.; D. Sc.; 
(Physics) B. A.; Ph. D. Unmarried. Asst. 
demonstrator Physics. Univ. London; tu- 
tor, Math.. Univ. London; supervisor Phys- 
ics, Gonville & Cains' (.'oil., Cambridge; 
Assoc. Prof. experimental educational 
psychology, Western Reserve L T niv., Cleve- 
land. O.. 19 . Author: Individual Differ- 
ences in Ability & Improvement; Scien- 
tific Measurement of Class Room Prod- 
ucts; contributor: Proceedings Royal Soc.; 
Philosophical Magazines; Proceedings of 
Cambridge Philos. Soc.; American Journal 
Psychology; Journal Educational Psychol- 
ogy; Educational Review, etc. Socs. and 
clubs- Phi Delta Kappa; Cambridge Re- 
search Club: Univ. Club. Cleveland. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: West. Reserve 
r'niv.. Cleveland. O. 

Erie D.), Musician; born. Zanesville, O.; 
educated: Elyria Schs.; Oberlin Conserva- 
tory of Music; Cleveland School of Music. 
Married. Erie D. Chapman, April 20, 1S9S. 
Dir of Elvrri division of the Sherwood 
Music School; leader of theatre orches- 



tra; teacher of music, violin and piano. 
Home address: 213 Third St., Elyria, O. 

born, Burton, O., Sept. 22, 1874; 'son of 
Hiram C. Chapman and Ann (Hotchkiss) 
Chapman; educated: Burton Pub. Schs. 
In dry goods business at Painesville, O., 
since Feb.. 1S96. Socs. and clubs: 32d de- 
gree Mason; Cleveland Athletic club; Elks. 
First Congregational Church. Home ad- 
dress: 425 Mentor Ave., Painesville, O. 

CHASE, WILLIAM SABIN, Physician; born, 
Akron, O., Dec. 9, 1866; son of Byron S. 
Chase and Henrietta (Sabin) Chase; edu- 
cated: Akron Pub. Schs.; Western Re- 
serve Acad., Hudson; Princeton Univ.; 
Univ. of Michigan. College degrees: A. B. 
and A. M.. Princeton; M. D.. Univ. of 
Mich. Married. Grace Seiberling, Sept. 1, 

1892. One of the organizers of Akron 
Peoples Hosp. and is at present Pres. and 
Chief of Staff; Chief of Staff of the Akron 
Children's Hosp.; on Med. Staff, Akron 
City Hosp. Socs. and clubs: University 
Club; Akron City Club; Portage Country 
Club. Trinity Lutheran Church. Home 
address: Putnam Rd.. Akron. O. 

ness Man; born. Defiance. O., Dec. 16, 
1872; son of Charles J. Chenevert and Lil- 
lian (Lindenberger) Chenevert; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Defiance; Kenyon Military 
Acad., Gambler, O. ; Univ. of Toronto, 
Canada. Married, Inez Carver, June 28, 

1893. Elected city councilman a number 
of times; Pres. of the Board of Education; 
mayor of Defiance, 1910-1911. Socs. and 
clubs: Scottish Rite Mason; Mem. Shrine; 
Defiance Club; Toledo Club. Grace Epis- 
copal Church, for many years vestryman 
and treasurer. Democrat. Home address: 
320 Jackson Ave.. Defiance, O. 

CHENEY, E. ERWOOD, Attorney; born, 
Mechanicsburg, O., July 2, IStil; son of 
James Henry Cheney and! Beatrice S. 
(Tullis) Cheney; educated: Mechanicsburg 
Pub. Schs.; Ohio Wes. Univ. (A. B., 1883); 
Cincinnati Law Sch. (LL. B., 1885). Mar- 
ried. Cora M. Burnham, Feb. 28. 1889. 
Admitted to bar, May 25, 1885; engaged 

in practice law, Urbana, O., Mar., 1889 ; 

probate judge, Champaign Co., O.. 1897- 
1903. Socs. and clubs: Mason (Chapter, 
Council and K. T. Commandery) ; Director 
and Vice Pres. Champaign Nat. Bank, Ur- 
bana, O.; Dir. and Vice Pres. The West- 
ern Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Urbana. O. ; Dir. 
Central Bank. Mechanicsburg, O. ; Secy, 
and Dir. Urbana Telephone Co.; Dir. Me- 
chanicsburg Telephone Co. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Urbana, O. 

Clergyman; born, McArthur, O., June 6, 
1852; son of William Wellington Chering- 
ton and Julia, Ann (Hurst) Cherington; 
educated: Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Drew 
Theol. Sem. College degrees: A. B., 1871; 
D. D., 1S94: B. D., 1873. Married. Mary 
Gage Barnes. Sept. 24. 1874; died. Nov. 
25. 1905. Ministerial appointments in Ohio 
Conference: Alexandria; Third Ave., Co- 
lumbus; Trinity. Chillicothe; Washington 
C. H.; Jackson: First Church. Newark; 
First Church .Columbus; Grace Church, 
Zanesville; Third Ave.. Columbus (second 
pastorate); Circleville; Supt. London Dist. ; 
First Church. Marietta; First Church, 
Athens; Supt. Lancaster Dist.; Supt. Chil- 
licothe Dist.; Gi*ace Church, Qallipolis. 
Socs. and clubs: Zetagathean Soc.; Phi 
Kappa Psi Frat.; Trustee of Ohio Confer- 
ence and of Ohio Wesleyan Univ; editor 
of "The Souvenir of Forty Years." Home 
address: Gallipolis. O. 

CHESTER, JOHN JONAS, Attorney; born, 
Newark. Licking Co.. O.. June 18, I860; 

son of Austin Eaton Chester and Cordelia 
(McCune) Chester; educated: Univ. Woos- 
ter; Lafayette Coll., Easton, Pa. College 
degrees: A. B.; A. M. Married, Harriet 
E. Lisle, Aug. 10, 1894. Engaged in prac- 
tice of law. Columbus. O.. 1884 . Socs. 

and clubs: Columbus Country Club; Co- 
lumbus Athletic Club; K. T. ; Scottish Rite 
Mason, 32d degree; Shriner; Elk; S. A. R., 
etc. Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
65 Franklin Park, W., Columbus, O. 
CHILCOTE, CHARLES B., Postmaster; 
boiT. Morrow Co.. O.. Sept. 17. 1875; son 
of Denton C. Chilcote and Susan (Sipe) 
Chileote; educated: Cardington Schools. 
Married, Myrtle Ulery, Sept. 30, 1897. 
Farmed; then operated a dry goods store, 
The Mt. Gilead Dry Goods Co.. Chilcote 
& McCormick. Props.; elected sheriff of 
Morrow Co.. two terms. Socs. and clubs: 
32d degree Mason; Odd Fellow; Elks; 
Eastern Star; Rebekah. Methodist. Home 
address: 141 N. Walnut St.. Mt. Gilead, 

Capitalist; born. Montreal, Canada, Dec. 
21, 1846; son of Henry Chisholm and Jean 
(Allan) Chisholm; educated: Cleveland 
public schools. Married. Harriette Kel- 
ley. Sept. 25, 1872; died, Dec. 30, 1S'.<~>: 2nd, 
Mrs. Henry P. Card, Jan. 23, 1900; died, 
March 17. 1901. Vice Pres. American Steel 
& Wire Co.; Cleveland Rolling Mill Co.; 
Pres. H. P. Nail Co.; Chisholm-Moore 
Mfg. Co.. Cleveland. O.; Long Arm Sys- 
tem Co.; American Grass Twine Co.; Dir. 
and interested in a number other corpora- 
tions. At time of Mr. Chisholm' s removal 
to Cleveland. O.. there were only 18.000 
inhabitants. 1849. Socs. and clubs: Union 
Club; Country Club of Cleveland, O. Bap- 
tist. Home address: 6407 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland. O. 

late Judge; born. Republic. Seneca Co., 
O.. Sept. 16. 1S65: son of Edwin S. Chit- 
tenden and Addie S. (Baldwin) Chitten- 
den; educated: Ohio Northern Univ.: Cin- 
cinnati Law College. College degrees: B. 
S.; LL. B. Married. Edith A. Foster, Aug. 
27. 1SS9. Practiced law. Tiffin. O.. with 
Charles E. Derr. under firm name. Chit- 
tenden & Derr. 1889-91: removed to To- 
ledo, O.. formed partnership with brother, 
Herbert J Chittenden. under firm name, 
Chittenden & Chittenden, 1892-1908; elected 
judge Court Common Pleas, 1908-1913; 
elected judge Court of Appeals, Feb., 1913- 
1919. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order, 
Scottish Rite <32d degree): Elks: K. P.; 
Frat. Ins Socs. Unitarian. Home ad- 
dress: 2452 Glenwood Ave., Toledo. O. 
CHRISM AN, CLAUD N., Physician; . born, 
Kingston. O.. Dec. 30. 1S69: son of Wil- 
liam Chrisman and Nancy A. (North) 
Chri'sman; educated: Ohio Wes. Univ.; 
Miami Med. Coll.. Cincinnati. O. College 
degrees: A. M.; M. D. Married, Elsie Cas- 
tor, June 17. 1896. Engaged in the active 
practice of medicine. Dayton. O., April, 

1S95 Socs. and clubs: Montgomery 

Co Med Soc.; Academy of Medicine; 
Mystic Lodge, No. 405, F. & A. M. Meth- 
odist: Home address: 44 High St., Day- 
ton. Ohio. 

CHRISMAN, OSCAR, Paidologist; born, 
Gosport. Ind.. Nov. 16. 1855; son of Ben- 
jamin Chrisman and Eliza (Bastian) Chris- 
man; educated: Ind. State. Normal Sch.; 
Indiana Univ.; Clark Univ.; Univ. of Jena. 
College degrees: A. B., 1888: A. M.. 18 
Ph. D.. 1896. Married. Drusilla Lukenbill, 
Oct 6. 1883. Teacher Pub. Schs. of Ind., 
1876-1883: Prin.. 1883-5; Prin.. Longfellow 
Sch.. Houston. Tex.. 1888-9: Supt. Schs., 
Gonzales. Tex.. 1S89-1S92; Prof. Kansas 



State Normal Sch. 1896-1901; Prof, of 
paidology and psychology Ohio Univ., 
1902. Socs. and clubs: National Edu- 
cational Assn. Methodist Church. Re- 
publican. Contributor educational publi- 
cations. Formulated idea of the Science 
of the child. 1893; originated the term 
paidology. and has since made this his 
life's work. Home address: Athens, O. 

born. Massiilon, O., June 2. 1S69; son of 
William Christman and Lovina (Felger) 
Chri'Stman; educated: A. B.. Heidelberg 
Coll., Tiffin. O.. 1893: Grad. Heidelberg 
Theol. Seminary. 1896; (D. D.. Ursinus 
Coll.. Collegeville. Pa.. 1905). Married. 
M;iry M. Poorman. June 18, 1896. Or- 
dained ministry Ref. Ch. in U. S.. 1896; 
pastorates: Lake. O.. 1896-1901; Dayton, 
O.. 1901-:;; Prof. Central Theol. Seminary, 
T" : ; Pres. Central Theol. Seminary, 

Dayton. O.. 1912 . Reformed Ch. in U. 

S. Home address: 257 Linden Ave., Day- 
ton. Ohio. 

sician-Surgeon; born. Van Wert, O., June 
f,. 1883: son of William Howard Christ- 
opher and Nancy Elizabeth (Patrick) 
Christopher; educated: Ohio State Univ.; 
Coll. of Physicians & Surgeon-s, Chicago, 
111. College degrees: M. D.. 1908. Mar- 
ried. Helen Knowles Downing. 1907. 
Practicing physician and surgeon of Lon- 
don, Ohio; coroner of Madison Co.. four 
yrs.; councilman. London. Ohio, 4 yrs.; 
active member of the London Board of 
Trade. Socs. and clubs: Masons: Kappa 
Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; ColumbU's Athletic 
Club; London Club. Methodist. Home 
address: E. High St.. London. O. 

trator; born. Morgan Co., O., Jan. 10, 1873; 
son of F. M. Christy; educated: Duncan 
Falls. O. ; went east 1S93; since then on 
New York illustrated periodicals; went to 
Cuba with 2nd U. S. regulars and "Rough 
Riders"; saw the fighting before Santiago; 
his letters and illustrations published in 
Scribner's. Harper's Magazines. Collier's 
Weekly and by R. H. Russell, publisher; 
illustrated in serials in Cosmopolitan and 
other magazines; many books for James 
Whitcomb Riley. several of his own books, 
1 it-sides for other magazines; won medals, 
Paris Exposition; Chicago Exposition; 
Nat. Academy Design; (Hon. mention), 
Buffalo Exposition. Studio: "The Bar- 
racks," Duncan Falls. O. Winter Studio 
and Residence: Hotel des Artistes. New 
York City. 

Banker: born. Clyde. O.. Feb. 10. 1S62; 
son of John Christy and Elizabeth (Ram- 
sey) Christy: educated: Pub. S'chs. of 
Clyde, O. Married. Amelia E. Myers, Jan. 
11, 1SS7. Manufacturer, banker and farm- 
er. Engaged as an apprentice at the 
machinist's trade. Salem. O.; later em- 
ployed by the Barney & Kilby Co.. San- 
dusky. O.; organized the Christy Knife 
Co. and became its president, which po- 
sition he still holds; also The Christy Co., 
Mfrs. of Safety Razors: Keen Kutter and 
Enders Razors are produced, both having 
been invented and patented by Mr. Chris- 
ty: ex-Mem, of Fremont city council; ex- 
member Board of Public Service; at pres- 
ent. Democratic State Central Committee- 
man. 13th Dist. : Mem. Democratic State 
Executive Committee. Socs. and clubs: 
32d degree Mason; Shriner; DeMars Point 
Fishing & Hunting Clubs; Toledo Clul>: 
Pres. Fremont Stove Co.; Pres. Colonial 
Savs. Bank & Trust Co.; one of the or- 
ganizers of The Fremont Telephone Co.. 
and served as its president for several 

years, resigning March 11. 1913, on ac- 
count of other interests. Home address: 
Fremont, Ohio. 

born. Lebanon. Pa., Aug. 25, 1865; son 
of Rev. Samuel S. Chubb and Catherine 
(Watts) Chubb; educated: Lafayette Coll. 
(Pa.), 18*7: Univ. Berlin, 1893-4. College 
degrees: A.' B.; A. M., 1890; Litt. D., 1906. 
Married, Eve C. Downer, 1S92. Taught in 
Selaiylkill Seminary, Pa.; Prin. Albright 
i I'n. i Collegiate Inst.: State Normal Schs. 
at California, Pa., and Platteville, Wis. : 

Prof. Lit. Ohio Univ., 1900 ; dean, Ohio 

Univ.. 1907 . Author: English Words, 

I'.iiil; Stories of Authors, l!.ilo; Masters of 
English Literature. 1914; Sketches of 
Great Painters, 1915; contributor: Atlantic 
Monthly; Poet Lore, etc.; lecturer on edu- 
cational and literary subjects before 
teachers' associations. Home address: 
Athens. O. 

born, Dayton, O., Dec. 2, 1880; son of Sam- 
uel Clagett and Alvina (Darst) Clagett; 
educated: Dayton (O.) Pub. Schs.; B. Ph., 
Ohio State Univ.: Univ. of California. 
Married, Katherine B. Olinger, June 26, 
1907' Prin. Harrison Tp. High Sch. (Mont- 
gomery Co.). 1907-1912; teacher in Amer- 
ican History and Civics, Stivers High 
Sch., Dayton, O.; Prin. Dayton Night Sch., 
1909-12; Prin. Parker High Sch., Dayton, 
O.. 1913-15; county school examiner, Mont- 
gomery Co.. 1905-1908. Socs. and clubs: 
Mem. of College Societies; Captain. O. S. 
U. Military Battalion. Methodist. Home 
address: 49 Rockwood Ave., Dayton, O. 

born. Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., N. Y.. 
March 5. 1867: son of Russell P. Clapp 
and Madelia (Hale) Clapp; educated: Col- 
gate Univ.. Hamilton. N. Y. Married, Ger- 
trude N. Hardee. Oct. 23. 1901. Admitted 
to N. Y. bar. 1893: Ohio bar. 1896: practiced 
law, Ballston Spa, N. Y., 1893-96; Toledo, 

, O.. 1S9-6-190S; Sec. and Treas. The Na- 
tional Supply Co., Toledo, O., 1908- 
Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order: Toledo 
Club; Commerce Club: Yacht Club; Inver- 
ness Club; Country Club: (Pres.) Toledo 
Assn. Credit Men. Baptist. Home ad- 
dress: The Monticello Hotel, Toledo. O. 

CLARK, DAVID BURNS, Educator; born, 
Dunlap, O., Oct. 16. 1880; son of Edgar 
Francis Clark and Cassie (Burnst Clark; 
educated: Rural Schs., Butler Co., O., Shan- 
don, O., high school; Ohio State Univ.; 
Columbia Univ. College degrees: B. A.; 
M. A. Married, Anna Clingan, June 28, 
1907. Teacher Sciences & Athletics. Fos- 
toria. O.. high school. 1905-6: Prin. Gordon 
Academy. Sault Lake City, 1906-8; Prin. 
Everts high school. Circleville. O., 1908- 
1913: Supt. school. Milford, O.. 1913-1916; 

Supt. of schools, Van Wert. O., 1916 . 

Socs. and clubs: National Educational 
Assn.; American Chem. Soc. ; Mason. 
Methodist. Home address: Van Wert. O. 

CLARK, FRANK LOWRY. Univ. Prof.; born. 
Ogden, Monroe Co., N. Y., Sept. 24. 1S69; 
son of George Lowry and Ellen Nichols 
Lowry; adopted by Hart S. and Elmyra 
R. Clark; educated: Brockport, N. Y., 
State Normal School; A. B.. Amherst Col- 
lege; A. M. and Ph. D.. Harvard Univ.: 
Univ. of Munich (Germany). Married. 
Natalie Lord Rice. Aug. 15. 1900. Teacher, 
Home School for Boys, Cleveland. Ohio, 
1894-5: instructor. Baldwin Univ.. Berea, 
O.. 1S95-7; Prof. Greek, Washburn Col- 
lege, Topeka, Kans., 1901-8; Prof. Greek, 

Miami Univ. 1908 . Socs. and clubs: 

Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa: Archaeo- 
logical Institute of America : Classical 



A'ssoc. of Middle West and South. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 202 Wood St.. 
Oxford. O. 

CLARK, JESSE REDMAN, Insurance; born, 
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 31, 1854; son of Davis 
Wasgatt Clark and Mary Johnson (Red- 
man) Clark; educated: Checkering Insti- 
tute; Woodward High Sen.; Cincinnati 
(O.) & Ohio Wes. Univs. Married. Carrie 
Marqua, Sept. 19, 1883. Cashier. Union 
Central Life Insurance Co.. 1879-86: Dir., 
1880-1906; Treas., 1886-1906; Pres. Union 
Central Life Insurance Co., Cincinnati 

O.. 1906 ; Dir. First National Bank. 

Socs. and clubs: Assn. Life Insurance 
Pres.; Hamilton County Golf Club; Busi- 
ness Men's Club; Commercial Club; Cham- 
ber Commerce; Queen City Club. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Home address: 618 
Forest Ave.. Avondale. Cincinnati. O. 

CLARK, JOHN H., Attorney; born. Marion, 
O., May 19. 1872; son of Nathan Clark 
and Victoria (Johnson) Clark; educated: 
Country Sch.; LaRue High Sen.; Ohio 
Northern Univ. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married. Jennie F. Smith, Nov. 8, 1899. 
Began to teach country school at the age 
of IS: farmed in the summer and taught 
school in the winter for 6 yrs.; began 
the practice of law in Marion, O.. in 1900; 
elected Pros. Atty on Republican ticket 
in 1904, and served 4 yrs.; was nominated 
by the Republicans of the 8th Con- 
gressional Dist. of Ohio in 1914 and again 
in 1916. but the district being strongly 
Democratic he was defeated both times. 
Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; B. P. O. E. ; 
Jr. O. A. M. ; Sons of Veterans; Y. M. 
C. A.; The Ohio Northern Univ., Ada. O., 
being a member of the Bd. of Trustees. 
Mem. Epworth M. E. Church of Marion. 
Home address: 429 Franklin St.. Marion. 

Frank Lowry), born, Danvers, Mass., Dec. 
20, 1867; daughter of Charles Baker Rice 
and Claire A. (Lord) Rice; educated: Pub. 
and High Schs., of Danvers, Mass.; Mass. 
Normal Art. Sch.. 1890. Married. Prof. 
Frank Lowry Clark. Aug. 15. 1900. Had 
editorial charge of The Wellspring at dif- 
ferent times in the absence of the editor. 
1891-97; editorial work for several years 
for "Our Sunday Afternoon"; was Asst. 
editor of The Living Age, 1897-1900; book 
reviewer for the Boston Journal and other 
papers; interested in the student life of 
Miami Univ., being member of Classical 
Club and patroness of girls' fraternity 
and other student societies. Author: The 
Green Garnet. 1S96; Blake Redding. 1903; 
editor: Beacon Light Series, 1894: short 
stories in Youth's Companion. Independ- 
ent. Wellspring, Forward, etc. Nom de 
plume. "Hobart Clear." Socs. and clubs: 
Mass. Normal Art School Alumni Assn. ; 
Woman's Club of Oxford. O.; Liberal Arts 
Club of Miami Univ. Congregational Ch. 
Progressive. Home address: 202 Wood 
St.. Oxford. Ohio. 

CLARK, PHILO S., Insurance-Real Estate- 
Banking; born, Harlansburg. Lawrence 
Co.. Pa.. Feb. 21. 1848; son of Thomas 
M. Clark and Rebecca (McCune) Clark; 
educated: in common and select schools. 
Married, Lucy K. Miller, April 25, 1S89. 
Engaged in insurance business in Cleve- 
land. O., 1872-78; removed to Portsmouth, 
O., in 1879; took active part in city, coun- 
ty and state politics and was one of the 
active leaders of Republican party in 
Southern Ohio for many years; postmas- 
ter of Portsmouth. 1890-1894-1898-1906. 
-. F and clubs: Elks: Masons; Knight 

lersburg, lar. Home address: 1233 Second St., 

Close andmouth. O. 

CLARK. ROSE M., born. Tontogany. Ohio; 
daughter of Silas Clark and Maria (Wil- 
liams) Clark; educated: Ohio Normal 
Univ.; Boston. Chicago, and Columbia 
Universities. College degrees: B. S.. O. 
N. U.. 1S8S; B. S. and M. A.. Columbia 
Univ., 1911. Taught in High Sch., Find- 
lay, O., 1890-1895, and Rock Island, 111., 
1896-1906; Prin. of Park Sch. for Girls, 
Winona Lake. Ind., 1906-10; Preceptress 
at Belcomb Sem.. Washington, D. C., 
1912-13; Dean of Women. Cazenovia Sem., 

Cazenovia. N. Y.. 1913 ; member State 

Bd. of the Indiana Y. W. C. A.. 1907-1910: 
Bd. of Directors, Ind. State Fed. of Clubs. 
1909-10; State delegate from Indiana to 
the Biennial at Cincinnati. 1910. Socs. 
and Clubs: Mem. of The Symposium. Find- 
lay, O.; Pres. of The Winona Woman's 
Club; Pres. of The Cazenovia Shakespeare 
Club. 1916-17. Mem. M. E. Church. Suf- 
fragist. Home address: Cazenovia. N. Y. 

CLARK, WALTER JAMES, Sr., Educator; 
born. St. Clairsville. Belmont Co., Oct. 
26. 1888; son of E. T. Clark and Minerva 
(Gray) Clark; educated: St. Clairsville 
High Sch.; Westminster College; Musking- 
um College; Western Reserve Univer- 
sity; Ohio State University: Columbia 
University. College degrees: B. S. Mar- 
ried. Elizabeth Flanagan, Oct. 16. 1913. 
Asst. Prin. Fayette High Sch.. Fayette. 
O., 1913; Prin. Fayette High Sch., 1913-14; 
Supt. Fayette Pub. Schs., Fayette. O., 

1914 . Socs. and clubs: Mason: Blue 

Lodge, Chapter. Council; Phi Rho Sigma; 
Pi Rho Phi; The Stag; School Masters' 
Club; Scout-Master. Boy Scouts. Presby- 
terian. Home address: Fayette, O. 

CLARK, WILLIAM W., Manufacturer; Vice 
Pres. & Secy. The Canton Art Metal Co. 
Home address: 1400 Market Ave.. N., Can- 
ton. Ohio. 

born, Nankin, O., Feb. 1, 1874; eon of 
James M. Clarke and Mary E. (McClellan) 
Clarke; educated: Savannah Academy; 
Oberlin Academy; Baldwin-Wallace Col- 
lege; Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Harvard Univ. 
College degrees: A. B.,'1904; A. M., 1910. 
Married. .Alice M. Upp, Nov. 24. 189S. 
Prin. Plymouth (O.) High Sch., 1898-1900; 
Prin. Crestline (O.) High Sch., 1900-1904; 
Supt. Schs., Crestline, O., 1904-1909; Supt. 
Schs., Geneva, O., 1909-1914; Supt. Schs.. 

Ashtabula, O., 1914 ; teacher in Woos- 

ter (O.) Summer Sch., 1908-1912; teacher 
in Bay View (Mich.) Summer Univ., 1913; 
Mem. Bd. of Sch. Exams., in Crawford 
and Ashtabula Counties; Mem. Natl. Edu- 
cational Assn.. Ohio State Teachers' Assn., 
Northeastern Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Mem. 
of Executive Committee. Socs. and clubs: 
Mason; Delta Tau Delta Frat. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Geneva, O. 

CLARKE, JAMES R., Educator; born, Cov- 
ington. Ohio. Jan. IS. 1862; son of John 
Clarke and Elizabeth (Routledge) Clarke; 
educated: Covington, O., High Sell.; Wit- 
tenberg Coll. College degrees: A. M. 
Married, Nancy H. Goddard, Sept. 3, 1896. 
Supt. Schs.; state supervisor of agricul- 
tural education, 1915 ; state director 

Junior Contests. 1917. Socs. and clubs: 
32d degree Mason; Shriner; I. O. O. F. : 
H. P. Presbyterian. Home address: 373 
Wilbur Ave.. Columbus. O. 

CLARKE, JOHN H.. Associate Justice of 
the Supreme Court of the U. S.: born, 
Lisbon, O., Sept. 18, 1857; 'son of John 
Clarke and Melissa (Hessin) Clarke; edu- 
cated: Western Reserve Univ.. class of 
1877. College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; LL. 
D. Unmarried. Admitted to Ohio bar, 
1878; engaged in practice of law. Youngs- 
town, O., 18*80-1897; Cleveland, O., 1897 



Apptd. U. S. T>ist. Judge, Northern Dist. 
of Ohio, July, 1914; Apptd. Associate 
Justice of the Supreme Court of U. S., 
July, 1916. and is now serving in that ca- 
pacity. Socs. and clubs: Unipn Club; 
University Club; City Club; Cleveland 
Club; Univ. Club (New York); Univ. and 
Cosmos Clubs of Washington. Home ad- 
dress: Cleveland, O.; Address: Washing- 
ton. r>. C. 

born. Dayton. O.. Dec. 17. 1S76; daughter 
of Rev. Frederick Cl;it worthy, D. D.. and 
Emma Crawford (Payne) Clatworthy; 
educated: Denison Univ.; Vassar; North- 
western Univ.; Univ. Denver; Univ. 
Illinois. College degrees: Ph. B.; B. L. S. 
Cataloger, Dayton, O., public library, 1900- 
1905; librarian, 1905-1913; library organizer 
western states (including lihrarianship 
Univ. Denver). 1913 -- ; was librarian of 
the city of Dayton. O.. at the time of 
the flood. March 25. 1913. superintended 
the salvage of books and rehabilitation of 
the library for 6 months after disaster; 
literary executor. Augvsta Payne White's 
"The Paynes of Hamilton," 1912; con- 
tributor: Library Journal; Public Libra- 
ries; Art & Progress. Socs. and clubs: 
Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Am. Library 
Assn.; Ohio Library Assn. (Pres.. 1910- 
1911): Colorado Library Assn.; (Hon. 
Mem.) Women's Lit. Club, Dayton, O.; 
(organizing Mem.) Montgomery Co. Art 
Assn. and Montgomery Co. Suffrage Assn. 
Baptist. Home address: Dayton, Ohio; 
Summer Home: "Luida Vista," Estes 
Park. Colorado. 

CLAYPOOL, HORATIO C., Congressman; 
born. Me Arthur. O.. Feb. 9. 1859; son of 
John Claypool and Rose (Peterson) Clay- 
pool; educated: Nat. Normal Univ.. Leb- 
anon. O. (1880). Married. Lizzie L. Kile, 
1SS3. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1SS2; in 
practice, Chillicothe. O., 1SS4 --- ; member 
firm, Claypool & Minshall; elected prose- 
cuting attorney. Ross Co.. O. (2 terms), 
1899-1903; probate judge 1905-1910; elected 
Mem. 63d Congress. 10th Ohio Dist.. 1911- 
1913; re-elected 65th Congress. 1916. 
Democrat. Socs. and clubs: Elk; K. P. 
address: Chillicothe. O. 

born, Plymouth. England. March 12, 1858; 
son of Philip Blake Clemens and Hannah 
Theresa (Brown) Clemens: educated: 
Royal College of Music, London, England. 
Married, Mrs. Alice Lepehne. Oct. 29, 1895. 
At age of S yrs. played the organ pub- 
licly and at 11 yrs. of age won in com- 
petition, position of organist at Christ Ch.. 
Devonport, England; official organist of 
the Royal Chapel. Berlin; Prof, of organ 
and theory of musid. Klindworth-S'char- 
wenka Conservatorium. 1889-1895; organ- 
ist St. Paul's Episcopal Ch., Cleveland, 
1896-1911; also organist Florence Hark- 
ness Chapel, 1900; Prof, of Music, Western 
Reserve University, since 1S99; organist 
"t Kudid Ave. Presbyterian Church, since 
1911; widely known as concert organist; 
delivered recitals at Buffalo and St. Louis 
Expositions. Author: Modern Progressive 
Pedal Technique (2 Vols.). 1894; Modern 
School for the Organ. 1907: also various 
church music. Home address: 4617 Pros- 
pect Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

CLEMENTS, J. R., Educator: Supt. of Schs., 
Lancaster. O. Home address: Lancaster, 

CLENDENING, BYRON M., Attorney; born, 
Rockford, Mercer Co., O.. May 16, 1859; 
son or' John A. ClenDening and Theresa 
(McDonald) ClenDening; educated: Celina, 
O., public schools. Married, Lura Burnett 

Kelsey. Dec. 31, 188.1. Taught in country 
schools of Mercer Co., 5 yrs.; admitted to 
bar, 3881; engaged in practice law, Ce- 
lina. O.. ISsi; elected Pros. Atty., Mercer 
Co.. O.. 1884; re-elected. 1SS7; city solicitor, 
Celina, O., 1S91-2; elected to Ohio House 
of Representatives, on Democratic ticket, 
1893; re-elected, 1895; Ohio Commissioner 
to Tennessee Centennial Exposition, 1897; 
removed to Cincinnati. O.. engaged in 
practice law. ivi7; Vice Pres. and Gen. 
Counsel, Cincinnati Inter-Terminal Ry. 
Co., 1903-4; appointed by Gov. James M. 
Cox, Dem. i 'onmiissioner of State Licens- 
ing Bd.. 1913 ; Chmn. of Bd.. 1915 . 

Socs. and, clubs: State Bar A'ssn. ; Bar 
Assn. of Cincinnati; Pres. Cincinnati 
Duckworth (Dem.) Club. 1911-13; Military 
Club; Cuvier Press Club (Cincinnati); 
Athletic Club (Columbus). Home address: 
Cincinnati. O. ; Temporary address: Co- 
lumbus, O. 

SEY (Mrs. Byron M.), Author; born. St. 
Marys, O., July 8, 1S."i9; daughter of Jared 
TTubbard Kelsey and Rose (Burnett) Kel- 
sey; educated: St. Marys. O., and Celina, 
O.. 'schools. Married. Byron M. Clen- 
Dening, Dec. 31, ISs:,. r.mtributor of 
verse and sketches to various magazines 
and newspapers. Author: "Ropes of 
Sand," 1908. Address: "The Lincoln," 
East Broad St.. Columbus. O.; Home ad- 
dress: Cincinnati. O. 

Pleas Judge: born Clinton Co.. <>.. Mareh 
S, 1865; son of William Clevenger and 
Martha (Compton) Clevenger; educated: 
Public Schs. of Clinton Co. Married, Mary 
H. Robinson, Aug. 7, 1890. Admitted to 
bar. 1890: practiced law at Wilmington, 
O. since admission; member Ohio and 
Am. Bar Assns. ; member 1 Ohio Senate 
from 5th and 6th Dists. in 78th General 
Assembly; nominated for Common Pleas 
Judge, 1916, and elected without opposi- 
tion : one of the Ohio Commissioners on 
Uniform State Lows. Socs. and clubs: 
Mason; B. P. O. E.; I. O. O. F. ; F. O. 
E.; K. of P. M. E. Church. Home ad- 
dress: Wilmington, Ohio. 

Supt. of Schs., Rocky River, O. Home 
.id dress: Rocky River. O. 

CLIFTON, JOHN LEROY, Educator; born, 
Etna. Licking Co., O. : son of Oliver Perry 
Clifton and Mary Virginia (Youmans) 
Clifton; educated: Etna Pub. Schs.; Ohio 
Univ. College degrees: B. S. Married, 
Grace Reichelderfer, Aug. 29, 1907. 
Teacher. Etna rural schools. 3 yrs.; Supt., 
Homer, Licking Co/, O., 4 yrs.: Supt., 
Mendon and Union Twp.. Mercer Co., 4 
yrs.; Co. Examiner. Mercer Co.; examina- 
tion clerk, Dept. of Public Instruction. 3 
yrs.; Asst. Supt., Public Instruction in 
Ohio. 1913-16; Prof. Principles of Educa- 
tion, Ohio State Univ.. Feb. 1. 1916 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. K. of P. Metho- 
dist. Home address: 1S52 Summit St.. 
Columbus, O. 

CLIFTON, OLIVER B., Educator: born. 
Etna, O., May is, 1<S4; son of Oliver P. 
Clifton and Mary V. lYoumms) Clifton; 
educated: Etna public schools; Ohio State 
Univ.; Ohio Univ. College degrees: B. S. 
(in education): M. A. Married, Alma F. 
Essex, Oct. 7, 1905. Teacher, rural schools; 
grade teacher; high school teacher; high 
school principal: Supt. Schs'., Piketon. O., 
r.Ul-13: Waverly. O.. 1913-14: Gallipolis, 

O, 1914 . Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M. ; 

R. A. M.: I. O. O. F.; K. P.; Jr. ' d C1 Y,-^ 
A. M. Methodist Episcopal. Hoi ^rchaeo- 
dress: Gallipolis. O. Classical 



CLINE, JOHN A., Attorney; born, Warren, 
O., Dec. 8, 1875. Teacher, Trumbull Co. 
Schs.; admitted to bar, 1897; on editorial 
staff, Warren Tribune; elected county 

prosecutor, 1908; re-elected. 1911 ; 

elected solicitor Independence Village, 
1913 ; has figured prominently in liti- 
gation affecting- public rights; has ap- 
peared as on the "people's" side on many 
questions of public welfare before citi- 
zens of Cleveland; notable speaker in pub- 
lic and political campaigns. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; K. P.: Eagles; Cleveland 
Athletic Club; Colonial Club; numerous 
fraternal and civic organizations. Home 
address: Cleveland. O.; Business address: 
1409 Williamson Bldg-., Cleveland. O. 

CLINE. JOHN HALLIDAY, Manufacturer; 
Pharmacist; born. May 27. 1869; son of 
F. Marion Cline and Nancy L. (Halliday) 
Cline; educated: Middleport, O. Married, 
Minnie B. Hartnell, Nov. 9. 1907. Began 
business" career as druggist in Athens, 
O., succeeding W. A. Hibbard, 1S84; en- 
gaged in manufacture ice cream. 1900 ; 

actively interested in both concerns. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Order; K. P. Home 
address: Cline Bldg.. Athens. O. 

Clergyman; born. Franklin Co.. Pa., Sept. 
3. 1878; son of Harry R. Clippinger and 
Harriet Rebecca (Gillan) Clippinger; edu- 
cated: public schools. Franklin Co.; 
Lebanon Valley Coll. ; Yale Divinity Sch. 
College degrees: B. A.; B. D. (Hon. D. D.). 
Married. Ellen W. Mills, Oct. 16. 1907. 
Teacher, public 'schools. Franklin Co., 
Pa., 4 yrs. ; engaged as sales agent, Dodd, 
Mead & Co.; entered ministry. United 
Brethren Ch. in Christ, 1902; pastor: Eu- 
clid Ave. TT. B. Ch.. Dayton. O.. 1910 . 

Home address: 1605 West Second St., 
Dayton. O. 

sity President; born. March 1, 1873; son 
of Harry R. Clippinger and Harriet Fl- 
yman) Clippinger; educated: public 
schools, Franklin Co., Pa.; Lebanon Val- 
ley Coll.; Union Biblical Seminary; Univ. 
Chicago. College degrees: A. B.; B. D. 
Myrried, Sara Alverda Roop. Employed 
in subscription department, Dodd, Mead 
& Co., Publishers, New York, N. Y. ; Slipt. 
book department, United Brethren Pub. 
Co.: Prof. Religious Education, Union 
Biblical Seminary; Pres. Otterbein Univ., 

Westerville, O., 1909 ; Pres. Ohio State 

Sunday School Assn.; Mem. Exec. Com. 
Internat. S. S. Assn. Socs. and clubs: 
Central Ohio Schoolmasters' Club. United 
Brethren in Christ. Home address: Wes- 
terville. O. 

CLOSE, CHARLES F., Com. Pleas Judge, 
Wyandot Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. 
Home address: Upper Sandusky, O. 

born, Bellevue, O., Dec. 9, 1874; son of 
Joseph William Close and Gertrude (Han- 
num) Close; educated: Pub. Schs. of 
Bellevue, O. ; High Sch. of Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Married, Nell Kempf, Oct. 7. 1S97. 
Engaged in insurance business at Du- 
luth. Minn.. 2 yrs.; real estate in Toledo. 
O., 20 yrs. ; organized The E. H. Close 
Realty Co.. on Jan. 1. 1909, and still 
operates under that name; Dir. Northern 
National Bank; The Guardian Trust & 
Savings Bank. Socs. and clubs: Toledo 
Club; Toledo Yacht Club: Maumee River 
Yacht Club; Country Club; Inverness 
Club; Commerce Club; Toledo Adv. Club. 
Episcopalian. Home address: Ottawa 
Hills. Toledo. O. 

CLOSE, FRANK H., Educator: born. Mil- 
lersburg, O., Jan. 18, 1885; son "of Eliab 
Close and Sallie V. (Bell) Close; educated: 

Millersburg public schools; Wooster Univ. 
(Ohio); Lebanon Univ. College degrees: 
Ph. B. Married. Matilda Barnes. 1914. 
Teacher rural schools. Holmes Co.. O., 
4 yrs.; Supt. school's, Garfield, O., 4 yrs.; 
Prin. Millersburg, O., high school, 3% yrs.; 
Supt. Millersburg, O., schools, V 2 yr. ; 
county Supt. schools, Holmes Co., O., 
1915 . Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: Millersburg. O. 

M.), born. Porter. O.. Dec. 16. 1X64: daun- 
ter of William Richard Atkinson and 
Nancy E. (Gooch) Atkinson; educated: 
Pub. Sch. of Porter, O.; private tutors. 
Married, (Dr.) George M. Clouse, Nov. 15, 
1883. Interested in child welfare, voca- 
tional schools, juvenile reformatories and 
loan scholarships for young ladies. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Woman's Foreign ami 
Home Missionary Socs.; Asso. Mem. of 
Women's Musical Club: Mem. Altrurifui 
Club; Clionian Club. Methodist Church. 
Home address: Columbus. O. 

Man; born, Salem, Pa., Sept. 3, 1866; son 
of Henry B. Clover and Agnes E. (Neely) 
Clover; educated: public schools. Mar- 
ried, Clara Alice Dingledine, July 2, 1S93. 
Early apprenticeship served in oil fields 
near Lima, O. ; served as driller, pumper 
in Ohio, Indiana. New York and Pennsyl- 
vania; oil and gas producer in Midconti- 
nent & Eastern Oil & Gas fields, farms 
near St. Marys, O.; Pres. The Glass Block 

Company, St. Marys, O., 1915 ; Vice 

Pres. Berea Pipe Line Co. ; Dir. Clover 
Oil and Gas Co.; Dir. Neely-Clover Co.; 
Treas. St. Marys Drilling Co.; Dir. Home 
Bank Co.; Sec. and Treas. Avon Coal Co., 
West Va. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree 
Scottish Rite Mason; Knight Templar: 
Shriner; K. P.; O. E. S.; Pythian Sisters 
No. 68; Mem. of Am. Automobile Assn.; 
Ohio State Automobile Assn.; Idle Wild 
Club, Grand Reservoir; Cleveland Auto- 
mobile Club. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: 113 North Perry St., St. Marys, 

born, near Lima, Allen Co., O., Aug. 23, 
1862; son of Deblanau W. Clutter and 
Mary Ellen (Wollet) Clutter; educated: 
country schools. Allen Co.; Lima, O., pub- 
lic schools; Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada. O. 
Married, Lenna E. Gilbert, Oct. 28. 1885. 
Owned and operated photographic studios, 
35 yrs.. and manager Whiteside Theatre. 
Ada, O. ; deputy marshal, Ada, O., 4 yrs.; 
elected mayor, Ada, O., Jan. 1, 1916-18; 
candidate for nomination for state repre- 
sentative, Hardin Co.. O.. on Dem. ticket; 
member Ada Tri-County Fair Bd.. 4 yrs., 
and Supt. Art Hall 6 yrs. Socs. and clubs: 
K. P.: Ada Business Men's Clnb; Sons 
Veterans. Home address: Ada. O. 

COATES. C. T., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Pomeroy, Ohio. Home address: Pomeroy, 

born, Berlin, Pa., Dec. 24, 1S61; son of 
Israel Cober and Eliza (Brant) Cober; 
educated: Ashland College; Bucknell 
Univ.; Lane Seminary in Cincinnati. O. 
College degrees: Ph. M. ; Ph. B. Married, 
Frances Kling, June 3, 1886. Delegate to 
World's Sunday Sch. Conv. at Jerusalem, 
Palestine. 1904: Missionary to Porto 1 
under the American Baptist Home Mis- 
sion Soc.. 1906-10; Special Missionary to 
Central America. 1916. First Baptist Ch. 
Home address: 222 West High St.. Mt. 
Gilead. O. 

COCHRAN, NEGLEY D., Editor; born, Mar- 
tins Ferry. Belmont Co.. O.. Dec. 20. 1S63; 
son of Robert Henry Cochran and Martha 


(Dakin) Cochran; educated: Pub. Schs.; 
Lindsley Inst., Wheeling, W. Va.; Univ. 
of Mich. Married, Nettie Moore. Sept. 
18, 1886. Reporter, Toledo Commercial 
Newspaper, 1SS3; later reporter of Tole- 
do Blade, and managing editor of Toledo 
Times; editor and publisher of Toledo 
News-Bee. 1S97-1903; editor of Toledo 

News-Bee. 1903 . Socs. and clubs: 

Loyal Legion; Elks. Home address: To- 
ledo News-Bee. Toledo, O. 

COCHRAN, WILLIAM C., Clerk U. S. Cir- 
cuit Court Appeals; born, Oberlin. Ohio, 
March 29. 1S4S; son of William Cochran 
and Helen C. (Finney) Cochran; educated: 
Oberlin, O., College (class, 1S69), A. B. 
Married, Rosa D. Allen, Nov. 2S, 1S7S. 
Clerk Indian Trust Fund, Interior I>ep-u-t- 
ment, Sept., 1S69 to Dec.. 1S70; practiced 
law, Cincinnati, O., Oct., 1872-1915; ap- 
pointed clerk U. S. Circuit Court Appeals, 

June 9. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: Literary 

Club (Cincinnati); Ohio State Bar Assn.; 
Cincinnati, O., Bar Assn.; Miss. Valley 
Historical Assn.; Trustee, Oberlin Col- 
lege, 1901 . Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 245 Oilman St.. Cincinnati, O. 

COCHRUN, PAUL WESLEY, Editor; born, 
Allen Co.. O.. June 6. 1SS4; son of Jasper 
Lee Cochrun and Catherine Belle (Car- 
mean) Cochrun; educated: public schools; 
Ohio Northern Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ. 
Unmarried. School teacher, 8 yrs. ; Supt. 
schools, Dist. Cotabata, Island of Minda- 
nao. P. I.; authority on Indian architec- 
ture and Life in the M?lav Archipelago; 
editor and owner. Journal-News, Spencer - 

ville, O., 1913 . Socs. and clubs: Ma- 

son; Odd Fellow; Phi Kappa Psl. Metho- 
dist Episcopal Ch. Home address: Spen- 
cerville, O. 

born, Cincinnati, O., Oct. 19, 1859; son of 
Morton S. Cohen and Phebe (Phillips) 
Cohen; educated: Pub. Schs.. Cincinnati, 
O. ; Cincinnati Law Sen. College degrees: 
LL. B.. 1880. Married, Millie Priilips. June 
19. 1889. Senior member law firm of Co- 
hen, Mack & Hurtig; Pres. People's Bank 
& Savs. Co. ; Vice Pres. Bay Poplar Lum- 
ber Co.. Mobile and Cincinnati; ex-mem- 
ber city council, Cincinnati; Mem. State 
Senate, 2 terms, 1897-1900; Dem. and In- 
dependent Rep. candidate for mayor of 
Cincinnati, 1900; Pres. Ohio Electoral Col- 
lege, 1913; Mem. Elec. Coll.. 1917; represen- 
tati\e of Ohio Conf. Commn. on Uniform 
State Laws, Montreal. Canada, Aug., 1913. 
Vice Pres. Bd. Govs. Hebrew Union Coll., 
Cincinnati; Pres. Congregation Children 
of Israel. Avondale. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow; B'nai B'rith; Cuvier 
Club; Pen and Pencil Club; Chamber of 
Commerce; City Club; Business Men's 
Club. Rockdale Ave. Temple. Democrat. 
Office: 9 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, O.; 
Home address: 3557 Reading Road. Cin- 
cinnati. O. 

COIL, ELIJAH ALFRED, Clergyman; born, 
near Spencerville, Allen Co.: son of Jesse 
Adam Coil and Lydia (Berry) Coil; edu- 
cated: Dist. Sch., near Spencerville. O.; 
Union Christian College, Indiana; Antloch 
College.' Yellow Springs, O. Married, Kate 
Steen Dec. 24, 1885; 2nd, Laura Wilson 
Hancock, July 27, 1903. Minister for 30 
years; began teaching 1 in the Christian 
Church, but in 1SS7. entered Unitarian Ch. 
and ministry; member of Marietta Bd. of 
Edn.; Mem. Marietta Sinking Fund Trus- 
tee Bd. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.: Ma- 
sonlc Orders; Grand Vice Chancellor of 
K. of P. of Ohio at present time. Uni- 
tarian Church. Home address: 232 Third 
St.. Marietta, O. 

Professor; born, Society Hill, S. C., Nov. 
1, 1878; son of William Caleb Coker and 
Mary Ervin (Mclver) Coker; educated: 
Univ of North Carolina. 1895-99; Harvard 
Uriiv., 1901-2; Columbia Univ.. 1904-1907. 
College degrees: A. B., 1899; Ph. D.. 1910. 
Married. Helene Ruth Patton, July 6, 
1916. Teacher, Webb Sch.. Bell Buckle. 
Tenn., 1889-1901; teacher. Miller Sch., Va., 
1902-3; instructor in Political Science, 
ruiv. ol Missouri. I!>o7-'.i; instructor in 
Politics, Princeton 1909-11; Aisst. Prof., 
Political Science. Ohio State Univ., 1911- 
1914; Prof, of Political Science, Ohio State 
Univ., 1914 ; Secy.-Treas.. Ohio Mu- 
nicipal League. 1914 ; Mem. Advisory 

Editorial Board. National Municipal Re- 
view; Mem. Bd. of Editors and Am. Po- 
litical Science Review. Socs. and clubs: 
Am. Political Science Assn.; National 
Municipal League. Publications: Organ- 
ismic Theories of the State. 1910; Read- 
ings in Political Philosophy, 1914; Admin- 
istration of Local Taxation in Ohio. etc. 
Home address: 213 Fourteenth Ave.. Co- 
lumbus. O, 

COLE, ALFRED DODGE, Physicist; born, 
Rutland, Vt., Dec. IS, 1861; son of Israel 
D. Cole and Alice (Ware) Cole; educated: 
(A. B.), Brown Univ., 18S4; (A. M.), 1 
student Johns Hopkins Univ.. 1884-1885; 
summer school, Harvard Univ.. 1888; 
Berlin, 1894-5; summer school. Cornell, 
1897; Univ. Chicago summers. 1898. 1899, 
1900, 1904. Married, Emily Downer. June 

18. 1SX9. Instructor Chemistry and Phys- 
ios. 1885-18*7; acting Prof.. 1SS7-18SS; Prof., 
1888-1901, Denison Univ.; Prof. Physics, 
Ohio State Univ.. 1901-7; Vassar College, 
1907-8; Prof. Physics and head department, 
Ohio State Univ., 1908 ; trustee Deni- 
son Univ.. 1901-7. 1911 ; fellow. A. A. 

A. S. (Sec. Section B, 1906-11; Vice Prss., 
1913). Author: Researches on Elec. 
oscillations, electric waves, capillary elec- 
trometer, etc., in Wied, Ann. Physlk. 
Physical Review, etc. Socs. and clubs: 
Am. Phys. Soc.; Am. Assn. Advancement 
of Science; Ohio Acad. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Chi. Home address: 1648 
Neil Ave.. Columbus. O. 

COLE, AUGUSTUS S., Attorney; born, 
Jacksonville, Chickasaw Co., Iowa, Oct. 
6. 1S59; son of Jedidiah Cole and Cather- 
ine M. (Dickens) Cole; educated: Garretts- 
ville, O., Union Schs.; Oberlin Coll. Mar- 
ried, Jennie. M. Allen, Nov. 27, 1884; died, 
July 20 1900; 2nd. T orena K "Reed. June 

19. 1915. Admitted to bar. Nov. 8. 1S83; 
engaged in civil engmeermg and survey- 
Ing in connection with law practice, 1882 
until Oct. 1. 1887; since which has prac- 
ticed law exclusively at Ravenna. O.; 
elected mayor, 1S91-1900. Socs. and clubs: 
F. & A. M.. No. 12; R. A. M.. No. 36; 

Akron Com., v. T.: M Koran Temple. 
.N. S. M. S. Cleveland; K. P.. No. 295; 
B. P. O. E.. No. 107fi. Home address: 533 
Main St.. Ravenna. O. 

born, Bunker Hill, 111., Mar. 3, 1871; son 
Of Luther Elliot Colo and Sarah Catherine 
(Stout) Cole; educated: Illinois Wes. 
Univ.; Univ. of Illinois; Harvard Univ. 
College degrees: A. B., 1894; A. M., 1897; 
Ph. D., 1901. Married, Mabel Stewart, 
Aug 29, 1899. Instr. Greek and Latin, 
preparatory school, Univ. 111. 1895-1897; 
Instr. Latin, Cornell .Univ., 1899-1902; 
Asso. Prof. Latin. Oberlin ''oil.. 1 '<>:>- 4: 

Prof. Latin Lang, and Lit., 1904 ; dean 

Coll. Arts and Sciences. 1911 ; Prof. 

Latin, summer school, Cornell Univ., 1903; 
summer session. Ohio State Univ., 1910. 
Socs. and clubs: Am. Philol. Assn.; Claa- 



sical Assn.. Middle West and South. 
Home address: Oberlin. O. 

Merchant; born, Barnesville, O., Nov. 8, 
1S54; son of John Cole and Harriet H. 
(Hibbard) Cole; educated: Barnesville 
schools. Married, Sue Gibbons, March 20, 
1878. Bookkeeper, 1873-1877; manager of 
mines, 1877-1892; owner of mines, 1892- 
1902; Pros. Sunday Creek Co.. 1910-1915; 
Pres. Union Pork & Hoe Co.; Dir. Com- 
mercial National Bank. Socs. and clubs: 
Columbus Club; Athletic Club; Columbus 
Country Club; Indian River Club. Trus- 
tee First Congregational Church. Home 
address: 69 Franklin Park, West, Colum- 
bus. Ohio. 

COLE, HEATH K., Attorney; born. Repub- 
lic. O.. Sept. 16. ISS'O; son of John L. Cole 
and A. Maria (PHtte) Cole: educated: R- 
public high school; Heidelberg Univ.; Ohio 
State Univ. College B. S.; LL. 
B. Married, Dora D. Dunn, Nov. 24, 1910. 
Taught school, 1895-1896; Supt. of Schs., 
Republic, O., 190^-3; practice! law. Tiffin 

O., 1907 . Methodist Episcopal. Home 

address: 1S1 Clinton Ave.. Tiffin, O. 

COLE. R. CLINTON, Attorney; born, Han- 
cock Co.. O.. Aug. 21. 1870; son of John 
W. Cole and Sarah (McRea) Cole; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs.; Findlay Coll.; Ohio 
Northern Univ., Grad. in law in 1899. 
Unmarried. Taught school 8 yrs. and en- 
gaged in farm work in the summer; be- 
gan practice of law at Findlay in 1901; 
entered law firm of Cole. Cole & Cole, 
1905; then firm of Dunn. Cole & Cole, in 
1910, and now engaged in practice at 
Findlay. O.; city solicitor r- Finrilnv 191-'- 
1916. Socs. and clubs: Elk. Methodist 
Church. Republican. Home address: 
Findlay, O. 

COLE, RALPH D., Attorney; born, Vanlue, 
Hancock Co., O., Nov. 30. 1873; son of 
John W. Cole and Sarah (McCrea) Cole; 
educated: Cpuntry school, Biglick Twp., 
Hancock Co.: Findlay Coll.: Ohio North. 
Univ. College degrees: Bach, of Philoso- 
phy, LL. B. Married, Blanche Davis, 
Nov. 16, 1907. Attorney; deputy clerk of 
courts. 1897-1899; Mem. Ohio legislation, 
1899-1904; congress, 1904-11; legal advisor 
to Comptroller of Currency, iyl'2-13; Uir. 
of speaker's bureau, Republican Nat. Com., 
1916; Mem. of law firm of Taylor, Wil- 
liams, Cole & Harvey, Columbus, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Country Club; Elks. Findlay: 
Columbus Athletic Club. Methodist Ch. 
Home address: Findlay, O. 

COLE, ROBERT LEE, Educator; born, 
Ceredo. W. Va.. Dec. 11. 1SS4: son of '(.. F. 
Cole and Patsy (Napier) Cole; educated: 
Ceredo Pub. Schs.: Ceredo Hifh Sch., 
Grad., 1901; A. B., Univ. of W. Va., 1906. 
Taught, Fairmont, W. Va., high school, 
1906-8; taught, Glenville Normal School. 
'Glenville, W. Va., 1909-1912; taught Hin- 
ton, W. Va., high school, 1912-14; Supt. 

of schools, Perrysburg, O., 1914 ; have 

done a year's post-erad. work at Univer- 
sity of W. Va.. 190S-1909: Asst Physical 
Dir., W. Va. Univ., 1908-9; student Asst., 
History Dept.. W. Va. Univ.. 1905-1906. 
Socs. and clubs: Organizer and first Pres. 
of W. Va. Story Telly's' Ta-> K m. : Wood- 
men of the World; Scout Master, group 
Boy Scouts of America of the World. 
Presbyterian. Home address: South 
Point, O. 

born. Kewaunee. Wis., Nov. 15. 1S64: son 
of John D. Cole and Susan Ann (Bevifr) 
Cole; educated: Lawrence Coll., Apple- 
ton, Wis.; Garrett Biblical Inst., Evan- 
ston, 111.- College degrees: B. S.; M. S.; 

D. D. Married, Cora May Riley, Sept. 9, 
1890. Has served as pastor of M. B. 
Churches in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and 
Ohio; Supt. Springfield Dist. West. Ohio 

Conf., Methodist Episcopal Ch., 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Mason. York ami Scot- 
tish Rite (32d degree); Syrian Temple, 
N. O. M. S. (Cincinnati, O.). Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: -474 Park PL, 
Springfield. O. 

COLEMAN, JOHN, Clergyman and College 
Professor; born, Beaver Falls. Pa., Jan. 
25 1SS2: son of W'llinm John <~' leiiian. 
D. D., and Elizabeth (George) Coleman; 
educated: Univ. Pittsburgh; Univ. Wis- 
consin; Reformed Presbyterian Theol. 
Seminary, Pittsburgh. Pa.; Univ. Penn- 
sylvania. College degrees: A. .B.; M. A. 
Married, Mary Grier Willson, June 23. 1909. 
Pastor. New Concord Reformed Presby. 

Ch., 1908 : Prof. Muskingum College, 

Dept. Philosophy, 1909 Reformed 

Presbyterian. Home address: New Con- 
cord, O. 

born, Pittsburgh, Pa., July 24, 1885; daugh- 
ter of Rev. David B. Willson and Mary 
R. (Galbraith) Willson; educated: Penn- 
sylvania Coll. for "Women. Grad. in 1913 
Univ. of Pennsylvania; Pepper fellowship 
in English, 1905-6. College degrees: A. 
1903; A. M.. 1904. Married. Rev. John 
Coleman, June 23, 1909. Was English 
Instr., Goucher Coll.. 1906-S: FJnglish Instr.. 
Penn. Coll. for Women, 190S-y; Instr. in 
Philosophy, Muskingum Coll., 1909-1 
Reformed Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: New Concord. O. 

born, Durant, Iowa, July 21, 1866; son of 
Chaplain G. W. Collier and Eleanor Jane 
(Jones) Collier; educated: Hamline (Minn.) 
Univ.; B. S., 1892, Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; 
A B , 1894, A. M., 1895; Harvard College; 
Litt. D., 1905, Baldwin Univ. Married, 
Rose Weidmann, Sept. 1, 1896. Prof. Eng- 
lish Literature and History. Baldwin 
Univ.. 1895-1913; Prof. History. Baldwin- 
Wallace Coll., Berea, O., 1913- : Dean 
of Coll., 1914 ; traveled in Europe sum- 
mer of 1910; has lectured on literary and 
historical subjects. Socs. and clubs: Na- 
tional Geographic Soc.; Ohio History 
Teachers' Assn.: Am. Historical S"> 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
Beech St.. Berea. O. 

Allen), born. Blairstown, N. J.. May 
1879; daughter of John Davis Vail and 
Melissa (Gregory) Vail; educated: Blair 
Acad.; Wellesley Coll. College degrees: 
B A.. 1902. Married. Allen Collier. Jan. 
12, 1910. Socs. and clubs: Cincinnati 
Woman's Club: Coll. Club of Cincinnat 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: 108 
East Auburn Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

rian; born. Cincinnati. O.. July 28. 1853: 
daughter of Isaac Clinton Collins and 
Emily Hopkins Ruth Collins-; educated: 
private schools of Cincinnati, O. Librarian 
U. S. Circuit Court Appeals, 6th Jud. Cir- 
cuit, Cincinnati, O., 1897 . Miss Collins' 

mother 1 was a descendant of the Johns 
and Hopkins family, of Maryland, and 
her father of a Colonial Connecticut fam- 
ily, both father and brother prominently 
identified with the history of Cincinnati, 
and Miss Collins resides at the home- 
stead built by her father in 1S5S. Member 
of the Episcopal Church of the Advent, 
from childhood. Home address: Collins 
Place, Walnut Hills. Cincinnati. O. 

COLLINS, FRANK, Manufacturer; born, 
Toledo, O., May 3, 1S70; son of Frank 
Collins and Emma Josephine (Brown > 



Collins; educated: Toledo Public Schools. 
Married. Florence Elizabeth Fisk. Feb. 11, 
1X96. First Vice Pres. National Supply 
Co., Toledo, O.; Pres. Toledo Pipe Thread- 
ing Machine Co.; Pres. Nurlh\vi"Stern Ohio 
Realty Co.; Dir. Ohio Savings Bank & 
Trust Co.; Dir. National Gas, Elec. & 
Power Co.; Dir. The Reserve Bldg. Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Toledo Club; Inverness 
Club; Toledo Country Club; Toledo Com- 
merce Club; Toledo Automobile Club; 
Overland Club; Toledo Auto-Lite Club. 
Home address: 943 Grand Ave.. Toledo, 

COLLINS, JOHN EDGAR, Educator; born, 
Peebles. O.. April 9. 1S71: son of John 1 1. 
Collins .ind Mary C. (Wright) Collins; 
educated: Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, 
O., and Teachers College, Columbia Univ. 
College degrees: B. S.: A. B. Married, 
Ina E. Treber, Aug. 15, 1900. Supt. of 
Schs., Peebles, O., 1893-6; West Union, O., 
1896-9; Batavia, O., 1S99-1906; Fremont, 
O., 1906-15; Lima, O., 1915 to present time; 
Instructor Miami Univ. Summer Schools, 
4 summers; Mem. Bd. of Trustees, Bowl- 
ing Green Normal Sch., 1911 ; Pres. of 

Board, 1911-15; Pres. of Northwestern 
Ohio Teachers Assn., and Mem. State 
Teachers Executive Committee; Active 
Mem. State and National Education Assns. 
Socs. and clubs: Mason; Lima Rotary 
Club; Lima Chamber of Commerce. M. 
E. Church. Home address: 631 W. Elm 
St., Lima, O. 

COLLINS, J. M., Educator; County Supt. 
of Schools, Clark County. Home address: 
Springfield, O. 

COLLINS, WILLIAM Ft., Attorney; born, 
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 25, 1872; son of Henry 
E. Collins and Mary Francis (Coffin) Col- 
lins; educated: Law Dept.. Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati, O. College degrees: LL. B. Mar- 
ried, Lucy Raw-son, June 19, 1909. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar, practicing attorney- 
at-law, Cincinnati, O., 1894 ; city so- 
licitor, Norwood, O., IVi'.i-i'.in: 1 , ; Asst. coun- 
ty solicitor. 1903-9; member Ohio Senate, 
81st Gen. Assembly, 1915-17; First Lieut., 
1st O. Inf., U. S. Vol., Spanish-American 
War. Socs. and clubs: Mason'c Frat"- 
nity; Queen City Club; Univ. Club; Cin- 
cinnati Country t'lulf Busings Men's 
Club. Episcopalian. flome address: N. 
E. Cor. Dexter & Wold Ave., Cincinnati, 

COLT, ALONZO J., Manufacturer; born, 
Pittsford. N. Y.. Feb. in. ixr,7; son of 
Judah Colt and Sila E. (Brown) Colt; edu- 
cated: County Sch. Commenced work at 
11 yrs. of age. Married, Maggie William- 
son. Sept. 21, 1SS1. Pres. Turnbull Wagon 
Co., Defiance, O.: lias hem identified wi'h 
the implement business since 1880 sales- 
man, general agent, sales manager, gen- 
eral manager and vice president; now 
president of the company. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic Bodies; Knight Templars. Con- 
gregational. Home address: Defiance, O. 

fessor; born. Nelson, O., Oct. 10, 1848; son 
of John Belden Colton and Mary Lucre- 
tia (Tilden) Colton; educated:" Nelson 
Academy; Hiram College; Michigan Univ.: 
Chicago Univ. (summer term). College 
degrees: M. S.; Ph. D. Married, Clara 
Amanda Taylor. Nov. 14, 1873. Engaged in 
civil engineering 2 yrs.; Prof. Natural 

Science, Hiram Coll., Hiram, O., 1873 ; 

invented and patented the under feed de- 
vice for furnaces, which allows slack coal 
to be used successfully with little smoke, 
no danger of explosion, 1S92: member Ohio 
Constitutional Convention, 1912. Socs. and 

Hulis: National Geographical Soc. ; Ohio 
Academy Science. Home address: Hiram, 

sity Dean; born, Hebronville, .Mass.; son 
of 'William Arnold Colwell and Mahala 
(\Vinsor) Colwell; educated: A. B., D. D., 
Brown Univ.; Newton Theol. Seminary; 
Royal Univ. of Berlin, Germany. Married, 
Emily C. Hartshorn. June 17, 1875; 2nd, 
Abby J. Kerr, June 1?, 1SS4. Prof. Greek, 

Denison I'niv.. Sept.. 1x7, ; nnvor ni 

Cranville, O.. 4 terms. 18SS-90; 1824-1896; 
1896-1898; 1898-1900. Socs. and clubs: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Baptist. Home address: Granville, O. 

COMINGS, WILLIAM R., Educator; born, 
East Berkshire. Vermont. Dec. It.. ix 
son of Andrew C. Comings and Amanda 
(Jaynes) Comings; educated: Oberlin; 
Chicago, 111.; Missouri State Normal. 
Married, Loretta E. Kennedy, Aug. 1, 1S7S. 
Supt. of Schs.. Medina, O.. 1X71-1XX2; a I 
Norwalk, 1882 to 1*!1; at Ironton, 1891- 
1893; at Elyria, 1901-1916; newspaper bus- 
iness, 1893-1901; representative from Lo- 
rain Co. in State Legislature, 1917-1918. 
Congregationalist. Home address: Elyria, 

COMPTON, ELIAS, College Dean; born. 
Glendale, O., Aug. 3, 1856; son of Wilson 
Martindale Compton and Elizabeth (Hunt) 
Compton; educated: Natl. Normal Sch., 
Lebanon. O. ; Coll. of Wooster; Western 
Theol. Sem.; Clark Univ.; 6 months' study 
in Philosophy in library of British Mus.; 
College degrees: A. B.. 18X1: A. M.. 1884; 
Ph. D., 1889; D. D., Wabash College, 
1903. Married. Otelia C. Augspurger, 
August 3. 1S86. Instructor English, 
Latin and Mathematics, 1XX3-1SS4; Asst. 
Professor English, 1884-1900; Professor of 
Philosophy since 1887, and dean since 1899. 
Coll of Wooster; editor of the Woosti r 
Quarterly. 1887-1910. Author: "A Short 
History of Philosophy." and other philo- 
sophical articles. Socs. and clubs: Sigma 
Chi: Century Club. Presbyterian. Homo 
address: Wooster. O. 

ney; horn. Middletown, O., Oct. 19, 1863; 
son of Enoch Drake Compton and Martha 
i McClellan) Compton; educated: National 
Normal Univ., Lebanon, O. College de- 
grees: B. Sc. Married. Marv i-:il. n Pro- 
basro, Nov. i',. lx!'in. Admitted to Ohio bar, 
IxsS; engaged in practice law, Dayton. O., 
1888 . Socs. and clubs: Dayton Coun- 
try t'Muli. Presbyterian. Home address: 
L'o'l Central Ave.. Dayton, O. 

born. LeRoy. N. Y., May 20. 1S55; son 
of Samuel Francis Comstock and Mary 
Mason (Turner) Comstock; educated: 
LeRoy Academic Inst., LeRoy, Y.; 

Union Coll. College degrees: A. B.; A. 
M.: C. E. : Ph. D. Married. Louise N. 
Brown, June 29, 1882. Instr. Science, Le- 
Roy Academic Inst., LeRoy, N. Y., 1879- 
1880; Prin. LeRoy Acad. Inst., 1SSO-1891; 
Prof. Descriptive Geometry. Case School 
Applied Science. Cleveland. O., 1891 
Socs. and clubs: Ohio Acad. S.-ience; 
Rochester Acad. Science (Rochester, N. 
V.i; Canadian Forestry Assn.; Am. For- 
estry Assn.; Nat. Geographic Soc.: Soc. 
Promotion Engineering Education; Cleve- 
land Univ. Club.; Cleveland Chamber Com- 
merce; Sigma Xi: Tau Beta Pi: Helta 
Upsilon. Home address: _ Case School 
Applied Science, Cleveland,' O. 

horn, Friendship. Me., July 10, 1862; son 
of James Condon and Hannah Y. (Oran) 
Condon; educated: Colby; Harvard Sum- 
mer Sch. College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; 



LL. D. Married, Eliza Alice Sturtevant, 
April 30, 1899. Principal Richmond High 
Sch., 1886-9; Dist. Supt. Schs., Mass., 1889- 
1891; Supt. Schs., Everett, Mass., 1891- 
1902; Helena, Mont., 1902-10; Providence, 
R. I., 1910-1913; Supt. Schs., Cincinnati, 
O.. 1913 ; Mem. Maine House Repre- 
sentatives, 1886-8; nominated for State 
Senate. 1888: Sec. Montana State Text- 
Book Committee. 1906-10; member Board 
Visitors, Brown Univ.; organized and Pres. 
Montana Civic Federation, 1905. Author: 
Montana Supplement to Frye's Geography. 
Author: educational monographs. Socs. 
and clubs: Vice Pres. Am. Peace Soc. ; 
Nat. Soc, Promotion Industrial Education; 
Nat. Playground Assn.; N. E. A., Am. 
Civic Fed.' (Council);' Pres. Am. School 
Peace League. 1913; Pres. National Soc. 
for the Study of Education. 1916; Pres. 
Montana Soc. Promotion of Industrial 
Education, 1907; Montana State Teachers' 
Assn., 1908; Montana Schoolmasters' nub, 
190S; Vice Pres. and presiding officer, Nat. 
Conv., Delta Upsilon, 1892; organizer and 
Pres., Montana Delta Upsilon Club, Cin- 
cinnati Delta Upsilon Club; Hon. Mem. 
Rhode Island Dartmouth Alumni Assn. ; 
Rhode Island Hist. Soc.: Business Men's 
Club; Chamber of Commerce; U. S. Dele- 
gate to Internat. Educational Conf., The 
Hague, 1914. Baptist. Home address: 
3818 Winding Way, Avondale, Cincinnati, 

CONLISS, EDWARD B., Business Mgr., 
News-Bee; born, Cooperstown, N. Y., Jan. 
1. 1874; son of Thomas Conliss and Mar- 
garet (Delaney) Conliss; educated: Coop- 
erstpwn Union Sch. Acad. Unmarried. 
Business Mgr. of The Toledo News-Bee, 
Toledo. O. Socs. and clubs: Toledo Club; 
Elks: Yacht Club; Old Sod Club: Y. M. 
C. A.; Commerce Club; Knights of Colum- 
bus; Rotary Club; Inverness Club; Tole- 
do Automobile Club. Cathedral Parish. 
Home address: 22 Kenilworth Drive, To- 
ledo, O. 

CONLON, THOMAS F., Clergyman; born, 
Ashtabula. O.. Nov. 10. 1869; educated: 
public and parochial schools of Ashtabula; 
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ontario; 
St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. Or- 
dained priest at Baltimore, Dec.. 1898; 
was assistant at St. Joseph's, Tiffin, O., 
six months, and assistant at St. Mary's, 
Tiffin, O.. until 1901; pastor of churches 
at Grafton and Salem until 1904, when he 
became rector of St. Mary's Church, Tiffin, 
O. Catholic Church. Rector. Home ad- 
dress: 105 Miami St.. Tiffin. O. 

CONNAUGHTON, JOHN B., Probate Judge; 
born. Hamilton. O.. Jan. 31, 1879; son of 
John 1. Connaughton and Mary (Brere- 
ton) Connaughton; educated: St. Xavier'a 
College. Cincinnati, O. College degrees: 
A. B. (1897); A. M. (1899); LL. B. (1900). 
Married, Blanche Collins, Feb. 4, 1907. 

Practicing attorney. Hamilton, O., 1900 ; 

elected city solicitor. Hamilton, O., 1906- 
1910; probate judge. 1910-1917. Socs. and 
clubs: Elk: Knight of Columbus: Ancient 
Order of Hibernians: Catholic Order of 
Foresters. Roman Catholic. Home ad- 
dress: Hamilton. O. 

Ohio Paper Co.; born, Portsmouth, Ohio, 
July 1. 1S77: son of Francis Simmons Con- 
nolley and Emma (Davis) Connolley; edu- 
cated: public schools. Portsmouth, O. ; Ohio 
State Univ. Married. Blanche Moss, June 
10, 1903. Connected with The Central Ohio 

Paper Co.. Columbus, O., 1897 ; member 

city council, Columbus. O.. 1911-1913; re- 
elected, 1913-15; member Bd. Education, 
Columbus. O.. 1916-20; member Republi- 
can State Central Com., 1914-16. Socs. 
and clubs: Athletic Club; University; Ro- 

tary; Young Business Men's Club; Elk 
Lodge and Club; (ex-Pres.) Buckeye Re- 
publican Club; Columbus Chamber Com- 
merce; 32d degree Scottish Rite Mason; 
Shriner; Sons Am. Rev.; Sigma Nu Frat. 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: ]~>ni 
Belmont Ave.. Columbus. O. 

dent; born, Dayton, O., January 12, 1850; 
son of Peter Post Conover and Mary 
(Dolley) Conover; educated: Dayton, O., 
public schools; Grier'is Commercial Coll. 
Married, Anna Eliza Hendrickson, Sept. 
19, 1872. Early commercial training as 
clerk in Dayton, O., postoffice, under Mr. 
Greene. 1867-70; engaged in coal business 
with brother, under firm name, Conover 
Brothers, 1870; Mr. Hayden, Columbus, O., 
admitted to firm changing to Conover & 
Hayden, 1871; organized Gem City Stove 

Co., 1885; Sec.-Treas. company, 1SS5 ; 

organized and became Pres. Dayton Sav- 
ings & Trust Co.. 1903- ; Vice Pres. Day- 
ton Nat. Bank; Dir. Dayton Power & Light 
Co.; Dir. Elder & Johnson Co.; Pres. Gem 

City Life Insurance Co., 1912 . Socs. 

and clubs: Am. Bankers' Institute; Day- 
ton Power & Light Social Club; Dayton 
Country Club; Greater Dayton Assn.; Am. 
Bankers' Assn.: Stove Mfg. Assn.; City 
Club. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: 387 West First St., Dayton, O. 

CONOVER, CHARLES D., Educator-Legis- 
lator; born, Kings Creek, O., March 21, 
1881; son of Nicholas Conover and Mary 
L. (Murphey) Conover; educated: public 
schools and high school, Middleburg, O. ; 
Ohio Northern Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ. 
Married, Florence Gail Stokes, Oct. 8, 
1003. Supt. Salem Twp. Schs., Kings 
Creek O.. 7 yrs.; elected to 80th Gen. As- 
sembly, 1912, Champaign Co. O.; re-elected, 

1914 ; Mem. Com. Banks & Banking; 

Public Printing, Corporations & Taxation; 
chosen speaker, 81st Gen. Assembly, Jan. 
4, 1915 . Socs. and clubs: K. P. Meth- 
odist Episcopal. Home address: 862 South 
Main St.. Urbana. O. 

REEVE (Mrs. Frank), Writer-Lecturer; 
born, Dayton O.. June 14, 1855; daughter 
of John Charles Reeve and Emma 
Barlow (Reeve): educated: Dayton, Ohio, 
public and high schools; Universite de 
Geneve, 1904. Married, Frank Conover, 
Oct. 14. 187-1. Teacher number yrs. private 
classes Literature, History, Current 
Events, French, Music and Drawing; 
lecturer: French Literature at Colleges 
and Chautauquas; historical Secy., J. II. 
Patterson. Pres. National Cash Register 
Co.. 10 yrs.: on editorial staff Dayton Jour- 
nal as writer and preparer special arti- 
cles. 1916 . Author: series running 3 

yrs. in Ladies' Home Journal, "The Secret 
Society of Mothers": "Some Dayton Saints 
and Prophets"; "The Story of Dayton" 
(going to p>'ess); "Concerning the Fore- 
fathers"; "The Beck Family"; "David 
Gebha?'t": "Monographs A Plea for the 
Prayer Book"; "My Thought Cure"; edi- 
torial articles in various magazines and 
newspapers. Socs. and clubs: Women's 
Literary Club; Montgomery County Suf- 
frage Assn.; Dayton Woman's Club; Day- 
ton Branch. League to Enforce Peace; Y. 
W. C. A.; Greater Dayton Assn.; Young 
"^omen's League Dayton. Episcopalian. 
Home address: 1 South Wilkinson St., 
Dayton. O. 

Pianist; born. Zanesville, O., Feb. 17, 1863; 
daughter John Wakefield Conrade & Eliza 
Anne (Ross) Conrade; educated: Zanes- 
ville, O., public schools; Putnam Female 
Seminary: New England Conservatory, 
Boston, Mass.; pupil, Xaver Scharwenka, 



pianist. Engaged in general teaching. 
Composer: Songs in Season (children's 
songs); When Malindy Sings; At the Cir- 
cus, etc. Prominent in concert work as a 
piano soloist. Socs. and clubs: All Around 
Club; Thursday Morning Music Club. 
Home address: 363 Converse Are., Zanes- 
ville. O. 

CON WELL, JOHN, Merchat; born, Cadiz, 
O., Sept. 23, 1827; son of Hiram Conwell 
and Mary (Cady) Conwell; educated: com- 
mon 'schools. Married. Mary J. Gordon, 
Oct. J. is)v -jtiii. i-:ii/,.iii>'th ' >. IVtcConneil, 
Pec. ]:;, IS'NS. \Vent to Mexican War, 
is 17; traveled in mule team .overland to 
California, 1819; served in Civil War, Co. 
"I". 13th O. V. I., around Washington, D. 
C.; served in 170th Regiment, Shenandoah 
Valley Fortification; engaged in merchant 
tailoring business number years; engaged 
in manufacture glass; interested in gas 
business; owner Cadiz. O., Opera House; 
retired for past 2s yrs. Socs. and clubs: 
Odd Fellow; Grand Army Republic. Home 
address: Cadiz. O. 

COOK, HARRY, physician-Surgeon; born, 
Springfield, O., Feb. 10. 1873; son of Dr. 
William A. Cook and Anna (Bechtel) 
Cook; educated: Pub. Schs. of Cleveland 
and Tippecanoe City, O., and Muncie, Ind. 
Read medicine with father; matriculated 
Chicago Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1890, and 
graduated in 1894. Married, Grace Emer- 
ick. Oct. 21, 1899. In May. 1S94. located 
in Urbana and now in practice there. Socs. 
and clubs: Miami Valley Homeopathic 
Mod. Soc. Mem. Urbana Lutheran Church. 
Home address: 115 Scioto St., Urbana, O. 

COOK, JOHN HARRISON, Educator; born, 
Scioto Co., O., April 12, 1SS1; son of John 
Hunter Cook and Lucinda (Earley) Cook; 
educated: Washington Twp.. Scioto Co., 
( >.. rural schools; Ohio Northern Univ.; 
Miami Univ.; Columbia Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B. Married. Ethel E. Smith, 
April _s. 1iifi6. Taught rural schools un- 
til 1906; Prin. Wheelersburg High School, 
1906-11; Supt. Jackson Twp. Centralized 
Schs., Pickaway Co., O.. 1912-14; County 
Supt. Schs.. Pickaway Co., O., 1914-1916; 
Asst. Supt. of Pub. Instruction of Ohio, 

1916 . Socs. and clubs: Sons Veterans; 

.Mason; Tau Kappa Alpha (honorary frat.). 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 545 
North Court St.. Circleville. O. 

born. Cardington. O.. Dec. 24. ix~l: son ot 
Demon P. Cooke and Mary (Moore) 
Cooke; educated: Findlay College. Mar- 
ried, Maud J. Brown, June 28, 1900. Deal- 
er in Columbus real estate 25 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Columbus Club; Athletic Club; 
Columbus Country Club; Rotary Club; 
Chamber of Commerce; 'Real Estate Board. 
First Congregational Church. Home ad- 
dress: Park View Ave., South Bexley, Co- 
lumbus. O. 

COOKE, EDMUND VANCE, Author; born, 
Port Dover. Canada. June 5. 1S66; son of 
Edmund Cooke and Matilda (Vance) 
Cooke; educated: Cleveland. O., public 
schools. Married, Lilith Castleberry, Oct. 
21, 1S97. Platform lecturer with lecture- 
entertainments, 1893 . Author: A Patch 

"f Pansys. 1M(4: Kimt-s to he Ucad. ls!>7- 
1905; Impertinent Poems, 1903-7; Chroni- 
cles of the Little Tot. 1905; Told to the 
Little Tot. 1906; A Morning's Mail, 1907; 
Little Songs for Two 1TI09; I Rule the 
House, 1910; The Story Club. 1911; The 
Uncommon Commoner, 1913; Just Then 
Something Happened, 1915; contributor to 
leading magazines and weeklies of poems, 
stories and occasional articles. Socs. and 
clubs: Pres. International Lyceum Assn. 
. (1905-6); Mem. Advisory Bd. Nat. League 

of Med. Freedom; Chamn. Progressive 
Const. League (Cuyahoga County), 1911; 
charter member American Press Humor- 
ists; Pres. Cleveland Single Tax Club. 
1914-15. Home address: 11338 Mayfield 
Road. Cleveland, O. 

Man; born, Middlepoint, O., Aug. 29, 1869; 
son of Daniel F. Cooke and Catharine 
(Cochran) Cooke; educated: Bluffton High 
Sen.; Buchtel Aca.l.; Km-htel Coll. ' oi- 
lege degrees: B. A. Married, Mabel Ki-nt 
Page, Nov 25, 1897. Secy. Crescent Fire 
Ins. Co., Cleveland, 1891-2; clerk Wilcox 
& Noah, Akron, 1892-6; elected Secy. 
Akron Savings & Loan Co., 1896, 
Bruner, Goodhue, Cooke. Cranz Agency 
Co.; Vice Pres. Central Associated Realty 
Co., Akron, O. ; Dir. in a number of 
panies. Socs. and clubs: Masonic ci ib; 
Rotary Club; Portage Country Club; Akron 
City Club; Knight Templar; Mason; Mas- 
ter of Adirnian Lodge, 1893; Trustee of 
Buchtel College 10 yrs.; when Buchtel Col- 
lege was made the Municipal University 
of Akron, was Apptd. Chmn. of Bd. of 
Directors, which office he now In 'Ids. 
Home address: 513 W. Market St., Akron, 

COOKSON, CHARLES W., Educator; born. 
Redfield, O., July 6, 1S61; educated: rural 
Schs.; Fultonham A cad.; Univ. Wooster; 
Ohio Univ. College degrees: A. B.: A. 
M. ; Ped. B.; Ped. D. Married. Madge 
Davis, Aug. 16, 1894. Supt. Schs., Shaw- 
nee, New Straitsville, Somerset, and Troy, 

O.. 1906 . Socs. and clubs: Alpha Tau 

Omega; Mason. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: 105 N. Market St., Troy, O. 

Professor; born, Pataskala, O., Oct. 23, 
1876; son of .Steward A. Coons and Emma 
(Rusk) Coons; educated: Pataskala high 
school (class 1895); Denison Univ.. V."i9. 
College degrees: B. S.; M. S. Grad. work 
Univ. Chicago. Married, Blonda Watt, 
Sept. 1. 1909. Supt. Granville. O.. public 
schools, 1901-5; Asst. Prof. Physics, 1905- 
12; Prof. Physics, Denison Univ., 1912 
mayor, Granville 9., 1916-17. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Ohio Acad. Science; Am. 
Assn. Advancement Science; Am. Physi- 
cal Soc.; Phi Gamma Delta Frat. Bap- 
tist. Home address: Granville. O. 

COONS, JACOB J., Physician-Surgeon; 
born. Milledgeville. O., March 11. l"-7i: 
son of Jones Coons and Rose (Gannon) 
Coons; educated: Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; 
Johns Hopluns Univ.; Post-Grad work, 
Univ. of Wien. Austria. College degrees: 
B. S. ; M. D. Unmarried. Pathologist. Mt. 
Carmel Hosp.; head of clinical and path- 
ological laboratory, Columbus, O.; Asst. 
Prof, of Medicine in Coll. of Medicine, Ohio 
State Univ; specialist in internal medi- 
cine and pathology. Socs. and clubs: 
Columbus Club; Athletic Club; Columbus 
Country Club; 32d degree Mason: Shriner; 
Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Co- 
lumbus Acad. of Medicine; State Med. 
Soc.: A. M. A.: Columbus Auto Club; 
Scioto Country Club. Home address: 150 
E. Broad St.. Columbus. O. 

Man; born, Columbus, O.. Sept. 16, 1S72; 
son of Isaac N. Coons and Agnes (Tra^y) 
Coons; educated: Pub. Schs. of Columbus, 
O. Married, Ella McFarland, Aug. 31, 19S. 
Began career as messenger for Bradstreets 
in Columbus, and then held a similar po- 
sition with the Western Union Telegraph 
Co.; entered the grain firm of McCord & 
Kelley and then became identified with 
Coe & Spencer Lumber Co.: moved to Lon- 
don, O., and in 1907 became identified 
with the London Coal and Lumber Co. 



Socs. and clubs: Masons; London Club; 
Madison Co. Fish and Game Assn.; Lon- 
don Health and Welfare League. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Home address: 42 North 
Walnut St.. London. O. 

born. Coitsville O.. Sept. 19, 18SO; son of 
David Perry Cooper and Mary Ann (Mc- 
Clelland) Cooper; educated: Coitsville and 
Struthers, O.; Royen High Sen. of Youngs- 
town. O. College degrees: A. B., Oberlin 
Coll.; LL. B., Harvard. Married, Ruth G. 
Creed. Aug. 5. 1915. Member of the law 
firm of Williams & Cooper since gradu- 
ation from law school in 1907; Mahoning 
County Dry Campaign Mgr.. 1914-1915. 
Soos. and clubs: K. of P. United Presby- 
terian Ch. Home address: 242 Poland 
Ave., Struthers. O. 

COOPER, JOHN G., Congressman; born, 
Wigan. England. April 27. 1872; educated: 
public schools, Youngstown, O. Married, 
Elizabeth M. Harries. 1896. At the age 
of 13 yrs. secured employment at the steel 
mills where he continued until 1896: en- 
tered service Pennsylvania Railroad (1896) 
as locomotive fireman; promoted to posi- 
tion of engineer. 1901-1915; elected to 64th 
Congress, 19th Dist. Ohio, 1914; re-elected 
to 65th Congress. 1916; elected Mem. Rep. 
County Com., 1906; elected to House Rep. 
Mahoning Co.. 1910; re-elected to same 
office. 1912. Republican. Home address: 
Youngstown. O. 

COOPER, LINDSEY K., Attorney; born, 
Sheritts, O.. Jan. 30. 1874; son of Andrew 
S. Cooper and Ellen (Stewart) Cooper; 
educated: common school. Unmarried. 
Attorney-at-law; deputy clerk of courts, 
1898-1902; Pros. Atty., 1912-1916. Socs. 
and clubs: B. P. O. E. : Mason: K of P.; 
K. of G. E. Methodist Church. Home ad- 
dress: Tronton. O. 

COPE, ALEXIS, Attorney; born, Farming- 
ton. Belmont Co.. O.. June 27. 1841; son 
of Caleb H. Cope and Mildred (Fowler) 
Cope; educated: common schools of Ohio; 
Hopedale Normal Institute. Married, lone 
Lewis. Oct. 22. 1868. Admitted to bar, 
1&66; collector Internal- Revenue, 1872-76; 
chief clerk, Secy. State. 1876-1882; Secy 
Board Trustees. Ohio State Univ., 1884- 
1904; member law firm, Ricketts & Cope 

Columbus, O., 1915 ; prepared and 

edited Ohio Statistics, 1877-1SS3; read 
proofs and indexed Ohio Laws, 1877-1883" 
wrote annual report Board Trustees, Ohio 
State Univ., 1884-1904. Author: "The Fif- 
teenth Ohio Volunteers and its Campaigns " 
1916; served in Civil War, 1861-1865; Pri- 
vate Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Lieutenant 
Captain. 15th Ohio Vols.. Asst. Adjutant 
Gen. 1st Brig. 3rd Div. 4th Corps, Army 
of the Cumberland; Asst. Inspector Gen. 
VV estern Sub-Dist. Texas. Socs. and 
clubs: Loyal Legion; Army of the Cum- 
berland; G. A. R.; Hon. Life Member 
Ohio Archaeological & Hist. Soc. Metho- 
dist Episcopal. Home address- 70 N 
Champion Ave.. Columbus. O. 

COPELAND, C. H., Educator; County Supt 
of Schools. Vinton Co. Home address: 
McArthur. Ohio. 

COPELAND, FOSTER, Banker; born, Evans- 
vine. Ind.. March 9, 1S58; son of Guild 
Copeland and Eliza Jane (Foster) Cope- 
land; educated: Brooklyn Polytechnic and 
Mt. Pleasant. Amherst. Mass. Married, 
Martha Hoge Thomas. Jan. 26, 1893. Be- 
gan as errand boy in father's office. New 
York. 1876; removed to. Columbus, O., as 
bookkeeper, 1882; Treas. H. C. Goodman 
Co.. shoe manufacturers. 1889-1899; Pres. 

City Nat. Bank. 1905 ; Pres. Columbus 

Forge and Iron Co.; Mclntyre Mfg. Co.; 
Vice Pres. Hayden-Corbett Chain Co.; 

Forest Realty Co.; Dir. Columbus & Xenia 
Ry. ; Columbus Pharmacal Co.; Midland 
Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Columbus Varnish 
Co.; Pres. Jury Commn., Franklin Coun- 
ty, O.. 1908-13; Trustee Teachers' Pension 
Fund (Columbus); Pres. Columbus Acad.; 
Pres. Columbus Sch. for Girls; Treas. Anti- 
Saloon League of Am.; Columbus Home 
for the Aged; Pres. Children's Hospital. 
Socs. and clubs: Y. M. C. A. (Pres. 10 
yrs.); Mem. State Com. Y". M. C. A.; Mem 
Evangelistic Com., Presby. Ch.. U. S. A.; 
Sons of Am. Rev.; 33d degree Mason: Co- 
lumbus Club; Country Club. Republican. 
Home address: 50 Hamilton Ave.. Colum- 
bus, O. 

torney-Banker; born, Marion, O., Dec. 14, 
I860; son of Howard Copeland and Cath- 
erine (Darlington) Copeland; educated: 
Marion High Sch.; .Cincinnati Law Sch. 
Married, Katharine Bartram, June 5, 18S9 
Admitted to bar, June 2. 1882; now prac- 
ticing law in Marion, O. ; Vice Pres The 
Marion County Bank Co.; Vice Pres. The 
Ohio & Western Line Co.; Treas. The Os- 
good Co. (steam shovels) ; Dir. in Norris 
& Christian Lime and Stone Co., and ac- 
tive in real estate enterprises; General 
Counsel of The Home Bldg. Savings & 
Loan Co.: delegate to Republican National 
Conv., 1896; Trustee Massillon State Hosp. 
Socs. and clubs: Grand Master of Masons 
of Ohio. Grand Master of R. & S. Masons 
of Ohio; Treas. of Ohio Council of Deliber- 
ation; 33d degree Mason. Scottish Rite. 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: Mt. 
Vernon and Vine Sts.. Marion. O. 

CORBIN, CLARENCE A., Postmaster; born, 
Saybrook. O.. Dec. 2S. 1862; son of I>wis 
E. Corbin and Annette R. (Somers) Cor- 
bin; educated: Pub. Schs. of Ashtabula 
Co.; New Lyme Inst.; Grand River Inst. ; 
born in Ashtabula Co.. O. College de- 
grees: B. S Married. Emma Peebles, 
June 2. 1886. Pub. Sch. teacher in Ash- 
tabula Co.. O.. 1879-1891; editor and man- 
ager Ashtabula Democratic Standard, 1891- 
1916; Mem. Ashtabula City Bd. of Edn., 
1910-14; chief deputy of the County Bd. 
of Elections. 3 terms; delegate to Demo- 
cratic Natl. Conv.. 1896-1904; postmaster 

at Ashtabula. O.. 1914 . Socs. and 

clubs: Ashtabula Chamber of Commerce; 
Knights of Pythias; Elks; Protected Home 
Circle; Degree of Honor. A. O. W. W. ; 
Ashtabula Y. M. C. A.; Franklin Literary 
Club of Ashtabula. Home address: Ash- 
tabula, O. 

born. Orange, O.. April 15. 1854; son of 
William Corlett and Ann (Avery) Corlett; 
educated: Dist. Sch.: Chagrin Falls Acad. ; 
Oberlin Academy; Wooster Univ. (Med. 
Dept.); Royal College Physicians, London, 
Eng. College degrees: M. D. ; L. R. ; C. P. 
Married, Amanda Leisy, June 26, 1895. 
Pioneer specialist in diseases of the skin, 
beginning practice in Northern Ohio, 18s 1; 
Prof, dermatology, Western Reserve Univ., 

1885-1914; Senior Prof.. 1914 . Author 

several works on medical subjects, one on 
The American Tropics; has spent much 
time m study in Europe; has traveled 
widely all parts of the globe. Socs. and 
clubs: (Pres.. 1S85). Cuyahoga Co. Med. 
Soc.; (Pres., 1906), American Dermatolog- 
ical Assn.; (Chmn. section of skin diseases, 
1.899), Am. Med. Assn.; (Pres., 1898), Cir- 
cle Francaise de Cleveland; (Pres., 1913), 
Alliance Francaise; Fellow, Royal Soc. 
Med. (Great Britain); Cleveland Academy 
Med.; Union Club; Country Club. Protes- 
tant. Home address: 3618 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland, O. 

Pleas Judge; born, near Bradrick. Law- 



rence Co.. O.. Sept. 18. 1867; son of Wil- 
liam Corn and Sarah E. (Doddridge) 
Corn; educated: B. S.. 1892; B. L.. 1894, 
Ohio Normal Univ.. Ada, O. (now Ohio 
Northern University). Married, Nellie E. 
Silbaugh. Oct. 24. 1890. Taught school 8 
yrs.. beginning before 17 yrs. of age; prac- 
ticed law 14 yrs.; prosecuting attorney, 
Lawrence Co.. 1900-1903; common pleas 

.--ve, 1907 ; city school examiner of 

jronton. 11 yrs.; was second lieutenant, 
Co I. 7th O. V. I., war with Spain; also 
colonel Seventh Regt. Infty.. O. N. G. 
Republican. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; 
I. O. O. F. (Past Grand Patriarch of Ohio 
and Past Grand Representative to Sover- 
eign Grand Lodge); Past Exalted Ruler, 
Ironton Lodge of Elks: Past Grand Chief 
of Ohio. K G. E.; Supreme Vice Chief, 
Supreme Castle. K. G. E.; K. O. T. M. ; 
V. S. W. V.; Order of Spanish-Am. War; 
Jr O. U. A. M. Home address: 704 South 
Fifth St.. Ironton. O. 

CORNER, H. B., Banker; Vice Pres. Citi- 
zens Savings & Trust Co. Home address: 
ls95 E. 105th St.. Cleveland, O. 

born. Mowrystown. O., 1867; son of Lewis 
C. Cornetet and Leah (Winkle) Cornetet; 
. -duratfd: public schools, Highland Co., O. ; 
Otterbein Univ.; Univ. Chicago. College 
degrees: A. B. : A. M. Married. Nannie 
K. Holladay, isv.i. Teacher in public 
schools. 1SS7-18S9; pastor. 1889-1892; stu- 
dent, 1892-1896; Vice President., Prof, and 
I'astor, Avalon Coll.. Trenton. Mo.. 1896- 
1899; pastor. Logan. O.. 1899-1901; Prof. 

Greek Otterbein Univ.. 1901 ; Pres. 

Board Trustees, Avalon Coll.; Pres. Board 
Education. Westerville. O. ; Secy. Ohio 
State Assn. School Board Members; Secy. 
Faculty Otterbein Univ.; Registrar Otter- 
bein Univ.; Chairman Administration Com- 
mittee, Otterbein Univ.; member Board 
Trustees. Otterbein Univ.; Secy. Branch 
Home Missionary Soc. ; member Nat. Geo- 
graphical Soc.; Central Ohio Schoolmasters' 
Olub; Philophroneau Lit. Soc.; Mem. The 
Classical Assn. of Middle West and South. 
Author: "Prayer, a Means of Spiritual 
Growth"; contributor Religious Telescope; 
United Brethren Review; Watchword; 
Senior S. S. Quarterly. Member Southeast 
Ohio Conf. U. B. in Christ, ordained, 1890. 
Home address: Westerville, O. 

CORNS, JOHN B., Editor; born, Ironton, O., 

Feb. 18. 1875; son of M. Corns and Lytta 
E. (McMahon) Corns; educated: Public 
Schs. of Ironton. Unmarried. Has been 
a Republican editor in Ironton for a num- 
ber lit' years, and formerly conducted a 
newspaper in Kentucky; was director of 
public service; member city council of 
Ironton. Methodist Church. Home ad- 
dress: 703 South Sixth St.. Ironton, O. 

CORSON, OSCAR TAYLOR, Editor; born, 
"ii farm near Carnden. O.. May 3. ls.">7: 
son of William Corson and Eliza (Mc- 
Burney) Corson; educated: public schools; 
Ohio Wes. Univ. College degrees: (Hon. 
A. M.. 1888; LL. D., Wooster Univ.. 1907). 
Married, Ella May Jacoby. Aug.. 2. 1881. 
Teacher country schools 1S75-S; Prin. Fair 
Haven. O.. schools. 1878-79; Supt. schools, 
Camden, O.. 1880-3; Granville. O., schools, 
18S4-7; Cambridge, O., schools, 1887-1891; 
state commissioner common schools Ohio, 
1892-8; editor: Ohio Educational Monthly 
(founded 1S52. oldest educational journal 

in U. S.). 1895 . Author: Ohio State 

School Reports, vols. 6. 1892-S: Trustee, 
Ohio State Univ.. 1899-1913. Socs. and 
clubs: (Pres.) Ohio State Teachers' Assn., 
1898; N. E. A.. 1900: Phi Gamma Delta. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Home address: 
55 East Main St.. Columbus. O. 

Author and Publisher; born, Eddyville, 
Ky. ; daughter of David Strauss Holman 
and Anna Maria (Herr) Holman; edu- 
cated: Xenia. Ohio. High Sch.; (teacher's 
Course and special study), Lebanon State 
Normal Sch.; Antioch Coll. Yellow Springs, 
O. ; (elocution course). Copper Institute, 
l>ayton. O. Married. Edwin M. Corwin, 
Nov. 25. 1884. Teacher Ohio Pub. Schs.: 
journalist and publisher, -Cincinnati, O., 15 
yrs.; editor and publisher, The Club Wom- 
an's Magazine, 9 yrs.; editor. Woman's 
Clubs Depart. Daily Cincinnati American, 

1!'15 . Author: How the Promise Was 

Kept; (poems). The Old Cathedral: New 
Year Retrospect; A Birthday Roundelay; 
The Amulet and the Pearl; When Amaryl- 
lis Calls Her Family; The Reception; A 
Rose Leaf; Tiny Lou; Ode to the Old 
Bell; A Leap Year Valentine. Socs. and 
clubs: (organizer and founder) The Wom- 
an's Rotary Club (Cincinnati, O.): Amer- 
ican Folk-lore Soc.; Susan B. Anthony 
Club; Upton Study Club: Kentucky Mac- 
Dowell Soc. (Covington. Ky.). Home ad- 
dress: 112 Lincoln Inn Court. Cincinnati, 

COSGROVE, OTWAY J., Common Pleas 
Judge. Hamilton Co. Term expires Dec., 
1920. Home address: Cincinnati, O. 

ney; born. Adams Tp., Defiance Co.. O., 
April 23. 1872; son of Michael Costello and 
Bridget (Caveney) Costello; educated: 
public and parochial schools of Defiance; 
Defiance College; law department, Ohio 
State Univ. Married. Lillian May Cam- 
eron. Dec. 31. 1910. Admitted to bar. June, 
1901; served as justice of the peace; city 
solicitor of Defiance; prosecuting attorney, 
1913-14. Soos. and clubs: B. P. O. E.; 
Knights of Columbus. Catholic Church. 
Democrat. Home address: 914 Perry Ave., 
Defiance. O. 

cial; bom. Arch Springs, Pa., May 14, 
IN.".:.: son of Christopher C. Cott and Mary 
Ellen (Brown) Cott; educated: common 
schools, Pennsylvania. Married, Clara 
Talbot Cott. Oct. 3. 1S7S. Entered ac- 
counting department Hocking Valley Ry., 
July 22, 1875; then Asst. Secy, and Asst. 
Treas. H. V. Ry., Columbus. O. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 1621 Summit St., 
Columbus. O. 

COTTER, JAMES H., Clergyman; born, 
County Tipperary. Ireland. Aug. 19, 1858; 
son of George Cotter and Sara (Dela- 
liunty) Cotter: educated: Roscrea Nat. Sch.; 
Manhattan Coll.; Mt. St. Marys. Emmits- 
burg, Md. College degrees: A. B.: A. M. ; 
LL. D. Pastor St. Lawrence Ch.. Iron- 
ton. O.. issn ; editor. Catholic Colum- 
bian. Columbus. O. ; one of the board of 
contributing editors qf the Knights of 
Columbus organ. The Columbiad. Author: 
Shakespeare's Art. Lances Hurled at the 
Sun, and Straws from the Manger <>r 
Thoughts on Christmastide. Lecturer: 
Music and Poetry of Ireland, St. Patrick. 
1 H-unkenness. The Need of the Hour, True 
and False Notions of Liberty, etc. His 
famous addresses were made in Carnegie 
Hall, at Manhattan Coll. Commencement, 
1906: at the National Meet of the Feder- 
ation of Catholic Socs.. in Milwaukee Aud- 
itorium in 1912. Extracts from his Shakes- 
peare's Art. appear in "Selections from 
Classic Authors." Socs. and clubs: Knights 
of Columbus; A..O. H.; U. S. Catholic His- 
torical Society. Home address: Ironton, 
I Ohio. 

COTTER, W. LEE, Transportation Con- 

1 tractor; born. Pavania. Richland Co.. O., 

J Aug. 2, 18S2; son of Chally D. Cotter and 



Elizabeth (Wells) Cotter; educated: Mans- 
field, O., public schools and high school. 
Married, Elsie C. Husted, Jan. 11. 1905. 
Vice Pres. and Gen. Mgr. of The Cotter 

Transfer & Storage Co., 1899 ; Treas. 

The Hughes-Keenan Co.. Mfrs.; Dir. Mans- 
field Savings Bank. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic Order; Elk Club; Mystic Club; West- 
brook Country Club; Mem. Official Board 
Central Methodist Episcopal Ch. Home 
address: 53 Brinkerhoff Ave.. Mansfield, 

COTTERMAN, S., Educator; County Supt. 
of Schools. Mercer Co. Home address: 
Celina. O. 

Sherwin-Williams Co.; born. Omeeme, 
Ont.. Canada. Jan. S. 1866; son of William 
Cottingham and Lucy Cottingham; edu- 
cated: public schools, Omeeme, Ont. Mar- 
ried, May 22, 1888. Clerked in hardware 
store, age 15 yrs.; manufacturing and 
selling gold paint in small way at age 
21 yrs., Montreal, P. Q.; head firm. Wal- 
ter H. Cottingham Co.. 1891; became Cana- 
dian distributor Sherwin-Williams Co., 
1892; manufacturer varnish in Canada, 
owner Cottingham Varnish Co., 1894; 
merged company with Sherwin-Williams 
of Ohio. 1896; made general manager Sher- 
win-Williams Co.. 1903: Vice Pres. and 
Gen. Mgr. 1908; President-Gen. Mgr., The 
Sherwin-Williams Co.. Cleveland, Ohio, 
1915 ; Pres. The Carter Lead Co.. Can- 
ada; Chairman The Lewis Berger Sons, 
Ltd.. London, Eng. ; Pres. Ozark Smelting 
& Mining Co.; Pres. Detroit White Lead 
Co. ; Pres. The Cleveland Box Co. ; Pres. 
The Adams Bag Co.; Dir. Cleveland Trust 
Co.; Vice Pres. Railway Business Assn., 
N. Y. Socs. and clubs: Union Club; Coun- 
try Club; Mayfield Club; Chagrin Hunt 
Club; Mount Royal Club, Canada; St. 
Maurice Fish & Game Club. Canada; In- 
dia House. N. Y. ; Country Club. London, 
Eng.; American Academy Political and 
Social Science; Nat. Assn. Mfg.; Nat. 
Chamber Commerce; Clinton Chamber of 
Commerce; Nat. Civic Fed; Efficiency Soc., 
New York; Royal Soc. of Art. London, 
Eng. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Wooley Hall. Maidenhead Berks, England 
(summer); "Springbnnk" Lake Shore 
Boulevard, Bratenahl, Cleveland, Ohio 

Welfare Worker; born. Marietta, O.. June 
1. 1836: daughter of Silas Slocomb and 
Deborah Packard (Cone) Slocomb: edu- 
cated: Marietta, O.', public and high 
schools: Rossiter Seminary. Married, Dr. 
David B. Cotton. Nov. 21. 1861. President 
of the Childr.ens' Home Society, Scioto 
County, from its organization until the 
county took charge, as provided by the 
Ohio laws. First Regent Joseph Spencer 

Chapter, D. A. R., Portsmouth, O., 1915 . 

Mrs. Cotton traces her lineage from the 
Mayflower and from Charlemagne and 
William the Conqueror and direct descend- 
ant of Gen. Spencer, one of "Washington's 
Aides in the Revolution. Socs. and clubs: 
Woman's Club: Reading Club; Audnbon 
Soc.; Suffrage League, Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Member First Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: 712 Sixth St.. Portsmouth, O. 

COULTON, GEORGE A., Banker; President 
Union Natl. Bank. Home address: 2287 
Demington Rd.. Cleveland. O. 

lege Professor; born. Muskingum Co., O., 
March 28, 1853; son of William Coultrap 
and Rebecca (Wilson) Coultrap; educated: 
public schools; Ohio Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B. ; A. M. Married, Fannie Sal- 
ters Gebhardt. Dec. 25, 1876. Supt. Schs., 

Wheelersburg, O., 1875-77; Nelsonville. O., 
1877-98; Athens, O., 1898-1907; Ohio Univ., 

1907 . (Prof, art of teaching and Prin. 

State Preparatory Sch., State Normal Col- 
lege. Ohio Univ.). Appointed by Gov. 
William McKinley to handle the supplies 
furnished those in distress in Hocking Val- 
ley and Sunday Creek Valley, 1892-3. Co. 
Examiner, Athens Co.. 1881-1906; county 
Secy., Ohio Teachers Reading Circle, 1900- 
1910. and member Bd. of Control of O. T. 

R. C.. 1902 ; debater in annual contest 

Ohio Univ. in 1873 and 1874; delegate Gen. 
Conf. of M. E. Church. Omaha. 1892. Socs. 
and clubs: Mason; Tuesday Club; Ohio 
Teachers' Assn.: Nat. Educ. Assn.: Nat. 
Geog. Assn.; Phi Delta Theta; Southeast- 
ern Ohio Teachers' Assn. Methodist Epis- 
copal. Home address: 36 North High St.. 
Athens. O. 

COULTRAP, HENRY W., Common Pleas 
Judge; born, Morgan Co., O., April 22, 
1S4S; son of William Coultrap and Rebecca 
(Wilson) Coultrap; educated: Ohio Univ. 
College degrees: A. B. Married, Mellie M. 
Hughes, April 28 1880; 2nd, Frances G. 
Gibbons, Sept. 29, 1903. Admitted to bar 
of Ohio, 1875; practiced law, 1875-1894; 
elected judge. Court Common Pleas, 5 yr. 
term, 1SS4; re-elected. Nov., 1*S9, 5 year 
term; resumed practice law. 1895-1914; re- 
elected judge Court Common Pleas, 6 yr. 

term, Nov., 1914 ; Trustee Ohio Univ. 

by Appt. of Gov. Bushnell, 1897 . Socs. 

and clubs: Delta Lodge. 207. F. & A. M.; 
I. O. O. F. ; Order Eastern Star. Metho- 
dist. Home address: McArthur, O. 
born. Port Jefferson, Shelby Co., O., Sept. 
5. 1SS1; son of Jachomyer Cass Counts and 
Margaret Belle (Hobby) Counts; educated: 
Sidney, O., public schools; Collegiate, Law 
and Graduate Departments of Western 
Reserve Univ., Cleveland, O. College de- 
grees: Ph. B.; A. M. : LL. B. Married, 
Eulalie Gaskill, April 17, 1913. Is practic- 
ing law at Cleveland, O.; for eleven yrs. 
was writer for Cleveland Plain Dealer; 
Dir. of numerous Ohio corporations, prin- 
cipally industrial in character. Socs. and 
clubs: Shaker Heights Country Club; Co. 
Bar Assn.: B. P. O. E.: W. O. W.; Na- 
tional Geog. Soc. Has written to some 
extent on philosophical, historical and le- 
gal subjects. Home address: 1885 E. 79th 
St., Cleveland, O. 

COURSEN, W. M., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
East Youngstown, O. Home address: East 
Youngstown. O. 

COURT. NICHOLAS A.. Business Man; 
born, Tiffin, O., Sept. 13. 1857; son of John 
Court and Elizabeth May (May) Court: 
educated: Tiffin parochial schools. Mar- 
ried. Mary J. Barry, Feb. 13, 1888. Con- 
nected with various hotels in Athens and 
Columbus; manager of Chittenden Hotel 

of Columbus. O., 1900 . Socs. and 

clubs: Ohio State Hotel Assn.; Columbus 
Country Club; Elks; Scioto Country Club; 
Columbus Auto Club; Columbus Athletic 
Club; Knights of Columbus. Catholic 
Church. Home address: Normandie Ho- 
tel. Columbus. O. 

ing Manager. Am. Fork & Hoe Co.; born, 
Ashtabula. O.. Oct. 20, 1882; son of War- 
ren He.rvey Cowdery and Harriet (Kelley) 
Cowdery; educated: Ashtabula public 
schools; Caise Sch. Applied Science. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S. Married. Mabel Orde- 
lia Belden, June IS, 1907. Draughtsman. 
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Engr. Co., Cleve- 
land, O.; designer. Am. Fork & Hoe Co.. 
Ashtabula, O.; factory manager, Am. Fork 
Hoe Co.. 1904; advertising manager. Am. 
Fork & Hoe Co., Cleveland. O., 1909; Mem. 



Bd. -Education. Ashtabula. O.. 190S-1909. 
Socs. and clubs: Phi Delta Theta; North 
Channel Shooting Club. M. mi>er Church 
Christ. Home address: 2SS4 Scarboro Kd., 
Cleveland Heights. Ohio. 

born, Perry, Lake Co., O., May 21. L853; 
son of Lyman Hervey Cowdery and Sarah 
(Holmes) Cowdery; educated: Painesville, 
O., and Geneva, O., high schools. Mar- 
ried, Hattie Kelley. Sept. 19, 1S7S. Secy. 
Geneva Tool Co.. Geneva. O.. 1875-1880; 
Secy, and Treas. Ashtabula Tool Co., Ash- 
tabula, O., 1880-1902; Vice Pres. American 
Fork & Hoe Co.. Cleveland. O.. 1902-1909; 
Pres. American Fork & Hoe Co.. Cleve- 
land. O.. 1909 . Socs. and clubs: Cleve- 
land Chamber Commerce; Willowick 
Country Club. Christian Church. Home 
address: 2044 Abington R.d.. Cleveland, O. 

COWDERY. WARREN K., Manufacturer; 
born, Ashtabula, O., Dec. 5, 1SS6; son of 
Warren H. Cowdery and Harriet (Kelley) 
Cowdery; educated: Ashtabula public and 
high schools of Cleveland. O.; Culver 
Military Academy; Hiram Coll.; Purdue 
Univ. Married, Marjorie Bull, Aug. 2, 
1909. Entered employ American Fork & 
Hoe Co. after leaving college; now mana- 
ger Ashtabula Works (branch of same 

company) Ashtabula, O., 1915 ; Director 

and Vice Pres. Ashtabula Y. M. C. As'sn. 
Socs. and clubs: Alpha Omega Frat.; Phi 
Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade (mili- 
tary Frat.); Ashtabula Chamber of Com- 
merce. Member Christian Church. Home 
address: 24 Park St.. Ashtabula. O. 


bom, Chillicothe. O.. May 22. 1S77; son of 
Fleming S. Cox and Nannie (Gude) Cox; 
educated: Chillicothe public school; Chilli- 
cothe high school; Ohio Med. Univ., Co- 
lumbus, O. College degrees: M. D., 1906. 
Married. Mary E. Cardwell, Aug. 9, 1915. 
Engaged in practice medicine, Columbus, 

i >.. 1908 ; deeply interested in and active 

charity worker. Socs. and clubs: Mason; 
X. A. A. C. P.; Columbus Academy Medi- 
cine; Ohio State Med. Soc.; Am. Med. 
A'ssn. ; Associated Charities. Home ad- 
dress: 728 Penna Ave.. Columbus, O. 

COX, ISAAC JOSLIN, Univ. Professor; born, 
West Creek, Ocean Co., N. J.. Nov. 19. 
1S73: son of Walter Scott Cox and Almeda 
(Joslin) Cox; educated: Dartmouth, 1896, 
A. B.: research in Archiv. Gen.. City Mex- 
ico. ] 898-1911; Univ. Texas. 1900; Univ. 
Chicago. 1901: Univ. Wisconsin, 1902; fel- 
low Am. History. Univ. Pennsylvania, 
3-4; research fellowship, 1911-12; P. H. 
D., Univ. Pennsylvania. 1904. Married, 
Grace Elizabeth Vose, July 11, 1S99. 
Teacher-Vice Prin.. San Antonio Acad., 
1S96-1902: instructor history. 1904-6: Asst. 
Prof.. 1906-12; Shaw lecturership. Johns 
Hopkins Univ.. 1911-1912; associate Prof., 

Univ. Cincinnati. 1912 ; life member 

Ohio Archaeol. and Hist. Soc.; Secy. Ohio 
Valley Hist. Assn.. 1908-9; Pres.. 1909-10; 
fellow Texas State Hist. Assn.: member 
American Hist. Assn.: Pres. Miss. Valley 
Hist. Assn.. 1914-1.": Vice Pres. Phi Beta 
Kappa: Phi Delta Theta; Corr. Mem. Chi- 
cago Hist. Soc.; Mem. City Club. Author: 
The Journeys of LaSalle and His Com- 
panions. 1905: The Early Exploration of 
Louisiana. 1906; editor Quarterly Histori- 
cal and Philosophical Sue. of Ohio: reports 
of Ohio Valley Hist. A-ssn.; editorial work 
on new International Encyclopedia, 1903; 
contributor Encyclopedias Americana and 
Britannica; Am. Tlist. Review; Miss. Val- 
ley Hist. Review; lecturer on Spain and 
Mexico. Presbyterian. Home address: 
553 Evanswood Place. Cincinnati. O. 

COX, JACOB DOLSON, Manufacturer; born, 
\V:irren. O. May 15. 1852; son of Jacob 
Dolson Cox and Helen (Finney) Cox; < dn- 
cated: Columbus. Cincinnati. O., public 
schools. Married. Ellen Prentiss. Oct. 9, 
1878. Spent the years 1S69-1S76 learning 
the practical side of rolling mill business 
with Cleveland Iron Co.: organized and 
founded the business known as The Cleve- 
land Twist Drill Co., in Dunkirk. X. Y. ; 
moved to Cleveland, p., 1876; president of 
oompanv li'ir, ; Dir. Cleveland Trust 
Co.: Dir. Cleveland-Pittsburgh Ry. Co.; 
Trustee Case School Applied Science. 
Socs. and clubs: Essex Country Club; 
Cleveland Yacht Club; Mayfield Club; 
Country Club; Engineers' Club; Union 
Clui>: Mayflower Soc.; American Soc. M- - 
eiianieal l^ngineers. Episcopalian. Home 
address: 3411 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

COX, JAMES M.. Governor; born, Jackson- 
lung, O.. March 31, 1870: son of Gilbert 
Cox and Elizabeth A. (Andrews) Cox; 
educated: Pub. and High Schs. Reared on 
farm; worked in printer's offic> : taught 
country school; became newspaper re- 
porter and connected in editorial capacity 
with Cincinnati Enquirer; bought the Day- 
ton Daily Xews, ISfts, and the Springfield 
Press<-Republic. 1903, forming The X'ews 
League of Ohio; Mem. 61st and 62d Con- 
gresses. 3d Ohio Dist., 1909-1913; Governor 
of Ohio 1913-1915: re-elected in 1916 and 
assumed office in 1917. Democrat. Epis- 
copalian. Address: Columbus, O. 

COX, MYRON C., Manufacturer; born,' Wy- 
oming Co.. X. Y.. Oct. 15. 1876; son of 
William A. Cox and Emma A. (Bailey) 
Cox; educated: Fremont high school. 
Married, Zella Amey Herman. June 8, 
1915. Manager W. A. Cox Flour Mills & 
Grain Elevator since Jan. 1. 1900; First 
Lieut. Co. K, 16th Inf.. O. N. G., Feb. 17. 
1898; in Spanish War, First Lieut.. Co. K, 
6th O V. I.. April 25, 1S9S; Captain, Sept. 
1. 1898; mustered out May 24, 1899; Cap- 
tain Co. K. 6th Ohio Inf.. Sept. 1. i>ii9; 
Major 6th Ohio Inf., Jan. 12. 1900; Lieut. 
Colonel t;th Ohio Inf.. July 2. 1903. E 
and clubs: Ft. Stephenson Lodge, Xo. 225; 
Fremont Chapter, No. 64; Royal Arch Ma- 
sons; Fremont Commandery, Xo. 56; 
Knights Templar; B. P. O. E.. Xo. 169; 
McPherson Lodge. No. 725. I. O. O. F.; 
Mem. Fremont Chamber of Commerce. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Fremont, O. 

COX, SAMUEL HOUGHTON, Manufacturer; 
born. Cleveland. O.. July 1880; son of 

Jacob Dolson Cox and Ellen (Prentiss) 
Cox: educated: Cleveland. O.. Academy; 
Univ. Sch. of Cleveland. O. : Williams Coll.; 
Spencerian Business Coll., Cleveland, Ohio. 
College degrees: B. A. (1903). Unmarried- 
Vice Pres. The Cleveland Twist Drill Co., 

Cleveland. O.. 1915 ; Vice Pres. Union 

Mortgage Co.. Cleveland, O. : Vice Pres. 
The Doan Savings & Loan Co. Cleveland, 
O.: Dir. The National Mortgage Co.. Cleve- 
land. O. : Dir. The Lake Shore Banking 
& Trust Co.. Cleveland. O. Socs. and 
clubs: Chi Psi Frat.: Gargoyle Soc.: Na- 
tional Security League: Mem. The Navy 
League: Veterans. Troop "A" Ohio Cav- 
alry, Cleveland, O.; Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce; Union Club; University Club; 
Country Club; Chagrin Valley Hunt Club: 
Advertising Club; Automobile Club; En- 
gineering Soc. Cleveland Protestant 
F.piscopal. Home address: 3411 Euclid 
Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

COY. W. S.. Educator: County Supt. Schs., 
Franklin Co. Home address: Columbus, 

CRABBE, CHARLES CARL, Attorney; born, 
Range Twp.. Madison Co.. O., Nov. 1, 
IS7S; son of John W. Crabbe and Ellen 



(Minshall) Crabbe; educated: Country 
Sens.: O. N. Univ.. Ada. O. Married. Isa 
Roth. Sept. 22. 1904. Taught 'school 7 
yrs. ; admitted to bar in 1904, and has since 
then practiced law in London, O.; Pros. 
Atty. of Madison Co., 3 terms. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons; Knights of Pythias; Odd 
Fellows; Modern Woodmen Juniors; Lon- 
don Club. Presbyterian. Active Republi- 
can. Home address: 52 Elm St.. London, 

CRABBS, GEORGE DENT, Manufacturer; 
born. Decatur, Ind., Jan. 22, 1S75; son of 
David Crabbs and Mary (Dent) Crabbs; 
educated: Moscow, O.. Pub. Schs.; Schs. 
of Blue Ash. O.; Business Coll. Married, 
Nancy Norma Harris. Nov. 25, 1S97. One 
of the organizers of Cincinnati Commer- 
cial Assn.; Pres. of Philip Carey Manufac- 
turing Co.: was Secy, of the Carey Co. at 
IS. and Vice Pres. at 21. Socs. and clubs: 
Business Men's Club; Manufacturers Club; 
Cincinnati Automobile Club; Hamilton 
Golf Club. Avondale Episcopal Church. 
Home address: Redway and Dakota Aves., 
Avondale, Cincinnati. O. 

CRAIG, CLAUDE C., Physician-Surgeon; 
born. Concord Tp., Champaign Co.. O., 
Sept. 18, 1873; son of Harrison Craig and 
Mary M. (Baker) Craig-; educate'd: Coun- 
try Sch. and Urbana High Sch. Read med- 
icine with late Dr. H. C. Houston, and in 
1894 matriculated Cleveland Homeopathic 
Med. Coll. and graduated in 1S97. College 
degrees: M. D. Married. Stella Talbott. 
June 14. 1899. Interne. Huron St. Hosp., 
Cleveland, O., 1 yr.; now actively engaged 
in practice, being senior member of firm 
of Craig & Rhodes. Urbana. O. ; served 2 
yrs. as Urbana health officer. Soos. and 
clubs: Champaign Co. Med. Soc.: Mason. 
Home address: 122 Scioto St. Urbana, O. 

CRAIG, J. FOREST, University Professor; 
born. Greenville, O.. Feb. 10, 1881; son of 
Joseph M. Craig and Julia Amelia (Klefe- 
ker) Craig; educated: country schools; 
Lebanon Univ.; Miami "Univ.; Ohio State 
rniv. College degrees: B. S.; B. A.; M. 
A. Married. Marie Baldwin, Aug. 23, 1913. 
Teacher in country 'schools, 1901-1903; 
teacher Greenville City schools, 1907-1909; 
Chillicothe high school, 1909 r 1912: Prof, in 
Ohio State Univ. since 1913. Socs. and 
clubs: Greenville Lodge. No. 143, F. & 
A. M. United Brethren. Home address: 
401 B. Main St.. Greenville. O. 

CRAIG. JOHN WESLEY, Clergyman; born, 
Orange, Schuyler Co., N. Y., April 1. 1865; 
son of Hiram Craig and Melissa (Lane) 
Craig; educated: Public Sch.. Bradford, 
N. Y. : Moody Bible Sch.. Chicago, and 
Southern Baptist Sem.. Louisville, Ky. 
Married, Hattie V. Harris, Sept. 7. 1901. 
Has held pastorates as follows: Urbana 
Church, Bath, N. Y., 2 yrs.; Colon. Mich., 
1 yr. ; Central Church. Chicago. 2 yrs. ; 
supply pastor at Paris, Ind.. 3 yrs.: Price 
Hill. Cincinnati. O.. 2 yrs.: Madisonville. 
O.. 4 yrs.: Mt. Gilead, O., 6 yrs. Member 
Baptist Church. Home address: 222 W. 
High St.. Mt. Gilead. O. 

CRAM, CHARLES EDWIN, Publisher; born, 
Columbus. O.. Dec. 11. 1871; son of 
Charles W. Cram and Clara (Deming) 
Cram; educated: Starling Med. Coll., Co- 
lumbus, O. College degrees: M. D. Mar- 
ried. Blanch R. Shoup, Aug. 15. 1895. En- 
gaged in newspaper business as editor and 
publisher Poultry Record, Carey, Ohio, 

1907 . Socs. and clubs: Am. Poultry 

Assn.; Pres. Ohio Poultry Breeders' Assn. 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
Carey. Ohio. 

born. Van Wert, O., Aug. 28, 1868: son 
of John Cramer and Ann E. (Shaffner) 

Cramer; educated: Ohio Wes. Univ.; Bos- 
ton Univ. College degrees: A. B.. 1894; 
S. T. B., 1901. Married. Eva Evans 
Hedges, March 25. 1914. Pastor. M. E. 
Church, Lakeside. Lynn. Mass., 3 yrs.; 
pastor, Mendon, Spencerville, Richwood, 
Mt. Victory, and M. E. Church. Ottawa, 
O.. 1915- . Member "West Ohio Conf., 
1894 . Home address: Ottawa. O. 

born. Linden, Mich.. April 11. 1S64; son 
of Theodora Crandell and Laura Ely 
(Benton) Crandell; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of Michigan. Married. May Smith, Jan. 
22, 1885. Salesman and bookkeeper, C. H. 
Sheldon, Hillsdale, Mich.. 1886-1887; book- 
keeper. Ransom & Randolph, 1889-1892; 
bookkeeper and Secy.. The Ransom and 
Randolph Co., 1892-1908; Secy, and Treas., 
The Ransom & Randolph Co., 1909-1913; 
Pres. and Treas., The Ransom & Ran- 
dolph Co.. 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

Rubicon Lodge. No. 237. F. & A. M.; Ft. 
Meigs Chapter, No. 29. R. A. M.; Toledo 
Council No. 33. R. & S. M. ; Toledo Com- 
mandery. No. 7. K. T.; Toledo Consis- 
tory. A. A. S. R.: Zenobia Temple. A. A. 
O. N. M. S.: Toledo Rotary Club; Toledo 
Commerce Club; Toledo Yacht Club; Art 
Museum; Sylvania Golf Club; Chamber of 
Commerce of U. S. Congregationalist. 
Home address: 2245 Putnam St.. Toledo, 

Aurist; born, Edwardsville, 111., -Aug. ]">, 
1876; son of George B. Crane and Isabelle 
O. (French) Crane: educated: public 
schools, Edwardsville, 111.; U. S. Mil. Acad. 
of Missouri: Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phil - 
delphia, Pa. College degrees: M. D.. 1S97. 
Married. Mable Putt. Jan. 31. 1907. En- 
gaged in practice medicine a specialis', 
oculist and aurist, Canton, O., May 1, 
1S98 . Socs. and clubs: Lakeside Coun- 
try Club; Congress Lake Club; Canton 
Club; Masonic Orders, including 32d de- 
gree; Shrine: Odd Fellow; Canton. Stark 
Co.. Ohio State and America Med. Socs. 
Home address: 1550 Market Ave., Canton, 

CRANE, ESTHER, Collegp Teacher: born, 
Kenton, O., March 10. 1890; daughter of 
George E. Crane and Kate R. (Rhodes) 
Crane: educated: Smith College: Oberlin 
College. College degrees: A. B.: A. M. 
Teacher, Latin and German. Kenton high 
'school. 1910-12; Fellow in Philosophy and 
Education, Smith Coll., 1913-14: instructor 
in Philosophy and Education, Wells Coll., 
1914-15; Fellow in Philosophy. Univ. Chi- 
cago, 111., 1915-17; associate editor. Smith 
College Monthly. Socs. and clubs: D. A. 
R. Presbyterian. Home address: Ken- 
ton. O. 

CRANE, GEORGE E., Attorney; born. New 
York, N. Y., 1858; son of Samuel Ingham 
Crane and Sophia Charlotte (Buck) 
Crane; educated: Oberlin Coll. (1877). 
Married. Kate R. Rhodes. June 12. 1889. 
Prin. Kenton High Sch., 1878-1885; ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar, 18S5; practicing at- 
torney-at-law, Kenton, O., 1885-1916; 
Pres. Board Education number years; 
Referee in Bankruptcy. Hancock, Hardin, 
Marion, Seneca and Wyandot counties, 
1898-1916. Socs. and clubs: Loyal Legion; 
Sons Am. Rev.; Mason: K. T. Presby- 
terian. Home address: Kenton, O. (Died 
while work being compiled.) 

Banker; Newcomerstown, O.. Jan. S. 1S46: 
son of Isaiah G. Crater and Rachel Jane 
(Rogers) Crater; educated: Pub. Schs. of 
Newcomerstown, O. Married, Emma Clark 
McFadden. Dec. IS. 1872. After serving 
in Civil War in Co. H. KS O. V. I., was 



In mercantile business until lsS3; then 
became cashier ar.d stockholder in The 
oxt'ord Bank. Newcomerstown, O., and 
still serves in that capacity; town coun- 
cilman; Mem. of Schftol Board; township 
trustee. Socs. and clubs: G. A. R.; I. O. 

0. F. ; National Geographic Soc. Home 
address: Newcomerstown. O. 

CRAWFORD, C. C., Educator; Co. Supt. of 
Schs., Mnrrow County. Home address; 
Mt. Gilead. O. 

Manufacturer: born, llerrick, Pa., Oct. 1-, 
1^)5; son of John S. Crawford and Clar- 
issa (Camp) Crawford; educated: Lafay- 
ette College, B. A. (]S78): Lafayette Col- 
lege, M. A. (1874); Pulte Med. College, M. 
D. (1878); Miami Med. College, M. D. 
(1881); Ohio Univ.. LL. D. (1S91). Mar- 
ried, Cora Hay ward, April 18, 18SS. Prof. 
physiology and physical diagnosis, Pulte 
Med. Coll., 1881-1889; counsel-general to 
Russia, 1889-1895; U. S. Commissioner, 
Chicago Exposition to Russia; Pres. Cin- 
cinnati Discount Co.; Pres. The American 
National Bank. Cincinnati. O. Lecturer: 
On the Ancient Finns; On European and 
Asiatic Russia; translator: The Epic of 
Finland; editor and translator: Industries 
of Russia (5 vols.); Agriculture. Trade, 
Manufacturers. Mines and Mining; Siberia 
and Great Siberian Ry. Socs. and clubs: 
Honorary member, Suomalinen Kir.iall- 
asenden Seura of Helsingfors (Finland) ; 
Cincinnati Literary Club; Business Men's 
Club: Y. M. C. A.; Manufacturers' Club. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 760 North 
Crescent Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

Estate Dealer; born. Wilton Center. 111., 
Dec. 18. 1870; son of John Crawford and 
Lucy Jane (Graves) Crawford; educated: 
Joliet, 111., High Sch.; Allegheny College, 
Meadville, Pa.; Northwestern Univ., Evans- 
ton, 111. Married, Lulu E. Parker, Oct. 

1. 1901. Pres. and Gen. Mgr. Ohio Land 
Co.; Pres. York Realty Co.; Vice Pros. 
Inside Realty Co.; Mgr. Barberton Realty 
Co. Socs. and clubs: Akron City Club; 
Portage Country Club; University Club; 
Scottish Rite Mason. First Congregation- 
al Church; Pres. Bd. of Deacons. Home 
address: 106 Hamilton Ave.. Akron, O. 

CRAWFORD. ROBERT S., Banker: Treas. 
First Trust & Savings Co. Home address: 
2225 E. S7th St.. Cleveland. O. 

CRAWFORD, RUEL. Attorney; born. Port 
Clinton. O.. Dec. 21. 1S77: son of Charles 
A. Crawford and Mary (Duff) Crawford; 
educated: Port Clinton public schools; 
Ohio State Univ. Married. Rose M. Nls- 
sen. Sept. 3. 1908. Engaged in practice 
law. Port Clinton. O.. March 1. 1903; be- 
came member firm True and Crawford, 
1907 . Socs. and clubs: Knight Temp- 
lar; Knight Pythias. Episcopalian. Home 
address: 101 East Third St., Port Clinton. 

cian: born. Erie Co.. Oct. ;. isHti; son of 
Jacob Crecelius and Kathrine (Erf) Cre- 
celius; educated: country schools; Ohio 
Univ.. Athens. O. ; Cleveland Homeopathic 
Med. Coll., 189S. College degrees: M. D. 
Unmarried. Taught country school, 1 yr : 
commenced practice of medicine at Reed- 
town. O.. 1.898; in 1902. entered Cleveland 
City Hospital as Interne. 1 yr. ; in October, 
1903, located at Sandusky, O.. where he 
is now in active practice. Socs. and 
clubs: Ohio Homeop. Med. Soc.: Am. 
Homcop. Med. Soc.; Sunyendeand Club. 
Post-Grad. degree at Polyclinic Hospital, 
N. Y.. 1906. Home address: Sandusky. O. 


I'nion Natl. 
Grace Ave.. 

E. E., Hanker: Vice 
Bank. Home address: 
i 'l'-veland. O. 


.Montgomery < '.>. Sunday School Assn.; 
born, Dayton. O.. Aug. 28. 1879; son of 
Thomas Harper Cridland and Cora A. 
(Joyce) Cridland; educated: Dayton, O., 
grade and high schools; Ohio State Univ. 
(1 yr.); Harvard Univ. (.1 yr. special 
course). Married. Grace L. Faust. Feb. 
21, 1901. Draftsman, steel foundry super- 
intendent and chemist. Joyce. Cridland 
Co., makers Hoisting Jacks; general secre- 
tary Montgomery Co.. O.. Sunday School 

Assn., Dayton. O.. 1912 ; trustee Ot- 

terbein Univ.; trustee. Publishing House 
Tinted Brethren in Christ; member exec- 
utive committee. Sunday School Board, I'. 

B. Church; chairman Education Commit- 
tee. Federated Churches of Dayton; Treas. 
State Federation Men's I'.ible Classes. 
Home address: 643 River St.. Dayton. O. 

CRILE, GEORGE W., Surgeon; born, Chili, 
O.. Nov. 11. 1SS4; son of Michael Crile and 
Margaret (Deeds) Crile; educated: Ohio 
Northern Univ.: Wooster Univ.. Cleve- 
land; student Vienna. 1893; London. 1895; 
Paris, 1.S97: Hiram Coll. College degrees: 
A B.. issl: A M.. 188S; M. D.. 1887; 
(Hon. Ph. D., 1901; F. R. C. S.. England. 
1913); F. A. C. S. Married. Grace Mo- 
Bride. Feb. 7. 1900. Lecturer and demon- 
strator histology, 1SS9-1890; Prof. Physiol- 
ogy, 1S90-1893; principles and practice of 
surgery, 1893-1900. Wooster Univ.; Prof, 
clinical surgery. Western Reserve Univ., 
1900-1911; Prof, of surgery, Western Re- 
serve Univ.. 1911 ; surgeon Lakeside 

Hosp.; AUarenga prize, Coll. Phys., Phil- 
adelphia. 1901; Cartwright prize, Colum- 
bia, 1897-1903; Senn prize. A. M. A.. 1S9S. 
Socs. p.nd dubs: Fellow A. A. A. S., Am. 
Coll. Surgeons. Am. Surg. Assn.; Assn'. 
Am. Pathologists and Bacteriologists. A. 
M. A.: Hoc. Exptl. Biology and Medicine; 
Am. Physiol. Soc.; Soc. Clin. Surg. Au- 
thor: Surgical Shock. 1S97: Surgery of 
Respiratory System. 1900; Certain Prob- 
lems Relating to Surgical Operations, 1901; 
On the Blood Pressure in Surgery, L903; 
Hemorrhage and Transfusion, 1909; Anae- 
mia and Resuscitation, 1914; Anoci Assn. 
(with W. E. Lower), 1915; The Origin and 
Nature of the Emotions, 1915; A Mechan- 
istic View of War and Peace, 1915; M.M, 
an Adaptive Mechanism. 1916; The \<< -nthe 
Drive. i:ti6. Home address: 2620 Derby- 
shire Road. Cleveland. O. 

born,' Wayne Tp., Butler Co.. O., July 5, 
1866: son "of Allison P.. Crist and Pho.l>.- 

C. (Maddock) Crist; educated: Pub. Schs.: 
Earlham Coll.. Richmond, Ind.; Ohio W. s- 
leyan Univ.; Garrett Biblical Inst. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.. of Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.; D. D.. of Ohio Northern Univ. 
Married. Kate M. Hensey, Dec. 10, 1S86. 
Agent Prudential Ins. Co. at Middletown, 
O. ; Mgr. of same company at Hamilton, 
O.: entered Central Ohio Conf. in 1S9S; 
held pastorate at Anna. Shelby Co.. O., 
1898-1899; at Hardin. 1 yr. ; Quincy, Logan 
Co., O.. 5 yrs. ; First Church at Findlay, 
3 vrs. : Supt. Toledo Dist.. 7 yrs.; then 
went to Defiance: Pres. Deaconess Home 
and Hosp.. Toledo. 1914; Pres. Board of 
Trustees. Flower Hosp.. Toledo; in 1913 
edited and compiled the History of the 
Central Ohio Conference. Socs. and clubs: 
32d degree Scottish Rite 'Mason: K. of P.: 
I. O. O. F. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Republican. Home address: 410 Wayne 
Ave., Defiance. O. 

Pleas Judge; born. Millersburg. O., April 



17, 1868; son of Lyman R. Critchfield and 
Adelaide M. (Shaffer) Critchfield; edu- 
cated: Millersburg High Sch.; Ohio Wes. 
Univ. Married. Rose Brown. Sept. 28, 
1S9S. Admitted to bar. 1891; practiced 
law in Wooster and adjoining counties 
with L.. R. Critchfield (father), number 
yrs. ; city solicitor, "Wooster. O.; prose- 
cuting attorney. Wayne Co.. O.; elected 

common pleas judge, Wayne Co., 1914 ; 

enlisted in Co. D, 8th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf., 
War Spain; participated in capture of 
Santiago De Cuba, July, 1898. Socs. and 
clubs: K. P.; M. W. A.; B. A. Y. Eagles; 
Fraternal Ins. Orders. Home address: 515 
N. Bever St., Wooster. O. 

CROBAUGH. BURTON W., Merchant; born, 
Attica. O.. Nov. 26. 1856: son of Samuel 
Crobaugh and Lucy A. (Hathaway) Cro- 
baugh; educated: Attica Schs. and Cleve- 
land Commercial Sch. Married, Lucy F. 
Weller, 1S7S. Worked as bookkeeper in 
Cleveland until 1874. when he removed to 
Tiffin; worked for John M. Naylor, hard- 
ware dealer, as salesman and bookkeeper 
until 1892. when he became a member of 
the firm which was then known as the 
John M. Naylor Co.; in 1S9S, Mr. Naylor 
retired and Samuel Dahm formed a part- 
nership with Mr. Crobaugh under the firm 
name, of Crobaugh & Dahm; since 1910 he 
has conducted the business as sole owner 
under the name of the Crobaugh Hard- 
ware Co.; Director of the Tiffin National 
Bank; Dir. and Secy.. Citizens Bldg. Loan 
Co.; was Vice Pres. of the Tiffin Electric 
Railway & Power Co. until the company's 
property was purchased by the Ohio Light 
& Power Co. Socs. and clubs: Elks. 
Methodist Episcopal Church. Home ad- 
dress: 114 Sycamore St.. Tiffin, O. 

CROMER, MORRIS PATTY, Attorney; born, 
Tnion City, O., Aug. 24, 1SS8; son of F. 
Gillum Cromer and Nancy Jane (Patty) 
Cromer; educated: Otterbe'in Univ.; Ober- 
lin 'Coll.; Ohio State Univ. College de- 
grees: B. A.; LL. B. Married, Olive Louise 
Mauch, Feb. 9, 1916. Admitted to Ohio 
bar, June, 1913; engaged in practice law, 
with Carr, Allaman. Kennedy & Retter, 
Dayton, O., 1913-15; associated with Carl 
Bauman, attorney, The Franklin Savings 

& Loan Assn., Dayton, O., 1915 . Socs 

and clubs: Philomathean Lit. Soc ; Phi 
Delta Lit. Soc.; Delta Chi Frat. ; Mystic 
Lodge, No. 405, F. & A. M. ; Unity Chap- 
ter, No. 16, R. A. M. ; Reese Council, No. 
9, R. & S. M. : Reed Cornmandery, No 6 
K. T. ; A. A. S. R. ; 32d degree Valley of 
Dayton; Antioch Temple, A. A. O. N. M. 
S. ; Antioch Patrol; Ormus Grotto, No 24 
M. O. V. P. E. R.; Acacia Chapter, O. E. 
S.. No. 358; Montgomery Co. Bar Assn. 
First Church United Brethren in Christ, 
Dayton, O. Home address: 1 Kuhns Bldg 
Dayton, O. 

CROMWELL, ARTHUR J., Druggist; born, 
Parkman, O., June 16, 1875; son of Wil- 
liam Cromwell and Augusta (Cone) Srom- 
well; educated: Parkman Public Schs.: 
Northern Ohio Univ. Married, Minnie A. 
Brown Sept. 30, 1895. Member Chardon 
Council. Socs. and clubs: F. & A M 
Chardon Chapter, Eagle Commandery. 
Home address: Chardon. O. 

born, Salem Tp., Tuscarawas Co., O., May 
5, 1864; son of Charles Cronebaugh and 
Elizabeth (Homrighausen) Cronebaugh; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Salem Tp.; Buch- 
tel Coll.: Natl. Normal Univ.; Ohio State 
Univ. College degrees: B. S., at Nat. N. 
U. Married, Catherine E. McLean, June 
29. 1899. Taught school: Prin.- of Schs. 
at Port Washington, 1888-1894; Prin. Den- 
nison High Sch., 1894-1895; Prin. New 

Philadelphia High Sch., 1895-1898; Supt. 
Cambridge Pub. Schs., 1898-1904; Supt. 
Massillon Pub. Schs.. 1904-1911; practic- 
ing law in New Philadelphia since 1912. 
Socs. and clubs: Masons. Chapter Coun- 
cil; Cambridge Com. K. T. Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: 121 North Third 
St., New Philadelphia, O. 

CROOKS. GUY E., Manufacturer; born, 
Zanesville, O.. June 6, 1863; son of Joseph 
E. Crooks and Mary A. (Palmer) Crooks; 
educated: Common Schs. Married, Eliza- 
beth Weaver, Nov. 3, 1889. Manufacturer 
of stoneware, 1884-1887; clerk and book- 
keeper, 1887-1890; in general merchandise 
business, under firm name of Brown & 
Crooks, 1890-1902; Secy., Treas. and Gen. 
Mgr. of The Crooksville China Co., since 
organization, 1902. Socs. and clubs: I. O. 
O. P.; F. & A. M. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: Crooksville, -O. 

CROSS, FRANK B., Oculist and Physician; 
born, Natl. Soldier's Home, Aug. 25, 1871; 
son of (Dr.) Phelix G. Cross; educated: 
Woodward high school; Univ. of Cincin- 
nati; Miami Med. Coll., class 1895; Post 
Grad. Course. Vienna; Clinical work in 
N. Y. Hospitals. 1895-1896; 2 yrs. Clinical 
Asst. in London Royal Ophthalmic Hos- 
pital; member staff of Christ's Hospital, 
Cincinnati; connected with Dept. of Oph- 
thalmology of Univ. of Cincinnati. Socs. 
and clubs: Acad. of Med. of Cincinnati; 
Ohio State Med. Soc.; American Med. 
Assn.; Queen City Club; Univ. Club; Cin- 
cinnati Golf Club. Home address: Johns- 
ton PL, opp. Fairfield Ave. (Walnut Hills), 
Cincinnati, O. 

born, Richville, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1844; son 
of Rev. Gorham Cross and Sophia (Mur- 
dock) Cross; educated: Oberlin College; 
Union Theol. Seminary; Andover Theol. 
Seminary. College degrees: A. B. (1867); 
D. D. (1898); (Hon. York Coll., Neb., 1902). 
Married, Emma Asenath Bridgman, Aug. 
12, 1869 (died Sept. 11, 1910); 2nd, Martha 
Roena Hanchett, Oct. 21, 1913. Ordained 
Congl. ministry, 1869; Prin. Oberlin Coll. 
Academy, 1869-1874; pastor: Hamilton, N. 
Y.. 1874-1876; Colorado Springs, Col., 1876- 
1881; Third Ch.. Denver, 1881-1889; Fre- 
mont Av. Ch.. Minneapolis, Minn., 1S89- 
1893; York, Neb., 1893-1903; Eugene, Ore., 
1903-1904; S. Broadway Ch., Denver, Col., 
1904-1907; Ft. Collins, Colorado, 1908-10; 
Bethlehem Ch., Cleveland, O., Oct., 1910- 
1912; Twinsburg, O., 1912-17; Supt. Congl. 
Home Missions. Colorado, lSSo-6; dis- 
coverer "Cave of the Winds," Manitou, 
Colorado, 1880. Author: Home Duties, 
1886: Clear as Crystal, 1887; Crystals and 
Gold, 1903; My Children's Ancestors. 1913: 
Twinsburg Centennial, Genealogical 
sketches, 1917; number booklets, news- 
paper and magazine series on religious 
subjects. Socs. and clubs: Minn. Acad. 
Science. Home address: Twinsburg, O. 

GROSSER, ROBERT, Congressman; born, 
Holytown, Lanarkshire, Scotland, June 7, 
1874; son of James Grosser and Barbara 
Grosser; educated: Salineville, Ohio, pub- 
lic schools; Kenyon College, Gambier, O. 
(1897); Columbia Univ. (law department : 
Cincinnati Law School (1901). College 
degrees: A. B.; LL. B. Married, Isabella 
D. Hogg, April 18. 1906. Admitted to 
Ohio bar, June, 1901; entered practice law. 

Cleveland, O.. Sept., 1901 ; elected 

member House Rep. of Ohio 1911-1912. 
-Author: municipal initiative and referen- 
dum bill passed by the legislature in 1911: 
elected member 4th constitutional con- 
vention of Ohio, Columbus, O., Jan. 9, 
1!H2, which adjourned AUK. 2ii. 1912. serv- 
ing as chairman of the initiative .m<l ref- 
erendum committee, and was author ini- 



tiative and referendum amendment; 
elected to 63rd Congress from state at 
large, 1913-1.".; re-elected to 64th and >'>.~th 
Congresses from 21st Dist. of Ohio, 1914- 
1918. Democrat. Socs. and clubs: Phi 
Delta Phi Frat.; St. Andrews Scottish 
I '.' nevolent Soc. Home address: -Ml, 10. 

N:;M| SI., Clev.-land. O. 

GROUSE, GEORGE W., _ Manufacturer; 
born. Akron. (.).. Sept. 7. 1877; son of 
George W. Grouse ;uid .Martha (Parsons) 
Grouse; educated: Buehtel Acad.; A.n- 
dover; Yale. Married, Elizabeth Alden, 
Nov. 14. 1900. Pres. The Grouse Clay 
I 'i "duct Co.; Pres. Akron Chamber of 
Commerce, 1915-1916. Socs. and clubs: 
Akron City Club; Portage Country Club. 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Home ad- 
dress: Akron, O. 

CROW, FRENCH, Attorney; born, Marlon, 
O., May 24. 1876; son of Joseph E. Crow 
and l.ydia M. (French) Crow; educated: 
Marion High Sen;. Western Reserve Law 
Sen. Married. Lettie W. Smith, Nov. 20, 
1903. Attorney. Socs. and clubs: Marion 
Club; Marion Chamber of Commerce. 
Home address: Marion, O. 

CROW, GEORGE H. f Educator; born, Cot- 
1:1 ^eville, W. Va.. May 9. 1874; son of 
Charles Horton Crow and Mary Virginia 
(Hayman) Crow; educated: Syracuse Col- 
lege; Ohio Univ.; Rio Grande College. 
Married, Jessie May Middleswart. Aug. 
16, 1899. Mgr. of large dry goods store 
for W. A. Ellis at Montgomery, W. Va., 
2 yrs. ; has been a teacher in Meigs Co. 
Schs., IS yrs.; Supt. of Harrisonville and 
Rutland Schs.; taught 2 yrs. in "Summer 
Terms" at Rio Grande C9llege; taught 
nine independent Normals in Meigs Co.; 
now County Supt. of Schs., Meigs Co., O. 
Soos. and clubs: K. of P. Lodge; Masonic 
il'.lue. Council, Chapter and Commandery); 
Grange; Woodmen. M. E. Church. Of- 
fered a position with the Ohio Univ. for 
the spring term beginning May 1. 1916. 
Hume address: Pomeroy, O. 

CROW, PHIL M., Judge Court of Appeals, 
Third Ohio District. Term expire_1921. 
Home address: Kenton. O. 

man-Farmer; born, Wellsville, N. Y., Mar. 
4, 1872; son of Alonzo Crowner and Ann 
P. (Duke) Crowner; educated: Wellsville, 
N. Y., common and high schools; Ohio 
State Univ. College degrees: B. S. (Agri- 
culture). Married, Mary Ward, July 10, 
1895. Dairyman, Ohio Agricult. Experi- 
ment Station; instructor in dairying Ohio 
State Univ.; creamery manager; Pres. 
West Jefferson Creamery Co., Columbus. 

O.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: Columbus 

Rotary Club. First Church Christ, Scien- 
tist. Home address: R. F. D., Black Lick, 
< Hiio. 

born, Keighley, Yorkshire, Eng., Nov. 15, 
1864; daughter of John Crowther and Mary 
(Clay'* Crowther; educated: public schools, 
Enfield. Mass.; Mt. Holyoke Coll.. 1887; 
Univ. Chicago, 1899; Columbia Univ., 1906; 
Harvard Univ. and Univ. Wisconsin, sum- 
mer sessions. College degrees: Ph. B. ; 
M. A. Teacher, public schools. Enfleld, 
Mass., 1885-18*6: 1887-1S88; Western Coll.. 
Oxford. O.. 1888-1900: Mt. Holyoke Coll., 
1900-1905: high school. Glen Falls, N. Y., 
i'"it;-i907; Western Coll., Oxford, Ohio, 

1907 ; Tnst. History, Mt. Holyoke, 1900- 

1905; Inst. History. Western Coll.. 1888- 

1894; Prof. History, 1894-1900, 1907 ; 

recording secretary and curator, Ohio 

Valley Hist. Assn.. 1912 . Socs. and 

clubs: Am. Hist. Assn.; Am. Political 
Science Assn.; Miss. Valley & Ohio Valley 
Hist. As-sns. Congregationalist. Address: 

\\istern College. for 
Address: Smiths, Mass. 

, Oxford, O. 

CROZIER, ALFRED OWEN, Manufacturer; 
bum. Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 10, 1863; 
son of Rev. Owen R. L. Crozier and Maria 
I'. (Alger) Crozier; educated: Univ. of 
Michigan; Olivet College, Michigan. Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B. Married, Florence 
Weed. Sept., 1889. who died April 2, 1916. 
Practiced law and private banking busi- 
ness for 17 yrs. at Grand Rapids, Mich., 
retiring from practice in 1901; resided in 
Wilmington, Delaware, 8 yrs., and in Col- 
lege II ill, Cincinnati, O.. since 1909; in- 
terested in various business enterprises; 
"l.v-lnped and originated the Crozier Sys- 
tem and Machinery for making brick " of 
ordinary sloppy wet 'standard concrete; 
candidate on Progressive ticket for Con- 
gress, 2d Ohio Dist., in 1914, but was de- 
t'e.ited. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Ma- 
son; Knight Templar; Mystic Shriner; 
former Treas. of Natl. Conf. of Charities 
& Corrections, and former Pres. of Mer- 
chants' & Business Men's Assn. Authority 
and writer on international law, finance, 
monetary science and economics. Author 
of many books, among which is the novel 
"The Magnet." "U. S. Money vs. Corpor- 
ation Currency," "Nation of Nations," 
and "The Deliverance"; originated pres- 
ent movement for an Atlantic Coast In- 
land Waterway and the proposed Dela- 
ware Ship Canal. Home address: The 
Glenwood. College Hill. Cincinnati, O. 

CRUM, IRA H., Attorney; born, Norwich 
Twp., Franklin Co., O., Jan. 6. 1855; son 
of William A. Crum and Martha K. (Wal- 
ton) Crum; educated: country schools, 
Norwich Twp., Franklin Co., O.; Ohio 
Wes. Univ., Delaware. O. College de- 
grees: B. Sc. Married, May Sherwood, 
May :,. lsi. Studied law with Hon. Eli 
P. Evans. 1876-9; admitted to bar, April 
], 1899; engaged in practice law. Colum- 
bus, O.. 1899 -- : Asst. prosecuting attor- 
ney, Franklin Co.. O., 1SS9-1S92; Dir. law, 
city Columbus, April, 1899-April. 1901. 
Socs. and clubs: Mason. Congregation- 
alist. Home address: 1935 Indianola Ave., 
Columbus. O. 

ney; born, Havana, Huron Co., O., April 
15. 1882: son of Elihu Culbertson and Ida 
(Gregory) Culbertson; Grad. Milan (O.) 
high school; studied law in offices of King 
& Ramsey, Sandusky, O. ; LL. B.. Ohio 
State Univ.. 1905. Married, Flora Nell 
Paul. March 17. 1906. Entered into prac- 
tice law. Sandusky, O., 1905, with Judge 
Grayson Mills; in same year became edi- 
tor on staff Laning Law Book Co., Nor- 
walk. O.: law writer on staff of Lawyers' 
Co-operating Pub. Co., Rochester, N. Y., 
190S-1912; resumed practice, Loudonville, 
O., Jan. 1, 1912 -- ; mayor, Milan, Ohio, 
1907-8 (resigned). Author: Medical Men 
and the Law. Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Loudonville, O. 

CULKINS, WILLIAM C., Writer; born, 
Greenup Co., Ky., May 12, 1868; son of 
John Culkins and Elizabeth J. Culkins; 
educated: schools of Ironton. O. : Ironton 
high school. Married, Ida Nicholson, Feb., 
1897. Local editor. Daily Irontonian; re- 
moved to Cincinnati. O., in 1S91; local 
editorial work on Commercial Gazette and 
Tribune, Post. Enquirer. Times-Star; 
later New York correspondent Commercial 
Gazette and Boston Joui'nal; Washington 
correspondent Scripps-McRae League; 
legislative correspondent in Ohio f,or 15 
yrs.; Pres. Hyde Park Bldg. & Loan Co.; 
Dir. and Secy. Hotel Gibson Co.: was 
Mgr. of branch of Equitable Life Ins. Co.; 
later in 1911 Supt. and Secy, of Chamber 



of Commerce; auditor for city of Cincin- 
nati. 1906-7. Socs. and clubs: Hyde Park 
Lodge F. & A. M.; Columbia Lodge K. P.; 
Ironton Lodge I. O. O. F. ; Ivanhoe Coun- 
cil of Royal Arcanum; Business Men's 
Club; Federated Improvement Assn.; As- 
sociated Charities; City Club; Pen and 
Pencil Club; Commercial Assn.; Tax- 
payers' Assn.; Ohio Valley Historical 
Assn.; Ohio Valley Improvement Assn. 
-Home address: 3414 Montieth St.. Hyde 
Park. Cincinnati, O. 

CULLEN, JAMES K., Manufacturer; born, 
Cincinnati, O.. Feb. 18. 1853; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Cincinnati. Married, Addie 
Barnes, Nov. 27. 1879. Machinist with C. 
H. & D., 4 yrs.; with Big Four R. R.. 4 
yrs.. as foreman and draughtsman; fore- 
man and Supt. of Niles Tool Works, one 
of Hamilton's biggest plants; Mgr. of 
Western business of company and later 
Secy, of latter firm; now Pres. of Niles, 
Bement & Pond Co. Socs. and clubs: 
32d degree Mason. Attends Presbyterian 
Church. Is prominent in all public af- 
fairs. Has lent substantial assistance to 
all forward enterprises in Hamilton. Home 
address: New York City. 

Professor; born, on farm, Wayne Co. O., 
March 5, 1858; son of Michael Culler and 
Barbara Culler; educated: Univ. Wooster. 
College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; Ph. D. 
(1900). Married. Isabella Carnes, Woos- 
ter, O., 1887. Prin. high schools. Cam- 
bridge, O., 1884-5; Kenton. O., 1885-1900; 
Supt. schools, Kenton, O., 1900-1; Bowling 
Green. O.. 1901-3; Prof. Physics. Miami 

Univ.. Oxford, O., 1903 . Author: 1st, 

2nd and 3rd books of Physiology. 1904; 
first book of Physics, 1905; high 'school 
book of Physics. 1906; general Physics for 
Colleges. Mechanics and Heat, 1909, and 
Electricity. Electro-magnetic Waves and 
Sound, 1914; (12) monographs on Physics. 
Presbyterian. Republican. Home ad- 
dress: Oxford. O. 

neer and College Dean; born, Jacksonville, 
111.. March 2. 1884; son of Thomas Mc- 
Intyre Cullimore and Mary Pearce (Joy) 
Cullimore; educated: Belmont Sch., Bel- 
mont. Cal. ; Mass. Inst. of Technology, 
Boston. Mass. College degrees: B. S., in 
Civil Engineering. Married, Edith Van 
Alst, March 25, 1912. Asst. Engineer, city 
of St. Louis; IT. S. coa-st and geodetic 
survey recorder; engineer. Am. Bridge 
Co.; dean. College Industrial Science, To- 
ledo Univ. Socs. and clubs: Soc. for Pro- 
motion Engineering Education; Ohio Soc. 
Steam, Elec. and Mechanical Engineers. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 2111 Put- 
nam St.. Toledo. O. 

CULLITON, ANTHONY, Attorney; born, 
St. Marys. O.. Jan. 21. 1865; son of FranHs 
Culliton and Catherine (Anderson) Culli- 
tqn; educated: St. Marys public 'schools; 
Cincinnati Coll. Law. College degrees: 
LL. B. Married, Amy L. Swisher, May, 
1906. -Practicing attorney with office St. 

Marys, O., 1S91 ; appointed clerk of 

courts. Auglaize Co.. O. ; occasionally in- 
dulges in literary work, chiefly the writ- 
ing of poems, several of which have been 
published. Home address: 231 N. "Walnut 
St.. St. Marys. O. 

Merchant: born. Russellville. O., Aug. 27, 
1S42; son of James Culter and Sarah 
(Jackson) Culter; educated: Greenfield, O., 
Academy. Married. Elizabeth A. DeVoss, 
Dec. 2, 1861. Started work in a woolen 
factory at Greenfield. O.; later clerked at 
a drug store and dry goods store at Green- 
field; in 1864, settled in Chillicothe and 

worked in a dry goods store; in 1S69, 
started in the wholesale shoe business, in 
which business he still continues; was 
member of the Chillicothe Board of Edu- 
cation, the Chillicothe Board of Public 
Service, and is at present a member of 
the Chillicothe City Council. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic Order. First Presbyterian 
Church. Mr. Culter has for many years 
been actively identified with the city's 
official and business life. He is a member 
of the firm of Culter and Seip. wholesale 
shoe dealers and jobbers. Home address: 
70 West Fifth St.. Chillicothe. O. 

CULLY, HIRAM H., Educator; born. Dai- 
ton, O., June 3, 1S61; son of John Cully 
and Susan (Lichty) Cully; educated: 
country schools; Dalton high school; Mt. 
Union College. College degrees: A. B.. 
1887; A. M., 1890. Married. Ora M. Har- 
per. Dec. 31. 1891. Taught county schools, 
Wayne and Stark counties; Prin. Dalton, 
O., schools, 1887-1890; Prin. Burton. O., 
schools, 1890-1895; Supt. Glenville. O.. 
schools, 1895-1905; Prin. Glenville high 

school, 1905 , Glenville. O. Socs. and 

clubs: State and National Teachers' Assn.; 
Woodward Masonic Lodge, McKinley 
Chapter. Methodist. Home address: 496 
East 105th St.. Cleveland. O. 

ville, Pa., Dec. 10, 1S49; daughter of Gay- 
lord Church and Anna Bevan (Pearson > 
Church; educated: Meadville, Pa., and 
Riverdale. N. T. Married. Robert Irvin 
Cummin. June 15. 1SS1. Socs. and. clubs: 
Dayton City Club; Burroughs Club; T. W. 
C. A. (member of Board of Directors). 
Member of Episcopal Church. Home ad- 
dress: 902 Summers St., Dayton. O. 

Prof.; born, Pope Co., 111., Sept. 13. 1S74; 
son of Casper Cummins and Margaret 
Elizabeth (Dixon) Cummins; educated: 
rural schools, Illinois; Academy of Illinois 
Wesleyan Univ.. Bloomington, 111.; Illinois 
Wes. Univ.; Univ. of Illinois; Univ. 9f 
Washington; Teachers' College, Columbia 
Univ. College degrees: B. S. ; M. A., 
with Univ. Life Diploma. Commercial 
diploma, Valparaiso, Ind. Business Insti- 
tute; lumber inspector, bookkeeper, assist- 
ant manager for various large concerns, 
7 yrs.; Asst. in Biology, Illinois Wes. 
L'niv., 1906-7; Asst. in Physics, 1907-S; 
Grad. scholar, Univ. Illinois, 1909-10; Prof. 
Philosophy and Education, Dir. Educa- 
tional Clinic, Univ. Puget Sound. 1910-13; 
Prof. Theory and Practice Teaching. Ta- 
coma Summer Normal. 1912; Asst. Prof. 
Psychology, Univ. Wash. Summer Session, 
1913; Instr. in Psychology, 1913-14; Grad. 
research scholar, Teachers' Coll.. Colum- 
bia Univ., 1914-15; Prof. Education and 
Psychology, Extension Dept.. Bowling 

Green, Of, State Normal Coll.. 1915 ; 

pastor, supply, Methodist Episcopal Ch., 
Paducah. Ky.. 1902-5; Tremont. 111.. 1905: 
student pastor Hudson, 111.. 1905-8; To- 
wanda, 111., 1908-10; Dir. chapel choir, 111. 
Wes. Univ., 1909; Univ. Puget Sound, 
1911-12; Dir. Music. Epwnrth League 
Inst., Redondo Beach. Washington. 1912: 
TMr. Music. Epworth M. E. Church, 
Tacoma, Wash.,' 1912-13: student pastor, 
M. E. Church, Kingsland-Lyndhurst. X. 
J.. 1914-15. Socs. and clubs: Phi Delta 
Kappa: Nat. Soc. Study Ed.; Nat. 
Geographic Soc.; N. Y. Branch Am. Psy. 
Assn.: Northwest Ohio Teachers' Assn. 
member, Columbia River Conf., M. E. Ch. 
Independent. Home address: Bowling 
Green. O. 

Cunning), born. New Philadelphia. O., 
Aug. 7, 1S5S; daughter of John Disher 



and Martha (Rice) Parish Disher; edu- 
cated: public schools, New Philadelphia, 
O. M.irrieil. C. 10. Cunning', June 27. ' 
Teacher Philadelphia Union Sen.. 7 yrs. 
Socs. and clubs: Woman's Foreign Mis-. 
Soc.; Public Library Trustee Bd.; Union 
Hosp. Aux. Bd. ; Buckeye Club. Moravian. 
Home address: 334 North 6th St.. New 
Philadelphia, O. 

Merchant; born, Tiffin, O., Jan. 26. 1857; 
son of George W. Cunningham and Mary 
A. < Keller t Cunningham; educated: Tiffin 
public schools. Married. Minnie Belle 
Holt, July 7, 1SS1. President the Sneath- 

Cunning-ham Co., Tiffin, O., 1915 ; Pres. 

Tiffin Hnilding Assn. Co.; Pres. Tiffin 
Telephone Co.; Vice Pres. Tiffin Savings 
Bank; Dir. Commercial Nat. Bank; Secy. 
Tiffin Chamber Commerce a number yrs. 
Socs. and clubs: 33d degree Mason; 
Cleveland Athletic Club; Findlay Country 
Club. Home address: 244 South Monroe 
St., Tiffin, O. 

born. Jasper, O., April 28, 1SC2; son of 
James T. Cunningham and Annie E. (Clip- 
pinger) Cunningham; educated: Ada, O., 
public schools. Married, Anna L. Stone- 
hill. Dec. 25. 1SSS. Served as Dir. Liberty 
Bank, 1902-11; engaged in dry goods busi- 
ness. Ada. O.. a? member firm. J. T. Cun- 
ningham Company, 1885 . Socs. and 

clubs: Mason; K. T.; K. P. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Ada. O. 

tor; born, Afton, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1877; son 
of Rev. Robert Henry Cunningham and 
Virginia Ross (-Loy) Cunningham; edu- 
' cated: common schools; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. Sc. : M. Sc. Married, 
Edna Mumper, Oct. 30, 1907. Fellow, Ohio 
State Univ.. 1897-1898; Imstr. Ohio State 
Univ.. 1898-1899; Assoc. Editor Ohio Far- 
mer, Cleveland, O., 1899; Managing Editor, 

Ohio Farmer. 1910 ; member Bd. of 

Trustees. Ohio State Univ.; Vice Chmn. 
Committee on Agricultural Development, 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; Exec- 
utive Com.. Ohio Civil Service Assn. 
Socs. and clubs: Alpha Zeta and Phi 
Gamma Delta Coll. Frats.; Soc. of Sigma 
Xi (Hon.); Cleveland Athletic Club; 
Cleveland Yacht Club; Lakewood Tennis 
Club; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; 
Lakewood Chamber of Commerce; Cleve- 
land Council of Sociology; Ohio State Hor- 
ticultural Soc.; Ohio Dairymen's Assn., 
etc. Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 
dress: 1224 Belle Ave.. Lakewood, O. 

CURRIER, ALBERT H., Clergyman: born, 
Pkowhesran, Me., Nov. 15, 1839: son of 
Willis Currier and Mary (Weston) Cur- 
rier; educated: Bowdoin Coll. (A. B., 1857; 
A. M.. 1862); Grad. Andover Theol. Sem- 
inary, 1S62 (D. D.. Bowdoin, 1SS41. Mar- 
ried, Ellen A. Bartlett, Nov. 26, 1SS2. 
Ordained Congl. ministry, 1S62; pastor, 
Ashland, Mass., 1S62-5; Lynn, Mass., ISfiS- 
1881; Prof, homiletics and pastoral theol- 
ogy. is\i-i:ni7: Prof, emeritus. Oberlin 
Theol. Seminary, Sept., 1907 ; contrib- 
utor: Monday Club Sermons, Bibliothecn 
Sacra: author: The Life of Constans 
Goodell. D. D. 1SS7: Where is Charley? 
1905; The Present Day Problem of Crime, 
1911; Nine Gr- M Preachers, 1914: Bio- 
graphical and Literary Studies. Socs. and 
clubs: (Charter Member) Monday Club, 
Boston, 1875. Congregationalism " Home 
address: 105 Elm St.. Oberlin. O. 

CURTIN, CHARLES. Common Pleas Judge, 
Pickaway Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. 
Home address: Circleville. O. 

cian; born, Elyria, O., Dec. 20. 1S69; son 

'i' l>r. charleg F. Gushing and Mary 
(Hay ward i Cushing; educated: Elyria 
high school; Oberlin College; Western 
Reserve Univ.; Cleveland Coll. Physicians 
and Surgeons. Married, Josephine Fol- 
ger, Dec. 4, 1895. House surgeon, Huron 
Road Hospital, 1894; surgeon, New York 
Central. Lake Shore Electric Ry. Co., The 
Willys-Overland Co.; member Elyria Me- 
morial Hospital Staff; ex-Pres. Lorain 
Co. Med. Soc.; American Medical As-n.: 
County and State Socs.; Am. Assn. Ry. 
Surgeons; now engaged in practice as 
physician and surgeon since 1894. Elyria. 
O.; Dir. Elyria Savs. & Bank Co.: Savs. 
Deposit Bank & Trust Co. Socs. and 
clubs: Klyria Country Club; Busn 
Men's Club; Klyria Chamber of ' ' 
meree; Elyria Y. M. C. A. First Congre- 
gational Church. Home address: 34". 
St.. Elyria, O. 

CUSHING, HENRY P., Geologist: born, 
i 'leveland, ( )., Oft. io, 1 860; son <>r Hem y 
K. Cushing and Bessie M. (Willia 
Cushing; educated: Cleveland public- 
schools; Cornell Univ.; Univ. Munich 
(Germany). College degrees: Ph. B.; M. 
S. ; Ph. J ). Married. Florence E. Williams, 
June 3, 1886. Teacher Science, State Nor- 
mal School, Mankato, Minn.. 1885-1891; 
instructor Geology, Western Reserve 
Univ.. 1892-1893; Asst. Prof. Geology, 1893- 
1895; Prof. Geology. Western Reserve 

Univ., Cleveland. O.. 1905 ; Geologist, 

New York State Geological Survey, 

. Author: Geological Papers and 
Reports, chiefly pertaining- to geology of 
northern New York. Socs. and clubs: 
University Club; Alpha Delta Phi: Sigma 
Xi; Forest and Stream Club; New Y-ik 
Acad. Sciences; Nat. Inst. Social Sciences; 
Geol. Soc. of Am.; Am. Philos. Soc.: A. 
A. A. S. Home address: Western Reserve 
Univ.. Cleveland. O. 

GUSHING, WADE. Common Pleas Judge, 
Hamilton Co. Term expires Dec.. : 
Home address: Cincinnati. O. 

ney; born, Cleveland, O., Sept. 23. 1S~3: 
son of Henry Kirke. M. D.. and Betsey M. 
(Williams) Gushing; educated: Western 
Reserve (now Adelbert College i. 1875; 
Harvard Law School, 1S7S. College de- 
grees: A. B.; LL. B. Married, Carolyn 
J. Kellogg, June 4, 1SS4. Member law 
firm Cushing. Hopkins & Lamb: member 
Ohio State Bd. Commissioners on Uniform 
Laws, 1902-5; Trustee of Western Re- 
serve Univ.: Adelbert Coll.: Univ. Sen., 
Cleveland. Home address: Cleveland, O. 

born, Perrysville, O., May 31, IM;:;: so n 
of Robert F. Custer and Margaret (Baker) 
Custer; educated: Scio Coll.; Garret Bib- 
lical Sch.. Evanston. 111. College de- 
grees: A. M. ; B. D. ; D. D. Married, 
Mary Alice Jenkins, March 22, 1^3. 
Teacher, Harrison Co., 6 yrs.; pasttor: 
Methodist Churches. Cleveland. Youngs- 
town, Mai'tins Ferry, Akron, Bowling 
Green. Napoleon and Paulding, Ohio; pas- 
tor, St. Paul's Methodist Church. Dayton, 

O.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: K." P.; 

Modern Woodmen: Mason. Methodist. 
Home address: 75 Huffman Ave., Dayton. 

born. Princeville. 111.. Jan. 24. l.v.ii: son 
of Frank L. Cutler and Antonaiah (Ho.igt 
Cutler; educated: B. A.. Univ. Colorado, 
L900; Grad. 'Student. Yale. 1900-3. Ph. D., 
1903. Married. Carolena D. Sperry, June 
25. 1903. Instr. English and Civ. Gov., 
State Prepar. Sch. of Colorado, 1899-1900; 
Instr. Polit. Economy. Yale, 1903-4: Instr. 
Economics. Wellesley Coll.. 1904-6; Asst. 



Prof. Polit. Economy, Univ. Mich., 1906-7; 
Asso. Prof. Sociology, 1907-10; Prof. Sociol., 
Western Reserve Univ.. Cleveland, Ohio, 

1910 ; Dean of Sch. of Applied Social 

Sciences, Western Reserve Univ., 1916 . 

Author: Lynch Law. An Investigation 
Into the History of Lynching in the U. S., 
1905; contributor to reviews. Socs. and 
clubs: Am. Academy Polit. and Social 
Science; Am. Sociol. Soc. : Nat. Conf. 
Charities and Correction; Am. Assn. La- 
bor Legislation; Nat. Soc. Promoting In- 
dustrial Edn.; Am. Red Cross Soc.; 
Cleveland Chamber Commerce; New Eng- 
land Soc.; City Club; Univ. Club. Home 
address: 11311 Hessler Rd.. Cleveland, O. 


D'ALTON, JOHN C., Attorney; born, To- 
ledo, O., Dec. 6, 1883; son of Austin L. 
D' Alton and Agnes W. CDoherty) D' Alton; 
educated: Toledo public schools; Detroit 
Technical Institute; Detroit College Law. 
College degrees: LL. B. (Detroit College 
Law). Married. Bessie L. Greenfield, 
May 8, 1908. Newsboy; messenger boy, 
Am. Dist. Telegrah Co.; operator Wabash 
Ry. ; stenographer L. S. & M. S. R. R.; 
chief clerk, Cashier, L. S. & M. S. R. R., 
Wagon Wks., O.: Secv. to Gen. Traffic 
Mgr. D. T. I. Ry. : Secy. President D. 
T. I. Ry. ; court stenographer under C. 
E. Chittenden. R. Emery. B. F. Ritchie, 
Common Pleas Judges, Lucas Co., Ohio; 
prosecuting attorney, Lucas Co., Ohio, 

1915 . Socs. and clubs: Elks; Eagles; 

.Democratic Club; Nat. Union: Law Frat.; 
Delta Theta Phi. Home address: 319 
Collingwood Place. Toledo. O. 

sity President: born. Hampden-Sidney. 
Va.. June 19. 1S55; son of Robert L. Dab- 
nev and Lavinia (Morrison) Dabney; edu- 
cated: Hampden-Sidney Coll.; Univ. Vir- 
ginia; Gottingen Univ.: Yale 'Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., 1873: Ph. D.. 1880: 
LL. D.. 1SS9. Married. Mary Brent, Aug. 
24. 1SS1. Prof, chemistry, Emory and 
Henry Coll.. 1S77-S; studied Berlin and 
Gottingen. 1878-80: Prof, chemistry, Univ. 
N. Carolina. 1880-1; Dir. N. C. Agrl. Expt. 
Sta.. 1880-7; Prof. Agr. Chem. and Dir. 
Tenn. Expt. Sta.. 1887-1890; Pres. Univ. 
Tenn.. 1887-1904; Pres. Univ. Cincinnati, 

1904 ; state chemist. North Carolina, 

1880-7; Asst. Secy. U. S. Depart. Agr., 
1893-6; first to discover the phosphate de- 
posits in Eastern, and tin ore in Western 
N. C.. and to make them known to science 
and commerce; took prominent part in 
establishing an industrial school at Raleigh 
(now N. C. Coll. of Agr. and Mechanic 
Arts) ; Pres. summer school of South, 1902- 
1904; member Southern Education Board, 
1901; chief of department of government 
and stafs' exhibits, New Orleans Exposi- 
tion, 1883-4; chairman board managers of 
government exhibits. Atlanta Exposition, 
1897; member Jury Awards, Paris Exposi- 
f'on. 1900. Author: Reports of N. C. Agr. 
Experiment Station. 1880-7; Reports of 
Univ. of Tenn. Station, 1887-90; Old Col- 
lege and New. 1894: A National Denart- 
ment of Scrence. 1897: A Natio"^! Univ., 
1S97: Washington's Interest in Education, 
1900: History of Agricultural Education, 
1900: Agriculture and Education; Man In 
the Democracy. 1904: The Meaning of the 
Solid South. i909: Washington-Education- 
ist. 1911: The South Renationallzed by 
Education. 1911. Socs. and clubs: Fellow, 
A. A. A. S.: N. E. A.: Washington Acad. 
Sciences; Cosmos Club (Washington 1 ): 
University (Cincinnati); University (New 

York); Authors' Club (Lendon). Home 
address: Cincinnati. O. 

DAILEY, JAMES A., Insurance and Real 
Estate Man; born, Dunkirk, N. Y.. Feb. 
12, 1856; son of James Dailey and Hannah 
(Hallanan) Dailey; educated: parochial 
and commercial schools of Dunkirk, N. 1'. 
Married, Mary Toomey, Feb. 2. 1882. Came 
to Toledo in 1873 and engaged as assistant 
cashier for the Lake Shore R. R. (New 
York Central), for 20 yrs.; in 1895, elected 
State Secy, of the Catholic Knights of 
Ohio, served 4 yrs.; In 1905, elected Secy. 
of the Toledo Underwriters Board and 
continued as such until dissolution of 
Board; in 1910, appointed Supt of Cal- 
vary cemetery; since 1909. at the head of 
the James A. Dailey Co., insurance and 
real estate dealers. Socs. and clubs: 
Catholic Knights of Ohio; Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Roman Catholic Church. Home 
address: 424 Rockingham St., Toledo. O. 

DALE, BENJAMIN B., Attorney; born, 
Cincinnati. O., July 19, 1858; son of James 
Dale and Sarah E. Dale; educated: Wood- 
ward High Sch.; Cincinnati Law Sch., 
1881. College degrees: LL. B. Married. 
Anna M. Harvey. April 22, 1886. Former 
director and attorney for American Natl. 
Bank; Treas. and attorney for William 
"Woodward Funds Property; on board of 
directors for many corporations: identi- 
fied with real estate business; Delegate 
to political conventions. Socs. and clubs: 
Odd Fellows; Business Men's Club; Queen 
City Club: Cincinnati Golf Club. Avon- 
dale Methodist Episcopal Church. Home 
address: 2925 Vernon Place, Mt. Auburn, 
Cincinnati, O. 

born, Sept. 1, 1873. Cincinnati. 6.; son 
of James Dale and Sarah Eliza (Baugh- 
man) Dale; educated: Cincinnati public 
schools; Woodward high school; Miami 
Med. Coll.. Cincinnati. O. College de- 
grees: M. D. Married, Edith Barnes, Aug. 
6, 1902. Resident physician, Cincinnati 
General Hospital; member medical staff. 
Miami Valley Hosp.. Dayton, O. ; engaged 
in practice medicine. Dayton and Cincin- 
nati. O. Socs. and clubs: Montgomery 
Co. Medical Soc.: Ohio State Med. Assn.; 
Am. Medical Assn. Home address: (res- 
idence) 931 Ferndale Ave.; Office: 753 Rei- 
holrl Bldg.. Dayton. O. 

DAMAN. THEO., Attorney-Banker: born, 
Montra. O.. Oct. 25. 1872; so n of Louis 
Daman and Anna (Schnoor) Daman; edu- 
cated: Capital Univ.. Columbus, O.; Ohio 
Northern Univ.. Ada. O. Married, Nellie 
Brown. Feb. 14. 1906. Attorney. Pro- 
bate Judge. 1916-13; Pres. The Napoleon 

State Bank. 1913 ; was admitted to 

bar in Dec. 1895. Lutheran Church. 
Home address: Napoleon. O. 

DANA, E. O., Wholesaler: born, Van Horns- 
ville, N. Y., Feb. 22. 1861; son of Stephen 
Frink Dana and Fannie A. Dana: edu- 
cated: Kanawha Co., W. Va.. public 
schools; Cincinnati high schools. Mar- 
ried, Annie H. Loury, Feb. S. 1888. Be- 
gan business in a subordinate position 
with Campbell Creek Coal Co. at age of 
IS, gradually making his way to vice 
presidencv of same, which position he 
now holds: served in several branches of 
military service, 16 yrs. in Ohio: Lieut. 
Col. of 10th Ohio Infantry, Spanish-Amer- 
ican War. Socs. and clubs: Naval and 
Military Order of Spanish-American War: 
Cincinnati Business Men's Club; Chamber 
of Commerce: Hamilton Co. Golf Club. 
Home address: 3762 Reading Rd. (Avon- 
dale), Cincinnati. O. 

born, Middleport, N. Y.. age 41 yrs.; 



of William Henry Dana and Emma (Tut- 
tle) Dana; educated: Warren Pub. Schs. 
Dana's Musical Inst., Warren, O. ; pupil 
of Jacob Schmitt. Chevalier Anton De- 
Kontski, Court Pianist to the German 
Emporer, William H. Sherwood. Robert 
Go!dl>-i-k. Degrees: Musical Bachelor; 
Associate in the Art of Music: Fel- 
low in the Art of Music. \Yriter of 
songs, orchestral pieces, cantatas and one 
opera, one oratorio. Pres. of the Ohio 
Music Teachers' Assn.. 1913-1915; Pres. 
IKI'S Musical Inst., Warren, O., Direct- 
or, ]ii:mist, organist and accompanist; 
traveled as piano soloist and accompanist 
with some of the greatest artists; Critic 
and Lecturer on Musical Subjects; one 
of the pioneers in the Standardization of 
Music Teaching; Dean of Musical Com- 
position, McKinley Memorial Assn.; for 15 
yrs identified with the musical life of 
Chautauqua Instn., Chautauqua, N. Y. 
Hume address: Warren. O. 
DAN FORD, M. E., Manufacturer; born, 
Bishopville, O., March 20, 1878; son of 
Rev. Thomas J. Danford and Ida A. 
Powell) Danford; educated: Fairfield Union 
Academy; Ohio Univ.; Ohio Wes. Univ. 
College degrees: B. S., O. W. U. (1902). 
Married. Mary M. Rice, June 16. 1903. 
l'i 'sident Northeastern Ohio Normal Col- 
lege, 1902-3 ; Asst. SuptL Open Hearth 
Carnegie Steel Co.. 1903-8; Asst. Supt. 
Open Hearth-Am. Steel & Wire Co., 1909- 
1"; Supt Open Hearth-Am. Rolling Mill 
Co.. 1910-12; Asst. Gen. Supt. Open 
Hearth-Am. Rolling Mill Co.. 1912-16; 

Gen. Supt. Am. Rolling Mill Co., 1917 . 

Socs. and clubs: Sigma Chi Frat.; Day- 
ton Consistory, 32d degree Scottish Rite 
Mason; Mem. Antioch Temple Mystic 
Shrine. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: The Highlands, Middletown, O. 

Grocer, President of the Dannemiller 
Grocery Company, Canton, Ohio; born. 
Canton. Ohio. April 27. 1846; son of 
Benedict Dannemiller and Barbara 
(Scheiber) Dannemiller; educated: Can- 
ton. Ohio. public school's. Married, 
Julia M. Thierrj r . February 19, 1873. 
Member of the firm of B. Dannemiller & 
Sons, engaged in wholesale grain business 
in Canton. O.. from 1865 to 1869; in 1869, 
entered the wholesale grocery business, 
B. Dannemiller & Sons, having bought 
out Kimball Bros., wholesale grocers; con- 
tinued same up to 1902 when the company 
was reorganized and incorporated under 
the name of The Dannemiller Grocery Co. 
POPS, and clubs: Member Canton Club; 
Elks Club; Lakeside Country Club; Con- 
gress Lake Club. Home address: 634 
Market Ave.. N.. Canton. O. 

born, Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y.. Dec. 10, 
1859; son of Ezekiel Daniels and Emily 
(Bates) Daniels; educated: Pub. Schs.; 
Acad. at Owego, N. Y. ; Bexley Hall, Gam- 
bier, O. Unmarried. Librarian for 2 
yrs.; teacher and tutor (with some jour- 
nalistic work) until 1899; rector of St. 

Albans Ch., Toledo. O., 1902 ; Secy. 

Toledo Kenvon Assn., 1904 : Pres. 

Musi, il Art Soe. of Toledo; Musical 
Critic of the Toledo Blade. Episcopalian. 
Home address: 260 Linden PI. Toledo, 

DANZIGER, HENRY, Editor; born. Trano- 
witz, Prussia, Feb. 7, 1852; son of Igna- 
tius Danziger and Charlotte Danziger; 
educated: in Germany; Cincinnati Law 
School (LL, B., 1883). Married. Mrs Rosa 
Lutz. 1906. Admitted to bar. 1883: editor 

in chief. Cincinnati Volksblatt. 1887 . 

Home address: 2853 Pine Grove. Hyde 
Park. Cincinnati. O. 

Lumber Dealer; born. Wheeling. W. Ya., 
May r,. 1^73; son of Robert Fulton Darling 
and Elizabeth (Reeder) Darling; changed 
residence to Ironton, O., with parents, in 
1-S4. Finished education in 1891 and en- 
tered employ of Nicola Bros. Lumber Co., 
of Pittsburg. Pa.; 1893. became manager 
of their interests in Southeastern Ken- 
tucky; 1896. in sales department; 1S9S, 
manager their Western business, offices 
in Cincinnati, elected director in company; 
1901. began business in Cincinnati as J. 
W. Darling Lumber Co.. he being owner; 
inns, also purchased Wilhelm Lumber Co., 
Wilhelm. La. Married. Florence Taylor 
Smith, of Buffalo, N. Y., April 17. 1901. 
Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason. Cin- 
cinnati Consistory; Knight Templar. Cin- 
cinnati Commandery; Business Men's 
<'lub; Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce; 
I >i rector of Southern Cypress Mfrs. Assn. 
Home address: 2219 Cameron Ave. (Nor- 
wood). Cincinnati. O. 

trical Engineering; born, New Britain, 
Conn.. July 15. 1869; son of Henry Mason 
Dates and Sarah E. (Baldwin) Dates; 
educated: public schools, New Britain, 
Conn.; Mass. Institute Technology, Bos- 
ton. College degrees: B. S.; Hon. E. E. 
Married. Harriet Burt Haskell. Dec. 29, 
1896. Engineer, Westinghouse Elec. & 
Mfg. Co.. 1894-1896; Prof. Phyteics and 
Elec. Eng., Clarkson School Technology, 
Potsdam, N. Y., 1S96-1903; dean College 
Eng. & Prof. Elec. Eng.. Univ. Colorado, 
Boulder. Colo.. 1903-1905: Prof. Elec. Eng., 
Case School Applied Science. Cleveland, 

O., 1905- . Socs. and clubs: American 

Inst. Elect. Engineers; Illuminating En- 
gineering Soc.; Ohio Electric Light Assn.; 
Am. Electric Ry. Assn. ; Soc. Promotion 
Engineering Education; Cleveland Cham- 
ber Commerce; Univ. Club; Elec. League; 
Jovian Order; Cleveland Eng. Soc. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 3071 Euclid 
Heights. Boulevard, Cleveland. O. 

DAUGHERTY, HARRY M.. Attorney; born. 
Washington C. H., O v Jan. 2. I860; son 
of John H. Daugherty and Jane A. (Dra- 
per) Daugherty; educated: Washington 
C. H. high school; Law Dept., University 
of Michigan. College degrees: B. B. L. 
Married, Sept. 3, 1884. Practiced law at 
Washington C. H., O.. until 1S93; en- 
gaged in practice at Columbus. O., 1893; 
organized firm, Daugherty, Todd & Rarey. 
Columbus. O.. in 1908; member General 
Asspmbly. Fayette Co.. Ohio. 1SSS-1S93; 
Chairman two terms Rep. State Cen. 
Comm.: Chairman Rep. State Executive 
Committee. 1898 and 1912; Delegate Rep. 
National Convention. 1904. 1908 and 1912; 
Mem. Committee on Credentials Rep. Nat 
Convention. 1908; 1912. chairman Ohio 
Taft Delegation. Socs. and clubs: Ohio 
Soc. of New York; Columbus Club; Ath- 
letic Club: Scioto Country Club; Arling- 
ton Country Club. Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Home address: Columbus, O. 

DAVIDSON, CHARLES C., Educator-Bank- 
er; born, Mt. Ephraim. Noble Co., *O., Feb. 
24, 1843; son of Joseph Davidson and Jane 
(Cooper) Davidson; educated: Ohio Univ., 
Athens. O. College degrees. A. M.; B. S. 
Married, Mary M. Patterson, Oct. 13. 1S75. 
Teacher, rural schools, 1S63-1874; Supt. 

village schools, 1874 ; Supt. Alliance, 

O., public school, 1S85-1S92; Dir. Peoples' 
Bank, Alliance. O.; (one of founders) 
First Nat. Bank, Alliance, O.. and served 
as Vice Pres. of same; Secy, and Mgr. 
Alliance Bldg. Co.. 1916; has served 
as state, county and city school exam- 
iner; Mem. Bd. Trustees. Ohio Univ.; 
Pres. Bd. Education, Alliance, O., 1916 ; 



Mem. city council. Alliance, O. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Salem Commandery, K. T., 
Salem. O. Democrat. Methodist Episco- 
pal. Home address: 59 West Ely St., 
Alliance. O. 

born, London, England, March 18, 1867; 
son of James Davies and Ellen (Davies) 
Davies; educated: The Western Grammar 
School and King's College School, Lon- 
don, England; The Owens College, Man- 
chester, Eng.; University College, Lon- 
don, Eng. ; Tale Univ.; The Starling, O., 
Med. Coll. College degrees: B. D.; Ph. D. 
Married, Emily Adeline Hill, Dec. 2S, 
1892. Congregational Minister. 1892-1900; 
Univ. Prof., The Ohio State University, 

1900 . Socs. and clubs: American 

Psychological Assn.; A. A. A. S.; The 
Am. Assn. of Univ. Profs. Congregation- 
al Ch. Contributor to The Philosoph- 
ical Review,. The Psychological Review, 
The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology 
and Scientific Methods, The International 
Journal of Ethics. Author of "The Moral 
Life" and "A Text-Book of Logic." Home 
address: 95 E. Woodruff Ave., Columbus, 

Professor; born. N. Salem. Ind.. June 15, 
1867; son of Smith Russell Davis and 
Jennie (Brown) Davis; educated: Butler 
Coll.. Ind.: Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of 
Calif. College degrees: S. B., 1890; M. 
S., 1892; Ph. D.. 1906. Married. Emma 
Johnson, Aug. 1, 1912. Acting Prof, of 
chemistry, Butler Coll., 1892; Prof, biol- 
ogy. Whittier Coll., Calif.. 1893-5; Butler 
Coil.. 1895-7': Los Angeles State Normal 
Sch., 1897-1903: resident naturalist, Scripps 
Biol. Sta.. Univ. of Calif.. San Diego, 
1904: Prof, biology, Chico State Normal 
Sch.. Calif., 1905-7; Prof, agricultural 
education. Miami Univ., Oxford. O., 
1907 ; special collaborator U. S. Bu- 
reau of Ed.. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: 

N. E. A.; Natl. Soc. for Study of Edn. ; 
Fellow. Amer. Assoc. for Adv. of Science; 
Am. Nature Study Soc.; Phi Delta Theta; 
Sigma Xi. Member Disciples of Christ. 
Progressive Republican. Author: Agri- 
cultural Education in the Public Schools, 
1912; Text-Books and other Contr on Ednl. 
and Scientific tonics. Home address: Ox- 
ford, O. 

DAVIES, JOHN LEWIS, Clergyman; born, 
Aberaman. Glamorganshire. South Wales, 
G. B.. March 16. 1S4S; son of Evan Davies 
and Mary (Push) Davies: educated: Gal- 
lia Acad.; Ewington Acad.; Marietta Coll.: 
Lane Theol. Sem. College degrees: A. B. 
and M. A.. Marietta Coll. Married. Jen- 
nie Jenkins. March 21. 1S76. Teacher in 
preparatory department of Marietta Coll., 
1872-1874: pastor at Shandon, O., 5M- yrs.: 
Youngstown. O.. 10 yrs.; organized Ply- 
mouth Church. Plymouth, O.. 18R2; pastor 
in Scranton. Pa.. 14 mos. ; pastor We-t 
Congreeational Church of Akron. O.. 12 
yrs.: Congl. Church of Columbus, O., 6 
yrs.; pastor First Congl. Church of Marys- 

ville. O.. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: Phi 

Beta Kappa Soc., Marietta Chapter. En- 
listed in Co. D. 179 O. V. I., in August. 
1*64: discharged in June, 1865. on account 
of close of war. at Camp Chase, O. Home 
address: Congregational Parsonage, 

Marysville, Ohio. 

Clergyman; born, Llangybi, Cardiganshire, 
South Wales; son of David Davies and 
Mary (Thomas) Davies; educated: com- 
mon schools, native village; Ohio Wes. 
Univ. (1868-1872). B. A.; Drew Theological 
Sem. (1872-1874). B. D. ; Univ. Halle, 
Prussia (1874-1877), M. A. and Ph. D.; 

Faculte Libre, Lausanne. Switzerland; 
Sorbonne, Paris (1877-1878). Married, 
Mary Chase, Auburn. Maine, Dec. 25, 187S; 
2nd, Madeline Sharp, June 27, 1911. Or- 
dained M. E. ministry, 1879; pastor. New 
Dover, O., 1878-1879; editor Critical notes 
in S'. S. Teachers' Journal. 1895-1897; 
editor department Archaeology-Biblical 

Research Methodist Review. 1894 . 

Published: "The Codes of Hammurabi & 
Moses," 1905; "The Universal Bible Ency- 
clopedia." 1903; contributor: International 
Standard Encyclopedia: Meth. Review, re- 
ligious journals. Socs. and clubs: Phi 
Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Author's 
Club. London. Eng. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: Delaware, O.. Washington 
C. H., O. 

DAVIS, BERT ELISHA, Banker; born, De- 
fiance, O., May 4, 1888; son of Abraham 
B. Davis and Katherine (Tremain) Da- 
vis; educated: Pub. Schs. of Defiance. 
Unmarried. Elected Treas. of Defiance 
Twp., the first Republican to be elected 
to the position in the township; elected 
Treas. of the city of Defiance, 1915, the 
first Republican to fill that position; Asst. 
Cashier Merchants Natl. Bank; Secy. 
Farmers Savings & Loan Assn. Socs. and 
clubs: Defiance Commandery Knights 
Templar; B. P. O. E.: Yvetot Club. Re- 
publican. Home address: 618 Washing- 
ton Ave.. Defiance. O. 

DAVIS, EDWIN LEWIS, Clergyman; born, 
near Sidney, O., Oct. 6, 1869; son of Wil- 
liam P. Davis and Magdelene (Heintz) 
Davis; educated: Wyoming Seminary, 
Kingston, Pa.; Ohio Wes. Univ..' Dela- 
ware, O. Married, Nora Scott. March 20, 
1898. Pastor, M. E. Church. Bradford, 
O.. 1896-1898; West Liberty, O., 1898-1901; 
Kalida, O., 1902-1905; McComb. O.. 1905- 
1907; De Graff, O., 1907-1911; Leipsic. O., 
1911-14; Wayne Ave. M. E. Church. Cin- 
cinnati, O., 1914 . Socs. and clubs: 

32d degree Mason. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: 131 Wayne Ave., Cincinnati. O. 

DAVIS, ELMER E., Attorney; born. New 
Straitsville, Perry Co.. O., Oct. 31. 1868: 
son of Robert Davis and Alcinda (Thorpe) 
Davis; educated: Pub. and High Schs. of 
New Straitsville. O. ; Univ. of Michigan. 
College 'degrees: LL. B.. 1891. Married, 
Grace L. Richards. 1904. Admitted to 
the Ohio bar in 1891 and came to Toledo 
in same year; practiced 2 yrs. in the office 
of Clayton Everett; now practicing alone; 
served one term in the City Council. Socs. 
and clubs: Mason; Knight Templar and 
Mem. of the Shrine; Mem. Lucas County 
Bar Assn. Home address: 2425 Scott- 
wood Ave., Toledo. O. 

DAVISON, JOHN, College Prof.; born, West 
Newton, O., July 22. 1858; son of Amaziah 
Da\ison and Eliza J. (Nye) Davison; 
educated: public schools. West Newton, 
elementary and high: Ohio North. Univ. 
College degrees: B. S.; B. L.; M. S.: M. 
L.: Dr. Fed. (1913). Married, Clara E. 
Hay, March 24. 1886. Supt. schools, Elida. 
O., 1SS3-1S92; Prin. Harrod High School, 
1893-1897: dean Normal Depart.. Lima 
Coll., 1897-1900; Prof. Eng. & Am. Lit. 
Ohio North. Univ., 1900-1905: Supt. pub- 
lic schools, Lima, O., 1905-1915: Vice 
Pres. Ohio Northern Univ. and dean of 
the College of Education, Ada, O., 1915 
member Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Nat. Ed. 
Assn. of U. S. ; tax assessor. 1896-1897; 
deputy inspector oils. 1897-1900; member 
Lama Bd. Teachers' Examiners, 1905-1915; 
Pres. Northwestern Ohio Teachers' Assn., 
1915. Socs. and clubs: Philo. Soc.: Lima 
Philo. Soc.; Allen Co. Hist. Assn. Mr. 
Davison is known as the man who built 
up % Lima schools; introduced commercial 



courses; manual training; domestic art; 
d.iMiesiic science; increased enrollment in 
high school from 330 to 860. Trinity M. 
B. Church. Home address: Ada, O. 

DAVIS, JOHN MERRILL, Educator; born, 
Harrisonville, O., Nov. 16, 1*46; son of 
William Davis and Samantha (Chase) 
Davis; educated: Ohio Univ.; Univ. ^of 
Wooster. College degrees: A. B.. is;?,; 
Ph D 1886; D. D., 1896. Married. Jane 
Elliott Boyd, June 22, 187!6. Taught in 
Ohio Univ., 1872-4; in Ridgeville Coil., 
Ind., 1874-8; in Rio Grande Coll., 1879 
Pres., 1887-1911; Prof. Psychology and 

ethics, 1911 ; member Conf. Bd. Free 

Bapt. Oh., 1892-5; delegate Inter-Church 
Conf., X' \v York, 1905; Federal Council 
of Churches of Christ in America, Phila- 
delphia, 1908. also at St. Louis in 1916; 
Nat Kivers and Harbors Congress. Wash- 
ington, 1908; Pres. Ohio Free Baptist 
Si n,- Assn., 1906-1907. Socs. and clubs: 
Grand Army of the Republic; Sons of 
the American Revolution. Baptist Church. 
Republican. Author of "Striving for 
Masteries," 1910, and "Isocrates to De- 
monicus," 1916. Home address: Rio 
Grande, O. 

DAVIS, HARRY LYMAN, Mayor of Cleve- 
land; born, Cleveland, O.. Jan. 25, 1878; 
son of Evan H. and Barbara Davis; 
educated: in the Cleveland public schools 
and night business college. Married, 
Lucy V. Fegan on July Ifi, 1902. First 
employment at the age of 13 in the roll- 
ing mills of Newburgh; next with a sur- 
vey party of the Cleveland Park Board; 
Solicitor for the Bell Telephone Company; 
Vice Pres. and Gen. Mgr. of the Davis 
Telephone Adjustment Company; Treas. 
of the City of Cleveland in 1910 and 1911; 
National organizer of the Loyal Order 
of Moose, 1912; connected with Davis & 
Farley, general insurance. 1913 to 1915; 
Mayor of Cleveland, Jan. 1, 1916 
Socs. and clubs: Cleveland Athletic Club; 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce: Cleve- 
land Advertising Club; Cleveland Auto- 
mobile Club: Electrical League of Cleve- 
land; Iris Masonic Lodge; Baker Chapter 
of Masons; Oriental Commandery of Ma- 
sons; Standard Lodge of Knights of Py- 
thias; Woodmen of the World; B. P. O. 
Elks; the Eagles; the Moose; Young Men's 
Business Club; South End Chamber of 
Enterprise. Affiliated with the Trinity 
Baptist Church. Home address: 4167 East 
97th St.. Cleveland. O. 

born, Youngstown, O.. Dec. 31. 1867: son 
of Thomas A. Davis and Hannah (Sam- 
uels) Davis; educated: Girard, O., public 
schools; Spencerian Business Coll., Cleve- 
land. O. Married, Grace B. Snyder, Feb. 
12. 1912. Upon leaving school entered 
emplov Union Iron and Steel Co., Girard, 
O. ; left steel works to enter business col- 
lege; entered employ Hartzell Bros., 
1'iirard. and Youngstown, O.. as book- 
keeper, 1S!>5: removed to Warren. O.. em- 
ployed as clothing salesman. 1SD5-1900; 
engaged in clothing business. Warren. O., 
L's .Mi in St., 1900 : Dir. Peoples' Sav- 
ings Co. Socs. and clubs: Mason; K. T.; 
K. P. ; I. O. O. F. : Elk: Westminster Men's 
Club (Secy same): St. David's Soc. 
(Youngstown, O.): Wnrren Board Trade. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Woodbine 
Ave.. Warren, O. 

DAVIS, OLIVER E., Attorney: born. Ros- 
seau, Morgan Co., O., July 2S. 1S62: son 
of (Dr.) James Davis and Frances E. 
(Ward) Davis; educated: Ada, O. Mar- 
ried. Sarah E. Davis, Sept. 1 i, 1^4. 
Reared on farm; learned trade of carpen- 
ter and became contractor and builder; 

taught school, 9 yrs.; admitted to bar in 
1892; mayor <>( Athens, O., 2 terms, com- 
mencing April, 1895. Soes. and clubs: K. 
of P.; Salesmanship Club of Columbus, 
O. Home address: 2141 W. Broad St., 
Columbus, O. 

DAVIS, THOMAS KIRBY, Clergyman; born, 
Chambersburg, Pa., Feb. 11, is-jc; s<.n i 
William Stewart Davis and Joanna 
(Kirby) Davis; educated: Chambersburg 
Acad.; Grad. Yale Coll., 1M.~: Theol. Sem., 
Princeton, 1846-1869; Pennsylvania Coll. 
and Parsons Coll.. 1880. College degrees: 
A. B., 1845; A. M., 1*4S; D. D., 1880. Mar- 
ried, Mary Hays 1'iwtur, Aug. 14, lv',1. 
Presbyterian pastorates: Bedford, Pa.; 
Middletown, Pa.; Mansfield, O. ; Hay-s- 
ville O.; while Prof, of Langs, in Ver- 
milion Inst., Westminster Ch., Wooster, 
O.; while in California, served the First 
Church of San Francisco; First Church 
of Los Angeles; and First Church of 
Stockton; Home Missionary in Califor- 
nia in 1855-57; one of three Protestant 
ministers in the southern half of Califor- 
nia; minister for longer or shorter periods 
of eight different Presby. Churches In 
N. Central Ohio, while Librarian of Woos- 
ter Univ.; Trustee of Vermilion Inst., and 
was Secy, of the Board for many years; 
Fiscal Secy, of Wooster Univ.. 1S71-1875; 
Trustee of the Univ., 1S76-1S99; Secy, of 
the Board, 1S7S-190S; Librarian of the 
Univ., 1S77-1904. Socs. and clubs: Alpha 
Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Charter M.-m. 
of the Century Club of Wooster, O.; Natl. 
Geographic Soc. In Los Angeles, Calif., 
his church numbered 12 members; now 
there are in that city thirty-two ehur 
of this branch alone; one of them has 
more than I'. ".On members. At Yale, "'as 
elected class orator. Was elected tutor 
by the Faculty of Yale, but declined office. 
In his S9th year published "Mind and 
Spirit, a Study in Psychology," 1914. 
Has written for the newspaper press and 
for Review during all his ministerial life. 
Home address: 810 Beall Ave., Wooster, 

DAVIS, WALTER OLIVER, Educator: born, 
Atherton, O., April 16, 1SS9; son of John 
Franklin Davis and Elizabeth Mary 
(Swartz) Davis; educated: Jacksontown 
High Sch.; Doane Acad., Granville, Ohio; 
attended Denison Univ.. and finished 
college work at Ohio State Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B. Married, Mary Anita 
Thei'ss, July 27, 1915. Prin. of High Sch. 
of Columbiana, 1912-1913; elected Supt. of 
Schs., 1913. and has served in that ca- 
pacity until the present: member of Offi- 
cial Bd. of M. E. Church: Pres. Xorth 
Columbiana County Athletic Assn. Socs. 
and clubs: Allen Lodge. No. 276. F. X- A. 
M. : Mem. N. E. A. of Ohio School Teach- 
ers; Mahoning Valley Schoolmasters' Club; 
Columbiana County Schoolmasters' Club. 
M. E. Church, Columbiana, O. Home ad- 
dress: Columbiana, O. 

DAWES, BEMAN GATES, ex-Congress- 
man: born. Marietta. O., l^7n; son of G^n. 
Rufus R. Dawes and Mary Beman <Ga;>-i 
Dawes; educated: Marietta Academy and 
(Villfne. lss<;-7. [Married. IVtie Burr, Oct. 
3 1S94. Pres. of The Ohio Cities Gas Co.; 
Mem. r,9th and 60th Congresses, 1905-irmi, 
15th Ohio District. Presbyterian Church. 
Republican Home address: S40 East 
Broad Si , Columbus, O. 

DAVY, JACOB ALVIN, Attorney; born, 
Delaware, Co.. O.; son of Henry Dorsey 
Davy and Catharine ( Bosthechter) Davy; 
educated: Troy. O. College degrees: B. 
T.. Married, Gertrude E. Mitchell, Feb. 
6, iSSfi. Engaged in practice law. Troy, 



O. Baptist. Home address: 6 South Plum 
St.. Troy. O. 

DAY, ROBERT H.. Common Pleas Judge, 

Stark County. Term expires April, 1917. 
Home address: Canton. O. 
DAY, JAMES H., Attorney; born, Feb. 10, 
1840; son of Ezekiel P. Day fnd Margaret 
(Barr) Day; educated: common schools, 
Hancock County and Van Wert, O. Mar- 
ried, Frances O. Small, June 10, 1863. 
Practiced law 10 yrs. ; common pleas 
judge; then resumed on circuit court 
bench; practice of law, Celina, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Celina Lodge, No. 241, 
F. & A. M. ; Chapter, No. 120, R. A. M. 
Methodist-Episcopal. Home address: 
Sugar & Fulton Sts., Celina, O. 

DEACON, WILLIAM B., Banker; born, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.. July 4. 1853; 'son of Thomas 
Deacon and Anna Mariah Deacon; edu- 
cated: Zanesville Pub. Schs. Married, 
Julia M. Vandegrift, Dec. 30, 1S74. Founded 
Deacon Market about 1876; Pres. and Dir. 
Deacon Co.; Dir. Dean Undertaking Co.; 
Vice Pres. and Cashier Security Trust & 
Savings Co., 1903-10; Cashier The State- 
Security Bank; 1910 ; member City 

Council, 1900-1903; Mayor of Zanesville, 
1903-1909. Socs. and clubs: Masons; Odd 
Fellows. Methodist Episcopal Ch. Re- 
publican. Home address: 321 Luck Ave., 
Zanesville. O. 

DEAN, BAILEY SUTTON, Retired Educa- 
tor-Clergyman; born, Canfield, Mahoning 
Co., O. ; son of Orsemus Dean and Rhoda 
(Hayden) Dean; educated: country schools; 
Mahoning Academy; Hiram College; 
Bethany College; Harvard Summer Sch. 
College degrees: B. A.; M. A. Married, 
Emma L. Johnson, June 14, 1869. Teacher, 
country schools, Ohio and Wisconsin; 
tutor, Hiram and Bethany Colls. ; Prin. 
Burton Central High Sch. 1869-70; pastor, 
Church Christ, East Smithfleld, Pa., 1870- 
IsTx; pastor. Church Bellaire, O., 1878-82; 
Hiram O., 1SS2-SS; Vice Pres. Hiram Coll., 
1SS2-S3; instructor Hiram Coll., 1883-88; 
Prof. history. Hiram Coll., 1SSS-1916; 
traveled in Europe, 1906; served as clerk 
Water Works Board; member City Coun- 
cil; clerk Bd. Health, 1915 . Socs. and 

clubs: Am. Hist. Assn.; (Pres.) Board of 
Church of Christ (Disciples), 20 yrs. 
Home address: West Campus St., Hiram, 

Insurance Agent; born, Chambersburg, 
Pa.. Nov. 26. 1S29; son of John Jacob 
Nicholas Deatrick and Elizabeth (Boyer) 
Deatrick; educated: Harrisburg Schools. 
Married, Nancy Taylor, Dec. 28, 1853; died, 
Feb. 4, 1888; 2nd, Marian S. Strong, 1895. 
Settled at Defiance in 1853 and estab- 
lished a woolen mill; admitted to bar; in 
1856. accepted an agency of an insurance 
company and with his son still conducts 
the business; he is the oldest agent and 
has the oldest agency in the State; Apptd. 
Deputy U. S. Marshal, 1861; chief of the 
fire department. 1872; elected mayor of 
Defiance, 1882, 1884, 1890, 1894, 1896. Socs. 
and clubs: Charter Mem. Defiance Com- 
mandery. Knights Templar; B. P. O. E. 
Presbyterian Church. Democrat. Home 
address: 123 Jefferson Ave., Defiance, O. 

DEATON, SHERMAN S., Attorney; born, 
Kosciii'Sko Co.. Ind.. Feb. 23. 1865; son 
of George W. Deaton and Frances C. 
(Fortney) Deaton; educated: Kosciusko 
Co. country schools; at 17 began teach- 
ing and taught 12 yrs.; attended North- 
western Ohio Normal Univ., Ada, O., 
summers of 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890; studied 
law in office of Hon. E. P. Middleton, 
Urbana. O.. and admitted to bar Dec. 7, 
1893. Married. Mabel West, 1898. Prac- 

ticed law a short time at St. Paris. O., 
and now one of Urbana's leading attor- 
neys, being senior member of law firm 
of Deaton, Bodey & Bodey; they are local 
attorneys for Erie Ry. Co. and Ohio Elec- 
tric Traction Co.; elected by Republicans 
in 1894 as Pros. Atty., Champaign Co., 
served 2 terms; in June, 1901, appointed 
by Gov. Nash member State Bd. of Par- 
dons; was nominated and elected by Re- 
publicans as State Senator for llth sena- 
torial district, served 2 terms; several 
years was chairman of Champaign Co. 
Republican Exec. Com. Socs. and clubs: 
Mem of Champaign Lodge F. & A. M. ; 
Jr. O. U. A. M. Home address: 330 La- 
fayette Ave.. Urbana. O. 

man; born. Lecompton. Kans., June 11, 
1881; son of John B. Deever and Jennie 
B. (Etherington) Deever; educated: Pub. 
Schs., High Sch., Topeka, Kan.; Camp- 
bell College, Holton, Kans. ; Bonebrake 
Theol. Sem., Dayton, O. Married, Maud 
F. Wilkin. Oct. 20, 1908. -Teacher in Pub. 
Schs., one term, 1899-1900; pastor, United 
Brethren Church, Lawrence, Kans., 1902- 
1904; Bloomer, Wis., 1904-1905; Topeka, 
Kans., 1907-1912; Kansas City, Mo., 1912- 
1913; Pres. North Kansas Branch Chris- 
tian Endeavor; Mem. General Conference, 
United Brethren Church, 1913; Trustee 
Kansas City Univ. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son; Odd Fellows. United Brethren. 
Home address: 115 Fountain Ave., Day- 
ton. O. 

Dean; born, Hogansville, Ga., June 27, 
1865; son of (Rev.) John R. Deering and 
Fannie (Covin) Deering; educated: Van- 
derbilt Univ.; Univ. Leipzig. College de- 
grees: A. M., Vanderbilt, 1885; Ph. D., 
Leipzig, 1889. Married, Jessie Winn, Sept. 
9, 1891. Adj. Prof. Germanic Languages, 
Vanderbilt, 1890-2; Prof. Germanic Langs., 

Western Reserve Univ., 1892 ; dean 

Grad. Faculty 1893 ; editor, The Little 

Gipsy (translated from Cervantes' la Pepi- 
ta Jitanilla) 1889: Schiller's Wilhelm Tell. 
1894; Schiller's Wilhelm Tell, special edi- 
tion, 1900; revised edition, 1915; Goethe's 
Egmont, 1903; revised edition Bernhardt's 
Hegse's L' Arrabbiata. 1914; monographs 
and reviews on philological subjects. 
Home address: 2931 Somerton Rd., Cleve- 
land, O. 

DE FORD, SAMUEL F., Banker; born, Car- 
roll Co.. O. May 2. 1836; son of John 
DeFord and Matilda (Littell) DeFord: 
educated: Country Schs., Carroll Co.; 
Mt. Union Coll., Alliance, O.. 1858. Col- 
lege degrees: M. A. Married, Mary V. 
Duncan, Nov. 5, 1859. Supt. of Schools, 
Newton Falls, Trumbull Co., O., 1858; con- 
ducted an academy at Lordstown, Ohio, 
tinti! I .$61; Supt. S<-hs. at St. Mary?. Ohio, 
until 1863; Supt. of Schs., Celina, O.. un- 
til 1869; Supt. of Maumee. O.. Seminary, 
1870; Supt. of Schs., Ottawa. O. 1S70-1SS6; 
established the Exchange Bank of Ottawa 
in 1886; at the present time he is Vice 
Pres. of The First National Bank of Otta- 
wa. Socs. and clubs: Masons; Odd Fel- 
lows; Royal Arcanum. Methodist Episco- 
pal Church. In 1864 he was ordained a 
minister of the Methodist Church. Home 
address: Ottawa. O. 

born, Carroll Co., O., Nov. 15. 1863; son 
of John W. DeFord and Elvira (Croxton) 
DeFord; educated: Mount Union College, 
Alliance, O. College degrees: B. S.: M. S. 
Married. Grace Whitcraft. June 30. 1915 
Admitted to bar. March. 1SSS: practiced 
5 yrs. at Carrollton. O.; probate judge of 
Carroll County, 189*4-1900; practiced law 


again 3 yrs. at Carrollton; 4 yrs. at Lis- 
bon; at Youngstown, O., since 1907. Socs. 
and clubs: Youngstown Club; Youngstown 
Country Club; Masons; Elks; Chamber of 
Commerce. Home address: 318 Wick 
Ave.. Youngstown. O. 

DEHN, A. O., Educator; County Supt. of 
Schools. Ottawa Co. Home address: Port 
Clinton. O. 

DEHNEL, WILLIAM A., Jeweler; born, 
Sandusky, O.; sun of Henry Dehnel and 
Augusta (Klosa) Dehnel; educated: s.-in- 
dusky public schools. Married, Annette 
Kuebeler, Sept.. 1S95. Gen. Mgr. and Sec. 
Henry Dehnel Co.; Vice Pres. Cedar Point 
Resort Co.: Dir. Third Nat. Exch. Bank, 
Socs. and clubs: Sunyendeand Club: Elks. 
Home address: 1312 Tiffin Ave., Sandusky, 

er; born. Waucoma. la., Aug. S, 1861; son 
of Johannes Deindoerfer and Katharine 
(Weege) Deindoerfer; educated: Parochial 
Schs. of St. Paul's Ev. Luth. Church at 
Defiance, O., .and Lutheran College at 
Mendota, 111. Married, Elizabeth Black- 
more. April 27, 1882. Began publication 
of Der Defiance Herold. German Demo- 
cratic Weekly, May, 1SS1, and has been 
at it ever since; county auditor. 1S91-93; 
mayor of Defiance. 1S98-1900. Socs. and 
clubs: German Aid Soc. of Defiance; Na- 
tional Union. Defiance. O. Member St. 
Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church of Defiance. 
Home address: 623 Jefferson Ave., Defi- 
ance. Ohio. 

DEM ING, BARTON R., Architect-Builder; 
born. Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 21, 
1^75; son of Hubert Deming and Susan 
i \Vigle) Deming; educated: Sarnia, On- 
tario. Collegiate Inst. Actively engaged 
in allotment development in Cleveland, O., 
1903: formed The Deming Bros. Co.; The 
B. R. Deming Co.. in 1912 (Pres. both 
companies). Socs. and clubs: Cleveland 
Chamber Commerce; Athletic Club; City 
Club. Home address: 2485 Fairmount 
Blvd.. Cor. Cedar Rd.. Cleveland Heights, 

born. Arlington, la.; son of Chauncey 
Deming and Charlotte (Doane) Deming: 
educated: Iowa State College. Ames. la. 
College degrees: B. C. E., 1908. Married, 
iNTtriide Kates. Jan. 4. 1909. Four sum- 
mer vacations with Great Northern Rail- 
way; Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Co.; and 
Asst. Bridge Engineer of Lorain Co.; 
Instr. in Civil Engineering at Harvard 
LTniv.. 1 yr. ; Instr. in Mathematics and 
Engineering at Lawrence College, 3 yrs. : 
Instr. in Mathematics at Case School of 
Applied Science. 4 yrs. Socs. and clubs: 
Fellow of American Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; Member of Ameri- 
can Mathematical Assn. Member of Dis- 
ciple Church at Euclid and 100th St., 
Cleveland, O. Home address: 2313 E. 
93rd St.. Cleveland. O. 

DEMOREST. LOUIS B., Educator; born, 
near Columbus. O.. June 5. 1855; Son of 
Guillimus Demorest and Lucinda (Peter- 
son) Demorest: educated: Ohio Weslevan 
Univ.. Delaware. O.. Grad. in 1876. Col- 
lege degrees: B. A. Married. Sara F. 
Marshall. Sept. 7. 1876. Prin. and Supt. 
of Schs. for past 37 yrs.; at present, Supt. 
of Schs.. Marysville. O. ; has 'served on 
Ex. Com. Ohio State Teachers' Assn.: 
Pres. Central Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Pres 
of Central Ohio Schoolmasters' Club: 21 
yrs. on Bd. of Sch. Examiners; Member 
of city council. Socs. and clubs: Mason; 
Royal Arch; Knights of Pythias, Past 
Chancellor Commander; Mem. of Phi Gam- 
ma Delt? Frat. Methodist Church. Sun- 

day School Supt., 20 yrs. Mem. Bd. of 
Stewards. 39 yrs. Trustee, 10 yrs. Home 
address: 509 W. 5th St.. Marysville, O. 

born, M:;i \.~ville, O., Dec. 25. 1SSO; son 
of Louis B. Demorest and Sarah Frances 
(Marshall) Demorest; educated: Marys- 
ville. O.. 'Pub. Schs.; Grad. Marysville 
High Sch.. 1898; entered O'hio State Univ., 
1900. Grad.. June. 1904; Univ. of Chicago. 
Married, Harriet Wiltsee, Aug. 17, 1904. 
Taught physics and chemistry, Greenville, 
O., High Sch., 1904-5; Parkersburg, W. 
Va.. High Sch.. 1905-6; taught physics, 
Central High Sch.. Toledo, 1906-13; Prin. 
Scott High Sch., Toledo. Sept.. 1913 

Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: 359 Kenilworth Ave.. Toledo, O. 

DENING, HUGH ELBERT, Educator; born, 
Manchester, O., Sept. 15, 1S73; son of Al- 
bert Galatin Dening and Amanda Jane 
(Palmer) Dening; educated: Manchester 
public and high schools; Ohio Northern 
Univ. College degrees: B. S. (1900): M. 
S. (1903). Ohio Northern. Married. Nan- 
nie Kimble. June. 1900. Teacher district 
schools, 4 yrs.; Asst. Prin. Manch- 
high school. 3 yrs.; Prin. Manchester high 
school, 4 yrs.; Supt. West Union public 
schools, 2 yrs.; Supt. Manchester public 
schools, 10 yrs.; Prin. Adams Coun- 
ty Normal, 4 sessions; County school ex- 
aminer, 9 yrs.; Co. Supt. Schools, Adams 
Co.. O.. 1914 -- ; Pres. Adams Co. Sun- 
day School Assn. Socs. and clubs: Royal 
Arch Masons; K. P.; State Teachers' 
Assn.: Nat. Educational Assn.; Ohio 
Teachers' Reading Circle. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Manchester. O. 

DEN MAN, IRA O., Physician and Surgeon; 
born, Leanna, Kan., 1S73; son of Francis 
M. Denman and Lydia (Harding) Den- 
man; educated: Allen Co. Normal Sch., 
Tola, Kan.; M. D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 
Chicago. 1S97; Post-Grad. work Chicago 
Post Grad. Med. Coll.; New York Eye 
and Ear Infirmary; Harvard Med. C>11.: 
Univs. of Vienna and Freiberg: Morfields 
Hosp., London, Eng. Married. Sabra Blair, 
Sept. 14, 1893. Practiced general medicine 
and surgery, and eye, ear, nose and 
throat. Charleston. El., until 1907: moved 
to Toledo. O., Jan., 1908; practice limited 
to eye, ear, nose and throat; chief of staff, 
Toledo Hosp.. 1913 -- ; oculist to Penn- 
sylvania Ry. ; Toledo, St. Louis & Western 
Ry.: Detroit & Toledo Short Line: Edward 
Ford Plate Glass Works, etc.; Chairman 
Bd. Health. Charleston. 111.. 1903-7. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Am. Medical: Ohio State 
Medical: Lucas Co. Academy of Med.; Am. 
Inst. of Homeonathy: 111. State Med. Soc.; 
'Miio State Mod Soc.; Novt i. western Ohio 
Med. Soc.; (ex -Pres.) Toledo Med. Soc.; 
Secy. Am. Ophthal. Otol. and Laryngol. 
Assn.: Toledo Yacht; Toledo Commerce. 
Christian (Disciples) Ch. Republican. 
Home address: Ohio Bldg., Toledo. O. 

born, Willshire, O.. Nov. 24, 1866; son of 
John Denman and Eliza Jane (Dailey) 
Denman: educated: Willshire, O., High 
Sch.: Nat. Nornwil Univ., Lebanon, Ohio: 
Northern Indiana Normal School', Val- 
paraiso. Ind.; Univ. Mich., Ann Arbor. 
Married. Frances May Neptune, Deo. 2R, 
1S.S9. Admitted to Ohio bar, June., 1S94; 
engaged in practice of law, Toledo. O., 
1894 -- ; Mem. House Rep., Ohio Gen. 
Assembly, 1902-3; city solicitor, Toledo, 
O.. 1904-5; attorney general, State Ohio, 
1'iiA. 1909. 1910: I". S. Dist. Attorney, 
Northern Dist. of Ohio. West. Div.. 1911, 
1912, 1913, 1914: actively engaged in the 
practice of law, under firm name, Denman 



& Wilson, Toledo, O., 1915 ; Republi- 
can in politics; at election when candidate 
for 2nd term as attorney general of Ohio, 
received 93.000 votes, in excess of num- 
ber cast for head party ticket; as attorney 
general drew present excise and general 
tax system of Ohio; resigned office U. S. 
Attorney, Feb.. 1915; when member gen- 
eral assembly. 1902. drafted and secured 
passage special charter for Toledo; this 
charter was declared by the Ohio Su- 
preme Court reversing its former hold- 
ings, to be unconstitutional because it 
was special, and the charter of each city 
in Ohio (each one at that time being 
special to the particular city), was un- 
constitutional, thereby leaving each city 
in Ohio without constitutional govern- 
ment. Special session of General Assem- 
bly called by Gov. Nash to frame a gen- 
eral law governing all municipalities in 
Ohio. Mr. Denman made a member of 
committee which drafted and secured the 
passage of the general law for all cities 
of state identical with charter drawn for 
Toledo. His diversion is his river farm 
"Terracevale." 140 acres. 10 miles south 
of Toledo, said to be one of the most at- 
tractive farms in the Maumee Valley. 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. Ohio State Bar 
As?n.: Am. Bar Assn. Methodist. Home 
address: Toledo. O. 

born, Vinton, Gallia Co.. O.. 1881; son of 
Thomas Denney and Susuan (Stewart) 
Denney: educated: Ross Co. Pub. Schs.; 
Ohio Wes. Univ.; Boston Univ. School 
Theology. College degrees: B. A.; A. M. ; 
S. T. B. Married. Sarah Irene Diseny, 
April 27. 1910. Pastor First Methodist 
Episcopal Church, Urbana. O. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic Frat. Home address: 117 
West Church St.. Urbana. O. 

DENNIS, ANDREW J,, Educator; born, 
Green Twp., Harrison Co., O.. Sept. 12, 
1859; son of Samuel Dennis and Elizabeth 
(Coulter) Dennis; educated: Smithfleld, 
O.. graded and high school; McNeely Nor- 
mal College, Hopedale, Ohio: Scio College, 
Scio. Ohio; Mt. Union College. Alliance 
O. College degrees: B. S.; A. M. Mar- 
ried, Mary P. Patterson. Dec. 26, 1883 
Teacher, country schools, 4 yrs.; Smith- 
field grades, 3 yrs.; East Springfield. 2 
yrs.; Supt. Hopedale schqols, 15 yrs.; 
Supt. Jewett schools, 12 yrs.; Co. School 
Examiner, 6 yrs. ; Pres. Co. Teachers' In- 
stitute. 4 yrs.; holder of both elementary 
and high school state life certificates; 
enthusiastic and earnest worker church 
and Sunday school of M. E, Church. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Masonic Lodge: Modern 
Woodmen of America; Ohio Teachers' 
Reading Circle (reader since its organ- 
ization) ; Ohio State Teachers' Assn 
Home County Teachers' Assn.; enjoys 
the entire confidence in school work of 
all who know him. Home address: Jew- 
ett. Ohio. 

DENNIS, S. C., Educator; Supt. of Schs 
Toronto. O. Home address: Toronto, O. 

DENTON, PAUL EVERT, Editor-Musician: 
born, Burton, O., Dec. 24. 1884; son of 
Franklin Evert Denton and Martha A. 
(Goldthorpe) Denton; educated: public 
schools, Cleveland, Ravenna, Chardon, and 
Chardon high school. Married, Gladys 
Marie Griffin. July 9. 1915. Worked 'at 
printer's trade in office Geauga Repub- 
lican while attending school; after grad- 
uation employed as teller in Chardon 
Savings Bank. Chardon, O., 3 yrs., 1903-8; 
left bank to become news editor of Rec- 
ord, 1906; removed to Cleveland. O., be- 
came reporter, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 
1907-9; returned to Chardon, O., became 

managing editor The Record, 1909 
news correspondent Cleveland, Cincinnati 
and Columbus papers, 1915 ; pipe or- 
ganist First Methodist Ch., Chardon. O. 
Socs. and clubs: Chardon Lodge, No. 93, 
F. & A. M. ; Chardon Lodge, No. 213, I. 
O. O. F. Home address: Chardon, O. 

DE RAN, HAL C., Attorney; born. Fre- 
mont, O.. Dec. 17. 1872; son of Dennis 
De Ran and Ann M. (Flumerfelt) De Ran; 
educated: National Normal Univ., Letaan- 
non, O.; Univ. Mich.. Ann Arbor. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S.; A. B.; LL. B. Mar- 
ried, Mabel Hubbard, Aug. 30. 1907. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar, Mar. 8, 1894; practic- 
ing attorney, Fremont. O.. 1S96 ; Mem. 

Ohio Legislature. 1897-1901. Socs. and 
clubs: I. O. O. F.: B. P. O. E. Home 
address: Fremont. O. 

Professor; born. Dublin. N. H.- Mar. S, 
1842; son of Dexter Derby and Julia 
(Piper) Derby; educated: A. B., Harvard, 
1866; A. M., 1877; Grad. student Harvard, 
1876-7, 1892-3; at Johns Hopkins, 1SSO-1; 
student Am. Sch. at Rome. 1903-4. Mar- 
ried, Eunice H. Ransom, Aug. 29, 
2nd, Frances G. Janney. Dec. 27, 1883; 
3rd, Margaret E. Leonard, Aug. '29. 1903. 
Taught in public and private schools, 
1866-70; Prof. Latin Lang, and Lit.; 1^70- 
1876; Pres. Antioch Coll., 1877-S1; Prof. 
Latin and Greek. 1SS1-3; Prof. Latin, 

1883 ; dean Coll. of Arts. Philosophy 

and Science, 1896-8. Ohio State Univ.; 
studied Roman monuments and inscrip- 
tions in Europe, chiefly at Rome, 1913- 
Socs. and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Ohio 
State Arch, and Hist. Soc.; Am. Hist. 
Assn.; N. H. Hist. Soc.; Am. Philological 
Assn. Unitarian. Home address: ! i loth 
Ave.. Columbus. O. 

DEUTSCH, GOTTHARD, College Professor; 
born. Kanitz. Austria. Jan. 31, 1859; son 
of Bernhard L. Deutsch and Elsie (Wie- 
ner) Deutsch; educated: European Schs., 
of Breslau and Vienna. College degrees: 
Ph. D.. Vienna, 1881. Married, Hermine 
Bacher. May 10, 1888. Teacher High Sch., 
Bruenn, Austria. 1881-7; rabbi at Breux, 
Austria. 1887-91; Prof, in (Cincinnati, O.), 

Hebrew Union Coll.. 1891 ; Acting 

Pres. College. 1903; "'Mem. editorial Bd., 
Jewish Encyclopedia; contributor to num- 
ber periodicals in English. German, He- 
brew and Yiddish. Author: Two novels 
in German, works on church history; Mem. 
Bd. Education. Cincinnati. 1908-11; Exec. 
Com. of Organization American Jewish 
Congress. Socs. and clubs: German Lit. 
Club; Wednesday Club; American Jewish 
Hist. Soc.; Knights of Round Table. Jew- 
ish Religion. Home address: 3600 Wilson 
Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

DEUSCHLE, WILLIAM D., Alienist; born, 
Chillicothe. O.. Oct. 12. 1864; son of E. 
G. Deuschle and Caroline (Dilk) Deuschle; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Chillicothe, Ohio; 
Philadelphia Coll. of Pharmacy; Dart- 
mouth Med. Coll. College degrees: Ph. 
G.: M. D. Married. Jessie G. Field, 1S99. 
Specialist in diseases of Brain and Nerv- 
ous System; Neurologist to Mt. Carmel 
Hospital; former Prof. Mental and Nerv- 
ous diseases. Starling, O., Med. Coll.; 
former Prof. Nervous diseases. Medical 
Dept. Ohio State Univ.; former member 
of staff of Columbus State Hosp. ; city 
health officer. 1899-1902; Pres. of Colum- 
bus Bd. of Education. Socs. and clubs: 
Masons; Elks; Columbus Acad. of Med.; 
Ohio State Med. Soc.: Am. Med. Assn.; 
Am. Medico-Psychological Assn.; Colum- 
bus Club; Columbus Country Club; Co- 
lumbus Athletic Club. Home address: 
North Monroe Ave.. Columbus. O. 



DEVER. NOAH J., Attorney; born, Scioto 
Co.. O.. Aug. 17. 1850; son of William 
Dever and Louisa (McDowell) Dever; 
educated: public *nd high schools, Jack- 
son, O. ; Lebanon, O., Univ.; Iron City 
Coll.; Cincinnati Law Sch. College de- 
grees: LL. B., IN?::. Married. Mattie Gil- 
liland, July 4, 1S7S. Engaged in practice 
l.isv, Portsmouth, O.. 1873 ; Dir. Cen- 
tral Natl. Bank, Portsmouth, O. ; elected 
judge Court Common Pleas, 7th Ohio 
Dist., 1SS7-1S97; elected member 77th and 
78th Ohio Gen. Assembly, representative 
from Scioto Co.. O.. 1906-1910 inclusive. 
Methodist Episcopal. Republican. Home 
address? Portsmouth. O. 

DeVILBISS, THOMAS A.. Manufacturer; 
born, Fort Wayne, Ind.. July 29, 1878; 
son of Dr. Allen DeVilbiss and Lydia A. 
(Lipes) DeVilbiss; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of Fort Wayne, Ind. and Toledo, O. Mar- 
ried, Edna Parker, Dec. 12, 1906. Began 
business career -with the Toledo Com- 
puting Scale Co.; later was with the Hall- 
wood Cash Register Co.. Columbus; since 
1905 one of the firm of the DeVilbi'SS Mfg. 
Co.. and is Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager; 

Mem. of Bd. of Edn.. 1916 . Socs. and 

clubs: Masons; Toledo Commerce Club; 
Yacht Club; Rotary Club; Inverness Golf 
Club. Home address: 3015 Collingwood 
Ave., Toledo, O. 

DE VORE, REBECCA JANE, College Pres.; 
born, Georgetown, Brown Co., O. ; daugh- 
ter of David G. DeVore and Rebecca 
(Murray) DeVore; educated: studied un- 
der private 'tutelage, Cincinnati, Glendale, 
New York and Berlin, Germany. Unmar- 
ried. Taught country school near George- 
town, O.. 1879-1882; in high school of Hig- 
gin'sport and Aberdeen, O.. in Glendale 
Coll., 1882-1S86; Oxford College (Dean), 
1886-1891; Miss Dana's School, Morris- 
town, N. J., 1892-1894; six years Pres., 
Pennsylvania College for Pittsburgh; Pres. 
Glendale College. 1901 ; has held im- 
portant-offices in clubs; is a supporter of 
good music endeavor, prohibition and 
woman's suffrage: having studied law, is 
interested in public movements: and lec- 
tures upon philanthropic and educational 
subjects. Socs. and clubs: Glendale Coll. 
Club; Glendale Mrfnday Class; Cincinnati 
Woman's Club; Cincinnati Rotary; Peace 
League. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Glendale College, Glendale, O. 

DEXTER, JOHN H., Banker; Secy.-Treas. 
Society for Savings. Home address: 
17850 Lake Ave., Cleveland. O. 

DIAL, GEORGE SABIN, Attorney; bom. 
Springfield, O., Aug. 2. 1S61; son of Judge 

. E. G. Dial and Ann Emeline (Sabin) 
Dial; educated: B. A., Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. 1882. Married. Eugenia Crane, 
March 8, 1913. Admitted to Ohio bar, 
1885; practiced law in Springfield, O., 

1885 ; prosecuting attorney of city, 

1894-1896; Pres Springfield Commercial 
Club. 1910-11. Author of Law Book "Ohio 
Religious Corporations." 1902. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; K. of P.; Phi Kappa Psi. 
Methodist-Episcopal. Home address: 307 
E. High St., Springfield, O. 

DICK, CHARLES, Ex-Senator-Attorney; 
born, Akron, O., Nov. 3, 1858; son of Gott- 
lieb Dick and Magdalena (Von Handle) 
Dick; educated: public schools. Married, 
Carrie Peterson. June 30, 1881. Admitted 
to bar, 1S94; practicing attorney at Akron, 
Ohio; auditor Summit Co., O., 1886-1893; 
member 55th to 5Sth Congresses. 1893- 
1904 (author present militia bill); elected 
U. S. Senator to succeed late Sen. M. A. 
Hanna, short and long terms. 1904-1911; 
chairman Rep. State Com., 1892-1907; Sec. 
at Chicago Headquarters, Rep. Nat. Com., 

1897-1900; delegate Rep. Nat. Conventions. 
1S92-1896; delegate at large, 1900; served 

in Ohio N. G., 1876 ; Major General, 

1899 ; active service. 8th Ohio Vols., 

Spanish- Am. War. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
son; Odd Fellow; K. P. Home address: 
Akron. O. 

DICK, JOSEPH, Manufacturer; Pres. & Gen. 
Mgr. The Joseph Dick Mfg. Co. Home 
address: 2203 Tuscarawas St., W.. Can- 
ton. Ohio. 

DICK, WILLIAM L., Physician-Surgeon; 
born, Pickaway Co., O., March 27. 1860; 
son of Johnson Dick and Susan R. (Green) 
Dick; educated: Pickaway Co. Schs.; 
Starling Med. Coll. Married. Bertha 
Grierson, 1894. Former professor of Anat- 
omy and Orthopedic Surgery in Ohio 
Med. Univ.; now practicing his profes- 
sion. Columbus. O. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sons; K. of P.; Woodmen of the World; 
Columbus Acad. of Med.; Ohio State Med. 
Soc. ; Am. Med. Assn. Home address: 
2310 North High St.. Columbus, O. 
born. Savannah. O.. July 28. 1867; son 
of Benjamin Franklin Dickason and 
Theresa Catherine (Stem) Dickason; edu- 
cated: Univ of Wooster. College degrees: 
A. B., 1895; A. M.. 1898. Married. Blanche 
Garrett, Aug. 19. 1896. Teacher country 
school, 4 yrs. ; Savannah Acad., 4 yrs.; 

Prln. Wooster Acad., 1895 ; founded 

Wooster Univ. Summer Sch.. 1895. with 
49 students, and now has over 1.400 stu- 
dents with 80 teachers; lecturer on edu- 
cational subjects. Socs. and clubs: North- 
eastern Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Ohio School 
Improvement Federation (Treas.); Ohio 
Coll. Assn. Presbyterian Church. Prohi- 
bitionist. Home address: Wooster, O. 
ance Underwriter; born, Bellaire. Ohio, 
Jan. 21. 1889; son of Charles William 
Dickens and Lillian M. (Fittnn) Dickens: 
educated: Bellaire public 'schools. Mar- 
ried. Erma M. Daub, Feb. 3. 1913. - Clerk 
in Dollar Savings Bank; insurance; audi- 
tor Pittsburgh-Belmont Coal Co. of Bel- 
laire. O. ; Secy. West Wheeling Ferry Co., 
Bellaire. O. Socs. and clubs: Mason; 
Treas. Americus Club. Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 3515 Guernsey St.. Bel- 
laire. Ohio. 

Clergyman; born, Shrewsbury, England: 
son of (Rev.) William Dickens-Lewis and 
Celia (Edwards) Dickens-Lewis; edu- 
cated: Shrewsbury Schs.; Edw. VI Foun- 
dation, 1888, England; Lake Forest Coll., 
111., 1890; Princeton Univ.. 1893. College 
degrees: B. A.. 1890; M. A.. 1893; B. D., 
Princeton, 1893; D. D.. Hanover, 190S. 
Married. Blanche Weldin, June 27. 1898. 
McClure Gold Medalist, Commencement 
Oration. Lake Forest Univ.. 1890: Carter 
Hebrew Prizeman. Princeton. 1893; Or- 
dained, May, 1893. Presbytery of New Cas- 
tle, Synod of Baltimore, Minister West- 
minsteV Church. Wilmington. Del.. 1893- 
1908; minister Fifth Church, Kansas City, 
Mo., 1909-1911; minister First Church. 
Findlay, O., 1911 ; moderator Presby- 
tery of New Castle. 1908; trustee Dela- 
ware Industrial School for Girls, 1900-S; 
trustee Free Library Bd., Wilmington, 
Del.. 1899-1908: founder and incorporate!' 
with Bishop Leighton Coleman of Dela- 
ware of The Trans Atlantic Soc. of Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; member &f Executive Com. 
on Missions. Synod of Ohio. Socs. and 
clubs: Mem. of Historical Soc. of Dela- 
ware and translator of the Welsh M. S. 
S. Of that society into English; Mem. of 
the Masonic Frat.; Findlay Country Club. 
Author of several pamphlets and contribu- 



tor to various magazines and periodicals. 
Dr. Dickens-Lewis has traveled extensive- 
ly abroad, having crossed the Atlantic 37 
times. He is in demand as a lecturer 
on patriotic and kindred subjects. Home 
address: The Manse, Findlay, O. 
DICKERMAN, JOHN, Educator; born, 
Cleveland, O., May 29, 1868; son of Nor- 
ris H. Dickerman and Adelaide (Hyde) 
Dickerman; educated: Adelbert College 
and Western Reserve Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B. Married, Josephine Sherwood, 
Dec. 21, 1904. Instructor in Mathematics, 
Western Reserve Academy, 1891-1894; 
Adelbert College. 1897-1903; Asst. Prof, of 
Mathematics. 1903-1910. Adelbert College; 
dean of the latter, 1906-12; Treas. of the 
Western Reserve Univ., 1910 to the pres- 
ent. Socs. and clubs: City Club; Cleve- 
land Automobile Club. Attends Euclid 
Av'e. Presbyterian Church. Home address: 
1594 E. 115th St.. Cleveland. O. 

DICKINSON, EDWARD, Lecturer; born, 
West Springfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 1853; 
son of Henry Dickinson and Angeline 
(Dunham) Dickinson; educated: A. B., 
Amherst, 1876; A. M.. 1881; Litt. D.. Ober- 
lin, 1912; studied music in Boston. 1870-1, 
1878-9; Berlin, 1885-6, 1888-9, 1892-3. in- 
cluding lectures at Univ. Berlin. 1885-6. 
Married, Jennie M. Kellogg, Oct. 4, 1882. 
Organist, Springfield, Mass.. 1872-8: or- 
ganist and teacher music. Elmira. N. Y., 
Coll.. 1883-1892; Prof, history and criticism 
of music at Oberlin Coll. and Conserva- 
tory. 1893 . Author: Music in the His- 
tory of the Western Church, 1902; The 
Study of the History of Music. 1905; The 
Education of a Music Lover. 1911; Music 
and the Higher Education. 1915. Home 
address: Oberlin. O. 

DICKSON, EDITH, Writer-Librarian; born, 
Elyria, O., May 14, 1856; daughter of 
Joseph Homer Dickson and Mary L. 
(Manley) Dickson; educated: Oberlin 
Coll. College degrees: A. B.. 1885. Au- 
thor numerous magazine articles on liter- 
ary subjects; librarian Oberlin Conserva- 
tory Music. Socs. and clubs: Chairman 
Woman's Suffrage Party. Lorain Co. Con- 
gregationalist. Home address: 172 Elm 
St.. Oberlin. O. 

M. C. A.; born. Windsor. N. Y., March 
29. 1870: son of Charles T. Dickson and 
Alice (Judd) Dickson; educated: high 
school, Binghamton, N. Y., 1887; Inter- 
national Y. M. C. A. College, Springfield. 
Mass., 1890. College degrees: B. H. Mar- 
ried. Mary Gates. June 14, 1894. Gen. 
Secy. Y. M. C. Assn.. Buffalo. N. Y.. 1891- 
1898; Twenty-third St.. Branch. New York 
City. 1898-1909; senior Secy, publishing 
department. International Committee of 
Y. M. C. Assn.. 1909-1910: Gen. Secy. Y. 
M. C. A.. "The Oranges." N. J.. 1910-12; 
Gen. Secy. Y. M. C. A., Dayton, Ohio, 

1912 ; official Del. to Semi-Centennial 

World's Conference held in Paris. France, 
1905. Presbyterian. Home address: 1324 
Grand Ave.. Dayton. O. 

New York City. Feb. 10, 1882: daughter 
of Dallas Bache Pratt and Mary Gordon 
(Landon) Pratt; educated: Private Sch., 
New York City. Married. David Judkins 
Dickson. of Cincinnati, O., May 20. 1909. 
S'ocs. and clubs: Mayflower Soc. ; Colonial 
Dames: D. A. R. : Daughters of the Cin- 
cinnati. Protestant Episcopal Church. 
Home address: New York City, N. Y. 

DIEHL, CHARLES L., Merchant: born, 
Woodsfield, O., May 18, 1883; son of Fred- 
erick Diehl and Lena (Schumacher) 
Diehl; educated: Woodsfield, Ohio, and 
Duffs Business College, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Married, Estella Hoefner, Sept. 18, 1906. 
Purchased half interest in the Diehl Shoe 
Co. and has been the manager and buyer 
since July 1, 1907: interested in Auto 
Sales Agency for Monroe Co.. and part of 
Belmont Co. Socs. and clubs: Country 
Club. Evangelical Church. Home ad- 
dress: Woodsfield. Ohio. 

DIETRICH, EDWARD, Educator; born. 
Piketon, Pike Co., O., June 4, 1887; son 
of H. C. Dietrich and Mary J. (Craig) 
Dietrich; educated: Piketon high school; 
Ohio Wes.; Ohio Univ. College degrees: 
B. Sc. of E.; A. B. Married, Mabel. Arga- 
bright, Nov. 1, 1913. Teacher in Piketon 
schools. 1905-S; Prin. New Holland high 
school, 1910; Prin. Lockland high school, 
19-13; teacher. Chillicothe high school, 

1911-13; Supt. Pike Co. schools, 1913 . 

Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
Waverly. O. 

born. Coopersville, O., July 16, 1874; son 
of Henry Clark Dietrich and Mary (Craig) 
Dietrich: educated: Piketon Pub. Schs.; 
Southern Ohio School of Pedagogy; Ohio 
Univ.; Ohio State Univ.: Univ. of Chi- 
cago. Married, Louisa Talbott, June 1. 
1899. Rural teacher, 1890-1892; township 
high school teacher, Wakefield. O.. 1892- 
1894; Supt. of schools, Groveport, O., 1898- 
1903; Prin. high school, Sanduslcy. Ohio, 

1903-9; Supt. schools, Piqua, O., 1909 ; 

examiner of teachers, Pike Co.. 1893-96; 
examiner of teachers, Erie Co.. 1906-9. 
Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M. ; Delta Tau 
Delta; Literary Club, Sandusky; Piqua 
Club and Rotary Club, Piqua. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: 520 W. Ash St., 
Piqua, O. 

born. Coopersville, O., Sept. 12, 1876; son 
of Henry Clark Dietrich and Mary Jean- 
nette (Craig) Dietrich; educated: Pike- 
ton. O.. public schools; Ohio Univ.; Ohio 
State Univ.: Columbia Univ. College de- 
grees: A. B. (1905). Married, Cornelia 
Williams Miller. Nov. 29. 1906. Teacher 
district school; Supt. Piketon, O., Schs.; 
Prin. Bowling Green high school; teacher 
Toledo high school; Prin. Ashtabula high 
school; Supt. Ashtabula city schools. Ash- 
tabula, O.. 1912 -. Socs. and clubs: S'tate 

& Nat. Teacherr,' Assn.: Masonic; K. P.; 
Delta Tau Delta; Chamber of Commerce. 
Methodist. Home address: 58% Park St., 
Ashtabula. O. 

DILL, LEWIS G., Common Pleas Judge; 
born. Dill's Sta., near Bainbridge, O., May 
26. 1863; son of William Dill and Mary 
(Kelley) Dill; educated: Bainbridge Pub. 
Schs. and High Sch. ; Salem Acad.'. Ohio. 
Married, Nannie P. Seymour, Oct. 8, 1890. 
Supt. of farm. 1884-1890; stock raising and 
farming, 1890-1896: judge Probate Court, 
1897-1903; practicing attorney-at-law, 
Waverly. O., 1903-1915; judge Common 
Pleas Court, Pike Co., O.. Waverly, 

1916 . Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. P.: 

K. P.; M. W. A.; The Athletic Club of 
Columbus. Mem. Swedenborg Church. 
Home address: Waverly. O. 

born, Jackson, Mich., June 12, 1886; 
daughter of Norman J. Dilla and May 
(Shoemaker) Dilla: educated: Waterloo 
(Ind.) Sch.; Ann Arbor nVfich.) high Sdh.; 
Univ. Mich.. A. B., 1908; A. M.. 1909: 
Columbia Univ.. Ph. D.. 1912; Chicago 
Sch. Civics, summer session. Instr. in 
history and political science, Wheaton, 
Coll.. "Norton. Mass.. 1911-12; Prof, politi- 
cal and social science, Lake Erie College, 

Painesville. O.. 1912 -: also lecturer in 

history Lake Erie Coll. 1914 : member 

Advisory Council; Ohio Inst. for Public 



Efficiency; member Committee on Immi- 
gration: Illegitimacy; Probation Work fur 
Girls, Cleveland, O. Author: The Politics 
of Michigan (1865-1878); The Background 
of the California Anti-Land Law Contro- 
versy: Criminal Law in its Sociological 
Aspects: Reminiscences of European Uni- 
versities; also articles on present phases 
of social problems and lecturer on social 
problems and suffrage. Soes. and clubs: 
Phi Beta Kappa; Nat. American Histori- 
cal Assn.; Ohio Conference of Charities 
and Corrections; Soc. for Sanitary and 
Moral Prophylaxis. Home address: Lake 
Erie College. Painesville. O. 

Pleas Judge; born, Ironton, O., Feb. 9, 
1M19; son of (Rev.) J. W. Dillon and Mary 
Catherine (Cox) Dillon; educated: Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ. College degrees: M. A. 
Married, Marian Daisy Whitney, May 8, 
IS&T. Admitted to bar in Oct.. 1891. and 
began practice of law in Columbus. O.; 
elected professor of law with chair of 
evidence, at Ohio State Univ.. 1904; for- 
mer Columbus Civil Service Commission- 
er; former attorney for state dairy and 
food department; elected Judge of Com- 
mon Picas Court. Franklin Co.. 1902. 1908 
and 1914. Socs. and clubs: Phi Kappa 
Psi: Delta Chi: Ohio State Bar Assn.: 
Franklin Co. Bar Assn.; Masons; Knights 
of Pythias; Elks: Athletic Club. Active 
in Republican politics; Republican Coun- 
ty Chmn. in campaign of 1900 when Mc- 
Kinley was elected. Nominated for Gov- 
ernor of Ohio in 1912. but declined nomi- 
nation. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: S3 Wilson Ave.. Columbus, O. 

DILLON. WARREN P., Attorney; born, 
London Twp.. Seneca Co.. O.. March 3, 
1880: son of John Q. Dillon and Susie 
C. (Duffy) Dillon; educated: schools of 
Seneca Co. Married. Carrie J. Marks, 
Feb. 24. 1903. General merchant at Al- 
vada. O.. 4 yrs.; deputy clerk Probate 
Court. 8 yrs.; admitted to bar, Jan. 4, 
1916; now practicing in Fostoria, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Knights of St. John and Knights 
of Columbus. St. Mary's Catholic Ch. 
of Tiffin. O. Home address: 191 Hall 
St.. Tiffin. O. 

The Lindner Co.; born, Hubbard, O., Mar. 
12. 1878: son of Charles Lafayette Dilley 
and Ruby Mary (Kelly) Dilley: brother 
of Dr. Frederick E. Dilley, head of Union 
Med. College, Peking, China; educated: 
Youngstown, O. Married, Helen H. Cham- 
berlin, Oct. 16, 1907. Toured Europe 1911- 
1912; finished education four years in Bos- 
ton. ' Mass. Soos. and clubs: Cleveland 
Athletic Club: Cleveland Chamber Com- 
merce; Cleveland Advertising Club; High- 
land Golf Club. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 22-22 East S9th St. Cleveland, O. 

thor and Banker: born. Butler Co.. Pa., 
March 7. 1858: son of William Hill Dins- 
more and Catherine (Wirt) Dinsmore; 
educated: S. Salem O.. Academy: Sum- 
mer Sch.. Harvard (IMCM; Univ. Nebraska, 
MV'T-s): special work Teachers' College, 
Columbia (1904); (Hon. A. M.. Berea Col- 
lege, Ky., 1902); traveled in Europe. 1909. 
Married, Margaret S., daughter of Rev. 
R. K. Campbell, D. D.. Aus. 30. iss;s; 2nd, 
Martha Jane Parrett. Mar. 24, 1915. 
Teicher country schools, 18v2-4; Prin. Sch. 
Hanover. Kans., 1884-5; Clifton. Kans., 
1SS6-S; Washington, Kans.. 1SS9-91; Hum- 
boldt. Neb., 1892-7; Beatrice. Neb.. 1898- 
1900; Prof. Ped. and Dean Normal Dept., 
Berea College, 1900-13: head Rural Sch. 
Dept.. Kent (Ohio) State Normal College, 
1913-15; Pres. Central Bank of Coshocton, 

Coshocton, Ohio, since 1915. Presbyterian. 
Socs. and clubs: Mason. Author: Teach- 
ing a District School. I'.inv; The Training 
of Children. 1!M2 Home address: 359 S. 
Fourth St.. Coshocton. O. 

DISER, OSCAR E., Attorney; born. New 
Springfield, O.. 27, 1^>'.: son of 1 < r- 
win S. Diser and Sarah (Smith) Diser; 
educated: Canfield Normal Sch.; Mount 
Union Coll.: Ohio Northern Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B. Married Maybel L. 
Peters, Sept. 25. 1!in7. Admitted to bar, 
Dec.. 1907: practiced law for 8 yrs.; prior 
to that time he taught school; member 
of General Assembly of Ohio, 1913-1914; 
present solicitor for city of East Youngs- 
town, O. Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. P.; 
K. of P.; B. P. O. E. Youngest man ever 
admitted to the practice of law in Ohio. 
Home address: 28 La Clede Ave., Youngs- 
town. O. 

DITTOE. LOUIS G., Architect; born, 

ington. Ky.. 1S67: son of George M. Dit- 
toe; educated: high school, Newport, Ky. ; 
Ohio Mechanics Inst. Married. Florence 
Krieger, 1890, and located in Cincinnati, 
O. Began work with Hannaford, architect, 
lss.">; later under firm name of Dittoe & 
Wisenall; built Covington, Ky., City Hall 
and Court House, and Pugh Bldg., Cincin- 
nati, 1905-9; in 1910, Mr. Dittoe withdrew 
from the firm and practiced alone: archi- 
tect for Ohio Exposition, 1910; selected as 
architect for Miami Univ., Oxford, O., 
1915; won silver (Tiffany) medal, com- 
petition of New York Architects' League. 
Socs. and clubs: Am. Inst. of Architects; 
Masonic Orders. Scottish Rite and Mystic 
Shrine; Cuvier Press Club. Senior part- 
ner of Dittoe, Fahnestock & Ferber, ln3-4 
Carew Bldg.. Cincinnati, O., 1916 -- . 
Home address: 332 Thrall Ave., Clifton, 
Cincinnati. O. 

DOAN, JOE T., Attorney; born, near Wil- 
mington, O., April 10. 1862; son of Azariah 
W. Doan and Martha G. (Taylor) Doan; 
educated: Wilmington Pub. Schs.: Wil- 
mington Coll.; Cincinnati Law School. 
College degrees: LL. B. Married. Bertha 
Hill, Oct. 13. 1886. Practiced law in Wil- 
mington with his father, 1890-1910: formed 
partnership with H. G. Cartwright under 
firm name of Doan & Cartwright. 1910; 
Pros. Atty. of Wilmington. O.. Oct. 1, 
1904 to 1916. Church of Friends. Home 
address: Wilmington. O. 

Engineer; born. Swampscott, Mass., Feb. 
28. 1870; son of Capt. Edward E. Doane 
and Helen M. (Nickerson) Doane; edu- 
cated: Swampscott high school, 1886. 
Married, Marion M. Jackman, Oct. 17, 
1900. Entered employ of Thomson-Hous- 
ton Electric Co., I ynn, Mass., 1886; Asst. 
Engr.. Harrison ( N. J.) Lamp Work< oi' 
Gen. Electric Co., 1892-3: Supt.. 18.93-1894; 
acting engineer, foreign department. Gen. 
Elec. Co., Schenectady. 1S94-1S97; Supt., 
r.ryan-Marsh Co., Marlboro. Mass., lvi7- 
T.UMI; chief engineer, Nat. Electric Lamp 
Assn. (now National Lamp Works of Gen. 
Elec. Co.). 1900 Socs. and eluis: 

Fellow. Am Inst. Electric Engrs. Home 
address: 1S4S East 82nd St., Cleveland, O. 

DOBBIE, ANDREW, Merchant; born. Ban- 
nock Burn. Scotland. 1841; son of An- 
drew Dobbie and Isabella (Richards n) 
Dobbie: educated: Bannock Burn. Scot- 
land. Married. Hattie Knox, 1SS4. Came 
to Columbus in 1SR2, and entered employ- 
ment of Peter Bain & Son; in 1S65. the 
firm of Gilchrist. Gray & Co. was or- 
ganized as successors to Bain & Son. and 
Mr. Dobbie became one of the partners 
of new firm: after the death and retire- 
ment of other members of firm, he be- 



came sole proprietor in" 1SS3. and con- 
tinues as such at this time. Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: 689 E. Broad 
St.. Columbus. O. 

DODD. VERNE ADAMS, Physician: born, 
W.tterville, Lucas Co., O., Feb. 21, 1SS1: 
son of Elijah Dodd and Frances J. 
(Downing) Dodd; educated: Waterville, O., 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Ohio Med. Univ. 
Married, Nelle Jacobs. Oct. 16. 1906. Asst. 
Prof. Surg. and Acting Head of Dept. of 
Surgery and Gynecology, Ohio State 
Univ.; Chief of Staff of Protestant Hos- 
pital. Socs. and clubs: Columbus Acad. 
of Med.; Ohio State Med. Assn.; A. M. A.; 
Columbus Athletic Club; Scioto Country 
Club: Univ. Lodge. F. & A. M.; First 
Lieut., Med. Reserve Corps. U. S. A. 
Home address: 322 E. State St.. Colum- 
bus. O. 

DODGE, OTTO JAMES, Educator; born, 
Maysville. Union Co., O., June 28. 1870; 
son of John Kilgore Dodge and Rebecca 
(Rudolph) Dodge; educated: New Cali- 
fornia High Sch.. 1890; Ohio Northern 
Univ., 1894; Univ. Chicago. 1912. College 
degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; Ph. B. Married, 
Annie King Moody, of Scottsboro, Ala., 
1901. Teacher Math., Scottsboro, Ala., 
Normal Coll., 1894-7; Supt. township 
schools, Jerome, Union Co., O.. 1898-1901; 
Milford Center, 1902-7; McArthur. 1907- 
1912; Supt. Delta. O., public schools, 1913- 
1916; county school examiner, Union Co. 
and Fulton Co.. 1 term in each county; 
member Normal School Commission to se- 
lect site for Eastern Ohio Normal School, 
1915. Socs. and clubs: Palestine Lodge, 
No. 158. F. & A. M., Marysville. Ohio. 
Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
Delta. Ohio. 

DOERNENBURG, EMIL, College Profes- 
sor; born, Langenberg, Germany, April 
28. 1880; son of Friedrich Wilhelm Doern- 
enburg and Helene (Laupenmuehlen) 
Doernenburg; educated: public schools and 
gymnasium, Langenberg, Germany; Cen- 
tral Wes. Coll.. Warrentown, Mo.; North- 
western Univ.. Evanston, 111.; Univ. Chi- 
cago (summer session); Univs. Berlin and 
Bonn. Germany; Fellow Germanics, Wash- 
ington Univ., St. Louis, Mo.. 1910-1911. 
Married, Elfriede Koenig, Sept. 12. 1903. 
Asst. Prof. German, Ohio Univ.. Athens, 
O., 1911-12; head department, Athens, O., 

1912 . Author: "Dickens und Raabe," 

1908; co-author: German- American An- 
thology, 1915; "Sturm und Stille." 1916; 
contributor literary publications in Amer- 
ica and Germany. Socs. and clubs: Mod- 
ern Lang. Assn. Am.; German University 
League; Gessellschaft der Freunde Wil- 
helm Raabes. Methodist. Home address: 
109 South Court St.. Athens, O. 

Investment Banker; born. Zanesville, O., 
Sept. 1, 1872; son of Joseph W. Dollings 
and Elizabeth (Patterson) Dollings; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs. Married. Mary Cun- 
ningham. President of The R. L. Dollings 
Co.. Hamilton. O.. which }s a financial 
factor in the paving block industry in 
the United States: in the live stock in- 
dustry in the South, and interested in 
various industries in several states; also 
Pres. of The R. L. Dollings Co. of In- 
diana. Socs. and clubs: Wyoming Club; 
Wyoming Golf Club: Butler Co. Country 
Club: Hamilton Club: American Kennel 
Club; Columbus Athletic Club; American 
Spaniel Club; Cocker Club; Elks: Com- 
mandery, Chapter and Blue Lodge Ma- 
sons; Modern Woodmen of America. 
Episcopal Church. Home address: Stout 
and Pendery Ave., Wyoming, O. 

born, North Washington, Pa., March 12, 
1868; son of Abraham H. Domer and Kath- 
erine (Kephart) Domer; educated: Ray en 
High Sch.. Youngstown. O. ; Scio College; 
Cleveland School of Oratory; Mt. Union 
College. College degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; 
Ph. D. Married. Virlinda Spencer. Sept. 
20. 1892. Principal Scio College School 
of Oratory. 3 yrs. ; Lyceum lecturer; min- 
ister in Methodist Episcopal Church since 
1892; pastorates in Youngstown, O., Cleve- 
land, O., Cuyahoga Falls, Mansfield, and 
Dennison. Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M. 
Author of "The Baptismal Font." Home 
address: 211 North Second St.. Dennison, 

DONAHEY, A. VICTOR, Auditor of State; 
born, Westchester, O., July 7, 1S73; son 
of John C. Donahey and Catherine 
(Chaney) Donahey; educated: Pub. Schs. 
Married, Mary Edith Harvey, Jan., 1897. 
Learned the printing trade, after which 
engaged in publishing business; elected 
county auditor of Tuscarawas Co.. 1903, 
and -served 2 terms; endorsed for mem- 
ber of Constitutional Conv. of Ohio. 1911; 
elected auditor of state in 1912: re-elected 
same in 1916. and is now serving in that 
capacity. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; Mod- 
ern Woodmen; Elks. Methodist Episco- 
pal. Democrat. Home address: 745 Nel- 
son Road. Columbus. O. 

DONAHUE, MAURICE H., Judge Ohio Su- 
preme Court; born, Monroe, Perry Co., 
O. : 'son of Maurice Donahue and Louisa 
(O'Neill) Donahue. Married. Martina 
Johnson, Sept. 10, 1889. Admitted to bar 
in 1885 and practiced at New Lexington, 
O.. 1885-1901; Pros. Atty., Perry Co.. O., 
1887-1893; Judge Circuit Court. 5th Jud. 
Cir. Ohio. 1900-1910: Chief Justice Circuit 
Courts of Ohio. 1908-10; Judge Supreme 
Court, Ohio, 1911-17; 1917-23. Home ad- 
dress: New Lexington. O. 

born. Washington Co.. Pa.. June 1. 1869; 
son of Robert S. Donaldson and Rachel 
Vance (Walker) Donaldson; educated: 
Washington Co. Schs. and High Sch. 
Married, Minnie Wade, June 22. 1892. 
Practiced dentistry in Bellevue 'since Oct., 
1891; served 12 yrs. on Bellevue Bd. of 
Education; served 3 terms as mayor of 
Bellevue; represented Sandusky Co. in the 
80th General Assembly of Ohio; member 
of Committees on Finance and Appro- 
priations and City's Com. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons: Elks: Modern Woodmen; 
Royal Arcanum; German Beneficial Union. 
Congregational Church. Home address: 
218 S. West St.. Bellevue. O. 

Oil Co.; born, Allentown. N. Y.. Sept. 26, 
1883; son of James C. Donnell and Sadie 
(Flinn) Donnell; educated: Findlay High 
i^ch.; Case School Ap"li p d Fcience. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S.. Case School. Mar- 
ried, Glenn McClelland, June 23, 1909. 
Entered employ Ohio Oil Co., as mechan- 
ical engineer. 1906; Vice Pres. Ohio Oil 
Co. and Vice Pres. and Dir. Electrical 
Const. & Motor Co. Findlay. O.: Pres. 
Board Education. Findlay. O., 1916 
Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; Phi 
Kappa Psi Frat.: Dir. Findlay Country 
Club; B. P. O. E.. No. 75: trustee First 
Presbyterian Ch. Home address: 1009 S. 
Main St Findlay. O. 

Columbus. O.. Jan. 28. 1835; son of 
George Donnenwirth and Sophia (An- 
thony) Donnenwirth: educated: Common 
Schs. Married, Mary A. Fuhrman, Nov. 
23. 1865. Pres. Bucyrus City Bank: Pres. 
Peoples Savings & Loan Co.; Pres. Bucy- 



rus Development Co. "Water Works; Vice 
Pres. Bucyrus Rubber Co.: Dir. Carroll 
Foundry & Machine Co.; member Bucy- 
rus Union Sen. Bd. for 25 yrs.. from 1874; 
Treas. of Bucyrus Sch. Bd. for 23 yrs., 
from 1876; member Bucyrus Council for 
16 yrs.. from 1865; Treas. Bucyrus T\vp., 
for 12 yrs. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; 
Elks; Bucyrus Chamber of Commerce; 
Bucyrus and State Automobile Club. 
German Lutheran. Home address: 518 E. 
Rensselaer St.. Bucyrus. O. 

born. Georgetown, O., 1861; daughter of 
John Gates Doren and Elizabeth (Brag- 
don) Doren; educated: High Sch. of Day- 
ton. O. ; Cooper Sem., and private tutors; 
1 yr. library study; 1 yr. abroad. Un- 
married. Began in library work as Asst. 
in 1879; librarian Dayton Public Library, 
1896-1905; engaged in planning woman's 
gymnasium and raising funds for same, 
1891-4; organized school library work in 
Dayton. 1895; visiting English and Con- 
tinental libraries. 1899; libraries of West- 
ern U. S. to San Francisco. 1900; lecturer 
Pittsburgh Carnegie Library Sch., 1903-5; 
head Instr. Library Sch. of Western Re- 
serve Univ., 1905-6; librarian Dayton Pub. 
Library since Sept. 1. 1913. Socs. and 
clubs: Mem. Am. Library Inst. Protes- 
tant Episcopal. Contributor to Library 
Journal and Public Libraries. Home ad- 
dress: R. R. 1, Morningside, Dayton, O. 

DORST, JOHN L., Gen. Secy. Y. M. C. A.; 
born, Harrison, Ohio, Nov. 28. 1872; son 
of Henry Dorst and Marguerite (Lorenz) 
Dorst; educated: Cincinnati Pub. S'chs. 
Married. Florence May Elwood, Sept. 16, 
1896. Commercial training office Big 
Four Railway Co.; Gen. Secy. Railway Y. 
M. C. A., Cincinnati, O., 1893-1903: Asst. 
Gen. Secy. Central Branch Y. M. C. A., 
Cincinnati. O.. 1903-1910; Gen. Secy. Y. 

M. C. A., Springfield, O., 1910 ; pastor, 

Pleasant Run Presbyterian Ch., Hamil- 
ton Co. (in connection with Y. M. C. A. 
work), 1904-1910; member Dayton Pres- 
bytery. Presbyterian Church, elder Third 
Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Board Directors. Young 
Men's Bible Soc., Cincinnati, O. ; Young 
Men's Lit. Soc., Springfield, O. ; Chamber 
of Commerce; Springfield Humane Soc.; 
Lagonda Club; Scottish Rite, Mason ; c 
Valley of Dayton. Home address: 49 E. 
Ward St.. Springfield. O. 

DOSCHER, JOHN, Manufacturer; born, 
Germany, Dec. 15. 1S4S; educated in Ger- 
many and Cincinnati. Married, Mrs. 
Clarence Doscher (brother's widow). In 
1874 started manufacture of confection 
with his brother. Clarence Dorscher, the 
firm continuing until death of his brother, 
1882; he then took as partner Arthur 
Henry Doscher. a younger brother, who 
died Jan.. 1907; now sole proprietor un- 
der the firm name of Doscher Bros. Socs. 
and clubs: Hanselmann Lodge. F. & A. 
M.: Odd Fellow: K. of P. Home address: 
3416 Harvey Ave. (Avondale), Cincinnati, 

born. Allen Co., Ohio, Nov. 2, 1861; son 
of Samuel Dotson and Hester Ann (Bow- 
sher) Dotson; educated: country 'schools, 
Allen and Auglaize counties; Northern 
Ohio Univ. Married. Helen Grace Whit- 
lock, Aug. 21, 1896. Taught in country 
schools, 7 yrs.: dean law department, 
Ohio Northern Univ., 1 yr.; practicing at- 
torney-at-law. Lincoln, Neb., 1888-1889; 
Lima. Ohio, 1889-1892: practicing attor- 

ney-at-law, Toledo, O.. 1892 ; Pres. 

German Banking Co.. Lindsey. O.: coun- 
cilman-at-large. Toledo, O.. 1914-15. Socs. 

and clubs: Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo 
Art Museum; Toledo Research Club; To- 
ledo Y. M. C. A.; trustee Toledo Sunday- 
School Assn. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 277 ~1 Monroe, Toledo. O. 

lumbus Ry., Light & Power Co.; born. 
Pierpont, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1863; son of 
Rev. Thomas K. Doty and Mary A. (Luce) 
Doty; educated: public schools. Cleve- 
land, O. Married, Bertha Grace Bissell, 
April 25, 1888. Editor, Cleveland World 
from - until 1S9S; Secy., School Dir. 

Cleveland. 1898-1900: Secy. Cleveland 
Conv. Board. 1901-1902; Mgr. Land Valu- 
ation Depart. Manufacturers' Appraisal 
Co.. 1909-1913; with The Columbus Ry.. 
Light & Power Co.. Columbus, O.. 1915 - ; 
Mem. House Representatives, Ohio Gen. 
Assembly, 1892-93-94-95; clerk. House 
Representatives, Gen. Assembly, 1904-05- 
06-07-08; member Ohio Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1912; member Cleveland City 
Sinking Fund Com.. 1909-13; clerk Cleve- 
land Board Education Sinking Fund Com., 
1898 - ; Mem. Cleveland City Charter 
Com.. 1913; Mem. Public Utilities Com.. 
Ohio, 1913-15. Socs. and clubs: The West- 
wood Country Club; Cleveland City Club; 
Athletic Club of Columbus; Cleveland 
Athletic Club; Cleveland Single Tax Club. 
Home address: 7931 Franklin Ave., Cleve- 
land. O. 

born, Jefferson, Frederick Co., Md., Aug. 
23. 1876; son of Abner B. Doty and Emily 
Jane (Porter) Doty; educated: Pub. Sch., 
Jefferson, Md.; Pennsylvania Coll.; Gettys- 
burg Divinity Sch., Gettysburg, Pa. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., 1899; A. M., 1902; B. 
D.. 1902. Married. Mary Alice Roelkey. 
Aug. 14, 1902. Pastor, Salem Lutheran 
Church, Westminster. Md., 1902-12; pas- 
tor, Christ's Lutheran Church, Cam- 
bridge, O., 1912 - ; Secy, of East Ohio 
Synod of the General Synod of the Luth- 
eran Church, 1915-16; Pres. of South Conf. 
of East Ohio Synod; Pres. of Cambridge 
Health League; Delegate to General 
Synod, Chicago, 111. Socs. and clubs: 
Door to Virtue, No. 46; A. F. & A. M.; 
Trinity Commercial Club of Cambridge, 
Ohio. Lutheran Church. Home address: 
345 Woodlawn Ave., Cambridge, O. 

DOUDS, ALONZO J.. Dentist; born. Stark 
Co.. O.. Nov. 17. 1837; son of David Doud.* 
and Mary Ann (Essig) Douds; educated: 
common schools, Canton, O. ; graduate of 
Penn. Dental Coll., 1859-1861. Married, 
Elmira Finger. Began practice dentistry. 
Canton. O.. 1858 -- ; enlisted in 19th Ohio 
Vol. Inf.. Civil War. 1861; served as hos- 
pital 'steward for regiment; sustained in- 
juries which resulted in discharge; re- 
sumed practice of profession associated 
with Dr. F. F. Douds (son). Canton, O.. 
Methodist. Home address: 323 

Cleveland Ave., N. W., Canton, O. 
DOUD, LEANDER L., Manufacturer; born, 
Greenwich, Huron Co., O., May 20, 1838; 
son of Samuel Doud and Philura (Niles) 
rioud: educated: country school. College 
training; Grad. commercial course, book- 
keeping, Baldwin Univ. Taught country 
school at 17 yrs.; began active business as 
farmer and stock dealer, 1860. Married, 
Harriett B. Eberly, Sept. 10, 1863. En- 
gaged in the mercantile business, New 
London. O.. 1867-1875; with A. B. Chase 
Piano Co.. as Secy., 40 yrs., ag Treas., 
18 yrs.: trustee of Baldwin Univ.; trus- 
tee of Lakeside Assn.; Secy, or Pres., 
Huron Co. Sunday School Assn. and Bible 
Soc., many yrs.; delegate, The World's 
Sunday School Conv. in Jerusalem. 1904; 
delegate, The National Sunday School 



Conv.. Toronto. 1907. Methodist Episco- 
pal. Home address: 98 W. Main St., Nor- 
walk. O. 

DOUGLAS, ALBERT, ex-Congressman; 
born. Chillicothe, O.. April 25, 1852; son 
of Albert Douglas and Anna Maria (Sill) 
Douglas; educated: Kenyon Coll., A. B., 
1872; Harvard Coll., LL. B.. 1874; Ohio 
Univ., LL. D., 1905; Kenyon Coll., LL. D., 
1906. Married, Lucia C. Taylor. April 
14, 1S80. Admitted to the bar, 1874; pros- 
ecuting attorney, Ross Co., O., 1876-1880; 
presidential elector-at-large, president of 
electoral college Ohio. 1896; candidate 
Republican nomination for Governor, 1899; 
member 60th and 61st Congresses (1907- 
11). llth Dist.; trustee Kenyon College; 
trustee Ohio I'niv. Home address: Chilli- 
cothe. O.; Winter address: Metropolitan 
Club, Washington, D. C. 

sician; born, Anderson, Ind., May 23, 1877; 
son of Elisha Maxwell Douthitt and Flor- 
ence (Seribner) Douthitt; educated: Pub. 
Schs. of 'Anderson and Indianapolis; Star- 
ling Ohio Med. Coll., Columbus, O. Col- 
lege degrees: M. D. Married. Maud 
Louise Harris, Aug. 3, 1904. Phys. Dir. 
Y. M. C. A., Calumet. Mich.. 1900-1904; 
Pueblo, Colo.. 1904-1905; Hamilton, Ohio, 
1905-1906; Marion. O., 1906-1908; Phys. 
Dir. of Capitol Univ., Columbus, O., 1908- 
1912; Dir. Physical Education and Resi- 
dent Physician. Ohio Univ. 1912 to date. 
Socs. and clubs: Athens Co. Med. Soc.; 
Ohio State Med. Soc.; Fellow Am. Med. 
Assn. Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 
dress: 193 East State St., Athens, O. 

DOUGHERTY, CURTIS, Railway Official; 
born. Otterville. 111., July 30, 1863; son of 
Henry E. Dougherty and Dyantha (Cur- 
tis) Dougherty; educated: C. E., Wash- 
ington Univ.. St. Louis, 1885. Married, 
Catherine Molitor. Oct. IS. 1887. In office 
Chief Engineer, Wisconsin Ry., 1SS7-1888; 
Engr.. C. & W. I. R. R., 1888-1892; Asst. 
Engr., 1892-1903; Roadmaster, Chicago 
Div., 1893-19'02; Supt., Springfield Div., 
1^2-1907. I. C. R. R.: Asst. Chief Enarr., 
1907-10; Chief Engr., Nov. 1, 1910 , Cin- 
cinnati, New Orleans & Tex. Pacific Ry. 
Socs. and clubs: Queen City; Business 
Men's. Cincinnati, O.; Western Soc. of 
Engineers; Am. Railway Engineering 
Assn. (Director). Methodist-Episcopal. 
Home address: Cincinnati, O. 

DOUGHERTY, GEORGE, Manufacturer; 
born, Pittsburgh, Pa., March 17, 1879; 
educated: public schools and high school 
of Pittsburgh. Pa. Married, Elizabeth 
Reifsnider, June 8, 1904. Entered em- 
ploy of United States Glass Co., at Pitts- 
burgh, as billing clerk; transferred to Tif- 
fin, O., as shipping clerk in 1900; became 
superintendent of Tiffin plant, Oct., 1909. 
Soc?. and clubs: Masons. Protestant 
Episcopal Church. Home address: 150 
Noble St.. Tiffin. O. 

DOYLE, DAYTON A., Common Pleas Judge, 
Summit Co. Term expires, - . Home 
address: Akron. O. 

DOYLE, JOSEPH B.. Librarian; born, 
Steubenville. Ohio. Sept. 10, 1849; son of 
Joseph C. Doyle and Eliza A. (McFeely) 
Doyle, educated: Steubenville high school. 
Pittsburgh Commercial College and 
Course of Law Study. Admitted to bar, 
Sept., 1870; entered on newspaper work, 
1871, and continued until 1905; appointed 
librarian Jefferson Co. Law Library Assn., 
Jan.. 1908: became Pres. of Bd. of Trus- 
tees of Steubenville Public Library, 1910, 
and Pres. of Union Cemetery Bd., 1915. 
Socs. and clubs: Historian Ohio Soc. of 
Sons of the American Revolution. Mem- 

ber of the American Church, commonly 
known as Episcopal. Author of several 
literary works, including biographies of 
Hon. Edwin M. Stanton and Gen. Wm. 
F. Von Steuben; Twentieth Century His- 
tory of Jefferson County, "The Church 
in Eastern Ohio." etc. Home address: 
413 Dock St.. Steubenville, O. 

DOZER, ELLIS ISRAEL, Physician; born, 
Roseville, Muskingum Co., O. ; son of Enos 
Dozer and Elizabeth Mary (Stoneburner) 
Dozer; educated: Dea.vertown (O.) high 
school; Electic Med. Coll., Cincinnati, O. 
College degrees: M. D. Married, Ada L. 
Wanee, Jan. 15, 1893. Engaged in prac- 
tice medicine, Crooksville, O.. July 20, 

1892 . Socs. and clubs: State and Nat. 

Eclectic Med. Assns.; Perry Co. Med. Soc.; 
Ohio State Med. Assn.; K. T. Mason; 
K P Member Church Christ. Home ad- 
dress: Crooksville, O.. Burley St., office 
and residence. 

man; born, Urbana, O., April 25, 18 ; 
son of Peter Downey and Mary (Burnell) 
Downey; educated: local public schools; 
St. Joseph's Coll., Bardstown, Ky. ; St. 
Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. ; St. 
Mary's Seminary, Cincinnati, O. ; Propa- 
ganda. Rome. Italy. Asst. pastor, St. 
Peter's Cathedral, Cincinnati, O., 1892-3; 
Prof. St. Gregory Seminary, Hamilton, 
Co., O., 1S94-1903; pastor, Guardian Angels' 
Church. Mt. "Washington. O., 1904-5; es- 
tablisher and pastor, Holy Family Ch., 
Dayton, O., 1905 . Catholic. Home ad- 
dress: 1518 May St.. Dayton. O. 

born, Sarahsville, O. ; daughter of Dr. 
Hiram Jamos Downey and Martha (Ball) 
Downey; educated: public schools, Noble 
Co., O. ; Shepardson Coll. (1895); Deni- 
son Univ. (A. B.. 1899); Univ. Chicago, 
Library Sch. (1901); Asst. Librarian, 
Field Museum, Chicago, 1901-2; Librarian, 
Ottumwa, la.. Public Library, 1902-8; li- 
brary organizer of Ohio. 1908-12; library 

Secy, and organizer of Utah, 1914 ; 

Dir. Chautatiqua (N. Y.) Library School, 

1906- -. Author: Library Extension in 

Ohio; Developing a Public Library; Read- 
ing in Rural Communities; The Library 
arid the School; How to Use a Library; 
Collecting Magazines for Reference Files; 
Pioneering in Utah; Literature and Cul- 
ture; A Library Survey of Utah; Library 
and School Co-operation in Utah; State 
Library Extension; also pamphlets and 
articles on library work; lecturer on Li- 
brary Organization and Administration; 
collector of book plates. Socs. and clubs: 
Secy. Iowa Library Assn. 1904-5; Secy. 
Ohio Library Assn.. 1910-11; Pres. Ohio 
Library Assn.. 1912-14; Mem. Council of 
Am. Library Assn.. 1913-14; Mem. Exec- 
utive Com. League of Library Commis- 
sions. 1915-17: Utah Library Assn.; Co- 
lumbus (Ohio) Library Clnb; Am. Book 
Plate Soc.; Woman's Shakespeare and 
Fortnightly Clubs (Ottumwa, la.); College 
Woman's "Club (Columbus, O.); Olla Pod- 
rida and Library Clubs; Equal Suffrage 
Assn. (Columbus, O.); Deniso n Univ. 
Alumni Assn.: Pres. Shepardson Coll. 
Alumnae Assn., 1912-1914; Chmn. Library 
Extension Com. Ohio Fed. Women's Clubs, 
1910-15: Salt Lake City (Utah) Ladies' 
Literary Club; Library Com. Home and 

Sch League. 1915 ; Library Extension 

Com. Utah Fed. Women's Clubs, 1915-Ul; 
Library Com. Gen. Fed. Women's Club?, 
1915-16; Philomathean Lit. Soc.. Denison 
Univ. Baptist. Home address: Colum- 
bus. O. Present address: 1184 First Ave., 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

DRAKE, HURD ALLYN, Clergyman: born, 
Pontiac. Mich.. Feb. 11, 1SS5; son of 



James L. Drake and Sanih Louisa (Pres- 
ton' Di.'ke; educated: District School, 
Blissneld Twp., Lena wee Co., Mich.; 
Hl'-sii.-l.l High School; Alma College; 
College Athlete and Orator. College de- 
grees: A. It., Alma College. 1911. Mar- 
ried. Clara Munich: ..... f Unwell. Mich., 
March 31. 1906. Preached as student- 
preacher at Carleton. Bridgeport, Im- 
manue] Presbyterian Church of Saginaw, 
Mich.; ordained by the Presbytery of 
n;'.w and installed pastor at St. Louis, 
Mh h.; later called to present pastorate of 
First Presbyterian Church, Napoleon, O. ; 
ex-Mod. Tutor of Presbytery of Maumee; 
maua/.ine writer; lecturer. Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: 304 West Main 
St.. Napoleon. O. 

DREHER, HENRY, Merchant; born, Cleve- 
l.iii.l, <)., Aus?. IS, 1864; son of Baptiste 
Dreher and Elizabeth (Ackeijman) Dreher; 
educated: Kenyon Coll., Gambier, O. Mar- 
ried. Nellie Mabel Ashwell. Piano mer- 
chant; .member firm and Pres. The B. 
Dreher's Sons Co.. 1028-30 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland. O.. 1905 -- ; ex-Pres. Nat. 
Piano Merchants Assn.; member jury 
awards (on musical instruments) at San 
Francisco. May, 1H1.V Socs. and clubs: 
Cleveland Athletic Club; Shaker Heights 
Country Club: Willowick Country Club; 
Knight Templar, Oriental Comimandery, 
No 1^. Cleveland. O.; Lake Erie Consis- 
tory. Scottish Rite; Al Koran Temple; 
Mystic Shrine. Home address: 112m3 
Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

DRESBACH, IRA J.. Jeweler; born, Circle- 
vil'e, O., April 20, 1879; son of Jonathan 
A. Dresbach and Mary Elizabeth (Hoff- 
man) Dresbach; educated: Circleville, O. 
Married. Margaret H. Conradt, Jan. 31, 
1914. Engaged in the jewelry and optical 
business since Jan. 21. 1895, with 'stores 
in Tiflin and Fostoria, O. ; Dir. and Pres. 
of Tiffin Chamber of Commerce. Socs. 
and ( Inhs: Scottish Rite Mason; B. P. 
O. E. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: 175 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, O. 
DREW, IRVING, Manufacturer; born, Row- 
ley Mass.. July 27, 1^49; son of Frederick 
Drew and Sarah Gage (Bailey) Drew; 
educated: public schools; Denison Univ. 
Married, Ella A. Gates, June 30, 1879. 
Removed to Portsmouth, O., and entered 
employ shoe manufacturing company, 1869; 
became financially interested in manu- 
facturing business, 1874; five -vears later 
organized Drew, Selby & Co., which com- 
pany was incorporated in 1902 (gradually 
retiring), organized and became presi- 
dent of T'le Irving Drew Co.; later, name 
of the old company changed to The Selby 
Shoe Co.: trustee Portsmouth Public Li- 
brary several years; trustee Western Col- 
lege "for Women. Oxford, O., 15 yrs.; Dir. 
and Vice Pres. Ohio State Life Ins. Co. 
since organization in 19or,; :,n yrs. a mem- 
ber. 40 yrs. an official and 32 yrs. an 
elder in Presbyterian Ch., Portsmouth, O. 
Home address: Gallia St., Portsmouth, ' >. 
born, Covington, Ky., Feb. 3. 1S44: son 
of Asa Drury and Elizabeth Williams 
(Getchell) Drury; educated: Centre Coll., 
Danville. Ky.; Univ. Pennsylvania, Med. 
Dept. College degrees: A. B.. 1S65: A. 
M. 1^1: M. D.. 1S6S; M. D. ad eunden 
Med. ("oil. of Ohio, 1S7S. Married, Angle 
Ki'tik-e Kinkead, Sept. 7. 1871. In med- 
ical practice. Cincinnati. O.. Sept., 
is.-,'i _; Dist. Physiefan, 1S74-5; Prof. 
Dermatology, Laura Memorial Woman's 
M.-d. Col!.. 1S90-1900; Prof. Hygiene, 1901- 
1910; Prof. Emeritus. 1910 -- , Univ. Cin- 
cinnati. O. Author: Legends of the 
A.ple, 1'"'!: Dante Physician, 19S. 
and clubs: Cincinnati Obstet. Soc.; 


cinnati Research Soc.; Pres. Cincinnati 
Hi, inch Am. Folk-lore Soc.. 1906; Ohio 
S,,c S R.; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Mem 
Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati; Ohio 
State Medical Assn.; American Medical 
Assn. Horn,- address: Flat 32, Nevavr 
Hldg.. Cincinnati. O. 

DRURY, FRANCIS EDSON, Manufacturer; 
horn. Saline. Mich.; sun of Devvil C. Drury 
and Sarah B. (Warner) Drury; educated: 
public schools. Adrian. Mich. Married, 
Julia Robinson. June. 1882. Vice Pres. 
The Taylor \- Hoggs Foundry Co., Cleve- 
land, (.. l^">: organized and established, 
The Cleveland Foundry Co., Cleveland, 

o is,ss . Socs. and clubs: Union Club; 

Rowfant Club; Country Club; Athletic- 
Club. Presbyterian. Home address: 861o 
Euclid Ave..' Cleveland. O. 
Professor: born. Dayton. O.. Aug. 21. 
1888: son of Augustus Waldo Drury and 
Sophia (Book waiter) Drury; educated: 
Dayton Pub. Schs.; Otterbein Univ.; Univ. 
Chicago; Columbia L'niY. College de- 
grees: A. B.. 1910: A. M.. U'1.0; Ph. D.. 
1915. Married, Ruth Williamson, Aug. 
19. 1914. Instr. in Math, and History, 
Southwestern I'niv.. 1911-12; President's 
Univ. Scholar in Economics, Columbia 
I'niv., 1913-14: Instr. Economics and Sociol- 
ogy. Ohio State LTniv. 1914 . Author: 

Scientific Management: A History and 
Criticism, 1915. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
Economic Assn.; Secy.-Treas. Ohio Acad. 
of Social Sciences; Columbus Central 
Philanthropic Council. Congregational- 
ist. Home address: 140 East Blake Ave.. 
Columbus. O. 

DRURY, ROBERT BLEE, Surgeon; born, 
Columbus, O., Jan. 27, 1878; son of (Dr.) 
William H. Drury and Eliza (Herbert) 
Drury; educated: Starling Medical Coll. 
College degrees: M. D. Married. Elinor 
Westcott, July 15. 1908. Practicing sur- 
geon since 1908. Socs. and clubs: Elks; 
Athletic Club; Knights of Columbus; Am. 
Med. Assn.; Columbus Acad. of Med. 
Catholic Church. Home address: 285 E. 
State St.. Columbus. O. 

DUCRO, JOHN P., Merchant; born, Ashta- 
bula, O.. Dec. 20. 1S65; son of John Ducro 
and Jsabelle (Warner) Ducro; educated: 
Ashtabula public schools and Cleveland 
and Pittsburgh Colleges of Embalming. 
Married. Carrie L. Butts, July 20, IM'7. 
Engaged in mercantile business, etc., 
Ashtabula. O.. 1885 ; Dir. Peoples' 

Building Loan Co.. 1909 . Socs. and 

clubs: F. & A. M.. Rising Sun Lodge, 
Asht^buln: '>. K. Star: Unity Lodge. K. 
P.; B. P. O. Elk, 208; Shore Golf Club. 
Episcopalian. Home address: 20 Elm St., 
Ashtabula. O. 

DUEBER, ALBERT M., Manufacturer; 
Pres & Treas. The Dueber Watch Case 
Mfs?. Co. Home address: 712 Tuscarawas 
St.. W.. Canton. O. 

DUFF. ALFRED L., Attorney; born. Port 
Clinton. O.. Oct. 16. 1S77; son of William 
Duff and Mel, na (Smoot) Duff; educated: 
Port Clinton. O.: Western Reserve Univ., 
and St. Johns Univ.. Toledo, O. College 
degrees: D. D. S. and LL. B. Married, 
Eleanor Magruder. June 24, 1908. Prac- 
ticed dentistry in Port Clinton, O.. 1902- 
1910; admitted to bar. June, 1911; Mem. 
of firm of Graves. Stahl & Duff. Port 
Clinton, O.; elected prosecuting attorney, 
Ottawa Co.. 1914; re-elected, 1916. Socs. 
and clubs: Elks; Masonic; K. of P.; Port 
Clinton Yacht Club; Colonial Club: Clin- 
ton Club. Episcopal Church. After grad- 
uation from, Port Clinton high school, 
sailed on the lakes until 1902. Home ad- 
,1-,-ss: Port Clinton, O. 



DUFF, ORRIS ERASTUS, Chief Clerk in 
Treasurer of State's office: boin. near 
Jeffersonville. Fayette Co., Ohio. March 
24, 1S71; son of William Morgan Duff and 
Eliza I. (Creamer) Duff; educated: coun- 
try schools: So. Solon high school; Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Lima Coll.; Wittenberg 
Coll. College degrees: B. Fed.; B. S. 
Married. Lora L. Gossard, Nov. 24, 1S94. 
Began teaching when 19 yrs. of age; 
Apptd. tax commissioner of Madison Co., 
1913. and served until 1915; traveled for 
the American Book Co. until 1917. and 
now is chief clerk in Treasurer of State's 
office; councilman of S. Solon, O., 2 terms: 
was village clerk of Sedalia, O. Socs. and 
clubs: Masons: K. of P.; I. O. O. F. ; 
Knight Templar; M. W. of A.: London 
Club. Methodist Episcopal. Active in 
Democratic politics. Home address: 52 
S. Oak St.. London. O. 

and Historical Writer; born, Ashland, O., 
Oct. 16, 1872; son of Capt. John W. Duff 
and Lovina Freer (Markley) Duff; edu- 
cated: Ashland schools. Ashland, O. ; Wit- 
tenberg College; Ashland College; Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ. Married, Carrie Cowan, 
June 12. 1894 (daughter of Dr. Frank 
Cowan). Editor, Ashland Daily News, 
1894; reportc-rial staff, Mansfield Daily 
News, 1895-1903; city editor, Mansfield 
Daily Shield. 1903-1906; Cleveland News, 
1906-1907; telegraph editor, Sandusky 
Register. 1909-1911; editor. Ashland Press, 

1913 ; chairman, historical department, 

Ashland Centennial, 1915; founder of 
Johnny Appleseed Society which erected 
Boulder Monument in Ashland. July 28, 
1915, more than a thousand children con- 
tributing. Author: "Little Stories of Old 
Sandusky"; "Centennial History of Ash- 
land"; booklets on Johnny Appleseed, 
pioneer orchardist and soldier of peace. 
Socs. and clubs: Knights of Pythias; 
Chamber of Commerce; Appreciation 
League; S'ecy. Alshland Library Assn.; 
Secy. Ashland County Democratic Cen- 
tral and Executive Committees; chairman 
Educational Committee Ashland Y. M. 
C. A.; Mem. Ohio City Editors' Assn. 
Home address: Asesiba Farm, Ashland, 

Pianist: born. Morning View, Ky., Nov. 
7. 1S77; daughter of Capt. Thomas White 
Hardeman and Elizabeth (Taney) Harde- 
man; educated: Covington. Ky., public 
schools: Ca,pital Coll. of Atlanta, Ga. ; 
Coll. Music, Cincinnati, O.; Univ. Cin- 
cinnati. College degrees: Teacher's Cer- 
tificate: Springer Gold Medal. Cincinnati 
Coll. Music. Prin. Piano Dept. Lenora 
Beck's School. Atlanta. Ga. ; Prin. Piano 
Dept., Princeton Collegiate Institute;' Dir. 
Dulaney Piano School, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
1916-17; special correspondent, Cincinnati 
Commercial Tribune: Club Woman's Mag- 
azine; writer on industrial and economic 
subjects various publications; inventor of 
original musical kindergarten system. 
Socs. and clubs: Cincinnati City Club; 
Woman's Rotary Club; MacDowell Club 
(Ky.); Chaminade Club; Students' Music 
Club: Folk-lore Soc.: Inverness Country 
Club (Ky.); Hyde Park Mother's Club. 
Home address: 3853 Isabella Ave., Cin- 
cinnati. O. 

DUMPER, ARTHUR, Clergyman; born, 
England, July 7, 1S73; son of Walter 
Dumper and Jane L. (Lewis) Dumper; 
educated: Cleveland, O., public schools; 
Kenyon Coll. and Bexley Hall. Gambier, 
O. College degrees: B. A. Married, Grace 
C. Sargent. June 2, 1903. Ordained dea- 
con, Sept., 1900, Trinity Cathedral: priest, 
June, 1901. Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, 

O.; curate, Trinity Cathedral, 1900-1903; 
rector, St. Paul's, Norwalk, Ohio, 1903-1": 
rector, Christ Ch., Dayton, O., 1910 
Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta 
Kappa Frat.; Masonic Order. Protestant 
Episcopal. Home address: 116 Volusia 
Ave., Oakwood, Dayton, O. 

DUN BAR, MARGARET, Librarian; born, 
Monmouth. 111.. Sept. 30. 1872; daughter 
of John Cameron Dunbar and Mary F. 
(Smith) Dunbar; educated: Monmouth 
public schools; Monmouth College; Illinois 
State Library Sch., Univ. Illinois. Col- 
lege degrees: B. L.; B. L. S. Librarian 
and head library department, Western 
Illinois State Normal Sch.. Macomb, 111., 
1902-13; head Department 'of Library^ 
Science. Kent State Normal Coll., Kent, 
O.. 1913 . Socs. and clubs: Am. Li- 
brary's As'sn.; Ohio Library Assn.; Cleve- 
land Automobile Club. Home address: 
Kent. O. 

born, Columbus. O., Aug. 29, 1883; son of 
Thomas Jefferson Duncan and Melissa 
(Phifer) Duncan; educated: country 
schools, Fairfield Co., O. ; public schools, 
Columbus, O. ; Central high school, class 
1901. Columbus, O. ; Princeton University, 
class 1905; Ohio State University Law De- 
partment, class 190S. College degrees: 
A. B. ; LL. B. Married, Edna Cole Camp- 
bell. Deo. 16. 1914. Admitted to Ohio 
bar, 1908: engaged in general practice law 
(with father), under firm name, Duncan 
& Duncan, Columbus, O 1908-14; elected 
prosecuting attorney. Franklin Co., O., 
Nov.. 1914; re-elected. Nov.. 1916. for 
second term of two years. Socs. and 
clubs: Vice Pres. Franklin Co. Bar Assn., 
year 1916; Tower Club (Princeton Univ.); 
Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Sphinx 
Head Senior Soc. (O. S. U.); Athletic 
Club (Col.): Scioto Country Club; Friars 
Club (Col.); Young Business Men's Club 
(Col.); Arlington Country Club; Columbus 
Automobile Club: Elk Club; Junia Lodge 
I. O. O. F. ; W. O. W. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 1618 Graville St., Colum- 
bus. Ohio. 

Judge; born, Cardington, O., Feb. 13, 1864; 
son of Thomas E. Duncan and Rachel 
(Frew) Duncan; educated: Pub. Sehs. ; 
Denison Univ.; Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; 
Grad. Law Sch. of Cincinnati Coll., May, 
18SS. Married, Elba Nile Ireland, May 
5. 1891. Admitted to bar. May 24, 1888; 
entered practice of law with father at 
Mt. Gilead, and remained with him until 
Jan. 1. 1889. when he came to Findlay; 
practiced law in Findlay. O.. until ele- 
vated to the common pleas bench in 1902; 
was admitted to practice in U. S. Dis- 
trict Court at Toledo, Dec. 1. 1891. and 
in U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Cincin- 
nati, O., May 24, 1894; was elected city 
solicitor, Findlay, O., April, 1S90, and re- 
elected in 1892; appointed Judge Court of 
Common Pleas, 10th Judicial Dist., by 
Gov. Nash, Aug. 15, 1902; vice judge J. W. 
Schaufelberger, resigned, and served from 
Sept. 11, 1902, to May 4, 1903; was elected 
judge of this court in Nov.. 1903. for the 
uriexpired term of Judge Chas. M. Mel- 
horn, deceased, and served from Nov. 16, 
1903, to Feb. S, 1905; was re-elected judge 
of this court for full term in Nov.. 1904, 
1910 and 1916. Socs. and clubs: Masons; 
K. T.: K. of P.: I. O. O. F.: Elks: Mac- 
cabees. Attendant The First M. E. Church 
and member of The Brotherhood Bible 
Class. Home address: 506 W. Sandusky 
Sf.. Findlay. O. 

sician; born. Fairview. O.. March 3, 1S72; 



son of Dr. William Henry Dunham and 
Mary (McPherson) Dunham; educated: 
Cincinnati, Ohio, public schools; Hushes 
high school; Univ. Cincinnati; Miami 
Med. Coll.; Johns Hopkins Hosp. College 
degrees: B. L. ; M. D. Married. Amelia 
Hickenlooper. March 14. 1905. Three yrs. 
studying- at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, 
St. George's Hospital; Ormbnd St. Hos- 
pital for Sick Children, London. Eng. ; 
practicing physician, Cincinnati, O., 1897. 
Research work. Johns Hopkins; Univ. 
Wis., Madison, \Vis. ; Eppendorfer, Kran- 
kenhams. Hamburg. Germany; President 
Cincinnati Anti-Tuberculosis League; Dir. 
Tuberculosis Clinic Med. Dept. Univ. Cin- 
cinnati; attending physician, Cincinnati 
Tuberculosis Hospital; specialist on chest 
diseases and Roentgen diagnosis; associate 
editor of American Review of Tuberculosis 
and of The Medical Times. Socs. and 
clubs: University Club; Country Club; 
Literary Club; Academy Medicine; Re- 
search Soc.; Golf Club; Art Club; Busi- 
ness Men's Club; Roentgen Ray Soc. of 
U. S. : Am. Med. Assn. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 2503 Auburn Ave., Mt. 
Auburn. Cincinnati. O. 

born. Columbus. O.. Aug. 23. 1873; son 
of John Milton Dunham and Annie (Cross) 
Dunham; educated: Ohio State Univ.; 
TTniv. Mich.: Ohio Med. Univ.; Columbia 
Univ.; Berlin Univ. College degrees: A. 
B.. Univ. Mich. (1894); M. D.. Ohio Med. 
Univ. (1897). Bacteriologist to Municipal 
Board Health. 1S98-1901; Prof. Diseases 
Digestive System. Ohio Med. Univ.; Star- 
ling Med. College. 1902-1912; Pres. Colum- 
bus Academy Medicine. 1915; in active 

practice. Columbus. O., 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Ohio State Med. Assn.; Am. 
Med. Assn.; The American Gastro-enter- 
ological Assn.; Phi Delta Theta Frat. ; 
Athletic Club; Scioto Country Club. Home 
address: 70 South Grant Ave.. Columbus, 

born. Lebanon, O., Sept. 1. 1840; son of 
John Dunham and Mary (Maple) Dun- 
ham; educated: Normal School, Lebanon, 
O. ; Univ. Mich, College degrees: M. A.; 
M. D. Married, Anna Cross, April 8, 
1889. Practicing physician, general, Co- 
lumbus. O.. 1870 ; Prof, in Med. Coll., 

25 yrs.; Pres. Board Trustees, Med. Coll., 
S yrs.. and Secy. 12 yrs.; connected with 
the hospitals. 35 yrs.; bank director and 
director in Loan Assn.; Vice Pres. Ma- 
sonic Temple Assn., Columbus, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Med. Assn.; Columbus Acad. 
Medicine: State Med. Soc.: Am. Med. 
Assn. Official member Methodist Epis- 
copal Church 40 yrs. Home address: 222 
East Town St.. Columbus. O. 

DUNKLE, ELI, Univ. Prof.; born, Mc- 
Arthur. O.. Jan. 31. son of Eli Dunkle 
and Jane CColvin) . Dunkle; educated: 
Ohio University. College degrees: A. B. 
flS77); A. M. (1SSO). Married, Anna 
Louise Bothwell, July 30. 1885. Public 
school work, 1877-80; Supt. schools, Ham- 
den, O., 1SS1-3; Prin. Preparatory Dept., 
Ohio University, 1884-1906; associate Prof. 
Greek, Ohio Univ.. 1892-1906; Prof. Greek, 
Ohio Univ.. Athens, O.. 1907 ; Regis- 
trar. Ohio Univ.. 1908 . Socs. and 

clubs: Beta Theta Pi Frat.; Am. Philo- 
logical Assn. Methodist Episcopal. Home 
address: Athens. O. 

ney; born. Cincinnati. O., Jan. 18. 1869; 
son of Robert Alexander Dunlap and Mary 
Margaret (Whiteside) Dunlap; educated: 
St. Xavier College, and Cincinnati Law 
Sch.. O. College degrees: A. M.; LL. B. 

Married. Cecilia G. Meyer. Feb. 1. 1913. 
Practice of law in Cincinnati. O. Socs. 
and clubs: Hyde Park Business Club; 
Country Club; B. P. O. Elks; Knights 
of Columbus; Mem. Exam. Com. for Ad- 
mission to Bar; Ohio Soc. of Sons of 
Revolution (Treas.); Secy. Cincinnati 
Council Boy Scouts of America; Pres. St. 
Joseph's Orphan Asylum Assn.; Ohio Bar 
Assn.; Cincinnati Bar Assn. Catholic. 
Home arldress: 1305 S. Michigan Ave., 
Hyde Park. Cincinnati. O. 
Law School; born. Cleveland, O.. July 
15. 1877; son of Thomas Dunmore and 
Elizabeth (Wright) Dunmore; educated: 
Oberlin Coll.; Western Reserve Univ. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1900; A. M.. 1904; 
LL B., 1904. Married Mabel Curtis Dun- 
more. Nov. 10. 1904. Instr. law of prop- 
erty, 1905-7; Prof, law of property, evi- 
dence, and conflict of laws, 1907 : also 

dean Law School, Western Reserve Univ., 
since 1911. Socs. and clubs: Mem. Order 
of the Coif; Theta Lambda Phi; Univ. 
Club. Methodist Church. Republican. 
Author: Ship Subsidies. 1907; also arti- 
cles on "Decedents' Estates" and "Exec- 
utors and Administrators." in Cyclo. of 
Procedure: contributor to legal periodicals. 
Home address: 1470 E. 116th St., Cleve- 
land. O. 

DUNN, ELIJAH I., Attorney; born. Mt. 
Vernon. O.. June 20. 1840: son of John 
Dunn and Elizabeth (Bowlman) Dunn 
educated: in the "old log school house' 
in the "black swamp" of Wood Co., O. 
Lockland, Hamilton Co.. O. Married, 
Martha J. Strother. Jan. 12, 1865. Prac- 
ticed law continuously 51 yrs. and now 
in active practice; early years spent 
primarily in criminal practice and tried 
over 480 felony and 51 homicide cases; 
later practice devoted much to wills and 
estates: has been in the brokerage and 
loan business. Author: Dunn's Abstracts. 
Has been justice of the peace; internal 
revenue collector; present firm. Dunn & 
Cole (Ralph B. Cole, former member of 
congress). Socs. and clubs: Grand Army 
of Republic: I. O. O. F.: B. P. O. E. 
Methodi'St-Episcopal. Address: Ewing 
Bids.. Findlay. O. 

Dunn Wire-Cut-Lug Brick Co.; born, 
Sheakleyville. Mercer Co., Pa.. Oct. 26, 
1874; son of S. A. Dunn and Sarah D. 
(Richardson) Dunn; educated: public 
school. Sheakleyville, Pa. Married, Maud 
Grace Nunamaker. June 15. 1901. Pres. 
and Treas. The Dunn Wire-Cut-Lug Brick 
Co.. Conneaut. O. Socs. and clubs: Mem. 
of Cleveland Chamber of Commerce; 
American Ceramic Society; American So- 
ciety for Testing Materials; American 
Road Builders Assn.; Colonial Club, Con- 
neaut. O. ; Cleveland Athletic Club; trus- 
tee First M. E Church, Conneaut. Ohio. 
Home address: 309 Monroe St., Conneaut, 

DUNN, HARRY ARTHUR, Attorney: born, 
Roseville. O., Feb. 2S. Ixs7: son of Wil- 
liam C. Dunn and Sarah A. (Sagle) Dunn; 
educated: Sandusky high school and "Ken- 
yon Coll. Married. Charlotte Franklin 
Montgomery, July 2, 1912. In office of 
the Secy, of State of Ohio, 1910-1915: ad- 
mitted to bar in Dec., 1913; practicing law 
in Sandusky since August, 1915, with King 
& Ramsey; special counsel of Attorney 
General of Ohio for Sandusky and vicin- 
ity: solicitor of the village of Kelleys Is- 
land. Socs. and clubs: Masonic: Plum 
Brook Country Club. Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 313 East Washington St., 
Sandusky. O. 



DUNN, ROBERT CONANT, Attorney; born, 
Bowling Green, O., Oct. 28, 1&89; son of 
Robert Dunn and Helen M. (Van Tassel) 
Dunn; educated: Bowling Green high 
school; Deni'son Univ.; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. S.; B. Rh.; LL. B.; 
J. D. Married, Mlyrtle B. Bridgeman, 
March 14. 1915. Junior partner of the 
firm, Harrington & Dunn, Bowling Green, 

Ohio, 1915 ; associated with Harry E. 

King, Toledo, O.. as practicing attorney- 
at-law, 1914. Socs. and clubs: Phi Gamma 
Delta: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; 
F. & A. M., "Wood Co. Lodge; R. & A. M., 
Crystal Chapter; Bowling Green Lodge, 
B. P. O. E.; Kenneth Castle, K. of P.; 
University Club. Presbyterian. Home 
address: 218 North Church St.. Bowling 
Green. O. 

DUNN, WALDO HILARY, Educator; born, 
Rutland, O., Oct. 4, 1882; son of Arthur 
M. Dunn and Isabel (Fowler) Dunn; edu- 
cated: Monroe high school, Ohio: Univ. 
of Cincinnati; The College of "Wooster; 
Yale Univ.; Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland. 
College degrees: B. A., Yale, 1906: M. A., 
Yale, 1909; Litt. D., Glasgow. 1916. Mar- 
ried, Fern D. Greenwald, June 11, 1907. 
Taught in public schools of Ohio, 1900-2; 
Prof, of English Literature, Davis and 
Elkins Coll., West Virginia, 1906-7; Ad- 
junct Prof, of English Literature, College 
of Wooster, 1907-13; Prof, of Rhetoric, 
Wooster, 1913-16; Prof, of English Liter- 
ature, "Wooster, 1916 ; elder in West- 
minster Presby. Church, Wooster. Ohio. 
Books published: "The Vanished Empire, 
A Tale of the Mound Builders." 1904; 
"The Modern Short-Story," in collabo- 
ration, 1914; "English Biography," 1916. 
Home address: Wooster, O. 

DUNLAVY, D. F., Attorney; born. Ashta- 
bula. O.. March 1. 1885; son of James 
Dunlavy and Nora (Hussey; Dunlavy; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Ash tabula; High 
Sch. of Ashtabula; Univ. of Mich. Col- 
lege degrees: LL. B. " Married, Beryl Fet- 
terman. July 15. 1912. City solicitor of 
Ashtabula, 1912; ronnty prosecutor of 
Ashtabula Co.. 1913-14; member Demo- 
cratic Electoral Coll. for President, 1916; 
now practicing law in Ashtabula. O. 
S'ocs. and clubs: Moose; Elks. Roman 
Catholic. Was youngest prosecutor in 
Ohio at the time of his incumbency as 
county prosecutor of Ashtabula Co.; was 
also youngest member of Ohio presiden- 
tial electoral college. Home address: 
Ashtabula. O. 

DURBIN, RAYMOND, Editor; born, near 
McConnelsville, O.. Aug. 2. 1879; son of 
William Nixon Durbin and Margaret 
Elizabeth (Border) Durbin; educated: 
country school. Unmarried. Clerked in 
general store. 2 yrs. ; manager of same, 
1907 to 1909; became owner and editor, 

Morgan County Democrat, 1909 ; Secy. 

Dem. Executive Com.; Secy. Morgan Co. 
Bd. Trade; Dist. tax assessor. IV, yrs.; 
Pres. Bd. Education, 1916-17; alternate, 
1912, to Baltimore Nat. Conv. ; delegate, 
15th Dist.. to Dem. Conv. at St. Louis, 
1916 . Socs. and clubs: Mason: Mas- 
ter of Lodge. 1916-17; Modern Woodmen 
of America. Home address: McConnels- 
ville, O. 

DURBIN, WILLIAM W., Manufacturer; 
born, Sept. 29. 1866; son of William W. 
and Margaret (Lipold) Durbin; educated: 
public schools of Kenton; Natl. Law 
Univ., Washington. D. C. Married, Mary 
L. Danaher, March 25, 1S90. Admitted to 
bar, June, 1888; practiced until June, 1902; 
was law partner. Hon. Phil. M% Crow, 
Judge of Court of Appeals; manager and 
treasurer of the Scioto Sign Co.. 1902 ; 

member of Board of Education, 1891-94, 
1911-16; elected chairman of the Dem. 
State Central Com. in 1915. and re-elected 
1916, for the years 1917-1918; was candi- 
date for Auditor of State of Ohio in 190S 
on the Dem. ticket and ran more than 
fifty thousand ahead of ticket, but was 
defeated; delegate to Democratic National 
Convention, 1900, Kansas City, and 1912, 
Baltimore; was in charge of Wilson forces 
in Ohio; candidate for Congress in 8th 
Ohio Dist., 1912, and defeated by Gov. 
Willis: examiner of claims, 2nd Auditor's 
office, Treasury Dept., Washington, 1886- 
1890. Socs. and clubs: Knights of Py- 
thias; Elks, of which he has been Exalted 
Ruler for eight terms. Home address: 
82 N. Resch St.. Kenton, O. 

DURR, CHESTER S., Editor; born. Elm- 
wood Place, O., Jan. 7, 1892; son of 
Peter W. Durr and Emma F. (Freytag) 
Durr; educated: Elmwood Inter.; Ohio 
Military Inst.; McDonald Law Irvst. ; Cin- 
cinnati Law School; Woodward High Sch. 
Entered office of The Blade Publishing 
Co., Ellmwood Place, O., in 1909. at pres- 
ent managing editor The Blade and Pres. 
of the corporation; member Republican 
Co. Central Com., Hamilton Co., Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Alpha Chi Sigma; Loyal 
Order of Moose; Fraternal Order Eagles; 
Young Men's Elaine Club. Home address: 
Springfield Pike, Hartwell. Cincinnati, O. 

DURY. CHARLES, Entomologist; born, 
Cincinnati, O.. Nov. 14. 1847; son of 
Francis W. Dury and Louisa M. (Gibson) 
Dury; educated: public schools. Married, 
Pearl A. Welch, Oct. 28, 1896. Contribu- 
tor, papers on entomological subjects and 
ornithology; Mem. Ohio Academy Sciences 
(Pres.. 1907). Socs. and clubs: Cincin- 
nati Soc. Natural History (Pres., 1897- 
9S-1915-16-17) ; Cuvier Press Club (trustee. 

1906 ). Home address: 537 Ridgeway 

Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

born, Van Wert, O., Oct. 4, 1S60; son of 
George Dustman and Amelia (Peters) 
Dustman; educated: Dist. Schs. Married, 
Augusta Rand. Dec. 2. 1890. On farm 
from birth until 28 yrs. old; three yrs. 
with Van Wert Bulletin; 1891-1908, Toledo 
Blade; was managing editor, Toledo Blade, 
14 yrs.; editor of the American Issue, 

Columbus, 1908 . Methodist-Episcopal. 

Home address: 1332 Highland St.. Colum- 
bus. O. 

DUTTON, J. HARMON, Clergyman: born, 
Neptune, Mercer Co., O., Sept. 2, 1878; 
son of John Martin Dutton and Anna 
Elizabeth (Hickernell) Dutton; educated: 
common and high schools, Neptune. O. ; 
National Cash Register Industrial Sch. ; 
Bonebrake Theol. Seminary (1906); North- 
western Univ., Evanston, 111. (1912 : Mar- 
ried. Maude May Ingle, Dec. 24. 1899. 
School teacher; cash register salesman; 
Y. M. C. A. Secy.: pastor, U. B. Church, 
Argenta; pastor, U. B. Church, Chicago, 
111; pastor, U. B. Church, Dayton, Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Modern Woodmen of 
Am.; Odd Fellow. United Brethren in 
Christ. Home address: 35 Warder St., 
Dayton. O. 

Prof.; born, Indianapolis, Ind., March 20, 
1861; son of David Cornelius Duvall and 
Sophronia Alice (Nelson) Duvall; edu- 
cated: DePauw Univ.: Boston Univ. Sch. 
of Theol.; Berlin. Jena and Tublingen, 
Germany. 1890-2. College degrees: A. B., 
1888; S'." T. B., 1889; Ph. D.. 1S92. Mar- 
ried, Adela Louise Ogden, Aug. 29. 1894. 
Instr. and Prof. Philosophy. DePauw 
Univ.. 1892-5; Prof. Philosophy, 1895- : 
Dean of Coll., 1900-5; Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 



Socs. and clubs: Am. Psychol. Assn.; Am. 
Philos. Assn.: Phi Beta Kappa. Church 
affiliations. Methodist. Author: Outline 
of Philosophy of Religion, 181)8. Con- 
tributor on Psychol. and Educational 
Subjects. llnliie address: l>e'a\\are. i ). 

DUVAL, MATTHEW, Educator; born. 
.Baltimore, Hamilton Co., O., Nov. 16, 
1876; son (if Alexander U'ilsna I nival and 
Alice (Burns) Duval; educated: public 
school; Shaniloii high sdionl; Northern 
Nurinal 1'niv.. Lebanon, O.; Miami Univ. 
Married, Sibyl Hunt. July 17, 1912. 
Teach< r rural schools, 4 yrs.; upper gram- 
mar grades ami principal. yrs.; Instr. 
high school, 4 yrs.; Supt. Mt. Healthy, 

O., public schools, 1914 . Soes. and 

clubs: Cincinnati Schoolmasters' Club; 
Hamilton County Teachers' Assn.: South- 
western Ohio Assi.; Ohio State Teachers' 
Assn.: I. O. O. K; McMakin Lodge. No. 
120. F. & A. M. Congregationalism Home 
address: It; N. Harrison Ave., Mt. Healthy, 


tinnnv: horn. Clinton Co.. O., April 3, 
IWi; son of Zimri Dwiggins and Phoebe 
(Frazier) Dwiggins; educated: country 
schools; Wilmington Coll. Married. Mary 
B. Shepherd, Feb. 13, 1873. Admitted to 
ohm bar. May 16. 1S72; practiced law, 
Wilmington, 1^7; located in and assumed 
active practice of law, Findlay, Ohio, 
. Socs. and clubs: Elk, P. E. R. ; 
Mason; Knight Pythias. Home address: 
Findlay, O. 

DYER, CHESTER A.. Farmer: born. Jack- 
s' m. O.. Dec. 17. 1866: son of James Dyer 
and Josephine (Steele) Dyer; educated: 
Jackson Schs.; Business Coll. Married, 
1 .' : n-iide McKinniss, June 2, 1892. Was 
teacher, editor, and now farmer and 
Granger organizer: deputy auditor, 1S91- 
1S94; Mem. Sch. Bd., 1905-13; Mem. Elec- 
tion Bd., 1906-10; Vice Pres. Jackson Co. 
Fair Assn.. 1915-17; Associate Editor Ohio 
State Grange Monthly; Secy. Citizens 
Telephone Co. Socs. and clubs: Grange; 
K. of P.; Jackson Co. Club. Baptist Ch 
Home address: Coalton, O. 

EADY, HENRY J. ( Druggist; born, Cottes- 
brooke, Northamptonshire, England, Apr 
1MH: son of Thomas E-idy and Susan 
(Holt) Eady; educated: in England. Came 
to America in 1S64 and engaged in the 
drug business in Elyria. O.. 1868. Mar- 
ried, Charlotte Ellen Noakes, Feb. 16, 
LS76. Owner of drug store, 1873-1905: 
two business blocks, naming one 
for county where born; was member of 
Elyria city council; Pres. of Bd. of Pub. 
Service; Life Mem. of Elyria Memorial 
Hosp. Co. Socs. and clubs: Mem. Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Masonic Lodge: T. O. 
O. F. St. Andrews Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 24S Sixth St.. Elyria. O. 

er: born, Syracuse, N. Y.. Feb. 2. 18SO; 
son of James Wilson Eager and Ella 
ill.'smer) Eager; educated: common 
schools, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Mass. Inst. of 
Technology, Boston, Mass. College de- 
grees: S. B. Married, Helen L. Hiscock, 
April 22, 1907. With Onondago Elec. Co. 
in Syracuse, in various capacities; two 
yrs. with Westinghou'Se Elec. & Mfg. Co., 
Pittsburgh, as engineer, and since 1906 
with Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co.. Treas. 
Socs. and clubs: Sigma Alpha Erpsilon 
Frat.; Osiris; University Club; Tech. 
Club of Akron; Portage Country Club; 

Northern Ohio Tech. Club; Engineers 
Club; Tech. Club of New York. Home 
address: .',71, I >iagx>nal Rd.. Akron. O. 

ney; born, Washington, O., Oct. 4, 1876; 
son of Tli"inas Kagleson and Jennie 
ispence) Eagleson; educated: Muskingum 
Coll.; Ohio State Univ. Married. Jessie 
Neely, June 2-"., 1913. Began practice of 
law at Cambridge, O., where he remained 
from 1T04 to 1912; removed to Akron. O., 
in I'.Hi' \\here he has since engaged in his 
profession; Mem. Ohio Legislature 1904- 
!'">''; Speaker of House of Representatives, 
1908; counsel for Public Utilities Com. of 
Ohio, 1914-16. Socs. and clubs: Columbus 
Club; Columbus Country Club; Delta Chi 
Frat.; O. S. TTniv.; Knights Templar. 
Methodist Church. Home address: Akron, 

cian; born, Waterloo, O., March 14. 1853; 
aon of Seth Eakman 'and Sarah Jane 
(Mi-Peck) Eakman; educated: common 
and select school's. Lawrence and Sciolo 
counties. College degrees: M. D. Mar- 
ried. Nannie S. Davis. March 12. 18S2. 
Practiced at Pedro, Lawrence Co.. Ohio, 
1881-7; at Ironton since 1887; Member 
Sch. Board, 1887-9; now serving the fourth 
term as member of the Board. Ironton, 
O.; U. S. Pension Examiner. 1892-7; U. S. 
Pension Examining Surgeon. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic; Blue Lodge; Ironton 
Conimandery, K. T.. No. 45; Ohio Valley 
Lodge, 1. O. O. F.; Myrtle Lodge, K. P.; 
Bd. of Trade. Ironton. O. First M. E. 
Church. One of the five trustees of 
Brig-gs Library and Dir. and Pres. of the 
Star Bldg. & Loan Co.. the largest in the 
city. Home address: 315 Hepter St., Iron- 
ton, O. 

ney; born, Miami Co., O. ; son of Jacob 
Earnhart and Philene (Branson) Earn- 
hart; educated: Grad. of Troy High Sch.; 
Miami Univ.; Michigan Univ. College de- 
grees: M. A.; also a Phi Beta Kappa. 
Married, Ida M. Earnhart. Was mayor 
of Troy. O. ; Pros. Atty. of Miami Co., 
O.; State Senator, and Judge of the Mu- 
nicipal Court. Socs. and clubs: Rep. Glee 
Club; Elks; Masons; Woodmen. Chris- 
tian Church. Home address: 1437 Bryden 
Rd.. Columbus. O. 

EARNSHAW, JOE HENRY, Manufacturer: 
born, Tilton, New Hampshire, Oct. 11, 
1862; son of James Earnshaw and Sarah 
(Dawson) Earnshaw; educated: High 
Schp. Married, Delia Electa Webb. Oct. 
19. 1887. Pres. The Columbus State Co.: 
Pres. The Black Diamond Co.; Dir. in 
other corporations. Socs. and clubs: The 
Columbus Club; The Scioto Country 
Club; The Columbus Country Club: Re- 
form Club, New York; Ohio Society, New 
York. Conrregational Church. Home ad- 
dress: Bexley. O. 

EASLEY, JACOB N.. Abstracts-Insurance; 
born. Crawford Co.. O.. May 6, 1867: son 
of Daniel N. Easley and Rosana (Bitti- 
kofer) Easley, who were natives of 
Switzerland; educated: common schools. 
Married. Helen I. Comstock, Sept. .1. 
1899. Taught school several terms; came 
to Bowling- Green in 1-890 and has been 
in the abstracting and insurance business 
since that time, and associated with C. 
W. Lenhart for 25 yrs. in the same; active 
in Ohio politics as a Democrat and has 
served on various political committees 
almost continuously for over two decades: 
member of the Bowling Green Normal 
Coll. Com., which successfully worked to 
locate that institution at Bowling Green, 
Ohio. Socs. and chilis: I. O. O. F., 4i"' 
Bloomdale; Bowling Green Lodge of Elks, 



No. SIS. Presbyterian. Home address: 
North Church St., Bowling Green, O. 
EASTMAN, EPHRAIM R., Attorney; born, 
Woodstock, O., May 6. 1S54; son of Richard 
K. Eastman and Christi Ann (Groves) 
Eastman; educated: public schools, Union 
Co., O. ; Chautauciua L. & S. Circle. 6 
yrs. : University, 3 yrs.; law, 3 yrs. ; pri- 
vate literary work in English. German, 
French, Spanish and Latin. Married, 
Elizabeth Ellen Parrett, Oct. IS. 1874. 
Taught public schools. 1872-1883, except 
one summer, 1873, worked in railroad 
office; farmer during vacations until 1SSO; 
as a mechanic, lxsii-4; six months' ex- 
perience as merchant, 1883-1884; practiced 
law in both State and Federal Courts, 

1884 ; member school board, 1SS2-1SS3; 

postmaster, 1883-1884; clerk. Deputy State 
Supervisors of Elections, 1903-1904; found- 
er of The Ottawa Home and Savings 
Assn.; its Secy. 19 yrs., and attorney. 6 
Author of book of poems and many 
essays; first public advocate of compul- 
sory school laws in Ohio; among first 
advocates of 'system of county superin- 
tendents, also of road improvement in 
Northwestern Ohio. Socs. and clubs: Blue 
Lodge, Chapter and Council of Masons; 
Knights Templar and Scottish Rite. 32d 
degree; Subordinate and Encampment 
Odd Fellows. Methodist-Episcopal. Home 
address: Ottawa. O. 

EASTMAN, LINDA ANNE, Librarian; born, 
Oberlin, O., July 17, 1S67; daughter of 
William Harvey Eastman and Sarah 
(Redrup) Eastman; educated: Cleveland, 
O.. public schools; private tutors. Teach- 
er. 1885-1892; Asst. Cleveland. O.. Public 
Library, 1892-5; Asst. Librarian, Cata- 
loger. Dayton, O.. Public Library. 1895-6; 
Vice Librarian. Cleveland Public Library, 

1896 ; Instr. Western Reserve Univ. 

Library Sch., Cleveland. O., 1904 . 

Socs. and clubs: Ohio Library Assn. (first 
woman president, 1903-4); member Coun- 
cil American Library Assn. (1905-1914); 
American Library Institute; Women's 
City Club (Cleveland, O.); Mem. Board of 
Directors. Home address: 3206 Prospect 
Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

EBERLE, SAMUEL A., Commission Mer- 
chant; born, Cincinnati. O.. Oct. 11, 1873; 
son of Christian Eberle and Magdalene 
Eberle; educated: public schools and Cin- 
cinnati Business Coll. Married, Hilda 
Bertsch, May 1, 1903. Became associated 
with his father ' in produce commission 
business, 1889; at death of his father, 1896, 
became Pres. of firm; Pres. Cincinnati 
Produce Exchange; member Board of Dir. 
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Home 
address: 2624 Scioto Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

ance-Real Estate; born, Perrysburg, Wood 
Co., O., May 24, 1868; son of William S. 
Eberly and Harriet A. (Chubb) Eberly; 
educated: public schools of Bowling Green 
Married, Jessie M. Whitaker. Sept.' 
23, 1891. Entered Exchange Bank of 
Bowling Green, as Asst. Cashier. July 16, 
1886. and remained until the bank ' was 
merged with the Wood County Savings 
Bank. 1906; with the Wood County Sav- 
ings Bank. 4 yrs.; in 1910 opened" office 
of his own and engaged in insurance, real 
estate and loan business, buying the in- 
surance business of Barton and Loomis; 
has been Secy, and Mgr. of The Equitable 

Bld-g. & Loan Co., 1892 ; now located 

in new and well equipped office at 133 
East Wooster St., Bowling Green, Ohio- 
Dir.. Secy, and Mgr. of the Equitable 
Bldg. and Loan Co.; Dir. in Wood County 
Savings Bank Co.; Dir. in Wood Co Fair 
Co.; Dir. and Secy, of the City Water 
Co. ; Treas. of Bowling Green Commercial 

Club. Socs. and clubs: B. P. O. Elks; 
Commercial Club. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: 223 S. Grove St.. Bowling 
Green. O. 

EBERLY, WILLIAM S.. Business Man; 
born, near Portage, Wood Co.. O.. Dec. 
19. 1S36: son of Jacob Eberly and Eliza- 
beth (Cox) Eberly; educated: Dist. Schs. 
near Portage; Fostoria Academy, Fostoria. 
O.; Otterbein Coll.. Westerville. O. Mar- 
ried, Harriet A. Chubb, July 30, 1S67, who 
died, Feb. 25. 1893; 2nd. Allie S. Myers, 
Oct. 5. 1904. Studied law under Hon. 
A. Cook, of Perrysburg, O.; admitted to 
bar. Aug. 7. 1868. and practiced law in 
Bowling Green and Fostoria, O., until 
1^77. when he was elected clerk of courts 
of Wood Co. and was re-elected in 1880, 
serving two terms. Feb.. 1878. to Feb., 
ls^4; owned farm in oil fields and en- 
joyed a lucrative income from it from 
time of discovering oil in 1877; was en- 
gaged in boot and shoe business with his 
son but retired from active business sev- 
eral years ago. Methodist. Home address: 
Bowling Green. O. 

born, Pomeroy, O., Nov. 3, 1859; son of 
Martin Ebersbach and Sophia (Wilder- 
muth) Ebersbach; educated: Pub. Schs., 
Pomeroy, O. . Married, Amelia Hobt, Nov. 
20. 1SS4. Secy., Treas. and Mgr.. Pea- 
cock Coal Co., Pomeroy, O., 1915 
Pres. Pomeroy Machine Co., Pomeroy, O., 

1915 ; Pres. Martin Ebersbach Co., 

Pomeroy, O.. 1915 ; Pres. Peoples' Coal 

Co.. Ripley. O. ; Secy, and Treas. Pomeroy 
Dock Co., 191.". Methodist Episcopal. 

Home address: Pomeroy. O. 
EBY, SAMUEL L., Educator; born, Creston, ' 
O.. April 23. 1878; son of Tobias S. Eby 
and Susan (Leatherman) Eby; educated: 
Rural Schs.; Ohio Northern Univ.: Lima 
Coll.; Ohio State Univ.; Harvard LTniv.; 
Yale Univ. ; Univ. of Grenoble (France); 
L'niv. of Leipsic (Germany) ; Univ. of 
Geneva (Switzerland). College degrees: 
Litt. B. (1905); A. B. (1909); A. M. (Yale); 
Ph. D.. 1913 (Yale). Teacher rural schools, 
6 yrs.; Prin. village schools, 2 yrs.; acting 
Prin. North Baltimore high school, 1905; 
Prin. Cadiz high Sch., 1906-7; Supt. Schs., 
Cadiz. O.. 1907-10: Instr. Univ. Wooster 
Summer Sch.. 1911-12: Kent State Nor- 
mal Coll.. Kent. O.. 1914; Prof, of Educa- 
tion. O. S. U., Summer Session. 1916; 

State High Sch. Inspector. 1914 : Kent 

State Normal Coll.. 1914 . Socs. and 

clubs: Ohio State Teachers' Assn.; N. E. 
A. Home address: 122 Prospect St., Kent, 

ECKLEY. HARVEY J., Common Pleas 
Judge, Carroll County. Term expires Dec., 
1920. Home address: Carrollton. O. 

EDENBURN, JOHN S., Clergyman; born, 
near Cambridge. O.. 1872; son of David 
Edenburn and Rebecca J. (Shannon) 
Edenburn; educated: Muskingum Coll., 
New Concord. O. College degrees: B. S.; 
Ph. D. Married, Flora Knabenshue. Oct. 
19, 1892. Clergyman. Pastor of First 
Westminster Presbyterian Ch., Toledo, O. 
Socs. and clubs: Scottish Rite Mason; 
FVeotch Sac.; Commercial Club, Toledo, 
O. Presbyterian Church. Author: Four 
Arches of Faith; Christ and the Old Tes- 
tament. Contributor to mathematical 
magazines. Home address: 1033 Huron 
St.. Toledo. O. 

EDGAR, GEORGE DANIEL, Dentist; born. 
Lyons, O., Oct. 25, 1872; son of W. S 
Edgar and Susannah (Pontious) Edgar 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Adrian. Mich. 
L'niv. of Michigan. College degrees: D. 
S. Married, Evelyn M Blair, May 23, 
1900. Mem. Bd. of Directors of the Ohi 
State Dental Soc. ; member Oral Hygiene 



Com., State Dental Soc.; Pres. City Coun- 
oil. Defiance. 1912-13. and 1016-17: mem- 
ber supreme auditing committee Brother- 
hood American Yeomen; Pres. Defiance 
Masonic Temple Co.; Vice Pres. Defiance 
( 'h.-inilier of Commerce; 32d degree Scot- 
tish Rite Mason; K. of P.; Maccabee; 
State correspondent of the Ohio* State 
Conclave of the Brotherhood American 
Yeomen; Defiance Club. Presbyterian Ch. 
Republican. Home address: 308 Third 
St.. Defiance. O. 

EDMUND, W. S., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Medina. O. Home address: Medina, O. 

dier General U. S. A.; born. Cleveland, 
O.. Jan. 1. 1859; son of William Edwards 
and Lucia (Ransom) Edwards; educated: 
U. S. Military Academy (appointed from 
Ohio. 1883); Hon. A. M. St. John's Coll. 
(Fordham. N. Y.), 189*3; LL. D. t Fordham 
Univ.. N. Y.. 1909. Married, Bessie Roches- 
ter Porter. June 11. 1889. Second Lieut. 
23rd Inft.. July 20, 1891; Capt., July 30, 
1898; Maj. Asst. Gen. Vols.. May 12, 189S; 
Lieut. Col.. 47th U. S. Vol. Inf.. Aug. 17, 
ivn; Hon. mustered out of volunteer 
service. July 2. 1901; Col. U. S. A.. July 
1. 1902; Brig. Gen., June 30. 1906; Prof. 
Military Science and Tactics. St. John's 
Coll.. Fordham. N. Y.. Dec.. 1890 ; as- 
signed to staff of Gen. Lawton. as Adj. 
Gen., Jan. 6, 1899, served until Gen. Law- 
ton's death, Dec. 19, 1899; participated 
in Gen. Lawton's campaigns and expedi- 
tions in Philippines; Bur. of Insular Af- 
fairs, War Dept., Washington, D. C., Feb. 
18. 1900 . Socs. and clubs: Metropoli- 
tan; Alibi: Chevy Chase; Army and Navy 
("Washington). Office address: War Dept., 
Washington; Home address: 2308 Prospect 
Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

EDWARDS, EDWARD W., Manufacturer; 
born, Cincinnati, May 1, 1874; son of 
Walter Edwards and Ellen (Bryan) Ed- 
wards; educated: Cincinnati public schools; 
Woodward High Sch. Married. Eleanore 
M. Zimmerman. Nov. 14. 1901. In 1901 
began sheet metal manufacturing on Syc- 
amore St.; built a large plant on Eggles- 
ton Ave.. 1905; company now known as 
The Edwards Mfg. Co. of which Mr. Ed- 
wards is Pres.; branch offices: New York, 
San Francisco. Pittsburgh, and Dallas. 
Soos. and clubs: Chamber of Commerce; 
Queen City Club: Automobile Club; Cin- 
cinnati Golf Club; Cincinnati Country 
Club; Hamilton County Golf Club; Life 
Mem. of Cuvier Press Club; Commercial 
Club: ex-President of The Business 
Men's Club; President of the Cincin- 
nati Rapid Transit Commission; Trustee 
of Berea College. Home address: Observ- 
atory and Burch Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

born. New Lebanon. O., Feb. 13. l*"n: 
son of (Dr.) Oscar F. Edwards and Susan 
(Martin) Edwards; educated: Pub. Schs., 
New Lebanon. O. ; Ohio Northern Univ., 
Ada. O. Married, Maud Vaniman. Aug. 
31. 1898. Engaged in teaching school and 
land surveying until 1901; deputy county 
surveyor, Montgomery Co.. 3'yrs. ; deputy 
clerk, probate court, Montgomery Co., 
1901-7; elected county auditor. 1908; re- 
elected. 1910: had distinction of leading 
Democratic ticket at both elections; Mem. 
and Vice Pres. Montgomery Co. Fair Bd., 

1915 . Socs. and clubs: Odd Fellow: 

Mason, St. Johns Lodge, Dayton. O. ; Bar 
Ag'sn.. Montgomery Co.; Ohio State Bar 
Assn. Member Brethren Church,. New 
Lebanon. O. Home address: 119 South 
Williams St.. Dayton. O. 

born. Toledo. O.. Dec. 15. 18S4; son of 
J;icob Effler and Alice (Leibius) Effler; 

educated: St. John's Univ.. Toledo, O.; 
Georgetown Univ.. Washington. D. C. 
College degrees: A. B., St. John's Univ.; 

A. M.. LL. B.. Georgetown Univ. Mar- 
ried, Fanny Pilliod, April 30, 1913. Ad- 
mitted to bar of Ohio, Jan., 1909; mem- 
ber of law firm of Smith, Baker. Effler 

& Allen, Toledo, O., Jan., 1913 ; Secy. 

St. John's Univ. Law Sch., Toledo. Ohio. 
So, H. and clubs: Toledo Commerce Club; 
Toledo Automobile Club; Knights of Co- 
lumbus; Past Grand Knight, Toledo Coun- 
cil. Catholic Church. Home address: 
2545 Parkwood Ave.. Toledo, O. 

EGERTON, CHARLES B., Banker; born, 
Ironton. O., April IS. 1861; son of Charles 

B. Egerton and Emeline (Turney) Eger- 
ton; educated: Pub. Schs. of Ironton.. 
Married. Gertrude Belcher. Sept. 22, 1908. 
Clerical position, four Ironton companies, 
1SSO-9; Woods Mgr. Yellow Poplar Lum- 
ber Co.. 1889-96; clerk of Ironton Water 
Works and Deputy Treas., 1S96-1900; 
cashier Ironton City Savings Bank, 

1905 ; Treas. of Lawrence Co.. O.. 1900- 

1904. Socs. and clubs: Knight Templar; 
K. of P.; Elks. Home address: 1603 S. 
Third St.. Ironton. O. 

born. Fredericksburg, O., May 9. 1845; 
daughter of Caleb Markle and Amanda 
(Maxhimer) Markle; educated: Massillon, 
O.. high school; Fredericksburg Academy. 
Married. Jacob W. Eggert. May 20. 1866. 
Writer short stories in various publica- 
tions; worker in religious, social, horti- 
cultural and grange lines; Secy. Stark Co. 
Horticultural Soc. (16th term): delegate 
to International Sunday School Conven- 
tion. Socs. and clubs: Pres. Current 
Events Club; Horticultural Organizations; 
W. C. T. U. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: Vinedale. Massillon. O. 

EGLI, ADOLPH, Clergyman; born, Ktn. 
Zuerich, Switzerland, Dec. 26, 1864; son 
of Caspar Eg-li and Elizabeth (Furrer) 
Egli; educated: Elmhurst College: Eden 
Theol. Seminarv, St. Louis. Mo. Married. 
Johanna A. Frick. Nov. 20. 1890. Ordained 
November 25. 1889; served the following 
churches: West. Tex.; Lamar, Zoar, Sey- 
mour, Ind.; Sandusky and Ajnherst, O. 
German Evangelical Synod of N. A. Home 
address: Amherst, O. 

Attorney; born, Urbana, O., Jan. 24. 1S77; 
son of George Maley Eichelberger and 
Emma (Ring) Eichelberger: educated: 
Urbana LTniv. ; Ohio Wes. Univ. Mar- 
ried, Frances Stanton Dodge, Aug. 11, 
1908. Engaged in practice law. Cleveland, 

O.. 1901 ; United States Marshal at 

Shanghai, China, 1897-1900. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason: Athletic Club; Shaker 
Heights Country Club; Union Club. Home 
address: 3328 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. O. 

German, O. S. U.; born, Cincinnati. O., 
May 3. 1863} son of Gustav W. Eisenlohr 
and Elizabeth (Deutsch) Eisenlohr; edu- 
cated: Cincinnati public schools and 
Woodworth high school; preparatory de- 
partment Ohio State Univ.: Ohio State 
Univ.; Univ. Berlin; Univ. Munich. Col- 
lege degrees: B. Ph.; M. A. Married, 
Louise Gertrude Mason. Aug. 18. 1904. 
Variously employed commercially and pro- 
fessionally (theatrical Prof.), until 1802; 
teacher German. Portsmouth (Ohio) high 
school, 1892-6; Instr. German. Ohio State 
Univ., 1896-7; teacher, Columbus Latin 
Sch . 1897-8: employed by Sunday Creek 
Coal Co., Corning. O.. 1899-1900; Instr. 
German. Indiana Univ.. 1900-1: Instr. in 
German. Asst. Prof., associate Prof. Ohio 
State Univ.. 1901-12: Prof. German Ohio 
State Univ., Columbus, O., 1912 . Socs. 



and clubs: Masonic Order; various pro- 
fessional organizations. Unitarian. Home 
address: Columbus. O. 

sity Professor; born, "Waterville, Me., May 
25. 1868; son of J. Prank Elden and Sarah 

D. (Stark) Elden; educated: Coburn 
Classical Inst. (Waterville, Me.); Bowdoin 
Coll. (Brunswick, Me.); Johns Hopkins 
Univ.: Univ. Mich. College degrees: B. 
A.; M. A.; Ph. D. Married, Martha Caro- 
line Gaerin. June 17. 1903. Headmaster, 
Rectory Sch.. Hamden. Conn.. 1890-1891; 
Instr. Latin and French, Ohio State 
Univ.. 1892-4; Instr. Romance Langs., 
Univ. Mich., 1894-6; associate Prof. Langs., 
Univ. Mich., 1896-9; Asst. Prof.. Latin, 
Ohio State Univ.. 1900-2; associate Prof. 

1903-6; Prof.. 1906 . Author: articles 

in classical journals; engaged in archaeo- 
logical study in North Africa and Europe 
during leave of absence in 1910. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsi- 
lon: Sons Am. Rev.: Am. Philo. Assn.; 
Classical Assn. Middle West; Athletic 
Club (Columbus). Episcopalian. Home 
address: 1734 Summit St.. Columbus, O. 

tate: born. Alliance, O., 1870; son of John 

E. Elicit and Rebecca (Brooks) Ellett; 
educated: Mt. Union Coll.; Univ. Mich. 
College degrees: Ph. B. Married, Harriet 
Jane Lemmon. Interested in real estate; 
Dir. Peoples' Bank. Alliance. O. Teacher 
Wes. Bible class, composed men students 
of Mt. Union College. Union Ave. M. E. 
Church, Alliance, O.; Pres. Board Stewards 
of First M. E. Church, Alliance, O.; Pres. 
Board Trustees, Mt. Union College. Socs. 
and clubs: Alpha Tau Omega (literary 
fraternity) ; Delta Chi (law fraternity) ; 
Unity Club; Wranglers' Club; Alliance 
Country Club; Congress Lake Country 
Club; "Ad" Club; Dir. Chamber Com- 
merce. Home address: 1385 S. Union Ave., 
Alliance. O. 

ton, O., 1852; daughter of (Judge) Hender- 
son Elliott and Rebecca (Snavely) Elliott; 
educated: Pub. Schs. and High Sch. Un- 
married. Interested in club, religious, 
philanthropic and social activities. Socs. 
and clubs: Member of Church Societies; 
King's Daughters; Women's Christian 
Assn.; Emerson Club. Methodist Church. 
Home address: 6 Russell Apts.. Dayton, 

A.), born, Pittsburgh, Pa., May 27, 1866: 
daughter of Isaac H. MacCracken and 
Isabella (Caldwell) MacCracken; edu- 
cated: Pub. and High Schs., Allegheny; 
Pennsylvania Coll. for "Women, Pittsburgh. 
Married, Rev. R. A. Elliott, June 16, 
1887. 'Was Freedmen's Secy, of Woman's 
Bd. of Directors of United Presbyterian 
Church. 1903-1907; Pres. of 1917 Conv. of 
Women's General Missionary S'oc. of U. 
P. Ch. of North America, Sterling. Kans., 
May, 1917; her time has chiefly been given 
to the activities of the congregations of 
which her husband has been pastor: Lis- 
bon Center. N. Y.. 2 yrs.: Ninth United 
Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Pa., 

18 yrs.; Cambridge, O., 1907 . Socs. and 

clubs: Mem. Woman's Missionary Soc. 
and Aid Soc. of U. P. Church; Mem. Mc- 
Clellan Brown Sorosis of Cambridge. O. 
United Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 
dress: 315 North Tenth St., Cambridge, 

ELLIS, ALSTON. University President; 
born. Kenton Co., Ky.. Jan. 26. 1847; son 
of Absalom Ellis and Mary (Ellis) Ellis; 
educated: country schools; Prep. Sch., 
Covington, Ky. ; Miami Univ. College de- 

grees: B. S,, 1865; A. B.. 1867; A. M.. 
1872; LL. D.. 1894; Miami Univ.; Ph D 
Univ. of Wooster, 1879; Ph. D.. 1887 LL 
D., 1890, Ohio State Univ. Prin. of Third 
Dist. Sch.. Covington, Ky.. 1867-8; Cabot 
Street Sch., Newport, Ky.. 1868-71; Supt. 
Schs.. Hamilton. O.. 1871-79 and 1887-92' 
Supt. Pub. Schs., Sandusky, O., 1880-87; 
Pres. of State Agricultural Coll. of Colo- 
rado, Ft. Collins, 1892-1900; Dir. of Colo- 
rado Experiment Stations, 1893-1900; Pres. 

of Ohio Univ., Athens. O., 1901 ; Pres 

Ohio Supts. Assn.. 1875. and the Ohio 
Teachers' Assn.. 1888; Pres. Coll. Section 
of the Colorado Teachers' Assn., 1894; Pres. 
College Section and First Vice Pres of 
General Assn.. Twelfth Conv. of Ameri- 
can Colleges and Experiment Stations, 
Washington, D. C., 1898; Pres. Ohio Col- 
lege Assn.. 1904-8; Pres. of the North- 
western Ohio, the Southwestern Ohio, 
and the Southeastern Ohio Teachers" 
Assns. ; Pres. Assn. of Coll. Presidents and 
Deans. 1910-11; Mem. Ohio State Bd. of 
Sch. Examiners, 1875-9; also 1887-1892' 
Mem. Bd. of Trustees of Ohio State Univ., 
1878-1883; Mem. of Bd. of Trustees of 
Oxford (Ohio) Female Coll., 1874-1887; 
Life Mem. of the Victoria Inst.. the 
Philosophic Soc. of Great Britain, since 
1887; Orator Phi Delta Theta Conv.. In- 
dianapolis, Ind.. 1880; annual address be- 
fore the Literary Socs. of Miami Univ., 
1888; before the Colorado Teachers' Assn., 
1S93; and before the Kentucky Teachers' 
Assn.. 1904; Colonel on the staff of Gov. 
of Colorado; Colonel commanding College 
Cadets; Author of the "History of the 
Ungraded Schools of Ohio" and numerous 
educational addresses, reports, etc. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Bodies; Elk; Granger; 
Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa. Mem. 
of Presbyterian Church. Home address- 
23 South Congress St.. Athens. O. 

ELLSWORTH, RALPH; born. West Rich- 
Meld, O., Sept. 18. 1871; son of Ransom 

C. Ellsworth and Cora S. (Humphrey) 
Ellsworth; educated: High Sch.. West 
Richfield. O. Married, Emily H. Oviatt. 
Engaged in the wholesale wooden ware 
business. Cleveland. O. Socs. and clubs: 
Masonic Order; Knights Templar; Cleve- 
land Chamber Commerce. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 1446 Cohassett Ave., Lake- 
wood. Cleveland, O. 

ELSON, ASA WILLIAM, Attorney; born, 
Washington. Pa.. Feb. 12. 1867; son of 
John Randolph Elson and Amanda 
(Cairns) Elson; educated: Mt. Pleasant, 
Pa.; Decatur. 111.; W. & J. Coll. College 
degrees: LL. D. Married, Minnie B. Scott, 
June 15. 1891. Was employed as a trav- 
eling salesman and later started a whole- 
sale commission house in Uhrichsville, O. ; 
practicing attorney since 1894; served 5 
yrs. as State Representative from Tus- 
carawais Co.; served several terms as 
City Solicitor. Socs. and clubs: Elks; 
K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; Jr. O. U. A. M.; 
Modem Woodmen; Maccabees; D. of A.; 

D. of L. Member of Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 314 E. Third St., Uhrichs- 
ville. O. 

Author; born, Muskingum Co., O., March 
29. 1857; son of Jacob Elson and Clara 
(Swingle) Elson; educated: A. B., Thiel 
Coll., Pa., 1886; A. M.. Grad., Lutheran 
Theol. Sem., Philadelphia, 1S89; Ph. D., 
Univ. of Pa., 1895; Hon. Litt. D., 1906. 
Married, Hannah E. Smith, 1889; 2nd, Ida 
S. MacMullen. 1898. Pastor, St. John's 
Evang. Luth. Ch.. Kittanning, Pa.. 1889- 
1893; St. Stephens, Phila.. 1893-5; resigned 
the ministry and became writer and lec- 
turer of Univ. Extension Soc. of Phila.; 
Prof, history and economics, Ohio Univ., 



!:">i; ; Pres. of Thiol Coll.. Greenville, 

Pa., 1916 . Anther: Side Lights <>n 

American History. 2 vols., ISs!), 1900; Five 
Historical Biographs for Children An- 
drew Jackson, U. S. Grant, Daniel Hoone, 
Frances \Villard and drover Cleveland,; M,,\v in Teach History, liiui; Star- 
Gazers' Hand Book, 1902; Elsori's History 
of the United States, 1904; Elson's His- 
tory (5 vuls.), 19n5; Grammar School His- 
tory of the United States, 1905; A Guidy 
to Am. History. 1909; Comets, 1910; Guide 
to English History, liill; wrote the bat- 
il. description in the Review of Reviews 
riiotographic History of the Civil War, 
i:<ll; History of Europe for High Schools, 
!n press; Mem. Ohio Constitutional Conv., 
1912. Socs. and clubs: Am. Hist. Assn.; 
Hiin Valley Historical Assn.; Mississippi 
\alley Hist. Assn.; Pres. Ohio Valley His- 
torical Assn., 1914-1915. Home address: 
Athens, O. 

Surgeon; born, Fayette, O., Oct. 28, IM;; J .; 
sun of James P. Emerick and Mary A. 
(Humphreys) Emerick; educated: Fayette 
Normal Sen.; T T niv. of Mich.; Long Island 
Med. Coll. College degrees: M. D. Mar- 
ried. Alice Cary Dill, 1891. Began prac- 
tice of medicine at Fayette, 1SS7; con- 
tinued same in Columbus since 1S91; 
former lecturer on dermatology at Ohio 
Medical I'niv. : Apptd. Supt. of State In- 
stitution for Feeble Minded, May 5, 1907, 
and still continues in that capacity. 
Socs. and clubs: Columbus Acad. of Med- 
icine; Ohio State Med. Soc.; A. M. A.; 
32d degree Mason; Knight Templar; 
Shriner: K. of P. Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Leading advocate of segregation 
of feeble-minded persons. Regarded 
among foremost authorities on subject 
of imbecility. Home address: Institution 
for Feeble Minded, Columbus, O. 

EMERINE, ALONZO, Banker; born, Fos- 
toria, O., June 18, 1854; son of Andrew 
Emerine and Sarah (Bair) Emerine; edu- 
cated: Pub. Schs. of Fostoria, O.; East- 
man Business Coll. of Poughkeepsie. 
Married, Eva C. Fox. Sept. 5, 1875. 
Opened a fire insurance office in Fos- 
toria, and assisted his father in the 
brokerage business; upon the oganization 
of The First National Bank he was elected 
Asst. Cashier, but on account of ill health, 
resigned his position in 18S4 to return a 
year later as Cashier; he has held this 
position and conducted his insurance bus- 
iness ever since. Socs. and clubs: K. of 
P.; Knights of Honor. Methodist Church. 
Democrat. Home address: Fostoria, O. 

EMERINE, ANDREW, Banker; born, near 
Wurtenburg, Germany, Dec. 3, 1S30; son 
of George Emerine. Married, Sarah Bair, 
Oct. 1. 1S51, who died, 1861; 2nd. Amy 
Noble, Dec. 25, 1863, who died, Nov., 1902. 
Came to America in 1S36; settled in Fos- 
toria. O., 1847; served as apprentice at 
harness trade, 3M: yrs., embarking in the 
harness trade for himself in 1850, which 
he conducted until 1860, when he sold 
out; two years later he again entered the 
trade, and continued until 1874, when he 
disposed of the business to his brother 
and partner, George Emerine; organized 
the First National Bank of Fostoria, O., 
1882 and has been its Pres. continuously 
since then; in 1885. organized the First 
National Bank at North Baltimore, O., 
and served as its Pres. until Jan.. 1917, 
when he resigned; has dealt extensively 
in farming lands during- the past fifty 
years; at different times served on the 
city council, school board, and other lo- 
cal offices. Methodist Episcopal. Demo- 
crat. Home address: 922 North Main St., 
Fostoria. O. 

EMERSON, HENRY I., Congressman; born, 
Litchrield, Kennebec Co.. Me.. March 15, 
1871; son of Ivory W. Emerson; educated: 
Lewiston High Sch.; Judge W. H. Newell, 
Lewiston, Law Preceptor; Cincinnati Law 
College (class 1893). College degrees; LL. 
P.. Married, Lillian B. McCormick, Feb. 
19. 1917. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1894; en- 
gaged in practice law, Cleveland, O., 
(office Soc. for Savin- P >lg.). 

Member Cleveland City Council, 
elected to U4th Congress, 22nd Dist. ohi. 
1914- ; only Republican elected in t'uy- 
ahoga county at election of Nov. 3, 1914; 
elected to 65th Congress, 1916. Methodist. 
Home address: 223 Society for Savings 
IJldg., Cleveland. O. 

Prof.; born. Truer, la.. May 24, IM;II; son 
of Oliver Emerson and Maria (Farrar) 
Emerson; educated: A. B.. Iowa Coll., 
L882; A. M.. 1885; Ph. D.. Cornell Univ., 
1891. Married, Annie L. Logan, Sept. 24, 
L891. Snpt. Schs. Grinnell, la., lss^-1884; 
Muscatine. la.. 1884-5; Prin. Acad. Iowa 
t'ollese, ]ss:,-s; Goldwin Smith Fellow in 
English, 18S8-9; Instr. in English. 1889- 
1891; Asst. Prof, rhetoric and English 
Philology, 1892-6. Cornell Univ.; Prof. 
English, Western Reserve Univ., 1S96 
Author: History of the English Language, 
1894; A Brief History of the English Ixin- 
guage. 1896; Middle English Reader, 1905, 
revised, 1915; Outline History of the. Eng- 
lish Language. 1906. Editor: Johnson's 
Rasselas, 1905; Memoirs of the Life and 
Writings of Edward Gibbon, 1898; Poems 
of Chaucer. 1911. Contributor to Mod- 
ern Lang. Notes; Dialect Notes; Publica- 
tions of Mod. Lang. Assn.; Modern Phi- 
lology; Romanic Review; Modern Lang. 
Review; Journal of Germanic Philology; 
Anglia, etc. Socs. and clubs: Mod. Lang. 
Assn. of Am.; Am. Dialect Soc.; Univ. 
Club. Cleveland. Home address: 98 
Wadena St.. East Cleveland. O. 

born, Ridgeville Cor., Henry Co., O., Aug. 
11. 1867: son of Dr. R. G. Emery and 
Emma (Palmer) Emery; educated: Pub. 
Schs. of Florida and Napoleon, O.; Ohio 
Dental Coll., Cincinnati, Grad. in 1890. 
College degrees: D. D. S. Married, Lil- 
lian Edwards, June 21, 1893. Dentist. 
Vice Pres. Bd. of Education. Socs. and 
club's: Masons; Scottish Rite 32d degree; 
Defiance Club. Methodist Episcopal Ch. 
Republican. Home address: 315 Second 
St.. Defiance. O. 

EMERY, RALPH, Attorney; born, in Ohio, 
Sept. 26. 1874; son of Thomas Emery and 
Lena A. (Savage) Emery; educated: Pub. 
Schs., Bryan, O.; Ithaca High Sch., Ithaca, 
N. Y. : Cornell I'niv., Ithaca, N. Y. Mar- 
ried, Edith Crabbs, Sept. 8, 1913. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1896; practiced law in To- 
ledo, O., continuously since, with the ex- 
ception of two years of service as Judge 
of Common Pleas Court; Asst. Prose- 
cuting Attorney, Lucas Co., O., 1906-1908; 
Asst. City Solicitor, Toledo, O., 1909; 
Judge of Common Pleas Court, Lucas Co., 
O., 1913-1914. Socs. and clubs: Toledo 
Club; Toledo Commerce Club: Toledo Bar 
Assn. Home address: 527 Virginia St., 
Toledo. O. 

Professor; born, Sidney, O., Aug. 31, 1869; 
son of Christian Enders and Margaret 
(Dormire) Enders; educated: Natl Nor- 
mal Univ., 1SS9-1S91; Ohio .Northern Univ., 
1894-1895; Oberlin College and Oberlin 
Theol. Sem.. 1S9S-1904; Univ. of Chicago. 
1912-1913. Married, Bessie Kelley, Aug. 
20, 1S93. Farmer, then teacher, county 
schools, two yrs.; Supt. town schools, five 
yrs.; Prof. U. C. College, Merom, Ind., five 



yrs. : Pres. Jireh Coll.. Jireh. Wyo.. one | 
yr. ; Prof. Defiance College. Defiance. <>.. 
two yrs.; Dean Christian Divinity School 
since 1912; lecturer on a wide range of 
literary and other subjects. College de- 
grees: A. B.: A. M. ; D. B.; D. D. Socs. 
and clubs: K. of P. Christian. Home ad- 
dress: 34 College Place, Defiancp, O. 

ENNIS, SAMUEL WILSON, Attorney; born, 
Berlin, Worcester Co., Md.; son of Sam- 
uel R. Ennis and Charlotte A. (Quillen) 
Ennrs: educated: public schools, Milford, 
Delaware; Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, O. 
(Law and Classical). Married, Aug. 14, 
1894. Admitted to bar of Ohio, 1893; en- 
gaged in active practice law, Paulding, 

O.. 1895 ; served as Capt., Co. M, 2nd 

Ohio Vol. Inf., during Spanish-American 
War; elected prosecuting attorney, Pauld- 
ing Co., O., 1915, and re-elected in 1916. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Paulding. O. 

ENSIGN, GEORGE A., Mechanical En- 
gineer; born, Texas, Henry Co., O., Mar. 
2. 1859; son of Oscar P. Ensign and Dian- 
tha (Jxrng) Ensign; educated: Defiance 
Pub. Schs. and night studies as appren- 
tice with The Defiance Machine Works. 
Married, Emma M. Parsons, March 30, 
1882. Apprentice to machinist trade. 1S74: 
worked as machinist until 1890, then as 
draftsman, chief draftsman, mechanical 
engineer. 1900 ; Dir. of the Defiance 

Machine Works, 1912 . Socs. and 

clubs: Elected Colonel Commanding The 
Sons of Veterans, 1889, Division, Ohio; 
Knight Templar; Shriner. Has record of 
about 50 patents on woodworking ma- 
chinery; making a 'specialty of inventing 
and designing automobile wheel machinery 
and gun stock machinery. It may safely 
be assumed that he is the original de- 
signer of a majority of the machines for 
auto wheels and has recently designed a 
large number of machines f' n r making gun 
stocks. Home address: 424 Washington 
Ave.. Defiance, O. 

EOFF, ARTHUR E., Banker; born, Elmore, 
O.: son of Eli Eoff and Mary (White) 
Eoff; educated: Elmore, O. Married, Har- 
riet Adams, Aug. 26, 1891. Cashier Amer- 
ican National Bank, Findlay, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Elks. Home address: Find- 
lay. O. 

ERNST, A. C., Auditor and Certified Public 
Accountant: born, Cleveland, Ohio; son 
of John C. Ernst and Mary (Hertel) Ernst; 
educated: Cleveland public schools; West 
High and Business College. Managing 
partner firm Ernst & Ernst, certified pub- 
lic accountants and 'systematizers, with 
offices in New York. Chicago, St. Louis, 
Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cincinnati 
and Dallas, Texas; appointed by Governor 
Cox in April, 1913. as Secy. Red Cross 
Ohio Flood Relief Commission. The sys- 
tem devised by his firm met every re- 
quirement in handling this important un- 
dertaking and was approved by the audi- 
tors of the Treasury Department at Wash- 
ington. Socs. and clubs: Automobile 
Club of America; Bankers Club and Rail- 
road Club. New York; Business Men's 
Club. Cincinnati. Ohio; Toledo Club, 
Toledo. Ohio; Union Club; Mayfield Coun- 
try Club; Hermit Club: Athletic Club; 
Western Reserve Club: Chamber of Com- 
merce, Cleveland. O. Address: 1200 
Schofield Bldg.. Cleveland. O. 

born, Springfield Twp., Jefferson Co., O., 
Feb. 22. 1855: son of David Erskine and 
Eliza (Crawford) Erskine; educated: Twp. 
Schs.: Westminster Coll.; State Univ. of 
Kansas. Married, Margaret Anderson, 
Dec. 20. 1SSS. Admitted to bar in 1879, 
and has since practiced law in Steuben- 

ville; Pros. Atty.. Jefferson Co., 1S90-1S96. 
Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; F. & 
A. M.: R. A. M. : K. T.; K. of P. West- 
minster Presbyterian. Home address: 
Steubenville. O. 

ERVIN, ARTHUR LEE, Merchant; born, 
Jackson Co.. O.. Jan. 24. 1865; son of 
James L. Ervin and Myra S. (Phillips) 
Ervin; educated: common schools of 
Jackson and Fayette Co.. O.. and Jackson 
Academy. Married. Mame E. Sutherland, 
Sept. 26. 1893. . Worked on farm until 14 
yrs. of age. after which worked around 
coal mines as weighmaster, bookkeeper, 
storekeeper, etc.. until 1893. when he en- 
tered the hardware business; in hardwaio 

business, 1893 . Socs. and clubs: K. of 

P.; Masons. Methodist. Director of Iron 
Bank, Jackson. O., and Jackson Co. Home 
Telephone Co. Home address: 105 East 
South St.. Jackson:' O. 

ERVIN, EDGAR, Attorney; born. Letart, 
O.. Aug. 17. 1874; son of Jonas Ervin and 
Elizabeth E. (Pullins) Ervin; educated: 
Law Course. O. S. U. ; Ohio Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: (Hon.) A. B. Married, Mar- 
gretta Davis. Feb. 20. 1907. Taught pub- 
lic schools. 11 yrs.; admitted to Ohio bar, 
1905; practicing attorney at law, Pom- 

eroy. O.. 1905 ; elected member Ohio 

House Representatives. 77th and 78th 
General Assemblies, speaker pro tern. 78th 
Assembly, from Meigs Co., 1910 and 1911; 
resumed practice law, Pomeroy, Ohio, 

1912 . Socs. and clubs: Acacia Frat.; 

Ohio State Univ. Club; Mason; K. T.; 
K. P.; I. O. O. F. ; Modern Woodmen Am. 
First Captain Commanding Co. "C," 7lh 
Inf.. O. N. G.. promoted to rank Major, 
assigned to Ordnance Department, rank 
discontinued by legislation, 1913. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: Pomeroy, O. 

ERVIN, MARY BELLE, Gen. Secy. Loyal 
Temperance Legion; born, Cedarville. O., 
Jan. 21, 1880: daughter of David S. Ervin 
and Belle (Murdock) Ervin; educated: 
Cedarville High Sen.; Cedarville College; 
Chicago Univ. College degrees: A. B. 
Taught in Cedarville College, 1902-1904; 
later, dean of Women, Cedarville College; 
Gen. Secy. Ohio Loyal Temperance Le- 
gion. 1910-16: elected National Gen. Secy, 
of Loyal Temperance Legion in 1914, and 
still serving in that capacity. Socs. and 
clubs: Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union. Member Reformed Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: Cedarville. O. 

ERVIN, ROBERT LOUIS, Educator; born, 
Jackson. O.. April 11. 1868; son of James 
M. Ervin and Elizabeth (Stout) Ervin; 
educated: Pub. Schs. of Wellston, O. ; 
Yale; Defiance College. College degrees: 
Yale. M. A.; Defiance. Sc. D. M-irried. 
Mary E. Stewart. Nov. 1. 1894. Taught 
school in Jackson Co. a.nd Wellston. 16 
yrs.; Prin. Defiance High Sch., 1904-1906; 

Supt. of Steubenville Pub. Schs.. 1907 . 

Pocs. and clubs: 32d degree Scottish Rito 
Mason; Knight Templar, Jackson Com- 
mandery. No. 53; Knights of Pythias. 
Methodist Church. Home address: Steu- 
benville. O. 

born. Dresden. O.. June 23. 1891; son of 
Henry Harmon Eschman and Alice Eliz- 
abeth (Little) Eschman; educated: Dres- 
den public schools; Doane Academy; Den- 
ison Univ. ; Harvard Univ.; studied in Ber- 
lin; 1912-1913 (Hugo Kaun, Victor Heinze); 
Boston, studied with Edward Burlingham 
Hill. W. R. Spalding. College degrees: 
Denison. Ph. B.: Harvard Univ.. A. M. 
Married. Agnes Frazier. Nov. 26, 1915. 
Associate Prof. Music. Denison Univ.; Dir. 
Denison Conservatory Music, Granville, 

O.. 1913 : organist First Baptist Ch., 

Granville, O., 1914; organist, choir direct- 



or Trinity Episcopal Ch.. Newark. Ohio, 

1915 ; Dlr. Engwerson Chorus; May 

Festivals; Denison Orchestra; Piano and 

Lecture Recitals. 1913 . Socs. and 

clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Tau; 
Phi Gamma Delta; Sinfonia (Phi Mu Al- 
pha); A. A. G. O.. 1916. Methodist. Home 
address: Granvllle. O. 

ESSINGTON. URIAH K.. Physician; born, 
Hocking Co.. O.. Feb. IS. 1869; son of 
George Essington and Densinda (Tramp- 
ton) Essington; educated: New Lexing- 
ton high and Ohio State Univ. College 
degrees: M. D.; ' F. A. C. Surgeons; 
courses in medicine and surgery in all 
clinical centers U. S. and Europe. Mar- 
ried. Estella L,. Sellers. Nov. 4. 1896. 
Specialist in surgery since 1907; surgeon 
and chief staff Newark City Hospital; 
practicing physician and surgeon, New- 
ark. O.. 1896 . Socs. and clubs: F. & 

A. M.; K. T.; Scottish Rite; Nobles Mys- 
tic Shrine; fellow American Medical Assn. 
Methodist. Home address: 254 Hudson 
Ave.. Newark. O. 

Barney & Smith Car Co.; born, Cambridge 
City, Ind.. Dec. 25, 1864; son of Warren 
Delevan Estabrook and Jeannette Mary 
(Seamans) Estabrook; educated: public 
schools. Terre Haute, Ind. Married, Lulu 

B. Schaeffer, Sept. 13, 1888. Upon grad- 
uating from Terre Haute high school, 1883, 
took up stenography and entered em- 
ploy of Motive Power Dept. of New York, 
West Shore & Buffalo Railroad at Frank- 
fort. N. Y., 1884. remaining until August, 
1885, when entered the service of The 
Barney & Smith Car Co., at Dayton, O., 
as stenographer, and thereafter filling 
the positions of Asst. Supt.. Supt, Vice 
Pres., Gen. Supt., and since 1912, as Pres. 
of the company. Socs. and clubs: The 
Dayton Club; The Dayton Country Club; 
The Engineers' Club of Dayton; The Rail- 
road Club of New York; Am. Soc. of 
Mech. Engineers. Grace Methodist Ch., 
Dayton, O. Home address: 210 W. Mon- 
ument Ave., Dayton, O. 

ESTEP, CHARLES J., Com. Plens Judge: 
Cuyahoga Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. 
Home address: Cleveland, O. 

born. Urbana. O.. Jan. 15. 1871; son of 
John Wesley Euans and Harriet Elizabeth 
(Hunter 1 ) Euans; educated: Ohio Med. 
Univ.; Ohio State Univ. College degrees: 
M. D. Married. Anna M. Hurst. Jan. 1, 
1911. Engaged in practice medicine, Co- 
lumbus, O. 1S97 . Socs. and clubs: 32d 

degree Mason; Shriner; Columbus Athletic 
Club; University Club: County, State and 
National Med. Socs.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. 
Methodist. Home address: 1644 N. High 
St., Columbus, O. 

EU BANKS, EVAN E.. Attorney-at-Law: 
born. Jackson. O.. Oct. 13. 1872; son of 
Ripley Eubanks and Malinda S. (Darling) 
Eubanks; educated: Jackson Academy. 
Married, Alice C. Matthews, June 30, 1898. 
Admitted to practice in state and United 
States court and has a large and lucra- 
tive practice; was prosecuting attorney 
of Jackson Co., O.. 1903-1908. Socs. and 
clubs: Mem. of the Knights Templar; De- 
gree of Masonic Order and Member of 
Slat Lick Lodge. No. 417. I. O. O. F. Mem. 
of M. E. Church, Jackson, O., and teacher 
of a large Bible Class. Home address: 
Jackson. O. 

Piano Teacher: born, Cincinnati, O., Nov. 
29, 1874; daughter of Joseph Weaver Kah- 
ler and Rachel E. (James) Kahler; edu- 
cated: Cincinnati. O., public schools; 
Hughes high. 1893; Univ. Cincinnati, O., 

1897; Miss Baur's Conservatory Music, 
Cincinnati, O. College degrees: B. A.; 
Fellow in Latin, 1897, Univ. of Cincinnati. 
Married. Richard Bacon Evans. Jan. 10, 
1899. Teacher. Piano Technic, Conserva- 
tory Music. Cincinnati. O., 1897-8; pri- 
vate teacher Music. 1901-14; teacher, 
Piano Music. Woodward High Sch., Cin- 
cinnati, O., 1915 ; (first teacher of piano 

music in a public school in the state of 
Ohio.) Socs. and clubs: Woman's Rotary 
Club: Ohio State Music Teachers' Assn.; 
Teachers' Aid & Annuity Assn.; Woman's 
Aux. Cin. Commandery K. T. ; Lutheran 
Women's Home & Foreign Mission Soc. 
Lutheran. Home address: 180 Woolper 
Ave.. Clifton. Cincinnati. O. 
EVANS, BURT DAVID, Clergyman; born, 
Keystone Furnace. Jackson Co., O.. Dec. 
24, 1869; son of John A. Evans and Sarah 
(Dickerson) Evans; educated: Frazeyburg 
high school; Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; North- 
western Univ. Married, Minnie Jane 
Cochran. Nov. 30. 1S93. Ordained to 
Methodist ministry, 1895; pastor, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Churches, respectively, 
Ringold. Philo. White Cottage, Roseville, 
and Pomeroy. O..; Trinity Ch., Zanesville, 
O.; Jackson. O. : St. Paul's M. E. Church 
Delaware. O. ; First Church. Ironton, O. 
First M. E. Ch.. Athens, O., 1915 

Secy. Social Service Commission, Ohio 
Conf. M. E. Ch.; Secy. Social Service 
Commission, Ohio Methodism. Contribu- 
tor to religious and secular press. Close 
student of social interpretation of Chris- 
tian Gospel and expert on efficient organ- 
ization of church to meet conditions of 
modern life. Home address: Athens. O. 
born, near Oak Hill. O.. Aug. 22, 1846; 
son of Joshua Evans and Margaret 
Evans; educated: Dist. Schs., Jackson Co.; 
Ohio Univ.. Athens. O. College degrees: 
A. B.; A. M. (Ohio Univ.): LL. D. (Knox 
Coll., Iowa). Married, Lydia Margaret 
Lash. Oct. 22. 1872. Supt. city schools, 
Nelsonville, O. ; West Jefferson, O. ; Prot. 
Latin, Union Christian Coll.. Meron. Ind., 
1873-80; Prin. Putnam Female Sem- 
inary, 1S80-2; Prof. Latin, Ohio Univ., 

1SS2 ; county teachers' examiner, 6 

yrs. ; contributor to Drych, The Cambrian, 
The Herald and Presbyter. Sunday Sch. 
Times. Socs. and clubs: Mason; Chapter 
and Council. Presbyterian (an elder). 
Home address: Athens. O. 

born. Ripley. O.. April 16. 1838; son of 
John Duncan Evans and (Jane) Court- 
ney) Evans; educated: Miami Univ.; 
Western Theol. Seminary; Union Sem., 
New York; Andover. Mass. College de- 
grees: A. B. : A. M. : D. D. Married, 
Sarah J. Livingston. Jan. 29. 1863; who 
died, 18S6; 2nd, Mrs. Mary A. Strong, 1894, 
who died, 1896. Served as pastor of 
Presby. Churches in Grand Haven, Mich.; 
Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Youngstown, O. ; retired, 

191; Trustee Miami Univ., 1892 ; Dir. 

Western Theological Seminary, 1892; 
spends winters in home at West Palm 
Beach. Florida. Socs. and clubs: P. B. K. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 264 N. 
Neihts Ave., Youngstown, O. 

EVANS, JOHN ELLIS, University Prof.; 
born. Brazil. Ind.. Jan. 1. 1882; son of 
William P. Evans and Jennie M. (Bar- 
nett) Evans; educated: common and high 
schools of township; Indiana State Normal 
Sch.; Indiana Univ.; Columbia Univ. 
College degrees: A. B., 1910; A. M.. 1911; 
Ph. D., 1916. Married. Clare M. Templer, 
June 12. 1910. Teacher in common and 
high schools. 1899-1905; Supt. Schs., Cory, 
1907-9; Ambia. 1910-11; Asst. in Educa- 
tion, Ind. Univ., 1911-14; Instr. Psychology, 



Ohio State Univ.. 1914- 

Socs. and 

clubs: Phi Delta Kappa; N. E. Assn.: 
Psychol. Assn.; fellow. A. A. A. S.; I. O. 
O. F. ; Encampment Masonic Order. 
United Brethren. Home address: care 
Ohio State University. Columbus. O. 

EVANS, LYLE SANFORD, Attorney; born, 
Chillicothe, O., Jan. 18, 1877; son of Wil- 
liam Edgar Evans and Julia Bella (San- 
ford) Evans; educated: Chillicothe pub- 
lic schools; Miami Univ.; Ohio State Univ. 
(Law Dept.). College degrees: A. B.; 
LL. B. Married, Mabel Ruth Jones, Feb. 
20, 1906. Admitted to Ohio bar, June, 
1901 : engaged in practice of law. Chilli- 
cothe. O.. 1901 -. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic Order; Chillicothe Country Club; 
Ross County Bar Assn. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 59 East 5th St.. Chilli- 
cothe. O. 

EVANS, MARCUS G., Attorney; born, 
Frankfort. Ross Co.. O.; son of James 
Baxter Evans and Lucinda (Wilson) 
Evans; educated: Univ. of Wooster. Col- 
lege degrees: A. M. Married, Stella (Nel- 
son) Evans, Oct. 20, 1892. Judge of Com- 
mon Pleas Court. Columbus, O. Socs. 
and clubs: Columbus Club; Columbus 
Country Club. Presbyterian Church. 
Home address: 953 Bryden Road, Colum- 
bus. O. 

Prof.; born, Boston, Mass., Sept. 4, 1874; 
son of Marshall Evans and Letitla 
(Blakemore) Evans; educated: Boston 
Latin Sch.; Boston Univ.: Univ. of Got- 
tingen; Univ. of Bonn. College degrees: 
B. A.; Ph. D. Married, Theodora Grose, 
Aug. 18, 1910. Teacher of German, Hor- 
ace Mann Sch.. New York City; Instr. of 
German. Boston Univ.; Instr. to Asspc. 
Prof, of German. Univ. of Wisconsin; 
Prof, of German, Ohio State Univ. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Theta 
Pi; Modern Lang. Assn. of Am.; Assn. 
of Univ. Profs. Editor and author of 
"Bestrafter Brudermord," "Beginning Ger- 
man," a high school course in German, 
etc.. and contributor to scientific and 
pedagogical journals. Home address: 38 
12th Ave.. Columbus, O. 

EVANS. MARY, Educator; born, Philadel- 
phia. Feb. 11. 1841; educated: Grad. Mt. 
Holyoke Sem.. 1860; studied art history, 
Paris. London. 1877. Honorary degrees: 
A. M., Oberlin Coll., 1895; Litt. D.. Mt. 
Holyoke Coll.. 1901. Unmarried. Teach- 
er Latin, 1860-4; History. 1864-8, Mt. Holy- 
oke Sem.; Prin. and Pres. Lake Erie Sem. 
and Lake Brie Coll.. 186S-1909; occasional 
lecturer on literary, religious and educa- 
tional subjects. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 549 Mentor Ave.. Painesvlle, O. 

EVANS, RALPH HAROLD, Editor; born, 
Pottstown, Pa.. June 26. 1886; son of Jesse 
Worth Evans and Elmira Gordon (Reif- 
snyder) Evans; educated: Pottstown, Pa., 
public schools and high school; The Hill 
Sch. Married, Madeline La Wall, July 
26. 1906. Engaged in journalism at age 
of 20 yrs. ; city editor. Pottstown. Pa.., 
News: news editor. Gazette and Bulletin, 
Williamsport, Pa.; on city staff, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Record, 1910-11; managing edi- 
tor, The Alliance, O., Leader. 1911-1915; 
Leader & Review consolidated, then edi- 
tor, 1915 . Soos. and clubs: Conrad 

Lodge. 271. F. & A. M. ; Alliance Adver- 
tising Assn.; Northeastern Ohio Press 
League. Reformed Church. Home ad- 
dress: Overlook Drive. Alliance. O. 

born, Sharon Center. Medina Co., Ohio. 
Anril 26. 1S56: son of William Fitch Ever- 
ett and Mary (Barren) Everett; 'educated: 
Columbus High Sch. and Western Reserve 
Univ. College degrees: B. A.; M. A. Mar- 

ried. Agnes Keagle, Dec. 30. 1886. Prin. 
of Second Ave. Sch., Columbus, O.. 1881- 
1890; Prin. of North High Sch., 1S90-1917. 
Socs. and clubs: Natl. Education Assn.; 
Ohio State Teachers' Assn.; Central Ohio 
Teachers' Assn.; Central Ohio and Co- 
lumbus Schoolmasters' Assn.; Trustee 
Pension Bd. ; City Bd. of Exams., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Home address: 1478 Pennsylvania Ave., 
Columbus. O. 

EVERETT, HENRY A., Capitalist; born, 
Cleveland, O.. Oct. 16. 1856; son of Dr. 
Azariah Everett and Emily (Burnham) 
Everett; educated: private and public 
schools, Cleveland, O. Married. Josephine 
Pettengill. 1S86. Electric Ry. and inde- 
pendent telephone promoter; Interested in 
various railway, telephone and electric 
lighting corporations in number of cities 
of United States and Canada; Pres. North- 
ern Ohio Traction & Light Co.; London, 
Canada. Street Ry. Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Union. Home address: Willoughby, Ohio; 
office: Hippodrome Bldg. 

thy M. Spelman), Writer; born. Cleveland, 
Aug. 5. 1888; daughter of Henry A. Everett 
and Josephine (Pettengill) Everett; edu- 
cated: Hathaway Brown Sch., Grad. in 
1907. Married, Timothy M. Spelman, July 
7, 1915. Author of verses for magazines; 
poems have appeared in Life, Munsey, etc. 
Socs. and clubs: Women's City Club; 
Women's Political Union; Equal Franchise 
Soc.; New York State Suffrage Assn.; 
Stony Wold Sanitarium; Bide-A-Wee 
Home for Friendless Animals; National 
Consumer's League; Audubon Soc.; Poetry 
Soc.; Stage Soc.; Player's Club. Brook- 
lyn. Unitarian. Home address: 41 West 
6~7th St.. New York City; former address: 
Willoughby. O. 

born. Gnadenhutten, O.. Dec. 7. 1871; son 
of George W. Everett and Julia J. (Kin- 
sey) Everett; educated: Gnadenhutten and 
New Philadelphia high schools; Oberlin 
Coll.; Univ. of Wooster. College degrees: 

A. B.; A. M. Married, Ella May Holmes, 
Dec. 25, 1900. Was school teacher and is 
now Supt. of Schs.; was county school 
examiner for several terms. Socs. and 
clubs: N. E. A.; Masonic; Knight Templar. 
Mem. of Uhrichsville M. E. Church. Has 
been Supt. of Uhrich'sville Pub. Schs. past 
16 yrs. Home address: 213 E. First St., 
Uhrichsville. O. 

born. Ripon. Wis.. Sept. 3, 1867; daughter 
of Aaron Everhard and Ann Vennetta 
(Marsh) Everhard; educated: Ripon Coll.; 
Univ. Mich.. Med. Dept. College degrees: 

B. S.; A. M. ; M. D. Resident physician, 
Presbyterian Coll. for Women, Columbia, 
S. Caro.. 1897-1901; studied Polyclinic, 
New York City. 1901; engaged in general 
practice. Dayton. O.. 1902 ; Chmn. Com- 
mittee Public Health Education Among 
Women of American Med. Assn., 1912-13; 
Secy. Com Public Health Education, Ohio 
State Med. Assn., 1914-15-16; Chmn. Com. 
Child Welfare Greater Dayton Assn.; Mem. 
Advisory Bd. American Posture League. 
Socs. and clubs: College Women's Club; 
Dayton City Club; Hills and Dales Club; 
Am. Med. Assn.; Ohio State Med. Assn.; 
Humane Soc.; Tuberculosis Soc. Presby- 
terian. Home address: The Calvert, Day- 
ton, O. 

born, Wells Tp., Jefferson Co., Apr. 12, 1870; 
son of Elmer Everson and Rachel (Mat- 
thews) Everson; educated: District Schs.; 
private instruction; Chicago Univ. Mar- 
ried. Oma B. Fleming. Oct. 20, 1897. 
Taught rural schools. 1892-1899, Jefferson 
Co.; Bethany. W. Va., 1S99-1900; Brilliant 



High Sch.. 1900-1910; Supt. of Wells T\vp. 
Schs., 1910-1914; Co. Supt. of Jefferson 
Co. Schs.. 1914; Mem. of County Bd. 
of Sch. Examiners, several years; Pres. 
County Teachers' Assn.. 6 yrs.; member 
of executive committee: Treas. of E. O. 
T. A. Presbyterian Church. Was en- 
gaged with the Wellsburg Banking & Tr. 
Co. during three summer vacations. Holds 
Elementary and High School State Life 
Certificates. Home address: Brilliant, O. 
born. Hancock Co., O.. Dec. 29. 1863; son 
of Cornelius Ewing and Elizabeth (In- 
slay) ICwing; educated: grade and high 
schools. Findlay, O. Married, Annette 
Poe, Oct. 8. 1885. School teacher. 2 yrs.; 
engaged in dry goods business, 1882-1S90; 
furniture business, IS'iO-1900; c-lerk courts. 
Hancock Co.. O.. 1900-1906; oil producer; 
in 1912. organized The Ohio Bank & Sav- 
ings Co.. of which he is Pres.; Pres. First 
Nnt. Bank. Findlay, O.; Mem. city coun- 
cil, Findlay, O., 1S97-1S99. Socs. and clubs: 
K. P.: B. .P. O. E. ; Commercial Club. 
Presbyterian. Home address: 1112 South 
Main St.. Findlay. O. 

lon State Hospital: born, Fairfield Co.. O., 
April 13. 1S58: son or Henry Brian Eyman 
and Mary Ann (Baker) Eyman; educated: 
Southern Ohio Normal Sch.; Fairfield 
I'nion Academy; Medical Coll. of Colum- 
bus. College degrees: M. D.. 1SSO. Mar- 
ried. Celestia Dern. Sept. 12, 1880. En- 
gaged in practice medicine. Tarlton, Ohio, 
18SO-2; Lancaster. O.. 1882-4; Prof, men- 
tal and nervous diseases. College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, Cleveland, O., 1892- 
1905; appointed Asst. Supt. Athens State 
Hosp., 1884; Asst. Toledo State Hospital, 
1887; Supt. Cleveland State Hosp., 1891; 

Massillon State Hospital. 1S99 . Socs. 

and clubs: (Secy, and Treas.) Am. Medica 
Psychological Assn.. 1916; Am. Med. 
Assn.: Ohio State Med. Soc.; Dist. and 
Co. Med. Soos.; Massillon Social Club; 
Canton Country Club; Union and Ath- 
letic Clubs (Cleveland); Massillon Lodge 
Elks; F. & A. M. ; Favors Methodist Enis- 
copal Church. Home address: Massillon 
State Hospital. Massillon. O, 

born, Bethel. O., May 8, 1879; son of 
Wallace C. Fagley and Fannie (Brown) 
Fagley; educated: Univ. Cincinnati. O.: 
Moore's Hill Coll.: Oberlin Coll.: Oberlin 
Theological Seminary. College degrees- B. 
S.; A. M.; B. D.; D. D. (1916). Married, 
Hortense Martin. June 30. 1909, Prof, 
psychology and sociology, Moore's Hill, 
Ind.. 1905-9; pastor. Pittsfield M. E. Ch., 
Oberlin. O.. 1909-11; Plymouth Congrega- 
tional Ch.. Cincinnati. O.. 1911-15: exec- 
utive secretary Fed. Churches. Cincinnati, 

O., 1915 . Socs. and clubs: Clerical 

Club: Union Club: City Club: Social 
Workers' Club; Chamber of Commerce. 
Conerrpgationali'st. Home address: 3920 
Glenway Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

facturer; born, Marion, O., Oct. 12. 1SS1; 
son of James G. Fairbanks and Amanda 
(Shutt) Fairbanks: educated: Pub. Schs. 
and High Sch. of Marion. O. Married, 
Anna M. Herrmann, May 23. 1904. Started 
business career as water boy in stone 
quarry, later drove stone cart, fed crusher 
in quarry; became engineer for Fairbanks 
Construction Co.; made purchasing agent, 
Fairbanks Steam Shovel Co.. 1902-1914; 
elected Secy, and Treas. of company, 1914, 
and is still holding these positions; Vice 

Pres. Marion Tire & Rubber Co. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Columbus Athletic Club 
of Columbus; Marion Club; Tally Wag 
Club; Vice Pres. Marion Co. Automobile 
A'ssn.; B. P. O. E.; 4th degree of Knights 
of Columbus (trustee) Council 671. St. 
Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Home 
.I'Mress: 541 Kast Church St.. Marion. O. 

ufacturer; born, Unionville Center. Union 
Co.. (>.. Dec lo. 1 s.V.i; son of Loristun Mon- 
roe Fairbanks and Mary Adelaide (Smith) 
Fairbanks; educated: Country Schs.; Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ.; Cincinnati Law Sch. 
f'nll.-"f ilt-grces: .V I : A. M.: LL. 
B. Married. Lucy Joy CYucksharck, Nov. 
27. 1SS7. Admitted to bar in 1885 by Su- 
preme Court of Ohio, and engaged In the 
practice of law until 1901; since then, 
engaged in manufacturing; Pres. Am. 
Trust & Savings Bank; Fairbanks Bldg. 
Co.; Vice Pres. of The Fairbanks Co. and 
The Indianapolis Switch & Frog Co.; 
Chmn. Clark Co. Rep. Com., 1910-1914; 
Mem. Rep. State Central Com.. 7th Con- 
gressional Dist.. ]!12- . Socs. and 
clubs: Beta Theta Pi; Masons; Odd Fel- 
low; Moose; Commercial Club; Country 
Club. Presbyterian. Home address: 
Springfield, O. 

born, Bloomer Center, Mich., Oct. 17, 
1864; son of Thaddeus William Fancher 
and Ermina (Griffin) Fancher; educated: 
I.orain Pub. Schs. Married. Harriet L. 
Schroder. Feb. 16, 1893. First National 
Bank. Lorain. O.. 1882-5: Union National 
Bank. Cleveland, O., 1885-1914 as clerk, 
teller, Asst. cashier, cashier, vice presi- 
dent, president; appointed Governor of 
Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, O., Oct. 
23. 1914. Socs. and clubs: Union Club; 
Mayfield Country Club; Roadside Club: 
Bankers Club. Home address: 1879 E. 
S4th St. Cleveland. O. 

FANNING, CECIL, Singer-Poet; born. Co- 
lumbus. O.. Nov. 28. 1883; son of Capt. 
Richard J. Fanning and Cecilia (Miller) 
Fanning; educated: .St. Joseph's Acad., 
Columbus, O. ; Columbus Latin Sch. Be- 
gan touring United States * yrs. ago: ap- 
peared in England. France. Germany, 
Italy, as a singer with notable success; 
having the distinction of being an Amer- 
ican and trained in America. Author: 
Librettos; "Sir Oluf" and "The Foolish 
Virgins.'' published bv Schirmer; "Poem 
to California"; "The Flower-strewn 
Threshold." vol. published by Constable & 
Co., London. Eng. ; bust of Mr. Fanning 
placed in Ohio Bldg., at the Pan-Amer- 
ican Exposition. Catholic. Home ad- 
dress: 994 Franklin Ave.. Columbus. O. 

FARBER, OLIN M., Attorney: born, Bryan. 
O.. June 15. 1S69; son of Harmon Farber 
and Esther Jane (Olin) Farber; educated: 
Bellville public schools and high school; 
Univ. Wooster; Cornell Univ.' College 
degrees: A. B. (Cornell). Married. Alice 
J. Adelman. Oct. 12. 1910. Prof. English, 
Carthage College, 111.. 1891-2; Supt. Schs. 
Litchfield. Mich.. 1893-4; admitted to bar, 
is;i4; practicing attorr.ey-at-law, Mans- 
field. O.. 1894; city solicitor. Mans- 
field. O.. 1901-3: prosecuting attorney, 
Richland Co.. 1913-15. Socs. and clubs: 
Country Club; Mansfield Chamber Com- 
merce; K. P.; Sons Vets.; B. P. O. E. ; 
Y. M. C. A. First Presbyterian Church. 
Home address: 336 W. Third St.. Mansfield, 

FARMER, J. M.. Assistant Postmaster; 
born, Licking Co.. Aug. 11. 1862; son of 
Samuel Farmer and Julia A. Farmer; edu- 
cated: common school. Marred. Susanna 
Cartnal. March 22, 188S. Was farmer, 
grocer, county recorder (2 terms'), treas- 
urer. Newark Twp.; Secy, of The Lick- 



ing Co. Agricultural Soc.. 15 yrs. : school 
teacher, 6 yrs.; at present, assistant post- 
master. Socs. and clubs: Elks: I. O. O. 
P. Presbyterian. Home address: 221 N. 
4th St.. Newark. O. 

FARNSWORTH, C. E. f Banker; Cashier 
First Nati. B^nk. Momp add "FS: icny 
Rd. at Lake Erie. Cleveland. O. 

FARR, FINIS KING, Theologian; born. Col- 
lege Mound. Mo.. 1870; son of William 
Benton Farr and Louvenia Adelaide (Hol- 
loway) Farr; educated: A. B. and C. E., 
Cumberland Univ., Tenn., 1889' B. > >. 
1894; Univ. Chicago, 1894-7: A. M.. 1911; 
(D. D., Mo. Valley Coll., 1907). Married, 
Ethel Riley. June 5. 1901. Ordained Pres- 
byterian ministry. 1S95; Prof. Hebrew 
Dept. Cumberland Univ.. 1895-1909; same 
chair, Presbyterian Theol. Seminary of 
the South. Lebanon. Tenn.. 1909-10; Prof. 
Church History and Missions, same sem- 
inary, allied with Lane Seminary. Cin- 
cinnati. 1910-13: Prof. N. T. Greek and 
Exegesis, Lane Seminary, 1913-15; Prof. 

Hebrew Exegesis, Lane Sem , 1915- ; 

engaged in editorial work on various 
periodicals and books. Author: Westmin- 
ster Handbooks on the Sunday School 
lessons, 1910-13. Socs. and clubs: Kappa 
Sigma. Presbyterian. Home address: 5 
Lane Seminary Place, Cincinnati, O. 

FARR, LOUIS F.. Judge Court of Appeals, 
Seventh Ohio District. Term expires 1920. 
Home address: Chardon. O. 

born. Mountain Grove, Va.. April 19, 1868; 
son of Kearn Farrell and Mary (Kenney) 
Farrell: educated: Pub. and High Schs. 
of Defiance. O.; Univ. of Mich. College 
degrees: LL. B. Married. Catherine Cul- 
kins. June 1. 1909. Admitted to bar in 
1896; city solicitor of Defiance. 1S98-1902; 
elected probate judge of Defiance Co., 
1908; re-elected in 1912. Socs. and clubs: 
B. P. O. E. Catholic. Democrat. Home 
address: 655 Jefferson Ave.. Defiance. O. 

D. D.. Bishop of Cleveland; born. Mem- 
phis. Tenn.. March 15, 1S56; son of John 
P. Farrelly and Martha Clav (Moore) 
Farrelly; educated: grammar schools, 
Tennessee. Arkansas and Kentucky; 
Georgetown Univ., Washington, D. C. : 
Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgium: 
American Coll., Rome, Italy (where re- 
ceived the Doctorate in Sacred Theology) ; 
ordained to priesthood. May 22. 1880. by 
Cardinal Monaca La Valletta, in Rome: 
Asst. in Cathedral. Nashville. Tenn.. and 
afterwards its pastor; chancellor diocese 
of Nashville. 1SS3: Secy, to American 
Bishops at Rome. 18S7; spiritual director 
American Coll. at Rome, 1894-1909; conse- 
crated Bishop of Cleveland. May 1, 1909, 
in chanel of American Coll., Rome, by Car- 
dinal Gotti. assisted by Bishop Morris, of 
Little Rock, and Bishop Kennedy, rector 
of the American Coll.; installed in Cleve- 
land Cathedral. June 13. 1909. Home ad- 
dress: 1007 Superior Ave., N. E.. Cleve- 
land. O. 

FAULEY, ALBERT C., Portrait and Land- 
scape Painter: born. Fultonham. O.; son 
of George W. Fauley and Mary E. (Brech- 
bill) Fauley; educated: Philadelphia, Chi- 
cago, Paris, France. Married, Lucy 
Stanbery. 1888. Now director of art in 
the Columbus School for Girls; for many 
years was instructor of Life Classes in 
Columbus Art Sch. Socs. and clubs: Soc. 
of Western Artists: League of Columbus 
Artists: Pen and Pencil Club: exhibited 
in Natl. Academy. N. Y. : Penn. Academy 
Fine Arts; Corcoran Gallery. Washington, 
D. C. : Soc. of Western Artists'; painted 
portraits of McKinley, Campbell and 
Bushnell for the State House. Home ad- 

dress: 1427 Eastwood Ave., Columbus, O., 
also Granville. O. 

FAUST, SAMUEL D., Seminary Professor; 
born, Roxbury, Franklin Co., Pa., Nov. 
24. 1852: son of Samuel Faust and Eliza- 
beth (Detweiler) Faust; educated: public 
schools, Franklin Co., Pa.; Cumberland 
Valley State Normal Sch.. Shippensburg, 
Pa.; Lebanon Univ.. Lebanon, O.; Le- 
banon Valley Coll., Annville. Pa.; Union 
Biblical Seminary, Dayton, O. College 
degrees: A. B.. 1889; A. M.. 1892; D. D., 
1894; LL. D.. 1916. Married. Lizzie J. 
Mower. June 17. 1884. Reared On farm; 
teacher in public schools. Penn.. 1S70-S; 
on farm 5 yrs.; licensed to preach. 1883; 
ordained, 1SSS; in pastorates, 1884-5, 1889- 
1893; Prof. Church History and English 
Exegesis, Union Biblical Seminary, and 
Bonebrake Theol. Seminary, Dayton, O., 

1893 : S'ocy. Bd. Education. United 

Brethren in Christ, 1894-1909; trustee 
Lebanon Valley College.- 1889-1901; trus- 
tee United Brethren Printing Establish- 
ment, 1898-1909. Home address: 1614 W. 
First St.. Dayton. O. 

FAWCETT, HOWARD B., Manufacturer; 
born. Canton, O.. July 2. 1883; son of J. 
P. Fawcett and Jennie A. (Mitchell) 
Fawcett; educated: Canton public and 
high schools. Married. Enid Wise. Aug. 
9. 1905. Secy, and Asst. Treas. of The 
Republic Stamping & Enameling Co.. of 
Canton. O. Socs. and clubs: Masons; Elks; 
Canton Club; Congress Lake Club; Lake- 
side Country Club. First Methodist. 
Home address: 1026 Market Ave., Can- 
ton. O. 

FEIGHNER, LEWIS C., Attorney; born, 
Lykens, Crawford Co.. O.; son of John 
Feighner and Margaret Jane (Grats) 
Feighner; educated: Heidelberg Univ., 
Tiffin. O. College degrees: A. B. Mar- 
ried. Anna E. Duncan. May 25. 1882. En- 
gaged in active practice law, Bucyrus, O. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Bucyrus, O. 

FEIOCK. E. C., Educator; County Supt. of 
Schools. Monroe Co. Home address: 
W r oodsfield. O. 

FELBER, MARK LOUIS, Editor; born. St. 
Helena. Neb.. Nov. 26. 1874; son of John 
H. Felber and Anna M. (Smith) Felber; 
educated: high school, Nebraska. Mar- 
ried, Emma M, Klema. Engaged in news- 
paper work at age of 16 yrs.; editor, 
Bloomfield. Neb.. "Sun." at age 19 yrs.; 
connected with Omaha Daily News; Sioux 
City Daily News; Evansville Press; 
Cleveland. O.. Press: editor. Akron Press, 

1914 . Home address: 157 Hyde Ave., 

Akron. O 

FELKER, GERTRUDE, Physician; born, 
Amboy, HI.. Aug. 19. 1872; daughter of 
Dr. John B. Felker and Eliza J. (Miller) 
Felker; educated: Rockford Coll.; Univ. 
Mich. (Med. Dept.); interne 1 yr. New 
England Hospital for Women and Chil- 
dren. Boston. Mass. College degrees: A. 
B.; M. D. Practicing physician Dayton, 

Ohio, Jan., 1903 ; Secy. Section on 

Hygiene and Sanitary Science, Ohio Med. 
Soc.. 1913-15; Bacteriologist for Milk Com- 
mission, Montgomery Co. Med. Soc.; Secy. 
Am. Med. Assn. Com. Public Health Edu- 
cation Among Women, 1912-1914. Socs. 
and clubs: Dayton Assn. College Women; 
County. State and Nat. Suffrage Assn.; 
Y. W. C. A,.; Playground Assn.; The 
Tuberculosis Soc. First. Presbyterian Ch. 
Home address: The Calvert, Dayton. .O. 

FELLINGER, HERMAN, Insurance; born, 
Germany, Nov. 2. 1870; son of Henry 
Fellinger and Augusta (Geibfuss) Fellin- 
ger; educated: Germany; Strassburg; 
Alsace. Married. Lena Herold, April 9, 
1S9S. Came to America in 1893 to repre- 
sent European firm at World's Fair, Chi- 



cago, 111.; resided in Chicago. Is94-1900; 
transferred to Cleveland by Insurance Co. ; 
has been engaged in the insurance busi- 
ness since 1894: connected with the 
Metropolitan Insurance Co. 1894-1902; now 
Mgr. Northern Ohio Pacific Mutual Life 
Ins. Co.; member House 79th and 80th 
Gen. Asspmbly; member of Senate. 81st 
Assembly; three successive elections. 
Socs. and clubs: Chamber of Commerce; 
Cleveland Athletic Club; Cleyeland Auto- 
mobile Club; Life Underwriters' Assn.; 
Pres. German Am. Alliance. Protestant 
Church. Home address: 57 Alvason Rd., 
Cleveland. O. 

(Mrs. Jesse A. Fenner), Writer; born, 
Norwalk. O.. Oct. 14. 1876; daughter of 
Samuel A. Wildman and Ellen E. (Howe) 
Wildman; educated: Norwalk. O.. public 
schools; College for Women. Western Re- 
serve Univ. College degrees: B. A.. 1S9S. 
Married. Jesse A. Fenner. Oct. 1. 1914. 
Author: A Hill Prayer and Other Poems, 
1904; Loyalty Island. 1904; Theodore and 
Theodora, 1905; The Robins' Nest Ranch, 
1907; Betty's Beautiful Nights. 1916 (a 
fairy tale for children); also contributor 
to number periodicals, Harper's Monthly, 
The Century, Atlantic Monthly, St. Nich- 
olas. The Independent. The Outlook; in 
1899 won Century Magazine prize for best 
poem by college graduate of. preceding 
year having degree B. A. Socs. and clubs: 
Phi Beta Kappa; Ohio Women's Press 
Club; Clevejand Bird Lovers' Assn. Uni- 
tarian. Home address: 2050 East 88th St., 
Cleveland. O. 

born. near Winchester. O.. May 7, 
1844; son of Benjamin Fenton and Eliz- 
abeth (Smith) Fenton; educated: Lebanon 
Normal; Ohio Univ. Married, Belle Man- 
ker, May 22. 1872. Enlisted in 91st Ohio 
Regt., Aug. 14. 1862; severely wounded at 
battle of Winchester. Va., Sept. 19. 1864; 
teacher and Supt. public schools in Ohio, 
several yrs. ; awarded high school life 
certificate by Ohio State Bd. of Sch. Ex- 
aminers. 1S7S; appointed to position in 
custom house. New Orleans. 1880; organ- 
ized Winchester Bank. 1884; appointed 
trustee, Ohio Univ., 1S92; delegate to Re- 
publican Nat. Conv., 1892; member Ohio 
Centennial Commn.. 1898; elected Mem. 
54th and 55th Congresses. 110th Dist. of 
Ohio. 1895-9; Pres. Trustees. Wilson Chil- 
dren's Home. West Union, 1912; Pres. 
Adams Co. Bd. of Education. 1917. Home 
address: Winchester. O. 

FENTON, THOMAS T., Merchant; born, 
Petersburg, Ky. ( June 1, 1S74; son of 
Capt. Henry Bascom Fenton and Eliza 
(Sebree) Fenton; educated: Common Schs. 
at Petersburg. Ky. Married, Olive M. 
Harper. Oct.. 1903. Asst. Mgr. of a laun- 
dry as a young man; started in business 
for himself in 1900 in a small way in 
dry cleaning and dyeing establishment, 
which grew to present The Fenton United 
Cleaning & Dyeing Co.. with 36 branch 
offices. Socs. and clubs: Hyde Park Coun- 
try Club: Mason; Yeatman Lodge. F. & 
A. M.; Walnut Hills Chapter. R. A. M.; 
Trinity Commandery. K. T. ; Business 
Men's Club; Chamber of Commerce; Auto- 
mobile Club; Cuvier Press Club; Natl. 
Assn. of Cleaners and Dyers; founder of 
one of the largest industries in Cincin- 
nati. Home address: 3647 Kendall Ave., 
Hyde Park. Cincinnati. O. 

torney; born. Miami Co.. O., March 8, 
1863; son of John S. Fergus and Susan 
(Black) Fergus; educated: Ohio State 
Univ. College degrees: LL. B. Married, 
Ella May Addison. June IS. 1889. who died. 
Dec. 7. 1915. Banker and attorney-at-law; 

Secy, and Counsel of Park Savings Co. ; 
former member Columbus Bd. of Educa- 
tion. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason. 
Methodist. Home address: 391 West Sixth 
Ave.. Columbus. Ohio. 

born. Orono, Me.. Dec. 19. 1871; son of 
Merritt Caldwell Fernald and Mary I,t.v- 
joy (Heywood) Fernald; educated: Maine 
State Coll.. 1892; Mass. Inst. Tech.. 1892- 
1893; Case Sch. Applied Science, 189S; 
Columbia 1901. College degrees: B. M. E.; 
M. E. ; A. M. : Ph. D. Married. Catherine 
Mason Coupland. June 27. 1905. Instr.. 
1893-6; Asst. Prof.. 1896-1900. Case Sch. 
Applied Science; Prof. Mech. Engineering, 
Washington Univ., 1902-7; Prof. Mech. 
Engineering. Case Sch. Applied Science, 
since Sept. 1, 1907; Engr. in charge tech- 
nologic branch. U. S. Geol. Survey. Sept. 
1, 1904-10; consulting Engr.. Fuel Div., 
Bureau of Mines, since 1910: contributor 
papers to Tech. Journals and to reports, 
U. S. Geol. Survey and Bur. of Mines. 
Socs. and clubs: Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs. ; 
Soc. Promotion Engineering Edn.; Am. 
Sec. Testing Materials; Cleyeland Cham- 
ber of Commerce. University Congrega- 
tionalist. Republican. Home address: 
1916 E. 82d St.. Cleveland. O. 

FERN EDI NG. H. L., Judge Court of Ap- 
peals; born, Dayton, O.. April 11, 1875; 
son of C. J. Ferneding and Barbara (Bar- 
low) Ferneding; educated: Local Schs.: 
St. Mary's Coll.; Dayton Univ.; Notre 
Dame. Notre Dame. Ind. ; Cincinnati Law 
Sch. College degrees: LL. B. Married, 
Josephine B. Callaghan. June 15. 1916. 
Read law in office of Hon. J. A. Mc- 
Mahon, Dayton, and remained in his office 
several years after being admitted to the 
bar In 1896; then became member of firm 
of Van Pelt. Dale & Ferneding, later, 
Ferneding, McConnaughey & Shea, which 
continued until his election to the Cir- 
cuit Bench in 1910; member and Pres. of 
Bd. of Managers of Ohio State Reforma- 
tory; elected Judge of Circuit Court, 2nd 
Judicial Dist.. 1910; Chief Justice of the 
Court of Appeals, 1912; re-elected Judge 
Court of Appeals. 1916, and now serving 
in that capacity. Socs. and clubs: Gem 
City Democratic Club; Elks; Eagles; Day- 
ton Club; Knights of Columbus; Colum- 
bus Athletic Club; Columbus Club. Cath- 
olic. Democrat. During the Spanish-Am. 
War, was private and served in Troop 
F, 1st Ohio Vol. Cavalry. Home address: 
Dayton, O. 

Writer; born, Sandusky, O. ; educated: 
Schs. of Cleveland, O. ; Vassar Coll.; Rad- 
cliffe Coll. College degrees: A. B., 1886; 
A. M., 1901. Was teacher of Smead Sch. 
for Girls. Toledo. O., 1 890-1893, 1896-189S; 
University School, Cleveland, O., 1894-1896; 
Detroit Home and Day School, 1901-1908; . 
Instr. in History, Coll. for Women, 

1913 . Author: Financial Relations of 

Knights Templars. Home address: 10924 
Magnolia Drive. Cleveland. O. 

FESLER, MAYO, Secy. The Civic League; 
born, Morgantown, Ind., Nov. 19, 1871; 
son of Peter Fesler and Emma C. Fesler: 
educated, Indiana common and high 
schools; DePauw Univ.; Univ. of Chi- 
cago. College degrees!: Ph. B. (1897). 
Married, August 20. 1902. Teacher High 
Schs.. 1897-9; fellow. History and Pol. 
Science. Univ. of Chicago. 1S99-1902; sub- 
stitute Prof. History. Univ. Indiana. 1902- 
1903; Secy. Civic League. St. Louis. Mo., 
1903-1910; Secy. Civic League. Cleveland, 

O. 1910 . Soc-s. and clubs: Univ. Club, 

Cleveland. O.; City Club. Home address: 
95 Wadena Ave., East Cleveland, O. ; office 
address: 1116 Guardian Bldg.. Cleveland, 



FESS, SIMEON D. ( Congressman; born, 
Allen Co.. O.. Dec. 11. 1S61; son of Henry 
Fess and Barbara (Herring) Fess; edu- 
cated: country schools; Ohio Northern 
Univ.. Ada. O. (grad.. 1889). College de- 
grees: LL. B. Married. Eva C. Thomas, 
Rushville, O.. March 1890. Prof. Am. His- 
tory. 1889-1896; head College Law, 1896- 
1900: Vice Pres. Ohio Northern Univ.. 1900- 
3002; Grad. student and lecturer. Univ. 
Chicago, 1902-1907; Pres. Antioch Coll., 

1907 ; editor. World's Events, 1903-7. 

Author: An Outline Study of Physiology; 
Outlines of United States History; His- 
tory American Political Theory, and Civics 
of Ohio; delegate Greene County, Ohio, 
Constitutional Convention; also Vice Pres., 
1910; was elected to 63rd Congress, 6th 
Ohio Dist.. 1912: re-elected to 6-4 th and 
65th Congresses, from 7th Ohio Dist. Re- 
publican. Methodist. Home address: 
Yellow Springs. O. 

FETZER, GOTTLOB, Clergyman; born, 
Cleveland. Ohio. July 30. 1S61; son of An- 
drew Fetzer and Mary A. Fetzer; edu- 
cated: German- Am. Academy, Rochester, 
N. Y. : Grad. Rochester Theol. Sem., 1889. 
Married, Bertha L. Haselhuhn, Nov. 2S, 
1889. Ordained German Baptist ministry, 
1889; pastor, Erin Ave. Church, Cleveland, 
O., 1889-3890; Berlin, Ont.. 1890-7; Second 
Church. New York, 1897-1901; editor, Ger- 
man-Baptist periodicals and literature, 

1901 . Home address: 12407 Orceola 

Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

FICK, HENRY H., Educator- Author; born, 
Luebeck, Germany. Aug. 16. 1849; son of 
H. F. C. Fick and Sophia (Trost) Fick; 
educated: private collegiate school, Lue- 
beck, Germany. College degrees: Ph. D. 
Married, Clementine Barna. July 25, 1872. 
Teacher public schools. Cincinnati, O., 
German and drawing, 1870-1884; journalist, 
Chicago. 111.. 1884-1886; founder. Fick & 
Schutt, private 'school, Chicago, 111., 18S6; 
first German Asst.. 12th Dist. Sch., Cin- 
cinnati. O. 1S90-1892; Prin. 6th Dist. Sch., 
Cincinnati, O., 1892-1901; Asst. Supt., 1901- 
1903; Supervisor German. 1903-1915; Dir. 

German Dept.. 1915 ; Trustee Nat. 

German-American Teachers' Seminary, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Socs. and clubs: Cin- 
cinnati Literary Club; German Literary 
Soc.; Hon. Mem. Cincinnati German 
Teachers' Assn.; Hon. Mem. Turnge- 
meinde: Hon. Mem. Pionier Verein. Au- 
thor: Pencil and Brush. 1SS4; The Dance 
of Death. 1885; Dies und Das. 1908; Neu 
und Alt. 1911: Hin und Her. 1913; Ich und 
Du. Hier und Dart. 1916: prize essay Die 
Pfleg'e des Schoenheitsinnes in der Erzie- 
hung, 1880: pamphlets relating to teach- 
ing history and literature; poems: 'In 
Freud Und Leid,' 1914; editor Erziehungs- 
blaetter, 1889-1900: Jung Amerika. 1901- 
1906. Home address: 1536 Dixmont Ave., 
Cincinnati. O. 

FIEBEGER, FRANK, Manufacturer; born, 
Akron. O.. Jan. 10. 1856: son of Joseph 
Fiebeger and Rosalie Fiebeger; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Akron. O. Married. Jose- 
phine E. LaVigne, 1884. Pres. and Treas. 
May-Fiebeger Co., Akron Foundry Co., and 
Prudential Heating Co.: Mem. of Bd. of 
Edn., 1910-13: Mem. of City Council, 1892- 
1893. and 1S99-1900; Pres. of Bd. of Edn , 
1911; Pres. City Council, 1900. Socs. and 
clubs: Y. M. C. A.; F. & A. M. : I. O. O. 
F. Mem. West Congregational Church. 
Mem. Bd. of Trustees 22 yrs. ; Chmn.. 10 
yrs. Home address: 23 S. Balch St., 
Akron. O. 

Manager and Banker; born. Leesburg. 
London Co.. Va., Nov. 7, 1850-; son of 
John C. Field and Mary Ann (Irons) 
Field: educated: Common Schs. of Browns- 
ville and Pittsburgh. Pa. Married. Mitil- 

dia Wanner. Aug. 12. 1872. Engaged in 
farming business; banking business; 
theatrical business (manager Al. G. Field, 
Greater Minstrels, America's Representa- 
tive Minstrels Organization). Soos. and 
clubs: Mem. of Masonic and Elk Fra- 
ternities; Shriner; Rotary Club; Automo- 
bile Club; Ohio Club. Episcopalian. Home 
address: summer months. Maple Villa 
Farm. Powell. O.; winter months. 29 West 
3rd Ave.. Columbus. O. 

FIESER, JAMES LOUIS. Social Worker; 
born. Ravenna, O.. Oct. 8. 1883; son of 
Sebastian Fieser and Martha (Doerflinger) 
Fieser; educated: public schools. Alexan- 
dria, Ind. ; Indiana Univ.; Univ. Wiscon- 
sin. Married. Nellie Ely Fosdick. Sept. 
1. 1910. Industrial experience gained as 
laborer in plate glass factory, machine 
shop, steel mill; teacher, Alexandria. Ind., 
1904-5; financial agent, Charity Organ- 
ization Soc.. Indianapolis, Ind.. 1906; 
agent Summer Mission for Sick Children, 
Indianapolis, Ind.. summers. 1906-7; Dir. 
Attendance Dept., Indianapolis, Ind., 
Schools. 3907-12: Supt. Associated Chari- 
ties. Columbus. O.. 1912-17; Mgr. Social 
Bureau of Columbus Chamber of Com- 
merce; Associate Dir. Social Service Dept., 

Ohio Inst. for Pub. Efficiency, 1917 ; 

drafted text of present compulsory edu- 
cation law of Indiana; director registra- 
tion and relief of Citizens Relief Com., 
Columbus, O.. Flood 1913; special repre- 
sentative American Red Cross in charge 
of rehabilitation work, Columbus, O., 1913 
flood. Socs. and clubs: Pres. Indianapolis 
Social Workers Club. 1909: Treaa. Indiana 
Child Labor Co.. 1909-12; Ex Com. In- 
diana Child Welfare League. 1910-12: Ex. 
Com. Ohio State Conference Charities & 
Correction. 1914-17; Secy, and Treas. Cen- 
tral Philanthropic Council. Columbus, O., 

1912 ; Secy. Ohio Child Welfare League. 

1913-15; Pres. Columbus Social Workers 
Club, 1914-15; Secy. Columbus Santa Glaus 
Club. 1912-16: Nat. Conference Charities 
& Correction; Am. Assn. for Organizing 
Charity; Am. Red Cross: Am. Sociological 
Soc.: Am. Assn. for Labor Legislation; 
Chamber Commerce; Masonic Order; K. 
P.; Maccabees: Rotary Club. Home ad- 
dress: 151 Brighton Rd.. Columbus. O. 

FIFE, WALKER C., Treas. of Guernsey Co., 
O. : born. Oct. 7. 1875: son of Jacob L. 
Fife and Sophia Jane (Bowers) Fife; edu- 
cated: Cambridge. O. Married. Mary E. 
Miller. Oct. 29. 1896. Treas. of Guernsey 

Co., O , 1913 . Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. 

F. United Presbyterian Ch. Home ad- 
dress: 715 N. 5th St.. Cambridge. O. 

Fl FIELD, HENRY OTIS, Editor; born, Cor- 
rina. Maine; son of Samuel Stillman Fi- 
field and Naomi (Pease) Fifield; educated: 
Exeter. Maine: Bangor, Maine; also Pres- 
cott. Wis. Married. Emma L. Walker, 
Sept. 25. 1866. Enlisted in the 1st Minn. 
Vol. Inf. as private. 1861-64; engaged in 
printing business and editor Enterprise 
newspaper. Wellington. O.. 58 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Mason; Chapter; K. T. ; 
Shriner; Eastern Star; K. O. T. M. Re- 
publican. Home address: Wellington, O. 

FIGLEY, JOHN E., Wholesaler; Pres. The 
Canton Grocery Co. Home address: 1440 
Cleveland Ave.. N. W.. Canton. O. 

FILES, JOHN Q., Attorney; born, Xenia, 
O., Sept. 21, 1846; son of Sylvanus B. 
Files and Martha (Jewett) Files; edu- 
cated: Common Schs.. Green Co.. O. ; Read 
Law with B. T. Geer. Atty., Swanton, O. 
Married, Mary G. Bowman, April 9, 1882. 
Admitted to practice law at Columbus, 
O.. Dec. 7. 1880; practicing law in Wau- 
seon since Jan., 1892; general counsel for 
Peoples State Bank, Wauseon, O., 25 yrs.; 
Atty. for The Toledo & Indiana R. R. Co. 
since 1900; Pros. Atty. of Fulton Co., O., 



1M'2-S; Sergeant-at-Arms, Ohio Legisla- ' 
ture, H. R., 1839-1890. Socs. ami clubs: 
I. O. O. P.: F. & A. M.: K. of P. Hume 
address: "204 K. Kim St.. Wauseon, O. 
lisher: born. Cincinnati. June 1. 1849; son 
of (Rev.) Augustus Dameron Fillmore j 
and Hannah M. (Lock wood) Fillmore; 
educated: Cinc-innati Pub. Sens.; private 
study music composition. Married, Annie 
McKrell. Began l)usiness with Methodist 
Book Concern; 1902, The Fillmore Bros. 
Co., music publishers, was incorporated 
with James Henry Fillmore as Pres. and 
Cit-n. Mgr. ; publishers of "The Choir" and 
"The Musical Messenger." Christian Ch. 
lldiii.- address: 2215 Fulton Ave. (Walnut 
Hills), Cincinnati. O. 

FILLMORE, PARKER, Writer; born, Cin- 
cinnati. O.. Sept. 21. 187$; son of William 
Aden Fillmore and Adelaide Martha S. 
(Molloy) Fillmore; educated: public Schs.; 
Univ. Cincinnati. O. College degrees: B. 
A., Univ. Gin. Unmarried. Government 
teacher in Philippines, 1901-4; Mem. tirin 
W. H. Fillmore & Co., Bankers. Cincin- 
nati, O., 1904 ; began publishing stories 

and articles, 1905. Author: The Hickory 
Limb. 1910; The Young Idea. 1911; The 
Rosie World. 1914: A Little Question In 
Ladies' Rights, 1916. Home address: 1730 
Hewitt Ave.. Cincinnati. O. ; New York 
address: care of Henry Holt & Co., New 

FINDLEY, EDWIN LEIGH, Educator; born, 
Akron. O.. Feb. 9. 1S70; son of Samuel 
Findley and Mary Ann (Hardie) Findley; 
educated: Buchtel Coll.; Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; Alliance Francatse, Paris. College 
degrees: A. B.. 1891; A. M., 1S96. Mar- 
ried, Maud Kinsley, Aug. 20, 1902. Asst. 
Latin and Greek, Buchtel Coll., 1891-4; 
Inst. Greek, Wesleyan Academy, 1896; 
teacher. Central High, Cleveland, O., 1897- 
1900; East High. Cleveland. O., 1900-12; 
Asst. Prin. East High School, Cleveland, 

O.. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: Cleveland 

City Club; Northern Ohio Johns Hopkins 
Club; Classical Assn. Middle West and 
South; Cercle Francais, Cleveland; Council 
Sociology; Phi Delta Theta. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 7108 Hough 
Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

FINDLEY, GUY B., Attorney; born, Mon- 
roe Mills. O.. Oct. 10. 1885; son of Jacob 

A. Findley and Dora (Gilbert) Findley; 
educated: Baldwin-Wallace Coll., Berea, 
O. ; Univ. of Mich. College degrees: LL. 

B. at Univ. of Mich. Married. Jennie S. 
Charles. Feb. 25. 1910. Practiced law in 
Elyria, O.. since 1908; solicitor of Elyria, 
1912- Hi: prosecuting attorney, Lorain Co., 

O.. 1017 . Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M.; 

K. O. T. M.; Sons of Veterans. Disciple. 
Home address: 117 Charles Court, Elvria, 

Leigh); born. Brooklyn. N. Y.. Dec. 9, 
1873; daughter of Thomas Pearson Kins- 
ley and Marian (Blake) Kinsley; educated: 
Smith Coll., Grad., 1895. College degrees: 
B. A. Married. Edwin Leigh Findley, Aug. 
20, ino2. Taught Wilford Sch., Baltimore, 
1895-7; Lawrence Sch., New York, 1897-9; 
Delancey Sch. for Girls. Geneva. N. Y., 
1899; Chestnut Hill Sch.. Mass., 1901-2. 
Home address: 7108 Hough Ave., Cleve- 
land. O 

Prof.; born. New Paris. O.. Feb. 9. 1881; 
son of Charles M. Finfrock and Mary A. 
(Cable) Finfrock; educated: Covington, 
O.. public and high schools; Ohio Wes. 
Univ.; Western Reserve Univ. Law Sch. 
College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; LL. B. 
Married. Zoe Ellen Hoskinson. June 23, 
1909. Prin. high school, Tippecanoe City, 

' >.. 1902-5; Prof, law, Western Reserve 

Univ., 1907 ; Secy. Western Reserve 

Univ. Law Sch., 1909 . Socs. and clubs: 

Mason; Phi Delta Phi; Order of the Coif; 
University Club, Cleveland. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 3186 Oak Rd.. Cleveland 
Heights. O. 

FINK, BRUCE, University Prof.; born, 
niaokberry Twp. Kane Co., 111.. Dec. 22, 
L861; S..M i.f Reuben Fink and Mary Eliz- 
abeth Durrough (Day) Fink; educated: 
public schools; Jennings Seminary; Univ. 
Illinois; Harvard Univ.; Univ. Minnesota. 
College degrees: B. S.; M. S.; Ph. I >. 
Married. Ida May Hammond. Jan. 9, 1 *--'.'. 
Teacher public schools, 1887-1892; Prof, 
biology, Upper Iowa Univ., 1892-1903; 
Prof, botany. Iowa College, 1903-6; Prof. 

botany, Miami Univ., 1906 , Oxford, >. 

Author: The Lichens of Minnesota: To- 
bacco; The Tobacco Habit; books on 
Laboratory Work; plant Ecology and 
Physiology; papers on Taxonomy of Seed 
Plants and Fungi; Plant Embryology, 
Ecology; Nature and Classification of 
Lichens; Classification of Ascomycetes; 
Botanical Instruction in High Schools and 
Colleges; Sex and Reproduction in Plants. 
Pres. Iowa Academy Science, 1894; Pres. 
Sullivant Moss Soc.. 1906; Pres. Ohio 
Academy Science. 1910; associate editor 
of Mycologia; member Ohio Biological 
Survey Board; Botanical Survey Board 
Minnesota; life member Iowa Academy 
Sciences; Forestry A&sns. of Iowa and 
Ohio; Am. Soc. Naturalists; Soc. Botan- 
ists Central States; International Assn. 
Botanists; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Xi; 
fellow Botanical Soc. Am.; Am. Assn. 
Advancement Science. Methodist. Home 
address: 405 Maple Ave., Oxford, Ohio. 

FINLEY, E. B., Attorney; born, Orrville, 
O. Married, Charlotte E. Codding, Feb. 
18. 1858. Admitted to practice law in 
Bucyrus in 1861 where he still continues; 
served in the War of the Rebellion as 1st 
Lieut, of Co. K. 64th Reg.. O. V. I.; 
served 2 terms in Congress; served 2 yrs. 
as Adjutant-General of Ohio; was chair- 
man of four o"elegates-at-large from Ohio 
to the Natl. Conv. in 1896. which nom- 
inated Mr. Bryan for President; elected 
and served a short term on the Circuit 
Bench. Home address: Bucyrus, O. 

born. Zanesfleld. Logan Co., O., Aug. 24, 
1S6S; 'son of (Dr.) James E. Finley and 
Amanda (Hanna) Finley; educated: high 
school. Mt. Pleasant. O. ; Univ. of Woos- 
ter; Univ. of Michigan. College degrees: 
A. B.: A. M.. Univ. of Wooster. Married, 
Julia R. White. Oct. 31. 1901. After 
completing law course at Univ. of Mich- 
igan, studied with Judge R. G. Richards, 
of Steubenville, and was admitted to bar 
in March. 1S94; engaged In practice in 
Steubenville until 1897. when located at 
Mt. Pleasant, O.; returned to Steubenville 
in 1901 where he continues in active 
practice at present; appointed United 
States Commissioner in 1902. and still 
retains that position; elected President of 
Jefferson Co. Bar Assn. in 1916. Socs. 
and clubs: Y. M. C. A.; Knights of Py- 
thias; Elks; Phi Gamma Delta Frat. 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: 
Steubenville. O. 

FINLEY, WILLIAM F., Banker; born, Mil- 
lersburg, O., Oct. 16, 1879; son of Calvin 
E. Finley and Laura A. (Gray) Finley; 
educated: Mt. Union College. College de- 
grees: A. B. Married, Grace Morgan, 
Nov. 25. 1907. Early commercial training 
as bookkeeper with Garfleld Savings Bank, 
1902; elected Treas. Garfield Savings 

Bank. Cleveland. O.. Jan. 1. 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Alpha Tau Omega Frat.; Ma- 
sonic Order; Cleveland Chamber of Com- 



merce; City Club. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: 10924 Grant wood Ave., 
Cleveland. O. 

Writer; born. St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 4. 1859; 
son of John Finn and Mary (Whyte) Finn; 
educated: private schools; St. Louis Univ.; 
Sacred Heart Coll., Woodstock, Md. En- 
tered Jesuit Order. 1879; ordained priest, 
1893; director St. Xavier School. Cincin- 
nati. Ohio: editor St. Xavier's Calendar, 

1907 . Author: Percy Wynn, 1890; Tom 

Playfair. 1890; Harry Dee. 1891: Claude 
Lightfoot. 1892; Mostly Boys. 1893; New 
Faces and Old. 1894; Ada Merton. 1894; 
Ethelred Preston, 1896; That Football 
Game. 1S97; The Best Foot Forward, 1898; 
His First and Last Appearance. 1900; But 
Thy Love and Thy Grace, 1901; The Haunt 
of the Fairies (drama for girls), 1906; 
The Fairy of the Snows, 1913; That Office 
Boy, 1915; Cupid of Campion, 1916. Socs. 
and clubs: Vice Pres. Anti-Tuberculosis 
League. Cincinnati, O. Member of the 
Society of JPSUS. Home address: St. 
Xavier's College. 7th and Sycamore Sts., 
Cincinnati. O. 

FINNELL, BURR, Manufacturer; born, 
Olney, 111.. April 4, 1873; son of George 
Thomas Finnell and Ellen (White) Fin- 
nell; educated: Texas Pub. Schs.; Denver 
Pub. and High Schs. Married, Eileen 
Malone. Vice Pres. and Treas. The Run- 

kle Co.. Kenton. O.. 1910 : Pres. Har- 

din Co. Chautauqua, 1910 ; Pres. Manu- 
facturers and Importers Assn. of America, 
1911-1915. Socs. and clubs: Pres. Kenton 

Commercial Club. 1910 ; Pres. Hardiri 

C9- Athletic Club. 1915 ; Elks Lodge 

(life member). Home address: 641 North 
Main St.. Kenton. O. 

facturer; born. Dec. 28. 1876; son of Clin- 
ton Dewerse Firestone and Flora (TafO 
Firestone; educated: Columbus public 
schools; Lawrenceville, N. J. ; Golden 
Hill Sch., Kingston. N. Y. Married, Kath- 
leen Longstreth, June 7, 1S99. Secy. Co- 
lumbus Buggy Co.. 1895-1913; Secy, and 

Treas. Billow-Firestone Co. 1913 . 

Socs. and clubs: Columbus Club. Congre- 
gationalist. Home address: 922 Madison 
Ave.. Columbus. O. 

FIRESTONE, HARVEY S., Manufacturer; 
born. Columbiana. O.. Dec. 20. 1S68: son 
of Benjamin Firestone and Catherine 
(Flickinger) Firestone: educated: Colum- 
biana. O. Married. Isabelle Smith. Nov. 
20. 1896. Spnt the early years of his life 
in a coal office in Columbus, O.; he later 
became connected as salesman with the 
Columbus Buggy Co.; as- a representative 
of this company he spent some time in 
Detroit and there became interested in 
the use of rubber tires for vehicles; in 
1896 in Chicago he began the appli- 
cation of rubber tires to carriages; in 
1899 the business conducted by him be- 
came a part of the Consolidated Tire & 
Rubber Co.. with which firm he was as- 
sociated a short time; after severing his 
connections with this company, he came 
to Akron and organized The Firestone Tire 
& Rubber Co.. of which he became Pres., 
which position he still holds. Socs. and 
clubs: Rubber Club of America; India 
House. New York; Ohio Society of New 
York; Union Club of Cleveland: Detroit 
Athletic Club; Portage Country Club; Akron 
City Club. Member and Vestryman of 
St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Home ad- 
dress: Akron, O. 

born, Kiel, Germany, Nov. 10, 1879; son of 
Rudolph Henry Fischer and Theresa 
Beuthien) Fischer; educated: came to 
U. S.. 1885; Grad. South Div. High Sch., 
Chicago. 1897; M. D.. Rush Med. Coll.. Chi- 

cago. 1901; Holme scholar. Woods Hole, 
Mass.. summers of 1900 and 1901; post- 
Grad. studies in Germany and Austria, 
1905-6. Married, Charlotte Ruse Leonard, 
May 6, 1903. Asst. in pathology, 1898-1900; 
physiology, Rush Med. Coll., 1900-1; Asso. 
in physiology, Univ. of Chicago, 1901-2; 
Asst. Prof, in physiology, Univ. of Calif., 
1903-5; Prof., pathology, Oakland Sch. of 
Medicine, 1905-10; Prof., physiology, Univ. 

of Cincinnati. 1910 ; Hatfleld prize, Coll. 

Phys., Philadelphia, 1909; Cartwright prize, 
Alumni of Coll. Phys. and Surg.. New 
York. 1911; Am. Med. Assn., Gold Medal 
for Scientific Research, 1912; Diploma for 
Scientific Research, 1915. Author: Physi- 
ology of Alimentation, 1907; OEdema, 1910; 
Nephritis, 1911 (two latter in German and 
Russian translation, OEdema and Nephri- 
tis, second an enlarged edition, 1915); 
Translator: Cohen's Physical Chemistry 
for Physicians and Biologists, 1903; Pauli'a 
Physical Chemistry in the Service of Medi- 
cine, 1906; Wo. Ostwald's Handbook of 
Collord. Chemistry. 1915: Wo. Ostwald's 
Introduction to Theoretical and Applied 
Collord. Chemistry, 1916; contributor to 
some sixty papers, to medical and scien- 
tific journals, concerned chiefly with mi- 
nute anatomy of nerve cells, artificial par- 
thenofensis, diabetes, absorption of wa- 
ter by colloids, oedema, glaucoma, haemoly- 
sis, Bright's disease and the general prob- 
lem of water absorption and secretion by 
plants and animals. Socs. and clubs: Fel- 
low, A. A. A. S. ; Mem. Soc. Exptl. Medicine 
and Biology; Am. Physiol. Soc., A. M. A.; 
Am. Assn. Adv. Clin. Investigation; Cin- 
cinnati Research Soc. (Pres., 1912); Ohio 
Archeological Soc.; Literary Club of Cin- 
cinnati. Home address: General Hospital, 
Cincinnati. O. 

FISH, FLORENCE, College Professor; born, 
Berlin Heights, O., July 12, 1S55; daugh- 
ter of Job Fish and Anne Elizabeth (Pea- 
body) Fish; educated: Berlin Heights Pub. 
Schs.; Oberlin College; Univ. Wisconsin. 
College degrees: B. L. Teacher public 
schools, Berlin Twp., O. ; Toledo, O., 1881- 
1884; Austin, 111., 1884-1885; teacher, Eng- 
lish and History. Gale Coll., Galesville, 
Wis.. 1888-1893; Prof. English. Western 

College for Women. Oxford. O., 1S97 . 

Presbyterian. Home address: Berlin 
Heights. O. College address: Oxford, O. 

born. Marion. O.. June 10. 1855; son of 
Timothy B. Fisher and Elenora P. (Ben- 
nett) Fisher; educated: Kenyon Coll.; 
Harvard Law Sch. College degrees: A. B.; 
LL. B. Married, Rose I. Schofield, Dec. 

12, 1SS3. Engaged in practice law, 1879 ; 

Vice Pres. Marion County Bank; member 
Bd. of Education, Marion, O., 6 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Marion Club. Home address: 
292 Mt. Vernon Ave., Marion, O. 

FISHER, CHARLES R., Editor; born, Wil- 
mington, O.. Feb. 14. 1860; son of William 
B. Fisher and Euphemia (Pegg) Fisher; 
educated: Wilmington Pub. Schs. Mar- 
ried. Sarah Hinman. Mar. 11. 1905. With 
brother, late William G. Fisher, purchased 
the Wilmington Journal in 1884; Journal 
consolidated with Clinton Republican in 
1913; Pres. Journal-Republican Co.; Pres. 
Clinton- Telephone Co.; Secy, and Treas. 
Masonic Temple Co.; in 1876 was ap- 
pointed deputy postmaster of Wilmington, 
and served 3 yrs.; deputy clerk of courts 
until 1884: postmaster 1890-1894; Aide-de- 
camp to Gov. Asa S. Bushnell. 1896-1900. 
Socs. and clubs: Mason; I. O. O. F. ; K. of 
P.; Elk. Methodist Episcopal Ch. Home 
address: Wilmington. O. 

FISHER, ELAM, Attorney; born, on farm 
near Eaton. O.. July 26. 1846; son of Joseph 
Fisher and Christina (Harter) Fisher; edu- 
cated: Miami Univ., Oxford, O.; Univ. 



Mich., Law. College degrees: A. !:., J^T"; 
A. M., 1886; LL. B.. 1872. Married, Maria 
Still. May 9. 1872. Began practice law, 

Eaton. O.. 1872 ; counsel C. H. & D. 

Ry. Co.; Dir. and counsel Eaton Nat. 
Bank; Pres. Eaton Lighting Co.; Dir. and 
Treas. Eaton Telephone Co.; Dir. and offi- 
cer in number other corporations; mem- 
ber Ohio House Rep. 1891-3; member Tor- 
rens Land Commn.. 1S94-6; elected judge 
Court Common Pleas. 2nd Jud. Dist. Ohio, 
lsn4-UUl; private Co. "D," 136th Ohio Vol. 
Inf., Civil War; trustee Miami Univ., 

Igg7 ; trustee Oxford Coll. for Women, 

1'jos . Socs. and clubs: Ohio State 
Bar Assn.; Preble County Bar Assn. 
(Pres., I'.tnu-l 1 ; Ohio Electric- Light Assn. 
(Com. on Ins.); Phi Delta Theta; Phi 
Beta Kappa; 32d degree Mason; Dayton 
City Club; Miami Alumni. M. E. Church. 
Home address: Eaton. O. 

(Widow Col. C. W. Fisher, who died May 
17, 1916), 1st husband. Capt. W. C. Beer; 
born, Bucyrus. O., May 30, 1848; daughter 
of Frederick Swingley and Mary (Den- 
man) Swlngley; educated: Bucyrus Sens. 
During widowhood as Mrs. Beer taught 
in Union Schs. of Bucyrus. O.. 15 yrs. 
Socs. and clubs: Ex-Worthy Matron East- 
ern Star. 3 terms; ex-Pres. and organizer 
Current Events Club which had 125 mem- 
bers; Treas. Women's Relief Corps. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 125 West Rens- 
selaer St.. Bucyrus. O. 

FISHER, WILLIAM H., Railway Official; 
born. Ridgeville, Lorain Co.. O. ; son of 
Hart Ellis Fisher and Lucretia Lily 
Fisher; educated: Elyria public schools. 
Married. Loie F. Fisher, 1876, who died 
in 1880; 2nd, Mary S. Cunningham, Jan. 
3. 1881. Engaged in newspaper work un- 
til 1880; traveling passenger agent vari- 
ous railways, and general passenger agent 
Ft. Wayne. Cincinnati & Louisville Ry. 
to 1890; general passenger agent Hocking 

Valley Ry. Co., 1890 ; Lieut., Ohio Nat. 

Guard, Elyria, O., 1878-1880; Capt. Colum- 
bus Rifles (independent), 1898-1911; Mem. 
Columbus Civil Service Bd.. 1907-1909. 
Author: Handbook on Breeding, Feeding 
and Marketing of Pure Bacon Hogs; breed- 
er of pure bred Yorkshire Swine. Socs. 
and clubs: Pres. Delaware County Agri. 
Soc.; Pres. Am. Yorkshire Club; Mason; 
K. T. Episcopalian. Home address: 
Powell. O. 

ogy; born, Holliston, Mass., June 3, !Si_; 
son of George Batchelder Fiske and Ada 
M (Perry) Fiske; educated: A. B.. Am- 
herst, 1895; A. M. 1898; B. D.. Hartford 
Theol. Seminary, 1898. Married, Alice M. 
Stewart. Aug. 1. 1898. Ordained in Con- 
gregational ministry, 1898; pastor, Hunt- 
Ington, Mass.. 1898-1900; South Hadley 
Falls, Mass.. 1900-3; High St. Ch., Auburn, 
Me.. 1903-7; Prof. Practical Theology, 
Grad. School of Theology. Oberlin Coll., 

Sept. 1. 1907 ; Junior dean, Oberlin Grad. 

Sch. of Theol.. 1908 . Author: Boy Life 

and Self Government, 1910; The Challenge 
of the Country, 1912; also co-author va- 
rious books and contributor to religious 
and sociological magazines. Socs. and 
clubs: Am. Sociological Soc.; Am. Acad- 
emy Political and Social Science; Reli- 
.ui'nis Education Assn.: Phi Beta Kappa: 
Phi Delta Theta. Home address: 336 
Reamer Place. Oberlin, O. 

(Mrs. Edward H. Fitch), Writer; born, 
Painesville. O., Sept. 11. 1840; daughter 
of Philander Winchester and Elizabeth 
Gilman (Calkins) Winchester; educated: 
Esther Institute, Columbus, O. Married, 
Hon. Edward Hubbard Fitch, Oct. 27. 1863. 
Was active in Sanitary Commission dur- 

ing Civil War; Red Cross work during 
Spanish-American War; in Civil War fed 
the soldiers of Union Army as they passed 
her father's door in pursuit of the enemy; 
contributor: Memorial History Women of 
Western Reserve. 1895; Old Northwest 
Gen. Quarterly; author: Calkins' Geneal- 
ogy; prominent in suffrage work in Ash- 
tabula county for over fifty years; worker 
for military preparedness of the U. S. A. 
and for the Red Cross and other relief 
societies. Socs. and clubs: D. A. R.; New 
England Soc. of Cleveland; Edith Thomas 
Garden Club; Consumers' League of Ohio; 
Jefferson Equal Suffrage League. Episco- 
palian. Home address: Jeffersun, Ashta- 
bula Co.. Ohio. 

born, Manchester, N. H.. March 27. 1857; 
daughter of Lucius Colby and Julia 
(Crane) Colby; educated: Cambridge 
.M.i.<s.; post-grad. Cincinnati, O., Univ. 
Married. George A. Fitch. Jan. 13. l^7>'>. 
Editor: Women's Clubs Dept., Cincinnati 
Commercial Tribune for last 8 yrs; special 
writer, number magazines. Socs. and 
clubs: Vice Pres. Ohio Newspaper Wom- 
an's Assn.: Mem. Conservation Commit- 
tee Ohio Fed. Woman's Clubs; Cincinnati 
Women's Club; (Hon. Mem.) Upton Study 
Club; (Ky.) MacDowell Club; Susan B. 
Anthony Club; W. C. T. U. ; Visiting 
Nurse's Assn. Episcopalian. Home ad- 
dress: 18 San Rafael. Cincinnati. O. 

chester), born, Cleveland. O.; daughter of 
George H. Hopper and Harriet (Ganson) 
Hopper; educated: Mrs. Salisbury's Sch., 
New York City; private teachers at home, 
New York and in London and Paris. Mar- 
ried, Winchester Fitch, June 30, 1897. In- 
terested in music; studied singing with 
Oscar Seagle. Paris. 1907-8; founded and 
member of Edith Thomas Garden Club, 
TJnionville. O. Socs. and clubs: New 
Canaan (Conn.) Garden Club; Barnard 
Club of N. Y.; Fortnightly Musical Club 
of Cleveland. O.; Mem. Equal Franchise 
Soc. of N. Y. ; Municipal Art Soc. of N. 
Y. ; Woman's Municipal League of N. Y.; 
Fortnightly Musical Club of Cleveland, O. 
Episcopal Church. Home address: Union - 
ville. Lake Co.. O. 

born, Stratford. Conn., Feb. 17. 1875; 
daughter of (Rev.) Frank S. Fitch, D. D., 
and Anna (Haskell) Fitch; .educated: 
Buffalo. N. Y. public schools; Oberlin 
Coll.; Univs. Berlin and Munich. Germany. 
College degrees: A. B.. 1897; A. M.: Ph. 
D., 1903. Teacher, Masten Park High 
Sch.. Buffalo; Asst. to Pres.. Oberlin Coll.. 
1903-4; Dean of Women. Oberlin Coll., 

1904 ; Prof, philosophy, 1906-11; Prof. 

Biblical Lit.. 1911 ; Councilor. Assn. 

of Collegiate Alumnae; Mem. Field Com. 
Y. W. C. A. Socs. and clubs: Conference 
of Deans of Women. Congregationalist. 
Home address: Baldwin Cottage. Oberlin, 

sician; born, Nicholsville, O.; son of Solo- 
mon Fitzpatrick and Zerilda (Vanhook) 
Fitzpatrick; educated: Common Schs., 
Nicholsville, O.; Hughes High Sch.. Cin- 
cinnati, O.; Cincinnati Coll. Med. & Surg. ; 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch.. New York; Twin 
Valley Coll.; studied abroad in 1895. Col- 
lege degrees: M. D.. 1875: Ph. D. Un- 
married. Distinguished as aurist and 
laryngologist. Socs. and clubs: 32d de- 
gree Mason; A. M. A.; Ohio Med. Soc.; 
Cincinnati Acad. Med.: Am. Rhinol.. 
Laryngol. and Otol. Soc.; Am. Otol. and 
Laryngol. Soc.; Business Men's Club; 
Cincinnati Automobile Club. Baptist. 
Republican. Home address: Hotel Glen- 
coe. Cincinnati. O. 



FLESH, LEO M., Banker-Mar, ufacturer ; 
born, Piqua. O., Sept. 20. 1S63; son of 
Henry Flesh and Caroline (Priedlich) 
Flesh: 'educated: Piqua public schools: 
Eastman Business Coll.. Poughkeepsie, 
X. Y. Married. Gertrude S. Smith. June 
27. 1889. Dir. Cron-Kills & Co.: Pres. 
Piqua Savings Bank. Piqua. O.; Vice Pres. 
Citizens Nat. Bank; Pres. Atlas Under- 
wear Co.; Pres. Columbus Handle and 
Tool Co.: Treas. Orr Felt & Blanket Co.: 
Treas. Piqua Home Telephone Co.: Dir. 
Richmond Home Telephone Co. Socs. and 
clubs: Scottish Rite Mason: K. P.; 
Shriner: Rotary Club: Piqua Club; Day- 
ton City Club: Dayton Country Club; 
Springfield Country Club; Vice Pres. Y. 
M. C. A. Home address: Piqua. O. 

Physician; born, Lancaster. Pa , Sept. 16, 
1871: daughter of Jacob Sechrist and 
Katherine (Bostwlck) Sechrist; educated: 
Cornell Univ.; Philadelphia Woman's Med. 
Coll. of Pa. College degrees: B. S.; M. D. 
Married. (Dr.) Hugh M. Fletcher. Jan. 1. 
1908. Engaged in practice of medicine, 

Cleveland. O.. 1899 . Socs. and clubs: 

Cleveland College Club; Cornell Alumnae 
Club for Women; Alpha Phi. Episcopa- 
lian. Home address: Garrettsville. Ohio. 
Business address: 416 Rose Bldg.. Cleve- 
land. O. 

FLICKINGER, CHAS. A.. Educator; born. 
Loyal Oak, O.. Aug. 13, 1879: son of Jacob 
Flickinger and Sarah Editha (Weyrick) 
Flickinger; educated: Ohio Xorth. Univ. 
Married, Lida J. Jenness. Aug. 9. 1906. 
Teacher of schools; countv Supt. schools, 

Summit Co.. O.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: 

Xortheastern Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Ohio 
Teachers' Assn.; National Educational 
Assn. Methodist. Home address: 358 S. 
Second St.. Cuyahoga Falls. O. 

FLICKINGER, KARL A., Attorney; born, 
Defiance. O. Nov. 7. 1863: son of Carl 

A. Flickinger and Eliza (Blair) Flickin- 
ger; educated: Defiance public schools, 
and Univ. of Wooster. Married. Martha 
Rodgers. 1897. Attorney-at-law. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Frat.; Phi Kappa Psi, 
Coll. Frat. Collingwood Ave.. Presbyte- 
rian Church. Home address: 7 Bronson 
Place. Toledo. O. 

Karl A.), born. Norwalk. O.. Oct. 5. 1871; 
daughter of James Scott Rodgers and 
Mary L. (Parker) Rodgers; educated: The 
Smead Sch. for Girls; Wells Coll.. Aurora. 
N. Y. College degrees: A. B.. 1893. Mar- 
ried, Karl A. Flickinger, April 20. 1897. 
Leader of Woman's Bible Class. Colling- 
wood Presbyterian Church. Socs. and 
clubs: Y. W. C. A.: Assn. of College Wom- 
en; Ursula Wolcott Chapter, D. A. R. 
Presbyterian Church. Home address: 7 
Bronson Place, Toledo. O. 


Clergyman; born. York. Pa.. Nov. 14, 
1874: son of Frederick Flinchbaugh and 
Louisa (Feiser) Flinchbaugh: educated: 
public schools, York, Pa.; Wesleyan Univ., 
Middletown. Conn.; Boston Univ. School 
Theology; Union Theological Seminary, 
New York City; Episcopal Theol. Sem., 
Cambridge, Mass. College degrees: A. B.; 

B. D. : D. D. Asst. Minister St. Stephen's 
Church. Wilkesbarre. Pa.. 1902-4; rector, 
St. John's Church. Salem. N. J., 1904-6; 
vicar. Calvary Church. Wilkesbarre. Pa., 
190R-8; tector. Calvary Church, Clifton, 
Cincinnati. O.. 1908 -. Socs. and clubs: 
Phi Nu Theta; Phi Beta Kappa. Episco- 
palian. Home address: 3780 Clifton Ave., 
Cincinnati. O. 

FLORY, CHARLES L., Attorney; born. 
Newark. O.. Nov. 16. 1876: son of Jesse 
A. Flory and Phoebe H. (Smith) Flory; 

educated: High School of Newark, Ohio; 
Ohio State Univ. Married. Mary J. Haight, 
Feb. 16. 1909. Admitted to bar in Ohio 
in 1898: continued in college until 1899; 
practiced in Newark. O., since 1S99; 
elected Pros. Atty.. Licking Co.. Nov. 7. 
1916. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Scot- 
tish Rite Mason. Shriner: Beta Theta Pi 
Frat.; Phi Delta Phi. Law Frat.: Wood- 
men. Second Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: 182 W. Church St., Newark. O. 

FLORY, GEORGE W., Physician-Surgeon; 
born. Camden. O.. May 26. 1862: son of 
(Rev.) David Flory and Leah (Frantz) 
Flory: educated: Common Schs. of Preble 
Co. Married. Loretta C. Brubaker. Oct. 
14. 1888; died. Feb. 26. 1912; 2nd, Nelly 
McWhinney. Feb. 11. 1914. Grad. Phys. 
M.-d. Coll. of Indiana, Mar. 8. 1SSS; ex- 
aminer for the Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
of New York, and The Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Co. of New York. Socs. and 
clubs: Preble Co. Med. Soc.; Ohio State 
Med. Assn.; Eaton Commercial Club; 
Waverly Lodge. K. of P.; Past Chancel- 
lor. Modern Woodmen of America. Mem- 
ber. Deacon and Sunday School Supt. of 
First Christian Church, Eaton, O. Home 
address: 317 N. Barron St., Eaton, O. 

FLORY, WALTER LEROY, Attorney; born, 
Newark. O.. March 31. 1880: son of Jesse 
Abram Flory and Phoebe Hewitt (Smith) 
Flory: educated: Denison Univ.; Yale Univ. 
(Law Dept.): Western Reserve Univ. 
(Law Dept.). College degrees: B. L. Mar- 
ried. Julia Hall McCune. Oct. 2, 1905. 
Admitted to Ohio bar. 1905; entered law 
office. A. B. Thompson, as assistant, in 
1905; became member firm, Thompson, 
Hine & Flory, 1912; counsel Cleveland 

Real Estate Bd.. 1915 ; Dir. Cleveland, 

O.. Assn. Credit Men. 1914-15: member, 
Cleveland Chamber Commerce Commit- 
tee which drafted the act of 1912 estab- 
lishing the Cleveland Municipal Court; 
Mem. of "Committee of Fifteen" appointed 
by 52 civic organizations to investigate 
the desirability of City Manager form of 
government for Cleveland. Socs. and 
clubs: Pres. Cleveland Council of Sociol- 
ogv. 1915-16; Chamber Commerce; Univ. 
Club; Dir. of Cleveland City Club, 1914-' 
1915; Cleveland Bar Assn.; Ohio Bar Assn.; 
Am. Bar. Assn.: Trus.. Cleveland Legal Aid 
Soc.; Dist. Chief Beta Theta Pi Coll. Frat., 
1906-11. First Unitarian Church. Horn* 
address: 9906 Lamont Ave., N. E , Cleve- 
land, O. 

FLOWERS, ALAN ESTIS, Electrical En- 
gineer; born. St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 4, 1876; 
son of William Pitts Flowers and Mary 
Emma (Cummins) Flowers; educated: 
High Sch. of Memphis. Tenn.; Private 
Tutorship; Cornell Univ. College degrees: 
M. E.: M. M. E.: Ph. D. Married. Ida 
Vander Grift Burns. June 29. 1907. With 
the Westinghouse Electrical & Mfg. Co., 
1902-4: Instr., Asst. Prof., and Assoc. Prof, 
of Electrical Engineering. Univ. of Mis- 
souri, 1904-12: Fellow, Cornell Univ., 1911- 
1912; Prof, of Electrical Engineering, Ohio 

State Univ., 1912 ; Appraisal Engr. 

Columbus Railway Power & Light Co., 

1916 . Socs. and clubs: Sigma Xi; Tau 

Beta Pi: Phi Mu Alpha; Lambda Phi 
Omega; A. I. E. E.; A. S. M. E. ; A. S. 
T. M.. A. A. A. S.. S. P. E. E.: 111. Engr. 
Soc.; Am. Electrochem Soc.; Am. Phys. 
Soc.; American Assn. Univ. Profs.: Tellu- 
ride Assn. Alumni; Missouri Public Util- 
ities Assn. Presbyterian Church. Author 
of technical papers on "Solid Contact Rec- 
tifiers," "Analysis of Alternating Current 
Waves" "Measurement of Viscosity," and 
a New Viscosimeter" and "Testing of 
Cylinder Friction and Lubrication." In- 
ventor of the ball and slanted tube type 
of viscosimeter and an apparatus for 



measuring cylinder friction and lubrica- 
tion. etc. Home address: 1634 Neil Av< ., 
s. O. 

Physician-Surgeon; born, Cross Creek Tp., 
Jefferson Co.. O.. Jan. 30. 1852; son of 
John Floyd and Catherine (Winters) 
,1. educated: Cross Cr-ek Tp. Schs.; 
Hopedalo Normal College; Scio College; 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. College; graduated 
from Long Island College Hosp., New 
York. 1875. Married. Rachel E. Aber, Dec. 
L'7. 1!S77. Began practice of medicine at 
Richmond, O.. 1S75; removed to Steuben- 
ville in L882. and is a leading physician 
of that city; Pres. Steubenville Y. M. C. 
\ ; Pres. Ohio Stntc Med. Assn.. 1912-13; 
Councillor S.-v.-nth Dist. Ohio State Med. 
Assn 1901-S; Pres. Steubenville Board of 
Health: Mem. Jefferson Co. Med. Soc.; 
Ohio State Medical Assn.; American Med. 
\ssn.; Pres. Union Building & Loan Co.; 
M. :n. of Chamber of Commerce; active in 
civic affairs. Socs. and clubs: I. O. O. 
F. United Presbyterian Church. Repub- 
lican in politics. Contributor of writings 
of value to the profession which he fol- 
lows. Home address: 236 N. Fifth St., 
Steubenville. O. 

FLYNN. JAMES F., Attorney; born. San- 
dusky. O.. May l. 1887; son of James Flynn 
and "Margaret (Moos) Flynn; educated: 
Pub Schs. of Sandusky; Sandusky Busi- 
ness Coll.; 'Cincinnati Night High School; 
Univ. of .Mich.; Univ. of Cincinnati. Col- 
lege degrees: B. L. Married, Caroline D. 
Drucker, Feb. 22, 1916. Admitted to' Ohio 
bar, Dec. 22, 1908; engaged in the prac- 
tice of law. I'ur.t; elected Pros. Atty.. Erie 
Co , O., 1914: re-elected in 1916. Socs. and 
club=- Shrine; Scottish Rite; Mason; K. 
P.; Quien Sabe Club: S. A. E.: T. N. E. 
Episcopalian. Home address: 910 Central 
Ave.. Sandusky. O. 

born, near Massillon. O., Jan. 3. 1871; son 
of Theodore H. Focke and Katherine M. 
(Broun) Focke; educated: Massillon Pub. 
Schs (Grad. 1S87): Case School Applied 
Science. B. S. (Civil Engr.. 1892); Univ. 
Goettingen (Germany), 1S96-1S9S; Ph. D., 
1898. Married. Anne L. Bosworth. Aug. 
7. 1901. who died in 1907. Instr. Math., 
Case Sch. Applied Science. 1S92-3; Tutor, 
Physios and Chemistry, Oberlin College, 
ls:<3-6: Instr. Math, and Civil Eng.. Case | 
Sch.. 189S-1902; Asst. Prof. Case School, 
1902-8; Kerr Prof, of Math, and Head 
Dept.,' Case Sch. Applied Science. Cleve- 
land. O.. 190S -- . Socs. and clubs: Fol- 
low Am. Assn, Advancement Science; Am. 
Math. Soc.; Math. Assn. of Am.; Soc. 
for Promotion Engineering Education: 
Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi; 
Cleveland Engineering Soc. Protestant 
Episcopal Church. Home address: 2057 
Cornell Road. Cleveland. O. 

FOGARTY. WALTER S. f Educator; born, 
Glendale. O.: son of Patrick Fogarty and 
Zilah (Brate) Fogarty; educated: Oxford 
TliSh Sch.; Miami Univ. College degrees: 
\ B 1903: A M.. 1908. Married. Myrtle 
J. McDill, June 22, 1904. Teacher in 
country schools. Butler Co.. O.. 6 yrs.; 
T\vp. Supt.. Israel Township. Preble Co., 
n yrs.; Prin. Camden High Sch., 2 yrs.; 
Supt. Sens., Camden, O., 6 yrs.; Co. Supt. 
Schs., Prehle Co.. O.. 1914 -- ; Co. Sch. 
Examiner, Preble Co., 1908 -- . Socs. and 
clubs: Camden F. <Sr A. M. ; Sigma Chi 
Frat. (Alpha Chapter). Presbyterian. 
Home address: Eaton. O. 

U.). born. Canton. O.. Dec. 13. 1S77. daugh- 
ter of George D. Harter and Elizabeth 
(Aultman) Harter; educated: Farmington, 
Conn.; Smith Coll. College degrees: B. 
L.. 1899; Mem. Alpha. Married, James 

Unde'-hill Foglc. April 17, 1901. Member 
Associated Charities; Trustee Aultman 
Home for Aged Women; Mem. Children's 
Aid Soc.: Aultman Hosp. Auxiliary; Mu- 
nicipal League; College Settlement Assn. 
Lutheran Church. Home address: 982 
Cleveland Ave.. N., Canton, O. 
born, Marietta. O., March ;;<>, 1858; son of 
Martin D. Follett and Harriett L. (Ship- 
man) Follett; educated: Marietta College, 
and Cornell Univ. College degrees: B. 
A., Marietta Coll. Married, Lulu Hopkins, 
June 1 1. ISSl. Attorney-at-law. Vice 
Pres. I'eoples Banking & Trust Co.. Mar- 
ietta, O. ; Pres. Ohio State Bar Assn.; 
3'res. Bd. of Education, Marietta, O. ; city 
solicitor. Marietta. O. Socs. and clubs: 
Knight Templar of Subordinate Bodies; 
B. P. O. E. Congregational Church. Home 
address: 312 Putnam St.. Marietta, O. 

Pleas Judse; born, Marietta, O., July 10, 
1S7S; son of Martin Dewey Follett and 
Abbie M. (Bailey) Follett; educated: 
Marietta" Coll.; Western Reserve Univ.; 
Harvard Law Sch. College degrees: A. 
B. Married, Janette Loc.kwood, March 
7, 1900. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1903; en- 
gaged in practice law. Marietta, O., 1903- 
1907; elected prosecuting attorney, Wash- 
ington Co.. O.. 1907-11; elected judge com- 
mon pleas court. Washington Co., O., I'.tll; 
re-elected in 1917; appointed by Gov. Cox 
member commission to investigate causes 
of unnecessary delay and expense in a.d- 
ministration of justice in Ohio. Socs. and 
clubs: Greek Letter Frat.; Knight Tem- 
plar; Knight Pythias; Am. Judicature Soc. 
Congregationalism Marietta. O. 

FOLTZ, ABNER ESGAR, Physician-Sur- 
geon-Oculist: born. Wayne Co., O., Jan. 
29. 1S40: son of Moses Foltz and Sarah 
(Rear.) Foltz; educated: Common Schs.; 
Univ. of Mich.; Western Reserve Univ.; 
Jefferson Med. Coll. College degrees: M. 
D.. W. LI. Univ. Married. Frances Bow- 
en. Oct. 6. 1S69. Practiced medicine in 
Akron. O.. since Jan. 1. 1870; jail physi- 
cian. 33 yrs.; Pres. of Pension Examiners 
since 1897. Socs. and clubs: G. A. R.; 
National Union. Summit Co.. 6th Coun- 
cillor Dist.. and Ohio Medical Socs. Au- 
thor of Clinical Chart. 1S76. and copy- 
righted in 1885; and of the Optician Chart, 
1875: inventor of Shoulder or Telescope 
Hinge that will banish the elbow hinge 
to the Lost Industries. Home address: 
58 S. Broadway. Akron. O. 

FOOTE, ALLEN RIPLEY, born, Olcott, 
Niagara Co.. N. Y.. Jan. 26. 1842: son of 
Elijah Foote and Olivia (Luce) Foote; 
educated: public schools; enlisted as 
private in Co. "B" 3rd Mich. Inf.. June, 
ISf.i; wounded at Fair Oaks. May, 1S6J, 
and mustered out on acc9unt of same 
Dec.. 1S62; re-enlisted as private and pro- 
moted to 2nd Lieut.. 21st Mich. Inf., Jan., 
1SG3; mustered out at close of war; editor, 
Public Policy, 1899-1905; Pres. National 
Tax Assn. from organization 1907-1913, and 
Honorary Pres. since 1913; Commissioner 
Ohio State Board of Commerce, 1901-1909; 
Pres. same, 1909-13. Author: Economic 
Value of Electric Light and Power. 1889; 
The Law of Incorporated Companies Oper- 
ating under Municipal Franchises, 1892; 
Municipal Public Service Industries, 
1839; Public Policy Editorials, 3 voLs., 
1S99-1900; Employers and Employees, 1902; 
Labor, Capital and the. Public. 1905; a 
large number of pamphlets and articles 
on economic reform, and other subjects. 
Socs. and clubs: American Academy of 
Political and Social Science; Amer. 
Economic Assn ; Amer. Statistical Assn.; 
Amer. Assn. for Labor Legislation; Mili- 
tary Order Loyal Legion; Society Army 



of the Cumberland; Cosmos Club (Wash- 
ington); Republican Club (New York). 
Republican. Address: 145 E. State St., 
Columbus, O.; Cosmos Club, Washington, 
D. C. 

Senator; born, near Rainsboro. Highland 
Co.. O.. July 5. 1846; son of H. 'S. Foraker 
and Margaret (Reese) Foraker; educated: 
public schools; Cornell Univ. (Grad. 1869). 
Married. Julia Bundy. Oct. 4. 1870. En- 
listed as the first private in Co. "A" S9 
O. V. I., age 16 yrs.. mustered out as 
captain before completing 20th year. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar, 1869; engaged in prac- 
tice law. Cincinnati. O.. 1869-79: elected 
Judge Superior Court, Cincinnati, O., 1879- 
1SS2; resigned on account of ill health; 
Rep. candidate for Governor of Ohio, ISSs; 
defeated, but elected Governor 1885 and 
1887; again defeated, 1889, for same office; 
United States Senator. 1897-1903. 1903-D; 
chairman Rep. State Convs.. 1886, 1890, 
1896, 1900; delegate-at-large from Ohio, 
Republican Natl. Convs.. 1884. 1SSS. 1892, 
1896, 1900. 1904; chairman Ohio delegation, 
1884-8. and presented name of Hon. John 
Sherman for nomination for the Presi- 
dency presented name of William Mc- 
Kinley to Convs.. 1896 and 1900, for nomi- 
nation to the Presidency; published auto- 
biography entitled "Notes of a Busy Life," 
1916. Home address: Cincinnati, O.; office: 
Traction Bldg. (Died while work in press. > 

mon Pleas Court; born. Choconut, Pa., 
Nov. 11. 1844: son of James Foran and 
Catherine (O'DonneH) Foran; educated: 
public schools. Susquehanna Co., Pa.; St. 
Joseph's Coll.. Susquehanna Co., Pa. Mar- 
ried, Kate Kavanaugh, who died; 2nd, 
Emma Kenney. Reared on farm; cooper 
by trade: school teacher. 2 yrs.; enlisted 
as private. 4th Penna. Vol. Cavalry, Civil 
War, 1804-5; engaged in cooper trade, 
Meadville. Pa., Cleveland, O., 1866-9; Pres. 
Coopers' International Union; editor, 
Coopers' Journal, 1870-4; admitted to Ohio 
bar, 1874; prosecuting attorney, Cleveland, 
O., 1875-7; elected member Congress, 20th 
and 21st Dists.. Ohio, 1883-9; engaged In 
law practice. Cleveland. O.. 1889-1910; 
elected Judge Court Common Pleas, Cuy- 

ahog-a Co . Ohio. 1910 . Socs. and 

clubs: Elk; Chamber Commerce; Grand 
Army Republic. Roman Catholic. Hom 
address: Ambleside Apartments, Ambler 
Drive. East Blvd.. Cleveland. O. 

Expert; born. Normal. 111., Nov. 3, 1876; 
son of Stephen Alfred Forbes and Clara 
Shaw (Gaston) Forbes; educated: B. S. 
in Science. Univ. Illinois. 1897; B. S. in 
Aeri.. 1902; Ph. D.. Univ. of Missouri, 1908. 
Married. Lydia M. Mather. Aug. 18. 1903. 
Zoological Asst., 111. Biol. Sta., 1894-6; 
Asst. to State Entomologist of Minn., 
18.97-8: Zool. Asst. Illinois State Lab. Nat. 
History. 1899; Actg. State Entomologist 
of Minn.. 1901: Asst. Animal Husbandry, 
Illinois Asri. Expt. Sta.. 1901-2; Instr. in 
Animal Husbandry, Univ. Illinois, 1902-3; 
Asst. Prof. Animal Husbandry, Univ. Mo., 
1903-7; Chief Dept. Nutrition. Ohio Agrl. 

Expt. Station. 1907 . Socs. and clubs: 

Soc. for Promotion of Agricult. Science; 
Am. Chemical Soc.; Am. Soc. Animal Pro- 
duction; Am. Breeders' Assn.: Am. Assn. 
Adv. Science; Washington (D. C.) Acad. 
Science; Delta Tau Delta. Progressive 
Unitarian. Home address: Wooster, O. 

turer: born. Uhrichsville, O.; son of 
Thomas J. Forbes and Clara I. (Pritchard) 
Forbes; educated: public schools; New 
Hagerstown Academy: Denison Univ. 
Married. Maria Hay. Dec. 30. 1879: Mem. 
of House of Representatives for 4 yrs.; 

State Senator (Ohio). 2 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: Coshocton Country Club; Chamber 
Commerce (Coshocton). Presbyterian. 
Home address: 623 Main St., Coshocton, 

born. Leetonia. O., March 26. 1874; son of 
Homer J. Ford and Emma J. (Berry) 
Ford; educated: High Sch.; Lewis Acad.. 
Wichita, Kansas; (M. D.), Cleveland Coll. 
Phys. and Surgeons; Ohio Wes. Univ. 
1902. Married. Florence R. Biddle. April 
29. 1909. Engaged in practice medicine, 

Cleveland. O.. 1902 ; Secy. Bd. Health, 

Cleveland. O.. 1910. Socs. and clubs: 
Cleveland Academy Med.; Am. Med. Assn.; 
Am. Soc. for Study and Prevention of 
Tuberculosis; Am. Soc. for Prevention of 
Infant Mortality; Mem. Bd. Directors, 
Cleveland Med. Library Assn.; University 
Club; City Club. Home address: Cleve- 
land. O. 

FORD, COLLIN, Insurance; born. Coshoc- 
ton Co.. O.. Aug. 29. 1827; son of Uriah 
Ford and Elizabeth (Duling) Ford; edu- 
cated: Purr. Schs. of Huron Co.: Norwalk 
Baptist Acad.; Oberlin Coll. Married, 
Mary Jamison; 2nd. Abbie M. Ware, Sept 
5. 1872. Supt. of High School. German- 
town. O.. 4 yrs.: teacher of Latin and 
Greek. Normal Sch.. Lebanon. O..: served 
through Civil War; later became manager 
of Aetna Life Ins. Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Masons; Knight Templar. Baptist. Home 
address: Care of Aetna Life Iris. Co., Com- 
mercial Tribune Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

FORD, EDWARD, Manufacturer; born, 
Greenville. Ind.. Jan. 21. 1843; son of John 
B. Ford and Mary (Bower) Ford; edu- 
cated: New Albany (Ind.) High School. 
Married. Carrie J. Ross. Oct. 8. 1872. En- 
gaared in the manufacture of plate glass, 
soda ash: Pres. Michigan Alkali Co.. Wy- 
andotte. Mich. ; Pres. Edward Ford Plate 

Glass Co.. Rossford. O.. 19 . Socs. and 

clubs: Masonic Order: Odd Fellow (New 
Albany, Ind.); Toledo Club; Country Club. 
Scientist. Home address: 2205 Colling- 
wood Ave., Toledo, O. 

FORD, GEORGE ROSS, Manufacturer; born, 
Creighton, Allegheny Co., Pa., July 25, 
1SS2: son of Edward Ford and Carrie 
(Ross) Ford; educated: Park Inst.. Pitts- 
burgh; Manual Training School. Detroit, 
Mich. Married. Grace Williams Miller, 
Feb. 22. 1907. After graduating from Man- 
ual Training School, spent four years in 
his father's factory learning details of the 
business, and is now Treas. and Gen. Mgr. 
of Toledo Branch of Edward Ford Plate 
Glass Co. Socs. and clubs: Toledo Club; 
Country Club. Presbyterian Ch. Home 
address: 2208 Park wood Ave.. Toledo, O. 

FORDYCE, ORA OTIS, Physician; born, 
Josephs' Mills. W. Va., April 30. 1877: son 
of Abraham Nichols Fordyce and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Moore) Fordyce: educated: 
country schools Tyler Co.. W. Va.; Mar- 
shall Coll.. Huntington, W. Va.; Ohio Med. 
Univ.. Columbus. O. ; interne. Protestant 
Hosn.. Columbus, O. Appointed assistant 
physician Athens State Hos.. spring. 1906 
until June 1. 1909; appointed Supt. Athens 

State Hosp.. 1909 . Socs. and clubs: 

Athens Co. Med. Soc.: Ohio State Med. 
Soc.: American Medico-Psychological 
Assn.; Am. Med. Assn. Methodist Epis- 
copal. Home address: Athens. O. 

born. Jackson Co.. Nov. 22. 1858; son of 
John Foster and Harriet (Tomlinson) 
Foster; educated: Jackson and Ross Co. 
Schs. Married. Opelia Stephenson. Dry 
goods merchant since 1887. Socs. and 
clubs: Knight Templar: K. of P. Metho- 
dist Episcopal Ch. Home address: Jack- 
son. O. 


FOSTER, ISRAEL MOORE, Attorney: tmrn. 
Athens, O., Jan. 12, 1873; son of Franklin 
Evermont Poster and Mary (Rice) Fos- 
ter; educated: Ohio Univ.; Ohio State ; 
Univ.; Harvard Law Sch. College de- 
grees: Ph. B.: LL. B. Married. Frances 
1'.. Witman. Oct. 26. 1898. Admitted to 
bar. June 15. 1SOS: engaged in practice 
law Athens. O.. 1898 : elected prose- 
cuting attorney, Athens Co., 1902-10; trus- 
tee Ohio rniv.; Secy. Ohio Rep. State 
Central Committee. Socs. and clubs: 
Shriner: Klk: phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta 
Phi. Presbyterian. Home address: VJ 
Park Place. Athens. O. 

FOSTY, JOHN B., Merchant; born. Spring- 
ville. Seneca Co.. O.. Aug. 7. 1S51; son of 
Louis Fosty and Marie (Boley) Fosty: 
educated: Dist. Schs. Married, Lillie Ja- 
i-obs. May 29. 1884. Was clerk for J. L. 
Kenower in Fostoria. O.. 18 mos.. begin- 
ning in ]S72: for 3 yrs. employed by tl. 
Young's sash factory at Carey. O.; then 
went back in dry goods business in Fos- 
toria O.. with Fosty & Scott, until 1864; 
located in Tiffin. O.. and was employed by 
F. Nicholai. dry goods merchant, until j 
1891; was employed as clerk in A. Weaver 
iV: Sons dry goods store. 17 yrs. ; on Feb. 
11. 1907. the Kiebel-Wilson Dry Goods Co. I 
was organized with J. B. Fosty as Pres., ] 
which position he still holds. M. E. Ch. 
Home address: 310 W. Fremont St.. Fos- 
toria. O. 

FOULK, ELMA B. PERRY (Mrs. Charles 
W.), Lecturer-Educator; born. Troy, O.. 
Sept. 4. 1878; daughter of Nathan C. Perry 
and Harriet (Brooks) Perry; educated: 
Troy. O.. High Sch.; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. Sc. ; Ph. B. Married, 
Charles W. Foulk, Sept. 12. 1905. Dir. and 
pupervisor, Domestic Science, Stout Manual 
Training Sch.. Menominee. Wis.. 1902-3; 
Prof. Home Economics. College of Indus- 
trial Arts. Denton. Tex.; extension lectur- 
er. Home Economic Dept.. Ohio State 
Tniv., Columbus, Ohio, 1907-9; institutional 
management work, Miami Univ., and Ohio 
State Univ.. 1909-15; writer for magazines 
and bulletins for University Extension. 
Socs. and clubs: Pres.. 1912-15. Ohio Fed. 
Farm Women's Clubs; Mem. Household 
Economics Committee. State Fed. Wom- 
en's Clubs. 1912-14; Women's Club. Ohio 
State Univ.; College Woman's Club: Ohio 
State Alumnae Club: Council Home and 
School Assn.; Council of Godman Guild 
Social Settlement; Sigma Xi (Hon. Soc. 
Scientific) of Grange. Home address: 384 
King Ave.. Columbus. O. 

Professor; born, Westfield, Mass., Feb. 2, r >, 
1859; son of Samuel Fowler and Maria 
(Jones) Fowler: educated: Harvard, A B., 
1880: studied Am. Sch. Classical Studies, 
Athens. O.. 1882-3: Univs. Bonn and Berlin, 
1883-5. Married. Helen Bell. Dec. 23. 1896. 
Instr. Harvard. 1885-8; Prof. Phillips Ex- 
eter Acad.. 1888-92: Prof. Greek, UniT. 
Texas, 1892-3: Prof. Greek. College for 
Women. Western Reserve Univ., Clere- 
land. O., 1893 : Prof. Greek and Liter- 
ature. Am. Sch. Classical Studies, Athens. 
O., 1903-4; editor-in-chief. Am. Journal 
Archaeology. 1906-16; Cor. Mem. Kaiser- 
lirh Deutsches Archaeol. Inst.; editor, 
Thucydides. Book V.. 1SSS: Plautus. Men- 
aechmi. 1SS9; Quintus Curtius. Book III 
and IV, 1890; Allen and Greenough's Ovid, 
1891. Joint-author: Tuell and Fowler'i 
First Book in Latin. 1S93: Tuell and Fow- 
ler's Beginners Book in Latin. 1900; Fow- 
ler and Wheeler's Handbook of Greek 
Archaeology, 1909; translator. Plats. Vol. 
1 (Loch Classical Library), 1914. Author: 
History of Ancient Greek Literature, ' 
History of Roman Literature. 1903: His- 
tory of Sculpture, 1916'; contributor to 

literature to review, magazines. 
etc. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
Assn. (Pres., 1913); Archaeological Inst. 
of Am.: Classical Assn. of th Middle 
West and South; Coll. Art Assn.; Soc. 
for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies: 
I'niviTsity Club-; Mayh'eld Club; Harvard 
< 'In h; Oakley Club. Watertown. Mass. 
Hume address: 2033 Cornell Rd.. Cleve- 
land. O. 

FOWLER, ARTHUR A., Auditor; born, 
Bainbridge, O.. May 19. 1871; son of Jus- 
tin Fowler and Helena (Kreitzdorn) Fow- 
ler; educated: Geauga Co. Pub. Schs.; 
Ohio Northern Univ.; Hiram Summer Sch.: 
Private Tutorship. Married, Sept., ls:t.V 
Teacher at Chardon and Chester schools: 
Supt. of Chester Schs., 5 yrs.; Supt. of 
Troy Schs., 3 yrs.; Co. Sch. Examiner. 6 
yrs.; T\vp. Sch. Supt. in Russell. J yrs: 
elected Auditor. 1912; re-elected in 1914. 
Socs. and clubs: Men's Club; Burt'm 
Lodge. I. O. O. F. Troy Grange. Home 
address: Chardon. O. 

FOX, CHARLES TROUT, College Dean; 
born. Mt. Pleasant. Pa.; son of Adam S. 
Fox and Margaret (Trout) Fox; educated: 
Western Pa. C. & S. Institute: Bethany 
Coll.. W. Va.; Allegheny Coll.. Meadville, 
Pa. College degrees: A. M. : Ph. D. Mar- 
ried. Emma Stoner. Aug. 16. 1SSS. Prof. 
Latin and German. Findlay (Ohio> Coll.; 
Prof. Philosophy and German, Findlay. 

O.. Coll.. 1895 ; acting Pres. Findlay, 

O., Coll., 1895-1896; Dean of Findlay Coll., 

1S97 ; Pres. Hancock Co. S. S. Assn. 

Ordained minister. The Churches of God. 
Socs. and clubs: National Geographic Soc.; 
L O. O. F. : National Economic League; 
member Executive Com. Ohio State and 
International S. S. Assns. Home address: 
Findlay. O. 

born. Hayesville. O.. July 28. 1861; son of 
Frederick Fox and Eliza Jane (Black- 
burn) Fox; educated: public schools, Ash- 
land Co.. O.: Savannah Academy; Curry 
Univ.; Wooster Univ.; Ashland Univ.; 
Waynesburg Coll.; Vermillion Inst. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S.; M. A.; Ph. D. Mar- 
ried, Mary Beatrice Armstrong, April 23, 
1891. Teacher in public schools. 4 yrs.; 
Prof. Savannah Academy, 18S9-1S90; Prof. 
Ashland Univ. 1S90-1; founder and mana- 
ger of King's, Sch. Oratory, 1891-1895; 
founder and Pres.' The Capitol Coll. of 

Oratory and Music. 1896 : Prof, public 

speaking. Wittenberg Coll.. 1S96 ; Prof. 

public speaking. Muskingum Coll.. Otter- 
bein Univ.; Cedarville Coll.; Zenia Theo- 
logical Seminary (the one-half of each 

week at these institutions). 6 yrs.. 1910 . 

Lecturer: Teacher's Conventions, 1895 
Author: "Essential Steps in Reading and 
Speaking" (Pub. Hinds. Hayden & El- 
dridge. N. Y.); writer, magazines: Socs. 
and clubs: I. O. O. F. ; C. C. O. M. Ly- 
ceum Club; Columbus Republican Glee 
Club; Columbus North Side Improvement 
Assn.; Jr. Order United Am. M. Elder in 
Presbyterian Church, 1901 . Home ad- 
dress: 2633 Neil Ave.. Columbus. O. 

tor; born. Swan Twp.. Vinton Co.. Ohio, 
Jan. 15, 1881; son of Kendall Harvey 
Frampton and Susanna (Clark) Framp- 
ton; educated: Ohio Northern Univ., Wit- 
tenberg College and Ohio S&tte Univ. 
College degrees: B. S. Married. Sarah 
Gladys Wolfe. Sept. 12. 1912. Lived on 
farm until 20 yrs. of age; taught in rural 
schools of Vinton. Logan and Allen coun- 
ties, S yrs.; high school teacher, then 
high school principal. Degraff. O.. 3 yrs.; 
Supt. of schools. De Graff. O.. 6 yrs.: Pres. 
Logan Co. Teachers' Assn., 1915-16; Co. 
School Examiner. 1916 . Socs. and 



clubs: Masons: Sons of Veterans. Metho- 
dist Church. Home address: De Graff, O. 

FRANCIS. J. H.. Educator: Supt. of Schs., 
Columbus. O. Home address: Columbus, 

man; born. Updegraff, p.. of German and 
Irish parentage. Married. Julia E. Mit- 
chell. 1SS9. Admitted to Ohio bar. 1S89; 
practices in all state and federal courts; 
delegate to Democratic Nat. Conv.. St. 
Louis. Mo.. 1904; Mem. city Bd. School 
Examiners, Martins Ferry, O., 6 yrs. ; 
elected mem. Bd. Education 1902-1908'; 
elected and served as city solicitor. Mar- 
tins Ferry. O.. 3 yrs.; elected to 62nd and 
63rd Congresses (1911-1915). 16th Ohio 
Dist. Democrat. Home address: Martins 
Ferry. O. 

FRANK. JESSE O., Broker; born. Cincin- 
nati. O.. March 12. 1SS4; son of Oscar I. 
Frank and Hattie (Leon) Frank; educated: 
Hughes High Sen.. Cincinnati. O. Mar- 
ried. Miss Silverman. April IS. 1906. Sales- 
man for wholesale firm of Chicago; bank- 
ing and brokerage business. Socs. and 
clubs: Knights of Pythias; Cuvier Press 
Club; B'nai B'rith; Cincinnati Auto Club; 
Chamber of Commerce. Jewish Church. 
Home address: 3929 Reading Rd.. Cin- 
cinnati. O. 


Newspaper Man; born. Franklin Co.. O., 
Sept. 24. 1S77: son of Albert H. Franken- 
berg and Carrie Louise (Allyn) Franken- 
berg; educated: public schools. Columbus, 
O. Married. Mary Edith Bell. Feb. 16. 
1909. Sub-editor Columbus Dispatch, 
1898-9; dramatic critic, Columbus Citizen, 
1899-1903; publisher of Caste, 1901-1903; 
dramatic critic. Ohio State Journal. 1903- 
1907: with Toledo Times. Jan. -July. 190S; 
staff Ohio State Journal. 1908-1916; con- 
tributing editor to "The Week." Author: 
Essentials in Journalism. 1912: The Spec- 
tacular Career of Rev. Billy Sunday. 1913; 
Billy Sunday. His Tabernacles and Saw- 
dust Trails. 1917. Lecturer before schools 
and colleges having classes in journalism. 
Independent Republican. Home address: 
16 E. Broad St.. Columbus. O. 
man; born. South River. Antigonish Co., 
N. S.. Aug. 6. 1S65: son of John R. Fraser 
and Sarah Ann (Williams) Fraser; edu- 
cated: St. Francis Xavier Coll.: Princeton 
Univ. : Yale Univ. ; Harvard Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.: A. M. ; D. B. Mar- 
ried, Bertha C. Cooper, Oct. 17, 1S94. Pas- 
tor, Langhorne. Pa.. 1890; Williams fel- 
low at Harvard. 1S91-2; pastor. Pres. Ch., 
Columbus, Ind., 1892-6; Crookston, Minn., 
1898-1901: Jackson. Mich.. 1901-10; pastor, 
Presbyterian Church, Massillon, Ohio. 

1910 . Home address: 418 North St., 

Massillon. O. 

FRASER. HAROLD W.. Attorney; born, 
Woodstock, Can., Oct. 26. 1S72; son of 
George Fraser and Sarah (Shephard) 
Fraser; educated: preparatory training in 
Upper Canada Coll. at Toronto. Can., 
Grad. 1886. Married, Helen Burnap, Sept. 
30. 1896. Studied law while employed on 
a railroad: came to Toledo in 1S~91 and 
entered the law office of E. W. Tolerton; 
was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1894 
and practiced alone for 1 yr. : in Feb., 
1S96. entered into partnership with N. J. 
Marshall under the firm name of Mar- 
shall & Fraser. which firm continues to 
the present time: in Jan. 11. 1917. ap- 
pointed by Federal Judge Killits to as- 
sist United District Attorney in prose- 
cuting the striking linemen in the Home 
Telephone case. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sons; Toledo Club; Commerce Club. Home 
address: 2324 Robin wood Ave., Toledo, O. 

geon; born. Ashland, O.. June 6. 1846; son 
of John Fraunfelter and Elizabeth (Rea- 
ser) Fraunfelter; educated: Common Sch.; 
Hayesville Inst.; Savannah Academy; 
Long Island College Hosp. ; Jefferson Med. 
College, Philadelphia, Pa. College de- 
grees: M. D.. 1871: M. D.. 1872. Married, 
Catharine Roseberry, June 13, 1872. 
Teacher, 6 yrs. ; Physician and Surgeon, 
44 yrs.; Pres. Commercial and Savings 
Bank: Dir. Canton Sheet Steel Co.; Dir. 
and Trustee. Canton Chamber of Com- 
merce. Socs. and clubs: Congress Lake 
Club: Canton Med. Soc.; Stark Co. Med. 
Soc.; Northeastern Ohio Med. Soc.; Ohio 
State Med. Assn.; Am. Med. Assn. Luth- 
eran. Home address: Canton, O. 

born. Zanasville. O.. Sept. 15. 1870; son 
of John Alexander Frazier and Mary 
Elizabeth (Houseman) Frazier; educated: 
Muskingum Coll.; Ohio Normal Univ.; 
Heidelberg Univ.. Tiffin. O. : Univ. Chi- 
cago. College degrees: A. B.; A. M. Mar- 
ried. Alice E. Ledman. Aug. 15. 1894. 
Supt. Schs.. New Washington. O.. 1892- 

1900; Prin. High Sch.. Tiffin, O.. 1900 ; 

Member Bd. Seneca Co. Sch. Examiners, 
1910-16. Socs. and clubs: Mason. 32d de- 
gree. Methodist Episcopal. Home address: 
Tiffin. O. 

FRAZIER, JAMES W., Consulting Eng. ; 
born. Pittsburgh. Pa.. 1870; son of George 
C. Frazier and Sadie B. (Smith) Frazier; 
educated: Pub. Schs. Pittsburgh and Alle- 
gheny: Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N. Y. 
College degrees: C. E. (1894). Married, 
Jennie H. Van Deusen. 1895. Engineer, 
Federal St. and Pleasant Valley Railroad 
Co., of Allegheny and Pittsburg, 1894-6; 
employed by Westinghouse Elec. Co., 1896- 
1897; Penn. Railroad Co.. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1896-9; moved to Cleveland. O.. employed 
by Brown Hoisting Machinery Co., as de- 
signer and estimator coal and ore handling 
machinery, 1899-1905; formed partnership 
with J. H. Fox under firm name. Frazier 
& Fox. 1905-1910; dissolved partnership, 
formed new firm. J. W. Frazier Co.. en- 
gineers, Pres. of this company, Cleveland, 
Ohio. 1910 . Socs. and clubs: Cleve- 
land Eng. S'oc. ; Am. Soc. Civil Eng. ; 
Cleveland Chamber Commerce; Cleveland 
Athletic Club: Colonial Club; City Club. 
Home address: 1223 Illuminating Bldg., 
Cleveland. O. 

Editor; born. Canton, O., May 4, 1861; 
son of Judge Joseph Frease and Sara 
(Belden) Frease; educated: public schools; 
studied in law offitce. Married, Jessie 
Andrus, Sept., 1SS7. The Repository News- 
paper was first printed in 1815 by John 
Saxton; present company incorporated by 
William McKinley (late president of U. 
S.), in 1885; Sunday edition established by 
Mr. Frease. 1892; the Repository cele- 
brated its "centenary" March 30. 1915, 
which event was marked by receipt of 
congratulations from business men of 
country-wide fame, governors, senators 
and publishers. Mr. Frease had charge 
of Associated Press McKinley campaign 
news, highly commended by the late Pres. 
for successful work. Postmaster, Can- 
ton. O.. 1898-1906. Socs. and clubs: Cham- 
ber Commerce; Canton Club; Country 
Club; Congress Lake Club: Adcraft Club. 
Home address: 1503 Market Ave., N., 
Canton. O. 

Surgeon: born. Hamilton, O.. Sept. 6. 
1^80: son of John A. Frechtling and Whil- 
emina (Schreiber) Frechtling: educated: 
Hamilton Pub. and High Schs.: Med. 
Dept. Univ. of 111. College degrees: M. 
D.. 1903; F. A. C. S.. 1914. Married. Elsie 



vbernick. Sept. IS. l!M2. Interne at St. 
Elizabeth's Hospital, Chicago, 1903-1904; 
house physician .-it St. Anne's Sanitarium, 
1904; practiced in Hamilton since 1905; 
chief of staff.. Clinic Hamilton Anti-Tubei - 
rulosis League: Mem. Hamilton City Sch. 
Bd.. 1916: trustee nhio Soc. for Preven- 
tion of Tuberculosis: trustee Hamilton 
V M. C. A. Socs. and Hubs: Mason: K. 
of P.: Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha: 
Hamilton Round Table; Unity Club of 
Hamilton; First Vice Pres. Am. MI<! 
Assn.; Butler Co. Med. Soc.: Ohio State 
M.-il. Assn.: Union 1 >ist. Med. Soc.: Ohio 
Soc. for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. 
1916-17; Hamilton Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.; 
Chamber of Commerce. St. John's Evan- 
gelical Protestant Church of Hamilton, 
Ohio. Home address: 129 N. Second St.. 
Hamilton, O. 

FRED. SOLOMON, Merchant: born. Losd- 
sei. Russia. Poland. April 1. 1S6S; son of 
Moses Fred and Sarah P. (Solomon) Fred; 
educated: Nat. Normal Univ.. Lebanon, 
O. Married. Amelia Saul. Oct. 16. 1x:rj. 
Arrived in this country at the age of 
18 yrs.. spring: of lxxr>; peddled tinware 
in Ohio and Kentucky first two years; 
later sold dry goods by peddling- in Ohio; 
went back to Europe Jan.. 1889. to visit 
parents; returning in the spring-, started 
storekeeping. 1891; owner and president, 

The S. Fred Co.. Lebanon. O. is!)] . 

Socs. and clubs: T. O. O. P.: K. P.: 32d 
degree Mason; Red Man; Eagles; Elks. 
Home address: Lebanon. O. 

ucator: born. Copley. O.. Sept. 19. 1863: 
son of Henry Frederick and Ellen (Viers) 
Frederick; educated: Dist. Sch.. Maple 
Valley. O.; Copley High Sch.: Hiram. O., 
Preparatory Sch.; Hiram Coll.: Amherst 
Coll.: Nat. Sch. Elocution and Oratory. 
Married. Lida E. Furnal. July 22. 1885. 
Newspaper editor and writer. 18S6-1895; 
Supt. Schs.. Lakewood. O., 1895-1911; 
Mem. Cuyahoga Co. Bd. School Exam- 
iners. 1905-12; Supt. Schs.. Cleveland. O. f 
1912-16; Mem. City Bd. Sch. Examiners, 

Cleveland. O., 1914 : member and held 

manv offices in county. Dist. and State 
Teachers' Assns. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic; K. P.; Delta Upsilon Frat.; Vice 
Pres. Nat. Education Assn.; Nat. Coun- 
cil of Nat. Education. Christian Church. 
Home address: 1429 "Wagar Ave,, Lake- 
wood. O. 

Manufacturer; born, Lawrence, Kan , 
Oct. 3. 1875; son of Anthony Frederick- 
son and Anna Louise (Lawson) Frederick- 
son: educated: Pub. Schs. and Commer- 
cial College. Lawrence, Kan. Married, 
Elizabeth Alexander Brent. April IS. IVH. 
Earlv business career spent at printing 
trade, newspaper and magazine writinc- 
and advertising; became salesman of 
commercial printing and advertising ma- 
terial: became Pres. and Treas. The Amer- 
ican Art Works. Coshocton, O.. manufac- 
turers of steel signs, art calendars and 

advertising specialties, 1911 . Socs ; and 

clubs: Union League Club (Chicago. 111.); 
Country Club: Chamber of Commerce 
(Coshocton. O.): Advertising Clubs of the 
"World: Nat. Assn. Adv. Specialty Mfrs. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Coshocton, 

born. Fredonia. N. Y.. Oct. 6. ISni'i; son 
of Andrew Yates Freeman and Katharine 
(Hendee) Freeman; educated: FVedonia 
State Normal School. N. Y.: Berlin. Ger- 
many. Married. Marion Hogan. Sept? 3. 
191'1. Was instructor at Columbia Coll. 
for Women at South Carolina; taught in 
studio with Franz Kohler; conductor of 
Symphony Orchestra at Erie. Pa.: elected 

director of Muskingum Coll. Conservatory 
f>f Music in 1!'14 and Prof, of Piano and 
composition, which position he still holds; 
has had considerable experience as con- 
cert artist; is conductor of Cambridge 
(O.) Oratorio Society, and Zanesville. (O.) 
Music Club Chorus: has done some com- 
posing. Author of a text "Pyrotechnics In 
Modern Pianoforte Playing" and "Why 
is Art?" Presbyterian Church. Home 
address: New Concord. O. 

ger Agent; born, Cuyahoga Co., O.; son 
of Laurens Freeman and Susan B. (Gale) 
Freeman: educated: Pub. Schs. of Piqua, 
O.. and elsewhere. Married. Myra Rpw- 
ley. Oct. iv lx7S. Pennsylvania Lines 
west of Pittsburgh in various capacities 
since 1x74. beginning as a telegraph oper- 
ator, and serving later as stenographer, 
ticket agent, and appointed District Pas- 
senger Agent, 1901, and Asst. General 
Passenger Agt.. 1907. and is still serving 
in that capacity. Socs. and clubs: Colum- 
bus Club: Athletic Club: Chamber of 
Commerce. First Congregational Church. 
Home address: 1437 Madison Ave. Colum- 
bus. O. 

FREIBERG, J. WALTER, Manufacturer; 
Norn. Cincinnati. O.. Dec. 20. 1858; son 
of Julius Freiberg and Duffle (Workum) 
Freiberg; educated: Pub. Schs. and Hughes 
High Sen. of Cincinnati. O. Married, 
Stella Heinsheimer. Nov. 12. 1884. Began 
active business with the firm of Freiberg 
& Workum. 1S75; i n 1883 was admitted to 
partnership: Dir. of First Nat. Bank; 
served 3 vrs. as director of Chamber of 
Commerce. Socs. and clubs: LaFayette 
Lodge; Masons; Phoenix Club; Queen 
City Club: Business Men's Club: Losant- 
ville Country Club; Optimists Club; Union 
of American Hebrew Congregations 
(Pres.). Home address: 3583 Alaska Ave., 
Avondale, Cincinnati. O. 

FREIBERGER, I. F.. Banker; Vice Pres. 
Cleveland Trust Co. Home address: 101 
Belmore Rd.. Cleveland. O. 

FRENCH, HARRY FIFIELD, Chemist; born, 
Plymouth. N. H.. Nov. 7. 1886: son of 
Willis E. French and Carrie (Edmonds) 
French; educated: public schools at Ply- 
mouth. N. H. : N. H. State Coll.. where 
graduated in 190S. Married. Elizabeth L. 
Pease. May 5. 1913. Asst. Chemist. New 
Hampshire State Laboratory of Hygiene, 
1908-1910: Research Chemist, National 

Carbon Co.. 1910 . Socs. and clubs: 

Kappa Sigma: Am. ('hem. Soc.; A. A. A. 
S. Home address: Fremont. O. 

born. Grand Rapids, Mich.. Jan. 3, 1x77: 
son of James S. French and Emma A. 
(Garfield) French; educated: High Sch. of 
Grand Rapids. Mich.; Univ. of Michigan; 
Hartford Theol. Sem.; Univ. of Berlin; 
Univ of Marburg. College degrees: A. M , ; 
A. B.: B. D.; Ph. D. Married. Edna F. 
Gumming, June 13. 1906. Fellow of Hart- 
ford Sem., 1902-1904; Presbyterian Uni- 
versity pastor. 1905-13; Instr. in Semii- 
ics. L'niv. of Michigan. 1905-1913; Junior 
Prof, of Sfemitics and Hellenistic Litera- 
ture. Univ. of Mich.. 1913-14; Minister of 
Religious Education. Collingwood Ave. 
Presbyterian Church, Toledo, O., 1914-16; 
pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Ch., 
Toledo, O.. 1916 ; Pres. of Inter- 
denominational Conf. of Church Workers 
in State Univs.. 1907. Socs. and clubs: 
Phi Sigma Frat.; Masons; Michigan Chap- 
ter, Acacia Frat.; Honorary Mem. Watson 
Post. G. A. R.. Author: "The Correspond- 
ence of Caspar Schwenckfeldt with Luther 
and Melanchthon," Breithoph and Haertel, 
Leipzig. 19o7. Home address: 3322 Col- 
lingwood Ave.. Toledo. O. 



FRETTER. FRANK B.. Vice Pres. Natl. 
Refining Co.; born, Cleveland, O., Oct. 
2. 1864: educated: Cleveland Pub. Schs. 
Married, Margaret A. Hulbwrt. Vice Pres. 
National Refining Co. Socs. and clubs: 
Country Club: Union Club. Home ad- 
dress: Norfolk Road. Euclid Heights, 
Cleveland. O. 

FRICK, ADAM, ex-Representative; born, 
Chillicothe. O.. Mar. 23. 18*68; son of Gott- 
fried Frick and Mary (Gahm) Prick; edu- 
cated: Chillicothe. Ohio. Public Schools. 
Married. Mary D. Gehre. Oct. 21. 1891. 
Engaged in milling, dealing in grain and 
overseeing land interests; elected to Ohio 
House Reps.. 1910-14: elected mayor, 
Portsmouth. O.. 1914-16: has dictinction 
of being the onlv Democrat ever re-elected 
to State Legislature, and first Democrat 
elected from Scioto County since 1876; 
cashier of The Ohio Valley Bank. Ports- 
mouth. O. Socs. and clubs: K. T. Ger- 
man Evangelical. Home address: 609 
Eighth St.. Portsmouth. O. 

born. Toledo. O.. Jan. 14. 1873; son of 
Morris Friedman and Fannie (Tyroler) 
Friedman; educated: Toledo Pub. Schs., 
high and manual training; Univ. Mich. 
College degrees: LL. B.; LL. M. Married, 
Nuna Landman. June 1. 1898. Asst. City 
Solicitor. Toledo. O.. 1897-1906: practicing 
attorney at law. under firm name. Fried- 
man. Foster & Dixon. 1894 ; Pres. Yon- 

dota Realty Co. and of Chasmor Realty 
Co.; Secy, and Dir. of H. M. & R. Shoe 
Co.: Pres. Federation Jewish Charities. 
1909-13; Trustee Toledo Law Library 
Assn., 1915-17; Pres. Collingwood Ave 
Temple, 1914-17. Socs. and clubs: Rubi- 
con Lodge, F. & A. M.; De Witt Clinton 
Consistory. A. A. S. R.; K. P.: I. O. B. B ; 
Phi Gamma Delta; Toledo Commerce Club 
Home address: 2263 Putnam St.. Toledo. 

FRIEDRICK, MARTIN, Physician; born, 
Passau. Bavaria. Germany, May 11. IS."..-); 
son of Joseph Friedrick and Theres 
(Bauer) Friedrick; educated: Gymnasium 
and Latin Sch. in Passau: Univ. Munich 
(Lang, and Lit.); Western Reserve Med. 
Coll. College degrees: -A. M. : M. D. Mar- 
ried. Othilie Bonsson. Nov . 1S7S. Prof 
internal diseases. Coll. Physicians and 
Surgeons. Cleveland. O.: engaged in prac- 
tice medicine and surgery. Cleveland. O 
health officer, City Cleveland. 1901-1910 
1910-1916; chief of bureau of communicable 
diseases. Dept. Health. Cleveland. Socs 
and clubs: Cleveland Academy Med.; Ohio 
Med. Assn.; Am. Med. Assn.: Am. Health 
Assn.: Am. Assn. for Prevention of Tu- 
berculosis; Housing Assn.; Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce; Chamber Indus- 
try, etc.: Mason. Home address: 32^6 W 
4th St.. Cleveland. O. 

FRIES. EDWARD M.. Attorney: born. 
Bloom Twp.. Wood Co.. O.. Sept. 29. 1866; 
son of Solomon Fries and Louisa C. 
(Steckel) Fries; educated: public schools; 
Ohio Northern Univ.: Cincinnati Law 
Sob. Married. Anna M. Davis. 1903. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar 1893: engaged in prac- 
tice law Bowling Green. O.. 1S95. with 
Judge Robert S. Parker; appointed referee 
in bankruptcy. 1899; Judge Court Com. 
Pleas. 10th Jud. Dist., Ohio, 1903-1909; 
now engaged in the practice of law under 
firm name of Fries & Hatfield. Home ad- 
dress: Bowling Green. O. 

Clergyman; born, near Winchester. Va., 
Nov. 17. 1860: son of William Fries and 
Mary Jane (Fulkerson) Fries; educated: 
Pub. Schs. of Virginia; Shenandoah Sem- 
inary, Dayton, Va.. 1876-1879; Lebanon 
Valley Coll., Annville. Pa.. 1SSO-1SS2; grad- 
uated in 1SS2 in classical course with, de- 

gree of A. B. and later A. M.. from same 
college: Grarl. from U. B. Seminary (now 
Bonebrake Theological Seminary), Day- 
ton. O.. 1884. Married. Fannie Coe Nel- 
son. February 18. 1886: entered ministiy 
in 19th yr. ; preached. 1879-1880. in Rock- 
ingham Co.. Va.; pastor. Hagerstown, 
Maryland. 1884-1886; Frederick. Md.. 1886; 
principal. W. Va. Academy. Buckhannon, 
W. Va.. 1886-1889; pastor. Fostoria, Ohio, 
1889-1893; Otterbein Univ., Westervill^, 
O.. 1893-1897: Van Buren. O.. 1S97-1S99; 
presiding elder. Sandusky Conference, 
1899-1905; elected associate editor, United 
Brethren S. S. Literature at Genera.1 Con- 
ference, Kansas, 1905; re-elected, 1909; 

editor in chief. 1913 ; received title of 

"D. D.". Otterbein Univ.. 1903: has served 
on various church boards for many yrs. ; 
Mem. General Conference, 1905-1909-1913- 
1917; Mem. Int. S. S. Lesson Committee. 

1915 ; Treas. of same, 1915 . Socs. 

and clubs: Philokosmian Literary Soc. ; 
Lebanon Valley Coll.. Annville, Pa.; Hon- 
orary Mem. Philophronean Soc. Otterbein 
Univ.. Westerville. O. United Brethren 
Church. Home address: 39 Warder St., 
Dayton. O. 

FRITCH, ERVIN D., Com. Pleas Judge; born, 
Oct. 25. 1873; son of George W. Fritch 
and Louisa (Weaver) Fritch; educated: 
public schools. Suffield. O.; Ohio North- 
ern Univ. College degrees: A. B.; A. M.; 
LL. B. Married. Ada B. McElhinney. July 
25. 1907. Admitted to practice law. 1S99; 
started practice. Akron. O.. 1901 
teacher. Twp. High Sch., Suffield. O.. 1S99- 
1900, 1900-1901; member Akron Civil Serv- 
ice Com. 1910-14: Apptd. Judge Court 

Common Pleas. Nov. 16. 1914 : elected 

same. 1916. Socs. and clubs: Akron City 
Club; Mason. Adoniram Lodge. No. 517. 
Mem. Reformed Ch. Home adress: 815 
Bloomfield Ave.. Akron. O. 

FRITSCH. H. SAMUEL. Clergyman: born. 
Dec. 9. 1878: son of Samuel Fritsch and 
Mary (Frantz) Fritsch; educated: Cook 
Co. (111.), public schools: Highland Park 
High Sch. (111.); Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ.; 
Univ. Chicago; Chicago Theological Sem. 
College degrees: B. S'. ; B. D. ; D. D. 
Married. Mabel Muhlke, Oct. 10, 1905. Pas- 
tor: Congregational Chs., Sharon, Wis , 
1903-4; Somonauk. 111., 1905-7; Billings, 

Mont., 1907-11; Medina. O., 1911 . Socs. 

and clubs: Masonic Order. Congregation- 
alist. Home address: Medina. O. 


Clergyman: born. Ireland. April 21. 1SS3; 
son of William George Frizelle and Mary 
Jane (Broomfield) Frizelle: educated: Ire- 
land Pub. Schs.; Pillsbury Acad., Owa- 
tonna, Minn.; Denison Univ., Granville, O.; 
Univ. of Chicago; Baptist Theol. Sem., 
Rochester. N. Y. Married. Edith E. Da- 
vis. Dec. 28. 1910. Pastor First Baptist 
Church. Ontario. N. Y.. 1910-1913; Lin- 
wood Baptist Ch.. Cincinnati. O.. 1913- 
1915; First Baptist Church, Toledo. O., 
1915 ; Pres. Cincinnati Baptist Minis- 
ters' Conf.. 1 term: Pres. Toledo Baptist 
Ministers' Conf.. 1916 ; chairman Pro- 
gram Committee, Baptist State Conv , 
1917: chairman Field of Labor Corn.. To- 
ledo Baptist. Union. 1916: Pres. Toledo- 
Denison Alumni Assn.. 1917. Socs. ai ' 
clubs: Kappa Sigma Frat. : F. & A. M.: 
Sanford Collins Lodge. Mason. Baptist 
Church. Home address: 326 Melrose 
Ave.. Toledo. Ohio. 

born. Savannah. O.. Jan. 23. 1S73: son of 
Adam S. Frizzell and Amanda (Brown) 
Frizzell; educated: country school; Savan- 
nah Acad.: Ohio Business Coll. Married, 

1 Nana Wiley. June 30. 1897. Teacher 
schools: retailer of furniture, hardware; 

. later engaged in manufacturing, Mansfield, 



Ohio. Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Ma- 
son. Methodist. Home address: 67 Helen 
Ave.. Mansfield. O. 

l>rn, St. Paris, O., Jinn- :;, IM;;; s .n Mi- 
John Frederick Fromme and Franc-' -ska 
(Carlo) Fromme: educated: St. Paris 
Pub. Schs.: Ohio Normal Univ.; Cincin- 
nati. O.. Law Sch. College degrees: LL. 
B., Cincinnati Law School, 1SS9. Married. 
Nma McMorran. Sept. 21. 1898. Practiced 
law. Van Wert, O.. 1S89-1892; Urbana, 
<>.. lS!iL'-19 ; member Board of Education, 
I'rbana. O.. 1909 . Home addrc-ss: Ur- 
bana. O. 

FRpNEY, BURT JAMES, born. Pember- 
ville. Ohio. Nov. 28, 1866; son of Albert 
Froney and Sarah Jane (Pember) Froney; 
educated: Pemberville schools; Toledo 
Business College. Married. Nina Eliza- 
beth McKenzie. Feb. 25. 1891. Clerk in 
father's dry goods store at Pembervilk-; 
located in Bowling Green. O.. in 1886; 
deputy county treasurer of Wood Co. un- 
der his father, who was county treas- 
urer, 1SS6-1888: in fall of 1888, entered the 
store of A. Froney & F. H. Boughton. 
who bought the dry goods stock of S. 
L. Boughton; two years later the firm 
became A. Froney & Co. (A. Froney, B. 
J. Froney and Fred C. Moore); in 1891 
the firm moved to their own building. 
On the death of his father, Sept. 25. 1911, 
B. J. Froney became head of the firm, 
still A. Froney & Co., Bowling Green, O. 
Township treasurer. 10 yrs. ; member city 
council. 2 terms. Socs. and clubs: Com- 
mercial Club; Elk. Republican. Home 
address: 323 West Wooster St.. Bowling 
Green. O. 

FROST, HARRY HENRY, Engineer; born. 
Bay City. Mich., Nov. 27, 1S86; son of 
Herman C. Frost and Dorothy (Small) 
Frost; educated: Grad. Bay City High 
Sch.; Grad. in Civil Engineering. Univ. 
of Michigan. College degrees: C. E. 
Married, Mareta Elizabeth Lyon. June 24. 
1915. Asst. Engr. Detroit Water Bd., 
Aug., 1908 to May. 1910; chief engineer. 
Detroit Park Bd.. May. 1910 to Jan.. 1911; 
Supt. Akron City Water Works. Jan.. 
: Vice Pres. State Bank. Socs. 
and clubs: Assoc. Mem. of Am. Soc. of 
Civil Engrs. ; Mem. Am. Water Works 
Assn.; Sigma Xi. Home address: 584 E 
Buchtel Ave.. Akron. O. 

Author; born. Derby. Conn.; son of Rob- 
ert Bruce Fuller and Harriet A. (Pren- 
tice) Fuller; educated: A. B.. Yale. 1901- 
A. M.. 1904; LL. B.. LL. M.. 1903. Colum- 
bian (now George Washington Univ.); 
awarded Cobden Club Medal (England). 
Iflol. Married. Florence B. Dennis. Chan- 
ute. Kan.. May 25. 1910. Secy, to Senator 
Theodore Burton. 1909-1915: engaged in 
practice law. Cleveland, O., 1903 . Au- 
thor: The Purchase of Florida. 1906; Tax 
Return? in Ohio. 1907: The Speakers of 
the House. 1909: The Law of Accident and 
Employers' Liability Insurance. 1913: con- 
tributor: magazines on legal history and 
political subjects. Socs. and clubs: Sons 
Am. Rev.: Phi Sigma Kappa: Cleveland 
Chamber Commerce: Council of Sociology; 
Western Reserve Hist. Soc. Republican. 
Office address: Williamson Bldg.. Cleve- 
land. O. 

born. Miami Co.. O.. June 12. 1S6S: son of 
Robert Fuller and Eliza (Robinson) Ful- 
ler: educated: Troy High Sch.: Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ., Delaware, O. : Boston Theol. 
Sem.. Boston. Mass.: Moore's College. 
Ind.: Ohio Wesleyan Univ. College de- 
grees: D. D. : A. B. Married. Gertrude 
McKnight. Sept. 9. 1891. Pastorates: M. 
E. Church. Manchester. O.. 2 yrs.; George- 

town, O.. 3 yrs.; First Ch.. Urbana. O.. 
5 yrs.; Trinity Ch.. Cincinnati, O.. 5 yrs.; 
Grace Church, Dayton. O.. 5 yrs.; Trinity 
Ch.. Lima. O.. 6 yrs.; Pres. of Cincinnati 
M'-th. Preachers' Meeting. 1907; Pres. 
I 1 ! -tors Union of Dayton. O.; Pres. Pas- 
tors Union of Lima. O.; Mem. Bd. of 
Trustees. Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada. O. ; 
Trustee Gamble Deaconess Home. Cincin- 
nati. O.; Delegate to General Conf.. M. E. 
Church. Saratoga Springs, 1916. Socs. and 
clubs: A. T. O.; Greek Letter in College. 
Has always been a member of Methodist 
Church. Home address: 122 S. West, 
Lima. O. 

FULLER, RATHBUN, Attorney; born. 
Utica. N. Y.. March 29. 1857: son of John 
W. Fuller and Anna B. (Rathbun) Ful- 
ler; educated: Toledo. O. and Ann Arbor, 
Mich.. high schools; Michigan Univ. 
Married. Katharine Grout, Sept. 2. 1892. 
Pres. Northwestern Elevator & Mill Co.; 
Pres. Toledo Plate & Window Glass Co. ; 
Dir. The W r illys-Overland Co.; Vice Pres. 
First Natl. Bank; Vice Pres. Toledo Rail- 
ways & Light Co.; Dir. Arms Palace 
Horse Car Co., Ford Plate Glass Co., 
Bostwick-Braun Co., Mather Spring Co., 
Security Savings Bank & Trust Co.. Title 
Guarantee & Trust Co.. Hercules Motor 
Co.. etc. Socs. and clubs: Toledo Club; 
Toledo Country Club; Inverness Club; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of New York; 
Commerce Club. Toledo. O. Baptist Ch. 
Home address: 2420 Monroe St., Toledo, 

Educator; born, Wheelersburg, O., Sept. 
29, 1873; son of James B. Fullerton and 
Mary B. (Hay ward) Fullerton; educated: 
W r heelersburg, O., High Sch.; Hillsdale, 
Mich.. College; Ohio State Univ.. Colum- 
bus, O. College degrees: B. Ph. (1898); 
M. A. (1911). Married, Rose Pope Lang- 
worthy, July 3, 1901. Teacher, Dist. Sch., 
Dogwood Ridge, O., 1890-3; Wheelersburg 
Grammar Sch., 1893-4; Central High Sch., 
Columbus. O.. 1899-1909; Prin. Indianola 
Junior High Sch.. Columbus. O., 1909-14; 
Prin. East High Sch., Columbus, O., 1914- 
1916; First Asst. Supt. of Schs., Colum- 
bus. O.. 1916 -.- Socs. and clubs: Delta 

Tau Delta; Mason; Central Ohio School- 
masters' Club; Columbus Schoolmasters' 
Club; Central Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Ohio 
State Teachers' Assn.; National Educa- 
tional Assn.; Nat. Geographic Soc. Bap- 
tist. Home address: 88 Eighteenth Ave., 
Columbus. O. 

FULLERTON, KEMPER, College Prof.: 
born, Cincinnati, O., Nov. 29, 1865; son 
of Thomas Fullerton and Lina Hall (Kem- 
per) Fullerton; educated: A. B., Prince- 
ton. 1SSS; M A.. 1894; Grad. Union Theol. 
Seminary, 1891; Univ. Berlin, 1891-1893. 
Married, Kate Spencer, Dec. 19, 1905. 
Instr. Hebrew Lane Theol. Seminary, 
Cincinnati, 1893-4; Finney Prof. Old Tes- 
tament Lang, and Lit. Oberlin Theol. 

Sem., Oberlin, O., 1904 ; contributor to 

Hastings Dictionary of the Bible (1 vol. 
edit.); to essays on Modern Theol. and 
Related Subjects; to American Journal of 
Theology and Harvard Theol. Review, 
Biblical" World, etc.; Mem. Soc. Bible Lit. 
and Am. Oriental Soc. Congregationalist. 
Home address: Oberlin. O. 

Prof.; born, Ludwigshafen, Germany, July 
16, 1874; son of Albert Charles Fulton and 
Bertha Anna (Arzberger) Fulton; edu- 
cated: Brooklyn, N. Y<, public schools; 
Pratt Institute: Columbia Univ. College 
degrees: Eng. Mines (1897); Hon. D. Sc. 
Married, Marion Cunningham, Sept. 19, 
1S9S. Asst. in assaying. Columbia Univ., 
lv>s-9: Instr. Metallurgy, Univ. Wyoming, 
; Prof. Metallurgy, South Dakota 



School Mines, Rapid City, S. Dak., 1900- 
1905; Pres. South Dak. School Mines, 1905- 
1911; Prof. Metallurgy, Case School Ap- 
plied Science, Cleveland, O., 1911 . 

Author: Manual Fire Assaying. 1907; 
Principles of Metallurgy, 1910; articles: 
Transaction? American Institute Mining 
Engineers. Socs. and clubs: Am. Inst. 
Mining Eng. ; Mining & Metallurgy Soc. 
of America; Sigma Xi Frat. ; Tau Beta 
Pi Frat.; Univ. Club. Cleveland. O. Home 
address: 3046 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleve- 
land, O. 

Dean; born, Leesburg, Va., March 19, 
1S55; son of William Fulton and Martha 
Ann CHawling) Fulton; educated: Lees- 
burg Academy; Bethel Mil. Acad. (Va.); 
Univ. Va. ; private teachers of expression, 
James E. Murdoch, M. T. Brown, John 
Ryder (London, Eng. ). College degrees: 
M. A. Married. Clara Julia Buxton, June 
21, 1882. Prin. Berlin (111.) public schools; 
founder and director. Fulton & True- 
blood's School Oratory, Kansas City, Mo.; 
Instr. Elocution & Oratory, Park Coll., Mo.; 
William Jewell Coll., Liberty, Mo.; Mis- 
souri State Univ., Columbia, Mo.; Kansas 
State Univ.. Lawrence. Kan.; Wabash 
Coll., Crawfordsville, Ind. ; Ohio Wos. Univ., 
Delaware. O. ; Prof. Elocution & Oratory, 
Ohio Wes. Univ.. Delaware. O.. 1889 
founder and dean Ohio Wes. Sch. Oratory, 
Ohio Wes. Univ.; Prof, public speaking, 
Ohio State Univ.; public lecturer on edu- 
cational subjects, 1880 ; Prof, public 

speaking, Univ. Cal. ('summer session, 1913) 
Oakland, Cal.; dramatic and Shakespearian 

Reader, 1878 . Author: College Critic's 

Tablets; Speaker's Promjpt-Bi'ox Parlia- 
mentary Usage; Joint-authorship (Prof. 
Thomas C. Trueblood): Chart Vocal Ex- 
pression; Fulton & Trueblood's Choice 
Readings; Practical Elocution; The Es- 
sentials Public Speaking; Standard Se- 
lections; Patriotic - Eloquence; British & 
American Eloquence. Socs. and clubs: 
One founders. 2d Pres. Nat. Speech Arts 
Assn., founder and Pres. Central pratorial 
League; founder and Pres. Ohio State 
A.ssn.; Elocutionists and Teachers Public 
Speakmg; founder Intercollegiate Debat- 
ing League; Shakespeare Club, Delaware, 
O. ; London Reading Soc.. London. Eng. ; 
Univ. Club, London, Eng.; Histronic Club, 
Ohio Wes. Univ.; Delta Sigma Rho; In- 
tercollegiate Public Speaking Soc. (Hon.): 
Phi Beta Kappa Frat.; Hiram Lodge, F. 
& A. M. IS: Sidney Moore Council. 84, 
R. S. M.: Chapter, R. A. M.. 54, Dela- 
ware, O.; Marion Com.. 36. K. T., Marion, 
O. : Y. M. C. A.: member and on Official 
Board; Supt. S. William St. M. E. Ch.. 
Delaware, O. Home address: Delaware, 
O. (Died May 11. 1916. while work in 

FULTON. THOMAS B.. Com. Pleas Judge, 
Licking Co. Term expires Feb., 1919. 
Home address: Newark. O. 

FULTON, WILLIAM D., Secretary of State; 
born. Homer. Licking Co.. O.. May. 1860; 
son of William Fulton and Rachel (Car- 
ver) Fulton; educated: Olivet Coll., Olivet, 
Mich.: Denison Univ., Granville. O. Col- 
lege degrees: B. S. Married. Josephine 
M. Wintermute. Sept. 6. 1884. Admitted 
to the bar in 1S84 and practiced law at 
Newark. O.. under firm name of Fulton 
& Fulton; solicitor. Newark. O.. 2 terms; 
Mem. of city council. 2 terms; Pres. of 
council, 1 term; Mem. of the 79th and 80th 
General Assembly: Secretary of State, 

3917 . Sora. and clubs: Elks'; K. P.; 

Moose. Presbyterian. Home address: 940 
E. Broad St.. Columbus. O. 

FUNK, THEODORE K., Attorney; born, 
Champaign Co.. O.. Jan. 30. 184S; son of 
Jacob Funk and Sarah (Long) Funk; edu- 
cat^d: Collegiate Inst., Urbana r O.; Grad. 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.. Delaware, O., 1871. 
Married, Emma Kinney, 1874. Studied 
law under Judge William Lawrence of 
Bellefontaine, O.. and admitted to bar In 
1873, locating in Portsmouth same year: 
recognized as one of the best criminal 
lawyers in State; elected Pros. Atty. of 
Scioto Co. on Republican ticket in 1884, 
and re-elected in 1887; was elected Presi- 
dential Elector in 1892. and voted for Ben- 
jamin Harrison: was defeated for Repub- 
lican nomination for Congress in 1894 by 
small vote. Socs. and clubs: Elks. Home 
address: Mount Tabor. Portsmouth, O. 

FUNK, WILLIAM ROSS, Clergyman and 
Publisher; born, West Newton, Pa., Aug. 
1, ISfil: son of Abraham Funk and Cath- 
arine (Zumbro) Funk; educated: Otter- 
bein Coll.; Bonebrake Theol. Seminary. 
Married. Lottie M. Hamlin. Aug. 3. 1882. 
Pastor, Scottdale and Greensburg, Pa.. 
11 yn; ; assumed management of 
United Brethren Pub. House, July 1, 1897; 
assets less than $400,000; they are now 
over $1,500.000: over 12.000,000' pieces of 
literature sent out every year: publisher 
for past 20 yrs. ; chairman of Foreign 
Missionary Society of U. B. Church for 
past 10 yrs.; chairman of Executive Com. 
of Otterbein Home for Children and Old 
People, a three-quarter million institution. 
Socs. and clubs: 32d degree Mason; Royal 
A and several civic organizations. United 
Brethren. Home address: 521 Homewood 
Ave., Dayton. O. 

Emeritus; born. Mt. Jackson. Va.. June 
7. 1841; son of Andrew Funkhouser and 
Elizabeth (Rinker) Funkhouser; educated: 
public schools, Virginia; Otterbein Univ.; 
Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburg, 
Pa. College degrees: A. B.; D. D.; LL. D. 
Married, Susan M. Kumler, Oct. 26, 1871. 
Prof. Bonebrake Theological Seminary, 
Oct. 11, 1871-1913; Prof. Emeritus and 
Dir Seminary Extension Work, 1913 
Member of the Church* of the United 
Brethren in Christ. Home address: 27 N. 
Summit St.. Dayton. O. 

cian; born, Meadville, Pa.; daughter of 
Ernest Aiexi'S Hempstead and Annie Mary 
(Warner) Hempstead; educated: Alle- 
gheny Coll.; Cornell Univ.; Johns Hopkins 
Univ! (Med. Sch.). College degrees: A. 
B.; M. D. Married, Mr. Furrer, 1915. En- 
gaged in practice medicine, Cleveland, O. 
Socs. and clubs: Consumers' League; Wom- 
an's Suffrage Soc.; City Club; Am. Med. 
Assn.; Cleveland Academy Med.; Social 
Study Club. Unitarian. Home address: 
1890 East 97th St., Cleveland, O. 

born, Cumberland, Md., June 21, 1874; 
son ot' Frederick S. Furry and Elizabeth 
(Davis) Furry; educated: Hagerstown, 
Md.; Baltimore, Md.: Notre Dame, Ind.; 
Univ. of Chicago; Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Collese degrees: B. A.; M. A.; Ph. D. 
Mrrried, Nina K. Smith, 1S95. Teacher, 
public schools, Maryland, 5 yrs.; Prof. 
philosophy and psychology, Ashland, Ohio. 
College, 1900-4; Grad. student, research 
scholar and associate professor John3 
Hopkins Univ., 1904-11; Pres. Ashland, O.. 

Coll., 1911 . Socs. and clubs: Phi Beta 

Kappa; A. A. A. ft.; Am. Phil. Soc.; 
So ithern Soc. for Phil, and Psychology. 
Progressive Brethren. Home address: 
Ashland, O. 



GAGE, CHARLES S., Insurance and Real 
Estate; born. Layman. Washington Co., 
O.. May L'l. 1864; son of John H. Gage 
and Sarah E. (Coulter) Gage: educated: 
common schools; Bartlett Academy. Mar- 
ried, Ada C. Smith, Sept. 25. 1904. Teach- 
er, common schools, 10 yrs.; employed as 
clerk, hardware store. Marietta. O.. 8 yrs.; 
traveling 'salesman, Hibbard, Spencer, 
Bartlett & Co., Chicago. 111.. 5 yrs.; en- 
tered dry goods business under firm name, 
C. S. Gage & Co.. Byesville. O.. Jan.. 1905; 
disposed of store. March. 1908; became 
representative of twelve large insurance 
companies, one bonding company. Byes- 
ville Bid?. & Loan Co. (Secy, since or- 
ganization in 1909 ). Socs. and clubs: 

United Commercial Travelers, No. 20, 
Zanesville, O. ; Secy. Business Men's Club. 
Home address: Byesville. O. 

GAHN, HARPY C., Attorney; born. Elmore. 
O.. April 2fi. 1880: son of (Dr.) Louis F. 
GaVin and Esther (Knight) Gahn; edu- 
cated: Elmore. O.. public and high school; 
Sandusky Business Coll.; Univ. Michigan. 
College degrees: LL. B. Unmarried. 
Taught school. Elmore. O.. 3 yrs.. before 
attending Univ. Mich.: admitted to Ohio 
bar. 1904; engaged in practice law, Cleve- 
land. O.. since 1904: associated in Senator 
T. E Burton's law office. 1906-7-8; attor- 
ney for Cleveland Legal Aid Soc., 1909- 
10-11: Mem. Cleveland City Council, 

1910 : Cleveland River and Harbor 

Commission, 1911 ; a recognized author- 
ity on harbor development and port ad- 
ministration; has written a number arti- 
cles on Great Lakes, ports, etc.; delegate 
to Xat. Waterways Congress at Washing- 
ton from Ohio, 1915; mentioned to run for 
Congress, 22nd Ohio Dist., 1916 campaign 
and for 1918; has succeeded in having 
home rule laws passed, in behalf of City 
of Cleveland, by the State Legislature; 
director of several corporations. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Lodge; K. P.; Cleve- 
land City Club; Republican Clubs (local); 
number of social service organizations. 
Methodist Episcopal. Republican. Home 
address: Cleveland. O. 

GABEL, WILLIAM A., Banker; born, Fre- 
mont. O.. Sept. 1. 1870: son of Jacob Gabel 
and Magdalena (Darr) Gabel; educated: 
St. Joseph Sch., Fremont. Ohio; Ohio Nor- 
mal Univ., Ada, O. Married, Barbara 
Hodes. Oct. 15. 1895. Engaged in bank- 
ing business, 1892; cashier. First National 

Bank, Fremont, O., 1910 ; Financial 

Secy. Sandusky Co. Memorial Hospital 
Assn. Socs. and clubs: K. C. ; Elks; Fre- 
mont Chamber Commerce. Member St. 
Joseph's R. C. Church. Home address: 
Fremont. O. 

Waverly. O.. Sept. 14. 1877; son of Philip 
Gableman and Margaret (Breinig) Gable- 
man; educated: Waverly High Sch. 
<Grad. 1895). Read law in the office of 
the late Hon. John A. Eylar. Married, 
Mary Mabel Hutt. Oct. 15. 1911. Pres. 
Waverly Bd. of Education; clerk Co. Bd. 
of Elections: clerk Bd. of Public Affairs 
operating Municipal Light & Water plant: 
probate judgf, Pike Co., 1009-13; appointed 
postmaster Waverly, O., Feb., 1914: chair- 
man Pike Co. Democratic Executive Com- 
mittee and member State Central Com- 
mittee, 1!U2-14: nominated as Democratic 
Presidential Elector for Tenth Congres- 
sional Dist., 1908, but resigned to accept 
nomination for probate judge. Socs. and 
clubs: Past Master Orient Lodge, F. & A. 
M. ; Chapter, Council and Commandery, 

Chillicothe. O.; Past Worthy Patron. Wa- 
verly Chapter, Eastern Star; Supt. of Sun- 
.1 i Sch., Methodist Episcopal Ch. ; Pres. 
Pike Co. Sunday Sch. Assn.; Pres. Chilli- 
cut'..- !>'.<-(. Epworth League. Home ad- 
dn.-ss: Wriverly. O. 

brarian; born, on farm near Leetonia, O., 
Feb. i'">. IS.'s; son of Edward Paxon Gal- 
brratli and Jane Minerva (Shaw) Gal- 
breath; educated: Lisbon, O., high school, 
1S79; Ph. B.. Mt. Union Coll., 1882: B. C. 
S., A. B. 'with honors), 1883; M. A.. 1894. 
Ma nied. Ida Kelly. July 29, 1882. Supt. 
Schs., Wilmot, O., 1884-6; East Palestine, 
O., 1886-1893; county school examiner, 
1886-1893; taught in Ohio Normal Univ., 
Ada, O., summers. 1891-2; Vice Pres. Mt. Coll.. Rogers, O.; Pres. 1896; state 
librarian of Ohio, May 25, 1896- July 1, 

1911; then 1915 ; Secy. Constitutional 

Convention of Ohio. 1912: holds life cer- 
tificate from State Bd. Examiners of Ohio; 
organized system of traveling libraries in 
the state, now including about 1,200 of 
them, aggregating over 56,000 volumes 
Ohio leading in number of traveling li- 
braries. Author: Daniel Decatur Emmett, 
author of "Dixie," 1904; Benjamin Russel 
Hanby. author of "Darling Nelly Gray," 
1905; Will L. Thompson, author of "Gath- 
ering Shells from the Seashore." 1905; 
Alexander Coffman Ross, author of "Tip- 
pecanoe and Tyler Too." 1905: Initiative 
and Referendum, 1911; Our National Con- 
stitution and Constitutions of Ohio. 1911; 
Constitutional Conventions of Ohio, 1911; 
Battle on Lake Erie, in Ballad and His- 
tory, 1911; also sketches and published 
articles. Socs. and clubs: Am. Lib. Assn.; 
Nat. Assn. State Librarians; Ohio Lib. 
Assn.; Ohio State Teachers' Assn.: (Life 
Mem.) Ohio State Archaeol. and Hist. 
Soc.; organized Columbus branch of Cuban 
League of America, 1S97 (2.000 members); 
Mem. Soc. of Friejids. Home address: 
Columbus, O.. 378 17th Ave.,- Columbus, 

sician and Surgeon; born, Williamsport, 
O.. Sept. 22. 1870; son of Francis D. Gal- 
lagher and Nancy E. (Walston) Galla- 
gher; educated: Mt. Sterling High Sch.; 
Cincinnati Coll. Medicine & Surgery. 
College degrees: M. D. Married, Harriet 
Deye. Nov. 28, 1895. Engaged in practice 

of medicine, Mt. Sterling, O., ISP:: ; 

mayor, Mt. Sterling, O., 1906-12; elected 
member Ohio Senate, llth Dist.. Ohio, 
1913-1917; member Madison Co. Exec. 
Com. Socs. and clubs: Ohio State Med. 
Assn.: Am. Med. Assn.; B. & O. Assn. 
Rv. Surgeons. Home address: Mt. Ster- 
ling, Ohio. 

born, Marshall Co., W. Va., Nov. IB. 1^44: 
son of Silas Gallaher and Margaret C. 
(Alexander) Gallaher; educated: common 
schools. West Va. ; Marietta Coll., Mari- 
etta, O. Married, Laura H. Woodbridge, 
April 4. ]S77. Teacher, public schools, 
Marietta. O.. 3 yrs.: practiced law. Bel- 
mont Co., O., 1873-1900: removed to Wash- 
ington Co., resumed practice law, Marietta, 

1900 ; first city solicitor, City Bellaire, 

O.; trustee. Marietta College. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason: Marietta Reading Circle. 
Protestant Episcopal. Home address: 
Marietta. O. 

GALLIZIER, NATHAN, Author: born, 
Milan. Italy. Feb. s, 1866; educated: Royal 
Seminary, Ludwigsburg, ' Germany. Un- 
married. Came to U. S., 1882: primarily 
studied for the ministry, spent several 
years with the Benedictine Monks in the 
Upper Valley of the Danube. Author: 
Castel Del Monte. 1905; The Sorceress of 
Rome, 1907; The Court of Lucifer, 1911: 



The Hill of Venus. 1913; The Crimson 
Gondola. 1915; Under the Witches' Moon, 
3917; makes special study mediaeval 
European history, chiefly of Italy, pos- 
sesses an extensive collection historical 
works and documents in original text. 
Soes. and clubs: Authors' League of 
America; Authors' Club of London, Eng- 
land; MacDowell Society of Kentucky; 
Drama League of America: Poets' Soc. 
of Ohio; Cincinnati Press Club. Episco- 
pal Church. Home address: The Gillespie, 
Cincinnati. O. 

GALLUP, FRANK LADD, Merchant; born, 
Wilmington, O, Jan. 27, 1872; son of 
Horace Gallup and Francis (Crary) Gal- 
lup: educated: Wilmington Pub. Schs. 
and Wilmington Coll. Married, Maud 
Anderson, Feb. 21, 1900. Merchant since 
May 14. 1S9S. Wilmington, Ohio; serving on 
School Board. Socs. and clubs: Masons; 
Elks; K. of P. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: Wilmington, O. 

GALLUP, MOZART, Manufacturer-Banker; 
born, West Springfield, Mass., May 25, 
1S29; son of Palmer Gallup and Desire 
W. (Ball) Gallup. Married. Mary Bagg, 
Aug. 9. 1855; died. July 13, 1857; 2nd, 
Hannah M. Gilbert. July 29. 1S62; 
died. November 28. 1889; 3rd. Gladys 
F. Overmyer. June 12. 1900. Member 
of firm of Mussey & Co.. 1853-1856; cashier 
for Baldwin. Laundon & Nelson, 1858-63; 
established a cheese house in Elyria, O., 
1869; became associated with James 
Woolworth in 1S74; elected Gen. Mgr. and 
Treas. of the Sandusky Tool Co., 18SO, and 
in control to date, 1917; Pres. of the 
Commercial National Bank of Sandusky, 
O. ; auditor of Lorain Co.. p.. 1863-1869. 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. Ohio State Ar- 
chaeological Soc.; Historical Soc. The 
Founders and Patriots of America and 
S. A. Revolution; spent 2 yrs. abroad in 
] 873-1874. Home address: Sandusky, O. 

GALVIN, LEROY SPAHR, Editor-Publish- 
er; born. Jamestown. O.. June 2. 1875; 
son of William Spahr Galvin and Hulda 
Ann (Fichthorne) Galvin; educated: 
Jamestown High Sch.. and Miami Univ., 
Oxford, Ohio. Married, Nella Richie, 
November 25. 1901. Publisher of Mont- 
pelier (Indiana) Herald, 1898-1899, and 
at present, publisher Lima Daily News. 
Socs. and clubs: Lima Lodge Elks; James- 
town Lodge Masons; Lima Club; Shawnee 
Country Club. Home address: 203 North 
Washington St.. Lima. O. 

GAMMETER, JOHN R., Manufacturer; born, 
Akron, O.. Mar. 27. 1876; son of Christian 
Gammeter and Anna (Maurhover) Gam- 
meter; educated: Akron. O. Married, Su- 
sie E. Garman. Dec. 18. 1908. Left school 
at the age of 14: learned steam fitting 
and plumbing. 4 yrs. : has been with the 
B. F. Goodrich Co.. 21 yrs. r Mgr. of ex- 
perimental department of B. F. Goodrich 
Co. Socs. and clubs: Elks; Portage Coun- 
try Club; Akron City Club; Akron Club. 
Home address: North Portage Path, 
Akron. O. 

GANSON. CHARLES H.. Educator: born, 
Urbana. O.. Oct. 19. 1835; son of William 
M. Ganson and Annlette (Topey) Ganson; 
educated: Urbana public schools. Mar- 
ried, Jane W. Rowalt, Canton, 111., Oct. 9, 
lS. r ,6. President Urbana City Council, 5 
yrs.; mayor Urbana. O.. 16 yrs.; member 
Ohio State Board Agri., 12 yrs. Socs. and 
clubs: Masonic Order; K. P. New Church 
Sweedenborgen. Home address: L T rbana, 

GARBER, LEVI LEEDY, College Professor; 
born, near Bellville, O., 1862; son. of David 
L. Garber and Susan (Leedy) Garber; 
educated: Ashland Coll.; National Normal 
Univ.: Ohio State Univ.; Chicago Univ. 

College degrees: A. B.: A. M. ; Litt. D. 
Married, Alma Alice Moomaw. 1902. Tu- 
tor Ashland Coll. Normal School; Prin. 
Bellville High Sch.; Prof, in Ashland Coll.; 
teacher of history, Lordsburg. Cal. Coll.; 
head of departments of English and Edu- 
cation, Ashland Coll.; District Supt. Ash- 
land Co. Schs.; teacher of education, Kent 
State Normal Coll.; Prof, of English, 
Kent State Normal Coll. Author of a 
series of outline helps on "How to teach 
Literature, History, Education, etc." Socs. 
and clubs: Religious Educational Assn., 
Charter Mem. of Athaneum Literary Soc.; 
Conversational Club; Ohio State Univ. 
United Brethren. Home address: Summit 
St.. Kent. O. 

CARD, HOMER, Editor-Publisher; born. 
Hamilton, O.. Jan. 9. 1866; son of Samuel 
Z. Gard and Mary (Duke) Gard; edu- 
cated: Hamilton high school; Amherst 
Coll. Married. Lutie E. Matthias. June 
1, 1892. Editor and Prop. Hamilton Even- 
ing Journal, Hamilton, O. ; city clerk Ham- 
ilton, O., 1902-6; named postmaster, Ham- 
ilton. Dec. 23. 1913 ; trustee Miami 

Univ. Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi; 
Hamilton Club; Butler Co. Country Club; 
Elk; Eagle; Royal Arcanum. Universal- 
ist. Home address: 220 Ross Ave.. Ham- 
ilton. O. 

GARD, WARREN, Congressman; born, 
Hamilton. O.. July 2, 1873; educated: pub- 
lic schools, Hamilton, O.; Cincinnati Law 
Sch. (1894): engaged in practice law, Ham- 
ilton. O. : has been prosecuting attorney, 
Hamilton Co.; then judge Court Common 
Pleas. Hamilton Co.; elected to 63rd Con- 
gress, Third Dist. Ohio; re-elected to 64th 
Congress. 1914. and 65th Congress. 1916. 
Home address: Hamilton. O. 

er: born. Columbus. O.. May 3, 1876; son 
of Daniel Hosmer Gard and Ella Elizabeth 
(Rider) Gard; educated: Columbus pub- 
lic 'Schools; Polytechnic Inst.. St. Louis; 
Univ. California. Married, Mabel Phil- 
lips, June 8, 1908. Employed in Ohio 
Savings Bank, Columbus, O., 1892-1905; 
organized Lincoln Savings Bank, Colum- 
bus, O., 1905; organized Guardian Savings 
& Trust Co.. Newark. O., 1907, converting 
this bank to Park National Bank. 1908; 

cashier Park Nat. Bank, 190S . Socs. 

and clubs: Charter member Ohio Society 
Sons Ani. Revolution; (life member) Or- 
der Military Telegraph Corps. Home ad- 
dress: 364 W. Church St.. Newark, O. 

GARD, WILLIS LLOYD, Educator; born, 
Poland. Ind.. 1869: son of Jacob Nelson 
Gard and Sarah Ellen (Anderson) Gard; 
educated: Indiana Univ.: Clark Univ., 
Worcester. Mass. College degrees: A. B.; 
A. M.: Ph. D. Married. Olive D. Cham- 
berlain. 1S9S. Prof, of the History and 
Principles of Education. Ohio Univ., 
Athens. O.. since 1908: prior to this date, 
spent 14 yrs. teaching in the public 
schools of Indiana. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
A. A. S.: Natl. Educational Assn.; Natl. 
Soc. for the Promotion of Industrial Edn.; 
Soc. of College Teachers of Edn.; Natl. 
Soc. for the Study of Edn. Home ad- 
dress: Athens. O. 

Clergyman: born, Kendallville, Ind., Apr. 
4, 186S; son of Henry Gardner and Sarah 
Ann (Miller) Gardner; educated: Witten- 
berg College; Hamma Div. Sch., Spring- 
field. O. ; Tri-State Normal College, An- 
gola. Jnd. College degrees: A. B., 1892; 
A. M. and B. D.. 1895; D. D., 1911. Wit- 
tenberg. Married, Anna M. Startzman, 
May 20. 1896. Pastor. Osborn. O.. 1895- 
1900; Bucyrus, O., 1900-6; Springfield. O., 

1906 ; assistant editor Lutheran World, 

1908-12; director Wilhrrforce Univ. (C. N. 
I. Dept.). 1913-15: Chaplain 3rd O. V. I. 



Spanish-American War; Chaplain 3rd O. 
N. G.; Si-cy. Miami Synod, 19(19-10; l'i. 
Wittenberg Synod. 19.Q4-6. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Phi Gamma Delta. Lmh- 
eran. Home address: Spring-field. O. 
GARDNER, GEORGE W., Manufaoturer- 
Banker; born. Pittsfield. Mass.. 18:54; sn 
of James Gardner and Caroline GrisnM,, 
(Porter) Gardner; educated: Cleveland 
High Sen.. Grad. M. LX. late Gen. O. IU. 
>vi.itt of Cleveland, but is now a widower. 
Was a sailor boy in early youth; 40 yrs. 
in grain elevator and flour mill business; 
5 yrs. In banking; Pros. Sagertown MM > 
Mineral Springs Co.; Vice Pres. since or- 
ganization of Cleveland & Buffalo Steam- 
ship Line; Pres. and charter member 
Cleveland Bd. of Trade- ; Pres. for 5 vis 
Bd. Trustees Ohio State Industrial Sch.; 
member City Council. 10 yrs.; mayor .r 
Cleveland. 1885-6 and 1SS9-90; Dir Mu- 
nicipal Government, 1892-3; Commodore 
for life. Socs. and clubs: Cleveland > 
Club; life member Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce. Republican. Home address: 
Business address: Caxton Bldg., Cleve- 
land. O. 

turer; born. Elyria. O.. Aug. 4. 1S5S; son 
of George Garford and Hannah (Lovett) 
Garford; educated: Elyria . O., public 
schools (Commercial training, large Im- 
porting House, Cleveland. O.), 1880-1892. 
Married. Mary L. Nelson. Dec. 14. 1881. 

Engaged in hanking, Elyria. O.. 1892 ; 

Interested number industrial concerns; 
close student theoretical and practical 
economics many years; active in political 
affairs and a national figure in Progres- 
sive party movement, being member Pro- 
gressive Natl. Committee and candidate 
for Governor of Ohio, 1912; for U. S. Sen- 
ate, 1914. Socs. and clubs: National Civic 
Federation; Ohio Soc. of New York; Union 
.<t Athletic Clubs. Cleveland. Ohio; Coun- 
try Club, Elyria, O. Congregatlonalist. 
Home address: 509 Washington Ave., 
Elyria, O.. and 1112 Hlllcresh, Pasadena, 

Welfare; born. Perry Co.. Pa.. July 10, 
1864; son of Daniel M. Garland and Eliz- 
abeth T. (Kistler) Garland; educated: 
New Bloomfield, Pa., Academy; Pennsyl- 
vania Coll.; Gettysburg Theological Sem. 
College degrees: A. B.; A. M. ; D. D. Mar- 
ried, Anna J. Comfort. Oct. 29, 1891. Pas- 
tor: Ch. Reformation, Baltimore, Md., 
591-6; Trinity Lutheran Ch., Taneytown, 
Md., 1896-9; First Lutheran. Ch., Dayton, 
O.. 1899-1914: Dir. Public Welfare, Dayton, 

O., 1914 ; trustee Dist. Tuberculosis 

Sanitorium. Dayton. O.; Pres. Ohio Soc. 
Prevention Tuberculosis; Pres. Ohio State 
Conference Charities and Correction; Dir 
Dayton, O., Federation for Charity and 
Philanthropy, Associated Charities; Day- 
ton Tuberculosis Soc.; Provident Colla't- 
eral Loan Co.; Pres. Bureau of Municipal 
Research; trustee Door Hope. Dayton, O. 
Minister of Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
Home address: Cappel Bldg., Dayton, O. 

cator-Minister-Lecturer; born, Troy, O., 
Oct. 19. 1SSO; son of O. C. Garma'n and 
Mary N. (Phillips) Garman: educated: 
Troy High Sch.; Valparaiso Univ.; West- 
ern Reserve Univ.; Wooster Univ.; Chi- 
cago Univ. College degrees: B. A.: M. A. 
Married. Laura D. Short. June 12. 1906. 
Pastor. First Church. Ut.ica. O.. 1904-."; 
pastor, First Christian Church. Franklin, 
O.. 1905-7; head of Dept. of English. Piqua, 
O.. High Sch.. 1905-6: Prin. Logan. O., 
High Sch.. 1907-9; Supt. New Bremen, O., 
Village Schs.. 1909-15: Instr. In Wooster 
I'niv. Summer Sch.. 1909-14; Supt. City 
Scha.. Bellevue. O.. 1915 to present time; 

has had considerable experience on the 
lecture platform, delivering educational, 
religious, temperance and popular lec- 
tures. Socs. and clubs: Natl. Educational 
Assn.; American Geographical Soc.; 
K i'. i ghts of Pythias; Masonic Lodges. Or- 
dained Minister of Christian Ch. Horn* 1 
address: Bellevue. O. 

I -inker; born, Columbiana Co.. O., Jan 
30, 1844; son of Hiram Garretson and 
Margaret King (Armstrong) Garretson; 
educated: Academy, Cornwall, N. Y. ; 
served in U. S. Vol., Civil War; Grad. 
U. S. Military Academy. 1867; 2nd Li>nt. 
4th Arty.. 1867-70. Married. Anna S. 
Cowden, 1870, died, 1886; 2nd, Emma R. 
Ely, 18S8. Engaged in banking, 1875 un- 
til time of his death; Pres. Bank Com- 
merce Nat. Assn.: Vice Pres. Guardian 
Trust Co.; Dir. Citizens' Savings & Trust 
Co.; chairman Bd. Directors Great Lakes 
Towing Co.: Dir. Cleveland Stone Co.; 
Montreal Mining Co.; Vice Pres. Lakeside 
Hosp. Assn.: Brig. Gen. Vols., May 27, 
Nov. 30. 1898, Spanish-American War; 
served in P. R. Socs. and clubs: Loyal 
Legion; Spanish War Vets.; Mil. Order 
Foreign Wars; Union Club; Country; 
Roadside; Euclid; University (Cleveland); 
University (New York); Army and Navy 
Club (Washington). Home address: 3716 
Euclid Ave.. Cleveland, O. Died while 
work in preparation, Dec. 6. 1916. 

GARRETSON, JOSEPH, Editor; born, Cin- 
cinnati, O.. Dec. 16, 1874; son of George 
C. Garretson and Katherine Ochaefer) 
Garretson; educated: Cincinnati Public- 
Schools; Woodward High Sch. Married. 
Aline Hibbard. Aug. 18. 1895. Reporter 
and Asst. City Editor of Cincinnati Com- 
mercial Gazette. 1891-3; City Editor, Cin- 
cinnati Post. 1S94; City Editor, Cincinnati 
Times Star, 1895, and now Managing Edi- 
tor of the Cincinnati Times Star. Socs. 
and clubs: Queen City; Business M. :, '- 
Club: Automobile Club; Cuvier Press Club. 
Home address: 5723 Davey Ave., College 
Hill, Cincinnati, O. 

GARRY, THOMAS H., Attorney: born. 
Stratford, Ontario, Canada; educated: 
Univ. South Dakota; Univ. Wisconsin. 
College degrees: B. L., 1893. Married, 
Jessie Graham. Admitted to bar of Ohio, 
1SP5; engaged in practice, Warren, Ohio, 
1S95-6: removed to Cleveland. O., resumed 

practice, Jan., 1897 ; now member firm, 

Goulder, White & Garry; Asst. U. S. Dlst. 
Attorney. Northern Dist. of Ohio. 1903-10. 
Socs. and clubs: Cleveland Athletic Club; 
University. Methodist. Home address: 
82 Allandale Ave.. Bast Cleveland, O. 

CARVER, JOHN T., Common Pleas Judge; 
born. -Wayne Co., O., July 26, 184S; ?on 
of John Garver and Catharine (Shoe- 
maker) Garver; educated: Congress (O.I 
High Sch.-; Smlthsville Acad. Married, 
Sarah E. Gilbert. Feb.. 1878. For several 
years a school teacher; began study of 
law in 1S67 with Hon. H. G. Blake, Medier, 
O.. where he remained 2 yrs.; then fol- 
lowed up his law course at Ohio State 
Univ. and graduated at Union Law Coll.. 
Cleveland. 0.: admitted to bar June 29, 
1870; began law practice at West Saleii, 
O. ; located at Fremont, O., In May, 1S71, 
and later member of firm of Garver, Gar- 
ver I'C- Garver: city solicitor. Fremont, 
1873-7; Pros. Atty., Sandusky Co., 1877- 
ISSl: Apptd. Common Pleas Judge, Jan. 
18, 1911; elected to this office fall of 1912, 
and <s now serving In that capacity. 
Prominent In public affairs and educa- 
tional interests. Democrat. Home ad- 
dress: Fremont. O. 

GARVER. MARTIN V., Merchant-Banker- 
Manufacturer; born. New Philadelphia, 
O.. June 17. 1848; son of Martin Garver 



and Susan (Shafer) Garver: educated: 
Williams Centre High School. Married, 
Ellen E. Lane. Feb. 3. 1872. President of 
the Bryan Public Sch. Board. 10 yrs. ; 
President of Bryan Free Library Board, 
14 yrs. First Universalist. Home ad- 
dress: Bryan, O. 

Principal; born. Hooks' Mills, W. Va., Aug. 
8. 1S71; son of Samuel Garvin and Mary 
Emily (LaFollette) Garvin; educated: O. 
N. Univ.: summer terms at Chicago 
Univ.; Antioch Coll.; Univ. of Wooster. 
College degrees: B. S. Married, Anna 
Belle Barney. June 30. 1897. Taught in 
Rural Schs.; Prin. Ward Sch.; Asst. Prin. 
and Prin. of High Sch.. Bucyrus. Ohio. 
Socs. and clubs: Mem. Masonic Order; 
Knights of Pythias; Ohio State Teachers 
Assn.; Mem. Evangelical Assn.; Supt. of 
Sunday School: Mem. Bd. of Directors, 
Y. M. C. A. Home address: 509 E. Oak- 
wood Ave.. Bucyrus. O. 

Secy.; born. Cambridge City. Ind.. Sept. 

15. 1S77; son of James H. Garvin and 
Medore (Kimmel) Garvin; educated: 
Cambridge City High Sch.; Hiram Coll.; 
Western Reserve Univ. College degrees: 
A. B. Married, Jessie Ednell Snyder, Oct. 

16, 1907. Engaged in teaching school; 
Asst. Educational Dir. Cleveland Y. M. 
C. A.: Dir. Men and Boys' Work, Hiram 
House Settlement; Secy. Cleveland Ad- 
vertising Club, Cleveland, O., 1916 ; 

Secy. Advertising Affiliation, 1916 . 

Socs. and clubs: Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce; City Club; Rotary Club; Sat- 
urday Night Club; Council of Sociology; 
Immigration League; Civic League; Con- 
sumers' League; Drama League; Boy 
Scout Council. Disciple Church. Home 
address: 17830 Landseer Road, Cleveland, 

GASKILL, DAVID LEWIS, Attorney; born, 
Troy. O., Dec. 11. 1862: son of Abram 
Gaskill and Sarah Ann (Youart) Gaskill; 
educated: Greenville City Schs. and Ohio 
State Univ. College degrees: B. A. Mar- 
ried. Sarah E. Meeker. June 27, 1883; died, 
Feb. IS, 1905; 2nd. Minnie Stallman, Jan. 
20, 1913. Pres. Greenville Electric Light 
& Power Co.; Secy. Ohio Electric Light 
Assn.; Secy. National District Heating 
Assn.; Presidential Elector, 1897; Truste^ 

Miami Univ.. 1907 . Socs. and clubs: 

Mason; Knight Templar. Presbyterian. 
Home address: 303 East 3rd St.. Green- 
ville. O. 

Clermont Co.. O.. Oct. 31. 1S65; daughter 
of Francis M. Rohjnson and Phila Amelia 
C Johnson) Robinson; educated: Amelia 
Academy. Married, Dr. J. C. Gaskins, 
Sept. 4. 1883. Pres. Clermont Civic Club: 
Pres. Clermont County Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Socs. and clubs: Eastern Star; 
Clermont County & Ohio State Fed. 
Methodist. Home address: Amelia, Cler- 
mont Co.. O. 

GASSER, MILTON H., Wholesale Merchant: 
born. Toledo. O.. April 20. 1869; son of 
Joseph Gasser and Elmira (Gordneir) Gas- 
ser: educated: Toledo Pub. Schs. Mar- 
ried. Blanche Bassler. Nov. 14. 1S93. Office 
clerk. 1SS8-9. Milburn Wagon Co.; sales- 
man. Branch Mgr. and Sales Mgr., The 
Bour Co.. Toledo. O., 1S90-1905; 1906 organ- 
ized The Gasser Coffee Co.; served the 
company as Pres. and Gen. Mgr. contin- 
uously since organization. Socs. and 
clubs: U. C. T. : Toledo Club: Toledo Ro- 
tary Club; Toledo Commerce Club. Trinity 
Episcopal. Home address: 220 Irving St., 
Toledo. O. 

GASTON. WILLIAM, Clergyman; born, 
Columbiana Co.. O. ; son of James W. 

Gaston and Rebecca CConkle) Gaston; 
educated: A. B.. Washington Coll.. Pa., 
1858; Grad. Western Theol. Seminary, 
1861; D. D.. 1887; LL. D.. 1892. Richmond 
Coll.. Ohio. Married. Julia M. Cunning- 
ham. May 4. 1855, died. March. 1896; 2nd, 
Jennie L. "Wise, Aug. 2, 1S9S. Ordained 
Presbyterian ministry, 1861; pastor: 
Smith's Ferry, Pa.. 1861-5; First Church, 
BeLlaire. O.. 1865-80; North Church. Cleve- 
land. 1880-1907; Emeritus. 1907; Chaplain 
U. S. Christian Commn. in Civil War.; 
Dir. Univ. Wooster. O. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Traveled in Europe and the 
Orient. Home address: 1469 E. 105th St., 
Cleveland. O. 

GATES, ARTHUR LOREN, Educator; born, 
New Albany. Ind., Feb. 19. 1881; son of 
Rev. Lorenzo Martell Gates and Mar- 
tha (Lewis) Gates; educated: public 
schools, Lena, Illinois; Northwestern 
University; Columbia University. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B.. Northwestern Univ.; 
A. M.. Columbia Univ. Married, Jose- 
phine Kelley Wisner. Dec. 27, 1905. Instr. 
Northwestern Academy. 1905: Instr. Pub. 

Speaking. Miami Univ.. 1908 : 'Prof. 

Pulpit Oratory Central Theological Sem., 
1912 : Associate Editor Public Speak- 
ing Review. 1914; Secy. Public Speaking 
Conf. Ohio. 1912-13; Pres. Pub. Speaking 
Conf. Eastern Central States. 1914: Mem. 
Nat. Assn. Academic Teachers Public 
Speaking; Nat. Drama League. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Fraternity; Phi Beta 
Kappa. Presbyterian. Home address: 121 
Bishop St.. Oxford. O. 

GATES, JAMES EDGAR. Editor; born, 
Ashland, O.. Dec. 2. 1879; 'son of William 
Henry Gates and Anna Maria (Baird) 
Gates; educated: public and hiffh schools, 
Ashland, O. Unmarried. Publisher. Ash- 
land Press; postmaster, Ashland, Ohio, 

1915 . Socs. and clubs: Ashland Lodge, 

151. F & A. M.: Ashland Chapter, 67. R. 
A. M.: Mansfield Council. R. & S. M., 
Mansfield. O. ; Masonic Club; Colonial 
Club. Ashland. O. Presbyterian. Home 
address: 536 Center St.. Ashland. O. 
Author; born. Mt. Vernon, O.. Sept. 12, 
1859; daughter of Charles H. Scribner and 
Mary E. (Morehouse) Scribner; educated: 
Toledo. O.. public schools. Married, 
Charles H. Gates, Oct. 12, 1881. Author: 
over 22 books, the principal ones being, 
under "The Live Doll Series," The Story 
of Live Dolls: More About Live Dolls; 
The Story About the Lost Doll; The Story 
of the Three Dolls: The Live Doll's House 
Party; The April Fool Doll; The Live Doll 
in Wonderland; The Live Doll in Fairy- 
land; The Live Doll's Play Days: Sun- 
shine Annie; Little Girl Blue; Tommy 
Sweet Tooth; The Turkey Doll; The Land 
of Delight; Story of the Mince Pie. Socs. 
and clubs: D. A. R. ; Toledo Women's 
Assn.: Emerson Class. Christian Scien- 
tist. Home address: 40S W. Bancroft St., 
Toledo. O. 

born. Oct. 20. 1S6S; son of William A. 
Gates and Harriet E. (Smith) Gates; 
educated: Univ. Michigan. College de- 
grees: M. D.. 1&90. Married. Dora Niet- 
hammer. April 10. 1890. Chief surgeon to 
several copper mines in Upper Peninsula 
of Michigan, 1890-1904; established Craw- 
ford County Hosp. (private), Bucyrus, 

O.. 1906 : Vice Pres. Argentine & Gray's 

Peak Ry. : Dir. Big Five Mining Co.: Pres. 
Colorado Vacation Tours Co. Author and 
public lecturer on eugenics. Socs. and 
clubs: F. & A. M. (Past Master): R. 
M. (Past High Priest); Past Grand, 1 
O. F. ; Elk. German Lutheran. Home 
address: 130 W. Warren St.. Bucyrus. O. 



GAUMER. FRANK C.. Editor and Publish- ! 
er: born. Adamsville. O.. Dec. 16. 1^7!>; 
on of Dr. T. M. Gaumer and Eliza 
(Cone) Gaumer; educated: Urbana, O., 
public 'schools. Unmarried. Manager, 
Gaumer Publishing Co., rrbana, O. (large 
catalogue publishers); editor and pub- 
lisher. Urbana (Ohio) Daily Democrat, 

1915 , and The Champaign Demi" 

semi-weekly, is;*;,. Sues, and clubs: Jiap. r 
Commandery. 19. K. T.; A. & A. Scot- 
tish Hit.-, lii'd degree; Ancient Arabic Or- 
der Nobles. Mystic Shrine. Lutheran. 
Home address: Urbana. O. 

born. Canal Winchester, O.. Oct. 12. L871; 
son of Israel Gayman and Elizabeth 
(Foor) Gayman: educated: Ohio State 
Univ.; Harvard Univ.. 1903-1905. College 
degrees: Ph. B.. 1900: A. M.. 1904. Mar- 
i, Gertrude E. Harrington, Jan. 1. 
1901. Prin. Madison T\vp. High School, 
1S94-1897; Prin. Van Wert High School, 
1900-3; Sub-Prin. Lynn, Mass., English 
High School. 1906-9: Prin. Toledo Central 
High School. 1909-14: Prin. Waite High 

School. Toledo. O.. 1914 . Socs. and 

clubs: Harvard Club; Ohio "State Univ. 
Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Theta Pi: 
Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo, State and 
National Teachers' Assns. First Congre- 
gational Church. Toledo. O. Editor and 
publisher of the first Ohio State Univer- 
sity Song Book. "Songs of the Scarlet 
and Gray," 1900; second edition, 1904. 
Home address: 2615 Scottwood Ave.. To- 
ledo. O. 

born. Adrian. Mich., Nov. 10. 1850; son of 
Norman Geddes and Laura (Casey) 
Geddes; educated: Univ. of Mich., Michi- 
gan. College degrees: A. B., 1S72; A. M., 
1875. Married. Kate A. Rosebrugh. Dec. 
24. 1879. Admitted to bar. 1875; in part- 
nership with Barton Smith. 1875-1881; 

with Clarence Brown, 1882 ; present 

firm. Brown. Geddes. Schmettau & Wil- 
liams; exclusively engaged in recent years 
in organization and conduct of corpora- 
tions: Dir. Northern Natl. Bank of To- 
ledo; Toledo Glass Co.; Owens Bottle- 
Machine Co.; Toledo Scale Co. (V. Pres.); 
Kent-Owens Machine Co.: Libbey-Owens 
Sheet Glass Co.; Title Guarantee & Trust 
Co.; Walter S. Miller Co.; Owens European 
Bottle-Machine Co.; Trustee, Toledo Mu- 
seum of Art; Member, American, Ohio 
State and Lucas Co. Bar Assns.; Internat. 
Law Assn.; Am. Soc. Internat. Law; Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Soc. Science; Nat. Econ. 
League. Socs. and clubs: Mason, 33d de- 
gree; Grand Commander, K. T., 1906; To- 
ledo Club; Country Club; Toledo Com- 
merce Club; Toledo Transportation Club; 
Alpha Delta Phi; Dome Lake Club (\Vy<O. 
Unitarian. Republican. Office address: 
Ohio Bldg.. Toledo. O.: Home address: 
211fi Park-wood Ave.. Toledo, O. 

l">rii. Kelleys Island, O.. April 19. 1882; 
son of Henry F. Gehrkens and Eliza-beth 
(Riekeri Gi-hrkens: educated: Kelleys Is- 
land. O.. public schools; Oberlin College; 
Oberlin Conservatory. College degrees: 
A. P,.: A. M. Married. Ruth G. Bedford, 
August. i:<i>:.. Teacher. German. Oberlin 
High Sch.. 190o-7: head department. Sch. 

Music, I'berlin College, 1:1117 . Author: 

' ; Music Notation and Terminology"; arti- 
cles on Chorus Conducting, musical sub- 
fects in papers and musical magazines. 
Socs. and clubs: National and State Teach- 
ers' Assns Congregationalist. Home 
address: 333 S Professor St.. Oberlin. O. 

GEIER, FREDERICK A., Manufacturer; 
born. Cincinnati. O.. June 23. 1S66; son 
of Philip Geier and Louise Geier; edu- 
catod: Woodward High Sch.. 1SS4. En- 

. d in banking business at Newton, 
Km-.. I^N*;; returned to Cincinnati in 1^ S 7 
and became identified with Cincinnati 
.Milling Machine Co.; worked up to pres- 
id> ncy. which position he now holds; Dir. 
German Natl. Bank; Dir. Central Trust 
& Safe Deposit Co.; Pres. Natl. Machine 
Tool Builders Assn.. 1910-12; 5 yrs. trus- 
te ( . t'niv. of Cincinnati and chairman of 
board; Vice Pres. of Natl. Society for 
Promotion of Industrial Education; Dir. 
Ohio Mechanical Inst. Socs. and clubs: 
business Men's Club; Queen City Club: 
Optimist Club: Commercial Club. Mt. 
Auburn Presbyterian. Home address: 
_':;nl Grandview Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Judge; burn. Springfield, O., Dec. 28, l^'i'.*: 
son of H. R. Geiger and Nancy M. (Hart- 
ford) Geiger; educated: Public Schools. 
Springfield; Wittenberg College. Spring- 
field. O. Married. Laura Winger. June 
in. 1910. Admitted to bar. lss:t; elected 
probate judge. 1902; re-elected in 1905-^- 
12; elected judge Common Pleas Court, 
Clark Co.. 3.914: re-elected judge Court 
Common Pleas, 1916; judge Juvenile Court 
since 190S; referee in bankruptcy. 189S- 
1902. Socs. and clubs: Masons; Knights 
i'f Pythias: Elks; Moose; Phi Kappa Psi 
Frat. ; Golden Eagles. Presbyterian. 

Home address: 7:!3 S. Limestone St., 
Springfield. O. 

born. Jan. 25. 1870, Malvern, O.; son <>f 
John Jacob Geiger and Mary (Schoryi 
Geiger; educated: rural schools; Malvern, 
O:, high school; Mt. Union Coll.: Harvard 
[~niv. College degrees: B. C. S.; A. B.; 
A. M. Married. Electa V. McConkey, June 
17. 1896. Teacher, rural schools; Mt. Union 
Coll.; Carrollton & Lancaster High Sens.: 
Prin Dover High Sch.. 1897-1902; Supt. 

Dover City Schs.. 1902 ; Dir. Board 

Trade. Dover. O. ; member Dover City, 
Tuscarawas Co. and Ohio State. Boards 
School Examiners. Socs. and clubs: Alpha 
Tau Omega Frat.; Union Country Club: 
K. P.: B. P. O. E.: Masonic Frat.; East- 
ern Star; Massillon Commandery. K. T.; 
Scottish Rite. Valley of Cleveland. O.; 
Al Koran Shrine. Cleveland; Pres. Chau- 
tauqua Assn. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 807 Walnut St.. Dover. O. 

GEIGER, HARRY M . Manufacturer; 
President Geiger- Jones Co.; born Spring- 
field. Ohio. March 4, 1862: son of (Prof, i 
Hezekiah R. Geiger and Nancy (Hart- 
ford) Geiger; educated: public schools. 
Springfield, Ohio; Wittenberg College; 
entered employ of manufacturing com- 
pany, Grand Rapids. Mich., remained 6 
yrs.; removed to Ft. Wayne, Ind., en- 
gaged in construction and engineering 
work (installing water, light and power 
plants) for General Electric Co., 1904: 
removed to Canton. O.. associated with 
Harry R. Jons as partner in handling 
industrial securities. 1904-1907; purchased 
Mr. Jones' interest, organized and became 
president. The Geiger-Jones Co.. Canton. 
ii.. : owners The Gramm Motor 

Truck Co.. Lima. O.. 19 ; publisher and 
owners, "Today's Magazine for Women." 
editorial and business offices. New York 
City; printing plant, Canton, O.. 19 : 
publishers. "Investment and Industry" 
(financial periodicals). Canton, O.; also in- 
terested in number other manufacturing 
and industrial enterprises in Ohio and 
\Veslern New York. Socs. and clubs: Can- 
ton Club: lakeside Country Club; Can- 
ton Chamber Commerce (1st Vice Pres.i. 
TJomp address: S40 N. Market Ave.. Can- 
ton. O. 

GEIGER. WILLIAM, Banker: born. Defi- 
ance. O.. Jan. 29. 1S63: son of Christian 
L. Geiger nnd Caroline (Koerner) Gel- 



ger; educated: Pub. Schs. of Defiance. O. 
Married, Helen Brown, May 12, 1SS6. 
Manufacturer of furniture 35 yrs.; elected 
Vice Pres. of the State Bank of Defiance 
Co. on its 'prganization in 1901 and Pres. 
in 1912: Vice Pres. Northwestern Tele- 
phone Co.; Mem. of Defiance City Coun- 
cil 6 yrs. and Board of Edn.. 10 yrs.: Mem. 
of Republican State Central Com.. 1912. 
Socs. and clubs: Masons; K. of P. Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church. Republican. 
Home address: 830 Clinton Ave.. Defiance, 

born, Malvern. O., Dec. 27, 1S79: son of 
John Jacob Geiger and Mary (Schory) 
Geiger; educated: country schools; Mal- 
vern High Sen..; Oberlin Business Coll.; 
Mt. Union Coll.. Ph. B.. 1912; Univ. Chi- 
cago. A. M.. 1912. Married. Esther S. 
Yaggi, Aug. 8. 1912. Supt. Sen., Waynes- 
burg. O.. 1903-7; teacher. Alliance High 
Sch., 1907-8; East Liverpool, O., High 
Sch.. 1910-11; Supt. Schs.. Caldwell. O., 

1913 . Sqcs. and clubs: Alpha Tau 

Omega; Phi Delta Kappa; Caldwell 
Commercial Club; Masonic Order; Dis- 
trict. State, National Educational Assns. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Caldwell, 

born. Fairtaank, Iowa. June IS. 1869; son 
of John Geiser and Agatha (Haist) Gei- 
ser; educated: public school's, Iowa; Upper 
Iowa Univ.; Yale Univ.: Univ. Berlin 
(Germany). College degrees: A. B.; Ph. 
D. Married. Florence Mary Chaney, 
Sept. 10. 1912. Prin. public schools. Fay- 
ette, la.; Asst. Am. Hist.. Yale; Prof. 
Political Science. Iowa State Teachers' 
Coll., 1901-8; Prof. Political Science, Ober- 
lin Coll.. Oberlin, O.. 190S . Author: 

"Redemptioners in Pennsylvania": joint- 
author with A. Macy of "Government of 
Iowa"; contributor to "Cyclopedia of 
American Government" and various jour- 
nals and magazines. Socs. and clubs: 
Am. Polit. Science Assn.; Miss. Valley 
Hist. Assn. Congregationalist. Home 
address: S3 Elmwood Place, Oberlin, O. 

cian: born. Paris. 111.. June 21. 1859: son 
of William Henry Geohegan and Lydia 
Ann (Koogle) Geohegan; educated: Pulte 
Med. Coll., Cincinnati, O. College de- 
grees: M. D.. 1882. Married. Mary McD. 
Price. June 1, 1S92. Practiced in Cincin- 
nati, O., since 1SS2; Prof. Practice of Med- 
icine, Pulte Med. Coll., 1890-1909; Mem. 
staff Bethesda Hosp., Home for Friend- 
less and Foundlings. Socs. and clubs: 
Am Inst. Homeopathy; Homeo. Med. Soc. 
of Ohio (Pres. 1898); Miami Valley Homeo. 
Med. Soc.; Cincinnati Homeo. Lyceum. 
Presbyterian Church. Republican. Home 
address: 820 Mt. Hope, Cincinnati, O. 

GEST, JOSEPH HENRY, Museum Direct- 
or; born. Cincinnati, O., 1S59; son of 
Joseph John Gest and Susannah (Bailey) 
Gest; educated: A. B., Harvard, 1880. 
Married. Lillie Schultze, 1887. Asst. to 
Dir. and Secy.. 1889-1902: Dir. and Secy.. 
1902, Cincinnati Museum Assn., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio; Pres. of The Rookwood Pot- 
tery Co. Socs. and clubs: Trustee. Mu- 
nicipal Art Soc.: Queen City: Harvard; 
Cincinnati Golf Club. Home address: 
2144 Grandin Road. Cincinnati. O. 

GIBBON, HARMON B., Physician; born, 
Wayne Co.. O., March 12. 1852: son of 
Tobias M. Gibbon and Ursula (Newkirk) 
Gibbon: educated: Schools of Shreve. O.: 
Perrysville. O.. Academy. Was Prin. of 
Perrysville high school until 1S74. when 
he studied medicine under Dr. W. S. 
Battles at Shreve. O.: attended College 
of Medicine and Surgery at St. Louis, 

in 1875. and the Erie Street College of 
Medicine, Cleveland, 1876-7; Grad. in Cin- 
cinnati Coll. Med. & Surgery. 1S77. Mar- 
ried, Emma M. Linn, March 10, 187S. 
Began the practice of medicine at Kan- 
sas, Seneca Co.. O., July 31, 1877, and 
removed to Tiffin. O.. Oct. 1. 1880. where 
he has since practiced; was Pres. of 
Seneca Co. Med. Soc. and of North- 
western Ohio Med. Soc.; Pres. of Ohio 
State Med. Assn. at present. Socs. and 
clubs: B. P. O. Elk; Mason. Baptist Ch. 
Home address: 103 East Perry St., Tiffin, 

GIBBS, ELMER W., Manufacturer; Pres. 
and Supt. The Gibbs Mfg. Co. Home ad- 
dress: 1125 Market Ave., N., Canton, O. 
GIBSON, JAMES KING, Clergyman; born, 
Decatur. O.. Oct. 30. 1S45; son of James 
Robinson Gibson and Martha (King) Gib- 
son; educated: Miami Univ.; Lane Theol. 
Sem.; Princeton Theol. Sem. College 
degrees: A. B.. 1869: A. M.. 1SS7: D. D., 
1897. all from his alma mater. Married, 
Mary Emily Messenger, at Jackson, Ohio. 
Oct. 27. iSSO. Served in Co. C, 149th 
O. V. I. in Civil War. Ordained a Pres- 
byterian minister. Presbytery of Ports- 
mouth, June 13. 1872; pastor: Presbyte- 
rian Church, Jackson, O., 1872-9; Troy, 
O.. 1880-5; Hardin. O.. 1886-90; South 
Charleston. O.. 1890-1915; Chaplain Natl. 
Military Home, Dayton. O.. 1915 
Moderator: Synod of Ohio. Ashtabula. 
1908; Chaplain of G. A. R., 1915-16; Com- 
missioner General Assembly, Saratoga 
Springs. New York. 1879; Omaha. Nebr., 
1887; Saratoga Springs, New York, 1896; 
Kansas City. Missouri. 190S; Stated Clk. 
and Treas.. Presbytery of Dayton, 
1893 ; Trustee Lane Seminary, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 1874 . Socs. and clubs: 

Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Grand 
Army Republic; United Spanish War 
Veterans. Presbyterian. Home address: 
National Military Home, Dayton, O. 
GIEDEMAN. JOHN A., Banker; born, Ger- 
many, Dec. 24. 1850; son of John Giede- 
man and Thersia (Faist) Giedeman; edu- 
cated: Sandusky, O. Married, Catherine 
Homgardner, Aug. 12, 1875, who died Nov. 
20, 1901; 2nd. Katherine Wagner Grotty, 
Sept. 27. 1904. Pres. of The American 
Banking & Trust Co. since July 1, 1909. 
Socs. and clubs: Knights of Columbus; 
Sunnyendeand Club; Catholic Order of 
Foresters. St. Mary's Catholic Church. 
Home address: 521 Clinton St., Sandusky, 

GIFFIN. GEORGE C., Clergyman; born, 
Bridgeport, Belmont Co., O., Oct. 18, 
1867; son of George Giffin and Dorcas 
(McConnell) Giffin; educated: Pub. Schs., 
Bridgeport, O. ; Frazier's Coll., and four 
yrs. E. O. C. Course. Married, Clara 
M. Peck, Jan. S, 1890. Admitted to the 
Dakota M. E. Conference, Oct. IS, 1897; 
transferred to the East Ohio Conf., Sept. 
19, 1900; ordained by Bishop Isaac W. 
Joyce, Sept. 22, 1901; pastorates: Conde, 
S. Dakota. Northville. S. Dakota, Han- 
overton, O.. Hambden O., Warrensville, 
O., Leetonia, O., Bristolville, O., and 
Chardon, O. Socs. and clubs: Chardon 
Lodge, No. 93, F. & A. M.; Chapter, No. 
106. R. A. M.; Men's Literary Club. 
Methodist Episcopal Church. Home ad- 
dress: Chardon. O. 

born, Pittsfield. O., July 15. 1884; son 
of Frank Augustus Gifford and Harriet 
Evelyn (Avery) Gifford: educated: Well- 
ington High Sch.. Wellington. O. : Ober- 
lin College. Oberlin. O.: Columbia Univ., 
New York City. College degrees: A. B. 
A. M. Married. Litta Phelon McMeeken, 
March 21, 1912. Rural school teacher, 



Pittsfield. O.. 1901-3: Asst. Prin. of Win- 
doni Inst.. Montevideo, Minn.. 1907-9; 
Prof, of Education. College of Wooster, 
Wooster, O., 1911-14; Asst. in Education, 
Teachers College. Columbia Univ., 1914- 
1916; Assor. I'mi. of i'syi-!i..]r>ny and Ed- 
ucation, Goucher College, Baltimore, Md., 
1916 to date. Socs. and clubs: Education- 
al Fraternities, Educational Soc. of 
Baltimore, Maryland. M. E. Church. 
HI line address: Wellington. O. 

GILBERT, LEVI, Editor; born, Brooklyn, 
N. Y.. Aug. 23. 1S52; son of Thomas Cil- 
bert and Mary (Keymer) Gilbert; edu- 
cated: A. B.. Wes. Univ.. 1S74; A. M.. 
l^TC, ; student Drew Theol. Sem.. 1875 (D. 
D., Hamline. 1SSS. Wesleyan. 1900; B. D., 
Drew Theol. Seminary. 1902; LL. D , 
Moores Hill Coll.. 1905; Litt. D., Ohio 
AVesleyan. 1907). Married, Annie Louise 
Murphy, Aug. 4, 1875, died, 1S85; 2d, Jen- 
nie Cole. Feb. -9. 1887. Ordained M. E. 
ministry. 1878; oastor of Methodist Chs. 
in Minn., Lansing and Brownsdale, 1875- 
1876; Kason, 1S76-1S79; Waseca, 1879-1880*; 
Xorthfield, 1S81-18S2; Dultith, 1SS3-1S85; 
Winona, 1885-1890; Seattle, Wash., 1890- 
1892; Cleveland, O., 1892-1897; New Haven 
Conn., 1897-1900; editor, Daily Christian 
Advocate, 1900; editor, Western Christian 
Advocate, 1900-1916; lecturer on social 
and patriotic subjects. Author: Sidelights 
on Immortality. 1903; Visions of the 
Christ, 1903; Incense (poems), 1904; The 
Hereafter and Heaven. 1907: Dynamic 
Christianity, 1911; also sermons, in Drew 
Sermons. 1st series, nnd in Sermons in 
Golden Text for 1910. Contributor to 
press of prose and verse. Delegate to 
Gen. Conf. 1904. 1908; delegate to Federal 
Council of Federated Chs. of Christ in 
America, Philadelphia, 190S; Methodist 
Ecumenical Conf., Toronto, 1911: delegate 
to Gen. Conf. 1912; Mem. Exec. Com. Fed- 
eration for Social Service; Freedmen's Aid 
Soc. of M. E. Church. Socs. and clubs: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon: Phi Beta Kappa; 
Mystical Seven; 32d degree Mason; Cleri- 
cal Club; City; Cosmic; Round Table- 
Schoolmasters' Club. Home address- 
4408 Erie Ave.. Cincinnati, O. 

L.), Physician and Writer; born, Kinss- 
ville, O., April 11, 1851; daughter of Jere- 
miah Pike Luce and Tamar Ritch (Bar- 
ton) Luce; educated: public schools; 
Kingsville, O., Academy; Oberlin College; 
Homeo. Hospital College, Cleveland, Ohio. 
College degrees: M. D., 1890. Married, 
Dr. William L. Gilchrist Sept. 13, 1876. 
Engaged in practice medicine, Ashtabula, 

O., 1890 . Author: Apples Sodom, 

1883; Tibby, 1904; Margaret's Sacrifice 
(serial), ms; Thistledew Papers, in four 
serials, 1884-1893-1910; Ten Days on the 
Dolphin. 1910. serial. First woman member 
elected to Bd. of Education. Ashtabula, 
O., 1896-9. Socs. and clubs: National 
Press Assn., Washington, D. C. ; Ohio 
Press Assn., Cleveland; Maccabees: K. 
L. H.; Ohio Woman's Suffrage Assn.: 
National Council & Club Fed. Congre- 
gationalist. Home address: 109 Center 
St., Ashtabula, O. 

Warren, O., Feb. S, 1S57; son of Sheldon 
Elliot Gilkey and Emma L. (Roberts) Gil- 
key; educated: Common Sens.; Grad. 
High Sen. at Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' 
Orphan's' Home, Xenia, O. ; father killed 
in battle of Wilderness, Chancellors-ville, 
Va., June, 1S64. Married, Florence Vir- 
ginia Reed, Jan. 24, 1SS4. Started as 
page in Ohio Senate, on appointment from 
the Soldiers' Orphans' Home; was journal 
clerk at age of 19 yrs. : engaged in busi- 
ness at expiration of term; was state law 
librarian, 1903-1913, resigned at sugges- 

tion of Democratic Supreme Court to 
give place to Democrat; in 1915, organ- 
ized and began publication of the Colum- 
bus Saturday Monitor, a Republican 
newspaper whK-h became a daily in July, 
1916, and of which he is editor. Socs. 
and clubs: Organized. Sons of Veterans 
in Ohio in 1882, ranks as past division 
and past grand division commander; 
Mem. S. A. R. Home address: 1993 Sum- 
mit St., Columbus, O. 

F.), born. Columbus. O., July 17. L871; 
daughter of Hermon F. Ambos and Amelia 
i I Icckman) Ambos; educated: Miss 
Phelps English and Classical School for 
Girls. Married. Kermode F. Gill. August 
21, 1894. Socs. and clubs: Mem. Friday 
Literary Club; Women's City Club. Chris- 
tian Scientist. Home address: 217$ Har- 
court Drive, Ambler Heights, Cleveland, 

GILLESPIE, WILLIAM, Educator; born, 
Clermont Co., O. ; son of Jonathan Gilles- 
pie and Mary (Gaskill) Gillespie; educated: 
rural schools; private school conducted by 
Prof. W. O. Hopkins at Goshen, O. Mar- 
ried, Ella Hill, Aug. 13, 1882. Rural 
school teacher, 1880-1892; Prin. of school 
in W r ickliffe, O., 1895-1905; acting Supl 
of Willoughby Tp. schools, 1 

visiting Supt. of Willoughby Tp., 1905 ; 

visiting Supt. of Mentor Tp., 1909 ; is 

now serving 3d term of village boanl of 
public affairs of which he is president. 
Socs. and clubs: Charter Mem. Willough- 
by Village and Township Library and 
Historical Assn., director since 1906, and 
during the past 5 yrs. has been treasurer 
of same; Pres. Lake Co. Teachers' Inst.; 
Mem. Ohio State Teachers' Assn.; the Nat. 
Educational Assn.: Willoughby Chamber 
of Commerce: Odd Fellows; Maccabees; 
Woodmen. Methodist Church. Republi- 
can. Home address: Willoughby, O. 

Surgeon; born, Bettsville, O., Nov. i:\ 
1SS5; son of William J. Gillette and Char- 
lotte Ann (Stackhouse) Gillette; educated: 
Public Schs., Toledo, O.: Phillips Exeter 
Acad.; Harvard Univ.; Toledo Med. Col- 
lege; Marburg Univ., Marburg, Germany. 
College degrees: M. D. Unmarried. Be- 
gan practice of medicine in 1912. Toledo, 
O. ; on the staff of the Robinwood Hospi- 
tal; Secy. Bd. of Trustees of Robinwood 
Hospital. Socs. and clubs: Acad. of Med- 
icine of Toledo and Lucas Co., North- 
western Ohio, Ohio State, and American 
Medical Assns. : Military Surgeons Assn. 
Member Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 
dress: 1613 Jefferson Ave.. Toledo. O. 

cial Secretary; born, Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Oct. 3, 1S75; son of John Gillette and Har- 
riet Augusta (Jarvis) Gillette; educated: 
Canandaigua Academy; Williams College. 
College degrees: B. A., 1*97. Married, 
Agnes Lee Tallmadge, Feb. 21, 1911. 
Studied law in Buffalo, N. Y., in John 
G. Milburn's office; admitted to bar in 
1900; practiced law under firm name of 
Laughlin & Gillette and by self title until 
1908, then located at Columbus; was a 
sales manager of Kilbourne & Jacobs Mftr. 
I'.... liius-lfUl: Mgr. Retail Merchants' 
Assn., 1911-1913; Secy, of Chamber of 

Commerce, 1913 . Home address: 1637 

Richmond Ave., Columbus, O. 

GILLETTE, S. A., Educator; Supt. of Schs., 
Bridgeport, O. Home address: Bridge- 
port, O. 

GILLETTE. WILLIAM, J., ' Physician-Sur- 
geon: born, Tiffin, O., Oct. 9, 1857; son 
of Erastus G. Gillette and Jane F. (Nor- 
ris) Gillette; educated: Public Schs. of 
Fremont, O.: Western Reserve Med. 
Coll., Cleveland, O., 1879. Married, Chan- 



lotte A. Stackhou'se, Dec. 18, 1884. Be- 
gan practice of medicine in 1879 at Mil- 
lersville, O.; removed to Bettsville, O., in 
1S83. anfl to Toledo. O. ( in 1887. to his 
present location. Socs. and clubs: Acad- 
emy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas 
Co.'; Northwestern Ohio Med. Soc.; State 
and American Assns. of Gynecologists 
and Obstetrics. Member of Presbyterian 
Church. Home address: 1613 Jefferson 
St., Toledo, O. 

GILLIAM, DAVID TOD, Surgeon; born, 
Hebron. O.. April 3. 1844; son of William 
Gilliam and Mary Elizabeth (Bryan) Gil- 
Ham; educated: public schools; Bartletts' 
Commercial Coll. (Cincinnati, O.); Medi- 
cal Coll. of OhiOi 1871. M. D. Married, 
Lucinda B. Mintun, Oct. 7, 1866. Enlisted 
in 2nd Virginia (Union) Cav., Aug.. 1861; 
elected corporal Co. "I"; with Garfield in 
march against Humphrey Marshall on Big 
Sandy River, Ky. ; sent to Wheeling, W. 
Va., as recruiting officer; later ascended 
Kanawha River and took part in many 
skirmishes; with Cook in battle of Lewis- 
burg", Va. ; wounded and taken prisoner 
near Gauley, Va., by Gen. Loring; escaped 
6 we>eks later; sent to parole camp; dis- 
charged spring of 1863; in practice medi- 
cine, Columbus, O., 1868 ; Emeritus 

Prof. Gynecology Med. Dept. Ohio State 
Univ. and Starling Med. Coll. (trustee 
since 1905) ; Gynecologist to St. Anthony's 
and St. Francis' Hospitals; originated 
nuniiber important operations; devised 
many surgical instruments and Gilliam 
operating table. Author: Pocket Book of 
Medicine, 1882; Essentials of Pathology, 
1883; Practical Gynecology, 1903; The 
Rose Croix. 1906; The Righting of Rich- 
ard Devereux; collaborator: Randall and 
Ryan's History of Ohio. 5 vols., 1912. 
Socs. and clubs: (Hon. Fellow) Am. Assn. 
Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Vice 
Pres., 1905-6); Mem. A. M. A.; Ohio State 
Med. Assn.; Columbus Academy Med. 
(ex-Pres.) Franklin County Med. Soc. 
(Hon. Mem.) Northwestern Ohio Med. 
Assn.; Pan-American Med. Congress 
Wolrld'iS Med. Congress. Congregation - 
alist. Republican. Home address: 1819 
Franklin Park South. Columbus, O. 

GILLIS, FRANK W., Musician; born, Kins- 
man, O., June, 1S83; son of David S. 
Gillis and Sarah A. (Wood) Gillis; edu- 
cated: High Sch. of Kinsman, O.; Den- 
ver Univ.. Coll. of Music; New England 
Conservatory, Boston; American Con., 
Chicago, 111. College degrees: B. Mus., 
Heidelberg Univ.. Tiffin. Ohio. Married, 
Sarah Louisa Stearns, 1910. Dir. of Okla- 
homa Univ.. Preparatory Sch.. Dept. of 
Music. 4 yrs.; Dir. of Heidelberg Conserv- 
atory of Music. Tiffin. O., 1912 . Socs. 

and clubs: Pres. Ohio Assn. of Music 
Schs. German Reformed. Home address: 
Tiffin. O. 

GILLMER, GIBSON PERRY, Attorney; born. 
July 31. 1872; son of James A. Gillmer 
and Laura A. (Beyers) Gillmer; educated: 
Newton Falls High Sch.; Mt. Union Coll., 
Alliance. O. : Duciuesne Coll., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Northern Indiana Normal Univ., Val- 
paraiso, Ind.; Waynesburg Coll., Waynes- 
burg, Pa. College degrees: B. S. Mar- 
ried. Maud E. Kern. Aug. 22. 1900. 
Teacher, public school, 1895-1901; Prin. 
Math., high school, Niles, O. ; Supt. 
schools, Waynesburg, Pa.; admitted to 
Ohio bar. 1903: engaged in practice law, 
as member firm. Gillmer. Gillmer' & Gill- 

m'er. Warren. O.. 1903 ; city solicitor, 

Niles, O., Jan. 1, 1906- Jan. 1, 1909; Pros. 
Atty., Trumbull Co., O., Jan. 1, 1909-Jan. 
1. 1913. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Club 1 , 
Shrine Club (Cleveland); K. T.; Shriner; 
32d degree Mason. Methodist. Home ad- 
dress: Newton Falls, Ohio. Business ad- 
dress: Warren. O. 

tor; born. Eaton. O.. Sept. 27. 1881; son 
of Judge James A. Gilmore and Ada M. 
(Hendricks) Gilmore; educated: Public 
Schs., Eaton, O. (Law student under tu- 
torage of father. J. A. Gilmore). Mar- 
ried, Bertha Filbert, May 19, 1913. Ad- 
mitted to Ohio bar. Dec.. 1907; became 
member firm, Gilmore, Saylor & Gilmore, 
Eaton. O.. 1907 -- ; deputy clerk courts, 
Preble Co., O., 1905-7; elected prosecuting 
attorney. Preble Co.. O.. 1908 -- ; elected 
State Senator, Montgomery and Preble 
counties, 1914 -- . Socs. and clubs: 
Waverly Lodge, Past Chancellor; Bolivor 
Lodge, Masonic, Worshipful Master; Eaton 
Chapter Royal Arch Masons; Reese Coun- 
cil, Dayton, O. Home address: 118 S. 
Barron St.. Eaton. O. 

tor; born, Columbus. O., Aug. 25. 1882, 
son of Charles B. Ginder and Elizabeth 
(Smith) Ginder; educated: Primary, High 
Sch.; E. & J. College, and Ohio State 
Univ., Columbus, O. Married, Jess D. 
Taylor. Dec. 18. 1905. Employed in Ac- 
counting Dept. of the Smith Agricultural 
Chemical Co.. 6 Trs. ; resigned to accept 
position with the Central Union Teleprione 
Co.. Feb. 15. 1907; accepted an appoint- 
ment under city auditor; appointed first 
deputy city auditor, Jan. 1. 1911, and 
served in that ca.pacity until Jan. 1. 1916, 
when he assumed the duties of city audi- 
tor by virtue of having been elected to 
that position on Nov. 2. 1915. Socs. and 
clubs: F. & A. M. : Alpha Tau Omega; 
Beta Omega Chapter; B. P. O. E; Kiwanis 
Club; Buckeye Republican Club; Repub- 
lican Glee Club; Columbus Chamber of 
Commerce. Glenwood M. E. Ch. Home 
address: 143 Midland Ave.. Columbus, O. 

GINN, FRANK HADLEY, Attorney; born, 
Fremont. O.. Feb. 25. 1868; son of Fran- 
cis Marion Ginn and Millicent O. (Pope) 
Ginn; educated: Kenyon Coll. College 
degrees: Ph. B.. 1S90. Married. Cornelia 
Winifred Root. June 21. 1899. Admitted 
to Ohio bar. 1891; engaged In active 
practice law, Cleveland. O., 1891 
Socs. and clubs: Delta Kappa Epsilon; 
Phi Beta Kappa; The Union Club: The 
Mayfield Country Club; The Chagrin Val- 
ley Hunt Club; The Rowfant Club (Cleve- 
land, O. Trinity Cathedral. Home ad- 
dress: 1909 East 71st St.. Cleveland. O. 

born. Sandwich. Can.. Dec. 27. 1S70; son 
of Theodore Girardot and Eugenie (Zele) 
Girardot; educated: Pub. Schs. of Sand- 
wich; St. Mary's College, Montreal; De- 
troit Med. Coll. College degrees: A. B.; 
M. D. Married. Marie Constance Hackl, 
May 22. 1902. Graduated from Detroit 
Med. Coll. with M. D. in 1895: removed 
to Toledo in 1897 and began practice; 
member of the Faculty of Toledo Med. 
Coll.; St. Vincent's Hosp. staff: Med. 
Dept. of Ohio Natl. Guard; appointed -sur- 
geon for Sixth Ohio Natl. Guard with 
rank of Ma.ior in 1916: in Sept.. 1916. was 
sent, to Mexican border with the Sixth 
Regiment. Socs. and clubs: Am. and 
State Med. Assns.: Lucas Co. Acad. of 
Med.: Catholic Knights of Ohio: Knights 
of Columbus. Roman Catholic Church. 
Home address: 2411 Franklin Ave.. To- 
ledo. O. 

GIRL. CHRISTIAN, Manufacturer: born. 
Elkhart. Ind.. Dec. 31. 1874; son of Joseph 
Girl and Catherine (Linderman) Girl; 
educated: country schools. Elkhart. Ind., 
High Sch. Married. Hitlie Agnes Schot- 
tler. Sept. 15. 1909. Organizer and Pres., 
Gen. Mgr.. The Perfection Spring Co., 
Cleveland. O.. 1906 -- . Socs. and clubs: 

. .. . . 

Detroit Athletic Club. Detroit, . 

Toledo Club. Toledo. O..; Cleveland Ath- 



letic Club; Cleveland Automobile Club; 
Ohio Soc. of New York; University Club, 
London, Eng. ; Union Club, Cleveland, O. 
Home address: 10000 Lament Ave , Cleve- 
land. O. 

GLADDEN, ALICE, Educator; born, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. ; daughter of Rev. Washington 
Gladden and Jennie (Gaboon) Gladden' 
educated: Smith Coll.. Grad. in 1884 
Teacher of Latin .-111,1 .Mathematics, 
ad Sch.. Toledo. O.. 1S84-1S85; taught 
History and English in Columbus High 
Sch., 1886-1899; Columbus University Sch 

-1903; headmistress of Columbus Sch. 
for Girls, 1903 -- . Socs. and clubs: Mem. 

, . . . 

Coll. Alumni Assn. Congregational 
Church. Home address: 631 E. Town St 
Columbus. O. 

Nurse; burn. Stoke upon Trent. England; 
daughter of Francis Gladwin and Sarah 
ooper) Gladwin; educated: Akron, Ohio; 
Grad. Buchtel Coll. Unmarried. Taught 
high school. Norwalk. O.. and in private 
school in New York City; when the 
bpamsh-Am. War broke out. she went 
south and had charge of the large tent 
hospital (The Sternberg). for a time; later 
she went to Manilla in charge of $50,000 
Cross supplies; graduated Boston 
Hosp., 1904; went to Japan and spent 
mos, nursing in Russo-Japanese War' 
was decorated for this service by Empress 
Japan: at one time Supt. of Beverly 
Hosp.. Mass.: Supt. of Woman's Hosp', 
Y. City: Supt. of Nurses. City Hosp., 
Cleveland; Supt. V. N. Assn.. Akron; 
went to Serbia when the world war broke 
out and did continuous 'service for 15 
; decorated for this service; returned 
home in Jan.. 191(5. and again started for 
Serbia in Dec.. 1916. where she will have 
charge of supplies sent to the refugees 
and establish a 500 bed hospital Socs 
and clubs: belongs to all the large Na- 
tional Nursing Organizations; the State 
ssn.; Mem. Red Cross Soc. here and in 
[apan. St. Paul's Episcopal Ch. Miss 
(.lad win has been recommended for the 
Nightingale decoration. Home address: 
26S E. Voris St.. Akron. O. 

Professor: born. Haverhill. N H.. Mar. 
3. 1S70; daughter of Van Buren Glazier 
and Lavinia (Young) Glazier; educated- 
Lisbon, N. H., public schools, 1885; St. 
Johnsbury Academy, Vt., 1886-1888; Mt 
Holyoke Coll.. South Hadley, Mass., 1892- 
1896; Cornell Univ.. 1903; Univ. Chicago, 
1907-1908. College degrees: B. A.; M. A. 
Teacher, public schools, Vermont, 1<SS- 
V'2; Prin. Orleans high school, Vt., 18S9- 
S9:'; Inst. Math., Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1896- 
897; head Dept. Math., Western College 
for Women, Oxford, O., 1897-1904; Prof. 
Math., Western Coll., 1904 -- ; teacher. 
Math., summer school, Winona Lake Ind 
1S9S-99-1900-1. Socs. and clubs: Assn. Ohio 
Teachers Math. & Science; Math. Assn. of 
Am.: The Am. Math. Soc.: The College 
Woman's Club. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: The Western College for 
Wnmen. Oxford. O. 

GLENN, JAMES, Common Pleas Judge, 

'i "ii Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. 
HriniL' address: Coshocton, O. 

i"u-n, Columbus. O.. Dec. 11. 1SH4; son of 
Charles Scott Glenn and Sallie A. (Gor- 
rell) Glenn; educated: Columbus public 
schools. Married, Belle S. Capron, Feb. 
16. 1SS7. Member firm Spahr & Glenn, 
printers and publishers, Columbus, O., 
1892 -- ; member Columbus School Board, 
1898-1905; Pres. Columbus Y. M. C. A., 
1915-1917. Socs. and clubs: Odd Fellows; 
Mason; Business Men's Gymnasium Club; 

Bolster Club; Athletic Club. Methodist 
Episc'>i"'l- Hume address: Columbus, O. 
Varnish Co.; born. Mobile, Ala., Jan. 2S, 
1st;:]; son of Francis H. Glidden and Wini- 
fred (Waters) Glidden; educated: public 
schools, Cleveland, O. Married, Julia 
Hayes, Jan. 23, 1889. After leaving school 
spent two yrs. in business training; trav- 
eled on road as 'salesman for Glidden Var- 
nish Co., 10 yrs.; removed to Cleveland, 
O., became sales manager and vice pres- 
i'l'-nt of company; originated "Jap-a-Lac," 

the household specialty, 1903 ; later 

became Pres.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: 

Ohio Soc. (New York); Union. Count iv, 
Clifton, Westwood Clubs (Cleveland). 
Home address: 17840 Lake Rd., Clifton 
Park, Lakewood, O. ; office address: The 
Glidden Varnish Co.. Cleveland. O. 

Man; IM.III. Sedalia. Mo.. July 25. 1S67; 
son of John Marshall Godman and Sarah 
C. (Leonard) Godman; educated: public 
schools, Columbus, O. ; Ohio State Univ. 
Married. Cora Lyman McLouth. June 20, 
1895. Connected with The H. C. Godman 
Co., Columbus. O. Socs. and clubs: 
Greek Letter College Frat. ; Masonic Or- 
der, Goodale Blue Lodge; Scioto Consis- 
tury. :r_'d degree; Mt. Vernon Command- 
ery, K. T. ; Aladdin Temple of Mystic 
Shrine; Sons Am. Rev.; Country Club; 
Athletic Club. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 100 Wilson Ave.. Columbus, O. 

man; born. Cincinnati. O.. April 5. 1853; 
son of Christian Goebel and Elizabeth 
(Braun) Goebel; educated: public schools, 
Cincinnati: (LL. B.) Cincinnati Law Sch. 
(age 18 yrs.). Admitted to Ohio bar on 
coming of age. and since in practice at 
Cincinnati. O.. IS . Married. M. Louise 
Brown. May. 1S77: 2nd. Florence C. 
Voight Nov. 26. 1903. Member Ohio 
House Rep.. 1S75: probate judge. Hamil- 
ton Co.. 1884-1891; elected member 5Sth 
and 61st Congresses (1903-11), 2nd Ohio 
Dist. Republican. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sons: Knight Templar and Scottish Rite; 
Mystic Shrine; Cincinnati Assn. 
Home address: 2303 Kemper Lane. Cin- 
cinnati. O. 

GOEKE. J. HENRY, Attorney; born. Min- 
ister. O.. Oct. 28. 1869: son of Matthias 
Goeke and Bernadina fRuemping) Goeke: 
educated: public schools. Minister, O. ; 
Coldwater. O.: Celina. O.: Pio Nono Coll., 
St. Francis. Wis. ; Cincinnati Law School. 
Married. Catherine N. Nichols. Sept. 11, 
1907. Admitted to Ohio bar. 1891; en- 
gaged in practice law. St. Mary's. Ohio, 
1891-1896; removed to Wapakoneta, O., 
1896; engaged in law practice, Wapakon- 
eta, O., senior member firm, Goeke, An- 
derson & Boessel. 1915 : Pres. Wapa- 
koneta Telephone Co.: Pres. Democrat 
Printing Co. (which publishes Auglaize 
Co. Democrat & Daily News); Dir. First 
Nat. Bank, Wapakoneta, O.; Dir. The 
Krein Mfg. Co.; city solicitor, St. Mary's, 
O., 1893; prosecuting attorney, Auglaize 
Co.. Ohio. 1894-1900; chairman Dem. State 
Convention that nominated Tom L. Jonn- 
son for Governor. 1903: delegate at large 
from Ohio to Dem. Nat. Convention, 1912: 
elected to 62nd Congress; re-elected to 
63rd Congress; member committee on In- 
terstate & Foreign Commerce; chairman, 
sub-committee of the Committee on Ex- 
penditure in the Treasury Dept., in 62nd 
Congress, that investigated the subject of 
collecting interest on government funds 
on deposit in National Banks; investi- 
gation resulted in Government charging' 
2 per cent interest on all government de- 
posits, earned for government during first 
year (beginning June. 1913). an amount 



in excess of $1.500.000. Author: Bill pro- 
viding for extension of the Boiler Inspec- 
tion Law. so as to make it apply to all 
parts of the locomotive and tender, be- 
came a law on March 3. 1915. Treasurer 
Dem. Nat. Congressional Committee dur- 
. ing election of 1914. Socs. and clubs: 

B. P. O. E.. 1170: Schawbischer Unter- 
stetzungs Verein, Wapakoneta, O. ; Im- 
proved Order Red Men; Ben. Order Eagles; 
Wapakoneta Council, Knights Columbus; 
Idlewild Club. St. Mary's. O. : Lima Club, 
Lima, p.: Shawnee Country Club. Lima, 
O. ; National Press Club. Washington. D. 

C. Catholic. Home address: Wapa- 
koneta. O. 

born. Blackberry. 111.. Dec. 15. 1S5S; son 
of Frederick C. Goff and Catherine. J. 
(Brown) Goff; educated: Michigan Univ. 
College degrees: Ph. D. Married. Frances 
Southworth. Oct. 20. 1894. Admitted to 
Ohio bar. 1S83; engaged in practice of 
law. 1SS3-1908; entered banking business, 
1908; president Cleveland Trust Co.. 1908. 
Socs. and clubs: Union Club; Rowfant 
Club. Unitarian. Home address: Lake 
Shore Blvd.. Cleveland. O. 

Professor; born, Wangerin. Pomerania, 
Prussia, German, March 19. 1866; son 
of Otto Gohdes and Ulrica (Gross) Gohdes; 
educated: Royal Gymnasium, Dramburg, 
Pomerania, Prussia; Capital Univ., Co- 
lumbus. O. College degrees: A. B.; A. 
M. Married. Clara Fleiser. June 5. 1S93. 
Minister of the Lutheran Church. 15SS- 
1911. serving churches successively ' in 
Petersburg. W. Va. ; Baltimore. Md. : New 
Orleans. La.; San Antonio. Texas; Kan- 
sas City. Mo.. 1911; Prof, of History 
at Capital Univ., Ohio. Evangelical Luth- 
eran. Prof. Gohdes is the editor of 
"Lutheran Youth," a weekly published by 
the Joint Synod of Ohio and other states. 
Home address: 1392 East Mound St., 
Columbus. O. 

GOHN. GEORGE DAVID. Physician: born. 
Schellsburg, Bedford Co.. Pa., Aug. 1."., 
1872; son of George Gohn and Martha 
(Wagner) Gohn: educated: public schools 
of Johnstown. Pa.; Otterbein Univ., Wes- 
terville. O.: Baltimore Med. College. Bal- 
timore. Md. College degrees: M. D.. 1897. 
Married, Lillie J. E. Rice, Sept. 5, 1900. 
Has practiced medicine in Dayton. O., 
since 1897. Socs. 'and clubs: Am. Med. 
Assn.: Ohio State Med. Soc. ; Montgomery 
Co. Med. Soc.: Dayton Acad. of Med.; 
Ben Hur: Protected Home Circle: Jr. O. 
U. A. M. : Yeomen: Knights and Ladies 
of Security. United Brethren in Christ. 
Progressive Republican in politics. Home 
address: 1023 Wayne Ave.. Dayton. O. 

born. Bridge water. Pa.. Aug. S, 1871; son 
of George Goldner and Caroline (Vogt) 
Goldner; educated: Hiram Coll.; Western 
Reserve Univ. ; Univ. Chicago; Harvard 
Theol. Seminary. College degrees: A. B. 
Married. Harriet Manks, Aug. 10, 1904. 
Pastor: Chagrin Falls. O.. Christian Ch.. 
1896-9: Gurnee. 111.: Pullman, 111.. Chris- 
tian Chs., 1899-1900; pastor. Euclid Ave. 

Christian Ch.. Cleveland, O., 1900 ; 

member Bd. Trustees. Hiram Coll.; Trus- 
tee. Ohio Christian Miss. Soc.: Vice Pres. 
Utah Gospel Mission: Trustee Hebrew 
Evangelization Soc.; member of Commis- 
sion on Christian Union; member City 
Club. Cleveland. Home address: Euclid 
Ave. and East 100th St., Cleveland. O. 

GOLDSBERRY. JOHN W.. Common Pleas 
Judge, Ross Co. Term expires Feb., 1921. 
Home address: Chillicothe. Ohio. 

GOLL, HENRY LOUIS, Writer-Lecturer- 
Educator; born, Charmont, France, May 

25. 1866: 'son of John Goll and Catherine 
(Racine) Goll; educated: Edinburg Dist. 
Sen.; Stryker. O., High Sch.; Fayette, O., 
Normal Music and Business Coll.; North- 
western Collegiate Institute. College -de- 
grees: B. S. Married. Effie D. Pickles, 
1894. Teacher. Prin. and school exam- 
iner, 1889-95; editor Millersburg Sentinel, 
1895-6; engaged in farming and teaching, 
1897-1905: member Ohio General Assem- 
bly, 1906-9; member Bd. Control Ohio 
Experiment Station. 1910-15; State Super- 
visor Agricultural Education. Ohio. 1911- 
1915. Author: "Farm and School Prob- 
lems"; "Planning and Adorning the Farm- 
stead"; lecturer: Farmers' and Teachers' 
Institutes: speech in House Representa- 
tives. Columbus. O.. 1909. a masterpiece 
of orations on the Initiative and Refer- 
endum. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Or- 
der; K. P.; Swanton. O., Commercial Club; 
State and National Educational Assns. 
Home address: Swanton. O. 

GOOD, HARRY GEHMAN, Educator; born, 
Terre Hill, Pa., July 14, 1880; son of 
Joseph B. Good and Anna (Gehman) 
Good; educated: Country .schools, Lan- 
caster Co.. Pa.; Perkiomen Sem., Pa.; 
Goshen Coll.. Ind.; Indiana Univ.; Univ. 
of Pennsylvania. College degrees: A. B., 
Ind. Univ.. 1909: Ph. D.. Univ. of Pa., 
1915. Married, Maude Alice Warye, 1910. 
Was teacher of rural and graded schools; 
teacher of Math.. Camden High Sch.. N. 
J. : head Dept. Math., high school, West 
Chester. Pa.: Asst. Prof. Math.. Central 
high school. Philadelphia, Pa.; West Phil- 
adelphia high school for Boys; Prof, of 

Education, Bluffton College. 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Soc. of College Teachers 
of Education. Mennonite Church. Edu- 
cational editor of "The Christian Evan- 
gel," Bloomington, 111. Home address: 
Bluffton. O. 

GOOD, JAMES ISAAC, Theologian; born, 
York. Pa., age 66; son of William A. Good 
and Susan B. Good; educated: A. B.. La- 
fayette Coll., 1872. A. M.. 1875: Grad. 
Union Theol. Seminary, 1875 (D. D., 
Ursinus Coll.. 1887. LL. D.. 1911). Un- 
married. Ordained German Reformed 
ministry, 1875; pastor. York. Pa.. 187o-7; 
Philadelphia, 1877-1890; Reading, Pa., 
1890-1905: Prof. Church history. Ursinus 
Theological School. Collegeville. 1890-3: 
dogmatics and pastoral theology and dean 
Ursinus Sch. of Theology. 1893-1907: Prof. 
Reformed Ch. history and liturgies. Cen- 
tral Theol. Seminary. Dayton. O.. 1907 
Author: Origin of the Reformed Church 
of Germany; History of the Reformed Ch. 
of Germany; Rambles Around Reformed 
Lands: History of the Reformed Church 
in the United States: Famous Women of 
the Reformed Church: Famous Mission- 
aries of the Reformed Church; Famous 
Places of the Reformed Churches. 1910; 
History of the Reformed Church in the 
U. S. in the 19th Century. 1911; the Hei- 
delberg Catechism in its Newest Light, 
1914: History of the Reformed Church of 
Switzerland since the Reformation. 1913: 
Famous Reformers of the Reformed and 
Presbyterian Churches. 1916: The Re- 
formed Reformation. 1916; Pres. Gen. 
Synod Ret". Ch. in U. S.; Pres. Am. sec- 
tion Alliance of Reformed Churches: 
(Hon.) Huguenot Sec. of Germany. Home 
address: 1300 Huffman Ave.. Dayton. O. 

Prof.; born. Angola. Ind.. May 20. 1885; 
son of Orville Goodale and Mary (Fast) 
Goodale; educated: Tri-State College; 
Univ. Mich.; Univ. Wis.; Harvard Univ.. 
and Univ. of Chicago. College degrees: 
A. B., Mich.: A. M., Harvard. Married, 
Hazel Litchfield. Asst. Prof. English, Hi- 
ram, Ohio, College. Socs. and clubs: Phi 



Beta Kappa; Modi-rn Language Assn. 
Christian Church. Home address: Hiram, 

born. Port riint-ni. O.. March :;<>. 1892; 
son of John Henry Gocnli> and\ 
(Schumacher) Goode; educated: Public 
Schs.. Port Clinton. O.; Kenyon Coll g< . 
1915; Kent State Normal. College de- 
grees: B. S.. 1915. Unmarried. Taught 
country school. 1 yr. ; Supt. of schools, 

Gambier. O.. 1915 . Socs. and clubs: 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Masons; Knights of Pythias. Meth<><lisl 
Church. Home address: Gambier, O. 

Manufacturer; born, Clinton Co., O., Dec. 
3. 1843; son of (Dr.) Henry Jones G<><M!> 
and Margaret (McKay) Goode; educated: 
public schools. Sidney. O.; Ohio "Wes. 
Univ. Married, Frances Mary Frazer, 
1875; 2nd, Ida B. Haslup, 1899. Engaged 
in mercantile business in early life; in- 
terested in manufacture of steel road 
scrapers, plows, wheelbarrows and pressed 
steel shapes, as president of The Amer- 
ican Steel Scraper Co., Sidney, O., 1S76 : 

wheat raiser in North Dakota, Red River 

Vnlley. 18*:! : cattle ranch in Texas. 

1910 ; also Pres. Goode Realty Co., Sid- 

ney, O.; trustee Ohio Wes. Univ., 1900- 
delegate from .Central Ohio Conf. to M. 
E. Gen. Conf.. Baltimore. 190S; Pres. offi- 
cial Bd. of Methodist Ch.. 30 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Commercial Club (Pres., 1913); 
K. P. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: Whitby Place. Sidney, O. 

President; born. "Washburn, 111.; son of 
Harrison Goodell and Mary (Taylor) 
Goodell; educated: Franklin Coll. (Ind.); 
Grad. student Cornell Univ.; Fellow Pol. 
Science, Univ. Chicago (111). College de- 
grees: B. A.; M. A. Married, Laura 
Blanche Ogle, 1S90. Prin. high school, 
Mankato, Minn., 1892-1894; Prof. Hist., 
Franklin Coll.. Ind.. 1894-1900; Prof. Hist., 
Kans. State Agri. Coll., 1900-1903; Prof. 
Hist, and Pol. Science, Denison Univ., 
1903-1917; Registrar and Dean Summer 
School, Denison Univ., 1913-1917: Pres. 

Franklin Coll.. 1917 . Socs. and clubs: 

Phi Delta Theta Frat.; Am. Polit. Science 
Assn.; Nat. Municipal League. Baptist. 
Home address: Franklin. Ind. 

WOLD, born. Hartford. Conn., Jan. 19, 
1854; daughter of Hezekiah Griswold and 
Frances Norton (Welles) Griswold; edu- 
cated: Hartford and Detroit. Married. 
William Austin Goodman, June 11, 1873. 
Socs. and clubs: Cincinnati Country Club; 
Cincinnati Women's Club; Colonial Dames 
of Ohio; Soc. of Colonial Governors; Soc. 
of Daughters of Founders and Patriots. 
Member Christ Ch. Home address: 26 
The Verona. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 

born. Uhrichsville. O., Oct. 28, 1S76; son 
of Samuel Goodman and Hannah (Rice) 

>' Iman; educated: Columbus high 

school and public schools; Ohio State 
Cniv. ; Jefferson Med. College; Univ. 
Vienna, etc. College degrees: Ph. G.; M. 
D. Married, Paula Steiner. Jan. 1, 1914. 
Graduated in pharmacy, 1S96. pursued 
pharmaceutical chemistry, studied medi- 
cine, was assistant J. F. Baldwin, 6 yrs.; 
Asst. Prof, operative surgery, Starling 
Med. College. 2 yrs.; surgeon and obste- 
trician, Grant Hospital, 1915- ; lecturer 
obstetrics and gynecology, Grant Hosp. 
School for Nurses, etc. Socs. and clubs: 
Columbus Academy Medicine; Ohio State 
and Am. Med. Assns. : Am. Assn. Obste- 
tricians & Gynecologists; Am. College 
Surgeons; Athletic Club, Columbus; Ohio 

State Univ. <'lub: Mason; K. P.: Alpha 
Kappa Kappa; Ptolemies.- Jewish Ch. 
Home address: 238 E. State St., Colum- 
bus. Ohio. 

GOODMAN, WILLIAM, Business Man; 
Inn ii. 'incinnati. O., July S. 1874; son of 
\Villiam Austin Goodman and Grace 
i ;i iswoid) Goodman; educated: Hughes 
hish sdHHii; Haverford Coll.; Harvard 
I'niv. College degrees: B. S., 1895; A. 
B.. 1896. Married. Mary Healy, Oct. 15, 
l!Hii'. Entered office of Laidlaw-Dunn- 
Gordon Co. and is now treasurer and man- 
ager of the firm. Home address: -"* 
Auburn Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

ney; born, Sharon, O., July 25, 1S74; son 
of Philetus J. Goodrich and Lucy L. 
iSinont) Goortrioh; educated: Troy, Ohio, 
public schools; Wes. Univ. (1898). Col- 
lege degrees: B. A. Married, Eva Elder, 
June 10, 1903. Admitted to Ohio bar, 
1900; city solicitor, Troy, O., 1902-8; pros- 
ecuting attorney. Miami Co., l:M" 

CS. and clubs: Troy Club; Miami Club; 
I. O. O. F. : Grand Master Ohio, 1912-13; 
Jr. O. U. A M.; K. P.; I. O. R. M.; K. 
G. E.; F. O. E.: W. O. W.; M. W. A.; 
B. P. O. E. Methodist. Home address: 
Troy. Ohio. 


HAM (Mrs.). Artist; born, Columbus, O.; 
daughter of Michael B. Bateham and 
Josephine (Penfiekl) Bateham; educated: 
Oberlin College, Oberlin, O. College de- 
grees: B. A. Married, Dr. Evander J. 
Goodsell, May 4, 1SS1. Studied arl in 
Art Students' League and under private 
tutors in New York City and Paris, 
France; designer stained glass windows, 
studio with O. S. KimberJy Co., 114-116 
East 13th St., New York City. Socs. and 
clubs: Norwalk Shakespeare Club. Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 52 West Main 
St.. Norwalk. O. 

Estate; born, Union Furnace, O., Oct. 14. 
1870; son of Joseph Goodwin and Exean 
(Atkison) Goodwin; educated: public 
schools, Fayette Co., O.; O, N. U., Ada. 
O. Married. Elizabeth B. Bergman. Jan. 
15, 1892. Taught school, 1890-1899; en- 
tered partnership with John H. Mohr in 
real estate and loan business in 1900, un- 
der firm name of Mohr & Goodwin; post- 
office clerk and deputy clerk of courts, 
Paulding Co.. O.. 1S99-1900. Socs. and 
clubs: I. O. O. F. ; Rep. to Grand Lodge 
of Ohio, 1907-1912. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: Paulding. O. 

GORDON, ELISHA S., Banker-Merchant; 
horn, Bethel Tp., Clark Co., O., Nov. 30, 
1853: son of Frederick Gordin and Hulda 
(Barrett) Gordin; educated: township 
schools. Married, Caroline Thomas, Mar. 
28, 1872. Actively engaged in farming 
until 1S9S. since which time he has been 
engaged in the automobile business, 
banking, and in land interests in Georgia; 
twice elected sheriff and twice treasurer 
of Madison Co.. 1898-1906. Socs. and 
clubs: K. of P. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: Walnut and Fifth Sts., London, O. 

born, Brooke Co., West ya., 'Nov. 14, 
1S80: son of John E. Gordon and Mary 
J. (Marsh) Gordon; educated: public 
schools, Steubenville, O. ; Bethany Coll. 
1 1!iii3), A. K.; Bethany Coll., A. M. (1908); 
Yale Univ.. 1905-1906. Married. Eliza C. 
Robbins, Nov. 16. 1910.. Pastor: First 
Christian Ch.. Niles. 1908 -- : Capt. 
Bethany College Varsity Team 1901-1902; 
coached Hiram College Football Team, 
1903; chairman McKinley Memorial Cor- 
nerstone laying: Holy Land Pilgrimage, 
1908; member Niles Board Trade. Socs. 



and clubs: Sigma Nu Frat. ; K. T. ; Sons 
Veterans; American Yeoman; Royal Ar- 
canum. Christian Church (Disciples of 
Christ). Home address: 33 Arlington St., 
Niles. O. 

born, Cleveland. O., July 9, 1856; son of 
William Gordon and Ann (Elliott) Gor.- 
don: educated: public schools of Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Married, Cordelia M. Gordon. 
Foundry business, Cleveland, and Pitts- 
burgh, 17 yrs. and from 1893 ; produc- 
tion of foundry moulding- sands under 
name The Ohio Sand Co., succeeded by 
The Gordon Sand Co., being Pres. and 
Mgr. of both to date; Pres. of The Citi- 
zens Banking & Trust Co., Conneaut, O., 
since organization; The Ohio Sand Traffic 
Assn., Columbus, O. Socs. and clubs: K. 
of P.; Elks; Local Clubs. Congregational 
Church. Home address: W. Main St., 
Conneaut. O. 

born, Delaware Co., O., Sept. 14, 1S62; son 
of John Lee Gordon and Martha Hen- 
rietta (Gooding) Gordon; educated: 
Worthington high school: Ohio State 
Univ.; Starling Medical College; Philadel- 
phia Polyclinic: N. Y. Med. Post Grart. 
College degrees: M. D. Married, Miriam 
\. Slyh, June 10, 1896, who died, 1909; 2nd. 
Edith H. Dickey, Sept. 24, 1913. Physician 
and general practitioner, Columbus, Ohio; 
Inwtr. Physical Diagnosis, Starling Med. 
College, 1900-1903. Socs. and clubs: Co- 
lumbus Academy Medicine; Ohio State 
Med. Assn.; American Med. Assn.; Miss. 
Valley Med. Assn.; Ohio Archaeological 
and Historical Society; American A'ssn. 
for the Advancement of Science; Masonic 
Frnt.: Odd Fellows. Northminster Pres- 
byterian. Home address: 43 Fifteenth 
Ave.. Columbus. O. 

GORDON, WILLIAM, Congressman; born, 
Oak Harbor. O.. Dec. 15. 1862; son of 
AVashington Gordon and Margare't (Rym- 
ers) Gordon: educated: public schools, 
Oak Harbor. O.; Toledo Business College; 
Univ. Michigan. College degrees: LL. B. 
Married, Elizabeth M. Gernhard, Sept. 12, 
1893. Admitted to Ohio bar, June, 1893; 
eneaged in practice law. Oak Harbor, O., 
1893-1895; removed to Port Clinton, be- 
ing elected prosecuting attorney, Ottawa 
Co.. O.. 1S95-1901; practicing attorney, 
Port Clinton, O., 1901-1906; removed to 
Cleveland. O.. 1906: engaged in practice 
law. Cleveland, O., 1906-1912: elected to 
63rd Congress. 20th Di'St. Ohio. 1912-1914; 
re-elected to 64th Congress. 20th Dist. 

Oiiio, 1914 ; re-elected to the 65th 

Congress in 1916. Socs. and clubs: Knight 
Templar: Shriner; Master O. H.' Perry 
Lodge. F & A. M.. 1906: L. O. O. M.; 
Forest City C< mmandery, 41: Thatcher 
Chapter, R. A. M.: Cleveland Chamber of 
Commerce: Cleveland Chamber of Indus- 
try. Home address: 6904 Franklin Ave., 
Cleveland, O. 

GORMAN, FRANK M.. Judge Court of Ap- 
peals, First oivo Distitct. Term expires 
Feb., 1921. Ho-ne address: Cincinnati, O. 

GORRELL, EMILIE C.. Physician; born, 
Bellaire. O.. April 30. 1883; on of James 
B. Gorrell and Ma-y (Morgan) Gorrpll: 
educated: Bellaire and Columbus public 
schools; Oh'" State Tniv. ; Starling Med. 
College. College degrees: A. B.; M. D. 
Engaged in practice of medicine, office, 

Columbus. O.. 1912 . Socs. and clubs: 

Columbus Academy Medicine: Ohio State 
Med. Soc.; American Med. Assn.: Altru- 
rian Club. Presbvterian. Home address: 
1240 Fair Ave.. Columbus. O. 

GOSLINE, WILLIAM A., Jr., Coal Operator; 
born, Toledo. Ohio. Oct. 25, 1873; son 
of William Alonzo Gosline and Mary 
Elizabeth (Card) Gosline; educated: An- 

dover and Harvard Univs. Married, Mar- 
garet M. Taylor. 1901. Coal merchant 
since 1893; ex-Pres. Toledo Commerce 
Club; Vice Pres. Toledo Federation of 
Charities; Mem. Ohio Inst. of Public 
Efficiency; Trustee Museum of Art; 
Officer Play Ground Assn.; Mem. Ohio 
Belgium Relief Committee. Socs. and 
clubs: Toledo Commerce Club; Toledo 
Club; Country Club; Yacht Club; Rotary 
Club. Presbyterian Church. Home ad- 
dress: 1S21 Collingwood Ave., Toledo. O. 

Clergyman; born. Meridian. N. Y.. June 
14. 1852; son of Simon Sartwell Goss and 
Mary Catherine (Weaver) Goss; educated: 
Hamilton Coll. (A. B.); Auburn Theol. 
Seminary (D. D.): D. D. Hon. Hamilton 
Coll.t. Married. Rosa E. Hough ton, Aug. 
30. 1S76. Ordairted as Presbyterian min- 
ister. 1876; pastor. Weatherford. Tex., 
1S76-1S7S; Limestone. N. Y.. Kendall 
Creek. Pa,. 1878-1881; Utica. N. Y.. 1881- 
1885; Moody Church. 1S85-1890; 2 yr. in 
recovery of health. Kettle Falls. Wash.; 
associate pastor Madison Ave. Church, 
N. Y.. 1892-1894: pastor. Avondale Pres- 
byterian Church, Cincinnati, O., 1894-1913 
Author: The Optimist. 1897; The Philopo- 
list. 1898: Hits and Misses. 1899; The Re- 
demption of David Corson. 1901; The 
Loom of Life. 1902; Little Saint Sun- 
shine, 1902; Just a Minute, 1904; Husband, 
"Wife and Home. 1905; Tha.t Other Hand 
Upon the Helm. 1910: History Cincinnati, 
1932. Presbyterian. Home address: 937 
Lexington Ave.. Cincinnati. O. 

GOSSER, CHARLES F., Manufacturer; 
born. Coshocton, O.; .son of George Gosser 
and Anna (Michael) Gosser; educated: 
Coshocton public schools (Grad. 1885) 
high school. Engaged in jewelry business, 
Cosnocton, O., watchmaker, engraver and 
owner of store. 15 yrs.; became interested 
in manufacture semi-china dinnerware 
and pottery, and manager Pope-Gosser 
China Co.. Coshocton. O. : interested in 
public utilities, active worker in political 

campaigns, 1906 . Socs. and clubs: 

K. P.; Elk; Masonic Order; Cleveland 
Athletic Club (Pres. 2 terms, member 
several committees, 1915-1916). United 
States Potters' Assn. Home address: 
Coshocton. O. 

GOTT, FRANK B., Common Pleas Judge; 
born. La Grange. O.. Aug. 14. 1871; son 
of William H. Gott and Lorinda Gott;; 
educated: La Grange high school; Val- 
paraiso Normal; Baldwin Univ.; Cleve- 
land Law School. College degrees: Ph. 
D. ; L. B. Married, Margaret Sheldon, 
Aug. 7. 1897. Teacher in public schools; 
engaged in practice law, Cleveland, O., 
1900; Asst. city solicitor, Cleveland, O.. 
1902; Asst. prosecuting attorney, Cuya- 
hoga Co.. 1906; practicing attorney, 

1909 : elected judge Court Common 

Pleas. Cuyahoga Co.. O.. Jan. 1. 1913-Jan. 
1, 1919. Socs. and clubs: K. P.; City 
Club. Home address: 1095 Maplecliffe, 
Lakewood. O. Office: Cleveland. O. 

Professor; born, Church Hill, Md., Nov. 
1. 1884; son of William Dunbar Gould and 
Josephine Trenchard (Faithful) Gould; 
educated: Baltimore City Coll.. 1904: A. 
B., Johns Hopkins, 1907; Ph. D., 1911. 
Unmarried. Instr. History. 1911-1912; 

Michael O. Fisher, Prof. History, 1912 , 

Univ. Wooster (O.). Author: Land Sys- 
tem in Maryland, 1720-1765, 1913: Money 
and Transportation in Maryland, 1720-1765, 
1915; magazine articles and reviews. Socs. 
and clubs: Am. Hist. Assn.: Maryland 
Hist. Soc.: Phi Beta Kappa (Johns Hop- 
kins); Maryland Swimming Club (Balti- 
more); Century (Wooster). Episcopalian. 
Home address: Wooster. O. 



GOULDER. HARVEY D.. Attorney: born. 
Clevelnii]. Ohio. March 7. IV,?,; son of 
Christopher Goulder and Barbara (Free- 
land) Goulder; educated: Cleveland public- 
schools and Central high school; admitted 
Ohio bar. IST">; specialty of admiralty 
and insurance cases; present member firm, 
Goulder, White & Garry; specialist in 
maritime law. Cleveland. O.. Rockefellej 
Bldg. ; has been counsel in many impor- 
tant cases relating to maritime litigation 
on the Great Lakes; one of the organizers 
of Lake Carriers' Assn.; when national 
organization was formed to further res- 
toration of American flag in the foreign 
trade, was chosen its president; made 
many notable addresses on subject Amer- 
ican Merchant Marine; active in matters 
of water bourne commerce and improve- 
:its. Socs. and clubs: Union; Country; 
Rowfant; Cleveland Yacht; Athletic. Con- 
gri -nationalist. Republican. Home ad- 
dress: 7023 Euclid Ave.. Cleveland, O. 

born. July 25. 18SO; son of Philip F. Graber 
and Celesta (Fraze) Graber; educated: 
Mt. Eaton public schools: Heidelberg 
Univ. and Acad.; Univ. Mich.; Columbia 
Univ. (N. Y.). College degrees: A. B.; 

A. M. Married. Martha Bucher. July 25, 
1907. Teacher public 'Schools, Mt. Eaton, 
O. ; Instr. Heidelberg Acad., Tiffin, O., 
1903-4: Instr. Math, and Physics. Heidel- 
berg Univ.. Tiffin. O.. later Prof. Physics, 

1905 ; employed some time in research 

laboratory, Webster Electrical Co.; Grad. 
Heidelberg Theological Seminary, ordained 
minister. Socs. and clubs: Secy, and Vice 
Pres. Ohio Assn. Teachers of Math, and 
Science; Pres. Math. Section, Ohio Coll. 
Assn.; Vice Pres. Ohio Academy Science; 
Am. Math. Soc.; Am. Assn. for Advance- 
ment Science; Math. Circolo Di Palermo. 
Reformed Ch. in U. S. Home address: 5 
Clinton Ave.. Tiffin. O. 

born. Cadiz, O.. Feb. 3. 1882; son of 
Charles Henry Grabill and Cora (Grant) 
Grabill; educated: Wilmot (Ohio) high 
school; Otterbein Univ. College degrees: 

B. M. Married, Celia Mary E. Ihrig. 
Director Conservatory Music, Geneseo 
(111.) Collegiate Institute. 1900-1905; Asst. 
Prof. Piano. Otterbein Univ.. 1905-1907; 
studied Leipzig (Germany), 1907-190S; 
Dir. Otterbein Univ., School of Music, 
1908 . Socs. and clubs: Masonic Or- 
der; Ohio State Music Teachers' Assn. 
United Brethren in Christ. Home address: 
132 W. Home St.. Westerville. O. 

GRAHAM, GEORGE A., Merchant; born, 
Clear Creek Twp.. Fairfleld Co.. O.. Feb. 
2. 18(54: son of Amos Graham and Eliza- 
beth (Crumley) Graham; educated: Dist. 
Sch.; Lancaster High Sch'. ; National Nor- 
mal Sch.. Lebanon; Zanesville Business 
College. Married, Evelyn Wylie, June 
28, 1900. Taught Dist. Sch. 3 yrs.; clerked 
In shoe stores. 5 yrs.; bookkeeper in the 
milling business, becoming junior partner 
and afterwards succeeding to the manage- 
ment and ownership of the business; Dir. 
in T,ancaster Natl. Bank; Dir. in Lan- 
caster Traction Co.; Mem. of City Coun- 
cil. Socs. and clubs: K. of P.; U. C. T. 
Presbyterian. Represented the Columbus 
Presbytery as a Commissioner in the 121st 
General Assembly at Denver. i!)ivi; js in- 
terested in various philanthropic enter- 
prises: has traveled extensively through- 
nut the United States. Home address: 
42:: X. High St.. Lancaster, O. 

born, near Plymouth, Washington <'>.. 
O.. Nov. 7. 1S-47: son of Wilson Graham 
and Sarah (Dickson) Graham; educated: 
country schools, Washington Co., Ohio: 
Bartlett Acad., Plymouth, O.; National 

Nornuil Univ., Lebanon, O., graduating 
in 1879. College degrees: B. S. Married, 
.Mary Elizabeth Hosom. Dec. 26. 1877. 
Teacher of country and village schools, 
Washington Co.. O.. and Sangamon Co., 
III., beginning his work in 1866; before 
graduation from the Nat. Normal Univ.. 
he was employed to take charge of the 
public schools of Waynesville, Warren Co., 
O., in the double capacity of superintend- 
ent and principal of high school, wiiit-h 
position he filled six successive years; 
Prin. of Central high school. Xenia, O., 
25\2 yrs.; Supt. of public schools. Xenia, 
O., 1912-16, having a record of thirty con- 
secutive years in Xenia, and rounding 
out a half century in public school work. 
Socs. and clubs: Business Men's Assn.; 
Masonic Order: State Teachers' Assn.; 
'Vntral Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Western 
Ohio Supt. Round Table; Miami Valley 
School Masters' Club; Mem. of the Dept. 
of Superintendence of the N. E. A. ; also 
associate member of the N. E. A. M-Hho- 
dist Episcopal Church. Has held a high 
school life certificate from the State Board 
since 1S88. Home address: 131 W. Church 
St.. Xenia. O. 

Prof.; born, Reynoldsburg, O., May 19, 
is. "..">: son of James McClain Graham and 
Elizabeth (Johnson) Graham; educated: 
Reynoldsburg Academy; Mansfield Normal 
Coll.; Muskingum Coll.; Ohio State Univ.; 
Harvard Univ.; Chautauqua Institution. 
College degrees: A. B.; A. M. Married, 

E. Eldora Lunn, March 20, 1880. Teacher 
rural schools Franklin Co., 1873-6; graded 
schools, Reynoldsburg, O., public schools, 
2 terms; Supt. Gahanna public schools, 
6 yrs.; Prin. Central Coll. Academy, l yr. ; 
Prof. English, Muskingum Coll., New 
Concord, O., 24 yrs.; Pres. First Nat. 
Bank, New Concord, O., 9 yrs.: acting 
Pres. Muskingum Coll., 1 yr; member vil- 
lage council, 15 yrs. : has served as col- 
lege treasurer, Muskingum Coll., 2>> yrs.; 
member 82nd General Assembly of Ohio. 
United Presbyterian. Home address: New 
Concord, O. 

born, Sidney, O., Nov. 14, 1852; son of 
Thomas Bell Graham and Jane Eliza 
(Ginn) Graham; educated: public schools, 
Sidney, O.; National Normal University, 
Lebanon, O. Married, Ada Emily Wy- 
mun, Sept. 16, 1880. Clerk in First Nat. 
Bank, Sidney, O., 1874-1S75: Asst. Cashier 
of German American Bank. Sidney, O., 
L875 to 1SS1: Cashier of Citizens "Bank, 
Sidney. O.. now Citizens National Bank, 
from Jan. 15, 1881 to - ; Mem. of Ohio 
Banker's Assn.. and Pres. of same. 1S99- 
l!'ii; Trustee Miami Univ., Oxford, O., 
appointed by Gov. Harmon, 1912, and re- 
appointed by Gov. Willis. 1914, for term 
ending 1923; Trustee of Sidney Public 
Library from its organization. Socs. and 
clubs: Temperance Lodge, F. & A. M.; 
Sidney Chapter. R. A. M. : Sidney Council, 
R. & S. M ; Sidney Commandery; Com- 
mercial Club, Sidney, O. ; Sidney Golf 
Club. Presbyterian. Home address: Sid- 
ney, O. 

GRAMLICH, HENRY W., Banker: born, 
Hardin Co.. O., June 6, 1S51; son of John 

F. Gramlich and Fredricca J. CFoit) 
Gramlich; educated: common schools, 
ll.irdin Co.: Northern Univ., Ada, O. 
Married, Sarah E. Ford, Oct. 31, 18S3. 
Cashier of First Nat'l Bank and Hardin 
Savings Bank since May. 1878; one of the 
organizers of First Nat'l Bank in 1880; 
Vice Pres. and Dir. of The Ohio Machine 
Tool Co.; Mem. Sinking Fund Trustees; 
Trustee of City of Kenton, 12 yrs. Socs. 
and clubs: Masonic Order and Knights 
Templars. First M. E. Church. Home 
a. Mress: 611 North Main St., Kenton, O. 



torney; born, Zanesville, O., June Ifi, 
1870; son of Moses Moorhead and Mary 
Hoyt (Reese) Granger: educated: Kenyon 
Coll., Gambier. O. College degrees: A. 
B., 1890; A. M., 1893. Married, Wanda 
Dawson Follett, Feb. 7, 1900. Admitted 
to practice in Ohio. 1892; U. S. Courts, 
1893; Courts of N. Y. State, 1899; member 
law firm of Granger & Granger, 1892-8 
and 1900 to the present; practiced in New 
York. 1899; Vice Pres. Zanesville Tele- 
phone & Telegraph Co.: Pres. Zanesville 
Canal & Mfg. Co. ; Mem. city council, 
Zanesville, O., 1896-8; Mem. Ohio Rep. 
State Central Com., 1912-14; Muskingum 
Co. Rep. Exec. Com., Zanesville Rep. 
Exec. Com.; Mem. Rep. Natl. Coin., 1912- 
1916; Trustee John Mclntire Children's 
Homo. goes, and clubs: Assn. Bar, City 
of New York; Ohio Soc., New York; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Zanesville Golf Club. Episcopal Church. 
Home address: Zanesville, O. 

Judge; born, Orange, Conn., Oct. 23, 1846; 
son of William Travis Grant and Esther 
F. (Treat) Grant; educated: Univ. of 
Hard Labor; Western Reserve College; in 
Civil War in Union Army. College de- 
grees: A. B.. 1872. Married. Practiced 
shoemaker's trade before studying law; 
admitted to Ohio bar in 1874 and prac- 
ticed at Akron since then; Mayor of Hud- 
son, O., 1876: Mem. Bd. of Education, 
Akron; Pres. Bd. of Control, Akron Pub- 
lic Library; Probate Judge, Summit Co., 
1882-1891; Judge Court of Appeals, Feb. 

8, 1913 . Congregational Church. Was 

private of the 12th Reg. Conn. Inf. from 
his 15th to 18th years; was orderly at Gen. 
Butler's headquarters in New Orleans; 
his services were recognized by special 
act of Congress passed July 17, 1914. 
Home address: Akron. O. 

GRANT, JOHN HIRAM, Clergyman; born, 
Goldsboro, N. C., Feb. 10, 1870; son of 
Hiram Lewis Grant and Lizzie (Greene) 
Grant: educated: Putnam, Conn., high 
school: Amhert (Mass.) Coll.; Yale Di- 
vinity Sch. College degrees: B. A.; B. 
D. Mar-ied, Margaret K. Hall, Oct. 1, 
1901. Pastor Center Congregational Ch., 
Meriden, Conn., 1S96-190S; pastor First 

Congregational Ch.. Elyria. O., 190S . 

Soes. and clubs: Psi LT. (college Frat.); 
Mason. Congregationalist. Home ad- 
dress: 130 Harrison St., Elyria, O. 

GRAVEN, HOMER D., Com. Pleas Judge; 
born. Perrysville. O.. Mav 21. 1874: son 
of Marion Graven and Sarah (McCullough) 
Graven: educated: Wooster Univ.; Ohio 
Northern Univ. : Ohio State Univ. Col- 
lege degrees: A. M. ; LL. B. Married, 
Emma Fisher. Aug. 13. 1903. Admitted 
to Ohio bar June 6, 1900; active practice 
of law. 1900-1904: cashier First National 
Bank. Londonville, O.. 1904-1915; Common 

Pleas Judge. Ashland Co.. O.. 1915 . 

Socs. and clubs: Masonic Order: Knight 
Templar; Royal Aroanum. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Loudonville. O. 

GRAVES, CHARLES H.. Attorney; born. 
Clay Tp.. Ottawa Co.. O.: son of John 
Henry Graves and Mary (Joseph) Graves: 
educated: Oak Harbor public schools; 
Univ. of Michigan. College degrees: 
Bachelor of Laws. Married, Emma B. 
Mylander. Sept. 2. 1896. Admitted to bar, 
June 8. 1893. at age of 21 yrs.. and im- 
mediately began practice of law at Oak 
Harbor. Ottawa Co.. O.: gained a wide 
clientage and practiced in State and Fed- 
eral Courts; moved to Columbus. 1911, 
and from there to Toledo. 1915. where a 
partnership was formed with Hon. Scott 
Stahl: organized First Nat'l Bank of Oak 
Harbor, 1893, was its president and ao- 

tively engaged in its management until 
removal to Columbus; has been success- 
ful in various other business enterprises; 
was elected and served two terms as 
prosecuting attorney, Ottawa Co., O-, 
1901-1907: elected and served two terms 
as Secretary of State, State of Ohio, 
1911-1915. Socs. and clubs: Mem. of 
Knights of Pythias; Masonic Bodies; To- 
ledo Commerce Club. Congregationalism 
Home address: 3 Ashland Place, Toledo, 

turer: born, Clayton, Mich., Sept. 17, 1865; 
son of Burritt Wells Graves and Angeline 
(Bovee) Graves; educated: Toledo high 
school. Married. Grace Alice Doyle, June 
13, 1900. Manufacturer vitrified clay 
brick. Socs. and clubs: Cleveland Athletic; 
Toledo Club: Toledo Yacht Club; Toledo 
Country Club; Elks Club; Masonic Frat. - 
Congregationalist. Home address: Toledo, 

Professor; born, Davenport, Iowa, April 

4, 1872; son of Lucius V. Graves and 
Adaline (Bowman) Graves; educated: Co- 
lumbus public schools; Ohio State Univ 
College degrees: B. A.: M. A. Taught in 
Coshocton high school, Ohio, 1894-1895; 
has been connected with the English 
Dept. of Ohio State Univ. since 1896; 
has contributed to various periodicals, in- 
cluding McClure'si, Lippincott's, and 
Scribner's: published. 1913. in collabora- 
tion with.C. S. Duncan and E. L. Beck, 
"Prose Specimens for use in schools and 
colleges," .D. C. Heath & Co. Socs. and 
clubs: Member Bd. of Trustees, Beta 
Theta Pi. Columbus. O.; Kit-Kat Club 
of Columbus: Scioto Country Club, of Co- 
lumbus: Beta Theta Pi Club. New York- 
Brothers of the Book, Chicago. 111. Meth- 
odrst Episcopal. Home address: 1313 For- 
sythe Ave.. Columbus. O. 

brarian: born, Bremen, Fail-field Co., O. ; 
daughter of Rudolph Kagay and Anne 
Taylor (Alexander) Kagay; educated: 
public schools, Fairfield Union Academy; 
Oxford Coll. for Women. College degrees: 
B. A. Married. John Arthur Gravett, Dec 

5. 1S8S (died Sept. 7. 1907). Attended 
State Agri. Coll.. Ft. Collins. Colorado, 
studying library work, 1908: opened and or- 
ganized Carnegie Free Public Library, 
Salida. Col.: appointed state librarian of 
Colorado, 1910; served in temporary posi- 
tion, Ohio State Library, 1913: visited 
Europe to get a knowledge of great li- 
braries and library . conditions: traveled 
four months on continent: studied library 
conditions and work in France, Holland, 
Belgium, ' Switzerland, Germany, Italy 
and Scotland: spent six months in Lon- 
don, engaged in genealogical and literary 
research work in British Museum, Eng- 
land Record Offices, special libraries: at- 
tended course of lectures on Library 
Science, London Sch. Economics. 1914: 
returned to Columbus, appointed Supt. 
Dept. of Traveling Libraries of Ohio State 

Library, Dec., 1914 ; contributor to 

magazines and newspapers in genealogi- 
cal and historical research work. Socs. 
and clubs: Am. Library Assn.: The Ohio 
Library Assn.; Institut Bibliographic 
Internationale; N. S. D. A. R.; College 
Women's Club; State Equal Suffrage 
Assn.: Colorado State Historical Society. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Hotel Yen- 
dome. Columbus. O. 

GRAY, DAVID SIMPSON, born. Slaughter 
Neck. Delaware. Feb. 8. 1829: son of David 
Gray and Naomi (Loflad) Gray: came to 
Ohio with his parents. May. 1829: edu- 
cated: Little Red School House; Norwalk 



Seminary. Norwalk. O. College dt-v. 
LL. D.. Ohio Wi-sli-yan I'niv. Marrii-d, 
Louise Jackson, Dec. 27, 1858, who di^l 
March 3. 1860; 2nd. Eugenia Doolittlf, 
Oct. 12. 1S65. died Dec. 23. 19"7. Entered 
the railway business. 1849-1850; srrv.-d as 
clerk, station agent, master transportation, 
general fivight and commercial agent, 
vice president, general manager and 
president until 1^.1 when he retired: en- 
tered the banking business, 1S89; served 
as director, president, vice president, 
chairman of the board; president <>f the 
board of trustees of the Ohio Wesleyan 
Uni\ ersity of Delaware. O., and president 
of the Protestant Hospital Assn., Colum- 
bus. O. : president of the board of trustees 
of The Columbus Home for the Aged. 
Socs. and clubs: Central Philanthropic 
Council; Assn. for the Prevention and Cure 
of Tuberculosis; Mem. of General Confer- 
ence, 1900-4-8. Methodist. Home address: 
530 East Town St.. Columbus. O. 
born. Elmore. O.. Oct. IS. I860; son of 
James G. Gray and Eliza J. (Root) Gray; 
educated: Medina. O.. high school; Ober- 
lin Coll. Married. Hannah E. Andrus, 
May 28. 1884. Publisher. Medina. O., 
News. 18S6-]>Vi; removed to Fostoria. O., 
and started printing and engraving busi- 
ness, actively engaged in same. 1889 
trustee and one of founders Y. M. C. A.; 
served as trustee Ohio S. S. Assn.. also 
Ohio Anti-Saloon League several years; 
Sutit. S. S. in Presbyterian ,Ch.. of Fos- 
toria. O.. and elder number years. Socs. 
and clubs: K. P.; Chamber Commerce; 
Y. M. C. A.: U. C. T.; Pres. Ohio Printers 1 
Fed.. 1914-15. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dri ss: Fostoria. O. 

GRAY, GEORGE MILTON, Merchant; born, 
Risons Station. Green Co.. Pa.; son of 
Thomas D. Gray and Margaret (Venatti) 
Gray; educated: Washington Co., Pa. 
Married. Adele D. Gomlev. Nov. 21. 1891. 
Entered hardware business as young man, 
still engaged in same; organized the Hard- 
ware Mutual Fire Ins. Co.. 1902; Secy., 
Treas., Gen. Mgr. of same. Coshocton, 

O.. ]'.n.' . Socs. and clubs: Coshocton 

Country Club; (Pres.) Chamber Com- 
merce, Coshocton. O. Presbyterian. 
Home address: Cambridge St., Coshocton, 

born, Belmont Co.. O., June 6, 1848; son 
of James W. Gray and Allison (Thor- 
l<inn) Gray; educated: Dist. Sch.; Mar- 
tin's Ferry High Sch.; Westminster Coll., 
Pa.; Franklin Coll. (O.). College de- 
grees- A. B.;' A. M. ; Ph. D. Married, 
Maria L. Wishart, Dec. 31, 1^73. Teacher 
in Dist. Schs. Ohio and Penn.; Prof. 
Math.. Ohio Central Coll. (Iberia, O.), 
1^74-5; Prof. Math., logic and astronomy, 
Muskingum Coll.. New Concord, O., 

1875 ; member city council several 

years; member school board 1 yr. United 
Presbyterian. Home address: New Con- 
cord. O. 

GREEN, FRED FINLEY, Civil and Mining 
Engineer; born, Byesville, O., April 13, 
l^TS: -son of James Green and Agnes E. 
(Finley) Green; educated: Byesville high 
school; Ohio Northern Univ.. Ada, O. 
College degrees: Civil and Electrical Eng. 
Married. Jennie G. Tuck, Jan. 25. 1902. 
Mining engineer for James W. Ellsworth 
Co.. 1902-7; mining engineer Imperial 
Mining Co.. 1907-13; Supt. Middle States 
Coal Co., 1913-14; mining engineer for 

Puritan Coal Co.. 1914 -; Pres. Board 

Education, Byesville, O., 1914 ; elected 

mayor of village of Byesville, O., 1916 . 

Methodist. Home address: Byesville, 
Guernsey Co.. Ohio. 

burn, Cincinnati, O.. Jan. 15. 1S72; son 
01 Josiah K. Green and Sarah (Otto^ 
Green; educated: Cincinnati public schools; 
Hughes high schools, Cincinnati; Hiram 
College, Hiram, O. College degrees: B. 
L. Married. Alice T. Robinson, Aug. .*, After leaving college became pas- 
tor Fourth Christian Church. Cincinnati, 
June 1. 1894; pastor Richmond St. Chris- 
tian Church, Cincinnati, 6 yrs.. 1895-1901; 
in office Foreign Missionary Soc. of Chris- 
tian Ch., 1901-1902; pastor Northside 
Christian Ch., Cincinnati, March 1, 1902- 
March 1. 1909; pastor Evanston Christian 

Ch., Cincinnati. March 1, 1909 ; served 

as minister for 22 yrs. in nath> < n 
Home address: 1753 Brewster Ave., Evans- 
ton, Cincinnati. O. 

GREEN, SARAH LETTY, Educator; born. 
Ningpo, China; daughter of David Green 
and Lydia Jane (Goodrich) Green; edu- 
cated: "Granville Female College; Dennison 
Univ.; Cornell Univ.; Ohio State Univ. 
College degrees: B. S. 1895; M. A., 1911; 
Prof. Physics and Chemistry. The Misses 
Mackie Sch. for Girls. Newburgh, New 
York. 1895-1899; The Montrose Sch. for 
Girls. So. Orange, New Jersey. 1899-1904 
Wilson College. Chambersburg, .Pa. 

1904 . Socs. and clubs: A. A. A. S. 

Am. Chemical Soc.; Wayside-Aftermath 
Club: Civic Club, Chambersburg, Pa. 
Presbyterian. Home address: Granville, 

GREENE, E. B., Banker; Vice Pres. Cleve- 
land Trust Co. Home address: 10831 Mag- 
nolia Drive. Cleveland. O. 

GREENE, LEWIS, Editor; born, near 
Somerset. Perry Co.. O.. Nov. 24. 1837; 
son of Joshua J. Greene and Sarah E. 
(McFadden) Greene; educated: country 
school. Married, Anna McFadden, June 
24, 1873. Farmer, miner and teacher; 
commissioned by Gov. Tod. first lieuten- 
ant Co. F. 1st Ohio Reg.. O. M. ; a part- 
ner in establishing the New Lexington 
Herald. 1868: edited paper until 1888; 
bought Hocking Sentinel, Logan, O.. 1^72, 
and edited for 40 yrs.; moved to Logan, 
O.. 1872: representative of Perry Co.. 2 
terms, 1869-1S72; school examiner of Per- 
ry Co.. 9 yrs.; of Logan school. 3 yrs.; 
postmaster of Logan. 2 terms; trustee of 
Logan Library; chairman of park com- 
mission. Socs. and clubs: Logan Library 
lub; Vice Pres. from organization to it's 
dissolution of Hocking and Ohio Editorial 
Assn. Catholic Ch. Was school director 
and member town council; delegate to 
two Democratic National Conventions. 
Home address: Logan. O. 

Official; born. Athens. O.. Oct. 15. 1S58; 
son of Milbury Miller Greene and Martha 
Kinsman (Gould) Greene; educated: A. B., 
Univ. AVooster. 1879. Married, Jeannotte 
Donnelly. Dec. 16. 1880. Began as clerk 
general freight and passenger office Co- 
lumbus and Hocking Valley R. R.. 1873 
(which was planned and built by his 
father); president's clerk, same road, 
1879-1880; Secy.. 1880-1882, purchasing 
agent 18S2-1885. Ohio & W. Va. R. R.; 
Vice Pres. and Treas. Columbus Hocking 
Valley & Toledo Ry.. 1885-1887; Asst. to 
Pres. 1887-1888; Gen. Mgr., 1888-1889, 
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chi- 
cago Ry. : Asst. to Pres.. 1889-1890; Gen. 
MRT.. 1890-1891. C. C. C. & St. Louis Ry. ; 
Vice Pres. Griffen Car Wheel Co.. Chi- 
cago. 1891-1893; Gen. Mgr. C. H. & D. 
Ry.. 1893-1896; Gen. Mgr. B. & O. Ry., 
lv.tG-1898; Vice Pres. and Gen. Mgr. B. & 
O. Southwestern R. R.. Dec. 1. 1898-1906. 
Home address: 1840 Madison Road, Cin- 
cinnati: Office: Opera Place, Cincinnati, O. 



born. McConnefcville. O.. Aug. 15. 1S53; 
son of Edward F. Green and Isabel 
(Spooner) Green; educated: common 
schools. Married, Lyda D. Scott. Oct. 
15. 1890. At the age of 14 yrs. went to 
Missouri on a prairie farm, 6 yrs.; came 
back to Cambridge, O., and learned teleg- 
raphy; later, manager of the _ Western 
Union Commercial office, Cairibridge, S 
yrs. ; was promoted to managership of 
their commercial office. Circleville. O.. 1 
yr. ; went to Deming. New Mexico, spent 
one winter in the Valley of the Rio Grande; 
came back to Ohio and was sent by the 
Western Union to their Charleston. W. 
Va.. office as manager; after being there 
1 vr. resigned and came back to Cam- 
bridge. O. ; entered the mercantile busi- 
ness with his father, E. F. Green, in 
which he remained. 17 yrs.. doing a -suc- 
cessful business; bought the general in- 
surance business of Thomas G. Kerr, de- 
ceased, Jan. 1, 1903. Socs. and clubs: 
Masons; Odd Fellows; has been member 
of Council of City of Cambridge, and is 
now member of Cambridge Commercial 
Club. Member of First Presbyterian Ch. 
of Cambridge, and has for many years 
been member of The Session and on it* 
Board of Trustees. Politically is a Re- 
publican. Home address: 317 North 7th 
St.. Cambridge. O. 

born. Harlan. Allen Co.. Ind.. Feb. 27, 
1859; son of Jesse Greenawalt and Susan- 
nah (Shimp) Greenawalt; educated: com- 
mon and high schools. Allen Co.. Ind.; 
Northern Ind. Normal, Valparaiso, Ind.; 
Wittenberg Coll.. Springfield, O. College 
degrees: A. R.; A. M. ; B. D.: D. D. Mar- 
ried. Mary Mitchell. May 2. 1S89. Teach- 
er in grade and high schools three yrs.; 
graduated from Wittenberg College, iSS4; 
Theol. Seminary. 1887; inducted in Luth- 
eran ministery, 1886; pastor, Osborn, O., 
6 yrs.; Findlay, O., 11 yrs.; Bellefontaine, 
O.. 6 yrs.: Springfield. O.. Fourth Luth- 
eran Ch.. 1908-1916; now Prof, of English 
Bible and Comparative Religion, Witten- 
berg College; served as Pres., Wittenberg 
Synod: twice as Pres.. Miami Synod; 
Pres. Board Directors, Wittenberg Coll.; 
Pres. Board Trustees. Osterlen Orphans' 
Home, 15 yrs.; Prof. English Bible, Wit- 
tenberg Coll.. unr, . Socs. and clubs: 

Young Men's Lit. Club, Springfield, O.: 
Beta Theta Pi; Commercial Club; Nat. 
Geographical Soc. Lutheran. Home ad- 
dress: 901 North Fountain Ave.. Spring- 
field. Ohio. 

Wauseon, Ohio; July 27, 1S76; son of 
Charles C. Greenleaf and Mary S. (Di- 
mond) Greenleaf; educated: University 
of Chicago. B. S.. 1899. Married. Deacon 
Jennings, Oct. 4, 1900. Entered milling 
business of Lyon & Greenleaf, Wauseon, 

Ohio, and Ligonier, Ind.. 1899 ; Dir. 

Peoples State Bank. Wauseon. 1910; 
bought and reorganized Conn instrument 
factory. Truth Publishing Co.. and Conn 
real estate holdings, Elkhart, Ind., 1915, 
now president and controlling: factor in 
same. Socs. and clubs: Univ. Club of 
Chicago. Home address: Wauseon, O. 

torney: born. Salisbury. N. H.. July 29, 
1849; son of Elbridge F. Greenough and 
Elizabeth R. (Eastman) Greenough; edu- 
cated: Wauseon public schools. Unmar- 
ried. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1872; en- 
gaged in practice law. Wauseon. O., 

1S72 . Socs. and clubs: F. & A. M.; 

O. E. S. Congregationalist. Home ad- 
dress: 217 N. Fulton St.. WauseOn. O. 

Secretary; born. Oxford, Ohio. Feb. 29, 

1876; 'son of Thomas F. Greer and Eliza 
A. (Shera) Greer; educated: Pub. Schs. 
of Oxford. O. : Miami Univ.. Oxford. O.; 
Grad. in 1894. College degrees: B. A. 
Married. Ellen Kilborn. June 22. 1909. 
Reporter, Cincinnati Tribune. 1895; Re- 
porter Daily Republican, .Hamilton, Ohio. 
1896; Reporter Daily Republican-News, 
Hamilton. O.. 1897; Editor Daily Republi- 
can-News, 1897-1910; Secy. Hamilton 

Chamber of Commerce, 1910 ; Pres. of 

Soc. of the Alumni of Miami Univ., 1914. 
Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi Frat.; 
Hamilton Lodge. No. 93. B. P. O. E.: 
Am. Assn. of Commercial Orgn. Secre- 
taries. Methodist Episcopal. Home ad- 
dress: 423 North C St.. Hamilton. O. 

GREGORY. S. L., Attorney; born. Green 
Tp., Clinton Co., O. ; son of James J. 
Gregory and Nancy (Rix) Gregory; edu- 
cated: county schools. Married, Martha 
E. Parker, 1877. Practicing law since 1885; 
Pros. Atty. of Clinton Co.. O. Socs. and 
clubs: I. O. O. F.; Jr. O. U. A. M.; K. 
of P.; Fraternal Order of Eagles. Friends 
Ch. Home address: 427 N. Lincoln St., 
Wilmington, O. 

GREIWE, JOHN E., Physician; born. Cin- 
cinnati. O.. Sept. 26. 1865: son of John 
H. Greiwe and Sophia (Tepe) Greiwe; 
educated: Cincinnati public schools; Ohio 
Med. Coll. Married. Johanna Richard, 
1893. Interne at the Cincinnati City Hos- 
pital, 1890-1892; took Instruction, 1892, un- 
der physicians and surgeons at Strass- 
burg and Berlin; Asst. Prof. Internal 
Med. Ohio-Miami Med. Coll.; was senior 
physician medical staff. Cincinnati City 
Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. 
Socs. and clubs: Omega Upsilon Phi, Cin- 
cinnati: Soc. for Med. Research. Home 
address: Auburndale Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

born. Pleasant Twp.. Van Wert Co.. O., 
Jan. 14. 187o; son of Adam Greulach and 
Margaret (Wendell) Greulach; educated: 
Valparaiso Univ.: Lima. O.. Coll.; Den- 
ver Normal. College degrees: B. Ped. 
Married. Margaret Giessler, Oct., 1914. 
Teacher rural schools. 8 yrs.; village su- 
perintendent. 11 yrs. ; county superintend- 
ent schools. Van Wert Co. O.. 1914 ; 

county school examiner. 6 yrs. German 
Evangelical Ch. Home address: Van 
Wert. O. 

born, Monroe, Butler Co., O., Feb. 6, 1865; 
son of William Griesmer and Sarah Ann 
(Staul) Griesmer; educated: public schools, 
Monroe. O. Married. Flora Blanche Per- 
rin. April 26, 1893. Was undertaker for 
35 yrs. ; now in real estate and lumber 
business; engaged in building and selling 
houses, subdividing land into lots; Prea. 
and Treas. of The Hamilton Lumber Co.; 
one of the firm of C. E. & J. I. Griesmer; 
from 1883 to 1909. was one of the firm 
of Griesmer Bros., undertakers. Socs. and 
clubs: Dir. of Y. M. C. A.: Mem. of But- 
ler Co. Country Club; Men's Club; Mem. 
of K. of P. order. Methodist Church. 
Began business at the age of 15 yrs., at 
death of father, who was an undertaker. 
Home address: 2646 Mt. Pleasant Ave., 
Hamilton. O. 

man-Writer; born. Plains, Tenn., July 15, 
1870: son of Rev. James A. Griff es and 
Eliza Ann (Gidney) Griffes; educated: 
Hastings College; Maryville College; Lane 
Theological _ Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Illinois Wes. Univ., Bloomington, 111. 
College degrees: B. A.; M. A.; Ph. D. 
Married. Bessie Ware. Cincinnati. Ohio, 
1904, who died; 2nd, Alice G. Black, Edin- 
burgh. Scotland. 1915. Editor-publisher, 
Superior, Nebraska. "Guide-Times"; 
Hastings, Neb.. "A Public Journal," 1890- 



M4: I'astor. Wilson M.-m. Preshy. Ch., 
Cincinnati, O., is:is-i:ni i : pastor, Maum.-r- 
Dorr St., Presbyterian Ch.. Toledo, O., 
1:<|>I-1907: pastor, Bradford, O., Presby. 
llHis-1909; pastor. First Presby. Ch., 
Woonsocket. R. I., 1910-14: pastor, Presby. 
Ch., Rookford, O.. 1915 ; moderator 
"Presbytery of Providence." 1914; com- 
missioner General Assembly Presbyterian 
Ch.. r. S. A.. Rochester. X. Y.. 191',. Au- 
thor: "The Relation of Poverty to Crime." 
Member Presbytery Lima, U. S. A. Home 
address: Rockford. O. 

GRIFFIN, ALBERT E. Physician; born. 
Mnscatine. la.. 1853: son of Thomas F. 
ilriftin and Elenora (Woods) Griffin; edu- 
eated: Iowa and Columbus, O.; Grad. 
of Columbus Med. Coll.. 1SS4. Married, 
Catharine L. Wbodruff. 1S75. Telegraph 
operator. IS yrs. : also train dispatcher; 
studied medicine while employed as oper- 
ator; physician county infirmary, 4 yrs.: 
Mem. Bd. of Education, 4 yrs.; Mem. 
City Council, S yrs., and is still a mem- 
ber. Soos. and clubs: Columbus Gen- 
eral Practitioners Med. Soc. ; 32d degree 
Mason: Aladdin Temple; A. A. O. N. M. 
R.; Woodmen of World. Member M. E. 
Church. Home address: 760 Mt. Vernon 
Ave.. Columbus. O. 

GRIFFITH, CHARLES T., Merchant; born, 
Coshocton Co., O., April 16, 1S69; son of 
John R. Griffith and Mary (Thomas) 
Griffith; educated: Shawnee, O., public 
schools. Married. Anna B. Carter. Nov. 
24. 1S97. Early life engaged in mining 
coal a few years; entered employ of J. 
L. Davis as grocery clerk; later employed 
by William Davey, 14 yrs.; purchased 
store owned by Mr. Davey and continued 
to conduct the business at Shawnee, O., 

1902 -: elected village clerk. 2 terms; 

elected member Bd. Education of Shaw- 
nee. O.. and also clerk of Board, 7 yrs.; 
delegate to World's Sunday Sch. Conven 
tion, representing M. E. Church of Shaw- 
nee. O.. in Jerusalem. 1904. visited Holy 
Land; Egypt: Turkey; Greece, etc., also 
extensive traveler over U. S. and Canada; 
a member Bd. Public Affairs. Shawnee, 

O., 1916 . Socs. and clubs: Welfare 

Assn.. Shawnee; Blue Lodge Masons; 
Chapter. K. T. : A. O. M. S. Methodist 
Episcopal. Home address: Shawnee. O. 

GRIMES, JOHN ODUS, Educator; born, 
Belle Valley. Noble Co.. O. ; son of John 
Colby Grimes and Alwilda (Stone) 
Grimes; educated: country 'schools, Noble 
and Muskingum counties; high school; 
Muskingum College Academy; Ohio Univ. 
College degrees: B. S., in Edn., Ohio Univ. 
Married, Lydia Belle Few, Aug. 29, 1912. 
Taught in rural schools of Noble and 
Muskingum counties. 4V Z yrs.; Prin. of 
graded schools. Norwich, O., 2 yrs.; Supt. 
of schools. Adams Mills. O.. 2 yrs.; Supt 
schools, North Baltimore, 1913 . Socs. 
and clubs: Masons. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: North Baltimore, O. 

born. Cadiz. O.. Oct. 1, 1S6S: son of Wil- 
liam M. Grimes and Amanda (Simeral) 
Grimes; educated: Steubenville public 
schools; Grad. from high school, 1SS6. 
Married, Mabel Mooney, Dec. 6. 1905. En- 
paged in mercantile business in Steuben- 
ville. 1RS7-1900; organized First National 
Bank of Mingo Junction. O.. in 1900- was 
cashier of that institution until 1905 -when 
he organized the People's National Bank 
of Steubenville; he was elected cashier 
and still retains that position. Socs. and 
clubs: Steubenville Chamber of Commerce; 
SteubenviDe Lodge. F. & A. M.. No. 45; 
Steubenville Commandery, No. 1], Knight 
Templar. Presbyterian" Church. Home 
address: Steubenville. O. 

GRIMES. R. L.. Common Pleas Judge. Jack- 
son Co. Term expires Dec., 1920. Home 
.-nidi-ess: Jackson. O. 

born. (;ien<-<>, Belmont Co.. O., April 3, 
r-'.H; son of (Rev.) William Grim--s and 
Maixart-t (Black) Grimes; educated: pub- 
lic schools, Glenco, O. ; Muskingum Coll.; 
\V. stminster Coll.. New Wilmington. Pa.; 
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. <_' 'liege 
degrees: Litt. B.; D. D. Married. .-' 
Mi -Master, July 10, 1895. Pastor. White 
Oak Springs Congregation United Pr. 
Ch., Connoquenessing, Pa., 1S9.J-1906; 
pastor. U. P. Ch.. Mill -i sburgh and Fred- 
rk-kshurg, Ohio, ixn;- 1 :i in: pastor. *. P. 
Ch.. Rqneys Point. W. Va.. 19] -19-12; 
Supt. Missions, United Presbyterian Synod 
of Ohio, 1912 ; Synodical Supt. of Ohio 

Synod U. P. Ch.. 1916 ; Pres. Sch. Bd., 

Ni'W Concord. O.; Mem. and Secv. l:d. 
Directors. Muskingum Coll.; stated clerk 
Wheeling Presby. of United Presbyterian 
Ch. Home address: Lincoln Place. Xew 
Concord. O. 

GRISWOLD. HAL H., Attorney: born, 
Chardon. O., May 2.",. ISM;; son of Kli J. 
Griswold and JOlleii ('. i Myndt-rsc i iris- 
wold; educated: Chardon (O.) high 
'school; Western Reserve Univ. College 
degrees: A. B. Married, Gertrude L. 
Carter. July 23. 1914. Supt. schools. Char- 
don. O.. l!tll-16: resigned to enter prac- 
tice law, 1916: engaged in practice law. 

Chardon. O.. 1916 . Socs. and olubs: 

Phi Beta Kanna; I. O. O. F. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: Chardon. O. 

born. Cincinnati. O.. Dec. 18. 1SS1; son 
of Telford Groesbeck and Louise Bulck- 
ley (Cox) Groesbeck; educated: Franklin 
Prep. Sch.; Princeton Univ.; Cincinnati 
Law Sch. College degrees: A. B.: LL. 
B. Married. Grace E. Seely, Jan. 4. 1904. 
Associated with firm of Jones & James, 
1% yrs.; then formed law partnership with 
Harry L. Lynch; was Treas. Bd. of Trus- 
tees, Fresh Air and Convalescent Air Soc. 
Cincinnati. Socs. and clubs: Phi Delta 
Phi: Cincinnati Gym.; Athletic Club; 
Univ. Club; Cincinnati Country Club; City 
Club; Taxpayer's Assn. Home address: 
Torrence Rd. (Walnut Hills), Cincinnati, 

GROHAM, JOHN LINCOLN, Cashier; born, 
Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., O.: son of 
Amos Groham and Elizabeth (Crumley) 
Groham: educated: country schools: Lan- 
caster hierh school: N. N. U.. Lebanon, 
O. ; Columbus. O. Married. May 12. 1908. 
Country school teacher, bookkeeper. Co- 
lumbus. Ohio: Mem. of the milling firm 
of Groham Milling Co.. since 1895; active 
until 1909; since then, has given most of 
his time to the Lancaster National Bank 
of which he is a director and cashier; 
Secy, and Treas. The Cloflin Engineering 
Co.; interested in various other enter- 
prises. Socs. and clubs: Mem. of all the 
York and Scottish Rite Masonic Bodies, 
including Knight Templar and 32d de- 
gree; Mem. of Shrine; Treas. of all the 
local Masonic Bodies; Past Master Lan- 
caster Lodge, No. 57. F. & A. M. and 
Past Eminent Commander, Lancaster 
Commandery. No. 2. K. T. Mem. of the 
First Presbyterian Church, being one of 
the trustees, also Secy, of Bd. of Trus- 
tees; has served as Supt. of Sunday Sch.; 
Mem. Lancaster Chamber of Commerce; 
Mem. of Bd. of Trustee's of Lancaster 
Public Library and Secy, of said Board 
for a number of years. Home address: 
623 N. Broad St.. Lancaster. O. 

born. Cornwall. Eng., Sept. 30. 1862; son 
of Thomas Grose and Jane (Wallis) 



Grose; educated: common school and 
academy, Cumberland, Eng.; Ohio Wes. 
Univ.. Delaware. O. College degrees: A. 
B.; A. M. ; D. D. (Hon. D. D.. Baldwin 
Univ.) Married, Hattie Monnett, June 
S. 1893. Served as pastor: Methodist 
Episcopal Ch., Trinity, Cleveland, O.; 
First Ch., Elyria, O. ; First Ch., Mansfield, 
O. ; First Ch., Canton, O., 1913 (the 
late Pres. Wm. McKinley was a member, 
trustee and Sunday Sch. Supt. of First 
M. E. Church, Canton, O., and the church 
also supports a mission in northern part 
of city). Home address: 132 Cleveland 
Ave.. S. W.. Canton, O. 

GROSSMAN, LOUIS, Rabbi-Prof.; born, 
Vienna. Austria. Feb. 24. 1863; son of 
Rabbi Ignatz Grossman and Nettie (Ros- 
enbaum) Grossman; educated Vienna" un- 
til 1874; Univ. Cincinnati; Hebrew Union 
Coll. College degrees: B. A.; D. D. Un- 
married. Rabbi, Temple Beth El. De- 
troit, Mich., 1884-98; Congregation, B'nai 

Yesruirum. Cincinnati, O., 1898 ; Prof. 

Ethics, Theology and Pedag., Hebrew 

Union Coll. 1,898 ; Prin. Teachers' Coll., 

training Jewish Teachers, Cincinnati, O., 

1909 ; editorial writer. American 

Israelite. Author: Judaism. and the 
Science of Religion, 1888; Maimonidey, 
1890; Responses. Psalms and Hymns. De- 
troit. Mich. 1895: The Jewish Pulpit, 
1895; Biography Isaac M. Wise, 1854-1900: 
Collected Writings Isaac M. Wise (Cin.). 
1900; contributor: American Jewish Pul- 
pit (Pub. Central Conf. A,m. Rabbis); 
Judaism and the Science of Comparative 
Religions in Judaism and the World's 
Parliament of Religions (Cin.), 1894; The 
Festival of Hanukkah (Cin.), 1914. Socs. 
and clubs: Mem. Am. Oriental Soc.; Am. 
Academy Polit. and Urgeschichte; Mem. 
Intei'national Committee organized fi'rst 
Universal Congress of Races, London, July 
26-29, 1911; Pres. Jewish Religious Edn. 
Assn. of Ohio: Pres. Ohio Rabbinical Assn.; 
Vice Pres. Central Conference American 
Rabbis. Home address: 528 Camden Ave., 
Cincinnati, O. 

Congressman; born. Ponfret. Conn.. Sept. 
20. 1823: son of Ma.ior Peter Grosvenor 
and Ann (Chase) Grosvenor; educated: 
log cabin school house. Admitted to bar, 
1857. Married. Samantha Stewart. 185s: 
2nd. Louise H. Currier. 1865. Enlisted as 
private, 18th Ohio Inf.. Aug.. 1861: major, 
Sept. 25. 1861; lieutenant colonel. June 9, 
1863; colonel. April 19. 1865; Bvts. Col. 

and Brig. Gen. Volunteer . March 13, 

1865. for gallant and meritorious service^ 
during the war: honorably mustered out, 
Oct. 9. 1865: Mem. Ohio House Rep.. 1874- 
187.8; speaker. House Rep., 1876-1878; 
presidential elector, 1872-1880: trustee, Ohio 
Soldiers' & Sailors' Home, Xenia, O., 1880- 
18,88, and president. 18.83-1888; delegate at 
large. Rep. Nat. Convention. 1896. 1900; 
Mem. 49th to 51st Congresses (1885-1891) ; 
Mem. 53rd to ."9th Congresses (1893-1907), 
of -llth Ohio Dist; chairman, Chickamauga 
and Chattanooga Nat. Park Commission. 
Author: "Wm. McKinley, His Life and 
Work"; sketches. "The Book of Presi- 
dents." Home address: Athens, O. 

GROVE, J. H., Educator; County Supt. of 
Schools, Wyandot Co. Home -address: 
Upper Sandusky. O. 

born, Mantorville. Minn.. June 22. 1s73; 
daughter of Rev. Nahum Wesley Grover 
and Frances (Osgood) Grover; educated: 
St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury, 
Vt.; 3 yrs. study at La Sorbonne. Paris, 
France, and in Germany; teacher. Dow 
Academy, Franconia, N. H.I, 1'895-l^n^. 
Author: "The Sunbonnet Babies' Primer"; 
"Th"> Overall Boys"; "The Sunbonnot 

Babies in Holland"; "The Overall Boys 
in Switzerland"; "The Outdoor Primer"; 
"The Folk-Lore Readers"; "The Art- 
Literature Readers, Primer and Book 
One": "Kittens and Cats"; "The Mag- 
nolia Primer." Editor: "The Volland 
Mother Goose"; "Araminta and Arabel- 
la"; "A Little Book of Children's Prayers 
and Graces." Socs. and clubs: (Hon. 
Mem.) Vermont State Teachers' Assn. 
Coneregationalist. Home address: 270 
Elm St.. Oberlin. O. 

Prof.; born, Bangor, Maine, July 31, 1868; 
son of Nahum Wesley Grover and Frances 
(Osgood) Grover; educated: St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., Academy; Dartmouth Coll.; 
Harvard Univ. College degrees: A. B., 
1890; A. M., 1S93 (Harvard, 1896-A. M.). 
Unmarried. Instr. St. James Military 
Academy, Ma con, Mo., 1890-1892; Instr. 
Western Military Academy, Upper Alton, 
111.. 1892-1894; assistant in Botany. Har- 
vard Univ., 1895-1896; assistant in Botany, 
RadclKfe Coll.. 1895-1897; Morgan Fellow, 
Harvard Univ., 1896-1897; associate pro- 
fessor Botany, Oberlin, O., Coll., 1898- 

1900; Prof. Botany, Oberlin Coll., 1900 ; 

registrar Oberlin Coll.. 1900-1901; Vice 
Pres. Ohio Academy Sciences. 1912-1913, 
] 914-15; Pres. Ohio Acad. Sciences, 1916- 
1917; trustee Oberlin Kindergarten Train- 
ing School; Pres. Oberlin Alumni Pub. Co. 
Socs. and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi 
Delta Theta; Botanical Soc. of America; 
Fellow, Am. Assn. Advancement Science; 
Am. Naturalists; Ohio Academy Science; 
New England Botanical Club; Central 
Botanists; life member American Genetics 
Assn.: Nat. Geographic Assn. Congrega- 
tionalist. Home address: 270 Elm St., 
Oberlin, O. 

GRUBER, DAVID MISER, Attorney; born, 
'Annapolis. O.. Jan. 7. 1854; son of John 
Gruber and Elizabeth (Powell) Gruber; 
educated: district schools, Annapolis, O. ; 
Hopedale Normal Sch.; Scio College. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., Scio Coll. Married, 
Myra A. Ferry. June 25, 1890. Taught 
country 'school for 5 yrs. to earn school 
and college tuition; was admitted to bar 
in 1882; practiced at Annapolis until 1887, 
and since then at Steubenville, where he 
is now located; delegate to Democratic 
Natl. Conv. at Denver in 1908 from 16th 
Cong. Dist.; active in local politics. Meth- 
odist Church. Home address: 643 Sixth 
Ave., Steubenville, O. 

GRUENER, HIPPOLYTE, Chemist: born, 
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 23, 1869; son of 
Leopold Gruener and Katherine (Kern) 
Gruener: educated: A. B. Yale, 1891; Ph. 
D., 1893; post-grad. studies, Univs. 
Munich and Berlin. Married, May Cole, 
June 21, 1899. Instr. Chemistry and Phys- 
ics, Hill Sch., Pottstown, Pa., 1893-1894; 
Instr. Chemistry, Adelbert Coll., 1S95- 
1903; Asst. Prof., 1903-1907; Assoc. Prof. 
Chemistry, College for Women, Western 
Reserve, 1898-1907: Prof., 1907 ; Ex- 
pert Cleveland Filtration Commn. Socs. 
and clubs: Fellow, A. A. A. S. ; Am. C'lem. 
Soc ; Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft; 
City Club; University Club. Republican. 
ITome address: 2089 Cornell Rd.. Cleve- 
land, O. 

torney-Merchant; born, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Dec. 11, 1880; son of George Guckenberger 
and Eliza (Wanner) Guckenberger; edu- 
cated: Univ. of Michigan. College de- 
grees: LL. B., 1903. Previously engaged 
in banking with father, George Gucken- 
berger, Atlas Nat'l Bank; one of founders 
of 'Cincinnati College of Finance, Com- 
merce and Accounts, now the College of 
Commerce, University of Cincinnati: was 
dean of school and teacher of commercial 



and banking: law, now st-rn-tary, treas- 
urer .IIP! general manager The Ilanke 
Bros. Co., wholesale and retail dry 
goods, notions and toys, Main St., Cin- 
cinnati, O. Socs. and clulis: Masons; 
Business Men's Club; Michiuan I'nlver- 
sity Alumni Assn. of Cincinnati; Cincin- 
nati Gymnasium and Athletic Club; 
\\Vst\vood Civic Assn.; Main St. Mer- 
iis Assn. Home address: 2S32 Har- 
rison Ave., Westwood, Cincinnati, O. 

ney; burn. Ft. Scott, Kan., Nov. 24. 1871: 
son of William Estel Guerin and Martha 
Elvln (Reynolds) Guerin; educated: pub- 
lic 'schools, Columbus, Ohio; Ohio Stale 
I'riv, iNv.t-rin; Cornell Univ., -Tthaca, N. 
V Married, Alice T\vn Green- 
leaf. March 7. 1895. Admitted to Ohio 
bar. Dec.. 1S93; practiced. Sandusky. O., 
1V.--1912; removed to Cleveland, O., 1912, 
specialist on corporation law; member 
Ohio House Representatives. 1902-lH'H; 
Pres. Ohio State League of Republican 
Clubs. 1904: active in State politics many 
years. Sors. and clubs: Chi Psi; Mason; 
(32d degree Shriner); Ohio State Bar 
A<ssn : Cleveland Bar Assn.; Cleveland 
Chamber of Commerce. Congregational - 
ist. Republican. Home address: 12440 
Cedar Road, Euclid Heights, Cleveland, 

ney, born, Montgomery Twp., Wood Co., 
O.. Jan. 31. 1858; son of Samuel Curl's 
Guernsey and Arabella Wright (Lamson) 
Guernsey; educated: Public and Normal 
Sens. Married, Malina G. Brown, daugh- 
ter of his former law partner, Alexander 
Brown, Jan. 31, 1880. Studied law at 
office of Jones & Brown. Fostoria, O'hio; 
admitted to bar, 1879; entered into part- 
nership with Alexander Brown in practice 
of law at Fostoria. O.. Jan. 1. 1S80. and 
practiced with him under firm name of 
Brown & Guernsey, 1SSO-1S98, when Alex- 
ander Brown retired from law practice; 
practiced alone, Fostoria, O., 1898-1906; 
associated with him his son, Charles Alex- 
ander Guernsey, in 1906 and has since 
that time been and is now engaged with 
bis son in the general practice of law in 
the Stale and Federal Courts under the 
firm name of Guernsey & Guernsey, at 
Fostoria, O. Offices: Weller Block, Fos- 
toria, O.; Home address: 1004 N. Union 
St., Fostoria. O. 

GUILD. JOHN MAIN. Commercial Secre- 
tary; born, Dundee, Scotland, March 1, 
isTf.; son of John Guild and Mary (Main) 
Guild; educated: Pub. Sens, of Dundee and 
Edinburgh; Harris Academy, Dundee, 
Scotland. Married, Ella Madge Hake, 
.March 19, 1S9S. Various positions, "Bur- 
lington" Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska, 
handling freight rates, freight tariffs and 
claims, 1889-1901; Secy. South Omaha Live 
Stock Exchange, Omaha, 1901-1906; Com- 
mis'sioner. The Commercial Club of 
Omaha, inofi-1913; Executive Secy., The 
Greater Dayton Assn.. Dayton. Ohio, 

191?, ; owner and publisher "Guilds" 

Schedule of Freight Rates, Omaha, 1S99- 
1913. Socs. and clubs: Pres. Central 
Assn. Commercial Secretaries, 1911-1912; 
organized and Pres. of Nebraska Com- 
mercial Secretaries, 1913; Executive Com- 
missioner. Omaha Tornado Relief Com., 
1913; Director, National Industrial Traffic 
League, 1908-1910: Director and Secy.- 
Ti-'-as., National Assn., Commercial Or- 
ganization Secretaries, 1916-1917; chair- 
man Organizalion Committee, Chamber 
of Commerce of State of Ohio; National 
Councillor, Chamber of Commerce of U. 
S. since its organization in 1912; member 
of Committee on Stale Chambers, 1916- 
1917, and of Advisory Committee to Or- 

ganization Service Bureau of the National 
Chamber of Commerce, 1916-1917, Ohio 
Commercial Secretaries; Masons; Dayton 
City Club: Hills nnd Dales Club; Y. M. 
C. A.: Commercial Club of Omaha; The 
Greater Dayton Assn. Christ Episcopal 
Church. Home address: 201 Volusia Ave.. 
i i.tkwood. Dnvton. O. 

GUILER, WALTER S.. Educator; born, 
Seven Mile. O.. Sept. 10. 1SS2;' son of 
George Guiler and Mary (Fischer) Culler; 
educated: Hutler County Pub. Schs.; Mid- 
,11, town. O.. Hieh Sch.; Miami Univ.; 
Chicago Univ.: Columbia I'niv. College 
degrees: B. A.; M. A. Married. Maude 
Havden f Miami Univ. graduate). June 21. 
1911. Teacher. Butler Co.. O.. rural 
schools. 1904-7; supervising principal, 
elementary school. Covington, Ky.. 1909- 
1914: district superintendent. Butler Co.. 
O.. schools. 1914-16; associate professor of 
education. Teachers College, Miami Univ., 

1916 ; offices: President, Northern Ky. 

Teachers' Assn.. 1910-11: Vice Pres. But- 
ler Co. Rd. of Sch. Examiners. 1914-1": 
Pres. Butler Co Bd. of Sch. Examiners, 
1915-16; chairman. Exec. Committee, 
Western Ohio Superintendents' Round 
Table 1915-16: Pres. Western Ohio Super- 
intendents' Round Table. 1916-17. Socs 
and clubs: Masonic Order; Nat. Educ. 
Assn.: Ohio State Teachers' Assn.; S. W. 
Ohio Teachers' Assn.; Butler Co. Teachers' 
Assn. Methodist. Home address: Ox- 
ford. O. 

GUINTHER. ISAAC C.. Educator; born. 
New Winchester. O.. Dec. 25. 1S56: son 
of Jacob Gulnther and Calherine (Sha'len- 
mlller) Guinther; educated: Northern 
Ohio Normal Univ., Ada, O. College de- 
grees: B. S.; M. A. Married. Mary M. 
Rexroth. June. 1SS3. Prin. high school, 
Nevada, O. ; Prin. schools, Galena, O. ; 
Supt. schools, Utica, O. ; Prin. Gallon, O., 
high school, 4 yrs.; Supt. Galion, O., pub- 
lic schools. 20 yrs.; county school exam- 
iner. Socs. and clubs: Franklin Literary 
Soc.; National Teachers' Assn. Presby- 
terian. Home address: Galion. O. 
calor; born, Toledo. O., Nov. 27. 1S7S; son 
of Edward Gultteau and Clara (Wilson) 
Guittea.ii: educated: Toledo public and 
high school; Ohio State Univ.; Cornell 
Univ.: I'niv. Penn. College degrees: Ph. 
B.: M. A.: Ph. D. Instr. in history and 
civics, Toledo Central high school, 1900- 
1!'ii.",; Prin. Toledo Central high school. 
l'.tn:,-1910; Supt. Toledo public s -hools, 

1909 ; elected member Toledo Charter 

Commission: admitted to Ohio bar. 1901. 
Author of "Government and Politics in 
the United States": "Preparing for Citi- 
zenship " (Publishers, Houghton-Mifflin 
Co.) Socs. and clubs: Beta Theta Pi 
College Frat.: Sanford L. Collins Lodge; 
Masonic Frat.: Rotary Club. Episco- 
palian. Home address: 4 The Monterey, 
Toledo. O. 

born. Toledo. O.. March 5. 1882; son of 
John Kstiver Gunckel and Mrs. Gunckel; 
educated: Toledo. O.. public and hieh 
schools: Oberlin College. Entered bank- 
ing business as bookkeeper, teller, assist- 
ant cashier; cashier Merchants' & Clerks' 

Savings Bank. Toledo. O., 1915 ; Secy. 

and Mgr. entertainments of the Toledo 
News Boys' Assn., organized by John E. 
Gunckel. giving Toledo the honor of be- 
ing the only city In the world to have 
a J100.000 building devoted entirely to the 
news boys' work. Socs. and clubs: To- 
ledo Commerce Club; Toledo Yacht Club; 
Maumee River Yacht Club; Sigma Tamb- 
da Un Frat. Congregatlonalist. Home 
address: 101 Rosalind Place. Toledo. O. 



H.), horn, Coburg, Ont., Can.. April 1, 
1860; daughter of Milton Lucas Lent and 
Matilda (Purdy) Lent; educated: Schools 
and Academies of Canada; Univ. of Mich. 
College degrees: D. I>. S.. 1S94. Married, 
1st, W. L. Ostrander (deceased); 2nd. W. 
O. Adams (deceased); 3rd. Dr. W. H. 
Gundrum. July 29. 1901. Dentist. Inter- 
ested in philanthropic ideas; member edu- 
cational societies; also mental suggestive 
and Bible study classes. First Congrega- 
tional Church. Home address: 2102 N. 
Erie St.. Toledo. O. 

born. Alpena, Mich.. Sept. 18, 1S75; daugh- 
ter of Joseph Cl-ough Gilchrist and Alice 
(Devins) Gilchrist; educated: Oberlin Col- 
lege; Cleveland School of Art; Pennsyl- 
vania College and Sorbonne, Paris. Mar- 
ried, John Murton Gundry, Sept. 5, 1894. 
Author and lecturer. Anti-Suffragist. 
Socs. and clubs: D. A. R.; Twentieth 
Century Club; A Fortnightly Musical 
Club, CleveJand; The Lyceum Club of 
London and Paris; Garden Club; Country 
Club, Albermarle Co., Va. ; Amateur Mu- 
sical Club, Cleveland; The League for 
Political Education, New York City. 
Episcopal Church. Home address: 6903 
Euclid Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

GUNNELL. GEORGE, Clergyman; born, 
Pittsburgh, Pa., May IS, 1888; son of 
George Gunnell and Sophia (Cowling) 
Gunnell; educated: B. A.. Hobart Coll., 
1S91; M. A.. 1894; B. A.. Harvard, 1892; 
Grad. Gi. Theol. Seminary. 1S95. Mar- 
ried, Caroline Hogg Sibbett, Sept. 12. 

1900. Deacon. 1895. priest, 1896. Protes- 
tant Episcopal Ch.: minister in charge 
Holy Innocents' Ch. Leechburg, Pa., 
1895-6; Ass*., Calvary Ch., Pittsburgh, 
1896-7; rector Church of the Epiphany, 
Bellevue. Pa.. 1897-1903; St. Andrews, 
Philadelphia. 1903-9; Trinity Ch., Toledo, 

O., 1909 : Mem. Standing Committee 

Diocese of Ohio. 1910-15; clerical deputy. 
Gen. Crtnv., New York. 1910. Socs. and 
clubs: Commerce; Country Club: Repub- 
lican. Home address: 2256 Collingwood 
Ave., Toledo, O. 

born, near LaRue, O., Jan. 13, 1S68; son 
of John D. Gutherv and Susan (Frederick) 
Guthery: educated: Ohio Northern Univ.; 
Univ. of Cincinnati (Law Dept.). Col- 
lege degrees: A. M. Married, Mildred 
Howard, June 22, 1898. Actively engaged 
in the practice of law at Marion. Ohio, 
since June 8, 1891; interpsted in many 
business enterprises; Pros. Atty. of 
Marion Co.. 1897-1905. Socs. and clubs: 
York and Scottish Rite Masonic Bodies; 
B. P. O. E.: K. of P.; Marion Club; Marion 
Chamber of Commerce. Attends Presby- 
terian Church. Home address: 438 Del- 
aware Ave., Marion, O. 

E.), born, Dayton, O., Nov. 6, 1876; daugh- 
ter of Dudley Stone and Mary E. (Shar- 
tle) Stone: educated: Wellesley College, 
Grad. in 1894. College degrees: B. S. 
V-irruTl. "VTatthew E. Guy, February 
24. 1901: died Sent. 24. 19^9. Teacher 
of Steele High School. Dayton. O.. 1894- 

1901. Baptist Church. Home address: 
353 W. Monument Ave., Dayton, O. 

borr, Waterside. BPdford Co., Pa., Sept. 
2, 1870: son of Adam B. Guyer and Mary 
A. (Mock) Guyer: educated: public 
schools: Enterprise Normal; Barkerville 
Academy; Grove City Coll.; Findlav Coll. 
College degrees: A. M. : D. D. Married. 
Nov. 16, 1897. President Findlny (Ohio) 
College. Socs. and clubs: Symposium: 
Up-to-Date. Church of God. Home ad- 
dress: 1113 North Main St., Findlay, O. 


HAAS, GIDEON D., Merchant; born, Frank- 
lin Twp.. Tuscarawas Co., Nov. 23, 1863; 
son of Frederick Haas and Mary (Gar- 
her) Haas; educated: r'ural schools of 
Tuscarawas Co.; Mt. Union Coll., Alliance, 
O. Married, Ella Olmstead, Sept. 17, 
1890. Began teaching school at 24 yrs. 
of age at Strasburg; Prin. 2 yrs.; teacher 
in Hartlines. O.. 2 yrs.; Chestnut Ridge, 
O., 1 yr, ; Mt. Pleasant. O., 1 yr. ; entered 
the hardware business at Dennison, O., 
Feb. 22. 1897. where he now has an es- 
tablished and prosperous business; served 
on Dennison Council, 1914-15; Mem. Den- 
nison Bd. of Edn. at various times since 
1898; at present, a member. Socs. and 
clubs: Jewett Lodge. I. O. O. F.: Twin 
City Canton of Patriarchs Militant and 
Jewett Encampment; M. W. of America. 
Methodist Episcopal Church of Denni- 
son. O. Home address: Second St., Den- 
nison. O. 

Merchant; born, Marion. O., Sept. 1, 1854; 
son of Christian Haberman and Gertrude 
(Seas) Haberman; educated: Public Schs. 
of Marion and The German Wallace Coll. 
Married. Cora Belle Clark. Aug. 24. 1875. 
Was Secy., then Vice Pres.. then Pres. 
and Treas. of the Marion Mfg. Co.; was 
director in the Marion St. Ry. Co. and 
director in several other Marion indus- 
tries: was councilman in the first ward 
in Marion for two terms. Socs. and clubs: 
Past Exalted Ruler and life member in 
the B. P. O. E.; Sons of Veterans; 
Deutcher Bund; Pres. of The Pine Lake 
Outing Club; Pres. of the first Elks Cir- 
cus. Vestryman in the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church. Was one of the original 
nine who organized the Ohio Retail Hard- 
ware Assn. and was member of the exec- 
utive committee; was one of the Incor- 
porators of the Ohio Hardware Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co. Home address: Marion, O. 

HACKNEY, LEONARD J., Attorney; born, 
Edinburg. Ind.. March 29, 1855; son Of 
Leonard J. Hackney and Kate Hackney; 
educated: public schools, Johnson Co., 
Ind. Married. Ida L. Pudney. Dec. 28, 
1880. Admitted to bar. 1S76; practiced at 
Shelbyville, Ind.. 1876-80; at Indianapolis, 
1899-1905; prosecuting attorney, Shelby 
and Johnson counties, 1878-80; judge cir- 
cuit court of same. 1888-92; judge Su- 
preme Court of Indiana, 1893-9; attorney 
C. C. C. & St. L. Ry. Co., 1899-1905; gen- 
eral counsel C. C. C. & St. L. Ry.. July 1, 
1905 . Home address: 4 Dexter Place, 
Cincinnati. O. 

horn. Mad River Tp., Clark Co., O., June 
10, 1844: son of Hugh Hagan and Ann 
(Furay) Hagan; educated: Antioch Coll. 
Married, Justina Bevitt, May 21, 1SS1. 
Admitted to bar. 1873; engaged in prac- 
tice law, Springfield, O., and also all 

State, Federal and U. S. Courts, 1874 ; 

elected city solicitor. Springfield, O., 1879- 
1881; re-elected, 1883-5; appointed post- 
master, Springfield, Ohio, 1SS7-9; appointed 
Judge Court Common Pleas. Clark Co., 
O.. 1890-1: re-appointed for 1913-14; Pres. 
Bd. Trade. Springfield, O., 1890-1912; 
trustee Sinking Fund, Springfield, Ohio, 
1904-7; has written number papers and 
delivered number addresses on political, 
economic and historical subjects. Socs. 
and Hubs: Literary Club; Lagonda Club; 
Country Club; Palestine Commandery, 
No. 33, K. T. Presbyterian. Home ad- 
dress: 1001 Center St., Springfield, O. 

HAGEN, JOHN STEWART, Physician and 
Surgeon; born, New Haven, Conn., Feb. 



14, 1ST"; son of Joseph ll.-im-n ami Fan- 
nie (Stewart) Hagen; educated: public 
schools; Eclectic Med. Coll., class 189S. 
.Married, Katherine Koltenhorn. In ac- 
tive practice in Cin<:imiat i ; member staff 
of surgeons, Big Four Ry. ; chair of C.yn--- 
cology Kclectical Med. Coll.; chief city 
milk inspector, 1900-1911; at present police 
and fireman surgeon of Cineirmat i; active 
in purification city's ' milk supply and 
framer of dairy regulations. Socs. and 

i lulls: Cheviot Masonic l/.dt;e; B. P. O. 

K.: Ohio State Eclectic Assn.; National 
Eclectic Assn. Home address: 1506 Har- 
rison Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

HAGENBUCH, EDWIN, Grand Secretary 
of the Grand Chapter of Ohio Masons; 
born, Salem Tp., Champaign Co., O., May 
8, ISFiO; son of Henry Hagenbuch and 
Martha J. (Long') Hagenbuch; educated: 
country and Urbana schools: Ohio Wes- 
Icyan I'niv. .Married, Nellie Howard, 
1880. Engaged in farming for many yrs. 
and now engrossed with duties as secre- 
tary of Grand Chapter of Ohio Masons: 
member of Urbana City Council several 
years, 'Serving on finance committee; in 
1899 elected ]>y Republicans as Champaign 
county representative to Ohio General 
Assembly: re-elected in 1901. Socs. and 
cluiis: P. & A. M.: R. A. M.; R. & S. M.; 
K. T. ; Antioch Temple of the Mystic 
Shrine at Dayton; 33d degree member of 
the Scottish Rite. Home address: 232 W. 
licvnolds St., Urbana. O. 

Professor: born. La Porte Co.. Ind.; son 
of John E. Hagerty and Jane E. (Crilly) 
Hagerty; educated: Northern Ind. Normal 
Soh.. Valparaiso. 1888; A. B., Indiana 
Univ.. 1892; Grad. student economics and 
sociology, Univ. Chicago, 1896-7 (Hon. 
fellow economics) Univ. Wis., 1897-8; 
Univs. Berlin and Halle. 1S9S-9; fellow 
sociology, 1899-1900; senior fellow, 1900-1, 
Univ. Pa. College degrees: A. B., 1892; 
Ph. D., 1900, Univ. of Pa. Married, Lucile 
.lovce. Oct. 26. 1907. Teacher, Math.. La 
Porte, Ind.. high school, 189-2-6; Asst. 
Prof., 1901-3. Ohio State Univ.; acting 
head department, 1903-4; Prof, economics 
and sociology, and head of department. 
1904- : Dean of Coll. of Commerce and 
Journalism 1 , Ohio State Univ., 1916- . 
Author: Mercantile Credit. Contributor 
to Econ. and other publications. Socs. 
and clubs: Phi Beta Kappa; Am. Acad. 
Physical and Social Science; Am. Econ. 
Assn.: Am. Social. Soc. Home address: 
94 loth Ave.. Columbus, O. 

Professor; horn, Oskaloosa. Iowa. Jan. 3, 
1886: son of Alfred Martin Haggard and 
Florence Mary (Johnson) Haggard; edu- 
cated: Univ. High Sen., Des Moines, Iowa. 
Drake Univ.; Colorado Univ. ; Ha.rvard 
Univ. College degrees: B. Sc.; M. A. 
Teacher high school. Mason City. Iowa, 
19-08-9; studied and traveled abroad, 1909- 
1910; teacher. East Des Moines. la., high 
school. 1910-1911; student and South End 
ll"upe Fellow, in Harvard Univ.. 1911- 
T.il4; Prof. Economics. Hiram College, 
1914 . Disciples of Christ. Home ad- 
dress: Hiram, O. 

born. Richmond. O.. .May 13. 1862: son 
of James Russell Hague and Susan (Stew- 
art') Hague; educated: public schools, Co- 
lumbus. O. ; studied medicine 3 yrs., but 
abandoned it for art; self educated in 
art. Unmarried. Followed portrait paint- 
ing and modeling until 1895, then took up 
landscape painting; represented in private 
collections in New York, Baltimore, Buf- 
falo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Rochester 
and Columbus; exhibited at F,oton, St. 
Louis, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Cleveland, 

Toledo and Columbus; represented in Co- 
lumbus Gallery of Fine Arts; charter 
member < trpheus Club (noted male 
chorus i; basso in Scottisih Rite Quar- 
tette. 1-^ to 1903. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
['.deration Arts; 32d degree Mason; Kit 
KM ciui.; Soc. of Independent Artisis 
Republican. (Quaker. Home address: 
119) oak St.. Columbus. O. 

HAHN, ARTHUR L., Secy, of V. M. C. A.; 
born. New York City, March lo, lsS4; son 
Of Philip G. Halm and Kate (Miller) 
Hahn; educated: Pub. Schs. of New York: 
X. Y. Business Coll.; Regents of the State 
of X. Y.; Y. M. C. A. Training Sch. <>r 
Chicago; Silver Bay summer schools 
Married. Grace L. Overton. April 14, 19"- 
In business in New York City. 1900-19'il; 
Asst. Secy. East Side Branch of the N. 
Y. City Y. M. C. A.. 1904-1908; Gen. Secy. 
Taunton. Mass.. Y. M. C. A.. 1908-191"; 
Gen. Secy. Elyria Y. M. C. A.. 1910-1917. 
Home address: 247 Princeton Ave., Elyiia, 

horn, Alliance, Ohio, Nov. 8, IseJS; son of 
John Courtland Haines afid Rebecca I'.. 
(Hitter) Haines; educated: schools Mt. 
Union. O. Married, Ruth E. Fenimmv, 
June 27. 1900. Dry goods clerk. Alliance. 
O. ; learned jewelry trade Columbus. O. ; 
entered business. 1896, under firm name, 
Haines & Oberer, jewelers; entered ex- 
clusive optical business. 1900; organized 
with J. B. White. The WMte-Haines 
Optical Co.. 1901. Socs. and clubs: Ma- 
sonic Order, Shrine; Athletic Club. Metho- 
dist. Home address: 94 West Third St., 
Columbus. O. 

HAINES, MILTON B., Attorney; born, By- 
halia. O.. Sept. 24. 1874; son of Caleb 
F. Haines and Margretta D. (Miller) 
Haines; educated: Ohio Northern Univ. 
(B. S.); George Washington Univ. (LL. 
D.), Washington, D. C. ; post-grad. Ohio 
Northern Univ. Secy, to Hon. Ralph D 
Cole, Congressman, during term office; 
now Pros. Atty.. Union Co.. O. Socs. and 
clubs: Mason; Elk. Methodist Episcopal. 
Home address: Marysville. O. 

and Dir. Juvenile Research Bureau; born, 
Moorestown. Burlington Co.. N. J.. Nov. 
4, ]8,i; 'son of Zebedee Haines and Anna 
Phillips (Harvey) Haines; educated: 
Haverford Coll.; Harvard Univ.: Kraepe- 
lin's Clinic, Munich (3 mos., 1912); volun- 
tary Asst. Burgholzli, Zurich (3 mos.. 
1913); clinical clerk, Nat. Hosp. for Para- 
lyzed and Epileptic. London (3 mos., 
1913). College degrees: A. B., 1896; Ph. 
D., 1901; M. D., 1912. Married, Rachel A. 
Russell. Dec. 27. 1901; 2nd. Helen Manly 
Hague. Aug. 15. 1912. Asst. Prof. Phil- 
osophy, Ohio State Univ.. 1901; Prof. 
Psychology, Ohio State Univ.. 1908-1916; 
Dir. of Survey for Mental Defections in 
Ohio for the Nat. Com. for Mental Hy- 
giene and for the State Commn.. being 
in leave of absence from his work with 
the Ohio State Univ. and the Bureau 
of Juvenile Research till June 1. 1917; 
tii-st Asst. Phys., Boston Psychopathic 
Ilosp, 1913-1914; Temporary Prof. Psy- 
chology. Smith Coll.. 1914; Clinical Dir. 
( >hio Bureau of Juvenile Research, 

191 ."> : attended Internal. Congress for 

Psychiarty and Psyehol. in Amsterdam, 
1!>07. Author: Mental Measurements of 
the Blind. 1916. and a number of publica- 
tions on psychology and medical subjects 
in The Psychological Review, The Boston 
Medical and Surgical Journal. Popular 
Science, Illinois Medical Journal, Journal 
of Am. Med. Assn. Socs. and clubs: Am. 
Psyehol. -Pathological Assn.; Am. Med. 
Assn.; Am. Medico-Psychol. Assn.; Am. 
Psyehol. Assn.; Am. Assn. for Advance- 



ment of Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 
Si: Phi Rho Sigma, Med. Frat.; Kit-Kat 
Club; Columbus Club. Mem. Soc. Friends. 
Home address: 1194 Oak St.. Columbus, 

HAKE, GEORGE M., Attorney; born, near 
Fort Seneca, Seneca Co., O., March 18, 
1863; son of Augustus Hake and Rachel 
L. (Stamey) Hake; educated: Heidelberg 
Univ., Tiffin, O.; Hillsdale College, Hills- 
dale, Mich. Married, Anna R. Martin, 
Dec. 31, 1885. Began teaching country 
school at IK yrs. of age; taught and at- 
tended college until 23 yrs. old; for many 
yrs. Supt. of Schs., finishing as Supt. 
of Garrett public schools, Garrett, Ind.; 
city solicitor of Tiffin, 1901-1906; probate 
judge. Seneca Co., 1909-1917; practiced 
law in Tiffin, O., 10 yrs. before going on 
the bench. Socs. and clubs: Knights of 
Pythias, including Uniform Rank and Jr. 
O. U. A. M. First Reformed Ch., Tiffin. 
O. Home address: 99 Greenfield St., Tif- 
fin, Ohio. 

HALE, E. V., Banker; Vice Pres. Citizens 
Savings & Trust Co. Home address: 1635 
E. St.. Cleveland, O. 

born. Mercer. O.. March 1. 1861; son of 
Moses Half hill and Eleanor Maria (Wood) 
Half hill; educated: Ohio Northern Univ.- 
Cincinnati Law School. College degrees: 
M. S.. 1884; LL. B., 1887. Married, Cora 
Agnes Miller, Sept. 23, 1896. Admitted to 
Ohio bar. 1887; engaged in practice of law, 
associated with Jacob C. Ridenour, 1887- 
r.'i'V member of law firm Halfhill, Quail & 
Kirk. Attorneys for: Old National Bank, 
Lima, Ohio; 1st National Bank, Ada, O.; 
Ada Water, Heat & Light Co.; Erie Rail- 
road Co.; Ohio State Life Insurance Co., 

etc., Lima, O.. 1908 ; city solicitor, 

Lima, O., 1S90-4; Mem. State Bd. Law 
Examiners. 5 yrs.; Mem. 4th Ohio State 
Constitutional Convention, 1911-12. Re- 
publican. Socs. and clubs: Masonic Or- 
der; Knight of Pythias; Lima Club; Elks 
Club: Allen County, Ohio State and Amer- 
ican Bar Assns. Home address: Lima, O. 

H.), born, Columbus. O.. Aug. 17, 1S77; 
daughter of Walter B. Baker and Ella C. 
(Sliter) Baker: educated: Central High 
Sch., Columbus, O.; Wells Coll., B. A., 
magna cum laude, 1898. Married, Herman 
H. Hall. Dec. 19. 1S99. Mem. Women's 
College Club of Columbus, O.; Vice Pres. 
Wells College Club: Fortnightly Literary 
Club. Presbyterian Ch. Home address: 
640 Oak St.. Columbus. O. 

HALL, HARRY TAGGART, Banker; born. 
East Liverpool, O.. May 30, 1879; son of 
William PI. Hall and Sophronia (Kurtz) 
Hall: educated: Pub. Schs. of East Liver- 
pool, O. Married, Bertha Dunlap, Oct. 26, 
1904. In the banking business for 20 yrs.; 
organized The Dollar Savings Bank of 
East Liverpool in 190<2; was Vice Pres. 
and cashier: began political activities as 
alternate to Republican Nat. Conv., 190S, 
as Taft alternate; elected Co. Treas., Co- 
lumbiana Co., 1910; then re-elected.; re- 
signed as Treas. to accept appointment 
a>s S-upt. of Banks of Ohio, Feb. 1, 1915; 
Treas. of Ohio Banker's Assn., Nov., 1913 
to Nov., 1915. Socs. and clubs: 32d de- 
gree Mason and Shriner; Mem. Elk's 
Lodge; Mem. Am. Inst. Bank Clerks; Co- 
lumbus Athletic Club; Arlington Country 
Club; Kenilworth Country Club. Presby- 
terian. Home address: 212 East Frambes 
Ave., Columbus, O. 

HALL, HIRAM E., Educator: born, Liberty 
Twp., Wood Co., O., Feb. 4, 1S74: son of 
Lewis R. Hall and Lemay I. (Taylor) 
Hall; educated: common schools Wood 
Co.; Western Ohio Normal School; Ohio 
Northern Univ.; National Normal Univ.; 

Wooster Univ.: Columbia Univ. -Married, 
Jennie E. Kirk, Dec. 25, 1901. Teacher 
common schools Wood Co.. 1894-8; Supt. 
schools, Rudolph, O.,' 1898-1900; Supt. 
schools, Jerry City, 1900-1904; Supt. 
schools, Cygnet, 1904-1906; Supt. schools. 
Liberty Twp., 1906-1907 ; Supt. schools, 
Prarie Depot, 1907-1911; Supt. schools, 
Genoa, O.. 1911-1913; Supt. schools. Lib- 
erty Twp., 1913-1914: county Supt. schools, 

"Wood Co.. O.. 1914 ; Mem. Wood Co. 

Bd. Sch. Examiners, 1902-1908; Instr. 
Wooster Uuiv., Summer Sessions, 1912 and 
TIM 4: student social science. Socs. and 
clubs: F. & A. M., Genoa. 433; Crystal 
Chapter, 157, R. A. M., Bowling Green, 
O. Methodist. Home address: 602 Wal- 
lace Ave.. Bowling Green, O. 

Hall), born, Troy. O., Dec. 25. 1875; daugh- 
ter of Thomas B. Wheeler and Mary 
Richmond (Smith) Wheeler; educated: 
Troy public schools: MacDuffin Prepara- 
tory Sch. (Springfield, Mass.); Smith Coll. 
College degrees: B. S.. 1898. Married, 
(Dr.) Jos. A. Hall. Jan. 1. 1901. Deeply 
interested in social service work. Soc. 
and clubs: Smith Club; Assn. of Col- 
legiate Alumnae; City Club; Woman's 
Club. Unitarian. Home address: 2513 
Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

HALL. LYMAN BRONSON, College Prof.: 
born. Richmond. Vt.. Aug. 10. 1852: son 
of Joseph Alonzo Hall and Sarah (Bron- 
son) Hall; educated: Oberlin High Sch.; 
Oberlin Academy; Oberlin College; Ober- 
lin Theological Seminary; Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.: Union Theol. Seminary; Har- 
vard Divinity School; Harvard Graduate 
School; Chicago Univ.: Univ. Berlin. Col- 
lege degrees: A. B., Oberlin: A. M., Ober- 
lin; D. B., Harvard. Married, Caroline 
Isabel Caldwell. Aug. 15, 1899. Tutor 
Oberlin Academy, 1S7S-1883; Associate 
Prof. Greek and Latin Oberlin Coll., 1883- 
18SS; Prof. Latin Oberlin Coll., 1888-1903: 
Prof. American and Eng. History, Ober- 
lin Coll., 1895 . Congregationalism 

Home address: 209 W. College St., Ober- 
lin. O. 

HALL, PHILANDER D., Real Estate; born, 
Bridgeport. Conn.. Jan. 10. 1854: son of 
Lorenzo Hall and Mary J. (Habbell); edu- 
cated: Strassburg Univ., Strassburg, Ger- 
many. Married. Eva M. Grout, June 28, 
1894. Dealer in real estate. Socs. and 
clubs: Portage Country Club. Church of 
Our Savior. Home address: 590 Diagonal 
Road. Akron. O. 

HALL, THEODORE, Attorney; born, Ash- 
tabula. O.. Aug. 10. 1876: son of Edgar 
Hall and Susan E. (Pierce) Hall; edu- 
cated: Ashtabula. O.. high school; Adel- 
bert Coll., A. B. -(1901); Western Reserve 
Univ.. LL. B. (1904). Married. May 
Churchill Beamish, Nov. 16, 1904. Ad- 
mitted to bar of Ohio, 1904: engaged In 
general practice, Ashtabula, O., 1004 

Secy. Chamber of Commerce, Ashtabula 
O. Socs. and clubs: Delta Upsilon Frat. 
Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat.; Masonic Or- 
der. Home address: S Prospect St., Ash- 
tabula, O. 

HALL, WARD EVERETT, Clergyman; born. 
Warren Co.. 111.; son of M. W. Hall and 
Candis (Miller) Hall; educated: Eureka 
Coll.: Univ. Illinois: Drake Univ. College 
degrees: B. S. Married. Pansye Fahne- 
stock. June 21. 1909. Pastor, Church of 

Christ. Crooksville, Ohio, 1913 . Church 

Finances. Specialist; Secy. College Y. M. 
C. A. Home address: Crooksville, O. 

HALLE. SALMON P., Merchant: merchant 
of Halle Bros. Home address: 11240 Bell- 
flower Rd.. Cleveland. O 

HALLE. SAMUEL H., Merchant: merchant 
of Halle Bros. Home address: 2136 Har- 
court Drive. Cleveland. O. 



U>al Estate Broker; born. K--yii'>ldshurg. 
O.. AUK. 17. 1*43: son of William II. Hal- 
liday and Phoebe (Freeman) Hall: 
educated: Reynoldsburg. Ohio. Married, 
I^illian Brothevton. Dec. '2'.*. 1^". Hanker 
,;nd real estate broker: auditor of Frank- 
lin Co. 2 terms; member School Bd. So-'s. 
and clubs: Masonic; I. O. O. F. : Country 
Club; Chamber of Commerce; Publicity 
Bureau, Buckeye Republican Club, r 
hyterian Church. Srrvil :: yrs. as a 
her of the 113th O. V. I. in the Civil War. 
Home address: 539 E. Town St.. Colum- 
bus. O. 

HALLOCK, FRANK D., Physician: born, 
Wilkesbarre. Ha., Jan. 7, 1873; snn n!