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par00n0 Jamilg 

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Descendants of G>met Joseph Parsons 
Springfield, 1636"Nordiampton, 1655 


Henry Parsons, A. M. 

McmlMr of TIm New York Genealogical aoJ Biograpkical Society 

Frank Allaben Genealogical G>mpany 
Three West Forty-Second Street, New York 

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Copyright 1912 by Frank AUaben Genealogical Company 

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W/?8 191S^o'^ 



FATHER and MOTHER, whose sterling virtues grow brighter 
as advancing years and wider knowledge throw a truer light upon 
their devoted and unselfish lives. Henry Pabsons 

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''Remember the days of old, 
Consider the years of many generations: 
Ask thy father, and he will show thee; 
Thy elders, and they will tell thee/' 

Deuteronomy xxxii, 7 

'*It is with x\ntiquity as with Ancestry; Nations are proud of 
the one and Individuals of the other ; but if they are nothing in 
themselves, that which is their pride ought to be their humili- 
ation/' — Colton. 

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About forty years ago the late Dr. David Parsons Holton, one 
of the founders of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, was actively engaged in genealogical research pertain- 
ing to the Parsons and other American families, and at his re- 
quest I wrote to my father, James^ Parsons, and to an uncle, 
Henry^ Parsons, for whatever information they could each give 
as to their ancestry. Their statements, derived chiefly from their 
recollection of what their father, Elijah* Parsons, had told them, 
will be found herein. They were then both over sixty years of 
age, and their father, who in his twentieth year, had emigrated 
from Wilbraham, Mass., to Central New York, had been dead 
five years. His ancestral home was, relatively, further from Cen- 
tral New York in the early part of the last century than the most 
remote parts of the earth today, and communications in person, or 
by letter, were infrequent and difficult. 

These statements, although quite incomplete and fragmentary, 
and possibly not accurate in some details, yet furnish the neces- 
sary links in the ancestral line in Comet Joseph^ Parsons, and I 
now count myself fortunate in having obtained and preserved 
them. In my correspondence I have frequently found it difficult 
to get any information prior to the grandfather, when he, in early 
life, had removed far from the place of birth and the home of 
his ancestors. My grandfather, in his youth, had frequent inter- 
course with his grand&ther, Aaron^ Parsons, and also with his 
uncles and their families before leaving his ancestral home in 

About three years ago my attention was again directed to this 
subject, and the duty, as well as pleasure, was urged upon me to 
take up and complete what I had started so long ago, and which 
the cares of an active business life had for a time pushed aside. 

In this way the present work was begun, with no thought of 

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family pride, as, in fact, I knew so little of the family history, 
and of my ancestors and their descendants, that I had none of the 
inspiration that usually attends the knowledge of ancestral his- 
tory and tradition. 

My plan at first was to limit myself to the ancestral line, and 
descendants of my grandfather, but my interest grew as I pur- 
sued my investigations in the New York libraries and by corre- 
spondence, so that the scope was enlarged to take in as far as 
possible the descendants of my great-grandfather, Elijah* Par- 
sons, and still later, the descendants of his brothers, descendants 
of Aaron* Parsons. 

These investigations and correspondence, and particularly an 
examination of local New England histories, church periodicals, 
genealogies of families, allied by marriage, biographical diction- 
aries, etc., supplemented by personal research and extensive cor- 
respondence, brought to my attention a volume of interesting 
data pertaining to collateral lines, descendants of Comet Joseph 
Parsons which, although of a fragmentary character, I then in- 
tended to include in a separate part of the book, so bringing to- 
gether much historical and genealogical matter that was scattered 
through many volumes and gathered by much correspondence. 

But the volume of genealogical data grew to such an extent 
that I deemed it best to abandon my original plan and attempt at 
least a partial record of the descendants of Cornet Joseph Par- 
sons of all lines. When, as I believed, my work on this plan 
was about completed, I was so fortunate as to get access to the 
unpublished manuscripts of the late Dr. Holton and wife, con- 
taining genealogical data, pertaining to several Parsons families, 
including that of Comet Joseph Parsons, which, with much labor 
and expense, and during a period of about twenty years, they had 
gathered. Additional data was obtained from these manuscripts, 
and they aided me in comparing and correcting what I had pre- 
viously gathered. 

I have not attempted to follow the lines of the female descend- 
ants, except when specially requested to do so, and the data was 
furnished; as in many cases, it would only repeat what may be 
found in the published genealogies of the families into which 

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they had married. And I am also aware that I may have omitted, 
or not been able to follow, many lines of descent through male 

A work of this kind, covering a period of about two hundred 
and seventy-five years, is at its best, in large part fragmentary and 
unsatisfactory. The critic may fairly say — that much does not 
appear that properly belongs to it, and perhaps much has been 
said that could have been omitted. 

I have taken the liberty of adding a brief mention of the ances- 
try and descendants of the Best, Moyer and Cook families, colo- 
nists of the New York State, and which were allied by marriage 
to my immediate ancestors. 

In the preparation of this work I have consulted and frequently 
copied from the following works : The New England Historical 
and Genealc^cal Register, now in more than sixty volumes ; The 
History of Northampton, by Trumball ( 1898) ; The Antiquities 
of Northampton, by Clark; History of Hampden County, by 
Copeland; History of Springfield, by Green; History of Wilbra- 
ham, by Stebbins ; History of Leicester, by Washburn, and many 
other records, some of which are referred to in the text; but I 
am chiefly indebted to the "Parsons Family," by Albert Ross 
Persons and Henry M. Burt (1898), and the "Parsons Family," 
by Gen. Lewis B. Parsons (1900), for much of the Parsons an- 
cestry prior to about 1744. 

I also desire to express my indebtedness to Miss Mary E.^ Mil- 
ler, of South Hadley, Mass., for the record of the descendants 
of Elijah' Parsons, by his second wife, Eunice Jennings, to 
Charles A.* Parsons, of Danville, 111,, and Rev. N. Emerson* 
Parsons, of Homer, 111., for the record of the descendants of 
Elisha* Parsons, to Hon. Erastus H.® Staley, of Frankfort, Ind., 
for the record of the descendants of Erastus® Parsons, to Charles 
F." Parsons, of Oswego, N. Y., for the descendants of Col. Eli" 
Parsons, to John J.* Parsons, of Jarvis, Ontario, for the descend- 
ants of Isaac Jones* Parsons, to John C* Parsons, of Chicago, 
111., for the descendants of Rev. Silas** Parsons, to N. B. Par- 
sons, of Chicago, 111., for the descendants of Elder Stephen Par- 
sons, and to Carlos Parsons* Darling, Lawrenceville, Tioga coun- 

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ty, Pennsylvania, the record of the descendants of Capt. John* 

To very many others am I also indebted for prompt and inter- 
ested replies to letters of inquiry, evincing so great interest in my 
work that I found it difficult to decide when or where to end the 

For genealogical research has a special and unique fascination. 
We seem to make the personal acquaintance of kindred long dead to 
this world, and we are made to feel the continuity of life in a way 
that strengthens faith in immortality. We dwell with pleasure 
upon ancestral courage, patriotism, and fidelity to all that was true 
and pure, while we cast a mantle of forgetfulness over all short- 
comings. The qualities that were best in our ancestors we recog- 
nize as best today and forever. 

The more recent revival of interest in genealogy is in every 
way creditable to the American people, and is a patriotic service. 
Family history is interwoven with our country's history, particu- 
larly when its roots strike deep into Colonial times. 

The knowledge of our ancestors widens our horizon and pves 
a broader view of life and its responsibilities. We remember that 
posterity may sit in judgment on us, and our times, and this 
thought should be an inspiration and incentive to higher and 
better things. 

In the preparation of this record I confess to have experienced 
a growth of honest pride in my ancestry. For while few were 
conspicuous in our history, many of the name have done honor- 
able service, and they belong to the dass noted for industry, in- 
telligence, and piety, upon which our country must always de- 
pend for its real greatness, and from which in time of need or 
stress the country's statesmen, educators, philanthropists, and sol- 
diers are usually recruited. 

New York, 1912 Henry Parsons 

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Dedication 5 

Preface 9 

The Parsons Family in England, and Arms of Its Branches. . 17 

The Parsons Family in America 27 

First Generation, and Sketch of Comet Joseph^ Parsons 37 

Mary (Bliss) Parsons, Wife of Comet Joseph Parsons, and 

the Witchcraft Trials 44 

Second Generation 51 

Will of Joseph* Parsons 55 

Third Generation 65 

Will of Daniel* Parsons 71 

Fourth Generation 79 

The Isaac^ Parsons House at Northampton 90 

The Noah* Parsons House at Northampton 97 

Fifth Generation 105 

The Colonial (Parsons) Tavern at Springfield, Mass 128 

Shays' Rebellion 134 

Sixth Generation 151 

Seventh Generation 215 

Services of General Lewis B. Parsons in the Civil War 263 

Eighth Generation 313 

Ninth Generation 395 

Tenth Generation 421 

Allied Families 425 

The Best Family 427 

The Moyer Family 433 

The Cook Family 441 

Addenda 445 

Owner's Lineage (Facing) 468 

Index 469 

Postscript 532 

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Parsons Coat-of-Arms in Colors Frontispiece 

Arms of Other Parsons Families of England 25 

House of Cornet Joseph Parsons, Northampton, Mass., 

Built 1658 43 

House at Northampton, Mass., Built by Isaac^ Parsons, 1743 90 
House at Northampton, Mass., Built by Noah* Parsons, 1755 97 

Parsons Tavern at Springfield, Mass 128 

Portrait of The Reverend Levi* Parsons 183 

Portrait of Lewis Baldwin® Parsons 186 

Portrait of Elijah® Parsons 190 

Portrait of Hannah (Taggart) Parsons, Wife of Elisha* 

Parsons 192 

Portrait of Fortius F.® Parsons 195 

Portrait of Lucius Edmund® Parsons 224 

Portrait of The Reverend Levi^ Parsons, D. D 256 

Portrait of Walter C.^ Parsons 260 

Portrait of Philo^ Parsons 262 

Portrait of General Lewis B.^ Parsons 264 

Portrait of Charles^ Parsons 269 

Portrait of George^ Parsons 270 

Portrait of Peter^ Parsons 274 

Portrait of Henry^ Parsons 276 

Portrait of James^ Parsons 278 

Portrait of Hannah (Moyer) Parsons, Wife of James^ 

Parsons 280 

Portrait of The Reverend George^ Parsons 282 

Portrait of Elisha^ Parsons 288 

Portrait of Eli Graves^ Parsons 292 

Portrait of William D.^ Parsons 293 

Portrait of Charles W.^ Parsons 294 

Portrait of Monroe Marsh^ Cady 301 

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Portrait of The Reverend Gideon Parsons^ Nichols, D. D.. 302 

Portrait of Erastus Herman* Staley 350 

Portrait of Augustus* Parsons 353 

Portrait of James A.* Parsons 354 

Portrait of Seth* Parsons, of Piano, 111 356 

Portrait of The Reverend Andrew* Parsons 358 

Portrait of Albert* Parsons 360 

Portrait of Henry* Parsons 362 

Portrait of Seth* Parsons, of Sharon Springs, N. Y 366 

Portrait of The Reverend Charles Wesley* Parsons, D. D.. 370 

Portrait of Doctor George Robins* Parsons 372 

Portrait of The Reverend Nathaniel Emerson* Parsons 374 

Portrait of Portius Frank* Parsons 379 

Portrait of Charles Fred* Parsons 380 

Portrait of Victor Llewellyn* Parsons 381 

Portrait of Frank W.* Parsons 382 

Portrait of Louis Fairman* Parsons 410 

Portrait of Captain James Parsons* Robinson 414 

Portrait of Ernest Victor* Parsons 416 

Four Generations of the Parsons Family 418 

Portrait of Governor Lewis E/ Parsons 456 

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John Parsons, of Oxfordshire, about 1300. From him are de- 
scended Sir Thomas Parsons, of Great Milton, Sir Jdbn Parsons^ 
Lord Mayor of London, 1704, and Sir Hmnphrey Parsons, Lord 
Mayor of London, 1731 and 1740. 

Sir John Parsons, Mayor of Hereford, 1481. 

Robert Parsons (1546-1610), Jesuit Missionary, born at 
Nether-Stowey, Somerset, son of Henry Parsons. Educated at 
Balliol College, Oxford. He became a Roman Catholic and at* 
tained great power and influence in the church. He established 
an English cdUege at Rome, and at Valladolid, and published, sev- 
eral works. Disraeli (father of Lord Baconsfidd), in his curiosi- 
ties of literature, says of him : 

"Parsons, the wily Jesuit, was so doubtful how the Lady Ara- 
bella Stuart, when young stood toward Catholicism, that he de- 
scribes her religion to be tender, green and flexible, as is her age 
and sex, and to be wrought hereafter and settled according to 
future events and times." 

Robert Parsons, who died in 1570, was a musical composer, 
bom in Exeter, Devonshire. He left much music, found in Cathe* 
dral libraries. 

John Parsons, a noted musician in 1621, was appointed organ- 
ist and choir master at Westminster Abbey. He died in 1623, and 
was buried in the Abbey cloisters. 

Bartholomew Parsons (1574-1643), a native of Somerset, and 
of the same family as Robert, the Jesuit, was educated at Ox- 
ford, and was chaplain to the Bishop of Salisbury. 

His son, Bartholomew (Oxford 1637), was arrested July, 
1648^ for raising arms against Parliament. 

Sir William P^sons (i 570-1650), Lord Justice of Ireland, 
eldest son of James P^sons, was created Baronet 1620, M. P. 
1639, Lord Justice 1640. From Sir Richard, a son of Sir Wil- 
liam, are descended the Earls of Rosse. 

William Parsons, the 3d Earl of Rosse (1800-1867), the noted 

Philip Parsons (i 594-1653), principal of Hart Hall, now Hert- 
ford College, Oxford. 

Andrew Parsons (1616-1684), a dissenting minister, son of 

Digitized by 



John Parsons^ of Milton^ Somerset Educated at Oxford. Was 
prosecuted in 1660 for alleged seditious preaching against the 
King in Shropshire. Was tried, convicted, fined 200 pounds, and 
imprisoned. In 1662 the fine was remitted and he was released. 

James F^sons (1705-1770)9 physician and antiquarian, bom at 
Barnstaple, Devonshire. Educated at Dublin. Studied medicine 
at Paris. Eminent as a physician, and author of medical works. 

John Parsons (1761-1819), Bishop of Peterborough and Mas- 
ter of Balliol College, Oxford, son of Isaac Parsons. 

"With the mastership of Dr. Parsons the real revival of Balliol, 
and it may be said of tiie university generally, began, etc." 

In connection with this account of the English families of the 
name, and as an interesting historical feature, something shotdd 
be said as to the heraldic symbols and coat-armour of the ancient 
Parsons families. 

While heraldry and all matters pertaining to it have never had 
a place in American life or history, and the adoption and use of 
coats-of-arms and heraldic designs by Americans and American 
families, may be considered by many a meaningless affectation, it 
is nevertheless an impropriate part of any ancestral, or genealogi- 
cal study of &milies having an English, or other European origin. 
Its meaning and history may be found discussed in any Encyclo- 
pedia, but for brevity I quote from a well known authority the 

"In the days when Knights were so encased in armour that no 
means of idoatifying them were left, the practice was introduced 
of painting their insignia of honor on their shields as an easy 
method of distinguishing them. For a time Armorial Bearings 
were granted only to individuals but Richard I during his crusades 
to Palestine made them hereditary. The reason why Armorial 
Bearings are called coats-of-arms is, that they used to be intro- 
duced on the sur coat of their possessor, and the term was re- 
tained even when they were displayed elsewhere." 

A very exhausting discussion of the coat armour of the Eng- 
lish Parsons families is contained in the work of Albert Ross Par- 
sons, whose rq>utation as antiquarian and historian gives to his 

Digitized by 



Statements the weight of the highest authority, and I have taken 
the liberty of quoting largely from what he says on the subject 
In the course of his discussion he says : 

"In order to get a bird's-eye view of the ramifications of the 
ancient family of Parsons in Ei^land, we may begin with Here- 

"We note in this shire in the Heralds visitaticm of 14th Edward 
I as the most ancient representative of the family so far discov- 
ered the name of John Parsons, of Cuddington, A. D. 1284. 

"Two centuries later, A. D. 1481, Sir John Parsons was Mayor 
of Hereford. In his armorial bearings is a leopard's head (sym- 
bolizing military service in the Orient), between three crosses 
(designating the crusades). 

"The Parsons to whom this coat armour was originally granted 
may have gone to the Holy Land with Richard Coeur de Lion, 
and Frederick Barbarossa in 1189, ^^ ^^^ crusade that reached 
Palestine in force. 

"This crusade, however, was a failure, as Coeur de Lion was 
only able to get within sight of Jerusalem, twenty miles away, 
without daring to attack the dty, from which he retired, defeated, 
to imprisonment. Hence in the light shed by the laws of heraldic 
symbolism upon the crusaders coat armour of Sir John Parsons 
as it is further interpreted by the later arms of Sir Thomas Par- 
sons, of Oxfordshire, it is probable either (a) that the original 
grantee was a Knight who followed Robert of Normandy, son 
of William the Conquercr (1066), in the successful crusade of 
Godfrey of Bouillon, who 'with one hundred thousand steel clad 
Knights' set out for the Holy Land in 1096, and achieving the 
conquest of Jerusalem, set up in Palestine a Frank kingdom tfiat 
stood until 1147, Godfrey being elected the first king of Jerusa- 
lem; or else (b) that he went with the expedition of Richard 
Earl, of Cornwall (brother of Henry III, the nephew of Richard 
the Lion-hearted), who landed at Acre 'accompanied by the flower 
of the English chivalry' in 1239, remained in Palestine until the 
banner of the Cross was once more planted on the ruined walls 
' of Jerusalem. 

"For the arms of Sir Thomas Parsons, of Oxford, which, like 

Digitized by 



those of Sir Jrfin Parsons, of Hereford, can only refer to the 
crusades, place the leopard's head in the crest, surmounted by an 
eagle's thigh erased, symbolizmg victory in the Orient, and dis- 
playing upon the coat armour two chevrons, a combination signi- 
fying that the original grantee was eminent both as ecclesiastic 
and as warrior, together with three eagles displayed, thus plac- 
ing emphasis upon successive victories won. 

"The arms of the Earls of Rosse, descended from Sir Richard 
Persons, of Norfolk, subsequently established in Ireland, bear 
three leopard's heads, while the crosses of the ancient crusader of 
Hereford, reappear in the arms of the Parsons family of Radnor- 
shire, Wales, whose connections with the Parsons of Essex and 
Devonshire will presently be shown, a further connection between 
this Parsons family of Wales and the Oxfordshire Parsons being 
indicated by the repeated appearance of the Welch name Hugh 
in the Oxfordshire family. 

"Thus the heraldic indications of the Parsons arms and crest 
carry back the family patronymic, in connection with distin- 
guished ecclesiastic and military service, to the time of William 
the Conqueror. 

"Adjoining Hereford on the east is Worcestershire, where, 
prior to the time of Cromwell, Dorothy, daughter of Sir Charles 
Parsons, married Sir Charles Saunders, whose son. Sir Robert, 
married Arabella, daughter of Sir Marmaduke Humphreys, and 
became ancestor of the Saunders families of Devonshire and else- 

"The next county, but one to the east of Worcestershire, is 
Northampton, where, about A. D. 1550, resided (i) Ralph Par- 
sons, who had a son (2), J<^n, who married the daughter of 
Esquire Cutler, and had a son (3), John of Boveny, who married 
Elizabeth, sole heiress of Sir John Kidderminster, and had two 
sons (4), I Charles, bom 1625, died without issue, (5) H Wil- 
liam, and diree daughters. 

'This William (5) married EUzabeth, daughter and heiress of 
Sir Lawrence Parsons, by whom he had two sons; one (6) a 
colonel who died without issue, and the other, John (7), his suc- 
cessor. William (5) was made a baronet by Charles H. He was 

Digitized by 



somewhat oonapicttous during the interr^gnuin, as may be inferred 
from his having given a pass to a gentleman of the privy chamber 
to visit Ireland. This gentleman having been taken by the Parlia- 
ment officers was put to the rack. 

''Sixty miles further east, in the County of Norfolk, toward 
the close of the Sixteenth century, resided the Rt Rev. Dn Par- 
sons, Lord Bishop of Norwich, who had three sons, I Thomas, II 
Sir William, III Sir Lawrence. 

"Of these sons. Sir William II married the niece of Sir God- 
frey Lacy. Sir William was commissioner of plantations to Ire- 
land, under Queen Elizabeth, in 1602, Sunreyor General of Ire- 
land in 1611, Supervisor of Crown lands (in conjunction with 
his brother, Lawrence), in i6ao, Knighted in November of the 
same year, M. P. in 1639, Lo^^^ Deputy in 1640. From Sir Rich- 
ard, the son of this Sir William Paxsons, are descended the Earls 
of Rosse. 

'Retracing our way, twenty miles west of Hereford, is Radnor- 
shire, where, in 1634, the high sheriff of the shire was Cecil Par- 
sons, Esq., descended paternally from the Parsons of Springfield, 
Essex County (the place of residence of William Pynchon, Esq., 
founder of Springfield, Mass.), and maternally from the Jeffreys 
of Prior, County Brecon. This Jeffrey-Parsons descent reminds 
us that at AlphingtcMi, near Exeter, Devonshire, one hundred 
miles south of Radnor, was bom, in 1631, Jeffrey Parsons, who 
came to America and settled at Gloucester, Mass. Meanwhile, it is 
but thirty miles from Alphington to the Torringtons, whence, ac- 
cording to Rev. Jonathan Parsons, came his grandfather, Dea- 
con Benjamin Parsons, the brother of Comet Joseph Parsons, of 
Springfield, Northampton, and Boston, Mass. Here is a clear 
connection through Radnorshire between the Parsons of Devon- 
shire and those of Springfield, Essex, the seat of the Pynchon 

Albert Ross Parsons concludes from his investigations of the 
subject, only a part of which is quoted above, that the descend- 
ants of Jeffrey Parsons, who settled in Gloucester, Mass., and the 
descendants of Comet Joseph Parsons, and of Deacon Benjamin 
Fiarsons, both of whom originally settled in Springfield, Mass., 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


PARSONS (earlofrosse) 



Digitized by LjOOQIC 


and all three of whom, without much doubt, came from Devon- 
shire, England, may properly assume the ancient arms of Sir John 
Parsons, of Hereford. And we may add with equal reason, the 
later arms of Sir Thomas Parsons, of Oxford, having the same 
distinguishing characteristic of the leopard's head. 

Crozier's General Armory, which is regarded as an authority 
by Americans, gives to Joseph Parsons the arms of Sir Thomas 
of Oxford, probably for the reasons stated above. 

The arms of the various English families of Parsons, shown 
herewith, can all be found in Burke's General Armory. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Digitized by 


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It will be remembered that the emigration from England to 
the American colonies that we are now considering occurred dur- 
ing the troublous and unsettled times that immediately preceded 
the Cromwellian wars between the King (Charles I) and the 
Parliament, and while England was, as has been well described, 
''little better than an armed Camp/' It was the last great stand 
of the Royal Prerogative against Democracy. It was the Puritan 
against the King and it was the Puritan in three aspects that was 
the soul of the Democratic uprising. The Puritan in politics 
seeking civil rights; in religion as against the established, or any 
state church, and in morals seeking a higher and purer standard 
of life, and all these characteristics usually, but not always, united 
in the same person. 

The Pilgrims who came over in the Mayflower and many others 
who followed had lived for several years in Holland, that cradle 
of religious and civil liberty, and we have reason to believe that 
the civil and religious institutions of New England owe as much, 
if not more, to Holland than to England. 

It was during this period that several by the name of Parsons 
emigrated. The first of the name to s^pear in New England 
was Joseph Parsons, later known as Comet Joseph, from his 
military office, whose first appearance of record in history was 
as witness to a deed given by the Indians to William Pynchon and 
others of lands at and about Springfield, Mass., and this record 
will be confined chiefly to his descendants. 

Others by the name whose descendants have been honorably 
conspicuous in the history of our country and who settled in 
New England are these: 

Benjamin Parsons, known in history as Deacon Benjamin, a 
brother of Joseph, and who also settled in Springfield, Mass., 
but many of whose descendants in the second and third genera- 

Digitized by 



tions were in Enfield, Conn. Thomas Parsons, who settled in 
Windsor, Conn. ; Samuel Parsons, who first came to Connecticut 
but later settled at East Hampton, Long, Island, N. Y.; John 
Parsons, who, about 1680, was at York, Me.; Jeffrey Parsons, 
who went first to the Barbadoes but settled at Gloucester, Mass., 
the ancestor of Judge Theophilus Parsons and his son. Prof. 
Theophilus Parsons, of Cambridge, Mass.; Philip Parsons, who 
appeared at Enfield, Conn., about 1690; William Parsons, who 
settled in Boston. 

The records show that others by the name settled in Maryland 
and Virginia, but those of the name now living in this country, 
of Colonial descent, can usually trace their descent from one of 
the above named New England colonists. 

We do not think that it has been definitely determined, up to 
this time, where in England Comet Joseph Parsons was bom, who 
his parents were, or when and how he came to America, but cir- 
cumstantial evidence points to either Devon or Essex County 
as the place of his birth, with the preference to Devonshire, and 
that he sailed from Gravesend, England, in the "Transport," Ed- 
ward Walker, Master, July 4, 1635. 

The letter of Rev. Jonathan Parsons of Newburyport, Mass., 
to his son. Gen. Samuel Holden Parsons, furnishes quite satis- 
factory evidence that his grandfather. Deacon Benjamin Parsons, 
was bom at or near Torringfton, in Devonshire, and came to this 
country soon after Joseph. It is also well settled by record evi- 
dence that Cornet Joseph Parsons and Deacon Benjamin Parsons 
were brothers, the following being some of the evidence : 

In the action of Joseph Parsons against James Bridgeman (one 
of the witchcraft trials hereinafter mentioned), Benjamin Par- 
sons of Springfield was a witness, and he refers to the wife of 
Joseph as "my sister" and as "Sister Parsons." 

Also in the accounts between Pynchon and Joseph Parsons 
there were three charges against Parsons, under date of March 
12, 1656. 

"To Goodman Bissall I paid for you lod more than I formerly 
accounted & the wheate your Bro. Benjamin delivered me 1 ac- 
counted It J^ bushel to much." 

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In 1658 occurs this credit to Parsons: "By so much I re- 
ceived of your Brother Benjamin 12 shillings." 

These accounts are in the Springfield, Mass., City Library and 
are published in the 'Tarsons Family," by Albert Ross Parsons 
(1898), who, at p. 76, of his book, gives other strong circumstan*- 
tial evidence, net only that Joseph and Benjamin were brothers, 
but the probability that Thomas of Windsor, Conn., and Samuel 
of Long Island, were their brothers because of the similarity of 
the baptismal names of the children of these four families. But, 
as to this, it may be said that in all the New England colonial 
families there was a striking similarity of names. 

William Pynchon was one of the Grantors of the Massachu- 
setts Bay Company and came fnxn Springfield, Essex County, 
England, in 1630, in company with Bradford and others. About 
1635 he, with others, obtained permission to settle in the Con- 
necticut Valley and, in 1636, is the first record of Joseph Parsons 
at Springfield with Pynchon as witness to the Indian deed. 

Hon. Henry C. Murphy, late of Brooklyn, N. Y., while U. S. 
Minister at The Hague, soon after the Civil War, examined the 
records at Amsterdam and Leyden of the English Puritans, who 
had lived in Holland, and he found at Leyden the name, among 
others, of Joseph Parsons, of Colchester, one of the congregation 
of Rev. John Robinson. Colchester is in Essex County, Eng- 
land, near to Springfield, and it is at once suggested that he may 
have been the father, or a near relative of Joseph Parsons, of 
Springfield, Mass. (See Founders of New England, by Drake, 

p. 87.) 

Mr. Albert Ross Parsons, in his book, p. 93, gives some very 
interesting facts as to the Pynchon and Parsons &nulies» and 
his conclusions therefore have great force. He says, in sub- 
stance, as follows: 

''William Horn, of London, one of the Judges of Guildhall, 
had two sons, Thomas and John. William, a son of Thomas, 
married Elizabeth Parsons, a daughter of Thomas Parsons, Gent., 
Stortford, Essex ; and Bardiolomew, a* son of John, married Jane 
Pynchon, a first cousin of William Pynchon. It is probable that 
William Pynchon was cognizant of this connection, and he was 

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a Puritan. We now note that among the Pilgrims of the congre- 
gation of Rev. John Robinson, of Leyden, prior to the sailing of 
the Mayflower, was Joseph Persons of Cddiester, Essex." 

And at p. 94, "At the same time we find recorded in Essex the 
marriage of Abigail, daughter of John Parsons. Comet Joseph 
Parsons and Benjamin Parsons, of Springfield, and Thomas P^- 
sons, of Windsor, Conn., all had daughters named Abigail, &c." 

"The only supposition capable of harmonizing the known facts 
of the Pynchon-Parsons problem would seem to be that Joseph 
Persons and Pynchon's younger son left England at about the 
same time to seek their fortunes; young Persons, joining his Pyn- 
chon connections at Springfield, and young Pynchon accompany- 
ing or following his Parsons connections to the Barbadoes. Sub- 
sequently the prospects of Joseph Parsons became sufficiently 
promising to induce his father (see letter of Jonathan Parsons) 
to come from Devonshire to visit the settlement at Windsor, Hart- 
ford and Springfield, bringing with him Joseph's brothers, Ben- 
jamin, Thomas, of Windsor, and perhaps Samuel, subsequently 
of East Hampton, L. I. Their Devonshire connection, Jeffrey 
Parsons, went first to the Barbadoes and later settled in Glouces- 
ter, Mass." 

In the New England Historical and Genealogical Record, Vol. 
12, p. 175, is a copy of a letter dated Newburyport, Mass., Oct. 
^ ^7699 written by Rev. Jonathan Parsons to his son, Samuel 
Holden Parsons, of Lynn, Conn., which is so interesting, not only 
as to its genealogical statements, but also as to the religious con- 
troversies of the times, that I quote it in full as written : 

"Dear Child: 

"I am glad to hear by yours of ye first and loth inst yt your 
health is restored & pray God to give ye a heart to serve him in 
newness of spirit. Sorry I am to find ye chhs. are thrown into 
confusion & ye more so as I understand much of ye controversy 
is whether ye children of those Parents who do not come to ye 
Lord's Table shall be baptised or not My judgment is yt no 
minister or chh has a rig^t to deny baptism to those children 
whose parents openly profess good principles, and lead a moral 

Digitized by 



life, even tho they do not come to the Lord's Table & I am very 
sorry Dr. Bellamy & others have stired up strife abt. yt matter. 
I think they may be easily answered, and were I a minister in 
your colony I believe I should think it my duty to enter ye List. 

"I am persuaded if the Seperatists from Mr. Edwards had 
an able leader Mr. Edwards must either be convinced or removed. 
Mr. Bird is not his Match & perhaps those yt seperate do not de- 
sire him if he was. I should be loth to stand in a special conven- 
tion with a particular church that goes into yt new scheme. The 
like controversy gave great disturbance to ye protestant church 
150 years ago but was happily calmed by some able Pers. 

"You write yt one Samuel Parsons from Martinico desires to 
know from what part of England our ancestors came. I will tell 
you as near as my memory enables me (as I have no record of 
the matter but what I heard from my parents). I suppose my 
Great-Grandfather Parsons came from Great Torrington about 
20 or 30 miles from Tiverton and not far from Exeter. He came 
over and brought my Grandfather, Benjamin Parsons, and other 
children about 130 years ago perhaps 140. I believe ye Parsons 
Record of my Great-Grandfather and Grandfather might be 
found either at Great Torrington or Tiverton & by yt means it 
might be known whether we & Samuel Parsons are descended 
from one stock. My Great-Grandfather Marshfield came from 
Exeter, and brought my Grandfather when he was about 4 years 
old. My Grandfather Marshfield's name, I think, was Samuel 
and my Great-Grandfather's name Josiah. 

"They came over about the same time, with my Great-Grand- 
father Parsons, and his family. I should be glad if the History 
of the families could be traced back as far as those 3rt first came 
over, for it might be of service to some of their descendants. 

"My love to my children and grandchildren & am your care- 
ful father, J. Parsons. 

"Newburyport, Oct. 20, 1769." 

In the American Biographical Dictionar>', by Allen (1852), is 
this record of the writer of the above letter : 

"Parsons, Jonathan, b. West Springfield, Nov. 30, 1705. Yale 
1729. Ordained 1730, Minister Lyme." 

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He was the son of Ebenezer Parsons, of Springfield, and Mar- 
garet, daughter of Samuel Marshfield, and Ebenezer was a son 
of Benjamin Parsons and Sarah Vore, his wife, of Springfield, 
Mass. (Vol. I, N. E. Hist. & Gene. Reg.) 

His son, Gen. Samuel Holden Parsons, to whom the above let- 
ter was written, later served with great distinction during the 
Revolutionary war, and after the war was appointed Governor of 
the Northwestern Territory by Washington. His name fre- 
quently appears in the early histories of Indiana and Illinois. 

An interesting sidelight on this subject is in "Notes and Quer- 
ies," an English publication, 3d series. Vol. 11, p. 440, Jan. to 
June, 1867. The writer says : 

"Parsons Family. My attention has been accidentally drawn 
to some memoranda of a family of Parsons in an early number 
of the 'New England Historical and Genealogical Register.' As 
the article in question is a sad medley of various totally different 
families, some notice of the name may be of service to your Trans- 
Atlantic Colleague. A Buckinghamshire family (Baronets) now 
extinct bore azure, on a chevron aegent between 3 oak leaves 
and as many crosses, gules. 

"Distinct families of the name with different coats-of-arms were 
established in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, in Sussex, and at 
Milton, County Oxford. From the latter a family in Barbadoes 
is said to descend. But the family referred to among the early 
settlers in New England (whose arms are correctly given in the 
New England Register) descends from the family of Parsons of 
Black Torrington, near Highampton, Devonshire, who appear to 
have been allied by marriage to the Giffords, Mouks, Mathews, 
and other leading names of that country. Of this family was Sir 
John Parsons, Lx)rd Mayor of London, 1704. Sir Humphrey 
Parsons, who held the same office, in 1730, who both bore the 
same arms. A tombstone (engraved with the same arms and 
crest) to the memory of John Parsons, Esq., of Bere, with the 
date 167s, was recently removed from the church yard of Black 
Torrington to the adjacent school house by the Vicar. The 
Irish family may possibly derive from the foregoing, but accord- 
ing to the Peerage, they have borne within the last 40 years two 

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entirely different coats-of-arms, neither of them that of Parsons 
of Black Torringtbn." 

In the proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, Vol. 
20, No. I, published 1904, is a monograph by George Maynard, 
Esq., of Worcester, Mass., upon the Parsons family, with special 
reference to the families of Worcester and Leicester, Mass., who 
were descended from Comet Joseph Parsons. At page 45 Mr. 
Maynard says : 

'The Parsons family is of English descent and found at an 
early period in New England. In all the centuries of their his- 
tory tiiey have borne an honorable part in the affairs of both 
England and America, and many of that name have been promi- 
nent as clergymen, physicians, jurists, scholars, and soldiers. 
, . . On the fourth July, 1635, Joseph Parsons sailed with his 
brother, Benjamin, and others of the family from Gravesend, 
England, in the Barque "Transport," Edward Walker, master, 
bound for America. He was bom at Great Torrington, near 
Exeter, Devonshire, England, and is supposed to be descended 
from Sir Thomas Parsons, of Milton Royal, who was Knighted 
by King Charles I, in 1634." . 

In a subsequent correspondence with Mr. Maynard as to his 
authority for the statements with reference to the birthplace of 
Joseph Persons, and when and how he came from England to 
America, I learned that his authority was chiefly family tradition, 
based upon statements made by the descendants of the Rev. Solo- 
mon Parsons, and records preserved by his family and by the 
families of the late Samuel H. Persons, of Hartford, Conn. 

While there is still an absence of authoritative facts I place 
great reliance upon the statement made in the letter above quoted, 
written by the Rev. Jonathan Parsons, in 1769; and I believe we 
may also rely upon the statement made by Mr. Ma3mard as to 
the birthplace and sailing of Josej^ Parsons from England, in 
July, 1635. 

I have grave doubts, however, as to his being a son or de- 
scendant of Sir Thomas Piirsons, of Milton Royal, knighted by 
King Charies I, in 1634, for these reasons: Both Joseph and 
Benjamin Parsons were Puritans and dissenters in politics and 

Digitized by 



religion^ and we have every reason to believe that they were de- 
scended from stock holding similar opinions and beliefs in Ei^- 
land; and it is not reasonable to suppose that King Charles I 
would have bestowed knighthood at that period upon any one 
holding those views. 

We must not forget, however, the state of strife and civil war 
existing in England at the time. Families were often divided in 
sentiment, as in the border states during our Civil war. In the 
same family may have been Kii^, men, and Parliament men, 
and those who emigrated severed old associations and family 
ties. Hence the difficulty now in so many instances in determin- 
ing the parentage and ancestral home in England of so many of 
the Colonial fathers. Their thought was to found new families 
in the New World rather than to preserve the links to the old. 
Their eyes were turned to the future, rather than to the past. 
Communication with the Old World was infrequent, their lives 
were strenuous, and exacting, and for two or more generations 
allowed of little thought beyond the means of subsistence and the 
protection of themselves and families from hostile foes. Do we 
wonder that even the educated and more intelligent had uncertain 
knowledge as to who their English grandfathers or great-grand- 
fathers were? 

It is the pride of English families to be able to trace their line- 
age to Norman ancestors and to the time of William the Con- 
queror, and this feeling is alive to considerable extent in their 
American descendants. But nobler than the conquests of the 
Norman Duke and his ruthless followers was the work of our 
American ancestors who conquered the wilds of the unbroken 
forests of the Atlantic coasts and the work of their later de- 
scendants, the pioneers of the Great Middle West And today 
Americans are thinking less of Norman or English ancestry and 
take more pride in descent from the colonists of the 17th Cen- 
tury, whose heroic struggles founded a Republic where civil and 
religious liberty could be fostered and find an abiding home. 

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I. Joseph Parsons is believed to have been the first of the 
name in America. He was known as Comet Joseph, from the 
military title which he, in later years, bore; the Cornet being the 
color-bearer and third in command in a British troop or regi^ 
ment of cavalry* The best attainable evidence is that he was bom 
at or near Great Torrington, Devonshire, England, about 1618, 
and came to America about 1635, possibly earlier. On July 15, 
1636, he was a witness to the deed of cession made by the In* 
dians to William Pynchon and others of a large tract 6i land on 
both sides of the Connecticut River, then called Agawan but later 
Springfield, the consideration being 18 yards of wamptmi, 18 
coats, 18 hatchets, 18 hoes and 18 knives, a copy of which deed 
can be seen in the recorder's office in Springfield, Mass. (It is 
published in full in Vol. 15, New England Hist, and Biog. Regis- 
ter, pp. 140-141.) At that time he was about seventeen years of 
age, as he testified at the March term of the court at Northamp- 
ton» in 1662, on proof of said deed. This deed was made but 
sixteen years after the landing of the Pilgrims, and but six years 
after the first settlement of Bost(Hi. Munsell's ''American An- 
cestry'' states that Joseph Parsons came over with WiUiam 
Pynchon, the leader of the Springfield colonists, who was one of 
the patentees of the grant by the Crown to the Massachusetts 
Bay Company, and a fellow passenger with Winthrop, who came 
over in 1630. It is probable that he was a prot^;6 and possibly 
a relative of Pynchon, which would account for their intimate 
social and business relations, both with him and later with his son, 
John Pynchon. In 1646 Joseph's younger brother, Benjamin, 
known in history as Deacon Benjamin, first appeared in Spring- 
field, where he and his family continued to reside for the greater 
part of his life. He was a man of great ability and purity of 
character, and who exerted a wide influence in laying the founda- 


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tion of a Christian state. On Nov. 2, 1646 (O. S.), Joseph Par- 
sons married Mary Bliss, the daughter of Thomas Bliss, of Hart- 
ford, Conn., who was a son of Thomas Bliss, of Belstone Parish, 
Devonshire, England, from whom is descended the Bliss family 
of this country. 

It is possible that Joseph may have resided for a time prior to 
his marriage in Hartford, and it is further possible that Joseph 
and Mary may have known each other in youth in old Devon- 
shire. We find from the Springfield records that in 1646 Joseph 
Parsons was elected town surveyor, which indicated that he was 
a young man of good education and enjoyed the confidence of 
his fellow colonists, as it was a very responsible office, where 
property lines for ownership and for roads and all civil divisions, 
had to be first made in a wilderness country. 

The records also show that in 1647 he was a taxpayer with 
forty-two others in Springfield. In 1650 he was overseer of 
fences and, in 165 1, he was elected a selectman, the highest town 
office in the gift of the people. 

In 1655 he, with others, purchased from the Indians a lai^e 
tract of country at "Noltwog,*' now Northampton, Mass., where 
he was selectman for several years, except the second year when, 
as the record shows, he paid the town twenty shillings not to 
elect him to any office, so that he might attend to his private 
aflFairs. At a town meeting, held February, 1656, '*It was agreed 
that Joseph Parsons, paying twenty shillings, shall be freed from 
any office in the town of Northampton for one year." 

In 1658 he was a witness to a deed by the Indian Chiefs to 
Major John Pynchon of lands comprising the town of Hadley, 
and afterwards was one of the Agents of Northampton who ne- 
gotiated the sale of these lands to the people of Hadley. 

About 165s he purchased of William Pynchon, for the sum 
of twelve pounds. Sterling, per year, a monopoly of the Connec- 
ticut river beaver or fur trade, in which, as appears from his ac- 
counts with P3mchon recently published, he was for many years 
successfully engaged. 

In 1664 he was one of a committee of the town of Northamp- 
ton sent "to deliver the mind of the town to the Indians," who 

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desired land upon which to build a fort, the conditions being 
^that the Indians do not work, game or carry burdens within the 
town on the Sabbath nor pow wow here, nor anywhere else, nor 
get liquor nor dder nor get drunk ; nor admit Indians from with- 
out the town, nor break down the fences but go over a stile at 
one place, nor admit among them the murderers, Calamanc Wut- 
towhan and Pacquellant, nor hunt, nor kill cattle, sheep or swine 
with their dogs" . . . 

From 1672 to 1678 he was Comet of the Hampshire Troop, 
commanded by Capt. John Pynchon, the first troop of horse 
formed in Western Massachusetts, and, in 1679, he was a mem- 
ber of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, 
the first regularly organized military company in America. 

He became a large land o¥mer in Springfield, Hadley and 
Northampton. He also owned two valuable lots in Boston, a 
residence and storehouse on the harbor. 

In 1668, a sawmill being needed, a grant of twenty acres was 
made, but the grantee failing in his contract, Parsons purchased 
it and made it a success. 

In the spring of 1671 Joseph Parsons, with three others, went 
on an exploring expedition to what is now Northfield, Mass., and 
concluded a bargain with the Indians for a tract of over 10,000 
acres of land on the "great river'' (Connecticut). His intimate 
acquaintance with the Indians as a fur trader, taking him to their 
villages up and down the Connecticut valley, made him invalu- 
able in any transactions with them. It is a fact that has been 
strangely overlooked, or ignored, that most of the early settlers of 
New England occupied their lands by actual purchase from the 
Indians. Many historical writers have stated that William Penn 
was the first to purchase a conveyance from the Indians, and he 
has had much praise for doing what had many times been done 
in New England long before Penn came to America. 

His military record is best shown by an extract from the "reg- 
ister of the officers and members of the New Hampshire Society 
of Colonial Wars," viz, : 

"Parsons, Comet Joseph, 1618-1683, member of Capt. John 
Pynchon's Hampshire County troop; King Philip's War, 1672- 

Digitized by 



1678; appointed Cornet Hampshire troop Oct. 7, 1678; member 
of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Boston, 1679; served 
in the French and Indian wars, Colony of Massachusetts Bay. 
He was a partner of William Pynchon in the fur trade of the 
Connecticut valley and was the chief founder of Northampton, 

Comet Joseph Parsons was preeminently a business man, with 
the courage and enterprise which peculiarly fitted him to take a 
leading part in the setdement of a new country. Savage says that 
he was "the most enterprising man in the Connecticut valley for 
a quarter of a century/' and Burt, in his Monograph, says that 
"with perhaps a single exception he was the most prosperous and 
successful of any of the settlers and acquired a handsome prop- 
erty, the largest, unless it be that of John Pynchon, of any in 
Hampshire County, an evident indication of his foresight and 

The public records of his day, as well as contemporary writ- 
ings still in existence, testify to his remarkable activity and force 
of character. That he was a man of integrity and justice is 
shown by the trust reposed in him in his frequent transactions 
with the Indians, so necessary in connection with public affairs 
in those times ; while the numerous offices which he filled during 
his long life testify to the regard of his fellow colonists. He had 
in an eminent d^ree those traits which qualified him to be a 
founder of this new civilization, and a worthy companion among 
those who made New England known and honored. 

In the historical catalog of the Northampton First Church, 
1661 to 1891, by Rev. Solomon Clark, at page 9, is this record: 
"Joseph Parsons united with the little band at Northampton in 
1655. Had the title of Comet. Kept the first house of entertain- 
ment in the place. The Parsons family there descended from 
him," and at page 11, with reference to his son, "Joseph Parsons, 
Jr., third Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, a man of laiffe 
business, public and private, lived with his wife sixty years, reared 
twelve children, all married ; had large families. His son, Joseph, 
was pastor at Lebanon, Conn., 1700-8." 

Comet Joseph Parsons spent the last years of his life in Spring- 

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field, Mass., where he died, Oct. 9, 1683. His wife, Mary Bliss, 
was born in England in 1620, and died at Springfield, Jan. 29, 

A picture is given of the house said to have been erected by 
Comet Joseph Parsons at Northampton, in 1658, and occupied 
by him many years until his return to Springfield about 1680. 
Desiring to have these facts corroborated I sent a copy of the 
picture to a merchant of Northampton, who referred my letter 
to the present occupant of the house, who kindly sent me the fol- 
lowing letter, with permissicHi to publish it, if I so desired : 

"58 Bridge St., Northampton, Mass. 
"Mr. ^ENRY Parsons, 
"Dear Sir: 
"Your infonnation that this is the house of Comet Joseph Par- 
sons is correct. We have always set its date 1657, as it was prob- 
ably built within three years of the settling of Northampton 
(1654). The house has been in the possession of two families 
only since its erection. The Parsons occupied it till 1807, Na- 
thaniel Parsons being the last. It then passed into the hands of 
Daniel Wright, Esq., who was my great-grandfather, and has 
continued in his family ever since. It has just become the prop- 
erty of my brothers and myself, and as we are direct descendants 
of Comet Joseph it again enters into the possession of the original 
proprietors. The old house is an interesting curiosity, showing 
the marks of the axes which hewed the timbers from the forest 
"Very sincerely yours, 

"Anna Catharine Bliss 
"July 10, 1909." 

The following contains a sentiment which, I believe, will re- 
ceive hearty endorsement: 

'Dear to my heart are the ancestral dwellings of America, 
Dearer than if they were haunted by ghosts of Old World 

These are the homes that were built by the brave banners of a 


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They are simple enough to be great and full of a friendly 
dignity." — Henry Van Dyke, in Scribnef^s Magazine, Nov., 


The following incident in the life of the first ancestral mother 
of the Parsons family in America, as illustrative of the times, I 
am sure will interest her descendants. 

Mary, the wife of Comet Joseph Parsons, was the daughter 
of Thomas Bliss, of Hartford, Conn., a son of Thomas Bliss, of 
Belstone Parish, Devonshire, England. She was bom in Eng- 
land in 1620 and came to this country with her parents. The 
Bliss family soon became prominent in the Connecticut Valley, 
and has ever since been honorably knpwn in the history of the 
country. In 1656, and soon after the removal of the Parsons 
family from Springfield to Northampton, Joseph Parsons brought 
an action for slander against Sarah Bridgman, the wife of James 
Bridgman, charging that Sarah had accused Mary, his wife, of 
being a witch. The record of this notable case will be found at 
considerable length in Trumbull's History of Northampton, Vol. 
I, pp. 43-50; also on pages 228-234, copied from the original 
record now on file in Boston. I will give only its substance. 

Several Springfield families, including the Bridgmans, had set- 
tled in Nortfiampton. It seems that Mary Parsons' strong per- 
sonality had aroused enmity in Springfield, which followed her 
to Northampton, and neighborhood gossip did the rest and she 
was accused of being a witch. Margaret Bliss, the mother of 
Mary Parsons, hearing these stories lost no time in interviewing 
the author of these stories. 

"Goodwife Bridgman was equal to the occasion and told her to 
her face that she did hear that her daughter was suspected to be 
a witch." Exasperated by this slanderous gossip, Joseph Par- 
sons brought this action to defend the reputation of his wife. 
The belief in witchcraft was common at that time and the charge 
involved an unholy partnership with the devil. We, of the 20th 
Century, find it difficult to appreciate the situation as it existed 
250 years ago, but the trials, persecutions, and punishments for 
witchcraft which took place in Massachusetts, a few years later, 
are the darkest blots upon its otherwise glorious history. The 

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record of the testimony upon the trial which followed arouses 
mingled feelings of mirth and sadness and can be summarized 
somewhat as follows : 

Following hard upon the heels of any disagreement, or quar- 
rel, between Mary Parsons and any member of the Bridgman 
family, a fatal disease would seize upon some horse, cow, or pig, 
belonging to the Bridgman family and, as the disease could not 
be accounted for in any other way, it must be the result of Mary's 
uncanny influence exercised by way of revenge. Mrs. Bridg- 
man's child died and she said she thought Mary Parsons had be- 
witched it. 

Her eleven-year-old son fractured his knee, which seems to 
have been very bunglingly set by the ''Chirugcon," and the little 
fellow in his agony cried out that Mary Parsons was pulling his 
leg off, and that he saw her on the shelf. When she went away 
he said that a black mouse followed her. 

William Hannum testified that he had a ''falling out" with 
Mary Parsons about the use of her brother John's (John Bliss) 
oxen. After that he lost, by disease, a ''lusty cow" and a "lusty 
swine" that had before been well and healthy. In a day or two 
after, while on his way to Windsor, with his cart and oxen, one 
of the cattle was bitten by a rattlesnake and died there. "These 
things," he said, "doe something run in my mind that I cannot 
have my mind from this woman." 

A Mrs. Hannum was also a witness. She lived a short distance 
from Mrs. Parsons on Market Street. She testified that she had 
"been warned by some of Windsor and some of Norwattack 
(Northampton) to beware how I had to do with Mary, the wife 
of Joseph Persons." Notwithstanding this warning, she spun 
yam for Mrs. Parsons and there were disputes between them as 
to the quantity. Then Mrs. Parsons had asked that one of Mrs. 
Hannum's daughters might go to live with her, which had been 
refused. Then her daughter, "though formerly healthy, yet this 
summer hath been sickly and unhelpful to me which, though I 
know it may be by Grod's own immediate hand, yet it causes some 
jealousyes in me against Mary because it fell out within three or 
four days after I had given her a full denyal of my daughter's 

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And Trumbull adds : "Here is the covert insinuation of un- 
canny dealings by Mrs. Parsons. The daughter, charmed with 
the idea of living With one of the richest families in town was 
disappointed at the refusal of her mother and sulked and wouldn't 
help about the house work." 

The decision of the court was in favor of the plaintiff and 
against Mrs. Bridgman, and she was ordered to make public ac- 
knowledgment of her fault at Northampton and Springfield, and 
that her husband, James Bridgman, pay to plaintiff £io and 
£7 IS, cost of court. 

And Trumbull makes the following comment on page 45: 
"Mary Parsons was apparently a proud and nervous woman, 
haughty in demeanor and inclined to carry things with a high 
hand, she belonged to the aristocracy and evidently considered 
herself a dame of considerable importance. A woman of forci- 
ble speech and domineering ways she was not unwilling that her 
neighbors should have the benefit of her opinions on any sub- 
ject touching herself and her family. A case so flimsy and frivo- 
lous and founded on jealousy, prejudice and superstition, con- 
ducted before honorable and sensible men, could not well have 
reached any other decision. 

"To that community, however, in those days of belief in the 
supernatural it was serious and significant. 

"Such gossip was an affront that Esq. Parsons could not over- 
look in a town in which he ranked as one of the first in worldly 

But the charge of witchcraft against this Mary Parsons did 
not end with the judgment in the slander suit. 

Eighteen years after the charge was renewed and at about the 
time of the Salem witchcraft trials. The occasion was the death 
of Mary, a daughter of the same James Bridgman, and then the 
wife of Samuel Bartlett. The trial occurred in Boston and is 
referred to on pages 228-233, Vol. i, of Trumbull's History of 
Northampton. At page 233 the author says, "the fact that Mrs. 
Parsons voluntarily appeared before the court 'desiring to clear 
herself of such an execrable crime,' and that subsequently she 
argued her own case before the court must not be overlooked. 

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On both these occasions she met her accusers boldly, protesting 
her innocence, and showing 'how clear she was of such a crime/ 
In this trial Mrs. Parsons was 'called to speak for herself and 
from the meagre report upon record, undoubtedly did so most 

In the Bliss genealogy, by J. H. Bliss (1881), pages 30-31, 
appear the record of the marriage of Joseph Parsons to Mary 
Bliss, and this mention of the witchcraft trial : "Mary Bliss, the 
mother of this family, two years after the birth of her youngest 
child, was charged with witchcraft by some of her neighbors who 
were envious of their prosperity and endeavored in this way to 
disgrace them. 

"She was sent to Boston for trial, where the jury gave her a 
full acquittal of the crime and she returned home to Northamp- 
ton, from where they moved back to Springfield in 1679. Just 
after her acquittal in Boston her son, Ebenezer, was killed by the 
Indians and those who had been instrumental in bringing her to 
trial skid, 'Behold, though human judges may be bought off, 
God's vengeance neither turns aside nor slumbers.' It is said that 
she possessed great beauty and talents but was not very amiable." 

Mrs. Mary Parsons survived her husband twenty-seven years, 
dying in Springfield, in 1712, aged ninety-two. Her name as 
Widow Parsons appears in the Springfield records as a taxpayer 
and owner of real estate to the time of her death. 

In the Annals of Witchcraft, by Drake, published in 1869, I 
• find the following account of the trial of Mrs. Mary Parsons : 

"1674. Mrs. Mary Bartlett, wife Of Samuel Bartlett, of 
Northampton, having died in July of this year, and as her com- 
plaint was not understood by such 'Cherurgeons' as the neighbor- 
hood afforded, a ready solution of the case was found by at- 
tributing it to witchcraft. The next step was to fix upon the 
witch ; and, strange to say, in this instance, one of the most, if 
not the most accomplished and of the highest standing in the 
place, was fixed upon. This was Mrs. Mary Parsons, whose hus- 
band, Mr. Joseph Parsons, was one of the wealthiest men of 

"It is conjectured that the standing of Mrs. Parsons had much 

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to do with the accusation. She may have been somewhat ex- 
clusive in the choice of her associates, and even of haughty man- 
ners towards the parties by whom she was singled out for per- 
secution, but as to this nothing is positively known. 

"On the 26th Sept., about two months after the death of Mrs. 
Bartlett, a court met at Springfield. Mr. Bartlett in the meantime 
had bestirred himself to procure evidence to sustain his charges 
of witchcraft against Mrs. Parsons in the shape of depositions. 
This lady, knowing what was going on, did not wait to be sum- 
moned, but appeared before the court in person. The substance 
of her speech was that 'she did assert her own innocency, often 
maintaining how clear she was of such a crime, and that the 
righteous God knew her innocency, and she left her cause in His 
hands.' But her protestations had little or no effect upon the 
court of Springfield, and that court at once proceeded to do all 
which lay in its jurisdiction. It 'appointed a jury of soberdized, 
chaste women to make diligent search of the body of Mary Par- 
sons, whether any marks of witchcraft appear, who gave in their 
account to the court on oath of what they found.' 

"Whether they found anything extraordinary in this search is 
not known, although it is said that the report which they made, 
together with the evidence was forwarded to the Governor and 
Magistrates at Boston. The accused was also ordered to appear 
before them, and was bound over for her future appearance in 
the sum of Fifty Pounds, her husband becoming bound in that 

"On the 2d March, 1675, ^^^ ^^ indicted by the grand jury 
and sent to prison to await trial. On the 13th of May following 
she was tried on the charge of witchcraft, 'in that she had, not 
having the fear of God before her eyes, entered into familiarity 
with the Devil and committed sundiy acts of witchcraft on the 
person or persons of one or more.' 

"She, of course, pleaded 'not guilty' and she was cleared by the 

"It may be worthy of notice that at this time the Hon. John 
Leverett was Governor and Generals Gookin and Denison were 
assistants. These were three of the most enlightened men of the 
time and they doubtless exerted a benign influence on the jury. 

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Hence witch finders were discouraged and the country was re- 
lieved for a time. 

"An attempt was, however, made against John Parsons, son 
of Joseph and Mary Parsons, and a quantity of evidence was 
made up to prove his 'familiarity with the Devil,* but»the county 
court did not think the evidence strong enough, or they had not 
faith enough in the weakness of the Governor and his assistants 
to send the accused to Boston and the case was abandoned." 

Chiliwen of Cornet Joseph^ and Mary (Bliss) Parsons: 

2 i Joseph,* or "Eiquire»" b. Nov. i, 1647, a* Springfield; 

d. at Northampton, Mass., Nov., 1729; m. Elizabeth 
Strong, Mar. 17, 1669. 
ii Benjamin,* b. Jan. 22, 1649; d. June 22, 1649. 

3 iii Jcdin,* b. Aug. 14, 1650; d. at Northampton, Apr. 15, 

1728; m. Sarah Clark, Dec. 3, 1675. 

4 iv Samuel* (Lieut), b. Jan. 23, 1652; removed to Dur- 

ham, Conn., in 1709; died there Nov. 12, 1734; m. 
(i) Elizabeth Cook, 1677, who died Sept. 2, 1690; 
m. (2) Rhoda Taylor, 1691 ; m. (3) Mary Wheeler, 
Dec. 15, 171 1. 
V Ebenezer,* b. 1655 '> ^^^^ white child born in Northamp- 
ton. He was killed in a battle with Indians at North- 
field, Sept. 8, 1675. 

5 vi Jonathan,* b. June 6, 1657; d. Dec, 1694; m. Mary 

Qark, Apr. 5, 1682. 
vii David,* b. Apr. 30, 1659; died young. ' 

6 viii Mary,* b. June 27, 1661; d. Aug. 23, 1711; m. (i) 

Joseph Ashley, Oct. 16, 1685, who died May 19, 

1698; m. (2) Joseph Williston. 
ix Harniah,* b. Aug. i, 1663; d. Apr. i, 1739; m. Pelatiah 

Glover, Jan. 7, 1687, who died Aug. 22, 1737. Eight 

X Abigail,* b. Sept. 3, 1666; d. June 27, 1689; m. John 

Colton, Feb. 19, 1685. Had two children, 
xi xii Esther* and Benjamin,* b. and d. Sept. 11. 
xiii Hester,* b. Dec. 24, 1672; d. 1760; m. Sept. 15, 1689, 

Joseph Smith, of Springfield, Mass. Had one child. 

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2 Joseph* Parsons (Josq)h^), son of Comet Joseph^ and 
Mary (Bliss) Parsons, was b. Nov. i, 1647, at Springfield, and 
d. at Northampton, Mass., Nov., 1729. The following sketch is 
largely taken from the record compiled by Gen. Lewis B. Par- 
sons, 1900: 

''Joseph * Parsons, 'Esquire,' as his name appears in the public 
records, and as it may still be seen on his tombstone in the 
Northampton cemetery, which, with that of his wife, I had recut 
in 1897, was bom in 1647, ^^^ was the oldest son of Comet 
Joseph Parsons. 

"During his long life of eighty-two years he was conspicuous as 
a public man in affairs of church and state. 

"For some years he was a Justice of the Peace under the old 
English form, with the rights and duties, and was said to have 
been the last of the kind in New England. 

"In 1711 he was commissioned by Gov. Dudley Captain of a 
foot company in the Hampshire regiment commanded by Col. 
Partridge, and was active in the military service of the colony. 
In civil life he was often a selectman of the town, as he was also 
for more than twenty-three years a Judge of the County Court. 
He was elected a representative of the General Court at Boston 
many times, the last being in his seventy-seventh year and he 
often served on important committees. 

"As illustrative of the times it is of record that, serving on a 
committee to manage the funeral of Joseph Sheldon, a member 
of the General Court from Sheffield, he audited, among other bills, 
one for 12 shillings for a coffin and 2 pounds and 15 shillings for 

"His interests were large and extended over a wide territory. 
He was owner of both grist and sawmills at Northampton and 
Deerfield, and was largely interested in the iron business at Suf- 


Digitized by 



field and Southfield. He was one of the earliest lawyers in 
Western Massachusetts and was first commissioned Judge of 
Hampshire County Courts Oct. i6, 1696. In the history of Berk- 
shire County (Burr 1885) we are told that on June 30, 1722, 
on the petition of Joseph Parsons and others of Hampshire Coun- 
ty, the General Court granted seven miles square on the Housa- 
tonic river, in what is now the town of Sheffield. 

"The records of the New Hampshire Society of Colonial Wars 
state that he served in King Philip's War, was one of the earliest 
lawyers in Western Massachusetts, was a Judge of the Hamp- 
shire County Court for twenty-three years, and was Deputy to 
the General Court for fourteen years, twelve from Northampton 
and two from Springfield." 

He married, March 17, 1669, Elizabeth, daughter of Elder John 
and Abigail (Ford) Strong, the progenitor of the Strong family 
of America and the ancestor of Gov. Caleb Strong. She was 
bom at Windsor, Conn., Feb. 29, 1648, and died at Northampton, 
May II, 1737. 
Children of Joseph* and Elizabeth (Strong) Parsons: 

7 1 Joseph,* b. June 28, 1671 ; died at Salisbury, Mar. 13, , 

1740; m. Elizabeth Thompson, of Roxbury. 

8 ii Lieut. John,* b. Jan. 11, 1673, d. Sept 4, 1746; m. (i) 

Dec. 23, 1696, Sarah Atherton; m. (2) Mrs. Hannah 
(Clapp) Miller, June 12, 1729. 

9 iii Capt. Ebenezer,* b. Dec. 31, 1675; d- July i> ^744; ™- 

Mary Stebbins, Dec. 16, 1703. 
iv Elizabeth,* b. Feb. 3, 1678 ; d. Apr. 17, 1763 ; m. Eben- 
ezer Strong, Jr. (2d wife), 1706. Had 6 children. 

10 V Rev. David,* b. Feb. 3, 1680; d. 1743; m. Sarah Steb- 


11 vi Josiah,* b. Jan. 2, 1682; d. Apr. 12, 1768; m. (i) Sarah 

Sheldon, June 22, 1710; m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Ed- 
wards) Barlett. 

12 vii Daniel,* b. Aug. 18, 1685; d. Jan. 27, 1774; m. June 2, 

1709, Abigail Cooley. 

13 viii Moses,* b. Jan. 15, 1687; d. Sept. 25, 1754; m. Abigail 

Ball, Jan. 20, 1710. 

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ix AbigaU,' b. Jan. i, 1689; d. Aug. 17, 1763; m. Ebenezer 
Qark, Dec. 10, 1712. Had 8 children. 
14 X Noah,* b. Aug. 15, 1692; d. Oct. 2rj, 1779; "^- Mindwell 
Edwards, Jan. 17, 1712. 

Cofy of WUl of Joseph* Parsons, Known as "Esquire Joseph'' 

"I, Joseph Parsons, of Northampton, in the County of Hamp- 
shire, within the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New Eng- 
land, being at present, through the goodness of God, of sound 
mind and memory, and yet Arough age and many infirmaties, 
and not knowing how soon the day of my death may come, and 
accounting it my duty to set my house in order before I die, do 
by these present appoint, dispose and confirm this writing to be 
my last will and testament as foUoweth, etc. 

"Imprimis. I give and bequeath to God my whole man, body 
and soul that made it, believing and trusting in the merits and 
mediation of Christ to be absolved and found righteous in Him 
and not by any righteousness of my own, believing and trusting 
that I shall be accepted in Him, and my soul with my body shall 
be united to live with Christ forever, and as to my body I recom- 
mend it to my Executors to inter it with a comely and Christian 
burial, trusting and believing a blessed resurrection and to live 
in glory with God forever and ever. 

"Item, I order and appoint that all my just debts and dues to 
any and all persons, whatsoever, so soon as my executors herein- 
after named shall make just payment of the same. 

"Item, I give and bequeath to my son, Joseph Parsons, Jr., all 
my expenses towards his learning, which I value at £100 and 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my son, David Parsons, all my 
expenses towards his learning, which I value at £100. 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my son, John Parsons, one home 
lot he hath built on at ii2, one quarter part of my right in 
Pascomuck Meadow, which he hath a deed of at £25, two acres 
he improves in Green Swamp at iio, about one acre and a half in 
Old Rainbow at £24, also two acres and a qr. Dickinsons lot. 

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which he hath a deed of it, £20 towards building his house at nine 
pounds, all of which to be to him and his heirs forever, etc., at 
iioo total of the aforesaid sums. 

"Item. To my son, Ebenezer Parsons, I give and bequeath the 
one-half of Wood Wards lot at the Mill pasture at £25, one- 
quarter of my Pascomuck lot in both Meadow and Swamp at £25, 
2 acres or thereabouts in the Drain Swamp at iio, 21 acres of 
land or thereabouts in the Walnut division at £20, one acre and 
three-quarters of land in Old Rainbow £24, to a horse and move- 
ables at i6, one-third part of the com mill and sawmill, a remain- 
der of iio to be to him, his heirs forever, in the whole £i20. 

"Item. I g^ve and bequeath to my son, Josias Parsons, 2 acres 
of land in Hoggsbladder at £12, one acre and a half in Old Rain- 
bow at £24, one-quarter part of my right in Pascomuck Meadow 
at £25, two acres at the Drain Swamp at £10, about two acres at 
Walnut Tree division £20, in moveable goods £9, one hundred 
pounds in all to be to him and his heirs forever. 

"Item. To my son, Daniel Parsons, in money I give him to 
purchase Capt. John Parsons part of the home lot at Springfield 
at £40, also one-half part of my 3d part of the home lot and at 
Springfield, excepting any part of said allotment I bought of my 
brother, Samuel, at £40, one-quarter part of the town sawmill at 
£12, in moveables at £8, to a half sawmill, where the Iron Works 
stood at £6, in all one hundred and six pounds, to be to him and 
his heirs forever, etc. 

"Item. To my son, Moses Parsons, all my right of lands at 
Durrom at eighty pounds. In moveable estate at £20, in all one 
hundred pounds, to him and his heirs forever. 

"Item. I gave and bequeath to my son, Noah Parsons, one- 
quarter part of my right in Pascomuck Meadow at £25, one acre 
and a half out of Lies lot in Old Rainbow at £24, about 2 acres 
of land at the Walnut Tree division at Blisses lot at £20, to one- 
half my lot in Pynchon's Meadow at £12, in moveable goods nine 
pounds, all at £100, to him and his heirs forever. 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth Strong, 
thirty pounds, which she hath already received. 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Abigail Clark, 
thirty pounds, which she hath already received. 

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"Item. All the rest of my estate in houseing, lands and move- 
able goods, of what kind soever, to be for the maintenance as of 
myself while I live, so to my wife after my decfsase as long as 
she lives or remains my widow. 

''Item, After my decease and the decease of my wife all debts 
and funeral charges being discharged and paid, all the estate that 
then remains shall be disposed as foUoweth. To Elizabeth Strong 
£70, and to Abigail Clark £70, to be paid to the two daughters 
aforenamed, and of the moveable goods and all the rest of the 
estate to be equally divided, both real and personal, to all my 
sons aforenamed, with this proviso, that those of my sons that 
have over and above one hundred pounds in the aforesaid gifts, it 
shall come in the division aforesaid, and be accounted as so much 
of their share, as also after my wife's decease, of the aforesaid 
divideable estate aforesaid. Noah Parsons, my son, shall have 
the houseing and homestead that we now live in, the lot on both 
sides of the brook or little river or gutter to be accounted at £120, 
and to be regulated in his share with the rest of his breathren at 
two hundred pounds. 

''Item, I ordain, constitute and appoint my beloved sons, John 
Parsons and Ebenezer Parsons, to be joint executors of this, my 
last will and testament, annulling and making void and of no 
effect, all former will or testaments by me made or pretended to 
be made, and this and this only to be accounted to all interests 
and purposes, to be my last will and testament, and no other. 

"In confirmation of which I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal; this I give to my grandson, John Parsons, Jr., thirty pounds 
in or as money. 

(Seal) "]osE.vii Parsons. 

"Signed, seal and delivered in presence and witness of 

"Preserved Clapp, 
"Samuel Allen, 
"Jonathan Strong. 

"Probated before John Stoddard, Judge of Probate of Hamp- 
shire Q)unty. 

"Northampton, Dec. 9, 1729." 

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3 Capt. John* Parsons (Joseph^), son of Comet Joseph and 
Mary (Bliss) Parsons, b. Aug. 14, 1650, at Springfield, Mass.; 
d. at Northampton, Mass., Apr. 19, 1728; m. Dec. 3, 1675, Sarah, 
youngest child of Lieut. William and Sarah (Holton) Clarke, b. 
Mar. 19, 1659, at Dorchester, Mass.; d. April 15, 1728. He served 
from 1688 to 1698 in King Philip's War, and was appointed Cap- 
tain in 1690. He contributed to Harvard College, 1672-3. 

Lieut. William Qarke was bom in England, in 1609. He 
sailed from Plymouth with his wife, Sarah, Mar. 30, 1630, in the 
ship, "William and Mary"; settled in Dorchester, where he was 
Selectman; moved to Northampton in 1659; was Deputy for 13 
years (1669-1683); Lieutenant 1674-1690; was engaged in the 
fight at Turner's Falls, May 19, 1676; Associate Judge of Hamp- 
shire County 1675-1685; Auditor of Treasury Accounts 1674. 
He organized, in 1661, a trained band of 60 men against the In- 
dians; was Lieutenant of a Company in King Philip's War, and 
other Indian wars; was Lieutenant in the first military com- 
pany organized in Northampton, and one of the seven incorpora- 
tors of the First Church in Northampton. He d. July 18, 1690, 
aged 81. There are two monuments to his memory in the Bridge 
Street Cemetery, Northampton. He was tmthfully deemed the 
Father of Northampton. 

He was twice married. The first wife, Sarah, d. Sept. 6, 1675, 
at Northampton, and Nov. 16, 1676, he married Sarah, widow of 
Lieut. Thomas Cooper, who was killed by the Indians when 
Springfield was burned in 1675. She d. May 8, 1688. 

Children of Capt. John* and Sarah (Clarke) Parsons, 
All Bom at Northampton, Mass. 

i John, Jr.,* b. ; drowned in Connecticut River, 1689. 

ii Sarah," b. Nov. 8, 1678; m. about 1699, Jonathan 
Graves, of Hatfield; she d. in 1710, leaving 4 chil- 
dren, Moses, Jonathan, Joseph, and Perez Graves, 
iii Mary,' b. July 5, i68i ; m. in 171 1, Ebenezer Bridgman. 
iv Samuel,* b. Nov. 18, 1685 ; killed with his brother, Jo- 
seph, by the Indians while in the woods searching for 
cattle, July 9, 1708. 

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15 V William,' b. Nov. i8, 1690; d. Aug. 7, 1768; m. Mary 
Ashley, Feb. 2, 1714. 
^ vi Experience,* b. Feb. 7, 1692; m. in 1722, Samuel Bas- 
vii Joseph,* b. Feb. 19, 1694-5; was killed by the Indians 

July 9, 1708. 
viii Hannah,* b. Jan. 31, 1698, d. Feb. 14, 1698. 
ix Esther,* b. (probably the 3d or 5th child), drowned the 
same day her brother, John, was drowned in the Con- 
necticut River. 

4 Samuel* Parsons (Joseph*), son of Comet Joseph Par- 
sons, b. at Springfield, Mass., Jan. 23, 1652; m. about 1677, Eliza- 
beth Cook, dau. of Capt. Aaron Cook. She d. Sept. 2, 1690. He 
m. (2) about 1691, Rhoda Taylor, dau. of Robert and Thankful 
(Woodward) Taylor. She died and he m. (3) Dec. 15, 171 1, 
Mary Wheeler. Samuel Parsons d. Nov. 12, 1734. 

About 1709 a noted Colony went out from Northampton to 
DurfiMi^^Ct; under the leadership of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey, 
and among them were SamueP Parsons and his family 
and his nephew, Moses* Parsons, and others of the Strong 
and Lyman families allied by marriage. To this Colony from 
other places also came the Seward, Wadsworth, Robinson, Nor- 
ton, Coe, and other families. The Sewards later settled in Florida, 
Orange County, New York, where Wm. H. Seward, Secretary 
of State during the Civil War, was bom, and the Wadsworths 
removed to Geneseo, Livingston County, New York. 

Rev. Nathaniel Chauncey was the first pastor and Rev. Elizar 
Goodrich the second pastor of the church organized at Durham. 
As recorded in Fowler's History of Durham, the founders of that 
church entered into the following pledge, as to personal conduct. 

After a lengthy preamble, reciting their shortcomings, it says : 

"Accordingly, in order hereunto, we do all before the Lord 
this day declare upon the covenant obligations that we are under, 
that we will watch unto the Dutys and carefully avoid ye Evils 
now to be mentioned. 

"ist. We will continually attend the Dutys of God's worship 

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in Public, Private and Secret, not allowing ourselves in ye n^kct 
of any of His Holy Ordinances through carelessness, contempt, 
or any sinful excuse. 

"2d. We will carefully watch against all Irreverance in ye 
worship of God, and all profanations, Rash Swearing, or any 
other way in wch. it is or may be taken in vain. 

"3d. We will strictly observe the Christian Sabbath, viz. one 
whole day in seven. Seasonably beginning and duly continuing 
ye same and carefully watching against worldly thoughts, words 
and work on that day. 

"4th. We will carefully endeavor to discharge the several 
Dutys of our several Places, and Relations as our Superiors, In- 
feriors and Equals. Particularly we will Honour, Submit to, and 
obey those whom God hath set over us, whether in Family, 
Church or Commonwealth. We will look well to our Household 
and keep our children and servants in subjection. Instruct them 
in the principles of our Holy Religion, and endeavor to restrain 
them from all profaneness and Immorality. 

"5th. We will as much as in us lye, live peaceably with all 

"6th. We will be careful to maintain a Chaste Conversation 
watching agst. all ye Occasions and preventives to uncleaniness 

"Tth.^ We will mind our own Business and strictly observe ye 
Rules of Righteousness in our commerce and dealing one with an- 
other, watching agst. all violations of it by Deceit, Oppression and 
all unjust and dishonest dealings wsoever. 

"8th. We will carefully take heed to speak ye truth in our con- 
verse one with Another, Carefully avoiding all lying, Slandering, 
Backbiting, Reviling and Promise breaking. 

"9th. We will mutually watch over one another, giving and 
receiving Reproof as becomes Christians. 

"loth. We will in our Sevl Capacity bear due testimony or 
witness agst. all Profaneness and Immorality and not withhold 
our Testimony when it shall be necessary for ye converting and 
Punishing Offenders unless some Religious Tye of Conscience 
founded on ye word of God do require secrecy. 

Digitized by 



"iith. We will watch agst. the {)revailing of a worldly covet- 
ous spirit. 

"i2rii. We will wAtch against all Intemperance in ye use of 
Lawful things and in Articular agst. excessive drinking. 

"13th. We will not allow outselves in unnecessiary frequenting 
Public or Private drinldng houses, atid 

"In order to our fiithful and more acceptable performances 
of ye above expressed, we will set ourselves seriously and dilli- 
gently to seek all needful Grace and help from God.'' 

Natlianiel and Sarah Chauncey, 
Samuel' and Rhoda Parsons, 
Thomas and Ruth Lyman^ 
Henry Crane, 
Richard Beech, 
Timothy Walton, 
Joseph Norton. 
Children of Sahuel' and EUzabeth (Cdor) Parsons: 
i Samud,« b. Nov. ±4, 1678; d. May 8, 16^. 
ii Samtid,* b. July 6, i68a 

iii EUzabetk,' b. Apr.» 1684; m. Dec. 25, 1706, Thomas 
Childrbn of Samuel' and Rhoda (Taylor) Parsons: 
iv Jemima,' b. Nov. 24, 1691 ; d. Feb. 2, 1757 ; m. Heze- 
kiah Tttlcott, son of John and Mary (Cook) Talcott, 
of Hartford, Conn. He was one of the original pat* 
entees of Durham. 
V Rhoda,' b. Feb. 4, 1694. 

16 vi Timotbyi' b. Jan. 23, 1693; d. Jan. 28, 1772; m. Nov, 

30) 1719, Mary Rdbinson. 
vii Hanittah,' b. July 18, 1699. 

17 viii Ensijjn Sitaecfti,' b. Sept. 16, 1701 ; d. May 6, 1781 ; m. 

(i) Oct. 12, 1731, Mehitabd Clftpp, who d. Aug. 9, 
1766. He m. (2) Nov. 30, 1772, widow of Abigail 
ix Phineas,' b. Mar. 31, 1704; d. May 6, 1724. 
IJB X Ithiniar,f b. June 9, 1707 ; d. June 21, 1786 ; m. Sarah — . 
19 xi Aaron,' b. Sept. 3, 171 1 ; m. Feb. 6, 1732, Abigail San- 

Digitized by 



5 Jonathan* Parsons (Joseph^), b. at Northampton, June 
6, 1657 ; m. Apr. 5, 1682, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Clark. He d. 
in Oct., or Nov., 1694, and she m. Benjamin Hastings about 1697. 

Children of Jonathan* and Mary (Clark) Parsons: 
i Jonathan,* b. Feb. 17, 1683; d. an infant, 
ii Jonathan,* b. Sept 20, 1684; d. 1684. 
20 iii Nathaniel,* b. Mar. 25, 1686; d. Sept., 1738; m. (i) 
Experience Wright, July 14, 1714; ni. (2) Abigail 
Bunce, in 1728. 
iv Mary,* b. July 8, 1688; m. 1703, Isaac Graves, of Hat- 
V Hannah,* b. Oct. 31, 1690. 
vi Jonathan,* b. Apr. 5, 1693. 

vii Lydia,* b. May 29, 1695 ; m. 1714, Isaac Frary, of Hat- 

6 Mary* Parsons (Joseph*), b. June 27, 1661; m. (i) Jo- 
seph Ashley, Oct. 16, 1685, who d. May 19, 1698; m. (2) Joseph 
Williston. She had three children, and d. Aug. 23, 171 1. 

Joseph Williston's son, Joseph,* was the father of Rev. Noah* 
Williston, b. 1733; Yale College 1757; died at West Haven, 
Conn., 181 1. He married Hannah, daughter of Dea. Joshua Pay- 
son, of Pomfret, Conn. Their son. Rev. Payson* Williston (1764- 
1856), was the father of Hon. Samuel* Williston, founder of 
Williston Seminary, at East Hampton, Mass. His sister, Sarah,* 
b. 1800, married Dec. 4, 1818, Josiah Dwight Whitney, of North- 
ampton. Among their children were Joseph Dwight' Whitney, 
b. Nov., 1819, Professor of Geology and Metallurgy at Harvard 
College, and William Dwight' Whitney, b. Feb., 1827, Professor 
of Sanscrit and Comparative Philology at Yale College. His son, 
Edward Baldwin* Whitney, appointed Justice of the Supreme 
Court, New York City, by Gov. Hughes, Nov., 1909, and d. Jan., 

Sarah* Williston, 2d child of Rev. Noah,* b. June 14, 1765, m. 
Rev. Richard Storrs, who settled in Longmeadow, Mass. ; d. 1819. 
His son, Richard Salter* Storrs, b. 1787, settled in Braintree, 

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Mass., July, 1811, and was the father of Rev. Richard Salter^ 
Storrs, D. D., b. Aug. 21, 1821, and who was from 1846, for more 
than 50 years, pastor of the Qiurch of the Pi^^rims in Brooklyn, 
yAtre he died, June 5, 1900. 

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7 Rev. Joseph* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 28, 1671, 
at Northampton, Mass. ; graduated at Harvard CoU^e 1697. He 
was minister at Lebanon, Conn., 1700-1708; at Salisbury, Mass., 
1718, where he died Mar. 13, 1740. He married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Dr. William Tompson, of Braintree, Mass. She died at 
Kensington, N. H., in 1774. His will, dated Feb. 22, 1739, and 
proved May 5, 1740, in Worcester Co., Mass., mentions his wife, 
Elizabeth, his sons, Joseph, Samuel, William, and John, and 
daughter, Elizabeth Fogg, and disposes of lands in Rutland, Mass. 
The inventory of personal property amounted to £1,697. 

Children of Rev. Joseph* and Elizabeth (Tompson) 

21 i Rev. Joseph,^ b. 1702, at Salisbury, Mass.; d May 4, 

1765; m. Frances Usher. 

22 ii Rev. Samuel,^ b. 1707, at Salisbury; d. Jan. 4, 1789; 

m. Oct. 9, 1739, Mary Jones. 
z^ iii Rev. William,^ b. Apr. 21, 1716; d. in Jan., 1796; m. 
May 16, 1743, Sarah Bumham. 
iv Elizabeth,* b. 1718; m. Rev. Jeremiah Fogg; d. 1779 ** 

Kensington, N. H. 
v John,* b. 1725; d. 1740, a Sophomore at Harvard Col- 

8 Lieut. John* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Esq. Jo- 
seph,* b. Jan. II, 1673; m, (i) Dec. 23, 1696, Sarah Atherton, b. 
Oct 26, 1676, dau. of Rev. Hope and Sarah (Hollister) Atherton, 
of Hatfield, Mass. She d. Feb. 12, 1729, and he m. (2) June 12, 
1729, Mrs. Hannah (Clapp) Miller, b. at Northampton, May 5, 
1681, widow of Abraham Miller, and dau. of Reverend and Sarah 
(Newberry) Clapp. He d. Sq)t. 4, 1746. She d. Nov. 8, 1758. 


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He had resided at Northampton, and his estate was appraised at 

Children of Lieut. John* and Sarah (Atherton) Parsons: 
i Atherton,* b. Feb. 15, 1698; d. Apr., 1746, at Northamp- 
ton; mim. 

24 ii John, Jr.,* b. July 15, 1700, at Northampton; m. Dec. 

2, 1736, Hannah Qark. 

iii Eunice,* b. July 26, 1701 ; d. an infeuit. 

iv Gideon,* b. Dec. 7, 1702 ; m. Apr. 18, 1728, Sarah a2q>p» 
b. Sept. 9, 1705, dau. of Samuel and Thankful 
(King) Clapp. Resided at Northampton. He d. 
Nov. I, 1759. She d. Jan. 18, 1729. Had one child, 
Sarah," b. Jan. 4, 1729; m. June 11, 1752, Jonathan 
Hunt, Jr. 

V Sarah,* b. Sept. 20, 1705 ; d. Nov. 7, 1705. 

25 vi Moses,* b. July 6, 1708; d. Jan. 3, 1746; m. (i) Nov. 5, 

1730, Wait Miller; m. (2) Sarah Jones, Nov. 28* 

vii Eunice,* b. Feb. 3, 171 1 ; m. Feb. 10, 1732, John Clapp. 
viii Ephraim,* b. Feb. 14, 1713; m. Nov. 25, 1762, Mary 

Searle; resided at Northampton; d. Feb. 23, 1799; 

no children, 
ix Benjamin,* b. Mar. 27, 1716; d. Jan. 19, 1805; unm. 

26 X Joseph,* b. May 16, 1722; d. Jan. 11, 1807; m. 1751, 

Rachel Keep. 

9 Capt. Ebenezer* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Jo- 
seph,* b. Dec. 31, 1675; m. Dec. 15, 1703, Mercy, dau. of Samuel 
and Mary (French) Stebbins, of Springfield, Mass. He was a 
prominent citizen of Northampton in civil and religious affairs, 
and served almost continuously from 1721 until his death in the 
chief town office of Selectman. ' 

In 1721 he was one of three citizens who (according to the 
town records) purchased the whole of Northampton's proportion 
(£486-15-0) of the £50,000 of Province Bills ordered to be 
made by the government by reason of the scarcity of money and 
currency. In 1730 he was one of the committee to adjust the 

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boundary between Northampton and Southampton. He died July 
1, 1744, possessed of a homestead and a large estate at Northamp- 
ton. Mrs. Parsons d. Nov. i, 1753. 
Children of Ebenezer' and Mercy (Stebbins) Parsons: 
i Mercy,* b. Jan, i, 1706; m. Nov. 30, 1732, Moses Kings- 

ii Ebenezer,* b. Aug. i, 1711 ; d. Nov. 4, 1711. 
iii Ebenezcr,* b. Jan. 7, 1713; d. soon after, 
iv Simeon,* b. Apr. 27, 1716; d. May, 1727. 

27 V Elihu,* b. Mar. 14, 1719; d. Aug. 22, 1785; m. June 11, 

1750, Sarah Edwards, 
vi Radiel,* b. July 14, 1721 ; m. (i) Thomas Bliss, of 
Springfield; m. (2) Dea. Childs, of Deerfield, Mass. 

28 vii Benjamin,* b. Oct. 2, 1723; d. 1777; m. Rebecca Shel- 

viii Lydia,* b. July 28, 1726; d. 1727. 

29 ix Simeon,* born Feb. 11, 1731; m. Aug. 22, 1752, Cath- 

erine Phelps. 

10 Rev. David* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Esq. 
Joseph and Elizabeth (Strong) Parsons, b. at Northampton, Feb. 
3, 1680; graduated at Harvard College 1705; was settled as 
minister at Maiden, Mass., and later at Leicester, Mass., where 
he d. Oct 12, 1743. Judd, in his History of Hadley, says of 
him : "He was a man of strong passions and the people of Leices- 
ter were unyielding and after years of strife he died and was 
buried by his special direction on his own land, being unwilling 
to be buried with his people." And Washburn, in his History 
of Leicester says : "Meekness does not seem to have been a dis- 
tinguishing part of his character." 

He was, however, considered eminent as a preacher and scholar. 
He m. Sarah Stebbins, who died June 17, 1759, aged 73. 
Children of Rev. David* and Sarah (Stebbins) Parsons: 
(Gathered partly from the Vital Records of 
Maiden and Leicester.) 

i Sarah,* b. ; d. June 8, 1709. 

ii Sarah,* b. July 25, 1710, at Maiden; unm. 

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30 iii Rev. David,* b. Mar. 24, 1712, at Maiden; d. Jan. i, 
1 781 ; m. Eunice Wells, of Weathersfield, Ct, who d. 
Sept. 20, 1796. 

Israel,* b. Apr. 8, 1714; d. young. 

Israel,* b. Dec. 28, 171 5; d. young. 

Nathan,* b. Oct. 12, 1721 ; d. in 1806; m. Amy Gould. 

Israel,* b. 1723; d. in 1767; m. (i) Jan. 9, 1751, Han- 
nah Waite; m. (2) Lois Wiley, Mar. 28, 1761. 

33 vii Solomon,* b. Apr. 18, 1726; d. Mar. 20, 1807; m. (i) 

Sept. s, 1752, Eliziabeth Taylor; m. (2) Elizabeth 
Sweetser, Nov. 7, 1781. 
viii Lucy,* b. ; m. Rev. Edward Billings. 

11 JosiAH* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 2, 1682, son 
of Esq. Joseph*; m. (i) June 22, 1710, Sarah, dau. of Isaac and 
Sarah (Warner) Sheldon, of Northampton. She was b. July 16, 
1688, and d. Dec. 14, 1738. He m. (2) Elizabeth Edwards, 
widow of Samuel Bartlett. She d. 1776. He d. Apr. 12, 1768. 

Children of Josiah* and Sarah (Sheldon) Parsons: 
i Josiah,* b. Sept. 14, 171 1; d. Nov., 1711. 

34 ii Josiah,* b. June 9, 1713; m. June 27, 1751, Prudence 

Kellogg; d. May 23, 1796. 

35 iii Isaac,* b. Dec. 23, 1715; d. July 11, 1798; m. Jan. 24, 

1744, Lucina Strong, 
iv Enoch,* b. Sept. 6, 1717; d. Sept. 23, 1719. 

36 V Jacob,* b. Oct. 22, 1719; d. Jan. 19, 1795; m. Feb. 25, 

1746, Beulah Hunt, 
vi Esther,* b. July 25, 1721 ; d. Oct. 12, 1740. 
vii Sarah,* b. May 29, 1723; m. Daniel Kellogg, of Am- 
viii Hannah,* b. June 11, 1725; m. Caleb Qark, of Belcher- 
ix Martha,* b. May 3, 1727; m. 1750, Martin Phelps. 

12 Daniel* Parsons (Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of Esq. Joseph* 
Persons, b. Aug. 18, 1685 J married June 2, 1709, at Long Mea- 
dow, Mass., Abigail, dau. of Lieut. Joseph Cooley, son of Ensign 

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Benjamin and Mary (Griswold) Cooley. She was bom Feb. 22, 
1691, and died June 8, 1763. Mary Griswold was a daughter 
of George, son of Francis Griswold, of Lynn Regis, England. 
Ensign Benjamin Cooley was born 1620; was a resident of Spring- 
field, Mass., of which he was a Selectman in 1646. He was a 
man of large wealth in landed estates in Springfield and Long 
Meadow, besides other property. He died 1684. 

Daniel Parsons settled at Five Mile Pond, near Springfield, 
where his older children were bom, but later he was an Innkeeper 
in Springfield. 

Children of Daniel* and Abigail (Cooley) Parsons: 
i Daniel,^ b. Feb. 13, 1710, at Five Mile Pond; d. 176—; 
m. Esther Stebbings ; settled in Wilbraham, 1737. 
37 ii Aaron,* b. June 2, 1712; d. Aug. 4, 1795; m. (i) Oct. 
2, 1732, Mercy Atkinson; m. (2) Feb. 19, 1752, Ex- 
perience Robinson, 
iii Noah,* b. Nov. 17, 1714; d. young, 
iv Abigail,* b. Apr. 24, 1718; m. Benj. Horton, Jr. 
37a V Miriam,* b. Oct. 9, 1871 ; m. Capt. James Warriner, 
town clerk of Wilbraham 1773-78 (see No. 568). 
vi Gideon,* b. Nov. 11, 1723. 

vii Abncr,* b. Nov. 12, 1725; d. 1798; m. Mary Abbot 
viii Eunice,* b. Aug. 27, 1728; d. 1771; m. Abel Hancock, 
Mar. 13, 1748. 

Copy of Will of Daniel^ Parsons 

"In the name of God Amen. I, Daniel Persons, of Springfield, 
in the County of Hampshire and Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
in New England, Yoeman, do make this my last will and testa- 
ment as foUoweth: 

** Imprimis. I will, order and direct that all my just debts and 
funeral expenses be paid by my son, Abner Parsons, and my two 
grandsons, Daniel Parsons, Jr., and Gideon Parsons, out of such 
property of my estate as I have hereinafter given to them, that is 
to say, that the one-half of my debts and funeral charges be paid 
by my son, Abner aforesaid, and the other half of my debts and 

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funeral expenses be paid by my said grandsons aforesaid, viz., 
Gideon and Daniel, in equal parts. 

Vt€m. I give and devise to my beloved son, Aaron P^u-sons, 
and his heirs my scheme lot lyii^ on sixteen acre plain in Spring* 
field, containing about one hundred and fifty acres ; also my mea- 
dow called Four Mile Pbnd, meadow containing about eight acres, 
to have and to hold the same to him, my son Aaron, and his heirs 

"Item. I give and devise to my beloved son, Abner Parsons, 
and his heirs my dwelling house, and the northerly part of my 
home lot adjoining, bounded northerly on C61. Worthington's 
land, westerly on Connecticut River, southerly partly on a line 
dividing my said home lot in two equal parts, and partly on my 
garden fence and wood yard fence south of my house, being the 
one moiety of my said home lot, and also all that other part there- 
of which is included within my garden and wood yard and the 
fence aforesaid. I also give and devise to my said son Abner and 
his heirs the northerly moiety of my meadow land on the east side 
of the street opposite to my dwelling house, also the northerly 
moiety of my lot of land in the Plainfield. Also a part of my lot 
of land on the west side of Connecticut River at Farm Meadow, 
that is to say the whole of the same, be it more or less, except eight 
acres on the northerly side thereof, which I have hereinafter given 
to my grandsons Daniel and Gideon. I also give and devise to 
my said son Abner and his heirs the southerly moiety of my lot 
of land at Glover's Pond, bein^ a scheme lot, containing about 
seventy acres in ye whole, also the southerly moiety of my lot and 
land at Dirty Gutter, which formerly belonged to my late father, 
Joseph Parsons, deceased, and contains in the whole about one 
hundred acres. Also my corn mill on Chicopee River with the 
land and stream thereto belonging and privileges appertaining; 
also two ten-acre lots of land lying adjoining together at the north- 
erly part of the first parish in Springfield, and bounded partly on 
land late of Josiah Dwight, Esq., deceased. 

"Also my tract of land of about forty acres originally granted 
to my father, lying on the west side of Connecticut River and 
bounded westerly on the township of Westfield ; all which pieces 

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of land lie in Springfield aforesaid, to have and to hold all and 
singular the said given and granted premises, to him my said 
son Abner Parsons, his heirs and assigns forever. Subject never- 
theless to and chaiyeaUe with the payment of the one moiety of 
my debts and funeral charges and the sum of fourteen pounds law- 
ful money to my daughter Miriam, and one other sum of fourteen 
pounds to my daughter Eunice, hereinafter mentioned. I also give 
and bequeath to my said son Abner, his executors and administra- 
tors forever, all my neet cattle, hcn-ses, swine and sheep, all my 
household furniture, husbandry tools and the whole of my per- 
sonal estate. 

"Item. I give and devise to my two beloved grandsons, Gideon 
Parsons and Daniel Parsons, Jr., children of my late son, Daniel 
Parsons, deceased, and their heirs the dwelling house they now 
dwell in, and the southerly part of my home lot adjoining, bound- 
ed southerly on the ministry lot, westerly on the Connecticut 
River, northerly partly by a line dividing my said home lot in two 
equal parts, and partly by garden fence and wood yard fence, 
south of my dwelling house, and easterly on the street partly, 
and partly on my garden fence, and easterly on moiety of said 
home lot excepting such part thereof as it is contained in my 
garden and wood yard before given to my son Abner. Also the 
southerly moiety of my said meadow and land on the east side of 
the street and opposite the said home lot. Also the northerly 
moiety of my said lot at Dirty Gutter. Also the southerly moiety 
of my said lot of land in the Plainfield. Also part of my said lot of 
land at Farm Meadow, viz., eight acres of the same on the north- 
erly side thereof. To have and to hold all and singular the said 
granted premises to them, the said Daniel and Gideon, and their 
heirs and assigns forever, equally to be divided between them, q. d. 
the one moiety thereof to the said Daniel and his heirs, and the 
other moiety thereof to the said Gideon and his heirs, they the 
said Gideon and Daniel paying the one moiety of my debts and 
funeral charges, and also paying to my daughter Abigail fourteen 
pounds, and to my granddaughter, Esther Parsons, five shillings, 
to the pa3mient of which said debts, funeral charges and legacies 
last afore mentioned, the said devised premises are hereby sub- 
jected and made charged and chargeable. 

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"Item. I give unto my beloved daughters, Miriam, wife of 
James Warriner, and Eunice, wife of Abel Hancock, the sum of 
fourteen pounds lawful money each, that is to say, each of them 
fourteen pounds, to be paid to them respectively in two years 
after my decease by my son Abner. 

"Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter, Abigail, 
wife of Benjamin Horton, fourteen pounds, and to my said grand- 
daughter, Esther Parsons, five shillings, to be paid to them re- 
spectively within two years after my decease by my said grand- 
sons, Daniel and Gideon, out of such part of my estate as I have 
given to them and have before ordered, and all the rest and residue 
of my estate, real and personal, whatsoever or wheresoever, I 
give, bequeath and devise the same to my son Abner, his heirs 
and assigns forever. 

"And I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons, Aaron Par- 
sons and Abner Parsons, executors of this my last will and testa- 
ment, and hereby revoke and annul all other former wills and 
testaments, legacies and devises by me at any time made or given 
and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament. 

"In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
twenty-sixth day of December, in the thirteenth year of his Maj- 
esty's Reign, One thousand seven hundred and seventy-two. 

"Daniel Parsons (Seal) 

"Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Daniel 
Parsons as and for his last will and testament in presence of us 
who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in 
presence of the testator and each other. 

"Luke Bliss, 
"John Mun, 
"Jonathan Bliss." 

Probated at Hatfield, County of Hampshire, by Israel Williams, 
Judge of Probate Court, March i, 1674. 

13 Moses* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Joseph* and 
Elizabeth (Strong) Parsons, b. Jan. 15, 1687; m. Jan. 20, 1710, 
Abigail Ball, of Springfield, and removed to Durham, Conn., 
about 1 710, with his uncle, Samuel* Parsons, and other families 

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from Northampton, under the leadership of Rev. Nathaniel 
Chauncey. He also owned land in Middletown, Conn. He d. 
Sept. 25, 1754. Mrs. Parsons d. Dec. 4, 1760. 

Children of Moses* and Abigail (Ball) Parsons, 
All Bom at Durham, Conn. : 

38 i Moses,* b. Oct. 19, 1710; d. Feb., 1791 ; m. Elizabeth — . 
li John,* b. July 6, 1712. 

iii Abigail,* b. Feb. 10, 1714; d. July 14, 1791 ; m. Samuel 

Bates, of Haddam, Conn, 
iv Martha,* b. Oct. 5, 1716; m. Abraham Camp. 

39 y Lieut. Samuel.* b. Mar. i, 1719; d. June 15, 1812; m. 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Hull) Chipman, Jan. 21, 1746. 
vi Elizabeth,* b. Mar. 17, 1722; m. Giles Miller. 

14 Noah* Parsons (Joseph,* Joseph*), b. at Northampton, 
Mass., Aug. 15, 1692; d. Oct. 27, 1779. He m. Jan. 17, 1712, 
Mindwell, dau. of Benjamin Edwards, who d. 1775. 
Chiliaen of Noah* and Mindwell (Edwards) Parsons: 

i Timothy,* b. ; d. Aug. 11, 1712, an infant. 

ii Jemima,* b. Nov. 17, 1713 ; d. Jan. 24, 1794; m. Samuel 
Kingsley, of Northampton. 

40 iii Elizabeth,* b. Mar. 25, 1716; d. Jan. 9, 1800; m. Nov. 

22, 1733, Joseph Allen. 

iv Mindwell,* b. Sept. 5, 1718 ; m. King. 

T Rachel,* b. Feb., 1720; d. Jan. 11, 1762; m. E. (3app. 
vi Thankful,* b. Sept. 12, 1723; m. Ashley Button. 
vii Mary,* b. Jan. 11, 1725; d. Jan. 25, 1805; m. William 

viii Keziah,* b. July 19, 1728 ; d. at Hadley Jan., 1809. 

41 ix Noah,* b. Feb. 6, 1731; d. Jan. 11, 1814; m. Jan. 9, 

175s, Phebe Bartlett. 
X Marion,* b. Feb. 9, 1733 ; m. Azariah Mosby. 
xi Margaret,* b. Feb. 9, 1733; d. Sept. 31, 1814. 
xii Miriam,* b. Feb. 17, 1734; d. 1822. 

42 xiii Timothy,* b. June 22, 1738; d. Feb. 22, 1822; m. Dec. 

I, 1773, Martha Hubbard. 

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15 WiLUAM* Parsons (Capt. Jdin,* Joseph^), b. Nov. i8^ 
1690; d. Aug. 7, 1768. He m. Feb. 2, 1714, his cousin, Mary 
Ashley, dau. of Mary* (Parsons) and Josqih Ashley, of West- 
field, Mass., b. 1693, and d. Nov. 22, 1757. 

Robert Ashley, father of Joseph, was of Springfield, Mass., b. 
1639, and d. Nov. 29, i68a. He m. 1641, Mary, widow of Thom- 
as Horton, and dau. of Peletiah Glover, of Sprii^eld, Mass. 
Children of Lieut. William* and Mary (Ashley) Parsons, 
All Bom at Northampton, Mass. : 
i Mary,* b. 17x5; d. Sept. 2, 1718. 
ii Sarah,* b. Sept. 7, 1717; m. about 1741, Moses Qark; 
had 3 children. 

ill Lydia,* b. ; m. Supply Gapp ; she was drowned. 

iv John,* b. in 1720; d. May 13, 1723. 
v Mary,* b. Apr., 1722 ; d. May 9, 1723. 
vi Esther,* died an infant. 

vii John,* b. Aug. 7, 1728; drowned Aug. 8, 1747. 
viii Margaret,* b. 1730; drowned Nov. 3, 1774, aged 44. 
43 ix Samuel,* b. June 30, 1733; d. Dec. 9, 1812; m. (i) Nov. 
16, 1768, Lucy Pomeroy; m. (2) Jan. 7, 1789, Mrs. 
Esther (Lyman) Pomeroy. 

16 Timothy" Parsons (Samuel,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 23, 1695, 
at Northampton, Mass. ; d. Jan. 28, 1772. He m. Nov. 30, 1719, 
Mary, dau. of David Robinson. He was prominent in public 
affairs at Durham, Conn., where he resided. 

Children of Timothy* and Mary (Robinson) Parsons: 
i Mary,* b. Nov. 3, 1722. 
ii Samuel,* b, July i, 1726. 
iii Hannah,* bap. Sept. 17, 1727. 
iv Esther,* bap. Feb. 22, 1729. 

V Timothy,* bap. Jan. 21, 1732; d. Mar. 12, 1802; m. (i) 
1751, Hannah Marsh, dau. of Samuel, and granddau. 
of Capt. Job Marsh. He m. (2) Jan. 2, 1772, Phebe, 
dau. of Samuel Camp, 
vi Jemima,* bap. Apr. 24, 1735. 
vii John,* bap. Jan. i, 1737. 

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viii Joftiah^^ bap. Feb. 24, 1739. 
ix Tabitfaa/ bap. Jan. 20, 1744; m. James Arnold. 

17 Ensign Simeon' Parsons (Samuel,' Joseph^), b. Sept. 16, 
1701, at Northampton, Mass.; d. May 6, 1781. He m. (i) Oct. 
12, 1731, by Rev. Jonathan Edwards, of Northampton, Mehitable 
Clapp, dau. of Preserved and Mehitable Qapp. She d. Aug. 9, 
1766. He m. (2) Nov. 30, 1772, widow of Abigail Bates, of 
Haddam, G)nn. 

Chiudren of Ensign Simeon* and Mehitable (Clapp) 

Parsons : 
i Capt. Simeon,* b. Nov. 25, 1732; d. July 12, 1819; m. 
(i) Mar. 15, 1758, Eunice Rossetter. She d. Apr. 
12, 1791. He m. (2) Feb. 19, 1795, Sarah, dau. of 
Elihu Chauncey, and widow of Lemuel Guernsey, 
ii Phineas,* b. Mar. 7, 1734; d. Dec. 3, 1815. 
iii Noah,* b. Feb. 19, 1737; graduate of Yale College, 
1752, and was a tutor in Yale. Because of ill health 
he took a voyage to the West Indies and d. May, 
1774, on the Island of Hispaniola. 

18 Ithamak' Passons (Samuel,* Joseph^), b. June 9, I707> 
at Northampton, Mass.; d. June 21, 1786, at Durham, Conn., 

where he resided. His wife's name was Sarah (last name 

not known). 

Children of Ithamar* and Sarah Parsons, 
All Bom at Durham, Conn. : 
i Phebe,* b. Sept. 13, 1732; m. Nov. 28, 1754, Aaron Coe, 
of Durham. 

44 ii David,* bap. June i, 1735; m. Rebecca Robinson, 
iii Rhoda,* bap. Nov. 27^ 1737; d. Nov. 29^ 1755. 

iv Sarah,* bap. Mar. 15, 1740; d. Nov. 29, 1755. 

45 V Nathan,* hap. Sept 30, 1744; m. Sarah Bancroft, 
vi Ithamar,* bap. Oct 28, 1750. 

46 vii Aaron,* b. Nov. 10, 1758; m. Oct. 30, 178a, Lucy Haw- 

ley; d. May i, 1812. 

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19 Aaron* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 3, 
171 1, at Durham, Conn. He m. Feb. 6, 1732, Abigail Sanford, 
of Milford, and resided in Middlefield, Conn. 

Children of Aaron' and Abigail (Sanford) Parsons: 
i Ann,* b. Nov. 13, 1733. 
ii Aaron,* b. June 14, 1735. 
iii Jerusha,* b. Sept. 24, 1738. 
^ iv Rachel,* b. Mar. 4, 1744; m. Nov. 11, 1765, Amos Wet- 

V Abigail,* b. July 14, 1746. 

47 vi Rev. Stephen,* b. Sept. 5, 1748; d. Jan. 7, 1820; m. (i) 

Nov. 30, 1769, Elizabeth Hambleton; m. (2) Apr. 
29, 1778, Annie Coe; m. (3) Oct. 31, 17&2, Sarah 
vii Hannah,* b. Dec. 29, 1752. 

20 Nathaniel* Parsons (Jonathan,* Joseph^), son of Jon- 
athan* and Mary (Qark) Parsons, b. Mar. 25, 1686; m. (i) Ex- 
perience Wright, July 14, 1714, who d. June 5, 1715, with her 
infant child. He m. (2) 1728, Abigail Bunce, of Hartford. She 
d. Nov. 3, 1788. He d. Sept., 1738, and left a large estate for 
these times, valued at £560, and he lived on the original Parsons 
homestead. He sold the west end of the lot on Market Street and 
more than 170 years ago built the house on the middle of the old 
lot. His sons, Nathaniel and Elisha, lived together until Elisha 
moved to the Southwell place on Bridge Street, recently owned 
by Gen. Luke Lyman, and Nathaniel, 20 years later, moved to 
South Street. 

Children of Nathaniel* and Abigail (Bunce) Parsons: 
i Experience,* b. Aug. 9, 1729; m. (i) Amos Loomis, Jr., 
1754; m., (2) 1768, Dea. David Nash, of So. Hadley. 
ii Abigail,* b. Dec. 10, 1730; d. Dec. 25, 1730. 
iii Jerusha,* b. Dec. 10, 1730; d. Dec. 15, 1730. 

48 iv Elisha,* b. Nov. 16, 1731 ; d. May 22, 1805; m. Lucy 

Alvord, Mar. 22, 1770. 

V Nathaniel,* b. May 16, 1733. 

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21 Rev. Joseph* Parsons (Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
son of Joseph* and Elizabeth (Tompson) Parsons, was b. in 1702 
at Salisbury, Mass.; m. Frances, dau. of Lieut. Governor John 
Usher, of New Hampshire, a son of Hezekiah and Elizabeth 
(Symms) Usher, of Charleston. He graduated from Harvard 
College 1720, was ordained at Bradford in 1726, and d. there 
May 4, 1765. His will, dated Apr. 27, 1764; proved Mar. 31, 
1767, at Salem. 

Children of Joseph* and Frances (Usher) Parsons: 
i Frances,* b. 1730; d. 1808, at Epping, N. H., unm. 
ii Elizabeth,* b. 1731 ; d. 1733. 

iii Joseph,* b. 1733; Harvard College 1752; minister at 
Brookfield; m. Sarah, dau. of Rev. Warham Wil- 
liams, of Waltham, Mass. His only dau., Sarah, m. 
Samuel Pitkin, of East Hartford, Ct. 

49 iv Thomas,* b. Sept. 18, 1735; d. 181 1; m. (i) Anna 

Poor; m. (2) Lucy Bradbury. 
V Samuel,* b. 1737 ; d. 1807, at Comville, Me. ; had four 

vi John,* b. 1740; d. 1775; was a physician in S. Ber- 
wick, Me. 

vii William,* b. 1741 ; d. 1742. 

50 viii William,* b. Oct. 22, 1743; d. Aug. 4, 1826; m. Feb. 

19, 1769, Abigail Frost Blunt, 
ix Sarah,* b. 1745 ; d. 1800, at Parsonsfield, Me. 
X Edward,* b. 1747; graduated 1765; was an attorney, 
and was Adjutant in Col. Poor's Regt., Revolution- 
ary Army; d. in the army in 1777. 

22 Rev. Samuel* Parsons (Rev. Joseph,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Joseph* and Elizabeth (Tompson) Parsons, was 


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b. in 1707, at Salisbury, Mass.; m. Oct. 9, 1739, Mary, only dau. 
of Samuel Jones, of Boston. He was a graduate of Harvard 
College, 1730, and later a minister at Rye, N. H. 
Children of Rev. Samuel* and Mary (Jones) Parsons: 
i Mary,* b. July 15, 1740; m. Mar. 4, 1762, Rev. John 
Tuck, of Epsom, N. H. 
51 ii Dr. Joseph," b. Dec. 14, 1746; d. Feb. 8, 1832; m. Jan. 
31, 1768, Mary Seavey. 
iii John," baptized Sept. 25, 1748; d. 1752. 
iv William," baptized June 10, 1750. 
v Hannah," baptized Oct. 22, 1752 ; d. 1753. 
vi Elizabeth," baptized Jtdy 14, 1754; m. Lieut. Samuel 

Wallis; d. June 9, 1827. 
vii Abigail," baptized Aug. 22, 1756. 
viii Hannah," baptized Dec. 10, 1758; d. Jan. 25, 1840; 

23 Rev. William* Parsons (Rev. Joseph," Joseph,' Jo- 
seph^), son of Rev. Joseph" and Elizabeth (Tompson) Parsons, 
of Salisbury, Mass., b. Apr. 21, 1716; Harvard College 1735 ; set- 
tled at So. Hampton, N. H., in 1743, and remained theVe until 
1762. Became a proprietor at Gilmanton, N. H., and removed 
there Aug. i, 1763 ; was employed to preach and teach the youth 
and did so for 10 years. He married May 16, 1743, Sarah Bum- 
ham, of Durham, and d. January, 1796, aged 80 years. 
Children of William* and Sarah (Burnham) Parsons: 
i Sarah," b. Apr. 8, 1744; m. John Smith (3d), of Dur- 
ii William," b. Apr. i, 1745; m. Hannah Meserve, Feb. 8, 
1776. Children: (i) William," (2) John," (3) Jo- 
seph," and (4) Sarah." 
iii Elizabeth." 

iv John," b. Nov. 10, 1751 ; m. Lydia Folsom, Oct. 16, 
1783. He d. May 31, 1838. She d. Mar. 17, 1828. 
Children: (i) William," (2) Judith," (3) John," 
(4) Sarah," (5) Hannah," (6) Lydia," (7) Eli- 
za," (8) Joseph." 

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V Joseph,* b. Apr. 29, 1753 ; m. Ruth Pearson, of Ames- 
bury, Dec. 20, 1781. Chfldren: (i) Ruth,« (2) 
Joseph,* (3) Sarah,« (4) Hannah,* (5) Thom- 
as,* and (6) Mary.* 

vi Ebenezer," b. Jan. 21, 1756; m. Eunice Potter, Nov. 18, 
1784. Children: (i) Ebenezer,* (2) Eunice,* (3) 
William,* (4) Samuel,* (5) Sally,* and (6) Lucy.* 
Dea. William,* son of Ebenezer and Eunice (Potter) 
Parsons, b. at Gilmanton, Dec. 10, 1791 ; m. Feb. 16, 
1815, Sally, dau. of Dea. Hubbard Stevens. Resided 
in Salisbury, N. H., where she died Feb. 13, 1865. 
(From History of Salisbury, J. J. Dearborn, 1890.) 

24 JoHN^ Parsons, Jr. (John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of 
Lieut. John* and Sarah (Atherton) Parsons, b. July 15, 1700; 
m. Dec. 2, 1736, Hannah, b. Feb. 21, 1710, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Hannah (widow of Catlin) Clark. 

Children of John* and Hannah (Clark) Parsons: 

52 i Asahel,* b. Feb. 5, 1738, d. Mar. 26, 1818; m. Jan. 2, 

1 77 1, Rebecca Qark. 
ii Hannah,* b. Nov. 4, 1739; m. 1762, Jonathan Jones, of 

Easthampton (his 2d wife), 
iii Lois,* b. July, 1742; m. Nov. 27, 1800, Charles Ferry, 

of Granby. 

53 iv John," b. Aug., 1745 ; d. Mar. 23, 1791 ; m. Dec. 16, 

1 77 1, Lydia Kingsley. 

54 V David,* b. Aug. 30, 1747; d. Sept. 13, 1822; m. Dec. 28, 

1775, Irene Qark. 
vi Jonathan,* b. Aug. 30, 1747; d. Jan. 23, 1831 ; m. Jan. 
3, 1771, Jemima Clark, of Easthampton, b. Apr. 17, 
1749, and who d. Jan. 3, 1843. (No children, except 
adopted Jonathan,* son of his brother, David.^) 

25 MosES* Parsons (John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of Lieut. 
John* and Sarah (Atherton) Parsons, b. July 6, 1708; m. (i) 
Nov. 5, 1730, Wait, b. July 26, 171 1, dan. of Abraham and Han- 
nah (Clapp) Miller, of Northampton. She d. 173 1, and he m. 

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(2) Nov. 28, 1734, Sarah, b. May 9, 1713, dau. Samuel Jones, 
of Northampton. He d. Jan. 3, 1746, and she m. in 1753, Itha- 
mar Oark. 

Child of Moses* and Wait (Miller) Parsons: 

55 i Moses,** b. Sept. i, 1731 ; d. in 1814; m. June 15, 1758, 

Mahitable Bridgeman. 
Children of Moses* and Sarah (Jones) Parsons : 
ii Oliver,' b. Sept. 27, 1735; d. 1755. 
iii Eunice,* b. May 7, 1737; d. Apr., 1755. 
iv Deacon Joel,' b. May 18, 1739; d. Nov. 18, 1818; m. 

Jan., 1 761, Abigail Ferry. 
V Bela,' b. Dec. 9, 1741 ; d. July 9, 181 5, in Westhampton; 

m. Mary Clapp. 
vi Sarah,' b. May 7, 1744; m. Samuel Qapp. 

26 Joseph* Parsons (Lieut. John,* Josejdi,* Joseph^), b. 
May 16, 1722; m. 1751, Rachel Keep, b. 1722, dau. of Jdm and 
Ruth (Edwards) Keep, of Northampton. He resided at North- 
ampton, Mass., and d. Jan. 11, 1807. She d. Nov. 8, 1805. 

Children of Joseph* and Rachel (Keep) Parsons: 
i Martha,' b. Oct. 18, 1753; d. Sept. 26, 1819; unm. 

56 ii Capt. Joseph,' b. Oct. 27, 1755; d. Apr. 19, 1803; m. 

Jan. 13, 1786, Dorothy Clark. 

57 iii Oliver,' b. Feb. 10, 1760; d. May 6, 1800; m. Rhoda 

Parsons, Mar. 10, 1789. 
iv Rachel,' b. Feb. 10, 1760; d. Sept. 24, 1778. 

27 Elihu* Parsons (Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Mar. 14, 1719; was a lawyer. He m. June 11, 1750, Sarah, eld- 
est dau. of Rev. Jonathan Edwards. He d. at Stockbridge, Mass., 
Aug. 22, 1785. She d. at Goshen, Mass., May 15, 1805. 

Children of Elihu* and Sarah (Edwards) Parsons: 

i Ebenezer,' b. ; d. young. 

ii Esther,' b. ; d. young. 

58 iii Elihu,' b. Dec. 9, 1753; m. Rhoda Hinsdale. 

59 iv Eliphalet,' b, June 18, 1756; m. Martha Young, of Long 

Island, N. Y., and had 5 children. He d. at Che- 
nango, N. Y., in 1813. 

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V Lydia," b. 1757; m. Aaron IngersoU; had 4 children, 
vi Lucretia/ b. Aug. 11, 1759; d. Dec., 1786; m. Feb. 9, 

1786, her cousin. Rev. Justin'* Parsons, 
vii Sarah,** b. 1760; m. David IngersoU; had 13 children, 
viii Lucy,* b. 1762; m. Joshua Ketcham; had 3 children. 

ix Jonathan,' b. ; d. young. 

X Jerusha,' b. ; d. young. 

xi Jerusha,* b. May, 1766; m. Ira Seymour, of Victor, 
N. Y., who d. Oct. 4, 1837, aged 89. 

28 Benjamin* Parsons (Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son 

of Capt Ebenezer* and Mercy (Stebbins) Parsons, b. Oct. 2, 

1723; m. Rebecca, b. Dec. 6, 1727, d. Oct. 28, 1813, dau. of 

Benjamin and Mary (Strong) Sheldon. He was a soldier in the 

French and Indian Wars, and served in Capt. William Lyman's 

Co. at Fort Massachusetts from Nov. 16, 1747, to Jan. 10, 1748. 

He died Apr. i, 1777, and letters of Administration were granted 

to his widow, and son, Ebenezer, on his large estate. 

Children of Benjamin* and Rebecca (Sheldon) Parsons: 

i Jerusha," b. Sept 22, 1750; d. June, 1841; m. (i) Ar- 

temus Stone; m. (2) Daniel Brown; m. (3) Maj. 

Josiah Lyman. 

ii Ebenezer,* b. Dec. 26, 1751; d. Aug., 1823; m. Emma 

Clark ; lived at Hadley. 
iii Mercy," b. Nov. 30, 1753 ; d. May., 1823 ; m. J. Buck- 
ingham, of Goshen, 
iv Hannah," b. June 30, 1755; d. Mar. 28, 1813; m. Cyrus 

V Susan," b. Dec. i, 1757; d. June 14, 181 7; m. Col. Ne- 

hemiah May. 

60 vi Rev. Justin," b. July 19, 1759; d. Apr. 26, 1847; ni. (i) 

Feb. 9, 1786, Lucretia Parsons; m. (2) Oct. 30, i;^, 

Electa Frary; m. (3) Hannah ; m. (4) Feb. 

7, 1842, Prudence Ross. 

61 vii Rev. Silas," b. Sept. 26, 1761 ; d. Dec. 6, 1839; m. Sarah 

Fiske, Mar. 6, 1782. 

62 viii Rev. Solomon," b. Aug. 28, 1763; d. Jan. 26, 1815; m. 

Nov. 15,- 1790, Lucinda Packard. 

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ix Rebecca,' b. Aug. 4, 1766; d. Apr., 1813; m. Thad 

63 X Rev. Benjamin,** b. Feb. 20, 1769; d. Apr. 15, 1857; m. 

(i) Nov. 25, 1799, Lovicy Stebbins; m. (2) July i, 
1808, Mrs. Mary Gray. 

29 Simeon* Parsons (Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. 
Feb. II, 1731 ; m. Aug. 22, 1752, Catherine Phelps. 

Children of Simeon* and Catherine (Phelps) Parsons, 
All Born in Northampton: 
i Warham,** bap. 1753; m. Priscilla" Parsons, b. Feb. 15, 
1755, dau. of Jacob* (Josiah,* Joseph,' Joseph^). He 
was a Revolutionary soldier, 
ii Catherine," bap. July 27, 1755; m. Elisha Graves; had 

son, Edward* Graves, 
iii Medad,* bap. Aug. 28, 1757; m. Dorothy Qapp. Chil- 
dren: (I) Elijah,* (2) Dolly,* and (3) Katy.* 
iv Anna,'* b. 1760; m. Jonathan Dickinson; had 6 chil- 
v Dorothy,** b. 1762; m. Joshua Abel, 
vi Lydia,** b. 1764; m. Benjamin Wells; had dau., Caro- 
line* Wells, 
vii Experience,*' bap. 1767; ni. Percy Graves. Children: 
(i) Lyman* and (2) Susan.* 

64 viii Simeon,^ bap. 1769; m. Aug. 1793, Rosanna Fairfield. 

ix Elijah,** bap. 1773 ; d. 1784. 
X Susanna,*' b. 1778; d. 1803. 

30 Rev. David* Parsons (Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Mar. 24, 1712, at Maiden, Mass.; grad. at Harvard College 1729. 
He was minister at Hadley 1735, and first pastor of the Congre- 
gational Church at Amherst, Mass., Nov., 1739. He m. Eunice, 
dau. of Gideon Wells, of Weathersfield, Conn., b. Aug. 6, 1726, 
d. Sept. 20, 1796. He d. Jan. i, 1781. 

He has been described as "a man of strong intellectual powers, 
with a penetrating eye, giving token of that shrewd and judicial 
mind which made his counsel valued ; retaining his classical leam- 

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ing beyond most men of his age, but with divinity as his favorite 
study ; a doctrinal preacher, earnest in manner, devout in temper 
and fervent in prayer. His sermons were scholarly and orthodox 
to a degree." He continued in the Amherst pastorate until his 
Children of Rev. David* and Eunice (Wells) Parsons: 
i Eunice,"* bap. July 19, 1747; d. an infant. 

65 ii David,' bap. Jan. 28, 1749; m. Harriet Williams; d. 

May 18, 1823. 
iii Eunice,*' bap. July 28, 1751 ; m. Solomon Stoddard, of 

Northampton, and d. Jan. 22, 1797. 
iv Salome,' bap. Feb. 28, 1753; d. unm. Aug. 22, 1839. 

V Mary,*^ bap. Mar. 27, 1757; m. Nov. i, 1790, Ezekiel 

Belding, of Wethersfield, Ct., and d. 1845. 
vi Gideon," bap. June 28, 1759; d. Oct. 14, 1761. 
vii Gideon,* bap. Nov. 22, 1761 ; m. Apr. 16, 1787, Huldah 

Rowe, and d. in Esopus, N. Y., 1805. 
viii Leonard Chester,** bap. Nov. 11, 1764; d. Nov. 30, 1785, 

while a member of the Junior Class at Yale College. 

31 Nathan* Parsons (Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Oct. 12, 1721. He m. Amy Gould, of New Jersey. He removed 
to Belchertown, Mass., and d. in 1806. 

Children of Nathan* and Amy (Gould) Parsons: 
i Amy,*^ b. in 1747 ; d. Jan. 22, 1777. She m. 1770, Moses 

66 ii Maj. Nathan,*^ b. Mar. 22, 1752; d. Oct. 11, 1823; m. 

(i) Catherine Gould; m. (2) Jan. 4, 1787, Susanna 

67 iii Eldad,** b. Aug. 26, 1755 ; d. July 10, 1823; m. (i) Dec. 

6, 1780, Experience Broadwell; m. (2) Mar. 20, 
1801, Mrs. Aseneth (Allen) Chapin; m. (3) Mrs. 
Hyocinthia Phelps. 

68 iv Oliver,*^ b. Mar. 14, 1767; d. Aug. 28, 1805; m. Nov. 

10, 1790, Phebe Lamphear. 

V Medad,** b ; settled in Canada. 

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32 Israel^ Parsons (Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 1723, 
at Maiden, Mass.; m. (i) Jan. 9, 1751, Hannah Waite. He m. 
(2) Lois Wiley, of Lynn, Mass., Mar. 28, 1761. He resided at 
Leicester, Mass., where he d. in 1767. 

Children of Israez.^ and Hannah (Waite) Parsons, 
All Bom at Leicester, Mass. : 
i Hannah,* b. Nov. 6, 1751. 
ii Sarah,* b. Feb. 22, 1754. 
iii Deborah,* b. Dec. 18, 1755. 

69 iv Israel,* b. Oct. 3, 1757; d. Nov. 25, 1809; m. Nancy 

Children of Israel^ and Lois (Wiley) Parsons: 

V Ebenezer,* b. 1762. 

VI James,* b. June 27, 1763. 

vii Ruth,* b. June 13, 1765, d. 1767. 
Washburn, in his History of Leicester, says of Israd* Parsons : 
"He died 1767. But though all his children were then living I 
have been unable to trace them. None of them or their descend- 
ants appear in the town for more than 50 years past." 

33 Dr. Solomon* Parsons (David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Apr. 18, 1726; d. Mar. 20, 1807, in Paxon. He was a surgeon in 
the Revolutionary Army. He m. (i) Sept. 5, 1752, Elizabeth 
Taylor, dau. of John and Jerusha Taylor, b. 1734, d. 1761, of 
smallpox. He m. (2) Elizabeth Sweetser, of Rutland, Nov. 7, 

Children of Dr. Solomon* and Elizabeth (Taylor) Parsons: 

i Jerusha,* b. ; m. Colcut Davis. 

ii Elizabeth,* b. Nov. 26, 1753; m. 1771, Jonathan Hub- 
iii Phebe,* b. Oct. 13, 1755; m. Oct. 12, 1775, Abijah 

70 iv Solomon,* b. Nov. 26, 1757; d. May 11, 1831 ; m. May 

8, 1789, Rebecca Cobum Wesson. 

34 Josiah* Parsons (Josiah,* Josej*,* Joseph*), b. June 9, 
1713; m. June 27, 1751, Prudence Kellogg, b. in 1723, and d- 

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June 27, 1791. He lived in Northampton, Mass., and d. May 

23, 1796. 
Children of Josiah* and Prudence (Kellogg) Parsons: 
i Naomi,* b. Aug. 3, 1752; d. Sept. 15, 1794; unm. 
ii Prudence," b. Apr. 22, 1756; m. Dec. 19, 1790, Dr. 

Samuel Porter, of Williamstown, Mass. 
iii Abigail," b. May 13, 1759; m. 1795, Elisha Graves. 

35 Isaac* Parsons (Josiah*, Joseph*, Joseph^), b. Dec. 23, 
1715; d. July II, 1798. He m. Jan. 24, 1744, Lucina Strong, 
b. Sept 8, 1722, d. May 25, 1801, dau. of Jonathan and Mehitabd 
(Stebbins) Strong. 

CniLiotEN OF Isaac* and Lucina (Strong) Parsons, 
all bom at Northampton, Mass. : 

71 i Isaac," b. 16 Oct., 1745; d. Sept., 1819; m. Mindwell 

Kingsley, of Northampton. 

ii Rev. Elijah," b. 20 Mar., 1747 ; Yale College 1768 ; min- 
ister at East Haddam, Ct., 1772-1827; Fellow at Yale 
College 1814-21 ; d. 27 Jan., 1827. He was for sev- 
eral years a member of the Corporation of Yale Col- 
lie. He married (i) Apr. 16, 1773, Elizabeth 
Rogers, of Boston, who d. Sept. 9, 1790, aged 46; 
m. (2) Nov. 5, 1792, Mrs. Mary Chauncey 
son, of Hartford, Ct, who d. Sept. 30, 1812, aged 
57; m. (3) Dec. 18, 1813, Meliscent Spencer, of 
East Haddam, Ct, who d. Oct. 25, 1832, aged 76. 
He had no children. 

iii Phinehas,*^ b. 17 Oct., 1748; d. Dec., 1748. 

72 iv Phinehas,* b. 9 Jan., 1750; d. Feb. 27, 1825; m. Mary 

V Lucy,* b. 2 July, 1752; d. Feb. 3, 181 1 ; m. 15 June, 

1779, Jedediah Clark. 

vi Sarah,* b. 22 Feb., 1755; d, Jan., 1819; m. 8 Feb., 

1780, Seth Sheldon. 

vii Rachel," b. 15 Aug., 1757; m. 5 Jan., 1783, Oliver Ed- 
viii Dorcas,* b. 4 Jan., 1759; m. (i) 16 Nov., 1786, Daniel 
Edwards; m. (2) Timothy Eidwards. 

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ix Achsah,' b. 27 May, 1765; m. 29 Dec, 1791, Joel Ly- 
man, of Southampton. 
73 X Josiah,* b. 15 June, 1769; d. Sept. 31, 1847; ^' Dec- 
28, 1 791, Sarah Strong, 

xi Elias,' b. 5 Mar., 1772; d. July 8, 1842. 

In a pamphlet entitled, "Some Old Northampton Houses," 
written by Harriet F. Kneeland for the "Betty Allen Chapter of 
the D. A. R," of Northampton (1909), are the following descrip- 
tions of two old Parsons houses, one built by Isaac* Parsons and 
the other built by Noah,* son of Noah* Parsons, the pictures of 
both of which are shown herein. 

The Isaac^ Parsons House 

"Another Parsons home of somewhat later date than the one 
already mentioned" (the one built 1658) "is the large, comfortable 
looking house on the Park opposite the old cemetery. Built in 
1743, by Isaac Parsons, great-grandson of Cornet Joseph, this 
house stands upon land which has been in the possession of the 
Parsons family for 234 years. 

"Being outside the Stockade, for some time the family retired 
at night for safety to the house of a neighbor, whether the old 
Inn or some other we are not told. 

"The grooves in the window sills still show where the heavy 
wooden shutters were put up for protection against attack by 
Indians. The finished beams across the ceiling and the old 
wainscot, also still remain, and the great fire place of the kitchen 
boasts the wonder of two high brick ovens. Think of the . 
pies and bread and election cake of those more than 150 year's 

"And the great room above, with its old paneling and alternate 
stripes of red, black, orange and white paper — how long is the 
procession of guests and how varied their dreams during those 
150 years. There is a tradition that after the surrender of Bur- 
goyne some British soldiers were quartered here until other dis- 
posal could be made of them. 

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IN 17 43. 

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"Doubtless the stiff Puritan manners, and quaint morning wor- 
ship excited their mirth, and they behaved in such unseemly 
fashion as to excite the wrath of the good man of the house, who 
read next morning the chapter of II Kings, which contains the 
verse, 'Because thy rage against me and thy tumult is come up 
into mine ears, therefor I will put my hook in thy nose and my 
bridle in thy lips and I will turn thee back by the way thou 
camest.' A member of the family says, 'Tradition fails to tell us 
how personal an application was made of the reading, but it is 
known that thereafter the officers refrained from appearing at 
morning prayers/ 

"That the family possessed the same keen sense of humor 
which characterizes it today, is shown by another tale of those 
same English officers. One morning when the Valet had suc- 
ceeded in arranging to his satisfaction the last buckle of his mas- 
ter's shoe, the little old farmer lifted his foot, clad in its heavy 
homemade cowhide, that a like service might be performed for 
him. How delightsome would be a picture of the long proces- 
sion of children of this old home, the little Puritans with their 
long seams and catechism, the older naughty Sally of later date, 
who when father and mother were well out of town on a visit, 
took up the precious parlor carpet and invited her friends to a 
wicked dancing party, all the merry rout who played hide and 
seek in the great attic and dared each other to enter the dark 
dungeon like room behind the chimney. Long may it stand, this 
old home of delightful associations and sacred memories." 

36 Jacob* Parsons (Josiah,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Oct. 22, 
1719, son of Josiah* and Sarah (Sheldon) Parsons; d. Jan. 19, 
179s; m. Feb. 25, 1746, Beulah Hunt, b. Mar., 1723, dau. of 
Ebenezer and Hannah (Qark) Hunt, and great-granddaughter 
of Gov. John Webster, of Connecticut. She d. Jan. 23, 1810. 
He resided at Northampton. 

Children of Jacob* and Beulah (Hunt) Parsons: 
i Esther,*^ b. July i, 1747; d. Aug. 10, 1807; m. Nov. 9, 
1774, Ethan Pomeroy, of Hadley, son of Ebenezer 
and Mind well (Lyman) Pomeroy, dau. of Capt. John 

Digitized by 



Lyman. Children: (i) Dan, (2) Esther, (3) Jacob 

Rarsons, and (4) Ethan. 
74 ii Israel,*^ b. Dec. 12, 1748; d. Jan. 29, 1818; m. Nov. 29, 

1775, Mary Qark. 
iii Beulah,* b. Dec. 4, 1750; m. Dec. 30, 1772, Edward 

Smith, of Belchertown. 
iv Eunice,^ b. Mar. 11, 1753; m. Feb. 5, 1789, Moses 

V Priscilla,* b. Feb. 15, 1755; d. Aug. 19, 1830; m. Dec. 

23, 1783, Warham*^ Parsons, b. 1753. (Son of 

Simeon,* Capt. Ebenezer," Joseph,* Joseph.^) 
vi Hannah,' b. Nov. 14, 1756; m. Oct. 3, 1781, Nehemiah 

Cleveland, of Williamsburg, Mass. She d. June 

IS, 1861. 
vii Abigail," b. May 20, 1758. 

viii Mercy," b. July 31, 1759; m. Gideon Warner, of Sun- 
ix Gad," b. July 31, 1759; d. Aug. 19, 1759. 
X Thankful," b. July 31, 1759; d. July i, 1777. 
xi Levi," b. Oct. 26, 1761 ; d. Apr. 13, 1762. 
xii Levi," b. Oct. 17, 1763; d. Jan. 27, 1766. 

37 Aaron* Parsons (Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Dan- 
iel" Parsons, married (i) Oct. 2, 1732, Mercy, daughter of John 
and Dorcas Atkinson, bom 1713, died July 11, 1750; (2) Feb. 
19, 1752, Experience Robinson, who died May 14, 1789. He was 
named after his father's cousin Aaron, son of Lieut. Samuel* Par- 
sons, who married (i) Elizabeth, daughter of Aaron Cook, the 
devoted friend of the regicides Goffe and Whalley, and who set- 
tled in Durham, Conn. 

Aaron* went to Wilbraham in 1737 with his brother Daniel, Jr., 
"where his mother owned land in the 2d and 3d divisions of land 
on the east of the great river in Springfield," as the locality was 
then designated. 

In Stebbins' History of Springfield, p. 202, it is stated that 
Aaron Parsons was a member of the Company of Capt. Luke 
Hotchkiss in the French War from Apr. 3, 1755, to Jan. 3, 1756, 

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and was at the battle near the southern extremity of Lake George 
against Baron Dieskan. In the same battle Private Noah Grant, 
the great-grandfather of U. S. Grant, was killed. 

It will be remembered that Sir William Johnson commanded the 
American forces in that expedition and for his services he received 
his title of Baronet, and a giit of five thousand pounds from the 
English Parliament. 

In Jan., 1738, the name of Aaron Parsons is found on the valu- 
ation and assessment lists intrusted to Constable John Hitchcock 
for property in the Chicopee, part of Springfield town. He was 
a member of the Springfield church at that time. The inscription 
on his grave stone is, "In memory of Mr. Aaron Parsons, who 
died Aug. 4, 1795, aged 83 years." 

We have no record of the parentage of his second wife, Ex- 
perience Robinson, who succeeded as step-mother of his nine 
young children. She certainly was a woman of great courage to 
asstmie the responsibility of the care, education and training of 
this large family from two to fifteen years of age. She died in 
1789, at what age we have no record, but she was a wife and 
step-mother for thirty-seven years. He, and his sons, lived in an 
important period in our country's history, he taking part in the 
Indian and French Wars, and his sons in the Revolutionary War 
and the events that followed. 

Children of Aaron* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons: 

74a i Mercy," b. 1733 ; d. 1750; m. Abner Sikes (see No. 572). 
ii Lucy," b. 1735; m. Joseph Adna Abbott, of Tolland, 

75 iii Sergeant Aaron," b. Feb. 14, 1737; d. Feb. 20, 1799; 

m. Oct. 2, 1760, Eunice, dau. of Benjamin Warriner. 

76 iv Deacon Reuben," b. May 30, 1739; d. Mar., 1799; "^• 

Margaret Granger, Sept. 15, 1765. 

77 V Zenas," b. Dec. 11, 1740; d. Nov. 19, 1818; m. Isabel 

Woodbridge of Stockbridge. 

78 vi Capt. Charles," b. Sept. 17, 1742 ; m. Lucy Baldwin, Jan. 

30, 1785. 

79 vii Elijah," b. Apr. 17, 1744; d. May 5, 1796, at Wilbra- 

ham; m. (i) Oct. 26, 1769, Eunice Caldwell; m. (2) 
Eunice Jennings, Apr. 30, 1785. 

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viii Miriam,* b. 1746; m. Enoch Chapin, Capt of a West 
Springfield Co., which sprang to arms the day after 
the battle of Lexington. 

80 ix Lieut. Eli,' b. Jan. 29, 1748; d. Sept. 23, 1830; m. Per- 

sis Graves, June 5, 1777. 
X Silence," b. July 11, 1750; d. Aug. 2, 1750. Her mother 
died the day she was born. 
Child of Aaron* and Experience (Robinson) Parsons: 
xi Phoebe.* (In the History of Wilbraham, by Stebbins, 
1863, p. 217, is a record of the births of Aaron, Reu- 
ben, Zenas, Charles, and Elijah.) 

38 Moses* Parsons (Moses," Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Oct. 19, 

1710; d. Feb., 1791. He m. Elizabeth (the last name not 

known). She d. May 10, 1790, aged 79. He later removed to 
Windsor, Conn. 

Children of Moses* and Elizabeth Parsons: 
i Eunice," b. Oct. 22, 1732, at Durham^ 
ii Mercy ,** b. Apr. 6, 1735; d. Aug. 31. 1753. 
iii Lucy,' b. July 2, 1736; d. Sept. 9, 1753. 
iv Eliphas,'' b. Jan. 14, 1738; m. July 9, 1761, Abigail 
Turner, dau. of Stephen and Hannah (Center) 
V Elihu,*^ b. in 1739. 

vi Naomi,' b. June 7, 1741 ; d. Oct. 30, 1753. 
vii Elizabeth,' b. Dec. 28, 1743; m. Dec. 13, 1765, Noah 

81 viii Abigail,' b. Apr. 29, 1747, at Middlefield, Ct.; d. Nov. 

7, 1817; m. Nov. 19, 1767, Lieut. Thomas Hayden. 
8i ix Moses,' b. June 12, 1748; d. Feb. 26, 1815; m. Esther 
X John,' b. Dec. 25, 1750. 
xi Submit,' b. Aug. 28, 1753. 

39 Lieut. Samupx* Parsons (Moses,^ Joseph,^ Joseph^), son 
of Moses^ and Abigail (Ball) Parsons, b. Mar. i, 1719; d. June 
15, 1812; m. Jan. 21, 1746, widow Elizabeth (Hull) Chipnian. 
She d. July 6, 1785, at Durham. 

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fourth generation 95 

Children of Samuel* and Elizabeth (Hull) Parsons, 
all bom at Durham, Conn. : 

83 i Joseph," b. Dec. 25, 1747; d. Sept. 25, 182 1; m. Dec. 

T> 179S1 Mercy Coe. 
ii Mehitable," b. Mar. 5, 1750; d. Apr. 5, 1793. 

84 iii Rev. Lemuel,* b. May 2, 1753; d. Feb. 14, 1791 ; m. (i) 

Jan. 28, 1779, Catherine Coe; m. (2) Dec. 12, 1780, 

Faith Little, 
iv Elizabeth,'* b. July 14, 1756; d. Dec. 19, 1801 ; m. Thad- 

deus Manning. 
V Samuel,* b. Dec. i, 1758. 

85 vi Paul,* b. Jan. 17, 1762; m. Phebe Coe. 

40 Elizabeth* Parsons (Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), dau. of 
Noah* and Mindwell (Edwards) Parsons, b. Mar. 25, 1716; m. 
Nov. 22, 1733, Joseph Allen, b. Apr. 5, 1712, a farmer of North- 
ampton. He was a son of Deacon Samuel Allen, Jr., of North- 
ampton, b. July 6, 1675, and Sarah, b. May 29, 1675, dau. of 
Israel and Rebecca Rust. Deacon Samuel Allen, Jr., was son of 
Deacon Samuel and Hannah (Woodford) Allen. 

Elizabeth* Parsons was noted for piety, three of her sons be- 
came ministers and five were distinguished soldiers in the Revo- 
lutionary War. History also records that she was famous as a 
mid-wife, assisting at the birth of 3,000 children long before 
there were schools for training nurses. Whether for this service 
to her country, or for other patriotic service of herself and her 
children, her name has been given to the ''Betty Allen Chapter of 
the D. A. R," at Northampton, Mass. 

Children of Elizabeth* (Parsons) and Joseph Allen: 
i Capt. Joseph'^ Allen, b. Oct. 17, 1735; m. Mehitable,® 
dau. of Oliver' and Rhoda Parsons; was a soldier 
and officer in the Revolutionary War. 
ii Maj. Jonathan*^ Allen, b. Dec. 15, 1737; d. Jan. 7, 1780, 
shot by Seth Lyman accidentally, while out hunting 
together at Northampton; was a soldier and officer 
in the war. 

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iii Rev. Thomas' Allen, b. Jan. 17, 1743; d. Feb. 10, 1810; 
graduate of Harvard College 1762 ; was for a time 
Chaplain in the Army; was the ist minister at Pitts- 
field, Mass., and fought at the battle of Bennington 
with a Company from his own church; had 12 chil- 

iv Phineas' Allen, b. Feb. 23, 1745. 

V Rev. Moses* Allen, b. Sept. 14, 1748; Princeton Col- 

lege 1772; was a minister at Medway, Ga. ; d. Feb. 
8, 1779; was a Revolutionary soldier. 

vi Rev. Solomon' Allen, b. Feb. 23, 175 1 ; d. Jan. 30, 1821 ; 
m. Beulah Clapp; was an officer in Revolutionary 
War and had charge of the conduct of Maj. Andre 
from the place of capture to West Point ; was after- 
wards minister at Brighton, near Rochester, N. Y., 
and founded churches in that region. 

vii Elisha' Allen, b. in 1752; m. Merab Clapp, dau. of Jon- 
athan Qapp. 

41 Noah* Parsons (Noah,^ Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Noah* 
and Mindwell (Edwards) Parsons, b. Feb. 6, 1731 ; was a soldier 
in the Revolution, serving at Boston, Lexington, Ticcmderoga, 
and East Hoosac. He m. Jan. 9, 1755, Phebe Bartlett, b. Mar. 
7, 1731, dau. of William and Abigail (Lyman) Bartlett. She d. 
Jan. 5, 1805. He built and lived in one of the Parsons homesteads 
now (1910) remaining in Northampton, a description and account 
of which has been taken from "Some Old Northampton Homes,'* 
written by Harriet F. Kneeland. He d. Jan. 11, 1814. 

Children of Noah* and Phebe (Bartlett) Parsons: 
86 i Noah," b. Aug. 30, 1755; d. Feb. 16, 1814; m. May 4, 
1778, Sarah C Edwards, 
ii Phebe,* b. Jan. 9, 1757; m. Oliver Clark, of East- 

iii Sylvans,** b. Feb. 26, 1758; m. Ebenezer Strong, 
iv Mindwell,* b. June 3, 1759 ; m. Eleazer Strong. 

V Azariah,* b. May 11, 1761. 
vi Anne,* b. Sept. 5, 1762. 

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IN 1755. 

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87 vii Amasa,* b. Apr. 8, 1764; m. Hannah Bartlett, May 8, 

viii Miriam,* b. Oct. 20, 1765; m. Samuel Hedges, 
ix Jerusha," b. Sept. i, 1767. 
X Keziah," b. Sept. 17, 1769; m. Ebenezer Philps. 

88 xi Gideon,* b. Jan. 5, 1771 ; d. May 6, 1833; m. Dec. 5, 

1793, Mercy* Parsons. 

89 xii Justus,* b. Oct. 17, 1773; d. Mar. 7, 1834; m. Oct. 29, 

1800, Lydia Qark. 

The Noah^ Parsons House 

"The Parsons homestead under the big elm on lower South 
Street was built by Noah Parsons, also a great-grandson of the 
first Joseph, in 1755, on land which was part of his father's home 
lot. Brother of our own Betty Parsons Allen, who must have 
been a frequent visitor at this house, he married in 1755, Phebe 
Bartlett, who, according to Jonathan Edwards, was converted at 
the age of four years. And certainly the story of her experience 
is most remarkable, as told by him and vouched for by her father 
and mother *of whose veracity,' he says, 'none that knew them can 
doubt.' She was the mother of twelve children, and a long and 
beautiful life showed the reality of her religion and inspired the 
respect and love of all who knew her. The story of the tree, if 
one may venture to put it in so few words, is, that Noah Parsons 
and his brother Timothy, in August, 1755, each brought from the 
meadows a small elm tree. Noah's tree is now standing, the other 
died many years ago. I have heard my grandfather say that he 
remembered when all the branches were c]ut off close to the trunk, 
and an examination of the tree shows the marks of the cutting. 
This was very early in 1800. Counting from Noah Parsons, Sen- 
ior, in 1712, who probably owned all the land from Mr. Williams' 
place to Maple Street, this homestead has been the possession of 
this branch of the Parsons family for 195 years, and many noble 
men and women have grown to manhood and womanhood be- 
neath this roof tree. For more than 150 years has this beautiful 
elm looked down on the children playing about its nx>ts, and 

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upon the town growing up about it, and for more than 150 springs 
has it sent forth the glory of its dainty brown and gold blossoms 
and shining leaves, the delight of all who have «yes to see.'* 

42 Timothy* Parsons (Noah," Joseph,^ Joseph^), the young- 
est child of Noah,* b. June 22, 1738; d. Feb. 22, 1822; m. Dec. i, 
1773, Martha Hubbard. 

Their daughter, Martha," m. Sept. 9, 1798, William Bliss and 
had II children. Their youngest child, Theodore* Bliss, b. Aug. 
23, 1822, m. Feb. 7, 1848, Mary Wright, and their daughter, Anna 
Catherine^ Bliss, now (1910) resides in the house in Northampton 
built by Comet Joseph Parsons in 1658. Timothy Parsons was a 
Revolutionary soldier. 

43 Lieut. Samuel* Parsons (William,* Capt. John,* Jo- 
seph^), b. June 30, 1733; d. Dec. 9, 1812, at Northampton; m. (i) 
Nov. 16, 1768, Lucy Pomeroy, b. at Northampton, Feb. 15, 1739, 
dau. of Josiah and Lydia (Ashley) Pomeroy. She d. Apr. 12, 
1782, aged 44. He m. (2) Jan. 7, 1789, at Northampton, Esther, 
widow of Herman Pomeroy, and dau. of Benjamin and Mary 
(Mosley) Lyman. She d. June 4, 1829, aged 84. Samuel* Par- 
sons was a Lieutenant in Capt. Israel Chapin's Co., 2d Mass. 
Regt., in the Revolution ; was wounded and was lame the rest of 
his life; served as Lieutenant from 1776 to 1783. His name is on 
the tablet in Memorial Hall, Northampton. 

El weed Pomeroy, the ancestor of Lucy' (Josiah,* Ebenezer,' 
Medad,* Elweed^) Pomeroy, wife of Samuel* Parsons, was born 
in Devonshire, England, July 4, 1585; d. Mar., 1673. He was a 
son of Richard Pomeroy, descended in the 17th generation from 
Sir Ralph de Pomeroy, of Normandy, whose grandson in the line 
was Sir Henry de Pomeroy, who married Robesia, natural dau. 
of King Henry I, of England. 

Elweed Pomeroy m. (i) at Beaminster, Eng., May 4, 161 7, 
Joan Keech and had children, Dianah, and Elizabeth. She d. and 
was buried at Beaminster Nov. 27, 1620. He m. (2) May 7, 
1627, Margery Rochett and came to America, 1630, in ship "Mary 
and John" and settled in Dorchester, Mass. ; removed to Windsor, 

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Conn., 1635-6, and to Northampton, Mass., 1671 or 72. His wife, 
Margery, died in Windsor, Conn., July 5, 1655, and he m. (3) 
Lydia (Brown) Parsons, widow of Thomas Parsons. His life 
and line down to Luke** Parsons is given in the New England 
Historic and Genealogical Register, Vol. 43, pp. 39-42. 
Children of Lieut. Samuel* and Lucy (Pomeroy) Parsons: 

90 1 Mary,» b. Oct. 8, 1769; d. Feb. 5, 1826; m. Zepheniah 

Hull Judson. 

91 ii Sarah,'^ b. Jan. 3, 1771; d. Mar. 28, 1858; m. in 1806 

Dr. Charles L. Seegur. 
iii Anne,* b. May 9, 1773; d. Nov. i, 1794. 

92 iv Capt. Luke,*^ b. Nov. 22, 1774; d. Mar. 11, 1852; m. 

Sept. 8, 1801, Nancy Streeter. 

93 V Lucy,'^ b. Feb. 24, 1777; d. Dec. 3, 1843; "^- Dec. 23, 

1797, Herman Pomeroy. 

94 vi John,'^ b. Oct. 22, 1778; d. Dec. i, 1835; "i- Hannah 


95 vii George,*^ b. Apr. 3, 1782; d. Sept. 6, 1872; m. Sept. 7, 

1806, Sophia Lee. 

44 David* Parsons (Ithamar,* Samuel,* Joseph*), bapt. June 
I, 1735, at Durham, Conn.; m. Rebecca Robinson and, about 1760, 
removed to Granville, Mass. 

Children of David* and Rebecca (Robinson) Parsons: 
i Seth,' b. Sept. 15, 1757; d. June 21, 1850; m. May 11, 
1780, Susanna Babcock, of Rhode Island, b. May 15, 
1760; d. July 22, 1842. 

ii David," b. ; m. Root, and removed to 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 

96 iii Joel,' b. Oct. 31, 1768; d. Aug. 4, 1837; "^- ^^^' io» 

1793, Phebe Robinson. 

45 Nathan* Parsons (Ithamar,* Samuel,* Joseph*), son of 
Ithamar,* and Sarah Parsons, bap. Sept. 30, 1744; m. Sarah 
Bancroft, bap. May 27, 1744, dau. of Samuel Bancroft, the first 
settler and patriarch of Granville (the son of Nathaniel and Ruth 
Bancroft, of Agawam Parish, West Springfield), and Sarah 

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(White) Bancroft, a descendant from the Plymouth Puritans. 
He removed to Granville, Mass., about 1760. 
Children of Nathan* and Sarah (Bancroft) Parsons: 
i Samuel,* b. Sept. 20, 1769; d. Nov., 1841 ; m. Aug. 25, 

1794, Sarah Burritt, b. May 20, 1772. 
ii Nathan,* b. in 1772. 

iii Phebe,* b. in 1774; m. , Benton, N. Y. 

iv Sarah,* b. in 1776. 

97 V Levi,* b. Mar. 8, 1778; d. in 1866; m. Abigail Ward, 
vi Noah,* b. in 1780; settled and d. in Sherbum, N. Y. 

46 Aaron* Parsons (Ithamar,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 
Nov. 10, 1758; m. Oct. 30, 1782, Lucy Hawley. He d. May i, 

Children of Aaron* and Lucy (Hawley) Parsons: 

98 i Curtis,* b. Apr. 23, 1783; d. Jan. 29, 1837; m. May 3, 

1804, Orpha Loveland. 
ii Hannah,* b. Jan. 22, 1785 ; m. Lewis Strong, 
iii Nathan,* b. May 9, 1787; m. Anne Strong, 
iv Marcus,* b. Feb. 23, 1789; m. Orpha Robinson. 
V Calvin Hawley,* b. Sept. 20, 1791 ; m. Sophronia Camp, 
vi Rhoda,* b. Mar. 13, 1794; m. Elisha Miller, 
vii Phebe,* b. Mar. 8, 1796; m. Recie G. Elton, 
viii Amanda,* b. July 11, 1799; m. Sept. 7, 1823, Guernsey 
ix Otis,* b. May 4, 1803, d. Nov. 4, 1825. 

47 Rev. Stephen* Parsons (Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Sept. 5, 1748, at Middlefield, Conn.; d. Jan. 7, 1820, at 
Denmark (or Lowville), N. Y. He married (i) Nov. 30, 1769, 
Elizabeth Hambleton, bom Mar. 27, 1751. She died Feb. 11, 
1777. He married (2) Apr. 29, 1778, Annie Coe, b. Jan. 9, 1747, 
dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Curtis) Coe. (Her parentage is in 
the "Coe Genealogy," but she was probably a widow, as in the 
record of marriages at Middletown, Conn., her name is given 
as Annie Cornwall.) She died Sept. 29, 1781. He married (3) 
Oct. 31, 1782, Sarah Johnson. He was connected with that branch 

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of the Congregational Church then known as "Separatists" and 
was ordained to the ministry in 1788 and was pastor of a church 
in Middletown, Conn., seven years. He became a Baptist about 
1794, and about 1796 removed to Whitestown, N. Y., where he 
organized a Baptist church, and in 1798 he joined the Ots^o 
Baptist Association. He was very active and zealous in his work 
and organized several churches in that part of New York State. 

In the History of Lewis County, N. Y., by Franklin B. Hough 
(i860), this mention is made of him and his family id a note at 
page 230 on the history of the town of West-Turin. 

"Elder Stephen Parsons was thrice married and had eleven 
children, six of whom removed to the Black River County before 
he removed from Whitestown. Aaron was the oldest, died Aug. 
26, 1854, aged 84. He was the father of Aaron, Jr., Sheriff in 
1853 and member of Assembly in 1855, 

"His sister Eleanor married Elisha Cone and died in the town 
Aug., 1853, aged 82. Stephen died in Denmark in 1832, aged 56. 
Ichabod still resides in Denmark at an advanced age. He was 
several years a Judge of the County Court. 

"Elisha, half brother of the above, died in Pompey, N. Y., 1842. 
His sister Betsey married Elijah Qark, of Denmark, and died in 
1833, aged 53. Comfort, eldest son by the third marriage, resides 
in Wales Centre, N. Y. Johnson was a physician, served in the 
war, and was taken prisoner. He died in Florida July 30, 1820. 
His sister Sally married Johnson Foster, of Turin. Grace, an- 
other sister, married Isaac Foster and died in California in 1859. 
Ann, the youngest, married Mr. Crane, of Denmark." 

And at page 93 is another note as follows : 

"Elder Parsons was bom Sept. 5, 1748, and ordained to the 
ministry Jan. 31, 1788. He was an early, zealous and successful 
missionary in the Black River Settlements and active in the or- 
ganization of many Baptist churches in the country. He moved 
from Middletown to Whitestown toward the close of the last cen- 
tury and in 1802 came to Leyden, from whence, after several 
years, he moved to this town. His sons became heads of families, 
and most of those of his name now living in this County are his 
descendants. The circumstances of his death were so peculiar 

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that they made a deep and lasting impression upon the public 
mind. He had preached on a Sabbath in the forenoon from a 
favorite text, Ps. xc. 12, and in the afternoon from 2d Saml xix, 
24, 'How long shall I live?' On going to his bam to feed his 
horse on the same day he fell from a scaffold, receiving an injury 
from which he died unconscious, Jan. 7, 1820, within the same 
week this sermon was preached." 
Children of Rev. Stepnen* and Elizabeth (Hambleton) 

Parsons : 
99 i Aaron," b. Dec. 13, 1770; d. Aug. 26, 1854, at West 

Turin, N. Y., aged 84; m. Jane . 

ii Eleanor," b. Jan. 5, 1772; d. Aug., 1853; m. Elisha 

iii Stephen," b. Dec. 18, 1774; d. in 1832, at Denmark, 

N. Y. 
iv Ichabod," b. Feb. 4, 1777. 
Children of Rev. Stephen* and Annie (Coe) Parsons: 
V Elizabeth," b. Dec. 16, 1779; <!• i" 1833; ^n- Elijah 

vi Elisha," b. Sept. 20, 1781 ; d. in 1842, at Pompey, N. Y. 
Children of Rev. Stephen* and Sarah (Johnson) Parsons: 
vii Anne," b. May 16, 1783; m. Mr. Crane, of Denmark, 

N. Y. 
viii Comfort," b. in 1784. 
ix Dr. Johnson," b. Feb. i, 1785; d. July 30, 1820, at 
Florida, N. Y. 

x Grace," b. ; d. in 1859; m. Isaac Foster. 

xi Sally," b. ; m. Johnson Foster. 

48 Elisha* Parsons (Nathaniel,* Jonathan,^ Joseph^), b. at 
Northampton, Mass., Nov. 16, 1731 ; d. May 22, 1805. He m. 
Mar. 22, 1770, Lucy, dau. of Joseph Alvord. 

Children of Elisha* and Lucy (Alvord) Parsons: 
1 Lucy,^ bap. Jan. 6, 1771 ; m. Calvin Clark. 
100 ii Elisha," b. Mar. 22, 1774; d. Nov. 21, 1843; n^i- Nov. 
10, 1800, Phebe Hulbert. 

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iii Clemence,° bap. Jan. 19, 1777; m. 1805, Godolphin 

iv Jerusha/ b. Feb. 28, 1780; m. in 1809, John^ Parsons, 
of Westhampton (John,^ John,* Lieut. John,' Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph^). 

V Stephen,' b. Feb. 28, 1780. 

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This generation marks an epoch in the history of this and other 
New England families. Most of those who took part in the Revo- 
lutionary War were of this generation. Many of their children, 
after the war and the formation of the Federal Union, migrated 
to the new parts of New York and the Middle West, and also to 
the Southwest, after the Louisiana Purchase. 

49 Thomas* Parsons (Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), son of Rev. Joseph* and Frances (Usher) Parsons, was 
bom Sept. i8, 1735, in Bradford, Mass., and died in Parsons- 
field, Me., in 181 1. He married (i) Anna Poor, of Andover, 
Mass., who died in Effingham, N. H., May 24, 1783, aged 44; 
married (2) Lucy Bradbury, of Saco, Me., who died Nov. 11, 
181 1, aged 54. He had nine children by his first wife and ten 
children by his second wife. He lived for a time in Effingham, 
N. H., which adjoins Parsonsfield on the west. On Aug. 5, 1771, 
he was granted by the General Court of Massachusetts (for the 
Province of Maine was at that time a part of Massachusetts) the 
tract of land in Maine which, under his direction, was surveyed 
and laid out and which was named Parsonsfield in his honor. He 
built in 1784 a house in Parsonsfield and moved there from Effing- 
ham probably in the fall of that year for he was a resident of 
Parsonsfield in January, 1785. 

Children of Thomas* and Anna (Poor) Parsons: 
loi i Thomas,® b. in Southampton, N. H., Feb. 8, 1759; m. 
(i) Hannah Foster, of Limerick, Me.; m. (2) Abi- 
gail Drake, of Effingham, N. H. ; d. at Parsonsfield, 
Me., Dec. 22, 1788. 
li Stephen,* b. Nov. 27, 1760; d. Nov. 27, 1764. 
102 iii Col. Joseph,* b. Sept. 6, 1762, at Exeter, N. H. ; m. (i) 
Sept., 1785, Lydia Lord; m. (2) Abigail Adams. 

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iv Enoch,* b. June i6, 1764; drowned in Parsonsfield Apr. 

10, 1782. 
V Stephen,* b. Apr. 24, 1766; m. Nov. 29, 1787, at 
Stratham, N. H., Abigail Moore, daughter of Har- 
vey and Mary (Wiggin) Moore; d. Sept. 6, 1836. 
vi Nancy,* b. July 9, 1769; m. Josiah Pease, 
vii John Usher,* b. Sept. 8, 1771 ; m. Mrs. Susan Savory, 
of Kennebunk, in 1803; d. at Kenn^bunk Oct. 13, 
viii Mary,* b. Dec. i, 1773 ; m. Maj. John Leavitt, of Effing- 
ham; d. Dec. 20, 1856. 
ix Sarah,* b. June 22^ 1775; m. (i) Asa Pease, of New- 
market; m. (2) John Leavitt, of Effingham. 
Children of Thomas* and Lucy (Bradbury) Parsons: 
X Elizabeth Usher,* b. Jan. 3, 1787; m. Feb. 16, 1807, 
Capt. Luther Emerson. She d. Oct. 11, 1857. Resi- 
dence, Parsonsfield. 
xi Susan,* b. Jan. 17, 1788; m. 1808, Richard F. Dow. 

She d. Aug. 2, 1837. 
xii Thomas Bradbury,* b. Feb. 11, 1789; m. (i) Jan. 25, 
1823, Elizabeth Hadskins; m. (2) Jan. 26, 1846, 
Anna Qiase; d. in 1870. He was an officer in the 
U. S. Navy. In 1808, at the risk of his life, he saved 
eight seamen from drowning during a storm off the 
Louisiana coast. In 1814 was sailing master of the 
Privateer, General Armstrong, in a fight at Fayal, 
where he was severely wounded. He was after- 
wards in the marine service, and a teacher of navi- 
gation at Portland, Me. 
xiii Abigail,* b. May 16, 1790; m. May, 1807, Isaac Marble 
Parker; d. Nov. 20, 1848. 
103 xiv William,* b. Mar. 19, 1792; d. Apr. 15, 1876; m. July 
15, 1813, Sarah S. Dearborn. 
XV Lucy,* b. July 27, 1793; m. Isaac B. Chesley; residence, 

Wakefield, N. H.; d. Mar., 1884. 
xvi Lucinda,* b. July 12, 1795; d. Jan. 27, 1.796. 
xvii Sylvester,* b. May 4, 1797; m. Abigail Dearborn, dau. 

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of Benjamin and Sarah (Pickering) Dearborn, of 
Greenland, N. H. ; d. Aug. 7, i860. In early life he 
went to sea and became a Captain ; in later life was 
a fanner in Wilson, N. Y. 
xviii Luanda,^ b. Dec. 27, 1798; m. Dr. David T. Livy, of 
Wolfboro, N. H.; residence in Meredith, N. H.; d. 
Aug. 31, 1877. 
xix Samuel,* b. June 15, 1801 ; m. Mary Brown Allen, Mar. 
5, 1828; d. at West Newton, Mass., Dec. 22, 1869. 
He was a successful wholesale dry-goods merchant 
in Boston, "a man of kindness, integrity and prompti- 
tude during his long business life." 

50 William** Parsons (Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), son of Rev. Joseph,* and Frances (Usher) Parsons, was 
born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 22, 1743, and died in Alfred, Me., 
Aug. 4, 1826. He married Feb. 19, 1769, Abigail Frost Blunt, 
who was born Sept. 21, 1744, at Newcastle, N. H., and died at 
Alfred, Me., July 4, 1818. She was a daughter of Rev. John and 
Sarah (Frost) Blunt, of Newcastle, N. H., and a great-grand- 
daughter of Col. William Pepperrell. William^ Parsons settled 
in South Berwick, Me., and in 1775 moved to Alfred, Me., where 
he lived for the remainder of his life. He was a farmer and a 
manufacturer of lumber and potash. He was a magistrate for 
many years and also was for many years town clerk and select- 
man of Alfred. He was much employed as town and county sur- 
Children of Wiluam' and A,bigail F. (Blunt) Parsons: 
i Joseph,* b. Nov. 21, 1769, at South Berwick, Me.; d. 
May 20, 1854, at Eastbrook, Me. ; m. at Alfred, Me., 
Charlotte Sargent, daughter of Col. Paul and Lucy 
(Saunders) Dudley, of Boston, Mass. 
ii Sarah,* b. Oct. 6, 1771 ; d. Dec. 20, 1855, ^i^ Lincdn, 
Me.; m. in 1796, John, son of Samuel and Abigail 
(Frost) Leighton, of Elliot, Me. 
iii Abigail,* b. in Alfred, Me., July 19, 1773; d. May 24, 
1842; m. Jan., 1798, Col. Daniel Lewis. 

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iv John,* b. in Berwick, Me., Sept. 8, 1775 ; d. in Charles- 
town, Mass., Feb. 22, 1858; m. Oct. 6, 1800, Lovey 

V Frances Usher,* b. January 4, 1778; d. Sept. 8, 1865, 
in Pittsfield, N. H. ; m. Dec. 29, 1799, Gen. Samuel 

104 vi William,® b. June 14, 1780, in Alfred, Me.; d. Oct. 8, 

1864, in Kennebunk, Me.; m. Jan. 14, 1814, Mary^ 
vii Thomas,* b. Jan. 21, 1783; m. in Buenos Ayres; lived 

and died there, 
viii Samuel,* b. Mar. 16, 1785; d. in 1818. 
ix Usher,* b. Aug. 18, 1788; d. Dec. 19, 1868; m. Sept. 23, 
1822, Mary J. Holmes, daughter of Rev. Abial 
Holmes, D. D., author of American Annals, and sis- 
ter of Oliver Wendell Holmes. He was surgeon on 
the flagship "Lawrence," commanded by Q)mmodore 
Perry, in the battle of Lake Erie. He had one son, 
Charles William,^ born Sept. 6. 1823, in Providence, 
R. I.; m. Mary Boylston, of Princeton, Mass. He 
was graduated from Harvard College in 1840, and 
was professor at Brown University from 1874 to 

51 Dr. Joseph* Parsons (Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 14, 1746, was a physician. He was a 
Captain in the Revolution with the army, and on one cruise on a 
privateer. Also a Representative in the General Court twenty 
years. He m. Jan. 31, 1768, Mary, dau. of Amos and Mary 
(Langdon) Seavey, who d. Sept. 28, 1836. He d. Feb. 8, 1832, 

Children of Dr. Joseph^ and Mary (Seavey) Parsons: 

105 i Amos Seavey,* b. Oct. 9, 1768; d. Nov. 7, 1850; m. (i) 

Aug. 3, 1796, Patty Dow; m. (2) Mar. 3, 1828, 

Mary Langdon. 
ii Mary,* b. in 1770; d. Dec. 7, 1842; m. Jan. 19, 1790, 

James Dow. 
iii Samuel,* b. in 1772; d. aged about eight years. 

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io6 iv Joseph,' b. in 1774; m. (i) 1798, Hannah Perkins; m. 
(2) 1802, Elizabeth Monroe. 
V Betsey or Elizabeth,* b. in 1776; m. Aug. 15, 1799, John 

107 vi John Wilkes,® b. Dec. 12, 1778; d. Sept. 18, 1849; ^• 

Aug. II, 1803, Abigail Garland. 

52 AsAHEL*^ Parsons (John,* Lieut. John," Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Feb. s, 1738; d. Mar. 26, 1818. He m. Jan. 2, 1771, Rebecca, 
dau. of Joseph C. and Rebecca Qark. She was b. May, 1740; d. 
May 6, 1814. 

Children of Asahel*^ and Rebecca (Clark) Parsons: 
i Rebecca,* bap. Jan. 26, 1772; d. young. 

108 ii Asahel,* bap. Aug. i, 1773; d. July 4, 1836; m. (i) 

Apr., 1798, Sarah Janes; m. (2) Nov. 8, 1821, 
Hulda White, 
iii Child, bap. Aug. 27, 1775; d. Aug. 15, 1778. 

109 iv Cephas,* b. Nov. 12, 1779; m. Sept. 4, 1804, Rachel 

no V Levi,* b. Mar. 9, 1783; d. Sept. 19, 1851 ; m. Mar. 21, 
1808, Betsey Morgan. 

53 John* Parsons (John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Aug., 1745; d. Mar. 23, 1791. He m. Dec. 16, 1771, Lydia 
Kingsley, of Westhampton, Mass. 

Children of John* and Lydia (Kingsley) Parsons: 
i Mercy,* bapt. May 8, 1774; m. Dec. 5, 1793, Gideon* 

Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
ii John,* bapt. Nov. 12, 1776; d. an infant, 
iii John,* bapt. Mar. 18, 1779; m. Jerusha* Parsons 

(Elisha,* Nathaniel,* Jonathan,* Joseph^), 
iv Abner,* bapt. May, 1781 ; d. Apr. 16, 1796. 

54 David* Parsons (John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Aug. 30, 1747; d. Sept. 13, 1822. He m. Dec. 28, 1775, Irene 
Clark, of Westhampton, Mass., who d. Oct. 13, 1836. 

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112 the parsons family 

Children of David* and Irene (Clark) Parsons: 
i David,* b. Mar. 19, 1777; d. Sept. 17, 1778. 

111 ii David,* b. Aug. 30, 1778; d. May 4, 1867; m. Dec. 30, 

1800, Rachel Pomeroy. 
iii Mary,* b. Dec. 2, 1779; d. Jan. 10, 1781. 
iv Seth,* b. Nov. 13, 1781; d. Feb. 17, 1859, at Otisco, 

N. Y. 

112 V Jonathan,* b. Feb. 13, 1784; d. Sept. 10, 1841 ; m. Nov. 

6, 1806, Submit Dark, 
vi Erastus,* b. June 25, 1786; d. June i, 1837. 
vii Irene,* b. Sept. 11, 1788; d. July 21, 1875 5 1"- (i) Clark 

White; m. (2) Samuel Hulbert; no children. 
viii Enos,* b. Feb. 20, 1791 ; d. June 4, 181 3 (was killed by 

the falling of a tree on him in the woods), 
ix Rufus,* b. Sept. 23, 1793; d. Jan. 5, 1867. 
X Lucinda,* b. Feb. 2, 1796; d. Sept. 16, 1822. 

55 Moses" Parsons (Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
son of Moses* and Wait (Miller) Parsons, b. Sept. i, 1731 ; m, 
June 15, 1758, Mahitable, dau. of Noah and Mahitable (Warner) 
Bridgeman, of Northampton. He d. in 1814; his will proved 
July 5, 1814; his son Seth appointed executor. He was a Revo- 
lutionary soldier. 

Children of Moses** and Mahitable (Bridgeman) Parsons: 

i Eunice,* b. Mar. 24, 1759; m. Medad Strong, and d. 
Oct. 23, 1782. 

113 ii Seth,* b. Feb. 5, 1761 ; d. July 19, 1826; m. Oct. 25, 

1787, Rachel Wales, 
iii Rhoda,* b. Mar. 8, 1763; m. 1789, Oliver^ Parsons, son 
of Joseph* and Rachel (Keep) Parsons. 

114 iv Moses,* b. June 26, 1765; m. Sept. i, 1790, Esther 

Kingsley. He d. Sept. 5, 1834. 
V Daniel,* b. Nov. 11, 1767; m. Polly Tuttle, of Rutland, 
Vt.; d. Aug. 26, 1825. 

115 vi Justin,* b. Mar. 11, 1770; m. Esther Clark, of West- 

hampton; d. Apr. 14, 1807. 

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56 Capt. Joseph'* Parsons (Josq)h,* Lieut John,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Oct. 27, 1755; d. Apr. 19, 1803, at Northampton, 
Mass. He m. Jan. 13, 1786, Dorothy Clark, dau. of Joel Clark, 
of Northampton, Mass. 

Children of Capt. Joseph' and Dorothy (Clark) Parsons: 

i Rachel,* b. ; m. Jewell. 

ii Dorothy,' b. ; m. Jonathan Huntington. 

116 iii Joseph,* b. about 1798, in Northampton, Mass.; m. in 
1828, Phebe Ann Weeks (she was Widow Still). 

57 Ouver* Parsons (Josei^i,* Lieut. John,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Feb. 10, 1760; d. May 6, 1800. He m, Rhoda* Par- 
sons, Mar. 10, 1789, dau. of Moses* and Mehitabd (Bridgeman) 

Children of Oliver* and Rhoda* (Parsons) Parsons: 
i Oliver,* b. Aug. 29, 1789; d. Dec. 3, 1857; m. Fanny 
Scott, dau. of Hijah and Eunice (Strong) Scott. 

ii Spencer,* b. Aug. 31, 1790; d. Jan. 14, 1867, at Hart- 
ford, Ohio; m. Nancy Giddings, of Poultney, Vt. 
She d. Jan. 14, 1857. He was a farmer. 

iii William,* b. May 7, 1792 ; was a hatter and farmer at 

iv Quartus,* b. July 25, 1794; d. Nov. 23, 1835; was a 

farmer and hatter at Enfield, Conn. 
V Mahitable,* b. June 27, 1796; m. Feb. 28, 1816, O^t. 
Joseph Allen, son of Elizabeth^ (Parsons) and Jo- 
seph Allen. 

vi Rhoda,* b. Oct. 4, 1798; d. May 27, 1873, at Florence, 

vii Ruth,* b, Feb. 3, 1803; d. Dec. 12, 1815. 

58 EuHU* Parsons (Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,' Jo- 
seph*), b. Dec. 9, 1753 (the first white child bom in Lenox, 
Mass.). He m. Rhoda Hinsdale. He was a soldier in the Revo- 
lution (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War). 


i Esther,* b. Nov. 19, 1783; m. Ebenezer Healey, Jr., 
May 5, 1813. 

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ii Clarissa,* b. Mar. 26, 1786; d. Dec. 16, 1852; unm. 
117 lii Dea. Stephen,* b. July 12, 1788; d. May 27, 1838; m. 
Mary Eldredge. 
iv Eunice,* b. June 24, 1791. 
V Sarah,* b. Oct. 19, 1799. 

59 Eliphalet* Parsons (Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), son of EHhu* and Sarah (Edwards) Parsons, b. June 
18, 1756; married Martha Young, of Long Island, N. Y., and late 
in the i8th or eariy in the 19th Century removed from Berkshire 
Co., Mass., to Broome Co., N. Y. He died at Chenango, N. Y., 
in 1813. He was a Revolutionary soldier (Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in the War of the Revolution). 

He is mentioned in the History of Broome Co., by H. P. Smith 
(1885), as having located near Centre Lisle (Yorkshire), and as 
having two sons, Jonathan,* and Erastus* (see No. 581). 

In the National Encyclopedia of American Biography is a 
sketch of Lewis Eliphalet^ Parsons, bom in Broome Co., N. Y., 
Apr. 28, 1817, a son of Erastus* and Jennette (Hepburn) Parsons, 
and a great-grandson of Jonathan Edwards. He was a dis- 
tinguished lawyer, who settled in Talladega, Ala., prior to the 
Civil War; was a strong Union man, and was the Provisional 
Governor of that State after the war and during the reconstruc- 
tion period. 

He married in 1841, Jane Chrisman, of Kentucky, and died at 
Talladega, June 8, 1895. 

While Provisional Governor of Alabama, at the request of 
President Johnson, he submitted an opinion on the question of 
the enfranchisement of the newly liberated slaves, which was 
prophetic in its suggestions. "Recognizing the fact that in time 
the right of suffrage would have to be accorded the negro, but 
deprecating immediate action as certain to arouse a racial an- 
tagonism that could not be removed by legislation; arguing that 
it would place in the hands of a debased race a weapon that would 
only be misused, and would prevent the South from gaining the 
repose needed to enable her to adjust herself to new conditions, 
and from solving her many problems unhampered by disorders 

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provoked at the polls." Three sons survived him : George W.' 
Parsons, of Talladega, Fla. ; Hon, Lewis E.® Parsons, and Joseph 
H.' Parsons, of Birmingham, Ala. 

60 Rev. Justin" Parsons (Benjamin,* Ebenezer," Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. 19 July, 1759, at Northampton; volunteered July, 
1776, at Goshen, Mass., in Capt. Oliver Lyman's Co., under Col. 
Woodbridge, and served at Dorchester Heights, near Boston, four 
months. In May, 1777, was at the defense of Ticonderoga. He 
was a pensioner in 1832. Resided for 20 years after the war at 
Goshen, Mass. Died at Ridgeville, Lorain Co., Ohio, 26 Apr., 
1847, ^^^ was buried at Oberlin, Ohio. He was married four 
times, (i) 9 Feb., 1786, to his cousin, Lucretia Parsons, b. 11 
Aug., 1759, d. at Goshen, Dec, 1786, a dau. of Elihu and Sarah 
(Edwards) Parsons; m. (2) 30 Oct., 1788, Electa, dau. of Capt. 
Nathan and Elizabeth (Barnard) Frary, b. 28 Nov., 1759, d. at 

Goshen, 30 Jan., 1824; m. (3) Hannah — , who died at 

Ridgeville, Ohio, 14 Dec, 1841, aged 60; m. (4) in Ohio, 7 Feb., 
1842, Prudence Ross, who survived him. 

Children of Justin* and Electa (Frary) Parsons : 
118 i Lucretia,* b. 26 July, 1789; d. in Philadelphia, Pa., 11 
Jan., 1862 ; m. at Pittsfield, Vt., 30 Aug., 1814, Rev. 
Daniel O. Morton, of Shoreham, Vt. 
ii Ira,* b. 29 Dec, 1790; d. 30 Jan., 1857; m. Theodocia 

Bardwell, of So. Hadley, Mass. 
ill Rev. Levi,* b. 18 July, 1792; d. at Alexandria, Egypt, 
10 Feb., 1822. Middlebury College, Vt., 1814; An- 
dover Theological Seminary ; was first missionary to 
Palestine sent out by the American Board, Nov., 
1819. His life and letters were published by his 
brother-in-law. Rev. D. O. Morton, 1824- 1830. 
iv Luther,® b. 16 Nov., 1795; d. about 1883; m. twice; his 
widow died abput 1888, leaving a son, Levi Morton 
Parsons, bom 1871. 
V Calvin,* b. 25 Feb., 1798; d. Aug. 21, 1803. 
vi Electa,® b. 16 May, 1800; d. Feb. 2, 1804. 
vii Electa,® b. 3 May, 1804; d. Dec. 16, 1816. 

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6i Rev. Silas' Parsons (Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,' Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), son of Benjamin* and Rebecca (Sheldon) Par- 
sons, b. at Northampton, Mass., Sept 20, 1761 ; d. at Lockport, 
N. Y., Dec. 6, 1839; ^- Mar. 6, 1782, Sarah Fiske, of Shelbum, 
Mass., an amit of Pliny Fiske, who went with his nephew, Rev. 
Levi Parsons, as missionary to Palestine. The history of Goshen, 
Mass., by Hiram Bams (1881), says that its settlement began in 
1762, and that a few years later, Benjamin Parsons and his sons, 
Ebenezer, Justin, Solomon, Silas, and Benjamin, came from 
Northampton. An obituary, published in the Niagara Courier of 
Lockport, Dec. 11, 1839, gives a sketch of his life, which is prob- 
ably as reliable as any that could be prepared at this date, as his 
wife was then living, she dying at Lockport, Aug. 6, 1843, aged 
82, and both buried in "Cold Spring Cemetery," Lockport, N. Y. 

The substance is as follows : "Died in this town on the 6th 
inst Rev. Silas Parsons, in the 79th year of his age. Mr. Parsons 
was a native of Northampton, Mass. 

"At the age of 24 he made a public profession of the religion 
of Christ and united with the Congregational Church in Goshen, 
Mass. He pursued the very honorable and useful occupation of 
a farmer till near 40 years of age, when he devoted himself to 
study and was inducted into the ministry. He was first installed 
pastor of a church in Sudbury, Vt, where he labored 10 or 12 
years with great success. A revival added nearly 100 to his 
church. He next settled in Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
where he preached three years. He then removed to MorrisviUe, 
Madison Co., N. Y., where he preached three years. He next 
located in Burlington, Otsego Co., where he labored four years. 
He then went to the Norwich Church in Oneida Co., where he 
continued four or five years. 

"Owing to the infirmities of age and feeble health, he then re- 
moved to this place, where he might finish his earthly course in 
the embraces of dear and affectionate children. 

"He was, however, able to perform important missionary serv- 
ices in several towns in this vicinity. His last sickness was pro- 
tracted and painful, but borne with fortitude and patience. His 
aged companion and a numerous family of children survive." 

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In Landmarks of Niagara Co. (1897), he is mentioned as the 
first resident pastor of the church at Cambria, near Lockport, in 
1827. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and on May 25, 1909, a 
committee of the Buffalo Chapter, D. A. R., came to Lockport and 
marked his grave in the cemetery. 

Children of Rev. Silas" and Sarah (Fiske) Parsons: 

1 19 i Qarissa,* b. Mar. 10, 1783, at Goshen ; d. May 17, 1851 ; 

m. May 24, 1808, at Sudbury, Vt., Rev. Jonathan 

120 ii Seth,* b. Feb. 26, 1785; d. Apr. 6, 1851 ; m. June, 1808, 

Ashsah Henney. 

121 iii Erastus,* b. ; d. May, 1813. 

122 iv William,* b. Oct. 18, 1790, at Goshen, Mass.; d. Apr. 4, 

1855; m. July 18, 1817, Amanda Eg^eston. 
V Pauline,* b. Oct. 10, 1792, at Goshen, Mass. ; m. Apr. 3, 

1825, George W. Pratt, son of Edward and Anna 

(Mather) Pratt, of Burlington, N. Y. 
vi Austin,* b. Aug. 6, 1794. He went South and was lost 

to the knowledge of his family. 

123 vii Theodocia,* b. Sept. 6, 1796; m. Oct. 6, 1814, Warren 

viii Sarah,* b. Aug. 12, 1798; m. Sept., 1824, Richard Pratt. 

124 ix Silas,* b. Nov. 14, 1806; m. Aug. 11, 1829, Lucy Van 


62 Rev. Solomon* Parsons (Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,' Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Aug. 28, 1763, at Goshen, Mass.; d. Jan. 26, 
1815. He m. Nov. 15, 1790, Lucinda, dau. of Josiah Packard, b. 
Apr. 8, 1765, d. July 6, 1850. 

Children of Rev. Solomon*^ and Lucinda (Packard) 
Parsons : 

125 i Theodore,* b. Sept. 14, 1791 ; d. Jan. 19, 1865 ; m. Pa- 

mela Partridge, 
ii Jerusha,* b. June 23, 1793; d. Feb. 15, 1823; m. Cyrus 

126 iii Willard,* b. July 29, 1795; d. May 6, 1876; m. June 6^ 

1820, Tryphosa Naramore. 

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iv Ebenezer,* b. Jan. 24, 1798. 

V Wealthy,* b. Feb. 26, 1800; d. Sept. 28, 1832; m. Frank 

vi Lucinda,® b. Apr. 12, 1802; d. Sept. 17, 1884; m. 

Francis Lyman, 
vii Lyman,* b. May i, 1804; d. Aug. 28, 1831. 

63 Rev. Benjamin* Parsons (Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of Benjamin* and Rebecca (Sheldon) Par- 
sons, b. Feb. 20, 1769, at Goshen, Mass.; d. Apr. 15, 1857, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., at the residence of his son, Qement Sheldon 
Parsons. He m. (i) Nov. 25, 1799, at West Spring^eld, Mass., 
Lovicy Stebbins, b. Jan. 31, 1768, dau. of Benjamin and Sabra 
(Miner) Stebbins. She d. May 29, 1807, at Chesterfield, Mass. 
He m. (2) July, 1808, at Schenectady, N. Y., Mrs. Mary Gray 
(widow), of Boston, Mass. He graduated from Yale College; 
1791, A. B. ; 1794, A. M. He was a lawyer, settled in Chester- 
field, Mass., and removed to Boston in 1830. He left law and 
studied theology and preached occasionally in Unitarian churches. 
Published a volume of sermons and a book called, "The Christian 

Children of Benjamin* and Lovicy (Stebbins) Parsons, 
all bom at Chesterfield, Mass. : 
i Julia,® b. in 1800; d. about 1840, at Cambridge, Mass. 

127 ii Benjamin Stebbins,* b. Apr., 1802; m. (i) Louise Haw- 

kins; m. (2) Melina McLellan; m. (3) June 7, 1866, 
Julia Huldah^ Parsons. 

128 iii Qement Sheldon,* b. Apr. 20, 1804; m. Feb. 11, 1834, 

Bridget Foley, 
iv Louisa Lovica,* b. in 1806; d. about 1867, in N. Y. 
City; m. Jan. 7, 1836, Thomas B. Moore, who d. 
Oct. 28, 1842, in N. Y. City. 

64 Simeon' Parsons (Simeon,* Capt. Ebenezer,'* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph^), bapt. 1769; m. Aug., 1793, Roxanna Fairfield. 

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fifth generation iiq 

Children of Simeon* and Rosanna (Fairfield) Parsons, 
all bom at Northampton, Mass. : 
i Charles Pitts,* b. 1794; d. 1796. 
ii Sophronia,® b. 1796; m. (2) John S. Higby. Children: 

Polly Scott,^ Julia AnnJ 
iii Laura,* b. 1797; m. Nehemiah Strong. Children: Na- 
than,' Sophronia.' 
iv Charles Phelps,* b. 1800; m. Sybil Taylor; had 7 chil- 
V Phebe,* b. 1802 ; d. in infancy, 
vi Phebe Fairfield,* b. 1804; d. in infancy. 
129 vii Simeon Lewis,* b. 1806; m. Catharine Beamer. 
viii John,* b. 1808. 
ix Rosanna,* b. 1810; m. J. C. Higby. 

65 Rev. David^ Parsons (Rev. David,* Rev. David,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph*), b. at Amherst, Jan. 28, 1749; graduated from Harvard 
College, 1771. He m. Harriet, dau. of Ezekiel and Prudence 
(Stoddard) Williams, b. at Weathersfield, Conn., June 26, 1764. 
She d. at Amherst, June 5, 1850. She was a sister of Judge 
Thomas Scott Williams, of Hartford, Conn. He studied theology 
under his father. After preaching at several places, he succeeded 
his father as pastor of the church at Amherst, Oct., 1782. His 
settlement met with much opposition by many, largely because he 
was a Tory, as his father had been before him. It argues well for 
his ability and that of his father, and for his other engaging 
qualities, that this very grave and serious offense was to some ex- 
tent overlooked by many who had experienced the hardships of 
battle and camp. 

He was one of the founders of Amherst College, giving the 
land upon which it was located. He d. at Weathersfield, Ct., May 
18, 1823. The following is from an address by Rev. Charles H- 
Williams, at the isoth anniversary of the Amherst church. 

"Dr. Parsons had the advantage of an uncommonly fine person^ 
of about medium height, and rather inclined to corpulency ; his 
features regular, eyes raven black, and his face beaming with in- 
telligence and good nature. 

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"He possessed social qualities of a high order. His great 
fluency of utterance, his fine flow of social feeling, his extensive 
knowledge of men and things, and his inexhaustible fund of anec- 
dote, seemed to mark him as a leader in almost any conversation 
that might be introduced. His preaching was sensible and in- 
structive, and gave you the impression that there was a great deal 
of reserve power. He read his sermons closely, and had little or 
no action in the pulpit, though he was far from tame or dull in his 
delivery. He had not only the keenest sense of the ridiculous, but 
he indulged himself in this way without much restraint." 
Children of Rev. David' and Harriet (Williams) Parsons, 
all bom at Amherst, Mass. : 
i Ezekial Williams,® b. Feb. i6, 1787; m. June, 1822, 
Sally Clark. He was a physician at Colchester, Ct. 

130 ii David,* b. June 10, 1788; m. (i) Jan. 21, 1816, Eliza- 

beth Williams; m. (2) Dec. 16, 1845, widow Lucv 

iii Prudence Stoddard,* b. Dec. 24, 1789; m. Oct. 7, 1826, 
Rev. Marcus Smith, of Rensselaerville, N. Y. 

131 iv Thomas,* b. Oct. 10, 1791 ; m. Frances Catharine Chap- 

pel; d. in Colchester, Ct., Aug. 21, 1832. 
V Harriet,* b. Aug. 6, 1793; m. (i) Rev. Royal Wash- 
burn, of Amherst ; m. (2) Hon. David Mack, of Am- 
131a vi Francis,* b. Feb. 16, 1795; m. Dec. 23, 1829, Clarissa 
Brown, and d. Mar. 9, 1861. 
vii Mary,* b. Dec. 8, 1796; m. Sept. i, 1821, Rev. William 

Williams, of Salem, Mass. 
viii Caroline,* b. Sept. 15, 1798; d. in Wethersfield, Ct., Jan. 

5, 1820; unm. 
ix Sophia,* b. Aug. 8, 1800; m. May 17, 1837, Rev. Silas 

Aiken, of Boston and later of Rutland, Vt. 
x William,* b. Oct. 30, 1802; a physician, d. in Canaan, 
Ct. ; unm. 

132 xi James,* b. Nov. 15, 1804; Amherst College, 1830; m. 

Apr. s, 1832, Mary Eliza Lewis; d. Sept. 3, 1833. 

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66 Ma J. Nathan* Parsons (Nathan,* Rev. David,' Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Mar. 22, 1752, at Belchertown, Mass.; d. Oct. 11, 
1823, at Bangor, Me. He m. (i) Catherine Gould, a grand- 
daughter of Dr. Budd, of New Jersey, who was Adt. Gen'l in the 
Revolutionary Army. He m. (2) Jan. 4, 1787, Susanna Graves, 
b. Dec. 15, 1769, dau, of Joseph and Eunice (Dwight) Graves. 
He removed to Bangor, Me., in 1806. She d. Dec. 17, 1859. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution from the beginning to the 
end of the war. He was at the battle of Bunker Hill and the 
battle of Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered, and was quar- 
tered with Washington at Morristown, N. Y. 
Children of Maj. Nathan* and Susanna (Graves) Parsons: 

133 i Budd,* b. Sept. 8, 1787; d. at Oconomowoc, Wis., 1864; 

m. in 1817, Mary R. Hinckley. 

134 ii Sparhawk,* b. July 14, 1789; d. Aug. 14, 1861 ; m. 

Aug. 28, 1824, Mrs. Sarah D. Keeler. 
iii Catharine Gould,* b. Nov. 17, 1791 ; m. Rev. O. S. Tay- 
lor; d. at Auburn, N. Y. 
13s iv Sherlock,* b. Oct. 17, 1793; m. Jan. 22, 1822, Hannah 
V Susan Graves,* b. Aug. 27, 1795; m. Capt. S. C. Burrill, 

of Mobile, Ala. 
vi Electa Lyman,* b. at Thomaston, Me., Aug. 6, 1797; 
resided at Bangor; unm. 

136 vii Elijah Graves,* b. Mar. 10, 1799; m. July 13, 1830, Oc- 

tavia Jane Perry. 

137 viii Pliny Dwight,* b. Feb. i, 1801 ; m. (i) Oct., 1831, 

Elizabeth Eloise Wise; m. (^) Nov. 20, 1834, Han- 
nah Hill Hooper. 
ix Penelope Graves,* b. Jan. 13, 1803; m. Edmund Col- 
bum. He d. June 13, 1868; no issue. 

138 X Fidelis,* b. Mar. 2, 1805; d. Jan. 2, 185 1; m. Oct. i, 

1837, Rachel Ann Bowker. 
xi Mary Vose,* b. Mar. 7, 1807, at Thomaston, Me. 

139 xii Park Holland,* b. Mar. 8, 1809, ^i* Bangor, Me.; m. 

Sept. 23, 1845, Ii'ene Dickinson Barron, 
xiii Emma Gould,* b. Nov. 2, 1812 ; m. William B. Morse, 
of Union, Me. 

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67 Eldad' Parsons (Nathan,* David,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Aug. 26, 1755, at Bclchertown, Mass. ; d. July 10, 1823. He m. 
(i) Dec. 6, 1780, Experience Broadwell, dau. of Martin and PoUy 
(Steward) Broadwell. She d. May 25, 1800, aged 40. He m. 

(2) Mar. 20, 1801, Aseneth, dau. of Joseph and E. H. Allen. She 
was the widow of Edward Chapin. She d. June, 182 1. He m. 

(3) 1821, Hyocinthia Phelps, widow of Dudley Phelps. 

Of Eldad* Parsons, Esq., the church records (Belchertown) . 
say that "he was a soldier of the Revolution, a man of vigorous 
mind and of a warm temperament, and an ardent friend of the 
Kingdom of Christ.'* 

Children of Eldad* and Experience (Broadwell) Parsons: 

i Amy,* b. Oct. 20, 1781; d. 1862, in Philadelphia, Pa.; 

"i- July 5, 1803, Jonathan, son of Justus and Sarah 

Dwight, of Belchertown, Mass. 

ii Diantha,* b. Apr. 24, 1783; d. young. 

iii Gould,* b. Mar. 14, 1785; d. Mar., i860, at Syracuse, 

N. Y. ; m. Philena Chapin. 
iv Marilla,* b. Apr. 22, 1787; d. 1850; m. Dr. William 

v Hazo,* b. Apr. 23, 1790; m. Betsey, b. 1794, dau. of 
Rev. Samuel and Grace (Cheever) Whitman, who 
was the first settled minister at Goshen, Mass. 
vi Rock,® b. Oct. 28, 1793; d. Oct. 13, 1797. 
vii Dr. Rock,® b. Jan. 9, 1796; m. Maria Morris. He re- 
moved to Huntsville, Ala., 1820, and d. soon after. 

68 Ouver" Parsons (Nathan,* David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Mar. 14, 1767, at Belchertown, Mass.; d. Aug. 28, 1805, at Gran- 
by, Mass. He m. Nov. 10, 1790, Phebe Lamphear, dau. of Jesse 
Lamphear, of Springfield, Mass., b. Feb. 5, 1772. He removed to 
Granby and was killed by the blasting of rock while digging a 

Children of Oliver'* and Phebe (Lamphear) Parsons: 
i Matilda,* b. about 1791, at Granby; d. 1815, at Brook- 
field, Mass.; m. 1814, Thomas Dorr, son of Joseph 
Dorr, of Boston. 

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140 ii Oliver,* b. July 29, 1795; d. Dec. 6, 1864; m. Nov. 3, 

1819, Martha Childs. 

141 ill Rev. Horatio Adams,* b. Mar. 27, 1797; m. (i) May 

13, 1826, Harriet Shepherd; m. (2) Anna Hammond. 

142 iv Sylvester Gould,* b. Oct. 9, 1799; d. Jan. 20, 1862; m. 

Sept. 2, 1819, Mary Hill. 

69 Israel*^ Parsons (Israel,* Rev. David,' Joseph,' Joseph^), 
son of Israel* and Hannah (Wait) Parsons, b. Oct. 3, 1757, at 
Leicester, Mass.; d. Nov. 25, 1809, at Hatfield, Mass.; m. at 
Windsor, Vt., Nancy, dau. of Alexander and Polly (Davis) Parm- 
lee, of Windsor. 

Children of Israel'^ and Nancy (Parmlee) Parsons: 
i Harriet,* b. May 15, 1790, at Hatfield, Mass.; d. July 
16, 1863, at Stanstead, P. Q., Canada. 

143 ii Lucus,* b. Mar. 2, 1792, at Hatfield; d. about 1859; m. 

Feb. 13, 1820, Ann Maria Gibson. 

iii Epaphroditus,* b. Dec. 20, 1793; d. at Stanstead, Can- 

iv Sarah,® b. Sept. 22, 1795; d. Nov. 3, 1813, aged 18. 

V Israel,® b. Mar. 6, 1797; m. Oct. 26, 1822. 

vi Nancy,® b. Apr. 29, 1799. 
vii Hannah,® b. July 11, 1803; m. Jan. 13, 1808, Moses 

viii Lucina,® b. Sept. 13, 1807, at Hatfield, Mass.; m. at 
Stanstead, Canada, Feb. 16, 1826, John Adams 
Brooks, b. May 14, 1803, at Haverhill, N. H., son of 
Samuel and Nancy Ann (Butler) Brooks, of Stan- 
stead. He d. May 26, 1866, at Brooks, Newaygo 
Co., Mich. ; was .a merchant and held many offices. 
Civil, Military, Legislative, etc. 

70 Solomon* Parsons (Dr. Solomon,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Nov. 26, 1757, d. May 11, 1831. He m. May 8, 1789, 
Rebecca Cobum Wesson, of Shrewsbur}', Mass., b. Feb. 21, 1766, 
d. Jan. 28, 1835. 

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124 "^he parsons family 

Children of Solomon^ and Rebecca G>burn (Wesson) 

Parsons : 
i Samuel,* b. May 27, 1791 ; d. Aug. 30, 1817, at New 

ii Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 17, 1793; d. Jan. 30, 1880; m. Nov. 

12, 1814, Ira Bryant, of Leicester, Mass. 
iii Sarah,* b. Mar. 4, 1794; d. Oct. 5, 1861; m. Benjamin 

N. Childs. 
iv Bloomfield,* b. June 8, 1796; d. Nov. 14, 181 5, at New 

V Maria,* b. Jan. 13, 1799; d. Sept. 19, 1804. 

144 vi Solomon,* b. Oct. 18, 1800; d. Dec. 16, 1893; m. Sarah 

Hasey Childs. 

71 Isaac* Parsons (Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct 
16, 1745 ; m. Mindwell Kingsley, of Northampton, Mass. He was 
a Revolutionary soldier, and a farmer at Southampton, Mass. 
He d. Sept., 1819. 
Children of Isaac** and Mindwell (Kingsley) Parsons, 
all born in Southampton, Mass.: 
i Electa,* b. in 1775 ; m. 1795, Noah Kingsley, a farmer 
of Westhampton. They had 5 children : Filia,^ Ed- 
win,^ Julia,^ Samuel,^ and David.^ 
ii Mindwell,* b. 1778; m. 1805, David Tracey, of Nor- 
wich; no children, 
iii Lucy Strong,* b. 1779; d. 1843; ^* Nov. 20, 1810, Rev. 
Samuel Ware, of Ware, Mass. Their children were, 
Samuel Parsons,^ Austin^ and Elizabeth.'^ 

145 iv Theodore,* b. June 11, 1781 ; d. June i, 1854; m. (i) 

Jan. 22, 1807, Anna Kingsley; m. (2) July 14, 1818, 
Sophia Kingsley. 

V Betsey,* b. 1784; m. 1814; d. 1815. 
vi Infant, not named, b. 1788 ; d. 1788. 

146 vii Isaac,* b. Aug. 28, 1790; d. Aug. 21, 1868; m. Sarah 

Budd Lyon, Jan. 21, 1819. 
viii Julia,* b. 1792 ; d. 1803. 

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72 Phinehas' Parsons (Isaac,* Josiah,^ Joseph,* Joseph*), 
son of Isaac* and Lucina (Strong) Parsons, m. Mary, dau. of 
Samnd and Sarah (Langton) Baker, who d. Aug. 8, 1825. His 
wife inherited the Langton place at Northampton, which was 
deeded to Phinehas in 1793. Samuel Langton bought this place 
of Nathaniel Rust in 1709, and it has been in the family to the 
present time (1910). He was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Children of Phinehas' and Mary (Baker) Parsons: 
all bom at Northampton, Mass. : 
i Hannah/ b. Jan. 2T^ 1774; m. Jan. 25, 1798, Joseph S. 

Bailey, proprietor of a hotel at Chesterfield, 
li Samuel Baker,* b. Sept 5, 1777; d, Jan. 21, 1790. 
ill Nancy,* b. Oct. 15, 1782; d. Apr. 21, 1811. 
iv Phinehas,* b. Nov. 21, 1786; d. Feb. 22, 1817. 

V Sarah,* b. Aug. 3, 1790; m. Col. Thomas Pomeroy. 

147 vi Capt. Samuel,* b. Sept. 17, 1793 ; d. Apr. 20, 1876 ; m. 

Nov. 20, 1821, Caroline Russell. 

73 JosiAH* Parsons (Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
June 15, 1769, at Northampton, Mass.; d. there Sept. 31, 1847. 
He m. Dec. 28, 1791, Sarah Strong, b. Dec. 30, 1771, d. May 24, 
185O9 dau. of John and Sarah Elizabeth (Lyman) Strong. 

Children of Josiah* and Sarah (Strong) Parsons, 
aU bom at Northampton, Mass. : 
i Infant, d. in 1793. 
ii Fanny,* b. May 6, 1794; d. Feb. 6, 1880; m. Justin 

Clark, of Leeds, 
iii Sarah,* b. Nov. 25, 1795; d. July 26, 1880; m. 1818, 

Martin Wright, 
iv Elizabeth,* b. Sept. 8, 1797; m. 1832, James Qark. 

V Isaac Lyman,* b. July, 1799; d. July 31, 1801. 

148 vi Lyman,* b. June 28, 1801; d. Mar. 10, 1879; m. (i) 

Sept. 30, 1837, Olivia Wright; m. (2) Apr. 24, 1846, 
Mrs. Letitia Parsons, 
vii Julia,* b. May 9, 1802 ; d. May 29, 1885. 
viii Josiah,* b. May 25, 1805 ; d. Apr. 9, 1806. 

149 ix Josiah,* b. Nov. 21, 1806 ; d. Aug. 27, 1899 ; m. ( i ) Apr. 

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21, 183 1, Calista Wright; m. (2) May 4, 1843, Mary 
G. Alden; m. (3) Nov. 30, 1880, Mandana A. Qark. 

150 X John Strong,* b. Apr. 25, 1809; d. Feb. 12, 1878; m. 

Apr. 26, 1832, Lucy Strong, 
xi Mary,* b. Dec. 26, 1810; d. Sept. 23, 1847; "™- Robert 

151 xii Elijah Chauncey,* b. Dec. 25, 1812; d. June 9, 1845; 

m. Letitia Elsworth. 
xiii Isaac Lewis,* b. June 9, 1814; d. July 29, 1820. 

74 Israel*' Parsons (Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Dec. 12, 1748; d. Jan. 29, 1818. He m. Nov. 29, 1775, Mary 
Qark, b. June 28, 1752, dau. of Dea. Josiah and Mary (Baker) 
Clark. She d. Feb. 14, 1814. 

Children of Israel* and Mary (Clark) Parsons: 
i Rebecca,* b. Sept. 30, 1776; d. Jan. 18, 1828; unm. 

152 ii Rev. Levi,* b. Aug. 20, 1779; d. Nov. 20, 1864, at Mar- 

cellus, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 9, 1809, Almira Rice. 

iii Qarissa,* b. Aug. 16, 1782; d. Oct. 20, 1859; >"• ^^' ^» 
1810, Charles Clark, of Easthampton, Mass. He 
resided at Otisco, N. Y. 

iv Mary,* b. Aug. 4, 1784; d. Dec. 21, 1834, at Northamp- 
ton, Mass.; unm. 

V Jacob,* b. Jan. 11, 1790; d. Nov. 11, 1857; m. Oct. 23, 
1837, at Woodstock,. Vt., Mary Russell, b. July, 1802, 
dau. of Thaddeus and Mary (Wright) Russdl. She 
d. Aug. 30, 1850. He was a farmer at Northampton, 

75 Sergeant Aaron^ Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Aaron* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons, b. at 
Wilbraham, Mass., Feb. 14, 1737; d. Feb. 20, 1799; m. Oct. 
2, 1760, Eunice, dau. of Benjamin Warriner. Copeland's His- 
tory of Hampden Co., Mass., Vol. 2, p. 41, says that he enlisted 
Apr. 24, 1775, for three months' service in Capt. Gideon Burt's 
Co., and at p. 45 it says that his son, Aaron,* in 1780 enlisted for 
six months. The records of the War Department show that he 
enlisted July 3, 1780, and was discharged Dec. 4, 1780. 

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fifth generation 127 

Children of Aaron' and Eunice (Warriner) Parsons : 
I S3 i Aaron,* b. at Wilbraham, Mass., Jan. 26, 1761 ; m. 
Rachel Preston, Sept. 14, 1785; d. Feb. 11, 1815. 
ii Moses,* b. Nov. i, 1762. 
iii Adna,* b. Oct. 10, 1764. 
iv Rufus,* b. Mar., 1767; d. Oct., 1835; m. Annie Parker. 

V Eunice,* b. Nov. 17, 1769; m. Cyrus Paulk, of Spring- 

field ; d. Apr. 8, 1829. 

vi Horace,* b. 1776; m. Sarah Paulk. 

vii Hosea,* b. 1778; m. Sally Upham. 

viii Lucy,* b. Sept. 10, 1780; m. Zardus Olds; d. 1854. 

ix Samuel,* b. Sept. 19, 1783. 

X Patience,* b. Mar. 2, 1785. 

xi Eli,* b. Oct. 23, 1786. 

xii Shubail,* b. July 8, 1788. 

xiii Sylvester,* b. Oct. 29, 1791. 

76 Deacon Reuben* Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph^), son of Aaron* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons, b. May 
30, 1739; m. Sept. 15, 1765, Margaret Granger, of Suffield, Conn., 
b. Dec. 16, 1741. He d. Mar., 1799. He was a tanner and cur- 
rier, and was deacon of the Congregational Church at West 
Suffield, Ct. His widow m. (2) Deacon Samuel Harmon, and d. 
Oct. II, 1816. 

Children of Dea. Reuben* and Margaret (Granger) 
i Reuben,® b. Oct. 12, 1766; d. Mar. i, 1813; m. Lucina 
Pomeroy and removed to Benson, Vt. 
154 ii Capt. Oliver,* b. Mar. 21, 1768; d. Jan. 11, 1817; m. 
Nov. 17, 1789, Eunice Re"hiington. 
iii John,® b. Apr. 6, 1770; m. Sept. 18, 1798, Sarah Phelps, 

of Windsor, Conn, 
iv Ann Bissell,® b. Feb. 14, 1772; m. Josiah Coy. 

V Margaret,® b. Mar. 22, 1774; d. Jan. 14, 1790; unm. 

vi Lucy,® b. Aug. 17, 1776; d. June 27, 1844; m. Aug. 27, 

1797, Reuben Loomis. 
vii Erastus,® b. Oct. 2, 1778; d. June 27, 1779. 

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155 viii Erastus,* b. June 20, 1782; d. Aug. 6, 1827; m. Nov. 
8, 1808, Clarissa Brownson. 

Tj Zenas* Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), son 

of AanMi* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons, b. Dec. i, 1740; d. 

Nov. 19, 1818; m. Isabel Woodbridge, dau. of Judge Joseph and 

Elizabeth (Merrick) Woodbridge, of Stockbridge, Mass. She d. 

Nov. 5, 1799. He kept the Parsons Tavern in Springfield, Mass. 

Children of Zenas' and Isabel (Woodbridge) Parsons : 

1 Pamelia,* b. Apr. 8, 1767; d. May 5, 1772. 

ii Elizabeth,* b. Apr. 5, 1772; m. Oct 26, 1795, Charles 

Sheldon, of Springfield, Mass. 
iii Stephen Woodbridge,* b. June 5, 1776. 

The Colonial Tavern 

Daniel' Parsons, son of Esquire Joseph* Parsons, is mentioned 
as an inn-keeper at Springfield. Clarke, in his ANTIQUITIES 
of NORTHAMPTON, refers to the fact in a tone of apotogy, 
or explanation, in the following language; as though the occu- 
pation at the time he wrote might not be regarded as quite up to 
the level of the family's respectability. 

"Daniel Parsons, who located in Springfield as an inn-keeper 
probably ranked in public estimation amongst the choicest char- 
acters in the community, (jentlemen, m the technical sense of the 
word, then had, and only such received licenses to be inn-keepers. 
As thus licensed may be cited such names as Comet Joseph Par- 
sons, Captain Henry Dwigfat, and the distinguished Col. Part- 
ridge. Daniel Parsons, therefore, stood as to high moral worth, 
probably second to none of his six brothers." 

Whether this was the same tavern and location which after- 
wards became more famous as "Parson's Tavern," under the man- 
agement of his grandson, Zenas* Parsons, we cannot say, but pre- 
sume it was. It is referred to at length in the histories of Wil- 
braham, Springfield and Hampden County. On page 341, History 
of Springfield, by Green, is tiie following: 

"Of the taverns of that period the old stand of 2^enas Parsons 

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is the best known. The elm in the South east corner of the pres- 
ent court square stood in front of this tavern, there being just 
room for the 'Stage Wagon' between it and the Hotel Veranda, 
Extensive bams and sheds in the rear were there, and here auc- 
tions were frequently held. On training days, young men often 
tried their powers of wrestling. Over the shed was a long dance 
hall, much used by young people. It is generally believed that 
George Washington put up at this tavern either when he passed 
through to take command at Cambridge, or when he visited the 
Armory after the war." 

On page 343, the author continues as follows : 

''We can hardly realize the full place which the tavern occu- 
pied in those days when the famous Zenas Parsons held sway. 
The English were naturally a tavern haunting people. The tap 
room was comfortable, informal, and conducive to the interchange 
of fact and opinion, three qualifications that strongly appealed to 
the English before the advent of the new and tremendous agency 
of journalism. Parsons retired with the Century in which he was 
bom, but many an anecdote remains of those days of flip-irons, 
and tody." 

In Trumbull's History of Northampton, Vol. 2, page 346, is an 
account of the excitement and demonstration in Springfield in 
1774, just before the Revolutionary War, growing out of the hos- 
tility to England, and he speaks of the people in crowds march- 
ing through the streets and parading before Mr. Parsons* house 
and then to the meeting house and then returning ag^in to Mr. 
Parsons' house, and in a note at the bottom of the page the author 

"Mr. Parsons was landlord Persons famous throughout the 
Valley who kept the tavern which stood at the southeast comer 
of the present courthouse square in Springfield. . . Mr. 

Parsons was licensed as an inn-keeper in 1773 and was still at his 
post in 1786." 

In the History of Hampden County, by Copeland (1902), at 
page 42, Vol. 2, speaking of Springfield, the author says : 

"One of the notable events of the year 1775, was the arrival in 
Springfield of General Washington en rout to Boston to take com- 

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mand of the Army encamped about that city. He stopped a time 
at the old Parsons Tavern, which was then located in Elm Street, 
and his presence in the town was the occasion of much enthusiasm 
on the part of the loyal citizens. On his departure a troop of 
horsemen escorted the party as far as Brookfield." 
In a diary of Washington appears the following : 
"Col. Worthington, Adjutant General of the State of Mass., 
General Shepard, Mr. Lyman and many other gentlemen sat an 
hour or two with me in the evening at Parsons Tavern where I 
lodged, and which is a good house." 

78 Capt. Charles' Parsons (Aaron/ Daniel,* Joseph." Jo- 
seph*), son of Aaron* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons, m. Jan. 
30, 1785, Lucy Baldwin, b. June 30, 1753, and d. Oct. 8, i8i8. 

At the early part of the Revolutionary War he enlisted as 
Orderly Sergeant in the 8th N. Y. Regt., Col. Van Schaiek. He 
was promoted Lieutenant, Nov. 21, 1776, and Captain, 1778; 
commanded two years at Ticonderoga and was mustered out in 
1782. He was at Valley Forge; was wounded at Monmouth and 
was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown ; was a 
member of the Society of the Cincinnati. 

After the War he engaged in agricultural and commercial pur- 
suits at Williamstown, Mass. 

Children of Charles'* and Lucy (Baldwin) Parsons: 
i Charles,* b. 1785; had one child, a daughter, 
ii Ebenezer,* b. 1788; died young. 

156 lii Isaac Jones,® b. 1789; m. (i) Fannie Brady; m. (2) 

about 1825, Mary Coon, 
iv Lucy,* b. 1791 ; m. John Anderson; had five children. 

157 V Lewis Baldwin,® b. Apr. 20, 1793, at Williamstown, 

Mass.; d. at Detroit, Mich., Dec. 31, 1855; "^- Nov. 
10, 1814, Lucina Hoar. 

158 vi Walter Chamberlain,® b. Mar. 30, 1795, ^^ North 

Adams, Mass.; d. June 17, 1859, at Middletown, 
N. J. ; m. Mar. 28, 1829, Mary Moreford. 
vii Marshall,® b. 1797; d. 1813. 

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79 Elijah* Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), son 
of Aaron* and Mercy (Atkinson) Parsons, b. Apr. 17, 1744, was 
a farmer residing at Wilbraham and Five Mile Pond. He was 
a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving when called from 
1775. In Stebbins' History of Wilbraham, p. 109, is the follow- 
ing statement : 

"In the muster roll of the Minit Co. that came from Wilbra- 
ham under command of Capt. Paul Langdon it is recorded that 
Elijah Parsons, of Wilbraham, private, marched April 20, 1775 ; 
discharged May 2d same year." This was just after the battle 
of Lexington. 

On page 232, of the same history, the name of Elijah Parsons 
appears, among about 125 others, signers to the following non- 
consumption pledge of British goods, in 1774. 

"There being no other alternative between the horrors of slav- 
ery, or the carnage and desolation of a Civil war, but a suspen- 
sion of all commercial intercourse with the Island of Great Britain, 
we do solemnly covenant and engage with each other First, that 
from henceforth we will suspend all commercial intercourse with 
the Island of Great Britain. . . . Second, that we will not 
buy, purchase or consiune in any manner whatever, any goods, 
wares or merchandise, which shall arrive in America from Great 
Britain . . . and that we will break off all trade, com- 
merce and dealings whatsoever with all persons who prefering 
their own private interests to the salvation of their now perishing 
country, shall still continue to import goods from Great Britain 
or shall purchase from those who do import, and Third, we agree 
to purchase no article of merchandise of any who do not sign this 

The above is an early and severe instance of the boycott. 

In the same history, on p. 238, under the head of Bennington 
Alarm, is this record: "Capt. James Shaws Co. detached from 
the regiment whereof Charles Pynchon, Esq., is Colonel was or- 
dered to join Gen. Gates army for 30 days unless sooner dis- 
charged. Each man entered Sept. 24, discharged Oct. 18, miles 
traveled 140. The name of Elijah Parsons appears as a private." 
This was the Burgoyne campaign, ending in the battle of Sara- 

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An official statement of this service also appears in "Massachu- 
setts Soldiers and Sailors in the Commonwealth," compiled by the 
Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with Chapter loo, 
Enactments, 1891. 

He was also a representative to the General Court at Boston in 
1786. (Munsel's Am. Enc, Vol. 4, p. 201.) 

His brother, Eli, was conspicuous as a leader in Shay's Re- 
bellion, but we have no record that Elijah sympathized to the ex- 
tent of armed rebellion. This reference is, however, made in said 
History of Wilbraham. 

"In the exciting time of Shay's Rebellion convention after con- 
vention assembled to devise measures of relief, and in Nov., 1786, 
Elijah Parsons was chosen to represent the town of Wilbraham at 
a convention to be held at Hadley, the next day." 

He married (i) Eunice Cadwell, at Wilbraham, Oct. 26, 1769, 
bom 1741, died at Wilbraham Aug. 16, 1784; married (2) Eunice 
Jennings, Apr. 30, 1785, who died May 6, 1814. 
Children of Elijah* and Eunice (Cadwell) Parsons: 
i Elijah,* b. June 22, 1771 ; d. Dec. 12, 1773. (A note in 
the town clerk's office, Wilbraham, says that in his 
3d year he was burned by falling in a coal pit and 
died the next day. The clerk who made the record 
was his father's uncle by marriage, Capt. Jas. War- 
riner, who married Miriam,* daughter of Daniel.*) 

159 ii Erastus,* b. Dec. 12, 1772; m. about 1801, Catherine 

Anthony, of Sharon, N. Y. Died at or near Terre 
Haute, Ind., July 4, 1822. 

160 iii Silence* (or Sally), b. Sept. 10, 1774; d. 1847, at Ver- 

non, Conn.; m. Reuben Sage, Nov. 25, 1801. 

161 iv Elijah,* b. Apr. 10, 1776; d. Feb. 23, 1865, at Sharon 

Springs, N. Y.; m. Mary Best, Jan., 1800. 
V Flavia,* b. July 14, 1778; m. Dec. 21, 1817, Lewis Hall, 

of Enfield, Conn, 
vi Phoebe,* b. Jan. 4, 1780; m. Benoni Atchison. 

162 vii Elisha,* b. Mar. 31, 1782; d. Aug. 8, 1837, 5" Vigo Co., 

Ind.; m. (i) Jan. 14, 1806, Frances Higgins; m. (2) 
June, 1814, Hannah Taggert. 

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fifth generation 133 

Children of Elijah' and Eunice (Jennings) Parsons : 
viii Eunice,' b. June 9, 1786; d. May 6, 1814; unmarried. 

163 IX Theodocia,® b. Aug. 16, 1788; d. Nov. 10, 1854; m. 

Jan., 1816, Aaron John Miller. 

164 X Zenas,* b. Sept. 15, 1790; d. Jan. 26, 1826; m. Oct. 23, 

1816, Charlotte Miller. 

165 xi Reuben,' b. Mar. 7, 1794; d. 1832, at New Orleans, La. ; 

m. about 1820, Martha Kilgare. 

80 Lieut. Eli' Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,^ Joseph,* Joseph*), 
son of Aaron* Parsons, b. Jan. 29, 1748, at or near Springfield, 
Mass. ; died at Oswego, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1830. He married June 
5, 1777, Persis, bom 1755, daughter of Daniel and Joanna (Field) 
Graves, of Sunderland, Mass., who were married Jan. 30, 1753. 

The Graves family are descended from Thomas Graves, bom 
in England before 1585, who came to New England prior to 1645, 
with his wife, Sarah, and five children, to-wit : Isaac, John, Sam- 
uel, Nathaniel, and Elizabeth, the youngest being 16 years old. 
He settled first at Hartford, Conn., and afterwards removed to 
Hatfield, Mass. The ancestral line is Thomas,^ John,* Daniel,^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,** Persis.* 

Eli Parsons was a soldier in the Revolutionary War from 1776 
to 1780. The following record appears in "Massachusetts Sol- 
diers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution." 

"Parsons, Eli, Lieut., Col. John Grain's (artillery) Continental 
Army pay accounts for services from Mar. i, 1777, to May 7, 
1779, reported resigned May 7, 1779. Also ist Lieut. Capt. 
Thomas Seward's Co., Col. Grain's Regt., muster rolls, for Sept. 
and Oct., 1777 — reported wounded Oct. 4th, 1777. Also same 
Co. and Regt. muster rolls for May, 1778, dated Camp Valley 
Forge, Commissioned Feb. i, 1777, retum of officers, for cloth- 
ing. Certified at Boston, Sept. 25, 1778." 

Also in "Register of Officers in Continental Army, by L. B. 
Hartman, Washington, D. C, 1893." 

"Parsons, Eli (N. Y.), 2d Lieut, 3d N. Y., Feb. ist to Nov., 
1776, 2d Lieut., 3d Continental Artillery, Jan. i, 1777, wounded 
at Gennantown 4th Oct., 1777, resigned 5th May, 1779. Served 

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subsequently as Commissary of Issues, June, 1779, to May, 1780. 
Died 25 Sept., 1830." 

After the war, and in 1786-87, we find him taking an active part 
in Shay's Rebellion, during which time he probably resided in 
Western Massachusetts, as, in Green's History of Springfield, it 
is stated that the company he commanded in that Rebellion came 
from Berkshire. About the same time his brother, Capt. Charles* 
Parsons, was living at or near Williamstown, Mass. 

In the first U. S. census of householders, taken in 1790, he is 
mentioned as of Canajoharie, N. Y., but we know that for several 
years prior to 1795 he resided at Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., and remained there until his removal to Oswego, N. Y. 
At Cherry Valley he was Surveyor, Justice of the Peace, and one 
of the founders of the Cherry Valley Academy in 1795, whose 
first Principal was Eliphalet Nott, who later, and for more than 
sixty years, was the President of Union College at Schenectady, 
N. Y. We cannot say just when he removed to Oswego, but it 
was several years prior to 181 2. 

In "Landmarks of Oswego Co., N. Y., by Churchill, 1895," is 
this reference to him : 

"The Col. E. Parsons mentioned by Mr. Townsend was Col. 
Eli Parsons, who gained his military title in *Shay's Rebellion,' in 
which he was second in command. 

"He also had served as Capt. in the Revolutionary War. Being 
excluded from the first amnesty of participants in the Rebellion he 
fled to Canada, but after the final amnesty settled in Oswego, 
where he became popular chiefly on account of his jovial, social 

"He succeeded Peter Sharp in keeping the early tavern before 
mentioned. His son, Eli, was lost in the lake in the War of 18 12, 
while attempting to carry a load of cannon balls in an open boat 
from Oswego to Sacket's Harbor.'* 

Shays' Rebellion 

I remember hearing my grandfather, in my boyhood, give some 
account of the above incident, in Massachusetts history, which 

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occurred in 1786-7. At that time he was at the impressionable 
age of eleven years and what he saw and heard in those exciting 
times evidently impressed him more than what he had heard of the 
REVOLUTIONARY WAR, which took place during the days 
of his infancy. 

His father, Elijah* Parsons, took a prominent part in the meet- 
ings and conventions which preceded the rebellion, and his uncle, 
Eli' Parsons, was an active participator therein. I think, there- 
fore, that some account of it will not be out of place here. It has 
been mentioned in all histories of those times, and in the second 
Vol. of Trumbull's History of Northampton, about 30 pages are 
given to the subject and about the same number in Green's His- 
tory of Springfield. In the last named book, on page 301, will 
be found an apparently fair statement of the causes which led up 
to it, and is as follows : 

"The return of peace brought grave responsibilities upon the 
shoulders of the American leaders. The continental soldiers were 
poor and the money was largely in the hands of civilians. The 
men who, by their valor, put property in New England beyond 
the reach of England found themselves burdened with personal 
obligations, and the fiercest conflict was precipitated between debt- 
ors who had borne arms and creditors who had not. This is the 
general statement, but there were other complications ; a worthless 
paper medium, a shambling and ill-defined union of the states, a 
jealousy of military power, and wild visions of what the new 
American democracy could do, combined to still further torture, 
the COMMONWEALTH. If 1776 was the time which tried 
men's souls 1786 was the time which tried the poor man's soul, for 
fully one-half of the citizens in the state were in debt. The mul- 
tiplication of judgments and the excursions of sheriflFs in search 
of property to levi upon, embittered the people against the courts 
of law." 

The trouble had been brewing for years and grew with inten- 
sity as time passed. There was no stay-law to relieve the debtor 
class by a postponement of the right to prosecute claims, a remedy 
which has since, on occasion, been adopted by some of the states, 
and the process of procuring judgment, issuing execution, and sell- 

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ing out the debtor went merrily on. Meetings to protest were 
held and agitators argued that in escaping from che tyrannies of 
England they found themselves in the clutches of their merciless 
countrymen. While the whole state was affected, the center of the 
agitation was in the Connecticut Valley, around Springfield and 
Northampton. Between 1783, when the British soldiers departed, 
and 1787, when the Philadelphia Convention drafted the Consti- 
tution, the county, socially and politically, was in a state of chaos. 
Daniel Shays, of Pelham, Mass., whose activity gave a name to 
the rebellion, had been a soldier of some distinction, had risen to 
the rank of Captain and had fought at Bunker Hill, Stony Point, 
and Saratoga. He had suffered as a judgment debtor, was of a 
reckless character, and soon became a leader at the various meet- 
ings. The sale of the bedding under a sick woman gave him a 
text for tavern harangues. At the Feb., 1787, term of the court 
of Common Pleas, held at Northampton, no less than 330 causes, 
mainly the result of poverty of the debtors were called up, and 
judgment taken or action deferred. Qass feeling was intense, 
and lawyers were the special object of contempt, and elections 
were fought out on this issue. Soon argument and harangue were 
succeeded by riotous demonstrations, interferring with the courts 
and the orderly conduct of business. Then followed the calling 
out of the militia and the appearance in arms of the insurgents. 
Gen. Shepard commanded the state troc^s, and Shays, Luke 
Day, Adam Wheeler, and Eli* Parsons were the leaders of the 

Local self-government was by town meetings, at which the as- 
sembled citizens, by popular vote, elected officers and passed upon 
measures. On page 321, of Green's History of Springfield, ap- 
pears the following statement : 

'To show how some of the towns felt the strain, it may be 
said that the remote town of Rowe, Dec. 4, 1786, being repeatedly 
requested to join in the dispute between the court and those called 
THE REGULATING PARTY; but not being able to get at the 
merits of the controversy recommended that as many as can con- 
veniently march, should repair to Springfield, and after hearing 
particulars, join that party as shall judge to be in the right of the 
cause, they acting entirely for themselves in the matter." 

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From the History of Palmer, by Temple, we quote the follow- 

"A chief means relied on to influence public opinion, and secure 
concert of action, was the holding of conventions, composed of 
delegates chosen by the towns of a smaller circuit, or of the whole 

"These conventions met at Deerfield, Hatfield and Hadley in 
the Connecticut Valley and at Worcester. 

"Their spirit and object may be inferred by the wording of the 
call of one of them. 

" *To take into consideration the deplorable situation the peo- 
ple of this county, and the commonwealth are in, and the more 
deplorable situation they are soon like to be in, by reason of the 
great scarcity of a circulating medium.' . 

"In the meantime active measures of resistance to the state 
authorities were in progress. Having exhausted the influence of 
conventions, the more daring of the malcontents resorted to the 
force of armed demonstrations. Among the prominent leaders 
were Capt. Francis Stone, of North Brookfield, who really fur- 
nished the brains of the movement, Col. Seth Murray, of Hatfield, 
Maj. Luke Day, of West Springfield, Capt. Daniel Shays, of Pel- 
ham, Capt. Eli Parsons, of Berkshire. These men had all served 
with credit in the War of the Revolution and had great influence 
over the common people. A body of the insurgents had prevented 
the holding of the Court of Common Reas at Great Harrington 
in August. In September the Supreme Judicial Court at Spring- 
field was virtually prevented from sitting. The December sessions 
of the Courts at Worcester were broken up by the presence of 
about 1,000 armed men, under Capt. Shays." 

The final collision occurred in protecting the arsenal and a 
session of court to be held at Springfield in or about Feb., 1787. 
The insurgents had gathered from various quarters under the 
different leaders and seemed to concentrate near the town of Pal- 
mer to the northeast of Springfield, and were advancing toward 
the town. In his history, on page 325, Green says : 

"Shepard sent several messages of warning to Shays not to 
advance but received only insolence and defiance for his pains. 

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At a hundred yards a howitzer was discharged each side of the 
advancing forces, and a few moments later a shot at short range 
was levelled directly at the column. Ezekial Root and Ariel 
Webster of Gill, and John Spicer of Lyden, were killed ; and John 
Hunter of Shelburn mortally wounded. A scene of ridiculous 
confusion followed. Not a return shot was fired at the militia 
and about 1,200 very much frightened men raced for their dear 
lives toward Ludlow." 

And in the History of Hampden County, by Copeland (1902), 
Vol. 2, p. 47 : 

"It was an exciting period in Springfield when Daniel Shays' 
hosts overturned the courts and openly insulted the organized 
militia, but when their little successes prompted an attack on the 
Federal Arsenal on the hill, one or two discharges of small can- 
non by General Shepard's soldiers dispersed the unruly horde and 
ended the embryo internecine war." 

This ended the rebellion. The insurgents scattered to their 
homes and their leaders fled. Gov. Bowdoin, in Feb., offered 150 
pounds reward for the arrest of Shays and 100 pounds each, for 
the arrest of Wheeler, Day, and Parsons. After the excitement 
had quieted down, general amnesty was granted by the governor. 
Children of Eli' and Persis (Graves) Parsons: 
i Maria,** b. Sept. 4, 1782; d. Sept. 6, 1813, at Oswego, 

N. Y. 
ii Cynthia,^ b. Mar. 21, 1784; d. Nov. 14, 1812, at Os- 
wego, N. Y. 
iii Sophia,* b. Apr. 17, 1786; d. May 5, 1815, at Oswego, 

N. Y. 
iv Eli G.,« b. Sept. 5, 1788; d. Sept. 17, 1812; drowned in 
Lake Ontario. 

166 V Matilda P.,* b. Apr. 16, 1791 ; married Dr. Coe. 

167 vi Portius F.,* b. May i, 1793; d. July 3, 1858; m. (i) 

Jan. 13, 1816, Perses M. Clary; m. (2) Nov. 11, 
1835, Eleanor L. Colby, 
vii Richard Henry,® b. Jan. 30, 1795; died in Oregon; m. 
Mary Ludington, and moved to Oregon, going across 
the plains and over the mountains with the convey- 

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ance then common to Western emigrants, the large 
covered wagon (called a prairie schooner), drawn by 
oxen. He is reported to have prospered, raised a 
large family, and died at an advanced age, but no de- 
tails of his life or record of his family has been 

8i Abigail* Parsons (Moses,* Moses," Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. 
at Durham, Conn., Apr. 28, 1747; d. at Windsor, Conn., Nov. 7, 
1817. She m. Nov. 19, 1767, her cousin, Adj. Thomas Hayden, 
son of Daniel and Esther (Moore) Hayden, b. Jan. 14, 1745, d. at 
Windsor, Dec. 28, 1817. In early life he was a carpenter, archi- 
tect and builder. He was one of the "Lexington Alarm" party 
which left Windsor for Lexington, Mass., Apr. 19, 1775, under 
command of his cousin, Capt. Nathaniel Hayden. He then served 
until July, 1775, and was superintendent of the construction of 
part of the fortifications at Roxbury, during the siege of Boston. 
He was appointed Sergeant Major Aug. 11, 1775; Second Lieu- 
tenant Jan. I, 1776; First Liuetenant Jan. i, 1777. He was 
made Adjutant to Col. Huntington Oct. 20, 1776, and at Danbury, 
Apr. 8, 1777, was appointed Adjutant to Col. Zebulon Butler. He 
continued in the service until 1783 and honorably discharged. He 
had eleven children, of whom the following five grew to maturity. 
Children of Adj. Thomas and Abigail** (Parsons) Hayden: 
168 i Horace* Hayden (known as Horace H.), b. Oct. 13, 
1769; d. Jan. 26, 1844; m. Feb. 23, 1805, Marie An- 
toinette Robinson, 
ii Chauncey* Hayden, b. Oct. 8, 1771 ; d. 1858; m. (i) 
Ann Dibble, b, 1770; d. 1822. He m. (2) Aurelia 
Dibble, b. 1772, d. 1856. He lived in Vermont, 
iii Chester** Hayden, b. Nov. 14, 1777; d. June 18, 1862. 
He studied dentistry with his brother, Horace, and 
practiced in Washington, D. C., many years, 
iv Esther** Hayden, b. Jan. 25, 1780. She was for many 

years a teacher at Windsor. 
V Anson* Hayden, b. Dec. 4, 1790; d. at Savannah, Ga.; 
m. Laura Wilson. He studied dentistry with his 

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brother and medicine at the University of Md., and 
practiced both successfully. 

82 Moses' Parsons (Moses,* Moses,» Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
June 12, 1748; d. Feb. 2k, 1815, at Springfield, Mass. He m. 
Esther Morgan, b. Sept. 16, 1766. 

Children of Moses* and Esther (Morgan) Parsons: 
i Olive,* b. Oct. 15, 1797, at Essex, Vt.; d. Mar. 19, 
1826; m. Benjamin Wright 

169 ii Sylvanus Morgan,* b. June 23, 1799, at Jericho, Chitten- 

den Co., Vt.; d. June 24, 1859; m. Oct. 28, 1832, 

Eliza Potter Bostwick. 
iii James Allen,* b. June 12, 1801, at Essex Junction, Vt.; 

m. (i) Sept. 7, 1824, Saloma Kelley. He m. (2) 

Dec. 27, 1827, Lydia Kelley, sister of first wife, 
iv Delia,* b. Oct. 28, 1804, at Essex, Vt. 
V Harmon,* b. Aug. 21, 1806, at Essex, Vt. 
vi Moses,* b. Sept. 11, 1807, at Essex, Vt. 

83 Joseph* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* Moses,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Dec. 25, 1747, at Durham, Conn. ; d. Sept. 25, 1821. He 
m. Dec. 7, 1775, Mercy Coe, of Durham. She d. May 26, 1813. 

Children of Joseph* and Mercy (Coe) Parsons: 
i Charles,* b. Dec. 7, 1778; d. July 14, 1835; "^m- 
ii Catherine,* b. Sept. 2, 1781 ; d. July 24, 1854; unm. 

iii Eunice,* b. Apr. 26, 1784; d. June 30, 1812; unm. 

iv Deucy,* b. May 25, 1786; d. Mar. 17, 1874. 

170 V Samuel,* b. Aug. 29, 1788; d. Oct. 24, 1848; m. July 7, 

1826, Elizabeth Manning. 

84 Rev. Lemuel* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* Moses,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. May 2, 1753, at Durham, Conn. ; d. Feb. 14, 1791. He 
m. (i) Jan. 28, 1779, Catherine, dau. of John Coe, of Durham. 
She d. Apr. 9, 1780. He m. (2) Dec. 12, 1780, Faith Little. He 
graduated at Yale College; A. B. 1773; A. M. 1777; was minister 
at East Hampton, Conn. 

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fifth generation i4i 

Child of Rev. Lemuel*^ and Catherine (Coe) Parsons: 
i John,* b. Man, 1780; m. Abigail Faxon and settled in 
Utica, N. Y. 
Children of Rev. Lemuel*^ and Faith (Little) Parsons: 
ii Samuel,* b. Nov., 1781. 
ill Catherine,* b. in 1784; m. Dr. Charles Steward Knight; 

resided at Junius, N. Y. 
iv Nancy Woodbridge,* b. in 1786; m. Quartus Kn^ht; 
resided at Waterloo, N. Y. 

85 Paul* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* Moses,* Joseph,' Jo- 
seph*), b. Jan. 17, 1762, at Durham, Conn.; m. Phebe Coe. 

Children of Paul* and Phebe (Coe) Parsons: 
171 i Rev. Lemuel Huntington,* b. Sept. 13, 1797; m. Apr. 
15, 1820, Lydia Graves Crosby. 

ii Chauncey,* b. Dec. 20, 1798, at Hartland; m. Jan. 20, 
1825, Jemima Baker, of Lenox; in 1844 resided at 
Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

iii Henry Lyman,* b. Aug. 29, 1800, at Hartland; m. 
Nov. 20, 1825, Fanny Wetherell, b. Jan. 26, 1801, 
dau. of Elihu and Mary (Buckley) Wetherell; re- 
sided at Southington and New Britain, Conn. 

iv Eliza,* b. Oct. 15, 1802, at Hartland; d. Aug. 27, 1864; 
m. Apr. 22, 1839, Edward Lewis, b. June, 1794, son 
of Erastus and Salome (Booth) Lewis. 

V Susan,* b. Aug. 11, 1804; d. Dec. 5, 1807. 

vi Hosmer,* b. Jan. 2, 1807 ; m. Jan., 1832, Mahala Fuller. 

vii Orville Watson,* b. Jan. 22, 181 3, at Hartland; d. Aug. 
31, 1836; m. Feb. 5, 1834, Ruah Fuller, b. Apr. 24, 
1809, dau. of Jabez and Lucy (Gilbert) Fuller, of 
Simsbury, Conn, 
viii Samuel,* b. Nov. 18, 1817. 

86 Noah* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Aug. 30, 1755; d. Feb. 16, 1814. He m. May 4, 1778, Sarah C. 
Edwards, b. May 16, 1757, dau. of Nathaniel and Margaret Ed- 
wards. She d. Apr. 19, 1849, at Skaneateles, N. Y. 

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142 the parsons family 

Children of Noah* and Sarah C (Edwards) Parsons: 
i Noah,® b. May 28, 1779; d. an infant. 

172 ii Capt. Noah,* b. June 17, 1780, at Westhampton, Mass. ; 

d. Feb. 23, 1859; m. (i) Nov., 1799, Thankful Ed- 
wards; m. (2) Jan. 26, 1815, Rebecca Yale. 

173 iii Jared,* b. Apr. 10, 1783, at Westhampton ; d. May 29, 

1866 ; m. Feb. 5, 1807, Electa Wales. 

174 iv Abner Edwards,* b. Feb. 15, 1785; d. Sept. 25, 1854; 

m. 1805, Dolly Clark. 

175 V Asa,* b. Feb. 21, 1787; d. July 18, 1868; m. Dec. 11, 

1817, Betsey Hall. 

176 vi Spencer,* b. Ckrt. 19, 1788; d. July 31, 1849; "^- (i) 

1812, Nancy Ives. He m. (2) 1837, Elizabeth Kil- 
vii Chester,* b. Jan. 22, 1791, at Westhampton, Mass; m. 

at Northampton, Feb. 5, 1822, Miriam Qark. 
viii Sarah,* b. Jan. 8, 1793 ; d. Nov. 29, 1854, at Skaneateles, 
ix Esther,* b. May 17, 1799; m. Charles Rust. 

87 Amasa* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son 
of Noah* and Phebe (Bartlett) Parsons, b. Apr. 8, 1764; m. May 
8, 1786, Hannah Bartlett, of Northampton, Mass., where he re- 

Children of Amasa* and Hannah (Bartlett) Parsons, 
all bom at Northampton : 

177 i Theodore,* b. Dec. 24, 1787; m. Nov. 29, 1810, Lydia 

ii Betsey,* b. Sept. 28, 1788; m. Nov. 30,. 1809, Elijah 

iii Jerusha,* b. Nov. 12, 1791. 
iv Hannah,* b. Nov. 15, 1795; m. Mar. 20, 1813, Luther 

V Chester,* b. Sept. 20, 1797. 
vi Jerusha,* b. . 

88 Gideon* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. 
Jan. s, 1771 ; .d. at Windsor, Mass., May 6, 1833. He m. Dec. 5, 

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1793, Mercy* Parsons, who d. June 28, 1826. She was a dau. of 
John" (John,* Lieut. John,' Joseph,^ Joseph*) Parsons. 

Children op Gideon" and Mercy (Parsons) Parsons: 

i Abner,* b. . 

ii Mercy,* b. in 1798; d. July 19, 1825. 
iii Lydia,® b. in 1800; d. Sept. 7, 1832. 
iv Laura,* b. . 

178 V Junia,* b. Oct. 12, 1804; d. June 14, i860; m. William 

Cady, May 3, 1832. 

179 vi Jerusha Kingsley,* b. Dec. 7, 1807; d. Dec. 8, 1840; m. 

Abial Nichols, Apr. i, 1834. 
vii Gideon,* b. Aug, 3, 1809, at Windsor, Mass. ; d. at Kin- 

neys Four Comers, Oswego Co., N, Y. 
viii Newton,* b. ; d. in Vermont. 

180 ix Octavia,* b. Mar. 13, 1814; d. Apr. 19, 1857; m. Abial 

Nichols (his 2d wife). 

X Spencer,* b. ; d. in Vermont. 

xi Aurelia, b. . 

89 Justus* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Oct. 17, 1773 ; d. Mar. 7, 1834. He m. Oct. 29, 1800, Lydia Qaric, 
of Peru, Mass., b. 1777, d. Apr. 19, 1862. 

Children of Justus' and Lydia (Clark) Parsons: 
i Elvira,* b. Jan. 5, 1802 ; d. Aug. 28, 1872, in Boston ; m. 
Jan. 5, 1820, Jonathan Smith, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Had four children, 
ii Lidia Minerva,* b. Sept. 15, 1803; m. Elisha Turner. 

181 iii Justin Smith,* b. Dec. 17, 1805 ; m. Feb. 23, 1831, Mind- 

well Kingsley Parsons. 

iv Phebe,* b. Oct. 25, 1807 ; m. Samuel F. Phelps, a mer- 
chant of N. Y. City. 

V Noah Clark,* b. Feb. 25, 1809; d. June 3, 1849, ^^ N. 
Y. City; unm. 

182 vi Lewis,* b. Nov. 2, 181 1 ; m. (i) Nov. 7, 1839, Anna^ 

Parsons; m. (2) Nov. 27, 185 1, Julia Moseley. 
vii Charles,* b. Dec. 22, 1812; d. Feb. 16, 1813. 

183 viii Joseph Clark, b. Feb. 6, 1814; m. Sept. 29, 1836, at 

Springfield, Mass.; Lucretia Hoyt Colton. 

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IX Sarah Ann/ b. Jan. 7, 1817; d. June 15, 1843; "*• ^^v. 
Josiah Leonard, of Oswego, N. Y., b. Apr. 15, 1816, 
son of Daniel and Mary (Easton) Leonard, of Kings- 
boro and Gloversville, N. Y. He was a graduate of 
Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., and Union The- 
ological Seminary, N. Y. City. In 1870 resided at 
Fulton, 111. (He m. (2) his wife's niece, Elvira Ann 
Smith, dau. of Elvira* (Parsons) and Jonathan 

90 Mary' Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph*), b. Oct. 8, 1769; d. Feb. 5, 1826; m. Zephemiah Hull 
Judson, b. at Woodbury, Ct, Dec. 13, 1770, son of Joseph and 
Lydia (Hull) Judson. She was buried at John Creek, Niagara 
Co., N. Y., in the cemetery at intersection of Ridge Road and old 
Carmen Road. 

Her son, Samuel Parsons^ Judson, b. Mar. 22, 1800, at Hallo- 
well, Me., d. June 15, 1849, ^^ ^t- Laramie, Cal., on his way to 
the gold fields in California. He m. (i) at Hartland, Niagara 
Co., N. Y., Apr. 21, 1821, Editha Sheldon, b. Kingsbury, N. Y., 
Jan. I, 1798. She d. at St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 17, 1832. He m. (2) 
Ann Jennette Bumham, b. Aurora, N. Y., Apr. 29, 1807, and d. 
Feb. 9, 1884, at Chicago, 111. His dau., Julia Jane^ Judson, b. 
May 29, 1822, at Ridgeway, N. Y., m. Lemuel Partridge Knight, 
and d. at Detroit, Mich., Aug. 8, 1897, leaving a dau. now (1911) 
the wife of William A. Butler, Jr., of Detroit. 

91 Sarah* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph^), b. Jan. 3, 1771 ; d, Mar. 28, 1858; m. 1806, Dr. Charles 
L. Seegur (his 2d wife), b. in Menhardt, Germany, Apr. 10, 1763, 
d. at Northampton, May 30, 1848. "He was a very learned man." 

Children of Sarah* (Parsons) and Charles L. Seegur: 
i Eliza* Seegur, b. Mar. 11, 1807; d. Sept 26, 1885 ; unm. 
ii Edwin* Seegur, b. 181 1 ; d. 1880; had a dau., Harriet' 

iii Augusta* Seegur, b. Apr. 21, 1813; d. Feb. 14, 1890, 

Digitized by 



iv Augustus" Seegur, b. Apr. 21, 1813; d. before 1885; 
left 4 children. 

92 Capt. Luke' Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,* Capt. 
John,* Joseph^), son of Lieut. Samuel* and Lucy (Pomeroy) 
Parsons, m. at Weathersfield, Vt., Sept. 8, 1801, Nancy Streeter, 
b. May 11, 1784, eldest child of Johnson and Lydia (Mason) 
Streeter. He was a blacksmith by trade ; was Capt. of Cavalry in 
the Militia of the State of Vermont; and served in the War of 
1812. He d. in Wellsboro, Pa., Mar. 11, 1852. His wife, Nancy, 
d. July 23, 1853, and they were buried side by side in the Wells- 
boro Cemetery. They died at the home of their daughter, Eme- 
line Barton* (Parsons) Gibson. We find Luke'* Parsons in 
Weathersfield, Vt, Sept. 11, 1800, to Oct. 13, 1809, then in 
Springfield, Vt., Nov. 14, 1817, to Nov. 20, 1819, then Apr. 17, 
1820, in Northumberland, N. H., then in Woodstock, Vt., 1825, 
where he, with his future sons-in-law, Lewis Darling and Otis 
Gibson, were among the founders of St. James Church (Epis- 
copal) in that place. 

Stephen Streeter, of Gloucester, Mass. (1642), was the ances- 
tor of Nancy Streeter, wife of Capt. Luke* Parsons. He prob- 
ably came from Goudherst, Kent Co., Eng. In 1644 he was a 
householder of Charlestown, Mass., and Mar. 21, 1652, he and his 
wife, Ursula, united with the church there. His wife was said to 
have been a daughter of Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., an- 
cestor of President John Adams. The ancestral line to Nancy 
was Stephen,^ Stephen,' Joseph* (b. 1687), Joseph* (b. 1719, a 
Revolutionary soldier), Johnson" (b. 1761), Nancy* (b. 1784). 
Children of Capt. Luke' and Nancy (Streeter) Parsons: 

184 i Lucy Mason,* b. Aug. 5, 1803, at Weathersfield, Vt; 

m. Oct. 16, 1831, Lewis Darling, M. D.; d. Mar. 22, 

185 ii Emeline Barton,* b. Oct. 30, 1804, at Weathersfield, 

Vt; m. Oct. 17, 1831, Otis L. Gibson, M. D.; d. 
May 6, 1865. 
iii Caroline,* d. July 4, 1806, aged 4 mos., 8 days, 
iv Osden W.,* d. June 16, 1808, aged 14 mos., 8 days. 

Digitized by 



V Louezer M.,® d. Feb. 10, 181 1, aged 2 yrs., 3 mos. 
vi Noble L./ d. Aug. 31, 1815, aged 10 mos., 25 days, 
vii Alexander H.,* d. Jan. 25, 1817, aged 3 mos., 9 days, 
viii Juliaett,* d. Feb. 13, 1819, aged 1 1 mos., 23 days. 
ix Luke J.,' d. Mar. 17, 1822, aged 2 yrs., 13 days. 
X Nancy,* d. Sept. 16, 1824, aged 14 mos., 22 days. 
186 xi Ellen Chipman (adopted in Dec, 1819, after the death 
of Juliaett), b. June 12, 1819, at Palmyra, N. Y., dau. 
of Stephen John and Hannah (Stone) Chipman; d. 
Sept. 14, 1905; m. Feb. 6, 1838, Dr. Oliver Van 

93 Lucy* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,' Capt. John,* 
Joseph^), b. Feb. 24, 1777; d. Dec. 3, 1843, ^^ Easthampton, 
Mass.; m. Dec. 23, 1797, her 2d cousin, Heman Pomeroy, b. 
July I, 1770, d. Feb. 16, 1852, son of Heman and Esther (Lyman) 
Pomeroy, who were m. Dec. 15, 1763. It was this widow, 
Esther (Lyman) Parsons, who. m., as his second wife, Samuel* 
Parsons, the father of Lucy.* 

Children of Lucy* (Parsons) and Heman Pomeroy: 
i Heman" Pomeroy, b. Apr. 18, 1799, at Hanover, N. H.; 
m. Nov. 2, 1823, Jane Bush; d. May, 1884, age 85, 
at Batavia, N. Y. Children: Lucyjane,^ Juliza,^ 
Lovisa,^ Mary,'^ and one or more sons, 
ii Moses Alexis* Pomeroy, b. Dec. 6, 1801, at Hanover, 
N. H. ; m. July, 1827, Amanda Wilzy ; d. July, 1834, 
age 33. 
iii Lucy Parsons* Pomeroy, b. Oct. 11, 1804; d. May 10, 

iv Ebenezer* Pomeroy, b. Mar. 21, 1806; d. Oct. 29, 1839. 
v George" Pomeroy, b. Mar. 29, 1809; m. Aug., 1837, 
Abigail Potwin. He d. 1881, aged 72, at Madison, 
N. J. Lelt four children (2 sons having died), to- 
wit: George,^ m. Helen Cowles; Edward,^ d. 1887; 
Josephine,^ anr Julia,' who m. (i) Mr. Morrison, 
m. (2) George M. Newell. 

Digitized by 



187 VI Lucy* Pomeroy, b. May 8, 1812; m. Sept. 25, 1830, 

Luther Gapp, of Easthampton ; d. June 13, 1886. 
vii James* Pomeroy, b. Dec. 20, 1815; d. July, i8i6. 
viii John* Pomeroy, b. Dec. 20, 1815; d. Nov. 3, 1849, 

age 33- 
ix James* Pomeroy, b. June i, 1820; d. Sept. 5, 1820. 

94 John* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph*), son of Lieut. Samuel* and Lucy (Pomeroy) Parsons, 
b. Feb. 22, 1778, at Northampton, Mass. ; was drowned at Pitts- 
buig, N. H., Dec. i, 1835 J ^' ^^ Rutland, Vt, Hannah, b. June 
I, 1790, at Newbury, Vt., dau. of Daniel and Betsey Rogers. She 
d. May 15, 1882, at Clarksville, N. H. 

Children of John*^ and Hannah (Rogers) Parsons: 
i Betsey,* b. in 181 7, at Rutland, Vt; d. Nov., 1869; m. 
about 1837, Calvin Prouty, of Hereford, P. Q. He 
d. Feb., 1866. Children: Alva Harmon,^ John Par- 
sons,' and Hannah.' 

188 ii Samuel H.,* b. Sept. 21, 1820, at Rutland, Vt.; m. 

Mar. 15, 1848, Hannah Munn. 

95 George* Parsons (Lieut. Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph^), b. Apr. 3, 1782; d. Sept. 6, 1872, in Kalamazoo, Mich. 
He kept a hotel at one time in Waterloo, N. Y., where he m. Sept. 
7, 1806, Sophia Lee, b. in Becket, Mass., Dec. 30, 1773, and d. 
July 16, 1849, dau. of David* and Tabitha Lee (David*, David,* 
David,* John,^ of Farmington, Conn.). 

Children of George* and Sophia (Lee) Parsons: 
i Jane E.,* b. June 20, 1807, at Waterloo, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 
27, 1858, at Joliet, 111. ; m. in Waterloo, N. Y., May 
6, 1832, William Augustus Strong, a hardware mer- 
chant at Joliet, 111. ; no children, 
ii George," b. Sept. 21, 1809; d. May 16, 1812. 

189 lii Sophia Streeter,* b. Mar. 22, 1812, at Waterloo, N. Y. ; 

d. Nov. 14, 1894, at Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. Nov. 3, 
1835, Col. Charles E. Stuart, 
iv George W.,** b. Feb. 18, 1818; d. young. 

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96 JoEL^ Parsons (David,* Ithamar,* Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 
Oct. 31, 1768; d. Aug. 4, 1837; m. Feb. 10, 1793, Phebe Robin- 
son, b. June 13, 1773, dau. of Col. Timothy and Catherine (Rose) 
Robinson, of Granville, Mass. 

Children of Joel" and Phebe (Robinson) Parsons: 
i Eliza,* b. Nov. 29, 1793; m. Feb. 28, 1821, Phineas 

Minor, of Litchfield (2d wife), 
ii Sophronia,* b. Oct. 20, 1795 ; m. Sept. 16, 1819, Noah 

Cooley, of Granville, 
iii Rhoda Minerva,* b. Oct. 15, 1797; d. Feb. 20, 1832; 

iv Hon. Judge Anson Virgil,* b. Sept. i, 1799; d. Sept 23, 
• 1882; m. (i) Apr., 1831, Mary Hepburn, b in Bris- 
tol, Eng., dau. of James and Mary (Hiatt) Hepburn, 
of Northumberland, Pa.; she d. Sept. 7, 1856. He 
m. (2) Aug. 23, 1858, Sarah Riggs Myer, b. in Phil- 
adelphia, dau. of Isaac and Margaret Myer. He was 
a lawyer and Judge of Court of Common Pleas, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

V Dennis Asahel,* b. Aug. 2, 1801 ; d. Oct. 13, 1841 ; m. 

Minerva Measham. 
vi Joel Beaman,* b. Feb. 3, 1804; d. Apr. 15, 1846; m. 

Oct. I, 1831, at Albany, N. Y., Frances Miriam 

vii Eleanor Statira,* b. July 6, 1808; d. Apr. 4, 1832; unm. 

97 Levi' Parsons (Nathan,* Ithamar," Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 
Mar. 8, 1778, and d. in 1866. He m. Abigail Ward. 

Children of Levi' and Abigail (Ward) Parsons: 
i Orpha,* b. Apr. 25, 1804. 
ii Homer Lee,* b. Oct. 10, 1806. 

190 iii Dr. Levi Seymour,* b. Oct. 7, 1809; d. July 17, 1870; 

m. 1833 Elvira Squires. 

191 iv William Henry,* b. Aug. 27, 1812; m. Oct 21, 1839, 

Maryette Oatman. 

V Elizur Barber,* b. Oct. 30, 181 5; d. Dec. 8, 1862; m. 

Elizabeth Ten«ll. 

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vi Edwin White,* b. Feb. ii, 1818; m. Antoinette Bar- 

vii Abigail Theresa,* b. Sept. 4, 1822; m. Nathaniel P. 


. 98 Curtis' Parsons (Aaron,* Ithamar," Samuel,* Joseph*), 
b. Apr. 23, 1783 ; d. Jan. 29, 1837, at Durham, Conn. He mar- 
ried May 3, 1804, Orpha Loveland, b. Sept. 24, 1786, dau. of 
Titus and Lydia (Chapman) Loveland. She d. May 19, 1861. 
Children of Curtis* and Orpha (Loveland) Parsons: 

192 i Qement Merriam,* b. Mar. 9, 1805; m. (i) Apr. 30, 

1828, Phebe Curtis Smith; m. (2) Mar. 10, 1844, 
Mrs. Sarah (Robinson) Hill. 

ii Leophric Loveland,* b. Nov. 3, 1806; d. Oct. 11, 1868; 
m. Mar. 6, 1834, Catherine Cecilia Strong, b. May 
15, 1812, dau. of Seth Robinson and Rhoda (Camp) 
Strong, of Durham, Conn. He was a merchant in 
Petersburg, Va., 1832-44, and at Wddon, N. C, 

iii Seth Rameni,* b. Oct. 8, 1808; m. Apr. i, 1832, Marian 

iv Henry,* b. Sept. i, 1810; m. Sept. 7, 1834, Jane White. 

V Lucy Ann,* b. . 

193 vi Curtis Rogers,* b. July 4, 181 5; d. Nov. 18, 1880; m. 

Sept. 20, 1842, Jane Aseneth Kellogg, 
vii Phebe Chapman,* b. Oct. 13, 1820; m. Nov. 7, 1849, 
William Qark Stone. . 

99 Aaron' Parsons (Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* 
Joseph^), b. Dec. 13, 1770, at Middletown, Conn.; d. Aug. 26, 

1854, at Constableville, N. Y. He m. Jane (last name 

not known). 

Children of Aaron* and Jane ( ) Parsons : 

i Elihu,* b. in 1794; d. in 1879. 

194 ii Isaac,* b. in 1795, at Whitesboro, N. Y.; d. 1878, at 

Talcottville, N. Y.; m. in 1815, Mary Brown, 
iii Sanford,* b. in 1797; d- *** ^888. 

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IV Reiley,* b. in 1799; ^- *" ^898. 

V Aaron,* b. in 1801; d. in 1870; was Sheriff of Lewis 

Co., 1853, and member of Assembly, 1855. 
vi Stephen,* b. in 1803. 
vii Lucy,* b. in 181 3. 

100 Elisha* Parsons (Elisha,* Nathaniel,* Jonathan,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Mar. 22, 1774; d. Nov. 21, 1843. He m. Nov. 10, 1800, 
Phebe Hulbert, b. July 6, 1773, d. Oct. 17, 1845. 

Children of Elisha* and Phebe (Hulbert) Parsons: 
i Spencer,* b. Aug. 5, 1801 ; d. May 8, 1803. 
ii Electa,* b. Oct. 31, 1802; d. Apr. 27, 1831. 
iii Phebe,* b. Feb. 18, 1805 ; d. 1894 ; m. George Abbey, of 

iv Elisha,* b. Nov. 29, 1806; d. Aug. 21, 1889. 

V Lucy,* b. June 30, 1808; d. July 16, 1840. 
vi Cephas,* b. Dec. 18, 181 1 ; d. Jan. 12, 1867. 

vii Julia,* b. Oct. 24, 1813 ; d. June 22, 1833. 
19s viii Enos,* b. May 21, 1815; d. Feb. 8, 1892; m. (i) Apr. 
12, 1836, Mary Ann Crafts; m. (2) June 25, 1861, 
Harriet Eliza Sears. 
ix Stephen,* b. Sept. 8, 1817; resided in Chester, Pa.; d. 
Oct. 22, 1897. 

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loi Thomas* Parsons (Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Thomas' and Anna (Poor) Par- 
sons, b. Feb. 8, 1759; m. (i) Hannah Foster, of Limerick, Me. 
He m. (2) Abigail Drake, of Effingham, N. H. He d. Dec. 22, 
1788, at Parsonsfield, Me. 

Children of Thomas* and Hannah (Foster) Parsons: 
196 i Thomas,^ b. Apr. 25, 1779, at Effingham, N. H.; d. 
Apr. 7, 1844; m. Aug. 25, 1799, Anna Lougee. 
ii Enoch Poor,^ b. Apr. 2, 1781, at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 
Nov. 10, 1800, Betsey Bumham, b. Mar. 5, 1784, 
dau. of Paul and Sally (Weymouth) Bumham, of 
Child of Thomas* and Abigail (Drake) Parsons: 
iii Ann^ (or Nancy), b. May 7, 1783, at Parsonsfield; m. 
Joshua Ames and removed to eastern part of State. 

102 CoL. Joseph* Parsons (Thomas,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,* Joseph,' Joseph*), son of Thomas* and Anna (Poor) Par- 
sons; m. (i) Lydia Lord, Sept., 1785. She d. Oct. 30, 1799. He 
m. (2) Abigail Adams, dau. of Rev. John and Hannah (Chesley) 

Children of Joseph* and Lydia (Lord) Parsons: 
i Anna,^ b. Oct. 30, 1786; m. John Garland, 
ii Joseph,^ b. Dec. 12, 1788; d. May i, 1790. 
iii Lydia,' b. July 4, 1790; m. Asa Bumham. 
iv Mary,' b. Aug. 2, 1792; m. Jan. 14, 1814, William* 

Parsons, of Alfred, Me.; d. Apr. 17, 1874. 
V Joseph,' b. Mar. 24, 1794; d. Jan. 7, 1815. 
vi Sanii,' b. June 23, 1796. 
vii Pamelia,' b. Mar. 11, 1798; d. Nov. 13, 1843. 


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154 the parsons family 

Children of Joseph* and Abigail (Adams) Parsons: 
viii Hannah Adams/ b. Nov. 30, 1801 ; m. Lot Wiggins, 
ix Catharine Morrill,' b. Apr. 15, 1803; m. David Gar- 
X Martha Poor/ b. May 5, 1805 ; m. Nathaniel Pease. 
xi Charles Grandison/ b. Feb. 15, 1807; m. (i) Qarissa 

Ann Bradbury; m. (2) Alice J. Walker, 
xii Miranda/ b. Apr. 12, 1809; m. David Garland, 
xiii Sukey/ b. July 30, 1811; d. Feb., 1812. 
xiv Susannah,' b. Mar. 15, 1813; d. June 23, 1844. 
XV Joseph Addison,' b. June 30, 181 5 ; m. Mary Eliza Ginn. 
xvi Frances Usher,' b. July 14, 1818. 

103 William* Parsons (Thomas," Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,* Joseph/ Joseph*), son of Thomas* and Lucy (Bradbury) 
Parsons, b. Mar. 19, 1792, in Parsonsfield, Me., after his mar- 
riage, July 15, 1813, to Sarah S. Dearborn, dau. of Benjamin and 
Sarah (Pickering) Dearborn, of Greenfield, N. H., removed to 
Concord, N. H., and in 1836 removed from there to Springfield, 
Mass., where he carried on the grocery business, and d. Apr. 15, 

Child of William" and Sarah S. (Dearborn) Parsons: 

197 i William Henry,^ b. Feb. 14, 1822, at Concord, N. H.; 

d. Mar. 10, 1907 ; m. Sept. 20, 1848, Sarah A. Wood. 

104 William' Parsons (William,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph/ Joseph,* Joseph^), son of William*^ and Abigail (Blunt) 
Parsons, m. in Parsonsfield, Me., Jan. 14, 1814, Mary^ Parsons, 
dau. of Col. Joseph' and Lydia (Lord) Parsons, of Parsonsfield. 
He resided in Alfred until 1840, when he moved to Kennebunk- 
port. Me., and thence in 1855 to Kennebunk, where he d. Oct. 8, 

Children of William' and Mary^ (Parsons) Parsons: 
i Abigail,^ b. Dec. 3, 1814 ; d. May 3, 1842. 

198 ii Joseph,^ b. Dec. 6, 1816; m. Jan. 6, 1840, Mary Jane 

Cram; d. Sept. 11, 1887. 
iii William Usher,^ b. Dec. 25, 1818; d. Dec. 23, 1830. 

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199 iv Rev, John/ b. Sq)t. 25, 1820; d. Mar. 31, 1910; m. 

Apr. 22, 1856, Sarah Ayer Chase. 

V Edwin/ b. April 25, 1823, in Alfred, Me. ; m. in Wash- 
ington, D. C, Feb. 15, 1872, Mary Llewellyn 
Swayne, only dau. of the late Justice Noah Swayne 
of U. S. Supreme Court; d. Aug. 21, 1895. 

vi Pamelia Frances,^ b. June i, 1825; d. Dec. 13, 1825. 

200 vii George,^ b. Nov. i, 1826; d. Dec. 4, 1907; m. Dec. 13, 

1865, Sarah Elizabeth Eddy. 

201 viii Charles,^ b. Feb. 6, 1829, in Alfred, Me.; d. Oct. 18, 

1904; m. Oct. 25, 1855, Sarah Johnson Shepley. 
ix Frances,^ b. Feb. 23, 1832; d. May 15, 1852. 
X William Usher,^ b. May i, 1835; d. Aug. 16, 1836. 

105 CoL. Amos Seavey" Parsons (Joseph,*^ Rev. Samuel,* 
Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), m. (i) Aug. 3, 1796, Patty Dow, 
who d. July 7, 1819; m. (2) Mar. 3, 1828, Mary Langdon. Re- 
sided at Rye, N. H. He d. Nov. 7, 1850. He was Lieut. Col. in 
the War of 1812. 

Children of Amos Seavey* and Patty (Dow) Parsons: 
i Polly Dow,^ b. Jan. 29, 1797; m. Jan. 9, 1825, Joseph 

202 ii Isaac Dow,^ b. May 7, 1799; d. Aug. 9, 1850; m. Sept. 

30, 1824, Elizabeth Rice, 
iii Eliza,^ b. Dec. 27, 1800; m. Apr. 4, 1822, Lyman 

Seavey. She d. Dec. 23, 1853. 
iv Martha,' b. Nov. 24, 1802; m. July 14, 1822, Colton 

W. Drake. 

203 v Samuel,' b. Feb. 27, 1804; m. (i) Sept. 8, 1824, Abi- 

gail Philbrick; m. (2) Oct. 26, 1853, Mrs. Mary J. 
vi Anna Seavey,' b. Dec. 24, 1806; m. Nov. 22, 1822, John 

vii Almira,' b. Jan. 20, 1809; m. Jan. 3, 1832, Jonathan 

Brown. She d. Apr. 15, 1841. 
viii Joseph,' b. Feb. 11, 181 1; d. Dec. 20, 1891 ; unm. 
ix Lovina,' b. June 11, 1813; m. May 11, 1839, Lewis L. 

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X James Monroe/ b. Aug. 7, 1816; m. Nov. 15, 1844, 
widow Minerva Cox; went to California. 

106 Joseph* Parsons (Joseph,* Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,* 
Joseph,' Joseph*), b. 1774; m. (i) 1798, Hannah Perkins; m. (2) 
in i8q2, Elizabeth Monroe, of Washington. 

Children of Joseph* and Euzabeth (Monroe) Parsons: 
i Mary Ann Wallie,'^ b. Aug. i, 1804; m. in 1818, Abrar 

ham Connor, of Maryland, 
ii Eliza,^ d. age 18 mos. 
iii William,^ d. an infant, 
iv Samuel,^ b. Jan. 26, 1807; d. in 1828; a midshipman in 

U. S. Navy. 
V Eliza,* b. Jan. 13, 1812; m. Jacob Cragin, of Va. 
vi William,* b. Apr. 23, 1813 ; d. Dec. 25, 1833 ; a printer 

and bookbinder. 

107 Dr. John Wilkes* Parsons (Joseph,' Rev. Samuel,* 
Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), was a physician at Rye, N. H.; 
a Justice of the Peace and member of the State L^slature sev- 
eral years ; was a surgeon on a privateer in the War of 1812. He 
m. Aug. II, 1803, Abigail, daughter of John Garland. All their 
children were bom in Rye, N. H. He d. Sept. 18, 1849. 
Children of John Wilkes' and Abigail (Garland) Parsons: 

204 i Thomas Jefferson/ b. Jan. 4, 1804; d. Mar. 4, 1890; 

m. Apr. 21, 1824, Eliza Brown, 
ii Emily ,^ b. May 2, 1806; m. Mar. 24, 1829, Joseph, son 

of Jonathan and Hannah Brown; lived at Rye. 
iii Charles G.,^ b. Feb. 29, 1808; graduate of Dartmouth 

College; a physician at Washington and Shongoloo, 

Miss.; d. in 1844, unm. 
iv Abigail,^ b. Jan. 4, 181 1; d. Mar. 21, i8i6. 

205 V William Harrison,^ b. July 21, 1813; d. Sept. 3, 1867; 

m. Apr. II, 1854, Anna Pine Decatur. 

206 vi Maj. John,^ b. Jan. 4, 1816; d. May 28, 1888, at Bay 

Port, Fla.; m. Aug. 8, 1855, Susan Decatur. 

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207 vii Dr. Warren/ b. May 28, 1818 ; d. May 20, 1902 ; m. ( i ) 

Jan. I, 1845, Sarah A. Dow; m. (2) Feb. 23, 1854, 
Julia A. Gove. 

108 Asahel' Parsons (Asahel/ John,* Lieut. John,' Joseph,' 
Joseph^), bapt. Aug. i, 1773; d. July 4, 1836. He m. (i) Apr., 
1798, Sarah Janes, b. 1775, d. Aug. 9, 1820. He m. (2) Nov. 8, 
1821, Hulda White, b. Jan. 20, 1781, d. Apr. 29, 1842. (She had 
no children.) 

Children of Asahel" and Sarah (Janes) Parsons: 
i Chauncey,^ b. 1800; d. July 15, 1845; m. Oct. 19, 1826, 
Anna Qark, b. 1802, and d. Mar. 9, 1843; ^^ ^^^^' 

208 ii Edmund/ b. Jan. 20, 1803 ; d. May 27, 1867 ; m. Apr. 

16, 1829, Emeline Morgan, 
iii Sarah J b. Aug. 11, 1805; d. Dec. 8, 1892; m. June, 
1845, Thaddeus^ Parsons (Joel,* Joel,* Moses,* Lieut. 
John'), his 2d wife. 

109 Cephas* Parsons (Asahel,* John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Nov. 12, 1779; m. Sept. 4, 1804, at Otisco, N. Y., 
Rachel Merriman, b. at Meriden, Conn., dau. of Charles and 
Rachel (Cowles) Merriman, of Otisco, N. Y. He was a farmer 
and resided many years at Otisco, N. Y., then at Olivet, Mich., 
where he died. 

Children of Cephas* and Rachel (Merriman) Parsons: 

209 i Lorenzo,' b. Mar. 7, 1806; d. Feb. 4, 1868; m. 1848, 

Anna Webster Huse. 
ii Rebecca Fidelia,' b. Mar. 8, 1807; d. June 11, 1859, at 

Qinton, Mich, 
iii Rachel Philena,' b. Mar. 8, 1807; resided at Olivet, 

Eaton Co., Mich. ; d. at Olivet. 
209a iv Joseph Clark,' b. May 2, 1810; m. (i) Sept. 30, 1847, 

Nancy H. Clark; m. (2) Sept. 22, 1858, Mrs. Sarah 

(Coleman) Lord. 
209b v Charles Asahel,' b. May 10, 1818 ; d. Nov., 1882 ; m. in 

1856, Margaret Young. 

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vi Harriet/ b. May 16, 1820; m. Flavel Danforth. 
vii Betsey M./ b. Dec. 2, 1823; d. Sept. 21, 1825. 

no Levi* Parsons (Asahel,* John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 

Joseph*), son of Asahel* and Rebecca (Qark) Parsons, was b. 

at Northampton, Mar. 9, 1783, but lived for many years on a 

farm on the banks of the Connecticut River under the eastern end 

of the Mount Tom Range, near or on part of the Pascommuck 

Meadow, devised by Esq. Joseph* Parsons to his son, Lieut. John.* 

In 1850 he removed with his son, Ansel, to N. Y. State, and in 

April, 185 1, located on a farm at Ogden, near Rochester, and he 

died Sept. 19, 1851, at Rochester, N. Y. He m. Mar. 21, 1808, 

Betsey Morgan, b. Mar. 22, 1787, d. May 4, 1874, at Rochester. 

Children of Levi* and Betsey (Morgan) Parsons: 

i Roxanna,^ b. July 13, 1809. In 1813 was accidentally 

killed by the falling of a rail upon her. 

210 ii Benjamin Franklin,^ b. June 2, 181 1; d. Aug. 3, 1900, 

at Pasadena, Texas; m. (i) May, 1847, Martha Ann 
Bush; m. (2) Dec, 1877, Carolyn M. Otis. 

iii Levi Laurens,^ b. July 25, 1813; d. 1814. 

iv Henry Laurens,^ b. Aug. 21, 1815; d. about 1890 in 
N. Y. City. He did not marry but lived for many, 
years in N. Y. City, and was a respected member of 
the old Forsythe Street Methodist Episcopal Church. 

211 V Roxanna Rebecca,^ b. Nov. 25, 1817; d. May 30, 1885; 

m. Sept. 8, 1845, ^^' Caleb Green. 

212 vi Levi Harrison,' b. Jan. i, 1820; d. Dec. 12, 1905; m. 

(i) July 23, 1856, Fanny Potter Northrop; m. (2) 
Catherine Worthington Ketcham. 

213 vii Ansel Qark,' b. June 23, 1823; d. Feb. 27, 1899, at 

Rochester, N. Y. ; m. 1852, Mahala Corsen Owen. 

Ill David® Parsons (David,' John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Aug. 30, 1778; d. May 4, 1867. He m. Dec. 30, 
1800, Rachel Pomeroy, b. Apr. 22, 1780, dau. of Solomon and 
Rachel (Alvord) Pomeroy, of Easthampton, Mass. She d. Sept. 
13, 1858. 

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sixth generation 159 

Children of David' and Rachel (Pomeroy) Parsons: 
i Pamelia/ b. Nov. ii, 1801 ; d. June 16, 1836; m. 1835, 

Thomas Pratt (his 2d wife), 
ii Alvan/ b. Oct. 23, 1803 ; d. Sept. 14, 1822. 
iii Minerva/ b. Dec. 30, 1805 ; d. Mar. 7, 1897. 
iv Alanson/ b. Mar. 21, i8<*; d. Jan. 8, 1866; ni. Nov. 
5, 1827, Harriet Powell, who d. Mar. 31, 1872. 

214 V Dea. Lucius Pomeroy/ b. May 15, 1810; d. Sept. 29, 

1894; m. May i, 1833, Florintha Loud, 
vi Miletus/ b. Mar. 2, 1813; d. Mar. 27, 1854; m. Nov., 
1836, Mrs. Mary (Judd) Kingsley, widow of Sam- 
uel Kingsley. Children: i Charles Melvin,® b. Jan. 
26, 1841, d. June 30, 1874, in Boston; 2 Mary 
Louise/ b. Dec. i, 1842. 
vii Enos,^ b. Oct. 10, 1816; d. Feb. 27, 1831. 
viii Edwin,' b. Feb. 8, 1819; d. Aug. 30, 1821. 
ix Edmund,' b. Feb. 8, 1819; d. Feb. 26, 1819. 

215 X Edwin Clark/ b. Sept. 6, 1821; d. Dec. 16, 1867; m. 

Nov. 25, 1850, Eliza L. Judd. 
xi Rachel Lucinda,' b. May 11, 1824; m. (i) Dec. i, 1847, 
Jonathan Judd, of Southampton, who d. July 12, 
1864; m. (2) May 11, 1870, Elam Graves. She d. 
May 10, 1907. 

112 Jonathan* Parsons (David,* John,* Lieut. John,^ Jo- 
seph/ Joseph*), b. Feb. 13, 1784; d. Sept. 10, 1841. He m. Nov. 
6, 1806, Submit Clark, dau. of Phineas and Elizabeth (White) 
Clark, b. Oct. 8, 1781, d. Oct. 31, 1856. He was adopted by his 
uncle, Jonathan,* who had no children. 
Children of Jonathan* and Submit (Clark) Parsons: 
i Persis,^ b. Aug. 7, 1807; m. Dec. 31, 1829, Dea. Har- 
vey Chapin, of Holyoke. She d. Nov. 27, 1877. 
ii Samantha,' b. Jan. 30, 1810; d. May 10, 1879. 
iii Mary Ann,'^ b. Feb. 2, 1812; d. May 17, 1891 ; m. May 

I, 1833, Horace Alonzo Collins, 
iv Aurelia,^ b. July 5, 1816; d. Apr. 2^, 1829. 
V Laurentia,^ b. Feb. 11, 1819; d. Feb. 15, 1819. 

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vi Laurentia/ b. Jan. i, 1822; d. Aug. 11, 1839. 
vii Martha Irene/ b. Jan. 20, 1825; d. Apr. 27, 1862; m. 
Norton Lyman. 

113 Seth" Parsons (Moses,^ Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Feb. 5, 1761, at Northampton, Mass.; d. July 19, 
1826, at Saranac, N. Y. He m. Oct. 25, 1787, Rachel Wales, b. 
Oct. 14, 1768, at Westhampton, Mass. She d. Nov. 4, 1829. 

Children of Seth" and Sarah (Wales) Parsons, 
all born at Northampton, Mass. : 
i Anselm,^ b. July 25, 1789; m. at Rutland, Vt., Eliza, 
dau. of Col. Stephen G. and Elizabeth (Sheldon) 
Keyes. He removed to Plattsburgh, N. Y., prior 
to 1823. 

216 ii Eunice,^ b. Jan. 20, 1791 ; d. July 19, 1830; m. Feb. 22, 

1813, Thomas Pratt. 

217 iii George/ b. May 3, 1793; d. Dec. 29, 1874; m. (i) Mar. 

15, 181 5, Sarah Strong; m. (2) June 16, 1831, Mary 
Emerson Hoyt; m. (3) Sept. 7, 1842, Adeline H. 
iv Seth,^ b. Jan. 10, 1796; d. Apr. 3, 1851, at Saranac, 

N. Y. 
V Jonathan Wales,^ b. Oct. 16, 1797. 
vi Nathaniel Horace,^ b. Apr. 19, 1801 ; d. May 14, 1826. 
vii Henry,^ b. Apr. 16, 1805. 
viii Rachel,^ b. Apr. 13, 1806. 
ix Frances,^ b. Aug. 17, 1809. 
X Daniel Lewis,' b. Feb. 5, 1812. 

114 MosEs' Parsons (Moses,^ Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph^), b. June 26, 1765; m. at Northampton, Sept., 1790, 
Esther Kingsley, b. Aug. 29, 1768, dau. of Enos and Abigail 
(Pomeroy) Kingsley, of Northampton, Mass. He d. Sept. 5, 
1834, at Northampton. She d. Jan. 29, 1850. 

Children of Moses' and Esther (Kingsley) Parsons: 
i Harriet,^ b. Jan. 27, 1792, at Northampton; m. (i) 
Nov. 23, 1826, Elisha Munn. He d. Jan. 14, 1850, 

Digitized by 



at North Adams, Mass. She m. (2) Apr. 29, 1851, 
Rev. Joseph Knight, b. June 24, 1788, son of Asher 
and Martha (Clark) Knight, of Munson, Mass. 
ii Emily,^ b. May 10, 1794; m. May 18, 1812, Timothy 
Graves, of Northampton. She d. June 28, 1859. He 
d. Oct. 15, 1819. 

218 iii Edward,^ b. Mar. 14, 1797, at Northampton; m. Jan. i, 

1828, Clementina Janes, 
iv Thomas,' b. Nov. 18, 1801 ; d. July 17, 1802. 

219 V Thomas,' b. Oct. 16, 1803*; d. Nov. 15, 1865; m. Feb. 

24, 1825, Maria Elwell. 

115 Justin* Parsons (Moses,' Moses,^ Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 
Josq>h^), son of Moses,*^ b. Mar. 11, 1770, at Northampton; d. 
Apr. 14, 1807, at Northampton; m. Esther Qark, b. Mar. 26, 
1772, at Westhampton, dau. of Gideon and Estie (Warren) Qark. 

Children of Justin* and Esther (Clark) Parsons: 

220 i Orenzo,^ b. at Westminster, Vt., Feb. 10, 1795; d. at 

Syracuse, N. Y,, Oct. 20, 1867; m. June 18, 1818, 
Roxanna Burt, 
ii Esther,'^ b. May 13, 1797, at Westhampton; d. Oct. 

31, 1848. 
iii Electa,^ b. Feb. 5, 1799, at Westhampton. 
iv Paulina,^ b. Sept. 20, 1801 ; m. Sept. 20, 1827, Francis 

Loud, b. Sept. 20, 1803, son of Caleb and Jerusha 

(Qark) Loud, of Westhampton. 
V Sarah,^ b. Mar. 8, 1804, at Westhampton; m. Dec. 22, 

1830, Samuel Janes, son of Enos and Hannah 

(Weight) Janes, of Easthampton. 
vi Justin,^ b. Apr. 12, 1807, at Westhampton; m. Sept. 13, 

1830, at Otisco, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Louise 

Houghton, b. Oct. 31, 1810, at Truxton, Cortland 

Co., N. Y., dau. of Thomas and Eunice (Qark) 


116 Joseph* Parsons (Capt. Joseph," Joseph,* Lieut. John,' 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. about 1798, in Northampton, Mass.; m. in 


Digitized by 



1828, Phcbe Ann Weeks, b. in Norwich, Mass., 1801. (She was 
widow Still.) 
Children of Joseph* and Phebe Ann (Weeks) Parsons: 
i Joseph,'^ b. Nov. 18, 1828; d. Aug. 18, 1829. 
Three others born, and died in infancy. 
221 V George Washington,^ b. May 9, 1833; m. May 3, 1854, 
Luella Irene Steams, 
vi Dorothy,^ b. Oct. 5, 1836; m. Horace Copley, of West 
Suf&eld, Conn. 

117 Deacon Stephen* Parsons (Elihu,* Elihu,* Capt. Eben- 
ezer,» Joseph,* Joseph*), b, July 12, 1788; d. May 27, 1838. He 
m. Mary Eldredge, of Ashfield. 

Children of Dea. Stephen* and Mary (Eldredge) Parsons: 
1 Eunice,^ b. Mar. 18, 1813. 
li Aloan,^ b. July 18, 1817; resided in Buckland. 
iii Rhoda,^ b. Dec. 5, 1819; m. Mar. 20, 1845, Jonathan 
Sears, Jr. She d. July 17, 1850. 

118 Lucretia* Parsons (Rev. Justin,*^ Benjamin,* Capt 
Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), dau. of Rev. Justin* Parsons, m. in 
Pittsfield, Vt., Aug. 30, 1814, Rev. Daniel Oliver Morton, b. Dec. 
21, 1788, at Winthrop, Me., and d. Mar. 25, 1852, at Bristol, 
N. H. He was a son of Livy and Hannah (Dailey) Morton; 
graduated at Middlebury College, Vt, 1812 ; studied theolc^^y and 
was pastor of the Congregational Church at Shoreham, Vt., 
Springfield, Vt., Winchenden, Vt., and Bristol, N. H. Mrs. 
Morton d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 11, 1862. 

Children of Rev. Daniel O. and Lucretia* (Parsons) 
Morton, all born at Shoreham, Vt. : 
i Daniel OJ Morton, b. Nov. 8, 1815; d. at Toledo, O., 
Dec. S, 1859; m. at Ohio City, O., 1839, Elizabeth 
A. Tyler. He graduated at Middlebury College 1833. 
Studied law and practiced at Toledo, O.; was ap- 
pointed by Pres. Pierce Attorney for Ohio, and was 
one of the codifiers of the laws of Ohio under the 
new constitution. 

Digitized by 



li Lucretia Parsons' Morton, b. Jan. 20, 1817; d. at 
Philadelphia, Pa., June 9, 1886; m. Sept. 7, 1842, at 
Shawneetown, 111., Rev. Myron Webb Safford, b. at 
Cambridge, Vt., Jan. 18, 1812, and d. at Morgan- 
field, Ky., Dec. 10, 1862, son of Capt. John and 
Elizabeth (Montague) Safford, and a grandson of 
Gren'l Samuel Safford, of Bennington, Vt., who was 
a Lieut. Col. in the Revolution and Brig. Gen'l of 
the Vermont Militia, and for 23 years member of 
the Governor's Council. Mr. Safford graduated at 
Middlebury College 1839. He studied theology at 
Andover and Lane Seminary and preached in Ken- 

iii Electa Frary' Morton, b. May 28, 1820; m. May 7, 
1849, Jonas Minot. 

222 iv Levi Parsons^ Morton, b. May 16, 1824; m. (i) Oct. 

I5> 1856, Lucy Young Kimball; m. (2) Feb. 12, 
1873, Anna Livingston Read Street. 

223 V Mary'^ Morton, b. May 5, 1829; m. Feb. 27, 1856, Hon. 

William F. Grinnell. 

224 vi Martha^ Morton, b. May 5, 1829; m. Aug. 8, 1852, 

Rev. Alanson Hartpence. 

119 Clarissa' Parsons (Rev. Silas,*^ Benjamin,* Ebenezer,' 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b.Mar. 10, 1783, at Goshen, Mass.; d. May 17, 
1851. She m. May 24, 1808, at Sudbury, Vt., Rev. Jonathan 
Hovcy, of Waybri<%e, Vt., b. July 8, 1782, at Mansfield, Conn., 
son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Hall) Hovey. He graduated at 
Middlebury College, Vt., 1806. 

Children of Rev. Jonathan and Clarissa* (Parsons) Hovey: 
i Clarissa^ Hovey, b. Apr. 30, 1809, at Waybridge, Vt. 
ii Rev. Jonathan Parsons^ Hovey, b. Oct. 11, 1810. 
iii Erastus S.' Hovey, b. May 9, 1812. 
IV John^ Hovey, b. Feb. 17, 1814. 

V John Storrs^ Hovey, b. Dec. 19, 1816, at Milton, N. Y. 
vi Mary Paulina' Hovey, b. Feb. 6, 1822, at Winfield, 
N. Y. 

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120 Seth* Parsons (Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Ebenezer,' Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 26, 1785, at Northampton, Mass.; d. Apr. 
6, 1851. He married June, 1808, at Sudbury, Vt, Ashsah Ten- 
ney, of Sudbury, Vt., b. July 6, 1787, dau. of Alvin Tenney. He 
was a clothier merchant; elder in the Presbyterian Church, and 
resided at Sudbury, Fairhaven, and Montpelier, Vt., Lockport, 
N. Y., and Milwaukee, Wis. 

Children of Seth* and Ashsah (Tenney) Parsons: 

i Melinda Fiske,' b. in 1809 ; m. Fellows. 

225 ii Rev. William Leonard,' b. June 25, 181 1; d. in 1877; 
m. (i) Oct. 31, 1833, Mary Ann Holt; m. (2) Aug. 
27, 1841, Lavinia Bradley; m. (3) May 18, 1846, 
Lucy Ann Seymour. 

121 Rev. Erastus* Parsons (Rev. Silas" Benjamin,* Eben- 
ezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^). In the History of Goshen (Mass.), by 
Hiram Barnes (1897), this is said of him: "Erastus Parsons, 
son of Rev. Silas, entered Middlebury College i8ioand was active 
in Christian labor. In the winter of 181 1, he taught school in 
Pittsford. His labors for the good of his pupils were inde- 
fatigable; a revival of religion in his school resulted adding 30 
youths to the church. His health failing he took a dismission 
from collie — ^but was licensed to preach in May, 181 2. He de- 
clined a pastorate, but continued to preach as his health permitted 
till his death, in May, 1813." 

122 William* Parsons (Rev. Silas,*^ Benjamin,* Ebenezer,' 
Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Oct. 18, 1790, at Goshen, Mass.; d; Apr. 4, 
1855, at Lockport, N. Y.; m. July 18, 1817, at East Bloomfield, 
N. Y., Amanda, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary (Webster) Eggles- 
ton, of East Bloomfield, N. Y. He was educated at Northampton, 
Mass., and went to the western part of N. Y. intending to teach, 
but was employed in business connected with the construction of 
the Erie canal. Later he was a prosperous farmer and fruit 
grower, a man of high character and universally respected. He 
was one of the organizers of the ist Presbyterian Church at Lock- 
port, an elder and superintendent of its Sunday school for many 

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He gave a fund of $1,500 to the Sunday school of the church 
for a select library of reference and travel dealing with Bible 
subjects, and the income of that fund is yet enjoyed by the library. 
Children of William* and Amanda (Eggleston) Parsons: 
226 i Mary Louise,^ b. Oct. 8, 1818, at East Bloomfield, 
N. Y.; d. Oct. 15, 1881 ; m. (i) June 11, 1840, Oliver 
Perry Gooding; m. (2) July 25, 1852, RoUin Good- 
ing Parks. 
^2,J ii William Fiske,^ b. Oct. 12, 1820; d. Feb., 1852; m. 
Sept. 20, 1842, Rebecca Hosmer. 

228 iii Levi Eggleston,^ b. Oct. 8, 1822; d. Apr. i, 1902; m. 

Jan. 27, 1847, Mary J. Baldwin. 

229 iv Nathaniel Spencer/ b. May 4, 1825; d. in 1901; m. 

Oct. 25, 1866, Julia M. Barber. 

230 V Jonathan Child,^ b. Sept. 12, 1835; d. Oct, 1905; m. 

(i) July 25, i860, Martha Coryell; m. (2) in 1883, 
Nettie Hoeger. 

231 vi Amanda Maria,^ b. Dec. 4, 1837; m. May i, 1861, Ed- 

win Upson. 

123 Theodocia" Parsons (Rev. Silas,*^ Benjamin,* Ebenezer,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), bom Sept. 5, 1796, at Goshen, Mass.; m. Oct. 
6, 1814, at Sudbury, Vt., Warren Warner, born May 16, 1794, 
son of Joseph and Asenath (Little) Warner. They resided at 
Lockport, N. Y. 

Children of Theodocia" (Parsons) and Warren Warner: 
i Joseph Warren^ Warner, b. Jan. 15, 1822, at Sudbury, 
Vt.; d. Jan. 12, 1856, at Buffalo, N. Y.; buried at 
Lockport, N. Y. 
11 Julia Jackson^ Warner, b. June 10, 1828, at Sudbury, 
Vt.; m. at Lockport, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1848, William 
Thayer Rogers, born Mar. 11, 1817, at Holden, Wor- 
cester Co., Mass. He was a banker at Lockport, 
N. Y. 

124 Silas* Parsons (Rev. Silas,** Benjamin,* Ebenezer,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 14, 1806, at Northampton, Mass.; mar- 

Digitized by 



ricd Aug. II, 1829, at Penfield, Monroe Co., N. Y., Lucy Van 
Dake, born July 15, 1807, dau. of Luke and Betsey (Baker) 
Van Dake. He was a produce commission merchant and resided 
at Wilson, Lockport, Rochester, Brooklyn, and Buffalo, N. Y. 
Children of Silas* and Lucy (Van Dake) Parsons: 
i Silas Richmond,^ b. May 23, 1834, at Wilson, N. Y.; 

d. Oct. i8, 1854, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ii William Wisner,^ b. Aug. 10, 1838, at Lockport, N. Y. ; 
m. at Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1760, Lucy Jane 
Havens, b. Dec. 29, 1838, at Batavia, N. Y., dau. of 
Ephraim Smith and Ann Jane (Dorkins) Smith, of 
Buffalo. He was a commission merchant and a dea- 
con of the North Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N. Y. 

125 Theodore* Parsons (Rev. Solomon,* Benjamin,* Capt. 
Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 14, 1791; d. Jan. 19, 1865. 
He m. Pamela, dau. of Asa Partridge, b. Jan. 12, 1796, and d. 
Mar. 9, 1843. 

Children of Theodore* and Pamela (Partridge) Parsons: 
i Mary P.,^ b. Mar. 14, 1819; m. R. F. Webster, Nov. 

28, 1844. 
ii Lewis S.,^ b. Jan. 21, 1821; d. June 3, 1904; n^- Har- 
riet N. Fuller, Apr., 1843. 
iii Levi,^ b. Apr. 8, 1823; m. June 17, 1850, Harriet Luce. 
He was engaged in the manufacture of buttons at 
Haydenville, and later at Easthampton, with Mr. 
Sam'l Williston. He d. Mar. 28, 1866. His dau., 
Alice Carey* Parsons (Mt. Hdyoke Female Semi- 
nary 1873), m. Dr. W. O. Ballantine, missionary to 
India, Jan. 6, 1875. She d. in India Sept. 9, 1878, 
greatly beloved by her associates. Her sister, Hat- 
tie,* resided with their mother at Easthampton, Mass. 
iv Henry ,^ b. May 2, 1825. 
V Frederick E.,^ b. June 17, 1827; d. Dec. 14, 1851. 

126 Willard* Parsons (Rev. Solomon,* Benjamin,* Capt. 
Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 29, 1795; d. May 6, 1876. 
He m. June 6, 1820, Tryphosa, dau. of Alpheus Naramore. 

Digitized by 


sixth generation 167 

Children op Willard* and Tryphosa (Naramore) Parsons: 
i Sophia N.,^ b. Apr. 15, 182 1; m. Amos Stone, of 

Goshen, Mass. 
ii Alpheus N.,^ b. July 2, 1823; d. Apr. 29, 1851. 
232 Hi Benjamin F.,* b. Nov. 17, 1827; m. Dec. 20, 1859, Leo- 
nora Frances Bartlett. 
iv Julia,^ b. Dec. 8, 1831 ; d. Mar. 29, 1863 ; m. M. N. 

V Helen,^ b. May 19, 1834; m. William Wells. j 

vi Lyman,^ b. Mar. i, 1839; "^- Octavia French, 
vii Edward/ b. Sept. 5, 1842 ; d. Sept. 17, 1845. 

127 Benjamin Stebbins* Parsons (Rev. Benjamin,* Ben- 
jamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr., 1802. He m. 
(i) near Florence, Ala., Louisa Hawkins. He m. (2) at Somer- 
ville, Tenn., Melina McLellan. He m. (3) June 7, i866, at Gal- 
veston, Texas., Julia Huldah^ Parsons, b. July i, 1840, at King- 
ston, Ulster Co., N. Y., dau. of Henry* and Eliza Rebecca (Wil- 
son) Parsons, of New Orleans, La. He was a merchant and re- 
sided at Boston, Mass., Nashville, Tenn., Mobile, Ala., Pensacola, 
Fla., and Galveston, Texas. 

Children of Benjamin S.* and Julia H. (Parsons) Parsons: 
i Benjamin Stebbins,^ b. Sept. 3, 1867, at Galveston, Tex. 
ii Henry Qement,^ b. Nov. 16, 1868, at Galveston, Tex. 

128 Clement Sheldon* P/rsons (Rev. Benjamin," Benja- 
min,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 20, 1804. He 
m. Feb. 11, 1834, at Boston, Mass., Bridget Foley. He was a 
merchant in New York City in 1871, and resided at No. 39 Mon- 
roe Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children of Clement Sheldon® and Bridget (Foley) 
i Mary Ellen,^ b. Nov. 29, 1834; m. June 11, 1857, John 
Todd, b. Nov. 8, 1824, a lawyer of N. Y. City. 
J ii Qement Sheldpn,^ b. Sept. 12, 1838; m. (i) Dec. 23, 

• 1863, Mary C. Fairfield, dau. of George and Emily 

Fairfield. She d. Mar. 8, 1866; He m. (2) June, 
1877, Julia Parker Dayton. 

Digitized by 



lii John Henry/ b. Feb. 5, 1840; m. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 8, 1865, Sallie Harris Miles, dau. of Edward 
and Cordelia (Stewart) Miles. They had a son, Qe- 
ment Sheldon,^ b. Oct 5, 1868. 

iv Henry Chapman,^ b. Jan. 7, 1847, '^^ N. Y. City. 

V Edward,^ b. Nov. 12, 1848, in N. Y. City. 

129 Simeon Lewis* Parsons (Simeon,* Simeon,* Capt Eben- 
ezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. in 1806; m. Catherine Beamer. 

Children of Simeon Lewis* and Catharine (Beamer) 

Parsons : 

233 i Ralph Lyman,^ b. July 30, 1828, at Prattsburgh, Steu- 

ben Co., N. Y. ; m. Apr. 7, 1864, Helen Loretta Wait, 
ii Charles Wilson,^ b. Sept. 27, 1837; m. June 10, 1858, 
Adeline Ruth Onerharnes. They have one child, 
Carrie Adelle,* b. July 25, i860. 

130 David* Parsons (Rev. David,* Rev. David,* Rev. David,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 10, 1788; resided at Amherst, Mass. 
He m. (i) Jan. 21, 1816, Elizabeth Williams. He m. (2) Dec 
16, 1845, widow Lucy Howell, of Hartford, Conn. 

Children of David* and Elizabeth (Williams) Parsons: 

234 i Edward Williams,^ b. Dec. 28, 1816; m. Caroline Ma- 

tilda Stebbins, Nov. 28, 1839. 
ii Caroline Miranda,^ b. Feb. 6, 1819; d. Oct. i, 1903. 
She m. Apr. 19, 1842, William Fuller Church; no 
23s iii Charles Henry ,^ b. Dec. i, 182 1; d. June 11, 1898; m. 
Jan. 5, 1852, Sarah Rice, 
iv Ezekial Williams,^ b. May 28, 1825 ; d. Nov. 25, 1863. 
He m. Sept. 7, 1851, Aurelia Rebecca Chamberlain, 
of Lowell, Mass. He was a jeweler in Quincy, 111. 
They had one child, Carrie May,* b. May i, 1854; d. 
Dec. 26, 1861. 

V Elizabeth Barnard,^ b. Dec. 14, 1827; d. Aug. 18, 1902. 

She m. Charles Moore; no children, 
vi Harriet Sophia,^ b. Aug. 31, 1830; d. Dec. 8, 1893, at 

Digitized by 



Washington, D. C. She was principal of Bradburn 
School, at Cleveland, Ohio. 

236 vii Nancy Porter,^ b. Mar. 9, 1833; d. Nov. 19, 1906; m. 

July 26, 185s, William Fiskc. 

131 Thomas" Parsons (Rev. David,' Rev. David,* Rev. 
David,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 10, 1791 ; m. Franpes Catherine 
Chappell. He was a merchant in New York City, and later re- 
sided in New London, Conn. He d. in Colchester, Conn., Aug. 
21, 1832. They had one son who survived. 

Child of Thomas" and Frances C. (Chappell) Parsons: 

237 i Richard ChappelV b. Oct. 10, 1826; d. in 1899; m. 

Sarah Starkweather. 

131a Francis* Parsons (Rev. David,"* Rev. David,* Rev. 
David,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. at Amherst, Feb. 16, 1795; d. at 
Hartford, Conn.; Mar. 9, 1861. He graduated from Yale Col- 
lie, 1816, and studied law in the office of his uncle, Chief Justice 
Thomas S. Williams, of Hartford, and there practiced his pro- 
fession, in which he won a reputation for ability and integrity. 
He was city attorney for Hartford, and for six years was Judge 
of the Hartford County Court. He m. Dec. 23, 1829, Clarissa, 
dau. of William Brown, of Hartford. 

Chiu>ren of Francis* and Clarissa (Brown) Parsons: 
237a i John Caldwell,^ b. June 3, 1832 ; d. at Hartford, Mar. 

II, 1898; m. Mary McClellan, Apr. 7, 1870. 
237b ii Mary Hooker,^ b. Feb. 2, 1835 ; m. June 6, 1866, Capt. 
Watson Webb, 
iii Jane Chester,^ b. Oct. 4, 1839; d- Jan. 9, 1843. 
iv Elizabeth Scott,^ b. June 14, 1842 ; d. Feb. 26, 1905. 

132 James* Parsons (Rev. David,* Rev. David,* Rev. David,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Rev. David'^ Parsons, b. Nov. 15, 1804; 
m. Apr. 5, 1832, Mary Eliza Lewis, b. Sept. 21, 1812, dau. of 
Samuel and Drusilla (Hines) Lewis, of Forsyth, Liberty Co., 
Ga. He graduated from Amherst College 1830; was a teacher at 
Savannah, Ga., while studying law. He d. Sept. 3, 1833, at 
Staten Island, N. Y., and was buried at Amherst, Mass. 

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170 the parsons family 

Children of James* and Mary E. (Lewis) Parsons: 
i Francis Washburn,^ b. Jan. 5, 1833, at Walthourville, 
Ga.; m. June 11, 1862, Sarah Paine Hervey, b. 
Oct. 5, 1833, dau. of Joseph Bunton and Eunice 
Wells (Hale) Hervey, of Newburyport, Mass. He 
was a merchant at Dedham, Mass., and at Qeveland, 
Ohio, in the firm of Miller and Parsons, wholesale 
boot and shoe manufacturers, 
ii James,^ b. May 5, 1834, at Walthourville, Ga.; m. in 
Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 26, 1874, Mary Fisher, b. 
July 7, 1842, dau. of Dr. George Washington and 
Mary (Pleasants) Fisher; was a lawyer in Philadel- 
phia in 1877, 2i^d Professor of Law in University 
of Pennsylvania. 

133 Bum)* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,* Nathan,* Rev. David,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 8, 1787; m. in Orono, Me., 1817, Mary 
R. Hinckley, b. in Brunswick, Me., 1797. He was a merchant in 
Bangor, Me., and after 1822 at Orono, Me. Late in life he re- 
moved to Oconomowoc, Wis., and d. in 1864. She d. there in 
Children of Budd* and Mary R. (Hinckley) Parsons: 
i Maria C.,^ b. 1819, at Bangor, Me. ; m. 1840, John L. 
Moore, a lumber merchant of Orono. He d. and she 
m. (2) William B. Mead, a dentist; no children, 
ii John B.,^ b. 1821, at Bangor; m. in Oconomowoc, Wis., 
Mary Sparling, of Oswego, N. Y.; was a farmer; 
had three children, Edmund,* George,* and Abby.* 
iii Susan G.,^ b. 1823, in Orono, Me. ; m. 1841, M. D. Cur- 
ran, a merchant of Milwaukee, Wis. ; had seven chil- 
iv Rebecca Ann,^ b. June 21, 1826, in Orono, Me.; m. in 
Monroe, Wis., Sept. 30, 1847, George Willard Fay, 
b. July 9, 1810, in Boston, Mass. He was a merchant 
in Boston, and later at Oconomowoc, Wis. Chil- 
dren: William Budd,* b. Sept. 19, 1849; Mary Eliza- 
beth,* b. Sept. 14, 1854. 

Digitized by 



V Elmond H./ b. in Orono, Me., 1828; m. i860, Martha 
A. Merwin, b. in Wis., 1844; two children, Wilson* 
and Lucia M.* 

vi Elijah D.,^ b. in Orono, 1830; m. 1855, in Oconomowoc, 
Wis., Julia Bond, b. in New York, 1834 ; was a mer- 
chant. Children, Frederick,' Edgar,* and William 

vii Elizabeth E.,^ b. in Orono, 1834; m. 1855, Charles 
Thompson, a farmer in Oconomowoc, b. in Attica, 
N. Y. 

134 Capt. Sparhawk* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,"^ Nathan,* 
Rev. David,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 14, 1789; m. Aug. 28, 
^824, Mrs. Sarah D. Keeler, widow of Horace Keeler and dau. of 
Bartholomew Travis. In the War of 181 2, he was Captain of 
Marines and commanded the quarter deck on the ship, General 
Armstrong, in the engagement at Fayal off the Cape de Verd Is- 
lands, and had to use crutches and canes for many years. Besides 
a surgical operation in 1821, about 25 years later, his right leg 
was amputated below the knee. He resided for the greater part 
of his life in New York, but d. at Bangor, Me., Aug. 14, i86i. 
His wife d. in New York June 28, 1837. "A gentleman, a scholar 
and a hero, and better than all a Christian." He had but one 

Child of Capt. Sparhawk* and Sarah D. (Travis) (Keeler) 

Parsons : 
i William Bartholomew Budd,^ b. June 25, 1825 ; m. Oct. 
20, 1856, Lucy M., dau. of Samuel B. Hanson, of 
Belfast, Me. He had one child, Louis Craven* Par- 
sons, b. Nov. 6, 1861, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

135 Sherlock* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,' Nathan,* Rev. 
David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 17, 1793; m. Jan. 22, 1822, 
Hannah, b. in St. Vincent, W. L, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 
Grosvener, of Fredericton, N. B. He was first a shipbuilder in 
Fredericton, N. B. (1814-1817), then (1817-1834) in the coasting 
trade between Fredericton and St. John, and later resided in 

Digitized by 



OronviUe (1834-1866), then at Medford, Mass., doing business 
in Boston. 

Children of Sherlock* and Hannah (Grosvener) Parsons: 
i Elizabeth Susannah/ b. Dec. 8, 1822; m. Oct. 4, 1847, 
Rev. Henry M. Stone, b. in Cabot, Vt., a graduate of 
Bangor Theological Seminary, 1847, ^^^ ^ Congre- 
gational minister, 
ii Samuel Grosvener,^ b. Oct. 18, 1824; m. Sept. 5, 1864, 
Mary Elizabeth Fall, of Charlestown, Mass. He was 
secretary of the Putman Fire Ins. Co. at Hartford, 
iii Anna Dorothea,^ b. May 22, 1827; m. Oct. 13, 1851, 
Joseph Thomas Hinckley, a merchant at Blue Hill, 
iv Sherlock Budd,^ b. Aug. 11, 1829. 
V William Johnson,^ b. Sept. 5, 1831 ; m. Nov. 7, i86i, 
Lucy Eldridge, of Argyle, Me. He lived at Orono 
and d. Sept. 16, 1865. 
vi Hiny Dwight,^ b. Aug. 3, 1834; resided in Oregon, 
vii Charles Grosvener,^ b. Feb, 22, 1837; m. June, 1864, 
Martha E. Rogers, of Conway, Mass. ; was a provi- 
sion merchant at Boston, Mass., and resided at Med- 
viii Edmund Colburn,^ b. Jan. 15, 1839, * builder of cabinet 

ix Mary Gregory,^ b. Mar. 15, 1841. 
X Maria Vavesour,^ b. Mar. 15, 1844; d. Apr. 8, 1846. 

136 Elisha Graves* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,* Nathan,* Rev. 
David,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 10, 1799; "^- J^^y ^3» ^830, 
Octavia Jane, b. Sept. 11, 1804, dau. of Dea. John and Jane 
(Stanwood) Perry, of Brunswick, Me. He was a surveyor of 
lumber at Bangor, Me. 

Children of Elisha G.' and Octavia J. (PfeRRv) Parsons: 
i Susan Jane,^ b. Aug. 11, 183 1, in Orono, Me.; m. Sept. 
30, 1856, William Scott, b. Feb. 23, 1830, son of 

Digitized by 



William Eustis and Adeline (Garrish) Edwards, of 
Portland, Me. He was a civil engineer in Portland. 

ii Nathan Appleton,^ b. May 21, 1833, in Orono, Me.; m. 
Oct. 8, 1857, Amelia Sophia, b. in Burford, C. W., 
Sept. I, 1837, dau. of Silas R. and Jane Sophia 
(Hyde) Ball. He was a merchant in Chicago, 111., 
and was Capt. of Co. I, 53d Illinois Regiment in the 
Qvil War, and d. while on furlough at Chicago, May 
10, 1862. 

iii John Perry ,^ b. in Orono, Me., May 12, 1835; was a 
civil engineer .in New Orleans, La. 

iv Adeline Wilson,^ b. in Orono, June 26, 1837. 

V Scott BurrilP (M. D.), b. in Orono, Oct. 11, 1839; m. 
Jan. I, 1868, Henrietta Knight, b. Sept. 19, 1841, at 
Caermarthen, Wales, dau. of Henry and Mary Ann 
(Knight) Evans. He graduated at the Hahnemann 
Medical College, Chicago, and was a physician at St. 
Louis, Mo. 

vi Eliza Shaw,^ b. in Orono, July 10, 1842; m. Jan. 3, 
1862, Henry Franklin, b. in Providence, R. I., Feb. 
23, 1841, son of Rev. Dr. Benjamin Franklin and 
Sarah Ann (Dunn) Tefft, of Poland, Me. Rev. Mr. 
Tefft was formerly the editor of "The Ladies Re- 
pository" in Cincinnati, Ohio, and his son was a den- 
tist in Bangor, Me. 

137 Pliny Dwight* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,"^ Nathan,* Rev. 
David,* Joseph," Joseph^), b. Feb. i, 1801 ; m. (i) Oct., 1831, 
Elizabeth Eloise, dau. of Joseph and Mary Wise, of Sebec, Me. 
She d. Dec. 20, 1833. He m. (2) at Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 20, 
1834, Hannah Hill Hooper, b. July 31, 1815, dau. of John and 
Sarah (Meserve) Hooper. (John Hooper was a son of Rev. 
William Hooper, a Baptist minister at Dover, N. H., and Mary 
Lord. He was one of seven brothers, all Baptist ministers.) 
Child of Pliny Dwight" and Elizabeth E. (Wise) Parsons: 
238 i Joseph Wise,^ b. Dec. 17, 1833; m. Jan. i, 1863, Delia 

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174 the parsons family 

Children of Pliny Dwight* and Hannah H. (Hooper) 

Parsons : 
ii Scott Cobb,^ b. Oct. i6, 1835 ; d. Feb. 6, 1836. 
ill Elizabeth Wise/ b. Jan. 6, 1837; m. Dr. Henry G. 

IV Susan Hooper,^ b. July 26, 1839; '"• Frederick A. 

Brewer, Aug. 4, 1862, a broker in San Francisco, 
CaL, which was followed by a divorce, when she re- 
sumed her maiden name. They had one child, Fred- 
erick Dwight,* b. Sept. 23, 1864, at San Francisco, 
whose name, having been legally changed, is now 
Frederick Dwight* Parsons. 

V Sylvester Dwight,^ b. Aug. 14, 1844. 

138 FiDEUs" Parsons (Maj, Nathan,'^ Nathan,* Rev. David,' 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. in Thomaston, Me., Mar. 2, 1805; m. Oct. 
i» 1837, Rachel Ann, b. Dec. 30, 1815, dau. of Maj. James and 
Eunice (Batchelder) Bowker. He was a farmer, but went to 
San Francisco, and d. there Jan. 2, 1852, soon after his arrival. 

Children of Fidelis* and Rachel A. (Bowker) Parsons: 
i James Bowker,^ b. Jan. i, 1839, ^^ Bangor, Me. 
ii Annie Merritt,^ b. Aug. 31, 1843, at Bangor, Me.; m. 
Sept. 12, 1862, Capt. Mauran Perry Furbish, b. 1838, 
in Rockland, Me. He was lost at sea Dec. 10, 1864. 
They had one child, Mauran Irving* Furbish, b. Oct. 
3, 1864, at Rockland, Me. 

139 Park Holland* Parsons (Maj. Nathan,' Nathan*, Rev. 
David,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Mar. 8, 1809; m. Sept. 23, 1845, 
Irene Dickinson Barron, b. Apr. 22, 181 7, dau. of Elesuis and 
Delia (Dickinson) Barron, of Amherst, Mass. He was a farmer 
at Medway, Me. 

Children of Park H.* and Irene D. (Barron) Parsons: 
1 Mary Vose,' b. July 11, 1847. 
ii Electa Louise,^ b. Feb. 28, 1850; d. Aug. 28, 1853. 
iii Frederick Barron,' b. Sept. 23, 1853. 
iv Susan Burrill,' b. Oct. 8, 1855; d. Mar. 26, 1859. 

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140 Oliver* Parsons (Oliver," Nathan,^ David,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. July 29, 179s, at Granby, Mass.; d. Dec. 6, 1864, at 
Milwaukee, Wis. He m. at Lewiston, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1819, Mar- 
tha Qiilds, b. Dec. 17, 1802, dau. of Aaron and Lucy (Ward) 
Childs, of Thetford, Vt. He was a manufacturer of glassware in 
Lockport, N. Y., a carpenter and builder, and Justice of the Peace 
in Milwaukee, Wis. 

Children of Ouver* and Martha (Childs) Parsons: 

239 i Harriet Matilda,^ b, Sept. 21, 1821, at Lewiston, N. Y.; 

d. Apr. 5, 1853; m. Oct. 14, 1841, Charles Stewart 
ii Maria Louisa,^ b. Aug. 4, 1823, at Lockport, N. Y. ; d. 
Aug. 31, 1823. 

240 iii William Goodell,^ b. Jan. 7, 1825; d. Sept. 30, 1903; 

m. Oct. 28, 1857, Hannah D. Conover. 
iv Edwin Childs,^ b. July 23, 1827, at Lockport, N. Y.; 

d. July 25, 183 1. 
V Julia Ann,^ b. Jan. 29, 1831, at Lockport, N. Y. ; d. at 

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 15, 1890. 
vi Lucy,^ b. Oct. 12, 1834, at Lockport, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 8, 


241 vii Capt. Edwin Burton,^ b. Feb. 16, 1836, at Lockport, 

N. Y.; m. Dec. 31, 1864, Abby Louise Parker Fay. 
viii Oliver Morris,^ b. Aug. 19, 1840, at Lockport, N. Y. ; 
d. Sept. 8, i860; drowned in Lake Michigan by the 
disaster of the steamer Lady Elgin, 
ix Mary Emma,^ b. Mar. 31, 1846, at Lockport, N. Y. ; 
m. Sept 26, 1865, Rev. Micah Croswell. 

141 Rev. Horatio Adams* Parsons (Oliver,"* Nathan,* 
David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 27, 1797, at Granby, Mass. ; m. 
(i) May 13, 1826, Harriet Shepherd, b. Jan. 26, 1796, dau. of Dr. 
Theodore and Dorothy (Morgan) Shepherd, of Schenectady, 
N. Y. (a sister of Gen'l D. B. Morgan, of Louisiana). He m. 
(2) Anna Hammond, b. Aug. 21, 1815, at Chatham, England. He 
was a graduate of Williams College, 1820, Andover Theological 
Seminary, and was for several years a Presbyterian minister at 

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Niagara, N. Y. He was greatly interested in scientific matters, 
and in 1835 published a "Guide to Travelers Visiting the Falls 
of Niagara." 

142 Sylvester Gould" Parsons (Oliver," Nathan,* David,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 9, 1799, at Northampton, Mass. ; d. Jan. 
20, 1862, at Kaufman, Texas. He m. at St. Helena Parish, La„ 
Sept. 2, 1819, Mary Hill, b. Jan. 18, 1803, dau. of Peter and 
Rachel (Courtney) Hill, of Baton Rouge, La. He was a mem- 
ber of the Legislature, Judge of Probate, a merchant and planter. 
"He was a Presbyterian in faith, a Whig in politics and of a 
humane and benevolent disposition." 

Children of Sylvester Gould* and Mary (Hill) Parsons: 
i Rev. Oliver James,^ b. Apr. 5, 1821, at St. Laundry 
Parish, La. ; d. May, 1846, at Anite River, La. He 
was educated at Georgetown College, Ky., and be- 
came a missionary of the Baptist Church ; unm. 

242 ii Sylvester Gould,^ b. Dec. 16, 1822; d. Feb., 1880; m. 

Feb. 16, 1854, Mary Graves Whitstone. 

iii Louisa Matilda,^ b. Nov. 19, 1824, at Baton Rouge, 
La. ; d. Jan. 28, 1870, at Warsaw Prairie, Tex. She 
was educated at Pine Grove Seminary, St. Tammany 
Parish, La., and m. at Arcadia, La., Jul^ 3, 1845, 
John Marshall Kichen. 

iv Mary Ann,^ b. Oct. 3, 1826, at Baton Rouge, La.; d. 
Sept. 10, 1857, at Kaufman, Tex.; m. at Warsaw, 
Tex., Dec. 8, 1846, Joseph Ethan Allen. 

V Dr. Horatio Adams,^ b. May 31, 1829, at Springfield, 
La.; d. Mar. 20, 1855, at New Orleans, La. He 
received the degree of M. D. from the Medical De- 
partment University of Louisiana, 1855 J ^' Aug. 22, 
1854, Annie Jones. 

243 vi David Hill,^ b. Jan. 25, 1831; m. (i) Sept. 10, 1857, 

Eudora Angeline Stephenson; m. (2) Mar. 10, 1861, 
Ann Eliza Cole. 

244 vii Nathaniel Cox,^ b. Jan. 25, 1833; ™- Oct. 10, 1855, 

Eugenia Talba Gordon. 

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viii Rachel Melinda/ b. July 6, 1835, at Springfidd, La. ; d. 
July 14, 1837. 

245 ix Rev. William Gaston/ b. July 17, 1837; m. Apr. 24, 

1861, Kate Graves. 
X John Dorrence/ b. Nov. 6, 1839, at Springfield, La.; 
graduated in medicine at the "New School," New 
Orleans, 1861; m. Jan. 16, 1866, Fannie Evans, b. 
Oct. 12, 1844, at Rogersville, Tenn., dau. of William 
Leroy and Martha Ellen (Veal) Evans, of Waxa- 
hochie, Tex. He was surgeon in Parsons Cavalry 
Brigade, Confederate Army, Civil War. He was a 
physician and merchant, and d, Dec. 26, 1906, at 
Dallas, Texas. 

XI Harriet Shepherd,^ b. Oct. 19, 1841, at Springfield, La. ; 
m. July I, 1851, Jefferson Monroe Noble, son of Levi 
and Jane Noble, of Kaufman, Texas. 

xii Sarah Catherine,^ b. Dec. 3, 1844, at Arcadia, La.; d. 
Mar. 12, 1862, at Kaufman, Tex.; m. Apr. 25, 1861, 
James Francis McMurray. 

143 Lucus* Parsons (Israel,*^ Israel,* Rev. David," Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Mar. 2, 1792, at Hatfield, Mass.; d. about 1859 ^" 
New York City. He m. Feb. 13, 1820, at Boston, Mass., Anna 
Maria Gibson, b. Feb. 13, 1799. He was for many years a drug- 
gist in New York City. 

Children of Lucus* and Anne Maria (Gibson) Parsons: 

246 i Henry Lucus'' (M. D.), b. Apr. 24, 1821 ; d. July 21, 

i860; m. Josephine Mary Childs. 

ii George Frederick Augustus,^ b. Dec. 17, 1823, at Dan- 
ville, Vt. ; d. Aug. 28, 1825, at Canaan, Vt. Interred 
at Stanstead, Canada. 

lii Georgianna,' b. Sept. 2T, 1826, at Canaan, Vt. ; d. Mar. 
16, 1840, at Stanstead, Canada. 

247 iv George Frederick Augustus,^ b. Aug. 10, 1828; d. Feb. 

18, 1868; m. Oct. 28, 1857, Cynthia Amanda Helmes. 

144 Solomon* Parsons (Solomon,' Dr. Solomon,* Rev. Da- 
vid,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 18, 1800; d. Dec. 16, 1893. He m. 


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Sarah Hasey Childs, of Cambridge, Mass., b. July 25, 1806, and 
d. Aug. 27, 1876. 

Children of Solomon* and Sarah Hasey (Childs) Parsons: 
i Sarah Frances/ b, Jan. 24, 1829; m. Samuel H. T. 

Bennett, of Pepperell, Mass. 
ii Solomon,^ b. Jan. 9, 1830; d. Jan. 18, 1863. He was 
a soldier in Co. F, 51st Regt., Mass. Vols., in the 
Civil War. He m. Mary Gilbert, of Connecticut. 
Child: Albert Gilbert,* b. Jan. 7, 1857; d. Apr. 13, 
248 iii Samuel Bloomfield,^ b. Feb. 24, 1832; m. Elizabeth 
Lamson Gibbs. 
iv Mary Elizabeth,^ b. Oct. i, 1833; d. Jan. 16, 1875; ^' 

Elmar Woodward, who d. June 23, 1885. 
V William Augustine,^ b. Oct. 30, 1836; d. July 2, 1859. 
vi Lucy Mason,^ b. July 19. 1840; m. Nathaniel H. 

Bryant, of Newtonville, Mass., June 18, 1872. 
vii Anna Eliza,^ b. June 24, 1843; ^' Augus Henderson, 
Jan. 30, 1866, who d. Dec. 21, 1897. 

145 Theodore* Parsons (Isaac,' Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), son of Isaac' and Mindwell (Kingsley) Parsons, b. June 
n, 1781, at Southampton, Mass.; d. June i, 1854; m. (i) Jan. 
22, 1807, Anna Kingsley, b. Mar. 26, 1782, dau. of Enos and 
Abigail (Pomeroy) Kingsley, of Northampton. She d. Apr. 2, 
i8i8. He m. (2) July 14, i8i8, Sophia Kingsley, b. Oct. 25, 
1784, sister of the first wife. 
Children of Theodore* and Anna (Kingsley) Parsons: 
i Mindwell Kingsley,^ b. Nov. 27, 1808; m. Feb. 23, 
183 1, Justin Smith* Parsons, b. Dec. i, 1805, son of 
Justin and Lydia (Qark) Parsons, of Northampton, 
ii Julia,^ b. July 9, 1810; m. June 2, 1847; William Mose- 

ley, of Westfield. 
iii Anna,^ b. Mar. 9, 1814; m. Nov. 7, 1839, Lewis* Par- 
sons, b. Nov. 2, 181 1, son of Justin and Lydia 
(Clark) Parsons. She d. June 23, 1850. He m. (2) 
Nov. 27, 185 1, Julia Moseley, b. Oct. i, 1819, dau. 

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of James and Sophia (Phelps) Moseley, of West- 
field, Mass. 

IV Theodore,^ b. Feb. 28, 1816; d. Mar. 23, 1836, while a 
student at Yale College. 

V Isaac,^ b. Mar. 22, 1818; d. Apr. 3, 1818, and was 
buried with his mother. 
Children of Theodore* and Sophia (Kingsley) Parsons: 

vi James,^ b. Apr. 15, 1819; d. Sept. i, 1819. 

vii Sophia/ b. Aug. 3, 1821 ; m. Sept. 29, 1853 (his 2d 
wife), Rev. Jason Morse, b. Mar. 9, 1821, son of 
Dea. Jason and Catherine (Cobum) Morse, of 
Southbridge, Mass. He d. Oct. 14, 1861. 
249 viii Isaac,^ b. Dec. 30, 1823; m. Oct. 2, 1850; Rachel Cor- 
inthia Edwards. 

ix Abigail,^ b. Dec. 30, 1823; m. June 9, 1850, Rev. Jason 
Morse. She d. July 17, 1852, and he m. (2) her 
sister, Sophia, Sept. 29, 1853. 

146 Rev. Isaac" Parsons (Isaac,° Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. in Southampton, Mass., Aug. 28, 1790. Entered Wil- 
liams College 1806; graduated from Yale College 181 1. Entered 
Andover Theological Seminary 181 2; installed colleague of his 
uncle. Rev. Elisha,*^ at East Haddam, Conn., where he continued 
about 40 years, dying there Aug. 21, 1868. He married Jan. 21, 
1819, Sarah Budd Lyon, of New Haven, b. at Rye, Westchester 
Co., N. Y., May 14, 1790, dau. of Underbill and Mary (Halsted) 
Lyon. She d. at Charleston, Mass., Jan. 14, 1872. (A sketch of 
his life, with portrait, is in Vol. 12, p. 477, of the Congregational 

Children of Isaac* and Sarah Budd (Lyon) Parsons: 
i A son, b. 1820, dying an infant. 

ii Mary Underbill,^ b. 1821 ; m. 1845, Dr. Solomon 

Everet Swift, of Colchester; had 5 children; d. 1858. 

iii Harriet Mindwell,^ b. 1823; m. 1847, R^v. Warren C. 

Fiske ; had 4 children ; d. 1903. 
iv Sarah Elizabeth,^ b. 1826; d. in infancy. 

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250 V Rev. Henry Mart3m/ b. Nov. 13, 1828; m. (i) Jan, 

16, 1855, Mary Elizabeth Dudley; m. (2) Dec. 13, 
1876, Sarah Johnson Adams; m. (3) Dec. 4, 1884, 
Mary Catharine Sneed. 

251 vi Eliza Jane Lord,^ b. 1831 ; m. 1858, Zachariah G>ne. 

147 Capt. Samuel* Parsons (Phineas,** Isaac,* Josiah,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 17, 1793; d. Apr. 20, 1876. He m. Nov. 
20, 1821, Caroline Russell, who d. Jan. 8, i860. He was a 
farmer at Northampton, an enterprising, influential and promi- 
nent citizen, and for several years was selectman of the town. 

Children of Samuel* and Caroline (Russell) Parsons, 
all bom at Northampton, Mass. : 

252 i Samuel Langton,^ b. Nov. 20, 1822 ; d. June 28, 1901 ; 

m. Nov. 20, 1844, Sarah A. Kingsley. 

253 ii Nancy,^ b. Sept. 24, 1824; m. Dec. 21, 1848, Sidney 

L. Clark. 

254 iii Sydenham Clark,^ b. July 23, 1826; d. Apr. 6, 1876; m. 

Jan. 5, 1853, Harriet Electa Morton. 

255 iv Joseph Bailey,^ b. Apr. 28, 1828; d. June 4, 1906; 

m. Nov. 20, 1849, Caroline E. Kellogg. 

256 V Isaac S.,^ b. Feb. 8, 1830; d. Mar. 31, 1910; m. Nov. 

25, 1852, Anna G. Smith. 

257 vi Caroline Russell,^ b. Apr. 2, 1832 ; m. Dec. 7, 1854, J. 

Dwight Kellogg. 

258 vii Phineas Francis,^ b. Oct. 8, 1835; m. May 15, i860, 

Helen A. Bronson. 
viii Mary Emerson,^ b. Sept. 17, 1837, m. Sept. 5, i860, 
Charles M. Mitchell, who d. Mar. 9, 1899. 

148 Lyman^ Parsons (Josiah,** Isaac,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Josiah,* and Sarah (Strong) Parsons, was born 
June 28, 1801, on the old homestead in Northampton and died 
there March 10, 1879. He married (i) Sept. 30, 1837, in Gran- 
ville, Ohio, Olivia, daughter of Sereno and Fanny (Carpenter) 
Wright. She was born June 27, 1805, and died Oct. 6, 1842. 
He married (2) at Troy, N. Y., Apr. 24, 1846, Letitia Elsworth, 
widow of Elijah Chauncey® Parsons. 

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Children of Lyman* and Letitia (Els worth) Parsons: 
259 i Elijah ChauiKey' (known as Qiauncey Elijah), b. 
Nov. 22, 1847; ^' Oct. 28, 1874, Annie Augusta 
ii Josiah/ b. Feb. 13, 1849; d. Sept. 12, 1869. 
iii Almira Elsworth/ b. Jan. 17, 1851 ; m. Henry G. 

iv Lyman,^ b. Sept. 12, 1855; d. Dec. 2, 1861. 

149 JosiAH* Parsons (Josiah,* Isaac/ Josiah,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Josiah" and Sarah (Strong) Parsons, bom Nov. 
21, 1806; died Aug. 27, 1899. He married (i) Apr. 21, 1831, 
Calista Wright, who died Oct. 5, 1841. He married (2) May 4, 
1843, Mary G. Alden, bom 1806, and died Nov. 25, 1878. Mrs. 
Mary G. (Alden) Parsons was a descendant of John Alden, of 
Pl3rmouth. She was a pupil of Mary Lyon at Ashfield, Mass., 
and at Mount Holyoke Seminary. She was the first lady assistant 
in the Boys' High School at Northampton for several years prior 
to her marriage. He married (3) Nov. 30, 1880, Mandana A. 

Children of Josiah* and Calista (Wright) Parsons; 
i Louisa,^ b. Oct. 17, 1834, and d. Nov. 11, 1834. 
ii Mary Charlotte,^ b. Mar. 17, 1837; m. Joseph Marsh, 

a bookseller at Northampton, who d. June, 1902. 
iii Henry Wright,^ b. June 12, 1839. He enlisted in Co. 
C| loth Mass Regt., June, 1861, and died at Wash- 
ington, D. C, Oct. 7, 1861. 
Children of Josiah* and Mary G. (Alden) Parsons: 
iv Ellen Calista,^ b. Mar. 8, 1844. She graduated at 
Mount Holyoke in 1863, was a teacher in Ohio, and 
at Moimt Holyoke Seminary, Mass., and in 1875 
went to Constantinople to teach in a mission school. 
In 1885 she became editor of "Woman's Work," a 
monthly foreign missions magazine, published in 
New York City, by the Woman's Board of the Pres- 
b3rterian Church, and has continued its editor for 
twenty-six years. 

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V Sarah PotneroyJ b. Mar. 31, 1845. ^^^ remained at 
home, the ''undispensable angel of the household." 

vi Anna Alden,^ b. Dec. 26, 1848. She was a teacher at 
Rye, N. Y., and at Amherst, Mass., for many years. 

vii Harriet Gould,^ b. Apr. 24, 1850; m. Charles Albert 

150 John Strong* Parsons (Josiah,* Isaac,* Josiah,* Jo- 
seph,2 Joseph*), bom Apr. 25, 1809; died Feb. 12, 1878. He mar- 
ried Apr. 26, 1832, Lucy Strong. About April, 183 1, with his 
brother, Elijah Chauncey* Parsons, he removed to Rootstown, 
Ohio, upon an unbroken tract of land, given them by their uncle, 
Rev. Elijah" Parsons, of East Haddam, Conn., who had no chil- 

Children of John Strong* and Lucy (Strong) Parsons: 
i John Strong,^ b. Feb. 19, 1839, at Rootstown, Ohio; m. 

Nov. 26, 1863, Phebe . He enlisted in the 

104th Ohio Regt., Civil War, and died in the hos- 
pital at Nashville, Mar., 1865. 
ii Mary T.,^ b. Dec. 13, 1841 ; m. Nov. 26, 1863, James 

H. Ray, of Rootstown, Ohio, 
iii Lucy Wolcott,^ b. May 7, 1848 ; m. Jan. 30, 1868, James 
Wells Seymour, of Rootstown. 
260 iv Stephen Bartlett,^ b. Feb. I2, 185 1 ; m. Ellen M. Reed. 

151 Elijah Chauncey* Parsons (Josiah,* Isaac,* Josiah,' 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 25, 1812; d. June 9, 1845; nti. Letitia, 
b. June 25, 1819, dau. of Calvin and Dolly (Lovejoy) Elsworth. 
He moved to Rootstown, Ohio, with his brother, John Strong* 

Children of Elijah Chauncey* and Letitia (Elsworth) 

Parsons : 
i Josiah,^ b. Dec. 24, 1840; d. Jan. 23, 1846. 
ii Sarah Dolly,' b. Mar. 27, 1844. 

iii Diantha Letitia,' b. Nov. 22, 1845; m. Jan. 26, 1869, 
Josiah Smith Graves, of Northampton, Mass. 

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152 Rev. Levi* Parsons (Israel," Jacob,* Josiah,^ Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^, b. Aug. 20, 1779; m. Oct. 9, 1809, at Marcellus, N. Y., 
Almira Rice, b. Apr. 7, 1787, in New Haven, Conn., dau. of 
Dea. Samuel and Hannah (Beach) Rice, of Marcellus. He d. 
Nov. 20, 1864. She d. Jan. 28, 1859; both buried at Marcellus, 
N. Y. He graduated from Williams College 1801 ; studied divin- 
ity with Rev. Dr. Hyde, of Lee, Mass., and settled at Marcellus, 
where he preached 32 of the 45 years of his ministry. He was 
one of the founders of Auburn Theological Seminary; was 44 
years on its board of trustees and 34 years president of the board. 

Children of Rev. Levi* and Almira (Rice) Parsons, 
all born at Marcellus, N. Y. : 

261 i Edward,^ b. Aug. 29, 1810; d. Nov. i, 1889; m. June 

I3» 1836, Sarah Baldwin, 
ii Israel/ b. Sept. 9, 1812; d. July 18, 1814, at Mar- 
cellus, N. Y. 
iii Ann Eliza,^ b. Sept. 17, 1814; d. Sept. i, 1855; u""^- 

262 iv Almira Rice,^ b. Mar. 9, 1817; d. Jan. 10, 1889; m. 

Sept. 9, 1854, Joseph Causten Piatt. 
V Mary Abigail,^ b. Mar. 5, 1819; d. Sept. 17, 1897; "^• 
July 25, 1843, at Marcellus, N. Y., Artemus Stoyell 
Cady, b. Sept. 24, 1819, at Moravia, N. Y. 

263 vi Dr. Israel,^ b. June 22, 1821; d. Mar. 20, 1904; m. 

June 5, 1850, Cornelia Bowne. 
vii Margaret,^ b. Aug. 10, 1823; d. Oct. 28, 1901. 

264 viii Rev. Levi,^ b. Jan. 2, 1829; d. May 30, 1901 ; m. (i) 

Nov. 21, 1854, Mary Wadsworth; m. (2) Sept. 14, 
1858, Harriet Maria Pease. 

153 Aaron* Parsons (Aaron,'' Aaron,* Daniel,^ Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Aaron" and Eunice (Warriner) Parsons, m. Sept. 
14, ^785, Rachel Preston, and removed to Canaan, Columbia Co., 
N. Y., where he d. Feb. 11, 1815. 

Children of Aaron® and Rachel (Preston) Parsons: 
i Harriet,^ b. Dec. 16, 1786; d. Nov. 24, 1870, at Pekin, 
Niagara Co., N. Y. 

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ii Capt. Jchid,' b. Oct. 6, 1788; d. (unm.) June 8, 1825, 

at Waterloo, N. Y. (was killed by the bursting of a 

iii Calvin/ b. Oct. i, 1790; d. Jan. 13, 1792. 
iv Sarah/ b. Mar. 29, 1793; d. at Pckin, N. Y., May 4, 

i868; m. David Beebe, of Sullivan Co., N. Y., and 

later removed to Niagara Co. 
V Aaron,^ b. Feb. 3, 1795 ; d. Apr. 25, 1795. 
vi Rachel,' b. Apr. 6, 1796; d. Apr. 19, 1796. 

265 vii Aaron,' b. June 9, 1797, at Canaan; d. Aug. 27, 1866, 

at Niagara, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 20, 1820, Emily Stow, 
viii John,' b. May 20, 1799; d. at Auburn, N. Y., May i, 

IX Eliza,' b. Dec. 3, 1801 ; d. unm. at Norfolk, Va., July 

12, 1828. 
X Charlotte,' b. Feb. 3, 1806; d. Nov. 3, 1883, at Hart, 

Mich. ; m. John Dayharsh. 
xi Capt. and Elder Charles Albert,' b. Mar. i, 181 1; d. 

unm. at Niagara Falls, Nov. 5, 1838. 

154 Capt. Oliver* Parsons (Dea. Reuben," Aaron,* Daniel,' 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 21, 1768; d. Jan 11, 1817. He m. 
Nov. 17, 1789, Eunice Remington, b. Aug. 10, 1769, dau. of 
Asa and Eunice (Wait) Remington, of Suffield, Conn. She d. 
Sept. 5, 1843. 

Children of Capt. Oliver® and Eunice (Remington) 
Parsons : 
i Asa,' b. Nov. 28, 1790; d. Mar. 4, 1792. 
ii Oliver,' b. Mar. 29, 1792. He taught school in north- 
ern N. Y. and has not been since heard from, 
iii Asa Remingfton,' b. Nov. 7, 1793; went south during 
War of 181 2 peddling tin and has not been heard 
iv Margaret,' b. Sept. 30, 1795 ; m. Jan. 25, 1825, Shuball 
Stiles, of Southwick, as his 2d wife. 

266 V Reuben,' b. Apr. 11, 1799; d. June 11, 1838; m. May 

16, 1827, Elizabeth Curtis. 

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vi Mary Bissell,^ b. Oct 20, 1800; unm. 

vii Eunice/ b. Sept. 7, 1802; unm. 
viii Abigail,^ b. Mar. 15, 1805; d. Jan. 16, 1847; i"- Oct- 
20, 1822, John Langdon Hannon» b. June 3, 1798, 
son of Jacques and Ruth (Lanckton) Harmon, of 
W. Suffield. 

ix Daniel/ b. Feb. 7, 1808; d. Feb. 26, 1808. 

155 Erastus* Parsons (Dea. Reuben," Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. June 20, 1782; d. Aug. 6, 1827. He m. Nov. 
8, 1808, Qarissa Brownson, of Hartford, Conn., b. Sept. 14, 1785. 
Children of Erastus* and Clarissa (Brownson) Parsons: 

i Henry Bissell,^ b. Oct. 3, 1809; d. May 22, 1831. 
ii Charles Brownson/ b. Jan. 12, 1812; d. Dec. i, 1819. 
iii Qarissa Margaret,^ b. Mar. 20, 1814; d. Sept. 28, 1816. 
iv George Edward,^ b. Oct. 13, 1816; d. Aug. 30, i860; 

m. about 1855, Ann Murphy. 
V Margaret Elizabeth,^ b. Jan. 21, 1818. 
26y vi John Grainger,^ b. June 2, 1821 ; m. May 5, 1844, Bet- 
sey Maria Knox. 

156 Isaac Jones* Parsons (Capt. Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 1789, at Williamstown, Mass. He left his 
native place about 1809 and settled at St. George, Canada. About 
1844, he removed with his family to the State of Illinois and 
later, about 1868, removed to Oakland, Cal., where some of his 
family had preceded him and where he died. He m. ( i ) Fannie 
Brady, at Stoney Creek, Canada, who died with her infant child, 
Lucy, at St. George, Ontario, Canada. He m. (2) about 1825, 
Mary Coon, at Grimsby, Canada. 

Children of Isaac Jones* and Fannie (Brady) Parsons: 
i Charles,^ m. Lucy Ann Wilcox, and resided in N. Y. 
State and had a son, David,* and a daughter, Lucy.* 
ii Mary,^ m. Thomas Hunt, and removed to Terre Haute, 
Ind. They had a son, George* Hunt, a Methodist 
Episcopal Minister. 
268 iii Elizabeth,^ m. Joseph Nelson Keefer. 

Digitized by 



iv Fanny/ m. John Groce and has a son, John J.* Groce. 
V Lucy/ 
Children of Isaac Jones* and Mary (Coon) Parsons: 
269 vi Walter C./ b. June 18, 1826; m. May 11, 1850, Mary 
Ann Henning. 
vii Manila/ b. June, 1828; m. David Brady in IllincMs; 

moved to California and died there, 
viii George W.,^ b. June 9, 1830; married and moved to 
California and died there; had a son, George,* and 
three daughters, 
ix Isaac,^ b. June 8, 1832; married and settled in Illinois; 
had two sons. 

X Electa,' b. Nov., 1835; married Smith; one 

dau^ter, Ida.* 

XI Lewis,' b. ; married and died in Chicago; no 


xii Jonas,' b. ; married and lived in California ; had 

two sons, Frank* and Harry.* 
xiii Joseph Nelson,' b. ; married and lives at Oak- 
land, Cal. 
xiv Wallace,' b. ; d. unmarried. 

157 Lewis Baldwin* Parsons (Capt. Charles,*' Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Capt. Charles* and Lucy (Baldwin) 
Parsons, b. at Williamstown, Mass., Apr. 30, 1793; d. at Detroit, 
Mich., Dec. 21, 1855. Early in life he commenced his career as 
a merchant, first as clerk at 14 years of age at Manlius, N. Y., 
then for several years at Homer, N. Y., where on Nov. 10, 1814, 
he married Lucina Hoar, b. Oct. 31, 1790, d. Oct. 3, 1873, dau. of 
Lieut. Samuel (b. July 24, 1746) and Dorothy (b. July i, 1773) 
(Hitchcock) Hoar. Her ancestors were early New England 
colonists, and her parents were among the first settlers of Homer, 
in 1779. In 1829 Mr. Parsons was a merchant at Gouvemeur, St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y., where he continued in business for several 
years, and was active in civic afiFairs, and was instrumental in the 
founding of the Gouvemeur Academy. He afterwards removed 
to Perry, N. Y., where he continued in business until he retired in 

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1845, and in 1848 he removed to Buffalo. He subsequently trav- 
eled through the South and West for the benefit of his health, and 
was greatly impressed by the rapid growth of the great Middle 
West. Although not himself liberally educated, in its widest 
sense, he was always alive to the importance of moral and intel- 
lectual training to the youth of the country, as the proper prepa- 
ration for citizenship, and although not a wealthy man, as for- 
tunes are now estimated, he determined to devote a goodly share 
of his fortune to the founding of an institution of learning in the 
West, and by his will, gave directions to this end to his sons, his 
executors. They, after his death, following these instructions, 
had incorporated, founded and endowed, the institution at Fair- 
field, Iowa, known as Parsons College, to be under the general 
supervision of the Presbyterian church, of which for many years 
he had been a member and an elder. He was by birth, education, 
and training a Puritan, but his religion was broad and Catholistic. 
He was always a liberal contributor to all religious and benevolent 
objects, and in all these matters he was encouraged and aided by 
his pious and affectionate wife. The college as founded was subse- 
quently greatly aided by the liberal gifts of his sons and is at 
this time (1911) presided over by his grandson, Rev. Willis E. 
Parsons, D. D. 

Children of Lewis B.* and Lucina (Hoar) Parsons: 
i Octavia,^ b. Oct. 27, 181 5, at Scipio, N. Y.; d. Dec. 25, 
1881; m. Aug., 1838, William Erastus Sterling, b. 
June 4, 1801, and d. Mar. 5, 1861. He was a mer- 
chant at Gouvemeur, N. Y. 

270 ii Philo,^ b. Feb. 7, 1817, at Scipio, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 23, 

1896; m. June 27, 1843, Ann Eliza Barnum. 

271 lii Lewis B.^ b. Apr. 5, 1818, at Oak Orchard, Genesee 

Co., N. Y.; d. Mar. 16, 1907; m. (i) Sept. 21, 1847, 
Sarah Green Edwards; m. (2) July 5, 1852, Julia 
Maria Edwards; m. (3) Dec. 28, 1869, Elizabeth 

iv Lucy Ann,^ b. Jan. 11, 1820; d. May 9, 1851 ; m. 
Charles S. Cone, a merchant of Gouvemeur, N. Y. 

V Harriet Matilda,^ b. Mar. 22, 1822 ; d. Aug. 22, 1823. 

Digitized by 



272 vi Charles/ b. Jan. 24, 1824, at Homer, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 15, 

1905; m. June i, 1857, Martha A. Pettus. 
vii Levi,^ b. Jan. 24, 1826; d. Apr. 9, 1850, at St. Louis, 

viii Emily ,^ b. June 11, 1828; d. Dec. 17, 1833. 

273 ix George,^ b. Jan. 28, 1830, at Gouvemeur, N. Y. ; m. 

Oct. 23, 1855, Emily Lycett Bamum. 

274 X Helen Maria,^ b. July 19, 1834; d. Aug. 6, 1863; m. 

Nov. 16, 1858, George B. Boardman. 

158 Walter Chamberlain^ Parsons (Capt. Charles,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 30, 1795; at North 
Adams, Mass. ; d. June 17, 1859, ^^ Middletown, N. J. He was a 
sea captain and farmer. He m. Mar. 28, 1829, Mary Moreford, 
b. Dec. 6, 1800, and d. Mar. 23, 1875. 

Children of Walter Chamberlain* and Mary (Moreford) 

Parsons : 
i Lucy Moreford,^ b. Sept. 27, 1832; m. Jan. 23, 1859, 
William Wardman, a civil engineer. She d. in Ger- 
many, Aug. 10, 1870. 

275 ii Charles Baldwin,^ b. July 3, 1835, at Monmouth, N. J. ; 

m. Jan. 20, 1868, Elizabeth M. Bergen. 

276 iii Lydia S.,^ b. May 7, 1838; m, Sept. 26, 1866, Thomas 

B. Roberts. 

159 Erastus* Parsons (Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Dec. 12, 1772, at Wilbraham, Mass.; d. July 4, 1822, 
at Fayette, Vigo Co., Ind. He removed to Sharon, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., prior to 1800, where he m. about 1801, Catherine An- 
thony, of a well known family of that place. In the early part 

of the last century he moved to Vigo Co., Ind., either with, or I 

about the time of his brother, Elisha, going by way of Pittsburgh, I 

Pa., then by boat down the Ohio River and up the Wabash River | 

to Terre Haute. He taught school and was a farmer in Sharon | 

and also in Indiana. His wife died about 1836, in Tippecanoe 1 

Co., Ind. I 

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mr I !■ • 

sixth generation 189 

Children of Erastus* and Catherine (Anthony) Parsons: 
i Elijah/ b. at Sharon, N. Y. He went to New Orleans by 
flat boat when the Wabash River was first navi- 
gated, and died on his way back, 
ii Margaret/ b. at Sharon, N. Y.; d. at Vigo Co., Ind., 
^jy lii Katherine,^ b. May 17, 1809, at Sharon, N. Y.; d. May 
5, 1843; m. Apr. 30, 1829, Aaron Staley. 

160 Silence* (or Sally) Parsons (Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 10, 1774, at Wilbraham, Mass.; d. 
1847. She m. Nov. 25, 1801, Reuben Sage, b. Sept. 7, 1776. He 
was a descendant of David Sage, born in Wales, 1639, who was 
one of the early settlers of Middletown, Conn. They resided at 
Vernon, Tolland Co., Conn., and where both died, and where 
their children were born. 

Children of Reuben and Sally* (Parsons) Sage: 
i Eunice^ Sage, b. Aug. 12, 1802; d. Dec. 6, 1875; J"- 
1862, Deacon James Royce, a widower; a manufac- 
turer of silk thread at Gurlejrville, Conn. His daugh- 
ter, by a former marriage, was the mother of Hon. 
Charles Emory Smith, of Albany, N. Y. ; Union Col- 
lege 1861; later editor of the Philadelphia Press; 
U. S. Minister to Russia, and U. S. P. M. General. 

ii Almira^ Sage, b. Feb. 18, 1804; d. Mar. 18, 1869; unm. 

iii Otis^ Sage, b. May 4, 1805 ; d. at sea. 

iv Lucy^ Sage, b. Jan. 30, 1808 ; d. Jan. 3, 1888 ; unm. 

V Luther Edwin^ Sage, b. Jan. 15, 1810; d. Mar. 14, 181 1. 

vi Sarah^ Sage, b. Feb. 12, 1812; d. Apr., 1836. 

278 vii Reuben Parsons^ Sage, b. July 13, 1814; d. Dec. 18, 

1876; m. May 23, 1839, Maria Chapman. 

279 viii Luther Edwin,^ Sage, b. Apr. 20, 1816; d. Jan. 4, 1897; 

m. May 19, 1840, Martha Mary Baker. 
ix Sophia Amelia^ Sage, b. Mar. 9, 1820; d. July 27, 1824. 

161 Elijah* Parsons (Elijah,'^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Eh'jah,* removed from Wilbraham, Mass., to 

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Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y,, in his twentieth year. At that time 
his uncle, Eli,*^ resided at Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., N. Y., about 
six miles from where Elijah* subsequently resided in Sharon. 
He had served an apprenticeship as carpenter and joiner in Wil- 
braham and immediately commenced his work as architect, car- 
penter and builder, which he continued in connection with farm- 
ing for about fifty years thereafter. In 1795, his uncle, Eli, with 
fourteen others, had, by petition, secured a charter from the 
Board of Regents, of the State of N. Y., for the Cherry Valley 
Academy, and had secured the services of Eliphalet Nott as the 
first Principal of the Academy, and in 1796 Elijah was a pupil of 
Dr. Nott, who afterwards was the President of Union College 
for more than sixty years. Elijah Parsons was a man of more 
than ordinary intelligence and education for his time, and re- 
markably well informed as to current events, and the history of 
the country. In his work he built many of the churches and bet- 
ter class residences in his and the adjoining towns. In 1812 he 
was commissioned by the Governor of the State, a Captain in the 
County Militia (113th Regt., Calvin Rich, Lieut. Col.) and was 
generally known as Capt. Parsons. For about twenty of the last 
years of his life failing sight deprived him of the pleasure of 
reading, and he had to rely upon the loving ministrations of his 
children and grandchildren. I well remember the interest he took 
in my reading to him Mrs. Stowe's "Uncle Toni's Cabin'* soon 
after its publication. The following remark occurs in an obituary 
published soon after his death. "He was a native of Wilbraham, 
Mass., and was educated in the strict morality of the Puritans." 
This Puritanism was characteristic of his entire life, and while 
showing none of the traditional gloomy austerity of the Puritan, 
he never abandoned his plain simplicity. Genial in disposition, 
fond of hearing and relating good stories and anecdotes, with 
which his memory was richly stored from his extensive reading, 
he was a charming companion with all, but particularly with chil- 
dren. For the last twenty-five years of his life he was a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Dying in his 89th year, 
he retained his vigor of mind and body almost to the end of his 
days. His picture herein was taken at about his 85th year. 

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He married Jan., 1800, Mary, daughter of George and Maria 
(Mesick) Best, of Sharon, N. Y* She was born Sept. 10, 1779, 
and died Mar. 11, 1842. (See Best Family.) 

Children of Elijah* and Mary (Best) Parsons: 
i Maria/ b. Dec. 12, 1800; d. Feb. 13, 1890; m. Henry 
H. Foland, b. May, 1798, in Columbia Co., N. Y.; 
d. May, 1881. 

280 ii Peter,^ b. Nov. 25, 1802 ; d. May 5, 1873 ; m. May 10, 

1825, Maria Simmons. 

281 iii Henry ,^ b. Nov. 4, 1804; d. May 10, 1885 ; m. (i) Feb. 

22, 1825, Catherine Moore; m. (2) 1833, Mrs. Sarah 
(Engell) Powell. 

282 iv James,^ b. Nov. i, 1806; d. Oct. 25, 1874; m. Nov. 3, 

1829, Hannah Moyer. 

283 V Eliza,^ b. Aug. 27, 1808; d. Mar. 11, 1844; m. John D. 


284 VI George,^ b. Dec. 13, 1810; d. May 7, 1900; m. (i) July 

10, 1836, Elizabeth Diefendorf ; m. (2) May 2, 1878, 

Mrs. Sallie A. (Diefendorf) Ottman; m. (3) July 

13, 1893, Sarah A. Stokes.- 
vii Katherine,^ b. Nov. 9, 1812; d. Jan. 29, 1837; m. 

George Anthony, of Sharon, 
viii John,^ b. Oct. 14, 1814; d. Apr. 16, 1867, at Sharon; 

m. Mary Sylvester Churchill, of Hymouth, Mass., b. 

Apr. 6, 1807, d. at Sharon, Sept. 28, 1894. 

285 ix Elisha,' b. Mar. 14, 1816; d. Sept. 20, 1878; m. June 

15, 1852, Mary Ann Pool. 
X Martha,^ b. Feb. 14, 1819; d. June 2, 1849; m. 1847, 

Deacon Schuyler Gordon, of Cherry Valley (his 2d 

wife. They had one child, James* Gordon, b. 

1849 ; d. Aug. 7, 1853. 
xi Charles,' b. Apr. 10, 1821 ; d. Oct. 29, 1898, at Bath, 

Rensselaer Co., N. Y. ; buried at Sharon ; m. Oct. 18, 

1843, Martha Hiller, a sister of John D. Killer, of 

Sharon. She d. Jan., 1887. 
xii Clarissa,' b. Apr. 18, 1823, now (1912) living at Sharon 

Springs, N. Y. 

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286 xiii Sarah/ b. Apr. 16, 1825; d. Jan. 21, 1893; m. Apr. 3, 

1849, Sidney Alonzo Powdl. 

162 Elisha* Parsons (Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniei/ Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), son of Elijah* and Eunice (Cadwell) Pairsons, was born 
at Wilbraham, Mass., Mar. 31, 1782. About 1800 he joined his 
brother, Elijah,* at Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y., and Jan. 14, 
1806, married (i) Frances Higgins, of Mapletown, Montgomery 
Co., N. Y. Later he removed to Jefferson Co., N. Y., where his 
wife died Oct. 22, 1813. In the winter of 1812-13 their house 
burned in the night and the family barely escaped with their 
lives, the parents barefooted and in night clothes, carrying the 
two children three miles to the nearest dwelling. The exposure 
caused the death of the mother, a few months later. 

He married (2) June, 1814, in Jefferson Co., N. Y., Hannah, 
daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Bassett) Taggert. Joseph was 
the youngest son of Henry and Mary (Baker) Taggert, his sec- 
ond wife. Their marriage was Feb. 20, 1742, in Trinity Church, 
Newport, R. I., as recorded in Vol. 10, p. 470, of the Vital Rec- 
ords of R. I. In the R. I. Colonial Records, Vol. 5, p. 19, is re- 
corded that Henry Taggart (with others) were admitted free- 
men by the General Court May 5, 1741. 

This Henry Taggert was an English sea captain, who came 
from the Isle of Man. His first wife was a widow Sherman, by 
whom he had seven children, and they settled in Newport, R. I. 

Elisha* Parsons and family removed to Fayette Town, Vigo 
Co., Ind., prior to 1818, as the records of that County show that 
he served as juror that year. In early life he learned the trade of 
tanner and currier and followed that business, together with farm- 
ing, in New York and Indiana. 

He died in Vigo Co., Ind., Aug. 8, 1837, 2tnd his wife, Hannah, 
died at Kankakee, 111., Apr. 11, 1869, aged 81. 

Children of Elisha* and Frances (Higgins) Parsons: 

287 i William Higgins,' b. Sept. 26, 1806; d. in 1875; m. 

Isabella Hopkins, 
ii Enoch,' b. Sept. 29, 1808; d. April 18, 1809. 
iii Horace,' b. Feb. 7, 1810; d. about 1845, ^i^ New 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Goshen, Ind. He married Lucinda Stultz. No chil- 
Children of Elisha* and Hannah (Taggert) Parsons: 
iv Joseph Taggert,' b. in Jefferson Co., N. Y., Mar. i, 
1815; d. June 14, 1829. 
1288 V John Wesley,' b. Apr. 5, 1816; d. Mar. i, 1854; m. 
Aug. 17, 1841, Salinda Staniield. 
vi Marietta,' b. in Vigo Co., Ind., Sept. 29, 1817 ; d. July 
12, 1846; m. Aug. 12, 1845, Howell Clark, of Vigo 
Co., Ind. 

289 vii Harriet Newell,' b. in Vigo Co., Ind., Jan. i, 1819; d. 

Feb. 13, 1910; m. Nov. 28, 1843, David Sasseen. 

290 viii Hiram,' b. May 16, 1820; d. at Joplin, Mo., 1889; m. 

Apr. 20, 1848, Mary Mariah Seeds. 

291 ix Elisha,' b. Aug. 13, 1821 ; d. Feb. 9, 1887; m. (i) Mar. 

I, 1850, Orpha L. Syrpless; m. (2) Mar. 25, 1856, 
Eleanor J. Gartwell. 

292 X Erastus,' b. Aug. 11, 1822; d. in 1892; m. Dec. 25, 1864, 

Christiana Pfeffer. 
xi Erasmus Darwin,' b. Aug. 23, 1823; d. Aug. 28, 1847. 
xii Cyrus,' b. Jan. 19, 1826; m. 1851, Mary A. Newton. 

He was a soldier in the 76th 111. Regt. in the Civil 

War ; had a daughter, Sarah." 
xiii Sarah,' b. Jan. 19, 1826; died young; unm. 

293 xiv Ralph D.,' b. May 14, 1827; d. Mar. 9, 1909; m. Apr. 

5> 1853, Rachel Robinson. 

163 Theodocia* Parsons (Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,^ 
Joseph*), dau. of Elijah* and Eunice (Jennings) Parsons, b. Aug. 
16, 1788; d. Nov. 10, 1854; m. Jan., 1816, Aaron John Miller, b. 
Apr. 22, 1787, d. Jan. 12, 1866, a son of Dr. Aaron John Miller, 
of Ludlow, Mass., who was b. Dec. 31, 1749, in West Springfield, 
Mass., and d. Nov. 4, 1838. He m. Esther Burr, b. in Munson, 
Mass., Apr. 9, 1763, and d. Dec. 4, 1826. 
Children of Aaron John and Theodocia* (Parsons) Miller : 

294 i Aaron John' Miller, b. Feb. 17, 1817; d. Sept. 12, 1871 ; 

m. (i) March, 1847, Jerusha White Baker; m. (2) 
Jan. 20, 1853, Frances Louisa Rowland. 

Digitized by 



ii Gordon Bliss^ Miller, b. June 25, 1819; d. Oct. 21, 
1899; unm. 

iii William Abelarde^ Miller, b. Aug. 27, 1821 ; d. May 
27, 1903. He m. Sept. 30, 1884, Minnie R. Beach, 
of West Charleston, Vt., who d. Oct. 22, 1886. 

295 iv Jane Adelaide^ Miller, b. May 24, 1824; m. Jan. 29, 

1845, Edward Richardson Gaylord. 

296 V Reuben Parsons^ Miller, b. Oct. 11, 1826; d. Oct. 17, 

1892; m. June 5, 1861, Helen Eliza Dickinson, 
vi Mary Eloise^ Miller, b. Apr. 20, 1829. 
vii Asa Lyman^ Miller, b. July i, 1834; d. Oct. 21, 1869. 

164 Zen AS* Parsons (Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Sept. 15, 1790; m. Oct. 23, 1816, Charlotte Miller, b. in 
Ludlow, Mass., Nov. 14, 1791, and d. Nov. 10, 1839. He d. 
Jan. 26, 1826. 

Children of Zenas* and Charlotte (Miller) Parsons: 
i Eunice,^ b. Mar. 24, 1818; d. Nov. 24, 1829. 

297 ii Theodocia,^ b. July 3, 1820; d. Aug. 21, 1907, at Lud- 

low, Mass. ; m. Nov. 29, 1843, Ambrose Gough. 
iii Louisa,^ b. Apr. 9, 1822; d. Mar. 5, 1867; unm. 
iv Zenas,^ b. May 14, 1824; d. Feb. 10, 1852; unm. 

165 Reuben* Parsons (Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Mar. 7, 1794. He went to Louisiana prior to 182 1 and 
m. about 1820, Martha Kilgare, of Rapides Parish, La. He d. in 
New Orleans in 1832 on his way North to visit his relatives. 
They had resided in Rapids Parish, at or near Alexandria, where 
their children were bom. She died in 1833. No trace of their 
descendants has been discovered since the war. 

Children of Reuben* and Martha (Kilgare) Parsons: 

i Almira,^ b. Nov. 17, 1822; m. Ravel. 

ii James,^ b. Mar. i, 1826. 

iii Eliza,^ b. Mar. i, 1827. 

iv Mary,^ b. Sept. 6, 1829; m. Lambright. 

V Charles,^ b. Dec. 15, 1830. 

vi Theodocia,^ b. July 11, 1833. 

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i66 Matilda P.* Parsons (Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Apr. i6, 1791 ; m. Dr. Coe, of Oswego, who d. there 
in 1828, leaving his widow and two children. The mother and 
sons removed to Qeveland, Ohio, about 1840, and are mentioned 
as prominent business men of that place in ''Qeveland Past and 
Present," 1869, the History of Cleveland, by, Kennedy, 1894, and 
in "Magazine of Western History," Vol. 8, p. 281, but we have no 
record of descendants. 

Children of Dr. and Matilda P.* (Parsons) Coe: 
i Samuel Sage^ Coe, b. in Oswego, Oct. 6, 1819. * 
ii Charles W.^ Coe, b. in Osw^o, Mar. 19, 1822. 

167 Portius F.* Parsons (Lieut. Eli,** Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), son of Lieut. Eli," was educated in the schools 
at Cherry Valley and Oswego, N. Y. When the Oswego Canal 
was opened he was the owner and captain of the first boat that 
went out from Oswego on the canal and his son, Eli Graves,^ 
as a boy drove the team that towed the boat. In later life he held 
the offices of Supervisor, Justice of the Peace, Chief of Police, and 
Dept. SheriflE in Oswego, N. Y. He married (i) Jan. 13, 1816, 
Perses M. Qary, of Warren, N. Y., who died Oct. 16, 1834; m. 
(2) Eleanor L. Colby, Nov. 11, 1835, b. June 26, 1800; d. Nov. 
19, 1876. 
Children of Portius P.* and Perses M. (Clary) Parsons: 

298 1 Eli Graves,^ b. Aug. i, 1817, at Oswego; d. Dec. 21, 

1907; m. (i) Jan. 4, 1841, Emeline Parkhurst; m. 
(2) July 21, 1852, Lucinda Almira Mack, 
ii Adelaide M.,^ b. Sept. 12, 1819, at Oswego; m. John 
Sewell and died in California. 

299 iii Helen M.,^ b. Aug. 13, 1823, at Oswego, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 

25, 1903; m. Mar. 22, 1848, William Montgomery 

iv Jane M.,^ b. June 24, 1825 ; m. Henry Mould ; two chil- 

V Matilda E.,^ b. Feb. 23, 1828; m. William Mould. 

vi Victor P.,^ b. Sept. 8, 1830; d. Apr. 8, 1835. 

Digitized by 



300 vii William D.,^ b. Oct. 15, 1834; m. May 3, 1857, Mar- 

garite Annie Fayette, 
viii Willis A.,^ twin of William D., b. Oct. 15, 1834; d. 
Oct. II, 1835. 
Children of Fortius F.* and Eleanor L. (Colby) Parsons: 

301 ix Charles W./ b. June 4, 1837; d. Jan. 13, 1906; m. Dec. 

26, 1861, Elizabeth Crouley. 
X Harriet L./ b. Oct. 19, 1838; d. Oct. 13, 1844, at Os- 

302 xi Mary Gertrude/ b. Apr. 27, 1843; m. Jan. 8, 1868, 

Florence Wilcox, 
xii Kate E./ b. May 19, 1844; d. Aug. 9, 1845, ^it Oswego. 

168 Horace* Hayden (Abigail* Parsons, Moses,* Moses,' Jo- 
seph*, Joseph^), b. Oct. 13, 1769, at Hayden, Conn.; d. Jan. 26, 
1844, at Baltimore, Md. He m. at Baltimore, Feb. 23, 1805, 
Marie Antoinette Robinson, b. at Dover, Del., July 22, 1778, d. at 
Baltimore, Mar. 28, i860, dau. of Lieut. Daniel and Rachel 
(Nixon) Robinson. Rev. Thomas E. Bond, D. D., LL. D., his 
associate, wrote of Dr. Horace Hayden in 1844 : 

"He was remarkable from his childhood. He learned to read 
as soon as he could talk and at once contracted that fondness for 
books which was so remarkable in all his subsequent life." 

In 1799 he visited for professional services, Dr. Greenwood, of 
N. Y. City, then the only regular dentist in the United States, 
and was so pleased and interested that he began the study of den- 
tistry, and in 1802 began its practice in Baltimore. 

He also studied medicine in the University of Maryland. He 
gave much attention as a student and investigator of geology, 
and in 182 1 published a volume of "Geological Essays,'' which was 
highly commended by Prof. Benjamin Selliman of Yale College. 
He also wrote for publications on many other scientific subjects. 
In 1840 he was associated with Dr. Chapin Harris in founding 
the "Baltimore College of Dental Surgeons," the first in the 
United States, and he was the first President of this college, and 
professor of pathology until his death. 

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He was also a member of many scientific societies. He had six 
children, four of whom reached maturity, as follows: 
Children of Horace* and Marie Antoinette (Robinson) 

Hayden : 
i Eliza Lucretia^ Hayden, b. Dec. 14, 1805; d. Aug. 4, 
1853; m. Archibald Chisholm Gibbs, and had a child, 
Thomas Hayden* Gibbs, who m. Helen Ashley, of 
Va., dau. of Col. Edwin A. Ashley of the Confed- 
erate Army. 
ii Handel Mozart^ Hayden, b. Dec. 4, 1807; d. Mar. 7, 
1891 ; m. May 14, 1857, his cousin, Sarah Ann Foard, 
granddaughter of Gen'l Hezekiah Foard of the Revo- 
lutionary Army in Md. He studied medicine in the 
University of Md., and dentistry in the Baltimore 
Dental College, and practiced in Baltimore^ Md. 

303 iii Edwin Parsons^ Hayden, b. Aug. 7, 181 1; d. May 10, 

1850; m. Sept. 15, 1832, Elizabeth Hause. 

304 iv Horace William^ Hayden, b. Apr. 8, 1814; d. Dec. 4, 

1881 ; m. Apr. 18, 1839, Mary Gillette. 

169 Sylvanus Morgan* Parsons (Moses," Moses,* Moses,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 23, 1799, at Jericho, Chittenden Co., 
Vt. ; d. June 24, 1859, at Burlington, Kan. He m. at Burlington, 
Vt., Oct. 28, 1832, Eliza Potter Bostwick, b. 1805, at Torrington, 
Conn. He was a lawyer. Justice of the Peace, and Associate 
Judge of Chittenden Co., and held other town offices. He was 
at the battle of Plattsburg in 1814, and was under Col. Strong in 
the Vermont Vok., 1815. 

Children of Sylvanus Morgan* and Eliza P. (Bostwick) 

Parsons : 

305 i Lieut. William Bostwick,^ b. Dec. 31, 1834; m. Nov. 12, 

i860, Julia Whistler Kenzie. 
ii Maj. Thomas Torrington,'^ b. June 6, 1837. Enlisted in 
186 1 and served through the Civil War, and dis- 
charged Jan. 4, 1866. He was a banker in Iowa in 
1872, and later removed to California. 

Digitized by 



170 Samuel* Parsons (Joseph,* Lieut. Samuel/ Moses,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Aug. 29, 1788; d. Oct. 24, 1848, at Durham, 
Comi. He m. at Middletown, Conn., July 7, 1826, Elizabeth 
Manning, b. June 11, 1804, dau. of Thaddeus and Sarah (Hub- 
bard) Manning, of Middletown. He was a wholesale dry goods 
merchant in New York City, and on retiring from business, re- 
turned to Durham, G>nn., where he died. 

Children of Samuel* and Elizabeth (Manning) Parsons, 
all bom at Durham, Conn. : 
i Catherine Maria,^ b. Sept. 7, 1829. 
306 ii Joseph Henry ,^ b. Oct. 11, 1830; m. Nov. i, 1855, 
Sarah Parmlee Stanley, 
iii Elizabeth,^ b. July 27, 1832; d. Jan. 13, 1833, in N. Y. 

iv Elizabeth Adelaide,^ b. Apr. 22, 1834; m. Sept. 3, 1856, 
William Stanley, b. Aug. 9, 1827, son of George and 
Clara (Wadhams) Stanley, of Goshen, Conn. He 
was a lawyer and graduate of Yale Collie 1852. 

V Caroline Josephine,^ b. May 15, 1836. 

171 Rev. Lemuel Huntington* Parsons (Paul,** Lieut 
Samuel,* Moses,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 13, 1797, at Durham, 
Conn.; m. Apr. 15, 1820, Lydia Graves Crosby, of Hartland. He 
resided at Lenox until 1835, ^^^ moved to Newton, Pa., and in 
1843 to Lambertsville, N. J. 

Children of Rev. Lemuel Huntington* and Lydia G. 
(Crosby) Parsons: 
i Sterling Crosby,^ b. Mar. 4, 1821 ; d. Aug. 30, 1822. 
ii Rev. Winfield Scott,^ b. June 21, 1823, at Lenox. In 

1874 resided at Wilkesbarre, Pa. 
iii Catherine,^ b. June 24, 1825; d. Sept. 20, 1826. 
iv Catherine,^ b. May 22, 1827. 

V Eleanor,^ b. Jan. 20, 1830; d. Aug. 15, 1832. 

172 Capt. Noah* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. June 17, 1780, at Westhampton, Mass.; d. at Lima, 
N. Y., Feb. 23, 1859. He m. (i) Nov., 1799, Thankful Edwards, 

Digitized by 



of Westhampton, b. June 3, 1781, dau. of Timothy and Thankful 
(Strong) Edwards. She d. Oct. 27, 1814. He m. (2) Jan. 26, 
181 5, Rebecca Yale, b. Feb. 13, 1787, dau. of Asahel and Sarah 
(Merriman) Yale, of Meridian, Conn., and later of Otisco, N. Y. 
She d. Dec, 1863. He was a farmer and merchant at Otisco, 
and Capt. of State Militia in 1810. 

CHiLimEN OF Capt. Noah* and Thankful (Edwards) 
Paksons : 
i Melinda,^ b. Apr. 13, 1800, at Westhampton, Mass.; 
m. Rev. Benjamin Bradner Drake. 

307 ii Timothy Edwards,^ b. Nov. 20, 1802; d. Jan. 16, 1849; 

m. Dec. 25, 1823, Cynthia Elvira Keeney. 

308 iii Theron,' b. Apr. 2, 1805 ; m. 1827, Lovinia Collins. 

iv Amanda,^ b. Nov. 20, 1807 ; d. Aug. 7, 1847 » *"• John 

V Alvira,^ b. Sept. 10, 1812; m. Sept. 21, 1836, George W. 
Parsons, of Rochester, N. Y. 
Children of Noah* and Rebecca (Yale) Parsons: 

vi George W.,' b. June 6, 1816 ; d. Aug. 19, 1829. 

vii Ann Amelia,^ b. Dec. 13, 1818; m. (i) Addison Cham- 
berlain; m. (2) Henry Willard. 
viii Harriet Newell,^ b. Mar. 25, 1821, at Lima, N. Y.; m. 
Oct. 2, 1844, Andrew Jackson Warner, a teacher of 
vocal music for many years in Rochester, N. Y., and 
leader of the choir in the Central Presbyterian 
Church, Rochester, N. Y. 

173 Jared* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Noah,» Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Apr. 10, 1783, at Westhampton, Mass.; d. May 29, 
1866, in Onondaga Co., N. Y. He m. Feb. 5, 1807, Electa 


i Beulah,^ b. 181 1; m. Hubbard Gaylord. 

ii Justin Edwards,^ b. 1813; m. Amanda Wood; resi- 
dence. So. Onondaga, N. Y. Children: Perin* and 

309 iii Jared Wales,^ b. 1820; m. Rachel Swan. 

Digitized by 



iv Electa/ b. 1822; m. William Hotchldss, and d. Dec, 
1847, 2it Syracuse, N. Y. 

174 Abner Edwards* Parsons (Noah," Noah,* Noah,' Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 15, 1785; d. Sept. 25, 1854. He m. 
1805, Dolly Clark. 

Children of Abner Edwards* and Dolly (Clark) Parsons: 
i Julia,^ b. 1805 ; m. Oct. 25, 1826, Daniel Rust, of East- 
hampton, Mass., son of Titus and Charlotte (Pom- 
eroy) Rust, of Pompey, N. Y., and grandson of 
Elijah and Miriam (Strong) Rust, 
ii Laura,^ b. Aug. 3, 1807; m. Mar. 2^^ 1826, Dea. Alan- 
son Qark, b. Aug. i, 1804, son of Luther and Deb- 
orah (Robinson) Clark, of Skaneateles, N. Y. 

310 iii Edward,^ b. Aug. 18, 1813; m. (i) Rachel H. Russell; 

m. (2) Oct. 9, 1838, Hattie Champney. 

iv Sarah Ann,^ b. 1816. 

V Nancy Ives,^ b. 1818. 

vi Spencer,^ b. Dec. 9, 1820; m. Sept. 7, 1847, Ann Sophia 
Allen, b. Jan. 29, 1822, dau. of Joseph and Mahitable 
(Parsons) Allen, of Northampton, 
vii Esther Warner,' b. Aug. 18, 1826; m. Oct. 14, 1852, 
Edwin Qark, of Skaneateles, b. Apr. 9, 1820, at 
Westhampton, son of Luther and Sarah (Parsons) 
Clark, of So. Onondaga, N. Y. 
viii Asenath,' b. 1830 ;«m. David Montague, of Southamp- 

175 Asa* Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Noah,« Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Feb. 21, 1787; d. July 18, 1868. He m. Dec. 11, 1817, Betsey 

Children of Asa* and Betsey (Hall) Parsons: 

311 i Aaron Hall,' b. Sept. 26, 1818; d. Feb. 18, 1852; m. 

Sept. 3, 1843, Harriet Newell King, 
ii Henry,' b. Nov. 25, 1823 ; d. May 29, 1826. 

312 iii Henry Moore,' b. Sept. 14, 1827; m. Nov. 28, 1849, 

Susan Melissa Kingsley. 

Digitized by 



iv Arethusa/ b. July 13, 1829; m. Nov. 26, 1849, William 
James Lyman, b. June 28, 1827, son of Sereno and 
Debora Lyman. They -had a son, Sereno Dwight* 
Lyman, b. June 26, 1850. 

176 Spencer* Parsons (Noah,"^ Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph*), b. Oct. 19, 1788; d. July 31, 1849, 2tt Auburn, N. Y. He 
m. (i) 1812, Nancy Ives; m. (2) 1837, Elizabeth Kilbourn. 

Children of Spencer* and Nancy (Ives) Parsons: 

i Henrietta,^ b. ; d. an infant. 

ii Jesse Ives,^ b. 1817, at Skaneateles; d. Oct 4, 1867, at 
Aubum, N. Y.; m. Henrietta Huson, of Auburn, 

N. Y. Had one child, Eva,® b. ; m. John 

Wood, of Auburn, and they had a daughter, Annie* 

177 Theodore* Parsons (Amasa,"^ Noah,* Noah," Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Dec. 24, 1787. He m. Nov. 29, 1810, Lydia Stuart, 
b. Mar. 31, 1789, dau. of John and Lydia (Cottell) Stuart. In 
1870 he resided in Waterloo, N. Y. He was a mechanic and 
wholesale cabinet dealer. 

Children of Theodore* and Lydia (Stuart) Parsons: 
i Emeline,^ b. Jan. 20, 1813, at Northampton; d. Apr. 20, 

313 ii Mary Ann Hazen,^ b. Feb. 23, 1816, at Waterloo, 

N. Y. ; m. Apr. 27, 1857, Levi Carroll Judson. 

314 iii Prof. Theodore Stuart,^ b. Nov. 28, 1817, at Waterloo, 

N. Y.; m. Apr. 18, 1852, Mary McMurtry. 

315 iv John Henry ,^ b. Mar. 4, 1822, at Waterloo, N. Y.; m. 

Oct. 18, 1848, Anna Maria Hutton Griffing. 
V Frances Celess,^ b. Jan. 23, 1825, at Waterloo ; d. June 

2, 1835. 
iv George Benjamin,^ b. Oct. 10, 1826; d. May i, 1835. 

315a vii William Chester,^ b. Oct. 20, ; m. Oct. 20, 1857, 

Roberta Virginia Carson. 

178 JuNiA* Parsons (Gideon,' Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,^ Jo- 

Digitized by 



seph*), 5th child of Gideon* and Mercy (Parsons) Parsons, b. 
Oct. 12, 1804; d. June 14, i860, at Windsor, Mass.; m. William 
Cady, May 3, 1832. He was b. Apr. 5, 1806, and d. July 6, 1887. 
His American ancestor was Nicholas Cady, who came to America 
from England in 1630 to Groton, Conn. The ancestral line was 
Nicholas,^ James,* Sergt. John,* William,* Eleazer,* Eleazer,* Wil- 

Children of Junia* (Parsons) and William Cady: 

316 i George Parsons* Cady, b. Jan. i, 1834; d. May 19, 

1891 ; m. Nov. 18, 1856, Susan Piatt. 

317 ii William Dwight* Cady, b. Nov. 21, 1835; m. Oct. 6, 

1861, Mary E. Goodrich. 

318 iii Monroe Marsh' Cady, b. Jan. 25, 1840; m. June 16, 

1875, Kathryne Edwards Markell. 

179 Jerusha Kingsley* Parsons (Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 7, 1807, dau. of Gideon* and Mercy 
(Parsons) Parsons, m. Apr. i, 1834, at Windsor, Mass., Abial 
Nichols, b. 1809, in Berkeley, Mass., d. May 4, 1884, son of 
Abial and Fidelia (Briggs) Nichols. She d. Dec. 8, 1840, and he 
m. (2) Octavia* Parsons (sister of his ist wife), b. Mar. 13, 
1814, d. at Windsor, Mass., Apr. 19, 1857. 

Child of Jerusha Kingsley* (Parsons) and Abial Nichols: 

319 i Rev. Gideon Parsons' Nichols, b. July 30, 1837; d. 

Sept. 17, 1908; m. 1871, Delia Nichols. 

180 OcTAViA* Parsons (Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Mar. 13, 1814; d. Apr. 19, 1857, at Windsor, Mass.; 
m. Abial Nichols after the death of his first wife, Jerusha Kings- 
ley* Parsons, sister of Octavia. 

Children of Octavia* (Parsons) and Ablal Nichols: 
i Jerusha Jane^ Nichols, b. 1844; m. Seth Abbott; had 4 

ii Sarah Aurelia^ Nichols, b. 1846; m. James P. Walter; 

had 3 children, 
iii James Walter^ Nichols, b. Oct. 10, 1848; d. May 5, 
1897; m. Alice Bicknell; had 4 children. 

Digitized by 



181 Justin Smith* Parsons (Justus,*^ Noah,* Noah,* Jo- 
sq)h,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 17, 1805; m. Feb. 23, 1831, Mindwell 
Kingsley Parsons, b. Nov. 27, 1808, dau. of Theodore* and Anna 
(Kingsley) Parsons. 

Chili«en of Justin Smith* and Mindwell K. (Parsons) 

Parsons : 

320 1 Charles Theodore,^ b. Sept. 14, 1834; d. Aug. 11, 1896; 

m. (i) Dec. 9, 1858, Hattie Smith Clark; m. (2) 
Jan. I, 1873, Julia Wolcott. 
li Henry Smith,^ b. Feb. 11, 1837; "r^- (i) Sept. 18, i860, 
Helen Ward Gaylord, of Hadley, Mass., b. Aug. 15, 
1840. She d. Sept. 22, 1861. He m. (2) Feb. 8, 
1869, at Bristol, Conn., Josephine Eletha Sparks, 
dau. of Chauncey and Elizabeth (Buckingham) 
Sparks. In 1869, resided at Jamestown, N. Y. 
iii Sarah Elizabeth,^ K. Dec. 6, 1841. 

182 Lewis* Parsons (Justus,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Nov. 2, 181 1. He m. (i) Nov. 7, 1839, Anna^ Parsons 
(Theodore,* Isaac,** Isaac,^ Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph*). She d. 
June 23, 1850. He m. (2) Nov. 27, 1851, Julia Moseley, dau. of 
James and Sophia (Phelps) Moseley, of Westfield, Mass. 

Children of Ijewis* and Anna' (Parsons) Parsons: 
i Twin sons b. July 12, 1840; d. July 13, 1840. 

321 ii Theodore Clark,' b. Dec. 14, 1842; m. Mar. i, 1865, 

Henrietta Patterson, 
iii Lewis Dwight,' b. Nov. 12, 1844; was a druggist in 

iv Justice Edwards,' b. July 22, 1847; *"• Apr. 29, 1871, 

Maria A. Henderson, 
v Mary Ann,' b. Nov. 7, 1849; "^- June 11, 1871, George 

R. Chamberlain, of New Haven, Conn. 
Children of Lewis* and Julia (Moseley) Parsons: 
vi James Moseley,' b. Nov. 15, 1852; d. Dec. 8, 1853. 
vii Elizabeth Gilbert,' b. Oct. 31, 1854. 
viii Joseph Qark', b. Nov. 25, 1856. 
ix William Moseley,' b. Mar. 28, 1859. 

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183 Joseph Clark* Parsons (Justus," Noah,* Noah,* Jo- 
seph,' Joseph*), son of Justus* and Lydia (Clark) Parsons, b. 
Feb. 6, 1814, at Northampton ; m. Sept. 29, 1836, at Springfield, 
Lucretia Hoyt, dau. of Col. George Colton, of Springfield, Mass., 
and Lucretia Lovcin (Hoyt) Colton, of Deerfield, Mass. He was 
a manufacturer of paper at Holyoke, Mass., President of the 
Paper Makers' Association, and President of the 3d National 
Bank of Springfield, Mass. In the Biographical Review of 
Hampden Co., Mass., he is mentioned as the father of the paper 
industry in Holyoke. 

Children of Joseph Clark* and Lucretia H. (Colton) 

Parsons : 

i Henry Sterns,^ b. Feb. 18, 1838; d. Sept. 28, 1838. 

ii Lizzie Hoyt,' b. Dec. 17, 1839; m. Nov. 8, 1865, Charles 
Blake Prescott, b. Sept. 14, 1837, at London, N. H., 
son of Abraham Perkins and Nancy (Martin) Pres- 
cott, of Granby, Mass. In 1870 he was Postmaster 
of Holyoke, Mass. 

iii Fannie Colton,' b. Mar. 9, 1842. 

iv Sarah Leonard,' b. Aug. 31, 1844, at So. Hadley Falls, 
Mass.; m. Oct. i, 1867, at Holyoke, Emory Meekins, 
b. Nov. I, 1837, at Conway, Mass., son of Freeman 
and Polly (Packard) Meekins, of Greenfield, Mass. 

v Kate Turner,' b. Jan. 29, 1849; "^- Mar. 17, 1870, Ed- 
ward Calvin Taft, b. Jan. 29, 1846, at Uxbridge, 
Mass., son of Calvin, of Worcester, and Eliza Maria 
(Taft) Taft, of Uxbridge, Mass. He was a paper 
manufacturer of Holyoke, Mass. 

184 Lucy Mason* Parsons (Capt. Luke,'^ Samuel* William,* 
Capt. John,^ Joseph*), dau. of Capt. Luke" and Nancy (Streeter) 
Parsons, was a student at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary 
(founded by Mary Lyon) at South Hadley, Mass. She m. Oct. 
16, 1831, at Woodstock, Vt., Lewis Darling, M. D. (Dartmouth 
College class of 1829), ^- ^^ Woodstock, Vt., Mar. 5, 1804, son 
of Seth and Chloe (Marsh) Darling, who were m. in Mendon, 
Mass., Oct. 6, 1786, and grandson of Thomas and Rachel (White) 

Digitized by 



Darling, who were m. in Mendon, Mass., Dec. 14, 1749, and on 
the maternal side of Joseph and Deborah (Staples) Marsh, who 
were m. in Mendon, Mass., Apr. 26, 1759. Dr. Lewis Darling 
was also a great-grandson of Benjamin Darling, gentleman, b. in 
Mendon, Mass., Feb. 11, 1687, d- i« Mendon, May 18, 1772, who 
m. in Mendon, June 11, 1708, Mehitable, dau. of Thomas and Me- 
hitable White, and a great-great-grandson of Denice and Han- 
nah (Francis) Darling, of Braintree, and Mendon, Mass. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lucy Darling were married in the evening of Oct. 
16, 1831, and the next morning her sister, Emeline Barton* Par- 
sons, married Otis L. Gibson, M. D. Their mother was somewhat 
superstitious and would not allow a double wedding. 

They came to their new home in Lawrenceville, Pa., via the 
first railroad to Albany, thence by the Erie canal to Syracuse, 
and then via some water route to Geneva, then by boat on Seneca 
Lake to Watkins, and by stage to Lawrenceville, Pa. In 1848 
they built the old homestead in Lawrenceville, now occupied by 
their son, Dr. Lewis Darling. Mrs. Darling d. in Lawrenceville, 
Mar. 22, 1884, and was buried by the side of her husband (who 
had d. July 23, 1882), in the Lawrenceville cemetery. They were 
members of St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church of Lawrence- 

Dr. Darling was a very successful physician and surgeon, and 
was surgeon of the i6ist Regt., N. Y. Vol. Inft., during the Civil 
War. His wife was a woman of strong character, a charitable 
Christian, and a most cordial and hospitable hostess, her home be- 
ing the scene of many social gatherings. 

Children of Dr. Lewis and Lucy Mason* (Parsons) 
Darling, all bom in Lawrenceville, Pa. : 
i Otis Luke' Darling, b. July 18, 1832 ; d. July 25, 1832. 
ii Lewis Gibson' Darling, b. July 14, 1833; d. May 17, 

iii Horace Madison' Darling, b. Feb. 6, 1835 ; was M. D. 
and LL. D. ; member of Sigma Phi fraternity, Ho- 
bart College, Geneva, N. Y., and University of Mich- 
igan; m. (i) at Mahanoy City, Pa., July 31, 1870, 
MoUie James, b. in Glamorganshire, So. Wales, June 

Digitized by 



I7» 1836. She d. without issue Jan. i6, 1880, at Ma- 
hanoy City, Pa. ; buried at Lawrenceville, Pa. He m. 
(2) at Elmira, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1892, Hannah Mary 
Webb, b. in Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y., June i, 1842, 
dau. of Festus Ambrose and Sarah Jane (Smith) 
Webb, of Goshen, N. Y. He d. at Pine City, Che- 
mung Co., N. Y., June 21, 1900, and was buried in 
the Webb lot, Woodlawn, Elmira, N. Y. He was 
living in Helena, Ark., when the Civil War broke out 
and served in the Confederate Army as chief sur- 
geon to General Pemberton. He was medical director 
of Pemberton's army at Vicksburg at the time of the 
surrender. His widow is living (1911) in Pine City, 
Chemung Co., N. Y. 

IV Bostock Jason' Darling, b. Nov. 24, 1836; d. Sept. 2, 

V Luke Parsons' Darling, b. Jan. 5, 1839; Hobart Col- 
lege, N. Y., class of 1859; Sigma Phi fraternity; 
Royal Arch Mason; Organist of Trinity Church, 
Kansas City, Mo., where he d. Feb. 24, 1889; buried 
at Lawrenceville, Pa.; was in the South when the 
Civil War broke out, and was appointed Commissary 
of Subsistence. He was married and left a son, 
Charles, who was adopted by a Mrs. Eason and took 
the name of Charles Eason, and lived in Kansas City, 

322 vi Lewis' Darling, Jr., b. Oct. 19, 1840; m. Jan. i, 1867, 

Julia Lavilla Day. 

323 vii Thomas Valpeau' Darling, b. Oct. 16, 1842 ; m. May 8, 

1868, Delphine Charles; d. Sept. 22, 1890. 

viii Emmeline Gibson' Darling, b. Apr. 2, 1845 * graduated 
at the Hartford Female Seminary, Hartford, Ct., 
1864; resides with her brother, Dr. Lewis' Darling, 
Jr., at Lawrenceville, Pa., and is a great student of 
occult sciences ; unmarried. 

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185 Emmeline Barton* Parsons (Capt. Luke,*^ Samuel/ 
William,* Capt John,* Jo8q)h^), dau. of Capt. Luke* and Nancy 
(Streeter) Parsons, b. Oct. 30, 1804, at Weathersfield, Vt; d. 
May 6, 1865, at Wellsboro, Pa.; m. at Woodstock, Vt., Oct. 17, 
1831, Otis L. Gibson, M. D., b. in Corydon, N. H., June 8, 
1807, ^" o^ William and Abigail (Sanger) Gibson. Dr. Gibson 
was a very successful physician and practiced his profession in 
Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa., from 1831 to his death, July 31, 1863. 
He graduated from the Castleton, Vt., Medical College, 1830. 

Children of Emmeline B.* (Parsons) and Dr. Otis L. 
Gibson, all bom in Wellsboro, Pa. : 
i Infant son, d. Oct. 14, 1833. 

324 ii Rev. Lewis William^ Gibson, b. July 12, 1835 \ ^- J^^^ 

7, 1894; m. Nov. II, 1862, Mary Donnel. 
iii Infant son, d. Dec. 18, 1836. 

325 iv Lucy Parsons^ Gibson, b. Nov. 17, 1838; m. May 22, 

1857, Rev. Willis Strong Colton. 

326 V Otis Willard^ Gibson, b. June 8, 1840; d. Jan. 2, 1896; 

m. Oct. 20, 1862, Cynthia Maria Farmer. 

327 vi Ada Sophia^ Gibson, b. Aug. 24, 1842; m. Oct. 11, 

1865, John Hinman. 

186 Ellen Chipman* Parsons (Capt. Luke,*^ Samuel,* Wil- 
liam,* Capt. John,^ Joseph^), adopted dau. of Capt. Luke*^ and 
Nancy (Streeter) Parsons, m. at Wellsboro, Pa., Feb. 6, 1838, 
Dr. Oliver Van Deusen, b: Oct. 9, 1814, son of Deriah and Han- 
nah (Farmer) Van Deusen, of Guilford, Chenango Co., N. Y., d. 
Sept. s, 1844, at Troy, Bradford Co., Pa. She d. Sept. 14, 1905, 
at Allendale, N. J. 

Children of Ellen Chipman* (Parsons) and Dr. Oliver 
Van Deusen: 
i Richard Mariott^ Van Deusen, b. Dec. 2, 1838, at Wells- 
boro, Pa. ; d. July 9, 1843. 
ii Jennie^ Van Deusen, b. May 9, 1842, at Troy, Pa. ; m. 
(i) at Wellsboro, Pa., July 12, 1861, Reuben Pratt, 
b. at Canton, Pa., son of Dr. Ebenezer and (Sessions) 
Pratt. He was killed Dec. 13, 1862, at the battle of 

Digitized by 



Fredericksburg, Va. They had one son, Willis Carle* 
Pratt, b. at Lawrenceville, Pa., Oct. 27, 1862, and m. 
at Hackensack, N. J., June 5, 1889, Laura Brady. 
She m. (2) Dr. Van Voorhees, in the West, but was 
separated from him, and later m. (3) in Kilburn City, 
Wis., Oct. 26, 1869, George Richardson. Mrs. Jen- 
nie Richardson died in St. Vincent's Hospital, New 
York City, May 4, 1909. Children of Jennie^ (Van 
Deusen) and George Richardson: (2) Herbert* 
Richardson, b. Dec. 25, 1871, at Hartford, Ct. (3) 
Ivah Chipman* Richardson, b. at Riverside, R. I., 
Aug. 13, 1873; m. Louis De Coppet Bergh. (4) 
Katie Eleanor® Richardson, b. Aug. 9, 1877; m. Al- 
fred Ilsley Wilder; lives in Leominster, Mass. (5) 
George Barker* Richardson, b. Aug. 24, 1879- 
iii Oliver Gibson^ Van Deusen, b. May 2, 1844, at Troy, 
Pa.; d. unm., 190 — . 

187 Lucy* Pomeroy (Lucy* Parsons, Samuel,* William,* 

Capt. John,* Joseph^), m. Sept. 25, 1830, Luther, son of Thad- 

deus and Achsah (Parsons) Qapp. He d. at Asheville, N. C, 

Feb. 18, 1888. She d. at Gloversville, N. Y., June 13, 1886. 

Children of Lucy* (Pomeroy) and Luther Clapp: 

i Helen Pomeroy' Qapp, b. July 12, 183 1 ; d. Feb. 4, 

ii Helen Eliza' Clapp, b. Nov. 9, 1832; d. Oct. 18, 1843. 
iii Virginia' Clapp, b. Sept. 25, 1834; d. Feb. 13, 1863. 
iv Lucy Pomeroy' Oapp, b. June 2, 1836; m. D. C. Dur- 

fee, and lived at Gloversville, N. Y. 
V Emma Louise' Qapp, b. Jan. 19, 1838; m. Francis 

Clapp, and lived at South Deerfield, Mass. 
vi Luther Hart' Clapp, b. Dec. 24, 1839. Lived at Pen- 
nington Gap, Va. 
vii Egbert Irving' Clapp, b. June 15, 1842; was city clerk 

at Northampton, Mass. 
viii Wyllys Warner' Qapp, b. July 8, 1844; lived at North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Digitized by 



ix Augustus Merriir Clapp, b. ; d. Mar. 9, 1863. 

X Elizabeth Hart' Qapp, b. ; m. G. M. D. Slocum. 

xi Joseph Lyman' Clapp, b. ; d. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Feb., 1882. 

xii Leila Jeffries' Clapp; b. ; m. Pollock; 

lived at 127 Remsen St., Cohoes, N. Y. 
xiii Thaddeus' Oapp; died in infancy. 

188 Samuel H.* Parsons (John,** Lieut. Samuel,* William,' 
Capt. John,2 Joseph*), b. Sept. 21, 1820, at Rutland, Vt.; m. in 
Hereford, P. Q., Canada, Mar. 15, 1848, Hannah Munn, b. in 
West Fairlee, Vt., June 18, 1824, dau. of James and Fanny 
Munn, of Hereford, P. Q. 

Children of Samuel H.' and Hannah (Munn) Parsons: 
i Eliza Ann,' b. Aug. 9, 1850, at Hereford; m. (i) La 
Forrest Mitchell, of Plymouth, N. H. ; had a son, 
Samuel Parsons* Mitchell, whose name was changed 
to Samuel P. Barnett. She m. (2) May, 1878, at 
West Concord, Vt., Andrew J. Barnett, and they 
have two sons, 
ii Ella Wealthy,' b. Nov. 30, 1851, at Hereford, P. Q.; 
m. 1876 at West Concord, Vt., Mr. Wright. They 
have three children, Berton,* b. 1879, ^va M.,' b. 
1885, and a son. 
iii Evelyn Maria,' b. Mar. 23, 1863, at Canaan, Vt.; m. 
L. W. Barber, of Colebrook, N. H. They have the 
following children, all b. in Colebrook: Lima L.® 
Barber, b. May 2, 1882 ; Guy A.* Barber, b. Aug. 8, 
1884; Lee W.» Barber, b. Feb. 21, 1886. 
iv Edwin Eugene,' b. June 14, 1865, Canaan, Vt. ; m. at 
Clarksville, N. H., Sept. 11, 1890, Ada L., dau. of 
James A. Perry, b. Feb., 1869. They have a son, 
Fred Lindsay," b. Dec. 18, 1892. 
V George Irving,' b. Oct. 13, 1868; m. at Clarksville, 
N. H., Aug. 17, 1899, Lilla, b. July 19, 1876, dau. of 
Norman and Melvina Young. 

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189 Sophia Streeter* Parsons (George,' Samuel,* William,* 
Capt. John,* Joseph^), m. Nov. 3, 1835, Col. Charles Edward 
Stuart, b. at Martha's Vineyard, Nov. 25, 1810, d. at Kalamazoo, 
Mich., May 19, 1887 (son of Dr. Charles Stuart, b. 1782, d. 1871, 
and his wife, Catharine Parsons, b. 1784, d. 1852. They married 
Oct. 30, 1805). 

He was member of Congress 1847-1852, and U. S. Senator for 
Michigan, 1852-1858. He raised and equipped the 13th Mich. 
Regt. Infantry and was made its Colonel, but because of impaired 
health, was not able to serve in the Civil War. Mrs. Stuart d. 
Nov. 14, 1894, at Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Children of Sophia S.* (Parsons) and Charles K Stuart: 

i Marissa Fifidd^ Stuart, b. May i, 1837; m. July 28, 

1870, in London, England, Col. Hubbard, of London, 

where they reside. 

ii George Augustus^ Stuart, b. July 11, 1839; d- July 21, 

iii Martha Mayhew* Stuart, b. Mar. 2, 1841 ; d. Aug. 16, 


iv Mary Jane^ Stuart, b. Mar. 22, 1843 ; d. Jan. 3, 1846. 

V Charles Lee* Stuart, b. Nov. 26, 1846; m. Emma Cook, 
b. 1853. Children: Charles E.* Stuart, b. 1881; 
Robert Lee« Stuart, b. 1884; Flora* Stuart, b. 1888. 

vi Katherine Emma* Stuart, b. Sept. 24, 1850; educated 
in a convent in Washington, D. C. ; m. Dec. 23, 1872, 
William Gaylord Austin, b. Nov. 8, 1847 (son of 
Benjamin Miller Austin, b. 1819, d. 1896, and his 
wife, Angeline B. Fitch, b. 1816, d. 1838). They 
live in Kalamazoo, Mich., in the old homestead of 
Senator Charles E. Stuart. They have one son, Ben- 
jamin Miller* Austin, b. Nov. 3, 1873, in Kalamazoo, 
Mich. ; graduated at the University of Mich. ; studied 
law and practiced for a time. He is now a merchant 
in Kalamazoo, Mich. 

190 Dr. Levi Seymour* Parsons (Levi,** Nathan,* Ithamar,* 
Samuel,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 7, 1809; d. July 17, 1870. He m. in 

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1833, Elvira Squires, of Brandford. He was State Senator, 
Judge of Probate Court, and Postmaster of Brandford. In 1862 
he removed to New York City and was a merchant at No. 135 
Maiden Lane. 
Children of Dr. Levi S.* and Elvira (Squires) Parsons: 
i Frances G.,^ b. 1834, at Brandford; m. Nov. i, 1862, 

Osman Pinckney ; resided in N. Y. City, 
ii Homer Lee,^ b. 1836, New Boston, N. Y. Graduated 
from the medical department, Yale College, 1857 ; re- 
moved to New Galcony, Ark., and was a surgeon in 
the Confederate Army. 
iii Sarah^; resided in N. Y. City, 1863. 

191 William Henry^ Parsons (Levi,"^ Nathan,* Ithamar,' 
Samuel,* Joseph*), son of Levi* and Abigail (Ward) Parsons, b. 
Aug. 27, 1812; m. at Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn., Oct. 21, 
1839, Maryette Oatman, b. Sept. 27, 1815, dau. of Arnold and 
Abigail (Hayes) Oatman. He was a member of the Legislature, 
1846, and a farmer and lumber merchant. In 1873 resided in 
Spring Valley, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

Children of William H.* and Maryette (Oatman) 
Parsons : 
328 i Milo Holcombe,' b. Oct. 5, 1840; m. Oct. 9, 1867, 
Georgianna Hull, 
ii Howard Luzerne,^ b. Dec. 25, 1844. In 1865 a shoe 

dealer in N. Y. City, 
iii EUen,^ b. July 2, 1848 ; d. an infant, 
iv William Ashton,^ b. Feb. 17, 1851 ; d. Aug. 22, 1856. 

192 Clement Merriam* Parsons (Curtis,*^ Aaron,* Ithamar,' 
Samuel,' Joseph*), b. Mar. 9, 1805; married (i) Apr. 30, 1828, 
Phebe Curtis Smith, b. 1805, at Durham, Conn., dau. of Jesse 
and Phebe Smith. She died Apr. 20, 1841. He married (2) 
Mar. 10, 1844, Sarah Robinson (widow of Nathan Hill), b. Feb. 
25, 1818, dau. of Ebenezer and Margery (Kelley) Robinson, of 
Durham, Conn. He was a shoe manufacturer and dealer. 

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212 the parsons family 

Children of Clement M.* and Sarah (Robinson) Hill 

Parsons : 
i Louisa Hill/ b. May 3, 1846 ; m. Lucius H. Foote. 
ii Alice A./ b. Feb. 20, 1848; m. Sept. 24, 1868, Howard 
A. Camp. 

193 Curtis Rogers* Parsons (Curtis,* Aaron/ Ithamar,' 
Samuel/ Joseph^), bom July 4, 181 5, died Nov. 18, 1880, at Den- 
ver, Colo. He married at Berlin, Conn., Sept. 20, 1842, Jane 
Aseneth Kellogg, b. Apr. 26, 1826, dau. of William and Lydia 
(Graham) Kellogg. She d. at Los Angeles, Cal., Apr. 28, 1874. 
Early in life he located in Macon, Ga., in the mercantile business. 
During a fire his store was blown up to save other property. He 
removed to Northampton, Mass., and engaged in the manufacture 
of silk at Florence, Mass., with the firm of Hill, McCumber and 
Parsons (Nonotuc Silk Co.). He was among the first to suc- 
cessfully introduce in this country the production and manufacture 
of silk, first importing the cocoons from China, and later planting 
mulberry trees for the maintenance of the silk worms. A large 
and prosperous industry was developed in the manufacture of silk 
thread, known as "Corticilli Silk." About 1857 he removed to 
Nashville, Tenn., and in 1863-64 was one of the organizers of the 
First National Bank of Nashville and, for a time, its president 
In 1870 he was president of the first State Exposition ever held 
in Tennessee, at Nashville. 

Children of Curtis Rogers* and Jane A. (Kellogg) Parsons: 
329 i Albro Lefils,^ b. Mar. i, 1844, at Macon, Ga.; m. June 
25, 1873, Julia Elizabeth Mayes. 

ii Eugene Curtis,^ b. Aug., 1846, at Northampton, Mass. 

iii Leophrie Lx>veland,^ b. 1848, at Northampton, Mass. 

iv Lilian Leonora,^ b. Feb. 12, 1850, at Florence, Mass. 

194 Isaac* Parsons (Aaron," Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut 
Samuel,* Joseph^), b. at Whitesboro, N. Y., 1795; d. at Talcott- 
ville, N. Y., 1878. He m. 1815, Mary Brown, b. 1795, in Orange 
Co., N. Y. She d. in Feb., 1869. "He was a man of gpreat force 

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of character, developed by living in a new country, where prob- 
lems of every day existence have to be met and wrestled with. 

"He possessed the quick wit and sharp tongue, characteristic 
of the Parsons family, but was the personification of kindness and 

"Very early in life he showed his sense of responsibility to his 
country and the community where he lived. He enlisted in the 
War of 1812. In the early thirties he served as side judge for 
three years, and in 1837 was elected to the office of Justice of 
the Peace, which office he held until 1862 or 1863. At this time he 
retired from active public life, but until his death his council was 
sought on all important public affairs. He was unable to enlist in 
the Union Army during the Civil War on account of infirmities, 
but sent four of his sons, William, Elon, Charles, and Dayan, who 
served with distinction to the end of the conflict." 

Children of Isaac* ai^d Mary (Brown) Parsons, 
all bom at Leyden, N. Y. : 

330 i William Riley,^ b. July 20, 1816; d. 1889; m. in 1839, 

Caroline Hough, 
ii Elon G.,' b. in 1818; m. 1868, Sarah Brown. He was 

a soldier in the Civil War. 
iii Lucy,^ b. Jan. 30, 1821 ; d. at Utica, N. Y., Apr. 13, 

1910; m. 1846, Samuel Utley. 
iv Mary Jane,^ b. in 1823 ; d. in 1904. 
V Charles,' b. in 1825 ; d. in 1893, at Talcottville, N. Y. 

He was a soldier in the Civil War. 

331 vi Adeline,' b. in 1827; d. Dec, 1867; m. Sept. 16, 1847, 

Nelson Whittlesey. 

332 vii Isaac,' b. in 1829; d. in 1902; m. July 10, 1866, Helen 

Caroline Ackley. 

333 viii Aaron A.,' b. Apr. 16, 1832 ; d. Aug. 13, 1875 ; m. Aug. 

20, 1862, Olive Marsh Barnard. 
ix Henrietta,' b. July 29, 1834; m. 1856, Julius A. Hall, b. 
at Whitesboro, N. Y., 1832, and resides at Utica, 
N. Y. 

334 Albert Dayan,' b. in 1837; d. in 1899; ^' i" 1869, Almyra 


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195 Capt. Enos* Parsons (Elisha* Elisha,* Nathaniel,' Jona- 
than,* Josq)h^), son of Elisha* and Phcbe (Hulbert) Parsons, 
was appointed Captain of the Northampton Co. of State Militia, 
1838. He was a lawyer, and for many years was attorney for the 
Massachusetts Central R. R., and was largely interested in real 

He was connected with the Edwards Church in Northampton, 
and a large contributor to its support. After its destruction by 
fire, he was chairman of the building committee when it was re- 
built in 1870, and contributed his time and $7,000 in cash to the 
building fund. For several years prior to the establishment of 
the District Court for Hampshire Co., he was one of the trial 
Justices. He continued in the active practice of his profession, 
connected with the firm of Parsons and Crossley, to nearly the 
time of his death. 

He m. (i) Apr. 12, 1836, Mary Ann, dau. of Chester Crafts, 
of Deerfield, who d. Oct. 7, 1858. He m. (2) June 25, 1861, 
Harriet Eliza, dau. of Nathaniel Sears, of Williamsburg. 
Children of Enos* and Mary Ann (Crafts) Parsons: 
i Mary,^ b. Mar., 1837; d. Mar. 14, 1837. 
ii Julia Electa,^ b. Apr. 4, 1838; d. in 1908; m. Dec. lo, 

1858, Joseph M. Cole, who d. 1897. 
iii Enos,^ b. July 7, 1839; d- Mar. 23, 1840. 
iv Mary Isadora,' b. Sept. 4, 1854; d. Aug. i, 1884. 
Child of Enos* and Harriet E. (Sears) Parsons: 
V Frank Sears,' b. Dec. 21, 1862; m. Sept. 8, 1891, Bertha 
J. Saxman. He is a physician residing in Dorchester, 
Boston, Mass. Children : Frank Enos,* b. Aug. 28, 
1892; Katherine Saxman,' b. Jan. 28, 1896; Priscilla 
Ruth,' b. Apr. 8, 1902. 

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196 Thomas' Parsons (Thomas,* Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* 
Rev. Joseph,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 25, 1779, at Effingham, 
N. H.; d. Apr. 7, 1844, at Derby, Vt. He m. Aug. 25, 1799, 
Anna Lougee, b. Aug. 25, 1780, at Parsonsfield, Me., dau. of 
Samuel and Sarah (Rand) Lougee. She d. May 27, i860, at 
Burlington, Iowa. He was a farmer and lumber dealer. 

Children of Thomas' and Anna (Lougee) Parsons: 

335 i Samuel Lougee,* b. Dec. 8, 1800; d. Jan. 31, i860; m. 

May 27, 1827, Mary Manning. 

336 ii Thomas,® b. Aug. 19, 1803 ; d. Dec. 24, 1855 ; m. Han- 

nah Bullock. 

337 iii Weare Drake,® b. May 21, 1806; d. Nov. 17, 1865; m. 

(i) Hannah Bradbury Lord; m. (2) Sept. 5, 1842, 
Dorcas Hopkinson. 
iv Enoch Poor,* b. Feb. 20, 1808; d. Aug. 12, 1849, '^^ 
Broom Co., Mo. 

338 V Taylor Lougee,* b. July 12, 1810; m. Jan. i, 1838, 

Abigail Blake Copp. 

339 vi John Usher,* b. Feb. 22, 1813; d. Apr. 22, 1851; m. 

June 15, 1840, Emeline W. Prewett. 
vii George Washington,* b. Sept. 22, 1817; d. Sept. 22, 

1841, at New Orleans, La.; unm. 
viii Addison,* b. Apr. 15, 1822; d. Apr. 21, 1826. 

197 William Henry^ Parsons (William,* Thomas,* Rev. 
Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 14, 1822, at Con- 
cord, N. H., and removed with his parents to Springfield, Mass., 
in 1836. He m. Sept. 20, 1848, Sarah A. Wood, of Northampton, 
Mass. He assisted his father in the grocery business for a time, 
but later was a prominent dealer in real estate, in which his sons 
were also interested. 


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He d. Mar. lo, 1907, having had five children, three of whom 
survived him, as follows : 

Children of William Henry^ and Sarah A. (Wood) 
Parsons : 

i Harriet E.,' b. ; m. Justin D. Parks. Children : 

William H.» Parks, Mrs. Greta* (Parks) Mcllvain. 

340 ii Charles Henry,* b. Feb. 18, 1864; m. Sept. 23, 1885, 

Addie M. Marvel, 
iii William Edward,* b. ; m. Grace Blake. Chil- 
dren: Gladys,* William Edward, Jr.* 

198 Joseph^ Parsons (William,* William,^ Rev. Joseph,* Rev. 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of William* and Mary^ (Parsons) 
Parsons, m. Jan. 6, 1840, Mary Jane Cram, of Meredith, N. H., 
and resided in Kennebunk, Me. He d. Sept. 11, 1887. 

Children of Joseph^ and Mary J. (Cram) Parsons: 
i Mary Georgia,* b. Sept. 30, 1840. 

341 ii William Addison,* b. Sept. 13, 1842; d. Sept. 4, 1889; 

m. Lizzie S. Sargent. 

iii Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 29, 1848; m. Capt. Benj. Hatch. Re- 
sided in West Newton, Mass.; d. Jan. 7, 1901. 

iv Sarah,* b. Nov. 21, 1849; "^- George Leighton, son of 
Dr. Usher Leighton. Resides in Kenton, Ohio. 

V Anna,* b. Nov. 21, 1849; ^' D. F. Read. Resides in 
Pawtucket, R. I. 

vi Edwin,* b. Jan. 5, 1852; m. Mary E. Friend; d. Aug. 
12, 1901. L 

vii George,* b. Apr. 8, 1854; m. Virginia Scarrett. Re- 
sides in Cairo, 111. 
viii Frank,* b. Feb. 23, 1856 ; m. Susan Bonser. Resides in 
Kennebunk, Me. 

ix Nellie,* b. Mar. 18, 1859. Resides in Kennebunk, Me. 

199 Rev. John^ Parsons (William,* William,' Rev. Joseph,* 
Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of William* and Mary^ (Par- 
sons) Parsons, b. Sept. 25, 1820; was graduated from Brown 
University in 1842, and Andover Theological Seminar}' in 1848. 

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He m. Apr. 22, 1856, Sarah Ayer Chase, dau. of Samuel and 
Sally (Gile) Chase, of Haverhill, Mass. He was settled as pastor 
in Limington, Kennebunkport, York, and Lebanon, Me. The lat- 
ter part of his life he resided in Brookline, Mass. He d. March 
31, 1910. 
Children of Rev. John^ and Sarah A. (Chase) Parsons: 
i Usher,^ b. Jan. 26, 1858; d. Sept. 6, 1873. 
ii Charles Chase,* b. June 6, 1859; m. (i) Aug. 30, 1890, 
Elizabeth Bailey Sullem, who d. Oct. 19, 1893; on 
June 27, 1 901, m. (2) Julia Thompson King, who d. 
July 8, 1904. Resides in Brookline, Mass. 
iii Abby Frances,* b. Feb. 6, 1862; d. Sept. 8, 1864. 
iv William Edwin,* b. Aug. 22, 1865. Resides in Brook- 
line, Mass. 
V Abby Frances,* b. Dec. 27, 1867 ; d. Sept. 28, 1873. 
vi George Millet,* b. July 28, 1871 ; d. Aug. i, 1873. 

200 George^ Parsons (William,* William,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. 
Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of William* and Mary' (Parsons) 
Parsons, b. Nov. i, 1826, m. in Fall River, Mass., Dec. 13, 1865, 
Sarah Elizabeth Eddy, dau. of Junius and Louisa Maria (Pratt) 
Eddy. He d. Dec. 4, 1907. 

Children of George' and Sarah E. (Eddy) Parsons: 
i Henry,® b. Oct. 31, 1866. Resides in Kennebunk, Me. 
ii May Eddy,® b. May 18, 1868; m. Edward Foote 

Dwight. Resides in Ardsley, N. Y. 
iii Joseph,® b. Sept. 17, 1869; m. Rose Milmine. Resides 

in Lakeville, Conn, 
iv Charlotte,® b. April 21, 1871 ; m. Charles Edward Mil- 
mine. Resides in New York, N. Y. 
342 V William Usher,® b. Oct. 24, 1873 1 ^' Katharine Corbin. 
vi Mary Abigail,® b. May 31, 1878. Resides in Kenne- 
bunk, Me. 
vii Louise,® b. Jan. 17, 1880. Resides in Kennebunk, Me. 

2DI Charles^ Parsons (William,® William,' Rev. Joseph,* 
Rev. Joseph,® Joseph,® Joseph^), son of William® and Mary' 

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(Parsons) Parsons, b. Feb. 6, 1829; was educated in the schools 
of Alfred, Kennebunkport, and Yarmouth, Me., and Providence, 
R. I., where he resided for a time with his uncle. Dr. Usher Par- 
sons. He m. Oct. 25, 1855, Sarah Johnson Shepley, dau. of Rev. 
David and Myra (Mott) Shepley. He was a noted financier and 
was in business in New Orleans, La., Savannah, Ga., and New 
York City, where he was in partnership with his brothers. He 
was President of the Rome, Watertown and Ogdenburg R. R. Co., 
New York and New England R. R. Co., South Carolina and Geor- 
gia R. R. Co., Ogdenburg and Lake Champlain R. R. Co., and 
various other companies during his business career. He died 
Oct. 18, 1904. 
Children of Charles^ and Sarah J. (Shepley) Parsons: 

343 i Charles* Jr., b. Jan. 18, 1858; d. Jan. 12, 1899; m. 

Louise Humphrey, 
ii William Shepley,* b. July 6, i860; d. Feb. 24, 1875. 
iii Frances Nott,* b. May 25, 1862. 

344 iv Edwin,* b. Dec. 12, 1864; m. Mary Battle White- 

V Mary,* b. Mar. 28, 1867; m. Jefferson Hogan. 
vi Myra,* b. Sept. i, 1870; d. June 29, 1871. 
vii Llewellyn,* b. Feb. 18, 1875. 

345 viii Robert William,* b. June 20, 1877 5 "i- Alice Read. 

ix George Clarence,* b. Jan. 15, 1884. 

202 Isaac Dow^ Parsons (Amos Seavey,* Joseph,' Rev. Sam- 
uel,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 7, 1799; m. Sept. 
30, 1824, Elizabeth Rice, who d. Dec. 12, i860. He d. Aug. 9, 
1850. Resided at Portsmouth, N. H. 

Children of Isaac Dow^ and Elizabeth (Rice) Parsons: 
i William Rice,* b. Oct. 28, 1828. 
ii Louis Phillipe,* b. Sept. 30, 1831 ; m. Mary R. Pierce, 

who d. Sept. 10, 1858. 
iii Walter,* b. in 1841 ; d. May 7, 1862. 

203 Samuel^ Parsons (Amos Seavey,* Joseph,* Rev. Sam- 
uel,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 27, 1804; ra. (i) 

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Sept. 8, 1824, Abigail Philbrick, who d. Jan. 27, 1848; m. (2) 
Oct. 26, 1853, Mrs. Mary J. Marston. Resided at Portsmouth, 
N. H. 
Children of Samuel^ and Abigail (Philbrick) Parsons: 
1 Mary,* b. Mar. 2, 1825; d. Feb. 8, 1826. 
ii John Henry,* b. Apr. 2, 1826; m. Caroline Stanley. 

Children: Elizabeth Stanley,* Carrie." 
iii Martha Ann,* b. Nov. 28, 1827 ; m. Albert Fernald. 
iv David Smith,* b. Apr. 5, 1830; d. Apr. 28, 1844, at 

V Albert Wilson,* b. Nov. 20, 183 1 ; m. Mary Trefethem. 
vi Sarah Abby,* b. Aug. 12, 1833; d. Mar. 2, 1836. 
vii Leonidas Appleton,* b. Apr. 2, 1836; d. Aug. 13, 1837. 
viii William Dexter,* b. Mar. 23, 1838. 
ix Joseph Monroe,* b. Apr. 2, 1840. 
X Elizabeth Abby,* b. Mar. 20, 1845 5 d. Dec. 14, 1848. 
xi Abigail Philbrick,* b. Jan. 27, 1848; d. Oct. i, 1848. 

204 Thomas Jefferson^ Parsons (Dr. John Wilkes,* Jo- 
seph,* Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of Dr. 
John Wilkes* ^nd Abigail (Garland) Parsons, was at school at 
Hampton and Exeter, 1818-20; taught school at Rye, 1821 ; was 
Justice of the Peace and Quorum; 1829, Adjutant 35th Regt. 
Militia; rank of Capt., 1830; was appointed by Gov. Harvey 
Major 3Sth Regt.; 1833-34 in N. H. Legislature; 1835-36, mem- 
ber of N. H. Senate; 1836, appointed by Gov. Hill Lieut. Col. of 
First Regt., and the same year appointed Aide-de-camp to the 
Governor with rank of Col. ; was a merchant in the West India 
trade for many years. He married Apr. 21, 1824, Eliza, dau. of 
Lieut. Simon and Esther Brown, of Rye, N. H. He d. Mar. 4, 
1890. She d. Dec. 20, 1888. 

Children of Thomas Jefferson^ and Eliza (Brown) 
Parsons : 
1 Thomas Henry,* b. Sept. 24, 1824; d. Apr. i, 1857, at 
Bay Port, Fla. 
346 ii Albion Dalton,* b. Feb. 17, 1829; d. Sept. 15, 1890; 
m. Feb. 23, 1851, Martha S. Jenness. 

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iii Charles William,' b. Jan. 4, 1831 ; A Feb. i, 1834. 

iv Daniel Dearborn," b. May 5, 1833; lost at sea. 

V Charles Henry,* b. Dec. 23, 1835; d. Sept. 13, 1867; re- 
sided in Florida. 

vi Eliza Esther,* b. June 10, 1838; d. Sept. 29, 1839. 

vii Dr. John William,* b. Aug. i, 1841 ; m. Feb. 12, 1873, 
M. Augusta Adams; was a surgeon in 24th Mass. 
Vols, in the Civil War. 
viii Langdon Brown,* b. Dec. 24, 1844; ^i. Apr. 11, 1894, 
Annie Lock. He was a merchant in New York and 
Florida. Children : John Langdon," b. June 3, 1895 ; 
Corinne Brown," b. May 13, 1896. 

205 William Harrison^ Parsons (Dr. John Wilkes,* Jo- 
seph,* Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Dr. 
John Wilkes* and Abigail (Garland) Parsons, b. July 21, 1813; 
m. Apr. II, 1854, Anna Pine Decatur, b. Sept. 2, 1812, at Newark, 
N. J., and d. May 3, 1896. He was a sea captain in the merchant 
service. He d. at Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 3, 1867. 

Children of William Harrison' and Anna P. (Decatur) 

Parsons : 
i William Decatur,* b. May 29, 1855 ; m. Mar. 14, 1899, 
widow Christine Ulrich, of Detroit; resided in New 
York City, 
ii John Pine,* b. June 19, 1857; d. Feb. 11, 1858. 

206 Major John' Parsons (Dr. John Wilkes,* Joseph,* Rev. 
Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Dr. John Wilkes* 
and Abigail (Garland) Parsons, b. Jan. 14, 1816; m. Aug. 8, 1855, 
Susan Decatur, who d. Mar. 20, 1873, ^tt New York City, aged 52 
years. He served in the Seminole War under General Harvey; 
was on the staff of General Reed; was associated with Senator 
Yulee, of Florida, in the construction of the first railroad in that 
State and was a large land owner there. A man of fine presence 
and great personal dignity, with a refined and cultivated taste.'' 
He d. May 28, 1888, at Bay Port, Fla., where he resided. 

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seventh generation '223 

Children of John^ and Susan (Decatur) Parsons: 
1 John Decatur,' b. June 5, 1862; d. Sept. 29, 1884, in 

New York City, 
ii Susan,' b. Sept. 3, 1864; d. at Plainfield, N. J. 

207 Dr. Warren^ Parsons (Dr. John Wilkes,' Joseph,' Rev. 
Samuel,* Rev. Joseph,' Joseph,' Joseph*), son of Dr. John Wilkes' 
and Abigail (Garland) Parsons, b. May 28, 1818; m. (i) Jan. i, 
1845, Sarah A. Dow, who d. Nov. 2, 1850; m. (2) Feb. 23, 1854, 
Julia A. Gove, b. Apr. 13, 1829 ; resided at Rye. He graduated at 
the Columbia University of Washington, and practiced his pro- 
fession for nearly sixty years. 

Children of Dr. Wi\RREN' and Sarah A. (Dow) Parsons: 
i William Irving,' b. June 27, 1848; d. Mar. 30, 1851. 
ii Joseph Warren,' b. June i, 1850; m. Annie Emerson; 
d. June 4, 1895. 
Children of Dr. Warren^ and Julia A. (Gove) Parsons: 

347 iii Frederick Dupeytien,' b. Apr. 13, 1858; m. Dec. 4, 

1889, Abbey Parsons Brown, 
iv Ella Maria,' b. June 20, i860; m. Sept. 29, 1880, John 

V Anna Decatur,' b. June 22, 1864. 

208 Edmund' Parsons (Asahel,' Asahel,' John,* Lieut. John,' 
Joseph,' Joseph*), b. Jan. 20, 1803; d. May 27, 1867. He m. 
Apr. 16, 1829, Emeline, b. Mar. 29, 1805, d. Apr. 15, 1876, dau. 
of Elijah Morgan, who was a descendant of Miles Morgan, Capt. 
of State Militia, 1818. Mr. Edmund Parsons was a highly re- 
spected citizen, active in church and town affairs. 

Children of Edmund^ and Emeline (Morgan) Parsons: 
i Eliza Street,' b. June 17, 1830; d. June i, 1908; m. 
June II, 1884, William Gay lord, of Sunderland (his 
3d wife), 
ii Sarah Janes,' b. Feb. 28, 1833. 

348 iii Harriet Emeline,' b. Feb. 3, 1838; m. Dec. 29, 1865, 

Charles S. Marsh, 
iv Lucius Edmund,' b. May 19, 1841 ; d. Oct. 10, 191 1, at 

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Easthampton, Mass.; m. (i) Jan. 25, 1866, Emily 
W. Ferry, b. Jan. 13, 1842, and d. Jan. 9, 1867, leav- 
ing a son, Herbert Sidney* Parsons, b. Jan, 9, 1867, 
and d. Nov. 7, 1892. He m. (2) Dec. 31, 1867, Qara 
M. Clark, b. Sept. 14, 1843. He enlisted Sept. 8, 
1862, in Co. K, 52d Regt., Mass. Regt. Inft. ; was in 
General Bank's Red River expedition and dis- 
charged Aug. 14, 1863. He has been active for the. 
public good, and a deacon in the ist Congregational 
Church over 30 years. 

209 Lorenzo^ Parsons (Cephas,* Asahel,' John,* Lieut. 
John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Cephas* and Rachel (Merriman) 
Parsons, b. Mar. 7, 1806, at Otisco, N. Y. ; graduated at Hamilton 
College, class of 1833 ; m. 1848, at Westfield, N. Y., Anna Web- 
ster, dau. of Rev. Nathaniel and Olive (Beardsley) Huse. He 
was one of the early principals of the Westfield Academy and 
later superintendent of schools in Chautauqua Co. He after- 
wards engaged quite extensively in business at Westfield and was 
always prominent and influential in the business and educational 
affairs of the town. He died at Westfield, N. Y., Feb. 4, 1868. 
Children of Lorenzo^ and Anna W. (Huse) Parsons: 
All Born at Westfield, N. Y.: 

i Charles Beardsley,* b. ; d. at three years of age. 

ii Anna Florence,* b. Dec, 185 1; unm. 
iii Clarence Francis,* b. Feb., 1853; unm.; educated at 
Hamilton College, class of 1878, and afterwards con- 
nected with the I St National Bank of Westfield, 
N. Y. 
349 iv William Lorenzo,* b. July, 1858; m. Mary Morehead 
V Herbert Huse,* b. Aug., i860; graduated at Hamilton 
College, class of 1882. He is teacher of History in 
the Boys' High School in Brooklyn ; unm. 
vi Edward Beardsley,* b. Sept., 1862 ; graduate at Hamil- 
ton College, 1884; is ist assistant in mathematical 
dept. of the Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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209a Joseph Clark^ Parsons (Cephas,® Asahel,^ John,* Lieut. 
John,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 2, 1810, at Otisco, N. Y. ; m. (i) 
Sept. 30, 1847, Nancy H. Qark, dau. of Abel Kitchens and Betsey 
(Seeley) Clark, of Onondaga Co., N. Y. She d. Dec. 8, 1856. 
He m. (2) Sept. 22, 1858, at Olivet, Mich., Sarah Thomas Cole- 
man, widow of Rev. Francis E. Lord, b. Apr. 26, 181 9, and dau. 
of Rev. Eliphalet and Sarah Coleman. 

Children of Joseph Clark^ and Nancy H. (Clark) 
Parsons : 

i Harriet," b. . 

ii Clark Danforth,* b. July 20, 1853. 
iii Nancy," b. . 

209b Charles Asahel^ Parsons (Cephas,* Asahel,' John,* 
Lieut. John,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 10, 1818, at Otisco, N. Y. 
He graduated at Hamilton College, N. Y., and studied law at 
Auburn, N. Y., with Gov. William H. Seward. After marriage 
he removed to Virginia, where he had bought a large tract of 
timber land, and he resided there a few years, then returned and 
resided at Seneca Falls, N. Y., until about 1870, when he re- 
moved to New York City, where he was largely interested in real 
estate. Later in life he returned to Seneca Falls, N. Y., where 
he died Nov., 1882. He was always a great student and a per- 
son of brilliant mental acquirements, but did not practice his pro- 
fession. He married in 1850, Margaret Young, bom Dec. 10, 
1827, at Auburn, N. Y. She died June 30, 1884, at Seneca 
Falls, N. Y. 

Children of Charles Asahel^ and Margaret (Young) 

Parsons : 

i Josephine," b. Aug. 8, 1852, in Virginia; m. at Berlin, 
Germany, Sept. 12, 1882, Capt. Wilhelm Von Putt 
Kamer, a distinguished officer of the German Army. 
She was unusually gifted as a musician and noted 
both in New York and Germany as an amateur 
pianist, but declined to adopt a professional career. 
She died at Bombey, Germany, June 12, 1883. 

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ii Margaret Maude,* b. Sept. 24, 1857, at Seneca Falls, 
N. Y., and resides at Grand Rapids, Mich. ; unm. 

iii Fredrika,* b. May i, 1859, at Seneca Falls, N. Y., and 
resides at Brookline, Mass. ; unm. 

iv Edward Young,* b. Aug. 29, 1861, at Seneca Falls, 
N. Y. ; died Aug. 12, 1890, in New York City. 

210 Benjamin Franklin' Parsons (Levi,* Asahel,* John,* 
Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Levi* and Betsey (Mor- 
gan) Parsons, b. June 2, 1811 ; m. (i) May i, 1847, Martha Ann 
Bush, of Whately, Mass., b. Aug. i, 1826, who d. Oct. 7, 1861. 
He m. (2) Dec, 1877, Carolyn M. Otis, of Rochester, N. Y., who 
resides (1911) in Houston, Tex. He was versatile in his occu- 
pations, first a carpenter and building contractor, next a patent 
lawyer, and then a farmer in Texas. He d. Aug. 3, 1900, at 
Pasadena, Tex. 

Children of Benjamin F.^ and Martha A. (Bush) Parsons: 

350 1 Ida Maria,* b. May 14, 1848, at Marion, Ala. ; m. Dec. 

21, 1871, Vincent M. West. 

351 ii Ann Elizabeth," b. Jan. 16, 1850, at Marion, Ala.; m. 

Jan. 12, 1870, Rev. Henry M. Tenney. 

211 RoxANNA Rebecca^ Parsons (Levi,* Asahel,* John,* 
Lieut. John,* Joseph,' Joseph^), dau. of Levi® and Betsey (Mor- 
gan) Parsons, b. Nov. 25, 1817, at Northampton, Mass., was edu- 
cated at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, So. Hadley, Mass., 
1839 to 1841, and was a teacher there from 1841 to 1845, while 
Mary Lyon and Fidelia Fiske made the Institution famous. In 
later years her vision was impaired by over study, which finally 
resulted in total blindness, but she was active in all good works, 
with a charming personality to the time of her death, on May 30, 
1885. She m. Sept. 8, 1845, ^t Northampton, Dr. Caleb Green, 
b. Nov. 14, 1819, at Lafayette, Onondaga Co., N. Y., son of Tur- 
pin and Martha (Hall) Green. He was graduated from the 
Geneva Medical College, 1844, and thereafter practiced his pro- 
fession successfully at Homer, Cortland, Co., N. Y., to the time 
of his death. In 1855 he was elected Professor of Materia Medica 

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and General Pathology in the Geneva Medical College and taught 
there until 1862. 

Children of Roxanna R.^ (Parsons) and Dr, Caleb Green: 
i William* Green, b. Feb. 4, 1854; d. in infancy. 

352 ii Dr. Frank Hamilton® Green, b. Aug. 7, 1856; d. Dec. 7, 

1902; m. June 20, 1883, Sarah A. Fraser. 
iii Frederick Hyde* Green, b. Aug. 2, 1859; d. Feb. 11, 

212 Rev. Levi Harrison^ Parsons (Levi,* Asahel,* John,* 
Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Levi* and Betsey (Mor- 
gan) Parsons, b. Jan. i, 1820, was educated at Amherst College, 
from which he received the honorary degree of A. M. About 
1850 went South and taught a school for boys at Jacksonville, 
Ala., where he m. (i) July 23, 1856, Fanny Potter Northrop, 
b. May 4, 181 7, d. May 6, 1868, who was teacher in a girls 
school in the same place. Later he was President of the Synod- 
ical Female College at Greensboro, Ga. In 1862 and 1863 he 
was President of the Florida Military Institute at Tallahassee, Fla. 
He returned North after the war and was pastor of Presbyterian 
churches on Long Island, N. Y., and in New Jersey. He m. (2) 
Catherine Worthington Ketcham, b. Aug. 5, 1839, d- J^^- ^^* 
191 1, at Lindenhurst, Long Island, N. Y. 

Children of Rev. Levi H.^ and Fanny P. (Northrop) 
Parsons : 

353 i Rev. Dwight Levi,® b. May 13, 1857, at Rocky Mount, 

Ala. ; m. Aug. 16, 1893, Minnie Emma Paine. 

ii Franklin Pelham,® b. June 10, i860, at Jacksonville, 
Ala.; d. an infant. 
Children of Levi H.^ and Catherine W. (Ketcham) 
Parsons : 

iii Edward Edwin,® b. in 1871 at Cedarville, N. J. ; d. an 

iv Frederick Worthington,® b. Mar. 8, 1881, at Linden- 
hurst, L. I.; d. 1884. 

V Harrison Moi^n,® b. Jan. 22, 1875, at Lindenhurst, 
L. I., N. Y. 

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213 Ansel Clark^ Parsons (Levi,* Asahel," John,* lieut 
John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 23, 1823, at Northampton, 
Mass.; d. in Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1899. He married 1852, 
Mahala Corson Owen, of Canastota, N. Y., and settled near Roch- 
ester, N. Y. 

Children of Ansel Clark' and Mahala Corson (Owen) 

Parsons : 

i Daniel Harris,* b. ; d. in 1861. 

ii William Otis,* b. ; d. in 1894. 

iii Helen Hart,* b. ; is living in Rochester, N. Y. ; 


iv Edwin Ansel,* b. ; m. June 30, 1885, Caroline 

E., dau. of Isaac Cheney and Luanda (Chase) 
Pierce. He resides and does business in Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

214 Deacon Lucius Pomeroy' Parsons (David,* David,* 
John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. May 15, 1810; d. Sept. 
29, 1894. He m. May i, 1833, Florintha Loud, of Westhampton, 
Mass., b. Jan. 20, 1813, and d. May 11, 1902. He removed to 
Huntsburgh, Ohio, where he died. 

Children of Lucius Pomeroy^ and Florintha (Loud) 

Parsons : 
1 Infant, b. Mar. 15, 1836; d. in infancy, 
ii Frances Pamelia,* b. Oct. 7, 1837; m. May 23, 1858, 

Henry M. Strong, who d. June i, 1904. 
iii Edwin Watson,* b. June 4, 1840; d. July 14, 1842. 
iv Edward Nelson,* b. Sept. 12, 1842; enlisted Sept. 12, 
1861, and died at Camp WicklifFe, Ky., Jan. 21, 1862. 
V Arthur D.,* b. Oct. 4, 1844 ; m. Hattie Phillips, who d. 
Nov. 23, 1910. He d. Jan. 14, 191 1. Had one son, 
A. Vernon* Parsons, 
vi Lucius Vernon,* b. Jan. 28, 1847; d- ^^ Gilroy, Apr. 21, 

vii George Willis,* b. Sept. 26, 1848; d. Oct. 15, 1857. 
354 viii Flora J.,* b. Feb. 23, 1851; m. May 20, 1872, Henry 
S. Phelps. 

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355 ix Austin Frank,* b. May 21, 1853; m. Apr. 11, 1874, 

Laura Elizabeth Holliday. 

X Frederick Watson,® b. ; m. Emma Parsons ; has 

a son, Lucius® Parsons. 

215 Edwin Clark' Parsons (David,* David,' John,* Lieut. 
John,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Sept. 6, 1821 ; d. Dec. 16, 1867. He 
m. Nov. 25, 1850, Eliza L. Judd, b. Mar. 16, 1824, and d. in 
1890 at Money Island. 

Children of Edwin Clark' and Euza (Judd) Parsons: 
i Anna Judd,* b. Aug. 31, 1859; d. Mar. 3, 1867. 
ii Frederick Dwight,* b. July 9, 1862; m. (i) Oct 22, 
1890, Grace M. Steele, of Northampton. She d. Jan. 
14, 1898, leaving a son, Edwin Charles,* b. Sept. 24, 
1892. He m. (2) June 6, 1900, Christine Law, of 
Springfield, who had a daughter, Phebe,' b. July 5, 
1901, and d. same day. Frederick D.* Parsons is in 
business in Springfield, Mass. (Judd and Parsons), 
as local managers of several Fire Insurance Com- 
panies, and Special Agent for New England of the 
Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Co. of New York, 
iii Lulu Maria,* b. Sept. 15, 1864 (an adopted daughter). 

216 Eunice^ Parsons (Seth,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* 
Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Jan. 20, 1791 ; d. July 19, 1830. She m. 
Feb. 22, 1813, Thomas Pratt, b. at Waymouth, Mass., Oct. 22, 
1784; and d. at Northampton, Mass., Dec. 6, 1868. He m. (2) 
Jan. 28, 1835, Pamelia^ Parsons, dau. of David* and Rachel 
(Pomeroy) Parsons. She d. June 16, 1836. He m. (3) Oct. 29, 
1838, Sarah Strong, b. Oct. 15, 1805, d. July 16, 1897. 

Children of Eunice^ (Parsons) and Thomas Pratt: 

356 i William Fenno* Pratt, b. Jan. 15, 1814; d. Mar. 30, 

1900 ; m. Feb. 18, 1835, Elizabeth Qapp. 
ii Thomas Moses* Pratt, b. June 6, 1816 ; d. Sept. 3, 1853, 

at Worcester, Mass.; m. Mercy Snow, 
iii Levi Lewis* Pratt, b. Mar. 18, 1818; d. Jan., 1905, at 

Watertown, N. Y. ; m. Mrs. Celina Buckingham, of 

Digitized by 



Fredonia, N. Y. ; was for several years an editor at 
Watertown, N. Y. 
iv Wales Parsons* Pratt, b. May 3, 1820; d. Jan. 25, 1846; 
m. Sarah Ann Back. 

V Charles Seeger* Pratt, b. Feb. 16, 1822; d. June 15, 

1907; m. Feb. 2, 1847, Rachel M. Stickney, b. Dec. 

30, 1825, and d. Jan. 22, 1890. 
vi Mary Ann® Pratt, b. Oct. 8, 1823; d. Feb. 9, 1849; m. 

Dec. 22, 1847, Morris Parsons Thayer, b. Nov. 17, 

1822, and d. June 19, 1909. 
vii Horace Parsons* ftatt, b. Oct. 8, 1826; d. Apr. 5, 1870. 
viii Seth Parsons* Pratt, b. Sept. 21, 1828; d. Feb. 8, 1829. 

217 George^ Parsons (Seth,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Seth* and Rachel (Wales) Parsons, b. 
May 3, 1793; m. (i) at Northampton, Mar. 15, 1815, Sarah 
Strong, b. Dec. 7, 1795. She d. Oct. 17, 1830, at Saranac, N. Y. 
He m. (2) at Saranac, June 16, 1831, Mary Emerson Hoyt, b. at 
Tuftonborough, N. H. She d. Feb. 2, 1841, and he m. (3) Sept. 
7, 1842, Adeline H. Tunnicliffe. She d. June 6, 1872. He resided 
at Northampton until about 1824, when he removed to Saranac, 
N. Y., where he engaged in clearing land, making potash, lum- 
bering and various mercantile pursuits, and later in life became 
identified with the iron interests on the Saranac River until he 
retired from business in 1867, and was succeeded by his son, 
David Hunt Parsons. He was a successful and highly esteemed 
business man, holding various public crffices and positions of 
trust ; was identified with the Democratic party and was an active 
political partisan. 

Children of George' and Sarah (Strong) Parsons: 
1 Sally Maria,* b. Nov. 4, 1815; d. Dec. 2, 1837; n^- 

Bissell C. Hopper, 
ii George Henry,* b. Aug. 4, 1817; d. Aug. 12, 1858; m. 

May 29, 1849, Sarah B. Robertson, 
iii A son, b. Apr. 21, 1819; d. in infancy. 
IV William Strong,* b. July 11, 1820; d. Apr. 4, 1821. 

V Aaron Wales,* b. Jan. 16, 1822 ; d. Aug. 23, 1829. 

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357 vi David Hunt,* b. Dec. 20, 1823; d. June 2, 1895; *»• 

Jan. 21, 1846, Ruth Purdy. 
vii Eliza Strong,* b. Nov. 3, 1826, at Saranac; d. Aug, 4, 
Children of George' and Mary E. (Hoyt) Parsons, 
all bom at Saranac, N. Y. : 
viii Frances Eliza,* b. Apr. 12, 1832; d. Aug. 9, 1859, in 
Fremont, Wis.; m. Jan. 4, 1853, Melvin B. Patchen. 

358 ix Susan Harriet,* b. Mar. 18, 1834; d. Feb. 19, 1853, in 

Saranac; m. June 24, 1852, Shepard Pike Bowen. 
X Rachel Wales,* b. Apr. i, 1836; d. Apr. 12, 1875; ^' 

Dec. 27, 1859, R. Morgan, 
xi Sarah Maria,* b. Mar. 15, 1838; d. Aug. 14, 1840. 
xii Janet Eunice,* b. Aug. 9, 1840; d. Jan. 26, 1841. 
Children of George' and Adeline H. (Tunnicliffe) 

Parsons : 
xiii Sarah Holt,* b. Nov. 12, 1844; d, Nov. 26, 1905; m. 
(i) Feb. 14, 1864, B. Frank Davis. She m. (2) Dr. 
George D. Dunham, who d. Nov. 29, 1891. 

359 xiv Wales,* b. Dec. 11, 1846; d. Feb. 21, 1894; m. Louise 

E. Jackson, Oct. 24, 1870. 

218 Edward' Parsons (Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Moses* and Esther (Kingsley) Parsons, 
b. Mar. 14, 1797; m. Jan. i, 1828, Qementina, b. July 24, 1802, 
dau. of Peleg Cheney and Martha (Roy) Janes, of Brimfield, 
Mass. He was an architect, and resided at Northampton, Mass., 
until 1830, then removed to Brockville, Ohio, and in 183 1 to 
Qeveland, Ohio, where he lived until 1868, when he went to Kent, 
Portage Co., Ohio. He was a farmer in Ohio and Postmaster 
for eight years at Brimfield, Ohio. (See No. 588.) 
Children of Edward' and Clementina (Janes) Parsons: 
i Edward Augustus,* b. Jan. 25, 1829, at Northampton, 
Mass.; m. Sept. 25, 1853, at Brimfield, Ohio, Mary 
Jane, dau. of Freeman and Amelia (Lincoln) Under- 
wood, of Kent, Ohio. He was a produce commission 
merchant, wholesale and retail. 

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360 ii Timothy Graves,* b. Sq)t. 17, 1832; m. Dec. 12, 1866, 

Eleanor Maria Sawyer. (See No. 589.) 
360a iii Harriet Janes,' b. June 24, 1835, at Brimfield, Ohio; 
m. Apr. 3, 1857, Sherman Marshall Blake, of Brim- 
field, Ohio. (See No. 590.) 
360b iv Martha Kingsley," b. Apr. i, 1838; m. Oct. 18, 1859, at 
Kent, Ohio, George Washington Grouse, b. Nov. 23, 
1832, son of George and Margaret Harvey (Robin- 
son) Grouse, of Greene, Summit Co., Ohio. He was 
Auditor 1858-1863, and Treasurer 1863 of Summit 
Co., Ohio. He enlisted in Co. F, 164th Ohio Vols., 
May I, 1864, and was Lieutenant in that Company. 
At the close of the war, he became Secretary and 
Treasurer, and member of the firm of Aultman, Mil- 
ler & Co., manufacturers of the Buckeye Mower and 
Reaper at Akron, Ohio. He was President of the 
Common Council, President of the Board of Trade, 
and member of the Board of Education of Akron, 
Ohio. (See No. 591.) 

361 V William Cheney," b. Feb. 19, 1841 ; m. Dec. 31, 1868, 

Sarah Day Seymour. (See No. 592.) 
361a vi Qementina,® b. Sept. 30, 1843 * ^' J^^Y 2, 1867, at Kent, 
Ohio, Charles Harrison Barber, b. Aug. 9, 1839, ^^ E. 
Windsor, Conn., son of Henry and Emily Terry 
(Osborne) Barber. He was Corporal in the 25th 
Connecticut Regiment and lost his left arm in a 
battle at Port Hudson, June 14, 1863. (See No. 

219 Thomas^ Parsons (Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut 
John,» Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Oct. 16, 1803; d. Nov. 15, 1865, at 
Peru, Mass. He m. Feb. 22, 1825, Maria Elwell, b. July 4, 1804, 
dau. of Malachi and Lydia (Warner) Elwell, of Chesterfield, 

Children of Thomas^ and Maria (Elwell) Parsons: 

i Mary Barber,* b. May i, 1826; d. Dec. 5, 1828. 

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ii Moses,® b. Feb. i6, 1828; m. Oct. 11, 1854, at Ravenna, 

Ohio, Lucy A. Osbom. 
iii Lorenzo,® b. Jan. 12, 1829; d. Jan. 29, 1830. 
iv Mary Elizabeth,® b. Jan. 10, 1831 ; d. Jan. 29, 1831. 
V Thomas Lorenzo,® b. Aug. 6, 1832; m. Nov. 29, 1863, 

Elizabeth H. Tribon. 
vi Lydia,® b. Sept. 15, 1834; d. Oct. 10, 1834. 
vii Pamelia Maria,® b. Oct. 15, 1835; ^' Dec. 5, 1853, 

Charles H. Hartle. 
viii Lydia Kingsley,® b. Sept. 12, 1837; d. Sept. 2, 1855. 
ix Mary Frances,® b. Jan. 21, 1839; d- ^^g- ^8, 1867; m. 

Nov. 3, 1859, at Middlefield, Mass., Henry L. Shum- 

X Harlan Page,® b. Sept. 28, 1844, at Rootstown, Ohio; 

m. Oct. 27, 1867, Celestia A. McMannus, of Ra- 
venna, Ohio. She d. May 22, 1873. 

220 Orenzo^ Parsons (Justin,® Moses,** Moses,* Lieut. John,® 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Westminster, Vt., Feb. 10, 1795; d. at 
Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1867. He m. at Pittsfield, Mass., June 
18, 1818, Roxanna Burt, b. at Pittsfield, Feb. 13, 1795, dau. of 
Dea. Ebenezer and Naomi (Clark) Burt. 

Children of Orenzo^ and Roxanna (Burt) Parsons, 
all born at Pittsfield, Mass. : 

362 i James Merkle,® b. Nov. 26, 182 1; m. Aug. 15, 1844, 

Naomi Clark Kingsley. 

363 ii Rev. Justin Wright,® b. Apr. 26, 1824; d. July 28, 1880; 

m. Dec. II, 1849, Catherine Jennings. 

iii Cornelia Antoinette,® b. Oct. 10, 1829; d. Mar. 12, 1832. 

iv Esther Cornelia,® b. Oct. 11, 1832; m. Nov. 29, 1855, 
Luther Fuller Dickinson, son of Harvey and Mary 
(Sparhawk) Dickinson, of Hadley, Mass. 

364 V Rev. Eben Burt,® b. March 3, 1835; m. June 15, 1869, 

Clara Bigelow. 

221 George Washington^ Parsons (Joseph,® Capt Joseph,* 
Joseph,* John,® Joseph,' Joseph^), b. May 9, 1833; "^- May 3, 

Digitized by 



1854, Loella Irene Stearns, of Chicopee, Mass., b. July 27, 1838, 
in Sttikeley, Canada, East. He enlisted Aug. 9, 1862, in the nth 
Regt., First Heavy Artillery, Vt. Battalion E. He was promoted 
Artificer Dec. 28, 1863, and mustered out June 24, 1865. 
Children of George Washington* and Loella I. (Stxarns) 

Parsov s, all bom at Pittsfield, Mass. : 
365 i Ida Loella,* b. Feb. 13, 1855; m. Nov. 27, 1879, John 
H. Covey. 
ii Ella Georgiana,* b. Mar. 24, 1857; m. Dec. 25, 1878, 
Charles S. Wilson, of Bellows Falls, Vt. Child: 
George Nelson* Wilson, b. June 30, 1884. 
iii Charles Joseph,* b. Nov. 29, 1859; d- J^**^ 3» 1861, at 
Newfane, Vt. 

222 Hon. Levi Parsons^ Morton (Lucretia Parsons,* Rev. 
Justin,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of 
Rev. Daniel O. and Lucretia* (Parsons) Morton, b. May 16, 
1824, engaged in mercantile pursuits early in life. In 1854 he 
founded the dry goods commission firm of Morton and Grin- 
nell in N. Y. City. In 1863 the banking house of L. P. 
Morton and Co., in New York, and L. P. Morton, Bums and Co., 
London. In 1869 the firm of Morton, Bliss and Co., New York, 
and Morton, Rose and Co., London. In 1876 he became active in 
politics and was a candidate for Congress but was defeated. In 
1878 he was appointed honorary commissioner to the Paris Ex- 
position and while there he was again nominated to Congress from 
his district, and on his return was elected by a majority of 6,000, 
the first time his district was represented by a Republican. He 
was appointed by President Garfield Minister to France. In 1888 
he was elected Vice-President of the United States and, on the 
expiration of his term, was elected Governor of N. Y. State. 
Since then he has given his attention to his banking business and 
the directorship of the various corporations that he is connected 
with. He has for many years ranked among the first financiers 
and statesmen of his country. He is a direct descendant of George 
Morton, of Barotry, Yorkshire, Eng., who landed in Plymouth, 
Mass., on the ship Ann, 1623. He m. (i) Oct. 15, 1856, Lucy 

Digitized by 



Young Kimball; m. (2) Feb. 12, 1873, Anna Livingston Read 
Children of Levi P.^ and Anna L. R. (Street) Morton : 
i Edith Livingston* Morton, b. at Newport, R. L, June 

20, 1874. 
ii Lena Kearney* Morton, b. at Newport, R. I., May 20, 

iii Helen Stuyvesant* Morton, b. at Newport, R. I., Aug. 

2, 1876. 
iv Lewis Parsons* Morton, b. at London, Eng., Sept. 21, 

1877 ; d. there Jan. 10, 1878. 
V Alice,* Morton, b. at New York, Mar. 23, 1879. 
vi Mary* Morton, b. at New York, June 11, 1881. 

223 Mary^ Morton (Lucretia* Parsons, Rev. Justin,* Ben- 
jamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), dau. of Rev. Daniel 
O. and Lucretia* (Parsons) Morton, b. May 5, 1829; m. Feb. 2,Ty 
1856, Hon. William F. Grinnell, of N. Y. City, b. 1831, son of 
Hon. George and Eliza (Seymour) Grinnell, of Greenfield, Mass., 
who was a graduate of Dartmouth College, 1808, a member of 
Congress and Judge of Probate of Franklin Co., Mass. William 
F. Grinnell was for a time a partner of his brother-in-law, L. P. 
Morton, and, after 30 years business experience in N. Y. City, 
he was for 26 years U. S. Consul in France and Germany, and at 
Bradford, and Manchester, England. He was appointed by Pres- 
ident Hayes in 1877, and resigned about 1903. Both he and his 
wife now (1911) reside in Paris. 

Children of Mary^ (Morton) and Wiluam F. Grinnell: 

366 i William Morton* Grinnell, b. Feb. 28, 1857 ; d. Feb. 9, 

1906 ; m. Dec. 8, 1898, Elizabeth Lee Ernst. 

367 ii Mary Lucretia* Grinnell, b. June 23, 1858; m. Jan. 23, 

1883, Edward H. Landon. 
iii Richard Bradley* Grinnell, b. Jan. 30, i860, 
iv Ethel Morton* Grinnell, b. Feb. 14, 1872. 

224 Martha^ Morton (Lucretia* Parsons, Rev. Justin,* Ben- 
jamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), dau. of Rev. Daniel O. and 

Digitized by 



Lucretia* (Parsons) Morton, b. May 5, 1829; m. Aug. 8, 1852, 
Rev. Alanson Hartpence. 

Children of Martha^ (Morton) and Rev. Alanson 
Hartpence : 
i Mary Lucretia* Hartpence, b. Aug. 8, 1853, at LaFay- 
ette, Ind. ; m. Mahlon Day Sands, of New York (his 
2d wife), 
ii Alanson Morton* Hartpence, b. Apr. 22, 1855, at Milan, 

Ohio; d. at N. Y., Sept. 10, 1855. 
iii Lucy Morton* Hartpence, b. Oct. 13, 1856, at Nash- 
ville, Tenn.; m. at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 14, 1874, 
Rev. Francis Le Baron Robbins, D. D. 
iv Martha Ella,* Hartpence, b. Dec. 24, 1859, at Columbia, 

225 Rev. William Leonard^ (D. D.) Parsons (Seth,* Rev. 
Silas,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. June 25, 
181 1, at Fairhaven, Vt.; d. 1877; m. (i) Oct. 31, 1833, at Buffalo, 
N. Y., Mary Ann Holt. She d. July 23, 1834, at Lockport, N. Y. 
He m. (2) Aug. 27, 1841, at Oberlin, Ohio, Lavinia Bradley, b. 
Sept. 29, 1 810, at Lebanon, N. Y., dau. of William and Sophia 
(Webster) Bradley, of Broadhead, Wis. She d. Jan. 15, 1845, at 
Aurora, 111. He m. (3) May 18, 1846, at Battle Creek, Mich., 
Lucy Ann Seymour, b. Apr. 30, 1819, at Ithaca, N. Y., dau. of 
Miles and Mary (Kreappen) Seymour. 

He graduated Aug., 1838, from, and 1841 in Theology at Ober- 
lin, Ohio, and was ordained Aug., 1841. He preached at Newark, 
N. J., Aurora, 111., and Milwaukee, Wis., and was the author of 
"The Believer's Victory Over Satan's Devices." He was Profes- 
sor of Mental and Moral Science at Ingham University, Le Roy, 
N. Y. In younger days he was Captain in the N. Y. Militia. 
Children of Rev. William L.^ and Lavinia (Bradley) 

Parsons : 
i William Bradley,* b. July 18, 1842, at Newark, N. J.; 

d. Feb. 21, 1853, at Westfield, N. Y. 
ii Levinia Bradley,® b. Jan. 13, 1844, at Aurora, 111., and 
d. that day. 

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226 Mary Louise^ Parsons (William,* Rev. Silas,' Benja- 
min,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 8, 1818, at East Bloom- 
field, N. Y.; married (i) at Lockport, N. Y., June 11, 1840, Oli- 
ver Perry Gooding. He died Feb. 18, 1850, at Lockport, 111. She 
married (2) at Beaver, Pa., July 25, 1852, RoUin Grooding Parks. 
She d. Oct. 15, 1881. 

Children of Mary L.'^ (Parsons) and Oliver P. Gooding: 
1 James Gillespie Bimey* Gooding, b. Sept. 12, 1842, at 
Lockport, N. Y. ; d. Nov. 14, 1870, at Green Bay, 

368 ii William Parsons* Gooding, b. Mar. 25, 1846; m. May 

21, 1868, Elizabeth Delight. 

369 lii John Francis* Gooding, b. Dec. 10, 1848; m. Dec. 11, 

1853, Ida May Cole. 
Children of Mary L.'^ (Parsons) and Rollin G. Parks: 

370 iv Mary Amanda* Parks, b. Sept. 25, 1853; m. Winslow 

C. Tyler. 
V Elizabeth Chumasers® Parks, b. Nov. 4, i860; d. 1898; 
m. Sweet. 

227 William Fiske^ Parsons (William,* Rev. Silas,** Ben- 
jamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Oct. 12, 1820, at East 
Bloomfield, N. Y. ; d. Feb., 1852. He was drowned off the coast 
of California. He married at Hartland, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1842, 
Rebecca Hosmer, b. Apr. 17, 1821, at West Avon, N. Y., dau. of 
Albert and Mary Ann (Pierson) Hosmer, of Hartland, N. Y. 
Child of William Fiske' and Rebecca (Hosmer) Parsons: 
370a 1 Mary Louisa,* b. June 11, 1846, at Lockport, N. Y.; d. 

1904; m. Apr. 15, 1868, William H. Starkweather. 

228 Levi Eggleston'' Parsons (William,* Rev. Silas,* Ben- 
jamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 8, 1822, at Lock- 
port, N. Y. ; married Jan. 27, 1847, Mary J. Baldwin. He went 
to Lockport, 111., in 1849 ^^^ overland to California in 1850. He 
returned in 1852 to Peru, 111., and was in business there and at 
Pekin, 111., until 1874, when he went to Colorado in silver mining 

Digitized by 



near Silverton, Colo. In 1875 he returned to Milwaukee, Wis., 
and in 1882 to Cummings, N. D., and engaged in farming until 
he died, Apr. i, 1902. 

Chiuhien of Levi Eggleston' and Mary J. (Baldwin) 
Parsons : 
371 i William Eggleston,' b. Oct. 17, 1847; "i- ^^ Pekin, 111., 
Sept. 8, 1869, Qara Fisher, 
ii Kate Amanda,* b. Jan. 12, 1856, at Peru, 111. ; m. Oct. 8, 
1874, Edward M. Upson. They have a son, Maxwell 
M.* Upson, b. Apr. 22, 1876. 
iii John Baldwin,* b. May 29, 1859, at Peru, 111. ; d. Sept. 

5. 1859. 
iv Levi Eggleston,* b. July 2, i860; d. Feb. 23, 1861. 

229 Nathaniel Spencer^ Parsons (William,* Rev. Silas,' 
Benjamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 4, 1825, at Lock- 
port, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 25, 1866, Julia M. Barber, dau. of Chester and 
Martha (Fowler) Barber, of So. Windsor, Conn. He was edu- 
cated in the common schools. High School, and Business Col- 
lege at Lockport, N. Y. In 1852 he went to Colorado to prospect 
for gold. In 1861 he enlisted in Co. H, ist Colorado Cavalry, and 
was honorably discharged in 1865. From 1866 to 1874 he was 
bookkeeper in Milwaukee. In 1874 he went to Colorado and pros- 
pected seven years, and returned to Milwaukee and died there 
in 1901. 

Children of Nathaniel SJ and Julia M. (Barber) Parsons: 
i Elliott Barber," b. June 17, 1869, at Milwaukee, Wis. 
ii Ada M.,' b. in 1873, at Milwaukee, Wis. 

230 Jonathan Child^ Parsons (William,^ Rev. Silas,'' Ben- 
jamin,* Ebenezer,» Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Sept. 12, 1835, at Lock- 
port, N. Y.; d. Oct., 1905, at Milwaukee, Wis. He m. (i) at 
Chicago, 111., July 25, i860, Martha Coryell. He m. (2) 1883, 
Nettie Ho^er, of Milwaukee, Wis. He was a bookkeeper and 
accountant, and was educated at the Business College, Lockport, 
N. Y. 

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seventh generation 239 

Child of Jonathan Child^ and Martha (Coryell) Parsons: 

372 i John Coryell,* b. May 17, 1861, at Peru, 111.; m. Minnie 

R. Nelson. 
Child of Jonathan Child' and Nettie (Hoeger) Parsons: 
ii Ferdinand Hoeger,* b. in 1886 ; m. 1908, Anna Goest. 

231 Amanda Maria' Parsons (William,* Rev. Silas,* Ben- 
jamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 4, 1837, at Lodkport, 
N- Y.; m. at Peru, 111., May i, 1861, Edwin Upson, b. May 24, 
1814, at Southington, Conn., son of Asahel and Lydia (Webster) 
Upson. He was a commission merchant and Life Ins. Agent, and 
resided at Milwaukee, Wis., in 1882. 

Children of Amanda M.^ (Parsons) and Edwin Upson: 
i William Parsons* Upson, b. Oct. 13, 1862, at Mil- 
waukee; d. Sept. 6, 1863. 
ii Mary Parsons* Upson, b. Oct. 9, 1869, at Milwaukee, 
Wis. She married Mar. 21, 1906, Oscar Carter 
Avery, b. Sept. 5, i860, at Hawley, Mass., son of 
Amos Lawrence and Ellen Rosina (Carter) Avery. 
He is a merchant, residing at Charlemont, Mass. 

232 Benjamin F.' Parsons (Willard,* Rev. Solomon,* Ben- 
jamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 17, 1827; 
graduated from Williams College, Mass., class of 1857. He was 
Principal of Bacon Academy at Colchester, Ct., where he mar- 
ried Dec. 20, 1859, Leonora Frances Bartlett, of Colchester, Conn., 
b. Oct. 9, 1837, at Natchez, Miss. Later he founded the South 
Berkshire Institute at New Marlboro, Mass., where he was quite 
successful for ten years. Failing health caused him to settle in 
Hawkinsville, Ga., in 1877, where he engaged in business as man- 
ager of plantations, stores, etc., where he died, never having fully 
regained his health. He was ordained a minister soon after leav- 
ing college and was always an active and interested worker for 
the good of every community where he resided. 

Children of Benjamin F.^ and Leonora F. (Bartlett) 

Parsons : 

373 i Charles Lathrop,* b. Mar. 23, 1867, at New Marlboro, 

Digitized by 



Mass.; m. Dec. 29, 1887, Alice Douglas Robertson. 

374 ii William Naramore,® b. Oct. 11, 1869, at New Marl- 

boro, Mass.; m. Oct. 8, 1895, Carrie Waterman. 

233 Dr. Ralph Lyman^ Parsons (Simeon Lewis,* Simeon," 
Simeon,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,' Joseph^), prepared for collie 
at the Franklin Academy, Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., N. Y., where 
he also taught mathematics; Amherst College, class of 1853; 
teacher at Lynn, Mass., and Pittsfield, where he was a medical 
student at the Pittsfield Medical College and later at N. Y. Medi- 
cal College, N. Y. City, where he graduated 1857; assistant phy- 
sician at the N. Y. City Lunatic Asylum, 1857-60; assistant sur- 
geon U. S. Army one year ; medical superintendent at N. Y. City 
Lunatic Asylum 1865 to 1877; niedical superintendent at Kings 
Co. Lunatic Asylum one year. 

In 1880 he established a private hospital for mental and nervous 
diseases at Ossining, N. Y., of which he is still the manager and 
proprietor with his son. Dr. Ralph Wait Parsons. He m. Apr. 7, 
1864, Helen Loretta Wait. 

Children of Dr. Ralph L.^ and Helen L. (Wait) Parsons: 
i Ralph Wait,« b. Oct. i, 1867; m. Oct. 18, 1893, Ann 
May Hart. Graduated at N. Y. College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, 1890 ; assistant physician at Hud- 
son River State Hospital until 1893 ; assistant physi- 
cian since then at his father's sanitarium at Ossining ; 
has one child, Theodore Hart,® b. Mar. 21, 1899. 
ii Marion,® b. Feb. 28, 1870. 

234 Edward Williams^ Parsons (David,* Rev. David," Rev. 
David,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 28, 1816; m. Caro- 
line Matilda Stebbins, Nov. 28, 1839, at Hartford, Conn. He was 
a prominent business man in Hartford and a selectman for 
many years. 

Children of Edward Wiluams^ and Caroline Matilda 
(Stebbins) Parsons: 

375 i Elizabeth Barnard,' b. at Amherst, Dec. 7, 1840; m. 

Nov. 20, 1866, Frederick Elizur Goodrich. 

Digitized by 



376 ii Charles Henry ,• b. Apr. 17, 1843; n^- (i) Oct. 17, 1867, 

Mary Adelaide Mortimer; m. (2) Nov. 12, 1890, 
Mrs. Charlotte (Mortimer) Remington, 
ill Caroline Stebbins,* b. Oct. 13, 1849; d- i^ Hartford, 
Conn., Mar. 2, 1882; unm. 

235 Charles Henry* Parsons (David,* Rev. David,* Rev. 
David,* Rev. David,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Dec. i, 1821; d. June 
II, 1898. He m. Jan. 5, 1852, at Meriden, Conn., Sarah, dau. of 
Ezekial and Bethia (Merriam) Rice. He was cashier of the U. S. 
Bureau of Internal Revenue at Washington, D. C, during the 
Civil War. 

Children of Charles Henry* and Sarah (Rice) Parsons: 
i Ellen Rice,* b. 7 Jan., 1853 ; d. 19 Oct., 1853. 

377 ii Francis Henry,® b. 23 Jan., 1855; m. June 3, 1880, 

Sophia Sparks Fisher. 

236 Nancy Porter^ Parsons (David,* Rev. David," Rev. 
David,* Rev. David,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Mar. 9, 1833; d. Nov. 
19, 1906, at Jamaica Plains, Mass. She m. July 26, 1855, William 
Fiske, son of Rev. John Fiske, D. D., and Betsey (Mellen) 
Flske, of North Braintree, Mass., who d. at Newark, N. J., Mar. 
10, 1894. 

Children of Nancy Porter^ (Parsons) and William Fiske: 
i Infant, d. unnamed. 

ii John Percy* Fiske, b. Jan. 12, 1862; d. Sept., 1862. 

iii Pamelle Coan* Fiske, b. June 26, 1864. 

iv James Mellen* Fiske, b. June 16, 1868; d. Aug. 27, 1868. 

V William Perry* Fiske, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 9, 
1869; m. June 16, 1902, Ruth Robey Tucker, of 
Jamaica Plains, Mass. Children: Elizabeth* Fiske, 
b. in Sharon, Mass., Oct. 7, 1903; Nancy* Fiske, 
b. Dec. 17, 1904. 

vi Edward Parsons* Fiske, b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 11, 
1872; d. Sept., 1872. 

237 Richard Chappell^ Parsons (Thomas,* Rev. David,* 

Digitized by 



Rev. David/ Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Thomas* and 
Frances Catharine (Chappell) Parsons, b. at New London, Ct., 
Oct. 10, 1826; d. at Qeveland, Ohio, 1899, where he had resided 
for many years. He was a man of large influence in tmsiness and 
in the politics of Ohio. 

He was appointed U. S. Consul at Rio de Janeiro by President 
Lincoln ; was Marshall of the U. S. Supreme Court at Washington 
under Chief Justice Chase; was a member of Congress from 
Qeveland and held other important offices. He married Sarah, 
only daughter of Judge Samuel Starkweather, who survived him. 
Children of Richard C.'^ and Sarah (Starkweather) 
Parsons : 
i Julia Starkweather,* b. May 4, 1854. 
ii Richard C.,* b. Oct. 29, 1858. 
ill Fanny,* b. Dec. 3, 1866; d. Mar., 1868. 

237a John Caldwell' Parsons (Francis,* Rev. David,* Rev. 
David,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. at Hartford, Jan. 3, 
1832 ; d. there Mar. 1 1, 1898. He graduated at Yale College 1855, 
and Harvard Law School 1858, and began the practice of law in 
the office of his great-uncle. Chief Justice Thomas S. Williams, 
and continued in the practice of his profession at Hartford until 
his death. 

He had, to a large degree, the trust and confidence of his fellow 
citizens, and held many offices of trust and responsibility. At the 
time of his death he was President of the Society for Savings, and 
President of the Security Company, and was a director of the 
National Exchange Bank, the Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co., and 
the Connecticut Fire Ins Co. He was also connected with many 
educational, charitable, and religious institutions, including the 
First Church, with which he was connected from boyhood. He 
was familiarly known as ''Major Parsons" from his service as 
Major of the first company of the "Governor's Foot Guard." 

He was a public-spirited citizen, contributing freely of time and 
money to any cause of real benefit to the community. He nv Apr. 
7, 1870, Mary, dau. of Dr. Samuel McQellan, of Philadelphia, 
and a granddaughter of Rev. Dr. Ezra Stiles Ely. 

Digitized by 


seventh generation 243 

Child of John Caldwell^ and Mary (McClellan) Parsons: 

377a 1 Frances,* b. at Hartford, Jan. 13, 1871; m. Elizabeth 
Alden Hutchins, June 22, 1897. 

237b Mary Hooker^ Parsons (Francis,* Rev. David," Rev. 
David,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 2, 1835, at Hart- 
ford, Conn. She was married June 6, 1866, at Hartford, by Rev. 
E. P. Rogers, D. D., of New York City, to Capt, Watson Webb, 
of the U. S. Army, b. Nov. 10, 1833, in New York City, son of 
James Watson and Helen Lespenard (Stewart) Webb. He died 
Dec. 3, 1876, at Oakland, Cal. His father, James Watson Webb, 
was bom at Qaverack, N. Y., a son of General Samuel Blatchley 
Wd)b, of the Revolutionary Army. He, early in life, was a dis- 
tinguished army officer and later a journalist, the editor and pro- 
prietor of the "Courier and Enquirer" of New York City. For 
eight years, from 1861, he was U. S. Minister to Brazil, and was 
one of the most distinguished men of his time. Another son. 
General Alexander S. Webb, LL. D., graduated at West Point in 
1855 and was a distinguished officer iij the Civil War, and for 
many years, from 1869, was President of the College of the City 
of New York. 

Children of Capt. Watson and Mary Hooker^ (Parsons) 


i Francis Parsons* Webb, b. Sept. 26, 1868, at Fort 
Adams, Newport, R. I. 

ii Helen Lispenard* Webb, b. Sept. 25, 1870, at Oakland, 
Cal. ; m. Lawrence Averille Carter, and d. at Coopers- 
town, N. Y., May 12, 1896. 

iii Elizabeth Newton* Webb, b. Aug. 19, 1877, at St. 
Albans, Vt. 

238 Joseph Wise^ Parsons (Pliny Dwight,* Maj. Nathan,' 
Nathan,* Rev. David," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 17, 1833; m. 
Jan. I, 1863, Delia Addie, b. July 17, 1843, dau. of Hiram and 
Harriet Clark, of Brewer, Me. 
Children of Joseph Wise^ and Delia A, (Clark) Parsons: 

Digitized by 



378 i Frank Tefft,^ b. Nov. 2, 1864; m. Apr. 3, 1886, Blanche 

J. Shorcy. 

379 ii Grace Bulfinch,* b. Apr. 16, 1871; m. June 14, 1893, 

Elmer E. Rockwood. 

380 iii Penelope Morse/ b. Feb. 13, 1877; m. June 19, 1902, 

Charles Howard Davis. 

239 Harriet Matilda^ Parsons (Oliver,^ Oliver,* Nathan,* 
David," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 21, 1821, at Lewiston, N. Y.; 
d. Apr. 5, 1853, at Lockport, N. Y. She m. Oct. 14, 1841, Charles 
Stewart Moss, b. Nov. 21, i8i8, at Waterloo, N. Y., son of Jon- 
athan and Fanny (Hubbard) Moss, of Porter, Niagara Co., N. Y. 
He d. at Lockport, N. Y., Mar. 10, 1856. 

Children of Harriet Matilda^ (Parsons) and Charles 
Stewart Moss: 

381 i Frances Caroline* Moss, b. July 31, 1842; m. Apr. 2, 

1868, John Seward Stahl. 

382 ii Frank Parsons* Moss, b. May 9, 1844; m. Nov. 18, 

1867, Mary Elizabeth Curran. 
iii William Stewart* Moss, b. Feb. 17, 1846; d. Aug. 6, 


383 iv Martha Harriet* Moss, b. Oct. 30, 1847; m. 

V Charles Stewart* Moss, b. June 4, 1850; d. Aug. i, 

240 William Goodell^ Parsons (Oliver,* Oliver,* Nathan,* 
David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 7, 1825, at Lockport, N. Y.; 
d. at Chicago, 111., Sept. 30, 1903. He m. at Milwaukee, Wis., 
Oct. 28, 1857, Hannah D. Conover, b. July 19, 1841, dau. of 
Samuel T. and Lydia (Montgomery) Conover, of Manistee, Mich. 
He was a merchant in Milwaukee, Wis., and at one time Sheriff. 
Children of William Goodell^ and Hannah D. (Conover) 

Parsons : 
1 William Conover,* b. Nov. 17, 1869, at Milwaukee, 

ii Charles Morris,* b. Nov. 22, 1871. 

Digitized by 



iii Mary," b. July 4, 1877; ^' Clarence Hills. 

241 Capt. Edwin Burton^ Parsons (Oliver,* Oliver,"* Na- 
than,* David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Lockport, N. Y., Feb. 16, 
1836; m. Dec. 31, 1864, Abby Louise Parker Fay, b. at Wobum, 
Mass., Aug. 29, 1841, dau. of George W. and Abigail (Tufts) 
Fay. He was a soldier in the Civil War, enterii^ the service as 
1st Lieut. After the battle of Stone River, Tenn., he was pro- 
moted to the rank of Capt. He was for a time in command of 
the 24th Regt., Wisconsin Vols., his adjutant then being Arthur 
Mac Arthur, now (1911) Lieut.-Gen. of the U. S. Army, retired. 
He was also acting assistant Inspector-General on the staff of 
Brig.-Gen. Emerson Opdyke. He was appointed by the Governor 
of Wisconsin one of the Commissioners to locate monuments on 
the battlefields of Chickamauga and Chattanooga. He is a mem- 
ber of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, and has been com- 
mander of the Wisconsin Commandery, and is the author of sev- 
eral papers, read before said commandery, and published in its 
records, particularly on the battle of Mission Ridge, at which he 
led the charge up the mountain. Since the war he has been a 
merchant in Milwaukee, Wis., in the firm of E. B. Parsons and 
Co., general commission merchants. 

Children of Edwin Burton^ and Abby Louise Parker (Fay) 

Parsons : 

i Abbie Fay,* b. Sept. 23, 1867. 
ii Alice Gertrude,* b. May 24, 1869. 
384 iii Oliver Edwin,* b. Nov. 8, 1877; m. Sept. 4, 1905, Sarah 
Abigail Laughlin. 

242 Sylvester Gould^ Parsons (Sylvester Gould,* Oliver,* 
Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 16, 1822, at 
Baton Rouge, La.; d, at Bastrop, La.; Feb., 1880. He m. at 
Bastrop, La., Feb. 16, 1854, Mary Graves Whitstone, b. July 2, 
1835, ^^ Autauga Co., Ala., dau. of Dr. John Asa and Martha 
Susan (Alexander) Whitstone, of Bastrop, La. He was Super- 
intendent of Education of Parish of Morehouse, La., and member 

Digitized by 



of the Legislature in 1853, and a lawyer, District Judge and 
Children of Sylvester Gould^ and Mary Graves (Whit- 
stone) Parsons, all bom at Bastrop, La. : 

385 i Mary Gertrude,* b. Jan. 19, 1855 5 "^- Theodore John- 

ii Sylvester Gaston,* b. Aug. 10, 1857; d. Sept. 3, 1862. 
iii Robert Hinson,* b. Mar. 15, 1862; m. Katie Parsons, 

youngest dau. of George B. Marable, of Va. He 

was educated at the La. State University, at Baton 

Rouge, La. 

386 iv Ralph Maitland,* b. Nov. 23, 1864; m. May Brodnax. 

387 V Annie Pearl," b. Feb. 21, 1867; m. James Sutherland, 
vi Sylvester Gould,* b. Mar. 4, 1870; d. in infancy. 

243 David Hill^ Parsons (Sylvester Gould,* Oliver,* Na- 
than,* Rev. David,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 25, 1831, at Spring- 
field, La. He m. (i) Sept. 10, 1857, at Kaufman, Tex., Eudora 
Angeline Stephenson, b. Dec. 19, 1841, at Marshall, Tex., dau. of 
Obediah M. and Louisa (Holt) Stephenson, of Alabama. She d. 
Jan. 15, i860, at Plenitude, Anderson Co., Texas. He m. (2) at 
Fairfield, Tex., Mar. 10, 1861, Ann Eliza Cole, b. June 20, 1842, 
at Douglas, Nacodoches Co., Texas, dau. of Garnet Green and 
Harriet Walton (Payne) Cole, of Butler, Tex. He was a farmer 
and druggist at Rockwell, Tex. Children all b. at Kaufman, Tex. 
Child of David Hill^ and Eudora Angeline (Stephenson) 

Parsons : 
i William Henry,* b. Mar. 23, 1859. 
Children of David Hill^ and Ann Eliza (Cole) Parsons: 
ii John Sumpter,* b. Feb. 13, 1862. 
iii David Charles,* b. Mar. 26, 1864. 
iv Mary Frances, b. Mar. 4, 1869. 
V Thomas Edward,* b. Sept. 9, 1871. 

244 Nathaniel Cox^ Parsons (Sylvester Gould,* Oliver,*^ 
Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph'), b. Jan. 25, 1833, at 
Springfield, La. ; m. at Bastrop, La., Oct. 10, 1855, Eugenia Talba 

Digitized by 



Gordon, b. Jan. 19, 1837, dau. of James Sims and Mary Peace 
(Moore) Gordon. She d. Jan. 22, 1867. He was a planter. 
Children of Nathaniel Cox^ and Eugenia T. (Gordon) 
Parsons, all bom at Bastrop, La. : 
1 Ida Kate,* b. Jan. 7, 1859. 
ii Horatio Edgar," b. Sept. i, 1861. 
iii Clarence Gordon,* b. Sept. 29, 1864. 
iv Eugenia F.,* b. Jan. 19, 1867; d. Nov. 19, 1867. 

24s Rev. William Gaston' Parsons (Sylvester Gould,* Oli- 
ver,'^ Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. July 17, 1837, 
at Springfield, La.; m. Apr. 24, 1861, Kate Graves. 

Children of Rev. William Gaston^ and Kate (Graves) 
Parsons, all bom at Warsaw Prairie, Tex. : 
i Mary Ida,* b. June 18, 1862. 
ii Hattie Kate,* b. June 18, 1862 ; d. Oct. 30, 1867. 
iii Samuel Willie,* b. Aug. 10, 1865. 
iv Louisa Patton,* b. Feb. 21, 1870. 
V Sarah Pearl,* b. Dec. 31, 1871. 

246 Dr. Henry Lucus^ Parsons (Lucus,* Israel," Israel,* 
Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 24, 1821, at Danville, 
Caledonia Co., Vt.; d. July 21, i860, at New York City. He m. 
Josephine Mary, dan. of Francis and Mary Childs, of New 
York City. 

Child of Dr. Henry Lucus^ and Josephine M. (Childs) 

Parsons : 
388 i Josephine Mary,* b. Feb. 14, 1845; m. July 11, 1866, 
Aaron Combs Allen. 

247 George Frederick Augustus^ Parsons (Lucius,* 
Israel,* Israel,* Rev. David,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Aug. 10, 1828, 
at Stanstead, P. Q., Canada; d. Feb. 18, 1868, at Bainbridge, De- 
catur Co., Ga. He m. at Elba, Coffee Co., Ala., Oct. 28, 1857, 
Cynthia Amanda Helmes, b. Apr. i, 1841, in Barber Co., Ala., 
dau. of Prof. John William and Rebecca (George) Helmes, of 
Elba, Ala. She d. Nov. i, 1907, at Montgomery, Ala. 

Digitized by 



Children of George F. A.^ and Cynthia A. (Helmes) 
Parsons : 
i Herman,* b. June 19, i860; m. at Dallas, Tex., Dec. 15, 
1909, Catherine Parsons, adopted dau. of John Dor- 
rence Parsons. 
389 ii Felix," b. July 16, 1862 ; m. June 6, 1895, Myrtle Moore 

248 Samuel Bloomfield^ Parsons (Solomon,* Solomon,' 
Dr. Solomon,* Rev. David,* Joseph,- Joseph^), b. Feb. 24, 1832; 
m. Elizabeth Lamson Gibbs, b. Aug. 5, 1833, and d. Jan. 16, 1875. 

Children of Samuel Bloomfield^ and Elizabeth Lamson 
(Qbbs) Parsons: 
i Anna Gibbs,® b. Nov. 2, 1862; d. Dec. 9, 1909. 
ii Norman Bloomfield,'* b. Sept. 28, 1865. 
iii Irene Elizabeth,* b. Dec. 8, 1867. 
iv Nellie Merriam,* b. Sept. 18, 1870; d. Aug. 25, 1871. 

249 IsAAC^ Parsons (Theodore,* Isaac,' Isaac,* Josiah," Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 30, 1823. He m. Oct. 2, 1850, Rachel 
Corinthia Edwards, b. June 25, 1825, dau. of Luther and Rachel 
(Searle) Edwards, of Southampton, Mass. 

Children of Isaac^ and Rachel C. (Edwards) Parsons: 

i Abbie Corinthia,* b. Apr. 25, 1856; d. Aug. 20, 1862. 

ii Catherine Edwards,* b. Feb. 13, 1858. 

iii Edward Kingsley,* b. Mar. 2^^ i860, 

iv Henry Livingston,* b. Feb. 14, 1862. 

V Isaac,* b. Apr. 18, 1864. 

vi Wilfred Atherton,* b. Mar. i, 1867. 

250 Rev. Henry Martyn^ Parsons, D. D. (Rev. Isaac,* 
Isaac,*^ Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at East Haddam, 
Conn., Nov. 13, 1828; Educated at Williston Seminary, 1843- 
44; Yale College, 1848; Theological Institution, Conn., 1854; 
Pastor of the First Church of Springfield, Mass., 1854-1871; 
Union Church, Boston, 1871-74; Olivet Church, Boston, 1874- 
7T\ Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N. Y., 1877-80; 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Canada, 1880-1900; Degree 

Digitized by 



of D. D. Knox College, 1888; Pastor Emeritus of Knox Church 
1900. He m. (i) Jan. 16, 1855, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Rus- 
sell and Mary (Baldwin) Dudley, b. in Richmond, Va., Apr. 10, 
1829, and d. Feb. 13, 1874, in Boston, Mass., and buried in Spring- 
field Cemetery, Mass.; m. (2) Dec. 13, 1876, Sarah Johnson, dau. 
of Samuel and Adeline (Cushing) Adams, of Camden, Me., who 
d. Apr. 12, 1882, in Toronto, Canada; m. (3) Dec. 4, 1884, Mary 
Catharine, dau. of Rev. Samuel Kirby and Rachel O. (Crosby) 
Sneed, of Kirkwood, Mo. 
Children of Henry M.^ and Mary E. (Dudley) Parsons: 

390 i Ella,* b. Apr. 29, 1856; m. in 1879, George Hubbard 

Davis; d. May 10, 1909. 
ii Jessie,* b. Nov. 26, 1857. 
iii Emma,* b. June 4, 1861. 
iv Howard,* b. Jan. 30, 1864; d. Aug., 1865. 

V Walter,* b. Sept. 13, 1866; m. June 16, 1896, Gertrude 

Dupee; d. Jan. 29, 1904. 

391 vi Henry Lyon,* b. Jan. 29, 1870; m. Oct. 8, 1902, Har- 

riet Drake Kirkham. 

392 vii Bessie,* b. Jan. 31, 1874; m. Nov. 28, 1895, John Tim- 

othy Stone. 
Children of Henry M.^ and Sarah J. (Adams) Parsons : 
viii Lucy,* b. Jan. 7, 1878; d. Sept. i, 1878. 
ix Halsted,* b. Sept. 23, 1880; m. June 10, 1907, Janet, 
dau. of Rev. Thornton and Ella (Royster) Sampson. 
They have one child, Helen Dudley,** b. Feb. 19, 

251 Eliza Jane Lord^ Parsons (Rev. Isaac,* Isaac," Isaac,* 
Josiah,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. in 183 1 ; m. in 1858, Zachariah Cone. 
Children of Eliza Jane Lord^ (Parsons) and Zachariah 

i Jennie P.,* b. 1859. 
ii Mary B.,* b. i860, 
iii Alice T.,* b. 1863. 
iv Elizabeth Lyon,* b. 1866. 

V Isaac Newton,* b. 1867. 
vi George,* b. . 

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252 Samuel Langton^ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,* Phincas,* 
Isaac/ Josiah," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 20, 1822, at Northamp- 
ton, Mass.; d. June 28, 1901. He m. Nov. 20, 1844, Sarah A. 
Kingsley, who d. Mar. 12, 1899. He had the homestead at North- 
ampton, and was Selectman and Representative to the General 

Children of Samuel Langton^ and Sarah A. (Kingsley) 
Parsons, all bom at Northampton : 
393 i Harriet Russell,* b. July 17, 1847 ; d. Apr. 26, 1907 ; m. 
Sept 19, 1872, Hubbard M. Abbott, 
ii Samuel Baker,® b. May 19, 1852 ; m. Oct. 5, 1876, Ella 
B. Gorham. 

253 Nancy^ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,* Phineas,* Isaac,* Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 24, 1824, at Northampton; m. 
Dec. 21, 1848, Sidney L. Qark, who d. Jan. 7, 1901. 

Children of Nancy^ (Parsons) and Sidney L. Clark: 
i Susan Tyler* Clark, b. July 4, 1851. 
ii Catharine* Clark, b. Sept. 2, 1853; d. Mar. 10, 1855. 
iii Sidney Williams* Clark, b. Oct. 4, 1855; m. Apr. 24, 

1894, Amelia Ray. 
iv Charles Mitchell,* b. Nov. 20, 1867; m. Apr. 5, 1891, 
Elsa Savoe. 

254 Sydenham Clark^ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,* Phineas,* 
Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Samuel* and Caroline 
(Russell) Parsons, b. July 23, 1826; d. Apr. 6, 1876; was a mer- 
chant on Shop Row in Northampton, and during his entire life 
was active and influential in all civic, religious, and philanthropic 
matters. He was one of the founders and active promoters of the 
Y. M. C. A. in New England, and its first President in North- 
ampton, and was a quiet, but liberal contributor to every effort 
for the betterment of the community. He was specially active in 
the cause of temperance, at a time when such activity met with 
much opposition. He married Jan. 5, 1853, Harriet Electa, dau. 

Digitized by 



of Richard Tower and Electa (Belden) Morton, of East Whately, 

Children of Sydenham C and Harriet E. (Morton) 
Parsons : 
i Richard W.,* b. Feb. 22, 1854 ; d. Mar. 22, 1857. 
ii Sydenham B.,* b. Nov. 2, 1856; d. Feb. 14, 1858. 
iii Mary Morton,^ b. March 8, 1858. 
iv Amelia O.,* b. Nov. 18, 1863; m. Feb. 14, 1889, E. 
Hayward Ferry. They have one child, Harriet" 
Ferry, b. May 8, 1891. 
V Harriet E.,* b. Sept. 6, 1867; m. Apr. 23, 1890, Arthur 
Curtiss James, b. June i, 1867, son of the late D. 
Willis and Ellen S. (Curtiss) James, of New York 
City. He is a graduate of Amherst College, class of 
(D. Willis James will long be remembered for his. exemplary 
and active Christian life, and for his munificent gifts to many 
philanthropic and religious causes, and particularly his recent gifts 
to the Union Theological Seminary of N. Y. City. He was for 
many years a member of the well known firm of Phelps, Dodge 
and Co., which, for generations, has had in its membership many 
of the Merchant Princes of New York.) 
vi Maude E.,* b. May 24, 1870. 

255 CoL. Joseph Bailey^ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,* Phineas,* 
Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,' Joseph*), was bom in Northampton, 
Mass., Apr. 28, 1828. He was Colonel of the loth Massachusetts 
Regt. for three years in the Civil War, and was in many battles. 
He was wounded three times, and so severely at the battle of 
Antietam as to be reported dead. After the war he was State 
Pension Agent for Massachusetts for fifteen years. He was a 
member of the G. A. R., the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, 
and a prominent Mason. 

He took part in the celebration of the 250th anniversary of 
the founding and settlement of Northampton, which was observed 
on grounds that had been in the possession of the Parsons family 
for nearly 250 years, and, by special request, made one of the ad- 

Digitized by 



dresses at the banquet given by the citizens of the town. He d. 
June 4, 1906, at Boston, Mass. He m, Nov. ao, 1849, Caroline E. 
Kellogg, b. Feb. 4, 1830, and d. May 31, 1905. 
Children of Col. Joseph Bailey^ and Caroline E. (Kellogg) 

Parsons : 
i Caroline Emerson," b. Aug. 25, 1850; d. May 13, 1868. 
ii J. Dwight,* b. Mar. 17, 1854; d. Dec. 25, 1875, at Oak- 
land, Cal., where he was a banker, 
iii Ida Josephine," b. Nov. 30, 1855 ; d. June 13, 1882, at 
Elyria, Ohio; m. 1881, Joel Hayden, of Haydenville, 
Mass., a son of Gov. Hayden. 
iv Frank B.," b. Mar. 29, 1858; m. Feb. 20, 1890, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of L. C Thompson, of Pottsville. Pa.; 
no children. Mr. Parsons was educated at the North- 
ampton High School and the U. S. Naval Academy, 
Annapolis. He resigned from the Navy and was in 
business in Boston until his death, at West Roxbury, 
Mass., Mar. 17, 191 1. He was a member of the 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion and of the Com- 
monwealth Qub, Boston. 

256 Isaac SJ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,' Phineas,* Isaac»* Jo- 
siah,' Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Feb. 8, 1830; m. Nov. 25, 1852, Anna 
G., dau. of Herman and Susan (Graves) Smith, who d. Apr. 29, 
1 89 1. Mr, Parsons was a native of Northampton, where he 
passed the greater part of his active business life as a merchant 
and manufacturer. He was one of the pioneers in the manufac- 
turing enterprises at Florence, Mass., which have since become the 
Florence Manufacturing Co., of which he was for many years the 
treasurer. He was also the first Postmaster at Florence and held 
the office for 16 years. The last 25 years of his life, since his 
retirement, were spent in Boston. His genial personality has left 
a lasting impression upon the many friends and acquaintances 
who survive him. He d. Mar. 31, 1910. 

Children of Isaac SJ and Anna G. (Smith) Parsons: 
i Anna,* b. Feb. 26, 1855; d. Mar. 29, 1857. 
394 ii Ellen Jane,® b. Jan. 10, 1857; "i- Oct. 24, 1883, Warren 
Ozro Kyle. 

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395 Hi Fannie Russell,' b. Oct. 12, 1859; "^- J^^^^ 15, 1881, 

Jonathan Warner Arnold. 
iv Susan Gertrude,* b. Oct. 4, 1866; m. Sept. 26, 1893, 
Edwin N., son of Edwin N. and Emma (Cook) 
Kimball ; no children. 

257 Caroline Russell^ Parsons (Capt. Samuel,® Phineas,** 
Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 2, 1832; m. Dec. 7, 
1854, J. Dwight Kellogg. 

Children of Caroline R.^ (Parsons) and J. Dwight Kellogg : 
i Lillie* Kellogg, b. July 13, 1856; d. Dec. 17, 1858. 
ii Sarah D.® Kellogg, b. Feb. 23, 1859. 
iii Louise R.* Kellogg, b. Jan. 30, 1861 ; m. Aug. 16, 1884, 

Charles S. Rodman, 
iv William S.* Kellogg, b. Apr. 9, 1868 r m. Oct. 6, 1903, 
Emily B. Field. 

396 V Isaac P.® Kellogg, b. Oct. 30, 1871; m. Jan. 15, 1902, 

Sarah R. Munson. 

258 Phineas Francis' Parsons (Capt. Samuel,® Phineas,* 
Isaac,* Josiah," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 8, 1835, at Northamp- 
ton, Mass. He m. May 15, i860, Helen A. Bronson, dau. of 
Charles Bronson, of Waterbury, Conn. She d. Aug. 22, 1888. 

Children of Phineas Francis^ and Helen A. (Bronson) 

Parsons : 
i Edmund Hayden,® b. May 13, 1861, at Waterbury, Ct. 
ii Frank Roberts,® b. Jan. 7, 1863, at Waterbury, Ct. 
iii Elizabeth Sparks,* b. Aug. 27, 1869, at Wolcottville, 

iv Florence Russell,* b. Mar. 16, 1872, at Wolcottville, Ct. 

259 Elijah Chauncey^ Parsons (Lyman,* Josiah,* Isaac,* 
Josiaii,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 22, 1847, '^ the old family 
homestead, his whole life has been spent on the old ancestral 
place on the west side of Bridge Street, Northampton, Mass., 
facing the Common, built by Isaac^ in 1744. He married Oct. 28, 

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1874, Annie Augusta, dau. of WUliam A. and Sarah Augusta 
(Wait) Spalding. 

Children op Elijah C/ and Annie A. (Spalding) Parsons: 

397 i Henry Spaulding,' b. Aug. 31, 1877; m. Sept. 24, 1904, 

Gladys McCarthy. 

398 ii Josiah Wait,* b. July 20, 1880; m. Sept. 14, 1904, LiUa 

Emma Stone, 
iii Chauncey Lyman," b. Dec. 25, 1882; is a teacher, 
iv Louise,* b. May 11, 1891 ; d. May 26, 1891. 
V Lillian,* b. May li, 1891; d. May 26, 1891. 

260 Stephen Bartlett^ Parsons (John Strong,* Josiah," 
Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 12, 1851; m. Ellen 
M. Reed. 

Children of Stephen Bartlett^ and Ellen M. (Reed) 
Parsons, all bom in Rootstown, Ohio : 
i Fannie Reed,* b. July 19, 1874; m. Nov. 29, 1906, 
Orton Bracket Yarian, b. at Randolph, Ohio, May 
6, 1873. 
ii John Strong,* b. Feb. 25, 1877 ; m. Ida Louise, dau. of 

Martin Wemick. 
iii Arthur Otis,* b. Sept. 21, 1881 ; m. at Rootstown, Ohio, 
Feb. 4, 1906, Anna F. Holmes, b. in Qeveland, Ohio, 
Dec. 2, 1880. 
iv Charles Harvey,* b. Jan. 9, 1884. 

261 Edward^ Parsons (Rev. Eli,* Israel,** Jacob,* Josiah,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 29, 18 10, at Marcellus, N. Y. ; d. Nov. 
I, 1889. He m. June 13, 1836, Sarah Baldwin, b. Feb. 23, 181 1, 
and d. 1883, dau. of Dr. Cyrus and Sarah (Dorr) Baldwin, of 
Lysander, N. Y. He was educated at Williams College, Mass., 
and in 1837 removed to Grand Blanc, Mich., where he assisted 
in founding the First Congregational Church there, of which he 
was a deacon. 

Children of Edward^ and Sarah (Baldwin) Parsons: 

399 i James Cyrus,* b. May 13, 1837; m. (i) June 11, 1868, 

Digitized by 



Sophia Lahring; m. (2) Aug. 2, 1899, Nellie Keal 
ii Jacob,* b. May 13, 1837; d- F^t>- ^2, 1866 (twin of 
James Cyrus). 

400 iii Almira,' b. May i, 1841 ; d. in 1895; m. Feb. 18, 1868, 

G. Russell Parker. 

401 iv Edward Dorr,* b. Mar. i, 1846; m. Abigail M. Parker. 

262 Almira Rice^ Parsons (Rev. Levi,* Israel,*^ Jacob,* Jo- 
siah," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 9, 1817; d. Jan. 10, 1889. She 
m. Sept 9, 1854, Joseph Causten Piatt, b. Sept. 25, 1805, and d. 
Dec. 7^^ 1888, son of Joseph and Hannah (Barnes) Piatt, of 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Children of Almira Rice^ (Parsons) and Joseph Causten 


i Isaac* Platt, b. ; d. 1855. 

ii Caroline Cady* Platt, b. ; d. 1857. 

iii Almira Rice* Platt, b. ; d. Oct. 20, 191 1 ; m. Jo- 
seph Talcott, and they have a son, Richard* Talcott, 

b. ; m. Sept. 21, 1910, Flora Callender, of 

Skaneateles, N, Y. 

iv Adaline* Platt, b. ; m. Robert Elliott, and they 

have a son, Causten* Elliott. 

v Frances* Platt, b. ; m. Joseph Frankhouse, and 

has two sons. 

263 Dr. Israel^ Parsons (Rev. Levi,* Israel,* Jacob,* Josiah,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 22, 1821, at Marcellus, N. Y.; d. Mar. 
20, 1904. He m. June 5, 1850, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Cornelia 
Bowne, b. Dec. 3, 1824, and d. Dec. 15, 1891, dau. of James and 
Phebe (Conklin) Bowne, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He graduated 
in 1848 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y. City. 
He practiced his profession at Marcellus, N. Y., and was Vice- 
President and President of the Onondaga Co., N. Y., Medical 

Children of Dr. Israel^ and Cornelia (Bowne) Parsons, 
all bom at Marcellus, N, Y.: 

Digitized by 



i Phebe Bowne,* b. Apr. 17, 1851. 

402 ii Charles Qark,* b. Oct. 13, 1852 ; m. Dec. 2, 1891, Anna 

Augusta Hackford. 
iii Almira Rice,* b. May 9, 1854. 
. IV Olivia,* b. Nov. 8, 1855. 
V Twin daughters, b. Aug. 22, 1857; d. Oct. i and 7, 

vi James Bowne,* b. Sept. 23, 1858; was educated at 
WiUiston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass.; graduated 
from Hamilton College, N. Y.; m. Sept. 5, 1893, 
Janet Bedford, dau. of Harlow and Martha Bowman 
(adopted by her step-father, Bedford), of Clinton, 
N. J.; one child, Martha Cornelia,* b. Feb. i, 1896. 

403 vii John Cady,* b. July 3, i860; m. Phebe G. Mahon, Oct. 

26, 1892. 
viii Herbert Israel,* b. June 22, 1866. 

264 Rev. Levi^ Parsons, D. D. (Rev. Levi,* Isaac,* Jacob,* 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Jan. 2, 1829; d. May 30, 1901; 
m. (i) Nov. 21, 1854, at Richfield Springs, N. Y., Mary Wads- 
worth, b. Oct. 7, 1828, near Cherry Valley, N. Y., dau. of Rev. 
Charles and Tryphena (Isham) Wadsworth, of Richfield Springs, 
N. Y. She d. Aug. 2, 1856. He m. (2) Sept. 14, 1858, at 
Auburn, N. Y., Harriet Maria Pease, of Auburn, dau. of Lorenzo 
and Lucinda (Leonard) Pease. She was b. in Scala, Island of 
Cyprus, and d. Aug. 19, 1905, at Mt. Morris, N. Y. Her father, 
Lorenzo Pease, was b. in Hinsdale, Mass., 1809, and moved to 
Auburn in 181 1. He graduated from Hamilton College and 
Auburn Theological Seminary. 

In 1834, her parents sailed as missionaries of the American 
Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to the Greeks in 
Cypress, where he d. five years later. He was buried in the 
churchyard at St. Lazarus, Lamaca, with every mark of respect 
from priests and dignitaries and general lamentation. Mrs. Pease 
returned to Auburn to educate her two daughters. 

Rev. Dr. Parsons graduated from Hamilton College, N. Y., 
1849; Auburn Theological Seminary, 1854. He was minister 

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of the Presbyterian Church at Mt. Morris, N. Y., from 1858 until 
his death, May 30, 1901. After his father's death, he was ap- 
pointed Trustee of Auburn Theological Seminary to fill the 
vacancy, and remained a trustee until his death, and from 1893 
was President of the Board. For eighty years the name of Levi 
Parsons was on the catalogue of the Seminary as a trustee. From 
the founding of the Rochester Presbytery he was its Stated Clerk 
until his death, a term of thirty years. In 1874, his Alma Mater 
conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity. In 1877, he visited 
Scotland as delegate to the first Pan-Presbyterian Council held at 
Edinburgh. He was Moderator of the Synod of New York and 
New England, at Albany, 1892. 

He seemed to have those qualities of heart and mind which, in 
their influence, survive the grave, and leave a lasting impress on 
the community. He exerted an unconscious power for good in 
Western N. Y. during his long ministry. 

His death called forth many tributes of respect, esteem, and 
affection, not only in the funeral addresses, but from the wide 
circle of friends and the various organizations with which he had 
been connected. 

The Mount Morris Union said: 

**To us who knew him, who have watched his every day life for 
all these years, and who loved him for his manhood, his tender- 
ness, his Christian graces and his grand stability, the honors ac- 
corded him by his church and college are but a feeble expression 
of the largeness of the man. In our hearts he occupies the inner 
sanctuary, where we cherish all that is best and highest in our 
experiences. At our marriages, our christenings, our funerals, in 
society, in business, in civic life, there has been this good man; 
his cheerful, hopeful heart has joined with us in all our joys, his 
pure spirit and unfailing trust in God's supremacy and wisdom 
has been our stay in affliction, his clear, cool, deliberate judg- 
ment has been our guide in business and civic life." 

Prof. Edward W. Miller, of Auburn Theological Seminary, 
who took part in the funeral services, spoke, in part, of him as 
follows : 

"Those who have just spoken have referred to our departed 

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brother in his relationships as a friend, as a pastor and as a 
fellow Presbyter. * * * It is because of a service of long 
and loving and self-sacrificing devotion to Auburn Seminary, ren- 
dered by this man of God, now gone to his reward, that I am 
given the privilege of offering on behalf of that institution, our 
tribute of grateful appreciation. 

"Dr. Parsons's relations to Auburn Seminary were peculiarly 
intimate. They were in a sense a heritage. As far back as 1830, 
when the Seminary was in its infancy, his father became Presi- 
dent of the Board of Trustees. This responsible position he held 
until his death, in 1864. 

"The son, whose memory we today honor, entered the Semi- 
nary as a student in 185 1, was graduated in 1854, and ten years 
later, at the death of his father, was elected Trustee as his suc- 
cessor. In that capacity he served the Seminary for thirty-seven 
years, or until his death. So that the combined service of father 
and son covers the long period of eighty years, the entire life of 
the Seminary. Dr. Parsons, Jr., was in 1893 elected President 
of the Board of Trustees, which position, like his father, he held 
until his death." 

Child of Rev. Levi^ and Mary (Wadsworth) Parsons: 

404 1 Dr. Stoyell Cady,* b. Aug. 12, 1855; "^- (i) Mrs. S. M. 

Alden; m. (2) Jan. 28, 1900, Nora Helen Knight. 
Children of Rev. Levi^ and Harriet M. (Pease) Parsons, 
all born at Mt. Morris, N. Y. : 

405 ii Elizabeth Lucinda,® b. Dec. 19, i860. 

iii Frederick Lorenzo,* b. Oct. 4, 1862; d. Apr. 21, 1872. 

406 iv Mary Almira,* b. July 30, 1864. 

407 V Levi Edward,* b. Feb. 18, 1866; m. May 10, 1903, Jessie 

Garfield Pierce, 
vi Harriet Maria,* b. Apr. 28, 1868 ; d. Apr. 20, 1872. 

408 vii Dr. Henry Theodore,* b. Nov. 5, 1870; m. June 23, 

1900, Margaret A. E. Stoughton. 
408a viii Prof. Arthur Leonard,* b. Sept. 16, 1873; m. Jan. i, 
1902, Isabel Louise Smith. 

409 ix Gertrude Winnifred,* b. Dec. 14, 1876. 

410 X Annie Cornelia,* b. Jan. 17, 1879. 

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265 Aaron^ Parsons (Aaron,® Aaron,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. June 9, 1797; m. Jan. 20, 1820, Emily Stow, 
of Stockbridge, Mass. He was an Elder, Sergeant, and Justice 
of the Peace. He d. Aug. 27, 1866, at Niagara, N. Y. 

Children of Aaron' and Emily (Stow) Parsons: 

i Harriet Eliza,® b. at Canaan, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1821 ; d. at 
Pendleton, N. Y., July 19, 1844; unm. 

li Frederick Spencer,* b. Mar. 30, 1824, at Canaan; m. 
Eliza, dau. of Richard Welton, of Buck Ridge, 
Niagara Co., N. Y. 

411 iii John Jehiel,* b. at Wilson, N. Y., May 21, 1827; d. Apr. 

27, 1894; m. Feb. 2, 1846, Sarah Volanda Averill. 

iv Emily,® b. June 8, 1829, at Niagara Falls ; m. Col. Jo- 
seph W. Holmes of the 8th N. Y. Heavy Art. in the 
Civil War. 

V Aaron,* b. Oct. 20, 183 1, at Niagara Falls; d. at Wa- 
bash, Ind., Sept. 28, 1856; unm. 

vi Capt. Zebulon Stow,® b. July 31, 1834. Killed at the 
battle of Monocacy, Md., July 9, 1864. 

vii Eld. Charles Albert,® b. July 11, 1839, at Lockport; d. 
July, 1898; m. Mary Ferris, of Niagara Falls. 

266 Reuben^ Parsons (Capt. Oliver,® Dea. Reuben,*^ Aaron,* 
Daniel,® Joseph,® Joseph^), b. Apr. 11, 1799; d. June 11, 1838; m. 
May 16, 1827, Elizabeth Curtis, b. Jan. 3, 1803, dau. of Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth (Smith) Curtis, of Suffield, Conn. 

Children of Reuben^ and Elizabeth (Curtis) Parsons: 

412 i George Reuben,® b. Feb. 12, 1828; m. Sept. 4, 1854, 

Ellen Marion Carlton, 
ii Oliver Nathaniel,* b. Mar. 26, 1831 ; d. Feb. 3, 1832. 

267 John Grainger^ Parsons (Erastus,® Dea. Reuben,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 2, 1821, at Windsor, 
Conn. ; m. May 5, 1844, Betsey Maria Knox, b. Dec, 1823, dau. 
of Samuel and Lydia (Burton) Knox, of Manchester, Conn. 

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260 the parsons family 

Children of John Grainger^ and Betsey Maria (Knox) 

Parsons : 
i Alice Qarissa,* b. Apr. 27, 1845 J ^' Aug. 25, 1849. 
ii John Knox,* b. Mar. 24, i860. 

268 EuzABETH^ Parsons (Isaac JcMies,* Capt. Oiarles," 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), m. Joseph Nelson Keefer, a 
merchant at St. George, Ontario, Canada. 

Children of Joseph Nelson and Elizabeth' (Parsons) 

i Jerusha* Keefer, m. John Mericle ; both d. at Windsor, 

ii Fanny* Keefer, m. John Manwaring. 

iii Jane' Keefer, m. Reid. 

IV Lovina' Keefer. 
V Anna' Keefer. 
vi Charles P.' Keefer, is a merchant and Postmaster at St. 

George, Ont. 
vii Catherine' Keefer. 

269 Walter C/ Parsons (Isaac Jones,' Capt. Charles,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 18, 1826, at Grimsby, 
Ontario; has been a farmer for more than sixty years, but for 
more than thirty years has owned and operated factories for mak- 
ing cheese and creamery butter, in which he has done a large and 
successful business, near Jarvis, Ont., where he has resided for 
the past forty-six years. 

He m. May 11, 1850, Mary Ann Henning, dau. of William M. 
and Mary Ann (Prout) Henning, b. May 11, 1826, at Plymouth, 
Devonshire, England, and came to Hamilton, Ont., with her 
father's family about 1838, and later removed to Port Dover, Ont. 
Walter C. Parsons and his wife celebrated their golden wedding 
May II, 1900, in their new and modem house on the old home- 
stead, where they received the congratulations of many relatives 
and friends. Again on May 11, 1910, their 6oth wedding anni- 
versary was celebrated at the home of their son, John J. Parsons, 
in Jarvis, in the presence of many relatives and friends from far 

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and near, who showed their high esteem for the aged, but vigorous 
and hearty couple, by their many gifts and genial good fellow- 
ship. Letters of congratulation from absent friends were read 
and an address made by the pastor of their church. 
Children of Walter CJ and Mary Ann (Henning) Parsons : 

413 i William H.,* b. Mar. ii, 1851 ; m. Eliza Lambin. 

414 ii Charles Francis,* b. May 4, 1857 ; d. Mar. 2, 1891 ; m. 

Nov. 10, 1880, Hannah J. Jacques. 

415 iii Nathaniel H.,® b. Jan. 18, 1859; d- 17, 1900; m. 

Sept. 2, 1886, Avice Banfield. 
iv Walter M.,* d. an infant. 

416 v John J.,* b. Apr. 24, 1864; m. Bertha S. Howay. 

417 vi Lewis N.,* b. Oct. 22, 1866; m. June 14, 1892, Mar- 

garet E. Jacques. 

The following biography is condensed in part from a tribute by 
Joseph L. Daniel, of Olivet College, Mich., to the memory of 
Philo Parsons. 

270 Philo^ Parsons (Lewis B.,* Capt. Charles," Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), eldest son of Lewis B.® and Lucina 
(Hoar) Parsons, b. at Scipio, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1817; d. at Winchen- 
den, Mass., Jan. 23, 1896; m. June 27, 1843, ^t Moscow, N. Y., 
Ann Eliza Bamum, b. Sept. 14, 1822, and d. at Detroit, Mich., 
Apr. 25, 1893. He was in business with his father at Perry, N. Y., 
under the firm name of L. B. Parsons and Son. In 1844 he re- 
moved to Detroit in the grocery business in the firm of Parsons 
and James, and a few years later he established a private bank. 
In 1861 he was the leader in organizing the First National Bank 
of Detroit, and was its first President, and for many years one 
of its directors. He was active in promoting the commercial pros- 
perity of Detroit; was President of its Board of Trade, and for 
many years represented the city in the National Board of Trade 
and was frequently its Vice-President. He was always active in 
the municipal affairs of Detroit, and was for a time a member of 
its Council, and the State appointed him Commissioner to the 
Yorktown Centennial. He never sought political offices or honors, 
and frequently declined them when they merely appealed to his 

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personal ambition. He was an active member, and for a time 
President of the State Agricultural Society of Michigan. He was 
an enthusiast in horticulture and fruit culture, in which he found 
his relaxation and pleasure, his own garden being one of the 
finest in Detroit. He was a royal entertainer, and never happier 
than when sharing the hospitality of his elegant home with his 

He also took special delight in aiding young men who were 
preparing for the ministry. 

He bought the Ram Library in Heidelberg and donated it to 
the Michigan State University. 

He early became interested in Olivet College, Mich., and for 
thirty-six years was one of its trustees. 

He built his name into its history and college walls, and Par- 
sons Hall and Parsons Professorship are to his honor. Not only 
his munificent gifts, but his wise counsek and his life-long devo- 
tion to the work at Olivet are gratefully remembered. 

Children of Philo^ and Ann Eliza (Barnum) Parsons: 
i Frances Eliza,* b. Oct. 12, 1847, ^^ Moscow, N. Y.; m. 
Sept. 26, 1882, William Fitzhugh Edwards, of Va., 
who d. Oct. 27, 1897. 

418 ii Lewis Baldwin,* b. Aug. 7, 1850, in Detroit, Mich. ; m. 

Harriet M. Streeter. 
iii Edward Levi," b. Apr. 3, 1853, in Detroit, Mich. 

419 iv Kate Eugenia,* b. June 28, 1854, in Detroit, Midi. ; m. 

Feb. 5, 1880, Arthur QiflFord. 

V William Swain,* b. June 6, 1856; d. Aug. 6, 1857. 

vi Julia Norton,* b. Dec. 31, 1857, in Detroit, Mich.; m. 
June II, 1891, William Edminston Bo)mton, son of 
William and Sarah (Morse) Boynton, who grad- 
uated from Harvard College, 1876. 

420 vii Mary Lucina,* b. Oct. 10, i860, in Detroit, Mich.; m. 

Apr. 22, 1885, Frederick Grout Chidsey. 
viii Grace Douglas,* b. Feb. 13, 1863, in Detroit, Mich. 

The following is condensed from the sketch of the life of Gen. 
L. B. Parsons in the Memorial Volume, published after his death. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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271 General Lewis B.' Parsons (Lewis B.,* Capt. Charles,** 
Aaron,* Danid,* Joseph,* Joseph*), the second son of Lewis B.* 
and Lucina (Hoar) Parsons, b. Apr. 5, 1818, in Genesee Co., 
N. Y. ; d. Mar. 16, 1907, at Flora, 111. His early life was spent in 
Homer, N. Y., but at the age of ten his father removed to St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y. Eager for an education he made the best 
of the limited opportunities afforded and at sixteen taught a 
country school. He continued his studies and at eighteen entered 
Yale College. In the winter of his senior year he taught a 
Qassical School in Western N. Y., and among his scholars was 
Thomas Cooley, afterwards Judge Cooley, of Michigan, the great 
authority on Constitutional law, who became a life-long friend. 
For two years after graduation, he taught in a Qassical School 
in Mississippi, where his personal observations on the evils of 
slavery made a lasting impression, although, for the time, he en- 
joyed the delightful hospitalities of the Southern plantations. In 
1842 he entered the law school at Cambridge, Mass., where he 
came under the inspiring instructions of Judge Story, Judge 
Greenleaf, and Theophilus Persons. Leaving Cambridge in 1844, 
after some travel, he settled at Alton, 111., where he formed a 
partnership with Mr. Strong, brother of Justice Strong of the 
U. S. Supreme Court, and later with Judge Henry W. Billings, 
which continued until he removed to St. Louis in 1854, where he 
continued the practice of his profession, and later at Cincinnati as 
Attorney for the Ohio and Mississippi R. R. Co. He was for 
many years connected with this company, afterwards known as 
the Baltimore and Ohio Southern, as Treasurer, Director, and 
President. During this time Capt. (later Genl.) George B. Mc- 
Lellan was Vice-President. He returned to St. Louis in the 
spring of 1861, when the Southern element was in control, and 
planning to turn the State over to the Confederacy. This was 
prevented by the prompt action of Genl. Lyon in the capture of 
Camp Jackson, May 10, 1861, where Mr. Parsons acted as Vol. 
Aide to Col. (later Genl.) Frank P. Blair. 

Realizing the certainty of war, although past the age of mili- 
tary service, he offered his services to Genl. McLellan, who asked 
him to come to Washington and placed him on his staff with the 

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rank of Captain. Because of his business experience he was soon 
transferred to the West and assigned to duty under Genl. Robert 
Allen, Chief Quartermaster at St Louis. 

From this time his real work in connection with the Civil War 
began, which in importance and successful achievement may be 
regarded as second to none of those conspicuous in the conduct 
of the war. 

On Dec. 9, 1861, he received this order from Genl. Allen: 

"You will take charge of all the transportation pertaining to the 
Dept. of the Mississippi by river and railroad and discharge all 
employes not required to facilitate this particular service." This 
department included the Mississippi and its tributaries extending 
from the Yellow Stone to Pittsburg, and to New Orleans, the 
lower Mississippi coming under control as the Confederates were 
driven back. This vast work of transportation "behind the 
scenes" in the great drama of the war was, at the time, but little 
known or considered by the public. 

But by the leaders in that struggle, the Generals in the field, 
planning for battles, when delay in any particular might mean 
defeat and disaster, the importance of the proper management of 
the transportation department was fully understood; and it was 
most fortunate that the officer then put in charge was a man with 
remarkable talent for organization, of great executive ability and 
the highest integrity, united to the most intense loyalty to his 
country and devotion to duty in her service. 

The army regulations at that time were intended for an army 
of 15,000 men in time of peace, and were totally inadequate for 
the g^at numbers suddenly brought into service, who must be 
transported over long distances and who required large quantities 
of supplies of every kind, and forwarded with the utmost prompt- 
ness. A few simple, concise regulations and forms fixing re- 
sponsibility were prepared by Capt. Parsons, which proved so suc- 
cessful in bringing about system and order, and were so satis- 
factory to the railroads, that they were adopted throughout the 
West as the basis of government transportation during the war, 
and subsequently with other regulations added by Genl. Parsons 
later, became the basis of General Rules for Army Transporta- 
tion still in use. 

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But the river transportation presented a more difficult problem. 
A large majority of both steamboat owners and employees on the 
Mississippi and Missouri rivers were sympathizers with the Con- 
federacy, and objected to any change. 

The antagonism went so far as a protest to the Secretary of 
War. Stanton referred the matter to Genl. Meigs, and he sent 
it to Capt. Parsons for explanation. The answer was so satis- 
factory that Genl. Meigs, head of the Quartermaster Dept, wrote 
him : "I am glad to recognize the fidelity with which you have 
performed your duty, for the Dept. and to the country." 

In April, 1862, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and as- 
signed as Aide on the staff of Genl. Halleck, then in command at 
St. Louis. Space will not permit of following his work through 
the entire war. It is sufficient to say that his service in the West 
was so approved that in Aug., 1864, he was given chaise of all 
rail and river transportation of the Armies of the U. S. and 
ordered to Washington, where he was stationed during the re- 
mainder of the war. 

In Jan., 1865, Genl. Grant desired Genl. Scofield's army of 
25,000 men brought from Mississippi to aid in the movements 
around Richmond, but hesitated to order it, thinking it would be 
impracticable, at that season of the year to safely bring so large 
a body of men over mountains, and in sufficient time to answer 
his purpose, forty to sixty days being the shortest time thought 
possible. Col. Parsons said he thought it could be done in thirty 
days. But the army, with all its artillery and over one thousand 
animals, was transported a distance of nearly 1400 miles during 
the severest cold of the winter, partly by river and partly by rail, 
within an average time of eleven days or less than seventeen days 
from the embarkation of the first troops until the arrival of the 
last in Washington, and without the loss of property or a single 
life. It was this movement which called from Secretary Stanton 
the remark that "It was without a parallel in the history of 
Armies," and which elicited highest praise from English, French, 
and German writers ; while as recently as during the Spanish War 
a newspaper editorial stated that "The American Civil War still 

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holds the record for transporting a large body of troops over a 
long distance in the shortest time/' 

His promotion to the rank of Brigadier-General did not come 
until near the end of the war, and the circumstances are deserving 
of notice. There had been numerous promotions in his Depart- 
ment from the Regular Army, but few from the volunteer service, 
and the reason was given at a Cabinet meeting, held about this 
time, an account of which was given Col. Parsons as follows : 

"Recently when the subject of the promotion of a Quarter- 
master to the rank of Brig.-Genl. was being discussed at a Cabi- 
net meeting the President mentioned Parsons. Some urged that 
the promotion should be given to an officer of the R^fular Army — 
that such officers were regularly educated and trained up to the 
service for that sort of position and were better fitted by such spe- 
cial training. Mr. Lincoln said. That may all be well as to your 
stall-fed fellows, but Col. Parsons is about the best grass-fed 
Quartermaster we have got. I think he should have the promo- 
tion now.' " 

The opinion of President Lincoln thus expressed in his homely, 
characteristic manner, was soon put into effect by the following 

''Executive Mansion, 

"Washington, D. C, Mar. 17, 1865. 
"Hon. Secretary of War, 

"Dear Sir : — I have long thought Col. Lewis B. Parsons ought 
to be promoted and intended it should have been sooner done. 
His long service and the uniform testimony to the ability with 
which he has discharged his very responsible and extended duties, 
render it but just and proper his services should be acknowledged, 
and more especially so, since his great success in executing your 
orders for the recent movement of troops from the West. 

"You will, therefore, at once promote Cdonel Parsons to the 
rank of Brigadier-General, if there is a vacancy which can be 
given to the Quartermaster's Department, and if not, you will so 
promote him when the first vacancy occurs. Yours truly, 

"A. Lincoln." 

The promotion came soon after. An extract is herewith given 

Digitized by 



from an editorial in the N. Y. Times of July 31, 1865, written by 
the late Henry J. Raymond, whom Genl. Parsons did not know, 
but who was present at the interview between him and Secretary 
Stanton after the movement of Genl. Scofield's Army, and who 
probably reflected the sentiments of the Secretary. 

"No officer of the United States Army could speak with more 
correct knowledge than Genl. Parsons of the numbers and effi- 
ciency of the armies of the Union, for no one, perhaps, had more 
experience than he in their organization, subsistence and handling. 
* * * We venture the assertion that if Secretary Stanton were 
called on to name the officer, who more than any other, had dis- 
tinguished himself in the task of wielding the vast machinery of 
the Union Armies during all the stages of the conflict in response 
to the plans and requirements of our Generals, he would, with 
little hesitation, designate General Lewis B. Parsons. * * * 
It is to his matchless combinations that must be attributed much 
of the efficiency and success that almost invariably marked every 
military movement in the West. When the climax of General 
Grant's Western renown was reached in the battles before Oiat- 
tanooga, and he was transferred to the command of all the armies, 
with headquarters at Washington, he lost no time in bringing 
General (then Colonel) Parsons to Washington to direct from 
that center, the machinery of which he had become so completely 
the master. When every department of the public service during 
the war comes to have its true place in history, there will be few 
with a more brilliant and enduring reputation than General Lewis 
B. Parsons." 

To this may be added the tribute of General Grant in a farewell 
letter to General Parsons as he was leaving the service. He says : 

"Headquarters, Armies of the United States, 
"Dear General : "Washington, D. C, May 20, 1865. 

"I have long contemplated writing you and expressing my satis- 
faction with the manner in which you have discharged the very 
responsible and difficult duties of Superintendent of the river and 
railroad transportation for the armies both in the West and East. 

"The position is second in importance to no other connected 
with the military service, and to have been appointed to it at 

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the beginning of a war of the magnitude and duration of this 
one, and holding it to its dose, providing transportation for whole 
armies, with all that appertains to them for thousands of miles, 
adjusting accounts involving millions of money, and doing justice 
to all, never delaying for a moment any military operations, de- 
pendent upon you, meriting and receiving the commendation of 
your superior oflScers, and the recognition of the Government for 
integrity of character and for the able and efficient manner in 
which you have filled it, evidences an honesty of purpose, knowl- 
edge of men, business intelligence, and executive ability of the 
highest order, and of which any man ought to be justly proud. 
Wishing you a speedy return of health and duty, I remain, 

"Yours truly, 

"U. S. Grant, Lt.-Gen/' 

On his retirement from the Army he was given the rank of 
Brevet Major-General. 

After the war his health was found to be seriously impaired, 
and his physicians ordered entire rest and he went abroad and 
traveled for two years, returning in 1869. He took up his resi- 
dence in St. Louis and again became active in business as director 
in various railroads, and for three years was President of a bank. 
He was at times active in politics in the Democratic party, but 
was not a seeker for office. Much of his time in later years was 
given to educational matters, particularly in connection with Par- 
sons College at Fairfield, Iowa, which, in 1875, he and his broth- 
ers, Qiarles and George, had established under the directions of his 
father's will, and to which he had always been a liberal con- 

He never lost interest in army matters and was a member of 
the G. A. R., the Loyal L^ion, and the Society of the Army 
of the Tennessee. 

He m. (i) at St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 21, 1847, Sarah Green Ed- 
wards, b. Sept. 12, 1820, and d. May 28, 1850; m. (2) at St. 
Louis, Mo., July S, 1852, Julia Maria Edwards, b. June 8, 1830, 
and d. June 9, 1857; m. (3) at New York City, Dec. 28, 1869, 
Elizabeth Darrah, b. June 25, 1832, and d. at Scarborough, Me., 
Sept. 2, 1887. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

seventh generation 269 

Children of Lewis B.^ and Sarah G. (Edwards) Parsons: 
i Lewis Green,® b. Aug. 3, 1848 (Yale College 1872) ; d. 

at Denver, Colo., Jan. 29, 1875. 
ii Sarah Edwards,* b. May 15, 1850; d. at St. Paul, Minn., 
May 10, 1873. 
Children of Lewis B.^ and Julia M. (Edwards) Parsons: 
iii Julia Edwards,® b. Sept. 13, 1854. 
iv Charles Levi,* b. Mar. 31, 1856. 

272 Col. Charles' Parsons (Lewis B.,* Capt. Charles,** 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), the third son of Lewis B.* and 
Lucina (Hoar) Parsons, b. at Homer, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1824. 
(From the Encyclopedia History of St Louis.) 

He was educated at the academies at Homer and Gouverneur, 
N. Y., where his father had resided. After spending several years 
as clerk in his father's stores, in a bank, and as partner in a com- 
mercial house in Buffalo, N. Y., he removed to Keokuk, Iowa, in 
185 1, where he established and continued for years a successful 
banking business. During the Civil War, with the rank of Cap- 
tain, he was placed in charge of Army Rail and River transpor- 
tation at St. Louis, and, because of his eminent success, was pro- 
moted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Near the close of the 
war he was made cashier of the State Savings Association, later 
the State National Bank of St. Louis, of which he was elected 
President in 1870 and remained its President until his death. 

While he am?issed a reasonable fortune during his long and 
active business life, he was a liberal giver, in a Catholic spirit, to 
charitable, religious, and educational institutions. The high es- 
teem in which he was held in financial circles is shown by the fact 
that for twenty-two years he was annually elected President of 
the St. Louis Gearing House. He was for several years Presi- 
dent of the American Banking Association, was elected to preside 
over the World's Congress of Bankers and Financiers at the Chi- 
cago Exposition in 1893. In 1892, when, owing to a large de- 
falcation, the St. Louis City finances were in bad condition, he 
consented, at the urgent request of many prominent citizens re- 

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gardless of party, to temporarily accept the position of City 
Treasurer, which place he resigned as soon as the business had 
been put in proper condition and a new treasurer elected. He has 
been President and director in many railroads and other public 
and charitable institutions, and his opinion, and advice, were fre- 
quently sought on public and financial questions. He was more 
than a business man, possessing by nature a refined taste. He 
had gathered valuable paintings and works of art, both in this 
country and during his frequent visits in Europe. In 1894-95 
he made a trip around the world and wrote and published for 
private distribution an account of his close and accurate observa- 
tions of men and affairs. 

In politics he was a strong Republican, taking an active part in 
the councils, and contributing liberally to the success of the party. 
He was a member of the G. A. R., the Loyal Legion, and the 
Army of the Tennessee. 

He married June i, 1857, Martha A., daughter of William G. 
Pettus, first Secretary of State of Missouri. He endowed the 
Martha Parsons Hospital for children in St. Louis, and endowed 
professorships in Parsons College. She died at St. Louis Feb. 
i3» 1889, and he d. Sept. 15, 1905, at Wequetonsing, Mich., his 
summer home. They had no children. 

273 George' Parsons (Lewis Baldwin,® Capt. Charies,' 
Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Jan. 28, 1830, at Gouver- 
neur, N. Y.; d. Oct. 9, 191 1, at Watervliet, Mich. He m. Oct 
23, 1855, Emily Lycett Bamiun, b. Apr. 30, 1830. He was edu- 
cated in the schools at Alexander, N. Y., and the Academy at 
Homer, N. Y. About 1853 he began banking with his brother, 
Charles, at Keokuk, Iowa. After the financial crisis of 1857 he 
left Keokuk and engaged in the drygoods business in Detroit In 
July, 1864, he moved to Watervliet, Mich., and became a mem- 
ber of the firm of Swain, Alney & Co., in the manufacture of 
lumber. This firm dissolved in 1873, and he formed a partnership 
with his friend and former partner, forming the firm of Parsons 
and Baldwin, merchants and bankers, in which business he con- 
tinued until his death. 

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seventh generation 27i 

Children of George' and Emily Lycett (Barnum) Parsons: 

421 i Rev. Willis Edwards^ (D. D.), b. Oct. 26, 1857; m. 

Dec. 24, 1884, Ellen Effie Topping. 
421a ii George Frederick,* b. Aug. 25, 1859; m. Oct. 29, 1895, 
Margaret Graves. 

274 Helen Maria' Parsons (Lewis B.,* Capt. Charles," 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 19, 1834; d. Aug. 6, 
1863. She m. Nov. 16, 1858, George B. Boardman. 

Child of George B. and Helen Maria^ (Parsons) Boardman : 

422 i Charles Parsons* Boardman, b. Oct. 5, 1859; "^- J^'y 

30, 1884, Florence Adele Banker. 

275 Charles Baldwin^ Parsons (Walter C.,* Capt. Charles,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 3, 1835, at Mon- 
mouth, N. J. He m. Jan. 20, 1868, Elizabeth M. Bergen, b. Oct. 
3, 1848. He enlisted Nov., 1861, in First N. Y. Engineers and 
served with distinction till close of the Rebellion, July, 1865. 

He was on the staff of Maj.-Genl. Terry as Inspector, on that 
of Genl. B. F. Butler as Engineer, and as Chief Engineer, 2Sth 
Army Corps, on staff of Maj.-Genl. Weitzel. He participated in 
the battles about Charleston, S. C, and Petersburg, Va. He re- 
tired with the rank of Captain and Brevet Major. 
Children of Charles Baldwin^ and Elizabeth M. (Bergen) 

Parsons : 

i Walter B.,* b. ; Colgate University, class of 1893. 

ii Jennie,* b. Nov. 2, 1874; d. Dec. 2, 1874. 

276 Lydia S.^ Parsons (Walter C.,* Capt. Charles,* Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 7, 1838. .She m. Sept. 26, 
1866, Thomas B. Roberts, who served in the Cavalry from 
1861 to 1864. 

Chih»en of Thomas B. and Lydia S.^ (Parsons) Roberts: 
i Walter* Roberts, 
ii Lewis* Roberts. 

iii Raymond Parsons* Roberts (Colgate University, class 
of 1897). 

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277 Katherine^ Parsons (Erastus,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y., May 
17, 1809, and removed with her father's family to Indiana in the 
early part of the last Century. After the death of her father, she 
removed with her mother to Tippecanoe Co., Ind., where she mar- 
ried Apr. 30, 1829, Aaron Staley, bom near Guilford Court House, 
North Carolina, Feb. 5, 1800, and d. Nov. 4, 1854. She died May 

5, 1843. 
Children of Aaron and Katherine^ (Parsons) Staley: 

423 i Erastus Herman* Staley, b. Feb. 6, 1830; m. Nov. 14, 

1 861, Salome Barr. 

424 ii Catherine Ellen* Staley, b. Sept. 27, 1833; d. Apr. 3, 

1893; m. May 15, 1863, James Gaskill. 
iii James Griffith* Staley, b. Dec. 9, 1835. He was Captain 
of Co. F, 128th Regt., Indiana Vols., and was killed 
at the battle of Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864. 

425 IV Marietta* Staley, b. Nov. 16, 1840; d. Oct. 18, 1901 ; 

m. Aug. 24, 1869, William Henry Fowler. 

"Martin Staley, the father of Aaron Staley, was bom in North 
Carolina in 1773. His ancestors came from Germany, about the 
year 1750 or earlier. One branch of the Staley family left North 
Carolina prior to 1800 and went to Virginia and became inter- 
married with the family of President Tyler, as stated to the writer 
by John Tyler, Jr. 

"The other branch migrated to Butler County, Ohio, some time 
about 1819-20. In 1828, Aaron Staley came to Tippecanoe Coun- 
ty, Indiana, and was followed the next year by John, his next 
oldest brother, his father, Martin Staley and Merideth, Sophia, 
Hiram, Jacob, Solomon, and Elizabeth, Aaron's brothers and sis- 
ters ; six brothers and two sisters. 

"Aaron Staley was bom near Guilford Court House, N. C, 
Feb. 5, 1800. He came, as stated, to Indiana, and was married 
to Katherine Parsons, Apr. 30, 1829. His death was Nov. 4, 
1854. They were married in Tippecanoe County, where they lived 
until the death of Katherine Parsons Staley, his wife. May 15, 
1843. L^tc ^" 1844 he was married to Rebecca Baker, of Carroll 
County, where he spent the rest of his life. 

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"By Aaron Staley's second marriage three sons attained man- 
hood: W. H. Staley, proprietor 'Kokomo News/ dying Feb., 
1907; his son, Ed. T. Staley, now proprietor 'Tipton Morning 
Advocate' ; and George W. Staley, starved to death in Anderson- 
ville prison. Louis B. Staley, just 20 years younger than E. H. 
Staley, his half-brother, is at the Soldiers' Home, Marion, Ind., 
where he holds some position (as a veteran)." 

278 Reuben Parsons^ Sage (Silence* Parsons, Elijah,* 
Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 13, 181 4, at Vernon, 
Conn.; d. Dec. 18, 1876, at Galesburg, 111. He m, at Vernon, 
Conn., May 23, 1839, Maria Chapman, b. Sept. 22, 1819, dau. of 
John and Abigail (Pratt) Chapman, of Vernon. 

Children of Reuben Parsons' and Maria (Chapman) Sage: 
i Sarah M.* Sage, b. in 1841, in Vernon, Conn.; d. Feb. 
I, 1893; m. Nov. 12, 1863, in Galesburg, 111., Hubert 
M. Russell, b. Nov. 30, 1839, ^'^ P^^^ Grove, Pa., son 
of Robert and Celia Ann (Cook) Russell. Child: 
Nellie Celia* Russell, b. Mar. 29, 1865, in Galesburg, 
111.; d. Nov. 12, 1891. 

426 ii Mary A.* Sage, b. Apr. 9, 1844; n^- Jan. 12, 1868, 

Charles F. Cothren. 

427 iii Julia E.* Sage, b. Oct. 26, 1846; m. Oct. 26, 1865, 

George W. Colville. 

428 iv John C* Sage, b. in 1855; "i- Apr. 9, 1882, Emma 


279 Luther Edwin^ Sage (Silence* Parsons, Elijah," 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 20, 1816, at Vernon, 
Conn.; d. at Springfield, Mass., Jan. 4, 1897. He m. May 19, 
1840, Martha Mary, dau. of John and Betsey Baker, of So. Wil- 
braham, Mass. He was for several years a manufacturer of 
woolen cloth at So. Wilbraham, Mass. 

In the History of Wilbraham, by Stebbins, page 263, it is 
stated that the first woolen mill in that town was built in the 
South Parish in 1845, ^i"^ that in 1847 ^^ was owned and operated 

Digitized by 



by the firm of Scripter, Sage and Co., composed of Eliazur 
Scripter, Luther E. Sage, William B. Sessions and others. 
Children of Luther Edwin* and Martha Mary (Baker) 

i Edwin Baker* Sage, b. Oct. 7, 1845, at So. Wilbraham, 
Mass.; d. Oct. 24, 1891, at Springfield, Mass. He 
m. Oct. 8, 1872, Diantha Amelia, dau. of Amos and 
Diantha Amelia (Trobridge) Whitaker, of Eastford, 
428a ii Martha Antoinette* Sage, b. July 4, 1847 J «"• Nov. 26, 
1874, Robert G. Smith. 

280 Peter^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 25, 1802; d. May 5, 1873; m. May 10, 
1825, Maria, dau. of Martin and Maria (Adamy) Simmons, b. 
Sept. 27, 1803; d. at Sharon, May 11, 1875. Martin Simmons 
was b. in Germany, Sept. 10, 1768 ; d. at Sharon, May 8, 1855. 

Maria Adamy, b. Dec. 25, 1769, near Canagoharie, N. Y.; d. 
Aug. 25, 1850, at Sharon; m. in 1792. Her father, Peter Adamy, 
was a Revolutionary soldier, and the following record is in the 
War Department, Washington, D. C. 

"Peter Adamy served as a private in Capt. John Winn's Com- 
pany of Rangers raised in Tryon Co., N. Y., Revolutionary War. 
His name appears on a roll dated Lake Otsego, Sept. 25, 1776, 
which shows that he enlisted, Aug. 4, 1776; date of separation 
from Company not shown. 

"The records also show that one Peter Adamy served five days 
as a private in Capt. Adam Leip's Company, of Qydes, N. Y. 
Regt. (also known as ist Regt. Tryon Co. Militia), Revolutionary 
War, and that one Peter Adamy served as a Lieutenant in Capt. 
John Roof's Company in said regiment, and that he was paid ten 
pounds, 14s 6d on account of services. Period of service not 

Peter Parsons worked with his father as a carpenter in his 
youth, but was a farmer the rest of his life and always resided in 
Sharon, N. Y. 

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seventh generation 275 

Children of Peter' and Maria (Simmons) Parsons: 
i Martin Augustus,' b. Oct. ii, 1826; d. July 27, 1827. 
429 ii Augustus,* b. Jan. 2, 1828; m. Jan. 24, 1868, Mary 
Julius,* b. Apr. 2j^ 1830; d. July 28, 1850. 
Mary,* b. Aug. 4, 1832; d. July 20, 1835. 
Daniel,* b. Sq>t. 16, 1834; d. Jan. 21, 1855. 
James A.,* b. Oct, 13, 1836; m. Sept. 17, 1863, Sarah 

Elijah W.,* b. Mar. 22, 1839; <*• Jan. 7, i860. 
Alexander,* b. May 7, 1842; m. (i) Nov. 9, 1871, Sarah 
Evans; m. (2) Dec. 31, 1902, Elizabeth S. (Hutton) 

432 ix Mary Elizabeth,* b. Dec. 30, 1844; m. Jan. 5, 1875, 

Henry P. Bellinger. 

433 X Eliza,* b. Apr. 18, 1849; n^* ^^y 2, 1876, Louis K. 


281 Henry^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 4, 1804, at Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y. ; 
d. Mar. 10, 1885, at Piano, 111. In 1841 he removed with his 
family from Sharon, N. Y., to lUinds, going by way of the Lakes, 
and landed at the mouth of the Chicago River and from there 
went about 50 miles west to the Fox River Country, Little Rock 
Township, Kendall Co. He lived for many years upon the farm, 
since owned by his son, Seth, but in 1865, took up his residence 
in Piano, where he died. He was a farmer, occasionally working 
as a carpenter and joiner, a trade which he learned working with 
his father as a young man. 

He married (i) Catherine Moore, of Cherry Valley, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1825, who was bom in 1807, and died Apr. 
17, 1830, leaving one child. Dr. Witt C* 

He m. (2) in 1833, Sarah (Engell) Powell, widow of William 
Powell, b. in Sharon, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1814, and died Mar. 11, 
1886, at Hano, III. 

Child of Henry' and Catherine (Moore) Parsons: 
i DeWitt C* b. July 16, 1829; d. at Sharon, N. Y., Apr. 
23» 1843. 

Digitized by 



Children of Henry^ and Sarah (Powell nee Engbll) 

ii Irvin,* b. May, 1835, in Green, Chenai^io Co., N. Y.; 
d. Dec., 1835. 

434 iii Mary Jane,* b.^ May 15, 1837; d. Aug. 8, 1864; m. May, 

1852, William Hudnutt. 

435 iv Seth,* b. June 24, 1840; m. Jan. 9, 1866, Cordelia 


436 V Julia A.,' b. Feb. 6, 1850; m. (i) Sept. 2, 1869, Na- 

thaniel A. Lowry; m. (2) Mar. 4, 1875, Daniel 

437 vi Joan,* b. Aug. 11, 1852; m. Dec. 8, 1870, Leonard O. 


Statement by Henry^ Parsons, of Piano, III,, son of Elijah,^ 
made about 1870, as to his ancestry, and referred to in the 

"Aaron Parsons, farmer, bom at Five Mile Pond, near Spring- 
field, had two wives, but the time and place of marriage is not 
known; had six sons and three daughters. He died 1795, at the 
place of birth. His first sons' names were Aaron, Reuben, Zenus, 
Elijah, Eli, and Charles. The names of the daughters were 
Eunice and Phebe ; the name of the other not known. The time 
and place of birth not known. The residence of Charles was the 
western part of Mass., and he was a fermer. The residence of 
Aaron, Zenus, Elijah, and Eli is not known. 

"Reuben was a tanner and currier, living in the north part of 
Conn., where he died, Aaron Parsons (2) had two wives. By 
his first he had two sons, Moses and Rufus. By his second wife 
he had six sons. Their names are not known. Zenus lived at 
Springfield and kept a public house. He had one wife and a son 
and daughter. Eli lived in Oswego, N. Y., had one wife and 
three sons and four daughters. The sons names were Eli, For- 
tius and Henry; and the names of the daughters were Lettus. 
Maria, Sintha arid Sophia. Eli was a sutler during the War of 
1812, and 1814, and was drowned with six others on account of 
the boat sinking on the passage to Ogdensburgh, or Sackett*s 

Digitized by 



Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



Harbor. Fortius followed boating and is probably now dead ; had 
no children. Henry died young. Elijah Parsons had two wives, 
the first was Eunice Cadwell, and the second Eunice Jennings. 
He had six children, three sons and three daughters, and the same 
by his second wife. The first sons were Erastus, Elijah and 
Elisha. By the second wife the sons were Zenus and Reuben, 
and one who died in infancy. The. daughters by first wife were 
Silence, Flavy and Pheby. By the second wife, Eunice and Theo- 
docia, the third dying in infancy. Erastus was born in the town 
of Wilbraham in 1772, and was a farmer. Elijah® Parsons was 
bom in Wilbraham, Mass., April 10, 1776 (he was my father 
and the source of this information), and emigrated to Sharon, 
Schoharie Co., N. Y., at the age of twenty, and was married to 
Mary Best. Erastus and Elisha soon followed to Sharon. Elisha 
was bom about 1780 and married Frances Higgins, whose father 
lived in Mapletown, Montgomery Co., N. Y. He was a tanner 
and currier, which he followed for several years, then moved to 
the West and settled on the Wabash River in Indiana near Terre 
Haute, where he died, leaving two sons, William and Horace. 
Erastus also emigrated to the Wabash, where he died soon after, 
leaving one son and three daughters." 

In another note, apparently written at another time, he says : 

"Uncle Erastus Parsons was older than father. He moved to 
Indiana with a wife and three children; two girls and one son, 
and they are all dead (died at Lafayette, Ind.). Aunt was a sis- 
ter to Jacob Anthony, the father of Christopher Anthony, of 

And in another note he says: 

"Elisha Parsons was the youngest of the three brothers. He 
married Frances Higgins — ^her father lived in Mapletown, Mont- 
gomery Co., N. Y., and they moved to Black River Country, N. Y. 
She died leaving two sons, William and Horace. William is Dr. 
Parsons, whom you have seen. .Uncle moved into Indiana near 
Terre Haute and from there he moved in Edgar Co., 111., and had 
a large family of children. Four of the boys' names I know — 
Elisha, Erastus, John and Ralph. I don't recollect how many 
girls there were. Over twenty years ago, Elisha and Erastus 

Digitized by 



made me a call and I have forgotten the history of the rest of 
the family. John was a M. E. preacher/' 

282 James^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. i, 1806, son of Elijah,* was educated in 
the common schools and Cherry Valley Academy, N. Y. He m. 
Nov. 3, 1829, Hannah, dau. of Andrew C. and Elizabeth (Q)ok) 
Moyer, of Sharon, b. Jan. 15, 1807. Her paternal grandfather, 
Christopher Moyer, and maternal grandfather, Sevarinus Cook, 
were both soldiers in the Revolution, each serving, when called, 
from 1776 to 1782, the first being at the battles of Half Moon and 
Saratoga, and the second at the battle of Oriskany. (See Moyer 
and Cook families.) At about the age of twenty-five James Par- 
sons was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace and held 
the office continuously by re-election for 24 years ; was Supervisor 
of his town and represented his county in the State Legislature in 
1848, and was Loan Commissioner of the county for many years. 
He was a Democrat in politics down to the organization of the 
Republican party, from which time he was an active Republican 
to the time of his death. For many years prior to death he was 
an Elder in the True Reformed Dutch Church of Sharon. As 
illustrative of the high character held by him in the community, 
he was appointed executor or administrator of the estates of many 
persons in his and adjacent towns, as will appear by the records 
in the office of the Surrogate of Schoharie Co. 

I think it may be said without question that no man in his time 
and community was so universally beloved and respected. 
Throughout the county he was known as "Esquire Parsons," but 
within the inner circle of acquaintances it was usually "Esquire 

The minister of his church preached part of the time in other 
places and in his absence Mr. Parsons conducted the seiVices, read- 
ing a sermon from some very orthodox author. 

He was a farmer by occupation, and the old homestead, which 
was first occupied by his wife's maternal grandfather soon after 
the Revolution, is now the home of Seth* Parsons, his youngest 
son, at Sharon Springs, N. Y. 

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He died Oct. 25, 1874, and his wife, Nov. 10, 1886, both buried 
in the Sharon Cemetery. 

Children of James' and Hannah (Moye;r) Parsons, 
all born at Sharon Springs, Schoharie Co., N. Y.: 

438 i Andrew," b. Aug. 15, 1830; d. Aug. 23, 1904; m. (i) 

in 1861, Salona White; m. (2) in 1901, Elizabeth 

439 ii Mary,® b. Dec. 28, 1831 ; m. Apr. 9, 1855, Charles H. 


440 iii Albert,® b. Oct. 6, 1833; d. Feb. 12, 1887; m. Sept. 19, 

1863, Martha A. Pierson. 

441 iv Henry,® b. Nov. 21, 1835; m. (i) July, 1867, Agnes 

TurnbuU; m. (2) Mar. 5, 1873, Fannie Griscom. 
V Elizabeth,® b. May 26, 1838. 

442 vi Sarah,® b. Sept. 4, 1840; d. June 27, 1896, at Ottawa, 

Kan. ; m. Sept. 16, 1867, Jasper Peck Robinson, 
vii Alonzo,® b. Dec. 11, 1842; d. Feb. 18, 1846. 
viii Infant (unnamed), b. Jan. 4, 1846; d. Jan. 22, 1846. 

443 ix Seth,® b. Feb. 26, 1847 ; m. Dec. 8, 1868, Helen SnMth. 

Statement by James Parsons, of Sharon, N. Y,, son of Elijah,^ 
fnade about 1870, as to his ancestry. Referred to in the Preface. 

"Aaron* Parsons, my great-grandfather, was born at Five Mile 
Pond near Springfield, Mass. ; at what date cannot ascertain, but 
he died in the year 1795 at the place of his birth, at an advanced 
age. Who his father was we cannot ascertain. He was a farmer 
by occupation; had two wives and of the first wife he had six 
sons and three daughters. Had no children by his second wife. 
The names of his sons were Aaron, Reuben, Zenus, Elijah, Eli 
and Charles. The names of his daughters were Eunice, Phebe, 
and the name of the other is not known. The time of their births 
is not known, but the place was at or near this Five Mile Pond. 

"The son, Aaron, resided near Springfield, Mass., his occupa- 
tion was keeping a public house. He had two wives. The names 
of his sons of first wife were Moses and Rufus. The names of 
the sons of the second wife are not known, but there were six of 
them and born in Springfield, Mass. 

Digitized by 



"Reuben was born at Five Mile Pond. Do not know at what 
time; was a tanner and currier by occupation and settled in the 
north part of Connecticut; do not know what town and believe 
he did not change his residence. 

"Zenas Parsons was bom at Five Mile Pond and settled in 
Springfield, Mass. Kept a public house, had one wife and one 
son and one daughter; do not know their names. 

"Eli Parsons was born at Five Mile Pond, first settled in 
Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., N. Y., from there he moved to Os- 
wego, N. Y., and there died. He was a surveyor and while living 
at Cherry Valley he held the office of Justice of the Peace and 
other town offices, and from the records of the Academy of 
Cherry Valley we learn that institution was established by Eli 
Parsons and fourteen others, and while he lived in Oswego, he 
kept a public house. He had three sons and three daughters. 
Whether they were all born at Cherry Valley, we do not know 
nor the date of their births. The names of the sons were Eli, 
Portions and Henry. The names of the daughters were Lettice, 
Maria, Cynthia and Sophia. Eli, the son, was drowned in^ Lake 
Ontario at the time of the War of 1812, while carrying sutlers 
goods from Oswego to Sackett's Harbor. 

"The occupation of Fortius was boating on the Erie Canal. 
Had no children. Where or when he died cannot tell. 

"Elijah Parsons (my grandfather) was born at Five Mile 
Pond about the year 1750. Had two wives and settled in North 
Parish, Wilbraham, Northampden Co., Mass., about nine miles 
east of Springfield and died about 1800. He was a farmer; his 
first wife's name was Eunice Cadwell. With her he had three 
sons and three daughters. The names of the sons were Erastus, 
Elijah and Elisha. The names of the daughters were Sarah, 
Phebe, and Flavia. 

•'Erastus was born in the year 1772; was married to Catherine 
Anthony in the year 1801. Was a farmer by occupation and 
taught school. Lived awhile in Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y., 
then moved to Terre Haute, Ind., and there died, leaving widow 
and son and one daughter. 

"The son ran an Ark (as the rude boats were then called) 

Digitized by 



Digitized by 


Digitized by 



down the Wabash, into the Ohio; thence into the Mississippi to 
New Orleans. Sold out and on his return he died of a fever. 
The daughter married in Indiana, settled there and may be liv- 
ing yet ; was when last heard. 

"Elijah Parsons, my father, was born in Wilbraham, Mass., 
the loth day of April, 1776. Was a carpenter and joiner by trade 
and worked at the trade upwards of fifty years. Served his ap- 
prenticeship in Wilbraham and came to Sharon, Schoharie Co., 
N. Y., in the year 1795 and assisted in building the first Lutheran 
Church in Sharon. The next winter attended school at the Cherry 
Valley Academy, and the next year or year after built the first 
Dutch Reformed Church in Sharon, etc. He was married to 
Mary Best, with whom he had seven sons and six daughters." 

283 Eliza^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 27, 1808; d. Mar. 11, 1844, at Sharon, 
N. Y. She m. John D. Hiller, of Sharon, b. 1805, and d. 1876. 
He was a farmer. His father, David Hiller, was one of the 
early settlers of the town. 

Children of John D. and Eliza^ (Parsons) Hiller: 

444 i George P.« Hiller, b. Aug. 7, 1827; d. Sept. 7, 1887; 

m. Gertrude M. Race. 
ii David* Hiller, b. Mar. 26, 1830; d. Nov. 11, 1895; m. 
Charlotte, dau. of James Timeson, of Mapletown, 
N. Y. 

445 iii Elijah* Hiller, b. Mar. 17, 1833; d. July 6, 1892; m. 

1859, Ellen A. Lane. 
IV Peter* Hiller, b. Feb. 2, 1835; d- Ju"c 30, 1908; m. 
May 15, 1878, Rebecca, dau. of Henry and Ms^dalen 
Voorhees, of Sharon, and widow of Conrad Fritcher ; 
resided for many years in Florida, where he died, but 
was buried in Slate Hill Cemetery, Sharon. 

284 Rev. George^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* 
Joseph," Joseph^), son of Elijah,* was bom in Sharon, N. Y., 
Dec. 13, 1810, and died at Fort Plain, N. Y., May 7, 1900. In 
his boyhood he learned the printer's trade in the office of the 

Digitized by 



Cherry Valley, N. Y., Gazette, and later worked in an office in 
New York City, where Horace Greeley was also employed. 
Thereafter he was educated at the Oneida Conference Semi- 
nary (Cazenovia, N. Y.) and was ordained Deacon of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church by Bishop Hedding, Aug. 25, 1839, ^"^ 
Elder by Bishop Soule, Aug. 15. 1841. He united with the Maine 
Conference in 1837, and became a member of the Oneida Con- 
ference in 1838, and was assigned to various charges therein, 
and in the Wyoming Conference until he was placed on the 
superannuate list about 1879. Thereafter he resided at Fort 
Plain, N. Y., but continued to preach as supply and to perform 
other ministerial offices until a few years before his death. The 
following is an extract from an obituary notice : 

"His work in the beginning of his career was largely pioneer 
and consequently formative. His methods, style of preaching, of 
exhortation, of prayer, of singing, and counseling seekers, was 
characteristic of the early Methodists. His spirit, and deport- 
ment, were saintly and dignified. He was, indeed, a model of 
genuineness, of simplicity, of unselfishness, of devotion to one 
work, a minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus." 

He married (i) July 10, 1836, at Sharon, N. Y., Elizabeth, 
daughter of Rev. William and Catharine (Failing) Diefendorf, 
of Sharon, who was his most efficient helper during his entire 
ministerial career. He married (2) Sallie A. Diefendorf Ottman, 
widow of Jeremiah Ottman, a sister of his first wife. May 2, 
1878, and, after her death, married (3) July 13, 1893, Sarah A. 
Stokes, who survived him. Rev. William Diefendorf, bom May 
26, 1785, was a son of John Jacob Diefendorf, bom 1762, a son 
of one of the Palatine refugees who settled in the Mohawk Val- 
ley in the early part of the i8th Century. He was a Revolutionar>' 
soldier in the ist Tryon County Militia, Col. Samuel Campbell, 
as appears by "New York in the Revolution." He had six sons 
and six daughters, the sons' names being John, George, Daniel, 
William, Jonas, and Benjamin. 

Catharine Failing, wife of Rev. William Diefendorf, was bora 
Apr. 19, 1789, at Canajoharie, and they were married in 1806, 
and had fourteen children, as follows: (i) Lucy Ann, b. 17 Jan., 

Digitized by 



Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



1807; (2) Maria, b. 17 Oct., 1808; (3) Elizabeth, b. 12 Nov., 
181 1 ; (4) Catharine, b. 2 Mar., 1813; (5) Lany, b. 2 May, 
1815; (6) William, b. 3 Mar., 1817; (7) Sally Ann, b. 22 Mar., 
1819; (8) Qarissa, b. 21 Mar., 182 1 ; (9) Josiah, b. 18 June, 
1823; (10) Giles, b. II May, 1825; (11) Almira, b. 4 Aug., 
1827; (12) Ephraim, b. 5 Feb., 1830; (13) Doew, b. 23 Nov., 
1832; (14) John Wesley, b. 4 May, 1835. 
Children of Rev. George^ and Elizabeth (Diefendorf) 

Parsons : 

446 i Harriet Elizabeth,' b. Apr. 4, 1838; d. Mar. 7, 1864; 

m. June 21, 1857, Rev. Lyman E. Marvin. 

ii Mary Katherine,® b. May 23, 1840, at Morrisville, 
Madison Co., N. Y. ; m. Levi Dederick, of Albany, 
N. Y. He was educated at Union College, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y., class of 1842, and d. at Albany in 1903. 

iii Clarissa Maria,' b. June 8, 1843, at Dryden, Tompkins 
Co., N. Y.; d. in infancy. 

iv Ann Eliza,* b. Feb. 26, 1845, at Ames, Montgomery 
Co., N. Y. ; d. in infancy. 

V Hamline Janes," b. July 15, 1848, at Westford, Otsego 
Co., N. Y. ; d. in infancy. 

447 vi Rev. Charles Wesley,* b. Jan. 7, 1851 ; d. Dec. 22^ 

1907; m. Aug. I, 1876, Emma R. Ford. 

285 Elisha^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 14, 1816, son of Elijah,* m. June 15, 
1852, at Leesville, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Mary Ann Pool, b. June 
7, 1819, and d. Jan. 31, 1887. He d. Sept. 20, 1878. 

Children of Exisha^ and Mary Ann (Pool) Parsons: 
i Qarissa M.,* b. Mar. 2, 1854; d. July 20, 1854. 

448 ii James W.,* b. June 23, 1856; m. Oct. 10, 1888, Mella 


286 Sarah^ Parsons (Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 16, 1825; m. at Sharon, N. Y., Apr. 3, 
1849, Sidney Alonzo Powell, son of Horace and Harriet (Parker) 

Digitized by 



Powell, b. July 11, 1819, at Richford, Vt., and d. Oct. 26, 1896, 
at Amity, 111. Mrs. Powell d. Jan. 21, 1893, at Amity, 111. 
Children of Sidney Alonzo and Sarah^ (Parsons) Powell: 
i Henry F.' Powell, b. June 21, 1851; d. May 12, 1867, 
at Sharon, N. Y. 

449 ii DeWitt Parsons' Powell, h. Mar. 20, 1853; m. Feb. 

20, 1876, Mary E. Henderson, 
iii Qarissa Maria* Powell, b. Dec. 16, 1854, at Amity, 111. 

450 iv Charles James* Powell, b. Aug. 7, 1861 ; m. Aug. 25, 

1893, Mattie A. Nicholson. 

287 William Higgins^ Parsons (Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* 
Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Elisha* and Frances (Higgins) 
Parsons, b. Sept. 26, 1806, was a tanner and currier, working 
with his father as a young man, and afterwards for himself at 
New Goshen, Ind., and later had a farm at Bloomfield, Edgar 
Co., 111. In middle life he studied medicine at Cincinnati, Ohio, 
and practiced his profession as an Eclectic physician for several 
years in Sharon, N. Y. (1855 to 1858), and then at Ann Arbor, 
Mich., and as a surgeon during the Civil War ; but after the war 
returned to Indiana and resided at Edwards, near Terre Haute, 
where he died, in 1875. He married Isabella Hopkins, of Chilli- 
cothe, Ohio, at Qinton, Vermilion Co., Ind., Aug., 1836, who 
died about 1852. She was b. in 1816, at Knox Co., Ind. 

Children of William Higgins^ and Isabella (Hopkins) 

Parsons : 

451 i David Hopkins,® b. Oct. 31, 1837; m. Feb. 18, 1862, 

Sarah J. Dean. 

452 ii Mary,* b. Feb. 19, 1839; d. Sept. 14, 1876; m. Apr. 

3, 1862, John J. Belt. 

453 iii Margaret,' b. Oct. 22, 1840; m. Henry Sturm, 
iv Sarah,' b. May 10, 1842; died in infancy. 

V Harriet,' b. Oct. 20, 1846. 
vi James,' b. Sept. 5, 1847; ^^^^ ^^ infancy. 

268 Rev. John Wesley^ Parsons (Elisha,' Elijah,' Aaron,* 
Daniel,' Joseph,' Joseph^), son of EHsha' and Hannah (Taggert) 

Digitized by 



Parsons, was born near Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Ind., Apr. 5, 
1816. He was educated in the country schools and in Terre 
Haute, and in his youth was converted and joined the Methodist 
Episcopal Qiurch. His charming qualities of mind and heart 
made him a favorite in the community and his Christian zeal led 
him into the Gospel ministry before he was twenty-one years of 
age. He joined the Illinois Conference of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church as an itinerant minister, in 1836 or 1837, and con- 
tinued in this work for about five years, but this strenuous life 
impaired his health, and compelled him to give up the regular 
ministry and become a local preacher. As an itinerant preacher 
his circuits were in Edgar, Vermilion, and Champaign counties, 
some of the chief points being Paris, Danville, and Urbana, with 
many other settlements widely separated. The traveling was on 
foot, or horseback, with daily preaching and organizing Sabbath 
schools, churches, etc. 

There were practically no roads, and the summer rains, and 
winter snow and sleet, caused the traveling for most of the year 
to be through mud and water from one pioneer settlement to 
another, often many miles, or a day's journey, apart. 

Soon after his marriage, in 1841, on account of poor health, 
he quit the active ministry and turned his attention to farming 
and fruit raising, and bought a farm where the city of Kankakee 
now stands, where he lived a few years and then moved to Ver- 
milion Co., where he bought a farm joining that of Judge Wright, 
his wife's step-father. 

In 1853 he bought a farm one mile south of Urbana, 111., where 
he died. Mar. i, 1854. Besides his work as a minister he was 
favorably known as a nursery man throughout the State. As a 
local preacher, he was in frequent demand for funerals, revivals, 
and other special occasions, and he organized the first Sunday 
school in Easton, 111. He was greatly honored and loved for 
his work as a minister and a Christian citizen in the growth and 
establishment of civic righteousness in a new and growing 

An incident in his itinerant work will throw a strong light upon 
the life and times of those pioneer days. While on the Danville 

Digitized by 



Circuit he met, and became engaged to, his future wife, Miss Sa- 
linda Stanfield, a step-daughter of Juc^ John B. Wright, a dis- 
tinguished citizen of Vermilion Co., a member of the State Legis- 
lature, and who resided about twenty miles west of Danville, Mr. 
Parsons* temporary home. 

The wedding day was fixed, and the groom's wedding suit was 
ordered two months in advance, with the tailor's promise that it 
would be ready ten days ahead of the wedding. But in those 
days all such goods came from New Orleans by river to Terrc 
Haute and from there by ox team to Danville, fifty miles, or by 
ox team from Chicago, 150 miles. 

But an unusually heavy rain had made the roads almost im- 
passable. The tailor had been delayed in getting the cloth and 
the suit was not finished until late in the afternoon of the day 
fixed for the wedding at high noon, and to be followed by a wed- 
ding dinner. Many anxious friends from for and near and a tear- 
ful bride were waiting at Judge Wright's, and an impatient 
groom, with his presiding elder, who was to perform the cere- 
mony, was at Danville, like Sheridan at Winchester "twenty 
miles away." But nothing daunted, as soon as the suit of clothes 
was finished, they mounted their horses and through rain, mud 
and swamp, they rode on into the dark night, reaching their des- 
tination about midnight, to find the dinner eaten, the guests gone, 
and the family, including the bride, in bed. But at the call of 
the groom all were soon astir, and the marriage, set for high 
noon, took place at midnight. 

He was married Aug. 17, 1841, and died Mar. i, 1854. His 
wife died Mar. 2Ty 1858. She was a saintly, Christian woman, 
who, after her husband's death, courageously asstuned the respon- 
sibilities of her young family, and by her energy and prudence 
even adding to her husband's estate, but her memory was the 
most precious legacy she left to her children. 

Children of John Wesley^ and Salinda (Stanfield) 
Parsons : 

454 i George Robins,* b. July 27, 1842 ; d. Nov. 27, 1893 ; m. 
Oct. 14, 1870, Mary Adele Calais. 

Digitized by 



455 ii Elisha Stanfield," b. June 20, 1844; in. (i) Oct. 19, 

1865, Mary A. AnderscHi; m. (2) Oct. 23, 1879, Sa- 
mantha Catharine Hayes. 

iii Harriet Catharine/ b. Aug. 26, 1845; d. Jan. 11, 1846. 

iv Anna Loretta,' b. Apr. 10, 1847; was a teacher for 
several years in the schools of Homer and Kankakee, 
111., and in Eastern Kansas. In 1879, she taught in 
the public schools of Kerrville, Tex., of which her 
brother, Rev. Emerson Parsons, was principal. She 
m. Dec. 6, 1883, George W. Cunningham, of Ellis 
Co., Tex., and now (1910) resides at Mammoth 
Springs, Ark. 

456 v Nathaniel Emerson,' b. Apr. 24, 1849; ">• Oct. i, 1874, 

Clara J. Williams. 

289 Harriet Newell^ Parsons (Elisha,* Elijah,' Aaron,* 
Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. i, 1819, in Vigo Co., Ind.; m. 
Nov. 28, 1843, David Sasseen, of Terre Haute, Ind., who died 
there Dec, 1855. In i860 the mother and children removed to 
Kankakee, 111., where they resided for twenty years, when she 
and her daughter, Harriet, removed to Lake Bluff, a suburb of 
Chicago, where she died, Feb. 13, 1910, in her ninety-second 

Children of David and Harriet Newell^ (Parsons) Sasseen : 
i Albert G.' Sasseen, b. in Terre Haute in 1845; d. at 
eleven years. 

457 ii Marietta C* Sasseen, b. in Terre Haute in 1848 ; d. in 

1884; m. Oct. 19, 1871, Hector M. Sinclair, 
iii Harriet B." Sasseen, b. Feb. 8, 1849, in Terre Haute, 
iv, V Hannah A.* Sasseen, and unnamed infant, b. in Terre 

Haute; both died in infancy. 

458 vi David Elliott* Sasseen, b. Oct. 13, 1854, in Terre 

Haute; m. Feb. 4, 1891, Elizabeth Connell. 

290 Hiram' Parsons (Elisha,® Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Jo- 
seph,' Joseph*), b. May 16, 1820, at Fayette, Vigo Co., Ind. He 
m. Apr. 20, 1848, at Qinton, Vermilion Co., Ind., Mary Mariah 

Digitized by 



Seeds, b. Aug. 8, 1831, at Lawrenceville, 111., dau. of James and 
Prudence (Powers) Seeds, of Qinton, Ind. He was a farmer 
in Vigo and Newton Cos., Ind., where his children were bom. 
He later removed to Joplin, Mo., where he and his wife died. 
Children of Hiram^ and Mary Mariah (Seeds) Parsons: 
i Erastus,* b. Jan. 17, 1850. 
ii Charles Bonner," b. Oct. i, 185 1. 
iii Joseph Raymond," b. Sept. 7, 1853 ; d. Mar. 12, 1855. 
iv Harriet Sasseen," b. Oct. 10, 1855. 
V Jessie Fremont," b. Sept. 3, 1857; d. at Morocco, Ind., 

about 1877. 
vi Abraham Lincoln," b. Oct. 25, i860; went to Califor- 
vii Mary Alice," b. Apr. 11, 1867. 

291 Elisha' Parsons (EHsha," Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel," Jo- 
seph," Joseph^), son of Elisha" and Hannah (Taggert; Parsons, 
b. Aug. 13, 1821 ; learned the trade of tanner and currier, work- 
ing with his father until he was of full age, where he made sev- 
eral trips on flat boats to New Orleans. Later he was engaged 
in hauling produce from Terre Haute to Chicago with oxen, then 
the only means of transportation. About 1846 he settled in Kan- 
kakee, 111., where he held many responsible positions to his credit 
and public satisfaction. About 1868 he moved to Newton Co., 
Ind., and later to Kentland, the county seat, where he died Feb. 
9, 1887, while serving his second term as County Recorder of 
Newton Co. He was highly esteemed for his conscientious in- 
tegrity and enjoyed the respect and warm friendship of every com- 
munity in which he had dwelt. 

He married (i) Mar. i, 1850, Orpha L. Syrpless, at Kanka- 
kee, III., and after her death married (2) Eleanor J. Gartwell, 
Mar. 25, 1856, in Vigo Co., Ind. All his children were bom in 
Kankakee, 111. 

Children of Elisha^ and Orpha L. (Syrpless) Parsons: 
i Edward E.," b. Mar. 4, 1851; married May 5, 1875, 
Sarah, daughter of William and Rachel (Copeland) 
Roberts, of Vincennes, Ind. He was County Corn- 

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Digitized by 


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missioner for Newton Co., Ind., for sixteen years, 
but later removed to HarrisonviUe, Mo., where he 
now (1911) resides, 
ii Frank C,* b. Dec. lo, 1853; was well educated and 
was a successful teacher for several years, and died 
Apr. 16, 1883, at Lake Village, 111. 

Children of Elisha^ and Eleanor J. (Gartwell) Parsons: 
459 iii Charles Albert,* b. Feb. 6, 1857; m. May 16, 1883, Sue 
A. Steward, 
iv Alfred Eugene,* b. 1859; d. at the age of three, at 

V Mary Eleanor,* b. July 8, 1862; unmarried; has de- 
voted her life to church and charitable work, and re- 
sides at Fort Worth, Tex. 
vi Henry Taggert,* b. Mar. i, 1864; was a successful 
school teacher, and died Oct. 21, 1892, at Kerrville, 
vii Lucy G.,* b. Mar. 20, 1866; was educated at Kentland, 
Ind., High School; was a teacher; married Oct. 10, 
1887, at Kentland, Edwin, son of Samuel and Sarah 
Ann (Freeland) Long, b. Nov. 21, 1864. She died 
at Kerrville, Tex., Dec. 3, 1896. They had one child, 
Edna* Long, b. Oct. 30, 1888. 
viii John Elisha,* b. Oct. 7, 1867; was educated at the 
Kentland High School; was for a time mail clerk 
on the Southern R. R. in Texas, and died at Har- 
risonviUe, Mo., Aug. 19, 1907. 
Eleanor J. (Gartwell) Parsons was born in Vigo Co., Mar. i, 
1829, and upon her marriage, in 1856, assumed the care of her 
husband's two young children, giving to them the same loving 
devotion that she did later to her own. After the death of her 
husband, in 1887, she, with her children, Mary, Henry, and 
John, moved to Kerrville, Tex. 

She was greatly beloved by all who knew her, and her life 
was an inspiration to her family. She died Dec. 13, 1891, at 
Kerrville, Tex., and was buried by the side of her husband,' in 
the beautiful cemetery at Kentland, Ind. 

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292 Erastus^ Parsons (Elisha,* Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph*), son of Elisha® and Hannah (Taggert) Parsons, 
was bom Aug. 11, 1822, in Fayette Township, Vigo Co., Ind.. 
where he resided until about 1852, when he went to California- 
He engaged in mining enterprises in various places, the last in 
Shasta County, near Redding, where he died in 1892. He mar- 
ried Dec. 25, 1864, at Sacramento, Christiana, daughter of 

and Ursula (Easterle) PfeflFer, of Milwaukee, Wis. She was 
born in Milwaukee in 1842, and is now (1909) living in Sacra- 
mento. Both her parents were bom in Germany. 

Child of Erastus^ and Christiana (Pfeffer) P^vrsons: 
i Cora,* b. June 30, 1872, in Sacramento, Cal. ; now 
(1911) the wife of George A. Kessler, a merchant 
of New York City. "A beautiful woman of rare 
gifts and many accomplishments." 

293 Ralph D.^ Parsons (Elisha,® Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Elisha* and Hannah (Taggert) Par- 
sons, was b. May 14, 1827, in Vigo Co., Ind., and died at the 
Nebraska Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Burkett, Neb., Mar. 9, 
1909; married April 5, 1853, Rachel Robinson, in Ohio, and later 
resided at Kankakee, 111. He enlisted Sept. 27, 1861, as a private 
in Co. K, 4th 111. Cavalry, and was mustered out Feb., 1864, and 
at once re-enlisted as Hospital Steward in the same regiment and 
was finally discharged. May 29, 1866, at Houston, Tex., having 
served 56 months. After the war, he returned to Kankakee and 
engaged in business, but later taught school for several years in 
Indiana, and was a correspondent for several newspapers. In 
1885 he settled in Chambers, Holt Co., Neb. He had four chil- 
dren, three dying in infancy, and one, Luella, dying at 16. Hav- 
ing neither wife nor children at the age of 77, on Nov. 30, 1904, 
he was admitted to the Soldiers' Home, after having faithfully 
served his country in many ways in war and peace. 

294 Aaron John^ Miller (Theodocia* Parsons, Elijah," 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,' Joseph*), b. Feb. 17, 1817; m. (i) 
Mar., 1847, Jerusha White Barber, b. in Palmer, Mass., Nov., 

Digitized by 



1819, d. Feb. 20, 1850. He m. (2) Jan. 20, 1853, Frances Louisa 
Rowland, b. at Portsmouth, N. H., July 11, 1829, and d. Sept. 
18, 1879. He d. Sept. 12, 1871. 
Children of Aaron John^ and Jerusha White (Barber) 

1 Annie Theodocia* Miller, b. Jan. 8, 1848; d. Nov. 27, 

460 ii Charles Edward* Miller, b. May 2, 1849; d. July 9, 

189s ; m. Oct. 9, 1874, Dora Isabella Bacon. 
Children of Aaron John^ and Frances Louisa (Rowland) 

iii John Frederick* Miller, b. Oct. 8, 1853; d. Aug. 29, 

iv Lizzie Asenath* Miller, b. July 7, 1855; died Mar. 28, 

461 V Martha Angelia* Miller, b. July 2, 1857; m. July 29, 

1885, John Wall. 

462 vi William Edwin* Miller, b. Nov. 14, 1859; m. Apr., 

1898, Sallie Elswick. 
vii Florence Esther* Miller, b. Feb. 10, 1862; d. Dec. 14, 


463 viii Clara Viola* Miller, b. Sept 24, 1863; m. Apr., 1897, 

Emory O. Allen. 
ix Caroline Maude* Miller, b. Apr. 20, 187 1. 

29s Jane Adelaide^ Miller (Theododa* Parsons, Elijah,' 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph,'), b. May 24, 1824; m. Jan. 29, 
1845, Edward Richardson Gaylord, of Hadley, Mass., b. June 21, 
181 3, and d. July 29, 1892. 

Children of Edward Richardson and Jane Adelaide^ 
(Miller) Gaylord: 

464 i John Proctor* Gaylord, b. Mar. 16, 1846; m. Sept. 25, 

1867, Mary Jane PoUet. 

465 ii Roswell Smith* Gaylord, b. Aug. 28, 1855 ; m. in 1874, 

Emma Prindle. 

466 iii Joseph Arthur* Gaylord, b. Oct. 26, 1857; m. Dec, 

1903, Lillian Kendall. 

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296 Reuben Parsons^ Miller (Theodocia* Parsons, Eli- 
jah,' Aaron,* Danid,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 11, 1826; m. 
June s, 1861, Helen Eliza Dickinson, b. in Hadley, Mass., Nov. 
14, 1837. He d. Oct. 17, 1892. 

Children of Reuben Parsons^ and Helen Eliza (Dickinson) 

Miller : 
i Helen Parsons® Miller, b. July 30, 1865; d. Dec. 22, 

ii Edith Dickenson* Miller, b. Jan. 16, 1869; d. Jan. 21, 

iii Grace Dickenson* Miller, b. Apr. 15, 1874; m. Aug. 4, 
1897, William Wilson Herrick. He d. in 1906. 

297 Theodocia' Parsons (Zenas,* Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph*) b. July 3, 1820; m. Nov. 29, 1843, Ambrose 
Qough, b. June 6, 1822. He d. Apr. 2, 1889. She d. Aug. 21, 

Children of Ambrose and Theodocia^ (Parsons) Clough: 
i Frank Miller* Clough, b. Feb. 27, 1850; d. Jan. i, 1871. 
ii Lizzie Charlotte* Clough, b. Mar. 28, 1856; d. Sept. 
14, 1861. 

298 Eli Graves^ Parsons (Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,^ Aaron,* 
Daniel,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Aug. i, 1817, at Oswego, N, Y.-. 
d. Dec. 21, 1907, at New Haven, N. Y. He was educated in the 
schools of Oswego, N. Y. He was a persistent reader and stu- 
dent of political and economic questions and was a stanch Demo- 
crat in politics, but declined office. He was from his youth active 
and enterprising in business, and at the age of seventeen he was 
captain of a passenger packet, and later owned and operated a line 
of freight boats on the canal. In middle life he was a railroad 
construction contractor and built part of the Oswego division 
of the Rome, Watertown & Ogdenburg R. R. and later he built 
a part of the Midland R. R,, now known at the New York, Os- 
wego & Western R. R. 

The latter years of his life were passed on his farm at Scriba, 
N. Y., and for the last ten years he had lived with his son, Charles 
Fred® Parsons, at New Haven, N. Y. He m. (i) Jan. 4, 1841, 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Emeline Parkhurst, b. Jan. i, 1817, and d. Jan. 10, 1852. He m. 
(2) July 21, 1852, at Scriba, N. Y., Lucinda Almira Mack, b. 
Jan. 4, 1823, at New Haven, N. Y., and d Dec. 2, 1909. 

CHiu»tEN OF Eli Graves^ and Emeune (Parkhurst) 


467 i Victor Llewellyn,* b. Oct. 4, 1842; d. Jan. 11, 1899; m. 

(i) Dec. 2^y 1865, Helen Antoinette Passmore; m. 
(2) July 19, 1871, Frances P. Johnson. 

468 ii Portius Frank,* b. Sept. 12, 1851 ; m. (i) Dec. 25, 1871, 

Elnora Electa Hall ; m. (2) Alice Hall. 
Child of Eli Graves^ and Lucinda Almira (Mack) Parsons: 

469 iii Charles Fred,* b. July 28, 1866; m. May 12, 1892, Mer- 

tie Vemella More. 

299 Helen M.^ Parsons (Portius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,^ Joseph*) b. Aug. 13, 1823; m. Mar. 22, 1848, 
William Montgomery McElroy. She d. in Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 

25^ 1903- 

Children of Helen M.^ (Parsons) and William Mont- 
gomery McElroy: 

470 i Charles Murray* McElroy, b. in Oswego, N. Y., Feb. 

I, 1852; m. Sept. 2, 1885, Alice Rebecca Pollock. 

ii Addie' McElroy, b. in Oswego, N. Y., ; d., aged 2 


iii William* McElroy, b. in Oswego, N. Y., ; d. in in- 

iv Hattie Parsons* McElroy, b. in Muscatine Co., Iowa, 
Sept. 20, 1857. 

471 V Cornelia Howard* McElroy, b. in Muscatine Co., Iowa, 

Oct. 8, i860 ; d. Mar. 27, 1899 ; m. Oct., 1884, Joel 
Frederica Farmer. 
vi Alice Matalda* McElroy, b. in Muscatine Co., Iowa, 
June 24, 1863 ; m. Oct. 30, 1901, Arthur H. Williams, 
of West Newbury, and resides in Kansas City, Mo. 

300 William D.^ Parsons (Portius F.,* Lieut. Eli,*^ Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,'* Joseph^), b. Oct. 15, 1834, at Oswego, N. Y. 
He m., May 3, 1857, Margarite Annie Fayette, b. Mar. 14, 1839. 

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He has for many years been engaged in R. R. freight transporta- 
tion at Oswego, Olean, Buffalo, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, 
where he now (1910) resides. 

Children of William D.^ and Margarite Annie (Fayette) 

Parsons : 

472 i Frank W.,* b. Apr. 19, 1858; m. May 5, 1880, Minnie 

Turril Turner, 
ii Fayette B.«, b. Aug. 13, 1872. 

301 Charles W.^ Parsons (Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 4, 1837, at Oswego, N. Y. ; d. 
Jan. 13, 1906, at Oswego. He m. Dec. 26, 1861, Elizabeth Crou- 
ley, b. May 3, 1841. 

Children of Charles W.^ and Elizabeth (Crouley) 
Parsons : 
i Adelaide,* b. Oct. 7, 1862 ; d. Dec. 23, 1880. 
ii Mary G,* b. Nov. 15, 1865. 

302 Mary Gertrude^ Parsons (Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,' 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 27, 1843; m. Jan. 8, 
1868, Florence Wilcox, b. Aug. 12, 18^. They reside in Os- 
wego, N. Y. 

Chiuaen of Mary Gertrude^ (Parsons) and Florence 

Wilcox : 
i Mary Eleanor* Wilcox, b. Jan. 5, 1869; m. Sept. 17, 
1895, Jacob Schneider. Child: (i) Louise Ger- 
trude* Schneider, b. July 29, 1900. 

473 ii Charlotte Grace* Wilcox, b. Jan. 7, 1870; m. Nov. 23, 

1891, John Mossbrugger. 
iii Charles Judson* Wilcox, b. Oct. 16, 1874 ; m. June 26, 
1899, Florence Decker. 

303 Edwin Parsons^ Hayden (Horace* Hayden, Ab^il* Par- 
sons, Moses,^ Moses,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Aug. 7, 181 1 ; d. May 
10, 1850, in Howard Co., Maryland. He m., Sept. 15, 1832, in 
Philadelphia, Elizabeth Hause, b. in Philadelphia, Aug. 23, 1810, 
and d. at Baltimore, July 3, 1887. He was educated at the Uni- 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



versity of Maryland and Studied law at Yale College, and prac- 
ticed his profession in Baltimore successfully, leaving a good es- 
tate. He was a stanch Whig, but was elected to the Maryland 
Legislature in 1846 by the Democratic votes on the Whig ticket. 
In 1847 ^^ was appointed by the Governor clerk of the Howard 
County Court. Mrs. Hayden was a daughter of William and 
Catherine (Hull) Hause, and was educated at private schools in 
Philadelphia. She was descended from Conrad Abel, of Phila- 
delphia, whose land is held in the family after 150 years, from 
Michael Hause, of Lancaster Co., Pa., and Jacob Hull, of Phila- 
delphia, all soldiers of the Revolutionary war. Her father was 
an extensive builder and merchant in Philadelphia. 

Children of Edwin Parsons^ and Elizabeth (Hause) 
Hayden : 

474 i Lewis Sydenham^ Hayden, b. Sept. 11, 1833; m. 

Mar. 29, 1859, Kate Bull. 

475 ii Charles Leslie' Hayden, b. July i, 1835; m. Sept. 2, 

1857, Addie Eliza Smith. 

476 iii Rev. Horace Edwin® Hayden, b. Feb. 18, 1837; ^' Nov. 

30, 1868, Kate Elizabeth Byers. 
iv Handel Mozart* Hayden, b. Feb. 18, 1839; d. Sept. 11, 

477 V Mary Victorie Evans* Hayden, b. Apr. 30, 1841 ; m. in 

1865, William Reginald Mackrille. 

VI Kate Hull* Hayden, b. Sept. 30, 1843 J "^- Ju"^ 3. 1874, 
Henry Cosby, of Virginia. 

vii William Mozart* Hayden, b. Mar. 24, 1848; m. May 
Parkhurst, daughter of Andrew R. and' Elizabeth 
Clagget (Owens) Parkhurst. He has for nearly 
fifty years been connected with the Eutaw Savings 
Bank of Baltimore, Md., and is now (1911) its presi- 
dent. He is a member of the Colonial Wars, Society 
of Maryland, and of the Sons of the Revolution, and 
one of the board of managers for years. 

304 Horace William^ Hayden (Horace* Hayden, Abigail,* 
Parsons, Moses,* Moses,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 8, 1814; d. 




Dec. 4, 1881. He was educated at the Baltimore College, and m., 
Apr. 18, 1839, Mary Gillette. 

Children of Horace Wiluam^ and Mary (Gillette) 

Hayden : 

i Laura Virginia* Hayden, b. ; m. J. Parker Moores, 

a banker of Baltimore, and had issue. 

ii Marie Antoinette* Hayden, b. ; m. Maj. Frank W. 

Hess, U. S. A. 

iii Lieut. Horace William* Hayden, b. ; m. Kate 

Bemis, of St. Louis, Mo., and had issue. 

iv Halleck Gillette* Hayden, b. ; Lieut. U. S. A. ; m. 

Rose L. Daley, and had issue. 

V Rose* Hayden, b. ; m. Maj. Frank W. Hess, U. 

S. A., and had issue. 

vi Edwin* Hayden, b. ; m. Nannie V. Deswead, and 

had issue. 

vii George* Hayden, b. ; m. Jennie Reed; had issue. 

viii Helen Ashby* Hayden, b. ; m. John Howard 

Grafflin, and had issue. 

305 Lieut. William Bostwick^ Parsons (Sylvanus Mor- 
gan,* Moses,' Moses,* Moses,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 31. 
1834, at Burlington, Vt. ; m. at Burlington, Kan., Nov. 12, i860, 
Julia Whistler Kenzie, b. May 4, 1842, near Qiicago, 111., dau. 
of Lt.-Col. Robert Allen and Gwinthellan Harriet (Whistler) 
Kenzie, of Chicago. 

He graduated from Dartmouth College, 1856, and was a lawyer. 
Resided at Burlington, Vt., until 1856, then at Lawrence, Kan., 
and then at Burlington, Kan.; was County Attorney for Coffey 
County, Kansas. He enlisted, Dec. 3, 1861, at Fort Leavenworth, 
Kan. ; commissioned ist lieut.. Mar. 20, 1862, and assigned to 
Co. G, 9th Kansas Regt. ; mustered out Dec. 29, 1862. He was 
Indian agent at Sac and Fox. Kan. 

Children of William Bostwick^ and Julia W, (Kenzie) 

Parsons : 
i Robert Wilkins,* b. Sept. 5, 1861, at Burlington, Kan. 
ii Irene Rucker,* b. June 11, 1864; d. Aug. 3, 1865. 

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iii William Guy,* born May i, 18&7, at Sac and Fox Indian 

Agency, Kansas, 
iv Francis Kenzie,* b. June 12, 1870, at Burlington, Kan. 

306 Joseph Henry^ Parsons (Samuel,* Joseph,'^ Lieut. Sam- 
uel,* Moses,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 11, 1830; m. at Bridgeport, 
Conn., Nov. i, 1855, Sarah Parmlee Stanley, b. Aug. 10, 183 1, at 
Goshen, Conn., dau. of George and Clara (Wadhams) Stanley, 
of Goshen. 

Children of Joseph Henry^ and Sarah P. (Stanley) 
Parsons : 
i Samuel,* b. Jan. 7, 1858, at Bridgeport, Conn, 
ii Mary Weed,« b. June, 1862, at Troy, N. Y. 

307 Timothy Edwards^ Parsons (Noah,* Noah,* Noah,* 
Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 20, 1802, at Otisco, N. Y.; d. 
Jan. 16, 1849, at Milton, Due Paye Co., 111. He m. Dec. 25, 
1823, at Truxton, Cortland Co., N. Y., Cynthia Elvira Keeney, b. 
July 13, 1801, dau. of Elijah and Cynthia (Lee) Keeney. He re- 
sided at Homer and Truxton, N. Y., until 1832, when he removed 
to Illinois. 

Children of Timothy Edwards^ and Cynthia E. (Keeney) 

Parsons : 
i Hamlet Edwards,* b. Nov. 25, 1824, at Homer, N. Y. ; 

d. May 25, 1839, at Due Paye Co., 111. 
ii Francis Marion,* b. Aug. i, 1826, at Solon, N. Y. Re- 
sided in Santa Clara Co., Cal. ; unm. 
iii Theodore La Rue,* b. Mar. 13, 1828, at Solon, N. Y. 
Resided in Santa Clara Co., Cal. ; unm. 

478 iv George Henry,* b. July 13, 1830; m. Oct. 29, 1863, 

Annie Elizabeth Bunting. 

479 V Augustus Belding,* b. Jan. 29, 1835; ^- July 4» i860, 

Harriet Victory May Kent, 
vi Agnes Olivia,* b. Nov. 7, 1840; d. Sept. 30, 1858, at 
Santa Oara, Cal. 

308 Theron^ Parsons (Noah,* Noah,' Noah,* Noah,* Jo- 

Digitized by 



seph/ Joseph*), b. Apr. 2, 1805; m. in 1827, Lovinia Collins, at 
Watertown, N. Y. He went to Illinois in 1832, then to Mankato, 
Minn., in 1855, then to National City, San Diego, Cal., where he 
was a printer in 1874. 

Children of Theron^ and Lovina (Coluns) Parsons: 
i Maria Antoinette,* b. in 1828 ; m. Robert Wardlaw, of 

Mankato, Minn, 
ii Robert La Rue,* b. in 1831 ; m. Lovina Rose, 
iii Silenus D.,* b. in 1833, in Illinois ; was a soldier in the 

Civil War and later a merchant in Mankato, Minn, 
iv Harriette Arathesa,* b. in 1837, in Illinois; m. David 
Lamb, in 1871. Resided in San Diego, Cal. 

V Jane,* b. in 1839; "^- Peleg Griffith. 

vi Josephine,* b. ; m. Thomas Walker. 

309 Jared Wales^ Parsons (Jared,* Noah,' Noah,* Noah,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. in 1820; m. Rachel Swan. 

Children of Jared Wales^ and Rachel (Swan) Parsons: 

i Elmira H.,* m. Shotwell. 

ii Electa W.* 
iii Rose.* 
iv Jared Ives.* 

V Nellie.* 

In a history of Onondaga Co. ( 1878) mention is made of Jared* 
Persons and his son, Jared Wales,^ and of Capt. Noah,* brother 
of Jared,* the latter holding important offices as Loan Commis- 
sioner, Supervisor, and Justice of the Peace, and the portraits of 
Jared W. and his wife, and picture of their residence. 

310 Edward' Parsons (Abner Edwards,* Noah,* Noah,* 
Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Aug. 18, 1813; m. (i) Oct. 9, 1837, 
Rachel H. Russell. He m. (2) Oct. 9, 1838, Hattie Champney. 

Child of Edward' and Rachel H. (Russell) Parsons: 
Maj. John Russell,* b. Aug. 24, 1838; graduate of Yale Col- 
lege, i860; was an dficer in the 31st Regt., Mass. 
Vols., 2d Lieut., Capt. and Maj.; d. Mar. 3, 1869, at 
Jackson, Miss. 

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seventh generation 299 

Children of Edward' and Hattie (Champney) Parsons: 
ii Abner Edwards,' b. Mar. 14, 1843; was a private in 

27th Mass. Regt., Vols, 
iii Ellen Castendarra,* b. Aug. 22, 1845. 

311 Aaron Hall' Parsons (Asa,* Noah,' Noah,* Noah," 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 26, 1818, at Westhampton, Mass.; m. 
Sept. 3, 1843, Harriet Newell King, b. Aug. 17, 1818, dau. of 
Luther and Harriet King. He d. Feb. 18, 1852. 

Children of Aaron Hall' and Harriet N. (King) Parsons: 
i Harriet Ann,® b. July 22, 1844 ; m. Apr. 30, 1862, Ed- 
ward E. Edgarton, who resided at Dixon, 111., in 1870. 
ii Sarah Edwards,* b. Aug. 31, 1850; m. Nov. 26, 1868, 
Amariah Elwell, b. July 10, 1844. 

312 Henry Moore' Parsons (Asa,* Noah,* Noah,* Noah,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 4, 1827; m. Nov. 28, 1849, Susan Me- 
lissa Kingsley, b. Oct. 3, 1828, dau. of Zenas and Susan (Elwell) 

Children of Henry M.^ and Susan M. (Kingsley) Parsons: 
i William Henry,* b. June 24, 1855 ; d. May 7, 1857. 
ii Susan Ella,* b. Jan. 19, 1859. 

iii Carrie Webster,* b. Oct. 4, 1862 ; d. Feb. 10, 1864. 

iv Mahlon Kingsley,* b. Mar. 27, 1864. 
V Edna Hall,* b. Feb. 23, 1869. 

313 Mary Ann Hazen^ Parsons (Theodore,* Amasa,* 
Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 23, 181 6, at Waterloo, 
N. Y. ; m. Apr. 27, 1857, Levi Carroll Judson, b. Jan. 17, 1796. 
He died Jan. 8, 1865. He was a lawyer at Waterloo, N. Y., and 
the father of Edward Z. C. Judson, known in literature as "Ned 
Buntline," who at one time resided at Chappaqua, N. Y. 

314 Prof. Theodore Steuart^ Parsons (Theodore,* 
Amasa,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 28, 1817, at 
Waterloo, N. Y. ; m. Apr. 18, 1852, at Henderson, Ky., Mary Mc- 
Murtry, b. Oct, 15, 1825, in Jessamine Co., Ky., dau. of Dr. Jo- 

Digitized by 



seph and Lucy Lewis (Madison) McMurtry, of Paris, Bourbon 
Co., Ky. He graduated from Hamilton College, N. Y., in 184^. 
He was Professor of English Literature in the Kentucky Military 
Inst, and, in 1869, was Nurseryman at Henderson, Ky. 

315 John Henry^ Parsons (Theodore,* Amasa,* Noah,* 
Noah,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Mar. 4, 1822, at Waterloo, N. Y.; 
m. Oct 18, 1848, at Geneva, N. Y., Anna Maria Hutton Griffing, 
b. Oct. 28, 1830, dau. of William and Margaret Van Rensselaer 
(Keating) Griffing, of Geneva, N. Y. 

Children of John H.^ and Anna M. H. (Griffing) Parsons, 
all born at Buflfalo, N. Y. : 
i William Theodore,* b. Aug. 29, 1850. 
ii Elizabeth Anna,* b. Nov. 20, 1852. 
iii John Ganson,* b. Sept. 18, 1857. 
iv Kate Griffing,* b. Mar. 18, i860; d. Sept. 8, 1865. 

315a William Chester^ Parsons (Theodore,* Amasa,* 

Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 20, ; m. at Galena, 

111., Oct. 20, 1857, Roberta Virginia Carson, b. Mar. 14, 1837, at 
Baltimore, Md., dau. of Robert William and Eugenia Charlotte 
Constantia Phebe (Durkee) Carson, of Winchester, Va. He was 
a Life Insurance Agent and resided at Galena and Chicago, 111. 
Children of William Chester^ and Roberta V. (Carson) 

Parsons : 
i Frank Robert,* b. Aug. 10, 1858. 
ii Theodore Chester, * b. June 3, 1862. 
iii Oscar Roler,* b. Jan. 16, 1865. 
iv Child, b. July 8, 1869. 

316 George Parsons^ Cady (Junia* Parsons, Gideon," Noah,* 
Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. i, 1834, at Windsor, Mass.; d. 
May 19. 1891. He m. Nov. 18, 1856, Susan Piatt, who d. Oct. 2, 

Children of George Parsons^ and Susan (Platt) Cady: 
i Winifred Louise* Cady, b. Aug. 19, 1859; d. Sept. 19, 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Digitized by 



ii Margaret Junia* Cady, b. Mar. 24, 1862; d. May 3, 

iii Dr. George Marvin* Cady, b. Sept. 23, 1865 ; m. Apr. 
20, 1887, Fronia Harris, b. July 12, 1865. 

317 William Dwight' Cady (Junia* Parsons, Gideon,** 
Noah,* Noah,» Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Nov. 21, 1835. He m. Oct. 
6, 1861, Mary E. Goodrich, b. Apr. 16, 1842, d. Feb., 1904. 
Child of William Dwight^ and Mary E. (Goodrich) Cady: 

480 i William Fred® Cady, b. Mar. 26, 1863; m. Mary Mur- 


318 Monroe Marsh^ Cady (Junia* Parsons, Gideon,' Noah,* 
Noah,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Jan. 25, 1840. He m. June 16, 1875, 
Kathryne Edwards Markell, b. at Brockport, N. Y., Nov. 10, 
1854. He prepared for College at WiUiston Seminary, East- 
hampton, Mass. ; Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 1866, class- 
ical course. He taught at Milford, Pa., and the Lespinasse French 
Institute, N. Y. Cit>\ He was admitted to the bar at Albany, 
N. Y., May 7, 1867, and practiced law in Oswego, N. Y., and re- 
moved to Dubuque, Iowa, in 1870, where he has continued in the 
practice of law ever since, making a specialty of patent law for 
the last thirty years. He is a Republican in politics and was a can- 
didate of that party for District Judge, but the district was too 
strongly Democratic to win. He has for many years been U. S. 
Commissioner. He and his family are active members of the 
Westminster Presbyterian Church of Dubuque, and he has been 
for many years the editor of the Phi Gamma, the oldest exclusive 
church paper published. 

Children of Monroe M.^ and Kathryne E. (Markell) Caoy, 
all born at Dubuque, Iowa : 

481 i Henry Markell* Cady, b. July 8, 1876; m. Nov. 29, 

1904, Hope Sennet. 

482 ii Junia Parsons* Cady, b. Nov. 29, 1877; "^- Sept. 18, 

1907, Reeve Conover. 

483 iii Emily Edwards* Cady, b. July 29, 1879; ^^- J""^ ^» 

1904, William Marcy Gratiot. 

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iv Marjorie Marsh* Cady, b. Feb. 5, 1881. 
V Nancy Keller* Cady, b. Mar. 12, 1883. 

319 Rev. Gideon Parsons' Nichols, D. D. (Jerusha Kings- 
ley* Parsons, Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 
30, 1837, at Windsor, Mass. ; d. Sept. 17, 1908, at Binghampton, 
N. Y. He graduated at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., i860; 
Princeton Theological Seminary, 1865; was pastor at Victor, 
N. Y. ; Olivet Presbyterian Church, Chicago ; Immanucl Church, 
Milwaukee, and First Presbyterian Church, Binghampton, 1881 
to 1908, where he died, Sept. 17, 1908. He married in 1871, Delia, 
dau. of Rev. James and Sarah Jane (Hastings) Nichols. 

He was an eloquent preacher, greatly beloved as a pastor, and 
exerted a wide influence for good as a minister and citizen during 
his long pastorate at Binghampton. The highest tributes were 
paid to his memory in the extended obituaries published after his 
death, and the Binghampton Chamber of Commerce, and other 
organizations, recommended that places of business be closed at 
the hour of his funeral, which was generally observed. 
Children of Rev. Gideon Parsons^ and Delia Briggs 
(Nichols) Nichols: 
i Rev. Robert Hastings* Nichols, b. Oct. 2, 1873, at Roch- 
ester, N. Y. ; educated at Binghampton High School ; 
Lawrenceville, N. J. ; B. A., Yale, 1894; Ph. D., Yale, 
1897; Auburn Theological Seminary, 1901; Profes- 
sor of Church History, Theological Seminary, Au- 
burn, N. Y. ; m. June 9, 1910, Marjorie Newton, dau. 
of the late Robert Wallace, of South Orange, N. J. 
484 ii Margaret Parsons® Nichols, b. Apr. 30, 1875, at Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; m. Aug. 31, 1904, William Hemans 
iii Capt. Henry James" Nichols, M. D., b. May 21, 1877, 
at Milwaukee, Wis.; Binghampton High School; 

B. A., Yale, 1899; M. D., University of Pennsylvania, 
1903; Army surgeon, Philippines, 1906 to 1909; In- 
structor at Army Medical School, Washington, D. 

C, 1910. 

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IV Content Shqwrd* Nichols, b. Feb. 3, 1879, at Milwau- 

kee, Wis.; B. A., Bryn Marr, 1899; A. M. Bryn 
Marr, 1900; Instructor Bryn Marr, 1909-10. 

V James Knight* Nichols, b. Mar. 28, 1881, at Milwaukee, 

Wis.; educated high school, Lawrenceville, N. J.; 
B. A., Yale, 1903; Harvard Law School, 1908; At- 
torney at Binghampton, N. Y., 1910. 

320 Chakles Theodore^ Parsons (Justin Smith,* Justus,* 
Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Sept. 14, 1834; m. (i) Dec. 
9, 1858, Hattie Smith Qarke, an adopted daughter of Thaddeus 
and Louisa (Smith) Clarke. She d. July 21, 1872, aged 33. 
He m. (2) Jan. i, 1873, Julia Wolcott, of Northampton. He 
d. Aug. II, 1896. 

Children of Charles Theodore^ and Hattie S. (Clarke) 

Parsons : 

485 i Clayton Smith,* b. Dec. 27, 1859; m. Dec. 12, 1882, 

Nellie Earle. 
ii Philo Milton,* b. Apr. 2, 1861. 

486 iii Hattie Louise,* b. July 9, 1863; m. Dr. George H. 


487 iv Cora Isabell,* b. Dec. 2, 1864 ; m. Apr. 27, 1885, Fred- 

erick Cunningham Atkins. 
Child of Charles Theodore^ and Julia (Wolcott) Parsons: 

488 V Frank Shephard,* b. Dec. 12, 1880; m. May 4, 1904, 

Mabel Cook. 

321 Theodore Clark' Parsons (Lewis,* Justus,* Noah,* 
Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 14, 1842; m. Mar. i, 1865, 
Henrietta Patterson, b. Oct. 8, 1844, dau. of Edwin and Eliza 
(Botton) Patterson. 

Children of Theodore Clark' and Henrietta (Patterson) 

Parsons : 
i Lewis Clark,* b. Dec. 30, 1865. 
ii Jennie Clara,* b. Oct. 7, 1868. 
iii Arthur Warren,* b. May 14, 1870. 

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322 Dr. Lewis' Darling, Jr. (Lucy Mason* I arsons, Capt. 
Luke," Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* Joseph*), son of Dr. 
Lewis and Lucy M.* (Parsons) Darling, was b. Oct. 19, 1840; 
was educated at the old academy in Lawrenceville, Pa. At the 
age of 16, was clerk in a bank at Independence, Iowa. He was 
actii^ assistant surgeon, U. S. Army, from Sept., 1862, to Sept., 
1864 ; was assistant surgeon in U. S. Navy, on the receiving ship, 
"North Carolina," the "Florida," and the "Nahant," and was 
honorably discharged Oct., 1865. He graduated from the Uni- 
versity oiF Michigan, class of 186(5, degree of M. D. He was mar- 
ried Jan. I, 1867, in West Avon, Conn., to Julia Lavilla, only 
dau. of Carlos C. and Lavilla (Woodruff) Day, b. Aug. 5, 1843. 
She was educated at the Hartford Female Seminary, where she 
roomed with her future sister-in-law, Emmeline G. Darling. She 
was a granddau. of Erastus and Amelia (Doty) Day, of Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y., and of Titus and Lua (Ailing) Woodruff, of 
West Avon, Conn. 

She is directly descended from Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., 
Thomas Stanley, of Hartford, Matthew Woodruflf, and Thomas 
Woodford; Thomas Newell, of Hartford, Edward Doty, 40th 
signer of the Mayflower Compact, George Pardee, of New Haven, 
Roger Ailing, of New Haven, and many others. She is also in 
direct line from Margaret Wyatt (wife of Hon. Matthew AUyn, 
of Windsor, Conn.), who is directly descended in two lines from 
Henry I of England, and from the Raleigh and Beauchamp fami- 
lies, of England. Dr. Lewis^ Darling was a successful physician 
and surgeon and resides on the old homestead at Lawrence- 
ville, Pa. 

Children of Dr. Lewis^ and Julia Lavilla (Day) Darling: 
489 i Orland Lewis* Darling, b. June 22, 1870; m. Nov. 3, 
1897, Rue Bowman Lindsley. 
ii Carlos Parsons* Darling, b. May 8, 1876; was grad- 
uated at the Lawrenceville High School, class of 
1891, and Hobart College, class of 1894; was mem- 
ber of the Sigma Phi Fraternity. He is a druggist, 
Manager of the Bell Telephone Co., President of the 
Board of Health, and organist of St. John's Church 

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at Lawrenceville, Pa., and is compiling (1911) a 
"History and Genealogy of the Darling Family in 
iii Walter William* Darling, b. Mar. 20, 1880; m. Jan. i, 
1910, at Williamsport, Pa., Ellen Maria, b. in Bald- 
winsville, N. Y., Sept 5, 1881, dau. of Charles 
Jenckes and Anna Therasa (Holihan) Perkins. She 
is descended from Gov. John Winthrop and also from 
Gov. Wanton, of R. I. He graduated from Law- 
renceville High School, May, 1895, and from the 
Brooklyn, N. Y., College of Pharmacy, 1901, and is 
a druggist at Lawrenceville, Pa. 

323 Thomas Valpeau^ Darling (Lucy Mason* Persons, 
Capt. Luke," Samuel,* William," Capt. John,^ Joseph^), son of Dr. 
Lewis and Lucy M.* (Parsons) Darling, b. Oct. 16, 1842; was 
educated in the Lawrenceville Academy, where he was a student 
at the breaking out of the Civil War. 

He enlisted Sept. i, 1862, in the U. S. Marine Corps and served 
four years; was appointed Corporal, Feb. 16, 1866, and was hon- 
orably discharged at Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. i, 1866. He m. in 
Mansfield, Tioga Co., Pa., May 8, 1868, Delphine, b. June i, 
1849, ^t West Cameron, Steuben Co., N. Y., dau. of Henry J. 
and Maria (Whitmarsh) Charles, of Canisteo, N. Y. (Henry J. 
Charles was b. in Dublin, Ireland, Nov. 4, 1820, and his wife was 
b. Sept. 23, 1820, in Smithsboro, N. Y., and she d. in Canisteo, 
N. Y., Mar., 1901.) 

He resided at Canisteo, N. Y., and Lawrenceville, Pa., where 
he d. Sept. 22, 1890, and in Oct., 1909, his remains were moved to 
the Arlington Cemetery, Washington, D. C, to which city his 
widow and family removed after his death. 
Children of Thomas V.^ and Delphine (Charles) Darling: 

490 1 Horace Mason* Darling, b. June 6, 1870; m. Nov. 9, 

1892, Katherine Hoagland Kuhl. 

491 ii Edith Meta* Darling, b. Jan. 26, 1872; m. Nov. 4, 1890, 

Theodore Charles Huber. 


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492 iii Lucy D.* Darling, b. July 27, 1874 ; m. Feb. 20, 1901, 

Asbury Rutledge Taylor. 

493 iv Lewis Edward* Darling, b. June 11, 1884; ^* Oct 2, 

1907, Elizabeth Damm. 

324 Rev. Lewis William^ Gibson (Emeline B.* Parsons, 
Capt. Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* Joseph^), b. July 12, 
1835, at Wellsboro, Pa.; graduated from Yale College, 1854; 
General Theological Seminary, N. Y. City ; was a Protestant Epis- 
copal clergyman ; d. June 7, 1894, at Dover, Del. He m. at Sun- 
bury, Pa., Nov. II, 1862, Mary, b. 1838, dau. of Hon. Charles 
Gobin and Amelia (Hegins) Donnel, of Sunbury, Pa. He was 
Chaplain of the Delaware State Senate, also candidate for Bishop 
in the Protestant Episcopal Church. His widow and children re- 
side in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children of Rev. Lewis W.*^ and Mary (Donnel) Gibson: 
i Charles Donnel* Gibson, b. Aug. 29, 1863; Union Col- 
lege ; member of the Signia Phi Fraternity ; m. Min- 
nie Gay, who died childless, 
ii Emmeline Barton* Gibson, b. and d. Mar. 20, 1865. 
iii Lucy* Gibson, b. Apr. 9, 1867; a teacher in Norwalk, 

iv Alice* Gibson, b. Mar. 19, 1869. 
V Mary* Gibson, b. Mar. 19, 1871. 
vi Amelia Donnel* Gibson, b. Sept. 30, 1873; d. Apr. 6, 

vii John Hinman* Gibson, b. Aug. 31, 1877 ; m. Miss Cook ; 
has one child; lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

325 Lucy Parsons^ Gibson (Emeline Barton* Parsons, Capt. 
Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,' Joseph^), b. Nov. 17, 
1838, at Wellsboro, Pa. She graduated at Miss Dalton's School, 
at New Haven, Conn. ; m. May 22, 1857, at Wellsboro, Pa., Rev. 
Willis Strong Colton, of Weathersfield, b. at Royalton, N. Y., 
June 25, 1828, son of Rev. (5eorgc Colton (Yale College, 1804) 
and Lucy (Cowles) Colton, of Farmington, Conn. He graduated 

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at Yale College, class of 1850; Yale Theological Seminary, 1855 ; 

was tutor in Yale College, and d. in Toledo, Ohio. 

CHiLiffitEN OF Rev. Willis Strong and Lucy Parsons* (Gibson) 


494 i Emelyn* Colton, b. July i, 1858, at Weathersfield, 
Conn ; m. Oct. 25, 1882, Edward P. Hickox. 
11 Laura Marple* Colton, b. May 14, i860, at Weathers- 
field, Conn., and d. there Oct. 21, 1865. 

lii George Benjamin* Colton, b. June 4, 1862, at Weathers- 
field, Conn. ; m. at Toledo, Ohio, Apr. 29, 1896, Lil- 
lian A. Clouse. He is a manufacturer and merchant 
in Toledo, Ohio. Child: George William* Colton, 
b. Aug. 2, 1898. 

iv Ada Gibson* Colton, b. Nov. 5, 1864, at Weathersfield, 
Conn.; m. Dec. 23, 1885, William Gold Brinsmade; 
Harvard College, 1883; was Principal of Ridge 
School, Washington, Conn. Child : Dorothy Chapin* 
Brinsmade, b. Nov. 15, 1892. 

V Arthur Willis* Colton, b. May 22, 1868, at Washington, 
Conn.; graduated at Yale Collie, 1890; Ph. D., 
1893; Tutor at Yale two years; taught at Ridge 
School, Washington, Conn. ; lives in N. Y. City, and 
is an author and magazine writer. 

vi Lewis* Colton, b. Apr. 20, 1870, at Washington, Conn. ; 
m. 1901, Helen Brewer. Is in business in Toledo, 

vii Mabel* Colton, b. Sept. 15, 1873, ^^ Washington, Conn. ; 
graduated at University of Michigan, 1895; d. Dec. 
10, 1896, at Asheville, N. C. 

326 Otis Willard^ Gibson (Emeline Barton* Parsons, Capt. 
Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* Joseph*), b. June 8, 1840, 
at Wellsboro, Pa. ; d. Jan. 2, 1896. at Austin, Minn., where he was 
once Mayor. He m. at Qeveland, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1862, Cynthia 
Maria, b. in Cleveland, N. Y., Apr. 10, 1838, dau. of Forris and 
Deborah Farmer. He graduated at the College of Physicians and 

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Surgeons in N. Y. City, and served as surgecxi in the army and 
navy during the Civil war. 

Children of Otis W.* and Cynthia M. (Farmer) Gibson: 
i Kate Farmer* Gibson, b. Mar. 6, 1864, at Ft. Hamilton, 
L. I., N. Y. ; m. at Austin, Minn., Francis A. French. 
Lived in St. Paul, Minn, 
ii Ada Hinman* Gibson, b. June 16, 1868; d. Oct. 31, 

1874, at Austin, Minn, 
iii Lewis Colton* Gibson, b. Sept. i, 1871 ; d. Jan. 24, 

1879, at Austin, Minn, 
iv Frank Richardson* Gibson, b. Mar. 30, 1873, *^ Whites- 

boro, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 27, 1879, ^^ Austin, Minn, 
v Willis Colton* Gibson, b. Nov. 30, 1879, at Austin, 

vi Fanny Louise* Gibson, b. Nov. 3, 1883 ; d. June 2, 1884, 
at Austin, Minn. 

327 Ada Sophia' Gibson (Emeline Barton* Parsons, Cq)t. 
Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 24, 
1842, at Wellsboro, Pa. ; m. at Weathersfield, Conn., Oct. 11, 1865, 
John Hinman, b. at Catherine, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1837, son of Guy 
C. and Phebe Hinman. He was a banker in Addison, Steuben 
Co., N. Y., and is now living in N. Y. Qty with his children. 
Mr. Hinman was a lieutenant in the 6th Penn. Reg.-Reserves, 
Civil war. 

Children of Ada S.' (Gibson) and John Hinman: 
i Guy Otis* Hinman, b. Feb. 6, 1867, at Fall Brook, Pa. ; 
m. at Angelica, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1894, Belle Hart, and 
lives at Trumansburg, N. Y. ; no children, 
ii Bessie* Hinman, b. Sept. 29, 1868, at Fall Brook, Pa. ; 

iii Willis Colton* Hinman, b. June 12, 1871, at Fall Brook, 
Pa. ; d. Sept. 12, 1872, at Antrim, Pa. 
"• iv Ada* Hinman, b. Sept. 2, 1873, at Antrim, Pa. ; unmar- 

V John Gibson* Hinman, b. May 3, 1878, at Ridgway, 
N. C. ; is a lawyer in N. Y. City ; unmarried. 

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vi Lewis Gibson* Hinman, b. Dec. ii, 1882, at Addison, 
N. Y. ; is a graduate of Williams College; lives in 
N. Y. City ; unmarried. 

328 MiLO Holcombe' Parsons (William Henry,® Levi,*^ Na- 
than,* Ithamer,' Samuel,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 5, 1840, at Granville, 
Mass.; m. at Danbury, C6nn., Oct. 9, 1867, Georgiana Hull, b. 
Oct. 26, 1840, dau. of George and Qara (Nichols) Hull. In 1875 
he was a merchant at 141 Maiden Lane, N. Y. City. 

Children of Milo H.^ and Georgian na (Hull) Parsons: 
i Florence Hull,* b. Feb. 25, 1869 ; d. Nov. 15, 1875. 
ii Fred William H.,» b. July 20, 1870. 
iii George Milo," b. July 10, 1871 ; d. an infant. 
IV Harold Ashton," b. June 13, 1872. 
V Marion Bulkley,® b. Jan. 3, 1874 ; d. July, 1874. 

329 Dr. Albro Lefils^ Parsons (Curtis Rogers,* Curtis,' 
Aaron,* Ithamar,* Samuel,* Joseph*), b. Mar. i, 1844, at Macon, 
Ga. ; m. June 25, 1873, ]^^^ Elizabeth Mayes, b. Oct. 30, 1852, 
at Cadiz, Ky. He was educated at Louisville, Ky., Medical Col- 
lege and the University of Munich, and is a physician at Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Children of Dr. Albro L.^ and Julia E. (Mayes) Parsons: 
i Leo Mayes,® b. Jan. i, 1875, at Evansville, Ind. 
ii Elizabeth Bacon,® b. Jan. i, 1880, at Evansville, Ind.; 
m., Jan. i, 1908, William Barnfathcr Eagles, b. Aug. 
28, 1869, in Davis Co., Ky. 
iii AJbro Lefils," b. Nov. 13, 1882, in Louisville, Ky. 
iv Julian Mayes,* b. Aug. 19, 1884, in Louisville, Ky. 

330 William Riley^ Parsons (Isaac,* Aaron," Rev. Steph- 
en,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph*), b. at Leyden, N. Y., July 
20, 1816; d. at Big Rapids, Mich., 1889. He m., in 1839, Caroline 
Hough, b. Aug. 17, 1822, dau. of Rev. Josiah Van Vechten 
Hough. She d. June 4, 1866. He was a soldier in the Civil War. 

Children of William Riley^ and Caroline (Hough) 

Parsons : 

i W. Marvin,* b. July 23, 1843 ; d- Sept. 7, 1846. 

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495 ii William M.,* b. June ii, 1846, at Leydcn, N. Y.; d. 

Dec. 24, 1908; m. Mary . 

496 iii Howard Hough," b. June 24, 1849, ^^ Cortland, N. Y.; 

m. Dec. 24, 1872, Aurora Montgomery Pratt, 
iv Garritt Smith," b. Dec. 17, 1851 ; d. in 1863. 
V Caroline Eloise,* b. Aug. 3, 1854, at Cortland, N. Y.; 

m. in 1873, Alexander Bennett, and resides at Qe- 

burne, Tex. 
vi Cora Zelia," b. June 12, 1857, at Denmark, N. Y., and 

resides at Youngstown, Ohio. 

497 vii Isaac Brown,* b. Dec. 30, 1859, at Dear River, N. Y.; 

m. July 13, 1886, Elizabeth Gaylord. 
viii Justus Bion,® b. 1861, at Denmark, N. Y. ; d. 1904, at 
Cleburne, Tex. 

331 Adeline^ Parsons (Isaac,* Aaron,' Rev. Stephen,* 
Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 1827, at Leyden, N. Y. ; d. at 
Lyons Falls, N. Y., Dec, 1867. She m. Sept. 16, 1847, Nelson 
Whittlesey, and resided at Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children of Nelson and Adeline^ (Parsons) Whittlesey: 

498 i R. Trail* Whittlesey, b. June 9, i860; m. Apr. 13, 1885, 

Elizabeth A. Thomas. 
ii June Adeline* Whittlesey, b. June 30, 1867; m. Ragan 
Robinson, M. D., and resides at Coachilla, Cal. 

332 IsAAC^ Parsons (Isaac,® Aaron,* Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* 
Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 1829, at Leyden, N. Y.; d. at Sagi- 
naw, Mich., 1902. He m. July 10, 1866, Helen Caroline Ackley, 
b. Apr. 19, 1839, ^^ Akron, Ohio, and resides at Oakland, Cal. 

Child of Isaac^ and Helen C. (Ackley) Parsons: 
i Helen,* b. Sept. 16, 1885, at Saginaw, Mich. 

333 Aaron A.^ Parsons (Isaac,* Aaron,* Rev. Stephen,* 
Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,^ Joseph^), b. Apr. 16, 1832, at Leyden, 
N. Y.; d. at Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 13, 1875. He m. at Saginaw, 
Mich., Aug. 20, 1862, Olive Marsh Barnard, b. at Old Town, Me., 

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Aug. 2, 1833, dau. of Timothy and Olive Marsh (Lougee) Barn- 
ard, and resides at Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Children of Aaron A.^ and Olive Marsh (Barnard) Par- 
sons, all born at Saginaw, Mich. : 

499 i Aaron Allen,* b. Nov. 22, 1868; m. Sept. 30, 1899, 

Jessie Meredith Davies. 

500 ii Newell Barnard," b. Mar. 19, 1870; m. Jan. 2, 1901, 

Isabel Jeanette Schretter. 

iii Maude Olive,* b. Nov. 20, 1871, and resides at Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 

iv Carl Cc^eland,* b. Feb. 7, 1874; m. at Warren, 111., 
Agnes Graham, and resides in New York City. 

334 Albert Dayan^ Parsons (Isaac,* Aaron,* Rev. Stephen,* 
Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. in 1837, at Ley den, N. Y.; 
d. at Delray, Mich., in 1899. He m. in 1869, at Leyden, N. Y., 
Almyra Baker, b. in 1843, ^^^ d. in 1910. He was a soldier 
in the Civil War. 

Child of Albert Dayan^ and Almyra (Baker) Parsons: 
i Julius Augustus,* b. ; resides at Detroit, Mich. 

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335 Samuel Lougee* Parsons (Thomas/ Thomas,* Thom- 
as,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Dec. 8, 
1800, at Parsonsfield, Me.; d. Jan. 31, i860, at Burlington, Iowa. 
He m. May 27, 1827, Mary Manning, b. Jan. 10, 1802, at Len- 
nington, Me., dau. of William and Margaret (Swan) Manning. 
She d. Sept. 9, 1855, at Burlington, Iowa. He removed from 
Maine to Burlington, Iowa, where he resided until his death. 

Children of Samuel Lougee* and Mary (Manning) 
Parsons : 
i William Addison,* b. June 8, 1828, at Parsonsfield, Me. 

501 ii Franklin Thomas,* b. June 27, 1832 ; d. Oct. 29, 1908 ; 

m. Nov. s, 1855, Emma Thurston Fales. 
iii Henry Manning,* b. June 20, 1835 ; d. Jan. 14, 1838. 

502 iv Newell Samuel,* b. Apr. 2, 1837; m. Apr. 2, 1862, 

Abbie W. Marden. 

V Margaret Ann,* b. July 11, 1840; d. Jan. 5, 1848. 

vi Drusilla Lougee,* b. May 27, 1846, at Parsonsfield (an 
adopted daughter). She m. June 14, 1870, at Bur- 
lington, Iowa, J. N. Martin, of Lubec, Me. 

336 Thomas* Parsons (Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,*^ Rev. 
Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 19, 1803, at 
Parsonsfield, Me. ; d. Dec. 24, 1855. He m. Hannah Bullock and 
removed to Burlington, Iowa. 

Children of Thomas* and Hannah (Bullock) Parsons, 
all bom at Parsonsfield, Me.: 
i Christopher Bullock,* b. Jan. 16, 1825. 
ii Sarah Ann,* b. May 5, 1827. 
iii Emily,* b. Apr. 5, 1829. 
iv Ware Washington,* b. Oct. i, 1834. 

V Oscar Marshall,* b. Mar., 1845. 


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337 Weare Drake* Parsons (Thomas/ Thomas,* Thomas,' 
Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 21, 1806, 
at Parsonsfield, Me.; d. Nov. 17, 1865, in New York City. He 
m. (i) Hannah Bradbury Lord. He m. (2) Sept. 5, 1842, Dor- 
cas Hopkinson, of Guild Hall, Vt. He resided in N. Y. City and 
was the publisher of the New York Daily News. 

Children of Weare Drake* and Hannah B. (Lord) Parsons: 
503 i Albert Weare,* b. Dec. 5, 1828; m. Mar. 4, 1857, Cor- 
nelia Hooker Trask. 
ii Mary Lord,* b. Mar. 22, 183 1, at Georgeville, C. E.; 

d. Apr. 26, 1832. 
iii Mary Lougee,* b. Nov. 28, 1834, at Georgeville, C. E. ; 
m. at Toolsboro, Iowa, Mar. 7, 1857, Dr. Edward 
Trask. Resided at Terre Haute, Ind. 
Children of Weare Drake* and Dorcas (Hopkinson) 
Parsons : 
iv George Hopkinson,* b. Aug. 13, 1844, at Derby, Vt; 
d. Mar. 25, 1846, at Albany, N. Y. 

V Ulysses French,* b. Dec. 5, 1850, at New York ; d. Mar. 

24, 1873, at Burlington, Iowa. 

338 Taylor Lougee* Parsons (Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thom- 
as,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 12, 
1810, at Parsonsfield, Me. He m. Jan. i, 1838, Abigail Blake 
Copp, at Georgeville, Ontario. 

Children of Taylor Lougee and Abigail B. (Copp) Parsons: 
i Joshua Lougee,* b. Apr. 13, 1839, at Georgeville, C. E.; 

d. May, 1840. 
ii Hannah Annette,* b. Mar. 25, 1841, at Georgeville, 

C. E. 
iii Victoria Louisa,* b. Mar. 7, 1843 ; d. June 24, 1843. 
iv Edwin Copp,* b. Aug. 13, 1844, at Burlington, Iowa. 

V Mary Annis,* b. Nov. 27, 1846, at Burlington, Iowa, 
vi Abbie Taylor,* b. Feb. 8, 1849, at Burlington, Iowa. 

vii Jenny Lind,* b. Oct. 2, 1851, at Burlington, Iowa, 
viii William Wallace,* b. Aug. 16, 1857, at Burlington, 

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339 John Usher* Parsons (Thomas/ Thomas,* Thomas,* 
Rev. Josq)h,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 22, 1813, 
at ParsoQsfield, Me.; d. Apr. 22, 1851, at Linneus, Mo. He m. 
June 15, 1840, Emeline W. Prewett. 

Children of John Usher* and Emeline W. (Prewett) 

Parsons : 
i Gertrude,* b. Mar. 3, 1841. 
H Frontier,* b. Apr. 6, 1843. 
iii Oregona,* b. Nov. i, 1844. 
IV David Thomas,* b. Sept. 10, 1846. 
V Mary Ellen,* b. Jan. 9, 1849. 
vi Samuel Lougee,* b. Sept. 30, 1850; d. Aug. 25, 1851. 

340 Charles Henry* Parsons (William Henry ,^ William,* 
Thomas,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 
18, 1864; m. Sept. 23, 1885, Addie M. Marvel, of Hartford, Conn. 
He is President of the Eastern States Refrigerating Company, 
of Springfield, Mass. 

Children of Charles H.* and Addie M. (Marvel) Parsons: 
1 Marvel H.,* b. Aug. 23, 1889. 
ii Russell C.,* b. Apr. 20, 1892. 

341 WiLUAM Addison* Parsons (Joseph,^ William,* Wil- 
liam,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Jo- 
seph^ and Mary J. (Cram) Parsons, b. Sept. 13, 1842; m. Lizzie 
S. Salient. Resided in South Brunswick, Me., and d. Sept. 4, 

Children of William Addison* and Lizzie S. (Sargent) 

Parsons : 
i Agnes,* b. Dec. 14, 1870. 
504 ii Joseph Arthur,* b. Dec. 9, 1871 ; m. Alice Preble, 
iii William Edwin,* b. Oct. 8, 1874. 
iv Myra,* b. May 4, 1878. 

342 William Usher* Parsons (George,^ William,* William,* 
Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of George^ and 

Digitized by 



Sarah E. (Eddy) Parsons, b. Oct. 24, 1873; m. Katharine Corfain. 
Residence, Ardsley, N. Y. 
Children of William Usher* and Katharine (Cgrbin) 

Parsons : 
i Katharine Corbin,* b. Feb. 26, 1903. 
ii Edythe Abigail,* b. July 5, 1906. 
iii George,* b. January 20, 1908. 

343 Charles* Parsons (Charles,^ William,* William,' Rev. 
Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Charles^ and 
Sarah J. (Shepley) Parsons, b. Jan. i8, 1858; m. Louise Hum- 
phrey. He d. Jan. 12, 1899. 

Children of Charles* and Louise (Humphrey) Parsons: 
i Winifred,* b. July 20, 1884; d. Aug. 23, 1908. 
ii Charles,* b. May 31, 1889. 
iii Henry Humphrey,* b. May 15, 1890. 

344 Edwin* Parsons (Charles,^ William,* William,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Charles^ and Sarah 
J. (Shepley) Parsons, b. Dec. 12, 1864; m. Mary Battle White- 

Children of Edwin* and Mary B. (Whitehead) Parsons: 
i Edwin,* Jr., b. Apr. 3, 1899. 
ii Sarah Whitehead,* b. May 3, 1900. 
iii Elizabeth Church,* b. Apr. 12, 1901. 
iv Mary Battle,* b. Nov. 22, 1903. 

345 Robert William* Parsons (Charles,^ William,* Wil- 
liam,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of 
Charles^ and Sarah J. (Shepley) Parsons, b. June 20, 1877; m. 
Alice Read, dau. of D. F. and Anna (Parsons) Read. 

Children of Robert William* and Alice (Read) Parsons: 
i Helen Read,* b. May 23, 1905. 
ii Anna Shepley,* b. June 8, 1907. 
iii Robert,* b. July 23, 1909. 
iv William,* b. July 23, 1909. 

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346 Albion Dalton* Parsons (Thomas Jefferson/ Dr. John 
Wilkes,* Joseph,' Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph," Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Feb. 17, 1829. He m. Feb. 23, 1851, Martha S. Jenness, and d. 
Sept. 15, 1890. 

Children of Albion D.* and Martha S. (Jenness) Parsons: 

i Daniel Jenness,* b. Oct. 26, 1857; m. Oct. 30, 1889, 

Annie M. Leavitt, of Stratham ; one child, Norman,*** 

b. July 19, 1892. 

ii Thomas Wentworth,* b. Nov. 6, 1861 ; m. Nov. 9, 1892, 

Martha Kate Locke ; lives at Portsmouth ; one child, 

Dorothy,*® b. June 19, 1896. 

iii Eliza Anna,' b. Feb. 11, 1864; m. Oct. 23, 1890, Ralph 

iv Qara Ellen,* b. Sept. 24, 1868. 

347 Frederick Dupeytien* Parsons (Dr. Warren,^ Dr. John 
Wilkes,* Joseph,* Rev. Samuel,* Rev. Joseph," Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Apr. 13, 1858; m. Dec. 4, 1889, Abbey Parsons Brown. They 
resided at Rye, N. H. 

Children of Frederick D.* and Abbey P. (Brown) Parsons: 
i Charles Warren,* b. June 5, 1897. 
ii George Fred,* b. June 16, 1900. 
iii Arthur Carleton,* b. Sept. 25, 1902. 

348 Harriet Emeline* Parsons (Edmund,^ Asahel,* Asahel,* 
John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 3, 1838; m. Dec. 29, 
1865, Charles S. Marsh, b. Oct. 13, 1839. He was a soldier in the 
Civil War, in the 52d Regt. Mass. Vols. 

Children of Harriet E.* (Parsons) and Charles S. Marsh : 

505 1 Edmund Parsons* Marsh, b. Dec. 17, 1867; m. Apr. 

8, 1896, Minnie Brewster. 

506 ii Enos Montague* Marsh, b. Feb. 2, 1876; m. July 12, 

1905, Lottie Messenger. 

349 William Lorenzo* Parsons (Lorenzo,^ Cephas,* Asa- 
hel,* John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July, 1858. He 
graduated from Hamilton College, N. Y., class of 1878, taught 

Digitized by 



in Brooklyn, and studied law and is a successful lawyer at Fergus 
Falls, Minn. He m. Mary Morehead McLane, of Westfidd, N. Y. 
Chiu)R£n of William L.* and Mary M. (McLane) Parsons: 

i Margaret McLane^, b. 

ii Ruth Beardsley,* b. 

iii Katherine*, b. . 

iv Marion Constance,* b. . 

350 Ida Maria* Parsons (Benjamin Franklin', Levi,* Asa- 
hel,* John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 14, 1848; m. 
Dec. 21, 1871, at Mount Sterling, Ala., Vincent M. West, b. July 
I, 1847, ^ Waynesboro, Miss. They reside at San Antonio Tex. 
Children of Ida Maria* (Parsons) and Vincent M. West: 

1 Thomas Mullen* West, b. July 16, 1873, in Waynes- 
boro, Miss.; m. July 14, 1907, Mae Smythe, at 
Uvalde, Tex. 

ii John Edward* West, b. May 8, 1875, in Waynesboro, 
Miss. ; m. Sept. 28, 1903, at Easton, Md., Maryland 
Goldsborough. They reside at Port Washington, L. 
L, N. Y., and have one child, Edward Goldsbor- 
ough" West, b. Mar. 22, 1908. 
507 iii Sue* West, b. Nov. 6, 1879; m. Oct. 25, 1905, Milton 

iv Frederick Waller* West, b. May 14, 1881 ; m. July, 191 1, 
Mary Virginia Lambom; res. at Bracketsville, Tex. 

V Anna* West, b. July 23, 1884 ; resides at Poteau, Okla. 

vi Ida Bess* West, b. Apr. 14, 1886; resides at San An- 
tonio, Tex. 

351 Ann Elizabeth* Parsons (Benjamin Franklin,^ Levi,* 
Asahel,*^ John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 16, 1850; 
m. Jan. 12, 1870, in Boston, Mass., Rev. Henry M. Tenney, b. 
May 16, 1841, at Hanover, N. H., son of Adna and Susan C. 
(Weld) Tenney, of Winona, Minn. He graduated at Amherst 
College, 1864; Andover Theological Seminary in 1867; was or- 
dained in 1868, over Village Congregational Church, Dorchester, 
Mass. He was installed pastor of the First Congregational 

Digitized by 



Church, Winona, Miss., Dec. 8, 1870. She was educated at 
Greensboro Female College, Ga., Packer Institute, Brooklyn, N. 
Y., and Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, So. Hadley, Mass. 
Children of Ann Elizabeth* (Parsons) and Rev. Henry M. 

Tenney : 
i Martha Susan^ Tenney, b. July 23, 1871 ; d. Aug. 28, 

ii Frank Parsons® Tenney, b. Nov. 8, 1872. 
508 iii Grace Elizabeth* Tenney, b. Dec. 31, 1876; m. Sept. 
6, 1905, Benjamin J. Olsen. 
iv Edward Henry* Tenney, b. Apr. 21, 1881. 
V Faith Weld* Tenney, b. Jan. 10, 1886. 

352 Dr. Frank Hamilton* Green (Roxanna R.^ Parsons, 
Levi,* Asahel,** John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of 
Dr. Caleb and Roxanna R.^ (Parsons) Green, b. Aug. 7, 1856, at 
Homer, N. Y. He was graduated at the Syracuse University 
Medical College, 1882, and was a partner of his father in the 
practice of medicine until his father's death, when he continued 
alone until his death, Dec. 7, 1902. He had a large and success- 
ful practice and, at the time of his death, was secretary of the 
Cortland County Medical Society and treasurer of the Columbia 
Club, a local social organization, and was one of the highly es- 
teemed men of that county, and for a time the coroner. He m., 
June 20, 1883, Sarah A. Eraser, of Prescott, Ont., Canada, dau. 
of James and Agnes (Brown) Eraser, of Prescott, Canada. 

Children of Dr. Frank H.* and Sarah A. (Eraser) Green : 
i Agnes Roxanna® Green, b. Dec. 19, 1884 ; d. Aug. 30, 

ii Margaret S.® Green, b. Dec. 19, 1884, at Homer, N. Y. ; 
was educated at the Syracuse University and is now 
( 191 1 ) First Assistant Librarian in the Seward Park 
Branch, N. Y. Public Library. 

353 Rev. Dwight Levi® Parsons (Rev. Levi Harrison,^ 
Levi,* Ashahel,^ John,* Lieut. John,^ Joseph,' Joseph^), son of 

Levi H.^ and Fannie P. (Northrop) Parsons, b. May 13, 1857; 

Digitized by 



was educated at York College Institute, York, Pa., N. Y. Univer- 
sity Law School, 1880, and was admitted to the bar, Union Col- 
lege, Schenectady, N. Y.. class 1884, A. M., 1887. He studied 
in Europe, 1884-86; taught modern languages in school at Bel- 
mont, Cal., 1886-88; studied theology at Union Theological Semi- 
nary 1888-90, and McCormick, Chicago, 1890-91 ; was ordained 
by the Presbytery of Chicago, 1891. He had pastorates at State 
Center, Iowa, Scottsville, N. Y., and Shrewsbury, N. J. He m., 
Aug. 16, 1893, Minnie Emma Paine, b. at I^well, Vt., Nov. 5, 

Children of Rev. Dwight L.' and Minnie E. (Paine) 

Parsons : 
i Theodore Dwight,* b. Nov. 24, 1894, at La Crosse, Wis. 
ii Reginald Harrison,* b. Sept. 12, 1896, at State Center, 

iii Miriam Metella,* b. July 30, 1900, at Scottsville, N. Y. 

354 Flora J.® Parsons (Lucius Pomeroy,^ David,' David,* 
John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph," Joseph^), b. Feb. 23, 1851 ; m. May 
20, 1872, Henry S. Phelps, who d. Aug. 7, 1886. 

Children of Henry S. and Flora J.* (Parsons) Phelps: 
509 i Henry Arthur® Phelps, b. May 10, 1875 ; m. Clara 
ii Carrie Louise® Phelps, b. Mar. 30, 1882: m.. Sept. 6. 
1909, Benjamin Whitcomb. 

355 Austin Frank* Parsons (Lucius Pomeroy,^ David,' 
David,*' John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Lucius 
Pomeroy and Florintha (Loud) Parsons, b. May 21, 1853, at 
Huntsburg. Ohio; m. Apr. 11, 1874, Laura Elizabeth, b. June 
6, 1854, at Middlesfield, Ohio, dau. of John and Sarah (Loomis) 
Holliday. (He was b. June, 1824; d. Mar. 2, 1874. She was 
b. Mar. 9, 1824; d. Aug. 13, 1867.) Mr. Parsons was educated 
at Hiram College, Ohio, and the Baxter University of Music, New 
York ( 1874) ; occupation, civil engineer ; was President of the 
Board of Education of San Luis, Obispo Co., Cal., 1890-1900. He 
is county surveyor of San Luis, Obispo Co., Cal., since 1903. 

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eighth generation 323 

Children of Austin Frank* and Laura E. (Halliday) 

Parsons : 
i Guy Neil,* b. June 2, 1876, at Huntsburg, Ohio; m., 

Dec. 19, 1899, Pearl M. Dodge; residence (1911), 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
ii Gay Willis,^ b. July 16, 1877, at Adelaide, Cal.; edu- 
cated University of California, 1901 ; civil engineer ; 

residence (1911), Manila, Philippine Islands, 
iii Lee Roy," b. Mar. 26, 1879, at Adelaide, Cal. ; m. June 

5, 1904, Mabel E. Sewell, at Arroyo Grande, Cal. 

He is a contractor and mill owner at San Luis, Cal. 

They have one child, Althea Marie,^** b. Feb. 24, 

iv Lou Erne,® b. Feb. 16, 1881, at Adelaide, Cal.; a music 

teacher at King's Conservatory of Music, San Jose 

V Rena May,* b. July 7, 1882, at Adelaide, Cal. ; d. June 

S, 1901. 

vi Austin Frank,* b. Oct. 17, 1884, at Arroyo Grande, 
Cal. He was a civil engineer and Dep. Co. Surveyor 
in San Luis, Obispo, Cal.; m., Dec. 31, 1909, Irene 
Righetti. They have one child, HoUis Douglas,^** 
b. Nov. 19, 1910. 

vii Lizzie Anna," b. May 14, 1886, at Arroyo Grande, Cal. ; 
m. Oct. 30, 1 9 10, Timothy O'Connor; resides in 
San Luis, Obispo, Cal. 
viii Inez Edna," b. Dec. 30, 1887, at Arroyo Grande, Cal. ; 
d. July 14, 1906. 

ix Cherie Flora,* b. Oct. 19, 1889; d. July 6, 1906. 
X Rillah Sarah," b. Oct. 28, 1891, at Arroyo Grande, 
Cal.; resides in San Luis, Obispo, Cal. 

356 William Fenno* Pratt (Eunice^ Parsons, Seth,* 
Moses,** Moses,* Lieut. John,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Jan. 15, 1814; 
d. Mar. 30, 1900. He m. Feb. 18, 1835, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas and Phebe (Blackman) Clapp, b. Feb. 18, 181 6, and d. 

Digitized by 



Apr. 2, 1884. He was for over fifty years an architect in North- 
ampton, Mass. 
Children of William F.* and Elizabeth (Clapp) Pratt: 
i Harriet Fenno*» Pratt, b. Dec. 26, 1835; «^- Aug. 8, 

1855, Robert M. Whitehouse ; d. May 11, 1857. 
ii Henry Levi,*' Pratt, b. Jan. 9, 1837 ; m. Fannie Holmes ; 

d. Feb. 22, 1887; 3 children, 
iii Elizabeth Blackman* Pratt, b. Sept. 5, 1838. 
iv Catharine Wales* Pratt, b. Apr. 12, 1841 ; d. Sept., 

V Caroline Augusta* Pratt, b. Aug. 5, 1843; m. July 5, 
1864, Sidney B. Curtiss ; one son, Robert W.^** Cur- 
vi Anna Louise* Pratt, b. Aug. 2, 1845 ; m., Apr. 2T, 18C9, 
Egbert L Clapp; one daughter, Bessie Pomeroy^° 
Clapp, d. Apr. 22, 1909. 
vii Julia Amy* Pratt, b. Apr. 4, 1847; d- Dec. 26, 1896. 
viii Sarah Agnes* Pratt, b. Jan. 12, 1849; d- Sept. 30, 1874, 
ix William Fenno* Pratt, b. Sept. 10, 1853. 
X Jennie Chaplin* Pratt, b. Dec. 19, 1855. 
xi Minnie Williams* Pratt, b. Mar. 21, 1859; d. Sept. 12, 

357 David Hunt** Parsons (George,^ Seth,® Moses,* Moses,* 
Lieut. John," Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of George^ and Sarah 
(Strong) Parsons, b. Dec. 20, 1823, was a dealer in general mer- 
chandise like his father, whose interests and business he very 
largely inherited, and was a manufacturer of lumber and iron. 
He m. Jan. 21, 1846, Ruth Purdy, of Beekmantown, N. Y., b. 
Nov. 28, 1826, dau. of James Barnes and Rebecca Purdy. 
Children of David H.' and Ruth (Purdy) Parsons: 

510 i Charles Henry,* b. Dec. 8, 1846; d. Jan. 2, 1895; m., 

June 22. 1869, Jenett Viola Thomas. 

511 li George,* b. Oct. 17, 1855; m. Addie E. Stone. 

512 iii James Barnes,* b. May 17, 1857; m., June 15, 1881, 

Hattie F. Jackson, 
iv William Augustus,* b. Feb. 11, 1859; d. Feb. 16, 1859. 

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358 Susan Harriet* Parsons (George/ Seth,* Moses/ 
Moses,* Lieut. John," Joseph,^ Joseph^), dau. of George^ and 
Mary E. (Hoyt) Parsons, b. Mar. i8, 1834; m. June 24, 1852, 
Shepard Pike Bowen. She d. Feb. 19, 1853, at Saranac, N. Y. 

Child of Susan Harriet* (Parsons) and Shepard Pike 

Bowen : 

513 i Susie Parsons* Bowen, b. Feb. 6, 1853; m. Feb. 14, 

1872, Henry C. Jilson. 

359 Wales* Parsons (George,^ Seth,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. 
John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of George^ and Adeline H. (Tunni- 
cliffe) Parsons, b. Dec. 11, 1846, at Saranac; was engaged in 
mercantile pursuits at that place; was a member of the firm of 
Parsons & Justin in the manufacture of potash for several years ; 
then in the manufacture of lumber for three years as a member of 
the firm of W. Parsons and Richard Morgan & Co., located on 
True Brook, a branch of the Saranac river. He then formed a 
partnership with his brother under the firm name of D. H. & 
W. Parsons, owning and operating a saw mill at Elsinore, N. Y. 
He also operated a saw mill at Plattsburg for a few years before 
his death. He held various offices in the town of Saranac, and 
was elected sheriff of Qinton county, N. Y. He bought out his 
brother and continued the lumber business until the pulp became 
more valuable than lumber. He was a prominent Mason. He 
m., Oct. 24, 1870, Louisa E. Jackson, and d. Feb. 21, 1894. 

Children of Wales' and Louise E. (Jackson) Parsons: 
i Ernest H.,*^ b. Oct. 4, 1871 ; d. Mar. 1907; m. Mar. 12, 
1897, Blanch Embree. They have a son, Wales E.,^° 
b. in 1903. 
ii Charles Edward/' b. July 14, 1873; m. June 18, 1901, 

Isabelle Beattie. 
iii Adelaide Maria," b. Jan. 5, 1875. 
iv Roy Wales," b. May 7, 1877 1 d- Dec. 14, 1879. 

514 V Lance Maurice,® b. Apr. 6, 1879; "^- Sept. 23, 1902, 

Bertha Heale. 
vi Mabel Irene," b. Apr. 13, 1883. 

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360 Timothy Graves* Parsons (Edward/ Moses,* Moses,' 
Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 17, 1832, at 
Brimfield, Ohio. He m. Dec. 12, 1866, Eleanor Maria, b. June 
10, 1839, dau. of Henry and Susan (Hall) Sawyer, of Kent, 
Ohio. In 1853 he went to California and returned in 1859; en- 
listed, S^t., 1861, in the 42d Regt., Ohio Vols., and was in the 
Quartermaster's Dcpt. during the war. In 1871 he was in the 
lumber business and planing mill. 

Children of Timothy G.* and Eleanor M. (Sawyer) 
Parsons : 
i Edward Sawyer,* b. Sept. 23, 1867, at Kent, Ohio, 
ii Frederick,* b. July 25, 1870; d. Sept. 25, 1870. 
iii John Timothy,* b. Feb., 1872. 

361 William Cheney* Parsons (Edward,^ Moses,* Moses,*^ 
Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 19, 1841 ; m. 
Dec. 31, 1868, at Hudson, Ohio, Sarah Day, b. Nov. 30, 1845, 
dau. of Prof. Nathan Perkins and Elizabeth (Day) Seymour. He 
graduated in 1863 at Western Reserve College; taught school one 
year, then enlisted in Battery E, Ohio Artillery, and remained 
until close of the war; was a tutor two years in his Alma Mater, 
and afterwards was employed in the office of the Buckeye Mower 
and Reaper Co., Akron, Ohio. 

Children of William C* and Sarah D. (Seymour) Parsons: 
i Catherine Seymour,* b. Feb. 27, 1870. 
11 William Edward,* b. June 19, 1872 (see Addenda). 

362 James Merkle* Parsons (Orenzo,^ Justin,* Moses,* 
Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 26, 1821; m. at 
Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1844, Naomi Qark Kingsley, b. at 
Otisco, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1825, dau. of Lyman and Sylvia (Burt) 
Kingsley, of Syracuse, N. Y. She died Nov. 21, i860. 

Children of James Merkle* and Naomi C. (Kingsley) 

Parsons : 
1 James Kingsley,* b. at Pittsfield, Jan. 8, 1846. 
ii Sylvia Antoinette,* b. at Pittsfield, Aug. 21, 1849; "^• 
Apr. 6, 1870, Herman L. Brownell, b. May 28, 1846, 

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at Solon, son of David I. and Harriet (Leonard) 

363 Rev. Justin Wright* Parsons (Orenzo,^ Justin,* 
Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Apr. 26, 1824; 
d. July 28, 1880. He married at Oberlin, Ohio, Dec. 11, 1849, 
Catherine Jennings, b. Aug., 1823, at Fairfield, Ct., dau. of Dr. 
Isaac and Catherine Jennings, of Oberlin, Ohio. She graduated 
at Oberlin College, 1845. He graduated at Williams College, 
1845; Union Theological Seminary, N. Y. City, 1848. He went 
as Missionary of the A. B. C. F. M. to Turkey and was murdered 
there, July 28, 1880, in Asiatic Turkey, after being a missionary 
nearly thirty years. 

Children of Rev. Justin Wright* and Catherine (Jen- 
nings) Parsons: 
i Electa aark,^ b. Aug. 24, 1851, at Salonica, Turkey, 
ii Louisa Shepard,* b. June 9, 1854, at Smyrna, Turkey, 
iii Frederick Jennii^s," b. Dec. 3, i860, at Nicodemia, 

iv Cornelia Elizabeth," b. Jan. 17, 1864, at Nicodemia, 

364 Rev. Eben Burt* Parsons (Orenzo,^ Justin,' Moses,* 
Moses,* John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 3, 1835; "i- J^"^ ^5* 
1869, at Baldwinsville, N. Y., Clara Bigelow, b. Apr. 11, 1845, 
dau. of Col. Payn and Hannah (Monroe) Bigelow, of Baldwins- 
ville. He graduated at Williams College, 1859; Harvard Scien- 
tific, 1862; Auburn Theological Seminary, 1865; was for a time 
Chaplain of the 116 Regt., N. Y. Vols.; ordained by Presbytery 
of New York Fourth, Apr. 11, 1865; pastor Presbyterian Church, 
Baldwinsville, N. Y., June 15, 1868; degree of D. D., Maryville 
College, 1881. He was elected Secretary of the Faculty Williams 
College, Aug., 1888; Secretary of Phi Beta Kappa Society; mem- 
ber of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity ; American Historical 
Association ; National Geog. Association ; author of Obituary Rec- 
ords, 6 Vols.; Phi Beta Kappa Handbook; History Class of 1859; 
residence, Williamstown, Mass. 

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328 the parsons family 

Children of Rev. Eben Burt* and Clara (Bigelow) Parsons: 
i Payn Bigelow,* b. Feb. 12, 1872, at Baldwinsvillc, 
N. Y. He graduated at Williams College, 1892; Al- 
bany Medical College, 1897. He was Bacteriologist, 
N. Y. Subway, 1905; Met. Sewerage Commission, 
1907; Lederlee Laboratories, 1908; Director Metro- 
politan Sewerage Commission, 191 1. He is a mem- 
ber of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and the Delta 
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. He m. June 30, 1900, 
Ella M. Emerson, at Northampton, Mass. 

ii Gara Burt,* b. May 15, 1874; graduated at Smith Col- 
lege, Northampton. 

iii Mio Louise,* b. Aug. 7, 1878 ; m. William King Miller, 
of Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 19, 1904. Children : Eliza- 
beth^* Miller, b. Oct. 26, 1905 ; James Russell" Mil- 
ler, b. Jan. 14, 1907. 

iv Mary,* b. Nov. 29, 1884; graduated at Williamstown 
High School ; is a Hospital Nurse at Waltham, Mass. 

365 Ida Loella* Parsons (George Washington,^ Joseph,* 
Capt. Joseph,** Joseph,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Feb. 13, 
1855 ; m. Nov. 27, 1879, Jo^^ H. Covey, of Newfane, Vt. 

Children of Ida Loella* (Parsons) and John H. Covey: 
i Charles Lucius* Covey, b. at Newfane, Vt., Feb. 4» 

ii Merton Truman® Covey, b. at Newfane, Vt., July 2T, 

1882 ; d. Feb. 24, 1883. 
iii Trimian George* Covey, b. Mar. 9, 1884. 
iv Alice May* Covey, b. Feb. 19, 1887, at Vernon, Vt. 
V Lucius Philetus* Covey, b. Nov. 22, 1890, at Alex- 
andria, N. H. 
vi Loella Ida* Covey, b. July 9, 1898, at North Sanborn- 
ton, N. H. 

366 William Morton® Grinnell (Mary^ Morton, Lucretia* 
Parsons, Rev. Justin,"' Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer," Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), was educated at Harvard College, and in Germany, re- 

Digitized by 



turning to New York to study law at Columbia College, receiving 
the degree of L. B. He practiced law in Paris for several years, 
and received the degree of Bachelor of Letters from the Univer- 
sity of Paris. 

He was Counsel to the French government during the copyright 
negotiations, and, as a reward for his services, was elected a mem- 
ber of the Legion of Honor. Returning to America, he was 3d 
Assistant Secretary of State during the Harrison administration, 
and, for a time, was in charge of the State department. He re- 
signed and became a partner of the banking house of Morton, 
Bliss and Co. He served in the Spanish War, and was com- 
missioned Major in the commissary department. He was a bril- 
liant writer on social questions and, during his leisure hours, pub- 
lished several books on these subjects, among them "R^enera- 
tion of the United States" and "Social Theories and Social Facts." 
He was a director in the Illinois Central R. R. Co., the Mount 
Morris Bank, Rio Grande, Sierra Madre, and Pacific R. R. Cos., 
and was a member of the Union Metropolitan Riding and Law- 
yers Clubs. He married Dec. 8, 1898, Elizabeth Lee, dau. of 
Elizabeth Lee and Gen. O. H. Ernst, of the Engineer Corps, U. S. 
Army. He d. Feb. 9, 1906. 
Children of William Morton* and Elizabeth L. (Ernst) 

Grinnell : 
i Elizabeth Lee* Grinnell, b. Jan. 22, 1900. 
ii George Morton" Grinnell, b. Feb. 22, 1902. 

367 Mary Lucretia* Grinnell (Mary^ Morton, Lucretia* 
Parsons, Rev. Justin,' Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,' Joseph,' Jo- 
seph^), b. June 23, 1858. She m. Jan. 23, 1883, at Bradford, Eng- 
land, Edward H. Landon, a lawyer of New York City, and son 
of Charles G. Landon. 

Children of Edward H. and Mary Lucretia® (Grinnell) 

Landon : 
i Lucy' Landon, b. Feb. 15, 1884. 
ii Harold Morton® Landon, b. Dec. 10, 1887. 
iii Ruth® Landon, b. Nov. 7, 1888. 
iv William Grinnell® Landon, b. June 26, 1892. 

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368 William Parsons* Gooding (Mary Louise^ Parsons, 
William,* Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenczer,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Mar. 25, 1846, at Lockport, 111. He m. at Chicago, 
111., May 21, 1868, Elizabeth Delight, b. May 28, 1852, at Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 

Children of Wiluam P.* and Elizabeth (Delight) Gooding: 
i John Francis* Gooding, b. July 7, 1871, at Green Bay, 
Wis. ; m. Charlotte Fletcher, Aug. 14, 1894, at Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Children: Edmund F." Gooding, b. 
May 21, 1895, at Chicago, 111.; William O.'* Good- 
ing, b. May 2, 1897, at Chicago, 
ii William Manuel* (jooding, b. Oct. 17, 1873, at Chicago, 
111. ; m. May 9, 1908, Elizabeth A. SutdiflF. 

369 John Francis* Gooding (Mary Louise^ Parsons, Wil- 
liam,* Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Dec. 10, 1848, at Lockport, 111. He m. Dec. 11, 1883, at Buena 
Vista, Cal., Ida May Cole, b. Oct. 20, i860, at East Troy, Wis., 
dau. of Judson E. and Catherine (Duncan) Cole. 

Children of John Francis* and Ida May (Ccx-e) Gooding: 
i Mary Cathryne Pearl* Gooding, b. Nov. 3, 1884. 
ii Ruth* Gooding, b. in 1885 ; d. in 1891. 
iii Charlotte Cole* Gooding, b. Feb. 23, 1891, at Aspen, 

IV Bimey Francis* Gooding, b. ; d. at age of 15. 

V Oliver Judson* Gooding; b. ; d. at age of 4. 

370 Mary Amanda* Parks (Mary Louise' Parsons, Wil- 
liam,* Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Sept. 25, 1853, at Peru, 111. She m. Winslow C. Tyler. They 
reside at Sioux City, Iowa. 

Children of Mary Amanda* (Parks) and Winslow C 


i Charles Royal* Tyler, b. in 1878; m. . 

ii Mary Parks* Tyler, b. in 1880; m. in 1903, Fred Dop- 

kins Morgan, 
iii Elizabeth Deane* Tyler, b. in 1887. 

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370a Mary Louisa* Parsons (William Fiske,^ William,* Rev. 
Silas,* Benjamin,* Ebenezer," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June ii, 1846, 
at Lockport, N. Y.; m. Apr. 15, 1868, William H. Starkweather. 
She d. in 1904. 

Children of Mary Louisa* (Parsons) and William H. 
Starkweather : 

515 i William Gustavus* Starkweather, b. in 1869; "^- 1895, 

Helen Burr, 
ii Robert P.* Starkweather, b. in 1874; d. in 1904. 
iii Jessie C* Starkweather, b. in 1877. 

371 William Eggleston* Parsons (Levi Eggleston,^ Wil- 
liam,* Rev. Silas,° Benjamin,* Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Oct. 17, 1847 ; I"- at Pekin, 111., Sept. 8, 1869, Qara Fisher. 

Children of Wiluam Eggleston* and Clara (Fisher) 
Parsons : 
i Mary,* b. Feb. 6, 1871 ; m. (i) 1891, Edward Hooker 

Smith. She m. (2) 1905, Ralph Jefferson Leavitt. 
ii Kate,* b. Dec. 21, 1873. 

516 iii Susan L.,* b. July i, 1880; m. Jan. 30, 1902, Bruno 


372 John Coryell* Parsons (Jonathan Child,^ William,* 
Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Ebenezer," Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Jon- 
athan Child^ and Martha (Coryell) Parsons, after the death of 
his mother lived with her sister, Mrs. Sarah Coryell Allen, wife 
of Wm. S. Allen, of Chicago. He attended Lake Forest Academy, 
1875-76, and 1879-80, and was clerk in the office of Allen, Keith 
& Co., Chicago, 1876-78. He graduated at Williams College, class 
of 1885 ; studied Theology at Yale, 1885-86, and at McCormick 
Theological Seminary, Chicago, 1886-88; was pastor of the 
Presbyterian Church at Fenton, Mich., 1888-91, and at Cobden, 
111., 1892-94. In 1894 he returned to Chicago and engaged in 
business, and in 1902 became the local representative of the Ham- 
merschlag Mfg. Co., of New York, but is still on the rolls of the 
Cairo (111.) Presbytery as minister without charge. He m. Min- 
nie R. Nelson. 

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CHiuMtEN OF John C* and Minnie R. (Nelson) Parsons: 

i Qaudius Nelson,® b. in 1889; d. in 1895. 

ii Martha Coryell,* b. July 7, 1892. 

iii John Coryell,* b. in 1893; d. in 1894. 

iv Mary Rutherford,* b. May 21, 1895. 

V Philip Nelson,* b. July 14, 1900. 

373 PftoF. Charles Lathrop* Parsons (Benjamin F.,^ Wil- 
lard,* Rev. Solomon," Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Mar. 23, 1867, at New Marlboro, Mass.; graduated at 
Cornell University, class of 1888, and, since 1892, has been at the 
head of the Chemical Dept. in New Hampshire College at Dur- 
ham, N. H., which has, under his administration, grown from 
small beginnings to its present acknowledged high standard of effi- 
ciency. He has received many honors from the chemists of the 
country, as President of the Northeastern Section of the American 
Chemical Society, Secretary of the American Chemical Society, 
and is one of the editors of the Journal of the American Chemical 
Society, and President of the Inorganic Section of the World's 
Congress of Chemists, 1912, He is also a member of Deutche 
Chemische Gesellschaft, Verein Deutcher Chemiker, and a fellow 
of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He 
is the author of many articles, some historical, but mostly scientific, 
published in technical and scientific periodicals during the past 
twenty years. He m. Dec. 29, 1887, Alice Douglas, dau. of James 
Douglas and Anna Richardson (Guerard) Robertson. Mr. Rob- 
ertson was b. in Kelsoc, Scotland, and his wife in Beaufort, 
South Carolina. 

Children of Charles L.^ and Alice D. (Robertson) Parsons: 

i Lenora Elizabeth," b. Oct., 1888, at Hanover, N. H. ; m. 
Sept. I, 1909, Charles I., b. Aug. 24, 1884, son of 
Azariah and Lucy (Gebhart) Cooper, of Caldwell, 
Ohio. Mr. Charles I. Cooper is a graduate of the 
Ohio State University, class of 1907, and is now 
(1910) with the New York Telephone Co., at Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

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ii Charles Lathrop, Jr.,® b. Nov. 9, 1889, at Hanover, 

N. H. 
iii Anna Guerard,* b. Jan. 11, 1891, at Hanover, N. H. 
iv Alice Inez,* b. Mar. 26, 1895, at Durham, N. H. 

v Priscilla Bartlett,* b. Sept. 18, 1897, at Durham, N. H. 

374 William Naramore® Parsons (Benjamin F.,' Willard,* 
Rev. Solomon,* Benjamin,* Capt. Ebenezer," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Oct. II, 1869; removed with his father's family to Hawkinsville, 
Ga., in his tenth year, where he has since resided. He has been 
a successful and influential business man, is President of the First 
National Bank, Vice-President of the Planters' Bank, and direc- 
tor of the Hawkinsville Bank and Trust Co., all of that place. 
He is also a director in several other corporate enterprises, and 
has extensive farming interests in that part of Georgia. He m. 
Oct. 8, 189s, Carrie, b. Jan. 21, 1873, dau. of John Thomas and 
Anna Elizabeth (Brown) Waterman, of Hawkinsville, Ga. 
Children of William N.* and Carrie (Waterman) Parsons: 

i John Alden,« b. Oct. 12, 1897. 

ii William Naramore," b. Sept. 13, 1900. 

iii Franklin Waterman," b. Dec. 19, 1901. 

iv Caroline Leonora,* b. Mar. 17, 1910. 

375 Elizabeth Barnard* Parsons (Edward William,^ 
David,® Rev. David,^ Rev. David,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. at Amherst Dec. 7, 1840; m. Nov. 20, 1866, Frederick 
Elizur, son of Elizur Tryon and Mary (Beach) Goodrich, of 
Hartford. He resides in Boston, Mass. ; is editor of the Boston 

Children of Euzabeth B.* (Parsons) and Frederick E. 

Goodrich : 
i David Parsons* Goodrich, b. June 14, 1868; m. at 
Hartford, Oct. 14, 1902, Qementine Keazy; is an 
architect in Hartford, 
ii Harold Beach" Goodrich, b. Apr. 14, 1870; m. Sept. 
30, 1902, Jessie Weir, of Nova Scotia. He is a Har- 
vard graduate and a mining engineer, 
iii Theodora Caroline" Goodrich, b. Mar. 10, 1874. 

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376 Charles Henry* Parsons (Edward Williams/ David,* 
Rev. David/ Rev. David/ Rev. David/ Joseph/ Joseph*), b. 
Apr. 17, 1843; m. (0 Oct. 17, 1867, Mary Adelaide, dau of Ben- 
jamin and Eliza (Duryea) Mortimer, of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at 
New Brunswick, N. J., and d. Mar. 7, 1888; m (2) Nov. 12, 1890, 
Mrs. Charlotte Mortimer Remington, sister of ist wife. She d. 
Dec., 1907. He resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children of Charles H/ and Mary A. (Mortimer) Parsons: 
i Charley Adelaide/ b. Oct. 4, 1869; m. Francis Marion 
Pinkney, who died Nov. 21, 1909; had a son, Ijouis 
Mortimer*® Pinkney, b. Feb. 11, 1903. 
ii Louis Mortimer," b. Nov. 25, 1870. 
iii Mabel/ b. Sept. 3, 1877. 
iv Madeline," b. July 2, 1880. 

377 Francis Henry Parsons (Charles Henry ,^ David/ 
Rev. David/ Rev. David,* Rev. David," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Jan. 23, 1855, at Qeveland, Ohio. He m. June 3, 1880, Sophia 
Sparks, dau. of Dr. James Cogswell and Eliza (Sparks) Fisher. 
Dr. Fisher was a surgeon, U. S. V., and was descended through 
his mother (Cogswell) from John Davenport, one of the early 
settlers of New Haven. Mr. Parsons was an officer in the U. S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey 21 years and is now chief of the 
Smithsonian Division of the Library of Congress, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Children of Francis H/ and Sophia S. (Fisher) Parsons: 
i Amelia Blair/ b. Apr. 20, 1885 ; d. Dec. 27, 1885. 
ii Alice Frances/ b. Jan. 12, 1887. 

iii Charles Edward/ b. June 22, 1889; now (1910) stu- 
dent at Dartmouth College, 
iv Theodora Davenport," b. Sept. 6, 1891 ; d. Aug. 10, 

377a Francis* Parsons (John Caldwell,^ Francis/ Rev. Da- 
vid,*^ Rev. David,* Rev. David*, Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Hartford, 
Conn., Jan. 13, 1871. He graduated at Yale College, 1893, Yale 
Law School, 1897. In 1899-1900 he was Assistant Quartermas- 

Digitized by 



ter-General, with rank of Colonel, on staflf of Governor Greorge E. 
Lounsbury, of Connecticut. 

In 1904 he became Secretary and Trust Officer of the Security 
Company, a banking and trust corporation of Hartford. In 190S 
he was chosen a member of the Board of Park Commissioners of 
Hartford to serve ten years. He married, June 22, 1897, Eliz- 
abeth Alden Hutchins, dau. of Robert A. and Georgiana Alden 
(Jackson) Hutchins, of Brandon, Vt. 

Children of Francis* and Elizabeth Alden (Hutchins) 
Parsons, all bom at Hartford, Conn. : 
i Mary,* b. May 13, 1898. 
ii John Caldwell,* b. Apr. 26, 1900. 
iii Francis,* b. Sept. 14, 1905 ; d. Sept. 16, 1905. 
iv Elizabeth Hutchins,* b. Feb. 25, 1909. 

378 Frank Tefft* Parsons (Joseph Wise,^ Pliny Dwight,* 
Maj. Nathan," Nathan,* Rev. David," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 
2, 1864, at Bangor, Me. ; m. Apr. 3, 1886, Blanche J. Shorey, of 
Madison, Me. 

Children of Frank Tefft* and Blanche J. (Shorey) 
Parsons : 
i -Blanche E.,* b. Aug. 7, 1888. 
ii Mauran F.,* b. Feb. 28, 1890. 
iii Donald G.,* b. Oct. 3, 1901. 

379 Grace Bulfinch* Parsons (Joseph Wise,^ Hiny 
Dwight,* Maj. Nathan,* Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Apr. 16, 1871 ; m. June 14, 1893, at Bangor, Me., Elmer E. 
Rockwood, son of Edwin O. and Harriet Blake (Skinner) Rock- 

Child of Grace Bulfinch* (Parsons) and Elmer E. 
Rockwood : 
i Penelope Parsons* Rockwood, b. Dec. 25, 1902, at Ban- 
gor, Me. 

380 Penelope Morse* Parsons (Joseph Wise,^ Pliny 
Dwight,* Maj. Nathan,' Nathan,* Rev. David," Joseph," Joseph*), 

Digitized by 



b. Feb. 13, 1877; I"- June 19, 1902, at Bangor, Me., Charles How- 
ard Davis, of Bangor, Me., b. 1862, son of Joseph Jefferson and 
Hannah E. Davis. 

Child of Penelope Morse* (Parsons) and Charles Howard 

i Charles Howard' Davis, Jr., b. Nov. 15, 1904, at Ban- 
gor, Me. 

381 Frances Caroline* Moss (Harriet Matilda^ Parsons, 
OUver,* Oliver,* Nathan,* David,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. July 31, 
1842 ; m. Apr. 2, 1868, John Seward Stahl. 

Children of Frances Caroune* (Moss) and John Seward 

i Frank Winthrop* Stahl, b. Dec. 27, 1868. 
ii George Austin* Stahl, b. Mar. 20, 1870. 

iii Gertrude* Stahl, b. . 

IV Winifred* Stahl, b. . 

382 Frank Parsons* Moss (Harriet Matilda^ Parsons, Oli- 
ver,* Oliver,' Nathan,* David,* Joseph,' Joseph^), b. May 9, 
1844, at Lockport, N. Y. ; m. at Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 18, 1867, 
Mary Elizabeth Curran, b. Jan. 19, 1850, dau. of Michael Dev- 
eraux and Susan Graves (Parsons) Curran, of Milwaukee. He 
enlisted as private in Co. K, 49th Regt., N. Y. Vols., at Buffalo, 
N. Y., Nov. 4, 1 861, and served through all the battles in Vir- 
ginia, under Gens. McQellan, Burnside, Hooker, and Meade. He 
was taken prisoner at Chantilla, Va., Oct. 13, 1863, and kept at 
Belle Isle, Va., five months, then to Andersonville, Ga., eight 
months, and released at Savannah, Ga., Nov. 20, 1864. 

383 Martha Harriet* Moss (Harriet Matilda' Parsons, Oli- 
ver,* Oliver,* Nathan,* David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 30, 
1847 J "^- Simson. 

Children of Martha Harriet* (Moss) and Simson: 

i Karl* Simson, b. . 

ii Moss* Simson, b. . 

iii Guy* Simson, b. . 

iv George* Simson, b. 

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384 Oliver Edwin* Parsons (Edwin Burton,' Oliver,* Oli- 
ver,* Nathan,^ David,^ Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 8, 1877; m. at 
Denver, Col., Sept. 4, 1905, Sarah Abigail Laughlln, b. at College 
Springs, Iowa, Sept. 9, 1878, dau. of James Bimey and Sarah An- 
geline (Cross) Laughlin. 

Child of Oliver Edwin' and Sarah Abigail (Laughlin) 

i Oliver Laughlin," b. Dec. 5, 1908. 

385 Mary Gertrude* Parsons (Sylvester Gould/ Sylvester 
Gould,* Oliver,* Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 
19, 1855, at Baton Rouge, La. She graduated at Ward's Semi* 
nary, Nashville, Tenn., and m. Theodore Johnson, a planter of 
Lake Port, Ark. 

Children of Theodore and Mary Gertrude* (Parsons) 

Johnson : 
517 i Sylvester P.* Johnson, b. Dec. 8, 1875; m. Aug. 9, 
1899, Frances Geyer. 
ii Lycurgus Leonidus* Johnson, b. Sept 18, 1877; m. 
Henrietta, dau. of Thomas W. Worthington, of 
Greenville, Miss. He is a stockman, 
lii Lydia* Johnson, b. May 25, 1883 ; m. A. T. Crosley, a 
broker, in New York City. They have a son, A. T. 
Crosley^®, Jr. 
IV Pearl* Johnson, b. Oct. i, 1890. 

386 Ralph Maitland* Parsons (Sylvester Gould,^ Sylves- 
ter Gould,* Oliver,* Nathan,* Rev. David,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Nov. 23, 1864, at Bastrop, La. He m. May Broadnax, youngest 
dau. of Henry Broadnax, a planter and early settler of Bastrop, 
La. He was educated at the Louisiana State University, of 
Baton Rouge, La., taught school in New Mexico, and was Assist- 
ant Cashier of the First National Bank of Roswell, N. M., for 
fifteen years, and now (1911) maintains a Real Estate, Broker- 
age and Insurance oflSce in Roswell, N. M. 

Children of Ralph Maitland* and Mary (Broadnax) 

Parsons : 

Digitized by 



i Wyly,' b. Feb. lo, 1891 ; graduated in 1909, first in dass 
(valedictorian) from the New Mexioo Military In- 
stitute at Roswell; is now (1911) chief dq[>uty in the 
District Qeiic's office at Roswell. 

ii Eloisc,* b. July 7, 1895. 

iii Doris,* b. Dec. 29, 1897. 

iv Ruth M.,* b. Oct. 27, 1900. 

387 Annie Pearl* Parsons (Sylvester Gould/ Sylvester 
Gould/ Oliver,* Nathan,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* JosejA^), b. Feb. 
21, 1867, at Bastrop, La.; was educated at Ward's Seminary, 
Nashville, Tenn. She married James Sutherland, a prominent 
stockman, and now (1911) is County Treasurer of Chaves Co., 
N. M. 

Children of James and Annie Pearl* (Parsons) Suther- 
i James Farrell* Sutherland, b. Oct. 14, 1889; educated 

at New Mexico Military Inst., and is a stockman* 
ii Theodore* Sutherland, b. Apr. 24, 1891 ; m. Eloise Car- 
roll, dau. of the Superintendent of the Mascalero- 
Apache Indian Res. ; is a graduate of the New Mex- 
ico Military Inst., and a stockman, 
iii Helena* Sutherland, b. July 6, 1893. 

388 Josephine Mary* Parsons (Dr. Henry Lucus,^ Lu- 
cus,* Israel,* Israel,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 14, 
1845; m. July II, 1866, Aaron Combs Allen, b. Oct., 1841, son 
of Samuel F. and Phebe (Goble) Allen, of New York City. 
Children of Josephine Mary* (Parsons) and Aaron Combs 

i Josephine* Allen, b. Apr., 1867 ; d. in 1868 at New York 

ii Aaron* Allen, b. Sept. 4, 1868. 
iii Ethan* Allen, b. Dec. 24, 1870. 

389 Felix* Parsons (George Frederick Augustus,^ Lucus,* 
Israel,* Israel,* Rev. David,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 16, 1862: 

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m. June 6, 1895, in Taylor, Co., Texas, Myrtle Moore Nicholson, 
only dau. of Dr. O. B. and Mary Elizabeth (Burton) Nicholson. 
Child of Feux* and Myrtle M. (Nicholson) Parsons: 
i Felix,' b. Mar. 2, 1897, at Dallas, Tex. 

390 Ella^ Parsons (Rev. Henry Martyn,^ Rev. Isaac,^ 
Isaac," Isaac,^ Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 29, 1856; m. in 
1879, George Hubbard Davis. She d. May 10, 1909, in Boston, 

Children of Ella* (Parsons) and George Hubbard Davis: 
i Elizabeth Dudley* Davis, b. Nov. 14, 1880. 
11 George Hubbard* Davis, Jr., b. Aug. 20, 1884. 

391 Henry Lyon* Parsons (Rev. Henry Martyn,^ Rev. 
Isaac,® Isaac," Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 29, 1870; 
m., Oct. 8, 1902 Harriet Drake Kirkham. 

Children of Henry Lyon" and Harriet Drake (Kirkham) 

i Adaline Dudley,' b. June 17, 1905. 
ii Henry Kirkham,* b. May 8, 1908. 

392 Bessie® Parsons (Rev. Henry Martyn,' Rev. Isaac,* 
Isaac,° Isaac,^ Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 31 1874; m., 
Nov. 28, 1895, John Timothy Stone. 

Children op Bessie* (Parsons) and John Timothy Stone: 
i Elizabeth Parsons' Stone, b. Oct. 13, 1898. 
ii Margaret Dickinson* Stone, b. Oct. 26, 1902. 

393 Harriet Russell* Parsons (Samuel Layton,^ Capt. 
Samuel,* Phineas,** Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 17, 
1847, at Northampton, Mass.; d. Apr. 26, 1907. She m. Sept. 
19, 1872, Hubbard M. Abbott. 

Children of Harriet Russell* (Parsons) and Hubbard M. 

Abbott : 
i Edwin Kingsley* Abbott, b. Jan. 3, 1874. 

Digitized by 



ii Susan Qark* Abbott, b. Jan. 31, 1876; <L Mar. 26, 

iii James Trumbull" Abbott, b. Oct 5, 1878. 
iv Harriet Parsons* Abbott, b. Mar. 14, 1881. 

394 Ellen Jane* Parsons (Isaac S./ Capt. Samuel,* Phin- 
eas,* Isaac,^ Josiah," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 10, 1857; m. Oct. 
24, 1883, Warren Ozro Kyle, an attorney in Boston, and a son 
of Amos M. and Sarah G. Kyle. 

Chiuxien of Ellen Jane* (Parsons) and Warren Ozro Kyle: 
i Russell Parsons* Kyle, b. Dec. 28, 1885. 
ii Warren Atherton* Kyle, b. Aug. 15, 1889. 

395 Fannie Russell* Parsons (Isaac S.,^ Caqjt Samuel,* 
Phineas,* Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 12, 1859; ™- 
June 15, 1881, Jonathan Warner, son of William F. and Florella 
(Warner) Arnold, and eighth removed from Hon. John Alden 
of the Mayflower. 

Children of Fannie Russell* (Parsons) and Jonathan 
Warner Arnold: 
i Gertrude Smith* Arnold, b. May 8, 1882; d. Dec. 10, 

ii Grace Carver* Arnold, b. Nov. 22, 1883 ; m. Nov. 17, 
1909, Qifford Benson Lewis. They have one child, 
Arnold Parsons** Lewis, b. Aug. 27, 1910. 
iii William Parsons* Arnold, b. Nov. 25, 1892. 
iv Anna* Arnold, b. Oct. 16, 1897. 

396 Isaac P.* Kellogg (Caroline Russell' Parsons, Capt. 
Samuel,* Phineas,* Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 30, 
1871 ; m. Jan. 15, 1902, Sarah R. Munson. 

Chilmien of Isaac P.* and Sarah R. (Munson) Kellogg: 
1 Stoddard M.* Kellogg, b. Aug. 19, 1903. 
ii Frederick R.* Kellogg, b. Sept. 23, 1904. 
iii Thomas Parsons* Kellogg, b. Aug. 4, 1906. 

397 Henry Spaulding* Parsons (Elijah Chauncey,^ Lyman,* 

Digitized by 



Josiah," Isaac/ Josiah," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 31, 1877; ^' 
Sept. 24, 1904, Gladys, dau. of John Barnard and Nellie (Crosby) 

Children of Henry Spaulding* and Gladys (McCarthy) 

Parsons : 
i Ruth Eleanor,* b. Aug. 17, 1905. 
ii John Barnard,® b. Sept. 15, 1906. 
iii Ann Augusta,* b. Dec. 13, 1908. 

398 Josiah Wait® Parsons (Elijah Chauncey,^ Lyman,* Jo- 
siah,** Isaac,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 20, 1880; m. Sept. 
14, 1904, Lilla Emma, dau. of Kirk H. and Emma (Rood) Stone. 
Child of Josiah Wait* and Lilla Emma (Stone) Parsons: 

i Josiah Wait, Jr.,* b. Nov. 6, 1905. 

399 James Cyrus* Parsons (Edward,^ Rev. Levi,* Israel,* 
Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 13, 1837, at Grand 
Blanc, Mich. He was educated at the Mich. Agricultural Col- 
lie, and enlisted in 1862 in the 7th Mich. Cavalry, and was in 
the principal battles of the Civil War, and was honorably dis- 
charged in 1865. He m. (i) June 11, 1868, Sophia Lahring, who 
d. July 25, 1898. He m. (2) Aug. 2, 1899, Nellie Keal Wines. 
He is a farmer and resided at Grand Blanc many years, and 
later at Howell, Mich. 

Children of James Cyrus* and Sophia (Lahring) Parsons, 
all born at Grand Blanc, Mich.: 
i Edward,* b. Mar. 3, 1871 ; d. Apr. 16, 1874. 
518 ii Roy Henry,* b. Mar. 7, 1875; m. June 21, 1905, Isabel 

Elizabeth Bell. 
Child op James Cyrus* and Nellie Keal (Wines) Parsons: 
iii James Ralph,* b. May 27, 1900. 

400 Almira* Parsons (Edward/ Rev. Levi,* Israel,* Jacob,* 
Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 1, 1841 ; d. in 1895. She ra. 
Feb. 18, 1868, G. Russell Parker. She studied at Ypsilanti, Mich., 
and after marriage engaged in educational work with her hus- 
band, under the American Missionary Association. 

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342 the parsons family 

Children of G. Russell and Almira* (Parsons) Parker : 
1 Dorr^ Parker, b. 1870; d. 1874. 

ii James Willis* Parker, b. 1872; m. Florence Durand. 
He graduated at University of Mich. ; A. B., M. D. 
Children: (i) Vera, (2) Russel, (3) Marion, {4) 
iii Qare Henry • Parker, b. 1876; m. Minnie McClellan. 
He is a graduate of Mich. Agricultural College, B. S. ; 
three children. 

iv Sarah* Parker, b. ; m. T. N. Lowrey. He was 

educated at the Mich. Agricultural College, and is 
Superintendent of the Dow Chemical Works; three 

401 Edward Dorr* Parsons (Edward,^ Rev. Levi," Israel,* 
Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Man i, 1846. He m. Abi- 
gail M. Parker, b. in 1853. He studied at Ypsilanti, Mich., and 
ttigsgtd in educational work in Mich. 

Children of Edward Dorr* and Abigail M. (Parker) 
Parsons : 
1 Cassen Eugene,* b. 1877; graduate of Olivet College, 
Mich. In 1902-3 took a special course in Livingston 
College, London, Eng. In 1903, sailed as Missionary 
to China. In 1907 was recognized by the late Chinese 
Emperor for Famine Relief Work, and in 1908 by 
Viceroy Tuan Fang Liong for Relief Work. In 
1909, he traveled in Indo China, Celon, India, Egypt, 
and Palestine, while on furlough, 
ii Ivan Earl,* b. 1883; m. Bessie Kirby, b. 1885. He 
graduated at Mich. Agricultural College, B. S. ; Chil- 
dren: George Edward,^* b. 1908; Annie Louise,^* 
b. 1910. 

402 Charles Clark* Parsons (Dr. Israel,^ Rev. Levi,* Is- 
rael,* Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 13, 1852, at Mar- 
cellus, N. Y.; m. Dec. 2, 1891, Anna Augusta Hackford, b. June 
I, 1862. 

Digitized by 



Children of Charles Clark* and Anna A. (Hackford) 

Parsons : 
i Elizabeth,* b. Oct. 12, 1892. 
ii Helen Frances," b. May 6, 1894. 
iii James Bowne,* b. July 5, 1897. 
iv Rtith,® b. Apr, 10, 1899. 
V Margaret Mary," b. Sept. 9, 1901. 
VI Cornelia Browne^® b. Apr. 7, 1904. 

403 Dr. John Cady® Parsons (Dr. Israel,^ Rev. Levi,* Is- 
rael,' Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), son of Dr. Israel^ and 
Cornelia (Bowne) Parsons, b. July 3, i860, was educated at the 
Oswego Normal School and Medical Department of the Univer- 
sity of New York. Practiced medicine in Jersey City, N. J., 19 
years, then located in Marcellus, N. Y., his native town, in 1910 ; 
m. Oct. 26, 1892, Phoebe Gray Mahon, of Philadelphia, Pa., b. 
Sept. 29, 1868. 

Children of Dr. John C.' and Phoebe G. (Mahon) Parsons*. 
i John Cady® Parsons, b. Oct. 26, 1893. 
ii Philip Stoyle*^ Parsons, b. Apr. 21, 1900. 

404 Dr. Stoyell Cady® Parsons (Rev. Levi,^ Rev. Levi,® 
Isaac," Jacob,* Josiah," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 12, 1855. He 
graduated from the Medical Dept., New York University ; m. ( i ) 
Mrs. S. M. Alden, who d. Dec. 16, 1896. He m. (2) Nora Helen 
Knight, Jan. 28, 1900, b. Oct. 20, 1871, dau. of Samuel Knight, of 
Raleigh, Ga. He is a physician at San Anjelo, Texas. 

Children of Dr. Stoyell Cady* and Nora H. (Knight) 

Parsons : 
i Charles Wadsworth,® b. Sept. 4, 1901. 
ii Annie Elizabeth," b. Nov. 5, 1905. 

405 Elizabeth Lucinda* Parsons (Rev. Levi,^ Rev. Levi,* 
Israel,*^ Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 19, i860, at 
Mount Morris, N. Y.; graduated in classical course at Ingham 
University, Leroy, N. Y. ; teacher under the American Missionary 
Association in Tongaloo University, Miss., 1889; teacher in Al- 

Digitized by 



meda Gardner School, Moorhead, Miss. ; teacher in Skyland In- 
stitute, Blowing Rock, N. C, 1908-10 ; traveled in Europe in 1904- 

406 Mary Almira* Parsons (Rev. Levi,' Rev. Levi,* Israel,* 
Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph*) b. July 30, 1864, at Mount Mor- 
ris, N. Y. ; graduated from the State Normal School at Genesee, 
N. Y., 1884; student at WcUcslcy College, 1886-88; Principal at 
the Saluda Seminary, N. C, 1891-94 ; Organist of the Presbyterian 
Church, Mount Morris, N. Y., for seven years, and one year at 
Lewistown, Pa., and again Principal of Saluda Seminary, 190608. 

407 Levi Edward* Parsons (Rev. Levi,' Rev. Levi,* Isaac,' 
Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 18, 1866, at Mount 
Morris, N. Y. He graduated at the Genesco Normal School, 
Geneseo, N. Y. He m. May 10, 1903, Jessie Garfield Pierce, of 
Honeoye Falls, N. Y., b. Mar. 15, 1869. She graduated from 
Clinton Liberal Inst., Fort Plain, N. Y. 

Children of Levi Edward* and Jessie Garfield (Pierce) 

Parsons : 
1 Levi Seymour,® b. Jan. 29, 1904. 
li Marion Elizabeth,* b. Oct. 12, 1905. 

408 Dr. Henry Theodore* Parsons (Rev. Levi,' Rev. Levi,* 
Isaac,* Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Nov. 5, 1870, at 
Mount Morris, N. Y. ; graduate of Chi, Medico, Philadelphia, 
Penn. He m. June 23, 1900, Margaret A. E. Stoughton, b. 1870, 
and graduated at Geneseo Normal. 

Children of Dr. Henry Theodore* and Margaret A. E. 
(Stoughton) Parsons: 
i Mary Stoughton,* b. Aug. 8, 1901. 
ii Levi Augustus,* b. Dec. 15, 1902; d. Sept. 9, 1907. 
iii Carlos Theodore,* b. May 2, 1906. 

408a Prof. Arthur Leonard* Parsons (Rev. Levi,^ Rev. 
Levi,* Isaac,* Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. i6, 1873, 
at Mount Morris, N. Y. ; graduated at University of New Yoric, 
B. A., 1896. He was instructor in Dept. of Mineralogy, Univer- 

Digitized by 



sity of Minn., 1903-07, and from 1907 lecturer in Dept. of Miner- 
alogy in University of Toronto, Canada. He m. Jan. i, 1902, 
Isabel Louise Smith, b. July 22, 1873, ^^ Avon, N. Y., a graduate 
of the Geneseo Normal, N. Y. 

Child of Prof. Arthur Leonard® and Isabel Louise (Smith) 

Parsons : 
i Alice Harriet,* b. July 23, 1903. 

409 Gertrude Winnifred* Parsons (Rev. Levi,' Rev. Levi,® 
Israel," Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 14, 1876, at 
Mount Morris, N. Y. She graduated at Mount Morris High 
School, 1894, and from the State Normal School at Geneseo, N. 
Y., 1898; studied at National Academy of Design, N. Y. Qty, 
1895 ; teacher in public schools at Canisteo, N. Y., Dobbs Ferry, 
N. Y., and New Rochelle, N. Y. ; traveled in Europe, 1909. 

4x0 Annie Corneeia* Parsons (Rev. Levi,^ Rev. Levi,* Is- 
rael,' Jacob,* Josiah,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan., 1879, at Mount 
Morris, N. Y. ; graduated from the High Sdiool, Mount Morris, 
N. Y. ; graduated in music from State Normal School, Geneseo, 
N. Y., and later supplied there during the illness of the instructor 
in music. A student at Stemborg School of Music, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1901 ; student at Virgil Piano School, N. Y. City, 1902 ; stu- 
dent at American Institute of Applied Music, N. Y. City, 1908-10, 
and graduate of Pedagogical Course; student in Paris 1910-11 
under Monsieur Philipp, Professor of Music in the Paris Con- 
servatoire. She is teacher of music in Mount Morris, her home 
town, and also in New Rochelle, N. Y. 

411 John Jehiel* Parsons (Aaron,^ Aaron,* Aaron,** Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Aaron^ and Emily (Stow) Par- 
sons, b. May 21, 1827; m. Feb. 2, 1846, at Buffalo, N. Y., Sarah 
Volanda Averill. He was a Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel and an 
Elder. He d. at E. Northport, L. I., N. Y., Apr. 27, 1894. 
Children of John Jehiel* and Sarah V. (Averill) Parsons: 
519 i Albert Ross,® b. at Sandusky, Ohio, Sept. 16, 1847; n^- 
Apr. 23, 1874, Alice Eva Van Ness. 

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ii Maria Emilie/ b. at Buffalo, N. Y., June 13, 1851. 
iii Ella Teresa,* b. at Buffalo, N. Y., July 18, 1854. 
iv Kate Burwell,* b. at Buffalo, N. Y., July 15, 1856. 
V Frederick Chester," b. at Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 21, 

vi Harriet Sophronia,* b. at Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 11, 

1862 ; d. Mar. 2, 1869. 
vii John Edward,* b. at Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 2T, 1865. 
viii Horace Talbot,* b. at Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 9, 1868; 

d. Mar. 6, 1882. 

412 George Reuben* Parsons (Reuben,^ Oliver ,• Reuben,' 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 12, 1828; m. Sept. 4, 
1854, Ellen Marion Carlton, b. Mar. 12, 1832. He resided in Ke- 
okuk, Iowa. 

Children of George R.* and Ellen M. (Carlton) Parsons: 
i Arthur Carlton,* b. June 25, 1858; entered Naval Acad- 
emy, Annapolis, June 24, 1876; Cadet Midshipman, 
1878. At that time there was in the Academy an 
engineer named Isaac Brown* Parsons, whose par- 
ents resided at Saginaw, Mich. (William Riley/ 
Isaac,* Aaron,* Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Sam- 
uel.^ Joseph^), 
ii Edward Connable,* b. Sept. 16, 1862. 
iii Cora Kenney,* b. Nov. 13, 1864. 

413 William H.* Parsons (Walter C.^ Isaac Jones,* Capt. 
Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,- Joseph^), b. Mar. 11, 1851; 
m. Eliza Lambin. He is a contractor and builder at Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. 

Children of William H.* and Eliza (Lambin) Parsons: 
i Mary Ann.* 
ii Rosetta.** 

414 Charles Francis* Parsons (Walter C.,^ Isaac Jones,* 
Capt. Charles,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 4. 

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1857; d. Mar. 2, 1891. He m. Nov. 10, 1880, Hannah J. Jacques, 
dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Cole) Jacques. 
Children of Charles Francis* and Hannah J. (Jacques) 

Parsons : 
1 Herbert Clarence,* b. Jan. 7, 1882; m., Mar. 10, 1910, 

Irene King, of Hamilton, Ontario, 
ii Eva V. A.,» b. Mar. 7, 1884; m. Feb. 8, 1911, Reginald 

Murray Eccleston, of Hamilton, Ont. 
iii Beatrice Pearl," b. Nov. 6, 1886. 

415 Nathaniel H.® Parsons (Walter C.,^ Isaac Jones,* 
Capt. Charles,® Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 18, 
1859; d. Aug. 17, 1900. He m. Sept. 2, 1886, Avice, dau. of 
John and Jane (Hodgkins) Banfield. 

Children of Nathaniel H." and Avice (Banfield) Parsons: 
i Orrin W.,» b. Mar. 11, 1889. 
ii Edward Roy,* b. Jan. 30, 1891. 
iii Nathaniel, J.,* b. Apr. 5, 1893 ; d. Aug. 3, 1895. 
iv Mar>' L.,^ b. Apr. 25, 1896. 
v Walter Lewis,* b. June 10, 1899. 

416 John J.^ Parsons (Walter C.,^ Isaac Jones,* Capt. 
Charles,' Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 24, 1864. 
He was a teacher about twenty years, and later was engaged in 
the manufacture of cheese and creamery butter in connection with 
farming. He was a member of the Council of Walpole township, 
1908; was Reeve 1909-10, and member of County Council. He 
was elected director of the Board of Dairymen's Association, 
Western Ontario, since 1903, and president 1909-10. He married 
Bertha S., dau. of James and Catharine Howay, of Nanticoke, 

Children of John J." and Bertha S. (Howay) Parsons: 
i Lewis S.,* b. Jan. 5, 1890. 
ii John W.,* b. Mar. 12, 1892. 
iii Charles A.,® b. Nov. 25, 1899. 
iv Bertha H.,* b. May 4, 1903. 

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417 Lewis N.* Parsons (Walter C/ Isaac Jones,' Capt. 
Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 22, 1866; m., 
June 14, 1892, Margaret E., dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Cole) 
Jacques. He has been a successful railroad man, connected with 
the Michigan Central R. R. at Windsor, Ontario. 

Child of Lewis N.* and Margaret E. (Jacques) Parsons: 
i Emily Kathlean,* b. Sept. 9, 1893. 

418 Lewis Baldwin* Parsons (Philo,^ Lewis B.,* Capt. 
Charles," Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 7, 1850, at 
Detroit, Mich. ; m. Harriet M. Streeter, of North Adams, Mass. 

Children of Lewis Baldwin* and Harriet M. (Streeter) 

Parsons : 
i Anna Helen,* b. Sept. 29, 1874, at North Adams, Mass. 
ii Margaret Elwood,* b. Jan. 4, 1876, at North Adams, 

iii Joseph McKee,* b. Dec. 26, 1878, at Detroit, Mich. 

419 Kate Eugenia* Parsons (Philo,^ Lewis B.,* Capt. 
Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 28, 1854, at 
Detroit, Mich.; m. Feb. 5, 1880, Arthur, son of John H. and 
Sarah (Allen) Qiflord, of New Bedford, Mass. He graduated 
at Harvard College, 1894, and d. Feb. 26, 1881. 

Child of Kate Eugenia* (Parsons) and Arthur Cufford: 
i Charles Parsons* Clifford, b. Oct. 23, 1880. 

420 Mary Lucina* Parsons (Philo,^ Lewis B.,* Capt. 
Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 10, i860, 
at Detroit, Mich.; m. Apr. 22, 1885, Frederick Grout Chidsey. 
Children of Frederick Grout and Mary Lucina* (Parsons) 

Chidsey : 

i Frederick Parsons* Chidsey, b. Mar. 11, 1886, at De- 
troit, Mich. 

ii Helen Parsons* Chidsey, b. July 8, 1887, at Detroit, 

421 Rev. Willis Edwards* Parsons, D. D. (George,^ Lewis 

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B.,* Capt Charles,* Aaron/ Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 26, 
1857, at Keokuk, Iowa. He was educated at Olivet College, 
Mich., and Princeton Theological Seminary, N. J. He was pas- 
tor of the Presbyterian churches at Albion, Mich., and at Danville, 
111., from 1884 to 1904. Since Aug., 1904, he has been President 
of Parsons College, at Fairfield, Iowa. He married Dec. 24, 1884, 
Ellen Effie Topping, b. June 9, 1859. • 

421a George Frederick* Parsons (George,^ Lewis B.,® Capt. 
Charles," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 25, 1859, at 
Detroit, Mich. He m. Oct. 29, 1895, Margaret Graves, b. 
Feb. 6, 1869. 

Child of George Frederick* and Margaret (Graves) 
Parsons : 
i Emily Frances,* b. Dec. 3, 1897. 

422 Rev. Charles Parsons* Boardman (Helen Maria^ Par- 
sons, Lewis B.,* Capt. Charles,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Oct. 5, 1859; m. July 30, 1884, Florence Adele Banker, 
b. Mar. 3, 1862. He was a Congregational clergyman in Iowa. 

Children of Rev. Charles Parsons* and Florence Adele 
(Banker) Boardman: 
i Charles Willis* Boardman, b. Dec. 10, 1885. 
ii John* Boardman, b. Mar. 12, 1887. 
iii Helen Maria* Boardman, b. Mar. 31, 1889. 
iv Douglas Leonard* Boardman, b. Feb. 16, 1891. . 

423 Erastus Herman* Staley (Katherine^ Parsons, Eras- 
tus,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 6, 1830, 
in Tippecanoe Co., Ind. He was educated in the common schools, 
but was self-educated after his thirteenth year, from nineteen to 
twenty, then he taught school winters, and, with fifty dollars saved 
from teaching, he entered Asbury (now DePauw) University in 
1853, and worked his way through college, graduating as Valedic- 
torian of his class in 1858. He was Principal of the Battle Ground 
Collegiate Inst., Ind., four years and President Of the Valparaiso 
Male and Female College, Ind., three years. While teaching, he 

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was licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal Church, and 
was Volunteer Qiaplain in the U. S. Christian Commission July 
to Oct., 1864, and preached about a year (1864-65) at Frankfort, 
Ind. But preferring to teach, he organized the graded school sys- 
tem at Frankfort, and was Superintendent of schools and Prin- 
cipal of the High School at Frankfort for six years, until June 
14, 1872, and on June 15, 1872, he became editor of the Frankfort 
Crescent, a weekly paper owned by a Stock Co. He gradually ac- 
quired the ownership of the stock and by 1890 was the owner of 
the paper and the building in which it was conducted. 

In 1885 he made the paper a daily, and in 1891 sold out the 
paper and traveled a year in Europe. 

Since then he has been engaged in various pursuits, part of the 
time as orange grower in Florida, and now (1911) in insurance 
and literary work at Frankfort. 

He has always been active in the work of the M. E. Church 
and Sunday school at Frankfort, and in politics an active and in- 
fluential Democrat, and has been a member of both branches of 
the State Legislature. He is still active and in good health in his 
eighty-second year, and writes from ten to twelve columns weekly 
for two daily papers at Frankfort, Ind. 

He married Nov. 14, 1861, Salome Barr, b. Oct. 2, 1835, in 
Lancaster Co., Pa., dau. of Abram and Catharine Barr. She was 
educated in a ladies' seminary, and was a teacher before marriage, 
and died Feb. 4, 1897, in Dayton, Ind. She was a descendant 
from the Cecils of Maryland and of the distinguished Dr. Rush, 
of Philadelphia. An obituary of her says: "The Barrs and 
Rushes, from whom Mrs. Staley are descended, are of old Co- 
lonial stock, and the Barrs have been prominently identified with 
the early growth of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, Mrs. Sta- 
ley's immediate family settling in Tippecanoe County in the first 
half of this Century." 
Children of Erastus Herman" and Salome (Barr) Staley: 

520 1 Kathryn Barr* Staley, b. Feb. 23, 1866; m. Aug. 3, 

1905, Warren W. Searles. 

521 ii James Herman* Staley, b. July 5, 1867; m. Apr. 16, 

1890, Carrie Baker Carter. 

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424 Catharine Ellen* Staley (Katharine^ Parsons, Eras- 
tus,« Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 27, 1833, 
near Dayton, Tippecanoe Co., Ind. ; was a teacher in the country 
schools. She m. May 15, 1863, in Lafayette, Ind., James Gaskill 
(his* 2d wife), a fanner near Frankfort, Ind., where they lived 
until his death, Oct. 6, 1870. He was b. June 3, 1817. 

After his death, she, with her two children and Elgi Gaskill, 
her step-daughter, moved from the farm to their home in Frank- 
fort, Ind., where she resided until her death, April 3, 1893. 
Children of James and Catharine Ellen* (Staley) Gaskill: 

522 i Eugene Staley* Gaskill, b. Oct. 10, 1868; m. Apr. 10, 

1907, Margaret Jean Crumley, 
ii Marietta Catharine* Gaskill, b. Aug. 2, 1870 ; graduated 
at the Frankfort High School, and is a teacher in 

425 Marietta* Staley (Katharine' Parsons, Erastus,* 
Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 16, 1840, in 
Tippecanoe Co., Ind. She taught school ten years, and m. Aug. 
24, 1869, at Frankfort, Ind., William Henry Fowler, b. Feb. 3, 
1843, in Tippecanoe Co., and d. Nov. 6, 1906. He was a veteran 
of the Civil War, serving three years and six months in Co. G, 
72d Regt., Ind. Vols., Wilder's Brigade. They lived on a farm 
near Frankfort, Ind., until 1884, then moved to Kansas, but re- 
turned to Frankfort in 1898. She d. Oct. 18, 1901. 

Children of William Henry and Marietta* (Staley) 

Fowler : 

523 i James William* Fowler, b. June 5, 1872; m. Sept. 22, 

189s, Nettie Tregellas. 

524 ii Ellen Dale* Fowler, b. Oct. 22, 1874; m. Oct. 15, 1890, 

Willis Bass. 

426 Mary A.* Sage (Reuben Parsons,^ Silence* Parsons, 
Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 9, 1844, at 
Vernon, Conn. She m. Jan. 12, 1868, at Galesburg, 111., Charles 
F. Cothren, b. Sept. 25, 1840, at Galesburg, Mich., son of James 
W. and Christiann (Mackie) Cothren, who were m. in Detroit. 

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Mich., Dec. 22, 1839. Charles F. Cothren was coUector of the 
C. B. I. R. R. and his father was at one time postmaster of De- 
troit, Mich. 
Children of Charles F. and Mary A.* (Sage) Cothren: 
i Julia Sage* Cothren, b. Dec. 25, 1872, in Galesburg, 111. 
ii Jamp« W.* Cothren, b. Jan. 27, 1884, in Galesburg, 111. 

427 Julia E.* Sage (Reuben Parsons,^ Silence* Parsons, 
Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 26, 1846, at 
Vernon, Conn. ; m. Oct. 26, 1865, at Galesburg, 111., George W. 
Colville, b. Apr. 28, 1843, ^^ Glasgow, Scotland, son of Robert W. 
and Ann (Maxwell) Colville, who were m. at Glasgow, Scotland, 
in 1838. He was a manufacturer of stationery and his son, 
George W. Colville, was a bookbinder. 

Children of George W. and Julia E.* (Sage) Colville, 
all bom at Galesburg, 111. : 
i Margaret M.* Colville, b. Aug. 8, 1866. 
ii Marie E.* Colville, b. Feb. 21, 1868; d. Nov. 30, 1872. 
lii Alice C* Colville, b. May 23, 1870; m. July 7, 1909, 

Joseph B. Colville, of New York City. 
iv George S.» Colville, b. June 18, 1871. 
V Jessie S.» Colville, b. Feb. 28, 1873 5 d- My 16, 1875. 
vi Helen* Colville, b. May 9, 1884. 
vii John R.* Colville, b. Aug. 17, 1890. 

428 John C* Sage (Reuben Parsons^ Sage, Silence* Parsons, 
Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. in 1855 at Farming- 
ton, 111. ; m. Apr. 9, 1882, at Mattoon, 111., Emma Watchler. He 
is in the dry goods business in Chicago. 

Children of John C* and Emma (Watchler) Sage: 
i Russell* Sage, b. Apr. 26, 1883, at Lafayette, Ind. 
ii Maria Emma* Sage, b. Dec. 16, 1885, ^^ Lafayette, Ind. 

428a Martha Antoinette* Sage (Luther Edwin,' Silence* 
Parsons, Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 4, 
1847, at So. Wilbraham, Mass.; m. Nov. 26, 1874, Robert G., 
son of Robert and Caroline Smith, of Delavan, Wis. He d. Sept. 
20, 1907. 

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eighth generation 353 

Children of Martha Antoinette* (Sage) and Robert G. 

Smith : 
i Arthur Mortimer® Smith, b. Sept. 20, 1875; d. in in- 
ii Mary Ina® Smith, b. July 15, 1877. 
iii Elbert Edwin® Smith, b. July 11, 1884; d- in infancy. 

429 Augustus® Parsons (Peter,^ Elijah,* Elijah,^ Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Jan. 2, 1828, son of Peter^ Parsons, 
was a farmer by occupation and was Justice of the Peace in the 
town of Sharon from i860 to 1895, with the exception of one 
year, when he was Supervisor. He married Jan. 24, 1858, Mary 
twin dau. of Stephen and Matilda (Cheney) North, of Fly Creek, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., b. Sept. 3, 1836, and df. at Sharon, Sept. 11, 

Children of Augustus® and Mary (North) Parsons: 
i Irving,® b. at Sharon, Feb. 12, 1859; d. Oct. 26, 1886; 
m. Emma, dau. of Dr. Jacob and Sarah (Moulton) 
Van Vanlkenburg, of Sharon, 
ii Florence,® b. Oct. 22, i860. 

iii Julius,® b. Dec. 12, 1862; d. July 3, 1907; m. July 9, 
1892, Hattie E. Robertson, of Berlin, Wis.; was a 
minister of the Congregationalist Church; educated 
at Oberlin, Ohio, graduating 1893; pastor at Cum- 
berland, Barron Co., Wis., Roberts, Wis., and Mor- 
ris, Minn., where he died; was buried at Roberts, 
Wis., where he had a successful pastorate for ten 
years. No children, 
iv May,® b. Feb. 2, 1865 ; d. Oct. 17, 1890. 

525 V George A.,® b. Apr. 18, 1868; m.. Mar. 6, 1894, Emma 


526 VI Angelique,® b. Nov. 15, 1869; m. June 29, 1892, Wil- 

liam A. Kilmer. 
vii Arthur,® b. May 26, 1872; educated at Cobleskill, N. 
Y. High School, graduating in 1S91, winning gold 
medal as best scholar in his class; taught school at 
Eagleville and Central Bridge, N. Y., and is in mer- 

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cantile business; m. Feb. 3, 1895, Mary L., dau. of 
Abraham and Mary (Wessel) Hutton, of Central 
Bridge, N. Y. Has one child, Charles A.,** bom at 
Central Bridge June 30, 1909. 
viii Edward,* b. Aug. 17, 1874; educated at Cobleskill, N. 
Y., High School and State Normal School, Oneonta, 
N. Y. ; taught school for several years, and is con- 
nected with the General Electric Co. at Schenectady, 
N. Y.; m. at Saranac, N. Y., June 12, 1909, Adeline 
Louise, b. Feb. 25, 1880, dau. of Truman and Louise 
Bowen, of Saranac, N. Y. 

430 James A.® Parsons (Peter,^ Elijah,* Elijah,"* Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 13, 1836, son of Peter^ Par- 
sons, m. Sept. 17, 1863, Sarah, twin dau. of Stephen and Matil- 
da (Cheney) North, of Fly Creek, N. Y., b. Sept. 3, 1836. They 
removed to Aurora, Waushara Co., Wis., where he has since re- 
sided, and where his children were bom. He is a farmer by occu- 
pation ; was supervisor of his town, and is a deacon and the treas- 
urer of the Baptist Church at Berlin, Wis. 

Children of James A.® and Sarah (North) Parsons: 

527 i Hannah Belle,' b. Oct. 6, 1866; m. Jan. 23, 1898, Rev. 

David Robert Davies. 

528 ii Anna Hassettine,* b. Mar. 14, 1869; m. Feb. 24, 1892, 

William Russel Simpson. 

529 iii Elijah Willis,* b. Mar. 8, 1871 ; m. June 16, 1896, 

Agnes Fries, 
iv Seth Eugene,® b. July 26, 1876; m. Apr. 28, 1906, Ida, 
dau. of William and Augusta Rick, of Coloma, Wis. 

431 Alexander"* Parsons (Peter/ Elijah,* Elijah," Aaron,* 
Daniel,^ Joseph,* Joseph*), son of Petcr^ Parsons, b. May 7, 1842. 
In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company G. 134th Regt., N. Y. S. 
Vol. Infantry, and was with his regiment in the Virginia cam- 
paigns from Oct., 1862, including the battles of Chancellorsville 
and Gettysburg, when the corps was transferred to the West, and 
he was with his regiment at the battles of Lookout Mountain, 

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Chattanooga, and Mission Ridge, and was with Sherman in his 
march to the sea, and from thence north until the close of the 
war, and was at the Grand Review at Washington, and there dis- 
charged. He was one of the corporals in his company, and he was 
wounded in one of the engagements from Chattanooga to At- 
lanta, and thereafter spent some time in the hospital at Nashville. 
At the close of the war he removed to Berlin, Wis., where he con- 
tinued to live for many years as a farmer. He was also Super- 
visor of the town of Aurora, Waushara Co., Wis., Commander of 
Charles A. Graves Post 139, G. A. R., and one of the trustees of 
the Baptist Church at Berlin. On Nov. 9, 1871, he married (i) 
Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Evans, of Aurora, Wis, 
She was born in Wales on Dec. i, 1842, and died at Aurora, Wis., 
Apr. 28, 1901. He married (2) Dec. 31, 1902, at Oberlin, Pa., 
Elizabeth S., widow of Berdsley Dockstader, and daughter of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Van Schaick) Hutton. She was born at 
Cariisle, N. Y., Mar. 8, 1855. 
Children of Alexander* and Sarah (Evans) Parsons: 

530 i Rev. Frederick Francis,* b. Dec. 12, 1872; m. Aug. 19, 

1901, Katherine Miller. 

531 ii Rev. Joseph Everett,* b. Jan. 19, 1874; m. Dec. 6, 

1905 Laura S. Minnich. 

532 iii Benjamin Franklin,* b. June 24, 1875; m. Apr. 23, 

1903, Angeline Minerva Ellis. 
iv Dr. Forest Lee,* b. Sept. 12, 1881 ; graduated from the 
Berlin High School, class of 1900, and the University 
of Wisconsin, class of 1905, with the degree of B. A., 
and from the Rush Medical College, Chicago, class 
of 1908, with the degree of M. D. 

432 Mary Elizabeth® Parsons (Peter,^ Elijah,* Elijah," 
Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph," Joseph^), b. Dec, 30, 1844, dau. of 
Pcter^ Parsons, m. Jan. 5, 1875, ^it Sharon, Henry P., son of 
Peter H. and Maria (Hutton) Bellinger, and a grandson of Rev. 
Henry Bellinger, who, for many years, was the minister of the 
True Reformed Dutch Church, of Sharon, N. Y. He is a farmer 
by occupation, and was Assessor six years, and Commissioner of 
Highways two years. 

Digitized by 



Child of Henry P. and Mary Elizabeth* (Parsons) 
Bellinger : 
i George P.* Bellinger, b. at Sharon, Dec. 23, 1882; m. 
at Sharon, Dec. 12, 1906, Alice, dau. of William L. 
and Sarah (Betts) Vrooman. Child: Winona" Bel- 
linger, b. Dec. 30, 1907. 

433 Eliza* Parsons (Peter,' Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 18, 1849, dau. of Peter' Parsons, 
m. at Sharon, May 2, 1876, Louis K., son of Ransome and Mar- 
tha (Best) Hiller. 

Children of Louis K. and Eliza* ( Parsons) Hu.ler. 
i Floyd* Hiller, b. Aug. 28, 1877; n^-» Aug. 5, 1903, at 
Cobleskill, N. Y., Ida May, dau. of Reilley and Mar- 
garet (Mickel) Schermerhom. 
ii Martha Blanch* Hiller, b. Aug. 5, 1882. 
iii Frank W.* Hiller, b. Oct. 28, 1885. 

434 Mary Jane* Parsons (Henry,' Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron.* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. May 15, 1837, in Norwich, Chenan- 
go Co., N. Y. ; d. Aug. 8, 1864, in Story Co., Iowa. She m. in 
May, 1852, William Hudnutt. 

Children of Mary Jane* (Parsons) and Wiluam Hudnutt: 

i Frank® Hudnutt. 
633 " John H.* Hudnutt, b. Aug. 29, 1854; m. Oct. 20, 1877, 
Anna Makewson. 

435 Seth* Parsons ( Henry ,^ Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 24, 1840, at Sharon, Schoharie Co., 
N. Y. He removed with his father and family to Illinois in 1841, 
and has resided most of his life at or near Piano, Kendall Co., 111., 
where his father settled as one of the pioneers of that part of the 

While his general occupation has been that of a farmer, his 
enterprise and business energy early led him to engage in other 
business, and particularly as a breeder of fine cattle, and as a 
large dealer in live stock and general farm produce. In the mean- 

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time he had greatly enlai^ed and improved his holdings of real 
estate. His thrift, enterprise and energy has made him one of 
the best known and influential citizens of Kendall Co. He has al- 
ways taken an active interest in public affairs and has served his 
town in various local ofiices, particularly as Commissioner of 
Highways for twenty-one years. 

At this time (1911) he is living in Piano as a retired farmer, but 
is still active in real estate business and as a buyer of stock for 
the Chicago market He married, Jan. 9, 1866, Cordelia Faxon, 
daughter of Joseph Holland and Nelly (McNaughton) Faxon, of 
Greenwich, Washington Co., N. Y., a descendant of Thomas 
Faxon, who settled in Braintree, Mass., 1635. 

Child of Seth* and Cordeua (Faxon) Parsons: 
i Frankie," b. Mar. 18, 1870, at Piano, 111. She m. Sept. 
28, 1892, John Elwood Schneider, b. Mar. 18, 1870, 
and d. Nov. 12, 1910, son of Nicholas and Mary 
Schneider, of Piano. 

"He was educated in the schools of Piano and 
Aurora, 111., and at the Dixon Business College. He 
was for eighteen years City Clerk, and for twelve 
years the Fire Marshal of Piano. He was a Mason, 
had a large circle of friends and was highly esteemed 
as a citizen." 

436 Jxn-iA A.® Parsons ( Henry ,^ Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* 
Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 6, 1850, in Little Rock, 111. 
She m. (i) Sept. 2, 1869, Nathaniel A. Lowry, b. in Bristol, Ken- 
dall Co., 111., Jan. 9, 1848, and d. Feb. 29, 1872. She m. (2) Mar. 
4, 1875, Daniel Corbin, b. Dec. 31, 1849. 

Child of Julia A.® (Parsons) and Nathaniel A. Lowry: 

534 i James* Lowry, b. Apr. 28, 1871 ; m. (i) Flora Reisig, 

Oct. 12, 1891 ; m. (2) Martha Syler, Sept. 20, 1899. 
Children of Julia A.® (Parsons) and Daniel Corbin: 

535 ii Edna® Corbin, b. Feb. 18, 1881 ; m. Apr. 28, 1904, Ned 

S. Fowler, 
iii Austin® Corbin, b. Sept. 18, 1889. 

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437 Joan* Parsons (Henry/ Elijah,* Elijah,^ Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Aug. ii, 1852, in Little Rock, III. She 
m. Dec. 8, 1870, Leonard O. Lathrop, b. in Bristol, 111., Jan. 8, 
1840, and d. Dec. 25, 1898. 

Children of Joan* (Parsons) and Leonard O. Lathrop: 
i E. Lena* Lathrop, b. June 16, 1872; m. Sept. 14, 1905, 

Frank P. Tyler, 
ii Sara W.* Lathrop, b, Apr. 28, 1887. 
iii Leonard O.* Lathrop, b. June 18, 1893. 

438 Rev. Andrew* Parsons ( James,^ Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug, 15, 1830, was educated at the 
Cherry Valley Academy, N. Y., the Albany Normal School, and 
Williams College, Mass., class of 1857. He was one of the honor 
men of his class, which entitled him to be a member of the Phi 
Beta Kappa Society, thereafter organized at Williams College. 
He was three years at the Auburn Theological Seminary. His 
first pastorate was the Presbyterian Church at Richfield Springs, 
N. Y., i860. He became connected with the Presbyterian Board 
of Home Missions, and for several years was located in Kansas 
and Wisconsin. Returning to the East, he was pastor of the 
Presbyterian Church at Hunter, Greene Co., the Reformed Church 
at Sharon, and Knox, Albany Co., N. Y. About 1897 he removed 
to California, where his wife died soon after. For several years 
prior he had been interested in the teachings of the Swedenborgian 
Church, and, about 1899, he began to preach as supply to a con- 
gregation of that church on OTarrell Street, San Francisco. In 
1901 he was ordained a minister of that church in Brooklyn, N. 
Y,, and on his return to San Francisco became the regular pastor 
of the church on O'Farrell Street and continued its pastor until 
his death, Aug. 23, 1904. In 1861 he married, at Auburn, N. Y., 
Salona White, daughter of Deacon Alanson White, of Sennett, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., who died at Palo Alto, Cal., 1898. In 1901 he 
married Elizabeth Jones, of New York City, who survived him. 

The following is an extract from an obituary written by one 
of his parishioners, of San Francisco: 

"Mr. Parsons was greatly beloved by his parishioners of the 

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New Church. He was a genial, engaging gentleman, of a most 
prepossessing aspect, charming those with whom he came in con- 
tact. His sermons were admirably selected, and bore hope and 
consolation to many a distressed heart. He who writes these 
lines, and who was profoundly impressed with his goodness and 
sincerity often entered his church on Sunday morning agitated and 
perturbed in heart, to emerge from it, serene and at peace. Often 
has he been moved to tears by the words of consolation from those 
lips now stilled on earth, but eloquent in heavenly realms. There 
was a graciousness in his smile, a tenderness in his eyes which 
were a balm to all who sat before him. His life on this earth meas- 
ured by spiritual standards was highly successful, and his demise 
has left a vacancy in many a heart which was wont to receive 
from him solace and encouragement in many despondent hours." 

439 Mary® Parsons (James,^ Elijah,* Elijah,** Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,® Joseph,* Joseph^), daughter of James^ Parsons, b. at Sharon 
Springs, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1831, was educated at Cherry Valley 
Academy, N. Y. ; married Apr. 9, 1855, Charles H., son of Rev. 
Henry and Nuel (Van Doren) Topping, b. May 20, 1830, at 
Charleston, Montgomery Co., N. Y. He was engaged in mer- 
cantile business during nearly all his active life, and the latter 
part of his life at Delavan, Wis., where he died in Aug., 1886. 

Rev. Henry Topping, father of Charles H. Topping, was bom 
Mar. 14, 1804, and married Dec. 28, 1828, Nuel, (laughter of Wil- 
liam Van Doren. He was pastor of the Baptist Church at Lees- 
ville, Schoharie Co., N. Y., prior to 1839, when he was appointee 
of the American Baptist Home Mission Society, and was mission- 
ary in the Territory of Wisconsin from 1839 ^^ 1846. His evange- 
listic visitations resulted in the organization of churches at Wal- 
worth, Beloit, Clinton Junction, and Elkhom, Wis., and Rockton, 
111. He was pastor of the Baptist Church at Walworth, Wis., 
from 1847 to 1852. 

He retired from the ministry on account of ill health in 1855, 
and died at Ottawa, Kan., Nov. 20, 1870. 

His wife was born Sept. 6, 1808, and died Oct. 11, 1880, at the 
home of her son, at Delavan, Wis. 

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His American ancestor was Thomas To{^ing, who, according 
to Savage (Genealogical Die.) was of Milford and Wethersfield, 
Conn., about 1639, ^^^ ^^^ settled in South Hampton, L. L 

Children of Charles H. and Mary* (Parsons) Topping: 

1 James Parsons* Topping, b. at Delton, Wis., Feb. 2, 
1856; d. Sept. 8, 1857. 

536 ii Henry* Topping, b. at Delton, Wis., July 26, 1857; m. 

July 18, 1888, Genevieve Faville. 

iii William* Topping, b. at Delavan, Wis., Oct. 4, 1859 ; d. 
Aug. 31, 1866. 

iv James Parsons* Topping, b. at Delavan, Wis., Apr. 29, 
1 861 ; was educated at the University of Chicago, and 
was engaged in the mercantile business at Delavan, 
Wis., until 1906, since which time he has been asso- 
ciated with his brother, Wandell, in the real estate 
business in Chicago. 

537 V Wandell* Topping, b. at Delavan, Wis., Apr. 10, 1863 ; 

m. July 4, 1888, Mary Susan Hoyt. 
vi Albert R.* Topping, b. at Delavan, Wis., Jan. 10, 1865 : 

d. Sept. 9, 1884* 
vii Frank E.* Topping, b. at Makanda, 111., Jan. 31, 1867; 

d. July 26, 1868. 
viii L. Raymond* Topping, b. at Ottawa, Kan., Nov. 14, 

1870; d. July 31, 1872. 
IX Louis Andrew* Topping, b. at Delavan, Wis., Aug. 26, 


440 Albert* Parsons (James,' Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 6, 1833, son of James' and Hannah 
(Moyer) Parsons, was educated at the Cherry Valley Academy, 
Cazanovia, N. Y., Seminary, and Union College, Schenectady, 
N. Y., class of 1859. He studied law in the office of Stephen L. 
Magoon, Esq., of Hudson, N. Y., and was admitted to the bar in 
1861, and practiced law in N. Y. City until 1870, when he re- 
moved to Lawrence, Kan., where he was Justice of the Peace and 
Police Magistrate for about two years, when he was appointed 

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Indian Agent to the Cherokees, Chocktaws and Chickasaws in the 
Indian Territory. 

At his suggestion the agency was abolished by the government, 
as the Indians had attained a high degree of civilization. In 1875 
he returned to New York and resumed the practice of law with 
his brother, Henry, until his death, in 1887. The last ten years 
of his life he resided in Montclair, N. J., where his wife died in 
1886, he dying Feb. 12, 1887. Both were buried in the Sharon, 
N. Y., cemetery. Both he and his wife were members of the 
Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn and Montclair, while residing 
in Uiose places. 

He married, Sept. 19, 1863, Martha A., daughter of Deacon 
Rufus and Amy (Kimball) Pierson, then residing at Leesville, 
Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

Children of Albert* and Martha A. (Pierson) Parsons: 
i Edward,* b. Sept. 9, 1865, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 
18, 1867, at Sharon, N. Y. 

538 ii Louis Fairman,* b. July 5, 1868; m. Apr. 12, 1893, 

Harriet Blanchard Johnson, 
iii Mary,* b, Feb. 2, 1870 ; d. Aug. 9, 1870. 
iv Clifford Henry,* b. Jan. 4, 1873, in Indian Territory; 

d. May 7, 1905, at Sharon Springs, N. Y. 
v James,* b. Oct. 14, 1874; d. Sept. 30, 1875. 

539 vi Frank,* b. Aug. 4, 1877; m. Dec. 25, 1905, Marie Flor- 

ence Pulis. 
vii Mabel,* b. Feb. 9, 1879 ; m. Oct. 6, 1903, Henry R., ^n 
of Henry R. and Sarah (Davis) Pierson. He was 
educated at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., class 
of 1881, and is a banker in Albany, where his father 
resided and died. 

441 Henry® Parsons (James,' Elijah,* Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. at Sharon Springs, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1835, 
was educated at Fort Plain Seminary, N. Y., Williston Seminary, 
East Hampton, Mass., and Union College, Schenectady, class of 
1 861. He was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
and the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He read law for one year in 

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the office of Stephen L. Magoon, at Hudson, N. Y., and in July 
and Aug., 1862, assisted in recruiting volunteers for Co. G of the 
134th Regt., N. Y. Vols., then being raised in the Counties of 
Schenectady and Schoharie, State of N. Y. He was commis- 
sioned 1st Lieut, in that Co. in Sept., 1862, and with his Regt. 
joined the Army in Virginia, about the first of Oct., 1862.. He 
was acting Adjutant of his Regt. in Nov. and Dec, 1862, and was 
promoted to the Captaincy of his company in Jan., 1863, and re- 
signed in June, 1863. The only important engagement he took 
part in was the battle of Chancellorsville, where his Regt. was a 
part of the nth Army Corps. In Dec., 1863, he was admitted 
to the Bar in the City of New York, and has continued in the 
practice of the law in New York City ever since. In July, 1867, 
he married (i) Agnes, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Whit- 
side) TumbuU, of the City of New York. She was bom Dec. 13, 
1840, at Deenston, Scotland, and her parents came to this coun- 
try. May, 1842. She had been a teacher in the public schools of 
N. Y. City, and for about three years prior to marriage was the 
Principal of the Primary Department in the Boy's Public School 
No.' 35, on 13th Street, near 6th Avenue. She died Mar. 19, 1869, 
leaving one child, Agnes, born March 4, 1869. 

He married (2) Mar. 5, 1874, Fannie, b. Sept. 23, 1850, daugh- 
ter of Dr. John H. and Henrietta (Peale) Griscom, of N. Y. City. 
Dr. Griscom's father was John Griscom, LL. D., noted as an edu- 
cator and philanthropist in the early part of the last century, and 
Mrs. Griscom's father was Rembrandt Peale, the artist, a son of 
Charles Wilson Peale, an artist, in Colonial and Revolutionary 
times, and an officer in the Revolution. After his second mar- 
riage, Mr. Parsons resided from 1873 to 1882 in Brooklyn, from 
1882 to 1899 2it Ryc» Westchester Co., N. Y., and since that time, 
in N. Y. City. From 1869 to 1873, Mr. Parsons was an Elder in 
the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, N. Y. City, Rev. Dr. 
Howard Crosby, pastor. He was also an Elder in the Memorial 
Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, and the Rye Presbyterian 
Church. He was a commissioner from the Westchester Presby- 
tery to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1893 
at Washington, D. C, and again a few years later at Winona, Ind. 

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In politics, Mr. Parsons has always been a Republican. He is a 
member of the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of the City 
of New York, the Delta Kappa Epsilon Association, the New 
York Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, 
and the New York County Lawyers' Association. 

Mrs. Parsons for several years was active in educational mat- 
ters in New York City, as a member of a local school board, and 
she organized and conducted the first children's school farm in 
DeWitt ainton Park, on the west side of the city, and is President 
of the International Children's School Farm League. 

Her interest in educational and beneficent matters took active 
shape after she had reared a large family to adult years, and may 
have, to some extent, been inherited from public-spirited ancestors, 
a brief mention of whose lives I have copied from Lippincott's 
Encyclopedia of American Biography. 

"Griscom (John, LL. D.), an American educationalist, a mem- 
ber of the Society of Friends, was born in Salem Co., N. J., 
1774. He was for more than a quarter of a century an eminent 
teacher in New York, wither he removed in 1807. Among other 
things he was chiefly instrumental in organizing the Society for 
the Prevention of Pauperism and Crime, which was the parent of 
many important reform movements. He was one of the first to 
introduce lectures on philosophy, chemistry, geology, etc., and 
with Dr. Mott, Dr. Francis and others organized Rutgers Med- 
ical College (New York), in which he was made professor of 
chemistry and natural philosophy. 'For thirty years,' says Dr. 
Francis, 'Dr. Griscom was the acknowledged head of all other 
teachers of chemistry among us. He died in 1852. He was 
author of "A Year in Europe," 2 Vols., 1823.' " 

"Griscom (John Hoskins), a physician, a son of the preceding, 
was bom in N. Y. City, 1809. He became professor of chemistry 
in the N. Y. College of Pharmacy, 1836. 

"He wrote The Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Classes of 
New York,' and the *Uses and Abuses of Air.' Died Apr. 24, 


"Peale (CTiarles Wilson), an American painter and naturalist, 
bom at Charlestown, Md., 1741. He studied for a time in Eng- 

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land under West, and after his return settled in Philaddphia. 
where he soon acquired a high reputation as a portrait painter. 
He afterwards founded in that city a museum of natural curiosi- 
ties, called by his name and containing the skeleton of a mammocL 
He was also one of the founders of the Academy of Fine Arcs. 
to which he contributed numerous pictures. Died, 1827." He 
painted several portraits of Washington and of others, prominen: 
in Colonial and Revolutionary times, and was an officer in tk 
Continental Army. 

'Teale (Rembrant), a son of the preceding, was bom in Bucks 
Co., Pa., 1778. Studied painting under West and subsequentlv 
devoted himself to portrait painting in Paris. After his r^um to 
Philadelphia he produced, among other works, the 'Court of 
Death,' and The Roman Daughter.' Died in i860." 

For more extended reference to each of the above, see Appel- 
ton's Encyclopedia of American Biography. 

Child of Henry* and Agnes (Turnbull) Parsons: 

540 i Agnes,* b. Mar. 4, 1869, in N. Y. City ; m. ( i ) May 26. 

1892, William S. Morgan; m. (2) July 12, 191a 
Dr. Arthur C. Leslie. 
Children of Henry* and Fannie (Griscom) Parsons: 

541 ii Henry Griscom,* b. Apr. 6, 187^^ at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

542 iii Henrietta Grace,* b. July 5, 1875, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

543 iv Bertha,* b. Jan. 18, 1877, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. Sept. 

20, 1904, Harold H. Bayliss. 

544 V Howard Crosby,* b. May 30, 1878, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; 

m. Oct. 10, 1908, Editfi Stevens. 

545 vi John,* b. Mar. 4, 1882, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. Apr. 21. 

1906, Ella W. Woodruff. 

546 vii Maude,* b. May 30, 1883, at Rye, N. Y. 

442 Sarah^ Parsons (James,' Elijah,* Elijah,*^ Aaron/ Dan- 
iel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Sharon Springs, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1840: 
m. at Anna, 111., Sept. 16, 1867, Jasper Peck, son of Gideon and 
Mary (Hammond) Robinson, of Virgil, N. Y., b. at Virgil, Feb. 
4, 1841. They resided at Makanda, 111., until 1870, then moved r 
Ottawa, Kan. Gideon Robinson was a son of David, a son 0: 

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Maj. Ebenezer Robinson, a Revolutionary soldier in the 7th Regt., 
Dutchess Co. Militia. 

It is believed that Ebenezer settled at or near Carniel, Putnam 
Co., N. Y., between 1740 and 1756, coming from Falmouth, or 
Cape Cod, Mass., and that he is a descendant of Isaac (son of 
John Robinson, of Leyden), who came to Plymouth, 1630. 

Jasper P. Robinson was a soldier during the entire Civil War, 
enlisting first for six months, Aug. 18, 1861, in Denver City, Col., 
Home Guards; re-enlisted Apr., 1862, in Co. C, 2d Regt., Col. 
Vols., which later became ist Regt. Col. Vols. Cav., for three 
years. He served in various battles on the frontiers, and in Kan- 
sas and Missouri. He re-enlisted Jan., 1864, for three years, or 
the end of tlie war, and was appointed Hospital Steward at Ft. 
Lyon; served until close of the war, and was honorably dis- 
charged at Ft. Reilly, Nov., 1865. 

Children of Jasper P. and Sarah® (Parsons) Robinson: 
i Florence* Robinson, b. at Makanda, 111., 15 Dec, 1869; 
was educated at the public schools, Ottawa, Kan., 
graduating at the high school ; is in business at Ot- 
tawa, Kan. 

547 li Paul* Robinson, b. June 2, 1872; m. (i) 1 May, 1894, 

May Summers; m. (2) 3 Feb., 1904, Maude Bolton. 

548 ill Capt. James Parsons* Robinson, b. Dec. 19, 1876; m. 

June 15, 1910, Edna Aliens McMurray. 

443 Seth* Parsons (James,^ Elijah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Dan- 
iel," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 26, 1847, ^^ Sharon Springs, N. Y., 
son of James^ and Hannah (Moyer) Parsons, was educated at 
Sharon Springs and the Claverack Academy, N. Y. He is a 
farmer and manager of his several farms, a hop grower and 
dealer in hops. He is President of the Sharon Seward and Car- 
lisle Co-operative Ins. Co., and a director of the First Nat. Bank 
of Sharon Springs, and is very influential and highly respected in 
his part of the state. He is one of the leaders in the Republican 
party in Schoharie Co., and a member of the Masonic Order. 

He married Dec. 8, 1868, Helen, dau. of Lorenzo and Miranda 
(Harper) Smith, of Sharon. 

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He died at the village of Cobleskill, N. Y., Dec. 23, 191 1. The 
funeral was Tuesday, Dec. 26, a short service at his Cobleskill 
home, then by train to Sharon Springs, where a service was had 
at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Some extracts from obituary 
notices will give local cotemporaneous expression to an apprecia- 
tion of his life. 

From the Cobleskill Index : 

"Seth Parsons, one of the best known men in Schoharie Coun- 
ty, died at his residence on East Main Street, in Cobleskill, early 
Saturday morning, from an attack of acute indigestion after an 
illness of but three days. The news of his death came as a 
shock to his friends, many of whom had not known of his illness. 

"Mr. Parsons was a son of James and Hannah (Moyer) Par- 
sons and was born at Sharon on the old homestead cleared up by 
his great-grandfather on his mother's side. 

"He was a direct descendant on his father's side fr<wn the New 
England Colonist, Cornet Joseph Parsons, who came to Spring- 
field, Mass., from England, in 1636, and was one of the founders 
of Northampton, Mass., in 1655. . . . 

"Aside from the superintendency of his large farms Mr. Par- 
sons was for more than thirty years an extensive hop buyer. 
Mr. Parsons was President of the Sharon Seward and 
Carlisle Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, a director in the 
Sharon Springs National Bank, and the Canajoharie Bank, a 
member of the Masonic fraternity, a trustee of Trinity Church of 
Sharon Springs, and for the past four years he has been man- 
ager of the Gardner property at Sharon Springs. 

"Three years ago he bought the handsome residence on East 
Main Street in this village, which he occupied during the winter, 
returning to Sharon for the summer. 

"Both homes were synonymous for hospitality and good cheer. 
The sympathy of hosts of friends go out to the wife, who is sorely 

From the Cobleskill Times : 

"His acquaintance was extensive, no man being better known 
throughout Schoharie, Montgomery and Otsego counties. . . . 
He was united in marriage to Miss Helen Smith, daughter of Mr. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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and Mrs. Lorenzo Smith, of Sharon Springs. Two little daugh- 
ters came to their home, who died in tfieir youth. But Mr. Par- 
sons has filled a parent's place to scores of young people. His 
'bread has been cast upon the waters' many times in the way 
of financial aid and advice to many young men and women, seek- 
ing an education, and today these young people are filling places 
of trust and responsibility. In his home he was a most devoted 
husband, and the Parsons home was noted far and wide for its 
hospitality. The latch string ever hung out and the welcome al- 
ways rang true and sincere. . . For some years he served 
as trustee of the Episcopal church at Sharon Springs, but he was 
liberal in his contributions to many other churches. . 

"At the funeral the church was filled to overflowing. Many 
could not gain entrance. Mr. Parsons filled a large place in the 
hearts of the people of his home town. His deeds of philanthropy 
were many, yet they were done so unostentatiously that few be- 
sides those benefited knew of them. When sorrow came to a 
home in Sharon Springs Seth Parsons consoled and aided. In 
times of distress to unfortunates, his teams took wood, coal and 
provisions to poor people, who looked to him almost as a kind 
father. His generosity was fitly exemplified at the time of the 
recent fire that destroyed Feather's Hotel and the old Shaule 
house at Sharon Springs. 

"After the flames had died down, an Italian family that occu- 
pied the Shaule property, a man, wife and three children, sat on 
a couple of old trunks, all that they had saved. The children were 
without clothing, or a roof to cover their heads. Mr. Parsons 
took the children in his wagon to a store and bought them cloth- 
ing, and then fitted up part of his store house for them to live 
in, where they still remain, rent free. When the casket was 
taken from the train Tuesday, the poor Italian woman knelt and 
kissed the coffin, saying, *Our friend is gone.' This is but one 
of hundreds of instances of Mr. Parson's kindness of heart. He 
was a father to the poor, and a valuable counselor to all, and his 
advice was often sought. His death brings grief to the entire 

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Children of Seth* and Helen (Smith) Parsons: 
i Agnes H.,* b. Feb. 24, 1876; d. Sept. 28, 1880. 
ii Daisey,* b. Oct. 12, 1880; d. Jan., 1895. 

444 George P.* Hiller (Eliza^ Parsons, Elijah,* Elijah;* 
Aaron,* Danid," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 7, 1827, son of John 

D. and Eliza^ (Parsons) Hiller, m. Gertrude M., dau. of Benjamin 
and Catherine Race, who d. Mar. 3, 1906. He d. Sept. 7, 1887. 

Children of George P.* and Gertrude M. (Race) Hiller: 
i Charles M.* Hiller, b. Jan. 3, 1852; m. Nov. 25, 1875, 

Martha, dau. of Nelson and Sarah Miller, who d. 

Sept. 19, 1900. 
li Anne E.* Hiller, b. June 16, 1858; m. Dec. 16, 1875, 

Cyrus M., son of Ransome and Martha Hiller. 
ill Lenora* Hiller, b. May 18, 1861 ; m. Jan. 12, 1887, 

Charles W., son of Ransome and Martha Hiller. 
iv Fenton E.* Hiller, b. Oct. 22, 1864; m. Oct. 27, 1886, 

Jennie, dau. of David and Elizabeth Stam, of Sharon. 

445 Elijah* Hiller (Eliza^ Parsons, Elijah,* Elijah,' 
Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 17, 1833; m. in 1859, 
Ellen A., dau. of William and Magdalene Lane, of Sharon, N. Y. 
He d. July 6, 1892. 

Children of Elijah* and Ellen A. (Lane) Hiller : 
i Julia T.* Hiller, b. July 21, i860, 
li Gifford H.» Hiller, b. Sept. 22, 1862. 
iii Franc M.* Hiller, b. Dec. 23, 1864 1 ^' Wilson N., son 

of Peter and Catharine Vrooman, of Sharon, 
iv William L.* Hiller, b. Feb. 14, 1867 J n^- Angelique, dau. 

of John M. Face, of Sharon. 
V John D.» Hiller, b. July 12, 1873. 

446 Harriet Elizabeth" Parsons (Rev. George,^ Elijah,' 
Elijah,^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 4, 1838, at 
Qinton, Me. ; d. Mar. 7, 1864. She m. June 21, 1857, Rev. Lyman 

E. Marvin, b. at Fly Creek, Otsego Co., N. Y., Aug. 7, 1830, a 
son of Rev. Martin and Sarah (Eddy) Marvin, and a descend- 

Digitized by 



ant of Matthew Marvin, son of Edward Marvin, of Great Bently, 
Essex, England, who came to America in the "Queen," Robert 
Lee, Master, in 1635, and settled in Hartford, Conn. 
Child of Rev. Lyman E. and Harriet Elizabeth* Parsons 

Marvin : 
549 i George L.* Marvin, b. Nov. 27, 1858 ; m. Feb. 27, 1879, 
Minnie S. Ferguson. 

447 Rev. Charles Wesley* Parsons, D. D. (Rev. George/ 
Elijah,* Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), youngest 
child of the Rev. George^ Parsons, b. Jan. 7, 1851 ; was educated 
at the Springfield Academy, N. Y., Cazanovia Seminary and the 
Wyoming Conference Seminary at Kingston, Pa., and Drew The- 
ological Seminary at Madison, N. J., and was ordained an elder 
of the M. E. Church in 1874. His first charge was at Fairfield, 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., where on Aug. i, 1876, he married Emma 
R. Ford, daughter of Milton Ford, of that place. His various 
charge in succession thereafter were Gouvemeur, Watertown, 
and Rome, N. Y. ; Grand Avenue M. E. Church, Kansas City, 
Mo.; St. Paul's Church, Newark, N. J., and the Hanson Place 
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. About this time his health became se- 
riously impaired, the result of excessive and untiring labor and 
the responsibility of churches of constantly increasing importance. 
His ability as an organizer and administrator, and his eloquence 
as a preacher, caused his services to be sought by large and im- 
portant churches, and the result was a complete physical break- 
down. In April, 1894, he surrendered the pastorate of the Han- 
son Place Church, and, after a year of rest and medical and 
surgical treatment, he accepted a call, in the spring of 1895, to 
the Chestnut Street Church at Portland, Me., where he spent 
three years of active pastoral work but attended with much phys- 
ical suffering. For four years thereafter he gave up active work 
trying by changes of climate and rest to restore his health. In 
the autumn of 1903 he undertook the pastorate of the First 
Church at Minneapolis, Minn., but was again stricken with pain 
and rested until the spring of 1905, when he was tranferred to 
the Newark Conference, N. J., and sent to Grace Church, Plain- 


Digitized by 



field, and continued in his work until about two months prior to 
his death, Dec. 22, 1907. 

It is not too much to say that he ranked among the most elo- 
quent, effective and popular preachers in the M. E. Church during 
the last quarter of the past century. 

Not the least among his many engaging qualities was his genial 
affability, which won him many friends in all ranks of sodetr, 
and his companionship was greatly prized. His zeal and en- 
thusiasm commanded his entire powers. Of a highly nervous 
temperament and sensitive conscience, no half-hearted efforts 
satisfied him, and it is no exaggeration to say that he gave his 
life in the work of his Master. 
Children of Rev. Charles Wesley* and Eicma R. (Ford) 

Parsons : 
550 i Grace Elizabeth,* b. Apr. 26, 1877; m. Oct. ttj, 1897* 
John W. B. Conger, 
ii Fred Ford,* b. May 2, 1880, at Watertown, N, Y. ; m. 
at Chicago, 111., June 15, 1910, Mae Lena, dau. of 
Albert Linabury, of Chicago, 
iii Helen Fuller,* b. Apr. 8, 1888, at Kansas City, Mo. 
iv George Milton,* b. Jan. 15, 1890, at Newark, N. J. 

448 James W.* Parsons (Elisha,^ Elijah,* Elijah," Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 23, 1856; m. Oct. 10, 1888, 
Mella Dempster, of Sharon Springs, N. Y. 

Children of James W.* and Mella (Dempster) Parsons: 
i Edna C.,* b. Oct. 12, 1889; m. Mar. 4, 1909, Watson J., 
son of William T. and Adilia T. (Spraker) Warner, 
of Sharon, N. Y. They have one child, Theron** 
Warner, b. Nov. 5, 1910. 
ii Ethel M.,» b. Jan. 27, 1891. 

449 DeWitt Parsons* Powell (Sarah^ Parsons, Elijah.* 
Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 20, 1853. at 
Sharon, N. Y. He m. Feb. 20, 1876, at Olney, 111., Mary E. Hen- 
derson, dau. of Rev. William and Virginia Emily (Hunton) Hen- 
derson. She was b. at Bowling Green, Ky. 

Digitized by 



Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 


eighth generation 371 

Children of DeWitt Parsons* and Mary E. (Henderson) 


551 i Bertha May* Powell, b. Feb. 23, 1880; m. Feb. 23, 

1905, John Edward De Long, 
ii Lulu Grace* Powell, b. Oct. 26, 1883 ; d. Oct. 29, 1898. 

450 Charles James® Powell (Sarah^ Parsons, Elijah,* Eli- 
jah,** Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 7, 1861, at 
Amity, 111. He m. Apr. 25, 1893, at Olney, 111., Mattie A., dau. 
of Philip and Lucy Nicholson. 

Children of Charles James* and Mattie A. (Nicholson) 

Powell : 
i George Francis* Powell, b. Aug. i, 1894; d. Aug. 27, 

1897, at Amity, 111. 
ii Mary Leora* Powell, b. July 5, 1898, at Amity, 111. 
iii Eugene Robert* Powell, b. Aug. 25, 1900, at Amity, 111. 
iv Chester Nicholson* Powell, b. Aug. 14, 1906, at Amity, 

451 David Hopkins* Parsons (William Higgins,^ Elisha,* 
Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 31, 1837, ^^ 
Vigo Co., Ind. ; m. Feb. 18, 1862, Sarah J. Dean, dau. of Joshua 
and Elizabeth (Hamilton) Dean, of Greenville, Ohio. He resides 
(1910) at Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children of David Hopkins* and Sarah J. (Dean) Parsons: 

552 i William F.,* b. Dec 18, 1862 ; m. Margaret Julian. 

ii Elizabeth,* b. Oct. 16, 1865; rn- Arthur Yeager, of 
Newman, 111. 
Frances,* b. Oct. 4, 1868 ; m. Fred A. Rogers. 
Margaret,* b. Sept. 4, 1871 ; m. W. E. Foster. 
Bird,* b. Mar. 16, 1876 ; m. Philip C. Williams. 
Sarah Ellen,* b. Nov. 6, 1880; m. W. C. Rogers. 

452 Mary* Parsons (William Higgins,^ Elisha,* Elijah,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 19, 1839, ^^^^ Paris, 
Edgar Co., 111.; married Apr. 3, 1862, at Terre Haute, Ind., John 
J., son of Jared and Mary (Saxton) Belt. He was born Apr. 2, 
1836, and died Sept. 15, 1897. She died Sept. 14, 1876. 







Digitized by 



Children of John J. and Mary^ (Parsons) Belt: 
i MoUie* Belt, d. in her fourth year. 
555 ii Emily A.* Belt, b. July 20, 1866; d. Nov. 22, 1907; m. 
Apr. 12, 1887, William Rogers. 
iii Frederick* Belt, died in infancy, 
iv Josephine* Belt, b. July 24, 1870; m. Oct. 10, 1894, 
John D., son of Jacob and Mattie Wafler, b. Feb. 19, 
1877, in Mon^omery, Davis Co., Ind. 

453 Margaret^ Parsons (William Higgins,^ Elisha/ Elijah,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct 22, 1840; m. Henry 
Sturm, of Dana, Ind., where, a widow, she resides and where her 
children reside. 

Children of Henry and Margaret* (Parsons) Sturm : 

i George* Sturm. 

ii Mary' Sturm, m. Draper. 

iii John* Sturm, 

iv Edward* Sturm. 

V Hattie R.* Sturm, m. Brown. 

vi Fred* Sturm, 

vii Charles* Sturm. 

454 Dr. George Robins* Parsons (Rev. John Wesley,^ 
Elisha,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), son of John 
Wesley^ and Salinda (Stanfield) Parsons, b. July 2.T^ 1842, left 
fatherless at the age of twelve, and motherless at the age of six- 
teen. Early developed those manly qualities which made him the 
comfort of his mother, while she lived, and the pride of his broth- 
ers and sister. At the age of nineteen, at President Lincoln's first 
call for three years volunteers in the Civil War, he enlisted in Co. 
C, 25th Regt., 111. Vols. He was severely wounded at the battle 
of Missionary Ridge, from which he never fully recovered. 

He was thereafter educated at the school established by the 
State of Illinois for her soldiers at Fulton, and afterwards at the 
Hahneman Medical College at Chicago, and he practiced his pro- 
fession at Chebanse, III, until 1875, when ill health compelled him 
to seek a milder climate, and he removed to Kerrville, Tex,, 

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where his health was partially restored, so that he was able to 
continue the practice of his profession for a time. But in 1886 he 
engaged in other branches of business, and was for a time a mail 
and railroad contractor. 

He was a man of great energy and gave a hearty support to all 
public enterprises. Although a Republican in politics and a North- 
erner, and living in a Southern and Democratic community, he en- 
joyed the confidence of all and was for seven years Mayor of 
Kerrville, where he died, Nov. 2Ty 1893. 

The following extract from an obituary notice in a local paper 
indicates the sentiment and estimate of his fellow citizens: 

"Dr. Parsons was a man who stood high in the estimation of the 
people, was loved by a host of friends and respected by all. A 
man of high intelligence, ambitious and of penetrating mind. 
Identified with Kerrville from the first, he made her interest his 
interest, and ever stood among the leaders in all and every enter- 
prise calculated to advance the interests of the town. As Mayor, 
he virtually had oversight of our schools, in which behalf he was 
untiring in his efforts to secure their prosperity. In the death of 
Dr. G. R. Parsons, Kerrville has lost one of her most energetic 
builders, the country one of her best citizens, his wife a loving 
husband, and the children a doting father." 

He married at Joliet, 111., Oct. 14, 1870, Mary Adele, daughter 
of Remy and Lucy (Chobert) Calais, bom Jan. 10, 1845, ^^ Beaver 
Creek, Iroquois Co., 111. Her father was born Jan. i, 181 1, in 
the town of Thebaumeuil, France, and came to America in 1835, 
settling in Illinois in 1837. He died at Joliet, 111., Mar. 7, 1907. 

Her mother was bom in Cold Water, Mich., Sept. 4, 1826, and 
died at Joliet, Mar. 27, 1853. Her parents were married Nov. 4, 
1840, at Beaver Creek, 111. 

Children of Dr. George Robins* and Mary A. (Calais) 

Parsons : 
556 i Bert Calais,** b. July 15, 1872; m. June 26, 1902, Au- 
gusta Nimitz. 
ii Elmer Caton,* b. Jan. i, 1875, *^ Chebanse, Iroquois 
Co., 111.; was educated at the A. and M. College at 
College Station, Texas, graduating in 1893, as a 

Digitized by 



Civil Engineer, and worked on the Erie canal in 1894 
and had charge of bridge work in the Adirondacks, 
N. Y., in 1895-96, and returned to Texas in 1897 on 
account of ill health. He died at Kerrville, Feb. i, 
iii Ella Lavinnia,* b. Aug. 18, 1882, at Kerrville; i Feb. 

3» 1885- 
iv John Halsey,* b. May 12, 1886, at Kerrville. 

455 Elisha Stanfield^ Parsons (Rev. John Wesley,^ 
Elisha,* Elijah/ Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 20, 
1844, at the age of seventeen enlisted with his brother, George 
Robbins, in Co. C, 25th Regt., 111. Inft., and was in several battles 
of the Civil War and saw much service, through which his health 
became impaired. He m. (i) Oct. 19, 1865, Mary A. Anderson, 
of Danville, 111.; m. (2) Oct. 23, 1879, Samantha Catharine 
Hayes, of Homer, 111., and is now (1910) living at Mammoth 
Springs, Johnson Co., Ark. 

Children of Elisha Stanfield* and Mary A. (Aniwrson) 

Parsons : 
i George W.,® b. ; d. . 

ii Charles Emerson,* b. ; d. 

455 Rev. Nathaniel Emerson* Parsons (Rev. John Wes- 
ley,^ Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 
24, 1849, youngest child of John Wesley^ and Salinda (Stanfidd) 
Parsons, left an orphan at the age of nine, was adopted into the 
family of Abraham Yeazel, a prosperous farmer having no chil- 
dren, residing near Homer, 111., and whose wife, a woman of 
more than ordinary intelligence and Christian character, became 
strongly attached to the orphan boy, who returned her love in full 
measure. To her he ascribed more than to all others, whatever 
of success and usefulness he has had in life. 

In the spring of 1864 he enlisted in Co. K, 133d Regt., 111. 
Inft., and served to the end of the war. He was educated in the 
public schools of Homer, and the Northwestern University at 
Evanston, 111. He became a member of the M. E. Church at six- 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



teen, and a Sunday school superintendent and class kader. At 
seventeen he was licensed to exhort, and at eighteen to preach. 
He taught school in Illinois for several years, and in 1872 went 
to the Indian Territory as a missionary to the Chickasaw Nation, 
teaching school and preaching to the whites and Indians, and or- 
ganized a church and built the first house of worship in that 

In 1873 he joined the Indian Mission Conference of the M. E. 
Church, South. He married Oct. i, 1874, Qara J., daughter of 
Zimri B. and Mary Williams, of Homer, 111., an educated, refined 
and devout Christian woman, who had been a successful teacher. 
She entered heartily into his work among the Indians, for the 
next four years. 

The failure of his wife's health caused the giving up of this 
mission work and, in 1878, he removed to Kerrville, Tex., and for 
two years was Principal of the public school at that place. In 
1880 he returned to Homer, and in 1882 he joined the Columbia 
River Conference of the M. E. Church in Oregon, and the Terri- 
tories of Washington and Idaho, where his wife regained her 
health, and the next sixteen years were spent in laying the 
foundation of Christ's kingdom in that wonderful inland empire. 
The principal churches were Waitsburg, Sprague, Spokane and 
Pomeroy, in Washington, Moscow, in Idaho, and Milton, Oregon, 
and he was Presiding Elder of the Walla Walla and Spokane dis- 
tricts. In the meantime the fathers, Williams and Yeazel, had died, 
and the mothers had grown old and feeble, and in 1898 he was 
transferred back to the Illinois Conference, where he continued 
his active work in the ministry until 1906, when he took a super- 
numerary relation, that he might give his entire time to the loving 
care of his foster and adopted mother, now (1909) in her 97th 

Chile«en of Rev. Nathaniel Emerson® and Clara J. 
(Williams) Parsons: 
i Margaret Mary," b. July 12, 1878, at Kerrville, Tex. 
She is a graduate of the High School at Spokane, 
Wash., and the American College of Music, Chicago, 

Digitized by 



ii George Hester,* b. Feb. i6, 1880, at Kerrville, Tex. ; d. 
Mar. 10, 1880. 

iii Anna Pearl,* b. Dec. 16, 1883, near Sprague, Wash. She 
is a graduate nurse from the Chicago Baptist Hos- 
pital, and is now (1909) in the service of the Chi- 
cago Board of Health, having charge of the health 
' of the children in several of the public schools. 

iv Clara,* b. Aug. 24, 1885, at Waitsburg, Wash. ; was edu- 
cated in the Woman's Collie of Jacksonville, 111., 
and resides (1909) with her parents, in Homer, 111. 
v Wilbur Emerson,* b. Apr. 16, 1888, in Cheney, Wash. ; 
a graduate of the High School of Meredosia, 111., and 
now (1909) in his senior year at the Illinois Wes- 
leyan University, Bloomington, 111. 

vi John Ray,* b. July 16, 1890, in Spokane, Wash. ; now 
(1909) a freshman in Taylor University, Upland, 

vii Lorena,* b. Nov. 22, 1891, in Moscow, Idaho; now 
(1909) in the senior year in the Academy and in the 
CoU^e of Music of the University of Illinois, at 
Urbana, 111. 

457 Marietta C* Sasseen (Harriet Newell Parsons, 
Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. in 1848, in 
Terre Haute, Ind.; d. in 1884, in Kensington, 111. She m. Oct. 
19, 1871, Hector M. Sinclair, of Kankakee, 111. 

Children of Hector M. and Marietta C* (Sasseen) 
Sinclair : 
i Harriet A.* Sinclair, b. Aug. 25, 1874; m. Alvah Mil- 
ton Kerr, of Chicago, 111. (his 2d wife). He is an 
editor and magazine writer, 
ii Walter A.* Sinclair, b. Dec., 1881 ; m. in 1905, Enid, 
dau. of Alvah Milton Kerr, by his first wife. He is 
a journalist, residing in N. Y. City. They have one 
child, Elaine" Sinclair, b. Sept. 7, 1907. 

458 David Elliott* Sasseen (Harriet Newell* Parsons, 

Digitized by 



Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 13, 
1854, in Terre Haute, Ind. He m. Feb. 4, X891, Elizabeth, dau. of 
John and Catherine Connell, of Tiffin, Ohio. He was a journalist 
in Chicago, and later in New York City. He is now (1910) a 
theatrical manager, and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. His wife d. 
Mar. 9, 1901. 

Child of David Elliott* and Elizabeth (Connell) Sasseen : 
i Marjorie* Sasseen, b. Mar. 21, 1893. 

459 Charles Albert* Parsons (Elisha,^ Elisha,* Elijah,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 6, 1857.. In his youth 
he worked on his father's farm, and was educated at Kankakee, 

At twenty-five he left the farm and became a photographer, 
and is now (1911) in that profession at Danville, 111. He m. 
May 16, 1883, Sue A., dau. of John L. and Mary E. Steward, of 
Vermilion Co., 111. 

Chili«en of Charles Albert* and Sue A. (Steward) 
Parsons : 
i Harry S.,* b. Nov. 9, 1886, at Danville, 111. He was 
educated at the High School at Danville, graduating 
in 1905. He then learned stenography and typewrit- 
ing and is in the employ of the railroad at Danville. 
He m. Aug. 18, 1909, Eula, dau. of J. Edgar Bacon, 
of Danville, 111. 
ii Edward B.,* b. Oct. 21, 1893, at Danville, 111., where 
he is now (1911) a student in the High School. 

460 Charles Edward* Miller (Aaron John^ Miller, Theo- 
docia* Parsons, Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
May 2, 1849; ^' Oct. 9, 1874, Dora Isabella Bacon, b. Dec. 13, 

Children of Charles Edward* and Dora Isabella (Bacon) 

i Emma Isabella* Miller, b. Mar. 15, 1880. 
ii Aaron John* Miller, b. June i, 1883. 
iii Mary Hamilton* Miller, b. July 18, 1889. 

Digitized by 



461 Martha Angelia* Miller (Aaron John^ Miller, Theo- 
docia* Parsons, Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
July 2, 1857; ^' My 29, 1885, John Wall, b. Jan. 26, 1855. 

Children of John and Martha Angelia* (Miller) Wall: 
i Frederick John» Wall, b. Mar. 30, 1887. 
ii Ethel Frances^ Wall, b. Oct. 12, 1889. 
iii Harold Miller* Wall, b. Oct. 9, 1897. 

462 William Edwin* Miller (Aaron John^ Miller, Thco- 
docia* Parsons, Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Nov. 14, 1859; m. Apr., 1898, Sallie Elswick, b. Apr., 1871. 
Chili»en of William Edwin* and Sallie (Elswick) Miller: 

i Allen John* Miller, b. Feb. 22, 1899. 
ii Frances Esther* Miller, b. Dec. 21, 1900. 
iii Dorothy Elswick* Miller, b. Jan. 5, 1905. 

463 Clara Viola* Miller (Aaron John^ Miller, Theodocia* 
Parsons, Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 24, 
1863 ; m. Apr., 1897, Emory O. Allen, b. 1865. 

Child of Emory O. and Clara Viola* (Miller) Allen: 
i Esther Maude* Allen, b. Dec. 31, 1897. 

464 John Proctor* Gaylord (Jane Adelaide^ Miller, Theo- 
docia* Parsons, Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Mar. 16, 1846; m. Sept. 25, 1867, Mary Jane PoUet, b. Jan. 
5» 1849. 

Children of John Proctor* and Mary Jane (Pollet) 
Gaylord : 
i Mary Gordon Phillips® Gaylord, b. June 4, 1868; ni. 

Apr. II, 1894, Albert Collins Mowbray, 
ii Addie Louise* Gaylord, b. Nov. i, 1869; d. May 4, 

iii William Edward* Gaylord, b. Feb. 9, 1871 ; m. Apr. 28, 
1906, Grace Melva Crowell. They have a child, 
William Edward^® Gaylord, b. Oct. 19, 1908. 
iv Kathrine PoUitt* Gaylord, b. Oct. 21, 1874; d. July 13, 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Digitized by 



465 RoswELL Smith* Gaylord (Jane Adelaide^ Miller, Theo- 
doda* Parsons, Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Aug. 28, 1855 ; m. in 1874, Emma Prindle, b. June 24, 1857, and 
d. Mar. 25, 1909. 

Children of Roswell Smith* and Emma (Prindle) Gaylord: 
i Fannie Jane* Gaylord, b. Sept. 16, 1874. 
ii Anna* Gaylord, b. Dec. 26, 1877 ; d. in 1896. 
iii Joseph Arthur* Gaylord, b. June 24, 1879. 
iv Edith* Gaylord, b. July 26, 1882 ; d. in 1883. 
V Edward Stevens* Gaylord, b. Jan. 10, 1886 ; m. Apr. 29, 

1908, Fannie Elizabeth Wamock, b. July 5, 1886. 
vi Harry Earl* Gaylord, b. Feb. 21, 1888. 

466 Joseph Arthur* Gaylord (Jane Adelaide^ Miller, Theo- 
docia* Parsons, Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Oct. 26, 1857; m. Dec, 1903, Lilliam Kendall. 

Child of Joseph Arthur* and Lillian (Kendall) Gaylord: 
i Helen* Gaylord, b. in 1904. 

467 Victor Llewellyn* Parsons (Eli Graves,^ Portius F.,* 
Lieut. Eli,° Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 4, 1842; d. 
Jan. II, 1899, at Saginaw, Mich., son of EH Graves^ and Emeline 
(Parkhurst) Parsons. 

He was educated in the public schools of Oswego, and at the 
age of seventeen began sailing on the Great Lakes, rapidly ris- 
ing until he became first mate and master of the vessel, "Com- 
modore Foot," and later became engaged in the manufacture of 
slack barrel staves and heading, at Maple Mill, Salamanca, and 
Frewsburg, New York, and in 1874 formed a co-partnership with 
Frances Hood, at St. Charles, Saginaw County, Mich., under 
style of F. Hood & Co., which firm subsequently became one of 
the largest manufacturers of slack barrel cooperage stock in the 
country, operating mills at St. Charles, Oakley, Merrill and 
Wheeler, Mich. 

In 1886 he bought a large general store at St. Charles and 
shortly after bought a farm near that place, which was soon 
converted into one of the largest stock farms in Saginaw County. 

Digitized by 



During 1893 he removed to Saginaw, where he resided until his 

He held office in the school district, and in the Township of 
St. Charles, having been supervisor of the latter for several 

He married (i) Dec. 27, 1865, Helen Antoinette Passmore, at 
New Haven, N. Y., b. Sept. 27, 1847, ^md d. Apr. 10, 1869; m. (2) 
Frances P. Johnson, at Olean, N. Y., July 19, 1871. She resides 
at Binghampton, N. Y. 

Children of Victor Llewellyn^ and Helen A. (Passmore) 

Parsons : 

557 i Florence Adel,* b. Dec. 12, 1866, at New Haven, N. Y. ; 

m. May 25, 1887, Arthur E. Holt. 

558 ii Ernest Victor,* b. Dec. 17, 1868, at New Haven, N. Y. ; 

m. May 14, 1891, Florence Sovina Walker. 
Children of Victor Llewellyn* and Frances (Johnson) 

Parsons : 

559 iii Edward L.,* b. May 21, 1872, at Salamanca, N. Y.; m. 

Jan. 16, 1895, Winifred Maude Morey. 
iv Mabel M.,* b. Feb. 4, 1879, at St. Charles, Mich.; d. 
Apr. 8, 1879. 

560 V Blanch M.,* b. May 26, 1881, at St. Charles, Mich.; m. 

Jan. 4, 1906, James Alfred Spouse. 

468 Fortius Frank* Parsons (Eli Graves,^ Fortius F.,* 
Lieut. Eli,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 12, 1851, 
at Oswego, N. Y. He was educated in the public schools of Os- 
wego, and, early in life, engaged in business at Port Huron, 
Mich., and later in the stone and lumber business at St. Charles 
and other places in Michigan. He retired about 1905 to reside 
at or near Oswego, N. Y. He m. ( i) Dec. 25, 1871, Elnora Electa 
Hall, who d. June 10, 1878. He m. (2) Alice Hall, b. May 3, 
1858, and d. Nov. 25, 1894. 

Children of Fortius Frank* and Elnora Electa (Hall) 

Parsons : 

561 i George Avery,* b. July 27, 1873, at Scruba, N. Y. ; m. 

Mar. II, 1908, Amy Allen. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 


562 ii Alice Elnora/ b. Mar. 14, 1875 ; m. Oct. 28, 1903, Wil- 

liam C. Couniel. 
Children of Fortius Frank* and Alice (Hall) Farsons: 

563 iii Frances G.,* b. May 17, 1882 ; m. Dec. 17, 1902, George 

iv Clinton C,® b. May 12, 1884, at Port Huron, Mich. ; m. 

Oct. 30, 1909, MoUie Beatty, b. Dec. 22, 1888. 
V William H.,* b. Jan. 31, 1886. 
vi Herbert L.,» b. Aug. 28, 1888. 

469 Charles Fred* Farsons (Eli Graves/ Fortius F.,* 
Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), son of Eli Graves^ 
and Lucinda A. (Mack) Farsons, b. July 28, 1866, was educated 
in the public schools, and Commercial School at Oswego, and 
later at Buffalo, N. Y. At seventeen he was a salesman in the 
fruit and farm produce business in Oswego, and later as a travel- 
ing mercantile salesman, which he soon retired from and estab- 
lished himself as auctioneer of general merchandise, live stock, 
country produce, and real estate, in and about Oswego, and a 
dealer in horses and live stock generally. 

He is also the owner and manager of a large stock farm at New 
Haven, N. Y., and is well known as a very active and enterprising 
business man. He married May 12, 1892, at Farish, N. Y., 
Mertie Vcmella More, b. Aug. 10, 1869. They reside at New 
Haven, N. Y. 

Child of Charles Fred* and Mertie Vernella (More) 
Farsons : 
i Victor Llewellyn,* b. June 5, 1895; now receiving a 
common school and musical education. 

470* Charles Murray* McElroy (Helen M.'' Farsons, For- 
tius F.,' Lieut. Eli,^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), m. Feb. 
I, 1852, is a journalist at Minneapolis, Minn. He m. Sept. 2, 1885, 
Alice Rebecca FoUock, at Flattsmouth, Neb. 

Children of Charles Murray* and Alice R. (Follock) 

McElroy : 
i Hugh Murray* McElroy, b. June 2, 1886, at Fairfield, 

Digitized by 



ii Thomas Pollock* McElroy, b. Nov. 8, 1887, at Fairfield, 

iii Helen Louise* McElroy, b. Jan. 22, 1889, at Fairfidd, 

iv Mary Kerr* McElroy, b. June 5, 1891, at Fairfield, 

V Florence Palm* McElroy, b. Jan. 17, 1893, at Fairfield, 

vi Virginia Eleanor* McElroy, b. July 19, 1894, at Fair- 
field, Iowa. 

vii Charles Parsons* McElroy, b. July 29, 1896 ; d. July 30, 

viii Robert Hamilton* McElroy, b. Nov. i, 1898. 

471 Cornelia Howard* McElroy (Helen M.^ Parsons, For- 
tius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. in 
Muscatine Co., Iowa, Oct. 8, i860; m. Oct., 1884, Joel Fredcrica 
Farmer, at Fairfield, Iowa. She d. Mar. 27, 1899, at Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Children of Cornelia Howard* (McElroy) and Joel F. 

i Murray* Farmer, b. July 6, 1885, at Fairfield, Iowa; 

d. Jan., 1893. 
ii Lawrence* Farmer, b. Mar. 29, 1888, at Fairfield, Iowa, 
iii Helen* Farmer, b. Mar. 25, 1891, at Council Bluffs, 

iv Margaret* Farmer, b. Jan. 25, 1894, at Kansas City, Mo. 

472 Frank W.* Parsons (William D.,^ Fortius F.,* Lieut. 
Eli," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 19, 1858; m. 
May 5, 1880, Minnie Turril, dau. of Capt. W. S. and Mary 
(Mead) Turner, b. Sept. 23, i860, at Oswego, N. Y. Her par- 
ents were bom in Shoreham, Vt. He has from youth been en- 
gaged in railroad freight transportation, at Oswego, Baltimore, 
and Philadelphia, where he resides. 

Children of Frank W.* and Minnie T. (Turner) Parsons: 
i Gait Fayette,* b. May 29, 1881, at Oswego, N. Y.; was 

Digitized by 



Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



educated at Mass. Inst, of Technology as Electrical 

ii William Turner,® b. May 29, 1881, at Oswego, N. Y.; 
graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School, Bal- 
timore, Md., and is located in Baltimore, Md. 

iii Harold Mead,® b. May 12, 1885, at Oswego, N. Y. ; edu- 
cated at the University of Pennsylvania, as Electrical 

473 Charlotte Grace* Wilcox (Mary Gertrude' Parsons, 
Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Jan. 7, 1870; m. Nov. 23, 1891, John Moosbrugger. 

Children of Charlotte Grace* (Wilcox) and John Moos- 
brugger : 
i Charles J.* Moosbrugger, b. Nov. 29, 1893, at Oswego, 

N. Y. 
ii Florence John* Moosbrugger, b. Sept. 11, 1896, at Os- 
wego, N. Y. 
iii Frank Leon* Moosbrugger, b. Jan. 29, 1898, at Oswego, 
N. Y. 

474 Lewis Sydenham* Hayden (Edwin Parsons^ Hayden, 
Horace* Hayden, Abigail* Parsons, Moses,* Moses,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. Sept. II, 1833. He was educated at St. Timothy's Mili- 
tary School, Md. 

He m. Mar. 29, 1859, Kate Bull, dau. of Charles M. and Mary 

A. (Coles) Bull, of Detroit, Mich. He was for many years in 

the book business in Washington, D. C, but now (1911) retired. 

Chilmien of Lewis Sydenham* and Kate (Bull) Hayden : 

i Charles Edwin* Hayden, b. Mar. 16, i860; d. Oct., 

ii Howard* Hayden, b. Feb. 11, 1866; resides in Qeve- 
land, Ohio. 

475 Charles Leslie* Hayden (Edwin Parsons^ Hayden, 
Horace* Hayden, Abigail* Parsons, Moses,* Moses,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph^), b. July I, 183s, and was educated at St. Timothy's Military 

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School, Md. He m. Sept 2, 1857, Addie Eliza Smith, dau. of 
James and Mary (Adams) Smith. He was a soldier in the Civil 
War in the isth Regt., Penn. U. S. V., 1861-63, until discharged 
for disability. He has been for many years in the Philadelphia 
Water Department. 
Chili»en of Charles Leslie* and Addie Euza (Smith) 

i Charles Frank* Hayden, b. Oct. 25, 1858. 
ii Chester Morris* Hayden, b. Feb. 10, 1861. 
iii Howard* Hayden, b. Oct. 17, 1870. 
iv H. Sidney* Hayden, b. June 12, 1872. 

476 Rev. Horace Edwin* Hayden (Edwin Parsons^ Hay- 
dey, Horace* Hayden, Abigail* Parsons, Moses,* Moses,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Feb. 18, 1837, ^t Catonville, Baltimore Co., 
Md., and m. at Point Pleasant, West Va., Nov. 30, 1868, Kate 
Elizabeth Byers, dau. of John A. and Charlotte Mary (Davis) 
Byers, of Hancock, Md. He was educated at St. Timothy's Mili- 
tary Academy, Md., Kenyon College, Ohio, and the Vit^nia 
Theological Seminary, 1867. In 1859 he left college and engaged 
in teaching to finish his education, but when the Civil War be- 
gan, he entered the Confederate States Army, enlisting for one 
year, June i, 1861, in the Howard County Cavalry, at Leesburg, 
that company composed of his own associates splendidly equipped 
and trained. It was attached to the regiment of Col. Angus Mc- 
Donald until July 20, 1861, when it became Co. K of the First 
Va. Regt., under Col. J. E. B. Stuart, Col. Fitzhugh and C6L 
William E. Jones until in March, 1862, this r^;iment was re- 
organized, when with one-half his company he aided in forming 
the First Maryland Battalion of Cavalry, and re-enlisted for two 
years, from June i, 1862. He served in the field with his com- 
mand until after the second battle of Manassas, August, 1862, 
when, having had some knowledge of medicine, he was placed in 
charge of the wounded of his command at Buckland, Va. In 
Nov. he was relieved from this charge by the recovery of his 
comrades, and returned to his Co. for the Valley campaign. In 
the summer of 1863 he was appointed hospital steward in the 

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field and hospital and ordered to Richmond, where the rest of his 
service was performed in active duty in the defenses of the city. 
He was honorably discharged at the termination of his enlist- 
ment, July 6, 1864, but remained a volunteer in the Third Va. 
Infantry until E>ec. 31, 1864, when, finally discharged, he entered 
the Virginia Theological Seminary to prepare for ordination to 
the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 

He was ordained deacon, 1867, and priest in 1868. He was 
rector of Christ Church, Point Pleasant, diocese of Va., from 
1867 to 1873, and rector of St. John's Church, West Brownsville, 
diocese of Pittsburgh, 1873 to 1879, and assistant minister of St. 
Stephen's Church, Wilkes-Barrc, Pa., since Nov., 1879. 

He has been much interested in American history and geneal- 
ogy, having published quite a number of titles, especially a work 
of 800 pages, entitled **Virginia Genealogies." He is a life mem- 
ber of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society, filling at 
this time (1911) the office of Corresponding Secretary and 
Librarian, Historiographer and Curator, and has, since 1894, 
edited all its publications. He is also a member of many his- 
torical, scientific, patriotic, and other societies. 

Mrs. Hayden is descended from Dr. John Byers, of Delaware, 
who came to America from Scotland after the Revolutionary 
War, and her father, John A. Byers, was a prominent Civil 

Children of Rev. Horace Edwin^ and Kate Elizabeth 
(Byers) Hayden: 
i Mary Elizabeth® Hayden, b. Oct. 15, 1875, at Point 

Reasant; d. Dec. 26, 1899, at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
ii Horace Edwin® Hayden, Jr., b. Jan. 6, 1884, at Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa. He was educated at Harry Hillman 
Academy, Princeton University, A. B. 1905, Uni- 
versity of Va., M. A., Geology and Biology, 1910. 
He is a communicant of St. Stephen's Church, 
Wilkes, member of St. Andrew's Brotherhood, and 
of R. E. Lee Camp No. i, Richmond, Va., Sons of 
U. C. Veterans. He is instructor in Biology, Texas 
Agricultural and Mechanical College, College Sta- 
tion, Tex. 

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477 Mary Victoire Evans' Hayden (Edwin Parsons^ Hay- 
den, Horace* Hayden, Abigail* Parsons, Moses,* Moses,' Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Apr. 30, 1841 ; m. in 1865, William Reginald Mack- 

Children of Wiluam Reginald and Mary Victoire Evans* 
(Hayden) Mackrille: 
i Lucy Vaughan* Mackrille, b. June 11, 1866. 
ii Helen Hayden* Mackrille, b. Nov. 6, 1867; m. Henrr 

May, M. D., U. S. Navy, 
iii William Reginald* Mackrille, b. Aug. 25, 1869. 

478 George Henry* Parsons (Timothy Edwards,^ Noah,® 
Noah,' Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 13, 1830, at 
Truxton, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 29, 1863, at San Francisco, CaL, Annie 
Elizabeth Bunting, b. Apr. 30, 1843, 2tt Newburyport, Mass., dau. 
of Joseph and Margaret (Porter) Bunting, of San Francisco, 

Children of George Henry* and Annie Elizabeth (Bunt- 
ing) Parsons: 
i Joseph Henry,* b. Sept. 2, 1864, at San Francisco, Cal. 
ii Edward Bunting,* b. Dec. 19, 1865, at Santa Clara, CaL 

479 Augustus Belding* Parsons (Timothy EdwardsJ 
Noah,* Noah,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 29, 1835, 
in Du Paye Co., 111. He m. July 4, i860, at Chicago, 111., Har- 
riet Victory May Kent, dau. of Orange Bradford and Harriet 
(Dudley) Kent. 

Children of Augustus Belding* and Harriet V. M. (Kent) 
Parsons, all born in Santa Clara Co., Cal. : 
i Florence May,* b. Apr. 22, 1861. 
ii Agnes,* b. July 27, 1862. 
iii Theodore Edwards,* b. Nov. 14, 1863. 
iv Harriet,* b. Apr., 1865. 
V Qaribel,* b. Oct. 9, 1867. 
vi Myron Augustus,* b. Jan. 20, 1870. 

480 William Fred* Cady (William Dwight^ Cady, Junia* 

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Parsons, Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 26, 
1863; m. Mary Murphy. 
Children of William Fred* and Mary (Murphy) Cady: 
i Frances* Cady, b. Apr. 25, 1899. 
ii Minnie* Cady, b. Dec. 26, 1904. 
iii William Fred* Cady, b. Oct. 8, 1906. 

481 Henry Markell* Cady (Monroe Marsh^ Cady, Junia* 
Parsons, Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 8, 

1876, in Dubuque, Iowa. He m. Nov. 29, 1904, Hope Sennet, b. 
Sept. 25, 1885, at Manchester, Iowa. 

Child of Henry Markell* and Hope (Sennet) Cady: 
i Bonita Markell* Cady, b. Sept. 11, 1905, at Chicago, 111. 

482 JuNiA Parsons* Cady (Monroe Marsh^ Cady, Junia* 
Parsons, Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 29, 

1877. She m. Sept. 18, 1907, Reeve Conover, b. Dec. 31, 1882, 
at Dayton, Ohio. 

Children op Junia Parsons* (Cady) and Reeve Conover: 
i Elizabeth Reeve* Conover, b. Jan. 10, 1908, at Mineral 

Point, Wis. 
ii Marjorie Marsh* Conover, b. Aug. 23, 1910, at Mineral 
Point, Wis. 

483 Emily Edwards* Cady (Monroe Marsh^ Cady, Junia* 
Parsons, Gideon,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 29, 
1879. She m. June i, 1904, William Marcy Gratiot, b. Sept. 8, 
1877, in Washington Territory. 

Children of Emily Edwards* (Cady) and William Marcy 

Gratiot : 
i Kathryn Cady* Gratiot, b. June 22, 1906, at Mineral 

Point, Wis. 
ii John Hemstead* Gratiot, b. Nov. 17, 1907, at Mineral 

Point, Wis. 
iii William Parsons* Gratiot, b. May 23, 1909, at Mineral 
Point, Wis.; d. Jan. 30, 1910. 

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484 Margaret Parsons* Nichols (Rev. Gideon Parsons^ 
Nichols, Jerusha Kingsley* Parsons, Gideon,*^ Noah,* Noah,^ Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 30, 1875, at Milwaukee, Wis.; graduate 
A. B. Bryn Mawr, 1897; m. Aug. 31, 1904, William Hemans 
Smith, son of Rev. William Smith. 

Children of William Hemans and Margaret Parsons' 
(Nichols) Smith: 
i Delia Nichols** Smith, b. Aug. 10, 1905, at Binghamp- 

ton, N. Y. 
ii Margaret Hemans* Smith, b. May 14, 1907, at East 

Orange, N. J. 
iii William Shepard* Smith, b. Apr. 11, 1909, at East 
Orange, N. J. 

485 Clayton Smith* Parsons (Charles Theodore,^ Justin 
Smith,* Justus,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 27, 
1859, at Northampton, Mass.; m. Dec. 12, 1882, Nellie Earle, of 
Athol, Mass. 

Children of Clayton Smith* and Nellie (Earle) Parsons: 
i Ethel Earle,* b. Oct. 30, 1884. 
ii Robert,® b. Nov. 19, 1888. 
iii Earle,* b. Dec. 22, 1895. 

486 Hattie Louise* Parsons (Charles Theodore,^ Justin 
Smith,* Justus,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. July 9, 1863, 
at Northampton, Mass. ; m. Dr. George H. Wells, of Augusta, Ga. 
Children of Hattie L.* (Parsons) and Dr. George H. Wells: 

i Cora Louise* Wells, b. . 

ii Margarite* Wells, b. . 

iii Burt* Wells, b. . 

487 Cora Isabell* Parsons (Charles Theodore,' Justin 
Smith,* Justus,* Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Dec. 2, 1864; 
m. Apr. 27, 1885, Frederick Cunningham Atkins, of Hartford, 

Digitized by 



Children of Cora I.* (Parsons) and Frederick C. Atkins: 
1 Charles Theodore* Atkins, b. Mar. 6, 1886; d. Sept. 

19, 1891. 
li Ruth» Atkins, b. Oct. 28, 1897. 

488 Frank Sheppard* Parsons (Charles Theodore,^ Justin 
Smith,* Justus,*^ Noah,* Noah,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 12, 
1880; m. May 4, 1904, Mabel Cook. 

Chili»en of Frank Sheppard* and Mabel (Cook) 
Parsons : 
i Charles Hobart,® b. May 9, 1906. 
ii Ruth Wolcott,* b. Aug. 24, 1908. 

489 Arland Lewis* Darling (Dr. Lewis^ Darling, Lucy 
Mason* Parsons, Capt. Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph^), b. June 22. 1870; graduated from the Elmira, N. Y., 
Academy, 1888, and University of Buffalo, N. Y., class of 1892, 
degree of M. D., and has practiced medicine in Lawrenceville, Pa., 
ever since; m. Nov. 3, 1897, in Lawrenceville, Rue Bowman, b, 
in Emporium, Pa., July 29, 1869, dau. of Qarence and Eliza 
(Qark) Lindsley, and granddau. of Abram Bradley Lindsley, of 
that place. She is directly descended from Col. Eleazer Lindsley, 
who was in Washington's staff, and to whom the town of Linds- 
ley, N. Y., was afterwards granted. 

Children of Arland L.* and Rue B. (Lindsley) Darling, 
all born in Lawrenceville, Pa.: 
i Marguerite Lindsley Darling (adopted), b. Feb. 3, 

1895, dau. of Mrs. Darling by a former marriage, 
ii Lewis Arland* Darling, b. Sept. 15, 1898. 
iii Carlos Mason* Darling, b. Dec. 12, 1899. 
iv Waldo Pomeroy* Darling, b. Jan. 31, 1909. 

490 Horace Mason* Darling (Thomas Valpeau^ Darling, 
Lucy Mason* Parsons, Capt. Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. 
John,* Joseph^), b. June 6, 1870, at Lawrenceville, Pa.; m. in 
Lidsley, Steuben Co., N. Y., Nov. 9, 1892, Katherine Hoagland, 
b. May 13, 1869, dau. of Richard Hoppock and Ann (Van 

Digitized by 



Doren) Kuhl. He is, and has been for years, a master mechanic 
in the U. S. Navy Yard, Washington, D. C. 

Children of Horace M.* and Katherine H. (Kuhl) 
Darling : 
i Elta Naomi* Darling, b. July 20, 1899, at Washington, 

D. C 
ii Horace Valpeau* Darling, b. Aug. 19, 1903, at Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

491 Edith Meta* Darung (Thomas Valpeau^ Darling, Lucy 
Mason* Parsons, Capt. Luke,' Samuel,* William,* Capt. John,* Jo- 
seph*), b, Jan. 26, 1872, at Lawrenceville, Pa., and m. there, Nov. 
4, 1890, Theodore Charles Huber, of the U. S. Navy, b. in St. 
Louis, Mo., Nov. 14, i860, son of Geon and Josephine (Weng) 

Child of Edith M.* (Darling) and Theodore C. Huber: 
i Josephine Marie* Huber, b. Feb. 15, 1898, at Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

492 Lucy D.* Darling (Thomas Valpeau' Darling, Lucy 
Mason* Parsons, Capt Luke,* Samuel,^ William,* Capt John,* 
Joseph^), b. July 27, 1874, at Lawrenceville, Pa.; m. at Wash- 
ington, D. C, Feb. 20, 1901, Asbury Rutledge, b. at New Free- 
dom, Pa., Mar. 4, 1869, son of Asbury Kinsley and Julia (Rut- 
ledge) Taylor. He is a contractor and lives in Washington, D. C 

Children of Lucy D.* (Darling) and Asbury R. Taylor, 
all bom in Washington, D. C. : 
i Valeda Marie* Taylor, b. Feb. 20, 1904; d. July 16, 

ii Qifford Anthony* Taylor, b. Jan. 29, 1906. 
iii Roland Rutledge* Taylor, b. Nov. 6, 1907. 

493 Lewis Edward* Darling (Thomas Valpeau^ Darling, 
Lucy Mason* Parsons, Capt. Luke,* Samuel,* William,* Capt. 
John,* Joseph^), b. June 11, 1884, in Canisteo, N. Y.; m. at 2641 
Webster Ave., Borough of Bronx, New York City, Oct. 2, 1907, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Damm, of New York City. They re- 

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side in Washington, D. C, where he is employed in the Navy 

Child of Lewis £.' and Euzabeth (Damm) Darling: 
i Eunice* Darling, b. July 6, 1908, at Lawrenceville, Pa. 

494 Evelyn* Colton (Lucy Parsons^ Gibson, Emeline Bar- 
ton* Parsons, Capt. Luke,* Samuel,* Lieut. William,* Capt. John,* 
Joseph*), b. July i, 1858, at Weathersiield, Conn. She m., Oct. 
25, 1882, Edward Piatt Hickox, of Toledo, Ohio, a graduate of 
Yale College, class of 1878, a manufacturer and lumber mer- 

Children of Evelyn* (Colton) and Edward P. Hickox: 
i Laura Colton* Hickox, b. Sept. 7, 1883. 
ii Lewis Grant^ Hickox, b. Nov. 19, 1884; d. May, 1886. 
iii Margery Gibson* Hickox, b. Nov. 18, 1886; m. in To- 
ledo, Ohio, Sept. 16, 1911, James Beebee Brinsmade. 
iv Marian Lucy* Hickox, b. Jan. 9, 1891. 

495 William M.* Parsons (William Riley,^ Isaac,* Aaron,* 
Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph*), b. June 11, 
1846, at Ley den, N. Y. ; d. at Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 24, 1908. 
He m. Mary (other name not known). 

Children of William M.* and Mary Parsons: 

i Fred,® b. ; resides at Toledo, Ohio. 

ii Bernard A.*, b. ; resides at Kansas City, Mo. 

496 Howard Hough* Parsons (William Riley,' Isaac,* 
Aaron,* Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^), b. 
June 24, 1849, At Cortland, N. Y. He m. at Marshall, Mich., 
Dec. 24, 1872, Aurora Montgomery Pratt, dau. of Charles B. 
and Emeline H. Pratt, and resides at Detroit, Mich. 

Children of Howard Hough* and Aurora Montgomery 
(Pratt) Parsons: 
i Charles Baxter,* b. Jan. 7, 1874 ; resides in Chicago, 111. 
ii Norval Montgomery,* b. Apr. 23, 1878; d. Feb. 22, 

1886, at Detroit, Mich, 
iii Caroline Eloise,* b. Sept. 18, 1882; d. Aug. 18, 1891, 
at New York City. 

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IV Bessie May.* b. May 23, 1884; d. Aug. i, 1884, at De- 
troit, Mich. 
V Sherman Pratt,* b. Aug. 28, 1890; d. May 13, 191 1, at 
Cambridge, Mass. 

vi Montgomery Howard,* b. Mar. 31, 1892; resides at De- 
troit, Mich. 

497 Isaac Brown* Parsons (William Riley,' Isaac,* Aaron,* 
Rev. Stephen,^ Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 30, 1859, 
at Deer River, N. Y. He m. at Saginaw, Mich., July 13. 1886, 
Elizabeth Gaylord, b. June 5, 1863, at Saginaw, dau. of Augus- 
tus S. and Emeline E. Gaylord. He resides at Hayward, Cal. 

Chiu>ren of Isaac Brown* and Elizabeth (Gaylord) 

Parsons : 
i Emeline,* b. Mar. 15, 1890, at Hayward, Cal. 
ii Helen,* b. Aug. 2, 1892, at Hayward, Cal. 
iii Alfred Braley,* b. Apr. 19, 1894, at Hayward, Cal. 

498 R. Trall* Whittlesey (Adeline^ Parsons, Isaac,' 
Aaron,' Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,' Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph*), b. June 
9, i860; m. Apr. 13, 1885, Elizabeth A. Thomas, and resides at 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children of R. Trall* and Elizabeth (Thomas) 

i Edna Adeline* Whittlesey, b. Apr. 28, 1887; d. Apr. 

21, 1908, at Los Angeles, Cal. 
ii Nana* Whittlesey, b. Nov. 18, 1889; resides at Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
iii Glenn* Whittlesey, b. Mar. 23, 1892; resides at Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

499 Aaron Allen* Parsons (Aaron A.,^ Isaac,* Aaron,'* 
Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 22, 
1868, at Saginaw, Mich. He m. at Chicago, 111., Sept. 30, 1899, 
Jessie Meredith Davis, b. Jan. 20, 1876, dau. of John Meredith 
and Harriet Davis, and resides at Memphis, Tenn. 

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eighth generation 393 

Children of Aaron Allen* and Jessie Meredith (Davies) 

Parsons : 
i Allen Davies,* b. Sept. lo, 1901, at Chicago, 111. 
ii Mildred,* b. July 4, 1904, at Chicago, 111. 

500 Newell Barnard* Parsons (Aaron A.' Isaac,* Aaron,* 
Rev. Stephen,* Aaron,* Lieut. Samuel,* Joseph^ ), b. Mar. 19, 
1870, at Saginaw, Mich. He m., at Jackson, Mich., Jan. 2, 1901, 
Isabel Jeanette Schrettcr, b. Oct. 9, 1873, stt Jackson, Mich., dau. 
of James A. and Constance Mousset Schretter. They reside at 
Chicago, 111. 

Children of Newell Barnard* and Isabel Jeanette 
(Schretter) Parsons: 
i Constance,* b. Oct. 24, 1901, in Chicago, 111. 
ii Newell Barnard,* Jr., b. Jan. 22, 1903, in Chicago, 111. 
iii Mary,* b. Dec. 14, 1907, in Chicago, 111. 

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501 Franklin Thomas^ Parsons (Samuel Lougee,® Thom- 
as,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph^), b. June 27, 1832. He m. Nov. 5, 1855, Emma Thurston 
Fales, b. June 19, 1838, at Troy, N. Y., dau. of Charles and Bet- 
sey (Smith) Fales. He was cashier of the National State Bank 
of Burlington, Iowa, and a lumber dealer. He resided at Norway 
and Parsonsfield, Me., and N. Y. City in 1852, and later at Bur- 
lington, Iowa. He d. at Omaha, Neb., Oct. 29, 1908. 

Children of Franklin Thomas® and Emma T. (Fales) 

all b. at Burlington, Iowa: 

564 i Edward Lougte,^^ b. May 9, 1858 ; m. Carrie Ambrose, 

May 5, 1903. 
ii Emma Frances,*"^ b. July 20, 1859 ; m. Henry W. Pratt, 

Apr. 16, 1903. 
iii Herbert A. Andrew,^^ b. July 27, 1861 ; d. Mar. 14, 


565 iv Arthur Newell,*** b. Jan. 29, 1863; m. Helen Temple 

Oct. 6, 1886. 

566 V Frank Manning,*® b. Nov. 18, 1865; "^- Josephine 

Hutchinson, Sept. 16, 1891. 
vi Lewis,*® b. Jan. 7, 1869 ; d. Sept. 14, 1870. 
vii Carrie Adele,*® b. Aug. 2, 1871 ; m. M. E. Parentau, 

June 2y, 1892, and removed to Chicago, 
viii Ada May,*® b. Sept. 25, 1874; m. George Bitterville, 

Aug. 21, 1897. H^ resided at Hartford, Conn. He 

d. Nov., 1897, and she moved to Chicago, 111. 

567 ix Prentice Warren,*® b. Jan. 8, 1878; m, July 20, 1901. 

Jessie Houston Walker. 

502 Newell Samuel® Parsons (Samuel Lougee,^ Thomas,' 
Thomas,® Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Jo- 


Digitized by 



seph*), b. Apr. 2, 1837; d. at Ottumwa, Iowa. He m. Apr. 2, 
1862, at Burlington, Iowa, Abbie W. Marden. 
Children of Newell Samuel* and Abbie W. (Marden).. 

all b. at Burlington, Iowa: 
i Clare May,*^ b. Dec. 13, 1862. 
ii Hattie," b. Mar. 25, 1865. 
iii Chester Warren,*® b. Jan. 27, 1869. 
iv Olive," b. Sept. 15, 1871. 

V Ruth,*® b. June 7, 1875. 

503 Albert Weare* Parsons (Weare Drake,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,* Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Dec. 5, 1828, at Parsonsfield, Me. He m. at Toolsboro, Iowa, 
Mar. 4, 1857, Cornelia Hooker Trask, b. at Farmington, Conn., 
dau. of Jared Hooker and Frances (Hills) Trask. 

Children of Albert Weare* and Cornelia H. (Trask) 

Parsons : 

1 Corine,** b. Aug. 9, 1858, at Toolsboro, Iowa. 

ii Susie,** b. Oct. 27, i860, at Burlington, Iowa. 

iii Hugh,** b. Aug. 20, 1862, at Burlington, Iowa. 

iv Weare,** b. July 20, 1864, at Burlington, Iowa. 

504 Joseph Arthur* Parsons (William Addison,* Joseph/ 
William,* William,* Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Dec. 9, 1871. He m. Alice Preble. 

Children of Joseph Arthur* and Alice (Preble) Parsons: 

i Edwin,** b. Sept. 14, 1895. 

ii Joseph,** b. Jan. 30, 1898. 

iii Margery Pepperell,**, b. Dec, 14, 1899. 

iv William, ** b. Feb. 9, 1903. 

V Frank Preble,** b. Nov. 9, 1905. 
vi Alice Rogers,** b. Sept. 19, 1907. 

505 Edmund Parsons* Marsh (Harriet Emeline* Parsons, 
Edmund,^ Asahel,* Asahel,* John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Dec. 17, 1867; m. Apr. 8, 1896, Minnie, dau. of 

Digitized by 



Major H. M. Brewster, of Springfield, Mass. He is a graduate 
of the Massachusetts School of Technology at Boston. 
Children of Edmund P.* and Minnie (Brewster) Marsh : 
i Brewster*® Marsh, b. Dec. 29, 1896. 
ii Edmund Parsons*® Marsh, b. Jan. 23, 1906. 

506 Enos Montague* Marsh (Harriet Emeline* Parsons, 
Edmund,^ Asahel,* Asahel,' John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Feb. 2, 1876; m. July 12, 1905, Lottie, dau. of Wil- 
liam E. Messenger, of Becket, Mass., and they reside at West- 
field, Mass. 

Children of Enos M.* and Lottie (Messenger) Marsh: 
i Elizabeth Messenger *^ Marsh, b. June 4, 1906. 
ii Hazel Montague*® Marsh, b. Sept. 23, 1909. 

507 Sue* West (Ida Maria* Parsons, Benjamin Franklin,^ 
Levi,* Asahel,' John,* John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 6, 1879; 
m. Oct. 25, 1905, at St. Louis, Mo., Milton Hopkins, a lawyer of 
New York City. 

Children of Sue* (West) and Milton Hopkins: 

i Milton *® Hopkins, Jr., b. Sept. 12, 1906. 

ii Mary " Hopkins, b. Mar. 11, 1908. 

iii Vincent West" Hopkins, b. Oct 21, 1909. 

508 Grace Elizabeth* Tenney (Ann Elizabeth* Parsons, 
Benjamin Franklin,^ Levi,* Asahel,* John,* John,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Dec. 31, 1876; m. Sept. 6, 1905, Benjamin J. Olsen. 
They reside at Red Oak, Iowa. 

Children of Grace Elizabeth* (Tenney) and Benjamin J. 

Olsen : 
i Helen Elizabeth " Olsen, b. Aug., 1907; d. Sept., 1907. 
ii Marian Tenney^® Olsen, b. Apr. 3, 1910. 

509 Henry Arthur* Phelps (Flora J.' Parsons, Lucius 
Pomcroy,^ David,* David,' John,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. May 10, 1875; m. Qara Chapin. 

Digitized by 


400 the parsons family 

Children of Henry Arthur* and Clara (Chapin) Phelps: 
i Henry A.^® Phelps, b. Apr. 6, 1904. 
ii Alice Elizabeth^" Phelps, b. July 7, 1905. 
iii Katherine" Phelps, b. Sept. 17, 1907. 
iv Marion*® Phelps, b. Oct. 27, 1910. 

510 Charles Henry* Parsons (David Hunt,* George,' Seth,* 
Moses,' Moses,* Lieut. John," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 8, 1846, 
at Saranac; d. Jan. 2, 1895, at Biloxi, Miss.; m. June 22, 1869, 
Jenett Viola, dau of Hope Washburn and Julia (Hunter) 

Children of Charles H." and Jenett V. (Thomas) Parsons: 
i Ida Louise,*" b. Aug. 4, 1870. 
ii Ruby,*® b. in 1883 ; d. in infancy, 
iii Ruth,**» b. Oct. 15, 1885. 

511 George' Parsons (David Hunt,* George,' Seth,* Moses,* 
Moses,* Lieut. John," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Oct. 17, 1855; was in 
the lumber business with his father prior to 1887, when he was 
foreman in river driving until 1893, when he was appointed Dept. 
Collector of Customs for the Plattsburg Dist. After his father s 
death he resigned from the customs service and returned to the 
lumber and wood pulp interests. He held various public offices, 
was supervisor of the city of Plattsburg and Chairman of the 
Board of Public Works ; is a Democrat in politics and a promi- 
nent Mason. He m. Addie E., b. June 29, 1856, dau. of Capt. 
John S. and Evaline E. (Barnes) Stone. 

Children of George® and Addie E. (Stone) Parsons: 
i Orrel Hunt,*® b. Oct. 18, 1877 ; d. in infancy, 
ii George Russell,*® b. Nov. 5, 1878; is in the clothing 
business; m. Apr. 23, 1905, Sadie E. Leonard, b. 
Apr. 14, 1880. They have a child, Ruth Elizabeth,** 
b. in Albany, N. Y., Apr. 26, 1906. 
iii Earl Stone,*® b. Aug. 30, 1880 ; d. Mar. 20, 1899. 
iv Edgar Elsworth,*® b. Jan. 20, 1882 ; d. Mar. 9, 1882. 

512 James Barnes* Parsons (David Hunt,* CJeorge,' Seth,* 

Digitized by 



Moses,' Moses/ Lieut. John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. May 17, 1857; 
m. June 15, 1881, Hattie F. Jackson. He resides on the old home- 
stead at Saranac, where his grandfather settled when he came 
from Northampton in 1823, and which has been in the family ever 
since. He is a merchant, farmer and lumber manufacturer, and 
a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, past Noble 

Children of James B.* and Hattie F. (Jackson) Parsons: 
i Ethel," 

ii David." 

iii Moss,^** 

iv Myra.*** 

513 Susie Parsons' Bo wen (Susan Harriet* Parsons, 
George/ Seth,® Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Feb. 6, 1853; m. Feb. 14, 1872, Henry C. Jilson, b. Oct. 4, 1848. 
Children of Susie Parsons* (Bowen) and Henry C. Jilson: 

i Frank Bowen^^ Jilson, b. Sept. 15, 1873; m. Aug. 
9, 1905, Gertrude B. Hunter. They have a child, 
Ruth Bowen" Jilson, b. May 10, 1910. 

ii Bessie Lx)uise^" Jilson, b. May 20, 1875; d. July 21, 

514 Lance Maurice* Parsons (Wales,* George,^ Seth,* 
Moses,^ Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Apr. 6, 1879; 
m. Sept. 23, 1902, Bertha Neale, only dau. of Enos Durham Wil- 
cox and Katherine Martha (Van Buren) Neale, of Greenwich, 
Washington Co., N. Y. By occupation he is a bookkeeper and 
accountant, and since 1907, State Comptroller's Clerk at Clinton 
Prison, Danemora, N. Y. He is a member of Plattsburg Lodge, 
F. & A. M., No. 829, Plattsburg Chapter, No. 39, and De Soto 
Commandery, No. 49. 

Child of Lance Maurice* and Bertha (Neale) Parsons: 
i Neale Ernest,^* b. July 13, 1907. 

515 William Gustavus* Starkweather (Mary Louisa* 
Parsons, William Fiske,* William,* Silas,* Benjamin,* Ebenezer,* 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. in 1869; m. in 1895, Helen Burr. 


Digitized by 


402 the parsons family 

Children of William Gustavus* and Helen (Burr) 
Starkweather : 
i Elizabeth^^^ Starkweatho*, b. in 1896. 
ii John B.*^ Starkweather, b. in 1899. 

516 Susan L.* Parsons (William Eggleston,* Levi E^les- 
ton,^ William,* Rev. Silas,* Benjamin,* Ebcnezer,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. July I, 1880; m. Jan. 30, 1902, Bruno Wyers. 

Children of Susan L.* (Parsons) and Bruno Wyers: 
i Susan** Wyers, b. Nov. 10, 1902. 
ii Pamelia" Wyers, b. Apr. 23, 1905. 

517 Sylvester P.* Johnson (Mary Gertrude* Parsons, Syl- 
vester Gould,* Sylvester Gould,* Oliver,' Nathan,* Rev. David,* 
Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Dec. 8, 1875; *"• ^^8^- 9> ^899* Frances 
Geyer, dau. of David L. Gcyer, late Receiver of the Land Office 
at Roswell, N. M. He is a merchant and in the real estate and 
insurance business. 

Child of Sylvester P.* and Frances (Geyer) Johnson : 
i Sylvester P.** Johnson, Jr., b. July 14, 1900. 

518 Roy Henry* Parsons (James Cyrus,* Edward,' Rev. 
Levi,* Israel,* Jacob,* Josiah,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 7, 1875, 
at Grand Blanc, Mich. He is a civil engineer by profession and, 
for the past nine years, has been Assistant Engineer for the dty 
of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where he resides. He m. June 21, 
1905, in Ottawa, Isabel Elizabeth Bell, dau. of Dr. and Mrs. W. 
R. Bell, of Ottawa, Canada. 

Children of Roy Henry* and Isabel Elizabeth (Bell) 

Parsons : 
i Jessie Ferrester Morrison,** b. Apr. 30, 1906. 
ii James Edward,** b. Aug. 23, 1907. 
iii Sophia Louisa Lahring,** b. Feb. 7, 1909. 
iv Anne Grayson,** b. July 18, 1910. 

519 Albert Ross* Parsons (John Jehiel,* Aaron/ Aaron,* 
Aaron,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept 16, 1847, a^ 

Digitized by 



Sandusky, Ohio. He is a noted musician and composer of mu- 
sic, and is the author of the Synthetic method on the piano. He 
is a noted historian and archeoIogist» and the author and compiler, 
in conjunction with the late Henry M. Burt, of Springfield, Mass., 
of the "Parsons Family" and the life of Comet Joseph Parsons, 
published in 1898. He m. Apr. 23, 1874, Alice Eva, dau. of Cor- 
nelius Henry and Deborah Schuyler (Burt) Van Ness, of New 
York City. 

Children of Albert Ross» and Alice Eva (Van Ness) 
Parsons : 

i Herbert Specer,^® b. Mar. 16, 1876, in New York City. 

ii Viola Schuyler,^^ b. Dec. 31, 1878, in New York City. 

iii Argyle Ross,'® b. Sept. i, 1880, at Prattsville, N. Y. 

iv Ethel Thome,'® b. May 16, 1885, at New York City. 

V Richard Percival," b. Dec. 16, 1886, at New York City. 

520 Kathryn* Barr Staley (Erastus Herman* Staley, 
Katharine^ Parsons, Erastus,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Feb. 23, 1866, at Frankfort, Ind. She was educated 
at De Pauw University, Ind., and later in vocal music, English 
and eloaition in Boston and New York. She made a New York 
debut as a singer, reader and special teacher, in 1890, and con- 
tinued in public concerts and recitals in the East, South and West 
until her marriage. In 1895-6, she gave a series of musical en- 
tertainments and dramatic readings in various parts of the coun- 
try, which called forth enviable tributes of praise from individuals 
and the press generally. 

She has also been, and still is, a writer for magazines and news- 
papers. She m. Aug. 3, 1905, at Dayton, Ind., Warren W. 
Searles, ranchman and real estate dealer. 

Child of Warren W. and Kathryn Barr* (Staley) Searles: 
i Warren W.^® Searles, Jr., b. Oct. 11, 1906, at Detroit, 

521 James Herman® Staley (Erastus Herman' Staley^ 
Katharine^ Parsons, Erastus,' Elijah,* Aaron/ Daniel," Joseph,'^ 
Joseph^), b. July 5, 1867, at Frankfort, Ind. He was educated at 

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the Frankfort High School and the Oxford, Md., Military Acad- 
emy and was associated with his father in the publication of the 
Daily Crescent at Frankfort, as city editor, until 1891. Since 
1905 he has been a railway official, connected with the T., St. L. 
& K. C. R. R. at Frankfort. He m. Apr. 16, 1890, Carrie Baker 
Carter, dau. of Maj. A. J. and Mary Frances Carter, of Frank- 
fort, Ind. 
Children of James Herman* and Carrie Baker (Carter) 

Staley : 
i Erastus Herman*® Staley, b. Apr. 29, 1895. 
ii Mary Carter** Staley, b. Jan. 24, 1905. 

522 Eugene* Staley Gaskill (Catharine Ellen* Staley, 
Katharine^ Parsons, Erastus,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* 
Joseph*), b. Oct. 10, 1868, near Frankfort, Ind.; was educated 
at the Frankfort schools and Purdue University in the Electrical 
Engineering Course, and is an electrical engineer in the employ 
of the Penn. R. R. at Pittsburgh, Pa. He m. Apr. 10, 1907, 
Margaret Jean Crumley, b. May 10, 1870, in Pittsburgh, Pa., dau. 
of James and Isabella Crumley. 

Child of Eugene Staley* and Margaret Jean (Crumley) 

Gaskill : 
i Eugene Stuart** Gaskill, b. Feb. 29, 1908. 

523 James William* Fowler (Marietta* Staley, Katharine' 
Parsons, Erastus,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. June 5, 1872, in Clinton Co., Ind. ; m. Sept. 22, 1895, at luka, 
Kan., Nettie Tregellas, b. June 27, 1877, at Beargap, Pa. Since 
1900 they have resided at Wichita, Kan. 

Children of James William* and Nettie (Tregellas) 

Fowler : 
i Raymond George^* Fowler, b. Sept. 11, 1896. 
ii Doris Ruth** Fowler, b. Nov. 30, 1898. 
iii Marietta** Fowler, b. July 30, 1901. 
iv Earnest** Fowler, b. Feb. 23, 1904. 
V Clark ** Fowler, b. Sept. 6, 1906. 
vi Qara Ellen** Fowler, b. June 21, 1910. 

Digitized by 



524 Ellen Dale* Fowler (Marietta* Staley, Katharine'^ Par- 
sons, Erastus,® Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Oct. 22, 1874, in Clinton, Co., Ind. ; m., Oct 15, 1890, at luka, 
Kan., Willis Bass, b. Mar. 9, i860, in Mahaska Co., Iowa. They 
moved to Frankfort, Ind., in 1898, where he is employed in the 
office of the Morning Times. 

Children of Willis and Ellen Dale" (Fowler) Bass: 
i Golda Marietta*® Bass, b. Nov. 11, 1892. 
ii William Donald" Bass, b. Aug. 3, 1898. 
iii Mary Ellen*® Bass, b. July 3, 1904. 

525 George A.* Parsons (Augustus,® Peter,^ Elijah," Elijah,' 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 18, 1868; is a farmer 
by occupation ; was elected Justice of the Peace, 1895, on the re- 
tirement of his fatlier from the office for age, and has held the 
office by re-election to the present time (1910). He is Secretary 
and Treasurer, since April, 1907, of the Sharon Seward and Car- 
lisle Co-operative Ins. Co. He married. Mar. 6, 1894, Emma, 
dau. of Peter and Eliza (Lathers) Gordon, at Sloansville, N. Y. 

Children of George A.' and Emma (Gordon) Parsons: 
i Seth G.,^^ bom at Sharon, Dec. 3, 1894. 
ii Julius E.," b. at Sharon, Mar. i, 1897. 
iii Bemice M.,*® b. at Sharon, Sept. 24, 1900. 
iv Leland A.,^® b. at Sharon Sept. 26, 1906. 

526 Angelique* Parsons (Augustus,* Peter,^ Elijah," Eli- 
jah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Nov. 15, 1869; m. 
June 29, 1892, William A., son of Augustus Kilmer, at Sharon, 
N. Y. 

Children of William A. and Angelique* (Parsons) Kilmer: 

i Beulah May" Kilmer, b. at Newburg, N. Y., May 15, 

ii Esther Juliette" Kihner, b. at Chicago, III, July i, 

iii William Augustus ^® Kilmer, b. at Bangor, Mich., Jan. 
12, 1900. 

Digitized by 



iv Ruth Angelique*** Kilmer, b. at Des Plaines, 111., July 

25, 1903- 
V Winnifred^® Kilmer, b. at Paw Paw, Mich., Apr. 20, 

527 Hannah Belle* Parsons (James A.,* Peter,^ Elijah," 
Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Oct. 6, 1866. She 
was educated in the Normal School at Oshkosh, Wis., and taught 
school a few years. She m. Jan. 23, 1898, Rev. David Robert 
Davies, at Aurora, Wis. He is pastor of the Baptist church at 
Cambellsport, Wis. 

Child of Hannah Belle* (Parsons) and Rev. David Robert 

Da VIES : 
i William James^® Davies, b. Aug. 10, 1899. 

528 Anna Hasseltine* Parsons (James A.,* Peter,' Elijah,' 
Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph," Joseph^), b. Mar. 14, 1869, at 
Berlin, Wis. She was educated in music at Ripon College, Wis., 
and taught (piano) music a few years. She m. Feb. 24, 1892, 
William Russel Simpson, who d. Oct. 13, 1901. 

ChildrexV of Anna Hasseltine® (Parsons) and William 
RussEL Simpson : 
i Laura May^® Simpson, b. Sept. 11, 1894, at Aurora, 

Wis. ' ' 
ii Wayland North*^ Simpson, b. Oct. 27, 1898, at Aurora, 

529 Elijah Willis® Parsons (James A.,* Peter,' Elijah,* 
Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,^ Joseph^ b. Mar. 8, 1871. He 
m. June 16, 1896, at Eureka, Wis., Agnes, dau. of Frederick and 
Mary Fries, of Eureka, Wis. 

Children of Elijah Willis* and Agnes (Fries) Parsons: 
i George,*^ b. Apr. i, 1897, at Aurora, Wis. 
ii Walter,^** b. Oct. 22, 1898, at Aurora, Wis. 
iii Irving,^** b. Oct. 23, 1901, at Aurora, Wis. 
iv Celeste,^® b. Apr. 23, 1904, at Aurora, Wis. 

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530 Rev. Frederick Francis* Parsons (Alexander,* Peter,^ 
Elijah,® Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Dec. 12, 
1872, at Aurora, Wis. He was educated in High School of Ber- 
lin, Wis., University of Wis., class 1897 (degree of B. L.), and 
in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, class of 1901, 
with the degree of B. D. He has held pastorates in the Baptist 
Church at Wild Rose, Wis., at Reedsburg, Wis., and is now 
(1909) pastor of the First Baptist Church of Sheboygan Falls, 
Wis. He married, Aug. 19, 1901, at Oshkosh, Wis., Katherine, 
daughter of John and Katherine (Jenkins) Miller. 

Children of Rev. Frederick Francis* and Katherine 
(Miller) Parsons: 
i Ralph Miller,^® b. May 26, 1903, at Wild Rose, Wis. 
ii Donald Foster,^® b. May 20, 1907, at Sheboygan Falls, 

531 Rev. Joseph Everett* Parsons (Alexander,* Peter,^ 
Elijah,® Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,'* Joseph^), son of Alex- 
ander,® was b. Jan. 19, 1874, at Aurora, Wis., a graduate of the 
Berlin High School and Maryland Academy, Wis. He was two 
years in Colgate College, N. Y., and later at Divinity School, 
Chicago University, and is now (1909) pastor of the First Bap- 
tist Church at Aberdeen, South Dakota. He married Dec. 6, 
1905, at Chicago, 111., Laura S. Minnich. 

Child of Rev. Joseph Everett** and Laura S. (Minnich) 

Parsons : 
i Lucile,^^ b. at Green Bay, Wis., Oct. 13, 1906. 

532 Benjamin Franklin* Parsons (Alexander,® Peter,^ Eli- 
jah,* Elijah,^ Aaron,* Daniel,^ Joseph,* Joseph^), b. June 24, 1875, 
at Aurora, Wis., son of Alexander,* was educated at the Berlin, 
Wis., High School, class 1893, Oshkosh Business College; has 
been town clerk of the town of Aurora, Wis., and is a farmer on 
the old homestead; married Apr. 23, 1903, at Eureka, Wis., An- 
^eline Minerva, daughter of Henry and Kate (Clark) Ellis, of 

Digitized by 


406 the parsons family 

Child of Benjamin Franbclin* and Angeline Minerva 
(Elus) Parsons: 
i Kathryn Bemice,^® b. June 3, 1909, at Berlin, Wis. 

533 John H.* Hudnutt (Mary Jane* Parsons, Henry,' Eli- 
jah,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Aug. 29, 1854, 
in Osage Co., Mo. He m. Oct. 20, 1877, Anna Makewson. 

Children of John H.* and Anna (Makewson) Hudnutt: 
i Luella^® Hudnutt, b. Sept. 17, 1878. 
ii Frankie^® Hudnutt, b. Feb. 7, i88x. 
iii Jessie^® Hudnutt, b. Mar. 2, 1883. 
iv Edith^** Hudnutt, b. Aug. 16, 1886; d. June 16, 1889. 

534 James* Lowry (Julia A.® Parsons, Henry," Elijah,* Eli- 
jah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 28, 1871 ; m. (i) 
Flora Reisig, Oct. 12, 1891, who d. Oct. 11, 1894, leaving one 
child; m. (2) Martha Syler, Sept. 20, 1899. 

Child of James* and Flora (Reisig) Lowry: 
i Ruth*^ Lowry, b. July 12, 1893. 
Child of James* and Martha (Syler) Lowry: 
ii Bemadine" Lowry, b. Dec. 9, 1901. 

535 Edna* Corbin (Julia A.* Parsons, Henry,^ Elijah,* Eli- 
jah,'^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. i8, 1881 ; m. 
Apr. 28, 1904, Ned S. Fowler. 

Child of Edna* (Corbin) and Ned S. Fowler: 
i William Corbin*® Fowler, b. June 20, 1909. 

536 Rev. Henry* Topping (Mary* Parsons, James/ Elijah,* 
Elijah," Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. July 26, 1857, at 
Delton, Wis. ; was educated at Rochester, N. Y., University and 
Theological Seminary and at the Divinity School, Chicago Uni- 
versity; A. B. and A. M. from Rochester University, and B. D. 
from Chicago University; taught Latin and Greek at Benedict 
College, Columbia, S. C, 1892 to 1895 J appointee of Am. Baptist 
Missionary Union 1895; teacher in Duncan Academy, Tokyo, 
Japan, 1895 to 1906; in charge of Evangelistic District, Morioica, 

Digitized by 



Japan, since 1906; married, July 18, 1888, Genevieve, daughter of 
Asa and Helen (Smith) Faville, who were married, 1861, at 
Brockett's Bridge (now Dolgeville), Herkimer Co., N. Y., and 
later moved to Lake Mills, Wis. Helen Smith was b. 1837, 
daughter of John Smith, of Dolgeville, N. Y. Genevieve Faville 
was educated at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis.; B. S., 
i88s;M. S., 1888. 

Children of Rev. Henry* and Genevieve (Faville) Topping: 

i Helen^^ Topping, b. Apr. 12, 1889; educated at Francis 

W. Parker School, Chicago, and Shepardson College, 

Granville, Ohio, and Teacher's College, Columbia 

University, N. Y. City. 

ii Willard F.^® Topping, b. Apr. 5, 1899, at Tokyo, Japan. 

537 Wandell* Topping (Mary® Parsons, James,^ Elijah,* 
Elijah,*^ Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Apr. 19, 1863, at 
Delavan, Wis.; was educated at Wayland Academy at Beaver 
Dam, Wis., and at the University of Chicago; was engaged in 
the mercieintile business at Delavan, Wis., about ten years; in 
1896 established a real estate business in Chicago; married, July 
4, 1888, Mary Susan, daughter of Avery A. and Caroline M. 
Hoyt, at Sunny Side farm. Honey Creek, Walworth Co., Wis. 
was born Aug. 2, 1864 ; was educated at Racine, Wis., and Wis- 
consin University at Madison, and later at Chicago Normal for 
Kindergarten Director. She has taught in grade schools at 
Spring Prairie and Delavan, Wis., and as Kindergarten Director 
and Librarian in the Chicago Normal, and the Francis W. Parker 

Child of Wandell* and Mary Susan (Hoyt) Topping: 
i Caroline Beatrice^® Topping, b. Aug. 8, 1889; educated 
in the Chicago Normal, and the Francis W. Parker 
School, Chicago, 111., and at Vassar College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., class of 1910. 

538 Louis Fairman* Parsons (Albert,* James,^ Elijah,* Eli- 
jah,' Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph," Joseph*), b. July 5, 1868, at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. He married Apr. 12, 1893, Harriet Blanchard, dau. 

Digitized by 



of Joseph Orlando and Ann Eliza (Strong) Johnson. He now 
( 191 1 ) resides in Los Angeles, Cal., and is manager and chairman 
of the Los Angeles Qearing House and Stock Exchange. He 
formerly resided in Denver and Cripple Creek, Colo., where he 
was well and favorably known in financial circles as the manager 
of the Stock Exchange and Clearing House in both places. Dur- 
ing the latter part of his residence in Cripple Creek, he was active 
in politics and, during the strenuous times of 1905-06, assisted in 
putting down the labor troubles inaugurated by the Miners' 
Union, and was Under Sheriff, being unanimously chosen to that 
position, when the other sheriff resigned during the heat of the 

539 Frank* Parsons (Albert,* James,^ Elijah,® Elijah,* 
Aaron,^ Daniel,* Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Aug. 4, 1877. He m. I>ec, 
^S> I9C>5» Marie Florence Pulis, b. Mar. 12, 1874, at Ramsey, 
N. J., dau. of Peter W. and Mary Alice (Drew) Pulis. Mr, 
Pulis was of Dutch descent, his ancestor having come from Hol- 
land the latter part of the i8th Century and settled in Bergen 
Co., N. J., near Mahwah. 

Children of Frank" and Marie Florence (Puus) Parsons: 
i Dorothy Drew,^® b. Sept. 11, 1907, in Newark, N. J. 
ii Alice Elizabeth,*^ b. May 7, 1909, in Newark, N. J. 

540 Agnes® Parsons (Henry,* James J Elijah,* Elijah/ 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 4, 1869, in N. Y. City. 
She was educated in the public schools of Brooklyn, the Rye 
Female Seminary, and the Normal College of N. Y. City. She 
m. ( I ) May 26, 1892, at Rye, N. Y., William S. Morgan. They 
had one child. She m. (2) July 12, 1910, Dr. Arthur C. Leslie, 
at Delavan, Wis. 

Child of Agnes® (Parsons) and William S. Morgan: 
i Dorothy^® Morgan, b. July 12, 1906. 

541 Henry Griscom* Parsons (Henry,* James,' Elijah,' Eli- 
jah,* Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Apr. 6, 1874, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He was educated at the Union Free Schools at 

Digitized by 



Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Rye and Portchester, N. Y., the Brier CMS Agricultural School, 
and Cornell University. 

Since 1906 he has been Instructor and Lecturer on School Gar- 
dens in the N. Y. University Summer School. He is Secretary, 
Lecturer and Practical Advisor of the International Children's 
School Farm League, with offices at No. 1133 Broadway, N. Y. 
City. He is author of "Children's Gardens for Pleasure, Health 
and Education," published in 1910, and has written several articles 
on kindred subjects, published in educational periodicals. 

542 Henrietta Grace** Parsons ( Henry ,^ James,^ Elijah,' 
Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph^), b. July 5, 1875, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. She was educated at the Union Free School, 
Rye, N. Y., the Rye Female Seminary and the Kraus Kinder- 
garten Training School, N. Y. City. After teaching in Kinder- 
gartens at Rye, New Rochelle and Syracuse, she took a two years' 
post-graduate course in the Teachers' College, Columbia Univer- 
sity, N. Y. City. Since then she has had charge of the Kinder- 
garten Training Dept. in the State Normal Schools at New 
Britain, Conn., and for three years at Mount Pleasant, Mich. In 
Sept., 1908, she published, through E. P. Dutton & Co., N. Y. 
City, "J^^Py Stories," founded on the Mother Goose Rhymes. 
In Oct., 1908, she visited England and Scotland, with many other 
American teachers and educators, to examine the educational 
methods in the English schools, and as part of a return visit 
which a similar party of English teachers and educators had 
made to the schools of this country, under the leadership of Mr. 
Arthur Moseley, of London, in 1907. Upon her return, she wrote 
an account of her visit to England, v/hich was published in the 
Feb., 1909, Bulletin, Mount Pleasant, Mich., and which was ex- 
tensively copied in other periodicals. In Dec, 1909, she was ap- 
pointed Assistant Superintendent of Schools at Brockton, Mass., 
and continued there until May, 191 1, when she resigned, and she 
visited England in May, June and July at the invitation of cer- 
tain English ladies, and in connection with the work of the Inter- 
national Children's School Farm League, to assist in starting 
school gardens in London, and to lecture on child education. In 

Digitized by 



May, 191 1 > she was appointed Supervisor of Kindergartens and 
Primary Schools in Denver, Colo. 

543 Bertha* Parsons (Henry,® James,^ Elijah,' Elijah,' 
Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Jan. 10, 1877, 2tt Brooklyn, 
N. Y. She was educated at the Rye Union Free School and the 
Rye Female Seminary. She m. Sept. 20, 1904, in New York City, 
Harold H. Bayliss, son of Benjamin H. and Ellen (Birdseye) 
Bayliss, of Brooklyn, N. Y. He was b. June 16, 1875, at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., and was educated in Brooklyn and N. Y. University. 
He was a member of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity. He is connected 
with the engineering branch of the Dept. of Water Supply, New 
York City. 

Children of Bertha* (Parsons) and Harold H. Bayliss: 
i Barbara Peale*® Bayliss, b. July 5, 1905, at Katonah, 

N. Y. 
ii William Bradford*® Bayliss, b. Aug. 11, 1906, at Ka- 
tonah, N. Y. 
iii Elizabeth Barrett*® Bayliss, b. Jan. 3, 1908, at Ka- 
tonah, N. Y. 

544 Howard Crosby* Parsons (Henry,* James,^ Elijah,* Eli- 
jah," Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 30, 1878, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He was educated at the Rye Union School and 
Mount Hermon, Mass. 

He m. Oct. 10, 1908, Edith Stevens, dau. of John Henry and 
Emily (HoflFman) Stevens, of N. Y. City. He is in the employ of 
the Pennsylvania R. R. Co., as Supervisor of its New York Sta- 
tion, at 7th and 8th Avenues. 
Child of Howard Crosby* and Edith (Stevens) Parsons: 
i Edith Gilman,*^ b. Apr. 3, 1912, in New York Qty; 
christened at Church of The Ascension, N. Y. City, 
by Rev. Percy Stickney Grant, D. D., Whitsunday, 
May 26, 1912. 

545 John* Parsons (Henry,* James,^ Elijah,* Elijah,* 
Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 4, 1882, at Brooklyn, 

Digitized by 



N. Y. ; was educated in the Rye Union Free School and at Blair 
Hall, Blairstown, N. Y. 

He m. Apr. 21, 1906, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Ella W. Woodruff, 
dau. of the late Dr. Arthur M. and Fanny (Wallace) Woodruff, 
formerly of Goshen, N. Y. He is in the mercantile business in 
New York City. 
Chijj>ren of John* and Ella W. (Woodruff) Parsons: 
i Ruth," b. Mar. 2, 1907, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
li Margaret," b. Apr. 11, 191 1, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

546 Maude* Parsons ( Henry,' James,'^ Elijah,* Elijah," 
Aaron,* Daniel," Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 30, 1883, at Rye, 
N. Y. She was educated at the Rye Union Free School and at 
Blair Hall, N. J., where she graduated, class of 1903. She has 
been Y. W. C. A. Secretary at Harlem, N. Y., Newton and Pas- 
saic, N. J. 

547 Paul* Robinson (Sarah® Parsons, James,^ Elijah,' Eli- 
jah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. at Ottawa, Kan., June 
2, 1872. He was educated at the public schools, Ottawa; m. (i) 
May I, 1894, Mary Summers, at Ottawa; divorced in 1899; m. 
(2) Feb. 3, 1904, Maude, dau. of George and Amanda C. Bolton, 
of Ottawa, Kan. He is an electrician. 

Child of Paul* and Mary (Summers) Robinson: 
i Helen Louise" Robinson, b. Feb. 14, 1895, at Ottawa, 

548 Capt. James Parsons* Robinson (Sarah* Parsons, 
James,^ Elijah," Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Dec. 19, 1876, at Ottawa, Kan., educated at Ottawa public schools 
and High School ; appointed to the U. S. Military Academy, West 
Point, N. Y., from Kansas, and entered June 15, 1896; graduated 
June 13, 1900; commissioned 2d Lieut, nth Regt. Inft. ; served 
with his Regt. in Porto Rico and the Philippines; was transferred 
to the Artillery Corps, and commissioned ist Lieut. July i, 1901, 
serving in Coast Artillery at Honolulu, and in Field Artillery at 
Fort Sheridan, 111., and Fort Myer, Va. He graduated from the 

Digitized by 



Artillery School at Fortress Monroe, Va., 1907, and was com- 
missioned Capt. in Coast Artillery Corps, Jan. 25, 1907, and has 
been stationed at Presidio, San Francisco, Cal., from Aug., 1907, 
to Dec., 1909, and since then at Fort Howard, Md., and Fort 
Hancock, N. J. He married at Washington, D. C, June 15, 
1910, Edna Aliens, daughter of the late Maj. Junius McMurray 
and Henrietta (Van Antwerp) McMurray, of Washington, D. C 
Child of Capt. James Parsons* and Edna Allens (McMur- 
ray) Robinson: 
i Sarah Parsons^^ Robinson, b. Sept. 15, 191 1, at Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

549 George L.* Marvin (Harriet Elizabeth* Parsons, Rev. 
George,^ Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Nov. 27, 1858, at Westford, N. Y. He m. Feb. 27, 1879, Minnie 
S., dau. of Lyman Peck and Ellen Frances (Plank) Ferguson, 
of East Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Children of George L.* and Minnie S. (Ferguson) Marvin : 
i Lyman Francis^^ Marvin, b. July 19, 1880, in East 
Springfield, N. Y. ; m. Mar. 3, 1909, Mazella Fay, dau. 
of Samuel Miller and Sarah Ann (Martin) McNeil, 
of Preston, Iowa. She was b. Nov. 16, 1887. 
ii Charles Wesley*® Marvin, b. Aug. 15, 1885, in Wash- 
ington, Jackson Co., Iowa, 
iii Zachariah*® Marvin, b. Dec. 27, 1887, in Washington, 

Jackson Co., Iowa, 
iv Imogene'® Marvin, b. June 2, 1891, in Washington, 
Jackson Co., Iowa. 

550 Grace Elizabeth* Parsons (Rev. Charles,* Rev. 
George,^ Elijah,^ Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,' Joseph,' Joseph*), b. 
Apr. 26, 1877, at Gouverneur, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 27, 1897, at New- 
ark, N. J., John H. B. Conger, son of Walter M. and Agnes 
(Dunham) Conger, of Newark, N. J. 

Children of John H. B. and Grace E.* (Parsons) Conger: 
i Charles Parsons" Conger, b. Dec. 25, 1898, at Newark, 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



ii Dunham Ford" Conger, b. Mar. 7, 1902, at Newark, 

lii John Vrooman" Conger, b. Jan. 13, 1904, at Newark, 

551 Bertha May* Powell (De Witt Parsons* Powell, 
Sarah^ Parsons, Elijah,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Feb. 23, 1880; m. Feb. 23, 1905, John Edward De 
Long, of Amity, 111., son of Peter and Mary (McBride) De Long, 
of Shelby Co., 111. 

Children of John Edward and Bertha May* (Powell) De 
Long, all bom at Amity, 111. : 
i Paul Raymond*" De Long, b. Dec. 5, 1905. 
ii Charles Edward" De Long, b. Feb. 22, 1909. 

552 William F.* Parsons (David Hopkins,* William Hig- 
gins,^ EHsha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. 
Dec. 18, 1862, at Lafayette, Vigo Co., Ind. ; m. Margaret Julian, 
of Paris, 111. 

Children of William F.* and Margaret (Julian) Parsons: 
i Vivian May,*** b. May 18, 1895. 
ii Lcla Maria,*® b. July 6, 1897. 
iii Inez Lavien," b. Sept. 6, 1899. 

553 Bird* Parsons (David Hopkins,* William Higgins,^ 
Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Mar. 16, 
1876; m. Philip C. Williams, of Roachdale, 111. 

Child of Bird* (Parsons) and Philip C. Williams: 
i Ruth F.*^ Williams, b. Feb. 28, 1900. 

554 Sarah Elen* Parsons (David Hopkins,* William Hig- 
gins,^ Elisha,* Elijah,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Nov. 
6, 1880; m. W. C. Rogers, of Franklin, Ind. 

Children of Sarah Elen* (Parsons) and W. C. Rogers: 
i Paul Parsons*** Rogers, b. Oct. 7, 1906. 
ii Ruth Elizabeth**^ Rogers, b. Jan., 1908. 

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555 Emily A.* Belt (Mary A.* Parsons, William Higgins/ 
Elisha,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel," Josq)h,* Joseph^), b. July 20, 
1866; d. Nov. 22, 1907, at Terrc Haute, Ind. She m. Apr. 12, 
1887, William, son of Ransom and Charlotte Rogers, b. Feb. 23, 
1866, at Terra Haute, Ind. 

Chilmien of William and Emily A.* (Belt) Rogers, 
all bom at Terre Haute, Ind.: 
i John J." Rogers, b. May 20, 1888. 
ii William R.^*^ Rogers, b. July 6, 1890. 
iii Josephine*® Rogers, b. June 10, 1893. 

556 Bert Calais' Parsons (Dr. George Robins," Rev. John 
Wesley,' Elisha,* Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
July 15, 1872, at Onarga, 111.; was educated at the A. and M. 
College at College Station, Tex., graduating in 1893. He was 
Customs Inspector abng the Rio Grande, 1901-04. Since then he 
has had charge of the water works at San Angelo, Tex. He m. 
June 26, 1902, Augusta Nimitz, dau. of Ernest and Teresa 
(Kordcek) Nimitz, of Fredericksburg, Tex. She was b. Feb. 22, 
1872, at San Angelo, Tex. 

Children of Bert Calais* and Augusta (Nimitz) Parsons: 
i Elmer Howard,*" b. July i, 1904, at San Ajigelo, Tex. 
ii Chester Nimitz," b. Sept. 4, 1907, at San Angelo, Tex. 

557 Florence Adel* Parsons. (Victor Llewellyn,* Eli 
Graves,^ Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Dec. 12, 1866, at New Haven, N. Y. She m. May 25, 
1887, Arthur E. Holt, at St. Charles, Mich., where they now 
(1910) reside. 

Children of Florence Adel* (Parsons) and Arthur E. 

i Irene Helen*<> Holt, b. Apr. 26, 1888, at St. Charles, 
Mich.; m. May 17, 1909, Robert H. Mason, 3d, of 
Chesaning, Mich, 
ii Frances Louise*® Holt, b. July 10, 1889. 

558 Ernest Victor* Parsons (Victor Llewellyn,* Eli 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Graves,^ Fortius F.,' Lieut Eli,° Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph^), b. Dec. 17, 1868, at New Haven, N. Y. He moved with 
his parents to Salamanca, N. Y., in 1870 and to St. Charles, 
Mich., in 1873. Was educated in the schools of St. Charles and 
Saginaw, Mich., and in 1886 was graduated from the Commer- 
cial Department of the Flint Normal School and Commercial 
College, of Flint, Mich. 

On Aug. 8, 1891, together with his brother-in-law, Arthur E. 
Holt, under style of Parsons & Holt, succeeded his father in the 
general merchandise business at St. Charles, which they have 
conducted ever since, and in 1894 that firm established the St. 
Charles Bank (private), which was on Apr. i, 1908, incorporated 
under the laws of Michigan as the St. Charles State Bank, of 
which Ernest V. Parsons has been President since its inception. 
He has held public office in the township and village of St. 
Charles and is now Vice-President of the St. Charles Board of 
Trade; is president and principal owner of the Wabash Manu- 
facturing Company, of Terre Haute, Ind. ; principal owner of the 
Callam Mills, of Saginaw, Mich., besides being actively engaged 
in real estate and loan business in St. Charles. He is Past Mas- 
ter of St. Charles Lodge 313, F. & A. M., Past King of Chesaning 
Chapter 67, R. A. M., Worthy Patron of St. Charles Chapter 313, 
O. E. S., a member of St. Charles Lodge 208, K. P., Saginaw 
Lodge 47, B. P. O. E., Bay City Lodge of Perception, Bay City, 
Michigan Sovereign Consistory A. A. S. R., Detroit, and Moslem 
Temple, A. A. M. S., Detroit. 

He m. May 14, 1891, at St. Charles, Mich., Florence Sovina 
Walker, who died there Nov. 27, 1897. 

Child of Ernest Victor* and Florence Sovina (Walker) 

Parsons : 
i Helen Marguerite,^® b. Oct. 2, 1894, residing at Terre 
Haute, Ind. 

559 Edward Llewellyn* Parsons (Victor Llewellyn,* Eli 
Graves,^ Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. May 21, 1872, at Salamanca, N. Y., moved with his 
parents to St. Charles, Mich., in 1873, where he was educated in 

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the public schools ; was for several years engaged in the manu- 
facture of wood specialties, and is at present owner and mana- 
ger of the stock farm established by his father in Swan Creek 
Township, near St. Oiarles, of which Township he is Treasurer. 
He m. Jan. i6, 1895, Winifred Maude Morey, at St. Charles. 
Mich., where they reside. 
Children of Edward L.* and Winifred Maude (Morey) 

Parsons : 
i Llewellyn Bradley,** b. Feb. 28, 1897, at Saginaw, Mich. 
ii Winifred Marcia,*® b. Aug. 13, 1898, at Swan Creek, 

iii Marjory Dell,*® b. Mar. 14, 1900, at Swan Creek, Midi. 
iv Rolfe Morey," b. May 13, 1902. at St, Charles, Mich. 
V Francis Edward,*® b. June 24, 1910, at Swan Creek. 

560 Blanch M.* Parsons (Victor Llewellyn,* Eli Graves/ 
Fortius F.,* Lieut. Eli,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
May 26, 1881, at St. Charles, Mich. She m. Jan. 4. 1906, James 
Alfred Spouse, at St. Charles, Mich. 

Child of Blanch M.* (Parsons) and James Alfred Spouse: 
i Victor John Alfred*® Spouse, b. June 25, 1907, at En- 
dicott, N. Y. 

561 George Avery* Parsons (Portius Frank,* Eli Graves,' 
Portius F.,* Lieut. Eli,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
July 2-], 1873, at Scriba, N. Y. He m. Mar. 11, 1908, Amy Allen, 
b. Oct. 6, 1875. 

Child of George Avery* and Amy (Allen) Parsons: 
i Avery Allen,^® b. Apr. 8, 1910. 

562 Alice Elnora* Parsons (Portius Frank,* Eli Graves.^ 
Portius F.,* Lieut. Eli,* Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Mar. 14, 1875 ; ni- Oct- 28, 1903, William C. Couniel, b. Dec. 20. 

Children of William C. and Alice Elnora* (Parsons) 


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Eli Graves^ Parsons. Victor Llewellyn* Parsons, Edward Llewellyn^ 

Parsons, Llewellyn Bradley" Parsons. 

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i Graeme Harold^® Couniel, b. Sept. 6, 1905, in Luding- 

ington, Mich, 
ii Austin G.^" Couniel, b. Aug. 5, 1908. 

563 Frances G.* Parsons (Fortius Frank,* Eli Graves/ 
Fortius F.,' Lieut. Eli," Aaron,* Daniel,^ Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. 
May 17, 1882, at Fort Huron, Mich.; m. Dec. 17, 1902, George 
Patterson, b. Jan. i, 1876. 

Children of George and Frances G.* (Parsons) Patterson, 
all bom at Ludington, Mich, 
i Victor L.^® Patterson, b. Apr. 24, 1904. 
ii Edward^® Patterson, b. July 26, 1905. 
iii Harry ^® Patterson, b. Mar. 29, 1907. 

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564 Edward Lougee^" Parsons (Franklin Thomas," Samuel 
Lougee.® Thomas/ Thomas,* Thomas," Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. May 9, 1858, at Burlington, Iowa.; 
m. May 5, 1903, Carrie Ambrose, at Nashville, Tenn. He was 
educated at Burlington, Iowa, and is Secretary and Treasurer of 
the Standard Iron Co., and resides at Nashville, Tenn. 

Children of Edward Lougee*® and Carrie (Ambrose) 
Parsons : 
i Sophia Fizzell." 
ii Rose Pales.'* 

565 Arthur Newell*® Parsons (Franklin Thomas,* Samuel 
Lougee,® Thomas,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. Jo- 
seph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 29, 1863, at Burlington, Iowa. 
He m. Oct. 6, 1886, Helen Adelaide Temple, dau. of Cyrus Floyd 
and Saphronia Adelaide Temple, of Chariton, Iowa, and removed 
to Grants Pass, Oregon, where he is engaged in real estate and 
orchard land investments. Formerly lived in Omaha, Duluth and 
Kansas City. 

Children of Arthur Newell*® and Helen A. (Temple) 

Parsons : 
i Genevieve Temple,** b. May 9, 1888, at Chariton, Iowa, 
ii Louise Temple**, b. Apr. 12, 1890, at Chariton, Iowa; 

d. July 9, 1891. 
iii Adelaide Temple,** b. Aug. 29, 1895, at Duluth, Minn, 
iv Floyd Temple,** b. Dec. 8, 1902, at Duluth, Minn. 

566 Frank Manning*® Parsons (Franklin Thomas,® Sam- 
uel Lougee,* Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas," Rev. Joseph,* Rev. 
Joseph,' Joseph,^ Joseph*), b. Nov. 18, 1865, at Burlington, Iowa, 
and removed to Omaha, Neb. He m. Sept. 16, 1891, Josephine 
Hutchinson, b. Feb. 13, 1862, dau. of Dudley and Agnes (Fiial- 


Digitized by 



kowski) Hutchinson, of Burlington, Iowa. Her father was bom 
in Harmer Co., Ohio, in 1830, and her mother in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Child of Frank Manning^*^ and Josephine (Hutchinson) 

Parsons : 
i Ethel Josephine," b. Jan. 6, 1895. 

567 Prentice Warren*** Parsons (Franklin Thomas,* Sam- 
uel Lougee,* Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Rev. Joseph,* Rev. 
Joseph,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Jan. 10, 1878, at Burlington, Iowa. 
He m. July 20, 1901, at St. Louis, Mo., Jessie Houston Walker. 
He was educated at Burlington, Iowa, and has resided at St. 
Louis, Mo., Louisville, Ky., Chicago, 111., and now (1911) re- 
sides at Greenwood, Miss., since 1904. He is assistant cashier 
of the Delta Bank. 

Children of Prentice Warren*^ and Jessie Houston 
(Walker) Parsons: 
i Beatrice Winnifred," b. Oct. 13, 1902. 
li Margaret Elizabeth," b. Sept. 7, 1904. 

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Some families allied by marriage to the descendants of Elijah® 
Parsons (Elijah,' Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,' Joseph*), and to his 
son, James^ Parsons. 

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The first appearance of families by this name in America was 
in the last of the 17th or first of the i8th Century, in what is now 
Columbia Co., N. Y. It is believed by many that these settlers 
came from Holland, but the name may be of English origin, as 
it appears earlier in English history than in Dutch, and it is not 
unreasonable to presume that families by the name went to Hol- 
land during the Puritan emigration in the early part of the 17th 

The name first appears here about the time of the emigration 
to this country of the Palatine Refugees, who settled first in Co- 
lumbia and Ulster Counties, N. Y. They had fled to England 
in large numbers from the German Palatinates, because of re- 
ligious oppression, and about 1710 Queen Ann had found a home 
for them in this country. 

In the Hudson Gazette History of Columbia County, N. Y. 
(1900), is an account of the arrival, in the ship "Beaver," May, 
1 661, of several families named "Van Beest," the name indicating 
that they were Dutch, but there is no evidence as to where they 

The name was distinguished in English history in the i6th Cen- 
tury, as appears in the English Dictionary of National Biogra- 
phy, from which I condense the records of the following repre- 
sentative persons by the name: 

George Best died 1584; navigator; accompanied Martin Fro- 
bisher in the three voyages (1576, 1577 and 1578), undertaken 
to discover the Northwest passage, and he published, on the re- 
turn from the third voyage, an account thereof in three volumes 
in London. In the third voyage the fleet consisted of seventeen 
ships, one, the "Jane Ann," was commanded by Captain Best. 
This work was translated to Latin, French and Italian. 


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Paul Best (1590- 1657), Controversialist, came of a familv 
that had been long of the gentry of North Riding, of Yorkshire; 
but his father, James Best, having removed to East Riding, was 
resident in the rectory house of Hatton Cranswich, near Duffield 
known as the burial place of Alfred, King of Northumberlasd 
Here, it is believed, Paul was bom about 1590. After his educa- 
tion at Cambridge and the death of his father, he spent consid- 
erable time on the continent in Germany, in Poland, and as a 
soldier under Gustavus Adolphus. While in Germany he studied 
Unitarian theology, and on his return to England, he wrote and 
published his theological views freely, attacking the doctrine of 
the Trinity with great zeal, for which he was arrested and com- 
mitted to the Gate House in Feb., 1644-5. The House voted that 
he be hanged for his offense, but he was subsequently released 
as is supposed by the influence of Cromwell. 

His biographer was Rev. Roger Ley. The parish raster of 
Little Duflield gives the dates of his death and burial as follows: 

"1657 Paul Best, Master of Arts, died at Great Duffield 17th 
Sept., and was buried at Little Duffield 19th Sept. in the Churcfa 

Thomas Best (1570-1638), Captain in the English Navy, was 
probably a son of Capt. George Best, the companion of Frobishcr. 
He was appointed 30th Dec, 161 1, to command the "Red Dra- 
gon," a ship of 600 tons and 200 men, then fitted for a voy^[e to 
the East Indies, but was attacked by the Portuguese at Surat 
whom he defeated. He did signal service for several years in tbc 
service of the East India Co., and later in the British Navy. 

The following, as to the ancestors of George Best, is taken 
from the "Family of Best in America," by Charles Best Benson, 
of Hudson, N. Y., published 1909: 

"The American ancestor of George Best was Jacob Best, men- 
tioned in 'Documentary History of New York, Vol. 3, p. 572/ as 
Jacob Bast, a Palatine volunteer for the expedition a^;ainst Can- 
ada, 171 1, from Annsburg (now Germantown), probaUy named 
after Queen Ann, who purchased part of Livingston Manor about 

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1 710, upon which to settle the Palatine refugees, who had fled 
to England from religious oppression. He married Anna Chris- 
tina Dietrichin (Dederick), of Kingston, and had the following 
children: Anna Maria, Elizabeth, Johannes, Hermanus, Jacob, 
Edward, and Coenradt. 

"Harmanus Best married about 1750 and had the following 
children (probably not in order of birth) : 

"Catrien, who married Jacob Decker. 

"Qiristina, who married Peter Best, a son of Johannes (her 

"Magdalena, who married David Batz (Potts). 

"Jacob Harmen, who married Eva Minkler. 

"Anna, who married Seth Tobey. 

"George, who married Marytje Musick (Mesick). 

"Elizabeth, who married Martin T. Cooper. 

"Harmen Best was living in 1790 in the vicinity of Clermont, 
south of Johnstown and north of Blue Store, in the town of Liv- 

In January, 1800, Elijah® Parsons married Mary, daughter of 
George and Maria (Mesick) Best, then living in the town of 
Sharon, N. Y. 

George Best was bom in the town of Qermont, Columbia Co., 
N. Y., May, 1753, a son of Harmon (or Herman) and Mareitje 
(Revick) Best, and Maria Mesick was bom in the town of Liv- 
ingston, Columbia Co., Feb., 1756, a daughter of Hendrick and 
Catharine (Dedrick) Mesick. They were married Feb. 5, 1773. 

The above record as to the Best family is in the records of the 
Reformed Church at Germantown, N. Y„ and of the Mesick 
family in the Reformed Church at Livingston, N. Y. 

In the first U. S. census of householders, taken in 1790, we 
find the name of Herman Best in the town of Clermont, Columbia 
Co., N. Y., the family consisting of two males and three females, 
and the family of George Best consisting of one male over 16 
years, four under 16, five females, and four slaves. 

In the town of Livingston is the name of Hendrick Mesick, the 
family consisting of two males, 2 females, and four slaves. 

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In Munsell's American Ancestry, Vol. 2, p. 80, and Vol. 9, p. 
150, we find that Hendrick Mesick was a son of Fritz (Freder- 
ick) Mesick, believed to be a Palatine refugee from Rheim, near 
Heidelburg, Germany, bom in 1694, came to America in 1719, 
settled in Columbia Co., and that the log house built by him in 
the town of Livingston was standing at the time of that record 
(1887). Hendrick was bom in 171 5 and died in 1809. His son. 
Peter of Qaverack, born 1750, was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War at the battle of Stillwater. George Best, his father. Herman 
Best, and Hendrick Mesick were soldiers in the Revolutionar>' 
War, their names being in "New York in the Revolution." 

In the above mentioned history of Columbia Co., by the Hud- 
son Gazette, Vol. i, p. 147, is this statement: 

"On the 27th of March, 1791, a special act was passed author- 
izing the building of a school house and the maintaininsc of a 
School Master in the town of Clermont out of the monies arising 
from excise, and other sources, in the hands of the overseers of 
the poor, and Robert R. Livingston, Samuel Ten Broeck, John 
Cooper, William Wilson, Marks Blatner, and George Best were 
directed to carry out the provisions of the act." 

In the records of the N. Y. Council of Appointment, Vol. i. 
pp. 988, 125, George Best is mentioned as Adjutant of the Colum- 
bia Co. Regiment, Col. Henry Livingston, in 1786-7, and at page 
263, in 1793, is this record: 

"John Wigram, Adjutant, vice George Best, moved off." 

This indicates that in 1793, or shortly prior thereto, George 
Best and family removed from Columbia Co., to Sharon Scho- 
harie Co., N. Y. 

They lived on the farm, now within the corporation of Sharon 
Springs, on the turnpike, later owned by David Eldridge and now 
(1910) owned by Mr. Clausen. There he and his wife died and 
were buried in the family cemtery, but later were removed to the 
Sharon cemetery near Leesville. The record on their tomb- 
stones is: 

"George Best died Aug. 19, 181 1, aged 58 ys., 2 mos., 19 
days. Maria Best his wife died Feb. 7, 1800, aged 43 ys., 11 mos., 
21 days." 

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The will of George Best, dated Apr. 2, 181 1, is recorded in the 
office of the surrogate of Schoharie Co., N. Y., and disposes of a 
large estate, for those times, in real estate and personal property, 
some of the real estate being in Ontario Co., N. Y. He mentions 
the following children: Sons, John G., Peter G., Henry G. anrl 
Jacob G., and daughters, Mary, wife of Elijah Parsons, Margaret, 
wife of Henry Platner, Hannah (then unmarried), the heirs of 
his deceased daughter, Catharine, wife of Elias Young, Elizabeth, 
wife of Marcus Platner, and Polly, wife of John Potts. 
Children of George and Maria (Mesick) Best: 
i Catharine, b. 1774; m. Elias Young; had four children, 
Elizabeth (Betsy) (wife of Bostwick Knapp), Hen- 
ry, Sally, Nancy, 
ii Elizabeth (Betsy), b. July, 1775; d. Feb. 3, 1868; m. 
Feb. I, 1794, Mark Platner. He d. Oct. 31, 1822; 
buried in the Reformed Church Cemetery, Sharon, 
iii Jacob G., b. Sept., 1777 ; m. Beekley ; had nine chil- 
dren, John, David (early settler of Sharon, Wal- 
worth Co., Wis.), George, James, Susan (m. Leray 
Eldridge), Margaret (m. Leray Eldridge), Ann, 
Julia Ann, Laney. 
iv Mary, b. Sept. 10, 1779; m. Elijah* Parsons. (See 

Parsons Family.) 
V Henry G., b. Jan. 21, 1783; m. Martha Neville; chil- 
dren: Charles, John, Polly, 
vi Eve, b. Oct. 12, 1784; d. July 27, 1858; m. John Potts, 
b. Aug. I, 1778; d. Nov. 17, 1 85 1. Children: John, 
Jr., Peter, Katharine, Eliza, Polly, Betsy, Abraham, 
David, Jacob, Lovicy (wife of Geo. W. Strobeck). 
vii Peter G., b. Aug. 7, 1786; d. Oct. 9, 1864; m. Clarissa 
Henry, dau. of Wells Henry, who d. Oct. 3, 1848. 
Children : Henry W., Amengo. 
viii John George, b. Jan., 1789; m. Fanny Neville; resided 
at New Hartford, N. Y. Children: George, Nor- 
man, Sally, Hannah, Catharine. 
ix Margaret, b. Apr., 1791 ; m. Henry C. Platner. Chil- 
dren: George H., Christopher (m. Maria An- 

Digitized by 



thony), Maria, Hannah, Martha, Aaron, John H., 
Peter H., Walter, Adolphus, Eliza. 
X Hannah, b. 1793; m. William Loucks. Children: Ma- 
ria (wife of Samuel W. Voorhees), William, John. 

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I Christopher^ Moyer, the grandfather of Hannah, wife of 
James^ Parsons, was bom about 1750, in the town of Watervleit, 
Albany Co., N. Y. His father, Philip Myers, was the owner of 
a large farm in that town, was of German descent, and is believed 
to have come to this country with his parents. Why the name 
was changed from Myers to Moyer is not known, but the same 
interchange of names occurs in the Moyer family in Pennsylvania. 
His name is recorded among the Revolutionary soldiers of New 
York both as Moyer and Myers. 

His younger brother, Philip Myers, occupied the father's farm 
at Watervleit after the war, and his will, recorded in the Surro- 
gate's office, Albany Co., mentions the following children, who 
were always recognized as the cousins of the children of Chris- 
topher Moyer, to-wit : Sons, Andrew, Philip and Francis ; daugh- 
ters, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Qute, Maria, wife of Jacob 
Fonda, Lena, wife of Philip Hemstreat, Sarah, wife of Thomas 
Staats, Catharine, wife of James Houghtaling, and Rachel. 

Christopher Moyer's war record appears in part in the cer- 
tificate of the Pension Bureau, a copy of which follows. He was 
a member of Capt. Reillay's Rangers, who did conspicuous serv- 
ice under the direction of the Commissioners of Conspiracies, or 
Safety, at Albany in the detection and arrest of those hostile to 
the patriots, a record of whose work was published, 1909, by the 
N. Y. State historian. In the same company of Rangers was one, 
Philip Harwick, as appears in "New Yoric in the Revolution," 
who is believed to have been either the father or a brother of 
Hannah Harwick, who married Christopher Moyer. There is a 
tradition in the family that during the war he was the lessee of 
a farm where is now the city of Troy, and that at least on one 
occasion he was called into service, leaving his wife to gather 
the wheat harvest, in which she personally assisted, taking with 
her into the fields her infant child, either Catharine or Andrew. 


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He removed to Sharon in the early part of the last century and 
bought lands of De Witt Qinton and John L. Norton in 1812, 
as appears by deeds recorded in the Schoharie Co. Qerk's office. 
He died in Sharon, May 11, 1847, aged 96 years, 10 months, and 
his wife, Hannah, died Apr. 27, 1837, aged 85 years, 9 months, 
as appears on their tomb stones in the Sharon cemetery. 

"Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, 

''Washington, D. C, Feby. 10, 1900. 
"Sir : — In reply to your request for a statement of the military 
history of Christopher Moyer, a soldier of the Revolutionary 
War, you will find below the desired information as contained in 
his application for pension on file in this Bureau. 









Nov., 1776 




Van Rensselaer 


June, 1777 

1 mo. 



Van Rensselaer 


June, 1778 

1 mo. 





Aug., 1778 

21 days 


Not Stated 

Van Rensselaer 


Oct., 1778 

16 days 


Not Stated 

Van Rensselaer 



26 days 


Not Stated 

Van Renssdaer 


Sept., 1779 

24 days 


Not SUted 

Van Rensselaer 


Sept., 1780 

16 days 


Not Stated 

Van Rensselaer 


Nov., 1781 

16 days 


Not Stated 



28 days 


Not SUted 

Van Rensselaer 


''Battles engaged in, Saratoga and Half Moon. 
"Residence of soldier at enlistment, Greenbush, N. Y. 
"Date of application for pension, June 5, 1833. 
"Residence at date of application, Sharon, N. Y. 
"Age at date of application, 82 years. 
"Remarks: Pension was allowed for service stated. 
"Very respectfully, 

"H. Clay Evans, 
"Mr. Henry Parsons, N. Y. City. "Commissioner." 

Children of Christopher^ and Hannah (Harwick) Moyer: 
2 i Catherine," b. Oct. 13, 1777; d. Feb. 11, 1869; m. John 

Digitized by 



3 ii Andrew C.,* b. Mar., 1780 ; d. Aug. 23, 1843 J ^' Eliza- 

beth Gx)k. 

iii Maria,* b. ; m. Hulsinger; had two chil- 
dren, David,' and a daughter, who married Dr. 

iv Jacob,* b. ; m. Ham ; had a son, David.' 

V Hannah,* b. ; m. Putman. 

vi Elizabeth,* b. 1792; d. June, 1869; did not marry. 

4 vii Philip,* b. ; m. Nancy Eldridge. 

2 Catherine* Mover (Christopher^), b. Oct. 13, 1777; d. 
Feb. II, 1869, at Syracuse, N. Y. She m. Nov. 27, 1800, in 
Sharon, N. Y., John Rhines, b. 1774, and d. i860. 

Children of Catharine* (Mover) and John Rhines: 
1 Abram* Rhines, b. Apr. 26, 1802 ; d. Apr. 20, 1865 ; m. 
Julia Tinkam, Oct. 17, 1830. Children: Levant* 
and Harriet.* 
ii Jacob* Rhines, b. Feb. 2, 1804; m. Lucinda Godfrey, 

in Mich. Children, Vega* and Emmet.* 
iii Phillip* Rhines, b. June 18, 1806; m. Charity Lyke, of 
Sharon, Dec. 13, 1829. Children: William,* Mar- 
tin,* Mary.* 
iv Daniel* Rhines, b. July 4, 1808; d. July 10, 1880; m. 
Anna Maria Hoffman, Mar. 21, 1833. Children: 
Theron,* Ephraim,* Marion,* Ellen,* Lydia.* 

V Julia Ann* Rhines, b. July 10, 1812; d. May i, 1886. 
vi Isaac* Rhines, b. Aug. 27, 1815; d. Oct. 12, 1899; m. 

(i) Caty Ann Ritter; m. (2) Maria Millner, Mar. 
23, 1848. 
vii John* Rhines, b. Feb. 10, 1818; d. Nov. 17, 1861 ; m. 

Jane . Children: Ransom* (d. May 11, 

1893), Marion,* Charles.* 

viii Hannah* Rhines, b. Mar. 2, 1822 ; m. Nelson Vrooman ; 

d. 1901. 

We find none by the name of "Rhines'' in the first U. S. census, 

made in 1790, but we find several families named ''Rhinus" at 

Beekmantown, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., and there is 

Digitized by 



reason to believe that John Rhines came from one of those 

3 ANMtEw C* Mover (Christopher*), b. Mar., 1780; d. Aug. 
23, 1843, at Sharon, N. Y. He m. Elizabeth Cook, dau. of Sever- 
inus* and Elizabeth Cook, She was b. Nov. 25, 1780, in Stone 
Arabia, Montgomery Co., N. Y., and d. June 21, 1857, at Sharon, 
N. Y. 

Children of Andrew C* and Elizabeth (Cook) Mover: 
i Elizabeth,' b. in 1805 ; d. Oct. 6, 1823. 
li Hannah,' b. Jan. 15, 1807; d. Nov. 10, 1886; m. Nov. 
3, 1828, James Parsons. (See Parsons Family.) 

6 iii Maria,' b. July 12, 1809; d. Nov. 10, 1883; m. John 


7 iv Daniel,' b. 181 1 ; m. Almira Moak. 

8 V Catharine,' b. Jan. 9, 181 3; d. May 13, 1900; m. Qin- 

ton Eldridge, Dec. 17, 1832. 

9 vi Sylvenus,' b. Aug. 27, 1815; d. May 7, 1864; m. Jan. 

I, 1842, Caroline Smith, 
vii Henry,' b. Mar. 18, 1818; d. Oct. 31, 1889; "^- Elizabeth 
(Betsey), dau. of Barnabas and Theodocia Eldridge. 

4 Phiup* Mover (Christopher*), b. ; m. Nancy, dau. 

of Barnabas and Theodocia Eldridge, of Sharon, N. Y., who d. 
May 14, 1820, aged 27 years. 

Children of Philip* and Nancy (Eldridge) Mover: 

i Ann,' b. ; m. Loomis ; resided at Albion, 

Orleans Co., N. Y. 

ii Theodocia,' b. ; m. David Famum; resided at 

Medina, N. Y. Children : Harriet* and David.* 

iii Chauncy,' b. ; died in Sharon, unmarried. 

iv Philip,' b. . 

V Amanda,' b. ; m. Hiram Barber, of Avon, N. Y. 

Children : Hiram,* Emaline,* Louis,* and Ada.* 

5 Isaac' Rhines (Catherine' Moyer, Christopher*), b. Aug. 
27, 1815, at Sharon, N. Y.; d. Oct. 12, 1899. He m. (i) Qty 

Digitized by 



Ann Ritter, b. May 23, 1818, who died. He m. (2) Mar. 23, 
1848, Maria Millner. 

Children of Isaac* and Caty Ann (Ritter) Rhines: 
i Levant* Rhines, b. Jan. 10, 1838. 
ii Mary* Rhines, b. Jan. 7, 1840; d. Dec. 14, 1894. 
iii Katharine* Rhines, b. July 30, 1841 ; m. (i) Wm. Rec- 
tor; m. (2) Amenzo Moyer. 
iv Jane Ann* Rhines, b. Apr. 23, 1844; m. Charles Moyer. 
Child of Isaac* and Maria (Millner) Rhines: 

V Charles* Rhines, b. May 24, 1850; m. and has a daugh- 

ter, Bessie* Rhines. 

6 Maria* Moyer (Andrew C.,* Christopher^), b. July 12, 

1809, at Sharon, N. Y.; d. Nov. 10, 1883, at Novi, Mich. She 

m. Mar. 22, 1832, John Blass, b. Nov. 16, 1811, in Sharon, N. Y. 

They moved to Michigan in 1837, and he d. there Sept. 29, 1845. 

Children of John and Maria* (Moyer) Blass: 

i Daniel* Blass, b. Aug. 9, 1834, in Sharon, N. Y.; d. 

Jan. 29, 1889; m. Carrie, dau. of Jesse and Elsie 

Hazen; had one child, Jessie* Blass, wife of Nelson 

R. Torrey, of Cadillac, Mich. 

ii Elizabeth* Blass, b. Mar. i, 1836, in Sharon, N. Y.; d. 

Apr. 16, 1879. 
ill Mary* Blass, b. Aug. 12, 1837, in Novi. Mich. ; m. Ed- 
win T., son of Jesse and Elsie Hazen ; had one child. 
Jay* Hazen, who m. Alice Dennis, 
iv Ellen* Blass, b. Sept. 21, 1840, in Novi, Mich.; d. July 
22, 1909; m. Amos Bentley. Children: Dora,* Ben- 
jamin,* Edith,* John,* Geoi^e,* Cora,* Mary,* Dan- 

V Louis* Blass, b. May 27, 1845; d- J*^"^ 9» 1887; m. 

Libbie Fuller. 

The father of John Blass probably came from Columbia Co., 
N. Y. In Munseirs American Ancestry, Vol. 2, p. 13, is this 
statement in connection with the record of Jonas Blass, of Clav- 
erack, Columbia Co., b. 1827. 

"The Blass Family was among the first settlers from Holland 

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in the town of Claverack. The name is variously spelled in old 
records. Plaas, Plees, Ploos. The name of Emmerich Flees ap- 
pears among the freeholders of Livingston Manor in 1720. Jo- 
hannes Plaas was Captain of one of Col. Jeremiah Hogcboom's 
Regiments in 1772." 

7 Daniel* Moyer (Andrew C.,* Christopher*), b. at Sharon, 
N. Y., 181 1, where he died. He m. Almira, dau. of John Moak. 

Children of Daniel* and Almira (Moak) Mover: 
i Rosaltha,* b. June 19, 1841. 

ii Eliza,* b. Apr. 19, 1845; m. Dec. 21, 1880, Jesse Walk- 
er, b. Sept. 10, 1857. Children: Lulu J.' Walker, 
b. Apr. 25, 1882. Harry' Walker, b. Aug. 3, 1884; 
m. Nov. 27, 1906, Clara Williams. Children : Fran- 
ces Elizabeth* Walker, b. Sept. 3, 1907; Robert Eld- 
ridge* Walker, b. Aug. 15, 1908. Ella** Walker, b. 
July 6, 1887; m. May 7, 1909, Andrew Calderwood. 

iii Nancy,* b. July 31, 1847; i". Dec. 9, 1868, Garret Whit- 
beck, who d. Oct. 4, 1908, son of Garret and Marcia 
(Tymerson) Whitbeck. Children : Frankie R.* Whit- 
beck, b. Dec. 16, 1874; d. Apr. 25, 1880; Elizabeth 
R.* Whitbeck, b. June i, 1879. 

iv Warden,* b. Nov. 30, 1849; ^' 0<^t- 24, 1874, Martha, 
b. June 30, 1853, dau. of William J. and Rachel 
(Jacobies) Montgomery. (He was b. in Bath, Steu- 
ben Co., N. Y., May 2, 1823. She was b. June 2, 
1826, in Newark, N. J.) They have a son, Arthur 
Warden,'^ b. May 4, 1880. 

V Sarah Elizabeth,* b. ; m. Dec. 24, 1879, Charles 

Gilday, son of James and Rose Gilday. 

8 Catherine' Mover (Andrew C.,* Christopher^), b. at 
Sharon, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1813, and d. there May 13, 1900. She m. 
Dec. 17, 1832, Clinton Eldridge, b. at Sharon, Aug. 21, 1813, son 
of Barnabas and Theodocia Eldridge. He d. Jan. 5, 1897. 

Children of Clinton and Catherine* (Mover) Eldridge: 
i Seward* Eldridge, b. Feb. 19, 1834; m. Eliza, dau. of 
Henry W. Best. 

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ii Wadsworth* Eldridge, b. Feb. 23, 1836; d. Feb. 5, 

1884; m. Catherine Eckler. 
ill Sarah E.* Eldridge, b. Oct. 17, 1840; m. Thomas S. 

Powell, of Long Island, N. Y. 
iv James P.* Eldridge, b. Dec. 6, 1842 ; m. Louisa Alger. 
V Odilon B.* Eldridge, b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. Mary Augh. 
vi Henry M.* Eldridge, b. Aug. i, 1845; d. Sept. 7, 1849. 
vii Henry M.* Eldridge, b. Mar. 27, 1851 ; m. 

viii Andrew* Eldridge, b. Sept. 14, 1855; d. Dec. 30, 1891. 
ix Grace Greenwood* Eldridge, b. Feb. 14, 1858; m. 

Henry Schneider. 

9 Sylvanus* Mover (Andrew C,* Christopher*), b. at Shar- 
on, N. Y., Aug. 27, 181 5. He m. Jan. i, 1842, Caroline Smith, b. 
at Sharon, Aug. 30, 1823, dau. of Se>'Tnour Smith. She d. at 
Gloversville, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1910. Sylvanus^ Moyer was a sol- 
dier in the Civil War in Co. F, 115th Regt., N. Y. Vols., and was 
killed in battle, May 7, 1864, at Chesterfield Court House, Va. 
Children of Severenes (or Sylvanus) and Caroline 
(Smith) Mover: 
i Charles,* b. Oct. 24, 1842, at Sharon, N. Y.; d. Sept. 
2, 1908, at Chicago, 111. : m., at Syracuse, N. Y., Feb. 
15, 1864, Jane A., dau. of Isaac and Caty Ann (Rit- 
ter) Rhines. Children : Mary A.,** b. Oct. 12, 1868, at 
Syracuse, N. Y. ; m., at Syracuse, Feb. 14, 1889, Ed- 
ward A. Barnes, who d. Feb., 1908 ; one child, EHz- 
abeth* Barnes, b. Oct. 14, 1894 ; Ida,** b. May 7, 1876 ; 
m., Apr. 15, 1899, Warren Babcock. 
ii Amenzo,* b. Dec. 15, 1843, at Sharon, N. Y. ; m. 
June 14, 1870, Katherine, widow of William Rector, 
and dau. of Isaac Rhines. 
iii Seymour,* b. July 4, 1850; m. Sept. 23, 1874, Allie, 
dau. of Aberdeen and Marion (Bancroft) Keith, at 
Ottawa, Kan. Children: Arthur B.,** b. June 24, 
1875 y ^' Feb. 23, 1900, Fannie, dau. of John Park- 
inson, of Kansas; Mabel,' b. Oct. 13, 1880; m. Mar. 

Digitized by 



6, 1901, Albert, son of John and Martha (Kitzmil- 
ler) Loyd, of Kansas, 
iv Irena Elizabeth,* b. Feb. 20, 1854 ; d. Dec. 2, 1871, at 
N. Y. City. 

Digitized by 



1 Kaspee^ Koch or Casper* Cook. 

2 Capt. Rudolph* Koch or Cook. 

From the history of Montgomery Co., N. Y., by Beers (1878) 
and other sources, we learn that Kasper* Koch (later known as 
Casper* Cook) was bom Aug. 5, 1700, in Steinmetz Canton, 
of Zurich, Switzerland, that he married; Oct. 27, 1722, Verena 
Muller, and that he came to this country in 1725. He had four 
sons whose names arc known (possibly more children) : Ru- 
dolph,* born 1728, Bandus,' bom 1735, Severinus,' b. 1737, 
and Johannes,* bom 1740. One statement is that he came to this 
country in 1740, bringing his wife and the three older sons, and 
that Johannes was bom on the passage over. He settled in Stone 
Arabia, town of Palatine, Montgomery Co., N. Y., where at that 
time some of the Palatine refugees, from religious oppression in 
Germany, had settled and which gave the name to the town. 
There the most of his descendants continued to reside until after 
the Revolution. In the early part of the last Century several of 
his descendants removed to Verona, Oneida Co., N. Y., but later 
several families removed from Verona and also from Palatine to 

From the records of the Reformed Church of Stone Arabia 
we find that Severinus," son of Rudolph* Koch, was bom Feb. 
15, 1752. He was a soldier in the Revolution, serving when 
called from 1776 to 1781, as appears from his pension certificate, 
a copy of which follows. He took part in the battle of Quiskany 
in the 2d Regt. Tryon Co. Militia, Col. Jacob Klock, and we find, 
from "New York in the Revolution," in the same regiment the 
names of his father, Capt. Rudolph,* his uncle, Capt. Severinus,* 
and Lieutenant John,* and as privates, his uncle, Baudus,* his 
cousin, Casper, Jr.,* and his brother, Rudolph". 

The Battle of Oriskany has rightfully been regarded as one of 


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the most important and decisive of the Revolution. It prevented 
St. Leger, with his Tories and Indian allies, joining the army of 
Burgoyne, and the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga secured 
the French alliance. The name Severinus Cook also appears 
in the "Report of the Commissioners of Conspiracies," published 
by the State historian of New York (1909), as one of the com- 
missioners for Tryon County, but the fair presumption is that it 
was the uncle and not the nephew by the same name. 

3 Severinus' Cook married his wife, Elizabeth (maiden 
name not known), about 1779 and resided at Stone Arabia until 
about 1 79 1, when he removed to Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y., 
his four oldest children being bom in Stone Arabia and all the 
others in Sharon. He removed with his family to Verona, Onei- 
da Co., N. Y., prior to 1814, but after 1809, as on May ist of that 
year he and Elizabeth, his wife, of Sharon, N. Y., sdd ten acres 
of land to Elijah** Parsons, of Sharon, and on Jan. 17, 1817, they 
convey 88 acres to Andrew Moyer (his son-in-law), in which 
deed he is described as of Verona. In both deeds the name is 
Severinus Koch, while he signs his name Cook, His wife died at 
Verona, but he returned to Sharon prior to 1833, when he ap- 
plied for a pension and in the application stated that he resided 
at Sharon, where he died Oct. 21, 1841, at the home of his daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew C. Moyer. German was the lan- 
guage of that part of Switzerland from which his grandfather 
came, and was in common use in that part of the Mohawk Val- 
ley until after the Revolution, but his children used both German 
and English. 

The name "Severinus" is in the church records of birth at 
Stone Arabia, in his war records, and deeds executed by him, and 
on his tombstone in the Sharon Cemetery, but his descendants and 
other branches of the family have adopted the name "Sylvanus" 

"Department of the Interior, 
"Bureau of Pensions, 

"Washington, D. C, Oct. 15, 1907. 

Digitized by 




"In reply to your request of Sept. 26, received Sept. 27, 1907, 
for a statement of the military history of Severinus Cook, a sol- 
dier of the Revolutionary War, you will find below the desired 
information as contained in his application for a pension on file 
in this Bureau : 

Datw of 



Oflleen under whom aervlce was renderd 


Captain Colonel 

March or 

Apr., 1776 



Andrew Fink 

Van Schaick 


May, 1777 

10 days 


Lieut. Sam. Gray 



May or 

June, 1777 

9 days 


Lieut. Sam. Gray 
Capt. Dillenbach 



July, 1777 

10 days 




Sept., 1777 

8 days 


Lieut. Sam. Gray 



Nov., 1778 

11 days 


Capt. Cook 



Sept., 1780 

8 days 


Capt. H. Ostrom 



Oct., 1781 

8 days 


Capt. H. Ostrom 



"Battles engaged in, Oriskany. 

"Residence of soldier at enlistment, Stone Arabia, N. Y. 

"Date of application for pension, Feb. 7, 1833. 

"Residence at date of application, Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

"Age at date of application, born at Stone Arabia, N. Y., Feb. 

14, 1752. 

"Remarks: Soldier died at Sharon, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1841, leaving 
no widow and only the following children : Elizabeth, widow of 
Andrew C. Moyer (the only one living in N. Y. State), John 
Cook, of Oakland Co. ; Henry David and Daniel Cook, of Cal- 
houn Co., Mich., and Peter Cook, of Erie Co., Pa. 
"Very respectfully, 

"V. Warner, 

**Mr. Henry Parsons, 

"140 Nassau St., N. Y." 

Children of Severinus" and Elizabeth Cook: 
i Elizabeth,* b. Nov. 25, 1780; d. June 21, 1857; m. An- 
drew C. Moyer (see Moyer Family), 
ii John,* b. Apr. i, 1782. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iii Hannah/ b. Mar. 21, 1784; d. ; m. Pettigrove. 

iv Henry,* b. Feb. 16, 1788; d. Sept. 4, 1874; m. Aug. 7, 

1814, Maria Mumbrue, at Verona, N. Y. 
V Peter,* b. Apr. i, 1791; d. Feb. 12, 1881; m. Esther 

Barrows, Feb. 2, 1815. 
vi Maria,* b. Mar. 9, 1793 ; d. June 9, 1795. 
vii Sally,* b. Aug. 24, 1795 ; d. Mar. 14, 1797. 
viii Margaret,* b. Sept. 25, 1798. 

IX David,* b. Feb. 3, 1800. 

X Daniel,* b. Apr. 6, 1803 ; d.' ; m. Mary Ann Eaman. 

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568 (37a) Miriam^ Parsons (Daniel,* Joseph,' Joseph*), b. 
at Springfield, Mass., Oct. 9, 1721, d. at Wilbraham, Mass., Apr. 
18, 1800. She married at Springfield, Mass., Oct 27, 1744, Capt. 
James* Warriner (Ensign James,* Lieut. James," Dea. James,* 
William*) son of Ensign James and Amy (Sheldon) Warriner. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution (Stebbins's History of Wil- 

Children of Capt. James and Miriam* (Parsons) 
Warriner, all bom at Springfield, Mass. : 
i James* Warriner, b. Sept. 18, 1745; d. Apr. 17, 1824; 

ii Thomas* Warriner, b. Jan. 2, 1747; d. May 9, 1821 ; 
569 iii Solomon* Warriner, b. Aug. 16, 1753; d. Mar., 1816; 
m. (i) Mary Moore; m. (2) Betsey Jones, 
iv Miriam* Warriner, b. Jan. 22, 1756; d. Feb. 10, 1831; 

V Stephen* Warriner, b. June 8, 1760; d. at Monson, 
Mass., July 9 or 10, 1842; m. Elizabeth Ely, b. May 
IS, 1757, d. Feb. I, 1818, dau. of Jonatfian and Esther 
(Chapin) Ely. 
vi Ethan* Warriner, b. July 8, 1763; d. Mar. 23, 1815 ; m. 
Sept. 29, 1799, Sally Colton, of Wilbraham, who d. 
Feb. I, 1846. 
vii Anny Charlotte* Warriner, b. Feb. 26, 1768; d. May 
25, 1792. 

569 Solomon* Warriner (Miriam* Parsons, Daniel,* Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. at Springfield, Mass., Aug. 16, 1753, d. at Wil- 
braham Mar., 1816. He married (i) at Palmer, Mass., June 19, 
1777, Mary Moore, b. 1753 or 1754, d. Mar. 9, 1794, dau. of 
Judah* and Mary (Swift) Moore (Jonathan,* Jacob,* John*). 


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He m. (2) Mar. i, 1795, Betsey Jones. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in Rev<dution). 
Children of Solomon'^ and Mary^ (Moore) Warriner, 
all bom in Wilbraham, Mass.: 
i Solomon* Warriner, b. Mar. 24, 1778; d. Springfield, 
June 14, i860; m. (i) Mar. 4, 1801, Eleanor Keep, 
b. May 21, 1778, d. Jtdy 8, 1810, dau. of Samuel and 
Sabina (Cooley) Keep. He m. (2) July 4, 1811, 
Mary Bliss, b. Aug. 8, 1783, d. Jan. 2, 1859, dau. of 
Luke and Rachel (Bliss) Bliss. 
570 ii Polly* Warriner, b. Jan. 29, 1780; d. Nov. 18, 1862; m. 
Samuel Holman. 
iii Sophia* Warriner, b. May 11, 1782; d. Dec. 20, 1807. 
iv Jeremy* Warriner, b. June 10, 1785; d. Mar. 25, 1859; 
m. Dec. 4, 1809, Mary, dau. of Thomas Bates, who 
d. Apr. 17, 1854. 
V Ralph* Warriner, b. July i, 1787; d. 1816; unm. 
vi Nabby* Warriner, b. Oct. 19, 1790; m. Oct. 26, 1814, 

Otis Colton. 
vii Lorenzo* Warriner, b. Aug. 30, 1792; d. July 10, 1814. 
Children of Solomon* and Betsey (Jones) Warriner: 
viii Betsey* Warriner, b. June 19, 1795; d. Nov. S, 1866; 
m. May 15, 1816, Pynchon Bliss (his 2d wife), b. 
Sept. 15, 1785, d. Mar. 4, 1868, son of David and 
Rhoda (Colton) Bliss. 
ix James* Warriner, b. Aug. 5, 1797; d. Aug. 8, 1865; m. 
1824, Martha Graves Root, b. Feb. 26, 1802, d. Oct 
26, 1866, dau. of John Burgoyne and Martha G. Root. 
X Eunice* Warriner, b. Dec. 10, 1800; d. July 26, 1875; 

xi Lyman* Warriner, b. June 20, 1802 ; d. about 1865 ; m. 

Maria Center, 
xii Wells* Warriner, b. June 11, 1807; unm. 

570 Polly* Warriner (Solomon,* Miriam* Parsons, Daniel,' 
Joseph,* Joseph^), b. in Wilbraham, Jan. 29, 1780, d. in Wilbra- 
ham Nov. 18, 1862. She married in Wilbraham, Nov. 27, 1800, 

Digitized by 



SamueP Holman, born in East Windsor, Conn., Aug. 29, 1776, 
d. in Wilbraham, July 4, 1854, son of Ebenezer* and Rachel 
(Wright) Holman (Samuel,^ Thomas,* Samuel*). 
Children of Samuel* and Polly* (Warriner) Holman, 
the first two born in Wilbraham, the others in Wil- 
mington, Vt. : 
i Mary Moore^ Holman, b. Sept. 7, 1801 ; d. Springfield, 
Nov. 24, 189s ; m. Boston, Dec. 20, 1830, Henry Sar- 
geant, b. Springfield, Aug. 15, 1796, d. there Mar. 
24, 1864, son of Thomas and Lydia (Adams) Sar- 
ii John^ Holman, b. Nov. 2, 1803; d. Mar. 17, 1872; m. 
(i) Boston, Dec. 27, 1829, Elizabeth Henderson, b. 
Jaffray, N. H., Mar. 19, 1807, d. same place, Oct. 5, 
1849, ^^^* of James and Hannah (Walker) Hender- 
son. He m. (2) Boston, Apr. i, 1851, Jerusha Bas- 
ford, b. Dixmount, Me., Oct. 22, 181 1, d. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Oct. 5, 1891, dau. of Jonathan and Sally 
(Higgins) Basford. 
iii Ralph Warriner^ Holman, b. Feb. 2, 1806; d. Newton, 
Mass., Nov. 20, 1871; m. (i) Wilbraham, Oct. 30, 
1832, Caroline Clark, b. Wilbraham, May 27, 1804, 
d. Newton, Oct. 24, 1861, dau. of Maj. William and 
Betsey (Foote) Clark; m. (2) May 8, 1863, Mrs. 
Mary Abby Webster, b. June 22, 1821, d. June 14, 
1882, widow of Rev. Andrew Jackson Webster, 
iv Samuel Dwight^ Holmon, b. Apr. 12, 1810; d. Spring- 
field, Sept. 8, 1854 ; m. Apr. 20, 1842, Nancy Brain- 
ard, b. Haddam, Conn., May, 1817, d. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Feb. 8, 1 891, dau. of Joseph and Margaret (Ste- 
venson or Stevens) Brainard. 
V Sophia^ Holman, b. May 15, 1812; d. July 18, 1812. 
vi Abigail^ Holman, b. Dec. 7, 1813; d. Newton, Mass., 
Sept. 23, 1879; m. Springfield, Feb. 14, 1838, Otis 
Childs, b. Springfield, Mar. 19, 181 1, d. Newton, 
Jan. 16, 1899, son of Joshua and Susan (King) 

Digitized by 



571 vii Edwin^ Holman, b. Aug. 13, 1816; d. Dec. 8, 1903; m. 
Sarah Elizabeth Hemenway. 

571 Edwin^ Holman (Polly* Warriner, Solomon,* Miriam* 
Parsons, Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), born in Wilmington, Vt., 
Aug. 13, 1816, died in Southport, Conn., Dec. 8, 1903. He mar- 
ried in Suffield, Conn., June 10, 1845, Sarah Elizabeth Hemen- 
way, bom in Wareham, Mass., Mar. 12, 1824, died in Southport, 
Aug. 22, 1909, dau. of Rev. Daniel and Mary (Adams) Hemen- 
Children of Edwin^ and Sarah Elizabeth (Hemenway) 
Holman, all bom in Newton, Mass.: 
i Charles Edwin* Holman, b. Oct. 28, 1846; m. at New- 
ton, Mass., Sept. 28, 1876, Jane Elizabeth Blair, b. at 
Amesbury, Mass., Apr. 10, 1853, dau. of Geoi^e and 
Mary Ann (Lowry) Blair. Children, bom at Cam- 
bridge, Mass.: (i) Mary Elizabeth* Holman, b. 
Dec. 29, 1878, unm; (2) George Edwin" Holman, b. 
Apr. 25, 1881, d. at Arlington, Mass., Mar. 14, 1909. 
li Mary Abby* Holman, b. May 6, 1848; m. at Newton, 
Mass., June 30, 1870, Elmore Albert Kent, b. Suf- 
field, Conn., Oct. 21, 1836, d. Ithaca, N. Y., Jan. 4, 
1890, son of Albert and Lucinda (Gillett) Kent 
Children of Elmore Albert and Mary Abby* (Hol- 
man) Kent: (i) A son, b. July 26, 1871, d. July 27, 
1871 ; (2) Norton Adams" Kent, b. N. Y. City, July 
28, 1873, I"- Salem, Mass., Mar. 27, 1906, Margaret 
Crowinshield, b. Marblehead, Mass., Aug. 19, 1882, 
dau. of Edward and Rebecca (Faelton) Crowin- 
shield; (3) Albert Emmett" Kent, b. N. Y. City, Jan. 
20, 1876, unm. 
iii Rev. William Henry* Holman, b. Jan. 19, 1852; grad- 
uated Harvard College 1875, Union Theological 
Seminary, N. Y. City, 1877, and was ordained pastor 
of the Congregational Church, Southport, Conn., 
June 12, 1878, where he has remained to this date 
(1912). He married (i) at Newton, Mass., Nov. 21. 

Digitized by 



1877, Mary Elizabeth Warner, b. Nov. lo, 1851, d. 
Newton, June 22, 1879, dau. of Dea. John and Re- 
becca Warner. He married (2) at Newton, Mass., 
July 21, 1880, Clara Ershine Colburn, b. Milford, 
Mass., May 31, 1856, d. at Southport, Conn., July 31, 
1909, dau. of George D wight and Anna Frances 
(Clement) Colburn. Children of Rev. William 
Henry and Clara Ershine (Colburn) Holman, all 
born in Southport, Conn.: (i) Margaret® Holman, 
b. Apr. 22, 1881, m. at Southport, Oct. 11, 1911, Rob- 
ert Smiley McQelland, b. Decatur, 111., May 5, 1880, 
son of Robert and Melinda (Felgar) McQelland; 
(2) John Adams* Holman, b. Jan. 9, 1883, d. Mar. 
9, 1883; (3) Ruth Colburn* Holman, b. Sept. 26, 
1885, unm. ; (4) Clara Hemenway* Holman, b. Mar. 
i^, 1887, unm. 
iv Alfred Lyman® Holman, b. Dec. 28, 1854; m. at Chi- 
cago, 111., Nov. 25, 1885, Lucy Cecile Woodruff, b. 
East Hartford, Conn., July 28, 1851, dau. of Henry 
Erastus and Almeria Sophia (Hall) Woodruff. Her 
parents having died before she was four years of 
age, she was adopted by her uncle, her mother's 
brother. Rev. E. Edwin Hall, taking the name of 
Hall, by which name she was known until her mar- 
riage. Children of Alfred Lyman and Lucy Cecile 
(Woodruff) Holman, born in Chicago, 111.: (i) Ce- 
cile Alexandrine* Holman, b. Aug. 30, 1886, unm.; 
(2) Doris Elizabeth* Holman, b. July 10, 1888, unm. 

572 (74a) Mercy** Parsons (Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. Feb. 19, 1733-34, at Wilbraham, Mass. She was gen- 
erally known as Mary and died Mar. 10, 1818, and was buried in 
the "North Yard" Ludlow, Mass. The headstone has the follow- 
ing inscription: 

"In Memory of Mrs. Mary Sikes, wife of Mr. Abner Sikes, who 
died March 16, 1818. Aet. 85 years. By faith in Christ I left 
this stage." 

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She married Abner Sikes (Benjamin,* Increase," Increase,* 
Richard*) Jan. 13, 1757. She was a member of Mr. Breck's 
Qiurch at Springfield until 1766, when she was dismissed to the 
Belchertown Church. Abner* Sikes was bom Oct. 12, 1729. He 
was a member of the first Board of Selectmen of Ludlow, Mass., 
and continued a member for twelve years. He died at Ludlow 
Jan. 24, 1800, and was buried in the "North Yard." This inscrip- 
tion is on the headstone : 

"In Memory of Mr. Abner Sikes, who died Jan. 24, 1800, in 
the 70th year of his age. 

Our age to seventy years are set. 
And not but few who to them get." 

Children of Abner* and Mercy* (Parsons) Sikes: 
i Mercy* Sikes, b. Oct. 24, 1757. 

ii Abner* Sikes, b. Sept. 22, 1759. He was a soldier in 

the Revolution, a private in Capt. Reuben 

Co., Col. Nicholas Dike's Regt., to Sept 17, 1776. 
Same Co. and Regt. Nov. 26, 1776; also Capt. Aaron 
Graves's Co., Col. David Leonard's Regt., May 8, 
1777, to July 8, 1777; also Capt. Ephraim Chapin's 
Co., Col. Ruggles Woodbridge's Regt., Aug. 12, 
1777, to Nov. 30, 1777. Under General Gates in 
Northern Dept. His niece, Mrs. Pamelia Sikes 
Worsley, said he died at Valley Forge in the winter 
of 1777-78. 

iii Experience* Sikes, b. Sept. 22, 1759 (twin of Abner). 

573 IV Increase* Sikes, b. Sept. 5, 1761 ; d. Jan. 17, 1837; m. 

(i) Sally Sikes. He m. (2) Lucy Wright, b. Nov. 

14, 1785. 
iv Pliny* Sikes, b. Dec. 22, 1764, at Ludlow, Mass. He 
was town clerk 1793 and 1797. Was Selectman one 
year, and Assessor seven years. He married and 
had children: Zenas,^ b. 1791 ; Orrin,^ b. 1792; 
Arna,^ b. 1795, and Lucinda,^ b. 1796. He removed 
to Westhampton, Mass. 

574 vi Lois* Sikes, b. Sept. 10, 1767; m. Joseph Read, 
vii Zenas* Sikes, b. May 12, 1773. 

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573 Increase* Sixes (Mercy'* Parsons, Aaron,* Daniel," Jo- 
seph,* Joseph^), b. at Ludlow, Mass., Sept. 5, 1761 ; bapt. at 
Springfield, Mass., Oct. 18, 1761. He m. (i) his cousin, Sally 
Sikes (no children). He m. (2) about 1804, Lucy, dau. of Dan- 
iel Wright, of Springfield. He was Assessor of Ludlow for six 
years, Town Qerk 1800 to 1808, and Representative to the Gen- 
eral Court 1807. He served as a private soldier, Sept. to Dec., 
1778, in Capt. Stebbins's Co., Col. Sparhawk's Regt., when seven- 
teen years old. He died Jan. 17, 1837, at Ludlow, Mass. His 
widow married a Mr. Pease, of Granby, Mass., and died Sept. 
6, 1851. 

Children of Increase* and Lucv (Wright) Sikes: 
i Abner^ Sikes, b. 1805; m. and had children, Jerome,* 
Lucy* and others. He lived several years in Pelham. 

575 ii Lusina^ Sikes, b. 1807 ; m. Aaron Cooley. 

576 iii Pamelia^ Sikes, b. 1809; m. Joseph Worsley. 
iv Sophia^ Sikes, b. 1812; d. in infancy. 

V William^ Sikes, b. Nov. 18, 1814, at Roxbury, Mass. 

He m. (i) and had three children: George,* 

m. Viola Gasper ; Flora,* who m. Rochif f and 

had five children, and Georgiana.* He married (2) 
Almedia Samantha Kellogg and had several children 
by this marriage. He died at Geneva, 111., Oct. 10, 
vi Sophia^ Sikes, b. 1816; d. unm. 

577 vii Wealthy^ Sikes, b. Sept. 2, 1820; m. Julius T. Alex- 

viii DanieF Sikes, b. June 7, 1823. He went to sea and have 
no further record of him. 

578 ix Edwin^ Sikes, b. Dec. 7, 1827; m. June Fuller. 

574 Lois* Sikes (Mercy* Parsons, Aaron,* Daniel,* Joseph,* 
Joseph^), b. Sept. 10, 1767, and married May 26, 1803, Joseph 
Read, his 2d wife. 

Children of Joseph and Lois* (Sikes) Read: 
i William^ Read, b. June i, 1804. He m. and had sev- 

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eral children, and d. at Crystal Lake, 111., 1903, over 

99 years of age. 
ii Lucilla^ Read, b. Apr. 14, 1806. 
iii Louisa' Read, b. Nov. 21, 1808. 

575 Lusina' Sikes (Increase,* Mercy* Parsons, Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 1807. She married Aaron Coolcy 
and removed to Batavia, 111., about 1838. 

Children of Aaron and Lusina' (Sikes) Cooley: 

i Oscar* Cooley, b. ; m., but had no children. He 

was killed in battle at Vicksburg during the Civil 

ii Emerson* Cooley, b. ; was married twice. Chil- 
dren by 2d wife, Ellen,® Sarah Lusina* and Oscar 

iii Ellen* Cooley, b. ; m. Hugh Milton Alexander. 

Children, Charles,* Hugh* and Mary.* 

iv Jane* Cooley, b. ; m. and had no children. • 

V Edward* Cooley, d. unm. 

576 Pameua' Sikes (Increase,* Mercy* Parsons, Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 1809. She married Joseph Worsley 
and about 1838 removed to Batavia, 111. She died May i, 1907, 
aged 98. She was a member of the Daughters of the Revolution. 
She was a "Real Daughter." 

Children of Joseph and Pamelia^ (Sikes) Wgrsley: 

i Joseph^ Worsley, b. ^. He was a soldier in the 

Civil War; married and had children, 
ii Elizabeth* Worsley, m. Charles White and had children, 
iii Lucy* Worsley, d. unm. 

iv Mary Ann* Worsley, m. Small and had children. 

v Oliver* Worsley, m. and had two daughters, 
vi Infant, died. 

577 Wealthy' Sikes (Increase,* Mercy* Parsons, Aaron,* 
Daniel,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Sept. 2, 1820. She moved to Ba- 
tavia, 111., with her sisters about 1838, where she married Nov. 

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28, 1839, Julius Tozer Alexander, b. Sept. 2, 1814, d. Jan. 22, 
1889. She died Feb. 12, 1903, at Geneva, 111., and was buried in 
the old burying ground with her husband and infant son. 
Children of Julius Tozer and Wealthy^ (Sikes) Alex- 
ander : 
i H, W.* Alexander, b. Sept. 3, 1840; d. Nov. 20, 1840. 

579 ii Edward Wright® Alexander, b. Apr. 6, 1842. 

580 iii Hugh Byron® Alexander, b. Jan. 29, 1847. 

578 Edwin^ Sikes (Increase,® Mercy® Parsons, Aaron,* Dan- 
iel,^ Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Dec. 7, 1827, at Ludlow, Mass., and 
moved to Illinois about 1850. He is a veteran of the Civil War 
and a "Real Son" of the Revolution. At the last account of him 
he was living at Newton, Kan. He married Jane Fuller. 

Children of Edwin^ and Jane (Fuller) Sikes: 

i Bertha® Sikes, b. about 1853 ; m. — McBride. They 

have one son. 

ii Ernest® Sikes, b. ; m. 

iii Elmer® Sikes, b. ; m. and has children. 

(There are other children, but have now no record of them.) 

579 Edward Wright® Alexander (Wealthy^ Sikes, In- 
crease,® Mercy® Parsons, Aaron,* Daniel,® Joseph,^ Joseph^), bom 
at Geneva, 111., Apr. 6, 1842. He entered the Civil War when 18 
years old and served through the war. He has been Superin- 
tendent of Mails at the Philadelphia, Pa., Postoffice over thirty 
years. He married Dec. 25, 1870, Ellen McComas, who died at 
Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1909, leaving one child. 

Child of Edward Wright® and Ellen (McComas) Alex- 
ander : 
i Mabel® Alexander, b. at Chicago, 111., Nov. 18, 1871. 
She married Edgar Macfarran, at Philadelphia, and 
they have a daughter, Mabel^® Macfarran, b. ^ . 

580 HuGU Byron® Alexander (Wealthy^ Sikes, Increase,® 
Mercy® Parsons, Aaron,* Daniel,® Joseph,* Joseph*), b. at Geneva, 
111., Jan, 29, 1847. He is a graduate of the University of Mich- 

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igan, class of 1869, and is a Civil Engineer at Geneva, IIL He 
married Nov. 2, 1880, Jessie Sloan King, b. Nov. 2, 1859, dau. of 
Rev. Victor M. King. 

Children of Hugh Byron* and Jfssie Sloan (King) 
Alexander : 
i Ethel* Alexander, b. Aug. 10, 1881, unm. 
ii Adeline* Alexander, b. Sept. 20, 1882 ; m. Aug. 7, 191 1, 

E. B. Stephenson, 
iii Margaret* Alexander, b. Dec. 2, 1888, unm. 
iv Helen* Alexander, b. Feb. 13, 1896. 
V Julius King* Alexander, b. Jan. 24, 1895. 

581 (59) Erastus* Parsons (Eliphalet,* Elihu,* Capt, Ebe- 
nezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. Feb. 20, 1789; m. Oct., 181 5, Jen- 
nette Hepburn. 

Children of Erastus* and Jennbtte (Hepburn) Parsons, 
bom in Broom County, N. Y. : 

582 i Lewis Eliphalet,^ b. Apr. 28, 1817; m. Jane Chrisman. 

583 ii Fanny Jennette,^ b. May 17, 1819; m. Seth Merrill 


582 Hon. Lewis Eliphalbt^ Parsons (Erastus,* Eliphalet,' 
Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Josq)h*), b. in Broom Co., N. Y., 
Apr. 28, 181 7; d. at Talledega, Ala., June 8, 1895. He came to 
Alabama in 1840 and was a prominent lawyer at Talledega. He 
served several terms in the Alabama L^slature, was a Whig in 
politics before the Civil War, and supported Douglas for Pres- 
ident in i860, hoping that in case of his election the war could 
be averted. He was appointed Provisional Governor of Alabama 
by President Johnson in 1865, and was elected to the U. S. Senate 
in 1866, but due to the opposition of Johnson's reconstruction 
policy was never allowed to take his seat. He m. Jane Chris- 
man (see sketch on prior page). 

Children of Lewis Eliphalet' and Jane (Chrisman) 
Parsons : 
i George W.,' b. 1842, is a lawyer in Talledega, Fla. 
ii Jane,* b. 1844; d. 1892 ; m. Samuel Toole. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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584 iii Lewis £.,^ b. 1846; m. Kate Kelly, Jan., 1872. 
iv Erastus J.,* b. 1848; d. 1881. 

V Joseph H.,® b. 1852. 

vi Jessie,® b. 1854; d. 1900; m. James Stevenson. 

585 vii Celia,® b. 1856; d. 1910; m. Dr. Harry Boswell. 

583 Fanny Jennette^ Parsons (Erastus,* Eliphalet,'^ Elihu,* 
Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. May 17, 1819, in Broom 
County, N. Y. She m. Sept. 20, 1841, Setli Aferrill Gates, G>n- 
gressman and anti-slavery leader long prior to the Civil War. 
Children of Seth Merrill and Fanny Jennette^ (Parsons) 

Gates : 
i Sarah Newman* Gates, b. July 21, 1842, at LeRoy, 
N. Y.; d. May 23, 1865, unm. 

586 ii Eliza Jennette* Gates, b. Nov. i, 1845, at Warsaw, 

N. Y.;m. William J. Milne. 

587 iii Merrill Edwards" Gates, b. Apr. 6, 1848; m. Mary C. 

iv Erastus Parsons® Gates, b. Apr. 16, 1850, at Warsaw, 
N. Y.; m. 1877, Helen Ray, at Hudson, Wis. He 
was a banker and investor at Minneapolis, Minn., 
and Pasadena, Cal. They have a daughter, Geor- 
giana Parsons* Gates, b. at Minneapolis, 1893; m. 
191 1 Raymond Boilean Mixsell, M. D. 

V Lewis Edwards® Gates, b. Mar. 23, i860, at Warsaw, 

N. Y. Graduated Harvard Collie 1884. Instructor 
at Harvard 1884-1887. Studied in Germany, France 
and England 1887- 1890. Instructor and Assistant 
Professor in English in Harvard 1890-1901. Is 
author of several books. 

584 Lewis E." Parsons (Lewis Eliphalet,^ Erastus,* Eliph- 
alet,» Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,» Joseph,' Joseph*), b. 1846 in Talle- 
dega, Ala. He was a prominent lawyer in Birmingham, Ala., and 
was U. S. District Attorney for the northern district of Ala- 
bama 1888 to 1892, and is now (1912) living in retirement at 
Wetumpka, Ala., being an invalid. He m. Jan., 1872, Kate Kelly. 

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458 the parsons family 

Children of Lewis E.® and Kate (Kelly) Parsons: 
i Margaret,^ b. Dec., 1873; m. Dr. WiUiam B. Saffold 

of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
ii James Kelly ,• b. Feb., 1877. He was educated at the 
U. S. Military Academy at West Point, N. Y., and 
is a Captain in the U. S. Army. He nu Volinda Hen- 
derson, of Columbus, Ohio, 
iii Erastus J.,* b. Apr., 1880; is a lawyer in New York City. 
He formerly resided in Montgomery, Ala. ; was ap- 
pointed by President Roosevelt U. S. District Attor- 
ney in 1905, when 25 years of age, and served until 

585 Celia* Parsons (Lewis Eliphalet,^ Erastus,* Eliphalet,' 
Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 1856; d. 1910; m. 
Dr. Harry Boswell. 

Children of Dr. Harry and Celia* (Parsons) Boswell: 
i Celia* Boswell, b. . 

ii Mary Jane* Boswell, b. 

586 Eliza Jennette* Gates (Fanny Jennette^ Parsons, Eras- 
tus,* Eliphalet,* Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. 
Nov. I, 1845, at Warsaw, N. Y. She married 1872, William J. 
Milne, now (1912) President of the State Normal College, Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

Children of William J. and Eliza Jennette* (Gates) 

Milne : 
i William E.* Milne, b. 1873, at Geneseo, N. Y. Is a 

lawyer New York City, 
ii Ruth* Milne, b. 1876, at Geneseo, N. Y.; m. 191 1 
Frank Hawley Ward, of Rochester, N. Y. 

587 Merrill EIdwards* Gates (Fanny Jennette' Parsons, 
Erastus,* Eliphalet,* Elihu,* Capt. Ebenezer,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. at Warsaw, N. Y., Apr. 6, 1848. Graduated at University of 
Rochester, N. Y., 1870. Was Principal of the Albany Boys' 
Academy 1870-1882. Degree of LL. D. Princeton and Rochester 

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AI»>ENDA 459 

1882, Columbia 1891, William 1893. L. H. D. Columbia 1888. 
President of Rutgcr's College, New Brunswick, N. J., 1882- 1890. 
President Amherst College 1890-1899. President American Mis- 
sionary Association 1892-1898. Member of U. S. Board of In- 
dian Commissioners since 1884. Chairman of the said board 1890- 
1899. Secretary of said board 1899-1911. He married 1873 Mary 
C, dau. of Hon. William S. Bishop, of Rochester, N. Y., and now 
(191 2) resides in Washington, D. C. 

Children of Merrill Edwards® and Mary C. (Bishop) Gates, 
bom at Albany, N. Y. : 
i Merrill Edwards* Gates, Jr., b. Feb. 2, 1874. Is a 
lawyer in New York City; m. 1908, Mary Underbill, 
dau. of William H. S. Wood, Esq., of N. Y. City, 
ii Rev. William Bishop* Gates, b. Sept. 14, 1875; was 
assistant minister West End Presbyterian Church 
N. Y. City 1902 to 1906; pastor Wells Memorial 
Church Brooklyn, N. Y., since May, 1906. 
iii Margaret J.* Gates, b. May 14, 1877 ; authoress. 

588 (218) Edward^ Parsons (Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. 
John,' Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Mar. 14, 1797, d. Apr. 6, 1874; m. 
Jan. I, 1828, Clementina, b. July 24, 1802, dau. of Peleg Cheney 
and Patty (Coy) James, of Brimfield, Mass. He resided at 
Northampton until 1830, when he moved to Brecksville, Ohio, 
and in 1831 to Cleveland, and in the autumn of the same year to 
Brimfield, Ohio, where he lived until 1868, when he came to 
Kent, Ohio. He was a contractor and builder in Massachusetts 
and farmer in Ohio, and the postmaster for eight years at Brim- 
field, Ohio. 

Children of Edward^ and Clementina (Janes) Parsons: 
i Edward Augustus,* b. Jan. 25, 1829, at Northampton ; 
m. Sept. 25, 1853, at Brimfield, Ohio, Mary Jane, 
dau. of Freeman and Amelia (Lincoln) Underwood, 
of Kent, Ohio. He was a commission merchant and 
now (191 2) resides at Kent, Ohio. 
589 ii Timothy Graves,' b. Sept. 17, 1832 ; m. Eleanor Maria 

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590 iii Harriet Janes/ b. June 24, 1835 » i"* Sherman Marshall 


591 iv Martha Kingsley,' b. Apr. i, 1838; m. George Wash- 

ington Crouse. 

592 V William Cheney/ b. Feb. 19, 1841 ; m. Sarah Day Sey- 


593 vi Qementina/ b. Sept. 30, 1843; ™* Charles Harrison 


589 (360) Timothy Graves* Parsons (Edward/ Moses/ 
Moses/ Moses/ Lieut. John/ Joseph/ Joseph*), b. Sept. 17, 1832, 
at Brimfield, Ohio. He m. Dec. 12, 1866, at Brimfidd, Ohio, 
Eleanor Maria, b. June 10, 1839, at Brimfield, dau. of Henry and 
Susan (Hall) Sawyer, of Kent, Ohio. In 1853 he went to Cali- 
fornia and returned in 1859. He enlisted, Sept., 1861, in the 42d 
Regt., Ohio Vols., and was in the Quartermaster's Dept. during 
the war. Since 187 1 has been in the lumber business at Kent, 

Children of Timothy Graves* and Eleanor Maria 
(Sawyer) Parsons: 

594 i Edward Sawyer,* b. Sept. 25, 1867 ; m. Jennie Wolcott. 
ii Frederick,* b. July 25, 1870; d. Sept. 25, 1870. 

595 iii John Timothy,* b. Feb. 18, 1872; m. Blanch Widde- 

iv Susie 0.,» b. Feb. 10, 1875; d. Dec. i, 1881. 
V Dwight Lowell,* b. Aug. 25, 1880; m. Oct. 16, 1905, 
Edna Kittelburger, b. Feb. 14, 1880. 

590 (360a) Harriet Janes* Parsons ( Edward,' Moses,* 
Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), b. June 24, 1835, 
at Brimfield, Ohio, d. Oct. 2, 1876, at Richwood, Ohio. She m. 
Apr. 3, 1857, Sherman Marshall, son of James and Betsey 
(Avery) Blake, of Brimfield, Ohio, who d. Feb. 11, 1884, at 

Children of Sherman Marshall and Harriet Janes* 
(Parsons) Blake: 
i Frank Sumner* Blake, b. Dec. 6, 1857, at Suffield, 
Ohio; d. Sept. 17, 1862. 

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ii William Burnes* Blake, b. Jan. 25, 1859, ^tt Suffidd, 
Ohio; d. Sept. 18, 1862. 

iii Bessie Adaline* Blake, b. Apr. 12, 1862, at Suffield, 
Ohio. Educated in the public schools of Richwood, 
Ohio, graduating with class of 1881. She m. Jan. 
25, 1882, at Richwood, Ohio, James Edgar, son of 
James Dixon and Algelaine (Wood) Robinson. 
They had one child, Hallie Fay^® Robinson, b. Oct. 
24, 1882, at Richwood, Ohio, d. Aug. 5, 1901, at 
Delaware, Ohio. 

iv Sumner Bumes* Blake, b. Jan. 23, 1864, at Brimfield, 
Ohio ; d. June 8, 1878, at Richwood, Ohio. 

V Grace Percy" Blake, b. May 11, 1866, at Brimfield, 
Ohio. Educated in the public schools of Richwood, 
Ohio, and later took a course in nursing in a Phila- 
delphia, Pa., hospital, and followed her profession in 
Philadelphia and New Haven, Conn., until her mar- 
riage, July 8, 1901, at Buffalo, N. Y., to Emmet Ros- 
well Cooke. 

vi Charles Henry® Blake, b. Sept. 8, 1870, at Brimfield, 
Ohio. Educated at the Kent, Ohio, schools, and at a 
business college in Qeveland, Ohio, and since youth 
has been better known as Harry Parsons Blake. He 
is a salesman for the Ritter Lumber Co. and lives in 
East Cleveland, Ohio. He m. Oct. 4, 1899, at Cleve- 
land, Florence Belle, dau. of Alexander and Carrie 
(Thompson) Smith, of Cleveland. Children of 
Charles Henry* and Florence Belle (Smith) Blake: 
(i) Dorothy Parsons^® Blake, b. Apr. 8, 1901, E. 
Qeveland, Ohio; (2) Mary Katharine^^ Blake, b. 
May 7, 1907, E. Cleveland, Ohio. 

vii Sylvia Parsons* Blake, b. May 5, 1873, at Brimfield, 
Ohio. Educated and graduated at the schools at 
Kent, Ohio. After teaching several years, was four 
years at the Woman's Medical College at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., where she graduated in 1897. She spent 
about three years in hospital practice in Philadelphia, 

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and expected to go to India in Foreign Mission work, 
but failing health prevented. During the past eleven 
years she has spent much time in the Southern States, 
as health permitted. 

591 (360b) Martha Kingsley* Parsons (Edward/ Moses,' 
Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John," Joseph,' Joseph^), b. Apr. i, 1838, 
at Brimfield, Ohio, d. Feb., 1905. She m. Oct. 18, 1859, ^^ Kent, 
Ohio, George Washington, b. Nov. 23, 1832, in Tallmadge, Sum- 
mit Co., Ohio, son of George and Margaret Harvey (Robison) 
Grouse, of Greene, Summit Co., Ohio. He was Auditor of Sum- 
mit Co. 1858 to 1863, and Treasurer 1863. He enlisted May i, 
1864, in Co. F., 164th Ohio Vols., and was a Lieutenant in that 
Co. At the close of the war he became engaged in manufacture 
at Akron, Ohio. He was elected to the State Senate 1885, and 
was elected U. S. Congressman from Ohio 1887, serving to 1889. 
For many years was President of the City National Bank of 
Akron, Ohio. He was a philanthropist, a trustee of Buchtell Col- 
lege, and for many years Warden of St. Paul's Church and 
Senior Warden at the time of his death, Jan. 5, 191 2. 

Children of George Washington and Martha Kingsley* 
(Parsons) Grouse, all born at Akron, Ohio: 

596 i Martha Parsons* Grouse, b. May 21, 1863; m. (i) 

Robert Warren Green. She m. (2) Dr. Thomas 

597 ii Julia Munson*^ Grouse, b. Dec. 19, 1866; m. Horace 

Milton Houser. 

598 iii Mary Robison® Grouse, b. Mar. i8, 1869; m. David 

Marshall Mason. 

599 iv Nellie Janes® Grouse, b. May 21, 1872; m. Samuel 

Emlen Carpenter. 
V George William* Grouse, b. Sept. 7, 1877 ; m. Nov. 14, 
1900, Elizabeth Kingsbury Alden, dau. of Isaac 
Carey and Emma (Gifford) Alden. He was edu- 
cated at Yale College, and is a manufacturer at 
Akron, Ohio. They have one child, George W.*** 
Grouse, Jr. 

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592 (361) William Cheney® Parsons (Edward,^ Moses,* 
Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Feb. 19, 1841, 
at Brimficld, Ohio. He m. Dec. 31, 1868, at Hudson, Ohio, 
Sarah Day, b. Nov. 30, 1845, dau. of Prof. Nathan Perkins and 
Elizabeth (Day) Seymour. Elizabeth Day was a daughter of the 
late Judge Thomas Day, of Hartford, Conn. Mr. Parsons grad- 
uated at the Western Reserve Collie, Hudson, Ohio, 1863. He 
taught school a year and then enlisted in Battery E, Ohio Artil- 
lery, and remained until the close of the war (10 months). He 
was for two years Tutor in the Western Reserve College and 
later was engaged in manufactures with the Buckeye Mower and 
Reaper Co., at Akron, Ohio. 

Children of William Cheney* and Sarah Day (Seymour) 

Parsons : 
i Katharine Seymour,® b. Feb. 27, 1870, at Akron, Ohio. 

ii William Edward,* b. June 19, 1872, at Akron, Ohio; 
m. Aug. 21, 191 1, Myra Louise, dau. of Franklin and 
Mary (Crosby) Matthews. He graduated at Yale 
College, B. A. 1895, and at Columbia University, 
N. Y. City, in Architecture, 1897. He studied at 
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1898 to 1901. Honor- 
ary degree B. F. A. Yale 1905. Since 1905 has filled 
the position of Consulting Architect to the Philip- 
pine Government, at Manila. 

iii Harriet Day," b. July 17, 1876. 

iv Sarah Seymour,® b. Aug. 27, 1880; d. Sept. 8, 1880. 

V Charles Seymour,® b. Feb. 4, 1882. Graduated B. A. 
Yale 1905; d. at Pittsburgh, Pa., May 18, 1909. 

vi Robert Day,® b. Aug. 21, 1885. Graduated at Carnegie 
Technical School 1908. Since then with the Dia- 
mond Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio. 

593 (361a) Clementina* Parsons (Edward,^ Moses,' 
Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 30, 1843, 
at Brimfield, Ohio. She m. July 2, 1867, at Kent, Ohio, Charles 
Harrison, b. Aug. 9, 1839, at East Windsor, Conn., son of Henry 
and Emily Terry (Osborn) Barber, of East Windsor, Conn. He 

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was Corporal in the 25th Regt., Conn. Vols., and lost an arm in 
battle at Port Hudson June 14, 1863. He d. at Kent, Ohio, Mar. 
26, 1904. 

Children of Charles Harrison and Clementina* (Parsons) 
Barber, all bom at Kent, Ohio : 

600 i William Henry* Barber, b. Oct. 15, 1868; m. Luzetta 

May Clark. 

ii Edward Parsons' Barber, b. Apr. 27, 1874. Educated 
at Western Reserve College, Hudson, Ohio, and 
Adelbert College, Cleveland. He served in the Span- 
ish-American War, in Cuba, as Sergeant Major 8th 
Ohio Vols. Inft., and for two years in the Philippines, 
as 2d Lieutenant 45th U. S. Vols. He has resided at 
Merida, Yucatan, since 1901. He m. Feb. 17, 1906, 
at Merida, Graziella, b. Aug. 12, 1883, dau. of Don 
Augustin and Cristina (Millett) Vales. 

iii Charles Nelson* Barber, b. July 26, 1876; d. Nov. 8, 

601 iv Clementina Janes® Barber, b. Mar. 3, 1879 ; m. Harrison 

Robert Hall. 
V Frank Warren* Barber, b. Dec. 7, 1882. Educated at 
Kent High School; m. June 2Ty i^fyj^ at Kent, Ohio, 
Blanch, b. Oct. 28, 1883, at Patterson, N. J., dau. of 
O. J. and Martha J. Walker. Is insurance agent at 
Kent, Ohio, 
vi Arthur Osbom* Barber, b. Sept. 21, 1884. Educated at 
Kent High School and Western Reserve College. 
Entered U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., 
Sept., 1902. He was drowned while swimming in 
the Severn River, May, 19, 1903. 

594 Edward Sawyer* Parsons (Timothy Graves,* Edward,' 
Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), b. Sept. 
25, 1857, at Kent, Ohio. He m. Feb. 12, 1889, Jennie Wolcott. 
b. May 14, 1870. 

Digitized by 



ChileȣN of Edward Sawyer* and Jennie (Wolcott) 
i Dorothy Rosamond,*® b. June 19, 1892. 
ii Helen Irene/" b. Feb. 20, 1896. 
iii Edward Wolcott," b. Sept. 27, 1900. 

595 John Timothy* Parsons (Timothy Graves,' Edward,^ 
Moses,* Moses,'^ Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,' Josq)h*), b. Feb. 
18, 1872. He m. Sept. 28, 1904, Blanche Widdecomb, b. June, 

Children of John Timothy* and Blanche (Wim)ecomb) 

Parsons : 
i Elizabeth Blanche,^*^ b. June 14, 1905. 
ii Eleanor Helen,** b. Feb. 20, 1907. 
iii Jack Timothy,** b. May 14, 1910. 

596 Martha Parsons* Crouse (Martha Kingsley* Parsons, 
Edward,^ Moses,* Moses,*^ Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Jo- 
seph*), b. May 21, 1867, at Akron, Ohio; graduated at Smith 
College, Northampton, Mass., 1885. She m. (i) Sept. 15, 1887, 
Dr. Robert Warren Greene, of Providence, R. L, son of Warren 
A. and Anna (Potter) Greene. She m. (2) May 4, 1895, Dr. 
Thomas Parsons, of Rochester, N. Y., son of James W. and Anna 
(Newell) Parsons. 

Children of Dr. Thomas and Martha Parsons* (Crouse) 

Parsons : 
i Martha Kingsley** Parsons, b. Oct. i, 1896; d. Jan. 18, 

ii Thomas Crouse** Parsons, b. Oct. 22, 1897. 

597 Julia Munson* Crouse (Martha Kingsley* Parsons, Ed- 
ward,^ Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Dec. 19, 1866, at Akron, Ohio. She m. Feb. 12, 1896, Horace 
Milton, son of Daniel and Katharine (Lieberling) Houser, of 
Akron, Ohio. Mr. Houser is President of the Akron Cultivator 
Co., Junior Warden of St. Paul's Church, Director of the Na- 
tional City Bank and Secretary of the Ohio Mining and Rail- 
way Co. 

Digitized by 


466 the pabsons family 

Children of Henry Milton and Julia Munson* (Crouse) 

HousER : 
i George Crouse*® Houser, b. Mar. 12, 1898. 
ii Martha Parsons*® Houser, b. Jan. 16, 1902. 

598 Mary Robison* Crouse (Martha Kingsley* Parsons, Ed- 
ward/ Moses,* Moses,' Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Mar. 18, 1869, at Akron, Ohio. Educated at Miss Aiken's 
School at Stamford, Conn., Miss Dana's School, Morristown, 
N. J., and Mr. and Mrs. Cabell's School, Washington, D. C, 
and she traveled extensively in Europe, China and Japan. She 
married, Jan. 26, 1898, at Akron, Ohio, David Marshall Mason, 
of London, England, son of the late Stephen Mason, M. P. for 
Mid-Lanarkshire. He was bom in 1865 in Glasgow, and was 
educated at Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow, at Craigmount private 
school in Edinburgh, Glasgow University and in Germany. His 
business has been manufacturing and finance, and he is now 
(1912) chairman of a large Australian Merchants' Business in 
London, and is also serving his second year as M. P. for 

Children of David Marshall and Mary Robison* (Crouse) 

i Stephen Marshall^® Mason, b. Nov. 19, 1898. 

ii Dorothy Marshall^® Mason, b. Jan. 3, 1900. 

iii Mary Henrietta Crouse^^ Mason, b. Nov. 24, 1901. 

iv Martha Esther Kingsley^* Mason, b. May 18, 1905. 

V George Marshall^® Mason, b. Nov. 17, 1906. 

vi Christina Helen^® Mason, b. Nov. 17, 1906. 

vii Katharine Eadie^® Mason, b. Oct. 27, 1909. 

599 Nellie Janes* Crouse (Martha Kingsley*^ Parsons, Ed- 
ward,^ Moses,* Moses,* Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. May 21, 1872, at Akron, Ohio. She married June 16, 1897, 
Samuel Emlen Carpenter, Harvard College, class 1892, son of 
Emlen Newbold and Hannah (Longstreth) Carpenter, of Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. \ 

Digitized by 



Children of Samuel Emlen and Nellie Janes® (Crouse) 

Carpenter : 
i Emlen Newbold" Carpenter, b. June 23, 1898; d. May 

9, 1899. 
li Samuel Emlen^** Carpenter, b. June 6, 1899. 
iii Edith Kingsley^® Carpenter, b. June 16, 1900. 
iv Eleanor Longstreth^® Carpenter, b. June 16, 1900. 
V Mildred Douglass*" Carpenter, b. Nov. 6, 1901. 

600 William Henry* Barber (Qementina* Parsons, Ed- 
ward,^ Moses,' Moses," Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph*), 
b. Oct. 15, 1868, at Kent, Ohio. He was educated at the Kent 
High School and Cleveland Business College. He married June 
16, 1893, at Jackson Centre, Pa., Luzetta May Qark, b. Feb. 12, 

1868, at Jackson Centre, Pa., dau. of and Catherine Qark. 

He is secretary to the manager of Newburg Steel Plant of Amer- 
ican Steel and Wire Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children of William Henry* and Luzetta May (Clark) 

Barber : 
i Catherine^® Barber, b. June 20, 1894, at Rutland, Vt. 
ii Charles Clark^® Barber, b. Oct. 5, 1899, at Montreal, 

601 Clementina Janes® Barber (Qementina* Parsons, Ed- 
ward,^ Moses,' Moses,** Moses,* Lieut. John,* Joseph,* Joseph^), 
b. Mar. 3, 1879, sit Kent, Ohio. She was educated at the Kent 
High School and Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio. She married 
at Kent, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1900, Harrison Robert, b. Jan. 16, 1868, 
at Mogadore, Ohio, son of Albert Warner and Helen Jane (War- 
ren) Hall. Mr. Hall was educated at Cleveland High School and 
graduated from O. S. W., Columbus, Ohio, as Mining Engineer, 
in 1889. He soon became prominent as an iron manufacturer 
and builder of blast furnaces. He was a member of American 
Institute of Mining Engineers, and for six years had been super- 
intendent of Crane Iron Works of Empire Steel and Iron Co. at 
Catasauqua, Pa. He died Dec. 11, 1911, at German Hospital^ 
Philadelphia, Pa., following a serious operation. 

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468 the pa&sons family 

Children of Harribon Robert and Clementina Janes* 
(Barber) Hall: 
i Helen Warren^* Hall, b. Nov. 25, 1902, at Sault St. 

Marie, Mich, 
ii Harrison Robert" Hall, b. Dec 11, 1909, at Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

602 Thomas' Parsons (Moses,* Moses,*^ Moses,^ Lieut. 
John,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), b. Oct. 16, 1803, d. Nov. 15, 1865, at 
Peru, Mass. He m. Feb. 22, 1825, Maria Elwell, b. July 4, 1804, 
dau. of Malachi and Lydia (Warner) Elwell, of Chesterfield, 

Children of Thomas' and Maria (Elwell) Parsons: 
i Mary Barber,* b. May i, 1826; d. Dec. 5, 1828, at 

Northampton, Mass. 
ii Moses,* b. Feb. 16, 1828, at Northampton, Mass.; m. 
Oct. II, 1854, at Ravenna, Ohio, Lucy A. Osbom. 
Children : (i) Harriet Knight,* b. May 18, 1859, d. 
Jan. 16, 1866; (2) Lena Estella,* b. July 2, 1869, at 
Ravenna, Ohio, 
iii Lorenzo,* b. Jan. 12, 1829; d. Jan. 29, 1830. 
iv Mary Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 10, 1831 ; d. Jan. 29, 1831. 
V Thomas Lorenzo,* b. Aug. 6, 1832, at Brimfield, Ohio; 
m. Nov. 29, 1863, at Ravenna, Ohio, Elizabeth H. 
vi Lydia,* b. Sept. 15, 1834, at Brimfield, Ohio; d. Oct. 

10, 1834. 
vii Pamelia Maria,* b. Oct. 15, 1835; m. Dec. 5, 1853, 

Charles Harmon Hartle. 
viii Lydia Kingsley,* b. Sept. 12, 1837; d. Sept. 2, 1855. 
ix Mary Frances,* b. Jan. 21, 1839; d. Aug. 18, 1867, at 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; m. Nov. 3, 1859, at Middle- 
field, Mass., Henry L. Shumway. 
X Harlan Page,* b. Sept. 28, 1844, at Rootstown, Ohio: 
m. Oct. 27, 1867, Celestia A. McMannus, of Ravenna. 
Ohio. She d. May 22, 1873. 

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Name . . 

Name . 

Name . . 











Pages. . . 



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Name . . 



Name . . 

Name . . 


Name . . 













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Abbey, Georffe, IfiO. 

Phoebe (Parsons), 150. 
Abbott, Adna, 98. 

Bdwln Kinssley. 839. 

Harriet Russell (Parsons), 360, 

Harriet Parsons. 9, 340. 

Hubbard M., 360. 839. 

James Trunabull, 340. 

Jerusha Jane (Nichols), 20e. 

Lucy (Parsons), 93. 

Mary, 71 

Beth, 202. 

Susan Clark, 840. 
Abel. Conrad, 296. 

Dorothy (Parsons), 88. 

Joshua, 88. 
Ackley, Helen Caroline, 218, 810. 
Adams, Abigail, 107, 153, IM. 

Adeline (Cushln^i, 
__. '-- • jr). 



Hannah (Chesley), 

Henry, 146. 

John, 146. 

Rev. John, 163. 

Lydla, 449. 

Mary, 384, 460. 

M. Augusta, 222. 

SamueT 249. 

Sarah Johnson, 180, 248. 
Adamy, Maria, '274. 

Peter, 274. 
Addle. Delia. 178. 
Aiken, Miss, 406. 

Rev. Silas, 120. 

Sophia (Parsons), 120. 
AJden. Elizabeth Kingsbury, 
Emma (Glfford), IbZ. 

Isaac Carey, 462. 

John, 181. 

Hon. John, 340. 

Mary Q., 128, 181. 

Mrs. S. M., 268, 843. 
Alexander, Adeline, 466. 

Charles, 464. 

Edward Wright, 466. 

Ellen (Cooley), 464. 

Ellen (McComas). 466. 

Ethel, 466. 

Helen. 456. 

Hugh, 464. 

Hugh Byron, 466, 466. 

Hugh Milton, 464. 

H. W., 466. 

Jessie Sloan (King), 466. 

Julius King, 466. 

Julius T., 468. 466. 

Mabel, 466. 

Margaret, 466. 

Mary. 464. 

Wealthy (Slkes), 468, 466. 
Alfred, King. 428. 
Alger. Louise, 489. 
Allen, Aaron, 838. 

Aaron Combs, 247, 388. 

Amy, 880, 418. 

Ann Sophia. 20O. 

Aseneth, 87, 122. 

Betty (Parsons). 75. 96, 97. 113. 

Beulah (Clapp), 96. 

Clara Viola (Miller). 291. 377. 

Emory O., 291, 377. 

Elisabeth (Parsons), 75, 96, 97, 113. 

Esther Maude, 377. 

Ethan, 338. 

Hannah (Woodford). 96. 

MaJ. Jonathan. 96. 

Joseph. 75. 96, 113, 200. 

Capt. Joseph, 95, 118. 200. 

Joseph Ethan. 176. 

Josephine. 388. 

JoTOphine Mary (Parsons). 247. 

Mahitable (Parsons). 96. 113. 200. 

Mary Brown. 109. 

Merab (Clapp). 96. 

Rev. Moses, 96. 

Phebe (Goble). 838. 

Phineas. 96. 

Oen. Robert. 264. 

Samuel, 67. 

Samuel P.. 388. 

Dea. Samuel, 96. 

Dea. Samuel, Jr., 95. 

Sarah, 348. 

Sarah (Coryell). 331. 

Sarah (Rust), 96. 

Rev. Solomon, 96. 

Rev. Thomas, 96. 

William S., 331. 
Ailing, Lua. 304. 

Roger, 804. 
Allyn, Margaret (Wyatt), 304. 

Hon. Matthew. 304. 
Alvord, Joseph, 108. 

Lucy, 78. 102. 

Rachel, 168. 
Ambrose, Carrie. 897, 423. 
Ames, Joshua, 163. 

Ann (Parsons), 153. 
Anderson, John, 180. 

Lucy (Parsons), 130. 

Mary A., 287. 
Andre, MaJ., 96. 
Anne, Queen. 427, 428. 
Anthony, Catherine, 182, 188, 277, 280. 

Christopher, 277. 

George, 191. 

Jacob. 277. 

Katherlne (Parsons), 191. 

Maria. 432. 
Arnold. Anna. 340. 

Fannie Russell (Parsons). 253. 340. 

Plorella (Warner). 840. 

Gertrude Smith, 340. 

Grace Carver, 840. 

James, 77. 

Jonathan Warner, 263. 340. 

Tabltha (Parsons), 77. 

William F., 340. 

William Parsons, 340. 
Ashley, Col. Edwin A.. 197. 

Helen. 197. 

Joseph. 49, 62, 76. 

Mary. 59. 

Mary (Parsons), 76. 


Digitized by 





Mary (Glover) Horton. 71 

Mary (Parsons), «. 8, TB. 

Robert, 76. 
Atchlnson. Benoni, Ut. 

Phebe (Farsona), UL 
AUierton, Rev. Rope, 97. 

Sarah, M, 97. 

Sarah (Holllater), 97. 
Atkins, Charles Theodore, S89. 

Cora Isabell (Parsons), WLVB. 

Frederick Cunningham, 808, 888, 

Ruth, 888. 
Atkinson. Doroaa, 81. 

John, n. 

Meroy, 71. 98, 88, 188, 1S7, 188. 180, 
Au^h, Mary, 488. 
AusUn, Anvellne B. (Fitch), HO. 

Benjamin Miller, no. 

Kathertne Emma (Stuart), 810. 

William Gaylord. m, 
Averlll, Sarah Volander, SBB. 818. 
Avery. Amos Lawrence, 288. 

Betsey, 400. 

mien Roslna (Carter), 288. 

Mary Parsons (Upson), 888. 

Cscar Carter, 289. 
Babcock, Ida (Moyer), «9. 

Marlon, 489. 

Susanna, 99. 

Warren. 489. 
Back. Sarah Ann, 280. 
Bacon. Dora Isabelle, 891. 877. 

Bula, 877. 

J. Bdsar, 877. 
Bailey, Hannah (Parsons). 186. 

Joseph S.. 126. 
Baker, Almyra, 218, 811. 

Betsey. 106. 278. 

Jemima, 14L 

John. 278. 

Martha Mary. 189, 278, 274. 

Mary, 89, m, 126. 192. 

Rebecca, 271 

Samuel. 126. 

Sarah (Lanirton), 126. 
Baldwin, C^yrus, 264. 

Lucy, 98. 186. 

Mary. 249. 

Mary J., 166. 

Sarah. 183, 264. 

Sarah (Dorr). 264. 
Ball. Abigail. 64. 74. 

Amelia. Sophia, 178. 

Jane Sophia (Hyde), 178. 

Silas R 173. 
Ballantlnel Alice Carey (Parsons). 

Dr. W. D., 166. 
Bancroft, Samuel, 90. 

Sarah, 77. 99. 

Sarah (White), 100. 
Banfleld^vlce, 261, 847. 

Jane (Hodrhlns). 847. 

John. 847. 

Banks, Gten., 224. 
Banker, Florence Adele, 271, 349. 
Barber. Ada. 486. 

Amanda (Moyer), 486. 

Arthur Osbom, 464. 

Blanch (Walker), 464. 

Catharine, 467. 
Charles (ilark. 467. 

CharlM Barrlson, 282, 480, 468, 464. 

Charles Nelson, 464. 

CHiester, 888. 

Clementina Janes. 464, 487, 40. 

Cnementlna (Parsons). 288, 460, 468. 

Bdward Parsons, 464. 

Saia Terry (Oibome). 288. 468. 

Bmaline. 486. 

Bvelyn Maria (Parsons), 808. 

Frank Warren, 464. 

Oraiiella (Yales), 401 
Ouy A.. 209. 
Henry. 288, 468. 
Hiram, 486. 

Jerusha White. 196. 290. 291. 
JuUa M., 166. 286. 
Lee W., 809. 
Louis. 486. 
U m a L.. 209. 
Lusetta May (Clark), 464, 467. 

Martha (Fowler), 288. 

William Henry. 464, 467. 
Barker, Col.. 434. 
Barnard, Elisabeth. 116. 

Olive Marsh. 218. 810. 

Olive Marsh (Lou«ee). 811. 

Timothy, 81L 
Barnes. Edward A., 489. 

Elisabeth. 489. 

Evallne B.. 400. , 

Hannah, 266. 

Hiram, 116, 164. 

Mary A. TMoyer), 489. 
Bamett, Andrew J.. 209. 

EUsa Ann (Parsons) (Mitchell). 

Samuel D., 209. 
Barnum. Ann BUsa, 187, 20, 262. 

Emily Lycett, 188. 270, 271. 
Barr. Abram, 380. 

Catherine, 860. 

Salome. 272, 360. 
Barron. Delia (Dickinson), 174. 

Eleslus. 174. 

Irene Dickinson, 121. 174. 
Barrows, Esther. 444. 
Bartholomew. Antoinette. 149. 
Bartlett, Abigail (Lyman), 96. 

Elisabeth (Edwards). 64. 70. 

Hannah, 97. 142. 

Leonora Frances. 167, 289. 

Mary, 47. 48. 

Mary (Parsons), 76. 

Phebe, 76, 96, 97, 142. 

Samuel, 46, 48. 

William, 76, 96. 
Bascom, Experience (Parsons), 59. 

Samuel, 69. 
Basford. Jerusha. 449. 

Jonathan, 449. 

Sally (Hlnlns). 449. 
Bass. Ellen uale (Fowler). 867, 406. 

Golda Marietta. 406. 

Mary Ellen. 406. 

William Donald, 406. 

Willis. 351. 406. 
Bassett, Sarah. 192. 
Bast. Jacob, 428. . 
Batctielder. Eunice. 174. 

Digitized by 




Bates. Abtfmfl, 61, 77. 
AUsail (Parsons), 76. 

Samuel, 76. 

Thomas, 448. 
Bats, David, 4S8. 

Magdalena (Best), 4». 
Bayllss, Barbara Peale, 41S. 

Benjamin H., 4U. 

Bertha (Parsons), M4, 412. 

EUen (Blrdseye), 4U. 

Elisabeth Barrett, 4U. 

Harold H., W4, 412. 

William Bradford, 412. 
Beach, Hannah, 188. 

Mary, 888. 

Minnie R.. 184. 
Beamer, Catherine. 119, 168. 
Beardsley, Olive, 884. 
BeatUe, Isabella. 826. 
Beauchamp, Family of, 804. 
Bedford. , 256. 

Janet. 266. 

Martha (Bowman), 266. 
Beebe, David. 184. 

Sarah (Parsons). 184. 
Beech, Richard. 61. 

Beekley. . 431. 

Belden. Electa, 261. 
Beldln£r> Esekiel. 87. 

Mary (Parsons), 87. 
Bell. Isabell Elisabeth, 841. 402. 

Dr. W. R.. 402. 

Mrs. W. R.. 402. 
Bellamy, Dr., 83. 
BelUn^r, Alice (Vrooman), 8S6. 

Qeorge P.. 8S6. 

Rev. Henry. 856. 

Henry P.. 276. 866. 366. 

Maria (Hutton), 366. 

Mary Elizabeth (Parsons), 276, 865, 


Peter H., 356. 

Winona, 356. 
Belt. Emily A, 872, 416. 

Fredericfc, 372. 

Jared, 371. 

John J., 284, 371, 372. 

Josephine. 372. 

Mary (Parsons). 284, 871, 872. 

Mary (Baxton). 371. 

MoUie, 372. 
Bemis, Kate. 296. 
Bennett. Alexander, 310. 

Cardine Eloise (Parsons). 810. 
Bennett. Samuel H. T.. 178. 

Sarah Frances (Parsons), 178. 
Benson, Charles Best, 428. 
Bentley, Amos, 437. 

Benjamin, 437. 

Cora. 437. 

David, 487. 

Dora, 487. 

Edith, 487. 

Ellen (Blass). 487. 

George. 487. 

John. 437. 

Mary, 487. 
Bergen, Elisabeth M., 188, 271. 
Bergh. Irah Chapman (Richardson), 

Xiouis De Coppet, 206. 
Best Family, li; m. 427. 

Ann. 428, la. 
Anna Maria, 429. 
Catharine. 48L 
Catrien, 429. 
Charles, 481. 
Christina, 429. 
Clarissa (Henry), 481. 
Coenradt 489. 
Edward. 429. 
Blisa, 488. 
EUsaUth, 429. 481. 
Eva O^nUer)), 429. 

Fanny (Neville), 481. 

George. 191, 429. 480, 481. 

Capt. George, 427, 428. 

Hannah, &, 432. 

Henry, 481. 

Henry W., 481, 488. 

Hermanns, 429, 480. 

Jacob, 428, 429. 

Jacob Harmen. 429. 

Jacob G., 481. 

James, 428, 481. 

Johannes, 429. 

John, 481. 

John Gteorge, 431. 

Julia, Ann. 481. 

Laney, 481. 

Magdalena, 429. 

Mareitje (Revick). 429. 

Margaret. 481. 

Maria, 480. 

Maria (Mesick), 191, 429. 

Martha, 886, 868. 

Martha (Neville). 481. 

Mary, 182, 191. ttl, 281, 481. 

Marytje (^usick), 429. 

Norman, 431. 

Paul. 428. 

Peter, 429. 

Peter G.. 481. 

Polly, 431. 

Sally, 481. 

Susan, 481. 

Thomas, 428. 

(Beekley). 431. 

Betts, Sarah, 366. 
Blcknell. Alice. 202. 
Bigelow. Clara. 288. 827. 328. 

Hannah (Monroe). 827. 

Col. Payn. 827. 
Billings. Henry W., 263. 

Lucy (Parsons), 70. 

Rev. Edward, 70. 
Bird. Mr.. 33. 
Blrdseye. Ellen. 412. 
Bishop, Mary C. 457, 460. 

Hon. William S., 459. 
Bissau. Goodman. 59. 
Bltterville. Ada May (Parsons). 897. 

George. 397. 
Blackman. Phebe, 828. 
Blair, Col. Frank B., 268. 

George. 460. 

Jane Elisabeth. 460. 

Mary Ann (Lowry), 460. 
Blake, Bessie Adaline, 461. 

Betsey (Avery), 460. 

Charles Henry, 461. 

Dorothy Parsons, 461. 

Florence Belle (Smith). 461. 

Digitized by 




Frank Sumner, 410. 

Orace, 218. 

Grace Percy, 461. 

Harriet Janes (Parsons), JSS, 4S0. 

Harry Parsons, 4S1. 

James, 460. 

Mary Katherine, 46L 

Sylvia Parsons, 461. 

Sherman, Marshall, 261, 460. 

Sumner Bumes, 461. 

William Burnes. 461. 
Blankman. Bllzabeth Wise (Par- 
sons). 174. 

Dr. Henry O., 174. 
Blass, Carrie (Hasen), 417. 

Daniel, 487* 

Ellen, 487. 

Bllsabeth. 487. 

Family. The, 487. 

Jessie, 487. 

John. 496, 487. 

Llbble (Fuller), 487. 

Louis, 487. 

Maria (Moyer), 486, 487. 

Mary. 437. 
Blatner, Marks, 480. 
Bliss, Anna Katherine, 48, M. 

Beuey (Warrlner). 448. 
^ David. 448. 
* Family, The, 40, 44. 

JobD. 46. 

Jonathan, 74. 

Luke. 74, 448. 

Margaret, 44. 

Martha (Parsons). 88. 

Mary, 39. 40. 48, 44, 46, 46, 47, 48, 48, 
63. 68, 448. 

Mary (Wright). 98. 

Pynchon, 448. 

Rachel (Bliss). 448. 

Rachel (Parsons). 69. 

Rhoda (Colton). 448. 

Theodore. 96. 

Thomas, 40, 44. 69. 

William. 98. 
Blunt. Rev. John, 109. 

AblRall Frost, 81. 100, 164. 

Sarah (Frost). 109. 
Boardman. Rev. Charles Parsons, 
271. 349. 

Charles Willis, 848. 

Douglas Leonard, 849. 

Florence Adele JBanker), 271, 849. 

QeoTge B.. 188, 271. 

Helen Maria. 848. 

Helen Maria (Parsons), 188, 271. 

John, 349. 
Bolton. Amanda C, 418. 

Bliza, 803. 

George. 413. 

Maude. 366, 413. 
Bond. Julia, 171. 

Rev. Thomas E.. 196. 
Bonser, Susan. 818. 
Booth, Salome, 141. 
Bostwick. Elixa Porter. 140, 197. 
Boswell, Cella, 468. 

Cella (Parsons), 467, 468. 

Dr. Harry. 467, 468. 

Mary June, 468. 
Bowdoln, Gov., 138. 
Bowen, Adeline Louise, 864. 

Louise, 364. 

Shepherd Pike, 281, 826. 

Susan Harriet (^rsons), 2SU 826. 

Susie Parsons, 826, 40L 

Truman, 864. 
Bowker, Rachel Ann, 12L 

Rachel A., m, 174. 

Eunice (Batchelder), 174. 

Maj. James. 174. 
Bowman. Harlow, 2M. 

Martha, 266. 
Bewne, Cornelia, 188, 266, 848. 

James, 266. 

Phebe (ConkUn), 266. 

Boylston, Mary. 110. 
Boynton, Julia Norton (Parsons), 

Sarah (Morse), 262. 

William, 262. 

William E«dmlnston, 262. 
Bradbury, Clarissa Ann, 164. 

Lucy. 81, 107, 168, 164. 

Bradford, , 81. 

Bradley, Lavlnla, 164. 236. 

Sophia (Webster), 286. 

wrillam, 286. 
Brady, David, 186. 

Fanny, 180. 

Laura, 206. 

Marilla (Parsons), 186. 
Bralnard. Joseph. 449. 

Margaret (Stevens), 449. 

Margaret (Stevenson), 449. 

Nancy, 449. 
Brewer, Frederick A., 174. 

Helen. 807. 

Susan Hooper (Parsons), 174. 
Brewster, Major H. M., 888. 

Minnie. 819, 399. 
Bridgeman, Bbeneser, 68. 

Family, The. 46. 

James, 80, 44, 46. 

Marilla (Parsons), 122. 

Mary, 46. 

Mary (Parsons), 68. 

Mehltable, 84, 112. 

Mahitable (Warner), 112. 

Noah. 112. 

Sarah. 44, 46. 

Dr. William, 122. 
Briggs. Fidelia. 202. 
Brinsmade, Ada Qibson (Colton), 

Dorothy Chapln, 807. 

Marjorle Qibson (Hickox). SOL 

James Beebee, 881. 

William Gold, 807. 
Broadnax, Henry, 837. 

May. 246. 387. 
Broadwell. Experience, 87, 122. 

Martin, 122. 

Polly (Steward), 122. 
Brock, Lovey, 110. 
Bronson, Charles. 268. 

Helen A.. 180. 258. 
Brooks. John Adams, 128. 

Lucina (Parsons), 123. 

Nancy Ann (Butler), 123. 

Samuel. 123. 
Brown. Abby Parsons, 223, 319. 

Abby Parsons, 228. 

AbUah, 88. 

Agnes, 821. 

Almira (Parsons). 166. 

Digitized by 




Ann BUmbeth, S88. 

Clarissa, UO. 1<8. 

Daniel, 86. 

Ellsa, 150, 221. 

Emily (Parsons), 156. 

EtSther, 221. 

Hannah, 156. 

Hattie R. (Sturm). S78. 

Jenisha (Parsons) Stone, 85. 

Jonathan, 186, 16B. 

Joseph, 156. 

Mary, 144, 212, 218. 

Phebe (Parsons), 88. 

Sarah, Zl3. 

Lieut. Simon, 221. 

. 872. 

Brownell, David I.. 827. 

Harriet (Leonard), 327. 

Herman L., 826. 

Sylvia Antoinette (Parsons), 826. 
Brownson, Clarissa, 127, 186. 
Bryant, Elisabeth (Parsons), 124. 

ira, 124. 

Lucy Mason (Parsons), 178. 

Nathaniel H., 178. 
Buckeye Mower and Reaper Co., 468. 
Buckingham, Cellna ( h 228. 

Elisabeth, 203. 

J., 86. 

Mercy (Parsons), 86. 
Budd, Dr., 121. 
Bull. Charles M., 388. 

Kate, 296. 888. 

Mary A. (Coles), 383. 
Bullock, Hannah, 217. 315. 
Bunse, Abigail, 62, 78. 
Bunting, Annie Elisabeth, 886. 

Annie Elisabeth, 287. 

Joseph, 386. 

Margaret (Porter). 386. 
Buntline. Ned, 299. 
Bumham. Ann Jennette, 144. - 

Asa, 168. 

Betsey, 163. 

Lydia (Parsons), 163. 

Paul. m. 

Sally (Weymouth). 163. 

Sarah. 67. 
Bumslde, Qen., 336. 
Burr, Esther. 193. 

Helen, 331, 401. 402. 
Burrlll. Capt. S. C, 12L 

Susan Graves (Persons), 121. 
Burritt. Sarah. 100. 
Burt. Deborah Schuvler, 408. 

Dea. Ebenezer. 238. 

Capt. Qideon, 126. 

Henry M.. 11, 403. 

Naomi (Clark). 233. 

Roxanna, 161, 283. 

Sylvia, 326. 

— , 42. 
Burton, Lydia, 260. 

Mary Elisabeth. 388. 
Burgoyne. Glen.. 90. 121, 442. 
Bush. Jane. 146. 

Martha Ann, 158. 226. 
Butler. Qen, B F.. 271. 

Nancy Ann. 128. 

William A.. Jr., 144. 

Col. Zebulon, 139. 
Byers, Charlotte Mary (Davis). 384. 

Dr. John, 886. 

John A.. 884, 886. 

Kate Elisabeth. 286, 884. 

Cabell, Mr.. 466. 

Mrs., 466. 
Oadweil. Eunice. 98, 132, 198, 277. 280. 
Cady. Artemus Stoyell, 188. 

Bonlta Markell, 887. 

Emily Edwards, 301. 887. 

Frances. 387. 

Fronia (Harris), 301. 

Dr. George Marvin, 801. 

(George Parsons. 202. 300. 

Junia (Parsons). 143. 201. 802, 801. 

Henry Markell. 801. 387. 

Hope (Sennet). 301, 887. 

Kathryne Edwards (Markell). 202» 

Margaret Junia, 801. 

MarTorle Marsh, 802. 

Mary (Murphy), 301, 387. 

Mary Abigail Parsons. 183. 

Mary E. TGoodrich), 202. 301« 

Minnie. 387. 

Monroe Marsh. 202, 301. 

Nancy Keller, 802. 

Nicholas. 202. 

Susan (Pnitt), 202. 800. 

William. 143. 2(U. 

William Dwight. 202, 801. 

William Fred, 387. 

William Fred, 301, 386, 387. 

Winifred Louise, 800. 
Calais, Lucy (Chobert), 373. 

Mary Adele, 286, 373. 

Remy. 378. 
Calamanc. 41. 
Calderwood, Andrew. 488. 

Ella (Walker). 488. 
Callender. Flora, 265. 
Camp. Abraham, 76. 

Alice A. (Parsons). 212. 

Howard A., 212. 

Martha (Parsons). 76. 

Phebe, 76. 

Rhoda, 149. 

Samuel, 76. 

Sophronia. 100. 
Campbell. Col. Samuel. 282. 
Carlton, Ellen Marion. 268. 346. 
Carpenter. Edith Kingsley. 467. 

Eleanor Longstreth. 467. 

Bmlen Newbold, 467. 

Emlen Newbold. 466. 

Fanny. 180. 

Hannah (Longstreth), 406. 

Mildred Douglass, 467. 

Nellie Janes (Crouse). 462, 466, 467. 

Samuel Emlen, 462, 406, 467. 
Carroll, Eloise. 338. 
Carson. Robert William, 800. 

Roberta Virginia. 201, 300. 

Eugenia (Charlotte Constantia 
Phebe (Durkee). 800. 
Carter. MaJ. A. J.. 404. 

Carrie Baker, 860. 404. 

Ellen Rosina. 239. 

Helen Llspenard (Webb). 243. 

Lawrence AveriUe, 248. 

Mary Frances, 404. 
Center. Maria, 448. 

Hannah. 94. 
Chamberlain. Addison, 190. 

Digitized by 




Ann Amelia (Panons), 1». 

Aurella lUbtcea. IM. 

George R., m. 

Mary Ann (Parsons), M. 
Champney. Hattle, 906, 2M. 909. 
Chaptn. Aseneth (Allen)r?7, 192. 

Clara, 399, 989, 400. 

Edward, 199. 

Dea. Harvey, 109. 

Miriam (Parsons), 94. 

Capt. Enoch. 94. 

Capt. Ephndm, 469. 

Esther, 447. 

Persls (Paivons), 158. 

Phllena, 199. 
Chapman, Abigail (Pratt), 978. 

John, 97S. 

Lydla, 149. 

Maria, 189, 979. 
CHiappel. Frances Catherine, 199, 199, 

Charles I. ^]^*> W. 

Charles 11, 99. 

Charles, Delphlne, 206, 906. 

Henry J., 906. 

Maria (Whltmarsh). 806. 
Chase, Anna, 108. 
^ Chief Justice, 942. 

Lucinda, 998. 
^ Sally (Giles). 919. 

Samuel. 219. 

Sarah Ayer, 156, 919. 
Chauncey, Blihu, 77. 

Mary. 88. 

Rev. Nathaniel, 59, 61, 75. 

Sarah, 61. 

Sarah, 77. 
Cheever, Grace, 192. 
Cheney, Matilda. 368. 364. 
Chesley, Hannah, 163. 

Isaac B.. 106. 

Lucy (Parsons), 166. 
Chldsey, Frederick Grout, 969, 348. 

Frederick Parsons, 848. 

Helen Parsons. 348. 

Mary Ludna CParsons), 262, 348. 
Cbilds, Aaron, 175. 

Abigail (Holman). 448. 

Benjamin, 124. 

Deacon, 69. 

Francis, 247. 

Josephine Mary, 177, 247. 

Joshua, 449. 

Lucy (Ward), 175. 

Martha. 123, 175. 

Mary, 247. 

Otis. 449. 

Rachel (Parsons) Bliss, 69. 

Sarah (Parsons), 124. 

Sarah Hasey. 124, 178. 

Susan (King), 449. 
Chlpman. Elizabeth (Hull). 75, 94, 96. 

Ellen, 146. 

Hannah (Stone). 146. 

Stephen John, 146. 

Chobert, Lucy, 878. 
Chrlsman, Jane, 466. 

Jane, 114. 
ChriHtie, Mary (Parsons), 196. 

Robert, 196. 
Church, Caroline Miranda (Par- 
sons), 168. 

William Fuller, 168. 

ChurchlU, Mary Sylvester. Ifi. 

Clapp. 'Achsah (Parsons), 906. 
Anna I^ulse (Pratt). 394. 
Augustus Merrill, 909. 
Bessie Pomeroy, 394. 
Beulah. 96. 
Dorothy. 86w 
B.. 76. 

Egbert Irving, 906. 
Egbert L. 39C 
Elisabeth. 989. 
Elisabeth Hart. 909. 
Emma Louise. 906. 
Emma Louise (Clapp). 908 
Francis. 906. 
Hannah. 64, 67. 
Hannah. 83. 
Helen Ellsa. 906. 
Helen Pomeroy, 906. 
Jonathan. 96. 
Joseph Lyman. 209. 
Lucy (Pomeroy). 147, 308 
Lucy Pomeroy, 908. 
Lula Jeffrles,209. 
Luther, 147. 906. 
Luther Hart. 90S. 
Lvdla (Parsons), 76. 

Mehftable, 61, 77. 
Phebe (Blackman), 323. 
Preserved, 67, 77. 
Rachel (Parsons), 75. 
Reverend, 67. 
Samuel, 68. 
Samuel, 84. 
Sarah (Parsons), 64. 
Sarah (Newberry), 67. 
Supply, 76. 
Thaddeus. 906. 
Thaddeus. 909. 
Thankful (King), 68. 
Thomas, 323. 


Vyllys wa _ 

Clark, Abel Hitchens, 926. 

WyTlys wamer, 906. 

Abigail (Parsons), 66. S7. 

Dea. Alexander. 200. 

Amelia (Ray), 260. 

Anna, 157. 

Betsey (Foote). 449. 

Betsey (Seeley), 225. 

Caleb, 70. 

Calvin, 102. 

Caroline. 449. 

Catherine. 250. 467. 

Clarissa (Parsons), 126. 

Charles, 190. 

Charles Mitchell. 260. 

Clara M., 224. 

Deborah (Robinson). 20O. 

Delia A.. 173. 243. 

Dolly. 142, 200. 

Dorothy, 84, 113. 

En>enezer, 66. * 

Edwin, 200. 

Elijah, 101. 102. 

Eliza, 389. 

Elisabeth (Parsons), 196. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 101. 102 

Elizabeth (White), 159. 

Elsa (Savoe). 9B0. 

Emma, 86. 

Digitized by 




Eatle (Warren), 161. 

Esther, 112. 161. 

Esther Warren (Parsons), 200. 

Eunice, 161. 

Fanny (Parsons), 12&. 

Oldeon. 161. 

Hannah, 68, 83, 91. 

Hannah (Paraona). 70. 

Hannah (jatltn, 88. 

Harriet, 243. 

Hhram, 243. 

Howell, 128. 

Irene, 88. 

Ithamar, 83. 

James, 125. 

Jedediah, 89. 

Jemima, 88. 

Jerusha, 161. 

Joel, 118. 

Joseph C. 111. 

Dea. Joslah, 126. 

Justin, 126. 

Kate, 407. 

Laura (Parsons), 200. 

Lucy (Parsons), 89, 102. 

Luther, 200. 

Luxetta May, 464, 467. 

Lydla, 97, 148, 178, 204. 

Mandana A.. 124, 181. 

Marietta (Parsons), 198. 

Martha, 161. 

Mary, 49. 62, 92, 126. 

Mary (Baker), 126. 

Miriam, 142. 

Moses, 76. 

Nancy, 167, 226. 

Nancy parsons), 180, 260. 

Naomi, 288. 

Nathaniel, 62, 83. 

Oliver, 96. 

Phebe (Parsons), 96. 

Phlneas, 169. 

Rebecca, 88, 111, 158. 

Sally, 120. 

Sarah, 49. 

Sarah (Parsons), 76, 200. 

Sarah (Jones) Parsons, 83. 

Sidney L., 180, 260. 

Sidney Williams, 250. 

Rev. Solomon, 42. 

Submit, 112, 159. 

Susan Tyler, 250. 

MaJ. William, 449. 

, U, 467. 

Clarke. Hattle Smith, 203. 808. 

Louisa (Smith), 803. 

Sarah, 58. 

Sarah (Holton), 68. 

Thaddeus, 303. 

Lieut. William, 58. 

, 128. 

Clary. Perses M., 188. 196. 
Clausen. Mr., 430. 
Clement, Anna Frances, 451. 
Cleveland, Hannah (Parsons), 92. 

Nehemlah, 92. 
Clifford, Arthur. 262, 848. 

Charles Parsons, 848. 

John H., 848. 

Kate Eugenia (Parsons), 262, 848. 

Sarah (Allen), 348. 
Clinton, DeWltt. 434. 
Clough. Ambrose, 194, 288. 

Frank Miller, 292. 

Llzsle Charlotte, 292. 

Theododa (Parsons), 194, 282. 
Clouse, Lillian A., 807. 
Clute, Andrew, 488. 

Elisabeth (Moyer). 488. 
Cobum, Catherine, 179. 
Coe. Aaron. 77. 

Abigail (Curtis), 100. 

Annie, 78, 100. 

Catherine, 96, 140, 141. 

Charles w., 195. 

Dr.. 188, 196. 

Family, 59. 

John. 140. 

Joseph, 100. 

Phebe, 96. 

MaUlda P. (Parsons), 138, 195. 

Mercy, 96, 140. 

Phebe (Parsons), 77. 

Samuel Sage, 196. 
Colburn, Anna Frances (Clament), 

Clara Ershlne, 451. 

Edmund, 12L 

Gteorae Dwisht, 461. 

Penelope Graves (Parsons), 121. 
Colby, Eleanor L., 188, 195. 
Cole, Ann Elisa, 1767246. 

Ann Eliaa, 176. 

Catherine (Duncan), 880. 

Elisabeth, 847, 848. 

Garnet Green, 246. 

Harriet Walton (Payne). 246. 

Ida May, 287, 380. 

Joseph M., 2l4. 

Judaon E., 880. 

Julia Electa (Parsons), 214. 
Coleman, Rev. EUphalet, 226. 

Sarah, 157, 285. 

Sarah. 225. 
Coles, Mary A.. 388. 
Collins. Horace Alonzo, 159. 

Lovlnla, 199, 286. 

Lovlnla, 199. 

Mary Ann (Parsons), 159. 
Colton, Ablflrail (Parsons), 49. 

Ada Gibson, 807. 

Arthur Willis. 807. 

Evelyn. 307, 891. 

Rev. George, 806. 

George BenJamln, 867. 

George William, 307. 

Col. George, 204. 

Helen (Brewer), 307. 

John, 49. 

Laura Marple, 807. 

Lewis, 307. 

Lillian A. (Clouse), 307. 

LucreUa Hoyt, 143. 204. 

Lucretla (Liovelii), 204. 

Lucy (Cowles), 306. 

Lucy Parsons (Gibson), 207, 306. 

Mabel, 807. 

Nabby (Warrlner), 448. 

OUs, 448. 

Rhoda, 448. 

Sally, 447. 

Rev. Willis Strong, 207, 306, 807. 

, 7. 

Colville, Alice C, 862. 
Ann (Maxwell). 862. 

Digitized by 




Oeorve 8^ IB. 
Oeor^o w., sn, m. 

Jessie 8.» S62. 

John R., 862. 

Joseph B., S62. 

Julia B. (Baflre), 271, H2. 

Marsaret M^ 862. 

Marie E., 86l 

Robert W., 862. 
Cone. Alice T.. 2«. 

Charles 8^ 187. 

Eleanor (Parsons), 101, 102. 

Eltsha. 101, 102. 

Ellxa Jane Lord (Parsons), 240. 

Elisabeth Lyon, 240. 

Oeorge, 248. 

Isaac Newton. 240. 

Jennie P.. 248. 

Lucy Ann (Parsons), 187. 

Mary B.. 248. 

Zacharlah, 248. 
Confrer. Avnes (Dunham), 414. 

Charles Parsons, 414. 

Dunham Ford. 415. 

Grace Elisabeth (Parsons), 8?0, 

John Vrooman. 415. 

John W. B., 890. 414. 

Walter M.. 414. 
Conklin. Phebe, 266. 
Connell. Catherine, 877. 

Elisabeth, 287. 877. 

John. 877. 
Connor. Abraham, 168. 

Mary Ann Wallle (Parsons), 166. 
Con over, EHsabeth Reeve, 887. 

Hannah D.. 176, 244. 

Junia Parsons (Cady). 801, 887. 

Lydla (Montgomery), 244. 

Marjorie Marsh, 887. 

Reeve. 801, 887. 

Samuel T.. 244. 
Cook. Capt. Aaron, 60, 92. 

Bandus. 441. 

Caspar, 441. 

Caspar, Jr., 441. 

Cella Ann. 273. 

Daniel. 443, 444. 

David. 444. 

Elisabeth, 49. 60. 61, 92. 278. 

Elizabeth. 436. 486, 442, 448. 

Emma, 210. 

Esther (Barrows). 444. 

Family. 11. 441. 

Hannah, 444. 

Henry, 444. 

Henry David, 448. 

Johannes, 441. 

John. 443. 

Mabel. 808, 889. 

Mareraret, 444. 

Maria (Mumbrue). 444. 

Maria, 444. 

Mary, 61. 

Mary Ann (Eaman). 444. 

Peter, 443. 444. 

Capt. Rudolph. 441. 

Sally. 444. 

, 806. 

Severinus. 278. 486. 441, 442, 441 
Cooke. Emmett Roswell, 461. 

arace Percy (Blake), 46L 

Cooley, Aaron, 468, 464. 

Abiflfiftil, 64, 70. 

Ensign Benjamin, 71. 

Edward, 464. 

Ellen, 464. 

Emerson, 464. 

Jane, 464. 

Lieut. Joseph, 70. 

Luslna (Sikes), 468, 464. 

Mary (Oris wold), 71. 

Noah, 148. 

Oscar. 464. 

Oscar Emerson, 464. 

Sablna, 448. 

Sarah I^asina, 464. 

Sophronia (Parsons), 148. 

Thomas, 268. 
Coon, Mary, 180. 
Cooper. Asariah, 832. 

Charles I., 882. 

Elisabeth (Best). 429. 

John, 480. 

Leonora Elisabeth (Parsons), SSI 

Lucy (Qebhart), 881 

Martin T.. 428. 

Sarah. 68. 

Thomas, 68. 
Copeland, Rachel, 281 

, 11, 129. 188. 

Copley. Dorothy (Parsons), 161 

Horace, 162. 
Copp. Abigail Blake, 217, 311 
Corbln. AusUn, 367. 

Daniel, 276, 357. 

Edna. 867. 408. 

Julia A. (Parsons) (Lowry), 276. 

Katherlne, 219. 818. 
Cornwall, Annie, 100. 
Comwallls, Gen., 130. 
Coryell. Martha, 166, 2S8, 381. 

Sarah. 331. 
Cothren. Charles F., 278, 861. 361 

Christiann (Mackle). 8S1. 

James W., 861. 

James W., 861 

Julia Sage. 858. 

Mary A. (Sage). 273. 361, 862. 
Cottell. Lydia. 201. 
Counlel, Alice Elnora (Parsons). 88L 

Austin G.. 419. 

Graeme Harold. 419. 

William C. 381. 411 
Courtney. Rachel. 176. 
Covey. Alice May, 821 

Charles Lucius. 328. 

Ida Loella (Parsons), 234. 828. 

John, 234. 328. 

Loella Ida, 828. 

Lucius Philetus, 328. 

Merton Truman, 328. 

Truman George. 828. 
Cowles. Amy (Parsons), 87. 

Lucy. 801 

Moses, 87. 

Rachel, 167. 
Coy, Ann Blssell (Parsons), 127. 

Josiah, m. 

Patty, 469. 

Cox, Minerva ( h 166. 

Crafts. Chester. 214. 

Mary Ann. 150, 214. 

Digitized by 




CragiD, Bllxa (Parsons), 166. 

Jacob. 156. 
Grain, Col. John, 133. 
Cram, Mary Jane, 154, 218, 817. 
Crane, Anne (Parsons), 101, 102. 

Henry, 61. 

Mr., 101, 102. 
CTromwell, Oliver, 28, 428. 
Crosby, llenry. 296. 

Rev. Dr. Howard, 862. 

Kate Hall (Hayden). 296. 

Lydla Graves, 141. 198. 

Marv, 463. 

Nellie, 341. 

Rachel O., 249. 
Crosley, A. T., 337. 

A. T., Jr., 337. 

Lydla (Johnson), 337. 
Cross, Sarah Angeline, 337. 
Croswell. Mary Bmma (Parsons), 

Rev. Mlcah. 175. 
Oouley, Elisabeth, 196, 294. 
Crouse, Elizabeth Kingsbury (Al- 
den), 462. 

Qeorge, 232, 462. 

George Washington. 232, 460. 462. 

George Washington, Jr., 462. 

George William, 462. 

Julia Munson, 462, 466, 466. 

Margaret Harvey (Robinson), 282, 

Martha Kingsley (Parsons). 282, 
460 462 

Martha Parsons. 462, 466. 

May Robison, 462, 466. 

Nellie Janes, 462. 466, 467. 
Crowell, Grace Melva, 878. 
Crowinshield. Edward, 460. 

Margaret. 460. 

Rebecca (Fall ton). 460. 
Crumley. James. 404. 

Isabella, 404. 

Mar{?aret Jean, 361, 404. 
Cunningham. Anna Loretta (Par- 
sons), 287. 

George W.. 287. 
Curran. M. D.. 170. 

Mary Elizabeth. 244. 

Michael Devereaux. 836. 

Susan G. (Parsons). 170. 

Sunan Graves (Parsons). 336. 
Curtis. Abigail. 100. 

Elizabeth. 184. 269. 

Elizabeth (Smith). 269. 

Nathaniel. 259. 

Caroline Augusta (Pratt), 824. 

Ellen S.. 251. 

Robert W.. 324. 

Sidney B.. 824. 
Cushing. Adeline. 248. 
Cutler. Esquire. 23. 

Dailey. Hannah. 162. 
Daley. Rose L., 296. 
Dal ton. Joseph, 166. 

Polly Dow (Psrsons), 156. 
Damm. Elizabeth, 806. 390, 881. 

Richard, 390. 
Dava, Miss. 466. 
Danforth, Flavel, 188. 

Harriet (Parsons), 168. 
Daniel, Joseph L., 261. 

Darling, Benjamin, 806. 
Bofltock Jason, 806. 
Carlos Mason, 889. 
Carlos Parsons, U. 804. 
Chloe (Marsh), 204. 
Delphine (Charles), 206, 806. 
Denice, 205. 
Edith Meta. 806, 390. 
Elizabeth (Damon). 806, 890, 881. 
Ellen Maria (Perkins). 306. 
Elta Naomi. 390. 
Emmeline Gibson, 206, 304. 
Eunice, 391. 

Hannah Mary (Webb). 206. 
Hannah (Francis), 205. 
Horace Madison. 206. 
Horace Mason, 306, 388, 390. 
Horace Valpeau, 390. 
Julia Lavilla (Day). 206, 804. 
Katherlne Hoagland (Kuhl), 306. 

389, 390. 
Dr. Lewis, 146, 204, 206. 304, 306. 
Dr. Lewis. Jr.. 205, 206. 304. 
Lewis Arland, 389. 
Lewis Edward. 306, 390, 881. 
Lewis Gibson. 206. 
Lucy D.. 806. 390. 
Lucy Blason (Parsons), 146, 204. 

Lucy M. (Parsons), 304, 806. 

Luke Parsons, 206. 

Marguerite Lindsley, 889. 

Mehltable (White), 206. 

Molly (James), 205. 

Orland Lewis. 304, 389. 

Otis Luke. 205. 

Rachel (White). 206. 

Rue Bowman (Lindsley), 804, 888. 

fleth. 204. 

Thomas, 204. 

Thomas Valpeau. 206. 806. 

Waldo Pomeroy. 389. 

Walter William, 304. 
Darrah Elizabeth, 187. 268. 
Davenport. John, 334. 
Davies. Rev. David Robert, 864, 406 

Hannah Belle (Parsons). 354. 406. 

Jessie Meredith. 311, 892, 883. 

William James, 406. 
Davis, Charles Howard. 244, 386. 

Charles Howard. 336. 

Charlotte Mary, 884. 

Colcut, 88. 

Elizabeth Dudley. 339. 

Ella (Parsons). 249. 889. 

Frank, 281. 

George Hubbard. 249, 389. 

(3eorge Hubbard. Jr., 839. 

Hannah E.. 336. 

Hannah (Parsons), 142. 

Harriet. 392. 

Jerusha (Parsons), 88. 

John Meredith. 392. 

Joseph Jefferson, 336. 

Luther. 142. 

Penelope Morse (Parsons), 244, 886. 

Polly. 123. 

Sarah. 361. 

Sarah Holt (Parsons). 281. 
Day, Amelia (Doty). 804. 

(5arloB C, 804. 

Elizabeth. 826, 468. 

Eirastus, 804. 

Digitized by 




Julia LavUla, 906. SM. 

Lavllla rWoodniff), 804. 

May Luke. 1J6, m, 138. 

Robert, 8M. 

Jud8:e Thomas, 488. 
Dayharsh, Charlotte (Parsons), 184. 

John, 184. 
Dayton, Julia Parker, 107. 
Dean, Elisabeth (Hamilton), 87L 

Joshua, 871. 

Sarah J., 284, 871. 
Dearborn, Abindl, 106. 

Benjamin, 106. 

J. J., 88. 

Sarah S.. 106. 

Sarah (Pickering), lOT, 164. 
Decatur, Ann Pine, 166, 228. 

Susan, 166, tt t^, 98. 
Decker, (}atrien (Best), 429. 

Florence, 294. 

Jacob, 429. 
Dederlck, Anna Christina Dietrlchin, 

Catharine, 429. 

Levi, 288. 

Mary Catherine (Parsons), 288. 
Delight, BUzabeth, 287. 880. 
De Long. Bertha May (Powell), 871, 

Charles Edward, 415. 

John Edward, 871, 416. 

Mary (McBrtde). 416. 

Paul Raymond. 415. 

Peter, 416. 
Dempster, Mella, 283, 370. 
Dennis, AUce. 437. 
Deswead, Nannie V.. 296. 
Dewey, Betsey (Parsons), 142. 

Elijah. 142. 
Dibble, Ann. 139. 

Aurelia, 139. 
Dickinson, Anna (Parsons). 86. 

Delia, 174. 

Esther Cornelia (Parsons), 288. 

Harvey, 283. 

Helen EUsa, 194, 292. 

Jonathan, 86. 

Luther Fuller, 238. 

Mary (Spahawk). 283. 
Diefendorf. Almira. 288. 

Benjamin, 282. 

Catherine, 288. 

Catherine (Failing). 282. 

Clarissa, 288. 

Daniel. 282. 

Elizabeth, 191. 282. 288. 

Ephraim, 288. 

George, 282. 

Giles, 283. 

John. 282. 

John Jacob. 282. 

John Wesley. 283. 

Jonas, 282. 

Joslah. 288. 

Lany, 288. 

Lucy Ann, 282. 

Maria, 283. 

Sally Ann. 288. 

Sallie A., 192, 282. 

William, 282, 283. 

Rev. William. 282. 
DIeskan, Baron, 93. 
Dike. Col. Nicholas. 462. 

Disraeli, 20. 

Doekstader, Berdaley, 3GS. 

Elisabeth 8. (Hutton). 275. 8B. 
Dodge, Pearl M., 888. 
Donnel, Amelia (HeglnB). 306. 

Hon. Charles (iobm, 306w 

Mary, 207. 
Dorkius, Ann Jane, 166. 
Dorr, Joseph. 138. 

MaUldaJParsons). 122. 

Sarah, 264. 

Thomas, 188. 
Doty, Amelia, 804. 

Edward. 304. 
Doubleday, Charles Albert. 18SL 

Harriet (3ould (Parsons). 182. 

Douglas, , 466l 

Dow, James, 110. 

Mary (Parsons), 110. 

Patty, UO, 166. 

Richard F., 166. 

Sarah A., 156, 223. 

Susan (Parsons), 108. 
Dralce, , 47. 

Abigail, 107, 163. 

Anna Seavey (Parsons), 1S5. 

Rev. Benjamin Bradner. 199. 

Colton W., 1B6. 

John, 156. 

Martha (Parsons), 155. 

Melinda (Parsons), 196. 
Draper, Mary (Sturm), 372. 

. 372. 

Drew, Mary Alice, 410. 
Dudley, Charlotte Sargent, V». 

(3ov., 53. 

Harriet. 88& 

Lucy (Saunders), 109. 

Mary (Baldwin), 249. 

Mary Elisabeth, 180. 2«. 

Col. Paul, 109. 

Russell. 249. 
Duncan, Catherine. 330. 
Dunham, Agnes, 414. 

I>r. George D.. 231. 

Sarah Holt (Parsons) (Davis), SI 

Dunkle, , 439. 

Dunn, Sarah Ann. 73. 
Dupee, Gtertrude, 249. 
Durand, Florence. 342. 
Durfee, C. D., 206. . 

Lucy Pomeroy (Clapp), 206. 
Durkee. Eugenia Charlotte Constas- 

tia Phebe. 300. 
Dutton, Ashley, 75. 

Thankful (Parsons), 75. 
Dwight, Edward Foote, 219. 

Eunice, 121. 

Capt. Henry. 128. 

Justus. 122. 

Jonathan, 122. 

Josiah, 72. 

May Eddy (Parsons). 219. 

Sarah. 122. 

Eagles. Elisabeth Bacon (Parsons). 

William Bamfatber. 806. 
Eaman. Mary Ann, 444. 
Earle. Nettie. 303. 388. 
Fiason, Mrs^ 806. 

Charles, 206. 
Easton. Mary, 144. 

Digitized by 




Elasterle, Ursula, 290. 

Sccleston, Eva v. A. (Parsons), 847. 

Reginald Murray, 847. 
Kckler, Catherine, 439. 
Kddy, Junius, 219. 

Louisa Maria (Pratt). 219. 

Sarah, 868. 

Sarah Elisabeth, 156. 219, 818. 
Edgerton, Edward E., 299. 

Harriet Ann (Parsons), 299. 
Bd wards, Adeline (Garrlsh). 178. 

Benjamin. 75. 

Daniel, 89. 

Dorcas (Parsons), 89. 

Elizabeth, 64, 70. 
- Frances Eliza (Parsons). 262. 

Rev. Jonathan. 77, 84. 97. 114. 

Julia Maria. 187. 268, 269. 

Luther, 248. 

Margaret, 141. 

Mindwell, 66, 75. 

Mr., 23. 

Nathaniel. 141. 

Oliver. 89. 

Rachel (Searle). 248. 

Rachel Corlnthla. 179. 248. 

Rachel (Parsons). 89. 

Ruth. 84. 

Sarah C. 96, 141. 

Sarah, 69. 

Sarah. 84, 114, 115. 

Sarah Green, 187, 268, 269. 

Susan Jane (Parsons), 172. 

Thankful (Strong), 199. 

Thankful, 142. iS, 199. 

Timothy, 89, 199. 

William EusUs, 173. 

William Pltzhugh, 282. 

William Scott, 172. 
Flggleston, Amanda. 117, 164. 

Mary (Webster), 164. 

Nathaniel. 164. 
Eldredge, Mary, 114, 162. 
Eldrldge. Andrew. 439. 

Barrabas. 436, 438. 

Catherine (Eckler). 439. 

Catherine (Moyer), 436. 438. 

Clinton, 436, 438. 

David, 480. 

Eliza (Best), 488. 

Elizabeth, 488. 

Orace Greenwood, 489. 

Henry M., 439. 

James P.. 439. 

Leroy, 431. 

Louise ^Iger), 439. 

Lucy, 172. 

Margaret (Best), 481. 

Mary (Augh). &, 

Nancy. ^ 486. 

Odllon B., 489. 

Sarah E., 489. 

Seward, 488. 

Susan (Best), 431. 
Theodocia, 486. 488. 
Wadswortb. 489. 

(Dunkle), 489. 

Elizabeth, Queen, M. 
Elliott, Adallne (Flatt), 256. 
Causten, 266. 
Robert, 266. 
Ellis, Angeline Minerva, 866. 407, 408. 
Henry, 407. 

Kate (Clark), 407. 
Elsewlck. Sallie. 291. 878. 
Elsworth, Calvin, 182. 

Dolly (Lovejoy), 182. 

Letltia. 126, 180. 
Elton, Phebe (Parsons), 100. 

Hecle G., 100. 
Elwell, Amarlah, 299. 

Lydla (Warner), 232. 

Lydla cWamerj, 468, 

Malachl, 232, 468. 

Maria, 161, 232. 468. 

Sarah Edwards (Parsons). 299. 

Susan. 290. 
Fly, Elizabeth, 447. 

Esther (Chapln), 447. 

Rev. Dr. Ezra Stiles. 242. 

Jonathan. 447. 
Kmbree. Blanch, 326. 
Emerson. Annie. 223. 

Elizabeth Usher (Parsons), 106. 

Ella Bi.. 328. 

Capt. Luther. 108. 
Engell, Sarah. 191. 276, 276. 
Ernst, Elizabeth Lee, 285, 329. 

Elizabeth Lee, 329. 

Evans, Fanny, 177. 

H. Clay, 434. 

Henrietta Knight, 173. 

Joseph. 866. 

Margaret. 356. 

Mary Ann (Knight). 173. 

Mary Ellen f^eal). ITT. 

Sarah. 275, 856. 

William Leroy, 177. 
Face, Angelique, 368. 

John M., 8SB. 
Faelton, Rebecca, 460. 
Falling, Catherine, 282. 
Fairfield, Emily, 167. 

George, 167. 

Mary C, 167. 

Rosanna, 86, 118. 119. 
Fales, Betsey (Smith), 397. 

Charles, 397. 

Emma Thurston, 366, 397. 
Fall, Mary Elizabeth, 172. 
Farmer, Cornelia Howard (McEl- 

roy), 298, 882. 

Cynthia Maria, 207, 307. 308. 

Deborah, 307. 

Forrls. 807. 


Helen, 882. 

Joel Frederica, 293, 382. 

Lawrence, 882. 

Margaret, 382. 

Murray, 882. 
Farnum, David, 436. 

Harriet, 486. 

Theodocia (Moyer). 486. 
Favllle, Asa, 409. 

Genevieve, 360, 400. 

Helen (Smith), 409. 
Faxon, Cfordelia, 276, 357. 

Abigail, 141. 

Joseph Holland, 357. 

Nelly (McNaughton). 357. 

Thomas. 357. 
Fay, Abby Louise Parker, 176. 246. 

Abigail (Tufts), 246. 

George WiUard, 170. 

Digitized by 




Gtoorge W.. M6. 

Mary EUiabeth. 170. 

Rebecca Ann (Parsons), 170. 

WilUam Budd. 170. 
Fayette, Margaret Annie. IM. tm, 

Felnui, Mellnda, 4BL 
Fellows, Mellnda Flske (Parsons), 

. 164. 

Ferguson, BUen Frances (Plank), 

Lyman Peck, 414. 

Minnie S., 868, 414. 
Femald, Albert, 22L 

Martha Ann (Parsons), 221. 
Ferris, Mary, 2B0. 
Ferry, Abigail. M. 

Amelia O. (Parsons), 261. 

Charles, 8S. 

E. Uayward, 261. 

Bmlly W., 224. 

Harriet, 261. 

Lois (Parsons), 88. 
Field, Emily B., 268. 

Joanna, 188. 
Fisher, Betsey (Mellen), 241. 

Eliza (Sparks), 334. 

Clara, 2&, 831. 

Dr. Qeorge Washington. 170. 

Dr. James Cogswell, 334. 

Mary. 170. 

Mary (Pleasants), 170. 

Sophia, 241, 834. 
Flske, Edward Parsons, 241. 

Elizabeth, 241. 

Fidelia. 226. 

Harriet Mind well (Parsons), 179. 

Infant, 241. 

James Mellen, 241. 

Rev. John. 241. 

John Percy, 241. 

Nancy. 241. 

Nancy Porter (Parsons). 168, 241. 

Pamelle Coan, 241. 

Pleny. 116. 

Ruth Robey (Tucker), 241. 

Sarah, 86. 116. 

Rev. Warren C, 178. 

Wllllcun. 169. 241. 

William Perry, 241. 
Fitch. Angellne B., 210. 
Fitzhugh. Col.. 884. 
Fletcher. Charlotte, 380. 
Foard, Oen. C. Hezeklah, 197. 
Foard, Sarah Ann. 197. 
Fogg, Elizabeth (Parsons), 67. 

Rev. Jeremiah. 67. 
Foland, Henry H., 191. 

Maria (Parsons). 191. 
Ii*oley. Bridget. 118. 167. 
Folsom, Lydla. 82. 
Fonda, Jacob. 433. 

Maria (Moyer). 433. 
Foote, Betsey, 449. 

Louisa Hill (Parsons), 212. 

Lucius H., 212. 
Ford. Abigail. 64. 

Emma R.. 283. 369, 870. 

Milton, 869. 
Foster, Grace (Parsons), 101, 102. 

Hannah. 107. 153. 

Isaac. 101, 102. 

Johnson, 101, 101. 

Margaret (Parsons), 87L 

Bally (Parsons), 101, 108. 

W. F., 87L 
Fowler, Clara Ellen, 404. 

Clarke. 404. 

Doris Ruth. 404. 

Edna (Corbin), 867. 406. < 

Ellen Dale, 861, 406. 

Ernest, 404. 

James WUllam, 861, 404. 

Marietta (Staley), 272. 86L 

Marietta, 404. 

Martha, 288. 

Ned Lw, 367, 406. 

Nettle (Tresellas), 361, 404. 

Raymond Gfeorge, 404. 

William Corbin, 40S. 

William Henry, 272, 861. 
Francis, Dr., 868. 

Hannah, 206. 

Marian, 140. 
Frankhouse. Frances (Piatt), 2E6. 

Joseph, 266. 
Frary, Electa, 86, 116. 

Elisabeth (Barnard), 116. 

Isaac, 62. 

Lydla (Parsons), 62. 

Capt Nathan, 115. 
Fraser. Agnes ^rown), 321. 

Ella Maria (Parsons), 223. 

James, 821. 

John. 228. 

Sarah A., 227, 321. 
Frederick, Barbarossa, 22. 
Freeman, Sarah Ann, 289. 
French, Francis A.. 308. 

Kate Farmer (Gibson), 308. 

Mary, 08. 

Octavla, 167. 
Friend. Mary E.. 218. 
Fries, Agnes, 864, 406. 
Fritcher. Conrad. 281. 

May (Voohrees), 281. 
Frobisher. Martin, 427, 428. 
Frost, Abigail, 100. 
Fualkowslu, Agnes, 424. 
Fuller, Harriet N., 166. 

Jabez, 141. 

Jane. 463, 456. 

Libble. 487. 

Lucy (Gilbert), 14L 

Mahala. 141. 

Ruah. 141. 
Furbish, Annie Merritt (Parsons). 

Capt. Mauran Perry, 174. 

Mauran Irving, 174. 
Garfleld, Pres., 234. 
Garland, Abigail, lU, 156, 221, 222. 223. 

Anna (Parsons). 168. 

Catherine Merrill (Parsons), 154. 

David, 164. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), IIL 

John, lU, 158. 156. 

Miranda (Parsons), 154. 
Garrish. Adeline, 173. 
Gartwell, Eleanor J., 198, 288, 289. 
Gaskill, Catherine Ellen (Staley). 
272, 361. 

Elgi, 86L 

Eugene Stuart, 404. 

Digitized by 




Buffene Stal^, tSl, 401 

Junes* 27S» 861. 

ICarniret Jean (Crumley). 861, 4M. 

Marietta Catherine, 861. 
Oaspar, Viola. 462. 
Oates, Bllsa Jennette, 468. 

Bllsa Jennette, 467. 

Sraatus Pareone, 467. 

Fanny Jennette (Parsons), 466, 467. 

Oen., 1ZL 

Qen., 462. 

QeoiiBlana Parsons, 467. 

Helen (Ray), 467. 

Lewis Edwards. 467. 

Margaret J., 4B^. 

Mary C. (Bishop), 467. 

Mary Underhlll (Wood), 460. 

Merrill Edwards, 467, 468, 460. 

Sarah Newman, 467. 

8eth Merrill, 466, 467. 

Rev. William Bishop, 460. 
Oay, Minnie. 806. 
Oaylord, Addle Louise, 378. 

Anna, 379. 

Augustus S., 892. 

Beulah (Parsons), 199. 

Catherine Pollltt, 878. 

Bdlth, 379. 

Bdward Stevens, 879. 

Bdward Richardson, 194, 29L 

Blbta Street (Parsons). 228. 

Blisabeth, 810. 392. 

Emellne E., 392. 

Emma (Prlndle). 291, 379. 

Fannie Ellsabetn (Warnock), 879. 

Fannie Jane, 879. 

Grace Melva (Crowell), 878. 

Harry Earl, 879. 

Helen, 379. 

Helen Ward, 203. 

Hubbard, 199. 

Jane Adelaide (MUler), 194, 29L 

John Proctor, 291, 878. 

Joseph Arthur, 291, 879. 

Lillian (Kendall), 291, 379. 

Mary Gkyrdon Phillips, 878. 

Mary Jane (Pollet), 291, 878. 

Roswell Smith. 291, 879. 

William. 228. 

William Edward, 878. 

William Edward, 878. . 
Qebhart, Lucy, 332. 
Oeorge. Rebecca, 247. 
Oeyer, David L., 402. 

Frances, 887. 402. 
QibbB, Archibald Chlsholm, 197. 

Eliza Lucretla (Hayden), 197. 

Elisabeth Lamson, 178, 248. 

Helen (Ashley). 197. 

Thomas Hayden. 197. 
Gibson. Abigail (Sanger), 207. 

Ada Sophia, 207, 806. 

Alice, 306. 

Amelia DonneL 806. 

Ann Maria, 128, 177. 

Anna Hinman, 808. 

Charles Donnel. 806. 

Cynthia Maria (Farmer), 207. 307. 

Emmellne Barton, 806. 

Emellne Barton (Parsons), 146, 206, 

Fanny Louise, 306. 

Frank Rlohardson, 806. 

Infant son, 207. 

John Hinman. 806. 

Kate Farmer, 806. 

Lewis Colton, 806. 

Rev. Lewis William, 207, 806. 

Lucy, 806. 

Lucy Parsons, 207, 806, 207. 

Mary Qonnel), 207. 806. 

Mlnnfe (Gay). 806. 

Dr. Otis L., 146, 206. 207. 

OUs WUlard, 207, 807, 806. 

William, 807. 

Willis Colton, 806. 

(Cook), 806. 

Olddlnas. Nancy. 118. 
Glfford, Emma, 462. 
Qlffords, The, 84. 
Gilbert, Ifary, 178. 

Lucy, 141. 
Gilday, Charles, 488. 

James, 488. 

Rose, 488. 

Sarah EUsabeth (Moyer), 488. 
Gile. Sally, 219. 
Gillett, Luclnda, 460. 
Gillette, Biary, 197, 296. 
Ginn, Mary Elixa, 164. 
Glover, Hannah (Parsons), 40. 

Pelatlah, 49, 76. 
Goble. Phebe, 338. 
Godfrey, Luclnda, 486. 
Godfrey of Bouillon, 22. 
Goest, Anna, 289. 

Goffe. , 92. 

Goldsborough, Maryland. 820. 
Gooding, Blrney Francis, 380. 

Charlotte (Fletcher), 880. 

Charlotte Cole, 330. 

Edmund N., 330. 

BUzabeth A. (Sutdlff), 880. 

Elisabeth (Delight). 287. 880. 

Ida May (Cole), m, 880. 

James Gillespie Blrney, 887. 

John Francis, 287, 380. 

John B*rancl8. 880. 

Mary Louise (Parsons), 166, 287. 

May Catherine Pearl, 880. 

Oliver Judson, 330. 

Oliver Perry, 166, 287. 

Ruth. 330. 

William Manuel. 880. 

William O.. 330. 

William Parsons, 287, 330. 
Groodrich, Clementine (Keagy), 888. 

David Parsons. 888. 

Elizabeth Barnard (Parsons), 240, 

Rev. Ellzar. 69. 

Ellzur Tryon. 888. 

Frederick EUizur. 240, 388. 

Harold Beach, 388. 

Jessie (Weir), 333. 

Mary E., 202, 301. 

Mary (Beach), 888. 

Theodora Caroline. 883. 
Oookin. (3en., 48. 
Gtordon, Eliza (Lathers). 406. 

Emma, 813, 406. 

Eugenfa Talba, 176, 247. 

James, 191. 

James Sims, 247. 

Digitized by 




Martha (Partons). 191. 

Mary Peace (Moore), M7. 

Peter, 406. 

Dea. Schuyler, 191. 
Gorham, Blla B., 260. 
Ck>ve, Julia iL. IM, 229. 
Qould. Amy, 70, 87. 

Catherine, 87, 121. 
Orafflin. Helen Ashby (Hayden), 298. 

John Howard, 296. 
Oraham. Agnes, 811. 

Lydla. m. 
Granger, Margaret, 98, 127. 
Grant, Noah, 93. 

Gen N. 8., 93. 286. 267, 288. 

Rev. Percy Stickney, 412. 
Gratiot, Bmily Bdwards (Cady), 801, 

John Hempstead, 887. 

Kathryn Cady, 887. 

William Parsons, 387. 

William Marcy, 301, 887. 
Graves, Capt. Aaron, 462. 

Abigail (Parsons). 89. 

Catherine (Parsons), 86. 

Daniel, 133. 

Dianthe Letitia (Parsons), 182. 

Edward. 86. 

Elam, 169. 

Elisha. 86, 89. 

Elisabeth, 138. 

Emily (Parsons). 161. 

Eunice (Dwlsbt), 121. 

Experience (Parsons), 86. 

Isaac, 62. 

Isaac, 188. 

Joanna (Field), 188. 

John, 133. 

Jonathan, 68. 

Jonathan, 68. 

Joseph, 68. 

Josiah Smith, 182. 

Joseph, 121. 

Kate, 117. 247. 

Lryman, 86. 

Margaret, 271, 849. 

Mary (Parsons), 62. 

Moses, 68. 

Nathaniel, 183. 

Percy, 86. 

Perez, 68. 

Persis. 94, 183, 188. 

Rachel l/uclnda (Parsons) Judd, 

Samuel, 138. 

Sarah, 188. 

Sarah (Parsons), 68. 

Susan, 86, 262. 

Susanna, 87, 121. 

Thomas, 138. 

Timothy, 161. 
Gray, Mary, 86. 
Greeley, Horace, 282. 
Green, Agnes Rozanna, 88L 

Dr. CiJeb, 168, 226, S7^S2L 

Dr. Frank Hamilton, 227, 821. 

Frederick Hyde. 227. 

Margaret 8., 321. 

Martha (Hall), 226. 

Roxanna Rebecca (Parsons), 168, 
226. 227, 321. 

Sarah A. (Fraser), 227, 321. 

Turpln, 226. 

WilUam, 227. 

, 11, 128. 134, 136, 137- 

Greene, Anna (Potter), 466. 

Martha Parsons ((Jrouse). 462. 466. 

Dr. Robert Warren, 462, 466. 

Warren A., 466. 
Greenleaf, Judge, 263. 
Greenwood, Dr., 196. 
Grlfflng, Anna Maria Hutton, 210. 

Margaret Van Rensselaer (Keat- 
ing). 300. 

WillTam. 300. 
Griffith, Jane (Parsons), 298. 

GrlnneU, Ellsa (Seymour). 234. 

BllBabeth Lee (Ernst), 285, 889. 

Elisabeth Lee, 389. 

Ethel Morton, 286. 

Hon. (George, 286. 

George Morton. 829. 

Mary (Morton), 168. 286. 

Mary Lucretla, 286, 829. 

Richard Bradley,* 236. 

William F., 163, 236. 

William J., 286. 

William Morton, 286. 828. 
Griscom. Fannie, 279, 362, S6S, 86i 

Henrietta (Peale), 862. 

Dr. John H., 862. 888. 

John, LL. D.. 862, 868. 
Griswoid, Francis, 7L 

George, 71. 

Mary. 71. 
Groce, Fanny (Parsons), 186. 

John, 186. 

John J.. 186. 
Gtosvener, Elisabeth, 171. 

Hannah, 121, 171. 

Samuel, 17L 
Guerard, Anna Richardson, 882. 
Guernsey, Lemuel, 77. 

Sarah (Chaunoey), 77. 
Gustavus, Adolphus. 428. 

Hackford, Anna Augusta, 266, 312, 

Hadskins, Elisabeth, 108. 
Hale, Eunice Wells. 170. 
Hall, Albert Warner, 467. 

Alice. 296, 880. 

Betsey, 148, 80O. 

Clementina Janes (Barber), 467, 

Clementina Janes (Barber), 464. 

Rev. E. Edwin, 461. 

Elnora Electa, 298, 880. 

Flavia (Parsons), 111 

Harrison Robert, 464. 467, 488. 

Helen Warren. 468. 

Henrietta (Parsons), HI. 

Jane (Warren), 467. 

Julius JL, 818. 

Lewis, m. 

Martha, 226. 

Rebecca, 188. 

Sophia, 461. 

Susan, 886. 
Halleck, Gten., 266. 
Halsted, Mary, 179. 

Ham. -. 488. 

Hamilton, Elisabeth, 87L 
Hambleton, Bllaabeth, 78, 180. 

Digitized by 




Hammond, Anna, 128, 116. 
Hancock, Abel. 71. 74. 

fiiinlce (Parsons), 71, 73, 74. 
Hannum, Mrs., 4S. 

'WllUam, 46. 
lianse, Catherine (Hall), 216. 

BllskbetH, 197, 294, 206. 

Michael, 296. 

William, 296. 
lianson, Lucy, 17L 

Samuel B., 17L 
Harmon, Abigail (Parsons), 186. 

Jacques, 186. 

John Lansdon, 186. 

Margaret (Granger) Parsons, 127. 

Ruth LAnckton, 1^. 

Dea. Samuel, 127. 
Harper, Miranda, 866, 967. 
Plarris, Dr. Chapin, 196. 

Fronia, 301. 
Hart, Ann May, 240. 

Belle, 906. 
Hartle, Charles Harmon, 468. 

Charles H., 288. 

Parmella Maria (Parsons), 288, 468. 
Hartman, L. D., ifi. 
Hartpence, Rev. Alanson, 168. 

Rev. Alanson, 286. 

Alanson Morton. 286. 

Lucy Morton, 286. 

Martha Ella, 286. 

Martha Lucretia (Morton), 296. 

Martha (Morton). 163. 

Mary Lucretia, 286. 
Harvey, (Jen., 228. 
Harwick, Hannah, 488. 

Philip, 488. 
Hastings, Benjamin, 62. 

Mary (Clark) Parsons, 62. 

Sarah Jane, 302. 
Hatch, Capt. Benjamin, 218. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 218. 
Hawkins, Louise, 118, 187. 
Hawley, Lucy, 77. 
Hayden, Abigail (Parsons), 94, 139. 

Addle EUsa (Smith), ^, 884. 

Ann (Dibble), 139. 

Anson, 139. 

Aurella (Dibble), 189. 

Charles Edwin, 883. 

Charles Frank, 384. 

Charles Leslie, 296, 383, 384. 

Chauncey, 139. 

Chester, 189. 

Chester Morris, 884. 

Daniel, 139. 

Edwin, 296. 

Edwin Parsons, 197, 294, 296. 

Eliza Lucretia, 197. 

Elizabeth (Hanse), 197, 294. 286. 

Esther, 139. 

Esther (Moore), 1S9. 

George, 286. 

Govy 252. 

H. Sidney, 384. 

Lieut. Halleck Gillette, 296. 

Handel Mozart, 296. 

Handel Mozart^ 197. 

Helen Ashby, 26$. 

Horace Edwin, 886. 

Rev. Horace Edwin, 296, 884, 886. 

Horace H., 139, 196. 197. 

Horace William, 197, 296, 296. 

Lieut Horace William, 296. 

Howard, 888, 884. 

Ida Josephine (Parsons), 262. 

Jennie (Reed), 296. 

Joel, 262. 

Kate (Bull), 296, 388. 

Kate Hull, 296. 

Kate (Bemis), 296. 

Kate Elisabeth (Byers), 296, 884, 

Laura Virginia, 296. 

Laura (Wilson), 189. 

Lewis Sydenham, 296, 388. 

Marie Antoinette, 296. 

Marie Antoinette (Robinson), 189, 
196. 197. 

Mary Elizabeth, 386. 

Mary (Gillette), 197, 296. 

Mary Victorle Evans, 296, 886. 

May (Parkhurst), 296. 

Nannie V. (Deswead), 296. 

Capt. Nathaniel, 139. 

Rose, 296. 

Rose L. (Daley), 896. 

Sarah Ann (Foard), 197. 

Lieut. Thomas, 94, 189. 

William Mozart, 286. 
Hayes, Catherine, 287. 

Abigail, 211. 

Pres., 235. 
Hazen, Alice (Dennis), 487. 

Carrie, 437. 

Edwin P., 437. 

Elsie, 437. 

Jay, 437. 

Jesse, 437. 

Mary (Blass), 437. 
Healey, Ebenezer, Jr., 113. 

Esther (Parsons), 113. 
Heddlng, Bishop, 282. 
Hedges, Miriam (Parsons), 97. 

Samuel. 97. 
Heglus, Amelia, 806. 
Helmes, (Tynthia Amanda, 177, 247, 

Prof.' John William, 247. 

Rebecca (George), 247. 
Hemenway. Rev. Daniel, 460. 

Mary (Adams), 460. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 460. 
Hcmpstreat. Lena (Moyer), 488. 

Philip. 483. 
Henderson, Angus, 178. 

Elizabeth, 449. 

Ann Eliza (Parsons), 178. 

Hannah (Walker), 449. 

James, 449. 

Mary A., 203. 

Mary E., 284. 870, 371. 

Virginia Emily (Hunton), 370. 

Volinda, 468. 

Rev. William, 370. 
Hennlng, Mary Ann (Prout), 900. 

Mary Ann, 186, 260, 261. 

William M., 280. 
Henry I. 96, 304. 
Henry III, 22. 
Henry, Clarissa, 431. 

Wells, 481. 
Hepburn, Jennette, 114, 466. 

Herrtck, Grace Dickerson (Fuller), 

Digitized by 




WUllam Wilson. 292. 
Hervey, Eunice wells (Hale), 170. 

Joseph Bun ton. 170. 

Sarah Paine, 170. 
Hess, MaJ. Frank W., 296. 

MariaAntoinette (Hayden), SM. 
Hickox, Edward P., 807, S9L 

Eveljm (Colton), 307, 891. 

Laura Colton, 89L 

Lewis Grant, 891. 

Marian Lucy, 881. 

Biarjorie Qibson, 88L 
Hlfby, J. C. 119. 

John S., m. 

Julia Ann, 119. 

Polly Scott, 118. 

Rosanna (Parsons), 119. 

Sophronla (Parsons), 118. 
Hlnins. Frances. 182, 198, 277, 284. 

Sally. 449. 
Hill, Mary, 128, 178. 

Peter. 176. 

Rachel (Courtney), 176. 

Sarah (Robinson), 149, 2U, 212. 
Hlller, Anne B. (Hiller), 868. 

An^elique (Face). 868. 

Charles M.. 868. 

Charles W.. 868. 

Charlotte (Timeson), 281. 

Cyrus, 868. 

David. 281. 

Elijah. 281, 388. 

EUsa (Parsons). 181, 275, 281. 866, 

Ellen A. (Lane). 281, 868. 

Fenton E.. 368. 

Floyd, 366. 

Franc M., 868. 

Frank W., 866. 

Oeorge P., 281, 868. 

Gertrude M. (Race), 281, 968. 

Gifford H.. 368. 

Ida Mary (Schermerhom), 366. 

Jennie (Stam). 368. 

John D., 191. 281. 368. 

Julia 8., 868. 

Leonora (Killer). 868. 

Louis K.. 276. 866. 

Martha, 191. 

Martha (Miller). 868. 

Martha (Best). 366, 868. 

Martha Blanch, 366. 

May (Voohrees) (Fritcher). 281. 

Peter, 281. 

Ransome. 866, 868. 

William L., 368. 
Hills, Clarence. 244. 

Frances, 398. 

Mary (Parsons), 244. 
Hinckley, Anna Dorothea (Parsons), 

Mary R.. 121. 170. 

Thomas, 172. 
Hlnes, Drusilla. 169. 
Hlnman. Ada, 306. 

Ada SoDhia (Gibson). 207, 806. 

Belle (Hart). 308. 

Bessie, 308. 

Guy C. 306. 

Guy Otis, 306. 

John. 207, 308. 

John Gibson. 308. 

Lewis Gibson, 309. 

Phebe, 806. 

Willis Colton, 806. 
Hinsdale, Rhoda, 84, 118. 
Hitchcodt, Dorothy, 186. 

Hannah (Parsons), 12S. 

John, 98. 

Moses, 128. 
Hoar, Dorothy (Hitchcock). 186. 

Lucina, 180, 186, 187, 261, 261. MIl 

Lieut. Samuel, 186. 
HodflTklns, Jane. 847. 
Hoeser, Nettle, 166, 238. 
Hoffman. Anna Maria, 495. 

BmUy. 412. 
Hoaan, Jefferson, 220. 

Mary (Parsons), 220. 
Hoaeboom. Col. Jeremiah, 438. 
Holihan. Anna Theraaa, 306. 
Holliday, John, 322. 

Laura Ellxabeth, 228. 

Sarah (Loomls), 322. 

HoUlster, , 67. 

Holman, Abigail. 448. 

Alfred Lyman. 461. 

Caroline (Clark), 449. 

Cecile Alexandrine, 461. 

Charles Edwin, 460. 

Clara Ershlne (Colbum). 4SL 

Clara Hemenway. 4S1. 

DorU Elisabeth. 461. 

Ebeneaer. 449. 

Edwin. 460. 

Elizabeth (Henderson). 448. 

George Edwin. 460. 

Rev. Henry William, 460. 

Jane Elisabeth (Blair), 460. 

Jerusha (Basford), 449. 

John, 449. 

John Adams, 461. 

Lucy Cecile (Woodruff). CL 

Margaret, 461. 

(Mrs.) Mary Abby Webster, iA 

Mary Abby, 460. 

Mary Elisabeth, 460. 

Mary Elisabeth (Warner), 46L 

Mary Moore. 449. 

Nancy (Bralnard). 448. 

Polly (Warriner), 448, 443. 

Rachel (Wriaht), 448. 

Ralph Warriner, 448. 

Ruth (Colbum). 46L 

Samuel, 448, 449. 

Samuel Dwlsrht, 449. 

Sarah Elizabeth (Hemenway). 9l. 

Sophia, 449. 
Holmes, Rev. Ablal, D. D., HO. 

Emily (Parsons), 3B9. 

Fannie. 324. 

Col. Joseph W.. 250. 

Mary J.. 110. 

Oliver Wendell. 110. 
Holt. Arthur B., 380. 416. 417. 

Florence Adel (Parsons). 380. 411 

Frances Louise. 416. 

Irene Helen, 416. 

Mary Ann, 164. 286. 
Helton, Dr. David Parsons, 9. 11 

Sarah. 68. 
Hood, Frances. 879. 
Honker. Gen., 886. 
Hooper, Hannah Hill. 121, ITS. 

John. 173. 

Digitized by 




Mary (Lord), 178. 

Sarah__(MeBerve) , 173. 

Rev. William, 178. 
Hopkins* Isabella, 192, 2S4. 

Milton. 820, 399. 

Milton, Jr., 389. 

Mary, 399. 

Sue (West), 320, 399. 

Vincent west, 399. 
Mopkinson. Dorcas, 217, 316. 
Hopper, Blssell C, 230. 

Sally Maria (Parsons), 230. 
Horn, Bartholomew, 31. 

John, 31. 

Thomas, 8L 

William, 81. 
Horton, Abierail (Parsons), 71, 74. 

Benjamin, Jr., 7L 71 

Mary (Glover), 76. 

Thomas, 76. 
Hosmer, Albert, 237. 

Mary Ann (Pierson), 237. 

Rebecca, 165. 237. 
Hotchkiss, Electa (Parsons), 200. 

Capt. Luke, 92. 

William, 200. 
Hough, Caroline. 213, 309. 

Franklin B., 101. 

Rev. Josiah Van Veckten, 309. 
Houffhtalinje, Catherine (Moyer), 433. 

James, 433. 
Houghton, Eunice (Clark), 161. 

Ivouise, 161. 

Thomas, 161. 
Houser, Daniel, 466. 

OeoTge Crouse, 466. 

Henry Milton, 466. 

Horace Milton, 462, 466. 

Julia Munson (Crouse), 462, 466. 

Katharine (Lieberling). 466. 

Martha Parsons, 466. 
Hovey, Clarissa (Parsons), 117, 163. 

Clarissa, 163. 

Erastus 8., 163. 

John, 163. 

John Storrs, 163. 

Jonathan, 163. 

Rev. Jonathan, 117, 163. 

Mary Paulina, 163. 

Rebecca (Hall), 163. 
Howay. Bertha S.. 261. 347. 

Catherine, 347. 

James, 347. 
Howell, Lucy, 120, 168. 
Hoyt, Avery A.. 409. 

(Caroline M., 409. 

Mary Emerson, 160, 230, 826. 

Mary Susan, 360, 409. 
Hubbard, Col.. 210. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 88. 

Jonathan, 88. 

Julia (Parsons), 167. 

Marissa Fifield (Stuart), 210. 

Martha, 75. 

M. M., 167. 
Huber, Edith Meta (Darling), 306. 

Geon, 390. 

Josephine (Weng). 390. 

Josephine Marie. 390. 

Theodore Charles, 306, 890. 
Uudnutt, Anna (Makewson), 366, 408. 

Edith, 406. 

Frank. 366. 

Franlde, 408. 

Jessie, 408. 

John H., 366, 408. 

Luella. 406. 

Mary Jane (Parsons), 276. 866. 

William, 276. 866. 
Hughes, Qoy., 62. 
Hulbert, Irene (Parsons) White, 112. 

Phebe, 102, 1&, 214. 

Samuel, 112. 
Hull, Catherine, 296. 

Clara (Nichols), 309. 

Elisabeth, 76, 94, 96. 

George, 309. 

Georgianna, 211, 309. 

Jacob, 296. 
Hulsinger, David, 486. 

Maria (Moyer), 436. 
Humphrey, Louise, 220, 818. 

Louise, 220. 
Humphreys, Arabelle, 23. 

Sir Marmaduke, 23. 
Hunt, Beulah, 70, 91. 

Ebenezer, 91. 

George, 186. 

Hannah (Clark), 91. 

Jonathan, Jr., 68. 

Mary (Parsons), 186. 

Sarah (Parsons), 68. 

Thomas, 186. 
Hunter, Gertrude B., 401. 

John, 138. 

Julia. 400. 
Huntington, Col., 189. 

Dorothy (Parsons), 118. 

Jonathan, 113. 
Hunton, Virginia Emily, 870. 
Huse, Anna Webster, 157, 224. 

Nathaniel, 224. 

Olive ^eardsley), 224. 
Huson, Henrietta, 201. 
Hutchins, Georglana Alden (Jack- 
son), 336. 

Elizabeth Alden, 248, 386. 

Robert A., 336. 
FTutchlnson, Agnes (Fualkowsld), 

Dudley, 423. 

Josephine. 397, 423. 424. 
Tfutton. Abraham, 361 

Mary L., 354. 

Elizabeth S., 275. 

Elizabeth (Van Schaick), 866. 

Jonathan, sSS. 

Maria, 366. 

Mary (Wessel), 364. 
Hyde, Rev. Dr., 183. 

Jane Sophia, 173. 

Tiigersoll, Aaron, 86. 

David, 86. 

Lydia (Parsons), 86. 

Sarah (Parsons), 86. 
Tf?ham, Tryphena, 266. 
Ives, Nancy, 142, 201. 

Jackson, Georgiana Alden, 886. 

HatUe E., Ss4. 

Hattle E., 324, 400. 

Louise E., 231, 826. 
Ja cobles, Rachel, 438. 
Jacques, Elizabeth (Cole), 847, 348. 

Digitized by 




Hwinah J.. 281. 847. 

Margaret E., xL 

Thomas. 347 348. 
James, Arthur CurtlEs, 261. 

D. Wllila, 261. 

Ellen S. (Curtias), 261. 

Harriet E. (Parsons), 251. 

Patty (Coy), 459. 

Peles Cheney. 468. 
Junes, Clementina. lO, 231. 

Clementina, 469. 

Enos, 161. 

Hannah (Weight). 161. 

Martha (Roy). 231. 

Peleg Cheney, 281. 

Samuel, 161. 

Sarah, Ul. 157. 
Jeffreys, The, 24. 
Jenkins, Katherlne, 407. 
JennesB, Martha A., 221, 810. 
Jtmnlngrs. Catherine, 327. 

Catherine, 233, 327. 

Eunice, 11, 9i, 193, 277. 

Dr. Isaac, 327. 
Jewell, , 113. 

Rachel (Parsons), 113. 
Jil£>on, Bessie Louise, 401. 

Frank Bower, 401. 

Gertrude B. (Hunter), 401. 

Henry C, 326, 401. 

Ruth Bowen, 401. 

Susie Parsons (Bowen), 825, 401. 
Johnson, Eliza (Strong), 410. 

Frances (Geyer), 337, 402, 

Frances P., 293, 3S0. 

Harriet Blanchard, 361, 409. 

Henrietta (Worthington), 337. 

Joseph Orlando. 410. 

Lycurgus Leon Idas, 337. 

Lydla. 337. 

Mary (Chauncey). 89. 

Mary Gertrude (Parsons), 246, 887. 

Pearl, 337. 

Pres., 466. 

Sarah, 100. 

Sarah, 78. 

Sylvester P.. 337, 402. 

Sylvester P., Jr., 402. 

Theodore. 246, 337. 

Sir William, 93. 
Jones, Annie, 176. 

Betsey, 447, 448. 

Elizabeth. 279, 358. 

Hannah (Parsons), 88. 

Jonathan, 83. 

Mary, 67, 82. 

Samuel, 82, 83. 

Sarah, 68. 83. 

Col. William E.. 384. 
Joy, Cyrus, 117. 

jerusha (Parsons), 117. 
Judd, , 169. 

Eliza L.. 159, 229. 

Jonathan, 169. 

Mary. 159. 

Rachel Luclnda (Parsons), 169. 
Judson, Ann Jennette (Burnham), 

Edltha (Sheldon). 144. 

Edward Z. C. 299. 

Julia Jane, 144. 

Levi Carroll, 2QX, 290. 

Mary (Parsons), 99, 144. 

Mary Ann Haxen (Paraons), fln« 

Samuel Parsons, 144. 
Zepheniah Hull, 99, 144. 
Julian. Margaret. 371. 416. 

Kamer, Josephine (Parsons), 225. 

Capt. Wilhelm Von Putt, 225. 
Keating, Margaret Van Rensselaer. 

Keazy, Clementine, SSS. 
Keefer, Anna2260. 

Catherine, 200. 

Charles P., 260. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 185, 200. 

Fanny, 260. 

Jane, 260. 

Jerusha, 260. 

Joseph Nelson, 185. 200. 

Lovlna, 200. 
Keeler. Horace, 17L 

Sarah D. (Travis), 121. 171. 
Keeney, Cynthia Elvira, 199, 297. 
Keep. Eleanor, 448. 

John, 84. 

Rachel. 68. 84. 112. 

Ruth (Edwards), 84. 

Sablna (Cooley), 448. 

Samuel, 448. 
Keith. Aberdeen. 439. 

Allie, 489. 

Marlon (Bancroft), 439. 
Kelley. Margery, 211. 
Kellogg. Almeda Samantha, 463. 

Caroline B., 180, 252. 

Caroline Russell (Parsons), 186, 

Daniel. 70. 

Emily B. (Field), 253. 

Frederick R., 340. 

Isaac P.. 268, 340. 

Jane Aseneth. 149, 212. 

J. Dwlght, 180, 263. 

Llllie. m. 

Louise R., 268. 

Lydla (Graham), 212. 

Prudence, 70, 88. 

Sarah (Parsons), 70. 

Sarah D., 263. 

Sarah R. (Munson), 258, 340. 

Stoddard M., 340. 

Thomas Parsons, 840. 

William, 212. 

William S., 253. 
Kelly. Kate. 467, 468. 
Kendall. Lillian. 291, 879. 
Kennedy. 196. 
Kent, Albert. 450. 

Albert Emmett, 460. 

Elmore Albert. 460. 

Harriet (Dudley). 386. 

Harriet Victory May, 297, 888. 

Luclnda (Glllett), 450. 

Margaret (Oowlnshleld). 460. 

Mary Abby (Holman), 450. 

Norton Adams, 460. 

Orange Bradford, 386. 
Kensie, Gwlnthellan Harriet CWhlst- 
ler), 296. 

Julia Whistler, 197, 296. 

Robert Allen. 296. 
Kerr, Alvah Milton, 876. 

Enid, 876. 

Digitized by 




Harriet A. (Slnolair), S76. 
Kessler, Cora (Parsons). 290. 

George A., 280. 
Ketcham, Catherine Wortlilngton, 
158. 227. 

Joshua, 85. 

Lucy (Parsons), 86. 
Keyes, Ellsa, 100. 

BUzabeth (Sheldon), 160. 

Stephen G., 160. 
Klchen, John Marshall, 176. 

Iioulsa Matilda (Parsons), 176. 
Kidderminster, BUzabeth, 23. 

Sir John, 23. 
Kllboum, Elizabeth, 142, 201. 
Kllgore, Martha, 188, IM. 
lUlmer, An^ellaue (Parsons), 363, 

Augrustus, 406. 

Beulah May, 406. 

Esther Juliette, 406. 

Ruth Angellque, 406. 

William A., 363. 

William A., 868, 406. 

William AufiTUstus, 406. 

Winnlfred. m. 
Kimball. Amy, 361. 

Edwin N., 268. 

Lucy Young, 163, 286. 

Susan Gertrude (Parsons), 253. 
King. Harriet. 280. 

Harriet Newell, 200, 289. 

Irene, 347. 

Jessie Sloan, 466. 

Julia Thompson, 219. 

Luther, 289. 

Mlndwell (Parsons), 75. 

Thankful, 68. 

Rev. Victor M., 466. 

Susan, 449. 
Klngsley, Abl«ill (Pomeroy), 178. 

Anna, 124, Iw. 

David. 124. 

Edwin, 124. 

Electa (Parsons), 124. 

Enos, Vm, 

Esther, 118, 160. 

PlUa, 124. 

Jemima (Parsons), 75. 

Julia. 124. 

Lydla, 83. HI. 

Lyman, 326. 

Mary (Judd). 150. 

Mercy (Parsons), 69. 

Mlndwell. 89, 124, 178. 

Moses, 69. 

Naomi Clark, 238, 826. 

Noah. 124. 

Samuel. 75. 124. 169. 

Sarah A.. 180, 260. 

Sophia, 124, 178, 179. 

Susan (Elwell), 290. 

Susan Melissa, 200, 299. 

Sylvia (Burt), 828. 

Zenas, 299. 
Klrby. Bessie. 342. 
Klrkman, Harriet Drake, 248, 889. 
Klttelburger. Edna, 460. 
Klfzmlller. Martha. 440. 
Klock, Col. Jacob, 441. 
Knapp, Bostrick, 481. 

Elizabeth (Young), 486. 
Kneeland, Harriet F.. 96. 

Knight, Acher, 16L 

Catherine (Parsons). 141. 

Dr. Charles Steward. 141. 

Harriet (Parsons) Munn, 16L 

Rev. Joseph, 161. 

Julia Jane (Judson), 141 

Lemuel Partridge, 144. 

Martha (Clark), 161. 

Mary Ann, 178. 

Nancy Woodbridge (Parsons), 141. 

Quartus, 141. 

Nora Helen, 258, 348. 

Samuel, 843. 
Knox, Betsey Maria, 186, 269. 

Lydla (Burton), 269. 

Samuel. 269. 
Koch. Capt. Rudolph, 441. 

Kaspar, 441. 

Severinus. 44L 
Kordeck. Teresa, 416. 
Kreappen, Mary, 236. 
Kuhl, Ann (Van Drew), 890. 

Katherine Hoagland, 806, 889. 890. 

Richard Hoppock, 389. 
Kyle. Amos M^. 340. 

Ellen Jane (Parsons), 262, 340. 

Russell Parsons, 340. 

Sarah G., 340. 

Warren Atherton, 340. 

Warren Osro. 262, 340. 

Lacy. Sir Godfrey, 24. 
La bring. Sophia, 256, 341. 
Lamb. David. 298. 

Harriette Arathesa (Parsons). 39K 
Lambln, Eliza, 261, 346. 
Lamborn, Mary Virginia, 820. 
Lambrlght, . 194, 

Mary (Parsons). 194. 
Lamphear. Jesse, 122. 

Phebe, 87, 122. 
Lanckton, Ruth. 186. 
Landon, Charles G.. 329. 

Edward H., 236, 329. 

Harold Morton, 829. 

Lucy, 329. 

Mary Lucretia (Grinnell), 236, 329 

Ruth, 829. 

William Grinnell. 829. 
Lane. Ellen A.. 281. 368. 

Magdalene. 868. 

William, 368. 
liangdon, Mary, 110, 156. 

Capt. Paul, 131. 

Langton. Sarah. 125. 
Lathers, Eliza. 406. 
Lathrop, E. Lena, 358. 

Joan (Parsons), 276. 368. 

Leonard O., 276, 368. 

Sarah W.. 868. 
Laughlln, James Birney, 887. 

Sarah Abigail. 246. 

Sarah Angellne (Cross), 887. 
Law. Christine, 229. 
Iieavitt, Annie M., 319. 

MaJ. John. 108. 

Mary (Parsons) (Smith), 831. 

Nancy (Parsons), 108. 

Ralph Jefferson, 831. 
Lee. David. 147. 

.Tohn. 147. 

Robert, 869. 

Sophia, 90, 147. 

Digitized by 




Tabetha, 147. 
I^iffhton. Abigail (Frost), 100. 

Frances Usher (Parsons), 110. 

Oeorfire, 218. 

John. 109. 

S&miMl, 100. 

Oen. Samuel. 110. 

Sarah (Parsons). 100, 218. 

Dr. Usher, 218. 
Leip, Capt. Adams. 274. 
Leonard. Daniel. 144. 

Col. David. 462. 

Elvira Ann (Smith), 141 

Harriet. 327. 

Rev. Josiah. 144. 

Lucinda. 266. 

Mary (Easton). 144. 

Sadie E., 400. 

Sarah (Parsons). 144. 
Iieslie, A^es (Pamons), 364, 410. 

Arthur C, 864. 410. 
Leverett. Hon. John. 48. 
Lewis. Abigail (Parsons). 109. 

Arnold Parsons. 340. 

Clifford Benson, 340. 

Col. David. 109. 

Drusilla (Hines), 169. 

Edward. 141. 

Eliza (Parsons), 141. 

Erastus. 141. 

Orace Carver (Arnold). SIO. 

Mary Eliza. 120. 169. 

Salome (Booth). 141. 

Samuel. 169. 
Ley. Rev. Roger. 428. 
Lieberling. Katharine. 466. 
Linabunr. Albert. 370. 

Mae Lena. 870. 
Lincoln. Abraham. 242. 206, 872. 

Amelia. 231. 459. 
Lindsley, Abram Bradley. 388. 

Col. Eleazer. 389. 

Eliza (Clark). 389. 

Rue Bowman. 804. 889. 
Ltiong, Viceroy Tuan Faug, 342. 
Little. Asenath, 166. 

Faith. 96. 140. 141. 
Livingston. Col. Henry. 480. 

Robert ft.. 480. 
Livy, Dr. David T.. 109. 

Lucinda (Parsons). 109. 
Lock. Annie, 222. 
Lockwood, Amanda (Parsons). 199. 

John. 199. 
Loomis. Amos, Jr., 78. 

Ann (Moyer), 486. 

Experience (Parsons), 78. 

Lucy (Parsons). 127. 

Reuben, 127. 

Sarah, 322. 
Lon^, Eldna, 289. 

Edwin. 289. 

Lucy (Parsons), 289. 

Samuel, 289. 

Sarah Ann (Freeman), 289. 
Longstreth, Hannah, 466. 
Lord, Rev. Francis E., 225. 

Hannah Bradbury, 217, 316. 

Lydia. 107, 153. 154. 

Mary. 173. 

Sarah (Coleman), 157, 225. 
Loucks. Hannah (Best). 482. 

John. 432. 

Maria, 481 

William. 482. 

William. 432. 
Loud. Caleb. 161. 

Florintha, 169, 228. 822. 

Francis. 161. 

Jerusha (Clark). 16L 
L(Oug<ee, Anna, IfiS. 217. 

Samuel. 217. 

Sarah (Rand), 217. 
Lounsbury. Qov. Oeorge B., 3S6. 
LoveJoy, Dolly. 182. 
Loveiand, Lydia (Chapman), 148. 

Orpha, 100. 149. 

Titus, 140. 
L4>vein, IfUcretia, 204. 
Lovell. Frances Miriam. 148. 
Lowrey. Sarah (Parker). 842. 

T. N., 842. 
Lowry. Bemadine, 406. 

Flora (Reisig). 367. 406. 

James. 8S^, 406. 

Julia A. (Parsons), 276, 367. 

Martha (Syler), 3S7, 408. 

Mary Ann. 460. 

Nathaniel A.. 276, 357. 

Ruth, 408. 
Loyd. Albert, 440. 

John, 440. 

Mabel (Moyer). 440. 

Martha (KlUmiller), 440. 
Uuce. Harriet. 106. 
Ludington. Mary, 138. 
Lyke. Charity, 435. 
Lyman, Achsah (Parsons), 90. 

Arethusa (Parsons), 201. 

Benjamin, 96. 

Debora. 20L 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 6L 

Family, 69. 

Francis, 118. 

Jerusha (Parsons) Stone Brown. 

Joel. 90. 

Capt. John. 91. 

MaJ. Josiah, 86. 

Lucinda (Parsons), US. 

Oen. Luke, 78. 

Martha Irene (Parsons), 180. 

Mary (Mosley). 96. 

Mlndwell, 91. 

Mr., 180. 

Norton. 160. 

Capt. Oliver, 116. 

Ruth, 61. 

Sarah, 125. 

Serena, 201. 

Serena Dwight, 201. 

Seth. 96. 

Thomas, 61. 

Capt. William. 86. 

William James. 201. 
Lyon, Cyrus, 86. 

Oen., 268. 

Hannah (Parsons), 86. 

Mary. 181, 204. 226. 

Mary (Halstead), 179. 

Sarah Budd. 124. 179. 

Underbill. 179. 

Macfarran. Edgar, 466. 

Mabel, 465. 

Mabel (Alexander), 4o6. 

Digitized by 




Mack. Hon. David, 120. 

Harriet (ParBons) Washburn, 120. 

Lucinda Almlra, 196, 288. 
Mackle, Chrlstiann, 351. 
Mackrllle, Helen Hayden, 886. 

Lucy vaughan. 886. 

Mary Vlctorie Evans (Hayden), 

William Reginald, 296, 886. 
Madison, Lucy Lewis. 800. 
Masoon, Stephen L., 860, 862. 
Ma£on, Phebe O., 266, 848. 
Makewson, Anna, 366, 406. 
Manning, Elizabeth, 140, 196. 

Elisabeth (Parsons), 96. 

Margaret (Slvan), 316. 

Mary, 217, 816. 

Thaddeus, 96. 

William, 816. 
Man waring, Fanny (Keefer), 260. 

John, 260. 
Marable, George B., 246. 

Katie Parsons, 246. 
Marden. Abble W., 316, 396. 

Anna Eliza (Parsons), 319. 

Ralph, 819. 
Markell, Katheryne Edwards, 202, 

Marsh, Brewster, 399. 

Charles S., 228, 319. 

Chloe, 204. 

Debora (Staples), 206. 

Edmund Parsons, 819. 396, 399. 

Elizabeth Messenger. 390. 

Enos Montague, 319, 399. 

Hannah, 76. 

Harriet Emeline (Parsons). 223, 

Hazel Montague, 399. 

Capt. Job, 76. 

Joseph, 181, 206. 

Lottie (Messenger), 819, 899. 

Mary Charlotte (Parsons), 181. 

Minnie (Brewster), 319, 899. 

Samuel, 76. 
Marshfield, Joslah. 38. 

Margaret, 34. 

Samuel, 33. 
Mars ton, Mary J., 166, 221. 
Martin, Drusilla Lougee (Parsonc*), 

J. N., 816. 

Nancy, 204. 

Sarah Ann, 414. 
Marvel, Addie M., 218. 317. 
Marvin, Charles Wesley, 414. 

Edward, 869. 

Oeorge L.. 369, 414. 

Harriet Elizabeth (Parsons), 283. 

Imogen, 414. 
Lyman E., 283, 368. 369. 
Lyman Francis, 414. 
Kev. Martin. 368. 
Matthew. 369. 

Mazelia Fay (McNeil). 414. 
Minnie S. Ferguson), 369, 414. 
Sarah (Eddy), Iffi. 
Zacharlah, 414. 
Mason, Christina Helen, 466. 
David Marshall, 462, 466. 
Dorothy Marshall, 466. 
Oeorge Marshall, 466. 

Irene Helen (Holt), 416. 

Katharine Eadie, 466. 

Xordia. 14B. 

Martha Esther Kingsley, 466. 

Mary Henrietta (Crouae), 466. 

Mary Robison (Crouse), 462, 466. 

Robert H., 416. 

Stephen Marshall, 466. 

Stephen, 466. 
Mather, Anna, 117. 
Matthews, Franklin, 463. 

Mary (Crosby), 468. 

Myra Louise, 463. 
Maxwell, Ann, 362. 
May, Helen Hayden (Mackrille), 886. 

Henry M. D.. 386. 
May, Col. Nehemiah, 86. 

Susan (Parsons), 85. 
Mayes, Julia Elizabeth, 212, 809. 
Maynard, Gteorge, 36. 
McArthur, Lieut -Gen. Arthur, 246. 
McBride, Bertha (Bikes), 466. 

Mary. 416. 
McCarthy, Gladys, 264. 

John Barnard, 341. 

Nellie (Crosby), 841. 
McClellan, Qeu. George B., 263, 386. 

Mary. 169, 242. 

Minnie, 842. 

Dr. Samuel, 242. 
McClelland. Margaret (Holman), 461. 

Melinda (Felgar), 461. 

Robert, 461. 

Robert Smiley, 451. 
McComas, Ellen, 456. 
McElroy, Addie, 293. 

Alice Matilda, 293. 

Alice Rebecca (Pollock), 298, SSI. 

Charles Parsons, 882. 

Charles Murray. 293, 881. 

Cornelia Howard. 293, 382. 

Florence Palin. 382. 

Hattie Parsons. 293. 

Helen Louise, 382. 

Helen M. (Parsons), 196, 293. 

Hugh Murray, 381. 

Mary Kerr, 382. 

Robert Hamilton, 382. 

Thomas Pollock. 382. 

Virginia Eleanor, 382. 

William, 293. 

William Montgomery. 196. 293. 
Mcllwain, Greta (Parks). 218. 
McLane. Mary Morehead, 224, 820. 
McLellan. Melina, 118, 167. 
McManus. Celestia A., 233. 468. 
McMurray, Edna Aliens, 366, 414. 

James Francis, 177. 

Henrietta (Van Antwerp), 414. 

Maj. Junius. 414. 

Sarah Catherine (Parsons). 177. 
McMurtry. Dr. Joseph. 300. 

Lucy Lewis (Madison), 300. 

Mary, 201, 299. 
McNaughton. Nelly, 867. 
McNeil. Muzella Fay, 414. 

Samuel Miller. 414. 

Sarah Ann (Martin), 414. 
Mead, Maria C. (Parsons) Moore, 170 

William R., ITO. 

Gen., 336. 

Mary. 382. 
Measham, Minerva. 148. 

Digitized by 




Meekins, Emory, 2M. 

Freeman, KM. 

Polly (Packard), 204. 

Sarah Leonard (Parsons), 204 
Mein, Qen., MS. 
Mellen, Betsey. 241. 
Hericle, BUlzabeth« 121. 

Jerusha (Keefer). 20(k 

John, 200. 

Meniman, Charles, 157. 

Rachel, 111. 157. 

Rachel (Cowles), UTZ. 

Sarah, 199. 
Merwln, Martha A., 171. 
Meserve, Hannah, 82. 

Sarah, 173. 
Meslck. Catharine (Dedrick), 429. 

Fritz, 430. 

Hendrlck. 429, 480. 

Maria. 191, 429. 

Marytje, 429. 

Peter, 4»>. 
Messenger. Lottie, S19, S99. 
Meyer, Isaac. 148. 

Margaret, 148. 

Sarah Riffgs, 148. 
Meyers. Dr.. 486. 

Philip, 433. 

(Hulslnger), 435. 

Mlckle, Marsaret, 866. 
Miles, Cordelia (Stewart). 168. 

Edward. 168. 

Sallie Harris. 168. 
Miller, Aaron John. LfS, 198. 290, 291, 

Abraham, 67, 83. 

Allen John, 878. 

Annie Theodocia, 291. 

Asa Lyman. 194. 

Charles Edward, 291, 877. 

Charlotte, 133, 194. 

Clara Viola. 291, 878. 

Caroline Maude, 291. 

Dora Isabella (Bacon), 291, 877. 

Dorothy Elswlck, 878. 

Edith Dickenson. 292. 

Prof. Edward W., 257. 

Elisha. 100. 

Elizabeth. 328. 

Elizabeth (Parsons), 75. 

Emma Isabella, 877. 

Esther (Burr). 196. 

Florence Esther, 201. 

Frances Esther. 878. 

Frances Louise (Rowland). 198, 

Giles, 75. 

Oordon Bliss, 194. 

Grace Dickenson, 292. 

Hannah (Clapp), 64, 67, 88. 

Helen Eliza (Dickinson). 194, 292. 

Helen Parsons. 292. 

James Russell, 828. 

Jane Adelaide, 194, 201. 

Jerusha White (Barber). 193, 290, 

John, 407. 

John Frederick, 281. 

Katherlne, 886, 407. 

Katherine (Jenkins), 407. 

Lizzie Asenath, 291 

Loella (Parsons), 828. 

Mary An^ella, 291, 878. 

Mary E.. 11. 

Mary Bloise, 194. 

Mary Hamilton, 377. 

Minnie R. (Beach). 191 

Nelson, 368. 

Reuben Parsons, 194. 298. 

Rhoda (Parsons), 100. 

Sallie (Elswich), 291, 878. 

Sarah, 868. 

Theodocia (Parsons), 138, 198. 

Wait, 68, 83. 112. 

William Abelarde. 194. 

WUUam Edwin, 291, 878. 

William King, 888. 
Mlllett. Cristina, 464. 
MUlner. Maria. 435, 437. 
Mllmlne. Charlotte (Parsons), 2U». 

Charles Edward, 219. 

Rose. 219. 
Milne, Elisa Jennette (Gates), 457, 

Ruth, 458. 
William E., 468. 
William J., 457. 458. 
Miner, Abifftil Theresa (Parsons), 

Nathaniel P., 146. 

Sabra, 118. 
Minkler, Eva, 429. 
Minnich, Laura S., 865, 407. 
Minor, Eliza (Parsons), 148. 

Phineas, 148. 
Minot, Electa Frary (Morton), 168. 

Jonas, 168. 
Mitchell, Charles M., 180. 

Eliza Ann (Parsons), 209. 

La Forrest, 209. 

Mary Emerson (Parsons), 180. 

Samuel Parsons, 209. 
Mizsell, Gtoorglana Parsons (Gates), 

Raymond Boilean, M. D., 457. 
Moak, Almira, 4S6, 488. 
Monroe. Elizabeth, 111, 166. 

Hannah, 327. 
Montague. Asenath (Parsons), 20O. 

Davfd. 200. 

Elizabeth, 163. 
Montgomery. Lydla, 244. 

Martha, 488. 

Rachel (Jacobies), 488. 

William J.. 488. 
Moore. Abigail, 108. 

Almira Elsworth (Parsons), 18L 

Catherine, 191, 275. 

Charles, 168. 

Elizabeth Barnard (Parsons), 168. 

Esther. 189. 

Harvey, 108. 

Henry G.. 181. 

John L., 170. 

Judah. ^7. 

Louisa Lovlca (Parsons). 118. 

Maria C. (Parsons), 170. 

Mary, 447, 448. 

Mary (Swift). 447. 

Mary (Wlggin), 108. 

Mertie Vernella, 293. 

Thomas B., 118. 
Moores, J. Parker, 896. 

Laura Virginia (Hayden). 296. 
Moosbrugger, Charles J.. 388. 

Charlotte Grace (Wilcox), 29i 881 

Digitized by 




Florence John, 883. 
Frank Lieon, ttl 
John, 294, 3S8. 
Moreford, Mary, UO, 188. 
Morey. Winifred Maude, 380, 418. 

Winifred Maude, 880. 
Morgan, Agnes (Parsons), 864, 410. 
Betsey, 111, 158. 
Dorothy. 175, 410. 
Slijah, 228. 
Bmellne, 157. 223. 
Ssther, 94, 140. 
Fred Dopklns, 380. 
Oen. D. B., 175. 
Mary Parks (Tyler), 880. 
Capt. Miles,' m. 
R., 231. 

Rachel Wales (Parsons), 231. 
William 8.. 364. 410. 
Morris. Maria. 122. 
Morrison, Julia (Pomeroy), 146. 

Mr., 146. 
Morse, Abigail (Parsons). 179. 
Catherine (Cobum), 179. 
Emma Oould (Parsons), 121. 
Dea. Jason, 179. 
Rev. Jason, 179. 
Sarah, 262. 

Sophia (Parsons), 179. 
Wflliam B., 121. 
Mortimer, Charlotte, 241. 

Mary Adelaide, 241. 
Morton, Alice. 285. 

Anna Livingston Read (Street), 

163, 285. 
Daniel O., 162. 
Edith Livingston, 286. 
Electa (Belden), 251. 
Electa Frary, 163. 
Elisabeth (Tyler). 162. 
Rev. Daniel O., 115, 162, 234, 285. 
Qeorge. 284. 
Hannah (Dailey). 162. 
Harriet Electa, 180, 251. 
Helen Stuyvesant, 285. 
Lena Kearney, 285. 
Levi Parsons, 168^284. 
Lewis Parsons, 235. 
Livy, 162. 
Lucretia Parsons, 115, 162, 168, 234, 

Lucy Young (Kimball), 163, 235. 
Martha, 163. 
Martha Lucretia, 286. 
Mary, 163, 235. 
Richard Tower, 251. 
Mosby. Asariah, 75. 
Marion (Parsons), 75. 
Mary, 96. 
Moseley, Arthur, 411. 
James, 179, 208. 
Julia, 148, 178, 203. 
Julia (Parsons), 178. 
Sophia (Phelps), 179, 203. 
wflliam, 178. 
Moss, Charles Stewart. 175, 244. 
Fanny (Hubbard). 244. 
Frances Caroline, 244. 886. 
Frank Parsons, 244, 886. 
Harriet Matilda (Parsons), 175, 241 
Jonathan, 244. 
Martha Harriet, 244, 886. 
Mary Elisabeth (Curran), 244, 886. 

WUliam Stewart, 244. 
Mott, Dr., 868. 

Myra, 280. 
Mouks, The, 84. 
Mould, Henry, 196. 

Jane M. (Parsons). 195. 

Matilda E. (Parsons), 195. 

William, 196. 
Moulton, Sarah, 368. 
Mowbray, Albert Collins. 877. 

Manr Gtordon Phillips (Gaylord), 

Moyer.* Allie (Keith), 489. 

Almlra (Moak), 436, 488. 

Amanda, 436. 

Amenso, 487, 489. 

Andrew C. 278, 488, 485, 486, 442. 

Ann, 436. 

Arthur B.. 488. 

Arthur Wardell, 488. 

Caroline (Smith), 486, 489. 

Catherine, 488, 484, 485. 436, 438. 

Catherine (Rhlnes) (Kector), 487. 

Charles, 487, 489. 

Chauncey, 486. 

Christopher, 278, 488, 434. 

Daniel, 436, 488. 

David, 435. 

Eliza, 488. 

Elizabeth (Eldridge), 436. 

Elizabeth (Cook), m, 485. 436, 442, 

Family, 11, 433. 

Fannie (Parkinson), 439. 

Francis, 433. 

Hannah, 191, 278, 279, 860, 865, 306, 
431. 48i 486, 486. 

Henry, 436. 

Ida, 489. 

Irene Elisabeth, 440. 

Jacob, 435. 

Jane Ann (Rhines), 487, 489. 

Katherine (Rhines) (Rector), 439. 

Lena, 433. 

Mabel, 439. 

Maria, 438, 485, 486, 487. 

Martha (Montgomery), 438. 

Mary A. , 439. 

Nancy (Eldridge). 435, 436. 438. 

Philip, 498, 485, 486. 

Rachel. 433. 

Rosaltha, 488. 

Sarah, 433. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 488. 

Seymour, 439. 

Syivenus, 436, 489. 

Tneodocia, 486. 

Wardell, 438. 
Muller, Verena. 441. 
Mumbrue, Maria, 444. 
Munn, Elisha, 180. 

Fanny, 209. 

Hannah, 147, SDO. 

Harriet (Parsons), 160. 

James, 209. 

John, 74. 
Munson, Sarah R., 258, 840. 
Murphy, Ann, 185. 

Mary, 801, 887. 
Murray, Col. Seth. 187. 
Musick, Marytje, 428. 

Digitized by 




NarunorCt Alpheus, 106. 

Frank, 118. 

Rebecca (Parsons). 86. 

Thad., 86. 

Tnrphosa, 117, 166» 167. 

Wealthy (Parsons). 118. 
Nasb. Dea. David, 78. 

Bxpertence (Parsons) Loomls, 78. 
Neale. Bertha, 826. 401. 

Bnos Durham Wilcox, 401. 

Katherine Martha (van Buren), 
Nelson. Minnie R.. 288. 881. 882. 
Neville, Fanny, 431. 

Martha. 431. 
Newberry, Sarah, 67. 
Newell, Anna, 466. 

(George M., 146. 

Lucy (Pomeroy) Morrison, 146. 

Thomas, 804. 
Newton, Mary A.. 198. 
Nichols, Abial, 14i 202. 

Alice (Blcknell), 202. 

Clara, 809. 

Content Shei>ard, 808. 

Delia (Nichols). 202, 802. 

Fidelia (Brisrss). 202. 

Rev. Oideon Parsons. 202, 802. 

Capt. Henry James, 302. 

Rev. James, 802. 

James Knight, 808. 

James Walter, 202. 

Jerusha Kingsley (Parsons), 148, 

Jerusha Jaite, 202. 

Margaret Parsons, 802, 388. 

Marjorie Newton (Wallace), 302. 

Octavla (Parsons), 143. 

Rev. Robert Hastings. 308. 

Sarah Aurelia, 202. 

Sarah Jane (Hastings). 302. 
Nicholson, Lucy. 371. 

Mattie A., 284. 371. 

Afary Elizabeth (Burton), 389. 

Myrtle Moore. 248. 339. 

Dr. O. B., 838. 

Philip, 371. 
Nlmltz, Augusta. 373. 416. 

Ernest. 416. 

Theresa (Kordeck). 416. 
Noble. Harriet Shepherd (Parsons). 

Jane. 177. 

Jefferson Monroe, 177. 

Levi, 177. 
North, Mary. 275. 

Matilda (Cheney). 353. 364. 

Sarah, 275. 

Stephen, 363. 364. 
Northrop, Fanny Potter, 168, 227, 321. 
Norton, John L., 434. 

Joseph. 61. 
Nott. Ellphalet, 134. 180. 

Oatman, Abigail (Hayes). 211. 

Arnold. 211. 

Maryette, 148. 2U. 
O'Connor, Lizzie Anna (Parsons), 

Timothy, 323. 
Olds, Lucy (Parsons). 127. 

Zardus. 127. 

Olsen, Benjamin J., 881, ast. 

Grace Elizabeth (Tenney). 321, 

Helen Elizabeth, 399. 

Marian Tenney, 399. 
Onerhames, Adelina Ruth, 1B& 
Opdyke, Brig.-Gton. Ehnerson. 246. 
Osbom. Ellen Terry, 463. 

Ellen Terry. 282. 

Lucy A., 468. 

Lucy A., 288. 
OUs, Carolyn M.. 1«, 22& 
Ottman. Jeremiah, 282. 

Sallie A. (Diefendorf), ISl, 281. 
Owens, Elizabeth Classet. 296. 
Owen, Biahala Corsen. 168. 22& 


Packard, Joslah. U7. 

Luclnda. 85, U7. 

Polly, 204. 
Packinson. Fannie. 489. 
Pacquellant, 41. 
Paine, Minnie Emma. 227, 322. 

Pardee, George, 894. 
Parentau, Carrie Adele (Parsons). 

M. E., 897. 
Parker. Abigail (Parsons), KKw 

Abigail M., 266, 842. 

Al^ra (Parsons). 265. 841. 842. 

Annie, 127. 

Clare Henry, 342. 

Dorr, 342. 

Florence (Durand), 842. 

G. Russell. 256, 841, 342. 

Harriet, 283. 

Isaac Marble. 106. 

James Willis, 342. 

Marion. 342. 

Minnie (McClellan). 342. 

Ruth. 342. 

Sarah, 342. 

Vera, 342. 
Parkes. Russel, 842. 
Parkhurst, Andrew R.. 296. 

Elizabeth Clagget (Owens). 296. 

Emellne, 196, Sl3, 379. 

May, 296. 

Parmlee, Alexander, 123. 

Nancy, 88. 123. 

Polly (Davis). 123. 
Parks, Elizabeth Chumasers, 237. 

Greta. 218. 

Harriet E. (Parsons), 21& 

Justin D., 218. 

Mary Amanda, 237, 880. 

Mary Louise (Parsons) (Good- 
ing), 166, 237. 

Rollin Gtoodlng. 165. 237. 

William H.. 238. 
Parsons, Aaron. 9. 10. 61, 71, 73^ 74. 
92. 93. 94. 100, 101. 102. 126, 127, 119. 
160, 183, 184. 259, 346. 

Serg. Aaron, 93, 126, 127. 149. 183. 

Aaron A.. 213, 810. 

Aaron Allen, 811, 882, 896. 

Aaron Hall, 200, 299. 

Abbie Corinthia, 248. 

Abbie Fay. 246. 

Abbie Taylor, 816. 

Abbie W. (Marden). 816, 898. 

Digitized by 




Abby, ITO. 

Abby Frances, 219. 

Abby Francia, 219. 

Abty Lrf>ui8e Parker (Fay), ITS, 

Abby Parsons (Brown), 2SS, St9. 
Abigail. 49. 65, 66, 67. 71, 7S, 74, 76, 

78. 82. 89, 92, 94, 106, K», 169, 164. 

166, 179, 185. 
Abigail (Adams), 107, 168, 154. 
Abigail ^all), 64, 74, 75, 94. 
Abigail JBates). 61. 77. 
Abigail Blake (Cqpp). 217. 816. 
Abigail (Bunce), 62, 78. 
Abigail (Cooley). H 70. 71. 
Abigail (Dearborn). 106. 
Abigail (Drake). 107, 163. 
Abigail (Faxon), 14L 
Abigail (Ferry). 84. 
Abigail Frost (Blunt). 81. 106, 154. 
AblgaU (Garland), m. 156, 221, 222, 

Abigail M. (Parker), 266, 842. 

Abigail (Moore), 106. 

Abigail (Phllbrick). 155, 221. 

Abigail (Sanford). 61. 78. 

Abigail Theresa. 148. 

Abigail (Turner), 94. 

Abigail _fWard), 100. 148, 2U. 

Abner, 71, 72, 78, 74. 

Abner, Ul. 

Abner, 143. 

Abner Edwards, 142, 200. 

Abner Edwards, 299. 

Abraham Lincoln, 288. 

Achsah, 90. 

Ashash (Tenney), 117, 164. 

Ada L. (Perry). 209. 

Ada M.. 238. 

Ada May. 397. 

Addle E. (Stone). 324. 400. 

Addle M. (Marvel). 218. 817. 

Addison, 217. 

Adelaide. 294. 

Adelaide M., 196. 

Adelaide Maria. 325. 

Adelaide Teniple. 423. 

Adeline. 213, 810. 

Adeline Dudley, 339. 

Adeline H. (Tunnicllffe), 160, 280, 

231. 325. 
Adeline Louise (Bowen). 854. 
Adeline Ruth (Onerhames), 168. 
Adna. 127. 

Agnes. 317. 364, 386. 410. 
Agnes (Fries), 354. 406. 
Agnes (Oraham). 311. 
Agnes H.. 368. 
Agnes Olivia. 297. 
Agnes (Turnbull). 279, 362. 864. 
Aianson, 159. 
Albert. 279, 360, 361. 
Albert Dayan, 213, 811. 
Albert Gilbert. 178. 
Albert Ross. U. 21, 24, 31. 845, 402, 

Albert Weare. 316. 896. 
Albert Wilson, 221. 
Albion Dalton, 221. 819. 
Albro Lefils. 212, 309. 
Alexander. 275. 354, 866. 
Alexander H.. 146. 
Alfred Braley, 392. 

Alfred Eugene, 289. 

Alice Car^. 166. 

Alice Clarissa, 260. 

Alice Douglas (Robertson), 840. 882. 

Alice Elisabeth, 410. 

Alice Elnora, 88L 418. 

Alice Eva (VanNess). 846, 408. 

Alice Frances, 884. 

Alice Gertrude, 246. 

Alice (Hall), 298, 880, 88t 

Alice Harriet. 845. 

Alice Ines, 888. 

Alice J. (Walker), 154. 

Alice M., 212. 

Alice (Preble), 817, 896. 

Alice (Read), 220, 318. 

Alice Rogers, 398. 

Allen Davies, 893. 

Almira, 155, 194, 265. 841, 342. 

Almira Elsworth, 181. 

Almira Rice. 126, 183, 265, 266. 

Almyra (Baker). 213. 811. 

Alonzo, 279. 

Alpheus N.. 167. 

Althea Marie, 323. 

Alvan, 159. 

Alvan, 162. 

Alvira. m, 

Amanda. 100^ IflP, 

Amanda (EgKleBton>. 117, 164, 165. 

AiTiiindft MarTa, ie&> 33Sh 

Amanda (Wood). ]99. 

AtTifteii. 9T. 142. 

Amelia Blair. Sit 

Amelia O.. 251. 

Ametlft B<>phta (Bain, 173. 

AmoH Seavey^ ]li>. 1G£. 

Amy, 87. 122. 

Amy (Allen), 380. 418. 

Amy (Oould), 70. 87. 

Andrew. 20. 

Rev. Andrew. 279. 368, 859. 

Aniline Minerva (Ellis), 365. 407. 

Angelique. 368, 405. 

Ann, TO. 153. 

Ann Amelia, 199. 

Ann Augusta, 341. 

Ann Eliza, 178. 

Ann Eliza, 183. 283. 

Ann Eliza (Barnum). 187. 261. 262. 

Ann Eliza (Cole). 176, 246. 

Ann Elizabeth, 226. 320. 321. 

Ann Maria (Gibson). 123, 177. 

Ann May (Hart). 240. 

Ann (Murphy). 185. 

Ann Sophia (Allen). 200. 

Anna. 86. 158, 178, 218. 252. 

Anna Alden. 182. 

Anna Augusta (Hackford), 256. 342. 

Anna (Chase), 108. 
Anna OClark), 157. 
Anna Decatur, 223. 
Anna Dorothea, 172. 
Anna Eliza, 319. 
Anna F. (Holmes). 254. 
Anna Florence, 224. 
Anna G. (Smith), 180, 252. 
Anna Gibbs, 248. 
Anna (Goest). 239. 
Anna (iuerard. 333. 
Anna (Hammond), 128, 175. 

Digitized by 




Anna Hassetline, 364, 401 

Anna Helen, 348. 

Anna Judd, 229. 

Anna (Klngrsley), 124, 178, 208. 

Anna Loretta, 287. 

Anna (Lou^ee), 158, 217. 

Anna Maria Hutton (Oriffins), 201, 

Anna (Newell), 466. 
Anna XParsons), 143, 908. 
Anna Pearl, 376. 
Anna Pine (Decatur), 166, 222. 
Anna (Poor). 81, 107, 163. 
Anna Seavey. 156. 
Anna Shepley, 818. 
Anna Webster (Huse), 167. 224. 
Anne, 96. 99. 101, 102. 
Anne Qrayson, 402. 
Anne (Strong), 100. 
Annie Augusta (Spalding), 181, 264. 
Annie (Coe), 78, 100, 102. 
Annie Cornelia, 268, 846. 
Annie Elizabeth, 343. 
Annie Elizabeth (Bunting). 297, 386. 
Annie (Emerson). 228. 
Annie (Jones), 176. 
Annie (Liock), 222. 
Annie Louise, 342. 
Annie M. (Leavitt). 319. 
Annie Merritt. 174. 
Annie (Parker), 127. 
Annie Pearl, ^, 888. 
Ansel Clark, 168, 228. 
Anselm, 160. 

Hon. Judge Anson Virgil, 148. 
Antoinette (Bartholomus), 148. 
Argyle Ross, 408. 
Arethusa, 201. 
Arthur; 368. 

Arthur Carleton, 319, 346. 
Arthur D.. 228. 

Prof. Arthur Leonard. 268, 344. 346. 
Arthur Newell, 387, 423. 
Arthur Otis, 264. 
Arthur Warren, 308. 
Asa, 142. 184, 200. 
Asa Remington, 186. 
Asahel. 88. Ill, 167. 
Asenath, 200. 

Aseneih (Allen) Chapin. 87. 122. 
Atherton, 68. 

Augusta (Nimitz), 873. 416. 
Augustus, 276, 863. 
Augustus Belding, 297. 386. 
Aurella, 143, 169. 
Aurelia Rebecca (Chamberlalrj), 

Aurora Montgomery (Pratt), 810, 

Austin. 117. 

Austin Frank, 229. 322. 823. 
A. Vernon, 228. 
Av«ry Allen. 418. 
Avice (Banfield), 261. 347. 
Avin Bissell, 127. 
Azarlah, 96. 
Bartholomew, 20. 
Beatrice Pearl, 347. 
Beatrice Wlnnlfred, 424. 
Bela 84 
Benlami'n, 49, 68. 69, 86, 116, 116, 

Deacon Benjamin, 24, 29, 30, 81, 32, 

88, 84, 86, 89. 
Rev. Benjamin. 86, 116, 118. 
Benjamin F., 167, 289. 
Benjamin Franklin, 168, 286, 886, 

Benjamin Stebbins, 118, 167. 
Bernard A.. 891. 

B*[ J, 

B^r: - Lxman), 214. 

P*'[-tna fN'Oiile), 336* 40L 

Jwrtha 9. (Howay), 261. 847. 

}|. sL^ii!', 2\9. 839. 

1^:-.-^^' Mfty, 392. 

Baltic y\ 124. 14£, 147. 

Betsey (Bumham), 168. 

Betsey (Hall). 142, 200. 

Betsey M., 168. 

Betsey Maria (Knox), 186, 269, 280. 

Betsey (Morgan). Ill, 168, 226, 227. 

Betsey (Morgan), 111. 

Betsey (Whitman), 122. 

Beulah, 92, 199. 

Beulah (Hunt), 70, 91. 

Bird, 871, 416. 

Blanche E., 836. 

Blanche (Embree). 826. 

Blanche J. (Shorey), 244, 836. 

Blanch M^ 380. 418. 

Blanche (Widdecomb). 460. 466. 

Bloomfleld. 124. 

Bridget (Foley), 118, 167. 

Budd, in, 170. 

Calista (Wright). 126. 181. 

Calvin. 116, 184. 

Calvin Hawley, 100. 

Carl Copeland, 361. 

Carlos Theodore, 344. 

Caroline, 120, 146. 

Caroline E. (Kellogv), 180. 262. 

Caroline E. (Pierce), 228. 

Caroline Elolse, 310, 891. 

Caroline Emerson, 262. 

Caroline (Houfh), 213, 309. 

Caroline Josephine, Uk8. 

Caroline Leonora, 883. 

Carolme MaUlda (Stebbins). 168, 

Caroline Miranda, 168. 
Caroline Russell, 180, 263. 
Caroline (Russell), 126, 180. 
Caroline (Russell), 260. 
Caroline (Stanley), 221. 
Caroline Stebbins, 241. 
Carolyn M. (Otis), 168, 226. 
Carrie, 221. 
Carrie Adele, 897. 
Carrie Adelle, 168. 
Carrie (Ambrose), 897, 423. 
C^arrie May, 168. 
Carrie (Waterman), 210. 833. 
Carrie Webster, 299. 
Cassen Eugene, 842. 
Catherine, 86, 140, 141, m. 848. 
Catherine (Anthony). 182. 188» 189L 

277, 280. 
Catherine (Beamer), 119, 168. 
Catherine Cecilia (Strong), 148. 
Catherine (Coe), 96, 140, 141. 
Catherine Edwards, 248. 
Catherine (Gtould), 87, 12L 

Digitized by 




Catherine (Jennings), 288, 2(27, 828. 
Catherine Maria, 198. 
Catherine (Moore), 191, 275. 
Catherine Morrill, 154. 
Catherine (Phelps), 89, 86. 
Catherine seymour, 326. 
Catherine Worthlngton (Ketchfiun), 

168, 227. 
Celeste, 406. 

Celestia A. (McManus), 283, 468. 
Celia, 467, 4K. 
Ophas, 111, 160, 167. 
Charles. 23, 94, 180, 140, 143. 156, 186, 

191, ld4. 218, 219. 220, 318. 
Capt. Cniarles, 98, ISO, 184, 186, 276, 

CoL bharles, 188, 268, 270. 

Sir Charles, 28. 

Charles A., Ill, 347, 354. 

Charles Albert, 289, 377. 

Capt. Charles All)ert, 184. 

Bid. Charles Albert. 259. 

Charles Asahel. 157. 225. 

Charles Baldwin, 188, 271. 

Charles Baxter, 391. 

Charles Beardsley, 224. 

Charles Bonner, 288. 

Charles Brownson, 186. 

Charles Chase, 219. 

Charles Clark, 256. 342, 343. 

Charles Bdward, 326, 334. 

Charles Emerson, 374. 

Charles P., 11. 

Charles Francis, 261, 346. 

Charles Fred, 292, 293, 381. 

Charles O.. 156. 

Charles Orandeson, 154. 

Charles Orosvener, 172. 

Charles Harvey, 254. 

Charles Henry, 168. 218. 222. 241. 317. 

324. 400. 
Charles Hobart, 389. 
Charles Joseph, 234. 
Charles Lathrop, Jr., 333. 
Prof. Charles Lathrop, 289, 332. 
Charles Levi, 269. 
Charles Melvln, 159. 
Charles Morris. 244. 
Charles Phelps. 119. 
Charles Pitts, 119. 
Charles Seymour, 463. 
Charles Theodore. 203. 303. 
Charles W.. 196. 294. 
Charles Wadsworth, 343. 
Charles Warren, 319. 
Rev. Charles Wesley. 283. 869. 370. 
Charles William, 110. 222. 
Charles Wilson, 168. 
Charlotte, 184. 219. 
Charlotte (Miller), 183, 194. 
Charlotte (Mortimer) (Reminfirton), 

Charlotte Sargreant (Dudley). 109. 
Chauncey, 141, 157. 
Chauncey Lyman, 254. 
Cherrie Flora, 328. 
Chester, 142. 
Chester Nimitz. 416. 
Chester Wairen, 398. 
Child. HI, 300. 

Christiana (Pfeffer), litt, 290. 
Christine (Law), m. 
Christine (Ulrlch), 282. 
Christopher Bullock, 816. 

Clara, 878. 

Clara (Bigelow), 238, 327. 

Clara Burt, 828. 

Clara Bllen, 819. 

Cnara (Fisher). 238, 381. 

Clara J. (Williams), 287, 875. 

Cnara M. (Clark). 224. 

Clare May. 898. 

Clarence liraoces, 224. 

Clarence Gk>rdon, 247. 

Claribel, 886. 

Clarissa, 114, 117. 128, 163. 191. 

Clarissa Ann (Bradbury). 154. 

Clarissa (Brown), 120, 169. 

Clarissa (Brownson), 127, 186. 

Clarissa M., 283. 

Clarissa Margaret, 185. 

Clarissa Maria. 283. 

Clark Danforth, 225. 

Claudius Nelson, 332. 

Clayton Smith, 803, 888. 

Clemence, 103. 

Clement Merrlman, 149, 211, 212. 

Clement Sheldon. 118, 167. 

Clement Sheldon, 167, 168. 

Clementine, 232, 460, 463, 464. 

Clementine (Janes), 469. 

Clementina (Janes), 161, 231. 

Clifford Henry. M. 

Clinton C, 381. 

Comfort, 101, 102. 

Constance. 393. 

Cora, 290. 

Cora Isabell. 308. 888, 389. 

Cora Kenney, 846. 

Cora Zelia, 310. 

Cordelia (Faxon), 276, 867. 

Corine, 898. 

Corinne Brown, 222. 

Cornelia Antoinette. 233. 

Cornelia (Bowne). 183, 266, 343. 

Cornelia Bowne. 348. 

Cornelia Elizabeth, 887. 

Cornelia Hooker (Trask), 316, 398. 

Curtis, 120, 149. 

Curtis Rogers, 148, 212. 

Cynthia, iSb, m, 280. 

Cynthia Amanda (Helmes), 177, 

247, 248. 
Cynthia Elvira (Keeney), 199, €97. 
Cyrus. 193. 
Dalsey, 368. 
Dan, 92. 

Daniel, 54. 56, 70, m. 1^, 275. 
Daniel Dearborn, 222. 
Daniel Harris, 228. 
Daniel Jenness, 819. 
Daniel Lewis, 160. 
David, 47, 49. 88, 99, 111, 112, 158, 150, 

168, 186. 401. 
Rev. David, 54, 56, 60, 70. 86, 87. 

119. 120. 
David Charles. 246. 
David Hill. 176, 246. 
David Hopkins, 284. 871. 
David Hunt. 281, m 
David Smith, 221. 
David Thomas, 817. 
Deborah. 88. 
Delia, 140. 

Delia A. (Clark), 178, 248. 
Deney, 140. 
Dennis Asahel, 148. 
DeWitt C, 276. 

Digitized by 




DUntha, 122. 

Dlantha LeUtIa, Itt. 

Dolly, 86. 

Dolly (Clark), 142. 200. 

Donald Foster, 407. 

Donald O., 336. 

Dorcas, 89. 

Dorcas (Hopkinson), 217, 311 

Doris, 338. 

Dorothy, a. 86, US, 162, 812. 

Dorothy (Clapp), 86. 

Dorothy (Clark), 84. 113. 

Dorothy Drew. 410. 

Dorothy Rosamond, 466. 

Dnisllla Lougee, 816. 

Rev. Dwight Levi. 227, 2SL 

Dwiffht Lowell. «b. 

Earl Stone. 400. 

Barle, 388. 

Rev. Bben Burt, 288, 827. 

Ebeneser, 34, 47, 48, 68, 83, 84, 86. 

88, 118, 130. 
Capt. Ebeneser, 64. 66, 67. 68, 60. 

84, 86. 86. 02. 118. 114. 115. Ud. U7, 

Edith Oilman, 412. 

Edith (Stevens). 864. 412. 

Edgar, 171. 

Edgar Elsworth, 400. 

Edmund, 157, 169, 170, 288. 

Edmund Colburn, 172. 

Edmund Hayden, 268. 

Edna C, 370. 

Edna Hall. 299. 

Edna (Kittelburgh), 460. 

Edward. 161, 167; 168. 188, 200, 281. 

264. 286. 289. 364. 361. 469. 
Adj. EMward. 81. 
Edward AuerustuB. 281. 469. 
Edward B., 377. 
Edward Beardsley, 224. 
Edward Buntlnar, 886. 
Edward Connabie, 846. 
Edward Dorr, 266, 842. 
Edward E., 288. 
Edward Edwin, 227. 
Edward Klnenley, 248. 
Edward L.. SO, ill, €18. 
Edward Levi, 262. 
Edward Lougee, 397, 428. 
Edward Nelson, 228. 
Edward Roy, 347. 
Edward Sawyer, 326, 464, 466. 
Edward Sayer, 460. 
Edward Williams, 168, 240. 
Edward Wolcott, 466. 
Edward Touna, 226. 
Edwin. 156. l&i. 218, 220, 318, 898. 
Edwin Ansel. 228. 
Capt. Edwin Burton, 176, 246. 
Edwin Charles, 229. 
Edwin Childs, 175. 
Edwin Clark, 159, 229. 
ESdwln Copp, 316. 
Edwin Eugene. 209. 
Edwin Watson, 228. 
Edwin White. 148. 
Edvthe Abigail. 318. 
Eldad. 87. m. 
Eleanor. 101, 102, 198. 
Eleanor Helen, 466. 
Eleanor J. (Gartwell), 193. 288, 289. 
Eleanor L. (Colby). 138. 196. 196. 

Eleanor Maria (Sawyer), 282, tSk 

Eleanor Maria (Sawyer), 466, 46D. 

Eleanor Statira, 148. 

Electa, 115, 124, 150. 161, 188. 200L 

Electa Louise, 174. 

Electa (Hark, 327. 

Electa (Prary), 86. 115. 

Electa t^man. 12L 

Electa w., 286. 

Electa (Wales), 148. 189. 

Eletha (Sparks), 801. 

Eli, 127. »r 

Col. Eli, 11. 

Lieut EU. 9i 132, 188, 13i 136. 131 

137, 138, 190, ig6i276, 279, 280. 
EU O., 184, 188. 276. 
Eli Graves. 196, 282, 879, 381. 
Elias, 90. 

Ellhu, 68, 84. 94. 118, U4, 115, 149. 
Elijah, 9, 10, 11. 86. 98, 132. 189. 190. 

191, 192, 2ra, 278, 279, 280, 281. 429. 

Rev. Elijah. 89, 182. 

Elijah Chauncey, 126, 180, 182. 253. 

Elijah D., 171. 

Elijah Graves, 121, 172. 

Elijah W.. 275. 

Elijah Willis. 354. 406. 

Eliphalet, 84, 114. 

Eliphas, 94. 

Elisha, 78, 101, 102, 111, 132, 150. 188, 

192, 193. 277, 284, 288, 889, 290. 
Rev. Elisha, 179. 

Elisha Stan field, 287, 874. 

Eliza. 82, 141, 148, 165, 166, 184. 19L 

194. 275, 281. 366. 
Eliza Ann, 209. 
Eliza (Brown). 166, 22L 
Eliza Esther, 222. 
Eliza Hunt, 231. 
Eliza Jane Lord. 248. 
Eliza L. (Judd). 159, 229. 
Eliza (Keyes), 160. 
Eliza (Lambin), 261, 846. 
Eliza Potter (Bostwick), 140. 197. 
Eliza Rebecca (Wilson), 167. 
Eliza Shaw, 173. 
Eliza Street, 223. 
Elizabeth, 23, 31, 54, 61, 67. 7S. 81, 

82, 88, 94, 96, 101, 102, 111, 124, 126, 

128, 185. 196. 218. 260. 279, 343. S7L 
Elizabeth Abby. 221. 
Elizabeth Adelaide. 196. 
Elizabeth Alden (Hutchins). 243. 

Elizabeth Anna, 800. 
Elizabeth Bacon. 309. 
Elizabeth Bailey (Sullem), 219. 
Elizabeth Barnard. 168, 240, 333. 
Elizabeth Blanche, 465. 
Elizabeth Church, 318. 
Elizabeth (Cook), 48. 69, 61. 9(2. 
Elizabeth (Crouley), 196. 294. 
Elizabeth (Curtis), 184, 259. 
Elizabeth (Darrah), 187, 268. 
Elizabeth (Diefendorf), 191, 282. 
Elizabeth E., 171. 
Elizabeth (Edwards) Barttett, 61 

Elizabeth Eloise (Wise). 121. 173. 

Elizabeth (Gaylord). 310^ 392. 

Elizabeth Gilbert. 208. 

Elizabeth H. (THbou). 233. 468. 

Digitized by 




BUsabeth (HadsUnt). 106. 
Bllsabeth (Hambleton), 78, 100, KML 
Blisabeth (Hull) Cbipman, 75, M. 

Blisabeth Hutchlns. 885. 
Elisabeth (Jones), 279, 868. 
Blisabeth (Kiddeminster), 28. 
Blisabeth iKllbourn), 142. 201. 
Blisabeth iXmson (Gibbs), 178. 218. 
Blisabeth Lucinda, 268, 848. 
Blisabeth M. (Bergen), 188, 271. 
Blisabeth (Manning), 140, 196. 
Blisabeth (Monroe), 111, 166. 
Elisabeth (Rice), 166, 220. 
Blisabeth (Rogers), 89. 
Blisabeth 8. (Hutton) (Dockstad- 

er), 275, 866. 
Blisabeth Scott, 169. 
Blisabeth Sparks, 268. 
Blisabeth Stanley, 221. 
BUzabeth (Strong), 49, 64, 66, 57. 

69, 74, 75. 
Blisabeth Susannah, 172. 
Blisabeth (Sweetser), 70, 88. 
Blisabeth (Taylor). 70. 88. 
Blisabeth (^errell). 148. 
Blisabeth (Thompson), 64, 67, 81, 82. 
Blisabeth (Thompson), 262. 
Blisabeth Usher, 106. 
Blisabeth (WUliams), 120, 168. 
Blisabeth Wise, 174. 

Blisabeth ( ), 75, 94. 

Bilsur Barber, 148. 

Ella, 249, 889. 

BUa B. (Gtorham), 260. 

Ella Oeorglanna, 284. 

Ella Lavlnnia, 874. 

Ella M. (Emerson), 828. 

Ella Maria, 228. 

Ella Teresa, 846. 

Ella Wealthy, 209. 

Ella (Woodruff). 864. 418. 

Ellen, 2U. 

Ellen Calista. 181. 

Ellen Castendarra, 299. 

Ellen (Chipman), 146L 207. 

Ellen Bffie (Topping), 271. 849. 

Ellen Jane, 262, 340. 

Ellen M. (Reed), 182, 264. 

Ellen Marion (Carlton), 269, 846. 

Ellen Rice, 241. 

Elliott Barber. 238. 

Elmer Caton, 878. 

Elmer Howard. 416. 

Blmira H.. 296. 

Elmond H.. 171. 

Elnora Electa (Hall). 293. 380. 

Eloise, 338. 

Blon Q., 213. 

Elvira, 143, 144. 

Elvira (Squires). 148. 211. 

Bmellne, 201. 392. 

Bmeline Barton, 145, 206,, 207. 

Bmellne (Morgan). 157. 223. 

Bmeline (Parkhurst). 196, 298. 379. 

Bmellne W. (Prewett). m. m. 

Rev. N. Emerson, 11. 

Emily, 156, 161, 188. 269, 316. 

Bmily Frances, 349. 

Bmily (Kathlean, 348. 

Emily Lycett (Bamum), 188, 270, 

Bmily (Stow), 184. 260. 845. 

BmUy W. (Ferry), 221 

Emma. 229. 248. 

Bmma (Clark), 85. 

Emma Frances, 897. 

Bmma (Qordon), 858, 405. 

Bmma Gould, 121. 

Emma (Parsons), 229. 

Bmma R. (Ford), 288, 869, 870. 

Bmma Thurston (Fales), 815, 897. 

Emma (Van Vaulkenburg), 868. 

English Families of, 26. 

Enoch, 70, 106, 182. 

Enoch Poor. 163. 217. 

Enos. 112. 150. 158. 214. 

Epaphroditus, 128. 

Ephraim, 68. 

Erasmus Darwin, 196. 

Erastus, U, 112, 114, 127, 188, 186, 

188, 189, 188, 277. 280, 288. 280. 
Rev. Erastus, 117. 
Erastus J.. 467, 458. 
Ernest H.. 825. 
Ernest Victor. 380, 416, 417. 
Esther, 49, 58, 70. 73, 74, 76, 84, 91, 96, 

113. 142, 16L 
Esther (Clark), 112, 161. 
Esther Comella, 288. 
Esther (Kingsley). 112, 160. 28L 
Esther (Lyman) Fomeroy, 76, 96. 
Esther (Morgan), 94, 140. 
Esther (Stebbins). 71. 
Esther Warner. 200. 
Ethan. 92. 
Ethel. 401. 
Ethel Earle, 888. 
Ethel Josephine. 424. 
Ethel M., 370. 
Ethel Thome, 408. 
Budora Angellne (Stephenson), 176, 

Eugene Curtis, 212. 
Eugenia F.. 247. 

Eugenia Talba ((Gordon), 176, 217. 
Eula (Bacon), 877. 
Bunioe. 68, n, 73. 74. 84. 87, 92, 94. 

112, il4, 127, 133, 140, 160, 162, 185, 

194. 229, 277. 279. 
Eunice (Cadwell), 98, 182, 192, m, 

Eunice (Jennings), 11, 98, 182, 188, 

183, 277. 
Ehmice (Potter). 88. 
Eunice (Remington), 127, 184. 
Eunice (Rossetter). 77. 
Eunice (Warrlner). 93, 126, 127, 188. 
Eunice (Wells). 70, 86, 87. 
Eva, 201. 
Eva V. A.. 347. 
Evelsm Maria, 200. 
Experience, 69. 78, 86. 
Experience (Broadwell), 87. 122. 
Experience (Robinson). 71. 92, 96, 

Experience Wright, 62, 78. 
Esekial Williams, 120. 
Esekial Williams. 168. 
Faith (LritUe), 96, 140. 141. 
Family. The, 19, 21, 28, 81, Si 88^ 

43. 44, 90, 251. 

Fannie Colton, 204. 

' Fannie (Evans). 176. 

Fannie (Grlscom), 279, 86^ 86^ 861 

Fannie Reed, 254. 

Digitized by 




Fannie RusmU. », S40. 

Fanny. 126, IM, 242. 

Fanny (Brady)* 180, 126. 

Fanny J«nnette. 466. 467. 

Fanny Potter (Northrop), 168, 227, 

Fanny (Boott), 118. 

Fanny CWetherlU), 14L 

Fayette B., 284. 

Felix. 248, 888, 888. 

Ferdinand Hoeger, 239. 

Fidelia, m. 174. 

Flavia, 182. 277, 280. 

Flora J., 228. 822. 

Florence, 868. 

Florence Adel, 880, 416. 

Florence Hull, 800. 

Florence May. 886. 

Florence Russell, 263. 

Florence Bovina (Walker), 880, 417. 

Florlntha (Loud). 169. 228. 322. 

Floyd Temple, 428. 

Dr. Forrest Lee, 866. 

Frances. 81, 166. IGO. 199. 

Frances C. (Chappell). 120. 168, 242. 

Frances Catherine (Chappell), 120. 

Frances Celess, 201. 

Frances Eliza, 281. 261. 

Frances O., 211, 881. 419. 

Frances (HlKglns). 132, 192. 277. 284. 

Frances MirTanifL^vell). 148. 

Frances Nott. 220. 

Frances P. (Johnson). 293. 380. 

Frances Pamelia, 228. 

Frances (Usher), 67, 81. 107, 109, 

110. 164, 
Francis. 120. 168. 248, 384. 386, 871. 
Francis Edward, 418. 
Francis Henry, 241, 384. 
Francis Kensie, 297. 
Francis Marion, 297. 
Francis Washburn, 170. 
Frank. 218. 361. 410. 
FYank B.. 262. 
Frank C. 289. 
Frank Enos, 214. 
Frank Manning, 897, 428, 424. 
Frank Preble, 398. 
Frank Robert, 300. 
Frank Roberts. 268. 
Dr. Frank Sears, 214. 
Frank Shepard. 303. 388. 
Frank Tefft, 244, 336. 
Frank W., 294, m 
Frankle. 367. 
Franklin Pelham. 227. 
Franklin Thomas. 316^397. 
Franklin Waterman, 333. 
Fred, 391. 
Fred Ford, 370. 
Fred LlDdsay. 209. 
Fred William H., 809. 
Frederick. 171. 326. 460. 
Frederick Barron. 174, 
Frederick Chester, 346. 
Frederick Dupeytien, 223. 319. 
Frederick Dwlgrht. 174. 229. 
Frederick E., 166. 
Rev. Frederick Francis. 386. 407. 
Frederick Jennings. 327. 
Frederick Lorenzo, 258. 
Frederick Spencer. 269. 
Frederick Watson, 229. 

Frederick Worthlngton, 227. 

Frederika, 226. 

Frontier, 817. 

Gad. W. 

Gait PayettCt 381* 

Garrlit Smith, 310. 

Gay Wmis, 323. 

Genevieve Temple, ^^3. 

George, ^, 117, \Sa. 160. 170, 188, 218. 

SIS. 530, 231. 2m. 170, 27U 817, 313. 

324. 33a, 400. 406. 
Rev. George, m. ^I. 282. 389. 
George A.» 3S3. 406. 
George Avery, 380, iiR. 
George BeoJamLn, 301. 
Oeorge Cl&rence, £3Ui 
George Edwartl, IBS, 342. 
Gi-^*r^^ Fred, aia. 
G^-^^^^^' Frederick. 271, 349. 
George Frederick Augustus, 177, 

247. 248. 
Oeorge Henry, 280, 297, 388. 
George Hester, 376. 
Oeorge Hopkinson, 316. 
Oeorge Irving, 209. 
Oeorge Miller, 219, 370. 
Oeorge Milo, 309. 
Oeorge Reuben. 269. 346. 
Dr. Oeorge Robins. 286. 372, 373. 

Oeorge Russell. 400. 
Oeorge W.. 116. 147, 186, 199, 374, 456. 
Oeorge Washington, ICS, 217, 233. 
Oeorge Willis, 228. 
Georgian na, 177. 
Oeorgianna (Hull), 211, 309. 
Gertrude, 317. 
Gertrude (Dupee), 249. 
Gertrude Wlnnifred, 258, 846. 
Gideon, 68, 71, 72, 73, 74, 87, 97, 111, 

142, 143. 202. 
Gladys, Z18. 

Gladys (McCarthy), 264, 341. 
Gould, 122. 
Grace, 101. 102. 
Grace (Blake), 218. 
Grace Bulfinch, 244, 836. 
Grace Douglas. 262. 
Grace Elisabeth, 370, 414. 
Grace M. (Steele), 229. 
Guy Neil. 323. 
Halsted. 249. 
Hameline Janes. 283. 
Hamlet ESdward. 297. 
Hannah, 48, 69, 61, 61 70, 76, 78. 82L 

83, 86, 88, 92, 100, 126, 142. 
Hannah Adams, 164. 
Hannah Annette, 376. 
Hannah (Bartlett), 97, 142. 
Hannah Belle. 364. 406. 
Hannah Bradbury (Lord), 217, 816. 
Hannah (Bullock). 217, 315. 
Hannah (Clark). 68. 83. 
Hannah (Clapp) Miller, 54. 67. 
Hannah D. (Conover), 175, 244. 
Hannah (Orosvener), 121, 171, 171 
Hannah (Foster). 107. 161 
Hannah Hill Hooper. 121. 173. 174. 
Hannah J. (Jacques), 281. 347. 
Hannah (Marsh). 76. 
Hannah (Meserve). 82. 
Hannah (Moyer). 191, 278, 279. 3Q. 

365. 366. 433. 

Digitized by 




Hannah CMoyer), 416. 
Hannah (Munn), 147. 209. 
Hannah CPerkins). m. 166. 
Hannah (Roffers). M. 147. 
Hannah (Taggert). m 192, 196. 284, 

288, 290. 
Hannah (Waite). 70. 88, 128. 

Hannah ( ^86, 115. 

Harlan Pasre, 888, 468. 

Harmon, 140. 

Harold Ashton, 809. 

Harold Mead, 888. 

Harriet. 120, 128, 158, 160, 183, 225, 

284, a». 
Harriet Ann, 299. 
Harriet Blanchard (Johnson), 361, 

Harriet Catherine, 287. 
Harriet Day, 468. 

Harriet Drake (Kirkman), 249, 389. 
Harriet E.. 218, 251. 
Harriet Electa (Morton), 180, 251. 
Harriet Eliza (Sears). 158, 214. 
Harriet Eliza, 269. 
Harriet Elizabeth. 283, 368, 368. 
Harriet Emeline, 228, 319. 
Harriet Oould, 182. 
Harriet Janes, 282, 460. 
Harriet Knight. 468. 
Harriet L.., 196. 
Harriet (Luce). 166. 
Harriet M. (Streeter), 262, 348. 
Harriet Maria, 258. 
Harriet Maria (Peace), 188, 266. 
Harriet Matilda, 187. 
Harriet Matilda, 175, 244. 
Harriet Mlndwell, 179. 
Harriet N. (Fuller). 166. 
Harriet Newell. 198. 199. 287. 
Harriet Newell (King). 200. 299. 
Harriet (Powell). 159. 
Harriet Russell. 260. 339. 
Harriet Sasseen. 288. 
Harriet (Shepherd}. 123. 175, 177. 
Harriet Sophia. 168. 
Harriet Sophronla, 846. 
Harriet Victory May (Kent), 297, 

Harriet (Williams). OT. 119. 120. 
Harrlette ArathescL298. 
Harrison Morgan. 227. 
Harry S., 377. 
Hattie. 166. 398. 

Hattie (Champney). 200. 298. 299. 
HatUe E. (Jackson). 324, 40L 
Hattie E. (Robertson), 353. 
Hattie Kate. 247. 
Hattie Louise. 303, 388. 
Hattie (Phillips), 228. 
Hattie Smith (Clarke), 203, 303. 
Hazo. 122. 
Helen. 167. 310. 392. 
Helen A. (Bronson). 180, 258. 
Helen Antoinette (Passmore). 298. 

Helen Caroline (Ackley), 213, 810. 
Helen Dudley, 249. 
Helen Frances, 848. 
Helen Fuller, 870. 
Helen Hart, 228. 
Helen Irene, 465. 
Helen Loretta (Walt), 168, 240. 
Helen M.. 196, 298. 

Helen Marguerite, 417. 
Helen Maria, 1S8, 271. 
Heieu Read, ns. 
Helen (finiLth). 278, 3S5. 388, 368. 
Helen rT^mple), 397. 423. 
Helen Wani (Gaylord), 203. 
HenrteUa. 201, ^3. 
Flenrlettfl Grace. 361. 41L 
Henrietta (Huson), aoi, 
Henrietta Knight (Evans), ITS. 
Henrietta fP&ttercon), 203, 308. 
Henry, 9, 30, 143, H9. 100, 166, 167, 

191, 200, 2l7fi, 277, 279, SaO. 361, 864, 

484, 448. 
Henry Bissell, 186. 
Henry Chapman, 168. 
Henry Clement, 167. 
Henry Oriscom, 864. 410. 
Henry Humphrey. 318. 
Henry Kirkman, 889. 
Henry Laurens. 158. 
Henry Livingston. 248. 
Henry Lucus (M. D.). 177. 247. 
Henry Lyman, 141. 
Henry Lvon, 249, 889. 
Henry Manning. 315. 
Rev. Henry Martyn, 180, 248. 
Henry Moore, 200, 299. 
Henry Smith. 206. 
Henry Spauldina. 254, 340. 34L 
Henry Stems, 204. 
Henry Tagsert, 289. 
Dr. Henry Theodore, 258, 844. 
Henry Wright, 181. 
Herbert A. Andrew, 897. 
Herbert Huse, 224. 
Herbert Israel. 256. 
Herbert L.. 881. 
Herbert Sidney. 224. 
Herbert Specer. 403. 
Herman. 248. 
Hester. 49. 
Hiram. 193. 287, 288. 
Hollis Douglas, 323. 
Homer Lee. 148. 21L 
Horace. 127. 192. 277. 
Horace Talbot, 846. 
Dr. Horatio Adams. 176. 
Rev. Horatio Adams. 128, 175. 
HoraUo Bdgar, 247. 
Hosea, 127. 
Hosmer, 141. 
Howard, 249. 
Howard Crosby. 364. 412. 
Howard Hough. 810. 891. 
Howard Luzerne. 211. 
Hugh. 23. 398. 
Huldah (Rowe). 87. 
Huldah (White), 111. 157. 
Sir Humphrey. 20. 84. 
Hyodnthla Phelps. 87. 
Ichabod. 101, 102. 
Ida Josephine. 252. 
Ida Kate. 247. 
Ida Loella. 234. 828. 
Ida Louise. 400. 
Ida Louise (Wemlck). 254. 
Ida Biarta, 226, 320. 
Ida (Rick), 854. 
Ines Edna, 323. 
Inez Larien, 415. 
Ira, 115. 
Iran Earl, 842. 

Digitized by 




Irene, 112. 

Irene IClftrk). «3. Vlh lH 

Irene Dick In Hon f Barron )t Ul, 174. 

Ireae (KinR), 347, 

Irene <Rl|fVi«thK 3m 

Irene Ilucli«rp 296. 

Irvin. m. 

trvliiff, 3S3. 406. 

Iiaac. n. n, m. m, Ui, 13&. 149. 178, 

m. tm. ik, 212. 213. S4M. ffis, no. 

Hev. Isaac. 2I1>. 

Itaac Brown, aiO* SIB. 392. 

Iftaae Dow, 15B, 230. 

tB&ac Joties. U, ]30. ISS. IBS. 

IBUC Lcwt*. 126. 

ItfttAC Lyman, 135. 

Isaac B.. IH), 3&2. 

I«abel Elliab«tb (Beli). 'Ml, 402. 

Isabel Jeanette <Schr«tt«r^ StL M. 

Isabel L<»ul#t> <Sm!tlij, 268, M6. 

Isabel fWaodbrliiKc^l, i^. ISS. 

li abet la (Ho tiki tut). !»;;, Ui. 

t«abelt€ (BeaiUef, 326. 

Iprad, to, ^ n, 121^. 183. 

Dr. Iiirm«U Ul l£g. 343. 

Ithlmar. 61, Tt, W, 100, 148^ 148. 

J. Dwlelit. 2&2. 

Jack Timothy, i^. 

Ja^b. ID. 86. 90, ftlp 92. m, S5. 

Jamo. d, an £L «8, 13&. l&f, 170, 179, 

m, SM, a«l. 433, 4»6. 
ElM. Jametf, 191. 27«, SFTS, 350, 800, 

in, SOB* 
James A., 275, 854. 
James Allen, 140. 
James Barnes, 824, 400. 401. 
James Bowker, 174. 
James Bowne, 256, 843. 
James Csnrus, 254, 841. 
James Edward. 402. 
James Kelly, 468. 
James Klngsley, 826. 
James Merkle. 233, 826. 
James Monroe, 166. 
James Moseley, 208. 
James Ralph. 841. 
James W., 288, 870, 466. 
Jane. 208, 466. 

Jane Aseneth (KelloKK), 148. 212. 
Jane Chester, 169. 
Jane (Chrtsman). 114, 466. 
Jane E., 147. 
Jane M^ 196. 
Jane fWhite), 148. 

Jane ( ), 102, 149. 

Janet (Bedrord)^, 256. 

Janet Eunice. 231. 

Janet (Sampson). 249. 

Jared, 142, fio. 298. 

Jared Ives, 296. 

Jared Wales. 199. 298. 

Jeffrey, 24, 30. 82. 

Capt. Jehiel. 184. 

Jemima, 61, 76, 76. 

Jemima (Baker), 141. 

Jemima (Clark). 83. 

Jenett Viola (Thomas). 824. 400. 

Jennette_(Hepburn), 114, 466. 

Jennie, 27i. 

Jennie Clara, 808. 

Jennie (Wolcott), 460, 464, 466. 

Jenny Luld. 816. 

Jenisha. 78, 86. 97, 117. 148. 

Jerusha Kmstley, Itt. 
m), Wi, 


Jenisha (Parsons 

Jessie, 249, 467. 

Jessie Ferrester Morrison, 4llt. 

Jessie Fremont, 288. 

Jessie Qarfleld (Pierce), », 841 

Jessie Houston (Walker)797, 4M. 

Jessie Ives, 201. 

Jessie Meredith (Davles), SU, Wt 

Joan, 816, 868. 
Joel, 90, 148. 
Dea. Joel, 84. 
Joel Beaman. 148. 
John, 19, 20, n, 22, 28. 80, 82. 67, 15, 

76. 82, 88, 94. 106, UO, 111. 119. 127, 

141, 148, Mi 19L 41X 4UL 

68, 66, 67, «, tt, 106. 



John Jr.. 

Jobn, Eau. of Bere. 
John of Boveny, sa. 
Capt John< 12, 4^, £fi, 68, 68, 69, «, 

144, 14&. I4€. 147. 
Dr. Jobn, SI. 
Ueut. JohD, 64. 66. $7, 67, 68, 88, 81 

Dl, 112. U3, ULm. 
Maj. Jobn. ik, m 228. 
Rev. John, 166, tU, HO. 
SJr Jobti. 3&. 2£, 23. 36, M. 
John Allien, 833. 
John B., 170. 
John BaKlwIn, 33ft. 
John Barnarnl, 34L 
John C. IL 
Jolin Cady. 2&«, 343. 
John Caldwell, 118, 24^.886. 
John Coryell, 23S. 3S1« 92. 
John Decatur. I12S, 
John Dorrauce, 171, Stt^ 
John Edward. S46. 
John Elisha, 289. 
John G^anson, 800. 
John Oralnarer, 186, 269, 260. 
John Halsey, 874. 
John Henry, 168, 2Q1, 221, 800. 
John J., 11. 260. 261. 847. 
John Jehiel, 260. 846. 
John Knox, 260. 
John Lanffaon, 222. 
John Perry, 178. 
John Pine, 222. 
John Ray, 876. 
Maj. John Russell, 286. 
John Strong, 126, 182, 261 
John Sumpter. 246. 
John Timothy. 826. 460, ' 
John Usher. 1087217. 
John W.. 34i 
John Wesley. 198, 281 286. 8TLS71 
John Wilkes, 111, 166. 221, 22X 98. 
Dr. John William, 222. 
Dr. Johnson, 101, 108. 
Jonas, 186. 
Jonathan, 48, 62, 78, 88, 86. HI. 112, 

150, 169. 
Rev. Jonathan. 24, 80, 82, 88, 86. 
Jonathan Child, 166. 288, ISO, SSL 
Jonathan Wales, 160. 
Joseph, 80. 42, 68, 61 66. 67, 67. m 

71 a, 84, 96, 100, m, lis, im 121. 

ia,ib, I6ii66,i66,i€i.ia;2i& 

219, 817, 896. 


Digitized by 




Capt Joseph. 84, 118. 

Cof Joseph, 107. 168, 164. 

Comet Joseph, 9. 10, 24, 29, 36. 88, 

Dr. 'Joseph. HO. 

Rev. Joseph. 64. 66, 67, 81, 107, 109, 

Joseph Addison, 161 
Joseph Arthur, 817, 886. 
Joseph Bailey, 180, 261, 262. 
Joseph Clark. 148, 167, 806, 226. 
Rev. Joseph Bverett, 886, 407. 
Joseph H., 116, 467. 
Joseph Henry, 196. 297, 886. 
Joseph McKee. 848. 
Joseph Monroe, 221. 
Joseph Nelson. 186. 
Joseph Raymond, 288. 
Joseph Taggert, 198. 
Joseph Wise. 173. 248. 
Josephine. 226. 298. 
Josephine (Hutchinson), 897. 428, 

Josephine Mary, 247. 338. 
Josephine Mary (Chllds), 177. 247. 
Joshua Lougee, 816. 
Josiah, 64. M. 70. 71. 88. 89. 90. 91. 

124, IS, 126. isd, 181, 182. 
Josiah Wait, 264, 341. 
Judith. 82. 

Julia, 118. 124, 126, 160. 167. 178. 200. 
Julia A., 276, 867. 
JuUa A. (Oove). 166. 223. 
Julia Ann, 176. 
Julia (Bond). 171. 
Julia Edwards, 209. 
Julia Electa, 214. 

Julia Elisabeth (Mayes). 212. 809. 
Julia Huldah (Parsons), 118, 167. 
Julia M. (Barber). 166, 238. 
Julia Maria (Edwards), 187, 268. 

Julia Mayes, 809. 
Julia (Moseley). 143. 178. 208. 
Julia Norton, 262. 
Julia Parker (Dayton), 167. 
Julia Starkweather, 242. 
Julia Thompson (King), 219. 
Julia Whistler (Kenzie). 197, 296. 
Julia (Wolcott). 208, 803. 
Julius. 276. 363. 
Julius Augustus. 811. 
Julius E.. 406. 
Junia. 143, 202. 202. 
Justice Edwards, 208. 
Justin. 112. 161. 
Rev. Justin. 86. 115. 116. 162. 
Justin Edwards, 199. 
Justin Smith, 143. 178. 208. 
Rev. Justin Wright. 238, 827, 828. 
Justus, 97, 148, ns, 204. 
Justus Bion, 310. 
Kate, 381. 
Kate Amanda, 288. 
Kate Burwell, 346. 
Kate E.. 196. 
Kate Eugenia, 26S, 848. 
Kate (Graves), 177, 247. 
Kate Griffing, 800. 
Kate (Kelly), 467. 
Kate Turner, 204. 
Katie Parsons (Marable), 246. 

Katherine, 189, 191, 272. 820. 

Katherine (Corbin), m, 818. 

Katherine (Miller). 356, 407. 

Katherine Seymour. 468. 

Katherine Suxman. 214. 

Kathryn Bemice, 407. 

Katy. 86. 

Kesiah. 76. 97. 

Lance Biaurice, ZK, 401. 

L4Uigdon Brown, 221 

L4iura, 119, 143. 200. 

Laura Elisabeth (Holliday), 229. 

329. 328. 
Laura 8. (MinnU;h), 866, 407. 
Laurentia, 169, 160. 
Lavinia (Bradley), 164. 286. 
Sir Lawrence, 88, 24. 
Lee Roy, 828. 
Lela Maria, 415. 
Leland A., 406. 
Rev. Lemuel. 96, 140, 141. 
Rev. Lemuel Huntington, 141, 198. 
Lena Etetella, 468. 
Leo MayeR, 309. 
Leonard Chester. 87. 
Leonidas Appleton, 22L 
Leonora Elizabeth^ 882. 
Lenora Prances (Bartlett), 167, 289. 
Leophric Loveland. 149. 
Leophrlc Loveland, 212. 
LetUia (Elsworth), 126, 180, 182. 
Letitia (Elsworth) (Parsons), 126, 

180. 181. 
Lettlce, 280. 
Lettus, 276. 
Levi. 92. 100, 111, 148. 158, 166, 188, 

211, 226. 
Rev. Levi. 115, 116, 126, 183, 266. 268. 
Levi Augustus, 344. 
Levi Edward. 268. 844. 
Levi Eggleston. 166. 237. 238. 
Levi Harrison. 158, 227, 321. 
Levi Laurens, 168. 
Levi Morton, 115. 
Levi Seymour, 344. 
Dr. Levi Seymour. 148, 210, 211. 
Lewis. 148, 178, 186. 208, 897. 
Gen. Lewis B., 11, 58. 187, 262, 268, 

Lewis Baldwin, 180, 186, 187, 261. 262, 

263. 289, 848. 
Lewis Clark. 806. 
Lewis B.. 457. 468. 
Lewis Eliphaiet, 114. 116. 466. 
Lewis Green. 269. 
Lewis N., 261, 348. 
Lewis S., 166. 847. 
Lidla Minerva, 148. 
Lilian Leonora. 212. 
Lllla Emma (Stone), 254, 341. 
Lilla (Toung), 209. 
Lillian. 264. 
Lizzie Anna, 323. 
Lizzie Hoyt. 204. 
Lizzie S. (Sargent). 218. 817. 
Llewellyn. 220. 418. 
Loella Irene (Stearns). 162, 234. 
Lois, 83. 

Lois (Wiley), 70, 88. 
Lorena, 376. 

Lorenzo, 157. 284, 288, 488. 
Lou Erne. w3. 
Louezer, 146. 

Digitized by 




Louis Cr«vi*n, XT\ 

Louis iJwight, 303. 
Louis Kalrman, :^1. 409, 
Louis PhlUpiva 230, 
Louisa, im. IH. 
Louisa Hin. £1£. 
Louisa Lovk€, US. 
Louisa Maeilda, ITB. 
Louisa Pat (on. £41. 
Louisa Shepard. £27, 
Louise, 219, 2&I. 
Louise IC. <JackjiOD), 331, 316^ 
Louise aiawklns), UK J07. 
Louise rHoutfliton). m. 
Louise Humphrey, £20, SIN, 
Louise T*^mp]e, 123. 
Lovey iHrDekK UO. 

LoVlcy <Sl<4shln*:^ Sfi. tlJi 

Lovlna, i..-. 

Lovlnia CCollins), 1». 296. 

Lovlnla (Rose), 98. 

Lucia Mm 171. 

Luclle. 407. 

Luclna (Hoar), 130, 186. 1S7. 261, 268, 

Luclna (Pomeroy). 127. 
Luclna (Strona), 10, 80, 126. 
Ludnda, 106. 14», 112, 118. 
Lucinda Almira (M;ack), 196, 283. 

Lucinda (Paclcard), 85. 117. 
Lucinda (ShelU), 196. 
Lucius Edmund, 223. 
Dea. Lucius Pomeroy. 160. 228, 322. 
Lucius Vernon, 228. 
LucreUa, 86. 116, 162. 284. 
Lucretia Hoyt (Colton). 143. 208. 
Lucus. 123, 177, 228. 
Lucy, 70. 83. 86. 88, 98, 94. 90, 102. 

106. 127. 180, 146, 160, 176, 186, 186. 

213, 249. 
Lucy A. (Osborn), 288. 468. 
Lucy (Alvord), TO, 102. 
Lucy Ann. 149, 187. 
Lucy Ann (Seymour), 164. 236. 
Lucy Ann (Wilcox), 186. 
Lucy (Baldwin). 93. 130. 186. 
Lucy (Bradbury). 81, 107, 108. 154. 
Lucy OSldrldge). 172. 
Lucy a.. 289. 
Lucy Hanson. 171. 
Lucy (Hawley), 77, 100. 
Lucy Howell. 120. 168. 
Lucy Jane Havens (Smith). 166. 
Lucy M.. 304. 306. 
Lucy Mason, 146, ITO, 204. 
Lucy Moreford, 188. 
Lucy (Pomeroy), 76, 98. 90, 146, 146, 

Lucy Strons. 124. 126. 182. 

Lucy (Van Dake). U7, 166. 

Lucy Wolcott, 182. 

Luella, 290. 

Luke, 99. 

Capt. Luke. 90. 146, 204, 207. 

Luke J.. 146. 

Lulu Maria, 229. 

Luther, 115. 

Lydia, 62. 69. 76. 82. 86, 86, 143, 158, 

283. 468. 
Lydia (Brown), 99. 
Lydla (Clark). 97. 148, ITO. 204. 
Lydia (Folsom), 82. 

Lydla Qraves (Crosby). 1«1, Itt. 

Lydia (K*Iley). 110. 

Lydla k\ngft\&y. 238, 488. 

Lydia (KlOEHley).^, 111. 

Lydla (Lord), m. IB, 164. 

Lydla 8.. im, 271. 

Lydia (Btuart), H2. 20L 

Lyman, lis. 12&. ler. 180. ISL 

M. Augusta (.AdBTUS), 222. 

Mabel, a6L 

Mabel (Cook), 308, 889. 

Mabel B. (Sewell), 828. 

Mabel Irene, 826. 

Mabel M., 880. 

Mae Lena (Llnabury). 370. 

Mahala Corsen (Owen), 168, 228. 

Mahala (Fuller), 141. 

Mahlon Klnfsley, 299. 

Mandana A. (Clark), 126. ISL 

Marcus, 100. 

Maraaret, 76, 76, 127. 183. IM. 189, 

28C 871, 878, 4U. 468. 
Maraaret A. E. (Stoughton), 268, 

Margaret Aon, 316. 
Margaret B. (Jacques). 261, 348. 
Margaret Elisabeth. 186, 424. 
Margaret Blwood, 348. 
Margaret (Granger). 88, 127. 
Margaret (Graves), 271, 849. 
Margaret (Julian), 871. 41S. 
ICargaret (Marshfield), 34. 
Margaret Mary. 343^_876. 
Biargaret Maude, 226. 
Margaret McLane, 820. 
Margaret (Toung), 157, 226. 
Margarite Annie (Fayette), 186, 298. 

Margery Pepperell. 398. 

Maria, 124, iSs. 170, 191, 276, 280. 

Maria, 161, 232, 468. 

Maria (Meslck) (Best), 429. 

Maria Emlle, 346. 

Maria Louisa, 175. 

Maria (Morris). 122. 

Maria (Simmons). 191. 274, 275. 

Maria Vavesour. 172. 

Marie Antoinette, 298. 

Marie Florence (Pulls). 861. 410. 

Marietta. 198. 

Manila. 122. 186. 

Marlon. 75, 240. 447. 

Marlon Bulkley. 309. 

Marlon Constance, 320. 

Marion Elizabeth, 844. 

Marjory Dell. 418. 

Marshall, 130. 

Martha, 70, 75, 84, 96, 156, 181. 

Martha A. (Merwln), 17L 

Martha A. (Pettus). Iffi, 270. 

Martha A. (Plerson), 279, 861. 

Martha Ann. 221. 

Martha Ann (Bush), 158, 226. 

Martha (Chllds), 128, 176. 

Martha Cornelia, 266. 

Martha Coryell, 882. 

Martha (Coryell). 166, 288. 289, 831. 

Martha E. (Rogers). 172. 

Martha (Hlller), in. 

Martha (Hubbard), 75. OS. 

Martha Irene, 160. 

Martha Kate (Locke). 319. 

Martha (Kllgore), m, 184. 

Digitized by 



Martha Klnssley, 46. 282* 4i0. 466. 
Martha Parsons (Grouse) (Oreen), 

Martha Poor. 1S4. 
Martha 8. (Jennet^). 221, 819. ^ 
Martha (Young). 84, ri.. 
Martin Augustus, 275. 
Marvel H.. 817. 
BiaUIda, 12L 
Matilda E., 196. 
Matilda P^ 188. 186. 
Mary. 49. 68. 62, 76, 76. 88, 88. 87. 99. 

108^ 110. 112, 120, 126, 144, 164, 186, 

194, 214, 220, 221, 246, 276, 279. 288. 

328, 881. 8K. 368, 869, 860, 861. 
Mary. 871. 872. 388. 
Mary A. (Anderson). 287. 874. 
Mary A. (Henderson), 203. 
Mary A. (Newton). 193. 
Mary (Abbot), 7L 
Mary AblndL 188. 219. 
Mary Adelaide n^ortlmer), 241. 
Mary Adele (Calais), 286. 378. 
Mary Alice. 2^. 
Mary Almlra, 268, 344. 
Mary Ann, 169. 176. 208. 
Mary Ann (Crafts), 160^4. 
Mary Ann Hazen. 201. 299. 
Mary Ann (Hennlng). 186. 260, 261. 
Mary Ann ^olt). 164. 286. 
Mary Ann ^Pool). 191. 288. 
Mary Ann Wallls, 156. 
Mary Annls, 316. 
Mary (Ashley), 59, 62, 76. 
Mary (Baker). 89, 126. 
Mary Barber, 232, 468. 
Mary Battle, 318. 

Mary Battle (Whitehead), 220, 318. 
Mary (Best), 132, 191. 277, 281. 4Z1. 
Mary Blssell, 186. 
Mary (Bliss). 39, 40. 43, 44. 46, 46, 47. 

48, <d. 53. 68. 
Mary Boylston), 110. 
Mary (Brown). 142, 14B. 212, 213. 
Mary Brown Allen, 109. 
Mary C. Fairfield, 167. 
Mary Catherine, 283. 
Mary Catherine (Sneed), 180, 249. 
Mary Charlotte, 181. 
Mary (Chauncey) Johnson, 89. 
Mary (Clapp). 84. 
Mary (Clark), 62, 92, 126. 
Mary (Coon). 130. 186. 186. 
Mary jE. (Friend), 218. 
Mary E. (Henderson), 284, 370. 871. 
Mary (Eldrldge). 114, 162. 
Mary Eleanor, 289. 
Mary EUsa (Olnn). 154. 
Mary Eliza (Lewis). 120. 169. 170. 
Mary Elizabeth (Dudley). 180, 248. 
Mary Elizabeth Fall, m. 
Marv Elizabeth, 178. 233. 276. 366, 366. 

Mary Ellen. 167. 317. 

Mary Emerson, 180. 

Mary Emerson (Hosrt), 100, 230. 281, 

Mary Emma, 175. 
Mary Frances, 238, 246, 468. 
Mary (Ferris), 259, 
Mary (Fisher). 170. 
Mary G., 294. 
Mary O. (Alden), 126, 18L 

Mary Georgia, 218. 

Mary Gtortrude, 196, 246, 294, 387. 

Mary (OUbert), 178. 

MaxT Oraves (Whitatone). 176, 

Mary Gray, 86, 118. 

Mary Gregory, 172. 

Mary (Hepburn), 148. 

Mary (Hill), iSt 176. 

Mary Hooker, 169, 248. 

Mary Ida. 247. 

Mary Isadora, 214. 

Mary J. (Baldwin), 166, 287. 

Mary J. (Holmes), HO. 

Mrs. Biary J. (Marston), 166, 221. 

Mary Jane, 218. 

Mary Jane, 276, 866. 

Mary Jane (Cram). 154. 218, 317. 

Mary Jane rUnderwood), 281. 

Mary Jane (underwood), 469. 

Mary (Jones), 67. 82. 

Bfary (Judd) Kingsley. 159. 

Mary t., 847. 

Mary L. (Hutton), 364. 

Mary (Langdon). 110. 156. 

Mary Llewellyn (Swayne). 155. 

Mary Lord, 316. 

Mary Lou gee, :n<5. 

Mary Louisa. 21f7. 331. 

Mary Louis*% 159. 165< 237. 

Mary (Ludlngion), 13S. 

Mary Lucloa, 262, 348, 

Mary (Mannings 317, 315. 

Mary Maria fSeeilB). I5i.^p 288. 

Mary ainCl*?ll*ini. 169. 242. 

Mary fMc^Murtryt, 301. 2S&, 

Mary (>lon ford>, 130. iS8. 

Mary Mori ht: ml {McLaue), 224, 320. 

Mary Morton, 251. 

Mary (North >, 275, 353. 

Mary R< im. 

Mary (ParsotiB). 110. 153. 218, 219. 

Mary R. iHltickleyK 121. ITO. 

Mary R ( Pierre 1, 229. 

Mary (RfjblTison)^ 61, 7€, 

Mary VRuaeellK 128. 

Mary Rutherfortl, 332. 

Mary (.Si^^arleK 68. 

Mary (StiiveyK 82. !10. 

Mary (efjarllng), 170, 

Mary (Bt ebb Ins), 54, 6S* 69, 86. 

Mary Stoui^hton, 'MA. 

Mary Svlvester <Churciitll), 191- 

Mary T,, 1R2 

Mary (TrefGlhern), 230, 

Mary Vndprhin. m 

Mary Voo*., 121, i;4. 

Mary Wadsworth, 183. 266. 

Mary Weed, 297. 

Mary (Wheeler). 49, 59. 

Mary ( ), 310, 391. 

Maryette (Ootman), 148. 211. 

Maude, 364, 413. 

Maude E., 251. 

Maude Olive, 311. 

Mauran F.. 335. 

May (Broadnax), 246, 337. 

May Bddv, 219. 

Medad, 86, 88. 

Mehltable, 96. 

Mehltable (BHdgman), 84, 112, U?. 

Mehltable (Clapp), 61, 77. 

Mellna (McLellan), 118. 167. 

- / 

Digitized by 




Melinda Flike. 164. 
MellDda Rachel. 117. 
Mellaoent (Spencer), O. 
MellA (DemiMter), 38S, 170. 
Mercy, tt. rfTtt. nTH K HI. 148, 

Mercy (Atkinaon). 71. tt, tt» IM. 

ty (Atkln 

m. 1% 130. m. 
jy (Coe). - 



96, 140. 

Mercy O'areons), 97, 111, 14S. 902. 

Mertle Vemella (Moore), M, 8SL 

MUdred. ML 

MUetiw. IM. 

MUo Holcombe. XU, 100. 

Mindwell, 7B. ik 

Mlndwell (Edwards), O. IS. 96, 00. 

Mindwell (Klngsley). 80, 114, 178. 

Mindwell KlnsBley (Parw>ns), 148. 

Minerva. 160. 

Minerva (Meaeham), 148. 

Minerva Cox, 166. 

Minnie Bhnma (Paine). W, S8S. 

Minnie R. (Nelson), 880, 881. 881 

Minnie Turrel (Turner), 804, 881 

Mio Louise. 888. 

Miranda. 164. 

Miriam, 71. 78, 74, 76, 04. 07, 181 

Miriam (Clark). 142. 

Miriam (Frances). 140. 

Miriam Metella, 821 

Molly (Beatty). 881. 

Montgomery Howard, 801 

Moses. 64. 80, 68. 74. 76. 88, 84. 04, 

112. 118. 127. 180. 140. 141, 100^ 101. 

281. 288. 874. 276. 468. 
Moss. 401. 
Mrs. (Cutler), 28. 
Myra. 220. 817. 401. 
Myra Louise (Matthews). 408. 
Myron Augustus, 886. 
Myrtle Moore (Nicholson). 848. 880. 
N. B., 11. 
Name of. 19. 

Nancy. 106. 126. 146. 180. 226. 260. 
Nancy Clark, 167. 226. 
Nancy (Olddinas). 118. 
Nancy (lyes). 148, 200, 20L 
Nancy (Parmlee). 88. 128. 
Nancy Porter. 100, 241. 
Nancy (Streeter). 90. 146. 204. 807. 
Nancy Woodbrtdge, 141. 
Naomi. 89. 94. 

Naomi Clark (Klngsley). 283, 826. 
Nathan, 70, 78. 87. 99. 100, 121. 182, 

MaJ. Nathan. 87. 121. 
Nathan Appleton. 178. 
Nathaniel. &, 78. 108, Ul. 160. 
Nathaniel Cox. 176. 846. 247. 
Rev. Nathaniel Bmerson. 287, 874, 

Nathaniel H.; 261, 847. 
Nathaniel Horace, 100. 
Nathaniel I., 847. 
Nathaniel Spencer, 166, 288. 
Neale Bmest, 401. 
Nellie, 218. 2i6. 
Nellie Keal (Wines). 266. 841. 
Nellie Merrlam, 2tt. 
NetUe (HoeKer). 166. 238. 289. 
Nettle (Sarle). 808. 888. 

Newell Barnard. SU. 881 
Newell Samuel. 816. 807. 
Newton. 141 

Cant. Noaa. 196. 180. 881 

Noble L.. 141 

Nora Helen (Knight). 266. 841 

Norman. 810. 

Norman Bloomfleld. 241 

Nerval Montgomery. 88L 

Octavla. 141 187. Stt. 

OctavU (French). 1«7. 

OcUvia Jane (Perry), 121. 171 

Olive. 140. 891 

Olive Marsh (Barnard), 210. 212. 

Oliver, 84, 81 96. m. 112. 128. 121 

m, 175, 184: 
Capt. Oliver. 127. 184. 
Oliver Edwin. 246. 887. 
Rev. Oliver James, 171 
Oliver Lauirhlln. 887. 
Oliver Morris. 176. 
Oliver Nathaniel. 269. 
Olivia. 261 

Olivia (Wright). 126. 180. 
Oregona, 8177 
Orenao. 161. 288. 
Orpha. 141 

Orpha L. (Ssrrpless). 191 288. 
Orpha (Loveland). 100. 140. 
Orpha (Robinson). 100. 
Orrel Hunt. 400. 
Orrin W_^847. 
Orville Watson. 141. 
Oscar Marshall. 816. 
Oscar Roler, 800. 
Osden W.. 146. 
Otis. 100. 

Pamella, 161 160. 220. 
Pamella FranceSjl66. 
Pamella Maria, 283, 461 
Pamella (Partridge), U7. 106. 
Part Holland. 121. 174. 
Patience, 127. 
Patty (Dow). 110. 166. 
Paul. 96. 141. 
Paulina, 161. 
Pauline, 117. 
Payn BIgelow, 821 
Pearl M. (Dodge), 888. 
Penelope Graves, 12L 
Penelope Morse, 244, 886. 
Perin. 194. 

Persee M. (Clary), 181 181 
Persis. 169. 

Persls (Craves), M, 181 181 
Peter. 191. 274, 276. 868, 864. 366. 
Phebe. 77. n. 94. 91 loi. 119. m. 143. 

160. 229, 271 277. 279. 280. 
Phebe (Bartletti, 76, 96. 97, 141 
Phebe Bowne. 2K. 
Phebe (Camp), 76. 
Phebe Chapman, 149. 
Phebe (Coe), 96. 141. 
Phebe C^irtis TSmith), 140, 21L 
Phebe Fairfield. 119. 
Phebe G. (Mahon). 266. 841 
Phebe (Hulbert). 108. ifiO, 214. 
Phebe (Lamphear), 88, 121 
Phebe (Robinson), 99. 141 
Phebe Ann (Weeks) Still. lU, 161 
Phebe ( \ 181 

Digitized by 




Philena (Chapin), 122. 

Philip. 20, SO. 

PhiUp Nelson, 282. 

Philip Stoyle. 2tt. 

Phllo. 187. 2n, 262. 

Philo MUton. 208. 

Phlneas. 61. 77. 78, 80. 125. 

Phlneas FranclB. 180. 2B8. 

PUny Dwlght, 121. 172. 174. 

Polly Dow. 166. 

Polly (Tuttle), 112. 

PorUus. 280. 

PortiUfl F.. 128, 196, 196, 276, 277. 

PortluB Frank, 288. 280, 281. 

Prentice Warren, 287, 124. 

Prlscilla, 86, 92. 

PrlMilla Bartlett, 222. 

Prlscilla (Parsons), 86. 

Prlscilla Ruth, 214. 

Prudence. 88. 

Prudence (KeUogf). 70, 88, 89. 

Prudence (Ross), 88, 116. 

Prudence Stoddard. 120. 

Quartus, 112. 

Rachel, 64. 76, 78, 84, 89, 112, 160. 184. 

Rachel Ann (Bowker). 121. 174. 

Rachel Corlnthla (ESdwards). 179. 

Rachel H. (Russell), 200, 298. 
Rachel (Keep), 68. 84. 112. 
Rachel Ludnda, 168. 
Rachel (Merrlman), 111. 167. 
Rachel Philena. 157. 
Rachel (Pomeroy). 112. 168. 150. 229. 
Rachel Preston, 127. 188. 
Rachel (Robinson). 198. 290. 
Rachel (Blvan), 190, 298. 
Rachel (Wales), ui 100. 220. 
Rachel wales. 231. 
Ralph 28. 
Ralph D.. 198, 290. 
Ralph Lyman, 168. 240. 
Ralph Maltland. 246, 827. 
Ralph Miller, 407. 
Dr. Ralph Walt. 240. 
Rebecca, 86. 111. 126. 
Rebecca Ann. 170. 
Rebecca (Clark). ^ 111. 168. 
Rebecca Cobum wesson, 88. 128, 

Rebecca Fidelia. 167. 
Rebecca (Hosmer), KB. 237. 
Rebecca (Robinson). 77, 99. 
Rebecca (bneldon). 60, 86, 116, 118. 
Rebecca (Tale). 142, 199. 
Reginald Harrison. 322. 
Reney. 150. 
Rena May, 828. 

Reuben. 94. 127. 128. 184. IM, 250. 
Dea. Reuben, 98, 127. 276, 279, 280. 
Rhoda, 61, 77. 100. 112. 113. 162. 
Rhoda (Hinsdale). 84. 113. 
Rhoda Minerva. 148. 
Rhoda (Parsons), 84, 96, 118. 
Rhoda (Taylor), 48, 69, 6L 
Sir Richard, 20, 28, 24. 
Richard C, 248. 
Richard (Thappell, 169, ML 
Richard Henry, 128. 
Richard Perdval, 408. 
Richard W., 26L 
Rlllah Barak, 828. 
Robert, 20, 818, 288. 

Robert Clarence, 847. 

Robert Day. 468. 

Robert Hlnson, 2i6w 

Robert La Rue, 298. ; 

Robert WUklns, 296. : 

Robert William, 220. m. 

Roberta Virginia ((5al<son), 201, 200. 

Rock. 122. ^ 

Dr. Rock, 122. 

Rolfe Morey, 418. 

Rosanna, 119. 

Rosanna (Fairfield), 86» 118, 119. 

Rose, 296. 

Rose (Mllmlne), 219. 

Rose rales, 428. 

Rosetta, 846. 

Rozanna. 168. 

Rosanna ^urt>, ICl. 288. 

Roxanna Rebecca. 168, 226, 227, 22L 

Roy Henry, «341. 402. 

Roy Waleft, 826. 

Rt. Rev. Sr., 24. 

Ruah (Fuller). 141. 

Ruby. 400. 

Rufus, 112, 127, 276, 279. 

Russell C, 817. 

Ruth. 88, 88, 118, 843, 398, 400, 413. 

Ruth Beardsley, 320. 

Ruth Eleanor. 841. 

Ruth Elisabeth. 400. 

Ruth M.. 338. 

Ruth (Pearson), 88. 

Ruth (Purdy), 281, 384. 

Ruth Wolcott. 889. 

Mrs. S. M. Alden. 268. 843. 

Sadie E. (Leonard). 400. 

Salinda (Stanfleld), IdS. 286, 872, 374. 

Sallle A. (Dlefendorf) Ottman), 191, 

Sallle HarHs (Miles), 168. 

Sally, 83, Vn, 102. 

Sally (Clark). 120. 

Sally Maria. 230. 

Sally (Stevens). 83. 

Sally (Upham). 127. 

Saloma (Kelley). 140. 

Salome. 87. 

Salona (White). 279. 868. 

Samantha, 159. 

Samantha Catherine (Hayes), 287. 

Samuel. 80. 81, 32, 38, 68, 61, 76, 81, 
96, 100. 109. 110. 124. 127, 140, 141, 
16fc. 166. 198. 220. 221. 

Capt. Samuel. 126. 180. 

Lieut. Samuel. 49. 66, 69. 61. 74, 75, 
76. 77, 78. 92. 94. 96. 96. 99. 100, 
140. 1^1. 144, 146. 147. 148. 148. 

Rev. Samuel. 67. 81. 82. 110, 166. 

Samuel Baher, 126. 260. 

Samuel Bloomfleld. 178. 248. 

Samuel Grosvener. 172. 

Samuel H., 86, 147. 809. 

Qen. Samuel Holden. 80, 82, 34. 

Samuel Langton. 180. 250. 

Samuel Lougee, 217, 316, 317. 

Samuel Wilfle. 247. 

Sandford, 149. 

Sarah, 68, 68. 69. 70. 76, 77, 81. 82. 84, 
86. 88, te, 92, 99. 100. 109, 114. 117, 
m, 124. 126, 142, 144. 168, 167, 161, 
184, 188, 2U, 218, 283. 284. 864, 866. 

Barak A. (Dow). 166, 228. 

Sarah A. (Kingsley), 180, 260. 

Digitized by 













A\ Stokes. 19L 282. 

A.Y(Wood). IK a7, 218. 

Atn»7» 22L 

AbUall (Lauffhlin). MS, 887. 

Ami, 200, 816. 

(AtJMrton), 64, 67, 66, 88. 

AyeV (Chase), U6, 219. 

B. (IxobertBon), 230. 
(Baldwin). 188, 264. 
(BancV^t), 77. 99. 100. 
(Broil'), m. 

Budd ijLyon). 124, 179. 

(Eurnh \m>, 07, 92. 

(Biirriti). 100 

CiLtberlT e* IT7, 

(Chaiin<:e3f) Giiern»ey, 77. 

(Clapp), ,68. 

(Clark). ^9. 

(Clarke), *i8. 

((Vjleman) T-ord, 1S7, 286. 

D. ^Travis) l*eeler, liL 171. 

Day r!i=;f:^yttiom 232, 32^ 460, 

Dolly. 182. 

Edwards, 268, 299. ' . 
(Edwards). 68, 84. i^ r 116. 

C. (Edwards). 96, 141 An. 
Elizabeth. 179. 806. 
Elisabeth (Eddy). 166, ^A 

Ellen. 371, 416. 
(Engell) (Powell), 191, 876, 

(Evans). 276, 366. 
(Plske), 86, 116. 117. 
Frances. 178. 
Oreen (Edwards), 187, 268, 

Hasey Childs. 124. 128. 
Holt. 281. 

J. (Dean). 284. 371. 
(Janes). lU. 167. 
Janes. 228. 

(Johnson), 78. 100, 102. 
Johnson (Adams). 180. 249. 
Johnson (Shepley). 166, 220, 

(Jones). 68. 83, 84. 

Leonard, 204. 

Maria, 231. 

(North). 276, 364. 

Paine (Hervey), 170. 

Parmlee (Stanley), 196, 297. 

(Parsons). 157. 

(Phelps), 127. 

Pomeroy, 182. 

(Poulk). 127. 

(Rice). 168, 241. 

mgSB (Meyer). 148. 

(Roberts), 288. 

(Robinson) (Hill), 149. 211, 

S. (Dearborn), 106, 164. 
Seymour. 468. 
(Sheldon). 64, 70, 9L 
(Starkweather), 169, 242. 
(Stebblns), 64, 69. 
mtrons), 90. 126, 160. 180, 181, 

Vdlanda (Averill) 260, 846. 

(Vore), 34. 

Whitehead. 318. 
(WUliams), 81. 

Sarah ( ). 61, 77. 99. 

Scott Burrill (M. D.), 178. 

Scott Cobb, 174. 

Seth, 90. 112, 117, 160, IM. 28Q, 

276. 27i 866, 867, 366, 967, 868. 
Seth Euffene, 864. 
Seth O., 406. 
Seth Ramenl, 149. 
Sherlock, m. 171, 172. 
Sherlock Budd, 172. 
Sherman Pratt. 392. 
ShubaiL 127. 

Rev. aUas. 11, 86, 116, 117, 164. 
Silas Richmond, 166. 
Silence, 94, 182. 189, 277. 
Silenus D., 296;. 

Simeon. 68. 69, 88, 92, 118. 119, 168. 
Ensign Simeon, 61, 77. 
Capt. Simeon. 77. 
Solomon, 88. 128, 124, 177, 178. 
Solomon, 70, 88. 128. 
Rev. Solomon. 86, 86, 116, 117. 
Sophia, 120. 188, 167, 179. 276. 280. 
Sophia Flzsell, 428. 


Sophia (Kingsley). 124, 178, 179. 
Sophia (Lahrina), 266. 841. 
Sophia (Lee), », 147. 
Sophia Louise Lahrlng. 402. 

Sophia Sparks (Fisher), 241, 3M. 

Sophia Streeter, 147, 210. 

Sophronia, 119. 148. 

Sophronla (Camp). 100. 

Rparhawk, 121. 171. 

dpencer. 113, 142, 143, 160, 200. 2QL 

Stephen, 102. 106, 107, 106, IGO. 

Dea. Stephen, 114, 162. 

Elder Stephen, 11. 

Rev. Stephen, 78, 100, 101. 102, 1« 

Stephen Bartlett, 182. 264. 

Stephen Woodbridge, 128. 

Sterling Crosby, 198. 

Dr. Stoyell Cady, 258. 343. 

Submit, 94. 

Submit (Clark), 112. 189. 

Sue A. (Steward), 289, 377. 

Sukey, 164. 

Susan. 86. 106. 141, 223. 

Susan (Bonser), 218. 

Susan Burrill, 174. 

Susan (Decatur). 156, 222, 22S. 

Susan Ella, 299. 

Susan O.. 170. 

Susaji Gertrude, 253. 

Susan Qraves. 121. 

Susan Harriet. 231. 325. 

Susan Hooper, 174. 

Susan Jane, 172. 

Susan L., 331. 

Susan Melissa (Klngsley). 20O, 299 

Mrs. Susan Savory, 108. 

Susanna, 86. 

Susanna (Babcock). 99. 

Susanna (Oraves). 87, 12L 

Susannah, 164. 

Susie. 398. 

Susie O., 460. 

Sybil (Taylor), 119. 

Sydenham B., 261. 

Sydenham CHark, 180, 2G0. 

Sylvanus. 96. 

Sylvanus Morgan, 140, 197. 

Sylvester, 108, 127. 

Sylvester Dwlght. 174. 

Digitized by 




Sylvester Oaston, 241 

Sylvester Qould. 128, 176, 246. 246. 

Sylvia Antoinette, 826. 

TaWtha, 77. 

Taylor Lougee, 217, 816. 

Thaddeus, 157. 

Thankful. 75, 92. 

Thankful (Edwards). 142, 196, 199. 

Theododa, 117. 138, 166, 193, IM, 2n, 

Theodocia (Bardwell), 115. 
Theodora Davenport, 384. 
Theodore, 117, 124. 142, 166, 178, 179, 

801, 206. 
Theodore Chester. 800. 
Theodore Clark. 206, 806. 
Theodore Dwlght. 822. 
Theodore Edwards. 386. 
Theodore Hart, 240. 
Theodore LaRue, 297. 
Prof. Theodore Stuart, 201, 299. 
Theophllus. 268. 
Judee Theophllus, 90. 
Prof. Theophllus, 80. 
Theron. 199, 297. 
Thoraas. 24. 80. 31, 82, 81. 88, 99. 107, 

106. UO. 120, 153. 154. 169. 217. 232. 

242. 315, 468. 
Thomas, 120. 
Dr. Thomas. 462, 465. 
Sir Thomas. 20. 22. 25, 85. 
Thomas Bradbury, 10b. 
Thomas Grouse, 466. 
Thomas Edward. 246. 
Thomas Gent.. 31. 
Thomas Henry. 221. 
Thomas Jefferson, 156. 221. 
Thomas Lorenzo. 233. 468. 
Maj. Thomas Torrington. 197. 
Thomas Wentworth. 319. 
Timothy, 61. 75, 76, 97, 98. 
Timothy Edwards, 199 297. 
Timothy Graves, 22i, 326. 
Timothy Graves, %, 460. 
Tryphosa (Naramore), 117, 168, 167. 
Ulysses French, 816. 
Usher. 110, 219. 
Dr. Usher, 220. 

Victor Llewellyn, 298, 379. 880. 381. 
Victor P.. 195. 
Victoria Louisa. 816. 
Viola Schuyler. 406. 
Virginia (Scarrett), 218. 
Vivian May, 415. 
Volinda (Henderson), 458. 
W. Marvin, 809. 
Wait (Miller), 68, 88, 84, 112. 
Wales. 231, 825. 
Wales E., 325. 
Wallace. 186. 
Walter, 19. 220, 249/ 406. 
Walter B.. 271. 
Walter C. 186. 260. 261. 
Walter Chamberlain. 180. 188. 
Walter Lewis. 347. 
Walter M.. 261. 
Ware Washington. 315. 
Warham, 86. 92. 
Dr. Warren. 166. 228. 
Wealthy. 118. 
Weare, 398. 

Weare Drake, 217, 816. 
Wilbur Emerson. 876. 

Wilfred Atherton, 248. 

Willard, 117, 166, 167. 

WUliam. 28, 80. 81, 82, 106, 109, 110. 

117, 158, 154, 156, 164, 166, 218. 219. 

Dea. WUllam, 88. 
Dr. William, 120. 
WlUiazn, 8d Earl Rosse. 20. 
Lieut. WilUam, 59. 76, 144, 146. 
Rev. William. 67, 82. 
Sir William, 20, 23, 24. 
William Addison, 218, 317. 
William Addison. 315. 
William Ashton, 2U. 
William Auffustine, 178. 
William Augustus. 824. 
William Bartholomew Budd, 17L 
William Bradley, 286. 
Lieut William Bostwick. 197, 296. 
William Cheney, 232, 826, 460, 468. 
William Chester, 801, 800. 
William Conover, 244. 
William D., 196, 298. 294. 
William Decatur. 222. 
William Dexter, 221. 
William Edward, 218, 826, 468. 
William Edwin, 219, 317. 
William Eggleston, 288, 881. 
WUliam F., 371. 415. 
William Fiske, 165, 887. 
Rev. William Gaston, 177, 247. 
William Goodell, 175, 244. 
William Guy, 297. 
William H.. 171, 261, 346. 881. 
William Harrison, 156. 222. 
William Henry. 148, 154. 211, 217, 

218, 246, 299. 
William Hlgglns, 192. 277. 284. 
William Irving, 223. 
William Johnson, 172. 
Rev. William L<eonard. 164, 236. 
William Lorenzo, 224, 819. 
William M.. 310, 391. 
William Moseley, 208. 
William Naramore, 240. 883. 
William Otis. 228. 
William Rice. 220. 
William Riley. 213. 309. 
William Shepley, 220. 
William Strong. 280. 
William Swain. 262. 
William Theodore^JWO. 
William Turner, 888. 
William Usher. 154. 155. 219. 817. 
William Wallace, 816. 
William Wisner, 168. 
Willis A., 196. 
Rev. Willis E., D. D., 187. 
Rev. Willis Edwards. 271. 848, 849. 
Wilson, 171. 

Rev. Winfield Scott, 196. 
Winifred. 318. 
Winifred Marcia, 418. 
Wlnnlfred Maude (Morey), 380, 418. 
Wyly. 838. 
Partridge, Asa, 166. 
Col., 3. 128. 
Pamela, 117, 166. 
Passmore, Helen Antoinette. 296. 

Patchen, Frances Eliza (Parsons), 

Melvln B.. 281. 

Digitized by 




Patterson, demeace (Pmrsons), UK. 

Edward, 419. 

Bdwln, 801 

Eliza (Botton), SOS. 

Frances O. (Paraons). SSI. 419. 

Oeorge, 881, 419. 

Oodolphln, 108. 

Harry, 419. 

Henrietta. 808, 808. 

Victor L., 419. 
Paulk, Gyrus. 127. 

Eunice (Parsons), 187. 

Sarah, 127. 
Payne, Harriet Walton, 24B. 
Payson, Hannah. 82L 

Dea. Joshua, O. 
Peale, Charles Wilson, 862, 888. 

Henrietta. 882. 

Rembrandt, 362, 864. 
Pearson, Ruth, 88. 
Pease, Harriet Maria, 183, 2G6. 

Joslah, 106. 

Lorenzo, 266. 

Lucinda (Leonard), 266. 

Lucy (Wright) (Slkes). 468. 

Martha Poor (Parsons), 161 

Nancy (Parsons), 108. 

Nathaniel. 164. 
Pemberton. Qen.. 206. 
Penn. William, 41. 
Pepperell, Col. William. 109. 
Perkins, Anna Therasa (Hollhan), 

Charles Jenckes, 806. 

Ellen Maria, 306. 

Hannah, 111. 

Lewis L., 166. 

Lovlna (Parsons), 166. 
Perry, Ada L.. 209. 

Commodore, 110. 

James A.. 209. 

Jane (Stan wood), 172. 

Dea. John, 172. 

Octavla Jane, 121, 172. 
Pettlirrove, Hannah (Cook). 444. 
Pettus. Martha A., 188. 

William a, 270. 
Pfeffer, Christiana, 198, 290. 

Ursula (Easterle), 290. 
Phelps, Alice Elizabeth, 400. 

Carrie Louise, 322. 

Catherine, 69. 86. 

Clara (Chapln), 322, 399, 400. 

Dodee A Co., 267. 

Dudley. 122. 

Flora J. (Parsons). 228. 322. 

Henry A.. 400. 

Henry Arthur, 322, 390, 400. 

Henry S., 228, 822. 

Hyaclnthla. 87. 182. 

Katherine. 400. 

Marion, 400. 

Martin, 70. 

Phebe (Parsons). 148. 

Sarah. 127. 

Samuel, 148. 

Sophia, 179. 208. 
Phllbrlck, Ablfcall. 166, 221. 
Phillips, HatUe. 228. 
Phllps, Ebenezer, 97. 

Kezlah (Parsons). 97. 

Martha (Parsons). 70. 
Pierce, Caroline E.. 288. 

Isaac Cheney, 828. 

Jessie Oarfleld. 268. 

Lucinda (Chase). 228. 

Mary R., 880. 

Pres.. Iffi. 
Pierson. Amy (Kimball). ML 

Henry R., 861. 

Mabel (Parsons). 86L 

Martha A.. 279. 861. 

Dea. RufUs. 861. 

Sarah (Davis), 361. 
Pinckney, Frances G. <PanM»is). 

Osman, 211. 
Pitkin, Samuel, SL 

Sarah (Parsons), 81. 
Plaas, Johannes, 438. 
Plank. ESllen Frances, 414. 
Platner. Aaron, 432. 

Adolphus. 482. 

Christopher, 481. 

Eliza, 482. 

Elizabeth (Best), 4S1. 

George H., 4SL 

Hannah, 482. 

Henry C. 4S1. 

John H.. 482. 

Maria (Anthony), 482. 

Maria. 482. 

Margaret (Best), 431. 

Mark. 481. 

Martha, 482. 

Peter H., 432L 

Piatt, Adallne, 266. 

Almlra Rice (Parsons), 183, 2GBl 

Almlra Rice. 266. 

Caroline Cady, 266. 

Frances. 266. 

Hannah (Barnes), 255. 

Isaac, 266. 

Joseph, 266. 

Joseph C^usten, 183, 266. 

Susan, 202. 800. 
Pleasants, Mary, 120. 
Plees, Emmerich. 438. 
Pol let. Mary Jane. 291. 8?8. 
Pollock, Alice Rebecca. 298, 881. 

Leila Jeffries (Clapp). 209. 

. 209. 

Pomeroy, Abigail, 178. 

Abigail (Potwln). 146. 

Amanda (Wllzy), 146. 

Charlotte, 200. 

Diana, 96. 

Ebenezer, 91, 98. 146. 

Edward. 146. 

Elizabeth. 96. 

Elweed, 96. 

Esther (Lyman), 76, 96. 146. 

Esther (Parsons), 9EL 

Ethan, 91. 

George, 146. 

Helen Cowles, 146. 

Sir Henry de, 98. 

Herman, 96. 146. 

James, 147. 

James, 147. 

Jane (Bush). 146. 

Joan (Keech), 96. 

John, 147. 

Josephine, 146. 

Joslah, 96. 

Digitized by 




Julia. 148. 

Jullsa. 148. 

Louisa, 146w 

Ludna, 127. 

Lucy, 76, 96, 99, 146. 146. 147. 

Lucy (Parsons). 99, 146. 

Lucyjane. 146. 

Lydla (Ashley). 96. 

Lydia (Brown) Parsons. 99. 

Margery (Rochett), 98, 99. 

Mary, 146. 

Mind well (Lyman). 9L 

Moses Alexis. 146. 

Rachel. 112. 158. 169. 

Rachel (Alvord). 168. 

Sir Ralph de. 98. 

Richard. 98. 

Robesla. 98. 

Sarah (Parsons). 125. 

Solomon, 158. 

Col. Thomas, 125. 
Pool. Mary Ann. 191. 288. 
Poor, Anna. 81. 

Col., 81. 
Porter. Margaret, 886. 

Prudence (Parsons), 89. 

Dr. Samuel, 89. 
Potter, Anna, 466. 

Eunice. 88. 
Potts. Abraham, 481. 

Betsy, 481. 

Darla, 429. 

David, 431. 

EUsa, 431. 

Eve (Best), 431. 

Jacob, 431. 

John, 431. 

John, Jr.. 431. 

KathaHne. 431. 

Lovicy. 431 

MaRdalena (Best). 429. 

Peter. 431. 

Polly, 431. 
Potwin. AbUall, 146. 
Powell. Bertha May. 871. 416. 

Charles James. W% 871. 

Chester Nicholson. 871. 

Clarissa Marie, 284. 

De Witt Parsons. 284, 870. 871. 

Eug-ene Robert, 871. 

Georsre Francis. 871. 

Harriet, 169. 

Harriet (Parker), 288, 284. 

Henry J.. 284. 

Horace, 283. 

Lulu Grace, 871. 

Mattle A. (Nicholson). 284, 871. 

Mary Leora. 371. 

Sarah (Engell), 191. 276, 276. 

Sarah (Parsons). 192, 283, 284. 

S^arah E. (EldridKe), 489. 

Sidney Alonzo. 192. 288. 284. 

Thomas S.. 489. 

William, 276. 
Powers, Prudence. 288. 
Pratt, Abigail. 273. 

Anna (Mathe). 117. 

Anna Louise. 321 

Aurora Montgomery, 810, 891. 

Catherine Wales. 824. 

Caroline Augusta, 834. 

Cellna ( ) (Buckingham), 229. 

Charles B., 391. 

Charles Seeger|280. 

Dr. Ebeneser, 807. 

Edward, 117. 

Elizabeth (Clapp). 209, 828. 8|1 

Elizabeth Blackman, 824. 

Emeline H.. 891. 

Emma Frances (Parsons). 897. 

Ehinlce (Parsons). 160. 229. 

Fannie (Holmes), 821 

Geo. W.. 117. 

Harriet Fenno. 321 

Henry W.. 397. 

Horace Parsons. 280. 

Jennie (Van Deusen). 207. 

Jennie Chaplin, 321 

Julia Amy, 324. 

Laura (Brady). 206. 

Henry Levi. 324. 

Levi Lewis, 229. 

Louisa Maria. 219. 

Mary Ann, 230. 

Mercy (Snow). 229. 

Minnie Williams. 324. 

Pamelia (Parsons), 280. 

Pamelia (Parsons), 169. 

Pauline (Parsons), 117. 

Rachel M. (Stickney). 280. 

Reuben, 207. 

Richard. 117. 

Sarah (Parsons). 117. 

Sarah (Strong). 229. 

Sarah Agnes, 324. 

Sarah Ann (Buck), 280. 

Seth Parsons. 280. 

Thomas. 169. 

Thomas, 160. 229. 

Thomas Moses. 229. 

Wales Parsons, 230. 

William Fenno, 824. 

William Fenno. 229, 828. 824. 

Willis Carle, 207. 

(Sessions). 207. 

Preble. Alice, 317, 398. 

Prescott. Abraham Perkins, 204. 

CTharles Blake. 204. 

Lizzie Hoyt (Parsons), 901 

Nancy (Martin). 204. 
Preston. Rachel. 127, 183. 
Prewett, Emeline W., 217, 317. 
Prlndle. Emma. 281. 379. 
Prout, Mary Ann, 260. 
Prouty, Alva Harmon. 147. 

Betsey (Parsons). 147. 

Calvin. 147. 

Hannah. 147. 

John Parsons. 147. 
Pulls. Marie Florence. 861, 410. 

Mary Alice (Drew). 410. 

Peter W.. 410. 
Purdy, James Barnes, 824. 

Rebecca. 324. 

Ruth. 231. 324. 
Putnam. Hannah (Moyer), 486. 

. 436. 

Pynchon, Col. diaries, 181. 

Family. 24, 31. 

Jane, 81. 

Capt. John, 41. 42L 

Major John. 40. 

William. 24, 29, 80, 31, 89, 40, 42. 

Raoe. Benjamin, 868. 

Digitized by 




Cathertne, 368. 

Gertrude M.. 281. 868. 
Ralelffh. Family ot 801 
Rand. Sarah. &7. 
Hard, Aimlra (Parsons). IM. 
Ray, Amelia, 86a 

Helen, 467. 

James H.. 182. 

Mary T. (Parsons), 182. 
Raymond, Henry J., 186. 
Read, Alice, 220, 318. 

Anna (Parsons). 218L 

D. F.. 98. 

Joseph, 462; 468. 

Lois (Slke). 462, 468. 

Louisa. 464. 

LucUla, 464. 

William. 468. 
Rector, Katherine (Rhlnes), 487, 489. 

William. 487. 
Reed, Bllen M., 182, 264. 

Oen., 228. 

Jennie. 286. 
Reld. Jane (Keefer). 260. 
Relllay, Capt. 488. 
Reislff. Flora. 867. 406. 
Remlnflrton, Asa. 184. 

Charlotte (Matlmer), 241. 

Eunice, 127, 184. 

Eunice (Walt), 184. 
Rhlnes, Abram, 486. 

Annas Maria (Hoffman), 486. 

Bessie (Rhlnes). 487. 

Bessie. 487. 

Catherine, 437. 

Catherine (Moyer). 484, 486. 

Caty Ann (Rltter). 486, 487. 488. 

Charity (Lyke), 486. 

Charles, 486, 487. 

Daniel, 486. 

Ellen, 486. 

ESmmet, 486. 

£«phralm, 486. 

Hannah, 436. 

Harrtet, 486. 

Isaac, 436, 486, 487. 

Isaac. 438. 

Jacob, 486. 

Jane ( ), 486. 

Jane A.. 487. 

Jane Ann, 487. 

John. 436. 

John. 434. 486, 486. 

Julia (Tlnkham), 486. 

Julia Ann, 436. 

Kathertne. 488. 

Levant, 486, 487. 

Lucinda ( (Godfrey), 436. 

Lydia. 486. 

Maria (MlUner). 436, 437. 

Marlon, 436. 

Mary, i», 487. 

Philip. 4K. 

Ransom, 486. 

Theron. 436. 

Vepra, 436. 

William. 436. 
Rice. Almira. 126, 168. 

Berthia (MerHam). 241. 

Elizabeth. 156, 220. 

Ezekiel. 241. 

Hannah (Beach). 188. 

Dea. Samuel. 188. 

Sarah, 168; 841. 
Rich. Lieut Col. Calvin. 180. 
Richard L, SL 

Coeur da Ldon, & 

Earl of Cornwall. 22. 
Richardson. Qw>rgej2t». 

Oeorse Barker, 806. 

Herbert. 806. 

Irah Chapman, 206. 

Jennie (van Deusen), 206. 

Katie Eleanor. 806. 

Laura (Brady) (Pratt) (Van 
Voorhees). 808. 
Rick, .^^usta, 864. 

Wllfllam, 861 
RlffhettL Irene. 828. 
Rltter, Caty Anxi, 486, 487, 489. 

Lumber Co., 4ISL 
Robblns, Rev. Francis Le Baron, 
D. £>.. 886. 

Lucy Morton (Hartpence), 281 
Robert of Normandy 22. 
Roberts. Elizabeth (Parsons), 91 

Lewis, 271. 

Lydia S. (Parsons), 188. 271. 

Noah. 91 

Rachel (Cqpeland). 28& 

Raymond Parsons. 271. 

Sarah, 288. 

Thomas B., 188. 271. 

Walter, 271. 

William, 288. 
Robertson, Alice Dou^as, 840. 832. 

Anna Richardson (Ouerard), 882. 

HatUe B.. 868. 

James Douglas. 888. 
Robinson, Alffelalne (Wood), 46L 

Bessie AdaTlne (Blake), 461. 

Catherine (Rose). 148. 

Lieut Daniel, 191 

David. 76. 

David, 861 

Deborah. 800. 

Maj. Ebenezer, 886. 

Ebenezer. 2U. 

Edna Aliens (MoMurray), 866, 411 

Family. 69. 

Florence. 866. 

Gideon. Ml 

Hallie Fay. 461. 

Helen Louisa, 418. 

Isaac, 866. 

James Dixon. 461. 

James Eidgrar, 46L 

Capt James Parsons. 866, 418, 411 

Jasper Peck, 271 861 866. 

John, 866. 

Rev. John, 81, 82L 

June Adeline (Whlttlesly), 810. 

Margaret Harvey, 282. 

Marsery (Kelley), 2L 

Marie Antoinette, 189, 196, 187. 

Marry (Hammond), 861 

Mary, 61. 71 

Maude (Bolton), 866, 418. 

May (Summers), 866, 418. 

Orpha, 100. 

Paul, 866. 418. 

Phebe. 99. 148. 

Rachel, 198, 280. 

Rachel (Nixon). 191. 

Digitized by 




Ra«an, M. D.. 811). 

Rebecca. 77. 

Sarah. 149. 211. 212. 

Sarah (Parsons). 279, 414. 

.Sarah (Parsons), 864. 866. 

CoL Timothy, 148. 
Robison, Margaret Harvey, 462. 
Rochlff, Flora (Sikes), 463. 
Rockwood. Edwin O.. 836. 

Blmer E., 244. 886. 

Grace Bulfinch (Parsons). 244, 

Harriet Blake (Skinner), 885. 

Penelope Parsons, 886. 
Rodman. (Tharles S.. 263. 

Louise R. (Kellogg). 258. 
Rogers. Betsey, 147. 

(Thariotte. 416. 

Daniel. 147. 

Emily A. (Belt). 872. 416. 

Rev. B. P„ D. D., 248. 

Frances (Parsons). 871. 

Fred A.. 871. 

Hannah, 90, 147. 

John J.. 416. 

Josephine. 416. 

Julia Jackson (Warner), 165. 

Ifartha E., 172. 

Paul Parsons, 416. 

Ransoms. 416. 

Ruth Elizabeth. 415. 

Sarah Ellen (Parsons). 871, 415. 

W. C. 871. 416. 

William, 372. 416. 

William R.. 416. 

William Thayer. 165. 
Rood, Emma, 341. 
Roof, Clapt. John. 274. 
Roosevelt. Theodore. 468. 
Root. Ezekiel. 188. 

John Burgoyne. 448. 

Martha O.. 448. 

Martha Graves. 448. 

, 99. 

Rose. Catherine. 148. 

Lovinia, 298. 
Ross. Prudence. 86. 
Resetter. Eunice. 77. 
Rosse, Earls of. 20. 28, 24. 
Rowe. Huldah, 87. 
Rowland. Frances Louise. 198, 291. 
Roy, Martha. 28L 
Royce, Eunice (Sasre). 189. 

Dea. James, 189. 
Royster, Ella. 249. 
Rush. Dr^ 350. 
Russell, ClaroUne, 125. 180, 250. 

Celia Ann (Cook). 278. 

Hubert M.. 273. 

Mary. 126. 

Mary (Wright). 126. 

Nellie Celia. 278. 

Rachel H., 200, 296. 

Robert, 273. 

Sarah M. (Sasre), 273. 

Thaddeus. 126. 
Rust, Charles. 142. 

Charlotte (Pomeroy), 200. 

Daniel. 200. 

Elijah. 200. 

Esther (Parsons), 142. 

Israel, 95. 

Julia (Parsons). 200. 

Miriam (Strong), 200. 
Nathaniel. 126. 
Rebecca. 95. 
Sarah. 96. 
Titus. 200. 
Rutledffe, Julia. 890. 

Saffold, Margaret (Parsons), 458. 

Dr. William B.. 458. 
Safford. Elizabeth (Montagrue). 163. 

Capt John, 163. 

Rev. Myron Webb, 168. 

Gen. Samuel, 163. 
Sage, Almlra, 189. 

David. 189. 

Dianthe Amelia (Whitaker). 274. 

Edwin Baker. 274. 

Emma (Watchler). 273. 362. 

Emma Maria, 862. 

Eunice. 189. 

John C. 273. 362. 

Julia E.. 273. 852. 

Lucy, 189. 

Luther Edwin. 189, 273, 274. 

Maria (Chapman), 189, 278. 

Martha Antoinette. 274. 352. 353. 

Martha Mary (Baker). 189. 273, 

Mary A.. 273, 351. 352. 

Otis, 189. 

Reuben, 132. 189. 

Reuben Parsons, 189, 273. 

Russell. 352. 

Sarah. 189. 

Sarah M.. 273. 
' Silence (Parsons). 182, 189. 

Sophia Amelia, 189. 
Sampson, Ella (Royster), 249. 

Rev. Thornton. 249. 
Sandford, Abigail. 78. 

Abigail. 61. 
Sands, Mahlon Day, 286. 

Mary Lucretla (uartpence). 286. 
Sanger. Abigail. 207. 
Sargeant. Henry. 449. 
Sargent, Lizzie S.. 218, 317. 

Lydia (Adams). 448. 

MJEiry Moore (Holman). 449. 

Thomas, 449. 
Sasseen, Albert G.. 287. 

David. 193. 287. 

David Elliott 287. 876, 877. 

Elizabeth (Connell), 287, 377. 

Hannah A., 287. 

Harriet B.. 287. 

Harriet Newell (Parsons). 198, 

Marietta C. 287, 876. 

Marjorle, 377. 
Saunders. Sir Charles. 23. 

Lucy, 109. 

Sir Robert, 23. 

Savage. . 360. 

Savoe, Elsa. 260. 
Savony. Mrs. Susan. 106. 
Sawyer, Eleanor Maria. 450. 460. 

Eleanor Maria, 232, 2t25. 

Henry, 826. 

Susan (Hall). 326. 
Saxman, Bertha J., 214. 
Saxton, Mary, 871. 

Digitized by 




Scarrett, VirsliiU, 21fi. 
Schermerhoni, Margaret (Mlckle), 

ReUley. 9Sk 
Sohneider, Frankle (Paraona), 8CT. 

Orace Greenwood (Oldrldge)* 4tt. 

Henry, w. 

Jacob. 2M. 

John Blwood, K7. 

Loulae Gertrude, 2M. 

Mary, 867. 

Mary Eleanor (Wilcox), 2M. 

Nlcholaa. 967. 
Schretter, Conatance Mouaaett. 388. 

laabelle Jeanette, SIL 

laabelle Jeanette, 811, 898. 

James A., 888. 
Scofleld, Qen., 886, 887. 
Scott. Elijah. 118. 

Eunice (Strong), U8. 

Fanny, 118. 
Scrlpter, Eliazar. 274. 

Sage St Co.. 271 
Searle, Mary, 8S. 

Rachel. 248. 
Searles. Kathryn Barr (Staley). 360. 

Warren W., 860, 408. 

Warren W.. Jr., 408. 
Sears, Harriet Eliza, 160. 214. 

Jonathan. 162. 

Nathaniel. 211 

Rhoda (Parsons). 162. 
Seavey. Amos, 110. 

Eliza (Parsons), 166. 

Lyman, 156. 

Mary. 82, 110. 

Mary (Lanirdon), UK 
Seeds, James. 288. 

Mary Maria, 198, 288. 

Prudence (Powers). 288. 
Seegrur, Ausrusta, 141 

Auflrustus. 141 

Dr. Charles L., 99. 141 

Edwin. 144. 

Eliza, 144. 

Harriet 144. 

Sarah (Parsons), 99. 144. 
Seeley. Betsey, 22&. 
Selliman, Prof. Benjamin, 196. 
Sennet, Hope. 801, 887. 
Sessions. William B.. 271 
Seward Family. The, 69. 

Capt. Thomas, 188. 

William H.. 69. 226. 
Sewell. Adelaide M. (Parsons), 196. 

John, 196. 

Mabel E., 823. 
Seymour, Eliza, 285. 

Elizabeth (Day), 326, 468. 

Ira. 86. 

James Wells, 182. 

Jerusha (Parsons), 86. 

Lucy Ann, 161 238. 

Lucy Wolcott (Parsons). 182. 

Mary (Kreapper), 286. 

Miles, 236. 

Nathan Perkins. 826. 463. 

Sarah Day, 400, 461 

Sarah Day, 232. 326. 
Sharp. Capt 481 

Peter, 184. 
Shaw, Capt James. 131. 
Shays. Capt Daniel. 136. 137. 138. 

Sheereeter, Joaaph, 146i. 
Sheldon. Amy, 447. 

Benjamin, 85. 

Charles. 128. 

Editha. 141 

Elisabeth. 100. 

Elizabeth (Paraona). 128. 

laaac, 70. 

Joseph. 68. 

Mary (Strong). 8S. 

Rebecca. 6^ 86, 116. 

Sarah. 51 TO, 91. 

Sarah (Paraona). 89. 

Sarah (Warner). TO. 

Seth. 89. 
Shepard, Gen.. 180. 136, 187. 138. 

Dorothy (Morgan), 176. 

Harrtet U3. ITO. 

Dr. Theodore. 176w 
Shepley, Rev. David, 880. 

Myra (Mott). 880. 

Sarah Johnaon, 166, 220. 8U. 

Sheridan. . 286. 

Sherman. Gen.. 865. 

Mrs., in, 
Shorey, Blanche J., 241 336. 
Shotwell, Elmlra H.. 298. 

. 298. 

Shumway. Henry L., 888. 

Henry L., 488. 

Mary Frances (Parsons), 888, 468. 
Sikes. Abner. 98, 461, 468, 468. 

Almeda Samantha (Kellogg). 463L 

Anna, 462. 

Bertha, 466. 

Daniel. 458. 

Edwin. 468, 4G6. 

Elmer, 466. 

Ernest 456. 

Experience. 462. 

Flora. 463. 

George, 453. 

Georgiana. 463. 

Increase, 468. 

Increase. 468. 

Jane (Fuller), 463. 

Jane (Fuller). 466. 

Jerome, 463. 

Lois, 462. 

Lois. 468. 

Lucinda, 468. 

Lucy, 463. 

Lucy (Wright), 462. 468. 

Lusina, 463. 461 

Mary. 451. 

Mercy, 452. 

Mercy (Parsons), 98. 

Orin T.. 468. 

Pamelia. 458, 461 

Pliny, 452. 

Sally, 462. 

Sally (Sikes). 468. 

Sophia, 463. 

Viola (Gaspar). 458. 

Wealthy. 468, 461 

William. 468. 

Zenaa, 462. 
Simmons, Maria. UU 871 27S. 

Maria (Adamy), 271 

Martin. 271 
Simpson. Anna Huaettlne (Par- 
sons), 854, 406. 

Laura May. 406. 

Digitized by 




Wayland North. 406. 

William RuBS«lt »4. 406. 
Slmaoii, Oeorge, SM. 

Quy. 886. 

KarU 886. 

Martha Harrtet (Moss), 244, 886. 

Moss, 886. 

> 844. 886. 

Sinolalr, Eaalne, 876. 

Enid (Kerr), 876. 

Harriet A., 876. 

Hector M., 287, 876. 

Marietta 0. (Sasseen), 287, 376. 

Walter A,, 878. 
Skinner. Harriet Blake, 886. 
Slocum, Elizabeth Hart (Clapp), 809. 

G. M. D., 200. 
Small, , 146. 

Mary Ann (Worsley), 464. 
Smith, Addle Eliza. 286, 884. 

Alexander, 461. 

Ann Jane (Dorklns), 166. 

Anna Q., 180. 262. 

Arthur Mortimer, 863. 

Betsey, 847. 

Beulah (Parsons), 92. 

Caroline. 362. 436. 489. 

CTarrle (Thompson), 461. 

Hon. Charles Emory, 189. 

Delia Nichols, 888. 

Edward, 92. 

Bid ward Hooker, 331. 

Elbert Edwin, 868. 

Electa (Parsons), 186. 

Elizabeth. 2G8. 

Elvira (Parsons). 143. 144. 

Ephralm. 166. 

Piorence Belle, 461. 

H. P.. HI 

Helen. 278, 366, 866, 868, 409. 

Herman. 262. 

Hester (Parsons), 49. 

Ida. 186. 

Isabel Louise. 268. 346. 

James, 384. 

Jesse. 211. 

John. 82. 409. 

Jonathan, 143, 144. 

Joseph, 49. 

Lorenzo, 366. 367. 

Louisa. 808. 

Lucy Jane Havens, 166. 

Rev. Marcus, 120. 

Margraret Hemans, 888. 

Margraret Parsons (Nichols), 802, 

Martha Antoinette (Sa^e), 274, 
352, 363. 

Mary (Parsons), 82. 331. 

Mary Ina, 353. 

May (Adams), 384. 

Miranda (Harper). 866. 367. 

Phebe, 211. 

Phebe Curtis, 149, 211. 

Prudence Stoddard (Parsons), 120. 

Robert. 862. 

Robert O.. 274. 862. 868. 

Sarah Jane, 206. 

Seymour, 489. 

Susan (Graves), 268. 

Rev. William. 888. 

William Hemans. 808, 888. 

William Shepard, 888. 

Smythe, Mae, 83N). 

Snead, Rachel O. (Crosby). 249. 

Rev. Samuel Kirby, 249. 
Sneed, Mary Catherine, 180. 249. 
Snow. Mercy, 229. 
Soule, Bishop, 28l 
SpaldlnfiT* Annie Aufusta, 18L 264. 

Sarah AugrusU (Walt). 261 

William A., 861 
Sparhawk, Col., 468. 

Mary* 288. 
Sparks. Chauncey, 208. 

Eletha. 208. 

Eliza, 381 

Elizabeth (Buokinffham), 206. 
Sparling, Mary, 170. 
Spencer, Mellscent 89. 
Splcer, John, 188. 

Spouse, Blanch M. (Parsons), 880, 

James Alfred, 880, 418. 

Victor John Alfred. 418. 
Spraker, Adllla T., 870. 
Squires. Elvira. 148, 211. 
Staats, Sarah (Moyer), 488. 

Thomas, 438. 
Stahl. Frances Caroline (Moss), 244, 

Frank Wlnthrop, 386. 

George Austin, 886. 

(Gertrude, 386. 

John Seward, 241 881 

Winifred, 881 
Staley, Aaron, 189. 272, 278. 

(Tarrle Baker (Carter). 860. 401 

Ed, T.. 278. 

Catherine Ellen, 272, 86L 

Elizabeth, 272. 

Hon. Erastus H., 11. 

Erastus Herman, 272, 278, 848, 860, 

Oeorsre W., 278. 

Hiram, 272. 

Jacob, 272. 

(^pt James Griffith, 272. 

James Herman, 360, 406. 401 

John, 272. 

Katharine (Parsons). 189, 871 

Kathryn Barr, 860. 408. 

Louis B.. 278. 

Marietta. 272. 861. 

Martin. 272. 

Mary Carter, 401 

Mendeth, 272. 

Rebecca (Baker), 272. 

Salome (Barr), 272, 860. 

Solomon, 272. 

Sophia. 272. 

W. H.. 273. 
Stam. David, 868. 

Elizabeth. 368. 

Jennie. 368. 
Stanfield. Sallnda, 193, 872, 871 
Stanley, Caroline, 221. 

Clara (Wadhams), 196, 297. 

Elizabeth Adelaide (Parsons), 196. 

Gtoorse, 196, 297. 

Sarah Parmlee, 196. 

Sarah Parmlee. 196. 287. 

Thomas, 801 

William. 198. 

Stanton, , 266. 267. 

Stanwood. Jane, 172. 

Digitized by 




Staples, Deborah, SOS. 
Starkweather. Elisabeth. 401 

Helen (Burr). 181. 401, 401 

Jeseie C, VL 

John B., 401 

Mary Louise (Parsons), 97, SSI. 

Robert P.. UL 

Judge Samuel. 241 

Sarah, 160. 241 

William H.. 287. 881. 

William Ousts vus, 881. 401. 401 
Steams, Luella Irene. ICB, 284. 
Stebblns. Benjamin, 118. 

Cftpt, 461 

Caroline Matilda, 188, 240. 

Esther, TL 

Lovlcy, 86. lU 

Mary (French). 81 

Mercy. 64, 88. •. 86. 

Sabra (Miner). Ill 

Samuel. 81 

Sarah. 64, 88. 

, 9i m, 278. 

Steele. Grace M.. 229. 
Stephenson, Adeline (Alexander), 

E. B., 461 

Ehidora AnKeline. 178. 246. 

Louisa (Holt). 241 

Obediah M.. Ml 
Sterling. Octavia (Parsons). 187. 

William Erastus, 187. 
Stevens. Edith. 884. 412. 

Emily Hoffman. 411 

Dea. Hubbard. 88. 

John Henry. 412. 

Margaret, 440. 

Sally. 88. 
Stevenson. James. 467. 

Jessie (Parsons). 467. 

Margaret, 440. 
Steward. John L.. 877. 

Mary E., 877. 

Polly, 121 

Sae A., 289. 877. 
Stewart. Cordelia. 181 

Helen Lespeward. 248. 
Stickney. Rachel M.. 280. 
Stiles. Margaret (Parsons). 184. 

Shuball, 184. 
SUIL Phebe Ann (Weeks). Ill 181 
St Leger. Oen.. 442. 
Stoddard. John. 67. 

Prudence, 119. 
Stokes. Sarah A.. 281 
Stone. Addle E.. 824. 400. 

Amos. 187. 

Artemus, 86. 

Bessie (Parsons). 249. 389. 

ISlizabeth Parsons. 838. 

Mizabeth Susannah (Parsons). 

Emma Rood. 841. 

Evaline B. (Barnes). 400. 

Capt Francis. 187. 

Hannah. 141 

Rev. Henry M.. 171 

Jerusha (Parsons), 86. 

Capt. John S.. 400. 

John Timothy. 249. 880. 

Kirk H.. 841. 

LlUle Emma, 264. 841. 

Margaret Dickinson. 880. 

Phebe Chapman (ParsoDs). 141 

Sophia (Parsons). 187. 

William Clark, ik. 
Storrs, Rev. Richard, 82. 

Rev. Richard Salter. 81 

Richard Salter. 81 

Sarah (WlUiston), 61 
Story, Judge. 288. 

Stoughton, Margaret, A. E., 261 8R 
Stow. Emily. 184. 260. 846. 
Stowe, Mrs.. 120. 
Street. Anna Livingston Read, 161 

Streeter. Harriet M.. 281 841 

Johnson, 141 

Joseph. 141 

Lydia (Mason). 146. 

Nancy. 90. 141 2M. 

Stephen, 141 

Ursula, 141 
Strobeck. (}eorge W., 431. 

Lovlcy (Potts), 48L 
Strong. Abigail (Ford). 64. 

Amanda (Farsons). 101 

Anne. 100. 

Gov. Caleb. 61 

Cathertne. Cecilia, 140. 

CoL. 197. 

Ebenezer, 91 

Bbenezer. Jr., 61 

Bleazer, 91 

Elisa, 410. 

EliEabeth, 49. 64. 68. 67. 69, 74, 71 

Ehmice, 118. 

Eunice (Parsons), HI 

Family, 69. 

Frances Pamella (Parsons), 2& 

Guernsey, 100. 

Hannah (Parsons). 101 

Henry M., 228. 

Jane E. (Parsons), 147. 

John. 126. 

Elder John, 61 

Jonathan, 67, 89. 

Judge. 268. 

Laura (Parsons), 119. 

Lewis. 100. 

Lucina. 70. 89. 

Lucy, 121 181 

Medad. HI 

Mehitable (Stebblns). 81 

Mindwell (Parsons). 91 

Miriam. 200. 

Mr.. 288. 

Nathan, 111 

Nehemlah, 119. 

Rhoda (Camp). 141 

Sarah, 90, 126. 160, 180, 280, SS4. 

Sarah (Lyman), 121 

Seth Robinson, 148. 

Sophronia, 119. 

Sylvans (Parsons). 91 

Thankful. 199. 

William Augustus. 147. 
Stuart. Lady Arab^la. 21 

Catherine (Parsons). 210. 

Dr. Charles, 211 

CoL Charles E.. 147. 211 

Charles Lee. 210. 

Emma (Cook), 210. 

Flora, 270. 

George Augustus, 210. 

Col. J. E. B.. 881 

Digitized by 




John. 901 

Katherine Ehnma, SIO. 

Lydia, 142. 201. 

Lydla (Cottell). 901 

Ifarla Mayhew, 210. 

Marissa Flfleld. 210. 

Mary Jane, 210. 

Robert Lee. 210. 

Sophia Streeter (Parsons). 147, 

Sturm/ Charles. 372. 

Edward. 372. 

Fred, 872. 

George. 372. 

Hattfe R., 872. 

Henry. 284. 372. 

John, 872. 

Margaret (Parsons), 284. 872. 

Mary. 872. 
Sullem, Elizabeth Bailey, 210. 
Summers, May, 866. 418. 
Sutcliffe, Elizabeth A.. 330. 
Sutherland, Annie Pearl (Parsons), 
246. 338. 

Eloise Carroll, 888. 

Helena. 888. 

James, 246, 888. 

James Farrell. 888. 

Theodore, 888. 
Swain. Alney St Co., 270. 
Swan. Margaret, S16. 

Rachel. 109, 288. 
Swayne, Mary Llewellyn. 156. 

Noah, 166. 
Sweet, BHizabeth Chumasers 

(Parks), 287. 
Sweetster, Elizabeth, 70, 88. 
Swift Mary. 447. 

Swift, Mary Underbill (Parsons), 

Dr. Solomon Everet, 179. 
Syler, Martha. 387. 408. 
Symms, Elizabeth, 81. 
Syrpless. Orpha L.. 198. 288. 

Taft, Calvin. 204. 

Eliza Maria (Taft). 201 

Kate Turner (Parsons). 204. 
Taggert, Hannah. 182. 192, 284, 288. 290. 

Henry. 192. 

Joseph, 192. 

Mary (Baker). 192. 

Sarah (Bassett), 192. 

, Sherman. 192. 

Talcott. Almira Rice (Parsons). 266. 

Flora (Cullender), 266. 

Hezekiah. 61. 

Jemina (Parsons). 61. 

John, 61. 

Joseph. 266. 

Mary (Cook). 61. 

Richard, 266. 
Taylor, Asbury Kinsley. 390. 

Asbury Rutledge. 806. 890. 

Clifford Anthony, 390. 

Elizabeth, 70. 88. 

Jerusha, 88. 

John, 88. 

Julia (Rutledge). 890. 

Lucy D. (Darling). 806. 

Rhoda. 49. 69. 

Robert, 69. 

Roland Rutledge, 880. 

Sybil, 119. 

Thankful (Woodward), Bfi. 

Valeda Marte, 390. 
Tefft, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 178. 

Eliza Shaw (Parsons). 173, 

Henry Franklin, ltd. 

Sarah Ann iDunn), 173. 
Temple, Cyrus Floyd. 423. 

Helen. 89T, m. 

Saphronia Ad<?lalde, 423. 
Ten Broeck. Samuel. 430. 
Tenney, Adna, 3^. 

Alvin. 164. 

Ann Mizabeth (Parsons). 226, 820, 

Ashsah, 117. 161 

Edward Henry. 821. 

Faith Weld, 32L 

Frank Parsons, 821. 

Grace Elizabeth. 821. 890. 

Rev. Henry M., 226. 820, 821. 

Martha Susan. 321. 

Susan C. (Weld), 820. 
Terrell. Elizabeth. 148. 
Thayer, Mary Ann (Pratt), 880. 

Morris Parsons, 280. 
Thomas, Elizabeth A., 810. 892. 

Hope Washburn, 400. 

Jenett Viola. 824. 400. 

Julia (Hunter). 400. 
Thompson, Carrie. 461. 

Charles. 171. 

Elizabeth. 64. 67, 8L 

Elizabeth. 262. 

Elizabeth E. (Parsons). 171. 

L. C» 262. 

Dr. William. 67. 
Timeson, Charlotte, 281. 

James, 281. 
Tinkham. Julia, 436. 
Tobey. Anna (Best). 429. 

Seth. 429. 
Todd. John. 167. 

Mary Ellen (Parsons). 167. 
Toole. Jane (Parsons), 466b 

Samuel. 466. 
Topping. Albert R.. 800. 

Caroline Beatrice. 409. 

Charles H.. 279, 869, 800. 

Ellen Effie. 2ri, 349. 

Frank K. 360. 

Helen, 400. 

Oenevieve (Faville), 360. 409. 

Henry, 800. 408, 409. 

Rev. Henry, 369. 

James Parsons. 800. 

Louis Andrew. 800. 

Mary (Parsons). 279. 869. 800. 

Mary Susan (Hovt). 800. 409. 

Nuel (Van Doren), 869. 

Raymond, 360. 

Thomas. 300. 

Wandell. 860, 409. 

Wlllard F., 409. 

William. 860. 
Torrey, Jessie (Bloss). 487. 

Nelson R., 437. 
Tracey. David. 124. 

Mindwell (Parsons). 121 
Trask. Cornelia Hooker, 816, 886. 

Dr. Edward, 810. 

Digitized by 




FimnoM (HUls). sn. 

Jared Hooker, ML 

IC&ry Iiouffee (Parsons), SIC 
Travlfl. BartholooMW, ITL 

BarZh D.. in. 17L 
Trefethem, Mary, SI. 
Tresellas, NetUe. KU 40i. 
Tribon, Snitabeth A., 281 

BUzabeth H., 4fla. 
Trobrldse, Dlaathe Amelia, TI4. 

Tnimball. , 4«. 11, 19. IK. 

Tuck, Rev. John, OL 

Mary (Parsons), tt. 
Tucker, Ruth Robey, Ml. 
Tufts, Abifirall. 24S. 
Tunnldlffe, Adeline H.. 160, 2S0, SO. 

TumbuU, Affnes, 219. 881 881 

Elizabeth (Whiteside), 881 

John, 861 
Turner, AblgaU. M. 

Bllsha. 141 

Hannah (Center), 91 

Lldla Minerva (Parsons), 141 

Mary (Mead). 861 

Minnie Turrlfl, 2M, 861 

Stephen. 91 

Capt w. 8.. 881 
Tuttfe. Polly, 111 
Tyler, Charles Royal, 880. 

E. Lena (Lathrop). 861 

Elizabeth Deane, 880. 

Frank P., 861 

John, Jr., 271 

Mary Amanda Parks, 287. 880. 

Mary Parks, 880. 

Pres.. 271 

Wlnslow, C. 227. 880. 
Tymerson, Marcla, 481 

Van Dake, Betsey (Baker), 161 

Lucy, 117. 161 

Luke. 161 
Van Deusen, Derlah. 207. 

Ellen Chipman Parsons, 141 207. 

Hannah (Fanner). 207. 

Jennie, 207. 

Dr. Oliver, 146, 207. 

Oliver Oibson, 201 

Richard Marlott, 207. 
Van Doren, Nathaniel. 369. 
Van Dyke, Henry. 44. 
Van Ness. Alice Eva, S46. 401 

Cornelius Henry, 408. 

Deborah Schuyler (Burt), 401 
Van Rensselaer. Col., 481 
Van Shaick. Elizabeth, 3GS. 

Col., 18a 
Van Vanlkenbursr. Ehnma, 851 

Dr. Jacob, 861 

Sarah (Moulton). 861 
Van Voorhees, Dr.. 201 

Laura (Brady) (Pratt), 201 
Veal, Mary EUen, 171 
Voorhees. Henry, 28L 

Maflrdalen. 281. 

Maria (Loucks). 481 

May, 281. 

Samuel, 481 
Vore, Sarah, 81 ^ 
Vrooman. Alice, 851 

Catherine, 368. 

Franc M. (HiUer). 861 

Hannah (Rhlnes), 435. 

Nelson, 486. 

Peter. 861 

Sarah (BelUV, 861 

William L., 861 

Wilson N., 861 

Ulrtch. Chrtstine ( ), 221 

Underwood. Amelia (Lincoln), 460. 

Amelia (Lincoln). 281. 

Freeman, 281, 460. 

Mary Jane, 469. 

Mary Jane, 281, 468. 
Upham, Sally, 127. 

Upson, Amanda Maria (Parsons), 
166, 289. 

Asahel, 239. 

Edward M.. 281 

Edwin, 166, 289. 

Kate Amanda (Parsons), 281 

Lydia (Webster), 289. 

Mary Parsons. 289. 

Maxwell M., 281 

William Parsons, 289. 
Usher, Elizabeth (Symms). 81. 

Frances. 67. 81, 107, 109. 

Hezeklah, 81. 

Oov. John, 81. 
Utley, Lucy (Parsons), 218. 

Samuel, 211 

Vales. Cristina (Millett), 164. 

Don Aujcustin. 464. 

Graziella. 464. 
Van Antwerp, Henrietta. 414. 
Van Beest 427. 
Van Buren, Katherlne Martha. 401. 

Wadhams, Clara. 297. 

Clara. 181 
Wadsworth, Rev. Charles. 381 

Family The, 69. 

Mary. 181 261 

Tryphena (Isham), 2G6. 
Wafler, Jacob. 871 

John D.. 871 

Josephine (Belt), 871 

Mattie, 871 
Wait. Eunice, 181 

Helen Loretta, 168, 240. 

Sarah Auirusta. 261 
Wales, Electa, 141 199. 

Racdel, 111 160. 280. 

Rebecca. 141 
Walker, Alice J.. 151 

Blanch. 461 

Clara (Williams). 481 

Edward, 80. 31 

Eliza (Moyer). 481 

Ella, 438. 

Florence Sovina. 880. 417. 

Frances Elizabeth. 481 

Hannah, 449. 

Harry, 481 

Jesse. 481 

Jessie Houston, 897, 421 

Josephine (Parsons). 291 

Lulu J., 481 

Martha J.. 464. 

Digitized by 




O. J.. 4M. 

Robert Bldrid^e. 488. 

Thomas, 96. 
Wall, Bethel Francas, 378. 

Frederick John, 878. 

Harold Miller, 878. 

John, 291, 878. 

Mary AnffeUa (Miller), 291. 378. 
Wallace, Fanny, 4UL 

Marjorle Newton, 808. 

Robert, 802. 
Wallls. Elizabeth (Parsons), 82. 

Lieut Samuel, 82. 
Walter, James P., 2(tt. 

Sarah Amelia (Nichols). 202. 
Walton, Timothy, 81. 
Wanton, Gk>v., 806. 
Ward, AbinJL 100, 148, 2U. 

Frank Hawley. 468. 

Lucy, 176. 

Ruth (Wllne), 468. 
Wardlaw, Marie Antoinette (Par- 
sons), 296. 

Robert, 296. 
Wardman, Lucy Moreford (Par- 
sons), 188. 

William. 188. 
Ware, Austin, 121 

BUzabeth. IM. 

Lucy Strong (Parsons), 124. 

Rev. Samuel. 121 

Samuel Parsons, 121 
Warner, Adelia F. (Spraker). 370. 

Andrew Jackson, 190. 

Asenath (Little), 166. 

Edna C. (Parsons), 870. 

Florella, 840. 

Gideon, 92. 

Harriet Newell (Parsons), 190. 

Dea. John, 461. 

Joseph. 166. 

Joseph Warren, 166, 228. 

Julia Jackson, 166. 

Lydla, 232, 468. 

Mahitable. Ill 

May Elizabeth, 461. 

Mercy (Parsons), 92. 

Rebecca, 461. 

Sarah, 70. 

Theodocla (Parsons), 117, 166. 

Theron. 870. 

V, 448. 

Warren, 117, 166. 

Watson J., 370. 

William T., 370. 
Wamock, Fannie Elizabeth. 379. 
Warren, Estie. 161. 

Jane, 467. 
Warrlner, Amy (Sheldon), 447. 

Anny Charlotte, 447. 

Benjamin. 98. 126. 

Betsey, 448. 

Betsey Jones, 447, 448. 

Eleanor (Keep), 448. 

Elizabeth (Ely). 447. 

Ethan, 447. 

Eunice. 93, 126. 127, 183. 448. 

James. 447. 448. 

Ensign James, 447. 

Capt. James. 71, 71 182, 447. 

Jeremy, 448. 

Lorenzo. 448. 

Lyman, 448. 

Maria (Center), 448. 

Marion (Parsons). 447. 

Martha Graves (Root), 448. 

Mary (Bates), 448. 

Mary (Bliss), 448. 

Mary (Moore), 447. 448. 

Miriam, 447. 

Miriam (Parsons), 71, 71 

Nabby, 448. 

Polly, 448. 

Ralph, 448. 

Sally (Colton), 447. 

Solomon, 448. 

Solomon, 447, 448. 

Sophia, 448. 

Stephen, 447. 

Thomas. 447. 

Wells, 448. 
Washburn, Harriet (Parsons), 120. 

Rev. Royal, 120. 

, 11, 09, 88. 

Washington, George. 34, 121, 129, 180, 

Watchler, ESmma, 273. 862. 
Waterman, Ann Elizabeth (Brown), 

Carrie, 240. 888. 

John Thomas, 388. 
Webb, (}en. Alexander S.. 248. 

Elizabeth Newton. 243. \ 

FestuB Ambrose, 208. 

Francis Parsons. 248. 

Hannah Mary, 206. 

Helen Llspenard, 243. 

Helen Lespenard (Stewart). 248. 

James Watson, 248. 

Mary Hooker (Parsons). 169, 248. 

Gen. Samuel Blatchley. 243. 

Sarah Jane (Smith), 206. 

Capt Watson. 109. 243. 
Webster, Rev. Andrew Jackson, 448. 

Ariel. 188. 

Gov. John, 91. 

BCary. 161 

Mary (Parsons), 106. 

(Mrs.) May Abby, 449. 

R. F.. 168. 

Sophia. 286. 
Weeks, Phebe Ann, 118, 162. 
Weight Hannah. 161. 
Weir, Jessie, 333. 
Weltzel, Maj.-Gen., 271. 
Weld, Susan C, 820. 
Wells. Benjamin. 88. 

Burt 888. 

Caroline, 86. 

Cora Louise, 388. 

Eunice, 70, 86. 87. 

Dr. QeoTge H., 806. 

Gideon. 86. 

Hattie Louise (Parsons). 808. 388. 

Helen (Parsons). 167. 

Lydia (Parsons). 86. 

Margarite, 388. 

William. 167. 
Welton. Eliza, 269. 

Richard, 259. 
Wemick, Ida Louise, 261 

Martin. 264. 
Weng, Josephine. 890. 
Wessel. Mary, 861 
Wesson. Rebecca Cobum. 88. 123. 
West. Anna. 320. 

Digitized by 




Benjamin. 8M. 

Edward Ooldsborough, 820. 

John E/dward. 820. 

Frederick Waller, 820. 

Ida Bess. 820. 

Ida Maria (Parsons). 286, 820. 

Mae (Smythe), 320. 

Maryland (Ooldsborougrh). 880. 

May Virginia (Lambom), 820. 

Sue, 820. aw. 

Thomas Muller. 820. 

Vincent M., 226, 820. 
Wetherell. Elihu. 141. 

Fanny, 141. 

Mary (Buckley). 141. 
Wettmore. Amos, 78. 

Rachel (Parsons), 78. 
Weymouth. Sally. 163. 

Whalley, , 02. 

Wheeler. Adam, 186. 188. 

Mary, 48, 58. 
Whistler. Qwlnthellan Harriet. 286. 
Whitaker, Amos. 274. 

Dlanthe Amelia (Trobridfire)^ 274. 

Dianthe Amelia, 274. 
Whitbeck. Elisabeth R.. 488. 

Frankie R.. 438. 

Garrett, 4^ 

Marcia (Tymerson). 488. 

Nancy (Moyer), 438. 
Whitcomb, Benjamin, 822^ 

Carrie Louise (Phelps). 821 
White, Dea. Alanson. 868. 

Charles, 464. 

Clark, 112. 

Elizabeth. 169. 

Elizabeth (Worsley). 461 

Hulda. Ill, 167. 

Irene (Parsons), 112. 

Jane. 149. 

Mehitable. 206. 

Rachel, 206. 

Salona. 279, 368. 

Sarah, 100. 
Whitehead. Mary BatUe, 220, 818. 
Whitehouse, Harriet Fenno (Pratt), 

Robert M., 821 
Whitman, Betsy. 122. 

Grace (Cheever), 122. 

Rev. Samuel, 122. 
Whitmarsh. Maria, 806. 
Whitney, Edward Baldwin, 62. 

Rev. Josiah Dwlffht, 62. 

Sarah (Williston). ffi. 

William DwlKht. 62. 
Whltside, Elizabeth, 862. 
Whltstone, John Asa, 246. 

Martha Susan (Alexander). 246. 

Mary Graves, 176, 245. 
Whittlesey, Adeline (Parso^is). 213, 

Edna Adeline. 398. 

Elizabeth A. (Thomas). 310, 392. 

Glenn. 892. 

June Adeline, 820. 

Nana. 392. 

Nelson, 213, 310. 

R. Prall, 310. 398. 
Widdecomb, Blanch, 460. 466. 
Wigrsrin, Mary, 106. 
Wiggins, Hannah Adams (Parsons). 

Lot. 161 
Wifrram, John, 430. 
Wilcox, Charles Judson. 281 

Charlotte Grace. 291 388. 

Florence. 196, 291 

Florence (Deckes). 291 

Lucy Ann, 186. 

Mary Eleanor, 291 

Mary Gertrude ( Parsons) , 196. 291 
Wilder, Alfred Ilsley, 206L 

Katie Eleanor (Richardson), 2K 
Willard, Ann Amelia (Parsons). 

Chamberlain, 1S8. 

Henry, 199. 
William the Conqueror, 21 28, 35l 
Williams, Mr.. 97. 

Alice Matilda (McKlroy), 293. 

Arthur H., 293. 

Bird (Parsons), 871. 416. 

Clara. 438 

Clara J., 287. 376. 

Elizabeth. 120, 168. 

Ezeklel, 119. 

Harriet. 87. 119. 120. 

Israel. 71 

Mary, 876. 

Mary (Parsons), 120. 

Philip C, 371, 416. 

Prudence (Stoddard). 119. 

Ruth F.. 416. 

Sara, 81. 

Thomas Scott 119. 

Thomas S.. 169. UL 

Rev. Warham. 81. 

Rev. William, 120. 

Zlmrl B., 376. 
Williston. Hannah (Payson). 62. 

Joseph. 49, 62. 

Mary (Parsons), 49, 62. 

Rev. Noah, 62L 

Rev. Payson. 62^ 

Mr. Samuel. 106. 

Hon. Samuel, 62. 

Sarah, 62. 
Wilson, Charles S., 281 

Eliza Rebecca. 167. 

Ella Gteorglanna (Parsons), 2M 

Georsre Nelson. 231 

Laura, 139. 

William, 430. 
Wllzy, Amanda, 46. 
Wines. Nellie Keal. 266. 84L 
Winn. Capt John. 271 
Wlnthrop, ^ 89. 

Gov. John. 306. 
Wise, Elizabeth Bloise, 121, 178. 

Joseph, 173. 

Mary, 178. 
Wolcott. Jennie, 460. 461 466. 

Julia, 203. 808. 
Wood, Algelalne. 46t 

Amanda. 199. 

Annie. 201. 

Eva (Parsons). 201. 

John, 201. 

Mary UnderhlU, 460. 

Sarah A.. 164, 217, 218. 

William H. S.. 469. 
Woodbrldge, Col., 115. 

Elizabeth (Merrick). 128L 

Isabel, 93. 128. 

Joseph. 128. 

Capt RusTffles. 468. 

Digitized by 




'Woodford, Hannah. 96. 
Woodruff, Dr. Arthur M.. 4U. 

Ella. 984, 418. 

Fanny Wallace, 418. 

Henry Braatus, 461. 

LAVilla. 801 

Lua (Allinc), 804. 

Lucy Cecile, 461. 

Matthew, 801 

Sophia (Hall), 461. 

Tliua. 801 

Thomas, 801 
Woodward, Elmer, 178. 

Mary Elizabeth (Parsons), 178. 

Thankful, 59. 
Worsley, Elizabeth, 464. 

Joseph, 468, 461 

Infant, 461 

Lucy, 461 

Mary Ann. 461 

Oliver. 461 

Pamella (Slkes). 463, 461 

Mrs. Pamella Slkes, 462. 
Worthlngrton, Col., 72, 130. 

Henrietta, 387. 

Thomas W.. 887. 
Wright. Benjamin, 140. 

Berton, 200. 

Callista, 126. 181. 

Daniel, 468. 

David, 43. 

Ella Wealthy (Parsons), 209. 

Eunice (Parsons), 92. 

Eva M.. 209. 

Experience. 82, 78. 

Fanny (Carpenter), 180. 

Judge John B., 286. 

Lucy, 468. 

Martin. 126. 

Mary. 98. 126. 

Moses. 92. 

Mr.. 209. 

Olive Parsons. 140. 

Olivia, 126. 190. 

Rachel. 449. 

Sally. 462. 

Sarah (Parsons). 126. 

Sereno, 180. 
Wuttowhan. 41. 
Wyatt, Margaret. 204. 
Wyers. Bruno. 831. 

Susan L. (Parsons). 331. 

Yale. Asahbel. 199. 

Rebecca. 142. 199. 

Sarah (Merrlman). 199. 
Yarian. Nannie Reed (Parsons). 261 

Orton Bracket. 261 
Yeaser, Arthur. 871. 

Elizabeth (Parsons). 871. 
Yeazel, Abraham, 871 
Young. Catherine (Best), 48L 

Elizabeth, 43t 

Ellas. 431. 

Henry. 431. 

Lllla. 209. 

Margaret, 157. 225. 

Martha. 84. Ul 

Melvlna, 209. 

Nancy, 431. 

Norman. 209. 

Sally. 43L 
Yulee. Senator, 222. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Aberdeen, S. D., 407. 

Acre, 22. 

AddlBon, N. Y., 806, 800. 

Adelaide, Cal., 828. 

Ajrawan, 89. 

Akron, Ohio, 282, 810, 826, 462, 463, 466, 

406, 467. 
Albany. N. Y., 206, 267, 288. 8(0. 816, 388, 

861, 400, 483, 460. 
Albion, Mich., 848. 486. 
Alexander, N. Y., 270. 
Alexandria, E^ypt, 116. 
Alexandria, La., 191 
Alexandria, N. H., 828. 
Alfred, Me., 110, 168, 880. 
Allendale, N. J.. 207. 
Alphlngton, Ens., 24. 
Alton, 111., 263. 
America, 19, 30. 36, 89, 41. 48, 96. 181, 

329, 373. 
Ames, N. Y.. 288. 
Amesbury, Mass., 83. 460. 
Amherst. Mass^ 70. 86, 119. 120. 168. 

169, 174. 181, W3. 
Amity, 111., i84. 371. 416. 
Amsterdam, Holland. 31. 
Andersonville Prison, Oa.. 278. 336. 
Andover, Mass., 107. 
Angelica, N. Y.. 806. 
Anlte River, La., 176. 
Anna, 111., 361 
Annapolis, Md.. 2S2. 846, 461 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 284. 
Antrim, P%, 308. 
Appleton, Wis., 409. 
Arcadia, La.. 176. 
Ardsley. N. Y.. 219, 818. 
Argryle. Me.. 172. 
Arlington, Mass., 460. 
Arroyo Qrande, Cal., 823. 
Ashevllle, N. C, 208, 807. 
Ashfleld. Mass., 162. 181. 
Aspen. Col., 380. 
Athol. Mass.. 888. 
Atlanta. Oa.. 366. 
Attica. N. Y.. 171. 
Auburn. N. Y., 121. 181 201, 226. 266. 

302, 368. 
Augrusta. Oa., 388. 
Aurora. 111., 236. 
Aurora. N. Y., 141 
Aurora. Wis., »1 366. 406. 407. 
Austin, Minn., 807. 806. 
Avon. N. Y.. 846. 436. 

Balnbridffe. Oa.. 247. 
Baldwlnsvllle. N. Y., 806, 327, 828. 
Baltimore, Md., 196, 197, 294, 296. 296. 

802, 388. 
Bangor, Me., 121, ITO, 171, 172, 173, 171 

386. 336. 
Bangor, Mich., 406. 
Barbadoes. The. 80, 82. 81 

Barbour Co., Alabama, 247. 

Barnstaple, England, 2L 

Barotry, England. 281 

Bastrop. La.. 246. 246. 247, 387, 888. 

BaUvla. ni., 464. 

Bath, N. Y.. 191, 488. 

Baton Rouge, La.. 176. 246, 246, 387. 

Battle Cre^ Mich., 296. 

Bay Port. Fla., 166, 221. 222. 

Beamlnster, England, 96. 

Beargap, Pa., 404. 

Beaufort, N. C. 882. 

Beaver. Pa.. 287. 

Beaver Creek, 111.. 878. 

Beaver Dam. Wis.. 409. 

Becket. Mass.. 399. 

Beekmantown. N. Y.. 321 435. 

Belchertown. Mass.. 70, 92, 121, 122. 

Belfast, Me., 171. 

Belle Isle, Va.. 386. 

Bellows inalls, Vt., 231 

Belmont, Cal.. 322. 

Belolt. Wis.. 360. 

Belstone Parish. England. 40. 44. 

Bennington. Vt., 96, 168. 

Benson, Vt. 127. 

Beckley. Mass.. 202. 

Berkshire, N. Y.. 141. 

Berkshire Co., Mass., 61 111 

Berlin, Conn.. 212. 

Berlin, Oermany, 226. 

Berlin. Wis., 863, 864, 866. 406, 407, 406. 

Berwick. Me.. 110. 

Big Rapids. Mich.. 309. 

Blloxi, Miss.. 400. 

Blnghamton. N. Y.. 302. 808, 380, 888. 

Birmingham, Ala.. 116. 467. 

Black Torrington, England. 81 86. 

Blalrstown. N. J.. 418. 

Bloomfleld. 111., 281 876. 

Blowing Eoc-k, N. C. 3*4. 

Bombey, Gcrmimy. 235, 

Boston. MasN., 24. 30. II. 47, 48, 82. 89. 

96. 109, lis. ITS. 130. m, lis, 131. 188, 

189. 170. 171. 15^, let. 171, 24S. 249, 262. 

320. 833, 'm, 339, 403. 44^. 
Bowling Gn-^fn, Ky.. 370. 
Bradford, Kn^Janrl, m, a2.<J. 
Bradford, Ma«K., n. 107. 10®. 
Bralntree, Mane.. fi2. m, 146, 206. 967. 
Brandon. Vt., 336. 
Brazil. 243. 

Brecksvllle, Ohio. 469. 
Brewer. Me., 243. 
Bridgeport. Conn., 297. 
Brighton. N. Y., 196. 
Brimfleld, Mass., 231, 282. 460. 
Brlmfleld. Ohio, 326, 469. 460. 461, 462, 

463 468. 
Bristol. Conn.. 208. 
Bristol, England. 148. 
Bristol, 111., 867. 368. 
Bristol, N. H.. 162. 
Broadhead. Wis.. 236. 
Brockport, N. Y., 801 
Brockett's Bridge. N. Y.. 409. 
Brockton, Mass.. 411. 


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Brockville, Ohio. 281. 
Brookfleld, Mass.. 81, 130. 
Brookllne, Mass.. 219, 226. 
Brooklyn. N. T.. 81, 63. 118, 106. 167. 

171. ^ 2^ 80S. 820, 321. 866. 861. 362, 

364. 360, 877. 409. 410, 411. 412. 440. 469. 
Broome County, New York, 114. 217. 

466. 467. 
Brooke. Mich.. 128. 
Brunswick. Me.. 170, 172. 
Buckinghamshire. England, 19, 34. 
Buckland. Mass.. 162. 
Buckland. Va.. 884.^ 
Bucks County. Pa.. 864. 
Buena Vista. Cal.. 830. 
Buenos Ayers. South America, HO. 
Buffalo. N. Y., 166, 166. 228. 286, 248, 

269. 294, 300. 886, 346. 881, 396, 46L 
Bunker Hill. 136. 
Burford,, C. W.. 173. 
Burkett, Neb.. 290. 
Burlington, Iowa, 217. 816, 816, 897, 

896. m, 424. 
Burlington, Kan.. 197, 286. 287. 
Burlington. N. Y.. IM. 117^. 
Burlington. Vt. 296. 
Birmingham, Ala., 115. 
Butler County, Ohio. 272. 

Cabot. Vt. 172. 

Cadillac, Mich., 487. 

Cadiz. Ky., 809. 

Caermarthen, Wales, 171. 

Cairo. III.. 218. 

Caldwell. Ohio. 882. 

Calhoun County, Mich.. 448. 

California, 156, 186, 197. 826, 460. 

Cambria, k. Y.. 117. 

Cambridge. England. 428. 

Cambridge. Mass.. 30, 118, 129. 178, 268, 

392, 450. 
Cambridge, Vt, 168. 
Camden, Me.. 249. 
Campbellsport Wis.. 406. 
Camp Wickllffe. Ky.. 228. 
Canaan, Conn.. 120. 
Canaan, N. Y.. 188, 184, 269. 
Canaan, Vt.. 209. 
Canada, 87. 134. 428. 
Canajoharie, N. Y.. 134. 274, 282. 
Canandaigua, N. Y., 99. 
Canastota, N. Y., 288. 
CanisteoVN. Y., 306, 346. 890. 
Canton. Pa.. 207. 
Cape Cod, Mass., 366. 
Cape de Verde Islands, 171. 
Carlisle. N. Y.. 866. 
Carmel, N. Y.. 866. 
Carroll County, N. C, 272. 
Castleton. Vt, 207. 
Catasauqua, Pa.. 467. 
Catherine. N. Y.. 808. 
Catonvllle. Md.. 384. 
Cazenovia. N. Y., 282. 380. 
Cedarville. N. J., 227. 
Center Lisle. N. Y.. 114. 
Central Bridge. N. Y.. 863, 864. 
Ceylon, 342. 
Chambers, Neb.. 290. 
Chantilly, Va.. 336. 
Chappaqua, N. Y., 299. 

Charlton. Iowa, 428. 

Charlestown. Mass.. 110, 146, 172. 179. 

Charlestown. Md., 868. 

Charleston. N. Y.. 368. 

Charleston. S. C. 271. 

Chatham, England. 175. 

Chattanooga, Tenn., 246, 267, 866. 

Chautauqua. N. Y., 224. 

Chaves Co., N. M., 338. 

Chebanse. 111.. 372. 873. 

Chenango, N. Y.. Ul 

Cheney, Wash.. 876. 

Cherry Valley, N. Y., 134, 190. 191. 

1115. 256. 275. 278, 290. 282. 
Ch*-L^ter. Pa., 160. 
Chi HterrieM, Mass., 118, 125, 468. 
rti* K^Tfl^ld Court House, Va., 439. 
Chka^'O. III., IL ] 44. 173, 136. 288, 244, 

2Sri 2^7. ^. Bm, m 322, 330. 881, 362. 

'S^. TiiK aT2, 375. 376, 877. 887. 391. 882. 

393. ^i. i(&, 407. 409, 424, 439. 461. 466. 
Chlckamauga, Tenn.. 246. 
Chicopee, Mass.. 98. 284. 
Chilllcothe, Ohio, 284. 
China, 466. 

ClncinnaU. Ohio, 173. 209. 268, 28i 4M. 
ClarksviUe. N. H., 147. 209. 
Claverack. N. Y.. 248. 487. 438. 
Cleburne, Tex^810. 
Clermont N. Y.. 429. 
Cleveland, N. Y.. 307. 
aeveland, Ohio. 170. 231. 242, 264, 388, 

461. 464. 467. 
Clinton. Ind.. 284, 287, 288. 
Clinton. Mich., 167. 
Clinton, N. J.. 256. 
Clinton Junction, Wis.. 369. 
aydes, N. Y., 274. 
Coachilla. Cal.. 310. 
Cobden, 111.. 3SL 

Coblesklll. N. Y., 363. 354. 356, 366. 
Coffey Co.. Kan., 296. 
Cohoes, N. Y., 809. 
Colchester. Conn.. 120, 169. 239. 
Colchester. England. 31« 82. 
Colebrook. N. H., 209. 
College Station. Tex., 878. 886, 416L 
Colona. Wis.. 864. 
Columbia, Tenn.. 286. 
Columbia County. N. Y.. 191, 427, 487. 
Columbus, Ohio, 458, 467. 
Concord, N. H.. 154. 217. 
Constablevllle. N. Y., 149. 
Constantinople. 181. 
Conway. Mass., 172, 204. 
Coopers town, N. Y.. 248. 
Cornville. Me., 81. 
Cortland. N. Y.. 310. 891. 
Corydon. N. H.. 207. 
Council Bluffs. Iowa, 382. 
Coventn^ England, 466. 
Cripple Creek. Col.. 410. 
Crystal Lake. 111.. 464. 
Cudlngton. England. 19, 22. 
Cumberland, wis.. 868. 
Cummlngs, N. D.. 288. 
Cuyahoga, Falls. Ohio, 468. 

Dallas. Tex., 177. 389. 
Dana. Ind.. 372. 
Danbury. Conn., 139. 308. 

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N. Y.. 4QL 


DanemoL . ^ 

Danville, 111.^11. te» 286, 348. 87i, SH. 

Danville, Vt. m. 847. 

Dayton, Ind., 160, SR, 408. 

Decatur, 111., 4S1. 

Dedham, Maaa, 170. 

Deenston, Scotland, M2. 

Deerfield, Mass^ H. 60, 127. 904, 

Delavan. Wis.. 86^ S68, 360, 400, 410. 

Delaware, Ohio, 481. 

Delray. Mich., 811. 

Delton, Wis., 860, 408. 

Denmark, N. Y., 100, lOl* 106. 

Denver. Col., 218, 800, 410, 412. 

Derby. Vt., 816. 

Dee Plalnes, 111., 106. 

Detroit. Mich., 180, 144. 186, 288, 861, 

262, 311, 848, 349, 361. 891. 392, 417. 
Devonshire, England, 19. 28, 24. 26, 

80, 82. 96. 
Dizmont. Me., 448. 
Dixon. 111., 290. 
Dobbs Perry. N. Y., 846. 
Dolgeville, N. Y.. 4i8. 
Dorchester. Mass.. 68. 96, 214. 820. 
Dorchester Heifhts, Mass., US. 
Douirlas, Tez.. 246. 
Dover, Del., 196. 306. 
Dover, N. H., 178. 
Dryden. N. Y.. 283. 
Dublin. Ireland. 21. 306. 
Dubuque, Iowa, 801, 387. 
Duffield, BhifiTland. 428. 
Duluth. Minn., 428. 
Durham. Conn., 49, 59, 61, 74. 76. 77. 

78. 82, 02, 9i 96. 189. 140. 141, 149. 198, 

Durham, N. H., 382, 888. 
Durham, N. Y.. 804. 
Dutchess Co., New York. 486. 

East Bloomfield, N. Y.. 164, 887. 

Eastbrook. Me.. 109. 

Eastf ord. Conn., 271 

East Haddam, Conn., 89, 179, 182, 248. 

East Hampton. Conn., 140. 

East Hampton, L. I.. N. Y.. 80, 82. 

Easthampton, Mass., 62, 88. 96. 120, 

158. 161, 166. 200. 224. 266, 801. 861. 
East Hartford. Conn.. 81, 461. 
Easton. 111., 284. 
Easton. Md., 320. 
East Orangre. N. J.. 388. 
East Northport. N. Y.. 346. 
East Windsor. Conn.. 2^ 449. 463. 
East Whately, MaBB^261. 
Edgar, Co.. 111., 277. 286. 
Edinburgh. Scotland. 267, 466. 
Edwards, Ind.. 284. 
Effingham, N. H., 107. 106. 163, 217. 
Elba, Ala.. 247. 
Eliot Me., 100. 
Elkhom, Wis., 368. 
Elmira. N. Y„ 206, 389. 
Elsinore, N. Y^ 326. 
Elyria, Ohio, 252. 
Emporium, Pa,, 889. 
Bndlcott. N. Y.. 418. 
Enfield. Conn.. 80, 132. 
Englevllle, N. Y^ 368. 
England. l2. 19, 2^. 80. 88, 36, 48, 44, 96, 

185, 864, 366, 411. 427. 428, 467. 
Epping, N. H., 81. 
Epsom, N. H., 82. 
Brie Co., Pa^ 448. 
Esopus, N. Y., 87. 
Essex. England. 28. 80. 
Essex, Vt. 140. 
Essex Junction. Vt. 140. 
Eureka, Wis., 407. 
Europe, 270, 322^ 844, 346, 860, 406. 
Bvanston, 111., 871 
Evansville. Ind., 800. 
Exeter, England, 20, 28. 
Exeter, N. u.. 28L 

Fairfield, Conn., 827. 

Fairfield, Iowa, 187, 268, 881, 882. 

Falrhaven. Vt, 161 286. 

Fall Brook, Pa., 808. 

Fall River, Mass.. 819. 

Falmouth, Mass., 866. 

Farmington, 111.. 862. 

Farmlngton. Conn., 147, 806, 386. 

Fayal, 106, ITL 

Fayette, Ind., IK. 192, 287. 

Fenton. Mich., 381. 

Fergus Falls, Minn., 820. 

Fishklll, N. Y., 486. 

Five Mile Pond. Mass., 71, 181. 276. 

279, 280. 
Flint Mich.. 417. 
Florence, Ala., 167. 
Florence, Mass.. 118. 212, 262. 
Florida. 222, 281, 860. 
Fly Creek. N. Y.. 368, 864. 368. 
Forsyth. Qa.. 169. 
Fort Hamilton. N. Y., 808. 
Fort Hancock. N. J., 411 
Fort Howard, Md., 411 
Fort Laramie, Cal.. 141 
Fort Leavenworth. Kan., 296. 
Fort Myer. Va,, 418. 
Fort Plain, N. Y., 281. 344. 
Fort Sheridan. 111., 413. 
Fort Worth. Tex.. 289. 
France. 231 286, 457. 
Frankfort. Ind., 11, 360. 351, 403. 401 

Franklin, Ind.. 415. 
Franklin. Tenn.. 272. 
Fredericksburg. Tex., 416. 
Fredericksburg. Va.. 208. 
Frederickton. N. B., 171. 
Fredonia, N. Y.j230. 
Fremont Wis., 281. 
Frewsburg, N. Y., 879. 
Fulton, 111., 144. 872. 

Galena, HI., 800. 
Oalesburg. 111., 278. 851. 852. 
Oalesburg, Mich., 861. 
Oalveston. Tex., 167. 
Genesee Co.. New York, 263. 
Geneseo. N. Y^59. 344. 346, 468. 
Geneva, 111., 46. 456. 466. 
Geneva. N. Y.. 805, 800. 
Gteorgeville. Canada, 316b 
Germantown, N. Y.. 428, 429. 
Germantown, Pa.. 188, 306. 

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Germany, HI. *^. *«, 
Oettyaburir. Pa,. 554* 
Gilt M&«B.. 13£. 
GHnsaJitOT>. N'. H., S£. S5. 
Gtamrjrganililrt, W»l*?i!» 306. 
Gl&a^DW. Scotland, 3G2, m. 
a]ouc«ttt«r. Ma»s.. 31. 30, 32. Itf. 
a]OUC««terehJre, EnffLatt4, U. 
Glov#rflv]n«, N. Y„ 144. d)g. 43». 
Ooaheik^ Conn., m, Wl. 
Go»li«n. Maaii.. &4, i£, IB. HI, 117, m, 

m. isa, i6i IS. 

GoBh«n» K. Y., a(»» 41*. 
Gc>udh«rBt, Kn(?]an«1p 141. 
Gouv«m€ur. N, Y„ IM. 13S7, 368, f?D. 

389, 411 
Gran by, MaeB.. ^, m. ITS. :)04, 46S. 
Grand BlAne. Mich.. 354. :t4L 401 
Grand Raplde. Mich., 22fi, 3I«. 80L 
Grant'fi Paes, Ore., 423. 
GFanvllle, Maiia.. Sfi, 100, 14^ 109. 
Granville. Ohio, 409. 
Qravea«t]d. Em^^land, 10, 3S. 
Gr^al Bently, Eniclflnd, aSft. 
Great Britain. 131. 
Great Dtlffleld. England. 4^ 
Off^iU MM ton* ErtiKland. 30. 
Great Turrlng^ton, England, 3S, 89. 
Green, N. Y.. 276. 
Green Bay. Wis., 2S7, 8S0. 407. 
Greenbush. N. Y.. 4S4. 
Greene. Ohio. 462. 
Greenfield, Mass.. 20i 286. 
Greenfield. N. Y.. 116, 151 
Greensboro, Oa.. 227. 
Greenville. Miss.. 887. 424. 
Greenville, Ohio, 871. 
Greenwich. N. Y., 887. 401. 
Grimsby, Canada. 185. 260. 
Qroton, Conn.. 202. 
Guild Hall. Vt.. 816. 
Guilford, N. Y., 267. 
Guilford Court House. N. C. 272. 
Gurleyville. Conn., 189. 

HawkinsviUe. Oa.. 2». 888. 
Hawley, Maaa., 2S9. 
Hayden, Conn.. 198. 
HaydenviUe, Maaa.. HI, 2BIL 
Hayward. CoL. 392. 
Heidelberg, Germany. 262. 430. 
Helena, Ark.. 80ft. 
Henderson, Ky.. 299. 800. 
Hereford, Canada, 209. 
Hereford, Ehigland, 20, 22, 28, M. 2L 

Herefordshire, Encland, 82. 84. 
Hinsdale, Mass., M. 
Holden, Mass., 166. 

Holland, 29, 81, 427, 437. 
Holyoke, Mass.. 169, 204. 
Homer. 111., 11, 287, 874, 816. 811. 
Homer. N. Y., 188. 226. 268, 289. 278, 297. 

Honeoye Falls. N. Y.. 844. 
Honey Creek. Wis.. 409. 
Honolulu. 418. 
Houston. Tez., 226, 290. 
Howell, Mich.. 841. 
Hudson, Ohio. 8:66. 468, 461 
Hudson. N. Y.. 860, 861, 428L 
Hudson, Wis., 467. 
Hunter. N. Y., 868. 
Huntsburg. Ohio, 228. 882, SS. 
Huntsville, Ala.. 122. 

lUinois, 186. 297, 298, 3731. 375, 466. 

Independence. Iowa, 801 

India, 842. 462. 

Indiana. 192, 272. 277, 280, 281 860. 

Indianapolis, Ind.. 846. 371. 

Indian Territory, 361. 376. 

Indo China. 342. 

Iowa, 197. 

Ireland, 12. 

Isle of Man. 192. 

Ithaca. N. Y., 286. 460. 

luka, Kan., 401 406. 

Hackensack, N. J.. 208. 

Haddam. Conn.. 75. 77. 449. 

Hadley. Mass.. 40. 41. 75. 86. 86, 137, 

206, 232. 291. 292. 
Ha^rue, Holland. 31. 
Hamburi?. Germany. 222. 
Hamilton. Canada. 260. 347. 
Hampshire Co.. Mass., 61 
Hampton. N. H., Zn. 
Hampton Co.. Mass., 57. 
Hancock. Md.. 384. 
Hanover, N. H.. 320. 332, 333. 
Harlem, N. Y.. 413. 
Harmer Co.. Ohio. 424. 
Harrison vi He, Mo., 289. 
Hart. Mich.. 181 
Hartford, Conn.. 36, 40. 44. 61, 78. 89, 

119, 168, 169, 172, 186, 240. 241, 242, 248, 

801 317. 338. 381 386. 309. 888. 897, 468. 
Hartford, Ohio. 118. 
Hartland, Conn., 211. 
Hartland. N. Y., 141. 144, 198. 287. 
Hatfield. Mass.. 68, 62, 67, 71 128, 187, 

Haverhill. Mass.. 219. 
Haverhill, N. H.. 128. 

Jackson, Mich., 398. 
Jackson, Miss.. 296. 
Jackson Center., Pa.. 467. 
Jacksonville. Ala.. 227. 
Jacksonville. III.. 876. 
Jaffrey, N. H.. 449. 
Jamaica Plains. Mass.. 241. 
Jamestown, N. Y.. 208. 
Japan. 466. 

Jarvis, Canada. 11. 260. 
Jefferson Co.. N. Y.. 192, 198. 
Jertcho. Vt.. 140. 197. 
Jersey City. N. J., 848. 
Jessamine Co., Ky., 299. 
Jerusalem. 22. 
John Creek, N. Y., 144. 
Joliet, 111.. 147, 378. 
Joplln, Mo., 288. 
Junius. N. T., 141. 

Kalamazoo. Mich., 147, 
Kankakee, III., 192, 

290. 876. 377. 
Kansas, 8QI, 868, 866^ 440. 


Digitized by 




q^. Mo., tm, tm, m, m, 
882, sat 4at 

Katonah, N. T., 411 
Kaufman, Tex.. 176. 177. UL 
Kelsoc. Scotland. SSI 
Kendall Co.. IlL, 867. 
Kennebunk. Me.. 106. HO. 218. 810. 
Kennebunki>ort. Me.. 164, 810. 280. 
Kenslnirton. N. H.. 67. 

Kentland, Ind., 888. 888. 

Kenton. Ohio. 218. 

Kentucky. 16l 

Keokuk. Iowa. 800. 270. 846. 848. 

Kernville. Tex.. 287. SO. 872. 878. 874. 

876. 876. 
Kilbourn City. Wis.. 808. 
Kinersbury. N. T.. 144. 
Klnsrston. N. T.. 167. 
Klnsrston. Pa.. 860. 
Klnney'8 Four Comers. N. Y., 148. 
Kirkwood, Mo.. 240. 
Knox. N. Y.. 868. 
Knox Co.. Ind.. 284. 

La Crosse. Wis.. 822. 

Lafayette. Ind.. 236. 277. 361. 362. 415. 

Lafayette. N. Y.. 226. 

Lake Bluff. 111.. 287. 

Lake Mills. Wis.. 400. 

Lake Port. Ark.. 887. 

Lake Vlllagre. 111.. 280. 

Lakeville. Conn.. 210. 

LambertsvlUe. N. J.. 108. 

Lanarca. 266. 

Lawrence. Kan.. 286. 360. 

Lawrenceville. N. J.. 302. 803. 

Lawrenceville, 111.. 288. 

Lawrenceville, Pa.. U. 206. 206. 208. 

304. 306. 
Lawrenceville, Pa.. 380, 800. 301. 
Lebanon, Conn.. 67. 
Lebanon. Me.. 210. 
Lebanon. N. Y., 286. 
Lee, Wis.. 188. 
Leeds, Mass.. 126. 
LeesburiT. Va.. 881 
Leesville, N. Y.. 283, 860. 36L 480. 
Leicester. Mass.. 86. 60. 88. 128. 124. 
Lenning'ton. Me.. 816. 
Lenox. Mass.. 113, 141. 108. 
Leominster, Mass., 208. 
Le Roy. N. Y., 236. 457. 
Lewis Co., N. Y., 101. 
Lewlston. Pa,, 844. 
Lexingrton. Mass.. 06. 130. 
Leyden. Holland. 81. 82. 101, 188. 866. 
Leyden. N. Y.. 218. 800. 810. 811. 881. 
Lima. N. Y., i08. 
Limerick. Me.. 107. 158. 
Limingrton. Me.. 210. 
Lindenhurst, N. Y.. 227. 
Lindsley, N. Y.. 880. 
Linneus. Mo.. 817. 
Little Duffield. England. 428. 
Little Rock. ni.. 867. 368. 
Livingston. N. Y.. 429. 480. 
Livingston Manor. 488. 
Lockport. 111.. 237. 880. 
Lockport. N. Y.. 116. 117, 164. 166. 166. 

175. £a«, 337, 23S, 288^ £44. £46. SSI. 886. 
London » England, 4661. 

London, N. H., 301 
Long Island, N. Y,. 430. 
Los Angeles- Cal.. m 410. 
LotilHlana, 176, 101 
3.ou1svlUe. Ky., 800, 481 
Lowell. Vt.. m. 
LowvUle. N. Y., 100. 
IjUbec. Me.. 315. 
Ludlngton, Mich*. OO. 
Ludlow, MaBB.. 4£1 452. 4E8. 466. 
Lynn^ MaHS., 240. 
Lynn Rei^lii, Eni;)anil. 71« 
Lyons Falls. N, T.. 310. 
Lysfti^der* N\ T.. 2S4. 

Macon, Oa.. 212, 800. 

Madison. Me.. 886. 

Madison, N. J.. 146. 360. 

Mahanoy City, Pa.. 206. 806. 

Mahwah. N. y.. 410. 

Malnp, 315, 

MflkflrnUi. lU,. 380. 3«4. 3^, 

Maiden, MasB.. 39, 70. m. 

Mammoth Springs. Ark.^ 287. 871 

Manchester, Conn,. 2Sa. 

Manchester. England. 235. 

Mnncbestfr^ lowu, 3S7. 

Manila. P. X.. 323. «3. 

Manistee. Mich.. S44. 

MankatOp Mltm,> 308. 

Manllua, N. T,. 186, 

Mansfield, Conn,. 1^. 

MJtmKrleid, Pa.. SOG, 

Maple Hill, N. T.. JF79. 

Maple town, N. T,. Ifl2. 277, 281. 

Marblf^head, Mass., 4&0, •' 

MarG**llufl, K. Y., 1S&, IW. 361 2i6, 343. 

MflrSoti. Ind.. 273, 

Marshall Mich., 391. 

Mnr&hnll. T**x., 24(1 

Ai.iL ■. Uij^l. .30, ISfi, 350. 

Massachusetts. 261, 468. 

Mattoon. 111.. 862. 

Medford. Conn.. 171, 172. 

Medina. N. Y.. 486. 

Medway. Oa.. 06. 

Medway. Me.. 171 

Memphis, Tenn.. 302. 

Mendon. Mass.. 204, 206. 

Meredith, N. H.. 100, 218. 

Meredosia. 111., 876. 

Merida. Yucatan, 464. 

Meriden. Conn, 167. 100. 241. 

MerriU. Mish., 370. 

Mlchigran. 263, 441. 

Middlefield. Conn., 78. 04, 100. 

Mlddlefield. Mass.. 468. 

Middleton. Mass.. 233. 

Middletown. Conn.. 76. 100. 101. 180. 

Mlddletown, N. J., 180, 188. 

Mid-Lanarkshire. Ehigrland, 466. 

Milan. Ohio. 286. 

Milford. Conn.. 78, 860. 

Milford. Mass^461. 

Milford. Pa.. 80t 

Milton. Engrland. 84. 

Milton. 111.. 207. 

Milton. N. Y.. 168. 

Milton. Ore.. 875. 

Digitized by 




MiUon Royal, En ff Land. SS. 
Milwaukee. W1&.. IM, 175. 2M, », », 

2H *«. 2^. 30E, aJ3. 330, 334 
Ujner&l Point, Win., 387. 
Mlnne&polljv, Minn.. 369. 3SI, «7. 
MlMloti Hldee, WL».. S4&. 
MJulaalppl. m 
liUeourl. ^. 
Mobile, Ala.. 121, lff7. m. 
Mon^y Inland. 22ii, 
Monmoyth. N. J., ISS, HI. 
Monoeacy. Md., liBft* 
Monaort. Mass.. 447, 
Montclalr. N. J,. 3«1. 
Mont*?omery, aW S47, ISi. 
Montffompry. Ind., f72, 
Montgomery Co.» N. Y.. 441. 
Montpeller, Vt.. ie4, S90. 
Montreal, C^nad^. 4€7. 
Moorliead. Mioh.. 544. 
Moravia. N. y., 183. 
Mor«hous«p La.» S4fi. 
MorifanfieUJ, Ky.. m, 
Mori oka, Japan^ 4dA. 
Morocco. Ind., 2S8, 
Morris, Mltin.. i^^. 
Morrlet^^iwn, X. J.. IStL 
Morristown, N. Y., UL 
Morrisvllle. N. Y^ll«. 282. 
Moscow, Idaho, 8TS, 87iB. 
Moscow, N. Y., 2n, 20. 
Mount Hermon, Mass., 412. 
Mount Holyoke, Mass., ISl. 
Mount Pleasant, Mich.. 411. 
Mount Sterling, Ala., 320. 
Mt. Morris. N. Y., 266, 267. 266. 848. 844. 

Mulso, Ireland. 19. 
Munson, Mass., 161, 198. 
Muscatine Co.. Iowa, 298. 

Nanticoke. Canada. 847. 

Nashville, Tenn.. 167. 182. 212. 296, 887. 

338. 366, 423. 
Natchez. Miss., 289. 
Nether-Stowey, Engrland, 20. 
New Bedford, Mass.. 848. 
New Britain, Conn., 141, 411. 
New Brunswick, N. J., 468. 
New Castle, N. H., 109. 
New England. 29, 84, 86, 41, 42. 68. 66, 

133, 136, 260. 
New Ooshen. Ind., 193, 284. 
New Hampshire, 81. 
New Hartford, N. Y., 481. 
New Haven. Conn., 179, 804, 806, 884, 

New' Haven, N. Y., 292, 298. 
New Haven, N. Y., 380, 381. 416, 417. 
New Jersey, 227. 
New l/ondon. Conn., 169^242. 
New Marlboro, Mass.. 288. 240. 832. 
New Orleans, La., 124, 188, 167. 178, 

176, 189, 194. 217, 220. 264, 280. 286, 288. 
New Rochelle, N. Y., 846. 
New York, 141, 222. 226. 284. 
New York City. 118. 148. 168. 167, 168, 

169. 171, 177. m. 198, 206, 211. 219. 220, 

222, 223. 226. 226, 234, 236, 286. 240, 248. 

247, 261, 268. 282. 290, 301. 807. 806. 809. 

311. 316, 327. 329, 831, 888, 846, 882. 868, 

880, 861. 882. 89. 83V. 877. 188, 881, 887, 
898, 408, 408. 410, 411« 418, 484, 440. 460. 
468, 460. 

Newark, N. J.. 222; 286, 241, 888. 410^ 
414. tifi, 488. 

Newburvh, N. Y» 461. 

Newbury. Vt. !«. 

Newburyport. Mass., 80. 82, 88, 170. 

Nswmmn. 111.. 871. 

Newport, R. I.. 192. 888, M8. 

Newton. Kan.. 466. 

Newton, Mass., 449. 4S0, 46L 

Newton, N. J.. 413L 

Newton, Pa,. US. 

N*wtonvHle, Maaa.^ 178. 

Niagara. N. Y,. 176* 1S4. 259. 

Nla*cara Co,. N, Y^ \Bk 

Niagara Falls, N. Y.. \%4. 3S&. 

Nlcodemta, Turkey, 32?. 

Norfolk. England. SS. 21 

Norfolk. Va., |S4, 

North Adams, Mass., 130, las. 3«l 

North Bralntree. Mass.. 241, 

North Brook field. Mass.* 137. 

North Carolina, 273. 

North Rldlnsc* Kn gland, 428. 

North Wnbraham. Ntaaa.« £80. 

Northampton, EnifUnd., S. 

Northampton. Maaa,, St, 39, 40, 41. 4IL 
t:j. U, 4^. le. 17. 4S. 53. &4, &&, $7. 66, 
5S, «£, fi7. ^, m. 10, 70, 7S. T7, SS, 84, 
m. gs. m ^, dl* 96. d6, %, 90, int 112, 
113. 116. 116, 119. 121, 126, 136. I3fi. 142, 
147, 158. im, 161. 1(N, I7fi. UK lSa„ 181. 

ig2. ano, aoj. 2oa. so4. 306. 2n. 213. a7, 

22€. 22s, 229. Z3(>. 231. 2&0, 251< 252, 268, 
303, 334, m a2». 3S&. 40L 4BP, 466, 468. 

Northfl^ld. MasH.. 41, 49. 

Northumberland, Pa,, 148. 

Northumberland, N. H,. 14fi. 

Norwalk. Conn., 306, 

Nor watt ark. 45. 

Norway, Me., ^7. 

Norwich, England, 21 

Norwich, N. Y.. 866. 

Nova Scotia, Canada. 888. 

Novi. Mich.. 437. 

Oakland. Cal.. 186. 186. 248, 868, 810. 

Oakland Co., Mich., 448. 

Oakley, Mich.. 379. 

Oberlln. Ohio. 116, 286, 827, 358. 

Oberlln. Pa., 866. 

Oconomowoc. Wis., 121, 170. 171. 

Ogden, N. Y., 168. 

Ohio. 181, 242. 290. 360. 468. 

Old Town. Me., SIO. 

Olean. N. Y., 294. 880. 

Olivet, Mlch^l67, 225. 

Olney. 111., 370. 871. 

Omaha. Neb.. 397. 423. 

Onartra, 111., 416. 

Oneida Co., N. Y.. 116. 

Oneonta, N. Y.. 354. 

Onondasra Co., N. Y., 199. 225. 

Ontario Co.. N. Y.. «1. 

Orange Co., N. Y., 212. 

Oregon, 188, 376. 

Orient, The. 23. 

Orlskany, 278. 

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Orona, Me., 1?0, 17L 1T2. 

Oronville. Mass., m. 

Osage Co., Mo., 40S. 

Oshkosh. Wis., 406. 407. 

Ossining, N. Y., MO. 

OsweflTO. N. Y.. U, IS. 134, 188. 144, 

170^ 196, r76, 280. 292, OS, 294, 8lrf , 379, 

880, 381, 382, 383. 
OUsco, N. Y., 112, 126, ]|»7, 161, 190, 825, 

297. 326. 
Ottawa, Canada, 402. 
Ottawa, Kan.. 279, 369, 360, 364. 866, 413, 

Ottumwa, Iowa, 396. 
Oxford, Md.. 404. 
Oxfordshire. England, 19, 20, 22, 23. 

Porter, N. Y,, ZH. 

port Huron, Mich.. 880. 381, 419. 

Portland. Me.. 108. 178. 389. 

Porto Rico* 413, 

Portsmouth. N, H., 22^221, 291. 

Port Washington. N. Y., 320. 

Poteau, Okia,, 330. 

Pottavllle, Pa., 352: 

Pi>i]ghkeei>sl«. N, Y., 143. 266, 409, 436. 

PouUn^y. Vt,. 113. 

PrflttBvUIe. N. Y., 4A3. 

Preacott. Canada, 331. 

Prrrfstdlo. Cal.. 4H, 

Preston, Iowa, 414. 

Princeton, Mass., 110. 

Providence, R. I., 110, 173, 220, 466. 

Palatine, N. Y., 441. 

Palestine, 22, 342. 

Palmer. Mass., 290. 447. 

Palo Alto, Cal., 368. 

Paris, France, 21. 236. 329. 

Paris, 111., 286, 371, 416. 

Paris, Ky.. 300. 

Parish, N. Y.. 381. 

Parsonsfield. Me.. 81, 107. 106. 153, 164, 

217. 315. 316. 317, 397, 398. 
Pasadena, Tex., 158. 
Pasadena, Cal., 467. 
Passaic, N. J., 413. 
Paterson. N. J.. 464. 
Paw Paw. Mich.. 406. 
Pawtucket, R. I.. 218. 
Pekin. 111., 237, 238. 
Pekin, N. Y., 183. 
Pelham, Mass., 136, 468. 
Penfleld, N. Y.. 166. 
Pendleton, N. Y.. 259. 
Pennington Gap, Va., 208. 
Pensacola, Fla.. 167. 
Pepperell. Mass.. 178. 
Perry, N. Y., 186. 261. 
Peru, 111.. 237. 238. 239. 830. 
Peru. Mass., 143. 232. 468. 
Petersburg. Va., 149. 271. 
Philadelphia, Pa., 116, 122, 148, 162, 163. 

168, 170. 236. 242, 294, 295, 306, 343. 344. 

345. 360. 864. 382, 449. 455, 461, 466, 467. 

Pine" City, N. Y., 206. 
Pine Grove, Pa., 272. 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 186. 264. 404, 463. 
Pittsburg, N. H., 147. 
Pittsfield, Mass., 96, 233. 234. 240, 826. 
Plttsfield, N. H.. 110, 116, 162. 
Pittsford, Vt., 164. 
Plainfield, N. J., 223, 369. 
Piano, 111., 275, 356, 357. 
Plattsburg, N. Y., 197. 240. 325, 400. 
Plattsmouth, Neb.. 381. 
Plentltude, Tex., 246. 
Plymouth, England, 58, 260. 
Plymouth. Mass.. 181. 191. 234. 
Plymouth, N. H., 209. 
Point Pleasant, W. Va., 384, 385. 
Poland, Me.. 173. 
Pomeroy, Wash.. 375. 
Pomfret, Conn., 62. 
Pompey, N. Y., 101, 102. 200. 
Portchester, N. Y., 411. 
Port Dover, Canada, 200. 

Queensboro, Oa., 321. 
Quincy. 111., 168. 

Racine, Wis., 409. 

Radnor, Wales, 23, 24. 

Radnorshire, Wales, 23, 24. 

Raleigh, Ga., 343. 

Randolph, Ohio, 254. 

Rapides Parish. La.. 194. 

Ravenna, Ohio, 233, 468. 

Redding, Cal.. 290. 

Red Oak, Iowa. 399. 

Reedsburg. Wis.. 407. 

Rensselaerville. N. Y.. 120. 

Richfield Springs, N. Y.. 266. 368. 

Richmond, va., 265. 

Richwood. Ohio, 460, 461. 

Ridgway, N. C. 308. 

Ridgeway, N. Y.. 144. 

Ridgeville. Ohio. 115. 

Rio de Janeiro, 242. 

Riverside, R. I.. 208. 

Rhode Island. 99. 

Roachdale. III.. 415. 

Roberts, Wis.. 353. 

Rochester. N. Y., 95, 158, 166. 199, 226, 

228, 302, 458. 459. 465. 
Rockton, 111., 369. 
Rockwell, Tex., 246. 
Rocky Mount, Ala., 227. 
RogersviUe, Tenn., 177. 
Rome, Italy, 20. 

Rootstown, Ohio. 182, 233, 264, 468. 
Roswell, N. M., 337, 338. 
Roxbury, Mass., 54. 139, 173, 463. 
Royalton, N. Y., 306. 
Rutland, Vt.. 88, 112, 120, 147. 209, 467. 
Rye, N. H., 155, 156, 221, 223, 319. 
Rye, N. Y.. 179, 181, 362, 364. 410. 411. 


Sac and Fox. Kan.. 296. 297. 
Sackett's Harbor, 134, 276, 280. 
Saco. Me., 107. 

Sacramento. Cal., 290. ^ 

Sa)?lnaw, Mich., 279, 310, 311. 346, 380, 

392. 393, 417, 418. 
Salamanca, N. Y.. 379. 417. 
Salem, Mass., 81, 120. 450. 
Salem Co.. N. J., 363. 
Salisbury, Mass.. 54, 67, 82. 83. 

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Salonica, Turkey, 8S7. 

San ADf elo, Tex.. ML4UL 

San Antonla, Tex., S20. 

Sanbomton, N. H^, 328. 

San Diego, CaL, 2W. 

Sandusky, Ohio, S46. 401 

San Francisco, CaL, 174, 868. 886. 411 

San Jose, Cal.. 828. 

San Luis Obispo, Cal., 822, 828. 

Santa Clara, CaL, 881 

Saranao. N. T., 180, 230, 281, 235, 854, 

400. 40L 
Saratojra. N. T., 13L 186. 278, 484, 441 
Sault St Marie, Mich.. 461 
Savannah, Oa.. 188. 160. 220. 881 
Scala, Cyprus, 261 
Scarborough, Me.. 268. 
SchenecUdy. N. Y.. 118. 184. 144. 175, 

288. 801. 8CS. 822. 854. 860. 86L 
Schenectady Co., N. Y., 361 
Schoharie Co., N. Y.. 278, 862, 866, 

Scipio. N. Y.. 187, 26L 
Scotland. 41L 
ScottsviUe, N. Y., 321 
Scriba. N. Y.. 291 880. 411 
Sebec Me., 171 
Seneca Falls. N. Y.. 226, 226. 
Sennett. N. Y.. 368. 
Sharon, Mass.. 24L 
Sharon, N. Y., 132, 188. 189. 190, 191. -91 

272, 274, 275, 277, 278, 280. 281. 283. 284, 

353. 355. 356, 358. 361. 365. 866. 368. 405, 

429. 430. 48L 434. 435. 486. 437, 438, 489, 

442. 441 
Sharon. Wis.. 43L 
Sharon Springs, N. Y., 191. 271 279, 

359. 866. 870, %, 864. 887. 
Shasta Co.. Cal.. 290. 
Shawneetown. 111.. 168. 
Sheboygan, Wis., 407. 
Sheffield, Mass.. 53. 54. 
Shelbume, Mass., Il6, 131 
Shelby Co., 111.. 415. 
Sherburne, N. Y., 100. 
Shongelo. Miss.. 156. 
Shoreham, Vt. 115. 161 382. 
Shrewsbury, Mass.. 128. 
Shrewsbury, N. J., 822. 
Shropshire. England. 21. 
Silverton. Col.. 288. 
Simsbury, Conn.. 14L 
Sioux City. Iowa. 330. 
Skaneateles. N. Y.. 141, 200, 255. 
Sloansvllle N. Y.. 405. 
Smithboro. N. Y., 805. 
Smyrna, Turkey. 827. 
Solon, N. Y.. »7. 327. 
Somerset, England, 20. 
SomerviUe. Tenn., 167. 
South Berwick, Me.. 81. 109. 
Southbridge. Mass., 179. 
South Brunswick, Me., 817. 
South Deerfield. Mass.. 201 
South Hadley, Mass., U, 115, 226, 32L 
South Hadley Falls. Mass.. 204. 
Southampton. Mass.. 69. 90. 124. 171 

179 248 
Soutd Hampton, N. H.. 81 107. 
South Hampton, N. Y.. 860. 
Southington, Conn.. 141, 239. 
South Onondaga. N. Y.. 190, 200. 
South Orange, N. J., 801 

Bouthport. Cann., 4£0p «L 

South WUbraham- M&a«, *33, 274, 

South Windsor, Conn.. 238. 

Spokane, Wash., 375. 371 

S Prague, Wa»li,. 375. 376. 

Springfield. England. 24, St 

Springfield. L.a„ 177^ m 34T. 

Sprlngrieia- Mass., 2i 1», 30. JL 81 
S4. M. «). 41, 41 U, 41 41 i&. 49. 61 
f^*. 54. 58. 5», eS, a 72, 73. 74, 76, 91 

S3, iia. m. 128, 133, m. 1S7, m. i¥k 

IM, 3D4, 217. 22S. ^48. 273, 274, 27£. 879, 

U^i, S37, Ml 403. 447, 449, 451. 453 
.SprlnRfteld, Vl, 146. Id 
Spring Valley* N* Y., 21U 
istamford. Conn,. 4€1 
iStan*tea*i, Canada. 1S2, 177. 3K7. 
Slate Center, Iowa, 322, 
Stockhrldge. Mass.. S4, 93. IB, 2S9. 
Stone Arabia, N. r„ 436. 441, 4*2. 441 
Stone River. Tenn„ 345. 
Stoney Creek, Canar]a. iJffi. 
t^toxiy Co.. Iowa, 361 
Stony Point. 13S, 
Stortford. England* 31* 
Stuk^ley, Canada, ^4. 
BU AJbans. Vt.. £41 
St. Charlea, Mich., 37S, 880; UC, 417. 

St, George, Canada. 1S6, 280* 
St. HelPJia Pariah, La., 171 
St. Laundrv Purlsh, I^a., 176. 
St. Louln, Mo.p IH, m. ISa, S^ 264, 

2^, 2^, 2«9, 370. m^ 3.%. 394, 431 
St. r&ul Minn., 2e». 30$, 
St. Tammany Parish. La,. 17E. 
j^t. Vincent, W. I., ITL 
Sortbut-y, Vt„ 111 in, Ifil IW. IfiS. 
Bufflfeld* Conn., 127. ISi 3G9, 4B0. 
Suffleld* Mass*, 61 

surneid, Ohio, 4«o. m. 

SuUivan Co., N. Y., 184. 
Summit Co*, Ohio, 231 
Sunbiirx*, Pa.* 301 
Suri'lerland, Ma^s., ISI. lli(l» ttl 
Surat, 428. 
Sussex. Bnff.. 84. 
Swan Creek. Mich.. 411 
Switzerland, 442. 

Ssrracuse, N. Y.. 121 161. 806, 281 881 
486, 489. 

Talcottyille. N. Y.. 148. 211 211 

Tallahassee, Fla.. 227. 

Talledega, Ala.. 114, 461 

Talmadgre, Ohio. 46. 

Terre Haute. Ind., 181 181 277. 281 

284, 286, 286. 287, 281 811 871. 371 Sn. 

411 417. 
Thebaumell, France, 871 
Thetford. Vt, 171 
Thomastown, Me^ 121. 174. 
Ticonderoffa, N. Y., 96, 111 180. 
Tiffin. Ohio. 877. 
Tippecanoe Co., Ind.. 181 271 848. 860. 

Tiverton, England. 81 
Tokyo. Japan. 401 409. 
Toledo. Ohio. 161 807. 381. 
Tonsaloo. Miss., 848. 
Toolsboro. Iowa, 816. 886. 
Toronto. Canada, 241 248. 

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Tonington, Conn.. 197. 
Torrinjrton, lSng\a,nd^2iLZ0. 
Troy, N. Y., 207, 206, 207. S97, 488. 
Trumansburg, N. Y., 806. 
Tnixton, N. Y., 16L 297, 886. 
Tryon Co.. N. Y., 274. 
Tuftonboro, N. H., 220. 
Turkey. 827. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., 468. 

Ulster, N. Y.. 427. 
Union. Me., m. 
United States, 281 
Upland, Ind., 876. 
Urbana, 111., 2K. 876. 
Urdale, Tex., 82D. 
Utlca. N. Y., 141, 213. 

Valladolid, Spain, 20. 

Valley Forge, 180. 138. 462. 

Vermont. Iw. 

Vernon, Conn.. 182, 189, 278, 861, 862. 

Vernon, Vt, 828. 

Verona. N. Y.. 441. 442. 441 

Vlcksburg. Miss., 206. 

Vigo Co., IndM.132, 188, 189, 198. 287, 

&S, 289, 290. 871. 
Vlncennes, Ind., 288. 
Virgil. N. Y., 864. 

Wabash. Ind., 269. 

Waitsburg. Wash., 375, 876. 

Wakefield. N. H.. 106. 

Wales, 188. 856. 

Wales Center. N. Y.. liOt 

Walmouth, Wis.. 859. 

Waltham. Mass., 828. 

WalthourviUe. Ga., 170. 

Ware. Mass., 121 

Wareham. Mass.. 460. 

Warren, 111., 811. 

Warsaw. N. Y.. 467, 468. 

Warsaw Prairie, Tex.. 176, 247. 

Washington. Conn., 807. 

Washington, D. C. 188. UO, IK. 166, 

169. Iffl, 210. 228, 2«l, 24i 268, 266. 266. 

267. 802. 806, 884. 866. 862, 888, 889. 890, 

89L 411 44i 469. 466. 
Washington. Iowa. 411 
Waterbury, Conn.. 268. 
Waterloo. N. Y., 141. 147. 181 201, 244. 

299. 800. 
Watertown. N. Y.. 229. 280, 296. 870. 
Watervliet. Mich.. 270. 
Watervleit. N. Y.. 433. 
Watkins. N. Y., 206. 
Waxahachie, Tex., 177. 
Waybridge, Vt., ifc. 
Waymouth, Mass., 229. 
Waynesboro. Miss.. 820. 
Wefdon. N. C, 149. 
Wellsboro. Pa., 146. 207. 806. 806. 
Wequetonsinjr, Mich., 210. 
West Avon. Conn., 801 
West Avon, N. Y.. 287. 

West Brownsville, Va., 886. 

West Charleston. Vt, 191 

West Concord, N. H., 209. 

West Fairlee. Vt, 209. 

West Haven. Conn.. 62. 

West Indies. 77. 

West Newton. Mass., tUL 

West Point I^. Y., 96b 248. 418. 468. 

West Roxbury, Mass., 261 

West Springfield, Mass.. 88, 90, 187. 

West Suffield, Conn.. 127. 161, 186. 
West Turin, N. Y.. 101. 102. 
Westfield. N. Y.. 224, 236^ 320. 
Westfield. Mass.. 72, 76. 178. 179, 203. 

Westfo^d. N. Y.. 288, 411 
Westhampton. Mass., 81 111. 112. 142, 

160. 161. 196. 199, 22£ 299. 462. 
Westniinster, Vt., 161, 288. 
Wethersfield, Conn., 70. 86, 87. 119. 

120. 807. 360. 89t 
Wethersfield. Vt. 146. 207. 
Wetumpka. Ala., 467. 
Whately. Mass.. 226. 
Wheeler. Mich., 879. 
Whltesboro. N. Y» 212, 213. 306. 
Whitestown. N. Y.. lOL 
Wichita. Kan.. 401 
Wilbraham. Mass.. 9. 71, 92. 98. 94. 

126, 127. 131. 132. 188. 189, 190. 192. 
- 277. 281 447. 449. 461. 

Wild Rose. Kan.. 407. 
Wilkesbarre. Pa.. 196, 386. 
Williamsburg, Mass., 92. 
Williamsport, Pa.. 306. 
Williamstown. Mass.. 89. 108. 180. 134. 

186, 186. 327. 828. 
Wilmington. Vt. 449. 460. 
Wilson, N. Y.. 109. 166. 259. 
Winchenden. Mass.. 261. 
Winchenden, Vt, 162. 
Winchester. Va.. 286. 
Windsor. Conn^ 81. 42. 46, 61 96. 98. 

127. 188, 269, 200, 804, 848. 
Windsor. Mass., 142. 148, 202. 300. 802. 
Windsor, Vt. 128. 

Wlnfield. N. Y.. 168. 
Winona. Miss.. 821. 
Winona, Ind.. 862. 
Winthrop. Me., 162. 
Wisconsin. 246. 869.. 
Wobum. Mass.. 246. 
WolcottviUe. Conn.. 263. 
Wolfboro. N. H.. 109. 
Woodbury, Conn.. 141 
Woodstock. Vt, 126, 146. 204. 207. 
Worcester. Mass.. 86. 67. 187, 229. 
Worcestershire. England, a. 

Yarmouth. Me.. 220. 
York. Me.. 30. 219. 
York. Pa.. 322. 
Youngstown. Ohio. 810. 
YpsUanti. Mich., 841, 842. 

Zurich. Switzerland, 441. 

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The last proof sheet has been read, and the last page of tlie 
index has gone to the printer, and before the binders close the 
door I must claim the privilege of a parting word, a word of 
mingled pleasure and regret. 

Pleasure that the labor of the past four years is ended. 

Regret that I must now part with the intimate association with 
both the living and the dead tha't has attended the work. 

For, to a very large extent, I have at times seemed to live in 
the past, have had in many instances a brief glance into the lives 
of many long dead, and in imagination have seen the ghostly 
procession, through the past years and centuries, pass before me. 
I have also had the pleasure of the acquaintance, by letter or in 
person, of many of the living who by their courtesy have added 
friendship to the ties of blood ; and now to all living and dead, 
as the host of the occasion bids them farewell at the closing door. 
I cannot but express a sincere regret at the parting. 

Henry Parsons. 

New York, November, 191 2. 

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