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d School 


United States and Canada 

I- • 













Togrether with mtich other information 


Compiled and Edited 



American Educational Company 



Entprod uooordlnK to the act <»f Congn'RH, In 

thft y««ar 19<>4, by Homor L. Patt»»r««ui. In 

th«' office of th« Librarian of Con- 

ffrcRH at WaHhlngton. 





The aim of this work is to give a complete index to the educational system 
of the United States and Canada. The information has been thoroughly revised 
and brought down to date, and before final printing of the book proofs sub- 
mitted to the head of each institution for O. K., or correction. 

In the main classification a complete list of the schools and colleges is given, 
together with information as to the kind of school, class of students admitted, 
religious denomination, year established, and the name of the head of the insti- 
tution with title and degrees. The counter-classification will be found a ready 
reference for any particular class of schools. The Public School system is fully 
covered by complete lists of the State Educational Officials, and county super- 
intendents of schools. The lists of College Greek-Letter Fraternities, under- 
graduate publications. Foreign Universities, etc., have been added for the pur- 
pose of making the book a complete educational directory, containing informa- 
tion upon every subject pertaining to colleges and schools. It is believed the 
work will be found of value to every one in any way associated with educational 
institutions, or engaged in educational work. 

Acknowledgement is made to the various State Superintendents of Public 
Instruction in this country, and to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners 
of Education of the Provinces of Canada, for their kind co-operation and as- 
sistance in compiling the information regarding the school systems; also to the 
editors of various fraternity and college papers for the assistance rendered by 
them in the departments of Greek-Letter Fraternities and college publications. 



Addressograpb Co., Chicago , 37B 

Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. Y 368 

American Educational Co., Chicago 378 

Andrews, A. H., Company, Chicago 360 

Art Institute, Chicago 382 

Barnes, A. S., & Co., New York .357 

Barnett, Jos. H., & Co., Chicago , 368 

Bingham School, Asheville, N. C 379 

Brown Wholesale Furniture Co., Chicago « 361 

Bufe, Werner, Chicago 366 

Bunde & Upmeyer Co., Milwaukee , 366 

Bush Temple Conservatory, Chicago 380 

Central School Supply House, Chicago « 364 

Century Pen Co., Whitewater, Wis 378 

Chandler & Barber, Boston 363 

Chicago Photo-Engraving Co., Chicago 363 

Chicago Photogravure Co Insert to face, 368 

Chicago Photogravure Co., Chicago 368 

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Heald's Business College, San Francisco 382 

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Hope Publishing Co., Chicago 365 

Howe MlUtary School, Lima, Ind 379 

Jacobsen, C. Henry, Chicago 381 

Joel, J. A., & Co., New York 363 

Johnson, August, & Co., Chicago 377 

Johnson, E. R., Chicago 357 

Kemper Military School, BoonvlUe, Mo 379 

Laird & Lee, Chicago 352-353 

McClurg, A. C, & Co., Chicago 356 

McCullough Teachers' Agency, Chicago 368 

Memphis Morning News, Memphis 374 

Michigan MiUtary Academy, Orchard Lake, Mich 379 

Miller Chemical Engine Co., Chicago 357 

Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee 373 

Minneapolis Tribune, Minneapolis 372 

Minturn School of Oi>era and Drama, Chicago 381 

Morgan Studios, Anna, Chicago ^ 380 

National Magazine, Boston , 371 

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Pratt Teachers' Agency, New York .'157 

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School of English. Chicago .'W2 

Sherwood Music School. Chicago ,. ..'WO 

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Synnberg Photo-Gravure & Printing Co., Chicago 308 

Thurston Teachers' Agency. Chicago .359 

Todd Somlnary for Boys, Woodstock. Ill 379 

Typewriter Emporium. Chicago .• 303 

United States Press Clipping Bureau. Chicago ;i75 

Weber, C. F.. & Co., San Francisco ;{0o 

West Texas School Bureau, Abilene, Tex ■.\:i\) 

World To-Day Company, Chicago .'{"o 



Index to Displayed AdvertiBements 

Educational systems of the states, including 
as to towns and cities: 












IDAHO , .39 




IOWA 57 















the schools and colleges, 




arranged alphabetically 




NEW YORK ,....• 131 



OHIO 153 

OKLAHOMA ,. ..161 







TEXAS 190 

UTAH 196 















Counter-classification of schools and colleges, arranged according to kind of school 231 

Table of universities and colleges, arranged according to age 229 

Table of universities and colleges, arranged according to size , 230 

College papers 277 

Fraternity papers 295 

Greek-letter fraternities 297 

Foreign universities 331 

Private studios— Music, Drama, Art, and Languages 347 

Displayed advertisements / 351 

Index 383 


A. B Bachelor of Arts 

agri Agriculture 

A. X Master of Arts 

arch Architecture 

B. A Bachelor of Arts 

B. C. L Bachelor of Civil Law 

B. D Bachelor of Divinity 

B. XuB Bachelor of Music 

Breth Brethren 

B. S Bachelor of Science 

B. Pd • Bachelor of Pedagogy 

bus « Business 

B. V. X Blessed Virgin Mary 

C. E , Civil Engineer 

ohem Chemistry 

oo-ed Co-educational 

ool Collegiate 

Cumb. Presb Cumberland Presbyterian 

dent 4 Dental 

dom. sol Domestic science 

eleo , Electrical 

elo Elocution 

engin « Engineering 

engr Engraving 

est t Established 

Epis Episcopal 

Evang Evangelical 

r. B. H. S 

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 

r. E. S Fellow of the Royal Society 

Cher. Evang German Evangelical 

homeop Homeopathic 

hort ^Horticulture 

indust Industrial 

L. D. S Latter Day Saints (Mormon) 

Litt. B Bachelor of Literature 

Litt. D Doctor of Literature 

LL. B , Bachelor of Laws 

LL. D Doctor of Laws 

LL. M piaster of Laws 

X. A Master of Arts 

M. D 4 Doctor of Medicine 

X. E Methodist Episcopal 

meoh Mechanical 

med 4 Medicine 

X. E. So Methodist Episcopal South 

metal Metallurgy 

metaph Metaphysics 

Meth Methodist 

mil , Military 

min Mines, Mineralogy 

Morav ,. Moravian 

M. N. A. S 

M<>mber of the National Academy of Sciences 

X. B. A. S 

Member of the Royal Academy of Science 

mut Music 

non-sect Non-sectarian 

nor Normal 

N. V. X Nativity of the Virgin Mary 

ophthal Ophthalmology 

0. S. B .Order of Saint Benedict 

osteop. Osteopathy 

P. E. , Protestant Episcopal 

Ph. B « Bachelor of Philosophy 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy 

phar Pharmacy 

photog , Photography 

phren Phrenology 

phys. sci Physical Science 

phjrsio-med Physio-Medical 

pop Population 

post-grad «Post-6raduate 

prep Preparatory 

prin Principal 

Prot Protestant 

psychol .Psychology 

B. C Roman Catholic 

Eef Reformed 

reg Regular 

B. S. S Fellow of the Royal Society 

Bt. Eev Right Reverend 

So. B Bachelor of Science 

•oulp Sculpture 

7th D. Adv Seventh Day Adventista 

7th D. Bapt Seventh Day Baptists 

S. J Society of Jesus 

S. X. £ ...Holy Mother Church 

S. X. X Moly Mother Mary 

S. B. S Fellow of the Royal Society 

S. T. D Doctor of Divinity 

sten. Stenography 

S. T. P J^rofessor of Theology 

Burg Surgery 

surv , Surveying 

S. V Holy Virgin 

Swed .Swedish 

tech Technical 

teleg Telegraphy 

ter Territory 

theol Theology 

U. J. D Doctor of Canon and Civil Law 

Un. Breth United Brethren 

Unit Unitarian 

univ University 

IT. S. N United States Navy 

V. D. X Minister of the Word of God 

vet Veterinary 

V. S Veterinary Surgeon 

Y. X. C. A.. Young Men's Christian Association 

Y. W. C. A 

Young Women's Christian Association 


Population, 1,828,697. School census, 640,500. School age, 7-21. 

Alabama is the eighteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 1,828,697 inhabitants, of whom 1,001,152, or 54.7 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 14,060, or .7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 34 per cent, the state ranking forty-eighth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


Isaac W. Hill, Superintendent of Public Instruction Montgomery 

Harry C. Gunnels, Chief Clerk Montgomery 


Isaac W. Hill, President Montgomery 

Prof. W. F. Feagin, Secretary Montgomery 

Miss NiCHOLENE BiSHOP Montgomery 


Gov. W. D. Jelks Montgomery Pres. F. M. Peterson Montevallo 

Pres. J. W. Abercrombie University Supt. Isaac W. Hill, Secretary.. 

Pres. C. C. Thach Auburn Montgomery 


C. R. Glenn, President Birmingham 

H. J. WiLLiNGHAM, ChairmaH of E.recutive Committee Wetumpka 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Schools. 

Autauga W. W. Hinton Billingsley 59 

Baldwin J. S. Lambert Bay Minette 58 

Barbour C. S. McDowell, Jr Bufaula 133 

Bibb R. H. Pratt Six Mile 68 

Blount W. Y. Adams Gum Springs 75 

Bullock H. L. Prince Union Springs 89 

Butler C. H. Lewis Greenville 110 

Calhoun H. T. Persons Jacksonville 73 

Chambers W. G. Jarrell LaFayette 103 

Cherokee A. O. Williams Pope 69 

Chilton J. W. Moore Clanton 66 

Choctaw O. L. Gray Butler 93 

Clarke .♦ R. C. Heard Grove Hill 103 

Clay J. AV. Jackson Ashland 74 

Cleburne A. H, Glasgow Muscadine 50 

Coffee C. W. Simmons Elba 72 

Colbert C. A. Womble Tuscumbia 69 

Conecuh ^ S. A. Lowry Betts 85 




Superintendent's Name. 



Coosa J. H. Johnson Speed 

CJovington J. T. Hardage Opp 

Crenshaw C. K. Sharpe Petrey 

Cullman T. C. King Cullman 

Dale A. N. Hawkins Ozark 

Dallas D. M. Calloway Selma 

DeKalb T. J. Cook Crossville 

Elmore W. C. Cousins Ekilectic 

E>scambia W. S. Neal Brewton 

Btowah J. E. Williams Attalla ^ 

Fayette J. T. Lucas Fayette 

Franklin T. H. Roberson Russellville 

Geneva E. P. Johnson Pera 

Greene W. P. Archibald Knoxville 

Hale J. A. Ellerbe Greensboro 

Henry R. W. Miller Abbeville 

Jackson W. S. Bridges L.arklnsville .... 

Jefferson I. W. MoAdory Birmingham 

Lamar B. H. Wilkerson Vernon 

Lauderdale Jas. F. Koonce..*. Florence 

Lawrence H. G. Almon Town Creek 

Lee D. M. Banks Opelika ...." 

Limestone W. L. Davis Athens 

Lowndes R. E. Gordon Hayneville 

Macon A. H. Rutherford Tuskegee 

Madison , J. D. Humphrey Huntsville 

Marengo W. K. Thomas Rembert 

Marion C. E. Mitchell Hamilton 

Marshall J. L. Barnard , Oleander 

Mobile S. S. Murphy Mobile 

Monroe J. D. Forte Beatrice 

Montgomery J. A. Thompson Montgomery — 

Morgan John C. Tidwell New Decatur 

Perry A. M. Spessard Uniontown 

Pickens W. H. Storey Ethelville 

Pike J. W. Hollan Troy 

Randolph — ." L M. Stevenson Roanoke 

Russell B. B. Broughton Pittsboro 

St. Clair N. B. Spradley Cropwell 

Shelby John B. Farrell Columbiana 

Sumter R. B. Calloway Epes 

Talladegra J. C. Williams Talladega 

Tallapoosa G. L. Bell Jackson's Gap... 

Tuscaloosa John T. Bealle Northport 

Walker R. D. Argo Jasper 

Washington A. J. Wood Frankville 

Wilcox W. L. Hayes Boiling Springs. 

Winston C. A. Olivet Addison 

No. of 




































ABBEVILLE, Henry Co., pop. 889. 

Third District Agrioultunl School; agri.; co- 
ed.; state; J. V. Brown, Pres. 
ALBEBTVILLE, lUrshall Gc, pop. 1.500? 
Seventh District Agricultural School; agrl.; 

co-ed.; state; J. B. Hobdy. Pres. 
AKVISTON, Calhoun Co., pop. 9,695. 
Anniston College for Young Ladies; girls* 

boarding; non-sect.; est. 1894; Clarence J. 

Owens, A. M.. LL. D., Pres. 
Barker Memorial Seminary (colored); women; 

prep, and indust. ; Presb. ; est. 1896; Rev. 

S. M. Davis. D. D., Pres. 
Bojs' Training School; prep.; bo^-s; nun-soct.; 

Noble Institute for Oirls; girls' boarding; uon- 

sect. ; President. 

ASHVILLE, St. Clair Co., pop. 362. 

St. Claire College; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
L. A. Smith, Prin. 
ATHENS, Limestone Co., pop. 1,010. 

Athens' Female College; girls' boarding; M. 
E. So.; est. 1843. 

Eighth District Agricultural School; agrl.; (mv 
ed. ; state; M. K. Clements, Pres. 
AX7BUBN, Lee Co., pop. 1.447. 

Alabama Polsrtechnic Institute; tech.; 8tat<>; 
est. 1872; Charles C. Thach. M. A.. PreH. 
School's aniipuncement. — Seven degr(M> 
courses: Chemistry; Civil Engineering: 
Electrical Engineering; Mining; Agricul- 
ture; ArtH; Pharmacy. 484 studentH; 
twelve statCH represented. Excellent shops 
and laboratories. Degrees B. S. and M. S. 




Twenty professors; seventeen assistants. 

850 feet above sea-level. No malaria. 
AlAbama Folyteohnio Institute, Department 

of Fhannacy; phar.; co-ed.^ est. 1895; 

Emerson B. Miller, Dean. 
BELL, Lama; Co., pop. 22. 
Bhiloh Hiffh School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1895; Archer B. Gilmore. Prin. 
BIRMINOHAM, Jefferson Co.. pop. 38.415. 
Birmingham Dental OoUeffe; dent.; men; est. 

1893; T. M. Allen, D. D. S., Dean. 
Birmingham Medical College; med.; reg.; 

men; est. 1894; B. L. Wyman, Dean. 
Birmingham Seminary; girls' l>oarding; non- 
sect.; est. .1897; Miss Loulie Compton, 

A. M., Prln. 
Xassey Businesi College; bus. and sten.; Wm. 

N. Smith, Pres. 
Korth Alabama Conference College; col.; 

men; M. E. So.; est. 1898; Anson West, 

Pollock-Stephens Institute; girls* boarding; 

non-sect; Mrs. B. T. Taliaferro, Prln. 
Taylor School, The; prep.; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; Wm. P. Taylor, A. B., Prin. 
Wheeler Business College ; bus. and sten. ; Wil- 

lard J. Wheeler, Pres. 

BLOVNTSVILLE, Blount Co., pop. 500. 

Ninth District Agricultural School; agri. ; co- 
ed.; state; J. A. B. Lovett, Pres. 

CLANTON, Chilton Co., pop. 611. 
Vniversity School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
E. Y. McMorries, Ph. D., Prin. 
CGLLINSyiLLE, De Xalb Co., pop. 524. 

CoUinsville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1887; E. B. Paul, Prln. 
CBEW8 DEPOT, Lamar Co., pop. 40. 
Trideska College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; J. 
M. Walton, M. A., B. L., LL.D., Prin. 
CITLLMAN, Cullman Co., pop. 1,255. 
Polytechnic College and Ladies' Institute; 
prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; S. A. Felter, A. 
M., M. L., Pres. 
DEMOPOLIS, Warren Co., pop. 2,606. 

Marengo Military Institute; military; non- 
sect.; W. A. McLeod, Prln. 

EAST LAKE, Jefferson Co., pop. 2,400. 
East Lake Atheneum; closed. 
Howard College; col.; men; Bapt. : est. 1841; 
A. P. Montague, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 

ELISKA, Monroe Co., pop. 10. 

Sevier's School Miss.; prep.: co-ed.; Epis.; 
Miss Elizabeth Sevier, Prin. 

ELKMONT, Limestone Co., pop. 174. 
Elkmont High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. L. Davis, Prln. 

EVFAVLA, Barbour Co., pop. 4.532. 
Union Female College; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1854; Mary Lyon, B. S., B. L., 
and Mrs. Charlotte L. Ball, Associate 
EVEROIIEEN, Conecuh Co., pop. 1.277. 

Second District Agricultural School; agrL; co- 
ed.; state; James A. Duncan, Pres. 
FAYETTE, Fayette Co., pop. 452. 
Fayette Academy; prep.; co-ed.; uoH-sect. ; 
J(An B. Ziegler, Prin. 

FLOMATOK, Escambia Co., pop. 210. 
Flomaton High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. W. Agnew, Prin. 
FLOBEKCE, Lauderdale Co., pop. 6,478. 
State Normal College; normal; state;- co-ed.; 
Marshall C. Wilson, Pres. 
FOBNEY, Cherokee Co., pop. 100. 
Cherokee Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1894; J. H. Seroggin, Prin. 
FOBT PAYNE, De Xalb Co., pop. 1,037. 
North Alabama College; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
E. R. Eldridge, Pres. 
GAYLE8VILLE, Cherokee Co., pop. 266. 
Oaylesville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; E. J. Chestnut, C. E., Prin. 
GBEENSBOBO, Hale Co., pop. 2,416. 
Southern University; col.; men.; M. E. So.; 
est. 1856; Bev. S. M. Hosmer, Pres. 
OUBLEY, Madison Co., pop. 831. 
Robert Donnell High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; J, E. Conder, Prin. 
School's annoimcement. — A private school 
for boys and girls, where students are 
prepared for college or business; ideal 
location among the mountains of North 
Alabama, where surroundings are beauti- 
ful and healthful, and parents are as- 
sured the best welfare of their children. 
Large brick buildings, heated throughout 
by hot air and lighted by gas; well 
equipped library. Enrollment, 278. Ex- 
penses per year, $250. 

HAICILTON, Marion Co., pop. 236. 
Sixth District' Agricultural School; agri.;* co- 
ed.; state; E. F. Gauthen, Pres. 
HEALING SPBINGS, Washington Co., pop. 35. 
Healing Springs Industrial Academy; prep.; 
co-ed.; Bapt.; J. M. Quarles, A. B., C. 
E., Prin. 
HUNTSVILLE, Madison Co., pop. 8,068. 
Central Alabama Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1872; B. Henson Ball, A. B., Pres. 
Chafin's Business College; bus. and sten. est. 

- 1899; W. F. Chafln. Pres. 
Huntsville Academy; closed. 
Macon and Andrews College ; bus. and sten. ; 
G. A. Macon and A. A. Andrews, Props. 
JACKSON, Clark Co., pop. 1,039. 
First District Agricultural School; agri; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1886; Douglas Allen, Pres. 
JACKSONVILLE, Calhoun Co., pop. 1,076. 
State Normal College; normal; state ; co-ed. ; 
C. W. Daugette, Pr^s. 
JOPPA, Pullman Co., pop. 1.30. 
Industrial Normal and Collegiate Institute: 
prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; A^ D. Luethi, Prfn. 
LAFAYETTE, Chambers Co.,' pop. 1,629. 
Lafayette College; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1885; John P. NefT, M. S., Pres. 
LIVINGSTON, Sumter Co., pop. 851. 
Alabama Normal College; normal; state; girls; 
Miss Julia S. Tutwiller, Pres. 
LOWER PEACHTREE, WUcoz Co., pop. 500. 
Lower Peachtree Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. H. Broughtou, Prln. 
MARION, Perry Co., pop. 1,698. 
Judson College; col.; women; Bapt.; est. 1839; 






Robert G. Pntiipll. B. A.. B. D., Prei* 
MftTioA Bftptiftt Adi^amj; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

D. V. JifUileimi. Trlti. 
Hm-iion femak 8«miiu.r7; ^Irli' bonrdln^; 

ICAxiDn Uilitary Iflititutft; mlUiarj; j^on-sc^Lt-; 

JameH T. Murret?. LL. D.. Prln. 
MOBILE, Mobile Com pop. 3g,4ffi». 
Ao«dem7 of the Viiits-tion^ tf]rl«' boNTdlii^; 

11. I.; HlaivT M. Liffotifi Fax, Trln. 
Eni«rBOn Horoiirl IiiBtituta; nor.^ co-ed.; Cumi;.; 

<"8t, ISOU; RtH. A. T, UurnL'll, A. M.. Ph. 

D.. Prln. 
Buatar^s Bebool; S«le^ for ^rU; glrlR' ti^jard- 

lii^; iMii-ftfxn. ; Mies SalUe E. Hunt:rr< 

it, Mmx7'c SqluQt BcrhoQl: girls' bourdlnj^; R. 

(:. ; SlRter Alnystn, Prin, 
Bouthftm BuiiUflU UniVAriit? | bue^ tod nten*; 

i\ M. Wlllhima. Prti, 
Bprinf Hill Call&£«} i-ol,; m^n; H, C. ; est. 

isaii: Kmf. J. WillUm Trrreli, S. J., 

tTniTonit^r of Alvbunp, Vedical Keputment; 

lacd. ; n"^'.; rt>-f'd.; pst. liiM; Oeorjjfi 

A. Kt*trbnii], M. D.. DedU. 
UnlTermlty of Al&li&mtt, Behool of Phu^na-gy; 

pbnr** {'«-(mJ.: PHt ISSB; Otc^rge A. 

KOKTEYALLO, Bhfilby Co., pup. L:^K 

AlAlwmft Giflt' EmiiiitilKl Boboal; prt^p. nnd 
Indimt.; wudien; tstate; eat. iJiidfl; Ray. 
Fmuclfl IkL. Peit-rsuii. A. M., D. D., Pren. 

MOIf TOO MEET, MontfromBry Co.. pt>tj. 3fK3IC. 
DrmuerhonB Frmatical Buainoii CoUe^a; hu*. 

anrl ^t^■l]»; J. V. Ifvimfibnu. Fn^ii, 
Lorstti. Aoadffmy; pirls' bnardliig; R. C; 

Slwtc'P M. Bftrmmeo, Piin, 
MMuy^ Buiiuei* College 3^ biiji. and Htpi). ; H. 

W, JTiiHiH<y, Pri"#. 
Btmtfl Korin«.l 6cbo&l for Oolor«d Btudtati 

(rolorcd); iHinuHl; stnti?; (?ci'e<1t: W. B. 

Ptitterfinjn. Prti». 
UnlTerilty BchonU hoyn' boarding; uou-seet.^ 

J. U- nnti ^. C. Btarke. Prina, 

MATt JKckson Co.» pop. 10. 

(ire«ii AoAdsmy; pn-p, ; cu-cd*; Cong.; &11hb 
l'\ il. rrimis Trln, 

NEWTON, Da,le C^-p rMHK ^5T. 

Baptiit Coll Off UIq lD«titiita; prop.; eo-ed.; 
HflMt.; A. W. Tutt, Prlo. 

KORMAL. Kadiion Cq., ]jnp. m. 
Arridulturftl ftnd MoobanloAl CoUfisft: c-nlitriHl; 
litdiiiit ; i*tnto; rti ed.; W. H. t'ornicUl, 

FIBGAH, Jmok»oii Co,, pitp. 43. 
Mala and Famnla Acudemy; pr^i^p. ; co^(h1.; haa- 
MHt.; J. W; Slraj^flNin, Prln. 

ROANOKE, BiDdolph Co,, pop. 1,165. 

Rnftbokft NormKl B^ahaql; prop.; co-ed.; non- 
mvt-i.-. RobL M. Crnwfard, Piiji, 

ROCKFOBD, CoDU Co.. pcip. S44>> 
Bookford High fl^hool; prpp. ; irn-pd.; nnn-aeirt.; 
Jfi>ffer6t>ij Fun, I^rlii. 

■T. BERNAEI>, Oullmnn Ca.» pop. 25. 

Bt. BnrD&rd Colliiffe ; coL; atta; R. C.[ «l 
]83>2; Uiv. Hi*in-dl('t Mengi?*. O. S* B. 
BOMEEYtLLE, MorgaD Cq., pcip, 264, 

Morgan County CoUegii; i-oL; ea-mh; non-acot.; 
est lS9i>r Char Its E. Ulit\ preH. 
BPEIN0YILLE, Bt. Clair Co.^ 110 p. 406. 
Spriiif Lako College; [:irep. ; rri'«d.; ntin-aect. ; 
w, c, <Jrigi?», Prill. 
STEVENSON. Jaokaon Co.. lujii. 5m. 

Auatin Traiiiipg School r prep.; f^-od.; nnn- 
Ef'tt.i f'jjt. I^IS- Sr J, Daviu. L. 1., Pdn. 
SYRACATTGA, Telladego Co.. |>op. HHi». 

Fourth DiBtHot Agricultural Bobogl; agrl. ; cq- 
od.; Htute; A. G. i^eay. Prea. 
TALLADEGA, TaiUdegm Ge., iifip, 4.056. 

Alabaizia Byutidkal OoUoge for Women; jdrlit' 
Ijwjt-dliip; iVi^jib, ; I SI. 10(S3; Itcv, T> P. 
Wnllujit I'ti'H, 
Iib«)l College; morfrt'd wltb AJabjiiDEi Syniifllotil 

Cpfllt^tfi' fur VV»rR(»n. 
Talladoga Oollego frulorod) ; cnl; eu-ed. ; t'onjr,; 
UiHL W. Andrews. II. IJ,. Vven. 
THOESBY, Chilton Co., pop. 54. 
Thortby Bahool and BuBlnvaa College : bus. ftnd 
at<Hi. ; R. A. Riibco. Pre*i, 

TOWN CREEK, Lawranoe Ce.. imp. 284. 
Tows Creek Normal ScboaU prep.; co-ed.; nan- 
(M»ot.; J. T. StrlrkHu. Prln. 
TRUflTT. Morgan Co,, [H»p. \m. 
Morth AliabazDa QoUegiate Xnatitate; prep. ; 
co-ed. ; Rev. Just' ph us ^hae)Ef>^]fardH Prlti^ 

TEOT. Pike Co,, prnp, 4,miT. 
State Normal College; normal; atute; d4i-cMi, ; 
E. M. Shatkelford, Pr*e, 

TUaOAXOOBA, TuaealoDia Co., pcip. 5,0414. 
Central Female College; ^rle' bonrdlnff: 

Bapt.; eat. 1B5B; E. H. Murfeii. LL. D., 

Tuaoftloou Female CoUago; ylrla' bnnrdlng; 

nnn-^ipt,; est. 18ft:i; W. F. Melton. Ph. 

D,, PrttH. 
Tflrnar Military Inatitute. The; military; ■ on, 

Bert; It Bllaa Edpor. Prln. 

TUSCITMBIA. Cfllbert Co,, pi>p. 2,34S. 
Beihler Female Inatitutt; glrla' boai 
Ufjn-tiect.; Mrs, R. P. Frtote, Prln. 

TUSKEOEE, KaftuD Ce,, pop, 2.170. 

Alabama Confersnfie Female College; glrla* 

bOMrdliig; M. E. ; est. 1^55; Jubn Maaiwj. 

LL.U.. Pre«. 
Toakegee Hormal and Indtiatrlal Xnititute {ei*l- 

urrdl ; induat.; nxMl. ; non-aoet. ; est IHSI; 

BcHiket T. Wnahlngtrin, A, M.t LL. D., 

0KIVERBITY. Toaoalooia Co,, pop, 2^. 
Uni^aratty of Alabama; uulr.r atitp; <^-pd.; 

i>Rt IKiin aann'« K. PowiTA, LL.R, Oban. 
XTnlTeraity of ALabaitta» Law Dtfartraantj 

law; co-ed.; **t 1S73; W. S. Tfawlngtcm, 

WETUMPEA, Elmore Co., pop. Sfl2. 
Fifth BUtrlot AfTioultural flcheol; ngi-t; eu- 

cd.; atntp; H. J. Wmiuj^hum, Prea. 


Population, 122,212. School census, 36,070. School age, 6-18. 

Arizona is the forty-eighth of the states and territories of the Union in point 
of population, having a total of 122,212 inhabitants, of whom 92,903, or ^(i per 
cent, are white. Of this number, 22,395, or 18.3 per cent, are foreign born. The 
percentage of illiteracy of the entire population is 29 per cent, the territory ranking 
forty-fourth in this respect. The educational system of the territory is as follows: 


Hon. Alexander O. Brodie, Governor of Arizona, President Phoenix 

N. G. Layton, Superintendent Public Instruction, Secretary Phoenix 

Hon. I. M. Christy, Territorial Treasurer Phoenix 

Prof. A. N. Taylor, Principal Northern Arizona Normal School Flagstaff 

Prof. A. J. Matthews, Principal Arizona Normal School, Tempe Tempe 

Prof. K. C. Babcock, President University of Arizona Tucson 


N. G. Layton, Chairman Phoenix 

W. J. Anderson, Member ^ Phoenix 

George Blount, Member Scottsdale 


Arizona has no regularly constituted board of this sort, but especial attention 
is paid to the building up of school libraries, fifty dollars being given each year by 
the territorial government for books for school libraries to every district having 
one hundred or more children. 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Apache John T. Hogue St. Johns 8,452 

Cochise Chas. A. Wallace Trmbstone 9,251 

Coconing — Harrison Conrard Flagstaff 5,.S44 

Gila P. C. Robertson Globe 4,264 

Graham Wm. A. Moody Thatcher 14.162 

Maricopa A. H. Fultcn Phoenix 21,352 

Mohave J. A. Logan Kingrman 3,443 

Navajo F. J. Wattion Holbrook S.817 

Pima William Angus Tucson 141689 

Pinal J. C. Harris Florence 6,884 

Santa Cruz W. A. O'Connor Nogales 4,545 

Yvapai J. B. Jolly Prescott 13,799 

Yuma D. L. DeVane Yuma 4,145 






FLAGSTAFF, Ooconino, pop. 1.271. 
Territorial Normal School; normal; ter.; co- 
ed.; A. N. Taylor, Pres. 
PHOEKIX, Xarioopa Co., pop. 6,544. 
Lamson Boiineu College; bus. and sten.; B. 
M. Lamson, Pres. 
PSESOOTT, YaTapai Co., pop. 3,659. 
St. Joaeph Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sisters of St. Joseph, Prln. 

TEXPE, Xarioopa Co., pop. 885. 
Normal School of Ariiona; normal; state; 
co-ed.; A. J. Matthews, Pres. 

TUCSON, Pima Co., pop. 7,631. 

St. Joseph Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister PrisciUa, Prin. 

UniTcrsity of Arisona; univ.; ter.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1891; Kendric Charles Bab- 
cock, Pres. 


Population, 1,311,564. School census, 456,920. School age, 6-21. 

Arkansas is the twenty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,311,564 inhabitants, of whom 944,580, or 72 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 14,186, or i per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 20.4 per cent, the state ranking thirty-ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


John H. Hinemon, State Superintendent of Public Instruction .Little Rock 

F. W. Miller, Deputy Little Rock 


Jeff Davis, Governor Little Rock 

John H. Hinemon, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Rock 

J. W. Crockett / 


John H. Hinemon, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Little Rock 

T. C. Monroe , 

J. W. Crockett 


B. W. Torreyson, President Ft. Smith 

F. W. Miller, 'Corresponding Secretary Little Rock 


County. Examiner's Name. Address. County. 

Arkansas E. B. Gibson De Witt 12,973 

Ashley Thos. Compere Hamburg 19,734 

Baxter H. W. Sitton Mountain Home..: 9,298 

Benton S. J. Blocher Bentonville 31,601 

Boone L. H. Potts Watklns 16,396 

Bradley J. R. Anders Warren 9,651 

Calhoun B. M. Biggers Hampton 8,539 

Carroll C. S. Barnett Eureka Springs 18,848 

Carroll E. C. Cooper Green Forest 18,488 

Chicot G. M. Street Lake Village 14,528 

Clark W. A. Crawford Arkadelphla 21,289 

Clay T. T. Copeland Rector 15,886 

Clay W. H. Roberts Knobel 15,886 

Cleburne Brose MasingiU .....Heber 9,628 

Cleveland W. G. Brown Rison 11,620 

Columbia A. J. Thomas Magnolia 22,0(77 

Conway J. S. Cheek Morrilton 19,972 

Craighead D. T. Rogers Jonesboro 19.505 





County. Examiner's Name. 

Crawford Leonldas Neal 

Crittenden Dr. J. V. Satterfield. 

Cross O. N. Killough 

Dallas t G. A. Sullards 

Desha J. Bernhardt 

Drew Frank Haynes 

Faulkner J. W. White 

Franklin W. I. Agee 

Fulton J. M. Grisso 

Garland Gteo. B. Cook 

Grant R. M. Rodgers 

Greene C D. Threlkeld 

Hempstead R. L. Byers 

Hot Spring H. M. Borland 

Howard D. P. Holmes 

Independence A. 81ms 

Izard T. W. Simpson 

Jackson ....Jno. P. Neal 

Jefferson Dr. Junius Jordan... 

Johnson J. W. Sallls 

Lafayette A. H. Abbott 

Lawrence W. E. McLeod 

Lee T. A. Futrall 

Lincoln J. A. Eastham 

Little River- T. T. C. Anderson.. 

Logan reri N. Carter 

Lonoke A. J. Meadors 

Madipon W. B. Stephens 

Marion H. H. Poynter 

Miller Allen Winham. 

Mississippi G. W. Johnston...... 

Monroe J. McCullough 

Montgomery Geo. H. Speer, Jr... 

Nevada T. K. Dumi 

Newton Ben Taylor 

Ouachita E. H. Carson 

Perry P. L. Burrow 

Phillips C. P. Sanders 

Pike J. H. Webb 

Poinsett E3d L. Jacobs, Jr 

Polk T. W. Abbott 

Pope J. T. Puckett 

Prairie H. S. Traylor 

Pulaski C. L. Sampson 

Randolph W. H. Johnston 

St. Francis W. H. Paslay 

Saline R. W. Ray 

Scott W. F. Faulkner 

Searcy C. M. Hollabaugh... 

Sebastian B. W. Torreyson . . . . 

Sebastian G. Henderson 

Sevier J. B. Martin 

Sharp W. I. Simpson 

Sharp D. C. Blllfngsley 

Stone J. G. Albright 

Union A. F. Riley 

Van Buren W. B. Loudermilk.. 

Washington W. E. Simpson 

White W. F. Condray 

Woodruff E. C. Kramer 

Yell J. I. Cowger 

Pop. of 
Address. County. 

•Cedarville 21,270 

.Marlon 14,529 

.Wynne 11,051 

.Fordyce 11,518 

.Dumas 11,511 

•Monticello 19,451 

.Conway 20,780 

.Ozark 17,396 

.Salem 12,917 

.Hot Springs 18,773 

.Sheridan 7,671 

. Paragould 16,479 

.Shover Springs 24,101 

•Malvern 12,748 

.Nashville 14,076 

.Batesville 22,557 

.Franklin 13,506 

• Newport 18,383 

.Pine Bluff 40,972 

•Clarksville 17,448 

.Walnut Hill 10,594 

•Powhatan 16,491 

.Marianna 19,400 

.Tyro 13,389 

.Foreman 13,731 

.Paris 20,563 

.Lonoke 22,644 

.Hindsville 19,864 

.Yellville 11,377 

.Texarkana 17,658 

.Luxora 16,384 

.Clarendon 16,811 

.Mount Ida 9.444 

.Bodcaw 16,609 

.Cave Creek 12,538 

.Camden 20,892 

.Perry 7,294 

. Murf reesboro 10,301 

. Helena 26,661 

.Harrisburg 7,025 

.Potter 18,362 

.Russellville 21,715 

.Hazen 11,876 

.Little Rock 63,179 

.Maynard 17,166 

.Forrest City 17,167 

.Alexander 13,122 

.Parks 13,183 

.Marshall 11,988 

.Fort Smith 36.936 

.Greenwood 36,935 

.Horatio 16,339 

.Cave City 12,199 

.Ash Flat 12.199 

. Mountain View 8,100 

. El Dorado 22,495 

.Scotland 11,220 

.Springdale 34.266 

• Searcy 24.864 

.McCrory 16.304 

.Ola 22.750 


AMITY, OUrk Co., pop. 211. 
Amity High Bohool; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Samuel M. Sampson, Prin. 

ABKADELPHIA, Clark Co., pop. 2.7.39. 
Arkadelphia Methodist OolUge; col.; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.; est. 1800; O. C. Jones, Pres. 

Ouaohita Baptist Gollsffe; col.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
est. 1886; J. W. CJongcr, A. M.. Pres. 
BABBXV rOBK, Isard Co., pop. 307. 
Bsrran Fork Collect; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
G. L. Manning, Prin. 
BATESYILLE, IndependeBoe Co., pop. 2,327. 





Ift72t EiiBf-nt! bL Long, A. M., Pli. D.. 


I BIXLEVILLE, Yell Co., pop. 552. 

BEfiRYTILLE, CmzTtjU Qq,, {Hjp. 5fil. 

Clarke 'b Aaademy; pft^p. ; coed.; non-ieft.: 
ls*fle A. Clitrke, Prln. 
OABEOLLTQKh CmzToU Co.* ptvp. am. 

CuTf^lUon Aomd«mr; pri^p, ; co-ed,: non-ieet.; 
IL II. IlaTia, prill. 
GLARKBYILLE, JdhnEfia Co.. pop. UO^. 
Arkantai Cuiuberl&ad College; i^ah-; ro-iMl.; 
I'lmi. Pffsb.; "i?M. ISOl: J. T. Pi^rlEo. 

CONWAY, Fi-ulkner Co., pop. 2,003. 
Centrml Bmptiat Collase; gfrlti' bourdlnK; Bapt.; 

i-Bt. 1S02; W. W. BloriB, A. M.. Pr^s. 
Hendrii: CoUflgtts eol. ; co-t^d.; M. K. Ho.; p»t. 
IS^m: Rev. 8 tone wall Andf^r^on, A. B., 
FAYETTETTIl,!^, Wftihin^on Co.. pop. 4.001. 
irmTflTffitr of Aikujaapj nnlr. : atHte; co-ed.; 
iioii-Bt^t't. t i»at. 1H7%; Htfiirv Lr tlartnng. 
LL.D,. Prt'fl. 
FOEI>YOE, Dillai Co.. im>p. 1,71U. 

Tn-lELiDg School for Toutlii; prt'p. ; po-ed.; 
nim-arct, ; J. D. Clary, I*r|p+ 
[fOBT SMITH. BebAfltiAn Co., pup. ll^.l^T, 
Fort Smith Commeroial CoIIo^b; huE, iiiid flt«!i]H; 

FEIEHBSHIF, Hat api-ingi Co., pop. 153. 

Frfftndibip Hiirh Bohixil; prpp. ; ro-pd. ; noii' 

iwct.; t'SL 18^9; H. M. Borlopc), Prln* 
<(£MTBY, Bfiutou Ca., imp. 419, 

Hoodiix Academy; pvvih; lord. ; M, U. So.; 

W* E. Simpson. Prlii. 
KZI.EKA, FhiUip* Co.. pop. 5.fi60. 

Suit Ad Hurt Aoademr; glrlM" bourdtng; ft. 

C. ; SlBttr EvjiiigfllBtB, Priii, SPaiNGS, Dmll&B Cu,, pop. Ifii). 
JudK«n BaptUt Kish Sobool; prop,: <-o^ed. ; 

Mliifl. Diipt : W. R. McEWfii, Prln. 
JMBOBBy, LawTfiooQ Co., T^^p. 411. 

aiamn^Heiidrl^ AD&dainr; pri>p, ; lu-t-d. j M. E. 

Si*.: W. B. {JriM-r. A. B.. PHn. 
LITTLE HOOK, Fuluki Co., pf»p, m.:mi. 
ArkanuA BiptUt Collofo <>olorf^d>: prep.; <^ 

t'tl.", Hupt, ; .Tosrph A. BoiJkrFH Ptpb. 
Cr«ug:ho]i^A Prafstloal BuilDflU CallefA; hna. 

iiEHl sk'n.: J. F. l>rBiiKnoii, Prpit, 
Infttitutfl Levi Koyt, Tbo; bus. mid slt^n. t 

IjpvI lioj-B, PruM. 
Philntidar Bmith CoUtf*J ((.^tilofinl) ; coJ.; co- 
rd,; M. K; iH«t, if(7T; J. M. Cos. Pm». 
St, M«y'i Acidemr; ffirla' bojirdliiifr It. r.: 

i?s(. IKot: S!i^t("i» of Mpn\v. 
UnlvBTBit; of Arkmnm, Law BepurtmBnt; 

law; CQ'ftl.; eut. 1S80- J. n, Cnriulrhftel, 

ITnlTSTiity of Arfcunui, Mftdlul BepixtmHat ; 

med.; rt'g.; c-o-ed,; eat. 1870; Jhidob A. 

Dlbrell M. D,. Deap, 

HOKTtCBLLO, Brew Co.. |Kip. 1.570. 
Hlnemon't University Boliool; prep.; eo-ed.; 
nofi-ftect. ; Ury MeK^ozle, Priii. 
KEWPOET. J*ok»on Co., pop, 2,865, 

BobwbU Inatituto; prt'p. ; co-ed.; non-HCCt. ; 
Wii]. L. Skagga, IMn. 
KOETH LITTLE BOCK, Suburb of Little Ei>Ck. 
Bkortfir College; {colored); prvp.^; i^o-ed, ; A, 
\L E*; T. H. Jackaoji. Pres. 

OEOLONA, CUrk Cn., pop. 413. 

Okolonn Hifi'h Bahool; prep.; co-ed.; oon- seet.; 
T. K. Gni«?iie. Prln. 

FABAGOTTLB, Greene Co., pop. S,^S24. 

ThompiOD'a CUiaioal InBtitute^ prep.; co-ed.; 
noii-st-et, ; R. .^. ITujiiiiJson, Prln. 

FEA BIBGE. BentOQ Co., [Mip. 3^*2. 

Fq& Bidffo XaBonio CoUe^; col.; ca-ed.; Ma- 
sonic; cat IHM; S. f. Farlsb. A. M., 

PXIIE BLT7FF, Jefferson Oo«« pop. 11,405, 

Annunciation Academy; girls' bimrdlni;; E. C. ; 

car, 1881 »: SUlcl-H of ThaHty. 
Brancb Bormal College U'olfired); normal; Htttte; 

co.pfL; i'at, 1875; I«Hti»' Fisher^ Prin^ 
James' Practical Bueinoii College ; bu«. snd 
ntf.'n. ; J. VV. JumcB, Prt^s. 

EOGEES, Benton, Co.> pop. 2,1S8. 

Borers Academy;, pr(»p.: co-ed.; Cungr. ; Mor- 
r Ism HI VVciiiicr, prln, 

SEAECY, White Cfl., pop. 1,0115, 
Searcy Female Instituta; drla' hoarding; no!i- 

eect; est. iKttl; Mary JnaptT Willla. Prln. 
8p««rs-Laii(^ford KiUtarr Initltutei military; 

iioii-»cct. : i>. C. firuy. LL. !>,, and R. B. 

Williji. r>, D,, Prine. 

SELMA, Ballai Co,, pop. 8,7i:i 
AUbama Baptist Colored trnlverilty fct>loPcd); 
Cf>L; co-Hl.; Rtipt.^ est, 1878; R. T. Pol- 
iJird. Pres. 
aiLOAM SFHUrGS, Benton COi, pop. 1,748, 
Aik&iuas Conference CoUcKe; coin; i^-i^,; M^ 
K.; cfit. 1830; Rl'V. Tbomaa Mnaon, A. M.. 
n. 11., Preei. 
BOUTHLAKB. Fhillipa Oa,, pop. 28. 

Bfmthland ColLef^ and Konrial Institute; coL; 
co.fKl, ■ Society of lYlcndft; cat, 185^; H, C, 
Wulford, rti'H. 

BFTELEBYILLB, Logan Co,, piip 52. 
Kew Bnbiaoo College; prep,; co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev^ Ij^nariiiii CunratJ, O. S. B., Prin. 

STTTTTGABT, Arkanaa-s Co,, pop. 1,258. 
Stuttet»rt Dnllefe; prep.; co-ed.; T7nStcd Preiib.; 
K. McKec, Prca. 
VILONLi, Faulkner Co.. p<^p. liS. 
Hollneti Lkerary Sobool; prep,; co-cfl.; non- 
acct; M 1)919 Winifred Dairby, Prln, 
WILKAE. Drew Co., pop. 844, 
BeauToir College ; coL; co-ed.; nnn-gi^ct.; J, L. 
ISpmici*. Vn-^n. 

WIT^CHEBVILLE, SekutlKD Co., pop. 123. 
Baokuer OoUe«e; prep.; co-cd,; Bspt,; W. A. 
11 m, Prln, 


Population, 1,485,053. School census, 351,600. School age, 6-17. 

California is the twenty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,485,053 inhabitants, of whom 1,402,727, or 95 per cent, are white. Of 
this number, 316,505, or 22 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.8 per cent, the state ranking sixteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 

Thomas J. Kirk, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sacramento 


George C. Pardee, Governor, President of Board Sacramento 

Thomas J. Kirk, State Superintendent, Secretary Sacramento 

Morris E. Dailey, President of State Normal School San Jose 

Edward T. Pierce, President of State Normal School Los Angeles 

C. C. Van Liew, President of State Normal School Chicc 

Samuel T. Black, President of State Normal School San Diego 

Frederic L. Burk, President of State Normal School San Francisco 

Benjamin Ide Wheeler, President of State University Berkeley 

Elmer E. Brown, Professor of Pedagogy at State University Berkeley 


George C. Pardee, Governor Sacramento 

Thomas J. Kirk, State Superintendent Sacramento 

Elmer E. Brown 

J. H. Strine, Secretary 

According to the California text-book laws, the state hires the plates of such 
books as it desires to use. Adoptions were made in the spring of 1904. 

The state has no recognized state board, but provisions arc made for pupils* 
reading through a district law, which makes annual contributions to the district 


M. L. Biedenback, President Berkeley 

Mrs. M. M. Fitzgerrald, Secretary San Francisco 


County. Suporlntendont'H Nanic. Address. County. 

Alameda T. O. Crawford Oakland 130.197 

Alpine Wlld.x A. Jordan Markleeville 509 

Amador George A. Gordon Jackson 11,116 

Butte R. H. Dunn Oroville 17,117 





County. Superintendent's Name. Address. 

Calaveras John Waters San Andreas 

Colusa LiUie L. Laugenour Colusa 

Contra Costa A. A. Bailey Martinez 

Del Norte Mrs. A. M. Leishman Crescent City 

El Dorado S. B. Wilson Placerville 

Fresno Giles N. Freman Fresno 

Glenn Frank S. Reager Willows 

Humboldt George Underwood Eureka 

Inyo , Mrs. M. A. Clarke Big Pine 

Kern Robert L. Stockton Bakersfield 

Kings Mrs. N. E. Davidson Hanford 

Lake Chas. W. Haycock Lakeport 

Lassen J. F. Dixon Susanville 

Los Angeles Mark Keppel Los Angeles 

Madera Eatelle Bagrnelle Madera 

Marin James Davidson San Rafael 

Mariposa Julia L. Jones Mariposa 

Mendocino J. F. Barbee Ukiah 

Merced Anna Silman Merced 

Modoc Nellie Forrest Alturas 

Mono Cordelia E. Hays Bridgeport 

Monterey Duncan Stining Salinas 

Napa Kate Ames Napa 

Nevada J. G. O'Neill Nevada City 

Orange J. B. Nichols Santa Ana 

Placer C N. Shane Auburn 

Plumas Tillie N. Kruger Quincy 

Riverside EMward Hyatt Riverside 

Sacramento B. F. Howard Sacramento 

San Benito John H. Garner Hollister 

San Bernardino A. S. McPherron San Bernardino... 

San Diego Hugh J. Baldwin San Diego 

San Francisco Wm. H. Langdon San Francisco 

San Joaquin E. B. Wright Stockton 

San Luis Obispo Frederick P. Johnson San Luis Obispo. 

San Mateo Etta M. Tilton Redwood City 

Santa Barbara W. S. Edwards Santa Barbara 

Santa Clara D. T. Bateman San Jose 

Santa Cruz J. W. Linscott Santa Cruz 

Shasta Kate A. Brincard Redding 

Sierra Belle Alexander Downieville 

Siskiyou Grace A. Johnson Yreka 

Solano D. H. White Fairfield 

Sonoma Minnie Coulter Santa Rosa 

Stanislaus Florence Boggs Modesto 

Sutter C. W. Ward Yuba City 

Tehama Ellen A. Lynch Red Bluff 

Trinity Lizzie H. Fox Weaverville 

Tulare C. J. Walker Visalia 

Tuolumne G. P. Morgan Columbia 

Ventura Geo. L. Sackett Ventura 

Yolo Minnie DeVelbiss Woodland 

Yuba James A. Scott Marysville 

Pop. of 
.... 7,364 
. . . . 2,408 
... 8.986 
.... 5,150 
.... 4,377 
.... 9,871 
.... 6,017 
.... 4,511 


.... 4,720 
.... 9,215 
.... 5,076 
... 2,167 
. . . .19,380 
,..v 4,657 
. . .45.915 
... 6.633 
. . ,17.318 
... 4.017 
... 9.550 
... 5,886 
... 4.383 
... 8,620 


ALAMEDA, AlamedA Co., pop. 16.464. 
Kotre Dame Academy; girls' boarding, R. C. ; 
Sister of Notre Dame. Prln. 
BELMONT, San Mateo Co., pop. 363. 
Belmont School; boys' boarding, Cong.; W. T. 
Reid. A. M., Erin. 
BERKELEY, Alameda Co., pop. 13.214. 
Berkeley Bible Seminary; theol.; co-ed.; Dis- 
ciples of Christ; est. 18M; Hiram Van 
Kirk, B. D., Ph. D., Dean. 
Boone's University School; boys' boarding, 
non-sect.; P. R. Boone, Prln. 

Bowen Academy; closed. 

Heads Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Anna Head. A. B., Prln. 

Snell Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1879; Mrs. Edna Snell Poulson, Miss 
Mary E. Snell, Prins. 

University of Oalifomia; univ.; state; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1868; Benjamin Ide Wheel- 
er, Pres. 

GHICO, Butte Co.. pop. 2,640. 
State Normal School; normal; state; 
Charles C. Van Liew, Pres. 

co-ed. ; 





OLA&EMONT, Los Angeles Co., pop. 180. 
Pomona College; col.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 
1888; Rev. George A. Gates, D. D., LL. I)., 
CEE8CEHT CITT, Del Norta Co., pop. 699. 
Orosoent City Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Walter F. Jones, Prln. 
EA8T GAXLAITD, Alameda Co., Suburb. 
Aoademy of Our Lady of Lourdes; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister Mary Fidelia. Prln. 
XTTREXA, Humboldt, Co., pop. 7,327. 
Eureka Business College; bus. and sten. ; C. 
J. Craddoclc, Pres. 
VRESKO, Fnsao Co., pop. 12,470. 
Fren&o Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 
N. Sprouse, Pres. 
aRABB VALLEY, Nevada Co., pop. 4.71D. 
Grass Valley Business College; bus. and sten.; 

E. H. Armstrong. Pres. 
Mount Bt. Mary's Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.;' R. 
C; Sister Mary Baptist 0'€k>nnor, Prin. 
HEALDBBTTBO, Bonoma Co., pop. 1,869. 
Healdsburg College; prep.; co*ed. ; 7tb Day 
Adv.; M. E. Cady, Prin. 
HOLLIBTEB, Ban Benito Co., pop. 1.315. 
Baored Heart Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Helena, Prin. 
lONE, Amador Co., pop. 806. 
Preston Bohool of Industry; indust. ; state; 
boys; est. 1880; William T. Randall. A. 
M., Supt. 
IBYIXaTGN, Alameda Co., pop. 467. 
Anderson Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

W. W. Anderson, Prln. 
Curtner Yoimg Ladies' Seminary; closed. 
LAXEFOBT, Lake Co., pop. 726. 
Lakeport Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
John Overholser, Prin. 

LOBBBBTTBO, Los Angeles Co., pop. 500. 
Lordslrarg College; col.; co-ed.; Brethren; est. 
1800; W. C. Hanawalt, Pres. 

LOB ANOELEB, Los Angeles Co., pop. 102.470. 

Eton Aoademy for Boys; boys' boarding, non- 
sect.; Horace A. Brown. Prin. 

Girls' Collegiate Bobool; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Miss A. K. Parsons, Prln. 

Harrard Bohool, The; boys' boarding; Chris- 
tian; Grenville C\ Emery. Prin. 

Los Angeles Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1882; E. R. Shrader. A. M., Ph. D.. 

Los Angeles College of Fine Arts; art; co-cd. ; 
non-se<t.; est. 1N90; William 8. JudHon. 

Los Angeles College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 
1890; Daniel M. Hamnio<k. Dean. 722 
Trust Bldg. 

Los Angeles Military Aoademy; military; non- 
so<*t.; Sanford A. Hooper. Prln. 

Marlboro Bohool for Girls; girls' boarding; 
non-scot.; Mrs. (5. A. CaHw^'ll. Prln. 

Ocoidental College; col; co-tKl.; PrcH)). ; cHt. 
1887; Rev. (;. W. WadHWorth, A. M.. 

Bt. Mary's Academy; KlrlM* boarding; R. C. ; 
SlHter rutharhM', Prln. 

Bt. Vincent's College: col.; men; R. C; est. 
ISOT); Very Rev. J. A. Linn, (\ M. 

Bouthem California Business College; bu 

and sten. ; J. W. Lackey, J. W. Hood, 1 

L. Hollmann, Prins. 
State Normal Bohool; normal; state; co-ed 

Edw. T. Pierce, Pres. 
University of Bouthem California; aniv.; c 

ed.; M. E.; est. 1880; George Finley B 

vard, A. M.. D. D.. Pres. 
University of Bouthem California, College < 

Dentistry; dent.; co-ed.; est. 1897; Oa 

rett Newkirk. M. D.. Dean. 
University of Bouthem California, Collega < 

Law; law; co-ed.; Daniel Hammacl 

University of Bouthem California, Collage < 

Medioine; mcd. ; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1881 

Walter Lindley. M. D.; Dean. 
Woodbury Business College; bus. and sten 

N. G. Felker, Pres. 
MA&YBVILLE, Yuba Co., pop. 3.497. 
College of Kotre Dame; girls' boarding; R. C 

Sister Superior, Prln. 
JfENLO PABK, Ban Mateo Co., pop. 385. 
Hoitt's Behool; boys* boarding; non-sect.; Ii 

G. Hoitt, Prln. 
Bt. Patrick's Seminary; novitiate; men; R. C 

Rev. A. J. B. Vinbert, Prin. 
MILLS COLLEGE, Alameda Co., pop. 28.1. 
Mills College and Seminary; women; no 

sect.; est. 1871; Mrs. C. T. Mills, Pres. 

Bohool's announcement. — Seminary (7<mri 

accredited to the Universities of Calif o 

nia and leading Eastern Colleges; Cc 

lege Course parallel with Universil 

Work; rare opportunities offered 1 

Music, Art and Elocution. Ideal cl 

mate and grounds; home comforts. C.oi 

fers degrees and grants diplomas. Thi^t: 

ninth year. Fall term opens Aug. 1' 

1904. Write for Catah>gue. Addres 

Mrs. C. T. Mills. Pres.. Mills Coll<>f 

P. O.. Cal. 
NAPA, Kapa Co., pop. 4.0.')6. 
Kapa Business College; bus. and sten.; H. 1 

Guun, Pres. 
KOBDHOFF, Ventura Co., pop. 244. 

Thacher Bohool, The; boys' boarding; no 

8»H't; Sherman D. Thacher, Prin. 
OAKLAND, Alameda Co., pop. 66.960. 
Calif omia College; col.; co-ed.; Bapt.; ei 

1870; Rev. T. G. Brownson. D. I)., Prea. 
Convent of Our Lady of Sacred Heart; girl 

boarding; R. ('.; Sister Mary Symphoroa 

Horton's Bohool, Miss; prep.; co-ed.; no 

sect.; MIhh Suruh W. Ilorton, Prin. 
Oakland Bhortfiand Institute; bus. and sten 

MrH. .TeHnnett(>. Pres. 
Polyteohnio Business College; bus. and sten 

W. K. GlbHon. Pres. 
St. Mary's College; col.: men.; R. C. ; o« 

18(W; BrotlnT Zenonaln. PreH. 
PALO ALTO. Santa Clara Co.. pop. 1.658. 
Harker-Hughei School for Girls; girls' boar 

Ing; non-Hert.; eHt. liN)2; Miss V. Harke 

A. It., imd .MlHM K. (i. Hughes. A. M 

Ma7.sanita Hall Preparatory School for Boj 

iKtys' boarding; non-seet.; Frank Cram« 





ClAuicAl Sahool for Boyi^ bajrn' buArdlDf; hod- 

wM't.; Sttphon Cutter Clark, Prln. 
CL&uio&l floho4l for Girls^ srlrla' bonrdlos; 

iion-»iK't, ; Annn B. Orton^ prin. 
Tbrtwp Folyteotnio Initituti; teeh.; (}0-oa.; 
iKHi-BCfrt.: i!flt. 1861; WuLh-r A. Edwurili, 
A. M., LL. a. PivH. 
FETALUKA, BonomA Go,, pop, 3,STl. 

StK Yinceut'i Acftdfim^; i^rep. ; C0'«d^; B. C. ^ 
SUtfr of Charity, tMn* 
FOKOITA, XoB Anr«l« Oo,, jjop. ri,520. 

Willi&in'i BtLiinoti Collate; bus. «Dd BtBD.; 
I'Ht. 1397' IX llrrhUHt, l^ln. 
EI3 BLITFF, Tolum& Co., pop. 2,7r4). 

Ac&d«m3r of Oiu L&dy of Mvrcy; etrla' buArd- 
lug; R. U,; aiaiir Mary JuHL*[!hH PHii, 
&E13W00D CITY. 8fl.D H^tw Co,, pop. 1.053. 
AoLdtmy of ITotT^ Xtem^; MtrlA' btmrdiitg; R. 
C, ; SlHtiT Miiry Ceelllii^ Prill. 
BIO TIBXA. SolAno Co-, pop. 682. 
fit, Gertrude 'a AiMdem?;^ pr4,>p. ; cc^-ed. ; ft. C.; 
HliitPif Mur.y CauiMlUH^ Prin* 
EIVCmSIIJE, Rivanido Co., pop, 7,eT3. 

BiTRriide Buiinaim CollsffB; bua. and sten.; 
L, W. Sit II n, Prea. 
BACRAVEKTO, amcrmmeDto, Co., pop. 20,2^^ 
Hovft^i AoHdemy nod Buiinoii CoUeffl; pri<p. ; 

ro't'jl. ; Prcil.^ Ed. IIi>we, *ir.. Prlii. 
BaoF&itifiiito iBititute; hoy^' iniai-ding:; R. C: 

Bmtlier VoUfMlan. Pi«lii. 
St, jDupli'i Ao&demr; gUin' tH^&rdln?; R. C; 
Siat(!r uC Merty. Priiu 
SAK DIE&D. ten Disffo Co,, pop. 17.700. 
Aoadomr of Our I*dy of P«H3«; prep.; co-ed,; 

li. C; HiatcT of M. Josi^pti, Prin. 
Sf-UL Sieffo Comjfioroiil GaUef«; bnft. And atf^u.; 

P, W. Kt'lst'y. Pre*. 
St&te Nornwl BobcKil; nnrmul; atnU'; i-o-t^d. ; 
S&muel T, Black, Pfes. 
HAH FRAJrCIBCC, San Frmoiioo Co., pop. 

AoidBmy of tha StLorftd Ho«rt; prop.; eo-ed.; 
R. C; MadHm** M. Oormnn. Prin. 

Ayat'< Buiineu Oollase; biiH. mid a ten.; rntt. 
ISSfl: hI, U WiniHuiH, Mnnnsr^r. 

CftlifoniU BusmeMa Colle»«i bus. iinrt ston.j 
eat. ISU?*; K. L. Diiriitttii. Prin.. 1*01 Golden 
Oate Ati\ 

Sabo&ra finnounoement, — A rviodt^ni, pro- 
irn ftKlvf.'. tjrrvivliitr a*hiM)l, CkMuplca \arg- 
tsl and oiortt Ideiil (iiiflrttTB In tbe Wi'»t. 
IH.iUMi aqiiiire feet (tf (IfMir aurrftei\ flttiKl 
up with one-four tb iniie of gltim iTiit-tl- 
tlooR. Mo»t ttioron^h iiurt i-omplele Jn- 
Btruttlon Irt nil bran<'hi>a of buftiDeHa ed- 
u^'utlan. 450 studtmtn. IH teoebera, 5«8 
iwjsillouft luat yt'jir, Seni! for TS-jmire il- 
luatfaled (HtnloBiu-. 

Ofcllfwni* CoMog* of Fhirmfcer. UiuT*T*lty of 
Calif oral*; labsr.; i o-ed. j est. 1873; W. 
M. H^Jirby, rK'uo. 

Cv^Uforoia. Hadiii&i GollerSr tne±; erl^ctlc; 
eo-ed.; eat. 1H7S; r>, Murleen, M. D., 

CftliforoU Ik^ool of )l«OhAaio&l Arti; ti?nh.: 
po-erJ.; noii-si^ch ; ™t. ISQ^i Get*. A. Mcf- 
fiil. Frio,, Iflth iiud Utiib SU, 

CofiweU FolytQObnifdLl Golliice^ tot-b.; co-ed. i 

noiiam!t. ; tmt. 1887; George B. MUlf^r, 

A. B., M. A.. Prea. 

CoUa^e of Modioino and Sufffery, SontKl D«- 
pajtRimt; rJeiit.: eo-ert, : est 189W; Alfred 

B, Itlulit*. D. p. S,, fJenn, 

Collegv of Hotro Bftma ; sitli^' boarding; R. 
r.; Siatt^r Julhi TlitTtraa. Prlu, 

Collone of Pb^iioiaai and Surffloni; iaod>; 
FvSr-, cc-id.; iii*t. 18»U; D, A, lIodBbend, 
A. JL, M. li,. Dean. lt»2rj EJiitttr St, 

CoUflffO of Phyilola.iiB and @ur£«oi3A, Dental 
Dopartment; dE^nt.; oo-ed.; vaX. 1807 ; 
C'lmrlert lie vx ton, D. D, S., Pean. 

Collegra of Fbyaiolant and Sut^oilb^ Dftpaxt- 
ment of Fbariumar ; phjir, ; eo-n^. ; eft. 
ISUS; Urn. .J. .Tac-kaon. Deaii. 

Cooper Hedioal CoLloffo; med. ; reg. ; co-pd. ^ 
I'M. 18r>S; Denry GlblxiuEt, Jr*, Ah M,h 
M. D.. Dvan. 

Gothla*! Stenograph Lo Ixiitltute; bus. and 
ateiir; Winu A, GothU\ Pr^a. 

HiahDomum Hoapltal Callago^ med,; boinet^pH; 
ro-t?d, ; etft. 1S&2; JwniL-a B. Ward, M. D,* 

Hamlin Bohool; girls' boarding; noa-a«et.; 
Sariib I). llMiiiltn. Prln^ 

Haatingi CoUega of tbo Law; Law D«part> 
mont Univaraity of Calif omLa; o^j-i^d,; 
eat. lfi7S; Edward R. Tflylor. Dean. 

Hsald'a fiusineia Collofa and Soliool of Ffao^ 
tioal Boiancei; bus., aten.* and prats 
tleal sciences; co-ed,; est. lSd2- Edward 
Heaidr Pfph* 

Sflhoori annoiuioemant. — Tbe lemdlng eom- 
m^rclal aebool west ot Gli1^ago« One of 
the alx acboola of tie U. S* selected 
to represent commerctaJ edqentlofi at the 
Paris lUKposLtlan^ and awarded tbe flR- 
T«r jnchdj],]. Tliorougbly tt^acbea Short- 
band. Typewriting, Boo It keeping, Telpg- 
rapbj. PenmansbLp, Electric. CivJl and 
Minliig^ Eiiirtneertng. Assaying, tbn Eng- 
lish BranQbea» and ev^ery thing pertaining 
to a Bnalneas Ediieatlo^P^ Twenty -ilTe 
teaebera. Sttty vsrlting mncbines. 18.- 
000 grddufltea. This Cf^llcge annually 
places It bout 300 of Ita graduates In poaU 

Irring Inrntituta; prep,; co-od,; non-sect, r 
Ed. B. Cborcb. B. M., Prin. 

Xiinioa Sobool of Shorthand; bua. and steii, ; 
E, ^J. tisrpenter. Pre*. 

Huriian's School, Hits; girls' Tw^trdlng; noD- 
iw?ct.; MiM E. L. MurlaiJn, Prin, 

Our Lady of Keroy Aoadatny; prep.; eo-ed,; 
R. C: Sister M. lujinaiiut'l, Prin. 

Faoiflo Ooaat BeguLsr Collega of Mod^olaa; 
med.; reg, ; eo-ed.; pst. l^K); C. W, Von 
Tledmunn, M. D., Dean. 

FrflfODtat^on Coavant; prep.; eo-ed,; R. C; 
Mtjther M. Josepblne. Prlu. 

Saorad Haart ColJegs; btiys' day; R. C.; 
Brother Xeiiophon, Prill,, cor. Eddy and 
Ijirkin Sta. 

Bt. Bridget's Bdhool; prep,; co-ed.; R. C; 
?; later Superior. Prin. 

fit. Ignatlua' CoUega; loi.; men; R, C. ; «at, 

1SW5; Very Re^. J. P. Frieden, S. J. 
Bt, Fator'n Academy; prep,; coed.; R. 0^; 

lister Alary K. O'Hrlpn. Prin, 
Bt. Tinoent'a Sebool ; prt^p, ; eo-ed.; R» C. ; 
Slater Eugenia, Prin. 





SftB Francisco Buiiness College; bus. and 
sten.; C. E. Howard, Pres. 

State Kormal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1899; Frederick Burk, Ph. D., Pros. 

Trinity School; Iwys* day; non-sect.; H. C. 
Lyon and L. H. Rogers, Prins., 2618 Pa- 
cific Av. 

University of California, College of Dentistry; 
dent.; co-ed.; est. 1881; Harry P. Carlton, 
D. D. S., Dean, Crocker Bldg. 

University of California, Medical Department; 
med. ; reg. ; co-ed.; est. 1862; A. A. 
D'Ancona, M. D., Dean. 

West's School for Oirls, Miss; girls' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Miss Mary B. West, Prin. 

Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts; tech.; 
boys; non-sect.; est. 1900; Geo. A. Merrill, 
Director, 16th and Utah Sts. 

SAK JOSE, Santo Clara Co., pop. 21,500. 

Faciflo Coast Business College; bus. and sten.; 
H. B. Cox, Pres. 

San Jose Business College; bus. and sten.; 
W. Boucher, Prln. 

St. Joseph College; boys' boarding; B. C. ; 
Rev. M. GleesoQ, S. J., Prin. 

Stote Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
Morris Elmer Dailey, Pres, 

University of the Faciflo; col.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1861; EU McClish, Pres. 

Washburn School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Arthur Washburn, Prin. 

SAN JUAN, San Benito Co., pop. 449. 
St. John's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C; 
est. 1876; Mother Carmen Argelaga, Prin. 

SAN LEANDBO, Alameda Co., pop. 2.253. 
St. Mary's Convent; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sisters of St. Dominic. Prin. 

SAN LUIS OBISPO, San Luis Obispo Co., pop. 

Academy of Immaculate Heart of Mary; prep.; 

co-ed.; R. C; Sister Biary Conception, 

SAN MATEO, San Mateo Co., pop. 1.832. 
Church Divinity School of the Faciflo; theol.;. 

men; P. E.; est. 1893; Rt. Rev. Wm. 

Ford Nichols, D. D., Dean. 
St. Margaret's School; prep.; girls; P. E. ; 

Miss I. L. Tebbetts, Prin. 
St. Matthew's School; boys' boarding; P. E.; 

Wm. A. Brewer, Prin. 
SAN RAFAEL, Marion Co., pop. 3.879. 
Bates Academy; closed. 
Dominican College; girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1850; Mother Louis, Prlu. 
Hitchcock Military Academy; boys' boarding; 

non-sect.; Rev. Chas. Hitcheork, Prin. 

Mount Tamalpais Military Academy; mili- 
tary; Presb.; Arthur Crosby, Prin. 
SANTA ANA, Orange Co., pop. 4,633. 

Orange County Business College; bus. and 
sten.; H. O. Sisson. Pres. 
SANTA BABBABA, Santo Barbara Co., pop. 

Santa Barbara Business College; bus. and 
sten.; E. B. Hoover, Pres. {. 

Santo Barbara Collegiate School; ^prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; T. H. McCtme',. M. A., 
Prin. . 

SANTA CLABA, Santa Clara Co., p^. 3,650. 

Academy of Notre Dame; girls' boarding; B. 
C; Sister Louise De Oonzague. Prln. 

Santa Clara College; col.; men; R. C; eat. 
1851; Rev. Joseph Riordan, S. J. 
SANTA CBUZ, Santo Cruz Co'., pop. 5.659. 

Chestnutwood's Business College; bus. and 
sten.; J. H. Janson, Pres. 

School of the Holy Cross; girls' boarding; R. 
C; Sister Mary Joseph, Prin. 
SANTA BOSA, Fomona Co., pop. 6,673. 

Faciflo Methodist College; col.; co-ed.; M. B. 
So.; est. 1861; 6. H. Wilkinson, Ph. D.. 

Santo Bosa Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. S. Sweet, Pres. 

Ursuline Academy; girls'* boarding; R. 0.; 
Sister Agatha Reynolds, Prin. 
SHOBB, Los Angeles Co., pop. 128. 

Academy of the Holy Name; girls' board- 
ing; Sister Superior, Prin. 
pop. 720. 

Leland Stonford Junior University; univ.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; est. 1891; David Storr Jor- 
dan, LL. D., Pres. 

Leland Stonford Junior University, Law De- 
parement; law; co-ed.; est. 1892; Nathan 
Abbott, Dean. 
STOCKTON, San Joaquin Co., pop. 17,506. 

St. Mary's College; boys' day; R. C; Bro. 
Chas. Aul, Prln. 

Stockton Business College; bus. and sten.; 
W. C. Ramsey, Pres. 
VALLEJO, Solano Co., pop. 7.965. 

St. Vincent's Convent School; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; Sister M. Joseph. Prln. 

WHITTIEB, Los Angeles Co., pop. 1,590. 
Whittier College; col.; co-ed.; Friends; eat. 
1891; Charlos E. Tebbetts. A. M., Prea. 
WOODLAND, Tolo Co., pop. 2.886. 
Academy of the Holy Rosary; girls' board- 
ing; R. V,.\ SlHter Mary Barbara, PtId. 


Population, 539,100. School census, 150,920. School age, 6-21. 

Colorado is the thirty-first state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 539,100 inhabitants, of whom 529,046, or 98 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 90,475, or 16.8 per cent, are foreign-born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.2 per cent, the state ranking twelfth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Miis. Helen L. Grenfell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver 

Mrs. Celia O. Peterson, Deputy State Superintendent Denver 

Mrs. Mary F. Miller, Assistant State Librarian Denver 

Minnie B. W. Baker, Clerk and Stenographer Denver 


Mrs. Helen L. Grenfell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denver 

James Cowie, Secretary of State Boulder 

Nathan C. Miller, Attorney General Durango 


Mrs. Helen L. Grenfell Denver 

Prof. James H. Hays, State Normal School Greeley 

Joseph F. Daniels, Librarian, State Agricultural College Fort Collins 

James E. Snook, Manager, Greeley 

Colorado gives one mill school tax to its rural libraries. 


J. F. Keating, President Pueblo 

H. S. Phillips, Treasurer Denver 

W. W. Remington, Secretary Denver 


County.* Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Adams Mrs. Mary C. C. Bradford.. Brighton 

Arapahoe M^ss Kathryn M. Maloney.. Littleton .153,017 

Archuleta L. W. Smith Pagosa Springs 2,117 

Baca Miss Margaret M. Marsh Springfield 769 

Bent Miss Florence N. Sargent... Las Animas 3,049 

Boulder W. C. Thomas Boulder 23,544 

Chaffee Gilbert A. Walker Buena Vista 7,085 

Cheyenne Mrs. Julia Tinsley Cheyenne Wells 500. 

Clear Creek Mrs. M. A. Bowman Idaho Springs 7,082 

Conejos George W. Irvin Sanford 8,794 

Costilla Charles Groenendyke San Luis 4,632 





County. Superintendent's Name. Address. 

Custer 'Asa P. Dickson Westcllffe 

Delta Miss Alice A. Royce Delta 

Denver J. S. Eagleton Denver 

Dolores Mrs. Lizzie Kelly Rico 

Douglas Frank D. Ball Castle Rock 

Eagle '. Grant Ruland Basalt 

Elbert Mrs. May A. Georgia Kiowa 

El Paso E. M. Collins Colorado Springs.... 

Fremont George E. Colgate Canon City 

Garfield Mrs. Lrucy E. DeWltt Glenwood Springs... 

Gilpin Miss Ida Kruse Central City 

Grand Elmer R. Bacchus Sulphur Springs 

Gunnison Miss Fannie Burnett Gunnison 

Hinsdale Herbert G. Heath Lake City? 

Huerfano Patrick W. Sweeney Walsenburg 

Jefferson Miss Ida L. Crawford Gtolden 

Kiowa F. H. Maile Sheridan Lake 

Kit Carson John F. Stott Burlington 

Lake Mrs. Lizzie W. Jones Leadville 

La Plata Miss Edith B. M. Young ....Durango 

Larimer Miss Mary E. Gill Ft. Collins 

Las Animas J. W. J)outhit Trinidad 

Lincoln E. I. Thompson Hugo 

Logan Miss Louise M. "Dyer Sterling 

Mesa Z. B. McClure Grand Junction 

Mineral Mrs. Laura A. Van Horn.... Amethyst 

Montezuma H. E. Black Cortez 

Montrose Miss Emma Willis Montrose 

Morgran Mrs. M. A. Clifford Fort Morgan 

Otero Miss Mary E. Lyon La Junta 

Ouray Miss Minnie M. Holaday.... Ouray 

Park Miss M. V. Remington Fairplay 

Phillips Miss Madge A. Crowner Holyoke 

Pitkin Miss Edith M. Bailey Aspen 

Prowers J. A. Rosebrough Lamar 

Pueblo Miss Lulu J. White Pueblo 

Rio Blanco Charles F. Brown Meeker 

Rio Grande G. A. Carpenter Del Norte 

Routt Miss Verna M. Bartz Steamboat Springs. 

Saguache W. E. Gardner Saguache 

San Juan Mrs. Ellen Carbis Silverton 

San Miguel Charles S. Watson Telluride 

Sedgwick C. F. Parker Julesburg 

Summit Mrs. Lulu B. Hogan Breckenridge 

Teller Mrs. Thera Satterlee Cripple Creek 

Washington Mrs. Alta M. Tuttle Akron 

Weld J. E. Snook Greeley 

Yuma Miss Minnie Cunningham.... Wray 

Pop. of 


.... 2,937 

.... 5,487 

. 1,1»4 
. 3,120 
. 3,008 
. 3,107 
. 5,835 
. 6.690 
. 741 
. 5,331 
. l,60e 
. 8,395 
. 9.306 
. 701 
. 1,580 
. 7,016 

. 3,292 
. 9.267 
. 1.913 
. 3,058 
. 4,535 
. 3.268 
. 4.731 
. 2.996 
. 1.583 
. 7^20 
. 3.766 
. 1,690 
. 4,060 
. 3.661 
. 3,858 
. 2,342 
. 5.879 
. 971 
. 2.744 
. 1,241 
. 1.729 


BEBKELEY, Arapahoe Go., pop. 707. 

Jesuit College; novitiate; men; K. C. 
BOULDEB, Boulder Co., pop. 6,150. 

Oolorado School of Law, University of Colo- 
rado; law; co-ed.; est. 1892; John Camp- 
bell, M. A.. LL. B., Dean. 

Mount (Gertrude's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; B. 
C; Sister M. Salome, Prln. 

Vniversity of Colorado; unlv. ; state; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; est. 1877; James H. Baker, 
LL. D., Pres. 

University of Colorado. Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1883; L. M. Glf- 
fln. M. D., Dean. 
CANON CITY, Fremont Co., pop. 3,775. 

Mount St. Scholastica's Academy; girls' 
boarding; K. C; Sister M. Callista. Prln. 

COLOBADO SPBIN08, El Paso Co., i)op. 21.085. 
Oolorado College; col.; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 

1874; Wm. F. Slocum. LL. 1)., Pres. 
Henager's Business College; bus. and sten. ; 

J. C. Henager, Pres. 
State School for Deaf and Blind; indust.; 

state; co-ed.; est. W. K. Argo, Supt. 

DEL NOBTE, Bio Orande Co., pop. 705. 
Presbyterian College of the Southwest; closed. 

DENYEB, Denver Co.. pop. i:t3.850. 
Brightside School for Boys; closed. 
Central Business College; bus. and sten.; L. 

A. Arnold, Pres. 
College of the Sacred Heart; col.; men; R. 
C; est. 1876; Uev. J. J. Brown, 8. J. 
> College of St. John the Evangelist; closed. 





Colorado College of Dental Surgery, Uni- 

▼enity of DeiiTer; dent.; co-ed.; est. 

1897; L. S. Gilbert. D. D. S.. Dean. 
Denver and Oroas College of Xedioine, Uni- 

▼eraity of Denver; med.; reg.; co-ed.; eat. 

1881;' Robert Levy, M. D., Sec. 
Denver Bomeopathio College; med.; homeop.; 

co-ed.; est. 1894; David A. Strickler, M. 

D., Registrar. 
Denver Law Sohool, Univereity of Denver; 

law; co-ed.; est. 1892; Lucius W. Hoyt, 

Denver Kormal and Preparatory Sohool; nor.; 

private; est. Fred Dick, Supt. 
Free Kight Sohool for Boys; prep.; Mrs. Ida 

Gregory, Manager. 
Modem S<diool of Business; bus. and sten. ; 

A. M. Kearns, Pres. 
University of Denver; see University Park. 
Wallaoe Business College; bus. and sten.; 

R. J. Wallace, Pres. 
Woloott's Sohool for Oirls, Miss; girls' board- 
ing; Miss Wolcott, Prln. 
Wolfe Ball; girls' boarding; P. E.; est. 1867; 

Miss Margaret Kerr, Prln. 
Woodworth's Shorthand College; sten.; W. A. 

McPherson, Manager. 

FT. COLLINS. Larimer Co., pop. 3,053. 

Colorado State Agricultural College; agri.; 
state; co-cd.; B. 0. Aylesworth, LL. D., 

OOLDEK, Jefferson Co., pop. 2,152. 
Colorado Sohool of Mines; tech.; state; men; 
Victor O. Alderson, LL. D., Pres. 

State Industrial Sohool for Boys; Indust.; 
state; boys; est. Fred L. Paddleford, Supt. 
GBEELET, Weld Co., pop. 3.023. 
Colorado State Kormal Sohool; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Z. X. Snyder, Ph. D., Pres. 
LEADVILLE, Lake Co., pop. 12,465. 
St. Mary's Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter Anseleta, Prin. 
LOBETTO BEIOBTS, Arapahoe Co., pop. 72. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; Sis- 
ter Superior. 
MOKTCLAIB, Arapohoe Co., pop. 416. 
Jarvif Ball Military Academy; burned Nov. 4, 
MOBBISOK, Jefferson Co., pop. 254. 
State Industrial Sohool for Oirls; indust.; 
state; girls; est. Miss Emma Page, Supt. 
PUEBLO, Pueblo Co., pop. 28,157. 

Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister M. Reparata, Prln. 
Pueblo Business College; bus. and sten.; C. 
H. Donaldson, Pres. 
SALIDA, Chaffee Co., pop. 3,722. 
Salida Academy;, prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1886; E. B. Wbitcomb, Ph. B:, Prin. 
TRINIDAD, Las Animas Co., pop. 5,346. 
Trinidad Business College; bus. and sten.; 
W. E. Anderson, Pres. 
VKIVEBSITT PARK, Suburb of Denver. 
University of Denver; univ.; co-ed.; M. B.; 
est. 1864; Henry A. Buchtel, D. D., LL. 
D., Chancellor. 


Population, 908,355. School census, 219,070. School age, 4-16. 

Connecticut is the twenty-ninth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 908,355 inhabitants, of whom 892,424, or 98.2 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 237,396, or 26.1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 5.9 per cent, the state ranking twenty-fifth in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows, the chief exe^ "vc 
power resting not in a State Superintendent, as in most states, but in the '^\' 
Board of Education, of which the Governor of the state is the chief officer. 


Abiram Chamberlain, Governor Hartford 

Henry Roberts, Lieutenant Governor Hartford 

Edward D. Robbins Wethersfield 

William H. Palmer, Jr Norwich 

George M. Carrington Winsted 

William G. Sumner New Haven 

Charles D. Hine, Secretary Hartford 

A. J. Wmght, Clerk .• Hartford 

Giles Potter, Agent New Haven 


Hon. Carngt O. Spencer, State Capitol Hartford 

The state has an optional text-book law, authority being vested in local boards 
or the voters to determine whether text-books shall be furnished free. 

Connecticut has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system'' of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 


BALTIC, Kew London Co., pop. 500. 
Aoademy of the Holy Family; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Sister M. Carine, Prin. 

BLACK HALL, Kew London Co., pop. 332. 

Black HaU School; boys* boarding; P. E.; 
Chas. G. Bartlett, Priu. 
BRIDOEPORT, Fairfield Co., pop. 70.006. 

Bridgeport Training School for Teachers; 

normal; state; co-ed.; Miss Bessie B. 
Howes, Pres. 

Bridgeport University School; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Vincent C. Peck, Prin. 

Courtland School, The; girls* boarding; non- 
sect.; Frances A. Marble, Prin. 

Park Avenue Institute; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Seth B. Jones, Prin. 





St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1900; Rev. H. Dahme, Prln. 

Trade School and Institute; tecb.; men; Y. M. 
C. A.; est. 1893; Jeremiah Holmes, Direc- 

TTnion Business College; bus. and sten.; Fred 
Enos, Pres. 
BROOKFIELD CENTER, Fairfield Co., pop. 175. 

Curtis School for Boys; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Frederick S. Curtis. Prin. 
CHESHIRE, Kew Haven Co., pop. 1,989. 

Cheshire School; boys' boarding; P. E.; R. J. 
Mulford, Head Master. 
CLINTON, Middlesex Co., pop. 1^429. 

Morgan School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Geo. 

E. Eliot, Jr., Prin. 
CORNWALL, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,175. 

Cornwall School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; F. M. McGraw, Prin. 
DANBTTRY, Fairfield Co., pop. 16,537. 
Stillman Business College ; bus. and sten. ; 
Will^Iam J. Stillman, Pres. 
DERBY, New Haven, Co., pop. 7,930. 
fjlJPjope Business College; bus. and sten.; F. J. 
r jc^;P Pope, Pres. 
" Gaston, Fairfield Co., pop. 960. 

Easton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-s4ct. ; 
Wm. P. Galupp, Prin. 
ESSEX, Middlesex Co., pop. 2;530. 
Pratt High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. Francis Allison, Prin, 
FAIRFIELD, Fairfield Co., pop. 4.489. 
Fairfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Francis J. Brewer, Prin. 
FALLS VILLAGE, Litchfield Co., pop. 671. 
David M. Hunt School; prep.; co-ed; non-sect.; 
est. 1891; Miss Marion C. Chandler, A. B., 
FARMINGTON, Hartford Co., pop. 3,331. . 
Porter's School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Mrs. Mary B. Dow, Prin. 
GREENWICH, Fairfield Co., pop. 2,420. 
Greenwich Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Newton B. Ilobart, Prln. 
Rosemary Hall; girls* boarding; non-sect.; 
Caroline Rnutz-Ilees, Prin. 
HAMDEN, New Haven Co., pop. 4.626. 

Hamden Hall; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Wm. 
C. Raymond, Prin. 
HARTFORD, Hartford Co., pop. 79,850. 
Huntsinger's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

F. M. Huntsinger, Pres. 

Morse's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Edward H. Morse, Pres. 
Mount St. Joseph Seminary; gfrls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Mary Cecelia, Prin. 
Olmstead's Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.; E. M. Olmstead, Pres. 
Trinity College; col.; men; P. E. ; est. 1824; 

Rev. Geo. W. Smith, D. D., Pres. 
Woodside School for Girls; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Sara J. Smith, Prin. 
KENT, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,220. 
Hopson's School; prep.; co^ed.; non-sect.; 

Katherine M. Hopson, Prln. 
LAKEYILLE, Litchfield Co., pop. 1,000. 
Hotchkiss School, The; boys' boarding; non- 

sect.; est. 1892; Edward G. Coy, A. M., 

Taconic School for Girls; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; JJlian Dixon, Prin. 
LYME, New London Co., pop. 750. 

Boxwood School, The; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. R. S. Griswold, Prin. 

Home School for Little Boys; boys' prep.; 
Miss A. N. Griffin, Prin. 
MERIDEN, New Haven Co., pop. 24,296. 

Fequod Business College ;< bus. and sten.;. Al- 
bert A. May, Pres. 

MIDDLETOWN, Middlesex Co., pop. 9,589. 
Berkeley Divinity School; theol.; men; P. E.; 

est. 1854; Rev. .Tohn Binney, D. D., Dean. 
Connecticut Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1805; E. J. Wilcox. Prln. 
Patten's School; prep.; co-ed.; Protestant; 

Misses Patten, Prins. 
Wesleyan TTniversity ; col.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 

1831; Rev. B. P. Raymond, D. D., LL. D., 


MILFORD, New Haven Co., pop. 2,783. 
Simpson's School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Miss L. Simpson, Prln. 

MYSTIC, New London Co., pop. 3,000. 
Mystic Valley English and Classical Insti- 
tution; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; John 
Knight Bucklyn, Prin. 

NEW BRITAIN, Hartford Co., pop. 25,99^. 
State Normal Training School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Marcus White, Pres. 

NEW HAVEN, New Haven Co., pop. 108.027. 

Booth Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Geo. A. Booth, Prln. 

Childs-Butler Business Collegia ; bus. and sten. ; 
est. 1884; Sidney P. Butler, Pres^ 

Elderage School, The; closed. 

Gaffey's Shorthand School; bus. and sten.; 
John F. Gaffey, Pres. 

Gile Grammar School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Theo. B. Wilson, Prin. 

Hopkin's Grammar School; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; Charles H. Welles, Rector. 

Johnstone's School; girl's boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss Mary Syble Johnstone, Prin. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
est. 1901; Sister Mary Basil, O. S. D., 

State Normal Training School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Arthur B. Morrill, Pres. 

Whedon's School for Boys; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; Susan H. Whedon, Prin. 

Willard's School for Uirls; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Miss Charlotte H. WiUard, Prin. 

Yale Business College; bus. and sten.; Nathan 
B. Stone, Pres. 

Yale University; univ. ; men.; non-sect.; est. 
1701; Arthur T. Hadloy, Pres. 

Yale University, Department of . Medicine ; 
med.; reg.; men.; est. 1813; Herbert B. 
Smith, M. D., Dean. 

Yale University/ Law School; law; mien; est. 
1824; Henry Wade Rogers, LL. D., Dean. 

NEW LONDON, New London Co., pop. 17,548. 
Bulkeley School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

Walter A. Towno, Prin. 
Williams Memorial Institute; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Colin E. Buell, Prin. 





NSW HTLFORP, LituhAold Oo., i^y. J.$i04. 
In^laiide BcbooU iflH»' bitardln)^; R E.; ^fSp 
Wm. ti. Blu<k, Pfln. 

I'Ht. lmi2; Hf;r. Frniik B. J>riip«r, A, B., 

NEW FKESTOK, Litahfltld Co., |Hip. 30U. 
tfpion S«rotni.r7; prrii; boya; Lioiig. ; e»L 3860; 

Ks'V, H <►]!!'>■ I'i»a<*n, A, Bm IMu. 
NEWTOir, Fairfleia Oo., pop. 251. 

\\m. \Vllau]i Gurdui-r, Prin. 
NaSFOLK, LltolLfleld Co., pop. IM^- 

BobbibA achool, Th«! ptep. : co-ed.; nutia<M.-t.; 

HMwnriJ W, CartLH', Prlii. 
NOETK SXONIN&TON, yew Lond&D Co,, poii. 


Wbeaier Sohoi>l; iiri^Pr; eu-ed*; iioa-tfvct. ; i'Lurt' 

NOS^WALK. FAirflald Co., pop. O.l^fi. 
BUtdi School, IfiRi; rdt-Js' liojii'dltig: prt'p. ; 

Minn €Mrpil1ii l^. Bulrd, Pi'lii. 
Mndfl'i School for Oirlij fir la' Ijourdlugr; Jioii- 

»Hft,; Mrtt. Molville lil. Mi-iid*;, Prill. 
Horwirlk !Tniv«Tiity Solioot. The; boy a* board- 
io^; lioti-stMt,; W. U* Cbuw*, A* B*- 
HOEWIOH. Kow London Co*, pop, 17.251. 
Korwioh BuAineup CoUflca; buiL and steii,; W. 

E. l^nnflii'iJ, Prt'B. 
Horwiob FfBfi Ais&deDiy! prep.: oo-ifil,; non- 
B^^^.t.; RobU 1\ Ke%;pt fh. U, IMn* 
FOKFEET, Windhun COi, pop. 1,8^L 
Pom fret Sebool ; bt>>'»' bourding; V. E, ; Wto. 
Ik'in b filiintfti!"d, Frlu, 
PUTKAJi, Wind him Co., pop. tt.eOT. 
AcMem^ of Hotre B«iiiftt boy^' bourdliii;; U. 

r.L lEov. J. Vail r>eo N<Mjrt, Prin. 
Futnim Buiineu College^ buff. and steti.; E. 
I'. Keller. Pnii». 
REDPIKO. Fftlriold Cto., pop. 1.4SW. 
HUl Aomdamy; pnp. ; cu-ed.; uan-^M'Ot. 
J. Todd, PHo. 
flALISBTTEY, Litahfield Co., pop. 3,i8D. 
ialUbury Sehooh prtp.; bcnyH; P, G.; est. 
Rev. t;eM. E. gimlbs M. A-. Pre** 
8AYBED0K, MlddlfiMX Co., pcip. 1,634. 
HUl Sbepurd'i FHtMq School; pn^p.; pu-ed. ; 
mukm-rt; Mijia E. C Bbi^pui-d, Prin. 
BtHSBtTEY. Hartford Oo., pop. 2.0(11. 
McLean Seminary } ^VtW bonrdhii^; noii-aeft. ; 

J. R Mi'I^'Jio, Prjo. 
WAitmlniter School; N\vs' Iti^ordliiBl iiflU-BtHt; 
VV, L- Ciirthloif, Pcha, 

SOtTTH KOEWALK, Fairfteld Co,, ptjp- d.501. 
Brown Buiiodaa Oollegft; bua. and it«<u.; O. E. 
Kurtotn. Pres. 
gOUTHPORT, Fftlrfieid Co., pop. 1.471^. 
IktaftldB Sfttninarj; prop,; t^o-iHl.; noo-ni^i't ; 
U\m AiiguKiu Smith, Prin. 
STAICFOEB. Fairflttld Co., i>«p. lG,0fl7. 

Sett' I Academy; N>yH' bunrdlnjr; iion-aeut.; 
Wdi. J. It<tU. Prin. 



Cmtherlnii Alkda BuIidoI; ^^fW bcwrdlnjr; n«n- 

sit't. ; eflt. 1«S4; Hnrrlet Dtrechcr J^coville 

Di.-vao. A. B., PrhL 
KlDf School, Tke? prep.; boys» non-Beet^; erst. 

1*1 7tt; H. W. Kliig. Pi ill. 
Low'i Sclioolt Mlu; fflrla' ixxtiHlliiK; i>i^|). ]; 

Mla« Low !ii;d MUt H^'ywmicit Priiia. 
HeiTill CoUeff«; bua. mid aten.; Mra« M. A. 

Merrm. Pre*. 

STOEES, Tolland Co., P'^P- IT^^ 
ConoectlGut AfriouUunil CoUefa, Thtj aRTi,; 
eo-i^d.; non-»*pft. ; i^at. 1H81; UufHB W. 
Stlmson. A. >L, B. l>.. Pros, 

BUFFtELB. Hartford Co., pop. ^.521. 
BuMsld Acadomy; prep.; \K\y»' bourdlii^; Bapt. ; 
IliMTy L. TbompBon^ A. M.. Prin. 

WALLIHCrOED, New Havaa COh. p^ip. 0,737. 
Cboate Bcbooh pt'eih ; \n*y^\ nii>h-aeet.; t*«t^ 
ll^SKl; Murk Plltuoti. A. M., Head Master. 

WA3HIKOT0K, Litchfield Co.. pi>p. ],S2iJ. 
Gnnnary School, Tha; pri-p.; Njyg; boMrdliiif; 

iii^ii'Ht'i't, ; Ji^ho \\ IlrlM!4inodi% Prln^ 
Wyktham Eiae Sohool for GlrU; j^irto' tK>ard' 

\R^\ oBt. lUifii Ml KB Do V 3 OH, Prill. 

WATEEBITRY, Ksw lUyen Co,, pop. 4S.HC^. 
&ftrard School; prep.; <:^j-ed. ; iiou-i^tic-t. ; laabel 

C. I^wlmt. Prill. 
Monroe 'i Buiiiwai Colleffo; bfu^ and aten. ; 

W, J. Moil me, Prt'H. 
Notrfi Dama Convent; j^lrls' boarding; R, C; 

Wlflter Wt. Stni]lKliioi<r. Prin. 
St^ M&r|«ret'B Pioooian School for OlrU; 

^IrlB- boordli]^; P. YL.% Mury U. Ulllnril, 

Watorbury Buiineii Collefv;^ bus. and eton.; 

H. C, Pi*t. PrsB. 

WATEETOWK. Litchfleld Co.. ih>p. a.loi>. 

Talt'e Sohool for Boyi; boys' boafdlug; iiot]- 
iH.'et.. Ilortire D. Tolt. Prin. 

WEBTPOET. Fairfield CO., pop. 4,017. 
Staple 1 High School; pri'p,; po-imI.; noli -sect. ; 
Beaore Jt Tnyjor, Prin. 

WILUKAKTIC. Windham Co,, pop. 8.031. 
Stale Kormal Training Bobool; noriual; state; 

foed.; €eorp' P. Pbenlx. PrwH. 
Willimaatlc Biiiinata CoUegie; ima. 4nd oCcn.; 
It. I>. Vltk<Tiw>o, Prea. 
WILTOH, Fairfleld Co.. p.>p. 1,SS*N. 
WtltoD Eduiiiatiooali Inatitute; b'^>'m' iHiardliijr; 
injii-Bes'L ^ Clin». \V. Wbltlw'k, Pfln. 

WnfBBOE, Hartford Co,, ;>iip. a.ftH. 
Haydon Halt; pn p, : roi^d.; oou-wjct*: JiiU« 
^. WiriJoma, Prill, 

WIK8TEB. Litohfteld Co., inip, 0.804. 
Gilbott Sohool: pi'i'p.; e*»-*rtl.; uon-wct,; John 

E. Clnrke, PU. D,. Prin. 
WifiBtad Busineia Boboo); \>\i%. nnd atL-n.; vat. 

1SU8; Ned Henry R<»htvrta. prlii. 

WOODSTOCK, Windham Co,, pop. 2.09B. 

Wood Block Aoadomy; prep.; coed.; iioii'BfH;t. i 
E< il. iliiM. Prki. 


Population, 184,735. School census, 48,982. School age, 6-21. 

Delaware is the forty-sixth state of the UnioA in point of population, having a 
total of 184,735 inhabitants, of whom 153,977, oi* 83.4 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 13,729, or 7.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 12 per cent, the state ranking thirty-fourth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows, unlike most of the states and 
territories, Delaware having no State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the 
functions of this office being performed by the State Board of Education: 


Gov. John Hunn, Chairman Wyoming 

P. B. Norman, Jr., Secretary Lewes 


A. R. Spard Wilmington 

J. E. Carroll Dover 

John D. Brooks .Dover 

Cornelius Frear, Secretary • 

Delaware has no State Teachers' Association. 

Pop. of 


County. Soperlntendent's Name. Address. County. 

Kent James E. Carroll Dover 32,762 

New Castle A. R. Shaic Wilmington 10»,697 

Sussex Jno. D. Brocks Milford 42,276 


^OYER, Kent Co., pop. 3,320. 
State Golleflre for Ckilored Students; (colored); 
col.; state; co-ed.; est. 1892; W. C. Jason, 
A. *r.. Pres. 

VEWAEK, Hew Ckstle Co., pop. 1,213. 
Delaware Golloge; col.; state; men; est. 1834; 
George A. Harter, M. A., Ph. D., Pres. 

WIUmrOTOK, Kow Caitle Co., pop. 70,506. 

Friends' Sohodl; prep.; co-ed.; Triendii; Ber- 
sctael A. Norris, A. M., Prln. 

Ooldey Collegre; bus. and sten.; H. ST. Goldey, 

Bebb's Sohool for Oirls; girls' boarding; noo- 
sect. ; Misses Hebb. Prihs. 

Wilmington Business Sohool; bus. and sten.; 
W. H. Beacom, Pres. 

Wilmington Military Aoademy; miUtary; non- 
sect.; Wm. H. Morrison, Prin. 


Population, 289,500. School Census,.. 62,914. School Age, 6-18. 

The District of Columbia has a total population of 289,500 inhabitants, of whom 
I9i»532, or 68.7 per cent, are white. Of this number 19,520, or 7 per cent, are 
foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the District is 8.6 per cent, ranking 
thirty-first ampng the states and territories in this respect. The educational affairs 
of the District are under the general supervision of the United States Commis- 
sioner of Education. 


WASHINGTON, Diitriot of GolumbU, pop. 

Academy of the Baored Heart of Mary; 
girls' boarding; R. C; Sister Mary Clem- 
entine, Prln. 

Aoademy of Yiiitation; girls' boarding; R. C. 
Sister M. Agnes Mathaney, Prln. 

Berkeley Sohool, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Chas. W. Fisher, Prln. 

Bliss Eleotrioal School; tech.; men; non- 
sect.; est. 180.3; Louis Denton Bliss, 

Catholic Univeriity of America; univ.; men; 
R. C; est. 1889; Rt. Rev. D. J. O'Con- 
nell, D. D., Pres. 

Catholic University of America, Law School; 
law; men; est. 1896; Wm. C. Robinson, 
LL. D.. Dean. 

Ghenoweth Institute; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Mary D. Ghenoweth Turner, 

Columbia School for Boys; boys' boarding; 
non-sect.; B. S. Merriman, A. M., Prin. 

Columbian University; uniV.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; 
est. 1821; B. L. Whitman, D. D., Pres. 

Columbian University, Dental Department; 
dent; men; est. 1886; J. Hall Lewis, 
D. D. 8.. Dean. 

Columbian University, Law School; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1865; Walter S. Cox, LL. D.. 

Columbian University, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1821; Emll A. de 
Schweinitz, M. D., Dean. 

Dupont Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
est. 1902; Mrs. C. Ida Ford, Prin.; 1768- 
1760 O. St. 

Emerson Institute; boys' day; non-sect.; Chas. 
B. Young and George H. Sensner, Prins. 

Fairmont Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
A. T. Ramsay, Prin. 

Friends' Select School; prep.; co-ed. Friends; 
Thomas W. Sidwell, Prln. 

Ctallandet College; col.; National; co-ed.; eat. 

Georgetown University; univ.; men; R. C; 
est. 1789; Rev. John D. Whitney, Pres. 

Georgetown University, Medical Department ; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1860; George M. 
Kober, M. D., Dean. 

Georgetown University, School of Law; law; 
men; est. 1870; Harry M. Clabaugh, LL. 
D., Dean. 

Gonsaga College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1821; 
Rev. Edward X. Fink. S. J. 
^ Gunston Institute; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Beverley R. Mason. Prin.- 

Holy Cross Academy; girls' boarding; R. G. ; 
Sister M. Angelica, Prin. 

Howard University (colored); univ.; National; 
'co-ed.; est. 1867; Rev. John Gordon, D. D., 

Howard University, Dental Department, (col- 
ored); dent.; co-ed.; est. 1881; Robert 
Reyburn, D. D. S.. Dean. 

Howard University, Department of Phar- 
macy (colored); phar.; co-ed.; est. 1867. 
Robert Reyburn, Dean. 

Howard University, Law School, (colored) ; 
co-ed.; est. 1867; Benjamin F. Leighton, 
LL. D., Dean. 

Howard University, Medical Department, (col- 
ored); med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1867; Rob- 
ert Reyburn, M. D.. Dean. 

Laise-Fhillips School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Anna M. Laise- Phillips, Prin. 

McDonald-Ellis School; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Kdwin R. licwls, M. D., Prin. 

Mount Vernon Seminary; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. Klizabcth J. Somers, 'Prln. 

National Capital University School; closed. 

National Cathedral School; girls' boarding; 





P. E.; Miss Bangs, Miss Whiton, Prins. 
Kational College of Fharmaoy; phar.; co-ed.; 

est. 1872; Henry E. Kalusowski, Pres. 
Kational Kindergarten Training Sohool; nor- 
mal; private; co-ed. 
Kational TTniversity, Dental Department; 

dent.; men.; est. 1884; H. H. Barker, 

D. D. S., Dean. 
Kational University, Law Department; law; 

men; est. 1869; Eugene Carusi, LL. D., 

Kational TTniversity, Xedioal Department; 

med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1884; John T. 

Winter, M. D., Dean. 
Kotre Dame Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Sister Mary Euphrasia, Prin. 
Olney Institute; olosed. 
Pollock Washington City Normal Kindergarten 

Institute; normal; private; co-ed. 
Putman's English and Classical School; closed. 
St. Cecilia's Academy; girls' boarding; B. C; 

Mother Mary Augusta, Prin. 
St. John's College; col.; men; B. C; ei^t. 

1870; Bev. Brother Germanus. 
Tanner's Business College; bus. and st^n.; 

H. C. Tanner, Pres. 
Trinity College; col.; women; B. C; est. 

1900; Sister Oeorgiana, S. N. D., Pres. 
United States College of Veterinary Surgeons; 

vet.; est. 1894; G. Barnwell Bobinson. 

University School, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Bobert L. Preston, Prin. 
Washington Business High School; bus. and 

sten.; Allen Davis, Pres. 
Washington College for Yoiing Ladies; girls' 

boarding; non-sect.; P. Menefee, Prin. 
Washington College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 

1896; E. S. Mussey, LL. M.. Dean. 

School's announcement. — Tuition |60 per 

year, payable in installments; night ses- 

sions; corps of eighteen professors and 
lecturers, selected from the leading mem- 
bers of the Washington bar. Three years 
course of study, for men or women, lead- 
ing to degree of Bachelor of Laws. An 
additional special course of one year leads 
to the degree of Master of Laws. The 
city of Washington presents unequalled 
advantages to law students. They may 
be present in the halls of Congress; 
they may hear the arguments presented 
to the Supreme Court of the United 
States, and the decisions rendered there- 
on. The executive departments of the 
Government, especially the Patent, Pen- 
sion and General Land OflScea, afford an 
opportunity for legal investigation which 
qualifies the student for special prac- 
tice in cases before such departments. 

Washington Dental College; Dental Depart- 
ment Ctoorgetown University; dent.; men; 
est. 1897; William N. Cogan, D. D. S., 

Washington Heights School; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Miss Frances Martin, Prin. 

Washington Normal School, No. 1; nbrmal; 
national; co-ed.; MTs. Idalia G. Myers, 

Washington Normal School, No. 2, (colored); 
normal; national; co-ed.; Lucy E. Moten, 

Washington Sohool for Boys; boys' board|ng; 
non-sect.; Louis Leverett Hooper, A. M., 
Head Master, 2900 Wisconsin Ave. 

Woman's League Kindergarten Training 
School; discontinued. 
WEST WASHINGTON, Suburb of Washington. 

Linthicum Institute; boys' boarding; non-sect.'; 
B. C. Balinger, Curator. 

Wood's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
Court P. Wood, Pres. 


Population, 528,542. School census, 173,670. School age, 6-21. 

Florida is the thirty-second state of the Union in point of population, haying a 
total of 528,542 inhabitants, of whom 297,333, or 56.3 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 19,257, or 3.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the .entire population is 21.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-first in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


WiLLjAM N. Sheats, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tallahassee 

William N. Sheats, Jr., Clerk Tallahassee 


William S. Jennings, Governor, President Tallahassee 

H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of State Tallahassee 

William V. Knott, State Treasurer Tallahassee 

W. H. Ellis, Attorney General Tallahassee 

William N. Sheats^ State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary 


Same as State Board of Education. 

There is none, Florida having no State Uniformity Text-Book Law. 


George M. Lynch, President Gainesville 

Supt. J. E. Wood, Secretary Live Oak 

Supt. R. L. Turner, Treasurer Inverness 


Ck)unty. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Alachua Wm. H. Holloway Gainesville 32,245 

Baker Irvin Morgan Maclenny 4,516 

Bradford T. D. Gunter Starke 10.295 

Brevard R. E. Mims Titusville 5.158 

Calhoun P. F. Fisher Elountstown 5.132 

Citrus R. U Turner Inverness 5,391 

Clay Ellis Geiger Green Cove Springs.... 5,635 

Columbia T. H. Ownens I^ake City 17,094 

Dade Z. T. Merrltt Juno 4.965 

DeSoto M. F. Giddens Arcadia 8.047 

Duval Geo. P. Glenn Jacksonville 39,733 





Escambia . 
Franklin • • 
Gadsden . . . 
Hamilton .. 
Hillsborc . . 


Jackson .... 
La Fayette 





Liberty . . . . 
Madison . . . 
Menatee . . . 



Nassau — 





Putnam . . . 
St. Johns 
Santa Rosa 





Wakulla . . 
Walton . . . . 

Superintendent's Name. Address. 

N. B. Cook Pensacola 

W. T. Marler Appallachicola 


J. H. Reld Jasper 

A. M. C. Russell Brooksville 

B. C. Graham Tampa 

W. H. Martin Cerro Gordo 

W. A. McRae Marianna , 

J. H. Girardeau Monticello 

J. P. Abbott Mayo 

J. C. Compton Tavares , 

Jos. F. Shands Myers 

,C. W. Bannerman Tallahassee 

S. Philips Bronson 

,T. E. Shuler Bristol 

John H. Htighes Madison 

Jas. Layne Braiden Town 

W. D. Cam Ocala 

J. V. Harris. M. D Key West 

,C. A. Snowball ...-. Fernandina 

W. B. Lynch Orlando ' , 

W. 3. Hintcn Kissimmee 

D. O. Thrasher Dade City 

.S. S. Niblack Bartcw 

J. D. Cottingbam Palatka 

,W. S. M. Pinkham St. Augustine 

E. L. McDaniel Milton 

•J. A. Jones Sumterville 

J. E. Wood Live Oak 

.W. A. Hendry Perry 

.Bert Fish Deland 

A! K. Causse&ux Ciawfordville 

.Wm. H. Watson De Funiak Springs 

.L. L. Pratt Vernon 

Pop. of 
... 4,890 

... 7,762 
... 4,987 
... 7,467 
... 8,603 
... 2,956 
... 4,663 
... 9,654 
... 3.444 
... 6,054 
. . .12,472 • 
... 9.165 
... 6,187 
... 3,999 
... 5,149 
... 9.346 


DE FUNIAK SFRIHOS, Walton Co., pop., 
Florida State Normal School: normal; state; 
co-ed.; H. E. Bennett, Pres. 
DE LAND, Volusia Co., pop.. 1,449. 
John B. Stetson TJniversity; univ.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1887; C. S. l^arriss, A. B.. D. 
D.. Dean and Acting Pres. 
Stetson University, Department of Law; law; 
i-o-ed.; est. 1900; Albert J. Farrah, LL. 
B., Dean. 
FERNANDINA, Nassau Co., pop. 3,245. 
King's Business College; moved to Raleigh, 

N. C. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. Agnes, Prln. 
OAINESVILLE, Alachua Co., pop.. 3,633. 
Boarding and Day School; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Miss Tebeau. Prln. 
East Florida Seminary; col.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1850; J. M. Gullllams, A. M., 
JACKSONVILLE, Duval Co., pop., 28.429. 
Cookman Institute (colored); prep.; co-ed.; M. 

E. ; H. R. Bankerd. Prln. 
Edward Waters College (colored); prep.; 
co-ed.; A. M. E.; A. St. George Rich- 
ardson, Prln. 
Florida Baptist College; prop.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
N. W. Collier, Prln. 

Xassey Business College; bus. and sten.; 

E. S. He wen. Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister M. DeSales, Prin. 
JASFEB, Hamilton Co., pop., 993. 

Jasper Normal Institute; normal; private; 

co-ed.; Wm. B. Gate, Pres. 

KEY WEST, Monroe Co., pop.. 17,114. 
Convent of Mary Immaculate; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C.; Sister M. Delphine, Prln. 

LAKE CITY, Columbia Co., pop., 4.013. 

Florida State Agricultural College; agricult.; 
state; co-ed.; est. 1884; Rev. W. F. Yo- 
cum. D. D.. Pres. 

LIVE OAK, Suwanee Co., pop. 1,659. 
Florida Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1876; L. C. Jones. A. M.. Pres. 

MABTIN, Marion Co., pop.. 60. 
Fessenden Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Joseph L. Wiley. Prln. 

OBANGE PABK, Clay Co., pop.. 245. 
Normal and Manual Training Sdhool; normal; 
private; co-ed.; Walter S. Eaton, Ph. D., 

PALATKA, Putnam Co., pop.. 3.301. 
St. Joseph's Academy and Day School; prep.; 
co-ed.; Sister M. Jane France, Prin. 
ST. AUGUSTINE, St. John Co., pop., 4.272. 




St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
. Sister Mary Agatha, Prln. 
ST. LEO, Pasco Co., pop., 145. 
St. I^eo Military College; military; R. C; 
est. 1890; Rt. Rev. Charles H. Mohr, O. 
S. B., Pres. 
SAN ANTOKIO, Pasco Co., pop., 262. 
Holy Name Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Mary Winifred, Prln. 
TALLAHASSEE, Leon Co., pop.. 2.981. 
Florida State College; col.; state.; co-ed.; 
est. 181)7; A. A. Murphree, A. M., Pres. 


State Normal and Industrial School for Cal- 
ored Students (colored); normal; Indust.; 
state; co-ed.; Nathan B. Young, Pres. 

TAMPA, Hillsboro Co., pop., 15.839. 

Convent of the Holy Name; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Mary Winifred, Prln. 
Tampa Business College; bus. and sten. ; L. 

M. Hatton, Pres. 

WINTER PABK, Orange Co., pop., 306. 
Rollins College.: ool. ; co-ed.; Cong.; est. 
1885; Rev. George M. Ward. Pres. 


Population, 2,216,331. School census, 752,520. School age, 6-18. 

Georgia is the eleventh state of the Union in point of population, having .1 
total of 2,216,331 inhabitants, of whom only 1,181,294, or 53.3 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 12,021, or .6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 30.5 per cent, the state ranking forty^fifth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


W. B. Merkitt, State School Commissioner Atlanta 

Walker White, Clerk • -Atlanta 


Joseph M. Terrell, Governor, President Atlanta 

W. B. Merritt, State School Commissioner, Executive OMcer Atlanta 

John C. Hart, Attorney General Atlanta 

Philip Cook, Secretary of State Atlanta 

William A. Wright, Comptroller General Atlanta 

Walker White, Secretary Atlanta 

Same as State Board of Education. 
W. B. Merritt, Secretary Atlanta 


N. E. Ware, President Hawkinsville 

J. G. Oliphant, Secretary Barnesville 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Schools. 

Appling J, C. Bennett Baxley 74 

Baker T. O. Grant Newton 

Baldwin R. N. Lamar Milledgeville 45 

Banks G. G. Strange Carnot 47 

Bartow R. A. Clayton '. .Cartersville 54 

Berrien J. H. Gary Nashville 76 

Bibb Jere Pound Macon 

Brooks S. S. Bennet Quitman 74 

Bryan E. Benton Pembroke 45 

Bulloch W. H. Cone Statesboro 106 

Burke J. H. Roberts Waynesboro 110 

Butts C. S. Maddox Jackson 42 

Calhoun J. J. Beck Morgan 41 

Camden W. N. Casey, Jr Scotchville 49 

Campbell F. J. Dodd Fairburn 44 





No. o 
Address. School 

. .Carrollton 1 








..Fort Gaines 







.Newnan i 

..Fort Valley R. F. D. No. 1 - 

..Rising Fawn : 

, .Dawsonville ; 

.Bainbridge li 

•Decatur - 

.Eastman ' 

.Vienna ! 

.Albany J 

. . Douglasvllle A 

.Blakely J 

.StatenviUe : 

•Guyton I 

.Elberton \ 

.Swainsboro X 

.Mineral Bluff i 

.Fayetteville ^ 

. Rome 

..Gumming 1 

..Royston ' 

.Atlanta ^ 

.Ellijay \ 

.Gibson J 


.Calhoun ( 

.Woodville ( 

.Lawrenceville 1 

.Clarkesville I 

..Gainesville 1 

.Sparta < 

. Buchanan * 

. Hamilton I 

• Hartwell I 

.Franklin 1 

. McDonough ( 

.Perry ( 

.Taploy 1 

.Jofferson 1 

.Monticello * 

.Bartow J 

.WrIghtRvillo I 

.Round Oak { 

.Dublin V 

.Ijoeaburg 2 

. Flemhigton { 

.l.incolnton 3 

. Valdoata • 

.Dahlonoga J 

.OKlotliorT)o i 

.Danielsvlllc! 1 

.Buona Vista | 

.Thomson - 

.Darlen ; 

.Greonvillp i 

.Col(iuItt ; 

County. fJuperliittsndnut'B Name. 

Carroll J. S. Travis 

Catoosa I. L. Magill 

Charlton N. N. Mizell 

Chatham Otis Ashmore 

Chattahoochee Dr. C. N. Howard 

Chattooga w. L. Gamble 

Cherokee John D. Attaway 

Clarke t. H. Dozier 

Clay s. E. Lewis 

Clayton p. e. Duffey 

Clinch w. T. Dickerson 

Cojt w. R. Power 

Coffee Melvin Tanner 

Colquitt N. N. Marchant 

Columbia b. P. Jordan 

Coweta V. A. Ham , 

Crawford j. f. Hartley 

gacle , w. C. Cureton 

gawson A. W. Vandiviere 

Decatur j. S. Bradwell 

geKalb l. J. Steele 

godge M. L. Burch 

gooly_ •• E. G. Greene 

Dougherty t^. e. Welch 

gouglas J. E. Phillips 

J^arly Thomas F. Jones 

Si^ojl Wm. A. Ham 

Efflngham a. E. Bird 

S:l*»ert X. N. Wall 

Emanuel Edward Warren 

i,annjp J. M. Clement 

S^yette c. R. Woolsey 

Floyd J. D. Owaltney 

Forsyth p. t. Wills 

Franklin w. H. Cobb 

Fulton M. U Brittain 

5,"mer N U Tankersley 

Glascock E. B. Rogers 

^lynn N. H. Ballard 

OpTdon T. G. B. Erwin, Jr.... 

5''^ene r. b. Smith 

Gwinnett j. A. Bagwell 

Habersham C W. Grant 

Hall t! H. Robinson 

Hancock M. D. Duggan 

Haralson t. e. Brown 

Harris Rev. W. A. Farley.... 

Hart T. R Stephens 

Heard w^rank S. Tx)ftin 

Henry t. C. Daniel 

Houston a w. Smith 

Irwin Tohn Clements 

Jackson r. d. Moore 

Jasper m-. a. Rold 

Jefferson ir. e Smith 

Johnson >\'. T. Martin 

Jones K. "w. Sammona 

T^urons ». T. Smith 

T>^<' "' R. Tvong 

l.ribt'rtv T. B. Martin 

Lincoln v, A. Crawford 

Tx>wnd<«8 ". T>. Smith 

T^umpkln ^ j, Seabolt 

Macon m. m. Kalgler 

Madison M. N. White 

Marlon Dr. \V. J. Roc»s<* 

McDufflo M. W. Gross 

Mcintosh r. n. Bond 

M«'riwothor r. m. McCaalan 

Miller John R. Williams .... 





County. Superintendent's Name. Address. 

Milton G. D. Rucker Alpharetta 

Mitchell J. H. Powell Camilla 

Monroe D. P. Hill Forsyth 

Montgomery A. B. Hutcheson Mt. Vernon 

Mortran F. L#. Florence Madison 

Murray W. D. Gregory Cohutta Springs 

Muscogee F. J. Johnson Columbus 

Newton G. C. Adams Oxford 

Oconee James M. Mayne Bishop 

Oglethorpe R. M. Bacon Lexington 

Paulding W. Z. Spinks Dallas 

Pickens John W. Henley Jasper 

Pierce J. A. Harper Blackshear 

Pike R. D. Adams Zebulon 

Polk J. E. Houseal Cedartown 

Pulaski R. C. Sanders Hawkinsville 

Putnam M. B. Dennis Eatonton 

Quitman H. M. Kaigler Georgetown 

Rabun A. A. O'Kelley Clayton 

Randolph E. W. Childs Cuthbert 

Richmond Lawton B. Evans Augusta 

Rockdale A. D. Hammock Conyers 

Schley ,.J. M. Collum Putnam 

Screven H. J. Arnett Sylvania 

Spalding J. O. A. Miller Sunny Side 

Stewart T. T. James Lumpkin 

Sumter W. S. Moore Americus 

Talbot O. D. Gorman Talbotton 

Taliaferro S. J. Flynt Sharon 

Tattnall J. W. Smith Hagan 

Taylor A. S. Wallace Daviston 

Telfair T. P. Windsor McRae 

Terrell H. A. Wilkinson Dawson 

Thomas K. T. Maclean Thomasville 

Towns J. N. Gibson Hiawassee 

Troup Hatton Lovejoy LaGrange 

Twiggs B. S. Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick 

Union C. S. Mauney Blairsville 

Upson R. D. Shuptrine Thomaston 

Walker J. E, Rosser LaFayette 

Walton R. L. Paine Social Circle .... 

Ware '-.T. R. Bennett Waycross 

Warren A. S. Morgan Warrenton 

Washington Wade H. Wood Sandersville 

Wayne J. H. Conner Jesup 

Webster S. R. Stevens Preston 

White C. H. Edwards Cleveland 

Whitfield M. P. Berry Dalton 

Wilcox F. H. Taylor Luke 

Wilkes Rev. F. T. Simpson Aonia 

Wilkinson P. F. Duggan Irwinton 

Worth J. G. Polhill Sylvester 

No. of 

. 73 
. 82 
. 84 
. 54 
. 41 
. 38 
. 59 
. 37 
. 67 
. 55 
. 39 
. 47 
. 60 
. 47 
. 60 
. 41 
. 22 
. 42 
. 46 

*. 30 
. 22 
. 92 
. 43 
. 60 
. 55 
. 52 
. 30 
. 92 
. 40 
. 47 
. 54 
. 23 
. 69 
. 35 
,. 49 
. 44 
. 66 
. 65 
. 60 



ARABI, Dooly Co., pop., 506. 

Houston Hiflrh Sohool; prep.; co-cd. ; non- 
sect.; Lawson B. Brown, Prin. 
ATHENS, Clarke Co., pop.. 10.245. 

Jemel Academy; prep.; co*ed.; Bapt. ; J. H. 
Brown, Prin. 

Knox Institute and Industrial School; prep.; 
co-ed.; Cong.; L. S. Clark, Prin. 

Lucy Cobb Institute; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. Prin. 

State Normal School; n(»'mal; state; co-ed.; 
E. C. Branson, Pros. 

University of Georgia; univ.; state; men; 
est. 1801; Walter B. Hill, A. M., Pres. 

University of Ctoorgia, Law Sohool; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1859; William E. Boggs, LL. D., 

ATLANTA, Fulton Co., pop., 89,872. 

Atlanta Baptist College; col.; men; Bapt.; 

est. 1867; Rev. George Sale, M. A., Pres. 
Atlanta College of Pharmacy; phar.; co-ed.; 

est. 1891; George F. Payne. Dean. 
Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons; 

med.; reg.; men; est. 1854; W. S. Ken- 

drick, M. D., Dean. 
Atlanta Dental College; dent.; co-ed.; est. 

1893; H. K. Jewett, D. D. S., Dean. 





flteiid, D. D., Pres, 
JJmuffhon'i EtLiineu GoltegrB; bm. and itcii-f 

J^ T. Brantley, Pies, 
{JearKtm OqU«?e of Boleotlo ll«dlolna uid 

fiut^ei^; mod. ; i*(']i>rtlp; coed. ; eat, ISSfli 

EhU- R. ThotDAB, M, D,^ Dftan, 
&eor£ift Sfihool of Tucbuolagj; t^cli.' mi^a; 

Btate; est. l&fS: Lytnan Hull, LL. H., 

Huntef'^s School far Ba^ri; tx^jra; pru^y.; uqd- 

a^^ct. ; B. T. Iludtcr, Prln. 
Homi Br&ivii CaU«ff» ({■dlore^} ; eol. ; co-ed. ; 

A. M. E. ; oat, 1S55; Rev. James M. Hen- 

dcrnoni A+ M*, PrPS- 
PsHCDch'B Sebool for Boy*: boy'si boardlju^i 

noi]-»ert.: D. C. PesirfjcK^ A, B,h Prln, 
SDUthtrn Detit&l CnUti^Aj dont.; men: est. 

1SS7; S. W. FmteT, D. D. S.- Demi, 
iouthern Shorthand Lud BuiifiAsa UnlTerait^; 

buB. luid stpq,: Ak C, Briscive, PfoR, 
SpAlmi,!! Seminary {rol(>ri>d); i^IrlH^ boHrdlag; 

Eflpt. ; MiBB MarrlK K, GII08, Pre*. 
Storri School (colored) ^ prep.; co-ed ►> Oonf.^ 

eat. 3Se5; Jefiilp F. Cutler. Prin. 
Wftahingfton Seminar^r; girls' hnftrdlng; Don- 

ipvt.- Mr«. W. T. rbflndlcr and L. D. 

Scott, Prlna. 
AtTBU^BN, Qwinn«tt Go,, pup.. Itil, 
V4iT7'B&[ney CoUfif e s prep. ; co-ed, ; non-iec t, - 

W, H. Mas well. Prln. 

AUGtTBTA, Bicbmonil Go,, pf>p.. 39,441. 
Aomdemy of Biohm&nd Coouty; bo.TB* iKnii-d- 

Inp^ non-HPct.; Chnrleii H, WUhrow, Prlii. 
Haine» KtiTEiiftl a-nd Industrtal Initituta; nor- 

ttial; prtvnte; ro-ed, 
Kfrdioal Oollnfa of Goorffim, tTzdronity of 

GeorfiA^ tncd. : nj-n.; ineiL ; est. 1529; De 

StmBBiire Kordn A. M., M. D., Dean. 
Oibome't fiuilaeju OoUef«f buB. nnd nten.; 

S. Ti. OsboFne, Prei. 
Fa1zi« GoUsee, The; prep.; co-ed.; M. B, ^i.; 

BeT. Ceo. Wllllnmq Walker, D. D.. Prlo. 
Baend Heart Academy; rItIb' bonrdliig; R. 

C; SlHter M. Geftnido. Prlo, 
fit. PatrlclE'B Gommeroial Ia»tltiitfl! bus. and 

Bten. ; Hiother Thei>dorus. Pre*. 
Bummerville Acsdemy; ;E:1rl»* baardlngr; Hon- 

HG(^t.; Artlmr rrriibQUTnlite. Ph, r>., Prlii. 
Walkar Baptiat IitBtitutv; prep.; co-ed.; 

Bapt; N. W. CurtwHirbt, Prin. 
AirSTElL, Oob^ Co.» pop. 048. 

Austell High Sobool; prep.; co-ed.; noti-sect.; 

est. 18S0,' J. .T. Venjer, Pres. 

BAKHEBVrLLE, Pike Co,, pop. a,03©. 
Gorion Institute; prvp.; co-ed.: noTi-sect. : 
est. 1S62; G, F. OltpbHot, A, M,, Pres. 

BOWDGBp Garroll Cit,, pop.. SOT. 

Bewdon OoUefe: <*oL ; eo^ed, 5 non-sect.: est. 
1«rj7; Vachel D. Wbatlcy. Ptcb. 
BQWHAIfp Elb«rt Go,, pnp.. f\Q7. 

John Gibeon Instituia; prep.: co-ed.; B«pt. ; 
Jaeob A. Hnnler. Prln, 

OAKTOIf. Obarolwe Co.. pop. Ml, 

Etowah Institata; prep.; cn-ednl tinft-sect. : 
est. 1870: P, B, Winn, B. F., C. B.. PdiT, 
CABUXSTHJliB, Jraukliii Go.« pap, 306, 

CarneiTille Hig^h i«liMil; Bapt,; prep.; 
ed.; J. W. McFarJnnd, Prln, 
OAYB BPBDfG, Fiord Co,, pap., S24. 
Heam Academy for Boya and GMa; prep.j 
t'o-td.; BMpt; R. W. Bdenfleld, Prlu. 
CEDABTOWIT, Polk Co,» pop,, 2,823, 

Biunufll Benedict Uemorlal School, Th«; prep,; 

cofd,; nwi-sect,; George 15, Benedlel^ 


OLEYIXAin), Whito 0<i,, pop., 231. 

Cleveland Academy; prep.; eo-ed. ; iicmi-s^ct, 

W. P. Pti Idler, Prln. 

COLLEGE, Chatham Ce,^ pop., 100. 

GefirirU State Induitrlal CeU»f« (eo1(}red)| 

nornini' indust. ; state; to-ed, 

COLLEGE VARK, Suhttrb of Atlmut*. pop. 517. 

Sonthnra Fomale Oolleffo; gitla* boarding; 

iim]-8f«t'l. : eat. Ift+IJ; (Tberlea C. Ois. A. 

M,. I'h. D. Prln. 

COLVHBUS, UuacaKee Go,, pnp., 17,014. 

Haasay Buaineaa GoIleKn; btii, and litu'ij.: 

HIcbard W. M^aaey, Prea, 
Moon's School, Miss; prep.; ca-ed,; noa 

sect,; Mlsa Ruth Moore, Prln, 
St, Eline't Xnstttutfl; kUW boarding; non 

sect, ; Jarpes ^h Slude, Prln, 
St. Jvveph'^s Academy; prep; co-ed,; H. C$1 

Slater M, Stanlelaua, Prln. 
Wynnton GoUoffe ; pi ep. ; co-ed,; nop-Bect-t 
F. G. Webh, A, M,, PrJn. 
CONGOBD, Pike Co,, pf>p, 231, 
j Middle Georgia Institute; prep,; t'o-efl, ; niittT 
eect,; H. B. Cyfrekcr, A. B.. Prln. 
COOKSVILLE, Heard Co., pop.. 75, 
CoekBTillQ Hifh School; prep,; co-ed.; non 
soet; G, W. St. John. Prln, 
COBNIXIA, Havoriham Co., pop,, 407. 

Comella Iformal Institute; nurmnl; pftratflij 

CRAWPOHDSVJLLE, Taliaferro Co,, pop. 507. 
Stephen' i Hi^h SohoeU prep.; eo-cd,; noa 
«fct,r Wm. n. San ford. Prln, 
CUTKBEBT, Sandolph Ce,, pop., 2,041. 

Andrew Female CoUe^e; (i^trls' boerdla^r; M 

E. So,; Rev. Homer Ruali, A. M,, Frln. 
Bethel Male Oolleirfi;' boarding; Baj^j 
A, H. Kiiae, Prln. 

BAHLGKEGA, Lumpkin Co,, pop,, 1,255, 
B'orth G«orffia Agricultural O^Ueg« ; asrlcnlt 
state; eo-ed. i eat. 1S72. 

BALTOK. Whitfield Cc, pap., 4,31B, 
Baltoa Femele CoUege; fltlii' boerdtu^; 

E. Ho.: mm Msbrl ne^d, Prln, 
Haifii Bchoul; boy»' boarding; non-set^t, ; 

J. Har^Ie, Prln. 

DECATUR, I>eK»lb Co., pop , 1,418, 

A^ea Scott Institute; i^lrla' boiirdlnjtj 

PriBbyt.i l'\ H. cralnnB. D. D., Prln. 
Donsld Fraser High Bchoel, The; Ik>.vb' board- 
ing; PreK!),; G. Holniitn Gardner, Prl«. 
DEMGBEBT, Haversham Go., pop,, SdO. 
J, S. Green College, The; prep.; eCMid.j 
dHt. ; Rev, C. C. ^penee, Pfin. 
DGT^GLAB. Goffeo Cfl., pop,, 617. 

Soiithem Zformal Institute ; normitii 





noromlf pHfate^ 

ZPWOETH, Fiuiiiiji Co., pesp,, 50. 

Epwurtli Elemtiiflr?; prpp. ; cq-ed.; M. E. ; 
W. A* Paraons, Prla. 
EVERETT SP RINGS, Floyd Co., pop.- .72. 
Everett Springs Semina-rr; prep. ; eo-ed.T non- 
apct.; C. S, FiiUon. Piln- 
FAIHMOUHT, Gordm Ofl., pop., 191. 
Fitirmont CoUe^; prep.; co^ed^ ; M. E.; So. ; 
W. H. Clark, Prln. 
FOESYTH, MDimie Co,, pop,. lpXT2, 
£. Bmnki Btapheni Iiutituta; prep.; {!ti-(!d,; 

Doa-sect, ; J, L, MoGhee, Prla. 
UdniM feinjil« College ; ^Irls* burdlii^; 
Btpt,; A* A. MarabalU Friu. 
FORT VcPHERBON, Fultoa Qq,, pop., £5. 
AniiA Dill InBtitutfi; prop.; icO'ed^; noR'tecL; 
GcOt W. Cuinp, Prln. 

FORT yJXLEY* Houiton Co., pop. 2,022. 

Chu-dy Xoitituta; prep.; ctJ-isdr; non-sect. r eat* 
1S85; W. Jr i5('rogg», A. M.j Supt 
GAI^TESYIIXE, KoU 'Cki., poi?., ^SS2. 
Brenau College; girls' Tiourdlng^ non-sot^t ; 
A. W. Vjiii Hofflse, Prln. 

QLE^tKf Heud Oo-r Pop., 82. 
Glnim Hlffh Soliool ; prep. ; 4:o-ed, ; non-Beet. ; 
G. A* AdupiBi PriE. 
EARTWELL, Hart Co., pup.. 1,072. 
HuTtwoU Iiutituto; prep.; co-ed.; uoii-eect.; 
M. L. Parker, Prin. 

HIAWASSEE, Towns Co., pop.. 230. 

HiKw&B3Q4 Hiffh Sohool; prop.; co-ifd.; Bapt.; 
A* B. G roe no. B. A., Ptln* 

IRWDCTOK. Wilkiiuon Co., pop., 227. 
TiLlni«fe Infltituts; prep.; co-ed.; rton-aect,; 
J* S. DflTiB, Prln. 
JEFFE&BON, Ja£:kAon Go.^ pop., 726, 

Hjurtin Ifiititttte; prep.; co^ed. ; Bon-aect ; O. 
E. Clflher. Prln. 

JOHNSTOimLLE, HonKte Co., pop. 43. 
FlemlnB Hi^b fiohool; prop.; oo-od. ; William 
D. Tlitirnumd. Prln. 

LA GrRAKGE, Trovp Co,, pop., 4,27-1. 

I& Omnse Femals CoUoKe; fftrls' boarding: 

M. B. So.: RufuH W. Smith, A. M„ 

Bouthem Femald GoHefe; girla' boardldg; 

Bflpl.; M, W. Htittoi], A. M.. Lltt. M.. 

LATOHIA, FmaJiiin Co., pop,. ftOO. 
Lavonia Iiiititut«; prtp*; co-ed.; non-iect.; 

J* D, GnrnfST, pHn^ 
LEO, White Co., pop., 21. 
Houy Creek Aead&mj;: pf ep, ; co-ed. { M. E.; 

J, W. Soiltb. Prla. 
MACOir, Bibb Co., pop., 23,272. 
B»li«Lr4 Karma I SDhool: miridal; prLrato; i:o- 

Central City College; prep.; co-ed.; Bnpt ; 

Wm. fi. Hoiiiiea, A. M.. X». B.. Prln, 
deoTiia-Alaliania Bnilnflas CoUogfl; bni. and 

«ten. ; E. ti, Martin, Proe. 
MaOOn CQconiQT^Iml Collefo; bus. and aten.; 

eat,; ISSI; W. MciiaT, Frin. 

]I«rC«r UniTQ^iity ; ooL ; tneu ; Bapt, ; eat. 
JS3T; P. D. Pollock, A. M., LL. D., 
Meraer Univerilty, Law B»partme&t; la^; 

toen; eat. 1^75; Emory Spet;r, Dean. 
Weal^an Famale College ^ eIfIb' boarding; 
M. E. So.; Rev. J. W. Eobetts. D, D., 
MoOTTOSH, Libert J Oo,» pop., 2UU, 
Dorobeater A(mdemy (colored); nor.; IndnaL; 
co'fd. ; non-aect. ; eat. JS72. 
lULLEDGEVILLE, Baldwin Co., pop. 4.210, 
Georgia Kormal aad Induatrial Collafej pof- 
iijal; ludust,; atate; co-ed.; J. H. Ghup- 
pell, Pres, 
1IG]OIC£ILO, Jagper Co., pop., 1,100. 

Kontioflllo H^s^b flekaol. ; prep, ;; oo-ed, ; non- 
aect.; Ri-mbert G. Bttilth, Prln. 
MOITNT ZIOH, CmtoU Co., pop., 80. 

Mount ZioQ gaminarj; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. ; 
W. P, We&ton, Prln. 
KEWITAH, Coweta Co,, pop. B,^A. 

Walker Higrb Bahool ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non- 
»ect. ; Diknlel VVulkor and J. B. Pender- 
giiut, Frius. 
OLIVER, SonTen Co^, pop. 360, 
O liver MigiiL Sobool; prep.; co-ed.; nan-jseet. ; 
David ft. Laftittct. Frin. 
CJCFOES, Newton Go,, pop,, 800, 

Emory Collefe; l'oI.; mou; M. E. So.; eat. 

1338; Eev. C. B. Dowman, D. D., Proa. 

ILmory College, School of Law; men; eat 

1838; Ch&floA E. Dowman, A. M., Dean, 

PENDEEGBABS, Jaokfton Co., pup. 2^2, 

Fendorgraiu High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. ISBO; W. M. Holaenbeck, B. S., 
RIKGGOLB, Catooaa Co., pop., 437. 
Literary Kormal Inatltute; prep.; co-ed.; noti' 
Beet,; W. E. Brynn, Prln. 
BQCKMART, Polk Co., pop,. &70. 
Piedmont Ittatituto; pryp, ; oo-ed.; M, B. 3o.; 
G. F. Venable, Prln. 
aOME. Floyd Co., pop.. 7.2ai. 

North Grflorgia Bitaineu CoUeffa; bna. imd 

aten,; Mosa it HflmTlck, Props. 
ShBirtBT CoUeyej slrla* boarding; B«pt,J T, J. 
bJlminouHf A. M., Frea, 

BAVANNAH, Chatham Co., pop., 54,244. 
Beacb Inatltute; prep.; co-ed.; C^ne.; Bertha 

S, Elck, Piln. 
Riahmend BuBin«as CoUega i baa. and fiten, ; 

C. & Hlrhniond, Pres. 
Savannah Academy; boy a' boarding; non-aect,; 
John Ta liafef ro, Prln. 
BENOL&, Coweta Co,, pop., 7S2, 

Georgia Telagrapb and Bailroad Bnitnaaa Col- 
lego; bua. und aten. ; Eugene Rowe, Prea. 
BOFTH ATLAKTA, Fulton Co,, pop., BOO, 
Clark Unlveraity; €ol. ; eo-od.; M, E,; eat. 
1870; Charlea M, Melden, Ph, D,, Prea, 
STATESBORO, BuUoeh Co,, pop., 1.197. 

Stateaboro Institate and Bnaineaa Collage; 
bus. and steiu; J, H, O'Qulnn, Prea. 
STELLATILLE, Jefferson Co., pop. 171. 

Stella vllle High Sehool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
»fct.; D. B. Hodge, Ph. B-, Prea, 


pXtt£Rson's college and school directory 



STOKE MOVlfTAnr, J>6 Kalb Co., pop. 885. 
VniTenity School for Boyt; prep.; hoys; est. 
1900; non-sect.; W. B. GrifBn, A. M., 
SWAnrSBOBO, SmAnuel Co., pop., 895. 
Swainsboro High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Berta Barnes Parrlsh, Prln. 
TALBOTTOK, Talbot Ck>., pop., 1,181. 
Lo Vert OoUofe; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.} 
P. B. Win, Prin. 
TH0KA8T0K, Upson Co., pop. 1,714. 
Bob«rt E. Lee Xnstitnte; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1875; F. F. Bowe, A. B., A. M., 
THOKASYILLE, Thomas Co., pop., 5,322. 
Allen Konnal and Indiistrial School; normal; 
prlrate; co-ed.; Abble B. Howland, Prin. 
Toung Female College; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; John B. Baker, A. M., Pres. 
TTJNKEL HILL, Whitfield Co., pop. 302. 
Tunnel Hill High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1884; M. A. Cooper, B. S., 

WALESKA, Cherokee Co., pop. 170. 
Beinhardt Normal College; nor.; co-ed.; H. B. ; 
est. 1884; B. 0. Sharp, Pres. 

WASHINGTON, Wilkes Co., pop., 3,300. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; B. C; 
Mother Gabriel, Prin. 

WAYNESBOBO, Burke Co., pop., 2,030. 
Haven Normal Academy (colored); normal; 

private; co-ed.; W. H. Bryan, A. B., 

Waynesboro Academy; prep.; co-ed.; mm-oect.; 

N. B. F. Close, Prin. 

WHITESBITBO, Carroll Co., pop., 296. 
Hutcheson Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. B.; W. W. Gaines, Prin. 

WBIOHTSVILLE, Johnson Co., pop. 1,127. 
Nannie Lou Warthen Institute; coL; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.; est. 1888; William F. QnUUan. 
Jr., Pres. 

YOTTNO HABBIS, Towns Co., pop., 342. 
Toung Harris College; coL; co-ed.; H. B. So.; 
est. 1885; Rev. Joseph A. Sharp, Pres. 


Population, 161,722. School census, 51,700. School age, 6-21. 

Idaho is the forty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 161,722 inhabitants, of whom 154,495, or 93.5 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 21,890, or 13.5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.6 per cent, the state ranking fourteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 

May L. Scott, State Superintendent of public Instruction Boise 


May L. Scott, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Boise 

W. H. Gibson, Secretary of State Boise 

John A. Bagley, Attorney General Boise 

State Land Board Commissioners of the State of Idaho. 
Gov. J. T. Morrison, Chairman Boise 

The State Board of Education will appoint members for next adoption of 
books in 1905. Text-books are required, by state law, to be furnished free. 

Same as State Board of Education. 

A. G. Sears, President Idaho Falls 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Ada Miss Hester Spackman Boise 32 

Bannock Mrs. Anna Harmer Pocatello 46 

Bear Lake Mr. M. F. Whitman Montpelier 22 

Bingham Miss Julia M. Anderson Blackfoot 49 

Blaine Miss May Ringgold Hailey 36 

Boise Miss Maggie Kerby Idaho City 36 

Cassia Mr. H. H. Thornton Albion 26 

Canyon Miss Cora B. Bean Caldwell 41 

Custer Miss Martha Keenan Challis 16 

Elmore Mrs. LdUie B. Wertz Mt. Home 13 

Fremont Mrs. Grace M. Taylor St. Anthony 68 

Idaho Mr. Lewis Elsenshon Grangeville 64 






Kootenai . . 



Lincoln .... 
Nez Perce . 
Oneida .... 
Owyhee .... 
Shoshone . . 

SuiK}rintcndeiit'8 Name. Address. 

Mr. R. C. Bgbers Rathdrum 

Miss Clara Ransom Moscow ... 

Miss Flora A. North Salmon 

Mt*s. Leah M. Bumside Shoshone .. 

Miss Bernice McCoy Lewis ton .. 

Mr. A. C. Dalley Malad 

Miss Myrtle M. Hastlngrs.... Silver City 

Mrs. Mary O. Wickersham. Wallace 

Miss Mary Z. Harper Weiser 

No. of 











ALBION, Cassia Co., pop.. 306. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
Horace ElMs, Pres. 

BOISE, Ada Co., pop.. 6.067. 
Boise Business and Shorthand College; bos. 

and sten. ; W.^ N. Rhoade, Pres. 
Idaho Business ITniversity; bus. and sten.; 

H. C. Hoffman, Pres. 
St. Teresa's Aoademy; girls' boarding; B. C; 

Sister M. Frances Glare, Prln. 

CALDWELL, Canyon Co., pop., 997. 
College of Idaho; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; Wm. 
Y. Boone, Prin. 

LEWISTON, Nes Faroes Co., pop., 2,426. 

State Normal School; normal; state; 
O. B. Kneper, Pres. 
MOSCOW, Latah Co., pop., 2.484. 
MoMow Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Wm. Perkins, Pres. 
ITniTersity of Idaho; unir.; co-ed.; state; est. 
1892; James A. McLean, Ph. D., Pres. 
PABIS, Bear Lake Co., pop., 906. 
Fielding Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; L. D. 8.; 
est. 1887; Richard T. Haag, Prin. 
PBESTON, Oneida Co., pop.. 1.000. 
Oneida Stake Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Ij. D. 
S.; Bdwin Cutler, Prin. 
BEXBITBO, Fremont Co., pop.. 1,081. 
Fremont Stake Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; L. 
D. S.; Douglas M. Todd, Prin. 


Population, 4,821,550. School census, 1,352,000. School age, 6-21. 

Illinois is the third state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 4,821,550 inhabitants, of whom 4,734,873, or 98.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 964,635, or -20 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 4.2 per cent, the state ranking tenth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : 


Alfred Bayliss, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Springfield 

Edward Bangs, First Assistant Superintendent Springfield 

J. C. Thompson, Second Assistant Superintendent Springfield 


E. A. Gastman, President Decatur 

Alfred Bayliss (ex-officio), Secretary Springfield 

Frank D. Marquis, Treasurer Normal 

E. R. KiMBROUGH \ Danville 

Charles L. Capen Bloomington 

George B. Harrington Princeton 

Ella F. Young Chicago 

Wm. H. Hamline Macomb 

P. R. Walker Rockford 

Wm. R. Sandham Wyoming 

Forrest F. Cook Galesburg 

Jacob L. Bailey Macomb 

E. O. Willard Rushville 

Joseph L. Robertson Peoria 

J. Stanley Brown Joliet 


Alfred Bayuss, President Springfield 

Lewis M. Gross, Manager Sycamore 

Walter R. Kimzey, Secretary Tamarora 

James M. Pace, Treasurer Macomb 

Edward J. Bangs, Asst. Supt. Public Instruction, ex-offkio Pres Springfield 

F. a. Kendall, Secretary and Manager Naperville 

Elizabeth L. Howes, Treasurer Decatur 

J. A. Mercer Peoria 




C. M. Bardwell ^ Aurora 

U. J. Hoffman Ottawa 

John Snyder Cairo 


Edwin G. Cooley, President Chicago 

Caroline Grote, Secretary ^ Pittsfield 

R. N. Stotter, Treasurer Olney 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Adams Albert R. Smith Quincy 185 

Alexander John Snyder Cairo 51 

Bond Wm. T. Harlan Greenville 77 

Boone J. G. Lucas Belvidere 74 

Brown Herschel V. Davis Mt. Sterling 65 

Bureau Claude Brown Princeton 201 

Calhoun Elmore Allen Batchtown 37 

Carroll John Hay Mt. Carroll 110 

Cass Albert E. Hinners Virginia 79 

Champaign Chas. H. Watts Urbana 243 

Christian Anna L. Barbre Taylorville 149 

Clark J. D. Shoemaker Marshall 104 

Clay Jacob 1. McKnelly Louisville 96 

Clinton William Johnston Carlyle 72 

Coles W. E. Millar Charleston 134 

Cook A. F. Nightingale 159 La Salle St, Chicago. .569 

Crawford Harry E. Green Robinson 100 

Cumberland H. M. Tipsword Toledo 39 

DeKalb Lewis M. Gross Sycamore 162 

DeWitt Thos. C. Wampler Clinton 97 

Douglas Anna E. Rogers Tuscola 96 

DuPage Royal T. Morgan Wheaton 87 

E^dgar George W. Brown Paris 145 

Bdwards Frank Coles, Jr Albion 50 

Effingham Claudius E. Mitchell Effingham 84 

Payette C. F. Basterday Vandalia 140 

Ford Edward A. Gardner Paxton HO 

Franklin Hiram M. Aiken Benton 90 

Pulton M. M. Cook Lewistown 212 

GallaUn Will J. Blackard Ridgway 66 

Greene Lucian K. Jones CarroUton 100 

Grundy C. H. Root Morris 102 

Hamilton Thos. W. Biggerstaff McLeansboro 88 

Hancock J. E. Williams Carthage 188 

Hardin Hattie Rittenhouse Elizabethtown 38 

Henderson Albert C. Keener Biggsville 69 

Henry Martin Luther Geneseo 201 

Iroquois S. C. Rutherford Watseka 236 

Jefferson James M. Hill Mt. Vernon 187 

Jersey James W. Roberts Jersey ville 71 

Jackson Mrs. Emma M. Bryan Murphysboro 12 

Jasper J. F. Arnold Newton 11 

Jo Daviess John W. Wilcox Galena 12 

Johnson Wm. F. Grissom, Jr Vienna 72 

Kane H. A. Dean Geneva 15 

Kankakee J. D. Cokley Kankakee 163 

Kendall Amos D. Curran Bristol 78 

Knox W. F. Boyes Galesburg 188 

Lake Frank N. Gaggin Waukegan 119 

La Salle U. J. Hoffman Ottawa 312 

Lawrence Amos P. Spencer T^wrenceville •. 78 

Lee I. Frank Edwards Dixon 166 

Livingston W. E. Herbert Pontiac 28 

Logan E>van P. Gram Lincoln 127 

Macon Alba A. Jones Decatur 134 

Macoupin Manning M. Kessinger Carlinville 176 

Madison Robert L. Lowry Upper Alton 162 





No. of 
County. ■ SiiiK'r]uluiidi.'iiL'ii Niiiiit. Addrc'iSB^ DLstrktB- 

Marlon ^John E* Whitchurch... **...,. *Saleiii ^.„...,«^^«w<*,..^^-.*,l^ 

Marshall E, Frank Perry * ,w..Ijacon ..*..„..» S7 

MasoB ,..,.......* .*.M, Bollan ..*_*.»*.**. »,.».. Havana ,,..«..,,».,. 9^ 

Massac ...*►. * W. A, 9pen(*e' ..*,**.* Metropolis *,*..».,,. 48 

McDonougii ......*.. ,♦.,*,...,.!. M. Pace... *...»*..**....*. .*»Macomb * .,..1B3 

McHenry , , ..Georgia W . Conn, Jr Hebron , Ill 

McLean - ...H....John S. Wren........ .Bloo minion ........,,,,...276 

Menard ,..-. R. D. Miller.... ..-Petersburg ..63 

Mercfer ► ...Charlton L. Gregory.. H..,...Aledo ...,, ,...,.., 115 

Monroe ..,...,......,.....,...., Henry Eisenbart ............. Waterloo ...,...*.......,.... B7 

Montgomery W. J. MeDavld. - . , HllLsboro , .H7 

Morgan ,.,......, .Jacksonville ,...., -lli^ 

Moultrie , J. G. Hoke... Sullivan - 86 

Ogle ...Emery I. NefC. Oregon 178 

Peoria ,.-..... Claude U. Stone , ..Peoria 1€7 

Perrv ....... — ......,.,. Walter B. Kimaey. .Tamaroa , 70 

Piatt Chas, Mcintosh ..Monticello ..103 

Pike Caroline Grote , Plttsfield .....170 

Pope . H - — M. I-.illian Baker. , -Golconda fiS 

Pnlaiki .Mrs. Heater M, Smith Mound City 52 

Putnam ....,,.,,. Geo, W. Hunt... .....Granville 33 

Randolph — Maurloe A. Mudd — ..... — Chester ..................... .105 

Richland .....,.,. H. N. Stotler Olney 87 

Rock Island ,,..,. Samuel J. Ferguson... Rock Island ....123 

Saline .....Ijewia E. York ....Harrlsburg 90 

Sangamon .. .,..►..... Chas. Van Doro .Springfield ,,....,.... 

Schuyler ..J. Rollo Black... . Rushvllle ..,. ..94 

Scott ...B. F. Walker Winchester . » W 

Shelby ......Chas. M. Fleming Shelbyville 171 

Stark .......Mrs. Mary P. Edmunds..... Toulon ....................... fD 

St. Clair ,•..... Charles Hertel ......Belleville 1£6 

StephGnson .C>'ru8 Grove Freeport .................. >.HT 

Tasewell W. P. Mavlty Pskin Wf 

Union .,......,,,, ...,.,,, Wm. O. Brown............... .Jonftsboro 79 

Vermilion R. B. Holmes Danville ,.236 

Wahasb ,...,.,,,., Ammon B. Smith. ...... ......Mt. Carmel 6& 

Warren J, D. Hegan.. Monmouth ..,....,,136 

Washington Chas. L. Edwards.. - Nashville ...,,. 83 

Wayne .....J. W. Templeman Fairfield *.. .MS 

Wlilte , ....Everet McCalllster ....Carml .»., ............HE, 

Whiteside .,,.,..... B. P. Hendricks. Morrison ^ 

Will .William H. Nevens.. ...Joliet 214 

Williamson Robert O. ClaHda ...Marlon ..,,. ...lOS 

Winnebago .O. J. Kern*..... ............ Rockford ,.,,,,,... 13fi 

Woodford W. J. Wbetael ©ureka la 


ABDf&DOKt Kuftit Do., ^p., 2,022. 

Hsddinr Callage; coL; eo-cd.; M. E. ; est, 
J 353: BflfTj B. iifjti^b, Free. 
ALBIOir, Edvmrdj Co.^ pop. 1.102. 
SoutliBra CoUerliLtd Inttttute;; pre|).; eo-ed.; 
Cong.; I^YunU B. Hlnm, Prea. 
ALTOITr Mftdiaon Co,, pup. 14.21iF. 

Aoadftm^ of the Holy Filially; ffirta' lioard- 

Ing; R. C. ; MothtT tjucy. 
Wtlleaiar PrflpirAtary iobtMil; prep.; co-ed.; 
noD-Bect. ; ftUss Julia B. Rundal], JEh-ea. 
AiniA, Union Co., pop. 2.«]8. 

UniDH ADAdemy of SouthenL UliuoiA; prep.; 
eo-ed.; Presb.; Thflddeua H. Rhodei, 
AVaO&A, E«i6 €o^, pop. 2444T. 

Anroi* OoHlsfe; nor. ^ eo-ed,; wjq-iect. ; cat. 
18^2: Hiomaa J. Allep, M. A.. LL. D., 

Jennioffs Seminary j ^irlii' bofiTdlDe: M. 1.^ 
Mm. Lticy Ryflef Mejer. A. M.. M. D., 

BEIXEVH-IE, St. CUii- Co., pop. 17.4S4. 
BfiUftvillo Gommereiitl and Bhorthuid OoUag^; 

btia. find sten. ; JameB P. Foeller, Priii. 
Imniaoidata Coaoaftion Ajwdsiny; glrlfi' 

bcMrdlng; R. C; Slatt^r Jtf. Mngdnteo. 

BI,gOIIINGTO£r, MaLemn Co., pop. 23.2SG. 
Brown's Bvilneu College ^ b^e. and sten.; I. 

N. Wrlgtit. Tres. 
niiDoli Weilayan Umverftity; coL; L>o-ed.; M. 

e.- est. 1861^; Edgar M. Smith, A. M., 

D. D.. PreB. 
niinolft WMlejiJi ITnivftrittyK Liw Depart- 

mentj Inw; coed.; eat. ]S74^ Owpn T, 

Reevee. LL. D,, Dean. 
BOUBBOHHAIB, Kankakea Co., pop. 535, 

fit, Viateuf^B C^Ue^j bojB' boarding; E, 0,; 




i?at. 1S03; Ui^r. U, S. Harnlle, O. S. V,, 

BUlfKDE HICX, UnooiiptB Co.. pop. 1.279. 

Bunker Hill MlHtary Academy; tuiUturr; 
iioii-Bct't*: eit, 18S2^ Rev. S. U StlTcr. 
A. iL. Supt 

Bohooi'i innauiLQaDitiiit* — Tb^ deslKn of 
tfafi Academy 1^ to mei^t tho wants of 
pprf^nCs wbo wish tt^t their aoaa the bea- 
efit of curofu] and syfitematlc hi^tructlDD 
aod training In (fverjUilng nereeanry t» 
tbeLr ftueceas aud wclfaro as m&p. 1% 
proTldea for tbo pbyaLtral, special, and 
caorHl derelopmeut of all Its stndcutJl, 
and leat^^B notblng undone to promote 
tlie true we]ifitri& of tbe bum blest as well 
ni tbe most adrunced aroonff tta cadets^ 
Fenoanl atteutlun J a eoaatantlj fflTea, 
und eftcb cftdet receives all tb& irar« and 
afttttatauce demanded hy temperament or 
apec-!al reqiili-emGiits. 
BUSHNELL, McDonough Cq., pop. 2.4&0« 

Weat«Tii Hormftl Collegie; f^nftpended 1901. 
CAIBOr AlexandvT Cq., iMip,, ]2,S6fl. 

Chi^H Academy^ eloacd. 

CAEBOHDALE, St. CUir Co., pop. 3,318. 

Soutbern IllnoU State Normal XJn^TBriitrl 
normal; co-cd^; etate; D. B^ rarkiaioDt 

GAALIMTILLB, lfi.«oapiD Co., pop. 3, COS. 
StaAiibazi] CoUef a ; col. ; uo-ed. ; Preab. i est. 
1SB&; Walter H. Bradley. A* M., Pb. D,. 

CAETHAaE, HauctHik Co-, pop. 2.1U4. 

CartbaKv CoUei«; eol.^ co-ed.; Lutb. ; ftit. 
1872; Fri^erJtk L. Slffraund, D. a, Prea. 
CENTEALIA, Htrian Co., pop. 6.721. 
Brown 'a BuAlneii CoUeffo ; bua. jind «ten.; 1>. 
C, Hrt.^wn^ I'riij, 
CHAMP AlChir^ ChampAifn Co., pap. &,0&3. 
Bs-own*i BuaIne«B CoUsfffi: bna. and iten.; 
J. B, Owen. Proe. 
OHABLEBTOir. Colfti OOh, pop. S,4SS. 

EmBtem Ulinola State Nonoml Bth&tfU nor* 
mol; t-'Oed. J state; L. C* Lard, PreB> 
CHICAGO, CjMik Co., pop. 1.©9S,B7B. 
_ Aoadfimy of Fine Artii art; co-ed.; eat 1D02; 
Curl N. WeriJta, Director^ 338 Wabasb 

Afiadomy af Oar I.ady of the Saored Heart; 
jtlrSa'; E. C; Motber M, 1\ Serapblca, 
05th and Thrfntp Sta. 

Aoadomy of the Saond Hevt; flrla'; E. 0.; 

CbarlottP LewlH, 4S5 W, Taylor St. 
American Callaffo «f Hadiolna and Burswrr^ 

mod.; ecleptle; eo-ed.; eat. 1902; J. D. 

KolJ(+rtiM)n. M. D.. Be^-,. I(i3 State St, 
American Co11oe« of Catwpatblc Medlolno and 

iurfforyi oateop.; co-i?d.; tit. 1(KJ2; Dr 

James B. Llttlejolsn. TrcDa., 334 W. Mon- 
roe St 
Amerlaaa Canaerratory of ICn*i«; mua.; eat. 

1§.§0; Jobu 1. Hattataedtt Pfeii.. 243 Wa- 

hnab Ave, 
Amario^p, Tlalla Sobooh mua, ; Josepfa VUlm. 

Dir.. 3m Klmbttll HalL 
Aiay Contecrfatory of Hualo; mm.; HcUuo 

Baokan, Dlroetor, Stelnway Bait 

Armour Inititute of TapbjiQlogy; iden; noti-^ 
sect.; est. Iflfl2; Kev. Frank W. Gtm- 
saulii^, Pres., 33rd St. and Armour Ayc^. 

Art Adadamy; art; (X^ed.; eat. 139G; J, F^n* 
I la Siuitti, JHrector, 46 Ja^'kaou Blvd. 

Art Inatitutfl of OJiloafo; airt; co-ed.; eat* 
1970; N. H. Carpenter, See*. MlcblgaD 
Ave^ and Ada ma Bt, 

Soboori aasounoomantn — The Art Inatl- 
tnte la tbe m^jst comprehensive and prob- 
ably the largeat art sctiaol In tbe Cnlt«<i 
States. It einbrflf^ea Sehoola of Drawing. 
FalDtlne, Illustration. Bdulptnre, AreM- 
tecture. and Decorative Design. The tu- 
ition fee, coverli'U i/ll the prlvLlegea of 
the Bcbool. la $15 a year. Studenta may 
enter at uny time. SpedaL classes e ven- 
ture and Saturdays, 

Aiaham Hall; glrla' baarding; non-seet. : eat^ 
1SS3; Kate B. Martin, Prln., 474d Madi- 
son Ave, 

Bohoors amiounaamemt. — A boHrding iind 
day Bf.'hool for girls, eomprUlng^ Aeai- 
demie. Intermediate, and Primary De- 
partments, To Its reaident pupUa 
Asoham Ball ' oHera tbu advanlagea of a 
rvjlncd, cultured bomtt In wblcb every 
oCfort la made to render the home life 
eomfortubte and happy. ExqurBlons are 
frcQUi-ntly made to tba Field Calnm- 
Maii Museum, the Art Institute, tbe ^b- 
llf lihrarlea, and the other educational 
Institutions; also to tbe concerts of the 
Thomaa Orchestra. 

AsaoaiatioQ CoLlefe; men; y. M. C. A.; Wal- 
ter M. W^fflMl. A. B., Dlr.. 1B3 La Salle St. 

Athenaeum: ^^s., steii.j prep; ctj-ed-; Gbarlefl 
R. Barrett. Snpt.. 18 Van Buren St, 

Auditorium CouserTatory ; »ee Obkago Oc»]i> 

Balatka Musical College ; mua.^ est. 1879; 
Chr. F. Balatka. Director, 4*» Randolph St. 

Bannatt CoUoge af Eoleotla Modioiuo ajid Bar- 
gary; med.; ecleetle; eo-ed.; est. iSflS; 
N. A. Graves. M. D,, Sec.. 78 No, Ada 

Bialer^niLnolB fiualneis College; bus. and 
stfn,; est. lS8fl; Glde«n Bliler, Prea., 
Ogden Ave, and Mndtsrm ^t. 

firookt ClaaaituI BchoaU Klrli=i; i^^i. 18^0; Mlaa 
Clare D. Fox, Prin., '251 Ash] and Blvd. 

Bryant & Btratton Butlnaaa Collego; bus. and 
stin,: eat. lS5fl; H. W. Bryant, Pr«a., 
31 G Wabaab Ave. 

Buah Temple CoDserratory ; mns.; F. Si^hmldC. 
N. Clark Bt titid Cblcago Ave, 
Bobool's announcement. — The Bush Tem- 
ple, costing I350.UOO, Is tbe finest con- 
ferva tory building In Amprlca. contain* 
Inff a beautiful tb eater, wbere tb« coo^ 
certa. afH>rae and plays of tbe Ooti- 
servjitory are given. SpeclAl facIUtlea 
for pupils who aaulre to dramatic ca- 
reers through tbe arrangcmenta with the 
Play era* Stock Company. New Pipe Or- 
gan for atudenta' practice. 

Capona Violin School; mus. ; Slg. Paaqiiate 
Cnpnne, Dir.. STfl Jnefes^in Blvd. 

Caruthera' Normal Bchooh mua., normal; 
Julia Carutbera, 0lr., 203 Michigan Ar*. 

Central Coniarvatory ; mus. ; eat. 1902; Wal- 
ton Perkins, Prea.* Andltorlitm Bldff. 






Central Initltute; prep, and bus.; Dr. A. 0. 
Staley, Dlr., 40 E. Randolph St. 

Century School of Mutio; mas. and or.; es^. 
1896; Chester N. Hanson, Director, Athe- 
naenm Bldg. 

Cheney Behool, Mrs. John Vance; mus. and 
elo.; est. 1897; Mrs. John Vance Cheney, 
Prln., Fine Arts Bldg. 

Chicago Business Law School; bus. law; 
co-ed.; est. 1895; William B. Walrath, 
Sec, 1317 Chamber of Commerce. 

Chicago College for Nurses; nurses' training; 
John D. Robertson, M. D., Sec, 382 W. 
Jackson Blvd. 

Chicago College of Advertising; corresp. adv.; 
est. 1902; W. A. Merriam, Mgr., Wil- 
liams Bldg. 

Chicago College of Dental Surgery; dent.; 
men.; est. 1881; Truman W. Brophy, 
Dean, Wood and Harrison Sts. 

Chicago College of Embalming; co-ed.; est. 
1892; Carl L. Barnes. M. D.. LL. B., 
Pres., 293 S. Lincoln St. 

Chicago College of Pharmacy; pharm. ; co-ed.; 
est. 1859; WilUam B. Day, Ph. 6., Sec, 
465 State St. 

Chicago Conservatory; mus.; co-ed.; est. 1884; 
William Wade Hinshaw, Pres., Audito- 
rium Bldg. 

Chicago Correspondence School of Law; law; 
est. 1892; Charles F. Westwood, Sec. 
Reaper Blk. 

School's announcement. — Regular 2-yiear 
course for preparation for admission to 
the bar. Business law course of 22 
weeks. Special course in any subject. 
The largest exclusive correspondence 
school of law in the United States. By 
the correspondence method, the student 
may pursue the course rapidly or slowly 
according to his desire, circumstances or 
ability. He can follow his regular voca- 
tion and choose his own time and place 
for study. 

Chicago £ye, Ear, Nose and Throat College; 
post-graduate; co-ed.; est. 1897; John R. 
Hoffman, M. D., Sec. 206 E. Washington 

Chicago Homeopathic Medical College; 
homeop.; co-ed.; est. 1875; Edgar J. 
George, M. D., Business Manager, 31 
Washington St. 

Chicago Hospital School for Nervous Chil> 
dren; 5201 Drezel Ave. 

Chicago Industrial School for Girls; indust.; 
49th St. and Prairie Ave. 

Chicago-Kent College of Law; law; co-cd. ; 
est. 1888; Elmer E. Barrett, LL. B., Sec, 
1009 Title & Trust Bldg. 
School's announcement. — Offers both day 
and evening courses with complete cur- 
riculum in each. Day sessions are held 
during the morning and afternoon hours. 
Evening sessions are held each week day 
evening with ten hours sessions each 
week. This course affords young men 
who are engaged in law offices and else- 
where during the day, an opportunity to 
pursue a regular course of law studies 
under proper instruction. College gradu- 
ates who have a sufHciont amount of 
credit in legal studies may be admitted 

to advanced standing in either course. 
Summer course during the months of 
June and July. 

Chicago Kindergarten College; kindergarten 
training; women; est. 1886; Mrs. J. N. 
Crouse, Prin., 10 Van Buren St. 
School's announcement. — The school is in- 
tended to meet the needs of kindergart- 
ners. Public or Private School Teachers 
and Principals, and to give an intelligent 
idea, in a short time, of the kindergar- 
ten and its relation to all after educa- 
tion. Instructors in every department 
are specialists. College is centrally lo- 
cated in close proximity to the art muse- 
ums and public libraries. Boarding de- 
partment deUghtfully situated in a quiet 
residence part of the city. 

Chicago Kindergarten Institute; kindergarten 
training; est. 1804; Ethel Roe Lindgren, 
Prin., 40 Scott St. 

Chicago Latin School; boys' prep.; Robert B. 
Bates, Prin., 561 Division St. 

Chicago Law School-; law; co-ed.; est. 1896; 
J. J. Tobias, Chancellor, 115 Dearborn 

Chicago Manual Training School; indust.; 
men; Henry H. Belfleld, Prin., Michigan 
Ave. and 12th St. 

Chicago Musical College; mus.; est. 1867; Dr. 
F. Ziegfeld, Pres., 202 Michigan Blvd. 

Chicago Musical Seminary; mus.; est. 1878; 
M. G. Macdonald, Pres., Steinway Hall. 

Chicago National College of Music; mus.; 
est 1891; Dr. H. S. Perkins, Dir., 26 
Van Buren St. 

Chicago Normal School; co-ed.; state; Arnold 
Tompkins, Prin., 67th St. and Stewart 

Chicago Opera School; mus.; Henry Cohen. 
Manager, Steinway Hall. 

Chicago Piano College; mus.; Charles E. 
Watt, Dir.. 243 Wabash Ave. 

Chicago RaUway and Commercial Institute; 
tel.; 95 Washington St. 

Chicago School of Assaying; assaying; J. 
Dunraven Young, Dir., 1733 Monadnock 

Chicago School of Psychology; applied psych.; 
co-ed.; est. 1896; Herbert A. Parky n, 
M. D., C. M., Supt., 4020 Drexel Blvd. 

Chicago Sloyd School; teachers' training; 
women; Miss Anna Murray, Director, 
2978 Prairie Ave. 

Chicago Theological Seminary; theol.; Dr. 
Joseph H. George, Pres., 81 Ashland 

Chicago Veterinary College; vet.; men; est. 
1883; Joseph Hughes, M. R. C. V. S.. 
Sec;, 2537 State St. 

College of Medicine and Surgery; med. ; reg. ; 
A. E. Gammage, Pres., 167 Dearborn St. 

Columbia College of Law; law; night; co-ed. 
John E. Ricketts, LL. D., Pres.. 216 
Roanoke Bldg. 

Columbia School of Music; mus.; Louis Mc- 
Donald, Mgr., Kimball Hall. 

Columbia School of Oratory; or.; co-ed.; est. 
1890; Mary A. Blood. A. M., Prin., Stein- 
way Hall, 

Columbian Trade & Business School; bus. and 




tecb.; Josepb Belrera, Dlr.. 243 Wabaiil] 

Bttubom BAmiiLur; \^\jW boanllaii!; non- 
sect. : Evelyn MaU. Prlii., 2252 Oiiluroet 

l!i« IjL S&IlB Inititute; ^ommerciAl; R. C; 

Brotber BflJdwln, Dlr.t 3Btli St* and Wh- 

biLsfa Are. 
IhjQhvm M«dlca.l CfDllege; coiMoltdat«l If^i'S 

wltlt llerliaif M^dtcsl Cullege* 
Dvdrmk DT«.mBrtic ftotaooil; dniniDti<?; if<Hed^: 

Edward Dtiirnk, Dir., KJpibaU Hall. 
Elflctm ScboDl for Girli; girls' b«>ardtni; and 

diiy; ijoi!-iw*ct^ ; Mlii» Kate L. Bpnlds^ 

Frln,, WlA'l \lithlKHn Are. 
Ephphett School for Deftf and Bumb; Mi&A 

Mntprifct CoHijrove, IMn,, -MW S. May J^t. 
Gott»h«ik Ljrlo Bohool; ojivra; druma; 

co-ed.; est ]S$B; U (iBiiton Gotts<-halkt 

IMrPct.f KlmbHll tIaLl. 
Greo Soboolt buti. und Htun.; est. 13@6; 

Linn H, Young:. S«c.. G7 G. WRiblnvton 

Ha-bnemftnn l[«difli.l Cl»UBBe; mt^d. ; bom^p.; 

uijt. 1800; W. Hrnr.? Wilson, M. D.. 

IlugJatrur, 2811 Coltiii^t' Grove A7e. 
Harmon Shorthand School; Ateti.: Willi imi B. 

nnnmnj, PHii,. ^m Rnndolpb St. 
HarrArd Inirtituta; psyf-bology; tUlwyii Claify 

Uulbf^rt. F«,-rh; U., Do&d, QTtb 4 Uaf- 

vafd Avt. 
Hftrmrd Sulmol for Bo;i; ba^^» pr«p. ;; non- 

fteot. ; est« ]8TG; Jobu J. Scboblng&r. 

Denii. 4070 Ljike Avp. 
Huir»jr Hediiml Gi}U«r«: nl^bt: tg^.: co-od.: 

oftt 1!KH; Friiiiec-s Dlcklnaon. M. D.. 

Pr(?a.. ^m B. Clark St, 
HfiHnt MfldicAl CollAffa; mRd.; bomtHj.; t-o-ed.; 

&Bt. 1801: Robert N. MrtrriB^ M, D.. 

floflBtrar, 3S34 Rhodes Atc. 
Hinibftw Sohool of 0p*7»; consoitdiit(?d 1Q02 

with ChlcaKo CnnHBrvatory. 
Holy Asff^ra Aead«my; gitlm\ R. O.; aOS Duk- 

vrood Blvd. 
XlliBoli Buiinou Coll«f«s »et' Blxler-llllrioln 

Bufiinesa CoUen;*!. 
niJnoii CoU*ff0 of lATSj law I cn-ed. ; eat, 

1197: Howard N. Ogd*'n, LX, D.. Proa.. 

112 Cliirk St. 
HUqoIb Oollofs of Oataapntliy ; o«tiM>patb.: 

co-ed,: eat* ISOT: Prod E. WpaTer* Treas,^ 

lai Dontbftrn St. 
niinolB Induitrlml Sobool itit Oltli; InduaL; 

Mla« M, Mcintosh, See,, TO Dearborn St, 
llUnoti lC»dio*l CoUbkb; infd,; rog. ; co-ed.: 

^at.]Hli4; Httuuu H. Rtowu. M. D.. Pro*., 

1S2 WaahJnfftAn Blvd. 
nUnoia Bcbool of Dcntiitrr: aec Hrhnol of 

HenUatry, Ttniri^rfviry of Hllnula. 
Jfinnar Hadidal CollafA; mvAr, ret:.: iiiffbt; 

(tipfl.; Mt. ISOl; WnUHin Rtttr^nbuuac-. 

M, D., Spc, 106 K. WaftblnKton Rt. 
Jewiab TralninK Sobool of Cbloato: Uidim. ; 

O'O-ipd.; fiabriel Ranihi^ricfr, t>lr,, IDO W. 

12ih PI. 
JflWAler^f loboal of Engt-avjng; iHijCDiYtn^: 

eo-ed.; Mt. liSS; Rlebnrd 0. Knndler, 

Mgrr.H 1110 Maaiinlr Tonijsle. 
Jonoi BuRlfloia Oollefe; bita. nnd nteti.: 

ChflfleB E. Joi>»^«, Prin., \m Waablneton 

EoUo BebwJl of MtiBioal and Draraatio Art; 

DiLiJ.; driima: eat. 13§9^ Hu^b A* Kelso, 

-Tr., Dlf.. Auditorium Bldg. 
Kenwood Institute for GirU^ glrla: jmxv-mct,; 

eat. ^n^: Aniilre E. B. Butta, A. M«, 

PrIn.. 40 E. 47tli St. 
Kimballi* Trainiiif ScbooU coiotderelal; D. 

Klmballg, Prill.. 11^ Adams St. 
Kirkland BqIiooI; grlrl's boardlu;: noo-sect, ; 

eat. 1KT4; Mrs* Emmii 3. A^ams, 40 

Swjtt St. 
Ku^ler Huitax Sokool; mna,; F* J, Kttglur, 

Dlr, W& Kimball Hall. 
Lakd Tlaw Inatitute; ^vVm boardiug; uon- 

IMrt.; Rar*iti A. An able* Prtn.. 1S44 

Briiir PI. 
L«wla Inctltato ; tevh. : po-ed, : Ovorffe Koble 

riirniAn, Pres., Robey A. Madiaou Sta* 
Lafflapwall Violin Bflkool; miw. ; W. W. Lef- 

OngwelK Dir.. 610 Kim ball BUlfr. 
Lorln^ flahiKil for Gbrli; ffirla; tiotk-aeet. t 

i-st. lliTS; Mrs. Stella Djer Lorin^, Prin.t 

2078 Prairie Ave. 
Lyman Sohool: vlo- and dram.: eat, 1874: 

M Fi . Wfl 1 ter C. Lj man, Dlr.. K Imball 

HacCormao CariiiapondeinoA Sokool; bun. and 

aten.; Morton MacCormat^ Prea., 100 

Washington m* 
Maraluil Law Sohool, Jobn^ law; co-tHl^; 

est. 188fl; Edward T. tjee. See., lOT 

Deartmrn St, 
McCormiak Tkeoloffloal SAminar?: theo. : Bov, 

Willis G. Cnilff. LL. D.. Prea., Halt ted 

and FuilDi-ton Ave. 
HoCowin Oral Sob<tol for tho Dftaf; Mrs, 

Mjiitlti A. Ryeraon. Prei,, ^100 Yalt 

]|<^Killip VetariJiary OoUeK^; yet.: men; eat. 

im-^', M. n. MtKllIlp. M. P., V. S.. 

Frea.. KVUI Wabnah Ave, 

Sohool' a amioiiiu)«m«ati— Three -year Orad- 

nate Courae, leading to the degree of 

l>fpftur of Veterinary Medlelne, opens 

October lat and euda April lat eaeb 


Fl»e-We«k Prtictltlonera' Cout^. eon- 

alatlnjc of adTaii(.*ed work in auri^err* 

medicine, dla^noala and dentlatrr. opens 

the firat week of January eat-b year. 
Six-Month a' Po*t -Graduate Courae, eon- 

ulatlnK of adTBiieed work In any of tha 

veterinary medleal branebea, opens Oeto- 

tn-r lat each year, 

Meat-Inspectif>n Conr*?, to prepare ttu- 

di-ntfl flnd reterinarluiia for the Govern- 

luent Civil Service exajnlnatbna for Kleat 

liiapcrtefH. from October to April, 
MetrepoHtan Bualnoaa Cellasa; bus, and «teti.: 

I'M. 1«73; O. M. Powers* Pdn.t Wahaah 

Ave. 4 IMonroe St. 
Ull«4 CoUvffet bita. and nten.: eat. 1003; 

n. r. MUp8, Pryu., Lukealde Bid*. 
Miotitnt School of Opera and Drama; mnt. 

und dramar Hnrry L, Mlntum. Dlr.» 

Whhiway Tlii-atsT, 
Modern Sohool of Lan^uAffaa; lanff.} J^ Bat- 

tbsseara Blr, fl<>2 Ktelnway HaL 
llar«miii laboel of Expreuion. Auia: dram. 

II rt: Mlsa Annrt Merghn. Dlr, Fine Arta 

ITational Xadloal ITnlvaraitTi med.; eat. 1^)0: 






I>r. L. D. Rugcra, Rofletrur, 441 Dear- 

North Chioftffo Busineu CoU«ffai bus- and 
ftten.: C. C. Coi^brHn, PrJu-n 'H4 Gflrfli?ld 

Kortbern IllinoU CoUofffi of Opthtlmoloyy; 
opth.; f7D-f>d. ; est. 1S72; J. B. McFiitrkli, 
M. D,. Prea.., Mason li: Ti^mple. 

Korthv«itttrQ Buiia«si CoUi^; him. ^nd ntcrn.; 
J. F. Flail, PrJD,, 747 N. Httl^pj gt. 

ITorthwttfttara Univeriity J)«ntal SebiKil; dent.; 
i?o-ed. ; est. lftS9; Wlllljim K. HaPptT. 
D. D* a.f S^c L-oriK?!- Lake & DeaPlJorii 

Iforthwutem UnlTariatr Lat Sohool; law; 
eo-ed,; est. 18MV; JobD H. Wigmore, 
BeaDp comer Pefirborn Jt Lake St*. 

Kortbwtiptern UniTunitr M«4ii»Ll BdiOiBU 
iiK^d. I TV'S-', laen; est. lSrt9; Artlnir R, 
llrlivrirda, St-c. 24.11 Deflrbom St. 

Nartfawfietom UmverBity SobooL of FhArma^y-; 
phflirm. : eo-ed, ; eat. 1S80; ppcif, Oaear 
Oldbirg, Down. S7 Lake St, 

O'Uoiuiairs Biuliivis Colte^fi; bua. aod attn.; 
D. J. 0*l>nunnll^ Prill,, corner L«aTitt 
&, Vmt Riiron Stg. 

Orr'i Buiineea Collage; bua. «nd sten.; Grant 
Orr, Fil[]., 63rd & Yale. 

Ott'a Sahool of Expreuion; ^loe. ^ eat. 1002; 
Ed AmbfriJt Ott, Prea., Moproe St. & 
Fruiicigco St, 

Oxford Sohool for Boyi; boj's prep.; Ricbord 
II, AriDK, Mf^nd Maator, 2141 Calninet 

Fft£«-B&Tii Ciillii>Q of AdT«rtli[iif ; cmreap.; 
eat. ist*7; Edw. T, Paife. See.^ 90 Wabaab 

Faj-kar SobooL rr&ncii W,i pr«p.; eo-ed, ; 
Flora J. CiKJke, Prlii.. Hnfi Webatar Art. 

Pateraon's Btflaorraphio Inatitute; aten.^ 
Charlf^ft PntLT#oii, Prin.. Ii53 LaSalla St, 

FruliTteriat] Training Bcbool for BuMeaj 
nwraos" trwliiiiiMi 277 ^Vslilniid Atc. 

Frifioetoii'Yalii Sohool; t-ijusolldiited with Har- 
viird :^it]iii^l fMi' Buys. 

ProgTtisjiiTfl Practical Buainaia CgUego; btia. 
jiiid 9 tea.; 00 DeHflHjri] St. 

Euih Medioal CoUega; Died.; re^. ; men; est. 
1S37; John M. Ikidmm, Deant Hani son 
& Wtm\ Sts. 

Buah Hedif^l College; ined.; reg.; men; eat. 
1S42; naUkitrd wltb ,tlie CiilTeriity of 
Clili'Jigo; John M. Dodaon^ A. M., M. D,» 
Ihyan or Stndeiita, M WAablnftou St. 
Gfihaori ajmoimoDinoat. — Tbe ctirrlcaliiiD 
of th!a Bcbool of medkine requires a 
proper pf^llmlnai^ education and four 
feara of stitrly In collegfi. derot*^ to 
talroratory, didactle npd cUptcal liiatrue- 
tion, to rei'JtatkiiiBK and to Dinnual train- 
11:1^ In tbe QSe at liiBtrumenta &q6 JippLl- 
ancea. Wltb n faculty of o^er ISO pro- 
fessorii, InatriictoTS. &ni assistant a. and 
vftb ample room nnd appUani?eat this 
■diool la iible to furnlah Ita claasea wltb 
the moat approved ayatematle education 
!ij mod I due. Studeut attendance during 
tbe pnat year was 1.020. 

Bcbool of DentiAtry. TJnlTartity of Illinois; 
detit. ; cij*etl, 1 ej*t ISRD; B. J. Ciffrand, 
D. P* S., S^vc. S13 W. Hiirrlaon St, 

SehooL of Domeitie Arti sod SoltiiDfls ; women ; 
cRt. ISB3; I Rebel D. Bulla pd, Dir,, 30 
State St. 

Bcbool of FbsTiQScy, fTniTerait^ of Illinois; 
see Cbleai^o C<slle}je ut E^barmai'jr. 

Sabool of KedicinOi UniToriltr of Illinoia; 
see College of Pby^^lclans an^ Surireotia. 

Sheldon School of SoientiAti Baleanianship; 
eorresp, ; eat. 1002- A, F. SbeAdoa, Pres., 
215 Wabaslj Ave, 

Sherwood Muslo Sohool; mus. ; co-^'d. ; ast. 
1897: WllMtttn H. Sberwood, DIr., 203 
Michigan Av^;* 

Sapor S«bool of Onatary; eat. 1877; H<jiury 
M. Soper. Pfea.. .-jikU Cuab Temple. 
Sahoors umounaemant,— The School of 
Oratory ©f the Buah Teraplo OonserTatOTT. 
Instruction in Elocutt<?n. t<*Ore^nBlc Ora- 
tory. Public Speaking. Iiflaarte; Litera- 
ture. PbysEcal Galture. JonrnalisniK Par- 
Uame^ntary Law. 

Normal Cfflorw! for TNfttcbera.— Forenilc 
work for iRwyera, drill In sacred oratory 
for clergymen, profeaaloDsl tfoursa for 
public appearance, acting. Stndenta may 
«nter at any time. Spaelal aummer 
arhool In July. 

St* Igniktiua CollAgf] ; boy"! prep. ; R. €■ ; 
413 W. 12th St. 

8t. JameB Sohool; prep.; co-pd.; R. C. ; 2012 
Wabash Ave. 

St. Patrick's Commaroial AoAdemy t R. Q. ; 
Brother Jofloph, 13o S. l>eaplaincs St, 

St, X&viar Ao&donij; glrl'a boarding; R. C. ; 
est. 184fl; Mother Iff^nevleTe, 4S2fi Eyaiia 

BtsJTett Sohool for Gijrla; girrs boarding; 
non sect.: est. ISS-i; Mrs, Helen EkSn 
Starrott, Prin., 4707 Vlncennea Ave. 
Sobaor« mnneuno«i&«Dt. — \ bottle and day 
Kcbool foi- glrlJH, College preparatory and 
nnlablng aebool. Spnelous and beautiful 
cfilorilal home; £ acrea of lawn; 2 blocks 
from Wathlngton Park; 10 resident 100 
day pnplla. Special advantages In mualc 
and art. Send for circular a. 

EtoYaj) Sohool for &irla; girla; non-secL; est. 
laSO; Mr«, Luella M. Wllwn, PHn.. 431S 
Ilreiel Jllvd. 

Tomsto Mandolin Eoboal; lunH. : Tbeodoi-o To- 
maso, Dlr.. Htaffcsion Ulvd & Waboah Ave. 

T7nion Electrto l^elegraph School; tel.; eat. 
1S75; Henry C. Roetb, Prea.* SS LaSalla 

tTniTfOfaity of Cbicsfo; unlv.; co-ed.; est, 
]St>2; Willlaui II. Harper, L.L. D.. PriM.* 
5ath & Ellla Ave. 

XTniveraity Sqbaol for Oirli; girl's boarding; 
n (in -sect. ; Mlaa Anna R. Hal re. Deant 
21 Laks? ."^hore Drlvp, 

Sobo^rs s-nDDunoamont. — Ajftilluted with 
tbe Dniverstty i>{ CblcaKo. Home and 
Pay School for Qlrl^. Ci>Hei?e preparatory 
conraes adapted to c a trance requlrementa 
of Smith, Bryn Mnwr, Vasanr and Dnl- 
verslty of Chicago. 8poi;lal Art and 
Maslc course*. 

Watson' i Bniiueaa Caller bs bua. »nd sten.; 
Owirtrc WnlwjM, Frln.* 740 W. SStli 

Western Tbwlogical Somintry; tbeoLj F. E.; 





RcT. Prautift 1. HrII, Warden. 1113 
Wuftblngtoii Blvil. 
Wblt» CoUegv of Shortli«nd; 8ten.; Lena A. 
WhUp, PrpH,- FJne Ar|» IJl<Jg. 

Zion CollflBfe; r^ol.j fo-*!d. * R. C.; Rev, W^ P. 
Miitbewti, Pri'M., 1254 Mtchlgitn Avp. 
CaFFEEN, Xont^omerr Co., pop. D03. 

Gofl'flen Hormml Siibool »nd Aciidflm? ; jtreti. ; 
Q<j-e<j|*;; .Tufflbpl Trajtor. Pros. 
CRAB ORCHARD, Willii.msan Co., pof). 237. 
Grab Orohmrd Academy; [i^op. ; co-td.; M. E. ; 
Jamos C. BUxsHrd, Prea. 
CREEL SPEXlfOS, Wllliamun Co., pop. 940. 
Croel Bprin^i College; i^nL; (><>-pd.; Eapt.! 

DAKOTA, Stephen ion Gi|.| popr 200. 

Intsrior Academy ; prpp^ ; (w-ihI, \ Rpf. : RfV. 
1[. L. iVuii], A. M.. Prea. 
DAHTILLE, Vermilion Co., pcn>. 10.354, 

Banvillt) BuflineM Gi>lle|tA; bus. and flteti.; J. 
C. WBlki^r, Prin. 
DECATUR, BCacou Co.. pop. 2,075. 
BTOwn'a Builnoii Col!«g:e ; bus. mid fsttMV. L 

G, W. nrown. Prt>a. 
Bt. TharsBa'a Academy: pi^cp.; fro-ed. ; K. C; 
RfV. J. Murphy, Prea. 
I>E KALB, Do Kftlb Co., pop. 5.0<t4. 

Korthorn Illinoli Stat a Konnal Sohool; nor- 
irirtl; eo-^d.; ataUs Jflhu W. Cook. Prei. 
DIXON, Lm Co,, p^ip. 7,017. 

Northern IlUnoU Kormal SohiKf I ; cn-f d, ; non- 

aott.; Jf»hn B, Dllle, Prt^». 
BteioroaTm GoUeia; i>rfp. and bus.; co-ed ,; 
non-a*»ct. ; Cbarlc* A. ^MDmsnii, A. M., 
EFFINCKAM, EAflfflLaDi Ga., p<jp. 3,774. 
Anttin Gollafo; coL: ro-i^,; oon-aect,; eat 

ISBl^ W. B. Lufieiiberl, Piefl. 
BUhU ColloffB df Photo 'Eii|T»Tlnr; tiuh.; 

cHwd.; PBt. IBfH; L. H: Blaael^ PreB. 
IRinoti Coll«f« of PbolD^rapby; pUotn. ; 
eo-odK: non-BiH't,: p^Jh l«t>4; L, H. BJ»- 
aoll. Proa, 
ElOOf, Kama Co,, pop. 22,433> 

Elgin Acadeniy of North vaatorn VnlToriity ; 
prop. : t'M-ed, ; iiun-aoi't- j Gi^otev K. 
$!lelghl. JVtn. 
Elgin BiuUiAiB GoIlaffQ; tiiia, and attMi.; W. 

n. Callow. Prea. 
Mmxj Aoadomy; prup, ; co-ed.: R. Ci eat. 
1881^ SIsttT Mory CoDBtance, anpet-ior, 
ELWKUEST, Dapaga Ca,, pop. 1.738. 

ETan|r«lical ProsemiDary; theol. ; m(Mi; Oar. 
KvnrjB.; ih« 1H7Ij I(eT» D, Irion, Pra«, 

EITREKA, Woodford GOm POE^, 1,081. 

Eureka College: l^oL; co-ed.; Cbrlatlaii; uat. 

1855: Roth [t B. Hh-roiiymuH, A. M., PPi'«. 
EVA^BTCK, Cook Co,, pop. 10,250. 
Narthwaitom Trnivaraity; unlv.; co-ed.; M, 

E.; eat L^r»5; Edmund J. Jaina«. Fb. (X. 

LL. D.. Pn.-a. 

Sohool's annonnofmifliit, — Tlio UnNeraHjr 


The ColbT^' of Liberal Arta, at Erflnstoii. 

The Uadtu^l Scbtniil, at Chlcafio. 

The La IV Si'hool, at Chicago. 

Tbc S^'br>->1 of tlmrmiiey, at Chtcairo. 

The Pcntfil School, at Chicago. 

The fjcbool oC Miiaic, at Etanaton. 

Tl3t Bcbdol of Theology, at E^anatoti. 
' Id addition to these degree-confcrHn^ 

da'partmentn. the author! ilea malntiln at 

Eranaton an Acadamy and a Behool of 

Oratory. The number of inatmctorfi in 

nil deparlmeiita la more than 300, amd 

tho number of etudents o^pr 3,000. 
Actadamy of Korthwattani XJniTsnlty : prep. ; 

co-ed.: M. E.t i-st. ^mi\ ft<*T. Herbert 

F. KIhJc, LL. D„ Prln, 
Sobool of Muijc, Iforthwaatarn Uniranltr; 

muelt:; coed.; cat. 1S91; Pct<T C. I^nt- 

klD, MUE. Doc, A. a. 0^. DcaiK 
School of Oratory, Northwaatem UnlTartity ; 

B. L. Cumnock, L. FI. D., Director. 
TIaitatiop Aoademy; girls'; R. C; Slat«ri of 

tha VJslUtlon. 
EWING, ErttiikUn Co., p(»p. 410. 

EwiAr Collage; col.: co^cd,: Bapt.; est. lSfl7; 

J. A. LoaTitt, D. D., F, R. G. S., Pre*. 
FLORA, GUy Co., pop., 2,3TJ, 

Orohurd City BuBtmaii Collega; bus. and 

Hten.; €»flt. 1800: Thos, B. Greenlaw, 


FEEEFOET, Btaphanion Co,, pi>p, 13,£&S. 

Fraeport GoUaga of Ganunaroa; bus, and aten. : 
J. J. Nni^'lc. Prln. 
FTl-TOK, Whitealde Co., pop. 2,eSD. 

Nortboin IlUnoia CoUega ; coL ; fro-ed. : iioii-' 
sect.: est 1S03; J. K, BJtUnffer, Pre*. 
CALEBBUEO, Knax Co., pop. l%,mi. 

Broivn'a Bu4inams CoUogo; buj?. and «ten. ; W. 
V. riHlwi'l], Prill, 

Kindergarten Kormal Bohooh women; nuu- 
Hcct, [ M. KTelyn Btrons, Pn». 

Snax CaUflfa; col, ; co-e^.; noasect; «t* 
laaX; Thomaa Mi-CU^Uand, A. M., D. D^ 

Lomhard GalUff«; (mL ; m-ed,; Univ.: eat. 
1852; €. Ell wood Na»h, A. M.. D. D., 

Bohoora announoamant,— Tlio eleclJTe ajf^a- 
tcni In <ipcrntlo[i at fiomhard Dnlver* 
pity la believed to be the beat yet de- 
vfacd for accurlng adaptability wKhaut 
aacrldce of thorrjugh culture. Bcitltlea 
thi^ CnlU'ifiate lie part men t there Is a Pre- 
paratory ScbDuU n feichcKjI of Mualc, Klo- 
cntj{>n atid Art, and the Ryder DiTlalty 
School, eaeb Leading to degreaa or dl^ 
CEKEBEQ, Henry Ga., tmp. 3,350. 

Caneuo CollafiAta Inatitate; *Si\.\ co-ed.; 
Prcab. ; », ll(>ii-' Tbompaon. Prei*. 
CODEREY, Madiion Co., pop. 2^. 

MontlctUo Famale Bamiaary; i<lrl«' boardlJQg; 
noii-JM^ct.; Hjirrlct N. BuakeH. Prci. 
0REENTIIXE, Bond Co., pop. 2,!^)4. 

Oraenvilla Collage; eol.; co-ed,; Free Moth.; 
rat. \m*2. Rev. Wllaon T. Bogne, Pb. D., 
* rrc». 
HmKLAN1> PAEE, Lake Ga,, pop. 2.80Q. 

Northweatarn Milltar^r A»demy; mlL; «*at. 
1888; CoL B. P. DaTidton^ Sopt. 
Sobool'a annoanofiiDeat.— A prcitaratury 
■chool for coUf^ge, tho Gow-ermneiit, Acad^ 
emleat or baalneai, cunitilnlag tbcmitifb 





fuBtnietfon, ^'iireful EjiipeirvJBJloii, aad the 
best home Uifluuiie^. Limited u umbers^ 
Lnrgfi stftlT of flxpeHenceii iiiBtmirtora, 
Stun 11 cluBHeB. Indlrldual truatmctlotk. 
IiifHtitry, arlllk'rj% 5abr«, Muj-cle^ and 
^t^iial OriUa. Cadet baud. WMl 
L^qiilppod gymnfl,Aluiii. Large beated 
Hwlmiulng tankn 

HOOPEBTON, Vermilion Qo.^ po^^. e»S2;i. 
0re»r Oollege; hornLHl; uo-f^d^; iiiiD-Bc>ct.: J- 
M. C\ary. .\. B., LL. B.. Prtfi, 

JACKS OKTILLE. K&ts%u Co., pop. 1G,07S. 
Brown'i Buein^ii GolI«f«; bus. Hnd atuci^l 

K, t-, Keacb, l^rincipaL 
nllUDii Cdlle^a; roL; ra-c^d.: Pt-esb.; oat. 

laaO; CUrrofd W. BarbeH, A. M., Prea, 
niiiioli Wommn*! Coll«g«; g:Irla' boflrdlQe;; M. 

R.; CHt, 1S47: Joseph H. llnrkor. Ph. D„ 

Whippla Auademy; pri'p. ^ ro-i*dt; Prfjib.;; 

litrliurd Owt'n Stocuw. An B.t Prln. 

JOLIET, Will Qq., pop, a«.3l^3. 

St^ FitLDCis A^mdemy; ^Irla' boajcdln^; It. €.; 

iJlattM' M. i^taiiEslauB Droealer. 
itp BChtt'ii Aoademj; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 
Mctlwr M, AugolH- 

EAHKASEE; Kaiikakfle Co.» pop. UiJitirf. 
Kuilc&lieo Suaiaeaa Collar and Shorthajid 

School; bus. and eten,; N. L< lilnhnjond. 

Bt. Joflgph'a Beminaxy; gltla' bdardloj^; R. C; 

Ristt^r St. Zepbyrlne. 

KEKILWOBTH, Cook Co., pup. 3M. 

Eu^by Sohool; tmys' boflrdlng; iion-se^^t. ; W. 
A. aYowbrf(!ge. Pciji* 

KKOXVILLE, Knoi Co., pop. IMf. 

Bt. Albania Bdfaodl; lutlStury: P. E. ; E. De 

K. LrtHngwull, Supt. 
Bt. Mmry'a SoliooU glrla' bonrdltig; P. E. ; eat. 
]Sfl8; Rev, C. W, LeStiiffweli. U- D.. 

, Boboora uuiDunaatCLdiit. — A trAluJug i&ud 
flnlsblni^ Bi^hunl \vltb tt Il^iUG^tk^ Soletui.' 
course. Cli a rattier and cultiiFe, grucefwl 
manners and r fine phrslque dtp amont? 
ItB pducjittonal afniH- Bpnutlfnl tniild- 
ings, lawns and grovv^^ iiatatorlutn^ KJffi- 
UBidifip. bowllntf allfj^fl, ret^riiatlon ball, 
fete, are Included In Itn outtlt. $5tMJ a 
year; im iiet-'essary t^itrafi. 

LA HABFE, Hanfldfik Ci>., £iop, 1,54)1. 

0ittinta Bemina??; prep.; cu^ed. ; M. E.; H, 
K. Foi, Pres. 

LAKE FOEEST, Lakfi Co., pop, £.215. 

Ferry Hall SemioAry; idols' boar^iuKl 
Prosh.: .At. ll^^L Sabru L. f^tii-feiit A. 
M.. PrliJ, 
Lakv Fdfisat CoUaga; enl; co-ed.; Fr&ab.; 
eat. 1^76; Rbbard D. Harlan. A. M^, 
LL. D. . Pres. 

Bohoar* umounofiinentp — Tin? ibI^Ioh of 
tbe amall WpEit€*rn rollepo !b to re- 
ceive ^oung men and women who want 
an «4lucatLoti on tbe spot, and to main' 
tain tbrougb theni ADd for ihi^m an »t- 
QlOapJiierc f>r purft.? and of eameat Uv- 
tng, as well a a high standards of 1n- 
telleotuHl »t tain men I. Ijake Forest Col- 
lege Is situated at LaKe Forest Obicago'i 

favorite Rubiirb. only 28 lullea. north, on 
Lak« Miehlffan. Has nine well-egiiippe<l 
buildliiga, Doeiy egnippc^f] gyninaalum, u. 
fa4;n]ty of 10 members, apeelal lastntet- 
ora in elocution and gymna^tlea. Fort!'' 
two aeholaralilps glvfii unnaally among 
Btudent4^. Lake Forest Sehool for Boys 
and Ferry PIull, a seliix>I for youn^ wom- 
en ^ are as^fM-jated with the College. 

LEBAITON, St. Clair Co.* pop, 1.812, 

McKendre^ GDlle^«; col.; eo-ed.; M. E,; est. 
:S2S; Jl. H. aiHraberlhi, A. M,. LL. D., 

LIKCOLN, Logan Co., pop. 8,062. 

Llnooln College; eoL; cvi-ed*; Cum. Fre«b.; 
ei^t. lSn5: J, Llnedln (Joodknigbt. D, p,. 
LL. n., Prtft, 
The Lincoln Buainau CoUage; bus, and st'^fi.; 
W. R. Whetalor. Prln. 

MACOMB, KoUoaough Co,, iwjp, C.375. 

Weatem lUiuoi^ Stat» Kormal Bijliooh nor- 
mtil; f'o-i'd.^ »tfltr: ,L W. ftenuinger, 

MEDIA, HondQFion Co., pop* 2G0» 

W«ver-M«dia Acs-damy; prep.; co-ed,; non- 
sect.; Rev. J. E. Bradford, Prln. 
MEIOJOTA, L* Balla Co,, pop, 3,7;m. 

Mondota College; prep.; w-ed,; Cbrlat. AdT.; 
M. L, Gordon, l^rt^s, 
KOLINE, Book lBla.nd Co,, ]^)p,, 17,^g. 

Brown's Buslneaa College; bna, and Bten,; 
eat. wni; J, E. Gustue, Supt, 
HOJfMOtTTH, Warren Co,, pop. 7,4e0, 

Monmaittli ColLega; <hiL ; co-ed,; Un, Preab.; 
est, 1856; Bcv. S, B. Lyons, D. D,, Prea. 
MORGAN PAEK, Caok Co., pop., 3,32fl. 

Morr*n Park Aca^demy of tk« XJniTeraity of 
OhioagQ; pryp.: hoys; nonsect.; est. 
1S(»2; Wn>land J, Cbasi*. A. M., Dean. 
MOBEIS, Grundy Co., pop. 4.2T3, 

Pt. Angola,' a Aoiidomy; glrla" boarding ^ R. C; 
Btfitor M. Jerome. 
MT. CAEEOLL, Carrall Co,, pop. I.DSS. 

Francei Bhimor Acadamy of the ITniTeraity of 
Chicago; girls' hoarding; Bapt; William 
Pnrker ilcKce, Dean, 
MT, MOHEIS, Oglft Co., pop, 1,04S. 
Mt. Morria CoUegs; prep,; fo-ed.; Dunker 
Breth.; Rev. J. G. Royer, Prea. 
MT. VEEHOK, Jefferion Co.. pop,, 6.2ie» 

Mt. Yeraon Collsgiate Inatitnta; closed. 
HAPERTILl,!, Dwpag« Co., pop. 2,e2». 

Iforthwestorn CoUoge; col.; (^cned: Bvang. 
-Assn.; est. 1S61; Eer. H. J. Elekboefer, 
A. M.. Prea. 

NAirVOO, Hajicook Co., pop, 1.321. 

B^. Mary'a Aoadomy; girla* boarding; R. C. ; 
Mother M, Ottilia, O. S. B. 
KOEMAL. MoX-eAn Co., pop. 3.7D5. 

HUaoia State HQrinml Vnlvaraity; normal; 
t'o-ed. ; atate; Dikyld Ff>lmley, Pre«. 
OKAEGA, Iro(|aaia Co,, pop, 1,270. 

Orand FrmMo Beminary; prep; po -ed. ; M. e;. ; 
Fred C. Demoreat, Prea, 
OEBGON, Oil« Co., pop. 1,577. 

WflUa' Bobool fflr Toftolion; normal; coed»; 
Doa-scet; B. L. Welia, Prea, 





OTTAWA, ha. Salle Go., ;rj1j. ViSt^. 

Brown' I Ottawa. Biitlii«ia OoHflfe; hue. nnd 

steu. ; W. tj* Rciueberj, Frliii^ 
FLeavant Vi^w Lutber GoIiJB|«; prep»; co-«d. ^ 

Liitli.; i-Ft l!*iH5; Rev. L, A. Vlffoeaa, 

Btt ZAviar'ii Academy; girti' bgnrdtDfl Eh. C; 

SLat&r Mitry Ursuln^ 

PAXTOH. rord Co,, pop-, 3,036> 
RLon CoU^griate Inttitatu; closed. 

PEOSIA, Feoriit Co,» pop. fia.llK*. 

Aoademy of Our Lady tif tlie Snoied H«*rtt 

girls' brmrdliiff; B. C. ; Slsttwr Mary 

Brown' a Buaineu CdlU^e^ biia, and sten^; 

W. e. H. Garver, PHn, 

FEHir, La aalla Co,, pop. 6»S63, 

it. Bede CoUofffl! ^Gh; mop; H. C. ! eat. 1891; 
Ituv. V. nnljf^r, O. n, B.. Prea. 

PORT BYROlfl^^ Eook XnUnd Co-, pop. 7:?2. 
Port Byron AoAdemy; prep.; t'O-ed. ; Cong.; 
IlV^ufy E«ymoq]d Musacy. Prpfl. 

PRDTCETHLE. FooHa Co,, pup., 735, 
PiincoTiUo Academy j tl<t*ed. 

mrLmCY, Adama Qv„ pop. ^.2G2. 

Gem Olty Buaine»B Callefe; bua. and steu.; 
D. L. MnaaelniiiiiH A. M,. Pr>fa. 
BcdiDora announoemflnt, — A litglii-griide 
achool with iintloDfl] ropututton. EckroUe 
nearly a tboasand Htiirtctnta. no on ally. A 
la Iff e ciperlencpd fux'ulty utifl an tjlvgauC 
coHege building. Tbl8 InqtUutlon baa 
been In siiccvflvfut operutiori under one 
management for 44 .veurd. lU studfinta 
Coine from all over Ihc United States, 
acid Ita gr&duateef are in all section a of 
tbe conntry. 

Vatlonal Baiinoae College: hiis. and ateo.; 
L. B. McKnnim, LL. D.. Pr*ft. 

Et« Franol* BoUditm GoUogei (nd. ; rm^n; R. O.; 
eat. 1860; Very Ruv, P. Anaolon Mnt^Uer. 
O. P. M.. Prea. 

gt. MM^m Ihatitnte; girls' boarding; tt. C : 
Bfotber M. Boniface. 

SOGKJOEB, Winnebafo Co., pop. Si .051. 
BzvwQ'a Eook ford Butlnaii CoUoga; tiua. and 

sten." W l\ Cnilw^HI. prJn. 
Bookford CoUege; nouie^n'a boarding: non- 
aeet.; vat. 1K4»; iVllaa Jdltu E. GulllTer. 
Ph. D.. Pres, 

fcbodra anaoimoetaAiit.— Founded In lS49t 
Roekford College atauds a a tbe olJtat 
woman's eollege of tbe flrat rank In tbii 
com] try. ultb the single ei caption of Bit- 
Balyokt'. HaA Olaaaleal atid Selentiae 
Oouraes and Cuiaraea in Muale find Art. 
Well Hjulpp^d TJbrary, Labonitorlefl, iiii«l 
QymnBAhiiu. Beaiitlfnl and bealthful 
8Qrroundfni;e. Tbe health of the atudent^ 
la under thi- care of a realdent phyfik-lan. 
It iB ?i>nsld«red of the drat Importanee. 
A nntubar of aebotarsblpe art* awarded 
aniiually; cilaa four fellowablpa, varh 

yielding |l2d, at tbti Onlveralty of Chi- 

ROCK IBLAKB* Rook Maud Co., pop, 10,49^3. 
Auguataua College; eol. ; eo-ed.; Lutb.; eat. 

180*1: Guahiv Aiidreen, Ph. D*. Proa. 
ElfSHTlLLE, Bohuyler Go.^ jKjp. 2.202. 
Euab?lHe Normal aad Buiineaa Gollflgv; nor. 

iirid bua. ; Maxwell Keniiedy, Pres. 
SPRINGFIELD. Sangamon Go., pctp. ^4^5^. 
Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart; 

glrla' boerdlng; H. G. ; Slutor TbomQaina, 
Bettla fltuart Znitituta; giria' boarding; non- 

sect, ; Mr«. A. M. Brooka, Prtn. 
Concordia. Sominair; prep.; boja; Evang. 

LtJtb. ; llelnhDld Plepcr, A, B., Prea. 
Clermau Evaagalloal Lntkeran Seminary; 

theol. ; eat. 1S40; Relnbold Fleper, Prei. 
Spring^eld Buaineaa College; bua. and sten. ; 

ttenry r>, ITenkel. Prln. 
fit. Agatha' ■ School; girls' boarding; P, E. ; 

Miaa D. Murdoch, Prin, 

SYCAMOEE, Be Kalli Co,, pop. 3,055. 

Watorman UaU; glrla' boarding; P,. E.; Ben- 
jamin F. JTleetwood, S. T. B., Prea. 

TEtTTOPOLIS. Effingham Co., pop, 49S. 

St, Joieph'i College; iroL ; men; R. C-; eat 
]§d2; Re*. T, H. Storif* O. F. F., Preg. 

TQlTLOlf, Btark Cq,, pop. 1,DQ7, 
Toulon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect.; 
Lewia A. Morrow^, Prca. 

VFFEE ALTOK, Madiaon Co., pop. 2.873, 
BliurtlefF Callege; col,; co-ed.; Bapt.; e«t. 

1827; Rev. A, A. Kendrick, D. D„ LL. 

D., Prp«. 
Weateim KUltary Academy; mil.; non-aeet.; 

Col. Albert M. Jack eon, A. M., Supt. 
URBAKA, Champaign Co., pop. 5,728. 
UniToralty of Illinoia; atate nnlv.; f^o^^.; 

iBt. imi: Andrew Sloan Draper, LL. 0., 

GoUege df Law, Uaiveraity of llUnoia; law; 

rfj-ed.; eat. imii Ollvor Albert Harker, 

A. M., Dpoii. 

VERKILION" GECVE, Vermilion Co,, pop. 172. 

Yermllioti Grave Academy; prep,; co-ed.; 

Frlenda; Goorgv? H. Mooro, Pb. D , Frea. 

WARREN, Jo Davteaa Co,, pop. 1,327. 

Warren Academy; prep. i co-(?d. ; nan-aect, ; 
Joseph M. Weaver, Pre*. 

WAYWEBVILLE, Be Witt Co., pop, 528. 
WayneaviUe Academy, prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Rev. W. n. Smith. Prea. 

WESTFIELD, Clark Oo>, p&p, S20. 
Wcitlleld College; lol.; C!o^«d.; G. B. ; eat. 
im-i, FU^v, W. R. Sbuey. A. W., Prea. 

WHEAT CN, Bnpage Co., pop. 2.345. 

Wiieaton College ; eol. ; co-ed. ; Gong. ; eat. 
imK Chjirlea A. Blancbard. D. D,, Prea. 

WOOBSTOCK. McHenry Co,, pop. 2,502. 
Tadd Seminary far Boya; boarding; tiob-iiect.; 
eat ISJH; Noble nill, Prin. 



Population, 2,516,462. School census, 699,600. School age, 6-21. 

Indiana is the eighth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,516,462 inhabitants, of whom 2,458,502, or 97.7 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 141,816, or 5.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.6 per cent, the state ranking thirteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Fasseit a. Cotton, Superintendent of Public Instruction Indianapolis 

Lawrence McTurnan, Deputy Indianapolis 

Frank D. Hester, Deputy Indianapolis 

Sarah E. Cotton, Deputy Indianapolis 

Herbert R. Condrey, Deputy Indianapolis 

Fassett a. Cotton, President, Superintendent of PuWic Instruction ... Indianapolis 
William W. Parsons, Secretary, President of State Normal School .. Terre Haute 

W. T. DuRBiN, Governor Indianapolis 

WiLLLAM L. Bryan, President of Indiana University Bloomington 

W. E. Stone, President of Purdue University Lafayette 

W. T. Stott, President of Franklin College Franklin 

C. N. Kendall, Superintendent of Indianapolis Schools Indianapolis 

F. W. CooLEY, Superintendent of Evansville Schools Evansville 

J. N. Study, Superintendent of Fort Wayne Schools Fort Wa)me 

E. E. RoBEY, County Superintendent, Howard County Kokomo 

John M. Bloss, Township Trustee Muncie 

This Board has the same membership as the State Board of Education. 

This board has the same membership as the State Board of Education. The 
state has a Uniformity Law. 


J. H. ToMLiN, President, Superintendent of Schools Shelbyville 

Victor W. Hedgepeth, Vice-President, Superintendent of Schools Goshen 

Lawrence McTurnan, Secretary, Deputy State Superintendent of Public In- 
struction Indianapolis 

Emma Mont. McRae, Professor of English Literature, Purdue University. Lafayette 



Fassett a. Cotton, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Indianapolis 

Robert J. Aley, Professor of Mathematics, Indiana University Bloomington 

Edgar Mendenhall, Superintendent of Decatur County Schools Greensburg 

George H. Tapy, Superintendent of Whitley County Schools Columbia City 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Adams Irvin Brandyberry Decatur 22,232 

Allen Henry G. Felger Fort Wayne 77,270 

Bartholomew Charles N. Bruce Columbus 24,694 

Benton Levi A. McKnlght Fowler 13,123 

Blackford FInley Geiger Hartford City 17,293 

Boone Edward C. Gullion Lebanon 26,321 

Brown William Lf. Coffey Nashville. 9,727 

Carroll Philip B. Hemmlg Delphi 19,953 

Cass William H. Haas Logansport .• 34,545 

Clark Samuel L.. Scott Jeffersonville 31,836 

Clay Willis E. Akre Carbon 34,285 

Clinton Oscar S. Baird Frankfort 24,202 

Crawford Stuart A. Beals English 13,476 

Daviess Philander McHenry Washington 29.914 

Dearborn Solomon K. Gold Lawrenceburg 22,144 

Decatur Edgar Mendenhall Greensburg 19,518 

Dekalb Henry E. Coe Auburn 25,711 

Delaware Charles A. Van Matre Muncie 49,624 

Dubois William Melchlor Jasper 20,357 

Elkhart George W. Ellis Goshen 45,062 

Fayette Calvin Ochiltree Connersville 13.495 

Floyd Levi H. Scott New Albany 30.118 

Fountain Joslah M. Wilkey Covington 21.446 

Franklin August J. Reifel Brookville 16.388 

Fulton Arthur Deamer Rochester 17.453 

Gibson John L. Fulling Princeton 30,009 

Grant A. B. Thompson Marion 54.693 

Greene Newton V. Meredith Lyons 28.530 

Hamilton John F. Haines Noblesville 24.914 

Hancock George J. Rlchman Greenfield 19,189 

Harrison Pleasant Jenkins Corydon 21.702 

Hendricks Guy M. Wilson North Salem 21.292 

Henry ^Wm. F. Byrkett New Castle 25.088 

Howard E. E. Robey Kokomo 28,575 

Huntington Henry D. fihideler Huntington 28.901 

Jackson Jeremiah E. Payne Brownstown 26,683 

Jasper Louis H. Hamilton Rensselaer 14,29^ 

Jay William R. Armstrong Portland 26.818 

Jefferson Garfield Hoard Madison 22,993 

Jennittgrs .Tohn Clerkln Vernon 15,757 

Johnson Jesse C. Webb Franklin 20,223 

Knox' William M. Alsop Vincennes 32,746 

Kosciusko Bdson B. Sarber Warsaw 29.100 

Lagrange Herbert S. Gllhams Lagrange 15,234 

Lake Frank E. Cooper Crown Point 37.892 

Laporte Elmer G. Bunwell Laporte 38.386 

Lawrence William E. Stlpp Mitchell 25.729 

Madison James W. Frazler Anderson 70.470 

Marion Homer L. Cook Tndiananolls 197,227 

Marshall George D. Marks Plymouth 25.119 

Martin Elilah McFarland Shoals 14.911 

Miami Philip S. Sullivan Peru 28.344 

Monroe Harry O. Buzzaird Bloomington 20,873 

Montgomery Earl W. Barnes Crawfordsvllle 29.388 

Morgan William O. Baker Martinsville 20,457 

Newton W. L. Kellenberger Kentland 10.448 

Noble Willis A. Fox Albion 23.513 

Ohio Reuben M. Richmond Blue 4,724 

Orange Claude L. Rankin Orleans 16.854 

Owen William H. Stone Spencer 15.149 

Parke Jesse M. Neet Rockvllle 23,000 

Ferry Harmon S. Moseby Cannelton 18,778 











Randolph ... 







St. Joseph .. 






Vermillion . 




Warrick .... 





Superintendent's Name. Address. _ 

.Lawrence Ashby Winslow' 

S. C. Ferrell Valparaiso 

Charles Greathouse Mt. Vernon 

John R. Reddick *. Winamac 

Oscar Thomas Greencastle 

Charles W. Paris Farmland 

Rudolph lAcher Versailles 

William O. Headlee Rushville 

James A. Boatman Scottsburg 

William Bverson St. Paul 

J. W. Strassell Rockport 

John W. Dunn Knox 

William Clem South Bend 

Homer Dilworth Angola 

Richard Park Sullivan 

E. E. Scudder Vevay 

Ejdward C. Crider Lafayette 

Larkin D. Summers Tipton 

Clarence W. Osborne College Corner, O. 

James F. Ensle Evansville 

E. E. Helt Clinton 

Charles F. Grosjean Terre Haute 

John W. Levv^is Wabash 

Wm. J. Bader Williamsport 

Andrew J. Hopkins Boonville 

Joseph C. Bush Salem 

Charles W. Jordan Richmond 

Arthur R. Huyette Bluffton 

Henry J. Reid Monticello 

George H. Tapy Columbia City 

Top. of 


. 8,307 
. 6,748 


AHSEBSOK, Madison Co., pop., 20,178. 
Anderson Buiiness College; bus. and steu.; 
W. H. Carrier, Pres. 
AVOOLA, Steuben Co., pop. 2.141. 

TrioState Kormal College; nor.; co-ed.; pri- 
rate; est. 1884; L. M. Sniff, A. M., Pres. 
BLOOMDTODALE, Parker Co., pop.. 505. 

Friends' Bloomingdale Academy; prep, co- 
ed.; Friends; Andrew F. Mitchell, Prin. 
BLOOMZNOTON, Monroe Co., pop.. 6.460. 
Indiana University; univ. ; state; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1820; William Lowe Bryan, 
Ph. D., Pres. 
Indiana University, School of Law; law; co- 
ed.; est. 1842; William P. Rogers, Dean. 
BOXTBBOK, MarshaU Co., pop., 1,187. 

Bonrbon College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Daniel Hahn, Prin. 
BRAZIL, Clay Co., pop. 7,786. 
Brasil Business University; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1900; B. A. Munson, B. S., B. A., 
COLLEOEVILLE, Jasper Co., pop.. 20. 
St. Jeseph's College; boys' boarding; R. C; 
B. Boebner, C. P. P. S., Prin. 
COBTDON, Harrison Co., pop., 1,610. 
Ohio Valley Normal College; normal; private; 
co-ed.; E. S. Hallett, Pres. 
COTIKOTOK, Fountain Co., pop., 2.213. 
Oovington Normal School; normal; private; 
co-ed.; Olive E. Coffeen, Pres. 
OBAWFOBDSYILLE, Montgomery Co., pop., 6,- 

Crawfordsville Business College; bus. and 

sten.; A. J. Hall, Pres. 
Wabash College; col.; men; Presb.; est. 1832; 
Rev. Wm. P. Kane, D. D., Pres. 
CULVEB, Marshall Co., pop., 506. 
Culver Military Academy; military; non-sect.; 
Col. A. F. Fleet, Prin. 
DANVILLE, Hendricks Co., pop. 1,802. 
Central Normal College; normal; private; co- 
ed.; A. J. Kinnaman, Pres. 
ELKHABT, Elkhart Co., pop., 15,184. 
Elkhart Business College; bus. and sten.; 

M. D. Puterbaugh, Manager. 
Middleton's Shorthand Institute; closed. 
EVANSVILLE, Vanderburg Co., pop., 59,007. 
Columbian Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1850; M. P. Akers, Pres. 
Lockyear's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

M. H. Loclsyear, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 1853; Sister Mary Albertine, Prin. 
FAIBMOUNT, Grant Co., pop., 3,205. 

Fairmount Academy and Normal Schoool; 
prep.; co-ed.; Friends; W. E. Schoon- 
over, Prin. 
FEBDINAND, Du Bois, Co., pop., 627. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conoeptioa; girls* 
boarding; R. C; Sister M. Salesia, O. S. 
B., Prin. 
St. Augustine's Academy; girls' boarding R. 
C; Sister St. Louise, Prin. 
FOET WAYNE, Allen Co., pop., 45,116. 
Concordia College; col.; m^n; Luth.; est. 
1830; Joseph Schmidt, Pres. 




Tort Wii^iie CoUftfc of Medialiift ; med. ; re^. ; 
Lti-ed.; ust. 1S79: 0. B, Stt'HiiMi. M. D.. 
LL. D.. Dean. 
Fort Wmya9 OontmrrtAory ai lEtuIo; laoBtc; 
coed-; est, 1871; C* F. W* Meyer. Direc- 
IfitertiA.tioj)&l BuilnoH <Ioll«ge, bua. nod 

Bten.; T. h, Stnplefl, Pres, 
St. Au^uatiflA^« Aad.damy; sIfIb' bonTdtng ; U^ 
C; eat, 1845; Siater St LoiilBep Frin. 
FEANKUlff, JohngoD €o., pop., 4.005. 

tr&fikljn Gi>U(tK«^ eel,; co-ed. i Bupt. ; eftt. 
1834; Eev. WllUara T. Stott, D. D.. 
GO BEEN, ElklLUt Go,, pup., 7,810. 

&oili4n Colie^i ctiL; cu-f^d.; M^nnonltf?^ Kh 
E, Byers. B. S., .\. M., Prea. 
GEEENCABTLE, Futnmm Co.i pop.. [1,001. 
De Pp-uw ¥niTei:aity; coL; co-ed.; M, E3, ; 
f'st. 183T; Rev. Edwin H. HqKbtfa, S. T. 
D,. Prea. 
HAirOVEB, JeffedTun Co,, pep., S77. 
HifcaoTer OoUsffo ; eol. ; co-e^^ i Presb. ; est, 
]a33; D. W. PlBber, D. D., LL. D., 
KiniTrHOTOWH Huntington Co., pop.. 0,491. 
Huntinrton Buainoai TTnlTOTiit^^ buit. aad 
ateii.; 0. fl lUwklna. Prea. 
IKDIAHAPOLia, U&riQp Co,, pop., 100.104. 
Csntrftl ODllfliiQ of D^atiatn^ ; dent, ; co-ed. ; 
eat 1S07; M. P. Auit. D. D. S., Desn. 
Solieori aiuieimo>Bm&iit»^^The Oenti'al Cel- 
\eg& of lientjHtrj-, India nupoUe, Tnd.. is 
duly lncf?i-paruted iiDder the atate laws 
of IjQdlanu. It bna received recognition 
by the State Boiird of Dental SxamtnerB 
aod tjie boafda of aH otber states In 
which Its dJplotDAtii hMve ha^n. presented. 
Member of tbe Natlooal BoAfd of Dental 
Facultle*. aocl conft^rma to tbo fequlre- 
ineDta of tbat orfaDlEatlon. It 1» oni- of 
tbc eoUeirea reconiinended by the Na- 
tional AwiodotlOD of Dental ExaEtiltiera. 
Has n {complete €orps of inatructora and 
cotirae of Instruction, both dldnctlonl aa4 
cUnleaL Pacnlty Is complete and eom^ 
posed of tiperlenccd lecturer* and clUi 
1 Plana. The clinical course Is excep 
tlonully full and dne in all llnea. The 
. equipment ojodcrn and nmple for all pnr- 
poaea, Proapei'tive atudentJ» run not do 
better. MatNcuhitlon fe*. fS.OO. Pull 
tuttlnn fee, llW.Ofl per term. Gradua- 
tion fee, tJOJK*. For catalogue and other 
Informatb^o a^dreas. Dr. C. A. Bnt-nhlll, 
See'y. Csntrnl D^lleKe of Dentistry. 
Csntra-l CoUaiv of FhyiicUna And SuxE^ont; 
med,; tug.: co-ed.; est. ISIt; Bamnel B. 
Barp. M. D., Dean. 
Clauloal Sohool for Olrlsi iclrla' boardlpft 
non-^aeot.; Mra. May Wrlffbt Sewall. Frtn. 
IndUfift Dsntftl CoUsfft^ TJnWoriity of Indlaji- 
apelis: dent; eo-ed.| eat. 1870; Georfe 
E. Hiiiitt D. D. 8., Dean, 
ladiuuk KlndervutftD ud FiimM7 Hofnul 
Tratnlnff Bobool; normal fclnd,; wotai^n^ t-at, 
Igyli; EUza A. BUJter, Prlii. 
Indiana. L&w Bohoolp ir»if«faity of IndiftBftp- 
oUi; law; i-o-ed^; eat 1SB^4; James A. 
Robbftch. A. M.. LL, B., Dean. 

Indians. VeteJ^tB«iy ColloffBi v«t.; eat. 1SS2: 

Ttrd. A Murll(!r, fH-c.. 4Qfi E. Wnsblng- 

tgn St. 
Indianapolis Buftine»ik UniTerstty; \m^ uad 

ateu. ; E. J. Hecb, Prea. 
Xndi&na.polii CoIl«e^e of Law;, law; ro-ud.; eut. 

1807; B, J, Heeb. Sec, When Bldff. 
IndUnapoliJi ConwrvAtaTy of Huilo; mna.; 

est. 1W&7; Edgar M. Caw ley. Director. 
IrkdiftnApalia Norm&I Bahool; normal; atate; 

r'0'i?d.; M. K. NlchoJfion. Prea. 
KniokArbaoltfer Halh i^lrle' boarding; P. E.; 

Mri. Yerkes. Priii. 
Medleal Oellege of Indiana.; nted. ; ireg.; co^ 

ed. ; est. li^QO. Henry Jameson, M. D<, 

Fhyaio-lKedioal College of ladianft; m«d. ; 

phv-Blo-med, ; coed,; est 1873; C, T. Bed^ 

ford, M. D.. aec. 

Soboora announcement, — A new college 

building In cN^urne of erection, at a eost 

of 105, 000. Tboronghly u<LidpE)ed and mod- 
ern Mieroacoplcnl. Bacterlologlcslt Cbem- 

it'al and Botanitfut Laborat^irlea. A Pro- 

gteeaive Faculty, thoroughly Fbyslo- Med- 
ical. Well eatubllabed and recoffnised for 

thirty -one years. A four years' graded 

cuuriG of seven montba each. 
St. A^OB Aoademr; prep.; co-ed.; B. Cl 

3lHter M, Hnphoel, Frin. 
St. John's Aaadamy; girls' boarding; B- C; 

ftkter Bt. Llgtiorl. Prln. 
Bt. Patrick's Bahool; prep.t boys; B. O.; est. 

IHTO; Brother Albert, Prln. 
Shorthand Training Bohool, Tbe; bus, atid 

a ten.- eat JS03; ». H- Eitat Pdo. 
Tudor KaU; girla" boarding; tion-aaet. ; efit. 

1901; Fredonia Allen, Pb, B., Prlo. 
TotIss'b Businoa* CoUege; bna. and aten.; 

Henry D, VorlL-s, Prea. 
IBYUTCTOir, Bbiion Co., pop., 1,790. 
Butler Collegs^ cot; co-ed.; Gbdat,; eat. 

1S5B; Scott Butler, LL. D.t Prea. 
LAEAYETTEE, Tlppocanoe Co., pap., IS, 110. 
Purdue TTnlveraity; teeh,; co-ed.* state; e«t. 

1874; Wlnthropc Ella worth Stone. A, M.. 

Pb. D,. Pres. 
Purdue Univeraity, Bohool of Plia-rmAoy; 

phar.; ini'ii; eat. 1880; Artbur L. Green, 

Bt. IfnatiuA Aoademy; prep,; eo-ed. ; R. C; 

Siattif of ProTidenec, Prin. 
Union Bualmeaa GoUete; bus. and iteii.; S. A. 

Drake, Prea. 
'LAPORTE, Laporte Co., pop., T,H8» 

Art College; pen art; eat. I8a»; L. J. Mar- 

lay. Preis, 
St. Rose's Acadsmj; prop.; eo-ed,; R. C.J 

Sister of the Holy Crosa, Prin. 
, LAWBEHCEBUSa^ Doarbora Go., piap. 4tS2e. 
St. Lswrsnoe Bcleot Bohool: prep.; co-ed.; B. 

C; eat, 3M7; Bev. J, F. Sondermunn, 


M, D. Crlnu. Manager. 
LiMAt La ©rang* Co., pop,, 078. 
Howe Bohool} boya' liofirdlng; P. E.| lobo 

H. McKeiiile. Prln. 
lOQAKBFOBT. Caaa Co., pop,, 16.204. 

Loganaport BuainoaB College; bus. and iten.; 
MAKION, Grant Co., pop. 18,837. 





Marion BusineM College; bus. and sten.; J. 
D: Brunner, Pres. 

Marion Law Sohool; law; co-ed.; est. 1897; 
6. L. Henry, Dean. 

Marion Normal College; normul; private; co- 
ed.; C. W. Boucher, Pres. 

MEBOM, SuUivan Co., pop., 478. 
Union Christian College; col.; co-ed.; Christ.; 
est. 1859; Rev. J. L. Aldrich, A. M.. 
D. D., Pres. 

MICHIOAN CITY, La Forte Co., pop.. 14,850. 
St. Mary's High Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; R. C.; 
Sister Mary Acquinata, Prin. 

MOOBES HILL, Dearborn Co., pop., 338. 

Moores Hill College; col.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 
1866; Charles W. Lewis, M. S., Pres. 

MUVCIE, Delaware Co., pop., 20,942. 

Mnnoie Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 
Westbrook Howard, Pres. 

NEW ALBANY, Floyd Co., pop.. 20,928. 

St. Mary's Aoademy; bus. and sten.; Sister 
M. Bonaventura, Pres. 

NOBTH MANCHESTEB, Wabash Co., pop., 2.- 
Manohester College; prep.; co-ed.; Oer. Bapt.; 
H. P. Abaugh, Prin. 

NOTBE DAME, St. Joseph Co., pop.. 750. 

St. Mary's Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother M. Pauline, Prin. 
Sohool announoement. — St. Mary's College 
and Academy, Notre Dame, Ind., one mile 
west of Notre Dame University. Con- 
ducted by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. 
Chartered 1855. Ideal location. National 
patronage. Thorough English, Classical, 
S(Uentific, and Commercial Courses. Ad- 
vanced Chemistry, Pharmacy and Modern 
Languages. Students prepared for Col- 
legiate and Special Courses. Conserva- 
tory of Music and Art School and well 
equipped Gymnasium. For Catalogue and 
special information address, The Direct- 
ress, St. Mary's Academy, Notre Dame, 

University of Notre Dame; col.; men; R. C. ; 
est. 1842; Very Rev. Andrew Morissey, 
C. S. C. Pres. 

University of Notre Dame, College of Fhar- 
maoy; phar.; men; est. 1898; I. V. S. 
Stanislaus, Dean. 

University of Notre Dame, Law Department; 
law; men; William Hoynes, LL. D., 

OAKLAND CITY, Gibson Co., pop., 1,991. 
Oakland City College; prep.; co-ed:; 6er. 
Bapt.; W. P. Dearing, Prin. 

OLDENBtJBO, Franklin Co., pop., 957. 

Aoademy of the Immaculate Conception; 
girls' boarding; R. C; Sister M. Veron- 
ica, Prin. 

FLAINFIELD, Hendrioks Co., pop., 909. 
Central Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 

Central Academy. 
Sugar Orove Sohool; girls' boarding; Friends; 
Laura E. Steer, Prin. 
PLYMOUTH, Marshall Co., pop., 3,656. 
St. Michael's Aoademy; prep.; boys' boarding; 
R. C; Sister M. Pulcheria, Prin. 
BICHMOND, Wayne Co., pop., 18,226. 
Earlham College; col.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 

1847; Joseph J. Mills. LL. D., Pres. 
Biohmond Business College; bus. and sten.; 
O. E. Fulghum, Pres. 
ST. MABY'S, Vigo Co., pop., 176. 
St. Mary's Aoademio Institute; girls* board- 
ing; R. C. 
ST. MEINBAD, Spenoer Co., pop., 525. 

St. Meinrad College; col.; men; R. C; est. 
1857; A. Schmitt, 0. S. B, 
SOUTH BEND, St. Joseph Co., pop. 85,999. 
St. Joseph's Aoademy; girls; boarding; R. C; 

Sister of the Holy Cross, Prin. 
South Bend Commeroial College; bus* and 
sten.; W. T. Boone, Pres. 
SPICELAND, Henry Co., pop., 590. 
Spioeland Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
Homer H. Cooper, A. M., Supt. 
TEBBE HAUTE, Vigo Co., pop., 36,673. 
Brown's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

M. M. Link, Prin. 
Indiana State Normal Sohool; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Wm. W. Parsons, Pres. > 

Bose Folvteohnio Institute; tech.; men; est. 
1874; Carl Leo Mees, Ph. D., Pres. 

UPLAND, (jhrant Co., pop.. 1,208. , 
Taylor University; col.; co-ed.; M. B.; est. 

1846; Rev. C. W. Winchester, A. M., D. 

D., Pres. 
YALFABAISO, Porter Co., pop., 6,280. 
Dodge's Institute of Telegraphy; tel.; George 

M. Dodge, Pres. 
Northern Indiana Commeroial College; bus. 

and sten.; H. B. Brown, Pres. 
Northern Indiana Law Sohool; law; co-ed.; 

est. 1879; Mark L. De Motte, A. M., 

Northern Indiana Normal Sohool; normal; 

private; co-ed.; H. B. Brown, Pres. 
Northern Indiana Sohool of Fharmaoy; phar.; 

co-ed.; est. 1893; J. Newton Roe, Dean. 
Polk's Sohool of Piano Tuning; piano tuning; 

co-ed.; «st. 1900; C. C. Polk, Prin. 
Valparaiso Sohool of Photography; photogra- 
phy; est. 1902; A. H. Reading, Prin. 
VINCENNES, Knox Co., pop., 10,249. 

St. Bose Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister St. OyriUa, Prin. 
Vincennes University; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1806; J. E. Manchester, D. Sc, Pres. 
WESTFIELD, Hamilton Co., pop., 670. 
Union High Academy and Business College; 

bus. and sten.; Irvin Stanley, Pres. 


Population, 391,960. School census, 156,190. School age, 5-21. 

Indian Territory is the thirty-ninth of the states and territories of the Union 
in point of population, having a total of 391,960 inhabitants, of whom 302,680, or 
77.2 per cent, are white. Of this number 4,768, or 1.2 per cent, are foreign born. 
The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population is 19 per cent, the territory 
ranking thirty-eighth in this respect. The educational system of the territory 
is under the control of the Department of the Interior, and comprises a Superin- 
tendent of Schools, together with a school inspector in each of the various nations. 

John D. Benedict, Superintendent of Schools Muskogee 

George Beck, President Tishomingo 




No. of 

Inspector's Name. 

Creek Alice M. Robertson Jluscogee 68 

Cherokee Benjamin S. Coppock ^i^hlequali 146 

Choctaw Calvin Ballard #»outh McAlester 30 

Chickasaw George Beck Tishomingo 19 


ASDMOBE, ChiokAMW Nation, pop.. 5,681. 
Hargrove College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
T. G. Whltten, Prin. 
ATOKA, Choctaw Nation, pop., 1,150. 
Murrow Indians' Orphan Home; mission school 
for Indians: Edwin H. Rishcl, Gen. Mgr. 
CAMEBON, Chootaw Nation, pop.. 316. 
Cameron Presbyterian Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; Presb.; W. S. Lacy, Prin. 
CHELSEA, Cherokee Nation, pop., 566. 
Chelsea Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Gumb. Presb.; 
Thomas L. Bates. Prin. 
MUSCOGEE, Creek Nation, pop., 4,254. 

Henry Kendall College; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; 
est. 1894; Rev. A. Grant Evans, Pres. 

OAK LODGE, Chootaw Nation, pop., 40. 
New Hope Female Academy; burned 1896. 

FKYOB CBEEK, Cherokee Nation, pop., 485. 
Pryor Creek Collegiate Ixutitute; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; H. S. Bruce, Prin. 

BTAN, Chickasaw Nation, pop., 1,000. 

Bjran Educational Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; 11. P. Walker, Prin. 

TAHLEQTTAH, Cherokee Nation, pop., 1,482. 
Cherokee Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 
1885; Rev. Walter .T. Pack, Ph. B., Pres. 

VINITA, Cherokee Nation, pop., 2,330. 
Willie Halsell College; prep.; co-ed.; M. B. 
So.; Rov. C. L. Browning, Prin. 


Population, 2,231,853. School census, 636,050. School age, 5-21. 

Iowa is the tenth state of the Union in point of population, having a total of 
2^31,853 inhabitants, of whom 2,218,667, or 99.4 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 305,782, or 13.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 2.3 per cent, the state ranking first in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


John F. Riggs^ Superintendent of Public Instruction Des Moines 

J. C. Bennett, Deputy Superintendent Des Moines 


John F. Riggs, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio, Presi- 
dent Des Moines 

Gbqrge E. MacLean, President of State University, ex officio Iowa City 

HoKER H. Seerley, President of State Normal School, ex officio Cedar Falls 

O. J. McManus Council Bluffs 

Mary Alice Altona Des Moines 

Iowa has no State Text-Book Commission, the question of free, uniform text- 
books being optional with the counties. 


John F. Riggs^ President, ex officio Des Moir^es 

Z. C. Thornburg^ Secretary and Manager Des Moines 

Under the constitution of this organization, each County Superintendent is 
made the Manager for his county; thus the County Superintendent becomes a 
supervisor of a course of reading for the teachers of his own county. The books 
are selected by a board of directors chosen from among the County Superintendents 
of the state, acting in conjunction with the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
who is chairman ex officio of this board. The state allows one mill school tax 
to its rural libraries. 


D. S. Wright, President Cedar Falls 

Adam Pickett, Secretary Mount Ayr 

Northeastern Iowa Association, F. T. Oldt, President Dubuque 

Northwestern Iowa Association, A. H. Bigelow^ President LeMars 



Southwestern Iowa Association, J. C. King^ President Boone 

Southeastern Iowa Association, F. M. Kultz, Vice-President Burlington 

Central Iowa Association, E. U. Graff, President Marshalltown 


Pop. of 
County. SupeHntendeut's Name. Address. Ckiunty. 

Adair Mrs. Ella C. Chantry Greenfield 16,196 

Adams A. B. Lewis Corning 13,601 

Allamakee John K Mills Waukon , 18,711 

Appanoose W. M. Speers Centerville 26,927 

Audubon Arthur Farquhar Audubon 13,626 

Benton C. R. L.owe Vinton 26,177 

Black Hawk Chas. Elliott Waterloo 32,399 

£oone Ralph R. Cobb Boone 28,200 

Bremer John T. Remick Waverly 16,306 

Buchanan M. J. Goodrich Independence 21,427 

Buena Vista J. E. Durkee Sioux Rapids 16,975 

Butler Ida F. Leydig Allison ., 17,955 

Calhoun W. R. Sandy Rockwell City 18,569 

Carroll W. J. Barloon Carroll 20,319 

Cass Mrs. Bertha A. Johnson Atlantic 21,274 

Cedar Geo. H. Kellogg Tipton 19,371 

Cerro Gordo P. O. Cole Mason City 20,672 

Cherokee Agnes J. Robertson Cherokee 16,670 

Chickasaw F. J. Conley New Hampton 17,087 

Clarke W. C. Davis Osceola 12,440 

Clay *H. F. Fillmore Spencer 13,401 

Clayton C. J. Adam Elkader ;. .27,750 

Clinton Geo. E. Farrell Clinton 43,832 

Crawford F. L. Hoffman Denison 21,685 

Dallas R. F. Wood Adel 23,058 

Davis Harvey O. Roland Bloomfleld 15,620 

Decatur Eli Hutchinson Leon 18,115 

Delaware Frank D. Joseph Manchester 15,185 

Des Moines Howard A. Mathews Burlington 35,989 

Dickinson W. T. Davidson Spirit Lake 7,995 

Dubuque P. J. Schroeder Dubuque 56,403 

Bmmett Maria Z. Pingrey Estherville 9,936 

Fayette Henry L. Adams West Union 29,845 

Floyd Frederick Schaub Charles City 17,754 

BYanklin Samuel E. Campbell Hampton 14,996 

Fremont Mattie Lee A. L»air Sidney 18,646 

Greene A. J. Oblinger Jefferson 17,820 

Grundy J. D. Adams Grundy Center 13,757 

Guthrie M. P. Kenworthy Guthrie Center 18,729 

Hamilton L. N. Gerber Webster City 19,514 

Hancock A. M. Deyoe Garner 13,752 

Hardin Mrs. Ella B. Chassell Eldora 22,794 

Harrison D. E. Brainard I^ogan 26,597 

Henry •Annie E. Packer Mt. Pleasant 20,022 

Howard Helen L. Chapin Cresco 14,512 

Humboldt *Clarence Messer Humboldt 12,667 

Ida J. C. Hagler Ida Grove 12,327 

Iowa Howard T. Ports Marengo 14,544 

Jackson C. C. Dudley Maquoketa 23,615 

Jasper John E. Roberts Newton .*. 26,976 

Jefferson Anna White Fairfield 17,437 

Johnson L. H. Langenberg Iowa City 24,817 

Jones Clifford B. Paul Anamosa 21,964 

Keokuk C. E. Miller Slgournev 24,979 

Kossuth C. H. Belknap Algona 22,720 

Lee K. C. Lynn pn. Madison 39,719 

Linn J. E. Vance Marion 65,392 

Louisa C. R. Wallace Wapello 13,516 

Lucas Laura Fitch Chariton 16,126 

Lyon ♦A. W. Grisell Rock Rapids 13,166 

Madison *T. H. Stone Winterset 17.710 

Mahaska Jas. P. Dodds Oskaloosa 84,273 

Marion W. H. Lucas Knoxville 24,159 





MontgDiivery . . , 





Palo Alto 















Van Buren . 
Wapello . . . . 




Webster .... 
Winnebago . 
Woodbury .. 



Superintendent's Name. Address. 

..Mary E. Hosteller Marshalltown ., 

..♦W. M. Moore Glenwood 

..*Jay A. I/apham Osage 

..F. B. Lark Onawa 

..R. B. Spencer Albia 

..Msiinl g jaanna . Red Oak. 

..Nellie' Jones Primghar 

..J. P. McKinley Sibley 

..(5eo. H. Colbert Clarinda 

..Anna E. Odland Emmetsburg .. 

..I. C. Hlse LeMars 

..U. S. Vance Pocahontas 

,..Z. C. Thornburg Des Moines 

,..0. J. McManus Council Bluffs. 

,..P. A. McMillen .'Montezuma ... 

..Mrs. L. L. Richardson Mt. Ayr 

..H. C. Coe Sac City 

,..J. H. Jacobs Davenport 

..Geo. A. Luxford Harlan 

..W. B. Chase Orange City.... 

..Ira C. Welty Nevada 

,..D. E. Brown Toledo 

..H. S. Ash Bedford 

..Prank M. Abbott Creston 

..A. L. Heminger Keosauqua .... 

..Emma Nye Ottumwa 

..J. W. Radebaugh Indianola 

..Cora Porter Washington ... 

..Maud Elmore Corydon 

..Alfred L. Brown Ft. Dodge 

,..*L. C. Brown Forest City 

..Ellis J. Hook Decorah 

..♦E. A. Brown Sioux City 

,..0. E. Gunderson Northwood 

..Angus McDonald Clarion 

Pop. of 

. . . .29|999 

. 8,726 


ACKWOBTH, Warren Co., pop., 134. 

Aokworth Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; 
Ada Bills. Prin. 
AFTOV, ITnion Co., pop. 1,178. 

AftoB Vormal and Business College; closed. 
AMES, Btory Clo., pop., 2,422. 

Iowa State College of Agrioolture and Me- 
ehanio Arts; agr. and mech.; state; est. 
1868; A. B. Storms. A. M., D. D., Pres. 
Iowa State College, Veterinary Department; 
yet.; est. 1884; W. M. Beardshear, LL. 
D.. Dean. 
ABCADIA, Carroll Co., pop. 405. 

Oerman School; prep.; co-ed.; A. Bemer, 

St. John's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Franciscan Sisters. 
ASHTOV, Osceola Co., pop. 513. 

St. John's Catholic School; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Rev. J. P. Hoffman, Pres. 
ATXXVS, Benton Co., pop. 200. 

EYangelioal Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bran. Luth.; Rev. C. A. Krog, Pres. 
BALLTOWV, Dubuque Co., pop. 75. 

St. Francis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
ReT. A. J. Rubly, Prin. 
BLOOMFIELD, Davis Co., pop., 2.105. 
SovtlMani Iowa Normal Institute; normal; pri- 

vate; co-ed.; est. 1870; A. T. Downey. 
BODE, Humboldt Co., pop., 409. 
Lutheran High School; closed. 

BOONE, Boone Co., pop.. 8.880. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 
Sister Superior. Prin. 

BBEDA, Carroll Co., pop. 395. 

Sf. Bernard's School; prep.; co-ed.; Rev. 

Luersman. Prin. 

BUBLINOTON, Des Koines Co., pop.. 23.201. 

Burlington Institute; closed permanently 1901. 

Elliott's Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1879; G. W. Elliott. Pres. 
First Oerman Evangelical School; prep.; co- 
ed.; Evan. Luth.; Charles Franke, Prin. 
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; est. 1875; Sister Mary Olivia, 
j Superior. 

St. Cecilia's Academy; prep.; girls; R. C. ; 
Sister M. Navies. Superior. 
I St. John's Oerman Catholic School; prep.; co- 
i ed. ; R. C. ; Father Alphonse. Prin. 

I CALMAB, Winneshiek Co., pop. 1,003. 

St. Aloysius Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

j Sister M. Ursula, Superior. 

I CABBOLL, Carroll Co., pop. 2,882. 





Mi, Gufmal Jtcaieinyj pi^ep. ; co^ed.i R. C. ; 

Sleti^r M. Adolphlncv BiipcrJor. 
fit. Joiaph^i Bobcol; pfep. ; K* C; Fro tic I e- 

it» Bflter'ft nod F&ul't Sobool; pre^p.; H. 0.; 
SlBter SuperJj'r, 

CASCAJDEp Dubuque Co., p(>p] 1,ZM. 

St* HArtin^s Academy; pre' p.; <'€l-l^d.; Rf^T. L. 

ftQLhe. Pfln, 
Bt. lMAtj'% A«Ademy; pfi'p.r rct-ed.; R, C; 
Rev. J. B. Alberta, Free. 

CEDAR FAXLS, mimtik Hawk Ca.. ptip^. Q.310. 
Iowa Stat9 HormiJ. B^shDol: iionaiil; atatc; I'o- 
pd.^ II. H. Seerlef, Pri?fl. 

CEDAR RAPIDS, Lina Co., ^p., 25,056. 
Cedar Rapids Bufttnui CoUfifft; bu8. and 

Oofl 0«U«^e; coL; co-ed*; Prefab j*; cat. 18S1; 

EflY^ S* B. McCormlrlf, D* U.* prpsn 
St. Joseph^B Adadnmj'; pfefi; eo-ed, ; K. 0-1 

SlsttT Mary A^tttliH. t4(tpprb>r. 

CEKTRALIA, Dubuque Cd.^ JMp. G^. 

A^mdediy Bt. John' ft Btptiit; pr^P^; f-a-ed.; 
li. C; SlwU'f Ctktrert'utv f^upiTlor. 

OHABLEB CITTT, Floyd Co., pop., 4.227. 

Academy of tbe Imtoaoulate Ct^aeeption; 
prep*: fo-yd*: R. €.1 Rvt. P. J. Mc- 
(^rutb, Prln. 
Charlos CLtj OoUQff«; coU; co-ed.? M. E. ; 
est. 18tfl; F, K. Hlricb, 31. D , Pres. 
CHARTER OAR, Crawford Co., pop. 772. 
Q-erman FarooWal Behool; prepn: oo-ed.; 
laitii-: Rfv. A. Aiudtrtin Prill. 
CHARLOTTE, CUiitOQ Co., pop. 254>. 
.Qarmap X.uthoraii ParDobUl Sehiiol; pn^p.; etn 
i»d.; Evua. Lutli.: Kov. H. Netmuiid, 
CHARITOH, Luoai Co., po|?. B^DiO. 

BUckbiu-u'A Academy [ prep*; rrnwl.: ReT, 
B lurk li urn. Pi Ilk 
CLAEE, WBl)»tor Co., pop. STI. 
St. M»ttb*tif'i School ! pppp,; ro-pd, : R. C: 

rrf*Ei(']ltlltti>]l NllTIJl. 

CLAEEKCE, Cudar Co., pop. 1175. 
Oerman ETaDgalioal Bt. Jehii*i School: prep.; 
wf>d.; Evan. Liith.; r, HrbultiiFlalriit, 

CLIHTOW, Clintoa Co., pcjp., 22.81*8. 

CUpton BuiLne» CoIU^q; bun. uiid etea.; B. 

J. Jlcfllii. PrpH, 
Gftrmaa Lutheran Farochiftl Bobont^ pi-ep. ; 

coed.; Ethr. Liilh.; I', MH>li<Tt. PrVii* 
Moufit Bt. Clara Aoademy; ^trlt^' iKiArdlu^; 

R. €.; SiBtpt M. Beiitri.e, Priii. 
Saored Heart Academy^ prop,; (vt-ivU; R, €►; 

ftleter M. Moi^lcni, Supprlnr, 
St. Mary'i flohoel; prop,; vo-od,; R. C, ; Sla- 
ter Mary .Tuntn, Prln. 
St, Patriok'i Academy i prep.; co-ed.? R. C. ; 

MUtcr M. Ijfuila, f^iiperlor. 
WartbuTff College; eol.; men; Luth.; cat. 

18(W; O, Krniinhttar, Pr*?i!. 
GOIXECE 8FEIHSS, Page Co., pop- C^^* 
Amity CoUerfs: *^oh; ef^ed,; nan-«ect*; 6«t. 

1872; niiTid P. Smitb. A. M., Pn-e. 
CORirnfQ^ Adami Co.* pop., 2*146. 

Coral Df Academy; piep. ? C!0-ed.; Pr^b.; F« 

D. Ewliin, D. D., Priu. 
OOmfCU. BLUFFS, Fottawattamla Co., pop,. 

Bt. FrauoQB Academy; fflrla' bourdlng; B. C j 

mater Mary I hlonlu. Prljj. 
Bt. JoMfph ficbool; prep.; boy it; R* G.^ est* 

1880; Very Rev. Patrick Smyth. Proa* 
Wcitem Iowa BuJiliiefti CoUefe; bus. aud 

ateji, ; R. E. Wliitt. Prea, 
CBESGO, Howard Co., p^jp. 2,8C>0. 
Ctoioii Kormal Ccllef«; lioae^l. 
Bt. Joieph'tt Bcho&l; prep,; R. r, ; iSktef | 

Bonlfmi;', Superfcur, 
School of the AaaumptioDj prep.; E. C*; Sin- J 

U't EtitbdiUa, Superior. 
DAlfBCRT, Woodbury Co., p«p. 48^1. 
Bt. Patrick "a Academy; prep.; i^o-^d*; It* C*; 

Rev, T, Meii^hen, Prfs> 
DAVEKFOET. Soott Co*, pop., 35,5^54. 

Academy of Imniaculate Conoaptlon; prr^p. ; 

R. C; SUtor Mary ICdUbn, Supprlor; 
Browa'a Buaineai. CoLlegre ; bue, and aten* ; 

J* E. GuatuB, Sgpt* 
Davenport Buainesii CDlloge; bus. aud itd^P.; 

.1. (L tlLinn-au. Pl*eR. 
Da?anport Kindorgrarteu Bohool; primary; eo- { 

ed. ; Herthu Pet+'riHH]. Priii. 
German-Engliah School; prep.; e^i-cd.; J* C. 

PjiUiutT, Prlij. 
Gennan-Lutboraii Ziou School ; prep* ; e«-«d. I 

Lulb.; P41IUI J. fiuiig'e* Pres. 
Haakid'a Sobool; prep.; eo-ed.; uoD-aoct,; 

Luj-y JohUROu, Prill. 
Ilia. Kimter^artep Inititnta; prlmsry; coed.; 

Ida M. BurrtHWB, Prln. 
St, Amhroifl CoUejo; boys' boarilnK: R. C.: 

Itev. J. T. A. Plana i^an. Prin. 
Bt. Gatberine'i School; iflrln; hoardtnfir; P* 

E.; est- 1884; Rlst-T Ealbi'r, C. S. M., 

DECOR AHj Wiuioahlflk Co., pop. B,246. 
Dsoorak Initituie; prep.; e<}-ed.; iion-seet.; 

Mrs. J. BTe4.'kliirl^ge. Prlii. 
Immaoulate Conceptlou Aomdamy; prpp. ; co- 

€*d ; R. r.; S^lster Mnry f;lare* Sitperfar. 
Luther Co lies"; eoL; lunn; Luth.; (^t. 1801; 

Rbt* C. K* Pretia, Proa. 
DENISON, Crawford Co., pop., 2.771. 

Donlaon Normal and Bualneaa CoUefa; p«r- 1 

mal; private; co-fd.; W* C. Van Keai, | 

OoriBan PaiMhial Sobool; prep*; e{^«d.;,J 

l']%'ttiii, I.utb,; *r llllRPiidoTf. Prln. 
St. Eoae Academy; pn'p. ; I'o-ed.; B, *d 

Uov. IV .1. Farfelly. Pres. 
DEHMARK, Lee Co,, jjop.. tlX 

Xtaiuoark Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Dau^,; 

J* Rlebmond DhJlda, Prln. 
DES VQI:HEB, Polk Co.. f^op., 02,t:{f»* 

Afsademy ef the Vitltatien; prep.; <fOH*fl,j^ 

11. C; Father NufU'nr. Prea. 
Capital City Commercial CoUevo: biiA. and 

a ten.; W. H, McCnuKv. PreB. 
Capital City Xftleffraph luitltute; tel.; eat* 

IfttJl; J. W. Ri^ldlng:. M^r. 
Clarfee'i Sobool; prep.; eo-edi,; mm-aeet.; 

Raehe) 0* Clarke. Prln. 
D«a ICoiuftA Gollflfe; t-ol.; t*<i-ed.; Bapt; «t 





1866; Jiwtin Kent Bichardson, D. D., 

Dm ICoiaei College of Dental Surgery, Drake 

Univeraity; dent.; co-ed.; est. 18»8; Fred- 
erick Knott, D. D. S., Dean. 
Dea Xoin^a School of Oratory and English; 

elo.; Emma C. l*ugh, Prln. 
Drake University ;iiniT.; co-ed.; Christ.; eat. 

1881; HiU McClelland BeU, A. M., Prea. 
Enna Conservatory of Music; mus.; est. 1897; 

Emil Enna, Director. 
Orand View College; prep.; co-ed.; Bv. Lnth.; 

Benedict Nordentoft, Pres. 
Highland Park College; nor.; private.; est. 

1888; O. H. Longwell, Pres. 
Highland Park College of Pharmacy; phar.; 

co-ed.; est. 1890; Sherman R. Macy, 

Highland Park College of Law; law.; co-ed.; 

est. 1898; John I. Dille, LL. D., Dean. 
Iowa Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1866; A. W. Andley, Pres. 
Iowa College of Law, Drake University; law; 

co-ed.; est. 1875; Chester C. Cole, LL. D., 

Iowa College of Pharmacy, Drake University; 

phar.; co-ed.; est. 1883; Wm. Stevenson, 

Drake Univeraity, College of Medicine; med.; 

reg.; co-ed.; est. 1886; David S. Fair- 
child, M. D., Dean. 
People's Commercial and Bowen Business 

College; bus. and sten.; B. W. Bowen, 

Still College of Osteopathy; osteop.; co-ed.; 

est. 1898; S. S. Still. D. 0., Pres. 
St. Ambrose Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G. ; 

Sister M. Olympia, Superior. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 

Sister Superior. 

DE WITT, Clinton Co., pop. 1,383. 

St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister M. Teresa, Superior. 

DEXTEB, Dallaa Co., pop., 795. 

Dexter Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
A. G. Smith, Pres. 

DOUOHEBTY, Cerro Ck>rdo Co., pop. 126. 
St. Patrick's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Mary Levine, Superior. 

DUBUQUE, Dubuque Co., pop., 36.297. 

Academy of the Holy Ghost; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C; Sister M. Abondia, Superior. 
Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister M. Aloysla Faherty, Prin. 
Bayleas Business College; bus. and sten.; C. 

Baylesa, Pres. 
German Theological Presbyterian Seminary; 

theol.; men; Presb. ; Rev. M. M. Stif- 
fens, Pres. 
Mt. St. Joseph College and Academy; girls' 

boarding; R. C; Sisters of Charity. B. 

V. M. 
St. Colnmbkill's Academy; prep.; co-cd. ; Rev. 

J. R. Togarty, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prop.; girls; R. C; 

Sisters of Charity. 
St. Joseph's College.; col.; men; R. C; est. 

1878; Very Rev. John P. Carroll, D. D., 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 

Rev. 0. Johanice, Pres. 
St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Rev. John Halpin, Pres. 
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran School; 
prep. ; co-ed. ; Evan. Luth. ; Rev. Busse, 
St. Raphael's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 

Rev. J. J. Toomey, Prin. 
Wartburg Seminary; theol.; men; Evan. 
Luth.; est. 1854; Prof. W. Proehl, Pres. 
DYERSVILLE, Dubuque Co., pop. 1.323. 
St. Francis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Rev. J. W. Heer, Pres. 
EAGLE GROVE, Wright Co., pop. 3,557. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
Rev. John J. Garland, Pres. 
ELKADEB, Clayton Co., pop. 1,321. 
St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; J. F. 
RuUy, Prin. 
ELK HORN, Shelby Co., pop. 150. 
Elk Horn Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Lutheran; est. 1878; Prof. Emory Bream, 
A. B., Prin. 
EMMETSBUBG, Palo Alto Co., pop.. 2,361. 
St. Mary's College; prep.; co-ed.; R. G. ; 
Sister M. Emily, Superior. 
EPWORTH, Dubuque Co., pop., 649. 
Epworth Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. ; 
est. 1857; Rev. H. R. De Bra, A. M., 
FAIRFIELD, Jefferson Co., pop., 4,689. 

Fairfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. A. 

Harkness, Prin. 
Parsons College; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1875; F. W. Hlnitt, Pres. 
FAIRBANK, Buchanan Co., pop. G44. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception; 
prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; Father W. F. Don- 
ahue, Pres. 
FARLEY, Dubuque Co., pop. 513. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.: co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. Francis, Superior. 
FAYETTE, Fayette Co., pop., 1,315. 
Upper Iowa University; col.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
eat. 1867; Rev. Thomaa J. Bassett, Prea. 
FESTIKA, Winneshiek Co., pop. 141. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Rev. Aug. Sauter, Pres. 
FOREST CITY, Winnebago Co., pop. 1,758. 
Walford Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Luth.; L. W. Boe, Pres. 
FORT DODGE, Webster Co., pop., 12,162. 
Corpus Christ! Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 

C; Sisters of Charity. 
Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sisters of Charity. 
St. Paul's Lutheran School; prep.; co-ed.; 

Luth. ; H. Bergman, Prin. 
Tobin College; prep, and bus.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; 0. V. Flndlay, Prin. 
FT. MADISOK, Lee Co., pop. 9.278. 
Johnson's Business College; bus. and sten.; 
N. Johnson, Prin. 
GERMANTOWK, O'Brien Co., pop. 65. 
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School; 
prep.: co-ed.; Evan. Luth.; N. G. Nuof- 
fer, Pres. 




0ILBEETSTIIXE, Blaok Hawk Co., pop. 262. 
Aomdfliny (»f th« tmraatniUta Cona«ptloa; 
prep.; t'i>c?tl.; K. C. j Rev. John Nem- 
nuers, I'r<*B. 
OLIDDEK, CtUToll Co.> pop. 733. 
G«fiiiin ftobool; prt^pn: co-ed.: .V. Mu teller, 
&BAHi> TtmOTIOKj Hreena Oo., pop. 1,11S. 
Bt. Mitrr'A jLondemy; prep.; co-ed.; R. f2.v 
yisipr Miiry liorrtiiniiiiSH Frln. 
GHIHKllLL, Fdweihiek Cfl», pop., 3,@^. 

Idw* GoLlfigei: iroL; co-cd^; Gon^. ; eflt^ 1S4&; 
Dun P, Bradler, P^e«, 

GUTTENBERGp OUyton Qoi, pop, l.e2{J. 

Bt. M&ry^i Sahoal; prep,; co-ed. ; I* H, Bt'eiiTt- 
mikiin Prill. 
H4VSEHILL, Mprshtll G«r.. pop, g5. 
St. Miut'* iMtitutn; pptp.; R- O.; Rev. J. 
M. Srhlueinr. Pri?H. 

KOPKIKTOJtf, BeUwAte Co.. pop-, 767. 
LenoK GdIIavb; coL ; co-&d.1 Prenb. ; t?«t^ lS{i&; 
F, W« GfQ^fitnad, Pre«. 
HULL, Bioux Go., [Mip.. @24i}. 

HuU Edao&tli»i«.l idttittiUj »e»peiid«d. 
UUHBOLI>T, Kunibfildt Oo., pop.. 1,4741 

Humboldt Goll»^«; normtl; private; eoncd. ; 
J. P. l^L'terBoii, .\. M., Prei. 
HUMESTGK, Wayne Co., pop., 04S. 

Cflntral Nofioal UiiiTeriitT' ; norntal; private; 
co-ei3.; E. P. Hcakctt, Pfei, 
DrD£PEKX>X:ifGE, Bufihaiiui Cop, pop.. 3,656. 
STotfe Dame Somlaaiy; prep.; fo-ed. ; E. C^; 

SlsLer of Merpy, Prlii, 
Bt. Jo»epb'« PftTodhLal Bc^boal; prep.; iKfj'i; 
R, C-: FuthL^r W. J. Weltick. Prlu, 

INDIAN OLA< Wanaa Co.. pop.. 3,201. 
BiMpfton Collars ; eol.; co-ed.; M. E. ; eat. 
ISflT: Clias. Eldred Sbclton, Pre«. 

IOWA CITY, Jolmun G0»« pop.» 7tQi8T. 
Iowa Cltr Academy; prep,; lhi-ihI.; non^«uHL^t. ; 

W, A, Willis. Prto. 
Iowa Otty Oommardal Oelkge; baa. aod 

st«a.; J. E, WUllims, Praa. 
Bt, Agatha's Bsmtnary; prep.; K. C; SiHten 

of Chnrlty, 
Bt- KaryU Bahool; \ivvp.\ R. C; Reir, A. 

l^rhiilte. Prill, 
Stato Unlvertity of Iowa; unlv.; ntJite; co- 

ed. ; non-stTt.; list, lS47; Giiorffu B, Mac- 
Lean, £iL. D., Pl^B. 
State ITnivaraity of Iowa, Coller<» of Bejitlat- 

rys dent.; &>i^.i q»t 1880 r WIUIbki 8. 

tloaford. D, D. S.. Deau. 
atatn 'Cu^Tervity of Iowa, CoUafa of H«mAi^ 

pathic HDdiciofl; mod.; bomaop.; co-ed.; 

eat 1ST7; <;oorge Hoynl, M. J> , DeaiJ. 
Btata Unlv«faity af Iowa, CoI1«kv of Law;^ 

law; ei>-ed.; eat. 186S; Chark?a N* Gr&g- 

ciry. A, M., LL. D., Dean. 
Stata ^uiTAratty of Iowa, Collar a cif Madi' 

qlsat m<H].; rev,; co-e^t.; eat. ISTO; S^ B. 

Gufbrl*. A, M., 11. D.. Dean. 
Btmtis ITAiTeyilty of Iowa, Bsparbaaot of Phar- 

maoy; pbar.; coed.; eat. 1880; Wllbcr J, 

TJeetera, Actlag Beta. 
UniTaralty Bualiiaaa GoUska^ boa, mid aten.; 

Eltnbetb Irtab, Pfln, 

IOWA FALLS, Hardin Co., pop.. 2,840. 

Ellawortb CoUero; prep.; co-ea*; n<»ii-«e«t; 
eat. 1890- Alrtn J. GsTaoa, Ptiia. 

JEWELL. Hamilton Co.^ pop.. M7. 
Jawell Luthsran CoUer^; prep,; ecned.; LutH^ 

eat. 1SI»3: H. J. LoliTe, B. L.« Ff««. 
HEGSUK^ Lae Co., poii,, H,G41. 

KeolEuk: BuaLnau Inatituta^ biia, ADd aten.? 

ai. J. Mallery. Prps. 
£aakii1c CoUera iif Pharmacy; pbar, ; co-ed.; 

eat. 1900; 0. D. Walker, M. D„ Dean, 
Keokuk Dautal Gollag«.; dent.; co-Ad.; eat 

1897; B. O. HIakley, D. D. S.. Dean, 
Haokuk Ifadloal Gallere,; med. ; ref. ; co-«d.:- 

e*t. 1849; GllTer D. Wttlker, M. D.^ 

St. Yinoejit'a Aoa4amy; girU' boardtl>ff 

G. ; plater Irene* Piln. 

LAKOHI, Daoatur Co.j pop., t^MO, 

Gn.o«land Collaffa; i^ol.; eo^.; L. D, 
oat. \W^\ Ernest R. Dewqnop, Prea. 
LAKCHWOOD, Lyon Co., pop. 4,5fJ, 

LarohwoQd Normal Callefa; c]oa4?d. 
LAWLEB, Chickaiaw Co., pop. 046. 
"MX, Carnial Paroobial Boboolj; prep.; co-ed. 1 
Rev. GarrAbnn, PHil 
LEGBANPr Maraball Co., pop., 403. 

EHaadi' Aoadamy ; prep. ; eo-ed. ; Frlenda; 

J. H. Hadley, PHn. 
Palmer College; (tiL; et>LH].; Clirlst.; eat^j 
1880; Carl giiniinerbell. Prea. ■ 

LOCARfl, Plymouth Co., pop.. 4J49. * 

1 8t, Joaapb'a Aoadamyi; prep.; co-ed,; B. C,^ 

Rev. FrtnerfltPlii. Prin. 
Weatern TTnloit Callera; normal; pftvate; cQ- 
1!^.; HermHii If. Tboren. Prea, J 

LOWDEN, Cedar Co., pop. A44, ^ 

Gorioan-Eiirllab. Lutberan Sohool; prep.; evr 

od.: I.ntb,; W. ScbmiiJt. Prln, 
EvanraH«aL Zion'A B^ibooi; prep.; eo-cd. 
Brnii. Lutb,; F. Weristos, Prinn 
LUZEBNE, Benton Co., pop, ie». 
EvanveUcal Lutberan CoUesa; prep.; eo-4 
Eran, 1,11Tb.; A. T. Loudainaiin, Pret. 
LYONS. Buliiirb of Clinton. 

On; Lady of AniaU' Saminaty; gtrla' tMurd- 
Inr; a. C; eat. 1872; SiirterB of Cbarlty 
of tbe B. V. M. 
St. Bonlfaoa Aeadamy; iirei*. ; co-ed,; R. C. 
HcT. Joiepb M. Pritx. Prln, 

ICALLARP* Palo Alto Co,, pop. 202. 
Stt Jotapli'B Academy; prep,; co-ed.; R. Cj 
Stater M. Jert>i3]p. Hopcrlor. 

MANCHESTEB, DaUwaro Go,, pop. 2,8»7. 
St. XaTier'a Academy; prep.; po-ed.: II, O-j 
SlHter Uriji]lBi, Surwrlor. 

MANILLA, Crawford Co., po^^^, 773. 

German Paroobial Sdbool; prep.; co^ed^'f 
Kvjjii. Lrith.; Rev, C, A. Krojf. PrltJ* 
XAEC^S, Cbarokoe Go>, pop. 718. 

Paroebial Bcbool; pr««p,; co-pd.; R. fj.; 
ter» of ChJirttjf. 

MABION, Linn Co., p«p. 4,lt>2. 
Sa(H>ad Haart Aoadamy; pri'p. ; co-rd^; R. C,j 

■ ! 


Slaters of Merry. 


Of the united states and Canada. 




MABSHALLTOWN, XanhaU Co., pop., 11,544. 
Central Iowa Buaineti College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1800; W. H. Gilbert, Prin. 
St. Mary's Institute; bus. and sten.; Mother 

M. Frances, Pres. 

MASON CITY, Cerro Ck>rdo Co., pop., 6,746. 
Iowa Normal and Business College; nor. and 

bus.; H. J. Knapp, Pres. 
National Memorial University; col.; co-ed.; 

G. A. B.; W. A. Morris, Sec. 
St. Francis Academy; prep.; R. 0.; Ber. 

Dean Carolan. 
Toland's Business ITniversity; bus. and sten.; 

Toland, Pres. 

METEB, MitcheU Co., pop. 11. 

Meyer Parochial School; prep.; co-ed.; Fath- 
er Wird, Prin. 
MOUNT PLEASANT, Henry Co., pop., 4.109. 

German College; col.; co-ed.; M. B.; est. 
1873; Edwin S. Havighorst, Pres. 

Howe's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1844; S. C. Howe, M. S., Prin. 

Iowa Wesleyan University; col.; co-ed.; M. 
B.; est. 1844; John W. Hansber, Pres. 

Mt. Pleasant Academy; prep.; co-ed.; L. An- 
trim, Prin. 

MOUNT VEBNON, Linn Co., pop.. 1,629. 
Cornell College; col.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 
1857; Ber. Wm. F. King, D. D., LL. D.. 

MUSCATINE, Muscatine Co., pop. 14,073. 

Leverich Normal School; nor.; private; co- 
ed.; B. W. Leverich, Prin. 

Muscatine Business College; bus. and sten.; 
W. D. Peck, Prin. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; R. C; Sister 
Hyacinth, Superior. 

St. Mathias Academy; prep.; R. C. ; Sisters 
of Charity. 

NEOLA, Pottawattamie Co., pop. 931. 

St. Joseph's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sis- 
ter Superior. 

NEWHALL, Benton Co., pop. 160. 

Evangelical Lutheran College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Evan. Luth.; Rev. G. A. Matthaldess, 

NEW HAMPTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 2,339. 
New Hampton Normal School; nor.; private; 

co-ed.; T. J. Wormley, Prin. 
St. Mary's Parochial School; prep.; oo-cd. ; 

B. H. Forkenbrock, Prin. 

NEW HAVEN, Mitchell Co., pop. 50. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; II. C. ; 
Father Berry, Prin. 

NEW PBDVIDENCE, Hardin Co., pop., 268. 
New Providence Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
■ect.; A. T. Styles, Prin. 

NEWTON, Jasper Co., pop., 3,682. 

Newton Normal College; normal; private; co- 
ed.; G. W. Wormley, Pres. 

NEW VIENNA, Dubuque Co., pop. 245. 

St. Boniface Academy; prep.; eo-od. ; R. C; 
Rev. T. W. Pape, Prin. 

NOBA SPBINOS, Floyd Co., pop., 1,209. 

Nora Springs Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; e«t. 1802; B. F. Fisher, Prin. 

NOBTH WASHINGTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 
North Washington Parochial School; prep.; 
co-ed.; J. B. Probst, Prin. 
NOBWAY, Benton Co., pop. 633. 
St. Michael's School; prep.; co-ed.; Rev. Jo- 
seph Drexter, Prin. 

OBANGE CITY, Sioux Co., pop., 1,467. 
Northwestern Classical Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; Reformed; Philip Soulen, A. M., 

OSAGE, MitcheU Co., pop., 2.734. 
Cedar Valley Seminair; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
est. 1882; Thomas W. Todd, Ph. D., Prin. 
OSXALOOSA, Mahaska Co., pop. 9,212. 
Oskaloosa Business College; bus. and sten.; 

B. A. Wright, Pres. 
Penn College; col.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 1873; 
A. Bosenberger, Pres. 

OSSIAN, Winneshiek Co., pop. 670. 
St. Francis de Sale's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; Sister M. Hildegard. Superior. 
OTTUMWA, Wapello Co., pop. 18,197. 
Ottumwa Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

J. W. O'Bryan, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co^ed. ; R. C. ; 
Mother Superior. 

OYENS, Plymouth Co., pop. 112. 
St. Catherine's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Rev. Schulte, Prin. 

BELLA, Marion Co., pop. 2,623. 

Central Universi^ of Iowa; col.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1863; L. A. Garrison, Pres. 

PEBBY, Dallas Co., pop. 3,986. 
Perry Normal College; normal; private; 
co-ed.; est. 1892; W. M. Tarr, Pres. 

PLEASANT PLAIN, Jefferson Co., pop. 280. 
Pleasant Plain Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; R. H. Williams, B. S., Prin. 
PBOTIVINE, Howard Co., pop. 136. 

Holy Trinity Catholic School; prep.; R. C; 
Rev. Francis Urba, Pres. 

BEMSEN, Plymouth Co., pop. 836. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Superior. 

BIVEBSIDE, Washington Co., pop. 698. 
St. Mary's School; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; Sis- 
ter Mary Delphlne, Superior. 

BOCK VALLEY, Sioux Co., pop. 1,054. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Alphonsa, Superior. 
ROCKWELL, Cerro Gordo Co., pop. 830. 

Sacred Heart School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. Patrick, Superior. 
SAC CITY, Sac Co., pop. 2,079. 
Sac City Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; G. 
W. Lee, Prin. 

ST. ANSGAB, Mitchell Co., pop. 608. 
St. Ansgar Seminary and Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.; Luth.; est. 1S78; .T. P. Land- 

SALEM, Henry Co., pop. 548. 

Whittier College; prep.; co-ed.; Friends.; 
Rev. E. W. Parisho, Prin. 




BALJK, ■Woodlmry Co., pop. 387* 

Stp Joifiph^i Academy; pnep-S co-L>d.; R. C; 

BHEHAHDOAH, Prnje Oo,, pop^ 3,573. 
W»tflTn Nofm^l CoUflffn; norma h private; 

ilOUX CITY, Wooaijury Co,, pop, Sa.lll. 
Brotni'p BuiLiLBKi CoUii|'S! bui. and iten^; 

ti. \\\ BroWD, Jr.p Pre*. 
EpLpb&n^ Ao&dfiiny; prep.; co-cd.; R* C. ; 

SleLur Benedltta, Superior. 
lforttiDfii44 Colkfrt; col.; co-ed.; M- Br, ^wt* 

1S94: W. S. Lew I a. Frefl. 
St. Bouifpce'i Acudfliny; prep.; {.-ri-ed.; R. 

a- Slat IT flienmnin. Superior. 
St.. JoMpb's Acwd»m;; prup.; ir{»-f^d.; R, Qr, 

Slstf^r Ediumlda, SuptsHor. 
Slt^nx City Coll«ff0 of Hsdioln^; mod.; r^f.; 

copd.; est. iSSB; IT. A. Whecli*r. A. M., 

M. IX. I>ean. 
EPENOEB., Cliy Co., imp. n,Ot*G, 

TQland's BuainBii College; bus. lUid kIoil; 

L. A. Toljind, Pdn. 
SPILYILLE, WmaeBhifik Co.. pop. Jim. 

St. WflncfllKn's AoHdtsmy; prepi ; co-ed.; R. 

Cl Slater M. Poppotiiu. Prln. 
STOEM LAKE, Bu(in& VUt* Co.. pop, 2,169. 
Biienir Vifltfc CoUoK^; col.; cH>^od.; Prosb*^ 

vMt. 1H\>^] E. E. Rocd, prvH. 
SWEDESBXTRO^, Honr^ Co., p<ip. 158. 

SwedUh LutbortJi StihiKtl; prep.; c-u-ed.; 

Liitb.; Rev. A. Norrborn. Prln. 

TA£OE, Frftmont Co., pop. 0^4. 

Tmbar €oU«ffe; ml.; co^ed*; Con^,; e«t. IBflfl; 
^oorgt* Norton Ellis. A, M.. Pren, 
TEMSLETOH, Cfcrroll Co., pi>p. 321. 

St. Beriaard'i Sol^oal; prpp. ; co-cd,; R, C; 

TOLEDOt Co., pisp. 1,041. 

tr. S. Inatltuta Bcbool.: prep.; co-ed.; bon- 

ftoct.- M. W, Odel. Prbi. 
Wiitem CoU^re; rol. ; fti-cd.; 0. B.* nt. 
1S56: Rw. L, Book waiter. A. II.. D. D., 
VAII., Crftwford Go-, pop. S7fl. 

Bt* Aon'i Ac&dfiniy; prep.; co-ed.; U* C. ; 
Rev. JiiUL^B iJurphy, Prea, 

TA37 nOEH, BBQtoD Co., pop. 484. 
Carman iHUtbemo Collage; prep.; co-fd. ;^ 
Lutb.; h\ A. Rinibart, Prea. 

VIKTONp SeiitoD Co., pop, S.400. 

Iow» Cnlla^ for Blind; itiduat.; atute; eo* 

ed. ; F. F, MKUme. Supt. 
Tilf or A CoUeglmte Acftdamj i prep, ; i-u-ed. ; 

non-aect. ; est. 1871 ; Th!>DitiGi F. Toblii,. 

A. M., Frli], 

WASHINCTOK, Wa.Hhinrtan Co-< pnp. 4.260. 
St. Franoia Bohool ; prpp. ; er>-ed. ; H. C. 1 | 
Sifiter Mary Prtidciitbij Superior. 

WATERLQC, Bla-ek Hawk Co., pop. 12.5§0. 
Aomdemy of Cur Lady of Vlotof? ; prep. ■ co* 

od.; R. 0.; Rev, M. Cooney. Pr*«. 
Waierloa BuBmaH CoUfl^i bus. iifid ateu.; 

A. P. Harvey* ProB. 

WAITKOH, AU&m&kw Co., pop. 2,1&3. 

St. Ffttriak'B Sobool; prep.; eo-od. ; R. C; 

Rev. P. Walflb, Prln. 

Waukon BuBbiflu CoUog^ and Kojrnuil School; 

noriDal; prlvfttc; co-ed.; W, B. Pi'cls, 


WAYEELY, Bromer Co,, i>op.. .1.177. 

St. Bornard BoliooU prifp.; eo-ed.; E. C; J 

Slater M. lernntiA. Prln. 
Wmrtliurf Toftt^eri' SeialnLry and Academy; 
prep,; co-ed.; Eviin. Lutb,; ant. 18711'; 
Rev. J. Lutz, Director. 

WUST BEJID, Balo Alto Co., |>jp. 538, 
Bt. Joiopb'H Audemy; prt:p. ; cfi-e^; B* C; j 
Sistei M. Homana, Superior. 
WESTBEAlfCH, Codu Co., pop. 017. 
Boattargood Bemiaary; prep.; eo-ed. ; Frtooda; 
Kdmund S. Suiltb. Supt. 

WELTOIT JinrOTICK, Hutoatine Co,, pop, 
WlltoD Oerman-Eii^lltb OoUot^; prep.; co-ed.; 
Goog.; est. 1804; Rev. Hermflo Set!, Ppdi. 
WCODBtHE} HaniAon Co., pop. 1.3S5. 

Woodliiae Hormal Sokool; nwrnil; itale; 
co-ed,; M. A. Reed. Prm. 
WOETHINQTOK, BuliuqiiB Co., pop. am. 

Bt. Pi-uPi Aoadamy; prep,; c<Fed.; H. C.jj 
Slatpr Worllcth^ SupeHor. 


Population, 1470495. School census, 508,864. School age, 5-21, 

Kansas is the twenty-second state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,470,495 inhabitants, of whom 1,416,319, or 96.3 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 126,577, or 8.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 2.9 per cent, the state ranking third in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


I. L. Dayhoff, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Topeka 

Frank R. Dyer, Assistant State Superintendent Topeka 

Thos. J. Hayes, Bond Clerk Topeka 

Laura A. Payne, Statistician Topeka 


I. L. Dayhoff, State Superintendent, President of Board Topeka 

J, M. Wilkinson, President of State Normal School Eimporia 

Frank Strong, Chancellor of State University Lawrence 

E. R. Nichols, President of State Agricultural College Manhattan 

E. A. Shepardson, State Manual Training School Pittsburg 

H. M. CuLTER, County Superintendent, Norton County Norton 

0. G. Markham, Professor Latin, Baker University Baldwin 

J. R. Burrows, Secretary of State, President ." Topeka 

1. L. Dayhoff, Secretary Topeka 

C. C. Coleman, Attorney General '. Topeka 

The State School Fund Commissioners manage, and have charge of the 
investment of, the state permanent school fund, the normal school permanent fund, 
the university permanent fund, and the Stormont Medical Library fund. 

Insley L. Dayhoff, Chairman Topeka 

C. G. Swingle, Sec'y Manhattan H. P. Butcher Argentine 

A. B. Carney Concordia S. I. Hale La Crosse 

Ge). W. Kendrick Leavenworth John Madden Emporia 

D. O. McCray Topeka J. C. Starr Scott City 

The State Text-Book Commission passes upon and selects the text-books to 

be used in the public and high schools of the state, in accordance with the state- 
uniformity law. Books are adopted for a period of five years. Those for the 
public schools of the state were selected in May, 1902; those for the high schools 
ip May, 1899. 




Insley L. Dayhoff, President Topcka 

C. G. Swingle, Secretary ; Manhattan 

W. W. Maze, Treasurer Ellsworth W. D. Ross Oskaloosa 

J. F. Barnhill Paola Sullivan Lomax Independence 

L. A. Parke Lyndon W. F. Murray Kingman 

This board arranges and conducts systematic courses of reading and study 
for teachers along the lines of pedagogy and general culture. It also helps to 
organize the work of pupils' reading circles and suggests selections for school 
libraries throughout the state. 


A. H. BusHEY, President Pittsburg 

Catherine Harkness, Secretary Ness City 

W. C. Lansdon, Treasurer Fort Scott 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Allen Miss Olive Knowlton lola 84 

Anderson L. R. McLellan Garnett 97 

Atchison O. O. Hastings Atchison 87 

Barber P. L. Lake Medicine Lodgre 89, 

Barton C R. Aldrich Great Bend 103 

Bourbon Martin Miller Port Scott Ill 

Brown S. E. Friend Hiawatha 84 

Butler C?has. W. Thomas M Dorado 165 

Chase T. G. Allen Cottonwood Falls 66 

Chautauqua H. S. Comer Sedan 99 

Cherokee Miss Birdie Adams Columbus 106 

Cheyenne Mrs. Winnie Lockard CrosbySt. Francis 69 

Clark Miss Mattie Wallingford Ashland 52 

Clay C. S. Todd Clay Center 102 

Cloud Miss Julia M. Stone Concordia 116 

Coffey C. T. Sherwood Burlington 100 

Comanche Miss Anna Huffmaster Ooldwater 32 

Cowley Miss Etta Race Winfleld 153 

Crawford H. E. Ho-maday Girard 127 

Decatur H. O. Caster "..Oberlin 100 

Dickinson Ralph V. -Dyer Abilene 128 

Doniphan C. v. Norman Troy 69 

Douglas C. O. Bowman Lawrence 86 

Edwards Frank B. Bissett Kinsley 44 

Elk A. L. Brown Howard 89 

Ellis Alex. Meier Hays City 56 

Ellsworth W. W. Maze Ellsworth 74 

Finney E. J. Covert Garden City 41 

Ford T. C. Woodbury Dod^re City 56 

Franklin J. B. Baker Ottawa 97 

Geary Miss Olivia H. Milley Junction City 44 

Gove C. H. Oole Gove 45 

Graham Miss Floy M. Hardman Hill City 79 

Grant Miss Jennie BInney Ulysses 11 

Gray Mrs. E. V. Miller Cimarron 36 

Greeley Mrs. Ella A. Everett Tribune 13 

Greenwood Thos. C. Peffer Eureka lib 

Hamilton Goo. E. BIcknell Syracuse :. 21 

Harper P. N. Heck Anthony 85 

Harvey E. C. Willis Newton 75 

Haskell A. J. Hedgrer Santa Fe 18 

Hodgreman Mrs. Lavinda Sterrett Jetmore 46 

Jackson Geo. E. Whitcraft Holton 91 

Jefferson W. D. Ross Oskaloosa 100 

Jewell Hugrh Durham Mankato 163 

Johnson Miss Maude Clavin Olathe 97 

Kearny Miss Etta Tedford Lakin 13 

Kingrman AV. F. Murray Kingman 95 





Superintendent's Name. 



Kiawa N. T. Cox Greensburir 

Labette Miss Maude Eillison Oswesro 

Laiiie Olof Johnson Dlghton 

Leavenworth J. M. Gilman Leavenworth ... 

Lincoln Wlllard B. Lyon Lincoln 

Linn P. H. Harrin Mound City 

Logan W. H. Hoskinson Russell Springs 

Lyon Miss^Mary MoOreary Ehnporia 

Marlon L. M. Knowles ...: Marion 

Marshall Geo. K. Thompson Marysville 

McPherson T. O. Ooone McPherson 

Meade Mls6 Maggie Martin Meejde 

Miami rJohnj P. Barnhlll Faola 

Mitchell Prank Thompson Beloit 

Montgromery Sullivan Lomax Independence ... 

Morris N. C. Qleason Ctouncil Grove .. 

Morton P. N. Hlndman Richfield 

Nem^Lha W. T. Anderson Seneca 

Neosho C. W. Payne EJrie 

Ness Miss Catharine Harkness ...Ness City 

Norton ...H. M. Culter Norton 

Osage L. A. Parke Lyndon 

Osborne W. W. Miller Osborne 

Ottawa W. A. Ward Minneapolis 

Pawmee Miss Grace Norton Lamed 

PhilUps C. M. Arnold Phillipsburg .... 

Pottawatomie J. M. St. John Westmoreland .. 

Pratt Homer E. Shrack Pratt 

Rawlins Prank N. Morgan. Atwood 

Reno J. H. Jackson Hutchinson 

Republic Edgar E. Baird Belleville 

Rice P. W. Lennen Lyons 

Riley C. G. Swingle Manhattan 

Rooks H. R. Graham. Jr Stockton 

Rush E. M. Lank La Crosse 

Russell P. C. Smith Russell 

Saline J. H. Corbett Salina 

Scott W. E. Curtis Scott City 

Sedgwick A. D. Taylor Wichita 

Seward Ralph M. Heath Liberal 

Shawnee P. S. Wright .TOpeka 

Sheridan Roy Turner Hoxie 

Sherman John R, Reed Goodland 

Smith Edward E. Brookons Smith Center .. 

Stafford — ; Ed. O'Connor St. John 

Stanton Mrs. Emma Plummer Johnson 

Stevens L. W. Cook Hugoton 

Sumner Geo. E. Hoeick Wellington 

Thomas Miss Bertha Showalter Colby 

Trego Miss Hattie J. Klrby Wakeeney 

Waubaunsee T. J. Perry Alma 

Wallace Miss Alberta Bracken Sharon S'prlngs 

Washington S. L. Lashbrook Washington 

Wichita Wm. S. Oldham Leoti 

Wilson .Geo. L. Atkeson FYedonla 

Woodson E. E. Kelly Yates Center ... 

Wyandotte Chas. E. Thompson Kansas City ... 

No. of 





. 41 

. 86 
.. 10 
. 74 
. 98 
. 64 
. 78 
. 92 
. 86 
. 68 
. 66 
. 88 
. 30 
. 13 
. 70 
. 72 
. 89 
. 15 
. 22 
. 80 
. 46 
. 92 
. 32 
. 33 
. 71 
. 42 


ABILEKE, Dickinson Co., pop. 3,507. 

Xt. St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; 

B. C; est. 1877; Sisters of St. .To- 

AHXAKSA8 CITY, Cowley Co., pop. G.140. 
Park BuAiness College; bus. and ston.; est. 

1902; E. H. Barrows. Pros. 
ATCHISON, Atchison Co., pop. 15,722. 
. Atdhiton Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1886; A. F. Heck, Prop. 

Midland College; col.: co-ed.; Luth. ; est. 

1887; Jacob A. Clutz. A. M.. D. D., 

Mt. St. Soholastica Academy; girls' boarding; 

R. C; est. 1868; Mother Aloysla. Pres. 
St. Benedict's College; col.; men; R. C; 

est. 1858; Rev. Innocent Wolff, O. S. B., 

State Soldiers' Orphans' Home; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1887; E. L. Hillis, Supt. 




Western Tbeolafical SBmindJT!; thf^ol,: men: 
Bt. LuU],; est. 1^93; rrank ». Altman, 
A. M,. D. n,, PreB. 

lALDWnr, Dou^lAi Co.; fKip. 1,Q17. 
B^kai- TFmiireriitf ; col. ; co-ed. \ M. £3. ; est. 
ISfiS; L. H. MurUn. A. B., Fret. 
Bohoari KimousioemftDt.^TliiiB Srat cal- 
le^e In KarisfiH Is locnte^ abniit bjilf way 
between KanBas City oinl Topeka, and 
between Jjnwrenee nnd OttaWfl^ Of uAey 
Accens for alt Kansnij, MIbhouxL and Okla- 
bafUH points. AmpJiF equipped wUh U- 
bt^ti^. IflboratotieB utid gymnfiBluiQ. Baa 
e^Qcatfid over tS^OOO jouojr people. Col- 
lege. Academk'. NorinaL Fine Alt Do- 
pirtmentfl^ 3<'boolA of Military Sdaoec 
iind Fli^'MU'fll Tralulug. Factilt^ of 4^ 
memberi, and an attend a nee of 1.000 stu- 
dents, reprt'ReDtlrtj? orf'r 20 itatea and 
territories. Baldwin li an Ideal eollEge 
town, free from teinptatloni! a ltd dlstrao- 
tlotiB. Ex|ieiiiiDfi arrp mod^Tate, 

BEXOrr, MltelifiU Co,, iKip. 2,a.^0. 

State Xndattria-l School for Girla^ atate re- 
fottnatory; glrli; eat, 18S9; Jallft B. Per- 
ry. Siipt. 

COITETYILLE, Kontfaineiy Co*, pop. 4,053. 
Katfon&l Baiinegji Golk^e; but. and Bton^; 
HetiJ-y Coon, Pr^a. 

GOHCOHDIA, Cloud Co.. pop. 3.401. 

(rTDikt Wertern Builnoia and KormAl Gollof a : 

bua, nnd aten, : normal; eBt. IftOO; W. T* 

T.nrJmore. Prea. 
Naaxreth Ae*demy; jjipla" boarding; B. C.J 

j?i»t. 1SS4; Mother Aiittjlnette, Prlo. 

CQNWAY BOEINGS, Simmer Ca., p^p. 714. 
Kvrma^I and Butineia Collage; normul and 
biiB, : prlTat:e: S. D. Crane. Prea. 

DANTILLE, Barp«r Qo^r pop. llli. 
Bt. Eoai Academy; prep; ro-etl.; K. C. ^ esl. 
1801; P* J. Malfrtiey, Free. 

DODGE CITT, Ford Co., pop, 1,642. 

Soiila ColloB*! <'«>L; co-M.; M. B.; eat. lS&4i 
Rev. E. H. Vaujban, Ph. D., D, U 

Soboora annoiinORAaAt.— Wberc tbe heart, 
head and bniid iiro trained. Couraea of 
atiidj: PrepflTMroryj Normal; Commer- 
eJal; Indiiatrlal; Kloi^utlon: Mtiale; Col- 
Je^Uto. and Post-Graduate. IToaltbfu! 
elfmate, good a*TOiiiniodatlnn.B, lar*ru op- 
portunttlca. modfratt- expenaetj. H^nard. 
|2.00 per week. Tuition, $24. "W per year. 

EMFOBIA, Lyon Co., pop, 8,223. 
CallOKa of Emporia; col.; co-ed. * Presb.; e^at. 

1SS3; Jobn C. MIHer. A, M., D. D.. Proa. 
Emporia Botinaaa CoUi»k«; bna. and sleu. ; 0. 

E. D. Parker. Prea, 
Btate ITormal Sckool; norpial; atatn; co-ed. ; 

iion-epct.: est. 1865; J. N. Wilkinson. 

Weatam tfuaiomt Conaeiratory ; mua,; cat- 

].?71; Ml a. S. P. Ohaae. Prei, 
EJfXEBFEtBE, Bioklnaon Co p. pop. 703. 

EniBTprli« Xormal AcAdemy; prvf^.: oned.; 

Ger. M. K.: i^at. lst>2; Rd^ard SnlUii- 

bjii'b, A. M,. Prea. 

EUDOKA, Douflaa 0»p| pop.. 040. 
Hosper Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Frlenda; eat. 
18fi4: EdHh E. Sndlh, M. A., Prea. 

EtTEEKAp Greenwood Co,, pop.. 2.001. 
Southern Kanaaa Aoadamy ; prep. ; co-«d. ; 
Cong.; J. W. Serogga, Prea. 

FOET SCOTT, Boiirbou Go,, pop. 10,322. 

Drau^hoD'a BiaGtloal Buainaaa Gallaiv; bmi. 

and ateii. ; J. F, Drau^hon, Prea. 
Kanaaa Hormal College ; rlosed. 
HotTQ Bame da Xouf doa Aoadomy ; peep. ; 

cQ-cd.; E. O. ; eat. 1901; Slate ra of St. 

Windsor Gommoroial OoUepa; bna. and attn.r 

eat. Ifl97* Dean Dlek. Prea. 

GALEKA, Gharokoe Co., pop. lOJfifi. 
SprlDg Elver Afiadamy; prep.; co-ed.; Frl^udlai 
eat. 1879; Au«oii B. SarTcy. Prln. 

QEEAT BEND, Barton Co., pop. 2.470. 

Central Narmal C«Ue^; normal; private r 
or[-ed. ; H. P. Harrla. Prea, 
HARPEE. Harper Ca., iH»p. M5l. 

Harper Kormal and Buainasa CoUega; cloned. 

HAVIXANB, Kiowa C<ip, pop. 126. 
Ha^iland Academy j; prep.; co-ed.; Ftlenda; 
cat. 11302; H. Lulu Dean, Prin. 

HAYS, Ellia Co., pop. 1,130. 

fiiasinff'a Conaervatory af Mualo; mtia, ; eat. 
1001; Pttrnwlrmh BlsslnK. Frea. 

Fort Hayi Branob Eiparimant Station «f tin 
Btat« A^cultural Collate; eat. 1901 1 J. 
G. Haney, B. W., Siipt. 

Waitom Branoh Btata Niinnal fiobool; nor- 
mal; atate; co-ed.; oat. t002; J. N. Wll- 
klnarjn. Prea,; Wtllnm S. PlcJien, Pfln. 
HIAWATHA, Brown Co., pop. 2,82fl. 

Hiawatha AoAdamy! prpp. ; co-ed.; Bapt. ; 
eat. 1SS7; Wm. B. S4-blieraBmu Pre*. 

Hational Buiineaa College; bu«, and iten.; 
Henry C(M>n. Pres, 

HIGHLAirDp Doniphan Co., pop, T80. 
Hf^-hLand TTniTaraity; eol.; co^^.; Freab. «at. 
1S57: Amofl A. Darls, Prea. 

HOLTOK^ Jackaan Co., pop. B,0S2. 

Oamphell GoUeB«; roL; coed.; Dn. Breth.; 
eat, 1S82; l\ O. Bonebrake, Pres. 

K¥TCHnfBOW, Eeno Co., pop, 0.370. 
Sfflt City BoalneiB College; bus. and aten. : 

(>Ht. 1S9T; iL h. Moody, Pres. 
State Industrial R«fonnatory; sUtfi refonna- 

tory titr Imya; t^Ht, 1SI*S; E, n, Marab^ll 


lOLA, Allen Go<, pop, 5.701. 
tola Bnalneaa GoUeta; bua. apd aten.; e«t. 
1800; Hugh J. Powell, Pras, 

HAHBAS CITY, Wyandotte Co., pop. 51.41B. 
Golleg« of Bhyal&Lana «jid Sur^eona; med.; 

reg.; co-ed.; eat 1104; J. W. May, M. D., 

Kaoaaa City Baptist Theolagioal Sflminary; 

tlHol,; rtapt.; cat, 10C)J ; P. W. CraiinelL 

D. D., rn-s, 
Hansaa City U^niTersIty; col.; i?«ed.; Moth. 

Prot.; t'st. IJioe; D. S. Sti'phena, IK a. 






National BuiineM College; bus. and sten.; 

Henry Goon, Pres. 
LAWBEVOE, Doufflaft Co., pop. 10.802. 
Haskell Institute; col. and indust. school for 

Indians; co-cd.; Federal; est. 1884; H. ' 

B. Peairs, Supt. 
Lawrence Business CoUeffe; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1809; G. T. Smith, Pres. 
XTnivwrsity of Kansas; univ.; state; co-ed.; 
. non-sect.; est. 1866; Frank Strong. Ph. 

D., Chancellor. 
XTniTersity of Kansas, School of Law; law; 

co-ed.; est. 1880; J. W. Green, A. M.. 

XTniTcrsity of Kansas, School of Medicine; 

prep, med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1898; G. 

E. McClung, Ph. D., Dean. 
XTniyenity of Kansas, School of Pharmacy; 

pharm.; co-ed.; est. 1885; L. B. Sayre, 

Ph. O., Dean. 

LEAYEKWOBTH, Leayenworth Co., pop. 20.- 
Leayenworth Business College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1887; N. B. Leach. Pres. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
est. 1860; Mother Mary Regis. 

LECOMFTOV, Douglas Co., pop. 408. 

Lane XTniyersity; merged into Campbell Col- 
lege in 1903. 

LINCOLN, Lincoln Co., pop. 1.262. 
Kansas Christian College; col.; co-ed.; 
Christ.; est. 1882; 0. B. Whitaker, M. S.. 
A. M., Pres. 

LINDSBOBO, McPherson Co., pop. 1.279. 
Bethany College; col.; co-ed.; Swed. Lnth.; 
est. 1881; Garl A. Swensson, Ph. D., 
D. D., Pres. 

School's announcement.^Bethany College 
has nine departments: College, Academy. 
Normal, Business and Shorthand, Musical 
Gonseryatory. Art Department. Depart- 
ment of Elocution. Model School, and 
Training School. The Music School is 
one of the largest and best equipped in 
the West and offers Eastern advantages to 
Western people. The Ling Auditorium 
has a seating capacity of 4.000 and pos- 
sesses a $5,000 MoUer Pipe Organ, which 
is open to students' use. Summer 
Schools in Music, Art, Normal and Com- 
mercial Departments. 

LOWELL, Cherokee Co., pop. 156. 
Lowell Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1891; Wm. B. Morgan. Prln. 

M'PHEBSON, McPherson Co., pop. 2,996. 
McPherson College; prep.; co-ed.; Ger. Bapt.; 
est. 1887; B. Frantz. Pres. 
School's announcement. — The aim of this 
School is to provide a thorough Chris- 
tian education. It advocates plainness of 
dress, simplicity in the habits of life, 
and discourages caste, thus making it a 
home for rich and poor alike. Has 
Collegiate, Academic and Normal De- 
partments; also a school of elocution, 
business and shorthand department, and 
special German department. Expenses 
are very moderate. 

MANHATTAN, Biley Co., pop. 3.438. 

State Agricultural College; agricul.; 

state; co-ed.'; non-sect.; est. 1863: E. R. 
Nichols. A. M.. Pres. 
NatioAal Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Henry Goon. Pres. 
MARIADAHL (P. 0., Cleburne), BUey Co., 
pop. 150. 
Swedish Eyengelical Lutheran Orphans' Home; 
co-ed.; Swed. Luth. ; est. 1880; A. G. 
Johnson, Supt. 
MABTSVILLE, MarshaU Co., pop. 2.006. 
Modem Normal College; normal; private; J. 
G. Allenbecker, Pres. 
NADEAXr, Jackson Co., pop. 25. 
Pottawatomie Boardixig School; prep, school 
for Indians; co-ed.; Federal; est. 1872; 
niomas Richey, Supt. 
NEWTON, Harvey Co., pop. 6,208. 
Bethel College; prep.; co-ed.; Mennonlte; 
est. 1893; Rev. C. H. Wedel, Pres. 
NICKEBSON, Bene Co., pop. 1.038. 
The Nickerson Normal College; normal; pri- 
vate; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1898; Edward 
B. Smith. Pres. 
NOBTH BRANCH, JeweU Co., pop. 100. 
North Branch Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; est. 1889; F. H. Clark, Prln. 
OLATHE, Johnson Co., pop. 3.451. 
State School for the Deaf; co-ed.; est. 1861; 
H. C. Hammond, Supt. 
CSAWATOMIE, Miami Co., pop. 4,191. 
Osawatomie State Hospital for Insane; state; 
co-ed.; est. 1863; L. L. Uhls. Supt. 
OTTAWA, Franklin Co., pop. 6.934. 
Ottawa Business College; bus. and sten.; G. 

H. Crain. Pres. 
Ottawa University; col.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1865; J. D. S. Riggs, A. M., Ph. D., 

School's announcement. — Ottawa Uni- 
versity, incorporated in 1865, is a Ctiris- 
tian institution for higher education, un- 
der the auspices of the Baptist denomi- 
nation of Kansas. Strong religious in- 
fluences thrown around the student. Col- 
legiate and Academic Departments, De- 
partment of Public Speaking, Department 
of Education, Conservatory of Music^ 
Department of Art, and Department of 
Business. Faculty of 30 members, and 
average student attendance of over 900. 
Tuition and living expenses exception- 
ally low and unlimited opportunities for 
PAOLA, Miami Co., pop. 3.144. 
Ursttline Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1895; Mother Jerome, Pres. 
PARSONS, Labette Co., pop. 7.682. 
Parsons Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 
1891; J. C. Olson, Pres. 
PITTSBURG, Crawford Co., pop. 10,112. 
Pittsburg Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1804; F. L. Ilaoberle. Pres. 
QUINDARO, Wyandotte Co., pop. 500. 
Western University; industrial school for ne- 
groes; oo-ed. ; A. M. E. ; est. 1898; W. T. 
Vernon. Pres. 
ST. MART'S, Pottawatomie Co., pop. 1.390. 
St. Mary's College; col.; men; R. C; est. 
1848; Jumes McCabo, S, J.. Pres. 





ST, ^AJTL, IfeoilLo C<r., iwp. 1,047. 

1?S4T; l'\ Itrtyjaitml, PrpB. 
BALIlfA, Si^Une Cci,, EH»p. 0^074. 

K«.iiu.t WflvLer&n Buiinflu ODll«i«; bui. BJid 

Kannft W«i]«7«ii tTrnvuriity; v»l. tind Lirjr- 

Coyt, I'rt'a, 

School' ■ Annnimaemeat* — TliU siihaol baa 
eight detjurimenttt. wJtU u yeurly eiiroll- 
ment of oviir 1.(mki ptudepts. The com- 
mercial deparliui^nt ulone has grown from 
n bHndful of pupllA tu u tunlix&ra L-oltegL* 
^ttroUing W*) pupLLs UTid riiioplajring 11 
iiLBttuctara. The aviuoffy total i^xptruae 
net ftlHilt'nt l!3 nil tlepnrtmcnta Ift 1^0 to 

At. John's Htltt&fT Sohool; mil.; P. Br\ b#t. 
1BU7; R. H, Mlsu?. R«ctor. 

Salinft ITormKl tJpiTisrAitr; uormnJ; prtvnte; 
cfj-crth r noo-si't't. ; t*Bt, 18SG: diarlea 
SwlflJier, ProH. 

Sk«ltoa'ji School of TalegTHpti^ uid Ruilwajr 
BuAlAOii; teL; eeL 1^7; ^^\ II. t^kel- 
toj]^ Prep. 
SENEGA, lf«m&h& C(»., pop. 1,846. 

Hem&hA CiJiiLiderolml OolUie ; bin. and item 
i!8t. IIMW; r. li, Nnttt'F^ Pr<*i. 
&TEELIKG, Rloe Oo., pop. 2,CK)2. 

Cooper CoUflfSE <.'i>l. : eo-ed,: UBh Preib.; vat- 
1837 i I'\ M. Spenetr. D. D., Preu. 
TOF£KA, StLftWR^a Co., pop. ^>iSO&. 

Auumptif^ii Sahooli pi'^P'; <:D'«d,; U, CJ-t ^^t- 
l»a7; F. M. Ha.vdi'1}, Prea, 

QoU«Va of the SlitfiTl of B«tliAiL7; ffli'l*' 
hf>iirdliiff; 1\ K.; c«t. 1881; Barbarn 
VVolkur, Prln. 

SohdoUi umounoemeDit.— A boroc rollege 
fjit girlft. TUl' only picluBl^ely wotuao^s 
eolk^lC« \n KnnBOR, Two jreai-H of Lullcge 
work prcparlnff for efitmijce to the Jimlar 
year of KniLMa Unl^ertltjr, And other 
colle^f-'H of tho best «tatiddrd. FoueBii^ii 
an oqtilpDQcnt excelled by no iicbool foe 
Sfirlft In Ihe West, and few io tbe Etist, 
Hoa ilst&Pii teactiora, u ram pus of tWL^titr 
tti'res, bfinotlful t^tiapol^ lui-ge Ubriiryj 
gyoiuailimi, Well fufiilnhed atodloH, aeT- 
tiien ptaiiDfl und aepafate pi 11 no rooma. 

Doufbftrtr'i Bbortlund Sohool; ati^n.i emt. 
1804; Geo. E. I>ouffbiTty. Pres. 

KituM Itftdiwl CoU^Kor ined.; refi,; ct^ed.; 
eat 18«'J; John E. Mladey, A. M.. M. D., 

School' 1 uiiiouziiC«m4iit.^The Kanaaa Med- 
ical College lifl» a four yi^ar^' graded 
courao of pitiidyt iia^ing been one of die 
Arat mtli?ffea weat of Oie Mlaalattlppl 
RlTdr to rftl*e \t» standard to thnt re- 
quired tiy blffhcr uiHllcal educwtlon. poa- 
HC«teH nnturpaaacd labot-atory and chetn^ 
l^at raHllt)f?»; «laa Ubrary faclllLlei, Its 
aCudonta having ffee acd^fls to the Stor- 
mont Hedloal Libra it of the Kanuift 
State Library, In wblch are BeToral tbou- 
MjQi TnliiQi{?a of medldal wot-ka. 

Pond'i Biiiln«ai Colleger bus. and aten.; U. 
A. Pond. Free. 

SobOOl of £xpr«a«lon and tke Drus*; eloc. 
aad or : i^at. IS&A: Mlasi Clara U Crumb, 

Sokdol of Pianoforte Fl8.yings tuim. ; Am lie 

M. l'ju'i'y'llundj% I'ros. 
Bta,to XnduAtrial fiaknol for Boyi; state re^ 

finiu fti-hihjl; boj.'i!t* eKt. 1S7»; H, W- 

Chark'H, Supt. 
The Standard Shorthjind Sobool; tttcn,; est. 

IS-SI I A mm E. Giiiiaan, Pfea* 
Topeka Buaineaa CoUa^a^ butj. aud aten. ; 

L. H. SLriykler, 
Tapek* State Hoapltal for Inwne; .etatf^: 

in>^,; est, 1875; T. C. Blddlt. Supt, 
Waahbum Gollajre; eQL\ ci>ed.; Cong,; est. 

180rt; Ntiniaan Plasa, Prea, 

WABHIKCTON, Waahffigtaii Cot, pop. 1,5TS, 
Waahiogton Academy; prep.; eo-e>d.; Bnpt. ; 
fi^t. iKirif; w. ts. llnKeniau. PHn. 

WICHITA, Sodgwiok Go,, pop.. 34,flTl- 

Fairinannt College; roL; eo-fd,; Cong. iHit. 
laim, NtLthuji hL Storrtaon, 1>. D., LL, D., 
Frlenda irnivaTtlty ; roL; co-ed. ; Frlenda; 

oat. iMBNf Kdiflund Stanley, 'Prea. 
Lewja Academy; prep,; eo-ed. ; Preab. ; eat. 

ISSd: J. M, Nuylor. Pb. D., Prln. 
Mount Carmel Anademy; jp^lrla' boflrdJug^; 
R. C; eal. 1887; Slater Mary Imbellii. 
C. It, V. M.. SHperior. 
Weatem Sckool of Elooution and Orator^j 
vhyi: and or.; oat. 180U: (ie<jrg« W. 
Hoaa^ PreM. 
Wighjta Buiineaa College; hua. aoA at^n.; 
est. llJiJl; iIumIk'i- b\ Ada ma. Prea. 
Bdioari Annaunaeneiit. — Ttit^ leading and 
m[>ftt I^^^)i,'r^Mlltv^■ im^IneHa College In tb^ 
State. rill sjjUrled teflchera, 4(M> ttu- 
denta hitst yiiur, C-onip]t?te couraea lit 
Bookkeeping. Higher Accminttng, Skort- 
liand, Conrt Reporting, ClTll-SerTieij Prep- 
uratlon. Typewrltluu, and T«a('hf>rK' Nor- 
mal Work, X flpei'lal feat are of our 
iiehool Is our Model Training i)ffl«>s 
where the student leania bnalnesa ae It Is 
AftuH In thi^ bnslnu'Ks bouwe. 
WItikita Commercial College; bun. and aten.; 
eaL li^ti; K. H- RobliiB, Preji. 
Sobool' a announoaEnont^ — C'oura«a of etudy 
juul plun of work In the Wkhltn C^mmer- 
elal College are equal tu tboac of the 
hlgheat rank of commercial eollegea. 
The »['hHji>l h«longa to the International 
BuBlneaa Praetlee A«aoeJation of Amerteu, 
and tko atudenta are In daily eomjuaol- 
eatlon, throngb the regular Unltud States 
mall wltk th<* pupils of all the leading 
eommeTCInl t:olIegea of thfi Ignited States. 
Tbe sckool baa a faculty of 7 profesaora 
and Instnietora. Tbe total enrollment 
last ycaf waa 206, Gradnatea are afford^ 
ed unuaual advantages for procuring pod- 

WIH7IELD, Odwlay Co.. pop. 5,064, 
Winfifild fiuilness and Aoademlc Collegvi baa., 

at£U. and prep, ^ eat 3884; H, F. W. 

Kuehije, Pf««, 
St John 'a Lntberan Collage; ool, ; co-^.; 

Li It] I.; fj!t. ISUI; A. W. Meyi?r. Pre*. 
Southwoal Kansas College; col.; co^ed.; It. S^; 

e«t. lSS<5i; tieorgo F, Ooo^k, Ppe«. 
State Schdol for Eii«bla-Klnd«d Youtb; Btat«; 

co^«d.; eat. IS81; 0. 3. Kewkm, fiapt. 





Population, 2,147,174. School census, 684,064. School age, 6-20. 

Kentucky is the twelfth state in the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,147,174 inhabitants, of whom 1,862,309, or 86.7 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 50,133, or 2.3 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 16.5 per cent, the state ranking thirty-seventh in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 

James H. Fuqua, Sr., Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 


James H. Fuqua, Sr., Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

N. B. HayS; Attorney General Frankfort 

H. V. McChesney, Secretary of State Frankfort 


James H. Fuqua,. Sr., Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

M. A. Cassidy, Superintendent of City Schools Lexington 

M. O. WjNFREY, Superintendent of City Schools Middle^ro 


J. C. W. Beckham, Governor - Frankfort 

J. H. FuQUA, Sr., State Superintendent of Public Instruction Frankfort 

H. V. McChesney, Secretary of State .Frankfort 

Henry Bosworth, State Treasurer Frankfort 

J. Morgan Chinn, Clerk, Court of Appeals Frankfort 

N. B. Hays, Attorney General Frankfort 

S. W. Hager Frankfort 


Edward Taylor, President Bowling Green 

Kentucky two years ago enacted a law allowing the commissioners to use a 
part of the school fund for libraries, one to be at the commissioner's office, and 
then as much as ten dollars for each school district if the people would raise ten 
dollars. As a result, in two years, every county has a local library in the court 
house, and there is a library for every 720 children in Kentucky and one book, for 
every ten children. 


M. H. Bourne, President Owenton 

Livingston McCartney, Secretary Henderson 





County. Snporiiitondcnt'H Namo. Address. Comity. 

Adair Columbia 14,888 

Allen : KUen p. Lewis Scottsville 14,667 

Anderson M. L. Chownlng Lawrenceburg 10,061 

Ballard Miss A. Dee Sublette Wicklilte 10,761 

Barren W. C. Turner Glasgrow 23,197 

Bath W. P. Perry Owlngsville 14,734 

Bell W. H. Fuson Plneville 16,701 

Boone D. M. Snyder Burlington 11,170 

Bourbon Nell Bedford Clay Paris 18,069 

Boyd r. H. Baker Catlettsburg 18,884 

Boyle J. W. Rawlings Danville 18,817 

Bracken N. H. Hannah Brookville 12,187 

Breathitt Henry B. Noble Jackson 14,822 

Breckinridge Joel H. Pile Hardinsburg 20,634 

Bullitt C. P. Bradbury SliepardsvilTe 9,602 

Butler R. B. Drake Morgantown 16,896 

Caldwell R. O. Davis Princeton 14,610 

Oallow«ay A. L. Langjston Murray 17,633 

Campbell Alexandria 64,223 

Carlisle Bardwell 10.195 

Carroll Ernest Lewellyn CarroUton 9,826 

Carter Hardin Gilbert Qrayson 20,228 

Casey J. C. Lay Liberty 16,144 

Christian Katie McDenlel Hopkinsville 87,962 

Clark C. A. Tanner Winchester 16,694 

Clay 1. S. Manning Manchester 16,364 

Clinton L. F. Piercey Albany 7,871 

Crittenden John B. Paris Marlon 15,191 

Cumberland R. D. Bass Burksville 8,962 

Davis R- L- Allen Owensboro 38.667 

Bdmundson George McCombs Brownsville 10,060 

Bliiott D. M. Holbrook Sandy Hook 10,387 

Estill Clarence Miller Irvin^e 11,669 

Fayette J. D. Clark Lexington 42,071 

Fleming L. N. Hull Flemingsburg 17,074 

jrioyd H. F. Patton .: Prestonburg 16,652 

Franklin Lucy Pattie Frankfort 20,852 

Fulton Dora M. Smith Hickman 11,646 

Gallatin Thomas P. Anderson Warsaw 6,163 

Gerrard • Lancaster 12,012 

Grant C. C. Adams Williamstown 13,239 

Graves A. B. Cameron Mayfleld 33,204 

Grayson J. R. Coyle Litchfield 19,878 

Green Lizzie Y. Graham Greensburg 12,266 

Greenup J. M. Literal Greenup 16,482 

Hancock J. F. DeJarnette Hawesvllle 8,914 

Hardin H. C. Miller Elizabethtown 22,937 

Harlan Wade Skidmore Mt. Pleasant 9,838 

Harrison James W. Rogers Cynthiana 18,570 

Hart W. H. Strange Munfordville 18,890 

Henderson Chas. E. Sugg Henderson 82,907 

Henry W. T. Gividen New Castle 14,620 

Hickman J. W. Henry Clinton 11,746 

Hopkins Sallie R. Brown Madisonvllle 30,996 

Jackson Allen Powell McKee 10,661 

Jefferson R. A. Stonestreet Ixjuisville 282,649 

Jessamine W. R. Harris Nicholasville 11,926 

Johnson Geo. M. Johnson Paintsville 18,730 

Kenton E. O. Mills Independence 68,681 

Knott K. J. Day HIndman 8.704 

Knox M. G. Hignite Barboursville 17,872 

Larue G. Tolbert Gaddie Hodgensvllle 10,764 

Laurel J. K. Lewis Ixndon 17,692 

Lawrence Ralph W. Holbrook Louisa 19,612 

Lee R. T. Eager Beattyvlllo 7,988 

Leslie H. M. Brock Hyden 6,763 

Letcher Arch C. Adams Whltesburg .^ 9,172 

Lewis W. R. Henderson Vanoeburg 17,888 

Lincoln Garland Singleton Stanford 17,069 









McLean . . . 

Superintendent's Name. Address. 

..Zed A. Bennett SmitMand 

.D. B. Estes Riissellvllle 

..U. S. King Eiddyville . 

.A. M. Ragsdale Paducah .. 

.J. W. Boston Calhoun ... 

.J. W. Wagers Richmond 

Magoffin Martha B. Arnett Salersville 

Marlon S. G. McElroy Lebanon 

Marshall A. EX Ctoss Benton 

Martin W. T. S. Maynard Inez 

Mason C. D. Wells Maysville 

Meade W. B. Arnold Brandenburg .. 

Menifee Geo. W. Buchanan Frenchburg — 

Mercer H. H. Walker Harrodsburg .. 

Metcalfe J. E. Hestand Edmonton 

Monroe S. S. Bay Tompkinsville . 

Montgomery Mary G. Anderson Mt. Sterling ... 

Morgan W. B. Barker West Liberty .. 

Muhlenberg Mrs. Nannie Jones Welch.. Greenville 

Nelson J. Tyler Davis Bardstown 

Nicholas Mattie Bedford Hamm ....Carlisle 

Ohio James R. I>eWeese Hartford 

Oldham laGrange 

Owen Lucy Blakemore Owenton 

Owsley G. W. Garrett Booneville 

Pendelton H. S. Orr Falmouth 

Perry Hazard 

Pike L. J. Williamson Pikeville 

Powell F. P. Tracy Stanton 

Pulaski H. H. Smith Somerset 

Robertson C. E. Colyer Mt. Olivet 

Rockcastle G. M. Ballard ....Mt. Vernon .... 

Rowan Cora Wilson Stewart Morehead 

Russell T. S. Isbell Jamestown 

Scott L. H. Paxton Georgetown .... 

Shelby Robt. Allen Burton Shelbyville 

Simpson A. H. Hill Franklin 

Spencer M. B. Miller Taylorville -. 

Taylor Campbellville .. 

Todd Mina Griffin Elkton 

Trigg Alfred Cunningham Cadiz 

Trimble I. .D. Mitchell Bedford 

Union H. F. Parrish Morganfield ... 

Wlarren T. T. Gardner Bowling Green 

Washington J. W. Bush Springfield 

Wkyne F. M. Shearer Monticello 

Webster Geo. B. Vaughn Dixon 

Whitley C. S. Wilson Williamsburg . 

Wolfe Jno. W. Taulbee Campton 

Woodford Versailles 

Pop. of 

... 9,319 
.... 5,780 
.... 6,818 
.... 9,998 
.... 7.078 
.... 6,874 
.... 8,276 
.... 6,443 
.... 4,900 
.... 8,277 
.... 9,695 
.... 7,406 
.... 7,272 
.... 8,764 


ALBANY, Clinton Co., pop. 234. 
AllMny Hiffh School; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
A. B. Barnes, Prin. 
AVOHOBAGE, Jefferson Co., pop. 421. 
Bellwood Seminary; girls' boarding; non-soot.; 
W. G. Lord, Pros. 
ASHLAND, Boyd Co., pop. 6,800. 

AahlABd College; col.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 
1887; George H. Relbald, B. D., B. S., 

AVBUBN, Logan Co., pop. 097. 
Atttam Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Gumb. 
Preab.; Chas. E. Bates. Prin. 
BABBOUBSYILLE, Knox Co., pop. 1,010. 

Union College; col.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1886; 
James P. Faulkner, A. M., Pres. 

BARDSTOWK, Kelson Co., pop. 1.711. 
Bardstown Male and Female Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.; Bapt.; H. J. Greenwell, Prin. 

BEAVER DAM, Ohio Co.. pop. 552. 

West Kentucky Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. G. Welborn, Prin. 

BEECHMONT, Jefferson Co., Suburb of Louis- 
Louisville Training School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; H. K. Taylor, Prin. 
BEREA, Madison Co., pop. 762. 




lS5r>; Wm. il, FfoBt. Ph. D.. Pn-a. 
BLAINE, L&wrenoe Co., tfu^i. 130 r 

BUiae NdtruiL Soboolt normal ; prlraty; en- 
I'd . ; I ■?< t . 1 8SU : ( ; . M 1 1 Uu I K I II lii , mi n ► 
BLAl^DVILLE. fiftll&rd €o^, pep, 2TT. 

BltndvlUi Baptist OtiUegti; prop.; rthtd. ; 
llQpt.j J. N. Roll III Btm. Prill. 
BOONEVILLE, OwBley Co,, pap. 215. 

BoDnflviHa AiMdetny; prep.; co-ed^; PreabK; 
i'Ht. iSii+rt; li*'V. W. A. E. tJumpbell, A, 
B., H. a. E'lln. 
BOWLING 0B££JI, Wiinvn Co., pop. S«2^. 
BowUnff Gr«en Buiimeii OoUttffa; biia^ and 

utuMJ- ; It. H. Cht'try^ Prc^s. 
BowUnff ^reen FrepKT&tory Sabool; prep^; cd- 
td.^ iiim-sec-t. ; iUaaeii Du Ea«e jmd Bflg- 
liiud, Prlns. 
Off dan CoUflfffi; coL; mi*p; nuii'Seft, ; t»8t. 

iSTTj Wm. A, ObonclisJn, A. M,. Prpi* 
Potter Colleef&i glrlH* board! ng^; nori-aefitH ; 

vJit. ISSU: Rev, B. F, CabiJlU Prus. 
Soatborn K&rmikL Sobool; normol; prlvitte; 
ea-ed. ; tl+ H. {..lljnlrjp Pre a. 
BUTFALO, Larue Cti., pap. ^T. 
Eiiit LfnuB Collflffs; prep.; i:LKed.; uon-aect., 
C. li. Cniin. A. B., PrJn. 
BUXrKZgTILLE, CumberUnd Co., pap. S26. 
Aloxandar CoUfi^d; prep, j CQ-c^d. ; Fre»b*; Ri'T* 
T. 0. Kerr. Priii. 
CADIZ, TtiKS Co., pop. SSI. 
Ew*jU MfrrriU CarroU C&Utt^o; buriit'^d. 

CAHFBELLSBUBG, Hftiii? Gd., pnp. 1^1. 
Catapbflllibui-s Hifb BohooL; p^rop.; tra-ccl.; 
noii-seL't. ; J. W. reiirey, Prln. 
CAMPBELLSVILLE, Taylor Co., pap. 1,341. 
CampbflLUTille High Sohaol; prep.; eo-od. ; 
l*res4ln; W. M. Jiictiauii. A, B.f Prln. 
CAMPTON, W&lfo Co., pop. 270. 
Kentucky WeileyiiD Acadfimy; prep.; rurdl.^ 
,M. i:.. So,; (iintriff ClrtrkLs Priiu 

CAHMEB, Hart Co., pop. 240. 

IiUiaa Aoademy; flrln' ItojirnlJnK; t4. M. hnr- 
liHm^ Prin. 

CARBOLTON, Carroll Co,, pof}. 2.2f>$. 
St. JobJQ'i Beletit Bdhii&l; prep.; c*o^p(].; E. 0.; 
I^niitUB M. AhmnDii. PriD. 

CLINTON. HJakmiB Co., iM>p. 1.402. 

Clinton CoUoffo; prep.f ca-ci'd,; Bapt. ; Cook 

k WIiitH\ Prlna. 
Marvin Cellef«; pr*'p. , coM. : M. E. 8o.; H. 
W. Urowder, Prln, 
COJ.UMBIA, Adair Co., p<pp. 451. 

HalQ ajid Fsmalv Hlffh Sobool^ prt^p^, co-bd^ ; 
nan-seet; A. H, Boillnrd. Prln, 
COBINTH, Ormut Co., pop, 331. 
Northorti Kentuoky Normal Aoadam?-^ prep.; 
ifn*i|,; mai-i<*'ci. ; I). J. Wrl^lit, Prln. 
CCVlNOrON. IC«nten Co., %Kjp. 42.@8g. 
Clmrk'i Commsrciiil CoUegqi; liua. und atun. ; 

W. D, Clark, Prea. 
Noir« Damo Aoademy; g^lrlt' bDanltng; E. 0. [ 

Sister Mnry ArmellA, Prln. 
Bueby School; prep.; co-ed.? bon-Scet. ; K. 

J. MorHa, Prln. 
St* loieph'i Bobool lot Boja; boyn' boarding; 
R. €. ; Brothtr rrnncli Liebi. Prln. 

CYNTHIAKA, HorriBoa Co., pop. S.257, 

Smitk^fi CJasflioal Sobool; prep.; co-chi],; Don- 
aect ; .N. i: Hill I til. rdn. 

DANVILLE, Boyle Co., iyt>\t. i,2m. 

Caldwell College i glrl^' liuririSlnK; Prest!.; e^i. 

ISm- ItcT. J. O. FAy. J). P.. rttiw. 

Central XTniveriity of Kentuoky; wL; Uieti; 

Prusb.; t*aL 18^^; Uev. Win. C. RobLirtii, 

D. D., LL. B., Proa. 

OBatnl tTnlverftity, Law Department; lat«'; 
men; ent. li^lM; .\. H. TLi'nckJiiorton, A. 
M-, LL. n., Lk'iiu. 

Beed^i Sohool, Miaa; prep.; cixid.; iton^ae^t^; 
Ml^ Joaepblnc Reed* Prln. 
ELIZABETHTOWN, Hardin Co., pop. 1,891, 

HardUi CoUsfiate Initittite; prep.; eu-ed.; 
Prc^ali.: J. IL Anatln, Jr,, Prin. 

Bt. Jamei' School; preii.; co-b4.; E. C; Sla- 
ter M. Gjibftel. Prln. 
ELI^ATILLE, Fleming Co., pop. 1D@. 

Willow Sail Academy; prep.; eo-ed. ; nOU- 
fiect.; .Tumi>J4 IL Mi^Goban, Prln. 
ELKTON, Todd Co,^ pop. J, 123. 

Vaoderbilt Training flehool; prep.; e^-ed. ; M. 

E, ^Ori Juftlititt H. Heiideraon, Prln. 
FLIPPIN. )Sonro« Co., ehJP. 200. 

Monroe Normal. Sohool ; prep.; oo-ed.; nim- 
fii'Ll.^ i;. T, Tbomuat Prln. 
FOUNTAIN BUN, Monroe Co,, pop. 200. 

Jimtown Academy; girls" boiirdlng'; nE]^n'fHM;t. ; 
R. E. lS["Ltrj, Priri, 
FEANBFOBT, Franklin Co., [jop. ih4S7. 

Kentucky NormA-l and Induitrinl toitltllt« 
(fukii'etlj ; norniul; state; co-ed.; John H. 
Jntkaon, Prea. 
FBAKKLDf, Bimpiom Co., pop. 2,1(16. 
FranklU Milituy Initltute; mlUtarj; non- 
ae-t.: J. Rt>bt. Boa^, A. M., Prln, 
FITLTON, Fttlton Co., pop, 2,800. 
Fulton Normel gehool and Buiineia CoUoge; 
prep..; ro-ed.i nou-aeet.; il. R. Hulei'. 

CEORGETOWN. Soott Co., pop. 3,S2a. 
Coorjetown CoUeffo; coL; eo-ed. ; Bapt. ; eit^ 
2«2y: J. J, Taylor, M. A., U. P., Pre*. 
OETHBEMANE, NeUoii Co,, p^ip. 110, 

Oethaemane Co liege; hoy a' bourdlnv; S. O-i 
EdYViircl M. Obnrcht. O. 0. R., Frla. 

GLAB&OW, Barren Co,, pop. 2.01». 
Liberty Collete; tol,; co-ed,; Bjipt.; HMt. ISTft; 

Rijv. J. H. Burnett, A. M*, Prce. 
Urania Normal College; prep.; ro-r>d. ; nmt* 

B<i!t; Ulee I":. Eubanlc. A. B., Prln. 

GLENDALE, Hardin Cn,^ pop, 17^^ 
LynnUnd Mala and Femaio loatitutv; W. B. 
Gwyiin, PHii. 

HAEBINSBtTRO, Breokenrid^e Co., pop. 068. 
Braokemidge Kormal CollerB^! tiornml; pri- 
vate; eo-ed. ; D. S, Eoberta, .V. B., Prea* 

KASLAN, Harlan Co., pop. M7. 
Harlan Acadetny; prep.; eo-ed.; Prett*. ; W, 
C. Clenu^nB, Trtn. 
HAEBODSBUEG, Keroor Co., pop. 2,970. 

Beaumont College; glrla' boarding; uon-aect. ; 

eel, 1804: T. Siiilth. Prea. 
HarrodibuTf Aoademj; prep.; co^ed. ; uou- 
soct, ; J, C, Aehefnou, Prln. 








HAXCFOBD, Okio Co., pop. 786 . 

Hartford CoUego and BnainoM Institate; 
IHrep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; T. J. Morton, 
HAZAKT), Perry Co., pop. 300. 
Haiard Baptist Institate; normal; private; co- 
HAZEL QBEEK, Wolfe Co., pop. 226. 
Haxel Green Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Christ.; 
Wm. Henry Cord« Pres. 
HDrDMAH, Knott Co., pop. 831. 

1 ffi n il*F**ff Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
G eorge Clarke, Prin. 
HODOENYILLE, Lame C/o., pop. 825. 
Keny«B Collsge; prep.) co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Charles William Barnes, Prin. 
HOPKnrSVILLE, Christian Co., pop. 7,280. 
Bethel Female College; girls' boarding; Bapt.; 
est. 1856; Edmund Harrison, A. M., Pres. 
South Kentuoky College; col.; co-ed.; Chris- 
tian; est. 1848; A. C. Knykendall. A. B., 
HVBTONYILLE, Lincoln Co., pop. 425. 
Central Christian College; ^rep.; co-ed.; 

Christian; Miss Mary F. Wood, Prin. 

HYDEH, Leslie Co., pop. 208. 
Hyden Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Prcsb. ; T. 
Judson Miles, A. B., Prin. 
IHDEFEKDENCE, Kenton Co., pop. 183. 
Independence ffigh School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; B. D. Lucy, Prin. 
JACKSON, BreathiU Co., pop. 841. 
S. P. Lee's Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

Presb.; M. L. Glrton, Prln. 

JETT, Franklin Co., pop. 52. 

Excelsior Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Christ.; Budora Lindsay Smith, Pres. 
LEBANON, Marion Co., pop. 3.043. 
St. Augustine's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Sister Mary Kevin Coffey, Prin. 
LEVEL OBEEN, Bock Castle Co., pop. 100. 
Level Oreen Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. N. Brown, Prln. 
LEXINGTON, Payette Co., pop. 26.368. 
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Ken- 
tucky; agri. and tech.; state; co-ed.; est. 
1866; Jas. K. Patterson, F. R H. S., 
Kentucky XTniversity; col.: co-ed.; Christ.; est. 
1788; BuiTls A. Jenkins, A. M., D. D., 
St. Catherine's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

C; Sister Mary Vincent, Prin. 
Sayre Female Institute; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; est. 1854; H. B. McClellan, A. 
M.. Litt. D., Prin. 
LONDON, LoweU Co., pop. 1.147. 

Sue Bennett Memorial School; prop.; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.; J. 0. Lewis, Prin. 
LOUISVILLE, Jefferson Co., pop. 204.731. 
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy; girls' board- 
ing; R. C. ; Sister Margaret Mary Car- 
roll, Prln. 
Bryant 9c Stratton Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1864; E. J. Wright, Pres., 
CJor. 2nd and Walnut. 
Flezaer's School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Abraham Flezner. Prin. 
Hospital College of Medicine; med. ; reg. ; 

men; est 1872; P. Ridiard Taylor, M. 
D., Dean, 324 B. Chestnut. 

Kentuoky Home School for Girls; girls' board- 
ing; P. B.; Bliss Belle S. Peers, Prln.. 
1500 4tfa Aim, 

Kentucky School of Medicine; med.; co-ed.; 
est. 1860: Wm. H. Wathen. A. M.. LL. 
D., Dean. 619 6th St. 

Kentucky ITniversity, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1798; T. G. Evans, 
M. D., Dean. 113 W. Broadway. 

Louisville College of Dentistry, Central XTni- 
versity of Kentucky; dent.; men; est. 
1887; W. E. Grant. M. D.. D. D. S.. 
Dean, Brook and Broadway Sts. 

Louisville CoU^e of Pkarmacy; phar.; co- 
ed.; est. 1872; Gordon L. Gurry, Dean, 
104 W. Chesnut. 

Louisville Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 
est. 1868; G. W. Kelly, M. D., Dean, lO; 
W. Chesnut. 

Louisville National Medical College; med.; 
reg.; co-ed.; W. A. Burney, M. D., Dean. 
114 W. Green. 

Louisville Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; W. J. McConathy, Pres.. 627 B. 

Presentation Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C: 
Sister Butopia, Prin., Fourth Ave. 

St. Benedict's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 
C; Sister M. Thomas, Prin. 

St. Xavier's CoUege; boys* boarding; R. C; 
Brother Bamardine, Prin., 112 W. Broad- 

Schwarfcs School; bus. and sten.; est. 1882; 
Dr. Geo. W. Sch warts. Ph. D., LL. D.. 

Southwestern Homeopathic Medical College; 
med.; homeop.; co-ed.; est. 1882; A. 
Leight Monroe, M. D., Dean, 636 Sixth 

Spencerian Business College; bus. and sten.; 
Enos Spencer, Pres., 642 W. Main. 

State XTniversity; prep. ; co-ed. ; Bapt. ; G. L. 
Puree, D. D., Prin., 712 W. Kentucky. 

Transylvanian University; merged with Ken- 
tucky University. 

University of Louisville, Law Department; 
law; men; est. 1847; W. 0. Harris, Dean. 
812 W. Chesnut. 

University of Louisville, Medical Department; 
med.; reg.; men; est. 1837; J. M. Bodinc. 
M. D., Dean, Gor. Chesnut and 8th. 

University School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
William Hardy Tharp, Prin., 1047 2nd St. 

Ursuline Academy of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion; prep.; girls; R. C. ; est. 1864. 
Mother Theodore, Superior. 
LYNDON, Jefferson Co., pop. 46. 

Kentucky Military Institute; military; non- 
sect.; est. 1845; C. W. Fowler, Supt. 
MACKVILLE, Washington Co., pop. 171. 

Mackville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. J. Rumley, Prin. 
MADISONVILLE, Hopkins Co., pop. 3.628. 

Atkinson Literary and Industrial CoUege (col- 
ored) ; oo-od. ; A, M. K. ; Samuel E. 
Duni'an. Prln. 

Shaoklett Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
R. P. Shacklett, Prln. 

Western Kentuoky Normal School; closed. 




UAYBYTLXX:, Mmxoo. C»., pop. ^,42^1. 

Hi^yiwocd Female Sdmin&rj; elrlB' boarding; 
nou-at?ct. ; Miss FjiUTiie h, Hayea, Prfn. 
KIDDLEBITRa. CaBsy Co., pop. 132. 

Hiddlebufff N(iifmirl Gollttfffl; normal; private; 


MII.LEaSBirR&, Bour^a Go., p{>p. &62. 

MiUerBbui'^ F&malo Coll»pi; glrln" boat^dliif; 
M, K, Siu; *'st 18W>; lU?* €. C. Fisher, 
A. M.. Pre ft. 
MLlltirBbui'ff TrainiJig' Soboolj bojB' boarding; 
huti-jitH't. ; C. M. Beit, O. E., Prin. 
MOBEREAI), Rijwmn ClOt, ptip. 1,100. 

MDrehead Normal flabo^l; Dormal; prlrfite; 
i-D-ed. ; l'\ C. Button. Fres. 
MOBGAXTDWlf, ButUr Co., pop. SST. 
Morgantown Sezainaryt prep.; co-ed.; non-iect,; 
J, ElDier Tiirneri Prin^ 
XOUHT 8TEBIJN(iT Moutffomwy Co.^ pop. 
G<iodwln'« SCiile Hlfli School; b&7&^ bonrdlng; 
ngii-syi:'t. ; M. J. Ooodwin, Prln* 
HOUHT TERNON, Beck Gutlo Co., pop. 422. 
Mount V&rDon Gollog i&tif Ii^Btitute ; prep. ; vq- 
id.; PiMKsby.; Rt*v. A, H Bwem, FtIh* 
NA2AEETH, KaIhil Co.. doci. 30. 
Nfkxu^tli Litflnry juid B«n9Toi«nt Initltutton; 
glrlH' bodrding; IL 0*1 Mother M, Cleo- 
t^bttti MllU'r, Prlu. 
K'EBIirX, lUrisn Co., poi>. IT. 

Lorvllo Litfiimry and BaneTolont Inttitixtkn; 
glrl»' bourdhig; li. €.; Slaier Rasbie, 
NEWTOET, Cwaplrell Co,, pop. 28.3U1. 

Clark^t Commeraial Colleg^fi; buA, aud eteii.: 

\V. I). L'kirk, I'ci^i^. 
Btaunt Bt. Haitin'B ieminary; girls* board- 
ing; R. C; Mother Martu, Prlu. 
ITnivoraitir High Sobool; ilDsed. 
BlCHOLAaTZLLE, JeisaiaiDa Qo,, pop, 2,393. 
JoBBamuia Fsmala Inititutei fir la' boardltig; 
non-Beet.; est. 1854; Mrs. B. W. Vine- 
yard. Prin. 
NORTH KIDDLETOWN, Bourbon Co., pop. 434, 
Kentuokr Claaiioal and BubLqabb CoUefo; 
pri'p*; ro-*»d. ; Cbrlatlun; Mr a. J. B. Skin- 
lien Prtu. 
OWENSBOBO, DaTi«aB Co., pop, ia,ia». 
Oweatboro Coinmercial Collega; bua. and aten.; 

Howurrt Von Doiisen, Proa. 
Owaasboro Femalfl Galley; gJrJs* boni-dlnff; 
non-aect.; est. ISWO; A. C. G&o^wln, Pr^s. 
OWEKTOHh Owen Cot^ pci-p. 1.014. 

Caldwell Acadamy and Gradod Sobool , prep, ^ 
co-cd. ; tion BeL'l; JesBp O. Caldwall, Prin. 
FABVGAH, McCraoken Co., p<ip. 19,44Q. 

Bt, Mary'i Afwdoiny^ t^tt^p^i fo-ed*; R. 0»; 
SlBtt»r A ga thin a, Prlu. 
FAEIS> Bourbon Co.> pop. 4,003. 
Ttpton'B Select Sohool, WUb; Blrla" boNrdln^: 

prep.; tHi-ed. ; MIbh Si, S. Tlptou. Frto. 
YarkfiB' Frl¥atn Sobool; prt^p. ; uo-ed. ; non- 
aett.; W. L. Yerkyn. Prhi. 
FlWEi: VALLEY. Oldham Co.. pop. 4m. 

SsDiuoky CgU«f(^fo^ Yotmit Ladi«a; bnrutai, 
PIH£TILL£, Fika Co., pop. bm. 
FlkflvlUa Coll«ri&te Xnatitut«i prep.; co-ed.; 
rn?ab, ; Janifft h\ Uot'ord, t^rliin 
FI1IE71LLE, B«U Go., pog. 3.072. 


Theodore Hairla iQatitutet prep.; co-ed, 
ttevL.: J. T. C. Noe. PrLn, 
FEINCETO^, Caldwell Ca., pop. 2,5^. 

FrlnoetoD Collo^ata Initltute ; prep. ; cKt-ed. 
Pri'Sb.; Jubn M. Richmond, Frio. 
FRQVIDEllCEp WabBtoc Go,, iK>p. l,2Sii 
Hale and Female Aoadam;; prep.; 
uon-sfr.'t. ; J. Y. Brown, Prlu. 
BICKUOITD, Madiaon Cki., pop. 4,(KK1. 

MadiBon Femala Xnatituta; glrla' Lion rdln^^; 
ChrL^tlan; Wfaa Alice Lloyd, Prlii. 
EUSSBLLYILLE, Lafaa Co,^ pop. 2.&8t, 

Bethel Oolleee ; col.; men; Bapt, ; eat. 1854; 

Wni. H. HarrLeon, M. A.. PrpB. 
Loffan Female CoUBge; glrla' boarding; M, E. 
So.; pet. 1S56; A. G, Murphy, A. M.« 
ST. JOBEFH] DATieu Co,> pop^ ^iK 
Mount St. JoAeph'a At^demr; girlti' bojirdJn^; 
R, C; l^other M. Auguatltitip Prln. 
ST. MARY. MaHeo Co., pop. 200. 

St. Mary' a College; eol.; men; R. D.; eat. 
ST. VlNOENT. tTnion Co,t pop, 25. 
St. Tlnoent*! Aoademr; girls' boerding^ R. C, ; 
Simi*r Mury David, Prlii. 
SHABFSBUE0, Bath Co., pop. 4£2, 

Male and Female CoUeffej prep.; co-ed,; n< 
actrt,; Mra. Faunle B. TulbOT. Prin. 
SHELBYVILLE, Bhelliy Cv., pop. 3,010. 

Soienca HUl School; glrla' boardint; mni- 

8(('t.; Mrs. W. T. Pointer, Prin. 
&Qeajce'B Academy^ oloied. 
SLAlTGilTEESVILLE, Webtt«r Co., pop. S8S, 
Van Horn Xnatltutei prep.; co-ed. 
seet. ; J. W, Bignoj, Prin. 
STAHrORB, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,051. 
Stanford F«mml« Collage; glrla' boarding; non- 
aect. ; i?flt. ISOG; WUUam Sbelton, LL.D., 
Stanford Male Aoademj; boja" boarding: 
Preab.; E. L. Grubba. A. M.* Frln. 
8ULFHUH, Henry Co., pop. 400. 

Fairmount CsUego; prep. ; eo-ed.; non-Mct.; 
B. r. Turner, Prin. 
TAYLORSTILLEh Bpenoer Co., pop. 61S. 

Spencer Inetitute; prep.; co-ed.; non-acft.; Q. 
€. OTeratriiet. Prin. 
VANCEBtTEa. LewiB Co., [»p. IJSl. 
EiTeraido Bominajy; prep.; ci>ed.; non-aoetl 
LnttTiJite Rolft\ Prin. 
VERSAILLES, Woodford Co,, pop. 2.SST, 
Ashland Seminary; giria* boiirdlng; P. 
PridiThk B. Ajer, Prin. 
WADDY. Sholby Co., pf)p. 108. 

Central Kormal College; normal; private ; co* 
ed, ; riti^ln'i't Allf»n Hmiton. Pres. 
WAYKESBVEG, Linooln Co., pop. 100. 
Waynesburf Seminary: prep.; co^ed.; 
bpl4. : en I. ISttft. 
WILLLUiSBURO, Whitley Co.» pop. 1.495. 
Willlanuburg Academy; prep.; coed.; Cong- 
A. S. Hill, PL. I)., Prin. 
WILMOBE, Jesaamine Co., pop. 350. 
Aahbtuy GoUeca; prep.; ro-ed,; M. E. So. 
J. W. HuKbt'a, Frln. 
WHf OH ESTER, Clmz-k Co., pop, 5.964. 
Kentucky Wealeyan Collage; col.; eo^ed.T 
E. So.; eat. l§6e; Eer. Eugene TI. F»i 
A. M., D. D., Frea. 


; CO* 



Population, 1,381,625. School system, 469,100. School age, 6-18. 

Louisiana is the twenty-third state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,381,625 inhabitants, of whom 729,612, or 52.8 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 51,853, or 3.7 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 38.5 per cent, the state ranking fiftieth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 

J. V. Calhouk, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Baton Rouge 


Hon. W. W. Heard, Governor Baton Rouge 

Hon. Walter Guion, Attorney General New Orleans 

Hon. J. V. Calhoun, Superintendent Public Education Baton Rouge 

First District, A. E. Hotard Algiers 

Second District, Maurice Stern (Lehman Stern) New Orleans 

Third District, F. W. Nicols .' Thibodaux 

Fourth District, D. C. Scarborough Natchitoches 

Fifth District, E. H. McClendon Homer 

Sixth District, Thomas H. Lewis Opelousas 

officers of board. 

Hon. W. W. Heard, Governor, President Baton Rouge 

Hon. J. V. Calhoun, Ex-ofUcio Secretary Baton Rouge 

J. D. Stanard, Assistant Secretary ^ Baton Rouge 


Parish. Suporintendont's Name. Address. Srh«K)l8. 

Acadia T. E. Barry Crowley 45 

Ascension R. McCulloch Donaldsonville 37 

Assumption John Marks Napoleonville 39 

Avoyelles A. D, Lafargue Marksville 94 

Baton Rouge, B R. C. Gordon Baton Rouge 43 

•Baton Rouge, W I. W. Hyams Port Allen 20 

Bienville \V. U. Richardson Arcadia 84 

Bossier W. H. Scarllan Benton 73 

Caddo J. C. Moncure Shreveport 100 

C&Icasieu .': :John McNeese Lake Charles IBO 

Ciildwell C. P. Thornhill Columbia 17 

Cameron A. G. Murray Lowry 26 

Carroll, E T. J. Powell Lake Providence 24 

Carroll. W T. B. Ronoau Floyd 24 

Catahoula I. P. A. Whatley Harrisonburg 79 

Claiborne % E. H, McClendon Homer 121 

Concordia L E. Schiele Vidalia 34 






De Soto 

Feliciana, B. , 
Feliciana. W.. 

Superintendent's Name. Address. 

.William Gobs Kingston 

.A. E. Miller Wilson 

.G. W. Newman St. Francisville. 

.J. W. Denson Crowville 

No. of 




Grant J. A. Williams Colfax 

Iberia L». O. Hacker New Iberia 

Iberville C. K. Schwlng: Plaquemines 

Jackson R. L. Jordan Weston 

Jefferson F. A. Middleton McDonoehville .... 

liafayette L. J. Alleman Lafayette 

LAfourche T. A. Badeaux Thibodaux 

liincoln W. E. Redwlne Hedwine 

lavingston W. H. Underwood Maurepas 

Madison G. M. Long Delta 

Morehouse W. A. Harrington Rastrop 

Natchitoches U. P. Breazeale Natchitoches 

Orleans Warren Elaston New Orleans 

Ouachita L. N. Larche West Monroe 

Plaquemines P. A. Qravolet Pointe-a-la-Hache 

Pointe Coupee W. C. Carruth New Roads 

Rapides L. L. Hooe Alexandria 

Red River J. I. Teer Coushatta 

Richland W. A. Spiers.....* Delhi 

Sabine Don E. SoRelle Many 

St. Bernard M. Cambre St. Bernard 

St. Charles T. B. Sellers Ama 

St. Helena J, D. Easley Liverpool 

St. James J. N. Gourdain Convent , 

St. John C. E. Gendron Bdgard 

St. Landry J. L. Guilbeau Opelousas .: , 

St. Martin J. R. Olivier St. Martinsville..., 

St. Mary Dr. D. N. Foster Franklin 

St. Tammany J. B. Lancaster Covington 

Tangipahoa O. P. Amacker Kentwood 

Tensas A. E. Green St. Joseph 

Terrebonne D. A. Chauvln Houma 

Union T. O. Hodnett Marion 

Vermilion T. R. Kitchell Abbeville 

Vernon T. G. Palmer Leesvllle 

Washington D. E. Branch Pine 

Webster t. m. Davles Mlnden 

Winn Cas Moss Winnfleld 


. 81 
. 60 
. 66 
. 62 
. 43 
. 54 
. 71 
. 66 
. 40 
. 60 
. 56 
. 25 
. 94 
. 13 
. 19 
. 52 
. 28 
. 24 
. 87 
. 26 
. 87 
. 33 
. 82 
. 67 
. 59 
. 99 
. 47 
. 84 
. 62 
. 64 
. 60 


ABGADIA, Bienyille Parish, pop. 924. 
AroAdia Mala and Famale College; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-gect.; W. C. Roaten, Prin. 

BALDWIN, St. Mary Parish, pop.. 65(). 
Gilbert Industrial School (colored); prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E. ; Rev. Pierre Laudry, Prin. 

BATOK ROUGE, E. Baton Rouge Parish, p<>p.. 
Louisiana State XTniversity; uniy.; state; c»- 
ed.; est. 1860; Thomas D. Boyd, A. M., 
St. Joseph's Academy; Kii'Is' boarding; U. (\; 
I'St. 1865; Mother llaphaol. Superior. 

CLINTOK, £. Feliciana Parish, pop.. IKM). 
Silliman Collegiate Institute; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; est. 1852; Rev. P. W. Lewis. 

CONVENT, St. James Parish, pop.. 650. 
Jefferson College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1864; 
M. Thouvenln, Pres. 

COVINGTON, St. Tammany Parish, pop., or>(). 

Dixon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Wil- 
liam A. Dixon, Prin. 
DONALDSONVILLE, Ascension Parish, pop.. 
St. Vincent's Institute; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Clotilda, Prin. 
FBANKLINTON. Washington Parish, pop.. 236. 
Franklinton Central Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; A. A. Mooney, Prin. 
GIBSLAND, Bienville Parish. iK>p.. 55.S. 
Gibsland Model Public School; prop.; <><>-od.; 
non-HOCt.; J. Monroe VIhc, Prin. 
GRAND COTEAU, St. Landry Parish, pop. 521. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls* board- 
ing; R. C; Mother H. Sarens, Prin. 
HARRISONBURG, Catahoula Parish, pop. SOS. 
Harrisonburg High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect; A. W. Meadows, Prin. 
JACKSON, E. FeUciana Parish, pop.. 2.012. 
Centenary College of Louisiana; coL; co-ed.; 
M. B. So.; est. 1825; Rev. J. W. Cooper. 
D. D., Pres. 





FelioUiut Female CoU»giM,t» Institute; prep.; 

co-ed.; Presb.; D. 0. Byere, Prln. 
Millwood Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Miss A. M. G. Pearce, Prin. 
KEATGHIE, De Soto Parish, pop.. 326. 
Iionisiana Female College; rItIb' boarding; 
Bapt.; est. 1866; G. W. Thlgpen, Pres. 
MANSFIELD, DeSoto Parish, pop.. 847. 
Mansfield Female College; girls' boarding; M. 
E. So.; est. 1855; T. S. Sligh, Pres. 
MAKKSVILLE, Ayoyelles Parish, pop., 837. 
Marksyille High Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; V. L. Roy, Prin. 
MOKBOE, OuaohiU Parish, pop.. 5,428. 
St. Hyaointh's Boarding Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister St. Ignatius, Prin. 
MT. LEBANOK, Bienville Parish, pop.. 205. 
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Male College; col.; nion; 
Bapt.; est. 1851; J. U. Edwards. A. B., 
B. S., Pres. 
KATCHITOCKES, Natchitoches Parish, pop., 
Louisiana State Normal Sohool; normal; state; 
co-ed.; B. C. Caldwell, Pres. 
NEW IBEBIA. Iberia Parish, pop., 6.815. 
Fasnaoht's Graded Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Miss Marie L. Fasnacht, Prin. 
NEW OBLEANS, Orleans Parish, pop. 287.104. 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C. ; Madam C. Desburats, Prln., 
4521 St. Charles Ave. 
Carillon's Shorthand Sohool; bus. and sten.; 

A. C. Carillon, Prin. 

College of the Immaculate Conception; col.: 
men; R. C; est. 1847; Rev. Henry S. 
Maring, S. J., Cor. Baronnc and Common. 

Durel's Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

B. G. Durel, Pres., 831 St. Louis St. 
Dy^^s Institute; girls' boarding; Christian; 

Harriet V. Dyker, Prin., 1727 Carondelet. 

Flint Medical College, Medical Department 
New Orleans University; med. ; reg. ; co- 
ed.; est. 1889; H. J. Clements, M. D., 
Dean, 1566 Canal St. 

Holy dross College; boys' boarding; R. C; 
'D^ J. Spillard, C. S. C, Prln., Dauphine 
and Reynes Sts. 

Home Institute; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Miss Sophia B. Wright, Prin., 1446 Camp 

Leland University (colored) ; col. ; co-ed. ; 
Bapt; est. 1870; R. W. Perkins, A. 
M., Pres., 7013 St. Charles Ave. 

New Orleans College of Dentistry; dent.; co- 
ed.; est. 1899; A. G. Friodrichs, M. D., 
Dean, 831 Carondelet St. 

New Orleans College of Pharmacy; pbar. ; 
co-ed.; est. 1900; Philip Asher, Dean, 
725 Camp St. 

New Orleans Normal and Training Sohool; 
normal; city; co-ed.; Miss Margaret C. 

Hanson, Prin., 1142 Constance St. 
New Orleans University (colored); coL; co- 
ed.; M. E.; est. 1873; Rev. F. H. Knight. 

Ph. D., Pres., 5318 St. Charles Ave. 
New Orleans University, College of Pharmacy 

(colored); phar.; co-ed.; est. 1900; H. J. 

Clements, Dean, 1566 Canal St. 
Pioard Institute; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Mrs. 

A. Plcard. Prin., 2308 Esplanade Ave. 
St. Aloysius College; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Celestin, Prln., 1105 Esplanade. 

St. Joseph's Commercial Academy; boys' 

boarding; R. C; Brother Athanasius. 

Prin., 2137 St. PhiUp St. 
St. Simeon's Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Adelaide, Prin., 1321 Annunciation 

Southern Academic Institute; girls' boarding; 

non-sect.; Mrs. Kate C. Seaman, Prln., 

2618 Coliseum Ave. 
Straight University (colored);, col.; co-ed.; 

Cong.; est. 1869; Oscar Atwood, A. M.. 

Pres.. Cor. Canal and S. Tonti Sts. 
Tulane University; unlv. ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1834; E. A. Alderman, D. C. L., 

Pres., St. Charles Ave. 
Tulane University, Department of Pharmacy; 

phar.; co-ed.; est. 1838; Stanford E. 

Chaille, Dean, Canal and N. Robertson 

Tulane University, Law Department; law; 

men; est. 1847; Harry H. Hall, Dean, 

Tulane Ave. and University PI. 
Tulane University, Medical Department; mod.; 

reg.; men; est. 1834; Stanford E. Chaille. 

A. M., LL. D., Dean, Canal and N. Villere 

University Sohool; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

T. W. Dyer, Prin.. 1923 Coliseum St. 
Ursuline Convent; girls' boarding; R. C. : 

Mother St. Stanislaus, Prln., 4580 

Dauphine St. 
NEW BOADS, Pointe Coupee Parish, pop., 770. 
Poydras Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; I. 

J. Vaughan, Prln. 
OPELOUSAS, St. Landry Parish, pop.. 2.051. 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception; R. 

C. ; prep.; co-ed.; Sister Veronica, Prln. 
RUSTON, Lincoln Co., pop.. 1..324. 

Louisiana Industrial Institute; tech. and In- 

duat. ; co-ed.; state; est. 1894; J. B. 

Aswell, A. M., Pres. 
SHREVEPORT, Caddo Parish, pop.. 16.013. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 

and sten.; P. E. Townsley, Manager. 
SFEARSVILLE, Union Parish, pop., 84. 
Everett Institute; Miss. Bapt.; prep.; co-ed. 

C; M. E. Llndsey. B. S., B. Pd., Prin. 

THIBODEAUX, La Fourche Parish, p<ip.. 3.253. 

Mount Carmel Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

v.. Sister Superior. 


Population, 694,466. School census, 162,310. School age, 5-21. 

Maine is the thirtieth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 694466 inhabitants, of whom 692,226, or 99.7 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 92,935, or 13.4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 5.1 per cent, the state ranking eighteenth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 

W. W. Stetson, State Superintendent of Public Schools 


Public school text-books are required, by state law, to be . furnished free by 
the state. There is no State Text-Book Commission, however, recognized as such 
as a separate board. 

W. E. Russell, Secretary. Gorham 

Maine has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 


ATHENS, Somerset Co., pop. 898. 
Somerset Academy; prep.; 00-od.; non-sect.; 
L. C. WilUams, Prin. 
AUOUSTA, KennelMO Co., pop. 11.683. 

Shaw Business College; btiK. and Hton.; ent. 
1893; enroll H. Blalsdcll. Prin. 
BANOOR, Peuobsoot Co., pop. 21,8r)0. 

Bangor Business College; buR. and ston.; E. 

D. Pratt. Pres. 
Bangor Training Sohool; nor.; woiuon; city; 

L. Eleanor Cloudman, Prin. 
Classical snd English School; prep.; <o-ed. ; 
non-sect.; Miss Helen L. Newman. Prin. 
Shaw Business College; bus. and Hton.; (>Rt. 

1884; P. \t. Shaw. Pres. 
University f^' Xaine, School of Law; law; <-o- 
ed.; cBt. 1898; W. E. Walz, M. .V.. Dean. 
BETHEL, Oxford Co., pop. 722. 

Gould's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Frank E. Hanscom, A. M.. Prin. 

BLUEHILL, Hancock Co., pop. 1.828. 
Oeorge Stevens Academy; pre(>. ; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Albert D. True, Prin. 

BRVNSWICX, Cumberland Co., pop. 5.210. 
Bowdoin College; col.; men; Cong.; est. 1802; 

Rev. Win. I).' Witt Hyde. D. D., LL. D., 

Medical School of Maine at Bowdoin College; 

med. ; rej? . ; men; est. 1820; Alfred 

Mitchell. A. M.. M. D., Dean. 

BUCXSFORT, Hancock Co., pop. 2.339. 

East Maine Conference Seminary; prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E.; S. A. Bender, R. D., Prin. 
CASTINE, Hancock Co., pop. 925. 
Eastern State Normal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; A. F. Eidiardson, A. M.. Pres. 





GHABLESTOV, Penobtoot Co., pop. 842. 
Hinrins' CUuMloal Inititate; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Arthur M. Thomas, A. M., Prin. 
CHEBSTnELD, Wathinffton Co., pop. 1,869. 
Cherryileld Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
BenJ. Coffin and Thos. G. Tooker, Prins. 
CORnmA, Ponobsoot Co., pop. 1,170. 
Corinna Union Aoadomy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1852; ^. Whitney Elkins, A. 
B., Prin. 
pop. 860. 
Oieely Institate; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Si- 
mon Moalton Hamlin, Prin. 
DRESDEN 1IILL8, Lincoln Co., pop. 200. 
Bridge Aeademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Charles Carroll Shaw, A. B., Prin. 
EAST CORINTH, Penobsoot Co., pop. 478. 
East Corinth Academy; prep.; co-ed.; uon- 
sect.; est. 1844; WilUam E. Wing, 'A. B., 
EAST KAOHIAS, Washington Co., pop. 1,521. 
Washington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
A. Sherman Harriman, A. B. Prin. 
FARKINGTON, Franklin Co., pop. 1,251. 
Abbott Family School; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; George Dudley Church, Prin. 
Farmington State Normal School; normal; 
state; co-^d. ; George C. Purlngton, A. 
M., Pros. 
FORT kENT, Aroostook Co., pop. 2,528. 
Xadawaska Training School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Miss Mary P. Newland, Pros. 

FOZCROFT, Piscataquis Co., pop. 1,629. 

Foxoroft Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Lyman Kingman Lee, A. B., Prin. 

FREEDOX, Waldo Co., pop. 479. 
Freedom Academy; prep, and bus.; co-cd. ; 
non-sect.; est. 1836; A. E. Llnscott, A. B., 

FRYEBVRO, Oxford Co., pop. 550. 

Fryttbnrg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Emerson L. Adams, A. M., Headmaster. 

GORHAX, Cumberland Co., pop. 2,540. 
Western Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; W. J. Corthell, LL. D., Pres. 

GRAY, Cumberland Co., pop. 1,388. 
PeaneU Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; C. 
F. Howland, jPrln. 

HAMPDEN, Penobsoot Co., pop. 2,182. 
Hampden Academy; prep.; co-cd.; non-sect.; 
M. L. Ford. Prin. 

HEBRON, Oxford Co., pop. 494. 

Hebron Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; Wm. 
E. Sargent, A. M.. Prin. 

HOITLTON, Aroostook Co., pop. 4,686. 

iker Classical Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Justin O. Wollmau, Prin. 
1 HILL, Kennebec Co., pop. 150. 
Xaine Weeleyan Seminary and Female Col- 
lege; girls* boarding; M. B.; est. 1860; 
Henry M. Trefethen, Pres. 
LEE, Penobscot Co., pop. 801. 

I^e Normal Academy; normal; private; co-ed. 
LXWIBTON, Androscoggin Co., pop. 23,761. 

Bates College; col.; co-ed.; Free Bapt.; est. 

1863; George G. Chase, D. D., LL. D., 

Bliss Business College; bus. and sten.; O. D. 

Bliss, Pres. 
UMINOTON, York Co., pop. 1,001. 
Limington Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

S. E. Marks, Prin. 

LITCHFIELD CORNERS, Kennebec Co., pop. 
Litchfield Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

0. 0. Merrill. A. B.. Prin. 
NEWCASTLE, Lincoln Co., pop. 1,075. 

Lincoln Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
George H. Larrabee, A. M.. Prin. 
NEW GLOUCESTER, Cumberland Co., pop. 
Stevens School; girls' boarding; non-sect.; M. 
B. and S. P. Stevens. Prins. 
NORTH ANSON, Somerset Co., pop. 1,000. 
Anson Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1823; George Thomas Sweet, A. B., Prin. 
NORTH BRIDOTON, CumberUnd Co., pop. 280. 
Bridgton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

1. F. McCormick, A. B., Prin. 
NORTH PARSONFIELD, York Co., pop. 200. 

Parsonfield Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.: 
Frederick W. Ernst, Prin. 
ORONO, Penobscot Co., pop. 3,257. 
University of Maine; univ.; state; co-ed.; est. 
1867; George Emory Fellows, Ph. D., LL. 
D., Pres. 
PITTSFIELD, Somerset Co., pop. 2,208. 
Maine Central Institute; prep.; co-ed.; free 
Bapt.; F. U. Landman, Prin. 
PORTLAND, Cumberland Co., pop. 50,146. 
Oray's Portland Business College; bus. and 

sten.; Frank L. Gray, Pres. 
Portland School of Medical Instruction; 
prep.; med.; reg.; men; est. 1858; 
Charles D. Smith, M. D. Dean. 
St. Elisabeth's Academy; girls' boarding; R. 

0.; Mother Mary Teresa, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C.; 

Sister Mary Adelaide, Prin. 
Shaw's Business College; bus. and sten.; P 
L. Shaw, Pres. 
ROCKLAND, Knox Co., pop. 8,150. 

Rockland Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 
H. A. Howard, Pres. 
SACO, York Co., pop. 6,122. 
Thornton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Edwin P. Sampson, A. M., Prin. 
SEBA60, Cumberland Co., pop. 576. 
Potter Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1895; Herbert E. Thompson, A. B., Prin. 
SOUTH BERWICK, York Co., pop. 3,188. 
Berwick Academy; prop.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Frank E. Nye, Headmaster. 
SOUTH CHINA, Kennebeck Co., pop. 102. 
Erskine Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect. 
I SPRINGFIELD, Penobscot Co., pop. 532. 
I Springfield Normal School; normal; state; co- 
ed.; Miss Anna H. Chadbourne, Prin. 
, VASSALBORO, Kennebeck Co., pop. 2,062. 

Oak Grove Seminary; prop.; co-ed.; Friends; 
I George L, Jones, Prin. 





WATEEVHiLE, X«aB«b6ok Go., pop. 9,477. 
Oolnim CUMioal Znttituta; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Franklin W. Johnson, A. M., Prin. 
doiby Oollege; col.: co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 1818; 
Rev. Charles Lincoln White, D. D., Pres. 
Xisst's Bttsinsss CoUsge; bus. and sten.; H. 
L. 0. Lannlng, Pres. 
WILTOV, Franklin Co., pop. 1,647. 

Wilton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non^sect.; 
Drew T. Harthom, Prin. 
WOODFORDS, Suburb of Portland. 
Wostbrook Seminary; girls' boarding; univ.; 
est. 1884. 
YABXOTJTH, GumberUnd Co., pop. 2,274. 
North Yarmouth Aoadomy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Frederick H. Dole. A. B., PHn. 


Population, 1,190,050. School census, 336,230. School age, 5-18. 

Maryland is the twenty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,190,050 inhabitants, of whom 952,424, or 80.2 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 93,144, or 7.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is ii.i per cent, the state ranking thirty-second in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


M. Bates Stephens, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Baltimore City 

H. Ford, Clerk Baltimore City 

Public school text-books are required, by state law, to be furnished free by the 
state. There is no State Text-Book Commission, however, recognized as such as 
a separate board. 


M. Bates Stephens Baltimore City 

Miss S. E. Richmond Baltimore City 

Edwin Hebden Baltimore City 

G. Emory Morgan Baltimore City 

Miss Margaret M. Robinson Frederick City 

Herbert E. Austin Baltimore City 

H. Crawford Bounds, President Salisbury 


County. Examiner's Name. Address. County. 

Allegany John T. White Cumberlahd 53,694 

Anne Arundel F. Eugene Wathen Annapolis 40,018 

Baltimore CJlty James H. Van Sickle, Supt.. Baltimore City 608,957 

Baltimore Albert S, Cook Towson 90,755 

Carroll S. Simpson Westminster 38,860 

Caroline W. S. Crouse Denton 16,248 

Cecil George Biddle Elkton 24,662 

Calvert J. Briscoe Bunting Prince Frederick 10,223 

Charles Michael R. Stone La Plata 18.316 

Dorchester Wm. P. Beckwith Cambridge 27,962 

Frederick Ephraim L. Boblitz Frederick 51,920 

Garrett Edward A. Browning Oakland 17,701 

Howard Woodland C. Phillips Eniicott City 16,715 

Harford Charles T. Wright Bel Air 28,269 

Kent Joseph Peterson Chestertown 18,786 

Montgomery Samuel R. White Rockville 30.461 






Pop, of 
Bxaiuliier^a Name. Address. , CotiHty. 

Pr J n c© George. . * ,..,..., Frederick Sfl-sager ,..,... *Upper Marlbo fd .,......* 29, 8&S 

Queen Anne ,.-,*.. Loula K Boatty . ,..**......... -Centrevllle - . . * - 18*364 

St. Mary ►>... George W. Joy Leonardtown .18,136 

Somerset **,.*.....-.. .........Wm, 11. DaBhlelL , Princesa Anne ...^. 25.Si^ 

Talbot .-. ...Alex, Chaplain , Easton 20.343 

Washtnston John P. Fockler Hagerstown .46433 

Wicoraico .H. Crawford Bounds.... Salisbury 22,859 

Worceater Edgar W. Mcfi£aster......,...Pocoinoke City ao,86G 


AMHEin^ALE, Frinoci Gear^a Co., pop. W, 
AtnmendalQ KdrmAl InititutA: uormul; {iff' 

vatt?; co-ed. 
AH NAP LIS p Anae Arundel Co., pop. 8.525. 
Bt. Jolin'B College; o(>l. ; taE^n; noa-acct.; est. 

ITfid; Thomfia Full. LL. D.^ Pies. 
BALTIMORE, pop. 5(iS,i»5T. 
Aoftdflmy of tbei Tiaitrntlon.; i^lrli' boaFdln^; 

R. C. : Sister Mary Agatha Scott, Prln., 

G<>4 rark Ave. 
Baltimore BiutinttsB CoUese; buq. uud stf^n.^ 

E. II. Norman, I'rrhf?.^ B N. Charlea St, 
B^ltimora Ctillogo of Dental aiLrfary* dent.; 

co-ed.; t^t. 1S3»; M. W. Fofitor. D. D. 

S,, Deaii. Cor. Ejiaton and FraDkllii. 
Baltlmora Law Bcliaol; l^w; t'o-ed.; ?at. lO'Ml; 

Bernard C. Sleliier. LL. B.. A, M,* Pb. 

D.. Dean, £12 St. Paul. 
BftltlmAiv MfldieaL ColLBif«j med.; r«^. ; tnea;; 

eat. 1S81: David Streett. A. M.. M. D.. 

Pres., 712 Part Ave. 
Baltlman Medic»l Collefo, D«ntiil Depwt- 

ment; dent.; men; eat, ISftS; Wm. A. 

Blontell, D, D. S.. Dean, Howard k'i^ 

and MsdlBOQ. 
BftLtimAra Iformal Sohool (Qolara-d)]; formal; 

private 1 to-ed. ; Georgn Uarrlann, PrciS., 

Saratoga and Courtland. 
Baltimore Folyttobnio InBtitnte; teeli.; men; 

est. 18B4; wmiam K. Klug. M. S. N., 

Baltimore TTniTflTiity, BchKil of Law; law; 

men; est IBH: Tbomas E. GlendeiLiD, 

Dean, zm St. Paul. 
Baltimore TTnLvtiraity, School of Kedloinos 

med. J rc^r. ; men; eat. 1SS3; B, II. Bied- 

Icr, A. SI., M, D., DepiJ, 23 20 Bond St. 
Bora' LatiiL Bcboal; boys' daj; non-^et.; 

Jatdea A, Dun^iim, Prin.^ lOOB-1014 

Bryn Mawr Bohool far Q-irU; filrlfi' duy; 

eat, ISSS: non-aoct; Edltb HamlltoRp M. 

A., Head Ml^treaa, Cor. Catbedral and 

Calvert Hall GoUese; boys' boarding; E. C. ; 

Brotlier Denis, Prln., Cor. Catbedral and 

Oollflffe of Fhriloiaiu and 8urt«aiLa; med, ; 

reff.. tuen; est. IST2; Tbomua Opie, M. 

D., Dent), Cor. Oalvert and Bamto^a. 
OotmtTjr Bohoal, The; boys' bonrdluff; ntifli' 

mttLi Ho land J. MulfDrd, Prln,. Cburlea 

DfiioliMan GoUece Breparatory Sobool; prep,; 

bojrflj nuii-aeet, ; ea(. 1S84; B. Pelfthmann, 

Ph. D.. Frill., S4T N. Howard St, 
^atoa 1^ Bomett Bnsineaa Q^Uage; baa. and 

sten.; A. H. EatDn, Prea., Cor. Balti- 
more and Cbarlea. 
Epiphany Apoitollo College » boya^ troardtng; 

R. C; Justin MoCartbT, Prln., Walbrook 

FH«nda Sohool; prep.; co-ed.: Friends; Ed- 
ward C. WUb^Op Prin., Park PL and 

Lti arena, 
&lrls* Latlii Sobool; glrtu' boarding r M. B. ; 

William H. Sbelley, Prin. 
Johaa Hopkiiu UniverBity; unlv.; mimx wm- 

E^eet.; eat. ISTQ; Daniel C. Glhnan, A. U.^ 

LL. D.. Pres.. David Hill Ave. and Honu- 

Johna Hapkim UniTortf^t Kedioal BvSbsa^Xi 

nipd.; rep.; m-fld.; est, IStJS; W. H, 

Howell, Ph. a, M. l>,p LL. D.. Dean, 

W ti ab 1 nptan a nd Mtinn m ent^ 
Knapp'a Xnatitute; prep.; eo-pdr ; n#n-Beet,; 

W. A. Knapp. Fda.. S51-a5a EaUtna. 
Loyola Collsfe; col.; men; R. Q.; est. 1852; 

Hov, John A. MoTfan, S. J.t Calvert. 

Manannpnt and Madlsoa St, 
Maryland C^Usbb of Pharmacy; pbar. ; co- 
ed.; eat. 1E41; Cbarleg Casparl, Jr,, Dean. 

Al&titiUb Ave, and Fayette. 
Maryland Hadioal College ; nied. ; res.; men; 

eat, 1S9S; J. Wni. Funek, M. D., Deaa^ 

1114 W. Bjiltluiore St. 
Maryland State Kormal Bohool; normal; atatf;; 

eoed.; K, B, Pretty rofln. A. M., LL. D., 

Free,, Ciw. Ijoifayette and Garrollton Avea, 
Horga^ CoUera; eol.; qo-ad.; M. 8.; eat. 

1ST6; Iter. F. J. Wagaar, D. D., Prea,, 

Cor. Edmondaon and Fulton Ave. 
Mount Bt. Joseph 'a CoUafe; boy a' bcardlnf; 

R. 0. ; Brother Joseph, Prin., Station D.+ 

Folk Ave. extendi? d. 
Katre Dame of Maryland; g\r\A* boarding; B. 

il.: eat, IWIA, Slater Mary Glarlaaa, Bo- 

luiid Park <fidlltiuore County). 
Bandolph-HarritOD Sobool; girla* iHiardlng; 

ndh-aetit,; Mra, J Bandnlpb Hftrrlaon 

ilundall, Prin., 1405 Park Ai-e. 
Sadlar^B Bryant U Btratton Boatnasa CoUega; 

biia. and ateu.; W. H. Sadler, Prca., 715 

N. Kutnw St. 
Samusl Beady Bohool ; slrta' boardtng; Don- 

sL^et.; est. 1BS7; Mlaa Helen J, Rawet 

Bt. Franoea Aoademy; £lrla* boarding; E. Q.r 

Mi>ther Magdalen, Prin.. 410 Courtland 

Soutbarn Homaopathio Medical Callega; med.; 

hnmeop. ; e&-^.; eat. 1891; Ceorgft T. 

Shi}wer, A. M,. M. D,, Dean, Mount &nd 

Blgia Ayo. 






Soiithttra Homfl Boboel; gLrbt' buardlu^; noa- 

msvt. ; Mrs. W. M. Car/ and Uisa Cary, 

Prlna., 015 N, Charles. 
StT&yor^i BvvlnQU CoUe^; bus. and tteo.; 

Sh Irving f;trFi>fr, Pn**., 225 E* ^ItCmnre 

XJnlTor^ity »f MarjUadi D«ntal Dflpartm^nt r 

dent.; nic^o; pst. 18$2; PgrdlDand J. S. 

Gor^iifi, A. M., D. D. S.. Dean, Cor. 

G reec e a lid Lotub ii rd . 
UDiTfiriity ^f Har^Iand^ Msdicftl CoU«g«; 

med. ; r^g.: tncu; eisL liUT; B. Dorset 

C&ale. Pb« D., Denn. Cor. Greene and 

irdiT«r*it7 of Mftjrl&nd, Boliool of Zj^w; lew; 

men; efft* 1S14; John P. Toe, B&a, 224 

St. Paul St. 
ITaiTei^ity Bahoiil for Boya; hoy a boarding; 

iion-aect.; W. S. Muraton, Pria., 1205 

Cotli^driil St. 
Wolford Hom« School: girls' boarding; non- 

■«ct. : Mrs. Walter R. Bullock. Prln., Hm 
' Cutbednil St* 
Womwn'a Collegia of Ba.ltiznorQ; wom^n; M. 

E.; list. 1SS8; Uc'v, J. F. t;oiMrb«r^ LL. B., 

l^tes., St. Paul, from 23rd to 23tli K 
WamftQ'i Medical Collet ^ mpd.; reg^i 

wutnen; eat 1S§2; R. l>ors«r CnalCt Fb. 

D.. Dean. IHX) McCulloh. 
BBOOKEVtLLE, Hentfomerr Co>t pop- 150- 
BrookATllie Academy i prep. ; co-ed. - noa- 

aect. : CI into ri M. M(K>rt?, Prin. 
BJtHlfBWICK, rrederlck Co., pop. 2.471. 
Bnuiiviiik SeminiLrF; prep.: c&-&d.; oon-aefft. ; 

J. J. Shenk, Prln. 
BirOKETSTOWH, Frederiak Co,, pop. 43e. 
Buokeyttown IToraial; nor,; toed,; nonacct.; 

OFt ISSS; F. R. NeljrbbouTS, Prin. 
CATOKSVUXE, Suburb of Baltimore. 

Moaut d0 Salaa Academy of tbe Yiiitatlon; 

glrla' boarding; R. C; Slater Ignatla 

Aikin, Prtn. 
CHABLOTTE HALL. St. Mary Oo., pop. ITO. 
Chwlotta Hall Sahoijl; bays' boardlus; non- 

aect,; Georgq M. Tbopias, A. M,. Prla. 
^y HlU Famale flokciol; gJrlB' basr41ng; son- 

sect*; Prof, and Mra. Edward T. Brtscoe, 
CHESTEBTOWir, Kent Co., pop, 3,O0S. 

W&abiii^oii CoUeffo; eol. ; eo-ed. ; non-sect.; 

est. iTKri^ .Tam(,*g W* Cain, LL. D. 
CH£7Y CHASE, IfantKomary Cd.» pop. 20. 
Okflvy Chaan College; girls' boardlns; non- 

flet't, ; S. N. Barkrr, Frt^n, 
COLLEdE FABK, Prindfl Qeaiiso Co., pop. 100. 
Maryland Agrloultural GallaK^;^ asri.; state; 

mimi (BE, 1S&»; R. W. Sylveatef. Prea. 
COLOBA, Cecil Co., pop, 250. 

West NottLnEhain Academy; ^rep. ; eo-ed.; 

non-sect.; John G. Conatr, A. M., Prin. 

CUMBIRLAMD, AiiogAuy Q^,, pop. 1T42S. 
AlUrany County Academy; prep,; i?o-ed. ; iiou- 
sect,; eat. 179S; Marahall C. Allabi^n, A. 
B., Prin. 
CantraL Commercial Cclle^e; biia. and atcn.; 

C. B, t*ualn). Prea. 
Mountain Stats Busmesa Collate; bua. and 
iten.; A, G. Stne, Pree. 
BAEKEBTOVTN. Monttomary €a,, pop. 14S. 

Andrew Small Academy; prep.; co-ed,; non- 

aect.; Fraak Aiidrewa, Prin, 
ELLICCTT CITT, Howard Co., pop. 1,331. 
Book Hill College; col.; men; H. O.; est. 

1957. Brother Abrnhom. 
St^ Ckarlei College; coL; men; R, €.; eat/ 

1S46; Rev. Charlea B, Sebrants. 

EMMITSBUHC}, FTedeiick Oo«, pop. 340. 

Mount St. Mary 'a CoUefe; €qU; men; R.. 0.; 
L'St. mM; ReT. WllUaro U. O'Hara, A. 
M., LL. l>.. Pres. 
St. J«seph'a Aoademy; elrls* boardlnt; B. 
a; Slater Henrietta, Prin. 

FOREST GLEK, MoQtffomery Oo.« pop. TO. 
Kat^onml Park Seminary; girls' boarding; non^ 

aetil.; Jobu A. T. Gsaaedy. Piin. 
FBEBEBICE, fnsderiok Co., pop. &,^e. 
Frederlok Coll«f«i prep.; TO-ed, ; non-sect; 

B. B. Gate*, Prin. 
St. J'okn'a Literary Institation; boy a* day; B. 

C; S. J.; W. J. Kane, Prla, 
Woman*B College; girls* bDerdlng; Reflormed; 

est. IS93: 1. H. Apple. A. M., Prea. 
HAGHEBTaWH, Washliigtcii Co,, pop. 13,581. 
Keo Mar CoUeffo; girls' boarding; non-aiect.; 

4?st 11*52 i Rot. O. L. Keedy* A. M., 

M. D.. Prea. 
Woira Business College; bu«. snd flten.; D. 

Elmer Wolf, Pi^s. 

HTATTgyiLLE, Prince George Co., pop. U2SSL 
Meb-oaa Institute; glrla' boarding; non-aect. ; 
Thu Mt&aua Lewln, 
LA PLATA, Ckarlei Ce.^ pop. <tOO. 

Ma.ryland Kormal and Preparatory School; 
grep. ; co-cd.; non-seet.; H. H; Llntlior» 
LEOKABBTOWK, Si, Maiy C«u pop. 4^ 
St. Mary's Academy; pr«p, ; t^o-ed^; E. C; 
gJsters of Charity. 
LTTTHZBYILLE, Baltimore Co., pop. 863. 
Maryland CoUoffe for Women; girls' buard^ 
Ing; Lntb.; eat. 185S; Rev. J. H. Turner, 
A. M., Prea, 
McPONO&H, Baltimore Co., pop. 100. 

HcDonogb Educational Fund and ^titutien; 
hoys'; non-at'Ct.; Sidney Turner More^ 
land, i*rin. 
MELLEBSVILLE, Atue Arundel Co,, pop. 40. 
Amae Arundal Aoadamy; prep. ; eo-od. ; non* 
sect. : Mai-Hua B la key Allmoad. A. ai., 
LL. r>., Prill. 

MOUKT ST. MABY'S, Fredonok Co., pop. SO. 
Mount St. MaiT^a Callefe, caL; men; R. C. ; 

est. mm. 

MOUNT WASHXtfGTCJr. Suburb Baltimore, 
Mount St. Affnea CoUoga; glrla' boarding; 

R. C; ,S later Mary Paul, IMn. 
Mount Waablngton Seminary for Beys; boys' 

boarding; R, C; Slater Mary Bonaven- 

ture, iVIn. 

KEW WINBBOE, Carroll Co., pop. 430, 

Bow Windaor Collega; col.; eo-ed. ; Presb, ; 
eat. iS-ia; Rev. James U. Nourse, Prea. 

BOBT BEFCfllT. Cieil Co., pop. 1.B76. 
Jacob Tome Institute, The; prep.; t?o-ed, ; non- 
sect.; A. \V, llarrla, Dlroctor. 





PBIV0E88 ANHE, FrinoMt Anne Co., pop. 240. 
Prino«t8 Ann* Aoftdemy; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; 
est. 1886; John Oakley Spencer, Ph. D., 
BEI8TERT0WK, Baltiinore Co., pop. 640. 
The Hannah Xoore Academy; girls' boiirding; 
P. B.; Joseph Fletcher, Prin. 
SI8IV0 Btnr, Cooil Co., pop. 382. 
Friends* Vormal Institute; closed. 
HOCKYZLLE, Xontgomery Co., pop. 1,110. 
Bockville Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. Pinckney Mason, Prln. 

ST. OEOROE, Baltimore Co., pop. 44. 

St. Oeorge's Hall for Boys; closed. 

St. Jataes School; hoys' hoarding; P. E.; 
Adrian H. Onderdonk, Head Master. 
ST. MABY'S CITY, St. Mary Co., pop. 40. 

St. Mary's Female Seminary; girls' boarding; 
non-sect.; Mrs. L. V. Maddox, Prin. 

SAKDY SPBING, Montgomery Co., pop. 136. 
Sherwood Friends' School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends; Elizabeth P. M. Thorn, Prin. 

TAKEYTOWK, Carroll Co., pop. 665. 
Milton Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Henry Meier, Prin. 

WASHINGTON GROVE, Montgomery Co., pop. 

Fainriew Seminary; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 
Grace Herr Frantz, Prin. 

WESTMINSTEB, CarroU Co., pop. 3.190. 
Western Maryland College; col.; co-ed.; 
Meth. Prot.; est. 1868; Rev. T. H. Lewis, 
A. M., D. D., Pres. 


Population, 2,*8o5,346. School census, 634,510. School age, 7-14. 

Massachusetts is the seventh state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 2,805,346 inhabitants, of whom 2,769,764, or 98.7 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 840,114, or 29.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 5.9 per cent, the state ranking twenty-third 
in this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 

In Massachusetts, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction is entitled 
"Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education." 
George H. Martin, Secretary Massachusetts Board of Education Boston 


John L. Bates, Governor Boston 

Curtis Guild, Jr., Lieutenant-Governor Boston 

Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells, 45 Commonwealth Ave Boston 

Clinton Q. Richmond North Adams 

George I. Aldrich Brookline 

Elmer H. Capen Tufts College 

ALBERT E. Winship • SomcrviHc 

George H. Conley, Osborn Road Brookline 

Caroline Hazard Wellesley 

Joel D. Miller Leominster 

George H. Martin, Secretary, State House Boston 

C. B. TiLLiNGHAST, Clerk and Treasurer, State House Boston 

John T. Prince, Agent West Newton 

G. T. Fletcher, Agent • • Northampton 

James W. MacDonald, Agent Stoneham 

Walter Sargent; Agent for Promotion of Industrial Drawing North Scituate 


George H. Martin, Secretary Massachusetts Board of Education Boston 

Edward S. Bradford, Treasurer Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston 

Massachusetts has a state law requiring free public school text-books. 

Massachusetts has no regular state reading circle board recognized as such, 
but makes generous . provision for school libraries, allowing $15 to each district for 
this purpose. The state last year sent out 803 traveling libraries into as many 




communities^ and in thos*^, 22,031 volumes. These were sent out by and under 
the dircclion of the State Library, 


Soft. Louis P. Nash^ President , Holyoke 

A* B. KiMBiLLj Secretary .,...* Springfield 

Massachusetts has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the **town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 


AlCHEBBT, RuDpibCrv Cf>,, pop. ^,ei28, 

Ajnhent Ci>lleK«; f?<A.: mePS iion-Huct.; fst. 
1831; Rev. G^iOTfS(} Hnrrlu, I*. D., Prea. 

Pd, ■ stBtu: tjst. ISft^^; Henry H. QoodelU 

M&unt FltiaoAnt Inatttntej; t^nyu' boarding; 
noa-»E>'ii't. ; Wiu. K. Nush, A. M., Prln* 

Stearn^B Soboi>l, Mrs. W, T.t rluf^-il, 
AKBOTEB., Eavai Co., pop. 03^3. 

A^bot A<:!i&de[by: girls' houi-dljig ; non-sfct' ; 
Miss Emily A. Ml-uiih, Prill. 

FMHifB AfAdemy; boys' bourdhig; non-t^t^; 
€eeU h\ l\ Bflticruft, PfIii. 

Ftimchmrd Free SchooL ^ prcp.; co-e^.; nou- 
Boct.; I>anli O. Biildvvlu, PHil 
ASHBtmKHAV, WDrcsBter Qa„ pup. 1.SS2, 

Cumhin.? Aomdemj'; pfi^p.t t'o-ud.; iiuti-aeet. ; 
HerTfty S. Co well A. M.. Priii. 
AtTBlTRNPALE, Kiddlesex Co., Bohoi^l Station. 

IiABsU SBmiD&ry for Youn^ Wome'ii; fftrU' 
boiirdliig^; tHWi-Bect. ; vet. 1851; C, €. 
Bragdoiii, Prln. 

BobooVi mimouTiqamfiiit^ — Unsurpflaaed m- 
ctji) ndranti^f^QH. Pleiiaant exc-iirHilotie to 
BORtoP maaeuma and art gralk-H^s. Cou- 
tord, Salem, Btiiikt^r UUl, nui Fl^-niuiitb 
malte profltiiblo dlTeralons for Lusf^ll Btu- 
d«nts. Tlje nrt and miialcnl niflDfinee of 
Boston U atronjfly extorted otpr Ita pupUa 
and In theae two briini'hps LaA^ll 
Seminar}^ baa becotno faniDiiA tbrttu^boat 
the country, Utikiatial adTAniugi:!^ are 
orrertid In household et'onomU'B freei In- 
eludinff poking, Bewing, dress- cutting 
and mUUnety. Many ^aduntea oceupy- 
Inr prumliient poj}ltlon» In sgetul tlft 
bare wrltton tbaaklDg uk for theae prac- 
tical accompUfthisientB. 

BAEHE, WoTi?a0t«r Co., pup. 2,050. 
Elm HiU Pn7«te BcbooL for Fstbte-Mlnded 
Youth; GiHjriTit A. Brown, M. !>., Supt. 
BEVERLY, Eaaax Co,, pop, 13.S84. 

Woodbury's Schoal for Gtrli, Hits; fftrlB' 
bnnrdlTsg: illaa WiMxlbury, Prln^ 
BIIXEEICA, MiddlwBX Co., pop. 2,775, 

Hows &«h»ol; pr€>p. ; i-o-ed.; non-Boet] E»f1 

G. tkivlu. Prln. 
Hit«hAira KlUUry Bgyi' 8«&«ol; mil.; boyi; 

nou-aeiit.; eat. 1S70; M. C. Mitt^hell, A. 

BOSTON, Suffolk Ca,, pop. 560tS(l2. 

Acudemjr of Hotrfi BLmo; kItIb' bcmrdlng; B. 
a; SlaCi^r JuUtt, Prln., 2803 Waibliif- 

twQ, Roxbury. 
Ba.Uoa and Hohiifaiid FifipamtoiT S«bo«t; 
boys' day; iion-aett; H. M^ Ballon 

and J. A, Hob I gaud, Prlna., 1022 Bojlii- 

BftUAdict Sohool of Shorthitiid; sten.; Geors« 

Benedict Friii.t 14 Benf^on. Eoom 814- 
Soitoa Collefa; eoL; m^^n; U. C*; eat- tB&i; 

Rev. W. G. Kfad MiiUan, g. J.^ Tftl Unt- 

Hson Atc. 
BoatOD IfiinnaL Bchoult iiormnl; Qit^i vf^m^xi', 

est. IBT^i WalittfL* U. Boi'den, A. M., 

Hi'ud-MaatiL^t; U7 Huntington Ave. 
fioflton UiLlT«nltr; unlr.; eo-ed. ; M. E. ; ent. 

187.^: WUllnm F. Warren. S. T. D.. LL, 

n., Prea.. 72 Mt. Vertiun. 
Boatoa UntTsraity, Law Soh&ol; law; co-«d.; 

est. ISTli; WttivUbi M. Hl^olow, Deotu 

Aabbnrtou PI. 
Boitoa iTalversity, Sohul of KBdicina; med. ; 

hoiiitiiop. ; eoed. ; eat* ^BT^', Jobn P. Sutb- 

erltincl. M. D.. I>cnn, ^i E. Uonrard St. 
Brynat & Stratton Ciiinmetcial Sobool; bua. 

unci BttJii.; IL E. Htbbard. Prea,. 334 

Hoyl&ton Ht. 
Burdatt ColleKe; bUB, aud »ten,; F. B. ESch- 

ardscrn, Pr€*a., 684 WasblnfftuQ, 
Bjnmar'A Privatn Homo Bohdot fttr OtrU; 

glrla' bouMJug; non-aefL; Miss Caroline 

N» By liner, PHu. 
ChKmborl^uifl'B School for Oiirli, Miu; stfU* 

tH9srdlnK; fum-mci.; Mlaa CatberltifT J. 

CbBmberlyane, PrJn.. 2&3 Cooimon wealth 

Glualoal School; boy a' boarding; non-Beet.; 

George W. C. Nnble. prln. 
Colletii of FbyBloiaaa and SnrK«otii; med.; 

reg.; co&d. ; i-st. 1880; John H. Jack- 

snn* SI. P,, Prln,, 517 Sbawmnt Ave. 
G«jnaf'a GoiniA0rDli.l CoUamo; biia. and «tcn.; 

Charles E. Comer, Prfs., 6flfl Wasblnff- 

Co>mmoaw«alth Avanuo Bobool, Tha; glrla* 

boiirdlug; Cong,; Mlaa Funnle C. dalld, 

prln,, ^4 CoiDEDOiiweNlth Ate. 
Curtis-B«body BoboQl for (Hrlij glrli" 



[rli' board- ^H 





Jiig- uoa-8pot; E^ll^bctli Curtis nod L. G, 

l^t-nbodyt i*rlii8^, 3TS OoniinoDwqoltb Ave. 
DelB^eld-Colvin Sohooli. The; girla^ boartlini;; 

P. E,; Mra. Mary N. CoWin, Priii., 25 

and 4il CboatnutH 
EiDfinon College of Ontofyf onitorj; co-ed.: 

iioii-*ett.^ est. ISSri; Wm. J. RolCe. A* M,. 
F«malA Aemdfimy of the S&Qred Haiirt; glrle' 

boarding; R. C.: Mmo. F, Ma Hoy. Prlii., 

Litt. P.. Pres. 

QIS Mfigsaoliusctts Avo. 
rciUom'i SoJiool for &lrlit Mlu; closed. 
Freindford IndustriiU Bohool; iDdu&t^; co-e<3^; 

Bupt.; est. IfiSQ; Josepli B. Stewnrtt 

Siipt. U&8 Ti^raont St. 
Frye Privita Sahool; pre^j. ; co-ed,; noD-seet.; 

Henrjf H. Ho wo, Prln.^ 73t> tloylBtgn St. 
H&rT&rd HediiAl St^hool; med. ; reff.; inenT 

eat. 17*^2 S Wm. J. Elcbardsoii, U. D., 

Dean, OSS Boylgton. 
Uurard irDiT«nit7„ Dsnt&l BoAoel; dtnt-; 

nifin; eitt. 1868; Eui^ene H. Soiltfa, D. D. 

S.* DeHB. fiMJt of W. Grave. 
Hiflhox Bliorthand S^shool; s.teii. ; Wm. E, 

Ulrkor, Prin,, 24 Pierce Bldjf. 
HopkiDJHsn School; boys' boarding; non-sect.; 

John P, Hoptinaon, Prtn,, 29 ClieBtDUt, 
Intertkational Bahaol for YoQalimti and Plan- 

iatt^ nniBli.H eat. lLn>3; Wlllitim L. Whit- 
ney, Director, 246 Huuthiglou A to. 
KtDd«rs«rt«]i Training: Sohocl; kind.; women; 

iiiin-§ei?t; est. iaS9; Luty Wheel oi-'h, Pftn., 

284 Dartmciulh St. 
MaaaaubuMttB CoUoffe at Pliarmaoy; pbar, ; 

co-cd.; cat. 1823; Jiillun W* Balrd, A, M., 

Dean. Gor. Botolph aod GJirrlson. 
XattaoliuHtta JnBtltut« cf Technolo^ry; tech.; 

eq-qd.; state; eat, 1891; Henry S. Prlteh- 

ett. Ph. D., hU IJ*, Pres. 
HaasadbuHtti IToriiul Art Sohool; norirml; 

fitute; co-ed.; George H. Bartlett, Ptoe,, 

Cot* Center nnd Newburg. 
Scliool of Bomefitio Soienofi; doinn Belcbi!e; 

women; est. 1888; non-SBCt. ; A. Josephine 

rorehand, S. T. B., Prin,. 52 Berkeley St. 
"&lo!rd Training Bchoi^l; tech,; co-ed,; non- 

st'Ct.; est. 1«SH; Gmtat LnrsHon, Pdn., 

39 N. Benni'tt i^t. 
Tiifti ColleffB* Dental School; dent.; dq-ed.; 

eat. iBeS; Ifarold Wtlllama, D. D. 3., 

Dean, 4ie Uuntlisjctou ATe. 
Tufta Calliife Hfidicul School; ai«d.; mg.; co- 

est 1808; Harold Williams, M. D., Dean, 

416 Hnntlngtoii Ave, 
Wffflki and Lon^ea'a Sohool for Girla; fflrla' 

boarding; non-sect.; Emily Weeks nnd 

Sufll^in C. [jongee, Prlne.^ 252 ^Larlboro. 
Winior'm Bohool, Kiis; glrlfl' botirdlng; non- 
sect.; MIhh Mary tl. Wlnaor. Prln. 
Y, M* C. A. ET«ninff Law School; law; men; 

eat. 18&S: Frank l\ ^pearo, 0ciin, 458 

BoylBton. | 

BEASrOED, EuexL Co., Ind BUhp Haverhill 

P, O. 
Sradford Academy; girls' boarding nonseet.; 

cat. moZ; MiBS Ijitira A. Knott, A. M. 
BaiDGEWATEEt Plyniftuth Co,^ pop. 5,SlMJ. 
Statfl ITonnal Sohool; Dormal; atatei; ea-eil.; 

A, G. Buydiin, A. M.. Prea. 
B&IGHTOIT, Suburb of Boitgn. 

Mount St* JoABpli's Aoa4emy; girls* hoard- 
ing; H. iX; Sisters of St. Joseph. 
BEHAFIELD, Hampden Co., pop. D4U 

Hitehooflk FrAe Adad«my; pri^p.; eo-«d.; ijoti- 
si'''L.; Williij^^riiit lltjdgklna, Prln. 
CAHBEIBOE, Middlesex Co., pop. »],S36. 

Br(»wnd & ITioliDls' Soh(»oh boy a' boarding; 
non-i^ect. ; Gei>. H. Browne and Edgar H. 
Nk'halfl, Prins. 

Cambridge Soboi^h see GUninii School for 

Fitting School far Boys and Giria; prep.; eo^ 
pd. ; uon-»L'ct. ; est. 187D; Katherlno V, 
Snilth. Prill. 

Gilman School for Girla; twirls' boHTdlnK; non- 
H^nl,; Arttmr Gllman, A. M., Dlr^etor. 

Harvard ¥aiv»r»ity; unlv*; rocnj non-aect,; 
P3t. lam; Charles W. Eliot, Uj. D.. 

Harviud Univeraityj Law School;; law; men; 
e^t. 1817; jamt^a Barr Ames. Ltc D., 

Lawrdnoa Bcientl:fio Scbooh t«ch,; men; non- 
sect.; i'iit. 1847; NathaniPl S. Shaler, Dean. 

Lea School, The; i^trla' boarding^ P. K. r Mla« 
Slriry Lou Ism Kelly* Prln. 

EadcUlfe College; women; non-sectpj eat. 1879; 
MS S3 A^ues Iiwlnf FreBr 
CAJJEElDaEPOET, Suburb of Boaton, 

WoIlingtoD School; normal; state; co-ed. 
CANTON JUNCTION, Norfolk Co., pop. S60. 

Norwood School, The; closed, 

CONCOEB, UiddleAOX Ca., pop. 5.^52. 

Concord Homa School; bo^^i' boarding; P. J^.; 

James S. Garland,, PrIn. 
Oonoord SobcKil; boss' boarding; P, %.; Thoro- 

aa H, Eckfeldt, Prhu 
Wklte^i Home School, Hiss; prep.; co-^,^ 
non-Boi't- ; Flnrn J. White, Frtn» 
DANVEEB, Eaaex Co., pop, S,r>42. 

St, John^s Normal Collage; nuvitltite; men; R 
t:.; est 1^91; Utv. Br, Dominic. Prea. 
DEEEFIELD, Franklin Co,, pop. l.9ij». 

I>Berflaid Academy and Diekinaon High Bahoalf 
ppep.; eo-t'd.; non-set't. ; Eohert P. Sib- 
ley. PrIn. 
DUB LEY, Worc«ater Co., tnip. 3.553. 

Niobola Acftdemsr; prei).; co-cd.; non-aect.; 
I'nuik C. Jolmtson, A. B., Prln. 
DtrXBUEy, Plymouth Co., pop. 3.053. 
Powdar Point Bchoal; prep.; co-ed.; n^Mi-aect.; 
r, B, Koupp. Prill, 
EASTHAKFTON. Hampihir* Co.. pop. 5.003. 
Williaton Seminary; hoys* hoarding; Gong,; 
Joseph U. Sawyt^r, Frln. 
EAST NDETHFIELD, Franklin Cvn pop, 300. 
NorthfLeld Seminary; girls' lyojirdlng; noii' 
sect.; Misa Evelyn S, Hall, Prin. 
EYEEETT, Middleaex Co., pop. 24,3^0. 
Home School; girls' boarding; Bapt; Mrs. 
A. F. Potter, Prln. 
FALL EITER, Briitcl Co., pop. 104.863. 
Ik Sainte Union dea S&crei Coeurt; girls' 
boorftjng; R, C; Slater Mary Aldan, 
t9hoemakar-Clark School, The; bna. and steii.; 
P. ^. Stone and W. ia. Rogera„ ProDC. 





TEiiliodfi&u'a College^ prep, iiiit) bi!iB*J oo-oi!^; 
noii-spct. : CBt. 18St>; J. D. ^nillmiloiiu, 

r4YVIXLE, WorcoiUr Co,, iH»p. 37r». 
£manusl BqIiooI for feable ADd AfflioiBd 
Children; Oflt IBTui Mrs, M, A* r. 1>. 
OrotMi, Siipt. 
FITCHBTTRG, Worct5t*r Co., pop. ai,&31. 

FitGhbtu-ff Buaineaa CoUe^ft; bug. and ttteii,; 

n. PQllo]f:^^. L'lTis^ 
EUte mottnil School; normni; itnte; eg-ed.: 
Jtfliij (j. Ttioiiipson, Pr(>«, 
FRABinrGHAM, Middleiex Ga,, pop. ll^imB. 
St^te Normal School; iiormnl; ntatfi; co-cii].; 
Fli'iiry WhItttMiiore, Prea. 
FEAifKLllr, Korfolk Co., pop, G,01T. 

jyea-n Acftdtm;; ptn-^p. ; fin-pd. ; Uiitv.; Arthur 
W. IN Irr*.. Prlij. 
OBEAT BAREXN&TOK, Bet-kihire Co., pup. 

Sad^wiok iohocl; hoys' hoiirdiitjc:; iiaii-HiM-L; 
EdwiU'fl J, Vrtii t^enijt'p, Prhi. 
GBEEHFIELD, FrmnkUn Co.. pop. 7.02T. 

FiNjflpsQt Hill School; girls' bourdlhi^; iioh- 
sert.; riiiNiUiHi U, Cljirk, Pfln. 
OBOTOK, Middl«s«x Co., pop, 2.0S2. 

Grotan Bchool; hoys' tKiBrdlmg; P- B. ^ Rev, 

Bndk'utl; Pi^uTxidj, Frln, 
LftwreuBA Acadom;; bg»yfi' hourdhi;;^ Oiit Htlxl; 
H. B. C. BlnghHm, Pilii, 
HADIEY, Hampihire Co., pop. 1,780. 

Hopkitkt Academy; pre^p. ; co^ed. ; non-scot. ; 
HW.orsf} fr. Drf¥L*r. Prid. 
HABVABD, Worouiter Co.^ pop. 1.130. 

Broomfleld flohool; pi't-p, ; co^ed. : iKJii-aert.; 
Miss IJIu Pi-riftt, PrJii. 
HATFIELD p Hampahira Co,, pn^. t,&t>0. 

Bniitta Aoademy; prtp,; ro-i^d.; iion-aect.; 
Ho^vursJ VV. Dh kliihon, Prln. 
inNGHAH, Blrmouth Co., pr>p. {^.ilDU, 

Derby Aoadomy^ prup.; copci; iuin-»i?ct,; 
am-iih G. RobliiiiOD, Pi-la, 
H0L¥0R:E, HADipden Co., pop. 45.712. 
Holyokft Buatneaii Inititut«; bui?, and fftpii. ; 
TJwniL'll & FiiMtt?. Priiifl. 
HYA^TNIS, Bartistable Ca., (lop. l.mK 

3tet« Hormal School; normAh statj*; t^*ed. ; 
Winijuti A. TtjitiJwtM. Pfpm. 
XAWEENOE, £a»x Co., pop. 32,rm0. 

CmnTion OotnmeroUl CoU«p«^ bu«. mid sten.s 
C. r. <'jjitiiMn umi n. O. lviH-alhif,v ^^f^p«. 
LEICESTEE, WflroMter Co., p-ip. a.41tl, 

L»loett«r Acad t my; prpp. ; tO't'd.; ikjh noct. ; 
William E, Catts PrlH. 
LOWELL, KidiileAex Co., pop. m.Q&i. 

HiU'i Babool, Mi hi: pry p.; t"-tHl.; n[Hi-8Prt,; 

06t. 1^70; Lioy A. Hill. Prlu. 
Lowell Oomcnflioiftl ODllfl««; bun, nntl sk'ir,; 

U-lJult K. Klnibull. Prill. 
LovftU Tflxtild Soboal; tecb^; cn-wlH: non-aerL; 

tut. INOT; Wm. W. CiM«bj. ft. B,, Prlii. 
BoBfln Hall Sahaol; glrla* lh>rircltnK. ; luw- 

Bort-: Kll^u t, UnderhUl, PHii, 
8t« JvAQph's CoUtfa; ovl,t moit; R. C; eat- 

1SP2; Brothtc Chriiftetill. Priu. 
Tndaing Sobool for Tttachora; poniiAl; aUte; 
L'o-tfd.: rmnk T, Cnbiim, PHm. 

LTNH, Esaoz Co., pop. QS.57S. 
Ljmn Bujilneep Colloffl; btia. iind sti^n.; n. W. 

Pl>Ttnll. t'ri'!*. 

MAEIOltr, Plymojith Co., jKjp, 0^2. 

TaboT Academy, The; yirep.; oo-ed.; uon- 
HiM-E.; Dunn Moi-Rih Dnutan, Fi'hi. 
MARLBORO, Middlesex Co., pop. la.&W. 

atj AnQ'a Academy; (Klrls' bmu'dlng; E* C; 
I'sL ISST; ^IsEfcr M. Anj'slii, Supt^rbrt-. 
HERBIMAC, Eaaax Co., iK3p. 2.iai. 

Whittier Home School; K\rW bOArdlng; non- 
Bt^rt^ ; Mrs. AniUo fl. RiiHiiell, Prlw* 
MILTOir, Norfolk Co,, pop, G,Zi7S. 

Milton Academy; prc>p, ; {'o^4'<(1,; ntm^si^ct^ S' 
Hiiriiuon O. Aptborp, Pi-ln. 
MOlfSOH, Hampden Co., pop. 'J,5if^. 

Monaon Adademy; prr^p.; cQ^od. ; non^iieet^; 
JujiK'M Prunfiis Hiittar^vortb. FtItIh 
MOrNT HEBMON, FrdJikUn Co., pop, tUMK 
Moiutt HflriDDii Boya'^ Bchool; bc^ys'' board] ng^; 
hitfi-sec't. ; Hoiii'.T^' F. t'utlor, P^ln. 
HATXCK, Middlesex Co., pcnp, 9At^. 

Walnut Hill Welleiley Preparatory Behoot: 

erlrle' bfjurdlnji; nan scft. ; Miss Cinnnnt 

fiuW M!da Blgelow, PHos. 

KEW BEDFOED, Briatol Co., ]jop. 02,44^, 

Benton's Bualneu Schools bujs. nud ateu. ; 

Cbos, E. Beiktuij. Ph. H,. IMii. HWd E'rop, 

Friend k' Academy ^ prep.; oo-ed.; Frloudn; 

f initio rt. r>rjrtgr,i^ Prin. 
Home Frtiparatory School ; prep. 5 co-eC ; nan- 

HQct. ; Cbtirb's K, 1'^, Mftsber. Prln, 
Hew Bedford Textile School; tinh.; coKed.l 
uotj-soct.; est. 18PP; C:hrlatophei- P, 
UroolTB, M. S. A,, Mjuiugliig Director. 
IfEW DORCHESTER, Suburb of Beaton, 

Sbaiarmut BcboDli. g^lrlH' bt>urdljiif; iinn-voc't,; 
El 111 (JMbt-rt Ivos. Prln. 
NEWTOJTh MiddlflMX Co,, ixip. BZMu 

Preparatory School; prfp. ; t'o-cd.;^ pon-aoc^t. ; 

Ethvnnl ir. CiiEliT, Prln. 
Newton Private School; prep.; eo-ed. : jion- 
ft*'<t.: Slnbi>l T. Hull, Prln. 
NORTH ADAMS. Berkshire Co.. pop. 24.200. 
State liTormal Schoal; jmr.: i.'o-ed.: dtAti*; cat. 
lHt*7; l\ 1"\ Mnrdi^fk, A, M,. Prln. 
NORTHAMFTON, Hampshire Co.. pop. 1S.(M3, 
Mary A. Bumham School for Gii-li, The; 
(lirlR' boarclinff^ lion-atH t. ; Mlaa B. T- 
C'Hpld, Pi'ln. 
Smith College i wonjon: non-*e<'t, ; e«t. ISTfi; 
Rev. L. L'kirk ja#o1yo, D. iK. LIS. D.. 

jTOETOlf, Bristol Co., pop. I,g2il. 

Wheatofi Fomiile Seminary; B^lrlR' Imnrdrnff; 
Oniji. ; SiiJiiuH V. CuliN II. IJ., I*dn. 
PITTSFIELD, Berkshire Co., prrp. tljm. 

Berkshire Business College; buft. and flten. ; 

I., M. IliilmrK. I^ICH. 

BarkAhire School, The; prep.; i'o-«d, ^ now- 
wMl.r Arllmr t'lougb, A. M., Prln* 

Hmirs School for GItIb. Mtsst ghtB* buaiNl- 
\nK. OfJiiHPL^; Mini H. HhIIh Prln, 
ftUINGY, Norfolk Co., pop. 2.1.81*9. 

Adama Academy; prt^p.; bj^yi: est, iSTSi Wl!- 
Ihiiu I'J.Vf'fett. LL. I)., M outer. 

Woodward liutitute for 0Lrts; fflrla' board- 





lag: tioEi-n?ct. ; Mimi CnTr](^ 13. SinnU, 

EOXBUBT, Suffolk Co.. Buhurh of Boitim, 
Kotre Dune Academy; glfW boardlni;; U. C. ; 

Slater JuUu, Prln. 
S.ox1)uz7 Latin Bohool; bc^yi' boardlncr; uoti- 

sect.; Win. C, Colliir, Ptln. 
BM.E1C, £ai«x Go,^ puP- SdMMI. 
Srmper'B Private Sobool^ Mlu; glrltt' diij. ; 

tion-SLM^t. ; Mij4<4 A, C. DrflpL-r, Prlu, 
8. & F* Buftineu OoUofs; i'<>9ii»al]<)at<?d A^ltb 

Snk^m Coniiut'relrtl Scbof>L 
Salam Commerolat Bduwl; btm. and Rten. ; 

Gw, P. 1h.ot(1, Presv 
Biate Ifiinnal Sohool; normitl; BUte; co-ed, j 

TrVflltor P. Beekwltli. Ph* D., Pre*. 
Walkar'a Preparatory Bchoal; prep.; co-ed*; 

iion-soct.; JVncik U-, WaJker, Prln^ 
SHIXBlTfiNE FALLS, Franklin Co.* pop. 1,20(1. 
Arma Acadsm?; pr(>p,; co-«d*; Cong.', Chas* 

A. EiiilbTfwk. Prlu* 
3HEBB0BK, HlddlsBox C7o», pop. 1,4S3, 

Sawiii AoadBm? and Dowte Hlrh School; 
prt'l>. ; co-ed. ; lion-seet- ; Cbqa, Sh Webb, 
30UTHBOHO, W02.GESTEH 00,^ pop. 1,&21^ 
St. Mark' ft Bchool; bayn' bonrdlng; P, E.; 
\Vm. Grsfenouifh TbHycr, D, D.p Prln» 
SOITTH BYTIELD, Eiioa Ga., pop. 50. 
DttmiD«r Aoadeniy; prep.; bojfi; noD-Acct. ; 
Ferley hetmard Home, Prlji* 
SOITTS BBA£KTB££, Iforfolk Co.» pop. 2.000. 
Thayer Afsademy; pri^p*; c^ed.; noD-eect.; 
Wm. rTalldsher, Fh. D.. PrSu. 
SOUTH HADLEY, Hampik^ Co,, pop. 4.B2fl. 
Xoimt Holyoke Collore ; women 'fl^ non-ipct. ; 
eat. IS3T; Marj B. Wooley, A. M.. Pre«. 
BOITTH LANCABTEE, WorooiUr Co.f pop, SOO. 
Soutb LancastfiT Academy; prep.; <!0-ed,; Ser- 
euth Day Adv.; frVt'derlelE Grigfa, PtLd. 
BOUTH WOBTHINOTOll, Hampihire Co.. pop. 
Gon^ell Academy; iirop. ; co-ed.; aaD-BecL; 
Miss Mi n Die H. llrtdfeKDaii, PrLn. 
SFEIK&FIELD, Hampdan Co., pop. S2.Q69. 
B&noreft BcJl&al, This; prep.; eo-ed.; n^m-aect,; 
pst. ISiHJ; Frnnk H. Hobgon. A. M,, Prln. 
Bay Bath Inititute; bos. aod etpn.; J. D. 

Bates. Pres. 
"^fl ELmi" Bar and Homo Hohool for O^EfIb; 
j^lrla' booTdtug; iit>n eeott M1r9 Cbarlotte 
W. Porter. Prin. 
Franoh- Amerieao CoUof o j eol. ; oo-ed. ; non- 
aect.; eat, lSSr»; Re?. Samuel H. I*e> 
M. A., Prea. 
Hinmrna'a BuiInAai GollDige; btie. aod rteu. 

B. M. Baoeroft, Prea. 

Intflrnatieitai Y. M. C. A. Training Belioali: 

m*r. tra!r;tnj^ tiyt Y. M. C. A. Directors; 

est. iaS5; L. L. Doggett, Ph. D.. Prea. 
Ma^Dufflfl Sobool for CHiIb; ^Irla* boardlos; 

iiou-aeet.; Dr. and Mrs. Jobii Mjti'DitttiB, 


TA¥KTOK, Briatol Cki., pop. 

Briatol Academ?; pfep.; eo-ed,; noti'MCt.; 

FreiJerli: T. Fa ru swarthy Prtn, 
Tamiton'i BuBineaa Calle^e; bua. and ttan.; 

B. L. HutcblnaMi, Prea. 

TTTFTS COLLEGE. Hlddleiex C«., Bebool Sta- 


J Tufta Callef«; uitli-.; rrh-ed.; UnfT. ; est. IHfj-l; 
ElTinT IJ. CapsMk, D, 1>., U.. v., FtoB. 
WABAN, Kjddloaox Co., pop. Hm* 

Wahan Sohool, The; boys' boarding; HOD- 

aect. J John 11, Plllsburj,, Prlis. 
WindB«^r Hall Bdhogl; fftrla' boardlii£; bon^ 
sect.; John U. Plllabiity and Anna M^ 
GoodneWt Prlna. 
WALTHAJE, MiddLeaex Co., pop. 23,4S1. 
Heller' a Commereial Callei«; biia, and aten. ; 

I Waltkam New Ckurok Sobool; prep,; co-ed. i 
New J^rtiBaleui Chureh; Ben J. Worceater, 
I Prtn. 

W£LLESL1Y« KorfoUc Co.. pop. S.072. 
Bana Hall; glt\n' boarding; non-aect,; Helea 

Temple Co<>lr, Prln. 
WeUasIey Collate; women *»; uou-sect. ; eat. 
lSTr>; Mima Caroline tlumrd, M, A.. Prea. 
Wellealey Baboal for Boya;; boj«' boarding; 
nt>n-aei?t. ; Edward A. Bonner^ Prln. 
WELLEBLEY HILLB. Norfolk 0(i*» pop. OSO. 
Bock Bid^a Hall; boya^ boarding; non-Beet.; 
Qeorge Rabtoul White, Prin. 
WEBT BOZFOBD, Eaaex Go,, pnp. S^. 

Barker Fr&a Bobesl * pre^h ; eo-od, ; oon-aect, ; 
' N, B. Sargent, PrUi. 

I WEBT BBIBCEWATEEt PLymouth Co., pop, 
Howard Beminar?; jflrls' boarding; non-eect.; 
I Sarah E, Lniisbtoii. Prln. 

' WEBTFIELD, Hampden Co,, pop. V2,'M0. 

HastaohuaettB Btate Normal Sohqol; nornml; 
I atute; co-ed.; Cbarlvs 3. Chitpta, Praa. 

WEBTEDEB, Middleiea Co., pop, 12,310. 
Weatford Acsdemir; prep.; co-ed. ^ non-aecL; 
WlMhim E. Froat, Prln. 

WEST NEWTON, MiddUaaE Co*, Scbool Sta- 
Allen Sohool, The; prep.; co-ed.; non-aeet.; 
eat. im2: Albert E, Balej, A. B., He«d- 
WEST BOXBUBY, Suburb of Boaton. 
Sherman Hall; i^lrla' boarding; non-aeet,; 
Mlaa Sarah W. Amea, Prin. 
Bokeori unnouneement. — line locntlon. 
combining city iiilrantagea with the 
bealthful eondltlaiia of tbe rountry. Heaned 
boine InflueneeM, CoUege preparatory. 
Academic und Wpei^lal Conrai?*. tJnusnul 
ftppoTtuiiItk's far the atody of AJt and 
Music; alao an tuttractlve eourse in plt- 
turest^ne gvograpby, as a preparation for 
foreign travel. Arrqngementa may be 
niad€ for Htudenla to npend the aumrner 
atjrijiid with u tcaelier ua ebapcrona. 
WILBBAHAU, Hampden Co,, pap, L5l»5. 

Waaleyan Academy; prep.; co-i;h1; M, E. ; 
William R!t:e Newhall, D. D., Prln, 
WILLLAMBTOWN, Berkakire Ca„ pop. C»,013. 
Wllliuna College; col.; men; uan-aect; eat. 
179^; Henry Hoplilna, D. D., LL. D.* 
WLEfOHENBEN, Woroeater Co., pap, 6,001. 
Muxdock School; prep.; c^o-ed. ; a<m-aeet.; 
Frederic W. Plammer, Prto. 





W0LLA8T0N, Norfolk Co., Suburb of Quiihoy 
Quincy ICansioa Sobool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Horace Mann Willard, Prin. 

WOBGESTEB, Woroofter Co., pop. 118,421. 
Becker's Business College; bus. and sten.{ 

E. C. A. Becker, Pres. 
Clark Vaiversity; ool.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1888; G. Stanley Hall, Ph. D., LL. D., 

Colleffo of the Holy Cross; col.; men; R. C; 

est. 1843; Rot. Joseph F. Hanselman, 

S. J. 
Highland Military Academy; military; P. E.; 

Joseph Alden Shaw, Prin. 
Hinman's Business College!; bus. and sten.; 

A. H. Hinman, Pres. 

Bedfleld College; col.; co-ed.; Gongre'l; est. 

1887; Rev. I. P. Patch, D. D., Pres. 
St. John's Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Brother Roberts, Prin. 
Sohool for (Hrls; girls' boarding; non-sect.; 

Miss E. A. Kimball, Prin. 
State Normal Sohool; normal; state; co-ed.; 

E. Harlow Russell, Pres. 
William's Sohool, Miss; closed. 
Woroester Aoademy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; D. W. Abercrombie, LL. D., Prin. 
Woroester Business Institute; bus. and sten.; 

C. B. Post, Pres. 
Woroester Polyteohnio Institute; tech.; men; 

non-sect.; est. 1866; Edmund A. Engler, 

Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. 


Population, 2,420,982. School census, 661,450. School age, 5-20. 

Michigan is the ninth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 2,420,9&2 inhabitants, of whom 2,398,563, or 99.1 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 540,196, or 22.3 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.2 per cent, the state ranking eleventh in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Delos Fall, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lansing 

Walter H. French, Deputy Superintendent. Lansing 

A. Hamun Smith, Chief Clerk Lansing 

Nora B. Sharpsteen, Statistician Lansing 

Mary S. Andrews, Assistant Statistician Lansing 

Zella M. Harvey, Editor Lansing 


Luther L. Wright, President Ironwood 

Patrick H. Kelly, Vice-President Detroit 

Delos Fall, Secretary Albion 

James H. Thompson, Treasurer Evart 

Michigan has no State Text-Book Commission, the state law making it optional 
with the local boards or voters of the respective counties whether free text-books 
shall be furnished in the public schools. 


H. S. Elliott Oxford 

Ernest Burnham . • • Marshall 

John C. Ketcham Hastings 

R. S. Campbell Port Huron 

E. A. AsELTiNE Paw Paw 

Delos Fall, Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio Lansing 

Michigan has it in the state constitution that the legislature shall provide for 
at least one library in every township. 


S. B. Laird, President Ypsilanti 

E. D. Palmer, Secretary West Bay City 





County. Commissioner's Name. Address. Oounty. 

Alcona W. H. Sanborn Harrisville S.fiW. 

Alger Melvin B. Shippy Munlsiner 5,888 

Allegan Ira G. Thorpe Allegan 88,812 

Alpena James A. Ca^e Alpena 18,264 

Antrim H. M. Coldren Bellaire 16.588 

Arenap Morley EJ. Osborne Standish 9,821 

Baraga Martin J. McKanna Baraga 4,820 

Barry John C. Ketcham Hastings 22,514 

Bay John B. Laing Bay City (Phenlx Blk.) 62,878 

Benzie W. E. Daines So. B^ankfort 9.685 

Berrien C. D. Jennings St. Joseph 49,165 

Branch James Swain Coldwater 27.811 

Calhoun Ernest Bumham Marshall 49.815 

Cass W. H. C. Hale Cassopolis 20,876 

Charlevoix A. W. Chew Bay Shore 13,956 

Cheboygan E. W. Baker Cheboygan 15.516 

Chippewa T. R. Easterday Sault Ste. Marie 21,338 

Clare E. G. Welch Clare 8,860 

Clinton T. H. Townsend St. Johns 25,186 

Crawford J. E. Bradley Grayling 2.943 

Delta Peter R. IlJ^^k Gladstone 23,881 

Dickinson E. L. Parmenter Iron Mountain 17.890 

Baton Joseph L. Wagner Charlotte 31,668 

EJmmet R. M. Winston Petoskey 16.931 

Genesee Fred J. Johnson Flint, 922 Harrison St.. 41.804 

Gladwin Floyd B. Armstrong Gladwin 6,564 

Gogebic Luther L. Wright Ironwood 16,738 

Grand Traverse George L. Crispe Traverse City 20.479 

Gratiot Charles E. Pike Ithaca 29.889 

Hillsdale Charles P. Hulce Hillsdale 29,865 

Houghton William Bath Houghton 66.063 

Huron David Kaercher Sebewaing 34.162 

Ingham Arthur Wilson Mason 39,818 

Ionia M. F. Scott Ionia 34.829 

Iosco J, A. Campbell Whittemore 10,246 

Iron John F. Mason Amasa 8,990 

Isabella Hugh A. Graham Mt. Pleasant 22,784 

Jackson Thomas M. Sattler Grass Lake 46,081 

Kalamazoo John W. Hazard Kalamazoo 89.278 

Kalkaska Irene L. Getty Kalkaska 6,160 

Kent Arthur R. Zimmer Grand Rapids 109,922 

Keweenaw P. O. Decker Mohawk 2,894 

Lake Edwin G. Johnson ...Luther 6.806 

Lapeer W. Frank Laughlln Lapeer 29.213 

Leelanau J. O. Duncan Sutton's Bay 7,944 

Lenawee M. W. Hensel Bllssfleld 48,448 

Livingston N. Knooihuizen Fowlerville 20,868 

Luce William Prakken Newberry 1466 

Mackinac D. H. Stringham St. Ignace 7,880 

Macomb O. D. Tompson Mt. Clemens 81,818 

Manistee H. J. Leighton Bear Lake.*. 24.280 

Marquette F. D. Davis Negaunee 41.289 

Mason C. A. Rlnehart Scottville 18,886 

Mecosta Edward Keeler Big Rapids 26.088 

Menominee Jesse Hubbard Menominee 27,046 

Midland James H. Mustard Midland 14.489 

Missaukee Bera S. Hall Lake City 9.808 

Monroe Albert C. Marvin Monroe 82,154 

Miontcalm Eugeno Straight Stanton 82,154 

Montmorency Samuel Knisely Hlllman 8.284 

Muskegon John O. Reed Whitehall S7.0S6 

Newaygo Isabelle M. Becker Fremont 17.878 

Oakland H. S. Elliott Oxford 44.192 

Oceana E. W. Fleming Shelby 16.864 

Ogemaw Ben Bennett West Branch 7,766 

Ontonagon Ella Chamberlain- Ontonagon 6.197 

Osceola G. F. Roxburgh Reed City 17,869 

Oscoda Sim J. Lewis Lewlston 1.488 

Otsego R. D. Bailey Gaylord 6,175 







Presque Isle 


St. Clair 

St. Joseph... 


Schoolcraft . 


Van Buren.. 



Commissioner's Name. 


C. E. Kelley Coopersville ... 

Edward Erskine Rogers City — 

E. G. Payne Roscommon ... 

John C. Nafe :.... Saginaw 

E. T. Blackney Port Huron.... 

Lewis E. Miller Centerville .... 

Charles G. Putney ...Sanilac Center. 

Beulah Morseman Manistique 

Howard Slocum Corruna 

Henry P. Bush Caro 

E. A. Aseltine Paw Paw 

C. E. Porter Ann Arbor 

E. W. Yost Detroit 

W. H. Faunce Cadillac 

Pop. of 

.. 39,667 

,.. 8,829 

.. 1,787 

... 81,222 

... 55,228 

,.. 23.889 

... 35,055 

.. 7.889 

. 35,890 
. 33.274 
. 47,761 
. 16.845 


ADRIAK, Lenawee Co., pop. 0.654. 
Adrian College; col.; co-ed.; Mctta. Prot. ; est. 

1859; D. Jones. Pres. 
Brown's Business tTniversity; bus. and stcn. ; 

L. S. Brown, Pres. 
Baisin Valley Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; 

Friends; Edwin T. Armstrong, Prin. 
AORICVLTirBAL COLLEGE. Ingham Co., pop.. 

Michigan State Agricultural College; agri. ; 

co-ed.; state; est, 1857; J. L. Snyder, 

A. M., Ph. D., Pres. 
ALBIOV, Calhoun Co., pop. 4,519. 
Albion College; col.; co-ed.; M. E.; est. 1843; 

Rev. John P. Ashley, S. L. B., Ph. D., 

Gratiot Co., pop. 2,047. 
College; col.; co-ed.; Presb. ; est. 1887; 

Rev. August F. Bruske, D. D., Pres. 
ALPENA, Alpena Co., pop. 11,802. 
Alpena Business College; bus. and sten.; Mrs. 

M. L. Veenfllet Pres. 
ANN ABBOR, Washtenaw Co., pop. 14.509. 
Kimball's Intermediate School for Boys, Miss; 

boys' boarding; prep.; est. 1885; Miss 

Kimball. Prin. 
St. Thomas High School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister M. Magdalene, Prin. 
Vniveraity of Midiigan; univ.; state; co-ed.; 

est. 1837; James B. Angell, LL. D., Pres. 
Vaiversity of Michigan, College of Dental 

Surgery; deut. ; co-ed.; est. 1875; N. A. 

Hoff, Sec. 
University of Michigan, Department of Law; 

law; co-ed.; est. 1859; Hurry B. Hutch- 
ins, LL. D., Dean. 
University of Michigan, Department of Medi- 
cine and Surgery; med. ; reg. ; co-ed. 

est. 1850; Victor C. Vaughan, Sc. D.. 

M. D.. Dean. 
University of Michigan, Homeopathic Med- 
ical College; med.; homeop.; men; est. 

1875; W. B. Hinsdale, M. D., Dean. 
University of Michigan, School of Pharmacy; 

phar.; co-ed.; est. 1868; Albert B. Pies- 

cott, LL. D.. Dean. 
University School of Music; miis. ; co-ed.; est. 

1892; Albert A. Stanley, A. M.. Director. 
BATTLE CBEEK, Calhoun Co.. pop. 18,563. 
Battle Creek College; prep.; co-ed.; Sev- 
enth Day Adv.; Edward A. Sutherland, 


Michigan Business College; bus. and sten.; 
C. J. Argubrlght, Pres. 

BENTON HABBOR, Berrien Co., pop. 6.562. 
Benton Harbor College; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; G. J. Edgecomb, A. M., Ph. D., 

School's announcement. — Incorporated 1892. 
Most thorough and rapid preparation for 
best Universities and Colleges in the land. 
For teachers of District, Graded or High 
Schools. Elocution. Music and Art. Fif- 
teen full courses. Special features: Fine 
Rooms and Superb Apparatus; Eighteen 
Enthusiastic Teachers; MiUtary Drill. 
Cadets Armed and Uniformed; Athletic 
Club and Literary Societies; Good Disci- 
pline and Christian Influence. Expenses 
very moderate. (Fine Endowment for 

BENZONIA, Benzie Co., pop. 484. 
Benzonia Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Gong.; 
Charles W. Dunn, Prin. 

BIG BAPIDS, Mecosta Co., pop. 4.686. 
Ferris Institute; nor.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1884; W. N. Ferris, Pres. 
Ferris Institute, School of Pharmacy; phar.; 

co-ed.; Dean. 

CLARKSVILLE, Ionia Co., pop. 350. 

Michigan Normal Academy and Business Col- 
lege; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; Charles 
J. Transue, Prin. 
DETROIT, Wayne Co., pop. 285.704. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Mother Anna Hutton, Prin., 
322 Jefferson Ave. 

Detroit College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1877; 
Rev. James D, Foley, S. J.. Pres., 353 
Jefferson Ave. 

Detroit College of Law; law; men; est. 1801; 
Philip T. Van Zlle, LL. D.. Dean, Cor. 
St. Antoine and Mullet. 
School's announcement. — Three years' 
course, twenty professors and a library 
of over 15.0(K) volumes. Diploma admits 
to the bar. Evening sessions. Students 
liere enjoy the best relation to: (1) The 
law school, (2) The law ofllce, (3) The 
rourts. and (4) The law library. De- 
troit is an Ideal place In which to study 

Detroit College of Medicine; med.; reg.; 





men; est \WS8>\ Theodore A. Mrfimw, M. 
D., Dean. Cor. Bt. Antoloe And Mullet. 
I>stTQit CjIle^B of ModlctnB» BeF«rtni«nt of 

Thpadort? A. Mt^draw, M. A., Dean, QoT. 

St. Aiitolne uijd Mullet. 
S^tTDit Gollenie of Mediciae^ ]3ap«rtment flf 

Flu.?m&Qf; pbitr. ; men; est. 1S90; Jolin 

E, Clark, Lk'SD. Cor. St. ADtoloe and 

Batroit Home and D^y BebOQl, TiiA; flrls' 

hoiirdlnKT iioD-Bect; Miss Ella M. Lljy- 

gett. Prin,, 564 Coaa Ave. 
Detroit HomeopLthio CftUag^; med.; homeop-; 

ro-cd. ; eat. 1872: D. A. MacLflchlan, M. 

D.K Dean, 185 Lafayette Ave. 
Uetrait 8«mLnii.ry ; irlrla' boardlsE:; iiou-sect. ; 

MUa L, C. Brown In i? and Mrs, E. F. 

Hamnicfnd, Prlua.. OJU JeJferaoii Ave. 
Betioit TJniveriity School; prep.; boys; Fred- 

orjt'k L. Bllaa^ Fr!n.. 10 ElrnwwKl Avcs 
Xicliiffaii Callflffo of Madiqino And Sur^^ry; 

mfrd.; reff. ; co-ed.; est 1S8S; Unl C, 

Wyman. M. D., Deiiu. T-fl Potter. 
KUeiB Collejie^ bus. and steii.; C. C- MUea, 

Pres., 78 Mlnmi Ave, 
Bt. Jaiepb'i CommaToiai Soho«l; btia. itid 

Bten.; Bro1:her J(*^alIl<^ Prf*Sr. 85 Jiij St. 
Waihlnfto^n Kflrmal Sobool; noi\; women; 

<ity; Ctflrlea L, Spain, A. B- Prln. 
ESCA17ABA. Delta. Co., pop. »,54Q. 
St* Jouph Hif^li iahoal; prep.; eo-^.; R. 

C.t Ststor M. A. Ltgorl, PHn. 
rLIKT; Giflftie* Oo,, pop. 13.103. 
Sliai BuRlnaea CoUoffa; bna. and iteo. • 3. H. 

Loni;, Prea* 
GKAHID HAVEM, Ottawa Ooo pop. 4.743. 
AkfiUr Hall for Oirla; ftlrla" boprdlnu; P. E.; 

est. l.g^T: MIj?» Sua mi mil Yerkf^a. Prin. 
GRAND SAFIDBh Kant Co,, pop. 37,565. 

Grand Eapida BoKlneBa Univeraity ; bua. and 

Btpn. ; A. Sh Pnrijib, Prea. 
^rand Rapida Medical Gollefa; med. ; re;.; 

fo-od.: cBt. l^tP7: Clurtiiet.' Wblte, M, D.* 

Ilimiid Raplda Yeterlaar? OoUsfa; vet.; men; 

eft. 18D7; L. L. ConlieT, D. V, S,. M. P.. 

MoLaoMan Buaincaa XTniveMity; buH. flnd 

uteiK; D- MrTjnchlnn & Clo.. Props, 
Fowfill'i Sahool for Boyi; boya' boarding; 

non-aect.; Ecv. I, P. Powell. Prln. 
aEOBSE FQOITE, HousMon Co,, pop. 343. 
Academy of the Saorad Heart; fflrla" board- 

In^: R. r. : Mndnm Cnvin, Pr!n. 
HILLSDALE. Hilladale Co., pop. 4J5L 
Hillidale College: coK; co-ed.; F^ee Bapt; 

eat. IS55; Joaopb W. Maack. LL, D., 

HOLLAND, Ottawa Co., pup. 7.7n4h 

Hope Oc^U^e^e; <*iil.: oo-f»d.: Kpfortned; eat 
^^m\ a. J. Kollt-n. a. M , LL. D.. Prea. 
HOUGHTON, Houfbton Go., tw>p. S.^Tifl. 

Kichifan College of Hitiei: terh,: m^'n : atflte: 
rat. lS.*irH: F. W. MfNiiSr. Pre*, 
JACKSON. JackAon Co., pf>p. 25.1§i), 

Devi in' a Buaineia GoUeEe; bufl. and ate»>; 
H. C. Devlin. Pfea. 
KALAMAZOOp Kalamaaoo Co.. pop. 244«M. 
KalanyiEe& Gollofe; rol. ; eo-ed.; BttpE.J Mt. 

ia5£i; A. Caylord Slocum, LL. D., Prea. 
XloM^ai] Temale Seminary; i^Irla' boarding; 

Preeb, ; Elate Garland Hobion^ Prin. 
Fan«nt' Busineaa College ; bus. and aten. % 
W. if. Fara^MiB. Pres. 
LANSIKO, tngiiam G»., pup. ia,4S5. 
X^anaing Buaineaa Univeraity ; baa, and Btei«,; 
H, J. Beck. Prea. 
LAUSLUM, Houffliton Co., pop. 5.643. 
Sacred Heart Aaademy^; prep. ; co^ed. ; R. G. ; 
Rev. B. A. Perron. O. F. M., Prln. 
MANISTEE, Manistee Ge., pop. 14,260. 

ManlJite^ Buftineaa College; bua. and ateii.; 
W. H. Martlriiini. PrtB. 
MA.E^TJ£TT£, Marquette Co,t pop. 10,058. 
MAr<iuette Buaiaeaa Colle^a; bus. and aten.; 

J. C. Pufker. Prea. 
Korthem State Normal Behool; normal; atate; 

co-ed.: D. B. Waldo, Pre*, 
it. Joaepb's Academjr; prop.; co-ed.; Jiou- 
ni'*'-t, \ Slater M. AgiicfiH Prln. 
MOHEOE, Monroe Cn., pop. 5.043. 

St, Mary's Academy; plrla' boarding; R. C. ; 
Motbor M. MtMhUrtls, Prin. 
MOUNT PLEASANT, IiakeUa Co,, pop* 3,002. 
Central Stato Normal Sokeol; normal; state; 
iNi-ed. ; CUarlea Mt- Kenny, A. M.t Pres, 
OLIV£T< Eaton Co., pop. 300, 

OUvet OoUes'e; ccL; t^o-ed. r Cong.; est. 18BD; 
ReT. Wlllard C Sperry, D. D., Fres. 
OECHAED LAKE, Oakland Co., pop. S3. 
Micbiffan Military Academy; mUitary; non- 
Bcet.; Janieij Hutii Hapda, Prln. 
OWOSaO, Shiawaaaee Co., pop. a.0»6. 

Oakaida Schdoi; normal; iJi-lvnte; co-i«d. 
BETOBKEY, Emmet Co., [lop. rj;SS5. 
Pttoaker Normal School; normal; private; 
co-ed.; M. O. Oraveai M, A,, Prea, 
PONTL&C. Oakland Ce., pop. O.T0@, 

Fontiac Buiineaa Collate ;^ bita. and ateH.; 
C. A, Fassell, Prea, 
BAGINAW, Ba^inaw Co., pop. 42,3J5. 
Intematianal Buiineaa CoUsge; bun. and 

Btt*ri.; P. H, Harper. Prea. 
Saginaw Buainau Collafs; bua. and aten.; 

Geo, W. .Smith, Frc8, 
Satinaw Valley Medical Colle«a; ctinaoUdatwJ 
^I'ith Mtebifrnn rolle^K? of Medicine and 
Surifet-y. Dettolt. Mlrh, 
St. Andrew' a Academy; pre£t. ; co~ed.; non- 
sect.; alitor Mary Matbcw. Pdn. 
ST. LOUIS, Cratiot Co,< pop, 1.980. 

Yerlnffton College; bua. and aten.; 0. W. 
Ycrlngton, Pres. 
SEEING ARBOR, Jaokjmn Co,, pop. 210. 
Spring Arbor B«minary; prep,; eo-ed.; Free 
.Metb.; Duvld S. Warner, PrtP. 
THREE EIVEES, St. Joseph Co., pop, 3,550. 
Tbrea EiTari Ruaineas Academy ; bos. and 
^ton.; Charloa H. Supe. Pres. 
TEAVEESE CITY, Grand Travaria Co*, pop. 
Academy of Holy Angela ; girls' bosrdinff ; 

R, C; Sister iljiry Aaslaalum, Prln. 
Trareraa City Busineaa GolieKe;^ bua. and 
aten.; G. R. Dot- kef ay, Pre*. 
TFBlLAjm, Wa»ljtan*w Co., pop. 7.378. 
Hiohigan State Normal College; normal; atJit«; 
co-ed.; L. 11. Jonoa, A, M,, Prea. 


Population, 1,751,374. School census, 545,950. School age, 5-21. 

Minnesota is the nineteenth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,751,374 inhabitants, of whom 1,737,036, or 99.2 pei* cent, are white. Of 
this number 504,935, or 28.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.1 per cent, the state ranking ninth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 


J. W. Olsen, Superintendent of Public Instruction St. Paul 

C. G. ScHULZ, Assistant Superintendent St. Paul 

The Governor, the State Auditor, the State Treasurer and the Attorney Gen- 
eral, all at the State Capitol, St. Paul. 

Minnesota has no State Text-Book Commission, the state law making it 
optional with the local boards or voters of the respective counties whether free 
text-books shall be furnished in the public schools. 


SuPT. J. E. Keefe, Ortonville 

SuPT. L. V. WiLBER Winona 

SuPT. W. E. Freeman Mankato 

SuPT. G. M. Cesander Winthrop 

SuPT. T. C. WoLLAN Glenwood 

SuPT. Joseph Davies St. James 

Minnesota has a state law that the legislature shall provide for at least one 
library in every township. 


SuPT. G. A. Franklin, President Faribault 

Prof. G. E. Maxwell, Corresponding Secretary Winona 

Miss Mary G. Fanning, Recording Secretary St. Paul 

SuPT. Christine Goetzinger, Treasurer Fergus Falls 


County. Suporlntendeut's Name. Address. Districts. 

Aitkin D. W. Kemerer Aitkin 67 

Anoka George D. Goodrich Anoka 65 

Becker Mary A. Hanson Detroit 94 

Beltrami F. J. Dunwoody Bemidji 40 




No. of 
County. ^iiL)iTliLti<ii<li']it'H Name. Address. Districts. 

Benton O. F. Trace Sauk Rupids 47 

Big Stone J. E. Keefe Ortonville 61 

Blue Earth W. E. Freeman Mdnkato 149 

Brown John Cutting SUc'T'^ Eye. 82 

Carlton N. G. Nilsen Moose Lake % 

Carver F. L. Williams Watertown 71 

Cass Olaf Oleson Pequot 3 

Chippewa Charles B. Ottesen Montevideo 91 

Chisago J. E. Modin Centre City 58 

Clay i John Turner Moorhead 105 

Clearwater John H. Sommervold Bagley 43 

Cook Mrs. 'Alma Hedstrom Grand Marais 4 

Cottonwood D. R. Savage Windom 74 

Crow Wing j. A. Wilson Brainerd 81 

Dakota C. W. Meyer Hastings 108 

Dodge Edgar O. Wilson Kasson 83 

I>ouglas G. T. Etiglund Alexandria 96 

Faribault J. t:. oilman Winnebago City 129 

Fillmore K. W. Vi\uW Preston 183 

Freeborn Geo. P. Lattin Albert Lea 182 

Goodhue Julius Boraas Rod wJtjk- 162 

Grant Geo. U Waodwarth KIbow Lake 60 

Hennepin D. C. MacKenale, Minneapolis 114 

Houston Samwl N, RlBtty CAledonla 107 

Hubbard D, K. Bradford p^rk Rapids 57 

Isanti J. W. Clover Cambridge 56 

Itasca Hattie F. Booth Ornrifl Raplrle 8 

Jackson Laura Taylor Olson [ jk^field ,.. 110 

Kanabec Chris. Sprieter Mora 39 

Kandiyohi F. W. Dobbyn Willmar 103 

Kittson John C. Cowan Hallock 65 

Lac qui Parle -Geo. C. Horchardt Madison 104 

Lake Oirric H. AVoodward Two Harbors 4 

Le Sueur Ambrose Haya Le Sueur Centre 113 

Lincoln A. M. Spencer.., Ivanhoe 70 

Lyon Dell W. Forbes.,,., Marshall 89 

McLeod L. p. Harrington Hutchinson 84 

Marshall e. Franklyn Stephen 115 

Martin r, e, Bottomley Fairmont 121 

JJfeker Elisabeth McQowIn Litchfield 89 

Mille Lacs c. W. Viin Wormer Princeton 32 

Morrison Mrs. J. H. Seal Little Falls 112 

Mower Fannie G. Gies Austin 136 

Murray a. D. Smith Slayton 103 

Nicollet John Sander St. Peter 66 

Nobles L. W. Abbott Worthington 106 

Norman G. E. Bowman Ada 92 

21"*^*^ „• *i'j ^ r HnwHrd Rochester 142 

Otter Tail ChrJsHne GoetEinKer Fergus Falls 261 

gjne .R, H. BlQTik<*nHhip Pine City 54 

Pipestone Fred %, Hanson Pipestone 70 

Poll^ Thomaa Casey Crookston 206 

Pope T. C. Wollan Glenwood 94 

Ramsey Thos. Montgomery St. Paul 29 

Red Lake Frank Jeffers Red Lake Falls 77 

Redwood ^, j Uh-?. Redwood Falls 104 

genville Kri^' Kdesuii Olivia 138 

Rice E. L. Peterson Faribault 125 

Rock Ellon M. AVright Luverne 72 

Roseau a, H. Mattson Roseau 76 

St. T»uis Andrew T Park Duluth 85 

Scott H. J FUzTMtrick Jordan 70 

Sherburne Mlniif'ttf^ C. Miller Bis? Lake 47 

fi^oy G. M. CeJjftndpr Winthron 79 

gt^'^fis r^tiii Ahl-ft St. Cloud 200 

Steele a. V.. Kenyon Owatonna 95 

Stevens Marv B. Flynn Morris 65 

Swift A. F. Nelson Benson 91 

Todd Georsre Peterson Long Prairie 140 

Traverse w. T. Williams Wheaton 58 





Ko. lit 
€uubty. SnpeHateiii]c!iit*A learnt. A(]{|rc«Et^ IMsMetB, 

Wabasha S. M. Quigley Wabashii .-. ....106 

Wadena *.....», WUllam Comstoek. Watlena 54 

Waseca * * * . . . hi . » . f j. J. Tjarson Waseca * , 94 

'Waahlngton * *J. F* ijaraon . . . . h .Stillwater «...«..-....<..«...« 7S 

Watonwan *.......* joseoh Da vies. „ „.,„.. . »Stl Janies. . .,..„,,.»,» » &6 

Wilkin ., .C. H. Anderson........ „....,. Breckenridge .»,......,..... fl8 

Winona t,. V. Wllber Winona 118 

Wright ...,, .. A. 'A. Z^ch.. Annandate ....140 

Yellow Me^clne .M. L. Pratt Granite Falls , 100 


ALBHET L£Ah Freeborn Co,, iH>p. ^.5(K). 
Albert ItHii CoHsb« ', clma^^d- 
Xuther Aowlflmr; pr<>p. i co-ed.: Luth.; El- 

nnfc I, Strom, Prin, 
AXJSim, Mower Co., T¥>p. 5,474. 

Auitin CoUe^ <rf Law, Southern Hiimeiatfe 

Korni«.l Ctfllflm; Invri vn-M,; ^st. 1800: 

F. W* OrtTnman, Dean, 
Sotitiiem Mtnneaotm yormLl CoUefe; uoriual; 

co'CmI.; privBtf; pat. l&Hl, Chas, R. 

nooAtram, Pres. 

BEAIir£EB> Crow Win; Co.* pop. 7,524. 
Br&lnerd Buiiaest CoUe^); bus.; Aiid ateu,; 
Lewis H. VattJ, Pn?fl. 
CCXIECEVXX,LE, Stwrni Co.* pop. 25. 
St, Jvhn^i ITniTersitT ; (Vil.; mon; R, C; 
eBt. ]sr»7; Ut. Rev. Pi'tfir Knjfei Prea. 
JJUXHTH, 6t, LouU Co,, pop. C^^TO^h 
Baluth BtiBlnesa ITaii'erfllty^; bus. hhQ BtcD.: 

W. C. MiCorUr. rree, 
Pftriona' Bujiln&Bi CoHeee dod Sburtbuid In- 
stitute; ijus. ftDd sten,; Hi mm Parsijins. 
Sacred Komrt Izmtituto; s^tW boerfliDR; U. C; 
i^lfltMr l>lr*>(?tr(^BB, Prln, 

FARIBAHXT, Ric« Co., pop. T.S68. 

Betfalehem AondaDiyt firlit' hoarding; E. C, 
St. Kmrr'A H1.U; j^li-le' biiui'dtns; P. E.; MIbb 

Caroline W. Eel Is, Prln. 
Shjittuok School; boya' b«MirdUi^; P. E. ; Re¥, 
Jflmes Dobbin. PHii. 

FEaaiTB FALLS, OtterUil Co., pop. 0.nT2. 
Barlins^A BuBinsaB College; bUB- nn^ itten.^ 

D, PiirlliLiT, PrtR. 
Bark Reirlon Lntheimn Golleite; prep.; i:o-^d.; 
Lutli.; Jcjhii T. Aker. Prin. 

IIABISOB, Lifl ^ui Pwle Co.* irf>p. I.a3«. 
Liitliemii JTormal Sebeol of the IT. B. L. 0.; 
Ij I tttn u 1 J pri Tji tt» ; ro- f^L 

HAHEATO, Blue E»rth Co., pop. 10, BOD. 

MAnkato Commeroial CoUe^re; bue. and etOP.; 

J. U. Ilrflinlnip. Prcs. 
Bti.tfl Bormml Bohool; norma]; ttute; eo-od.; 

rharlf^B H. Cwper, Pree. 
MIKITEAFOLIS. HsDnepin Co.. pop. 302,713. 
Archiliald'i, Busineia CoUi^re; bua, and ft ten.; 

A. R. Artlilmld. l-rlii.. Lake and SterePt 

AuffihuTff Seminir^r: eoL; men; Luth.; est 

IMfiO: Prof. George STerdrup, Free,, Sth 

mid UUt Av«v, South. 
CatuB College; bus, nnd §tei>.; Thomaa J. 

Cattinn PreH. 
OuxtiiB BuilBeaa ColloEe; name changed to 

North Star Buefneaa CoUeg'ff. 
Holr AngreU Academy; gWli* boAi^n^; E. 

C; f?li*tor Rii«al!a, Prln.. 4th St and 

7 th Avv,. N, 
Kmneapolii AondeniT;^ prep.; eo-cd.; Eef. 

Pr^flf), ; TTioiURB Pffbli»«, Prln.. 501 Har- 

HinfuiapqllK College of Fh^iioliLDi mnd Sur^ 

ff&oni, HamUne UniTenit^; med.; reg.; 

ro-ed; eat. 1SS3; (3eo. ('. BnrtonH M. Dm 

DeiiP, 7nl S. fith St. 
Miimeiota Bohocl of Buflin^M; bus, and 

Dten.; Rh-kurd St Gruman^ PropsH, 54 S. 

3rd St. 
Uuneon Bhorthand Initiiute; buE!. and str^n.; 

R, J. SmUti, Prln., I'ilD Guaranty Rldp, 
If OTth western CoUe^ und BtHineai Isititute; 

bus. And Bten.; Rev. A. T. Ff^kmap, 

PHn.. ,106 S, Tth St. 
BtiJtle7 HiUl; glrla' boardlnjr^ non-aeet.; Mlfts 

O. A. Evera, PrlOM 2118-2122 Pleasant 

ITnWertity of lEinneiott,; utilr. ; fttxter «H>-ed. ; 

*'»t. IMCfi; Cyrns Northrop, LL. D., Fres., 

l"nIvpri4|(->' and 14th Avps. 
UniTefBltr of Vinna^ota, Collei^e of Dentistry; 

dent.; voM.; vHi. 1S88; Wtti. P. Dirkln- 

mm, D. D. S,. Dean, UniTemlt^ and llth 

Tlnivermitr of Uinneaotmr Collets of Homoo- 

pathio Medifline and Surtery; med<; 

liomeop. ; ctj-iiL; eat. ISSB; Eufene L. 

Mann. M. D., Dean, ©SKt Endk-t>tt Arcade, 

St. PsuL 
Bnivenity of MinDeiotft* College of Law; 

kiw; eo.pd.: eat. 18SS: Wmiam B. Pat^ 

tee, LL. D., Bpan. Unlveraltj and 11th 

UniTenlty of IClnDetota, QoU««q of Vedicine 

Kod Burjwy? med.; reg.; eo-od.; oat. 

^mi[ Farkfl Rltihie, M. D.. Dean. Cnl- 

Tprstty and 11th Av<?8. 
IXniTertity of MLunefteta, Collefre of FhaT> 

mmrcy; pbnr, ; co-ed.; eat. 18U2; Frederlek 

.T. WuUing, LL. M.. Dean. a.'kji5 3nd 

Atth.^ S>t>. 

IIONTETIBBO, Chlppewm Co., pnp. 2A4&. 
Windom Institute i prep.; eo.ed, ; Conj|.; It. 
L. Burton. B. A., PrSn, 
MOOEBEAD, Clmy Co., pop. 3,730. 

State Normi.1 Schooh tiwruifti; atato; e<^ed,; 
Frank A. Wild, Prea, 

ITEW BLIC* Brown Co., pop. B^i<\1. 
Br. Mmrtln Luther College; normal; private; 





irOB^THFIELD, Bioe Oo., pop. 3,210. 

CArl&ton CoUe^A; col.; eo-&d.; Coug. ; eat. 

li^m; Kvw Winiutu H. Sallmtui, Free. 
St* OUf Collefe; coL; ro-ed. ; Luth. ; eit. 
ISTl: Uev. J. N, Klldsbl, Pres. 
0WAT01fN4, 8t»el& Oo,. pop, a.S61- 
Acn^timr of tbfl SHOFAd Ha&rt; B. C^; Sta- 
ter M. Leo, prill. 
GuAeld OommvrgUl flfilioiiU bua. and atcn.; 

W. T* Cflnfleld^ Prea. 
FUabury AoAdetny; prep,; co-cd^; Bapt*; 
Mlln B. Prlrtv Pli. D.» Pre«. 
EEH WIN&, Goodhuo Co,, pop. TJi^ii. 
Red Wing^ Buaineaa CoU«ffo; bqft. and Bten, ; 

II. J. Mey*^r. Prea. 
Bad Winf ET»nf«ll<:al SQmibftry; gM&* board- 
Injf; Ev. LMth,; M. G. Uanaofl. D* O,^ 
ST. ANTHONY FABE, Suburb of at. FauL 
School of Agrioultura^ UalTeraltj of Mlnnv- 
aota; stat**; (.-fj-td.; est. ISSS; Cyrus 
>»"(}rthrop. LL. D., Pros. 
Btryltor Beminarr; Llij*ed, 
BT. €LQirD, Stdama Co.* pop. 8.063. 

Stata JTarmal Bohoal; normal; itnt«; co-c^d-; 
W, E. ShopQiiiker, Pr<?i. 
ST, JOBEFH, Btcaraa Oo,, pop. 540. 
St. Banodiet'i Aoadamy; girls' boarding; E. 
(V,; M^ither Ahiyala Batb^ PHn. 
ST, FAITL, Ramfe? Co*, |Hip, 16^,rMin. 

Baldwin Seminary; [sirni].: irn-cd. ; iiou'iiioct.; 

<'llijtr.Mi J. HuclvUB. Priu.. Ill Mtickiibfij. 

BoaDiuah'i Cotnmeroial GaUee^^ bus. mid Hti^D.: 

B. VV, BijeiiJs(,Ji* l*rc».* QMl CUamber of 
Cottimcrtf* Bldff. 

Oollflff« of St, Tbomaa; boja' boarding; E. 

C: Rc?v. JobD F, Dolpbln, Prin,, Cor. 

Cle vein lid and 8ninmtt Ave. 
Oonoordia CollBsa; boys' bo^rfllog; Ey, Lutb.; 

Tlieodore Hu^nger, Prln., Cor. Bt. Anthonj- 

und SjiKlJcate, 
GrfitU High Bcbooh bc^ya' boardlug; R. C^; 

Brother Ambroae, Frln,, Cor, Fort aud 

«th StH. 
1}lob« BtitlfiaBi CoUaga; bua. and atpn.^ W. 

C. St^^pbensi. Prcs., 43 W, Tth St. 
Kamllno tfnivoriity : eol.; dii-cH].'; M, £.; ent^ 

1864: Cor. Snelllnff Jind Hewitt. 
Haia Bnitoaaa Cotlaga^ biia. and aten,; D. 

B, TofToy, Prea., Pioneer Prea* Bldff, 
Vaoalaatar CollBgfl; eo!,; ro-ed. ; Preab. ; eat. 

iSf^r.; JiiiucH WfilLuf^, Pb. !>,, I'rea., Grand 

II ud Sui^lLing^ Av^ra. 
EaamuaHn FmctLul Buainaaa Sohoal; bua. and 

ateii. : Walter RaaniuaB4.'ti, Prea.^ Otolm 

St, Joaoph Academy; glrla' b^mrdltiji; R. G.r 

81i»ter Hyciijliith, Prln.. Cor. Nelaoo and 

W+'i4t<?ni Avee, 
St Maxy'a High School; prep.; co-ed.; E, C; 

Slater Victoria, Pr|p„ Cflr, Pth and Lo- 


St, Faul Aoademy; boys' boarding^; non-iii^ct. : 

Fred W. Flake, N. B. Wheeler, Priiis., 

Cor. Dale and Portlaud Avea. 
Bt. Faul Buainfi» Cotl«g« ; bua. and atea. ; 

Mn^ulro BroH,. Props., ^Sft Sibley. 
St. Faul CollAgi0 of Law; law; men; eat. 

lOUU; Hlmm P. Stetens, I>can, 15 Sher* 

bnrrie Atc, 
St. Faul Teaohera^ Traininff Bohool; tiormal; 

elty; eo-ed. ; Mlaa Sara €. Brooka, Prea. 
Tliitatlon Conmit; girls' boirdlng; R. C. : 

Mother €Ii?ineiitln&, Prln,, Cor. Robert and 

Unirerfllty Ate, 
BT. FAITL FABS, Waahinglon Go., pop, 1,1T3, 
St, Faul'i Gollege; coL; co-ed.; M. B. ; W. 

H. Miller, Pr^'H. 
BT. FBTBB, NiooUflt G<i.» pop. 4,302. 
Guitavua Adolphua CoUejifl; col.; eo-ed.; 

Lutb.; eat. lSd2; Rer. M. Wablatrom. 

A. M., Ph. D., Pres. 
fiAUK GEZTTEB, Stearaa Co,, pop, 2,22ii, 
Sauk Gentfiir Acadamy and Butlnati OoUagft; 

bus. iind sten.; Lcwia n. Vatb, Pres, 
STILLWATER, Waehington Co,, pop. 12,318. 
Rmamuuen Fractfoal Bui^vh Gollege; bua. 

and alcii.; Julius Raamuaaen, Pres. 
WELLS, Faribault Co., pop. 2,017. 
Paraona' Buainoaa TTaiTaraitr; bua. and itifn, ; 

A. C. Paraona, Prea, 
WILbEE, Jackaon Co., pop. IT4. 

Breok Solwol; prep.; ca-od. ; F. E.; E. P_ 

Coleman, Prln. 

WILLMAE, K*ndiyohl Go., pop., 3,400. 
Wlllmar Seminary ; prop. ; co-ed. ; Bt. Lutb. ; 
Rfv. Henry K^cilum. Pl-ln. 

WINlTEBAaO CITT, Faribault Co., pop. 1,S1S. 

Farkar Collaga; col.; eo-ed.; Tree Bapt. ; eat. 

ISSS; B. M. Lawrence, A, M., Prea. 

WIKOKA, Winona Go., pop. 19,714. 

State Normal Sdhool; normal; state; co-ed.; 

J. t\ Mllldpau^h, Prea. 
Toland'a Buaiaeaa TJniTeraity; bui. and aten.; 

J. W. Bouker and F. J, Toland, Prea. 
Winona Sanalnair; (fTlrla' boarding; R. D.; 

Slater M. Celeatlne, Prin, 

/ . 


Population, 1,551,270. School census, 537,310. School age, 5-21. 

Mississippi is the twentieth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,551,270 inhabitants, of whom 641,200, or 41.3 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 7,625, or .5 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 32 per cent, the state ranking forty-sixth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 

Hon. H. L. Whitfield, State Superintendent of Public Education Jackson 


Hon. William Williams, Attorney General Jackson 

Hon. J. W. Power, Secretary of State Jackson 

Hon. H. L. Whitfield, State Superintendent of Public Education Jackson 


Ck>nnt7. Superinteadent's Name. Address. Ck)unty. 

Adams J. W. Henderson Natchez 30,111 

Alcorn W. C. Sweat Corinth 14,987 

Amite Geo. A. McGehee Liberty 20,708 

Attala M. L. Dew Kosciusko 26,248 

Benton J. A. Barnette Ashland 10,510 

Bolivar Thos. S. Owen Cleveland 35,427 

Calhoun C. A. Beasley Fittsboro 16,512 

Carroll C. A. Neal Cfeirrolton 22,116 

Chickasaw R. R. Waldrop Houston 19,892 

Choctaw H. Spiva Mathiston 13,086 

Claiborne S. J. Russell Port Gibson 20,787 

Clarke Geo. B. Parker Quitman 17,741 

Clay Paul Townsend West Point 19,563 

Coahoma J. M. Brooks Clarksdale 26,293 

Copiah J. T. Hood HazlehUrst 34,395 

Covington T. R. Thames Williamsburg 13,026 

DeSoto R. E. L. Morgan Hernando 24,751 

Franklin V. H. Torrey Meadville 13,678 

Greene A. G. Ferguson Leakesville 6,795 

Grenada Virgil R. James Grenada 14,112 

Hancock W. W. Stockwell Bay St. Louis 11,886 

Harrison C. D. Lancaster Mississippi City 21,002 

Hinds C. S. North Raymond 52,577 

Holmes W. H. Smith Lexington 36,828 

Issaquena George Robinson Mayersville 10,400 

Itawamba J. B. Sandlin Fulton 13,544 

Jackson D. D. Cowan Scranton 16,513 

Jasper W. J. Shoemaker Paulding 15,394 

Jefferson J. E. Torrey Red Lick 21,292 

Jones H. P. Todd Ellisviile 17,846 

Kemper I. N. Thompson DeKalb 20,492 


1 MJ831S8IFFI. 


H i'i>iint7. 

^M Ijiaf jivette ... * 

..T. M. Andtruc 
..J R Ellis ... 

'a Name, 

....Oxford ................ 

Pop. df ^^ 



^m iJELUdt-rdiile 



^M J Jl-WTT^-nn^^ 

..B. D. Biabqp 

..L. R. McDonald 

..J. N. Francig 

..W. M, Peteet 

..Ejdgar Green 

..S. M. Naab .^. 

..W. B. Stlnson 

.,K. I. Watla 

..R. H. Tunstall 

. .T T neavennnrt 

....Monticello ............ 


^^^^— J MMI ^d^ 






^H Lee 

^^B L^tldre ........ 





Monroe *..*., 

....Columbus ............. 


, ,.,f1^ Titian r. ...^. T 

. .32^493 

....Columbia ........ 

.... Holly Sprtiiga .... 




Montgomery . 
Neshoba ..... 

Newton ....... 

Noxubee ..... 

..J. U Friaell 
..W. D. Hitt ,. 
..\\\ W. Cours-e 

Winona, ................ 

Phlladelnhla ..... . . 

..19 JOS 


....DtcAtur .............. 

..J R Jackson 



Oktibbeha .... 

Panola ....... 

Pearl -River . 


Pike - 


,.B. J. Wallace 
..J. B. Bcklea 
..tA. R. Lrfjdner 
.E. J. Carrie . 
..C. H, Otkln . 

....Starkvlll© . 

„ 29*037 



. . . .HuttieFburg: ........... 

.. 6,637 

. .27*545 

....Magnolia ....,....*.... 

Pontotoc ..... 

-.J. H, Mitchell .. 

..C. E. Billlngalea 

..R. W. MiJlsaps 

..8. R. Myera 

.,W. J, Stokes 


. .15,274 


QuUman ...... 



Sbarkey ,...„ 


Smith ......... 

Sunflower .... 

Taiiahatcbie . 


Tippah ........ 

. ...Booneville 

. .15,788 

....Belen „,, 

.. 5,435 





..J. B. Joor .... 
..W. D. W^Ilac 
..W. T. Siranrvor 

a .,....,.,,- 

....Rolling Fork 

. , . .Mcndenhall 

,.12 800 




..D. M, QuUiii 

./H. H. Womble 

. . , .Indianola , 

, .Il>,064 

, ...Cbarleston 

. .19,600 

..L G. Allen . 
,.J. W. Mitebe 

..,.S«natobia ...... 

. 12.%8 


.. ..Rlnlev 

Tlabomingo . . 
Tunica ....... 


Warren ....... 

Waabingtan .. 
Wayne ........ 

Webster ,.,., 

..H. C. Lonjr 

..J. W. Henderson 

..W. T. B!iilth 

..J, B. Dabney ......,,.,... 

..E. Ij. Grady 

..J. W. Mclnnls.. 

,T. W. Lovette 

;;;:^a .;;:;;::;:;::;;::::: 

. .10,121 


. .16,479 

New Albany .......... 



....GreenvHle .,..,.. 

, .49,216 

. . , .Waynewboro ........... 

....Walthall : 

....Louisville ............... 

. .14,124 

Wilklnaon ..,. 

.U H. Hopkin 
..W. H. WoodB 
..J. R Hodnett 
..W. W. Locka 

s ........... 

...» Wood vl lie 

. .19J42 

Yalobu&ha .... 


Yaiuo ........ 


....Yazoo City .....,,.♦,... 

. .43.948 1 


^^m AbUvillfl Mormftl Sohoal; noriDiil; dtate; 

^^P BA? &T. LOUIi, HuiQo^k Co., 2.S72. 

^^^ St. BtftniiUuB Gollftffe; boys' boDtdlnsr; R. 

■ BLITE MO VH TAUT, Tippiii Co., pop. 4eG. 

■ Blufi Momit&iii FamAlg CoMarei fflrb' board- 

■ Ing; nun Buut.; eat 1S73; B. O, hovrrvj, 

■ A. M.p Pr^a. 

■ BLITE SFSJIT&B, ITuiOD Co., pup. IfiS. 

■ Bluet Bpring^i Normal Callfitft; iiortufil; Btat&; 
H oo-vd. : 

■ BEAXTOy, Simpioa Ca., i>{]p. 100. 

^^^ SrftxtoQ GoUerlAU Inttltate; pr«p. : co-ed.; 
^^K non-^^ct.: .Mar Ahull Me<:ulloi]sb. Prlu. 

^^H BB00ICHA¥£N, LiDiHkiA Co., pep. 2.6tS, 
^^^B Wliltworth Fflmftla CdUAffs; gtrlA' boardlnffl 
^^H M. t:. So.; i>&t. lififi; R4!V. John W, 



BYHALIA, lUrikall Cft., [H>p. 780. ^| 

KiLtB Tiiaknr Iii«titut»; prep.; CM^ed,; non- ^H 

B4;it.; Kato Eiigifiilfi Tut' Iter. Prln. ^H 

CABTHAQE^ Luke Co., pi>p. 410. ^| 

CarthAK* Ai»44mj; prep.; tfn-ed. ; una'S^ct. ; ^H 

Wuudioj & lluddl^ftton. Print. ^M 

GABCXLIA, T^LUhiitahifi Co,, pap. 166. ^M 

Ci^ioillm Hiffh School; prep, ^ cp-ed.; noo^ ^H 

fMHt.; Pr<3f. CnlltiQ, Priu, ^H 

CHALYBEATE. Tippah Co., pop. 40. ^| 

Cbulybeftto Sprin^i IiiAtLtuta^ prep.j co-ed.; ^H 

iion*soot.; J. K. Borrr, Frln. ^H 

CBATAWA, Biks Oq., p<jp. 51, ^1 

Bt. 1Ut7*i Initituta; girlft* boarding; E. C; ^H 

;S later Mitrj ApollttiAfre. ^H 

CLAEESON. Wobiter Co., pop. 08. ^H 

Boniwtt Academy i prep.; fft^sd.; ooti-tect.; ^H 

J. M, »ax«<y, A. H.. Prei. ^M 

CLIMTOir. Hind* On., pop. 3M. ^H 





HiUman Collaye; girls' boarding; Bapt.; est. 

1853; George Wbarton, Pres. 
KisslMippi College; eol.; men; Bapt.; est. 
1827; Rev. W. T. Lowr»ty, D. D., Fres. 
Mount Hermon Female Seminary (colored); 
girls' boarding; non-sect.; Sarab A. 
Dickey, Prin. 
COLLEGE HILL, Lafayette Co., pop. SO. 

College Hill Academy; closed. 
COLUMBIA, Marion Co., pop. 5<i7. 
Columbia High Boliool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; J. T. Calhoun, Prin. 
COLUMBUS, Lowndes Co., pop. 6,484. 

Industrial Institute and College; state in- 
dustrial school for girls; est. 1885; A. A. 
Klncannon, Supt. 
CUMBEBLAND, Webster Co., pop. 89. 

Cumberland Normal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; W. M. Dalton, Prin. 
DIXOK, Keshoba Co., pop. 100. 

Dixon High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
H. Y. Graham, Prin. 
EDIVBUBO, Lake Co., pop. 123. 
Edinburg High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1893; J. M. Wadsworth, Prin. 
EDWABDS, Hinds Co., pop. 586. 

Southern Christian Institute (colored); prep.; 
co-ed.; Christ.; J. B. Lehman, Ph. B., 
FBEVCH CAMP, Choctaw Co., pop. 259. 

Central Mississippi Institute; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.;-est. 1884; J. A. Sanderson, 
French Camp Academy; boys' boarding; 
Presb.; Hirman W. Glasgow, Prin. 
GBEVADA, Grenada Co., pop. 2,568. 
Grenada Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; W. M. Mcintosh, Prin. 
HABPEBYILLE, ScoU Co., pop. 130. 
Harperville Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; O. B. Doris and L. B. Bates, 
HEBBOK, Lawrence Co., pop. 100. 
Helnron High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
W. N. Taylor, Prin. 
HERNANDO, De Soto Co., pop. 563. 
Bandle's University School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; E. H. Randle, Prin. 
HOLLY SPBINGS, Marshall Co., pop. 2,815. 
Mississippi State Normal School; normal; 

state; co-ed.; Rev. E. D. Miller, Pres. 
Mississippi Synodical College; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.; T. W. Raymond, Prin. 
Bust University (colored); col.; co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1868; Rer. Wm. W. Foster, Jr., 
D. D., Pres. 
St. Thomas Hall; closed. 
HOUSTON, Chickasaw Co., pop. 677. 
Mississippi Normal College; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; E. L. Collins, Pres. 
lUXA, Tishomingo Co., pop. 82. 
luka Normal Institute; normal; private; 
H. A. Dean, A. M., Pres. 
JACKSON, Hinds Co., pop. 7,816. 

Belhaven College for Toung Ladies; girls' 
boarding; non-sect.; est. 1894; L. T. 
Fitzhugh, A. M., Pres. 

Harris Business College; bus. and sten.; est. 

1895; J. N. Harris, M. A., Pres. 
Jackson College (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.; est. 1877; Rev. Luther G. Barrett, 

A. M., Pres. 

Millsaps College; col.; men; M. E. So.; est. 

1862; Rev. W. B. Murrah, Pros. 
Millsaps College, Law School; law; men; est. 
JEFFEBSON, Carroll Co., pop. 25. 

Jefferson High School; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
Miss Juanita Hill, Prin. 
LIBEBTT, Amite Co., pop. 392. 
Liberty Male and Female College; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; Rev. N. Sipylie, Prin. 
LOCKHABT, Lauderdale Co., pop. 100. 

Lookhart Male and Female Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1898; W. F. Cooper, 

B. S., Prin. 
LOUISVILLE, Winton Co., pop. 505. 

Louisville Normal School; normal; state; 

co-ed.; J. A. Hall, pres. 
MEBIDIAN, Lauderdale Co., pop. 14,050. 
Maoon & Andrews College; bus. and sten.; 

G. A. Macon and A. A. Andrews, Props. 
Meridian Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. ; est. 

Meridian Female College; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; est. 1903; J. W. Beeson, A. M., 

Lincoln School; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; Mrs. 

H. I. Miller, Prin. 
MONTBOSE, Jasper Co., pop. 150. 

Forest District High School; prep.; co-ed.; 

M. E. So.; T. C. Bradford, Prtn. 
MOUNT OLIVE, Covington Co., pop. 246. 
Mount Olive High School; prep.; co-ed.; non< 

sect.; J. T. Calhoun, Prin. 
NATCHEZ, Adams Co., pop. 12,210. 

Cathedral School; boys' boarding; R. C; 

Brother Charles, Prin. 
Natchez College (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.; S. H. C. Owen, Prin. 
St. Joseph's School; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister Scholastic, Prin. 
St. Mary's Cathedral School; bus. and sten.;. 

Brother Charles, Pres. 
Stanton College for Toung Ladies; girls' 

boarding; non-sect.; est. 1894; James R. 

Preston, A. M., Pres. 

NETTLETON, Lee Co., pop. 570. 

Providence Male and Female College; prep.; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; A. L. Burdine, B. S., 

OBWOOD, La Fayette Co., pop. 106. 
Orwood Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. D. Stormont, Prin. 

OXFORD, La Fayette Co., pop. 1,825. 
Woman's College; girls' boarding; M. E.; 
est. 1854. 

FITTSBOBO, Calhoun Co., pop. 254. 
Pittsboro Male and Female College; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; M. V. Malin, Prin. 
PONTOTOC, Pontotoc Co., pop. 1,010. 

Chickasaw Female College; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; est. 1852; S. D. Lucas, Pres. 
PORT GIBBON, Claiborne Co., pop. 2,113. 





Port Gibson Female Collefe; girls* boarding; 
M. B. So.; est. 1843; Mrs. M. H. Meek, 
SEKATOBIA, Tate Co., pop. 1,156. 

Blaokbourne College for Girls; girls' board- 
ing; non-scHct.; Mrs. T. D. Moore, Prin. 

SHELBY, Bolivar Co., pop., 600. 
Shelby Kormal School; normal; private; 
co-ed.; J. M. Williamson, Prin. 
School's announoement. — A training school 
for young men and women, fitting them 
for active pedagogical work. Bvery ad- 
vantage is offered the ambitious student; 
the quality of work done is high, equip- 
ments adequate and expenses very low. 
A school where work is done, whose stu- 
dents are enthused with this spirit, and 
whose graduates are sought by public 
and private schools throughout the coun- 
try — such is the Shelby Normal School. 

SHTTBUTA, Clarke Co., pop. 451. 
High School; prep.; co-ed.;* non-sect.; Chas. 

A. Huddleston, Prin. 

STA&KVILLE, Oktibbeha Co., pop. 1,986. 
Starkville Graded School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Hugh Critz, B. Sc, Prin. 

STLVARENA, Smith Co., pop. 76. 

SyWarena High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. S. Huddleston, Prin. 
TOITGALOO, Hinds Co., pop. 26. 

Tougaloo ITniTersity; normal; private; co-ed. 

TTBO, Tate Co., pop. 110. 
Tyro High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

B. T. Keeton, Prin. 

XJKION CHVBCH, Jefferson Co., pop. 126. 

ITnion Church High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; J. A. Smylie, Prin. 

UKIYERSITT, La Fayette Co., pop. 15. 

University of Mississippi; univ,; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1848; Robert B. Fulton. M. A., 
LL. D., Pres. 

University of Hississippi, Law School; law; 
men; est. 1864; 6. D. Shands, LL. D., 

VAIDEK, Carroll Co., pop. 474. 
Vaiden Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Hugh B. Rose, Prin. 

YICXSBURG, Warren Co., pop. 14,834. 
St. Aloysius College; boys' boarding; B. C. ; 

Brother Alphonse, Prin. 
Vicksburg Commercial School; bus. and sten.; 

6. H. McDonald, Pres. 

WALNUT GBOYE, Leake Co., pop. 207. 
Mississippi Central Normal School; normal; 
state; co-ed.; John R. Tally, Pres. 
WALTHALL, Webster Co., pop. 170. 
Walthall Normal School; nor.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1887; E. Morgan Shaw, B. S., 
WASHINGTON, Adams Co., pop. 240. 

Jefferson Military College; military; non- 
sect.; Joseph S. Raymond, Prin. 
WEST POINT, Clay Co., pop. 3,193. 
Macon and Andrews's College; bus' and sten.; 
6. A. Macon and A. A. Andrews, Props. 
Mary Holmes' Seminary (colored); girls* 
boarding; Presb.; H. N. Payne, D. D.» 

TAZOO CITY, Yasoo Co., pop. 4,044. 
St. Clara's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 0.; 
Sisters of Charity, Prins. 


Population, 3,106,665. School census, 942,821. School age, 6-20. 

Missouri is the fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 3,106,665 inhabitants, of whom 2,944,843, or 94.8 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 215,775, or 6.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 6.4 per cent, the state ranking twenty-ninth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 

W. T. Carrington, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jefferson City 

W. T. Carrington, State Superintendent of Public Schools, President J cfier son City 

Sam B. Cook, Secretary of State, Secretary Jefferson City 

AiEXANDER M. DocKERY, Govemor .Jefferson City 

E. C. Crow, Attorney General Jefferson City 


W. T. Carrington, State Superintendent of Public Schools Jefferson City 

Albert O. Allen, State Auditor Jefferson City 

Edward C. Crow, Attorney General Jefferson City 

John R. Kirk, President Normal School , Kirksville 

Edwin T. Spencer, Teacher. . St. Louis 

Missouri has no state uniformity law, but certain books are passed upon and 
adopted by the commission. 


Ben Blewett, President St. Louis 

W. T. Carrington, Secretary Jefferson City 

W. H. Johnson Independence 

Miss Hattie D. Sutton Rockport 

John S. Collins Kirkwood 

H. A. Gass, Editor Missouri School Journal, State Manager Jefferson City 


Ben Blewett, President St. Louis 

W. C. Sebring, First Vice-President Steelville 

Lee W. Rood, Second Vice-President \ .Caruthersville 

R. H. Emberson, Third Vice-President Columbia 

C. H. Phillips, Secretary Lexington 

R. H. Jordan, Treasurer St. Joseph 

W. J. Hawkins, R. R. Secretary St. Louis 





County. Members' NartK:!^^. Address. County. 

Adair VV. J J^Htmtnf.^ Kirksville 21,728 

S. P. Vaughn Kirksville 

Miss O. A. Parrish Kirksville 

Andrew John Slade Helena 17,332 

E. E. Huffman Savannah 

M. D. Thudium Savannah 

Atchison Hattie D. Sutton Rockport 16.501 

Audrain J. N. Cross Mexico 21,16C 

F. C. Douglass Martinsburg 

J. L». ShoDe L.addonia 

Barry John R. Wallen Cassville 25,532 

Wm. J. Bloomer Cassville 

G. W. Pendergraft Cassville 

Barton L. E. Brous Lamar 18,253 

Frank Liee Lamar 

Bertram Harry Lamar 

Bates H. O. Maxey Amsterdam 30,141 

E. B. Barron Rich Hill 

A. U. Ives Butler 

Benton R. W Hudson Poplar 16,556 

S. \\\ Benz ... Warsaw 

Mlsij Lulu Davis Poplar 

Bollinger W. A. DevauU Marble Hill 14,650 

F. J. Hen^aershni Marble Hill 

W. R. Farrar Scopus 

Boone Geo. T Porter Harrisburg 28,642 

R. H. Emberson Columbia 

W. A. Muir Centralia 

Buchanan L V. Riley De Kalb 121,832 

Robt. V. Reece St. Joseph, R.F.D.No. 4 

Louis Boyer Saxton 

Eutler W. N. Pace ....Poplar Bluff 16,769 

Caldwell John H. Bckelberry Braymer 16,666 

Louis Thielmann Breckenridge 

Geo. W. Reaves Hamilton 

Callaway T. A. Craghead Fulton 25,984 

R. G. Hale Fulton 

J. C. Humirhriy FuKaa 

Camden Geo. W, OHborn *Maek'» Creek 13,113 

Albert Green Coellede. 

W. \\\ StuQk*?y Linn Creek 

Cape Girardeau H. S. MeCkrtry Cape Girardeau 24,315 

l^uther W. Cawan Millervllle 

John S. Satnple .....: Capo Glmrdoau 

Ch A. Macom -Jackson 

Carroll .James J. Earp Carrollton 26,455 

John F. Kern Carrollton, R.F.D.No 1 

T. V. Richison Carrollton 

Carter E. C. Abrams Peggy 6,706 

H. G. Builteman Grandin 

J. W. Arthur Van Buren 

Caas Miss Mary J. White Harrlsonville 23.636 

A. A. Wirt Belton 

R. L. Walker Pleasant Hill 

Cedar J. S. Hayden El Dorado Springs 16,923 

J. W. Hays Bear Crook 

A. C. Farley El Dorado Springs 

Chariton W. S. Drace Brunswick 26,826 

Jno. B. Carter Keytesville 

J. W. Taylcr Keytesville 

Christian J. M. Cobb Clever 16,939 

F. W. Barrott Billings 

D. L. Halle Ozark 

Clark Miss Maggie M. Lynn Kahoka 15,384 

E. M Dorsey Kahoka 

Miss Mildred M. Evans — Granger 

Clay B. F. Brown ;.... Excelsior Springs 18,906 

E. J. Scott Liberty 

C. S. Storms Liberty 




Pop. of 

County. I' i Members', Names. Address. . County. 

Clinton E. C. James Trimble 17,363 

P. H. Grafton Plattsburg 

J. D. Marr Plattsburg 

Cole L. L. Sullins Russellville 20,578 

J. H. Jones Hickory Hill 

Miss Ada C. Oldham Jefferson City 

Cooper H. R. Schubert Speed 22,533 

W. W. Gillum Otterville 

H. L. Stites Pilot Grove 

Crawford W. M. Chapman Bourbon 12,959 

0. J. Stewart Jake Prairie 

L. O. Renfro Cuba 

Dade Geo. Melcher Greenfield 18,125 

Chas. T. Bell Bverton 

Ambrose Johnson Lockwood 

Dallas N. H. FrankHn Urbana 13,903 

1. W. Wingo Buffalo 

C. C. Hamilton Buffalo 

Daviess J. Park Neal Jameson 21,325 

C. C. Boner Pattonsburg 

F. W. Williams Gallatin : 

DeKalb. C. W. Fore Stewartsville 14,418 

Geo. McCool Fairport 

Vernon Rumsey ; Maysville ...' 

Dent John B. Needham Salem 12,986 

S. A. Mondy Salem 

Guy H. Capps Salem 

Douglas Miss Laura Judd Ava 16,802 

H. S. Wilson Ava : 

J. A. Hylton Ava 

Dunklin W. P. Chatham Cardwell 21,706 

W. H. Petty Kennett 

J. A. Bradley ....Senath 

Franklin J. R. Moore Labaddie 30,581 

Elasco Green Grubville 

S. V. Cheatham Moselle 

Gasconade Frank O. Spohrer Hermann 12,298 

Robert J. Boyd Owensville 

F. A. Braun Hermann 

Gentry S. A. D. Oulbertson Albany 20,564 

Geo. L. Gray Stanberry 

Miss Irene Tuaux Albany 

Greene ♦S. P. Bradley Springfield 52,713 

Grupidy R. C. Norton Trenton 17,832 

Miss Lizzie Brainerd Trenton 

J. H. Warren Gault 

Harrison ♦Miss Lillian Neville Bethany 24,398 

Henry Uel W. Lanrkin Clinton 28,064 

Nate McCutcban Windsor 

Arthur Lee Clinton 

Hickory L. H. Morton Hermitage 9,985 

R, H. Jenkins Cross Timber 

J. W. Armstrong Hermitage 

Holt A. R. Ooburn Oregon 17,083 

Mrs. A. C. Greene Craig 

W. W. Gallaher Mound City 

Howard R. H Jones Fayette :.. 18,337 

J. P. Coleman Fayette 

Levi Markland New Franklin 

Howell Mrs. Carrie Phelps West Plains 21,834 

E. H. Lenox Mountain View 

Mrs. Mary Wii nigham West Plains 

Iron O. J. Buford Ironton 8,716 

M. W. Daugherty Ironton 

Miss Lela O'Neal Des Arc 

Jackson ♦W. H. Johnson Independence 195,193 

Jasper *Luther B. Hardaway Carthage 84,018 

Jefferson *H. W. McCoy Hillsboro 25.712 

Johnson W. L. Shipp Warrensburg 27,843 

Knox T. L. Lewis Hurdland 13,479 

W. E. St. John Colony 




Pop. of 
Connty. Members* Names. Address. Ck>ii]it7. 

;, Miss Lrizzic E. Moran Edina 

Laclede .Thamas C. Cochran. Conway 16,523 

A. J. Curry , Lebanon 

G. B. Davla Conway 

Lafayette Jogeph Kuehls Odessa 31,679 

John W. Tompkins Page dty 

C. A. Phillips Lexington 

Lawrence R. J. Turrentine Marionville 31,662 

F. L. Appleby Aurora 

A. L. Reich Marionville 

Lewis E. K. Fretwell La Grange 16,724 

A. O. Moore Canton 

W. B. Anderson LaBelle 

Lincoln W. 1. Woodson Ttoy 18,352 

W. Salem Brown Troy 

J. 0» Carson /, Troy 

Linn ^Mlas Josephine Baker Brookfield 25,508 

W. B. Evans Meadville 

J. H. Andrews Linneus 

Livingston J. W. McCormick Chlllicothe 22,302 

J. J. Jordon Chlllicothe 

Mrs. Belle Reed Chlllicothe 

McDonald .F. E. Zumbrunen Southwest City 13,574 

J. Turm^T Horiier Rocky Comfort 

Mlas Grace Foley pjneviJle 

Macon *F. L. Thompson Macon . . . . , 33,018 

Madison H. M. Aulabury Mine La Motte 9,975 

Thomaa Beni>Ick Fredericktown 

T. E, Joyce Fredericktown 

Maries *R. L. Holmes Vienna 9,616 

C. T. Underwood Belle 

P. F. Letterman Vichy 

Marion A. H. Foreman Hannibal 26,331 

T. V. Bashore Palmyra 

Roy Glasgow Hannibal 

Mercer Geo. R, Johnson Princeton 14,706 

Waltf^r D. Brivnam Princeton 

U H. Thurston Princeton 

Miller John F. Johnston Tuscumbia 15,187 

Geo. T. Bear Iberia 

S R. Hoover Clean 

Mississippi J. J. Roone East Prairie 11,837 

Mrs. Clara Graham Charleston 

Henry John^Dn Wyatt 

Moniteau W. R, Flynt California 15,931 

B. S. Couch Tipton 

J. W. Major California 

Monroe J. B. Rogers Madison 19,716 

W. D. Christian Paris 

R. S. Nichols Monroe City 

Montgomery J. W, Jjuvm ■■ Middletown 16,571 

W. D. Hupe Montgomery City 

Yils3 Dora Hams Montgomery City 

Morgan J. F. Johnson Akinsville 12,175 

Wray Wftton Versailles 

W. H. Sttot.g Barnett 

New Madrid J. P. Salyer Sikoston 11.280 

Dr J. 8 rrnlton New Madrid 

W 1^. Barnard New Madrid 

Newton Miss Ty)uise Hendrex Neosho 27,001 

Mrs. W-. E. McFaddon Granby 

A. W. DufC Neosho 

Nodaway Miss Maggie M. Paschal Maryville 32,938 

B. F. Duncan Maryville 

J. P. McDolo Hopkins 

Oregon R. L. Williams Thayer 13,906 

Mrs. Margaret Wilkerson ..Alton 

T. J. McLain Thayer 

Osage R. H. Bryan Linn 14,096 

D. A. Griffith Byron 

J. W. Fletcher Chamois 




Pop. of 

Ck>unt7. Members' Names. Address. County. 

Ozark W. C. Boone Gainesville 12,145 

J. R. Small Gainesville 

Thos. H. Morris Wetherill 

Pemiscot Lee W. Rood Caruthersville 12,115 

•A. L. Oliver Caruthersville 

Miss May Bolton Caruthersville 

Perry R. P. Farrar Farrar 15,134 

G. V. Dean Lithium 

P. B. Hood PerryviUe 

Pettis ♦G. L. Coleman Sedalia 32,438 

Phelps H. W. Wood St. James 14,194 

W. S. Cooper Rolla 

Mrs. C. D. Jamison Rolla 

Pike Miss Willa N. Mitchell Ashburn 25,744 

Walter P. Moore Bowling Green 

Miss Lulu Collins Louisiana 

Platte J. R. Owsley Dearborn 16,193 

W. A. Banister Dearborn ■ 

J. F. Sexton Platte City 

Polk T. L. Stuffleban Humansville 23,255 

E. R. Graham Bolivar 

C. J. Wilkins Morrisville 

Pulaski Miss Dora Miller Dixon 10,394 

Robert G. Green Swedeborg 

O. H. Boehm Richland 

Putnam A. B. Pratt Unionville 16,688 

Jno. T. Collins Lowground 

Roy E. Manncn Esper 

Ralls R E. Downing New London 12,287 

Jesse E. Inlow Madisonville 

Arlle Lake New London 

Randolph C. G. Williams Moberly 24,442 

Claud Marshall Moberly 

J. A. WTiiteford Moberly 

Ray O. L. Kincald Knoxville ;24,805 

J. L. Coffman Lawson 

M. J. Hale Richmond 

Reynolds Geo. D. Sloan Centreville 8,161 

G. M. Harrison Lesterville 

Miss Mollie Buford Centreville 

C. R. Wadlow Ruble 

Ripley Geo. W. O'Neal Doniphan 13,186 

J. F. Fulbright Doniphan 

E. T. Foard Doniphan 

St. Charles Louis C. Saeger St. Charles 24,474 

Miss Annie Bailey St. Charles 

Brice Edwards St. Charles 

St. Clair Henry Stephen.s Lowry City 17.907 

D. W. Deny Lowry City 

T. M. Johnson Osceola 

St. Francois A. H. Akers Doe Run 10,359 

Paul Fiice Flat River 

Miss Lida Swink Desloge 

Ste. Genevieve L. W. Morton Ste. Genevieve 24,051 

D. F. Garber St. Marys 

Frank Ballard Womack 

St. Louis *J. W. Andrae Clayton 50,040 

SaJine "Willoughby C. Fisher Marshall 33,703 

Schuyler Mrs. Belle Lancaster 10,840 

P. O. Sansbury Queen City 

^ ,, J F. Harris Lancaster 

Scotland Miss Fannie McMunn Memphis 13,232 

J. O. Boyd Memphis 

H. A. Hustead Arbela 

N. M. Pettlnsrlll Memphis 

Scott N. L. Atwood Morley 13,092 

Miss Eva Arnold Benton 

R. L. Buck Blodgett 

Shannon W. T. Eudy Winona 11,247 

W. N. Deatherage Eminence 

L. S Lovan Birch Tree 





Pop. of 
Address. Ck>ii]it7. 

Shelbyvllle 16,167 



■ Dexter 24,669 



Galena 9,892 



Milan 20,282 

•Green City 


Forsyth 10,127 



Cabool 22,192 

• Houston 

• Houston 

Nevada 31,619 

• Nevada, R. F. D. No. 3 


Marthasvllle 9,919 


Wright City 

•Irondale 14,263 


■ Potosi 

Gravelton 15,309 



Henderson 16,640 



Grant City 9,832 



Mansfield 17,519 


Mountain Grove 


Stoddard . . 


Sullivan . . . 




Warren — 



Webster . . . 


Wright .... 

Members* Names. 

S. C. Meyers 

Miss K^ta Hewitt . 
Miss Clara Byrum 

Ross Compton 

I. H. Hughes 

R. P. Montgomery. 
Enoch M. Hays — 

T. F. Revis 

M. L. Burris 

E. M. V/ilson 

A. J. Davidson — 
J. E. McCutchan . 
,Henry R. Aubrey . 
Albert H. Parrish . 
W. H. Bennett .... 
J. A. Woodford ... 

Walter Jadwin 

J. C. Jadwin 

,W. E. Veerkamp .. 
G. Lr. W. Shumate 

C. E. Keeling 

,F. W. Kehr 

H. Vosholl 

Miss Maggie Bryan 
oohn W. Houston . 

B. W. Lioomis 

Burwell Fox 

L. M. Wagner 

T. M. Grisham 

Jas. K. Clubb 

W. R. Parten 

F. P. Miller 

G. P. Morton 

C. J. Witnier 

E. M. Henton 

W. C. House 

C. A. Stephens 

P. L. Conley 

W. T. Dodson 


ALBAKT, Gentry Co., pop. 2,025. 

Central Christian College; col.; co-cd. ; 
Christ.; est. 1802; Zuinglius Moore, 
A. B., Proa. 
Northwest XisBouri College; col.; co-od.; M. 
E. So.; «'8t. 1802; J. R. Clay. Pros. 
APPLETON CITT, St. Clair Co., pop. 1.133. 
Appleton City Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; G. A. Thcilmann, Prin. 
ABCADIA, Iron Co., pop. 2()5. 
Arcadia College and Ursuline Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1877; Mother Borgia, 
O. S. U., Prin. 
ASHLEY, Pike Co., pop. 300. 

Watson Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. H. Craig. ProH. 
BOLIVAR, Polk Co., pop. 1.86J>. 
Southwest Baptist College ; col. ; co-ed. ; 
Bapt.; est. 1878; Rev. E. L. Burks, 

BOONEVILLE, Cooper Co., pop. 4..177. 

Kemper Military School; military; non-sect.; 
T. A. Johnston, Prin. 

Xegquier Semidary; girls' boarding; sus- 

BOWLING GBEEN, Pike Co., pop. 1.002. 

Pike College; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1882; J. B. TAte. Pres. 

BUTLER, Bates Co., pop. 3.168. 
Butler Academy; closed. 

CALEDONIA, Washington Co., pop. 106. 
Bellevue Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. E. So.; H. A. Smith, Prin. 

CAMDEN POINT, FUtte Co., pop. 170. 
Female Orphan School of the OhristiMi 

Church of Missouri; girls' boarding; 

Christian; E. L. Barham. Pres. 
Military Institute; military; non-sect.; W. N. 

Stagner, Prin. 

CAMERON, Clinton Co., pop. 2,079. 
Missouri Weslejran College; col. co-ed.; M. 
E.; est. 1887; P. W. Baker, Ph. D., Pros. 

CANTON, Lewis Co., pop. 2,305. 
Christian University; col.; co-ed.; Cbrlbt.; 
est. 1853. 

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Cape Girardeau Co., pop. 

State Normal School (third district); normal; 
state; co-ed.; Prof. Dearmont. Pres. 




CABTHAOE, Jasper Co., pop. 0,416. 
Carthaire Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

Presb.; W. S. Knight, D. D., Prin. 
CHILLICOTHE, Livingston Co., pop. 6.005. 
Chillioothe Business and Shorthand College; 

bus. and sten.; Allen Moore, Pres. 
Chillioothe Kormal Sohool; normal; private; 

co-ed.; Allen Moore, Ph. D,, Pres. 
Xaupin's Commeroial College; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1880; Dolph Maupin, Prin. 
St. Joseph's AoMemy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 

Sisters of St. Joseph. 

CLABENCE, Shelby Co., pop. 1,184. 

Xaoon District Academy; prep.; co-ed.; M.; 
E. So.; S. H. Milam, Priu. 
CLARK8BUBQ, Moniteau Co., pop. 500. 

Clarksburg College; col.; co-ed.; Bapt. ; est. 
1876; Rev. J. E. Dillard, A. M., Pres. 

Hooper Institute; prep.; eo-ed. ; non-sect.; 
B. E. Carey, Prin. 
CLYDE, Nodaway Co., pop. 250. 

St. Joseph's Academy; girls' boarding; K. C; 
est. 1882; Mother M. John. Directress. 
COLLEaE MOUND, Macon Co., pop. 230. 

MoOee Holiness College; prep.; co-ed.; Chris- 
tian; Elmer E. Taylor, B. S., A. B., 
COLUMBIA, Boone Co., pop. 5.661. 

Christian College; girls' boarding; Christ.; 
est. 1851; Mrs. W. T. Moore. Pres. 
Sohool's announcement. — Fifty-fourth year 
of Christian College for the higher edu- 
cation of women. Affiliated with the 
Missouri State University, Handsomest 
college building for women west of the 
Mississippi. A sound-proof Music Hall. 
A splendid $38,(M>0 Auditorium and Li- 
brary Building. Magnificent new $7.'),00(> 
Dormitory, accommodating 1I>0 students. 
Furnishings and equipment unrivalml. 
Rooms ensulte; heated by steam; lighted 
by electricity; hot and cold baths; (Jyui- 
nasium; Library of 5.00<> volumes; Phy- 
sical and Chemical Laboratories. Prepares 
for advanced University work. Academic 
degrees of B. A. and B. L. Schools of 
Music, Art. Oratory and Domewti** 
Science. Twenty-five instructors of the 
best American and Europ<'an training. 
Students from twenty-two states. Beauti- 
ful park of eighteen acres. Tennis and 
Basket-Bail. Session opens in September. 
Rooms should be engaged early. For en- 
graved catalogue address Christian Col- 
lege, Columbia. Mo. 

Columbia Normal Academy; nor.; cu-ed. ; non- 
sect.; est. 1870; George H. Beasley, S. B., 
Ph. B., Pres. 

Stephens Female College; girls' boarding; 
Bapt.; est. 1S50; Sam Frank Taylor. 

Univeirsity Military Academy; military; non- 
sect.; John B. Welsh, A. M.. Prin. 

University of the State of Missouri; nnlv. ; 
state; co-ed.; est. lS4i>; U. II, .lesse, 
LL. I)., Pres. 

School's announcement. — lias departments 
of Language, Science. History. K<>ononi- 
ies. Sociology. Philosophy. E.\ peri mental 
Psychology, Pedagogy. Law, Medicine, 


Engineering (Civil, BTectrical, Mechan- 
ical, and Sanitary), Agriculture, Horti- 
culture, Veterinary Science, and Mechan- 
ical Science — all at Columbia; a School 
of Mines and Metallurgy at RoUa. Mo. 
All departments open to women. Tuition 
free. Ninety professors and instructors 
In the whole University. Instruction in 
Military Tactics also. For cadetship 
apply to your Senator or Representative. 

University of the State of Missouri, Law 
Department; law; co-ed.; est. 1872; AleiE- 
ander Martin, LL. D.. Dean. 

University of the State of Missouri, Medioal 
Department; mcd. ; reg. ; co-ed.; est. 
187.3; Andrew W. McAlester, LL. D., 
M. D., Dean. 

CONCEPTION, Nodaway Co., pop. 100. 

Conception College; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Rev. Frowin Conrad, O. S. B., Prin. 
CONCORDIA, La Fayette Co., pop. 880. 
St. Paul's College; boys' boarding; Ev. Luth.; 
J. H. C. Kaepel, Prin. 
DADEVILLE, Dade Co., pop. 466. 
Dadeville Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
J. W. Heyd, A. B.. Prin. 
EDINA, Knox Co., pop. 1,605. 
St. Joseph's Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; est. 
1867; Rev. C, E. Byrne, P. R., Pres. 
EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Clay Co., pop. 1,881. 
Haynes Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Anthony Haynes, Prin. 

FAIRDEALINO, Ripley Co., pop. 46. 

Fairdealing High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; M. E. Foster, Prin. 

FARMINOTON, St. Francois Co., pop. 1,778. 
Carleton College; prep.; co-ed.; M. E.; J. J. 

Martin, D. D., Prin. 
Elmwood Seminary; girls' boarding; Presb.; 

est. 1886; T. T. Appleby, Pres. 
Farmington Baptist College: prep.; co-ed.; 

Bapt.; Trusten E. Gideon, Prin. 

FAYETTE, Howard Co., pop., 2,717. 
Central College; col.:^ co-ed.; M. E. So.; est. 
18.57; Rev. James C. Morris, D. 1).. Pres. 
Howard-Payne College; girls' boarding; M. E. 
So.; est. 1844; Rev. Hiram D. Groves, 
FREDERICKTOWN, Madison Co., pop. 1,577. 
Marvin Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. E, So,; Nelson Bollinger Henry, Prin. 

FULTON, Calloway Co., pop. 4.888. 
Synodical Female College; girls' boarding; 
Presb.; est. 1872; Rev. T. P. Walton, 
Westminster College; col,; men; Presb.; est. 
1853; Jolin H, McCracken, Ph. D., Pres. 
William Woods College; girls' boarding; 
Christian; J. It. Jones, Prin. 
GALLATIN, Daviess Co., pop. 1.780. 
Grand River College; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; J. 
II. Hatton, Prin. 
GLASGOW, Howard Co., pop. 1,672. 
Pritchett College; col,; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
IMOG; Key. Charles C. Hemenway. Ph. 
I),. Pres. 
GLENCOE, St. Louis Co., pop. 75. 





L& Salla iDitituts; novltliiL^; men; B. C.| 
BruibLT Gorarausp Prlii. 
QEAVELTOKv Wmyne Co., pop. 75. 
CoDoordiA CoUflse; prep.; co-ed* j Doa-HCt.; 
L. M. WftMner^ Prln. 
HANNIBAL H ItKiioa Co.. pup. 12,780. 
H&anibal Co^EnmeraiLl GoUagv ; bua. and steo.; 

HENDERiON. WebBtflr Co., pop. 145. 
HGndftnon Actdvmy; pfep. ; co-eil.; nDn^s<JcC.i 
f»t. 188i»: W. H. Porteu. Prlii. 
HOLDEN, lobnun Co., pop. ^,120^ 
Bt. CAOiM& Semlaitrr^ prt^p., eo-iMi.; R. G.; 
Sinter M. Purlfleatlon. 
HOWELL, St. CbKTlQB COh. pup. m. 
Howell lutltuta: pri?p-; f.v-n^': uoD-atet.; 
George K, Mlllt^r, Prin. 
IBEEIA. Miller Co., pop. 264. 
Iberia A«i(]«mjr; [»rKn.; (.m}-^.; Cong.; G- 
B J roil f^ialth, PHn. 
tNlDEFENHEKCE, jHckson Co», pop. Q»9T4. 
WoodlADd ColLo^fi^ pri?p. ; co-ed.; CUrlstiau; 
tJeo. S, Itryiiiiit, t'rin. 
JACESON* C«pe &iTd)-do«u Oft,, ^p. ].65a. 
J&okton Xillt>Tj Ao&demy; military; hod- 
sevt. ; M. K, W. Oruiigcr, M. A., Prlii. 
JEFFEHBOK CITY* Cole Co., pop. 0,004. 
linoolD Inititute {culort*d)i prtfp.; co-i'd.; 
HtHtv: iHtt iKftBi B, F. Alk'ii. M. A., Pli. 

JDPLOr, Jpiptr Co., iKjp. 2tkii2^. 
AoAdAmj of Our L&d^ of llit^T*, g\rW bmrd- 

Uig; U. C; Motbi'r sr rrftrnpSn Trip, 
jDphii Baiinett Collv^j lius. upd atea. ; W. 

B. JoltiiT, Prt?H. 
KAKBAS CITY, Ji.ok&OD Co., |Kip. 163,752. 
CAtlifl^r«.l GomiOflfolftI Gobool; buA. and steii.; 

BrutlK-r f;harh-H, Pri"».. 414 W. 12th St, 
GiiBtr&L GollefA at Buatneii Kud 8borthii.nd ; 

bus. HJid Blon.; H, B. Hjizjirfl, i'roH., Bou- 
tin i Btilj;., cor, 8f|i mid Wjantlrtltiv 
Brmu^boD'a FrAotioml Builii«is Golletfl^ btia. 

and hIi^p^ ; J, F. Drau^fhoPn Pre*.. ttlL 

uiad WyHPiliilto. 
E«leoti.o HodiOAl Uidveriitrt mod.; vol<!c, ; c?o- 

od.; PBt. IfiitlS. 
Hi^hpoipftnii MediCAl Collefe<t Ka,ni*i Ditjr 

ITuivfittit^t uhmL; tMmor>p,; cn-od.: eat. 

islHi; \V. H, Joimojr, M. )J„ IK-aii. WM} 

K. UiUi St. 
Kunm City BuHiocit* Gollfifft; bUH. mid stoiu; 

GwHirod *£ Smith. Proiti*., lOth and Wftl- 

nut Sta. 
lUniui Git; CoUefo of Fhij^mkoy; phnr.; vo- 

td.; eiit, ism^; J. B. MwoUt;!. Ur. Ptill.. 

Sec, 714 Wymidottft St. 
Ei.nUA Ctty Dent&l Goll&i«; di^nL; men; eat. 

1S»1: ,T. D. Phttorsob. D. D. S.. Baita, 

ti2S WitBhli>£:tou. 
Kv-DUi City Modiokl OollBge; meiU; reg^ : 

moii; est. ISOM; IL M. at-haufiflor. Jt, D.. 

Soc. 3t>2 Di'Hrdortt Kld|r. 

ioboori fttiiaDunaomeDt' — Oldent apd bt'Ht 

known mi'dlfttl sohofd In Mln^rmH Valloy. 

ALtitnnl frfttablliibod In BUci-eHMful priictki* 

ttiroitfrboiit tho Wott. llioroughlj 

eqttlppL>d laboratoKeM. Largu i-Uulual 

Sf^rrlee kI St. JoAepb^ri 0nd Cltjr Ho«pl- 
tn]s and CoLlogif. 3(ltb annual HeiisLoii 
bi^glna Sc'pt 14th. 1004. R. M. S^^hauff- 
liT, M. D.1 Se<Ti"t}iTy, IH:ffi DenrdorCf Bldg. 

KnHHH Olty ZfAtional BuiiEieu Gollege; boa. 
and st**ii. ; Heory Coon, Proa., 12tb and 
(.jraprl Atp* 

JHUinui Gity Sokool o' L&«; law; nlffht; oo- 
od,: ost. 180^; Wm. l». Borland^ Dean, 
22;A New Rlclge Bldg. 

Kaaui Ctt7 Tflterinary GoUeg^t ; Tet. ; tattn ; 
cBt. IWU K. Stuitrt. Soc, 1336 E. IBlh. 


Mftdioo-Cbirurffloal CoUa^e ; mod.; rog.; men; 

P9t. IgOH; Goiirge O. Coffin, M. D., DeKD, 

014-1>1H 1 ndDiM?iidpnet> Ave, 
Bt. Tarei&'A Afi&deniy; glrlH' tx^ardlng: E. C. ; 

Slsrcr KoBij Vincent, pfJn, 
Spftlding:'! Gommaroi&l GollAfa; boa. and 

Mt^^ii.; JHinea F. Spiiuklln^, Prca.t 1$14- 

810-818 Dflawmi". 
UniTarRity Madlcftl CoHatflii iulh3.; fc^g^; tu^n; 

oflt. ISSl- Smwuol C. JflEUoa, DeAU, Oil- 

»lii E. loth at. 
Waatioi Dental Collage; dpnt.; co-cd.: eat, 

Hmt; Drury J. Mc^lillen, D. D, S., 

Doun, llth nnd Lociiat SitA, 
Woman* a Medioul GoUa^; mod.; r^.; 

woinon; n'Htr IfltSir*; KmopIo P. L^wIh^ A« 

M., M. 1J„ Uoop, 017 Forest 8t. 

KIDDEK, Caldwell Co., pup. 3G7. 
Kidder Inatltuta ; prep. ; co-ed. ; Cong. ; George 
W, Sbaw, Prln. 
KIRHBYIILE, Adftir Go,, pup. h.m\. 

Btata Normal Bflhool (■''Irat Dial Met); nur- 
iHul; BlHte; rfvod.; John R. Kirk, Prea. 
KIBKWOOD, Bt. Louia Co., pop. 2,^^>25. 
Kiikwood Mill tar? Aoadem^r military; pon- 
aect,; Edward A. UHlgbt. Prln. 
LASBOKL^. Audrain Co.. pop. 010, 
Laddonia Normal Institute; prt^p.i co^ed,; uvn^ 
Silt.; iM. I8na: W. M. Jwnea, M. A,. 
LA GrRANQrE, Lawja Co,, pop. 1.507, 

La Craikge CoUaffa; ^u\,; cn-pd. ; Btipt. : eat. 
imi; Jtjro T, Mulr. LU l>.. Ft**. 
LAJCAH, BaHon Co., pop. 2h7^^7. 

Lamar Golleret pn»p. ; co-od. ; (lon-aett.; Bd- 
aon L. Whltiley, Prln. 
LEXIN&TGN, La Fayetta Go., pop. 4,11i0. 
fiaptlat Female GoUage; nrlrla' boarding; 
Bfipt; eat. 1^&&; Jumea A. fieau4!hampi 
Cantral Female Oollage; jflrbt' boarding; M. 
E. S»^.: vat. l*ta>, Ri-v. Alfred Frank !lii 
pniltb. A. B., Pna. 
Went worth Mllltarr Academy; [ivllltnrj; non- 
fl**ct.: Ijitiidford Sellora mid W. M- Hotfne, 

LIBERTY, Clay Co.* pop. 2, 4^7. 
Libarty Ladiai' CoUaga; girl*' bonrdlng; non- 

aoet.; est. ISeO; C, M. WJUiiinia. Prea. 
WiUiam JeiffnU Gollo^; eol.; men; Bapt.: 
eat. 1S40; Rer. J. F. Grwonc* D, D.. 
LL. D.. Prea. 
MACOK, Maoon Co., pop. 4,068. 
Blaea Kilttarj Aaademr; mniiary; noii-aect.; 
eat. 1809; Col. F. W. Bleea, Siipt. 





XABBLE HILL, Bollinirer Co., pop. 295. 

Will Xayfleld College; col.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
F. J. Hendersbot, Pres. 
MABIONVILLE, Lawrenoe Co., pop., 1.290. 
Jforionville Collegriate Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E.; L. G. Rescr, Pres. 
MARSHALL, Saline Co., pop. 5,086. 
Miuouri Valley College; col.; co-ed.; Cumb. 
Presb.; est. 1889; Rev. W. H. Black, D. 
D., Pres. 
St. Xavier't Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 
Sister Lorctto, Prln. 
XABTYILLE, Kodaway Co., pop. 4,577. 

Xaryyille Seminary: prep.; co-ed.; M. E. ; J. 
Jay Bryant, A. M., Pres. 
MEXICO, Audrain Co., pop. 5,099. 

Hardin College; girls' boarding; Bapt.; est. 
1873; John W. Million, A. M., Pres. 
MILL SPRnrO, Wayne Co., pop. 110. 

Hale's College : normal; private; co-ed.; W. 
H. Hale, Pres. 
MOBEBLT, Randolph Co., pop. 8,012.. 
St. Mary's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Agneta, Prin. 
MOUHDVILLE, Vernon Co., pop. 287. 

Cooper College; prep.; co-cd. ; non-sect.; C. 
H. Miles. Prin. 
NEVADA, Vernon Co., pop. 7.461. 

Cottey College for Young Ladies; girls' 
boarding; M. E. So.; est. 1884; Mrs. V. 
A. C. TStockard, Pres. 
Nevada Business College; bus. and sten.; W. 

E. Stewart. Prin. 
Nevada Seminary; closed. 
ODESSA, La Fayette Co.; pop. 1,445. 

Odessa College; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1883; L. H. Gebman, A, M.. Pros. 
O'FALLON, St. Charles Co., pop. 450. 

Woodlawn Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Presb. So.; 
W. T. Howison, A. M.. Prin. 
OTTER VILLE, Cooper Co., pop. 384. 

Otterville College; prep.: co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1885; W. W. GlUum, B. L., Pres. 
FARXVILLE, Platte Co., pop. 931 « 
Park College; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 1875; 
Lowell M. McAfee, A. M., Pres. 
FIERCE CITY, Lawrence Co., pop. 2,151. 

Pierce City Baptist College; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; Ernest W. Dow, Ph. D,, Prin. 
PILOT GROVE, Cooper Co., pop. 631. 

Pilot Grove Academy ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non- 
sect.; est. 1878; ('. L. Buckmaster. Prin. 
PLATTE CITY, Platte Co., pop. 744. 

Oaylord Institute; prop.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Mrs. T. W. Park. Prin. 
PLATTSBURG, Clinton Co., pop. 1,878. 

Plattsburg College; prop.; co-ed.; Ger. Bapt.; 
S. Z. Sharp, A. M.. Prin. 
PORTLAND, Calloway Co., pop. 146. 

St. Mark's School; dosed. 
RENSSELAER, Ralls Co., pop. 51. 

Van Rensselaer Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Presby. ; Wm. R. Anderson, Prin. 
RICHMOND, RAY Co., pop. 3.478. 
Woodson Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. E. So.; 
J. C. Sheldon, Prln. 

ST. CHARLES, St. Charles Co., pop. 7,982. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; A. Kavanagh, Prin. 

Lindenwood College for Women; girls' board- 
ing; Presb.; est. 1830; M. H. Reaser, 

St. Charles* Military College; military; boys; 
non-sect.; Rev. Geo. W. Bruce, A. M., 
ST. JOSEPH, Buchanan Co., pop. 102,979. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Mother M. McNenamy, Prin. 

Central Medical College; med.; reg.; co-ed.; 
est. 1894; T. TB. Potter, M. D., Dean. 

Ensworth Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 
est. 1872; Jacob Geiger, LL. D., M. D., 

Piatt's Commercial College ;, bus. and. sten.; 
E. M. Piatt, Pres. 

St. Joseph Business University; bus. and 
sten.; E. E. Gard, Pres. 

St. Joseph Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; Brother Lignori, Pres. 

ST. LOUIS, pop. 575.238. 
Academy of the Visitation; girls' boarding; 

R. C; Sister Aquin Martin, Prin., Cor. 

Cabanne and Belt Aves. 
American Medical College; med.; eclec; men; 

est. 1873; E. Younkin, M. D., Dean, 407 

S. Jeflferson Ave. 
Barnes Business College; bus. and sten.; 

J. R. Anderson. Pres., Board of ITduca- 

tion Bldg. 
Barnes' Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 

est. 1802; Pinckney French, M. D., Sec, 

Cor. Garrison and Lawton Ave. 
Beaumont Medical College; consolidated with 

Marion-Sims Medical College, 1901. 
Benton College of Law; law; co-ed.; est. 

1896; George L. Corlis, Dean, Cor. Frank- 
lin and Grand. 
Bishop Robertson Hall; girls' boarding; P. E. 

Sister Catherine, Prin.. 1617 S. Compton 

Christian Brothers College; col.; men; R. 

C. ; est. 1851; Brother Emery, Easton 

Ave. and King's Highway. 
Draughon's Practical Business College; bus. 

and sten.; R. R. Luman, Prin., Cor. Olive 

and lOtb Sts. 
Hayward's Business College; bus. and sten.; 

L. F. Hay ward, Pres., Odd Fellows' Bldg. 
Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri; 

mod.; homeop. ; men; est. 1857; W. B. 

Morgan, A. M., M. D., Dean, 2540 How- 
Hosmer Hall, glTl»' boarding; non-sect.; Miss 

Martha H. Mathews, Prin., 4296 Wash- 
ington Blvd. 
Jones Commercial College; bus. and sten.; 

J. G. Bohmer. Pres., 307 N. Broadway. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. ; Sis- 
tor M. Reparata, Prin., 2.345 Pine St. 
Marion-Sims-Beaumont Medical College; med.; 

reg.; men; H. W. Loeb, M. D., Sec, Cor. 

Grand and Caroline. 
Mary Institute, The; girls' day; non-sect.; 

Edmund H. Sears, Prin., Cor. Lake Ave. 

and McPherson. 
Metropolitan College of Law; law; co-ed.; 





out, 1S9J; WIlliaiD H. P^jibuily, LL. B.. 

Fr(*E!., WuMblii^toii Uiiiik BMg. 
Uiuourl GDlleiKfi of Ltw ; ^■i'tiftulidaled wUb 

Melntixilltuti l"oll(*tff" ot IjAW. 
MiuidiLri Medical Collaret vvv WaabiHgtom 

Miuouri ShoHhuid Colleffe; ateti.; Jkibii H. 

SoTioflEld, ProM,, W2 W- tiitiTlticin Av^. 
Moand Cit? Butinesa CoU«ffe; bus. aod st(?D-; 

O. U. S<trttJi], Vie^.r 141 II WaahluFtoii 

II nd 5t€?iu; H. C* iVrklng, PrthJ^^, LLncciUl 
TniHt Hlds. 
St» Louim Gall^sa i>f Fburm&dj': phur. ; ca-ed.; 
PMi. 1M5; JujuPH M. G<Hid, Dciiii, 2im 

St. Louis CoUe^ of Fhyilciani mud Sarfooni: 

lutd.; rJ*E.; ou'nj Walda Brlj^i^tt. M. D., 

Dtmn. 2*HJ Gnmb1«> St- 
it. L&uic Commordi-l CoU«fe; hiiJi, ao^ sten. ; 

!fl^ 1j, Olvyr, prill,, Cor. Franklin itiid 

Stn LouiA Law SohOitilji WaHhtsfftDn Uni- 

Ffiraity; biiv; cu-ed. ; esl. IMtV?; Wm, 5*. 

Curl Is, LViiii, 1417 LtK'tJiit. 
St* Louli Medioid Col]«f&; tn-v Med leu 1 De- 

Di>fifiin*'ivi WjiNblimt^m UtilveFBlty. 
Smith Aoademyjf IniyB' bimrdlde': uim-itect. ; 

Cbiit-b-H I*. Liird, A. M.. Pb. D,. Prlii., 

I'of. WnHhlij^tcHi utid MHli, 
Bouthwfwtern Buiineii GoUegflj has. uud e^l^ii.;^ 

Edward H. I'titch. Pres,. 8H> Ollvo. 
ITriuline AcadAmj and Daf Bobool; ^li-lia' 

latti Sr. and Apii Ave, 

WallhuT Collatti; |>Fi'p.; t:u-H]. ; Lutb,; Aut^UKt 
C. JJiirMdorf. Prlh.. 1021 Soutb Sth St. 

WaibiDftoii UniTBTiity; linlv.; mvn, non-scvL.; 
erft. 1?W9: W. H^ Cbapllti, Ll/. D.. Fr^-n., 
Bf^Himioiit nrid Ix>ciiHt. 
SohDoI'i aaaoiLtiMmfiQt. — Tin* L'iider}«riidU' 
Klo Df[mrtiiient will Iw loiiitt'd In Hh 
fifcw bnlldbiKf*. nuw In nut? by tlip Wtirldi* 
FAlr linniedlntt'Sy nftcr thi' clqif of tbp 
Fiilr. Ijflw. M**rtit"(il. IX^ntBl sncl Art 
Depta, are In thi> (,'ontor pnrt of the 
clt;r. For partlrulurs of nny tjifpartmentp 
addi^u to D(>tip. 

Washin^on tTnlTflnity, Dental DepartrnfiHit ; 
duiit^ rai'ii: vst, IHGTt; J. fl, KnniiH-ly. 
P. JK S., Demi, 2tl41 Ui*:n»t, 

Watbin^ton Vniveraity, Medical Depaitmeut; 
njenL; n-jf. ; men: cHt. lS4n; Hnbi-rt Liji-de- 
kliiB. M. 1*., J Ml It, iHiiti l^iinat, 
SQbflQl't ftiinottno«m«iit. — A rmult uf tbe 
fomb! nation ttf the St. Loll In Mcdlrfil 
Collesc, oatHblisiioil 1842, ttnd MlH»uiirl 
MiHllrtil CollPgP. foiiniied In l&UX Thr- 
two oldest medical roUeffptt In Ibe West. 
Clurrkulum citenda i>Vf»r a pc^rlod of 4 
ycari. S moiilbn eut^h^ Owim \vrit Imirn 
bnftdlnarHT wltb tuf» lar^e Hepurato tlfR- 
ponaarlm mid boBpllul with ht^dn* If ax 
abaoluti.' prlTilejr^ii for lH>dHtde Iniitriie- 
tlon in two liiT^e bufiptttilR. CUinlr» nt 
tbe City HoKpUnI ttn<l Inif^utie Asylum. 
Thii retjulri'mentft for admlSBlun iire equiv- 

1 a lent to a four yc-ar blgk ai:b4.iul eonree | 

I of tlie heat grade, 

SALISBURY H Chariton Co.> pop. 1,847. 
^ H^rth Mluoiui Academy; prep.; eo-iHl.; bon^ 
flei-t, ; G. O. Brigga, Prin, 
SEBALIA, Fattis Co., pop. iriXn. 
Cfintn^l Buaineti College; bue. and flt(?lt^i C 

W* Uobblns. Pres, 
&eoTffe E, Smith GpNaffe (Ml<mjd>j col.; til- 
ed.: M B,; Rfiv. I, L. Lowp, D, P., Ph, J 
ll„ PrcK- 
Hill'i Buimaaa Gdlliere; bus. and ateo." est. 
) I1HM>; Joriii AI. HltU Prea. 

BEB0WIOKVILLE, Balliufar Co., pop. im, 
SedffivickTilla Academy; eloaeil. 
J BHELBIKA, ghal^y Co., pop. T77. 
Bh«lbina CoUflffiate Inatltute; cloavd. 
SOUTH BT, LOUIB, Suburlj of St. LouIih 
BaoTfid Heart Academy ; glrld' bt^ardlng; R^ 
<:,; Madam Mury Burke. Prlo. 
BFBINGnZLD. Graena Co.^ pop. 2^^26T. 
Brury CollBfo; rol.; etj-ed.; Cong.t list* 1S73* 

Homer T. Puller, Ph. D., Prcs* 
Loratto Aoademy; twirls' boarding; R. C-; 

KlBler M, WlntTrfd ha Motte, Prtn. 
auaea City BuaLnaH Callflga; bua. and at^it. ; 

Elmer Laty, Prea^ 
Bpriugrflold Kormal CallaBTfl; nor.; prtnite: Don- 
tJt'irt; i»st. IHSiS; J. A. Taj? lor. Pres. 
SFanra &ABBEH, HiUar Co., iHip. 120, 

Miller County InAtitute^ prep.; co-od*^ non- 
rie^t.; J, L. Lutniikln. Prin. 
STAKBEERY, Gentry Co.. pop. 2^14, 

BtAnberry Konnal Sohool; normal; priTwle; 
co-ert. ; Jolni K, Fp«9l**r, pri'». 
BWEET BPEDTOS, S*lina Co., pop. 1.0S<J. 

Sweet BpringB Academy; [imp.; oo-ed. ; noii- 
nevt. J. 1^. Hiirnett. Pi'ln. 
TAEXIO^ Atchlaoci Ga,, pop. 1,001. 

Tarklo C*>lleie; l-oK ^ eoed.; Un. Frc^b. ; v*»t. 
ffLsri; Ui-v. J, A, Thompson. D. D., Pre*, 
TEEITTON, Grundy Co., pop. 5.306- 

Buakm Callaga; evL ; eu-ed.; ueD-Bect;.; e9t. 
TEOY, Lincoln Co., fxjp. l.l&H. 

BuQhauaD Collefa; prep.; CD-ed.; nuD-auet. ; 
L. P. Sbel<iff, PreM. 
WAERElVSBlmC. Johmon Ca., pop. 4,724. 
State ITermaL BoJiool (Beoond Diitii«t>j nor- 
mill; stale; cij-edK; OiMrgo It. Hoire» Ph. 
1),. Preu. 
WAERENTON, Warren Co.. po[i, 770. 

Central Watleyan CoUefc; cti].; eo-ed. ; M. 
E.; *.Ht. 1NIJ4; tJeorge B. AdkkSt A. B., J 
A, M., Pres, 
WEAUBLEAU. Hickory Cfi., pup. 274. 

Weanblaan Ckriitian Calleia; ptvp,* cd-«4.: 
Uhrlat.; J. Whltaltt^r, Prln. 
WEBB CITY, Jasper Co., pc^p, D.2itl. 

Webb City Collega; prep.; du-ed.; B^t.|, ] 
Jtrfin W. Keltner, Prln. 
WE&T FLAINB, Howell Co.« pcrp. 2Jin2. 

West FlaiDi College; ciiK; c^edn! non-s*'et. ; 
TV, 11. Wllllsmwjn, Ptps. 


Population, 243,329. School census, 58,240. School age, 6-21. 

Montana is the forty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 243,329 inhabitants, of whom 226,283, or 93 per cent, are white. Of this 
number 62,375, or 25.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 6.1 per cent, the state ranking twenty-seventh in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


W. W. Welch, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Helena 


Ck>unt7. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Beaverhead Isabella Rife Dillon 5,615 

Carbon Martha R. Dillworth Red Lodge 7,533 

Cascade Martha A Kearns Great Falls 25,777 

Choteau May G. Flanagan Fort Benton 10,966 

Custer Laura Zook Miles City 7,891 

Dawson Grace A. Skinner Glendive 2,443 

Flathead Fannie Spurck-Macaulay ...Kalispeli .' 9,375 

Gallatin M. E. Chrisman Bozeman 9,553 

Granite Maria C. Ryan Fhilipsburg 4,328 

Jefferson Jennie Filcher Boulder 5,330 

Lewis and Clark Ida Fullerton Helena 19,171 

Madison Julia Donegan Virginia City 7,695 

Missoula Kate Shelley Missoula 13,964 

Park Mrs. Nora Colvin Livingston 7,341 

Powell MolIIe E. Wiles Deer Lodge 

Ravalli Kittie Ostermeyer Hamilton 7,832 

Rosebud Gertrude M. Higgins Forsyth 

Silver Bow Mary Mullins Butler 46,655 

Sweet Grass Stallah Walker Irvine Big Timber 3,086 

Teton Fannie E. Chenoweth Choteau 5,080 

Valley Carrie E. Luther Glasgow 4,355 


BOZEMAV, Oallatin Co., pop. 3.419. 

College of Agrioulture and Meohanio Arts; 
agri.; co-ed.; state; est. 1893; James Reid, 
A. B., D. D., Pres. 

BUTTE, Silver Bow Co., pop. 30,470. 

Butte Buiineu College; bus. and sten. ; 
Rice, Fulton & Gold. Props. 

BilTer Bow Commercial College; closed. 
DEEB LODGE, Powell Co., pop. 1,324. 

St. Mary's Academy; girls* boarding; R. C.; 
Sister Anacleta. Prln. 
DILLON, Beaverhead Co., pop. 1,530. 
Montana State Normal College; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Dr. Henry H. Swain, Pres. 
GREAT FALLS, Cascade Co», pop. 14,930. 
Great Falls Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; S. H. Bauman and J. C. Preston, 





HELENA, L^wU and Clark Co., pop. 10,770. 
Engelhom Helena Butinesi College; bag. and 

ston. ; Hermann T. Englohorn, Pres. 
Montana Weilejran University; col.; co-ed.; 

M. E.; est. 1889; C. W. Tenney, Pres. 
St. Vincent's Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. 
C; Sister Mary Cecelia, Prin. 
MISSOULA, Missoula Co., pop. 4,366. 

Saored Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Hilarion. Prin. 
XTniversity of Montana; unir. ; .state; co-ed.; 

est. 1805; Oscar J. Craig, A. M., Ph. D.. 

ST. PETER, Cascade Co., pop. 300. 
Vrsuline Convent; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Mother Mary Amadous. Prin. 


Population, 1,068,539. School census, 326,100. School age, 5-21. 

Nebraska is the twenty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, hav- 
ing a total of 1,068,539 inhabitants, of whom 1,056,526, or 99.1 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 177,117, or 16.6 per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 2.3 per cent, the state ranking second in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


William K. Fowler, Superintendent of . Public Instruction Lincoln 

J. L. McBrien, Deputy Lincoln 

A. O. Thomas Kearney 

D. C. O'Connor Norfolk 

George E. Condra . . Lincoln 


George Rogers, President Omaha 

R. A. Tawney Pierce 

Luther P. Ludden Lincoln 

Thomas J. Majors Peru 

James E. Delzell Lexington 

Peter Mortensen, State Treasurer, ex officio Lincoln 

William K. Fowler, Secretary, State Superintendent, ex officio Lincoln 


Rachel Berry, President McCook 

Edna Bullock, First Vice-President Lincoln 

Fanny A. Geer, Second Vice-President Columbus 

Clara A. Mulliken, Secretary '. Lincoln 

Margaret O'Brien, Treasurer Omaha 


Frank L. Haller Omaha 

Lee Herdman, State Librarian Lincoln 

William K. Fowler, Superintendent of Public Instruction Lincoln 

E. Benjamin Andrews, Chancellor University of Nebraska Lincoln 

James I. Wyer, President, Librarian University of Nebraska Lincoln 

Edna D. Bullock, Secretary Lincoln 

A. O. Thomas . Kearney 




J. W. Mengel Wahoo 

M. R. Snodgrass Wayne 

Anna V. Day Beatrice 

William K. Fowler, ex officio, Manager Lincoln 


E. J. BoDWELL, President Omaha 

Etta Brown, Vice-President Valentine 

A. O. Thomas, Secretary ^ . Kearney 

A. L. Caviness, Treasurer Fairbury 



M. R. Snodgrass, President Wayne 

Irma Martindale, Secretary Pierce 


W. T. Poucher, President Chadron 

Bess Van Boskirk, Secretary Alliance 


E. C. Bishop, President : Lincoln 

Miss Shick, Secretary Grand Island 


C. C. D^NFORTH, President Sidney 

Delilah Howard, Secretary Lodge Pole 


Miss Alison G. Johnson, President Alliance 

Mrs. Clara L. Dobson, Secretary Stockville 


George Crockett, President Falls City 

Angie Erwin, Secretary Tecumseh 


W. H. Bartz, President Alliance 

F. C. WiLLiiMS, Secretary Seward 


CJounty. Superintendent's Name. AddresH. County. 

Adams W. A. Julian Hastings 18,840 

Antelope J. M. Richardson Neligh 11,344 

Banner Mrs. Mamie Faden Harrisburg 1,118 

Blaine Louise Pitt Brewster 008 

Boone Clifford M. Penney Albion 11,689 

Box Butte Mrs. Leora S. Rustin Alliance 5,572 

Boyd C. A. Manville Butte 7,382 

Brown C. B. Goodspeed , Ainsworth 3,470 

Buffalo T. N. Hartzell Kearney 20.254 

Burt Eugene Brookings Tekamah 13,040 

Butler Joseph C. Hrushka David City 15.708 

Cass C. S. Wortman Plattsmouth 21.380 

Cedar A. B.Ward Hartington 12,467 

Chase Nellie Dick Imperial 2.668 



Pop. of 
Coimtjr. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Cherry Etta Brown Valentine 6,541 

Cheyenne Mrs. A. B. Knox Sidney 5,570 

Clay C. L. Coons Clay Center 16,735 

Colfax John Chleboun, Jr Schuyler 11,211 

Cuming J. A. Stahl .....West Point 14,584 

Custer J. G. W. Lewis Broken Bow 19,758 

Dakota Geo. J. Boucher Dakota City 6,286 

Dawes Thomas S. Smith Chadron 6,215 

Dawson L. A. dinger Lexington 12,214 

Deuel Mrs. L. M. Bernhard Chappell 2,630 

Dixon A. V. Teed Ponca 10,.')35 

Dodge Charles Arnot Fremont 22,298 

Douglas E.J. Bodwell Omaha 140,590 

Dundy C. Estella Goodwin Benkelman 2,434 

Fillmore J. L. Adams Geneva 15,087 

Franklin Ed. M. Short Bloomington 9,455 

Frontier Mrs. Clara L. Dobson Stockville 8,781 

Furnas F. G. Downing Beaver City 12,373 

Gfige Anna V. Day Beatrice 30,051 

Garfield Grace E. McClimans Burwell 2,127 

Gosper F. W. Montgomery Elwood 5,301 

Grant H. R. Dellingex Hyannis 763 

Greeley D. D. Donovan Greeley 5,691 

Hall Dan H. Fishburn Grand Island 17,206 

Hamilton John A. Woodard Aurora : 13,330 

Harlan P. P. Bentley Alma 9,370 

Hayes G. H. Pickett Hayes Center 2,708 

Hitchcock James O'Connell Trenton 4,409 

Holt R. B. Slaymaker O'Neill 12,224 

Hooker Mrs. Jennie E. Catron Mullen 432 

Howard J. A. Ziegler St. Paul 10,343 

Jefferson Mrs. Olive True Fairbury 15,196 

Johnson Byron E. Dill Tecumseh 11,197 

Kearney J. R. Baker Minden 9,866 

Keith Theodore H. Whyman Ogalalla 1,951 

Keya Paha John Scheie Springview 3,076 

Kimball B. K. Bushee Kimball 758 

Knox Fred C. Marshall Center 14,343 

Lancaster Oscar R. Bowman Lincoln 64,835 

Lincoln O. W. Neale North Platte 11,416 

Logan Harry Morrison Gandy 960 

Loup W. L. Johnson ^ Taylor 1,305 

McPherson Flora Farrow .Tryon 518 

Madison C. W. Crum Madison 16,976 

Merrick Fred A. Marsh Central City 9,255 

Nance E. Wood Smith Fullerton 8,222 

Nemaha Geo. D. Carrington, Jr Auburn 14,952 

Nuckolls W. T. Bottenfleld Nelson 12,414 

Otoe R. C. King Nebraska City 22,288 

Pawnee J. C. Waddell Pawnee City 11,970 

Perkins A. Softley Grant 11,702 

Phelps E. E. Larson Holdredge 10,772 

Pierce Frank Pilger Pierce 8,445 

Platte L. H. Leavy Columbus 17,747 

Polk D. C. Cole Osceola 10,542 

Red Willow Flora B. Quick Tndianola 9,604 

Richardson Geo. Crocker Falls City 19,614 

Rock Geo. M. Hopkins Bassett 2,809 

Saline D. G. Hopkins Wilber 18,252 

Sarpy G. P. Miller Papillion 9,080 

Saunders J. W. Mengel Wahoo 22,085 

Scotts Bluff Frank P. Johnson Gering 2,552 

Seward E. H. Koch Seward 15,690 

Sheridan C. L. Hopper Rushville 6,033 

Sherman R. D. Hendrickson Loup City 6,550 

Sioux John Borky Harrison 2,055 

Stanton W. H. Hyland Stanton 6,959 

Thayer Qal R. Phillippi Hebron 14,325 

Thomas Nellie Z. Vandling Thedford 628 

Thurston Crato A. Wippern Pender 8,756 




County, J}upC'rLnt«ndeiit'i Nhidp^ 

Valley *,.. ......Alta B. Jonea ,....<..„ 

Pop. of 
AddreM, Ooouty. 

,..Ord - 7*338 

Wa*ihingtoii A. L. Cook .,, ..BlaJr 13.0S« 

Wayne C. H. Bright ..../Wayne .9.S6S 

Webster EUiabeth Marker .............Red Cloud .......11,§1« 

Wheeler .,, E. D. Plbel .Bitrtlett ,. ...,..„ t^ 

York ....Charles O. Stewart York ...18,a» 


AtTBOBA, Hmroilton Co., pop- l.U2t. 
Aurorm Buiineit ColW£«; bus. and BtL'n.; W. 
E, W toil HI' Ho4 K. K, t?ton*T. Prt>[iti. 
BEATEtCH, G»g* Co., \y\y^, 131'>. 

14'orti}Wfrit«Tn Bui^Dsii OaOege; bus. nnO 
btfih; U\ig\\ J, Dobbfl. i*rPB. 
BELLE VtJE. 8»rpy Go- pop, fi^T, 

BelieTUQ Gollage; <'t>U; f^n-od. ; Pi*i?4Sb.; eit. 
IrtHJi; Hit, iJavici it. Kt^rr, Ph. D.. D. D,. 

BETEAmr. lianomiter C«.» pop, S30, 

Cottier Uaitrerilty 3 iitilv. ■ C(Mm1.: rirrlutlsni 
lat, imii\ W. P. AylHftortli, Pros, 
CEKTBAL CtfY, Merriok Co., p^>p. 1,KT). 
IfQ'b]rmtk& Centrftl Oi>U»^; prop,; co-od. ; 
I'>b?iids: J). 11. H ft worth. \\, U.. Prln. 

CHADEOHh Dawes Co., pop. I.8a5. 

ChadrDD Academy; prop.; qd-im],; Votxig.', ii«t. 
lMj<ih L. M. ObvrkoUer, A. B., Prlii. 
COLLE&E TIEWp L&lic&itAr Co., pop. BeA, 
Union GDlle^e; oipI.; ro-L^d.; Hovontb U. Adv.; 
<-*r. 1H!H; L. A. Il!KijH*H. Pr<»p, 
COLUXBUB, Fl&tte Co,, pop. 3,r»^, 

St. rmncis Aci^; prep.; cH^-od. : K. C^; 
\i*'\\ M>ir<i'»4lltiu]9 KoUEDL'yi^r, Frln. 
CE£TE, Biilifie Cq.. tkip. 2,lLtB. 
Dun* Coll^^e: col.; I'rj-vd.; iruns.; egt. 1872; 
Rev, iJuvld B. I^ffry, D. D., Ptph. 
FALLS CITY. Blohtrdioa Cfi.. pop. 3,(*22. 
FB.Ui City ButinAii GoUafe; bii«. nnd sten.; 

G, M, llai-fott, Frea. 
Ui-Buline CoaT^Dt ; pri»p. ; co-ed. ^ R, C,; est. 
INIM: siKtiT BH^ifl. Prin. 
FBAIfKLDT, Franklin Co., pop. 75e. 

Frtnklin Aeademy; iifep. ; co-*?d.; Cong;; 
Ali/xlfl r. Hurt. Prln. 
GRAND IBLAIID. Hmll Co.. pop. T.S54, 

Grand Islund ColLe^n; rt^L; r>«-i>d. ; I^j^pt. okI. 
IH1*2^ i;*!.. Siithurmnd. I>. U. Proa, 
UAaXINGB, Adams Co., pop, 7 J 88. 

HikBtine^i C<»lle£e; rol.; ro-i-d, ; rri>Hb, ; rut. 

1%S2; Hov. E. \tu\ (Jykp Wight. Pn^s. 
<tu««n City Butlnftsi Gi>il6g«: bus. ueuI hH n. ; 
ir. S, M\\\v\\ Prt>*F. 
JACKSON, DikeU Co., pop. 330. 

Bt, Gather) nc'i Ac«4amy; nrlrla' t>oiirdlii.£:: 
It. 1 ". , E^istor M. Walburga. Prln. 

KEABKEY. BuffalA Co., pop, n.6S^. 
Kfwrn^y Xilltary Aoadomy; mllltjiry; P. )£,.% 

Iti'v. Aiii^nu K. (Jriivi'H, 1>. I),, Prill. 

Ksamey Bohool and Business GoUuffB ; hna. 

ftiiU flti-o. ; CbirttiiL^ A. Mun h. Prvs, 

LDrCOLH, LandaslDr C(}., pop. 40,10(1. 

Cnnrvnt of %hm H«ly Child Jesiu; girlii' 

boftrdlhf; H. C; Motbi-r Bt. John. 



Linaoln Ao&demy; prop.: eo-nC; iiofi-fteet.^ e«t. 

1HU5; T. JiL llodginan, A. B., A, M.* 

Linooln Business Gollef e ; buA. apd atep.: 

.r. L. Kte|iibuuj4. Pres. 
Ltnooln Dental College. Cotner UBlTsnity^ 

flt'iji,; food,; osr. ISOW; W. Clydt? Duvls, 

11, IL 8., Dt'iiri. 
Linoftln Med^oal CoUeB?, Cotn«r TTniTflnity; 

liKtL; ocloc; ro t-d ; Oflt ISStt; J. M. 

Ki-ys, M. !>., Uean. 
Mebraska ConaflrvatDry of Uuilo; mns. ; ^et. 

lS!*b; tlrujH'ua Mijvlns, LHrortor, 
Uuiveriity tif Nebraska; iiiilv. ; «tute; «<o^.: 

obL 18t«i; K. iJt'iijHinlii Andrown, LI*. D.* 

trsiTeriity of Kebraska, C(»lle£:« of Law; 

iu-4?d, ^ Hwl. 1801; \i, B. Ht^ratJ, Dean. 
McOOOK^ Bed WHlow Co., pi>p. 2.445. 
McCook Fhonorraphia Inititute; bus* and 

Ati'u,; L. W, StayiKT, Pthb. 
ITEBEASKA CITY, Otot Co., jxir*.. 7..'Lm 
KebraBka City Buslnats Collairfl; nlo^nl. 
NELIGH, Antolaps Co., pop. 1.1 :{5. 
Catoi Aoademy: pn-p.; ro-etj.; Confir. l 

IJiSl; J. K. Tziybsr, A. B., Prln. 
HOEFOLK, Madison Go., pip. 'iMf\. 

Norfolk BusihOBs Gollsffe ; bus. tuid ntt^n. 

llhil ; C. H. Briiki\ Prbi. 
NOETH PLATTE, Ltncoln Co.. \mp. 3.fi4ilw 
NatiTity Bckoflh prep.; eood.; R. C, ; E*if. 

T. V, Hiili»>, Prlii. 
JfTBTED, Howard Co., pop. 52. 

Danish Kiffb School; prop,; co-ed.; Lutb.; 

'rbinijjjH Kuiidituu, Prla. 
OMAHA, Dou^Lai Co., pop. K^.SfiS, 

Acadomy of the Baered Heart; ^irta' boards 

\i\g\ It. r,; L, OnroHchf. Prin. 
Brownoll Hall; j^lrlrt' tmnniluif; F. K. ; t^niitfte 

R. I'pt-iii. Prio, 
Crairhton Modloal GolUffen John A. Cr#lKk- 

t&tt Unlveralty; uinl, ; n^g. : cfn^d. ; o«t, 

iMlii; 11. C. Bryuiit. M. l>,, l>pftn. 
GTQi^hton ITnivariity; utilv.; njeu; H. C.T 

lust. liHTll; Rov. M. P. DowUiig. Pre*. 
Mount St. Kary*B Sefninary; if Iris' bimrdlutti 

H, r, 
Collare of Madicine, UniTarsity of Jtaltraaka 

(Gmaha Medical Gollaff a) ; moil.; rfjc.; 

r-»-t'd.; fftt. IWi^ Hiiruld (illford. M. D.. 

AK«inlj(to IWhhu. 
Iffiliraaka Buiinaat and Shorthand Coll«t«; 

btw. Hnd BteiTi,* A. C. iHiji, Prea. 
Omaha Comnterolal CoU«f»; Imei. and aten.^ 

M. li. Rolirhouph, Pn-jj. 
UniTertJity of Omaha, Dental Depaitmant^ 

ik*iit.: fiP-rnl, f t^aL IWiTi; A 

IJ. D. a., Dean. 



n, Hiinti ^^ 





Omaha School of Law; law; men; est.; 1800; 
H. A. Whipple, Dean. 
0BLEAV8, Harlan Co., pop. < 656. 
Orleans Seminary; 'prep.; co-ed.; Free Meth.; 
N. B. Ghormley, Prin. 
PAWNEE CITY, Pawnee Co., pop. 1,969. 

Pawnee City Academy; prep.; co-ed.; U. 
Presb.; R. T. Campbell, Prin. 
PERXr, Nemaha Co., pop. 848. 
Nehraika State Normal School; normal; 
state; co-ed.; W. A. Clark, Ph. D., Pres. 
ST. PAXTL, Howard Co.,. pop. 1,475. 

St. Paul BuiinetB College; bus. and sten. ; 
S. D. Smith, Pres. 
SANTEE, Knox Co. 
Santee Normal Training School; Indian train- 
lug school of the American Missionary 
Assn.; Alfred L. Riggs. Prin. 
UNIVERSITY PLACE, Lancaster Co., pop. 

Nebraska Weslejran University; col.; co-ed.; 
M. E.; est. 1888; D. W. C. Huntington, 

WAHOO, Saunders Co., pop. 2.100. 
Luther Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Ev. Lutb.; 
Samuel M. mil, Prin. 

WAYNE, Wayne Co., pop. 2,119. 

Nebraska Normal College; normal; private; 
co-ed.; J. M. Pile, Pres. 

WEEPING WATER, Cass Co., pop. '1,156. 
Weeping Water Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
Cong.; Frank C. Taylor, Prin. 

YORK, York Co., pop. 5.132. 
York Business College; bus; and sten.; G. M. 

Jacobs, Pres. 
York CeUege; col.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 1890; 

Wm. E. Schell. A. M.. D. D.. Pres. 
School of the Holy Family; prep.; co-ed.; 

R. C; Mother Margaret Mary, Prin. 


Population, 42,335. School census, 9,153. School age, 6-18. 

Nevada is the fiftieth state of the union in point of population, having a total 
of 42,335 inhabitants, of whom 35405, or 83.6 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 8,581, or 20.3 per cent, are 'foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 13.3 per cent, the state ranking thirty-fifth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 

Orvis Ring, Superintendent of Public Instruction Carson 


His Excellency John Sparks, President Carson 

Dr. J. E. Stubbs, President of the State University Reno 

Orvis Ring, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary Carson 

Nevada has a state uniformity law, which went into effect October i, 1901. 
The State Board of Education recommends and adopts the text-books to be used, 
as well as recommending sets of books for supplementary use in the schools and as 
the nucleus for a school library. 


H. H. Howe, President Carson 

Clara F. Woodbury, Secretary and Treasurer Carson 


No. of 
Gount3'. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Churchill W. C. Grimes Stillwater 8 

Douglas D. W. Virgin Genoa 9 

Elko C, B. Henderson Elko 50 

Esmeralda Geo. S. Green Hawthorne 12 

Eureka John Hancock Eureka 15 

Humboldt H. Warren Winnemucca 24 

Lander H. E. Driscoll Austin 9 

Lincoln Sara Wedge Pioche 26 

Lyon F. W. Downey Dayton 13 

Nye C. L. Richards Belmont 17 

Ormsby E. E. Roberts Carson 4 

Storey Geo. D. Pyne Virginia City 2 

Washoe W. H. A. Pike Reno 20 

White Pine Chas. A. Walker Ely 26 


ELKO, Elko Co., pop. GHO. 
Nevada Business College; bus. and Hton.; (\ 
F. NcsHf, Prin. 
BENO, Washoe Co., pop. 4.5<K). 

Kevada Business College; bus. and ston.; 
Robert Lowers, Prln. 

Nevada State University; uiiiv. ; state; 00- 
«'d. ; «'Ht. ISHfi; JoHoph Edward Stovens, 
M. A.. LL. I).. l»nH. 

State Normal School; nor.; statts oo-ed.; 
Mnrj' W. Emory, rrin. 


Population, 411,588. School census, 90,400. School age, 5-16. 

New Hampshire is the thirty-sixth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 411,588 inhabitants, of whom 410,791, or 99.8 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 87,961, or 21.4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
eracy of the entire population is 6.2 per cent, the state ranking twenty-eighth in 
this respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 

Channing Folsom, Stale Superintendent of Public Instruction Concord 

New Hampshire has no State Reading Circle Board, but has district laws for 
the aid of school libraries. 


Principal James E. Klock, President Plymouth 

Harriet L. Huntress, Secretary Concord 

New Hampshire has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 


ANDOYEB, Merrimack Co., pop. 1,179. 

Prootor Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Unitarian; 
J. S. McCann, Prin. 

ATKINSON, Bookingham Co., pop.. 442. 
AtUnaon Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Herman N. Dunbum, Prin. 

CANTEBBUBT, Merrimack Co., pop. 821. 
Xeser Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; Free Bapt. ; 
Mrs. Clara M. Currier, Prin. 

CENTEB STBAFFOBD, Strafford Co., pop. 50. 
Austin Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Free Bapt.; 
est. 1833; Henry R. Gardner, A. B., 

CLABEMOXTNT, Sullivan Co., pop. G,498. 

StCTen't Hiffh School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1867; Leroy S. Dewey, A. B., 

CONCOBD, Merrimack Co., pop. 19,632. 

St. Joseph's High School; boys' boarding 

R. C; Brother Cyril. F. S. C. Prin, 
St. Mary's School; girls' boarding: P. E. 

Isabel W. Paries, Prin, 
St. Paul's School; boys' boarding: P. E. 

Rev. James C. Coit, D. D.. Prin. 

DEBBY, Bookingham Co., pop. 3,583. 
Finkerton Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1814; George W. Bingham, A. M., 
DOVEB, Strafford Co., pop. 13.207. 
Dover Business College; bus. and sten. ; E. 
W. Warner and C. McTavish, Props. 

DURHAM, Strafford Co., iK)p., 996. 
New Hampshire College of Agriculture and 
Mechanic Arts; agri.; state; co-ed.; est. 
1866; William D. Gibbs, M. S., Pres. 





EAST JEFFBEY, Cheshire Co., pop. 1.000. 
Conant High School ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non- 
sect. ; Dwight E. Burrage, Prln. 
EXETER, Bockingham Co., pop. 4,022. 
Phillip Exeter Aoademy, The; boys' board- 
ing; non-sect.; Harlan Page Amen, Prin. 
Robinson Female Seminary; girls' day; non- 
sect.; G€»orge N. Cross, A. M,, Prin, 
FRANCESTOWK, Hillsboro Co., pop. 693. 
Franoestown Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Fraiik W. Cady, A. M., Prin. 
FRANCONIA, Orafton Co., pop. 655. 
Dow Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; Fred- 
erick D. Hayward, Prln. 
aiLMANTON, Belknap Co., pop. 1,100. 
Oilmanton Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
L. C. Graves, Prin. 
HAMPSTEAD, Rookingham Co., pop. 823. 
Hampstead High School; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
Charles L. Clement, Prin. 
HANOYER, Grafton Co., pop. 1.884. 
Dartmouth College; col.; men; non-sect.; est. 

1769; Rev. W. J. Tucker, D. D., Pres. 
Dartmouth Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 
est. 1798; Wm. T. Smith, LL. D., M. D., 
KINOSTON, Rockingham Co., pop. 1.132. 
Sanborn Seminary; prep,; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1883; J. Willis Kemp. A. M., Ph. 
D., Prin. 
LACONIA, Belknap Co., pop. 8,042. 
Terhune's Practical Business College; bus. and 
sten. ; W. R. Terhune, Pres. 
LANCASTEB, Coos Co., pop. 3,190. 
Lancaster Academy and High School; prep.; 
co-ed.; non-sect.; est, 1828; Willis O. 
Smith, A. B.. Prin. 
MANCHESTEB, Hillsboro Co., pop. 50,987. 
Bryant & Stratton Business College; bus. and 
sten.; est. 1865; William Heron, Jr., Prin. 
Hesser Business College; bus. and sten.; Joel 

H. Hesser, Pres. 
St. Anselm's College; col.; men; R. C. ; est. 

1893; Floriau Widman. Pres. 
St. Augustine's Academy; boys' boardijig; R. 

C. ; Brother Alpbonse, Prin. 
St. Joseph's High School; boys' boarding; 
R. C; Brother Catus, Prin. 
MERIDEK, Sullivan Co., pop. 2.'>0. 
Kimball Union Academy; prep.; co-ed.; 
(Nnig. ; KrncHt HoliHton Woodbury, Prin. 

MILTON, Strafford Co., pop. 1,625. 
Kute High School; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Arthur Thad Smith, Prin. 
MOUNT VERNON, HiUsboro Gc, pop. 453. 
McCollom Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
L. A. Bailey. A. M., Prln. 
NASHUA, Hillsboro Co., pop. 23,898. 
National Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Charles Heipel, Prop. 
St. Aleysius Aoademy; boys' boarding; R. 

C; Brother Fabian, Prin. 
St. Aloysius School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. St. Anatole, Prln. 
NEW HAMPTON, Belknap Co., pop. 852. 
New Hampton Commercial GoUege; bus. and 

sten.; Frank W. Preston, Pres. 
New Hampton Literary Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; Free Will Bapt.; Frank W. Pres- 
ton, Prin. 
NEW LONDON, Merrimack Co., pop. 768. 

Colby Academy, The; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 
Horace G. McKean, A. M., Prin. 
NORTHWOOD CENTER, Rockingham Co., pop. 
Coe's Northwood Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Edwin K. Welsh, prin. 
PEMBROKE, Merrimack Co., pop. 3.183. 
Pembroke Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect.; 
Isaac Walker, A. M.. Prln. 
PLYMOUTH, Orafton Co., pop. 1,972. 

Holderness School for Boys; boys' boarding; 
P. E.; Rev. Lorin Webster, M. A., Prin. 
New Hampshire State Normal School; nor- 
mal; state; co-ed; J. E. Klock, Prin. 
PORTSMOUTH, Rockingham Co., pop. 10,637. 
Bliss Business College; bus. and sten.; Wil- 
liam J. Lewis, Pres. 

REEDS FERRY, Hilsboro Co., pop. 250. 
McOraw Normal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; David F. Carpenter, Prin. 

SOUTH HAMPTON, Rockingham Co., pop. 297. 
Barnard High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; M. F. Mcintosh, Prin. 

TILTON, Belknap Co., pop. 1,926. 
New Hampshire Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E. ; George L. Plimpton, A. M., Prin. 

WEST LEBANON, Orafton Co., pop. 525. 
Rockland Military Academy; mil.; boys'; non- 
sect.; est. 1854; Klraer E. French, A. M., 


Population, 1,883,669. School census, 496,380. School age, 5-18. 

New Jersey is the sixteenth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,883,669 inhabitants, of whom 1,812,317, or 96.2 per cent, are white. Of 
this number, 430,050, or 22.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 5.9 per cent, the state ranking twenty-fourth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Charles J. Baxter, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Trenton 

J. Brognard Betts, Assi^ant State Superintendent Trenton 



George A. Frey Camden 

Edward E. Grosscup Wenonah 


J. Bingham Woodward Bordentown 

S. R. Morse Atlantic City 


Louis Bevier, Jr New Brunswick 

Edmund Wilson Red Bank 

fourth district. 

S. St. J. McCutchen Plainfield 

Percival Chrystie High Bridge 

fifth district. 

B. H. Campbell Elizabeth 

Charles E. Surdam Morristown 

sixth district. 

Francis Scott Patcrson 

Sweeting Miles Alpine 

seventh district. 

James M. Seymour Newark 

Everett Colby West Orange 

eighth district. 

James L. Hays Newark 

Joseph M. Byrne Newark 






Otto Crouse Jersey City 

Ulamor Allen Jersey City 


W. D. Forbes Hoboken 

Edward Russ Hoboken 


The Governor State Treasurer 

Attorney-General State Comptroller 

Secretary of State 

Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Support of Public Schools 

The state has no State Reading Circle Board, but ample provisions are made by 
the legislature for aiding school libraries, twenty dollars being appropriated the 
first year, and ten dollars each year thereafter, to each district, for this purpose. 

W. McCooK, President : Mount Holly 


Suporlntondeut's Name. Address. 
Hon. S. D. Hoffman Atlantic City. 

Pop. of 
County. Suporlntendeut's Name. Address. Goanty. 

Atlantic Hon. S. D. Hoffman Atlantic City 46,402 

Bergen John Terhune Hackensack 78,441 

Burlington Herman A. Stees Bieverly 68,241 

Camden C. S. Albertson Magnolia 107,643 

Cape May Aaron W. Hand Cape May City 13,201 

Cumberland John N. Classpell Brldgeton 61,193 

Elssex Elmer C. Sherman South Orange 369,063 

Gloucester William E. Eldridge Wllliamstown 31,906 

Hudson M. H. Kinsley Hoboken 386,048 

Hunterdon Jason S. Hoffman Flemington 34,607 

Mercer A. W. Hartwell Titusvllle 96,365 

Middlesex H. Brewster Willis New Brunswick 79,762 

Monmouth John Enright Freehold 82,067 

Morris W. B. Matthews Dover 66,166 

Ocean Peter Tilton Toms River 19,747 

Passaic Homer A. Wilcox Passaic 466,202 

Salem J. A. Wentzell Elmer 26,630 

Somerset H. C. Krebs Somervllle 32.948 

Sussex Ralph Decker Sussex 24.134 

Union W. J. Shearer Elizabeth 99.363 

Warren Franklin T. Atwood Hackettstown 37,781 


BAYONNE, Hudson Co.. pop. .'{2.722. 
Drake Business College; bus. nixl Hton.; Cluis. 

I)t*ll. Prln. ; Alhort J. (iloaHon. Pros. 
Sloan Sohool for Girls, The; ^irlH' boHnliiiK; 
non-soot.; Minsos Clarke and Klino, 

BEVERLY, Burlington Co., pop. 1,!).^>(). 

Famum Preparatory Sohool; prop.; oo-o<l. ; 
ProBb.; Janjos II. Dilks, A. M., Prln. 

BLAIRSTOWN. Warren Co., pop. K40. 

Blair Presbyterial Aoademy; prop.; oo-od.; 
Pro8b.; John S. Sharpo, Prln. 
BORDENTOWN. Burlington Co., i)op. 4.110. 

Bordentown Institute; military; non-iect.; 

Uov. TIiompHon H. Landon. Prln. 
Bordentown Female College; cloced. 
Braislin Sohool, Priioilla; girls' boarding; 

non-Root.; Miss Alioe C. Braislin, Birs. 

Mary Braislin Cooke, Prins. 

BRIDGETON, CumberUnd Co., pop. 18.913. 
Ivy Hall; frirls' boarding; non-sect.; Miss 

E. C. Bonnoy, Prin. 
Seven Gables Boarding School; closed. 
South Jersey Institute; prep.; co-ed.; Bapt.; 

W. C. IngallB. Prin. 
West Jersey Aoademy; boys' boarding; Preab.; 

Phoebus W. Lyons, Prln. 





BHTTT.T.F, MowBOvtk Co., pop. 300. 
GerlaA Aw i tom y; boys* bottrdins; non-sect.; 
D. Gerlscb, Prln. 
BUXLOfOTOV, Bviiactoa Co., pop. 7.3B2. 
St. Hut's Han; girls' boardiiig; P. EL; 

Mrs. John Fesmlej, Prin. 
YsB Boasselacr Homisary; prep.; cf>-ed.; 
Presb.; Helen M. rreemsn, Prin. 
GALDWZLL, Essex Co., pop. 1.367. 
Kiasslaj Behool; mlL; joang boys; J. R. 
Campbell, Headmaster. 
CAHDEV, Gaatdsm Co., pop. 75.9G5. 
Ateakaason B as iau ss CoUafa; bns. and sten.; 
Chaa. Bf. Abrahamaon, Pires. 
COB f JUT 8TATI0V, Karris Co., pop. 25. 
St. Joaaph Prapsratory ishsol; boja' board- 
ing; B. C; est. IMO; Slatera of Charity; 
Mother Sap«i(». 

SECXEBTOmr, ioaaez Co., pop. !..%«. 

Baalsj's W o i s Behool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. H. Seeley. Prln. 
EAST OBABOZ, Essaz Co., pop. 21,30«. 

But Olraaca lefcaol, Tha; girls' boarding; 
noB-aect.; H. Looise Underhill, Prin. 
TT.TZABrmt, Baioa Co., pop. 52,1.10, 

Laaalay B a alnass CoDaga; boa. and sten.; 
est. 1S72; James H. Lansley, Ph. D., 

Piagry leh asl , Tha; hoys' day; non-sect.; 
Walter Bandall Marsh. Prln. 

VsiaB Baafasaa CoUaga; boa. and sten.; W. 
B. Merrlman. Pre*. 

TailrBsaaa Irt aa l, Tka; girls' hoarding; non- 
sect.; Miss Laura A. Vail, Prln. 
EVfilXirOOD, Bsrgsu Co., pop. 4,25.'). 

Dwigkt Sahoal for flirla; ffirla' hoarding; 
noo-aect.; Mioses Creightnn and Farrar, 

T a ^l sasa i Sahaol for Boys, Tha; boys' board- 
log; non-sect.: James B. Parsons, Prln. 
70KT LZZ, Bsrg s u Co., pf>p. I.ftlT. 

TiitHsta of SoIt Aagals; jplrls' boardimr; 
B. C; aiater 3Cary .Vonna Dnmpby, 

irBKKItflT.'n, Wmnnonth Co., pop. 2.d^. 

r iaa t a W Klitary Sehool; mil.; young hoy it; 
MiaJ. C. M. Duncan. Supt. 

Xasaor Klitary Aoadamy; military; 
Bon-aeet.: oat. WM: Col. C. j. Wright. 
A. M., Prea. 

V Co., pr>p I 710. 

lintttBta; pr^p. : <'n-<i\. . ftapt. ; R<>ffi>r 
awetland. .\. B.. Prln. 

Co., pnp .'•!». 1414. 
A s ais iy of tha fla«rod Heart: sclrla' r>r>iir<l- 

Inff; B. C. : :<iar»»rsi -.f (^^^»r^xy. 
XalMiBm Aoadomy; pr^n -'o-'fi. . ni\n-^*fri 

Hleinrlch Kata«>r. Prln. 
Wtmmmm Taahtnta of Technology: f»*f'h : nvri . 
ao a - s ert.: est. 1^1: \>XJtniU^ (, Kuni- 
phreja. M. E.. lir. r> . i.(. U. Pw^i 

\H\y^' !vi»n11nir ri/»Ti-«»rt, . 
Wall, Prln. 
OEBY, Hodaon Co.. ^>r> 2.'!^ \^>. 

College: ;»n« ^rut 4ti'n , 
AB»ert J. ^;iM«nn P^.^n 

Ihatitate; pr>^p . •.-•-M .i/tn -w^r 
C. Stlmpta A ^f.. PrTr. 

Ugktf oot BtaMgn^Ua aadi T yfo w iIUag In^ 

stitsta; boa. and sten.; Bobert Light- 

foot, Fres. 
St. Aloysiaa Asadamy; prep.; co-ed.; B. C; 

Slaters of Charity. 
St. Potar's CoUaga; eoL; men.; B. C, eat. 

1878; Ber. Owen A. Hia K. J., Prea. 
Traiidag i sha o l for ToaalMrs; normal; state; 

JEB8ET CXTT HZX6HTB, Soborb of Jersey 


non-sect.; Carl A. Granper, Prln. 
ULKEWOOD, Oasaa Co., pop. 2,800. 
Lakawaod lehasl, Tha; boya' boarding; aoa- 

sect.; Edward P. Harrla, Ph. D., Prtai. 
Oaka, Tha; glrla' boardlag; noo-aeet.; B. T. 

Ferrington, Prln. 
LAWBUICB V ILLS, Hsrsar Co., pop. 207. 
LawraaaaviUa i sh oo l ; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; mmon J. 3€cPhersoa, D. D., Prin. 
LOH« BBAHCK, Maaaiath Co., pop. 8.873. 
•car of tha Soa Asajsiy; glrla' boardiiig; 

B. C; Slater 3C Imehia, Prln. 
KATAWAV. KawMvth Co., pop. 1.511. 

filaawood laatttata; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect.; 

est. 1840; Caaper G. Brower, Prea. 
flUIVTCLAIB, Easaz Ca., pop. 13,9«I2. 

Clovarsida Sahaol; glrla' boarding; P. E.; 

Elisabeth Tlmlow, Prln. 
Moatohiir Klitary Joadamy; miUtary; non- 
sect.; John O. MacTiear, SiipC. 
KOOBZVrOWH, BnrliagtOK Co., pop. 3.000. 
Frioada' Aoadamy; prep.: co-ed.; Frienda; 

Wm. F. Orerman, Prln. 
Frianda' Sgh fchoal; prep.; cived.; Frienda; 

John is. Emhree. A. M.. Prln. 
KOBBIfTOWV, Morria Co., pop. 11,287. 
Morria Aoadamy; hoys' boarding; non-aect.; 

Hattj W. Landfear. Prln. 
HorriatowB fchooL; prep.; boys; non-sect.; eat. 

1808; Franda Woodman, A. B.. Bead 

Sohool for TooBg Ladiaa; glrla' boarding; 

non-Kecr. ; Miss E. Elisabeth Dana, Prln. 
KOmrr BOIXT, BorUagtan Co., pop. 4,500. 
Honnt Holly Aoadamy; boya' boarding; mrn- 

*^.: I. C. Pla, Prln. 
B7WABH, Zsaax Co., pop. 210,070. 
Coloma« HatUnal Buainosa CoUaga; boa. 

Mful i«r«»n. ; *mt. 1802; J. Kogler. Jr.. 

Mawark Aoadamy; \my^' *luy: nnn-tmrt.: item- 

twi \. Karraiul and Wllaon Farrand. 

I f<*a(troastarm, 
Bowark Bormal and Traiwing Sshssi ; normal; 

-tiitTf. I'n-iit.: J«i«#>ph Clark, Prea. 
Witvmrk Samiaary; glrla' hoarding: non-aect.; 

,iitn« FrsncMs Whltmore. Prln. 
Bewark Toahaioal fchoal; tKcta. : r*o-ed. : nna* 

4#*cf.; i-nt. I«HC- flimrU-n A. ColfaHi. B. M., 

Bew Stmmff CoUaga ctt Tbmrmmer; phar : tit- 

••'I. . *^t.. IHOZ, Pbilenfin E. Hommell, 

0t. Banadlofs fchoal; ooL: men: B. C; eaC 
imH ^ieorgft Beln. S. B., Prea. 

it. Harr* Aoadamy; glrla' boarding; B. C; 
AimtMr M. Catherine. 




Bt. Vinoant'i Actadsmy; girls' boirdlngr; R. C 
■abool for Oirli; prirls' boarding; uuii-e^i't.; 

Ulaa Annn P. I'ownBCDd, Priti. 
Wo&d'i Call«ffe ; ban. nud fttea. ; Sttplito 1. 
Wcwv!, Pff'rt. 
NEW BSXmaWXCK. Mlddlfiiex Oft., pop, 2U.- 

Aiiftblii'i SohooL MUi^ iirep. ; cfi-edn^ non- 

m-vl . : Th i' M I nHei? A rin Ijle . 
]f<w Bruniwiok ButineM College; hun^ hehI 

lT6e; AWBtln Scwtt, Ph. !>.» LL. D., 

XutB«ri Collefv rr«pftr&tflr:y School; prep.: 

iy)-rd. ; rinii.!H(^rL ; FAUt R. Pa^^rton, Prln. 
Bt. Afuet Aoftdamf^ pr^p. ; 4t>LHl. ; H. C; 

SiwtHT Mrtrj- GrHri*. Prlii. 
NEW ORAKGEp Unlttu Co., imp. 110. 

FpMrlir ColLfiffe; prE'ii. ^ cu-ed. ; Luth.; L. U. 

BfHk, Pi]. 11., Pri*«. 
NEWTOir, Buuex Co., piiip. 4/J.7Q. 

Neirton CoU«fUte Oolleffi; tniya' iHturdLiig; 

wrt.: PUlllp Wllfti'li, PHii. 

QAANGE, Eii4X Co., Ii^ip, 24. H1. 

Bd&rd'B SoboDl for CirU^ Hiu; iflrl»' btjiird- 

liiu; MNrt HfArd. Vrlii. 
Dearborn Uorffmn Sobool; i>roi>. ; t-oeil,; mni- 

at'vt.; riiiviil A, Kt-iipdj. Pli. D.. Ably 

R. MorffftPr 1*iiiiH. 
Doit's ichuol, Mri. : glH^' ^Hjnrdlng; Ooh- 

flpit.; >trB. Nancy H. I>ijrr, Prliu 
Kowm&n SfihODl, Tbet biiys' bnqrdliiff; B. C; 

csr. irHtfi: .itum A. Uyrke, A. M., Prtn. 
PABBAIC. pMnaio Co., pop. 27.7T1. 

PftJMio CollerimU Bohool; pi^p; co-ed.; wofi- 

H<>i 1 ; X. [^mlNi' iJujikLand, Prill. ^ 
PATZBSON, P»fliic Co.. iwii. liiB,171, 

Columbii- Colleso; hiia. uiid btcn.; Goo. Qnk- 

FfttarftDn HiHt&ry SohooL, Tk«^ mUlturj; uoq- 

«'-i't.; LiiKidii A, RrtfyctTH. A. M., Siipt- 
FAUnon Normul Trmlnins School: normal; 

city; ('<>-i'd.; Jf^Hsw H. Burkni, Prla, 
Fblllipi Sohoolt Ths; buH. and ati^n.; T. H. 

rbilllps. I*roa. 
FEHNIMOTOK, Marcer Co., iwjti^ 7^*3. 

Pflniiintti^n Sominiiri pff'p.; ri»-fd. ; M. K.; 

(vrti. tS,{h: Itev. JiittiPH Wllllunj MflrMbiiLI. 

D, tt., l*rpfi. 
PtAIKFIEU), Uaion Co.* pr^p. l5.?Wft. 
l>i.l'i fiohool for Boy»; Imya' Inmrdlnff; tion- 

i^<ct,: .ri>liii L«"!il, Frln. 
PUlnfleld Bacineaa CoUsret btiH. utid iitcii.; 

A. A, rjHlpH. PM'rt, ; A. (\ PhHpt*, Mgr, 
Pltinfleld SemlBAry; fflrlK" lw>nrdliis; aan- 

Ht-ri.: MlKH K. E. K^^ii^DU, Mlra L. B. 

Anmld, Prlna. 
FOMPTONh P«»mo Co., i>.»p. J70. 
Be ItUlo Prvp^riLtorr Bchool; girU" Imnnllni^: 

non-iwcr.; Mrs. 11. i\ IK- MUlk*. t*rlii, 
PEIXCETON, Meroor t^., i^H' ^^B0«. 

Princeton PrepArmtorj Bohdel* Tha : Im*>'** 

bitjirdlnK: rn^ii -scit ; J, H. Pino, Prlti. 
7riEL««t<in Summer Bobi»ol; prt+p.; uou^Hi't. ; 

rAhviu \v \Unvii, A, M,, Prln. 

FHaofttoa UaiTariit?; iitilv.; men; uon-ndtt.', 

vni. t74a; Woinlniiv WUwtn, Pb. D., Lltt. 

!>,, LL. D.. Pri'f^, 
RED BANK, Mopmouth Co.. pop. 5.428. 

Calhoun 'C)iamberla.ln Bqhoolp Tba; filrla' 

buiLnllTSK^ iL^ni-fU'Ct. ; MIhej CaLhouJi, MtM 

Cb u d bor ] u i II , I' r 1 na. 
eALEM, Bal«m Co.. imp, 5.811. 
SB.lom Friends' Sohool; pri'p. ; cu-ed.; Frletids; 

AJiiry V. Itiildwln, Prln. 
SHOBT HILLB. E«Bex Co., pap. mm, 
Cftrteret B«hdol; rli>i»L>d. 
Short HUlft Bflhnol, The; pri^p.: e«» cd. : nun- 

scit.; ilL-ury F, TwtttJioll. Hend-Mna- 

SOUTH ORAKGE. Et4flx Co,, pop. 4.4tiYS. 

B«ldwiD Jk Keldon'i Bobool; prep.; uo-ed.l 

iiun-at'tt.; Mtits Alk'P K. Jat-kiioti. A. M., 

KoDtTOio Bohofil for QiiU*, glrlR' bcmnllnR; 

iirii]-Ften-L : Mrs. L. L. M. Brytint, Trln. 
Soton 1Jm.I\ Coilagfl; c^iL; lai-iii; R. C; i^t. 

tsriti: lit. Hfv. John A. StnlTor^. Treii. 
iirMMIT. Union Co.* pap. 5/14 iS. 
Kent FlAce Sobool; fiflrliii' buHrdlns; pqii-iiect.; 

Mrs. .Sarah W. Pnul. Prln. 
Bmlnt George 'i H&ll; bay 8' boarding; UArtmati 

Nnylni% lifrtd Jlnrtti-r. 
Biimmit Aoftdem;? brvja.' bimrdhigf; uou-M^C't. ; 

Juuifd. Heard, A- M., Prln. 
TENAFLir. B«rffen Co., pop. 1,74«, 

B4rkat«y Aea-damy for Boyt; iioy^' bfiardiug: ;, 

pri*p.; Iti'v. Juin<"B I. Camt-nin, M* Am 

Pi in. 

TBENTONp iCeroer Co., pop. 7X30T. 

Duj^uy Sohool for Boy*; prep.i Iwyw; non- 
Beet.; c*it. 1S?*4; E. Dupuy Montaoji*, Fb, 
D. . PPes. 

Vow Jarnay BUtfi KorniAl Sohool; normal; 
BlJittN ro^pd,; Jiimi'B M. Greun, Fb. D.» 

S^ool't HDitounoamautH — The Nnrmal 
Sc'buol In n profeBBl+nml !^chiwl devotntl 
to Ibu pn'parHibjn of TxaacJipm for Ihv 
Public 8eho«J» of New J*^raey. lia t.-ourBe 
Involvf'B a thoruuirh kniiwh^lEe of aiil»- 
Ject-mattter. the ffit^iiUloB «f mind. «ti«J 
bow met to prfiiewt thiit BuhJei't-matttT 
QH lo I'onforoi to The laws of ixii<ntiil de* 
Toloptiiunt. The Slodi*! School la ii thor- 
ough Aeademlf* Tmbilnjf School, prirpHm- 
tory ti> fcdJcB^S bnHlnPMi or the druw- 
Ing-roiini, Tho aibools nr*" well pr^TldtHj 
with appnratnp fnr all klndit of work, 
litbiimtorli'ii. iuannnl tm In hi if rtHini. ^ym- 
naKlnni. etc. The copt per y^ar f^it 
boMrder«. Inclndlim iMtHrd, wjiBhliiic, lal- 
tlon, biKik]*. elc. U frnui 1154 1« «l«Wi 
In thi? Normnl. fiod *3i>fi in tbe ModeL 

Rldar-Xooro ■.nd Stamrt SehMl &f Builaou^ 
hue. and jiteis, ; r. B. Mijore. Prcn, 

St. Fnnoli OoUasa; in^ya* tKiardlniE; R. C; 
ReT. I>iiinnilnie ttenter. I J. D,. Prln. 
WOODfiTOWtr, Salam Cn., imp. l,Ml. 

Bacon Acmdamy; prpp; eo-vd.; Friendi; Laura 
Ih Garrett, Prln. 


Population, 195,310. School census, 67,242. School age, 5-21. 

New Mexico is the forty-fifth of the states and territories of the Union in 
point of population, having a total of 195,310 inhabitants, of whom 180,207, or 92.3 
per cent, are white. Of this number 13,261, or 6.8, are foreign born. The percentage 
of illiteracy of the entire population is 32.2, the territory ranking forty-seventh in 
this respect. The educational system of the territory is as follows : 

J. Franco Chaves, Superintendent of Public Instruction Santa Fe 


The Governor Santa Fe 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Santa Fe 

President of St. Michael's College Santa Fe 

President of the University of New Mexico Albuquerque 

President Silver City Normal School Silver City 

Maggie J. Bucher E. Las Vegas 

President College Agr. & Mechanic Arts Las Cruces 

President — Hon. M. A. Otero, Governor. 

Secretary — ^J. Franco Chaves, Superintendent of Public Instruction. 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Bernalillo E^slavlo Vigil Albuquerque 88 

Chaves J. McL. Gardiner Roswell i 38 

Oolfax W. A. Chapman Baton 50 

Dona Ana Albert J. Fountain Las Cruces 23 

EJddy M. P. Kerr Carlsbad 24 

Grant Alvan N. White Silver City 34 

Leonard Wood Fred L. Braun Santa Rosa 36 

Lincoln E. J. Coe White Oaks 18 

Luna U. Francis Duff Deming 11 

McKinley I. H. Coddington Gallup 12 

Mora Rafael Romero Mora 48 

Otero J. E. Edgington Alamogordo 30 

Quay Milnor Rudulph Tucumcari 

Rio Arriba Silviano Roybal ^...Tierra Amarilla 53 

Roosevelt J. C. Llewellyn ."...Portales 3 

Sandoval J. B. Archuleta Sandoval 6 

San Juan O. C. McEwen Farmington 25 

San Miguel Jesus M. Quintana Las Vegas 82 

Santa Fe John V. Conway Santa Fe 52 

Sierra Francisco Luna y Garcia.... Hillsboro 17 

Socorro A. C. Torres Socorro 41 

Taos Antonio B. Trujillo Taos 33 

Union Luciano Castillo Clayton 28 

Valencia Jesus C. Sanchez Los Lunas 41 






ALBUaVE&aTTE, BenialiUo Co., pop. 6.238. 
St. Yinoent Academy; girls' boarding; R. C. ; 

est. 1882; Sister Angela Murphy, Prln. 
University of Kew Mexico; unlv.; co-ed.; 
ter; est. 1892; W. G. Tight, Pres. 
LAS CRUCES, Donna Ana Co., pop. 1,200. 
Visitation Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Albertlna. 
LAS VEGAS, San Miguel Co., pop. 3,552. 
De La Salle Institute; prep.; men; R. C; 

est. 1880; Brother Arthcmlan, Pres. 
New Mexico Normal UniTersity: normal; 
state; eo-cd. ; Edmund J. Vert, Pres. 
BOSWELL, Chaves Co., pop. 2>,040. 

New Mexico MiUtory Institute; military; 
non-sect.; Col. James W. Wlllson. Supt. 
SANTA FE, Santo Fe Co., pop. 5,603. 
Loretto Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

Sister M. Lucia, Prln. 
St. Michaers College; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Brother Botnlph, Prln. 
SILVER CITY, Grant Co., pop. 2,735. 
Normal School of New Mexico; normal; 
state; co-ed.; C. M. Light, Ph. D., Pres. 
SOCORRO, Socorro Co., pop. 1,512. 
New Mexico School of Mines; mln.; men; 
state; est. 1889; Charles RolUn Kcyos, 
A. M., Ph. D., Pres. 


Population, 7,268,012. School census, 1,806, 940. School age, 5-18. 

New York is the first state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 7,268,012 inhabitants, of whom 7,156,881, or 98.5 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 1,889,523, or 26 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 5.5 per cent, the state ranking nineteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows: 

Andrew S. Draper, State Commissioner of Education Albany 

After April i, 1904. 
Regents of the University of the State of New York : 

Term of Office. 

Albert Vander Veer, M. D., Albany i year 

St. Clair McKelway, Brooklyn " 2 years 

William Nottingham, Syracuse 3 years 

Daniel Beach, Watkins 4 years 

Eugene A. Philbin, New York City 5 years 

Charles A. Gardiner, New York City 6 years 

Edward Lauterbach, New York City 7 years 

T. Guilford Smith, Buffalo 8 years 

Whitelaw Reid, New York City 9 years 

Pliny T. Sexton, Palmyra 10 years 

Charle S. Francis, Troy 11 years 

None. Duties all performed by Commissioner of Education. 

None. Selection of text-books left to local school authorities. No state super- 

None. Local reading circles. 

The state has 717 public libraries, more than a thousand school libraries, and 
more than a thousand traveling libraries, thus carrying to 95 per cent of her people 
the benefits of the best books of all time, free to the reader. 

James M. Edsall, President 8418 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 




Richard A. Searing, Secretary 478 Alexander St., Rochester 

W. H. Benedict, Treasurer 508 West Third St., Elmira 

F. D. BoYNTON, Superintendent of Exhibits Ithaca 


County. Gommlssioner's Name. Address. County. 
Albany Charles D. Niver South Bethlehem 165,571 

William J. Haverly West Berne 

John D. White Altamont 

Allegany George W. D'Autremont ...Hume 41,501 

John D. Jones Cuba 

Broome J. Edward Hurlburt Port Crane 69,149 

Brwin B. Whitney Chenango Forks 

Cattaraugus Christina McLennan Franklinville 65,643 

Sylvanus A. Pcavy Great Valley 

George E. Waller Little Valley 

Cayuga Herbert T. Morripon Weedsport 66,234 

George W. Atwater Moravia 

C^tautauqua Pratt E. Marshall Sherman 88,314 

Winfield A. Holcomb Fredonia 

Judson S. Wright Falconer 

Chemung George T. Miller Van Btten 54,063 

Chenango :e. Everett Poole Lincklaen Center. 36,568 

Delos Van Woert Afton 

Clinton Oliver A. Wolcott Keeseville 47,430 

Frank C. Agrnew Plattsburg 

Columbia William H. SIglar North Germantown ...43,211 

Hugh 1. Fish Chatham 

Cortland Luke J. McEvoy Cortland 27,576 

Ernest W. Childs Homer 

Delaware Frank L. Ostrander Masonville 46,413 

James A. GJow Bovina Center 

Dutchess Frederick E. Benedict Billings 81,670 

William R. Tremper Rhinebeck 

Erie John H. Meahl Sloan 433,680 

William E. Pierce Willink 

William E. Bensley Springville 

Essex L. Whitney Safford Essex 30,707 

Edward J. Owen Port <H]enry 

Franklin John S. Bizel Malone 42,853 

Alexander Macdonald St. Regis Falls 

Fulton Clarence E. Van Buren Idayfleld 42.842 

Genesee Charles W. Stickle Batavia 34.561 

Greene Orin Q. Flint Athens 31,478 

J. I^wis Patrie Coxsackie 

Hamilton Charles B. Hanley Wells 4,947 

Herkimer Minnie A. Wooster Newport 51,049 

James H. J. Watkins East Schuyler 

Jeffcrscn Charles M. Pierce Adams 76,748 

D. D. T. Marshall Redwood 

Everett A. Chick Sacket Haibor 

Lewis Daniel H. O'Brien Constableville 27,427 

Hon. Addison L. Clark Copenhagen 

Livingston Scott L. McNInch Conesus • 37,059 

Ralph J. Cranmer Dansville 

Madison Carlos J. Coleman Madison 40,545 

Isaac N. Clements Cazenovia 

Monroe James A. Harris Penfleld 217,854 

Frod W. Hill Spencerport 

Montgomery Arthur W. Smith St. Johnsville 47,488 

Nassau James S. Coolcv Glen Cove ^.448 

Niajrara WJlliam C. Metcalf R. F. D. 6, I-K)ckport... 74,961 

William D. RansomvIUe 

Oneida Charles A. HIgley Stittville 192,800 

William J. Lewis Westmoreland 

Daniel J. Covell Durhamville 

Frank E. NIess Boonville 

Onondnpra Manford D. Green Liverpool 1«>7,735 

John J. Jewell East Onondaga 

George T. Fugglo Jamesville 





County. Commissioner's Name. 

Ontario John H. Stephens 

Albert C. Aldridge 

Orange George W. Flood 

William P. Kaufmann . 

Orleans Herbert R. Glidden ... 

Oswego Thomas O. Young 

Willard C. Richards .... 

H. Irving Pratt 

Otsego Floyd S. Lowell 

W. Irving Bolton 

Putnam James H. Brocks 

Rensselaer Benjamin W. File 

Edwin S. Comstock 

Rockland Jonathan W. Sherwood 

St. Lawrence William T. Clark 

Walter E. Andrews 

Albert J. Fields 

Saratoga Frank L. Smith 

; fWilliam W. Bates 

Schenectady James Wingate 

Schoharie William H. Long 

Silas Springstead 

Schuyler Frank L. Miller 

Seneca Wilmer S. Wilson 

Steuben Daniel F. Hiler 

Fred J. Smith 

W. Seward Meeks 

Suffolk Charles H. Howell 

Millard H. Packer 

Sullivan James Hall 

Henry J. Knoll 

Tioga Oscar Granger 

Tcmpkins Edward W. Updike 

Libbie J. Sweetland 

Ulster Charles Clum 

Melvin G. Rhodes 

John M. Schoonmaker . 
Warren Frank M. Starbuck 

Hon. James L. Fuller ., 
Washington James Gibson, Jr 

Myra L. Ingalsbe 

Wayne Ida E. Cosad 

Albert H. McMurray .. 
Westchester John C. Rockwell 

Bertha E. H. Berbert 

George H. Covey 

Wyoming Charles A. Lewis 

Charles C. McCall 

Yates N. Winton Palmer 

Pop. of 
Address. Goanty. 

.Clifton Springs 49.605 


.Highland Falls 103,859 

.Port Jervis — 

.R. F. D. 1. Holley.... 30,164 

..New Haven 70,881 



..Schenevus 48,939 


.Garrison 13,787 

. .Raymertown 121,697 

.!spring Valley '!;.'!!!!!.*! 38,298 

. .Hailesboro 89,083 

. . Plerrepont 

. . Winthrop 

, . Birchton 61,089 


..Princetown 46,852 

..Gilboa 26,854 


..North Hector 15,811 

..Ovid 28,114 

..Prattsburg 82,822 


. .Canlsteo 

..Riverhead 77,582 


. .Narrowsburg 32,306 

..Livingston Manor 

..Oswego 27,951 

. .Trumansburg 33,830 


..Saugerties 88,422 

..Port Ewen 

. .Accord 

..Glens Falls 29,943 

..North Creek 

..Salem 45,624 


..Wolcott 48,660 

. .Walworth 

..Port Chester 183,375 

. . Hastings-on-Hudson . . 


. . Johnsoriburg 30,413 

. .Eagle 

..Penn Yan 20,318 


ALBANY, Albany Co., pop. 94.151. 

Academy of the Holy Name; prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; Sister M. Elizabeth, Prln. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; est. 1S52; Madame Margaret 
Moran, Superior. 

Albany Academy, The; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Henry P. Warren, Prln. 

Albany Buaineu College; bus. and sten.; Jno. 
B. Carnell, Pres. 

Albany College of Pharmacy, Union UniTer- 
•ity; phar. ; co-ed.; est. 1881; Theodore 
J. Bradley, Ph. G., Sec. 

Albany Female Academy; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Ester Louise Camp, Prln. 

Albany Law School, Union University; law; 
men; est. 1851; J. Newton Flero, LL. D., 

Albany Medical College; med.; reg.; men; 

est. 1838; Willis G. Tucker, M. D., Reg- 
Christian Brothers' Academy; boys' boarding; 

R. C; Rev. Brother Jerome, Prln. 
Female Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' 
• boarding; R. C; Madame M. Moran, Prln. 
New York State Library School; library; 

co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 1887; Melvil 

Dewey, M. A., LL. D., Pres. 
New York State Normal College; normal; 

state; co-ed.; William J. Milne, Ph. D., 

LL. D., Pres. 
St. Agnes' School; girls' boarding; P. E.; 

Miss Ellen W. Boyd, Prin. 
St. Joseph's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Brother Anselm, Prin. 

ALFHED, Alie^nr Co., fxip, 75^. 
Alfred AfindeDij; prpp-: co-^hI. ; iiOH-iWift. ; C«t, 

1S30; Efirl T. SmimilprBf A. M., Frill* 
Alfrvd Tb«olofjcal Sflmiiiiry; thooL; ei>-(*d. ; 
7th Day Ilppt.; est. 1002; Arthur E. 
Mflln. A. M., U* Dm Ufun. 
Alfiod tTDiTflriiiiy; roL; t'o-ed.; non-sect* » etiU 
1836: Roy. B<}ot]]« G. DatIs. M* A.* Pb. 
D., PreB. 
ALLEGAXY, Gi^tUnu^i C{»., |>op. 2.0eO. 

it^ BonAventur«^> CoU9fffl> coL; umii; B* 0«; 
eat. lB5t>; V^rr lie v. Joseph Butl«r, 0. S, 
St* Ellxmbflth'B Aoadamy; ghU* hoatdiDg; R. 
C; Mother M. Tert-an, IMti* 
AUSTEHBAM, KontgomfiTr Co., pap. 20,020. 
St* KJtrF'i CathoUo InptitutA; prep.; co-od.; 
It. 0,1 KtHter MiireolI&, Prln. 
AmtAIWA^E. DutohAis Co., pap, 119. 

Btp Stephsn'ft CaUfif«; col.; meji] P* ^,; est^ 
Iftttff; lU'V. Thciuias U Ilarrli, t»* D., 
AlTTWEHP^ l«>fffir»oii Co., pop. &20. 

Aatwerp Kifh School^ pi-pp.; I'owl.^ Mt>th.: 
v&i. ISS^: Albert Tyler Rouck. A. M.. Prln, 
AITEORA, G&yttfm Go*f pop. &&r>. 

Cmyngft L«ks Andemr; prep.^ to-ed.^ noa- 

oect,; Altwrt Sobwb, A. M*. Prlii» 
WaU* Cii11«£aj womo'ii; non-Beet*; eat. 1S6S» 
J. W. Freley, Prea, 
BATATIA, Oenewo Co,» pop. 04SO. 
St. Jasvpb's Ac»4emio School; pt'ep.; cc»-ed*; 
U. 0.; Ii5 later M. Htilftha, Prln. 
BELLEVILLE, AUfigmnr Go*, pop. 3Si. 
Union Academy of BeUsviUii; prep.; co-ed*; 
iionseet; Clydt? ti* Ha r ray* Frln. 
BEDFORD ^ WeitohBitBr Co., pop. 232. 

Badfard AcAdemy; prpp* ; ro-ed, ; nou-Heqt^; 
est* l&inj; Alfred D. PiirtridgR, presn 
BIHGHAMTOK, Broorae Co., pop. 30.fl4T* 

BArLow Bch^l of Indiutriftl Artt^ Indqji. ; co- 
i!d.; uou sect. ; est. ISOG; VlDtoo S, P»e8«- 
ler, A. M.* Ptln. 
Blnib&intoii School of Builneftit; hma. &ad 

BtPii.; l>i-. Jno* F. Riley, Pres. 
Lady Jkna Qroy Sohool, The^ flrla' hoarding; 

iioa-aect. ^ Mi-a. Jane Grey Hyde, Prla. 
St. Jdiflph't At^dvmy; f^UW boardlng^; R* C. ; 
SUter M. Joseph ^ Prln. 
BBIBGEHAMFTOST, Suffulk Go., pap* 1,394. 
Lltsr^iT «nd CommeroUl Inititute; pres^. ; 
co-ed*; iitinvBflet ; Lewis W. Httlleek. Pfln. 
BEOCKPORT, Mouth Co.. pop. 3.3ft8. 

StAta NormAl mnd Trfciolnff Sobool; normil; 
mate; f^j-ed. ; David Euffeoe Bmlt^, Ph. D,, 
BEQOELYN. Ein^i Co., imp. 3.166,582. 

Ad«lphl Art Sohoot; art; J. B. Wliit taker, 

blr**i'tiir. LufiiyKle Aw. 
Adalpm CoUofv; lol.; (»(>ed.; uou-a^rt.; est. 
ISWJ; €liRrk*i li. U'venuftre* B. A.. Ph. 
Dh, I'rt-H,; I^fayettii Ave., oor, St. 
James PL 
Amarioui Bohool of Elocution; vlar, o«l. 
mmt; WiiltiT V. Holt, PrlQ., 945 CUu- 
toii Aft*, 

Bodford Ao&deta? ; fiTep. ; co-i?d. ; 

iioorpe tlodemtin. A. M*. Ptl. 

0:i N'ew York Aire. 
Bedford Initltuta; prep.; i^lrls; Miiia M* T, 

1*111 dy* Prhi., 2:21 McDouough St, 
Berkelay Laitituta; girls' boarding; non-aect.; 

,Tiilla W. AhertH'tliy. Ph. D., Prin.t 1S6 

Lincoln PL 
Blackman'i School; bus. and aten.; F. B. 

Blavkiuiui. Pirlii., 74J7 Halse^y Bt 
Bodman Sobool for (Hrli; rlfla' boardinf; 

noii-d«ct. ; Ml«a Bc^fte M. Bodman, Prln.* 

36 Monroe PL 
BroToort School. Tb«; prep.; co-ed. i non- 

at^ti.; Adeline M. Kllploi?. M. A.* Prtn*. 

730 Noatrnnd Av, 
Brooklyn Art Bcbool; art; WilUnm Et* Snj- 

tlt^r. Curator, 2Jfl Kultoii £it. 
Brooklyn Colleff« ef Hualc; mita.; E, Ad<»lf 

WbUiHaw, Director, C33 FrankUn Atb. 
Brooklyn GoUegfl of Fh»rm*cy; phnr*; eo-ed, ; 

eat. li^Ol; Kllfia IL ]3artley. Dean, 205 

NoRtrmid Ave, 
Brooklyn Hfli^litB Samlnijyj; fftrta* boardtn^; 

hoii-sert.; Minn C. H. Ooltoij, Prln.. 1S8 

31oiita^ue ^t. 
Brookljrn Htll Inatituta: tsirh* boardlnfi:: non- 

gyct. ; U. U. llolmeii. Prin., 429 Cloaaon 

BrooklyD Law School; law; incp; cat* JOOt; 

W. Payeou Rlehardiaon, Dean. 1ST Mon- 
tagu l> Et, 
Browno'i Brooklyn Buiineui CoIIakv; bns* 

urid Bteri.; est. lS5ft; T. R. Hrown**, 

Prln., 24a Fulton St. 
Gharlaa Commaroial Bchool; bua. and aten. ; 

eat. 18U3; Wm, V. Cbarlps, Prea.. 472 

Franklin Ave* 
Clafhom'i Bryant ^ Btrfttton Sualnoia Col- 

Iflffa; bua. and atim.; €* ClJiKborn, Prea.. 

cor. Fulti>ii nnd Bedford Aves. 
BlHnwood Boht>oU ntt^n ; 201 Montofue St. 
Feniale tnititnt« of th? Tiiitatlon! s^tIk* 

boiirdlnff; B. €.; Slater PhlLomene de 

Chantal, Prln,. cor. 2od Ave* an4 80tta 

Frfandi' School; prep.; eo-ed. ; Suaan P* Peck- 

tiaro, Prln., 302 Schurmerhorn Bt. 
Froebel Acadoniy; prop.; eo-ed. ; Cbarlea H* 

fhadwlek, PrJn., ttS7 Lafriyette At**. 
Garrotfa School for Younc^ Ladiaa and Chil- 
dren; sirla' honrdlnif; noti aet't. ; Mlaa M* 

IL Gnrrott, Prln, 
Grand Italian Gomflrratory of Muiio ; njua* : 

R, E. de ytefanl. IHr^rtor, Mi£ State St. 
Haifa Sebool for tlirli. Itlia; glrla' hoard- 

Itig; uon-ttint.; Alias Clara F. Hall. Prln., 

no Monroe PL 
Hanau CoUofo of ICuaia; mna.; Matirlre Z. 

Till nun. Plreit**, 41S Monroe. 
Hafflty Sobool; biiH. and aten/; Norman P* 

1lK>ttli-y. Prof., 245 Ryeraan St. 
Kjnchcliffe'a Oollefa of lCu»lc[ mna.; ett. 

IJ^TP: A. ninrJjclinr^, Dh-crtar. SKIT St^^t- 

nif^rharti Rt* 
Kliilok'i Builuaac InatttutA; hns. And «teh. ; 

^et 1»00; W. A. Klaalck. Prln*, 4© 

Isind PI. 
Knapp Kanaion Sohool; prep*; eo-ed.; M. 1. 

Bogart Pfln,, iiO* Bedford Are. 





Lfttin Bahaulf Tbe; boys; dny: ucrii-aoct. ; Dr^ 

€iiBkiti UurHmjii, M. A., Friti., 40 Mou- 

roe PL 
LookwiKtd Aoadflmy; prep.; f^u-ed. ; E. J. 

Carr, PHii.. im 9/ Oxford St. 
Xonff Xilaad BuiLnau Gollsffl: hnv, und Ktt-u.; 

eat. 3S72: nenry L\ WH^hL Prea., U^ 

S. Stli St. 
Long Iiluid C(»ll«c« Haspital Ifadiciil CoUsfe; 

med. ; rcg. ; men; est. ISQO; Jiirrlii S. 

Wight, LL. D., Ik-aii.K eof. Henry and 

]fii.ltl)7 Home And Day Bohool^ Katharine L*; 

l^irlit: MIftH Kiittiurltic L, MttlLh>, Priu., 

im Jrnal^mon St. 
KiuarB* Biumaii AiHidam?^ Imii. iind ist<sn.; 

M. h. Miner, Pli. D,, Prin., ®ij7 Halaej 

MflU«Tdiauer Conivrratory of Xiiiio; mua.; 

est. IH^; lli^ury MolliMiljiiiier, Director, 

T"i Llvliisstoii ^t. 
ITativity Acirdemy; pri'p, ; ro-rtL: H. C, ; Sla- 
ter M. HiisiL t'rln,, 20 M«aii*<;iJj St. 
Ifew York Commeroiikl and Bt«iiorra]^bia 

Sobool; bUB. uiMl fltcii,; Pbllkp B. Glb- 

scui, PrfS., 320 Buliibrldgt'. 
Ifew York French Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 

LouU S. Thin J Her, Prlp.^ 2(Kl Joni lemon 

K&w York FrepaAtoiy Bcbool; prep.; co-ed.; 

K. K. PE?i]tif),vei\ f'rln,, SO GlArkeon St. 
O'Brifin^i Bkortkhnd School; Hteti. ; TK 3. 

O'Brien, PrliL, 151 Garaeld PL 
FAgkfir CollflsUtB Inmtitate; jrlrla" boiirdlng; 

iKJii Hoct; i'st. ]>L5a; Truman J. Bftukua. 

LL, D,, Pr<^e., lTt> Jtifateiuoii St, 
Pbelpa' ICuiical Xoatitute; nms,; B. G. 

PbeliiH, l>Jrect<»r, 24 Greenu A to. 
Polytftahnio Inititut« of Bf^oklyn; teeii.; 

men; non-Rert, ; eat, 1854; Henry Sanger 

Snow. LL. IK. Pri>«,, SO Llvlnsston St. 
Polytftcbnio Prepmratory Sobool; prpp.; tocli.; 

boys; I., t'. Hull, Prln., 00 LlTlngston 

Prttt Inatitutttj prop,; co-ed.; Chprlea M. 

Prntt, PrL'S., 215 Ujirauu St. 
Brttt laatLtute Hifh Siabool; prcp.r co-ed.; 

non-seiL; LulhtT tliiilcli. Priti., 21 S Ry- 

TtampBnt HftiffhU Suliaol; boys' boai-dhig; 

non-acft^; 11. E. Ewiild. Prin., ^.1 Pros- 
pect Aye. 
He^ranta Ipitltuta, The; prtjp. ; co-ed ►; nnn- 

Beet.; ElinLT E. J.>hsi8on. Prin., 225 Lin- 
coln PL 
Konnd^s Bahaol for Gfrli, Mlii; girls' board- 

Jtig; nnn-m'ct; MIsh Christ Inn Bounds. 

Prki.^ 525 CI! (linn Avi', 
Bt. Afnei' Btiminaj-y: gMa' boa riling; R. C; 

SiBtiT M. fell-*! It no, Superior, 2S3 Union 

St. Ambroie'a Aoadamy; fflrls; day; Slaters 

'>f St. Joaeph, im DeKiilb Ave. 
Bt. Catherlnt'i Rail; girls' t>rijanlln(j; P, J^, ; 

MlHH Conro, PHn., SSfl Wnatilnjftoti Atp. 
St, Frmnds €oUejr«; col.: iDf'ii t R. C; eat. 

1H50; liniithr-r Jeroun-. i>. S. F., 41 Biit- 

Icr uiid .KMi Baltic. 
St, Jvnat Aoadamy; boyt' bo&rdln^; R. l^.; 

Brother CastoTli. Prtn., 241 Jay St. 

St* Jmmei Commaroial School ; hns, and atpn. ; 

n. CvTil, rrc9,, 241 Jtty St. 
it. John'! Collets; eoL; men; R, C; cat. 

ISHi; Jimifft J. SiiUlvftrip Phea,, cor. 

\^'llluu'gbby mid Lew la Area. 
Bt, Thomaa A^uiiiai Aoademy; prep.; ca-ed. ; 

U. C; Slater Mary Anna, Prln., 0th, 

cor, (tt 4tii Ave. 
Slack's School of BCutlc; nme.; B. Slae-k, Di- 
rer trfr, liTtS t'liti'ti Avt^ 
Stern's School of Lan^a^ei; hing.; B^ M. 

Slern, Dlr(>e'M>r, ITT Montiigne St. 
Tealft'* SchooU bus, and ateu.; Henry Tcale, 

Prln., 121 i'oiirt St. 
I^Lning Sohool for Toaohert; nr»rniul; stat«<: 

iited. ; John (jnllii]?tiei', Prea., 1483 Pa- 

cfttc Avt=. 
ITpton'a Sohool for Girli, Miaa; ijlrbt; ilay; 

Mlsft I'ptnn, Prin., '14,1 CI In Ion Ave, 
YolaiGO School of Laitf^afos; langungoH; ott. 

WM; S. Kftbien de Vclflsco, Director, 2S51 

Sehertnerhorn St. 
Whitcomb'a School, Xlu; glrla; dny; Mlaa L 

P. WtiUcfunh, i*rUi.. 50 Reniseu St. 
WUdner Conservatory of Ituilc; loiia.; Jobit 

WlWmr, JHrertur, Hl^ Sutter Are. 

BTTFFALO, Erie Co,, pop. 332,387. 

Buffalo Aoadamy of the Saarad Haart; Klrts' 
Ijonrdlug; R. €.; Sleter M, Leonurd, Prln>. 

T40 WaKhlrgton. 
Buffalo Saminary, Thei; prep.; eo-itd. ; non- 

feetfL; Je&slca E, Btiors, Prhi., BJ>5 Dela- 
ware- Ave. 
Fmhklin Sohool, The! Alrls' boardlnK; non- 

i*ect.; Willium Ktehola, Prln., 14S Park 

Heathcote Sohool; boys' bn>ardln?; uon-secL; 

L**stcr Whet'ler, Prln., 02 1 Uelaware Ave. 
Bryant -StrattOQ Buahaaaa GollnffQ ; buit. and 

aten, ; J, C. Bryant, Prt-a.. 05 W- Oenea^e. 
Buffalo City TTainlnf Bobool for Twohora; 

Buffalo Collato of Pharmacy; phar. ; <x>-od, ; 

est. 38S0; John H. Gray, M. D., Sik-,. 

423 Pmapeet \v*\ 
Buffalo Inatitnta of TcfihAolD^y: cloaed. 
Buffalo Law School, UnlTeraity of Buffalo; 

lay; c^oiL; eat, 1SS7; Alfred L. Beiker, 

Registrar, iMU Ellkxitt S<|iiare, 
Buffalo Statfl Normal BohooL; norroal; state; 

coed.; Jumes M, Caaaety, Ph. !>,, Prea,, 

Jersey, near XDrinal. 
Caniiiua College | eoL; toco; B, C.;. est. 

18T0; .Alo>!ilaf* J. Pfell, S. J., B61 Wavh- 

Holy Angela' Aoftdemy; girls' bcKrrdinf; E. 

e.j Slater M, McMillan, prln,. Porter and 

Proapect Ave. 
HuMfa Prlvata Sobool; bus. and »teii.; S. CJ. 

Hnrat, PreM., 423 Mooney BWg. 
State formal School; nor.; co-ed.; atate; eat. 

1S71: Jinuce M. Caaaety* A. M,, Ph. ^y.^ 

St, Joseph's Oolicifflate Institute; boys' board* 

in^: R. C: Brolbrr Pompjan, Prln., 123S 

Me In, 
St. Martant'A School; Rlrla^ boarding: non- 

Beet; Misa E, Cnrrle Tuck, Prln., S&i 

StK Mary' a Acadamy; slrla' bonrdlni;; non- 





Bt'H.; Miiry Haiiiey. Pihs,, 68-74 Fiaitk- 

I]tni79nity of Buffalo, Dentml Bapirtment ; 
ciL'iith; iHP-cfl, ; i*ftt. ISUl K (Jim I, a. HllUll', 
[>. n, K, , JhMTt, iifH'ulrl<-]i, lioiir Muliiu 

UniTQrriitT' of Buff Ala, Hedlo&l Bepirtmr^nt ; 
mfHL ; ru^r. ; pu'CmJ.; out. lS4fi; JitLu Pur- 
uiiMiti^r, M. IJ., i^ei., 24 HlgLi l^t. 
CAN AITS AIGITA, OnUrig OOpt pi>I>. 0.151. 

CAHTOK, it, X.iLwr«nDei Co., jKip. 2.7S7. 

Bt. LawranQo UDiveriity^ tt>L; tti-ed.. ; UuJv.; 

I'Ht. ll^[:»a; Aliuuii 4.:iin\iLeH>u. D. D*, Prei, 
CABMUL, Futn&m Go.< pop. 588. 

Drew Bern! DA ry uid Fomale {/oUef^ii; girls' 
iHjjiitiiiip; M E. ; Ih IL Hannhnr^h, A. 

GARTHAaE, leff«irtoa Gq,^ pop- 2.S&S. 

Aii&ditiiiit.£i Initltute; pr^p.; co-^d. ; B. C.^; 
SI (tier Mriry Hi^airire, Prln^, 

CAZEN07IA, 3tiL4iiOEi Co.. jwp. ],BJD, 

C&i9Dovi& Semlnixy; prt^p, ; riri-i»d, ; Metb,; 
Fniiu'lB IV, Bl«kL'ijk?yH PriR. 
CHAFF AQUA, Weato heater Ci3., pop., 7^1. 
Chmppa.qua MountKin InEtitnte; pri<p. ; c^chp^.; 
l-'rh^iids; AUn'tl It. LHWtoji, Prill. 

CHAtTTAiT^tJA, ChautAu<iu& Co., pnir., :^S. 
Chautau^imk institute i ronvEip. iiivd tfiiuiuir-r 
n< luiol ; i ■< #- i ' it , ; 1 u I n -iHH -t . ; i'#t . 1 S73 ; Blali op 
li*lin II. ViiKi-iit, D„ D., hL. D.t ChnMcelor. 
fi&wliay'A Frapaj^tDTy Sohool; n^inoTii^d to 
PJttKtmrK. liHM. 
CHATHAM, Columbiii Co,, pop. a.ojs. 
Whitens &n^i Telfiiraph S^liaol; bua, and »t*?n-; 
h'niiik WliU* III Pill, Pr*"*. 
GLAYERACS, Coluitibla Go.> [H^p. 321. 

Hudson Ri«r Initltuto; prpp. ■ ctFi^d,; ihmj- 
SfCt, ; .Julm i>dbli<y j^pcjoeer, PtId* 

CLIFF HAVEH", Clinton Co., pop. 22; 

Gfttbolio Bummer Sobool of AmisHoft; aumiiipr 
(*il]Or>t; ►■p^-t.d.; U. r.; rM. 1SU2; Ri!t. D. 
J. M<^5rnJn>ik D. 1).. Pt'cH.; ttni-rcii E. 
Miishvr, A. M.. Sep. 

CLUrTCK. Oaeida. Co., poi», 1.340, 
Clinton FrepATiitory Sobool; \msra, prv^pr, J, B, 

Wln-*liT, A. 51., Piio. 
Hmmilton Gollepa; rot: inpii; non-Boet.; e«t. 

1S12; Rev M. Wonlaey !S try tor, D. D., 

hL, n , Ptvh, 
Houghton SomLnftry; giil»* Imnrdlnfi^ uou* 

BJ>«t,; A. (1. Bpnedk't, A. M,, Prtn. 

GOHOEB, Albmy Co.^ pcjp. 23.910, 

Bt. Bem&rd'a Aoa-demy: prep.; (MM&d. ; It, C, i 
Rev. Tihoiiina S, Kt"fi>ny, Prin. 

COLLEGE FOIKT. ftueena Go,, p<»p. 0,127. 
Ppp^nhuion Inatituia ; tiiiH, and dteti.; eat. 
IWn; Wuj. llurper. A, M,. Siipt, 


r*op. i.iHKt. 
E»rd Hall; mllltjiry:, yimiijr lutj-ft; Supi^rltiteu- 

Coniwfcll Hoisht* School i tmys' iKnirdlttti iioii- 

flpn't,; Cnrlon IL Mtoiip, Ph. P., Prhi. 
Hiiw Tork MfUtmrj Awdemy; mllkHry; nnu- 

»(H'r, ; &rb»irtlMii G. Joriea, Prtn, 

COKTLAIOS, Cortlmnd Co,, p<jp. 0,014. 

Bti.te Korm&l mud Trmiaing Bohool: rioruiHl; 
Hti3ti'; eo-ed.; Fruiitia J. Chent-y, Prei* 
DELHI, DelAtTftre Go., pop. 2,078. 
Delawihre Academy; prifp,; co-ed,; non-afrtt.; 
(■Iiij^i ]K< l>, no1iii(»H, Frln. 
DENMAEK, Lewis Co,, poit. Iffcl. 

Aihvilld i'mrm School; eloaed, 
DGBBB FEEEY, Weitcheatftr Cfi., pop. 2,KKg. 
BoaTdlnff and Day School; i^irlrla' honrdhiii; 

mniHeet,; The Mlaees MBSteru, Prina. 
Bt. Matthew'a MiUtii]? Bchod; mlLl iMtya' 
lionidJiiK; P. E.; Heiid Msflter. 
BCVIR PLAINS, Dutdbeu Co., pop. 062, 
Dover Flaiiu Academy; pTep, ; ro-cnl. : non- 
m'i-X. : A. i'L Hiinjj'u, Prin. 

DtrKKIEK, Chautau<ina Co». [tup 11.010, 
&t, MB,ry'B Middle Aoademic 8ohool; pn'p.; 
loniL; H. f., t^t. Agiit'w .Titrti'ph, Prin. 

EAST SFEINGFIELD. Otaaffo Co.. pi»p. 1»>, 
iJiht Sprinffftold Aca-demy; pn^.; rui^l,: non 
Hint.; Hiiinlolpri F. IJliirfe. I'riu. 

LAKEMONT, Yatoa Co., i»>p., 150, 
t^y. *^■ if i^iinuiftry; pi'i'[i,: I'lM-d.; L^bfiBtlJidj 
Murlyii SiiiiiniertK'll, U, IK^ Prea. 
Sohoora aonouticement.^llomo Hrhm»t fur 
Iwya niid ult-Js fr<tm Ui y^ara to 2S. Pre- 
jinrew, f<ir rfifm-jll, Vnrtrtiir uiid bent col- 
le^PB. Itlgh-iti'iNJe Ijisinirtlon In Art; 
Muah',. Toi/«l MOd lowtrumentul; Expr<-tt- 
alon, 11 Ml) rfiniiHert'lol HrAHcbi-ff. Country 
iilj" urid Wti' with best hivilth reitird. Ten 
n^^rhora, uU »pc-i'l}tUi!ittt Ui their depart- 
niEfiitHi. Rules very niodi'TotP, 

xLB&IDQE, OnofidAKA Co., pop, MO, 

BEunroe Gollefiftte tnntltutfl^ iJ^rep. ; Cti-ed.: 
-H tr. Li'rtter G. Turoey, Prill, 
ELMXBA, Chemunf Co,, pop, 35,072. 
Elmira College; wonioh; Preftb,; fi«t. 3S50; 

U(?v. I'jinieioo McKetizle, B. D., Prea, 
ElmirA School of Gommeroe; bus. and atei),; 

B. r. All' I' Iter, PreK, 
Wamer'i Buiiaeti Soliool; lom. i^iod etcn.; *?9t. 
ISrjS; AutrtiBCw» J, WaroiT, rT(*a, 

FAJBFIELD, Htrkimer Co,, imp, 3.%. 

Fmirfleld Serninmry; prrp, ; i-o-pd,; non-aect, : 
i'rank t*. liray, Prtn. 

FISHKILL-0ir-TH£-H7DBON, Dntcheti Co., 

pop, :i:^TiL 

Mount Bemoon Militairy AcAdomj; mlBtary; 

nou Meet. ; Col. Vnaw B. StulbraDd, Prln. 

Wllion School for Boyaj boj*t* board liij;; P, 

E.', BL'tij. life Wllfti;>ii, Prin. 

FOET PLAIN, Montgomery Co,, pop. 2,444. 
Clintoa Libeml Inatituta; tnirnwj; endowment 
mere id tvltb Ht, Lmflriiiire LTtilvciraility. 
t'liFitet!. N. V, 
FLUBHOTGr, Queena Go. 
FluihiDff Inatltute; bt>.vfl' 
KU«.* PtiJrrhlhl, Prhi. 
Kyle MilitATy Inatituto; 
Pjiol Kylo, Prin, 

FOET EDWAEO, WafthioBton Co,, pop, 3,(121. 

Fort Edward Cvlk^ate Imtttat*; gli-ln' 

boArdloff; »wp-»ect,; Jowph B, Klnj, 

bonrdln?; non-aect,; 
nvlUtAiT; non-Mct, J 





rULAIfKLTK, B^iltmOrTtf Co., {Hit}. 4T2. 
Dfiliiwtir« Llterqjry Inttltute; prc>p^; co-lhI.; 
mni-yr<^t. ; M. J. Multer, B. S.» Frln. 
rREBQHIA, ChmUuquft Co., pop. 4.1^T. 
SUtd lfdniii.1 t^nd Train inf Schml; normtil; 
filutu^ ('o-i'tL; Fraiii'ls B, pulinert Ph. 11.+ 

GAEDEN CITY, IfmtBftu C«., pop, £81. 
8t^ Mtury't Cuthadrml School: gltl»^ Ufiardliig; 

P. E.; Minn Aiinlt' S. tJiheoii, Prill. 
Bt. Faura CaUiedrftl 8cliool ; huyn' bnardine; 
l\ E.; tYinkirlcli I.r, GmiMipo, A, M,* Prlii. 
GENESEO, Lt¥iii^tDQ Co,, pitii. 2.40*>. 
OoaeaoQ State Hormal 8ohool ; iioruial; etntp; 

QEJTETA.^ Ontario Co., pop. in.4:ia. 

BaroUy'A BuilnAU iMtitute: \nm. piii] ^tfin^ 

B. C, Barclnf, PreP. 
0«iieTa BmiDeit Tnininf laititutvj hue. and 

Hobut CoUeta; t^L; m<>n; P. E. ; vAt. 1S22; 
R^v. Liinj;di>u I\ i^ti^wurdsi^th, LL, D.^ 

OtEK COTE, NuMu Co., p<ip. S.T50. 
Friend ■ Aondomj; prrp, t tti-i^^; Frlendi; F. 
K. wiiiir», St'c. 
QLEKS TALLS, Watna C««» pcn^. 13>0i:i. 

BPct; A. 8. CVix, Prln. 
Huley'ii BnrinBn Institute : bus. And iten.; 

J. W. Hiili^y, Prt'g. 
OLOVBEBVIXLE, Fultou Co,, pop, 18,340^ 
Clov«rt villa Builnesi Schnol; bns. itnd iteo.; 

v. G. PtttterBon and A. A. Burr, Pi*ii. 
HAMILTOir, Hadiwin Co,^ pr>p. i,fi2T. 

Colrfl.t« ADAdftOiy; iKiys' boanilngi BHpt.r 

Frank L, Shopordflon, Prln. 
Colfmta TToiTeriity; rol,; la^n^ Bapt, ; eat. 

iSlt*; Ki'V. Cwtgo l^diiiiiiiiltt M^rrtll, !>. 

D.. LL, R. Pri?*.. 

HAKTWIGE SEMINABY, Ctasgo Co., pop. 124. 
Hftrlwiflk BflmiiuuT; pfep.; ccvtKi,; Ltith.; J. 
O. Truvtr, A. SL, PriiL 
HAWTHOEWE. WaitahestfiT Co,, pop, 3W. 
Conoordiii Fro^ymnaxium ; l>i>^4' hrjiitdlii^Er; 
laith,; H. F*^th, Prln. 
HEMFBTEAJ), L. I., lfa«aau Ca., pop. ^,m2, 
HempatQad Institution i Uojr' bourdtnfc;; iioii- 
mct.: Kiibrnlw Illiids. A. M.. Prtn. 
HCEITELLSVILLE, Steuben Co,, pf>p. 1U01§. 
HornelltriUa Buiin^u agd BbortlLuid Sebool; 

bneu II ih] Htt-n.; C E. WUlard, Pre«. 

8t, Aim' a AondemLo BahoolH; prt'p. ; (?o-M.; 

R. C; Hf^v, Julid h\ Farwun. Pfln. 


COm pnp. L*,^:ti, 
BmiBfltt'i Bchool for Oirli. MLtt; kI^Ib* bOHrd- 

Jng; iK>ti-iH?ct.; Muy r. Bennett, PrJn. 
Goami^politaiL UniTenity^ ci(J«(fMl, 
ITHACA^ Tompkini COt, pop, 13,13«. 

Cucadilla Sob^ot: bi>3'a' b<>iirainic; uoii-jwji t ; 

e«t. li^TO; Chnti. V. Purm+ll, A, M.. prln, 
Oonwil Unltnttitf; imlir,; oo-ed, : mmaert.; 

(•St. IfiOS: Jecob Qoijld SeUui-imin, D, Hf., 

Llr. D., Prui*. 
Coniflir UniTorift/* Oollife of Iaw; law; ro- 

ed.; vat. IHBT; rratuHi M. Finch, LL, D,. 


Itliioa Hlffk School : bnjrn' pfi!p,; non-peet. ; 

eat. 18T4; F. D. Bo,rntoii, Prtn, 
Kev York dt^to Tfiterlnur Coll«ff« ^t Gor- 

HflU TTnlTflraity; vet.; men; eat* ISM; 

Jiimc'H Law, Pr^H. 
ITni vanity l^repajnatory School, Th»; bora' 

board In iu; : iioh-avh'I;, ; CbiirU-a I>. Stllqai, 

Wjokoff Fbonorraphiti Inatituta^ Th«; bn*. 

11 lid Hren. ; MAHy A. AdaLtt. Prea. 

JA||AICA> Queen ■ Co., prip. 

JamaioA Stato Norma l Soliool; jMirmit]; Btate; 

cv-ml.; ArrbllHEikl C. JI. McLarblan, Ph. 

D., I'rea. 
JAMEBTOWH, Chautauqua Got, pop, 22.892. 
The Smm^Atowa BaBiueaa Gollegv; hua, jtnd 

Htuti.; H. E. V. PotLL^r, Prea. 
KEESETILLE, Eisex Co., |Kip. 2,niJ, 

HcAuiey Academy } prep.; co-ed.; R. C. j Sla- 

ttT At. jHj;sopb Cflrr, Prlu. 
Bt. Bi&nialaua Aoademy; prep,; co-ed.; R. G.; 

est. 1^9fii llev, M, Cbarbi>nnenUi Prin. 
KEUKA FAEK, Yatei C«., [mijk iT^, 

Kauka Inatitutei pff p. ; ti^ij-i'd.; non-a^ct.; 

T]tyll<>y B. Ijarrnbee. l^fin, 
KIKGSTOll, UlBter Co., pop. 24,53S. 

Bpeniisr'i Buatneaa ichool; bim. and aten.; 

J 4 lb 11 J. 3kli>rniL, Pr4>e. 

LIMA, LivtuffitQii Co., pop, 94n, 

Geueaea Waalayaa Commerdal Bohoel; bui* 
iiTKl atrn.; oat, IS^i It. J, Chapman, 
Oeneiee Wealeyan Seminary; pr^p,; ro-f>d,; 
M. P.; B. W. Htitchfaon. D, D., Prln, 
LOCKFOET, majKT* Co,, pop. UlMi. 

Lockport Busineii tnititute; bus, and ateb.; 

.r. rniniiiih lUoii, Prea. 
Bt. Jofeph'a Aoadamy and Induitrtal Feift&la 
Sohool: prpp. ; «j-pd,; B, C; Slatt^r An- 
luhlu, Prli]. 
LOGUIT VALLETt KftUfiu Co., p«p. 530, 

Eiienda' Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Frk'uda; 
A, Uavla Jm^kiwiii, Prln. 
LOWTILLE. Lowia Go,, pop, 2,352. 

Lowvillei Academy; preik; ro-ed,; nnn-aeet.; 
Will. H. P( rry. Ph. I)., Prln. 
MACEDOIT GENTEE, Wayne Co., pop, 372. 
Macedon Academy; ^rop. ; fo-ed, ; non-ieet.; 
E. M. Petkbiim, PHn, 
MAHLIUS, 0nondaK« Co., pop. 1.210. 

St, John'a MUitary School; mlUtarj*; P* E-, 
Wui. Vf.'rbcrk, PtIts, 
MAEION, Wayne Go,, p^p, St 10. 

Ifarlon CoUejriale Ihatituta; prep,; eo-od.; 
isnn Bn*fpt ; IjewiH Hoseii Clark, A, B,, Prln. 
JUDULETOWK, Ormnre Ce., p^ip. 14,522. 
BamadflU School; hm. luid «teu.; eit. ISttS: 

W. r, H(lm^•d^■M. Prhi. 
IlrauHne Academy; «Jr]H' biMinllfti^; R. C, ; eat. 
IHVi^- MntliiT M, I'rauln, Priti. 
HOHEGAir, Weitcheitar Co,, p«p. ST. 

Billinir'i School; prep,; ro-ed, ; non-see L: 
Luulue BlUlnMA, Prln. 
MOMTOtrE FALLS, tchuylar Co^, iKip, Ije.l 
Cook Aoademy; prip.; roi'ri.; mm-seet.; F, L, 
iomiaon, Prlo. 




Bb«rmiin CollsKriirte Initltuta; pi*vp. ; ^o-cdn ^ 
nnn'seft. ; B. L. Jlrown. A. M., rrlii. 
MOUITT YEBKOK, WeBtoheater Co., p(tp. SI,- 

Lockwood CoUegiarta School; i^lrLe' boEirdlni^; 
in>ii-fi*H^t.^ IjL'ila H. uijd Mury C, Lciek- 

Sherman's Buiinoti CoUese; bufi. and 8ten. ^ 
rat. 1BJ)4; Cbjiiies l'\ Hlit^rjnau, Prop, 
HEW BEISHTON, KicluinjDd Ce>, pop. p 

Botiford Bchaol for (IItIb; glflfl* boarding; 
noil -aeet. ; K IL Botsford^ Priii. 

Stat«a IflUnd Academy, The; prep.; ro-cd.; 
iioii-»ect. i FrodcHek E. Partington, A^ M.. 

NEWBUHG, Oran^o Co., pftp> ZiM3. 

Maokiti's Bohool; (;lrlgi' bitardlng; iioii-iH'et. ; 

Miss Elijanor J. Riarkle. Prln. 
Mount Bt. Kairy^i Academ^^ glrla' boarding , 

11. C. : blister 3il. EiumaiuitilH Piin* 
Bi^Lar Bohool,, Tb«; hnjA' hoarding; non-if^ct. ; 

Henry W. Slglar, I'rlii, 
ipBUoedim Institute of Batineaa aod Bbort- 

hand; btia. siUii aU'ii.1 K. M. TunieF, 

KEW PLATZ, IHiter Co., pt^p,, 1^1*^2. 

State Jformal School; nor.; ro'i>d.; stutis 

pftt. 1884: Myrmi T, Srxid^icr. A. B,. A. 

M.. Prt'ii. 
HEW BOCHELLEh Waatobeiter Ci».. poi;).. 

ITiMUliiiA Acadam^H "The Castle" ; git-lH' board- 

InKj 11. Ci i^st. ISyl; Mother M. trone, 

HEW TOBK, Haw Tork Oo*, pop. 8,4^7,302. 
Academy af ITouBt St. Tlncflnt; glrla" linprd- 

hiK, H. L.; Mnrgnrt-t M, Meber, IMii., 

Mt. St. Vluei?iit. 
Allen Sobool for Boyi; Iwyii' boardlaK; po"- 

Hoct,; rrnin.l8 Ittfllowa Allen, Prln-, 425 

Mjidlaon Avi, 
AjEnaiioan Aoadamy of Bramatio Artai drtima; 

t'Ofd.; v&t. 11^4^ I'mnkltn II. ^nreoiit. 

Pre«., Cuniejile IlalL 
Atnarloa School of Opera; opL^ru and dm mo; 

IL J., WJlllmiiH. S^M., a^ W. 44tb Hit, 
Artiit'Artiinn Ia»titnto; art; tmt, im&l 

ChmW^ 1>|* Ka.v^ Ulrpotor Gnneral^ 244 

Art Sliideati' Eoaffus of How York; iittj est. 

18Tri; Howard E. lJib>B. Eerordlug Setv. 

21 fl W. atth St. 
AmMHiated Buainaai Idatitata; hnn, and ateii.; 

y, >L e. A.: F. L. Bailey, Blrector, 4tb 

Avt^ and 23rd St. 
AsaooiAta School of Music; mils,; eit 18&m\ 

HlltK^rt WUtior Ort-on, Director, 4S» 5lh 

B&riMJd CoU«f«^ womnn; oon-aeut; i?«t, 1880; 

Jjtme^ Harv*\v lirphLuBon. Pb. D., Pn«.t 

W. lietb St, €or. Broadway, 
Banurd tohocl for Boya; pri?p.; boyai ncu- 

aiMrt.; est. 188(1; Wllllotq Llirlngat^n Ha- 

fsent P. A„ LL, B., Head Mnaterp 721 

St NlrboUi* At I'. 
Bamajd School for Girla. The; glrla" boird- 

lug; nan-Ri^ut: f'fi't. lfiO0; Katbi^rlue H. 

Dnvia. Prln., iBl Content Ate, 
Baron de Hiraoho Ttiade School r tecli*; meii: 


Jci^'iHh; est. IStfl; J* Ertitfat Gh Valdtii, 

Supt,, 222 Eiiat «4ni St. 
Berkeley Sobool; boy a' boar dins; non-aect; 

John a. Wblte. LU !>., Prlii.. & W. TStJi 

Berlits Scbooli of La.iirn&£ea; lanena^eft; 

branch acbools In prluflpiil American and 

foreign clUea: llcrllfz & Co., Head Di- 
rectors. 1122 Broadway. 
Braarlay Sohool; glrla" boardlnf^; non-sect*; 

Jainfs G. Croswell, A. B., Prin., 17 W* 

44 tb at. 
Bfovn'a School, Mi^ Anne; 0rLe' bttardlne; 

tion-sect ; Miiis Annu Brown^ PrLn,, 711 

5th Atc 
Bryant School for Btm,mmarli);; school f<ir 

ji1iimm<it ra; cat. 1880; Dr, Frank A. Bry- 

uiit. Director, V')& W. 72lld m. 
C&iliien'i School for Boyi; boys' boardlag; 

non-aiK!t,; Adclpb W. CalUBcn. Prlii-r 1^2 

W. 71st Ht. 
Cba.pui CoUa^^ate School, The ; boy a' bfiard- 

log; noii-acct.; Ib.'nry Barton Chiiplu, D. 

IX, Prlti., 24 E. mth JSt 
Chishalm'a Sohoal for Oirli, Hiat; g\H»' 

bonrdlngt; injii-Bcrt,; MIbh Chl^holui. Prln.* 

15 E. d5tli Stn 
CL&ABical School for Girlii, Tha; irlrla' board- 

log; aoii-acct.: nelon M. SeutvUlc, Prln.* 

2042 Gth Ave. 
Collft^e of Pbaimiier of the City of Hew 

York; pbar.; ct-ed.; «ftt. Ift2«; HL*iiry H. 

Itiisby, Deun, US W. 08th St 
Collofo of Fhysiciajia a.nd Suff«ona, Colum* 

hU Uoivfiriiij; intUi ri^^,; mvn; »t 

1S07; JamcB W. McLane, M, O., Be*n., 

4:;7 W. TjOth St. 
CdIIo^o or St. Fnmcii Xarlar; cat; tooi; 

R. C; eat, 184T; Rt^v. Thomas B/ Mur- 
phy. S. J., 30 W- Ifltb Bt 
Collflgfi of the City of Haw York; unlv.; 

o!ty; men; non-'Sect. ; est. 1S4H; J^nbu H. 

Fin ley, LU D.. prca.. 17 Le3Eln^Con Atc. 
Collflfiato Inatttuto, The; boy a" buardlnf; 

imn-aect.j Dr. D, DatldsaiiH Prin., B7 EL 

UlBt St 

CollagiiLtB School; boy a' boarding; »ou-aei?t. ; 

L. C. Mygatt, Prin., 241 W. 77tb St. 
CoUegi&te Sohool far Girla; glrl«' bottrdlnir; 

iiijiL-Efei't ; Caroline M. Gerrlab. A. B., 

Prill.. 549 Wei*t End Atg. 
Columhia Grammar School: boy a* boanllimr; 

non-Bcett Bt-njamln H. Campbell, PrIn*, 

34 £. GlBt St. 
Oolnmhia luititute; ^yryyo' boarding; noii-««ft>; 

Edwin Fowler. M. D., A. B,. Prln., 122 

W. 72d St. 
CclumhiA XTaivonity; iralT. ; ra<*n; non-wct.i 

est. 1704; Setb Low, IJ.. !>.. Proa.* W. 

n6tb St,. iK*i4r Amst^rdiini Ave» 
Columliiii Vniveraity, School cf I^w; taw; 

men; eat* I85tl; {;<^rgi« W* Klr^bwey* 

Dean, W* llOtb St,* beaj? Amaterdam 

Comatock School; glrla' buurdliig: non-jiect*; 

Miss I.yiUji Day, PrIn., 32 W, 40th ^t* 
Goapar TToloii Free Art School; art; woraen: 

R. Svvitbt GlfTcrd, Dlr^ctwr, Cooper 

Cooper BaioEL Hight Sctacol of Art; art; men: 

eat. 1854; Onorge W. Plymptou, Director* 

Cooper Union. 




nb:w rouK. 


reg.; fo^ptU ; eat. ISllK; Win. M, Polk. 
M. D,, LL. IX, Ik'iiii, iRt Atl^ una E. 
2Stli St. 
Cuilnr BoliQolp The; boy»* boartUnit; Doti- 
Mwt; Arttitir 11. Cutkr, Piin,, 2U E. 

Bd La. S&Ub Inctltatc; boys' tiaardlnf; R. Gr. 

Jiruthor Agii[ta», THn., 1(>0 Ceiitrnl Park 

DuremuA Sfifaool, HIm; glt-la' boui'dlng; nou- 

PUL't; Mlas K. J>. DorL-muH, Piin., 135 

Mudl^u Avi-. 
IMiler SohDol, The; h^Tn* ba«irdliiK; eoH' 

aet't.; Frank l>rlj4lpr, frlo., 335 W, fOth 

Bfunim'A Behool, UI^b; ^rln' bonrdlpf; noii- 
#i"ct. 5 Miss U-11. Drmnrn* Frin^* iO W. 

Bwifbt BohDiil; tMijs' bonrding; non-^tiK't, ; 

Arthur \MUlaiiiH, I'rlii.. IQ W. 4Brd 8t. 
EQleotic Hadlui,! CoIleEQ; sictl^; i;<*ltJictle; (!<k 

L'd. ; pat. 1845; rrt'urgs W. BoakoBltx, 

A. M.. M. D., Dearie ;i:Ml K. Htli St, 
Ely' a SahuL f0r Girla, Miii; girls' tionrd- 

III!;; noil -sept ^; MIbh KVlz4i1lPt]i L. I51j\ 

Prfii., 'Mii \\\ SOLh ^t. 
EtMui CiiltiLTa Scbool ; pn^p^; co^'ed^ ; myu^ 

But:t. ; icBt. l^TS?; FruDk A. Manny, Supt., 

Ctntrul Piirk Wcat uud ft-ird St. 
FsmAle Afi&demr of the Si-or^d Keftrt; girle' 

bourdJug; K. U- : EUpn MnhoiiPj. TrlD., 

40 W. 17th at. 
Erieudi' Bemltiitj; pr&p.; i-p-pd. ; Prlenaa; 

Kdwnrd U. Rawsun. IMn., 220 K lerh 

Oudner'ft SobooU J>t. Lbd Ifri, Cha«, H. ; 

irliiR' boiirdln^: Prysk : Dr. Charh'^ II. 

tlardncT. Prlii., m? Tith A¥iv 
0T»li«.m'a StihooL ^he MiiMs] s^rls' bi>n ril- 
ing; nsMiHsnct,^ Tht Mlsm^n OruHnm^ ITO 

W, r2c| St. 
Grf)fln«'s Bohpol of Lip Ei&admff; Up re» dinar 

for dflttf; l>avbl Oippiip^ Blrector, 112^: 

Brood way. 
Huoiltoii O-ran^fl Bchool; Kirln* iMjaixUiifi; tioti- 

Btft't.; SJrM. E. K, Morifuii, PrJn., J41hI 

St. Olid LVhnvnnt Ata*. 
l[»iiiiltoi] Inttituts; boyn' bcutrdln^; uon-sct't. ^ 

N. Ar<-liniHlt] Sh&w, Jr,. Prtw., 46 W* 

SI St s:. 
Havkm Ciillii«9 Iiwtttatfl: glrli^ da;; non- 

»ert.; M. Jh\ Gloraidy. Prld., 2134 7th 

Sflhnw TeotmiD&L Institute! tficb.; ideu; nob' 

sect.; eat. ISttS; Edgur S. BaPdeir, A. M., 

CL E . Priq. 
ftalliTim School; j?[il«; djiy: noii-stiet.; Mra. 

Jiirius IJt'llpiirii, Prill., nii W. OOtli St. 
Holr Croii Academy; (fir Is' hi»itrding; IL C; 

Sister Mnrlrt. Prtn., 'M'l W. 42d St. 
Hugvr'i Boftrdin^ and Bay Bahool for <lirli; 

Mifs; pri'i^; irlHa; tionniH:t4; Mlaa il. D. 

llnffcr. Prills T2Q Bth Atd. 
Jaadon'a Boh^al, Hiswi; irSrla' boarding; day; 

noiiHt'ot.: fhtj Mlssoe Jaiidon, 2fl E. ^th 

Kielliir'i Bay Stibool, Mlt«; p;«>p>; eo-e^. ; 

ni:>n-B<?ct.; Ek-anoi- 1. Keller, Prin,, W. 

lltitb Sf. iii](] Rmodway. 

La Ballfl Aoademy; hay^* buardluj;; R. C; 

Hrutliir E. Victor, I'rln., 4ti 2nd Ave. 
Lawrence Bchool of Aotln^; dfunia; vu'iHl.i 

est, 18CHI; E. <!. i^awrenre, Directot, 106 

W. 42d St* 
Lemcke'^B Qodking Echoalj Htb. ; doinestlc! scl' 

etice; ^Im. Uo^Lue l^nickt.''^ Dtrcctt^vn:, 2 

E. 4^ i^t. 
Leni^x Inatltute; prep.; uo-ed.; nou-Bect. ; Au- 

dPL'n' Ltibonp Prln.4 S."^! Li'noj^ Ave, 
Maditon Scihool for Otrla; fffi'U* boarding; 

tion-6C4<t.; Mlaa Ruiuille Mii^itea, Pdn*, TTS 

Uadlikm Ave. 
Manhattaa Gotlafe; vo}.; mep; E- C-; efft. 

180,1; Rev. Rruther Justin. LL. D., Pre*., 

Broiidwuy uiid W. 131a t. 
McFee'i Saairdiag and Bay * Sahoolt Hiit; 

^Irls; uon^sert.; Ctitherlne MoPpp, Prln,- 

1B2 W. T2d St. 
Jfariiifteii Sflhool for Girla; girls' boarding; 

tion-aect. ; Mlis Mary E. Morington, Prlli^t 

]8I LcnoiL Ave. 
MfltropolItaQ Bhortliaad Sahaol; stf^n^t W. h> 

Mm«oii. Prln., 35 \Y. aiwt ^t. 
MitTop^lltaa Tflmple College; prep.; g'lrls; 

iion-BCCt. ; S. P. Cnilnmn. Prln., ?th Avp. 

mill 14tb Sr. 
KUler School of Baiineu; bus. and sten*; 

put. IfMSH; Cbui-b'ii Miller, Prln., 1133 

XJODtpeUer Horn* Bohool for Girls; glrla' 

boardlni^; iif>i]-sf cl, : Mrs. T. T. Greene, 

Prln,, :i Vk\ &4tli St. 
Morgan 'i Boarding and Bay Bchool, Krs. ; 

girls; non-aect; Mrs. Leslie Morgan, 

Prln.. 13 W. Sath St. 
MoTffan'i Sobool, KIaa; girls' bM riling; non- 

iifrt.; Miss M. H. Murgiin. Prin., ]i:t E. 

10th St. 
Horae # Bogen Boliool, ^be; bays' boar^lDg; 

nop -sect.; James H. Mofse and h. L, Rog- 
ers, Prlns*. 1^ Madison Ave. 
Ht. Morrii Fark S«haol; girls' iHiHrditig; 

ntNfi-iiett. ; Miss WhStfiold. Prln.. 1 Mt. 

Morris Park. 
Murphy Gaylord Beardinr and Bay Bchool; 

ffirla; uon-set't.; Kvm R, Muj-phj, Prln.. 

im W. S5tb Ht. 
National Aoademy of Besign; art; Itnrry W. 

Watrons, See,. 53 K. 23rd St, 
Ifational Conaervatory of Jfuiio of AmDrioa; 

mua.; est. Jg85; Urn. Jeannellc M. Tur- 

ber. Direr tor, YJ^ E. 17 tb St. 
Ksw York American Tetorinary GoU»go; TC-t.; 

nn-n; eat. 1S08; .V, h\ Llautartl. M. D., 

V, M,, r>eap. 141 W. 54th St. 
IXtm York CdUegiata InstltuU; girls* board- 
ing; iiDn-fieet.; Mary Stinonmaker. Prln*. 

241 W. 77th St. 
2few York CoUega of Bentiatr?; ilent. ; mtin; 

oat. J see; Fa lieu 11 I>. Wclase, Dean. 205 

E, 2:jrd St. 
TTew York B«ntal Sohool; dent.; vo-od.; est. 

1S03: Charles M. Ford. D. D. S.. Dean* 

210 W. 42d St. 
New York German Conaervatory of Kutlo; 

rans.; e*t. 1881; L. f;. Pa rum. Iiiryctor; 

23 W. 42d St. 
Nov York HomeopatMo MedioaL GoUege; 

med.; homt'op. ; muu; est I860; Wm, 





Tod Heliuiitb, M, D., Ll>. D., r>Hfln, Av&- 

Due A, nt'tif E. 63(1 St* 
Haw Tork Lmv School; law; mvn; e»t. ISPl; 

Getn-y'i.' CliflSf, rK^HiT^ 30 Naaarni. 
Haw York Madioal CoUe^fi &nd Hospitiil ft&T 

W. lOlBt St. 
Haw Tofk FrepKntarF Bchool; prep.; (>n~ei1.: 

iiuii-aei^.; Abu D. Gullup, Friu., 15 W, 

4Sd ^t. 
Nflw Tark Fost-&r&du&t« Uedioal Bohool; 

ui{:<].: i>o«t:-j^riid. ; {.-u-ed.; eit. 1S82; 1>. 

B. St. Juhti RuoAB. M. D.. LL. D.< 

Dt?iiri, 301 E. 20th St. 
Hour York So^ud! of Applied DftilEii fof 

Womem tech. ; wouilhi; i-st. 1S02; Ellon 

J. Potid, Supt.p 2iiMi W. 23d St. 
Hew Yofk SohDol of Art; iirt; i'o-«d.; fst. 

ISO'S: DwujjUb J. CViniHilip Director, BT 

W. &7th St. 
Kew York Soh«ol of CUnin^l Iftodlome; lui^d. ; 

priHt-grud. ; ^'n-^fiU ^ r»t, LSD5; AuguiiUn 

11. iloc'kt^ M. I*.. Pre^8. 
Ifew York School of £xpre»lonf elo. aiitl 

diamri; Gen^vlt-vt: Stebldds Afttloy, Tri^B., 

31 S W. G7th St. 
Jfeiiv York TTHinliw Sohool for Teaohflii ; iu>r- 

urn I: hi&ti- npi'd; iS4i E. iiutli St. 
ITew York tTniTflrpity; unlv,; rot-'ii; aod-sect.^ 

JJ., IX IJ., LL. D., prefi., WaBhliigttm 
H-fjuare. E, 

ftobtrars ftmnnJUCBroBtttr— New York TJnl- 

Vemlty comprlace e^lght gr^at schools, 

with ad BVeroge yearly etadeat altend- 

atie« of lT3tJ, dtid with a combined fitc- 

nlt7 of 167 professan nnd Instnictora, 

The Kf^glatrp; of the Unt^prsltyt L. J. 

TompkliiB, WaBhlDgtoti Square, N« 1'.. 

attend a to iDquLrJea regard! tig unj of the 

How York UniTeratty, Bchool uf AppUod Boi- 

flnoa; tpch.; bu'd; imt. ltiS2; UharJus H. 

8ni>w, C. 13.. Sc. a. Dean, . UnUtrslty 

llellfhta, Wsahtn^iin Squnr*. K. 
Hew York Vnivaraity School of OommercflH 

Aooouiita and Finance; uieii; mt. 1000; 

Jfint'ith F. Jubi]Bi>ii. A. B.p Dean. Wai*h- 

JnKt^^u St^uiire, K. 
Kermal Coilefo of the Oity of Haw York; 

normul; rtty; cNi-od. ; ThuiiiiiB Hunter, 

Ph. Ih. I,L- JD.t Frt^B,. Park Avt?. and E. 

08th Mt, 
asKflod Art Sobooh art; 12 E, 17th St. 
Packard CommeToial Babool; bus. iind ft ten, ; 

rftt. 1857; L. H. Paukard, Pres,. 101 H, 

2;id St- 
Paina Uptown Butlneii School; bu?. and 

Bteii,: H. W. Remington, Pree,, 1031 

Palmar Art BahooU art^ 00 B!, £3{1 ^t. 
BBshlea TbompaOQ fkshooU The; ^IrlK" board- 

Xng; i3finMi-ct,; D, E. Merrill, frli]., iJO 

Id. CTth St. 
FolytflehuLo lottitute; tech,; men; nun -Beet.; 

Ih'iiry Sanger Snow. 
Sajnon School fcr Oirlaj glrla' bcwtMllnji: 

fvon-iHict.r The Ml9ae« Rayaon, Pri»a>, na 

W. ITitJi &t. 

EiTeraide Sehocl; glrla' hojirdlnj?; non-a(^et.; 

Mlsa E. L. Cooper, Prin., SJ5 RiTetsldv 

ErUftCDo CollBKe of flomtneroe; hue. nnil »itin.; 

FiiiDk -\\\ lluijene. Prin.. 210 W. I25tli. 
Bach's CoUegiate XoBtltute} luiyB' bimrdlng; 

non-sef't. : JulUia Sapb9t t^ria., m and 110 

Central Park St. 
Sach*i QcUe^ate loatituto; fflrU' hoarding; 

unn-sert, ; JuIIuh Saeha, Prixi., W. IKOth 

and Amoterdflisa Ave,. 
8t. Afatbft'i flohocl; jrUln' bearding:; prep.; 

Mlsa E. G. Sebrlng. IMn., 25T W, i*ad 

Bt. Jerome's Ursuluie AotLdemy; pri^P-; vo- 

ed.; n. a J Mother M. Chira Ward. Frtn,; 

f** Blvd. and l>peDtur Avp+ 
St. John Baptiit School for Girls; girla' 

bifurdlng; P. E, ; Sister Superior, 231 E. 

l7tU St. 
St, John's CoUego; cot; men; U, C. ; oBt. 

1.S41: Thomiis J. Cumphellp S. J.. Pres. 
St, Mary's Bchopl for GItIb; gLrlB' hoardlDjf; 

P. 11; SIkCit Superior, Prln., U E, 4flth 

Bohool of InduBtriaL Art and TeChaioal XN- 

aign for Women; teeb,; women; Mrs. 

FlDrehee E. Cory, Pres., 159 W. Sad St. 
Bemple'a Bahoal, Urs. ; glrls.^ hoardltig; nou- 

seet.; Mrs. D, Sample, Prtn., 202 W«sC 

End Ave. 
Senftuer School; prep.; boyii; non-fr^cCl est. 

3S72; nermun F. Senftner, Prln., 13 As- 

tor PL 
Bpen«9's School fcr Girls, Hiss; glrla' board- 
ing; non-scet, ; Mina O. B. Spenee, PtIb-j 

« W. 4Sth St. 
itanhopa-WhiiaiaTDft Brmniatlc Bohoot; drama; 

eu'in!.; est. 38^1; Mrs, Adelhie Stiinhupe- 

Wbeiiteroft, l)irctt<!^i-, 144() Brcradway. 
Syms' School , Tha; prep.^ boy»t uon-seeL; 

Rckhert IL Syms. Pi-Jn., 22 W. iStli St, 
Teachers' CoUef«t Cclumbla tTniTariltyi nnt- 

mal; prlvnte; (Hi-ed.; -jHrnea E- EnaaeU, 

Ph. r.. Frea.. W. 1 lOtb and Amater- 

dam Ave. 
Tbompion^B BuBtneBa School; hiia, and sten.; 

Andrew W, iJndlHou, Prill.. 20 Fourth 

Trinity Sohcol; b^i^ya' boarding; B- P.; Rev. 

Aug. Ulmnnn. D. D,. Prlu,, 130 W. 01st 

UniTerBity and BelloTue Hospital HodicaL 

CoUego; lopd. ; re«.; men; est. IMi*, Eg- 

hert Im Fevre, M. D., Ccr. Sec., Fl«t 

Ave. und E. Sflth St, 
UniTBreity Law School; law; co-cd. ; est- 

ISAS; Clarence D. Aihley, LU B,, Dean. 

Wnflbington Square, E. 
Van Kormaa rnitittite; jrlrla* boiirdSng; Prot- 
estant; est. 1857; Mme. Van Norma n* 

Prln.. 120 W. TOtU 8t. 
Veltln SchooU Tha; girlti' bc>ardlng; nod-sei-t.; 

.MfBit UMilaq Veltln, Prln., 180 W, 74tli 
* St. 
VarmilyA College; bna. tind sten.; Sl6 Brosd- 

Vllln Marlii Auadomy; glrle' l>oflriling; B. C.; 

Slater St. Em^hrtiayiM?, Prtn.. 130 E. 

70 th St. 






Tir^il Fiftna Schocjl; rnn^^^ Mrs, A. M. Vlr- 

jcU, ULroitorens. '£B W. loth St. 
WftL worth Bu^ipflu ]fo»titiitej bus, mid flten. ; 

G. S, Wiihvorth, Prln.. lUS E. 125 th at. 
WfiMfl Sabot}!; |^!rla; day; klndLTgurten; nutt- 

*K»ct^ 1 SI 5th AvQ. 
W«ira SoliDol for G'lz'lb; girls' baardlngi noii- 

aoct.; Mfs. Leopold Well. FHii.. 100 W. 

TTth St. 
Wbiton uid BLngii Soliool, Hiasdi; £rlrle; duj 

and hoarding; 43 W. 47th St. 
WlUfly^i Eohodlj Mill; i^Irle' boarding; non- 

*ufit.; Mlsii JuUfl A. Willey, Prlii., 135 

W. ITOth St. 
Wilion uid Lyon Sohnol; bojs' boarding; 

IKS ti -sect.; r. J\ WllHoa. A. M*. PrliL, 'M 

B. Mfit St. 
Wood^i New York Sohool; bus. nod stei].; 

Fri'diTfi?-!! K, WcKjd. Free., Bnm^tto and 

SEKifford Ave, 
W^>«iik'a School for QMb; glrla' boarding; 

miii-Bect; The Missy's Wroakr 12 E. TOtli 

HIA&ASA FALLS, Niigar* Co., i>op. 3I1.4GT. 
I>9 Vaiix CoUoge^ boys' bnardlng; F, E^; Wm, 

S. Barto^i^af M. A., Prliu 
IflA&AKA tOfXYERBITT, Nin^ua. Co., pop. 

241. TTnivBraity t inA.; tiiDii; R. C; ost. 

185^; %pr.v llfiT. P. McHale. C. M. 
^OBTH CHILI, ]Io^^a(l Oo.» pop, 212. 
A, ll» ChOHbrouffh Semlnu-f; prf^p,; lO-t^d. ; 

non-aect. : raL iRflSi; Bensofi Bowiird Itob- 

pptg, A. M.. PdiL 

mrACK-OW-HTTDSOH, RockUnd Co., pop. 4,2T5, 
Hudson Eiver MiliUry AcadBitiyi military; 

non-floct.; Jonl VVLlaoiK A. M., PrlD. 
Hookluid MilitATy Ao&demr; lullUnry; noii- 
fiect. ; Elmer E. Fremii. A, M,, Pdiu 

Kya^ Sohool for Girls; plrla' boordlDe; raon- 
suM't.; Mi as nrrtrinlf, Priq. 
CAKJIELB, Geuesefl Co., pop. TH. 

GBJ3' CoUeri&t« Seminary; prep.; co-iTd. ; P. 

E ; Ciirtlfl Carlos Grove. M. A., Frlii. 

OGDEJIBBtTBG, St. Lawrence Co., pop. 12,033. 

OfdonalturK BuilaeeA ScbooU bui. and aUiUr 

V. \\\ Hay. Mtfr.; tP. J. Dool, Prln, 

OIEAJ*, Cittanugua Co., pop, 9^482. 

W«sthTook CommoroinI Academy; bus. and 

8tfm.; i^at. 1SS2; E. D. WflStbrook, Prlii. 
OKBONTA, Ot««ffO Co,* pop. 7,147. 

State liofju&l Sehool; normal; i»tate; co-L-d,; 

iVnT I- Biifboe. A. M., D. 3c. . Prea. 
03BINING, We*tche&ter Co., pop. 7.S39. 

Hoi broke" I Ullitary School; tnilltary; nnii< 

i^.tt; liu'ij,H]t Hr>ltiiok<'. Prln. 
Ho out Pleajaat Military Academy i mlUtarj; 

sion-sfrf.; Cbrts, F. Bnisk^ rdii, 
DiaLninf Sobool; (jtris' bi:Hirdlug; uuu-aect.; 

Clora C. t^illcr, Prln, 
St. John's School; prep.; men; nfln^sert. ; est. 

1S42; liPT. W. A. Rjiuney. A. M,. Pd. B.. 


OSWEGO, Obwbko Co.* pop. 22,100. 
Chafffto'a Fbonofraphio Inttitute; bits, and 

atph.; W. G. ^.-h!lffLH^ Prts, 
Btste Kormal and Traimp; School y normal; 

atatp; eo-ed. ; L B. PouphFtn Ph» B., 

FEEKBKILLh Westcbestar Co., pop. 10,3S8. 
"FairGolme'* ; gU-\»' boarding; P. E.; eat. 

1003; Carrie Webat(»r Nlehole, Pb. B., 

loitltute, Ths; prifp,; dfi-ed.; uon-aeet.; 

GbOTlPS Unterroinef, Prln. 
HohoEan School; boya' boarding; nou-sect. ; 

lionry WHtera. Prln. 
Feekikill Ullitary Audemy; mnitoty; noti- 

j9(K.'t. ; fst. i^Vi', .T. C. IlnrU(*r, M. A.* and 

C. A. RobinaoJi, Pb, t>,. Prliia. 
fit. Clabriel School; girla' boarding; P. E. ; 

Slsttr Esthpr, Prln. 
Worrall Hall Hilitary Aoftdamy; boy a" board- 
ing; mil.; P. B.; eat. 1S70; Rot. C. E. O. 

NithoM, B. A., S. P. B„ I'rtn, 
FELHAV MANOR, WeitchtBtcr Co.. pop. 3S0. 
Hasen Sobool; girls' boanllng; non-»i'(?t. ; Mra. 

John Cnnnlnglinni Hazfjn,. Prin. 
FENir TAK, Yat«s Co., pop., 4,4Ci>. 
Fona Yan Commercid-l and Shorthand iDiti* 

tute; bus. and atfo.; cut. IDi.KJ'; H. J. 

Chapmftn, Prin, 
FIKE, Wyoming Co.t IJop. 458. 

Pike Seminary; prep.; cn^i^d.; nou-aeet,; T. I, 

frSffDrd, PHn. 
FLATTSBUB.G, ClLnton Co., pop. 8,434. 
II'Youviile Aoadomy; glrla' boardW; B. C; 

Wiatcr M«r>' dp le Viptoiro, Prln. 
Flattabnrj- State Normal and Training School; 

i][>rm.i]; fitate: coed.; fipofgc K. Hnwk- 

iiiB, A. M., Pres. 
FLATTSVILLE, Clinton Co,, ppp., S,434. 
Champlaiti Summer Sobool; enrumcr acbool; en- 

cd.; R. C; out, 1890; B. J, McMiibon* D, 

B., Pl'pb. 

PORT HENRY, Ebbox Co., pop. 1,757. 
Champlftin Inatltutei: prt^p,; coed,; U. €.: 
Sister M. Gabriels, Prin* 

POTSDAM, St, Lawrence Co., pop, :i,843. 

ClarktcQ Momorial School of Teohnology; 

tecb.; Cii-a^.; eat, leWJ; William S. Ald- 
rlcb. M. E.. Blrcetor, 

State Normal and Training School; normal; 

state; co-ed,; Thomna B. atowell, Ph. B.. 

FOBGHKEEPSn, Butoheaii Co.j pcsp. 24,020. 
Eaitman Buaineia College ; bug. ; stE^jj,. and 
prep.; cet. 1S&9; Clement C. Oalnes, 

SohOttPa aiLtiouno«ment.^EaBtniiin trains 
thoroiiifhly fur biiaine«« and obtalna a de- 
alrable iitnatlon for evfry graduatf^ at 
tht-^ t'ompb^te t'luunierrlttl tUmraf" of tblH 
old und widely patron 3 xi-d tnalltntlon. 
Moru tbnu 4M,iMM]i gradnattn in bUBineim 
111 all sjjetlona of tlie Wiirld iTirncittly ttl- 
teat tht' hlgU rbsiaoter of the \\ork of 
thii aebool. 

Lyndon HaU School for Girli; glrla' bf>ard- 
Inpi nonaort,; Samuel Welle Bui?k. Prlti. 

Qulncy School ^ prep.; co-ed.; non-aect; Mary 
('. ATlljerer, Prln. 

EivBrriew MiHtaiy Anademy; military; non- 
ftcct.; JuBopb S. BIbIj^c, M. A., Prln, 

Taeiar GoUegre; women t uon aeiH.^; est. 11^; 




U^v. JiiiUL'S M, faj'lor. V. D,. LL- D., 

BAHBQLPH, C^ttarmuFua Co,, pop. 1*20^. 

ChaKEaberlaiiL Institute ;; prep.: cD-f^d, ^ M. Er, 

Ot^orge V. HiitliH A. It.. Prln. 
B.EBFOEBp CliniO'ii Co>, prtj). 163- 

Aoftdemr of Holy Croii; pr^p. : C4-€d.; R. C.; 

cat IftSGi Siftter Miiry of St. Hedwldgcr, 

BEN5SFLAER, ReDBAeUer Co»i pop.. 7.480. 
St. John's ActAdem?; ptvp*; co-ed.; R. C; 

p«t. 1852; Eev. John F. Glftvln, M. A„ 

EIVERHEAD, Suffolk C»., pop 2,017. 

Riverhea,d Ackdem^r; e1oSE?d. 
ROCHESTER, Monroe Co., pnp. lfl2.$i>R. 

Bradstreftt SoJlool, The; hnyn' baurdln^: utm- 

sK?ct. ; J. Howai-d Bradatret't. Pi-ln. 
Cruttendsn Sohot^l* The; ^:\f}n' boarding; iiuai- 

BPrt. ; Ml as L. H. Hakea, Prln. 
Femala Academy of tha Sicrad HfiKft; glrla" 

bDurdtn^; R. C. ; Madamo Anguatn Par- 

don, Priu. 
LtTlmitoa Purk fismliiLfj; sMr* boarding^ 

Pri>CeBtant; Mrs. Wm. M. RebflBs^ Jr., 

KA^ajvtli AoAdfriny; glrla* tHardln^r; R. €.; 

Thomaa F, Hicliej^ Prln. 
IViohoIt Suhool, 1Iti>; glrls^ boardlnf?: nan- 

8«et. ; Misses J. H. and M. D. NlcbotUr 

Eooh fitter Athenaeum und M«ohmnloi Imti- 

tutei twb.t t-o-pd.j fton-Hoet. ; oat ISSSl 

LuwJs P. Ross, Prts. 
RocheiFter BDBin»a InsUtaU; btu. and tteti.: 

A. S. Oftborn, Prea^ 
tTaivenitj- of Rochester; eoL: co-od.; Bapt. ; 

ff^t. ISriO; Rei^. Riisb Hhcps, TX. n., 

WAgnar HBmorial Lutheran Collect; boy a" 

boarding; Lutb.: John Nleum, D. D.. 

HOME. Oneida. Co.. pop. 15.343. 
St. Peter' a Academy ; glrla' boarding; R. C. ; 

SJst^i- Mury Patrick. PrJn. 
RONBOTTT, XHater Co,, pop. — 

Bt. HAry'a Academy; pri*p, ; i*o-(*d.; Rr 0.; 

aiater Frtinciia Ito^la, Prln* 
BOUND LAKE, Baratogm Ca,j pop. 20ft. 

Hoatid Lake Audemy; prep.; eo-od. : Metb. ; 

Mervlti D, Loaey. Pi-in. 
BOTTBE BOIKT, Clinton Co.* pnp, 1.(175. 
Bt Fatiidk't Aoademlo Bohooli prep.; e<>'ed.; 

U. C; eat IS^; Blsttr M, Patrk'In, PrSn. 
BYE, Weatobeater Co., pop. IjMl. 

Rye Seminary; ^rla' bciflrdluK; Jiao-ai^et.; 

Harriet T, Stono, PHn. 
SAO HAEBOE, BnlToIk Co., pop. 1,D0I}, 

Aomdemy of the Saofed H«art of Haiy; 

jslrls' tmarrllng; R. C; Mother Bualle. 


8ALKK, Wasbin^n Co., pop,. I, mi, 

WaKhliLftoit Academy; prcvp.; co-et!,; non-^ 
soct^ t*Kt 1792: Arthur B. Vnaaler. A. 
M.. Pli, B., Prr-H. 

SARATOOA SPRINGB, Saratofa Co., p-ip. 12,- 

Bt. Eaitb'a Academy i eirld' boarding; P. S. ; 

«?3t. l:^l^tP: Elf^Qnor A. Shackelford, Prln^ 
Bt. John' a Academio Sohool; prep,; cfl-ed.; R. 

C; oat l!^Or>^ Rt Rct. Thomas Burke, 

8CHEKECTADY, ScheaeeUdy Ce., pop. 31*082. 
Head' a Baaineaa Traiaioff Sobool; clnwdp 
Union College; eol. ; men; non-aect, ; e»t- 

170B; Andrew V. V. Eftfmond, D. D., LL. 

D. , Pres, 
8HEEW0DD, Gayufa Co., pop. 17T. 
Bherwood Seleot Sohaol; prep.; co-^C; aan* 

sect.; A. Gcrtnidc Klandara, Prln. 
BOD¥B, Wayne Co,, pop. 1,028. 

BoduB Academy; prep.; co-ed.; uon-sc^t, ; Ell- 

aha Cnrtla. Prln. 
SOUTHOLB, Suffolk Co., pop. 1,292. 
Bouthold Academy; prep.; cf^ed.; Prcab, ; 

MUe N. A. Kverett, Prln. 
SYEACUSE, Onondaffa Co., pop. 10S,3f4. 
DahLn''a Buatneit Initltate; bna. and ateo.; 

Da kin BrD&. . Pres. 
Henley School^ The; bua. and at&u.; B. H. 

Henley, Pros. 
Bt. John's CathoMo Academy; prep.; eo-ed.; 

R. a 
Syracusa Commercial Bchool; bna. imd it^o.; 

J. J. Martin, prea. 
Syracuse tTnlTenity; unlr.; co-«d. ; M. E. ; 

eat. ISTl; Rer. Jamea Roacoe Dny, S. T. 

r>., LL. 0., Pres. 
Syracuse UnWersity^ Collar of Law; law; 

co-ed. ; eat. 1SU5, James B. Brooks, A, M.. 

D, C. L., Dean. 
Byracuae Univeraity, CcUeve of Madteiae; 

med. ; rcg„; ivi-ed.; eat. 1872; Henry D. 

indarna. M. D., LL. D., Dean. 
BUFFERS, Bookland Co., pop. l.fllO. 

Herbert Preparatory Sobool, The; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect; Wm, J. Eckbeff. Ptln. 
TABBTTOWy, Weateheater C3o.. pi>p. 4,770. 
Irving Institute; boys* bonrdlns; non-aect.; 

Jotiti M. Furmjin, Prln. 
Kiss Haaon's SchaoL The Caatle; glrla' tioard- 

iuR: P. K.; eat 18SU; Miss C, E, Me«on. 

L. h. Mm PriQ, 
TEOY, Eensselaer Co., p^tp. eit.fl51. 
EmwM "Wiliard Sahool; ffirla' boarding; non- 

aeet; MiftB Mary Alice Knoi. Prln. 
Lansinthurg Academy; glrjg^ tioardiug; noa- 

«uct. ; Jauziis Ray Cral^basid, M. A.. Prln. 
La SaUe Institute; V>oya' boarding; E. 0.; 

Brother Aelred, Prln. 
Eenaaalaer Folyti^chnLa L^itittitei tc^h,; men; 

non-aeet.; cat. 1924; Palmer C. Rlckpttii, 

€. E.. Prefi, 
St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-e^.; B. C*; 

Slater M Odllla. Prln. 
Trfly A^demy; bnya' bf^ardlng; non-aect*; F. 

€. Barnes, M. A.. Prln. 
Troy Buaineia Gallese; lias, and sti^n.; L. Q. 

Tutti.., Prln 
UNION SFBINGS, Cayuga Co,, pop. 004. 

OakwDod Beminary, Tbet prep.; co-ed.; non- 

aect.; T. Herbert Cboae, Prin» 
UTICA, Oneida Ca., pop. 56.383. 

Bamol Sehoel; gLrla' boarding; nonaect; 

LoKlae S. 11. ^anndffA and Edltb Roek^ 

well Hfill. Prins, 




SpenoerUn Business School; bus. and sten.; 

Ghas. B. Hall, Pres. 
TTtioa Business Institute; bus. and sten.; G. 

F. Hendrick, Pres. 
TTtioa Catholic Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. G.; 

J. S. M. Lynch, D. D., Prin 

YEBOKA, Oneida Co., pop. 357. 
Home School, The; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Mrs. T. M. Foster, Prin. 

WALWOKTH, Wayne Co., pop. 472. 
Walworth Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
John B. Palmer, Prin. 

WESTCHESTEB, Hew York Co., pop. 


Sacred Heart Academy; boys' boarding; R. 
G.; Brother August, Prin. 
St. Austin's School; boys' boarding; P. B.; 

George B. Qualle, M. A., Prin. 
Westerleigh Collegiate Institute; prep.; co- 
ed.; non-sect.; Wilber Strong, Prin. 

Sacred Heart Seminary; boys' boarding; R. 
G.; Sisters of St. Joseph, PHn. 
YONXEBS, Westchester Co., pop. 47.931. 
Halsted School, The; prep.; co-ed. ; non-sect. ; 
Mary Slcard Jenkins, Prin. 
• l^ncerian Business School; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1802; Charles B. Hall, Prin. 


Population, 1,893,810. School census, 650,700. School age, 6-18. 

North Carolina is the fifteenth state of the Union in point of population, hav- 
ing a total of 1,893,810 inhabitants, of whom 1,263,603, or 41.6 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 4,394, or .4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 28.7 per cent, the state ranking forty-third m this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


J. Y. JoYNER, Superintendent of Public Instruction Raleigh 

John Duckett, Chief Clerk Raleigh 

E. C. Brooks, Special Clerk for Loan Fund, etc Raleigh 


C. B. Aycock, Governor, Chairman Raleigh 

J. Y. JoYNER, Superintendent Public Instruction, Secretary Raleigh 

W. D. Turner, Lieutenant-Governor : Raleigh 

J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State Raleigh 

B. R. Lacy, State Treasurer Raleigh 

B. F. Dixon, State Auditor Raleigh 

R. D. Gilmer, Attorney-General Raleigh 

Duties performed by State Board of Education. 

Duties performed by State Board of Education. 


North Carolina has no State Reading Circle Board, but her legislature makes 
generous provision for the building up of school libraries. A state law was passed 
in 1901, appropriating $5,000 from the state funds, to be paid out, ten dollars to 
every school district that would appropriate ten dollars, and whose citizens would 
contribute ten dollars. The appropriation was taken up in three months, and two 
thousand for.r hundred books were bought for the school libraries in that year. 


Prof. J. B. Carlyle, President Wake Forest 

Prof. \V. I ). Carmfch ael. Secretary Durham 





County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Alamance Rev. W. S. Long Graham 25,666 

Alexander A. F. Shfirpe Hiddenite 10.960 

Alleghany E. Left Wagoner Montland 7,759 

Anson J. M. Wall Wadesboro 21,870 

Ashe J. O. Goodman Beaver Creek 19,581 

Beaufort Rev. N. Harding Washington 26,404 

Bertie .• R. W. Askew Windsor * 20,538 

Bladen Angus Cromartie Garland 17,677 

Brunswick John H. Mintz Shallotte .'...12,657 

Buncombe J. J. Reagan WeaverviUe 44,288 

Burke A. C. Reynolds Rutherford College 17,© 

Cabarrus C. E. Boger Concord 22,4i 

Caldwell Y. D. Moore Lenoir 16,694 

Camden B. T. Burgess Shiloh 5,474 

Carteret L. B. Bnnett Cedar Point 11,811 

Caswell A. E. Henderson Yanceyville 15,028 

Catawba C. H. Mebane Newton 22,133 

Chatham R. P. Johnson '....Mt. Vernon Springs 23,912 

Cherokee E. B. Norvelle Murphy 11,860 

Chowan C. A. G. Thomas EMenton 10,258 

Clay G. W. Fleming Clarence 4,532 

Cleveland J. A. Anthony Shelby 25,078 

Columbus F. T. Wooten Chadbourn 21,274 

Craven S. M. Brinson New Bern 24,160 

Cumberland B. T. McBryde FayetteviUe 29,249 

Currituck Dr. W. T. Griggs Poplar Branch 6,529 

Dare B. G. Crisp Manteo 4,757 

Davidson P. L. Ledford Thomasville 23,408 

Davie J. D. Hodges Augusta 12,115 

Duplin S. W. Clement Wallace 22,405 

Durham C. W. Massey Durham 26,233 

Edgecombe R. M. Davis Tarboro 26,591 

Forsyth W. B. Speas Wlnston-Salem 36,261 

Franklin , R. B. White Franklinton 25,116 

Gaston ^^. P. Hall Belmont 27,903 

Gates T. W. Costen. Jr Gatesville 10,413 

Graham T. A. Carpenter Cheoah 4,343 

Granville B. F. Hester Qjcford 23,263 

Greene J. E. Debnam Snow Hill 12,038 

Guilford T. A. Sharpe '...Greensboro 39,074 

Halifax Dr. A. S. Harrison Enfield 30,793 

Harnett J. D. Ezzell Dunn 15,988 

Haywood R. A. Sentelle Waynesville 16,222 

Henderson J. W. Morgan Estowah 14,104 

Hertford J. C. Scarborough M'urfreesboro 14,294 

Hyde J. M. Watson Swan Quarter 9,278 

Iredell J. A. Butler Statesville 29,064 

Jackson W. R. Sherrlll W^ebster 11,853 

Johnston Ira T. Turlington Smithfield 32,250 

Jones W. H. Hammonds Trenton 8,226 

Lenoir C. W. Howard Klnston 18,639 

Lincoln G. T. Heafner Crouse 15,498 

Macon T. J. Johnston Franklin 12,104 

Madison R. L. Moore Mars Hill 20,644 

Martin R. J. Peele WilUamston 15,383 

McDowell E. E. Sams Marion 12,567 

Mecklenburg R. J. Cochrane Charlotte 55,268 

Mitchell D. W. Green Wing 15,221 

Montgomery W. B. Cochran Troy 14,197 

Moore M. A. McLeod Broadway 23,622 

Nash W. S. Wilkinson Rocky Mount 25.478 

New Hanover W. Catlett Wilmington 25,785 

Northampton Paul J. Long Jackson 21,150 

Onslow Walter M. Thompson Richlands 11,940 

Orange C. E. Maddry HiHsboro 14,690 

Pamlico V^. V.. Rosa (xrantsboro 8,016 

Pasquotank W. M. Hinton Elizabeth City 13.660 

Pender T. T. Murphy Atkinson 13,381 

Perquimans W. G. Galthcr Hertford 10,001 




Fop. of 
SupcrliitendfDt's Naiut?* Addreiji. County^ 

.G. F. Holloway Roxboro IS^fiSS 

-W. H. Ragsaale Greenville ...-,. ...*3a, 

■ W. M. Justice -Mill Spring ,,,. 7.* 

Person .**.-.**»«**.,*»,.. 


Polk ^ . _ 

Randolph * *..J. M. Way A^heboro Sfi^ 

Hichmund *..W. R. Cpopedge — ..RrjcKiiufham *.,: 15, 

Robeaon *,.....,*.* J. R. pooTe .... L,uniljerton 40.371 

Rockinsham ....,...>..E, P. Ellington ..RtldsvlUe 33,183 

Rowan ,^...,.\... *.*ti. G, Klzcr ** *,. Salisbury 31 

Rutherford ..*,*...*..* W. T. R. Bell ............ ^..^Rutherfordtorv ....... *...a54< 

Sampson .,..*..* ^ John A. Forrell ClJulon * .26, 

Stanley .......* R. L. Smith .......Albemarle .15, 

Scotland ..,,..-....,.... ^......- J. B. McKlnion ............... t.aiirlntjurg ,.*..,*......». 12, 

Stokes .,.,. J. T. Smith ................... Danbuo' ........ . 19,J 

Burry — J. H. Allen ....... ............ .Dobson 

Swain D. A. Randolph- .....Almond ..,..., S, 

lYanaylvania J. T. Newton.. Bri-^vufd ........,.*.*,..., Si< 

Tyrrell — S. R. Bateman ........Columbia ...,„,..,.,, 4,B8ft 

Union , - U. F. Beasley Monroe ........,.g7JB6 

Vance ...S. C. Kittrell Henderson - 4S.0H 

Wiike , ..W. G. Clementij ....Raleigh .......64, 

Warren — - .......Nat Allen .Warrenton .19, 

W^aahington ...,J. O. E^'e^ett Plymouth M^^ 

W^atauga .,.....,.*......*......B. E. Dougherty .....* ,Boone ..13, 

Wayne .E. T. Atklnf!on Goldaljoro 31, 

Wilkes C. C. Wright Straw M. 

WilBon .,... ....J. W\ Hays Elm City ....23,5! 

Tadkin ...................... A. J. Martin .................. .Longtown M~ 

Yancey ...L. Hutchlns ;....Windom ,.,.. U.4e4 



ABHIVILLE, lunoombe Co., jjoi>. 14 Am. 
Ashavillfi BufiaeH Gi>lleKe; hnn. uml aten. ; 

ABherillfi Oollega for Youn^ Wonieni rluRciI. 
Binffhftm Bahoal, TtL«: boys' buikrditiic; uiUl- 

tury: iion-8ccl. ; It. Bihjifham. Supt. 
Home and Di,y AahiK)! for &lfli; gitW boitrd- 

Itis; noD-acLt.; Mlmt Harriot A. Chfliu- 

ploti, Prlti. 
VormMl uid Oollerliirts InitltuU; normal; 

prlmte; cc^*d. ; Rer. Ttaom^js fjiwrflin^fi, 

ASHPOIE, Bobvwn Co., pop. 4^. 

AjhpQle iQBtituta ; pr^p. ; cri-cd.; uoii-sect.; t'llt. 

Mir.*l -r. A, ^loKauKbfiii. Siipt. 
ATLAHTIO, Cu-temt Gtt., pop. 52. 
AtliLntlD Academy; prep.r t>o-ed. ; uoii-iect.; 

*;. W. JVtL-wbufn. Prill. 
ATT&USTA, Di.Tie Co., pop. 32. 
Hod^et Scbooh prep.: ^-nj-ed. ; non-Buet.; John 

E>. ILdges, A. M-. Prln. 
BAYBOitOUGH, Pumlloo Co., iwip. a«2. 
Pamlico Mate anil Fomalfl InfltitutA; ptt^p.; 

co-ed : nonsirt. ; Pit. ISUO; ftfra. 7rflln 

Cheii'k, Vriu. 
BEAUFORT, Carterat Co., pop. 2.1&S. 

Bt. PauFB BdbDol; pre|i. ; eo-ed. ; P. E.; 

TlJiJiuHH I'. Soe, M. A.. B. D., Prin. 
Waihliuni Bemiaarsr; prvp.^ eb-ed. ^ uud-iect.; 

B. D. Ruwlce. Prin. 
BELVONT. Oaitoii Co., pop, 14B. 
gacrtd Heart AoademT; ifLtIb' bn«rdliig; tt. 

C.; MotluT M. Torp«n. Prln. 
St. Mary'i CoUflffo; col.: nifii; II. C: <*rL 

IBTS: RtT. Leo. Hnld. B. f>., O. S. B,. 


8olioori amnaiinoem&Dt* — ^Ituuti^d elfiTen 
mil est xv^Bt of Churlottt*, N C. to ebai-ff« 
of tlu' Benpdletlne Fathi^rs. Pbjiilcal. 
mciFR] aud reunions troldtiif,' n speetal aim 
o* the whool. Pure, €old wnti^r; healtbx. 
subatanttal food; cnol mouutfiiD air. 
CUAslcaL {?ommi?relal and selentldo 
courses. Graduht4.'B hold reaponi«lb1e and 
lucrative poaltlons In tbe principal Souths 
cm cities, Termfi of boitrd and tuition 
for the j-car. $200* 

BELYIDEHF, F«rqulmana Co.* imp., 110. 

BalvidflrQ Aoadamr; prep.; i-O'iHl.; Friends^' 

Mury J. Whllf. Prln. 

B£LWOOD< OlevAlaad Co., Chip. lOT. 

Belwood luitituta; prep.; {.-o-ed.; M. B. Bo.j 

W, O. RudlflilL Prln. 

BETHEL HILL. Fendn Co*, pop. S3. 

Bothel Hill Inttituto; prop.; eo-ed. ; Bapt.; 
Ri?v. .T. A. Hfttm, Prln. 
Bia LICK. SUnlr Co., pop, 132. 
Biff Liok Aoademj^ prop,; co-^&.- nonii^ct.^ 
J. C. Blatk. Prln. 
BLOWIlfe BQCK. Watauffa Co., t^f- ^.'tl. 
Slcrland Iiutlttitei: prep.; nj-i*d, ; Cuiig. ; 
18^^; Mri*, E. ft, Dom-n. Pdh. 
BOOMEE, Wilket Co., pop. 37. 

Boomer Hiffh Sobool; prvpt co*ed.; Baptl 
A. llabUvIr;, PrSn. 
BOO NEVILLE, Yadkia Co.. pop. 183. 
Yadkin Vallay Inctituta; pri-p, ; co-cd.; nm 
Bt'tr.; Robert R. IJorn. Prln. 
BiriES CEEEH, Hamfitt Co., pop. 25. 

Bul«i Creek Academy; prep,: rtviHl.; nmm 
sect.; Rey. J, A. rampbcU. Prln. 






BITROAW. FsQdn Ca., pop. 3ST. 

BurfAw Aoitd«iD7; prep.; ra-«d.; noD-aect.t 
Mil toil ^lolntoflli. PHu, 
BirftLIKGTOJf, AUmauM Co,, pop. 3,092. 

BurUnrton Academy ; i)Tf|i. : c-o-ptl*; Afctti.; eat. 

CALDWELL INSTITUTE, Orfcnffii Co., pop. m>. 
CAldwall Institute; pf ep. ; co-«d.| Preeli.; 
J^ Hnrrj Hiiniinct, Ph. D., Prln. 
OABTHA&E, Moure Oa.» tiop. 04)5. 

C«rth«^e Audemifl Inititiite; prep.: eu-^d.; 
[KHt-^ct.; C. H. Melnttmili, Prlu. 
OABY^ W»kft Co,, pop. 333, 
Cftiy Hig'h Saboot;> prep.; c-o-e^.: lum-cei'L; 
A, V. Snius. Prlu. 
0ESAR EQCKk Fruikljn Of)., pop. 44. 
CodsT Book Acttd«mr; prep.; eo-i*d.; Bapt. 
Mis.; T. n. Sk'dKe, Prln. 

CHAPEL HILL* Qranfa Com pop. lt4>0Q' 

ChApel Hill School; prc'p.; co-ed.; nan'ii(^i''t. ; 

J. \V. <"'iiiiodo+ Prill, 
ITnivariity ^f North Cftrolinir; imir.: Btiite; 

iiK^u: I St. iTJIfi; P. P. VtMiubitn l^reia, 
nnlf&nity^ of North C«roliaa, DepArtmont of 

Fb&niiftoy; pbar. ; tiK'n; est. 1S0S; E. V. 

Howfll, Dean. 
tXnlTortlt^ of Korth CuroliD&t I»aw Bftpftrt- 

mfint; lan^; men; eat. 184^; JiiiueB C. 

MiKHrt(\ LL. P.. Peiin. 
UuiTflrait^ Of NDtth Cafoliiiat Hedioml EchodU 

tiu'd. ; rieg. ; ciien; esL 187S; Rlchitrd H. 

Whitehead, M. D., Dean. 

CHABLOTTE, MflckUnbuxff Co*, pop. 18,001. 
Biddlq TTnJvflralty (aolordd); ciil,; men; Pre^sh. ; 

vnt. 18TS; Vliv. l). S. HanderB, D, D.. 

Cbttrlott* Commeroiml CoUefa; btu. find sten.; 

J. C. MititJi, Pre*. 
Chiu-lotto Mllituy- iDvtLtata; mllltai^; dou- 

Beet; J. G. Balrd, J3upt. 
EUabeth Collfise; ffirlgi' bonrdlng:; iiOD-BC«t,; 

eat 3SflT; C. a. Klnp. A, M.h Pres. 
FUmhiK- ITnivBrBitr of &horth*nd; bui. and 

aten. ; Oco. M. Flnming. Pr^fi. 
Hinf'i Buiineaa ColI«ffe ; biiv. and ston.; J. 

H. King, Prhi. 
Fr«sb7t«rimn Colie^A fctf Womftn; girbi' board- 
ing; Pre«b.; eat. 1SB7; Ret. J. R. Brldst^a, 

D. D,, Prea. 

CHOCOWINTT, Bftiufort Co., pop. 73. 

Trinity School; pr€*p. ; eo-p^.; P. B.; N. 0, 
Diii^llira^ Ptlii. 

CISCO, Ohowftn Co., pop. 1% 
Elm OroT* SaktMh prep,; eo-ed.; Bat^t; Lc*- 
«ie G, H^'lib. Prln. 

CLAYTON, Johnmton Co., p«p. 7B4. 

Clajrton Higrh Schoal; prpp.; co-ed.; non-jsci-t,; 
ear. 10iJ<»; R, h\ WlUlams, A. B.* Prln. 
CLYDE* Esywud Co., pop. 244. 

Haywood Hifh Sahoo^i prep. ; co-ed. ^ Bapt.; 
n. .V, i5nntell, Prln. 

CONCORD, Ci^buTua Co,, pop. IM^. 

Sootift S«min&ry (eolorsd) ; girta' lK»ttrdtii|?; 
Preiib.; D. J. i^titterflcld, p. 1>., Prbi. 
CONOVEB. CfttAWbA Co,, pop. 4 IS. 

Concordia College; col.: co-M.; Lntb,: Be^. 
Get*. A. Rom<iii«r, Prea. 

COB A, Bai-k« Co,, pop. 3f). 

Amhflttt AoAdBdi? i pri.«p. ; e<»-ed. ; tiott-ioct. \ 
cr*t. mSS; T. P. Harni^a, A. B., Frjii» 
ORESCENT, Row&n Co., pop. 47. 
€T«K»nt Academic and BiutnAU Coll«to; 
pcpp.r tt^-ed. ; Beformi-d; J. M. L. Lycrlyt 

A. U., Prln. 

CROUSE« LiAOOln Co., pup.. 1S2. 
Fiedmont Seminmir ; prep. ; c&-ed. ; Eton- 
»e*"t; est. IfttJi; G. T. Heafiier. Prln. 
BALLAE, &&tton Co., pop. 514. 

Gmmton CoUaigfi; giria' b<iardl]jg; Latb^; eat. 
IHTS*; S. A. Wulff, A. M., Pre*. 
DALTOK, Stakaa Co.» pop. 110. 

Dalton Institutfl; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect; 
\V. A. Flint, Prin. 
DAYIDSON, ITekltinbuTff Ci?,, pop. 904. 

Da vidian Colleso; c<i|.; men; Pr^ab. ; eat. 
1H37; Henry LouU iiJniith, M. A., Ph. D.> 
North CaroHnA M odloal C«lla^« ; m^A, ; rcf. ; 
men; eat. ISO^; J. P. Mtmroe, M. D., 

DTFNN, HifUfltt Co,, |iop. !,0T2. 
Bson Hiffh School ; prap.; co-ed.; noti-aect; 
J. D. Ezzcll, Prln. 

DTTBHAJIt DutIuud Co., pop. 6,970. 
Trinity CoUefa: wL; co-ed.; M* E. So.; «Bt. 
18^1; Rev. John 0. Kllgor, D. D.. Prea. 
Trinity Park Hi^b fiobooU prep.; co-ed.; &I. 

B. So.; J. F. BlTlna, Prin. 

flolwori a.miouiicem*»t. — Trinity Park 
Scbool la lornti»d In tbo beautiful Pk'd- 
mont fMMition of North Cnrolfpa ; CumpuA 
adjolna that of Trinity College; atu- 
deiits UBP tht College library. Tbe 
Schotii preprtrt'S for the beat eoUegea; tbn 
.leademie equipment la quite c^^mplett!; 
excellent gym na el urn ttnd athletle 
grot] □ da. Since 1808. tbe t^nrollmcnt baa 
intrensed froui 72 to IflC. and over 125 
studenta have been prepared for col- 
lege. The conrae cx^Ters foiar years, 
Dorinltortes* modern In structure and 
equipment. Eippnaca: tnltlan, board, 
laundry, and Imoka. |1S0 to I^Oti per 

EAGLET OWN, Northampton Co,, pop. 81. 
Aurgrm Eifb Bokool; prep.; co-ed.; Ftlcnda; 
Bell White. Prill. 

ELIZABETH CITY, FwduoUnk Co., pop, 6.848, 
Atlantic Colla^te Initltntfl; prep.; co-ed.; 

non-Kcet.; S. L, Sbi?ep, Frin. 
Eiisalwth State Normml School (color«d); nor- 
mal; Rtttte; tf>-ed.; V* W, Moore, A, M., 

EXON COLLEGE, A]«manoa Co., pop, S38. 
Eion CoU«g«! coL; oo-ed.; Ohrlatlan; eat, 
1800; Rev. W, W. Staley. D. D., Prea. 
ENOCHVILLE, Bowmn Co., pop. 0113. 

Enoch vill«i Hiffk School; prep*; co-ed.; non» 
sect.; I'V B, Brown. Prln. 
FABMER, Bandolph C«,. pop. 37. 

Earmer Inatitute ; prep, : co-ed. ; M* K. ; 
Jnmca Ix, Jlaat,^ Prln. 
FAYETTETILLE, Cumb&rlftnd Qo„ pop. 4,610. 
Btmte Colored Normal B«k«gl (ool«r«d) \ nor- 





mi\l; wtHte; cnM-d, ; E. E. Smith, Pli. U^t 
FIUCH. ir»ili OOm pop. 2J?. 
Btuihope Hig'h Bchool; ptx![i, ; €0-ed. ; nrm- 
ppi.-tt; Djivid PrcvBtoii Pjirker, Ft In. 
FEAJIKUK, Mktidn Ca., pop. ^35. 

Frmnklin High Sobool; pvep.i eo-fA.i M, E, 
So.; M. 1). Bjlllnijs. PHli. 
FEAKKUKTOK, Ffiakliu G&., pinn 76 L 
Albion Academy — Btftte Normal School; nttr'- 
laul; Btut?; co-td.j Rav. J. A* Sftvage, 


Frmnklin tan Ohilitt&Ei OoU«k«j pnip^; co-ctd,; 
Cliflfllloti; Rev. Z. A. Poste, Frtn. 
aASTONIA, GutOD Cn., pi>p. 4.010. 

QAstan AoadttiQy; prep.; eo-€>d. ; Pi*f!tob. ; J. 
W« S3 Her. PrSD, 
OLEirWOOB, Johnctun Oo», pop. 39. 

Qlonwaod Audem^; prep.; eo-^.; BapL; 1. 
K, lludHoD, Prln. 
GOLDSTOH, Cbatbam Co., pap. 176. 
GaldBtcin Aoftdftmr; prop.; co-ed. ; uoueect^i 
JuiuuB R. lUvf^i*, Frln. 
GEEENSBOBO. Chiilford Oft., pop, lO.Oac, 
Agricultural and BfftcJiaDicai OoUq^ for tha 
Colorsd Eace; (ci^h^riH]); IiKliiHt^; mon; stuti.^ 
*.Mt IWl: JTumL^B B. Uudley, M. A.. Prt'S. 
Bsnuott Cfillege; ixtL; ro-i'd.; M. E.: I'l^t. 

ISTl; J. IK Chfivia, A, M., D. D., Pres. 
Gr^auiboTQ Female CoUv^; glrlM' bourdlns; 
M. E. So.; est, 1846; D. Pea cork. A. B,, 
A. M., Pre«. 
State KormAl and Industrial BqIkkiI; uoi-mnl; 
9tut«s cD-od.; CliiirJ<'P 1>- Mclvor, ProH. 
OiriLFORD COLLEGE, Guilford Co., pop. 2m. 
Guilford C*lleK«I eoL; itii-i'd.; FHetide; cut. 
lMa7; L. Lyndon llijbhs, A. M., Pres, 
HAMII,T0N; Kartin Co,, pop, 493. 

Hamilton Inatituto; prep.; eo-ed.; iwn-spct; 
<Hl. im'i: W. H. Alhrlgbt. Ph. B,. M. A,, 
HEETFOEP, Ferquimaai Co-, pop. 1,3S3. 
F«r(iuimaat AudAm^; prep.; eci'«d>; noii^ 
fti?ct. ; S, T. Lllei, Pr!n. 
HICKOEY, Catawba Co., tM>p. 2Ji^. 

Clanmoat Famale CoLlfifv; Ktrla" boarding; 
nonsect.; lat. ISSO; A. J* BoUn, S. B., 
A. B.. PieH. 
L«noiT CoUefflj cot; QO-s4.i Lalb.^ est. ISfll ; 
Et^v. R. A, Yadi*r, A. M., Prei. 
HILL&BOEO, Orange Co,, jK^p. TtlT. 

HiUabow FriTate School* prop.; w]-ed,; nm\- 
Rent.i e^ftt. lK?*(i; Mrs. Bpugjif iind Misa 
niNarit. Prlna. 
HITNTERSVTLLE, Mecklenliujrv Co., pop. 533. 
HunterfriUa Bi^b Bobool; [>rep. ; E'Teeb.; R. 
J. C<K'briinE, Pfln. 
ILEX, DaTidson Co., ptvp, 42, 

Holly GroTO Academy i prep.: co-ed*: Lutb.; 
€liJirl<vB W. Hllefdiin, A. Hm Prin. 

JDNIBBORO, Moara Co,, pop. 940. 
Jone^hora Hish School; prop. i eo-ed.; hihi- 
ai?ct.; Puliuor DalrrmpliJ, Prln. 

JOirEBYII.LE. Yadkin Co., Dt^u IflT, 
JonatTiUa Aoadamy; prpp.^ pot^d.; pon- 
UiMf.i J. T Smith. Prill. 

KEENEESTILLE. Fonytha Oc* pup. 652. 

E^rnejfaTille Academy; prup.; uo-ed,; atm- 
aac-T. ; G. W. MfUboru, Prln. 
EIKGS MOtTHTAUr, Clanland Co., pop. 2,002. 
Lincoln Academy; pri<p. ; en-eH.: Gong.; Lill- 
linn 8. Calbejirt, Prlu. 
KINGBTCN, Lanoir Co., p^ip. 4.106. 
Lewia Sobool; prep.; i.-o-ed. ; iioti-eeetr; Bl*?'h' 
nrd IT, Leijvis, l*Tta. 
KITTEELL, Vanca Co*, p*>p,. 168. 

Kittr^U Collate (coIori*dM prep.; tMj-ed, j A, 
U. E.; cat. ISSS; J. R. Hawyna> A. M., 

LEITOIE, CaldwaU Co., pnp. 1.290. 

Davonport Colloy a, ; <^ol, ; tt>-ed, ; Mi^tli. ; eat. 
IH.Vt: Clmrlf's C. Weiiv<*r, A. B-* Ph, Dt» 

LEX07GTQK, DaWdHon Qo., pop. 1,234. 

LexiuKton Beminary; prt^p.; fd-cd. ; uon- 
Bi't't. : treorgu M., Edj^uf, Priu. 
LIBERTY, Randolph Co,, pop.. 3il>l. 

Liberty ITormal Oollaffa; normal; prtrate; 
n»od.; eBt. 1S3H3; Thomits C. Aiiilck, Fli. 
J I., Pres. 
LOtriBBtTEG, FrankUn Co,, iwp. 1.118. 
Louiaburff famals CoUejro; sMs" tioMrdInK; 
M, E.; eat, J85T; M, S. Dttvls, prea. 
LouUliurfT Mala Aoademy; bojn' btmrdlnjc; 
nmi^HCC't. ; Erni?at Slma Morton, A. B. , 
LOWELL, Gaaton Co., pop,^ 390. 
LowbU Hi^h Sobool; prep.: co-ed,; non* 
suH-t, ; A. II. 1x3 wry, Prln. 
LUHBEETOK, Eobeion Co., iwp, 940. 

Eobeion Initttuto; prop.; fo-«!cJ.j Bapt. ; eat. 
18!Ki; P. S. Viimi\ A. B,, LL. B., Ptea. 
MADiaOK, Rocklnffbaia Co., pop. 813. 

Madiaon loatituto and Bnaineii Coll«««; 
prtfp.; co-od, ; ndnieet.; J. M. Weatberly, 
KAEBHALL, liadlion Co., p<)p. 337. 
MarBball Aoademy; prep,; co^ed,- Preab. ; 
\\\ A. Gob, Prln, 

11ARBHAI.LBERQ, Cartaret Co., pop, 07. 
Graham Bemmary; prep.; tra-«d.; U, 
Rev, C. M, LoTjater, Prln. 

MARB HILL, Itadlioo Co., pop. 989. 
ifari Hill Collcfa; prup.; eo-ed.; Bapt.i E. L. 
Mooi't, Prln. 

MAEBHVIXLE, Union Co., pop, 340. 
MaTflbTiUe Aoadomy; prep.; eiii^d.; 
iwc't.; S> J. Hojioycntt, Prln. 

HEBANE, Almmanca Co*, pop. 218. 
Tha Bingham Sobool; boya^ boarding; 
ectt.; Prcfltrm Lemla Cray. Prln. 

ICI^AH, Stokea Co., pop. m. 
Kountaln Tiaw Institute ; prop.; co-ed.; 
ntHt.. WUllsira M. Wwll. Prin. 

MGCKSTILIE, Bavloa Co.. pop. 74fl. 
Sunny Sida Beminary; prep.; co-ed.; 
Bf-et.; M, M. Botcni. Prln. 

UOOEEBTtLLE* Iredell Co., p^p, 1.E33. 

MooraaTlUa A^adamy, prop.; L'd-ed.; Pri^U. ; 
fbnrlf's r.. 4irt*y. Piln. 





JCnoreiTllIs Iiutltutfif i>ri<p,; co-«d. ; nou-se^t-; 
ei*t. imtV. l\ P. RoLkfLt. A. B.p Prill. 
MOEJlVXAK FAI.LS, Wilkei Co.. pup., ns. 
M&ravlajiL Falli AoKitiajrE prep.; eo-eiit non- 
n^i-t.: iHt. 1SS1; l^. G. Wesiver, Prea* 
KORGAIfTOIf^, Burke Ot>., pop. IpDSB. 
Fatton SohQot: prop.; *'0-ed. ; iion-apct.; Jucnb 
i\ Tjitton. ['I ill. 
MOaVEW, Anson Co., pop. 447. 

MDrren HieL School^ prtp, i Cf>-ed. ; M- K. 
Sn.; a; IL Mt^BrldLS Piin. 
MOTTITT OLITE, WajTie Oo.t p^. 617. 

M oufit Olive Hiff h Bobool ; prep. ; co-ed. ■ DOii- 
BCH't, ; Dnvkl F^ N!<liolBOD, PrJti. 
MOITNT PLEAS AHT, CiiTamii Co., pop. i44, 
Koimt AtnoBom Svmiiiuy; glrle' bud r ding; 
LiiLh.; Hi^ndpraon N. Miller , Ph. D.. Prln. 
MOTTlfT VERNON StBINCB, Chttbrnm Co.* 
pui>. 211. 
Suidy Greok AiiociatLon School; j^fiig' bonrd- 
liig; Biipt.; A. M. Yates, Prln. 
ICUEFBEESBORQ, Hertford Co., pap, STiT. 
Okowan B&ptiat Femmle Imtttute; girls' 
Tioardltiir; BapL; est. 1848; JfiHu C 
Searbtirougli^ A* Em Pres. 
IfEWTOK, Cmt&wbA Co,, pop. 1<&83. 

Ctetnwbi CoilGt^e; ei>i.^ co-ed, ^ Reformed^ 

eet, 1851; C. 11 . Melbdiie. Pres- 
North CmTnUnn CDliflg'A;^ coU; men; Luth.; 
pst, 1S50; Edwin Bowura, A, M., Pres* 
NOB'WOOB, SUnley Oa.. pop. 063. 
If«rwoo4 Hiffb School; prep.; t-tj-ed.; nan- 
sect.; R. a WJllts, Prln. 
inrX»Df> Alleghany Co., pop. 2G. 

Tnrtay Knob Bdhogl; prep.; co-ed.; noii- 
eeet.; A. M. Gentry, Prin. 
OAK EIDGEj Guilford Co,, pop. 101. 

0*h Eid^e XEiatitute; prep,; co-*i1i, ; mun- 
fit^:.; J, A. anid M. H, nolt, Prln. 
OXTOED, GrajiTiUe Co., pop. 2,050. 

Homor Hilltary Scbod^ military; nou-at'ct. ; 

J, C. Hi-rt-ner, Prln, 
Drford Fami.lfl Memin^Tj; glrW bojirdinB; 
Bupl.; est.; im^i; ¥. P. Hobgood, Pres. 
PEE DEE, Anton Go,, pop. Tp^, 

Bftrrett CollefiHtft mnd InduttrlLl Bohoal; 
pi't'P i co-ed.; nou-aeet; A. Jki- Barrett, 
A. SI., tx I*., Pria. 

PENELOPE, Burka Co., pop. la. 
PenciLopo AcAdemy; prep.; eu-ed.; noii-Hct. ; 
8. W. UalL Prln. 

PIKNACLl* Stokei Co., pop, ](ie. 
KuiiAolfi Institutes prep.; co-cd.; non-iect.; 
a. \\\ lUU, Prln. 

PLYM0T7TH, Wiiihiiig^oa Co.^ pop. 1,0U. 
Plymouth State Nornml School (oolor«d) j nnr- 

uiji ]; « ( a hn f'^i I'ti. ; J . W . McDoii ii Id, 

BALEI6H, Wftko Co,, pop, l^,QU. 

Baptlit Fem&lo Uaivoriity; fflrU' boarding; 

Bnpt.; eet. ISOO. 
Kluf't BusineiA Calkfo; bu9. and atep.; J. U. 

King. Pres. 
LeoDard M«dlc&l flobool of ihai^ir UuiTori^ty: 

med. ; rcg.; inc-n; est. 18S2; Jumca Mc- 

Kee, M, Lh. Dean. 

Mount Horiiali A<a,deiti7j prtjp, ; co-ed. ; noii- 

neoL ; M. A, AdainB, Prlu, 
Peaoti lUBtitute; glrln* boardinii;; non-Hoct.; 

JnineH Biii^v'iddle, M. A.^ Pflii. 
Ealslefh Hale Academy;' boy a' boarding; non- 

aeet. ; Iliigb Mur^ti, Prln. 
fit. Mary'a Sciool; glrla' boarding; F, E,; 

Tlipfi, D. Itratton, B. D,, Prln, 
Shaw TTnivoraity; univ.; ra-e^.; Biipt; est^ 

18t53; Cbaa. P, Mesir^e, LL. D., Prei. 
8haw ITnlTOTaity, iNpartment cf Phannaay; 

pilar,; men; est. l8tH>; Wm. lijlinpBon, 

BhtLw UniTertdty, Law Sabool; Irw; men; est. 

1SS8; E. A. Jobneoi], LL. P,, Dean. 
St. Aufiutiiie'i School (t'olored); IndciBtrlal; 

normal :; eo-cd.; P. E. 
EEB SPEINGSt Bohcion Co., pop. 858. 
North CaroUna Hllltair Aoademy; mlUtnfy; 

hoii-tieet. ; Dr. B. W. Murphy, A. M., 

Head Muster. 
BOXOBEL] Bertlo Co.} pop. 227. 

Eciioh«l Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-eeeL; 

Jobn K. Tyler, Prln. 

Rutherford CoUts«; c<tl,; co-ed,; M. E. So.; 

ej>i. HHH>; A. C. Reynold*, h, 1., A. B.. 

BAIEM^ Forsyth Go.j pop. 3,G42. 
'Saltni Ftmale Aoadflmy and CoIIobh; Kirla^ 

boarding; Morarlan; est, 1802; Rev. John 

H. Ck-well, Ph. D.. Pres. 
SALEMBURG, SaM^MU Go., pop. 82. 

Salem Hifh Sohooli prep.; co-ed.; nnn-s^t.; 

J, J, Ilendreii, Prln. 
8AXISBUET> Rowau Co., pap. G,277. 

Livingstons CoU&ge (colored); eoL; eo-ed.; 

A. M. E, K.; est. 1883; WlUlam H. 

Guler. l>. D., Pres. 
SALITBA, Polk Co., imp. 211. 

Baluda Sflmtnajy; prep.; co-ed.; Coag,; Piel- 

dla SbPlrton, Prln. 
SCOTLANB NBCE, Halifai Co., pop, 1,348. 
Vine Hill Halo Academy;, suspended. 

SHALLOTTE, Bniniwick Co.^ pop. 140. 
Shallotta Preparatory Sohool; prep,; co-ed.; 
iiuu-aecL; Geo. l^-ouard, Prln. 

BNCV HILL, Grtione Co,, pop. 405. 

Snow Hill Institute; prep,; co-ed.; non-s?ct, ; 
t'St. 1^»|; J. \l. Debnam, LL. B., Prlu. 

SOUTHPOET, Brunawiok Co., pop. 1,338. 
Sonthport Academy; prep.; eo-ed.; non-aeet.; 
Jl. €. Kill II Uk, Prln. 

SPARTA, Alleghany Co., pop. 501. 
Sparta Inatitute; prep.; i!o-ed.; M. E. ; S. W. 
Bro^n. Prln. 

BTATESVILLE, Iredell Co., pop. 3441. 

StataaviUfl Famalo ColUff«; ffirla' bopraiug; 
I*reab. ; y»t. Iai7; Rct. John A, Scott, 
A. B., B, 1>., Prnp, 
SUNSHINE, R.utherford Go,, pop. dt. 

Sunshine lastitute; ptep. ; m-ed. ; nofi-aect. ; 
Cliaflett .S. DiltoiJ. IMu. 

SITTHEELANDS, Athe Co., pop. TO. 

iutherlandu Seminary; pn.-p.; co-ed.; M. £. 
So.; L. M. Farthing. Prln. 




TAYLORSTLLLE, AlaundflF Co., pop. 413. 
TKrlor^TtUe Collv^tt^ Inititute; prep.; co- 
p4. ; non-aect^ ; Rev. J. A. WUite, Prin^ 
TROY, MoutffDmtiry Co», pop. SIS. 

FfiAbody Academy; nor.; co^^d. ; CoT)^^ ; 'e^t^ 
lS6i>; rtoT. O* rodumn, B. B., t*rln, 
¥iriON niDGE, AlAmancQ Cg„ pop, 23. 

TTaloa Rid^B AfULdemy; pr^p. ; cO'Cd, ; noP' 
sect. ; Ttiainaa ^^\ Strowdi Prln. 
^AD£BfiORO» As^oiip Co*, pop^ l,54e. 
Aiuon Iiutlt'atti ; preft, ; co-ed. ; nan-sei't. ; ]>. 
A. McGregor, Prln, 
WAKHTXELD* W&ke Co,, pop. J42. 
WAkefleld ClAiiic&I A.nd MHthemAtioKl Sohijol; 
prep.; eo-ed.; Bupt.; IL E. t^ontoBe, 

WAKl FOREST, Vlmka Co., pop, 823. 

W»kB Forest ColLeffe ; col. ; m{*t> ; Bapt. ; wiL 

1534; Rer. Chan. E. Taylor, Pre». 
WiJ(« FoT«irl CoUeffl, L&w BcliooU law; iden; 
oHt 1894; N, Y. Gulley. M. A.. Deati. 

WALNUT COVE, Btak«i Cto., pop. 330. 
Walnut CovB Hiffh Sohonh ppcp,; eo-ed. j aon- 
Beet,; ^Jo^spb A dent Prln. 
WAREENTONt WiiTfln Co.. pop. 830, 
Wurenton Hith Sohool; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
Beet,; John GrDbom, Prln^ 

WEAYEBTIIXE, BuQcojnbe Co., pop. 320. 
WeaT«nrlllfl QfiUecv; col. ; co-o4.; M. E. So,; 
oat. 1S73; Geo. b\ Kirhy, Pres. 

WEST RALEIOH, Wfcko Co.; pop. IH. 
Karth CLroUnv. CoILq^« of Asrioultiu-D ijid Un- 
chanio Art!; agr.; elate; co-cd,; est. l^H; 
Gf^QriTi^ T, Winston, A. hi., LI.. D., Pres. 

WHTTBETT. Oullford Co,, pop, SO. 
Wliitvfltt Institiito; prep.; oo-ed,; non-^sct^: 
W, T. WhltBott, Ph. D.. Pi-tfl, 

WHITTIEE, Swain Co., pop. 120. 

Wliltti«r Hig-h Bahool: prep.; eo-ed. ; Couf.: 
J, ITMeh Glbtfl, I*rliu 
WHY KOT, Randolph Co., tiop. 23. 

Wbj^ Hot Aoadamy and Buainaii Institute; 

prep, ; co-ed. ; nou-aiH't. ; G. F. Gorner. 


WJLMJKGTOir, Uew Hanover Co., pop. ao.9f6. 

Alderman *fl CULss) Select Bchoel; prt^^p^; ty*- 

e^^,; non-aert,; THnry L. Alrtprmsn. Prln. 

Cape Fear Academy; prep, 5 co-ed.; noP'«»ct.i 

Wnfthlnfjton Cntlptt, Trln. 
Orefory KoimaL Bahoal; normal; prLTatD! <?0- 
p[J.; Gpo, a. Woodward, PHn. 
WILSOIT, Wildon Co., pop. 3.525. 

Atlantfa dudstian Collese; rul. ; ei>-ed.; Cbrla- 
tlan; oat. ](iOi^ Jait. C. Co^f^lna, Fb. D., 
LL. D.. Pria. 
Klniojr BeminAfy; merged Ltito Atlantle Chrlfl- 

tUn College. 
Wllien OaUefiate Institutes mempd Intn At- 
Isntlc Chrlistlnn College, 
WINDSOR, BertiA Co., pop. GOT. 

Bertie Aoadeoiys prep. I co-ed.; Bflpt ; W. S. 

E the ridge. Prln. 
Rankln-Riohafda Inititute (colared); prep.; 
ro-ed. ; iKfii-aei't.; Rhoden MitcticlU Prtn. 
WINSTOlf-BALEHt Foriytb Co., po(i. 13,050, 
Salem fioyi* School; boys^ boardlner; Mora- 
via u; JiinifF, V. Rrower, Prln, 
WlNTOH, H&Ttford Co., pop. SSS. 
Wateri Normal liiititnte f colored) ; nftrroal; 
private; co-ed.; Re?, C. S. Brown, Prln. 
WOODLANB, Korthampton Co., pop. 242. 

Woodland High School; prep.; eo-ed.; uon- 
aett.; N. W. Brllton, Prln. 
YABKIIf COLLEGE, Bavidaon Co., pop. 210. 
Yadkin CoUef^ Inatitntai prep.; eo-ed.; M. 
B.; W. T, and J, F, Totten, Prln a. 


Population, 319,146. School census, 111,379. School age, 6-20. 

North Dakota is the forty-first state of the Union in point of population, hav- 
ing a total of 319,146 inhabitants, of whom 311,712, or 97.7 per cent, are white. Of 
this number, 112,590, or 35.3 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
eracy of the entire population is 5.6 per cent, the state ranking twenty-first in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


W. L. Stockwell, Superintendent Bismarck 

E. J. Taylor, Deputy Bismarck 

Samuel Parker, Clerk Bismarck 


Hon. Frank White, ex officio, President Bismarck 

Hon. W. L. Stockwell, ex officio. Secretary Bismarck 

President Webster Merrifield, ex officio. Examiner University 


Hon. Frank White Bismarck Hon. C. N. Frick Bismarck 

Hon. E. F. Porter. Bismarck Hon. W. L. Stockwell Bismarck 

Hon. H. L. Holmes Bismarck 

North Dakota has no School Text- Book Commission, the adoption of free or 
uniform text-books being optional with local county boards or voters. There is no 
state supervision. 


W. L. Stockwell, Superintendent Public Instruction, President Bismarck 

L. B. Fancher, Superintendent Ramsey County, Secretary Devil's Lake 

M. W. Barnes, Superintendent Barnes County Valley City 

W. G. Crocker, Superintendent Ransom County Lisbon 

Geo. a. McFarland, Principal State Normal School .Valley City 

The state has a district law for the aiding of school libraries. 


Principal Jos. Carhart, President Mayville 

Prof. A. P. Hollis, Secretary Valley City 

Prof. P. S. Berg, Treasurer Larimore 






Couuty. Superlntendeuf 8 Name. Address. County. 

Barnes M. W. Barnes Valley City 13,lg 

Benson N. T. Teigen Minnewaukan 8,^ 

Billings Mrs. Mamie E. Cachelin Medora 975 

Bottineau Miss Mary M. Carey Bottineau 7,K2 

Burleigh Mis. Nellie G. Bvarts Bismarck 6,081 

Cass Mrs. Mattie M. Davis Fargo 28.^ 

Cavalier C. C. Crawford Langdon 12,580 

Dickey Warren Denning Bllendale 6,061' 

Eddy Mrs. Grace B. Putnam New Rockford 3,330 

Emmons Charles Coventry LJnton 4,349 

Foster Miss Zerlina S. Eakin Carrington 3,770 

Grand Forks Joseph F, McLain Grand Forks 24,459 

Griggs Miss Clara Feiring Cooperstown 4,744 

Kidder Miss Marie Portner Steele 1,754 

LaMoure H. D. Mack LaMoure 6,048 

Logan R. A. McCalmont Napoleon 1,626 

McHenry F. N. Molyneux ^ Towner 5,253 

Mcintosh W. A. Linn Ashley 4,818 

McLean Henry C. Olson Washburn 4,791 

Mercer O. A. Schreiber Stanton 1,778 

Morton Will H. Seitz Mandan 8.069 

Nelson f'^. C Olsgard Lakota 7,316 

Oliver Nils Ncrdene Deapolis 990 

Pembina W. J. Alexander Pembina 17,869 

Pierce Miss Anna M. Peterson Rugby 4,765 

Ramsey L. B. Fancher Devils Lake 9,148 

Ransom W. G. Crocker Lisbon 6,989 

Richland W. R. Kllpatrick Wahpeton ....'. 17,387 

Rolette James Dunphy Rolla 7,995 

Sargent A. M. Simpson Forman 6,0JJ9 

Stark Miss Delia Spears Dickinson 7,621 

Steele T. A. Hasselquist Sherbrooke 5,888 

Stutsman Fred M. Wanner Jamestown 9,148 

Towner C. E. Blackorby Cando 6,491 

Trail J. F. Hettler Hillsboro 13,10(7 

Walsh Jacob Sonderall Grafton 20,288 

Ward G. L. Bickford Mlnot 7,961 

Wells Miss Josephyne M. Paulsen. Fessenden 8,310 

Williairs Miss Sarah D. Mercer Williston 1,530 


FABOO, Catt Co., pop. 0,589. 
Farffo College; col.; co-od. ; Conf?- ; (>Ht. 1887; 
P. G. Knowlton, Dean. 

OBAKD F0BK8, Grand Forks Co., pop. 7.652. 

Northwestern College and Gommeroial Insti- 
tute; bus. and sten.; J. J. Swongol, 

St. Bernard's College Convent; frirln' board- 
ing; R. C; Mother Stanislaus, Prin. 

JAMESTOWN, Stutsman Co.. pop. 285.3. 
St. John's Academy: pn>p. ; co-ed.; R. C; 
est. 180(); SiHtcr Superior, DlrcctroHH. 

MABYVILLE, TraiU Co., i)op. l.KXt. 

State Normal School; normal; Htate; co-ed.; 
JoH. Carhart, Pros. 
POBTLAND, Traill Co., pop. 524. 

Bruflat Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Luth.; K. M. 
Ilafrcstad, A. M., Prin. 

I7NIVEBSITY, Grand Forks Co., School Station. 
TTniversity of North Dakota; univ.; state; co- 
ed.; est. 1884; Webster Merrifleld. Pres. 
University of North Dakota, Law Depart- 
ment; law; co-ed.; est. 1809; Gny C. H. 
Corliss, Dean. 
VALLEY CITY, Barnes Co., pop. 2,446. 

State Normal School; normal; state; co-od.; 
Geo. A. McFarland. M. S., Pres. 
WAHPETON, BiohUnd Co., pop. 2,228. 

Bed Biver Valley TTniversity; col.; co-ed,; 
M. E.; est. 1892; E. P. Robertson, Frio. 
ZIONVILLE, Watauga Co., pop. 68. 
Zionville Academy; (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1874; Charles Potter, Prin. 


Population, 4,157,545. School census, 1,120,700. School age, 6-18. 

Ohio is the fourth state of the Union in point of population, having a total of 
4»i57»545 inhabitants, of wh6m 4,060,204, or 97.7 per cent are white. Of this num- 
ber, 557,900, or II per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 4 per cent, the state ranking seventh in this respect. The edu- 
cational system of the state is as follows: 


Lewis D. Bonebrake, State Commissioner of Common Schools Columbus 


William H. Meck, (term expires August 31, 1903) .Dayton 

MiRON E. Hard (term expires August 31, 1904) Chillicothe 

W. H. Mitchell (term expires August 31, 1905) New London 

C. C. Miller (term expires August 31, 1906) Lima 

Arthur Powell (term expires August 31, 1907) Steubenville 


Members: The Governor, Secretary of State and State Commissioner of 

In accordance with the provisions of the School Book Law, enacted April 22. 
1896, the State Commissioner of Schools, during the first half of June each year, 
furnishes each Board- of Education in the state the names and addresses of all 
publishers who, during the year ending on the first day of said month of June, 
shall have agreed in writing to furnish their publications upon the terms prescribed 
by the law. Over one hundred publishers are now under such contract. There is no 
state supervision over the adoption of the text-books, this authority being vested in, 
and optional with, the local Boards of Education. 


Dr. J. J. Burns, State. Secretary Defiance 

The Ohio Teachers' Reading Circle is organized by counties, being represented 
in practically every county in the state. The bookj> for reading are adopted each 
year, being mainly upon the lines of pedagogy and general culture. 

Organized by counties and represented in a large proportion of them. Books 
for supplementary reading are recommended and adopted for every grade, from the 
primary up to and through the High School. 

W. W. McIntyre, Secretary Norwood 






Ohio has no county sviperintetulent^ of schools, hut has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities^ having its individual superintendent 
of ichools. 


ADAp HiLTdJD C^M pop. 2,570^ 

Ait Colltig^ of Laiv; Ohi« KoTiti*l Univanitr; 

hiw; n>e<l. ; (?»t. 3S(i3; S. P. AicIJd{.s 

LL. D., Dfikn. 
Ohio Hortbflm ITaivcriitj; uormH]; private; 

ccned. ; L. A. Bolt, A. M,. Pres. 
Ohio If^rtliem ITsivQTiitj, CollvKV of Fhsr- 

in«.(}7; phdr. ; tn-cHl*; rut, lJ*y4; R B. 

AK2.QH, Summit Co., [M>p. 42.12^. 
JLotuJil BuBinQiBE Goliog^, ThA; buB> und stcn. ; 

E. bL Wurkianu, Prop. 
Buohtol Golleffe ; eoL; C!0-«d.; UnlT.; est, 

3S72; A. B. Churt'li, D. D.. Pres. 
EDg'liib-Gfrrm&n Aondemy; pi'f^P-t co-cd.; 

Li i til.; PrliieirniJ. 
Hft]nm«l Buiineii Colleirfi; bua, a ad ateti. ; T* 

HamiDcl, PrffS. 
fit. Bemftrd'a Aon^dezor; prf>p, ; cu-4?il.; It. €., 
SlstfJT Sur**'rl<*r. 
ALLIAKCE. Stiirk Co., pop, S,91i. 
Mount Ifntta CoUsko, ; eoL ; c^-&d. ; M, E, ; 
eat. 1«46; Rev. A, B. Biker. D. D.. Pre*. 
ABHI.AX1>, Aiklaad Co., pop. 4,mJ. 
AMhltad GaUevo* tid. : L^o-ed,^ Bretbron; pst. 
ISIS; Kev. J. Alien Miller, A. M., B, U.. 
ASHTABULA, AdhUbuU Co., pop. 12,940. 
AsbtdrbuU BuiiQOii GoUet^B; bui. and aten.; 
ir. O. Wartyn, Pr<}a. 
ATHENS, Athena Co., pc^p. 3.060, 

Ohltt Univorilty; wl; itj-ed. : atutej pat 1804; 
A la Lai I Ellla, Pb. D,. LL. !>.» PrPJj. 
AUSTINS TJEa. Aibt*bula Co., pop. 270. 

Orfttid Elv&r In*titute ; prr^ii. ; f^-L*d. ; doh- 
HiM^t,; nruixvillc W, Mooney, Priu. 
BARKliS'^inLLE, Belmont Co.^ pop. S.TSl, 

Friend » BoATdins SohMil; pri^p,; co-ed-l 
l■^l^'l]^llrt^ Ji^sst Edgertuti, Supt. 
BELLEVTJE, Huron Co., pop. 4,1(11, 

St. Mn.Ty'4 Aa&doiny} pfL^p,; co-PHd>; Rh C; 
8lwtrT i^iiiMTlor. 
BEEEA, 0u7&h<}ffi. Co., t^op. 2.51D. 

Bftldwin TJniTftrityi ool.; ei>-ed.; M, B*; est. 
I84tJ; Bcv. G. A. Reeder^ D^ I>., Chan- 
Qormao Willmoe OoUd^; cot* eo-ed.; M. E. ; 
tut. l:s*J4; €. Utcni?Qac'bin?lder, Prea. 
BEBWICK. Sen<jci Co., pop. 130, 

St, HichoUa Academy 1 prep^ : (hj-c^.; B. C; 
Slslt-r Sojhn-lor, 
BETTFFTON, AUon Co.. pop. 1.783, 
Central Monnonita CoUofOj prup>; cci-t»d.: Men- 
Lioidte; >f>tili O. Hlrachj'. Pre*. 
BOND EILL, Hamilton Go,, pop. l.nsi. 
St. Agn» Academy 1 pe^P-', fo-ed.; R. C; 
^l9ti.'r aupt'rlor. 

B. C; 

R. C; 

BBCYHirS, Crawford Co., pop. ft, 560. 
Holy Trinity Aoadamy; prep.; ee>'ed.; 
Sister iSuprrkiir, 
BUBHHABT, Monroe Go,, pop. 40. 
St. Josepb't Aoadfimy; pr#p, ; en-(!<d. t 
twister Superior. 
CAMBBIDfiE, QuernBey Co., pop. 8,341. 

Campbell BuBmeaa College; tiOR, find uten*; 
Ifo Cainpbi!*ll, Pn^R. 
CANEIELD, MahDninff Co., pop. B72. 
Korlh uutam Cbio Honaal CoUeffflt normal; 
private; t^o-ed.^ eat. 1§S1; M. E. Ditr- 
ford, .4. M., Pres. 
CANTON, Stark Co., pop. ^\\m7. 

Buckinifbani'a Preparatory Bahool, Miai; 

Canton Actual Buaineia CollsEeT biia. nnd 
wtoN. ; J. J. Krtdcr, Pros. 
CEDAR POINT. Hamilton Go,, pop. 20. 

St. GrtigoiTY SominaTy; bo.vfi^ hiinrdlng; R. C*; 
Urnry JtJrlrikmt'jfer, Prlu. 
CEDAR VILLE. Greene Oot, pop. IJSe. 

Cedarriilft Colleffo; eoL: eofiC; Epf. Preab.; 
f'St IStM; Duvid MeKlnney, Prpi. 

GEXINAt Meroer Co., iwp. 2,!«tiri. 

Immaoulate Conception Academy; prop,; f.*»- 

t'4r, R. C; Sifter WiJtTerk>r. 
CHILLICOTKE, EoiB Co.. pop. 12.t»7fl. 

St. Potoir'a Academy; prep.; etwefl.: II. C I 

Sister Superior. 
OIWCIHNATI, Hamilton Co.. pop. 32SȣK)2. 
Art Academy of Cincinnati; iirt; eo-nil.; est. 

'im'i: Thoiiiiia e. Noble. Prln. 
Bai-tholomow-CUfton BohooU Mirlft' boafdine; 

nf>n-aert,; Miss E. AntoliiettK EIy» A. M., 

lYiii., EvatiBWiKpd, Clifton. 
Builor'i School, MiiiJ girts" doy; non-aeet.; 

Mtiis Siirnli Ilntler, PrUi.^ 724 Owli St. 
Bartlott Commeroial CoUefe; tms. aud atf^n,; 

C. M. liJirtlptt. Pre*,. CommercJal B14k.. 

r>28 Wo lull t. 
Cincinnati Cotle^ of Dental SuTffaryi dent.; 

cipo; eat. ISDSJ^ U. W. Junkermnn, D. D. 

S., Beiiii. '2'Al \V. Qoiirl, 
Clnclimati College of Pbaxmaoy, Ohio ITni* 

verilty; pbur.; eoid.; &*t. 1850; Julias 

H. Elelibirn. lien II. 018 W, Court. 
GiAoinnati Conaenratory of Mutio; mui.; «lt. 

IS^IT: Mi^B Clura Biiiier. Dlrectresa, Btti^b- 

luiid, thik iind liiiriiet Av&t. 
Cincinnati fiohDol (»f Pfaonoffrapby^ sten.; A. 

B. Campbell. PHik 
Cellefe of Muaio «f Cincinuti; mus,; eal. 

lttT«; A. J, Qantvoort. Manager, """^ 

m,. npp. Woahloftori Park. 
Collewiato School; boya* boardlliir; Epls,: Rev. 

J. BiiWn, A. B., Prln., 14§ 4tb St 





£oleotio Ifedic&l lutituta; med. ; g^cIk!^; (h>- 

ed.; est. 1345; Freclerlcli J. I^w-ke, M. D., 

Deflii. liXyj PUiin St. 
Eden F*rk fl«bQ!»l; glHa' boarding; nno-ieet^; 

Maaam Krpdln, TrtiK, Edou Park, Wfllnut 

EdudAtioiULlL Ini,titiit«; pTt>£>. ; v*y-^Q.\ noD-Btict- ; 

AU>L:j Sehdiidt. Prln.. Laut' Semlnai-y 

Famale Andemy of the i«.crad He&rt; eItIs' 

bOHrdlQg; R, C; Frsncns Eidnn> Prln., 

ditto n, Lafnyettc Ave** 
Tmnklin Sobfiol; hciyE!^ bourdlng; nun -Beet.; 

JToBRph E, AVhitc, Q. S. Syku», Prius,, 

2&i3 Mny St 
Sftjfli*ut'li^m &Qbt»lr Hiiui; ^irW lioiirdln^; 

ntjn-sc^t. ; The Ml^»i?s Ilarbaiijrlip Prlns., 

Se nil tor Pltiee, Cllftmi. 
B&yward fichool of ElccutLon; Hn. and drama; 

Mru. FrHiirfii II. IlJii-wnrd. rrlii.» 5lS E. 

4tb 3t 
Habrsw tTDiDa Gollegu; thwi*; Uffbrew; mpn; 

X«»iie Sammary; tbso, j mc^n; A. B* ^igEH, 

Xa-urM Memori*.! Wommn'a Mediwl CvUftgn;: 
iq^d, ; t^Sti wi>men; cst^. !I8Q5; Jobq M. 
Wl throw. A, hi., M. B., Dean, 61S W. 
3tb St. 

LittLoford^B Shortbatid School ; steii.; Mlsa 
Betty LUtlefurd, PHn., Pike Bld^. 

Lupton'ft ftchool for (lirLi, Hiis; glrla' board- 
Jug r iioD-seet.; Katharine M. Lupton, 
Prin., 2043 Belle vime Ave. 

KBdlal Ooll«e« <ir Ohio, TTaWfinitr of Cln- 
olnnnti; uaed. ; reu. ; eo-ed.- est, 1811>; 
r, S, CoBner, LL. P,. NL P.. Ppph. ^Ic- 
Mtrk«>ii Ato. nnd Elm St. 

Hiaml Mqdic»l Colleffa; nicfiK; tpit. - iii#n; e»t* 
1S5£; Jflhn C- tUlvpr; Si, D.. Deap^ 217 
W. 12ib St. 

lEillftf Sohool, H. Thane; j^lfla' boaj-dio^; 
tiun-HLHl, : I'St. lS6d; Mta. E. P. Smith 
Mllb'f. Pi hi., Lenox Place, Avondale. 

Mt. Anlum Inatitutej aec H. Thane Miller 

Nft]>ion'B BuBlDCU GoUe^e; bun. and Btea.; 
It. .r. NehsoD, FreM., 7tb and Elm Sta. 

Katra Dbjiip Aoftdemy; clrls' b^^rding:: B. 
0*; Slatera of Notre Diira*, Prlii,. E. Wal- 
nut tlMls, Grandon Hoad, 

Ohio G»llas« Of Dental giu-ffar?, TJaiTariity of 
OinclEm&tl; dent.; t-o-ed.; eat. 134Q: H. 
A, Smith. A. M., D. D. S.. Bean, Court 
iind Central At^^ 

OMo CoTMerT*tory of Xualo^; ran a,; eat. 1901; 
Mrs. Cbnrios A. Granlngfjr, Dlreetreaa, 
4Ui and Luwrent^c Sts, 

Ohio Mach&niot' Inxtituta ; mc^'h.; i:o-ed, ; 
iion-nect. : eat. 1828; jolm U. Shearer. 
A. M.. Prln. 

OMo Hilitarr Institute » military; noa-aeet. ; 
W. U suing. M. A.. Ph. D,. Headmaa- 
ter, Mltrhell Bldg. 

Babt^orB ftiuioimoflinant. — EatahUabi'd 1833. 
ai Military Sehool 18&0. Only boys of 
giM)d obaraeter ndmUted. Teailiers jfradn- 
ate*. Fnpuva for all ("ollfgon and gov- 
ern meat ■cboohi, and bIbij prepares fof 
biiHlnoBS Hfe. Modern biilldlnga, good 
tablf?, atblotk'a a apiH'ialty. ita patfona 
Iti beat frlenda. 

Fulte lEadioa.1 Qallftga; mr-d. ^ hotnaop. ;. 4!0- 

ed. ; est 1^72; J, 1>. Burk. M. D.. Dean, 

Ttb nm} Mound. 
St. FrAnoiA GoIle£«; boyg' buardln^; E. C ; 

Plus Nlehaiia, O. F, M,, Rector, IfilB 

St. Joa«pb Collei«; bun. and Rtcn.; Jo8, M. 

SclR-rer, Pre&., 42:\-' W. «tb 9t- 
St, Kary'B Ediicatmna.1 Institute; glrla' baiird- 

ing; K, a; i^lmtvtr Mary fioriilu, Prln. 
Bt, X^Tiar Collaga; col.; ro-ed. i R. C. ^ eat, 

1S3I- A. A. Dlertkuji, S. .!.. Sycamoro 

and 7th. 
Sohuiter Sehaol of Elooutionj ebi. and drama; 

Helen Merirl Si-hueter, Directress, PlkL^ 

Tlieotre Bld|f. 
Trftuh'a BiiBfinoaa CoUefo; bua. and nten,; 

Ijoula Trsiib, Prcfi., 4th mid Race Bts. 
UntTargity of OiadEui»y; unlv. ; co-ed.; city; 

cat, 1ST4; ll(>wnrd AytTS. Ph, !>,♦ Pros^. 

t'lifton Ati*., north of Calbonn. 
Univeraity of Cincinnati, L&w DejpAttmant ; 

law: men: eat. 1B3S; llnflan Cleveland, 

riean. Dth and Vine. 
ITriiLUnd Aoiidemy; girlH' l>«itrdlng; K. C; 

Slater M. .Aneela. Prln., Cor. Oak and 

:Miiy St». 
Watt«rB Busineea Collage; bua. itnd atem; 

J. 11, VVfittc'^rs, Prln.. Haee and Gar- 

11 1. Id PL 
Woodwajd High Sahoal; prep.; ct^-ed.; rst. 

IHSl: A. A. Van Dyke. Prln. 
Y. II . G* A. Law Bahaol of McDonald Edu- 

oatloiLal inatituto; ]n\vi men; eat. 180^1 

Robert ^L Ochlltr(![\ Dean, Tth and Wnl- 

OLlVELAiriJ, Gnyih(jgA Co., pop. 3S1.768. 
Adelbert College ; jh^p WeBtern Tti'spi-Te Unl- 

Berkey a.nd Dyke's Friva.ta Buainaas Sohoal; 

bufl. and ateu.; Berkey and Dyke, Props., 

321 Huron St. 
Central Inatituta, Tbe^ prep,; bna. mid tech.; 

non-84?ct,; James C. Hobble, Prt»«., Wll- 

Kon and S^'^vUle. 
ClflTeluid Collage of PbyaioUini uid Snj^ona^ 

Ohio Wa«lay«a Univeraity; med, ; reg*; 

eoed.j fat. 1803; It E. Skccl, M. D., 

Dean, Cor. Brovriiell and C€!ntral A¥c. 
CleveUnd HoiQaopatbie MedioaJ CoUega; mf?d. ; 

huineop, ; co-ed.; cat. 1S49; Gains J. 

,TL>nes, M. D., Dean, M Bolivar. 
CleTeluid Law Bohool of Baldwin tTiLfTeraitj: 

law; men; eat, IS©T; Charles B. Beutley* 

A. M., Dean, I42T WJIllamwrn Bmg. 
Clevaland ITomial Training Sobool; nor mat; 

i^tate; co-ed. t Mlaa L. W. VTngbes. Pres.» 

hi-idge and IlundalL 
Cleveland flcbool of Art; iirt; co-ed.; GfjorgU 

L. Norton, Frhi,, KXa Wilson Ave. 
Cleveland Boboel of Fiwrmaoy; pbar.; men; 

e«t. 1882; Joaopb Fell, Dene, 3S& Superior 

College far Women; aeo Woatcrn Reserve 

Edmiatoa Buainesa College; bua. and sten.; 

H, T. EdmlaLon. Pi-ea., 1137 Pearl St. . 
HarrofT Bohaoi of Expreislon; clo, and 

dram.; Flora Hnrroff Stnrgea. prln. 
Hatbm way-Brown Sobool far &lrU; giria* board- 
ing; non-aeet.; Mlaa. Miry E. Speocer, 

Prln., 7T0 EucUd Ave. 





Huly 2fftme Admdfim^; pt'i^i.; cfi-L^d. ; R. C. ; 

J^lstiT S^lI.N^^l^)^^ 
lAurel Xnstitutp; p^Irlii' Ixtardliig; uou-ftijot:. ; 

.TuMiiik" Wnireii PremtsH, Trl",, 2105 End id 

Kittl^bfir^Qr'ti £»rL^^b and Cluaiical BdhoDlt 
Miaa: f^\t}n" bii^rdliay;: ii«hi-bij*'1. ; AnjiiiAta 

Modern School, ^Hie; ban. mid 9t«u, ; Q, E. 

Hull, Prea,, lt»8i2 The Arradp. 
KotriB B^am« Aom^amj^^ prop.; i'o-i?dr; v&t^ 

1S77; U. r.: Wr, M, Lniil>i,s Prln. 
Obio Uedio&l ITniTexBit?, BHp&rtin«at of 

PhArmftcy; phiir. ; co-ed.; (irr»rj,'o IL M^tl- 

fion. Jr., Ik'Hii, Purk St.n nt'iir HuHaell. 
Oblo Btitfl ¥nivflr»ity, CoUe^o of Fhmi-mAoyt 

plj a r . ; men; r-st . IHBfl ; G uor (j e B . Iv h u ff - 

mnii, Dtiin. HibIi Kt., mrBi- lltb Ava. 
St» EliEEbtsth'B Aomd«mr; pi^p. : ct)-ed* ; R. 

O. ; J^ later Snpcrinr. 
St, Fniiola' Academy ; jit-rp^^ <'n-e(l.; R. C. ; 

Bt. IfBatiiiB Calle£«; caL; men^ K* C> ; L'*t. 

ISSfl; jMhn L Zalnu S. J.. Prlo., Cor J<h- 

Bi'j^ Htiil CurrolL 
8t^ BtBxy^A Semib&ry; tJnH^: ukmi; X. A. 

Bpeanrian Cammeri^iHl Bobool; Ihim. ncid sten.; 

S. ViiJi V!k>t Prtrt., -tiri KTiillrt Ave, 
TTnuline Amtdainy; fli-l^' boarding; R, C. ; 

Motbor SiiiJcHnr, PtIHh, Cor. WllMtm and 

Univetriity BahooU iKiya' !>Qurdln^; nan-R«»ct:, ; 

tiLH>rirt' It Poltfc, Prill., Cor. Hpugrb aud 

GlJdtii^'a AvOh 
Woitfim Heserrs tTnivtrsity; ftjln; ('cj-eil; iioti- 

secL; Ortt, 1820; Rev. Chiirlus r. Tbwiiig. 

LL. II., i'rt«>, 24311 EtirtJiJ A to. 
WMtem HcBarTB ITalTMiity, Collefe of 

Dontlitry' dtn(.^ m«>ii; e»t. ]Sll2; H. L. 

Ambk>r, M. J^, n, II. 8.. Donii, 202 Prtis- 


Weitom Hessrvs tJnlTertity, FraqJiUn X. 

BaokuB Law Bobt^oi; \nw; moti; oat. 1SI>2: 

ETBti H. Mopkhiti, l>t?nn, 1J^J5 AJflbtri Si. 
Waatfirn EoHnra tJnivartity, M«dli»l Dapart- 

ment; mod.; nr*.: uier; oBt, 1843; B. L. 

Mtnikfin, M* n*. Dt-flii, Cur. Erie und St, 


CDLIDIBUS, Fnnklin Co., [M)p. I2r^ri00. 

BliBi Biiilnes* CoUfisa; bus. mii] sti^n.; C. A. 

Gapitol Bohool of Kuito; mui. ; S, Q. ftmltb, 

Capitol Scbool of Onati^ry? otntory; Lfi-ed. ; 

f^M. 1H9«: Frniik 8. Fos, Prli]. 
Capital TJnivDrtity; ool ; meni Lntb.; eit. 

iSRti; ftov. L. H. Wclrnh, Ph. D., Pnw. 
ColuinliVB Art Sabool; iirt; cij-fd. ; ewt. 187t(; 

Jobn E. Hiiinoy, C urn tor* 
C»liLiii1iui Normal Bobooh ]ii>rbiul^ olty; <xi- 

ed. ; MflrB^Firpf W. S^tttbcrlitiid. Pr»?i, 
Hloldo't Commercial CoU«re; hn». nnd atriu; 

Fkiyd Ilkkk. Fres. 
OUo Builnetf Inatituta; biia^ ubd Htcn.; Bh C. 

Rowlpna, i*rps. 

Ohio Uedioiil Ifniveriity; iniMl.; ri?g. ; uo-cd.; 
««t. 1SII2; iieor^f M. Wntcre, A* M,* 

Obio BCediCftl ITniTeriity, I>ep*rtniBiit of Den- 
tistry; doiit, ■ oo-ed.; t'fit, \sirj: Li. P. 

lii-thol. IK U. S.H fJomu 
Ohio Btat« Univfiraity; uidv.; Btuto; C4;vpd.; 

i-iat. 18?i>; Ret. WllMam O. Thomp»wii, 

D. D., LL. D., Pi'f'ft. 
Ohio State UnlTeraity, Colloffa of La^r Uxw; 

ommL; t'Ht. 38»1; \V. F. Hunter, Dohik 
Obio State UniTeiriity, CoUsfo at VoterinaJT 

Medicine; Tot.; mi-n; eBt. IBS^; David B« 

Will to. Doquh 
FaraonB^ BufliDoBi College; tna. antt Bti>ii.: 

II. K. PjirjionPi PrpR. 
Phelps' EDsliab and GlaBBical Sobool^ Miat; 

glrlK' boarding; P^ E.; Lucrot!a M. 

Pheli>R. Prln. 
St* JoBeph'a Academy; s^rW day; B.. C, ■ Sia- 

tpr },hiry Vis? I or I He, Prln. 
Btarline^ lladic&l Callefa; med.; reg.; mfrn; 

oBt. 1RJ7; StJirlinjar l^iving. LL. D.. M. D.. 

ThompBOn'a Preparatory Sobo(^l; prep.; oo^ed. ; 

non-sei't. ; J\, T* lliompfKifit Prlti. 
Uai varsity Sohool, Tbe; preip, ^ boy a; noiv 

wHt.T e.^t. IftSO; Frank T. C<*K A. Bm 

LL. II.. PHiK 
2atierian Art College; iH^n iirt; oat. IIS^; Cl 

Pr Zaner* Pro». 
CEAWTIB COLLEG£, Fatnam Co., pop* dS. 
Crawfla CoUo^; prop.; ro-od.; iian-seot,; J, 

T. Fnlrrbllil, Ptlu. 
CREBTLIMT, Crawford Co,, p<vp. 3.282. 

St. JoB«ph'i Acadamy; prep,; t?i>-oO,; R. Cr, 

SimtiT SiiiHTlur, 

DAMASCUS, CaLumbiana Co,t tiop. 327. 

DamaBdua Academy; [irep. ; po-ed. ; Friftida; 

mt. iKu: t:, (\ KvTT, Vi'Uu 

UAYTOKp Mentffdmery Co.. ptip* 85,3^3* 

Dayton Normal and Training S<ihgol; normut; 

jitnlc; ro-**d. i (irate A. Grodno* Prea* 
Smmanueri AcndoiDy; I^^ep,; eoed. ; R. C.j 

Slst<'r Wiipor|[>r. 
EoA^Uah and ClaBBiqal Sohool; prep.; TO-erl,; 

iion-Bort- T A. H. Sbunc'k, Prlii, 
Gem City Scbool of Butinoii; bua. and ateii*: 

Mrs, \. A. Mftl thews, Pr(.*H, 
Holy Boaary Aoademy; pri*p^: lUM^d, ; R. C*; 

tiiatiT Suporior. 
Holy Trinity Acadamy; prep,; oo-wi*; R. C; 

Sister Sutwrivr. 
Jacob' a Biwineai Oollegc; ttiia. and flt(*ii.; 

n. L. .Tiictibri, Fres. 
Lontx OommoTouil Bcbool; hna. and flt«u. ; 

Oloy l>!i Arllnptrtiu Proa, 
Hotra Dame Academy; pn-p,; ^Nied, r K> C*i 

Sljiter Superior. 
Bt. John' I Acadamy; prf«p*; co-«d*; B. C; 

SUter Super U»r, 
Bt. JoBeph'B Audemy; prep*; eo*«d.; H. C; 

StutlT SulHTlOT. 

ft. Mary't Acadoroy^ pi^p*: ^^fd. ; R. C*; 

mtfivf Superior. 
8t, Mary'a Inatituta: boj^a* boordlnif; R. C. ; 

Ht'V, Cliariofli EJehner. Plin* 
Bt. Faul'i Aiiadamy; prep*; iii-vd*; Evhd, 

Lulb.; Prlnclp4il. 




A. Fiinhlifnifloi-, l*ri's. 
DEFIANCE^ I>eflanc& Co., pop. 7.570. 

BflflKiios Oolite; tuA.: co-ed.; Christ.; «Rt. 
1585; Wtelcy MoUt'jnoldBi A. M,, K U.. 

DBIAWAEE, Delaware Co., pf>p. 7,04iJ. 

Oliio Wesley m University; eoL i eo'od,; Mh 
E.; t*at. 1H44^ J. W. Bjishftjpd, PreB, 
©OWLIlTGrT Wood Co,, itop. £t>8. 

GvTmEn P&rlah Aoaiemy; ptMHi-. co-«'d. ; Eviin. 
Luth^; i'riiu-liiiil. 
EAST LIVERFOaL, CalumbiAna Co., poy. la,- 

OhiD Ymlley BiuinaaB C^llfifv; butt, utid i9tt?n.; 
Frank T. Weftvor, Preii. 
EWtlfGTOlf, (Smllia. Co.. pop. 10i>. 

Ewinrton Ao&demy; pi^p ; co-ed,: noii-8<*rt.; 

Souttaflm ObL(» Konnitl OoHeg«^ uoruuil; prL- 
vftte; t;<>-**di 

EAYETTE, Fulton Co,, pfip. SSW. 

Faffitte Konniil ITntTaTRit^ ; nor,; I'o-i'd.; (^nh 
1881; Gpoiieo J, Ti-^irp, l*r1n. 

TINHZAY, HuiQOCik Co., p*^. 17,6)11. 

Findlay CoUe^^ col,; oo-^d.; Cburch of Odd; 
eat, iM^ti; Rot. CLiilh. MimcJieHti-'r, A^ M.. 
D. D., Preit. 

FLAT EOCEp Beneoa Oo,« pup. 106. 

Elieneser Orpliuii^ Home; pfet>. ; eu-ed. , 
Bran. Lutli.; Principal. 

FOSTOStIA, 3on«oa Co., pup. T.7TK', 

Ohio NoriiiB.L TralniDg' Sobool; iLornml; prU 
Vatet *"o-L'd. 

FEAlfK, Seaeca Co,, pop. GU. 
St. HiGb&ars Acmdemy; prt^p. ; co-od.; R. C. ^ 
t^lsti r Superior. 

riTLTONHAM. MuikiBrum Co,, imp. 24&. 
Fultonh&m Academr^ i/rvp, ; i't>-t>d. i iiun~ALM:t. ; 
{■t^t, )88<>; Goorgt' H. Lapii. B. B.. Pria. 

OAKBIBR, Knox Co.h pop. 7Sl. 
Hareoiut PUcie Bemtntry; girla' Imardiug; P. 

E.; Mrs, Atk J^, Ajer Hlllfi. Prln. 
Kenyoa College ^ et>L; ramn; P* B, i eat. 1B25; 
fiov. VVJllliJin t\ PHrfLv prps, 

KAnyom Military Aa&damy; mil. and boys' 
board I rig; iiufi-aect.; est. 182*; C. N. Wy- 
ant. Regent. » 

Bahaffl'i mmiauiicemeiit.— Ki^nyon MLlkai? 
Aoudemy is ono of tbe oldest, moat firm- 
ly CAtablisbed, and beat eq nipped board- 
lug Bobools for boya. It 1b sltusted 
eleven bundr^^d feet Above sea-teveli in 
tbo boaltbfuU bt?awtlfql an4 bi stork' odu- 
eDtloiml viLtuef! of (JambLor. Commodi- 
ous bulldktga. eomfoMiible quaHcra, 00 
acres of grounds, golf linkB, full^ 
equlppod eymnnslum. TboroLigb prep- 
aration for any colfige or teebnlcal 
BcbooL A floxlblo two- jour bnsin^aa 
coune to pri'pare for practical life 
watiL. Intlmati^ peraiuial relatloiia bo- 
twtL*n muBtors and cadets. Refining 
home InQucncea. "Any Chrjjstlan parent 
en II with reiidliiea and coufldcnfo place 
a Bon In your aebool." — Rt. Rev. W. A. 
Loonard, D. D,, Btiibop of Ohio. 

0XJENDALE, Hamilton Co,, pop. I,M5. 
Olendala College! Klrla' boarding; Prijab. ; 
UlfiH R, J. DeVore, Prcs. 
ORAHVILLE, Licking Co., i>op. 3,425. 

Denniion tTmTonitjj col. ; co-ed.'; Bapt. ; eat. 
1k;u; [?mory W, Hunt. D. D., LL. It., 
Boane Academy; prep,; po-&d.; Hapt.; eat, 
1S3;J; H. Uhrxlojs Ifniidioy, Frln. 
GREElfVILLE, Bmrke Ca., pt>p. 5.501. 

Technical Academy; tei^h.; men; eat, 1804; 
.li.i!in H(H*rS|, Frin. 
HIRAM, Portaga Co,, pop. 059. 

Hiram Colieg«; col.; co-ed.; Cbriat; oat. 
Uno', J. A, Beattie, LL. D., Prea. 
HUDSON, Summit Co., pop. 083. 

Waitem Reaerra Aaaderoy ; prep. ; co-ed. ; non^ 
Bcs't.; Clny llcrrlck and Charles B. Htc- 
kak. Priiiu. 
KEHTON, H&rdin Co., pop. 0.852, 

St. Anthony's Aaademy; prep.; co-od.; U. C.i 
Sister Hnpt-rlnr. 
LANCASTER, Eairfielil Co., pop. 8,001. 

Columbia Commeraial UniTaraity; bus. and 

Rteii.; J. E. Jolnor^ Free. 
St. Mary'i Aoadomy; pfi^P-; co-f^d, ; R. C; 
Sister Snperior. 

LEBANON, Warren Co,, pup, 2,Sfi7. 

National Normal UniTer»ity; nurmnl; private; 
eii-ed.; k.'^t. it 85."^; JT. Om^ar Creager. I*re«. 

LEIFSIC, Putnam Co., pop. 1.720. 
Sti Manr'a Aoademy; prep.; co-cd,; E. G.[ 
gistrr Superior. 

LIMA, Allen Co., pop. 21,723. 

Lima Buainflaii CoU«g«; bus. and slen.; How- 
ard W. Pearst Frea. 

Lima CoUo^a; col.; eo-od. ^ Lnth.; est. 1S03; 
S. P. Liine. A. M.. Pr<!a. 

St. John's Aoadsm?; prep,; eo-ed.- R. 0.; 
Sister Superior. 

Bt, Roia Acadamy; prep.; cu-ed.; R. €.; Sls^ 
ter Superior. 

LOEAm, Larain Co,, pop, IS, 028. 

St* Jcaoph's Aod-dsmyj; prep.; co-ed.; K. O.; 
PlBtfr Superior, 

LOUISVILLE, Stirk Co,, pop. 1,374. 

St. La Ilia' Academy^ prejt, ; co-ed.; B, 0.; Bis- 
ter iSiipprlor. 

MANSFIELD, Riahland Co.^ pop, U^MQ. 

HJLntftQld BusiueiB Collega; hna. and sten. ; 

P. W, Frederict, Pr«a, 
Ohio BiiBlnaas Oollege; bna. and eton.; est. 

iKtht: Short and Pldgeon, Props. 

MARIETTA, Waahbigton Co,t pop. 13,348. 

Marietta CoUego; col,; er>-ed, ; non-seet.; eat 
1835; .\ If red T. Perry. Pre*, 
iakooPB annoaneamaiit.^^ — Murlctta U n 
real college of tbo blgbeat ei'ade. with 
nmpte equipment luclndfng a linr- library 
of over 00,000 volumes. It alma to ram- 
litnG a broad training with thorough 
scholarablp and Cbrlatlan cultun?. Its 
i^ursGB of fltqtly arid methods of tnatrue- 
lion nre progri'MAive. It cnipbaalisca th*' 
personal riltitlon between t»*o[!easor and 
student. Tho CoUego atnioBpheri: Is 
wholesome rtn^ Inapt ring. Its At^adt^ny 





tits for any collegti En^t or Wtst. Ex- 
pciiBea low wICh dbuadafit opportutiltlBS 
for Bt'lf-help, 
Ha-rlett* ConumieroUl Collete, Tbe^ buii. and 

titon, ; M, A, AdnmSn Pres, 
St, Hory'B Acadamy; pri^p,; cn-c'd^; H^ C; 
*Slst*n" ftupprior, 
MARION, UmriQji C^., pop. 11.362. 

Bt, Hary'i BqIkhiI; prt^p.; co-cd.; H- C-; Be v. 
Miehiirl Mulvniill, Prla, 
MARYSYILLE, Union Co.. pop. 3,{M&. 

Sti John'a Aead«niy; prep.; <?o-ed.; Ev&a. 

Liith. ; PrliirJi]>!il. 
TrinLty Aoademy; prt.'p. ; co-^d. ^ Evan. Lutli.; 
HASSILLON, SUrk, Co., pr^p. liM4. 

MmMillon Actu&l BuAinftii GolleBfl; bun. and 

att'EL ; 11. G. Yiir:utu, PreB. 
St. Kmry'i Aciid&my; pf^p^; i'0'€>d..; R. C. 
SUtor Superior. 
MILLERBTILLE, Smiduiky Co., latp. 263, 
Gt« Mfeiy'ft Aoddftmy; prtp,; eo-td.; B. C 
H 3m tor iBuporlorr 
MIN&O JimCTION, Je^«n«)n Co., pop, 2,m4. 
St. AfnoB' Ac&damjr; prep.; t^ti-i^d. ; R. 0. 
iSl[ftter Superior. 
MnVBTEB, AntlAiie Co., pop. 1,4«S. 

St* M&ry'i InitLtate; girls' Iwardluj^; R. G, 
«'sl, lSS7r .Slettr M. Regifl. PrliK 
KONROEYILLEp Huron Co., pop, 1.211, 

Bt. Jai«pb'a AoLdomy; pre^. ; cti-i'd-; E. C, 
Slett^r Sup<?rkir. 

MT. TERKCK, Knox Cot, pup. 6^033. 

Bt. Vincent dft F&urs Acmdtimy; pri?^[>, ; fo-ed. 
n. Vr Sinter Siip(ii«jii\ 

NAVAEEEh SUrk Co,, imp. U6a. 

8t. CUmaDt'i AtAdamy; prep.; co-i^d,; E, C. 

NEWARK, Liekinf Co.. ji<>p. IS.IBT. 

IfQwark BuAinsin ColLer« ; bus, and aten. 

aarEW AITHEITS, HuriioQ Co., pop. 435. 
Emnklin CoUego; col.; wed.; non-aecrt. ; tst 
1R2G; Rev. W, A. Willi ami. D, D.* Pru*. 

NEW CONCORD, Miiftkinffum Co., pop. STB. 
Muikm^um Coller^; r'ol.; co-ed.; Un. Preab. 
est. Ii37; JeBse JohiiiOii. A. M,. FTfi. 

NEW LEXINQTON. Pairy Co.. J»p. 1,7UL 
St, Aloyiiui Academy; givW boitrdlnB^; R, O, 

S^imiT Si] 

NEW FHILADELPHIA, Tutcarmwu Co., pop. 

Kuhn'A Normul School. John F,; normal; pd 
vatu; L-o-ed-i: Jiihii P, Kulin, Prijg, 

NEW EEEdEt, 8#aflc» Co., n-^p. *.*K, 
gt. Bonifi-ce Acadamy; prep.; eo-Ml,; R. C. 

I^ltitrr Supcj^rlor. 
Bt. FBtsr'a Acftdamy; prep.; frD-i*d,; R, C. 
S^Lat(^r fiupcrior. 

HOATH AMHEEST. Lor^n Co,, pop. 1,75S. 
ETmnreUotl Lnthorao Acadomy; prop,; eo-ed. 

Kv nil. J .n 1 1] . ■ J *rl i iri pii U 
St* JoB«pb'i Ao«4eiDy; prep.; <"o-cd.; R. C. 

Sliter i^iipirlor 

HOTTDIGHAM. Cuyaboffn Co,, pf^p. 039. 

St. Jaaepk'B BaminAry; boya' boardlns; E. C. ; 
i.j4t. 1S«0; SlBtcr Hupeflor. 
OBB&LiK, Lomin Co., pop. 4,0S2. 
OboTlln Btulneaa CoUo^; bna. and «teri. ; J. 

T. Bendoraon. Prea. 
QbflTllB CoUa^; col.; eo-ed.; non-aeet.; t^aL 
IKaa; Ki^v. Henry CburehiU King, D, D.* I 

O^rlib Babool of Talairaphy; bus. and it&n.; 
CJ. L. Durand, Ptph. 
OTTAWA, Putnam Co., pop. 2.322. 
St. Feter and Bt, Fagl^B Afiademy; prup. ; 
' (fi-t'd. ^ K. C; Hlfttcr Superior. 

I O^FORK, Butlor Co., pop. 2,(>Q0. 
t Miami UulvarBity; iiul^. ; etate; dQ-4»d. ; eat. 
1824^ Gtiy Potter Beaton, D. D.. Ft^a. 
Oxford Collvffo; girls* boarding; iioti-ai'Ot. ; est 
1S40; Rev. Jobn O. Tbomas. A. M., Prifj. 
WeBtern CollaffO; girls" board Lnjjr; non-Bci't,; 
PBt. 1^-^; MlBB Lelia S. McKw Tb. D.. 
, FAIHESyiLLE, lAke Co., pnp. €,024. 

lAke Brie CoUe^a and B«miiiajy; noa-aeiTl. ; 
I e^t. IS55; Uiaa Mary Evaas. Frln. 

PiairA> Hi«mi Co,, iHnp. 12,172. 
Book' a Aoadeiny; bufir anil oten.: eat. IStSii} 
C. U. Ui^rK Vrvn, 
PLEAS AUTVILLE, Fairflald Co,, pop. fiOl. 
Falrfleld Union AaaLdflmy; prop.; co-cd. ; oaU' 
' sect.; CliJirles. G. Webb, Pr|n. 

i FOI^ND, Mahoniot Co., t>o&- '^^■ 
' Poland TTnion Bemin&ry; prep.; eo-cd. ; -PrFab, ; 
IhoTiisiii S, ih'p. Vrtya, 
FOMEEOY, MaiffB Co., pop. 4h«3$. 

Saored H»rt A<5adomy; pn^p.; i-o-ed.; R. C; 
SistE'r i^iupi-rioi. 

PORTSMOUTH. Soioto Co., ]n>p. 17,870. 

Graham' B fiu^LnejiB Collafej bua. and Bten.J 
W. U. Grab am, PrcB. 
READING. H&mlltan Co., pop. 3,4J7e, 
Mount Natro D&nia AeAdamy; gifta' baa.rdliii; 
R. C. ; Slater Agues Aloysla. ' Prlp. 
EXCHMCND, Jfllferion Ca.^ pop. 37S. 

ELokmond CoLloga; eol.; co-ed.; Jiou-aeet. ; 
f>§t. 182^; Oeo. W. BlacmtlUan, Pb. D.. 

EIO GRANDE, Gallia Co,, pop. llu. 
Rio Gravida CoUoiret tiiL; eo-td.; Frer* Bapt.; 
A at. 1870; Rev. J. M. Da via, D. D., Proi. 
BT. KAETIN. Brown Co,, pop. Dl. 
tfriuliae Aoadamy; f^lrla' boardlug; B. C: 
MfjtluT Bapt Lata, Prln, 

BALEM, Columkluaa Co., pop. 7,r)S2. 
Salem Buiineai Collefo; tjua.; w-od.: «at. , 
1804; W. H. Martbewa, Prln. 

SAHDUBKY, Erio Co., pap, 10,804. 

Sanduaky BuciuoiB QoLlaca; bus. and iten.; 
T. W. Bookinyer, PPe«. 

fiAYAJOIAH, Aabluid Co., po|>. 200. 
fl«T«nnab Aosdemy-t prep.; ccH«d. j noit-auct.; 
G. A. Custer, Prln. 

BCrO. Harriaon Co,. prnp. 1,21-1. 

Bcio CoUega; tny].\ vued., M. -E. ; est. IS&Tl 

J. H. Beal, Pres. 
Beta CaUefa, Dopftrtmoai of PkariDUiy; pbar.; 

co-ed.; eat. IBS&l J. H. Beal, lN?ttn, 





SHELBY, EiohUnd Co., pop. 4,685. 
Sacred Heart of ICary Academy; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Sister Superior. 
SHEPABD, Franklin Co., pop. 350. 
St. Xary'i of the Springi Academy; girls' 
boarding; R. C; est. 1833; Mother M. 
Thomas, Prin. 
SIDNEY, Shelby Co., pop. 5.688. 
Buckeye Business College; bus. and steu. ; 
est. 1897; B. B. Baker, A. M., Ph. D., 
SOXTTH NEW LYME, AshUbula Co., pop. 115. 
New Lyme Institute; non-sect.; prep.; co- 
ed.; William H. Van Fossan, A. M., 

SOUTH SALEM, Ross Co., pop. 264. 
Salem Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Prcsb.; Charles 
W. Barrett, Prin. 

SPKIKGFIELD, Clarke Co., pop. 38,253. 
Nelson's Business College; bus. and steu.; 

A. C. Jooes, Pres. 
St. Bernard Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
Williss' Business XTniversity; bus. and sten.; 

P. W. WilUss, Pres. 
Wittenberg College; col.; co-ed.; Luth.; est. 

1845; Rev. Charles G. Heckert, D. D., 


STEVBENVILLE, Jefferson Co., pop. 14,'349. 
St. Peter's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
Steubenvllle Business College; bus. and sten.; 
J. T. Thompson, Pres> 

TIFFIN, Seneca Co., pop. 10,980. 
College of XTrsuline Sisters; girls* boarding; 

R. C; Ursuline Sisters, Prins. 
Heidelberg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; A. W. 

Ricksecker, Prin. 
Heidelberg Commercial College; bus. and 

sten.; C. C. Kennison, Pres. 
Heidelburg Theological Seminary; theo.; co- 
ed.; David Van Horn, Pres. 
Heidelberg XTniversity; col.; co-ed.; Reformed; 

est. 1850; Rev. Charles E. Miller, Pres. 
St. Francis Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 
St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Sister Superior. 

TOLEDO, Lucas Co., pop. 181,822. 
Davis Business College; bus. and sten.; M. H. 

Davis, Pres. 
Emmanuel Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Luth. 

Good Shepherd Academy; prep.; oo-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
St. John's Academy; prep.; cn-ed.; Evan 

Luth. ; Principal. 
St. Louis' Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
St. Mark's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Evan. 

Luth.; Principal. 
St. Patrick's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
St. Stephen's Academy; prep.; oo-ed.; R. C. 

Sister Superior. 
Toledo Conservatory of Music; mus. ; Brad 

ford Mills. Director. 
Toledo Medical College; mcd.; reg.; co-ed.; 

est. 1882; Wm. A. Dickey, A. M., M. D., 

Toledo Normal and Training School; nor.; 
women;- est. 1803; Mrs. Elvene C. Hard, 

Trinity Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Evan. Luth.; 

XTrsuline Convent of the Sacred Heart; .girls* 
boarding; R. C; Mother Superior, Prin. 
TKEMONT CITY, Clarke Co., pop. 478. 

Western Normal University; normal; private; 
co-ed.; B. L. Barr, Pres. 
UBBANA, Champaign Co., pop. 6,808. 

XTrbana University; prep.; co-ed.; Mew 
Church (Swedenborglan) ; John H. Wil- 
liams, A. M., Dean. 
YEKNON JUNCTION, Kichland Co., pop. 178. 

Sacred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister Superior. 
WABKEN, Trumbull Co., pop. 8,520. 

Bryant, Stratton and Smith Business College; 
bus. and sten.; Geo. H. St. John, Pres. 
WESTEBYILLE, Franklin Co., pop. 1,462. 

Otterbein University; col.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 
1847; George Scott, Ph. D., Pres. 
School's announcement. — Departments: 
Preparatory, Collegiate, Music, Art, Busi- 
ness. An excellent Faculty, comfortable 
recitation rooms, well equipped labora- 
tories, beautifully furnished halls for the 
four literary societies, an excellent gym- 
nasium, a beautiful Christian Association 
building, art studio, music conservatory 
and a science building. The work of the 
Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. organiza- 
tions is especially helpful in the religious 
life of the students. It is a Christian 
College and thoroughly up-to-date in its 
departments of work. 

WEST FABMINGTON. Trumbull Co., pop. 516. 
Western Beserve Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; M. 
E. So.: est. 1828; H. B. Allen, A. M.. 
B. D., Pres. 
WILBEKFOKCE, Greene Co., pop. 161. 
Wilberforoe University (colored); col.; co-ed.; 
A. M. E.; est. 1856. Joshua H. Jones, 
LL. D., Pres. 
WILMINOTON, Clinton Co., pop. 3,613. 
Wilmington College; col.; co-ed.; Friends; 
est. 1870; James B. Unthand, M. S., 
WOODSFIELD, Monroe Co., pop. 1.801. 
St. Sylvester's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 
C; Sister Superior. 
WOODVILLE, Sandusky Co., pop. 831. 

Teachers' Seminary; normal; private; co- 
ed.: est. 1880; E. Gerfen, Pres. 
WOOSTEK, Wayne Co., pop. 6,063. 

St. Mary's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C. ; 

Sister Superior. 
University of Wooster; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; 
est. 1870; Rev. Louis Edward Holden, 
Yocum's Bizler Business College; bus. and 
sten.; O. M. Yocum, Pres. 
XENIA, Green Co., pop. 8,696. 
Xenia Theological Seminary; theo.; men; W. 
6. Moorehcad, Pres. 





YELLOW SPKIKOB, Oreene Co., pop. 1.371. 
Antiooh CoUeffe; col.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 
1853; Rev. Stephen F. Weston, Pres. 
YOTOGSTOWN, Xahoninff Co., pop. 44.885. 
Browne's Business Collofe; bus. and sten.; 
J. C. Browne, Pres. 

Hall's Business XTnivertity; bus. and sten.; 
Edwin A. Hall. Pres. 
ZANESVILLE, Muskingum Co., pop. 23^638. 
Meredith Business CoUege; bus. and sten.; 

est. 1990; B. L. Meredith. Pres. 
Putnam Seminary; closed. 


Population, 398,831. School census, 162,800. School age, 6-21. 

Oklahoma is the thirty-eighth of the states and territories of the Union in 
point of population, having a total of 398,831 inhabitants, of whom 367,524, or 92.3 
per cent, are white. Of this number, 15,604, or 3.9 per cent, are foreign born. 
The percentage of illiteracy of the entire population is 5.5 per cent, the territory 
ranking twentieth in this respect. The educational system of the territory is as fol- 
lows : 

L. W. Baxter, Territorial Superintendent and ex officio Territorial Auditor. .Guthrie 

E. P. McCabe^ Deputy Auditor Guthrie 


D. R. Boyd, President Territorial University, President Norman 

F. H. Umholtz, President Central State Normal Edmond 

L. W. Baxter, Territorial Superintendent, Secretary Guthrie 

E. S. Vaught, Superintendent City Schools Oklahoma City 

G. D. Moss, County Superintendent of Public Instruction Kingfisher 


R. H. EwiNG, Principal High School, President Oklahoma City 

Mrs. Mary D. Couch, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, 

Secretary Oklahoma City 

John Davis, Professor English, Northwestern Normal School Alva 


R. V. Temming Chandler 

William Z. Smith, Secretary : Hobart 

E. B. Nelson, Treasurer. Lawton 

Pop. of 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Beaver Ella Baker Beaver City 3,061 

Blaine Nellie J. Pratt Watonga 10,658 

Caddo W. E. Looney Anadarko 

Canadian W. B. Bickford El Reno 15,981 

Cleveland F. B. Swank Norman 16,388 

Comanche E. B. Nelson Lawton 

Custer Milton Benjamin 'Arapahoe 12,264 

Day A. L. Squire Grand 2,173 

I>ewey E. M. Frost Taloga 8,819 

Gkirfleld Pearl Constable Enid 22.076 

Grant J. A. Alderson Pond Creek 17,273 

Greer Laura Moore Mangum 17,922 





County. Superintendent's Name. Address. 

Kay Alfred Kersey Newkirk 

Kingfisher G. D. Moss Kingfisher 

Kiowa W. P. Stewart Hobart 

Lincoln E. B. Shotwell Chandler 

Logan G. W. Derrick Guthrie 

Noble Jessie Daniels Perry 

Oklahoma M. D. Oouch Oklahoma City 

Pawnee E. E. Kiggins Pawnee 

Payne Sarah Carson Stillwater 

Pottawattomie R. E. Waller Tecumseh 

Roger Mills L. L. Van Vacter Cheyenne 

Washita J. S. Norton Oordell 

Woods J. B. Cooprider Alva 

Woodward J. A. Dixon Woodward 

Pop. of 




. 6,190 
. 7.469 


ALVA, Wood! Co., pop. 1.499. 
Korthweitern Territorial Normal Bohool; nor- 
mal; state; co-ed.; est. 1897; Thomas W. 
Conway, Pres. 
EDMOND, Oklahoma Co., pop. 065. 
Central State Normal Bohool; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Frederick H. Umholtz, Pres. 
OXTTHKIE, Loffan Co., pop. 10,006. 
Capital City Buiineii Colleffe; bus. and sten. ; 

R. A. Gaffney, Pres. 
St. Joseph's Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Mother Mary Joseph. Prin. 

XINOFISHEB, Kingfliher Co., pop. 2,301. 
Kingfisher College; prep.; co-ed.; Cong.; 
Julias Temple House, Prin. 

LANGSTON, Logan Co., pop. 251. 
Colored Agrioultural and Normal XTniversity; 
normal; state; co-ed.; Inman B. Page, 

Holy Family College (colored); prep.; co-ed.; 
R. C; est. 1892; Rev. Father J. Anceaux. 
NOKXAN, Cleveland Co., pop. 2,225. 

XTniversity of OklUioma; univ.; co-ed.; Ter- 
ritory; est. 1892; David R. Boyd, A. M.. 

XTniversity of Oklahoma, Pharmaoentioal De- 
partment; phar.; co-ed.; est. 1894; Ed- 
win De Barr, Dean. 
OKLAHOXA, Oklahoma Co., pop. 10,087. 

Draughon's Praotioal Business College; bus. 
and sten.; J. F. Dranghon. Pres. 

Oklahoma City Business College; bus. and 
sten.; J. W. Butcher, Pres. 
STILLWATER, Payne Co.. pop. 2431. 

Oklahoma Agrioultural and Xeohanioal Col- 
lege; agri. and mech. ; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1891; Angelo G. Scott, M. A., LL. 
M., Pres. 


Population, 413,536. School census, 112,047. School age, 4-20. 

Oregon is the thirty-fifth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 413,536 inhabitants, of whom 394,582, or 95.4 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 53,861, or 13 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of 
the entire population is 3.3 per cent, the state ranking sixth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows : , 

J. H. AcKERMAN, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Salem 


Geo. E. Chamberlain, Governor Salem 

F. I. Dunbar, Secretary of State Salem 

J. H. AcKERMAN, Superintendent of Public Instruction Salem 


I. W. Pratt Portland E. B. Conklin Pendleton 

Frank Rigler Portland L. H. Baker Salem 

D. W. YoDER Sumpter N. L. Narregan Medford 

Thos. M. Gatch Corvallis J. A. Churchill Baker City 

J. S. Landers The Dalles 


Geo. E. Chamberlain Salem 

F. I. Dunbar ; Salem 

Chas. S. Moore Salem 


H. W. Scott Portland 

Wm. M. Ladd Portland 

Wm. Colvig Jacksonville 

C. A. Johns Baker City 

P. L. Campbell Eugene 

Oregon has a state uniformity law, enacted February 21, 1893, the adoptions 
being under the control of the above-named commission appointed by the Governor 
of the state. Books are adopted for a period of six years, the last adoption being 
July 8, 1901. 

Oregon has no State Reading Circle Board, but has a district law aiding school 





No. of 

(Western Division*) 

D. A. GrouTj Presidt'nt Portland 

E* V» LiTTLEFiELD^ Ftrst Vke-Ffe^eni , . . * McMinnvillc 

B. F. MuLKEY, Second Fice-Fresidenl Ashland 

G, W. Jones, Secretary . : . _ _ Salem 

Caroline Barnes, Treasurer. . , . _ Portland 


('oU£it:y, ^upi^rliitPiide^nt'ii NttiD?* Addtn'iia^ 

Baker * J. A. Payton Baker City 58 

Benton ........,*..*.-..-.. George W. Deninan ,>kh, , ...Corvallis .. * , SO 

Clackamaa J, C. Zlnser .-Oregon City * ,...130 

Clatsop ......,,..., ...H. S. Lyman ....Astoria ..h..,. * 36 

CoLumblEk .,.*,**.».,,„*.», — T. H. Copeland **..*...,.. ...Houlton , ....... 66 

Coos W. H, Bunch McKinlev , 75 

Crook ....William Boegli ^Prineville ,. 41 

Curry .,,..,..,.-. *.*.... William S, Qiierln Liatiglola ►.. 36 

Douglas ,...,.... F. B. Hamlin ...Rosebure .....'....127 

GiJlIan W. R, Neal ...Condon 86 

Grant H. C. Mack T Long Creek ** 44 

Harney J, C. Bartlett . ,, Drewsey , £9 

Jaekaon ...P. H. Dally ..,. .........Jacksonville ................ 83 

Josephine .......Lincoln Savag<^ ....... ........Grants Pass ................ 44 

Klamath ,.,.... ...C. R. IH^Lap .....Klamath Falls ...... 90 

Lake J, Q. Willits ...Lakevlew ao 

Lane .** William W. Miller .Eugene ..ICT 

Lincoln :* George Bethers ............ ..Toledo ,.,...,.......,.,...... 53 

Linn ....W. G. Jackson ...., Albany 117 

Malheur **. B. L. Mtllisfan ...,..-. .Ontario 30 

Marion ...*... . E, T. Moores ...Salem ..., ..........114 

Morrow , J. W. HhlMey ...-.Heppner . 4fi 

Moltnomah *R. F. Robinson .....Portlan^l .,... 58 

Folk C. L. atarr Dallas m 

Sherman W. H. RagBClale ..Morro .,....,,,.. ....... 32 

Tillamook * George B. I.»amb Tillamook 48 

ITmatlUa .................J. P. NowUn .... Pendleton ..107 

Union .' E. E. Bragg .Union 54 

Wallowa ...J. C. Conley ..Joseph IS 

Washington C, L. Gilbert .,....The Dalles _. 1% 

Wiisco H. A. Ball Hlilsboro W! 

Wheeler .................... Charles Royse — Wa«n©r ..................... 68 

Yamhill ....E. V. LUtlefleld .,., ...McMinnviJle m 



AIIAKY, Liun Co., imp. ZM^- 
Ao&Aemy of Our LAdy nl Fi>rp«tuAl Liffbt; 

pr<^p. ; ♦x^-i.'d. ; R. €.; Slater Mnry An- 

»i3lmu. O. S. B. 
iUb«D7 Collet ; I'ol. ; eo-ed.; Prfisb.; ctit 

1S60; Wiinfi(45 Howe Tjee, A. M,. Prln. 
AftKLUTD. JjLcikBoii Co., pop. 2.034. 

Boutbeni OrefDA fit&tA Norm&l School j maf- 

iriftl; Htace; i'f>-i.>d.; W. M. Clajr^uti. A. B.. 

lAEEE CITT. Biker Co.< pop. 6.863. 

EaHtun Orsgon CammflTQUl Golleffs; bun. itnil 

st^nr, L^ttt. 1&02; M. O. P^'rrj', Prfn. 
Bt. FruQcei AoLdsmy «iid CoILbbh; pn^p, ; en- 

Gd. ; R. C: .^liler Mitrj HiipBrdoo. 
COfiTALLlS, Bad ton Co., pop. T.SIO. 

Orv^n Stiit» AffTloulturtl CoUs^fi; offrl.; m- 

Hi.: 8Ut<^" PBt. 18T0; Tlupiu/ifi M. Giitcli. 

A. M,. Ph. D-. Pros. 
Or«r«n jifTicmltur&l CollBt*, Oduth in Pbftr* 

mt^jl phiir. : ro-pd.; t^mt. 1^J&; A. L. 

KiniM'ly, Dcun. 

DALLASt PolH Co.* jwp. l.fKtO. 
DallftB Colltiffa; c-f^l.; <T>-ed. ; Un, Eymog.; ««t. 
IWMl; Rur. €. t\ PoltujSE, Ph. D.. PPt^. 
Bohoori Announcanient. — Dallaa t>«l1ere 
lyftem tfdvfttit<ig4'H (of II Jhiemt, Chrlflfltn 
hVJqejitloii, W'rtHNi to ncsfii? of Ita kind. 
Oiwia, bcnUhriil bti-iitloti; iirood, strons 
fjirijltji i^xpi'nm^tt n-dnwd to tulnlttiiiui : 
oXfT'lkMit ajirmlttiry priirneicuii; w«*U 
i-qulpppd in'mniifiinni, T^KfittHl QU mll«v 
ft&utb tit Portlnnd ov> tin* S. P. B. R. 
¥vp Lnformiittyn. ii{1dr«Ht Uie PTt'Hldent. 

BBAOTh Doutflfta Co.. \mp, lf)3. 
Oiintnl Or«£:oii St&tt KonD&l Bobool: ii^vruuil; 
fltatc; iw-t'd.; J. H. Orrqtt, Pres, 

ZUGEKEt L«.DO Co., poij. 3.236. 
CTniT^nlty of Onfon; tmlT. ; atat?; eo-fd. ; 
eat. 1B70. P. L. €aDap*x?ll. A. B.. Pfct. 

FOBEST QBOTE, Wublnvtoa Oo.^ pop. U 
Pmoiilc TJalTOrttty ; eol.; co^d. ; dmg.l Ml. 
1S54; William N. Perrln. LL. D., Pfet 





JACXSOKVILLE, Jaokton Co., pop. 653. 
St. ICary'i Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. Laureutia, Prin. 
LEBANON, Linn Co., pop. 922. 

Bantiftm Academy; prep.; eo-cd. ; M. E. ; 
S. A. Randle, Prin. 
LA OKANDE, Union Co., pop. 2,901. 
Sacred Heart Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sister M. Euphrasia, Prin. 

McMINNyiLLE, YamhiU Co., pop. 1.420. 
McMinnTllle Colleffe; col.; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1858; A. M. Brumback. A. M., Pres. 

MONXOXTTH, Polk Co., pop. 006. 
State Normal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 

E, D, Ressler, A. M., Pres. 
MOTJNT ANGEL, Marion Co., pop. 537. 

Mount Anirol Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Mother M. Bernardine, O. S. B., Prin. 
Mount Anirol Colleye; boys' boarding; R. C; 

F. Thomas, O. S. B.. Prin. 
NEWBEEO, YamhlU Co., pop. 945. 

Paoiflc College; col.; co-ed.; .Friends; est. 

1891; H. B. McGrew. A. M., Pres. 
PENDLETON, TnmatUla Co., pop. 4,406. 
St. Joseph's Academy and CoUeffe; prep.; co- 
ed.; R. C; Mother Mary Stanislaus, 

PHILOMATH, Benton Co., pop. 343. 

Philomath Colleffe; col.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 

1867; B. E. Emerick. A. M.. B. D.. Pres. 
PORTLAND, Multnomah Co., pop. 90,426. 
Behnke- Walker Businett College; bus. and 

sten.; H. W. Behnke, Pres. 
Bishop Scott Academy; boys' boarding; P. 

E.; est. 1870; Arthur C. Newlll, Prin. 
Columbia XTniversity; col.; men.; R. C; est. 

1901; Rev. M. A. Quiulan. M. A.. Pres. 
Holmes* English and Business College; bus. 

and sten.; Mrs. G. Holmes Lawrence, 

North Pacific Dental College; dent.; co-ed.; 

est. 1893; Herbert C\ Miller. M. D.. D. 

D. S., Dean, 141 W. Park St. 
Portland Academy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb.; 

S. R. Johnston, J. R. Wilson. Prins. 

Portland Business College; bus. and sten.; 

A. P. Armstrong, LL. B., Prin. 
St. Helen's Hall; girls' boarding; P. E.; 

Eleanor Tibbetts, Ph. D., Prin. 
St. Mary's Academy and College; girls' 

boarding; B. C; Sister Mary FlaTia, 

XTniversity of Oregon, Medical Department; 

med.; reg.; co-ed.; est. 1887; S. B. Jo- 

sephi, M. D., Dean. 
XTniversity of Oregon, School of Law.; law; 

co-ed.; est. 1884; Richard H. Thornton, 

KOSEBUBO, Douglas Co., pop. 1,690. 
Beseburg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

Charles T. Whittlesey, Prin. 
ST. PAUL, Marion Co., pop. 143. 

St. Paul's Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

est. 1863; Sister RosaUnd 9f the S. H., 

SALEM, Marion Co., pop.. 4.258. 
Capital Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. I. Staley, Pres. 
Sacred Heart Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1864; Sister Mary Stephen, Prin. 
Willamette XTniversity; univ.; co-ed.; M. B.; 

est. 1844. 
Willamette XTniversity, Law Department; 

law; co-ed.; est. 1884; John W. Rey- 
nolds, A. M., LL. B.. Acting Dean. 
Willamette University, IJLedioal Department; 

med.; reg.; men; est. 1866; W. H. Byrd, 

M. D., Dean. 
SODAYILLE, Linn Co., pop. 178. 
Mineral Springs College; prep.; co-ed.; Cumb. 

Presb.; H. E. Morton, Prin. 
THE DALLES, Wasco Co., pop. 3542. 
St. Mary's Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 

est. 1865; Sister M. Geraldine, Prin. 
TILLAMOOK, Tillamook Co., pop. 834. 
St. Alphonsius Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; R. 

C; Sister Mary Clement. Prin. 
WESTON, Yumatilla Co., pop. 626. 
Eastern Oregon State Normal School; normal; 

state; co-ed.; Robert C. French. B. S., 



Population, 6,302,115. School census, 1,733,400. School age, 5-21. 

Pennsylvania is the second state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 6,302,115 inhabitants, of whom 6,141,664, or 97.5 per cent, are white. Of 
this number, 982,543, or 15.6 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
erary of the entire population is 6.1 per cent, the state ranking twenty-sixth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Nathan C. Schaeffer, Superintendent of Public Instruction Harrisburg 

Henry Houck, Deputy Superintendent Harrisburg 

John Q. Stewart, Deputy Superintendent Harrisburg 

A. D. Glenn, Financial Clerk Harrisburg 

M. F. Cass, Recording Clerk , Harrisburg 

H. H. Fleischer, Statistical Clerk Harrisburg 

(Ex-Officio Members.) 

Samuel W. Pennypacker, Governor Harrisburg 

Hampton L. Carson, Attorney-General Harrisburg 

Nathan C. Schaeffer, Superintendent of Public Instruction Harrisburg 


C. C. Harrison, University of Pennsylvania, Provost Philadelphia 

George W. Atherton, President State College State College 

J. D. Moffat, President Washington and Jefferson College Washington 

Thomas Messinger Drown, President Lehigh University South Bethlehem 

Harvey W. McKnight, President Pennsylvania College Gettysburg 

G. M. Philips, Principal State Normal School West Chester 

Edward Brooks, City Superintendent Philadelphia 

James M. Coughlin, Superintendent Wilkes-Barre 


County. Superlntoiident'8 Name. Address. Districts. 

Adams H. M. Roth Gettysburg 34 

Allegheny Samuel Hamilton Braddock lOK 

Armstrong J. O. Wolfe Kelly Station 46 

Beaver Chester A. Moore Beaver 51 

Bedford J. Anson Wright Bedford 41 

Berks Eli M. Rapp Hamburg 57 

Blair T. S. Davis Altoona 28 

Bradford Herbert S. Putnam Towanda 59 





Coanty. SxipfrtnU^ndent's Name. 

Bucks A. a. Martin 

Butler Howard L Painter ... 

Cambria H. T. Jones 

Cameron Mattie M. Collins 

Carbon James J, Bevaii 

Centre C L. Gramlev 

Chester George W. Moore .... 

Clarton .K L. Hlmes .,., 

Clearfield E. (\ ^hUAiU 

Clinton Ira N. Mc<;ioskey .... 

Columbia Wm. W. Evans 

Crawford John D. Goodwin 

Cumberland j. Kelso Green 

Dauphin H. V. B. Garver 

Delaware A. G. C. Smith 

Blk J. w. Sweeney 

Btie Samuel B. Bayle 

Fayette John S. Carroll 

Forest e. E. Stitzinger 

Franklin L. p. Benchoff 

F^ulton c. E. Barton .: 

<5reene John C. Stewart 

Huntingdon JamlSs G. Dell 

Indiana j. T. Stewart 

Jefferson R. B. Teitrick 

Juniata H. C. Klinger 

Lackawanna j. c. Taylor 

Lancaster M. J. Brecht 

Lawrence R. G. Allen 

Lebanon John W, Snoke 

Lehigh AivJn Rupp ...,, 

Luzerne Frank P. Horvper 

Lycoming Georgp B. Milnor 

McKean John K Myers 

Mercer .Tames B. Fruit 

Mifflin Samuel L. Hanawalt 

Monroe Horace L. Walter 

Montgomery j. Hofrace Landis 

Montour Charles W. Derr 

Northampton h. K. Bender 

Northumberland Benjamin Apple 

Pfrry i^zn^ h. Brvner 

™e T.iieian Westbrook .... 

r**^*®*",, ;. '"^tlB A. Klibourn 

Schuylkill n^ w. Weiss 

anyder Georee W. Walborn , 

Somerset Daniel W. Seibert 

Sullivan m. R. Black 

Susquehanna Charles E. Moxley ... 

™«a W. R. Lonerstreet 

Union Daniel P. Stapleton ... 

Venango b. V. Riddle 

Warren orlo J. Gunning 

)^/'^h>ngtoti .....Frank R. Hall 

J\nyne . d. L. Howf^r 

westmnrelanJ w. W. Ulerich 

Wyoming Frank H. Jarvis 

York D. H. Gardner 


No. of 

.Doylestown r 49 

.Butler 54 

.Ebensburg 54 

.Driftwood 8 

.Mauch Chunk 24 

.Rebersburg 34 

.E]rcildoun 74 

.Clarion 37 

.Clearfield v 51 

..Lock Haven 31 

.Bloomsburg 32 

.Meadville 65 

.Carlisle 30 

.Middletown 38 

.Media 42 

.Saint Mary's 13 

. Waterford • 38 

.Dunbar 41 

.Nebraska 10 

.Rouzerville 19 

. McConnellsburg ^. 12 

.Jefferson 24 

.Huntingdon •. , — 49 

.Indiana 35 

. Brookville 34 

.Oriental 17 

.Scranton 39 

.Lancaster 60 

.New Castle .27 

.Annville 21 

•Allentown 26 

. Wilkes-Barre 74 

.Muncy 53 

.Smethport 21 

.Mercer — 49 

.Lewistown 14 

.StrnuJsbure ^.., 20 

.Conshohocken 61 

naBhlnctonvllle 12 

.East Bangor 37 

. Sunbu r^ ..,...., 35 

.ATew Bloomfieltl 30 

.Dlppman's Ferry ^. 11 

.Coudersport 31 

.flrhnvlkill Htiveu 80 

.Freeburg 18 

.Somerset 44 

.Forksville 13 

.HRllstend 43 

.Mansfield 41 

.T-ewisburg 15 

Franklin 3?> 

.Warren 31 

.Washington 65 

.Honesdale 30 

.Greensburg 71 

.Tunkhannock ..,....• 31 

.York 67 


ACADEXIA, JuniaU Co., pop. 186. 
Tusoarom Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Idn M, REtrt'in, M. A.. Prin. 

AIXE&KAMY, Alk^hany Co.. pop. 120.890. 
All^rtimnr FrflparatorF Sqhool prpp. ru-cd.; 

Avery College Trade Sohoal tech. oivr^d ; 

eet. 1840; Joseph D. S!ttlion*jr. Supt. 
Barclay Hall School for Girls; girls' board- 

ing; []iiii^K(Kt, Kiimitc G. Barclay, M. S.. 

M. L.. Prin. 
Park ItiBtitute prrt> co-ed.; non-sect.; Chas. 

1ft. fNiffln ^iit\ W D. Rowan. Prins. 
Westflna t?niTenilty of PennaTlTania; univ. ; 

cM-cil. iinii-ft*'<-t. i'j*t. 1787; J. A. Brn- 

wbiM'r ninncoljor 
ALLENTOWK. Lehlrh Co,, pop. .15.416. 

Allentown ButinetB College; bus. and sten. ; 

W. L. Blackman. Pres. 




AUentown CoU«g« for Wi>m«n; g^trW b(i*M- 
\njz; It<>fornir(! ; i*Ht, 1^07; Rr.v, J. W. 

Amerioa.n Bui.iii6«i Callfife; liui^. Hud fltL4i.; 

<K r. Ikiitipy. C. P. A.. riri'H. 
Muhlflnbetf C^tllflft; ^-p»l. ; iiK-n; T-iiitli.: eat, 

11^7; Wiu. WrtektTiiHjfi'l, IK Dh^ Actinir 


ALTOONAt BUiT Co,, pup. 38.073. 
Altooni. BuAlnAii Oollflg'6; ban. nut] atc^'ti.; W. 

r\ lat'iibrTir. Prp». 
Ziith SobodI; bim. Htid tiCen.; (<h CI. ZHli. 
AXBLEB, BtontK&mflry Co,, pop. 1*SS4. 

Bunnjriide School; prt>p. ; co-ed.; nuu-fted. ; 
yi\m S, A. KnlKtiL Pfln. 

ANNVIIXE. tftbuion Co., poy. 1.2Sa. 

Lebuioa VhUcj' GoUei^e; rol,; i^u-cd. ; U- B.; 
Mst. 1S.0«H ttiv. H. V. Boot*, Ph. D*, 

ARMAGH, Indiuia Co.. {x'P- l^^- 
AnnK^b Ao&dAmf; prvp.; tui-t'd.; imii-scot.; 
<;. A. Cttii]i*bfll Prill. 

BADEK, BeaTflT Co., {Ntp. 427. 
Mt, G^litxin Atimdemyt prep,; tnyys\ K. C; eet 

11M.H; Mothi^r ^uin'Mor. 

BAB.KEYTILLE. VenHnffo Co,, po|}, lll>, 
B^rkflyTiUB Aoftdemy^; pn-p.; co-t^dpi uuti- 
KHLTt. ; Will. HrtrrtH tSnyt+r, I*rin. 

BE ATT Y, WeBtmoFelitnd Co.k pop. 03. 

St, YlDOont CoUofffl: rob; w^n; H. (%; i?At. 

1840; m, \Wv. Li'fliidrr Mnrvr. Prvii. 
Bt. X&Ti«r'd Aflftdem^; fflrln' botirdlne; Hh Cr, 
t'i^L IM4(S: MiptluT M. H?«lHflt PHu. 
BmAVTB, B«i.Tf(r Cei., ]K>p. 3,34S. 

Bei.T«T CoUefa; (td, ; nM-il. ; M. K.; mt. 

iHSSi Hi?v, Arthur StMpJeBt A. M.. Prea, 

BEAYEB FAXLS, BwTor Co,, piim ilKii.^4. 

GoUfiTL CoU9f«; tH>i.f m-Mfl,: Rpt Prrsb,; t'aL 

1S4^1 WtlUoDi l\ .fvihiiattju, I). D., PreB. 

BEDFOBD, Bedford Coh, pop. 2,1(»7. 

Bedford 01ms4ic&l BctbooL; pri'p.; tf^^ed.; iioti- 
rtrrt,; i\ V. Smith. A. M., Prlii. 
BELLEFONTE, CBHtar Co., iHjp. 4,2UJ, 

BsHefODto Aa&demr; ijn^p. ; <o-».'d.; iioii-M'ot.; 
J. V. lliitfbt'^, J, U. Htiiibvif, Prltie. 
BEBEYBBUEGt S«.upbiB Co,» pop. tsm. 
Bflrr^raburtr Acadoiqy; prop,; i-o-od^ ; non-fH«et,: 
rroiiTi 1*. Kibuch, Pliiu 
BERWICK, Columlji* Co., im>- -U^l^i- 

ULcktan's Buiineifl CoUflr^ ; bun, utid Mteu. ; 

Arrhlbiiki r>trtH.iii. PHii. 

BETHIEHEIC, Kortba^mpton Co., pop. 7.213. 

BathlehaiD Frepirktory Sobool; bi>jr«' kuird^ 

ins I I'^lJls. ; It. A. IVkiII]^. B. S., Prill. 

Marmvi&D ColLe^e i,iid Theolorioml Semlnur; 

rol . ; III* > i] : M i »r ii v bi 1 1 ^ +• t*f . 1 W i7 ; Rt v . 

AiiuiigtiiM HrbiiltEis 1>. 11.. L. II. in, Prt'B. 

MorATlun F*rooh{ml Bohool; f^rt'p, ;^ (?oh!n1.; 

3r1t>rovL»li; Aibprt U. Hau. Prln. 
Morvrii^m BemiDmry ind CoMe^e for Woniflii; 
ffirU' b-onrdltig, Mc^pruvluit; *'»(. 1T4»; 
J. Mm Hark. Ii. D,. Prliu 

BIElCrHaHAX, HiintiAfdiiti Co., ihip, ^o. 
Biimiafhftin Soliool for GiHi^ pn<p ; «rbk' 
bonrdliii!^ X. H. lirbr. Prbi, 

BLAIBSVILLE, IndXiniL Co., pup. 3.3§a. 

BlkiTB\rille Collflffv; iglrla' boardlug; Ptbh)).; 
THt. isril: Hev. ti. 14, Llnbitrt, Pre«. 

BLOOMSBITBG, Columbia Goh, ptip. d,lTO. 
LitBr&Tr Infltituto uid State Nermftl SoliDol; 
iiHjriiiiiM ; Mtiite"; on-od. ; Jiultiou I', Wellib, 
Pb. II., ProK. 

BBABDOCS, AUB^-httny Cq.p mp, iri.&T^. 

G«rDii.n LutbflTikii School; pri^p.; eoc^d. ; Luth, ; 
Rov. i\ EiJBi'Ub^r, t*ri'S., 

BROBHEABBVILX'E, Moaroe Co., pop. 5G4. 
F&ijrrl^w Ac&dBmy: prep,.; <xi-iM]. ^ ni>n-Eei^h.i 
i:. 1\ KiMiklr. A. M.. prill. 

BBYN MAWB, Uontgomery Co,, |>»[>. l.tlfiiK 
BsrldiFln'fl. School fer GirU, MIkb; i^lrld"^ 

T M til r^ll iiy ; utjii- &i^e t , ; Ml Rs f |i>ro;i re Hn bl ^ 

will, Prli]. 
Bryn Mkwt College;, wuuixni: noti-u^rt.; v^t, 

ISS5; M, Ciirt'y Thim«i«. Ph. D., LL. D.. 

abiplBr'a Bohool for Gtdn, MiMei f gltlH* 

boArdliig; iiuH'FMM't.; Hdinn ItnvuiJib 11 

.Shipk'j-, Prln. 
Wrifht'i Bohoei. Miii} girln' b^mrdltiift pf<'p.; 

M\m LIbi M. Wrlgbt. PHii. 

BITCKllfGHAM, Buski Co,, i^tp. mm. 
KaghstltLTi Free Sobool; prvp.; cM7-f^d.; 
Frk'iidK; t-Ht. 1§(42; DfiiiHid W. Dvvifl, 

BUSTLETCK, suburb of PhlUdelphlm. 

Bt. Luke' ft BoB-rdiag: Scbooli for Boyi; 1>i>yi4' 
t">n rd I i3g ; P . K . ; < 'h ii r b^i I i. H t n lu t , 
BirTLi:B, Butlftr Co,, pop,, UKmn. 

Butler BiulnftBH Collofffip hutt. und itt'U.; psl- 
IHji-;; A. IV iU-tZii], Prln, 

CALlFOStriA, Wuhinrton Co.* imp, 2.<Mi«, 
Southwutem BUie Horma^l School; rtnriuiil; 
HtHt<*: i'urrl.; Ttuijclun' 11. Ntirtn. Pb, |*.„ 

CANOKSBURG. Waibinrton Co.. p^ip. 2.714. 
Jefffltion Acftdomy; prt'p. ; roni'tL; nmi-neet.; 

i^^l, 1Sti2; J. A, A. t'rnU, A. B.. Prln. 
CARBONBLACE, Butler Co,, p^^p, m. 

Cabot Institute; pi^p. ; 4Hr-ri1.: iii»n-vi«ct. ; Ottt. 

10^)1; r, W. Jobniitoti. A. B.^ Prln. 
CARBOKBALE, LaGkmwa.iina. CQm pop. l3.KaO. 
Cmrbondale ComaieTcia.]. Infetitiiita; buR. itnil 

fituij.; rut. iShM^ \V, A, P. Hc^tt, Prlo. 
CARLISLE. Cumb&TUnil Co,, |kh|i. &,tim. 

CarlUlo Commoroial Bohool i bun. and «ti-ii.; 

rat. IWPO; I. b\ il.iuiktst, Vr^n. 
Diekinioti Colleges cid. : rtriMh; M. K.i r*«V 

UKi, iWargi- Kdward Ri'rd. «. T. D.. 

LL. R. ('rrH. 
l^iokioson frop*r»toiT Sobool: pr^p, 5 *'Ofi<l. : 

M. K.; rat, 17*3; F. K, Ito^iiiHi, A. M.. 

DtokJiiiaii Bohottl of lAw* law; msa; mt. 

I Slit: Wlllbim Trlckctt, LL. D., thm. 
Metiger Collegre; hoy a' bourdlnf; ooti-eect.t 

SIImh Saraih lirttp i'lgt*^ Ptin, 
CUAMBERBBUEG. Fraokliii Co., p»p. g,a04. 
Cha-mberfthyrK AicAdeoi?'; Im^vh' LtourtUng;^ po^n- 

ju'rt.; 4'at. 17W; IK Edifiir Rk-v, IL A, 






LKtln Sohoolt The; pn*p.; fiwd. r noji-m-t^. ; 

Kiitlit'rljie E^ Uo.v«r*r, Frln, 
Wilson OolI«g'A: cLrlit* bikurdlug^; I'rt^fth. ; fttt. 
l*7o: Ri'V. Snmiu'l A. Murlln, IX O,. 

CHAAHEOI, WnihiiiKton Co*, iwp, 5.030. 
Tuliti4' Buiiii«8B Callflfffi; huii. and ati'ii.: D. 

GHEBTERp DslAwan Co., jmhi. a^,»8«. 

Chflfttnr Aoademj^ phi»ii, ; rm-ed. ; J»»>u-M^et.; 

GeOPgu Ullbi^rt, I'rliL 
P«iins]rlTmcii& MilitiLry CoUfiffA; military; nnn- 

sect,; ^6t. 184)2; loL rhu». K, lljratt, 

SlfrApBr'c Bolicwl of StoDoempfar; bun. and 

stcn.: Joseph Bl('i?(K^r, Prlu. 
BunityBide Schoal; ii^tt^p. ; co^pd.; non-aeet. ; ect, 
ISini^ iliiry rnsey Warmer, Prln. 
CHESTNirT HILL, suburb of PhlUdolphti. 
ChottDut HiU Aci-dnmy; hnyH' liOHrclliiijf ; tioii- 

HE'ct,; Jiiniii'f^ L. Pultt^rKoii, ]]4'iidiniitti'r. 
Haunt €t, Joi«ph'i Acftd«mr, pi-np, ; fN>-ed,; 
II. Vr] Mo titer Mui'y ClciuoiitB, PHiu 
CLAEIOK, CUrion Co.* P"lJ. 2,wi4. 

Cl&rion QtAte Kormil Schools iioruiHl; stiiti?; 
t^o-**d.; Sumui/I Wt'lr. Pli, P.. PrvA, 
COLLZGEVILLE. ICautffomery Co.. [Miji. an. 
UriinuB CoMeg:e; lul.: oshimL : Ri-foroiHl; eat 
1S:«2; iWw Henry T. fining I i*F, Dh D.. 

QOhVVLBlA. Lanouter C^i., pip. lij^lMt). 

fit. Petfir'a CanTvut: pi^p.; ctned.; R. V,: 

CDNCOESYILLE, DeUwue Co»^ pup. 043. 

tttpldwood Infltitute ; lutysi' htynrdlng; tiua- 

COKNELLSVILLE, Ft.yett« Co., pop, Tnteu. 
BoufUi ButinBii GollAjra^ biui, and st^ii.; D. 

COEEYt Eriis Co., [mp. 5,3411). 

Carry Buflinfos College; bus. and att'ih; C. 
ir. (Jt>lff<^r. Prt'j*. 
CRESBONp Cambria C^.. r^»p. TiAT. 

HooAt AlDyftina Academy; v\rW butir<llug: R. 
CM MnjllH'r NL ill* ?^iHi»it. Prln. 
DAELtNGTCir. Dalawartt Co,, (hi|>> 42. 
OrfrersT}urff Academy; pmp. ; cu-t^d. ; niHi-H<4?t.; 
J, H. Biftt, Pi hi. 
DAYTONt Armatrong: Co., jMjp. 431. 
Baytfia Union Awdamy; prvih; lnj^wI.: noth 
HIM t, ; L. \\\ iirwynh-i-, Prlu. 

BOTLEBTOWlTj Buoka Co,, pup, 3,<>,T4. 

ITntlOQal Fum Bohool, Tbo; tH^ya' hiiitnlltiir; 
imii-jii-rt. : 4'Kt. IWMI; Job Li H* Waistibnni, 

DRY BUN. frarLkliD Co., fh^p. 2^. 

Path Valley Aqademy; i|ij«k-d. 
UI7B0IB, Clurflnld Ca., pr>p. {>.375. 

Dulhuia Cotlfti« of Buiinvaai ban. ajid aten.; 
G, W. Tlinni. F'n-H. 

EA3T0K. Hortbampton Co., pop. 2r».23S. 

T^ton Aoidflmy: pri'p. : oi>ed. ; honaoct.^ 

pat. IKiHt; Siinunl R. Pfirk, A, M.. Frlu. 
E&iton Bohool of Buaineaa; 1»«ib. mid fltpn., 

S. L. ,Trnti*a, Ptc'h. 

Homo Bfi■J^dil3l' Sofaools pr^p.; cvt-ijd.* noti- 

jwi.t.; int. l!§70: xMra. M. M. Dlabrow. Prln. 

L&fftjrette Collet A' t'*d.: men; Pi'i!«b.; eat. 

1«32; E. D. Wurttvld, LL. D.. Pn?». 
Loroh'a FrepiLratory Bohooh prep.; I'u-ed.: 
uon-Btct*- Cburloa fl. I^nrch^ Prln. 
EABT BTBOUDBBUBG, ICoDiDa Co,. ]H>p. 2.64$. 
Eaat Btroudabur^ Btats Korm&I Sobaol; ntti'- 
mnl: ntnlel cu-t'd.t dvM. P. Bible, Pri+a, 
EAIT CLAIRE, Butliir Co., pnp. 23 1. 

Eau Cliiiif« AoB^demj; prep.; ei>(<d. ; tinn-at^vt, ; 
.\, W. Kt'lly, A. M., Prln, 
ERENSBVEa, Cambria Co,, [wp. 1,574. 

EbopjiburfT Normal School; iiornittl; pplTato; 
'ii-ctL : II- T. Jonefl, I'rln, 
EBIMBQRO. Erie Co., pt>p. ml. 
Edlnboro Btmta XomiLl SAbool; iinnnnU tttntc; 
co-ed.; est. 1881; Joton F. BtsUr. A. M,, 
ELDEE8EIBGE, Indiuim Oo.^ pop. m. 

EMarsridfe Aoadiimy ; prep, ; ci>-ed. ; Prt^sb. ; 
iT^t. l.'^47: J. A. C;tul*y. A. B., Prln, 
ELDER TON, Armitroiiff Co., pup. 2&3, 

Elderton Aandomy; prep.; eo-vd. ; non-acrt ; 
\\\ A. FutUm, PtIh. 

EEIEt Erie Co,, pop. 52.783. 

DmTlf Bborthind Bohool; bLia. und at en.; W. 

0, Pfivis. Fn-Hr 
Erio Ac&d«my; prsjp, ; eo-ed. ; iinn-atfet, ; J^'n- 

nb* L, (lalpln. Prln. 
Eria Buaineaa UnivfiHltfi biia, and Ht#n.: .f. 

U. <iljiKli'T, PreM. 
Bt. Bon^dict'i Academy; glrla' Inward lu|r; R, 

i\i ftr«tor M. PhllQineim, O. S, B., Ittw. 
Villa Maria Aeadomy; itlrla' iKt&rdliift; E, 

r. : M^rbiT M. Euj^vnlrt, Prill. 

FACTORYVILLE, -Wyomins Co,, pop, «rtlK 

Keyitona Aaadeiny ; j'^'^'P' ; e«-pd. t Bnpt. ; 
iMt, IHtJS, Rtv. Ktkunuab Uulley. A. M,, 

FAWH aEOVE, York Co,. p»p, 2IM2. 

Fawn GroTO Academy: prep.; etj-j^d,: noii- 
srst; iii*". W. iK^HlhllKw. Friii. 

FRAJrKLlN, Vonmnffo Co., j»»p, T,/U7, 
Miller Hijrlit Sotural; prt^p, ; nuMi; non-aei-t.; 
esl. lJ=iOe; D. J. Hart, »upt. 

FEEDERICKSBUEO. Lvbanon Co,, iJtip. 812. 
Bebuylkill BemiikAry; umvL^d to Handing, Ph. 

FEEDONIA^ Moreer Co,, p<ip, ^37, 

FredaniA laatltuto; prep.; eci-ed. ; non-iiL'Ct.; 
est. ISHT; F A. Fruit, A. B., Pre*. 

FEEEBITRG. Snyder C(»,. pop. 54^1. 

FreebuTE Jduaioal Colleffe; nnkn, ; vat. l$7i>; 
llemy H. MoyiM', IHi'ettttr. 

GEORGE BCHCOL, Buoka Co,, p^ip, 27- 

Qeorgo Bohool; prep. r ttv-ed.; Frlendu; e«t. 
JHU3: .jHwpli !*■ WttUiiTi. Pti. D.. Prill. 

GERM ANT OWN, luburb of Pblladelphia. 

Fiiondi' PreparatiTe Bteetinr Bekool; pfep.\ 
po-pd,; Krlendft titrthodoxl : I>iit}« H. For- 
syth e. Prln, 

G^Frmaniown Aoadomy; pr^^'p. ; befa; iiun-a^et,; 
i»t. 17U(i: Wlllltiin Kernhiiw, Prln. 

"Iyj Houi«*'j prep.; giria' tH^rdln^; non- 
sect,; Wary B. ^ti-viMia, Pdn, 

Stevoui Soboot for Girlt, Tha; slrla* board- 





GETtTYBBUECt, Aduni Od., pop. S.485. 
B«tli«iiy BohooU prf[i. ; eo-ed. ; iif>ii-fle(?t, ^ Mies 

Luclla MoAl^lsttr, Prln. 
PaimtylTiiDla 0(»U«tr4; ool.; co-ed.; Lutb.; est. 

1S32; Kev. H. W. Mt'Kniglit P* a, 

LL. D.* Frrai. 
SteTWii'i H>J1; ptpp.; cn-pi1.^ Luthnl ust, 1S33; 

Rflv. Chorlffl H. Ilubtr. A. M,, PrlD. 
C^ILBEBT, Moiirii^ Oo,, pop, 142. 
PolTteehnio Inatitutfi ; pryp. ; eo-pd» ; fioti-scct. ; 

GLEN7ILLE. York Co., pop. If 5, 

GlenviUe Academy ^ pri'p. ; L>o-t?d,; Lutb,; Plit. 
]>t:**2; E. M. Slohl, A. ]VL. PHu. 

GaEEMSBTTRG, 'W«atmorfiliiDd Co*, pop, e>50&. 

OroQiiBlmTC Seminju-y; prep, ; eo-(?d,; Liitb.; 

Win. II ZiibK-r. A. jr. Prin. 

Bt. Joieph'B Aft&dQci?; i^lrln' l>oprdln^; ft. C. ; 

Blutnf IloRp Mhi'Ic^ Prill. 

Bt. V&ry'ft S«miii&ry; br>>^' b^iardlng; R. C. ; 

GXEENTILLE, MaiTDer Co.> p<ip. 4.gl4. 
Tbifil CDUes«; eol.: co-t'd. ; Lutta.: est. IBTO; 
Ruv. Th(Mj. B. Rotb. D, D., Pw?». 
&EOYB CITY. Msrwr Co., j>np. t.HW. 
UroTa City OoUqkb; ooL; cv>h1; non-sect. ; 
(Ht. 1^84: Eey, laaac a Ketler, Pb. D., 
b- I).. Pres. 

HAEBISBITRO, Duupbin C4.» pt^p. ES0,10T. 
Hurlibuj; AcH4oroy; tK^^v'H' b«ardlng; non- 

Si-r-t.: .Tinnb t<\ SolW, Pb, D.> Prlu. 
HftiTiiliUftr Buiineii CoUe£«; bus. and it en.: 

J. E. Grtrnor, Pre*. 
HBiTlibuiff Consorrmtory of Munic; miiuU";; CHt* 

JS06; Mrs K, J. Di?rovt»(?, l>lreptor. 
Sahool of CommBrca; bn». nnd jjton.: J. G. 

Sbninberefr and O- S. Mcf.'ilai-t', prnpu. 

HAVEEFOED, Koniffomeir Co., p^tp. ri4S, 

H«V4TfoTd Qa 11 egie; or>b; mt^n ; Tripods; PDt, 

IS^IH: Ifuiiir ^bJirplcHH^ Pree^ 
HATfitford Sobool, Tiu; boyH' iH^urdliig^ 

Frlphda: e»t. 18S4; Chark's S, i'niimisiuaii. 

A. B., H^admiieter. 

HAZLETOlf, Luxens Co., pop. H,200, 
Hailetoa Buitnau Galleifl; but. and aten.; 
eat. 1SS8; T. A. Zlegler, SecV* 

HEBICAN, Butler Oo., ixip. 63. 
St. FldeUa College; col.; men; E, C: eat* 
1S7T; Rt^v. CaiuUu H«rtU 0. M. Cap,* 

KtCKOEY, Waahinrton Co,, pop. 237. 

Hiolicry Acadamr; prt^p.; co-c^d.; ticju-aect. ; 
A. M. Ui'ed, A. B.. Pi In. 

HDLLlDAYaBirRQ^, Blair Go.| pcip, 2.9&H. 
H«LlidATttmr^h B«miniary; flrla boardlni;; 
Pr«?ab.; eat. 1S67: ReT. A. F, WallttT. 

HtriTTDfODONp HTiBtlntdoft Co,, pop. 6.053. 
JunljLta Ci3-l»f«; col.: <*o-ed.: Bri!tbri-n: est, 
1JS761 M. G. Brumbausb, Pb. D., Prea. 

nrDlAHA, t-'diana. Co.. pop. 4.H2. 
XndiftDA lformii.1 Bchool of F^nnayL^iuiU ; nor- 
mnl; ^t t^; co-r^l.; Udt I>. J. Wnllfr. 
Jr., tK l>., Prffl 

J£2f£lNTQWir. MoDtfomary Co., pop. 2.U&L 
Abioftoa Friendi' Eohool ; prep. ; i^j-cd- ; 
Fpienda; Geopjjte *f. Downing, Prln. 

JOHKSTOWlf. Ckmbrla. Co., pf»p. 39,936. 

Eowe College; buR, iiiul alf^ne^ eat. 1§0!I; ^. 
11. lir^cnborg^, PrfB. 

KEKKEf X BaiTAEE, Ch«atar Oo., pop. 1,510, 
lfa.rtiii Aoi^eroy; prep.; eo-e^].; Frletids: 
Jniio IV n.iisbni,i>rp. Priu. 

KINGSTON. Luwrne Co., iHvp. 3,S4fl. 

Wyamin^ SomiiiaxT; pr^p. : co-ed.; M. E. ; 
L. L, ^pmgiit", li, D,. PrfH*. 

KITTANNUfGp Armttfont Ca,, pop. 3,902. 
KittanDniAf AofrdAtny; prep.; c^n-ed. ; hon-HPt-t. ; 
est. 1821: J. C. Fliifltman. A. M.. Prln. 

KUTZTOWH, Berka Co.h pop. 1,328. 
K«7BtonB Bt»te Kormal Boboot; normal; aiati}; 

co-ed.; A. C. Rotbermol, Pre*. 
LAlf CASTER, Lauo&Bter Co., pop, 41.45B. 
Bowm&a TftohuifliLl Bcthool, The: teeb.; boy a: 

iioii-aeet.; est. 18t8d; Jobii J. Bowman. 

Fnuihlin a,ad Hankall Andemy; prep, r boyal 

Uefitrmed; oat. 1B73; T. G. Helm, A. M.. 

niid E. M. Hnrtiuitn, A. M., Prtna. 
FranklLn «ad MarabftU Coll«g«; ihiK; meni 

Refjirmed: est. 1836; Rot. Jobn S. SUlir, 

Bmcrad Hnui: Aoadfimj; glrla" bourdlii;; R- 

C. ; fttftt*"r Superior. Prln, 
St. Kary'a AftAd«my; el^^^^ tH»flrtllngr R. C^. ; 

SlBtt-r R. Aloyslua, Prln. 
StabT'i Seket Sobool, Miaa; KlrU' bo&rdlnitl 

no»-p«^('t.; ^at lOlll; I1ek>n H. Stahr. A. 

B., iMn. 
Yeatan Institute, Th*; boyB* boardlne; P. K,' 

I'^i'dt^rirk ODrdlnpr, Prln. 

LANBDOWKE, DeUwara Co., L)f>p. 2,6^0. 

Eraabfll Inititutfl! prep,; co-ed.; non-seet. ; 

est. 18§8; A. Pricbett uiid Emll D. Wrlrbt. 

LEBAKOK, Lebanon €o,> pop. 17.628. 
Eaatem School of TeloEr^pby; tol. ; tmL tB&l; 

H. II. II ripple, PrcB. 
Lflbanan Bujilnsaa Collet ; bna. and aten,; 

M. G. DenlloEor. Prea, 
Urtoh pTi¥»t« Sfihool. Miaa; prep.; girls; nop- 

su^rt.: oRt. imi] Matgnrct Drleh^ Prtn. 
LEVIBBUEG, ¥nmti Co., pop. 3,4A7, 

BucknflU AcriLdamr; prey,; ttoya; Bapt.; eat. 

lHMi\ Rev. TboiiiHfl A. Edwardfl, A* M.* 

Bucknell Institute; prep.; gtrla; Bapt.; ect. 

\SW; Kvi'lln StJiutoti. Ph. M.^ Prln. 
Bn^knall UalTerilty; eol.; ei>ed. ; Bnpt. ; etft. 

1846; Rev. Jobn H. Harris, LtU D,. 

LEWIBTOK, Mlfllin Co.. pop, 4,451, 
Lewiaton School; prnp.; eo-ed. ; Preab. ^ lyiat. 

imi2; 1]. Waftlilnetoii Biwehfleia* A. B.. 

LEGOHIEE, We<tmor«Iand Co., pop. 1,259. 
Liranier Qlaaaioal Inatitute; prep,; ri>H.M]. ; 

noii-fH^et,; Rev. E. H. Pleklnaon. Prln. 

LINCOLK imiVEESITY, Cheater Co,, pop. 2TIi. 
Lincoln tfniTenltf; <m>L: men; Pr#ab.; eflt. 
1854; IsiifK' N, Bftndiill. D. B,. Prea, 




LITITZ, Lftao&tt«r Ca^ pop. l.SST- 

LOCKHAVEH, Clinton Com ^w^l>, 7,210* 

C«ntr«.l Bta.te Korm«l School; noriauU 8tit€^ 

<X]-tHl. ; J. U- FlItk^nsiT^ PrpEit 
^StoeUiaTep fiuBineiii Cdllflflv; bus, ttiid alfen.; 
^I^j. V. VlvtehpT, Pjtihi. • 
LONDQK GE0V£, Oli«itet Go.« pc»p. 197. 

London Grove FHfladft^ ^vlflct BohooL; prep.; 
fn--HJ.; Ftli'inls! {nic1eill)H; Ali?iowiiJi M. 
Rrthr, Prhi, 
MAHANOY OITT< SobuylkiU Co.. jmp, U,ft»4. 
KoCftiiD*! Buiineu OoUsi^i bun. spa Rteii-; 
eHl. 1807; L, i\ Mi^Cann. rrlis. 
MAlrfil'IlXII. Tio^a Co.p pop, 1,^47, 

Kuiifleld Sta^te Karma I School; norninl; i^tairf*: 

MqDOKALXl, WABhinffton Co., pop. 2.475. 
Hipkory AfMLdamy; prep.: co-ctd. ; Don^jsect.; 
Lloyd S^. Put ton. Prtn. 
HcKEESFOS-T, AUBsbauT Co-i [>t>p. 34,227. 
MoKfieiport BuiiaedA Gollaffo ; bus. and Ateti. ; 
t'Bt. 18»7; S. a. GresRly. B. C. B., Prln. 
MEABTILLE, Crawford Co., pop. H 1.291. 

AHflfheny CollflrB^ col.; cn-t^d. : M. E. ; estn 
1815; Rev. Wm. H. L'TawfLtrd, 1>. P.* 
Be«tlioTeii Sckool of Muiie; ihiir. ; Goorgc VV, 

Head villa Comm'BT'Oi&I CdIIafa'. biifl. ud<! ston.; 

Mifw S*. L. Bciyd. Pri's. 
PinniylTiinift Coll^ire of Huiic; uiun, ; fst. 
lS8fl; Tlii'Odore L. riiKKj, StM'>\ 
ICECHAlflCSBUEGt CumberUnd Co,t pop. 


Irriiif Fflm^le CoUflffo; plrls' lionratnK; Lcitb,; 
cflL ISflO: K. K. CnmpbelJ. Pli. P.. Prei!. 
Kaat't ClUflioal Bohool; prt^p.; ro-^; initW' 
9oct.; eitt. lSflr>; D. E. Kast^ Prln. 
MEDlAt DftUiWD Coh. pop. 3.^175, 

Frlendi' Seleot Bobool^ prep.; L^opd. : Friends; 
t*Ht. ISSij; .\uijii Bel tier Stiiedlfj% Prln. 
MEHCEH, Merc*r Co., pop. 1.804, 

MoToer Acadvniy and Soliool of Hutio; prep.: 
<-o-p(l.: iioTi-Hoot, : est. ISSfi; He v. R, J. G. 
M^-Knlffbt A. R. B, 0., Frin. 
MERGERGBXTRG, Franklin Co,t |Kip, 0%. 
Mercers^offf Aoad«my, Tho; Rpfoj-iiied; \H>yA" 
tHmrillTi^'; Wllllum Miiiin Iryino. Ph. D.. 
MIFFLnrTOWlf, JuniaU Co.< pop. 963. 
Mliflio Aeadeioy; prt^p. ; co-ed.; non-H^^t; est. 
1S82; J. Hurry T>j}»lnit>r, A. B., PtJn. 

lOLLEESVILLE, LanoasUr Go,, prip, 1.241. 
Flnt PennsylTaaia SUto Kormal Sohool; nor- 
mal; fltutf; iwi'i''d. ; li, Ormuii L5"ti^, Ph. 

HILLYILLE. ColumlilJi. GOt, pop. 50>t. 

Greenwood 8«mlnary; prep.; eo-ed.; Frk'nda; 
Ra<'hel Kjili>]it. B. L.. Prln. 

MOmrr pleasant, •Wottmoruland Oo-p P0P, 
Wflmtftm PoDniylTanta Clatilcal and Stilen- 
tiflo Instlt^toi r'i'i'P ; i'ci-i'tJ. r Bxipt. ; H. 
i\ Pixoft. Piin 


ItUEHTfiVrLLE, We»tnioT«land Co.. vop. 108, 

LViLrd lomtitute ; rlriRpd. 
HUirCY, Lymirains Co., pop. l.^Tt. 
Xyaomin^ Comity Normal BdkogU HiiicRin].- prl- 
vute: (o-td.; <;. JL .Mtbuir, A. Sl.^ frlii, 
MTEEBTCWHi Lebanon Co,, pop. l.&^u. 

Albrifflit CoUefo: ivl.; eo-ed.; Un. Evaiiir. ; 
ewt. 1881; Jumea li. Wi^Jdrlnif, D. D.. 


JTAZAEETH, Korthajiipton Co., i>up. 2.304. 
Kasarath Hall MUitary Aoademy} military; 
AlonivJa]!; Rev, S, -T. Blkim, ^iipt. 
MEW BEELTN, Union Co,, jMjp. 01 ft. 

0«stm.l Pennsylvania Collefo; mer^i^d Into 
.41l)rleht Ot-tli^re, TiljerHtjiiivn. Pa. 
WEW BLOOMFIELB, Ptrty Oe*. J*»tt>. 772. 
BloomSeld Academy ^ pirep.; ixi-e^l.; n i uinMH/t .; 
n. C, Mohr, A, M., PrliK 
NEWCASTLE, Lawronco Co,j pop, 28.3-30. 
KAwoaatlo Buainflu Colloye; bus. and sten.^ 
J. L. Smith, Prci. 
ITEW WILMIHGTOITp Lawrftnco Co.. pop. 701. 
WeitminatoT Collo^ft; col.t co-ed.; tin. Preeb. ; 
eat. 1S52; Rev. R. G. FeTgvimn^ D, D,. 
KDEBIBTCWlf, Montgomery Co., pop. 22,205. 
Sobiiiler CoLlefa of Buiineii; bua. And ftten.; 
A. J. Sohliifllrr. Pre». 
WORTH EAST, Erie Co., p,>p. 2.(i«S. 

St. Kary'B Collate; hoyn' bonrdln^; B, C; 
Xcry II rv. JobP G. Jiohrioidtfr. Rector. 
irOETH HOF£, Butlctr Co., popi lO^K 

N'orth WaihmKton Inititutti; tirni-BL-ft, ; prtp.I 
ea-ed.; B, O. StovkdlU, A. M.. Prt-i, 
CAE LANE, luburb of Fhlladelpbia. 
Manhall Somlnary; glrbi" itonrdlDg; nnn- 
seiit,; EtDDia B. MaraliaU. Frliu 
OOOHT^, KontffomeiT Oa„ pap, «12. 
Cheltenham Mtlitary Asad«ioy; mUftftry; non- 
Mi'((.; P. E , I'M. IHTI; .Ittbiif T. Emory, 
A. R„ Priii. 
Orontx Sohool for Tounff Ladlei; gWiw' hoaril- 
Ing; iiou'Seet.; Sylvia J. Eaetuiian, Prln. 
OIL CITY, Tonanfa Co., ptip. 1^,2A4. 

Earp Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-aect; est. 

ISOI; Samuel Earp, Prln, 
Oil City Buiineia CoUe^; bus. and Bleu.; 
E. R. Welch, Prea. 

OLEY, fierkfl Co., pop. 514. 
Oley Aoadflmy; prep.; co-ed.; iion-aeet.; eat. 
iyA7; C. Waldo S, Lelnbacli. A. B.. Prlu, 

QYERBEOOIC, Hontfomerr Co., pop. l.GOQ. 
OreTbrook Sobool, Tlia; flrli;;' l»ciardlnc; prep.; 
MJsa S. .1- Suj wjird. Prln, 

PEKKBBUEG, Montromery Co., |Hip. UO^. 
Perkiomen Seminary; t>rep. ; ro-t-d.; Schwt'uk' 
feWi>r; Rev. ii. S. Ivrk-tioU A. M,. Prill. 

PHILADELPHIA, Pblladolpkla Co.« pop. 

A^rahamion BnaineiA Callage i biia. and aten.; 

e«t. isao; CbarlL'B Hi. Abmhamaon. Prln. 
Acadamy of Notre Dam a; [^rep. ; ro-ed.; E^ 

<\. Slater Agnes Mary. Prln., 20«1 B. lOth 

Afnet Irwin's School ; j*lrU' ImartUng; Don* 




set't.; H4«phjr JMIlun Iiwiii. Prin,H 2(111 

Anabla'B SdIidoI for Tquiiv I^i«ft, Uiii; 

Prill., 135(1 Plin' «t. 
Ba-nlu SniiJivu CoHsfffi ; hixa. iitid titeti. ; 
Arrtilbnld (.'ublj. Prt'S., :t'H> Penn. Muiit- 

Blight Sfibodl, Thii; pi-pp^ t havHi uim-nm-'t.; 

MHHter, 401 S. 22iie] ^t. 
Browm GDllag^e-Prep&i^tor^f Sohocil; prvp. ^ 

Vk^.v^ij; tioii-BUL-t. ; vvt. 1H77; AUvujsu Rruwii, 

A. M., Prlh., (Kid FtOluwa" Templp. 
C«ntnl Htrb Sobooi; cul.; elty; men; r^t. 

18:}8: N, Ltmad and (Jrt-eii. 
Mrs. €))«n &Dd Mlu Jatt«i Boliool; isLi-Ih' 

l>minJliix« iinii-Bi'i-r,; fi«l. iSTtJ; L. P. 

r'hapnuui, Trliu. ('In-i^i^iit HIIL 
De Lftncciy Bohool, Th*^ Imyi*' dtiy; uoii- 

at'f^t.; I'Ht. 1M7T: Ji*?pb I>ttUH A Hi mi. 

Prlij,. 1-12<J Plnp St. 
Epiioopftl Ao&d«my, The; pr^p,; Pr, WIIIIhiii 

Fl. KIiip(]k J1pad-iIUHtt*r. Lrrt'T.!Bt *!ind Jiiiil- 

tuT Ms. 
'Enakfotd fiohooL »f BuflinfliB; Tiuv. nnd «t«!ii»t 

CiCfi. E. Harrcy. I'riii,. -IIS^JT MnUkfrry, 
Fnandi^ Central Scliiiol; prp|}. : cu-^, : KKondii; 
^r. Kuffeih' Baken Adhu W. !itiM>]il«inMti^ 

l^rlns.^ N, 15tb iiiid Kaciv. 
fHendi^ Salfiot Bchooh lJ(:i'p.p (Jii-i«d.; Fdf?nt]a 

iJ^rthfrtlfPSK J* H^iii-y Bartk'tt, Prlii.. 2(J 

G»rmutowti Bu«maB« Cf)Uisf«^ hUH. «iiid »Uyu.,, 

W, J. ZtddcrM. Prt^B,. 57iHi ltt.Tumnti>wii 

6i>ii0ii'ft Bcboal, MIsb; glrln' iHifirdEng; iir^n- 

wfl.; MIsH Mprirartit S3, itLbHuti. Prlii.. 

2,122 l>ii Linieiiy PI, 
Girmrd Collere toi OtphAm, Tbfl; \yiyy»" lK>jiFd- 

Inis; i]<niiM'i't.; Aduiu ir. KptU'^mlf, Prln., 

(.ilrard Av(. 
Girli' Ssbool of the M&ry J. Ih-«xsl Homv; 

KirW boardliii;: Luth.; Itc^v. V. GtHtU*!. 

Prir.. BUX) 8. CulltJSe Av<\ 
Gordon's Hohwl for 111tU„ MIh; ^irla' l>niii-d' 

Jag; lion-Hort.: Mtus KllKubKh P. Oor- 

doii. Priij., 411SJ ilprui<.> fit, 
HAbneDiAiiia MedioLl CdUbsh! uw-dr, butuenp. ; 

men; eat. ]M4«; t*pniltrrti»ii JJndlny, LL, 

D„ M. D,, Dean. 222 N- Rnmfl St. 
BftTvn Oollefe fif Litaimtura ■.□d Builn«ii^ 

hiiB. «nd sli'b.; CiirtlH llnTon. Pivii.. ITiStJ 

iDitituU for Oolond ¥outh (ooland) ; prep. ; 

ro-ed. ; Frlt'nrta: Fainiy J. C^pplH"* Prln., 

BaliibHdff4? 11 nd i5. Mh. 
J«lf«noik Hediuanl GollagA^ nn-d. ; rtg. ; mvni 

mt. Ii2:t: Jamea W. [trillaud. M. D,, 

l>«iiii, 8. lath and Wnlnnt 
X«yi>r'i 8Qbo(»l, IfUi; g\rU* day; iiuu-g^i't.: 

P8t 1804; Harrl<>l D. Kcyapfp Prtn.. IH^ft 

f>r*eii at, 
LftflftUa OftUera; cal.; men; E. C; est. ISti7: 

BeT. Brother Ifildot?, f<\ g. 0., 131(» N. 

Munhsll Saminury: girls' bfjatttlng; nott- 

■ect.: ost. 1ft9tlt BtuisM fl. Marabull. 

Frlii.. Oak Ijine. 
]E«ili«Q*CtilnirflHl C«Lliffe^ tucd. : ritjr. ; men; 

eit 1S»1» Seneca Effbtrt. A. H., If. D.. 

iH'iin, Oi^rry mud N. iTtb St. 

Medid^^ChlrurffleKl Callsffl, DeputmaDt of 
D^ntUtry; dent,; mon; i^t. 1897; Robert 
H^ Ntmi>H, I>, D* S.4 I>enn, ClH^rry unc) K. 
]7tb St. 

HedJDO-Cbirurgical Collage, BaipArtniviit of 
Fbftrmftcy: pbar. ; uilhi; oat. 189S; H. H. 
MenUi^r, Di'titiH i' berry and N. 17th gC. 

Mid-City School for ftirli; ^Irbi' bo&rdlns; 
yin-fn-i't- ; Mra, llebfix'a T' Dlcknon Dott^t 

FftlMi* fiiiBlnoH CoUflge; boA. rnd aten.; TbcKi, 

W. PulniM. PrPB.. 17] 1 Clip«tnnt. 
F*ltn«r't Colleg«; btin. and Aten. ; O. E- 

PiiliatT, PPfB.. 1S12 Poplar. 
Felroe Sch<K)] ; Ima. iiikJ tiimi, \ 1*. B, MolTL':tt. 
Prt's., 017 t."hifj*tiiut. 

SfshgoPi 4iiaguno«iii9at. — A t\>mp]t> ti* t(«<*b' 
nlral pri,<^piirutiuii Tor tnialiii'K$<. togi^tbii'T 
with a gth>d Knglluli cnliu'atioj)^ Inrliidlp; 
inuE'h thttt la not taught In tht- (irtUaJury 
L^iumefciBl sifhuiil. tb? rqsgit rir»tnpiirlpg 
tn i^fflcieutry with that at nnlvf "rally trtttu- 
Iilj:. Probabl^r ih.e largciit eoinmort-lal 
Fti<^biH>1i Ui thf< United Stat^a. The faoulty 
r'oi3«!ktft of flirty liiPlrnrtttrB. Tohil nt- 
t«?ndiin^(' In liHtt-JL lsl5 Mtntlent^. 
FeauiylT&iiu CaUafa of D«ntal Surgery; deut.; 
to-vf].: nut, IWtt: Wllbnr F. Lltch, D, D, 
S., Dt'iin, S. 18th itiJd BnttMiwu^id. 
Fbil&dalpblB. €Dllegis.te Inatitute for Oirlij 
glrld' buardlng: 3d. K.: Mlas Suian CT. 
Lodge. Prfn.. 172u Arch Bt 
Pliiliidalphl& OoUaffa of Fburmuiys ph&t,* co- 
ed, ; t'St. 1821; Joae^ph P. Remington. 
Dean- 145 N, lutb St. 
FhilftdelphU DantAl CoLlaga; dont.^ eo-«4.: 
PBL 18«2; S. H. (iuUford, A. U^ a JJ. 
S., th^tLU. X. ISth and But ton wood, 
FhiU4alpblA Law Sabool of Tompla Cellagai 
liiw; Pi tod.: vj*t, l^*^; WIIUmiu A. Brown. 
Uoan. ^^ Uroiid itnd BorJia, 
Fhil^alphim Madie&l Bchoal of Tomplo C«U 
l«fa; rued.; Peg.; eoed. ; eat, 191>I ; W* 
Wallace" Frit J, M. E>., Ueau, N. Bm»6 
II ud Ik Pice, 
PhilKdcIphIm Normal Sobool for Otrli: iiur- 
lutiT; jitat<% e<i'(*d.; fltMirgt^ Howard i*|lff. 
A. M.. PreB.. Wprlng tJardwi and N. 13th 


PblUdalphift. PolyoUoio; n>ed.; ptjmt-graA.; 

vuM,] UEinseet.L ewl, 1882; L. W, Sleln* 

bui'h. M, O,, Prf*. 
Sflknakfl Collage; eoL; ni^ii; Lutheran; eit. 

ISSa; John ATfri'd >Ii>reho(idt A, JL, D, 

1 1. ^ Prcw, 
Bomui Cstbolic High Sohedl for Boy<; boys* 

boarding; H. C; Be?, X. F. Flfib^r, Prlo,. 

21 S. latli at. 
Tetnpk Oolleee; prep.; eu-ed.; mm-aeet; Km- 

m^M 11. Conwell, Prlti., N. Broad St. ajjd 

Ualcm Builneu Collaga : bni, dud uteii,; 
Jiimea M. Ltngle. PreB., iSliJ Arfli St. 

Unlvenlty of P«iuitylT*.nU; unlr.; BtAte; co- 
<>d*; ?«t, 174(»: CbJia, C, narrisoii, LL. D.. 
ProToat^ 4(MI rheaiiiat. 

ytUT&r«ity of Pannaylvuaia, DapKrtn^nt of 
BaBtiatry: detit.; meti; «'8t. 1870; Ed- 
ward C. Kirk. I>. t). a., Donn, KiO Cheat* 

UniTBrilty of FannayliratiiA, Dflp&rtmaat of 
Law; biYv ; .oed. ; evi. 17W; Wni. Drnp^r 





Lewid, Ph., IK, iH-uu. B. Mtb mnd Gfaeftt- 

Hedioinfi; im^L; rPR.; men; oBt. 1T05; 
.R4m MHrtshall. >iit, Si^L D.. SI. a. D™ii, 

Unlv«rilt7 gf PeDikiylTi.nLL, Bepftrtment of 
YfltBrlnuy BQitinoe £ \t'i.; ui^^n; eal. 1884: 
I^Hiniird Piiirsaii^ Dt'tiu. 4iXi LlJ eat lint. 

WlllJJJim-Foiiii Chftrtsf SobooU 1>oj8' tKiiinl- 
Iflpf; lYleiidii; Rkhanl M. Jones, I'li^ D., 
Priii., 8 S. 12tb, 

WoiiiMi'i Ifsdicsal OoIlQe« of PnEmmTlTUift ; 

Jliii^TlLtilU M. D., IVuii, CiiUejff: Av^. and 

N, SUt St. 

FtTTBSITRa, Allefflietir Co., |Kip. 321,010. 
Alinda. CoUefd Frepurntory ftohool; pn^p-; 

Stuart. FMn., 40<iS 5th Ave. 
GommfiTcia.! Hiffli So]lu»l; biiw, niid Bt**n, ; K. 

D. EviTliiirt^ IVom. 
Dii^^B HaroirDtile CoUbkib; hnA, iini) Ati^^ii.; 

Willliiu] H. Duff, fi-t^a., 72a LlbiTty Avi-. 
East Liberty Aoajdem;; Lm^vh* hniirdtn^^ iiuii- 

set'l,^ Hfv. EiQll LivH*?j', Ph. D., Prli].. 

Cur. LLiii]4:rii and ^Jeadi^ Avfs. 
Holy Gbflit OoJl«ffet ind.- uifn: R. C. ; mt. 

1878; Uov. Mnnlii A, llPbtr. C. S* !S. 

P., Prop,, IJIiifT and ^lainglRR, 
Lady t>f Her ay AcAdBiiiy; girln' Ijnardlns; R. 

€.} SlHtiT M. Hlldii. PriD.. Mol 5th Avp. 
lEftTtiii ihorttaand Bcliool; bus. titid st4^ti.; 

n, L, AiuIt<'i\'« niid J, P, Mc'CouaJu^y. 

Pmg., C'or. iitL Eind LSbiuty Avos. 
Kcnnal Dfipd.rtm«iit-Fittiburff High Sobool; 

tmniiul: Hty; t'u-ed.; €. B. WqcmI. PpIii., 

ijnr. B4'dfi>rd Hiid Ftiltuii Ave. 
FeniuylTmiLii, Colltge for "Womfin; i^Ii^Ih' bom-d- 

Ins; Presb.; e%t. 1809; Rev. M. A. Mar- 
ti lit D^ T>., PreflHH &tli Ave, nnd Woijfllflnd 

FIttibuTg Aftfcdemy; proii.; (?0'iMi. ; mm-at'ct. : 

J. iVurri'ii I.ytTp, Prli>,, 4411 0th Avo. 
Pitttbmiff Cnllege of FbArmaay, W^pttm Vni- 

Tfiriity of Feuuaylv&nift; phar.; i?D-cd, ; 

eat. ISTS; Julius A. Kiirh. Dkoh, PcrrjB- 

vllle Ave., .\. 
PittBburff Dental Oollfrr«r Woitern Uuivenit; 

of FeaDAylvmRji, t deiit; o>-ed.; *'ti.t. 18i>fl; 

AV. IL J^midiiibrrg, P. D. S., Di^flii, 

PerrjHvlllo Avr,. A- 
FittKbui-ff L»vp Sohool, We»tflni Uuivflnlty of 

F«iL£i>ylvAnift: hiw; lui'ii l i^t. 1N»0: John 

D. iJhiLl'tr, Deaii, PL^rr.vHvlltt* Avt;., A. 
Bono Shortluiiid and Fonmaiubip Scbuol; bus, 

und fltiHk; MnrHhiill H. Ri-iio. Prea.^ HS 

WiBiid Ave. 
Shadyftido Acadomy; boys' batirdiug; ixin- 

Htet, 5 W. It. i-Tttbhe, Prln,. Morewut>d and 

EUswurth Av(?B. 
Tburiton Fnparatory Scbodl; s^trla* bnard- 

Ine; iwu-nert.; Allci- M. Thurston, Trln., 

a48 Sbudy Ave. 
ITrtulino Yaun^ Ladloi" Academy; girls bciard- 

Inir; K. C; Sinter M. rMnln, Priii., Wliic- 

biddle aiul I' a. Ati.m», 
Weitam FunimyLTmnl* Medioal Collofo; Weat- 

eni ITolvoraiiy af FeaiLBylvania ; med.; 

vcg.: Oft-ed.; eat. iSSfl; J, fv Lsnge, M. 

P.. Dean, Brvretuii and 30th ^ts. 

iion-seet. ; 

nrm-aect, ; 
huR. and 

Woelioy SeboAl for Yoang Men; prvp. ; boy a; 

iinti-stft. ; est. IfMii ; LufiUM Evtrett Haw- 

ley, A. M.. Prhi., 210 Oitfcbind Ave. 
FLEABAXT HOUNT, Wayne Co.. ptvp. 272. 

Floaaant Mount Aoademy; t' lectin!, 
FOTTBTDWH. BCfifittnniary Co., pup. 13.000. 
HUl School, Tbe; buy^' brinrdtnf?; nnn-ai^et,; 

Juhti .MeU'M. PrLii. 
FotUtown Butiness Colle^fo; 1jua. and eten,; 

F. B. Ki'lley, l^es. 
FOTTBVIIXE, Bobuylkill Co.. p^jp. 15J10. 
Cammsrcjal Union School; biia. aud aten.; 6. 

A. Fi'itiiKuo, PrMji, 
Hill ftebiiDl; itri'P'i eo-ed^; nou-fhJft, ; est, 

ISTS; ilra, S, A. 'fiiiirlew, l*rln. 
FROSFEGT, Bntlftr Co.t I»^p. 301. 
Froapeqt AoadAmy; pri<^[».; ixk-ed.; 

\\ A. Orintn, A. M.. Prln. 
EEABIN&, Borki Co., pop. 78,001. 
Carroll Inititiite; pi^p-; f?n-pd, ; 

Kdward t/arroU, Prbi. 
Inter State OoiiLEneroial CoUefo; 

Mten.: H- Y, S tinner. Pfci*. 
Baadlnf Aoademy and Baftlnaia CoUoffe; bus. 

jiiwl Hieii. : 4'Ht. llHHt^ {.■eei'fe L. Klebi- 

^liiiii:. .\1, K,. Ph. Jt., prki. 
Beading ClaBaiaal Bohaol for Bnya and airli; 

prep.; t'o-ed.; ncjn^Hi^et, ; tJ. W* Koit, Ani- 

htrnmt' ViM-l, PrluB. 
Sobuylkill BecnlDary; prei>. ; po-ed. ; Evu^. A.; 

eat, 18*11 ; Rl+v. W. P. Teel, Pb. M., Prln. 
fituart^i Frlvatfl ftohool^ KiiHi; prep.; fir la; 

neii-iw'et.; eat Iftftt: Anna M, Stuart, Prln. 
BrEQELSTILLE, Bueka Qq,, pep. 080, 

BieK^flUvlllA Aoadiamy ; pr€*p, ; t'o-f^d. ; Re- 

forUK'd; eat. lHH2f Kdward €. RHnker, Jr., 

A. M.. Prln. 
B08£]l02fT, Xontcomery Co., pup. ms. 

Kirk' a SobooU Mluoi; giria' Warding; nun- 

aeet. ; Tin? Mlaaes Kirk. Prina. 
ROSE POXKT, Lawrenoo Co., pofi. 208, 
Bou Faint Acadainy; prep.; co-ed.: ncm-acct. ; 

Aqson E. Kf'nt, Prln. 
BALTiBUE0, In^ana Co., poo. 828. 
Biakiminotaa Sprinra Sobool; prep.; boy a' 

Itojirdlim ; nen-Hfet. : est, 1&§S; A, W. 

WlUiHii, Jr., Ph. a, PrJii. 
8AKDY LAKE, Varc^r Co., pop. 6a2. 

Bandy I^ka Instituta; prep.; rtMict.; nati-ac^t. ; 

est. IWin; L. H. Ecfeels. A. M.. Prea. 
SOKANTOK, Laoka wanna Co., iwp. 102.4^30. 
Boya' Iniaatrial AaaoaiatiDii ; Indnat. ; boya; 

EjiHi-aeit. ; eKt. lSi&i>: Henry Hulder, Supt. 
Bryn Kawr Bahool; ^Itla' beardlni^; nun-aeet.; 

eat. 1S4MJ; Miss E. ft. WInfjs. A. M.. Prln. 
Koly Boaar? Aoademy; girls' hiiftrdlnft; R- C; 

est. ia82; SUters of luimaeuytt) Heart 

at Mftry. 
Bt. GeoUia Acsdomy; pre|». ; eo-ed.; R. 0.; 

Miitber M, CreHet'iitla, Prln. 
St. Jobn'a ConTant Sohool; prep.; itIi'Im: Bh C; 

f«t. 1885 : Sister .Siipi-rlor. 
8t. John the Baptist Soboel; prep.; m-«d.; 

It. (L: efltt. t>*85; Hev, F. Pricker, Prln. 
St. Thomaa CollaB«; hoy a' iMxardbm; B, 0.| 

nrether F. Andre itv. F. H. Ch. Prln, 
Sek^l of tba Xaokawanoa; prep,; uo-«d,; 

Preab.; T. M. Canii, LL, D,, Prin. 





8<:raiitoD BuaincAi Coll^ffe ; bne. and Hteti. ;: H. 
D. Hiiek una A. K. WhitmoPet ProBta, 
BELISTSGEOVE, BnydBT Qa., pap, 1,326. 

Suflquehi,nn& UniverBity; tiol. ; ca-cd. ; Luth.; 
ri4t. l!^r>Hj Itrv <JLMPrg:« W. Endera, D. D.. 
SEWICKLEY, Allflfhuir Ca., pof), 3.53S. 
BtuAft'i Schoolt Miu; prep.; co-ed.; noil- 
BLU'L^ M. A. Munflou, Prin. 
BHAEONt Hsro«r Co,* pop, njtm. 

Aoii4jam7 gf tlaa Holy Child of Jflivi; girlie' 
boiirdliig; H. C; est. Ift6l; Mottcf M, 
Teresa, Prin* 
Hull laitltute; pr<?p.; oood.; Hnpt; eat, ISSS; 

H, G. Ttull. 1). D,, I'rfH. 
Bbv-rgn CqUski) of Commeroe ; huti. and a ten. ; 
J, 1*. AiimiKikiT, PrIn. 
SHIFPEXSBURG, Cumb^rUnd Co,, |ioii. a/i2$. 
Cumberland. Valla^ Stata ITonnftl Sclvflol; nor- 
mal; Htate: i»-e^.: Q. M. D, Ei-kela, 
BHXBLEYSBUBOp HisniLnffdOA C?d., E^p. 200. 
Book Tiow Acmdeniy; prep.; (.ti-ed.; Preftb.; 
est. 3£MM!; Jfbn y. Noi-ffp A. B., Prlu. 
SLIPFEEY BOCKp Butler Co., pop. t)a3. 

Slippery Book Btmte KtirDi&l Bohool^ imrtiinl; 
staU; coed-p Albert E. Multby, Pb. D,, 
tOUTH BETHLEHEJI, KorUukmpton Co., iwp. 

Biakftptliorpfi ScLool; gtrls' bn^ierdlPi^; P. E.; 
Mle^ FrMticbB M. Bucbun, Prln. 
Lebiffh UniiFonity ; eol.; laeii; non-scf't; est, 

IStHJ: TboidiiH M. ProwH, LU D,. l^rcH^ 
B^uth Betklehen] BusIobu OvUfwa; bus. »nd 
attn.: W. F. MagR#, Pren. 
SPEIUG MIIXB. Ceotor Oop, pop. 347. 
SprJiif MiUi Academy; prep.; eo-fd.; est. 
180C; D. M. WoUi 1>, D., Prin. 
STATE COLLEG-E, Center Co., pop. 851. 
f enneylTKnim Bt&tti CoUefe; eul. ; BUte; co~ 
i'a.; I ►Jit. iSiiO. 
flTEWASTSTOWlT, York Co,, ptjp. 573* 

&towkrt»tawn CoUe^gimte Iiutltuto; prep.; co- 
td.; tion-fn<et.; Heiirj Mawe ParuOt 0. II,t 
Ph. D., Prln. 
STJGAB GSOVE, Warren Co., pop. Bll. 
Bufftr OroTO BomiiiaiT; pr*p.; to-nA.; United 
lir„; est. 1KS2; M. R. W^Jodlfldd, A. B,, 
BUKEUEY, irorthumberUiid Co.» p<ip. D.SlO, 
St. Joaepli't Ao&demr! glrU' boarding; B. C; 
est, 1882; Ij^r. Rose Morj, Prln. 

SWABTHMOEE. BoUwmrff Co,, pop, &oa. 

Swarthmofe CuUese; c*^!.; co-od. ; Frleodi; 

est. iKtMJ; Jijflepli l^vwjijn, LL. D,. Prt'8. 
Bwarthmor« Freparfttory Bobool; prep.; I'o-ed. ; 

Prk'iidB ^Hlrkslte); Artliiir H. Tomllii- 

»i>n, t'rJii. 

TITUS VILLE, Ci»wf(?rd Co,, pop. 8,244. 

Bt. Jotoph'i Atwdemyi girls' boardlnt;; B. C; 

eHt, ISUi; SI*ter Supcflor, Dlrectreas. 
TituarQIfl Butlneii OoHoge; )ym, and aten.; 

kaL ltK)l; W, J. CflbK Pres. 

TOBEESBALE. auburb of Fhil&delphift. 
AdAdamy of the Sacred Heart; pr».'p. ; cD-^d,; 
H. 0,; Mother Qendetta Spalding, Friii. 

TOWAKDA, Bradfcird Co,, pop, 4,0«3. 

Buiqaahanna Collegiate Initltate; prep.; co- 
ed,; Prt.dlL; PHt. JW2; C. R, Stlleii* A. 
B., Prea. 

Towuida Buiiueaa College | bua. and aton.; 
M. S. Crunk, Prea. 

UHIOlfTOWir, Fayfttte Co., pop, 7.344. 
Mibdiion Aoaideniy; prep.; co-i'd. ; uon-aect.; 
eat. im:*: A. M. Van Tine, A. B.* Prln. 

TIXLAKOVA, B«lawaj« Co., pop. 220. 

YillanOTft, College; col.; mon: H. C. ; eat. 
IS 42; Itt-v. L. A, Dolnfoy. O. S. A. 

VOLAlfT, Lawrenea Co., pop, 12iK 
Yolaat College^ I'ol.; eo-ed, ; noa-sect. ; eat. 
1&S9; C, F. Ball, A. M., Pive, 

WASHIKGTDIT, Waahlnfton Co., pop. 7.^0. 

Trinity Hall; bnys' boftrdints P. E.; est, 1870; 
Wllllitiu W. Siultb, A. M.. Reetor. 

Waahlngton ftnd Jtffenon CoU»g«; ixil.; men; 
Priwh.; t»at, l&Xi; Rev. Jami** D. MofTatl, 
a a, LU D., prea, 

Waahington Buaineas College; 1mi«. and atpn.; 
Loola Van Oi'doii, Pfufi. 

Wajhingtoii Tomale Seminary ^ glrla* board- 
ing; non-Mict. ; Mra. Martha N. Meltlll- 
hin, Prln. 

WAYKE, Delaware Co., pop. 3,000. 
Armitaire PfepuiktoTy iohooL ; glrla* board- 
ing; rt4Mi -fleet.; Hiirrlet C. AroiItAge, Ftliu 
St. Luke'a Bohool^ boya' boarding; F. B-; 
est, lS63i CJiMrlea n, Stront. A. M., Hi?a4 

WAYHEBBUBG, Greene Co., jwp. 2,544, 

Wayne iburg Buainau Collet; bas. and aten, ; 

H. B. Buruea, Prea. 
Warsoaburg College; eol. ; eo-ed.; Ctinib, 
Preab,; est. 1S51; A. E. Turner* A. M.| 
Sc. D., rii. D., Pres. 

WEBT BETHLEHEM, Leblg^ Co., pop. a,4«6. 
Betbleliem PreparatoTy Sokool; prep.; lioya; P. 
B.; eat. J&78; «. A, FoeHng. B. B,, Prin. 

WEBT CKE8TEE, Cheiter Co., pop. &.D24, 
Church Street Friendi" Scbooli ; prop.; co~^.; 

Fripiidfl (rirthmlox); est, 1852; GertnMJe 

Khouda, Prln. 
Barlinjtoa Seminary; rUIa* boarding; non- 

Bet t. ; ( Ht. iSlil ; Frank Pamn Bye, Prln. 
Fontgarth Hall; glrU' hourdlng; nonaect.; eat. 

1S07; Mnry K. S. Smith, A. M.. Prln. 
Frieada' School; prep.; eo-«d.; Friends (or- 

tbL>dojc); eat. 133(1; Abigail Jackson, Prin. 
YiUa If aria Academy: gliU* boanllng; R. C, ; 

eat lf*72; Motlier Superior. 
Weitohetter Bn»lnau College : bait, and sten.; 

J, D. Martin^ Fres.. 
West Chester State Hgrmal Bdieol; nonBal; 

ate to; eoL"d.; Q. M. PhlUpa, Pb. 0., 


WEBT HEWTOH. WeatmoralaBd Co., pop. 2,- 
Weat Xewten Academy ; prep,; eo-ed.; nen" 
aeet.; Oe«, !>. Criaamah. Prtn, 

WEST SUITBUEY, Butlw Co., pop. 2S4. 

W«j.t Buabtuy Aoademy; pri^p. ; eo-ed.; Qoti* 
seal,* est, ISM; Vennls A. Green* A. 
M.. Prln. 





WE8TT0WN, Chester Co., pop. 110. 
Westtown Boarding School; prep.; co-ed.; 
Friends (orthodox); est. 1799; William F. 
Wiekersham, Prln. 

WILXE8BAEBE, Luseme Co., pop. 51,721. 

AtUntio School of Osteopathy; osteop.; st. 
1899; H. S. Hewish, M. D., B. S., D. 0., 

Harry Hillman Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Harry C. Davis, Prln. 

Wilkes-Barre Business College; bus. and sten.; 
est. 1899; F. M. Allen, Pres., H. O. Mil- 
ler, Prln. 

WnXIAMSOK SCHOOL, DeUware Co., pop. 70. 
Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades; 
tech.; men; est. 1888; non-sect.; John M. 
Shrlgley, Pres. 

WILLIAMSPO&T, Lycoming Co., pop. 28,757. 

Boys' Industrial School; Indust.; boys; non- 
sect.; est. 1898; Rev. T. P. S. Wilson, 

Potts Shorthand College; sten.; est. 1882; 
John 6. Henderson, Prln. 

WiUiamsport Commercial College; bus. and 
sten.; Healey & Tomb, Pres. 

WiUiamsport Dickinson Seminary; prep.; co- 
ed.; M. E.; B. J. Gray, D. D., Prln. 
WYNCOTE, Montgomery Co., pop. 311. 

Chelten Hills Sdiool; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Annie Heacock, Lida Le Malstrc, Prlns. 
YO&K, York Co., pop. 33,708. 

York Collegiate Institute; prep.; co-ed.; 
Presb.; B. T. Jeffers, D. D., Prln. 

York County Academy; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; Elmer E. Wentworth, Prln. 


Population, 428,556. School census, 105,950. School age, 5-15. 

Rhode Island is the thirty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 428,556 inhabitants, of whom 419,050, or 97.8, per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 133,772, or 31.2 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of 
illiteracy of the entire population is 8.4 per cent, the state ranking thirtieth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 

Thomas B. Stockwell, State Commissioner of Schools Providence 


Gov. Lucius F. C. Garvin, President Lonsdale 

LiEUT.-Gov. George H. Utter Westerly 

Samuel W. K. Allen East Greenwich 

George T. Baker Drownville 

Frank Hill Ashaway 

^OHN E. Kendrick Providence 

Frank E. Thompson Newport 

Rev. Charles J. White, D. D Woonsocket 


Valentine Alm y. President Auburn 

Isaac O. WinsloV, Secretary Providence 

John F. Deering, Assistant Secretary Arctic 

Sidney A. Sherman, Treasurer Providence 

Reuben F. Randall, Assistant Treasurer Providence 

Frederick E. Bragdon, Assistant Treasurer Lonsdale 

Rhode Island has no county superintendents of schools, but has instead what 
is called the "town system" of school supervision, each city, or, in some cases, 
where the towns are small, a group of cities, having its individual superintendent 
of schools. 


EAST O&EENWICH, Kent Co., pop. 2.775. 
E&tt Greenwich Aoademy, The; prop.; co-od. ; 
M. E.; Ainbrle Field, Prin. 
Sohool's announcement. — A boardlnK 
school for both sexes under Methodist 
management without sectarian bias. A 

faculty of fourteen competent Instructors. 
A variety of <'ourses including college, 
preparatory. aca<leml<'. commercial, music. 
art and elocution. Social life of an Ideal 
family. Specla.1 attention to manners and 
morals. Pupils are individualised; the 





backward are stimulator. Location most 
healthful on the famous Narragansett 
Baj'. Price very low, $200 per year cover- 
ing necessary expenses. No school in 
the United States offers more for so 
small an outlay. Opportunity for self- 

KIK08T0N, Washington Co., pop. 550. 
Khode Island College of Agriculture and 
Mechanic Arts; agri.; co-ed.; est. 1890; 
Kenyon L. Butterfleld, A. M., Pres. 

NEWPORT, Newport Co., pop. 22,034. 
St. George's School; boys' boarding; P. E.; 
John R. Diman, Prin. 

PAWTXrCKET, Providence Co., pop. 39,231. 
English and Classical School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Chas. A. Cole, Prin. 

P&OVIDENCE, Providence Co., pop. 175.597. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart; girls' board- 
ing; R. C; Madame Raleigh, Prin. 

Brown TTniversity; univ. ; co-ed.; Bapt.; est. 
1764; Rev. Wm. Herbert Perry Faunce, 
D. D., Pres. 

Bryant-Stratton Business College; bus. and 
sten.; Theodore B. Stowell. Prin. 

Fielden Chase School for Oirls, The; girls' 

boarding; non-sect.; Miss Abbie E. South- 
wick, Prin. 

Friends Sclv>ol; prep.; co-ed.; Friends; est. 
1784; Augustine Jones, A. M., LL. B., 

La Salle Academy; boys' boarding; R. C; 
Brother Peter. Prin. 

Lincoln School, The; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Margaret Gilman, Prin. 

Bhode Island Normal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Charles S. Chapin. Pres. 

Bhode Island School of Design; art.; co-ed.; 
est. 1877; Eleaaer B. Homer, S. B., 

St. Xavier's Academy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister M. Eudilia, Prin. 

TTniversity School, The; boys' day; non-sect.; 
H. M. Rice. Prin. 

Wheeler's School, Miss; girls' boarding; non- 
sect.; Mary C. Wheeler, Prin. 
BIVEBSIDE, Providence Co., pop. 1,271. 

Flagg's Softool; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; E. C. 
M. Flagg, Prin. 
WOONSOCXET, Providence Co., pop. 28,204. 

Convent of Jesus and Mary; girls' boarding; 
R. C; Mother St. Stephen. 

Sacred Heart College; boys* boarding; R. C; 
Brother Ulric, Prin. 


Population, 1,340,316. School census, 478,480. School age, 6-21. 

South Carolina is the twenty-fourth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 1,340,316 inhabitants, of whom 557,807, or 41.6 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 5,371, or .4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 35.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-ninth in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


O. B. Martin, State Superintendent of Education Columbia 

W. H. Barton, Chief Clerk Columbia 


Governor D. C. Heyward, ex-officio, Chairman Columbia 

O. B. Martin, State Superintendent of Education, ex-officio. Secretary. .Columbia 

Henry P. Archer, First District Charleston 

Graves L. Knight, Second District Graniteville 

J. I. McCain, Third District Due West 

Harvey T. Cook, Fourth District Greenville 

A. R. Banks, Fifth District Lancaster 

W. A. Brown, Sixth District Marion 

J. B. O. HoLLOWAY, Seventh District Williamstown 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Abbeville Frank C. DuPre Abbeville 88,400 

Aiken A. W. Sanders Aiken 89,082 

Anderson R. B. Nicholson Anderson 56,722 

Bamberg R. W. D. Rowell Bamberg 17,296 

Barnwell W. H. Jones Barnwell 86,504 

Beaufort N. E. H. Dopson Beaufort 86,496 

Berkeley * Charles W. Sanders Monck's Corner 80,464 

Charleston William E. Milligan Charleston 88,006 

Cherokee J. I-*. Walker Gaflfney 21,889 

Chester W. D. Knox Chester 28,616 

Chesterfield T. Threatt Chesterfield 20,401 

Clarendon S. P. HoUaday Manning 28,184 

Colleton H. A. Crosby Walterboro 88,462 

Darlington Henry C. Burn Darlington 82.888 

Dorchester John J. Parler Georges 16,294 

Edgefield William A. Byrd Edgefield 26,478 

Fairfield D. D. Stevenson Winnsboro 29,426 

Florence A. H. Gasque Florence 28,474 

Georgetown Josiah Doar Georgetown 28,846 

Greenville James B. Davis Greenville 58,490 

Greenwood James Rodgers Greenwood 28,848 

Hampton S. J. Fitts Hampton 88,188 







Superintendent's Name. AddreHsi. 

E3* V, Best **..*..*►...► *Conway 

Kcrahaw * Robert Bruce *......„,,... *..Ca,iiiden ...... 

L*ancaster ****..*.. -*^, *►.. ►-■..*A. C Howell .,.* * .^Ijaneaster ,.. 

aurens ..,-,..»«.. ^... <.....*■,., Charles P^ Brooks .« . p Latir^nEi .,*.. 

Iljee ..*..*,*...*,.,,.,,*..*,, McDonald Davis BisliopvlUe ... 

Itiexington -,» — John S. I>erTJek Lexington ... 

Marlon — James R. Willluma ......»*.. Marlon 

Marlboro ... * W. D. S-tanton ..*..*...*..♦,. .Benncttsvllle 

Ne wherry *,,... — ............ E. S. Werts ,,..*..,*..*,..*..*N©wb^rry ... 

Oconee .....C L. Craig Walhalla .... 

Orangieburg' *........ ..E. H, Hou^er ...*,* Orangeburg , 

. pickeng , Richard T. Hallum .......... Pickens ...... 

■Eichland ...E.. B. Wallace .C&lumbJa ..... 

iSaluda B. F. Sample ..** **.... ...Saluda ... 

'Spartanburg .....►..., E. C Blmore * Spartanburg . 

Sumter ...* .....S. J>. Cain Sumter * 

Union D. B. FHnt Union 

WilUamBburg *.,WtlUiiTn Cooper .... .....Klngstree .... 

Tork ...John B. Carroll Torkville ... 

t*op. oC 








.-.. 31.885 


ABBBYXLLE, Ablmvilla €a.« pop. 3T6fl. 
Hur'biBoii Coll^^o; (colored); [irop.^ Thomaa 

ASHLAKU, Baulln^ton Cq.> pup. 40. 
AghUnd Hifh Soliool; jirep. ; co-ed.; Ttb D. 

Adv ; r. F. nethen, Prin. 
BAMBEBO, Baiiib«Ts Co.. pop, T.riS3, 

C&rLiflle Fitting Sohool of Wofford OdUbiq: 

firop. : oo-ed. : M. E, ; W. E. WllUa, Prln. 
BATESBTrE&, Leiinpton Co., pop. 9T]. 

Emte^burf Iiiatitut»; prep.: co-ed.* riOB-seot. : 

Jxiiitfl C. perry, A. M.. frln- 
BEAUT OBT, B(»&ufort C&,^ pop. 4110. 
Bafttifort Collegro Behi^U prt>t>.t cq-ci!.: noii- 

sort.; cat. IftSO; LtiL-cw fJaDter. M. A.. 

BBOWNSYILLE, MaTlb^trii Va,, pop. in. 

BrowiiAirine HiB:b Sdbcrol ;: prt^p.; <?D-cd. ; non- 
sect.; R. D. Epps. Pfin. 
CAMSBlf, K«rahaw Co.. p^ip. 2441. 
H*tb«r Aoadfituy; prtp.; ecj-fd.; M. E,; eat. 

18SG; Ml NIK Francis V. Ruaiell, Prln. 
CHAKLESiaN, Cb»rleatoti C&.. pop. 55.807. 
Avadein^ «f Our Lsdy ftf Mflro^; glrlB" board- 
ing; R. C. ; Stat€r Mary Benedlcta, Prln. 
AiTfiry ir^miAl Inititute; normni; private; co- 

f^d.^ CiniR. T eat. 19*5; Morrlaon A. 

HoliDfra. A. M., Trf-H- 
0bftrl4iti>n MatttoiitLlB BqIkkiI; biia. &nA ■ten.; 

Mali&le J. Btrgmabu. Pit?ii. 
0b&Tlfiitoii UfilTftralty Boboctl; bi»g' board big; 

non-f5ei?t ; eat. 1SJ32; Edward F. Majberryt 

M. A., iNlu. 
Oftlldgv nf ChixleBioii ; cfth; rltj; men; est. 

17§1; Hurriann Handrtlpb. Ph. D.. Prr^a. 
&ib1)0i flchooU Tha; idrls* boai-dlni^; P. E.; 

Ml«qys S. P. and B. S. Glbbea. Pfins. 
M«dicftl CoU«g« of tbo Statfl of South Garo- 

Una; mfd.: reg.; eo.ed, ; rst. 1S23; Fran- 

cla Tt- Parker, M. D,. nenn. 
lladi<sal CoUaga of thi^ Stato of Soutb Cftro^ 

Una, Cullaga of Pb^rmftoy ; pbar ; men ; 

Francla L. Parker, Dertti. 
Farter BUlitary Academy » The; miltary; non- 
Beet,; Cliarlet J. C!>Ic(K-kK Bupt. 

Smith* B Private Bcbool, lErt. ; ^Irla' boa r ding ; 
non-ac'ct. ; Mrs. IsHbol A. .Smith, Prln. 

Bauth CaroUiia Ktlitary Academy; military; 
boye; non-seet.; est. 1842; Aftbnry Cowards 
LTj. D., Siipt. 

fltokai' Bufllneu College; bus. and steD,; A. 
I/. Stokes, Pres. 

Walllagfard Academy (colored); normal; pri- 
vate; CQ'^i. 

Y. M. 0. A. J^ight Sobool; bus. and sten. 

GHEBAV* Chaiterfleld Co.. pop. IIEjI. 
CouLlen Bobool (colored); prep.; eo-ed.; 
Preab, ; est. 1883; R(*v, A. C. Jobnacin* 
A, B., Prin. 

OHESTEH, Cb«4ter Co., pop. 4.DT5. 
Brainerd Institute (colored); prep,; co-*d.; 
Preftb.; J(tbn S, Marqnjs. Prln. 

CLEMSCK COLLEGE » Oconee Cc,^ pop. I3n. 
CleiQion Agricultural College: ngrl. ; statci; 
men: est 188R; P, H, Melt, M. K,h Pb. 
n. , Prefl, 

CLINTOK, Laurena Co., pop. ].36S>. 
Freabyterlan College of Bouth Garolliu; coL; 

TO -erf.; Preab; est. J 880; A. JJ. Bpeacern 

A. U., Prea. 
Thorm^ell OrpbftaagB ; prf p, ; oo-ed. ; for n(H?dy 

t^rphans; \Vm. P, Jurobfl. D. t>., pres, 

COKEBBiIBT. Greenwood Co., pop. 3P4. 

Coketbury Conferenofi Sahaol; prep.; ca-i;d. ; 
Mi'tb.: rat. Ifta4; Q. B. Dukes. Prln, 

COLUMBIA. BiQhland Co., pop. 21.103. 
Allen Uiilveraitr <Polored) ; eol. ; co-ed.; A. 

M. E.; eat. 1881, 
Benedict College} prep,; co-ed,; Bapt,; Abra^ 

bRH] Vr Oabrtrm. Pres, 
Columbia Buiineaa College; closed. 
Columbtm ^amftle College; girla" tH^nrdlitg; M, 

P.. So.; eat. 1859: Rev. W. -W. Daniel, 

a a. PrlH, 
Dmugbon*! FraotJioal BuAlneii Collefe: bua. 

and atei^, j J. F. Draughon, Pres. 
ICacfeati* Buiineia Colleg«; bug. ttnfl 9tjen*; 

W. H. Macfeata. Pree. 





pTMbjrtftrl&ii Oolls^ for Wfimfln; girls' 

boarding; Prf^lK; t-at, 1800; Kupb^mla 

McClliitofl;. A. B., Prill. , 
South C«.ToHnjL OiiUeffs; unlv.; eo-«d.; tiate; 

i^st, isc^^j; m-njRmln 8l(mTi, M, A., Pre*. 
South C&ToUnn. CoU«9», Depu-tmsnt of Imw; 

1ft w; mnn; tvBtn lfiS4; Jtipppli 1>. Pcjpi^ 

A. M.. I As. D.. man. 
DUE WEST, l.bb4TiUti Co., pt^p, e^l. 
Bu« Wait Jamila Collage; girls' buurdltig; 

A. R. Presto.; esl. 18o»; Jatiit^g Boj-cw^ 

ErakiiiQ CoUegfi; rot; eo-ed. ; A. R. Freab.; 

EEOOMOfiE, BeAufort Cv., pap, es. 

Feuii KorzuftL iQduittiLl and A^rlfiultvr*] 

flckool (oolorad); imrinal; pHvntis ro-ril. 
QAFWHEYy Cberokfifl Co.* [Ktp. 3.H3T. 
ChiLSDoy HJgh School; prep.; Kt-ed.; Preab.; 

S. A, CbitniT>erfi, Prln, 
Lixnestvuo Collage; girl** Awarding- Bapt*; 

flat, ISIft; Joiiii K, Maek, Prfn. 
OfiEEKnLI.E, OnftDVlllo Co., pop. ll.j^KK>. 
CMoora CoIlos«; g1i:I»' tHsjirdUig^ noiirsi^rt' ; S. 

R. Freatoa. D. D.. Pfhi. 
Fuxmui UniToriit?; col.; men; Bitpt.; pst. 

JI^'VS; I<:dwln m; l'<Pfi'ftl, D, P., T'ri^B, 
GroftHTlllo CoUiiga fur Wamija; girls' tkiard- 

ingi nori'sertK; ost, JSn4; A. S. Townt^n, 

Greenvillo Fenule Collefa; glt-l«' iHwrdlng; 
Hapt.^' pst. 1S54; K. C- Jamtys, Lltt. D,, 
SterliiLg Itidi^iitrial C^Utigo; prep.; co-ed. ^ 
Biipt.; Pst. 1S54; K. H. Murfee^ Prln. 
GEEENWCOD, Qtmnvf 00& Co., pop. 4,S24, 
Brewer Hortnftl School: nomml; pHrote; co- 
ed.; 11 ev. J. M. RobhiiHttip Pres, 
HABTSVILLE. DarUngton Co., pop. 704. 

WelJli Waok High School; prep.; tiDii^itL*{rt ; 
J. W. Gaiiius, Prln. 
HOHEA PJITH, ADdDrpon Co., pop. 617. 

Hi>ti<ML Fath School ; prvp.; co-^.; Bflpt.; J. 
J. McUnvnlii. Prln. 
KKE8HAW. Liiaoajtar Co., p<>p. 027, 

Umon Imtjtutv; prep.; eo-ed.; iuin-B<?et.; M. 
A. Miimiy, Prln. 

LAKGAATEB, Lkiioa.aiflT Co,, pop. 1.IT7. 

lAaoaJter Konnal Lnd InduAtrUi Inatitate; 
iioraiul; prlmte; co-ed. 
L££S¥ILL£p LexlDftoa Co,« pop. SaS. 

LBSBTllla OoUcffi; ccd.; i:u-ed.; nob^w^rt.; t>»t. 

imMK L. B. nayinit. A. B., A. M., F^ps. 

HcCOLL. Mf-rlhom Co., imp. 1.311, 

Fiimetto High. Bohool; pr^p. ; co-ed,; nofL- 

flpft,: ijut, !S»0: Jiihu A. ThackatoD, A. 

B,. Prki. 

NEWS EXE Y, Hcwbiiry Cv., pop. 4.007. 
Hawbarrr CoUftgo; cf>t; c<>-ed.; Lnth.; eit. 
1K56; Rev. J. A. B. Seberer, Fb. D,, 
Utopia Aoedamr; prep,; fH>.ed.; nuii-aeet.; 
J, M. Rleklf-i". A. B.. Prill. 
ORAHOEfiVBai OnuigAhurt Co., pop. 4,4SS. 
Cliffltn Univeriity (oolorad) j col.; tivefl.; U. 

E,; vaL l§e0; R^v. It. U. Dun ton, D. D., 

HormLl. Indus trl&L and M^ch^nicul Callage 

of 8, G. ; trulMri'^l); nur, and ludiiftt.; 

rn-Hl.; (i1hI<s hM:. IKflO; Thymus E. Mil- 

ler, A. B., A M., LU li,. Pfi^s. 
PIKOFOLIS, Berkeley Co., pop. 07. 
Flnopolii Aoibdomy; pr^p.; ioh'4.; lum-at^t.; 

1). M. O'DiUfoll, IMii, 
FOKARIA, Newbenr Co., ptun IM. 

Eutherford Academy } prep. ', *n>-€hL ; non-aeet, ; 

est. ]Sm^; Job II .r. Kibb*r, A, B.. Prln. 
FEOSPERITY* Newberry Co.* pop. 502. 

OeloaU Aeademy; prep,; n»-ed, : mm-Bt^trt. ; est. 

1SS2; TlioruH* M, MUIb, >I. A., FHn, 
REIDTILLE, Spartanburg Co,, p^ip. 107. 

EflidTillft Hiffb School for Oirlg; prep.; tflrlfl'; 

Preab.; iwt. 18r»7; J. Wliltm?r Held. A. 

B.; Prln. 
Eeidvilla Mala College; boyv* boardln^f; iion- 

aect.; George BTlggH. IMn. 
EOCK HILI,, York Co,; pop. 5.435. 

Gatawha Ifale AcM.demy; boy a; mil.; wm- 

»e«t. ; put. imt.i. Imnlet J. Brlmiu, A. B.. 

A. M., i:*. !>.. I'rhh 
PreabytortiUi Biffh Bohool; prep.; co-ed.; 

Preat), ; A. R. Banlca, Prln. 
Sumter Inititutn; t-loweil. 
Winthrop I^ormal And Induatrial CoU«g«; 

normuh woini''n; Hlati'; P. B. Johnwui, 

BahoAl'i aanounQftment.— }<*<}iirtifeTi (MXtrtM: 
NoTTOftl (Kit Liittn. SeleiitlHr. Ut^rutj'* 
Steuogra^ph}^, MillhitTr. I>re»u^iiiiil£lng. 
Hoof; keeping. Mask'. Klndergiirten. tli- 
duitrlHl StudleH. DefTeiw: B. A.^ U. L. 
M. A, Fcji*t> His olDeerfi, tpaehernt *lid 
uHftlHtafite. 4&I) pupllit. Ka(;f>iifH*s of mv- 
Btoii iif nine ijii>iithi, fOO to fl44. flM- 
kIoh beg hi k SepLember. 
SFAETAKBUEG, Spartanburg Co., pop. 11*30^ 
Converse College; aivln' bckfirdlug; non-aect.i 

(wl. ISlm; lUiberl P, !*nl|, PreB. 
Wofford Ccllefe; I'ol.; r^ifld. ; M. E!. So.; tit. 
18M; 11. N. Snyder, t^rca. 
iUllTEE. Sumter Co., pop. 5.^73. 

St. Joaeph'a Aoadflmy; prep.; eo-ed. ; R. G.; 
£^later Mary I^hJloineim, Frfii. 
TATUM STATION. Morlhotfl Co., pop. 200. 
luiolier BridgB Ao&demy; iir<>p. ; fo-ed.; OoJi- 
H(K-t.; i*s4t. ISjII; H l\ llflftiprllng, A. B.. 
TIOEETILLE, Greenirillfi Co.* pop. 85. 

Morth Gr&enville Higb School; pr^^p. ; (<o-«d.; 
Biipt. : O. J. Pet«raoa. Prln. 
triSlOir, ITnloii Co., pop. 5.400. 
Gllffcrd Seminary; girls' boarding; Ppoab.; 
*'*t, 1S81; Ber, B. G. Clifford. Fh. D., 
a 1>.. FHn. 
WALK ALL A, Ocanae Co., pop. 1,307. 

MfiCaLlDirgh'a School, Mlu; prep.; «0-«d.r lt> 
l^; hhi MiCfdl^mgb. Prln. 
WILLI AMSTOH, Andenwn Co., pop. flOl. 
WillianiBton Temala CoHagv; girls' lioardlnf; 
U. £:. Ho.; eat, 1ST2; ih B. Qoodglan, 


Population, 401,520. School census, 132,510. School age, 6-21. 

South Dakota is the thirty-seventh state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 401,520 inhabitants, of whom 380,714, or 94.8 per cent, are white. 
Of this number, 88,329, or 22 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
eracy of the entire i)opulation is 5 per cent, the state ranking seventeenth in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


G. W. Nash, Superintendent of Public Instruction Pierre 

M. A. Lange, Deputy Pierre 


B. J. Woodbury, President DeSmet Miss Carrie B. Daily Vermilion 

J. Jones, Jr., Secretary Vermilion H. E. French Elk Point 

C. C. Bras Mitchell J. Fred Oland^r Brookings 

W. H. Dempster Madison G. W. Nash Pierre 

Mrs. May H. Cowan Iroquois 


Alex. Strachan, President Deadwood 

W. L. Cochrane, Corresponding Secretary Aberdeen 

J. V. Murphy, Treasurer.' Hartford 

Mrs. J. Jones, Jr., Recording Secretary Vermilion 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. County. 

Aurora P. P. Nolan Planklnton 4,011 

Beadle Lawrence Dubois Huron 8,081 

Bon Homme E. D. Wood Tyndall 10,379 

Brookings J. P. Olander Brookings 12,561 

Brown AV. F. Eddy Aberdeen 15,286 

Brule Mrs. M. B. Iy)ng Kimball 5,401 

Buffalo F. E. Swartout Gann Valley 1.790 

Butte Elsie Malcolm Belle Fourche 2,907 

Campbell Oscar Martin Mound City 4,527 

Charles Mix Delia Jeffers Geddes 8,498 

Clark Thos. Simpson Clark 6,942 

Clay Carrie B. Daily Vermillion 9,316 

Codington D. T. Walker Watertown 8.770 

Custer Mary L. Reed Custer 2,728 

Davison O. W. Coursey Mitchell 7,483 

Day Alice B. Holverson Webster 12,264 

Deuel Gusta A. Berke Clear Lake 6,657 

Douglas J. W. Addle Armour 5,012 

Edmunds Janette W. Lewis Ipswich 4,916 





Pop, «f 
County. SiiiM?iiiiti?Ddent^a Katn^. AdUreisH. Otttuilsr, 

Fall River *... May Rich , Hot Springs , 3,541 

Paulk ....*..,. ..S. S. Straohan Faulkton .*..**....*. 3*547 

Grant , .*..,.. Grant Rl«:|!fle .....Mimank 9.103 

Gregory .►....►. I^tta Bailey , Fairfax .1.211 

Hand ^ George H. Grace .... -Miller *. 4.525 

Hanson F. P* Saunders ,^.. * -Alexandria ..*.,. * . * 4,947 

Hamlin ..,. *.A. M, Steyer Castlewood B.945 

Hughes «..- Mrs. M. H. Cartep Pierre 3*684 

Hutchinson Cha^. H> Lugg Parkston ,-... 11,897 

Hyde Ira U Angle ...^..,..- --.Hlghmore lA^'^ 

Jerauld - A. V. Hall * WessJngton Springs ,... 2,79S 

Kingsbury ..C. B. Swanaon .....DeSniet 9,866 

Lake . . . , E. F. Kmeger .Madiscin &. 137 

I^wrenee .........Helen M. Bennett ............ Deadwood -..17.837 

Lyman ...,h.A, WiUlamaon Oacoma , 2,632 

Lincoln Geo. H. Dean ...-Canton ...12.1«i 

Marshall .h ..............Eva M. Richardson .Brttton ................... 6,942 

Mcaook * ..C, W. Young ......Salem .,.-.. §,680 

McPherBon .Geo. Hickman ......,,.,. Eureka ................... 6;327 

Meade ..Mrs. N. B. McClelland Sturgis ....*. AMI 

Miner ..........h. ..H.....,.NeUle Lyons ...-. -Howard 5,S64 

lajnnehaha. H. A. Ustrud .......--. Siotix Falls -.^,926 

Moody *. Daisy Bean Ftandreau ............... 8*536 

Pennington ^ ....Mrs. Ij. E. Fall Rapid City B*CklO 

Potter ..,.,., , Marj' McLean , ,....,.. .Gettysburg 2,9S8 

Roberts ,.,,- F. S. Randolph ..Slsseton .12,210 

inborn .,...,..-.,.,. Hovt Hunter .....Woonsocket 4,4ft4 

Spink ........S. A. Hoy Redlield S,4g7 

Stanley Mrs. N. A. Etouglass ........Ft, Pierre 1,341 

Sully .Emma Nelson Onida 1,?]5 

Turner .......J. P. Graber ..................Parker ................13.175 

Union ,,. ..F. C. Leggett ......... ........Elk Point ..,.-...11,153 

Walworth ..John Bibelheimer Selby - 3,fi3& 

Yankton - 2. F. WUUaraa Yankton 12.649 


ABBEBZEN, Brown C«., pup. 4,M8T. 
Al»4rd«eti Buiinee* CvLUfVt bus. anci iiten.: 
II. A. Wpy. Prps. 
ACAUEKY, ChMlti Ki» Qo,, pot^- 115. 

Witrd Academy; prpp. ■ co-rd. ; Coti^.; LewLe 
l^:, rnniHeld, Priii. 
BHOOKIHGS, Brookiari C&., pup. 2.^«. 
South D^dta Atriculttuml CoU«^> Depf.rt' 
metit «f Fb&rmaoy; plsHT. ; tw-i^d^; f!«t. 
1«S:*; B. T. Wblteheod. rHjati. 
CAHTOK. LtucolD Co., pop. 1*&4^. 
AuetittftDit CoUog;e; prpp. ; co-ed.; Luth.; Aa- 
tiirji>y G, TllT(^ Prtn. 
HimOir. Bandle Co,, pop. 2,Ttt3. 
Huron CoUfigs; cn>1.; ro-ed. ; Presb.; eat, IS^; 
Rmv, Colvlii tt. rtt-iic^. Pre«. 
HADISOU, Like Co., pop. S.SSj. 
MKdlsoa Stite Iforiiuil EoIkmiI; normal; stntif^ 
co-c^l.; W. H. Bifidle. A, M.. LL. D.. 
HITGHIXL. Daviton Co., th>p. 4.U55. 
Dakotm Uai^arilty; col,; t^tt-od. : M. B.; wt. 
IS.^0; RtT. Tbouma Nlcbolwii, D, D.. 

EEBFIELB, Spink Ooi, pop. 1,011$, 
Ettditid CoUflKfl! fol.i eo-ed.; Cong,; c«t. 
IRST; I, r. Putdi. pros, 

^OUX FALLS H >t{neh«.h» Co,, pop. ]il.2(10. 
All ftainti' flDkool; girls* bwnrdhiis; P. E.; 
Helen S. Pentwdi', Prln, 

Luthormn Korm&I Bdhocil; iiormal; private; cct- 

fd. ^ A. MlJtkel»QO. PrBB- 
Sioux FkMi Bujiiitau CollAgo; bu^. and 8t«n.; 

r%. C. Cljrtstopberaoti. Pt^b. 
Sioux FpLli UniTenity; unlv.; cchl'iL; Bapt.i 
PBt. imZ\ A. I. rinch, A. B.. PreB. 
SFEAEFISH, LKwrende Co.. p»p. 140ft. 

Stmte KoriD&l Babodl; luirniul; Btnte; co^ed. ; 
F. L. CcKjIf. PreB. 
Sf EXNCFIELD, Eoukomme Cki.. pop. 625. 
Stf-to Korm^l Sohooi; normal; state; co-ed.; 
J. iS. Fras^, Pfi^e. 
ETUEGIS. Keads Co., pop. 1.100. 

Et. lUrttn^p Aeademy; pr#p,; oa-ed.; E. 0.^ 
Mother Aiiji^etn, Prin. 
VEEMJLION. CUy Co., puj», 2.183. 

St. JoB«>ph'i Aendomy; prep.; co-ed.; B. 0.: 

SlshT M. Ht»tiL#Uua. PrSii. 
UuiYorBitT of South DiJcot*^ unlv.; flUte.; 
co-isd.; out, IWiJ; darrett Dropperi, Pre«. 
WATEETOWN, Codinffton Co,, pop. 3.352. 
Watortown CoEnxneralal OoUafii; tn». And 
steii . ; \}. T. W n I ter. Prt'». 
WESBDraTDN BPEOfGB. Jormiild Co., pop. 320. 
WetilDfton Spriiie:! SomLui.^^ prt'P-: eo.«>(l.; 
Free M*^tTx.; cHt. 1887; SberniJin B. 
t'offpor. Prill. 
YAHXTOK. Tmuktim Co., pap. 4,125. 

Yankton CDllaff«; <;ol. ; co-od. ; Coiiff.; ent. 
istil; Rev. Henry K. Wurrfu. A, M., 


Population, 2,020,616. School census, 653,845. School age, 6-21. 

Tennessee is the fourteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,020,616 inhabitants, of whom 1,540,186, or 76.2 per cent, are white. Of this 
number, 17,586, or .9 per cent, are foreign bdrn. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 20.7 per cent, the state ranking fortieth in this respect. The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 


Seymour A. Mynders, Superintendent of Public Instruction Nashville 

RuTLEDGE Smith, Chief Qerk Nashville 


Gov. James B. Frazier, President Nashville 

SuPT. Seymour A. Mynders, Secretary Nashville 

Hon. H. D. Huffaker Chattanooga 

SuPT. P. L. Harned Clarksville 

Capt. C. S. Douglass Gallatin 

Prof. J. L. Brooks Jackson 

Prof. Wharton S. Jones Memphis 

Dr. J. H. KiRKLAND Nashville 


Gov. Jas. B. Frazier, Chairman Nashville 

Sup. Seymour A. Mynders, Secretary Nashville 

Three other members will be appointed from the State Board of Education in 


P. L. Harned, President Clarksville 

C. B. IjAMS, Vice-President Henderson 

Miss Georgia Oliver, Second Vice-President Nashville 

J. C. Wright, Third Vice-President Rockwood 

Wm. L. Lawrence, Secretary and Treasurer. Clarksville 

Fred B. Frazier, Assistant Secretary Dayton 


County. Siu)orlntpnclont*8 Name. Address. County. 

Anderson J. N. Crowder Clinton 17.634 

Bedford Tx)uis Wilhoite Shelby ville 23,845 

Benton McD. Neal Camden 11,888 

Bledsoe E. F. Patton Litton 6,626 

Blount H. B. McCall Maryville 19,206 




Pop. of 
County. Supei*lntendent's Name. Address. Ck>aiit7. 

Bradley J. P. Harrison Cleveland 15,759 

Campbell John Jenningrs, Jr Jacksboro 17,379 

Cannon W. H. Finley Woodbury 12,121 

Carroll Nathaniel E. Traywlck Huntingrdon 24.250 

Carter W. M. Vaught Blizabethton 16,688 

Cheatham P. H. Duke Ashland City 10,112 

Chester C. B. IJams Henderson 9,896 

Claiborne Wm. T. Johnson Shawanee 20,696 

Clay J. T. Ford Celina 8,421 

Cocke A. J. McMahan Newport 19,153 

Coffee C. N. Townsend Manchester 15,574 

Crockett J. R. McDonald Bells 15,867 

Cumberland W. E. Wheeler Pleasant Hill 8,311 

Davidson W. Mac Fuqua Nashville 122,895 

Decatur J. I. Miller Decaturville 10,439 

DeKalb R. A. Langford Dowelltown 16,460 

Dickison R. E. Corlew Dickson 18,635 

Dyer •• T. C. Gordon Dyersburgr 23,776 

Fayette D. K. Donnell Macon 29,701 

Fentress W. P. Little Clarkrange 6,106 

Franklin Miss Mattle Arlege Winchester 20,392 

Gibson J. B. Cummings Trenton 39,408 

Giles A. Samuel Abernathy Pulaski 33,085 

Grainger H. G. Farmer Rutledge 15,512 

Greene R. H. Burkhart Greeneville 30.596 

Grundy J. D. Fults Tracy City 7,802 

Hamblen Miss Lena McClIster Morristown 12,728 

Hamilton Robert L. Jones Chattanooga 61,695 

Hancock Elihu L. Anderson MItchburg 11,147 

Hardeman D. E. Bishop Bolivar 22.976 

Hardin C. A. Lowe Savannah 19,246 

Hawkins C. H. Richardson Rogersville 24.267 

Haywood Miss Estelle Walker Brownsville 25,189 

Henderson A. H. Fuller Lexington 18,117 

Henry Joe Ronton Paris 24,208 

Hickman Robert S. Ballow Nunnelly 16.367 

Houston D. J. McAuley Erin 6,476 

Humphreys Alfred Hatcher McEwen 13,398 

Jackson •. L. D. Johnson B^ynn's Lick 15.089 

James J. D. Campbell Long Savannah 5.40(7 

Jefferson W. A. Lyle Dandridge 18,590 

Johnson R.P.Donnelly Mountain City 10,589 

Knox Samuel E. Hill Knoxvllle 74.302 

Lake R. C. Donaldson Tlptonvllle 7.368 

Lauderdale H. T. Hanks Ripley 21,971 

Lawrence Virgil J. Holt Iron City 15,408 

Lewis H. Smethurst Hohenwald 4.455 

Lincoln Thomas M. Wilson Fayetteville 26.104 

Loudon D. B. Simpson Loudon 10,838 

Macon .John C. Price LaFayette 12,881 

McMinn M. R. M. Burke Athens 19.163 

McNalry Terrv Abernathy Selmer 17,760 

Madison W. M. Wharton Jackson 36,333 

Marion : D. A. Tate South Pittsburg •. 17.281 

Marshall j. G. Stinson Lewlsburg 18,763 

Maury P. W. Dodson Glendale 42,708 

Meigs C. K. Gallasrher Decatur 7,491 

Monroe .Tames S. Cline Mt. Vernon 18.585 

Montgomery P. L. Harned Clarksville 86,017 

Moore Miss Laura M. Parks Lynchburg 5.706 

Morgan Miss Maude Riseden Wartburg 9,587 

Obion *. .Tames M. Moore Union City 28.286 

Overton C.J. Cullom Livingston 13.864 

Perry L. G. Bunch Linden 8,800 

Pickett w. J. Babb Byrdstown 6.368 

Polk T. D. (Tlemmor Benton 11.869 

Putnam R. H. Bovd Cookeville 16.890 

Rhea Fred B. Frazier Dayton 14.318 

Roane j, c. Wright Rockwood 22.738 

Robertson T^e T. Dowell Springfield 26,029 





Rutherfortl . 
jScott ........ 

qiiatchle ^ 




Stewart ,.*.. 
Sullivan , . - . 
Sumner -^■■■ 
Tipton ,..,.. 
TrouHcJale . . 


Union * 

Vun Bur^n 
Warren ..*. 
Wayne ...*. 
Weakley . .. 


Wilson , 

SupeTlutendent'a Niime. 

.A. Tj. Todil 

.a. M. Foster ,...,.. 

.1. A. Austin ...* 

*Miss Addle H. Trotter 
■ Mies Maude Moiire ...h 

..T.. P. Ford .,.. 

*J. T. Allman ............ 

*J. Ys. Tj, Seneker .,.....* 

.W. F. Albright 

.Joseph A, Gotten ....... 

. Ly tie Dalton 

.Mrs, Ijiszle Roberta .., 
.J. A. Anderson ..,...-,► 

.Ti;. N. Haston .h... ...... 

.Ij. E. Summers 

.8, W. Murray .....,..., 

-Th F. Mc Anally -...,. 
.S. S. Featherfiton ...... 

.R. I. Hutchlngs ........ 

. Fred J. Page 

..W. H. Knox 

l*f>p. of 
AOdresB. CotiEity. 

.Murfreesboro ...-. 33.S43 

.HuntHvllle 11,077 

.Dunlap 3.32S 

,SevlcrvIlle 22,ft21 

.Memphis 153p557 

.Carthage 19.026 

.Dover ]^»224 

.Blount vUlc 34p93S 

..Gallatin 26,W2 

,Covlngton 29,273 

.HartsvUle fi.O(M 

.Erwin 5,851 

.Maynardsvine. R. F. D. 

No. 2 12,894 

.Spencer Sjafi 

. .McMlnnvllle 16,41ft 

.Jonesboro 22,e04 

. .W^aynesboro .12,934 

. .Dresden 32,540 

. .Hutch! ny^s College .... 14J57 

..Franklin 3€,429 

..EwJngsvlUe 27,(r7S 


Ain3EB.B0NTILLE, Aiid^rsQn Co.t ~2. 

AndeTSDnvllla loatitute; prpp. ; rO'O'd. :; Hapt-; 
ppt, ISltK; A. <■. llnHftWff^ B. Am Vvm. 
ATHEKS, Mqltlnn Co., pup. 1,849. 

@TKiit "D'ttlTaraity \ milv. ; ix^-ed. ; M. B. ; eat. 
3Ntt7; Rt*T. .Tiihn ir. Ba<?e. A. M,, D. H,, 

ATOKA, TiptoD Co., lHip. 170, 

Robifiion Hifrb School ; prop. : Cii^-f'^. ; duii- 

BEEGHGKOVE, Coffee Co.. ^JP. 102. 

Beecherove Traimas ieliogl; prnp.: ro-ed. ; 
iion-sott ; C. H. Wulkt^r. Prjn, 
BELLBUCKLEh Bedford Co., jwjp. 065. 

Wobb School ; prcii.: ro-ert. ; M. B. So.; W. 
i:. PTid W. W. \\>bb, Pflni!. 
BiaCHWOOD^ Junes Co,, pop. 1.30. 

Hutherford Ormde4 SahcKiLi; pTep. ; Lsi-fd.; 
iiuci-stH't. ; 11. T. liiithorford, Priiv. 
BLOOmyGDAXE, BuUivmn C^., pop. 2i^. 

Kiniriley Seminary; prnp. ; i'o.<*d. ; M. E.; 
Joaepli U. Kotrtin. \. Jl.. FrtiL 
BLOOHINGTON, Futnam Go., \mX\. VM. 

Blot^minKtoii GoUe^s ; burned. 
BLOUNTSVIXLE, aulllTAn Do., piip. :m. 

Holiton Institute^ prep.; i'o-i<d. ; ntmi-scirt. ^ t'^cit. 
1S84; Tbiti. D. Lult*. A, M.. Pros. 
BLtTFF CITY. Bullifaii Go,, pop. 54^. 

^olUooJier iDitttute; ^tcp.\ (*a-iyd.; ttoA-sf^ct; 
U, IT. rreelcujil. Prln, 
BEADYVILLE, Gannon Co., pop. 84. 

BradyviUe Cellefe; clufic'Cl. 
BEI3-rOlw Suliifaa Co., pup. 5.271. 

KinsT Collet i <'m1.; mt^n; Pi-oab.; cut. ISf^; 

Uov. fleoTj^D P. Bttotb. Prwi. 
SuUtDf OoUb^t fflrltt* Vii^nnllne^ M. E. S-i.: 
i^\. mH}\ \Wy. S. >'. Unrk<'r. Prln. 
BaOWHBVtLLE, Haywood Go., F^p. 3,e40. 
BrowDBville Fommla ColloifB; glrlH* iKmrdUii^; 
Bupt ; 1^51: W. L. Abbott. A. 11., Urea. 

c'o-ed. ; Bapt. ; 
A. B.. A. M.. 

BtTTLEE. Johncoa Co^, pt<p. ^h\ 
Holly Spring Gollego; prrp. ; 
[■#it. IfKHi; S. W. TkidolL, 
IK D,. ProH. 
OAKBEH, Bfljilon Co., pop. 300. 

Benton Sommtjyp This; pn^p. ; C0.(!4. ; Hon- 
st'ct.; W. n. CiHtppT, Prln. 
CABTHAGE, imitb Co., pop, 522. 

Jeupb W, Allen Sohool; prpp. ; cn-od.; nofi- 
m'i't, ; W. I*. SJnrrlftoii. Prln. 

OBDAB HILL, Bobtirteon Co., pu]>. 400. 
Qedar Hill Iiiititat«; prap.^ i!H»-ed. ; nun-nect. ; 
Mt. lSf*2; W. B. Mfltbeney, Wm. O. Battle 

GEUTBBVlLLEj Hickman Co,, pfip. 719. 

High Sohooh prrp.; (fo-e^i.; Tion.Rcrt.; J. N. 
P. Atkins, Prln. 
CHABEL HTLL, KaxihaU Co., pop. 149. 

Chapsl Hill Academy; prL'p.; co-ed. ^ lum- 
flpct.: W. K. Thompwjii, Prln. 

CHATTAKOOOA, Hamilton Co., jrap. 30,154. 
Baylor's rmTeriltjr Schools prep.^ boya; \wn- 

stH't.; oat. iHOJi; Jrtbn R<>y Bnylor, B. A., 

IJ, L(-t.. Pres. 
Chattabooffa CoUepn for Youne Ladlai; prep,; 

f^i-pd.: non-sect.t Jolm L. Ciwpei', Prln. 
Chattanooffa Hedioal CoUtfei: Died:,; reR.; c^ 

im!.; HiSt. ISSO: E. A. CVtblelffh. A. M.. 

M. P., IhJflii. 
Chattanoofa Katlonal KedinaL Goltesa; mod, ^ 

ririr.: rnon; t-ftt. ISOR; T. W. Hiitfilpr. M. 

P., Dean, 
Chattanooga Normal Fnifeiriity^ normal; prl- 

vati; t^iPil.; f^Hiniit?! Hlxou, Pi't'i. 
Qmnt Unive»ity, Law D'epartment ; law; 

mi^u; oHt. 1S(H>; rbfti'ri>B R. I^vwuji, Pi'jin. 
Vonntam City Bustnasa GoUaffo: \n\^. und 

»t<Hi.; E. L. Wlloy nml J. A. Wlky. 

CHTTCKEY CITY, Greena Co., pop. 80, 
Woikyan Academy;: prep.; cc^ed. ; M. 
Sfimuel U. Tbompaon, Prln. 





CHUBCK HtLip HAWKDfS Oo., pop. 52. 
Alum WflU Acftdem? ; prf ^J>^ ; fO'Cdn ; non-w^pt. ; 
*>J!t. maa; Wm. C, Ffttton, A. B.^ Prlji. 
CLASKSVILLE, Hflntffflinery Co*, pop, &,431, 
Agirdemy, The; f^iErls' l^fardtng; M* tfj, So- i 

t j^t ISIW; Mrs. A. B. Hya*v PrcH. 
Dm-widdia'a UniTBr^it^ 8<9hdtil; priip.: buy a: 
jKMi'SPrt.; eaU 1S07; E. E. Dinwiddle, 
A. M., PdJi. 
BouthwdtUm FraibytfirUu irniire>ri[ty ; txtl, ; 
iiieu; Preiib. ; eat. 1S5S; ti. F. NkoLuH^u, 
A. M.H Pli. D., ViL't^-CliauocUor. 
CLETELAKDj B»dlej Co., pop. 3.S&S. 
Cent4iwT7 Female College; i^lrlo' boardluff; 
M. E. So,; vntr 1S84^ Jh A. Stnbblefleldt 
M. A., D. D-. Fr»?B. 
ClfiTelAnd Jnititutfl; rlgst.^^ 
Cin"TOir, Wmync Co,, pop, 63». 

Clifton MaBDCLic AddBmy; pri?p.; iHj-ed.; mm- 
«(?i:t.; J. K Iluirhrs, Prin. 
COLLEGE GB07E, WilliAjnMm Co., pup, U2. 
CoUegre Grove Sohool; pfcp.; eo-^d. : uon-9ect.; 
SSoci T, Uorurd, Ptlo. 
COLUMBIA, Haury Co., pt^)- 0,052. 

Columbia. Institute \ prep. ; L-o-cd. ; F. E, ; 
Mlaa Miirj- A. tiryiitii. Prln. 
COOKEVILLE, Futnun Co,, Fop. l.WM). 

OookDvillB CttUfifiktfi IuEtltut« ; prfji. ; co-ed. ; 
non-Hetit,; ^at, ItMMj; N. J. rimit^y. A* M., 
L. E. Sutiimers. A. S1.< ri-lns. 
CULL£0£A, Mauf? Co^f poi». S27. 
Culleolu Aculom;; prep.; co~ed.; noii-w^U; 
John P. Graham, PpId. 
CVKBEHLAIO) CITY, Stowirt Co., pop. 400* 
Cumberlund City Aoademjr; prep.; co-ed.; oou- 
Bort.; J. IL liiiyvr. Prlii. 
CUMBEEIANU GAF, Cle^Lbomo Co., pop* 4«0. 
LfAfiolu Memorial tfniTiwity; prep*; co-ed.; 
nJiD-aeot.; John Hale lArry, Prln. 
DEGHEBD, FnnUIn C#.« i>op. TOO. 

Terrill College ^ prep,; co-ed.; uoU'seeL; eat. 
1890; Jobu C. WwKHcr, IMw, 
DICXBON, Dlokaon Co.. pop* l*3tia. 
Biokioa Korma.1 CoUskd; normiil; private; eo- 
DOYLE 8TATI0K. Whltu Co., pop. 191. 

Boylo CoUflffo; prep,; ao-ed.', Bljpt. ; BeD|* F* 
JonfF!!, prln. 
DITCK EITEB, Hiokmaa Co** pap. DT. 
Shudy Grove luatltute ; prep.; eo-ed. ; Fr«ab,; 
It. S. Balkm, Prin. 
ELIZABETHTON, Ciurter Co., pop. LUiJO* 

Hareld MaCormiBk School; prep.; eo-u^l.; 
Prt'sb.; eat. lAUT; MlM Si. A. Unj Klets 
EEWIK, UniOOl Oo„ pop* 200* 
Dwlffht loitltuta; pn-p*; eo-ed*; Preab,; osl* 
ISOT; Gertrude M* Sammoftn, Prki, 
E8SABY eFHnfOa, Hudflnwn Qq. 

Southern Teuueuee ^OTinml luatitute; uor. ; 
private; eo-ed. ; €*flt* lH^ti; D. S, Nelm*. 
TATETTEVILLE. Lincoln Co*, pop, 2.Tue. 
llorKt.n School; iir<^p. ; *-in'd, ; nooat^et. ; eet. 
ISOa; R. K. MoiKiiri. Prln. 

FLAO FOHB. tfalool Co.. pop. 40. 

Cory Bohool; prep.; ctnecl.; Frlenda; Wruuk 
E. LlTidat^y, LL. D*. Prlu, 
FOITHTArw CITT* Kmi Co,, p^>p. 3iJU. 
TeDuofiee Kormml CoUeffo; uormal; prli'jite; 
LHj-f'd,; J)apt. ; eat- 1803; W, S. Bryan. 
A. IL. A, M.H Prva. 

Sohoal'a Lnuoimoemont. — Tbe TenneffWMs 
Normal C<illeee iDf^ludea the followltig 
aehooU : 

Literary Des^rtment. 
Department of Pedagogy* 
C-onserv^atory of Muaic. 
Biiain<.«0fl Collpg^e. 
Sefaaol of Elocution. 
Art Department. 

Tuition In Collestate Department, ft pef 
montb. $32.&0 a year In ndrancei; Bnal- 
nes9 College, ¥6 per month; Mu<le, Elfwu- 
tlon, and Art, caeh fdO a year, Studenta 
moy enter any time,. . AH atudloH ele^^t- 
Ire. Living eipenaes are rery lov^ 
FEAMKLIK* WilU^niion Cn,, pop. 2.180, 
1 Tenneuee Feni»l« Callog«; i:irla^ Ijonrdlng; 
nonBort,; p*t. ISfiO; T. A. Allen, Prln. 
FBIEKDSTILLE, Blount Co*, pop, ISO. 
' FriaDdsviUe ADa.d6my; prop. ^ co-od. r Oonf^. ; 
J, JL Moort', Prln. 
GALLATIH. Bumner Co,, pop, 2.40f», 
How&rd Female Callefe; glrla' bnardJiig; iim- 
I aeet.; ent. IHTM, Z. K, GHOln, B, E., 

&RAirB VIEW, Ebea Co., pop. 48. 
I dro-ad Virw Normal iaitltute; prep.; co-e4, ; 
I Presb,; H. L. Hoyt, Prln. 

GEASSY COTE, Cumb«rla.nd Co., pop. &3. 
OrflkUy CoTft Ai!!a.demy; prep-'- ^;'o-ed,; Preali.; 
t(*t. iHHifL MlHs EiMiua Uleka, Prln. 
' GBAYBYILLE, Rhea Co., pop. G18. 

SoiithATii Tniulnr H«hi»h prep.; etH^. ; S. D. 
AdT.; est. 1893; J, EUlt TeuQey, Prln. 
GBEElfEYILLE, Greeua Co., pop. 1,817. 
Greene vllle and Tutoulum CoUere; vvl.i tj-a- 
r-d.; Preflb.r ewL ITiM. 
I HAEEIMAH, Eo*no Co., pop. .■i,442, 

Ajnerloan ^nivonity of Harrlnuui; nnlv.j co- 
ed.: nnn-sfi't,; est. l8Pa 
Amaricmn Vniveralty flf H^rriman, Law Ba- 
portment; taw; mpji; est. 18lH; S, C* 
Brow n f A . M. , De an , 

HEHBEESON, Cheater Co., (x^p, U600. 
Tbe George Rohertaon Chriatian CoUafa; bna. 

and Bten.: A. G. Frend. Prea. 
Tojiderbilt Tralnlnff Bohoah prep.; vt^-ed. ^ 
iKni-Bfct, ; Ilev. R. C. DoUKlaa, Prffu 

HILHAM, Orerton Go,, pop, tt8. 
Flake Academy. Tbe; prep.; ett-ed. ; uouseet.; 
.\. L. Pelt?rmaii, Prln, 

HIWASBEE COLLEGE, MennHs G«,, MbMl lt>. 
Hivraaaee GoMsfffl; col.; e<»-ed.; noa-oeet.; eat. 
1840; Rev. J. E. Loweiy, A. M.. Pren, 

MORNBEAK, Dbion Co., pop. 240. 

Weat Tennetaea Hormal College; n^rntat; pri- 
vate; toed.; W. L. VVIUhigbMim, l^ei. 





HowtU Ttuimipy ScIiqoI ; prep* ; co-ed. ; non- 
acct, ; li. L. K<?att)U% A. B., Prln. 
mrVTIHGDOir, Carroll Co., pop. 5.333. 

SoutlieFii Kornial XTrnT^Tut^; norqialj priTate; 

Ph, LK. Prea, 
JACKSON, Kadiao^ Co», pop. U,&11, 

Xaha CDll'eK'Et; prt^p,; ru-c^d^ ^ noii'^c't. ; Tbom- 

u» F. «Sui:iflQra» Prlii. 
UemphiB CotiferenG^ PB[na.lfi IntUtntB; {rlrla" 

buurdliig; &L K, 3u.; oat- 1843; Uut, A. 

K. JnnuM, D. D., LL. D„ Prin. 
Bouthweitsra BnptUt nnivenity; l'qL; og-^, ; 

Bjipt,; cat. 1S42; G. M. ^arut^i5, LL. D., 

South we ■t«ni Bnptiit tTniTenitj^ D«partm«at 

vf LftWi law; moii;^ Bflt. ll^OO; James H. 

Lund, Doau* 
JABPEB, BtABlOK CO.t pop. 080. 
Fryor Institute; prvp. ; oiii-ed. ; M. E. So.; 

iM. 1887; M, M. Dosfititt. Ph* B., Prln. 
JEFrEEBON CITY, Jeffereoa Co., pnp. 1,254^ 
C&rion ftad Kewmftn ColLeigfi;: eoL; co-i*d.: 

Bapt; uBt. 1S51^ M. D. Jeflrtpa, M. D„ 

JQHKBOK CITY, Wa.ftkiiifft9n Co., pop, 4, Old. 
Michi^n CaUege; ooL ; co-ed.; Cbrlstlari; est 
LSSi:; IL 11. Garrett, A, M.i Prea* 
JOITESBOBO, WiuihinttoiL Co., pop, SS4, 

WKmiir Initltutfi; aofunal; pf Irate; co-od^; 
Hh L. PettiirBon, Pre*. 

KINGSXaNn EctLiifl Co.. pop. ^S. 
fiittBiiLouB« Academy: prep.: co-cd.; tiou^etit. ; 

(Joorgc li, Sblelda, PriD. 
KMOXVILLE, Knex Co,, pop. 32.637, 

BakeT-Himmel Sfjhiwl* Thfl; pt^ep. ^ t'O-fd. ; 

Long.; C. M, Illiuinel, PriJi. 
KDOxniUft Buainaaa Colkf e ; bgi. and ■ten.; 

H. Woodrt'flrd, Pri^e, 
KnoxTiUa Collect; eol.; oo-»d. ; Un. Preab.; 

e«t. 1875; Rev. Ralph W. Mt'tJranaluin, 

D, D.. Prea. 
KnnxTilla Medlcftl Collate ; mi^d.; rog. ; mon; 

est. 18©5; Edwin L. RandaU, M. D,, 

KcAllen Buatn«aA and Shortb&nd CoUega; 

ban, and a ten,; John A. Mi" Allen, Prea. 
TAnneaaee Madit^al ColLoge; med,; reg. ; men; 

eat. imii C. l\ aicNalib, M. 0.< Dean. 
"^lUTenitr of TemieBBBe: unlv. ; statii; co-ed.; 

eat. nn4-*CliaB. W. Dpbnpy, Vh. !>., 

LL. D., Prea. 
Ifnlveraity of Tenne«iee, Dapftrtmaat vf Pba.r- 

maoy; ptaar. ; meii; i"st. ISaSj Thciinaa W. 

Jordan. Denn. 
Unlverilty of Tanneiise^ Law Sep&rtmant i; 

law; men; est* ISOy; Heiirj H. Ingef^ 

noil, LL. P.. Dean. 
Totuif*! Golle^a of Bbortbuid] itun.; L. D. 

Smith. Pres, 
LA TOLLWSTEt CuspbeU Ov.| pop. 300. 
Bif Cnflk Saminary; prep.; co-ed,; non-sect,; 

K. G, T-fii;rmijfe. Pdn. 
lAITEVIEW* Oibian Oo.* pop. 25. 
LaneTlew CoLLeife; prep.; eoncd. ; non-soet.; est. 

1887: J£>hn MeadowSp B. A,, Free. 

L13AK0K. WUaon Co., pop. t^D^O. 
Cumberland UmTemtr; unlT. ; eo-ed,; Cumb. 

E»resb,: fsit, 1842; Bavid E, Mltebell^ 

Cumberland trnirersity. Xaw Bobool; law; 

ijieu.; eat. 1B47; Nutbiin Green, LL. D,. 

Lab&non Collefs for Yoimff Ludiae; ^trta' 

bojirdliie; Cuinb. Preab.; eat. 1B3B; K. E. 

Weir, Ph. D., Frcfl. 

LEWIHBUB&, MarBhmll Co., pop. 1.42L 
HAj^nei-HcLaan Academy; prep,; eo-ed, ; nou- 
iwret.: M, 51. ^11 miliar, Prln, 
LEXTNGTOM, Hendarion Co., pop. 1,^2. 
Lcxiofftoo Narmal School and Ccmmeroial In- 
Btltut«; prtp, ^ ta-ed,; Don-aect.; Robert 
L. I^uttoa. Prln. 

LIBEKTY, DoKalb Co., pop. ISO. 

Liberty Training School; prep.; eo-edri uoo- 
aeet,; L. F. WilkerHoii. Prln, 

LOUDON* Ijoudon Co.j pop. 875- 

Loudon Oolloffa; prep.; co-ed.; non-aoi-t.; D. 
Bnlhfirde Slinrjsoti, B. A,, It, S., Prln. 

LTirCHBUEG, Moora Co.* pup. 417. 
Lynchburg Training Bebool; prep,; co-ed.; M. 
K,; W, \V. Ma jut, A. B.^ Prin. 

MAETIW, Wwklfly Co., pop, IJfflJ. 

McFeiTin CoMage; prep.; t,-i>-ed.: M, E, So.; 
J. T. Frlehelt, M. A. 

MAETVILLE, Blount Oo„ pop. 2,276. 
Freednian'A Hortaal and Froparatory Sobool 

(eolored); prep.; co-ed^; Frlenda; A. W. 

iiadlisy, Prln. 
Maryrillv CoUftge; toL: -^^etl.; Preab.; eat, 

1,^19; Itev. Samuel Tyndale Wllaoa, D, 

D,, Prea. 

MoKEKZIE, Carroll Co., pop. 1,20B. 

Bethel Collet o; col.: eo-ed.; Cumb. Preab.; 

eat. 1S50; Charles E. Stem tea, Prea, 
McTyeire aabul; prep.; eo-ed. ; M. E. So.; 

Jflfl, A. RoldiJU, B, A,, Prln. 

MoLEJtOEEflVILLE, Carroll Co,, pip. 153. 
MoLemoroBTillo Coll«ti»ie Institute; prep.; 
co-ed.: M, E.; eat. 18S5; E. H, Hatr«ll, 
B, S., Pre«, 

MEMPHIB, Shelby Co,, p^^p. 102.320. 

Ghriatian Brothara' Colloge; eol.; men; B. C; 

cat. 1871; Be?-. Brother Maurellan, Prea. 
LaHoyne Normal Inatitut* (eolured); normal; 

prLv^ikte; eo-od.; Andrew J, SteelCi Prea. 
Macon ajAd Andr««a Collefa; bun. and f^teii.; 

G. A. Mttcon Bud A. A. Andruwa. Props, 
Memphia Hoapital Kadical CoLlaga; med.; 

rejE.; men; eat, ISSO; Wm. B. Boffota, 

M, D,, Dh&hh. 
8t. A^uaa Academy; gtrln' boordSns; H. 0.; 

Sister Befnardlne. Prln. 
at. Mary'i Bobwl; fflrla' hoiirdlng; P. E.; 

Slater Mnry Mundot Pflu^ 
ITnlveralty BahooL; tio^'B' hoarding; non-He>et.; 

Wnrta and Rhea. Prlua. 
Wataan BuAineRi Collaea; bus. and aten.; W. 

T, Watson, Prea, 




MIDDI.ETON; Hftrdeman Co,, pop. Ml* 
MlddLeton HI; h Bo1i(m>1 i prcp^ ; co-ed, ; qoti- 
sect. : I, >\ Uoinnd, PrJn* 
MIDWAY^ Oreene Co^, pop. 110, 
Mid'war HiBb School; prep^; fiD-^'d. ; nnn-Bm^t.; 
J. W, Luows, A. M*. PrUi, 
HILLIGAKk Cft-rtar Co^ iKip. ti)0. 

Millifmu Oollfl^e; efi^L; eo'i^d-; CU|;iB.; <*»t- 
1RS2; J, nopwwx], A. M., Prea. 
MOKTEAGLE* MaTion Co., pc>p, 880. 
Finirtnouiit School for Otrli; tvW hMrdinr; 
P. E.; flat. 1873: W, U. I>u Bgfit;, M. A., 
HOHRISTOWK, Hsmhlfin Cq,, p«p. 2,9T,1. 
MiUfriBtown 2fcnn&l Rtid InduQ^ftl Call&K"; 

mil. A, M., J*. Um rrt-s. 
MDITITT JtTLtET, Wilton Co,, pop, 40. 
finldwell Tramlnff Bohool; prep.; im-i'^k; vnm- 
sett; W. .\. Catdwt'll. Prlij. 
llOlrwT PLEABAHT, Mmury Co.* ptpp. a,*J<»T. 
Howard InftHute; prep,; fOH^^irf ^1. ^^i S^mnA 
A. Bastwifl!, I'rliu 
BIUHFHEESBOSOp EuthsrfoTd Co., pop. 3,1I0S. 
Boiila Temple CoUeffe; glrlH' boa ni! rig; M. E. 
SsH, ; cttt. IHrill; C, C Crittendon. Priti. 
KABHTILLE, DAvldioo Co,, lm>p. Mo.^itOTi, 

fifllmant CoUcfs; fr^rla^ hoarding; uon^BOct.^ 

lliHHi'fl I loud inid HerririK PHds. 
ButDahat GaLl«g«; gtrlH^ tHJurnJltig; iiuu-set^t, ; 

(-Mt. IftSU; C. A. Folk. B. A.. Pr*B. 
Bow«ii Scliool; prup,; lio^e; tuju-sti<;t. ; «;it. 

l?li^i; A. 0. Bowf^n. A, M.. PHn. 
Bran^hon't Pr««iif»l Bu«liu9f« C^Hafe; bua. 
unrt atcii- : t^Bt. IWKft; J^ P. Druiii;lit>£i, 

FkU'i Biuln«ii CoUofffl; bus. snd Hten. ; Ak^- 

andw Fall, PrpH, 
Flak TJniv^rjity (oolitnnij ; coU; pti»-iMlK; Codg.; 

I'wl. JSiJf], 
JoiLalnrB Buiiaeu CoU«tft; bi^a. aod a ten.; 

R. %V. iprnilniTfl. Prtu. 
MAhuTir Mftdiul Collete, Wi.lden CTniTfiriit? 

Cootond) ; tiled.; reg. ; co-t'd,i est. ISTd; 

(J. W. HuhT>nrd, M. D,. Demi. 
MoDtiomerr ll«U Aoadvinj-; l>offt' d«y^ non- 

8*^i^t.; W. M, J), (.'lark, Prln, 
Fftabod; CoUq^ for TaAohjera; normsU ^tfttp; 

co-i*d. ', *»»t+ 1S7-1 ; Juuif^H li. Porter^ LL. 

IK. Pri»H, 
Roffar Wllllauia UniVAraltr (oftlOTed)^ cuL ; tw- 

ctL; linpt.; pat, HiKlfK Re¥. P. B. Gnern- 

jwr. .\. M., Pro«. 
Bt. Cftoelli'B A«d«mr; glrlii' tmardlug; R. C. ; 

M[>tUer ('"riifieoH, Prlii, 
~ BU Jonoph'i AoadfrniT; iclrlit' boordluf; R. 0.; 

Sister I'^uagellHt, FtIu. 
ITDirflraity of NMhTmn; uaJ?*; co-ed-; non- 

UoiTflraitr of lfAAhvlll«, Hedifial l>spa.rtizi9iit ; 

juih:!, ;, re|f.; ri>'i'd. ; cut. IHftii; VVuit Q, 

Ewlutf, M. D.. iK'itrj. 
TTniTertitr <ti Tfttia«BiAep Dentiil Departmautt 

ileiit; <-<ved. : !•»(:, 1HT7. 
Uulveriitir of T«niiei#e4> M«dlciil Bepartmani ; 

nif?d,; n-tf,; men; fi*t. 1S70; Pit til F. Bvts 

M. 1).. Ileiin, 
ITiilTffnltT Bohooh pn^p.; boys; iioti>iecC.; «flt. 

ISSfl: C. B. Wttllaoe. II. A., Prln. 

Tandvrbtlt TTniTarcity ; nnlr.; co-pd»; M. B. 

^.: eat. 1ST5; Jam^s H. Ktrklaud. Ph. 

D, . Prea. 
VftndorhUt UnivAriity, Depftrtmsot of Bfla- 

tlrtry; dent.; ro-ed. ; v»t. 18ID: li, R> 

Wtubbleflffld, A. M., M. Dm n. I). S.. 

Tandorbllt ITniTsrsity, Departmomt Af Flua?^ 

maor; phar. ; coed- ; pat. 187&; J. T. 

McnJH, DeBi], 
Tande:rbilt 'D'nivoraity, 1a.w Dop&rtmetii; law; 

Mini: eat. IN;7S; Ttiomiia H. Mtilotie. 
A. M., Doaii. 
VandArhilt ITnivoriityp Xadloal I74partm«it 

nii^d. t jreK-I tueii; eat. 3874; Wm. Im 

Dudley, JI. D.. Dean. 
Waldsn ^nlvenlty ^eolori-d); uiiIt, ; co-ed. 

M, E.; pftt, ISm. 
Waldon irniToriity* Dental Dapaitmant (ool< 

ored>; dent,; men; e«T, 188«: U, W, Hulv 

biird. iJ, D, !S.. PeiMi. 
Walden UniTomlty, Copartmont of Phamta^ 

(□oloTod) ; plsiir.: eti ncI, ; <-jft. IHfUf; <i, 

W. Hubburcl. tJeuii. 
Waldeo TTniverflity, Law Dfip&rtDient ^ law 

ineti; Qetsfge T. RobluiH>n, A. M., Deuiv 
Ward SomiDEiry; glfla' buiirdlng; Preab, ; k^U 

1S65: I. D. BUititou, Prlu, 
WEW MARKET, JelTaraofi Co.^ p4ip. 42u. 
Kbw Markot Aoadeia; i pret». ; eo-ed. ; PreitN 

iurl Eltui^re, Prlii. 
NEWFOitT, Caoka Co., ptip. l.dHU. 
Howport BaminaTj; pJ:%p-; ■^O'fitd. ; u*in-iieel. 

Alex. S. Pait^Hi, Piin. 
QRLIKDA, Robertion Co., pup. 101. 
Orlinda Aoadftmy; tirep. ; eu-ed. ; iiaii-wct j 

Win. MeNt-eley. Pfln. 
ORYSA, Lauderdalfi Oii.i pfjp. 

Hatch Academy; clwic^. 
OTTWAY, &TAaDa Co., pup. 

Cttvay Gall&te; prep.; eu-iKl.; noii-aeet, ; 

r. Ooddard, Prlii, 
PARROTBVILLE, Cooka Co., {mp. m. 
Fatrrotivtlla SaminaTT; r"'''*l'*i (M>-e4]. ; M. 

J. M. Rule, Prill. 

PETEEBBUSO. tincoln Co.. p^vp, -111. 
EUiab«th Trainlag- Bchocil; prep,; co-od. ; 
jiert.; W. K. Miller, Prhi. 

FIHETILLE, Blsdaos Co.* pop. 44)0. 
People '■ CoUoffa; prep.; ixhv*!,; 
Rer. J. W. Taylor, Prtn, 

PLEAS AlfT HILL, Camberland Co., pop, m. 
Plaajant Uill Aoadamy; prep,; di-t'd, ; Oon|. 
Etev. W. E. Wheeler, Prill, 

PULASKI, GiloB Co.. PL^h 2,838. 

Kartin Famale CoUoffa; ifrirLa' iHirti'dliiff ; 

E, Bi^k; est. 1870; L«K»uiird I., Vnuu 
A. M., Prin. 

&QGEBBVILLE, Hawkijia Co., pop. l/jm. 
MctlCinn HlUtary Aoadainy^ mUHnry; nol 

m}ct.\ i\ W. DiitIw, Hopt. 
EofarsTilla Bynodioal CoUaco; slrln' hrtardlng 

Preub.; eHt. 1S40; Wui. M. Crayblll, ^ 

D.. Prill. 
Bwlft Msmorlal Inattlute {etitored): pr^p.; r^i 

ed.; Preib,: W. H, FrankUn. A. "" 








BUTHEBFOBD, Oibton Co., pop. 677. 
Bntherford Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
est. 1868; H. H. ElUs. B. S., Prln. 
BAVLBBVBT, Hardeman Co., pop. 343. 

Woodland Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-seol,; 
Frank S. CofBn, Prin. 
BAYANVAH, Hardin Co., pop., 2,000. 
Hardin College; succeeded by Savannah Insti- 
Savannah Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect ; 
est. 1885; William E. Rogers, A. M., 
SCOTTS HILL, Henderson Co., pop. 240. 

Bootta Hill Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
B. A. Tucker, Prin. 
aSyiEBYILLE, Sevier Co., pop. 619. 

Murphy College; prep.; co-ed.; Meth.; H. K. 
Ketron, Prin. 

B, Franklin Co., pop. 440. 
University of the South; univ.; men; P. E.; 

est. 1868; B. Lawton Wiggins, M. A., 

Vaivenity of the South, Law Department; 

law; men; est. 1893; A. T. McNeal, 

University of the South, Medioal Department; 

med.; reg.; men; est. 1891; John S. 

Gain, M. D., Dean. 
BHELBYYILLE, Bedford Co., pop. 2,236. 
Bedford Institute; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; est. 

1902; O. Clinton Hanna, A. M., Ph. D., 

Dixon Aoademy; closed. 
Shelbyville Female College; closed. 
Turner Institute (colored); prep.; co-ed.; A. 

M. E.; est. 1887; Rev. C. H. Boone, B. S., 

B. A., B. D., Prtn. 
University School; closed. 
8MYBKA, Butherford Co., pop. 220. 
Smyrna Fitting School; prep.; co-ed.; non> 

sect.; Fraser Hood, M. A., Prin. 

BVEEDYILLE, Hancock Co., pop. 180. 
McKinney Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; Presb. ; 
F. A. Penland, Prin. 

■0UTB8IDE, Montgomery Co., pop. 54. 
Soutbaida Preparatory School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; ICcKee ft Harper, Prins. 

SPABTA, White Co., pop. 896. 
Dihrell Normal School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; B. O. Duggan, Prin. 
SPEVCZB, Yan Buren Co., pop. 146. 

Burritt College; col.; co-ed.; Christ.; est. 
1848; W. N. BiUingsley, A. M., Pres. 
STEPPSYILLE, Warren Co., pop! 24. 
Philadelphia Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Marion Turner, Prin. 
SWEETWATEB, Monroe Co., pop. 1,716. 
Sweetwater Military College; military; non- 
sect.; est. 1874; MaJ. O. C. Hulvey, Pres. 
TAZEWELL, Claihome Co., pop. 400. 
Taiewell College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; W. 
A. Evans, Prin. 
TIPTONVILLE, Lake Co., pop. 403. 
Tiptonville High School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1900; Will Keeble, B. S., Prin. 
TBACT CITY, Orundy Co., pop. 2,130. 
Shook School, James K. ; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1889; Rev. W. G. Dillon, A. B., 
TULLAHOMA, Coffee Co., pop. 2,684. 
Brandon Training School; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; Alfred J. Brandon. Pres. 
Jess Mai Aydelotte College; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; B. S. Poster, Prin. 
TVSCDXUM, Greene Co., pop. 50. 
Greenville and Tusoulum College; col.; co-ed.; 
Presb. > est. 1794; Samuel A. Coile, D. D., 

WASHINGTON COLLEGE, Washington Co., pop. 
Washington College; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 
1795; James F. Gooter, M. A., D. D., 
WATEBTOWN, Wilson Co., pop. 606. 
Watertown Training School; prep.; co-ed.; 
non-sect.; Wm. H. Turney, Prin. 
WELLS SPBING, Campbell Co., pop. 88. 
Powell's Valley Seminary; prep.; co-ed.; 1£. 
E.; E. B. Dykes, B. S., Prin. 
WHEAT, Boane Co., pop. 60. 
Boane College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; B. E. 
Keebler, Prin. 

WHITE PINE, Jefferson Co., pop. 295. 
Edwards Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; U. B.; est. 
1878; Rose Masters, Prin. 

WINCHESTEB, Franklin Co., pop. 1,888. 
Winchester Nonnal College; nor.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; est. 1878; R. A. Clark, B. S.. A. 1£., 

WOODBUBT, Oaanoa Co., pop. 468. 
Woodbury Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
E. J. Lehman, Prin. 


Population, 3,048,710. School census, 1,067,710. School age, 8-17. 

Texas is the sixth state of the Union in point of population, having a total of 
3,048,710 inhabitants, of whom 2,426,669, or 79.6 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber, 177,581, or 5.8 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 14.5 per cent, the state ranking thirty-sixth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


Arthur Lefevre, State Superintendent Public Instruction Austin 

Wm. C Hixson, Chief Clerk Austin 

B. E. McCuLLocH, Auditing Clerk. Austin 

E. B. Carruth, Statistics Clerk Austin 

C. V. Johnson, Law and Certificate Clerk • Austin 

H. P. BicKLER, Stenographic and Filing Clerk Austin 

G. S. DowELL, Mailing Clerk Austin 


Governor S. W. T. Lanham, President Austin 

Comptroller J. W. Stephens Austin 

Secretary of State J. R. Curl Austin 

Arthur Lefevre, State Superintendent, ex-officio. Secretary Austin 


Governor S. W. T. Lanham Austin 

C. K. Bell, Attorney-General Austin 

W. J. Clay, Commissioner of Agriculture Austin 

SuPT. F. W. Chatfield. Supt. S. M. N. Marrs. 

SuPT. W. E. Edelen. Hon. Geo. B. Terrell. 

The State Text-Book Board selected last August the text-books to be used in the 
public schools of this state. 


J. G. WooTEN, President Paris 

I. P. Skinner, First Vice-President Colorado 

W. F. Wilson, Second Vice-President Palestine 

W. E. Edelen, Third Vice-President Ennis 

C. Q. Barton, Secretary Decatur 

R. R. Foster, Treasurer Angleton 





County Judge. Pop. of 

County* H Ex-officio County Superintendent. Address. County. 

Anderson G. W. Hudson Palestine 28,016 

Angelina J. T. Maroney Lufkin 13,481 

Aransas W. H. Baldwin ...: Rockport 1,716 

Archer F. Lewis Archer City 12,608 

Armstrong Q. Moore Claude 11,205 

Atascosa W. M. Abernethy .Pleasanton 7,143 

Austin John P. Bell ^Bellville 20,676 

Bandera J. W. Currie Bandera 5,332 

Bastrop J. B. Price Bastrop 26,845 

Baylor B. M. Britain Seymour 3,052 

Bee J. C. Dougherty Beeville 7,720 

Bell 'H. K. Orgain Belton 45,535 

Bexar *P. F. Stewart San Antonio 69,422 

Blanco S. W. Wallis Johnson City 4,207 

Borden J. M. Searcy Crail 776 

Bosque B. J. Word Meridian 17,390 

Bowie 'Thomas Perry Boston 26,676 

Brazoria *R. R. Foster .Angleton 14,861 

Brazos A. G. Board Bryan 18,859 

Brewster A. M. Turney Alpine 2,356 

Briscoe J. E. Daniel Silverton 1,263 

Brown S. C. Coffee 3rownwood 16,019 

Burleson R. J. Alexander Caldwell 18,367 

Burnet Ike D. White Burnet 10,528 

Caldwell George W. Kyser Lockhart 21,765 

Calhoun M. S. Mahon Port Lavaca 2,395 

Callahan I. N. Jackson Baird 8,268 

Cameron *E. H. Goodrich Brownsville 16,096 

Camp J. D. Bass, Jr Pittsburg 9,146 

Carson J. L. Harrison Panhandle 469 

Cass W. F. Ford Linden 22,841 

Castro C. F. Kerr Dimmit 400 

Ch€unbers W. B. (Jordon ...- Wallisville 3 046 

Cherokee James P. Gibson Rusk 25,164 

Childress W. B. Howard Childress 2,138 

Clay ♦W. P. Klostar Henrietta 9,231 

Coke Gid Graham Robert Lee Z,43Q 

Coleman B. F. Rose Coleman 10,077 

Collin ♦J. H. Hill McKinney 50,087 

Cpllingsworth J. L. Lackey Wellington 1,230 

Colorado J. J. Mansfield Columbus 22,207 

Grimes J. G. McDonald, Jr Anderson 26,106 

Guadalupe *J. B. Williams Seguin 21,385 

Hale W. C. Mathes Plainview 1,680 

Hall J. F. Bradley : Memphis 1,670 

Hamilton J. W. Warren Hamilton 13,520 

Hansford Nelson B. Crosby Hansford 167 

Hardeman W. J. Jones Quanah 3,634 

Hardin *Amos Rich Kountze 5,549 

Harris ♦L. L. Pugh Houston 63,286 

Harrison ♦A. R. Liddell Marshall 31,878 

Hartley J. E. Moore Channing 377 

Haskell D. H. Hamilton Haskell 2,637 

Hays Ed. R. Kone San Marcos 14,142 

Hemphill T. B. Humphrey Canadian 815 

Henderson W. F. Freeman Athens 19,970 

Hidalgo R. A. Marsh Hidalgo 6.837 

Hill L. C. Hill HiUsboro 41,355 

Hood K. H. Faulkner '. Granbury 9,146 

Hopkins R. B. Keasler Sulpher Springs 27,950 

Houston Porter Newman Crockett 25,452 

Howard John B. Littler Big Springs 2,528 

Hunt 'W. W. J. Hanna Greenville 47,295 

Hutchinson W. P. Hedgecoke Plemons 303 

Irion W. S. Fokes Sherwood 848 

Jack *L. H. Bryant Jacksboro io,224 

Jackson F. M. Austin -Edna 6,094 

Jasper K. P. Barton Jasper 7,138 




County Judge. Pop. of 

County. Ex-offlelo County Superintendent. Address. County. 

Jeff Davis J. P. Weatherby Fort Davis 1,150 

Jefferson *H. L. Moody Beaumont 14,239 

Johnson ♦G. E. Warren Cleburne 33,819 

Jones .John B. Thomas Anson 7,053 

Karnes A. J. Parker Karnes City 8,681 

Kaufman H. M. Oosnahan Kaufman 33,376 

Kendall Henry Theis Boerne 4,103 

Kent J. B. Jay Clairemont 899 

Kerr Julius Real Kerrville 4,980 

Kimble John S. Durst Junction City 2,503 

King R. B. Hieht Guthrie 490 

Kinney M. P. Mklone Bracketville 2,447 

Kncx G. B. Landrum Benjamin 2,322 

Lamar 'J. R. Roach Paris 48,627 

Lampasas D. C. Thomas Lampasas 8,625 

La Salle C. C. Thomas Cotulla 2,303 

Lavaca ♦P. P. Guenther Halletsville 28,121 

Lee John H. Ta,te Giddings 14,595 

Leon J. W. Powell Centreville 18,072 

Uberty *. ...M. D. Rayburn Liberty 8,102 

Limestone James Kimbell Groesbeck 32,573 

Lipscomb T. J. Reaaoner Lipscomb 790 

Live Oak W. A. Hill Oakville '. . .21,268 

Reeves T. J, Hefner Pecos 1,847 

Refugio W. L. Rea :.... Refugio 1,641 

Roberts N. F. I/)cke Miami 620 

Robertson ♦N. D. Cbbb FYanklin 31,480 

Rockwall Bd. Foree Rockwall 8,531 

Runnels T. T. Crosson Ballinger 5.371 

Rusk W. W. Moore Henderson 26,099 

Sabine James T. Peace Hemphill 6,394 

San Augustine H. K. Polk San Augustine 8,434 

San Jacinto S. C. Clark Cold Springs 10,277 

San Patricio P. A. Hunter Sinton 2,372 

San Saba W. A. Smith San Saba 7,569 

Schleicher G. A. Whitten Eldorado 516 

Scurry W. H. Harvey Snyder 4.158 

Shackelford L M. Chism Albany 2,461 

Shelby James M. Sanders Center 20,452 

Sherman S. T. Pagan Stratford 104 

Smith ♦J. S. Magee Tyler 37,370 

Somervell H. L. Evans Glen Rose 3,498 

Starr J. R. Monroe Rio Grande City 11,469 

Stephens W. C. Veale Brcckenridge 6,406 

Sterling P. D. Cbulson Sterling City 1.127 

Stonewall A. S. Pbrrester Aspermont 2,183 

Sutton R. C. Dawson Sonora 1,727 

Swisher T. W. Tomlinson Tulia 1,227 

Tarrant ♦M. H. Moore Port Worth 52.376 

Taylor D. G. Hill Abilene 10,499 

Throckmorton B. F. Thorp Throckmorton 1,750 

Titus P. H. Rogers Mt. Pleasant 12,292 

Tom Green Milton Mays San Angelo 6,804 

Travis ♦W. P. Brady Austin 47.386 

Trinity C. H. Crow Groveton 10,976 

Tyler W. A. Johnson Woodville 11.899 

Upshur M. E. Briggs Gilmer 16.266 

Uvalde J. F. Robinson Uvalde 4,649 

Val Verde J. G. Griner Del Rio 6,263 

Van Zandt John W. Davidson Canton 26.481 

Victoria Ben W. Ply Victoria 13.678 

Walker ♦S. C. Wilson Huntsville 16.813 

Waller ♦T. A. Kelley Hempstead 14.246 

Ward J. A. Stewart Barstow 1.461 

Washington E. P. Currey Brenham 32.W1 

Webb B. Richardson Ji?;r^**^ 21.861 

Wharton G. S. Gordon Wharton 16.942 

Wheeler J. M*. Grigsby ^^^f^^^^;: .^ 

Wichita W. P. Skeen Wichita Palls 6.806 

Wilbarger J. A. Nabers Vernon 6,759 





CouiHy JiulBtv Pop. ot 

Countj*. Ki-i>l{lrirj County Hupt^rhitiiudeQt. Atlclreflv, Ctiitnt^. 

Williamson * *D. L, Hamilton ....,***.*...*Georgetown ..* 3S,(m 

Wllaon H. P, Gouger .- FloreBvllle I3,9<jl 

Wl»e * John G. Gose .***Decatur 27,U<i 

^Nsmefl preceded bj nn aaterliik nre of county inporlntendenU. All DtbtTa iiirc couxtty jTi(lff«>» 
acting ex-ofBf^lo tin fouuty mipf^rliiti^iuli^nts. 


ABILENBt Tiijlor Co., pop. 3.411. 
Simnont Coll«iB; coL; co-ed.; Bnptr; 0, H. 
€uf>per, Ijh. D.p Prts. 
AIBAHY, SlwctkfllfDrd Co., pop. 000. 

EeTnt^ldi Fret^Ttfiriftn Aoiidem; } prep. ; co-ed. ; 
rr<*rtb,- O, M, Brltan, Pis. R. Frln. 
ATHENBt Hfind«riDa Co., pop. 1,T^. 
Bruee Aoftdemy ; i>ri*p. ; co-ed. ; non-iept*; W^ 
H. Br nee ^ I'rln, 
AUSTIN, TnTlB Co., pop. 2Z,2^. 

Btcklfir Aoadtimy; proli- ; l^o-chI. ; nan-^^cft. ; 

Jacob Blckler. Prln. 
6-rIflitft CoUttfft of Ootuiafirfla; boM. and stti^ii.; 

D. A. GHfflttfi, Free, 
at, EdwArds Collvf*; loI. ^ ui^u; B. C: eat. 
1S85: Rev. Jotiii T. Boland. C. S. C, 
at. Kary'a Aa&demy; K>rl£i' boerdlnir; R. O, ; 

SUter Siiptrlor, F'rln, 
B>muet Houittffi Collate; pfi>p.; c^o-cd. ; 1^1. E,t 

R, S, Litvltigooil. A, M,» PrJn. 
Tillotun GolloEQ {notared): prep.; euKcd.; 
Codg.; &Bt. ia«lj Ecy. MargJiaU R. 
GnhivA, A. M., B. D.. Prt'ii. 
Univorilty of TaxM; unir.; atate; cd-ih].; i^fit. 

is:n; Wrii, L. Prather. PFes. 
TIniTortity of Tez«v. Law Deputmeiit ; law; 
iiKii^ cftt. lSa;i' yuocfy T>ewlit, De&ii. 
B£XTON, Ball Co,, pop. a.7W. 
BajIot FfiuulB Colltttfi; sirls' boarding; BapL; 
HMt. lS4fj; Rev. W nil am A. Wilson, A. 
M,. B, D.. Pres. 
BONHAH. Finnifi Co.. ixip. a.042, 

Carltoii CoUfifs; glrlt' boarding; CbrlBt.; «l. 
1M«7; CburJt-a Car I toil, Pra». 
BBENKAM, Wmahjniton Co., pop. B,9C8. 

Blinn Xemorial CaltegB; prep.; co-ed.; SI. E, ; 

C. IhhHdiitl, Trill. 
£TiiiLe;alLUl Luthftimn Calleter prep.; co-ed.; 
Ev. Lutb.; Pnif. F, Klniint-rniajin, Prea. 
BEOWMSYIILE, Camejon Co-, pop. ©.3nr>. 
IntHLTOtt* Word Aoftdomjr; s^ria* boarding: E. 

C, ; Mother Staulalaita, Prln. 
8t, Joietph'a Collate e buya' bourdli^; E. 
C; E. J. O'Ctilktghao, O, M. I., Frln. 
BBOWKWOOB^ Brown £k., pop. 3.000. 

Haw&rd Pa-yno OoUego; ooi; co-od. ; Bapt: 
(^et. imti; J. H. Gpore. A. M., Prea. 
finrFAI,0 GAP, Ta.ylQr Co,, pop. 2^0. 

Buffalo 0ap Collflt« ; prep. ; co-ed. ; Cumb. 
Prpab.; J. ih Clay, Prln, 
CHAPBELIr KIXL, WaiMaiton Co., p(jp. B13. 
GIupp«ll Hill ramale CoUog*; glrla; U. E. 
So.r ett. 1S52- J^ndan 1?*. Smith. Praa. 
CLBBITEKE, JokoAfiiL Oo*, pt^, 1,483. 
Ok burse Audomr; prep,; co~ed.; non-Hct.; 
W. W. Llndaley, Pi-in, 

COUAlfCHE, Conwnohe Co., pop. £,0T0. 

Comancyho Callfl^; urep.; (i;j-ed. ; Doii-Bf«ft, ; 
W. F. Ri^ffPDi, Fb. D., A. M., Prln. 
COMMERCE, Hunt Co.. p<ip. l.SOO. 
Eftii Texu Kornul Gollat«; normal; private; 
io-mI.; est. IShft: Wh U Maya. A. B., 
COEBICAyA. Kibvarro Co., pop. 0,313. 

Hill»r'i SemiDiry, Mia.; pr^p.; ro-cd.; notL- 
ftiNt.: Mrtj. R. T. Mllle!-, Prjo. 
CEOCKETT, Houiton Co.^ pop. 2.Q12. 

Mary AUsn 8«Eiiiiuiry; ^Irla* btiardlng; Freab, ; 
John R yinltli, D. D., Pfln. 

CBOWELL, Fou-d Co., pop. 27i. 

CtowdU CollAge ; prep, ; co-ed. ; ooti-iKct. ; H.^ 
A. Mayer a. Prlii. 

CUMBT, Hopkint Co., pop, 4m. 

Indepvndflnt Norm&l College; normal; privato; 
fo-ed.; E. L. Taylor, Prea. 

DALLAS, DftUma C0,, pup. 42.^1H. 
Cantnl Aoftdeiayi; elosuMJ, 
J>all»i CemmerQiAl CoUefs; liaa. and sten, ; 

G. A, Uarmoa, Preii, 
Dallaa MedicA) Collflgo; med. ; tog.; tiieii; eat. 

1901; Hugh L, McNVw. M. D., Bean. 
Metropolitan Buaineai CoUoge; boM. and aten.; 

A. Raglan (K l^rcj*. 
UnlTanitr of Da.lla^, I>ep«rtmaat of Bhftr> 

mftOTi pbar. ^ men; eat. 1001; til. G. E&- 

orle. Dean. 
Uniyaraity of DallnBr Medical Be^rtmant; 

nn!d.j reg.; men; eat 1900; Obatlea M. 

Koaat^r, M^ 17.^ Denn, 

DEXISOST, Grayaon Com pop, 11,807. 
Harsliaw'a Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; nod-aeet.; 
Geo. L. Uaraba^ff^, Prln. 

BEIITQN, Beoton Co., pap. 4,1&7. 
Korth Texu Vormal OoILege; normal; atate; 
co-cd.; X. B. Terrlll, Prea. 

BETEOIT, E«d Eiyer Co., pop. l.O&e. 

Betioit Kormal School; normal; atute; ^o-ed. ; 
J. Rjiy, FresJ. 

£BDT, MoLoimaii Co., pap. 472. 

Eddy Liteiuy and Solantifl^ lD«tLtiita| prep.; 
00 ed.; bmi-aect.; J. M, BedlcJrok* , Ptln. 

EL PAflO, El Fafto Co*, pop. in.OOQ, 

it, Jo*aph'a Aoadamy; gtria' boardttiff^ li. 
C; eat. IHOil- Slater M, BiirbarB, Prln, 

FEREia, ElUi Co., pop. 004. 

Forria InitHuto; prep.; co-ed.; aon-aecttr. A. 
0. Speer. Prln. - p 

FLOE£lfC£, WUlf&iaun 0«,, pop. 063. 
Florenaa Collfige; prep.; co-cd.; non-Kct. ; W. 
O. StlrUng, Prln, 





FORNEY, KmufmMi Co.* [h>p. i.XQ^t. 
Lqwib Ac&demy, The; pr*'p. ; t-M-f d, ; iion-Sbjct. S 

FOET WORTH, Turrint Co-, \HiiK 2U,GSS. 

Divufbon^i Fr&atica.L BuaineBA College^ bus. 

nud HtH>. ; J. F. Di^tU;;LLoJ:], Pres. 
Fort Worth Bueiin«Bi CDlltjTfih bu8. and stcfi-l 

V. F. rronltt, rrett. 
Fort Worth ITmTeTBitTi uhIt, ; echod*; M* E. ; 

D.. PreB. 
Jfirt WortlL niiiverAlt3r> Iaw Depftrti^&Dt; 
inw; mon: est. 18(i3: O. S. Ljittitutire. 

Fcrrt Wortli TTniverHity, Hadioal department t 
mod.; rc'j?. ; tii-etl^l est, isn4; Bafcm 
Saunders^ LL. D., M. D., Deon. 

Ffllytfiotmio Collfifo; I'ol. ; CD-od.; M« E, So^; 
If St. IS&l^ Rt-v, H. A. Bona, M. A., Prrs. 

St^ li^atiui Ac«dfimys ^Irlu' boardlug; H. C.; 
Sister Linilsis Pritu 

OALTESTON, ^alvaBtflii. Go«, pop. 37.780. 

Dr&ufhon'a Frftoticrfcl BugifiAiii Gollef«j han* 

and pU'ii.; J, F. L>ru (in^liuii^ Prois. 
St< Joifipb^i Cotkfistit; Liiep. ; i-o-t'd. ; R. C. ; 

SUter Mary, Prlii. 
St> Hmry'a iTDWeriitr; cuL. ; tueti^ R. C.t 

est. 18&4t Rei?. A. Guyot. Proi. 
tJalTBrcitT of T9X«s, M«diD».l Department; 

m&d^; res.; ro-ed.; obL 3S01; WIUIjito S. 

CRrter, M. D,. Detin. 
UniTsnitF of TexAi, Behoot of Pliftnujifly; 

phor. I L-oed.; eet. IftftSi Dr. W, S- Onf- 

ter, Denn, 
tTnuUne CoiiTeot; ^Irtsi' l^onrdlng^ E. Cr, 

Mother St. Affnea^ PrlB, 
OEOEOETOWIT, Williamtoii Co., pop. 2JD0. 
Sauthwoitftrii ITniTsriity : cuL; co-e^L; M. E. 

l^o.j 4?flt. 1S73; RobL^rt Sttrtvaart Hjer, A. 

M.p LL. D., Resent. ff,; . 

ULESr ROSE, SomorreU Co., pop. SSO. 
Glen Rous CoUefiita Initltute; t^rep. ; co-ed.; 
Prtsb.; A. E. Hill. Prliv. 

ORAPETINE, TArraat Go.^ pup. 702. 
0Tmf«vtua GoUegv; prep.i co-ed.; noD-kect*; 
G. T. Bludwortli, PtId. 

&fi££2rVllX£, Hunt Co.^ pop, 6,SeO. 
Burlekt^n CoUe^e; ooL; <'i>-ed.; Bnpt; eftt, 

mt«3; J. B. Johnscm. Pb. £>,, Pres, 
GreQOTiUii Rualneaa CollAffe; bua. and «ten. ; 
*!st. lOOii; n. a. MblQ, A. B.. A, M., 

HEAEKE, Bobertaoa Co.. pop. 2l2f>. 

Heame Academy, Iformai ajid Induatriftl In- 
Btitutfi ; nor. and iDduBt-; co-(^d.; BapLt 
ijat. l*l*il; S. E. J. Wataon, B. a, t-roa. 

HOUSTON, Hairii Co., pop, 4^,6^3. 

Hu-gi« Sohaol, Miii.; flrlf^' bnar^lpf; tion^ 

aect. : The ^iaai^a Hflrgfa. Prlos. 
MuAoy Buiinou Collate , The; bna, und bIrii.: 

C. F. Bi'utul, PreB. 
Whaeler BailnaBi CoLIofa; lni$. and Htf*ii.; 

WUlwrd J. Wli feeler. Ftee. 

HUKTSVIiLE, Wmlker Co., pop. 2.4«fi, 
Si^m HouitoD Hormil Initituto; nonq^l; state; 
coed.; eat. 1879; H. G. Prltehett, A. M.. 

JACKS OirVlLLl, Gherokaa Go., pop. 1,598. 
Alexj-nd^r CoUagtate Inatltuta; prep.; tij-oil.; 
M K, 8«»,, I']* R. Wt 111 a ma, Prln. 

JASPER, JaspBT Co.t pop. 47Si> 

So nth west Texaa CoUeKB ; prop.; eo-ed. ; non- 
BtMt. ^ J. IL J^ynnatt, Prln. 

LA FORTE p HArria Co., pnp, fiE7. 
Texaa Military IHBtitnte; burned. 

LAREDO, Wobb Co., pop. 13,42&. 

Lftredo 8«mfnarj; prep.; co-ed.; M. K. So.; 
MIsa N. E. Holding. Frin. 

MoKINHEY, Collin Co^ pf>r> 4,342. 

Hawthorne Collago; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
ir. G. Raod, Prln. 

]iAR8HAX«L» Han-lHii Co., pop. 1,85&, 
RUbop CoUeffo (eolorDd); coU; ^^-ed. ; Bapt.; 

ArtbLsr B. (^'haffpe, Prce. 
lii-aonio Initituto; gJrlji^ bonrdlue; non-sect, t 

S\\ €. Pnrhaiu, Priu. 
Wiley Univfirsity (colored); fol, ; po-fid.; M, 

E.; eat. 1873; Rev. M. W. Dos*n, Pr«#. 

UnfDENt Rusk Co., pop. 22T. 
Rook Hill Institute; prop.; co-eC; non-Hect. ; 
R. A. Wot ley, I'rlo. 

MOODYi McLennan Oo^t pop. a4§. 

Central Tejtaa Inatituto; prep.; eo-ed,; nob- 
HCtt.; B. J» LewiB, Pfln. 

MOUNT BYLTAK, Smith Co<, pop. ISl. 

Eoiedale Aoadamj; prep.; CN?-od,; tiqil-Bect.; 
J. W. AdiimHOti, Pdn. 

OMEN, Smith Co.. p<>p, SflS. 
Summer HIU Busineu Qiillega; bus. Hnd aten,; 

lie?. N, tSmytle, Pres. 
Summer Hill Bobool: prep.; co-ed.; non«et?t.; 

A. W. Orr, Prin. 

FARIB, Lamar Co., pop. 0.358. 

MiLry Connor Female GoUoEe; kItW bonrd- 

lug; non sect.; H. B. Aberoethy, Frln. 
Furls Female College; glrla' bobrdtng; 

Bapl.; T. J. Sims, Prtn. 
South weatem BuiinesB CoUaga; but. and 

atcn.; E. M. CliariSef, Pfea. 
FRALRIE VIEW, Wallar Co,, pop. 100. 

Frairie View State Normal and Induitriia 

College; normal; state; ev-ed.; B. L. 

BkckBbcnr, B. A.. Pm. 

EUSK. Gherokaa Co., pop. S4fl. 

Eaat Teias Baptist Inatituto; prep. J eit-ed.; 

fiupt.; i^nL ltKl4; B. W. Vlnlng, Ph. B.. 

Euak Maionio Inatitute;' prep.; CO-ed.; est* 

3871; C, F. Gibson. Frin. 

SALAD0. Bell Qo.^ pop. 471, 

Thomas Arnold High School; prep.; co-ed.; 
ntioaoct.; S. J. Joni;a itnd T. 1. Witt, 

8 AH ANTONIO, Baieu' Com pop. 53.321. 
Aoadamy of Otsr Lad^ of tba Ij^a; gtrla* 

tiQarding^ R, C; Mother M. Florenc*. 

Alamo Citjr Commer^sial College ; biu< aod 

sren.; Sbsfer & t>owtiey, Preita. 
KaKTudeT'i School; b<^ya' bonrdlng; sion-tect,; 

J, B, Miiffruder, Prin. 
Faaoock'a Soli«ol fof Bori; t}0ji' bo«idtnc; 





military; non-sect.; Wesley Peacock, Prin. 

St. Mary's HaU; girls' boarding; P. E.; 
Rev. Wallace Gamahan, Prin. 

San Antenio Aoademy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
sect.; W. B. Seeley. Ph. D., Prin. 

San Antonio Female Oollege; girls' boarding; 
M. B. So.; est. 1894; Rev. J. B. Harri- 
son, Pres. 
SAN ICABCOS, Hays Co., pop. 2.292. 

Coronal Institute; prep.; co-ed.; M. B. So.; 
Rev. Sterling Fisher, Pres. 

Lone Star Business College; bus. and sten.; 
U. 0. McOee, Pres. 
8E0DIV, Guadalupe Co., pop. 2,421. 

St. Joseph Aos[demy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 
Sisters of the Incarnate Word. 
SHEBMAV, Chrayson Co., pop. 10,243. 

Austin College; col.; men; Presb.; est. 1850; 
Rer. T. R. Sampson. D. D., Pres. 

Iforth Texas Female College; girls* board- 
ing; ICeth.; Birs. Lucy Kidd Key, Prin. 

Sherman Private School; boys' boarding; non- 
sect.; J. H. Le Tellier, Prin. 
STEPHEWILLE, Erath Co., pop. 1,902. 

John Tarleton College; prep.; co^^.; non- 
sect.; B. B. Bramlette, A. M., Prin. 
TTLEB, Smith Co., pop. 8,009. 

Tyler College;' bus. and sten.; H. B. Byrne 
and N. Adair. 

YAH ALSTYKEi Grayson Co., pop. 1,940. 
Columbia College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; W. 
B. Ducan, Prin. 

VICTORIA, YiotorU Co., pop. 4.010. 
Vasareth Aoademy; girls' boarding; R. C; 
Sister Mary Agnes, Prin. 

WACO, McLennan Co., pop., 20,686. 
Baylor VniTcrsity; col.; co-ed.; est. 1846; S. 

P. Brooks, A. M., LL. D., Pres. 
The Douglas Schuler School; prep.; co-eiS.; 

non-sect.; S. A. Douglas, Pvln. 
Hill's National Business College; bus. and 

sten.; R. H. Hill. Pres. 
Paul Quinn College (colored); col.; ^ed.; 

A. M. B.; est. 1881; Rer. I. U. Butgan, 

D. D., Pres. 
Texas Christian TTniTersity; col.; co-ed.; 

Christ.; est. 1873; Bly V. Zollars, A. 

M.. LL. D.. Pres. 
Toby's Practical Business College; bus. and 

sten.; Bdward Toby. Pres. 

WAXAHACHIE, Ellis Co., pop.. 4,215. 
Trinity TTniTersity; col.; co-ed.; Gumb. Presb.; 
est. 1869; Rer. L. C. Kukes. A. M., Pres. 

WEATHEBFOBD, Parker Co., pop. 4,786. 
Texas Female Seminary; girls' bearding;- 

Gumb. Presb.; est. 1889; Mrs. George II. 

Oakley, Prin. 
Weatherford College; prep.; co-ed.; M. B. 

So.; David S. Switzer, Prin. 

WESTMINSTEB, Collin Co., pop. 33. 
Westminster College; prep.; co-ed.; M. B.; 
G. O. Stubbs, Prin. 

WHITEWBIGHT, Chrayson Co., pop., 1,804. 
Chrayson College; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

J. F. Anderson, A. M., Prin. 
TTrsuline Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

Mother Mary Ursula, Prin. 
West Texas Military Academy; military; P. 

B.; John F. Howard, Supt. 


Population, 276,749. School census, 93,199. School age, 6-18. 

Utah is the forty-third state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 276,749 inhabitants, of whom 272,465, or 98.5 per cent, are white. Of this num- 
ber 52,804, or 19. 1 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the 
entire population is 3.1 per cent, the state ranking fifth in this respect. The educa- 
tional system of the state is as follows : • 


A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

G. M. Marshall, Deputy Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

A. C. Matheson, Chief Clerk Salt Lake Ci^ 

Miss Chloe Nelson, Assistant Clerk , Salt Lake City 


A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent, Chairman Salt Lake City 

J. T. Kingsbury, Secretary Salt Lake City 

W. J. Kerr Logan 

Wm. Marks Tooele 

Wm. Allison Ogden 


Hon. H. M. Wells, Governor Salt Lake Qty 

A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

C S. TiNGEY, State Auditor Salt Lake City 

Byron Groo T. D. Rees 

H. Bullien J. A. Melville 

A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent Public Instruction, Pres Salt Lake City 


A. C. Nelson, State Superintendent Public Instruction Salt Lake City 

Wm. M. Stewart, Principal of State Normal Salt Lake City 

And the County Superintendents of schools of the respective counties. 


B. W. Ashton, Supt. Salt Lake County Salt Lake City 

J. L. Brown, Supl. Utah County Provo City 

Wm. Aluson, Supt. Ogden Schools Ogden 

D. H. Christenson, Supt. Salt Lake City Salt Lake City 






A. L, Larson* Supt. Sanpete County * . * * . . , . Manti 

Mrs, E. QaALBRotTGH, ist Vice-Preai- L. E, Eggertson, 2Tid Vice-President* . 
dent W. B, Wilson, Secretary 


Counter. Supfirijiteudetit^s Naint?. AddrE^e^. B(!boalik 

Beaver .,....»,.,. ..O* T. McShane ...Beaver City *..**.... 12 

Box Elder ....*...*..*. .»*^**..Nephi Anderson *... ..*Brlgham City ..*.,.,..*..*, 50 

Cache ....*.......*..*..*...,. ..Geo. M. ThompHOii..,..**..*..Hlcnmond , « 43 

Carbon ,*,.*.»,,,.-»,..*.***..*. -T* W. Bowman .**....»***.***. Scofleld ...**....,,*****,*.., 13 

I>avia ..*.,*...*►.»...*«..,.. *>.,E, H. WhltesldeH L^yton ...*......*..., 37 

Broery ...,..,,.....,..,..„,... Seth Allen .....,...**.*.,,*.,»*. Castle Dale ................. 18 

Garfield ..-*...**.*....*..*.-** .Elmer Lasee .Tropic *►,.*►,*..**...>.* 15 

Grftnd .., ,.,.-.**»..**,... .A. Molyneux ***...*,. .Moab ....* * *- B 

Iron ..*.».*..*.......H...*..»^P.. -George W. Decker....*.. Cedar City **..*..*.. 14 

Juab Oliver Ctirlettansen Nephl 18 

Kan© Mrs. Marlnda HaUiday Kanab ...*- B 

Millard .*.*, Joseph Flnliiiaon Oak City ,.. .....21 

Morgan .....,,,....... Henry B* Fry. Morgan 15 

Piute Wm, Johnaon - Clrcleyille *.,*.,„..*...„.,. 10 

Rich , .....,..*..G* H. Roblnaon .Liaketown ....*. 7 

Salt Lake ..........^ B. W. Ashton Salt Lake City.,.* $fi 

San Juan .**..** *..Jo3P_ph A, Lyman.. *►..*..,, ..Bluff City * *...* S 

Sanpete .* A, L. Tjaraon * ^....MJphralni .............. ....^. . 9i 

Sevier * ....*..*.,»*..„..*,. Jacob Magleby ...* *H.*Monroe ...................... ^ 

Summit * .,*. -Walter Boyden ..**.*** Coalville 37 

T>ooele Alonzo Stookey ..,.* * . .Granfeville ..*--**..* 14 

Uintah *,.,., *.Mra. Mar>' Oraer-.. .Vernal *-.*..,,.,*.-., *.. 21 

Utah , J. L* Brown--. ,*.-ProYO City ..** -....-.83 

Waaatch ,.--. Attewall l^^ootten .,-*Mldway .-,30 

Washington **..*J. T* Woodbury .............. Bt. George **.**.-* *-., 23 

Wayne ..--*. .,...., J, A. Roljigon ....,,..„**. Lyman -**.-,,.,*-,*...,.,„-. IS 

Weber * * W. B. Wlleon Ogden Caty *--.* 37 


BEAVES, Frsmont Co. 

Bei,vflr BriJiah Bri^hAm Yoiuiff ITnivflmity; 
prep-: po-od.: L. D. 8.: cat- IS&S; An- 
drew B- Andi-Piwjr* B. PJ.; D. B.. Ppi!!*- 

CABTLE DALE, Emery Co., pop^ 550. 
Em«ry fit&iA Aoadeifar; prL^; ro-cd. ; L, H, S. ; 
vsL 3890; SIJUH A. Harris. Prln. 

CETAa CITT, Iron Oo., pop. 1,425. 
Southfltii Brt-uah of tbo StAte XormiLl BohaoU 
rK-rmal; state; cd-od. r J- R- Clarfc, Pret- 

EFHILAIM, Sui^etA Co., pop- 2,(Xg6. 

Baow Ao&demy^ prep-* co-ed.; L- D- S.; NeKf- 
tcm E. Nayt?s, Prin- 

lOaAT. Cuha Co., pop- B,451- 
Brtrli^in Tomir OoUoffs: ci>l-: codd.^ L- D. 

Saints; est- 1373; Jamea H. Lin ford, 

B. S. B, D,. Pri?jj- 
Kbw Jfirsay Ao»4ePfiT; prep- " co-ed-; Preib.; 

Isniie^ New tan kSii]1tU, Prln, 

M0¥1IT PLEASAKT, Simpflta Co*, pop, 2,372. 
WLUrtch Academy; pri^k; ct>-ed. ; Presb-; 
Oeorgo n. Murslmli. M- S-. Prla. 

oaBEK, Weber €o*, pap* 101,313. 

InterciiDuntAlii Busineva CoUag«; bus. and 

flteu.; JeiDcs A. Smltb. Pres. 
Weber Stika Ao&demy; propr, co-od.; L. D. 
S,; Pflvld O. ML'Kay, Pdn* 
FEOVO. m»k Co.. pop. G.ISS. 

BriKh^m Yeunj: ITiiiTenitT ; coL; cw-ed.; t*, 
D. a." GeoTffti H. BrlmliaU, Pr«a, 

Sobo&l'a AnaomLOemBiitp — A Collpffe. A 
Xarninl Rrhofil fa> For gradi* teachf^r*; 
(b) Pop klnder^a'^tea tc^tichera. A 0am- 
inei-ttal SrhooU A High Srhoo]. A 
RchfflJl of MtiBfc. A Preparatory 9«h<ioT* 

BAIT LAKE CITY, S^It I^ake Coh pop, n^^U. 
All HhIIowb Collei^ei boys' boardlii^: R. €.; 

p«t. 13Sa; Ru^* L I. (lulnen, ». M.. 

0*rdoii Aoadem^; prep.; co-ed,; Gong. r »t. 

1S73; B. M, Hageo, Prln. 
lAtter-D&y Bftints' TTniTariitj ; col*; eoed.; 

L. D. S*: J, H, Paal, Pre«, 
HcKet'i Bualniii €olIer«; bna. aud »tea.^ 1, 

R, McTvee, Proa. 
Rowland Halls iflrls' bonrdtug; P* E.; Mrs. 

ClflJ-n 1- Oolbnrno. Prin. 
itlt La^e Baalneu Collefe; bui. and Stella; 

Bf^njnmln Goddnrd. Prlti. 
Sftlt Lake €ollefiftte Inatitute; prep,; co-ed,; 

Prflftb. ; Robert J. Caskey* Prin, 
Et&te Konn*l Soliool; normal; stAle; co-<d. ; 

Wifl. M. Btewflrt. Pres, 
Univeraity of Ut&h: udIt. T state; c»-ed.; eat. 

Igm, J. T. KliiffBbtisy; Pti. D.. D. ic, 


BFEDfaVlLLE, TlUh €ci*, pop* 3,422. 

Hungerford Aaademy; prop.; co-ed.; Preab. ; 
ChflrU'B P\ Roinlg, A* B*. Prln, 
VEEKAL, tJiiit* Co;, pop. 0(J4* 

VlnUh Staka Ati&demj; prep.; cn-cd.; L, D. 
B.; t^st, 1881; Raymond Partridte* PtUi. 


Population, 343,641. School census, 80,830. School age, 5-18. 

Vermont is the fortieth state of the Union in point of population, having a total 
of 343,641 inhabitants, of whom 342,771, or 99.7 per cent, are white. Of this number, 
44,694, or 13 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of the entire 
population is 5.8 per cent, the state ranking twenty-second in this respect The 
educational system of the state is as follows: 

Walter E. Ranger, Superintendent of Education Montpclier 


Vermont has no School Text-Book Commission officially recognized as a sepa- 
rate board. Free text-books are required to be furnished to public school pupils. 


Harry J. Stannard, President Barton 

SuPT. Clarence H. Dempsey, Vice-President St. Johnsbury 

Prin. Ernest G. Ham, Secretary Montpelier 

Prin. Walter D. Parsons, Treasurer Bellows Falls 


Prin. Nelson J. Whitehill ; Whi:e River Junction 

Prin. William A. Beebe Morrisville 

Prin. Winthrop P. Abbott Proctor 

legislative committee. 

SuPT. OziAs D. Mathewson Barre 

Prin. Hobart K. Whitaker Brattleboro 

Prin. Charles H. Morrill Randolph Center 


Prin. Marshall W. Downing, President .Bellows Falls 

Prin. Herman Dressel, Jr., Vice-President i... Springfield 

Prin. William H. Botsford, Secretary and Treasurer , .Bristol 

executive committee. 

Prin. John L. Alger John^n 

Prin. Charles H. Morrill Randolph Center 

Prin. Winthrop P. Abbott . . . , , ....,...., .Frpctor 






Addison County Thomas E. Boyce .... Middkbury. 

Bennington County ...... J. Francis Allison . North Bennington. 

Caledonia County . William IT. Taylor ... Hardwi?k. 

Chittenden Cotinty John E. Allen Westford. 

Essex County Miss Helen M. Blake Island Pond. 

Franklin County .......... Henry E. Rustedt ........ Rich ford. 

Grand Isle County Miss M^ry Montgomery. . . Isle La Motte, 

Lamoille County Willbm A. Beebe Morrisville. 

Orange County Ffed E> Prichard Randolph. 

Orleans County Henry J. Stannard Barton. 

Rutland County - Winthrop P. Abbott ...... Proctor. 

Washington County Ozias? D. Matbewson Barrc. 

Windham County William A. Harthorne . ... Townshend. 

Windsor County Herman Dressel, Jr, . . Springfield. 

While Vermont has the town, and not the county* system of schools, the ex- 
aminers of teachers perform many of the functions of connty superintendents of 
other states. Aside from the examination and certification of teachers, their legal 
duties in connection with summer schools and institutes, appeals from school pat- 
rons, reports to the State Superintendent's office, records of teachers, their giving 
information and advice frequently sought by teachers and school officers, and 
their influential position combine to make them in effect county superintendents 
rather than examiners. 


BAKEMgFIELB, FtULkUn Qc iKip. 1,153. 

C. H. Morffll, A. B., Prln. 
BAEBE, WAihiQ^tim Co.^ pop. 8,44N. 

Goddard Semiaarsr: pit' p.; i!0-e(],; Univ, ; *^8t. 
1870; Orlanflo K. HoUlatpr. A. M„ Prln. 
BtfRLDIGTOMH Chittendm Co., pop. lS^^40. 
Burlin^oD Buain«tft CoUtsv; bus. andi 9tt!ii.; 

6t. Muy** Academy; prpp.; ro-t'd.; R. C. ; 

tiistfra of MiTcy, Priofl^ 
UniTflnity of Vsrmont Lad fitat4 Arri<^ultii7iil 
CoUege; tinlv, r aUte; cu -(-(].; eat. 19(>i; 
Matb<nv H. Btickliniih 1). D., Pr<?e, 
TTaivenity of Torraont, Medion-l B«partmont; 
med. ; r^K.; juah; I'st. 1S23; B, J. An- 
drews, \l, !>., l>t>Dn. 
CASTLETON, Hutl&nd Ca,, pop. 2,(m, 

Stats Kdrmal Stihitol; uurmul; Rtutc>; t-o-eil.; 
P. K. Lt?uTtm\orth, A. R. Prir. 
BERBIT, DrlfiaoB Co., pop. 2»T. 

jyethy Academy: prt-p.; fo-(*d. ; nonaftt.; E. 
CJj,'ecTiinb. Prill. 
XSSEXt Cbittendon Co., pop. 2.2ija. 

Eiux Claiaicml Enitltatfl^ prep. : eo-^d. ; ooii- 
«?(;(:.; GooTgo W. EtuorHoii, Prlii. 
JOHNSON, iaroome Co., pop. TiST. 
Stat« Noiriaal Sohool; ii^irmnl; tstiiU.'; ct^etl.; 
Jobii Jjh AlgiT, Ah M., Prod* 
ITTOLO-W, Windsor Ca,. pf>p. 1.454. 

filaok Hiver Academy; [urcp. ; co-pd. ; non- 
■Mt: ("at. 19^W; FrDiiklhi K Hon Id, U. 
ft., Prln. 

LYNDON OENTEE, Calfedoaii. Co., pop. 232. 
Lyndon Inatltyt«i| pi'i'p.; i-ij-lmI.; Jion-B«H. 
Mtrritt M. eurrfB. Priiu 
MANCHEBTEfi, EomUgtoa Co., p*jp. l.OGS. 
Burr Sc Buiion Sflminajr; pfej*; co-ed.; Jion 
acot.; R. c. Kodgera. A. B., Prln. 
MoINBOE i'ALLB. Cftlodonta Co., pop. 325. 
Mclndoo Aoadamy; pr<>p, ; co-f»d. ; iiousc^crt.; 
Carlton D. How*?, A. B.. Prln, 
MIDDLEBTTET, AddiMn Co,, pop. iMil. 

Middebiu-y €oU«|r« ; col.; fHi-ed. ; uon-eeet, ; est 
mm; Kzm Bmlnorci, hh, D.. Pn?e, 
MONTPELIEH, Wajhineton Co., pop. 6.260, 
Mobtpelier Beminary; prpp,: t*fl-p<J.; M, Ef. ; 
Friink M. IlttWH. AcIIuk: 1'vUk 
NEW HAVEN, Addiaon Co., p^ip. 1,107, 

Beemao] Academy; prep.; oo-od.; iion-at'et. ; 
1^11 tbcr A. Ilrmvii, PHji. 

NOETH CRAFT BBUEY, OrleaiiJ Co., pop. 4.W. 
CiaftiTiury Academy; pr^^p, ; vo-ed. ; ui^n-acct.; 
Arihur C. Ciilu, Prln. 

KOEITHPIELD, Waahimffton Co., pop. l.BOS. 
Horwloh tJniveraity; i^oK; luuii; tiob-aect.^ eat. 
1S34; ItL'V. A. D. nrown. LL. D 

BEACHAM, Called Quia Co., pop. Tf>4. 

CaledoaLa County GxammaT School^ pr<^p. ; 
Hi.; iioii-stM't.: tnt. IT1>T; DwtgTrt 
Bnrrngfl, A. M.* Prln. 

POTJLTNBT, Rutland Co,, p<ip, 3.108. 

Troy Conr«reiics Aoademy; prt'p.; eo-ed.; M 
K.; Objiirk'H H. Dmitau, t'rln. 







BANDOLPH OENTEB, Orange Co., pop. 160. 
Randolph State Kormal School; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Gharlee H. Morrill, Prin.' 

&I7TLAin>, Rutland Co., pop. 11,490. 
Rutland IhitineM Cellefe; bus. and sten.; 
L. J. Bgelston, Pres. 

ST. ALBANS, Franklin Co., pop. 6.239. 
St. ICary's School; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; Sit- 
ter Eugenia, Prin. 

Yilla Barlow Academy; girls' boarding; R. C, 
est. 1809; Sister Mary Magdelcn, Supe- 

ST. JOHHSBTTBT, GaledoaU Co., pop. 6.6«6. 

St. Johnsbnry Academy; bus. and sten.; A. 
H. Bar bour . Pres. 
SAXTOVS BZVEB, Windham Co., pop. 660. 
Yermont Academy; military; Bapt.; Edward 
Bllery; Ph. D., Prin. 
TEET70BD, Orange Go., pop. 1,240. 
Thetford Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 
Luman B. Bowdish, Prin. 

TOWKSHBHD, Windham Co., pop. 833. 
Leland and Chray Seminary; prep.; co-ed.'; 
Bapt.; E. Bdgecomb, Prin. 

WEST BRATTLEBOBO, Suburb of Brattleboro. 
Brattleboro Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non- 
Olenwcod Classical Institute; closed. 


Population, 1,854,184. School census, 595,470. School age, 5-21. 

Virginia is the seventeenth state of the Union in point of population, having 
a total of 1,854,184 inhabitants, of whom 1,192,855, or 64.3 per cent, are white. Of 
this number i9,o63, or i per cent, are foreign bom. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 22.9 per cent, the state ranking forty-second in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 

Joseph W. Southall, M. D., State Superintendent of Public Instruction. .Richmond 

Joseph W. Southall, M. D. Superintendent of Public Instruction, President. 


A. J. Montague, Governor Richmond 

WiixiAM A. Anderson, Attorney General Richmond 

Lyon G. Tyler, President of the College of William and Mary Williamsburg 

Charles W. Kent, Professor of English Literature in the University of Vir- 
ginia Charlottesville 

Wn-LiAM A. Bowles. Superintendent of the Virginia School for the Deaf and 

the Blind Staunton 

Edward C. Glass, Superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools Lynchburg 

John T. West, Supterintendent of Norfolk County Schools .Norfolk 

Frank P. Brent, Secretary to the Board Richmond 


On Readers and Spellers West, Bowles and Glass 

On Grammars and Language Kent, Tyler and Southall 

On Arithmetics Glass, West and Bowles 

On Geographies Bowles, Anderson and Kent 

On Civil Government Anderson, Montague and Tyler 

On Manual Training, Drawing and Writing Montague, Glass and West 

On History Tyler, Anderson, Kent, Montague and Southall 

On Physiology and Hygiene Dr. Southall 


Ck>anty. Supf>rlntondont*8 Name. Address. Ck>anty. 

Accomack G. G, Joynes ' Onancock 32,570 

Albemarle P. W. Nelson Stony Point 28,473 

Alexandria James E. Clements Ballston 6,430 

Alleghany ;.W. W. Pendleton Clifton Forge 76,630 





C0untT> Buperlntfndcflt'a Nttme. Address. 

Amelia - -TV', E. Griffith Amelia - 

Amherst ..*..* „.,... »*,.,C. L. Scott,* .►,,*..*... Amherst ».,*..*. 

Appomattox .*..,...,...*....*. J. K, Hannah .IJvergreeri ........... 

Auiioiata *.E, O. Peale*.. *...*.. *....► Wayneaboro * 

Bath ** .....l^ewia E. Wood Nimrod Hall 

Bedford .--.John S. Riley...... ..Bedford CHy ........ 

Bland ........D. H. Mun^ey — Bland 

Botecourt CViry Breckinridge.... ...FIncaatle i 

Brunswick ...^George R. Blick,......,. ...... Edgerton ..»» 

Buchanan *.-.. ...,. ►...Thompson Belcher — Bljr Rock 

Bucking-ham ................. »*John A, Twyinan,..,.....P..,.Brlerhook .* 

Campbell *....... D. James Kvana, .Concord Depot 

Caroline .......John Washlngrton ,.....- Mllford 

Carroll ...-W. H. Mitchell*,,,..., HlUsviUe 

Charles City ..........E. C, Harrison..... ..Shirley -. 

Charlotte ..............Charles C. Paris Randolph ..*,........ 

Chesterfield - . - * W. A. Blankenship - Matcaca 

Clarke *...............***...*... Conrad Kownslar ... BerrirvUIe 

Craig ..,..,,... F. H. Huffman... . ....Captain ............. 

Culpeper ...p.. James M. Beckham.. ...... ...Culpeper ............. 

Cumberland ...i..Chaa* W. Dickinson. Carters vllle ......... 

Dickenson ........,--.. J. H. JjOng..............,.......ClIntwood 

Dinwiddle E, C. Powell ...McKlnney , 

Elizabeth City ...John M, WlUiB..., Hampton 

BSsaex .,.,.....,, Ed. R. Eaird...... Occupacla 

F^frfaic -.M, D. Hall..... .............Fairfax 

FiBUuqiiler ,................-■'... Wm. C. Marehajl..., .......... Warrenton 

Floyd P. P. Shelton Tindall 

Fluvanna R, J. Farla............ ......... Scottaville ........... 

Franklin * H. Dalton Dlllard Rocky Mount 

Frederick M. M. Lynch...., Winchester ..,. 

Gile.'i .Chas. A. Hard wick........... Newport ,........,,., 

Gloucester ....Wm, F. Hogg......... .Wicomico ,. 

Goochland Edwin G. Holland.... ....Dickens .....,,.....,. 

Grayson , J, K, Fulton.. . ...Summerflield ......... 

Greene — ..George B. Jennings... ..RuckersvUle ........ 

Greenesvtlle -...Henry Maclln Bel0eld 

Halifax , * Thos. E. Barkisdale SutheTlln 

Hanover W. H. Campbell............... Oliver .......,,.....,, 

Henrico John K. Fusssell............... Richmond , — 

Henry W. G. Shackelford Martinsville 

Highland Jared Ij, Jones... ^........-... Doe Hill ............. 

Isle of Wiffht.......' ....Gavin Rawls ..............,...CarrsviIle ............ 

James City ....Peter T. Cowles..,.............Dlasctind ............ 

King and Queen ....John Temple ,,. ,.-... ^Walkerton 

K hi g George G, W. Grlgsby — Comorn .............. 

King WllUam ...JTos. H. Gwnthmey .....Beulahvllle 

Lancaster ...Frank W. Trfewl»,..............Whealton 

Lee Wm, M. Davidson JonesvSlle...... 

Loudoun L, M. Shumate..,.:. ....Leesburg .... — .... 

T^ulsa -Frank T. West ,..,...Huon 

Lunenburg — ...Richard H. May............... Lunenburg 

Madison ....Tames W, Banks, ,.....,...., .Madlaon 

Mathews ...Thomas B. T^ne..... ....port Haywood ..... 

Mecklenburg Samuel T>. Graham,..., ....... Woodworth, N. C... 

Middlesex Wm, S. ChrlaHan..,. ,Urbanna ....... 

Montgomery ,J. H. Stephens...... , Cambria 

Nansemond Lee Britt .....Suffolk ............... 

Nelson .........W. C. Fitzpatrtck........ Arrlngton ........... 

New Kent .Geo. E, Fisher. .Quinton ,.... .,,. 

Norfolk lohn T. West Norfolk 

Northampton S. S. Wllkins.... Bird's Nest ......... 

Northumberland .... — ......Giles F. Eubank.. ............ VIHajie ............... 

Nottoway ....Thomas E. BoyalL...... .....BurkevHIe 

Orange ..Wm. C. Wllhams ...Orange ... 

t^age , Charles E, Graves. .......... . .Marksville 

Patrick J. E. Foster , Stella ..... 

Pittsylvania .,F. B. Watson.. Chatham 

Powhatan .................. ...W. H. Henlng........ *....,..,. Jefferson 

Prince ESdward ....,,♦»-»♦♦., ..J. D. Eggleston* Jr............WorBhara 

Pop of 
... 9.037 
... 9,662 
... 5,596 


... &.m 


.. 9,6^ 
... &,040 
... 7.927 

.. 4*393 
... 8.986 
... 7,747 
... 9,701 
... 9.060 

... 9.51» 
... ft.214 
... fi.TEft 
... e.ft*7 
... S.^ 

.. 9.266 
... 6.91S 
... S,3S(» 
... S.ft49 

. .19,866 

.. 8,239 
, . . S*220 
, ,.15,863 


... i,m& 

.. 9.8I« 







Pop* of 
Cmintj. Siipcrinteiideiit*^ tfnme^ Address. Cottdtlf, 

Prince George .-*,.*.., *...,.., Benjamin Fenner .*..-* Prince George .»***.*.... 7,752 

Princess Anne .*..** *0. B. Meara.,...,.. *..,.. /.Kempsville .** ......11492 

Prince William ......H. M. Clarkaon.... Havmarket ..............11,112 

Pulaski ..David S. Pollock... ....Pulaski 14,e(»9 

Rappahannock Charlea Green , . .Washington S,S43 . 

Richmond Joseph W. Chi nn, Sr .....Warsaw 7,0§81 

Roanoke .........R. C. Steamea ...Salem ,,l£,83Tl 

Rockbridge .......A. Nash Johnaon... Natural Bridge .....,,.., 2i,73tJ 

Rockingham .............. .....George M. Hulvey — Brldjjewater ..33,f 

Russell ...W. L. Patton ....Maaon"« Store 18,031 ' 

Scott W. D. Smith .....Gate City ,.....,.E3,m 

Shenandoah ...J. B. Mclntnrff .Strasburg 30.263 

Smytb .....B, E, Cop^nhaver... ...Marion ..-. ...17,121 

Southampton .........J. F. Bryant... ..Franklin ......22,845 

Spotsylvania ,.......L. M.Smith .,.,... Hardenbnrg 9,23& 

Stafford ..James Aahby .Muaselman ............... S,0S7 

Surry Geo. T. Clarke .Surry , , Sp46Si 

Sussex Jos, R. Bell .,..,..„ Wakefield 12,( 

Tazewell P. H. Wllliama .........Tazewell 2a.3S4 

Warren Gibson E. Roy..... .....Front Royal S,S37 

Warwick Jos. H. Hara....... ......Morrison 4,8^ 

Washington .................... Wm. J. EMmondson Glade Spring 2S,P0G 

Westmoreland ....Thomas Brown The Hague 9,241| 

Wiae — ......Richard L. Counts Coeburn .,...19,65*^ 

Wythe Georgre R. Huffard.., Wytbeville ......2a,4a7 

Tork .........Jas. S. Phillips Poquoson - 7,r 


ABBYVIltE, Hecklenburir Co., pop. 7S. 

Sluestone His iion School; prep.; co-ed, ^ DnJted 

Prosb.; (^st im(K Wm. G. Wllflon, A, M., 

ABOfGHOK, WuhiuEten Co., pop. 1.300. 
AblnirdaB AoAdemy^ boiirft" bo&rdlne; non-sect, ; 

n, R. SmMh. PHr>. 
AcAd«my of tha Titlt&tion; g\rW boarding: 

H, C; Sister Mnry Agnes Brougbton, 

Mai-thA WfttMnrt^B CulH^ffi!: t^irW boord- 

Ing; M. E. Bo.: iiflt. lAOOj Rev. W. M. 

Dyer. A. M., Prea. 
Btonewall Jftduon Inttitute; ^irla' boarding; 

Presb.; t'St. 18&9J U\m Kate M. Hunt, A. 

B., I,. T., Ptl*s. 
ALEXAHPEIA, Aleimndrim Off., pop. 14,5^. 
EpUoopftl Behoula; boys' ^nordlng; P. XS. ; 

L. M. BlaikfoTd. M. A.. Pr|p. 
Futommo AQ&dem^j: buy a' boardliig; iiou-a^'ct. : 

John S, Blaekburn. Prin. 
ASHLAlCDp HkniJTer Co.t pop, 1.147. 

Eftudolpli-MKOon Collfi^p CoL; men; M. E. 

So. J eat 133S; H, 13. Black wi?ir, A. M., 

IX. a, pri^B. 

BEDFOHD CITY, Bedford Co.* [nyp. 2,410. 
B«lmo;it aominAj?; glrli*' boarding; non-BLMet.j 

eat. ISaS; D. V. Bend, M. A., Prea, 
Ca-opemtlT« Famal« B<tho«I; grSrIft' boarding; 

uon-aeeL: oat. ISSS; O. C. Eurk^r, A. M,. 

Randolpli Umcon Jkoftdemy; bojra* boarding ; 

M. E.; 13, Surator Smith, Prln. 

BELLE VUE. Bedford Co,, pitp, 27. 

BallOTuo Higrb Schoai;; prop,; co-ed.; non- 
aeL-C; Wm. it, Abbott. Prln. 

BEETLE Y, iTorfolk Co,, pop. 4.0S§. 

BEBRYVILLE, CUrke Oo., pop. 03S. 
Beri-yriUa Inatituto; prep.; oj-ed. ; Don-a^ct. ; 
.ME KB Rom*.' Muc Doqalrl, Prln. 
BETHEL ACADEMY^ Puuqiiiijr Co^ pop. 7S. 
Bdibal IfUitary Ao&dtitn?; mtutary; non-^et.; 
ost. 19m\ William M. Krmppr. A. B., 
BLACKSBtmO, Montgomery Co.. piip. T©&. 

Virffimia Foljtocbnlo Infltituta: tf»cb.; men; 
atfltp: cat 1872; J. M. McBrjdii, Pti. U., 
LL. D.^ Frofl. 
BLACKBTONE. Kottowmy Co., pop. 1!Sfl. 

Bl&okatone FamaU Initltutfli girW board- 
In^; Mctb.: Jamea. CannoB. Jr.. A. U., 
Hoffs Momorlal Aomdamy; rallltory; non-aet't.T 
E. B. Flahburno, Ph. B., B. S.. Prln. 

black: walnut. Halifax Co,, pop. 48. 
Clujtor Springs AoAdem^; prep.; boy a; Preab. ; 
eat. 1SQ5; Hampden Wllaan, Jleadmaati^r. 

BOir AIE, Chfittorfleld Co,* pop, 54. 
Bon Air Sabool; giria' boarding; fifcth.; Wil- 
liam Day Sniltb^. Priii. 

BOWLIHQ GEEEir, CanoU Co., pop. 45S. 
Bowling Gr»an Fflmaio Beminairy; glrla* 
tKMirdliig; M K. St>. : fst. lSfJ7: T. II, 
PbcUifl, A. M.. Prill. 

BEIBCEWATEH, Hoakinstaajn Co, , pop. aS4, 
Bridjrewator CoUa^o; wL; ro-L^dl.; Gcr, Bapt.^ 
cat. 18S4r W. B. Toiiat, Prea, 

BEISTOL, Wa-ilLLarton Co., ixip. 4,5711. .* 
Ttrfinia Infltitote; filrlH" InniMhii!;; Bapt.f eat. 
1.SS4; J. T, IIfiLds^r#tin. A. M.. Prea. 
BBUINGTOH, Kmg and aueen Oo-t pop. 13. 
Br^inrta^ AcaAamy; prep.; co-ed.; uon-HO^t.; 
Alc^. Fkttn Frtn. 





BtTEHA TISTA, Rookbridf« Go., pop. 2,S&S. 

t'Hl. 18G7; Rov, E. H. Rowe, Prin. 
SIJBKEVILLB. Hotti^wsr Cc,, pop. 510. 

est. IS^'J' ReT. Ci. a Campbell, M. A.. 

South Sid« F«mftl9 IiastituU; crla^cd. 

Brown' ■ Univer«it7 SoIiimI; Fhrep. ^ men; nan- 
sect. ; est, 1807; J. Tbompton Brown, Jr., 

KftwliDfi Inititute; girls' bonrdlng' ; Bapt.; 

fBt. JS5fi; Rey. IT. W. TribbK B. A,. 

ih T>., PrPB, 
UmiTijrtity Qf YirgiiiiA : ttnlr. ; fttat^ : mi^u : 

o9t 1!42&; Juiues M. Faff«p A. M., Ph. D.. 

TTaiVfitilty of Virrlnii,, D«p«rtmflQt of ltedl> 

oine; med. ; reg:. ; meu; f*t, 1E^\ P, B. 

Earrlnger, Lfj. t>H. I>eaa. 
UttlTeriitF of TbfftnlAp L&w Sclwol; law; 

men; eat, 1S26; W. M. Llle. Denn. 
UatToriity Boiiool; tMiyH' txiMrding; nou-BecL; 

Horace W. Jdnea, Prln. 
CHASE CITT, Meisklofibuiff Co.« pap. 542. 
South Bldo Ac&demy; pri^y.; co-ed.; Bspt.; 

Eel war i] C. Jaicefl, PHij. 
CHTTECHtAIID, Norfolk Co., pop. 254). 
ChurchliLiLd Acadim^; prep.; eo-ed. ; aoQ-BccL: 

Charles 1\ WorUkam. Priu, 
CLAESHONT, Snrr? Co., pop, 0,5^. 
TampfiruL{» tnduitriml uid CoHtgiftt* loiti- 

tut* (colorod) ; pn-p,; ™-ed. ; umi-acct. ; 

ost, \S^2; Joliii J. SmallW4Hid. U. !>., 


COTTESVILLE, Albemwle Co., pop. l&O. 

Cots Aomdomy; bojs' boarding; mm -sect.; 
Daniel Rlaln, PHn. 
DAKYTLLE, PittiylTftnlA Oil., pop. ie,G20. 
I>anTilI« MilitaiT Initit^ta; tniUtarj; Pon- 

aoct. ; L H. SaundfTH. PHp, 
BandoIph-MAOon Initltuta ; ^rla' boordlus! 

M. E. Ko.: WtHJnma HulmeB Da via, Prin. 
Boftaoka Famala CoUflfa; ^Iris' bQAnJlue;; 
Bapt,; eat. ]S5»; Robert Edwin Hattod, 
A, M., Ph. T>,, Prefl. 
BAYTOK, RockinffbAitL Co^, pup. -125. 

Sliaa&ndDah Initltuta ; glHi' boarding; U. B.; 
£. D. Hoetuibel, PHu. 
BITBIIIB, Cunplwll Co., pop. &A. 

Tlffiolft Thaoloffiaal Bemifimry; tliMiL ; i^ii-t^d.; 
Bupt.; e*t. 1SS8; G. W. HayM, A, M., 
EFFKA, Bia.nd Ca., pop. 21. 

Sharon Collage School; I'loKt-d. 
EHQRY. WukiDgtoD Co,, pop. 1S4. 
Emory And HaiiTT CalW«p <^l*'* raon; M. E. 
»)-- eat. 1S3S; Rev, U. G. WaterliouAC. 
p. D., l^rt'a. 
FAJtMVILLE, FrinOB Edward Co., pot». 2. 47 J. 
■tat* Famftla Nonttal S<o1ido1; jtiai'mAl; atate; 
woiDf^n; eat 18S4; J. L. JurmaiK B. A,, 

FAEKHAM, aiohmoBd Co., pop. 5S. 
FLrnham Aoadflm)'; prep.; eti-?d.t iiou-aecL; 
15. Winiamaoi], Pdn. 

FLOTB, Fiayd Co., pop. 402, 

Oxford Aeadamy; prep.; eo~ed.; Pv^ali. ; John 
K. UarrU:, Priti. 

rOBT DEFIAlffCE, AugvatA Co., pop. 43, 

AuruatA ][ilita.ry AoAdamy; mHUtury; tiou- 
aet-t. ; Chitrlea S. Roller. A. M., Prln. 

FSAICKLIU, Boutkampton Co., |HNf>. 1,1-13. 
Frmbkllii FanuJe Saminarj; giria' boafdintf; 

non-Bfujt.; eat. IS&^; JoliTi B* Blower, A. 

M,. Pnea. 
Franklin Hiljtary Aaadamyt boy a' board log; 

nrtii-aeet.; O, (1. NoflTBljitrei-, A. M., Prlo. 

FEEBEEIGKSBtraa, 8pottajlTa,Bla. Co.» pop. 

Fradarlokaburg CoUaga ; col. ; co-ed. ; Fresb. | 
est. 19SJ3; ReT. J. W. R«tel)ro, D, D., 
FORT ROYAL, Wan-aci COh» jH>p. l.OOC. 

Randolph -MaDon Aoadomy; Itoya' boarding; U. 
E. Slo.T ChatleH L. Meltan. PHn. 

GL0T7CEBTER, Wamn Co., pop. 405. 
Glouoaatar Aoadamy; boya^ boarding; non- 
wet.: John Trtbb, Pria. 

<|OBI>OKSTILL£, Orange Co.. pop. 0^1.1. 

Wood! lawn Bammary and MuBioal Inttituia; 
Hi rlM ■ I >f »H rcJ ] ng ; iion - meet . ; f^at. 1 fSTfl ; Ed- 
gar StJiisou, M. Se.. PrlD. 

HABtFDEM-BrDiraY, Prinoa Edward Co., jmv^ 
Hampdaa^Sidney CoQaga; col.: men; Preab. ^ 
eftt. 1770; Rev. Richard Mellwalnc, D. D., 

HAHFTCir, EUxabath City Co.. pi.p. 2,7U. 
Hampton CoLlaca; gli-la' bonnllng; non-a^t. : 

Mian Beaait; L. Pltebett, Prln. 
Hampton Mormal and Agiiooltural Inatituta 

(coJornd); normitl and iiidutit. ; atnte; 

eo eiJ. 
SplUar AoadaDi;; prnp.; co^. ; Bapt.; G, 

Edward Hpad, Prln. 

HEENBOK, Fairfax Co>r pop. UUA. 

Hamdon Seminary; boy a' boai-dldg; R E. ; 
Mlaaea Caatlemnti, Prtpa. 

HOLLIKSt Roanoka Co., pop. DT. 
HoUlna laatituta; glrli' booidlng; aoa-aect; 
eat. 5S42. 

IRVnrOTOH, Lancaaier Co.,- twp^ l.fNl. 

Choiapeake Aoadamy; prpp, ; eo-ed.; uon-ai^el,; 
est ISftt^; LI. R. Audefaon, M. A., Prijj. 

UtWEEKCETlLLE, Bninawick Co., pop. im. 
St. Paul Hormal and Endnatrlal Sokool; Tior- 
Ilia]; iTidiisr. ; ^o-gJ.; eat, 3S8; P. E,; Rc^r. 
.Titm^'a 8. lluHih'll, Prln, 

LEBANON, Rnuell Co., pop. 326. 
Ruaaali Collage^ The; prop.; eo-ed,; nmi-aeet. ; 
R. M. Coi>eii haver, Prln. 

LEWISTOir, SpottayWaAla Co., pop. 27- 

Ba^Alr School ; prep.; ca~ed.; Pnab.; K. X. 
iie(itt, IMu. 

LEXIK6T0N, Rook Bddga Co.« pap. 3.20«3, 
Virginia Military Inatltnia; mil.; nao-acet. ; 

eat. IHTHl; Se*>t( .STilpp, LL. D.. Bapt. 
Waahingtgn aad Laa Bnivaralty; unlT. ; meii; 

non^SL'xet, ; eat. 1740; Oeurge H. Denny . 

LU D,, Prea. 





LOCUST SALE, Midiaofi On,, poi^, HG. 
LiMiuBt BtAle Ais&demy^ uilUtsrj; nci^ii-sect. I 
mt^ 11^58; \V. W. BilegH, C, E., Prln. 
LOBI^ Wftihinirtoii Co,, pup. 10. 

LiliertT Hull Home Sfibocil; pJnep. r co-fid,: 
prpiilqi, ; W.J. Edmi)iidi}Dii^ Ptin» 
LTlfCHBTTEO, Cwnpbell Co,, pop. IS.SOl, 
Pie^dmont BuBiaoia C«Ueg«; l>ufl. and aten. ; 

eat. Ift87; J, W. GUe», Frea. 
Smith's Biuinsfti CallBKv; bUB, and atCD.; T. 

Pai-ket Smitb, Pfi^B. 
BuDdolph'-lI&aon Wttmui'ii Golla^j woDHcn; 
M, E. So.; eat ISfiS; Wm. W. Hmltb, 
A, M., LL. D., Pre«. 
Ylrgiiii& BnptUt fleminuT ^ colore^} ; i^n^p. ; 
tti-ed, ; Bapt. : George HAyi'S, Prln. 
MAlTAaSAS, PrincB Willl«43i Co., pop. 817, 
lffiii«afaa IiutitutB; itrmi^; eu-vd.; tioii-sect. ; 
Mtb, F. O. MotK ami Misa E. H. Oabuuru, 


HABIOITh Smyth Co., {up, 2.04I(, 
Mir ion Fonude Collfiig:*! girU* boarding; Luth.; 
I'st. i874; Bev. J. J. St?b«rer. A. M., 
KA&KHAir, FAiiquioi Co., pup. 150, 

CUvtfUud Hiffh BoliooL; prep.; co-oU.; P, E, i 
James J. ^arj^hell, Frlti. 
MEITDOTA, WftAhinffton COi, pup. 151. 

Hftmiltan Hiirb Bchovl;: px¥i>, ; (.'o-e<dr', non- 
at'tt.; Wi». C. Pattun, Ptln. 
MILLEB SCHOCL B, 0-, AlbamMl* Ctt., pitp. B4. 
Uillor UanuAl Sohool af Albemarle; tetb.; (.>u- 
pd.; nuQ-Bect. ; ij»t. 1OT8; G. E. Vawfer, 
M. A., LL. D., Snpt 
mLIWOOD, Clarkfi G«,, pop. 4D0, 

day Hill Aondomy; boyu' boarding; noa-aect.; 
WUU«o^ 11, Wbltlflff, Jr., rrln. 
MOUKT CLIlfTOlf, »e«klD«:him Co., pop. ^25. 
Woit CantTii.1. Acadamy; prep.; eo-pd. ■ non- 
see t.; PBt. imii D. I. Suter. Prln, 
MOUWT CBAWFOBD, Eockinrtajn Co,, pop. 

Eookinthi.n3 Military Inatitutoj mllltjaJr; 
iiofi-sect.; F. A. Byc*Hy, PTln. 

HEW^OET ITEWS, Warwick Oo*, pop. 13.030. 
Hampton Ecftdt Military Adad^my; military; 

nun-seet, ; E. W. HttlTtDaQ, &npt, 
NOarOLK, Korfolk Co,, pop. 4(^,624. 
Leaahfi-Woud Bemiouy ; girla' board ins; u on- 
fleet. ^ W\m Ai^ijuii D. Weal. Prln. 
Horfolk Acadamy; bojii' boardltig[ uon-aeet.; 

John F. Blaek\FeJl, Prln, 
Norfolk Million Collavn; prep.; co-ed.; U. 

Preab,; W. McKirabnn, Prln, 
PkilUpa and Weat Soluol ftkr GIrU, Tk«; glrla' 

boanlJiij;; iiori-aeet. ; MIbbpa Pbllllps and 

Weat, rrjRB. 
Bt. Mut'b M&Ia Acadamy! boy a" botirtllng; K, 

C. ; Brotber Hayrnond. Prln. 
ioutikflm Sborth^nd And BmineiB TfiLlTeTtity; 

bii». and Kteii.; J. M. ft^iasler. Prt^B. 
OHDirCCCK> Aoaamae Co,, pop. 9>3a. 

Mars*>ret Aoadamy; cloaed. 
FETEESBUEG, Baterabutff City Co., pop. 21,810. 

Soatham Fflmalo CoMore; glrla' buardjng; nun- 
801' t.; ^at, l-!^'{; Arthur Kyle BqtIs^ l*res, 

Tirglnia 3roirnu.l and Industtial Invtitnto; 
(cokjrfi'd) \ normal and indiist. \ atate; 
po-ed.i mt, ISaS; J. H. Johnston, Pk. D., 

FOBTBMOUTH, Norfolk Co., pop. 1T,427. 
FortBueuth Aoadfliny; prep,; ea-ed.; non-a»ct. ; 

W. H. atoML^i. Prln. 
St, Joaaph'a Aoadomy; ffrla' boarding; B, Q.l 

S^ later Afnes, Prln. 
St, Pauri l^alfl Academy ^ prep.; boja; B. C; 
I'M. lyilii; llmlbcr Vlneoiit, DLfector. 

BABF(>ED, Montgomery Co., pop. B,S44. 

St. Albana Sebools prep.; boy a: non-sect.; eflt. 
19&Z\ W. H. Randolph^ Head Iktaster. 

BELIA3ICE, Warren Co., pop. 57. 
8benandoak Normal College; normal; prlTate; 
<^-#?rt. ; J. 8, GrnTer, Frea, 
B«k4ara Announoemant. — FaellLttes a^ 
l^ortd aa caa bo had for thi? money. Eatc« 
oieiH>dinglj' low. Huartl^ tujitiont books, 
laundry. In fart, all neeeftaary oxp^^naia'B 
froDi ^150 to |£2n per Besslon of 4^> iv^eoka. 
A select private Bebool offerlnK all tbe 
adra&tageis af a blgb firleed aebool, 
Gourae locludea Mathematlea, Natural. 
Mentalt »nd Moral Science ; Lutln. Qreeki 
F^ncb, Oerman, Spsnlab. and Engllah; 
Constnerclal Brunches. Mnalc & apeelnlty 
—Vocal and tnetrnmental Including Piano. 
Organ, Violin, Onltnr, Mandolin, and 
Braaa Band. Many Spanlab apeaklng 
fltnd^nlB have been tiiiigbt to apeak Eng- 
11 ab Intt^lllgentiy In 3 or 4 montba. 

BICHBtOKS, Honrloo Ca., pop, SS.OfiO. 

Aead«my of the Tiilt&tlen; girla' boarding; 
H. C- Sierer M, Jiieitlaa Preifoat. Prln, 
flahaoFB announoemant. — Academy ©f tto 
Vlaitntlon. Mnnte Maria, C^race Street, 
between 22nd and ^ard Streets, Rlcb- 
mond. Va. Parents and jniardlana wbo 
w'iah to secure for young Ijidlea, In a 
ftrat-claaa Ixtardlag arhool, tbe ben^flta oC 
n aolld and reOned edneatlon, wltb ma- 
tcrnel auperrlaion over tbi^r health, 
morata and manners, will have no rcaeou 
tti royj^t their choice of the Munte 
Maria Aendemy. On the retired and 
healthy heights of Btehmond. In build- 
Jnga enlarged to admit additional appll- 
eantii. the pnplla enjoy ample grounds, 
plctureaqne v1«wh, and every faclllt>' un- 
der an approirqd system and an efficient 
cfirpa of teaebora, for tbelr contentment 
and r^i^JPt^ii^^ 

Hartihom Memorial College; normal; Indust.; 
women; 1,. B. Tefft, D, B., Prea. 

Mc<}nire'a Sohool; boys' buBrdlni^; non-aect.; 
John P. McGiilre. Prln. 

Medieal College of Virginia j racd. : rog. ; men; 
eat, 1838; Chrlatophec Tumpklne, M, D., 

WoUey'a Sokeal fot Bvjwi boy a' boarding; 
uoii^aect.; G, M. NoUey, Prin. 

Elohmmond CoUega; cn>I.; cti^-ed.; Bapt. ; est 
1B32; F. W. Boatwright, LL. D., Prea. 

Elohmond College^ L&w School; law; men; eat. 
l8Tt>; F, W. Boatwrlgbt, LL. D.. Dean, 

Bt* Mary' a Bonedlctina Imtitntd: girls' hoard- 





Jng; E. 0.; est. ISTO; Sister iL Gortriidi". 

B]nitliieA,L Ftmotiofll Bmtinsai College; buA. 

and eti^d.; O. M. Smlthdeul, PreH. 
tTniTeriitjr OoIlflv& of Medioinei med. ; ve^. \ 

mt^n; ^Bi. ISdH; J. AlUson Hod^CK, M. D,. 

UniTQiriitT' Colle^fi of Hediciju, Dentil He- 

pArtment; diiiit.; men; enL 1B9S; iT^ Al- 

llaoD Hod^ea, Dean, 
¥iiiTeTtitr OoUeff« (jf Hedioioa, Dspi-rtment 

Df FlULTindrOy; pbar. ; mep; cst> 1S&^; J- 

Allison Hndj^ca^ Drnii. 
Tirflnim Mecli&nic'i iDatitute Ifi^ht SohoQl mf 

TeolinDlAfy; ter-h.; idl-h: noD-aect^; est. 

1834; W, J. WlJlteburst. Preit. 
Tirffinift Sohoo! of Dentlatry^ Hedloal CollefA 

of VirflnUT dent,; iDen. fi«t. 18»T; Ctrl* to- 

pti^F Tompkins. Dean, 
VirgiiLM School of FkafiimoT^ Medioal Calle'to 

of Tir^uim; phur.; juen; cHt- IS^T; Chrlg- 

tupbi!r Tnmpklnpp De^ii. 
Ytrrlnim ¥nlon UaiT«fait]r; caL* men; Buf^t.; 

CBt. 38U1»; M, MaeVlenr. LL, D,. Trts, 
RIDOEWAT, Henry Co., pop. 332. 
Eld^wHj Institute J prep,; co-td. ; non-aect.^ 

JofftTson DmvIh. l*rin. 
BOANOKE, SoKntike Co., pop. 21.4t>5. 
Alle^Iieny Aomdemy; rloB&d. 
IfAtloiutl BuBiDfiM CoU^iFe; bui. and aten.; 

E. M. CotiltcT^, Prppit 
RURAL RETREAT, Wytha Com pop. S4KI, 
HirWkLaa Cbaiiol Inatitute; pr^p«; cfi-e^!.; non- 

SAX-EM, Eoa.nqk« Co,^ pop. 3,412. 
BoBODke CoUfiffa; coL; men; Lutb,; eat, 1S53; 

John A. Akin^heftd, A* M., 1>. D., rrea, 
SCHUYLEa, NeUon Co., pop* 13. 

KleinbcT? High BahOdl^ j^lrlai" boiirilinf; 

Prt^Bb ; MlBBtH WalLufl, Prln. 
SCOTTBBURG, Halif*i Co.. pop. 291, 
BoottsliurK Konaal Sobool; prep.; co-ed.; uon- 

fttsct.; C. R. Huirfield, Prin. 
SOUTH BDSTQK:, HalifaJt Co., pop. 1.851. 
Soutb Boaton Eem&lQ IJaitltiita; glrla' board - 

lug; non-BfJOt.; J. P. Smoad. PKn. 
SPOTTSWOOD, Autuata Co,, poj@. 37. 
Y^Ll&y Hiffli Sulmol;^ prep.;, ro^ed.; tiOD-aeet.; 

JameB M. Maaon, Frlu. 
SFRUra GARDEN, EittaylTmnla Oo.* pop. 57. 
SpHnf d&r^eu Hi^h Sefaool; pr^p.; co-ed.; 

Preab.; R. L. Tbomaaon. Prln, 

■TAUHTON, Aii^utta Co.. pop. T.26f». 
Dvuamoto Buaiueaa Collofa; bna. and atep. ; 

J. G. Duns more. Pres. 
BtAustoa M*l« Aoftdemy; closed, 
BtKunion Military Acfl-demy; inltitarj; non- 

#ect'. Wm. IL Knble, EJnpt. 
Jinry Bpldwia In»titiito, The; glrJa' bonrdlog 

nun'8(*ft, ; Miss E. C. Weimitr. Pfin. 
Vir^nia. Fom&le Inatituta; glrla" boarding; P. 
E.; MlsB Majla Peiidluton Out&L Prln. 
BTRABBtTBG^ BheoAndoah Co.* pop. 000. 
BtraabuTf Inatltute; elujied. 

BTtTAET, Patfiok Co.i pap. 37], 
fituort Normal CoUag^e^ normul; prlratt; co- 
ed,; I. A. BrL^^s, Prea, 
BITEFOLR, Nansemond Co., pop, 3.827. 
Kanaamond Seinliiary; glrli' bo&rdJD^; P. E.; 

Mrs. LiH.y H. Qoliiib>\ Prln. 
St, Pauri trniveraaliit Mlailon; prep.; co-ed.; 

UntT. ; T, B. Wise. Prln. 
iulTolk Collsffe; fflrlii' boardlsg; Metta.; Sallr 

A. Finney, Prln, 
Su:ffoIk Inatitut^; boy a* boarding; uoti-aect.; 
A. P. Kelly, Prln, 
TAZEWELL, Taxewell Co«, pop. l,(JOa. 
BadffB'i Busiaeia Ct»llt)|tfi; bUE. and atmi.; eat, 

1338; J. H. Dodge, Prea. 
TaiewflU OoUflfa } prep. ; co-ed. ; non-sect, ; eat. 
ISei; J. H. Dodge. Prln. 
imBDS, Clntyion Oo,« pop. 3ri. 
Elk Cre&k Academy; prep,; co-ed,; non-a^t.; 
M. L. Roark, Frln. 
WAEEEHTOlr, Fauquier Co., pop. l,e3T. 
Fauquier Inatttute; girls' iMiardlng: nap-aect.; 
George G. Butler, A, M., Trln. 
WAYNE BB CEO, Augusta Co., pnp. S54$. 

Fiakbume Military B«h»ol; military; Preab.; 
James A. FiftliboTnct, prln. 
Bokooi^a announcemoatd — Triebera: able, 
o^pprleneedt fuilbful. Puplla: ouly imtb- 
fuU pure^ manly boys wanted. Number 
llmitt?d, Loeatlon: '* Valley of Virginia/' 
eli^vaUdf bBAltbtul. acceiwibk', at junc- 
tion two lefidini^ rnllrouda. Henltti and 
comfort of puplla farefuUy ioc^ked aft^. 
Fuplla from THieUiKant New York, etc, to 
Texas* write for Catalogue, 
WEST FCINT, Kins WiUiam Co., pop. 1.307. 
Weat F&iut Seminary and Normal Inatiitiiter 
girla* boarding; non-aect, ; J. T. Betbet, 
M. A.. B. D., Prin. 

WILLIAJieBUEa. Jamei City Co., pop. 2.044. 
Callage of William and M^ryi toJ.; ttftte; 
men; tiat, JflU3, 
WINCH ESTEE, Fraderiijk Co., pop. 0,161. 

EpiflOQpal Femal« Coilagor girls' boarding; 
P. E.; est. 3874^ A. M. Smilb, A. U., 
Fairfax College; girla' boarding; Preab.; G. 

C. Sbepard. Prin. 
Bhenandoak Valley Academy; boy a' boardli^; 

non-aoi^t,; J. B. Loyett, Prln. 
TaUey Female College ; gtrU' b^wrdliif; M, H. 
So.; eat. inU\ But. Jobn F. Hyde, D. !>., 
LL. D,, Prua, 
WIBE, Wise Cn., pop. 5U, 

GladeTilia Cfiill«ge; pr^p. ; 4?o-ed.; a{in-fl«et>; 
tX Y. €l]iii;tuiiin, Prin. 
WOODLAWN, Carrnll Co., pap. 70. 
Woodlawn Narmal Inatitute ; nor. ; co-ed. ; nou- 
aect.; eat. 1887; Wm. V. Hurt and W. B. 
Jonea. Pilna. 
WOODSTOCK, BbanaQdoak Co.^ pop. l^Ofiff. 

Haaaanutten Academy; prep,; co-ed.; Be^ 
furmed; eat. 1889; Eey. E. Eaymond 
Jonea, M. A., Prea. 



Population, 518,103. School Census, 156,270. School age, 5-21. 

Washington is the thirty-third state of the Union in point of population, hay- 
ing a total of 518,103 inhabitants, of whom 496,304, or 95.8 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 102,125, or ig.7 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit* 
eracy of the entire population is 3.1 per cent, the state ranking fourth in this re- 
spect. The educational system of the state is as follows : 


R. B. Bryan, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ol3rmpia 

F. M. McCuLLY, Deputy Olympia 


R. B. Bryan, Ex-oMcio President. . . ,. .. Olympia 

J. M. HiTT, Secretary Port Townsend 

Mrs. Carrie Shaw Rice ^ ^ . . /Tacoma 

S. W. Yerkes Seattle 

J. W. Shepherd Walla Walla 


The school funds, school lands, etc., are handled by the State Land Commission. 
This commission consists of S. A.. Calvert, State Land Commissioner, Olympia; 
Sam H. Nichols, Secretary of State, Olympia, and R. B. Bryan, Superintendent of 
Public Instruction, Olympia. * . ' 


Washington has no School Text Book Commission. In 1901 the law requiring 
state adoption of text books was repealed, to take effect in. 1905. Prior to that 
time text books had been adopted by the State Board of Education. 


H. B. Dewey, President ', . .' .Tacoma 

H. A. Taylor, Vice-President , . . . . .Kalama 

O. C. Whitney, Secretary '. Tacoma 


County. Superintendent's Name. Addresa. Districts. 

Adams W. J. Lansing Ritzville ;... 73 

Asotin Lillian Clemans Asotin 26 

Chehalis P. A. Williams Montesano 70 

CThelan JoBn E. Porter Wenatchee 38 

Clallam Harlin E. Rlsley Port Angeles 45 

Clarke ..........*...**... MUton Prlchard *...* Vancouver 

Columbia ...., * *W. W, Hendron .,** *Dayton -..,.♦.... 

Cowlitz *,. , *..i**.*H» A. Ta-ylor »**.*..--*.».*w*,Kalama , 

Douglas *,*-.MiS8 Eva A. Hagen.,.,, WatervlUe ,..,.. 

Ferry ....*...► ,..**Mrs. Josephine Grim .** Republic .....**. 

FrankHn *. **..*....-.*,,**. John G. Gaiser. .*.. *.PaHco ..*-*...*».. 

Garfield *-.*...,*»...**Mlsa Nellie Vallen *.-*..Ponieroy *..*.,», 

Island *,.. .»*,.*, w.*MlBs Ella F. MeagheT*., Coupevflle *»,,. 

Jefferson ,*..* ........John D. PhilUps.. ........Port Townaend 

King ....W, G. Hartraiift Seattle 

Kitaap ........F. D. Newberr3^ Port Orchard . 

Kittitas .P. Hoyt F. Blair .....Ellensburg: 

Klickitat ..Miss Emma T. Clanton Goldendale 

LewlH ...» R. E. Bennett.., (Thehalls 

Lincoln ............. -i.......H.,Mi8S Alice Neal .......*, Davenport .,.,, 

Mason Mrs, M. M. Knight ....Bhelton 

Okanogan ....W. B. Gamble................. Conconully — . 

Faclilc Mrs. C. A. Murdock South Bend ... 

Pierce ....L. L.. Bentjow ....H........Tacoma 

San Juan ....................... Mrs. C, B. Buxton. h......... East Sound 

Skagit ... .....I. Guy Lowman.............. Mount Vernon 

Bkamanta ,.......,, ...Mrs. LilUe Miller. ......Stevenson 

Snohomish Tho^^mas F. Btlger ..EJverett ......... 

Spokane M, B. Watklns................. Spokane *....... 

St€?vena F. Ijeo Grlnsteiid Colville ,....*... 

Thurston Fred J. Brown.. ..Qlmpia ......... 

Wahkiakum Miss M^ude Klmba1l........Cathlam@t ..... 

Thalia Walla ..J. E, Myers .......Walla Walla .. 

Whatcom .....Richard J. Sehuaman ....Whatcom ....... 

WTiitman ...S, M. McCroskey ....Colfax 

Yakima 3. A. Dickey................... North Yakima 

No. of 


, 3S 



BJTKTO'St Kint Qo«, pop. 7Q, 

TiAhon Collets; coL; co-«J.; iKm-aect.; est. 
1S02: A. C. Jones, Ph. D., Prea. 
CHElfHY, Spokant Co., pop. 7S1. 
8t«ttt JTonnml flobofll; normal; qtate; cq-^.\ 
lUrry M. Sliafer, M. 8., A. M„ Pres. 
COLLEOE PZJkCE. Will& WmUa Co., pop. TO. 
Wnil* Wi^lU CoUevc; prep.; col^I,; SeTentt) 
a Adv,; OBt. im2: C. C. LewU. B. i^.. 
ELLEN8S¥RG. KittOiu Co.. pop. 1.737. 

WiitlilJi^oa Btetfi If omul Soliool;: aorinaL; 

EVEEETT, gni^bomiib Co., po;j. T.BiiB. 
Everitt ConunvnlAl Cvllere; bqa, nnd iten.; 
A, E. l<'lowrni. Prtn. 

HOBTH YAXIMA, YmMmt^ Oa., pop. 3.1&4. 
Woodofifik Aoademj ; prf^p. : eo^ud. ; Cd&if . ; 
It, M. EilwurdB, Prill. 

CLYKFIA, Thurtton Ca., pop. B.S6G. 

PTOTideiie« Audflmf; &t^p\ c^-ed,; R. C: 
Sifttoi: St. Wilfrid, Frin. 

rt^RKLMMU. IPlirn Co., pop. 150. 

Fmciflc Lutli»r*n IfniTorilty; pfttp.; ctj-tnl.; 
LiittK; W. J. Hont. Priii. 

PULLMAN, Whitman Ck>,. pop. l.tli^. 

WatbiDftOD Arrieultiir*! CoUfrfffl, itihool of 

Pharmacr; pbar.; ('o-pd.; PBt. iSM; 

Of^TKP^ IL Watt. f>o)iTi. 
Wtaljtnfftdn AfTtmiltunl Ooaatft. SaluHil of 

Vwt«Tiiui7T Bolnosj wH.; oi*ii; tat. 1897 r 

». B. N^lBon, Deao. 

ROSB. King Va,, [wp. 220. 

Soattle flamia&ry; prop.; co^,; FteQ lf«tb.; 

C. N. BertiHlH, Prin, 
SEATTLEp Kinr Co., pop. SO.071. 
A43«kd«mr of tba Holjr ZTaroe; ^Lrla" Ixjurdlnf : 

R. v.: .*i later M. LtfouLliit). Superior. 
Alki Aoftdvmy; eloaed. 
8Httl« 8«mliutr7j prep.; eo-«d.; Fre« Metb. ; 

Cliiric W, Sliaj-. Prla. 
UEaT«Tiltr ef WaalOofftoTi; tuiJir.: «t*te; «>■ 

od-, eat. Ifiei; Thomaa r. Knne. Ph. D.. 

'U'olTaralty of Waahioftoa, Law SohooU law; 

fo-cil.; rat. lH\n.i; Juhii T, C»ii.dpti, Dvaw. 
UniTBralty of Waabio^oni Sokool of ¥hmt* 

m&oy; plijir. ; ea-ed.; est. tS£H; Cbarlei 

W. jMUtiflon. Ph. C, rii. 11,, Di-wi. 
Wilion'i Mod«ni Buaiaaaa CoUic«; bua. uid 

aten.; Judscm P, Wllaop. Prta. 
SKOHOMISH. Snohiimtah Co., pop. 2J0I. 

Puffflt Sound Aoa4a[DT; prifp.; oo-ed.; Conr,; 

<8L ISSd^ A. W. Taj- lor. A. B.. Pfln. 
BOITTH FAB.S, Kiag Co,, pop. Sm. 

CoUota of Our Lad}- of Lourdaa; boya* bOArd- 

Ing: R. C- brother Philip. Prlo. 
filnlr SuiiDoaa Collogo; but. nrid ittpn.; H. C. 

Blair, Prta. 
SPOKAKE, Bpokano Co,, iNjp. 3G.84S. 
Awdomy «f K^ij K»iii«i; ^Irla' lioardlne; 

It. CS Sl«it(>i' Mary Alodla, Frtu. 
£B«olfaom Sualfiaia CoUata; bna. aod at«A. : 

QprtDAD T. l^ngclbDm, Fri,^a. 
firttDOt Itidt; g^frta* boardlcig; Epla.t JhUa 

P. Bailey, Priti. 





Ooiuuica College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1887; 

Rev. R. J. Grimont, S. J., Pres. 
Northwefltem BusineBB College; bus. and sten.; 

B. H. Thompson, Pres. 
TAOOMA, Pierce Co., pop. 37,714. 
VniTtrtity of Paget Sound; col.; co-ed.; M. 

B.; est. 1903; Rev. Edwin M. Randell, 

D. D., Pres. 
Taooma Academy; prep.; co-ed.; non-sect.; 

A. P. Powelson, Prln. 
Annie Wright Seminary; girls' boarding; P. 

B.; est. 1884; Miss Cora L. Fitch. Prin. 
Taeoma Business College; bus. and sten.; 

W. K. Shoemaker, Pres. 
Whitworth College; col.; co-ed.; Presb.; est. 

1880; F. B. Gault. Pres. 
YAVOOWER, Clarke Co., pop. 3,126. 

Providence Academy; prep.; co-ed.; R. C; 

est. 1872; Sister M. Melanie, Prin. 

St. James' College; col.; men; R. C; est. 
1866; Rev. Brother Florinus, Pres. 

WAITSBURO, WaUa Walla Co., pop. 1,011. 
Waitsburg Academy; prep.; co-ed.; U. Presb.; 
J. A. Kenner, Prin. 

WALLA WALLA, Walla WaUa Co., pop. 10,- 

De La Salle Institute; boys* boarding; R. 

C; Brother Jasper, Prin. 
Empire Business College; bus. and sten.; 

Wm. P. Underwood, Pres. 
Whitootfin College; col.; co-ed.; Gong.; est. 

1866; Rev. Stephens B. L. Penrose, B. D., 


WHATCOM, Whatcom Co., pop. 6,834. 
State Kormal School; normal; state; co-ed.; 
est. 1899; E. T. Mathes. Ph. D., Prin. 


Population, 958,800. School census, 302,157. School age, 6-21. 

West Virginia is the twenty-eighth state of the Union in point of population, 
having a total of 958,800 inhabitants, of whom 915,233, or 95.5 per cent, are white. 
Of this number 22,379, or 2.4 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illit- 
eracy of the entire population is 11.4 per cent, the state ranking thirty-third in this 
respect. The educational system of the state is as follows: 


Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Schools Charleston 

M. P. Shawkey, Chief Clerk Charleston 

D. E. Miller, Statistical Clerk Charleston 


Term expires Sept. i, 1907. 

U. S. Fleming, President Parkersburg 

R. A. Armstrong, Secretary Vorgantown 

C. E. Carrigan Benwood 

JosiAH Keely Montgomery 

C. R. Murray Piedmont 


Gov. A. B. White, ex-officio Charleston 

Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Schools Charleston 

A. C. ScHERR, State Auditor Charleston 

Peter Silm an. State Treasurer Charleston 


There is no state supervision over the adoption of text books. Authority is 
vested in the local boards or the voters of the respective counties, being optional 
with them. 

Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Schools Charleston 


Thos. C. Miller, State Superintendent of Schools, President Charleston 

Thos. C. Miller, State Superintend- Frank B. Trotter, Vice-President 

cnt of Schools, President . .Ch^irleston H. F. ¥\JESV.yL\^, Vice-President 

A. J. Wilkinson, Secretary L. J. Corbly, Vice-President 

Geo. S. Laidley, Treasurer 




Fop. of 




County, jSuiK'riiittsiiili^iit'H Nniiie. Ad'dreBs, 

Bai*bOiir .A. G. Jenkins ..Fhmiipl ,.. ..U.1B4* 

Berkeley K H, TabLor ..Martlnaburg 1S.4G9 

Boone ■■--* - ...*A. G. Hager .Oanville ,. ,. S,IM 

Braxton B. B. Duffleld., *...„.. ...Sutton 18,8W 

Brooke ....Geo. VV. Hogg Wellsbnrg .,.....7,21B 

Cabell Ira- F. Hntfield .......Inez 28,363 

Calhoun *....W&lleagt on Lester ............Pink 10,366 

Clay H. L. Morris Croaby S,MS 

IXiddridge O. A. Ashburn West Union , J3,6Se 

Payette ....W. S. Jobnaon Red Star .....31,987 

GUmer Worthy Davis. CedarviUe 11,76S 

Grant J. L. Rexroad -.Arthur '?,275 

Greenbrier L. W. Burns......... ...Meadowbluff 20,683 

Hampahire Ek W, Noland Levels ..- llJOS 

Hancock T. M. COcbran. New Cimiberland 6.693 

Hardy Ll S. Halterman Lest River 8,449 

Harrison L. Way man Ogden. Adamaton 3T,fiS0 

Jackson ........................ .J. D. Cooper .....8herman .................23^987 

Jefterson ..%... ..J. A. Engle ...............Harper's Ferry ......... .I£i93& 

Kanawha M. H. BpUn ..Marmet ..M,686 

Lewis Lloyd G. Losh Weaton ........,46,»3W 

Lincoln W. C. Holatein. ........Slotn 15,4S4 

Logan 1. C. Scaggs Lake 6,9$& 

Harion Carter L. Faust Fairmont ^,130 

Mar^all .J. D. Parriott Cameron 36,444 

Mason C. A. Green Aahton 31,142 

Mercer J. H. Gadd Duhring .23,oeS 

Mineral ..Geo. S. Arnold .BurHogton n,S83 

Mingo , Chaa. K. Ellla Wtlliamson .,...n>3S9 

Monongalia Jeaae Henry ................... Morgantown , 19,(H$ 

Monroe B. F. Hoylman... , Second Creek 13,130 

Morgan U. S. G. Potter Mmison 7.2M 

McDowell F*. C. Cook.. Welch 18J47 

Nicliolas S. C. Dotson Summersvilie .U»40a 

Ohio Geo. 8. Blgga West Liberty 48,034 

Pendleton W. B. Dunkle..... Clrclevllle 9.167 

Pleasants A. W. Locke... Maxwell S,S45 

Pocahootas .J. B. Grinaea .Lobelia ..... 8.fi73 

Preston A. W. Carricjo ..Rowlesburg 22,727 

Putnam .......J. C. Plah .Winfleld ...17.330 

Raleigh ....G. W. Tompson Odd .....1^*436 

Rajidolph E. A, Poe ...Blklna ..17,ero 

KUchle .....L. H. Hayhurst Goose Creek 18,901 

Roane ...H....N, L. Chancey.... ..Reedy 19,853 

Summers Geo. W. Lilly...... .Hinton ..lfi,265 

Taylor I>ellet Newlon Simpson 14^978 

Tucker Chas. U. Adame. .Hambleton 13,433 

Tyler D. L. Talkington...............Alvy 1S,252 

y)sher ..W. S. Mick .....Buckhannon .14,69© 

Wayne L. G. Sansom......... Wayne 23.619 

WeiJBter Gainea Chapman .....Webster Springs 8*862 

Wetsel S. L. Long............... Endicott , ...22.S80 

Wirt ....J. F. Haverty Kllaabeth 10,284 

Wood ......W. T. Cochran Parkersburg ........M,4B2 

Wyoming .R. Wade Cook..... Rock View ...8,380 


ALDERBOK, Konrcta Co., pop. [^18. 

Alleghany CoUe^ata Inptitutfi; prep.; co-ed.; 
M. E.; Rl^v. E. a. llippej, M. A.. Prlii. 
ATHEKB, K«FOfir Co., pop. J 3d. 
8t»ta Kctnui-l Sobool; normnl; state; co-^d.^ 
Oeorge U. ToTd, A. B., Pres. 
BA&SOtrSBYILLE, C«b»ll Go., pop. 429. 

Marrlft HinroT Collate; col.; coed.; M. E.; 
So.: est. 18^8; D. W. Sh^W, A. M., Free. 

BECELEY* Eitlolfli Co., pop. 313. 
Bochlny Baminwy; prep.; co^cd. ; uon-sect.; 
Bernflra U. White. Prin. 
BETHAK7. BruokB Cfl^, pop. 215. 

BotbAay GmUBra; col.; co-ed.; Christ.; eit. 
1S41; T E. Cramblet^ LL. 0.* Prefl. 
BtrCKHANHOK, Upifaur Co., pop. 1,5G», 

Secninitry £<[:]!iqdI «f Buiineii; but, lind vten. ; 
Geo. W. Brojles, Pres, 



WEST vmamiA, 

buslneBS Bcbool In fhe Sontb. Competent 
and efficient tuuobera. Three year courne 
in copQnitrce, Speclnl courat^i In boDk- 
kf^eplnff, stena^rnpby, nnd penmantblp. 
Tultlun iMjr term ot 14 woeks tie. 
WABt TirffinilA Conferinoe Seznlniirj^ prep.; 
co-ed* J M* B,; John Wler, Prln, 

B1IBVSYILI.E, SrAxton Vn., pap. 81S> 
John Weir. Prln, 
BiuttiTiUe Academy; prep^^ trg-ed*; Pott-tect. ; 
G. F. Queen, Prln. 
GHAHLEBTON, Kanawbi. CO', pop. 11,000. 
Cupit&I City CaminftrQiftl Gi}lli)ff&; bna. &T\d 
sten. J W. B. BIllMt, Proa. 
CHAXLESTOWN, J«j;tir«an Co», pop. 2,3&2. 
Powhittim Collsere; glria" bonrdlng; nod-iect.; 

S. I\ Hat ton. Prln. 
itspheaiLon Samlnftr^; prep,; m-e^r, Pr«Bb. ; 
C. N, Ciinpbtll, D. D,, Prln. 
GLA&KBBUKG, Himiiion Qo.^ pop. 4,0S0. 
SroAddus Glkulcil amd Bolentito^ Imtitut«^ 
prep*; co-ed.; Bapt.; Samuel Elleu Swurts, 
ELIZAS ETH, Wirt Co., pop, 657. 
B4mlDi&ry^ mnd Buiineu Subool; prf^p, ; eo-ed.; 
DO u- sect. ■ A, S. Lee^ PHb. 
FAXBXOirT, M«rioii Co., pop. D.055. 

EUl«tt C^mmoroiAl iohool; bu§. and a ten.; 

Wnltflr M* Evana, Prea* 
TftlnQt^nt St&t« Knrm&l Bobodl; normul; atate; 
CT-ed.; eet. ISflT; W. L. ML-Cowan, B, Pb., 
f AY£TT£YlLL£t E^Atte Oo., pop. 413. 
E&7«ttQviIlft Aoademr; prep.; ^o-ed. ; non- 
Beet. : H. 0. Robertson, Prln. 
GLENVILLE, Gilmer Go^, pop. 333. 
Wflit Virrlfili Gol«r«d liutltwU (colored); 
norm u I ; »i& te ; i?d- ed . ; W . J. Hodden , 
LL. B.. Prei. 
BABPEB'S FEEBY, Jefferton Co., pap. BSG, 
Btt»r«r Collei«: normal; private; eo-edn; Bapt.; 
est. 1807; Heiirj T. McDonaia, A. U , 
Pb. B.. Prei. 
HUKTIHaTOH, OnbaLl Co., pop. 11,023. 
MaTibHll BuAlneia CoUefs; bus. und steu. ; 

W. A. Ripley. Prea. 
JUriliAU CDUeiQ Bute NonnmL Sohool; nor- 
iDul; atate; co-ed,: L, J. CroBby. Pres. 
INSTITUTE, KfrDiwlw Co., pop, SB. 
Weit Tirgioia. CoLorid IsaUtuta (colored): 
imjkii^dI; atate; co-*;drt I. BfcH. Jonefl, 

LEWXBBUE&, Greenbrier Cn., pop, ST2. 
Graenbrier Aoadem;; boy a' boardlnf; non- 

fle{!t. ; Gordon R. Houaton, Prln. 
LawlilniFp ramale Inatltute; if Iris' boarding"; 
Presb.; eat. 1876; R. L. Telford, Pr<!fi. 
MOBGAKTOWH, Monon^lia Co., lup. 1,895. 
Wfiit Virginia UnlTanity; univ. ; state; ^- 
pd.; R8t. 1S6§; D. B. Pnrinton, FJj. D., 
LL. D.. FreB, 
Watt TirrlnlA UnlTanity, Collei^ of Eaw; 
law; men; est. 1878; St. George T, 
Brookr. LL. 1>, , Artlnjff Dean. 
PABEEBfiBUBG', Wood €o.» pop. 11,703. 

Ad&daiDy of the Tieitatlon; f^lrla* boarding; 
R. C; Sister M. Xavior RelHy, Prln. 
PBnVGETGir, Kerfiar Go., pap, D23, 
Frin«aton Golla^late Inatftnte; pr#p.; co-ed.; 
Mpth.; eel IftSS; C. A. Brown. A. M-» 
RDKlirEY, Himpahire Co., pop. S80, 
Potomaa Beniina.r7; prep,; eo^e4.; Preab,; 
J. a Hodgson, Prln. 
SALEHp Harrison Co,, pop, 740. 
Salem Golloffs; prep.; eo-ed. ; SoTentb D. 
Bapt.; Then. L. Gjirdtner. D. U.t Prln, 
SHEPHEBDBTGWN, JatFerfton Co.* pop. l,lSi. 
Shepbard GollaB^e State Normal B^ool; nor- 
umi; state; eo-ed. ; J. G. Knottl^ A. M*, 
3trHK£E8VtLLE, Niaholaj Go., pop. 223. 
BummenTtUe Normal fiohool; normal; priTste; 
co-ed.; W. G. Brown, Pres. 
WEST LIBERTY^ Ohio Co., pop. 293. 

Wait Eibartjr State Narmal Sobool; noroaal; 
state; co-ed.; est. 1870; Loratn Portney; 
Ph. a. LL. B.. Prln. 

WHEELING, Ohio Go., pop. 3S,8T8. 

LLnaly Inititute; boys' boardlof; oon-Rct.; 
Baine B. Dent, Prln, 

Kount da Ghaatal Female Aaademf; glrla' 
boarding; R. G. ; aiater M. Xnvler, PrJii. 

St. Joseph'a Aoadamy; girls' boarding; R. G.; 
est. 1B65; Mother M. Llguorl. Prtn. 

Whflflllnff BualDoaa CoUega; bus. and tteii.; 
JT, M. Krasljer, Prea. 

Sohoora announcBmont*— Ja the oldest and 
best eqnlpped buskiesa eolleg^e along tba 
Ohio River. Employs ten tnstmctora, 
eaeh ef whom is a specialist In bla de- 
partment, has forty writing macbtoea, 
rniouanndfl of graduates. Tlnla eolleca 
nnnitJiliy places abciut 300 of Its gradu- 
A tea In poaltlona. 


Population, 2,069,042. School census, 623,910. School age, 4-20. 

Wisconsin is the thirteenth state of the Union in point of population, having a 
total of 2,069,042 inhabitants, of whom 2,057,911, or 74.6 per cent, are white. Of 
this number 515,705, or 24.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy 
of the entire population is 4.7 per cent, the state ranking fifteenth in this respect. 
The educational system of the state is as follows : 


C. P. Gary, Superintendent Public Instruction ' Madison 

C. A. Donnelly, Asst. State Superintendent Madison 

Chas. L. Harper, Chief Clerk Madison 

Maud Barnett, Library Clerk Madison 

Winona Merrick, Index and Filing Clerk .Madison 

The state exercises no supervision over text-book adoption, authority being 
vested in the local boards or the voters of the respective counties, and being op- 
tional with them. 

Wisconsin has no State Reading Circle Board, but makes generous provi- 
sion for the building up of school libraries, setting aside for district libraries ten 
cents for every pupil enrolled. 


SuPT. E. W. Walker, President , .Delavan 

F. A. Lowell, Treasurer Rhinelander 

Thos. W. Boyce, Secretary Milwaukee 


County. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Adams John P. Lewis Friendship 83 

Ashland Wm. L. Schuppert Olidden 47 

Barron T. H. Lage.... Barron 126 

Bayfield Jessie N. Smith Washburn 28 

Brown ...John B. Poumier Green Bay, R. 6 85 

Buffalo Wm. J. Eberwein Alma 90 

Burnett Mabel Ahlstrom Grantsburg 65 

Calumet Leo P. Fox CJhilton 68 

Chippewa Angellne Prince Chippewa Falls 128 

Clark A. O. Rhea Thorp 133 

Columbia S. C. Cushman Portage 146 

Crawford E. E. Brindley Soldiers' Grove 101 

Dane, 1st Dist Sylvanus Ames Stoughton 126 





No. of 
County. Superintendent's Name, AdifbesH. DlHtrlcts^ 

Uane, 2d Jyiat *..Qny TveB w. .Black Karth 128 

Dodge *.......,...**..,,.. -.John Kelley — Juneati ............... ......,1S& 

Door *...***.*-. J. A. Eicmrger....* *. ...Sturgeon Bay ....,..,,,..,, 67 

DouglfiB * *... Jennie Rlchard&on ............I^ike Nebagamon ..., , 20 

Dunn ,...H. B. Layne **...Kenotnonie *..,.„...,.,„., 12* 

Bail Clafre — ...... — ....... Lura. Burce ."Ban Claire ....♦ T7 

Florence ........N. C. Jenaen Commonwealth ............ 12 

Fond du Ijac... ......Alfred B. tA^amaon Fond du Ijac,.*, „.„.,1S5 

Forest — , ,..*... H. A, Kamm .....»CraTidori IT 

Gates „. w. N. Mackin liadysmlth 5» 

Grant .Chas. H, Nye. I^ncaster , 220 

Green ,..,..,,.„ J. Carl Penn .Monroe , .127 

Green Lake ..*..Qeo. T. K«lley ...Princeton 71 

Iowa .**.. Alfred Kuykendall ........... DodgevUle „ ,,..128 

Iron **-•• ** Alba L. Rugglea .............. .Hurley — 15 

Jaekaon F. B. DelJ Bla<^k River Falls.,,,....,, 98 

Jefferaon ......*.,,.. John A, Haselwood — ....,,, Jefferson 129 

Juneau H. Harrison ,. Mauaton .,, 113 

Kenoaha ....Geo. W. Taylor ..Kenoaha 62 

Kewaunee W. H. Drlasen ,.,...,.... Kewaunee .................. Bl 

I>a Crosae ...B. F. Oltman .Weat Salem .......68 

IjaFayette ................. H. H, Patterson .........Darlington ..,.. .125 A. M, Arve^aon .AntJKo Afi 

Lincoln 1. H, Hamliti... ......Merrill S8 

ManHowoc .....................Fred Chrlatiansen .....,..,, ..Manitowoc ,...112 

Marathon ,......,».*..... .^^.....Tohn F. X^mont .'Watiaau ...♦. 178 

Marinette ...,.............-....R. C. Ramsay .Peshtigo .................... B7 

Marquette ...,,. — Efjlen Hammond ,, ...Liberty Bluff ...,,..© 

Milwaukee ...Jesae F, Cbry..... ....Milwaukee «.. 73 

Monroe .......,.,.,., ..,,,,...,.Oeo. H. Robertson.., Glendale .....................142 

Oconto .. H. W. Gilkey Oconto Fall i 76 

Oneida ,.....,.,,... F. M. Mason,...,.. .Rhlnelander ,....., ..,25 

Outagamie Arthur G. Mealing ...Appleton ......,.., ..ISO 

Ozaukee .......Richard Be^er .Fredonl®. Sd 

Pepin .Mary OI«en , , . , , Porcupine 38 

Pierce ......Anthonv J. Tn^ll Ellsworth Ill 

Polk ...C. W. Monty,,.. .St. Croix Falls...... Ill 

Portage ..................^....-Andrew P. Een.., ,..,. ..Amherat inS 

Price .,,,. .....Ma^- McNely... Phllllpa 73 

Racine ...-. J. J. Pettijohn 'Waterford 77 

Richland R, H. Burna Richland Center ....12S 

Rock, lat dl8t..,............,.,Cha^. H. Hemingway,..,,..,. JancsvlUe ............. ,* SS 

Rock, 2(1 diet ...O, D, Antladel Afton . ..90 

St, Croix .Tohn D, O'Keeffe,,.. Hammond ...ISO 

Sauk .......,.,,..,..,, O, F, Snyder ...Baraboo .....,,.,..,.,....... Iff 

Sawyer ,..,... Effif- Harrington........ .Hayward ,,., B 

Shawano Tj, D. Rotierts. ..., Shawano .........,.....,.,,.113 

Sheboygan Otto Gaflfron ............... Plymouth .- 112 

Taylor .Arthur J. liRtton .Medford ......,,,......,,.... 64 

Trempealeau Ti. B. Keith , GaleBV«le ....110 

Vernon ........................ -IT, L. Gardner Vf roqna .,......,,.,,.,,,... .154 

Vilas .,,...,..,...,......,..... . .Blla 0'l.^ary .Mlnocqua .,.........,...,.,,, 10 

Walworth John G. Vosa., Blkhorn ISO 

Washburn ................ -...,W. C. Crocker............ Spooner , 53 

Wa^ahinjcton g. W, Bennett. .,,.West Bend.,,.. 100 

Waukesha JulK R. Rockafellow. Waukesha .117 

Waupaca C, B. Stanley..,.,....., ,Manawa .....134 

^^aushara .Huv Kumhrue "Wantoma .......... .103 

WlnneliaKo — - Geo. OvfTton ...,..,.,,......, , .O«hkosh 9R 

Wood Robert Morris ,,Arpln 94 


MJMIQV, Buifl Off., pop. 134. 
tiith«rmti AeiidemT; nrcp.^ rn-«*rt, ^ luithpmn; 
i^Nf. tRfi4; R<w. T>. a, RlRtRd, Prin. 
APPLETON. Outk««iala Co.. pop 15,nS3. 

%m.wntiom ITnlTeriltyi cati ro-ed.i M. K.r eit. 
1947; RflT, SamttPl Planti. 0. D.. Prei. 

A8HLANB, Athlft&d Co.. r^p, 1!!.0T4. 

Cordon*B Bufllneiii CoUegfl ; bus. nnA steii.; 

Horth 'WlMOUiin AMdemj: prep.; co>ed. ; 
Cong. - M. J, Ppn^npo, Prtn. 
BIATEB DAMp Boig^ Ci>„ pop, B,iai. 





»t. 1S&4; EdwLii P. Browu, A. B,p Prln, 
BELOXT, Eoflk Co., pop. 30.430. 
B«loU Buiineu Collefs; but. and Aten. - L. Jl* 
Martin. I'res. 

LL, a, Pi-t^s. 
GHIFFEWA FAIXB^ Chippewa Co., pap. S,00^. 
Chipp4W& F&llt BufciiiAii GoIl«ffe i hu^, tuid 
Bleu. : C. H. HuN^'k'Wjri, Fwa. 
DELAFlllLIlt W«ukeKba Co.< pop. 261. 
Bt. Joha'fl MiUtJU-7 Ac«4emj; lultitjarj; P. K.; 

ETAKBTILLEp Roek Co., pop^ l,}m> 

ETmnsTille Seitiiiiuyp Th«; prr^p. ; €0"Ctl. t Frc^fi' 
iiptd.; K, G. Biirrctt, Prin. 
FOICD D^ X,AC, Fond Du L&e Co., piip. IG.llO. 
Ftjuntiiit City BualneK CoLlagd, TIu ; bUR. dLUd 
flCcn.; cat. lOUii; IluTld E, Jtilinsdn, B. B.. 
GiAfton HaIU prep.: co-ed.; P. E. ^ B. Tal- 
hat Kogers, Prin. 

GollfgrbitD — FrmT CvnirspR. Slimlc'— ^^rt — 
I>>m(f8tSc Sctfurf'. Ttsp aim nf th*! Br)im>l 
Ifl tu prnvlde ti tkui^n^h tralnioi^ for s^rjn 
HDd thf! briiftd^t pilucatlottal Bilvantagea 
for younff ]itdk>«. It prppareB for blgbor 
Institutions c^f leimlnif kwI prarldM a 
Itbprai education lu Muilc, Art, and 

TEAHm^m, &b4lKtrK«ii Co., pop. lQ3. 

Miuion Haiii»; ttjL ; rued.; Refartued; eiit 
1S5SJ ficT, n. X. Miiemmeler, Pr^a. 

GAINESVILLE^ TT«mpulu.u Co^^ pop. S82. 

0a.lfl ColUge; prep.; Of^ud.; Ltitb.; oat. 1S64; 
Lan M. GVntiiit'tftiiid, A. B., Priw. 
&REEN BAY, Brown Co.. pop. IHMi. 

Groan Bay Biuinaii CoUaife]; bus. and »tcn.: 

E. F. Quintal, Frei. 
HILLS pE. lowm Co., pop. 23. 

HiLUido Homfi School; prep.; co-ed.; uon-«t»ct. ; 
Mlftaes Jiiuee, Prlua. 
MiniSinLLE, R^ck Co., pop. 13.18G. 

Talfintiuo'a Soliwl of TolAffrapliy; bui. and 
flten.; RJcturd Valenttno, PrH». 
XEKQ8HA, K«noBlim Co,, pc>p. ll,(Kse. 

KymjR'r HaH; jjirls^ bonrdlng; P. E. r SJater 

^upyrlor, PrJiJi. 
JSanoilia CciUaf« of CominercQ; biia. iintl Kten.; 
OUa L, Tronwry. Piii». 
LA CEOSSE, La CrtiiH Co., pop. SS.805. 
WiBconiin BuBioB^B Uni^ftrilty; bqs, and ftto«.; 

F. J. TolAncl, Pt<'K. 
MABISOKr BaDfl Co., pop. lOJ&t. 

Capital Cttr Commertslal Dollefft; bus. and 

Bten.; R. H. Boy<!, Prea. 
]rortliw«it«ra Biuiaoii CoUeK«! E>u$p ^ud eten.; 

R. tp. DeroJnCr Pre«. 
iacnid Hoait Ackdem?; glrla* bonfdiiig; R. C; 

Mo th ef Rhk i 11 II 111, PrI d . 
^aivsnity of Wiaqomin: unlv^,, ntutei ctj-w!.; 

t^Bt. l^S; €huTlr^ R, Van riUe. Pb, D,, 

ITniTsrilty flf WiMoniln. CoUoff» of Law; law; 

oo-ed.; obL 1S6S; H. S. Hlchardt. Dean. 
ITBlTttnlty of WlBoontiji, 8«h<rol of fhar- 

maty; phnr, : ro-ed. ; E^st. liSSj Edward 

iCrppiL^rK. Doan. 
WiacDiimin A(!adamy; prpp. ; oo-ed. ; Ooti-KCt.! 

t-Bt. IHSli; Cliarlutto E. Blchmood. Prtn. 
MAEIHETTE, BCarinfltt« Co., (K>p. 16,105. 

Marinetto Buftineu CoU«g«; bui. and sten.; 

T. R. IluttliJson, Prpfl. 
St. Hajy'^B Aoadamy; glirlR' boardlnff; R. C*; 

y later Wiiry GoflEalra, PrJn. 
KILTOK, Rook Co#, pop. 0S5. 

XUton CoMokb; rol,; co-ed.; Sflventli D. BapL; 

ost. 1H4^; Ittnv, Wm. C. Dttlandt M. A., 

D. D,. Pii-R. 
HILWAITKEE, Milwauk«a Co., pc^, ^0,310. 
Coftoordia Collft^; i>nt.t men, Liitb.; oRt. 

ISSl; Ror. M. J. F, Albf^ott, PrM.. 

Slalt' SI. 
Cream City Buiineii Coltofe ; bus, audi ateti. ; 

H. A. Bri>vvn find \V. W. Wny. Pfe«., &tb 

a^ior. Mack Blh, 
Goncan-EairUBli Aeademy ; prep. ; *?o-ed. ; non- 

flott.f t'Ht ja'51; Hax Qrlpbuc'h, Director, 

553 Broadway. 
HoffiDMn'i Metropolitan Bminoai CoUife; buB. 

mil] ateti.; O, A. Hoffman. Prea.. Metro- 
poll tan Blk 
Holy Aivela Academy t girls* boariilog ; E. C ; 

Pflt. l>i«2; Si«t*?r Superior, PrJo, 
Han^uetta Colleffi! col.; men; R. C.: est 

ISG'l; Hov, A, J, Burrowei, Pr«fi., Cor^ 

tjtittc and li>th !^ta. 
XayerA Commeroial College; «4nBed. 
Milwaiikeo Acadeniy; boya^ Inifirdlnff;; non- 

8i»ct.; Juihia Howard Pratt, Ph, D.. Prln.. 

471 Ven Biiren. 
Hilwaukaa-DowqaT College; e^SrlR' boarding; 

D»ng. And PreHb.; eat. ISfiG; Mln Elten 

C. Sabln. A. M.. Prea,. Hertford, ^or. 

Downer Atc, 
ICll^waokee Law Boboal; law; mt^n; H. %. 

BfDii». .Sec. I2ij Wincnriain St. 
Milwankae Medtoal Colteffe; mod.; reg. ; co- 
ed.; eat, 1804; W. H, Ne»Hon. M. D.. 

Dean, Cor; Wi^IIb and Otb Sta. 
Milwankee Kedloal Collega, Doatal Pepan- 

mant; dent.; co-cd. : est, 1904; H. L. 

BanxJiaf, Dvna. Cor. Wc^lla aa4 9tfa gta. 
Milwaukes Hadloal CoUofe, BepArtmant of 

Pharmaoy; phar,; co-ed.; rat. limi; R. 

1^- W. Soiiituer, Bean, Cur. W^'lla and 0th 

Kational German- AmDrioan Teaoherm' Sflml- 

nary^ nurinul; private; iM-cd.; v^t. 1BJ8; 

^lux Gflebaeb, lUroctor, G&9 Broadway, 
Rheude'a Buain«B8 College and Dnftio^ 

BQbool! bua., Bton. and teeb. : eat. ISSd; 

Antfm Rbeude, PrU , ^20 Che«nut St 
gpancerian BuaineBa College; bu«. and aten.; 

R, G. Sponder* Prcs., Wlacvnalb* n. <j. 

eor. Broadwaj. 

Btate STonnal Bottoolf normal; «tate; co-ed,; 

Chaa. McKenoj, Pros,. Cor. Weill and 

iStli Stfl. 
Wllmot Buaineit College; bua. und atun.; eal. 

iSSi; ir M. Wllmol. Frill., lofl Maaon St. 
Wiaooutin College of Fhyal^auB and Surgeoaa; 

mtd.; reg,i co-ed.; eat, 1»03; A. H. 

Levlnga, M. D., Cean. 




D^ntAli I>Bpi.TtDieDt ;; deiit. j c?0'e^,; est. 
13@0; L<iui9; J. Stephen, De&D. Cor, 4th 
St. and Reflervdir Ave. 

MOUNT CALTAEY, Fflad Du Uio Cto., pop. ^46. 
St* lAwrenge CoUcig«; boys* boarding; R. C*; 

0BHK03H, WiiiD«bHffi» Oo«, pop. 2a,2S4. 

Rkilwa^ Tel«fTiLpli Inttitutaj leL HUd B,. R. 

[niH. ; IL I^ Hiiixla, At^r^ 
Bt. Petvr'f. Bchoql; pre p.; cti-ed. ; R. C*; eat. 

IS6S| R€5*, Fiither O' Ma Hey, Prln. 
Stiit« JTiRnu.! BohtKil; iioriuiiU BtAte; co-ed.; 

EnfuB H. Hal Bey, A. B., Pf^a. 
WiUi»iii« Suitfictii Collfiffl; but. and Hten.; 

oo-m).; cat. ]8Sfi^ T. J. WlUleiDS, Fr«a. 

PLATTE VnXE. <jT»iit Ca-, pop. 3,340. 

FUtteTHU BuBmsM Ci>lleira; ttii». and iten.; 

J. A|l::iH'l£. Pri*«. 

Btftte Korm^l Ealiool ; normal ; state ; co-ed. ; 
DuiH'au Mi'tifegor* Proi. 

POBTAdE, Columbia Ct»., p4jp. 5,450. 

Btory'A College M Gommsriw and Training 
Babool; l.iiic. mikI hLi-ii.^ H. A. Story; Ptob- 

POYKETXE, Golumbta Co., ptjp. 633, 
Foynsttfl Academy ; prep. ; co-ed. ; Fresb* t 
W. L. <Jrei*u, Prlti. 

FEAIKIE BTJ CHIEK, Or«.wford Co.* pop. 

GoUiFfi of tba Baored Heart; boja' boarding: 
K. C; e«t. 1S80; Hct, John UlHe IlelnKk^, 
fl. J.. PrPH. 

Bt. Mwry'i Aeademr; i^Lrld' tioardliiK; R. C; 
Hliti^r M. .S^^i-Hphlu. PHd. 

BACOTE. Eacino Co.. {Kip. £9,IU2. 
East Faik School; oloecd. 
Qrammjtr ichooL of BacIuo Colioffe ; bojft' 

bomdlnf! P. E, ; Uoiiry D. RobLuHOti, 

Homo School, Thaj closed. 
St. Catbertna'a Ao^dflnay; girlii' bonr^Ilug; R. 

C: Mother M. HyrKhitbii. Prlo, 
Wiatoonaiia Builneu CoUef«; bus. and sten. ; 

C. F, Moore. Free, 

aiFOK. Fond da Lao Co.. pop. S.iia. 

Sipotk Ooltoffe; col.:, i^o-ml.^ nou-fieet.; cat. 
ISKl; Rkbard Cecil UugbeH, A. M.* D. 
D., Prea. 
EITEB FAXXi, FiorOfl Co., pof». 2.tiOS. 

Btatfl Uorinal i^hool; iiQrmal; state- co-ed,; 
W. J. Brlor, Pi-e*. 

EQCHESTEB, E»olQe Co.^ pop, 29a. 
Eoobeiter Aoadoiny t peep. ; co-ed. ; Conf . r eat. 
1S04: Jamea P. Eutoo, A. M., D. D., 
BT. FHAJfCIB, Milwaukee Co., p#p. 742. 

CatboliD Normal Soliaol; uor.; laeo; R. 0.; 

eit. ISTU; Rev. M. J. Lochemea^ Prea. 
Bt. FrmnalB fi«miuary; bu/a^ bofLfdiu^; R, C, ; 
Joeeph Rahier, Prln. 
S€ AND IN A VIA p Waupaca Co., pop. 320. 
Bo«nd;inATla Aoademy^ prup.; co-ed.; Luth.; 
E. C, NelHon. Prln. 
BHAWAKOt Shawano Co.^ pr>p, i;S63. 
Sacrod Hoart Faroohlal School ; prep. ; cfi-ed. ; 
R. C; eat. 1880; Rev. tii C. Becker, Prea. 
SHEBOYGAN. Bheboygmn Co., pop. 22.962. 
Wiaoomiin Bualneta Collar ; bus. and aten. [ 
H. O. llJinjip!^[jn. Sec. 
BTSEIJXAWA, ^TVit Co., p^p. lO.'l. 

Bt. Clair CoUosfl; glrld' boarding; R. C. 
BTETENB POINT, Partaso Co., pop. 0.&2i. 
Stats N-ormal School^ normal; atate; co-ed.; 

*}\ B. L'ray, Prsja. 
Steve^nPi Point Buaitioaa C^Ue£4; bua. and 
«ti*Ji. 1 W. E. Allen. Pre*!. 
BTURGEOir BAY, Beor Co., pr>p. 3. 372. 
Holy Guafdian Ao^ol Academy; prep.; cci-ed.; 
R. C; est. ISSS; Rer. A. Broena, Frls. 
BUFEBIOE, Doi^lai Co., pop. 31.0DL 
Btato Normal School; norm a 1; »tatc; co-l^. ; 
eaL la'ld; I. C. McNelU, Free. 
WATESTOWfl'i Jofferaon Co,, pap. 8,43Tt * 
Northwejitern UniiTBrilty ; coL; luen; LdCb.; 

(^Ht. l^ld.'V; Aii]fUHt E. Eruat, Free* 
Sacrvd Heart Oollo^e; buys' boiirdlnr; R. C>; 
Johu J. O'Ruurke, Prea. 
WAIIKEBHA, Waukoaha Co.. pop. 7.410, 
Carroll Collefo; col.; eo-ed.; Fneeb.; Rev. 

Wilbur O. Cnrpler, D. D., Frc«. 
Waakeiha Buainoaa CoUnfo; c:loeed. 
WATTSAU, Kara thou Co-, pop, 12,354. 
Marathon County Timinins Sohoot for Taaoli- 

er*; isoniial; Rtatc; co-ed. 
St. Mary's SohtKtU prep.; eo-ed. ; R. G. ; eat. 

lS8Hi Rev. F. S. Gasper. Prea. 
Wauaau BuiineBt Collefo; bua. and ston.; 

C. M. Boy leu. Prea. 
Wauiau Butlnaaa UniTcnity; bus. and ateo. ^ 
R. r. Davl«. Prea. 
WHITEWATER, Walworth Co., pop. 3,40tt. 
State IToirmal Sohool; itoruial; state; co-ed.; 
AllHiTt Saliebiary, Ph, B., Pres. 


Population, 92,531. School census, 22,000. School age, 6-21. 

Wyoming is the forty-ninth state of the Union in poijit of population, having 
a total of 92,531 inhabitants, of whom 89,051, or 96.2 per cent, are whites. Of this 
number, 16,582, or 17.9 per cent, are foreign born. The percentage of illiteracy of. 
the entire population is 4 per cent, the state ranking eighth in this respect. 


Ckmnty. Superintendent's Name. Address. Districts. 

Albany Mrs. Mary G. Bellamy Laramie 25 

Big Horn W. O. Lester Olwen 29 

Carbon Miss Roberta Robnett Saratoga 23 

Converse George Cudebec Douglas 18 

Crook Miss Bessie Moodie Sundance 14 

Fremont .Miss AUie Davis ...L6,nder 20 

Johnson Miss Margaret Lothian Buffalo • 10 

Laramie Miss Ali<|e M. Sampson Cheyenne ...,y 12 

Natrona Miss May Hamilton Casper 12 

Sheridan Miss Lena A. Stover Sheridan 25 

Sweetwater Mrs. Mary A. Clark .Green River..: 10 

XJinta Miss Nellie A. Pepper Evanston 23 

Weston Miss.Blla J. Henderson Newcastle 3 


BIO HORN, Sheridan Co., pop. 154. 

Wyoming Collegiate Institute; closed. 
GHETENKE, Laramie Co., pop. 14,087. 
Aoademy of the Holy Child Jesus; girls' 
boarding; R. C; Mother Mary Gonsaga, 
Ghesrenne Business College; bus. and sten.; 
D. C. Royer, Pres. 

LARAMIE, Albany V?o., pop. 8,207. 
University of Wyoming; nnlv.; state; eo-ed.; 
est. 1887; Dr. Charles N. Lewis, D. D., 
Wyoming State Normal Sohool; normal; state; 
co-ed.; Blmer E. Smiley, D. D.. Pres. 
SHERIDAN, Sheridan Co., pop. 1,559. 
Sheridan College; closed. 


Population, 5,37i>05i. Area, 3,456-3 Sq. Mi. 

Comprises seven provinces, as follows: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New 
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, BritiSi G>lumbia and the Northwest 


By the British North American act of 1867 the right to legislate on matters 
respecting education was left to the governments of the four provinces (Ontario, 
Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick), which were then united under the 
general name of Dominion of Canada. The same right has been assured also to the 
Provinces that have since entered the confederation (Prince Edward Island, Mani- 
toba, British Columbia,- Northwest Territories). 

The first system of public education organized in the provinces, that of Ontario, 
was distinctively a system under public or governmental control, and as such has 
been the model followed more or less closely by all the other Provinces excepting 
Quebec. • . 4|#i«|i|i||| 

This system embodies features drawn from the school systems of New England 
and New York, but it differs from these especially by the larger provision for cen- 
tralized control. The educational systems of the respective provinces, and their 
colleges and other higher institutions of learning, are as follows : 


Ontario maintains a comprehensive system of education extending from the 
kindergartens (introduced into the system in 1882^ now numbering: 120, with an 
enrollment of n^.K pupils) to the provincial universityj which derives a portion 
of its income ($ii8j0cx> in igoo) from public lands and under a recent law (uni- 
versity act of 1900) must report annually to the lieutenatit-governon The char- 
acteristic features of the system arc the centralized control, securing uniformity 
of standards and school equipment throughout the provinces; the very equitable 
regulations in regard to separate schools for Roman Catholic and for Protestant 
pupils, where desired; the provision for assuring t^he professional training of all 
teachers, and the close correlation of the several grades of schools by means of well- 
considered courses of study, uniform text-books, and examinations conducted by 
the central authority. 

The apex of the system is the university at Toronto, which comprises the Uni- 
versity Colege and ten other faculties and departments, namely, Law, Medicine, Arts, 
Agriculture, Pedagogy, Dentistry, Music, Pharmacy, Applied Science, and Engi- 
nes ring. 


BEILETILIE, Hutings Diatrict, pap. &,117. 
Albert Cal]«S6; euLj est. 1757; ntimbc^r of stu- 
dents. 250. 
OatiLrioi Bufitnsii Oollsffs; bus, mid ituD,; est. 
1888: W, B. Robliiaon, J. W- Johnaon. F* 
C. A,. PrliJB, 
BERUK. Waterloo DiatHot, pop. &.T47. 

St. Jar«mfr^st uambet of atuflcMitat 100, 
BHAHTFOEB, Bra.Dt Piatriot^ i>op. 10,610. 
Jmntford LftdlftB' CoU^^; girls' txTordlnK; est. 
1S7J; number of h indents. 70 to 1^0. 
DEEH FAKE, York Dlatrict, pop, 311. 
TTpper Gani-di. CoU»f«; boy a* boardliifff noo- 
iMjqt.: eat. 1S2&; H. W. Anden, M. A-* 

&ALT, WfilHngfton DiitHfjt, pop. T^SBB. 
Gftlt Buaineii Oollafffl- by a. and Bten.; k!at, 
189T; W. B. Brown, Pfin. 
©ITELPH, WfllUnstoa Diitri<tt, pop. 11.400. 
Ontiirio A^icultnral Collate; ii^grl, ; eet. 1S74; 
mimbep of titudeota, X35* 
HAJilXTOir, Wentworth Diitrlot, pop. 52.334, 
W«>i«yan Ladies' Collosa; glrl»* boiirdlBfif; est. 
iBOfi; HudibH^T of students. 144. 
KIUGSTOir, Frontanno Biatrlot, pop. 17.001. 
Klnirttan Gontemtory of Mualo mad Bobo&l of 
Elocutltm mnd Leotuioj mtiak; co-ed.; uoa^ 

sect,; est. lSfl2: 0* T, ^Ifrniflon, DJreetor 

of MuBk\ Alwltt V. SolsmanD, B. B,. Dl- 

reetor Klocutlon. 
Quaea'j, TTaiTemty; coLn cio-ed.; noD-aect.; 

est. 1^4 1; Dfliiiel M. GordOD. M. A.. D. D., 

LL. D.. Pres, 
tTnivAritt? of Quflsa's CoIl«ffa; oniT.; co-wl.; 

ent. 1^41; nuinbef ot Btudenta'. 639 ^ 

LttfrSAY. Victoria. Diitriot, pop. 7,00^!. 
Federal Buainesa CoUega; bna. nnd aten.; eat. 
ISOS; Oeo, S. HotiBioii, M. A., Proa. 

LOIfDOlT, MiddisaexL Pirtrioi^ pop. 37;0S1. 
foiett Buaiaaaa &nd Shvrtlmiid CoUafflt bus. 

and Bten,; eat. 1SS&; J. W. Waatervelt, 

Hfillmuth LadiflB' ObUbka! glrla" baafdlinf; rat. 

18B9; nuinbiT of stude^nts. iLMii. 
Uuion College; coL; men: Ob. of Eng. ; cat, 

1863; Rev, C. Canjeron WaUer. M. A., 

LoQdoti GoiLtarvmtoTy of Mtiiic; mna. and *lo*; 

est. lSft2j W. Caven Barron, Prlii. 
Wattem Unifaraitr ftnd Collagej coh; eo-ed.; 

P. B.: oBt. 1805; N. C. Jiitues. M. A», Pb. 

D., Pi^a. 

OBHAWAt Ontitrio Diatziot, pop. 4.304. 
Demill Ladlea' Oolkffa; ^irla* boarding; eat. 
1S70; nuEiber of studenta. ISB. 





OTTAWA, EiukU Dlitriot, pop. n9,a2S. 
Cpjukdlan Coniemitorj of Muiio; musLc; eat. 

1902: H. PudHJIcomlje, Director. 
FfidBTP-I Buiinsu CfiUfire ; bue. and sten. ; (^at, 

ISflS; (3eo. S* Houaton, M^ A.. Pre§, 
H«jmon Kom« »nd Ha-j School; glriB' board-^ 

In^; non-B€!ct. : eat* 1862; Ahby Maria Har- 

Natioiul BminsHB Calle^A^ clom^d^ 

Ottmwi. BuflinflAi CaU&Kfl^ buB. and atc^n.; est. 

ISOOt W. E. (JowJlnff, Frin, 
OttkWi. L&d]«i' CollA^ti; girls' boardjui^; eat. 

1S72; nutnb^'i- nf Btiidt^nts, 140. 
BAwyer OttmwL Buftineii Gollo^ej L-los^d- 
Univefiitif of OttAWs; MtiLr. ; mmi; E. C. r 

eat. 1848: Very Be?. J. E. Einer>f. O. M. 

I., D. D.. Rector. 
OW£K>SOirimt (^rej DUtrlot, pop. 3,776. 

KO'rtliarti Buiinftii Collogv; hus. and ate it. ; est. 

1S81; C, A. Flvtuing, F. C. A., Prlii. 
PEETH, Laurk IHstrlot, pop. 3. 558. 
F«dera.l BuatDoaa Galley; bnn. and at«u.; eat^ 

1^08; Ge^o. 3. HouBton. M. A., Pre«. 
POET HOPE, Durham Diitriot, pop. 44SS. 

Trinity Collets School; boirs' boardtng: An- 

gUcui;; eat. 1S05: Rev. Oawald tllfby, M. 

A., LI.. D.. Prea. 
EICHHOKD, Curletoii Diatrlct> pc^p. 4^. 

St. Fruucii CoU«sv; col.; vst« 1S54; DUmbeJ' &t 

Mudt'iitn, 11(1, 

ST, CATKEEIHEB, York Bi^tHct, po^. Q,04S. 
Sti Cm th Brines Bailnsaa Collar e^ bus. uDd 
stfH.; (?«t. 1S82; T. P. Wright, Prlii. 

ST. THOMAi, Elsm Dimtrigt, pop. 11,485. 

Alms X.a.dle»' Collage ; girls' bourdliiff; dst. 

ISSl; mimbftT of students, 170. 
St. Thom&B Bullae ju CoUaffl; bua. and aten.; 

*?at. imHi H. T. tioiiifh, Prop. 

SANDWICBp Ei#fl3C DUtrifit, poU. 1,450. 

Attumption CoUagfl; i^oU: est. 1S&4; uumber 
tyf stuUciitfl, 175 ► 

SARKIA. L»mbtoa Diatrkt, pop. S-ITO. 
BAmlft BuslnMB CoUe^a; bua. and ateii. r ieat. 
lSfl4: Wlllliim II. Stapleton. Frin. 

SMITH'S FALLS, Lanark DUtrifit, pap. b.lU. 
Fadcml Butlnata CoUaga; bua. ami ston.; ?»t. 
1808; Goo. S, Houston. M, A.. Prca. 

TOBOITTC, Yark SUtriat, pop. 20St{>40. 
British- Amarioan Busineia Collate ; bna. and 

Atati*; eat. ISett; W. P. Brtjoka, Prln. 
Biahop Stnohan Bchot^l, Tha;^ glrla' boardlDg: 

Aufliean: eat. 1§{I7; The BJg^bt Her. The 

Blah op of Turonto. 
OaaHdifttt Collafa of CGmmerca; <'1ofipd. 
Consent At ory School ot Litera,tura «iid Expras- 
aion J g I r Ig ' bon rd I ts r ■, is an- Rucit ► ; eat, 1 SG9 ; 

Mre. IiieB KIrholson Cutter, Prtn. 
Knai. GoUaga; coL; Qnt* 1844; number of ati:l- 

denta, iJtJ. 
MoMKater'a TJmverHity; unlv^j co-ed,; e«t. 

I88i; number of studtmta, 134. 
Matropalitan School of Huai^; ^nualc; eat, 

18B4; W. 0, Porsytb, Diroetof. 
St. Ha.rgmrBt'a CoUaga; ^Irla' boardltijtT tion- 

9fft,; oat 1B07; Mra. Georgo Blckaoii, 

Bt, liioharfira Collate; cuL; est. 1852; umubcr 

of Htuilenta, 15Uh 
School of BrLoticAl Soiaaca; agrl. ; est. 187T;; 

nuiuber of studenta^ 71. 
Toranta CollaB'B ^f Kuslc; music; eat. tSSS^ 

F. O. Tor roil g ton, Miis, Hoc, Dirct-tor. 
ToraQto GoDS«TTatO'TT at Musi«; music; eat. 

18S0; Edward FJshyr, Mas. Ooc„ tJlrector. 
ToroDto Presbytariaii La-diaa' Callaga; i^lrlv' 

bourdlug; Proab.^ oat. Ifm; T. U. Uav- 

liityrut M, A,, LL. B., Ph, D,, Proa. 
Ttinity CoUeEa; eot; co-ed.; Cb. of Eng. ; 

est. 1S02; B^T, T. 0. B- Madelema, M. A,. 

D. V*. l*^f!^S. 

tFntTatrsity of Toronto ;^ uiilv. ; eo-<ed.; oon-aeet.; 

eit. 182T; Jjipit?* London, M. A., LL. D*. 

Viotori* TTalTflniitr; unit.; fo-ed. ; eat, 1S36; 

number of atudenta, 234. 
Wycll^fi CoUaga; col.; number of atudentB!, 40. 

WHITBY, Ontario Biatriot, pop. 2.110, 
OntRTio Ludles' Collage j glrla" boarding; eat. 

18T4: number of ntuduntap 150, 
WOOBBTOCK, Oxford Biatrwt, pop. 8,803. 

Woodstock Business Collage; bua. 'and aten.; 

oat. ISOO; R. W. KlckcrBon. Prln. 
Woodstock CoUaga; cut; mL-n; Bapt.; eat. 

18&7; A. L. McOrimuion, M. A„ Fret. 
Woodstock CoUegiata Inttituta^ prop.; <M>«ed.; 

iion-aet't; est, 1S57; I. M, LEtan. B. A., 



The public school system of Quebec had its origin in parochial schools, which 
were fostered from the earliest settlement of the colony and which were recog- 
nized as the basis of the public system of education by a law of 1846. Peculiar 
difficulties were experienced in the development of the system because of the relig- 
ious differences of the French and English populations. The former were adherents 
of the Roman Catholic Church and naturally resisted all efforts that threatened their 
relations with the religious schools of which they were staunch supporters. After a 
period of tentative efforts, a policy was adopted in 1875 which has proved satisfac- 
tory to the Roman Catholics, who form the vast majority of the population (1429,- 
186 against 219,712, census of 1901), while at the same time it affords protection 
for the rights of the Protestant minoritj-. The system established provides for the 
separate control of Roman Catholic and Protestant schools without destroying their 
organic unity. 


BESTHIESVILLE, Berthier Co., pop., 1,600. 
Saint Joseph's Commerial Gollere ; prep, and 
bus.; est. 1848; Rev. L. A. Leyasaeur, 
0. S. v., Prin. 

Sdioors announoement. — ^The principal 
matters taught composing the programme 
of studies are: French and English lan- 
guages. History, Geography, Ck)mplete 
Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Book- 
keeping, Commercial Law, Business Cor- 
respondence, Penmanship, Violin, Comet, 
etc. Any person of whatever nationality 
or religion is admitted in the college. 
Board, tuition, etc., $11 per month; 
piano, $2 per month; violin or cornet, 
$1.50 per month. 

GHICOTJ'TIMI, Chiooutimi District, pop. 3,826. 
Ghlooutimi College; col.; men; R. C; est. 
1873; number of students, 223. 

JOLIETTE, JoUette District, pop. 4,220. 
Joliette College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1846; 
number of students, 329. 

L'ASSOMFTIOK, L'Assomption District, pop. 
L'Assomption College; col.; men; R. C; est. 

1832; number of students, 200. 
Bohool of Agriculture; agri.; number of stu- 
dents, 24. 

LEmOXVILLE, Sherbrooke District, pop. 1,120. 
Bishop's College; col.; co-ed.; P. E.; est. 
1843; Rey. James P. Whitney, M. A., 
D. D., Prin. 

Bishop's College School; prep.; boys; P. E.; 
est. 1842; Rev. E. J. Bidwell, M. A., 
Head Master. 

LEVIS, Levis Distriot, pop. 7,783. 
Levis College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1853; 
number of students, 522. 

MONTBEAL, Montreal Distriot, pop. 267.730. 
Faculty of Law, MoGill University; law; men; 

non-sect.; est. 1850; P. P. Walton, B. A., 

LL. B., Dean. 
Loyola College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1897; 

number of students, 168. 
MoGill University; nniv.; coed.; non-sect.; 

est. 1821; W. Peterson. M. A., LL. D., 

Presbyterian College; theol.; men; Presb.; 

est. 1867; John Scrimger, D. D.. Pro- 
fessor; number of students. 55. 
Boyal Yiotoria College for Women; col.; 

women; non-sect.; est. 1899; Miss H. D. 

Oakeley, M. A., Warden. 
St. Mary's College; col.; men; R. C; est. 

1848; number of students, 325. ^^ 

St. Sulpioe College; col.; men; R. C; est. 

1767; number of students, 465. 
Wesleyan College; col.; Meth.; est. 1873; 

number of students, 71. 

NICOLET, Nioolet Distriot, pop. 2,225. 
Nioolet College; col.; men; R. C; est. 1803; 
number of students, 806. 





Q^XTEBEG, Quebec Bistriot, pop. 68,840. 
Laval VniTeraity; uniy.; est. 1852; number of 

students, 1,077. 
(hiebeo Seminarsr; col.; men; B. C; est. 1605; 
numbei: of students, 654. 
SIOAUD, Yandxeuil Bistriot, pop. 779. 
Sigaud Collere; col.; men; R. C; est. 1850; 
number of students, 310. 
SmOTJSKI, Simonski Bistriot, pop. 1.804. 
Simouski Ck>llere; coL; men; R. C; est 1867; 
number of students, 113. 
Bistriot, pop. 900. 
St. Aaae de la Pooatiere GoUeffe; col.; men; 
R. G.; «Bt: 1829; number of students, 299. 
School of Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere; agri.; 
est. 1869; yumber of students, 12. 
ST. HTACnrTHE, Btgot Bistrict, pop. 9,210. 
St. Hyacinthe GoUege; col.: men; R. C; est. 
1809; number of students, 313. 
ST. LAVEEITT, Jacques Gartier Bistriot, pop. 
St. Laurent GoUege; col.; men; R. G.; est. 
1847; number of students, 625. 
STS. KABZJB BE MOmOIB. BouTiUe Bistriot. 
pop. 1,806. 

Ste. Marie Xonnoir GoUege; col.; men; R. €.; 
est. 1853; number of students, 240. 

STE. THEBESE, Terre Bonne Bistriot, pop. 
Ste. Therese GoUege; col.; men.; R. C: est. 
1825; number of students, 350. 

SHEBBBOOKE, Sherbrooke Bistriot, pop. 11,- 
Sherbrooke GoUege; col.; men; R. C.; est. 
1875; number of students, 243. 

SOBEL, Bichelieu Bistriot, pop. 7,057. 
Mount St. Bernard's GoUege; prep.; men; R. 
C; est. 1897; Bro. Landty, Director. 

STAVSTEAB, Stanstead Bistriot, pop. 618. 
Stanstead Wesleyan GoUege; col.; Meth.; est. 
1872; number of students, 149. 

THBEE BIVEBS, St. Maurice Bistriot, pop. 
Three fivers GoUege; col.; men; R. C.; est. 
1860; number of students, 259. 

YALLEYrXELB, Beauhancis Bistriot, pop. 11.- 
GoUege of Yalleyfleld; prep.; men; B. C; est. 
1893; A. P. Labonnie. Director. 


The present school system of Manitoba was preceded bv a system of separate 
schools for Roman Catholic and for Protestant children, the general administra- 
tion of the schools being intrusted (law of 1871^ to a board of education composed 
of an «qual number of Protestant and of Catholic members. 

Elementary and intermediate and high schools are maintained, and the latter 
may be developed into collegiate institutions preparing students for matriculation 
at the university. 

The provincial university, incorporated in 1879, completes the educational sys- 
tem of the Province. The university was constituted as an examining body on the 
model of the old London University. But certain teaching institutions are afl&liated 
to the university and have a representation in its council. 

The educational officers of the province are as follows: 

Deputy Minister of Education. — R. Fletcher, Government Buildings, Winni- 

Provincial Board of Education. — The Most Reverend the Archbishop of 
Rupert's Land, Bishop's Court, Winnipeg; the Ri^ht Reverend, Bishop Matheson, 
The Deanery, Winnipeg; D. Mclntyre, Supt. of City Schools, Winnipeg; Rev. Dr. 
Hart, Manitoba College, Winnipeg; Rev. Father Cherrier, 191 Austin street, Winni- 
peg; Prof. R. R. Cochrane, 290 Young street, Winnipeg; John D. Hunt, Carberry, 
Manitoba; John Graham, Winnipeg; Dr. J. R. Jones, Donald street, Winnipeg. 

PuBUc School Inspectors. — ^A. W. Hooper, Dauphin, Man. ; A. S. Rose, Bran- 
don, Manitoba; T. M. Maguire, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba; S. E. Lang, Virden, 
Manitoba; W. J. Cram, Morden, Man.; A. L. Young, 533 Ross street, Winnipeg; 
E. E. Best, 56s Balmoral street, Winnipeg; Roger Goulet, St. Boniface, Manitoba. 
There are two vacancies yet to be filled. 


BRANDON, l»ran40B Dirtriot, pop. 5,380. 
BvandoD Collage; a college of the Cnivaraity 
of Manitoba; eo-e<l.; Bapt.; eat. 1899; A. 
P. McDiarmid. H. A., D. P., Prin. 

BT. BONIFACE, Winnipeg, District, pop. 2.019. 
Bt. Bonifaoe Colloige; a college of the Unlvcr- 
aity of Manitoba; eat. 1820. 

WINNIPEG, Winnipeg Distriet, pop. 42.336. 
lUttiediat College; col.; Meth.; est. 1888; 

Proabyterian College; col.; Preab. ; est. 1870; 
number of students, 170. 

UniTwaitj of Manitoba; uuiv.; eat. 1877; E. J. 
Laird. M. A.. Pb. D.. Regiatrar; the unl- 
▼eraity is composed of the following col- 

leges: Manitoba College, Winnipeg; Dr. 
Patrick, Prin. Wealey College, Winnipeg, 
Rev. Dr. Sparling, Prin. St. John's Col 
lege, Winnipeg; The Moat Beyerenil Rob 
ert Macfaray, Prin. Medical College, Win 
nipeg; J. R. Jones, M. D., Dean. College 
of Pharmacy, Winnipeg; W. D. McDoa 
gal, Regiatrar. St. Boniface College, St, 
Boniface; The Most Rey. Arch. Langevin. 
Brandon (-ollege, Brandon; A. P. Mc- 
Dairmid. M. A.. Prin. 

Winnipeg BuainoM College; bua. and sten. 
est. 1882; U. W. Donald, Sec'y. 

Winnipeg College of Xuaio; mnaic; co-ed. 
non-aect.; eat. 1903; Frank Hotchkiaa Os- 
born, Director. 


Prior to the passage of the school law of 1864, which provided for a uniform 
system of public schools in Nova Scotia, private and parochial schools existed in 
Halifax and in the more settled portions of the Province and were fostered by 
grants from the public treasury. This law recognized the need of and provided 
for a strong central power unifying and stimulating the work of the public and 
private schools. The educational officers of the province are as follows: 

Education Office. — A. H. McKay, B, A.. B. Sc., LL. D., F. R. S. C, Superin- 
tendent of Education and Secretary of Comicil of Public Instruction, Halifax ; Geo. 
W. T. Irving, Chief Clerk. 

Council of Public Instruction.— Hon, G, li* Murray ^ Premier and Provincial 
Secretary, Halifax; Hon. J. W. Longley, D. C. L., F, R. S. C., Attorney- Gene rah 
Halifax; Hon. Arthur Drysdale* K* C, M. P, P., Commissioner of Public Works 
and Mines, Hahfax ; Hon, A. H. Comean, M. P. R ; Hon. T. R. Black, M. P. R ; 
Hon. W. T. Pip€s, K. C, M. L C. ; Hon. David MtPherson, M. P. P. ; Hon. C P. ' 
Chishohn, M. P. P. 


AKHAPOLIS, Anb&pQlvi Co,, p<>p. 1,010. 

ininiT>fT of «tud( ntw, 2.S; IL BrJjtlCord, M, 
A., Pnn. 
AirtlOOKISH, AntiEttnUb Ceunty, pi>p. ],52f{. 
iJaiireriltr of St, FrA^aoii'Xftvi«r OoU«ffe; t?oL; 
K. C. ; c*L ISfiS; Rev. A. Tbonipsunt B. 

CHUBCH POntTn Dl^br Co.i pop. 105. 
St* Annts Oolleje; col ; E. C.\ est. ISW; Iler, 
P. M. Diignuiid, Prea. 

HALIFAX, Ki.lif*3t Co.. pr.p., 40,832. 
Acftdomy of tto Snored HM-rt; i>rfp.: co-ed,; 
K. V... MHdpinK^ Kiilmiu 

Di^inult CoUflffs And UmiverBltr I uuLr.; co- 
ed-; iioii'»y<«t. i if«t. ]8S!1: fuenlilea of Arts, 
Sclijn«!, yedLc-ihe, Lttw. Mining; R&t. 
Jolin Foj-reHt, Ltr. H*., rrcft, 

Hyifftx GDDurr«tor7 of Hutio; diuhIc; No. 
of i]iipllB 4:U: Hoy. Roljcrt Luliig. Ur. 

HftUfmi Lidiai' CoUaio and Conwrratory of 
Bliutfa; is\t\H' tKiardliiir and mnele; woEUini; 
tfll. 1SS7; M. K. WliidflHjT, PTln. 
IfiritimA Builntiii College ; biia. and sti^ii. ; 
Kuii1:l^eb ttnd Si'hurmaii, Propi* 

Ftoil>rt«rli«i Ottllftfo; tbeol.; Presb.: tat. 
1820; B&T. AUen Polloclc, D. 0.» Prc«. 

Viijtoria Babool of Art and BabI^; jirt; A* 

HOCKINOHAM, HAlifax Co., pop, 2&h 

Kt. Bt. Viiiocnt'i AfiAdismy; prep, ; ra-t^d.: H. 
C\ J Mother 3tL Borrlimana* 

TEITRO} Ootobeiter Co,, pop. r».&93. 

ll3ap[TS BuBlnoii Collate; bos. and slen.; 

e«t IfHil; (J. L. Hornp, Ptin. 
FrDTlncifiL KvroiHl floboul; ivirjiial; prov.; eit. 

1S54: Dflvld SolTaiJ. B. A., Prlu. 
FroTinol&l Sabool of AfdcultuTv; agri. ; pat. 

1885; iiUDiiTjt'r of Btudoiits. ]»&, 

WINBBO&t LunnQbiiff Co., pf>p. 3,306. 
Cbui-oli Sobool /or airli; e^lrLa' boardlDg; num- 

bor of atudeiitB. 75. 
CoUotinto Sobooh pr«p^; co-ed.; I*. T. Hnnd- 

Hombodjr. Prln, 
XiD^'i Collere; coL; coHsd.; eftt. ITOO; P. E.; 

number of fltudi-nta. 23. 

WOLFVILLE, XiDr'i Co.. pop. 1.413. 
A»di* lAdloi* Somlniryl fflrli' hoiit^illnM; 
Hnpt.; e»t. 187U: llov. Honry Tc^dd Do 
Wolfe, B. A,, i'rln. 

Soboort uinoiuicBmfttit. — AcrndlA Seminary 
in a re^ildi^ntLal Cbrlttlfin iK'bool for irlrla 
attd young ivomi^nK tirtore %ix 
for Diploma: Colloflat^, PlaEtofotte, 




Voice, Art, Elocution, Violin. Three 
courses for Certificate: Typewriting and 
Stenography, Business, and Domestic 
Science. Eighteen members on the teach- 
ing staff, graduates of leading Universi- 
ties and Conseryatories. Beautifully lo- 
cated in the heart of the famous Evan- 
geline Land. Refining and Christian in- 


flucnccB arc constantly thrown around 
the pupil. Charges very moderate. 
School year from September 1 to June 1. 

Nova Bootia School of Horticulture; hort.; co- 
ed.; F. E. Sears. Director. 

TJniversity of Acadia College; col.; co-ed.; 
Bapt.; est. 1838; Rev. T. Trotter, D. D.. 


Central Authority. — The central control of public education in New Bruns- 
wick is vested in a board of education comprising the lieutenant-governor, the mem- 
bers of the executive council, the president of the University of New Brunswick, 
and the chief superintendent of education. The last named is the secretary and 
chief executive officer of the board. In his appointment regard is had solely to 
his professional fitness and executive ability. 

Department of Education. — James R. Inch, M. A., LL. D., Chief Superin- 
tendent of Education, Fredericton; R. B. Wallace, Chief Clerk; Mary M. Thomp- 
son, Qerk. 

Board of Education. — His Honor the Honorable Jabez Bunting Snowball, Lieu- 
tenant-Goyernor, Chairman; James R. Inch, Chief Supt. of Education, Secretary; 
Hon. L. J. Tweedie, Premier and Provincial Secretary ; Hon. William Pugsley, D. C. 
L., Attorney General ; Hon. A. T. Dunn, Surveyor General ; Hon. L. P. Farris, Com- 
missioner of Agriculture; Hon. C. H. LaBillois, Chief Commissioner of Public 
Works; Hon. Frank Sweeney; Thomas Harrison, LL.D., Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of New Brunswick, all at Fredericton. 


FSEDEBICTOV, York District, pop. 7.117. 
Frederioton Boiiness College; bas. and sten.; 

W. J. Osborne, Prln. 
ProyinoiAl Norm&l Bohool; normal; provincial; 

Wm. Crockett, A. M., LL. D., Prln. 
TJniTersity of New Brunswioi^:; univ.; prov.; 

co-ed.; est. 1800; Thomas Harrison, LL. 

D., T. C. D., Chancellor. 

MEMRAMCOOK, Westmoreland District, pop. 
VniTersity of Bt. Joseph's College; col.; est. 
1864; Rev. Alfred Roy, C. S. C. M. A., 

SAGXVILLE, Cumberland District, pop. 1,444. 
Mount, Allison Academy; prep.; est. 1843; 

number of students, 89. 
Mount Allison Ladies' CoUere; girls' boarding; 

Rev. B. C. Borden, D. D., Prin. 
Owen's Museum of Fine Arts; art; Prof. John 

HadTDbond, R. G. A., Director. 
University of Mount Allison College; col.; est. 

1862; D. Allison. LL. D., Pres. 

ST. JOHN, St. John District, pop. 40,711. 
Curry's Business College; bus. and sten.; J. 

R. Carry, Prin. 
St. John Business College; bus. and sten.; est.* 

1867; S. Kerr, Prin. 


The public schools of British Columbia are free, nonsectarian, and supported 
entirely by provincial grants, excepting the schools of incorporated cities , and 
towns (at present four in number — Nanaimo, New Westminster, Vancouver, and 
Victoria). The members of the provincial executive council constitute a council 
of public instruction; the chief officer of education and ex-officio secretary of the 
council is the superintendent, appointed by the lieutenant-governor with the con- 
currence of the council. The educational officers of the province are as follows : 

Superintendent of Education. — Alexander Robinson, B. A., Victoria. 

Council of Public Instruction. — Hon. Richard McBride, Provincial Secre- 
tary and Minister of Education, Victoria ; Hon. Chas. Wilson, K. C, Attorney Gen- 
eral, Victoria ; Hon. R. F. Green ; Hon. F. J. Fulton ; President Executive Council, 
Hon. R. G. Tatlow. 

YAKGOUyEB, New Westminster District, pop. | YanoouTer College and High School; affiliated 


YancouTer BosinoM College; bus. and sten. ; 
est. 1903; D. H. Elliott, Pres. 

with McGiU Uniyersity (second year). 
YIOTOBIA, Esquimault District, pop. 20,816. 
Yictoria College and High School; affiliated 
with McGiU University (first year). 


The system of public schools in this province is under the control of a council 
of public instruction comprising four members of the executive committee, and four 
appointed members, of whom two must be Protestants and two Roman Catholics. 
The educational officers of the province are as follows: 

Department of Education. — F. M. G. Haultain, M. L. A., Commissioner of 
Education, Regina; J. A. Calder, Deputy Commissioner of Education, Regina. 

Educational Council. — N. D. Beck, Edmonton; Jas. Short, Calgary; A. H. 
Smith, Moosomin; Rev. D. Gillies, St. Andrea; W. R. C. Willis. Saskatoon. 

Inspectors. — T. E. Perrett, Edmonton; J. F. Boyce, Lacombe; G. J. Bryan, 
Calgary; Wm. Rothwell, Regina; John Hewgill, Moosomin; A. H. Ball, Yorkton. 


Public education in this province is under the control of a board of education 
composed of the members of the executive council, the chief superintendent of edu- 
cation, the principal of the college and normal school, and two mspectors. 




Unwehsities and Colleges A b ranged Accoiding to Age. 

Date of 


Date of 


Seventeenth Century. 

163S Harvard University (Maae.) 

l(m College of wmiam and Mary (Va.) 

Eighteenth Century, 

nai Tale University (Conn.) 

1740 UniverBlty of Pennsylvania (PaO 

1746 Princeton University <N, J.) 

1749 Washington and Lee Unlveralty 


1754 Columbia University (N. T.) 

17&4 Brown University (R. I.) 

1766 Rutgers College (N. J.) 

1700 Dartmouth College (N. H.) 

1776 Hampden-SIdney College (Va.) 

17S3 Dickinson College (Pa,) 

17S3 Washington College (Md.) 

1785 University o£ Nashville (Tenn,) 

17S6 Western tJnlversity of Pa. (Pa,) 

1^ St. John a College iMd.) 

ITtl Georgetown University (D* CO 

1791 Presbyterian College (S. C) 

1T93 WllJIams College (Mass.) 

1794 Greene vllle and Tusculum College 


17M University of Tenneasee (Temn.) 

1796 Union College CN. T,) 

17% University of North Car<iUna (N* C.) 

1735 Washington College (Tenn.) 

Nineteenth Century CElrst Half.) 

ISOO Middlehury College (Vt.) 

1500 University of Vermont (VL> 

1501 University of Georgia (Ga,) 
190a Bowdoln Coliego (Me.) 

1803 Washington and Jefferson College 


1805 South Capollna College (S- C.) 

1807 Moravian College (Pa.) 

ISOS Mt, St. Mary's College (Md.) 

1809 Ohio University (O.) 

1S12 HamJltoti College (N. TJ 

1815 Allegheny College (Pa.) 

181S Colby College (Me.) t 

1S19 Colgate Univeralty (N. Y.) 

1819 Maryville College (Tenn,) 

1821 Amherst College (Mass.) 

1821 Columbian University (D. C) 
laa Qonzaga College (D. CJ 

J821 St. Mary's College (Ky.) 

1822 Centre College (KyO 
1824 Indiana Univeraity (Ind.) 
1824 Miami University (O.) 

1824 T:vinity College (Conn.) 

1826 Centenary College (La.) 

1825 Frarikiln College (O.) 
1825 Kenyon College (O,) 

1825 University of Virginia {Va.) 

lS2e Western Reserve University (O.) 

1827 Mississippi College {MI»b.) 
1827 Shurtleff College (IJl) 
182S McKendree College (111.) 
1829 Georgetown College (Ky.) 
1829 Illlnola College (111.) 

1829 St I^uia University (Mo.) 

laai DeniBon University (O.) 

1831 New York University (N* Y*) 

1831 St. Xavler'8 College (O.) 
3SI1 Wesley an University (Conn.) 
18S2 Lafayette College (Pa.) 

1832 Pennsylvania College (Pa.) 

1533 Randolph-Macon College (Va.) 

1832 Richmond College (Va.) 
1S32 Wabash College (Ind.) 

1833 Hanover College (Ind.) 
1833 Haverford College (Pa.) 
1833 Marietta College (O.) 

1833 Oberlin College (O.) 

1834 Delaware College (Del.) 
1834 Franklin College (Jnd.) 

1534 Norwich University (Vt) 

1834 Wake Forest College (N. C.) 

1835 Richmond College (O,) 

1836 Alfred University (N. Y.) 

1836 Franklin and Marshall (College (Pa,) 

1836 Kentucky University fKy.) 

1837 Davidson College (N. C.) 
1837 De Pauw University (IndJ 
183T Knox College (III) 

1837 Mercer Untverslty (Ga.) 

1837 Mufikingum C!tollege (O.) 

1837 University of Michigan (Mich.) 

1838 EJmory College (Ga) 

1535 Emory and Henry College (Va,) ' 

1840 University of Missouri (Mo,) 

1841 Bethany College (W. Va.) 

1841 Howard College (Ala.) 

1845 Cumberland Univerelty (Tenn.) 

1842 University of Notre Dame (Ind.) 

1843 Villanova College (Pa.) 
1843 Albion College (Mich.) 
1843 St. Vincent College (Mo.) 

1S44 Iowa Weslcyan University (fa,) 

1S44 Ohio Wesleyan University (O.) 

1R44 Willamette University (Ore.) 

lS4fi Bayli^r University (Tex.) 

Ig45 Wlttenher^ College (O.) 

1846 Baldwin University (O.) 
]S4fl Bucknell University (Pa.) 

1846 St John's (College fN. Y.) 
184« Taylor University (Tnd.) 
1M7 Bploit College (WIb.) 

1847 Earl ham College find.) 
1847 Otterheln University (O.i 
1847 St. Xavier College fN. T.) 
B4> State University of Iowa (la.) 
1348 Iowa College (la.) 

1S48 University of Mississippi (Miss.) 

1«49 College of the aty of N. T. (H. Y.) 

IR4f> Lawrence University (Wis.) 

IM^ ^^illisim Jewell College (Mo,) 

law Heiiielherg Univf^rslty (O,) 

IftfiO Hiram College (0.1 

Ifim Tlllnols WesleyAn University (TIL) 

lS5rt University of Rochester (N. T.) 

18fiA University of Utah (Utfthl 

Vm University of Wisronsfn fWls.) 



Unweesitjes akd Coixeces Arranged Accomihng to Size. 



Number at 



Number of 

1 Harvard UniverHltj-' tMass. )*..., 6,013 

3 Columbia University (N, Y.)..,„ 4,557 

3 University of Cblcafio (in,)....„. 4,14(J 

4 University of Michigan (Mlch.)„ 3,926 
& University of California (Ca).)-.. 3.fi90 

6 University of Illinois (111.) 3,661 

t University of Minnesota (Minn.). 3,fm 

8 Cornell University {N, T.) 3,43S 

t> Unlverfilty of WlacousJn (Wis.).. 3-221 

10 Tale Unfverslty (Conn.),*.,. 2,990 

11 Northwestern University (Ilh)-. 2.740 
IB University of Pennsylvania (Pa,). 2,644 

13 College of th« City of New York 

(N, Ya 2.511 

14 University of Nebraska (Neb.).. 2.247 

15 Syracuse Utiiverslty CN, T. )..,,.. 2,207 

16 New York University (N. Y.).... 1.956 

17 Washington University (Mo.)..,. IJlO 

18 Ohio State University (O.) 1,710 

19 Indiana University (Ind.). MU 

20 University of Missouri (Mo,)..., t540 

21 Columbian University (D. C)... 3,440 

22 Princeton University (N. J.) 1,434 

23 Oberlin College (O.) 1»401 

24 Cen tra I U n l ve rsl t y (Ky , ) . . , 1,374 

25 Ohio Wesley an University (O.).. 1,372 

26 Leiand Stanford, Jr.. University 

(CaL) .,., 1.370 

27 Illinois Wealeyan University 

(III.) .,„...... I,3fi7 

2S State University of Iowa (la.)... 1,352 

29 Boston University (Mass.) 1,327 

30 University of Cincinnati (O.) .,.. 1,^ 

31 Pursue University (Ind.) 1,306 

33 University of Te:Jtas (Tcjc.) 1,274 

33 University of Kansas (Kan J.. 6 1.332 

34 Tulane University (La,) 1,206 

35 AdelphI college (N. Y.) 1,1S2 

36 Kentucky University ( Ky , ) .1,165 

37 Drake University (Ta.) l.US 

38 University of Arkansas (Ark.),. S93 

39 Tufta College (Mass.) SSS 

40 University of Notre Dame (Ind.) 9S2 

41 Howard University fD, O.) M9 

42 W^eat Virginia University (W. 

Ta.) Ml 

43 Western University of Pa, (Pa.). M4 

44 Baker University (Kan.) 900 

45 Baylor Unlveralty (Tex.) 900 

4fi Flerea College (Ky,)......, 9^11) 

47 Brown Unlveralty (R. L)... 865 

48 Dartmouth College (N. H.) B&a 

49 Fort Worth University (Tex.),.. Sm 
60 University of Nashville (Tenn,). S&3 

SI Bethany College (Knn.) ,.. 793 

Sa University of Wooster (O.) 793 

53 Vanderbllt University (Tenn,)... 793 

54 Wefltem Reserve University (O.) 740 

55 LTnlversIty of Utah mtab).,..., . 71S 
m University of VlrRrlnla (Va.)..,.. 703 

57 Johns Hopkins University (Md.). 702 

58 De Pauw University (Ind.) ...,,. fiSS 
BS Grove City CoUe^^o (Pa.)..,...... 665 

60 Uni varsity of Wftahln|?ton 

(Wash.) .,„ 634 

fil University of Denver (Ool. ).,..,» «17 

63 Grant University (Tenn.) ..#..*.. 612 

63 Lehigh University (Pa.) 000 

6+ University of Maine (Me.) &86 

65 South Carolina College (S. O... 5® 

66 University of North Carolina 

(N. C.) 585 

67 University of the South (Tenn.). 683 
6S University of Colorado (Col.).... Sm 

69 Manhattan College (N. Y.) 578 

70 Southwestern University (Tex.). S75 

71 Central Tenneasec College 

(Tenn,) G«4 

72 Kentucky State College (Ky.).. 563 

73 Claflin University (3. C)... *..... 560 

74 Ottawa University (Kan,). 532 

75 Simpson College (la.) — ...*..... 532 

76 Straight University (ta..) S.G30 

77 Budknell University (Pa.) ....... 5^ 

78 Cornell College (la.).. 624 

79 Denison University (O.) ...., 624 

SO Dickinson College (Pa.) .,, W4 

81 University of Vermont (Vt.) *-.. m 

82 Knox College (III.) CO* 

83 Colorado College (Colo.) m& 

S4 Boston College (Mass.) 490 

85 St. Xavler College (O.)... '47S 

86 Wittenberg College (6.).......... 47S 

87 Albion College (Mich.) 477 

88 Nebraska Wesleyan Unlveraity 

(Neb.) 475 

89 Kansas Wesleyan University 

(Kan.) ...... 472 

90 Sclo College (O.) 471 

91 Philander Smith College (Ark.).. 467 

92 Pennsylvania State College (Pa.) 466 

93 Momingslde College (la.)., 465 

94 Iowa College (Ea,^ ..,,. 464 

95 Hamllne University (Minn.) .,,.. 463 

96 l^awrence University (Wis.) 463 

B7 Drury College (Mo.) 460 

98 St. Louis University (Mo.) 4flO 

99 Williams College (Mass.) ........ 449 

100 Belolt College (Wis,) 440 

101 Ohio University (O.) . ....... 4S& 

102 Lafayette College (Pa.) 4^ 

103 Mt. Union College (O.) 436 

104 tTniversity of Oklahoma. (Okla.). 435 

105 Franklin and Marshall College 

(Pa.) ...,,. 423 

106 University of South Dakota...... 423 

lirr University of Oregon (Ore.).,... 4J0 

lOe Amherst College (Mass,) ........ 414 

toe Upper Iowa University fla,).... 406 

110 Puget Sound University (Wash.) 40B 

111 Maryvllle College (Tenn.) ,, 400 

112 University of Tdabo (Ida,),.....,. 400 

113 University of Southern Califor- 

nia - 400 

114 Stetson LTnlversIty (Fta.) m 

115 Rutgers College <N. J.) Stt 

11$ Washington and Jelfereon Col- 
lege (Pa.) sn 

117 liiram College (0.> S86 

lis Junhita College (Pa.) M6 

119 Monmouth College OU.) tSO 

120 Allegheny College (Pa.) ,,... 


♦The names of schools in this classification printed in bold-faced type indicate that 
the schools thus designated have extended school announcements in the main classifi- 
cation, immediately following and supplementing the descriptions there given. 



College of the Sacred Heart, Denver. 
Colorado College, Colorado Springs. 
Jesuit College, Berkeley. 
University of Colorado, Boulder. 
University of Denver, University Park. 


Trinity College, Hartford. 
Wesley an University, Middletown. 
Yale University, New Haven. 


Delaware College, Newark. 

State College for Colored Students (colored), 

Catholic University of America. Washington. 
Columbian University, Washington. 
Gallaudet College. Washington. 
Georgetown University. Washington. 
Gonzaga College, Washington. 
Howard University (colored), Washington. 
St. John's College. Washington. 
Trinity College, Washington. 


East Florida Seminary. Gainesville. 
Florida State College. Tallahassee. 
John B. Stetson University, De Land. 
Uolllns College, Winter Park. 


Atlanta Baptist College. Atlanta. 

Atlanta University (colored), Atlanta. 

Bowdon ('ollege. I^uwdon. 

Clark University. South Atlanta. 

Emory College. Oxford. 

Mercer University. Macon. 

Morris Brown College (colored), Atlanta. 

University of Georgia. Athens. 

Young Harris College. Young Harris. 


University of Idaho. Moscow. 


Aii};uKl)ina Coll<>};e. Kock iHland. 
Austin ColI(>g(>, lOttinghaini. 

Alabama Baptist Colored University (colored). 

Howard College, Bast Lake. 

Lafayette College, Lafayette. 

Morgan County College, SomervlUe. 

North Alabama College, Fort Wayne. 

North Alabama Conference College, Birming- 

St. Bernard College, St. Bernard. 

Southern University, Greensboro. 

Spring Hill College, Mobile. 

Talladega College (colored). Talladega. 

University of Alabama, University. 


University of Arisona, Tucson. 

aPTTAvaAff , 

Arkadelphia Methodist College. Arkadelphia. 
Arkansas College, Batesville. 
Arkansas Conference College, Slloam Springs. 
Arkansas Cumberland College. Clarksville. 
Beanvoir College, Wllmar. 
Hendrix College. Conway. 
OuachiU Baptist College, Arkadelphia. 
Pea Ridge Masonic College. Pea Ridge. 
Philander Smith College (colored), Uttle Rock. 
Southland College and Normal Institute, South- 
University of Arkansas, FayetteviUe. 


California College, Oakland. 

Leland Stanford Junior University, Stanford 

Lordsburg College. Lordsburg. 
Occidental College. Los Angeh's. 
Pacific Methodist College. Santa Rosa. 
Pomona College. Claremont. 
St. Ignatius College, San Francisco. 
St. Mary's College, Oakland. 
St. Patrick's Seminary. Menlo Park. 
St. Vincent's College, Los Angeles. 
Santa Clara College, Santa Clara. 
University of California. Berkeley. 
University of Southern California. I^m Anp.'lrs. 
University of the Pacinc. Sjin Job<«. 
Wbittier Colh'ge. Whlttler. 




BlACfkburn Collefts CuPltRrLUG, 

Gartbage College. Curthage. 

Grefl Springs Culk^ge, Cvi^vl SprlngB, 

Eareka Culli5ge. Eureku. 

Ewlnc College, Eirilng. 

Geneseo Collegiete Imttituitfr Oeneatftt. 

GrtjnnTltle CoUejte, OreeiiTJlle. 

tletidln}: Collc^sfl, Ahlugdon. 

IMliiHjU ririip^gf, Jiie||:iH/nvHk-. 

lUliinia WeKl««yiin lfntv*'riiltj, BliKtmliJgtciu. 

KtioK CoMegL\ (la J (>ab3irR. 

XalCfi Foraat CipUfi^at I*Hk« Fontt. 

LLucoLu Culk'gL\ Liiu^li]. 

Zrfunlwrd College, Gt^lsaliurg, 

McKeDdree Co]]ei,M\ Lph^LUdti. 

Mon moil tli ^''ol Ivgf , Muu muu th . 

Narthi^rii lUlnolH. College, Pultuu. 

Nrrrlbw^BttTii College, Napervllly. 

KorthwAttern TFniTflrilijp Evanitan. 

Mt, Be-il? fUil1?)(i.% l*rTU+ 

St. Franc'Ia HotuniiH ColUfgi't (JiUtii'y. 

St, JoHL^ph'B Collfi^ffu, I'eutopollii. 

EibUftlpff CallL'gp, Upt>e7 AltrM), 
U Diversity of IJblcago, Cli1t'«gu. 
Unfveralty of IlUtiulu, Urbianu^ 
WeftticOd i:<]lk<ge, WeHt&i*Id, 
Wlieatiifi CoUegi-, Wbvatuu. 
Zluii Cullege, ChUagu. 

Bntldr Collpgi?, IrTington. 

Concordia CoLk^seH Fort Waj'uo, 

Dp Pttuw Unl^'t^i'sltj, Oiet^nrastlp, 

Ear lb am Calk-gp, Hlckmobd, 

Fran kiln Collcgff, FrankUn, 

OMbcn Oollefe. Goshen. 

HanoTeF Oollpgn, Hunwer. 

Ipdiatia UniveiraJtJ^t Bloomlngkiii. 

Moores Hill C^llpgi!, U^t&i Bill. 

3L UL*lnrad Colkg^t St. Meltiriid. 

Tajlor Unlverstty, rplaud. 

Union ChrlfttlHii Colkge, Mt-totu. 

Uaiirerilty of Notre Da men. Nnrru l^iinns 

Vlricennea UiiSverBlitr. Vlucetknei. 

Wabasb College, Crawrordavllle. 

Ibdlaii Unlvj^rsity, Biicfnii^ 
Htfiiry Ki-iidull Colkgts MuM'ogLM\ 

AuittF Cfllli^SP. C-ull(g€ Bpriiiga. 
Bnt'cw Viatn t'oHugo. St«rin l*ak*!. 
Ci^btral Uiilveralty of Iowh, P*»11b* 
Chai-lcs City Colk»Be. CTiarles City. 
Cou rol]^i5. Cedar KutildA. 
Cornell College, iktotint Vornon. 
Dp« iloldea Collegts Di^a Mnliioa^ 
Itrake Uidveralty. TVea Moliiea. 
Germim Colk^ge, Mount Pk-uaaut. 
f 3 m vi^ to lid College, La utoii I . 
li>W44 C<i|]f'i|e. Orlnu^lt. 

l4uv* Weilvyaii Uulvertlty, Mount Pleua^iiit. 
iMimn C<>11pgf^, llopklntoih 
Luther t^ollege, Derorali, 
Moriiliigaldf College, ftl«m CJty, 
National Memoriul Univeralty, Mj^kod V\%f^ 
Palmer College. I^i Ornriil, 
PuriHTirB College. FnlrHeld, 
Pemi Co]leg«. Oakalooan. 
Bti Jo8f[»ti'A College. Dubiiqtiri, 

BfmpNon College, IndUnalu, 
I State University at loWflt Iowa Cltf, 

Tabor College^ Tabor. 
I Upper Iowa Univeratty^ Fajfetto- 

Wartburg College, Clinton. 

We*terfi College, Toledo. 

Bakj«r TTnlTaTmltfr Bt-ld^Lo, 
Bttb^ny €oU«ga, Liiidibiirg. 
Campbell College, ItDltou. 
College of Elnparla, KmporlH. 
CotjpeP College, Sterling. 
Falrmoiint College, Wl^blta. 
FrlendH' Uiilverjilly, Wlebita. 
Hlgblaud Unlreralti', flf«,'1iland. 
Kaiiaatt CbrlatlHii College, Lincoln. 
Kaufuii) City University, Kansas City. 
Klin HUH WeHk'yan UnJvtTttlty, f^aUnii. 
M lit I It lid ( iilli gf. Atcbltfion. 
Otta^wa TTmvflraity, Ottswa. 
S*t, Benfidlet'R Culleg^*, Ateblson; 
Htn Joltn'H L[|tljf*mn CijUejifet WliifleUL 
Kt. Slnry'a rnlli^ge. St. Mary's, 
Boulo CoUogfl, DodgQ City. 
Soiitliwe^t KaiiMaH Culleg^^ WJiiQeld. 
fnlversUy of Kaiiti-ua, Ijiwri^nt'e. 
Wasbbiirn College. Topckii. 


ARbluni] CollMgr, Aahland. 

Ik-rea College, Berea, 

Hetbel Col lege. RURaellvlIK 

tlientral University oT Kentitfky, DitiivlUe. 
I Genrgetown College, tieorgetown. 
. Kentnrky UnUeriilty, l^%\v\i^Um. 

Kenturky Wealpyan CnlU'ge, Wlnchpatcf. 

liberty Collegf!. t^lnsgow. 

Ogden C<^llcge, Bowling fpn^en. 

St, Mary "a College. St. Mary 

Soittb Kentucky Collegf\ lloiikluaTUk'. 

Unlnii Collegfe, BurboursivlHe. 


Centeiinry College at |>outsUiiii, Jaekwiri, 
College of Ibe tnitaueulate Conneptloti, >iew 

Jetfermn College, Convent, 
LelAnd UnlTerBlty (color>ed), Xew Orleans. 
lAnlilanu^ UalTeraJty, Baton Rciuice. 
Mf. Lebnnon liaptlMt Male College, Mt. Ijebflnon. 
New (Irleiintt l'nlvitr»lty (folorp^lt New Orleana^ 
Strftlgbt University (eoli^red), Kpw Orleans. 
Ttilanc University* New Drlvanii. 


Batea College. Ijewlatonn 
Bowdotn College, llruua^vlek, 
I Colby College. WatervlUe. 
Uulverelty of Maine, Orono, 


Jobnfl no|>klna Untveralty, Baltimore. 

Utyola College. Baltimore. 

M orgii n C<i\ lege. Da Itlmore . 

Mount Bt. Mary 'a Col lege ,^ Einmltaburg. 

Monnt Bt. Mary's Colleim. Moant Bt. Mary's. 

New Windsor Ootlese, New Windsor. 

fioek III II College, Ellleott CHy. 

St. Charles Cnllej^e, ElHeott City, 

St. John 'a C^lle|^e^ AiinnpolJM, 

Wasklugton College. Chentertotvij. 

Western Maryland College, WeBtmf niter. 




Amherst College, Amherst. 
Boston College, Boston. 
Boston University, Boston. 
Clark University, Worcester. 
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester. 
French-American College, Springfield. 
Harvard University, Cambridge. 
Redfield College, Worcester. 
St. Joseph's College, Lowell. 
Tufts College, Tufts College. 
Williams College, Williamstown. 


Adrian College, Adrian. 
Albion College, Albion. 
Alma College, Alma. 
Detroit College, Detroit. 
Hillsdale College. Hillsdale. 
Hope College, Holland. 
Kalamazoo College,. Kalamazoo. 
Olivet College, Olivet." 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

Augsburg Seminary, Minneapolis. 
Carleton College, Northfleld. 
Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter. 
Hamline University, St. Paul. 
Macalester College, St. Paul. 
Parker College. Winnebago City. 
St. John's University, Cbllegeville. 
St. Olaf Collegfe, Northfield. 
St. Paul's College, St. Paul Park. 
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 


Mlllsaps College, Jackson. 

Mississippi College, Clinton. 

Rust University (colored). Holly Springs. 

University of Mississippi, University. 

Centi'al Christian College, Albany. 
Central College, Fayette. 
Central Wesleyan College, Warreuton. 
Christian Brothers College, St. Louis. 
Christian University, Canton. 
Clarksburg College, Clarksburg. 
Drury College, Springfield. 
George R. Smith College (colored), Sedalia. 
La Grange College; La Grange. 
Missouri Valley College, Marshall. 
Missouri Wesleyan College, Cameron. 
Northwest Missouri College, Albany. 
Odessa College, Odessa. 
Park College, Parkvllle. 
Pike College, Bowling Groen. 
Pritchett. College, Glasgow. 
Ruskln College, Trenton. / 

St. Louis University, St. Louis. 
Southwest Baptist CoUogo, Bollvur. 
Tarkio College, Tarkio. 

University of the State of Missouri, Columbia. 
Washington University, St. Louis. 
Westminster College, Fulton. 
West Plains College, West Plains. 
William Jewell Colloge, Liberty. 
Will Mayfleld Ct)lloge, Marble Hill. 

Montana Wesleyan UuIverHity, Helena. 
University of Montana, Missoula. 


Bellevue College, Bellevue. 

Cotner University, Bethany. 

Creighton University, Omaha. 

Doane College, Crete. 

Grand Island College, Grand Island. 

Hastings College, Hastings. 

Nebraska Wesleyan University, University Place. 

Union College, College View. 

University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

York College, York. 


Nevada State University, Reno. 

Dartmouth College, Hanover. 
St. Anselm's College, Manchester. 


Princeton University, Princeton. 
Rutgers College, New Brunswick. 
St. Benedict's School, Newark. 
St. Peters College, Jersey City. 
Seton Hall College, South Orange. 


University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. 


Adelphi College, Brooklyn. 
Alfred University, Alfred. 
Canisius College, BufPalo. 
Colgate University, Hamilton. 
College of the City of New York, New York. 
College of St. Francis Xavier, New York. 
Columbia University, New York. 
Cornell University, Ithaca. 
Hamilton College, Clinton. 
Hobart College, Geneva. 
Manhattan College, New York. 
New York University, New York. 
Niagara University,. Niagara University. 
St. Bonaventure's College, Alleghany. 
St. Francis College, Brooklyn. 
St. John's College, Brooklyn. 
St. John's College, New York. 
St. Lawrence University, Canton. 
St. Stephen's College, Annandale. 
Syracuse University, Syracuse. 
Union College, Schenectady. 
University of Rochester, Rochester. 


Atlantic Christian College, Wilson. 

Bennett College, Greensboro. 

Biddle University (colored) , Charlotte. 

Catawba College, Newton. 

Corcordia College, Conover. 

Davenport College, Lenoir. 

Davidson College, Davidson. 

Elon College, Elon College. 

Guilford College. Guilford College. 

Lenoir College, Hickory. 

Livingstone College (colored). Salisbury. 

North Carolina College, Mt. Pleasant. 

Rutherford College, Rutherford. 

St. Mary's College, Belmont. 

Shaw University, Raleigh. 

Trinity College, Durham. 

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Wake Forest College, Wake Forest. 

Weaverville College, Weavervllle. 




Unly^^rftlb' ot North Dnkuta^ University. 


Adolliert i^olJt'Bi'. I'U'Telaud, 

Aoti<K5t] Uailt^ge, Ye How Sprliit^v. 

A«hLand CoLk-^e, Ashljind. 

Baldwin Uulveraltr. Bertii. 

Badhtel CdHo^i?, Akrun. 

CapItHl Unlverally, UtfLuitibuit. 

Ci^dfirTine ColU'gL', C^daTvLlkv 

Denant'e Oolkge, I>eflan<^. 

DiMiteon UnlveraJtyr r»rnpvJUi\ 

Find] D J CoUnRC?, Flndliiy* 

rrnnklin CoLIp^l^, Ki>w Athintfl. 

Cif^riimn W a I lure Oolk^gLs Btrf^a., 

HeldtlbpTjf UultL-raltj. Tlfflti. 

Hiram CDlk^g^e, Hlratn. 

Keiiyon Collegts Gambler, 

Lima ColU^p?, Lima. 

HftTiettA Culkffl^ METiettL. 

Miami Unlvorelty, Oxford. 

Monnt Union Colleg(^p AULitii^M^. 

UuafetiiKiiiii CcvUc'iTf, Nfw Coracord, 

Ob^rlln flalkgt^ Obprlln. 

Obla l^tatti UnlTpr^lty, Cotuinbii», , 

Oblu LTnlwrflltj. A then a. 

liblo Weslt^yaii tTnlvcraity^ Dohiware, 

Ott«rbeln Univeriitf^, WattArvillQ, 

Rill ijrandt! CuUufe, Rh) Griiiide. 

Bt. tirnAtlua Colir^, Ck*Y(?land. 

St. XayJer CoU«{re< Cin<-lnnHtL 

ITiilvtraUy of Clni'ltitiatl, CLnelntiBlt. 
tiiilvrrfllty of Wfm»ttT. WotJflti-r. 
Wc^HtiTii Kt^scTTo Univonsify, Ckveljitid. 
Wlltn'i'fH^rce 1.1 13 1 vers! ty (<'ol«irt>d>, Wllberf«r*?L*. 
Wllhjlniyftoii rokeB*s Wl]m1iij?tsHi. 
Wit toil bur^ t"oJlcBL\ Htirtn^fli^ld. 

UnlViffalty of Okltihcrniii, Nor roan. 

Albany Colleg»>, Albauy. 
rfltaiqbiii UiiJverBity, FortlNiid. 
Dallas CoUerv. I>»lliti, 
MfMlnnvllk ColJegP. McMlnnTllIe. 
Pacific l\dlp(f(\ Kuwbprjf, 
Pa rifle I'nlVfrslty. Fori'al- CiroTi>. 
PUIlomath Culkffp. PbUi»math. 
l^nlverslty **t Ot-e^ou. Eii^tniiv 
WlllJimeltt' riilvePBltj, Sakm. 

Albdglit r«lli jTts Myu^mttuvi]. 
A 1 tejEbpny r I) I verel t> . JVl eii d vl 1 It*, 
BfKVfr ('iinfp\ Bcavi^r. 
Buf It n**ll U n I ^' nralty , Irf? wi alt iir^- 
Dlt'lttnMjn CitJb'i^e, Cartlak. 
FranktiD and Ma rati all Colkif^, [^[irnfl,ter. 
tit'iii'Va Oolkj^iv BpaT^r Fa lb*. 
Orovc ClO' l*oll(?irii\ (imve €lly. 
llari-rfifrd riilkgc. Itavfrford. 
Holy Oboat rulkf^e. Plttsburir, 
Junlatii Coll*f-(% Hiiiitlni^dtiju 
l^fayotKi I'ldU'i^, Rnn^un. 
Ui Ha Up <'-d}iK*v rbtLadrlpJila. 
U'bini^n VwM y C«ili»«t'. AmivJlU'. 
p'bluh Unlvd'rtlty, 1S4>wth n<thklirni 


[ Lineoln CJuiVcraityt LdtiLttlti Unlverfilty. 
I Moravian C«>Ikge and Tht^olDgleal iSemlnaryri 

Mnblenb^fjur College. AllentowD, 

Pfiitiaylvania Uolk^e, Gettyabnrj:. 

Pfiinaylvanla State College, Stfite^ Calk'se. 

'Koanokt OolleKe. Pbl1ad«tpbla. 

St. Fidel I i Colk-K*s Ilorpian. 

St. Vincent tr^^lb'^o, Beatty* 

SnM*nK'Ti"iinu Univpralty, !^L<Iinai|fotis 

S^^'jii'i}]!]^!!'!.' t'oUi^jir*, Swarthmotp, 

"nili'l ( jjllL-fTc. (Jroi'nvilk, 

Unlvi^ralty of Pennsylvania. Phtlfidelphla. 

U red una Cf^llc'Ket OollefcTtlk*. 

VUlnnnva €olkj|f<<. Ylllanova. 

Volant (Jolkj^e, Volant. 

Waablngfton and JelTprs^oi Coliei^p. Waabliig'tan. 

W ay neubnrg Cul tegts Wuy iieatMirg, 

Wcfltem UnlTc^ralty of Pennsylvaala:, Allegbt'iiy. 

Wvatmluater Ctdkge. New Wllmlniptun^ 

Bro'hVb Uniteralt-y, Provided re. 

Allen Unlveraky rcolH>red). i^olumbla. 
Ctsflln tJnlvi'ralty ((?ojotp4>* OranBeborg. 
OoUt'Si^ of CbarleatoOp Charleston. 
Krtiklne College, Ddn West. 
Forma u University, Greenville. 
Leeavllle i-olle^e, Levsville. 
Newberry rollejfe, Newberry. 
Prciibyterlaii C'ollejire at South CjtrDllim, Clinton. 
Sontb Carolina C(dlr*jje, Coin robin. 
Wofford College, Sparlnnbiirff. 

iiakota I'olv+'ralijfv Mitrbt'lL 
Fluroij College. Huron. 
Betmeld Cf>llej{e, BedHeld. 
»hmx Falls University. Sloni Falla. 
Utdveralty of S4»ulli Dnkntn, Vermilion. 
Vuuktou Ctdkge, V^iiktuti. 

Auierleiin Unlveriilty of Harrlmau. llarrlmao. 
Bethel College-, MoKemsle. 
Burrltt College, Spencer. 

Uaraon and Newmaii rollege, Jeff er sod City. 
CbHatlao BrtitheiB OoUeijre, Uenj|;)hl«. 
Cumberland Unireralty, Lebanon, 
Flak LTolveralty (eolon^d), NnetaviUe. 
Grunt Unlveralty. Atbena. 
Greenville and Tiia^Hilain t^olleite. GrettnvllluT 
tltawasfsee Culkjte, Blawaaace Colleffi^ 
KoHiLvni' Cidli'ife. KlH>3CV]lle. 
SlaryvllU? rnlleKe, Maryrlle. 
Mlcblf^ao Culleife. JohavQU Clt^- 
MiniKan t\dkMo. Miniiriin. 

Koffcr Will I a ma InlverAUy rt-kdand). NaahvllU\ 
*S<Mitliirt eati^rn £lui>tlar Colvfratfy, Jaekv^i. 
^intbweaterii I'reabytertaa Univeraity* Clarfc*- 

University ut Naahvllk. NaabvllK 

ItolvtTiilty u( Tenneaaee. KiiuTvUle, 

UnlATralty of the South, Sewiiuei'. 
1*'anderblU I'ulveraUy. Naahvllhv 
Wiilden ITnlveralty (colored}, NaahvIlK 
Waidilnfftnii CoUi*k«. Wnabluftofi t^4vtlc»«9. 


Allntln CoUi-K<'. wherimm. 
Hay lor V n t vi' j-|h1 i y , Wii tti* 




Bishop OoUege (colored), Marshall. 
Burleson Ck>llege, Ghree^iTille. 
Fort Worth University, Fort Worth. 
Howard Payne Ck>llege, Brownwood. 
Jeff Dayis College, Pittsburg. 
Paul Quin College (colored), Waco. 
Polytechnic College, Forth Worth. 
Simmons College, Abilene. 
Southwestern University, Georgetown. 
Texas Christian University, Waco. 
Trinity University, Waxahachie. 
University of Texas, Austin. 
Wiley University (colored), Marshall. 

Brigham Young College, Logan. 
Brigham Young TTnivenity, Provo. 
Latter-Day Saints' University, Salt Lake City. 
University of Utah, Salt Lake City. 

Middlebury College, Middlebury. 
University of Vermont and State Agricultural 
College, Burlington. 


. Bridgewater College, Bridgewater. 
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg. 
Emory and Henry College, Emory. 
Fredericksburg College, Fredericksburg. 
Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney. 
Richmond College, Richmond. 
Roanoke College, Salem. 
University of Virginia, Charlottesville. 
Virginia Union University, Richmond. 
Washington and Lee University, Lexington. 


Gonzaga College, Spokane. 

St. James' College, Vancouver. 

University of Puget Sound, Taooma. 

University of Washington, Seattle. 

Vashon College, Burton. 

Whitman College, Walla Walla. 

Whitworth College, Tacoma. 

Bethany College, Bethany. 
Morris Harvey College, Barboursville. 
West Virginia University, Morgantown. 

Beloit College, Beloit. 
Carroll College, Waukesha. 
Concordia College, Milwaukee. 
Lawrence University, Appleton. 
Marquette College. Milwaukee. 
Milton College, Milton. 
Northwestern University, Watortown. 
Ripon College, Ripon. 
University of Wisconsin, Madison. 


University of Wyoiuli»K, liaramlc. 


Albert College, Belleville. . 

Assumption College, Sandwich. 

Hiiron College, London. 

Knox College, Toronto. 

McMaster's University, Toronto. 

Queen's University, Kingston. 

St. Francis College, Richmond. 

St. Jerome's, Berlin. 

St. Michael's College, Toronto. 

Trinity College, Toronto. 

University of Ottawa, Ottawa. 

University of Queen's College, Kingston. 

University of Toronto, Toronto. 

Victoria University, Toronto. 

Western University and College, London. 

Woodstock College. Woodstock. 

Wycllffe College, Toronto. 


Bishop's College, Lennoxville. 

Chlcoutlmi College, Chicoutimi. 

Joliette College, Joliette. 

L'Assomption College, L'Assomption. 

Laval University, Quebec. 

Levis College, Levis. 

Loyola College. Montreal. 

McGlll University, Montreal. 

Nicolet College, Nlcolet. 

Quebec Seminary, Quebec. 

Rigaud College, Rigaud. 

Rimouski College, Rlmouskl. 

St. Hyachlnthe College, St. Hyacinthe. 

St. Laurent College, St. Laurent. 

St. Mary's College, Montreal. 

St. Sulpice College, Montreal. 

Ste. Anne de la Pocatlerre College, Ste. Anne 

de la Pocatlerre. 
Ste. Marie Monnoir College, Ste. Marie de 

Ste. Therese College, Ste. Therese. 
Sherbrooke College, Sherbrooke. 
Stanstead Wesleyan College, Stanstead. 
Three Rivers College, Three Rivers. 
Wesleyan College, Montreal. 

Aoadia College, Wolfville. 
Dalhousle College and University, Halifax. 
King's College, Windsor. 
St. Anne College, ' Church Point. 
University of St. Francls-Xavler College, An- 

Brandon College, Bi'andon. 
Methodist College, Winnipeg. 
Presbyterian College. Winnipeg. 
St. Boniface College, St. Boniface. 
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. 


University of Mount Allison College. Sackville. 
University of New Brunswick. Frederlcton. 
University of St. Joseph's College, Memram- 


Austin Training School. Stevenson. 
Barker MonioriHl Sonilnnry (colored), .\nnis- 

Baptist (.'ollepljito Institute, Nowton. 

Central Alabama Academy, Huutsvllle. 
Cherokee Institute, Forney. 
(N)lllnsvllle High School. ColUnsvIlIe. 
Klkniont High School. Klkniont. 
Fjiyette Academy, Fayette, 




FloumlDU nijgrh Bthmol, Flomftton. 
GuylonviUc!! Hlffh SrhonU OajJoiivllJe* 

hfyw^t poach true AcBdcmy* Lnwct Peacttreo* 

Uala and Female Academy, PlsfaL. 

AlnHc^n BaptLat Academy, Murion^ 

North Aliibatdii Ctt]^4??Intti IiittLtuto, Trinity. 

Polytechnic Colli^ge and Lfi dies' liiBtitute, Cull- 

Erfthfttt Dotia«U Hiffa Saboal, Ourla?* 
Itockford Hf£h Hrliwl. Uoekford. 
SevlPT^g f^f^biKd, UlAn, ElJaku. 
Sbtiolt Illffb KihrH>K R^ll. 

1\»wp Creek Norm Ml Sc-htwln Town Crnk. 
Trldofikn College. Crews Hepot, 
UulveraJly St"hi;Mjl, Chtnttni. 

St JoBcpU A cud*' my, Prosrott. 

AmUy High Situxd, Atnlty. 

Arkaniini Baptiat College {tttlored), Little 

Backner ColJ^ffo, Wltcbervllle. 
Barren Fork ODllegc, Barren Fork. 
Oarrolltoo Ac^demj, CarroUlon. 
Olarke'a Acftd^my, Berry t1 He. 
Doavell Initliute. Newport. 
Frlendahlp High School. FrlcimstaLp. 
Heddrtx AcHderay, Gentry. 
Btnemon'f IJnlyersltj Scbool, Montlcello. 
RotlD^aa Literary Hchooln Viloiila . 
JpclHon Baptiat Hl^h School. Holl>* Springs. 
New Suhinco College. Stjlelervllle. 
tl^kolona High School. Okolona. 
Rogers AcHdeai^^ Rogera. 

Shorter College (Cf>lored). North Lit tit Ro^-k. 
Bloan-Hendrlx Acnderay, Tmbodeu. 
Stuttgart College, Stuttgnrt. 
Thorapion'H ClJiBBlf*al [liRtUute, Paragoiild. 


Academy of Our Lady »>f Peace, Sun Diego. 

Aeadetay of the lmma<'ii]fite Heart of Mary, 
San Lula Oblapo. 

Acudethr of tlie Sacred Heart. San Fraaclico. 

Andprwin Aeademy, trvington. 

Crescent City Acaiieiny. Cre#eeiit City. 

Head's Preparatory SehooL Berkeley. 

Healdiiburg College. Healdsbiirg. 

Howe 'a Acadetny and Biislneiw College ^ Sac- 

IrTlng tuHtEtute, San FrancI«4-o. 

Lnkeport Academy, Lakeport. 

Mount St. Mury'ft Academy* Graaa Vajlej. 

Oiir Lndy of Mercy Ac*d**iny, 3a n Francisco. 

Pre«entnt1oii Content. San Franclaco. 

Sacred Heart Academy, HolUatcr. 

St. Bridget's Scboiil^ gan Fninclieo. 

8t, fSertriidff^a Academy. Rio Yiita. 

St. Mpry'a Cony en t, San Leandro. 

St. Peter's Academy. Ban Frant^laco. 

St* Tlneent'a Academy. Petaluma. 

Bt, Vincent's C^>nTent Sch(«>l, Vallejo. 

St. Vlnr-cnfa Sehoo), S*n Franctdco. 

Siintu Barbara CoUi?glate Scbool, Bant a Bar- 

WHftbbiirn 8<hortl^ Pan Jose. 

Free Nlglit School for Bora, Deaver. 
Mount Gertrude's Academy, Boulder. 
St. Mary 'a Sobool, LoadTlBe. 
Ballda Aeiidemyi ^aUda, 

Booth Preparatory School, New HaTcn. 
Oomwall Seta^Kil. The, Cornwall, 
Bavld M. Hunt School, KaHH Village. 
Easton Aeademy, iCiaaton, 
Falrfleld Academy, Fairfield^ 
Gerard SebtJoV Wntcrbory. 
Gilbert School. Winsted, 
Gilo Clrunimur School, Nciv Haven. 
Graenwiicb Academy. Greenwich. 
Humden Itnll. Hamrlcn. 
Hay den Hall. Wlndjtor. 
Ultl Academy, Redding. 
Hopsoa'a School, Kent. 
King School, The, SAiiford. 
Morgan School, Clinton. 
Myitis Valley Englbb and Claaalca] lti«Utilt«, 

Newton Academy, Newton. 
Norwieh Free Academy, Norwich. 
Patten's School, Mlddletown. 
Pratt High School, Essex. 
Rohbin» School, The, Norfolk. 
St. Joseph's ScbthoU Bridgeport. 
St. Mary's Academy, New Haven, 
Seaside Seminary, Sontbport. 
Sbepard's Private School. Miaa, Say brook. 
Simpson a School ^ Mil ford. 
Staples High fIcbooL Westport. 
WheeJer Scbotd, North Btonlagton, 
Woodstock Academy, Woodstock. 

Friends' SchLH>l. Wilmington. 

FHenda' Select School. Waahington. 
Notre Dame Academy, Wrishlngton. 

C-onvent of Mary ijnmncnlatc. Kwy West, 
Cookman Institute (colored), JacksooTille. 
Edward Waters CoJlege < colored), Jackson- 

F^senden Academy. Martin. 
Florida Ba pit lit College, JaeksonTlUe. 
Florida Inatltute, Live Oak. 
Holy Name Academy, San Antonio, 
ftt. Joseph's Academy. Fernandlna. 
St, Joseph's Academy and Day School, Pa- 

St. Joseph's Academy, St. Augustltie. 


Anna Dill Inatltutc, Fort McPlieraon. 

Austell High Schtx^l, AuatelL 

Beaefa institute. Savannah. 

Benedict Memorial School. Banitiel. Oedsrtown. 

DameaTllle High School, CdrnesvllU. 

Centra) City College, Macon. 

ClereUnd Academy, Clcreland. 

Cookavllle High School, CfloksTllle. 

Epworth yemlnnry Ep worth. 

Mtawb LiBtltnte, Canton. 

BTiirett Springs Scminsry. Kverett Sprtnfsi, 

Fslrmotint College. Fairmount. 

Fleming High School, Johns tony Ul^. 




Gordon Institute, Barneavllle. 
iimdj TiiBtLtute, Fort Valley. 
Green CoUtge^ J. 3. DemoreAt. 
HnrtweU laatltute, Uartwell. 
Heaxn AradtiDy for Boy a aud Glrli^ Cave 

Hlawasaee High School , Hlavraaaee. 

HouRtcin nigh School, ArnbL 

HnU'heHOQ Collegiate tnatLtute^ Whltesburg. 

Jcfhii Gibaoq lufltjtiite, Bowan. 

Knox IimtUuto and Indnatdnl School , Athens, 

Lavutiifl IiiBtltiitf!* LaTonla, 

Le Vert ColJeff^t Talbatton. 

Literary Not-itiul Institute^ Hlofgold. 

Martin Itiatltutei, J^ffcfson^ 

Middle Georflu lafltltute^ Ccmc'OTd^ 

Montlcello High SthoDl, Monttec^tlo. 

>Ic>(>re'a School „ Miss, ColutnhUB. 

MQ49J €ieerk Aeadfimy^ Lto. 

Moant Zlon Semlnjiry, Mount Ziuii. 

Nauale t<ou Warthen Institute, WrtghtsflUe. 

OllTer High Sptiool, Oliver. 

Palue Colly gt?< An^uRtQ, 

Pendergraee High «fhiH>l, Ptjndergrasa, 

Perry -Rdliiey College- Auhiirn. 

PlednaoDt InetUute, Knckmart^ 

Eobert E. Lee Iniitltute. ThomaBton. 

St. Joseph's Aeademy, Columbus. 

Stateaboro Infttltute aud Bualnefts College, 

St^lUvUk Fligh School, Stella vtlle. 
Stephen's High School. CrawfordiiTlUe. 
SteshtDA Inititutfit roftijth. 
Storrs School (colored), Atlanta. 
Swaiuaboro High School. Swalnaboro. 
Talioase iQatltute. Trvlugtou. 
Tunnel Hill High St'hool, Tunn^^l TUL 
Walker BapUat Institute, Anrista. 
Walker High School. Newniin. 
Wiiyneahoro Academy, Wnyneaboro, 
Wynaton College, Colombna. 

Gollnge of Idaho. Caldw«U. 
Fielding Academy, Pai-ls. 
Fremont Stnke Academy, Re^hurff, 
Oneida Stake Acadenay, Preaton. 

Academy of Northweatern Unlveralty, Evanaton. 
Central iDatltute, Chicago, 

CoJteen Normal gehool and Academy. Goffeen. 
Cfab Orchard Acfidemy, Crab Orchard. 
Elgin Academy of North iveatern UnlTerBltr. 

Glttln£0 gcminBry, La Harpe. 
Grand PraitJe aemlnary, Onarga, 
Interior Academy, Dakota. 
Uavy Academy, Elgin. 
Mendota College, Mendota. 
Mt. MorrlB Cc»llege, Mt, Morrla. 
Parker School, Francis W,. Ohlcago, 
Pleaaant View Luther College, Ottawa. 
Port Byroo Academy, Port Byron. 
St, Jamea School. Chicago. 
St. Tfaereaa's Academy. Deeatur. 
Southern Collegiate InsUtuto, Alhlon. 
Stelnniann College, Dlxott. 
■ ToaloD Academy < Toulon. 
Onion Academy oC Southern IlUnola, Ajina, 

Vermlllou Grovo Academy, Vermilion Orovu. 
Warren Academy. Warren. 
Wuynesvllle Academy. WayuesTllle. 
Wellealey Preparatory School, Alton. 
%Vwur'Medla Academy, Media. 
Whipple Academy. Jackaouvllle. 

Bourhon College, Bourhon. 
Central Academy, Plalnfleld. 
Falrmount Academy aud Normal Sehoolf Ftkli- 

Friends' Bloom In gdale Academy, Bloom Ingdale. 
Blanobeater College. North Manchester. 
Oakland City College, Oakland City. 
&t. Agnea Academy, IntHanapoUs, 
St. Ignatlna Academy^ Lafayette. 
St. Joseph's Academy, EyaneTltle. 
St. Lawrence Select Scbtwl, Lawreni-ehnrs. 
St. Mary' 19 High School, Michigan City, 
St. Mlfhacra Academy, Plymouth. 
St. Patrick's School, Indlanapolla. 
St KfHjf'a Academy, La Porto. 
Spii'eland Acadi?niiy, Spk'Oland. 

Cameron Prcabyterlan Institute. Cameron. 
Gbelaea Academy, Chelsea, 
Cherokee .4cademy, Tahlequah. 
Hargrare College. Ardmore. 
Murrow Indians' Orphan Home, Atoka. 
Pryor Creek Collegiate Inatltnte, Pry or Creek, 
Eyan Educational Inatttute. Eyan. 
WllUe Halsell College, Vlnlta. 


Academy of Onr Lady of Victory. Waterloo. 

Academy of St, John'a Baptist. Centralla. 

Academy of the Holy Ghost* l>uhuque. 

Academy of the Immacnlate Conception. DhnrleH 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Daven- 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Fair- 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, GU- 

Academy of the Vlaitatlon, Dea Moines. 

Ack worth Academy, A ek worth. 

Blackhuru'B Academy, Chariton, 

Godar Valley Seminary, Osage. 

Ctaike'a School. Dea Moluea, 

Corning Academy, Corning. 

Corpus Chris tl Academy, Ft. Bodge. 

Decorah tnatltnti?, Decorah. 

Denmark Academy, Denmark. 

Ellsworth College, Iowa Falls. 

Elk Horn Lutheran loatltute, Elk Bom, 

^Iphany Academy, Slonx City. 

Epworth Seminary, Epwfirth, 

{Evangelical Lutheran College, Atkins. 

ETsngellcal Lutharan College. Luierne. 

ETangelleal Lutheran College, KewhalL 

Evangelical 2ion'B School, Lemara. 

Palrflcld Academy, Falrfltild. 

Flrat German Evangelical School, Burllnfton. 

Friend*" Aeademy, LeGrand. 

Germna-EngUah Lntheran School. Lowden. 

German-En gllah School, Davenport, 

Germiiu Evangelical St, John's School, Clarence. 

German Lutheran Colkge, Van Horn, 

German Lntheran Parochial School^ Ofaarlotte. 




German LutbtTiui FitrootiUl Scbool, Clinton^ 

<lerideiia LutliOTan Siimi Si^Jiool, JUavpiiport. 
G«rmaii i^arocblal achtfsL Cturttjr Out, 

tJerman |*iu-i>i'hiul ijchuuL, DqiiLbud. 

Gi?i:uiiiu. %vho*>\f Ari!iidiii« 

t^tjimuiu Bt'bool, Gliddi'ii. 

Grflnd Vlf:w CulLefie, Deli Alulneit. 

Ha^kln'a Sehuol. Da venpdrt. 

Utrly TrltiLt/ Catholic S<!faoul, FmtlTluB, 

Hdwe^A AcAdemf', Mt. PietiJitiiit. 

Idtt Kiuder^aj'teti lunUtuLe , Duvenport. 

Immaoulate Coneeptlou Acadi^my, Decorob^ 

I&wji City Aeademji lon'a Cltj. 

Jewell Luthentn College, Jewell. 

Mtffer PartK'tilfll Schocdf Meyi'f^ 

Mt* Curmel Actidcpiyt CarrolL 

Mt. Carmel FarurUJal Ht'hool, l.nw]er. 

Mi. Flcaeant Academy ^ Mt- Pleaeiajit, 

N'ew Provldenue Auademy. Xcw Ptcivldt'jiei?, 

Noru ^priuga H{5Uiiuary. Nora Sprltiga^ 

North WuBbljigtuii Pafo4.'lilul School, North 

NoHhWfBttTn r|iirtt*li-ul .\<(iiili-iii>'. Orange City* 

NotfB Dame rt^MiiliNir.v, I iJili-pL'tideii(?&. 

OuL" Lrtd>' ef LMyriU'r< AiMiUmy^ BurlkigtDU* 

Pafochlal S^butd. MarLiiv, 

PlL^aiuint Pluiii Ar-ademy, Pleafaut Plalu. 

»HC City luHtltute, Ss€ City. 

Sacred Ht^nrt A en demy. CluLtou. 

i^icred Ht^art Aeaderoy, Marlon. 

3aered Heart Setiuol, Boaue^ 

SJaiTied Jlejirt tJcliual, I'^ig'lD 6ro¥e» 

Sacred lU'art t^*'-l\\:\\*\. Ft. Dodge* 

Sacred Uejiit School. Ittvckwell, 

St. Affatba'B Sepilnarj. Iowa Ulty. 

Bt* Al«yisln» Ai-adi^my, Cfilniar. 

St, Arobroafr Academy, De* Moines. 

St* Ann'jB Academy. ValL 

St. ^Vnagaf Benduary diid Inntltutet Bt. Aniigar. 

St. Bernard 'a School . Brcdu. 

Bt. Bernard 'a Sebuol. Ttnipletou. 

St. Buruard'ia ScbuoL Waverly. 

St. BQflilfac« Academy, Lyona. 

St. Boniface Academy, New Vicima, 

Bt. Boolface Academy. Sloax City. 

St. Catberlnir's Aeademy, Oycna. 

St. OolumbJciD'H Academy, Piihu^jue. 

St. F^n*"lB Academy, Balltown. 

Bt. Fnwicia Academy, DyeravlUe, 

St* ITrauela Academy, Maw>n City. 

St* fVancla de 8alo'a Atudemy, OanlaiiH 

St* FrancLa Behool. Waatdiigton. 

Bt* John 'a C^tbolt4! School. Adhton. 

St. John 'a Evangelical Lutheran BelioQl^ Ger- 

St. JobD'a Germaii CatboUc' Behool, Burling- 

Bt. Jobn'a Scbool, Arcadia. 

St, Joseph's Academy I Ce^r Raplda. 

St* JToaeph'a Academy, Pas Molnei. 

St. Joaeph'a Academy, Dl* Witt. 

St* Jtwjpb'a Academy, l*arley* 

St- Joacpb'a Academy. Li^mara* 

St* Joaeph's At:a<|emyt MalliJN]. 

St. Jo«epb'a AeAdemy, OttumwA. 

St. Joseph 'a Academy. 8allx. 

St. Jo»ph'a Academjr, Skioi: City. 

St. Jcwpb'a Acadeinj, Weat Bend, 

St. JTpaepb'fl Parochial SIchCMihU Independvnee. 

Bt* Joaepb^B Sebwl, Carroll. 

St. Jeoepb'A Sebool, Orcwco* 

St. Joseph's Sebool. Elk&der. 

St* Joaepb^a School, Nuola. 

St* Martin '■» Academy + Cascade. 

St* Mary^a Academy* Caacade. 

Bt. Mary's Academy, Dubnqne* 

Bt* Mary 'a Academy, Keatina* 

St. Mary 'a Academy^ Urand Junetkn* 

Bt. Mary 'a Academy^ Mt. Pleasant. 

St. Mary 'a: Academy, New Haven* 

St. Mary 'a Academy, Rtiiiuaeu. 

St. Mary^H Academy, Ruck Valley. 

St. Mary's College^ Emmetahuri^. 

St Mary's iDstitute* Haverhill. 

St. Mury^a Faiocblal School, Ne^ Hamptoti, 

Bt* Mary's Seheol, CUntoD. 

Bt. Mary 'a Bebool. Giitteiibcrg. 

St. Mary'H Behool, Iowa City. 

St* Mary'a Behool, EJveralde, 

Bt. MathiaQ. Academy, Mt, X'leaaant, 

BL Matthew 'A Behool, Clare* 

St. MlcbaePa School, Norway. 

St Patrick'^ Academy, Clinton. 

St* Patrli^k^a Academy, Daubury. 

St. Patrick's Academy, Dnbuciue. 

Bt, Fatilck's School, Dinigherty. 

Bt* Patrick's Scbool. WauliuD. 

at, Paul's Academy, Worthing ton. 

St. Paula Evflngelk'al Lutheran Schocd, Dn- 

St. Faul'a Lutharau School, Ft. Dod^e. 
St. Peter's and Panra School, CarroU* 
St* Rapbaera Academy, Dubuque. 
St* Eoafii Academy, Deuiaou. 
Bt* Weac«lan'i Academy, SpllvIUe. 
St. Xarler's Academy » Maneb«»ter* 
Seuttergood Seminary, Weat Baden* 
S<bool of tbe Aaaamptlt>n* Crcaco* 
Swedish Lutberan School* Swedeabtirg. 
Tllford Coliei^lute Academy, Vlnlon. 
Tobtn CoMcfie, Fort Dodgf). 
U. B. Inatttutft School, Toledo. 
Walford Lutheran Col leg l% Forest City. 
Wartburg Teachers* Seminary and Academy. 

Whit tier College. Salem. 
WiUou German-Eogllflb CoUe^, WeatbraactL 


Asaumptlon School, Topeka, 

Hetbel Colle^re. Newton, 

l^'utiai-pdae Academy, Enterprise. 

HavUand Academy, Harlland. 

Hesper Academy, Ijudora. 

HhLwatha. Academy, Hiawatha. 

Lewis Academy, WK^hlta. 

Lftwell Academy, LowcU, 

McFbarson CoUtiira, BCePheirHm. 

North Brauch Academy, North EraDeb. 

Notra Dame de Lourdea Academy, Fort Soott 

Pottawatomie Boarding School, Nadeau. 

Bt. PiuJ School. St. Paul. 

St. Roal Aeademy. DanTlUe. 

Boutbera Kanaas Academy, Eureka. 

Spring Blrer Acs demy. Galena* 

UrsuUne Academy, Paola, 

WnsblngtoD Academy* WatfdiiKton* 

Albany High School, Albany. 
Alexander College, Barkearllle* 
Ashhdry ColJejra, Wllmore* 
Auburn Semtnary. Anbnrn, 




Bardstown Male and Finale Institute, Bards- 

BlaildTille Baptist College, Blandyllle. 

BooneylUe Academy, BoonevlUe. 

Bowling Green Preparatory School, Bowling 

Caldwell Academy and Graded School, Owen- 

Campbellsbnrg High School, Campbellsburg. 

Campbellsville High School, CampbellsYiUe. 

Central Christian College, Hustonyille. 

Clinton College, Clinton. 

East Lynne College, Bnffalo. 

Excelsior Collegiate Institute, Jett. 

Fairmount College, Sulphur. 

Flexner's School, Lofdsrille. 

Hardin Collegiate Institute, Elizabet)itown. 

Harlan Academy, Harlan. 

Harrodsbnrg Academy, ^Harrodsborg. 

Hartford College and Business Institute, Hart- 

Haael Green Academy, Hazel Green. 

Hindman School, Hlndman. 

Hyden Academy, Hyden. 

Independence High School, Independence. 

Kentucky Classical and Business College, North 

Kentucky Wesleyan Academy, Campton. 

Kenyon College, Hodgenyille. 

Lee's Collegiate Institute, Jackson. 

Level Green Academy, Level Green. 

Louisville Training School, Beechmont. 

Lynnland Male and Female Institute, Glen- 

Male and Female Academy, Providence. 

Male and Female College, Sharpsburg. 

Male and Female High School, Columbia. 

Mackville High School, Mackville. 

Marvin College, Clinton. 

Monroe Normal School, Flippin. 

Morgantown Seminary, Morgantown. 

Mount Vernon Collegiate Institute, Mount Ver- 

Northern Kentucky Normal Academy, Corinth. 

PikeviUe Collegiate Institute, PikeviUe. 

Presentation Academy, Louisville. 

Princeton Collegiate Institute, Princeton. 

Reed's School, Miss, Danville. 

Riverside' Seminary, Vanceburg. 

Rugby School, Covington. 

St. Augustine Academy, Lebanon. 

St. James' School, Ell^abethtown. 

St. John's Select School, Carrolton. . 

St. Bfary's Academy, Paducah. 

Shacklett Academy, MadisonvlUe. 

Smitik's Classical School, Cynthiana. 

Spencer Institute, TaylorsviUe. 

State University, Louisville. 

Sue Bennett Memorial School, London. 

Theodore Harris Institute, Plneville. 

University School, LouisviUe. 

VanderMlt Training School, Elkton. 

Van Horn Institute, Slaughtersvllle. 
Waynesburg Seminary, Waynesburg. 

West Kentucky Seminary, Beaver Dam. 

Williamsburg Academy, WilUamsburg. 

Willow Dell Academy, Blizaville. 

Yerkes' Private School, Paris. 

Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Ope- 

Arcadia Male and Female College, Arcadia. 

Dixon Academy, Covington. 

Everett Institute, SpearsviUe. 

Fasnacht's Graded Institute, New Iberia. 

Feliciana Female CoUet^iate Institute, Jackson. 

Franklinton Central Institute, Frankllnton. 

Gibsland Model Public School, Gibsland. 

Harrisonburg High School, Harrisonburg. 

MarksviUe High School, Marksville. 

Millwood Institute, Jackson. 

Picard Institute, New Orleans. 

Poydras Academy, New Roads. 

St. Hyancinth's Boarding Academy, Monroe. 

St» Simeon's School, New Orleans. 


Anson Academy, North Anson. 

Berwick Academy, South Berwick. 

Bridge Academy, Dresden Mills. 

Bridgton Academy, North Bridgton. 

Cherryfleld Academy, Cherryfleld. 

Classical and English School, Bangor. 

Coburn Classical Institute, Waterville. 

Corinna Union Academy, Corinna. 

East Corinth Academy, E^st Corinth. 

East Maine Conference Seminary, Bucksport. 

Erskine Academy, South China. 

Foxcroft Academy, Foxcroft. 

Freedom Academy, Freedom. 

Fryeburg Academy, Fryeburg. 

George Stevens Academy, Bluehill. 

Gould's Academy, Bethel. 

Greely Institute, Cumberland Center. 

Hampden Academy, Hampden. 

Hebron Academy, Hebron. 

Higgins' Classical Institute, Charleston. 

Linfington Academy, Limington. 

Lincoln's Academy, Newcastle. 

Litchfield Academy, Litchfield Corners. , 

Maine Central Institute, Pittsfield. 

North Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth. 

Oak XJrove Seminary, Vassalboro. 

Parsonfield Seminary, North Parsonfield. 

Pennell Institute, Gray. 

Potter Academy, Sebago. 

Ricker Classical Institute, Houlton. 

Somerset Academy, Athens. 

Thornton Academy, Saco. 

Washington Academy, East Machias. 

Wilton Academy, Wilton. 

Allegany County Academy, Cumberland. 
Andrew Small Academy, Darnestown. 
Anne Arundel Academy, MlllersviUe. 
BiookeviUe Academy, Brookeville. 
Brunswick Seminary, Brunswick. 
Frederick College, Frederick. 
Friends' School, Baltimore. 
Jacob Tome Institute, Port Deposit. 
Knapp's Institute, Baltimore. 
Maryland Normal and Preparatory School, Ln 

Milton Academy, Taneytown. 
Princess Anne Academy, Princess Anne. 
Rockville Academy, Rockville. • 

St. Mary's Academy, Leonardtown. 
Sherwood Friends' School, Sandy Spring. 
West Nottingham Academy, Colora. 

Allen School. The. West Newton. 
Arms Academy. Shelbnme Falls. 




Bancroft Sdiflea^ i^n^nolrl. 
Eiirker Free idbmi^ WeHt Box ford. 
Berkshire Sdmol, ^e. PLttandd. 
Drlstol Acndfimj', Taunton. 

€d Dwell AqAdl(-''ii]y» Sontl] Wuf thing tan » '* 

CuAhltii; Acodf.Htn}'. AMbburnhum. 

Dean Academy, Franklin. 

DeerHeld Academy aud Dloktnfluti HLgb Soboal, 

I>eTt>j Acudemj. Ulugbiin]. 
£mmflDuel Scbool for Feoble and AfflleLi'^ Cbll- 

dren* FayTllIe, 
Fitting Bctiool for Bg^e vnd Qlrls. Camhiidse* 
Friends^ At?iicieniyK ^t?w Bf^dford. 
Prye Private School^ Ikwtrm. 
Hlira ^eliDdl. Miss, Lo^vctlU 
Hltebthchek Free Aeudi-my. Brljnfli^ld. 
Horao PreparatOiry SthojjU New Bedfr»nt. 
Hopkins Academy, ^Hdko^ 
Howe School, BUlciicn. 
Leicester Academy, LeleeBtt^rK 
Mlltnn Acttdcnij, MUton. 
Moniinn Atredcmyi MonBon. 
BIUF'dDck ^cbnol, Wlpchii^ndcn. 
Newton PrlTate Sub do 1^ Newton ► 
Niehols Academy. Budlry. 
FiJWder Point Scbodl, Dux bury. 
Preparatory Sckool, Newt on. 
PunctiaTd Free Scbool. Andover, 
Qiilncy MannloD &cbix>U Wollafitoti. 
St. lobn's Normal Colieg:e. DanTers. 
St, John ^8 S^^IiooIh WorcesttT, 
^wlb Academy and l>oww Hish School, Sber- 

Smith Academy, HatDeld. 

South Lancaster Academy. Soutb Lancaitter, 
Tabor Academy, Tbe^ Marlon. 
Tliayer Academy, Bonth Bralntree^ 
Walter '■ Preitaratory School, ^ulom, 
Waltham New Cburcb Sehool. Wnltham, 
Wealoysn Academy, Wllbruliam. 
Weatford Academy, Weatford. 
Wliite'a Home School, MI^, Gooeord. 

Battle Creek College, Battle Creek, 
3ii»iit)oii Haxbor OolleEH, Banton Hiirlior, 
Benzonla Academy, BcnKonta, 
Balaln Valley Seminary, Adrian. 
Sacred Heart Academy, Laurlnm. 
St. Audi^w'a Aeademy, ^a^lua^. 
St. JoaeptL'a Academy. Marquette. 
SL lowpb El^b School, Haeanabfl. 
&t. Tbomaa Hl^b School, Ann Arbor. 
Sprlnir Arhor Seralnary, if^prlng Arbor. 

Baldwin Seminary. St* Paul. 
Brack School, Wilder. 
Lather Academy, Albert Lea. 
Minis CDpoUa Academy, Minneapolis. 
Park Region Ltitheran College, Fergiia Falli. 
Pllabury Aeademy. Owatfuwin, 
St Mary 'a Hlffh School, St. PduL 
Wlllmar Seminary, WlUniar. 
Wlodom Inatltute. MonteTliIco, 

Bennett Academy, Clark aon. 
Braxton Ootleglate Tnstltnte, Braxton. 
Carthage Academy, Carthage. 

CiiBcUla High School, Casdlla. 

UhalytM'at*; l^pringti Iiistituti-t, Chalybeate. 

Uolumbia Hlg'li tl^ebool, Columbia. 

Uumberluud Normal In$itltutc, Cumberland. 

DlXi>n 11 1 lib Ht-hkKjl, IHxoi]. 

Edlnburg Hlg^h School, Ji^liiburg. 

Forest District High School. MoutroBe. 

Circnada Collegia tei InatUute, Grenada. 

Hari>erv'llle Culleglatu lustltuter Harpervllle^ 

Hebron High SchoDl, Hchron. 

Jacka^'n Golkfre ( colored ), Jackaon. 

JetTerson High School, Jefferson, 

Kate Tucker Inutltntet Byhalla. 

Liberty Male and Female College* Liberty. 

Lincoln S^ebool, Mtrldcn, 

Lockkart Mule and Female Xnatltutet Liack- 

Alerldluu .\eudemy. Meridian. 
Mount 01l?e High School, Mount Olive. 
Natchex College (c^lcred), NatcbeL 
lirwood Academy, Or wood. 
tHt tabor Mala aud Female College, PI L Labors. 
JYovldcnce Male and Female CJollege. Nettleton. 
Handle 'a University ScUool^ Ueruandn, 
»t. Clare's Academy, Ya£oo CHy. 
Skubuta Uigk Sebocd. Sbtibitta, 
I^TUUthern CbrUtiuii Institute, Edwurda. 
Stark vlUe Graded School. Stark t1 lie, 
Kylvarcna Otgh School, Sylvareiia. 
I^ro High School, Tyro. 
Uuion Church High S(!hool, Union Chun^. 
Valden Institute, Vniden. 

AppletoD City Acudemy, Apple ton Cttyn. 
Bellevue Collej^iute In&tltute, Oaledouln. 
liuehauan Colk-ge. Troy. 
Curlctou College, Farmiugton. 
earth ag^c Collegiate Tnatltute, Carthage, 
Concordia College, OraTelton. 
Cooper College, MoandvUle. 
DadevlUe Academy < Dadefllle. 
FalrdeaUug tUgb School. Falrdenltng. 
FarmlujftoiL Baptist College, Farming ton, 
(^aylord Inatltute, Platte City, 
i^rand River College, Gallatin, 
llaynen Academy, Excelsior Springs. 
Henderson Academy. Henderaon, 
Hooper Institute* Olarkftburg, 
Howell Inatltute, Howell, 
theria Academy, Iberia. 
Kidder InsUtute* Kidder. 
Laddoala Normal Institute, Laddonla. 
Lamar College. Lamar. 
La Salle Inatitute. Glencoe. 
Lincoln iDBtitute (colored), Jefferson City. 
Macon Dlatrlct Academy, Clarence. 
Marlonvllle Collegiate Institute. MarlonrlUe. 
Marvin Collegiate Inatltnte, Frederick town. 
Maryvllle Seminary, Mftryvllle. 
McCee HollnciiB College, College Mound. 
Miller County Inatitute, Spring Garden. 
North Mlaaourl Academy. SaUahnry. 
Ottervllle College. Otterville. 
Pierce City Baptist College. Pierce City. 
Pilot Grofe Academy, Pilot Grove. 

Plattsbnrg Goilege. Flattabarg. 

St. C-eceUa Seminary* Hotdcn. 
St, Joseph's Academy, OblUlcotbe. 
St. Joaepli'a School, Ediita. 
,St. XaTler*a Academy. Marahall. 
Sweet Springs Academy, Sweet Sprlisfi, 




Viin KcnHHclniH' Afjiderny, *ltena»L'liit'r. 
Wultlier CuLlenc l^t. Luu^. 

Wf'nubleHii CbrUtlnii College, W«fliiMi*fln. 
Webb City ^ullogis Wfbb VUy, 

Wmniijdvvii ri]i«i;nU(<. oTHiimu 

WrMjflrttvIL [MrttUt]rii\ ltic'blLliilL(]< 

LtrsuUne Coiwent, t^t, I't'ttn-, 

Cbadron Aeafluinj, Cba^Jrun, 
Danish U\gti ^fbu^l, IN'jsti^d. 
FrqnkBn Acadiniiisyi Franktlu^ 
Ontpft Afademyt KcUgh, 
UnQgli) AcadL'jnyi Lliifralu, 
Lutbet Acadctny^ WuhfMi. 
Niitlvltar athool, North Platti?. 
Nebraska Central Colk-ge, Ct-utral City. 
Orlemi Seraluary. Orleann. 
Pawnee City Acoderay, Pawnee. 
Bt. FrflHclB Acjidemy, ColnmbuH. 
S^autf^ Norcnei Training ^QkofiU Santrn?, 
Bcbfinl of thu Holy Koinllj. York, 
Ui-sallnL^ Coiivpiit, Fa lid I Ity. 
Wueplngf Water Acjidi^myj Weeping Water. 


A tkln-Boii A en di> mjr , A tk I imun . 

Anstin Academy » Center Btrafford. 

Rat Hard Hljli Bcbool, SogtJi HsmptoiK 

Cw'i North wo<mJ Aciide^myt KortliwMd Center* 

Colby Aoademy, New London. 

(?onflnt nijffli BpSooI, East Jeffri'y. 

Dow Academy 1 Franconifi, 

FrancwHtowo Aeiidi^my. Frnni:^fttown. 

Giltuimtoii ArudL^uiy, Gllmantna. 

Hanip^tead Htgh Srhool^ Hamp«tr'ad, 

Kezer Bemluafy, Cataterbuj-y. 

Kimball Union Aeadeuay. Mf-Tlden, 

Lnnonflter Acttd<.*iny and Hlgli Sebgid, LoncDS- 

Mcfiojlnm tnfltltntp. Mount Vernon. 
Mh;jui\v Kf>rDia| lu^^tltnte, Reoflfi Ferry. 
Nhw HflfDpHhIrc SemlniiTy^ Tlltan. 
New Haiupton Literary LnHtltnte, New Hamp^ 

Natfi Higb Scbool, Mlltoii. 
Perabroke Aeademy, Pembrnke. 
IMnfei>rton Aendeifiy, Deny. 
Proctor AcmU'iuy, Andover. 
St. AloysluH RrliooJ, NiiBbun. 
S^anbom i^f?mlDary, Kln^fltrm. 
SteTen'a High Wthofhl. einrpmonnt* 

Anable'H SehooJ, Ml SB, New BfunBwHfk. 
Haroti Acadntny. Woo^fltown, 
BflUlwln and Ni»ldan's Scb<»l, South Druiipe. 
UlBlr Preibyterlati Aeadoiny, Blalrstowii. 
iK^irborn Morgan SehcMiL Orangp, 
Furuuin Prepisratory [^rhool, Ik?Yerly. 
lYIenttH' Ai'^Mdemy, Moorvatown. 
Friends' Hlgb Sfb^Kil, Georgt*towne 
German Am origan Si-hool, Jeriiey City Tivlghtn, 
Glen wood Instlioto, Main wan. 
Haiibrtiuck Iiifttltute. Jersey City, 
Ilohoktni Afadeniy^ IIolMiilien. 
lUorrlntown ^c-hoid, MturiBtown. 
pQSJiJiIc Collegiate Sdtwl, FfL»iale« 

Poddltj inJitlt»te, HlKbtatowu. 

Fennlni^tnn Seminary, Pennlng^toju 

RutgerK College Preparatory School » Nt»w Brnns- 

St. Agne» Ac^adeniy* Ntrw Bruoawlek. 
St, AloyBiuB Aeadfrny, Jeriwy City. 
I^ab'm Frlonds' ^^hool, Balem. 
Seeley'ft Home Sdj<Mil, Defk^rtown* 
Short HJllH Suhool, TJio, Short Hi 11a. 
Bontb Jei'ftey limtltnte. Brldgeton. 
t'psula College^ New Orange. 
Van RenasehU'r Bernlniiry, HurlEiiKtoii. 


Aeademy ot Holy Crosft, Hod ford. 

.Academy ot the Holy Nanii\ Albimj. 

Alfre<3 AcailemyH, Alfreds 

Antwerp High SehooU Antwt*rp. 

Aiigustlnlan Ini»tltute^ Carthage, 

BHniard Wt'h*.K>l for B*)7e, New York. 

Bedford At^demy^ Bt^dford, 

Jlt^dford Academy, Brooklyn. 

BlUlngH School, Mohegau. 

Breevoort School, The, Brooklyn. 

Buffalo Senjlnary. The, Buffalo. 

Gary Colleiflote BL^nilnnry, Onkfleld. 

Caynga I^ako Academy, Aur<^rii. 

GuzenoTla Beminary, CaseeiiarU^ 

Chamberlain Institute, Randolph. 

Chumplaln Idh tit lite. Port ITenry. 

Cbii ID plain Summer School PlattarlUe. 

ChMppaguu MuUEitaln InsHtqte, Ghappaqua. 

A. M. Ghesbrougli Seminary, North CbllL 

Cook Acadumy, Montour Fulls. 

Delnvvnire A<?adettiy, DelbL 

Delaware Literary Instltnte* Franklin. 

l>4;>¥(^r Plains Academy, r>oTer Plalua. 

Ed St Sprlngflehl Acfidemy, Eaat Sprlnglleld, 

Ethlcrfll Culture School, New York. 

Fulrfleld Beminary, FsSrfleld. 

Frlenda' A en demy. Glen Cove. 

Friend B' A en demy, Lot-ust Valley. 

FrJenda' School, Brtxikiyn. 

Friends' Seminary, New York. 

Froebi»i Acaderny. Brooklyn. 

Genesep Wealeyaii Seminary, T4ma. 

r;lpnji FallB Aeudemy, GlenH Falls. 

HalRted aehtM>l, Yoiikers. 

Murtwlek Seminary, Bart wick S*' mi nary. 

HerbtTt Preparatory School, Buffern. 

Hmnc SchtMjl, The, Vercitna. 

llndscMi lUver Inwtitntp, Clairerack. 

IftBtltuti't Thp, PeekakilL 

KHllcr'a l>ay Kehool, klisa. New Y'orh. 

Kt-nku InBtltutis Kedka Park. 

Knapp Mnnttlou Silii«d, Bnxtklyn. 

Li'Dox InHlltnte. New York. 

Literary and CommerclHl Institute, Bridge- 

LocbwiKHl Academy t Bnwjklyn. 
LiNVVvJlh* Academy, Lnwvllki. 
Miiccdon A I'll demy, 3iluci:ulon Center. 
Marion Collegiate Enntitnte. Marion. 
McAuli*y Aendemyn Kcenl'filb^ 
Munmt Colle^lntc limtltnte, Ktbrldge. 
Ntttlv-Uy A I a demy, Brooklyn, 
Nirw York French limTltutP. Brooiilyu, 
New York Preparatory School, Brooklyn* 
New York Prepunjtory School. New York, 
Oiikwnod Bi^DlInnry, t-njon BprlngK. 
Pftlnifrr Inttltuttt St&rkey SfimiiiaTy, Lrnktuaont. 
PTStt Instltnte, Brooklyn, 




Prutt InBtitute niffli St'boul. Braoklyn. 
Pike SeMJiiJityt Plki', 
Qnlucf Selitwl, Poui^hkreiJ'file. 
R^ents iDstJtiito. TliL\ Brtvoklyii, 
Bound Lakt? A<-Tacic+niyi Itaunil Lnkn, 
dt. AoQ'a Aeailt^iule Stliuol. Honic?1l9vLnr-, 
JBt. Bertvard^B AQudymy. Cobth'S- 
St. Jerame'it UrsuUne Aufldt'myt Ktnv York^ 
Wt^ Jolin'a AendL-mlc Sc-bool, Stheiiift'tudy. 
Bt, John's Academj, ttpnsselacTi. 
St. JobD'g CJathoUe Auudoxayp Sjrnmiiir, 
St. JoB4'ph'B Acadt^my. Albiiny. 
St, JoBPph'd Acudemle Bi'booU Hataviu, 
St. Mary 'a A^nde'iny, itaiujoui. 
Bt. Mary'i Catliolic IIlatItlltt■^ Aiu^toi'duiii. 
&t, Mary'B Middle Acndcnilc Sr'h{>o|^ Puiikii'k. 
Bt. Pa trick 'a AcudriiiLc gcbouU ItuUMe'e Pcitiit- 
at. Petcf's Academy, Tiyjy. 
St. StdiilaLanH Aeadf^niy, Ki'i^aovlUe. 
Bt. Tbom^B Aquhiaa Ai'ndeiiiy, £ri>olElyn. 
Btrtftnur BehooL Nt^w Yurk. 
Bliermun ColleflntE; IiJiStltute^ Mdrljib. 
Sberwood Belect Bcboolp E^hi^rwuud. 
Sodtu Academy, Bodua. 
ScmttidLd Acadeipy^ Soutliold. 
Starkey Seminary, Eddytoini. 
Btntea liland At-adeiiiyr Jfcw Brighton. 
Sytua' ScbiH^l, The, Nflw Tork. 
Onion Academy of tlPlleyUle, R^-lleirine* 
Dtlca CdtbuUf! A^^aduiny^ Utlcn. 
Walworth Aciidemy, Wnlwortb. 
W a Mh i ugtau Aca dotuy ^ Ba lem . 
Wt'Sterleigli i'olkjfUitir loatlhjtts Weat ISii^v 

AuforA High Sc-htfol, Eagle town. 
Aldermaii'ft, Mtsfl, Bel^ct Behoof WilmlnKtcHt. 
Aiutaerit A€ad(?m.r, Cam. 
Anson Inititute, Wadenb^sro. 
Aabpole Inatltotti, Aabpole. 
Atlantic Aeademy, Atluntlc. 
Atlantic Colleglata Injitltut«j, 13Ui£alM?tti City. 
Burrptt Coilofflat^ and tndiia trial S<^hool. Pee 

BelTldere Acs demy . Byltridere. 
B«lwo4d iDitltutt^, BelwootI, 
Bfirtk AcAdemy, Windsor. 
Bethel Hill Inetitute. Bethel Hill. 
Big Llek Aradcmy, Bi^ f.lek. 
Boomer High School. Boomer. 
BulfA Creek Am demy, Ilulea Creek. 
Burgaw At'jideniy, Burlaw. 
BurllDgtoh Ai'fideuiy, HurUijffton, 
Caldwell lUBtitute. Caldwell Institute. 
Cape Fear Aeademy, Wilmington, 
Cartbaffe AcFiderolc InatitiJUs Carthngr. 
Cary Higli School. Cary. 
Cedar Hotk Aeiidfliny. Ccditr Rmt. 
Chapel Hill Schoc^l Chapel Hill. 
Clft7ton High School Clayton. 
CreH%iit At'adi^uiy nnd Hu«iln('» Cnllegi'. Crea* 

Dalton Inatltuto. Dnlton. 
Ihnin Hlfli School, Diinu, 
Elm Oroy** BchociL Cisco. 
BhorhiriUc Htffh Sch^wd. jen*«chvlll(% 
Farrni^t {natitiih\ Farmer, 
rraiiklln lllgb Si^hooL rrankUu. 
lYniikilnton Ckristlan CoileKvi, rrankllDtoti. 
Uait&u Aendeiuyp Gastunia. 

Gleuwoocl Ai-aciomyt GlititwiMxl, 

Gulda.toij Aendi- tuy. Coldatoii. 

Griibam Sc^minary, Marsha lUK'rg^ 

Hitidilton InBtitutet Hamilton. 

Haywcwd High ScTioalt Ctydcn 

HlUaboru Private Bebotd. HlllatKiro. 

llodgee Sehool. Au^u^to, 

Holly Gtove Avudexuy, llest. 

Iluntersvllli^ Illlfh Schoolf HwntcrsylUe, 

Janesboi^i' Hlj^b ScbtiuK Jom^Bhoro. 

JonesTlUe Academy p JoneaTllle^ 

KcriierHVllIe Acmdemy, lif^rnerBTlUe* 

Kittrell College (colorod), Kittreil. 

Lewis Bcbooli Kingston. 

Lexington Seminary, Loxlnnton. 

Lincoln Acaili'inyp Klnga Mountain. 

Lowell liigk School f LowelL 

Mudlson institute and Business College^ Madi- 

Marshall Acfldemy, Md rah a 11. 

Mors Hill College. Mina UlU. 

Marahville Academy* MarsbTUlc* 

Mooresvllle Academy + Moorcsyilie. 

MooieayiUc Institute, Moorcaville. 

Morarlsn Falls Academy. Moravian Falla. 

Morven High isjchuol, Morveu. 

Monntaiu View Institute. Mlspab. 

Mount Moridh Academy. Ealelgb^ 

Mount Olive High BchooL Mount UtiTc. 

N[iriTo(}d High Bchoolp ^'orsiood. 

Oak Bldge Institute. Pak Bidgu. 

Pamlico Male and Female Institute, Bay- 

Pattoa School, Morgantown. 

Pemlope Academy* Penelapc. 

PerqulmanK Academy ♦ Ui?rtfatd» 

Piedmont Seminary, Crouse, 

Pinnacle InstUnt**, Pinnacle. 

Uankln-ULcburdA Institute (colored}, Windsor. 

Hobnaon Institute, Lumbertou. 

Rc]i£obel .Academy, Roxobel. 

St. PauPs Bchool, Beaufort. 

Bolem High School, Salemhurg. 

Bnloda Seminary^ Saluda. 

Bkyland Institute, Blowing Rock. 

Shallotte Preparatory BeUool. Bhall<itte. 

SuDw Hill Inatltute, Snow Hill. 

South iwjrt AcHdeoiy, Boutbp0rt. 

Spiirtji Ina tit lite, jfparta, 

Birtidiope nigli School, FJncb. 

Bunny Bidi^ H** mi nary. Mocksvlllc- 

HuiJ.Hhine institute. Sunshine. 

H u til er lands Seminsry. Butherlanda. 

Tayb^raville Collegia te I until lite, TayloPiTlllo, 

Trinity Fmfk Hlffh Sohocl, Durhun. 

Trinity Sch<iiol. Cluw^wfnty. 

Turkey Kind) School, NiUtn, 

Union Riilge Academy, Union Bl%ti. 

Wake held ClaBsiral and Mathctnatleul School. 

Will nut CoTe Iligh Schtjol. Wnlunt Core, 

Wnrrenton High SchouL Warreiiton. 

Wa!«hbttrn Semluory, Beoufort. 

Whltsett Instltnte, Whilwtt. 

Whlttler High S<-liool, Whittter, 

Why Not Academy and Business Institute* Why 

WtMidinnd High Srliool, Woodhiiid, 

Yadkin College lUMtitute, Yadbln Colh^e. 

Yadkin Valley Institute, BooncYine. 

ZlonsrlUa Academy < colored) ^ ZlonaTllle. 




St Michael's Academy. Frank. ^H 

Broil&C AcnAttux, Portland. 

St, Nleholaa Academy, Berwick. ^H 

at. Jflhn'B Academy, Jamestown. 

St, Fatrli!k'a Academy, Toledo. ^H 

St Paul's Academy, Dayton. ^H 


St Peter's Academy, Chtllicotbe, ^H 

CedtPftl iDBtitutt, Clevela&a. 

at. Peter's Academy, New Ulegel. ^H 

Central Mennqnito College, Bluff tan. 

St. Fetei: and St Paul's Academy, Dtlii^va. ^H 

Crawfis CoUege, Oraivflg College. 

St Peter's Academy, StenbcnTllIe. ^^M 

Damas<?ua Academy, Damn sen b. 

St, BosD Academy, I4ma, ^^^^H 

Doane Academy, QranYLlle. 

St, fiJtephen'B Academy, Toledo. ^^^^H 

Eb&nez^r Orpbans' Home, Flat Rock. 

St, Sylvester 'a Academy, WoadsfleM, ^^^^H 

EdnentlonPl lEBtJtatE, Clnf^lumtl. 

St. Vincent de Paul's Academy, Mt Vernon, ^^^M 

Emmuniipl Academy, Tiffin. 

Salem Academy, ^outh Salem, ^H 

Emmanaera Ac&demFt BnyttHt* 

SaTsiniiab Academy, Savannah. ^^^^M 

En|£llsli and Claoglcml Sfrhpol, Dayton. 

Thompaon's Preparatory Scbool, Columboa. ^^^^H 

Engliflh Germao Academy. Akron. 

Trinity Academy, Marysvllle, ^^^^H 

BTangelleal Lutheran Academy, North Amherfit, 

'rrlnlty Academy, Toledo. ^^^^H 

KwlDfton .Academy, Ewlngton. 

University School, The, Columbus, ^^M 

Falrfleld Union Academy, Pleasantvllle. 

Urbana University, Urbana, ^^M 

JVlpnda* BoQrdlDg School, BameBTlll^. 

Western Reserve Academy, Hudaon. ^^M 

Pultonliam Acflderoj. Fultonham. 

'Western Reserve Seminary. West Fannlnffton. ^H 

Cerman Pnrjah Academy, DowUng. 

Woodward High School, Claolflnatt. ^H 

Good Shepherd Acodeiuy, Toledo. 


Grand Ri?er Institute. Agfltlntourg. 


Heldelburg Academy, Tlttln, 

Hdly Family College (colored), Langstan. ^^^^H 

Hendershot .^eademy, Clcyuland. 

Kingflsher College, Kingfisher. ^^^^H 

Holy Namt Academy, Cleveland. 


Holy Rosary Academy, Dayton. 


Holy Trinity Academy, Bucynia. 

Academy of Our Lady of Perpetual LIfihl, Al- ^^1 

Holy Trinity Academy* Dayton. 

bany, ^H 

Immaculate- C^Jiiceptiou Acndemy, CtUna, 

Mineral Springs College, Sodavllle, ^^H 

New Lyme Institnte, Soaih New Lyme. 

Meant Angel Academy, Mount Angel. ^^^^H 

Notre Dame Academy, ClCTeland. 

Portland Academy, Portland, ^^^^H 

Notre Dame Academy, Dayton ► 

Rosen burg Academy, Hosenbnrg. ^^^^H 

Poland Union Seminary, Poland. 

Sncred Heart Academy, La Grande. ^^^^M 

Illehmond Col Wye , Eiebmond. 

m. Alphoaslus Academy, Tillamook. ^^H 

Sacred Heart Academy, Pomeroy. 

St Frances Acs demy and College, Baker City, ^H 

Sacred Heart Academy, Vernon Junction. 

St. Joseph 'it Academy and College, Pendelton, ^H 

Sacred Heart of Mary Acaderay, Sbolby. 

St. Mary's Acudt^my, Jacksonville. ^H 

St. Agnes Academy, Bond Hill, 

St. Paul's Acndemy, St. Paul. ^^^M 

St. Agnea' Academy, Mingo Juaction. 

SaaUam Academy, Lebanoti. ^^^^H 

St, Antbony's Academy, Kenton. 


St, Beraard*fl Academy, Akron. 

PEmfBYLTAllIA, ^^^H 

St. Bernard Academy, Springfield, 

Abington Friends' Scbool, Jeukltitowii. ^^^^H 

St. Boniface Academy, Nr-w Riegel. 

Academy of Notre Dame, Philadelphia. ^^^^^H 

St. Clement's Academy, Navarre. 

Academy of the Sacred Heart, Torreadsle, ^^^^H 

St. Blltabeth'a Academy, Cleveland. 

.411 nda Colb^ge Preparatory School* Pittsburg. ^^H 

St Francla Academy, Cleveland. 

Alleghany Preparatory School, AUegbnny. ^^M 

St. Francia Academy, Tlffln, 

Armagh Academy. Armagh. ^^^^M 

St, John's Academy, Dayton, 

Barkeyvllle Academy, Bariteyvllle, ^^^^H 

St John H Ac-ademy, Lima. 

Bedford Olassleal School, Bedford. ^^^H 

St. John's Aepdemy. Maryflvllle, 

Belief on to Academy, Belief onte. ^^^^H 

St. John's Academy, Toledo. 

Berry sburg Academy, Berry shurg. ^^^^H 

St Joseph ^a Academy, Burkhart, 

Bethany School. Oettyahnrg. ^^^^H 

St. Jonepb'fl Academy, Creatllne. 

Bloom field Academy, New Bloomfield. ^^^^H 

St, Joaepb'i Academy, Dayton. 

Bmwn College Preparatory Sebool, Pblladelpbia, ^^H 

St. JosepU'a Academy, Lorala. 

Cat^ot Institute, Carbonblack, ^^H 

St. Joseph 'a Academy, MonroeTille. 

CarroU Institute, Reading, ^^^^M 

St. Joseph's Academy, North A mil erst. 

Central High Scbool, Pblladelpbia. ^^^H 

St Louis Academy, LoulaTllle. 

Cbelten Hills Scbool, Wyucote. ^^^^H 

St Louis' Academy, Toledo. 

Cheater Academy, Chester, ^^^^B 

St Mark's Academy, Toledo, 

Church Street Friends' School, West Chester, ^^H 

St Mary*g Academy, EcUeYue. 

Dayton Union Academy. Dayton. ^^M 

St. Mary's A en demy, Dayton, 

Dickinson Preiiuratory School, Carlisle, ^^^^M 

St. Maty 'a Academy, Lancairter. 

Ejirp Academy, Oil City. ^^^^H 

St. Mary's Acs demy, Ijcipsic. 

l^aston Academy. Eaaton. f^^^^^J 

St Mary's Academy, Marietta, 

lilan Claire Academy, Eou Claire, ^^^^H 

St Mary's Acad r- my, Miissllloi!. 

]':ideraridge Academy, ElderRrldge, ^^H 

St Mary^a Academy, Mlllersvllle. 

Elder ton Academy, I0]derton, ^^1 

St. Mary's Academy, Tiffin. 

Erie .Vcsdemy, Eric. ^^1 

St. Mary^s Academy, Wooatcr. 

FalrTlew Academy, BrDdbeadsville. ^^M 

St. Mary^a School, Marion. 

Fawn Grove Academy, Fawn Grove, ^^M 



tJ'ruNkLiii and MarAball Aeadcmj, Laiicasti'r^ 
ITredfiuIit I list I tail', Firoclonlti. 
rrleodf' Cvntrnl BvhooK Pbllfidelptila, 
Frt^nda' i'rtjpnrtttlve Me^'tln^ gt'titiol^ Oci-mttii' 

FrieudH^ ^lik^c^ Seboul, Medlu. 
FrLebdA' Si't^et St^buoL Philadvlphln. 
Froebcl lunLltiito, LiHiMduwtit. 
George S4.-boul, Georjri' ^L^bot^l. 
Gefmnn LatbiTMU S<-b4M)l. Bniddoc-k. 

lilenTiUe a™ demy, Glaiivilk^, 

Clh.H'iiBburc H^pitDiiryt Grct'iiHl^urff^ 

OrL^enwLHKl &?mlDiir3^ MiUTlUi^. 

GrtH-Teburg AL-ademyp DHrUnEtau^ 

Hull [nstltulu. SbAmii. 

l[:U'hory .\r'j<ii<'iuy, Hltkorj*. 

Iflut^.i-y Ai'iiili'inv^ McDcujald. 

Hill HrtHM.,1, IVitrtvillK 

Home BuardlPtf School, E^u&tan. 

Hut^bvaLuD Vtrvv. KchcHil, Buelclii|rbam. 

Inatltute for Colgrijd Youth (coJoiwI). Pbllu.- 

Jefferson Ae«idetii>% Caiioiiiibcirg, 
Knsf^H ClanEcal Sirhoot^ Mi^uliapLt^biirKf, 
Keystone Aciidemy^, Faetgryvllks 
KlHkltQlnL^tfls Springn Bchuol, SalUbni-g:^ 
KIttannIng AeRdi-niy. Klttaniitug. 
I>Btlii ^rfaool^ Tbtf!, , Cbflmb^rsbarif. 
IjeiX'^b^fl Preps ri!t»>ry' Scbool. Eafilnti. 
Lewlatou iielioqh l^nlsti^n. 
L1f:oDl&r C148«Llu1 1iiiitltnt<ii, Ugotiler. 
I^ndon GroTt Prlctids' Selfvt School, Ijoudop 

Mudlituii Atradprqj^ Dnlontowu. 
Martin Aeudem^^ Kpnnl^tt Square. 
MiTwr Acadi^tD^ and Hrhool of Mimle. Mcrt-rr. 
MI rain Aejidemy. Mtfrllntowu. 
MlUtfr Nl^bt Sebool. Frank Un. 
McrrBTiiii] Parocbljil School, If&tbteboni. 
Mdunt St> Joseph '8 Arodi'iiiy, Cbpstnut HlUa, 
NoruiAl and ClBBftlcul Scbool. Mevh»DlC9h»rg. 
North WaabJoKton Instltnto, North Hope, 
tHuy Avademy, Olej, 
Purl! Inttltnte. Alkghaiiy. 
rcrlclomt'ii Sc- nil b B r J . l 't » r j nl . n ru . 
PltUburK Acnd<*iny, Pkislmr^', 
Poljteehrili' Instltutts <illbi rt, 
Prt'jiaratory Si*bMl, tTbainbc^mburi;, 
ProHpi'cr A^adpniy, ProapcH't. 
RdDdLiiir iHanttlcAl Sihmil for Boys ntid GIrla. 

RU'iti" IBV 1 1 If' A CB demy. 11 1 r^t-lavll lo. 
Rock Vk'w Academy. SblrJeysbtifg. 
Ro«ii Pcdiit AvtL&emy, Row Point. 
St. Cpcella Academf, Serant«>n, 
St, John iUe BapttAt ^Hclior**, StTnnton, 
St. Peter's Con Ten t, Colambla. 
Sandy Lake. InBlltntf. Sandy Lake, 
School of tbo Lackawanna. Scran ton. 
Scbujrlkni Scmlnar>% Reading. 
Rprlutf Mtlla Afadt'nay. Sprlnff MlUa, 
Sti*Ti*n'a Ilall. O^-ttyabnrir. 
gtewartatown Collesktc InstlttitCn Sti^n-irttt^ 

Stuart 'a a<-hoal. Mlaii, Sewlcklej. 
Snffar Grofe SetDlnjiy. @n»ar Grove. 
Siuinjiidfi School, Ambler. 
SQiut^-aldo School, Cb«ffter. 
Susqnebanna Collngiste Inatlttitv, Towanda. 
tfwitrthintiTu Preparatorj Sebool. Sw«rtbmDrf>. 

IViuple €<flk-i?e, Pblbidelpbltii. 

Titacarora At-adeniy. AcademltJi. 

WL'Sti-m Pennsylvania Oassleal and i^lfntln^^ 

IiistUat«, Mount PIi>aftaiit. 
Wt'al Nt'Wton Academy, Wi-ftt Kewtirn. 
Wf'BE Sunbwry Acudesiy, West Snnbary. 
W'ti-si tuwii Roardlii^ )!34'bociI^ Wfsttowii. 
W i Ji 11 »iju Import Jilcfclnaon Soinliiiir.v. WLMIumajHirt. 
Wj'min^^ !!^emi[airy, Kliij^atmi. 
York rullcg-latc luatltiitis Yark. 

Eaat Graenwicb Aca4smy, Thfii Emit OrQenwtcb. 
EngLliih £iin] CIunaIcjiI t^rhixjl, Pswtu«'ki>t- 
Flaiflf'B Srbdol, HiTcr^ldc, 
FrlfindK School, I'roTldencc. 

Aflhidiid Ht|:h £^<"bchrd, Aehlanrl, 
f {a t /^bur^ £ n at I tut r , Ba tdqVMirK ^ 
Bcnnfort t'ollcg^e Scb^jol. Bf^aiifort. 
Rvnedlct C-ollegre, Colnmbla. 
Bralniffd limtftuti^ (colorc'd), €bcater- 
Browntvllb' Hlfh St'hinjL BnttirTriatllle. 
CftrllBh:^ Flttlnif S<bmd of Wofftird Colk-ge, Bam- 

Cnh*'»bury <.'onfeTfin:'e Si'btioK &»k«ibnry, 
Coulk'fa Schocd ^colored), tThennnv 
iJaltncy High SchcKil, C^aJTney, 
tlarblaoti l.'ollcf^c {rolorin]), Abfifi'Ttlk, 
llutifii Path Schoid, Iloni'a Path, 
Lumber Brldgt- Academy. Tutiim Station. 
Mather Academy, Camden, 
MctOolloui^h'a Sehool. Mlaa^ WaUialla, 
North t;r«?nvlili! fllffh Ht'bool, TlgervlUe, 
OncttlL Academy, Pnwpprttj. 
Palmetto High School. MpCoII. 
I^liiopolLa Afftdeiny. PtaopoUti. 
Prcsbyterlmi Hlgb Sr-bool, Bock Hill. 
Rutherford Academy, Pom aria. 
St Jowph'a Academy, Sumter. 
Sicrlloff Industrial Ctdlejfi-, Greenville. 
Thorn wi*U Orphanaire. ('lint on. 
Union tniitltnte^, ' Kr^rtibuw. 
Ctopla Acodemy. NowJwptry, 
Wnlah Nai'k Htgh Scbmil, nartSTllk*. 
Aui^uatana College, Canton. 
Bidy Family SehrH>l, Mltrbt'U. 
St. Joseph's Academy, VcrmUloi], 
St, Martin's Academy, Sturgls. 
WHTd Acnd^fmy, Acsdemy. 
W*'«alnjftoTi gprlnjES Seraltiary, WeaaNgton 


Alum Well Academy, thareb HUl. 
AnderwtovlUc! Intttltufe. Andi^rannvlllc*. 
naker-HImmel Scbwd, The. Kaoxvllle. 
TteUfortl ln»tltTite, Savannah. 
noiHtigroTi* TrnlnlnfF Schofil, Bee*hgrove, 
BtMitcHi Seminary. Thi", Curaden. 
BIb Cicek S<*mloary. La Fallpttc. 
Brnndon Training Scbocdi Tullahnmn. 
Ciildwell 'XValulng School, ^loaot Juliet, 
Cedar Uill Inatftnte, Cedar Hill. 
Chaptd Hill Academy, Chapel lillL 
Chattanixijni College for Ytjuncr Ladles. CltAltft- 

Cltfton Masonic Academy, Clifton. 
ColJetfc Grt*ve School, Collegp Grove. 
Columbia lnat1tute< Columbia. 
fTtj^kevtlk Colkglate Institute, Cw1ieVU1«^ 
Cory Schools Flaf Pond. 




Culleoka Academy, GuUeoka. 

Cumberland City Academy, Cumberland City. 

Doyle College, Doyle Station. 

Dwlght Institute, Erwln. 

Edwards Academy, White Pine. 

Elizabeth Training School, Petersburg. 

Fiske Academy, The, Hilham. 

Freedman's Normal and Preparatory School 

(colored), MaryvlUe. 
Frlendsville Academy, FrlendsvlUe. 
Grassy Cove Academy, Grassy Cove. 
Harold McCormlck School, Ellzabethton. 
Haynes-McLean Academy, Lewlsburg. 
High School, CentervlUe. 
Holly Springs College, Butler. 
Holston Institute, BlountsvlUo. 
Howard Institute, Mount Pleasant. 
Howell Training School, Howell. 
Joss Mai Aydclotte College, TuUuhuma. 
Joseph W. Allen School, Carthage. 
Klngsley Seminary, Bloomlngdale. 
Lane College, Jackson. 
Lanevlew College, Lanevlew. 
Liberty Training School, Liberty. 
Lincoln Memorial University, Cumberland Gap. 
Loundou College, Loundon. 
Lynchburg Training School, Lynchburg. 
McFerrln College, Martin. 
McKinney Academy. Sneedvllle. 
McLemoresvlUe Collegiate Institute, McLemores- 

McTyelre School, McKenzle. 
Mlddleton High School, Mlddletbn. 
Midway High School, Midway. 
Morgan School, FayettevlUe. 
Murphy College, Sevlerville. 
New Market Academy, New Market. 
Newport Seminary. Newport. 
Orllnda Academy, Orllnda. 
Ottway College, Ottway. 
Parrotsvllle Seminary Parrotsvllle. 
People's College, Plkevllle. 
Philadelphia Seminary, Steppsville. 
Pleasant Hill Academy. Pleasant Hill. 
Powell's Valley Seminary, Wells Springs. 
Pryor Institute, Jasper. 
Rittenhouse Academy, Kingston. 
Roane College, Wheat. 
Robinson High School. Atoka. 
Rutherford Academy, Rutherford. 
Rutherford Graded School, Blrchwood. 
Savannah Institute. Savannah. 
Scotts Hill Academy. Scotts Hill. 
Shady Grove Institute. Duck River. 
Shook School, James K.. Tracy City. 
Smyrna Fitting School. Smyrna. 
Southern Training School, Gray svi lie. 
Southside Preparatory School, Southsidc. 
Swift Memorial Institute (colored), RogersvlUe. 
Tazewell College, Tazewell. 
TerrlU College. Decherd. 
Tlptonvllle High School. Tiptonvillo. 
Turner Institute, Shelbyvllle. 
Yanderbllt Training School, Henderson. 
Watertown Training School, Wntertown. 
Webb School, Bellbucklc. 
Wesleyan Academy, Chuckcy City. 
Woodbury Academy. Woodbury. 
Woodland Academy, Saulsbury. 
ZolUcoffer Institute, Bluff City. 

Alexander Collegiate Institute, Jacksonville. 
Blckler Academy, Austin. 
Bllnn Memorial College, Brenham. 
Bruce Academy, Athens. 
Buffalo Gap College, Buffa^lo Gap. 
Central Texas Institute, Moody. 
Cleburne Academy^ Cleburne. 
Columbia College, Van Alstyne. 
Comanche College, Ck>manche. 
Coronal Institute, San Marcos. 
Crowell College, Crowell. 
Douglas Schuler School, Waco. 
East Texas Baptist Institute, Rusk. 
Eddy Literary and Scientific Institute, Eddy. 
Blmwood Institute, Celeste. 
Emerson College, Campbell. 
Evangelical Lutheran College, Brenham. 
Ferris Institute, Ferris. 
Florence College, Florence. 
Glen Rose Collegiate Institute, Glen Rose. 
Grand View Collegiate Institute, Grand View. 
Grapevine College, Grapevine. 
Grayson College, VHiltewright. 
Harshaw's Academy, Denison. 
Hawthorne College, McKinney. 
Hillsboro Academy, HlUsboro. 
Hughey and Turner School, Weatherford. 
John Tarleton College, StephenvlUe. 
Laredo Seminary, Laredo. 
Lewis Academy, The. Forney. 
Madison Academy, Madisonvllle. 
Male and Female Institute, Chlco. 
Miller's Seminary, Mrs., Corsicana. 
Reynolds Presbyterian Academy, Albany. 
Rock Hill Institute, Minden. 
Rosedale Academy. Mount Sylvan. 
Rusk Masonic Institute, Rusk. 
St. Joseph Academy, Seguin. 
St. Joseph Convent. Galveston. 
Samuel Houston College, Austin. 
San Antonio Academy, San Antonio. 
Simmons College, "Abilene. 
Southwest Texas College, Jasper. 
Summer Hill School. Omen. 
Thomas Arnold High School. Salado. 
Tillotson College (colored), Austin. 
Ursuline Academy, Whltewright. 
Weatherford College. Weatherford. 
Westminster College, Westminster. 

Beaver Branch Brigham Young University, 

Emery State Academy, Castle Dale. 
Gordon Academy, Salt Lake City. 
Hungerford Academy. Sprlngvllle. 
Lehi Congregational School. Lehi City. 
New Jersey Academy, Logan. 
Proctor Academy. Prove. 

Salt Lake Collegiate Institute, Salt Lake City. 
Snow Academy, Ephraim. 
Uintah Stake Academy, Vernal. 
Wasatch Academy. Mount Pleasant. 
Weber State Academy. Ogden. 


Brattloboro Academy. West Brattleboro. 
Black River Academy, Ludlow. 
Brigham Academy, Bakersfleld. 
Derby Academy. Derby. 
Essex Classical Institute, Essex. 




GoddArd £i?mtQarjr, Burt-p. 

Lelsnd aiid QiB.y ^^m\navy. Towuftht-od. 

St. kf&T7'ii Aeiidf^my. BuiUugLDU. 

!»t. Mfiry'q School. St. Al&aiiA. 

TliPtfurd Ai'ademy. Thetford. 

VUIa BiirJuw AcndeiDy. 8t, Albatift. 

Flel-Atr Scfaoo], Lewlston. 
nctllCTtie High 3c-bool, Bf^ll^ivne. 
ik+rrji?lllc luatltute. Dc^rryTlUe. 
Blui'Htuiic; MliiJon gcli<Kd, AbbfriUe^ 
Hrowd'ii University Sc»bool, CiuirLQtteivUle. 
HrulbgtOD Academ^^ Brqlug^ton. 
CbesApeake AcBdesiji I rt Lofton. 
CharchUnd Acadt^mr- Chmpchliind. 
Cleveland HL^b ^ufaool^ Marklinm. 
KllE Creek AcadiMiif, Ur«ua. 
FarntiJiTii! Ac&deitiy, Fambam. 
GLaduTJUi^ CollL^ge^ WUe. 
tlamlUDu High ScbtK»l. Mtrsdabu 
IliiWklns €bax»e] Institute* Euial Uetrcat. 
LlbBrtr Ha]l Home Scbool, Lodt. 
Maiiaasis InatJtut^. ManaBSda. 
ManAidutteQ Acad^niyt Woodatoi:k« 
Norfolk MlMli>n CoHego^ Not folk, 
Oxford Ai'odpinr, Floji!, 
PurtNiuouni AcadctDy, PoftHtQuutb, 
Ri'^l[tiw»y InBtUutet Hidfiewaf^ 
HimeU Collf'ffc. This Lebumiu. 
gt« FaaVH UnlfDraallaC MlaaLoti. Suffolk. 
SrotUburg Not-tdal Sebotd, ScuUflburg. 
Htmth Side Aeadeiuj'. Cbaae Cltf, 
^plB«!r Aeadi'Uij', Hfimpton. 
^prUiit fiardPii High SebooL Spring Gnrdoii* 
Tmcwnll CoMcfieK TuatewelU 
TfiMipi-runc'e Industrial und CnlU^flatQ Izistltut^s 

f rt) lort'd ) . C] Q re luon t . 
Viilk'y nigh School. S put tft wood. 
Vlrj^lulii BiiptleC Si^tivLnary ((.olorLHlh Lyouhbufff. 
Weil Central AL-aileiny, Mount Clinton. 

rnrirtr Liithpran Univcraltjt Pprkland. 
l■l-^l[^l1"'^^ Uniy^raJtyt Tbis Olynipla. 
Priivlilcui'^i* Aeiidppjy. Ulymplo. 
l^rovldtMico At^Bdomjp VuntTouTerK 
Vu [!€■ t Souii d A cademy , SnobQtM] ub ► 
Scattlu Seminary. Rosa. 
Tai'oma Academy, Tuc^mu. 

WaltKburg Acadotny, Wattuburg. 
WiiUa Wnlla College. College Plae«. 
WoodecHL'k Acdflemy. Nordi Yuklmii. 

Allf?gbany Collegiate luBtlLute, Alderaoti. 
Beck ley Seminary. Bee k ley. 
Brouddus Clntaieal atid Scientific luatkute, 

Bur^aTllle Aeiidemy, Ilnrnarme. 
FayettevlUo Actidepiy, l^'oyetteylUu. 
Potomac Spftimary, Ronincy. 
Princeton Collet kta tnititmte, Priueetc*u= 
ShIoih Collegp, Salem. 

Scimlnory and fiuBinesa Seboo)^ Elizabeth. 
Htephenaon Seminary, €harle«town. 
WeFit Vlrjgtida Conference Semlniiry^ Buek- 


EranftvlUe Semltjj^ry, The, EvanftTlIle. 
GAle Ck>nege, Gftleiivllle. 
OermaD-Encllab AcRdeniy, Milwaukee. 
Omftfin HbH, Funfl dn IjACk 
HUldde noiDi? iSrbool Himide, 
Holy Onordlnii Angel AcBd«my, Sturgeon B»y. 
Luthcmn Aeademyt Albion. 
Noi'tb Wlpeonaln Aeademy. Asbhind. 
Poyaette Aeadetny. Poynette. 
Rocbeater Aoadeiny, Rocbeiter, 
Baered Heart Ptiruc'blal Sebool, Shawautf. 
St. Uary's School, Wanaau. 
St. Peter's ScbewU Oabkoeb. 
Si -and Ilia via Academy, Scandinavia. 
IV ay land AcadRmy, Beaver Dam* 
WlBi'onHin Academy, Modlflon. 

Woodntotrk Collegint^^ Institute?, Woodatoct. 

Academy of the Stieired Heart, HaUfax. 
CoUeiflate Scbool. Wludaor. 
Mt. St, VlDcent'i Aoademy, Roeklngbam, 
St. Andrew's Scbool. AnnapollH. 

Mount Allison AeaOemy, SAckTlllc. 


Vnneoaver College ana High Bebool, VaneouFer. 
Vk'torla College and High ^fhool, Vlcturfa. 


Boy a' Training Sehoot. Aiiulatou. 
>larE.'n]^tk Sdllltsry Inatknte. Ih^mupalla. 
Ma Ha II Military IiiMlUute. Marlon. 
Taylor School, Blrtnlngbaiu. 
Ujilverftlty School, Montgomery. 
Vcrnt'T Military riiMtltutt^, Tuftcalooia. 

Spet-ri-rjangfurd Military InatUute, Searcy. 
TraluluK Scboul for Youtba, Fordyce, 


Beltnotit Hefao^t EebHont. 

Boone 'a Unlvemlty Sehot>l, Berkeley^ 

{'lniM<lca1 School for Boyi. Paaadetia. 

IfltrhriH-k Military Acudeiiiy. Run Bafiich 

HoHfu School, Men In Park, 

It«.>n A en demy for Boy a, Loa Aiigelea. 

Lo# Angelea Military Academy, Loa ADgeles. 

Miitixaiklta Halt Preparatory St^hooU Paid Alta. 

Bbmat Tamctlpala Military Aoidemy. San Rafftel. 

Niirrtt Dame Academy, Alameda, 

Bacramento Intitltute, Socram^nto. 

Sii^Tcil Heart C^)lli'K<', San Franelseti, 

St. Mary's C^3Upgc, Stwkton, 

St. Afatthew'a Scjinot^ San Mnt«o. 

St. Joaeph's CoU^gCt Ban Jnitp. 

Tbaeher School, Nordhoff. 

Trinity School, Sun l?lranclaco. 

AcjLdemy of Notre Dame, Putntini* 
lit'tt'B Academy* Stamford, 
HbHk Hall f^chMl, Blnck H»)L 
lirldifcport UnlversHy School, Brldfit»p0rt. 
Bulkeley Seboatt NcvV I^ndon. 
Cheablre gehool, Cheatitre. 



Choato Brbool, WalJliuffora, 

Oood^-Ln's Malt! High ^vhml Mount Sterling. ^H 

CurtU Stliaol foi" Ikiji, Bi-ooklitid Ceptet'. 

Kentucky Military tnatUutii, Lyndon. ^^M 

Crrninpiy grliortl. Tbn, WnAhlngton. 

Mlllefahnrg Ti-alntug S^choo], MiUeisbyrg. ^^H 

Hoiut* S(,1iuGil tiw Uttlc Hoya, Lyme. 

Stanford Male Academy. Stanford. ^H 

HopkLirs iri-arumjir SrbooL New Ha Ten. 

St. Joseph's Sehool for Boy a, Covington. ^^M 

Hotthklftti School. Lftkeville. 

St. Xa Tier's College, Lou la villi?, ^^^^M 

Kliii: SlIi uttL, Stain ford. 


NonvHll! UiiivtTslty Sthtwl, Norwjilk. 

LoinBZAirA. ^^^H 

Park AT&iiue Institute, Brldgeijort. 

Holy Ci'oaa College, New Orleans. ^^^^^H 

romfret ScbQol^ Tonitret. 

St. Aloyalna ('olli?ge. New ^IrleatiB, ^^^^H 

|liLUel»ui^ 8cboa[. Baltsbury. 

Univeralty S<.-hool, New Orlcaiig. ^^^^H 

atifflpld Atadomy, SqHleld. 


Tflifa School foi- BoyH, Wiit«>rtowii. 

ICADTE. ^^^1 

Upson Seminary, Nnw Preston h 

Abhott Family School. Farmliigton. ^^^^H 

Weantlnaug School, New Mllford. 


WPBtmlnBter School. SLmahury. 


WlJfldon'iS Scbool for B<}yu, New Haven, 

Boya' Latin School. Biiltlmufe. ^^^^H 

Wilton Educational Institute. Wilton. 

Calvert Hall College. Baltimopi'. ^^^^B 

Uharlotto Hall School, Charlotte Hall. ^H 


Coantty School, Thfl, Baltimore. ^H 

Wilmington Military Academy, ■WlUilngton. 

Helehmanu College Preparatory School, Baltt- ^^H 

more. ^^H 

Epiphany ApoBtqlie CktUegr. BaiUmore. ^H 


Berkeley School, The. Waahlngton. 

McDonough Edu^atlcmal Fund and Institution, ^^M 

OolnmhiB School for Boyii. Waahlnjton. 

McDonough. ^^M 

ISmereon Institute, Washington. 

Mount St, Joseph's College. Baltimore. ^^M 

Llntliiniin Institute. West Waahliifftiin. 

Monnt Wanhlngton Seminary for Bajs, Mount ^^M 

LTniveralty School, Thp, WaahlnBton, 

Wa shl n gton . ^^H 

Waahington Seliwjl for Boys, WMahlngton. 

m. James Srhool, St. George. ^_^^M 

St^ John 'a Literary InBtltntlon. Frederick. ^^^H 


U. B. Naval Aeademy. Ann it polls. ^^^^H 

Bt. Lm MiUtary College. St. I^o. 

Tlnlveralty School for Boya, Baltimore. ^^^H 


habsaghhsetts, ^^^B 

Academy uf Rk-hniond County. Augtisfu, 

Aclitnii Academy, Quliicy, ^^^^H 

Bethel Male College. Cutlibert. 

Ballon and Hcrhl^and Preparatory Scbool, Boa- ^^H 

Donald Praiwr HigH School. Decntui-. 


Hargls School, Dalton* 

Rpowiie-NifhiLhiR' iichodi, Cambridge ^^^^H 

Huiiter'B School fot Boys. AtlAiUa. 

Classical School, Beaton. ^^^^H 

Peacoek'B School foe Boys, AtliintH. 

Concord Home School, Coneord, ^^^^H 

Savannah Acfldemy. Sh varnish. 

Concord School, Concord. ^^^^H 

DniverBitj" School for Boy a, Stone Mountain. 

nnmmer Academy, South By field. ^^^^H 

Culver Military Acaremy, Culy^r, 
Howe School. Lima. 1 
St Joflcph'B College, Colltrgevllle. i 

i:Lni IIIU Private School for Feehle-Mlndsd ^^^^1 
Yontb. Bane. ^^^^H 
(iToton ^^chooh Groton. ^^^^^H 
Highland Military Academy, Worcester. ^^^H 
Hopklnaon School, Beaton. ^^^^^H 


Lawrence Academy. Oroton. ^^^^^| 

St AmhroM College, Davenport. 

Mltfheira .Military Boy a' School; Blllerlea. ^^^^1 

St. Josepli School, Council Bluffa. 

hhmut Herujon Boys' School, Mount Harmon. ^^^^H 

Mount Pleasant Inatltute, Amherst, ^^M 


I'lbSillps Acat!Iem.v, Andover. ^H 

Btuik«r HIU UllitUT Aoadmny, Bun^fir Hill. 

nock RUIge Hall, Wellesley Hills. • ^H 

Chicago Latin Schrjol. Chicago. 

Uoxhnry Latin Scborl, Roxhnry. ^^1 

Coneordla Seminary. Sprlnglleld. 

Scdgttdck Latin School, Great Barrington, ^^M 

Harvard Schwl for Boy a. Chicuijo. 

St. Mark's Hehool, Snuthhoro. ^^1 

Morgan Park Ac^adeniy of tln> Dnlverslty of 

Wellesley School for Boys, Wellesley. ^H 

Chit?flgo, Morgan park. 

Wllllstou Seminary. Kasthampton. ^^^^^B 

Northweatern Mllltfiry Academy. Hlghlund Park, 

Worceeter Academy. Won^atcr, _^^^^H 

Oxford School for Ec^ya, Chicago. 


Rngby School, Kenlhvorth, 

]ciOHi0Ajr. ^^^^H 

St. Alhiiii'B School. Knosvlllo. 

I>etroU University School. BetmlL ^^^M 

Ht. iBnatl^iH College. Chleaj^o. 

KlmhAll's Intermediate School for Boys. Ann ^^H 

Ht. Vliitenr'ft CoJlejirf. Bonrbonnaia. 

Arbor, ^H 

Todd Seminary for Boys, Woodatonk, 

Mlchlicau Military Acadi^my. Orchard Lake, ^H 

Weatero Military Academy, Upper Alton. 

Fo^'eira School for Boy a, (;rqnd Raplda. ^^M 



St. John^ji Military School Saltna. 

College of St. Thomna. SL Panl. ^H 

Concordia College, St. Paul. ^^1 


Cretin High School. St, Pnnl, ^H 

rranklln Military liiatllute, Franklin. 

^t Paul Academy, St. Paul. ^^1 

tJethBcmaiie College, CethaemaneH 

Bhaltupk School. Faribault. ^^H 




C'athL'ilrtti Si'huot Katebei. 

FrpiK'b Camp Acadt^my, Fr*'iicb Conip. 

JvfiivTWOM MUttary CoUegte, Watibltigtnn^ 

St. StttulHlnus Col Lego. Bqj ^tn Luula. 

Blee* MlUtory Aeudt'iuj, M^eoD. 
CoDt^eptlun C^llvge, Coiieepllou. 
Imclnou MlLltfli-y AeAdeitij. JiicltBun. 
Eemp<pr MiUtarjr' St'bcxil, Bot>iH^vLll& 
Klrkw«i>(l MtUtarjr Acmlifiuy. H Irk wood. 
MIUtiHT iDHtUutis Camdr-h Toiiit, 
Sinttli Ac'itdL'tiiiii-. M* T^^ulH, 
HU dirirN'^ M1]lt«ry €oU**jrP. Htn €hjii-k>8* 
St. I'lnil K 1 i.llh'j^+% Cont'VTdtn^ 
Uulvcrt^lLy .VlilUury A«id*?in>% CuLumbbi. 
Wentwciftb Milltnrr Arndi-niy, I*3tln|ftOb. 


Kvarbc^y ^llUlary Acutk'iuy, Ki'iirui-y. 


HiddtTiH-CA Bcbool for ik>yH, E^lyuiiHith. 
Philip BxtaiT Afafletny^ Eivti-r-. 
Uocktnud Military Aradpmy^ West Lt'b]ii]i.iii. 
8L AK^yBliiH At^udi-tiiy, Naihuu. 
9t* AiinruiitLiii^^ii Aeud^tiiy^ Maiicbt'iitt^r. 
Ut. Jopitpb's HlKb Seburd. Cun^uird. 
it, Jurieph'i Ulgh S<rbiwL, Mttncbtittler. 
St Fdtirft ScIiodI, Coitcord. 

Bertulty Acudvray f"r Bnys. Tf^imlly, 

Bardentown tnatHtitp Bordt^ntown, 

Tlutitiy Srtiftol for Bnys^ Tj-pntoii, 

Knglewood f^ebactl for Bays. Kui/f:iew{ya6. 

Freehold Military Srbool. t^feebold. 

Gvrlaf?b Acsdt'my, BrLc'lle. 

K$ngnli?y SfhwiU Ciildwi?ll. 

La ki' wood Scboul. Tlie. LakewiMKi. 

IjiwTpnceTllle S^liixd, LanT(>npr>vine. 

Leal'a Sc'bfMil for Boys, rbilnflcin^ 

UfidteJAlr Military Acadi'iny. HuntctHlr. 

IforrlH Academy. BfoiristowRK 

Morrlfltown Bcbooh Marrt«tawii. 

Mnnnt Uoily Acadprnyi Mount B^My. 

Newark Aradpmy, Newark. 

Kpw Jprai'y Military Aeadeiny. FrePbold. 

Ki'irmaii Sclimd, Tln+. Oriiti|;!('. 

Npwtuii Cnlli'iEiate CoUeffo. Newton. 

PfitffrRDti i^lllltiii'y gl<'h<»nl. Fntermm, 

Pin (fry Scbocd, Tbo, KUwihftb. 

PFltiCft^^ri Pr»f Juratory SHuhjI, t^rliirf-tou. 

Frlncptnn itrjlv<*Tflity Aradpiny. Prfopetoii, 

8«liit G*Ktrff€^n Hull. Summit. 

8tevpn9 Scbnol, Hubc>kf>ii. 

St* Fraru'lii Collpji;i\ Trent* mi. 

SlL Jnwppb Preparatory S^dKHd. TouVLMit Ktatlipli. 

Sninaj It A Lti df > my , l^ti m m It . 

We«t Jersey Academy. Brldtiri^toti. 


ftp 1m ShUp TriRtltutp^ I jib \>Kai. 

N*"w MriEiro Mllltnty liiatltntf. itcHrwcll. 

m. Sib bat? Ih (^>lrpge. J4Btitji Vv. 

Albttby Aefld^my. Tb<*. Albany. 
Alien Si'hfHd fi>r fit>ya, Sv.w Yor^^ 
Bjird Ilallp C^otJwnll-uii-riiidaoiL, 

Berkeley Srhiicd, Npw Yufk. 

Bradstreet S^cIiddI, BDcbeitcr. 

Olilaen^B ^ekixjl fur Buy*. Ni-w Vurk^ 

€HBeudllla Sc-hcHjl. ItbHen. 

ebapln CoUfgldte Stb&jl, New York. 

CbrlBtliiiii Brothf-rii' Acsde^ipy, Albany, 

dllDton Prefwratory Si?hoolt fllutirti- 

Colviitc A<'ttd«iny. IlnmUton. 

Collegia ti^ Inatitutt*. Tbo, New Yurk. 

Coll^glata ttrhtMil, Ni'w York. 

iJulaoibliL Oramiiiar i^t-biHil, Sv\\ Yark. 

t^alaoiblii InBtltutv. New Yn^rk. 

CoiiLtirdiji Prfi^ymrinHlum, Hiiwttionit'. 

LNirwall Ilfl^bt!! ^L'biMjl, Corwull-un-tln^'tludBtiii. 

Cutler Mcbuoi, Tbe^ Nifw Ifork. 

Dt lA Salli^ timtltiit^. Nrw York. 

He Yaux I'cdIi'gpH NUkui'ii FaUa, 

tJrlslor SnliimL *Vhi.\ Kvw York, 

I) wis lit Srliofd, New York. 

FbjHbliinr timtltiitp. FhialiliJg. 

ilanitltoii 1 institute. New York. 

tleAtlic-ole ^<:h(HtU BulTalu. 

UeuiptiteHd IiiBtltute. llempitcicl. 

lltdbroliL^'ii Mmtary HclM>i>r Omitninff, 

HudMoii KLver MlHtnir Academy. Nyne 

Irv^lni? tD«tltcite. Tarry town. 
Ittiiit^n. rilgh SrhiHd. ttbaea. 
Kyle Military liiBtitiitp. Fltmblug. 
Lu Kalle Aeiidfsmy, New York. 
La Salle InBtltute. Truj. 
Latin ScbtMil, Tbe, Brfmklyii. 
Mobegari Si'b(Kd> Pei^kukllL 
Morse and Ki>gt'rs SehcKil, *Vhi\ Kl»w Y<jrk. 
Mount Beacbu Mlliturj A cade m)-, FlHhktU-tm' 

Mount PleuiiAiit Mllitwry At?adKniyt QuiilnUie. 
New Yt*rk Mllit^iry Aoiidemy, Coriiwn 11 -on-tin- - 

PPf^lssklU MUUary Aradewiy, iVekakllL 
ProappL't Uelgbta ScbofpU Brooklyn. 
Hi^ervlew Mtlliury Arudf^my^ PuuErbkpepalttr 
Kurklund Military Aeadeidy. NyaekH^n-Hfidaon. 
Hacb'a Collejilate Inatltute. New Yerk. 
Haered Heart Aeftdemy. Weatrheater. 
^nered Heart Semlitar/, Wbltestoiie. 
Slglttr Sibfwl. Tb<?, Newburg. 
St. Aufltln'a S<'b<nd, W««t New Brlgbtuu. 
St. Jaiin** Arad*'my. Brooklyn ► 
St. Jcibn'w Military ScJwhil, Mmnllus. 
St. Jf>bn'B SckmiK OaBlnliiiff. 
St, Joarpli'fl €idb'f(latD Inatltqte, HnlTab*, 
Bt. Uattbi^w'a Military ^hml. Dabba ritrry. 
St Paul 'a Catbedral dehoal, GiiNleD Cltf. 
Trlnitj- StlnKil, New York. 
Troy A(!Jideiny, Troy. 

t!nit4'd Stiitifs Military A<'ademr. Wi-^t Point. 
ItuJvhraUy preparatory Sebool, Tbf, ItliAi^. 
WasHPi' Moniorlfll Lntberan roUpff**. [tiH'l'i^atisr. 
Wllaoii and Lyon Scbo<iU N(-w York. 
WllaoiL 8rbmil for B^iyB. Flatiklll'en-tbf^'Iludwetli, 
Worrall Hall Military .Vtademy. PtM^kafelU. 

Binffhua BoliatiL Tha, Aak^TlUa, 
Kbi^liani SdiiK^I, Mebjine. 
Oiarlotti' Mllltnry InatltutP, (barlottf^. 
Horn IT Mllltflry SrliooL O^if^d. 
I^nlnbnrg Mal<* .^('adf'my, I/iutuburg. 
Nttrtli rarrtilnn Military A<^4]ciuy. Rrd StirtiijEK. 
Rulelvb MmIo Academy. Ralelgb. 
SttleKt Boya' Sebooli WtuRton-Saleiii* 




f'olleglatf! SrbDoU ClnL'-liinfltl. 
Pruiiknn ^fbuol, CLnehmatL. 
KfiDfon Hilit&rr Ao«d«mrt CNunliier. 
Ohift Military lDititut«. ClnclnDntl. 
St. Franila College, CtnHmmtJ. 
St. Oreifory SeiDlnar;r^ CeUur iViJnt* 
St. Jo0L*pb'A spmlnwf', Jfottlofiiiatii* 
St, ^nry'R Instltuto^ Uaytoii. 
Unlvcralty ^chooL Clpvi^iBtid. 
IhilTcrfflty School, Tbi?. L'okiiubua. 


Hllj:h( SrtitK'Pl, TliP. I'hlUnblphiu. 

KiLi'kiM^IL Arudpiiiy, Lf^wliiburg, 

l'liM.LiiitHT»Hbiir>^ Aeiit|id!iii>'. <?baiiibi^rii.bur£. 

rliL'^litL^ubam MlUtarj' AiiiJt!iiijr Otfuutx. 

flic>«tniit HU] At'adrniy, Ulientnut Hill. 

I)v LAiitf'y »(^b<M»L, The, PblladulpbLa. 

Enflt LLbvrtj' Aeademy. FiUaburg. 

Epliie<»pal AeudtiEuy, The, I'killadeJplilii. 

Oirard Uulkij^o: for Urpbati^p rblludelphla. 

Hurrlifbuir^ Aeiid«my, Hiirrlnburg^ 

Harry IlJUman AcadiHuy^ WilVt'sbarre. 

llat'prford Sfhuol, Tb(!, HMVL^rfiird* 

mU Webwd. '010. Pottstawn, 

MuplpwDtHl InBtitntC'^, Conc'ordvllJijt 

M(?t-f¥Ffibur£ AeadL^m.v% Tbe^ &lefcel^but-ff. 

HelEirur CoLles«, Curliab!. 

Mt riaUtairi AtJidt'tny. Badoii. 

Nadriniil ruriii S<'hi>ol, Pi^yleatoii. 

NaEiin+tb Hall Military Af'adi^my, Na^retli. 

PeniiayJiPMnla MUttan" t-ViJlcgo, rbuatcre 

Roto an i'HlholU- High «i'bc>ijl tar Boys. Phtln- 

Bt. Lub^H B(Nirdliij£ Srbiiol ft^r Boy it, BastU'tojiH 
SU Luktf'** S*.^biMTil. Wa^ne, 
St. >!ary »( Col Ip ire, XortU Bant, 
at- Mary*H Mpmliiary, fireenffbnrg. 
St^ 'Onminrt r^jlli i:(% J^^^rantmi, 
9Shady!tld>' AH^irdLiiiy^ iHttaburff. 
Trinity II all. Waahlnffton. 
Willi am -Penii iibarter Mrhuol, Ubtladi'lpbLa. 
Wiwjlat'y Stbmd fin- Yuun^ Mi'ii. I'itttfburv. 
yoattta IiMtUut^, Tbiv LaucaHtur. 
l*ork Coauty A^'ademy, Yupk, 

La SallH Acadtmy, Provldfiu'f. 
SaiTed Heart C(lllt5J¥l^ WoutiauifbQt. 
at* Gmtrgi^'a Schtiol. Nt-wpiirt. 
ITnlTeraity S^brxil, TIus Piovldeiitrtt. 

Catawba Mttlo Aeadi'toy. Rock Hill. 
Cbarltjiton Uiilv<.Tsity Scbwd, Cliarltiat^iii. 
TurttT Armtary Acadvmy, Thfj, CbaTl^stoii. 
Uoidvill-' \Ui\P VMh'fUi. RHdvlUe. 
Suuth UHnjliiia" Military Atrademj', Cbarteston. 

Bayb>r'B University SrhiHjl. €batt&DQci>ffa, 
Bowpu S4*liriid, Na«liii'llif'. 
innw'ld*il#'8 University Schmd. Clafkairlllf^ 
Howard Fr>mnle roilegts Galiatlu. 
Klnj^ {.'oliepe. Brlat4>L 
McMlou MMltuiy AeadMiiiy, ttageravLlie, 

MDiittfoinei'y Belt Aeadeniy, NnsUTtllB, 
rt^ (ftiv'atet Military Coileirts Sweetwater. 
UbiverBUy Sebool, Mflropbls, 
UiilTeraity Scbool^ Naabville. 

Carl la lo Military Attidemy, Arllnstau. 
Ma^ruder'u £li:bool, Sao All ton Up, 
I'wHcuek'a Scbool for Boys, Saa Autonlo. 
Sberuiaii Private Scltooi. Hberman, 
rtt. Edwarda College, Austin. 
St. Joac'pb'a 0<ilH?e4^f Bmwnavlll':?, 
St. Ijoula Collect*, Sati Aixtrmiu. 
St. Mary'fi Ck^tlcge^ San Antonio. 
Stn^ Mary's Ublvcraity, lltiilvetitoa. 
Wi^t Texas Military Academy, San Autoiit^, 
West TeJcaa Military A<:ad<tfmy, WliltunrlKbt. 

All HulliPWH (Jvlli'iSe. :^lt Lake Clly. 

Vernjojit Aead«Qiy< Sail on 'a Ulver, 


Ablnir^on Ai^ademy, Abiugdini. 

Aagttsta Military Aeadt^uiy, Fort Oi'ftiiDce. 

flrtliel MllUfiry Aeadeidyn Betbel Acadf^my. 

Clay Hill Academy, MilLwuid. 

tiloutfister Aeademy, Gluit^.i^atot-* 

Cluster Sprlngfl Aivdemy, Blaek Wnljiat. 

Cove Academy^ CoTenvUlo* 

Danville Military InBtltute, Iiajivllle, 

Kj>I#i'opnl Srhonl, Al^xaudrlo. 

FiibliUTiia MllitETT BahcMili WtjAQibtiro. 

Franklin Milltaty Aiftderay, Frnnklln. 

Hampton lluadrt Mlilfary Aoademyt N>wpi>rt 

Her mil 11 Simhirtry. Herndon, 

Hti^e MHiii..r1in Aeadeioy* Blat'kstom** 

Ltteusl Hull' iVi'adi^my* Locaat Dali^* 

31 ■ -C) iitt-it:! '4 Hvii ou I, lllcb mon d . 

>'onny'H Hehonl for Boy a, Rlebmond. 

Korfolk Af^ademy. Norfolk. 

Fotoiuae Aeadeuiy. AlexaudrEa., 

Rabdolpb-Maeon Aeadeiuy. Asbiaud. 

Ratidnlpli-Mac4!»iii Acodi'uiy, Bedford City* 

Raidolpli-MHt'on Aeadi^roy, Fort Royal. 

Roeklngbimi Military Institute, MatiDt Crawford. 

St. Albs n 'a »rboat, Eadford* 

St, Mary*a Male Aeaderoy. Norfolk. 

Stn Paul's Mate Academy* Portiinoiilb. 

Sbeaaiidoab Valley Acadetny, WinebOBtel". 

Staunton Military Academy. £4tatinton. 

Suffolk hiatltute, f^iiffolk. 

rTnlveraity Si'lionL Cb a riot tea* Hie. 

VIrt-luia Military institute. L45Xlnf;toii. 

ColU*gp of Our Ltkdy of [^turdeit, tk^utb Fa,rk. 
De lot Salle Inatltiite, Walla Walla. 
St. Francis Ro^ta ^clicHd. GcKjdwIu. ' 

Greenbrier Academy, Lt^wlBbnPff. 
Linsly Tnatltute. Wbeellng. 

C*lle«:o of the Saereil I[eart, prairie du Cblen. 
Grammar Scbool of Uaehin roHi'i;i\ Ractite. 
Milwaitltpe Academy. Milwaukee. 
Sn^-'rod Heart C«lle|;c. Wflteflwwtii. 




8t« Fj-aiiela Seoildary; St. Fraiu'le. 
int. Lawredt-e Gollegis Mcmut Ciilrfiry^ 
lAU' a Military Aeadcimj. Delafield, 

Trlnltr College fkhoo!;. Port Hope, 

Upper C a Hilda Col log**, tH?er Fiirk. 

Bishop 'h College St'titMol, Lonnoirvlllep 
CoUi^ge of Valley tit' Id. Valley flidd. 
Mount St. Beriifird'a Collpg<^ SoreL 


Arad^my of tte VI bI tat! on. Mohllo, 

AlAfaAiDii Conf^Tt^nrt' Foniole i^oUng^, TunkQg^e. 

Alflbsma e^yncKltcBt CoUt^Bit! ^oe Women, Talla- 

Annliton CoHfige for Tuunij^ Ladl^, Aodlatuti. 

Atben'a FL-mnle ColIeE^?. Athena. 

Blrmlngbaiii Betnluary, Bfrmlngbiim. 

Central Fumale College. TubooIixma. 

Oealiler Femalti Inatltute, TuBCumblii. 

Hudter's School for Girls. Mobile. 

JtldK^D Goll^ee. MfirlE>n. 

Idretti Acflderoy, Montgoinf^r^. 

Marton FlemRli^ ^omtnary, Marioji, 

Noble Instltuti^ far fwitiv^ AnnlHtoiiH. 

PollcH^k-Stephena Inatitatc. Birmlni^haid, 

Bti ClulrtJ Collf<£e, Aabevllle. 

Bt. Mary a' Select School, Mobile. 

Tu.Bc«lDOBii Fi^Diflle College. TiiacttUiOHa. 

Union Female Con^ge, Hlnfaula. 

8t. Joaeph AeademjrH TiK-Ht>n. 


Annuiieltttlon Acadi^diy, Pine Bluff, 
Central Buptlftt College, Codwuy. 
gaered Henrt Academy, lleli^uA. 
BcArccy Feuittle lD«tltut?^ S?&re<T* 
St. Mary 'a AcHdcroy, Little RofJr* 

Acii4#my of tb<? Holy Niime, Slierb. 
Aeadediy of the Holy Rimnty, Wood land. 
Acadeidy «f Notre Bsme. Kedwuod City. 
Acadh*tdy of Notre Dame, Santa Clara. 
A{?ai]eiEiy of Our Lady of Laurd«ft, Eaat Oaklund. 
A^d^my ot Our Lady of Meri-y, Bed Btuff, 
CJAoalnl SclicN>l for Glrla. Pasadena. 
CoUefe of Notre Dame, MaryavUk. 
College of Notro Dame, San FtatidacoH 
CfinTent of Our Lady of tbe Sacreil HesTt^ 

Dc^mlniean CoUeg^e, 3an HafaeL 
GlrU' Collegia to Schonl, Loa Angelea. 
Hamltd Mcbool, 8an Frauel«co. 
Harki^r-Hugh^ School for Girl a, Palo Alto, 
llnrvard School, Loa Angelrt. 
HorliMra fkhofil. Miss, Oiiklund, 
Marlboro School for Gtrla, Jjns Aiigelca. 
Mi Hi Coll«ff9 ud iaminiuTt Mma CoUsc^, 
MnrlK.iit'ix: Si^Jiool, MIrb, Sun Frain-Iaco, 
St- JiifW'jiihJfl A('inli^ni.v, S[UTiiimf*nto, 
8t. Mary*a Academy, I^ih AnKeli?a. 
St. Jobn'a Inatltute. San Juan. 
Bt, Mar^nreta School, San Mateo. 
Sebool of thi- Holy Croca, Santa GtHL 
Snell f^i'mlnsry, Bftrkeb-y. 
Ursuline! Academy, Santa Rf^aa. 
W«l's SebMl tor Girl a. Mlsa. Sati Franctftpo. 

TjOfctto AcNdemy, Jjorrttci Retghts. 
Ijorftto Acadfroy, Puehlo. 

Mount St. Scholastlea'a Aeadi^nny, Oanon City* 
Wok-otffl School for GirlB, Mlaa, DeaTijr, 
Wolfo Hall, Denver. 

Academy of the Uuly Fumlly, Ha 1 tie- 
I^Ircl'a School, Mlaa, Nor^'alk, 
BojEwood iJii-bool, Lyme. 
Catberlnc Aiken i^rhooU Stiimford. 
Courtland ^I'hcxjU The, Brldgetwrt. 
Ingrlealde Svho^H^ New MUford. 
Johnatone^ft School, New nMYfin. 
Low School, Sauford. 
lx>w'a Scbo4)l. Mlai*, Stamford. 
Mi-t^-an Seminary^ Slinsbury, 
Mendo's School for Glrla, Norwulk. 
Mount St, Joflcph Seminary, Hartford. 
NotTQ Dame Convent. WatorbnTT. 
Porter 'a Sehool, l^irmtngton, 
Roaemary Hall, Greenwlr^h. 
St. Marjjaret'a Dltjceaan St-hml for Glrla, Watpr^ 

Ta conic School for Glrle, LnhoTllle. 
Wlllnrci'a SchrKil for GJrla. New Haven. 
Wllllninfl Mi^nirrriittl [n^titiite. Ni^w Loudon. 
Wood Hide School for Gtrli. Hjirtford, 
IVykeham m&s School for fJlrla, Washington. 


Hebh^B Sch-Ad for GlrlB, WllminMlf^n. 

.leademy of the Sarrpd Heart nf Mary, Wastl- 

Academy of thts Vliltattoti, Waahlngtou. 
Chenoweth Inatltute, Wasblnertdn, 
DniKHit Seminary, Wnnhlngton. 
Fairmont Somliiary, WRsblngtoii. 
Ciunston Institute, Waablngtoiu 
tti>ly Crofid Aradetny, Wasblugton, 
Ljtltie<Phll)tpa SehooL Wnahlngton. 
MeDouald-ElUa Sehool, Waahlngton. 
Mount Vernoii Seminary. Waablngton. 
National CatheilraPSehuol. Wa alii ng ton, 
St. (kscllla'a Academy. Wnahlngton, 
Wash lug to j^i College for ¥oud^ Ladlea, Wash 


WnHblngton Hc!lghts School, Wsablujgtnn. 

Honrdlng ond Dity f*cbool. C;aljn'<avin^, 
roavent ef the Holy Nauo'. Tampa. 
St. Joaeph "a Academy, Jaekaonvllk'. 


tgnttt Scott Inatitute, Decatur, 
ndrew Female foll^^ge, Cathhert, 
Breiiau Oollege, Galni'tfrlUe. 
Dalton Female College, Daiton, 
La Grange Female College, La OratigQ. 
Lucy fiobb tnatltnte, Athena. 
JM*>ivri>e FcmNlti College, Forsyth. 
Sflcrt^d Heiirt Acndemy, Aniruitn. 



I I>oa 

St. Ja^epfa's Aend^my. Wabtilii^Uiii. 
at. Eltno'i InBtltutet ColnnibuB, 
Shorter College, Eoixii^. 
ScmUiern FniDsle Collect', College Park, 
^utbc^rn FvtuAte Colk'gi-p La GranfL^ 
Spclninii Semi liar J {eulDr<?d)p Atlanta. 
l^umn){;rrUle Academy. AugitBta. 
Wvpbtngtou Seitilaary, Atlanta. 
WeBlujran Female Doling*^ ► Mbcotih 
Ytiunfif remale CollPgi*. TIiopiqbvIUc. 

!^L Tc'fvsa'B Academy. Boise. 


A{'iide[njr of Our Lady uf tho Sacred Heart, 

Apfi^^mj of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart:. 

Academy of the Holy Family, Alton* 
Aseliuu Hall, CJliloasi). 

BettU- Stuart liiBlItut*?. S^prlnglield. \ 

U rook's C1;iHHlni»1 tjcljool, Chicago. \ 

I>cairhorn Sorolnaryt Clilcago. 
Elwta St'hofll for QtPla. Chlcafifo. 
Ferry Hall Bemlaary* Lnke Forest. 
~ ncca Shlmci' Acadumy of the DnlTerilty of 

Chlcaijo, Mt. Carroll - 

ly Angeri Aeademy. Clikafo. | 

tlUooltt WoinBn's CoUegf!. Ja ck boh y tile. 
Immaculale Ckinceptloii Acs demy, BcHqtIUo, 
JcituLiiire BemLnary, Aurora. ^ 

Kenwood InstHut^ for GLtIb, Chlcagd. 
Klrkland School, Chicago. 
Late View Infltliute, CMenj?ro. 
TjotiQg School for Girls, ChtoRgo, 
Mont Ice Ilo Fein a In Semi nary, Godfrey. 
Echckford Gtdlege, Hcwtford. I 

St. Agatha's Schools Spr^ogEijld. 
St. Angela 'a Academy , aion-la. 
St* Ftancla Academy, .Toilet, 
St. Joteph'B SFvmlnaf.Y. Kankakee, j 

St, Bf«ry'B Academy, Jolict. ' 

St, Mory*B Acodemy, Nuuvotj. 
fit. Mm^'a Saliaol, Enojtvllla^ . 

M. XaT^rr Academy* Chlcugo. | 

St* Xarlcr'a Academy, Ottawa. 
Btarrett School for Glrli. Chicago. \ 

Btevuii School for Girls. Chicago, 
University School for Glrla, Chlcngo* 
WatermaD Hall, Sycamore. 


Academy of the 1 ram aca late Conceptloa, Fer- 

Academy of tJie Immacnlate Conception. Olden- 

Glaaedcal School for Girls, IniSJnnapolla* 

KnJckerhacker Hull, tadlanapoUs* 

St, AngTifttlne'a Aroilcmy* Ferdinand. 

Rt. AasuBtliie'B Acndcuiy. Ft. Wayne, 

St. John '8 Aciidcmy, Indianapolis* 

St. Joaepb'ji Acrideinj% Sonth Bend. 

St. Mary's Academic laitltnte. St. M«ry*a. 

at, Mmry'i Aosdsmy, Hatra Dmma. 

St. Ho»e Academy, Vln<M-[nH'«, 

H.u|Ofnr Oro?c SchooU t*lfl Infield. 

Tudor BaU, IndtanapoUL 


Acudumy nC the Vlftltotlaii, DubDCiuc. 
Mount Bt. CI lire Aciidemy. CUntnn, 

Mt. iJt. Jciacph College and Academy, Dubuqufl. 

Oar Lndy of Aniji?^!^' Seminary ^ Lyonit. 

St. Catherine's Si boo! , Daveuport. 

St. Cecil la *5i Acodnray, Burlington. 

St, Franeea Academy, Conncll Bluffs. 

St. Joeepb'B Acaaetny^ Dubmiuc. 

St. Vincent 'a Academy, Kcaknk. 

Coliegft af tha filttari af Betlujiy, Tapoka. 
Mt. tit. SebolKStlca Academy. Atchl»tjn. 
Naxareth Academy, Concordia. 
St. Mary's Acadyroy, Lea yea worth. 

Academy of Onr Lady of Mercy « LoaiarllleH 

Aahland Seminary. YersalUea. 

Beaumont Cijllpge. Harrodshuriy, 

Bell wood Seminary, Ancinjrage. 

Bethel Female College. HopklnsTlUe. 

(;a Id well Cnllc^ge, JJanviUe, 

Hayswo^Hl Fempin Hcndnury, MuyBVlllc. 

Jesaamlne Female tnntttule. NtcholaavlUe. 

.Tlnitown Academy* Founialn Run. 

Ke^ntucky Home BchiKil for Girls. Louiflvllle. 

Lilian Acadr'tny. Ganmer. 

Tjoi^an Female College. TlaaHellTrtlle. 

Lori'tto Literary and Benevolent Inatitutlon, 

Miidli^uM Fi'TiiiiJi' Institute, Richmond. 

Mlll<'rf§tMirjf; I' r in ale College. Mtlleraburg. 

Moiinl St. ,lnHt'[iii'a Academy, St. Joseph. 

Mount St. .Mnrtln'a Seminary* Newport. 

Kflzareth Literary and Benevolent lufttltutioo, 

Notre Dame Academyi Covington* 

Owensboro Female College. Owenaboro. 

Potter College^ Bowling (ireen* 

St* B*tnedlct*a Academy- I^ulsvlllu, 

Bt, Catherine's Academy, Lexington. 

St, Vlncent'a Academy. St. Vincent. 

Sayre Female Institute, Lexington. 

Science Hill School. Shelby tBIc. 

Stanford Female College, Stanford, 

Tipton's Select School, Mlsa, Pa rid, 

UrHuHue Academy of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion. IjonlsvUle* 

Academy of tlie Sacred Hearty Grand CoteaU* 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans* 
Dyker'a InBtltute, New OrleanB,^ 
Home Institute* New Orleans. 
Louisiana Female Collage. Keatchie. 
Mansdeld Female College. Mansfield. 
Mount Giirmel Academy, Ttiihodeanx* 
St. iTiHiK^ph'a Academy, Raton Ttouge. 
St. Vlncent'a Instil tote. Donaldsonynic. 
<^UUman Collcjdate fuBtltnte, Clinton* 
Kmithern Academic InatltntOf New Orlenns, 
rrsnllno C^ouTent, 'Svw Orlenna. 

Mil I no Wesley an ^L' ml nary and i'Y'uiale Oollege', 

Kenta Hill, 
at* Ellaatwth's Academy. Portland, 
St. Joseph's Academy. Portland. 
Stev**na Sr-hool, New Glout^ater. 
Weathpciok Semlnflry. Wnod fords, 

Academy of the Visitation, iSnTHmorc. 
Bryn Mawr School for Glrla, Ijattlmom* 




Chfury ChaiH} College, Chevy Clmsc, 
Falrvlow SemliLary, WuHhin^tiHi GrfiVi', 
GsT Hill Fptuale Scliwl. Clmrlotte HulL 
Girls* I^atld &(!bual. Hnltimarr. 
HKimali Monri* Ai?adpmyi ReLaiierto^vii. 

Mary I mid Cwlk^ge tnv W^;iUHJ^, Lutln?rTiUpH 

Melroae Institute, HyiittAYillL*. 

Moiml dfl Haleti Aeademy of ttm YteiSttitltfii, 

tlount Sit, AgiieM College, Mount Wflitiliivton. 
National fiirk Spwlnorj, Por**t Gleu. 
Noirv Uiiinii nf Mufylaud, EultLtuuri.'. 
Eandolpb-KiirrlBtiti ^chuul, BAltlmuine^ 
St. FraiiLfH Ai-^i]i.<!iuj, BultliwiJTu, 
Bt. JFuifeph'd At"aa(*my* I^mmltHbui'g. 
St^ Mury*!^ Fiftiiiilf! iji-i^ytary, Stn Mary's CHf. 
SJumuul Ruady Solimd. Ualtbijore. 
SuutliiM*!! Home ^rhtMiL Baltimora* 
Wttlford Same !ich<xd. Biiltlmorc. 
W<»mHirH CuUege, frt'dcrlck. 
Wgmiiu'ii ColUtgu af BaltlmiHi.-, BtiUliuitri^. 

AbtKit Af^adtD^y, AQ^dVor^ 
Adldeniy of tli€ Kotru l>aiiiLs BuaCuii. 
Bi^dfdrd Aeadt^my, Bradffjfd. 
Buriibain Sctiool tat Glrla, NiirtluiDiplau^ 
B/noiir'H iTUate Bdoiq School for Glrlg,, Bustou^ 
Ciambrldfff^ ijirbaolH Cambrldgt^. 
Cbiiuibi^rUyne'H Bt^bdol for Girls, Mte«, Boston- 
C'ummonwcuUh Avt^iiuc; §c1iouIt B<}fitCfU. 
€iirtlB-Pt;abf>dy Snliot^ for G1p1», Bualuu. 
Dana Hall. Wt^Ui^Bley. 
DeUfleld-Co^Tlu JS^honl, Bu«tuii. 
Bra per "h FrWatL* St-bool, MJaa, t^lcm, 
Ftiumie Acadumy of tlie 3aert-d Hcurt. Buntou. 
OLlED^n School for GlrlH. CambrUlf?e. 
Malt'i Bcbool for Glrl^, MIsh, I'ltt^iad. 
Home S<^ooU Ev^-rt>it. 
Howard Seminary, West BriaK(jvvflti*r, 
La Sal lit I' Uulntj d&s Wftrrc-s CiH-arSf Fall itiTi^i*. 
IahU BamiEL&ryt Auburn dale. 
Loe ijlcbool, Tbe, Cambridgi!, 
MacUuffle Bdiool for Girlg, Hprliipfli^UL 
Mwiuit Holyoke Colle^go, Soutb Hadk-y. 
Mount St, Joflppli*B Academy, Brighton. 
Nortbflcld Semlimry. Eaat Nortlifli?ld. 
Notre Dame Acadomy, Roabury. 
Froipeft HtU Etcbool, Oreen field. 
Radclttre Colli^ge, Cambridge. 
Bo^erfi Hsll Schoal, I^wcIL 
St, Ann'g Amdemy, Marlbarauirb. 
f^cbool for Qlrla, Worceitef, 
Hbawmut SchcH}]. New l»ori*Iieator, 
Sbvrtn&a Hall* Wett Roiliurr. 
t4iiilth CwMe^ge, Noi Tljjint|jrf3ii. 
■'Thu Eliiw" SdiLN.l fi (;irjB, WprinKflvld. 
Waban Srliool, Tlio. WatJ*n. 
Walnut nlll Wplt(f*ley pn* tiara tory 3cti€ol< 

Weflfcff and Longe^^'a SL-bool fitr GIfL*. BtwtoM. 
WeJleak'y College^ Wellealey. 
Whf'aton Fi^male SemlnArjr, Nnrt^m. 
Wblttler Home Bi'kooL Merrluiai. 
Windsor Hall Heboid, Wwbaiv. 
Winflor'a 9cboiil, MIm., Bnaton. 
Woodbury 'a Sfhool fop OirlB. Mi as. BeTerly. 
Wo^Mifford IiMtltute for Girls, QoIiut. 

Academy of Hi>Jy Angela. Traverae City, 
Academy nf tlie SJaered Heart, Detroit. 
AcBdeniy of the J^aeriKl HeiirC, Groaa^ PolnL-J 
Akek'y Hall for Girla. Omud Baren. 
Detndt Home und Buy SebooU Detroit, 
Detroit Seminary, Detroit. 
Miehlgaii Female Bemlnary„ KalaiDailoo. 
Bt. Mary 'It Academy. Monroe, 


Aeadi^my of tbu Sarred Mcart. Owatorinn. 

B«j!tlik-liem .\cademy, FariUault, 

Holy Angtda Acadi^myt Mtnneapolla. 

Rfd Wlii^ I<:vaiigolirat 8<?mtnary. Ejtd Wkig. 

Bht'red Hi^art Inatttutflt Bulntli. 

Bt. BL^nodlet'^e A r.^ demy, ^t. Joaet^b, 

Mt, JoKcpii'H Aeademy. Bt. Paul. 

Ht. Mary's Hail, Faribault. 

Stanley Hall, MlaneaMolls. 

Vlaitutloii Convent, St. Paul. 

Winuna Seminary. Winona. 

BelbsTea Collego for Young Ladf«at Jackaon, 
Blackbourn^ College for Gfrla, Beniti^bla, 
Blud Mountain Fcmile College, Blue MouDtaln, 
Central Hisslaalppl Instltnta. Freneb Camp. 
Cblckaaaw Female C^jllege, Pontotoc, 
RlUoiau Cc4l4^ge, Clkiton. j 

Mary Holmea" Semlmiry (colored). We«t Folat^l 
;!^IcrJ{|lan Female College, M^rldiaii. 1 

MtsHla^lppl ^ymKllca] Cullegt;, Holly BprlngB. 
Moont llemioii Fein a k Sem I aary (colored). CUn- 

P«rt (ilbfMJii Feiiiair* C-rdlege, Port Glbitoq. 
St. Jnaeph's Hehool. Natcbe3£. 
St, Mnry'a IiiBtltiitt?. Chatawa. 
Staotou College for Young Ladlea, Natchex. 
Whltewortli Peuuib' CoHegtv Brookbaren. 
Woman 'a College, Oxfwid, 

Aeademy of Our Ijidy nt Merry, JopUn. 
AeadcfUiy of tbe Boeru'd Heart, St. Obnrlea. 
.Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. JoMepb. 
Academy of the Vialtatlon. St. Lou la. 
Arcadia Col)eg« and Crantine AaadeOiy, 

Baptlat Female Collegep l^ntngtou. 
Bfahop Robert son Hall. Bt. I^ula. 
Geulral Female College. I^exlnicton. 
Ohrlatl&D OolLar«< OolumbU. 
Cottey College for Young La dies, Nevada. 
Elmwiiod Semluary^ Fnrmlngton. 
Female Orphan Si-hctol of the ChrSstlan Chnrctl ' 

of Mlaaourl. Camden Point. 
Fon-^ftt Park University, St. Loula, 
HurdUi College, Me3:lcro. 
tloamer Hall. St. Lonbt. 
Howard' Payne ('allege. Fayette. 
Liberty Ladfea College. Liberty i 
Lindenwood College for Womeif, St. Cbaftiw. 
Loretto Academy. Bt. Louis. 
Loretto Apadamy. Sprln^eM. 
Marr Inatltute, Tbe^ St. tioala. 

Baercd m^art Aeademyt Sontb St. Loula, 

St. Joiepb'a Acsdetny* Clyde. 
Bt, Mory'a Acftdeisjr* Mohnrly^ 
Bt. Ter*?M'* Aetdumf. Knnsaa City. 
Stephena Female College, Calutnbla. 
Synodleal Female C^^llege. FuUon. 



Willi a ui W«M>aH IMlkifis Ftiltoii, 


HK. VliK^'Ul'fl Af(n:l**niy, ih?h'iiii. 

AcPiJfiiij of tht^ SHt'rt'd Heort, fiiuuliii. 
BrDwiiell Mall. Omttba, 
ConTeiiL of thu Holy Cbll^ .Ty^ua^ Llueolu. 
!duuiit St. Miiry'it Hemiuary* Omuha. 
St. €fltberlne's AcaaiMqr» Jatksoii. 

Robinson FL-iuak^ l^r'mhiMi'.v, Ksotri*. 
St. Mary's S(?boL>l, Coiu'on]. 

Academy uf the Snered HL-iirt, Hnboken^ 
Fl<*aTd'a filrhoul tot Glrlfl, iiim, Oranfi?. 
Btalaltn SchtxiU PrlsclUa, Bordontnivn. 
Calhoun-Cbainb(?rlaiii School , Tho^ HcMi Bank. 
Cloveralde Selioid. Montc'idir* 
De Mlllt^ Prpiia rati fry ti^rhiHil^ PtvmptoiL 
Durr'ft SHiwitt MrE*.^ OrangcfH 
Dwlfflit School for Girla^ Ea^leWixML 
Baat Oranffo tjchool, Eaat Otaiif^. 
, toatituti^ <yi Holy Aiigiels, Fort IjHo. 
Uy HalK Bridge ton. 
Kent Pl^re Sc-butd. Summits 
Montrose Sehikul Tor Girlie, Soutb Omnife^ 
NewArb Seminary, Nvwnrk. 
Onki, Tbe, Lakewood. 
Plaitifleld Semi nit ry, P la Infield. 
Bcbool for GlrlH, Newark. 
St'bool for Young LadU^, MorFl«tnwn. 
St, Mary's Academy. Newark. 
St. Mary'H Ha lit BurlliifftoTh 
St. Vlnctut'a AiTicli?iny, Nowark. 
Bloan School for Glrlp^ Bayonno, 
Stftr of th(^ Sea x^eadotny^ Lnn^ llraiu-li. 
Yall-Ileane School The. Eliza bi'th, 

Ijfiretto Academy* Sante ¥r. 
St. Vincent Aeadeiuy, Albugnerqiae. 
Visitation Academy. Lna Crucefi. 

KEW ydr:s. 

Academy of Mount St. VlnwHt^ New York. 
Acad.€!my of the SntTfd Heart, Albany. 
Ai'adf^ray of the Saired Heart of Mary. Snjf 

.\lhBiiy Female Aeademj^ Albany. 
Ballfol Sehool. IJtIcn. 
Bjtrndrd College, New Yt>rk. 
Barnard Selnmli for GlrK New York. 
Bi'dfijrd Institute, Brrn^klyn. 
npnnett'a Seliotd for Glrla, SIIhs, Irrlng^toii-on- 

the Ilndsfin, 
Berkeb^y Instltnte. Brooklyn. 
Boarding ttnti Pay St'bcK4, Dwbbs Ferty. 
Bodnian Rebool for Glrl«, BriKHklyn. 
Botsford Sebfxil for 4^11 rla. Keir Brighton. 
Brearle^ SehooL New York. 
BTixfklyn Helgbta Seminary, Broctklyn. 
Bntoklya Hill Initltnte. Brooklyn. 
Brown's SebrtoK Mlfts Anne. New York. 
Buffalo AeadfQiy of tbe SaereiJ Heart, Buffalo. 
ChlHbolm'» Sebool for Glrla. Mlaa, NtfW York. 
Claasleal SkboQl fop Glrbi, The, New York, 

t^ollegJflte Sebool for Girls. Now Y^k. 

i'uiUNUH-k Sebuolp Kt'W Vi»rk. 

(; I D t teuden Seb ix>l, RoL'boster , 

Doremaa Hehool, Mlea* New York. 

Dre^t ijeuiluary itnd FemolH College, Cnrmel. 

Drumm'a School, Mlsa* New York. 

D'STouvllle Afnapmy^ Plattaburg. 

ElmlrM ColU'Kc, Mhiiira. 

B!y'Et Seliotii for Uirla, Mlatt. New York, 

Emma WUlard Sebool, Tro^y. 

' * Fa Irbol nie^ * ' Peokakt 1 1. 

Female Academy of tlio Sacred Ht'art, Albany. 

Female Academy tit tlie Sacj'vd Hearty New 

Female Academj- of tbe Sacred H&art, Hoeheater. 
r«mAle Institute of tbe VlBttatlonH Brooklyn. 
Fort Edward Collegiate Inatltnte^ Fort Edwiird. 
Franklin School, Tbe, Bnlfale, 
Gardner's Scbooil. Dr. and Mrs. Ghas. H., New 

Garrott's School for Young iJidlf'S iiu^ Children, 

Graham's Betii»U T^e Mlaaea, New York* 
Granger Ptiiee t^tebool, Ciiiiauda.lgna. 
HftlTs Scbofd for Gb'ls, Mlna, Brcxiklyn. 
Hamilton »i range School, New Yitrk. 

Harlem College Itialltute. New York. 

naven Behool, PeUiam Majtor. 

Ei'lburn l^ebuul. New York, . 

Holy Angela' Academy, Buffalo, 
Holy Cro«s .Vcademy, New York. 

HuugbtoiL SemliuuT. Clinton* 

Huger's Floardlu^ ant! Day Schnol for Girls, 
Mlas. Nr^w York. 

.Taudon'a Sebeol, Misses, New York* 

Lady Jane Grey Sehool, The^ Bingham ton. 

I4inslngbiu'g .Academy, Tri>y. 

Livingston Park Seminary, liochcater* 

Lij<?kwood Collegiate SehfMilt Monnt Vernon. 

Lyndon Hall School for Girla, FoDghkeepaic, 

Mackle'a School, Newbnrg, 

Madla^m School for Cflrlu. New York. 

Maitby Homo and l>ay School. Brook lyn^ 

^lnH4in'« i^cbixd, Miss, The Uastle, Tarrytown- 

McFcc»'b Boarding aod Day School. Miaa, New 

Merkigton School for Glrld, New York. 

Metropolitan Temi;>Ie College, Now York. 

Muntpeller Home Scboid for Girls, New York. 

Morgan's Boarding and Day School* Mrs.* New 

Morgan's School, Mlaa, New York, 

Wt, MorriB Tark SchooJ, Now York. 

Mount St. Mary's Academy, Newhnrg. 

Hiirphy Gey lord BoatYtlng unci Day Scbonl. 
New York. 

Nnxsrcth Acjidemy. Rochester. 

New York Collegiate Institute, New York* 

Nichols Sehool, Mrs., Rocb<*ster. 

Nyack Schwkl for Girls, Nyack-on-Hudd«on. 

Oflfllnlug ScbooU Qsslnlng. 

Packer Collf*Klatc Instltnti?, Bnxikljfu. 

Pwbles-Thonipfloa Sihool, The, New York. 

Ray son Scbocd for Glrlu. Nhw York. 

Riverside School, New York. 

Round's School for Olrls, Miss. Brooklyn. 

liyv Seminary. Rye* 

Sacira Collegiate fnatltnte, New York. 

«t. Agatha a School, New York. 

St. Agnes* School, Albany. 

at. Agne« Eiemluary, Brooklyn, 




St^ Anibroms'^ AfJuW^my, Brook Ij-n. 

m.. Citbf^rlbc'it HuD, Brooklyn. 

St. EUzoht'th't Al^adoIDJ, AUr^ghuuy, 

St* Fqlth^B A('a<lMay, Sumtosa gprtngs* 

St, Oiibrlol Bt'hcHil, I'lwksklll. 

St* SuV\\\ BnfttlHt S^■h^K)i for (ilrlp. New York. 

Stt JospijIi's Acufleipy, Blugbuiiitoii. 

Stn Jt>«opb^9 Ai-adrtiny and litdiift trial Fi-uiaiU^ 

Scboul^ LDt'kiiijirt. 
St, MnrgAtet'iB Scbuol, BiiffulOp 
St. Mary's At-udL^my, Bitfftilo. 
St. M&ry'i Cattii^ral Scbool. Curdcu City. 
St* Mflry'a S<?lio<il for Girls, New York. 
St, l*L^ter's At'adeiiiy, Rome. 
Sample's Sfbofll, Mrs., Nfw York. 
Spcii<.-i«'B Sebool for Girls, Mli*. New Yot-k* 
LTp ton's Srhool for Oirla^ MtiiB. Brooklyn. 
Tlrsiilincii AcadeiDy, Mtddlotown* 
rrhfolirio Ac-ud(^tD>% '*Tbt! QaBtk/* New EocheUe. 
\'iit] NumiaEk IHBtitute, Nt'W York. 
YAB8AT Cullfgp, Foug^bkeepsle, 
Yeltln Scbocd. The. N(?w York* 
Villa Maria Academy* New York. 
Wi'blP School, N»^w York. 
Weir 8 Sciitxd for ClrlBf. Npb' Y^ork. 
WoJIb C(j11i?^»?i A^irorfi. 
WblteotDb'fl BchooU M1b9, Brooklyn, 
Wbltoa and Vanga Scbnoln MlsieB. Npw York, 
WlUey^B St^liooL Mlaa, Npw York. 
Wreak ^fl Scbool for Olrlj;. New York, 

JJaptJst Female Unl^uraUy, Rfilejgb. 
Cbowau llapUat Femak' iiiatUui«!p Murfreesboro. 
Clare mount Female C^iMege* Hickory* 
KUxBb4>tb College, Cbarlottp, 
f la stun College. Da Hug. 
Gr(ten»boro Female College. Creeuabora, 
Homo and Day Scbool for Glrla, ABbevllltv 
Loulsbiirfsr Female College, LoiilHbiirg. 
Mount Amoena Sc ml nary. Mount Pleasant. 
Oxfi»rd Female Seminary . O^tford. 
Peaee InBtltute. Rakdgb, 
Freabyterltin College for Wom^n- Cbarlotte, 
Sacre<l Heart Academy, Belmont. 
St- Mary'H Select Sehiwl* Raleigh, 
Salem Female Acudemy and College, Ralelgb. 
^Bndy Creek ABSoelatlon School. Mount Vernon 

Seotla Seminary (colored). Concord. 
Stati'HTllli} Femole College. StAteBvllle, 

St. BfiTiuird'a College Convent, Umnil Forks, 

BartbotomGW-OllftDn SebooL Clurlnnnlt 
Ilutler'B Sobool* Mlftn, Cincinnati. 
('ollei«e for WottieJi., ClefelBsd. 
College of Crsullne SlBtera. Tlflln. 
Eden Park ScbCN;)!. Claelonntl. 
FemAle Acudeuiy of tbe Sacred Heart, Clncln^ 

Glei^dale C-oUege, Glendate, 
Ha rim ugh 'b Srbool, Mlas^Bt CtncJimtttL 
Hareourt riace Seminary, Gambter. 
HBtbaWHy- Brown Sebool for Glrln, Clvreland* 
Lake Erie CoUeife ^nd Seminary, PalnesylUe* 
liflurel Ihjitltnte. CleTeland. 
Lapton't Sehodi for Girls. MIbBh Cincinnati, 
Miller Beboul, H. Thtne, Claelnnatt, 

iVflttlcberger'a Engllah and Claaeieal Schoid, 

MIbb^ Cleveland, 
Mt' Anburn Inatltnte, Clnelnnall. 
Mount Nqtre Dame Academy h Reading. 
Notre Dtme Aeademy. Cinelnnntl. 
Kotre Damti A^iidemy, Diiyton, 
*ixf<iTd Cullego, Qiford. 
riielps' Engllah and ClRSslml Scliool, Mian. 

St. Aloyjjlua AcfldoHiy. New Lexington, 
"AX. Joseph 'b Aoademj^ C-olumhufl. 
^t, Mary's I-klaeatlonal InatHnte, ClneUinatl. 
I^t, Mary'a Inatltnte. Minster. 
St. Mary'B of tbe Springs Academy, Sbeppard, 
Uranllno Academy, Cini-inuHtl. 
Uraullne Academy, Cleveland. 
Uraullne Academy ^ St. Martin. 
UraullJie Crjnvent of tbe Sacred Heart, Toledo. 
Western College, Oxford, 

St. Joflejib'fl Aeademy, Gntbrle. 

Sacred Heart Aejadomy, Salem. 
St* HeUrn'B Hall, Portland. 
St. Mary's Academy, The Dallei. 
St, Mary'a Atrademy an<! College, Portland. 
St. PanPH Acfl,demy» SI. Paul. 


Aeademy of the Holy Child JeiiUH, Sbarvn. 

Agnee Trwln^a School, Phlludelpbla. 

Ailentoivn follege for Women. A lien town* 

Arinble's Sehool for Young Lfldlea^ MIhh, Philw- 

Armltttge PTcpnratory School, Wayne. 

Bold win 'j* Srhixil for GlrlB, Mlfla. Bryn Mawr* 

U Fire lay Hall School for Olfla, Allegbaity. 

Blnnlnj^ham School for Glrlfl* Blrmlngbam. 

BSshopthorpc School, Sontb Bethlehem. 

Hill !r»vl lie Collage^ Blairsrllle. 

Jtcvn Mawr College, Bryu Mnwr* 

Uvyu Mawr S<'b(JOl, Scran tan* 

Backnell Inatltnte, Lewlaburff* 

Darling ton Seminary, WeBt Cheater, 

Foiitgorth Sebool, Weat Cheater. 

GlbBon'a SehnoU MIrs- Pblladelpbla. 

Girls' School of tho Mary J. DrexeV Home, 

Gordon 'a School for Glrli, MIhb. PUlladi^lpblii. 

HollldayBburg Seminary, HolUdayBburg. 

Holy Roaary Academy, Scrant^n* 

Irving Female College, Mechanlcsburg, 

"Ivy House/' Oermantown* 

Kf'vp*er> Sehwl, Mlaa. F'hllu deiphla, 

Khk'4 School. MlaaeB, Roaemont. 

Taidy of Mercy Academy, PJttabnrg. 

l.lcjden Hall S^^minary, Lltlt*. 

Morsball Seminary, Oak Lane. 

Mid-Clty School for Girlt, Phllttdelpbla. 

Moravian Seminary and CoUenre for Women, 

Mount Aloyalua Academy, C reason. 

Mr«. Cbap>man and Miss Jonoa School, Phila- 

r^griBtz Sebnol for Young Ladles, Ogonta. 

OvcrhTook School, Tlie, Overbrook. 

iVunflylvanla College for Women, Pittaburg. 

riiiladelpbia Collegiate Inatltute for Glrla^ 

Sacred Heart Academy, Labeaater. 




St. EL'iiodlertt AeiiJoiuy, Krii-. 

St, Jolin's foiivt'nt ScliO<J, SeruntyM. 

St. Joseph 'a Aondi^my^ (i ri^pnubiirg. 

^t, Joiep^ti'g Af-acloHiyt Suiibury. 

St, Jineepira Aeuilomj. TltuHTlUr. 

Str JIiirj*H Auadk^my^ LuiiriiHtf^r. 

8th XilTl(>r*» AcadPDij'H lii'ulty. 

t^lilpli>y'9 Sfhchol tor tilrlB, Ml8tff?a, Bryii Mnwiv 

JStahr'a S^jeet SchfH>L Mlae, Ltiiic^Gt^r. 

StoTons Bcboul for Girls, Tlit^, Gt^riuiLtitowii. 

Stuart's Private Seboai, MLu^vs, Readldg, 

Thufi^tuti Pre£nifatur>' Si^Uool, PlttHburg. 

Urich Private SrhuriL Mi^a, LfltnnOii. 

rrsullde YouDg Ji^dlpa Acmli^my, FIttsburj,', 

YIllii Maria Academy, ErLe. 

V ill II MnrJa Aoartflmy, AVi?8t Chijster^ 

Washing ton Female Hcminarj, Waslilngton. 

WJlscm College, CbamtH^rabiiTs^ 

Wrlffbt'g Schonlt frllsn;, Bryii Mawr+ 

Aca^&m? of the Sacred Heart, Provldejict*. 
Coot en t of Jesiua and Mary, Wi^unsoctaet. 
Flelden Cbaec Sebool for GJrlg, Tlie, ProvU 

Uucoln Sehfti^l, The, Providence. 
HL XaTier'H Arpilfiny, Provideiire. 
V^'ht*Qh*r'a Wrbool^ Mlsi^i, Prnvl deuce* 

A4>adeDiiy of Our iJifly hT Morr>', CT^arleftton. 
Cbicora Colb?ge. GrcfnviUe. 
Clifford {Seminary, Union. 
Columbia Female Colleji^t^. CoUimbln, 
C<jnvefiie College, Bpartflnbnrir. 
Dne W«8t Femnle College, Du^ West. 
«iblM*a SctirKDl, The, Chflrlestoii. 
OreenvilJe CoHpur for Women^ Oreeiivllle. 
Rn-euvUle Frmale Colli^ge, Greenville. 
LimeHtoDo Collpge, Gaffney, 
Preabyttrlaii Gollcg^c for Women, Columbia. 
Rcldville High SchcMil for Olrls, BelilTllle, 
Bmlth's Private BehctoL Mri., i'harleeton. 
Willi am Bton Female College. WHIlamflton. 

All Saints' SehooL Sir>us FhUh. 

Acadi^mjrp The, €larki<ivUle. 
Belnmnt College, Noah vine. 
B«Beobel CoUegfe, Naahvilli?. 
BrftwuHylUe Fejuak^ CoUegp. Brownsville. 
CtrntLuiflry Female College, Cleveland. 
Ffllrmmmt Hi'IuxjI for GirlH. MontDngle. 
LebfiooQ Colli'ge for Young Ladles, l^-bnnon. 
Martin Fern a b^ College. Pulaski. 
Meiupbla Conferenee Female Institute, Jarlci^on. 
Rogers vine Synmlieal College, RogeravUle^ 
St. Agiien Academy, MempblR, 
fit. Ceellla'M Aeademy, NaahvUle. 
St. JfrBeph's Aeademy, Naahvllle. 
St. Mary's School, Mempbls, 
Soule ColJege^ Miirfreeiboro. 
SulUuB College. Bristol. 
Tennessee PetuRle College, Frflnklln. 
Ward Semibury, Nasbvlllc. 

Aeadeiny of Our Lady of the Lake, Sau Antonio. 
Baylor Feroale College, Belton. 
Carlton College^ Bonbim. 

Chaptiell Hill Female Callrge. Cbiipuell Hill. 

Hargia SebooU Miss, HouEtou. 

Incarnate Word Aeademy, Browtiavllle. 

Mary AUnn aemlnary^ Crcrkett. 

Mary Connor Fqmalu College, I' aria. 

Masonic InHtltute, MafaliaU, 

Nasareth xVcudem^', Victoria. 

Noxth Texaa Female; College, Sherman. 

Parla Female College, Purls. 

St. IgnaLLeie Academy, Furt Worth, 

St. Juaeph^a Ai-ndeuiy, I'^l Pa an.]. 

St. Mary's Academy', Austin. 

St. Mary 'a Hall, San Antonio^ 

San Antonio Female College, San AnbiDl(»« 

TcKaa Female Seminnry, Weather ford. 

Ursullne Convent, Galveston, 

Uraullne Academy, Laredo. 

Rowland Hall, Salt Lake City. 
St. Mary 'a Aendt^my, Salt Lake City. 


Academy uf the YlnItatloTi, Abingdon. 

.Academy of the Vlaitallou. RJebmoDd. 

Belmuiit Seminary, Bedford City. 

Blacks tone Female InBtltutt*, filackatDne. 

Bon Air School, Bon Air. 

BowMDg Green Female Academy^ BowUug 

Co-opflratlve Feoiale School, Bedford CltJ'. 

Ii^plscopal Female College, Wim'bester. 

Fairfax College, W Inches ter. 

Fauquier Institute, Warren tivn. 

Franklin Female Seminary^ Frankllnn 

Jlarapton College, Hampton, 

llolllna Institute, HoUina. 

Holy Angels Academy, Milwaukee. 

Inglealde Semlunry, Burkvllle. 

Ivlelnherg High School, Schuyler. 

Leaehe-Wood Semluary, Norfolk. 

Marlon Female College, Marlon. 

Martha Wasblugton CoUege. Abingdon, 

Mary Baldwin Institute, Staunton. 

^fansemond Seminary, Suffolk. 

P bull pa and West Si'hMjl for Olrla, The, Nor- 

Randolph -Maeoti Institute, Damrlllt!. 

Randolph- Ma con Woman's College, LyDCbbtirf. 

Rawllnga Inntltute, Charlottettvllle. 

Roanoke Female College, Danville. 

St. Joseph's Academy, Portsmouth. 

St. MBry*3 BenedleUue Jnetltute, Richmond. 

SlHUunrclnah Inatituttv Dayton, 

South Boston Female Institute, South Boston. 

Southern! Female College, Petersburg, 

Southern Seminary, Buena Vista. 

Stauewull Jackson Instltutu, .\blngdon, 

Suffolk College, Suffolk. 

Valley Female Lollege, WInrh ester. 

Virginia Female Ji;Latltute, Staunton, 

Virgluift luBtttute, BristoL 

West Point Seminary Jind Normal Instltntd, 
West Point, 

Wood lawn Seminary and Mullen I Tnatitute, Gor- 

Academy of the Holy Name, Seattle. 
Academy of Holy Nanies, Spokfiue. 
.''Luule Wright Seminary, Tacoma. 
Brunot Epll, Spokane, 





Acadeiuy of tin' VlHltHllot!, t'tirkerNlnirip:. 

Monut de ChHutdl Female Actictemy. Wli^ellng^ 

Mtn Jf«i'^|ili'rt Ai^iuli*my» Whui^lhip. 

drmftoii HkU, Toni du Luc. 
Iluly Aiif^eltH Aead<?nij, MJluAuUro. 
KetuiXT rift 11, Kermnhn. 
MMwiiiiki'^-JJownfr Col In k^, MMw iniliri'. 
Sjicr^rt Ui'art Apn4ip"roy. Mudifton^ 
Jitr Cothpriiie*B At'ad(»iiiy. Karliip. 
St^ Clalr CoUPKtv Slnslunawu, 

St. MDry''B AcadiTny, PraJrIe dn Ctd^'H' 

Academjr of tbe Hifrly rhSld Jestis, €Tiej'<*ioie. 

Almffl Ladl&i* Collr^if**, St. ThnimaH, 
Blshap Btraehan ^r-lifjol, Thu. Tt^mnto. 

l^rnjjLfurd LudleN' Odlege. Hratitftird. 
L!oii«?rviitory Heliuuli of LltiTittun* uii^d Expm- 

ttLon, TunmtD. 
l^eiulll Ladl«« CoUpjct', Owhuwft. 
Harmon Honiu mid liiiy f3fJn>iil, Ott*wfl, 
Ili^Uiuiitl'i infldU^a' CulU>pi*. J^riindnn. 
Oiitarlu Ladl^H iuUes*, Wbltby, 
i>ttawii Ladi^'s^ roUi+pn^ Ottawa^ 
Pr^Hbytoriaii I^cIk^H^ CoU(>fit\ Tomtito. 
^t. Margiti*f.-t'K CidLi'^fe, Turonta^ 
\Vf!a.b^ydii I^udLeti' CoHti^gf.'^ HaruJltoii. 

Acadiu Ladk'H KiMiiiitnry, WuJfvJIk. 
Cburch S</bonl fnn- Qlrls, Windaor. 
II A Ufa X Ladif5i9.^ Cullegf uud Con aer Til terry of ' 
Musle, HAKfAX. 

Mount Alllp^m IjfldlCH* t''Nll«^ijft% Siiikvnie. 

Qtn^EGp C AH ADA, 
Hoyal Victoria ('nlJf'|:(* fnr Womeiu xUnntn^nl 


Alabama Xiiruiiil l'alk-£:i-. LWlnf^Ktot]* 

Etuffti^in Xorinal lustitotr. Muhllfii 

Ijjdustrlal Noruial and foIlrKlat** liinHlutt?. 

HoanoJti'^ Normal Hcbonl. Unanabcs 

StJite Kormal 1'(jH(*|5Ph Fb>renfi*. 

State Normal ('QUi}j^f\ JaLkwjiivllle. 

State Nnrnml ^vhtmi fur Cobrfd i^tudentii ((^jI- 

orpd ) . Mon t ffnrai^ry . 
8trtt« N«rnial t^oUejiis Troy. 


Nfiruial S<'l50i4 i>f Arbjcum, Trniiw. 
Ti-rrUnrlal Normal H('bi><iL Flap«taff. 

B*lleTllle Normal r.^lhiit', B*?llevllle. 
BfAneli N«rin«l ('oHp&ij irrjloiN?dK Pine Blyfl. 

Statu NoTiual Hihttoi, thipo. 
State Kornial Si'booL Loa Augtden. 
State format Mi^booi, Sau Diego. 
State Normal tH-boid, San FranritfO. 
Stato Normal fi('b<K>L Sun Joar. 

C7oltirHflr^» Htmtf Nunnul t;oho<di flrwli^yH 
DtiiiiTeP Noraml mai I'lriniratHjfy Ki'buiil^ DL-ntfr, 

Bri4eer*f>rt Trnltilng ScIumiI f<i<r T<»a<lior», Brldgo- 

State Normal Tralninff Schi>fd, Now Hritntn. 
State Normal TrulnlnK BHurid. Now Itavoa. 
State N*>Tmai Traltilnji Mt'hiiol, WlUtmunUr. 

National KliubT^^ftrtoJi TraliiJng SchMnl, WHsb- 

Polloi'is Waahluffton City Nortnnl Klndrrgai tr'n 

InRtltuCe, Waalitugton. 
Waablnfftftii Normal HchmA, No. 1, Waaliingtoti. 
WaihlnKton Normal Seboul. No. 2 (colored) , 


Normal Scbool, 

Pl' Fmilrik 

Florida: State 

JrtHpeT Normal liiatltutc, Jasper. 
Normal and Mnniiul Training S^^bontn. Orantco 


Alliin Normal and IndoBtrlal Schwd. TbomaR- 

Ballard Normal S<:b*Kil, Mb<?ou, 
Cornelia Normul Institute. Cornelia, 
Halnea Norraul and Induatrlal Inatitntet An- 

ttavun Normal Arndr'my C(H>Iorwi>. Wnj-m**- 

[tvliibardt Normal roUefjf*^ Waloalca- 
!4ootliero Ni>rmal Srbrnd, UN'mf^laa. 
Southern Normal lns.tltnti>. thmsiaft. 
State Normal S<>booU Atbena. 


State Normal {iHctrofd. Albion. 
State Normal S<'hool. I^wJatoiiH 

Aasoclatlon Ccdb^ffo, Ckbufco, 
Aurora Colletre. An mm, 
Camtber^B Normal HehnhftU t hleago. 
Cbtrago KluderKarti'n College", Cbfiago. 
(^hifago Klndpi-garten In^tltnliv Cbl^-agn. 
V.hlcagii .Normal HeinniU Cbii-ago. 
Cbl<^ago Wloyd Sf-boid, Cblcagrt. 
Eaiitem IIUmoU folate Normal S*rljitoJ. t'barb'n- 

tlrt^r rcdlfgf. ifoorM^atonn 
llUiiolfl Stat*' Normal rnlverwlty. Normal 
Kindergarten Nc^rmal SeliocvL Iialei4^nrg. 
Nortbern nilmd* Nt>rmai Stbwiil, Idxim, 
N<iftliern 111 hit >U f*tatf Ntiruittl Sebtxd. Dt 

lititbvllU> Normal and Biialneaa Collegn^ Hucb- 

f^Hiilbi.'rn nilnola State Normal Unlri^ralty. Car- 

bonda Ic. 
Wella' Scboot for Ttfsefaers, Oreifon. 
Weati>rn I Hi noli State Normal Seboith Macomb. 






Central Normal College, Danville. 
Covington Normal School, Covington. 
Indianapolis Normal. School, Indianapolis. 
Indiana State Normal School, Terre Haute. 
Indiana Kindergarten and Primary Normal 

Training School. Indianapolis. 
Marion Normal College, Marion. 
Northern Indiana Normal School, Valparaiso. 
Ohio Valley Normal College, Cory don. 
Tri-State Normal College, Angola. 


Central Normal University, Humeston. 

Davenport Kindergarten School. Davenport. 

Denison Normal and Business College, Denison. 

Dexter Normal School, Dexter. 

Highland Park College, Des Moines. 

Humboldt College, Humboldt. 

Iowa NcMrmal and Business College, Mason City. 

Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls. 

Leverich Normal School, Muscatine. 

New Hampton Normal School, N^w Hampton. 

Newton Normal College, Newton. 

Perry Normal College, Perry. 

Southern Iowa Normal Institute, Bloomfield. 

Waukon Business College and Normal School, 

Western Normal College, Shenandoah. 
Western Union College, Lemars. 
Woodbine Normal School, Woodbine. 

Central Normal College, Great Bend. 
Great Western Business and Normal College, 

Modem Normal College, Marysville. 
Nickerson Normal College, Nickerson. 
Sallna Normal University, Sallna. 
State Normal School, Emporia. 

Blaine Normal School, Blaine. 
Breckenridge Normal College, Hardlnsburg. 
Central Normal College, Waddy. 
Fulton Normal School and Business College, 

Hazard Baptist Institute, Hazard. 
Louisville Normal School, Louisville. 
Middleburg Normal College, Middlcburg. 
Morehead Normal School, Morehead. 
Southern Normal School, Bowling Green. 
Urania Normal College, Glasgow. 

Louisiana State Normal School, Natchitoches. 
New Orleans Normal and Training School, New 

Bangor Training School. Bangor. 
Bastern State Normal School, Castine. 
Farmington State Normal School, Farmington. 
Lee Normal Academy, Loo. 
Madawaska Training School. Fort Kent. 
Springfield Normal School. Springfield. 
Western Normal School. Gorham. 

Ammendale Normal Institute, Ammendale. 
Baltimore Normal School (colored), Baltimore. 
Buckeystown Normal, Buckeystown. 
Maryland State Normal School, Baltimore. 


Boston Normal School, Boston. 

International Y. M. C. A. Training School, 

Kindergarten Training School, Boston. 
Massachusetts State Normal School, Westfleld. 
State Normal School, Bridgewater. 
State Normal School, Fitchburg. 
State Normal School, Framingham. 
State Normal School, Hyannis. 
State Normal School, North Adams. 
State Normal School, Salem. 
State Normal School, Worcester. 
Training School for Teachers. Lowell. 
Wellington School, Cambridgeport. 


Central State Normal School, Mount Pleasant. 

Ferris Institute, Big Rapids. 

Michigan Normal Academy, Clarksville. 

Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti. 

Northern State Normal Sphool, Marquette. 

Oakside School, Owosso. 

Petoskey Normal School, Petoskey. 

Washington Normal School, Detroit. 

Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm. 
Lutheran Normal School of the U. N. L. C, 

Southern Minnesota Normal College, Austin. 
St. Paul Teachers' Training School, St. Paul. 
State Normal School, Mankato. 
State Normal School. Moorhead. 
State Normal School, St. Cloud. 
State Normal School, Winona. 

Abbeville Normal School, Abbeville. 
Blue Springs Normal College, Blue Springs, 
luka Normal Institute, luka. 
Louisville Normal School, Louisville. 
Mississippi Central Normal School, Walnut 

Mississippi Normal College, Houston. 
Mississippi State Normal School, Holly Springs. 
Shelby Normal School, Shelby. 
Tougaloo University, Tougaloo. 
Walthall Normal School, Walthall. 


Chilllcothe Normal School, Chillicothe. 
Columbia Normal Academy, Columbia. 
Hale's College, Mill Spring. 
Springfield Normal College, Springfield. 
Stanberry Normal School, Stanberry. 
State Normal School, Cape Girardeau. 
State Normal School, Kirksville. 
State Normal School. Warrensburg. 


Montana State Normal College. Dillon. 


Nebraska Normal College, Wayne. 
Nebraska State Normal School, Peru. 

New Hampshire State Normal School, Plym- 

Newark Normal and Training School, Newark. 
New Jersey State Normal School, Trenton. 



Fniermni ^^ifrnyil TrMiifchifr Kfbmil, rMU'rR»ii. 

NpW Meltlc^ Norm til UiilV(?i'iiit>', Liih Vo^nH. 
Narmat Scbool of Nt?w Mexha. Silver *.-Jty, 

Buffalo S*tat«? Nctrninl Seliwl, UiifTiilor, 
Cf^netttio at lite Niprmul Hfkotii, ^iH'iul'm'o* 
JaEuaLciL StRto N^ormnl f^elioul, .THiuHli^fl. 
New Ydrk »tiit« >foPniHl Uolk'Kc. Albiiiij". 
Ncirmal CiyrUcg^ ot the Ulty of Ni^w York, New 


t'luttaburff Btute KormaJ and Triilnln^ Sebwil, 

Htntf" NortuHl HchooU New PlatK^ 
i^tate ^'ormtil Si'bool, Oiieonta. 
atnte NoruiiiL Mtid Train Injr Srlsot^t^ HrockpiU't:. 
State Normul fii5d Training tJcliool, €ortlai]d. 
State Normul nn^ Trutiitn^ S'l'h^ol, FredotiLa. 
>4t^t« Normul uiid Tntlulnj^ flehool^ i>iiWfgo. 
Htu.t& Normu] ami Triiliiloj^ Si^huuh Put«daiD. 
T^Achc^ra' CoUi^ifer Columbia Dnlvt'faltj*, New 

Traldln^ Scbool fwr T^aoberB. BFiKjkJyri, 

Albli>n Ai'Hdt^mj-^iati? N^irioui it^^'hotpl^ i'nioklhi- 

t^U^abC'th Htati' Noruiiil MchuciL (Ltib»redj, ^IU£- 

abi!tii City, 
(■regory Noruiul ^vhcol, Wllcalugtoii. 
Liberty Nonuul Uolb'ge, Liberty. 
Niirmul HJiiJ i*oUi'gUue Iustltuti\ AMlievlllf!. 
Fie-«botly Afaclt^inyt Tuoy^ 
Plymoulb iltnl*! Nornjul School {cokirrd), I'lytn- 

State Colored Nonaal StbouK FayettevUI*", 
atniii Nurmal niiil ItHluetrbil Srboul. i}rt^hs- 

Wat^ra Noroiit] ItiKtUuti?, WViklou. 

Btate Normal St'bf«jl. Ma^vllle. 
Statu Normal Scbool. Valley UUy. 


Cl«Te1iiJid Kormttl Trslnlng School . Clevt'lajid. 

Colmiibaa Karma t Sr-bfMjl, Golumbux. 

Daytou Normal aud Trulalnff SkbtmL Dayttm. 

Fayettu Normal r«lverKUy. Fayottt^^ 

Kulm'i Norma 1 Idelioolt Nl^w PUUad^Jphla. 

Na Clonal Normal Tiilv^ralty, Lebanoiu 

Nortbeastem Oblo N[>rmal Gollegis CBiiiti.ld. 

Oblo Normal TYaltilng Srbu^d. Fnatorta. 

Ob to Korttiprn UulTerMlty, A4«. 

Sotttbern Ohli* Nitrmol ColleifH. Kwla^ton. 

Teaebera" Semliiarj', W<K>d?illiv 

Toledo Nortnal aad Trali-tlii^ S<iHM>i, Tnledo, 

Western Norma t I University, Tr^^m-tint City. 

Central State Nornial t^rliool, Edmond. 
Goluted AgTlrnrinrnl and Norma t Utilwralty, 

Nortbweatern Tarrltorlal Normal Sph(xil. Al-ra. 


Central Oref*n State >formj»l Sobool. Drain. 
SMtrm Ori^yon State Normal Srhool, Weat^m. 


S^HttlK'ra Or**tf"M SMUt Norma 1 Hi^bmpl. Aitbtaiul. 
M til It" Normal >4,riiii)jV^ ^tuimiouib. 

Ceiilrul State Norm a I SUinnl. tiOckbHTen. 
GlarlE>n StatB Normu I Sihoo], Clarion. 
Ctiznbi,'rland V^alley Sttitti Kortnal Bebonl^ Hlil|r>^ 

East Stroudaburg State N^irtual S^eboot KarI 

EbenibDTK Normal St-liociL Ebetiaburg. 
Edlnboro State Normal Sebool, Edluboro. 
rirat I'eituajrlfanU State Normal Sebiml, Mil* 

Indiana Normal ^rUocjI of reunwylyanlfl, ln*1 

Keyatooe State Normal Hrhool, KiitEtown^ 
Literary laatltute and gtato h'ornia) j^rhny>l|J 

T^comliiff County Normal ScIick)!,. Mum-'y. 
ManaQi>ld State Normal S^'-bool. Maosdeld. 
Normal Dnp^rtroent. ntisbHrg Btgh St'booL 

Pblladelpblu Normal Sehnol for Olrl*. PbttM-^ 

Slippery Rock 8tate Normal Sebool, Slippery 


^ontbweatern State Normal SchDoK CaUfDnUa, 
Weal Cheater State Normal a4!b«)L Weat l-bea^ 


Bbodu lalaiid Ni^rmal Sftiixil^ ProT^ldem^o^ 

Awry Normal Inatituti^, (Jharlf'ston, 
Brewer Normal Sebool. Oreeiiwixal. 
Laueaater Normal and IniliiatrJial Inatttute, Ijin-^ 

Penn Nonaal, Iiidnatrlat and Africalturilj 

Mebool /t'olor4»d)* FrosmoTu^ 
Walllngford Academy (colored). GhaHeaton. 
Wlntluosi Norma.! and Induatrial O^ilaE^t Eook ' 


Luttieran Normal MebtM»l. SUmx Fallai. 
Madlaim »lato Normal ^l]0{>t Madlann. 
^tHto Normal Sebool. SpeartlBb. 
><tatfi Normal ^cbooL SprlEiglleld. 

rhattano4»ifa Normal Tnlverftlty, Cbattanooga. 
Dlekaon Normal CfHlngo, DlekJh>n. 
Grand Vlrw Norma] InatltutP. Grand Ylffw. 
LaMoyue Normal Inetltnte ( colored )« Bfempbld^ 
Lexlnerton Normal School and Commercial In- 

alltiite, LeKln^ton. 
9lQFrl«(own Normal and Indaatrlal GDlle#e, Mor^ 

Peabodr Collrge for Tpafber*. NnahTllle. 
Sontbem Normal Uiilv<*ralty. nnatlnjrdon. 
SoDtherD Tcnneaaee Normal ln»tltute. RaMiry 

Spr intra. 
T«iuieuflfl ¥ormal GoUarap Fdimtoln Utti^i 
Warner InatStutf. Joneaboro. 
Weat Tenneww Normal Colli'^e, Hornbeak. 
WlnchcBtcr Normal Colleire, WlnchMHer. 

Detroit Normal Scbool. Ui^trolt^ 
Raat iVxaa N«»rmal Sihool. Oomiaar«e. 
tlearne Acaik-my, Normal an<] InduitrUl tt^«11* 
tnte. HcflrjTie. 




Independent Normal College, Cumby. 
North Texas Normal School, Denton. 
Prairie View State Normal and Industrial Col- 
lege, Prairie View. 
Sam Houston Normal Institute, Huntsrllle. 


Southern Branch of the State Normal School, 

Cedar City. 
State Normal School, Salt Lake City. 

Randolph State Normal School, Randolph Cen- 
State Normal School, Castleton. 
State Normal School, Johnson. 


Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute 
(colored), Hampton. 

Hartshorn Memorial College, Richmond. 

Shenandoah Normal College, Reliance. 

State Female Normal School, FarmviUe. 

St. Paul Normal and Industrial School, Law- 

Stuart Normal College, Stuart. 

Virginia Normal and Industrial Institute (col- 
ored), Petersburg. 

Woodlawn Normal Institute, Woodlawn. 

State Normal School, Cheney. 
State Normal School, Whatcom. 
Washington State Normal School, EUensburg. 


Fairmont State Normal School, Fairmont. 

Marshall College State Normal School, Hunt- 

Shepherd College State Normal School, Shep- 

State Normal School, Athens. 

State Normal School, Glenville. 

Storer College, Harper's Ferry. 

Summersville Normal School, SummersviUe. 

West Liberty State Normal School, West Lib- 

West Virginia Colored Institute (colored), In- 


Catholic Normal School, St. Francis. 

Marathon County Training School for Teachers, 

National German-American Teachers' Seminary, 

State Normal School, Milwaukee. 

State Normal School, Oshkosh. 

State Normal School, Platteville. 

State Normal School, River Falls. 

State Normal School, Stevens Point. 

State Normal School, Superior. 

State Normal School, Whitewater. 


Wyoming State Normal School, Laramie. 


Provincial Normal School, Truro. 



Agricultural and Mechanical College (colored), 

Alabama Girls' Industrial School, Monte vallo. 

Alabama Folsrteohnio Institute, Auburn. 

Eighth District Agricultural School, Athens. 

Fifth District Agricultural School, Wetumpka. 

First District Agricultural School, Jackson. 

Fourth District Agricultural School, Syracauga. 

Healing Springs Industrial Academy, Healing 

Ninth District Agricultural School, Blounts- 

Second District Agricutural School, Evergreen. 

Seventh District Agricultural School, Albert- 

Sixth District Agricultural School, Hamilton. 

Third District Agricultural School, Abbeville. 

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (col- 
ored), Tuskegee Institute. 


Arizona School of Mines, Tucson. 
School of Agriculture, Tucson. 

California School of Mechanical Arts, San 

Chaffee College of Agriculture, Ontario. 
Cogswell Polytechnic College, San Francisco. 
Mechanic's Institute, San Francisco. 
Preston School of Industry, lone. 
Throop Polytechnic Institute, Pasadena. 
Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts, San 



Colorado School of Mines, Golden. 
Colorado State Agricultural College, Ft. Col- 
Haish Manual Training School, Denver. 

Connecticut Agricultural College, Storrs. 
Sheffield Scientific School, New Haven. 
Trade School and Institute, Bridgeport. 

Bliss Electrical School, Washington. 
Corcoran Scientific School, Washington. 
Industrial Home School, Washington. 


Florida State Agricultural College, Lake City. 
State Normal and Industrial School for Colored 
Students, Tallahassee. 


Dorchester Academy (colored), Mcintosh. 
Georgia Normal and Industrial College, Mil- 

Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. 
Georgia State Industrial College (colored), Mil- 

North Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlon- 


Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago. 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria. 
Chicago Industrial School for Girls, Chicago. 
Chicago Manual Training School, (Chicago. 
Illinois Industrial School for Girls, Chicago. 




^ Jewish ftalnloff School of Ghlcugo, Chlcneo. 
Lewli InHtltDtB, Chlcagu. 

Purdue Uiilvemlty, Lnfayetti'. 

Bose Fol^toebnle Initltute, Terro Haute. 


Iowa State Colkfff^ ot AffrJtiiUuril and Mv- 
L'hiitilc Art^^ Aiii€«, 


Fati Htiys BrAQch Gxperliat'nt StatLon of th(* 

Stute Agricultural Collegfi, Hays. 
KanaaB Stiit« Agriealtural GoUtee, Manbattan. 
Weatem Unlraraltj, QuLndoro. 

Agirleultura] apij MeHjaak-Hl Ooll^ye of Keu- 

Atlclugoo LLternry und Indaatriul Oolliifffi (col- 
ored) . Madl^avUle. 

Keatuctfj Normal und Indimtrial institute (col- 
oped), Fiaakfoit. 

Gilbert Industrial School {eolorc^)^ Batdwla. 
tfOulalnDa Industrial loittltcLte. Knntciii. 
State AgTleulturul atid Mcchuulcal Colleya, 
B&toa Eouge. 

Unltlmorc foljt«cbnle Institute, Balttmorc. 
Maryland AgricijUm-al Collegf*, College Park, 

Frleudfor^ laduiitrtal l^rhi>jL, Bottan. 
lAwri'Dce Sdeutlflc Betioolt Cambridge. 
Lowell Textile School. Lowrll, 
MieBacbnsetta Agrlculturiil C^ollege, Amberat. 
IftJMacbuaetts iDatLtute of Techno Logy > B'laton. 
New Bedford Textile SchiNjl, New Bedford. 
Slofd Training Sch&ul, BoEiton, 
Tufta College. Tufts College. 
Worcetjtei- PoJjtechnlc luatUute^ Worceater. 


Mli^hlgnn College of Minea. Hough {oKh 

&ILeLlgan SUte Agricultural CoLlege, Agricul- 
tural College, 


Scbool of Agriculture, (JnlveraUy of MIniieaaCa, 
St. Antbotiy Park, 

Mts«lii8Jpp] Agrlculttwal and Mecbanlcal College. 
AHcnltitral College, 


Iii4Datrlal Inatltate and College, eojnmhaa. 

College at Agriculture and Mechnnlc Arts. {}(h 

Mlaaourl School of Mines. EoUu. 

College of AffHeulturu and Mechanic Arts^ 

New Hampehlre Ckjllege of Agriculture ond 
Mecbaidc Arts. Durbani. 

Kewarli Technleal School, Newark. 
StereiLa laatltote of TedLoology, Elnboten. 

New Mexico CoUego of Agriculture and 3t!» 

i!hsn]c Arts. Laa Cruces. 
New Mexico School of SJInes. Socorro. 

Barlow Scbool of Industrial Arts. BtJigham- 

Buron do HtrAcbe I'nide Scbool. New Yorit 

Olarkaon Memorial Scbool of Tccbbologyi ^otti 

Hebrew Technical Institute. New York. 
New York School of Applied Deplgn foi 

Woineiit New York, 
New York University, Scbool of Applied 

Science, New Ym-k. 
Polytechnic tngtltute of Brooklyn. Brooklyn. 
Polytechnic Instltuter New York. 
Polytechotc preparatory ScbrMd, Brooklyn. 
Pratt Inatltntc, Brooklyn. 
ReiLBBclacr Polytechnic Institute^ Troy. 
Rocbeater Athenaeum and Mecbanlca Inatltnt^ 

School of InduHtrlal Art and Technical Defftg' 

for Women, New York. 

Agricultural and McrhfinJcal Callctro for tb 

Colored R&ti^ (colored ji, Circrnftljoro, 
North Carolina Gollegc itt Agrlculturo and Me- ] 

cbanic Arte, West Raleigh. 
St, Augnatlne'H Scliool (colore^l). Ralelffh, 


North Dakota Agrlcuiturnl College and Experi- 
ment Stntlon, Fargo, 

Case Schciol of Aj^dled Sciences, Ctlerelanl. 
Ohio Mechunlea' institute. Cincinnati. 
Teciinlcal Academy, GreenrUlc. 


Oklahi>ma Agrtcaltural and Mechanical C«»lkff9hf 
Stillwater, ' 

Oregon State Agricultural College, Gomltla. 


Avery College Triidi^ School. Allegheny, 
Bowman Technical Sijiool, Ljincaster. 
Boys' Industrial AHaoilutloa, Scranton. 
Boys' Industrial i^chmit, Willi am sport. 
Drciel Institute, Phlladelplila. 
Glrard College, Phi lade] ptiln. 
National Farm Bchoo^I, Dojlr*stnwn, 
Willi amaon Free J^hixd of Mechanical Trad 
WilUawiaon Schotd. 

Bbnde Ift^and College of Agriculture and M»*1 
chanlc Arts, Kingston, 

Clemsi^n AgrJciiltuntl College, Clemson College. 
Normal, IndoatrlHl and MccnaQlcal College of , 
S. C. Ccolorea). Orangeburg, 


South Dsikotii Agricultural College, Bnwklags. 
Smtti Dakota Scbool of MInea, Esptd City. 




Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg. 

State Affiicnltaral and Mechanical College of 

Texas, College Station. 


Washington Agricultural College, Pullman. 


Agricultural College of Utah, Logan. 


Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph. 


School of Practical Science, Toronto. 

State Agricultural College, Burlington. 



School of Agriculture, L'Assomption. 

Miller Manual School of Albemarle, Miller 



Virginia Mechanic's Institute. Night School of 

Nova ScoUa School of Horticulture, WolfviUe. 

Technology, Richmond. 

Provincial School of Agriculture, Truro. 


University of Alabama, Law Department, Uni- 


University of Arkansas, Law Department, Lit- 
tle Rock. 


Hastings College of the Law, Law Department 
University of California, San Francisco. 

Leland Stanford Junior University, Law Depart- 
ment, Stanford University. 

Los Angeles College of Law, Los Angeles. 

University of Southern California, College of 
Law, Los Angeles. 


Colorado School of Law, University of Colorado, 

Denver Law School, University of Denver, Den- 


Yale University Law School, New Haven. 


Catholic University of America, Law School, 

Columbian University, Law School, Washing- 

Georgetown University, School of Law, Wash- 

Howard University, Law School (colored), 

National University, Law Department, Wash- 

Washington College of Law, Washington. 

Stetson University, Department of Law, De 

Emory College, School of Law, Oxford. 
Mercer University, Law Department, Macon. 
University of Georgia, Law School, Athens. 

Chicago Business Law School. Chicnffo. 
Obioago Corrsspondenoe Sohool of Law, 


Obieago-Kent College of Law, Chicago. 
Chicago Ijaw School, Chicnffo. 
Columbia College of I^nw. OhionKo. 
Illinois College of Law, Chicngo. 
Illinois Wesleyan University, Jjaw DepHrtniont, 

Marshall Law School, John, Chicago. 
Northwestern University, School of Law, Chi- 
University of Illinois, College of Law, Urbana. 

Indianapolis College of Law, Indianapolis. 
Indiana University, School of Law, Blooming- 
Indiana Law School, University of Indianapolis, 

Marion Law School, Marion. 
Northern Indiana Law School, Valparaiso. 
University of Notre Dame, Law Department, 
Notre Dame. 

Highland Park College of Law, Des Moines. 
Iowa College of Law, Drake University, Des 

State University of Iowa, College of Law, Iowa 

University of Kansas, School of Law, Law- 

Central University, Law Department, Dan-. 

University of IjOuisviUe, Law Department, 

Tulane University, Law Department, New Or- 

University of Maine, School of Law. Bangor. 


Baltimore I^w School, Baltimore. 

Baltimore University, School of Law, Balti- 

University of Maryland, School of Law, Balti- 


Boston University, I-aw School, Boston. 

Harvard University, Law School, Cambridge. 

Y. M. C. A. Evening I^aw School. Boston. 

Detroit College of Law, Detroit. 
University of Michigan, Department of Law, 
Ann Arlwr. 

Austin College of Law, Southern Minnesota 

Normal CoUoRe. Austin. 
St. Paul College of Jmw, St. Paul. 




UnlT^nlty of Mlnneftata. Ci^llege tit Law. Miu- 

UnlT&rsit^ of MI«Bliiiilp^lt Low 8«:li«»L l^nl- 


Bptitoh College of Law, fjt. LouLe, 
Kahbaie Cltj Bdioo] t^f Law, Kananii Citf* 
Mclfopolftati Oallege of Law. St. LouIb. 
St. LoulB Law SehdO], W&fihingtoa UnlTefBU^t 

Bt. L&uLs. 
Unlreralt; of the Stnte of M\RSi>\iri, Law De- 

partmcinti GolomliU. 

OmntiB Srhool of Lnw^ Omfthii. 
Uttli^erfllty of NebfJiaka, Collefp of L«w. Lin- 


Albanj Luw Scbogl, Uriton Univfreltj, Albony^ 

Brooklyn Law Bchrm), Bl'Qolilyn.^ 

Buffiila Low Sehoot, UniYctBity of BuHbIo, Baf- 

, f*(iJ. 

OoltMoblJi University, ISchool of hnw. New York. 

Comell DnUe^TsLty, €n1kBfi of Law, ItbacA. 

Hew 7 or It Law School, Ndw York, 

Brraeqitfi UnlTeralty. College of Luw. Sjrftcniie. 

University Law achoDl, New York, 

Hbaw UtilverBlt^T Low S^'booU Balelgh. 
Unlrerilty of Nortli GurcillDa. Law DepiirLniput. 

Obapel Hill, 
Wake Fore«t Colk'^ge. Low School, Wak(j For- 


North Dakota UnlTrerHlty. Xaw Depart meut, 


AdH CoUcf« of Law, Oblo Iformal UtklftUfBltrt 

GIOTeland Law Bcbool of Baldwin University* 

Oblo State UntTcmlty. College of Law, Coltiw- 


Unlveralty of Claclnnnti, Law Dupartment, Clti- 

Watern Kestrre UnlTerilty, rrankUn T. 

Backujf Law Sclioiil, Cleveland. 
T. M. €. A. Law Sebool of McDonald Edu^a- 

tlonsl Inatltutt^, Clnclniiatl. ^ 

Oalreralty of OregoQ, Sebool of Law, Portland. 



FLfrmlaicham Mi-dkul CuUege, B\rmln«ham. 
Ul^lversttj of Alabama, Mt^dlcol Bupartmentt 


UtilveraJty of Arltiinsiij;. Mcdft^al Departments 

Little Roek. 

Ctillejre of PlJ3#lctim* and Surgroua^ San Fnii]' 

Oouper Medlfat Collnjfe, San FruueiBeo, 
OtkUui^ Oollese of Medicine ati^ Snifer;', Onk- 


Willamette UniverBltr* L*w Boptirttneiir, Sn- 


D!c!kl£Lfton School of Law, Carllale. 
Philadelphia Law Sebool oC Tifmple College. 

Plttflburg Law Sc^hool, Westra'n. Unlverslt; of 

PennBylvanlB^ PJttabnrg. 
Unliforslty of rennftrl¥Bniii+ DeparttDent of 

Law,, ['blla(!elphlii, 

South CiiToUna College. Department of T^w, 


UtilTcralty of Houtb Uakatn, Law De|}arttdent. 


American Unlverult^ of Harrlnian. Lnw Depart- 
ment, HarrlmHii. 
Cumberland University. Law School, Lebmon. 
Grant Unlvi?raltr, Law Bep^rtment, Gbiitta^ 

SouthweBturn Bnptlat UnlvGrflHy, Department 

of Law. Jaek^n, 
Ualveralty &t tbe South, Law Dcpiirtment, Sc- 

Unlvereity of Tenaeasee* Law Department, 

Vanderbllt Onlveralty. Law Department, Nflab- 

Wnldetl Unlveralty, Law Department, {colored), 


Port Worth Unlveraity* Law Department, Fort 

Unlveratty of T^n^aa^ Law Department. Aua- 



RLcbmond GoUej^e. Law School, Rtcbmond. 
UntTerstty of Virginia. Law School, Cbarlottes- 

Washington and Lee Uiilveraltj, Law SebooV 

University of WaBhlngton, I^w Srhwl. Seat- 

West Virginia Cnlveralty. College of Law. * 
Morgan town. 

Milwaukee Lovi- !?ipIiti«L Mljwankoe' 
Unlveralty of WiBcuaaln. College of T^bw, 

Faculty of Law, McGlll Unlverilty, Montrtjal. 


Paclde Con at Regular Cotlega of Medjcliie, San 

Ualvenity of California, Hod leal Dep^ttti«nt, 

Ban FWlnflaco* 
dnlYeratty of Southern CaJlfornU, College of 

Medicine. Loa Angelea. 
Weat CoKftt Mi'dlenl College, San Frnnetaed, 


Deni^er and Groia College of Medlcltie, Vml- 

vervtty of Denver. Dtsnver. 
Untretaltjr of Colnrado, Medical Department* 








Yale University, Department of Medicine, New 


Colnmbian University, Medical Department. 

Georgetown University, Medical Department, 

Howard University, Medical Department (col- 
ored), Washington. 

National University, Medical Department, 


Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, 

Medical College of Georgia, University of 
Georgia, Augusta. 


American Medical Missionary College, Chicago. 

College of Medicine and Surgery, Chicago. 

Dearborn Medical College, Chicago. 

Harvey Medical College, Chicago. 

Illinois Medical College, Chicago. 

Jenner Medical College, Chicago. 

National Medical University, Chicago. 

Northwestern University Medical School, Chi- 

Rush Medical College, Chicago. 

University of Illinois, School of Medicine, Chi- 


Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, 

Fort Wayne College of Medicine. Fort Wayne. 

Medical College of Indiana, Indianapolis. 

Drake University, College of Medicine, Des 

Keokuk Medical College, Keokuk. 

Sioux City College of Medicine. Sioux City. 

State University of Iowa, College of Medicine, 
Iowa City. 


College of Physicians and Surgeons, Kansas 

Kansas Medical College, Topeka. 

University of Kansas, School of Medicine, Law- 


Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville. 

Louisville Medical College. Louisville. 

Louisville National Medical College, Louisville. 

Kentucky University, Medical Department, 

Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville. 

University of Louisville, Medical Department. 


Flint Medical College, Medical Department 
New Orleans University, New Orleans. 

Tulane. University, Medical Department, New 


Medical School of Maine at Bowdoin ('oIIokc 

Portland School of Medionl Instruction. Port- 


Baltimore Medical College. Baltimore. 

Baltimore University, School of Medicine, Bal- 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore. 

Johns Hopkins University, Medical School, Bal- 

Maryland Medical College, Baltimore. 

University of Maryland, Medical College, Bal- 

Woman's Medical College, Baltimore. 

Clark University, Medical Department, Worces- 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Boston. 
Harvard Medical School, Boston. 
Tufts College, Medical School, Boston. 


Detroit College of Medicine, Detroit. 

Grand Rapids Medical College, Grand Rapids. 

Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery, De- 

University of Michigan, Department of Medi- 
cine and Surgery, Ann Arbor. 


Minneapolis College of Physicians and Surr 
geons, Hamline University, Minneapolis. 

University of Minnesota, College of Medicine 
and Surgery, Minneapolis. 

Barnes' Medical College, St. Louis. 
Central Medical College, St. Joseph. 
Ensworth Medical College, St. Joseph. 
Kansas City Medical College, Kansas City. 
Marlon-Sims-Beaumont Medical College, St. 

Medico-Chirurglcal College, Kansas City. 
St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, 

St. Louis. 
University of the State of Missouri, Medical 

Department, Columbia. 
University Medical College. Kansas City. 
Washington University, Medical Department, 

St. Louis. 
Woman's Medical College, Kansas City. 


College of Medicine, University of Nebraska, 

Creighton Medical College, John A. Creighton 

University, Omaha. 
University of Nebraska, College of Medicine. 


Dartmouth Medical College, Hanover. 


Albany Medical College, Albany. 

College of Phj'sielans and Surgeons, Columbia 
University, New York. 

Cornell University, Medical College. New York. 

Long Inland College Hospital Medical College. 

New York Medical College and Hospital for 
Women, New York City. • 

New York Post-(lradunte Medical School, New 

Syracu8(? rniverHlty, College of Medicine, Syra- 

University and Bellevue, Hospital Medical Col- 
lege, New York. 




Leotiard ML-dlcal Hc^biM»] ttt Shiiw UnlversUy, 

North Carolina Medlual C4>Lk-^f, IhivldauiK 
UnlTi*rfittj 0* North CarolLiiii, Mt'dicHl H<"lnHil- 

Ctmpel Hill. 
Wake Foroit ^chuol of MedtclDLS Wnko CUjr, 

Ck^TPUnd Cc»lli*ge «f Phy^leliins »nd Surgetmi. 

Ubia WL'sluyiiis ITiilrt-mUy^ Cle vela nil. 
Luiira Mt'UHjrliil Woiuiin's aiodltrul CoMrge, Ciii- 

Medical CtdU'^c of Olilo, Unlveraltj' <if CliK'lu- 

1141 tl, CiiicSuntitK 
l^llaml MfMlloal €ulk'^i% Ctiiulimatl. 
Ohio Medical tJalTerHltf , OulUDitiua. 
Starling Medlcnl OiU^gi'r Coliimbun. 
To1eh3d Mcdii-al Ctdlejft!, Toledo. 
Western KeiHTVfi Uiiiveraltjr. Medl*iil Dcpurt- 

I'niireKiltj' of Ok1n])i>[nii. School of M(-'<ili'li]i--. 

Uiilirorsiltj of (Irej^DLt, MlhIIcj^I Di^uirtuientt 

^yf]lamE^ttc UiiltcrHlty. MedJtul Dt^piirtiueut, 

Ji^fftTiion M*'dlt']!l Cull(*gt*. Phlliidelphlji, 
M e<l ! V(y Ch! rutg\ t ii 1 Co 1 legf i?. Phi 1 r delpU la , 
Phlliideljihla Medlrnl Si'liwl w£ Ttmplc Coll4>iri?. 

University ©f PHTniflylFniiln. Doparlmpnt of 

MMli^lne, PhlladtlplilJi. 
WL^atem Ptnnarlvanla M^-dlc^al €ollf*rt\ We^l- 

ern Unl?i*rBlty of t't^nasylvuiiLn, Plttahort^. 
Womttn's Mt^dleul <.-ollci» of P^'tti]Hyl¥Hid», 


M^'tllcjiJ r-uUege tA the State of South Cfl ro- 
ll na. Charleston^ 

('hattaiMiogn MihIJihE (Ndk-ij^e, ChuUftUuOfa. 
ChattaiKKiga Natloitiil Mi^dlraL lUtllege^ Chatta- 
nooga <, 
Ktioxvflle Uedlcal College, KiioiTllle. 
Mi'hnrrj' Mi'4li-nl College, Wnldeo UiilV(*rHltr 

H'lilnn-dii. Njihili^mih 
M.'tiil'tiiH H..!^] lira I Medical (>>U<>go. Mettititila. 
«uulJjw«jitci-u rrpBbj-terJjiTi IJnl^Brwltj', Medleal 

Department, Clark BTiH*», 
TenneBfl(*e Medi*fsl rolloffp, KnoacvlUe, 
l^niTi'^ralty of Na^hvtiip, Mt'dleai Department, 

t'idn<riilty of the South, Medleal Depurtnientp 

l'rilviiT)+lly of Teimeaee* Mediliriil Depnrtmtsnt, 

Ntijch villi'. 
I'lilTi'rHUy uf Weatfrn Tennessee t Medienl C*»l- 

k^ee, Jackfurik 
VanderklU UnlviTgltf, MecUeal Dep*rtaJ*?nt. 


Baylor Uidveriiltjr, College of Uedleliie, Dallas. 

i»alliiH Med leal College, DalldH. 

Foft Wf>rtli L'tilvenilty. !dedleal Depurtme^iit, 

Kwrt Worth . 
Gate City Medical College. Ti-Jtarknii*, 
Soathwei*tefii I'ldTemlty, Medleal College* UrI- 

la a. 
UulTeFilty of Ottllas. Mtslli-al JJepartment, Uttl- 


tlnlreraitj »f Ti^xaa, Medical Depart men t^ (lal- 


IIid*er(*Uy' Iff V<'l-imji(L Medk'al Di<pAVtmimL 


MiHltral £}el]iK>l of Vlrt'liii'la, Itlehmmid. 
l^nlvermlty t^ollegi' **C Medkdiuv Itfidiiiitiind. 
UiiHerHlt>* «f Ylrgtiila, Deparimear of MeJl- 

Hne, Charlottesville. 

Milwaukee Mcdhnil t-ollege, Mllwaiikif, 
WlaiH>iitthi C^4ll?ge of FhyMliHiiiis ntnl Surgeona, 

University of Wlwonsln, Preparatory Medicine, 



HahrieEnHim Hti+tpltal rrdlpgc. Man Fraiulacct. 

Deoirer Ilomeoppiililt- College, licnver. 

rhlcaj^o lioiuf^tpalhle I^ledlirat i'oUege, ChkagE^, 
ttahnemaiiu Medleal Collegia. Ctikago, 
IJerliig Medical College, ChlrMRv. 

St»te Uulveralty of Iowa, C'itlh'ge nt Uomeo- 
pathle Mi^iUi'lncK Iowa CKy. 

lutiK-Hpaihlr Mi-dlcal ridli^ge* 

H{>aMi^vrHti'rik I 



Soiirherii HiHJitoputhii' Mnlh^al C*fllege, 


Boa toll UiihiTntty, Hdiofd of Mt^dklias Ho«- 

Oetntk lliimeopnlhlc College, t>i'tTiiit. 
I'lilveralty of MUlilgait, rioaiiwpathlr MiMlirnt 
roUeg*% Ann Arljor. 


I'lilTi^ralty of Mlnur^aotii, roU^ge of Momvo- 
pathlc Metllckie mitj Surgery, Mliinpa palls. 

llulineniaiia Metileal College, KHnsaa City Unl- 

veralty. Kannan City. 
Itnrneopflthlc Slledleal College of Mfanrjlirl, Bt. 


New York ll<nufo|mUi1n Mndknl Colk<ge, New 

New York Medl^-al CoUeg<» nnd Ttiuipltnl for | 

Women, Kew Ynrk. 





Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College, Cleve- 

Pulte Medical College. Cincinnati. 

Halmomann Medical College, Philadelphia. 



California Medical College, San Francisco. 


Georgia College of Eclectic Medicine and Sur- 
gery, Atlanta. 


American College of Medicine and Surgery, 

Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and Sur- 
gery, Chicago. 


American Medical College, St. Louis. 
Eclectic Medical University, Kansas City. 


Lincoln Medical College, Cotner University, 

Eclectic Medical College, New York. 

Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati. 


Phyiio-Medioal College of Indiana, Indianapolis. 

Physio-Medical College of Texas, Dallas. 




Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat College. 

Philadelphia Polyclinic, Philadelphia. 

New York School of Clinical Medicine, 
York City. 


American College of Osteopathic Medicine and 

Surgery, Chicago. 
Illinois College of Osteopathy. Chicago. 

Still College of Osteopathy, Des Moines. 


American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville. 

Atlantic School of Osteopathy, Wilkesbarru. 



Birmingham Dental College, Birmingham. 


College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dental De- 
partment, San Francisco. 

College of Medicine and Surgery, Dental De- 
partment, San Francisco. 

University of Southern California. College of 
Dentistry, Los Angeles. 

University of California, College of Dentistry, 
San Francisco. 


Colorado College of Dental Surgery, Univer- 
sity of Denver, Denver. 


Columbian University, Dental Dopartmeut, 

Howard University, Dental Department (col- 
ored). Washington. 

National University, Dental Department, Wash- 

Washington Dontnl CoUcKe. Dental Depart- 
ment Georgetown University. Washinfrton. 

Atlanta Dental College. Atlanta. 
Southern Dental College, Atlanta. 


Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Chicago. 

Northwestern University Dental School, Chi- 

School of Dentistry, University of Illinois, 


Central College of Dentistry, Indianapolis. 

Indiana Dental College, University of Indian- 
apolis, Indianapolis. 

Des Moines College of Dental Surgery, Drake 

University, Des Moines. 
Keokuk Dental College, Keokuk. 
State University of Iowa, College of Dentistry, 
Iowa City. 

Louisville College of Dentistry, Central Univer- 
sity of Kentucky, Louisville. 

New Orleans College of Dentistry, New Orleans. 


Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Balti- 

Baltimore Medical College. Dental Department, 





Uulventty tit MflryhiiifK I)i<iital D^pur^medt, 
Halt I more h 

Hufvar^ UiilverBJt^. Dentul Bchuul, Boston. 
Tuftd Collegis Detitikl Scbuol, Boetou. 

Detr^t OctUdu uf MudJuluL-. Depurttoeut of 

DetiUl Siir^pi-f, Dot ml t. 
Dulvemitj^ of Mlebfeati, College of DeutAl Bur- 

getf. Ann Arbor. 

DnlverHity of Mlonoaota, Col lego of Dotitlirtrj\ 

KitinukH City Driittil €oll(^^f, Kim^iis City. 
Miirloii Sims Doiit^l CoU^gre. St. Lou La. 
Wiiatilnffton UnlvorRlty, Dental Doiisrtmt^nti 

Et, Lmilfi. 
Wosteni Den till Collogii, l\ bo puis City. 

Lt 1100)11 PontJil Colloge, Gutuer UnlveTHlty, 

UnivorHlty of OmabUt r>»ntnl Departnooiit, 


Now York Cfdli'ffO of DentlHtry, Now Yorjt, 
Now York Drntftl iSti'bool^ Now York, 
CtilVfTMlty uf Buffalo, Doutii,! Doii^rttdotit. 


Clodnnatl Colloj^is "f DifiitttI Surg^fry, Cliidn- 

Oblo Collegia of Dantal fliinfory, UnlTerslty of 

Cluolntiiitl. CltitiaoBil. 


Alabama poljtci'bnlc Inst Unto, Uopartm^ut of 

FbHimscy, Auburn. 
Uoivcrmlty of Alabatoa, Bcboot of flmnnaey, 


GAllforolft C^lN=ffo t>f I'luirmttcy, Cuit<!reitr of 

CullforJilA, Sao FrnnrlHro. 
College of Pliyiilfi^lHtiK tiod f^tirgeong, Dopart- 

ment of PliariioKj, Snti FrAnelflco. 

Howurd Ujilvprslty, D^purtiucMit of Pharninoj 

( cNiilorftd h W« wb In jjtuii . 
National Collejto of Phurmacy, Wajibliigtoii. 

AtUintfl Coll<*go <if Pliiirmacy. Atlaota. 

Chkago CoU^ffo of Pbnrmacy. Chli-ngo. 
North wpitem Uolverslty Bihool of Pbarmaoy, 


Nortlo^rn lodKoii iKobool «ff Phnrioni'y, Vnlpii- 

Furtluo OtiivrriHy. ScIokjI of Phurinnr>% Ln- 

trnlvcrMlty of Notre Diime. College of Pbar- 

m*cy, Notri' iNjn«, 

Oblo Modlpul I'niverBlty^ Dopfirtmeot of Doii- 

tlHtry^ ColuQiboB, 
Woatoro Hoaorre (JolyL^ralty, CoUos^ of Deu- 

tSstry* ClETelaod* 

Kortb Puclflc Dpotal Colloge, Portland. 

Medlco-Cblniritk'jtl College, Ditpartment at Deti- 

tUtry, Pbllfidolpbla. 
Fii'nnsylTsnlji Ctdlesru of tJontal Surgery, PbJhi- 

rbUadoJphlii Dontnl OoUege^ Phlladolpbla. 
Fittaburg' Ik«ntal CoUe^o. Woatoro Unlvpraity 

of Ponnaylvanla, Ptttabqrg, 
LTolverilty of Pf^ntiaylranbi. I>L<parUn«^ot of £hi^^ 

tiMry. Phlladelpbla. 

Unlv^rallj' of Tt'noeBaoi'i Doiital Dopartmeiit, 

Vandorbllt Unlveralty. Depart naont of DentUtry. 

Wiilderi LTulTeralty, Dentftl Department O^tt- * 

ored), NaibTllle. 

Uoiveralty C<jllpge of KtmUchiLs Df^utAl De- 

pdrtmeot, Hlebinoiid. 
Tiri;ltala Bcliool of Deutlatrjp Medical Colk^c 

of Virginia, Rlebmond. 

Mllwau)ci*e M*'dltMil College. Dental DeiNirttnoiit, 

WlBmnaln Cfdletjo of Pbyslflnaa aud Burgeuion, 

Dental Depart iiii'nt, MUwaukeo, 


IllRbland Park College of Pbarmaey, Deai 

Iowa tTotlego of Pharniapy. Drake UiilTer»lty, 

Dea Molnep- 
Keokuk GolleKL' of Pbaramer, Keokuk. 
Btflte UalveraSty of Iowa, Di^partoieot «if Plinr- 

roaey, Iowa CUy. 


Uiilverilty of KiniKnH. Sebo.i»l of PliariiiHey, 

Ijoulavllle College ftT I'linrmary, IjnutffTllle. 

Kew Orion Tia Cwlloge of Pharmiey, Kew Or- 

Nvw Orlejina Unlvei-atty, CoUvfe of Pturmacjr. 

(eolored), Ni'W Orli^aOfi. 
Tulane Uiklverilty, netiartQitot of Pbartnaey. 
New Orleani. 

Mary la ml nr>(|i'ge *<t Pbnrmaey, BaltltoAre. 

Mji«iitMehuiett« Coll4-i;e uf PlinrrnNrF, Unntcin. 

Detroit Ctflb'ge uf Medl<'lno, Deparlmeiil oT 
Pbarmaeyp Datrott, 





Ferris Institute, School of Pharmacy, Big 

University of Michigan, School of Pharmacy, 

Ann Arbor. 

Uniyersity of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 


Kansas City College of Pharmacy, Kansas 

St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis. 

New Jersey College of Pharmacy, Newark. 

Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University, 

Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, Brooklyn. 
Buffalo College of Pharmacy, Buffalo. 
College of Pharmacy of the City of New York, 

New York. 


Shaw University, Department of Pharmacy, Ra- 

University of North Carolina, Department of 
Pharmacy, Chapel Hill. 


Cleveland School of Pharmacy, Cleveland. 

Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, Ohio Univer- 
sity, Cincinnati. 

Ohio Medical University, Department of Phar- 
macy, Cleveland. 

Ohio Northern University, College of Pharmacy, 

Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, 

Scio College, Department of Pharmacy^ Scio. 

University of Okla'homa, Pharmaceutical De- 
partment, Norman. 


Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis. 


Medico-Chirurgical College, Department of Phar- 
macy, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia College of Phar.macy, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburg College of Pharmacy, Western Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Pittsburg. 

Medical College of the State of South Carolina, 
College of Pharmacy, Charleston. 

South Dakota Agricultural College, Department 
of Pharmacy, Brookings. 

University of Tennessee, Department of Phar- 
macy, KnoxviUe. 

Vanderbilt University, Department of Phar- 
macy, Nashville. 

Walden University, Department of Pharmacy 
(colored), Nashville. 


University of Dallas, Department of Phar- 
macy, Dallas. 

University of Texas, School of Pharmacy, 


University College of Medicine, Department of 

Pharmacy, Richmond. 
Virginia School of Pharmacy, Medical College 

of Virginia, Richmond. 


University of Washington, School of Phar- 
macy, Seattle. 

Washington Agricultural College, School of 
Pharmacy, Pullman. 

Milwaukee Medical College, Department of 

Pharmacy, Milwaukee. 
University of Wisconsin, School of Pharmacy, 


United States College of Veterinary Surgery, 

Chicago Veterinary College. Chicago. 
McKillip Veterinary College, Chicago. 

Indiana Veterinary College, Indianapolis. 

Iowa State College, Veterinary Department, 

Grand Rapids Veterinary College, Grand Rap- 

Kansas City Voterinnry College, Kansas City. 



New York American Veterinary College, New 

New York State Veterinary College, Ithaca. 


Ohio State University. College of Veterinary 
Medicine, Columbus. 

University of Pennsylvania, Department 
Veterinary Science, Philadelphia. 


Washington Agricultural College, 
Veterinary Science, Pullman. 


School of 


Berkeley Bible Seminary, IJorkeloy. 
Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 



Berkeley Divinity School, MIddletown. 

Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago. 




KTariJsri^UcBl FroEinroliiiii'yt Elmhnrat, 

ycrCormli'k TtiLmU>gLeiil ^eDiiuary. Chk-flgo. 
RfiSer TAvlnUy Sobool, Oaleflburg. 
Wi'Hterti TbHiLujjTl^'ul i^efalnary, ChU'aj,M. 

TVartburg 8«mlniiry. Pntnjqup* 

KamLBn City Baptist Thi^vk^gloil a«mliiftrf . Kan- 

Baa City. 
Western Th&dlag:l4fiil 3^?nitnary, Atchl«OD. 

Alfred Thf'ologLi'al Semlimry, Alfl-ed. 


Hi4(rt'W Uiilun Tollfge. ClndnnatlH, 
Kc4dtltHTK TlitMilo|irl< ^tl SpmlniitTt Tiffin, 
Lani' 8(?iuliiiii'.^'. rir^i'iTuiatU 
Hit, ^Ittrj'^d SrT]itiiar.v, ■{^lileTpJomle 
rulori Biblical HemlQury, Da^^^tuii. 
Xt^nlii Thf<okiglcal ^>mlnftry, X^ulu. 


Vlr^ulA ThiKilDfflcpl St?inUiiir>\ Durmld. 

PtcHbytc'iiiin C<;>ll!?g<?, Montreal. 

Presbrterliio Colli'ge, Ilalifujc, 



Amerii'^d CoiutetVHtory af Mualc, Cfalfrago. 

American VlaUn Schwl, Cbledfo. 

Arey CotuierTtttory of Music, CUleflffU, 

fialHtk^ Musical CViUi^g^', CtiU'sgo. 

Btiih TamplB ContMrr^tory of Muilo, QM«at>»^ 

CapoDfj Violin BeliitoJf t'hlcBgy. 

Canitbvf'H Normal ^-cIukjI, €hi('aj;;o. 

O&utral Conscrt-atory, Cblcago, 

Century f^f^bool of MuhIc, Chlcatfu, 

Ctien^'y BchooL, Mrs. Jobn Vanrcp Chicago. 

Ctitcafo ConaerTatory. Chtcai^o, 

Cbti'ago MtiBlciil Call^v*^, C^lfwgo. 

Cbli-iiKo Mualcal ^mlnary. Cblcaffo, 

Cblcngo Natloaal College of Muiitc. Cblt-ago, 

Obtcnffo Opera School, Cblcagif, 

Gbifago Plaiiu Oollevei CJbicag^o. 

Cvliiinbla School of Music, Cblcago. 

Ketad School of Muat^'al and Dramatic Art, 

Kiiglur OuUar bichooL dhicago. 
I^fflQRivell Vlolki ScbOfd. dilenKO. 
^cbcKil of MtiBfi\ Norlbwestern UnJTereky, 

fthcrwofxl If Hide SeUool, rhlraffo, 
Tomaao Miindolln Sehool. Cblcago, 


Port Wayne OoiiHerTalwy ot Muiic^ Ft. Wiiyne. 
[ndlaiiapi>llii Coiui^erTatory of Siluaic, lodltD^ 

Ennd Conaervatory of !^fuHt^, D^a Molnaa, 

Blaalng'a Con*4Tviiitory uf ilueic, JJoyflt. 
Schoul of riJi no forte Playing, To$}«ks. 
Weatern Mualcal Cflnaprvatory, Emporia. 

In tenia tloual ^cJiool for VooalUta aiid Pianists* 

Boa ton. 
N<?w England CoiUH^rvatory of Mnale, Boaton. 


IT jkl vanity SfUool i>f Muali', Atui Ar^hir, 


Bi?»*tboTGn Conserralury uf MusU-t St, Louis. 

N^^braalia Conectva tory ot Mnsle, Llacoln. 

AsHOciate Scbool «>f xMuM^r, Svw York, 
Krin-jltlyn CoUege of Music. Brooklyn. 
I i rand Italian Conaprvatory of Mualc, Brooklyn, 
lliiiniiu roHng^F! of Mufllp, Brooklyn. 
mrnhrHfTt's Cullf^gi* uf Mujilc, Brooklyn. 
MolU'nliiaot'r (•onacrvatory of Music Brooklyn* 
NNttotiul Uotutcrvatory itt Music of Amerlcs, 

Nfw York. 
\i'\v V{irk Oeruiaji Conaervatory of Music* New 

PHclpa' Muifk'al fnatltutc, Brooklyn. 
Slack's J*ehCH*l of Muakv Brooklyn, 
VIfkU Piano School, Ni»w York, 
VVlldnci- ConBcrvotory of Miiilc, Bronklyn. 


CapUol School of Muakv Colunihu)!. 
rinchinati Coaaervatory of Music, ClnclunMU, 
(''■]|i-ge of Mualc of Cincinnati. Cincinnati. 
**h\n ConEwrratory of Mualc, Cincinnati. 
Tol(,'do Center ratory of Mualc, Toli-do, 

Ueetbovcn Sebont of Mnalc, M^ndrJlto. 
Bniad Street Conaertatory of Mualc, Phlla- 

FrfKJiburg Mnalcal College, Fri»cburg. 
Hitrrlsburg ConserrntDry of Muatf, Itarrlflburir. 
Fennnytvanla Collpgu of Mu«lcr, Mi^advtlle. 

Cauadlan Conaerratory of MuhIc, Ottum's, 
Kingston Conaervatory of Moslc and Bchwl of 

Elocution UDd Llterattirc, Klneatun. 
TiCmdon CouaerTatory of Music, London. 
MHtropoUtHn Scbuil of Music, Tomnto. 
Toronto Collcjfe of Mnalc, Toronto. 
Toronto ConacrTutory of Sfnilc, Tbrouti). 

Winn! pet; Ci^Mcfrf of A! a air. Wlnnlp**g. 

llntlfsx Conaervatury uf Musl*% Halifax. 







California School of Design, Sacramento. 

California School of Design, San Francisco. 

Leland Stanford Junior University, School of 
Fine Arts, Stanford University. 

Los Angeles College of Fine Arts, Los Angeles. 

University of California, Department of Deco- 
rative and Industrial Art, Berkeley. 

University of Southern California, Art Depart- 
ment, Garvanza. 


Students' Art School, Denver. 

Hartford Art School, Hartford. 
Norwich Art School, Norwich. 
Yale University, Yale School of the Fine Arts, 
New Haven. 


Corcoran School of Art, Washington. 

National Park School, Art Department. Wash- 


Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. 

Art Academy, Chicago. 

Art Institute of GhioAgo, Chicago. 

Chicago School of Ardiitecture, Art Institute, 

University of Illinois, Department of Art and 
Design, Urbana. 

Indiana University, Department of Fine Arts, 

Bethany College, Art Department, Lindsborg. 
University of Kansas, School of Fine Arts, 

Tulane University, Department of Fine Arts, 
New Orleans. 


Baltimore Art School, Baltimore. 
Maryland Institute of Design, Baltimore. 


Boston Art School, Boston. 

Cowles' Art School, Boston. 

Brie Pape School of Art, Boston. 

Essex Institute, Salem. 

Harvard University, Department of Fine Arts, 

Lowell School of Design. Boston. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Depart- 
ment of Architecture, Boston. 

Massachusetts Normal Art School, Boston. 

Peabody Institute, Peabody. 

School of Drawing and Painting of the Museum 
of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Smith College, School of Art. Northampton. 

Wellesley College, Department of Fine Arts, 

Worcester Free Institute of Industrial Science, 


Detroit Art Academy, Detroit. 

University of Michigan, Department of Fine 
Arts, Ann Arbor. 


Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, Minneapolis. 


School of St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts, 

St. Louis. 

University of Nebraska, School of Fine Arts, 


Princeton University, Department of Fine Arts, 

Rutgers College, Department of Fine Arts, 

New Brunswick. 
State Normal School, Department of Fine Arts, 

Trenton Technical School of Science and Art. 


Adelphi College, Art Department, Brooklyn. 
Artist-Artisan Institute, New York City. 
Art Students' League of New York, New York 

Brooklyn Art School, Brooklyn. 
Columbia University, School of Architecture, 

New York City. 
Cooper Union Free Art School for Women, New 

York City. 
Cooper Union Night School of Art, New York 

National Academy of Design, Art School, New 

York City. 
New York School of Art, New York City. 
Osgood Art School, New York City. 
Palmer Art School, New York City. 
Pratt Institute, Department of Fine Arts, 

Teachers' College, Department of Fine Arts, 

New York City. 

Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati. 
Cleveland School of Art, Cleveland. 
Columbus Art School, Columbus. 
University of Arts and Trades, Toledo. 


Bryn Mawr College, Department of Fine Arts, 
Bryn Mawr. 

Ceramic Art School, Philadelphia. 

Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry, 

Philadelphia School of Design for Women, 

School of Design for Women, Pittsburg. 

School of Industrial Art of the Pennsylvania 
Museum, Philadelphia. 

School of the Pennsylvania Academy of the 
Fine Arts, Philadelphia. 

Stevenson Art School, Pittsburg. 

University of Pennsylvania, School of Architec- 
ture, Philadelphia. 

Brown University. Department of Fine Arts, 

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. 


Ashe Art School, Memphis. 


Dallas School of Fine Arts, Dallas. 




BmU LukH' Ai'fMlt'itjy i>f VUkv Ai-Ib^ C»gdpti City. 

UulviTiiity <*f Vcfiiiuiit^ Di>t)i!iriiiiQtit of Flue 
ArtSp DurUiigtuii, 

Vii'linin Hit\i»y\ uf Art BnU DcB^gi), Halifax. 

Oweii'M MiiEiiiitni of Fin it ArtSn. BuclrrUle't 



UroTitk Dmniiitir Hrhonl, CTbk'affo, 

(rottac'halk Lyi'iv ^vhoiil, Chicago. 

Kelso School tjt Muale Jind Drumutle Art^ Chi- 

Lymdti Behoi'>l> Chlnigo. 

KliiiturD Qcrhool of Opera iitid DramiL, Chicago. 
Hurjfan £k-huol of Expreailon, Annftp Chleiigo. 
Ott'i Sdiool at Gxprt^EtBloi], Clileago. 
PlillllpB S«b043l of Oratory, Gblcago. 
Sebool of Oratory, North wi'fttern UniTurHltyt 

■Cvtt niton. 
gofM-'r Sfhool of Orptory, CbLengo. 

D08 M^Uies School of Orntory unil ExpresBlnn, 


^L'hoDl of E2pro«RloTL und tho Drainu, Tcrp^kA.. 

Weatern 3i?<-ln>ul of Elocution and Orjil<sry, 

EmptBon College I'f Ortitory, Boitoo. 

American Academy of Dm matte Arts, New 

AmertcaD Scliool of li^locutloiiH Brook lyu. 
American Bcbool of Opera, Viww York. 
Berltts 8cb«ol of UtnguaifeH, New York. 
Lawrence Bebool of Aetlng^ New York. 
N«w York School of Exprcaidoti, New York* 
Stftnhope'Wheat<!rDft Dramatic acbool. New 


Capitol School of Oratory, Cohirohna. 
Hajward Bcliool of El^X'iitlon. ClnclimatU 
Harroff School of BicpreKsion* Clcralsnd* 
BchuBtcr School of Elocution, Clnc^lnnatt. 


Clmflij'^ BiialneeiH CijllFtge^ HuntavLlle. 
iiraiLghon't Tractlcjil BuHlnoflB College , Mont- 

MuMcy Bualne«B College, Montgomery. 
Maatfey Bualnesa College. Dlrmlngham. 
Mai2on and Andrews Collego. Mobile. 
Sonthern BuftlncaH UnlyifrBlty, MohllVi 
^ITaorshy Schnol an si Bualneev College. Thorshy, 
Wheeler Bu«lneP(B roJliJBcv Birmingham, 


Lsmson Bu8lni?fiB C<>ni?'gc, I'hoenU, 


Draughon'it Fractli.-ttl Biielni-att College. Little 

Fort Smith Commercial CiNllege, Fort Smith. 
Infltltnto L*¥| Ki'jH, Uttle Hock. 
Jami^B Practical BustneEt^ CoHcsf, Pine Bluff. 


Ay era' BuBlueflB College, Sati Francisco. 
CLllforntA Butlnau Collegfi, Bui fruiaisoo. 
Cheart]Utw<M>d'fl Bun^^ik^si^ Conegf'. Siiiitft Cnisi- 
Kureka Tlnaln^M College, Eurc^ka, 
Fresno Bualncfi« Ccillii*ge. Freiino, 
Gothle's Stenographic Inatltnte. San Fraticlsfro. 
OraBR Valley BuBlncas Cnllpge, Qrafia Valley. 
HcAld'i. Biutnfl«m CoUe^B, San Fnjaiii«eot 
Ima Angclea BuHloffX^ College, Ixta Angelea. 
Mtuinoti School of Shorthand. Sau Fraticlai^o. 
Naps BuMneu College, Nat>«. 
Oaklanil HborthaDd lnatltat«, Oakland. 
OmQge Coonty Bu«lne« College, Santa Anna. 
Pacific Cob at Bnalneas College. San Jose. 
Polytechnic Buaineaa College, Oaklnnd. 
Eiveralde Bnaineaa CuBegi'. RiTerBlde, 
San Diego Comtnercial College, Bap Diego. 
Snn Frauciaco Boainei^ College, S4n Franclaco. 

San Joae BuaineoB College, San Jose. 
Santa Barbara. Bualnesi College, Santo, Burbaiii. 
Santa Rosa Bastneaa OoUegen Santa Ruau. 
Sotitherti California Bualneaa College, f.iOB An- 
Stockton Bu»lneafl College, Stockton. 
Willi am '■ Buaioess College, Pomona. 
Woodbwry Bnftlne»a College ^ Los Angelea. 

CcBtrril BufllneRB College, OeiiTer. 
Heuager'8 BusIueBH College, Colorado Sprfnga. 
Madern Si-hool of Bnainesi:. Denver. 
Pdeblo Bnalneaa College, Pueblo. 
Trlnlilaa Bqatneaa College. Trinidad. 
Wallace Bnainea* College, PeoTcr. 
Woodworth'B Shorthand College, Denrer, 

Brown Bualneaa College. South Korwnlk. 
ChlldsBatler Buaineas CoJhgc, New Hiiveii. 
Connecticut BuslnesB College, Mlddietown, 
Oaffey'a Shorthand School. New Haven. 
Huntalnger's Bnilneaa College, Hartford. 
Merrill College, Stanford. 
Monroe'fl Bnalness College. Waterbnry. 
Morae'a Snaineaa College. Hartford. 
Norwich Bufilncsa College. Norwich. 
Olinatend'a Commercial College, llartford. 
Pequod Biialneaa College. Merltlen. 
Pope Bualnesi College, Derby. 
Putnam BaatiMsa Oollegf^, Putnam. 
Sttllman BaalneB* Gollcee. DHnhtiry. 
Union BuBlneas College. Bridgeport, 
Water bury BOBtncaa College, Waterbary, 
WltUmaQtle Bnaineaa College, WllUinalitk. 
WlnatcHl Buatneaa College. Wtnated. 
Yitfi Buatneaa College. New HaTeJi. 


Ooldey College, Wilmington. 

WllnOngtoti Bualneaa College. Wllmingtodi. 




Tiiiiikt's BuijItiL'tfH (.Vini?j;L\ Wasliin^tun. 
VV natiington BiUiJULijti lUffli School, WKsUlpgtpu. I 
VVwd'n Cammei'dnl UoUi?jft% Wi'St WflaUtpgtod. 

MaaBi^y Bualuess CoU^Be, Jnekscsuvllle, 
Tumpu Bu»lni!&s ColJeffC* TiiiiiiMi. 

Dmtifhoti^B Business College, Atlaiitii. 
Ocori^la-Alabamji Bualncaa CoHef^e, Macon. 
QtOTSia Tele^rapli and nallmad Bunlneas Col- 

lese, Senola* 
Maeon Commercial Collejre, Macon. 
Manai^y Buslni^aa Ckilh-ge, Columbus. 
Nortb Georifla BuslnesB ColU^geh Rome. 
OHhonm'a Bueilnesii Colk-ge, AneuatB. 
lllchuiQiid Bustneaii Colltj!t\ Sa^aoiiah, 
St. Patrick's CoDainproliil Inatkutti, Augusta, 
Soullierii Bliortbunii mid BumIiil'bb Univcrsltr, 


Bol^o BuaioL^as and Sborttiand CollcgOr Hot^n. 
Idaho BoAluf^aa UuLversJlj, Bolsi^. 
Moscow BueiDeas CoBe£t.', ^locow, 

Atlietiaeum^ Gklcago, 
Bvlk'Ville Comiuercial and Sliortbaiid CoBege, 

Blxlpr-tlllnots Bualucas College, CbLcfi^o. 
Brown 'a Bualncus Call^Bi^P Bloom liigtoii* 
Brown's BuMlnuiitu College, Centra lia^ 
Brown's. Biisloeiifl College, Cbampalffn,. 
Bpuwn'B Biiifltieflg Collej^e, Decatiir. 
Bmwn'a Bualnci»B College. Galeaburg, 
Brcwn'a Bualueaa College, JuebsanTUlt!, 
Browo'a Buslueea College, MoLlne. 
Brown 'a Bualtieas Collesri*, FlhiHu. 
Brown*a Ottawa BuBlness GgiUpbo, Ottawa. 
Brown's Ren; k ford liunl nests 0>Uege, Roekford. 
Bryant and Stratton HuBluoaa College, CbUllgO. 
Columbian Tradu and Business School, Obloago. 
Banvlllc BuslneBB C<3lle£;^e, Daurllle. 
De La Salle Institute. Chleagu. 
Elgin BuBiueaa College, Elgin. 
Free port College of Commerce, Freeport, 
Gem City Bnalneas College, Qntnc?. 
tSregg Sfbool, Cbiengo. 
liarinon Sbortband Srhool, Chicago, 
OliuotB Bualneaa College. Cbleago, 
Jones BuslnesB Collegi", Cbleai^, 
Kankakee Buaiueaa College and Sbortband 

Sebool, Kankakee. 
Klnibaira Trniidiiif School, Cbloago. 
Lincoln Duftlne^s Collf>ge, Lincoln. 
MacCoriiiJio Correfljionilenre Srhotal, CbiiTigOK 
Metropolitan Buaineas College, Chicago. 
Mllea College, Chleago, 
National Bualneba College, Qulnt?r- 
North Cbloago Bnaineaa College, Cblcaso. 
Northwestern Bualtiesk Collegt% Cbicaso, 
0*Donneirs Dualnees College, Chicago. 
Orchard City Bus It; ess College, Flora. 
Orr*e Business College, Chicago. 
Pnternon's 8t<»nographic InatJtate, Chicago. 
Progfeaaivo Practical Buatneaa College, Chicago. 
St. Patrick's Commcrt'lal Araflemy, Chicago. 
Springfield fiuslneaa CoIU'<go, Springfield. 
Union Eleetrle Telegraph gU-hooln Cblcsgo. 
Watson 'a Buslnefis College, Chicago, 
Wbite College of Bborthand, CbleagO. 


Aijdt:ritHjii Butihii^Krt College, Audoraon. 

Art Collegia, I -a Porte. 

Brazil Business University, BrazH, 

Brown's Bualuisss College, Torre Haute. 

Columhlan Commercial CoHosCh Btad«Tille. 

Craw ford Bv 11 Ic; Business Cidle^e, CrawfordsTlllc. 

Di)di?es luatitute of TeJograpby, Talparalfto. 

]^]lkhart BnslJicss College, Elkhart. 

llnntlngton Btialneaa University, Huntington. 

Indianapolis Bnslnosa Clulveraltj, India napolls. 

International Business College, Fort Wayne, 

Loeky ear's Business College, Evanavlllfi, 

Logan aport Busliif^as College, Loganaport, 

Marlon Bnelneaa College, Marlon, 

M uncle Buslneaa College, Mnncle, 

Northern Indiana Commercial College , Valpa- 

Richmond Business College, Blefamond. 

Shorthand Training School, Indianapolis. 

^ontb Bend Commercial College, South Bend. 

Union Business College, Ijifayette. 

Union Hl^h Acadi^mj^ and Business College. 

Voriea' BusineM College, IndlanapoUs, 


Bayless Bualneaa College, DubuQne. 
Brown's Buainess College, Davenport, 
Bmwn's Business College, Sloui City. 
Capital City Commercial College, I>es Moines. 
Capital City Telegrsjp^h Institute, tJes Molnea. 
Cedar Itaplda Business College, Ceijar liaplds. 
C^^ntral lowft Buslnesi^ College, Marshall town. 
Clinton ItUHltic^^ College, Clinton. 
Davenport Bnatnesa College, Davenport. 
Elliot's Business College, Burlington. 
Iowa Baalucas Callcge, Dcs Moines. 
Iowa City Commercial Collegff, lown City, 
.TobnsoQ'a Busiueaa College, Ft. Madison. 
Keokuk Business Institute, Keofeuk, 
Muscatine Business College, Mt. Pleasant, 
Oakaloosa Business College, Oskalooaa. 
Ottamwa Commercial College, Otttimv^a. 
People's Commercial and Bo wen Business Col- 
lege, Des Moluea. 
St Mary 'a Institute. Marsh alltown. 
Toland's Buslueae College, Spencer, 
Tolaod's Bueipeas University, Maaon City. 
University Bnslni^s Collegf', Iowa City, 
Waterloo Business CufUeg*', Waterloo, 
Western Iowa Business College. Council Bluffs. 

Atchison Business College, Atcblson. 
Dougherty Sbortband Sebool, Topeka, 
Emporia Bnainffss College, Euiporlu. 
Great Western Business anti Normal College, 

lola Business College, lola. 
Kansas Wesley an Bualness College, Sallna. 
Lawrence Business College, Lawrence. 
Leavenworth Business College, Le&ren worth. 
National Business College, Co^ffeyTlUe, 
National Business College, Hiawatha, 
National Business Ctjilege, Kansas City. 
National Business ColJegE. Manhattan, 
Nemaha Commercial College, Seneca. 
Normal and Business College, Conway Sprlng^a. 
Ottawa Buslneas College, Ottawa. 
Parsons Buslneas College, Faraons. 
Pittsburg Bualnesfl College, Plttibnrg. 




Fund's Huiilui'isH CuLll^|^i\ Tt>iii^ku^ 

Sill: CLty BufFl]iL>uH ITi^Lege^ liutrbJnuun. 

Skt^ltou's Beliuol ot Tt}]vgrti\3by utid UiiJhvaj 

^.taadiird Shiirtbaint) Scboitl, Titpi-kri. 
Tnpek« BualneetH C>»tli'(rt-n TiHi'^kii. 
Wio)iit« Buitnett ColUfffi, Wlobiti. 
Wioliitft Conuneroial OoUof«, Widiita. 

Wlufli^ld Buftlnfss nnd Ai-a^emle College. Wlii- 

Brvuiit &;, Stfntton lliifltni'ss College, Loiitfl- 

BuwLLnf (jre^'U BiiiliiCHi ColU'i^e, BuwlLiig Gsreon« 
Gtark'B CfuniDerctjil i*i)Ui.>g<^, CoTlnsrtiHt. 
Clark '» Coiinm&rcliil OlU'gp', Newport, 
i*w*!rn!tKiro Gomnieri'Ial ^c^lU»lft^ OwfJiHtKim. 

OflHIUni^B gbortlian^ jffhoal. New C^I&hiih^ 
t>i-iiiijrlif ill's E*ruttl«ul liimLiK'SA ColJpff** ^bit*vo- 

AiiHMii Aeuijc'ujy iiniJ liiiKlm+Ks CoHi^bc^ j<{Qrtb 


lltiJitri^r BiiHJLit'Mia CVillei^i?, Buiigor. 
Hl\tm UuHliiuaa ColU^ge, Lcwlatnti. 
i:4riiy'H For I la til] BiinLtieiiit CiiLLeg(\ Fortldnd. 
Kli'Ht'H Bu«lni-iM CullnKf, WnttTTUlc. 
RdCk 111 till Cammtjreiiil rullifgo. KoeklMncl. 
Shiiw BUHtneui Colle^i-. AtifU^tA. 
Shiiw HiiHlnHiK Collej^i.', BntiJiroi'. 
Shiiw'« Biifllnt'Bs Cu'lJi^irt-, PortlHnd. 


Baltimore BuHliK-aa Colk'^u. BnltlmDri?. 
C«ivtrul Comuie^rtVBl CoUi^jr+v CiuDbtfrland, 
Kuloii :ind Burnett BusUii'm College*, Baltlroonv 
MDuntalii Ststi^ Baaint-flH ('iJIi^jta. UumtK^rlftud^ 
Sa<dl«r^H Bryant utid ^tt-itttnii BuEtlnr.>HH College » 

E^tm^'^r'a BttHlbesH Cullpi^fv Bn HI more. ' 
Wolf'fl Buel[ii>4{i Colli gi', Ujife't't-Mtown. 

Bay Fath lnHtitnili\ Hprinirflpld, 
Bvcker'A BiiHliii^aa C"i,tllegt'^ WoiH'eat*.*!* 
Bi'iiLHllt't ifi'hool of ^;borL build. Btiatud. 
Bubtoii'a BualbCM Schixil New BLilford. 
Bvrkahlre BiifllD«tt Collf|:c>, FUt^tlcld. 
BtyAttt and Btrattan Cinuniirr^^lHl gehool. BoHton. 
BuTdett OoUeic, Boffton. 
CaDncin Ciframerflal Ci>U*»kp, Ijiwrence. 
Coiiier*fl ConiinerflHl CoHefft*, Boston* 
FltPbburff Bu«lji(;a«i €ol1effn, Fltphhurj* 
Hir'koi l^hortliand jf^b^>nl4 Boston. 
niTiiiiiiii''a BuBtni^aa C3i>llf^{rc\ Ji^prJnjKfleUT. 
11 In man's BnalucaR ITallPSt^. Wor<H*fttiT, 
llolyokrf Bufdnraa liiatltutLS Holjoke. 
Ijowell CotDtuerdal Coll*^g(\ Lowi^U, 
Lynn BuHltK-a« Collf^ge. Liyiui. 
MeU^r'B rotiimt'i'i'lal C\dLeBts Waltbnm, 
3ali>iu Cctmnierrlal Si'h^Njl, aal^jii. 
Bho^maker-Clark Schfml. Fall River, 
TnuntoQ BiuBlneu Collef c. Taunton, 
TlitbodiNia*! CiitlefH. Fall KirfiP. 
Witrec«ter Bualnen iDititute, Warcc«t«r. 


A||iiniu UualtiL^aa L-ollt'|jri\ AliM^iin. 

nUnH Biittlni>i«a Cull«^e, Flint. 

Brftwu^a Bualni'fHt TTnlvtralty. Adrian. 

Devlhi'a Bu^lin'HH Collejg^f, Jnr/kBOD. 

<;rjinfl ttaplilH BualiiL-sJt I'nlvi'rslty, liruiid Rap- 

tiili'i'ikutlonul Blind 1)4 <«« CtillHgi^ Saglnnw, 
Lniiwiii^ Huriliji^httt UniVHi^Hlty, Lnnnlng. 
MnuIatLH* Buaiin^tia Ct>Hi*ge, MatiUtee, 
MariifUutte Bualni^]^* Call^{fi^t Mafiiiii'tttf. 
Mc^La^'hlu!.! Bualuoaa rn^yi^raity, Grand Rapids, 
Mli'-hlgan BiiNtneas OoUej^f*, Batrlo Creek, 
^11 Iff a Cfjllr^e, iK'trott. 
Paraon'a Buiilnc-as College', Kalajuaisotn 
Fontbic BuHlntNUt College, PontUf. 
Haf:lnu;v BuHbiefW Collegi', ^uginitw* 
St, Jo«iif!^pti'« Commercial Bcbot>lp Detroit, 
Tbri'e RlTi^ra Huslneaft Aendetuy, Tbriine El vers, 
Travfi-ae City Brntlnofls Collegp. Triiverfnj City, 
Yerlbgtou CoUi*ite, St. IjouIb, 

Ai-i-btbatd"!! Buslueae Collf>BL% ^UninpapnUs. 
Boenlat'b'^ C^tmiiieri'lali College, St, Faiil, 
Bfalbenl Bnalni-aa < ollegr, Bralni^rd. 
CunHeld OoinniiTrlal SrliooU Owatotuaa* 
Catc^n Ctilb!j^t\ S^lliinvii polls. 
Darling '« Bu sine an Colktjiti, Ferg^UH Falla. 
Huliitb Bualneaa Unlveraltj. Duluth. 
irlobo BuHlu^iui CollegH', Btn Faiil. 
11 1^ Bualnifw College. Hi* PauL 
MankPto CommervlHl Col lege. Mankato^ 
Minnesota ^trhCHrd *>t Business, MlnneapoU _ 

MunBon Sborthand IJlNtfcutL^ MlniieRpolIa,1 

Nortbwt'Htern Colb>jfe and Bualn^H Inadttit^, 

Para^m'Et BuslDi'BH Cull if Be? and ftbortband Inatl- 

tutt', Dnliitb. 
Paraon's BualnRaa riHverelty. Wel]«, 
Rai(ainiiac«n I'rac'tb'ol BniiueHii t^iollegp, Still- 
ItnauiiMHen Praettfal Biislneaa Selii>&l. St* PaiiJ. 
Red Winir Bualneaa C«Jli*gi'. Red Wfn^* 
Mr. Pa 11 1 Btiatneaa Colb^ireH M. Paul. 
Umik Center Aead^nij and Bnalnen Cotk^gv, 

Sauk Center. 
'Finland'! Bnalupas l^nlveralty, Wltiona. 

Harrla Btislneaa Cotlegd. Jaok«nt}. 
Macoa and .^nclri^v^s College, Meridian. 
Mm con And Andrew 'a Ctitl^gi^ We«t Point* 
St. Miirjr'ii Cutbedrul Si'luixiiL Katebes. 
Vlekaburft Cemuierelal SebiKiL Vli^kaburj;. 

Bfirnea Bualnpaa C44legp, Ht* LouJa. 
Brown^a Bualneaa Col logo. Kunaafl City 
Cattieilrii] C4>n]nu»Jviiil Sebtwl, Kanaaa Oltjf. 
Central Bilalneea t'ol1t>j[(i\ Si^dalla. 
Central trojlese of Coninierei! and Sbortbanil, 

K a nana Clity. 
<'htlUrothe Bnalnesi untt Sburtliabd t3rjljt5ffe. 

Branghnrrit Praitleal Bualneaa Culkge, Kanaaa 

Drangbuh'a Prai^tlcal BnaliiMa Gcille'ge. Si. 

Lou lift. 
Hannibal Commen lal Cnl1pg«. Hannltial. 
11 a,¥ ward's BuatuftHH Col Iff e, St* Lobla. 
HllFa Buxlni^aa Collegep S^dalla, 




Jones Commercial College, St. Louis. 

Joplln Business College. JopUn. 

Kansas City Business College, Kansas City. 

Kansas City National Business College, Kan- 

sa City. 
Maupln's Commercial College, Chllllcotbe. 
Missouri Shorthand College, St. Louis. 
Mound City Business College, St. Louis. 
Nevada Business College, Nevada. 
Perkins and Harpel Mercantile College, St. 

Piatt's Commercial College, St. Joseph. 
Queen City Business College, Springfield. 
St. Joseph Business University. St. Joseph. 
St. Joseph Commercial College, St. Joseph. 
St. Louis Commercial College, St. Louis. 
Southwestern Business College, St. Louis. 
Spalding's Commercial College, Kansas City. 


Butte Business College, Butte. 

Engelhom Helena Business College, Helena. 

Great Falls Commercial College, Great Falls. 


Aurora Business College, Aurora. 
Falls City Business College, Falls City. 
Kearney School and Business College, Kearney. 
Lincoln Business College, Lincoln. 
McCook Phonographic Institute, McCook. 
Nebraska Business and Shorthand College, 

Norfolk Business College, Norfolk. 
Northwestern Business College. Beatrice. 
Omaha Commercial College, Omaha. 
Queen City Business College. Hastings. 
St. Paul Business College. St. Paul. 
York Business College, York. 


Bliss Business College, Portsmouth. 

Bryant & Stratton Business College, Man- 

Dover Business College, Dover. 

Hesser Business College, Manchester. 

National Business College. Nashua. 

New Hampton Commercial College, New Hamp- 

St. Anselm's Business College, Manchester. 

Teraune's Practical Business College, Laconia. 


Abrahamson Business College, Camden. 

Coleman National Business College, Newark. 

Columbia College. Patorson. 

Drake Business College, Bayonne. 

Drake Business College, Jersey City. 

Lansley Business College. Elizabeth. 

Llghtfoot Stenographic and Typewriting Insti- 
tute, Jersey City. 

New Brunswick Business College, New Bruns- 

Phillips School, The, Paterson. 

Plainfleld Business College, Plainfleld. 

Bider-Moore and Stewart School of Business.- 

Union Business College. Elizabeth. 

Wood's College, Newark. 

Albany Business College, Albany. 
Associated Business Institute, New York. 

Barclay's Business Institute, Geneva. 

Binghamton School of Business, Binghamton. 

Blackman's School, Brooklyn. 

Browne's Brooklyn Business College, Brooklyn. 

Bryant-Stratton Business College, BufTalo. 

ChaflTee's Phonographic Institute, Oswego. 

Charles Commercial School, Brooklyn. 

Claghorn's Bryant & Stratton Business Col- 
lege, Brooklyn. 

Dakin's Business Institute, Syracuse. 

Eastman Business College, Foughkeepsie. 

Ellinwood School, Brooklyn. 

Elmira School of Commerce, Elmira. 

Genesee Wesleyan Commercial School, Lima. 

Geneva Business Training Institute, Geneva. 

GloversviUe Business School, GloversviUe. 

Haley's Business Institute, Glens Falls. 

Heffley School, Brooklyn. 

Henley School, The, Syracue. 

Hurst's Private School, Buffalo. 

Hornellsville Business and Shorthand School, 

Jamestown Business College, Jamestown. 

Kissick's Business Institute, Brooklyn. 

Lockport Business Institute, Lockport. 

Long Island Business College. Brooklyn. 

Metropolitan Shorthand School. New York. 

Miller School of Business, New York. 

Miner's Business Academy, Brooklyn. 

New York Commercial and Stenographic School, 

O'Brien's Shorthand School. Brooklyn. 

Ogdensburg Business School. Ogdensburg. 

Packard Commercial School, New York. 

Paine Uptown Business School, New York. 

Penn Yan Commercial Institute, Penn Yan. 

Poppenhusen Institute, College Point. 

Ramsdell School, Mlddletown. 

Rochester Business Institute, Rochester. 

Ruscoe College of Commerce, New York. 

St. James Commercial School, Brooklyn. 

Sherman's Business College, Mt. Vernon. 

Spencer's Business School. Kingston. 

Spencerian Business School. Utica. 

Spencerian Business School. Yonkers. 

Spencerian Institute of Business. Newburg. 

Syracuse Commercial School. Syracuse. 

Teale's School, Brooklyn. 

Thompson's Business School. New York. 

Troy Business College. Troy. 

Utica Business Institute. Utica. 

Vermilye College. New York. 
I Walworth Business Institute. New York. 
I Warner's Business School, Elmira. 
I Westbrook Commercial Academy. Olean. 
I Whiteman's Telegraph School. Chatham. 
: Wood's Now York School. New York. 
! Wyrkoff Phonographic Institute, Ithaca. 

; Ashoville Business College, Ashevllle. 

Charlotte Commercial College, Charlotte. 

Fleming University of Shorthand. Charlotte. 
i King's Business College, Charlotte. 

King's Business College, Raleigh. 

Northwestern Commercial College, Grand Forks. 


Actual Business College. Akron. 
I Ashtabula Business College, Ashtabula. 




Iiui-U<?tt'H 4'<iiiiwnT« Ul CoiltHgis ChicltiiiiJtL 

Berk i' J ami Dyke's Prlvatfs Buitliif'REi i^c-bijol. 

Blim Biie1iH>fi« f]ulle;^L*. C.uluiu\>iift. 
Browii«'H BufiinpM Citll^n;*^, youHirstowii. 
Bryant. Sti-ntt(Mj hi ml ^lUltLi 11ufl1ni''H» Calle^e, 

BuekejFL^ BU94hit>«iM iVdlcjiris Sidney. 
Cnmpb&ll Busliir-fts Ci>Jli*Mt', (^ambrldKf. 
fnntoii A<'Tuii1 Rusirh'^BH CoLl^i^e, CniitoiK 

CliH'liiii^iii S.l 1 ot I*lmiioytrrti>bj% CJni'limati* 

I'liluTJihi.L I .hiriHiMltil rnlvi-rslly. LaiK-ush*. 
]>avM liib^jiinrs rollt'ifc, Toledo, 
KdmJHloii Busliit'sj* Odlegf, CI eve land, 
(iem City Bchttol of BiiHliiosfi, DHytmi. 
4irahiim'a Buj»Ljil^i«» Coll(*K»^ Portamuutb. 
Iluir^ Bu»lhesH UiilvtH-aity* roungituwn. 
Iluminc'l Bu^lDOSfl C<dJf'ge, Akruii. 
TIiddrJberK f:(HTim€T(Hiil CiiUegf, Tiffin, 
HJcklc^'s Camiuiretul CollL'^gi^^ Ctdumbutt. 
Jaoiib'ft Buj^ineBB CoHt^ge, Duytou. 
Ijfintz CoHimercltil Scboid. fiwytrm. 
Lima BiiHinesfl C<dli^tr^', Lima, 
LltLli'ford J* SbmrhHiid Siboeil. rlnrlnniitL 
MiiliHOpld Bu»!i5i*>irt f'-ili<'Kt*p al a nan* ►Id. 
MnrlfjittH CtHBHUTclul roUp|j:t.\ Mnrk^tta. 
MaHfllUon Actual Bunlheaa Otdtt'i^i'. M^HHilliyii. 
Mf^riHUth BuAfm^Hfl Co1Li^k^'> ZAiii'ttVilb^. 
McKleru flcboul. Tb1^ Clw^liind. 
NelKnb'a Buedneim Uulle^e. ClueLiiHntl. 
NelBob'a BuiltiffMi CoUei^f?, BprLngHeld. 
Newark Bualnertti CVdkiJp, Kuwarfc, 
Obt'rllii BaHlneHA Coll^ffft* Obi-^riln. 
t»i*>rllii ftchool of Teh'graphy, nberlln. 
Ob to BiiMLiieBa Cull&g{\ MntiEtfli;1d. 
Obtc^ BuHiheaa ItisUtulc, ColumbuB. 
Oblo Valli^r BunltiiMM OolU^ff^^. Kaat LW(>rp<iol. 
Parsr>u'H Bu4iLiiCj!ii« Cull<^gi'. CabiintniH. 
Kt. Joiht'i>U CiOli^Rp, ChirlimHil, 
Siili'm Bujttni'R^ Colb'M*'. Hali^m. 
Sjiurlnflky HiiHlui^a}^ CoUi^gi^t Htrnduaky. 
SpfiJt't*rian rnmiiicr^'tal ^i-brntl^ Cli^Vvliilid, 
Sti-ii^N-nvLllf* BuBUneaa Cullege. f^tc-ubc-