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Full text of "Read genealogies, of the brothers and sisters and families and descendants of Israel Read, Abner Read, John Read, Polly Read (Hetherington) William Read, Wolcott Read, Lewis Read, Nathaniel Read"

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Of the Brothers and Sisters 


Families and Descendants 



POLLY READ (Hetherington) 

Compiled by Rev. Henry Martyn Dodd, A. B., A. M. 

Clinton, New York 

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Your fatheis where are they? — Zech. i : J 


Copyright 1912 

Henry Martyn Dodd 

Clinton, N. Y. 


N compiling this Read Genealogy, I have been 
actuated in part by. my . enjoyment of such work, 
and in part by a desire to -do something of value 
for the Read family to which my mother belonged, 
I realize, however, that it is a very incomplete 
book, for much that whs important has passed beyond recovery 
with the passing away of the older generations and their neglect 
of family records. If I had had larger means I might, perhaps, 
by expensive researches have discovered more facts and made 
a more perfect record. I have found the written records few 
and scattered, and not always correct. It has been necessary 
to depend much on Tradition ; but knowing the uncertainty 
of such evidence, I have been careful about accepting it unless 
well verified. I feel sure that the statements of this book can 
be depended on with reasonable confidence. Some of the kin- 
dred have helped cordially, for which I return most hearty 
thanks. Others have seemed indifferent and unresponsive, and 
if any such do not find much about their own families, they 
certainly will not blame me. A second <<iiti<>n, perhaps, may 
be printed, and then all -Mr-Mrs VJ'this corre"h j d and deficiencies 



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Jan.. 1912. Xew York. 


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A DESIRE to know something about ones ancestors 
seems natural to Mankind, and while one is neither 
the better nor the worse on account of his Pedigree, 
yet it seems a desirable thing to preserve family 
histories in a Genealogy. This is the more necessary 
for sometimes the disposition of titles and estates depend on 
the record. The Bible gives us many genealogies, and we know 
that among the Hebrews, Chinese, Arabians and Oriental nations 
generally, much attention was, and is, paid to genealogies. In 
England, Parish Registers of births, deaths and marriages have 
been kept for centuries. The early New England laws required 
them to be entered in the Town Clerk's Office, and valuable 
help has been had, in this book, from that source. In New York, 
until 1887, no such records were required, but many families 
arc collecting and printing their records, which can be found 
in the various libraries. 

The Author's Apology. Though not a Read by name, yet 
the fact that his mother was one, will be apology enough (if 
apology be needed), for the effort the author has made to col- 
lect, arrange and preserve these items of the family history of 
the Reads, to whom lie belongs through his mother, who was 
Maria, daughter of William Read. 

Female and Collateral Lines. It has been the author's pur- 
pose to give a record of all the families descended from our 
Read ancestor, both on the male and female lines. And, also, 
notes on other families with whom they have intermarried, be- 
lieving that these notes would add to the value of the book. 


Meaning of the Name. The name Read has been the sub- 
ject of many speculations as to its origin and meaning. One 
writer says that Aschanaz, great-grandson of Noah, was the 
founder of the family. Another traces it to Rhea, an ancient 
goddess of the old Greek and Roman mythology, who was the 
wife of Saturn and mother of Juno, Neptune, and the mighty 
Jupiter himself. Others think it may denote an occupation, 
from the Saxon Raed — speech, discourse. Or that it may have 
been used to denote a resemblance to a certain well known plant. 
Ried in German denotes a hollow stalk. Some think it has been 
compounded, as in Ethelred, or Reed the Good ; Conrad, or Reed 
the Powerful; Eldred, or Reed the Elder. The spelling (and 
misspelling) appear to have been dictated largely by fancy. We 
note no less than 18, viz : Read, Reed, Reade, Reid, Ried, Ride, 
Red. Rad, Raad, Rheade. Rheadus. Reda. Rada, Redha, Wrede, 
Whrede, Wada. Wrada. 

Reeds of the Old World. The name Read is found in sev- 
eral European countries. We note that in the 15th century in 
Scotland there was a famous Robert Reed, or "Robin of Redds- 
dale" (Reeds-dale), whose figure was carved, on a high rock as 
an armor-clad Giant, for his deeds of valor. In the same vale 
there dwelt a powerful elan, a branch of which was called Reed- 
augh ( Reed-oh ) . Sir Walter Scott, in his ' ' Fair Maid of Perth ' ' 
refers to them. A Peter Reed was knighted by Charles V, at 
the seige of Barbary. His portrait hangs in the council house 
of St. Giles Church, Edinboro. which he endowed with a fund 
to have the bells rung every 'day, at 4 in the morning and 8 in 
the evening. Hod's and Burke's works on English and Scotch 
Noble Families, give several Reades, with their pedigrees and 
coats of arms. At the present time (1912) we hear of one Sir 
George Comptoi) Reade, who is a plain American farmer at 
Howell. Michigan, who claims, with much reason, to be the 


rightful heir of Shipton Court, a grand old estate in Oxford- 
shire. England. 

The Reads in America are quite a numerous and patriotic 
tribe. They were among the early settlers of New England. 
Pennsylvania and Virginia. As early as 1630, "William Reade. 
born 1605. whom we believe to have been our ancestor, was one 
of Gov. Bradford's partners in settling the colony of Boston, 
Mass. His large family came over in 1635, in the ship "Assur- 
ance." which sailed from Gravesend. July 26th. 1635. He set- 
tled at Weymouth, 20 miles south of Boston, on the coast. His 
brother, John Reade, came in 1643. and settled in Rehoboth. 
Mass. In 1630 there also came, to Salem. Mass.. a "Col. Read." 
son of Sir Thomas Cornwall, and grandson of the Lord of Shrope- 
shire. This Col. Reed, and his posterity, were leading men in 
Salem. About the same time another Read family was found in 
Plymouth. In 1660. John Reed came to Providence. R. I.. In 
1637. George Read came to Virginia. His great-great-grandson 
was George Washington, "Father of his country." 

The Reads can claim Washington for their family record. 
Joseph Read, probably a relative, was Washington's military 
secretary, and would, probably, have been President had he 
lived. He was a man of unusual ability.* George Read of Del- 
aware, was one of the five men who had the double honor of 
being a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a framer 
of the Federal Constitution. He lived in tine style at Newcastle, 
Del. The Reads of Pennsvlvania have furnished some notable 

-This Joseph Read, born in the North of Ireland. 1741. came with 
his parents to America, where he received a fine college and profes- 
sional education, and general culture. He was an ardent patriot, and 
in a variety of very responsible military, civil and diplomatic positions, 
showed such talents and rendered such invaluable service, that he was 
counted, in his day. one of the great men of this nation. His moral 
and religious life was blameless. He died in 1785. while yet in his 
prime. See Sparks Am. Biog. 


men in literature and statesmanship. William Read of Woburn, 
Mass., arrived Oct. 6th, 1635. His descendant, James Reed, who 
lived at FitzWilliam, or Keene. N. H., commanded the 2d Regi- 
ment at Bunker Hill, which did heavy fighting, losing 166 killed 
and wounded. James Reed was later made a Brigadier General 
by the Provincial Congress. Besides James Reed, there were at 
Bunker Hill, Jeremiah Reed, and Benjamin Reed, Jr., of Rut- 
land, who was killed June 17th, 1775. and also William Warrin. 
killed at the same battle. It is a well authenticated tradition 
that our Nathaniel Read had one or more uncles at Bunker 
Hill, and four cousins, two of whom were killed. The military 
records of New England and of the Continental Army furnish 
hundreds of names of Reads who served as regular soldiers, 
sailors, and militia men, many of them several times. They 
also were active in the old Indian and Colonial Wars. Their 
descendants are eligible to most of these patriotic societies, if 
only they can trace their pedigrees back. 

Reads in America in 1790. The First Federal Census, 1790, 
shows that (excepting New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia, and part 
of Virginia, and the, then, Territories) there were in the whole 
land 1,201 families named Reed, Read, Reade, Reads, Rede, 
Reede, Reid, Reide, Rhead, Ried. They comprised 6,877 per- 
sons, an average of 5.7+ to the family. One family in every 
342 was a Read, and it was, and still is, one of the more num- 
erous families in our land. They were located by states as 
follows: Maine 51, New Hampshire 57, Vermont 46, Massa- 
chusetts 304, Rhode Island 19, Connecticut 86, New York 88, 
Pennsylvania 253, Maryland 71. Virginia (part) 6o. North 
Carolina 105, South Carolina 56. There was one Reed in every 
217 persons in Massachusetts, one every 440 in Connecticut 
and one in 421 in New Hampshire and one in 292 in Pennsyl- 
vania. They were most numerous in the latter states. 



Later Generations in America. The Beads are also to be 
found among the country's defenders in the AVar of 1812. 
Three of our ancestor's sons were in it (and perhaps more), 
viz: Israel. William and Abner, and his son. John. Israel 
was killed. In the Civil AVar. 1861, there were many of the 
name who were officers and privates. Several of onr cousins 
have fine military records. One of our cousins belonged to 
a Michigan cavalry regiment, a detachment of which captured 
Jefferson Davis. He guarded the prisoner. Another cousin, 
Charles Harvey Reed, was at one time a leading lawyer of 
Chicago. F. A. Reed was a M. E. minister in Illinois, and 
ML C. Mason. Baptist missionary to Burma. Francis A. Reed 
is a successful merchant at Freeport, 111., as are Elgene and 
Ervin Reed at Delevan, N. Y. The Lonyo Brothers are pros- 
perous brick makers in Detroit. Abner Reed's son, Abner, and 
Jason Knapp, were famous lake captains. In the later gene- 
rations we have many who are teachers, who are named in 
their places. Frank R. Grover is an able and busy lawyer in 
Chicago, 111. Howard P. Reed is a prosperous builder and con- 
tractor in Ashtabula, Ohio, and Dr. A. B. Mason was a fine 
Doctor and Dentist in Toledo, 0. 

In all the professions and business line the Reads have a 
goodly roll. John Whittemore Read and John Meredith Read 
were writers and the latter a diplomat. Thomas Buchanan 
Read Avas an artist, author and poet. He wrote the famous 
poem. "Sheridan's Ride". Thomas Brackett Reed of Alaine, 
Speaker of the House three terms, was an able lawyer, poli- 
tician and distinguished for humor. Whitelaw Reid has been 
candidate for Vice-President, and is now (1912) Minister to 
England. These are only samples, of what we might mention 
if our space limits did not forbid. 

Read Biographies. In one of the big Biographical Diction- 
aries there are given no less than 56 biographies of Reads, who, 


for one reason or another, were deemed worthy of mention. But 
we all know that many noble men live and die, whose work and 
character are just as grand as those whose biographies are pre- 
served in the Biographical Dictionary. It must not be inferred 
that we do not realize the fact in giving this list. We would 
mention these other Reads, "to fame unknown," if we only had 
the data. But we note in this list : 

1. George Read, 1738-98 (named above), Delaware, U. S. Sen- 

ator and II. S. Judge. 

2. John Meredith Read, 1837-96. diplomat and writer. 

3. Charles Read, 1819-98. Frenchman. Protestant, scholar, 

editor, historian, lived in France. 

4. Nathan Read, Mass., and Maine, 1759-1849. Inventor, mem- 

ber of congress. Chief Justice of Maine. 

5. Opie Percival Read, 1852 , Tennessee. Editor, writer, etc. 

6. Charles Reade, 1814-84. England. Novelist and playwright. 

Author of "Never Too Late to Mend," "Hard Cash," 
and several other stories. 

7. William W. Reade, 1839-75. England. Nephew of Charles 

Reade. African traveler. 

8. Andrew Reed, 1787-1862. English Congregational minister 

and philanthropist. 

9. Sir Charles Reed, 1819-81. Son of Rev. Andrew Reed, Eng- 

lish philanthropist, educator, M. P., type founder. 

10. Sir Edward James Reed, 1830-1906. M. P.. British naval 

engineer, chief constructor of the British navy. 

11. Henry Reed, 1808-54, Pennsylvania. Prof, in Univ. Penn. 

Lost at sea on steamer "Arctic." 

12. Joseph Reed. 1741-85. New Jersey. Washington's secretary, 

Cont. Cong., 1775 and 78. 

13. Thomas Braekett Reed, 1839-1902, Maine. Bowdoin Coll., 

186.0; Memb. Cong., 1876-98; Speaker 3 terms; counted 
members present to make quorum; styled "Czar" Reed. 
Witty and humorous, and able. 


14. Walter Reed, 1851-1902, Virginia. Army surgeon; dis- 

coverer of etiology of yellow fever, as caused by the 
musquito "stegomya faciata." 

15. William Bradford Reed, 1806-76, Pennsylvania; politician. 

journalist ; Am. Consul. London ; Am. Minister to 

16. Sir George Reid, Scotch painter. 

17. George Agnew Reid, 1861, Canadian artist. 

18. George Houston Reid, 1845, Australian Statesman; Prime 

Minister, New South Wales. 

19. James Smith Reid. 1846, England ; Latin Scholar. 

20. Thomas Mayne Reid. 1818-83. British writer of romances. 

21. Robert Reid. 1863. Mass.; painter. 

22. Robert Gillespie Reid. 1840-1908, Canadian railway builder. 

23. Sir Robert Threshire Reid, 1846 , Scotland; Lord 

Chancellor, England, 1905. 

24. Samuel Chasler Reid, 1783-1861, Connecticut; Am. Pri- 

vateersman. In 1818 planned present arrangement of 
Stars and Stripes on Flag. 

25. Thomas Reid, 1710-96, Scotland; a noted mental phil- 


26. Sir Thomas Wemysis Reid, 1842-1905. English journalist 

and author. 

27. Whitelaw Reid, 1837 , Am. journalist and statesman ; 

candidate for Vice-President; Minister to France and 

We find that the Reads, Reeds, Reids. in both lands have 
had men eminent as pioneers, lawyers, ministers, soldiers, 
sailors, surgeons, authors, painters, jurists, missionaries, stales- 
men, editors, authors, actors, educators, inventors, philan- 

Read Genealogies. In "Durrie's Index of Genealogies." 
may be found a pretty full list of these books and sources. 


Jenning's Genealogy and Savage's Genealogical Dictionary 
also contain some data. The town and country histories, 
where Reads have lived, also afford valuable help. These 
books may be seen, most of them, in Boston, New York, Albany, 
and Chicago. AVe have seen : 

1. The Ancient and Knightly and Historic House of Read. 

(This contains the pedigree of some of the Penn. Reads.) 

2. The "Reades of Blackwood Hill." London, 1006, an English 


3. Descendants of John Reed, who came to Providence, R. I., 

1660. He had been Lieut. Col. in Cromwell's' army. 
This is a fine book, published in 1903. 

4. Chart of the Descendants of John Read, who was at Reho- 

both. Mass., 1643; Providence, 1859. 

5. History of Reed Families of New England, 1861. By J. 

Whittemore Reed. A very valuable book. 

6. Descendants of William Reade, AVeymouth, Mass., 1635- 

1902, by J. Ludovicus Reed, Baltimore, 1902. (This ex- 
pensive edition was mostly burned in the Baltimore fire.) 

7. Seth Reed, Pioneer of Geneva, N. Y., 1895. 

We have given above these general notes on the Reed 
family realizing that they are only samples of what might 
be written, if one only had time and means to explore the 
material awaiting the student of our family histories. 

The Rccd Institute. Simeon G. Reed and wife came from 
Mass. to Portland, Or., in 1854, and in business there accumu- 
lated a fortune of some two or three millions of dollars, which 
they desired to leave in a way to lie of great benefit to the 
city and the world. He died in 1895 and she in 1904. and the 
will provided that the money should be used to found a Reed 
Institute, in which all branches of knowledge and especially 
those of a practical kind should be taught, and be non-sectarian 
in religion. 


The Institute has only just begun. Sept., 1911. active work 
with 10 professors and 50 students, but intends a large develop- 
ment along these lines. What it will become we cannot tell, 
perhaps something like Cornell University in New York State. 
The first Chaplain we note is a B. D. (Bachelor of Divinity) 
of the Harvard Theological School (Unitarian). 

Mr. Reed traced his pedigree back to William Read of Wey- 
mouth and if William Read (423) is our ancestor, we are of 
the same stock. William of Weymouth had a son Thomas from 
whom Mr. Reed was descended in a line thus : Thomas, Thomas. 
Daniel. Thomas. Thomas. Simeon L, Simeon G. William of 
Weymouth had another son, James, and our line (if it is ours) 
runs thus: James, William. William. William (423). 


All we know about this man and his wife is by tradition. 
We have not yet found any authentic records. We have sifted 
the traditions, and give herewith those that seem pretty well 
established, and leave them to be verified or rejected later on. 

Only two of his grandchildren are yet living (1912) (both 
the children of Nathaniel, the youngest son), viz: Lewis Reed 
of Watertown. N. Y.. and his sister, Mrs. Elitha Reed Gordon 
of Lafargeville, N. Y. Some other grandchildren have been 
living since this work was begun, and we have their tradi- 
tions also. 

His Given Name. The Descendants of Abner, John, and 
Nathaniel who live in Jefferson Co.. N. Y.. say it was '"John." 
but they have no record evidence that is to be depended 
upon. The descendants of William and Lewis "think it was 
William." but are not absolutely sure. We shall leave it an 
open question, and in this book refer to him under the ap- 
pellation Our Ancestor.* 

*In the Dickerman Genealogy Nathaniel Reed is said to be the 
"son of Record Reed." But Nathaniel's surviving children do not 


His Wife's Name. That his wife's name was Alice Record 
seems certain. Anna, daughter of Lewis, Maria of William, 
and Elitha of Nathaniel, are positive in this. Nathaniel had 
Record in his name, and Israel a son named Reckord, and all 
agree that there was an "Uncle Record," her brother, for 
whom they were named. 

" Uncle Record." In nearly all the families there are 
traditions of an "Uncle Record," her brother, whose home 
in York State, in his old age, seems to have been near San- 
dusky or Arcade, then in Erie Co., where others of the same 
name had settled. He lived around among his relatives. His 
given name none remember. Reckord Reed's daughter, in Erie 
Co., remembers that when she was a little girl he was at their 
house visiting, and that he was lame, and said to her: "Chat- 
terbox, bring me my cane." Maria, daughter of William, who 
lived at North Gage, said, in 1892: "In my girlhood we used 
to be visited by my father's uncle, whom we called Uncle 
Record. He was an old man, and wore shades to protect his 
eyes, which were sore. He also had a fever sore on one of 
his legs. He was very musical, and taught me to sing with 
him. He had never married, lie was not converted till late 
in life, and after that event occurred, if asked how old he 
was, would answer by giving the number of years since his 
conversion, which he would explain thus: 'I was born so-and- 
so (the date of his birth), but I began to live so-and-so (the 
date, of his conversion).' He had been seven years a cook in 
the Revolutionary Army, and we loved to hear him tell war 

accept this as certain. Lewis remembers "having heard that our 
ancestor was given a name not really his." But that he was called 
Record Reed in his last years seems certain, but how he got the 
name we cannot tell. There is no "Record Reed" in the Genealogies, 
or in the census of 1790 in New England or New York, as there cer- 
tainly would have been if it was his real name. There are Johns and 
Williams enough, but which is his we cannot tell. 


stories. And this is all we know about Uncle Record."* 

Other Traditions. We note these, for some of them may 
be true. Warren, son of Israel, was heard to say that the 
family came to X. Y. from Maine. His descendants in Jeff. 
Co., N. Y., have it that there was an older son, named Thomas, 
who went to sea and was never heard from afterward. Anna, 
daughter of Lewis, has the same story, but the name was 
Samuel. She also says that there was another daughter, named 
Polly. She also says our ancestor came from Scotland, with 
a large family, three or four of whom died on the voyage, 
when he was 22, to Boston, with a brother from whom he was 
separated for a long time. All traditions agree that the an- 
cestor was Scotch. 

Revolutionary Traditions. In every branch these abound, 
and say that some of them were killed in that war. Lewis. 
son of Nathaniel, and his sister. Elitha. say that they heard 
their father often say that he had one uncle and four cousins 
at Bunker Hill, and that one of the cousins was killed and 
buried in the trenches, and another died of his wounds. Lewis 
also says that his father, referring to a Life of Ethan Allen, 
used to say that the "Col. Reed"' therein mentioned as eject- 
ing settlers from lands claimed both by New York and Mass., 
in Vermont, was his grandfather's brother, and he was more 

♦There was a Reekord family in Revolutionary times, in Middle- 
boro, Mass.. 14 miles from Plymouth, who had a daughter. Allis, who 
married William Read, Sept. 22d, 1768. She had brothers, Jacob, 
Samuel, Israel. There was also an Abner Reekord, but whose son 
he was we do not know. All four of them served in the Revolutionary 
War, mostly in the militia. One of them, Jacob, born Dec. 23d, 1751, 
engaged Feb. 19th, 1778, to serve in the Continental Army for three 
years, for the town of Middleboro. He joined Capt. Benson's Co. in 
Col. Putman's Regiment. The other brothers have left posterity, but 
we do not find any of Jacob. We believe he was our Uncle Record. If 
so, we know when he came into existence, and if we only had the 
date of his conversion, we should know when he began to "live." 


or less in touch with the famous Ethan Allen. This book no 
doubt is Moore's Life of Ethan Allen, but it does not give the 
name of the "Col. Reed." Lewis also says his father used to 
say that we trace back through the Warrens to Plymouth Rock. 

From Down East. All the traditions agree that our Read 
family came to New York State soon after the Revolutionary 
War, from "somewhere Down East," which, in York State, 
means New England. Some say from Conn., some from Maine 
some from Salem, Mass., and some from near Plymouth.* He 
may have lived in all these places. And there are indications 
that bis sons, some of them, came first, for Abner was here in 
1790. and perhaps Israel and John. They came to what was 
then and still is called "The Mohawk Country," in the central 
part of N. Y. State. It lies along the upper part of the 
Mohawk River, above Schenectady, and is about 100 miles 
long and 30 wide. This is now (1912) a populous and pros- 
perous country, with three great arteries of trade, the Erie 
Canal, the 4-track N. Y. C. R. R., and the new 1,000-ton Barge 
Canal. Utica. with its 70,000 people, is the center of this region. 
Oneida and Herkimer are the counties in which our people 
lived, and the region at that time was mainly occupied by 

The "Holland Dutch." The Dutch proper were from Hol- 
land and had a language of their own, though similar to the Ger- 
man. The Dutch proper had, between 1608-1660, settled in con- 
siderable colonies at N. Y. City, Brooklyn, Flatbush, Kingston, 
Tivoli, Catskill and Albany on the Hudson, and up the Mohawk 
as far as Schenectady. About 1709. and later, there was an 
immigration of Protestant Genua us from the Palatinate, known 
as "Palatines," who settled further up the Mohawk, and 

*It is impressed on my memory that my mother, in telling where 
they came from, exclaimed: "Middleboro, or Middle-something, not 
far from Plymouth, or New Bedford." But I am not sure enough of 
this to set it down as certain. — H. M. D. 


were called Mohawk Dutch, tho they were not really Dutch 
at all, only Germans. Why they were called "Dutch" we 
cannot explain, unless it he that the other races got the word 
from Deutschland, the German name for Germany, and its 
adjective Deutsche, anglicized into '"Dutch." 


Of the eight children of our ancestor, two of the sons. 
Israel and Aimer, and possibly John, married Palatine Ger- 
man wives. Our ancestor's second wife was a German also. 
The only daughter married an Englishman, recently come over. 
The other sons married into good New England families of 
the old Yankee stock. Those of our readers who trace their 
lineage back to this Palatine stock, whether thro the "Mohawk 
Dutch" or the "Pennsylvania Dutch," would perhaps like to 
know more about the Palatines. 

Connected with the French court under the Merovingian 
kings, from 600 to 900 A. D..was a high judicial official known 
as "comes palatii." He was master of the royal household and 
had supreme authority in a large number of cases that came 
before the king for decision. When the king wished to confer 
a particular favor upon the ruler of a province, he granted him 
the same power within his province as the "coin's palatii" ex- 
ercised in the royal palace. His title was "Comes Palatinus," 
or Count Palatine, and his province was called a Palatinate. 

The "Lower Palatinate" was on both sides of the river Rhine, 
in Europe, and it took in about 1.600 square miles. Manheim 
and Heidelberg were its chief cities. Its location was such 
that it was often traversed by hostile armies, and many battles 
were fought on its territory. 

The people being Protestants, about equally divided be- 
tween the Reformed and the Lutheran confessions, suffered 
also in the religious wars that for 30 years, up to 1713. devas- 


tated their fertile fields and vineyards. The year 1707 was 
especially distressing, and they began, in large numbers, to 
seek refuge in other Protestant lands. In 1709 there were 
13,000 of them in London and vicinity, where their misfortunes 
called out great sympathy and help. Queen Anne gave them 
permission to settle in America, and by 1710 there were about 
3,000 of them located in five villages, below Albany on both 
sides of the Hudson, on the Livingston Manors. These lands 
were scrub pine and too poor for good farming, and they were 
discontented. Part of them soon found their way to the 
Schoharie Valley and by 1722 they had settled, most of them, 
on the fertile Mohawk lands from Canajoharie up to Herkimer, 
built themselves homes and churehes, and became a devout, 
peaceable, orderly, thrifty, patriotic,* population. In the names 
of the towns Danube, Manheim, Palatine, Fonda, Canajoharie, 
German Flats, we have mementos of their occupation. The 
Yankees now far outnumber them in this region, and dominate 
things. But the Palatines still continue to he the same in- 
dustrious, honest, religious people. They are good citizens 
and furnish many leaders in business and society. They are 
largely intermarried and thoroughly Americanized, and the 
German name is now about all that one can tell them by.t 

Where was Nathaniel Born? Lewis and Elitha, his surviv- 
ing children, "have always heard that it was Salem, Mass.," 
hut a personal visit to and inspection of the Salem town rec- 
ords failed to find any record of it. The Salem records, how- 
ever, are not complete. The Dickerman Genealogy, and a copy 

*If the reader will refer to the American Revolutionary History, 
and read about the bloody and decisive battle at Oriskany, on their 
own territory, fought Aug. 6th, 1777, one of the most important battles 
in that war, by these Palatines almost wholly, and in which the wife 
of our Israel Read used to say she had four brothers, one of whom 
helped carry the wounded Gen. Herkimer from the field, he will realize 
what a brave and patriotic race they were. 

ySee Mrs. Diefendorf's book, The Historic Mohawk, 1910. 


of a copy from Nathaniel's Bible (which was burned a few 
years ago), sent us by Mr. (\ R. Knapp. says he was born in 
LeRoy. Mass. We have not been able to find a LeRoy in Mass., 
at any time, but there is one in Western New York. The date 
however is sure. June 7th. 1791. and his mother died soon 

The Family Scattered. After the first wife's death, in 1791, 
the family was somewhat broken up. Lewis's daughter Anna 
says her father was three or .four years old when his mother 
died, and "his sister Polly raised him." and he lived with or 
near her till old enough to care for himself. The baby. Na- 
thaniel, in some way. was put in charge of a German woman, 
and so it came to pass that Nathaniel's "mother tongue" was 
German, which lie could use even when old. Of the other 
children avc have no record except of Abner. the second son. 

Top Notch and Vicinity. In the Census of 1790. we find 
the name of "Abner Ried" (the German spelling), in the neigh- 
borhood then, and now. called "Top Notch," because of the sum- 
mit in the road, about two miles X. W. of Little Falls, on the Pair- 
field Road. Little Falls is a noteworthy point. 22 miles east 
of Ftica, where between rocky bluffs, two or three hundred 
feet high, the Mohawk River forces its way eastward and 
drops in a foaming cataract about 35 feet. The old Erie Canal 
hewn out of the rocks, had five locks, but the new canal is to 
have but one. 40.', feel lift. The tine water power has built up 
a city of 20.000 people, a hive of industry, mostly knitting 
mills. The fertile Mohawk Flats and hill lands, lying hack. 
had been the home of Palatine farmers for fifty years before. 
They had a church on the hill beyond Top Notch, named .Man- 
heim Lutheran. It was organized in 17.~>2. and still has an 
a.-tive and useful life. After the war a number of Yankee 
families settled among them. Our Abner. then 19 or 20 years 


old, is set down as the head of a family of one, doubtless him- 
self. The next neighbor but one, is "Isaac Hedrington," also 
a family of one.* Four years later Polly, then 19, married, 
the first of the number, followed the next year, 1795, by Abner. 
who bought a farm and married a Timmerman. Israel, the 
same year, married another Timmerman, whose home was on 
the north side of the Mohawk. Were they sisters ?t 

Israel Read's Location In 1790. He was then 22 years old. 
and unmarried. We do not find, in the Census of 1790. any 
Israel Read that we can identify with our Israel, but there is 
an Israel Reed in Canandaigua, with a family of five persons. 
They were located in Township Eleven of the Third Range 
of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase. This town's name was 
Farmington, a bit north of Canandaigua Village. The 12 
families resident in the Township were: Abraham Lapham, 
Isaac Hatheway, Nathan Harrington, John McCumber, Joshua 
Harrington, Elijah Smith, John Paine, Jacob Smith. John Rus- 
sell, Nathan Comstock, Israel Read.? Reuben Allen. 

Israel Read of Bloomfield, N. Y. In this connection we may 
as well mention an Israel Read who appears at East Bloomfield, 

*We give the names of the families who lived near Abner Read 
in 1790, and the number of persons in each family. Abel Mann, 1; 
Curtis Reed, 5; William Feeter, 8; Isaac Churchill, 6; Ball Niel- 
son, 7; Edward Coffin. 7; Isaac Hedrington, 1; Barnhart Henex, 2; 
Abner Ried. 1; Benjamin Hindman, 4; John Hadcock, 11; Nathaniel 
Dodge, 6; Elijah Stackweather, 6; Isaiah Johnston, 6; John Bying- 
ton. 4; Oliver Standard, 4; John Empie, 6; Philip Payne, 7 (one 
slave). Curtis Reed belonged, we believe, to the Rehoboth Read family. 
Ball Nielson should have been Paul Nelson. 

vThe first canal at Little Falls, with its tiny locks, one of which 
may be seen by the historical traveler, was built in 179."). the year 
our Abner bought his place. Did he and his brothers help build it? 

iThis was probably the Israel Read of Middleboro, Mass., who was 
born in 1752, and most likely had moved to New York. He was younger 
brother of William (323), and if Wm. (323) was our ancestor, our Israel 
may have been with his uncle at Canandaigua. 


just west of Canandaigua, ten years later. He buys land in 
the adjoining township, "No. 10. Range 4." Aug. 8th. 1800, 
he purchases of Jonathan Adams, for $420, "exactly 200 
acres," in Lot 61. Apr. 3d, 1801, he sells Benjamin Stevens 
Wilson, for $200, "25 acres, and no more," in Lot 61. Nov. 
12th, 1805, he buys more land of Jonathan Adams. And this 
is all. We hear no more of him or his property. This could 
scarcely have been our Israel, for our Israel was then mar- 
ried, but that Israel had no wife mentioned in the deeds. Quite 
jikely it was the same Israel who was named in Canandaigua 
in 1790, and moved for business reasons to an adjoining town, 
and possibly our relative. 

John's Location. We assume that John was third son and 
over 16, and "gone for himself," like his brothers. But we 
do not find him in New York. The Jeff. Co. History says that 
John M. Read (No. 27) was born in Conn., also his older 
brother Abner. Did our ancestor ever live in Conn.? In 1790 
there was an Abner Read in Granby, Hartford Co.. Conn., who 
had a family of one male over 16. three under 16. and two 
IVmales. In the same town there was a John Read, with one 
male over 16, and no others .Was this our John? and was 
this Abner the Middleboro Abner, born Aug. 12th, 1764, moved 
to Conn.? There is no Abner Read family in 1790 in Middle- 
boro. He was brother of William (323), and if William (323) 
was our ancestor then our John was living near his uncle, 
and that he had a son born there, would be a most natural 

Our Ancestor in 1790. What his name should he in tie' 
Census of 1790 is almost sure, but which one of the many 
Johns or Williams is his name? We assume that he had not 
yet followed Abner to York State, but that he came a limit 
the time of Nathaniel's birth, in 1791. to his son. Before that 


where did he live? We have found a William React, that we 
think may have been him. In the "Gore between Windsor 
and Adams," Mass., near the head-waters of the Deerfield 
River, in the Housatonic mountain region, not far from the 
famous tunnel of that nam* 1 , and not far from the Ethan Allen 
localities, and a number of other Read families, we find a 
William Read who, in 1790. had a family of one male over 
16, three males under 16, and two females. Notice how this 
exactly tallies with our ancestor's family. If we assume Israel, 
Aimer and John over 16 and gone for themselves, there re- 
main William. Lewis and Wolcott. under 16 (Nathaniel not 
yet born), and Polly and her mother, the two females.* 

Their Place of Settlement in New York. After they had all 
got to the new location in New York Stale, they began to seek 
their fortunes, and by 1813 were all married and living not 
more than half-a-day 's drive from each other, except Israel. 
who a couple of years before had moved to Erie Co. 

Six miles west of Little Falls, at old Fort Dayton (now 
Herkimer), the Mohawk River receives a fine stream from 
the north, fed by the forests and slopes of the Adirondack 
Mountains. It is named West Canada Creek to distinguish 
it from the East Canada Creek, a similar stream flowing in 
below Little Falls. Where it emerges from the Table Lands, 
about 30 miles above its mouth, it drops over a precipice 70 
or 80 feet high, at Trenton Falls, a very beautiful fall, very 
much admired by the numerous visitors, with its rocky glen. 
A few miles below, and about 15 to 25 miles above Herkimer, 
a i-c the townships of Russia and Newport on the east side, in 
Herkimer Co.. with the villages of Poland. Gravesville and 
Coldbrook. On the Avesl side, in Oneida Co.. are the ioun- 

*It only remains to prove that this William was also 323, as well 
as our ancestor, to make the case complete, and here is a chase as good 
as a fox hunt for some one who will undertake it. 


ships of Trenton and Deerfield, with the village of North 
Gage,* about two miles back from the creek, located on the 
upland ridge. The lands are fine grass lands, and many cattle 
feed in the pastures. North G&get is in the extreme end of 
Deerfield township, which touches Utica 12 miles away. 

About 1808 Polly, who had up to this time lived in Fair- 
field near her brother Abner. till she had had seven children, 
moved to North Gage. They bought there a farm and lived 
there to the end of life. AVilliam. Lewis and Wolcott, also 
settled there. Lewis Avas a blacksmith and the others farmers. 
On the east side of the river were Israel. John and Nathaniel, 
and we presume our ancestor himself. Here they lived and 
tiourished many years, except that Nathaniel moved to Jeff. 
Co., in 1819. Most of them went to Sackets Harbor in the 
war of 1812. They also attended church, and some of them 
were members. Israel. Woleott, Nathaniel and Polly were 
Baptists. AVilliam and Lewis were Presbyterians. Abner and 
John we do not know about. There was. and still is. a '"Union 
Alerting House" at North Gage, used on alternate Sabbaths by 
Baptists and Presbyterians, and they made one congregation:? 

^Whoever has ever visited North Gage will remember the fine views 
there to be seen. From its elevated ridges one looks West. North, and 
East, over a landscape of distant billowy hill ranges, one above another. 
to a far-distant horizon, with forests, fields, farm houses and churches 
in view, and crops and herds. Amid such inspiring scenes did our 
fathers dwell, and carry on their business and social life. 

fGAGE's Patent. — This was the north end of "Gage's Patent," owned 
by Lieut. Gen. Sir Thomas Viscount Gage, who was the famous British 
commander in Boston when the Revolutionary War broke out. After 
the war he lived in New York City. It had been granted him before 
the war. and he sold it out to settlers. For fuller details see Biog. Diet. 

xNorth Gage Community. — This community, in those days, was 
composed of good, substantial people. The Blues. Walkers. Cruick- 
shanks and McKays, were from Scotland. The Schermerhorns were 
Dutch. The Hitheringtons and Majors were English. There were 
many more Reads than our line— at one time four different kinds of 
Reads. But now the place is sadly depleted in its numbers. Both 
churches are weak, but still active and useful. 


Our Ancestor Marries Again. We have not been able to 
learn when, or where, only that she was a German woman, and 
that she had no children. We think she may have been Mary 
Bellinger. The descendants of Abner in Jeff. Co. say their 
grandmother, Abner 's wife, was Mary Bellinger. But Ira S. 
Golden, Abner 's grandson, says Abner 's wife was certainly 
a Timmerman. She died at his father's house in Little Falls. 
But that they, in that generation, were in some way "closely 
connected with the Bellingers." We submit that the Bellinger 
that the Jeff. Co. people said was their grandmother, was. in 
reality, their step-great-grandmuthcr. 

Death and Burial of Our Ancestor. Anna, daughter of 
Lewis, says he and his wife died at the same time and were 
buried the same day. It is also a well authenticated tradition, 
that at the funeral of a near relative, some say his funeral. 
and in the early days before bridges had been generally 
erected over the creek, that Lewis Bead and wife, William 
Read and wife, Wolcott Read and wife, and their sister Polly, 
who lived on the Deerfield side, were in a boat returning from 
the funeral somewhere on the other side, and that the boat 
was upset and all thrown into the water. Polty had sunk for 
the last time, when Lewis dived down and rescued her. It 
was with much difficulty that she was brought to. Some say 
that the funeral was in the old church at Russia Corners. 
and if so, his grave is probably in the Gravesville Cemetery, 
nearby, unmarked. 


In view of our inability to positively determine our Read 
pedigree any farther back than what is given above, and in 
view of the circumstances lending color to the probability that 
William Read (323) is our ancestor, we have determined to 
give a short account of him in the hope that further research 


may verify the probability. If this should prove to be our 
pedigree, it would give us a very honorable ancestry, one 
tracing back to the early Puritans of Massachussetts Bay, 
also, thro the Warrens, to Plymouth and the Mayflower, to 
the Colonial wars, and the Revolution to Lexington and Bunker 
Hill. This Read family is one of the oldest and finest in New 

Sources of Information. Mention has already been made 
of the Read Genealogies of J. Whittemore Read and J. L. 
Read, of the AVeymouth Read family. Mr. John Ludovieus 
Read, a descendant, and a lawyer of distinction in Baltimore, 
Maryland, had compiled at large expense, and published a 
pretty complete Genealogy of this family, most of which, un- 
fortunately, was burned in his office in the great Baltimore 
fire of Feb. 7th and 8th, 1902. A few copies had been sent 
out, and the book is to be found in Boston, New York, Albany. 
Utica and Chicago libraries. It is the William Read numbered 
323, in this book, to which your attention is directed. 

William l^cad of Weymouth, born 1605, came to America 
in the ship "Assurance" in 1635, and with his family settled at 
Weymouth, a town about 20 miles south of Boston. He was 
closely associated with Gov. Bradford in the affairs of the 
Boston colony. He was a member of Mass. Gen. Court. 1636- 
38. and all his descendants are eligible to our modern Soc. of 
Col. Mass. 

First Generation — 

He married Avis Deacon, and their children were : 

1. m aeg abet. 

2. Hannah. 

3. William (No. 3). 

4. Esther. 

5. Ruth. 

6. Thomas. 


7. Mary. 

8. John. 

9. James (No. 9). 

Second Generation — 

James Reade (9), the youngest son, above, moved to the 
"Old Colony," lived 25 years at Taunton, and then moved to 
Middleboro, a town 16 miles back from Plymouth, and died 
there July 21st, 1726. He married Susannah Richmond. Their 
family was: 

1. James. 

2. William (No. 39). 

3. John. 

4. Thomas. 

5. Mary. 

6. Martha. 

7. Axx. 

8. Susanna. 

9. Benjamin. 

Third Generation — 

This William (No. 39). son of James." lived in Middleboro. 
He married Elizabeth , and had: 

1. William (No. 121). 

2. Hannah. 

3. Bexjamin. 

4. Thomas. 

5. Jonathan. 

6. Peter. 

7. A Sox. 

8. John. 

9. Samuel. 

10. Uklivkrance. 

11. Mercy. 

12. Ichabod. 


14. Anna. 

15. A Daughter. 

16. Mercy. 


Fourth Generation — 

The William above (No. 121) also lived in Middleboro. He 

married Sarah Warren, below,* and had : 

1. Prisciixa. Dec. 8, 1742. 

2. William (No. 323), Jan. 4, 1744. 

3. Benjamin, Jan. 29, 1746. 

4. Sarah. Jan. 15, 1748. 

5. Elizabeth, May 4, 1750. died young. 
8. Israel, Mar. 7, 1752. 

7. Elizabeth. Sept. 9, 1759. 

8. Abxer, Aug. 12, 1764. 

This family of William Read (121) were born in Middle- 
boro. but most of them later seem to have emigrated to the 
valley of the Upper Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers, and in 
that frontier region to have been lost sight of. However, we 
know that Benjamin had a large family. Some of his descend- 
ants located near Eaton. Madison Co., X. Y. He was very active 
in the Revolutionary War, and was one of the •'minute men" 
in 1775 and '76. being corporal of militia. His brother, William 
(323). was also one of the "minute men." and "one of those 
who turned out at the Lexington alarm." He is named in 
"lie place as William 3d, for there were at that time in Middle- 
boro, three William Reads, father, son and grandson. He 
married Allis Reekord, of whom we will speak later. 

Revolutionary Soldiers. We also note a large number of 
Reads. Richards and Warrens named as soldiers in the Revo- 
lution. No less than 15 men among the uncles and cousins of 
William (323) are so listed. Among those whose relationship 
we are not able to determine, we find in the Continental Army, 
Lieut. Jeremiah Reed, ( 'apt. William Read. Col. -Joseph Read, 
Col. George Read. ('apt. Joshua Reed. ('apt. John Read. 

*The Wabben Pedigree. — As we make it out. it runs thus: 

1. Richabd Warkex and Sarah, his wife, came over in the Mayflower. 

2. Nathaniel Warrex and Sarah Walker, owned lot 5 of Middleboro. 

3. Richard Warrex and Sarah, his wife. 

4. Samuel Warrex and Eleanor Billixgtox. 

5. Sarah Warrex and William Read (323). 


and Lieut. William Rickard. In the militia we find Samuel 
Read, Benjamin Read. Thomas Read. Isaac Read, John Read. 
Ichabod Read, and Andrew Racket. 

Bunker Hill. At Bunker Hill there was a Jeremiah Read. 
teamster, of Bridges Regiment. There was a Benjamin Read, 
Jr.. of Rutland, in Wheeler's company of Doolittle's Regiment, 
who was killed June 1 7th. 1775. There was also a William 
Warrin, who was killed at the same time. He was from Pep- 
perell, Mass. Col. James Reed's Regiment, the 2d X. II., 
from the Upper Connecticut River valley, did some of the 
heaviest fighting, having lost, in killed and wounded. 166 
men out of 539 present, Eight of Col. Reed's townsmen were 
killed, and that many of the uncles and cousins of William 
Read (323) and his wife, Allis Reckord, were at Bunker Hill 
is almost certain. 

The Marriage of William Read (323). Both genealogies 
say that "William Read (323), born Jan. 7th. 1744, married 
Mrs. Alice Richards, Sept. 28th, 1763. She was born Sept. 
27th, 1750." If this was so, then she was only 13 when mar- 
ried to William Read, and already a widow. A visit to Middle- 
boro and a careful inspection of the original records in the 
town clerk's office, cleared up the seeming mystery. In the 
original it was Richard, not Richards, and the "3". in 1763, 
should be an 8. The "Mrs." (Mistress) was a courtesy title. 
then given by the clerk to all women, married or unmarried. 
The marriage date was Sept. 22, not 28. Richard was spelled 
as it was pronounced — Rickard. The facts are that Miss Allis 
Reckord. on the 22d of Sept., 17,68, a few days before she was 
18, was married to William Read (323). her fellow townsman. 
The correct spelling of her name is Richard. It is. we pre- 
sume, a German name, in which the "eh" has the hard or 
gutteral sound, like the German "ieh." Its true pronunciation 
is Rickard. 


The Richard Family. In the old Plymouth colony towns of 
Eastern Massachusetts, there were two families, one named 
Record, the other Richard. The Records were proud of their 
family and name, and careful to always spell it Record. The 
other name, in common use. was often pronounced Record. 
Richard. Rickart. Records. Reckord. and sometimes they were 
called Rickitts. especially when one wished to speak derisively 
of them. 

We add a few notes on the ancestry of Allts Reckord, which 
ought to be of interest to us. especially if we are her descend- 
ants. As early as 1637. and perhaps before. Gyles Rickard 
was a resident of Plymouth, and freeman* of the town. He 

married (1st) Jcdeth  and (2d) Jean Tilson. His son. 

Giles, married Hannah Dunham, daughter (perhaps) of John 
Dunham. Oct. 31st. 1651. he "is fined 10 shillings for selling 
syder to the Indians." In 1677 Gyles Rickard. of Plymouth. 
is listed as one of the 40 or 60 owners of original lots in Middle- 
boro. John Rickard. son of Giles, married Esther Barnes 
in 1651; and had several children. Among the descendants of 
<iyles Rickard was S.mrEL Rickard. whose family record we 
copied from the Middleboro town records, as follows: 

Samuel and Zurviah [1 Chron. 2:16] Reckord had: 

1. Allis, born Sept. 27. 1750. 

2. Jacob, born Dec. 23. 1751. 

3. Samuel, t born Apr. 3, 1753. 

4. Chloe. born Sept. 16. 1754. 

5. Mary, born Apr. 2. 1756. 

6. Israel, born Jan. 27, 1757. 

7. Deborah, born Sept. 12. 1759. 

8. Hannah, born Sept. 8, 1761. 

*The Term "Freeman." — This term designates those who had been 
chosen by the town to be citizens and voters in that town. They were 
also proprietors and church members. 

•v-Samiel Reckard — Rev. Service. — We believe this man and the 
"Brother Jacob," named below, to have been brothers of Alice Reckard. 
our ancestor's wife, and that Brother Jacob was our "Uncle Record." 
We give notes from his application for Rev. pension. He lived at 


And there was also an Israel and Voadicea Reckard* (per- 
haps the Israel above) who had: 

1. Weston, born May 11, 1785. 

2. Israel, born Oct. 27, 1787. 

The Migration of William (323) and Allis. Where did they 

go ? and what became of them ? We have absolutely no evidence. 
They had relatives who moved, probably, to Conn., and surely 

Middleboro, Mass., and enlisted four times: 

1. — Nov., 1775; served two months, under Capt. Isaac Woods, Col. 

Colton's Reg., as a private. 
2. — Jan., 1776; served three months, under Capt. Brigham, Col. Bailey, 

as sergeant. 
3. — June or July, 1777; one month, under Capt. William Tupper, Col. 

Titcomb; substitute for Brother Jacob. 
4. — Dec. 8, 1777; served three months, under Capt. J. White, Col. Hall. 

He was teamster on Island at time of Sullivan's expedition. En- 
gaged in one battle. He resided at time of application in Eaton, Madi- 
son Co., N. Y., and his pension was granted June 22, 1833. He gives 
his birth as Apr. 4th, 1757, but either he or the town records are 
wrong — probably he. 

From Madison Co. records we glean that a Samuel Reckard, in 
1819, bought of English owners. 64% acres in town of Eaton. In 1820 
he and his wife, Marcia, deeded 16 acres of it to Barnam Key. The 
will of this Samuel Reckard, made May 6th, 1858, proved June 2d, 
1868, mentions wife "Marsha" (Marcia) and sons Alden and Gerry 

If this was our Samuel, he must have been over 100 years old 
when he made his will. 

Israel Reckard and Jacob Reckard were both Rev. soldiers, but 
do not appear as pensioners. 

*The Palatine Rkkhardts. — Among the Palatines of the Mohawk 
Valley, who were purely German, flourished some families who spelled 
the name Richard or Rickhardts. They were Lutherans and have 
till lately had German as their mother tongue. They have multiplied 
greatly, and must not be confounded with the Plymouth Rickards, one 
of whom. John Rickard, settled in Stark, Herkimer Co.. early in the 
19th century. His sons were William, Conradt, Henry, Peter, John, 
and perhaps more. "Tex Rickard" is believed to be from William. 

As a sample of the German Rickards, we note the will of "Ludwig 
Rickhardt," of the town of Palatine, N. Y., made Mar. 20th, 1817, 
proved Mar. 20th, 1819. He mentions brother Jacob and sons John, 
Frederick, George, Ludwig, and daughters Anna. Catherine, Elizabeth. 
Maria and Delia. "My German Bible I give to my daughter Delia." 


to the Conn, and Deerfield River valleys. Benjamin, his 
brother, moved to Sudbury, Mass., died there, and left a son, 
Benjamin, whose family migrated to Eaton, near Cazenovia. 
N. Y. But did William (323) go to the same region? He 
ought to be, if living, named in the Census of 1790, but there 
are so many Williams that we cannot tell which one was his. 
He may well have been the William, already mentioned as 
our possible ancestor in the "Gore of Adams and Windsor." 
and was it his brother Abner. the Aimer Read in Simsbury, 
Conn.? and was it his brother Israel (a Continental soldier), 
the Israel Read in Canandaigua, X. Y.. taking up lands in 
payment for military services? 

The Circumstances Recounted. Let us now sum up tin 

points favoring the theory that William Read (323) and our 
ancestor were the same person. We note : 

1. Both spelled the name Read. 

2. The tradition that our ancestor's "name may have 1 n 


•'!. Both married an Alice Reckord. 

4. AVhat more likely than that William (323) and Allis 
should name their oldest son Israel (as our ancestor did). 
since they both had brothers of that name and who were 
Revolutionary soldiers, one a Continental .' 

5. That the next son should be named Abner. (as did our 
ancestor) because he had a brother Abner and she a cousin 

6. And how natural to name another son William (as our 
ancestor did his fourth son) for himself, and father, and grand- 
father, and a long line of Williams back. 

7. Where did our Israel get the names "Benjamin," 
"Warren." "Reckord." for his sons? If his father was 

William (323) how plain the easel Benjamin for ;i favorite 
uncle, Benjamin; Reckord for "Uncle Reckord," his mother's 


brother. Warren for his grandmother, Sarah Warren, and 
the Warren relatives. 

8. And how easy to explain the tradition about our tracing 
back thro the Warrens to Plymouth Rock? 

9. And the "one uncle and four cousins at Bunker Hill. 
two of whom were killed" — they might have been the Ben- 
jamin Read, Jr., and the William Warren, who were killed, 
who may have been cousins of William (323). 

We submit that these circumstances constitute quite a 
strong probability that William (323) was our ancestor. Our 
hope is that the facts may yet be certainly ascertained, and 
this theory verified. 

The Dates Harmonized. There remains one more point to 
consider. Can our ancestor's children be assigned to William 
(323)? He was married Sept. 22d. 1768, and can we assign 
to them our Israel as their son? We have not Israel's birth- 
day. His gravestone says he died Dec. 31st, 1813, aged 45. 
This may mean either in his 45th year or that he would be 
45 on his next birthday. Either of these suppositions would 
make the matter all right and proper, as far as Israel is con- 
cerned. A more serious difficulty, however, arises when we 
undertake to assign them onr Abner. He was born, if we 
have it right, Mar. 3d. 1770. 17 months and 21 days after 
their marriage, and he the second child. This, of course is 
not impossible, but very doubtful. But are we sure that we 
have Abner 's age right? His tombstone says his age was: 
79-3-13. But the Jeff. Co. Hist.. 1890, p. 565. says he died 
aged 75. The facts are that Abner separated from his wife 
in his later years at Little Falls, and she lived there to the 
end and is buried there. He lived a lonely life in Oneida and 
Herkimer Counties, till about a year and a half before he died, 
when his son James got him to Jeff. County, near his sons 
and daughters. He is buried there at Three Mile Bay. The 

I X T RO DUC T i X . 33 

sons erected the tombstone, but where did they get the age 
they put on it ? Xo Bible record is in existence, that we have 
been able to find, and if there ever was one it would, most 
likely, have been at Little Falls. The sous put on the stone. 
we presume, the age given them by their father. But we all 
know how easy it is for old men to lose track of their age. 
The month and day they remember, but lose track of the year. 
May not this have happened in Abner 's case? Again, we know 
that mistakes are often made by men who furnish copy for 
stone cutters. The true age may have been 77. instead of 79. 
How easy to mistake a 7 for a 9. It is our opinion that this 
may have happened in Abner Reed's case. 

If the age of Abner is adjusted, there is no difficulty in 
assigning the rest of the children to "William (323) and Allis 
Reckord. his wife. 

Having disposed of these preliminary observations we are 
now ready to proceed with our Genealogy. 


Read, our ancestor, married, first. Alice Reckord, 

who died soon after the birth of her youngest child, who was 
born June 7th, 1 T- > 1 . The family were then, for a time, more 
or less scattered. Finally he married again, but when or where 
or whom we have been unable to learn, only that she was a 
German woman, and one possessed of unusual physical strength. 
Abner's descendants in Jeff. Co., X. V.. have it that Aimer's 
wife was Mary Bellinger. But Ira S. Golden, of Frankfort, says 
her name was certainly Timmerman, for she died at his father's 
house, near Little Falls. "But." says Mr. Golden, "the Bell- 
ingers were some way closely connected to us in that gen- 
eration," which would be true if Mary Bellinger was step- 
mother, instead of wife, of Abner. Another tradition makes 
us think she may have been a Petrie. At any rate, he and the 
second wife both died and were buried at the same time. Thai 
they spelled the name Read, their Bibles and legal papers show. 
We shall spell it in this book, however, as each one desires. The 
children were all by the first wife. They had:* 

1. Israel, 1768-69; died Dec. 30. 1813; killed by Indians. 

2. Abneb, Mar. 12, 1770; died June 25, 1849. 

3. John, ; died about 1828. 

4. Polly. Dec. 19. 1775; died Oct. 20, 1870, aged 94-11-0. 

5. William, 1776-77; died June 28, 1846. 

6. Wolcott. Apr. 5. 1784; died Sept. 12. 1876. aged 92-5-7. 

7. Lewis, June 12. 1788: died Sept. 11, 1840. 

8. Nathaniel Record, June 7, 1791. died Nov. 14, 1851. 

♦Uncle Joseph. — Maria, daughter of William, "thought there was 
an Uncle Joseph, who had some fine children." Wolcott Read, once, 
when very sick, in his delirium, talked to "Brother Joe." as present, 
and asked him, "Where have you been?" and, "Why did you stay away 
so long?" While we do not attach much importance to these utter- 
ances, still we think it best to preserve them. Possibly there was a 


No. 1 

Israel Read, born about 1768. probably in New England; 
came to the "Mohawk country"; married, before 1795. 
Margaret Timmerman,* a German woman, of a family living 
on the north side of the Mohawk, near Little Falls. She was 
(says E valine Reed, the second wife of her son Charles, with 
whom she lived in later years), "a German lady, very intelligent 
and noble." In mature life she could speak but little English. 
She died Apr. 16th. 1847. at the home of her daughter Eliza, 
in Wales, and is buried near Strykersville. N. Y. They had: 

1. Benjamin (9), July 10, 1795; died Jan. 29, 1878. 

2. Eliza (10), Nov. 5, 1797: died Jan. 4. 1879. 

3. Warrex (11), Mar. 27, 1799: died Dec. 24 or 26, 1872. 

4. Charles (12), Apr. 5, 1801; died Feb. 1, 1863. 

5. Reckord (13), Mar. 3. 1803; died June, 1889. 

The three younger children were born in Herkimer Co., 
Reckord at Newport. 

The Erie Co. History says that Israel Read came to "Willink" 
(now Wales) with his family in 1811, and settled high up on 
the crest of "Vermont Hill," near old Fort Humphrey, about 
three miles west of South Wales, and about 30 miles E. by S. E. 
of Buffalo, on the head waters of the Buffalo Creek. Here he 
took up a farm and began to clear it of its heavy timber. He 
died Dec. 30th, 1813. "aged 45." After his death his widow. 
Margaret Reed, was appointed administratrix, Feb. 10th, 1814. 
The family continued to live there for some time, but later she 
moved to Strykersville. After her death the family Bible was 

*The Timmerman Name and Family. — Timmerman and Zimmer- 
man are the same name in German and mean carpenter. Israel and 
Abner both married, at Little Falls, women of that name, but what 
relation they were to each other, if any, we have not been able to 
find out. Margaret had brothers, named Daniel, John, Christopher, 
who settled near Medina. Orleans Co., N. Y., whom she sometimes 
visited. They went there either before or soon after Israel Read moved 
to Erie County. 


left with Mrs. James Ives, but is now in the possession of her 
great-grandson, Mr. Frank R. Grover, of Chicago. It is ;i some- 
what torn but very valuable record. 

From the Buffalo Express, of Feb. 7th. 1797. and the same 
paper for Mar. 22d, 1908, and the accounts given us by his 
descendants, we are able to give a detailed account of the circum- 
stances of Israel Read's death. 

Near the close of the war of 1812, on the 29th of Dec, 1813, 
the British invaded the Niagara frontier.* with an army of 
about 1,000 men, mostly regular soldiers. They were followed 
by about 100 lawless Indians, who, it was known, would kill 
every American that fell into their hands. Hence our men 
were more afraid of the Indians than the British. To meet 
this invasion the local militia were called out. Benjamin Read, 
being over 16, was drafted, or "ordered out/' with his regi- 
ment. He was not well, and so his father, Israel, volunteered 
to go in his stead, although he, himself, had what was then 
called "Tyler's Gripe," a disease that produced a trouble in 
the side that prevented one from running fast. He also had 
Asthma, or as it was then called Phthisic. He evidently did 
not expect to run, as a soldier, or he, perhaps, would not have 
ventured to go. But he shouldered his gun and set out for tin- 
defense of his country. It was bitter cold weather, and the snow 
lay deep on the fields. As he left home his wife gave him a 
pair of woolen mittens she had knit for him. 

His regiment was stationed at Black Rock, just below Buffalo. 
It was ordered out to meet the enemy, and a battle was expected. 
Israel Read was just then on detached guard duty and migb.1 
have kept out of danger by staying where he was, but chose to 
go with his neighbors to the fight, and he got another to take 

*The Niagara Campaign. — For the story of this miserable campaign 
the reader is referred to the history of that war. and the local history 
of that region. 


his place on guard. Among the neighbors was Josiah Emery,* 
a near neighbor and close friend (in after years a colonel of 
militia). They soon met the enemy, and the battle began. It 
is a matter of history that through the mismanagement of our 
officers and the fact that our men saw themselves outnumbered, 
and knew that the Indians were not far behind, that our lines 
gradually gave way, and our men were on the run. Among the 
last to run were Col. Emery and Israel Read. They had to 
run. For a time Emery accommodated his pace to Israel's gait. 
At last Israel gave out entirely and said he could run no farther. 
Then Emery spoke about staying with him and fighting it out 
there, but Israel would not let him. He bade him go on and 
save himself, and pulled off one of the mittens and gave it to 
!ol. Emery to hand his wife, when he got back to Willink. 
They also left Israel an extra musket. The Indians were 1 then 
so close upon them that, as Col. Emery used to say. he could 
hear them panting. He looked back once more and saw Read 
standing against a tree and waving them to go on. That was 
the last seen of him alive. t 

Two or three days later they found his body where they had 
left him alive, on the frozen ground, entirely stripped of cloth- 

*Col. Josiah Emery. — This neighbor and good friend of Israel Read, 
became Lt. Col. of the 170th Reg. N. Y. Militia in later years. The 
Emery family stood high in Erie Co. Josiah was deputy sheriff many 
years. His son, L. H. Emery, was a teacher of good repute. His grand- 
son, Edward K. Emery, is Justice of the Supreme Court in New York 
State. Albert E. Emery, another grandson, has been assistant district 
attorney of Erie County. 

f Pathetic Side oe Israel Read. — We venture to quote the words of 
Mr. Frank H Severance, who wrote the second Buffalo Express article, 
on this point: 

"Not the least pathetic part of the death of Israel Reed, was the 
farewell message he sent his wife. We read of lovers breaking six- 
pences, each keeping a share, in sign of true love and troth. Was there 
not an idea akin to this in the last act of the middle-aged, asthmatic. 
Israel Reed, when about to give up his life for his country, he took 
off one mitten — one only— and sent it back to her. while he kept the 
other, and bravely waited for death?" 


ing, scalped, twice thrust through with a bayonet, and arms 
badly hacked. There were indications that two or three other 
bodies had been taken away, and it is almost certain that he 
killed two or three, and perhaps more of his foes, and then 
clubbed them with his guns, one of which was found broken 
and cut with tomahawks. 

The precise place where this took place was almost exactly 
'where the famous "Pan American Exhibition," at Buffalo, was 
held. As soon as the news reached Willink, and the family, 
Benjamin, the oldest son, aged 18, went after his father's body 
and brought it home with the ox-team on an ox sled, covered 
with a blanket. They buried it in the "Humphrey" Cemetery, 
nearby, where he now sleeps, with a goodly roster* of patriot 
dead, waiting the Resurrection morn. At the funeral, the boy 
Charles, then 12 years old, not having, just then, shoes to wear, 
his feet were wrapped in other garments. 

A quaint old tombstone was erected, in what was then re- 
garded as unusually fine style. 

A weeping willow droops mournfully from the upper part of 
the weather-beaten stone, with the solemn urn beneath, and this 
inscription : 



who was slain by 

the savages in the 

battle fought at Buffalo, 

Dec. 30th, 1813. 

Aged 45 years. 

O from thy kindred thou wast torn, 
And to the grave untimely borne; 
Oft as remembrance brings us near. 
Affection will drop a tear. 

*Patriot Dead in Humphrey Cemetery. — David Hunt, Joshua Davis, 
Elisha Hill, Corporal Ezekiel Colby, Captain Joseph Cooper, Joseph 
Grant. Enos Challis, and Dea. Joshua Barron, all Revolutionary soldiers, 
and of the War of 1812, Israel Reed. Joseph Kent, David limit. Colonel 
Jonathan Colby, Abner Currier, Leonard Obadiah Whitcher; Elisha 
Burlingham and Amos Barron. 


The weather and time have so blurred the lettering that it 
is not easily read. 

Through the efforts of Mr. L. Cornwall, of South Wales, the 
U. S. Government erected a soldier's marker in place of the 
tombstone, and both the Buffalo Express articles were prepared. 
The tombstone itself has been placed as a highly valued relic 
in the basement of the Historical building in Buffalo, where, 
visitors may see it. Perhaps the time will come when a better 
monument will be placed at the grave. 

No. 2 

Abncr Read. His tombstone at Three Mile Bay, Jeff. Co., 
N. Y., says he died June 25th. 1849, aged 79-3-13. This would 
make his birth Mar. 12th, 1770. The Jeff. Co. History says he 
was born in Conn., but we cannot depend on that book. We re- 
gard it however as probably true. He married a German 
woman named Anna Timmerman, who lived at or near Little 
Falls. She lived all her life in that town and died about 
1849 at the house of Isaac Golden, husband of her daughter 
Emeline, and is buried at Little Falls. The Census of 1790 
names an "Abner Ried" (German spelling), as a family of 
one male over 16, as in the Top Notch neighborhood. We are 
sure this is our Abner, and that he was married about Jan., 
1794, and the next year bought the place he was occupying, 
on which he continued to live for many years and where all 
his children were born. They had, order not known: 

1. Betsey (14), Nov. 12, 1794; died July 15, 1831. 

2. John (15), May 9, 1796; died Aug. 8, 1858. 

3. James (16), July 23, 1803; died May 21. 1880. 

4. Abner (17), Mar. 1, 1814; died June 18, 1892. 

5. Polly (18), ; died . 

6. Athaiane (19), ; died . 

7. Sena (20), ; died . 

8. Emeline (21), ; died July 18, 1873. 


These were all born probably in Fairfield, where Abner's 
place was. at Top Notch. Three towns corner there: Man- 
heim, Fairfield and Little Falls.* When they grew up, all 
the children except Betsey and Emeline (who married Isaac 
Golden and stayed at Little Falls), found their way to new 
homes in Jefferson Co., N. Y.. at the Eastern end of Lake 
Ontario, opposite Sackets Harbor, at Three Mile Bay and 
vicinity. In that section many of their descendants are now 

Abner Read continued to live at Top Notch many years. 
Tradition says he was at one time High Sheriff of Herkimer 
Co.. but his name is not in the official list. He may have 
been deputy sheriff. A Fairfield Tax List of 1815 shows that 
he then owned 100 acres, one house, two outhouses, no slaves, 
estate valued at $2,000. In the State Census of 1825. he had 
a family of two male adults, four females, two females over 16, 
one female under 16, one voter, 10 acres improved, four neat 
cattle, two horses. 15 sheep, one hog. His family had made 16 
yards of cloth, seven yards of flannel, 79 yards of linen. He 
does not appear in the Census of 1830 in Fairfield. For some 
reason he and his wife separated, and he lived by himself, till 
his sons induced him to come to them in Jeff. Co.. about a year 
or two before he died. He was a soldier of 1812. in the 
Sackets Harbor Expedition, and is said in his day to have 
been a "fine looking man." 

We give herewith, also, the records of his land purchases. 
They are from the books at Utica in the Co. Clerk's office, 
where the early Herkimer Co. titles are found. They inform us 
that Feb. 10th. 1795. the estate of Peter Van Brugh Living- 
ston, merchant. New York City, but lately of Elizabeth Town, 
New Jersev. for a consideration of 67 pounds. 12 shillings, 

*Old Manuscript Arithmetic— In Utica Hist. Soc. Library may be 
seen, an old manuscript arithmetic, once the property of the Pickard 
and Van Slyke families, with names of Dutch families near Little Falls. 


11 pence, in specie, conveyed to Abner Read the westerly half 
of lot No. one of the sub-division of lot No. 21 of Glen's Patent, 
made by Lendart Helmer and P. V. V. Livingston, the said 
land lying north of the Mohawk River, amounting to 50 acres 
and no more. This deed was witnessed by Michael Myers 
and William Shipman and recorded Nov. 3d. 1796. 
Glen's Patent was granted June 1st, 1739. 
Again. Nov. 7th. 1797. John R. Bleecker, jr., City of Al- 
bany, conveys to Abner Read, farmer, for 1500 dollars law- 
ful money of the State of New York, part of lot one of Sub- 
division No. 12 in Glen's Purchase, containing about 40 acres. 
The courses in the description to be as the magnetic needle 
pointed in the year 1774. This deed was witnessed by Elijah 
Goodell and Sanders Lansing, and recorded Feb. 2nd. 1798. 
On the same date he mortgaged all his land to Cornelius 
Glen and Barent Bleecker to secure the payment of $1,500. 
We see how he canie by the 100 acres credited him in the 
Tax List of 1815. How he finally lost them we do not know, 
but he may have been the victim of repeated "hard times." 
His lands adjoined the Churchill's and they in later days 
owned the places. After this he seems to have had no per- 
manent location but lived around in various places. 

No. 3 

John Read. We place this brother next but conjecture as 
to the order. It is a tradition that he was born in Conn.. 
but no positive proof. In New York State he lived at Poland, 
where he died ahoiil 1826. Whom he married we do not know, 
but think i1 may have been a Bellinger, or more likely, a 
Petrie. Germans. This we infer from the fa el that after Mr. 
Read's death she hound Abner out to a "Jake" Petrie. Was 
he not also "Dr." or "Esq." and her relative? We do not 
know that we have all the John Read children, but are sure 
of these. The order is partly conjectural. They had: 


1. Abner (22), Oct. 15. 1810; died May 18, 18S7. 

2. Sally (23), ; died about 1867. 

3. William (24), ; died about 1856. 

4. Emeline (25). ; died . 

5. James (26), Oct. 6, 1821; died June 30, 1888. 

6. John M. (27), ; died 1896. 

Most of these were born in Herkimer Co. William went lo 
Texas, was in the Mexican War, and for a long time was 
not heard from, but finally died of small pox at Little Falls. 
Emeline was doubtless the Emeline Reed, who about 1867 
worked for a Mr. Minot. whom Ira S. Golden 's mother said 
was her first cousin. Sally went to Canada, married there 
and lived in Hamilton. Abner. James and John M. and their 
families after a time found their way to Jeff. Co. and lived 
at St. Lawrence, not far from Three Mile Bay and their uncle 
Abner Read's children. James later moved to Ohio. This 
family evidently had heavy misfortunes and struggles in their 
earlier days.* 

No. 4 

Polly Read, born Dec. 19th, 1775; died Oct. 20th. 1870. 
aged 94-11-1. She was married, aged 19, Apr. 20th. 1791, to 
[saac IIetiierington, who was born July 25th, 1767, and died 
Dec 6th, 1857, aged 90-4-11. This venerable couple attained 

::: Tiie Simmons Family. — After John Read died, his widow married 
again, a man by the name of Simmons, by whom she had children. 
There was an Anthony Simmons, and an Evaline Simmons, and we 
think other Simmons children. Evaline Simmons married Baldwin 
Schermerhorn, son of Evert Lansing Schermerhorn, and both he and 
his wife were lost in a steamboat disaster on Lake Erie on their way 
west, but their infant son was saved and sent to his brother Scott 
Schermerhorn in Wisconsin, who brought him up. After Mr. Read's 
death she bound out her oldest son, sold her property and moved to 
Canada. She was alive as late as 1878. She then lived in Muskegon. 
Mich. We have been anxious to find this Simmons family, hoping to 
find in their possession some Read records. 


great age. They both died and are buried at North Gage. 
The family Bible gives the records as follows. They had: 

1. John (28), Jan. 14, 1795; died Apr. 27, 1866. 

2. Polly (29), Dec. 18, 1797; died Jan. 1, 1798. 

3. William (30), Nov. 8, 1798; died May 19, 1884. 

4. Robert (31), June 26, 1800; died Mar. 24. 1801. 

5. Naxcy (32), Apr. 26. 1802; died Jan. 29, 1895. 

6. Ax Eliza (33), Mar. 25, 1805; died Mar. 27, 1883. 

7. Maky (34), May 8, 1807; died Feb. 13, 1833. 

8. Isaac (35), June 12, 1809; died Aug. 7. 1824. 

9. Jaxe (36), Nov. 25. 1812; died Jan. 10. 1894. 

10. Robert (37), July 30, 1816; died July 25, 1897. 

11. Sally Mabia (38), Feb. 13, 1823; died Oct. 24, 1887. 

Isaac Hetherington and one of his brothers,* tradition says. 
came with his parents from County Cumberland, England, and 
landed at New York the day before the ports were closed 
by the Revolutionary War. In 171)0 lie is at "Top Notch," 
the head of a family of one male over 16— doubtless himself. 
The next neighbor but one was "Abner Ried," similiarly 
situated. Isaac was then 23 years old. Four years later he 
married Polly Read. In 1808 they moved to North Gage. 
Nancy, the fifth child we know was born in Fairfield and we 
presume the first seven children were, and the last four at 
North Gage.t At North Gage they first lived for many years 
where their grandson, William II. Iletherington, now lives 
(1912). and then they moved to the fine farm at "The Corn- 
ers," just east of the Union Church. After his death she 
lived with her daughter, Nancy Schermerhorn. Their grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Becker, who lived with them three years, says 

*0ther Hetherixgtons ix America. — The Brother John, tradition 
says, died young. He did not marry. He was at one time a teacher in 
the high school or college (Union College?) at Schenectady, N. Y. The 
Census of 1790 shows three Hetherington families in Schenectady, viz: 
Joseph, Elias, Sakely. 

tTiiE Gage Patent was surveyed 1803, and by deed dated Jan. 21st. 
L811, the owners conveyed a part of lot 44 to Isaac Hetherington. 


she was a devout women, of good mind, intelligent, refined 
and sympathetic. The incident of her rescue from drowning 
has already been related. He ''was a smart man to do busi- 
ness." He helped move the army in the War of 1812. 

In this connection we will give the family record of Isaac 
Hetherington's parents. It is from an old English Bible, print- 
ed 1731. and doubtless came over with the family. It is now 
with Mr. Cornelius Schermerhorn, Poland. X. Y.. who has had 
it rebound. 

Christopher Hetherixgtox. born March ye 31st. 1721. 

Axx Potts, born Oct. ye 17th, 1727, and married Jan. ye 18th, 1755. 

Jane Hetherixgtox. born Dec. ye 2d, 1755. 

 — x Hetherixgtox, born May ye 5th. 1757. 

Mary Hetherixgtox, born July ye 1st, 1759. 

Sarah (?) Hetherixgtox. born November ye 28th, 1761. 

William Hetherixgtox. born September ye 26th. 1764 

Isaac Hetherixgtox. born July ye 25th. 1767. 

Ann Hetherixgtox. born Dec. ye 29th, 1769. 

Christopher Hetherixgtox. born July ye 12th. 1772. 

We believe that the "n" above is the last letter of John. 
Sarah, also, we are not quite sure of. 

No. 5 

William Read, born 1776-77; died June 28, 1846, with a 
hemorrhage of the leg. He married, about 1802. Polly Corn- 
stock, daughter of Ebenezer Comstock* of Warrensburgh, 

*The Comstock Family. — From "A Comstock Genealogy." by Cyrus 
B. Comstock, 1907, we get the pedigree of Polly Comstock. whom William 
Read married. It appears that their ancestor came from Devonshire 
England, and as early as 1637 was found in the region of New London, 
Conn., where successive generations flourished. There was i 1 i William. 
(2i Daniel, (3) Daniel, (4) Daniel, (5) Daniel. (6) Ebenezer. Eb- 
enezer moved to Warrensburg, X Y.. on the shores of Lake George. 

In 1790 an Ebenezer Comstock, the only one in the state, lived in 
town of Mohawk, now Amsterdam. Was it Polly's father, and did his 
son Ezbon live near the Comstock Bridge at North Gage. Ebenezer 
and his wife had: 


not Ear from his brother Israel's people II » is i 
man* and xcellent citizen, and with bis family be] 

to the Baptist church. 

No. 7 

Lewis Read. h<>ni Jane 12th, 1788 : Sept. 1UI> 184 

He married, Dec 13th. 1 s(, 7. I. Celinda Riehardlsoi] of 

Herkimer, N V She was the 'law, I I K [son 

and McKay, and was born Ang. 31st, 1791, and died 

Apr 9th, '- Botfc died and arc buried at Joliet, III. I.<  - 
na tried 2 onlj a f<'vr months before his death, a. M - 
Tichner. widow of a B • I si minister, bnt there were no n 
children Lewis and Roxeey had : 

I Is\\( r{Mi!M;i\.,n>\ i-.'-iw .:. IlSOS died Jan. : 
• *s v Ei " _"  tied Dec. 2ft, 1 - - 

• Pi "  •• .  d ' 
I !.  :. died i • .' 

: R..\, i. n v i SO K Od H ' •' died Jan. 27. 1841 
■; F i s As i i t i I  ■" - . .   • - 

These were all bom at North Gage, and grew up I 
Lewis Read there worked at his trade of blacksmith, which 
he learned in fltica. His mother died when hi - I >ur yi 
old, and "his a ster Polly - I hiru.*' In 1837 he moved, 
with his familj Joliet, III., where he arrived June 26th, 

L837 El'- 1 1 - ur or two longer. Lewis B 

■m and member of the P a jrteriam ehnreh, in which his 
family were raised. Ar Joliet the only ehnrch then was the 
M K . which he joined, and some of his children. Ii 

30 captain in X V. militia in the War of 1812. 

 ri. ,.\ Si.;\i\,. wirii Make. — [r. unisr not be inferred from tlie 

and others ot' our fathers signed with, their 

mark, rhey vex . in natural ability, or thar. they were 

interior to the people of rhar day or rhis in reasoning power, business 

ii iur.ell'. I - i ial worth. It was their misfortune 

that schools were few and expensive luxuries, and 

id their reach in the conditions of their pioneer life. 


No. 8 

Nathaniel Read was born June 7th. 1791, in LeRoy, Ma 
according to the copy of the reeord in his Bible, and in the 

kerman Genealogy, or in Salem, .Mass.. as his living children 
••have always heard say.'" He died Nov. 14th, 1857, . 
buried at Omer, town of Orleans, Jeff. Co., X. Y. He married 
Aug. 13th, 1813, Elitha Sperry, daughter of John Sperrj and 
Amy Dickerman.* She was born at Hamden, New Haven Co., 
Conn., June 14th, 1791 just seven days younger than her 
husband) and died .Mar. 25th, 1883, and is hurled at Miller, 
1 ".. ID. Th<-y had: 

1. Crocs Bajcdfobd (62), .May 14. 1814: died June 2, 1814. 
- P ;kj.ia* Axx (63), Feb. 5, 1815; died July 5, 1815. 
:;. W'jj.uam Whitehoi se (64), Feb. 2.",. 1816; died Dec. 7. 188.",. 
4. Notes Lambert («:,). Feb. 1. 1818: died .Mar. 7. 1858. 
:,. \.o\- Aw <(;<j). Aug. 24. 1820: died July 21. )■ 
 - 3 DeWiti (*;7». June <*. 1822: died Apr. 13, 1888. 

 Jakamm (68), June 4. 1824; died Nov. '.■). ] 
B£B L. (69) F- 24 1820: died Sept. 13, 1- 
9. Lei June 2- r , 

10. Makv A. (71 i. June 24. 1830; died July 7. 18:;:,. 

11. Nathaxiel Becobd i 72 i. Oct. :i. 1832; died Aug 24, 1- 

12. Cohdelia Bmtha ( 73 ) . Mar. 24. 1834. 

13. Makv Bstheb (74), Mar. 19, 1836; died June 3, 1830. 

14. F Eliza (75). Nov. 28, 1838: died Aug. 28. i 

was born and died in Russia. X. V. Pamelia,* William 

•The DickEbma* Family. — Elitha - s mother was a Dicker- 

man and sister to the first wife of Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. Jr. and so 
was first cousin to the famous Beecher Family. Rev. Henry Ward 
r, Mrs. Harriet Beerber (Stowet and the rest of that gifted 
lily. Mrs. Stowe wrote the great anti-slavery novel "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin."' The Dickerman family traces hack to an ancestor who ap- 
peal's ; ; r of the church at Dorchester as early as 1636. The 
an Genealogy was issued about 1- 

■Tjh Name Pamelia. — This is Pamelia. not RenneJia. and is the 
name of the town just over the Black River, from Watertown. The 
town was named for Pamelia Brown, wife of Maj. Gen. Jacob Bro 


Co., not far from his brother Israel's people. He was a fine 
man* and an excellent citizen, and with his family belonged 
to the Baptist church. 

No. 7 

Lewis Read, horn June 12th. 1788; died Sept. 11th. 1840. 
He married, Dec. 13th. 1807. Roxcey Celinda Richardson of 
Herkimer. N. Y. She was the daughter of  - Richardson 

and McKay, and was born Aug. 31st. 1791, and died 

Apr. 9th. 1839. Roth died and are buried at Joliet, 111. Lewis 
Read married (2), only a few months before his death, a Mrs. 
Tichner. widow of a Baptist minister, but then' were no more 
children. Lewis and Roxcey had : 

1. Isaac Hethebington (56), Oct. 3. 1S0S; died Jan. 3, 1883. 

2. Anna Eliza (57). Jan. 27, 1810; died Dec. 20, 1892. 

3. Catherine McKay (58) Feb. 7, 1812; died June 26, 1900. 

4. Lewis (59), Apr. 16, 1814; died Oct. 27, 1847. 

5. Roxcena (60). Oct. 17, 1819; died Jan. 27. 1847. 

6. Fbancis Asbuby (61), Feb. 26, 1822; died Oct. 9, 1902. 

These were all born at North Gage, and grew up there. 
Lewis Read there worked at his trade of blacksmith, which 
he learned in Utica. His mother died when he was four years 
old. and "his sister Polly raised him." In 1837 he moved, 
with his family, to Joliet, 111., where he arrived June 26th, 
1837. He lived a year or two longer. Lewis Read was a pions 
man and member of the Presbyterian church, in which his 
family were raised. At Joliet the only church then was the 
M. E., which he joined, and some of his children. He was 
also captain in N. Y. militia in the War of 1812. 

♦Note on Signing with Mark. — It must not be inferred from the 
fact that Wolcott Read and others of our fathers signed with their 
mark, that they were lacking in natural ability, or that they were 
inferior to the people of that day or this in reasoning power, business 
talent, general intelligence and social worth. It was their misfortune 
and not their fault that schools were few and expensive luxuries, and 
often beyond their reach in the conditions of their pioneer life. 


No. 8 

Nathaniel Read was horn June 7th, 1791, in LeRoy, Mass.. 
according to the copy of the reeord in his Bible, and in the 
Dickerman Genealogy, or in Salem, Mass.. as his living children 
have always heard say.** Ee died Nov. 14th, 1857, and is 
buried at Omer, town of Orleans. .Jeff. Co., X. Y. He married 
Aug. 13th, 1813, Elitha Sperry, daughter of John Sperry and 
Amy Dickerman.* She was horn at Hamden, New Haven Co., 
Conn., June 14th, 179] (jusl seven days younger than her 
husband) and died Mar. 25th, 1883, and is buried at Miller, 
LaSalle Co., 111. They had: 

1. Ctbus Sandfobd (62). May 14, 1814; died June 2. 1814. 

2. Pamelia* Ann (63), Feb. 5, 1815; died July 5, 1815. 

::. William Whitehouse (64), Feb. 25, 1816; died Dec. 7, 1885. 

4. Notes Lambebt (65), Feb. 1, 1818; died .Mar. 7. 1858. 

5. Lois A.n.n (66), Aug. 24, 1S20; died July 21, 1884. 

6. SPENCER Di Witt (67), June 9, 1822: died Apr. 13, 1888. 

7. Mabanda (68), June 4, 1824: died Nov. 9. 1889. 

8. Esther L. (69). Feb. 24. 1826; died Sept. 13, 1827. 

9. Lewis Edwin (70), June 25. 1828. 

10. Mary A. (71). June 24, 1830; died July 7. 1835. 

11. Nathaniel Recobd (72), Oct. 3, 1832; died Aug. 24, 1870. 

12. Cordelia Elitha (73), Mar. 24. 1834. 

13. Maky Esther (74). Mar. 19. 1836; died June 3, 1836. 

14. Frances Eliza (75). Nov. 28. 1838; died Aug. 28. 1867. 

Cyrus was horn and died in Russia. X. V. Pamelia,? William 

*The Dickerman Family. — Elitha Sperry's mother was a Dicker- 
man and sister to the first wife of Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. D., and so 
she was first cousin to the famous Beecher Family, Rev. Henry Ward 
Beecher. Mrs. Harriet Beecher (Stowe) and the rest of that gifted 
family. Mrs. Stowe wrote the great anti-slavery novel "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin." The Dickerman family traces back to an ancestor who ap- 
pears as a member of the church at Dorchester as early as 1636. The 
Dickerman Genealogy was issued about 1892. 

SThe Name Pamelia. — This is Pamelia. not Permelia, and is the 
name of the town just over the Black River, from Watertown. The 
town was named for Pamelia Brown, wife of Maj. Gen. Jacob Brown, 


and Noyes were bora in Deerfield, where Pamelia died. The 
rest were born in Jeff. Co., in adjoining towns. Lois, Spencer, 
Maranda and Esther in Orleans ; Lewis in AVatertown ; Mary, 
Nathaniel, Cordelia, Mary, Esther and Frances Eliza in Pa- 
melia. Mary A. was drowned in the Black River. 

The above record is a copy of the copy made for Mr. C. R. 
Knapp, from the old Family Bible. It differs a little in a few 
places from the Dickerman Genealogy. The old Bible was 
given to the youngest daughter, Mrs. Bartlett, and after her 
to the oldest son. William. He gave it to his oldest daughter, 
Delia, at Marselles, 111. Her house was burned, in 1907. with 
all its contents and the highly valued Bible perished. 

Nathaniel Read lost his mother soon after he was born, and 
in some way he was placed in the care of a "'Mohawk Dutch" 
person or family, with whom he remained till 14 years old. 
Thus it came to pass that his mother tongue was German, which 
lie could use even when old. 

After his marriage he lived near his brothers in Russia and 
Deerfield, till four of his children were born and two died. In 
1819 he moved to Jeff. Co., and lived at Clayton Centre till 
1826. He then moved to AVatertown. In 1840 he bought a 
fine farm of 134 acres, for $7.60 an acre, near Fishers Landing,* 
on the great St. Lawrence River, nearly opposite the present 
Thousand Island Park. He removed there in 1843, and died 
there in 1851. His wife, after a time followed her children to 

who commanded U. S. forces in the war of 1812. He had settled at 
Brownville, an adjoining town, and built a great stone mansion, which 
still stands as an interesting relic of early days. 

*Early Steamboats. — In 1826 a steamboat called the Brownville, 
was built at Brownville by Capt. Ezra B. Dodd for lake navigation. 
She was the second steamer on Lake Ontario, and commanded by Capt. 
Dodd. On her first trip she was burned at Fishers Landing to the 
water's edge, but later towed to Ogdensburg and rebuilt, and named 
the William Avery, under which name she plied many years between 
Oswego and Sackets Harbor. 


Wisconsin and Illinois, and is buried there. He served, as did 
three of his brothers, in the Sackets Harbor campaign, and 
was at the battle. He was a pious man, deacon in the Baptist 
church in Watertown. But his posterity seem to be mostly 

No. 9 

Benjamin Rccd, oldest son of Israel (1), born July 10th, 
1795. in Herkimer Co., N. Y., it is believed, and died Jan. 
29th, 1878, at Oranogo, Mo., and is buried there. He married, 
Feb. 18th, 1819, Lucy Maria Stryker, who was born Sept, 20th. 
1802, and died Apr. 9th, 1867. She was the daughter of Garrett 
and Saloma Stryker, the pioneers of Strykersville, Erie Co., 
X. Y. He was born Oct. 1th, 1771. and died June 7th, 1845. 
She died Dee. 20th. 1841, "aged <i4 years nearly." 

Benjamin Reed moved from Erie Co., N. Y., about 1880, to 
Detroit and lived thereabouts for a time, then moved to Bourbon, 
Ind.. and in 1869 went to Girard. Kan. and in 1877 went to 
live with his son W. H. H., in Mo., where he died. His services 
at the death and burial of his father have been already related. 
He was most of his life a farmer, and a Baptist in his religion. 
They had 12 children, and perhaps more. The record in his 
Bible is incomplete. 

1. Betsy Ann (76), Jan. 1, 1820; died about 1840. 

2. Israel (77). Mar. 27, 1822; died Aug. 18. 1890, Bourbon, Ind. 

3. Nancy Lucinda (78), Jan. 6, 1823; died May 6. 1890. 

4. Lauba Ann (79), Dec. 2, 1824; died Nov. 21, 1848. 

5. Martin Stryker (80), Feb. 15, 1827; died June 4, 1910. 

6. Benjamin Giles (81), Jan. 2, 1832; died July 29, 1834. 

7. James A. Richard (82). Sept. 17, 1833; died, unmarried. Aug 9. 1863. 

8. Garrett (83), ; died small. 

9. Eliza Jane (84), Mar. 14. 1837. 

10. Charles Warren (85). ; died Feb. 2. 1S45. 

11. William Henry Harrison (86), Mar. 15. L839, Plymouth. Ind. 

12. Candes Adeline (87). Jan. 29, 1845; died July 21, 1905. 


Of these children the first five were born in Erie Co., N. Y., 
the next two or three in Detroit, the rest in Indiana, near Bour- 
bon. They located in Indiana when it was a virgin forest and 
cleared up the forests, and now tin 1 region is covered with fertile 
farms, on which they have prospered much. 

No. 10 

Eliza Rccd, daughter of Israel (1), born Nov. 5th ; 1797, 
it is believed in Herkimer Co., N. Y., died Jan. 4th, 1879, aged 
81-1-29. She married. Oct. 9th. 1814, Garner (or Gardner) 
Mason,* son of Malachi Mason and Betsey Elizabeth Hall. He 

*The Mason Family Pedigree. — Garner Mason, it is believed, traces 

back to that Capt. John Mason who was born in England, 15 . was 

governor of New Foundland in 1616, with Georges obtained patent for 
part of Maine in 1622, and in 1629 for New Hampshire, of which colony 
he has been styled the "Founder." He died in 1635. 

It is also believed that the Capt. John Mason who commanded the 
expedition against the Peqot Indians was his son. He was also Uep. 
Gov. of Conn., 1660-1670. He was born 1600, died at Norwich, 1672. 

We give also the records of Garner Mason's father and grandfather, 
copied from the aged yellow paper in the possession of Ellis E. Mason, 
Toledo. O. 

Brooks Mason, born Oct. 4, 1737, Swansea, Mass., died June 1, 1826, 
Cheshire, Mass. He married, Dec. 23, 1758, Anna Eddy, born Dec. 25, 
1841, Swansea. Mass., died Oct. 3, 1802. When he died he had 11 children 
all alive, and 197 living grand, and great-grand, and great-great-grand- 
children, besides nine dead. Brooks Mason had: 

1. Michael. Jan. 2, 1760. 

2. Susan. June 9, 1762; died Apr. 3, 1848. 

3. Malaca (Malichi). June S, 1764. 

4. Andrew, Nov. 17, 1766. 

5. Brooks, May 21, 1769. 

6. "Anna". Sept. 25, 1771; died Oct. 25, 1802, Cheshire, Mass. 

7. "Joi.i.ey" (?), Aug. 5, 1774. 

8. Roda. Apr. 1, 1777. 

9. Caxdis. July 5, 1779. 

10. Eddy, Sept. 27, 1781, died Sept. 1827. Penfield, N. Y. Had 5 children. 

11. Sally. Sept. 13, 1786. 

Malaca Mason, above (Malachi), son of Brooks, born June 9, 1764, 
Swansea, Mass.; married, Dec. 11th, 1785, Betsey Elizabeth Hall of 
Swansea. In his youth his parents moved to Cheshire, Mass. Soon 


was bom June 21st, 1791, at Cheshire, Mass., and died Sept. 
2d, 1880, aged 89-1-11. Both died at the home of Riley Mason, 
Grundy Center, Iowa. Most of their lives were spent in Wales. 
N. Y. They had : 

1. John Garner Mason (88), Aug. 14, 1815; died Mar. 2. 1889. 

2. Israel Reed Mason (89), Mar. 1, 1817; died Nov. 26, 1838. 

3. Riley Eaton Mason (90), Apr. 1, 1819; died Apr. 12, 1890. 

4. Charles William Mason (91), May 18, 1821; died Oct. 24, 1899. 

5. Margaret C. Mason (92), Apr. 5, 1823; died Mar. 23, 1830. 

6. Sally Ann Mason (93), May 2, 1825; died Mar. 30. 1909. 

7. Cecil Dwight Mason (94), Feb. 23, 1828; died Apr. 15. 1833. 

8. George Chauncey Mason (95), Oct. 6, 1831. 

9. Andrew Brooks Mason (96), Nov. 18. 1833; died Nov. 12. 1902. 

10. Merrills Lovell Mason (97), Sept. 18. 1835; died Jan. 10. 1865. 

11. Jldson Warren Masox (98), May 13, 1838; died Oct. 18. 1898. 

All these were born in Wales. Mr. Mason was a farmer, and 
he and his wife were members of the Baptist church. 

Three of these .Mason brothers married sisters by the name 
of Clark. 

after his marriage (1785) he moved to Herkimer Co., and is found 
there in the Census of 1790. He settled in Newport in 1794, where 
he lived till May, 1837, when he moved to Wales, Erie Co., N. Y., where 
he died, Mar. 6. 1838. They had: 

1. Allen, Sept. 15, 1786, Cheshire; married Susana Mason. 

2. Syhel, July 31, 1788; married Joseph Lawrence. 8 children. 

3. Garner. June 29, 1791; married Eliza Reed. 11 children. 

4. Nabby (Abigail). Mar. 6, 1793; married B. Chase. 10 children. 

5. Eaton, Mar. 2, 1795; married Rox. Squire. 6 children. 

6. Walton, Apr. 1. 179S; married Susan Wilson. 8 children. 

7. Jarvis (Rev.), May 28, 1801; married Experience Squire. 5 children. 
S. Anna, Nov. 8, 1804; married Solomon Haskell. 10 children. 

9. Martin, Dec. 25, 1807; married (1) Nancy Savage, (2) Mrs. Phelps. 
2 children. 
In the Census of 1790 several of these Mason families, with the num- 
bers in each family, will be found under Lanesboro, Berkshire Co., Mass., 
before Cheshire town was organized. The census volumes will be found 
in most of the large public libraries. 


No. 11 

Warren Read, son of Israel (1), born Mar. 27th, 1799, in 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., died in Detroit, Dee. 24th or 26th, 1872. 
Buried there. He married, about 1820, Betsey Stephens,* 
daughter of Robert Stephens and Abigail Davis. She died in 
Detroit, Mar., 1879. aged 84. We have little record of this fam- 
ily, but Betsey Stephens' niece, Mrs. Foster, gives from 

memory, the following: That they had eight children, seven 
of whom were born in Wales, X. Y., the last one in Detroit; that 
five of them died nearly at the same time of scarlet fever. Their 
names she does not recall, only that there was one pair of twins. 

We note: 

1. Child (99). 

2. Angeline (100), Jan. 19, 1823; died April 27, 1887. 

3. Axso.x (101). Mar. 4. 1S24; died Mar. 3. 1902. 

4. Child (102). 

5. Child (103). 

6. Child (104). 

7. Child (105). 

8. Jllia Ann (106), about 1842. 

The loss of their children and other reasons led them to move 
to Detroit, about 1840, where he had a farm at "Spring Wells," 
then about five miles out, but now all in Detroit. For a few- 
years they lived at Waterloo, Iowa, then came back to Detroit. 
After he was too old to work they lived by turns with their 
children. His last days, after her death, were with Angeline 
Lonyo, and he is buried in Detroit. 

*Stevens Family. — Robert Stevens and his wife, Abigail Davis, lived 
in Wales, Erie Co., N. Y. Their children (order uncertain) were: Betsy, 
Anson, Thomas, Samuel, Deborah, Harriet, Armavilla, Elbridge, Harri- 
son. The six sons were all farmers. Of the four daughters, Betsy mar- 
ried Warren Read, about 1820; Deborah married Davis; Harriet 

married Miles Plumb, Couneaut. Ohio, later moved to Michigan; Arma- 
villa, born 1811, married Nelson Klumph. in Detroit, and her daughter, 
Mrs. John Foster, gives us these facts. Mrs. Foster lives in Dearborn 
(Detroit). She is blind, but active and full of interesting memories. 


Warren Reed was intensely patriotic, and so anxious to 
serve his country that at the age of 63 he enlisted in Co. A, 37 
Iowa Infantry, Nov. 15th. 1862, but was discharged with honor, 
for illness, May 20th, 1863. He could not stand the strain of 
a soldier's life. His grandson, Andrew Lonyo, has the discharge 
paper. His description was: Height, 5 feet 10 inches; light 
complexion ; blue eyes ; light hair ; farmer. 

No. 12 

Charles Reed, son of Israel (l),bora in Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
Apr. 5th, 1801, died Feb. 12th, 1863, at Java Village, N. Y. He 
married (1) Catherine Stryker, sister of his brother Benjamin's 
wife, and daughter of Garrett Stryker. She was bom Mar. 
27th. 1806, and died May 3d. 1826, aged 20. They had: 

1. Sarah Makanda (107), ; died aged 1 month. 

2. Joseph Addisox (108), Sept. 15. 1823; died Feb. 28, 1897. 

Charles Reed married (2) Evaline Sykes, Sept. 16th, 1827, 
daughter of Julius and Phebe (Warner) Sykes. She was born 
July 30th. 1808, and died July 24th. 1898. They had : 

3. Catherine (109), June 24, 1829; died July 26, 1865. 

4. Charles Harvey (110), Oct. 27, 1834; died Apr. 21. 1892. 

5. Ltjcina Diantha (111). Sept. 9, 1838. 

6. Warren (112), Apr. 23, 1841; died Mar. 17, 1878. 

Charles Reed moved to Java, Wyoming Co., N. Y., from 
Wales, in 1826 ; lived there till he died, on the farm now owned 
by Lucina. He was a pious man, member of the Baptist church, 
and a much esteemed citizen. 

No. 13 

Reckord Reed, son of Israel (1), bora Mar. 3d, 1803, at 
Newport, Herkimer Co.. N. Y. Died June, 1889, a1 home of 
his daughter at Thomson. 111. He married, Mar. 5th, 182S, 


Asenath Barbour, daughter of Joseph Barbour and Betsey Con- 
ant, She was born in Warwick, Mass.. Oct. 8th, 1808. and died 
Oct, 28th. 1895, aged 87-0-20. at Thomson, 111. They had: 

1. Eliza Diana (113). June 19, 1829; died Oct. 31, 1871. 

2. Lucexa Barbour (114), Apr. 24, 1834. 

3. Juliet Margaret (115). Nov. 24. 1843; died Mar. 17. 1883. 

4. Charles (116), Nov. 28, 1846; died Feb. 14, 1848. 

Asenath Barbour, in 1823. with her parents and nine brothers 
and sisters, and a blind grandfather aged 84, came to China, now 
Java Village, Wyoming Co.. X. Y.. arriving there on her 15th 
birthday. They were four weeks on the road, making the journey 
in a one-horse carriage and covered carriage, a part of the way 
by the Erie Canal, then partly done. She was converted in 1826, 
and united with the Baptist church. 

Ivcckord Reed was named for "Uncle Record." His hoy- 
hood was spent in Wales. He bought a farm which lay partly 
in Wales, Erie Co. and partly in Java. Wyoming Co. His chil- 
dren were born in Wales. In his old age. in 1884, he went to 
Illinois. While he was yet a small boy in Wales he was sent 
to mill with a grist of corn on horseback. Passing the home of 
the parents of the future President of the United States Pill- 
more, the bag slipped off, and mother Fillmore helped the boy 
and the bag onto the horse again. He also used to relate that, 
when about 21. he saw the famous Gen. Lafayette in Rochester, 
on his triumphal tour through America. The General wore a 
blue suit and buff vest. He and his family were Baptists. 

No. 14 

Betsey Reed, daughter of Abner '2). born Nov. 12th. 1794, 
died July 15th, 1831. She married, Dec. 31st, 1816. Isaac Golden, 
a farmer of the vicinity, born Aug. 6th, 1787. and died Jan 10th, 
1861. Is buried at Little Palls. They had: 

1. Aisner Justus (117), Oct. 25, 1817; died Apr. 8. 1890. 

2. Jane Matilda (118), Apr. 9, 1819; died Mar. 4, 1896. 


Betsey died aged 22. Mr. Golden married (2) the youngest 
daughter, Emeline Reed (21), daughter of Abner (2), born 
-. died July 18th. 1873. They had: 

1. Theodore H. (119), Aug. 9, 1834; died Dec. 8, 1872. 

2. Isaac L. (120), Jan. 11, 1840; died Feb. 26, 1844. 

3. Iba Smith (121), Aug. 21, 1S42. 

The Bible of Isaac Golden, in the keeping of Ira Smith Golden, 
has the following entry, viz.: John MeKenzie Tucker, son of 
William Tucker, born Mar. 22d, 1793. The Golden family home 
was about 3 miles out from Little Falls. Mr. Ira Smith Golden 
has never married, but resides among his relatives, near Frank- 
fort, N. Y., which is his address. 

No. 15 

John Rccd, son of Abner (2), born May 9th, 1796, in Fair- 
field, N. Y., died at Three Mile Bay, Jeff. Co., August 8th. 1858. 
He married Catherine Pickert. daughter of Christian Pickert.* 

*The Pickard Family. — This family, into which John Reed married, 
lived near Top Notch. It is a tradition that they were of Dutch origin, 
but had been living in England before coming to America. The 
census of 1790 shows in New York, as heads of families: Peter "Pick," 
Isaac and Nicholas "Pickard," Bartholomew, John and Joseph "Pickart," 
Adolph, Conradt, George, John and Nicholas I. "Pickerd," Eldert, Grace 
and Robert "Picket," Joseph, Joseph and Stephen "Pickett." The family 
record of Christian Pickart is furnished us by Mrs. Addie Hewison of 
Fairfield, N. Y., his granddaughter. 

Christian Pickert, born July 26. 1768; died July 9, 1836. He 
married (1), Oct. 5th, 1795, Ann Windecker, daughter of Frederick 
Windecker. She died Mar. 14th, 1800. He married (2) Margaret 
Keysor, May 7th, 1800. She was the daughter of Bernard and Gertrude 
Keysor and was born Oct. 10th, 1779. She died May 7th, 1844. 

Children by first wife: 

1. Catherine, married John Read (her family is given above), born 

Aug. 26. 1796; died Feb. 1, 1876. 

2. Joseph, born Apr. 4, 1798. He married, for his second wife, Elizabeth 

Feeter, Jan. 4th, 1835. They had: George, Oct. 11, 1825, William, 
James, Mary, Thomas and Morgan Pickert. 

3. Ann, born Feb. 7, 1800; married Gilbert Merrels Jan 6th, 1824. 


She was born Aug. 26th, 1796, and died Feb. 1st, 1876. They had : 

1. Catherine (122), June 4, 1819; died . 

2. Nancy (123), Sept. 4, 1821; died . 

3. Charlotte (124), Feb. 26, 1824; died Apr. 23, 1876. 

4. Sally (125), Aug. 27, 1826; died in infancy. 

5. Carlos Diane (126), Sept. 8, 1829; died Apr. 5, 1908. 

6. Delos D. (127), Jan. 31, 1833. 

7. Johx LeRoy (128), May 21, 1836. 

8. Sarah M. (129), Mar. 20, 1839. 

AL1 born at Three Mile Bay, N. Y., except Carlos D., who 

was born at LeRaysville. 

John Reed, with his brothers and most of his sisters, moved 
to Jeff. Co., X. Y., and lived at Three Mile Bay and nearby 
places. He was a farmer, hotel-keeper, and other occupations. 
He served in the War of 1812, and was allowed $29, by the 
Government, for things furnished by him. 

No 16 

James Reed, son of Abner (2), born July 2::, 1803, in 
Herkimer Co., died May 20th, 1880, at Three Mile Bay, where 
he had lived most of his life. He married, Jan. 20, 1833, Polly 
Shaw of Sachets Harbor. She was born Aug. 6, 1812, and died 
Nov. 24, 1883. They had : 

1. Philander (130), Dec. 13, 1833; died July 21, 1907. 

2. Sally Ann (131), July 4, 1835; died Aug. 16, 1854; unmarried. 

Children by second wife: 

4. Gertrude, born July 27, 1802; married Robert Alexander, Jan. 7th, 


5. Mary, born Dec. 9, 1804; died July 9. 1836. 

6. William, born July 2, 1807. 

7. Moses, born July 4, 1810. 

8. Rebecca, born Nov. 7, 1814; died Jan. 25, 1852. Married Isaac Davis 

Oct. 3d. 1836. Children: Adeline, Margaret, Katherine, Louisa, 

9. Elizabeth, born Feb. 21, 1824. 


3. Mary E. (132), Dec. 18. 1836; died May 3, 1907. 

4. Lovina (133), Nov. 23, 1840. 

5. Jane Amelia (134), Oct. 23, 1842. 

6. William Henry (135), June 1, 1843; unmarried. Resides at Three 

Mile Bay. 

7. Helen Adelaide (136), June 4, 1847. 

8. Lida (137), Apr. 28, 1852. 

9. James, Jr. (138), Sept. 25, 1853. 

James Reed was an exemplary man and a leading citizen, 
and he and his wife members of the Free Baptist Church. We 
have been unable to find sure records of all birth dates and 
some may be wrong. 


No. 17 

Abncr Rccd, sun of Abner (2). bom Mar. 1. 1814, in 
Herkimer Co.. X. Y.. died at Three Mile Bay. June 18. 1892. 
He married. Mai'. 17. 1845. Emily Knapp. born Dec. 25. 1819. 
died Sept. 17. 1900; daughter of John Knapp. They had: 

1. George (139). 

2. Isadora (140). 

3. Charles Brayton (141), Dec. 24, 1854. 

This Abner Reed, -whose sobriquet for many years was 
*" Captain Abner.'* was a famous and well known commander 
of vessels on the lakes. 

No. 18 

Polly Reed, daughter of Abner (2). born in Herkimer Co.. 
X. Y.. died at Three Mile Bay. She married John Norlhrup. 
They had : 

1. Albert Nobthrop (142), ; died . 

2. William Northrup (143), ; died Chicago over 40 years ago. 

3. Mary Northrup (144), : died . 

4. John Northrup (145). 

John Northrup lives at Three Mile Bay. 


No. 19 

Atha'ane Rccd, daughter of Abner (2), born , in 

Herkimer Co.. X. Y., died - -. She married Volney Doty, 
son of Leonard.* They had : 

1. William Doty (146). 

2. Duane Doty (147). 

3. Cynthia Doty (148). 

4. A Girl (149). 

And perhaps others. 

They lived about Little Falls then moved to Three Mile 
Bay, then moved to Darlington ( ?), Wisconsin, about 60 years 
ago. Some of the boys died in the Civil War. We do not find 
this family. 

No. 20 

Sena Reed, daughter of Abner (2), born - , in Her- 
kimer Co., X. Y., died — -. She married Buel Wells. They 
moved to Adams. X. Y. They had: 

1. Nettie Wells (150), ; died 

2. Charlotte Wells (151), ; died - 

3. Jerome Wells (152). 

4. Fan me Wells (153), ; died 

No. 21 

Emeline Reed, daughter of Abner (2). See Xo. 14 for 
her husband and children. 

*The Doty Family.— The Doty Genealogy, 1897, shows that Leonard 
Doty, born Amenia, N. Y., 1773, removed to Western New York about 
1790. His children were: Harvey, Chloe, Jacob, Volney, Adella, Julia, 
Roswell. Volney married Athalane Reed; his sister Adella married a 
Partridge. This line runs back as follows: Volney, Leonard, Reuben, 
Samuel, John, Joseph, Edward, the Mayflower. 


No. 22 

Abner Reed, son of John (3), born in Herkimer Co., X. Y.. 
Oct. 15th, 1810; died May 18th. 1887. "just as the sun was 
setting." aged 76-4-3. Buried at St. Lawrence, but his body 
was later removed to Chaumont. He married. June 13th, 1830. 
Mary Elizabeth Witherstine, daughter of John Witherstine* 
and Margaret Casler. She was born May 29th. 1809, and died 
Mar. 1st, 1894, aged 84-10-2. She is buried at Chaumont. Their 
children were : 

1. Mary Ann (151)', Dec. 13, 1832; died June 28. 1894. 

2. Wolcott (152), June 15, 1834; died May 14, 1847. Stone Mills. 

3. Hubbard (153), Apr. 12, 1844; died May 17, 1883. 

4. Jane Elizabeth (154), July 20, 1846. 

Mary Ann and Wolcott were born at Herkimer, the others 
at Stone Mills, Jeff. Co., N. Y. Wolcott was named for his 
uncle. Wolcott Read. 

Abher Reed was left fatherless while yet a lad. His mother 
•'bound" him to a Mr. Petrie, one called "Jake" (Jacob ?), to 
serve till he was 20, and then to have $100, which was paid. 
Oct. 30th, 1832, he took deeds of two lots of land near Herkimer 
village, one 2 acres, the other 5 acres. He deeded them Sep). 
12th. 1834, to Isaac Nellis for $300. For some years he moved 

*Thk Withekstine Family. — This is another German family, who 
lived near Herkimer. The true spelling is Weider Stein, which means in 
German, wide stone. Henrick Weiderstein came from Germany, and 
in the Census of 1790 his name, "Henrick Wederstawn," is found in 
Herkimer, with two males over 16, one male under 16 and four females 
in his family. His son John, born July 12, 1762, married Margaret 
Casler. One day she went to call the men at work to dinner, when 
she was cut down and scalped by the Indians, and left for dead. But 
she recovered. They had 10 children, viz.: John, Henry, Melchert, 
David, Abram, Catherine, Margaret, Anna, Betsey and Mary Elizabeth, 
who married Abner Reed. One Witherstine married a Petrie. David 
was the father of William E. Witherstine, who is now one of the lead- 
ing lawyers and citizens of Herkimer, the county seat of Herkimer 
Co., N. Y. 


from place to place, trying to suit himself, and finally located 
at Stone Mills, Jeff. Co., near his cousins. Later he moved 
to St. Lawrence and there he died. He was a farmer, and 
attended the M. E. Church in that place, which he helped build. 

No. 26 

James Kcad, son of John (3), born Oct. 6th, 1821. at 
Poland, N. Y., died June 30th, 1888. Buried at Jefferson. 
Ashtabula Co., Ohio, "by side of his first wife." He married 
twice. (1) Low ' ka Payne, daughter of Martin Payne.* She 
died Feb. 25, 1861, aged 32 years, in Ohio. He married (2), 
July 4th, 1861, Miss Mary F. Gibbs. She was horn Jan. 5th, 
1826, in Ohio. The children, all by first wife, were: 

1. Charles H. (155), June 14, 1847; N. Y. State. 

2. Helen Eugenia (156), Nov. 25, 1850; N. Y. State. 

3. Francis Theodore (157), July 24, 1852; N. Y. State. 

4. Mary Esther (158), Aug. 6, 1854; Ohio. 

5. Howard Payne (159), Oct. 19, 1856; Ohio. 

Charles H., Helen E., Francis T.. were born in York State, 
1 he others in Ohio. 

*The Payne Family. — Martin Payne and his wife, Martha Case, 
had nine children, viz.: Hiram, Stephen, Mary (who married Ryer 
Schermerhorn), Esther, Prank, Fred, Louisa (James Read's wife) and 
Seth. They lived at Coldbrook, near Poland. An uncle, Daniel Payne, 
was active in the Revolutionary War. Mary's son, R. C. Schermerhorn, 
was a fine teacher. 

Fred Payne marrie Adeline Vincent. Their son, Fred Elton Payne, 
studied at Fairfield Seminary, began teaching at 16. Studied law a 
year at Ham. College. From 1875 to 1887 he was on newspaper work 
in Jersey City. He then taught Oriskany Falls High School nine years, 
and for six years was School Commissioner of his district. For 11 
years he was salesman for text-books. Mr. Fred Payne has also been 
active in politics and is one of the leaders in the county of his party. 
(Rep.) Since 1899 he has been the efficient post-master at Clinton, N. Y. 
In 1883 Mr. Payne married Cora N. Sperry, daughter of Irving Sperry 
and Julia Babcock. They have two daughters, Camilla Ora and Elva. 
Camilla has a fine voice, and is being musically educated. Elva is a 
student at Alfred (N. Y.) University. They attend the Presbyterian 


James Reed was a small boy when his father died, and 
"lived with relatives till old enough to work for himself." 
He married in Herkimer Co.. lived there for a time, then wenl 
to Jeff. Co., and after some years there, in 1853. went to Ohio, 
Jefferson. Trumbull Co. He continued in Ohio to the end of 
life. His widow now lives in Andover, Ohio. 

No. 27 

John M. I^ecd, son of John (3), was born, says Jeff. Co. 
History, in Conn. But that book cannot be depended on. 
Poland. X. Y.. is more probable. He died about 1896 at St. 
Lawrence. He married Sept. 16th. 1857, Carrie Prendle of 
Poland, daughter of John Prendle. She was born Aug. 18th. 
1828. and died about 1895, and is buried at St. Lawrence. 
Their children, all born at or near Poland, were: 

1. Francis (160). Sept. 1, 1852. 

2. Owen Perry (161), Sept. 1, 1853. 

3. Caroline H. (162), Mar. 25, 1858; died June 20, 1884. 

4. Maby S. (163), Jan. 19, 1861; died Mar. 19, 1863. 

John M. Reed was also left fatherless while very small, 
and had to make his why as best he could. He married in 
Poland, and his children were born there. The youngest died 
there, and is buried in the Prendle lot. We copied tin- inscrip- 
tion thus: "•Lovely in Death. Mary S.. dau. John M. and 
Carrie Read, died Mar. 19th, 1863. age 2 yrs. 2 mos." He 
removed, later, to Jeff. Co.. and lived near his brother Aimer, 
at St. Lawrence. In early life he was converted by a word 
from Mary Read, his uncle Wolcott's daughter. In bis lasl 
years he and his wife were zealous Methodists and active in 
church work. 

No. 28 

John Hetherington, son of Polly Read Hetherington \ 

born Jan. 14th. 1795; died Apr. 27th. 1866. Lived, die! and 


is buried at North Gage. He married, June 1st (year uncer- 
tain), Catherine Forbes, daughter of Warren and Mary (Mc- 
Call), Forbes. She died June : J »0th, 1896. and is buried at 
North Gage. They had : 

1. Harriet (164), Feb. 26, 1830. 

2. Infant (165), ; died young. 

3. Infant (166), —  ; died young. 

4. Infant (167), ; died young. 

6. Mary Jane (168), Mar. 13, 1840. 

7. William Henry (169), Mar. 22, 1847. 

No. 30 

William Hetherington, son of Polly Read Hetherington (4), 
horn Nov. 8th, 1798; died May 19th, 1884. Buried at North 
Gage. He married Lucy Salisbury, born Aug. 18th. 1794; died 
July 29th. 1869. daughter of Edward and Betsy Salisbury. 
They had no children, but adopted two girls, viz: 

1. Caroline Fenton (170). 

2. Ella Hughes (171). 

No. 32 

Nancy Hetherington, daughter of Polly Read (4). born 
April 26th. 1802. at Fairfield. N. Y. ; died Jan. 29th. 1895. at 
North Gage, aged 92-9-3. She married. Feb. 28th. 1820. Cor- 
nelius Sehermerhorn. son of Jacob H. Sehermerhorn.* He was 

*The Schermerhorn Family. — This family of Holland Dutch ex- 
traction, have had a large and worthy place in our early N. Y. history. 
Their progenitor, Jacob James Schermerhorn, born in Holland 1622, 
came to New York and settled in Albany, where he was brewer and 
trader, and was arrested in 1648 for selling arms to the Indians. He 
died at Schenectady in 1688. The line from him down is as follows: 

Jacob James, 1622 — 1688. 

Reyer (Uriah ?), — 1719. 

Jacob J., 1693 — 1753. 
Jacob H., 1763 — 1813. 
Cornelius, 1799 — 1892. 


born - and died Oct. 5th, 1883. They had nearly 64 years 

of married life. They are buried at North Gage. They had: 

1. William Groesbeck Schermerhorn (172), May 4, 1821; died Mar 

4, 1909. 

2. Caroline Schermerhorn (173), Apr. 2, 1823; died Apr. 12, 1912. 

3. Adeline Schermerhorn (174), Feb. 18, 1825. 

4. Levi Chase Schermerhorn (175), Feb. 23, 1827; died Jan., 1885. 

5. Lyuia Ann Schermerhorn (176), Apr. 12, 1830; died Mar. 16, 1846. 

6. Merrill Major Schermerhorn (177), Jan 24, 1833. 

7. John Maxwell Schermerhorn (178), Oct. 25, 1835. 

8. Mary Jane Schermerhorn (179), June 20, 1836; died Nov. 27, 1880. 

9. Cornelius Schermerhorn (180), May 7, 1840. 

This family was industrious, prosperous and had good 
academic educations, at Fairfield Academy and Whitestown 
Seminary. She was an active Baptist. The brothers, in early 
life, were expert cheese makers, and the dairy interest of 
America is greatly indebted to them as originators and de- 
velopers of the cheese factory system, both in America and 
Europe. See Cornelius (180). 

No. 33 

Ann Eliza Hetherington, daughter of Polly Read (1), born 

Mar. 25th, 1805; died Mar. 27th. 1883. She married, Oct. 25 

year not known). John Owen of Boonville, N. Y., who was 

born July 24th. 1799, and died July 2d, 1884. They had one 


1. Louise Owen (181), born Oct. 6, 1829. 

No. 34 

Mary Hetherington, daughter of Polly Read (4), born May 
8th. 1807; died Feb. 13th. 1833, at North Gage. She married 

It has been ascertained that the name is really Horn, and it is still 
spelled so in Holland. The prefix, "Schermer," pronounced Shermer, 
means shepherd, and Schermerhorn is only another way of saying Horn, 
the shepherd. 


Henry Smith, who died May 22d. 1891, aged 84. They had no 
children, but he married again and had one child. 

No. 35 

Isaac Hetherington, Jr., son of Polly Read (4), was born 
June 12th, 1809, and died Aug. 7th, 1824, aged 15-1-26, having 
hung himself, accidentally, it is believed. He had heard talk 
of recoil suicides, and was trying experiments himself. He 
is buried at North Gage. 

No. 36 

Jane Hetherington, daughter of Polly Read (4), born at 
North Gage. Nov. 25th, 1812. She died Jan. 16th. 1894. in 
.Michigan. She married, in 1837. al North Gage, John Major.* 
who was born in Montgomery Co.. X. Y.. 1811. and died in 
Michigan, Nov. 16th. 185(1 They had: 

1. John Maxwell Major (182), Dec. 12, 1837; died Mar. 26, 1906. 

2. Isaac Newton Major (183), Dec. 25, 1839. 

3. Mary Jam-; Major (184), Oct. 16, 1841. 

4. Thomas C. Major (185), Aug. 17, 1843; died Sept. 7, 1904. 

5. Arabella Major (186). Oct. 19, 1845; died, unmarried, May 17, 1892. 

6. Caroline Brayton Major (187), Dec. 12, 1848. 

John Major was a man of unusual talents and activity. 
At one time he worked on the Erie Canal locks at Lockport. 
X. Y. He was mason, farmer, contractor. He was one of the 
"Forty Niners" (1849). who went to California, where he 
slaved two years. He wenl there twice. He was supervisor 

*The Major Family. — They were from Scotland and lived at Perth, 
near Albany, N. Y. Referring to the record given before in the old 
Hetherington Bible, we are told that Mary Hetherington, sister of 
Isaac, married a John Major, and Anne H., another sister married 
Nicholas Veeder, and sister Jane H. married a McClelland. The Majors 
and Hetheringtons were first cousins, and in Centerville, St. Joseph 
Co., Mich., we find their later generations fine farmers, business men 
and leading citizens. 


of the town once. He himself belonged to the Presbyterian 
church. His wife to the Baptist. 

No. 37 

Robert Hetherington, son of Polly Read (4), born July 
30th, 1816. at North Gage: died in Florence, Michigan, July 
24th. 1897. He married (1), at Trenton. X. Y.. Julia Steele. 
who died with "putrid sore throat." as diphtheria was then 
called, leaving a baby six weeks old. named: 

1. Horace Hetherim.tox (188), Apr. 14. . 

He was given to his aunt, Ann Eliza, to care for. and was 
raised in Boonville, X. V.. where he died (Jet. 4th. 1864, and 
is buried in the Kent lot. 

After this sad event, Robert went to Michigan, where he 
married, May 14th. 1846, Margaret Gilhams, who was horn in 
Lancaster Co., Penn., Dee. 7th. 1821. Her parents, shortly after. 
moved to Western X. Y.. and then to Michigan, which was 
yet a wilderness. She died in Florence, Dee. 26th, 1895. They 
had : 

2. Mary Elizabeth Hetherington (189), May 11, 1850. 

3. William Wirt Hetherington (190), Oct. 27, 1853. . 

I. John Hetiiekixgtox (191), ; died five days old. 

5. Sarah Axx Hethehington (192), June 19, 1859. 

He was a good, useful man and citizen. He lived near his 
sister Jane, in Florence township, not far from Centerville. 

No. 38 

Sally Maria Hetherington, daughter of Polly Read (4).h<»ni 
Feb. 13th. 1823: died Oet. 24th, 1887. She is buried at North 
Gage. She married. Sept. 29th. bS46. Malcolm Alexander Blue, 
son of Alexander Bine and Christina McVean. He was born 
Jan. 27th. 1822. and died Jan. 14th. 1899. They had: 


1. Archibald Blue (193), Aug. 15, 1847. 

2. Arabella Blue (194), — ; died in five years. 

3. Maria A. Blue (195), Mar. 20, 1862. 

4. Arthur Grant Blue (196), May 15, 1864. 

(Ol. Malcolm Blue's obituary says of him that he was 
probably the best known non-resident of North Gage, and 
had an acquaintance that extended over a large part of Her- 
kimer and Oneida counties. He took an active part in politics. 

He was a leader in the old anti-slavery movement, and later 
an ardent Republican. He was frequently delegate to political 
conventions. For a long time he was Highway Commissioner 
and Supervisor of Deerfield, in 1875-6. He was an active 
member of the Presbyterian chuch. 

His parents dying when he was a child, he was raised by 
an uncle, Daniel McKay. In business he prospered as a farmer, 
owning at one time over 800 acres. He had a large dairy farm 
and dairy business, and later dealt extensively in live stock, 
and accumulated a fortune. He was President of the Poland 
(N. Y.) National Bank when he died. 

He obtained his title as colonel from the old militia days, 
which came to an end about 1850. Many years before that 
he became colonel of the 76th Reg. N. Y. State Militia, com- 
posed of companies from Deerfield, Trenton, Steuben, Remsen, 
Newport, and other adjacent towns. There are those living 
who used to see him riding in full regimentals on "Training 

No. 39 

Hiram Kead, son of William (5), born Dec. 6th, 1804, at 
North Gage, died Apr., 1864, in Mich. He married, May 30th. 
1830, Mary Ann Cruickshanks. daughter of AVilliam, brother 
of James, who was born Mar. 10th. 1807. and died .Ian. 11th, 
1847, in Otsego Co., X. Y. They had: 


1. Mabtha (197), Mar. 29, 1831; died Aug. 8, 1852. 

2. William Crlickshank (198), Aug. 16,1832; died Jan. 14, 1911. 

3. Susan (199), Aug. 25, 1834; died in infancy. 

4. Stanton Eaton (200), Mar. 25, 1837; died June 9, 1894. 

5. Eaton D. (201), Dec. 27, 1840; died Apr. 22, 1859. 

Eaton D. was drowned in Lake Michigan, at Bay City. 
into which he had ventured for swimming. Hiram Read lived 
at North Gage many years, where all his children were born. 
After his wife died he took his family to Bay City, where 
William C. was at work for Elijah Stanton in the lumber busi- 
ness. Stanton had married Margaret Cruickshank, sister of 
his wife, and she was "good aunty" to his family. 

No. 40 

Elsie f^ead, daughter of William, born at Xorth Gage, July 
13th, 1805, died Jan. 13th. 1892. at Elba. N. Y. She married. 
Oct. 9th. 1828, Alexander Mains, who was born Jan. 5th, 1806, 
in Herkimer ( !o., and died Mar. 14th. 1887. at Shelby Center. 
X. Y. His parents were John and Esther Mains. They had : 

1. Eliza Mains (202), Dec. 7, 1829. 

2. Polly Maria Mains (203). Mar. 25. 1S32. 

3. Alvira Mains (204), Feb. 7, 1835; died June 1, 1899. 

4. Caroline Lavina (205). born Mar. 25, 1837. 

Alexander Mains moved from Trenton, N-. Y.. to Middle- 
port. X. Y.. in 1834. and lived there or near there till 1873. 
when he moved to Shelby Center, where he died. He was a 
quiet, unassuming man. but of good native ability. His lite 
was exemplary, both as a husband and a father and a citizen. 
He was converted in early life, and became a Methodist of the 
old style. He was a fervent advocate of the Temperance work. 

No. 41 

Walter Read, son of William (5). born, his son says. June 
18th. 1805 (no record exists), at North Gage, died Sept. 1.6th, 


1874, in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Buried there He married 
ILaJxitwi Nelson, who was born Apr. 5th. 1811, and died Mar. 
18th, 1888. in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. They had: 

1. Gorton Nelson (206), Sept. 27, 1840. 

2. Eijgar (207), July 18, 1844. 

3. Harriet Elizabeth (20S), Mar. 1, 1846; died Nov. 21, 1878. 

4. Francis Eugene (209), Apr. 26, 1852. 

Harriet was born in Wilna, Francis in Orleans. Jeff. Co., 
N. Y. Walter Read lived in the later years in Jeff. Co., and 
St. Lawrence Co. He was invalid much of the time, and his 
family had to help themselves as best they could. 

No. 43 

Nathaniel Read, son of William (5), born ;it North Gage, 
grew up there. He had to care for himself early in life. He 
look to peddling, and led a roving' live. lie found his way to 
his relatives in Western New York, then to Michigan and In- 
diana, aboul L834, but never returned or corresponded. Lewis 
Reed, son of Lewis, had a call from him in Goshen, End., about 
1844. '45. It is reported that he married, some say twice, that 
he had two children burned up in his house at South Bend, Ind. 
Some say he had a widow living in Detroit. When his sister 
Louisa died, in 1892, the executor made diligent search for him 
in order to settle the estate, but no information was obtained. 

No. 44 

Maria Wiser Read, daughter of William (5), born Mar. 21st. 
1817. at North Gage, died at Ashland. Greene Co.. N. Y., Nov. 
3, 1899. She married, Oct. 17th, 1838, John Do. Id. son of -Jairns 
and Sally (Davis) Dodd* of Holland Latent. lie was born 

*Tiie Dodd Family.— This Dodd family trace back their line in 
America to Daniel Dod who appears at Branford, Conn., in 1646. He 
was one of the early Puritans of New England. He and his wife 
both died at Branford, but five of his seven children were in the 


June 4th. 1809, and died Dec. 9th. 1864. at Arcade. Wyoming 
( '<>.. X. Y., where he was minister of the Congregational Church. 
They had: 

1. Henky Marty.x Dodd (210), Aug. 6. 1839. 

2. Helen Maria Dodd (211). Nov. 27, 1841; died Jan. 17, 1906. 

3. Mary Louisa Dodd. (212), Nov. 14. 1844; died Mar. 14, 1868. 

4. John Jahjus Dodd (213), June 2, 1846; died Dec. 12, 1864. 

Maria Read was named Wiser after an esteemed neighbor. 
John Dodd was a farmer's boy until about 20 years old and 
then began to seek an education. He became a student of 
the famous Oneida Institute at Whitestown, a manual labor 
and anti-slavery school, presided over by Rev. Beriah Green. 
He taught one winter a select school at North Gage and 
Maria Read was his pupil, and they became engaged. Both 
of them were the subjects of the great revivals in Central New 

colony that founded Newark. X. J., in 1667-8. Two of the sons were 
farmers and mechanics, and they and their sons took up and settled 
nearly a square mile of the outlying lands, where the Oranges, Bloom- 
field. Montclair and Watsessing now are. Some of these lands are 
in possession of their descendants in an unbrokeu succession. They 
were all active patriots in the Revolution. Three of the fifth gen- 
eration emigrated to Oneida county among the earliest settlers, viz.: 
Rev. Bethuel Dodd. first pastor of the Presbyterian churches at Whites- 
boro and Utica, 1793; Ebenezer Dodd. a shoemaker for 25 years in 
I'Tii a. 1800-1825, and Jairus Dodd. 1796. He settled at Holland Patenr 
about 1800. and died there in 1852. He was carpenter and farmer, 
elder of the church, justice of the peace, major of the militia, in the 
force that went to the relief of Sackets Harbor. Oct. — Nov., 1813. He 
married Jemima Williams of Orange, and had. 

1. Joanna, never married. 

2. William, married Sally Fenner Pearce. 

3. Abigail, married Hiram Follett. 

4. Isaac Davis, married Abby Crane. 

5. Sarah, married Royal Robbins. 

6. Ambrose, married, first, Cornelia Early; second, Eliza McComber. 

7. Moses, married Juliette Cleveland. 

8. Johx. married Maria Read. 

9. Mary, married Jonathan B. French. 

in. Nathaniel, married Mary Ann Barnes. 

This family has a fine Genealogy, dated 1863. 



York, under the preaching of the celebrated evangelist Rev. 
Charles G. Finney, 1820-40. They followed Mr. Finney to 
Oberlin, and were both academic students there, and they 
were a part of the primitive life of Oberlin 's beginnings, lie 
studied theology with Finney. Morgan and Mahan.* Mr. Finney 
married them, at the house of a Dr. Turner, near Elyria, and 
he was licensed by the Lorain (Congregational) Association, 
Oct. 11th, 1888, and ordained by the same body Sept. 4, 1840. 
His name does not appear as an Oberlin graduate, because 
of some technical rule that he violated, with the approval of 
bis teachers. With this partial educational preparation''" he 
started out to preach the blessed Gospel. He and his wife were 
of one spirit, and he served Congregational churches at Guilford 
and Ridgeville, Ohio, at Franklin and Vernon Center in New 
York State, at Wellfleet, Mass., at Turner, Harrison and North 
Bridgton, in Maine, and Alexander and Arcade, in New York 
State. At the latter place he died aged 55. He and his youngest 
son died three days apart and were buried the same day. Ty- 
phoid fever was then epidemic in town. 

His ecclesiastical relations were Congregational, though a 
member of Genesee Presbytery when he died. 

In his useful ministry? Ids wife was his efficient helper, and 

*Early Oberlin Piety. — So intense was the religious life of Oberlin 
at that time, and so searching were the tests of conversion applied 
by the teachers, that many of the students gave up their Christian 
hopes and sought better ones. Maria was one of the latter, but John 
Dodd did not give up his. He had, when 7 or 8 years old given his 
heart to the Savior, at 10 had sought admission to the church, and 
been put off on account of youth, but had always clung to his boy- 
hood hope. He kept it all through life, and on his death-bed made it 
his dependance. 

tPARTiAL Preparation'. — John Dodd found in later life that his par- 
tial educational preparation detracted from his usefulness in the min- 
istry, and, at great cost, gave his son a full college course. 

:;:A\ti-Slavery Pastob. — He was a zealous anti-slavery advocate and 
voted that party ticket when the party was small and despised. But 
he was not a Garrisonian Abolitionist, and had none of Garrison's spirit. 


her gift in prayer was always spoken of by all who hoard her. 

No. 45 

Malintha Read, daughter of William (5), horn Doe. 9th, 
1819. at North Gage, died Mar. 16th. 1884. Buried at North 
Gage. She married. July 3d. 1838. James Cruickshank. son 
of David* and Mary (Stephenson) Cruickshank. He was born 
in Ireland Apr. 24th. 1800. and died Apr. 24th. 1877. on his 
77th birthday. He is buried at North Gage. They had : 

1. Melissa A.\x Cbuickshank (214), Apr. IT, 1839. 

2. James Martin Cruickshank (215), Nov. 29, 1840. 

4. Stewart Jesse Cruickshank (216), Mar. 6. 1843. 

5. John Dodi> Cbuickshank (217). Apr. 19, 1845; died Mar. 9, 1893. 

5, Maria Elizabeth Cruickshank (218), Apr. 21, 1847. 

6. Emma Jane Cruickshank (219), July 10, 1849; died May 9. 1909. 

James Cruickshank took his father's farm, and by industry 
and good management added to it until it was a large and pro- 
ductive property, wholly free of debt. He was an unassuming 
man but a good and useful citizen. He and his family were all 
active members of the Presbyterian Church. 

He, with others, was on the way to attend the famous Anti-Slavery 
Convention that was driven out of Utica, Oct. 21, 1835, and met them 
going to Peterboro, to where they had been invited by Gerritt Smith. 

*The Cruickshank Family. — David and Mary (Stephenson) Cruick- 
shank were natives of Scotland and emigrated to Ireland, and thence 
to Salem, N. Y., and then to North Gage, in 1807, where they lived and 
died, he in 1847, she in 1855. 

Their sons were David, William, James, Samuel, John, Robert, 
Thomas. Their daughters were Eliza. Mary, Margaret. Eliza was the 
first wife of Gilbert Allen. Mary married Thomas Rowley. Margaret 
married John Davis. James was 7 years old when he came to North 
Gage. They were industrious, hard working people and staunch Presby- 
terians. Robert M. married Elizabeth Pearce of Newport, and lived 
at North Gage, wJiere he was a large farmer. Dairying is the chief 
business in North Gage. He died in 1886, she in 1855. Their son George 
C, born Feb. 21st, 1850, was a Whitestown Seminary student. He 
married, in 1875, Rachel Herpy, and has three children: J. Robert, 
Mary, Milton. 


No. 46 

Louisa Read, born May 27 or 28, 1822, died Jan. 12th, 1892. 
She never married but continued to reside at North Gage and 
vicinity among her relatives, and helped them in various ways. 
She was a hard worker and very saving, and at her death left 
about $4,000, all her own personal earnings, which, at her 
death, she distributed by will to the relatives she had lived 

No. 51 

William Record Reed, sou of Wolcott (6), born Mar. 1st, 
1815, at North Gage, died in Wales, N. Y„ Dec. 19th, 1863. He 
married. Feb. 20th. 1839, Bersha Schermerhorn, daughter of 
Ryer 1. Schermerhorn, brother of Jacob H. She was born Dec. 
1st. 1817, in Herk. Co. and died at Delevan, X. Y. He was 
named for "Uncle Record." They had: 

1. Martha Maria (220), Dec. 27, 1839; died Sept. 17, 1894. 

2. Elgexe Wolcott (221). Sept. 12, 1841. 

3. Hekhekt Roselle (222), Aug. 24, 1843. 

4. Emma Jane (223), Sept. 21, 1845; died June 21, 1859. Sick only 36 


5. William Ervix (224), Nov. 6. 1847. 

This family lived at North Gage, where he was a farmer 
for many years. They then moved to Wales and lived not far 
from Israel's children. They were Baptists and active mem- 
bers at Newport, North Gage and Wales. They and their chil- 
dren have esteemed an education a desirable thing, and their 
posterity have made good use of their educational attainments. 

No. 52 

Lonson Patchen Reed, son of Wolcott (6), born Mar. 7th, 
1818, a1 North Gage, died in South Wales, July 11th, 1881. He 
married, Jan. 14th, 1848, Sophia Catherine Nihoff, at Palatine, 


X. Y. She was the daughter of John and Catherine Nikoff, 
Holland Dutch people who lived at Canajoharie, X. Y.. and 
was born Apr. 3d, 1824. They had: 

1. Mary Rocelia (225), Aug. 25, 1848. 

2. Fanny Helen (226), Sept. 25, 1854. 

Lonson Read lived at North Gage for many years, then, with 
his brother, moved to Erie Co. and bought lands with his brother 
William, and Sept. 27th. 1848, bought out his brother, and con- 
tinued to live on the same farm, near So. Wales, till he died. 
It is now owned by S. W. Ackley, who married his daughter 
Mary. The X T ikoffs were shoemakers and lived at North Gage. 
His widow T is still living (1912), at the age of 93. and retains 
the vivacity, life and interest of a person of 60. Her memory 
is clear and accurate, and she is a highly esteemed link be- 
tween this and our older generations. This family, too. were 
Baptists, but now attend the Presbyterian church. 

No. 54 

Mary Eliza Reed, daughter of Woleott (6). born Nov. 27th. 
1824, North Gage died July 5th. 1897. Wales. She married. 
Aug. 13th. 1854. (liarles Kinney, a farmer of Wales, lie is 
also dead. They had no children. 

No. 55 

Harriet J. Reed, daughter of Woleott (6), born Jan. 29th, 
L826, North Gage, died June 30th. 1889, at her home, in the 
Town of Trenton. X. Y. She married. Feb. 10th, 1S47. Addison 
Beebe, son of Silas Beebe and Antha Pardee. lie was horn 
Dec. 4th. 1823. and died Apr. 6th. 1894. They are buried easl 
of Cold Brook. They had: 

1. Fhamks Harriet Beebe (227), June 4. 1850; died Feb. 28, L904, un- 


2. Antha Lucelia Beebe (228), June 5, 1854. 


3. Mary Ella Bkebe (229), Oct. 30, 1856. 

4. Truman Silas Beebe (230), Nov. 3, 1858. 

"(ls~ *>\ T-*4WMft»- Beebe was a successful farmer, a good citizen, and 
lived where his son now lives. He was a member of the Pres- 
byterian Church at Holland Patent. 

No. 56 

Isaac Hetherington Read, son of Lewis (7), horn Oct. 3d, 
1808, North Gage, died Jan. 30th, 1883, in Illinois. He married, 
at ITtica, N. Y., Harriet Esterbrooks. a native of Schenectady, 
born Oct. 27th, 1808, died Dec. 23d. 1870, 111. They had: 

1. Wesley Sylvester (231). Aug. 8, 1828; died Aug. 2, 1885. 

2. Isaac (J.) (232), Jan. 24, 1830. 

3. Cynthia (233), ; died . 

4. Hakriet (234), Nov. 27, 1835. 

The birth dates of Wesley and Isaac we are not sure of. 

Isaac H. Read lived in Utica, N. Y., and also in New London. 
Oneida Co., N. Y. (near Utica), where he owned a house and 
lot, which he mortgaged, June 1st, 1835, to Luther Wilmert 
About 1857 he followed his children to 111., lived on farm near 
Freeport, and at Lena, Stevenson Co. In his later years he 
was blind. 

No. 57 

Anna Eliza Read, daughter of Lewis (7), born Jan. 27th. 
1810, at North Gage, died Dec. 20th, 1892, at Victoria, 111. She 
married three times : 

(1) June 11th, 1829, Joseph Porter, from whom she ob- 
tained a divorce. 

(2) May 5th. 1845, Chester Storrs Woodward, born - -. 
died Henry, 111., Oct. 23d, 1873. 

(3) Sept. 13th, 1879, Dea. George II. Reynolds, born Oct. 
10th, 1799. died April 1st, 1892. 


She had. by Mr. Woodward: 

Francis Woodward (235). born Kendall, 111., Apr. 15, 1846; died Henry. 
111.. Sept. 11, 1846. 

Her first marriage was in York State, the others in 111. 
Dea. Reynolds was a member of the Congregational Church. 

No. 58 

Catherine McKay Read, daughter of Lewis (7), born Feb. 
7th. 1812. at North Gage, died June 26th, 1900, at Joliet. 111. 
She married. Mar. 28th. 1832, John Green, who was born Aug. 
2d, 1806. at Bethany. N. Y.. and died Apr. 2d. 1900, at Joliet. 
They had : 

1. Axphonso Green (236), •; died in infacy. 

2. Roxcey Anna Green (237), Jan. 26, 1835. 

3. Lewis Lorenzo Green (23S), ; died in infancy. 

4. Burdette Green (239), ; died in infancy. 

5. Mary Evretta Green (240), Feb. 17. 1843; died Mar., 1901. 

Mr. Green Mas a wheelwright and inventor. He patented 
a spinning wheel that worked with a treadle. He went to Cali- 
fornia in 1819. and stayed there five years. He also enlisted 
in 100th 111. Reg.. Co. D. Served about two years, was in no 
battles. Suffered a sunstroke and was discharged for ill health. 
He was a member of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian) 
Church, to which his family also adhered. 

She and her husband were in the party that came overland 
from North Gage, with her father's family, in wagons all tin: 
way. to Joliet. in 1837. She first joined the M. E. Church 
when 17. 

No. 59 

Lewis Read, son of Lewis (7). born at North Gage Apr. 
16th, 1811, died at Joliet, Oct. 27th, 1817; buried there. He 
married Samanth Rogers in Joliet. and had: 
1. Daughter (241), ; died before 1883, no children. 


Lewis Read was, like his father, a blacksmith, and lived in 
Utica, N. Y., then moved west. The widow married again. 
George Gridley of Crete. He was a Christian professor. 

No. 60 

Roxcena Read, daughter of Lewis (7), born Oct. 17th. 1819, 
at North Gage died Jan. 27th. 1847. at An Sable, buried at 
Joliet. She married, Feb. 28th. 1838, Henry G. Brown, who 
died - -. They had: 

1. Warrex Brown (242), about 1840; died 1892. 

2. Almira Brown (243), Nov., 1842. 

3. Lewis Oliver Brown (244), Mar. 19, 1846; died Aug. 26, 1886. 

Henry Brown married again, Harriet Hobbs, who is still 
Living in Joliet. 

No. 61 

Francis Asbury Read, son of Lewis (7), born Feb. 26th, 
1822. North Gage, died Oct. 9th, 1902. Oak Park. 111. He 
married (1) Narcissa Lee Nason, Jan. 1st. 1849. She was 
born July 22d, 1823. died Aug. 1st. 1860. Rockford, 111. 
Her parents were John and Sylvia Nason. He married (2), 
Aug. 20th. 1861, Josephine B. Jordan. Rockford, born June 
4th, 1836, daughter of Eugene Bonaparte Jordan and Elizabeth 
A. Carpenter. 

By Narcissa he had : 

1. Ellen Adele (245). July 1, 1850; died Sept. 28, 1851. 'OlU 

2. Francis Adelbert (246), Aug. 27, 1852. />£-*— f^° 

3. Lewis Eugene (247), June 11, 1854; died Apr. 9, 1855. 

4. Rati ie M. (248), Nov. 28, 1858; died July 3, 1859. 

5. Mary Narcissa (249), Mar. 30, 1860; died May 11, 1860. 

By Josephine he had : 

6. Helen N. (250), June 1, 1861; died Mar. 11, 1S72. 

7. Alio: May (251), May 17, 1863; died May 9, 1892. 


8. Frances Josephine (252), Nov. 1, 1867. 

9. Esther (253), Oct. 15, 1872. 

Mrs. Read lives at Huntington Beach, Cal. 

Francis Asbury Read was born and raised a Presbyterian 
at North Gage, and at the age of 15 moved with his parents 
to Joliet in 1837. He was converted that fall, and joined the 
M. E. Church, in Jan., 1838. the only church then in Joliet. 
Proving a good speaker, he was licensed as a local preacher 
in 1841, and in 1844 he joined the Rock River Conference in 
Northern Illinois, of which he continued an active and useful 
member for more than 58 years, the last few of which, bow- 
ever, he was retired from active work. He served some of 
the largest charges in the conference, some of them twice. 
Galena 2 years, Chicago 2 years. Batavia 5 years. Freeport 3 
years and Rockford 7 years. He was Presiding Elder of Pree- 
port District 4 years. In Rockford he received over 700 mem- 
bers in full or on probation to the church. His was a most 
fruitful ministry. 

His letters show him to have been a humble, happy, con- 
secrated Christian worker, an honor to the name and the 
I 'liurch of his love. 

No. 64 

William Whitehouse Reed, son of Nathaniel (8). horn Feb. 
25th. 1816. at North Gage, died Dec. 7th. 1885, Cascade. She- 
boygan Co.. Wis. Buried there. He married (1). .June 5th. 
1836. Delia Fall. She did. and he married (2); Mar. 26th. 
1846. Eliza Finch, who is now dead.* 

*The Nathaniel Reed Bible, at his death, was given to his youngest 
daughter, Mrs. Bartlett. At her death Mr. Bartlett gave it to William, 
as the oldest son. He gave it to his oldest daughter, Delia Hogue, and 
it was burned in the destruction of her home, 1906. 


By first wife he had: 

1. Delia Elizabeth (254), Oct. 13, 1838; died Aug. 29, 1887. 

2. Mary Delight (255), Aug. 3, 1842. 

By his second wife he had: 

3. Melissa Finette (256), Aug. 8, 1852. 

William Reed lived in Jeff. Co., N. Y., and emigrated to 
Wisconsin, 1840-50, and resided in Cascade, in which town he 
was a leading citizen. 

No. 65 

Noycs Lambert l^ccd, son of Nathaniel (8), born Feb. 1st, 
1818, at North Gage, died Mar. 7th, 1858, Birch Run, Mich. He 
married. Mar. 5th. 1814. Jennett Tuttle. in Jeff. Co., N. Y. She 
was born Mar. 5th, 1826, and died Mar. 29th, 1890, in Mich. 
Her parents were Jeremiah Tuttle and Minerva Tanner. They 
had : 

1. Eugexe M. (257), Mar. 10, 1845; died Nov. 14, 1848. 

2. Orville Orsixe (258), Feb. 15, 1847. 

3. Adelbert Albertsox (259), July 13, 1849. 

4. James Jasper (260), Nov. 16, 1851. 

5. Alma Ann (261), Nov. 24, 1854; died Jan. 26, 1857. 

6. Rosetta Minerva (262), June 2, 1858. 

This record we took from the family chart. They had it 
that Noyes was born Feb. 2d, 1818, but we give the date as 
in his father's record as more likely to he correct. The four 
oldest were born in Omar. Jeff. Co., N. Y. The two younger 
in Birch Run. After Mr. Reed's death Mrs. Reed married 
again Mr. Lonsby, and had two sons. Lorenzo Lonsby and 
Charles Lonsby. Noyes Reed came to Birch Run. Saginaw Co., 
and took up Government lands, by hard work cleared them 
of their heavy timber, and his sons are now rejoicing in line, 
valuahle farms and prosperous times. 


No. 66 

Lois Ann Reed, daughter of Nathaniel (8), born Aug. 24th. 
1820, Orleans. N. Y., died July 21st. 1884, Erie, Kansas. She 
married. Feb. 28th. 1841. Benjamin Finch, born at New York, 
Nov. 25th, 1819, died Feb. 4th, 1890, at Erie. They had: 

1. Ann Eliza Finch (263), Dec. 7, 1843. 

2. Mary Elitha Finch (264), Dec. 7, 1844. 

3. Richard Finch (265), ; died 1 day old. 

4. Nathaniel Jonah Finch (266). Dec. 28, 1850. ^ 

5. Emma Jane Finch (267), Dec. 28, 1850. J 

6. Diana Maranda Finch (268), 1851; died 1852. 

7. Lewis William Finch (269), Jan. 8, 1853; died 1871, unmarried. 

8. Benjamin Franklin Finch (270), Jan. 3, 1S55. 

9. Charles Wesley Finch (271), Nov. 9, 1857; died 1858. 
10. Amie Dickerman Finch (272), Mar. 10, 1859; died 1860. 

The first two were born at Rossie, N. Y., the next three 
at Ennisville, Can., the next at Granby. N. Y.. the rest in 
Peoria Co.. 111. He was a farmer. 

No. 67 

Spencer DeWitt Reed, son of Nathaniel (8). born June 9th, 
1822, Orleans, N. Y.. died Apr. loth. 1888. He married, Dec 
22d, 1845, Sarah Florinda Sheldon, daughter of Benjamin 
Barber Sheldon and Sally Duane. She is dead. They had: 

1. Sardis Alviro (273), July 3, 1849. 

2. Martha A. (274), Aug. 18, 1850. 

3. Carrie A. (275). Apr. 26, 1856. 

4. Sarah Frances (276), Jan. 9, 1863. 

Spencer Reed and Lewis Reed married sisters. Mr. Sheldon 
was deacon of Baptist Church at Lafargeville, X. V. Mr. R I 

spent his whole life in Jeff. Co.. was a farmer. 


No. 68 

Maranda Reed, daughter of Nathaniel (8), born June 4th, 
1824, Orleans, N. Y., died Nov. 9th, 1889, Marseilles, 111. She 
married, Oct. 3d, 1853, at Orleans, N. Y., Jessie E. Mick. 

Their children were horn in Miller, LaSalle Co., 111. They 
had : 

1. Ada Mick (277), Sept. 15, 1854; died Oct. 3, 1854. 

2. May Emma Mick (278), Oct. 12, 1855; died Nov. 24, 1887. 

3. Spencer Eugene Mick (279), Sept. 13, 1857. 

4. Jesse Lewis Mick (280), Mar. 31, 1859; died Feb. 17, 18 . 

5. Eddy Clay Mick (281), June 19, 1860; died Apr. 4, 1872. 

6. Josephine Amy Mick (282), Aug. 20, 1861. 

7. Alzina Elitha Mick (283), Aug. 24, 1864. | 

8. Clara Adelia Mick (284), Aug. 24, 1864. j Died Dec. 5, 1876. 

Alzina Elitha Mick, in 1891, lived at Marseilles, 111. 

No. 70 

Lewis Edwin Reed, son of Nathaniel (8), born June 25th, 
1828, at Watertown, N. Y. He married, Dec. 15th, 1853, Alzina 
Lemira Sheldon of Lafargeville, daughter of Benjamin Barber 
Sheldon and Sally Duane. She was born Aug. 3d, 1833, and 
died Sept. 18th, 1905. They had : 

1. Bertie (285), Jan. 19, 1863; died small. 

2. Myra Mabel (286), Oct. 20, 1865. 

3. Fred Sheldon (287), May 8, 1868. 

4. Julia Elitha (286), Dec 24, 1870; died Apr. 15, 1904. 

5. Sarah Rebecca (2S9), July^l9, 1874. 

Lewis Reed has been carpenter and farmer, but is now in- 
firm and lives with his son two miles from Watertown, in 
Pamelia. Lewis Reed and his sister Elitha (Gordon) are the 
only survivcrs of the third generation, numbering 67. Myra 
Reed lives with her father. They are Prot, Methodists and 
exemplary ( Ihristian's. 


No. 72 

Nathaniel Record Reed, son of Nathaniel (8), born Oct. 3d, 
1832, in Pamelia. N. Y., died Aug. 24th. 1870. and is buried 
at Omar. He married Apr. 22d. 1861. Mary Lavina Beckwith, 
daughter of Elijah and Betsey (Hinds) Beckwith. She was 
born Apr. 20th. 1841, near Watertown. They had: 

1. Albert Elijah (290), June 9, 18G4. 

2. Dora M. (291), May 14, 1866, died Jan. 22, 1883. 

3. George Nathaniel (292), June 13, 1870. 

Mr. Reed was a member of the Baptist church and a farmer. 
He died aged 38. Mrs. Keed married Lafayette Hawn in 1880, 
and lived with him till Nov. 13th. 1892. Avhen he died. They 
had no children. They moved to Iowa, and she now lives with 
her children there. 

No. 73 

Cordelia Elitha Reed, daughter of Nathaniel (8), born Mar. 
24th. 1834. in Pamelia. N. Y. Married Hollis Gordon. Nov. 3d, 
1859. He was born Apr. 1st. 1821. The son of Andrew and 
Charlotte (Mix) Gordon. They had: 

1. Lottie May (293), June 24, 1863. 

Lottie May Gordon lives with her parents. She is a dress- 
maker. Their home is in Lafargeville. N. Y. 

No. 75 

Frances Eliza Reed, daughter of Nathaniel (8). born Nov. 
28. 1838. in Pamelia. N. Y.. and died Aug. 28th. 1867, in Cas- 
cade. AVis. She married. Apr. 10th. 1856. Leon C. Bartlett,* 

*The Bartlett Pedigree. — Ira Bartlett, father of Leon C, was born 
in Ver., 1793, and came to Jeff. Co., X. Y., about 1811 to live. He was 
in the Sackets Harbor Battle. He died in 1863, on Wolf Island, St. 
Lawrence River. Ira Bartlett's father John Bartlett served in the Rev. 
War under Stark at Bennington and at Saratoga. John Bartlett's 
father, Josiah, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 


born Apr. 10th, 1834, in Jeff. Co., N. Y. Son of Ira Bartlett 
and Asenath Snow. Children were born in Cascade, Wis. They 
had : 

1. Eugene Reed Bartlett (294), Apr. 10, 1857; died July 22, 1892. 

2. Emma E. Bartlett (295), Sept. 12, 1858; died June 5, 1859. 

3. Lewis Albert Bartlett (296), June 11, 1860; died Feb. 22, 1862. 

4. William L. Bartlett (297), July 6, 1867; died July 23, 1867. 

Frances Reed met Mr. Bartlett as her teacher for two terms 
of their district school in which she was a pupil. He was 22 
and she 17 when married. They went at once to Cascade, Wis., 
and it was their home five years. He then enlisted and took 
her to her kindred in New York, to live while he was gone. 
He was five years in the war, and then they went back to Cas- 
cade to live. There he has ever since lived, and been Grocer, 
Druggist, Postmaster (1890), and leading citizen generally. 
She died in 1866, aged 28, but he has married again and has 
other children. 

He gives us his military record thus : Enlisted as Private, 
Co. C, 4th Wis. Cavalry, in which he was promoted to Corporal, 
Sergeant, Orderly Sergeant, 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut.. Brevet Cap- 
tain. He was mustered out May 28th, 1866. He was in 17 
battles or skirmishes, viz : New Orleans ; Batan Rouge ; two 
assaults, Port Hudson; two battles. Clinton, La.; Liberty, 
Miss.; Vicksburg; Brisland. La.; Bonnet La Clare; Mobile. 
He was twice enrolled on Roll of Honor, by Gen. Banks and 
Bailey, for conspicuous bravery, at Port Hudson and Liberty, 
Miss. He now resides at Cascade, Wis. 

No. 76 

Betsey Ann Reed, daughter of Benjamin (9), born at Wales. 
N. Y., Jan. 1st, 1820. died at Plymouth. Inch, soon after her 
second marriage. She married (1), Mar. 29th, 1835, in Detroit, 
James Jeremiah Bennett, who died Sept. 23d, 1839. They had : 


1. Benjamin Franklin Bennett (298), May, 1837. 

2. James Richmond Bennett (299), Feb. 25, 1839. 

She married (2), Feb. 2Sth. 1840. Peter Crumb, M. D., "a 
good doctor and a good man," who lived many years after her 
death, and married again. He is now dead. Mr. Bennett ''came 
from England when grown," with a brother. He was a painter 
by trade, and was killed by the fall of a scaffold. His house 
burned, and with it his family history. The second son's birth 
date is somewhat conjectural. 

No. 11 

Israel F(eed, son of Benjamin (9), born in Erie Co., N. Y., 
Mar. 27th, 1822, died Aug. 18th. 1890. at Bourbon, Ind. He 
married. Jan. 27th. 1840. Margaretta Cruzan, born June 22d, 
1821, in Ohio, died Jan. 26th, 1884. Her parents were Benjamin 
Cruzan and Sarah Bell McMichael. the former of French blood, 
the latter Scotch. They had : 

1. Amanda Melissa (300), Aug. 12, 1841. 

2. Sarah Angeline (301), Aug. 16, 1843; died Jan. 21, 1903. 

3. Eventus Fletcher (302), July 28, 1846. 

4. Lucretia Jane (303), Apr. 3, 1849; died in infancy. 

5. Laura Maria (304), Oct. 27, 1855; died . 

6. Mary Josephine (305), Sept. 3, 1858; died Sept., 1893. 

7. Lura Elma (306), Sept. 14, 1866. 

Israel Reed's wife was sister to Laura Ann Reed's husband. 
Israel lived at Bourbon, was a farmer, and member of M. E. 
Church. In war times he was called out to help protect In- 

No. 78 

Nancy Lucinda Reed, daughter of Benjamin (9), born Jan. 
6th, 1823, in Erie Co.. X. Y.. died Mar. 6th. 1890, Columbia, 
Okla. She married, Jan. 27th, 1840. Grandison Moss Merrill, 
born Jan. 7th. 1813. at Newburyport. Mass.. died Oct. 11th, 


1865, "Baker Battle Field," Mont. He was the son of James 
Nathaniel Merrill and Susan Perry. They had : 

1. James Nathaniel Meekill (307). 

2. William Henry Harrison Merrill (308), Nov. 2, 1844. 

3. Benjamin Addison Merrjll (309), Mar. 3, 1846. 

4. Sarah Jane Merrill (310), Jan. 15, 1849. 

5. Lucy Maria Merrill (311), Oct. 17, 1854. 

6. Warren Merrill (312), ; died Feb. 4, 1868. 

7. Aaron Newton Merrill (313), Oct. 28, 1858. 

8. Mahlon Grandison Merrill (314), May 18, 1869. 

9. Ernest Clifton Merrill (315), June 8, 1864. 

She was 17 when married, ho 27. Their earlier life was in 
Indiana, where most of their children were born. They later 
lived in Waterloo, Iowa, in Cedar Falls, and at Ft. Scott, Mis- 
souri. The father died in 1865, leaving a half -grown family. 
"They left the States," about 1875-77, for the territories, and 
lived in Kansas and Oklahoma. They have known all the vicis- 
situdes of the Civil War and the Frontier Life. Mr. Merrill 
was a farmer. He belonged to the United Brethren Church. 
It is a tradition that they were originally from N. II., and of 
Welsh blood, and that Susan Perry was a sister of the famous 
Commodore Perry. 

After Mr. Merrill's four years active service in the Civil 
War, he had an honorable discharge. His health was very 
poor. Just then a party of government surveyors and some 
emigrants were looking out a route for the first Pacific R. R. 
overland. The Government furnished them an escort, and Mr. 
Merrill enlisted in the escort, believing that the mountain air 
would benefit his health. They started May 1st, 1865, and 
being a surveying party progress was necessarily slow. They 
reached Little Horn River, when Indians began to trouble 
them, and when they got to the Big Horn the Indians were 
so threatening that they entrenched and sent to Fort Laramie 
for help. The Indians attacked and killed five of the soldiers, 


one of whom was Mr. Merrill. They were buried on the Battle- 
field, 60 miles east of Helena, Mont. 

Warren died in Chillicothe, Mo. 

James, the oldest son, was in the Kansas Home Guards, and 
served his time out, at the beginning of the war. A year later 
he enlisted in a Kansas Reg., and was sent south. The last the 
family heard of him was from Memphis, Tenn. He then was 
not well. His letters ceased to come, nor was any record or 
report of him or his death ever received. He probably is dead. 

No. 79 

Laura Ann Reed, daughter of Benjamin (9), born Dec. 2d, 
1824, in Erie Co., N. Y., died Nov. 21st. 1848. She married, 
1840, Andrew Jackson Cruzan, who was born in Ohio. May 
10th, 1818. He died May 9th, 1902. They had : 

1. Leandeb Cbtjzax (316), Nov. 13, 1841. 

2. Lucy Maeia Cbuzax (317), Oct. 21, 1842. ^ 

3. Saeah Bell Cbuzax (318), Oct. 21, 1842. j Died 6 months old. 

4. Lauba Axx Cbuzax (319), Nov. 10, 1848. 

Mr. Cruzan was a farmer, and a Methodist in religion. 

No. 80 

Martin Stryker Reed, son of Benjamin (9), born Fel). 15th, 
1827, in Erie Co., N. Y.. died June 4th. 1910, at Bourbon. He 
married (1) Fanny Emeline Town. Apr. 7th, 1848, who died 
Oct. 8th, 1890. He married (2), about 1896. Mrs. Jane Taft, 
whose maiden name was Cushman. She died Fel). loth, 1911. 
He had by his first wife : 

1. Mabgabet Ellen (320), May 11, 1849. 

2. Chables Wabbex (321), Mar. 14, 1851. 

3. Albebt Maxwell (322), May 11, 1852. 

4. Elijah Mabtln (323), Sept. 5, 1854. 

5. Olive Roxaxa (324), Sept. 30, 1856. 


6. Richard (325), Apr. 24, 1858. 

7. William Henry Harrison (326), Dec. 31, 1859. 

8. Rose Melvin (327), Oct. 7, 1861. 

Martin Reed was an unusually versatile and successful 
farmer and trader, and divided among his children a very- 
large estate. Their farms are fertile and productive, and they 
are leading men in their town. 

No. 84 

Eliza Jane Reed, daughter of Benjamin (9), horn Mar. 14th, 
1837, in Detroit. She married, Nov. 17th, 1853, Aaron J. Grant, 
born June 25th, 1830, at Alliance, Ohio, son of Stacy Grant 
and Hannah Zelly. They had : 

1. Maria Grant (328), Feb. 17, 1857; died Sept. 24, 1862. 

2. Benjamin Stacy Grant (329), Mar. 1, 1859. 

3. Henrietta Grant (330), Nov. 9, 1860; died Oct. 4, 1862. 

4. Luella May Grant (331), Oct. 9, 1865. 

Mr. Grant is a farmer, a Baptist, who has resided in Bour- 
bon, Valparaiso, Ind., and now lives in Howard, Kansas. He 
is a direct descendant of the ancestor of General Ulysses S. 

No. 86 

William Henry Harrison Reed, son of Benjamin (9), was 
born Mar. 15th, 1839, in Plymouth, Ind. He married, Dec. 
4th, 1858, Eliza Ann Deemer, born in Ohio, Aug. 15th, 1840, 
and died Aug. 13th, 1910. in Miami, Okla. She was daughter 
of Peter and Lydia Deemer. They had: 

1. George Arba (332), Dec. 14, 1859. 

2. Rose Mary (333), Oct. 1, 1861. 

3. Louis Otto (334), Jan. 6, 1867. 

4. Maud Jane (335), Nov. 2, 1873. 

5. Lydia Ella (336), Oct. 14, 18S0; died Oct. 16, 1882. 


The three older children were born on the same farm he 
was, near Bourbon, Ind. Maud Jane in Kansas, and Lydia 
Ella in Mo. He lived in Ind. ; Gerard, Kan. ; Webb City, Mo., 
and now resides at Miami, Okla. He writes himself down as 
a "Spiritualist." He was the only soldier of the Reed boys, 
and served with his brother-in-law, John Keller, in the same 
company, 73d Ind. Reg. Their first battle was Richmond, Ky., 
then Crab Orchard, Twin Springs, Stone River. Then he was 
attached to Strait's Brigade, and sent to Paducah, on a raid to 
Rome, Ga., had a fight at Horse Shoe Cove. Blunts Farm, were 
captured next morning near Rome, paroled and sent to Cin- 
cinnati, and then to Indianapolis, and then to Nashville, and 
then put on garrison duty, guarding railroads. Their officers 
were all in Libby Prison for 18 months. He was discharged 
July, 1865. He now resides at Miami, Okla. 

No. 87 

Candes Adeline Reed, daughter of Benjamin (9), born Jan. 
29th, 1845, at Bourbon, Ind., died July 24th, 1905, Kansas City, 
Mo. She married, Feb. 25th. 1862, at Bourbon, John Keller, 
born in Neiderwetz, Germany. They had : 

1. John Ellsworth Kellek (337), Dec. 6, 1862; died Sept. 25, 1S63. 

2. Albert J. Keller (338), Oct. 14, 1866; died Jan. 5, 1867. 

3. Dora Belle Keller (339), May 8, 1868. 

4. Mary Etta Keller (340), Oct. 28, 1870; died Aug. 25, 1873. 

5. Clarence Elmer Keller (341), Jan. 5, 1874. | Died Mar. 13, 1874. 

6. Clara Elma Keller (342), Jan. 5th, 1874. } Died Mar. 14, 1874. 

7. Nora Katherine Keller (343), Aug. 17, 1875. 

8. Lucy Jane Keller (344), July 16, 1879. 

9. Florence Harriet Keller (345), July 9, 1881. 

She was a devoted member of the United Brethren Church, 
and died in peace. Mr. Keller came to America when 11 years 
old, and at the age of 16 went to live with Benjamin Reed, 
whose younger daughter he married. Beside Bourbon, Ind., 


he has lived in Howard, Kansas, and now resides in Kansas 
City, where he is connected with the County Clerk's office, and 
is active in political work, as a Republican. He was also a 
soldier, in Co. D., 73 Ind. Reg. Was in Libby Prison nine days, 
and then exchanged. He served to the close of the war. He 
and his brother-in-law, W. H. H. Reed, were in the same Co., 
and reference may be had to the record of Mr. Reed for Mr. 
Keller's record. 

[No. 88 

John Garner Mason, son of Eliza Read (10), born Aug. 14th, 
1815, at Strykersville, N. Y., died Mar. 2, 1889, at Aurora, Neb. 
He married (1), July 8th, 1838, Caroline Stryker, daughter of 
Garrett Stryker (first settler), born Mar. 21st, 1814, died Aug. 
3d, 1857, in 111., leaving a babe a few months old. He married 
(2), Mar. 30th, 1879, in Chicago, an English woman, Helena 
Boice, who died in 1879. 

The children were all by Caroline Stryker: 

1. Charles G. Mason (346), Aug. 12, 1830; died Aug. 24, 1S39. 

2. Seth Martin Mason (347), Mar. 11, 1841. 

3. Charlotte Amelia Mason (348), Oct. 9, 1842. 

4. Chloe Rosella Mason (349), Feb. 8, 1845; died May 24, 1907. 

5. Gardner Mason (350), May 25, 1847. 

6. Charles William Mason (351), Nov. 29, 1853. 

7. George Franklin Mason (352), Feb. 22. 1857. 

Mr. John G. Mason moved with his family to 111. about 1851, 
and lived at So. Grove, 111.; Creston, 111.; Bradshaw, Neb., 
where he died. His occupation was that of a farmer and his 
church Baptist. 

No. 89 

Israel Keed Mason, son of Eliza (10), born Mar. 1st, 1817, 
at Wales, N. Y., died in Indiana, Nov. 26th, 3838. He married, 


July 11th, 1838. Emeline Sacket. They had no children. She 
is dead. 

No. 90 

Riley Eaton Mason, son of Eliza Reed (10), horn in Wales, 
N. Y., Apr. 1st. 1819. died Apr. 12th. 1890, at Grundy Center. 
Iowa. He married, Jan. 13th, 1841, Sally Maria Clark, daughter 
of Lyman Clark and Eleanor Cooper. She was born Feb. 21st, 

1820. at Holland, N. Y.. died Feb. 6th, 1889, Iowa. They had: 

1. Lydia Eleanor Mason (353), Mar. 30, 1842; died Oct. 27, 1892. 

2. Cecil Dwight Mason (354), May 22, 1846; died Oct. 13, 1904. 

3. Sophia May Mason (355), June 18, 1S48. 

4. Evelyn Louise Mason (356), Sept. 25, 1850. 

5. Alzade Mason (357), Oct. 2, 1852. 

6. Vesta Amanda Mason (358), Nov. 25, 1854. 

7. Frank Riley Mason (359), Oct. 1, 1857. 

8. Carrie Alice Mason (360), Mar. 13, 1860. 

9. Charles Irvin Mason (361), Apr. 9, 1863. 

Riley Mason was a farmer who lived in Holland and Java. 
N. Y.. till 1857. when he moved to Waterloo, Iowa, and then 
to Grundy Centre, where he and his wife died. Eliza Reed 
Mason and her husband lived the last few years of their life 
with Riley, in Iowa, and are buried there. His children were 
all born in New York, except the two youngest, who were born 
in Iowa. 

No. 91 

Charles William Mason, son of Eliza Reed (10), born May 
18th, 1821, at Wales, died Oct. 24th, 1899, at E. Aurora, X. Y. 
He married, Sept. 11th. 1842. Julia Ann Clark, daughter of 
Lyman and Eleanor (Cooper) Clark. She was born Nov. 7th. 

1821, died Jan. 21st. 1875. They had : 


1. Marcus Clark Mason (362), June 6, 1844. 

2. Emma Jane Mason (363), May 22, 1846. 

3. Laura Edna Mason (364), June 20, 1S50. 

4. Stella Helen Mason (365), Apr. 2, 1853. 

5. Wallace Norman Mason (366), Dec. 20, 1855. 

6. Hayden Kneeland Mason (367), Aug. 8, 1857. 

Stella Helen is not married. She lives in Boston, and is a 
nurse. Two of these sons became Baptist ministers. One of 
them, Marcus, a pioneer missionary to Tura Assam, India, in 

No. 93 

Sally Ann Mason, daughter of Eliza Reed (10), born May 
2d, 1825, at Wales, died Mar. 30th, 1909. Married, Feb. 14th, 
1850, James G. Klock, born Dec. 29th, 1826, at Java, died Feb. 
23d, 1911, at Emporia, Kan. She died at Orloff, California. 
He was a son of Peter G. Klock and Margaret Winegar, and 
traces back to "Mohawk Dutch." They had: 

1. Ann Eliza Klock (368), Dec. 7, 1850. 

2. James Eugene Klock (369), Mar. 27, 1855. 

3. Mary I. Klock (370), Dec. 23, 1S58. 

He was at one time in a Woolen Mill. Later a farmer, and 
moved to Waterloo. Iowa, 1857; Kansas, 1871. He was a 

No. 95 

George Chauncey Mason, son of Eliza Reed (10), born Oct. 
6th, 1831, at Wales. Married, Sept. 7th, 1852, Rachel Lorette 
Steele, daughter of Daniel Steele and Hannah Hadley. She 
was born June 23d, 1833, and died at Strykersville. July 20th, 
1901. They had: 

1. Julia Maria Mason (371), Oct. 21, 1853; died Aug. 2, 1873. 

2. Alta Lorette Mason (372), June 30, 1855; died Jan. 21, 1859. 

3. Alice Irene Mason (373), May 6, 1857; died Jan. 20, 1859. 


4. Mercy Adelle Mason (374), Apr. 4, 1859; died July 5, 1859. 

5. Ellsworth Therox Masox (375), May 29, 1861; died Mar. 2. 1886. 

6. Atwood Samuel Masox (376), Dec. 28, 1864, died July 12, 1873. 

7. Mary Eliza Masox (377), June 22, 1S70. 

Ellsworth and his father were ardent Temperance men. 
Ellsworth was a very promising young man, and was killed 
by the falling of a limb of a tree as he was at work in the 
woods. Three of the little ones of this family died within six 
months of each other. Mr. Mason is an active Baptist, and 
now lives at Java Village, with his daughter Mary E. Nichols. 
He is one of the few remaining links to the first generation 
of Reeds. Israel Reed's widow lived with his mother for a 
time and Geo. Mason's memory is clear and well stored. 

"Redeat Serus in Celo." 

No. 96 

Andrew Brooks Mason, son of Eliza Read (10), born Nov. 
18th, 1833, at Wales, died Nov. 12th. 1902. at Toledo. Ohio. 
He married, Nov. 18th, 1858, Nancy Clark, daughter of Lyman 
Clark and Eleanor Cooper. She was born Aug. 18th. 1832, at 
Holland, N. Y. They had: 

1. Ellis Everett Masox (378). May 11. 1S60. 

2. Herbert Lincoln Masox (379), Oct. 8, 1881; died June 8. 1883. 

3. Lyman Clark Masox (380), Sept. 1, 1869,. 

4. Flora Masox (381), Dec. 22, 1871. 

Brooks Mason worked on the home farm, attended district 
school, attended the Select School of Miss Paxton and Miss Friend 
at Medina. N. Y. Judson Warner of "Silver Bill" fame was 
seat-mate, and room-mate at Beloit. While yet 16 he taught, 
successfully, a school of the " throw-the-teacher-out " type, in 
111. The next year he taught the Strykersville school. Aboul 
1852 he entered Beloit College, Wis. In 1853 he was studenl 
at Wyoming Academy. N. Y. He then studied medicine with 
Dr. Ives at Strykersville about two years. In 1857-1858 he 


studied medicine at Ann Arbor, and began practice at Creston, 
111., where his brother, John G. Mason, lived. He married a 
Java (N. Y.) girl, and the next spring, 1859. with a colony of 
relatives, located in Irvington, Iowa, as a doctor, school teacher, 
Justice of the Peace and farmer. 

In the spring of 1863 he located at Waterloo, Iowa, and 
began dentistry. In this art he was very successful, and was 
active as a member and officer of the State Society. He felt 
keenly his responsibility in the practice of medicine, and pre- 
ferred, on this account, dentistry. He became a Good Templar, 
sang tenor in church choir, and learned music in a school led 
by the celebrated Geo. F. Root. 

He was also in the Iowa Militia, ready, if called for, to 
go to the war. His home in AYaterloo burned Jan. 14th, 1874. 
He moved at once to Springfield, Ohio, and continued his pro- 
fession there. He also went into bee culture and poultry rais- 
ing, and became an expert on bee matters. He also manu- 
factured a honey extractor, lie located, in the fall of 1871), 
at Auburndale, then a suburb of Toledo, but now a part of 
the city. Here he continued his dentistry work and became 
a leading man in his profession. He also kept up his bee work. 
and became well known in the state and nation and even tin- 
old world as an apiarist. 

He was post-master at Auburndale. He was converted in 
his youth and joined the Baptist church at Strykersville, in 
the fall of 1853. All through his life lived an active Christian 
life in church and community, having been deacon, church 
clerk, S. S. superintendent, and secretary and treasurer of the 
Toledo Baptist Association. He never used profanity, intoxi- 
cating liquors, or tobacco, and not even tea or coffee. 

The ending of this useful life was sad. Returning home 
one evening he went into the rear kitchen, with a lighted lamp, 
who-c there was a natural gas stove, from which some gas 
had escaped. A severe explosion followed, which burned him 


severely. The shock was too great, and in a few days this 
loving husband and father, faithful Christian, true friend and 
citizen, esteemed by all who knew him, was called from earth 
to his heavenly home. He felt no fear, however, for he knew 
in whom he had believed, and was persuaded that He was 
able to keep that trust he had committed unto Him, against 
that day. 

Herbert Mason died of meningitis. 

Flora Mason is clerk in the office of a large dry goods 
house in Toledo. She is a member of the Baptist church. 

No. 97 

Merrills Lovcll Mason, son Eliza Reed (10), born Sept. 18th, 
1835, Wales, N. Y., died Jan. 10th, 1865, in Savannah or Charles- 
ton Hospital. He married July 8th, 1851 (1857?), Minerva 
Decker, in 111., born Oct. 10th. 1837, died Mar. 6th. 1888. They 
had : 

1. Fraxk Howard Mason (382), May IS, 1858. 

2. William Byrox Mason (383;, Sept. 9, I860. 

3. Caroline Belle Masox (384), Apr. 9, 1862. 

His nephew says, " Uncle Merrill Mason was one of those 
large, strong, straight men. and made a fine soldier. He was 
brave, and would face almost anything without flinching." 
He was among the first to enlist and joined the 105th 111. Keg., 
and ranked as Sergeant. He was shot in the foot as he lay 
in his tent on Sherman's March to the Sea, by the accidental 
discharge of a gun. which one of his comrades had been hand- 
ling. His leg was amputated and after some months he died 
from the effects, in a hospital. 

His widow married John Moyer and moved to Iowa. 


No. 98 

Judson Warren Mason, son of Eliza Reed (10), born May 
13th, 1838, at Wales, died Oct. 18th, 1898. He married Mary 
A. Hiller. They had : 

1. John H. Mason (385), Jan. 6. 1865; died Feb. 4, 1908. 

2. William O. Mason (386), Jan. 29, 1867. 

3. Charles E. Mason (387). Oct. 25, 1871. 

She lives at Los Angeles, Cal., 802 E. 14th Street. 

No. 100 

Angeline Read, daughter of Warren (11), born Jan. 19th, 
1823, at Wales, N. Y., died Apr. 27th. 1887, at Detroit. She 
married, at Detroit, Louis Lonyo. who was born Aug. 9th, 1815, 
and died Oct, 4th, 1884. They had : 

1. Betsey Lonyo (388), ; died aged 3. 

2. Andrew Warren Lonyo (389), July 28, 1850. 

3. Lucy Lonyo (390), Sept. 17, 1854; died Jan. 24, 1887. 

4. Albert Lonyo (391), Aug. 9, 1855. 

5. Orissa Lonyo (392), ; died aged about 18. 

6. Louis Lonyo (393), Nov. 27, 1859. 

7. Julia Lonyo (394), Apr. 22, 1864. 

Louis Lonyo was from a French family who had settled 
as farmers at "Spring Wells," near Warren Read's home. 
Nominally they were Roman Catholics, but do not adhere to 
their church, and their posterity are of various religious pref- 
erences. Their land was favorable to the brick-making in- 
dustry, and nearly all the present generation are, in one way 
and another, connected with that business, in which they have 
prospered very well. The "Lonyo Brick Company" is one of 
the solid industries of Detroit. The younger generations have 
bad good academic training. 

The old Lonyo house at "Spring Wells" burned a few 
years ago and with it perished both Read and Lonyo records 
and papers. It has not been rebuilt. 


No. 101 

Anson Rccd, son of Warren (11). born Mar. 4th, 1821. at 
Wales, died Mar. 3d, 3902. He married (1) . They had: 

1. Daughter (395), died small. 

2. Daughter (396), died small. 

He married (2), Apr. 26th. 1857, Mary Harriet Thayer, 

daughter of Thayer, born near Syracuse, N. Y., Apr. 

23d. 1823, and died Feb. 6th, 1901. at Bourbon. They had : 

3. Lucy Esther (397). Feb. 28, 1858; died Aug. 14, 1858. 

4. Harriet Marie (398), May 25, 1859. 

5. Flora Estelle (399), Feb. 27, 1863; died Feb. 8, 1904. 

6. George Herbert (400). Sept. 24, 1864; died Dec. 21, 1891. 

Anson Read was a soldier in the 73d Reg. Indiana. Miss 
Harriet Marie Reed has a home in Bourbon. 

No. 106 

Julia Ann Reed, daughter of Warren (11). born at Detroit, 
and died in Detroit, about July. 1857. She married John Stead, 
who died. They had : 

1. Emma Stead (401), May 28, 1854; died about 1907. 

2. Bessie Axgelixe (402). Mar. 23, 1S57. 

John Stead married again, and had more children. 

No. 108 

Joseph Addison Reed, son of Charles (12), born Sept. 15th, 

1823. in Wales, died in Java, Feb. 28th, 1897. He married, 
Sept. 18th. 1816. Rosetta Brown, daughter of -Jonas Brown. 
She was born in New Hampshire, Feb. 9th, 1824, and died in 
Java. March 28th, 1897. Mr. Brown moved to Java, L826. 
They had : 

1. Maky Jane (403), Apr. 13, 1848. 

2. Webster (404). 


No. 109 

Catherine Reed, daughter of Charles (12), born June 24th, 
1829, died July 26th, 1865. She married, Aug. 16th, 1849, 
Hiram Cobleigh. They had: 

1. Charles Cobleigh (405). 

2. Daughter Cobleigh (406). 

3. Daughter Cobleigh (407). 

One of the daughters is Mrs. Charles Richardson of Strykers- 
ville, the other Mrs. Elden Hanes of East Aurora, N. Y. 

No. 110 

Charles Harvey Reed, son of Charles (12), born Oct. 27th, 
1834, N. Y. State, died Apr. 21st, 1892. He married, Dec. 19th, 
1861, Ellen Beardsley, and had : 

Daughter (408). 

Later they were divorced. 

Charles Harvey Reed was intellectually one of the most 
brilliant men our Reads have produced. For many years he 
was the leading criminal trial lawyer in the West, achieving 
an exceptional reputation as State Attorney in Chicago. For 
many years he was practically in control of Republican politics 
in the West, and he was also one of the counsel for the mur- 
derer of Garfield. When a boy he worked for 25 cents a day 
for his Uncle Reckord, in Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

No. Ill 

Lucina Diantha Reed, daughter of Charles (12), born Sept. 
9th, 1838, Java, N. Y. Married Nov. 1st, 1865, James Henry 
Potter, son of Zebina Potter and Nancy Davis. He was born 
in Mt. Morris, N. Y.. Jan. 22d. 1835, and died . They had : 

1. Elizabeth Potter (409), Aug. 2, 1866. 

2. James Reed Potter (410). June 18, 1873. 


This genial lady and her husband lived on the farm near 
Java Village owned by her father. They are Baptists. Mr. 
Potter was in the war, a member of the 138th 111. Infantry, and 
had rank as sergeant-major. 

No. 112 

Warren I^ccd, son of Charles (12), was born Apr. 23d, 1841, 
died Mar. 17th. 1878. Married (1), 1863. Alice Plant, who 

died Nov. 7th. 1873. He married (2), Ellen B. , who 

died Mar. 15th. 1891. 

Warren Reed was in the 130th X. Y. Infantry. He was 
ill most of the time, and only in skirmishes. 

No. 113 

Eliza Diana Reed, daughter of Reckord (13), born June 
19th. 1829, died Oct. 31. 1871. at Lyons, 111. She married, Mar. 
23d, 1856. Alden J. Grover, born Aug. 24th, 1822, at Holland, 
Erie Co., X. Y.. and died Apr. 6th. 1902. He was son of Chester 
J. Grover and Susan Davis. They had : 

1. A Son Unnamed Grover (411), ; died . 

2. Feaxk Reed Grover (412), Sept. 17, 1858. 

3. Etta Margaret Grover (413), Apr. 7. 1860; died Dec. 24, 1906. 

4. Katherine Susan Grover (414), May 18, 1863. 

5. Caroline Ella Grover (415), Jan. 24, 1866. 

6. Alden Chester Grover (416), 1869; died 2 weeks old. 

7. Louise Mary Grover (417), Sept. 16 1870. 

8. Chester Alden Grover (418), Oct. 18, 1871. 

The first three were born in Lyon township, near Chicago, 
Katherine in Strykersville, N. Y. The last three in Evanston. 
Mr. Grover 's parents were born in Bradford, Yer.. and his 
grandparents, David and Eleanor Davis settled on the "Hol- 
land Purchase" in AYestern Xew York. His father died when 
he was 3 years old. He went to Chicago, arriving there on 
the steamer "Empire State" in Sept.. 1844. He at first found 


work in the American Car Works. Later he purchased city 
property and farms near Riverside and LaGrange. He re- 
moved to Evanston in 1866 to educate his children, and lived 
there till he died, becoming one of Evanston 's leading business 
men, dealing in coal and later in building and real estate, and 
contracting. As a citizen he was repeatedly elected to town 
offices. He was also an active member of the First M. E. 
Church, and active in its councils. The "Grover Block" in 
Evanston is one of the finest there and stands on the site of 
his first home. He gave his children a fine education and re- 
fined training. His first wife having died early he married 
again. Mar. 20th, 1875, Mrs. Mary E. Kinney. Her maiden 
name was Whelden. She was from Schuylerville, N. Y. Her 
maternal grandmother was a Stevens. 

Two of Mr. Grover 's daughters, unmarried, live in Evans- 
ton and continue the home. Katherine Susan studied two 
years at N. W. University, and later devoted herself to Art, 
which she studied at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.. and won 
a scholarship there. She went to Europe also to perfect her- 
self in Art. Her work in this direction is very creditable, and 
adorns the home in Evanston. She has been teaching in 
Chicago, but is now on the Art Revision Board. Miss Louise 
Grover is very much of an invalid, but is, with her sister, 
active in soeial, literary and philanthropic work. She was 
two years in X. W. University. 

No. 114 

Luccna BarboUr Rccd, daughter of Reekord (13). born 
Apr. 24th, 1834, in Wales. She married (1). Oct. 15th. 1862, 

at Strykersville, Hosea Stratton, who died — . 1864. lb' 

was a farmer. She married (2), Oct. 11th. 1866. at Strykers- 
ville, Samuel Lord, born in Stowe, Ver. He died Aug. 17th, 
1904. Thomson, 111. His parents were William Lord and 
Luthera Conant. 


By Hosea Stratton she had : 

1. Charles Jonathan Strattox (419), Aug. 19, 1863. 

By Samuel Lord she had : 

2. Samuel Lord (420), Oct. 25, 1867. 

3. Etta Lucena Lord (421), Dec. 10, 1869. 

4. William Lord (422), Apr. 28, 1872; died Sept. 13, 1872. 

5. Minnie Viola Lord (423), July 19, 1873. 

6. Reverdy Reed Lord (424), Jan. 7, 1876. 

Mr. Lord was also a farmer. Mrs. Lord lives at Mt. Car- 
roll. 111., with her daughter Etta. She has been a source of 
information as to the older generations. Her home in Thom- 
son, with all its precious records, was destroyed by fire, or 
we might have known more. The Lords are Baptists. 

No. 115 

Juliet Margaret Reed, daughter of Reckord (13), born Nov. 
24th. 1843. at Wales, N. Y., died at Lyons, 111., Mar. 17th, 
1883. She married. July 12th, 1871. Charles. Henry Thayer, 
born in Mass., Dec. 24th. 1841, died Nov. 3d. 1903. Son of 
Nathaniel Thayer and Caroline Taft. They had: 
1. Aline Thayer (425), August 6, 1878; died Apr. 17, 1908, at Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Dr. Thayer was a dentist at Mattoon and later at Chicago, 
where he became a leading dentist. In his Mass. home, after 
the local school, he attended a school in Providence, R. I., kept 
by Samuel Austin, of the Society of Friends, and later he was 
at Walpole Academy. His dental education was in Philadel- 
phia. His religious position was Unitarian. He married again a 
niece of his first wife, by whom he had two children. (No. 413.) 

As a soldier his first service was with tin* three-months 
state regiments organized by the State Governors to defend 
the nation. He enlisted in Co. A, 1st R. I. Reg.. Apr. 17th, 
1861. on the very day the first call for troops was made; left 
for Annapolis Apr. 20th. marched to Washington Apr. 24th. 


Was in Burnside's brigade, Hunter's division, McDowell's 
army. Was at 1st battle of Bull Run, July 21st. Reenlisted 
Sept, 27th, 1861, in Co. C, 1st R. I. cavalry, became 2d Lieut. 
Dec. 14th, 1861, 2d Lieut. July 15th, 1862, Capt. Co. B, Feb. 
14th, 1863. His Regiment was attached to Stoneman's com- 
mand, Army of the Potomac, and he was in the many move- 
ments and fights of that division: Warrenton Junction, Rap- 
pahannock Crossing, Fort Royal, Strasburg, Columbia Bridge, 
Edinburg, Millers Bridge, New Market, Harrisburg, Cross- 
keys, Port Republic, Mountain Road, Rapidan River, Slaughter 
River, Robinsons River, Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock Fords, 
Catletts Station, Thorofare Gap, Groveton, 2d Bull Run. Chan- 
tilly, Conrads Ferry, Whites Ford, Morrisville, Hazel River, 
Fredericksburg, Kelleys Ford. 

At Kellys Ford he was shot in the thigh, captured Mar. 
17th, 1863, sent to Gordonsville and later to Libby Prison, till 
June, 1863, then exchanged and rejoined his regiment, and 
was in action at Jones Cross Roads, Hagerstown. Harpers 
Ferry, Shephardstown, Brandy Station, White Sulphur Springs, 
Bristol, Mine Run. On furlough Feb. and Mar., 1864. Iu 
service again : Bowling Green, White House Landing, Repulse 
of Early, Deep Bottom. Nov.. 1864, he became Inspector Gen- 
eral, was in action at Berry ville, Front Royal, Halltown, Shep- 
herdstown, White Post, Opequan, Fishers Hill. Cedar Creek. 
Dec. 21st, 1864, he was honorably discharged from service. 

Aline Thayer was esteemed a brilliant and promising young 
lady. She graduated from the University of Chicago, but died 
unmarried. She was a Christian Scientist. 

No. 117 

Abner Justus Golden, son of Betsey Reed (14), born Oct. 
25th, 1817, at Little Falls, died Apr. 8th, 1890. He married 
Catherine Graham, daughter of Major Graham. She died in 
Schuyler. N. Y. They had : 


1. James Anson Golden (426), May 16, 1850. 

2. William Goldex (427), Nov. 16, 1857. 

3. Iea Major Goldex (428). 

4. Ida Golden (429). 

5. Ella Goldex (430). 

6. Allex Goldex (431). 

7. Nellie Goldex (432), Oct. 2, 1870. 

Abner J. Golden was a farmer. Re lived in Fairfield, Little 
Falls, Schuyler, where he died. 

Allen Golden never married, but works at his trade of 
carpenter up and down the Mohawk Valley. His address is 
Mohawk. N. Y. 

No. 118 

Jane Matilda Golden, daughter of Betsey Reed (14), born 
Oct. 25th. 1817. at Little Falls, died Mar. Itli. 1896. They had: 
1. Edgar J. (433), Aug. 21, 1860, Schuyler, N. Y. 

No. 119 

Theodore H. Golden, son of Emeline Reed (21), born Aug. 
9th, 1834. at Little Falls, died Dec. 8th. 1872. He married (1) 

Helen C. . born Oct. 29th. 1841, died Mar. 25th. 1864. 

He married (2), Mar. 4th, 1866, Jane Boyle, daugbter of 
Charles John Boyle and Ann Oavanaugh. She was horn Oct. 
17th. 1850. 

By Helen he had : 

1. Charles Goldex (434), Mar. 5, 1859; died Mar. 28, 1863. 

By Jane he had : 

2. Fraxcis Theodore Goldex (435), Mar. 2, 1868. 

3. Emelixe Goldex (436), Aug. 19, 1872. 

Theodore Golden 's widow married again, n .Mr. Brown. 
She lives in Utica. The son. Francis Theodore, unmarried, 
lives in Utica and is emplay-ed-4n— the-- Savagc Armo -t". 


No. 122 

Catherine Reed, daughter of John Reed (15), born June 
4th. 1819, at Three Mile Bay. died June 13th, 1880. She mar- 
ried Jan. 29th, 1839, Farnham S. Cory, son of Robert Cory, 
who was born in Plainfield. N. PL, and moved to Vermont, and 
then to New York, about 1820, with teams, and lived the first 
winter in a school house. They had: 

1. John R. Cory (437), ; died Apr., 1880. 

2. William D. Cory (438), Nov. 18, 1841. 

3. Helen M. Cory (439). 

4. Charlotte E. Cory (440), ; died May. 1905. 

5. Augusta A. Cory (441), ; died Aug., 1890. 

6. Katherine R. Cory (442). 

7. Jennie L. Cory (443), ; died June 8, 1868. 

8. Emma J. Cory (444). 

Mr. Cory was a farmer at Three Mile Bay, N. Y. 

No. 123 

Nancy Reed, daughter of John (15), born Sept, 4th, 1821, 
at Three Mile Bay. Married, Feb. 24th. 1842, Seth E. Powers, 
born in Jefferson Co., N. Y., died in Rome, N. Y. She died in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. They had : 

1. Charles Powers (445), ; died 

2. George Powers (446). 

3. Edward or Edmond Powers (447). 

4. Josephine Powers (448), ; died . 

Edward is a telegraph operator. 

No. 124 

Charlotte Reed, daughter of John (15). born Feb. 26th, 
1824, at Three Mile Bay. Married, Nov. 9th, 1847, William E. 
Champlin, born Apr. 29th, 1821, at Watertown, N. Y., died 
Apr. 24th. 1889. They had: 


1. Frank D. Champlin (449), Sept. 6. 184S. 

2. Nettie M. Champlin (450), June 8, 1850. 

3. William N. Champlin (451), Dec. 26, 1852; died May 9, 1907. 

4. Edward R. Champlin (452), Nov. 28, 1854; died Feb. 14, 1912. 

This family moved to Illinois and lived at Elburn. See 

No. 126 

Carlos Duane Reed, son of John (15), born Sept. 8th. 1829, 
went to California, Dec.. 1856. Since 1861 he has lived at 
Jacksonville. Oregon, where he died Apr. 5th. 1908. He mar- 
ried, in 1868. Christiana Kretzer, born Oct. 17th. 1839, in Han- 
over, Germany. They had : 

1. Charlotte (453). 

2. Kathlrine (454). 

3. Emma (455). 

Miss Charlotte Reed teaches in Portland. Ore. The other 
sisters, with the mother, reside in Jacksonville, Ore., on a farm. 

No. 127 

Delos David Reed, son of John (15), born Jan. 31st, 1833, 
at Three Mile Bay. Married Jan. 18th, 1859, Mary W. Cline, 
born Apr.. 1838. at Three Mile Bay. died Apr. 5th, 1908, at 
Chaumont, N. Y., daughter of Epenetus Cline and Elizabeth 
Estes. They had : 

1. Fanny (456), Aug. 27, 1860. 

2. Ada (457), Oct. 23, ; died Aug. 27, 1875. 

3. Frank (458), 1867; died in infancy. 

4. Gertie (459), 1868; died Aug. 27, 1875. 

5. Brayton (460), 1870; died in infancy. 

6. Mamie (461), 1874; died 1875. 

7. John (462), 1877. 

8. Katheryn (463), April, 1878. 

9. George (464), 1886; died in infancy. 

The ravages of death among the little ones of this family 


call for our heartfelt sympathy. They have not kept records 
and the above is more or less from memory. Mr. Reed lives 
at Chaumont with his unmarried children. 

No. 128 

John LcRoy Reed, son of John (15), born May 21st, 1836. 
Married, June 4th, 1867, Martha Wells, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth Wells. She was born Sept, 4th, 1840, and died Feb. 
1st, 1908. Mr. Reed was a farmer at Three Mile Bay till 1880, 
when he removed to Sac City, Iowa. Since then he has been 
a commercial traveler and is now retired. He is a member of 
the M. E. Church. They had no children. 

No. 129 

Sarah M. Reed, daughter of John (15), born Mar. 20th, 
1839, at Three Mile Bay. Married, Dee. 26th, 1860, Milton S. 
Cline, born Apr. 4th, 1837, at Three Mile Bay (Point Penin- 
sula), son of Henry Cline and Elizabeth Suter. They had: 

1. Harry W. Cline (465), June 3, 1862. 

2. Libbie M. Cline (466), July 18, 1864. 

3. John R. Cline (467), Aug. 16, 1866. 

4. Herbert W. Cline (468), Nov. 1, 1868. 

The Clines were from the Mohawk, and Germans by blood. 
Mr. and Mrs. Cline went to 111. and settled at Elburn, about 44 
miles from Chicago. He is a local merchant there. They are 

No. 130 

Philander Reed, son of James (16). born Dec. 13th, 1833, 
died in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 21st, 1907. He married, June 
6th, 1860, Elsie Louise Mabie, bom Feb. 5th, 1840. They had: 

1. Louis Erastus (469), Dec. 14, 1861; died June 14, 1894. 

2. Isabel (470), Sept. 1, 1863. 


3. Elloise (471), Nov. 28, 1865; died Sept. 27, 1873. 

4. Mary Eleanor (472), Feb. 26, 1870; died Jan. 7, 1877. 

5. Grace (473), Nov. 22, 1871; died Oct. 6, 1873. 

6. Elsie May (474), Jan. 31. 1882. 

7. Philip Gorden (475), Feb. 14, 1885; died Aug. 14, 1885. 

Elsie Reed is a teacher and librarian in Brooklyn. Phil- 
ander Reed lived most of his life in New York City. He was 
a merchant. 

No. 132 

Mary E. Reed, daughter of James (16), born Dec. 18th, 
1836, died May 3d, 1907, at Chaumont. Married Capt. John 
Jason Knapp. Feb. 3d, 1863. He was born Nov. 10th, 1827, 
died July 3d, 1905. He was born in Brownville, died in Chau- 
mont. They had: 

1. Charles Reed Knapp (476), Aug. 31, 1S64. 

2. Harriet Louise Knapp (477), Oct. 21, 1873. 

Mr. Knapp was (like Capt. Abner Read) a famous lake 
captain. . He had a pleasing exterior. Mrs. Knapp was a 
teacher and milliner. They were Presbyterians. 

No. 133 

Lovina Reed, daughter of James (16), bom Nov. 23d, 1840, 
Married (1), Mar. 5th, 1867, Harvey J. Allen, son of John 
Allen, who died June 3d. 1871. She married (2), Nov. 23d, 
1876, Ely Warner, who died July 11th, 1905. She had no 
children. She lives at Three Mile Bay. 

No. 134 

Jane Amelia Reed, daughter of James (16), born Oct. 22d, 
1842. Married. Feb. 19th, 1868, Charles Hiram Hamilton, bom 
Oct. 2d, 1840. They live at Three Mile Bay. They had: 

1. Mary Hamilton (478) Dec. 28, 1868. 

2. Fred Hamilton (479), Oct. 1. 1871. 

3. Charles Reed Hamilton (480), Jan. 6, 1878. 


No. 136 

Helen Adelaide Reed, daughter of James (16), born June 
4th, 1847. Married, May 31st, 1876, James Knox Benway, 
born Nov. 10th. 1813, died Nov. 9th, 1906. She lives at Albany, 
New York. They had : 

1. Mabel Reed Benway (481), June 26, 1877. 

2. Beulah Louise Benway (482), Sept. 8, 1881. 

Mr. Benway was a mason and contractor. He was for 14 
years foreman of the fine carving work on the New York State 
Capitol. Mabel Benway graduated at Vassar College, 1898, 
and spent one year there in a post graduate course in mathe- 
matics and astronomy. Then she spent a year at the Albany 
State Normal College, taking the degree of Ph. B., 1900. For 
six years she had charge of the science department in North 
Tonawanda High School, and since 1908 has been teaching 
mathematics in Erasmus High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. Beulah 
L. Benway has been assistant at the Dudley Observatory since 
Nov., 1901. The Benway family are of French origin. His par- 
ents were Moses Benway (Benoit) and Priscilla Pinsonneault. 

No. 137 

Lida Reed, daughter of James (16), born Apr. 28th, 1852. 
Married a man named "VVadhams. They had ; 
1. Roy Wadhams (483), 

This family is living in California somewhere. 

No. 138 

James Reed, Jr., son of James (16). born Sept. 25th, 1853. 
Married (1) Georgiana Klock, (2) . By 1st wife he had: 

1. George (484). 

2. Nettie (485). 

3. Addie (486). 

4. Ada (487). 

5. Frank (488). 


Resides at Oklahoma City, Okla. Is in the real estate 

No. 140 

Isadora Reed, daughter of Aimer (17). Married a man 
named Pierce. 

No. 141 

Charles Brayton Reed, son of Aimer (17). bom Dec. 24th, 
1854. Married, Oct.. 1888, Lovina Jane Loomis. She was 
born Aug. 16th, 1857. They had: 

1. Anne Emily (489), Aug. 23, 1884. 

2. Wayne Abxer (490), Apr. 13, 1886. 

3. Ada Mabel (491), June 21, 1888. 

No. 146 

For Doty family see Appendix. 

No. 150 

For Sena Reed families see Appendix. 

No. 151 

Mary Ann Reed, daughter of Abner (22). born Dee. 13th. 
1832. near Herkimer, died June 29th. 1894, buried a1 SI. Lawr- 
ence. She married. Jan. 20th. 1857. Wallace Beadle, born Jan. 
9th. 1829, died Dee. 12th. 1905. son of Garretl Beadle. They 

had : 

1. Elenok Beadle (492), Feb. 26, 1858; died Der. 22, 1909. 

2. Herbert Beadle (493), Sept. 22, 1S59; died 1 week old 

3. Quincy A. Beadle (494), Nov. 19. 1865 


No. 153 

Hubbard Rccd, son of Abner (22), born Apr. 12th, 1844, 
died May 17th, 1883. He married, June, 1873, Nellie Jewett, 
at Kalamazoo, Mich. She was born Apr. 11th, 1850, and died 
Apr. 2d, 1890. They had : 

1. Mary (495), Sept. 24, 1874; died Feb. 5, 1890. 

Nellie Jewett was a graduate of Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 
1871. She was the daughter of Henry W. Jewett, an able 
physician and leading citizen of Chaumont, N. Y. After the 
death of her first husband she married Albert Fisk, and died 
within a year. She is buried in the Fisk lot, Brookside Cem- 
etery, Watertown. 

No. 154 

Jane Elizabeth Reed, daughter of Abner (22), born July 
20th, 1846. Married (1), Feb. 11th, 1869, William M. Council, 
who was born in Mich, in 1840. He died Oct. 12th, 1892. She 
married (2), Sept. 7th, 1897, Grattan H. Reade, of Clayton, and 
Westchester Co., of Irish lineage. By Mr. Council she had : 
1. Child (496), Feb. 8, 1870; died soon after born. 

She lived most of her life at St. Lawrence, but now re- 
sides at Pierrepont Manor, Jeff. Co., N. Y. She has an old 
German Devotional Book which belonged to her mother, Mary 

No. 155 

Charles H. I^eed, son of James (26), born June 14th, 1847. 
Married, May 10th, 1868, Harriet Read. They had : 

1. Catherine B. (497), Jan. 1, 1871. 

2. Walter H. (498), Oct. 10, 1872. 


No. 156 

Helen Eugenia Reed, daughter of James (26), born Nov. 
25th, 1850 (or 1851). Married Dec. 29th, 1869, William G. 
McCartney, born Oct. 25th, 1846, at Johnston, Trumbull Co., 
Ohio. His parents were William Taylor McCartney and Grace 
Scott, born in Scotland. They were married at Jefferson, Ohio. 
According to records furnished by the family, they had : 

1. Lena Grace McCartney (498), July 29, 1871. 

2. Mary Lovisa McCartney (499), Apr. 9, 1874. 

3. Scott Reed McCartney (500), Nov. 12, 1877. 

4. Lottie Edith McCartney (501), Dec. 24, 1877. (1879 probably.) 

5. Lulu May McCartney (502), May 6, 1886. 

Mr. McCartney was a soldier of the Civil War. He is now 
superintendent of the book room, State Capitol, Columbus, 
Ohio, where he and all the family reside. Mary Lovisa writes 
herself, "merchant." 

No. 157 

Francis Theodore Reed, son of James (26), born July 21th, 
1852, at Poland, N. Y. He married, Dec. 21th, 1874, Anna M. 
Harris, daughter of Alfred Harris and Maria Joyner. They 
had : 

1. Carl Adelbert (503), Aug. 24, 18S8. 

2. Cassie Anna (504), Apr. 11, 1893. 

Mr. Reed keeps "The Maumee," a hotel in Adrian, Mich. 

No. 158 

Mary Esther Reed, daughter of James (26), born Aug. 6th, 
1854. in Ohio. Married, June 21st, 1882, James Alfred Fas- 
sett, who was born May 15th, 1847, and died May 1st, 1897. 
His parents were Silas Fassett and Emeline Crosby. He was 
a florist in Ashtabula. They had no children. She now lives 
in Detroit, and is active in Y. W. C. T. U. work, and as matron 
for a home. She is an active Christian worker. 


No. 159 

Howard Payne Reed, son of James (26), born Oct. 19th, 
1856, in Ohio. Married, Sept. 17th, 1879, Barbara Clark, who 
was born May 9th, 1856, in Canada. Her parents were David 
Clark and Amelia Lang. They had: 

1. Howard Clark (505), Feb. 17, 1881. 

2. Harry James (506), Dec. 22, 1884; died Sept. 9, 1885. 

Mr. Reed is in the real estate business in Ashtabula, as 
dealer and builder, and is a leading citizen. The family attend 
the M. E. Church. 

No. 160 

Francis S. Reed, son of John M. (27), born Sept. 1st, 1852. 
Married Jan. 1st, 1874, Elizabeth Ann Kyes, of Clayton, born 
Dec. 20th, 1853, at Landsdown, Can., died Sept. 19th, 1905. at 

Watertown, daughter of Alpheus Kyes and Shipman. 

They had : 

1. Maude S. (507), Aug. 27, 1876. 

2. Carrie Hinckley (508), Apr. 22, 1S87. 

3. Florence M. (509), Sept. 1, 1889. 

4. Earl M. (510), May 2, 1893. 

Mr. Reed lived in early life at St. Lawrence, then in Water- 
town and towns in that region. He is now at Boca La Grande. 

No. 161 

Owen Perry l^eed, son of John M. (27). born Sept. 1st. 
1853. Married (1), Sept. 1st, 1877, Hattie Phelps, daughter 
of Gouveneur Phelps. She died Nov. 19th. 1885. He married 
(2), Aug. 17th, 1888, Nellie Dunham. 

By Hattie Phelps he had: 
1. Howard Phelps (511), June 21, 1881. 

H. P. Reed lives at Chaumont. 

Mr. Owen Reed is a retail butcher in Chaumont, where he 


No. 162 

Caroline H. I^eed, daughter of John M. (27), born Mar. 
25th, 1852, died June 20th, 1884, at St. Lawrence. Married 
Solon E. Walrath. They had no children. 

Mr. "Walrath "was a very nice man" and an active Metho- 
dist, and "Carrie Reed a lovely, pious girl and a very fine 

No. 164 

Harriet Hetherington, daughter of John (28), born Feb. 
26th. 1830. Married. July 4th. 1848. Thomas John Little, who 
was born June 7th. 1824. died Sept. 29th, 1897. They had: 

1. John Thomas Little (512), May 3. 1849. 

2. Harriet Little (513), Oct. 10, 1859; died Oct. 20, 1S90. 

She is now (1912) 82 years old and, though blind and lame, 
is good company. They live on N. Genesee street, Utica, very 
near the Barge Canal. 

No. 168 

Mary Jane Hetherington, daughter of John (28),. born Mar. 
13th. 1840. Married, Feb. 1st, 1864, Jacob George Becker, son 
of Daniel and Margaret Becker. He was born Oct. 10th, 1840. 
They had: 

1. Caroline Becker (514), Nov. 24, 1868. 

2. Catherine Becker (515), Mar. 12, 1872; died Sept. 14, 1872. 
:;. John Becker (516). July 11, 1873; died Feb. 29, 1880. 

\. Malcolm Charles Becker (517), Sept. 14, 1876. 

5. Flora May Becker (518), June 30, 1878. 

6. Margaret Irene Becker (519), Nov. 8, 1880. 

.Mr. Becker is a farmer, lives uear North Gage, Deerfield. 
X. Y.. K. D. Margaret Irene has a musical education and 
leaches music at Whitesboro, where she lives with her sister, 
.Mrs. Jones. 


No. 169 

William Henry Hetherington, son of John (28), born Mar. 
22d, 1S47. at North Gage. Married. Oct. 16th, 1871, Margaret 
Richards, daughter of Kit-hard and Ann Richards. She died 
Sept. 12th. 1903. They had: 
1. William Henry Hetherington (520), Jan. 25, 1894. 

He lives about 2 1 - miles from North Gage, on the farm 
first owned by his grandfather, Isaac Hetherington. He is a 

No. 170 

Caroline Fenton (Hetherington), adopted daughter of Wil- 
liam (30). She died some years ago. She married Owen <t. 
Seofield. who also died some years ago. They had: 

1. Daughter. 

2. Daughter. 

No. 171 

Ella Hughes, adopted daughter of William Hetherington 
(30). Married Geo. Seifred. Both are dead. They had: 

1. William. 

2. Newell. 

No. 172 

William Groesbeck Schermerhorn, son of Nancy Hether- 
ington (32), born May 4th, 1821. died Mar. 4th, 1909. in Perm., 
aged 87-10-0. He married. Dee. 12th. 1850, Abigail Fenner. 
daughter of Geo. Fenner, of Cold Brook, born 1828. died Feb. 

5th, 1912, in her 85th year. They had: 

1. Hayden Schermerhorn (521), June 24, 1854; died about 1895. 

2. John C. Schermerhorn (522), Dec. 26, 1863. 

Win. G. Schermerhorn and wife both lived to great age. 
lie moved to ( onneaul ville. Pa., in 1854, and is buried there. 
He was a carpenter and builder and later a farmer. 


No. 173 

Caroline Schermerhorn, daughter of Nancy Hetherington 
(32). born Apr. 2d. 1823. died Apr. 15th. 1912. Married, Sept. 
29th, 1846, Ahiion Adoram Brayton, born Apr. 20th, 1824, New- 
port, X. Y.. died -Tan. 29th. 1885. Son of .less.- Brayton and 
Olive Whittaker. They bad: 

1. Omar Romaine Brayton ( 523 » July 22, 1S49. 

2. Merbill Jesse Brayton (524), July 20, 1852. 
:!. Ida Rosalia Brayton (525), Apr. ~>. 1855. 

4. Arthur Brayton (526), Feb. 13, 1863; died Apr. 13, 1898. 

The Braytons were from R. !.. and early settlers of New- 
port and vicinity, and were generally well educated and lead- 
ing citizens in the community. Caroline Brayton lived to see 
her 90th year, and in the same town in which she was horn, 
and in sight of her birth place, her long and useful life was 
passed. She had a loveable, companionable nature, and every 
body enjoyed her friendship. Even in old age her memories 
were clear and accurate. She was a good wife and mother, and 
energetic in her undertakings. She had a fine academic edu- 
cation, finishing it at Houghton Seminary, a famous women's 
school of New York' State. She was a member of the I ni- 
versalist Church. 

No. 174 

Adeline Schermerhorn, daughter of Nancy Hetherington 
(32), born Feb. 18th. 1825. Married Nathan Rix of Newport, 
X. V.. about 1860. He died June 7th. 1875, aged 55, and is 
buried at Newport. By his first wife he had. George, Alice 
and Frank. Like her sister Caroline, she is of greal age and 
active. She had no children. 

No. 175 

Levi Chase Schermerhorn, son of Nancy Hetherington 
(32), born Feb. 23d, L827, died Jan. 25th, 1895, Buried at 


North Gage. Married, Sept. 8th, 1852, Susan Terry. They 
had : 

1. Lydia Annette Schermerhorn (527), Dec. 28, 1854. 

2. Addie Eugenia Schermerhorn (528), June 27, 1861; died Oct. 3, 1864. 

Mr. Schermerhorn moved from North Gage to Poland in 
1886. He was an active member of the Free Baptist Church. 
The family lives at Poland, N. Y. 

No. 177 

Merrill Major Schermerhorn, son of Nancy Hetherington 
(32), born June 24th, 1833, at North Gage. Married, Oct. 20th, 
1859, Flora Haggart, born - -. died Aug. 15th, 1897. She 
was a daughter of John Haggart. They had : 

1. John Cornelius Schermerhorn (529), Nov. 5, 1862. 

2. Caroline Schermerhorn (530), Oct. 3, 1873. 

Mr. Schermerhorn is a farmer, now retired, and lives at 
North Gage. 

No. .178 

John Maxwell Schermerhorn, son of Nancy Hetherington 
(32). born Oct. 25th. 1835. Married, Jan. 12th, 1887, Amelia 
Wilt, daughter of William Wilt and Rosetta Barbar. They had. 

1. Jesse Maxwell Schermerhorn (531), Mar. 18, 1896. 

2. Hazel Oxeita Schermerhorn (532), May 14, 1901; died July 14, 1907. 

Mr. Schermerhorn lives at North Gage and is now a farmer. 
He was, with his brothers, one of the early successful cheese 

No. 179 

Mary Jane Schermerhorn, daughter of Nancy Hethering- 
ton (32), born Jan. 20th, 1838, died Nov. 27th, 1880, at New- 
port, N. Y. She married Tbomas Bowen, who died . 

They had no children. 


No. 180 

Cornelius Schermerhorn, son of Nancy Hetherington (32), 
born May 7th. 1840, at North Gage. Married. Apr. 12th. 1882, 
Alice Eliza Hartness. born Feb. 8th, 1854, daughter of George 
Hartness and Sally Ann Preston. They had: 

1. Nancy Mabel Schermerhorn (533), Dec. 18, 1884. 

2. Florence Hartness Schermerhorn (534), Feb. 13. 1888. 

3. Helen Esther Schermerhorn (535). May 13, 1890. 

Mrs. Schermerhorn graduated from Potsdam (N. Y.) Nor- 
mal School. 1878, and was a teacher before her marriage. 
Mabel also graduated at Potsdam,  1906, and teaches. This 
family lives at Poland. X. Y.. and are members of the Free 
Baptist Church. We have been much indebted to Mr. Scher- 
merhorn for help in this book, and his active life has been 
one of honor and usefulness. 

His early life was spent on his father's farm. He attended 
district school at North Gage, and later attended Whitestown 
Seminary, near Utica, N. Y. In 1865 he entered on the busi- 
ness of manufacturing butter and cheese by the factory system, 
which system Avas then in its infancy. For several years he 
successfully managed some of the largest factories and cream- 
eries in Oneida. Herkimer. Cattaraugus and Cortland Count' 
in New York State. 

In 1869. England desired to introduce the factory system 
into that country, and the work of carrying out this idea was 
placed in charge of a committee, who formed an association, 
with the Duke of Devonshire as president. The membership 
also included Lord Vernon, Lord Scarsdale, lion. E. K. W. 
Coke, brother of the Earl of Leicester, -J. G. Crompton, Esq.. 
and several others. 

This association conferred with London shippers in regard 
to the matter, and asked them to find a man from America 
who was engaged in the business and competent to start the 


system in England. Through their agents in New York Mr. 
Schermerhorn was recommended for the position, and engaged 
by the association. 

He sailed from New York Feb. 19th, 1870. on the steamer 
Helvetia, and after a stormy passage of 17 days landed at 
Liverpool, and proceeded to Derby, where he met the members 
of the association, and where the first factory was located, the 
use of the building being given by Alderman Roe. 

At the same time they wished to try the experiment of a 
factory located in the country, and Mr. Schermerhorn super- 
intended the building of one at Longford, on the estate of the 
Hon. E. K. W. Coke, which was the first cheese factory built 
in England. 

The system having been introduced in England, attracted 
the attention of other countries, and Russia, Denmark. Sweden 
and Italy sent dairy engineers for plans find instructions; which 
were furnished by Mr. Schermerhorn. 

During the winter of 1870-71 he was engaged by a London 
firm and went to Holland, where he managed a factory at 
Brock, in Waterland. near Amsterdam, and he also gave plans 
and specifications for factories in other parts of that country. 

While in Holland he visited the old town of Schermerhorn, 
in North Holland. The old church is of ancienl architecture 
and of special interest for the records it contains. Among 
these records is the original coat of arms of the Schermer- 
horn family, and on the panels are the names of many of the 
family who are buried beneath the church. 

He returned to England, stayed another year and in -Jan.. 
1N72. he came back to America, and managed several large 
factories in Vermont, Connecticut' and New York. 

He retired from the factory business in 1SS4. on account 
of his health, came to Poland. N. Y.. and lives there now. 


No. 181 

Louise Owen, daughter of Ann Eliza Hetherington (33), 
bora Oct. 6th, 1829. dje d-31ar. 2XiLl.1 &>3. Married. Jan. 25th, 
184s. .lustus Vinton Kent, who was born Apr. 11th. 1827. died 
May :3d. 1906. He was the son of Ezekiel Ken1 and Laura 
DeForest. They had : 

1. Earl Owen Kent (536), Nov. 8, 1848; died Mar. 8. 1849. 

2. Newton Eugene Kent (537), Sept. 19. 1850. 

3. Charles Burton Kent (538). Mar. 4. 1855. 

4. Justus Willis Kent (539). Mar. 11, 1858; died Oct. 17. 1860. 

5. Anna Louise Kent (540). Nov. 7, 185'... 

6. Geobge Willis Kent (541). Sept. 25. 1865. 

7. Franklin Vinton Kent (542). Dec. 23, 1867. 

8. William Henry Kent (543), Aug. 23. 1870; died Jan. 7. 1910. 

Mr. Kent was a farmer. He lived all his life in Boon- 
ville, X. Y. 

No. 182 

John Maxwell Major, son of John Major and Jam- Hether- 
ingtOD (36), horn Dee. 12th. 1837. at Florence Mich., died Mar. 
26th, 1907. at Centerville, St. Joseph Co., .Mich., when- his home 
was. He married Sarah A. Stout, born Apr. 3d, 1846, in Pa., 
daughter of Joseph Stout and Susan Kelly. They had: 

1. William Henry Ma. mm: (544), Oct. 13. 1863. 

2. Carol Belle Major (545). Nov. 15. 1865. 

3. Henry Hubert Ma.jor (546). Mar. 2. 1874; died Nov. 5. L904. 

4. Nellie Lou Major (547), June 26. 1880. 

John M. Major was killed by a stroke of lightning. He was 
a farmer, in Florence, Mich. 

No. 183 

Isaac Newton Major, son of John Major and Jane Hether- 
ington (36), born Dee. 25th. 1839. at Florence, Mich. Married 

. They had: 

1. Albert Major i 548 I . 


No. 185 

Thomas C. Major, son of John Major and Jane Hethering- 
ton (36), born Aug. 17th, 1843, died Sept. 7th, 1904. He mar- 
ried, - -. 1870, Josephine Spitzer, died - — . They had: 

1. Belle Major (549). 

2. Clarence Major (550). 

Belle keeps a rooming house in N. Y. City. 
( llarence is auditor for T. Sperry. 

No. 187 

Caroline Brayton Major, daughter of John Major and Jane 
Hetherington (36), born Dee. 12th, 1848. Married, Nov. 2d, 
1870, William Henry Van Buren. born Mar. 5th, 1847. His 
parents were Henry Van Buren and Hannah De Forest, who 
lived near Amsterdam, New York State. He was a relative 
of President Martin Van Buren. They had: 
1. Rosslyn H. Van Buren (551), Jan. 28, 1875. 

This family were farmers in the town of Florence, but 
later removed to Centerville, the county seat, where Mr. Van 
Buren had been chosen to the responsible post of Registrar 
of Deeds. His term expired in 1909. He was one of the 
county's active and leading citizens. This hospitable home 
at Centerville is presided over by his genial and amiable 
wife, who bears the sore affliction of partial blindness as a 
lady and a Christian should. Her son and sister Mary con- 
stitute the household. They attend the Presbyterian Church. 

No. 189 

Mary Elizabeth Hetherington, daughter of Robert (37), 
born May 11th, 1850. Married. May 17th. 1870, \Yilliam 
Clayton Moler, born May 7th. 1847, at Stnrgis, son of Samuel 
Moler and Elizabeth Moler. They live in Sturgis, Michigan, 
where he is in business. They have no children. 


No. 190 

William Wirt Hetherington, son of Robert (37), born Oct. 

27th, 1853, in Florence. Married, Oct. - , 1897, Sarah Jane 

Smith, daughter of John Smith. They have no children. He 
is a farmer and lives in Centerville, Mich. 

No. 192 

Sarah Ann Hetherington, daughter of Robert (37), born 
June 19th, 1859, at Florence. Married, June 12th, 1890. Albert 
Clinton Shimmel. He was born Jan. 13th, 1858. the son of 
David Shimmel and Mary Donkin. They have: 

1. Alta Azora Shimmel (552), Nov. 7, 1891. 

2. Earl Clinton Shimmel (553), June 12, 1895. 

3. Ethel Blanche Shimmel (554), Aug. 7, 1896. 

4. Mabel Violette Shimmel (555), Sept. 6, 1898. 

5. Lester Albert Shimmel (556), Sept. 11, 1900. 

Mr. S. came to Mich, from Pamelia, near Watertown, 
N. Y. They were from the Mohawk and are Germans by race. 
The full name is Shimmelpfenig (shining penny), but they 
have dropped the last part because so long. There was in the 
Civil War, a Pennsylvania general named Schimmelpfenig, 
who was noted for his skill and bravery. In Michigan they 
are prosperous farmers, and live near Centerville. 

No. 193 

Archibald Malcolm Blue, son of Sally Maria Hetherington 
(38), born at North Gage. Aug. 15th, 1847. Married (1), Oct. 
20th, 1873. Charlotte Elizabeth Mcintosh, born July 11th, 1854, 
died Jan. 3rd, 1906, buried at North Gage. He married (2), 
Sept. 14th, 1911, Mrs. Mabel Evans. Her parents were 
George Augustus Allen and Matilda C. Heath. She was born 
Nov. 7th. 1858. By the first wife he had. all born at North 


1. Alexander Blue (557), Dec. 14, 1874. 

2. Daniel McIntyre Blue (558). Aug. 25. 1877. 

3. Archibald Blue (559), Feb. 15, 1880. 

4. Ella Mae Blie (560), Nov. 4, 1886. 

Mr. A. M. Blue was Supervisor of Deerfield, 1885-6, Justice 
of the Peace. 1880-4. Lives now at Holland Patent. The son 

Archibald has a farm near North Gage. Ella Mae is at home. 

No. 195 

Maria A. Blue, daughter of Sally Maria Hetherington (38), 

born Mar. 20th. 1862. Married. Oct. 3d, 1882. John K. Walker, 
born Dec. 25th, 1855, at North Gage, son of Peter Walker and 
Mary Blue. They have no children. Mr. Walker is a large 
farmer and still owns the place where his grandfather Walker 
settled in 1803. They attend the Presbyterian Church and re- 
side at Holland Patent. 

No. 196 

Arthur Grant Blue, son of Malcolm Blue and Sally Maria 
Hetherington (38). born May 15th. 1864. at North Gage. Mar- 
ried. Nov. 4th. 1865. Julia Emma Wells, of the town of Trenton. 
She was born Aug. 14th. 1865. daughter of Chester A. Wells 
and Harriet N. Mcintosh. They have: 

1. Malcolm Chester Blie (561), Dec. 25, 1887. 

2. Ernest Blue (562), Aug. 3, 1890. 

3. Frank Arthur Blue (563), Oct. 19, 1896. 

4. Arabella Blie (564), Aug. 14, 1898. 

Ernest graduated at the Holland Patent Academy and later 
studied forestry in Germany, at Belmore College. "Grant 
Blue" as he is always called, is one of Oneida County's lead- 
ing men. In politics he is a Republican. In Deerfield. his 
home town, he, for six years held the responsible post of Road 
Commissioner. In 1007 he was sent to the General Assembly, 
the lower house of the X. V. Legislature, and was reelected 


by a fine majority in 1908. He served in committees, (1) Agri- 
culture, (2) Internal Affairs. (3) Public Lands. (4) Privileges 
of Elections. He was instrumental in securing passage of the 
Koine Charter Bill, the Drawn Poultry Pill, the Morrisville 
Agricultural School Bill, the Teachers' Equal Pay Bill. He 
now resides on the home farm. His address is Barneveld, 
X. Y.. K. I). He buys cattle for the Boston market. Ernest 
is a X. Y. State forester at Lake Clear. 

No. 198 

William Cruickshank Kccd, son of Hiram (39), born Aug. 
16th, 1832, at North Gage, died -Ian. 14th. 1911, at Bartlesville, 

Okla. He married, Dec. 9th. I860. Lovisa Patton. born Sept. 
4th. 1843, at Lafayette. Ind.. died Feb. 11th. 1908. at Glencoe, 
Okla.. daughter of David Patton and Cynthia A. Bush, a native 

of Richmond. Va. They had : 

1. Mary (565), .June 27. 1862. 

2. Florence (566). July 6. 1864. 

3. Bklle (567). Sept. 7. 1866. 

4. William D. (568). Apr. 23. 1868: died Mar. 17. 1889. 

5. Martha (569). June 28, 1870; died June 10, 1906. 

6. Ciiaklks H. (570), Oct. 16. 1871; died Oct. 30, 1871. 

7. Lovisa (571 ). Jan. 3. 1872; died Aug., 1872. 

8. Frances O. (572), May 5. 1879. 

9. Ruth Georgine (573). Sept. 7. 1883. 
10. Homer E. (574), Oct. 12. 1887. 

Part of these dates are from memory. David Patton lived 
at Paxton, 111., was Probate Judge, Ford Co.. 15 years, an able 
man who studied law in hid. They were of Scotch descent and 
were Presbyterians. 

Ruth Georgine graduated from the Pawnee Eligh School, 
took stenography at Chandler, then began office work, which 
she has followed ever since. Several years she was in abstract 
work, and for three years past has been Dep. Reg. of Deeds 
at Bartlesville. where she lives with her sister, Mrs. Brewer. 


Homer E. Reed went with his parents to Pawnee, in 1894, and 
helped on the farm, then attended Agr. College at Stillwater. 
He now lives in Bartlesville with his sisters, and is employed 
in an abstractor's office. 

Win. C. Heed left N. Y. State at the age of 16 and went 
to Saginaw. Mich., and worked for his uncle. Elijah Stanton, 
in the lumber business. After this, fur two years, he was en- 
gaged in trading with the Indians on Manatoulin Island. He 
then went to Paxton, III. in Aug.. 1857, to take charge of a 
lumber yard, which he did for two years. He was married in 
1860, and then was engaged in farming and stotda-aising till 
1879. Part of this time he was slaughtering at Los Animas, 
Cal. He removed to Florence. Kansas, June 28th, 1879. where. 
besides ordinary farming, he was engaged in buying and sell- 
ing stock on a large scale, and in shipping, for six years. At 
one time he was said to be the largest ■"stock" and "cattle" 
man in Illinois, and well known throughout the West. At 
one time he was very prosperous, but reverses overtook him, 
with many others, and he gave up the cattle business. But he 
continued to raise good crops as a farmer. In 1898 he removed 
to Oklahoma, and lived near his children till he died, at Bartles- 
ville, almost 80 years old. 

No. 200 

Stanton Eaton Read, son of Hiram (39). horn. X. Y. State, 
Mar. 25th, 1837. Married, Nov., 1883, at Goodrich. Mich., 
Mary Jane Hadrill, born Dec. 10th. L866, a1 Hadley. Mich., 
daughter of Jasper Hadrill and Nancy Earhart. He died 
June 9th, 1894, at Flint, Mich. They had: 

1. Floyd Denmsox (575), Jan. 25, 1885. 

2. Guy Fred (576), Mar. 1, 1890. 

Stanton Reed's mother died when lie was small and he 


was brought up by Elijah Stanton,* who had married Nancy 
Cruickshank, his mother's sister. A part of the time he lived 
with his brother William, at Paxton. He finally married and 
lived at Flint. In his later years he suffered much from poor 

*The Stanton Family and Pedigree. — From the Stanton Genealogy, 
Albany. X. Y., 1891, we get the following record: 

Elijah Stanton, son of Daniel, born at Russia, X. Y., May 29th, 
1811. Married (1), Oct. 19th. 1834. Marguretta Cruickshank, daughter 
of William Cruickshank. She died Aug., 1837. He married (2), Dec. 
1st, 1839, her sister, Xancy Cruickshank, who died Feb. 21st, 1871. He 
married (3), Augusta Gilchrist of Manlius, X. Y. She died in 1886. 
He also is dead. By Augusta he had: 

1. Belle Stanton. Jan. 24th, 1874. 

Elijah Stanton went to Mich, and was in the lumber business at 
Bay City for many years. He also, in later life, lived at Flint and 
Goodrich as a farmer. 

Daniel Stanton, father of Elijah Stanton, married Dorcas Corbin. 
He was a farmer. He lived in Little Falls and Russia, X. Y., and died 
in Copenhagen, X. Y. They had: 

1. John Stanton, born Feb. 13, 1807, Little Falls. X. Y. He married 
Maria Merriman. 

2. Freeman Harlow. Mar. 18, 1809. Russia, X. Y. He married Mary 
Esseltyne, and was a M. E. minister. 

3. Elijah Stanton, May 29, 1811, Russia. See above. 

4. Lyman Stanton, born July 21, 1814. Russia, X. Y.. became a 
physician and practiced in Copenhagen. X. Y.. and Rutland. X. Y. 

5. Louisa Stanton, born Oct. 16, 1818. Russia. X. Y. Married Ben- 
jamin .Merriman. Martinsburg, X. Y. 

6. Susan Stanton, born July 29. 1825, Russia. X. Y. Married Dr. 
E. Allen, Copenhagen, X. Y. 

Elijah Stanton was descended from Thomas Stanton (1635), viz: 
(li Thomas. (2) John, (3) John. (4) Daniel, (5) John. (6) Daniel, 
(7) Elijah. Thomas Stanton in 1635, at age of 20, emigrated to Vir- 
ginia, and the next year. 1636. is in Boston, and is a magistrate. He 
goes to Hartford, Conn., and the same year is married to Ann Lord. 
daughter of Dr. Thomas Lord, one of Hooker's Hartford Colony. He 
was active in public life, and especially in dealing with the Indians, 
for which he was an expert interpreter. He was teaching elder in the 
Hartford Church, and later sent to teach Indians gospel ways. He 
found his way to Stonington, became a trader, and settled there and 
had 10 children, who have multiplied there. Edwin M. Stanton, the 
famous war secretary, was not of this family but from a Robert Stan- 
ton of Xewport. a Friend (Quaker), who died 1672. His family went 
to Penn. 


Mrs. Read, we judge, is of English stock. After Mr. Read's 
death she married William Ka<>. by whom she has children. 
(1) Pearl E., (2) Ella Belle. (3) William Nelson. 

The Read sons are living with her now. They live at Enter- 
prise, Mont. They have each taken up homesteads. 

No. 202 

Eliza Mains, daughter of Elsie Read (40). born Dec. 7th, 1829. 
Married. Dee. 27th. 185:1 at Nunda, X. V.. Enos Mather,* bom 
June 2d. 1821, at Orange, Vt.. died June 24th, 1889, Royaltoh, 
Wis. His father was Enos Mather and his mother Tamer 
1 [oughton. They had : 

1. George Franklin Mather (577), Dec. 18, 1854. 

2. David Hugh Mather (578), Apr. 16, 1856. 

3. Ada Maria Mather (579), Nov. 16. 1858. 

4. Myra Mather (580), Jan. 22. 1859. 

5. Flora Louisa Mather (581), May 20, 1862. 

6. Waita Eaton .Mather (-582). Oct. 11. 1866; died Mar. 23. 1906. 

7. William Houghton Mather (583), May 20. 1872. 

8. Merton Everett Mather (584), June 7, 1877. 

Enos Mather lived in Middleport. X. V.. and worked three 
years in a store for Mi'. Dunlap. Soon after his marriage lie 
went to Sheboyan, Wis., lived there three years then moved 

*The Mather Pedigree. — This we get from "The Mather Lineage," 
Hartford, Conn., 1890. Enos' father, Enos. married Tamar Houghton, 
and (1) Sydney, (2) Enos, (3) Maria, (4) Tamar, (5) Lovisa, (6) 
Dan, (7) George, (8) Edna, (9) David. The line down begins with 
(1) John, in England, (2) Thomas, in England. (3) Rev. Richard, 
came to America 1636, (4) Timothy. (5) Atherton. (6) William <7> 
Timothy, (8) Timothy, (9) Enos. married Tamar Houghton. (10) 
Enos, married Eliza Main. 

Rev. Richard had (a) Rev. Samuel, (b) Timothy, (c) Rev. Nathaniel, 
(d) Joseph, (e) Rev. Eleazar. (f) Rev. Increase. Timothy was ancestor 
of Enos and Increase was father of the famous Cotton Mather Enos' 
line is collateral. There are almost no direct descendants of Cotton 

The name Mather is from the Anglo-Saxon Math, which means honor, 


to Baldwins Mills. 1856. where he spent the rest of his life. 
Sept., 1864. he enlisted in Co. ( '. 44 Wis. Reg., served nine 
months and was honorably discharged. "He was one of the 
pioneers of the region, and a genial, good-hearted man. whom 
everybody loved and respected."* 

No. 203 

Polly Maria Mains, daughter of Elsie Reed (40), horn .Mar. 
25th, 1832. Married Feb. 23d, 1862. Rufus Wright, born Oct. 
5th, 1839, son of Nathan Wright and Sabrina Millard. They 
had : 

1. Charles Millard Weight (585), Oct. 28, 186::. 

2. Elsik Sabrina Wright (586). Apr. 7. 1866. 
:;. Emma Carrie Wright (587), Aug. 27, 1S67. 

4. Nathan Alexander Wright (588), Sept. 13, 1869; died Dec. 12, 1906. 

5. Mary Ella Wrighi (589), Sept. 24. 1871, Royalton. 

6. Lottie Wright (590), Apr. 24, 187.".. 

Rufus Wright studied medicine in a .Medical College in 
Michigan, but did not graduate. He went into the army as 
a doctor, he was also a carpenter and stone mason. He is a 
zealous .Methodist, formerly an exhorter in the church. They 
live at Middleport, X. V.. where they have a farm. 

No. 204 

Alvira Mains, daughter of Elsie Reed (40), born Feb. 7th, 
1835, at Middleport, X. V. Married Jan. 3d, 1865, Alfred 
Reid. He was born Oct. 9th, . a1 Hermon, St. Lawrence 

Co,., X. Y.. died Aug. 19th, 1905. at Gouverneur. She died 
June 1st. 1899. They had: 

1. Mary Reid (591a), Nov. lit. 1 867 

2. Cora Reid (591b). Sept. 29, 1868. 

::. Riley Rkii> (591c), ; died aged 6-1-3. 

4. Ikvix (?) Reid (591d), ; died aged 3-2-20 

5. Welby E. Reid (592), Aug. 29. 1878. 

Reid is the way some Scotch people spell the name. 


No. 205 

Caroline Lavinia Mains, daughter of Elsie Reed (40), born 
Mar. 25th, 1837. Married. July 13th, 1888, William Fox. He 
was born Feb. 13th. 1820. and died Mar. 6th, 1909, at Elba, 
N. Y., aged 89-0-23. This was his third marriage. They had 
no children. His wife was an old fashioned Methodist. Mr. 
Fox was a Presbyterian and an elder of both churches at 
Barre Center, New York, his former home, and the Elba 
church, where he lived in his last years. He was an earnest 
and praying man, and his wife was also of the same mind. 
She still lives in Elba, N. Y. 

No. 206 

Gorton Nelson (^ead, son of Walter (11). born Sept. 27th, 
1840. in North Gage. Married. Mar. 20tb. 1863, Eliza Jhon- 
drow, who died Apr. 27th, 1905. She belonged to the French 
Roman Catholic Church and settlement at Rosiere, and is 
buried in their cemetery. Her husband is a Protestant, They 
had no children. Gorton Read was a soldier of the Civil AVar, 
his service being for four full years lacking a day. He en- 
listed in the 2d N. Y. Inf., Co. A. His regiment was in the 
2d Division of the Second Army Corps. He lives as a retired 
farmer at Rosiere. 

No. 207 

Edgar Kead, son of Walter (41). born July 18th, 1844. at 
Brownville, N. Y. Married Oct. 21st. 1867. Rachel Stephen- 
son, born Sept, 3d, 1846, at Edwards, N. Y. She was a daugh- 
ter of AVilliam Stephenson. They bad: 

1. William Edgar (593), Mar. 19, 1876, Russell, N. Y. 

Edgar Reed did not live at home much after he was five 
years old, and so grew up under the limitations of a life 
mostly of self-help. But in spite of these drawbacks he has 


become an industrious, successful man. useful in the com- 
munity and respected as a leading citizen. His trade was 
that of "joiner." and he also has been a farmer. To his only 
child he has given a good education. His military record is 
one not to be ashamed of. He enlisted Sept. 16th, 1861, in 
his 17th year, in Co. D. 60th X. Y. Inf. Reenlisted Dec. 31st. 
1863. and was mustered out July 20th, 1865, having served 
continuously from the heginning to the end of the war. Iu 
later years his rank was sergeant. He was in 16 general en- 
gagements in the armies of the Potomac and Cumberland, and 
was with Sherman in his famous March to the Sea. The en- 
gagements were: Antietam, Gettyshurgh. Second Bull Run, 
Chancellorsville. Bolivar Heights. Ealgotha, Atlanta. Resaca, 
Kenesaw Mt., Dallas. Peach Tree Creek, Wauhatchie Valley, 
Lookout Mt.. Mission Ridge. Ringgold, Burtonville. He now 
lives at De Grasse, X. Y.* 

No. 208 

Harriet Elizabeth Read, daughter of Walter (11), born 
Mar. 1st, 1816. at Wilna. X. Y. Married, Apr. 27th. PS67. 
William Bullock, of So. Russell, son of Richard Bullock and 
Rachel Hutchinson. He was born Feb. 18th. 1815. at Armagh. 
Ireland. Always lived in Russell. They had : 

1. Doka Adell Bullock (594). July 28, 1868. 

2. .Tonxsox E. Bullock (595). July 19, 1870. 

3. Arthur Bullock (596), Dec. 15. 1872. 

4. Rachel Etta Bullock (597), Mar. 12, 1874; died Dec. 13, 1900. 

5. William Bullock (598), May 21, 1877; died Nov. 23, 1877. 

Mr. Bullock was a soldier in the 60th X. Y. Inf., and his 
record is substantially the same as that of his brother-in-law, 
Edgar Read, given above. He is a farmer in Russell. X. Y. 

::: Russell ox Grasse. — In the appendix of this book the reader will 
find a poem entitled "Russell on the Grasse," about an incident that 
occurred in the 60th N. Y. Reg., at Gettysburg!!. 


No. 209 

Francis Eugene l^ead, son of Walter (41), born Apr. 26th, 
1852, at Orleans. N. Y. Married Ella Stuart, who was born 
July 30th, 1854, at Edwards, N. Y. They had: 

1. Myrtle (599), — , 1874; died May 6, 1905. 

2. Foster Devillo (600), Sept. 11, 1880. 

Francis Reed had, in early life, to shift for himself. He 
is a farmer, has been road commissioner of his town. He 
lives at Edwards, N. Y. 

No. 210 

Henry Martyn Dodd, son of Maria Wiser Read (44). born 
at Ridgeville, Lorain Co., Ohio, Aug. 6th, 1839. Married, Nov. 
30th, ]870, at Canastota, N. Y., Ella Whiting Allen, daughter 
of David Allen* and Martha E. Whiting. She was born Dec. 

*The Allen -Whiting Pedigree. — Ella Allen's father, David Allen, 
was a merchant in Utica, Cleveland. O., and Alton, 111. His father, 
David Allen, was a Lansingburgh lawyer of much ability. His brother, 
Rev. Edward Allen, was a gifted minister, successor of the celebrated 
Dr. Griffin, in his Albany (N. Y.) church. He died young. Another 
brother, Cornelius Lansing Allen, was an able lawyer at Salem, N. Y., 
and for one term judge of the N. Y. Supreme Court. His sister Hester 
married J. H. Hardenburgh of Auburn, N. Y. She was the mother 
of Mrs. Herrick Johnson, D. D„ a very noted Presbyterian divine. Mrs. 
Johnson was the writer of poems of rare beauty and sweetness. Another 
sister. Sarah, married Orville Reed (from the John Reed, of Providence, 
family), and her four sons, Edward, William, Orville and David Allen, 
are all able ministers of the Gospel, holding important churches. His 
sister Ellinor married Mr. Parmalee, and her daughter, Mrs. Peebles, 
is the writer of excellent stories, under the pen-name of Lynde Palmer. 
The mother of these Aliens was Elizabeth Lansing, daughter of the 
Patroon Cornelius Lansing. He lived at Lansingburgh, four miles north 
of Troy, N. Y. He was of Holland-Dutch blood. His son, Rev. Dirck 
C. Lansing, D. D., was, in his day, a leading Presbyterian minister, 
pastor of churches in Utica and Auburn, N. Y.. and chief promoter of 
the founding of Auburn Theol. Seminary. 

On her mother's side her lineage goes back to Martha Whiting, 
daughter of Gen. John Whiting, prominent lawyer and militia general 
of Great Barrington. Mass., son of Gamaliel Whiting, son of Charles 


24th, 1839. and died June 24th. 1872. 13 days after the birth 
of her child. She is buried in the Cornelius Lansing lot. 
"Oakwood Cemetery," Lansingburgh. X. Y.. with the resl 
of her father's family. They had: 

1. Ella Allen Dodd (601), born June 11, 1872. 

Mr. Dodd. the author of tins hook, graduated from Bridg- 
ton Academy. Maine. '58; from Genesee and Wyoming Semi- 
nary. Alexander. N. Y.. '60; from Hamilton College. Clinton, 
X. V.. A. B. '63, A. M. '66; from Auburn Theological Semi- 
nary. '70: from '63-'67 he taught in the old Cortlandville 
Academy. Cortland, X'. Y.. part of the lime as its principal. 
He was one of the original movers in securing the presenl 
State Normal School at Cortland, which stands nearly on the 
old academy site. 

He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Cayuga, 
April or May, 1869, and ordained to the Gospel ministry. -Ian. 
2d. 1873, by the Si. Lawrence Presbytery. He served as stu- 
dent supply, from May, '60 to April. 70, of the Ref. D. Church. 
Canastota, X. Y.. and as pastor-eleet, May. '70 to May. '72. of 
the Maulius Presbyterian Church. He was pastor of Presby- 
terian Churches at Dexter and Brownville. Jeff. Co.. X. V.. 
Dec. '72 to Sept.. '84, at Augusta, Oneida Co.. X. Y. Sep,.. '84 
to Mar.. '!)6, at Ashland. Greene Co.. X. V.. Mar. 9, '96 to May. 

Whiting, who was great-grandson of William Whiting of Hartford, 
Conn. Her mother, for 10 or 15 years, conducted a young ladies' 
school at Great Barrington. Mass.. called Grove Hill Seminary. She 
was a woman of rare worth and refinement. Her mother, Hannah 
Kellogg, was of a cultivated family. She- was also a second cousin 
of both Mr. and Mrs. .Mark Hopkins, one of the four men. Crocker, Sun- 
ford, Hopkins and Huntington, who built the first Pacific R. It. They 
each amassed immense fortunes. Hopkins had no children, and so 
left his fortune to his wife. She married her architect. .Mr. Searles, 
and dying left it to him, and he now enjoys it. 

The Whiting-Allen pedigree also goes bach to John and Priscilla 
Alden. thus: The Charles Whiting above, father of Gamaliel, married 
Elizabeth Bradford; her mother was Hannah Rogers, a great-grand- 
daughter of John and Priscilla Alden. 


1009. During this latter time he supplied the Big Hollow 
Church five, and the Union Chapel of Mitchel Hollow three 

Their daughter. Ella Allen Dodd. was four years in : 'Home 
School" at New Hartford and Verona, N. Y., and five years 
in "Cottage Seminary" at Clinton. N. Y.. under the training 
of Mr. and Mrs. C. Vv T . Hawley. She graduated in 1891. For 
three years she was in the Conservatory of Music. Oberlin. O. 
She also had one year in and graduated from the Crane Nor- 
mal Musical Institute. Potsdam. N. Y. She taught a year in 
Henry Kendall College in Oklahoma, and a year in The Nor- 
mal and College Institute, Asheville, N. C. She is now teacher 
of music in Clinton (N. Y.) High School. 

In 1909, owing to age and infirmity. Mr. Dodd retired from 
the active ministry and moved to Clinton. N. Y., nine miles 
from Utica, to finish his course and write this genealogy. His 
ministerial work has been wholly among the rural and smaller 
churches. He has also been active in temperance work, hav- 
ing been a candidate for Elector of President, in 1892. on the 
Temperance Ticket. Besides his parish work he has done 
some literary work, viz: 

1. Early Moral Societies, 1890. 

2. Augusta Church Centennial History. 1897. 

3. Old Windham (Ashland) Church Centennial History, 

4. This Genealogy, after which he hopes to revise the 
Dodd Genealogy. 

No. 211 

Helen Maria Dodd, daughter of Maria Wiser Read (44). 
bora at Franklin. N. Y.. Nov. 27th. 1841. died Brooklyn. N. V.. 
Jan. 17th. 1906. She married, July 7th. 1866. James Sample* 

*The Sample Family. — James Sample, son of John Skmple (as the 
name is universally and properly spelled and pronounced in the old 


of Brooklyn. N. Y.. born May 23d. 1828. at Glasgow. Scotland. 
He died in Brooklyn. Oct. 2d. 1896. They had, all born in 
Brooklyn : 

1. Helen Eliza Sample (602), Apr. 21, 1867. 

2. Maey Louisa Dodd Sample (603), Mar. 1. 1869; died Aug. 14. 1870. 
8. Phebe Adelaide Sample (604). Oct. 23, 1870; died Oct. 2. 1884. 

4. Catherine Sample (605), July 31, 1S72. 

5. Emma Gertrude Sample (606), Dec. 2, 1S75; died Oct. S. 1884. 

country), was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where his parents were on 
a visit. Their home was at Cullen, a place not far from Londonderry, 
North of Ireland. 

James came to America when a young man. In the letter given 
him by his old teacher his name was spelled Sample, and he let the 
error stand. 

He at first retailed dry goods in a store in New York City, then 
took a mill in Brooklyn, then sold the mill and had a store again on 
Fulton street, and later on DeKalb avenue. His health gave out and 
he sold out to his son Joseph. He then spent his life as a real estate 
agent in Brooklyn. 

He married (1) Eliza Jane Walker, born 1832. daughter of William 
Stewart Walker. The Walkers were Reformed Presbyterians, like the 
Semples. She died Sept. 28, 1865. having had six boys, one of whom 
died young, leaving five boys for the second wife to mother. Her 
children were: 

1. William John. Feb. 20, 1853; died Dec. 5, 1S77. 

2. James Latta. Feb. 10, 1856. 

3. Samuel Walker. Dec. 24, 1857; died , 1894. 

4. George Washington. July 4, 1860; died Apr. 3. 1861. 

5. Joseph. Mar. 23, 1862. 

6. Charles Walker. Sept. 23, 1864: died Nov. 23. 1904. 

1. William John was one of the about 300 persons who perished 
in the Brooklyn theater fire, Dec. 5th, 1877. 

2. James Latta, for a time, was in the shirt manufacturing busi- 
ness, but is now a salesman for a New York sponge house. He mar- 
ried, Oct. 27th, 1880, Jessie Benton Fremont Carleton, daughter of A. S. 
Carleton. They had: (1) Clarence Walker Sample, Feb. 1s. 1.882; (2) 
Jessie Latta Sample, Sept., 1884. died about 5 weeks old; (3) Helen 
Carleton Sample. July 28. 1885. 

3. Joseph was a very successful retail dry goods merchant on 
DeKalb avenue. He is now operating in real estate. lie married 
Minnie Sheridan. They have no children. 

4. Charles W. was a retail dry goods merchant. He mai 
Florence Lewis, had four children, one died soon after birth. His 
widow married again. 


.Air. Sample was a retail dry goods merchant and real 
estate agent, and lived in Brooklyn. He was an elder in the 
Kef. Pres. Church and later in a U. S. A. Pres. Church. Mrs. 
Sample was educated at Bridgton Academy. .Maine, and Gen- 
esee and "Wyoming Seminary, Alexander, N. Y. She taught 
for the Am. Miss. Ass. among Freedmen in Virginia and North 
Carolina. She married a widower with five half-grown boys, 
and then had five girls, and her family cares were many and 
great. In spite of it all she became active in church work, 
and in the Brooklyn W. C. T. U. She had a very fine singing 
voice and gifts in exhortation, and for a time conducted some 
of their Missions in the city. As a writer she was gifted with 
a brilliant and effective literary style. She was a member 
of the Presbyterian Church. 

Helen Eliza Sample suffers from impaired health. She is 
a fine piano teacher, and now lives with her sister. Mrs. Doug- 
lass, in Brooklyn, X. Y. 

No. 214 

Melissa Ann Cruickshank, daughter of Malintha Read (45), 

horn Apr. 17th, 1889. Married, May 6th. 1872, Gilbert Allen. 
born Dec. 9th. 1811. died at Coldbrook, Mar. 3d, 1898. His 
first wife was Eliza Jane Cruickshank, sister of Melissa's 
father. Eliza was married in 1857 and died Dec. 14th. 1871. 
He had by his first wife two sons. John and David. John is 
married and has Cora and Mary. David has Jennie and John. 
There were no children by the second marriage. Mi-. Allen 
\v;is an earnest Christian, a member of the M. E. Church and 
a highly respected citizen of Coldbrook. His widow lives 
;i1 Poland. 

No. 215 

James Martin Cruickshank, son of Malintha Read (45), 
bora Nov. 29th. 1840. Married. Mar. :51st. 1863. Mary Ann 


Evans, horn May 8th, 1841. daughter of David Evans and 
Elizabeth Hughes (Welsh). They had: 

1. Fred James Cruickshank (607). May 19, 1864. 

2. Edgar Charles Cruickshank (608), Oct. 9. 1865. 

3. Millard Seymour Cruickshank (609), Aug. 1, 1867. 

4. Avis Edith Cruicksh.ok (610), Oct. 10, 1S70. 

James M. Cruickshank has been a large and successful dairy 
farmer, owning a farm next to his father's. This family are 
members of the Presbyterian Church, of which the father and 
the sons Fred and Millard have each been ciders. He is now 
retired and lives at Poland. N. Y. 

No. 216 

Stewart Jesse Cruickshank, son of Malintha Read (45), 
born Mar. 6th, 1843. Married (1). July 4th. 1867, Harriet E. 
Clarke, born Aug. 11th. 1845. died Jan. 31st. 1880. adopted 
daughter of Jonathan Clark. North Gage. She is buried at 
North Gage. He married (2). Aug. 3d. 1882. Julia Augusta 
Brown, born June 28th. 1842. daughter of John B. Brown and 
Eliza Ann \Yolcott. The children, all by first marriage, an-: 

1. Albertus Clark Cruickshaxk (611 i, Mar. 16, 1869. 

2. Walter Gilbkrt Cruickshank (612), July 31, 1873. 

Mr. Cruickshank has a fine dairy farm. He is a member 
of the Presbyterian Church. He lives near North Gage. 

No. 217 

John Dodd Cruickshank, son of Malintha Read i 15), bora 
Apr. 19th. 1845. died Mar. 9th. 1893. Married Fanny Begent. 

She was born . and died Dee. 18th, 1891. They had 

no children. He bought his father's home farm and was in 
prosperous circumstances, when, in middle life, both he and 
his team were killed at the Lower H. R. crossing in Poland. 
by the cars. He evidently expected to gel over befor< the 


oncoming train, but miscalculated the speed of each. He was 
a general favorite and a member of the Presbyterian Church. 
The inscriptions on his tombstone at North Gage are grossly 

No. 218 

Maria Elizabeth Cruickshank, daughter of Malintha Read 
(45), born Apr. 21st. 1847. Married, Mar. 23d. 1890, Melvin 
Jackson Allen, born Aug. 3d, 1825. died July. 1903. He was 
a son of — . and brother of Gilbert Allen, her sister 

Melissa's husband. Mr. Allen was an earnest member of the 
Free Baptist Church. They had no children. Mr. Allen had 
been married before. She lives in Poland, N. Y. 

No. 219 

Emma Jane Cruickshank, daughter of Malintha Read (45), 
born July 10th, 1849, died May 9th, 1909. Married. July 10th, 
1884, John De Lester Clark, born at North Gage, son of 
Jonathan and Mary Clark. They had: 

1. Mary Malixtha Clark (613), Sept. 26, 1887. 

2. Leonard E. Clark (614), Dec. 1. 1S89; died Aug. 14, 1890. 

Mr. Clark is a farmer at North Gage. Deerfield, R. D. 

No. 220 

Martha Maria, daughter of William Record Reed (51). born 
Dec 27th. 1839. at North Gage, died Sept. 17th. 1894. She 
married, Dec. 27th. 1860, Thomas Burroughs, born Oct. 18th, 
1839, at Wales, N. Y.. son of -Joseph Burroughs, and Jane Per- 
cival, who were both born in England. They had: 

1. Howard Joseph Burroughs (615), Dec. 13, 1861. 

2. Emma Jane Burroughs (616), Dec. 20, 1865. 

3. Cora May Burroughs (617), Apr. 20, 1871. 

They were all born in Wales, X. Y. Mr. Burroughs is a 
farmer and lives now in Dixon. 111. 


No. 221 

Elgene Wolcott, sou of William Record Reed (51), born 
Sept. 12th. 1841. at North Gage. Married (1), May 5th. 1864, 
at Wales. Elsie Beattie Cadugan, horn at Wales, Nov. 24th. 
1864. died Apr. 19th. 1899. Married (2). Mrs. Jessie Hooper, 
daughter of Franklin Hill and Aehsah Gale, born at York- 
shire. Feb. 4th. 1859. Mrs. Hooper was a successful teacher, 
for 11 years, in the Delevan High School. By his first wife 
he had : 

1. William Elmer (618). Aug. 3a, 1865; died Apr. 23, 1867. 

2. Clinton Elgene (619). Sept. 25. 1866; died Nov. 5. 1866. 

3. Ella Bertha (620). Apr. 15, 1869. 

4. Dora Maria (621), July 6, 1872. 

5. Mary Addie (622), Mar. 2, 1874. 

6. Alta Mabel (623), Oct. 28, 1876; died Oct. 1, 1880. 

The two first were born in Wales, the others in Java, 
•N. Y. 

Elgene Read graduated from Albany (N. Y.) Normal Col- 
lege in 1862. and taught several terms. He and his brother 
Ervin. from 1868 to 1878. had a general merchandise store 
in Java village. In 1878 they moved to a larger held at York- 
shire, now Delevan. where for many years they have done a 
large country store business, needing several clerks. ' " E. W. 
Read & Co.." is their style and they have been very successful 
merchants. Elgene has been an active leader in town and 
county politics in his party. He was supervisor. '90, '91. Be 
was a leader in securing and conducting the Delevan High 
School. In his earlier days he was a member of the Baptisl 
Church, hut now belongs to the ML E. Church. He is a man 
of unusual energy and force, hut is now retired from hnsiness. 
He lives at Delevan, N. Y. 

No. 222 
Herbert Roselle, son of William Record bead (51), horn 
Aug. 24th. 1843, at North Gage. Married Mar. 19th, 1S72. 


Cora Caroline Ring, born Feb. 25th, 1840, at Java, N. Y., 
daughter of Barnard C. Ring and Mary Richardson. They 
had : 

1. William Barxard (624), Dec. 22, 1872. 

2. Charles Herbert (625). Aug. 20, 1875. 

3. Ervin Clifton (626). July 19, 1877. 

He is a farmer. They are Methodists. His present resi- 
dence is at Idaho Falls. Idaho. 

No. 224 

William Ervin, son of William Record Read (51), born at 
North Gage, Nov. 6th. 1847. Married, Jan. 1st, 1878, Cornelia 
Minerva Waldo, born Nov. 22d, 1858, Utica. Ind., daughter 
of Calvin Calkins Waldo and Polly J. Raymond. They have, 
all born at Delevan. N. Y. : 

1. Nettie Coy (627), Dec. 26, 1878. 

2. Herbert Elgene (628), Apr. 8, 1880. 

3. Florence Matilda (629), Nov. 12, 1885. 

4. Harry Samuel (630), Mar. 13, 1888. 

Ervin Read has been an active and successful merchant 
with his brother Elgene at Delevan. The families live side 
by side, in good homes, and are much esteemed and respected 
in the community. The younger ones have chosen educational 
careers. Ervin Read had a good academic training and taught 
a number of years. He and his family are Baptists. Florence 
Bead graduated from Mt. Holyoke College in 1!)()!). where she 
took high rank as a scholar and student. She remained there 
two years as Secretar}^ of the Alumni "Association. She is now 
Private Secretary of the President of Reed College, Portland, 

Harry Samuel Read took a literature course at the Uni- 
versity of Michigan, graduating in 1911. He also studied den- 
tistry one year. 


No. 225 

Mary Rocelia, daughter of Lonson Patehen Read (52), born 
Aug. 25th, 1848. Married Seneca Welbert Aekley, born Mar. 
18th. 1842. in Wales, son of Ithamer Aekley and Matilda 
Barnard. They were married Feb. 12th. 1868. at East Aurora, 
X. Y. They had: 

1. Grace Read Ackley (631), June 27, 1881; died Feb. 4, 1896. 

2. Dora Grace Ackley (632), Jan. 8, 1891. 

They also legally adopted, May 5th, 1890. Myrtle Bell 
Freeman, born Jan. 13th, 1887. Their children were born at 
E. Aurora. Mr. Aekley was a soldier, and after the war was 
six years in a R. R. office, then took to the farmer's life. He 
now owns and carries on the farm of Lonson Read. They at- 
tend the Presbyterian Church. The Ackleys are of Palatine 

No. 226 

Fanny Helen, daughter of Lonson P. Read (52), born in 
South Wales, Sept. 25th. 1854. Married, Aug. 9th. 1876, 
Charles Nathan Brayton. born Sept. 11th, 1847, at Poland, 
X. Y.. son of Isaac Brayton and Nancy Burwell. They had: 

1. Jesse Read Brayton (633), Mar. 17, 1878; died Sept. 16, 1878. 

2. Mahy Maiu Brayton (634). Sept. 6, 1880. 

3. Robert Isaac Brayton (635). Oct. 27, 1886. 

4. Carl Brayton (636), June 1, 1888. 

5. Nelson Burwell Brayton (637). Aug. 28, 1889. 

Mr. Brayton was educated a1 Arcade Academy and Buffalo 
Business College. He is a farmer and lives at South Wales. 
Isaac Brayton. his father, was brother to Almon Brayton, 
husband of Caroline Schermerhorn. 

No. 228 

Antha Lucelia Beebee, daughter of Harriet .). Reed (55) 
born June 5th. 1854. at Poland. X. Y. Married, Dec. L3th 


1876, Charles Leverett Treat, horn Sept. 11th, 1853. at Holland 
Patent, son of Albert B. Treat and Jane Ann Coombs. They 

1. Howard Alton Treat (638), Oct. 25, 1877. 

2. Edna Beebee Tkeat (639), Jan. 16, 1879; died Jan. 27, 1894. 

Mr. Treat is a teacher. He has lived in Ogden, Iowa; Man- 
kato, Minn. ; St. Paul, Minn. He now lives in Washington, 
D. C. They are Episcopalians. 

No. 229 

Mary Ella Beebee, daughter of Harriet J. Reed (55). burn 
at Trenton. N. Y., Oct. 30th, 1856. Married, Nov. 30th. 1887, 
Nelson Buell Walker, born May 28th, 1851. His parents were 
Truman Jeremiah Walker and Leonora Clarissa Buell. They 
have : 

1. Truman Addison Walker (640). Aug. 28, 1888. 

2. Frank Henry Walker (641), Dec. 2, 18S9. 

3. Ethel Harriet Walker (642), July 21. 1892. 

They live in Aurora, 111. They are Christian Scientists. 
He is a carpenter. 

No. 230 

Truman Silas Beebee, son of Harriet J. Reed (55), born 
at Trenton, N. Y., Nov. 3d, 1858. Married, Dec. 2d, 1886, 
Sarah Thayer, bom Jan. 22d. 1857. daughter of Jarecl Thayer 
and Mary Squire. Mr. Beebee lives in the "Weathersfield" 
neighborhood, about 2^ miles from Holland Patent, ami is a 
dairy farmer. They are Presbyterians. They have no children. 
His address is Holland Patent. 

No. 231 

Wesley Sylvester, son of Isaac Hetherington Read (56), 
born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 8th, 1828. died at Waterloo, 


Iowa. Aug. 2d. 1885. Married (1), . 1850, at Utica, 

N. Y.. Catherine Colberges, born July 4th. 1830. died June 3d, 
1881. Her parents are not known. She was an orphan. He 
married (2) Mrs. Elizabeth McGee. By first wife he had: 

1. Phede Elizabeth (643), Mar. 17, 1851. 

2. Harriette Jeaxxette (644), Aug. 4, 1853. 

3. Wesley Sylvester. Jr. (645). Sept. 30, 1859.) 

4. Babe (646), Sept. 30. 1859. j Died in infancy. 

Phebe and Harriette were born in Utica, N. Y., the twins 
at West Point. 111. Mr. Reed moved to 111. in 1855. and lived 
on a farm near Freeport. In 1864 he moved to Poyner. Iowa, 
and farmed it for a number of years, then moved to Water- 
loo, where he died. His early life was that of a pioneer. He 
was a member of the M. E. Church. His second wife, after 
his death, married George Reinhart. and lives in Waterloo. 

No. 232 

Isaac J. I^ccd, Sr., son of Isaac Hetherington Reed (56). 
born Jan. 24th. 1830. at Utica. X. Y. Married, Feb. 11th. 
1851. Catherine McGuire, bom Feb. 16th. 1834. in Scotland. 
They had: 

1. Francis E. (647), Nov. 26, 1852. 

2. Baby (648), Apr. 1, 1855; died in infancy. 

3. James Augustus (649). May 14, 1857; died . 

4. William Patrick (650). Mar. 5, 1860; died June 13. 1909. 

5. Joseph Edward (651), Nov. 18, 1862. 

6. Charles May (652), May 12, 1865; died June 12, 1876. 

7. Isaac J. (653), Aug. 27, 1868. 

S. Roi'.ert (654), Oct. 27, 1871; died May 27, 1876. 

•Jaines Augustus died a few months after his wedding daj 
Francis and a babe were born in Utica, James A. in Lena, 
Stevenson Co.. 111., and also William and Joseph, the others 
(we presume) in Iowa. 

Mr. Reed, a few years age. retired from his farm and now. 


over 82 years old, lives in Waterloo. The "J." in his name 
has been inserted by his children to distinguish him from 
Isaac H. This family are Roman Catholics. 

No. 233 

Cynthia, daughter of Isaac Hetherington Read (56). born 
about 1833, died — — . She married George Smith. They 
had : 
1. Maby Smith (655). 

George Smith lives a1 Rising, Neb. He is a farmer. 

No. 234 

Harriet, daughter of Isaac Hetherington Read (56). born 
at New London. N. Y., Nov. 21st, 1835. Married, Nov. 2d, 
1851, at Utica, N. Y., John Peterson Peek, born Nov. 27th. 
1833, at Schenectady. N. Y.. died July 29th, 1908, al Water- 
loo, la., They had: 

1. Mary Cornelia Peek (656), Mar. 8, 1854. 

2. John Benjamin Peek (657), Nov. 24, 1856; died Jan. 27, 1874. 

3. Frances Peek (658), July 24, 1859; died Dec. 11, 1860. 

4. Delbebt F. Peek (659), May 14, 1861; died Apr. 1, 1901. 

5. Alfred B. Peek (660), Apr. 25, 1863. 

This family went to Iowa in 1865, bought a farm in Poy- 
ner township. They sold this place a number of years ago, 
and bought "Burr Oak" Farm, in the suburbs of Waterloo, 
and now within the city limits and estimated (1912) as worth 
$50,000. Mr. Alfred B. Peek remains at home to care for his 
mother. They belong to the M. E. Church. 

No. 237 

Koxcey Ann Green, daughter of Catherine Read (.58), born 
Jan. 26th. 1835, in Cattaraugus Co.. N. Y. Married (1), Tim- 
othy D. Buck, Aug. 16th, 1854. He was born Jan. 1st. 1829, 


in Van Buren, N. Y. He died early in 1862. Mr. Buck had 
attended college, but did not graduate. He was a farmer and 
she his second wife. She married (2), Aug. 2d, 1863, Jonas 
D. Woodward, born Mar. 14th. 1836. in Lyme, Jeff. Co., N. Y., 
son of Chester 8. Woodward and Maria Harden, and step-son 
of her aunt Anna Eliza. He died Mar. 13th, 1908, at Henry. 
111. He was an active business man, and was in the shoe 
business for a long time. He was a zealous Odd Fellow. He 
owned and printed the Henry Republican. He came west with 
his parents when four years old. He also belonged to the 
' " New ( Jhurch ' ' ( Swedenborgian) . 

By Mr. Buck she had: 

1. Jessie Euretta Buck (661), Dec. 12, 1856 

2. Catherine Efeje Buck (662), July 17, 1859. 

By Mr. Woodward she had : 

3. Chester Francis Woodward (663). Sept. 15, 1865; died May 14, 1866. 

4. Coral Roxcexa Woodward (664), July 10, 1867. 

5. John Abthub Woodward (665), Sept. 10, 1870; died July 10, 1896. 

6. Leox Earnest Woodward (666), Jan. 18, 1873. 

John Arthur Woodward, educated in Joliet schools, was 
clerk seven years in Joliet P. O. Hi' died unmarried. 

Mrs. Woodward and her daughter Catherine, unmarried, 
live in Joliet. In their home may be seen an old cherry 
bureau which Lewis Read brought overland from New York 
State in the wagons when he came in 1837. still sound and 
in use. 

No. 240 

Mary Euretta Green, daughter of Catherine Head (58), 
born Feb. 17th. 1843. at Joliet. 111., died Mar.. 1901. Married 
(1). about 1864. Edward Mitchell, bom -, died Apr. 

7th. 1874. He was a R. R. man. in charge of tie' bridges on 
the St. Louis and Chicago R. R. He died in Joliet. She mar- 
ried (2), Dec. 25th. 1876, William Dunbar, Santa Barbara, Cal. 


She had. all by Mr. Mitchell : 

1. William Johx Mitchell (667), — — — ; died in childhood. 

2. Edward Mitchell (668). ; died in childhood. 

3. Harry Herbert Mitchell (669). ; died in childhood. 

4. Julia Alice Mitchell (670), . 

No. 242 

Warren Brown, son of Roxcena Read (60), born about 
1840. died during the summer 1892. at Joliet, of small pox. 
He married Sophronia Rudd. She died in less than a year, 
leaving no children. Mr. Brown enlisted in the 100th 111. 
Reg., and served in the Army of Tenn. 

No. 243 

Almira Brown, daughter of Roxcena Read (60), born Nov., 
1842. at Joliet, Married, Dec. 27th. - -, Stephen Hensley, 
who was raised in Peterboro. Ky.. born — , 1842. They 


1. Liklla Hensley (671). . 1863. 

2. Hetty Hensley (672), — , 1865: died aged 13 months. 

3. John Hensley (673), June 23, 1872. 

4. Mary Hexsley (674), Oct. 5, 1874. 

5. Carl Hexsley (675), Oct. 29, 1876. 

Luella and Hetty were born in Joliet. John and Mary in 
Indiana. Mr. Hensley now resides in Ilillsboro. Oregon. 

No. 244 

Lewis Oliver Brown, son of Roxcena Read (60), born Mar. 
19th, 1846, died Aug. 26th, 1886. Married Ardella Carroll of 
Joliet, born Apr. 2d. 1860, in New York. They had: 
1. Henry John Brown (676), Jan. 6, 1885. 

Mr. L. O. Brown died in Joliet, of heart trouble. He was 
severely wounded at Cold Harbor, and his left arm was 


No. 254 

Delia Elizabeth, daughter of William Whitehouse Reed 
(64). born Oct. 13th, 1838. at LeRoy, \. Y. Married, Oct. 
26th. 1856. William Franklin Hogue, at Cascade AVis. He 
was horn June 29th. 1835. at North Hampton. Ohio, died Aug. 
29th. 1887. at Chicago. 111. They had: 

1. William Orsox Hogue (677), Mar. 26, 1858. 

2. Edward Florilla Hogtje (678), Aug. 2, 1859. 

3. Emma Adeline Hogue (679), July 23, 1861; died Dec. 2, 1868. 

4. Orrix Sylvester Hogue (680), May 15. 1863. 

5. Maby Estella Hogue (681), Aug. 3. 1865. 

6. Frank Wesley Hogue (682). June 2. 1869. 

7. Charles Thomas Hogue (683), Apr. 8, 1874; died Feb. 14, 1875. 

William and Edward were born at Linden, Wis. 

No. 255 

Mary Delight, daughter of William Whitehouse Reed (64), 
horn Aug. 3d. 1842. at Orleans. X. Y. Married, Nov. 18th, 
1858. at Linden. AVis., John Templeton Hogue, born Jan. 23d, 
1837. at North Hampton, 0. They had: 

1. William Thomas Hogue (684), May 30, I860. 

2. Clara Nettie Hogue (685), Jan. 26, 1862; died July 26, 1863. 

3. Lottie May Hogue (686), Oct. 5. 1866; died May 31, 1867. 

4. John Wesley Hogue (687). Apr. 6. 1868. 

5. Maid Ire.xe Hogue (688), Nov. 16, 1875. 

6. Mary Alice Hogue (689), Feb. 7. 1883. 

The Reed sisters married Hogue brothers. John T. is a 

car inspector. 

No. 256 

Melissa Finette, daughter of William AVhitehouse Ren I 
(64). born Aug. 8th. 1852. at Cascade, Wis. Alarried, May 


27th, 1875, Porter Smith of Cascade, Wis., born Dee. 31st, 
1854, at Rubicon, Wis. They had : 

1. William Warren Smith (690), May 12, 1876. 

2. Ada Finnette Smith (691), Sept. 13, 1877. 

3. Georgixa Smith (692), Mar. 14, 1879. 

4. Matilda Eliza Smith (693), Oct. 22, 1884.^ 

5. Edith Eliza Smith (694), Oct. 22, 1884. ( 

6. Flora LaVerne Smith (695), Oct. 10, 1887. 

Mr. Smith resides in Bonaparte, Iowa. 

No. 258 

Orville Orsine, son of Noyes L. Reed (65), born Feb. 15th, 
1847, at Omar, N. Y. Married, Feb. 16th, 1887, Susan Scott, 
born Aug. 28th, 1860, daughter of Robert Scott and Christian 
Martin. She was from Canada. They had: 

1. Luther James (696), Jan. 3, 1888. 

2. Charles Albert (697), May 8, 1894. 

3. Allie Amelia (698), Sept. 2, 1898; died Oct. 8, 1906. 

Luther will graduate in 1913 from Lansing Agr. College. 
Mr. Orville Read is a farmer near Birch Run, and has some 
high grade Holsteins. He has also a fine military record. 
Enlisted Dec. 26th. 1863, discharged Aug. 15th, 1865. Re-en- 
listed Co. E, 4th Mich. Cav. He was in the Red River ex- 
pedition. Atlanta, Selma, Atlantic Campaign. Wilson Cav. 
Division were pursuing Jefferson Davis, had found out where 
he was and the colonel of his regiment detailed 128 men to 
go down and bring him in. Mr. Reed was not in the detail, 
but twice helped guard him. May 10th, 1865. This family are 
Free Methodists. 

No. 259 

Adelbert Albertson, son of Noyes L. Reed (65), born July 
13th, 1849, at Omar, N. Y. Married, Dec. 31st, 1872, Marisa 


Lovinia Totten, born Feb. 23d, 1852, at Dansville, N. Y., daugh- 
ter of Henry Totten and Julia Cook. They had: 

1. Elmer Eugene (699), Oct. 6, 1873. 

2. Clara Augusta (700), June 8, 1875. 

3. Edith Julia (701), July 14, 1878. 

Mr. Reed is a farmer, lives on his farm near Birch Run. 

No. 260 

James Jasper, son of Noyes L. Reed (65), born Nov. 16th, 
1851, at Omar. N. Y. Married, Mar. 19th, 1874, Catherine 
Elizabeth Marsh, born Dee. 27th. 1857. Williamstown, Ohio, 
daughter of Ezra Marsh and Ann Musson. They had: 

1. Eva Rosina (702), Mar. 30, 1877. 

2. Clarence Adrian (703), May 31, 1883. 

Jasper Reed's Bible gives his birth Nov. 16th, 1852. We 
give above the record from his father's chart. He is a farmer 
and lives near Birch Run, Mich. 

No. 262 

l^osetta Minerva, daughter of Noyes L. Reed (65), born 
June 2d. 1858, at Birch Run. Mich. Married. Nov. 8th. 1874, 
Charles C. Hutchinson, born Nov. 16th, 1852, at Plessis. N. Y., 
died July 22d. 1899. He was the son of Harlow Hutchinson. 
They had : 

1. Harlow Eugene Hutchinson (704), Feb. 22, 1877; died Feb. 28, 1877. 

2. Eugene S. Hutchinson (705), June 8, 1878; died Apr. 8, 1899. 

3. Melvin Noyes Hutchinson (706), May 7, 18S0. 

4. Alma Amelia Hutchinson (707), Feb. 16, 1883. ) 

5. Abby Adelia Hutchinson (708), Feb. 16, 1S83. j 

6. Charles Clarence Hutchinson (709), July 20, 1884. 

7. James Arthur Hutchinson (710), May 2, 1886. 

8. Ethel Rosella Hutchinson (711), Oct. 29, 1889. 

This family live at Birch Run. Mich., and are farmers. 
Alma Amelia did not marry. 


No. 263 

Ann Eliza Finch, daughter of Lois Ann Reed (66), born 
Dec. 7th, 1843, at Rossie, N. Y. Married. Jan. 1st, 1861, Im- 
manuel Mendell. He is dead. They had: 

1. William Edward Mendell (712), July 24, 1864. 

2. Ida Lillian Mendell (713), Mar. 5, 1866. 

3. Alpha Etta Mendell (714), Sept. 9, 1867; died Jan. 10, 1890. 

4. Alice Eva Mendell (715), Apr. 22, 1870. 

William, Ida, and Etta were born in Peoria Co., 111., Alice 
in Erie. Neosho Co.. Kan. He is a farmer who lived, in 1891, 
at Erie, Kansas. She lives in Illinois. 

No. 264 

Mary Elitha Finch, daughter of Lois Ann Reed (66), born 
Dee. 14th, 1844, at Rossie, N. Y. Married, Aug. 22d, 1860, 
Benjamin Sebra Clark. They had: 

1. May Christiana Clark (716), June 18, 1861. 

2. Lai ra Abigail Clark (717), Mar. 6, 1864 

3. Flora May Clark (718), May 16, 1866; died Nov. 9. 1888. 

4. Benjamin Alba Clark (719), July 27, 1868. 

5. Oscar Lee Clark (720), Nov. 8, 1873. 

6. Charles Eugene Clark (721), Jan. 6, 1S80. 

7. George Edgar Clark (722), June 30, 1882; died Jan. 7, 1883. 

8. George Pearl Clark (723), Mar. , 1884; died in infancy. 

9. Sabdis Sylvester Clark (724). Nov. 17. 1885. 

The first four were bora in Peoria Co., 111., the rest in 
Neosho Co., Kansas. Mr. Clark is ;i tanner residing at Erie, 

No. 266 

Nathaniel Jonah Finch, son of Lois Ann Reed (66), born 
at Ennisville, Can., Dec. 28th, 1850. Is unmarried. Lives with 
Alice E. Mendall McKenna, Hobart. Okla. 


No. 267 

Emma Jane Finch, married Elijah Brown and. according 
to the Dickerman Genealogy, had 18 children in 1891. We 
allow her 18 numbers in our numbering. See appendix. 

No. 270 

Benjamin Franklin Finch, son of Lois Ann Reed (66). bum 
•Jan. 3d, 1855. at Peoria. 111. Married (1), Sept. 28th. 1870. 
Martha Jane Brown, born May 13, 1862, died Feb. 5th. 1882. 
Married (2). July 23d, 1881, Emma Brown, cousin of first wife. 

By Martha he had : 

1. Clarence Pinch (744). Oct. 8, 1880. 

By Emma he had: 

2. Lewis Finch (745), Apr. 24, 1885. 

Clarence Fink is in Mont., unmarried. Martha Brown was 
step-daughter to Emma Jane Finch. 

No. 273 

Sardis Alviro, son of Spencer DeWitt Reed (67). born July 

3d, 1819. Married. Nov. 27th. 1872. Mary Jane Gould. They 
had : 

1. Howard (746). Oct. 1, 1880. 

No. 274 

Martha A., daughter of Spencer DeWitt Reed (67), born 
in Jefferson Co.. X. Y„ Aug. 18th, 1850, .lied Nov. 3d, 1911. 
Married (1), Herman X. Holloway, of Omar, lie was burn 
, died Feb. 8th, 1887. She married (2) Alvaro I). Hol- 
loway, of Omar, a farmer. 

By her first husband she had : 

1. Hannah Grace Holloway (747). Sept. 8, 187",. 

2. Glenn Clark Holloway (748), Jan. 23, 188.'i; died — — . 


No. 275 

Carrie A., daughter of Spencer DeWitt Reed (67), born 
Apr. 26th, 1856. Married, Jan. 1st, 1885. Henry N. Brown of 
Chaumont. He died. She married (2) David Diefendorf, who 
died Nov. 17th. 1910. 

By Mr. Brown she had: 
1. Earl Reed Brown (749). 

The misfortunes of this kinswoman are such as to appeal 
to all sympathetic hearts. Both her husbands dropped dead. 
She lives at Chaumont, N. Y. 

No. 276 

Sarah Frances, daughter of Spencer DeWitt Reed (67). born 
Jan. 9th, 1863. Married. Dec. 4th. 1890. at Omar, Edwin Cole, 
of Alexandria. X. Y. He lives at Alexandria. 

No. 278 

Mary Emma Mick, daughter of Maranda Reed (68), born 

in Illinois, Feb. 12th, 1855. died Nov. 24th. J 887. Married, 
Dec. 25th, 1876, Edwin D. Ballard, an engineer. They had : 

1. Cloa Adella Ballard (750), Dec. 11, 1878. 

2. Eddy Lewis Ballard (751), June 4, 1880. 

3. Jesse Laraway Ballard (752), Oct. 12, 1882. 

4. Wilbeb Samuel Ballard (753), Sept. 17, 1884. 

No. 279 

Spencer Eugene Mick, son of Maranda Reed (68). born 
Sept. 13th, 1S57. in Illinois. Married. Dec. 18th, 1884, Madora 
Fleming. They had: 

1. Km Ki. LOUISA Mick (754), Oct. 26, 1885. 

2. Winifred Mick (755), Mar. 2, 1887. 

3. Madora Mick (756), Sept. 8, 1889. 

These were born in Marseilles, 111. 


No. 280 

JCSSC Louis Mick, son of Maranda Reed (68). born Mar. 

31st, 1859. in Illinois. Married. Dee. 31st. 18 . Emma Van 


No. 282 

Josephine Amy Mick, daughter of Maranda Reed (68). born 

Aug. 20th. 1861. in Illinois. Married. Sept. 7th. 18 . Charles 

Brodbeek. They had : 

1. Charles Alfred Brodbeck (757), July 13, 1880. 

2. Nellie Elzixa Brodbeck (758), Aug. 30, 1882. 

3. George Eugexe Brodbeck (759), Jan. 29, 1884. 

All born at Marseilles. Mr. Brodbeek is a drayman. 

No. 287 

Fred Sheldon Reed, son of Lewis Edwin (70), born May 
8th ; 1868. Married (1). Feb. 1th. 1891. Maude Estella Cole, 
born May 16th. 1870. died Aug. 14th, 1909. He married (2), 
Oct. 18th. 1911. Nellie May Cole, sister of Maude, and both 
daughters of Irving Cole and Harriet Gillespie. 

By first wife he had: 

1. Ruth Hazel (760), Feb. 16, 1892. 

2. Dora Alvixa (761), Sept. 14, 1895. 

3. Harriet Mildred (762), Feb. 25, 1898. 

Fred Read is a farmer, who lives in Pamelia. about 2 miles 
from Watertown. X. Y. He is an active temperance man and 
member of the Prot. M. E. Church. 

No. 288 

Julia Elitha Reed, daughter of Lewis Edwin (70). born 
Dec. 24th. 1873. in Jefferson Co.. X. Y.. died Apr. 5th. 1901. 


at Watertown. She married, Feb. 22d. 1899, Oscar Earl Hinds. 
Mr. Hinds is a civil engineer, Watertown, N. Y. No children. 

No. 289 

Sarah Rebecca, daughter of Lewis Edwin Reed (70), born 
July 19th, 1871, in Jefferson Co., N. Y. Married, Sept. 23d, 
1896, William Franklin Spaulding, born Jan. 20th, 1873, Nor- 
folk, N. Y.. son of Judson Levi Spaulding and Josephine Helena 
Derrill. They had: 

1. Phebe Myrtle Spaulding (763), Feb. 6, 1898. 

2. Leah Elitha Spaulding (764), Dec. 26, 1900. 

3. Frank Reed Spaulding (765), Nov. 13, 1903. 

4. Ada Myra Spaulding (766), Nov. 25, 1910. 

Mr. Spaulding took the full conference course in Meth. 
Prot. Church, was licensed Sept. 1907, and ordained Sept.. 
1909. He served Bowens Corners, East Palermo, Oswego Co., 
but is now residing in Watertown to enjoy educational ad- 
vantages for his children. He is deemed an earnest preacher 
of the Gospel. He is a member of Onondaga Conference, Prot. 
Meth. Church. 

No. 290 

Albert Elijah, son of Nathaniel Record Reed (72), born 
June 9th, 1864. Married, June 29th, 1891, Delphine Parker. 
She was born - — . Her parents were Williard Parker and 
Helen Spicer. They had: 

1. Lois Irene (767), Mar. 19, 1895; died Dec. 24, 1897. 

2. Helen- Lavina (768), Aug. 17, 1897. 

Mr. Reed is a farmer and rural mail carrier. Helen Lavina 
Reed is a violinist of note. They live at Lafargeville, N. Y. 

No. 292 

George Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Record Reed (72). 
born Jan. 13th. 1870. Married, Mar. 22d, 1891, Kate Lud- 


wig, born Mar. 15th, 1869. Her parents were John Ludwig 
and Barbara Brunner. She was bora in Canada. Her parents 
in Germany. They had : 

1. Clifford Lynx (769), Jan. 29, 1892. 

2. Maynard Lloyd (770), Aug. 12, 1893. 

3. Ecco Delta (771), July 11, 1895. 

4. Ilo Gaylk (772), Feb. 27, 1899. 

0. Orpaii Iriss (773), Dec. 29, 1901. 
6. Nola Alberta (774), Feb. 9, 1909. 

This Reed family with th<-se unique names now live in 
Ford Co.. Iowa, at Marble Rock. Mr. Reed is a farmer. 

No. 294 

Eugene Keed Bartlett, son of Frances Eliza Reed (75), 
born Apr. 10th, 1857. at Cascade. Wis., died July 22d, 1892. 
Married Sept. 25th, 1876, Annie Gibbon, born Oct. 17th, 1856, 
daughter of John Gibbon and Bridget Canfield. They had: 

1. Frances Eliza (775), July 25, 1878. 

2. Ella Maria (776), June 1. 1883. 

Frances Eliza Bartlett is a trained nurse living at Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. 

No. 298 

Benjamin Franklin Bennett, son of Betsey Ann Reed (76), 
born May 11th. 1837. died in Civil War, probably. Married 
Lucy A. Dunlap, daughter of Franklin B. Dunlap. Plymouth, 
Ind. They had : 
1. Matilda Frances Bennett (777). 

B. F. Bennett enlisted in 17th Ind. Reg., served with his 
regiment in the western armies. He disappeared in the famous 
chase of Union troops after the confederate guerrilla Morgan 
in Ohio, and has never been seen or heard of by his relatives 
since. They think he was killed. He was seen to go into the 
battle, and was considered a brave man. Mrs. Bennett lives 
in Plymouth. Ind. 


No. 299 

James Richmond Bennett, son of Betsey Ann Reed (76), 
born Feb. 25th, 1839, at Dowagiae. Mich. Married. Feb. 21st, 
1864. at Rochester, Inch, Adelaide Janette Coon, born Jan. 
27th. 1842. at Coons Corners, Crawford Co.. Pa., daughter of 
Rev. Stephen VanRensallaer Coon, and Lucetta Mehitable 
Bacon, a Baptist minister. They had : 

1. James Otho Bennett (778), Jan. 15, 1866. 

2. Olive Theodocia Bennett (779), Jan. 14, 1868. 

3. Sarah Lucetta Bennett (780), Apr. 11, 1872. 

The Bennetts lived in Indiana, and moved to Kansas. 1871, 
"grasshopper times." He left farming and became a loco- 
motive engineer. He now lives at Rosedale, Kan., where he 
has lived since 1890, and in a soldiers' home. He is a Baptist. 

He enlisted July 1st. 1861. in Co. C, 20th Ind. Reg., and 
was honorably discharged at W. Phila. Hospital. Dec. 1st, 
1864. He was in all the battles of the Army of the Potomac 
from Peach Orchard to the Wilderness, where he was wounded, 
May 12th, 1864. At Gettysburg he was promoted, where he 
picked up the colors of the regiment and rallied the men. and 
saved six field guns from the enemy. He was offered commis- 
sion of lieutenant but declined, saying he would rather carry 
the flag than be colonel. His address is 1138 Cambridge Ave., 
K;ins;is ( 'ity. 

No. 300 

Amanda Melissa Reed, daughter of Israel (77), horn Aug. 
121b. L841, at Bourbon. Ind. Married, Sept. 19th. 1861, James 
Post, born Apr. 23d, 1830. at Newfoundland, N. J., died June 
27th. 1892, a1 Milan, 111. They had: 

1. LrniKit J. Post (781), Sept. 14. 1862; died Mar. 14. 1865. 

2. Emma .). Post (782), Feb. 28, 1865. 

3. Eliza IWay Post (783). June 3, 1867. 


4. Evextus Austin Post (784), Sept. 17, 1869. 

5. Israel Post (785), Apr. 2, 1877. 

6. Edmund J. Post (786). Aug. 18, 1879. 

Mr. Post was a farmer and a Methodist. He lived at Bour- 
bon and Milan, 111,, where Mrs. Post now resides. We are in- 
debted to Israel Post for a copy of the history of Israel Reed 
Sr.. who was killed by the Indians. 

No. 301 

Sarah Angeloume, daughter of Israel Reed (77). born Aug. 
16th. 1843. at Bourbon, Ind., died June 21st, 1903. Married 
(1), Oct., 1864. Louis Perry, died Dee. 6th. 1872. Married (2), 
Sept. 30th, 1874. Sherwood A.Wilson, born Apr. 17th. 1840. at 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

By Mr. Perry she had : 

1. Jay Blsworth Perry (787), Nov. 2, 1866; died Dec. 16, 1902. 

2. Carl Perry (788). 

3. Margaretta Matilda Perry (789), died. 

By Mr. Wilson she had : 

4. Grace Josephine Wilsox (790), Sept. 14, 1880; died Apr. 16, 1904. 

Carl lives in Bourbon. Ind. Mr. Wilson in Roseburg. Ore. 
Grace Josephine, owing to a fall affecting the spine, became 
deranged and died in the hospital. 

No. 302 

Evcntus Fletcher Reed, son of Israel (77). born July 28th, 
1846. Married Hester Ann Campbell. Mar. 11th. 1875. at Bour- 
bon. Ind. They had : 

1. Ivo Earnest (791). Aug. 3, 1877. 

2. LeRoy (792), Apr. 30, 1880; died Dec. 2, 1880. 

Mr. E. F. Reed is in business in Snohomish. Wash. 


No. 304 

Laura Maria, daughter of Israel Reed (77), born Oct. 27th. 
1855. died - -. Married, Sept. 22d, 1875. George W. John- 
sou, Bourbon, Ind. They had : 

1. Gernon Hubeb Johnson (793), Apr. 4, 1877. 

2. Dean Ei.swortii Johnson (794), Nov. 30, 1882. 

This family lived in Ind. and Ohio. Dean Johnson lives 
at Lansford, N. D. 

No. 305 

Mary Josephine, daughter of Israel Reed (77). born Sept. 
3d. 1858. died Sept.. 1893, at Bremen, Ind. She married Wil- 
liam Redman, Dee. 24th. 1891. at Inwood, Ind. They had no 

No. 306 

Lura Elma, daughter of Israel Reed (77). horn Sept. 14th, 
1866, at Bourbon. Married, Sept. 30th, 1885, at Bourbon, Mil- 
ton Ellsworth Bennett, born Feb. 8th, TS64, at Bourbon, son 
of William Bennett and Eliza Drake. They have: 

1. Herbert Reed Bennett (795), June 27. 1886. 

2. Ruby Margaretta Bennett (796), Dec. 22, 1890. 

3. Leah Ibene Bennett (797), Mar. 2, 1893. 

4. Grace Eliza Bennett (798), Nov. 28, 1S97. 

This family has lived in Bremen and Plymouth, Ind., and 
now reside at Brant, Alta, Canada. He is a meat dealer. They 
are Methodists. 

No. 308 

William Henry Harrison Merrill, son .>!' Nancy Lueinda Reed 
(78), born Nov. 2d, 1844. Married, June 13th, 1876, Mary 
Webb, born Jan. 8th. 1855. They had: 


1. May Merrill (799), May 9, 1877. 

2. Loben Mkkrill (800). Feb. 11. 1879; died Feb. 10. 1906. 

3. Viola Merrill (801). Sept. 2. 1880. 

4. Edward Merrill (802), Feb. 22. 1882. 

5. Fred Merrill (803), Apr. 5, 1883; died Oct. 29. 1901. 

6. Charles Merrill (804), Dec. 18, 1884. 

7. Lucy Sarah Merrill (805), Jan. 26, 1894. 

8. Ida Jane Merrill (806), June 23, 1898. 

Mr. W. II. II. Merrill and family live in Hutchinson. Kan- 
sas. He is a farmer. Loren died, unmarried, in Okla. 

No. 309 

Benjamin Addison Merrill, son of Nancy Lucinda Reed 
(78). born .Mar. 3d, 1846, at Plymouth, Ind. Married. Feb. 
27th, 1868. at Waterloo. Iowa. Mary A. Jacobs, born Sept. 
19th, 1844. at Howard. Iowa, daughter of Benjamin Jacobs 
and Lucinda Emerson. They had: 

1. George Merrill (807). Jan. 8. 1869; died Mar. 3. 1869. 

2. Addie May Merrill (808). Jan. 9, 1870. 

3. Lauba Mead Merrill (809). May 16. 1872. 

4. Jessie Lucinda Merrill (810). Feb. 9. 1874. 

5. Kate Bell Merrill (811), Jan. 28. 1876. 

6. Rith Lucy Merrill (812), Apr. 16, 1878. 

7. Edgar Benjamin Merrill (813), Feb. 16, 1880. 

8. Rudy Irene Merrill (814), Nov. 1. 1881. 

9. Ledlah Merrill (815). Aug. 19. 1884; died Nov. 12. 1884. 
10. Lebon X. Merrill (816). July IS, 1886. 

Mr. Merrill is a carpenter, he has lived at Hutchinson, Kan- 
sas, now lives at Woodward. Okla. His church is United 

No. 310 

Sarah Jane Merrill, daughter of Nancy Lucinda Reed (78). 
born at So. Bend.. Ind., Jan. 15th, 1840. Married (1), Feb. 
22d, 1866, William W. Crocker, born Jan. Mist. 1820. at Pine 


Grove, Perm., died Sept. 9th, 1904, at Iola, Kan., son of Henry 
Crocker and Hester Orwig. She married (2) David P. Robie, 
born May 13th, 1840. at Bristol, N. H., son of Hiram Robie 
and Sarah Perkins. Hiram Robie was son of Peter Robie. 
Her children, all by Mr. Crocker, were : 

1. George F. Crocker (817), Apr. 10, 1867. 

2. Orville Crocker (818), June 28, 1868; died in infancy. 

3. Blanch Crocker (819), July 10, 1870. 

4. Lucy Crocker (820), Aug. 27, 1871; died Aug. 22, 1873. 

5. Harry Crocker (821), Aug. 11, 1873. 

6. Edward Crocker (822), Oct. 6, 1874. 

7. Oliver Crocker (823), Feb. 17, 1883. 

8. Joy Wesley Crocker (824), Mar. 3, 1891. 

Mr. Crocker was a farmer, and a prosperous one. After 
his return from the war he settled at Cedar Falls. Iowa, from 
there he moved to Kansas and took up a homestead. He next 
lived 16 years at Shenandoah, Iowa, and from there moved 
to Springfield, Ark., and to Iola, Kan., 1901. He was a 

Mr. Crocker enlisted at the outset of the war in the 96th 
111. Reg., and served 3 years, and was wounded at Stone River 
and discharged. 

Mr. Robie moved'from Bristol to West Thornton, N. H., and 
lived there some years, then moved to Coldbrook and lived there 
42 years, and then came to Spokane. His first wife died 1908. 
He was a blacksmith and also a veteran, having enlisted in 
1862 and served 3 years. He was in battles: Fredericksburgh, 
Suffolk. Cold Harbor and the taking of Richmond. Va. He 
was promoted to corporal in 1865. 

Mrs. Robie lives at "Pine Croft," Greenacres, R. D.. Wash- 

Harry ('rocker is a successful shipper at Wichita, Kansas. 
Joy Wesley is musical. At present he is a clerk in a store in 
Lincoln. Neb. 


Oliver Crocker is in the R. R. service with the N. P. R. R., 
and lives in Spokane. 

No. 311 

Lucy Maria Merrill, daughter of Nancy Lucinda Reed (78), 
born Oct. 17th. 1854. Married. June 21th, 1872, Benjamin 
Franklin Smith, died Apr. 19th. 1911. They had: 

1. Merrill Cornell Smith (825), Oct. 21, 1874. 

2. Nellie Jane Smith (826), Aug. 27 (?), 1876; died Feb. 22, 1893. 

3. Leonard Clifton Smith (827), Aug. 30, 1880. 

4. Oliver Newton Smith (828), May 5, 1883. 

Mrs. Smith's home is in Hutchinson, Kan. 

No. 313 

Aaron Newton Merrill, son of Nancy Lucinda Reed (78), 
born Oct. 28th, 1858, at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Married. Jan. 
21st, 1885. Orcelia B. Hillman, born July 28th, 1858, at Perry, 
Ohio. She was the daughter of Alden Cooper Hillman and 
Elizabeth Ann Bell. They had: 

1. Alden Moss Merrill (829), Jan. 5, 1886; died Jan. 9, 1886. 

2. Cecil Clifton Merrill (830), July 5, 1887; died Jan. 11, 1889. 

3. Nellie Orcelia Merrill (831), Jan. 16. 1889. 

4. Blanche Lucinda Merrill (832), May 13, 1893. 

5. Orvil Newton Merrill (833), Jan. 1, 1895. 

6. Infant Son (834), Jan. 3, 1897. Stillborn. 

Mr. Merrill at one time resided in Sedgwick. Kansas. He 
now lives in Hutchinson, where he is a contractor for all kinds 
of mason work. Their church is the Evangelical. 

No. 314 

Mahlon Grandison Merrill, son of Nancy Lucinda Reed 
(78), born May 18th, 1869, at Fort Scott, Mo. Married, Feb. 
21th. 1897. Biddy Josephine Sexton, born .Mar. 15th. 1870. a1 


Barboursville, Ky. Her parents were William P. Sexton and 
Eliza Campbell. They had: 

1. Gladys Ivy Merrill (835), Jan. 26, 1898. 

2. Lucy Liza Merrill (836), Apr. 6, 1899. 

3. Ernest Pierce Merrill (837). June 20, 1901. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Merrill (838), Nov. 6, 1904. 

5. Cora Alice Merrill (839), Apr. 8, 1907. 

6. Sarah Pauline Merrill (840). June 19. 1909. 

7. Florence Ellen Merrill (841), Sept. 7, 1910. 

Mr. Merrill lived at Hutchinson and now lives at White- 
field, Okla. He is a farmer. He is a Baptist. Gladys, Lucy. 
Ernest and Cora were horn in Ind. Tcr.. Mary in Ark., the 
others in Kan. He writes himself a "Socialist." 

No. 315 

Ernest Clifton Merrill, son of Nancy Lueinda Reed (78), 

born June 8th. 1864. Married Anna Johnson. They have no 
children. He is a farmer and lives at Woodward, Okla. 

No. 316 

Leander Cruzan, son of Laura Ann Reed (70), horn Nov. 
13th, 1841. at Plymouth, Ind.. died Apr. 10th. - -, at Dexter, 
Or. He married, July 12th, 1866, Caroline Mathews, born Aug. 
10th, 1S47. 111., daughter of Thomas J. Mathews, and Elizabeth 
Cope. They had: 

1. Thomas J. Cruzan (842), Apr. 21, 1867. 

2. Andrew J. Cruzan (843), July 2, 1868. 

3. Emma C. Cruzan (844), Aug. 14, 1872. 

4. William A. Cruzan (845), Sept. 12, 1874. 

5. J. F. Cruzan (846), Mar. 4, 1877. 

6. Ida E. Crczan (847). Oct. 3, 1879. 

7. Rosa Crczan (848), May 15, 1882. 

8. Zelma Cruzan (849), Nov. 10, 1SS4. 

Mr. Cruzan. after his marriage at Dexter, lived at Pleasant 


Hill. Or., till 1868, at Pitrova, Cal., till 1871, then at Leaford, 
Or., till 1882. then at Dexter, where he died. His wife lives 
with her sons at Dexter. William is farming. J. F. and Thomas 
J. Cruzan are in the lumber and sawmill business in Dexter, 
Or. He Avas a Methodist. 

No. 317 

Lucy Maria Cruzan, daughter of Laura Ann Reed (79), 
born Oct. 21st, 1842. Married (1), Oet. 22d, 1859, David 

George Conrad, born , in Ohio, died Jan. 13th, 1883, 

at Pleasant Hill. Or. She married (2) M. P. Clay. TVooten. 
All the children are by Mr. Conrad. 

1. Mary Axmeda Conrad (850). Sept.. I860; died 1874. 

2. Laura Bell Coxrad (851). Oct.. 1861. 

3. Christina Coxrad (852), 1862; died Feb., 1879. 

4. David Barton Coxrad (853), May 12, 1865. 

5. Lucy Jaxe Conbad (854), Mar.. 1867. 

6. Ida Conrad (855), May 12, 1868. 

7. Rosadel Coxrad (856), May 30. 1871; died May 26, 1892. 

8. Etta Jaxe Coxrad (857), June 29.JS77. 

9. Ola Catherixe Coxrad (858), Nov. 18, 1880; died Dec, 1887. 

Rosadel died in Summer Lake. Lane Co., Or. Both hus- 
bands were church members and farmers. She has been a mem- 
ber of the M. E. Church since she was 11 years old. 

No. 319 

Laura Ann Cruzan, daughter of Laura Ann Reed (78), 
born Nov. 10th. 1818, at Plymouth, Ind. Married (1), Charles 
L. Rowan. Mar. 21th. 1866. He died. She married (2), Jan. 
21th. 1876, Smith Carr, born in N. Y.. son of Robert Carr and 
Ann Sutphen. 

By Mr. Rowan she had: 

1. Minnie Viola Rowan (859), May 18, 1867. 

2. Norman Rowan (860). Nov. 14, 1869. 


By Mr. Carr she had : 

3. Robert O. Carr (861), Feb., 1877. 

4. George E. Carr (862), Aug. 12, 1879 (?). 

This family live at Zion, Oregon. He is a farmer and they 
are Methodists. George Carr is not married. 

No. 320 

Margaret Ellen, daughter of Martin S. Reed (80), born 
May 11th, 1849. Married (1), Aug. 26th, 1865, Wayne Jordan, 
born Feb. 26th, 1845, in Ind., son of Benoni Jordan and Julia 
Boggs. He died and she married (2), Dec. 20th, 1906, John 
Thend, son of Jacob, native of Switzerland, By first husband: 

1. Ancil Elmer Jordan (863), May 5, 1866. 

2. Martin Ellsworth Jordan (864), Oct. 22, 1867; died Oct. 22, 1868. 

3. Charles Franklin Jordan (865), May 27, 1873. 

4. Trella May Jordan (866), Sept. 21, 1876. 

5. Carrie H. Jordan (867), Apr. 21, 1879. 

6. Emma Julia Jordan (868), June 17, 1880. 

7. Ivy Pearl Jordan (869), Mar. 30, 1882. 

Mrs. Thend lives at Etna Green. She has the Benjamin Reed 
Bible, but the entries were evidently made somewhat from 
memory. It has also some of the Stryker* family. 

*Stryker Family Records. — In Benjamin Reed's Bible we find the 
following entries: 

Garret Striker, Oct. 4, 1771. 
Joseph Striker, June 26, 1797. 
Anna Striker, Jan. 9, 1799. 
Betsy Striker, Sept. 9, 1800. 
James Striker, Mar. 5, 1804. 
Caty Striker, Mar. 27, 1806. 
Nancy Striker, Aug. 10, 1808. 
Martha Striker, Mar. 29, 1811. 
Candace A. Striker, May 4, 1814. 
Caroline Striker, Mar. 21, 1816. 
Emeline Striker, Apr. 15, 1818. 
Olive Striker, June 24, 1820. 


No. 321 

Charles Warren Reed, son of Martin S. Reed (80), born 
Mar. 14th. 1851. Married. Sept. 20th. 1873, Mollie Briner, 
born Apr. 24th. 1850. daughter of Samuel Briner and Elizabeth 
Keller. They had : 

1. Etta (870), May 27, 1874. 

2. Jesse (871), June 14, 1876. 

3. Grace (872), Dec. 6, 1877. 

4. Ida (873), Sept. 29, 1880. 

They live at Bourbon. Ind. 

No. 322 

Albert Maxwell Reed, son of Martin S. Reed (80), born 
May 11th. 1852. Married Elizabeth Payne, born Sept. 27th, 
1858. daughter of A. J. Payne and Rachel Snyder. They had: 

1. Orra (874), Feb. 20, 1S77. 

2. Ethlaxu (875), Oct. 3. 1885. 

A. M. Reed is a retired farmer at Bourbon, Ind. 

No. 323 

Elijah Martin Reed, son of Martin S. Reed (80), born Sept. 
5th, 1854. Married, July 27th. 1878, Sophronia Pecher, daugh- 

Garret Striker, June 7, 1845. 

Saloma Striker, Dec. 20, 1841, aged 64 years, nearly. 
Joseph Striker, June 26, 1828. 
Anna Striker, July 12, 1827. 
Betsy Striker, Mar. 13, 1813. 
Caty Striker, May 3, 1826. 
Nancy Striker, Nov. 14, 1811. 
Erneline Striker, Aug. 16, 1845. 
Olive Striker, Aug., 1820. 

Some Striker families moved to Indiana and settled near Bourbon 
when Benj. Read did. 


ter of Andrew Pecher. and Catherine Varior. They had: 

1. Myrtle (876), May 29, 1880. 

2. Mabel (877). Oct. 25, 1882. 

3. Clark (878), Dec. 12, 1890. 

4. Gilbert (879), Nov. 13, 1897. 

5. Ralph (880), Oct. 7, 1899. 

Mr. Eeed is a farmer at Bourbon. 

No. 325 

Richard Rccd, son of Martin S. (80). born Apr. 24th ; 1358. 
Married. Jan. 12th, 1892. Alice Xeidig. born July 11th, 1S67, 
daughter of John Xeidig and Margaret Gables. They have no 
children. Richard Reed is a retired farmer and lives on the 
main street of Bourbon, near his brothers. He ahvays -writes 
his name "Dick." 

No. 326 

William Henry Harrison Rccd, son of Martin S. (80). born 
Dec. 31st. 1859. at Cedar Falls. Iowa. Married. Sept. 12th. 
1882. Dora Klingman. born Feb. 15th. 1860. in Ohio, daughter 
of David S. and Rebecca Klingman. They had : 

1. Daughter (881). Sept. 14, 1S83; died in 3 weeks, unnamed. 

2. Sox (882). Dec. 22, 1884; died in 6 weeks, unnamed. 

3. Vebnie (883). Dec. 31, 1886; died in 8 months. 

4. Ula Fay (884), Oct. 16. 1898. 

Mr. Reed is a farmer at Bourbon. 

No. 327 

Rose Mclvin Rccd, son of Martin S. Reed (80). Married 
. Tliev had: 

1. Lo(,.\\ ( 885). 


No. 329 

Benjamin Stacy Grant, son of Eliza Jane Reed (84), born 
Mar. 1st, 1859, at Bourbon, Ind. Married, Jan. 3, 1880, at 
Valparaiso, Ind., Lizzie P. Rathjens, born Aug - . 3d, 1861. She 
is of German descent. They had : 

1. Nellie B. Grant (886), July 17, 1881. 

2. Mattie Jane Grant (887), Aug. 30, 1883. 

3. Bessie Fredricka Grant (888), Dec. 22, 1886. 

4. Grace Byrd Grant (889), Feb. 17, 1890. 

5. Daniel Aaron Grant (890), Sept. 26, 1892. 

6. George P. Grant (891), Dec. 25, 1901; died Jan. 20, 1902. 

7. J. Robert Grant (892), Mar. 9, 1906. 

Mr. B. S. Grant is a, mason and contractor. Their daughter 
Bessie F. is at home, Grace is bookkeeper in the Howard Bank, 
Daniel is with his father in the cement work. Nellie B. is 
Dep. Co. Treasurer. The family are Baptists. They live in How- 
ard, Kan. 

No. 331 

Luella May Grant, daughter of Eliza Jane Reed (84), born 
Oct. 9th, 1865, at Bourbon, Ind. Married, Dec. 7th, 1886, at 
Howard, Val Momma, born Apr. 7th. 1865, at Chicago, 111. 
They had: 

1. Nicholas A. Momma (893a), Aug. 18, 1894. 

2. Mary Grant Momma (893b), Apr. 19, 1898. 

Mr. Momma is an expert typesetter, but is now keeping 
a lunch room. He is a Presbyterian. 

No. 334 

Louis Otto, sou of W. II. H. Reed {86), born Jan. 6th, 1867, 
at Bourbon. Married Dora Maud Courtrigbt. 


No. 336 

Lydia Ella Reed, daughter of William H. H. Reed (86), 
born Oct. 14th, 1880, in Missouri. Married George Robert 
Sutherland. They had: 

1. Mary Freta Sutherland (894), Sept. 6,. 1895; died Nov. 23, 1895. 

2. Mary Irene Sutherland (895), Nov. 28, 1896. 

3. Orson Reed Sutherland (896), Apr. 19, 1901. 

No. 339 

Dora Belle Keller, daughter of (amies Adeline Reed (87), 
born May 8th, 1868. Married Herbert William Nichols, May 
3d, 1888. They have : 

1. John Vardaman Nichols (897). Apr. 9, 1889. 

2. Charles Luther Nichols (898), Nov. 26, 1890. 

3. Nora Luella Nichols (899), Dec. 23, 1893. 

H. W. Nichols is active in politics, has held several ap- 
pointments. Is now in Street Dept., Kansas City, Mo. They 
are Baptists. 

No. 343 

Nora Katherine Keller, daughter of Candes Adeline Reed 
(87). born Aug. 17th, 1875. Married, Dee. 8th j 1895, Louis 
Frederick Mason. They had : 

1. Florence Opal Mason (900), Oct. 23, 1896. 

2. Willis Raymond Mason (901), Oct. 2, 1901. 

3. Carl Waldon Mason (902), Sept. 14, 1903. 

Mr. Mason is a farmer ami stockman in Elk Co., Kansas. 

No. 344 

Lucy Jane Keller, daughter of ("amies Adeline Reed (87), 
born July 16th, 1879. Married. July 3d. 1900. Beverly C. 


Mr. Skinner and family are Christians. He is mailing 
clerk, P. 0.. Jacksonville, 111. 

No. 345 

Florence Harriet Keller, daughter of Candes Adeline Reed 
(87), born July 9th. 1881. Married, July 25th, 1902, John N. 
Stoner. They had: 
1. Herbert Keller Stoner (903), June 16, 1904. 

This family are Baptists. Mr. Stoner is connected with tin- 
Police Department, Kansas City, Mo. 

No. 347 

Seth Martin Mason, son of John Garner Mason (88), born 
Mar. 11th, 1841, at Strykersville. Married, Feb. 8th, 1867, 
Sarah Ann Buss, born Sept. 10th. 1817, at Gravesend, County 
Kent, England; daughter of Rev. Henry Buss and Charlotte 
Miles. They had: 

1. Eunice Evelyn Mason (904). July 5, 1868, died Oct. 26th, 1894. 

2. Herbert Edwin Mason (905), Nov. 27, 1870. 

3. Howard Lowell Mason (906), Mar. 5, 1873. 

4. Lawrence Judson Mason (907), Dec. 27, 1874. 

5. Leslie Raymond Mason (908), July 17, 1877. 

6. Charlotte Henrietta Mason (909), Aug. 30, 1880. 

7. John Garner Mason (910), July 14, 1883. 

8. Seth Martin Mason (911), Sept. 25, 1S86. 

The first five of these children were born at Creston, 111., 
the sixth at Bradshaw, the others at Ord, Neb. 

Mr. S. M. Mason enlisted Aug. 11th, 1862, in 105 111. Reg., 
Co. C, His Reg. was in 1st Brigade, 3d Division, 20th Corps, 
and he was discharged on surgeon's certificate for disability. 
Dec. 31st, 1862. After a long and serious illness he recovered 
sufficiently to reenlist May 14th, 1864, for 100 days, in 132d 
111. Reg., Co. F, and was honorably discharged Oct. 17, 1864. 


Mrs. Mason's father, Rev. Henry Buss, was a Congrega- 
tional minister over 60 years, and died in 1909, aged 87. His 
wife lived to be almost 88. Mrs. Mason was the oldest of the 
seven children. She has done active work in the patriotic 
order, "Ladies of the G. A. R.," for many years. In 1896 and 
1897 she was State President of the order, and in 1897 Na- 
tional Junior Vice-President, and in 1898 National Senior Vice- 
President, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mr. Mason is a farmer. He is a Methodist. He resides at 
Ord, Neb. Their son Seth M. Mason is a carpenter and builder. 

No. 348 

Charlotte Amelia Mason, daughter of John Garner Mason 
(88), born Oct. 9th, 1842, at Strykersville, N. Y. Married (1). 
Mar. 19th, 1868, Olin S. MeArthur, born June 21st, 1843, at 
Wolcott, N. Y.. died Apr. 2d, 1875, at Fair Haven, N. Y. ; son 
of John W. MeArthur and Sarah Ann Waldron. She married 
(2), May 30th, 1879, William Henry Coleman, son of David 
Coleman and Rebecca Hess. 

By Mr. MeArthur she had : 

1. John W. McArthur (912), Nov. 25, 1868. 

2. Eliza R. McArthur (913), Apr. 21, 1871. 
Viola A. McArthur (914), May 9, 1875, died Oct. 4, 1876. 


By Mr. Coleman she had : 
4. Edith M. Coleman (915), June 25, 1880. 

Mr. Coleman was a farmer. 

Mr. McArthur was a farmer and a Methodist. 

She now lives at York, Neb. 

No. 349 

Chloe Rosella Mason, daughter of John Garner Mason (88), 
born Feb. 8th, 1845. died May 24th. 1907. at Aurora, Neb. 


Married Jonas Strong, born 1843. They had no children. He 
is a retired farmer, lives at York. Neb. 

No. 350 

Gardner Mason, son of John Garner Mason (88), born May 
25th. 1847. at Strykersville. N. Y. Married. Oct. 19th, 1869, 
Mary Eleanor (lark, born Feb. 15th. 1851, at Belvidere. 111.; 
daughter of Daniel S. Clark and Eunice Shepard. He was 
21. she 18. They had: 

1. James Clark Masox (916), Mar. 27, 1871, died Sept. 21. 1S72. 

2. Amy G. Masox (917), Jan. 25, 1874. 

3. Walter F. Masox (918), Nov. 19, 1876. 

4. Rosa B. Masox (919), Jan. 17. 1SS0, died Feb. 14, 1902. 

5. Eunice C. Masox (920), July 15, 18S2, died Nov. 28. 1901. 

6. Gardxer Masox Jr. (921), Feb. 12, 1893. 

These were all born in Nebraska except the eldest. Mrs. 
Mason's father died in the war, Mar. 15th, 1863. at Franklin, 
Tenn. Mr. Mason moved to Neb. in 1871. took homestead at 
Arborville, York Co.. and lived there 27 years, then came to 
Oregon, and now lives at Sodaville. "All the family have flown 
the nest but Gardner Jr." Mr. Mason is a Baptist. 

No. 351 

Charles William Mason, son of John Garner Mason (88). 
born Nov. 29th. 1853. So. Grove. 111. Married. Aug. 14th. 1882, 

at York, Neb., Anna Icedora Jones, born ; daughter of 

Aaron L. Jones. They had: 

1. Adelbert Lea Masox (922), July 29, 1884. 

2. Lccixda Edxa Masox (923), Feb. 12, 1887. 

3. Carolixe Alice Masox (924), Apr. 9, 1890. 

4. Miltox Staxley Masox (925), July 6, 1893. 

5. Lelia Armixta Masox (926), Aug. 30, 1899. 

C. W. Mason, who resides at Lisle. Neb., is a farmer and 
stock raiser. Has lived in Illinois. Oregon and Missouri. 


No. 352 

George Franklin Mason, son # of John G. Mason (88), born 
at So. Grove, 111., Feb. 22d, 1857. Married Emma Viola Jones, 
daughter of Aaron L. Jones, born in Ohio. They had: 

1. Clyde Stevenson Mason (927), June 2, 18S1. 

2. Dora Rosella Mason (928), Nov. 7, 1883. 

3. Clarence Maynabd Mason (929), May 23, 1886. 

4. Cora Agnes Mason (930), Sept. 7, 1888, died Nov 28, 1889. 

5. Ralph Waldo Mason (931). Oct. 3, 1890. 

6. Leonard Ray Mason (932), June 11, 1893. 

Mr. G. F. Mason and his brother C. W. Mason, married twin 
sisters. He lives in Salem, Or., where he is a manufacturer. 

No. 353 

Lydia Eleanor Mason, daughter of Riley E. Mason (90), 
born Mar. 30th, 1842, at Wales, N. Y., died Oct. 27th, 1892, at 
( 'astile, N. Y. Married, Jan. 1st, 1862, Garret W. Stryker, bom 
at Strykersville, Dec. 12th, 1811. They had: 

1. Everett Austin Stryker (933), Jan. 4, 1865. 

2. Martin Lewis Stryker (934), Apr. 19, 1868. 

3. Alice Carrie Stryker (935), Sept. 22, 1877. 

4. Norman Baton Stryker (936), Mar. 27, 1879. 

Mr. Stryker resides at Lake View. Mich. He is a farmer 
and a Baptist. 

No. 354 

Cecil Dwight Mason, son of Riley E. Mason (90), born May 
22d, 1846, a1 Strykersville, X. Y., died Oct. 13th, 1904. Married. 
Sept. 21st, 1880, Helen A. Denio, born Nov. 1st. 1850, at Rich- 
ville, X. V.; daughter of W. G. Denio and Alvina Herrick. 
Tbey had: 

1. Howabd Aimhi k Mason (937), Aug. 7, 1883. 


Mr. Mason lived in New York State, in Iowa and Neb. They 
are Baptists. Mrs. Mason lives in Omaha, Neb. 

No. 355 

Sophia May, daughter of Riley E. Mason (90), born June 
18th. 1848, at Strykersville. N. Y. Married (1) Wallace Otis 
Buttrick. born Aug. 22d. 1818, died Dee. 23d, 1875; son of 
Willard Buttrick and Lucy Briggs. She married (2), June 
11th, 1911, at Scituate, Mass., Clifton Slate Deane, born Sept. 
12th, 1851, at Gill, Mass.; son of Hiram Deane and Melinda 
Slate. By Mr. Buttrick she had: 
1. Bertha Louise Buttrick (938), Jan. 23, 1871. 

Mr. Buttrick was from Hanover. Mass., and was educated 
there and at Salem. He was afterward in the shoe business 
in Boston. He died in Minneapolis. 

Mr. Deane graduated at Dartmouth, A. B., 1877, and later 
A. M. He is a civil engineer, and since 1907 has been on the 
Port work in Boston. He has also taught. 

Mrs. Deane belongs to the honored Craft of Teaching, hav- 
ing taught in Buchanan Co.. Iowa, two terms, nearly 10 years 
in one building in Grundy Center. Came to Hanover 1883, 
taught in Pembroke nearly four years, and then in Lowell, 
Mass.. 17 years in one building, about 35 years in all. She and 
her husband are Christian Scientists. They reside at Hanover. 

No. 356 

Evelyn Louise Mason, daughter of Riley E. (90). born 
Sept. 25th. 1850, at Strykersville, N. Y. Married, Dec. 2d, 
1873. at Grundy Center, Chase Perkins Hunt, born Aug. 24th. 
1830. at Sanbornton, N. H. ; son of Abraham Hunt and Eliza- 
beth Sanborn. They have no children. Mr. Hunt is a nursery 
man and Congregationalist. They reside at Grundy Center. 


No. 357 

Alzade Mason, daughter of Riley E. (90), born Oct. 2d, 
1852, at Strykersville, N. ,Y. Married, Nov. 19th, 1873, at 
Grundy Center, George Woodbury Thorndike, born Dec. 9th. 
1848, at Cambridge, Mass.; son of George William Thorndike 
and Abby Sales. They have no children. They are farmers 
and Christian Scientists. They reside at Grundy Center. 

No. 358 

Vesta Amanda Mason, daughter of Riley E. (90), born Nov. 
25th, 1854. at Strykersville, N. Y. Married, May 25th, 1879, at 
Grinnell, Iowa. Herbert Eugene Little, born Aug. 30th, 1851, 
at Stanstead, Prov. Quebec ; son of Joshua Little and Nancy 
Bateheler. They had: 

1. Sarah Emma Little (939a), May 12, 1880. 

2. Justus Alleb Little (939b), Feb. 9, 1882. 

Mr. Little is a carpenter. She is a Christian Scientist. They 
live at Grundy Center, Iowa. 

No. 359 

Frank Riley Mason, son of Riley E. (90). born Oct. 1st, 
1857, at Strykersville, N. Y. Married, Apr. 24th, 1888, Elsie 
Jane Rose, born Nov. 9th, 1866, in Critzun, Germany ; daughter 
of John Rose and Lena Cup. They had: 

1. Roger Eaton Mason (940), Nov. 1, 1889. died June 23, 1910. 

2. Ida Mae Mason (941), Jan. 6, 1892. 

3. Jaspkr Wostkn Mason (942), Aug. 16, 1893. 

4. Floyd R. Mason (943), Dec. 17, 1901. 

Mr. Mison is a farmer. He is a Baptist and lives at Grundy 
< ienter, Iowa. 


* No. 360 

Carrie Alice Mason, daughter of Riley E. (90), born Mar. 
13th, 1860. at Algona, Iowa. Married. Mar. 18th, 1885, at 
Grundy Center, Orville Curtis B\y. born Apr. 23d, 1862, at 
Fulton, 111. His parents were Edward Bly and Lydia Moore. 
They had : 

1. Ethel Maud Bly (944), Feb. 27, 1886. 

2. Ralph Cecil Bly (945). June 20, 1895. 

Mr. Bly is a carpenter, and now lives at Niagara Falls, 
N. Y. She is a Christian Scientist. 

No. 361 

Charles Irvin Mason, son of Riley E. (90), born Apr. 9th, 
1863, at AVaterloo, Iowa. Married, Dec. 5th, 1888, at Grundy 
Center, Emma Frances Bettinger, born Aug. 16th, 1867, Clin- 
ton, Iowa; daughter of Leonard Bettinger and Maria Weed. 
They had : 

1. Ethel May Masox (946), Sept. 7, 1889. 

2. Harold Edward Masox (947), July 18, 1900. 

3. Russel Howard Masox (948), Sept. 27, 1903. 

Mr. Mason is a well driller and house mover. Now lives 
at Lake Park. Iowa. 

No. 362 

Marcus Clark Mason, son of Charles William Mason (91). 
born June 6th, 1841, at Strykersville, N. Y. Married four 
times. He married (1), June, 1871, Fidelia S. Howes, born 
at Madison, N. Y.. Apr. 30th. 1842, died Sept, 9th, 1882, at 
North East, Peim., while on furlough. She was a daughter 

of Howes ami . Educated in Prof. Goodenough's 

Female Seminary at Hamilton, N. Y. He married (2), Apr. 
13th, 1884, Mrs. Clara May Arthur of Boston, widow of J. R. 


Arthur. Her maiden name was Stevens, who married Mr. 
Arthur and went with him to Japan as a missionary. He died 
and she returned to America, lived at Newton Center, Mass., 
and Mr. Mason found her there. She went with him to India, 
but died Dec. 9th, 1885, only 11 days after reaching Tura. He 
married (3), Apr. 27th, 1887, Orelle Keller, at Calcutta, India, 
a Baptist Missionary in Assam. She died in Tura, May 15th, 
1887. He married (4), Feb. 3d. 1889, Nettie Pursell of Ohio, 
who is with him in his work at Tura. 

These frequent marriages grew out of the emergencies of 
his missionary life. 

By the first wife he had : 

1. Walter Clark Mason (949a), July 26, 1875. - *7 < „. I 

By the last wife he had : 

2. Olive Orelle Mason (949b), Sept. 18, 1891. 

3. Eleanor Mason (950), Mar. 18, 1898. 

4. Julia Mason (951), Oct. 20, 1899. 

5. Margaret Mason (952), Sept. 6, 1902. 

Olive is now (1912) studying at Granville Univ., Ohio. 
Eleanor, Julia and Margaret are at the Miss. Home, Newton 
Center, Mass. 

Mr. Mason took his whole preparatory education at Hamil- 
ton, N. Y., a Baptist educational center, where their academies, 
college and Theo. Sem. were, and are still, located. The college 
was then Madison College, but is now Colgate Univ. He grad- 
uated from the college in 1872, and the seminary in 1874. 
He married his wife in the same town, and was ordained in 
Strykersville, and under appointment from the Am. Bapt. 
Miss. Soc, they and another young couple sailed away in the 
fall of 1874 to Assam, to found a wholly new mission at 
Tura, The Tura people were 'warlike, and not till 1877 did 
they succeed in establishing themselves at Tura, but their work 
lias been very successful, as pioneers reducing the language 


to writing. Scripture translation, supervising schools, and evan- 
gelizing the people. The oldest son has joined them, Jan., 1902, 
and they are happy in their work. "He expects to die in 

No. 363 

Emma Jane Mason, daughter of Charles William (91), 
born May 23d. 1816. Married. July 1th. 1866. Komanzoff A. 
Shaw. They had: 

1. Sox Shaw (953). 

2. Daughter Shaw (954). 

3. Daughter Shaw (955). 

4. Daughter Shaw (956). 

Order not certain, two are dead. 

No. 364 

Laura Edna Mason, daughter of Charles William Mason 
(91), born June 20th. 1850. at Wales. X. Y. Married. Oct. 
21st. 1881, Theodore Sprague. born Oct. 1th. 1818, at E. Bloom- 
field, X. Y.; son of Theodore Sprague and Emily Canfield. 
They had: 

1. George Heman Sprague (957), Mar. 13. 1883. 

2. Julia Clark Sprague (958), May 5, 1S85. 

3. Theodore Mason Sprague (959), Apr. 9. 1888. 

4. Walter Kenneth Sprague (960), Feb. S. 1890. 

Mrs. Sprague had unusual educational opportunities. She 
attended, one year, Griffith Institute at Springville. X. Y., 
and one year the Female Seminary under Prof. Goodenough 
at Hamilton. X. Y.. where Colgate Univ. now is. and other 
fine. Baptist schools. She then attended Cook Academy at Mon- 
tour Falls, and graduated 1878. She then taught in several 
localities in New York State. Mr. Sprague graduated from 


East Bloomfield Academy, taught one .winter, then bought a 
farm on the shore of Lake Erie, near North East, Penn., where 
he has a fruit and nursery business. His place is named 

George H. Sprague graduated from Michigan Univ.. 1906, 
A. B., and had two years also in the engineering course, and 
is at Cornell now taking a horticultural course. For two years 
he has been engaged in horticulture at Ipswich. Mass.. his 
present home. 

Theodore Sprague graduated from the high school at North 
East, then had one year at Cook Academy, two years at Col- 
gate Univ.. then transferred to Cornell Univ. and Avill grad- 
uate in 1912. 

Kenneth Sprague is very musical, and is now at Peddie 
Institute, N. J., where, in addition to good literary instruction, 
they have fine musical teaching. He plays a horn, and sings 
barytone in the club. • 

Mr. Sprague is a Presbyterian. 

No. 366 

Wallace Norman Mason, son of Charles William (91), born 
Dec. 20th, 1855, at Strykersville. N. Y. Married. Dec. 4th. 1878, 
Ella E. Stryker, born Dec. 6th. 1856. at Strykersville ; daugh- 
ter of Martin L. Stryker and Chloe K. Sykes. They had: 

1. Mabel Julia Mason (961), Aug. 9, 1880. 

2. Clara May Masox (962), May 1, 1886. 

3. Clark W. Mason (963), May 8, 1892. 

4. Ford S. Mason (964), Sept. 22, 1S93\ 

Mr. W. N. Mason is an active Baptist minister, who does 
evangelistic work in addition to pastorates. He was ordained 
Oct. :51st. 1889. without a full preliminary course. He has 
served churches at E. Aurora, and Farmersville Center and 
Richburgh, N. Y.. now for nine years past. He is a Prohi- 
bit ionist. 


No. 367 

Haydcn Knccland Mason, son of Charles William (91), 
horn Aug. 8th, L857, at Wales. Married, .Mar. 13th, 1884, 
Emma Ring, bora June 10th, L857, at -Java. X. Y. : daughter 
of Barnard C. Ring and Mary Richardson. They had: 

1. Harry B. .Mason (965), Oct. 31. 18111. 

2. Genevieve Mason (966), Oct. 24, 1894. 

He lives at Machias, Catt. Co., X. V.. and is a Baptist. He 
is also a farmer. 

No. 368 

Ann Eliza Klock, daughter of .James G. Klock (93). born 
Dee. 7th. 1850, at Java. X. Y. Married (1) Joel Bennett, who 
died . She married (2) -John E. Merrill. 

By Mr. Bennett she had: 

1. Elsie M. Bennett (967). Married Isaac Hamberger. 

2. Gertrude Bennett (968). Married Sherman Sowder. 

By Mr. Merrill she had: 

3. James Merrill (969 i. 

No. 369 

James Eugene Klock, son of James. G. Klock (93), born 
Mar. 27th. 1855, at -Java Village, X. Y. Married. -Jan. 24th, 
L880, Margaret Louise Roberts, horn Dec. 30th, 1860, at Dodge- 
ville. Wis., daughter of John Roberts and Mary Polmear. They 


1. Mary Selina Klock (970). Oct. 6, 1880. 

2. George Glenn Klock (971), Oct. 17. 1883. 

3. Ida .May Klock (972). Nov. 25, 1885. 

4. Helen Irene Klock (973), Feb. 8. 1888. 

5. James Eugene Klock (974), Feb. 17. 1893: died Dec. 8. 1894. 

6. Dorothy Dean Klock (975), Apr. 29. 1S99. 

7. James Harold Klock (976), June 5, 1901. 


He graduated from Kansas Normal School, 1875 ; was 
superintendent of schools at Emporia, Kan, 'S2-'90; Leaven- 
worth. '90- '94; Helena, Mont., '94- '96, and principal of State 
Normal School, Plymouth. N. II., 1900-1911. He received the 
degree of Ph. D. from Miami College, 1907, and an honorary 
A. M. from Dartmouth College. 1903. He is now an extensive 
dealer in grove and city property in Ocala, Florida, where he 
now resides. 

No. 370 

Mary I. Klock, daughter of James G. Klock (93), born Dec. 
23d. 1858, at Waterloo. Iowa. Married, July 27th. 1885, at 
Eureka, John C. MeCray, horn Dec. 27th, 1864. at Warrington, 
Ind. ; son of Isaiah MeCray and Jane Mayes. They had no 
children. He is a retired farmer and lives at Emporia, Kansas. 

No. 377 

Mary Eliza Mason, daughter of George Chauneey .Mason 
(95), born June 22d, 1870, at Strykersville, N. Y. Married. Feb. 
15th, 1908, Dallas Henry Nichols of Java, horn Aug. 2d. 1866, 
at Arcade. N. Y. ; son of George Henry Nichols and Caroline 
Edmonds. Mr. Nichols had six children by a former marriage. 
She has four step children: (1) Ettie E., (2) Mertic V., (3) 
Mabel L., (4) Emma E., "who think the world of their 
mother," and whom she loves very much. Mr. Nichols is a 
farmer near Java Village, and the family are active Baptists. 

.Air. Geo. ( '. Mason, her father, lives with them. 

Mary E. Mason for years lived with and kepi the home of 
her father at Strykersville. She was a great sufferer from a 
very distressing malady, 1ml is now fully cured by an oper- 
ation. She has been of much help to us in this book. Her repu- 
tation is that of a noble Christian girl, an honor to our tribe. 


No. 378 

Ellis Everett Mason, son of Andrew Brooks Mason (96), 
born May 11th, 1860, at Irvington, Iowa. Married, July 24th, 
1901. at Toledo. 0.. Anna Hirth. born Sept. 13th, 1863, at 
Perrysburg, 0. ; daughter of John M. Hirth and Elizabeth P. 
Dreher. They have no children. 

Mr. K. E. Mason graduated at Toledo Business College and 
studied the Chautauqua Literary Course and in the Technical 
Institute. Indianapolis. His business is that of a salesman. 
He is active in church work. Y. P. S. C. E. and is church clerk. 
and succeeds his father as deacon. 

Mrs. Mason has been for many years principal of a Toledo 
public school with 11 teachers. 

No. 380 

Lyman Clark Mason, son of Andrew Brooks Mason (96), 
born Sept. 1th. 1869, at Waterloo. Iowa. Married, July 20th, 
1897, Bertha Mansfield Ireland, born July 17th. 1876. at Toledo; 
daughter of — Ireland and Helen Louise Calkins. They 

have no children. He graduated at Toledo Business College, 
and is a letter carrier. 

No. 382 

Frank Howard Mason, son of Merrills L. (97), born May 
18th, 1858, died - -1898". Married- -. They had: 

1. Child Mason (977). 

2. Child Mason (978). 

3. Child Mason (979). 

4. Child Mason (980). 

5. Child Masox (981). 


No. 383 

William Byron Mason, son of Men-ills L. (97). born Sept, 
9th, 1860. Married . They had: 

1. Child Mason (982). 

2. Child Mason (983). 

3. Child Mason (984). 

4. Child Mason (985). 

One grandchild, Luzerne, la. 

No. 384 

Caroline Belle Mason, daughter of Merrills L. (97), born 
Apr. 9th, 1862. Married -lames F. Boyd. They had: 

1. Meebills L. Boyd (986). Aug. 13. 1877. 

2. Ray O. Boyd (987). Sept. 4. 1883. 

3. Annie R. Boyd (988). Apr. 8, 1886; died Dec. 21. 1901. 

4. Virgie M. Boyj) (989). Jan. 22, 1888. 

5. Weltha M. Boyd (990). Mar. 22. 1893. 

6. Oakley R. Boyd (991 ). Nov. 4, 1897. 

Tins family are farmers. Live at Edgewood, Iowa. 

No. 385 

John Henry Mason, son of Judson Warren Mason (98), 
born Jan. 6th, 1865, died Feb. 9th, 1908. Married duly 3d, 
1890, Mattie Louise Messinger; daughter of John Franklin Mes- 
singer and Phebe Tibbitts. She was born Sept. 25th, 1870, in 
Iowa. They had : 

1. Obbie Maby Mason (992), Nov. 1. 1891. 

2. Hattik Cobinne Mason (993). Nov. 4, 1892. 

3. Judson Hauoi.d Mason (994), Aug. 17, 1895. 

4. John Mason (995), Jan. 1, 1897; died — . 

•".. Paul Mason (996), July 14, 1899; died . 

0. Lloyd Cablton Mason (997), July 21, 1901. 

Mrs. Mason lives in Last Waterloo, Iowa. 309 Franklin Street. 


No. 386 

WiMiam 0. Mason, son of Judson Warren Mason (98), 
born Jan. 29th, 1867. Married. Oct. 3d, 1905, Ella M. Lander. 

They had: 

1. Geneve Evelyn Mason (998). July 10. 1911. 

Reside 802 E. 14th Street. Los Angeles, Cal. 

No. 387 

Charles E. Mason, son of Judson Wan-en Mason (98), born 
Oct. 25th. 1871. Married. .June 3d, 1907, Mabel Getman. They 
have no child, but have adopted one, Wayne Robert Mason, 
born July 8th, 1911. 

They live 1720 E. Sec. Ave.. Mitchell. S. L). 

No. 389 

Andrew Warren Lonyo, son of Angeline Read (100). born 

•Inly 28th. 1850. at Detroit. Married. Dec. ls7b. Hannah S. 
Lapham, born July 27th. 1857. at Detroit, died Feb. 6th, 1904, 
buried in Woodmere Cemetery; daughter of Hiram S. Lapham 
nn.l Edith M. Bedell. They had: 

1. Arnold Williakd Lonyo (999). Sept. 27. 1877; died Aug. 7. 1878. 

2. Emma May Lonyo (1000). May 12. 1879. 

3. Daisy Eiutha Lonyo (1001), June 19. 1881. 

4. Julia Maid Lonyo (1002). Sept. 20. 1882; died Sept. 29, 1899. 
'>. Orvilll William Lonyo (1003). Nov. 16. 1884. 

6. Andrew Warren Lonyo (1004), June 4, 1887. 

7. Hiram Arnold Lonyo (1005), Nov. 16, 1891. 

Mr. A. \V. Lonyo is. with his brothers, an active brick 
maker of Detroit, and resides in a tine residence section. They 
belong to no church. The older daughter lias been for many 
years her father's efficient office clerk. She graduated at 
Detroit High School West. 


No. 390 

Lucy Lonyo, daughter of Angeline Read (100). born Sept. 
17th, 1854. at Detroit, died Jan. 24th, 1887. Married William 
Benedict. They had no children. 

lie was a decorator. Nothing is known of his present 

No. 391 

Albert Lonyo, son of Angeline Read (100). horn Aug. 9th, 
L855, at Detroit. Married, Aug. 2d. 1884, Mary Anna Terner; 
daughter of Peter Terner and Theresa Renter. She was born 
Feb. 12th. 1861. at Detroit. They had: 

1. Jessie Lonyo (1006), May 28, 1885; died Sept. 21, 1886. 

2. Edith Julia Lonyo (1007), Jan. 30, 1887; died Sept. 11, 1896. 

3. Martha Angeline Lonyo (1008), Mar. 30. 1889. 

4. Mary Ann Lonyo (1009), Aug. 26, 1891. 

5. Albert Raymond Lonyo (1010), Apr. 19, 1894. 

6. Charlotte Elizabeth Lonyo (1011), Sept. 22, 1896. 

7. Lons Charles Lonyo (1012), Feb. 26, 1899. 

Mr. Lonyo is a brick maker. This family are Roman 
( latholics. 

No. 393 

Louis Lonyo, son of Angeline Read (100). born Nov. 27th, 
L859, at Detroit. Married. Dee. 31. 1890, .Jane Craig, born May 
29th, 1868, at Port Stanley. Ont. ; daughter of Thomas Craig 
ami [sabel McDonald. They had: 

1. Julia Angeline Lonyo (1013), Feb. 26, 1892: died Oct. 2. 1903. 

2. Lilian Isabel Lonyo (1014). June 24, 189.",. 

3. Jennette Orissa Lonyo (1015), Dec. 5, 1896. 

4. Alick Louisa Lonyo (1016). Oct. 2. 1899. 

5. Louis Geobge Lonyo (1017), Nov. 24. 1904. 

.Mr. Lonyo is a brick maker. This family are F>piscopalians. 


No. 394 

Julia Lonyo, daughter of Angeline Read (100), born Apr. 
22, 1864, at Detroit. Married. June 4th. 1891, Charles Harrison 
Bryan, born Nov. 4th, 1865. at St. Thomas. Franklin Co., Pa.; 
son of Dr. Adam Bryan, M. D.. and Clara Holden. They had: 

1. Joseph Wasson Bryax (1018), Apr. 16. 1892. 

2. Clara Angeune Bryax (1019), Aug. 23, 1894. 

Mr. Bryan is a brick maker. They attend the Presbyterian 


No. 400 

George Herbert Reed, son of Anson Reed (101). born Sept. 
24th. 1864. died Dec. 21st, 1891. Married, 1890, Agnes C. Price. 
in Huntington, Ind. They had : 
1. Ethel Helexe (1020), Sept. 11, 1S92; died Oct. 12. 1895. 

No. 401 

Emma Stead, daughter of Johu Stead and Julia Ann Reed 
(106), born May 25th, 1854, died about 1907. Married George 
Loosemore. They had : 
1. Henry Stead Loosemore (1021), Feb. 23, 1880. 

Emma Stead Loosemore fell getting off a street car in 
Chicago, and was so badly hurt thai she lived but a week. 

No. 402 

Bessie Angeline Stead, daughter of Julia Ann Reed (106), 
born Mar. 2-'^d. 1857. Married Thomas G. Scott, born Mar. 
23d, 1857. at Detroit: son of Thomas J. Scott and Sarah A. 
Logan. They had: 
1. Syd. R. Scott (1022), , 1897. 

Mr. Scott is a mail carrier in Detroit. Attends Ref. p]pis- 
copal Church. 


No. 403 

Mary Jane Reed, daughter of Joseph Addison Reed (108), 
born Apr. 13th, 1848, at Java. Married, F< b. 24th, 1869, Joseph 
B. Stryker, born Feb. 14th, 1844, at Sheldon. X. Y. They had: 

1. Emma Stbykeb (1023). July 21, 1870; died July 1, 1S86. 

2. Addison J. Stbykeb (1024). July 2, 1887. 

3. Charles Reed Stbykeb (1025), Jan. 11, 1895. 

Mr. Stryker is grandson of the first settler. They live at 
Stryker sville. 

No. 404 

Webster Reed, son of Joseph Addison Reed (108). Married 
Lydia Eddy. They had : 

1. Nettie (1026). 

2. John (1027). 

No. 409 

Elizabeth Potter, daughter of Lueina Rw<\ (111 ). horn Aug. 
2d. 1886, at E. Aurora. Married, 1883, Robert Seyse. 

They live at East Aurora. 

No. 410 

James Reed Potter, son of Lueina Reed (111), born dune 
isth, 187:5. at Java Village, X. Y. .Married. Dee. 24th. 1898. 
Harriet Elizabeth Brunner, born Sept. 26th, -; daughter 

of Frederick Brunner and Barbara CJlrieh. They had: 

1. Wabben Zebina Potteb (1028), May 25, 1902. 

2. James Bbunneb Potteb (1029), May 23. 1905. 

3. Fi;.\\K Coopeb Potter I L030), Jan. 8, 1909. 

.Mr. Rotter Lives at Java, in his father's and grandfather's 
place. lie is a farmer. They are Baptists. 


No. 412 

Frank Reed Grover, son of Eliza Diana Reed (113), born 
Sept. 17th. 1858, in Lyons Township, near Chicago. 111. Mar- 
ried. Mar. 6th, 1881. Ella Florence Smith, born Oct. 1th. 1857; 
daughter of William Smith and Lydia Barbour. (Mr. Smith 
also married Betsey Barbour, they were sisters of Reckon! 
Reed's wife.) They had: 
1. Mobtimeb Curry Gboveb (1031), Aug. 23. 1886. 

This young man graduated at Dartmouth College 1!)11. 
having taken several prizes, lie is m his father's Law office 
and attends X. W. Univ. Law School. 

Frank Reed Grover went with the family to Evanston in 
1866, and was educated there. He studied law at the Union 
College under Dean Ilnrd. He was admitted to the bar in 1882. 
and after four years by himself formed a partnership with 
John W. Ela. and later it became Ela. Grover and Graves. He 
is now alone in law. and has built up quite an extensive and 
lucrative practice. Recently he has become an active promoter 
of several R. R. enterprises. He retains Ids residence at Evans- 
ton and has been active in local matters in the town. He is 
Vice-President of the Historical Society, and some of his papers 
on the Indians of the region have showed much capacity for 

No. 413 

Etta Margaret Grover, daughter of Eliza Diana Reed (113). 
born Apr. 7th. I860, at Lyons. 111., died Dec 21th. 1906. Buried 
at "Rose Hill" Cemetery. She married. Dec. 2d, 1886, Dr. 
Charles Henry Thayer, born Dec. 21th. 1811. died Nov. 3d, 1903. 
He was the first husband of her aunt Juliet Reed. For further 
particulars see. No. 115. They had: 

1. Marion Aldkn Thayeb (1032a), May 27. 1888. 

2. Nathaniel Thayeb (1032b), May 12. 1892. 

Since her death the family continue to reside in Chicago. 


No. 415 

Caroline Ella Grover, daughter of Eliza Diana Reed (113), 
born Jan. 24th, 1866. at Lyons. 111. Married. Jan. 26th, 1901. 
Warren Ruins Smith, born July 10th. 1869. at Litchfield, Me.; 
son of Asa Plimpton Smith and Lydia Plimpton Smith. They 
had .- 

1. A.wk Smith (1033), Aug. 30, 1902. 

2. Aldkx Gboveb Smith (1034), Jan. 21, 1904. 

3. Thomas Warre.v Smith (1035), May 20, 1905; died Feb. 27, 1906. 

The first two were born at Lake Forest, 111., the last one at 
Oak Park. He died and is buried at Litchfield, Me. 

Al Evanston Mrs. Smith enjoyed the educational advantages 
of the X. \V. University and the Lewis Institute in Chicago, a 
heavily endowed technical school for engineering and allied 

.Air. Smith was a graduate of Bowdoin College, A. P.. 1890, 
having 1a ken the Smyth Math. Prize in 1888, and also the 
French Prize. He accompanied the Bowdoin Labrador Scien- 
tific Expedition in 1891. and took post grad. course at Clark 
Univ., 1892. In 1892-9-1 he gained at Chicago Univ. a Ph. D. 
He was Ass. Prof. Chem., Bowdoin, '94. '95. Full Prof. Chem., 
Lewis Institute, 1895. Mr. Smith is the fifth in descent from 
Thomas Smith, who settled in Litchfield. Me., in 1775. They 
are Congregationalists. They have a nice home in Oak Park 
and a summer home on Lake Michigan, named "Leland. 

> > 

No. 418 

Chester Alden Grover, son of Eliza Diana Reed (113), horn 
Oct. 18th, 1871, Evanston, 111. Married, .June 27th, 1902. Har- 
riet Morris Richards, horn Dec. 26th, 1873, daughter of William 
Richards and Ida K. -Jones. They had: 

1. Nomas Harriet Gboveb (1036). July 31. L903. 

2. Vikcima Gboveb (1037), Aug. 31, 1904. 

3. Polly Reed Gboveb (1038), July 14, 1910: died July 17, 1910. 


Norris was born in Chicago; Virginia in Evanston. Mr. 
Grover. like his brother, is a lawyer. After studying one year 
at N. \Y. Univ. he wenl to Lake Forest Law School, where he 

No. 419 

Charles Jonathan Stratton, sou of Lueena Barbour Reed 
(114). born Aug. 19th, 1863. at Strykersville, N. Y. Married. 
June, 1883, Lillian B. Halmon, born Dec. 1860. at Savanna. 111. ; 
daughter of H. Nelson Halmon and Susan B. Tyler. They had: 

1. Chester C. Strattox (1039), 1884. 

2. Edna A. Stratton (1040), 1888. 

3. Floyd R. Stka'ttox (1041), 1892. 

4. Florence M. Stratton (1042), 1896. 

Mr. Stratton lives at Thomson. 111. 

No. 420 

Samuel Lord, Jr., son of Lueena Barbour Reed (111), born 
Oct. 25th. 1867. at Thomson. 111. Married. Dec. 11th, 1902, at 
Aurelia, Iowa. Maxie Judson. born Jau. 6th. 1869, Santa Fe, 
Cal. ; daughter of Haywood Judson. They have no children. 
Mr. Lord lives at Williams ville, Mo., and is a farmer. He is 
a Baptist. 

' No. 421 

Etta Lueena Lord, daughter of Lueena Barbour Reed I 114). 
born Dee. 10th. I860, at Thomson, 111. Married, Oct. 20th, 1892. 
Walter E. Brown, born May 15th. 1869. at Thomson; son of 
Henry J. Brown and Martha A. Colvin. They had: 

1. Bessie Brown (1043), Sept. 9, 1893; died Sept. 19, 1893. 

2. Lexxa Leota Bkowx (1044), Sept. 7, 1897. 

Mr. Brown has been a merchant, now retired. They are 
Baptists. They live at Mt. Carroll, 111. 


No. 423 

Minnie Viola Lord, daughter of Lucena Barbour Reed (114), 
horn July L9th, 1873, a1 Thomson, III. Married, July 16th, 1906, 
;i1 Hock tsland, William T. Livingston, horn Aug. 271h, 1875, a1 
Thomson. His father was from Belfast, [reland. They had: 

1. Dorothy Jeanne Livingston (1045), Aug. 14, L911, 

They reside at Mabton, Washington. He is a merchant. 

No. 424 

Reverdy Rccd Lord, son of Lucena Barbour Uee.l (114). 
horn -Jan. 71 h. 1876, at Thomson. Married, .Jan. 7th, 1876, Stella 
•Jane Mathew, daughter of William Mathew. They had: 
1. Gladys M. Lobd (1046), 1904. 

Mr. Lord is a farmer. He is a Presbyterian. 

No. 426 

James Anson Golden, son of Abner Justus ( 117). horn May 
16th, 1850, at Fairfield, X. Y. Married, Feb. Kith. 187-6, Adeline 
Petrie, horn Mar. 24th. 1851, at Paynes Hollow; daughter of 
John M. Petrie and Lovina Shoemaker. John M. Petrie 's father 
was Mark Petrie. She was of German descent. They have no 
children. Mr. GoldeE is a retired farmer living in Mohawk. 
X. V. 

No. 427 

William Golden, sod of Abner Justus Golden (117). horn 
Nov. 16th, 1857, a1 Salisbury, X. V. .Married Ida Myers, born 
Feb. 6th, 1857, a1 German Flats. X. Y.; daughter of Andrew 
and Mary Myers. 

They have no children. lie is a farmer near Mohawk. X. Y. 


No. 428 

Ira Major Golden, son of Aimer Justus Golden (117), born 
— . Married, Feb. 18th, 1885, -Josephine House, born Oct. 

23d, 1859; daughter of Chauncey House and Almira Archer 
They had : 

1. Robebt Bdgab Goldes (1047). Nov. 14. 1886. 

No. 429 

Ida Golden, daughter of Abner Justus Golden (117). Mar- 
ried William Bullo<4; . a farmer in East Schuyler. P. ()., Frank- 
fort. X. Y. rirey have no children. 

No. 430 


Ella Golden, daughter of Abner Justus Golden (117). Mar- 
ried Oscar H. Huyck, and had: 

1. Chables Hcyck (1048). 

2. Seymoub Huyck ( 1049). 

3. Bessie Huyck ( 1050). 

4. Howabd Huyck (1051). 

5. Habby Huyck (1052). 

6. Nellie Huyck (1053). 

They live in E. Schuyler, near Frankfort. X. Y. 

No. 432 

Nellie Golden, daughter of Abner Justus Golden (117). 

horn ()et. 2d. 1870. Married. Nov. 20th, 1889, Becker Widrick, 
born Aug. 8th. 186!); son of Jerry Widrich and Sindome lat- 
tice. They had no children. They live at Frankfort. X. Y. 


No. 433 

Edgar J. Golden, son of Jane Matilda (118), born Aug. 
21st. 1860. at Schuyler. N. Y. Married, Nov. 23d, 1881, Eugenia 
Bailey, born Aug. 13th, 1855; daughter of Joseph Bailey and 
Frances Farrington. They had: 

1. Clixton LeRoy Golden (1054). June 28, 1884. 

2. Edna Fkances Golden (1055). Feb. 26, 1894. 

E. J. Golden is a merchant, lives in Schenectady, N. Y.. 
since 1899. 

No. 436 

Emclinc Golden, daughter of Theodore II. Golden (119), 
born Aug. 18th, 1872. Married. Mar. 16th, 1894. Frank Brock- 
way. They have no children. They Live in Utica, N. Y. He is 
a teamster. 

No. 438 

William D. Cory, son of Catherine Reed (122), born Nov. 
18th, 1841. Married, Dec. 18th, 1864. Josephine Simmons. 
They had: 

1. Jenny L. Cory (1056), Dec. 18, 1865; died Feb. 11, 1868. 

2. Frank L. Cory (1057), Jan. 27, 1871. 

:;. Ross S. Cory (1058), Nov. 18, 1880; died July 20, 1911. 

Mr. Cory Lives on Keyes Ave.. Watertown, X. Y. 

No. 456 

Fanny Rccd, daughter of Delos David Heed (127). born 
Aug. 271 h. 1860, a1 Three Mile Bay. Married. Sept. 21st. 1887. 
Allen E. Copley, horn Sept. 30th, IS.")!). a1 Chaumout, X. V., 
died Feb. 11th, 1902; son of Hiram Copley and Mary Enos. 

Thev had: 


1. Grace Francis Copley (1059), July 0, 1888. 

2. Alexander Copley (1060), Jan. 27, 1901. 

3. Allen Cline Copley (1061), July 16, 1902. 

.Mary Enos. wife of Hiram Copley, was first cousin to Elitha 
Sperry, whom Nathaniel Reed married. Allen Copley, above 
died young, but had been in business with his father and uncles 
in ( haumont. Mrs. Copley lives in a fine residence in Ghau- 
mont and is active in good works, and a member of the M. E. 
< hurch. 

No. 465 

Harry M. Cline, son of Sarah M. Reed (129), bom June 3d, 

1862. Married, June 17th, 1896, Lucy B. White, born Feb. 7th. 
1869. in 111.; daughter of John K. White, bom in Yer.. 1832, 
came to 111. with his parents, 1839. Mrs. John K. White was 
born in Ohio. 1831. came to III. in 1850. They had: 

1. Mary H. Clink (1062). Oct. 9, 1902. 

Harry ('line is associated with his father in his mercantile 
business and lives in Elburn, 111. 

No. 466 

Libbic M. Cline, daughter of Sarah M. Reed (129), born July 
L8th, 1864. Married, Feb. 10th, 1887. Walter K. Norris, born 
Feb. 21st, 1861. in X. J. Mtfved to 111. with parents in 1865. 
They have no children. He is in the grain, coal and Lumber 
business in Elburn. 

No. 470 

Isabel, daughter of Philander Reed (130), born Sept. 1st, 

1863. Married, May 10th, 1905, Benjamin John Harnett, horn 
in England. Nov. 16th. 1S47. 

They have no children, lint she. with her mother and sister. 
Lives in Brooklyn, X. V. 


No. 476 

Charles Reed Knapp, son of Mary B. Reed (132), born Aug. 
31st. 1864, at Chaumont, N. Y. Married, Aug. 20th, 1906, Bessie 
A. Canaday, bora Feb. 26th, 1875, at Albany, N. Y. ; daughter 
of George Canaday and Catherine Livingston. They have no 

Mr. Knapp has been, for some years, a contractor and 
builder in Philadelphia, but expects to remove to Albany, 
X. Y, Apr., 1912. He is a Methodist, lias lived in Buffalo, 
Rochester. X. Y. City and Mason City, lowa. 

No. 484 

George Reed, son of James lli'cd. (138) Married Ella 
. Thev had: 

1. Mabel (1063). 

No. 485 

Nettie Reed, daughter of James Reed (138). Married Ed- 
ward Charlebois. They had: 

1. Edna Chablebois (1064). 

2. Datjghteb (1065). 

No. 486 

Addie Reed, daughter of James ( 138). Married Wilbur T. 
McElhinney. They had : 

1. Thomas McELHINNEY (1066). 

2. Albebt McElhinney (1067 i. 

3. Eabl McElhinney (1068). 

Thev live at Britton, Okla. 


No. 487 

Ada Rccd, daughter of James Reed (138). Married Earl 
Cranson (or Aronson). They have: 

1. Luciex Cbanson (1069). 

2. Beulah Cbanson (1070). 

No. 488 

Frank Reed, son of James (138). Married . They 


1. Daughter (1071). 

No. 492 

Eleanor Beadle, daughter of Mary Ann Reed (151). born 
Feb. 26th. 1858, died Dec. 22d, 1909. Married Charles Parker. 
They had: 
1. Ina May Parker (1078), Jan. 26, 1900. 

He lives at St. Lawrence. 

No. 494 

Quincey A. Beadle, son of Mary Ann Read (151), born 
Nov. 19th. 1865. Married. June 18th. 1890, Harriet Weaver, 
born Aug. 11th. 1861; daughter of John ('. Weaver and Cath- 
erine Phillips. They had: 

1. Florence Beadle (1079), Aug. 23, 1894. 

2. Wallace Beadle (1080), Apr. 13, 1899. 

Mr. Beadle lives near St. Lawrence. 


No. 498 

Lena Grace McCartney, daughter of Helen E. Reed (156), 
bom July 29th, 1871, in New York. Married, Feb. 24th, 1897, 
Edwin Max Whelpley, born Dee. 6th, 1870. 

Mr. Whelpley is a musician, lives in Columbus, 0., at 1370 
Summit Avenue. 

No. 500 

Scott Reed McCartney, son of Helen E. Reed (156), born 
Nov. 12th, 1877, in Jefferson. O. Married, Jan. 29th, 1904, 
Lottie Edith . They had : 

1. William Taylor McCartney (1081), Sept. 10, 1907. 

2. Thomas Edwin McCartney (1082), Apr. 11, 1909. 

These children were born at Columbus, O. Mr. McCartney 
is a salesman. Resides in Columbus, O. 

No. 501 

Lottie Edith McCartney, daughter of Helen E. Reed (156), 
born Dec. 21th, 1879, at Columbus, O. Married, June 29th. 
1904, William Taylor. They live in Columbus, O. 

No. 502 

Lulu May McCartney, daughter of Helen E. Reed (156), 
bora May 6th, 1886, at Ashtabula. Married, June 30th, 1909, 
John William Bower, bom May 20th, 1883, at N. Lewisburg. 
Ohio; son of Jeremiah Bower and Julia Ella Ford. 

Mr. Bower lives in Columbus, O. 


No. 505 

Howard Clark Rccd, son of Howard Payne Keed (159), 
born Feb. 17th, 1881. Married (1), Jan. 4th, 1901, Mabel 
Lawrence, born Aug. 30th, 1885, daughter of Alvidos Law- 
rence and Lnra Taft. They were divorced June, 1905. He mar- 
ried (2), Sept. 17th. 1906, Bertha Stephan. born Aug. 15th, 
1887. in Ohio; daughter of John D. and Mary Stephan. 

By his first wife he had : 
1. Laweexce Clark (1088), Sept. 4, 1903; died June 21, 1909. 

The Stephan family came from Germany. 

Mr. H. C. Reed lives in Ashtabula, and is more or less as- 
sociated with his father in business. 

No. 507 

Maude S. Reed, daughter of Francis S. Reed (160), born 
Aug. 27th. 1876, at Clayton. X. Y. Married Walter S. Sey- 
mour, born July loth. 1873, at Leyden, N. Y. ; son of Charles 
Seymour and Frances M. AVoodard. They had: 

1. Charles Bronsox Seymour (1084), Jan. 20, 1900. 

2. Berxice Harriett Seymour (1085), Feb. 7, 1905. 

3. Everett Kyes Seymour (1086), May 25, 1909. 

Mr. Seymour is a bookkeeper. They have lived in Boon- 
ville. Gouverneur, and now live in Watertown. 

No. 508 

Carrie Hinckley Reed, daughter of Francis (160), born 
Apr. 27th, 1887. at Chaumont, X. Y. Married, Apr. 3d, 1907, 
Percey E. Hayes, born July 14th. 1881. at Three Mile Bay; 
son of E. J. Hayes and Louema Klock. They have no children. 

Mr. Hayes was reared at Three Mile Bay. Both are very 
musical, he being an accomplished Hut «■ player and she a piano 


teacher and expert player. He is a concert conductor and be- 
longs to the Malone Band. He is at present a dealer in miscel- 
laneous goods at Malone, N. Y. 

No. 509 

Florence May Reed, daughter of Francis Reed (160), born 
Sept. 1st, 1889, at Depauville, N. Y. Married, Apr. 30th, 1908, 
Leon L. Marvin, born June 14th. 1883, at Worth, N. Y» They 
have no children. 

Mrs. Marvin and her husband attended Watertown High 
School. He, in spite of his blindness, obtained a good aca- 
demic education. They both are fond of music. He is a piano 
dealer, 327 State Street. Watertown. They are Methodists. 

No. 512 

John Thomas Little, son of Harriet Hetherington (164), 
born May 3d, 1849. Married. Feb. 29th. 1876, Ethel Forest, 
daughter of Mark Forest and Angelina Hunter. They had: 

1. George Forest Little (1087a), June 13, 187S; died May 25, 1912. 

2. Catherine Little (1087b), May 17, 1883; died Mar. 30, 1901. 

Geo. Forest Little served five years, 1898-1904, in Spanish 
War, part of the time in the Philippines. He enlisted first in 
Co. K, 9th Inf. and reenlisted in Co. K, 18th Inf. He lived 
at Port Leyden, N. Y.. when he died. 

No. 513 

Harriet Little, daughter of Harriet Hetherington (164), bom 
Oct. 10th, 1859, died Oct. 20th. 1890. Married, June. 1878. 
Thomas P. Nightingale. They had: 

1. Edgar Little Nightingale (1088), Sept. 15, 1879. 

2. Thomas Leslie Nightingale (1089), Jan. 20 or 27. 1881. 

3. Francis Byron Nightingale (1090), Dec. 25, 1886. 


They were all born in Deerfield, N. Y. Mr. Nightingale is 
in laundry work. After the first wife died he married again, 
Charlotte Patton, and had Richard and James (twins), and 
Alice. He lives in Schenectady. Mr. N. and his children are 
all Roman Catholics. Francis Byron lives with his father in 
Schenectady, and travels as a magician. 

No. 514 

Caroline Becker, daughter of Mary Jane Hetherington 
(168), bom Nov. 24th, 1868. at Asheville, N. C. Married. 
June 24th, 1901, Frank F. AVashburn, born Apr. 24th, 1872, at 
Rensselaerville, N. Y. ; son of Oscar Washburn and Harriet 
Gould. They had: 
1. Malcolm Edward Washburx (1091), Dec. 25, 1902, Oriskany. 

Mr. AVashburn is a moulder, lives at Oriskany, N. Y. She 
is a Presbyterian. He a Baptist. 


No. 517 

Malcolm Chade-S Becker, son of Alary Jane Hetherington . 
168), born Sept. 14th, 1876. Alarried, July 1st, 1908, Aia^y- /^<^ 
A^_J*me Smith, born Nov. 22d, 1881, daughter of Morris Smith " 
f and Jane Holliday. They had : . — 
1. Harold Arthur Becker (1092), May 6, 1909. 

Al. C. Becker is a farmer. He lives on the homestead farm, 
near North Gage. 

No. 518 

Flora May Becker, daughter of Alary Jane Hetherington 
(168), born June 30th, 1878. Alarried, Alay 14th, 1900, Arthur 
Jones, born Nov. 8th, 1878 ; son of Robert Jones and Alargaret 
Richards. He is AVelsh by race. They had: 
1. Arthur William Jo>es (1093), July 18, 1908. 


Mr. Jones lives at Whitesboro. but is clerk in Roberts hard- 
ware store in Utica. They are Presbyterians. 

No. 522 

John C. Schermerhorn, son of William G. (172). born Dee. 
26th, 1863. Married Lanra . They had : 

1. William L. Schermerhorn (1094a). 

2. Clyde D. Schekmerhorx (1094b). 

Mr. J. C. Schermerhorn is a farmer and a Methodist, and 
lives at Conneautville. Penn. 

No. 523 

Omar Romaine Brayton, son of Caroline Schermerhorn 
•(173), born July 22d, 1819. Married. Apr. 16th, 1870, Olive 
Delia Countryman, born June 1st. 1817; daughter of Peter 
and Hannah Countryman. They had : 

1. Belle Brayton (1095), Mar. 3, 1871. 

2. Jesse Merrell Brayton (1096), Mar. 9, 1873. 

3. Frank Howard Brayton (1097), Aug. 17, 1874. 

4. Thomas Johnson Brayton (1098), Jan. 17, 1877. 

5. Glen Brayton (1099), Oct. 19, 1878. 

6. Harvey Crego Brayton (1100), Oct. 14, 1883. 

7. Lee Omar Brayton (1101), Sept. 13, 1885. 

8. Lizzie Brayton (1102), Nov. 20, 1886. 

9. Edith Hetherington Brayton (1103). July 5, 1888. 

Mr. Brayton is a farmer. Edith H. is in nurse training 
school, Utica. His address is Poland. He carries on his father's 
farm. Lee Omar has attended Syracuse Univ.. and is a civil 

No. 524 

Merrill Jesse Brayton, son of Caroline Schermerhorn (173), 
born July 20th. 1852, at Newport, N. Y. Married. Jan. 30th. 
1884, at Ilion, N. Y., Cora B. Johnson, born June 27th. 1860; 


daughter of James A. Johnson and Catherine M. Wikley. He 
lives on Lansing Street, Utica. They have no children. 

Mr. M. J. Brayton, when 8 years old moved with his parents 
from Newport to Deerfield town, to a farm about 2 miles from 
North Gage, and here his early life was spent. His academic- 
training was in Fairfield Seminary and Clinton Liberal Insti- 
tute, both famous schools in their day. He then studied law 
with J. Thomas Spriggs and later with D. E. Pomeroy, and 
was admitted to the bar in 1875. He practiced in Utica as 
a member of the firm of Pomeroy & Brayton, and later alone. 
He was active in polities, and from '83- '86 he was Deputy Co. 
Clerk, and from '86- '89 full Clerk, in which work he wrought 
out excellent results. Since 1889 he has been Secretary-Treas. 
and Gen. Manager of the Utica Gas and Electric Co., in which 
position he has succeeded finely, much to the satisfaction of 
his employers. His activities have not been confined to his 
company but he is an active member of several orders and 
clubs. For many years he has been a leader in County and 
State politics in his party (Rep.), in close association with 
such men as Roscoe Conkling. Elihu Root. Vice-President Sher- 
man. He has been prospered in his private fortunes, and 
his reputation is that of a man of untiring energy and perse- 
verance and sacred regard for his business engagements. 

No. 525 

fda Rosalia Brayton, daughter of Caroline Schermerhorn 
(173), born Apr. 5th. 1855. Married Frank Stanton Ferris, 
born Aug. 22d, 1817, died Aug. 12th, 1907; son of Timothy 
Harvey Ferris and Eliza Salisbury. They had: 
1. Stella Irexe Ferris (1104), Jan. 20, 1877. 

Mr. Ferris attended Fairfield Sem. for a time then farmed 
it several years, and about 1892, retired and moved to Pros- 
pect, N. Y., where he died. 

His family live at Prospect. 


No. 526 

Arthur Almon Brayton, son of Caroline Sehermerhorn 
(173), born Feb. 13th, 1863, died Apr. 13th, 1898. Married 
Allie Hall. They had: 
1. Harold Morton Brayton (1105), Apr. 2, 1890. 

Harold Brayton is a graduate of the Poland High School, 
and is at present a chauffeur, in Utica, N. Y. 

No. 529 

John Cornelius Sehermerhorn, son of Merrill Major (177), 
born Nov. 5th, 1862. Married, Dec. 25th, 1891, Jennie Barker, 

born — ; daughter of Peter Barker and Sarah Clemens. 

They had: 

1. Bertha Schermerhorn (1106), July 16, 1889. 
He is a farmer, lives at North Gage. 

No. 530 

Caroline Sehermerhorn, daughter of Merrill Major (177), 
born Oct. 3d, 1873. Married William B. Cave, born Mar. 9th, 
1864 ; son of William Cave and Melissa Barker. They had : 

1. Merrill B. Cave (1107), Dec. 21, 1889. 
They live at Poland, N. Y. 

No. 537 

Newton Eugene Kent, son of Louise Owen Kent (181), born 
at Boonville, Sept. 19th, 1850. Married, Jan., 1874, Ellen Cas- 
sidy, born at Greig, N. Y., died Nov. 15th, 1910. They had: 

1. Justus Eugene Kent (1108), June 17, 1875; died 1881. 

2. Frank Burton Kent (1109), Aug. 8, 1876. 

3. Henry James Kent (1110), Sept. 7, 1878; died 1881. 

4. Phena Irene Kent (1111), Nov. 8, 1879; died 1879. 


5. Louise May Kent (1112), Oct. 15, 1881; died 1881. 

6. Lulu May Kent (1113), Dec. 5, 1883. 

7. Charles Newton Kent (1114), Jan. 3, 1885; died 1886. 

8. Nellie Louise Kent (1115), Aug. 31, 1887. 

Justus was born in Greig, Frank in Constableville, Henry 
in Boonville, the others in Forestport, N. Y. 

No. 538 

Charles Burton Kent, son of Louise Owen Kent (181) born 
Mar. 1th, 1855, at Boonville. Married, July 4th, 1883, Phena 
Carpenter, born June 6th, 1860, at Rome, N. Y. She was the 
daughter of . They had : 

1. John Owen Kent (1116), Oct. 2, 1884. 

2. Edith May Kent (1117), Nov. 28, 1888; died . 

3. Clinton Jay Kent (1118), Jan. 5, 1890. 

4. Burton Ray Kent (1119), Apr. 14, 1893. 

5. Howard Carpenter Kent (1120), Apr. 21, 1895; died Nov. 2, 1910. 

6. Marilla Irene Kent (1121), July 28, 1897. 

7. Justus Vinton Kent (1122), July 28, 1899; died . 

8. Ruth Margaret Kent (1123), Oct. 20, 1901; died . 

These were all born in Boonville, N. Y. 

No. 540 

Anna Louise Kent, daughter of Louise Owen Kent (181), 
born Nov. 7th, 1859. Married, Aug. 9th, 1876, Thomas Kings- 
bury, born Aug. 8th, 1833. They had : 

1. Arthur O. Kingsbury (1124), Oct. 4, 1877. 

2. Fanny M. Kingsbury (1125), Feb. 28, 1879. 

3. Alice A. Kingsbury (1126), Oct. 30, 1881; died June 2, 1907. 

4. Stanley E. Kingsbury (1127), Jan. 27, 1901; died Jan. 27, 1901. 

Mr. Kingsbury lives in Turin, N. Y. 


No. 541 

George Willis Kent, son of Louise Owen Kent (181), born 
Sept. 25th. 1865. Married. Dec. 24th, 1890. Ellen Phendler, 
born Feb. 1st. 1865. at Boonville. They have no children. 

No. 542 

Franklin Vinton Kent, son of Louise Owen Kent (181), born 
Dec. 23d, 1867. Married, June 4th. 1902, Lulu Mudge, born 
July 7th, 1868, in Niagara Co., N. Y. 

They have no children. 

No. 543 

William Henry Kent, son of Louise Owen Kent (181), born 
Aug. 23d, 1870, died Jan. 9th. 1910. Married, Jan 25th, 1900, 
Emma Sherwin, born Oct. 31st, 1876, at Ceres, Pa. ; daughter 
of James M. Sherwin and Mary Rowan. They had : 

1. Mary Louise Kent (1128), Apr. 24, 1901. 

2. Bessie Thelma'Kent (1129), Feb. 14, 1903. 

3. Justus Vinton Kent (1130), June 3, 1905. 

4. James William Kent (1131), June 14, 1907. 

5. Kenneth Kent (1132), Sept. 7, 1909. 

No. 545 

Carol Belle Major, daughter of John M. Major (182), born 
Nov. 15th, 1865, at Florence, Mich. Married, Dec. 27th, 1893, 
Charles Johnson, born ; son of . They had: 

1. Bebnice Marie Johnson (1133), Sept. 14, 1898. 

Mr. Johnson is a druggist in Centerville, Mich. 

7,'. H. VAN BUREN FAMILY. 203 

No. 547 

Nellie Lou Major, daughter of John M. Major (182), born 
June 26th. 1880. at Nottawa, Mich. Married. Sept. 17th, 1903, 
John R. Truekenmiller. He was son of . They had : 

1. Cliftox Major Truckex miller (1134), June 10, 1911. 

No. 551 

Rosslyn Henry Van Buren, son of Caroline B. Major (187). 
born Jan. 28th, 1875, at Florence, Mich. Married. June 28th, 
1900. at Lansing. Rebecca McCallum. born Sept. 20th, 1876; 
daughter of Edward Henry McCallum and Rebecca Tracy. 
They had: 

1. Tracy Henry Van Buren (1135a). Mar. 27, 1902. 

2. Charlotte May Van Buren (1135b). Oct. 1. 1904. 

Rebecca Tracy was from Andover. Mass. Mr. McCallum 
was an Englishman who put the telegraph lines through India. 

Mr. Rosslyn Van Buren was reared on his father's farm. 
where he attended district school and later the Centerville 
High School, from which he graduated. 1893. He then took 
the classical course at Ypsilanti Normal, graduating in 1897. 
He next served one year in Wolf Brothers bank in Centerville. 
and then five years in the State Auditor's office at Lansing, as 
cashier. In 1901 be became associated with Frank W. Wait 
in the lumber business, from which he has withdrawn and is 
now interested with A. F. Morency in making plumbing goods. 

Like his father, he has been very active in promoting the 
interests of his party (Republican), in town, county and state, 
and has been a trusted and successful leader. He has now 
retired and enjoys the fruits of his toil, at Centerville. Mich. 


No. 557 

Alexander Blue, son of Archibald M. Blue (193), born Dec. 
14th, 1871, at North Gage. Married, Jan. 16th, 1896, Anna Hop- 
kins, born ; daughter of George Hopkins. They had: 

1. Carl Mackay Blue (1136), Nov. 15, 1897. 

2. Helen Mary Blue (1137), Aug. 6. 1899. 

Alexander Blue graduated from Holland Pat. High School, 
1894. He lives at So. Trenton and conducts a store there. 

No. 558 

Daniel Mclntyre Blue, son of Archibald M. Blue (193), born 
Aug. 25th, 1877, at North Gage. Married, Dec. 28, 1908, Jennie 
S. Helmer of Boonville. They had : 

1. Elizabeth McIntyre Blue (1138), Apr. 8, 1911. 

Mr. Daniel Blue graduated from Potsdam (N. Y.) Normal 
School, 1901, attended Syracuse University two years, and had 
position as principal of high school eight years. With Jan. 1st, 
1912, he began a five years' term as Dist. Supt. Public Schools, 
7th Dist., Oneida Co., N. Y. He lives at Boonville, N. Y. 

No. 561 

Malcolm Chester Blue, son of A. Grant Blue (196), born 
Dec. 25th, 1887. Married, Dec. 22d, 1909, Verna M. Read, at 
Poland, born Jan. 2d, 1887 ; daughter of John Blue Read and 
Frances Terry Willoughby. They had : 

1. Ralph E. Blue (1139), Oct. 27, 1910. 

M. ('. Blue is a farmer in the Town of Deerfield. 

No. 565 

Mary Reed, daughter of AVilliam C. Reed (198), born June 
27th, 1862, at Paxton, 111. Married, Jan. 1st, 1886, William 


Alvin Hamilton, born — ; son of W. H. Hamilton, Florence, 

Kan. They had : 

1. Theodora Hamilton (1140), Oct. 7, 1888. 

2. Stella Hamilton (1141), Dec. 5, 1891. 

3. William Lawrence Hamilton (1142), Aug. 27, 1897. 

Mr. Hamilton is a farmer. He moved to Anatone, Wash. 
(26 miles from Lewiston, Idaho) in 1906. Theodora and Stella 
both graduated at Anatone High School. Theodora is book- 
keeper in Anatone Bank. Stella is a student in Wash. State 
College, which she expects to complete. She is now teaching. 

This family lives at Anatone, Wash. 

No. 566 

Florence Reed, daughter of William C. Reed (198), born 
July 6th. 1861. at Paxton. Married, Oct. 19th, 1897, Albert 
Brewer. Mr. Brewer died Aug. 11th, 1902. His father was 
X. M. Brewer. They had: 

1. Lawrence Jerome Brewer (1143), May 19, 1901. 

Mrs. Brewer belongs to the -Teaching Craft. She began 
when 15 in rural schools in Kansas. Since her husband's death 
she has taught three years in Chandler. Okla., and Bartlesville 
tour years. Sin 1 is a earnest Christian woman. 

No. 567 

Adena Belle Reed, daughter of William C. Reed (198), born 
Sept. 7th. 1866. at Paxton, 111., died Mar. 17th. 1889. Married. 
Bee. 1th. 1888, William R. Monroe. They had : 
1. Harriet Bell Monroe (1144), Mar. 10. 1889; died July 9, 1889. 

W. R. Monroe came from Fall River. Mass.. when he had 
finished school, to Florence, and was employed on the R. R. 
as depot man and ticket agent. He is now connected with a 
bank at Florence. 


No. 569 

Martha Reed, daughter of William C. Reed (198), born June 
28th, 1870. at Paxton, 111., died June 10th, 1906. Married, Jan. 
1st, 1889, Joseph G. Symmes ; son of F. M. Symmes. They had : 
1. Marion Francis Symmes (1145), Aug. 16, 1891. 

Mr. Symmes was a son of the Presbyterian Minister at 
Florence. He was at that time in R. R. employ. The sod went 
to live with an uncle and is now secretary to some R. R. official 
in Chicago. 

No. 572 

Frances 0. Reed, daughter of William C. Reed (198), born 
May 5th, 1879, at Florence, Kan. Married, Sept., 1909, Samuel 
P. Brooks. They had no children. Mr. Brooks, who lives at 
Tulsa, is an extensive real estate and oil well operator. Mrs. 
Brooks had been a teacher and telegraph operator in Warrens- 
burgh, Mo. 

No. 575 

Floyd Dennison Read, son of Stanton Read (200), born at 
Flint, Mich, Jan. 25th, 1885. Married Caroline Skinner, born 
, 1889 ; daughter of Edward Skinner and Julia Cramp- 
ton. They had : 

1. Louis Floyd (1146), Dec. 11, 1911. 

No. 577 

George Franklin Mather, son of Eliza Mains (202), born 
Dec. 18th, 1854. Married. Apr. 21st, 1879, Ellen M. Warren.* 

*The Luther Family. — Before 1645 Capt. John S. Luther came to 
Boston from the North of Ireland. He traced his ancestry back 200 
years to the German Luthers. Some of them had emigrated to the 
North of Ireland, a strongly Protestant community, to escape perse- 
cution at home. 

Capt. Luther was a seafaring man and a man of affairs, and was 


born . 1855, at Spring Prairie. Wis. ; daughter of William 

B. Warren and Maria Elizabeth Brown. They had : 
1. Robert Earl Mather (1146*), July 1, 1892. 

Mr. Geo. F. Mather is a dyer. They live in Waupaca, Wis. 

No. 578 

David Hugh Mather, son of Eliza Mains (202), born Apr. 
16th. 1856. at Sheboygan, Wis. Married, Feb. 7th, 1896, Malie 
Estella Shipman, born May 10th. 1868, at New London, Wis. ; 
.laughter of Delos W. Shipman and Harriet Antoinette Willett. 
They have : 
1. Doris Harriet Mather (1147), Nov. 30, 1897. 

Mr. Mather is a machinist and engineer, and a Baptist. They 
live at Ladysmith, Wis. 

sent in 1644, by Boston merchants, in a small vessel to the Delaware 
Bay, to collect furs by trading with the Indians. He had had good 
success, and was about sailing for home, in Spring of 1645, when he 
and three of his men were killed by the Indians. (See Winthrop's Hist, 
of New England, Vol. II, p. 256.) From him we trace: 

1. Capt. John S. Luther, died 1645. 

2. Samuel, born 1630, wife Mary. 

3. Samuel, born 1663, wife Sarah. 

4. Caleb, born 1691, wife Mary Cole. 

5. Jabez, born 1725, wife Alice (or Elsie). 

6. Caleb, born 1751, wife Rebecca Brown. 

7. Jabez, born 1776, wife Elizabeth Parkman. 

8. Mary Ann, born 1807, husband Jonathan W. Brown. 

9. Marie E., born 1831, husband William B. Warren. 
10. Ellen M., born 1854, husband Geo. F. Mather. 

We note that in the above, that the mother of Jonathan W. Brown 
was Sally Webster, her father was brother of the father of Daniel 
Webster, the famous American orator and statesman. 

We also further note that Jabez Luther, No. 7, had a brother William, 
who married a niece of Ethan Allen, the Revolutionary hero. 

We also call attention to No. 7, Jabez Luther, himself, was certainly 
a most remarkable man, with most noble characteristics and a very 
unique history. He was born at Attleboro, Mass., Mar. 26th, 1776. As 
a boy and young man he was a fine student and scholar and intelligent 
man. He became a carpenter and excelled at his trade, but soon chose 
a seafaring life in the West India trade. At the age of 26 he was at 


No. 579 

Ada Maria Mather, daughter of Eliza Mains (202), born 
Nov. 16th, 1858, at Royalton, Wis. Married (1). Oet. 19th, 
1879, at Oshkosh, Wis., William Wiggin Claggett, born Jan. 
8th, 1858, Wis., died Oct. 29th, 1882. He was a son of John 
Claggett and Melissa Huffcutt. She married (2), Oct. 30th, 
1888, Orville Henry Atwell, born June 14th, 3830, died Feb. 
15th. 1905. He was a son of Benjamin Franklin Atwell and 
Ruby Sage. 

By Mr. Claggett she had : 

1. Arthue Benjamin Claggett (1148), Dec. 1, 1880. 

2. William John Claggett (1149), Nov. 13, 1882; died Nov. 13, 1882. 

Both husbands were farmers. She lives in AVaupan and 
her son carries on the farm. 

No. 580 

Myra Mather, daughter of Eliza Mains (202), born Jan. 22d, 
1859. at Weyauwega, Wis. Married. Mar. 17th, 1884, George 

Warren, R. I., on a visit, and while helping celebrate the Fourth of 
July had both his hands blown off by the premature discharge of a 
cannon. The right arm was amputated above the hand, and the left 
arm above the elbow. 

But in spite of this helpless condition he began to devise machines 
and apparatus which, attached to the stumps of his arms, enabled him, 
little by little, to do almost every kind of useful work, as well as 
minister to his personal needs. He could even shave himself. He be- 
came a teacher, then a merchant, then a farmer in Berkshire, Vt. He 
did farm work, also made very fine grain cradles, and sold them every- 
where. His arms became strong and acquired dexterity by use. He 
was chosen to town offices, and was many years "Esq. Luther," a high 
honor in those days. He was a good debater, and cheerful and humorous 
in his intercourse with people. His good wife was one of the best 
of wives. 

He was also a religious man, who every morning attended prayers, 
using the Book of Common Prayers. He died, in Peace, in 1854, trust- 
ing God. 

We have condensed the above from a manuscript in the possession 
of Mrs. Geo. F. Mather, his great-granddaughter. 


R. Masters, born Sept. 8th, 1857; son of William Masters and 
Elizabeth Wait. They had: 

1. Maude E. Masters (1150), Nov. 14, 1886. 

2. Mary G. Masters (1151). Sept. 12. 1888. 

Mr. Masters is a builder and contractor. He has lived .in 
Spokane, but now lives in Harrison. Idaho. They are Metho- 

No. 581 

Flora Louisa Mather, daughter of Eliza Mains (202), born 
May 20th, 1862, at Royalton, Wis. Married, Apr. 7th, 1896. at 
Neb. City, John N. Larsh, born Oct. 22d, 1865, at Lebanon, 0. ; 
son of Dr. N. B. Larsh and Ella Armstrong. They had : 

1. Napoleox Boxaparte Larsh (1152), July 25, 1897. 

Mr. Larsh is of French descent. He is a farmer. They live 
in Union, Neb. 

No. 563 

William Houghton Mather, son of Eliza Mains (202). born 
May 20th, 1872. Married Leone Thomson. They had: 

1. Florence Mather (1153), Dec. 25, 1905. 

W. II. Mather lives at Huntington, Or. Is a ranchman and 
mine owner. He came to Oregon about 1902. 

No. 584 

Merton Everett Mather, son of Eliza Mains (202), born 
June 7th, 1877, AVaupaca Co., AVis. Married Lydia E. Pfriem- 
mer. born in 1888. at Thorp. AVis. They had: 

1. Marlyx Mather (1154), Nov. 13, 1908. 

2. Everett M. Mather (1155), June 17, 1910. 

Air. M. E. Mather lives at Stanley, AVis.. where he deals in 
hardware, stoves and sporting goods. 


No. 587 

Emma Carrie Wright, daughter of Polly Maria Mains (203), 
born Aug. 27th, 1867, at Middleport, N. Y. Married, Dec. 25th, 
1893, John A. Ferguson, from Canada. He was born Mar. 16th, 
1865. His parents were John L. Ferguson and Sarah Jane 
Millard. They have no children. 

Mr. Ferguson is a farmer, owns the place lately owned by 
Wm. Fox. Mrs. Fox, her aunt, lives with them, at Elba, N. Y. 

No. 589 

Mary Ella Wright, daughter of Polly Maria Mains (203), 
born Sept. 24th, 1871, at Royalton, N. Y. Married, Oct. 5th, 
1896, Willis Halstead, born June 11th, 1874, at Royalton, Niag- 
ara Co., N. Y. ; son of Luman Halstead and Millie Halstead. 
They had : 

1. Ada May Halstead (1156), Oct. 9, 1898. 

2. Ida Maud Halstead (1157), Jan. 3, 1900. 

3. Eva Belle Halstead (1158), Feb. 10, 1901. 

4. Emma Jane Halstead (1159), May 25, 1902. 

5. Carrie Livonia Halstead (1160), June 15, 1905. 

Mr. Halstead has a lumber shop. He formerly lived at West 
Shelby, N. Y., now lives in Middleport, N. Y. They are Metho- 

No. 591a 

Mary l^cid, daughter of Alvira Mains (204), born Nov. 19th, 

1867. Married Frank Hazelton. They live in Canton, N. Y. 

No. 591b 

Cora l^cid, daughter of Alvira Mains (204), born Sept. 29th, 

1868. Married John Frank Gates, born Mar. 25th, 1865, at 


Hermon, X. Y. ; son of Abram Francis Gates and Adeline M. 
Dodge. They had: 

1. Carl A. Gates (1161), Oct. 29, 1893. 

2. Grant A. Gates (1162), Feb. 1, 1896. 

3. Bertha A. Gates (1163), Jan. 1, 1898. 

4. Raymond F. Gates (1164), Apr. 5, 1907. 

No. 592 

Wclby E. Reid, son of Alvira Mains (204), born Aug. 29th, 
1878. at Hermon, N. Y. Married Lydia Lacy, born at Hermon, 
X. Y. ; daughter of William Laey. They had : 

1. Iva L. Reid (1165), July 8, 1897. 

2. Virginia A. Reid (1166), May 10, 1899. 

3. Forest H. Reid (1167), Apr. 2. 1901; died June 13, 1901. 

4. Ina Mae Reid (1168), Nov. 11, 1902. 

5. Dorothy Reid (1169), May 31, 1906. 

6. Cora Grace Reid (1170), Oct. 8, 1907. 

Mr. Reid is a farmer. He is a Methodist. He now lives at 
Woodbury. Conn. 

No. 593 

William Edgar Reed, son of Edgar (207), born in "Russell, 
X. Y.. Mar. 19th. 1876. Married. Dec. 25th. 1901, Lida J. Hamil- 
ton, born Sept. 2d. 1877. at Russell. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. ; 
daughter of Elgin Hamilton and Emma Cooper. They had : 

1. Katharine H. (1171), Jan. 18, 1905. 

2. Bdgab W. (1172), June 7, 1909. 

W. E. R( j ed was educated in the rural, schools of his native 
town. He taught one of them in the fall of 1892. The winter 
of '93- '94 he attended Eastman's Business College at Pough- 
keepsie. X. Y., and graduated there in 1894. He entered Pots- 
dam Normal School in 1895 and graduated from the Classical 
Course in 1899. Sept.. 1900. he became a teacher in Brooklyn, 


N. Y., where he is still engaged as teacher of Science. June, 
1909, he received the degree of B. S., N. Y. University. He 
is another Reed of high standing in the teaching fraternity. 
He lives at 416 E. 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

No. 594 

Dora Adcll Bullock, daughter of Harriet E. Reed (208), 
born July 28th, 1868, at Russell. Married, Aug. 21st, 1889, 
Fred B. Freeman, born Aug. 2d, 1866; son of Gideon Freeman 
and Mary Allen. They had: 

1. Oswald P. Freeman (1173), Sept. 26, 1890. 

2. Mary Ethel Freeman (1174), Jan. 8, 1892. 

3. Eunice Freeman (1175), Nov. 25, 1893; died Apr. 17, 1895. 

4. Inez Ruth Freeman (1176), Jan. 6, 1896. 

Mr. Freeman is a farmer. They reside in Edwards, N. Y. 
They are Methodists. 

No. 595 

Johnson Edgar Bullock, son of Harriet E. Reed (208), born 
July 19th, 1870, at Russell. Married, Feb. 18th, 1896, Carrie 
Buck, born Nov. 9th, 1869 ; daughter of Epaphroditus Buck 
and Phebe Russ. They had: 

1. Wesley Bullock (1177), Dec. 1, 1898. 

2. Herschel Bullock (1178), Apr. 29, 1900. 

Mr. J. E. Bullock is a farmer living at Hermon, N. Y. They 
are Methodists. 

No. 596 

Arthur Bullock, son of Harriet E. Reed (208), bom Dec. 
15th, 1872. Married, Aug. 17th, 1898, Ella Freeman, born Aug. 
3d, 1874; daughter of Gideon Freeman and Mary Allen. (Ella 
Freeman is a sister to Fred B. Freeman.) They had: 


1. Edna Bullock (1179), Jan. 5, 1904. 

2. Marion Bullock (1180), May 26, 1906. 

3. Blythe Bullock (1181), July 26, 1908. 

Mr. Arthur Bullock is a farmer. He lives in Hermon. His 
wife is a Methodist. 

No. 597 

Rachel Etta Bullock, daughter of Harriet E. Reed (208), 
born Mar. 12th, 1874, died Dec. 13th, 1900. Married, June 
16th, 1897. William Bradley, born . They had : 

1. Hakold Bradley (1182). Oct. 5, 1898. 

2. Beatrice Bradley (1183), Dec. 15, 1899. 

Mr. Bradley is a farmer. He lives in Madrid, N. Y. 

No. 599 

Myrtle Reed, daughter of Francis Eugene Reed (209), born 
, 1874, died May 6th, 1905. Married John Brown. They 

had : 

1. Sox Brown (1184), died when small. 
He married again, Ella M. Walcott. 

No. 600 

Foster Devillo Reed, sou of Francis Eugene Reed (209), 
born Sept. 11th, 1880. Married, Dec. 5th, 1898, Stella Lillian 
Jackson, born Feb. 3d, 1879; daughter of Hiram Jackson. 
They had: 
1. Florence Dorothy (1185), Jan. 5, 1900. 

Foster D. Reed lives in Edwards, N. Y. 


No. 605 

Catherine Sample, daughter of Helen Maria Dodd (211), 
born July 31st, 1872, at Brooklyn, N. Y. Married, June 9th, 
1897, Albert Joseph Douglass, born Feb. 12th, 1873, in Eng- 
land; son of Joseph E. Douglass and Mary E. Simpson. They 

1. Herbert Sample Douglass (1186), Feb. 7, 1898. 

2. Clara Almeda Douglass (1187), Oct. 6, 1899. 

3. Albert Joseph Douglass (1188), Feb. 1, 1905. 

A. J. Douglass, with his widowed mother and four brothers, 
came to America in 1881, while he was yet a lad. They have 
lived in New York and Brooklyn ever since. She is dead. 
Albert, since 1889, has been one of the efficient salesmen of 
Bruce & Cook, a large metals importing house in New York 
City. He is much esteemed by the firm. He and his wife are 
members of the Flatbush Pres. Ch. They live in Brooklyn at 
3112 Ave. F (Flatbush). 

No. 607 

Fred James Cruickshank, son of James M. (215). born May 
19th, 1864, at North Gage. Married, Mar. 10th, 1886, Cora E. 
Kane, born Dec. 12th, 1863 ; daughter of William Kane and 
Eliza N. Pierce, Welsh by race. They had : 

1. Leroy P. Cruickshank (1189a). May 4, 1890. 

2. Johx Byron Cruickshank (1189b), Feb. 8, 1897. 

Fred Cruickshank for many years Avorked the farm of his 
father-in-law, four or five miles east of North Gage. He now 
lives near Poland and is a milkman. For years they were very 
active and devoted members of North Gage Pres. Ch., he being 
one of its Elders. Now they belong to the Free Bap. Ch. at 
Poland. He is a highly respected citizen. 


No. 608 

Edgar Charles Cruickshank, son of James M. (215), bom 
Oct. 9th. 1865. at North Gage. Married. Sept. 17th. 1890. May 
M. Seavey, born Sept. 14th, 1863 ; daughter of Jerome L. Sea- 
vey and Sarah Millington. They had: 

1. Freda Florine Cruickshank (1190), Nov. 22, 1891. 

E. C. Cruickshank grew up on the farm but took to business 
life at the outset of adult life. He, for several years, was a 
clerk in the famous "Union Store" at Poland, part of the time 
its manager. For a number of years he had a store of his 
own. but owing to ill health has been obliged to retire from 
that. He lives at Poland. N. Y. 

No. 609 

Millard Seymour Cruickshank, son of James M. (215), bom 

Aug. 1st, 1867. at North Gage. Married. Aug. 30th. 1903. Mrs. 
Anna Laura Latimer, born July 21st. 1865, at Sherburne. X. Y. ; 
da lighter of Edgar Baker and Jane Walker (daughter of Daniel 
Walker). They had: 

1. Clara Belle Cruickshank (1191), May 24, 1904; died Dec. 8, 1909. 

2. Lincoln Evans Cruickshank (1192) ; Apr. 18, 1906. 

3. James Walker Cruickshank (1193), Nov. 14. 1908. 

Mrs. Cruickshank married first Walter S. Latimer of Sher- 
burne. N. Y. He graduated from Colgate Univ., 1890. with 
the valedictory. Had degrees of A. B. and A. M. He became 
Teacher of Mathematics at New Paltz (X. Y.) State Normal 
School. He died Aug. 23d, 1896. By Mr. Latimer she had 
Geo. Latimer, born Sept. 18th. 1891. and Dorothy Jane Latimer, 
born June 26th. 1895. 

Mr. M. S. Cruickshank graduated from Holland Patent 
High School, and for a time was in business there, is now a 
prosperous farmer living on the old Homestead Farm. He is 


an Elder of the Pres. Ch., North Gage, to which the family 
belong. His address is Poland, N. Y. 

No. 610 

Avis Edith, daughter of James M. Cruickshank (215), born 
Oct. 10th, 1870, at North Gage. Married, July 6th, 1892, Ben- 
jamin Lincoln Ford, born at Newport, N. Y. ; son of Benjamin 
Ford and Helen White. They bad : 

1. Helen Mary Ford (1194), Jan. 21, 1894. 

2. Linus Cruickshank Ford (1195), Dec. 8, 1896. 

3. Gertrude Elizabeth Ford (1196), May 25, 1905. 

Mr. Ford is a merchant in the principal store in town, and 
an active citizen in local matters. The Fords were among the 
pioneers in Central N. Y. and in Herkimer Co., as early as 
1790. They were Baptists and Deacons in the Baptist Church, 
as is Mr. Ben Ford. He is also Sup't of the S. S. and active 
in Christian work in his church and denomination. He lives 
at Newport, N. Y. 

No. 61 1 

Alberius Clark Cruickshank, son of Stewart J. (216), born 
at North Gage, Mar. 16th, 1869. Married Margaret Eliza Car- 
ruthers, born Nov. 4th, 1869 ; daughter of Duncan Carruthers 
and Emily Popple. They have no children. They attend the 
Presbyterian Church. He is a farmer in Deerfield. His address 
is Barneveld, N. Y. 

No. 612 

Walter Gilbert Cruickshank, son of Stewart J. (216), born 
July 31st, 1873, at North Gage. Married, Dec. 28th, 1904, Helen 
Sophia Merry, born May 21st, 1874, at v erona, N. Y. ; daughter 
of Gottleib Merry and Sarah McGann. They had : 
1. Charles Elmer Cruickshank (1197), May 24, 1909. 


Mrs. Cruickshank attended Home School, Verona and grad- 
uated from Oneida High School in 1893. Graduated from 
Oneonta Normal in 1901. Mr. W. G. Cruickshank is also one of 
our Teaching Craft. Oneonta Normal School, 1901 ; Principal 
Forestport, 1901-1904; Principal Highland H. S., 1904-1912. 
He has 12 teachers under his care. 

Highland is a growing Hudson River town just below West 
Point, the location of the famous U. S. Military Academy. It 
is 60 miles above New York City, in a region of much historic 
interest and scenic beauty. His address is Highland. N. Y. 

No. 615 • 

Howard Joseph Burroughs, son of Martha M. Read (220), 
born Dec. 13th, 1861, at Wales. Married, Oct., 1895, Kittie 

Eaton, born . They had : 

1. Daughter (1198), born Oct. 19, 1899, North Java, N. Y. 

Mr. H. J. Burroughs is a farmer. He lives at Wales Center, 
N. Y. 

No. 616 

Emma Jane Burroughs, daughter of Martha M. Read (220), 
born Dec. 20th, 1865, at Wales, N. Y., died Feb. 6th, 1894, at 
Arcade, N. Y. She married, May 17th, 1887, Rev. Joseph Clark. 
They had no children. 

Mr. Clark was born in Canada, and is a M. E. minister. He 
resides at Pulteney, N. Y. 

No. 617 

Cora May Burroughs, daughter of Martha M. Read (220), 
born Apr. 20th, 1871, at Wales, N. Y. Married, May 7th, 1904, 
J. Eugene Traber, born May 14th, 1866, at Seward, Schoharie 


Co., N. Y. ; son of Jacob Traber and Mary L. Van Patten. They 
have no children. 

Mr. Traber had by a former marriage, Ralph Traber, born 
Nov. 16th, 1890, in Little Falls, and Kay Hugo Traber, born 
Jan. 3d, 1898, in Perry, N. Y. He is a manufacturer. They are 
Baptists. They live in Dixon. 111. 

No. 620 

Ella Bertha, daughter of Elgene Read (221), born Apr. 
15th, 1869, at Java, N. Y. Married, July 18th, 1894, Welling- 
ton George Woodworth. born May 5th, 1868 ; son of Harry E. 
Woodworth and Elvira, Blood. They had: 

1. Gbaydon Read Woodworth (1199), Aug. 29, 1897. 

Mr. AVoodworth is a clerk in a hardware store at Delevan, 
N. Y., where he lives. 

No. 621 

Dora Maria, daughter of Elgene Read (221), born July 6th, 
1872. Married, July 27th, 1897, William Denison Olmstead, 
born Oct, 17th, 1866, at Washington, D. C. ; son of Edwin B. 
Olmstead and Adelia J. Church. They had: 

1. Richard Rollin Olmstead (1200), Feb. 10, 1900. 

2. Dorothy Elsie Olmstead (1201), Oct. 14, 1902. 

3. Merton Olmstead (1202), Dec. 8. 1907. 

They were all born at Perry, N. Y. Mr. Olmstead is a 
Baptist minister's son, who is now dead. He himself is a grad- 
uate of Rochester Univ., 1891. He studied law with Duchwitz, 
Mayer and Jackson, Buffalo. He lives in Perry, where he 
practices law. He was admitted to the bar in 1894. 

No. 622 

Mary Addie, daughter of Elgene Read (221), born Mar. 2d, 
1874, Java Village, N. Y. Married, Oct. 26th. 1902, Arthur 


Bourne Smith, born Aug. 2d, 1873, Elizabeth City, N. C. ; son 
of Charles Wesley Smith and Hester Ann Bourne, from Penn. 
They had: 

1. Hester Read Smith (1203), July 3, 1907. 

2. Elgene Arthur Smith (1204), Oct. 11. 1909. 

3. Russell Smith (1205), Apr. 4, 1911. 

These children were born at Berkeley, Cal. 

Mr. Smith took Ph. B. at Wesleyan Univ., 1900; B. L. S. 
at Champaign, 111., 1902. Was head of Order Dept., Univ. Cali- 
fornia, till 1911, and is now connected with the Library of the 
State Univ.. Manhattan, Kansas, where he resides. 

No. 624 

William Barnard Read, son of Herbert Roselle (222), born 
Dec. 22d. 1872, at Boone, Iowa. Married, Dec. 24th, 1891, 
Florence G. Wilson, born Apr. 3d, 1870; daughter of Caleb 
Wilson and Amanda Price. They had : 

1. Joseph Clark (1206), Sept. 30, 1905. 

Mr. Wm. B. Read took the classical course. A. B. from 
N. AY. Univ., 1899, and A. M. from Simpson College, 1901, 
and the Normal Dept., 1901. He was principal of Indianola 
High School. 1893- '98. and Prof, of Math, in Simpson Coll., 
1899-1910. He was ordained Deacon Sept, 7th. 1905, Elder 
Oct. 3d. 1909. and is now a members of North West Kansas 
M. E. Conference, and pastor of M. E. Ch.. St. Francis. Kansas, 
where he resides. 

No. 625 

Charles Herbert Read , son of Herbert Roselle Read (222), 
born Aug. 20th. 1875. at Ogden, Iowa. Married (1), Jan. 5th, 
1898, Lillie Williams, born at Avoca, Iowa, died Oct. 15th. 
1909: daughter of John T. S. Williams and Jane Thomas. 


Married (2), May 1st, 1911, Mrs. Mytte Price, born Apr. 17th, 
1880. at Indianola ; daughter of Benjamin F. Young and Ella 
J. Reynolds. 

By the first wife he had : 

1. Cora Lillie (1207), Apr. 15, 1900. 

2. Florence Charlotte (1208), Apr. 11, 1905. 

C. H. Read was educated at Simpson Coll.. 1894-5 ; Univ. 
Iowa, 1894- '95; Univ. Penn., '96- '97; N. W. Univ., D. D. S., 

He is a dentist at Avoca, Iowa, and also postmaster, since 

No. 626 

Ervin Clifton Read, son of Herbert Roselle Read (222), born 
July 19th, 1877, at Ogden, Iowa. Married, Sept. 24th, 1901, at 
Indianola, Ada Belle Richardson, born Dec. 14th, 1870, in Neb. ; 
daughter of Henry George Richardson and Caroline C. Davis. 
They had : 

1. Herbert Clifton (1209), June 24, 1902. 

2. Walter Ervin (1210), Mar. 20, 1905. 

Mr. E. C. Read attended Iowa State Univ., 1897, took college 
course, and graduated from N. W. Dental School, 1901 ; Chi- 
cago Dental School, (D. D. S.), 1910. He practiced dentistry 
at Avoca, Oakland, Iowa, and is now at Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

They are Methodists. 

No. 627 

Nettie Coy Read, daughter of William Ervin (224), born 
Dec. 26th, 1878, at Delevan, N. Y. Married, July 19th, 1911, 
Raymond C. Hutchinson, born Aug. 2d, 1880, at Lancaster, 
N. Y. ; son of William Smith Hutchinson and Ellen Barbara 
AValter. Mrs. H. graduated at the Buffalo Normal School, 
1901, and before her marriage taught six years in Clarence 


and three years in Tonawanda. Mr. Hutchinson is a graduate 
of Clarence High School, and is a farmer, living at Lancaster, 
N. Y. 

No. 628 

Herbert Elgene Read, son of William Ervin Read (224), 
horn Apr. 8th, 1880, at Delevan, N. Y. Married, Jan. 1st. 
1910. Mrs. Florence Parry-Thomas. 

Mr. H. E. Read took a dental course in Buffalo Univ.. 1904. 
Went to Oakland. Cal.. to practice, and has since removed to 
Hoquiam. Wash., where he now lives. 

His wife, by a former marriage, had two children. Marigold 
and Edsall. 

No. 634 

Mary Maud Brayton, daughter of Fanny H. Reed (226). 
born Sept. 6th. 1880. at So. Wales. Married. Sept. 28th, 1903. 

Herman R. Sergei, born . 1879; son of Leonard and 

Mary Sergei. They had: 

1. Mildred Axleen Seegel (1211), June 27. 1904. 

2. Braytox Read Sergel (1212), Mar. 8. 1907. 

3. Leonard Sergel (1213), May 25, 1908. 

Mr. Sergei lives at So. Wales. 

No. 643 

Phebe Elizabeth Keed, daughter of Wesley Sylvester R 
231), born Mar. 17th. 1851. at Utiea, X. Y. Married Jan. 27th. 
1870, Joseph A. Parsons, born Apr. 4th, 1844. died Dec. 25th. 
1910; son of Joseph and Susan Parsons, from London, Eng- 
land. He was a seaman. Mrs. Parsons lives with her niece at 
Waterloo. Iowa. 


No. 644 

Harriette Jcanncttc Reed, daughter of Wesley Sylvester 
(231), born Aug. 4th, 1853, at Utica, N. Y. Married. Dec. 
31st, 1874, John Wesley Heiple, born Feb. 16th, 1851, in Somer- 
set Co., Penn. ; son of Noah John Heiple and Elizabeth Jane 
Lint. They had : 

1. Lillian Estella Heiple (1214), Dec. 2, 1875. 

2. Katherine Jeannette Heiple (1215), Oct. 30, 1879. 

3. Harold Harlan Heiple (1216), July 2, 1883. 

4. Eldridge Winfield Heiple (1217), Apr. 4, 1885. 

The Heiples are German by blood. Katberine is a sten- 
ographer and bookkeeper of Kelly Manufacturing Co., Water- 
loo. Harold studied dentistry at Valparaiso, Ind., and Chi- 
cago Univ., graduated in 1907. He practices in Waterloo. 
Elbridge W. attended college at Ames, Iowa, and took degree 
of B. S. in Chicago. He is a civil engineer. 

Mr. Heiple lives in Waterloo. They are Methodists. 

No. 645 

Wesley Sylvester l^eed, Jr., son of Wesley Sylvester Reed. 
Sr. (231), born Sept. 30th, 1859, at West Point, 111. Married. 
Aug. 24th, 1880, Sarah Mina McGee, born Sept, 8th, 1863, in 

AY is. They had: 

1. Clara May (1218), Mar. 31, 1882. 

2. George Albert (1219), Oct. 20, 1883. 

3. Katherine E. (1220), Feb. 16, 1886. 

4. Mabel Ida (1221), Mar. 18, 188S. 

5. Edith Adelia (1222), June 31, 1892. 

6. Francis James (1223), June 1, 1894. 

7. Herbert McKinley (1224), Aug. 15, 1898. 

8. Marvel Gladys (1225), Feb. 15, 1900. 

9. Alice Mary (1226), Sept. 15, 1904. ) 
10. Allen Sylvester (1227), Sept. 15, 1904.^ 

Mr. Peed is a farmer and lives at Waterloo. The family 
arc Methodists. 


No. 647 

Francis E. R v eed, son of Isaac J. Reed, Sr. (232), born Nov. 
26th, 1852, at Utica, N. Y. Married, Nov. 17th, 1880, Elizabeth 
Smith, born June 4th, 1860, at Chicago. They had: 

1. Eliza Katherine (1228), Aug. 17, 1886. 

Born at Waterloo, where they now reside. 

No. 649 

James Augustus Reed, son of Isaac J. Reed, Sr. (232), born 
May 14th. 1857„ died a few months after his wedding day. 
He married — . 

No. 650 

William Patrick Reed, son of Isaac J. Reed, Sr. (232), born 
Mar. 5th, 1860, in 111., died June 13th, 1909. Married, Jan. 
1st, 1895, Anna Teresa Woods, born Mar. 2d, 1868, at Faribault, 
Minn. They had : 

1. Herbert Leo (1229), Nov. 4, 1895. 

2. Agxes Catherine (1230), Feb. 20, 1897; died May 27, 1898. 

3. Daughter (1231), Sept. 14, 1899; died same day. 

4. Clifford William (1232), Oct. 20, 1900. 

5. Gladys Irene (1233), Mar. 1, 1902. 

6. Martha Gertrude (1234), May 4, 1904. 

7. Robert Archibald (1235), Sept. 25, 1905. 

8. Alice Theresa (1236), Dec. 12, 1908. 

W. P. Reed's family live in Fairbanks, Iowa. 

No. 651 

Joseph Edward Reed, son of Isaac J. Reed, Sr. (232). born 
Nov. 18th, 1862, in 111. Married, Sept. 21st, 1890, Harriet Rein- 
hart, born May 27th, 1871. They had: 


1. Mary Catherine (1237), June 20, 1891. 

2. Charles Francis (1238), Nov. 24, 1892. 

3. Ruth Marcella (1239), Feb. 23, 1894. 

4. Monnista Dorothy (1240), May 21, 1903. 

5. Thelma Theresa (1241), Sept. 25, 1905. 

The Chronicler says that " 'Joe,' as he is familiarly called, 
is the fattest and jolliest of the bunch" (of Reed boys). Though 
a Dem. he continues to hold the situation as patrolman in 
Waterloo, under a Rep. administration. His trade is machinist. 

No. 653 

Isaac J. Rccd,*son of Isaac J. Reed, Sr. (232), born Aug. 
27th. 1868, in Iowa. Married, Apr. 30th, 18*90, Mary Alice 
Duffy, born Apr. 17th. 1872. They had: 

1. William Edward (1242), Feb. 13, 1891. 

2. James Augustus (1243), Mar. 8, 1893. 

3. Francis Xavier (1244), Aug. 15, 1895. 

4. Rayburn Robert (1245), Feb. 28, 1897. 

5. Catherine Elizabeth (1246), Aug. 6, 1898. 

6. Mary Evelynn (1247), Mar. 16, 1900. 

7. Marie Josephine (1248), July 25, 1903. 

8. Veronica Roosevelt (1249), Feb. 27, 1905. 

9. Gertrude Anna (1250), Jan. 19, 1909. 

10. Joseph (1251), Aug. 23, 1911; died an infant. 

This family live in Waterloo, Iowa. 

No. 656 

Mary Cornelia Peck, daughter of Harriet Reed (234), born 
Mar. 8th, 1854. Married Mar. 8th, 1875, Samuel Grove Rutter, 
horn June 12th, 1854. They had: 

1. Herbert Joy Rutter (1252), Feb. 15, 1876; died Oct. 6, 1877. 

2. Allen E. Rutter (1253), Dec. 28, 1878. 

3. Delbert Francis Rutter (1254), Jan. 30, 1882. 

4. Samuel Giles Rutter (1255), Mar. 7, 1884. 

5. Harriet .Mabel Rutter (1256), Aug. 31, 1886. 

This family live in Spencer, Iowa. They are Methodists. 


No. 659 

Dclbcrt Francis Peck, son of Harriet Reed (234). born May 
14th. 1861. died Apr. 1st. 1901. Married. Dee. 12th. 1883. Eva- 
line Hannah Barton, born Mar. 10th. 1862, in 111. They had: 

1. Alma Mae (1257), Feb. 2, 1895. 

No. 661 

Jessie Euretta Buck, daughter of Roxcey Anna Green (237). 

born Dee. 12th. 1856. Married. May 24th, 1877. Sidney Rood 

Crissey, born Sept. 25th. 1853. at Saline Mich. ; son of 

(rissey and Laura Todd. They had: 

1. Daughter Crissey (1257), Feb. 25, 1878: died same day. 

2. Myrox Sidney Crissey (125S), Jan. 7, 1879. 

3. Winifred Ray Crissey (1259), Oct. 16, 1880; died Mar. 5, 1902. 

4. Dana Harold Cmsse? (1260), Dee. 9, 1883. 

Myron and Winifred were born in Delhi; Dana. Bay City. 
Winifred Ray died in Oskaloosa. Iowa. He was injured in a 
R. R. accident. He is buried at Joliet. 

The two surviving sons of this family are both Regular 
U. S. Army officers. Myron graduated at the U. S. Military 
Academy. West Point. X. Y.. 1908. his brother. Harold, in 1909. 

Mr. S. R. Crissey and wife Live at Oskaloosa. Iowa, where 
they have a large book store. 

No. 664 

Coral Roxcena Woodward, daughter of Roxcey Anna Green 
(237), born July 10th. 1867. at Henry. 111. Married, Apr. 15th, 
1903. Albert Clinton Nicholson. They have no children. 

Mrs. X. was educated in Joliet High School, and now 
teaches in Carmel School. Chicago. Her husband is Div. Sup. 
of Electrical Work. Steel Mills. So. Chicago. They live on 
Washington Ave., Chicago. 


No. 666 

Leon Earnest Woodward, son of Roxcey Anna Green (237), 
born Jan. 18th, 1873, at Henry, 111. Married, Jan. 16th, 1900, 
Ida Cardwell, born Nov. 18th, 1877. at Braidwood, 111. They 
had : 

1. Gertride Irene Woodward (1261), Jan. 19, 1900. 

2. Fraxcis Arthur Woodward (1262), Jan. 16, 1903; died about May 1, 


3. Naomi Woodward (1263), Apr. 10, 1905. 

4. Dorothy Roxcy Woodward (1264), Aug. 2, 1908. 

5. Jessie Coral Woodward (1265), Aug. 16, 1910. 

Mr. Leon Woodward is a machinist by trade. He lives in 
Joliet, 111. 

No. 670 

Julia Alice Mitchell, daughter of .Alary Euretta Green (240), 
born . Married — — - Pettigrew. They had: 

1. Jessie Euretta Pettigrew (1266). 

2. Hele.n Margaret Pettigrew (1267). 

No. 671 

Luella Hensley, daughter of Almira Brown (213), born about 
1863. at Joliet, died about 1898. Married Charles Palmer, 
1884. They had no children. 

No. 673 

John Hensley, son of Almira Brown (243), born June 23d, 
1872. in Indiana. Married Josephine Poorly. They had: 

1. Gladys Hkxsley (1268), Jan., 1898. 

2. Leonabd Hensley (1269), Apr., 1900. 

3. Ross Hensley (1270), Oct., 1902. 

4. Vokie Hensley (1271), Feb., 1910. 

They live in Hillsboro, Oregon. 


No. 674 

Mary Hcnslcy, daughter of Almira Brown (243), born Oct. 
5th, 1876, in Indiana. Married Dan Emery. They had no chil- 
dren. They live in Oregon. 

No. 675 

Carl Hcnslcy, son of Almira Brown (243), born Oct, 29th 
1874. Married Mary Poorly. They had: 

1. Vikgie Hexsley (1272). 

2. Esther He.xsley (1273). 

Mr. Hensley resides at Eureka, Wash. 

No. 676 

Henry John Brown, son of Louis Oliver Brown (244), born 
Jan. 6th, 1885. Married, June 14th, 1906. Hazel M. Mills, born 
June 6th, 1888. They had: 
1. Henry Oliver Brown (1274), Mar. 4, 1909 

They live in Joliet. 

No. 677 

William Orson HogUC, son of Delia E. Reed (254), born 
Mar. 26th. 1858. at Linden, Wis. Married Aug. 15th, 1881, 
Mina McCaryer. They had: 

1. Son Hogue (1275), ; died in infancy. 

2. May Hogue (1276), Dec. 7, 1885. 

3. Sox Hogue (1277) ; died in infancy. 

Mr. Hogue is a mechanic. He resided, in 1891. in Chicago. 

No. 680 

Orrin Sylvester Hogue, son of Delia E. Reed (254), born 
May 15th, 1863. Married, Dec. 28th, 1887, Philea Palmer. 
Mr. Hogue, in 1891, was a carbuilder. 


No. 681 

Mary Estclla Hogue, daughter of Delia E. Reed (254), born 
Aug. 3d, 1865. Married, June 1 lth, 1881, Hiram H. Ten Eyck. 
They had : 

1. George Edwabd Ten Eyck (1275), Jan. 26, 1885. 

2. Lila Estelle Ten Eyck (1279), Oct. 23, 1886. 

3. Pearl Evaline Ten Eyck (1280), Sept. 17, 1888. 

4. Son Ten Eyck (1281), June 7, 1890. 

Mr. Ten Eyck, in 1891, was a painter. 

No. 699 

Elmer Eugene Reed, son of Adelbert Albertus Reed (259), 
born Oct. 6th, 1873. Married. Oct. 8th, 1895. Margaret Bowser, 
born July 12th, 1876. at Tiffin, 0. ; daughter of Ezra Bowser 
and Catherine Cecilia Fecher. They had: 

1. Clarion Adelbert (1282), Feb. 6. 1898. 

2. Arlie Albertus (1283), Aug. 23, 1908. 

3. Ernest Eugene (1284), Aug. 6, 1911. 

The Bowser family, from Ohio, are Penn. German stock. 
Mr. Reed is a farmer who lives at Birch Run. 

No. 700 

Clara Augusta Reed, daughter of Adelbert Albertus Reed 
(259), born June 6th, 1875. Married, Nov. 17th, 1896, Otto 
Jacob Bowser, born Aug. 13th. 1872, son of Ezra Bowser and 
Catherine Cecilia Fecher. They had: 

1. Ladah Mopelle Bowser (1285), Sept. 24, 1899. 

The Reed brother and sister married two Bowsers, brother 
and sister. Mr. Bowser is a farmer at Birch Run, Mich. 


No. 701 

Edith Julia Kccd, daughter of Adelbert Albertus (259), born 

July 14th. 1878. Married. Mar. 2d, 1905. John Poellet, born 
Oct. 19th. 1876. son Erhardt and Barbara Margurette Poellet. 
They had: 

1. Edgar Adelbert Poellet (1286), Aug. 16, 1907. 

2. Lawrence Erhert Poellet (1287), Jan. 20, 1909. 

The Poelletts are also German. Mr. Poellett is a farmer 
and lives at Birch Run. 

No. 702 

Eva l^osina Keed, daughter of James Jasper Reed (260), 
born Mar. 30th. 1877. Married. Mar. 13th. 1895, George Bel- 
knapp. They had : 

1. Ferris Jasper Bklknapp (1288), Aug. 21, 1896; died Mar. 13, 1897. 

2. Haze.v Edward Belknapp (1289), May 5, 1898. 

3. Homer Kenxeth Belknapp (1290). Nov. 14, 1901. 

4. Hesper John Reed Belknapp (1291), Feb. 9, 1904. 

Mr. Belknapp lives at Birch Run. Mich. 

No. 703 

Clarence Adrian Keed, son of James Jasper (260), born 
May 31st. 1883. Married. June 11th. 1902, Nina Beatrice Bid- 
well, born Sept. 26th. 1882. at Birch Run. daughter David Bid- 
well and Sarah Rose. They had : 

1. Adrian Jasper (1292). Feb. 23. 1903. 

2. Phillis Elizabeth (1293), Oct. 28, 1904. 

3. Gordon Warren (1294). Oct. 22, 1910. 

No. 706 

Melvin Noyes Hutchinson, son Rosctta M. Reed (262), born 
May 7th. 1880. Married. Oct. 23d. 1889, Martha Conquest, 


born June 25th, 1876 ; daughter of Josiah Conquest and 
Crosby. They had : 

1. Ralph Thomas Hutchinson (1295), Sept. 3, 1900. 

2. Charles Arthur Hutchinson (1296), May 9, 1908. 

Mr. Hutchinson is a farmer at Birch Run. Mich. 

No. 708 

Abby Adclia Hutchinson, daughter of Rosetta M. Reed 
(262), born Feb. 16th, 1883. Married, Mar. 21st, 1906, Ben- 
jamin Hobson, born ; son of William Hobson. They 


1. Charles Clifford Hobson (1297), Jan. 11, 1907. 

2. Lloyd Thornton Hobson (1298), Dec. 26, 1909; died Dec. 26, 1909. 

3. Thalma Marie Hobson (1299), Nov. 30, 1910. 

Mr. Hobson is a farmer at Birch Run, Mich. 

No. 711 

Ethel Rosella Hutchinson, daughter of Rosetta M. Reed 
(262), born Oct. 29th. 1889. Married. July 4th. 1907, William 
Patterson. They had: 

1. Rosetta A. Patterson (1300), Aug. 23, 1908. 

2. Nobman A. Patterson (1301), Apr. 26, 1910. 

Mr. Patterson is a farmer. He lives at Birch Run, Mich. 

No. 712 

William Edward Mendell, son of Ann Eliza Pinch (263;. 
born July 24th, 1864, in 111. Married. July 4th, 1884. Lillie 
Brown, at Chanute, Kan. They had: 

1. Connie Mendell (1301b). 

2. Gaynell Mendell (1301c). 

Mr. VY. E. Mendell is a blaekemith at Owasso. Okla. Gay- 
nell is married. 


No. 713 

Ida Lillian Mendell, daughter of Ann Eliza Finch (263). 
born Mar. 5th, 1866. in Illinois. Married. Nov. 3d, 1883, John 
Jones. Mr. Jones is dead. They had several children. She 
lives on a farm near Mattoon, 111. 

No. 714 

Alpha Etta Mendell, daughter of Ann Eliza Finch (263), 
born Sept. 9th. 1867, in 111., died Jan. 10th. 1890. Married. 
Sept. 18th, 1888, Edgar Walser. They had : 

1. Daughter Walser (1301d). 

No. 715 

Alice Eva Mendell, daughter of Ann Eliza Finch (263), born 
Apr. 22d. 1870. in Neosha Co.. Kan. Married John McKenna. 
Mr. McKenna is a telegraph operator at Hobart. Okla. 

No. 716 

Mary Christiana Clark, daughter of Mary Elitha Finch (264), 
born June 18th, 1861, in 111. Married. Jan. 1st. 1882. Jesse 
Mullins Gilmore. Chanute, Kan. They had : 

1. Moxroe Gilmore (1301e). 

2. James Fraxcis Gilmore (1301f). 

3. Bertha Gilmore (1301g). 

James Francis is married. They live at Chanute. Kan. 

No. 717 

Laura Abigail Clark, daughter of Mary Elitha Finch (264), 
born Mar, 6th. 1864. in 111. Married. Mar. 23d, 1890, at 
Erie, Kan.. John Francis Gilmore. They had : 


1. Earl Gilmore (1301h). 

2. Geokge Gilmore (1301i). 

3. Lester Gilmore (1301j). 

4. Charles Gilmore (1301k). 

5. Hazel Gilmore (13011). 

This family lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

No. 718 

Flora May Clark, daughter of Mary Elitha Finch (264), 
born May 16th, 1866, in 111., died Nov. 9th, 1888. Married 
Oliver Fiant. They had: 

1. Sox Fiant (1301m). 

2. Daughter Fiant (1301nj. 

No. 719 

Benjamin Alva Clark, son of Mary Elitha Finch (264), born 
July 27th, 1868, in 111. Married Mary Berger. They had: 

1. Grace Clark (1301o). Died. 

2. Ava Clark (1301p). 

3. Lena Clark (1301q). 

4. Mary Clark (1301r). 

Mr. B. A. Clark lives in Chanute, Kan. 

No. 720 

Oscar Lcc Clark, son of Mary Elitha Finch (264), born Nov. 
8th, 1873, at Kansas. Married Jennie Whitworth, at Shaw, 
Kansas. They had: 

1. Mabel Clark (1301s). 

2. Baby Clark (1301t). 

Mr. O. L. Clark lives at Shaw, Kansas. 


No. 721 

Charles Eugene Clark, son of Mary Elitha Finch (264), born 
Jan. 6th, 1880, in Kansas. Married Emma Holland. They had: 

1. Raymond Clark (1301u). 

2. George Clark (1301v). 

3. Freddie Clark (1301w). 

No. 724 

Sardis Sylvester Clark, .son of Mary Elitha Finch (264), born 
Nov. 17th. 1885, in Kansas. Married Bessie Cotton. They had: 

1. Annie Clark (1301x). ^ 

2. Fannie Clark (1301y).J 

3. Ruby Clark (1301z). Died. 
•i. Pearl Clark (1301zz). 

Mr. (lark lives in Chanute. 

Nos. 725-742 

Emma Jane Finch (267) Children. Eighteen in number. 
(725 to 742.) See Appendix. 

No. 746 

Howard P. Reed, son of Sardis Alviro (273), born Oct. 1st, 

1880. Married . Lives at Fishers Landing, Jeff. Co., 

X. Y. 

No. 776 

Ella Maria Bartlett, daughter of Eugene Reed Bartlett 
(294). born June 1st. 1883. Married. June 22d, 1909, Charles 
Somers, Sheboygan. Wis. 


No. 778 

James Otho Bennett, son of J. R. Bennett (299), born Jan. 
15th, 1866. Married. Oet. 20th. 1888. Etta Adeline Allen. They 
had : 

1. Cakrie Iota Bennett (1302), Aug. 10. 1889. 

2. Jesse Otho Bennett (1303). 

3. Mildred Allen Bennett (1304). 

J. 0. Bennett, like his father, is a locomotive engineer. 923 
Grand view. Los Angeles. Cal. 

No. 779 

Olive Theodocia Bennett, daughter of J. R. Bennett (299), 
horn Jan. 14th, 1868. Married (1) Elsa Lee Allen, who died. 
She married (2) William De La Plaine Everingham. son of 
William and Mary Everingham. 

By Mr. Allen she had : 

1. Leola Frances Allen (1305). Oct. 15, 1889. 

By Mr. Everingham sh'e had : 

2. William Bennett Everingham (1306), May 21, 1897; died Sept. 14. 


3. Mary Adelaide Everingham (1307), Jan. 7, 1899. 

4. Josephine Olive Everinciiam (1308), Sept. 4, 1905. 

5. James Otho Everingham (1309), Jan. 21, 1907; died Oct. 11. 1908. 

This family lives in Kansas City. Mo. All her children 
were born there. 

No. 780 

Sarah Lucetta Bennett, daughter of James R. Bennett (299), 
horn Apr. 11th. 1872, Kansas. Married, Jan. 1st. 1900, Edward 
Homer Bradshaw. born Sept. 28th, 1869, 111. ; son of John Gilli- 
son Bradshaw and Jane Apperson. They had: 

1. Harold Homer Bradshaw (1310), Dec. 17, 1900. 

2. Richard Theodore Bradshaw (1311), Oct. 20, 1903. 


Mr. Bradshaw came to Kansas quite young, lived on a 
farm near Wichita, till about 1890. then moved to Kansas 
City. Mo., and to Rosedale. nearby, where they now reside. 
He is a farmer. 

No. 782 

Emma J. Post, daughter of Amanda Melissa Reed (300), 
born Feb. 28th. 1865. Married James H. Maucker. They had : 

1. Russell J. Matjckeb (1312). July 17. 1885. 

2. Lydia M. Maucker (1313). Apr. 16, 1S87. 

3. Lene Adam Matjckeb (1314), June 23, 1889. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Maucker (1315). Aug. 4. 1892. 

5. Otto. Maucker (1316), Aug. 22. 1897. 

6. Margarett Frances Maucker (1317). July 22. 1899. 

No. 783 

Eliza May Post, daughter of Amanda M. Post (300). born 
June 3d. 1867. Married E. C. Nice. They had: 

1. Leonard May Nice (1319). July 4, 1893. 

2. Emma Amelia Nice (1319). Feb. 13. 1897. 

No. 784 ' 

Evcntus Austin Post, son of Amanda M. Post (300). born 
Sept. 17th. 1869. Married Ada Powers. They had: 

1. Glenxa V. Post (1320). Sept. 24. 1896. 

2. James Sidney Post (1321). Dec. 25. 1897. 

3. Edmond J. Post (1322), Feb. 7. 1899. 

4. George Raymond Post (1323), Apr. 30. 1903. 

5. Russell Austin Post (1324), Apr. 24. 1905. 

6. Lester Leroy Post (1325). Oct. 24, 1909. 

No. 785 

Israel Post, sun of Amanda M. Post (300). born Apr. 2d. 
1877. Married Elletta M. . They had no children. 


No. 786 

Edmund J. Post, son of Amanda M. Post (300), born Aug. 
18th, 1879. Married Clara Masters. They had : 

1. Edna Reed Post (1326). May 3. 1911. 

No. 787 

Jay Elsworth Perry, son of Sarah A. Reed (301), born Nov. 
2d, 1866, in Ohio, died Dec. 16th. 1902. Married Anne Klinger, 
daughter of David Klinger. They had : 

1. Carl Pekry (1327). 

2. Louis Perry (1328), , 1902. 

She is married again. 

No. 791 

Ivo Earnest Reed, son of E. F. Reed (302), born Aug. 3d, 
1876. Married, Aug., 1901, Nora Cecil Netzley, Towner, N. D. 
They had: 

1. Alvo (1329), July, 1902. 

2. Aleitza Ruth (1330), , 1904. 

3. Lurie Elsie (1331), , 1906. 

4. Jennie May (1332), May 7, 1911. 

No. 793 

Gernon Huber Johnson, son of Laura Maria Reed (304), 
born Apr. 4th, 1877. Married, Mar. 6th, 1896, Ida Foreman, 
Plymouth, Ind. They had: 

1. Floyd Johnson (1333), Dec. 2, 1896: died Dec. 18, 1896. 

2. Glenn E. Johnson. ( 1334), Apr. 16, 1898. 

3. Bertha M. Johnson (1335), Dec. 9, 1903 

4. Hazel A. Johnson (1336), Oct. 27, 1905. 

Mr. Johnson lives at Lansford, N. D. 


No. 794 

Dean Elsworth Johnson, son of Laura Maria Reed (304), 
born Nov. 30th. 1882. Married a Johnson (no relation), Lans- 
ford. N. D. They had: 
1. Aletta Alice Johxsox (1337). 

No. 799 

May Merrill, daughter of W. II. II. Merrill (308). born May 
9th. 1877. Married. Sept. 28th. 1898, J. J. ('lark. 

No. 801 

Viola Merrill, daughter of AY. H. H. Merrill (308). born Sept. 
2d. 1880. Married. Apr. 5th. 1904. A. B. C. Pace, he being 23 
years old. 

No. 802 

Edward Merrill, son of W. II. H. Merrill (308), born Feb. 
22d, 1882. Married. Apr., 1907. Mary E. Cooper. 

No. 804 

Charles Merrill, son of W. II. II. Merrill (308), born Dee. 
18th. 1884. Married. Apr.. 1906. Gertrude Barker. 

No. 808 

Addie May Merrill, (laughter of Benjamin Addison Merrill 
(309), born Jan. 9th, 1870. Married. Mar. 13th. 1890. William 
('. Warren, Wichita, Kan. She was divorced Aug. 15th. 1909. 
Took maiden name. No children. She lives at 3120 Summit 
St.. Kansas City, Mo. 


No. 809 

Laura Mead Merrill, daughter of B. A. Merrill (309), born 
May 16th, 1872. Married John Sampson. They had: 

I.Oban D. Sampson (1338), Nov. 12,' 18S9. 

2. Lloyd Ellis Sampson (1339), Nov. 1, 1897. 

3. Kenneth J. Sampson (1340), July 3, 1902. 

4. Glennon Sampson (1341), Sept. 24, — -. 

No. 810 

Jessie Lucinda Merrill, daughter of B. A. Merrill (309). born 
Feb. 9th. 1874. Married Fred Dennis. They had : 

1. Alta Makie Dennis (1342). Feb. 5, 1896. 

2. George Robert Dennis (1343), Apr. 29, 1899. 

3. Ruby Belle Dennis (1344), Sept. 24, 1902. 

4. Hazel Dennis (1345), Feb. 16, 1907. 

No. 811 

Kate Bell Merrill, daughter of B. A. Merrill (309). born Jan. 
28th, 1876. Married Amos Crippen. They had : 

1. Pearl Dee Crippen (1346), Mar. 4, 1895; died Apr. 2, 1910. 

2. Paul Francis Crippen (1347), Sept. 10, 1898. 

3. Evolin Crippen (1348), Aug. 29, 1908. 

No. 812 

Ruth Lucy Merrill, daughter of B. A. Merrill (309), born 
Apr. 16th, 187S. Married Harry Macklin. They had : 

1. Dee Macklin (1349), Nov. 19, 1894. 

2. Reola M. Macklin (1350), Feb. 5, 1896. 

3. Mary Blanch Macklin (1351), Aug. 27, 1898. 

4. Mabel I. Macklin (1352), Sept. 28, 1899. 

5. Benjamin Franklin Macklin (1353), Sept. 24, 1902. 


No. 813 

Edgar Benjamin Merrill, son of B. A. Merrill (309), born 
Feb. 16th, 1880. Married Mary Dennis. They had: 

1. Grandison Moss Merrill (1354a), June 21, 1900. 

2. Dennis Mahlon Merrill (1354b), July 5. 1903. 

No. 814 

Ruby Irene Merrill, daughter of B. A. Merrill (309), born 
Nov. 1st. 1881. Married William Walters. They had: 

1. Jay D. Walters (1355), June 25, 1898. 

2. Nina Elizabeth Walters (1356), June 9, 1902. 

3. Orville Merrill Walters (1357), June 23, 1904. 

4. Edna Nannetta Walters (1358), June 4, 1907. 

5. Edgar Ledon Walters (1359), Aug. 14, 1909. 

No. 816 

Lebon N. Merrill, son of B. A. Merrill (309), born July 18th, 
1886. Married Leota Dennis. They have no children. 

No. 817 

George F. Crocker, son of Sarah Jane Merrill (310). born 
Apr. 10th. 1867. Married Ethel May Judd. They had: 

1. Alice Crocker (1360), June 9, 1903. 

2. William Judd Crocker (13G1), Feb. 14, 1906. 

Prof. Geo. F. Crocker graduated from Shenandoah (Iowa) 
Normal College, 1892; Nebraska State University, 1894. He 
has been seven years principal of one school. County Supt. 
twice. Mrs. Crocker was also a teacher. She graduated from 
Normal College. Lincoln. Neb., and was four years his assist- 
ant. They live at Lincoln, Neb., where lie is connected with 
the State University. Alike was born at Falls City, Neb., Wil- 
liam at Pawnee City. Neb. 


No. 819 

Blanche Crocker, daughter of Sarah Jane Merrill (310), 

born July 10th, 1870. Married. - , 1892, Hans Johnson. 

They had : 

1. Virgil C. Johnson (1362), Dec. 13. 1894. 

2. Margaret Johnson (1363), Oct. 9, 1898. 

3. Eva Johnson (1364), Jan. 14, 1901. 

Virgil was born at West Side, Iowa, Margaret at Hoising- 
ton, Kan., Eva at Grand Island, Neb. They now live in Spo- 
kane. Wash. Mrs. Johnson is a successful teacher of music. 

No. 822 

Edward Crocker, son of Sarah Jane Merrill (310), born Oct. 
6th, 1874. Married Alice Hern. They have no children. 

Mrs. Crocker is a teacher. She graduated from the Normal 
College. Kansas. Mr. Crocker is a popular undertaker at 
Hutchinson, Kansas, where they reside. 

No. 825 

Merrill Cornell Smith, son of Lucy Maria Merrill (311), 
born Oct. 21st, 1874. Married, Jan. 14th, 1897. Beulah White, 
Salina, Kansas. They had : 

1. Glenna Rockforji Smith (1365), May 30, 1899. 
Mr. M. C. Smith lives at Hutchinson. Kan. 

No. 827 

Leonard Clifton Smith, son of Lucy Maria Merrill (311), 
born Aug. 30th, 1880. Married, July 20th, 1901. at Hutchinson, 
Hedve Katberine Ledbolm. born Aug. 2d, 1880, at Smolan, 
Sweden. They had: 


1. Edso Dork Smith (1366). May 10, 1902. 

2. Eugene Frederick Smith (1367). Dec. 6. 1905. 

3. Homer Verne Smith (1368), July 29, 1908. 

4. Mabel Irene Smith (1369). Jan. 13. 1911. 

E. C. Smith Lives at Hutchinson. 

No. 828 

Oliver Newton Smith, son of Lucy .Maria Smith (311). born 
May 5th, 1883. at Sedgwick City. Kan. Married. May 3d, 
1911, Doxie A. (lark, horn Apr.. L888. They live at Vinita, 

No. 831 

Nettie Orcelia Merrill, daughter of A. N. Merrill (313), born 
Jan. 16th, 1889. Married, Sept. 30th, 1908, Steven Ellis Pratz, 
born Sept. 15th, 1888, at Fort Scott. Kan. They had: 

1. Steven Ellis Prat/. Jb. (1370), Mar. 28, 1910. 

Mr. Pratz lives in Hutchinson. He is a traveling salesman 

for The Nelson Mfg. and Supply Co. 

No. 832 

Blanche Lucinda Merrill, daughter of A. X. Merrill (313), 
horn May 13th. 1893. Married. May 14th, 1911, Glenn Thomas 
Fisher, horn Feh. 17th. 188.). at Wellington, Kan. They live 
in Hutchinson. Mr. Fisher is traveling collector for the Leslie- 
Judge Pul). Co. 

No. 842 

Thomas J. Cruzan, son of Leander Cruzan (316), born Apr. 
21st, 1867. at Pleasant Hill. Or. Married, June, 1890, at Lowell. 
Or., Pearl Cain, daughter of Henry Cain. They had: 


1. Adusen S. Cruzan (1371), May 20. 1891; died May 20. 1892. 

2. Christella N. Ckuzax (1372), Feb. 4. 1S93. 

3. Melvia F. Ckuzax (1373), Mar. 18, 1895. 

4. Elva T. Cruzan (1374), Oct. 13, 1897. 

5. Vebnon W. Cruzan (1375), July 17, 1900. 

6. Thekesa M. Cbtjzan (1376), Mar. 23, 1903. 

7. Lee H. Cruzan (1377), Sept. 19, 1905. 

8. Esther C. Cruzax (1378), Dec. 6, 1908. 

9. Augustus W. Cruzax (1379), Oct. 24, 1911. 

Mr. T. J. Cruzan is a lumber manufacturer. He lives at 
Dexter, Or. 

No. 844 

Emma C. Cruzan, daughter <>i' Leander Cruzan (316), born 
Aug. 14th, 1872, Goshen, Or. Married, June 3d, 1900. Eugene, 
Or., George Fred Parker. They had : 

1. Axsel Parker (1380), July 15, 1901. 
Mr. Parker lives at Eugene, Or. 

No. 847 

Ida E. Cruzan, daughter of Leander Cruzan (316), born 
Oct. 3d, 1879, at Leaburg. Or. Married, May 18th, 1907, H. M. 
Calkins, son of Dewayne Calkins and Ada Aldridge. They had : 

1. Earl A. Calkixs (1380), Apr. 25, 190S. 
Mr. Calkins lives in Springfield, Or. 

u No. 848 

Rosa Cruzan, daughter of Leander Cruzan (316), born May 
15th, 1882. at Leaburg. Or. Married. Mar. 15th, 1901. John T. 
Hughes, Palls City. They had: 

1. Zella Hughes (1381), Mar. 23, 1905. 

2. Lloyd J. Hughes (1382), May 22, 1906. 

Mr. Hughes resides at Palls City. Or. 


No. 849 

Zelma Cruzan, daughter of Leander Cruzan (316), born 
Nov. 10th. 1884. at Dexter, Or. Married Charles T. Williams. 
They have no children. 

Mr. Williams lives at Pleasant Hill, Or. 

No. 851 

Laura Bell Conrad, daughter of Lucy Maria Cruzan (317), 
born Oct.. 1861. at Eugene. Or. Married. Oet. 8th, 1881, Michael 
Suit, born in Ohio. They had: 
t. Etta Bell Silt (1383). 

2. Lucy Della Sult (1384). 

3. Francis Sllt (1385). 

4. Peakl Sult (1386). 

".. .Michael Sult (1387). 
6. David Earl Sult (1388). 

Mr. Suit is a farmer. He lives at Summer Lake, Or. 

No. 853 

David Barton Conrad, son of Lucy Maria Cruzan (317), 
born May 12th. 1865, at Eugene. Or. Married. Apr., 1897, Etta 
Bagley. daughter of William Bagley. They had: 

1. Lois Conrad (1389), Jan.. 1898. 

2. Mae Conrad (1390). 

3. Adelbert Conrad (1391). -\ 

4. Fred Conrad (1392). 

Mr. Conrad is a farmer. He lives at Paisley, Or. 


No. 854 

Lucy Jane Conrad, daughter of Lucy Maria Cruzan (317). 
born Mar., 1867, at Ashland, Or. Married . They had: 

1. Letha G. (1393), Apr. 5, 1890. 

2. Marvin (1394), Apr., 1902. 

lie lives ;i1 Springfield, Or. 


No. 855 

Ida Conrad, daughter of Lucy Maria Cruzan (317), born 
May 12th. 1868. Married (1) Charles Hamilton, who died. 
She married (2) John Simmons. 

By Mr. Hamilton she had : 

1. Earnest Hamilton (1395). 

By Mr. Simmons she had: 

2. Lucile Marie Simmons (1396), Feb.. 190."). 

Mr. Simmons lives at Lake View. Or. 


crx ^r-^< No. 857 

Etta Jane, daughter of Lucy Maria Cruzan (317). horn June 
29th. 1S77. at Eugene. Or. Married. Dee. 22d. 1895, Thomas 
George Brown, horn Jan. 1st. 1871. They had: 

1. Lloyd Henry Brown (1397). Dec. 10. 1896. 

2. Gladys Lucy Brown (1398), May 21, 1898. 

3. Hazel VErnetta Brown (1399), Jan. 10, 1900. 

4. Carl Conrad Brown (1400), Sept. 1. 1902. 

Mr. Brown lives at Creswell, Or. He is a stock raiser. 

No. 859 

Minnie Viola Rowan, daughter of Laura Ann Cruzan (319), 
horn May 18th, 1867. Married Jesse Calkins. They had: 

1. Son Calkins (1401). 

2. Sox Calkins (1402). 

3. Sox Calkins (1403). 

4. Sox Calkins (1404). 

No. 860 

Norman Rowan, son of Laura Ann Cruzan (319). horn Nov. 
14th, 1869. Married Alpha Sturgill. They had: 

1. Son Rowan (1405). 

2. Son Rowan (1406). 

3. Daughter Rowan (1407). 


No. 861 

Robert 0. Carr, son of Laura Ann Cruzan (319), born Feb., 
l s 77. Married Nellie Higgins. They had: 

1. Daughter Cari; (1408). . 1908. 

No. 863 

Ancil Elmer Jordan, son of Margaret Ellen Reed 320). 
born May 5th, 1866. Married, Dee. 24th. 1890, Bertha Eldra 
Payne. They had : 

1. Bessie Elma Jordan (1409), Jan. 21, 1893. 

2. Pux Devon Jordan (1410), May 6, 1903. 

3. Ruby May Jordan (1411) Apr. 13, 1905 

No. 865 

Charles Franklin Jordan, son of Margaret Ellen Reed 320 
born May 27. 1873. Married, Nov. llth, 1890, Jessie Brener- 
man. They had : 
1. Dale Forest Jordan (1412). Apr. 14. 1905. 

No. 866 

Trella May Jordan, daughter of Margaret Ellen Reed 320), 
horn Sept. 21st. 1876. Married, Sept. 17th, 1910, Harvey Hold- 
erman. No children. 

No. 867 

Carrie H. Jordan, daughter of Margaret Ellen Reed 320), 
horn Apr. 21st. 1879. Married, Dec. 25th. 1909, Robert Newton 
Towns. No children. 


No. 868 

Emma Julia Jordan, daughter of Margaret Ellen Reed 
(320), born June 17th. 1880. Married. Sept. 9th. 1903. Clarence 
H. Fretz. They had : 

1. Gerald Jordan Fbetz (1413), Nov. 9, 1905. 

No. 869 

Ivy Pearl Jordan, daughter of Margaret Ellen Reed (320), 
born Mar. 30th. 1882. Married Ernest Castleman, July 18th, 
1900. They had: 

1. Estel Donovan Castleman (1414), Dec. 19. 1901. 

2. Leonard Castleman (1415), July 24, 1904. 

No. 887 

Mattie Jane Grant, daughter of Benjamin Stacy Grant 
(329). born Aug. 30th, 1883, Married, Oct. 25th. 1905, Wil- 
liam S. Barackman, born Dec. 17th, 1870. at Arvilla, Mo. ; son 
of Kinnard Hamilton Barackman and Mary Batten. They had: 

1. Kinnard Grant Barackman (1416), Dec. 13, 1906. 
'2. William S. Barrackmax (1417), Mar. 29, 1909. 

Mr. Barackman has been Treasurer of Elk Co., Kan. The 
family came to Kansas in 1874. lived on rich bottom lands near 
town. In 1!)09 moved to town. There are six Barackman 
brothers. Three are farmers, two are grocers in Howard, one 
principal of high school. Moscow, Idaho. They are Methodists. 

No. 904 

Eunice Evelyn Mason, daughter of S. M. Mason (347). born 
July 5th. 1868, at Creston, III., died Oct. 26th, 1894. at High- 
Land, Kan. Married Charles E. Gossett, born Nov., 1865, at 
Monmouth, 111.: son of Andrew Jackson Gossett and Mary 
Elizabeth Bursch. They had: 


1. Andrew Jackson* Gossett (1418), May 31, 1SS7. 

2. Edxa Rosella Gossett (1419), Apr. 3, 1S89. 

3. Lois Gossett (1420), , 1892; died Sept.. 1894. 

4. Mildred Evelyn Gossett (1321), Aug. 9, 1894. 

The first three were born at Ord, Neb., the last one at High- 
land. Kan. Mr. C. E. Gossett lives at Latourelle, Or. Mr. 
A. J. Gossett at Hillsboro, Or. 

No. 905 

Herbert Edwin Mason, son of S. M. Mason (347), born Nov. 
27th, 1870, at Creston, 111. Married, Dee., 1905, Bertha Cole, 
born Feb. 9th, 1870; daughter of Ezra Cole and Margaret 
Lonise Druff. They had: 

1. Edwin Ezra (1422), Feb. 10, 1907. 

2. Mabgaret Elizabeth (1423), Jan. 3, 1911. 

Herbert E. Mason is a farmer. He is also a Spanish War 
veteran, having served in Co. B, 2d Neb. Keg. He lives at 
Cresco, Neb. 

No. 906 

Howard Lowell Mason, son of S. M. Mason (317), born Mar. 
5th, 1873, at Creston, 111. Married. Dec. 10th. 1903. Bertha E. 
Mattley, daughter of Herbert Matt-ley and Celestine Duncan. 
They had. 

1. Alice May Mason (1424), Dec. 16, 1904. 

2. Everett Lowell Masox (1425), Aug. 16, 1906. 

3. Berxice Lucille Masox (1426), Dec. 28, 190S. 

All born at Ord. Mr. II. L. Mason is also a Spanish War 
veteran, having served in the 22d Reg.. U. S. Regular Army. 
He was the third man to step ashore when oar forces invaded 
Cuba. He was at El Caney and all the principal battles of 
that campaign. He lives at Ord. Neb. 


No. 907 

Lawrence Judson Mason, son of 8. M. Mason (347); bom 
Dec. 27th. 1874. at Creston, 111. .Married. Dee. 29th. 1904, Jennie 
Anderson, born Feb. 2()th. 1881. daughter of James Anderson 
and Gorinna (Corinna ?) Hoffsett. They had: 

1. Arthur James Mason (1427), Oct. 4. 1905. 

2. Helen Louise Mason (1428), Mar. 6, 1910. 

They were born at Ord, where he now resides. 

No. 908 

Leslie Raymond Mason, son of S. M. Mason (347), born 

July 17th. 1877. at Creston, 111. Married, Oct. Kith. L901, Fan- 
nie E. Haggart, horn Jan. 14th. 1882. daughter of James Arch. 
Haggart and Fannie E. Clafiin. They had. all at Ord. where 
they now live : 

1. Evelyn Masox (1429), Jan. 17, 1903. 

2. Hazel Marie Masox (1430). Nov. 4, 1905. 

3. Harold Hexry Masox (1431), Dee. 3, 1910. 

Mr. L. E. .Mason is a builder, and a Prohibitionist and a 


No. 909 

Charlotte Henrietta Mason, daughter of S. M. Mason (347), 

horn Aug. 30th. 1880. at Bradshaw, Neb. Married, Oct. 26th. 
1898, Lyle Craig, horn Aug. Kith. 1873. in Mich; son of Wesley 
lv Craig and Vinetta Wygent. They had: 

1. Lyle Louise Craig (1432). July 16, 1899; died July 17, 1899. 

2. Wilmer Lyle Cham; (1433), Feb. 18, 1901. 

3. Elijah Elwynn Craig (1434), Aug. 23. 1902. 

4. Kenneth Leslie Cbaig (1435). Jan. 2, 1906. 

5. Archie Wayne Craig (1436), June 2. 1910. 

The first three were born at Ord, the rest at Davis Creek, 
Neb. This family belong to l'. B. Church, lie is a fanner liv- 
ing at ( )i-d. Neb. 


No. 910 

John Garner Mason, son of S. M. Mason (347), born July 
14th. 1883. at Ord. Married, Nov. 29th. 1905, Ada Severson, 
born Aug. 21st, 1887, at North Loup, Neb.; daughter of Ole 
Severson and Minnie Kiser. They had no children. He is a 
mason, and belongs to the Christian (Disciples) Church. They 
live at Ord. 

No. 912 

John W. McArthur, son of Charlotte Amelia Mason (348). 
born Nov. 25th. 1868, at Creston, 111. Married. Feb. 13th, 1895, 
Pueblo. Colo.. Rosebud H. Sword, born Mar. 31st. 1873. at 
Minneapolis; daughter of Martin V. Sword and Rosina E. 
Dilley. They had : 

1. Grace E. McArthur (1437). Feb. 17, 1896. 

2. Robert E. McArthur (1438), Jan. 1, 1901. 

Mr. J. \Y. McArthur is in the 1". S. Railway Mail Service. 
They are Congregationalists. They live at Lincoln. Neb. 

No. 913 

Eliza R. McArthur, daughter of Charlotte Amelia .Mason 
(348), born Apr. 21st, 1871. Married. May 8th. 1886, Joseph 
Shoestall. They had: 

1. Mahel Shoestall (1439), Mar. 24. 1887. 

2. Hazel Shoestall (1440). July 7, 1894. 

Both were born at Elwood, Neb. 

No. 915 

Edith M. Coleman, daughter of Charlotte Amelia Mason 
348), born June 25th, 1880. Married. -Mar. 3d. 1899. Nelson 
Jones. They had : 


1. Vera Jones (1441). 

2. Roy Jones (1442). 

3. Irene Jones (1443). 

4. Ralph Jones (1444). 

5. Ruth Jones (1445). 

6. Baby Jones (1446). 

Mr. Jones lives in York, Neb. 

No. 917 

Amy 0. Mason, daughter of Gardner Mason (350), born 
Jan. 25th, 1874. Married, Jan. 16th, 1901, James P. Smith. 
They had: 

1. Hakry S. Smith (1447), Aug. 11, 1903. 

2. Eunice Agnes Smith (1448), Oct. 26, 1906. 

3. James Leslie Smith (1449), May 24, 1910. 

Mr. Smith lives at Astoria, Or. 

No. 918 

Walter F. Mason, son of Gardner Mason (350), bom Nov. 

10th, 1876, in Neb. Married, Jan. 30th, 1901, Lizzie Wold. 
They had: 

1. Ivan T. Mason (1450), July 21, 1902. 

2. Ruth M. Mason (1451), Apr. 29, 1904; died in about six months. 

3. Clara E. Mason (1452), Nov. 8, 1906. 

4. Franklin Mason (1453), Aug. 12. 1909. 

Ruth died by poisoning. Walter Mason lives at Kalama, 
Wash., on the Columbia River. He works in a saw mill. 

No. 922 

Adelbert Lea Mason, son of C. W. Mason (351), born July 
29th, 1884, at Bradshaw, Neb. Married, July 20th, 1908, at 
Elwood, Neb., Dora Ellen Horn, born Mar. 9th, 1881, at New 


( iastle, Ohio. She was a daughter of Jacob Horn and Lydia 

Hall. They had: 

1. Lea William Mason (1454), Aug. 1, 1909. 

Mr. Mason is a stockman. They arc Presbyterians. They 

live at Otis, Colo. 


No. 928 

Dora Rosella Mason, daughter of G. F. Mason (352), born 
Nov. 7th. 1883, at Neb. Married, Jan. 1st, 1903, Eugene Adolph 
Aufranc, born Aug. 9th. 1873. in Switzerland; son of Auguste 
Aufranc and Sophia Louise Aufranc. They had : 

1. Ei lexa Viola Aufbanc (1455a), July 2, 1904. 

2. Yvonne Leoba Aufranc (1455b), Apr. 5, 1909. 

Mr. Aufranc lives at 1845 So. Commercial St., Salem, Or. 
He is (1912) County Recorder. 

No. 933 

Everett Austin Stryker, son of Lydia Eleanor Mason (353), 
born Jan. 4th, 1865, at Strykersville. N. Y. Married Apr. 26th, 

1887, Amy Smith, at Castile, N. Y., born July 31st, 1867, daugh- 
ter of Ansel B. Smith and Hattie Fitch. They had: 

1. Ansel Gabbett Stryker (1456), June 2, 1S88. 

2. Charles Everett Stryker (1457), Apr. 10. 1890; died Sept. 6, 1897. 

3. Nelson Stryker (1458), June 2, 1892; died Aug. 16, 1892. 

Mr. Stryker is a machinist. He is a Presbyterian. They 
live in Harrisburg, Eenn. 

No. 934 

Martin Lewis Stryker, son of Lydia Eleanor Mason (353), 
born Apr. 19th, 1868, at Strykersville. Married, May 31st, 

1888, at Castile, N. Y., Susan Austin, born July 4th, 1871 or 2, 


at Eagle, X. Y.. died Oct. 18th, 1902, at Muskegon, Mich. They 

1. Chester James Strykek (1459). Mar. 30. 1890. 

Mr. M. L. Stryker is in an automobile factory at Flint. Mich. 

No. 935 

Carrie Alice Stryker, daughter of Lyclia Eleanor .Mason 
(353), horn Sept. 22d, 1877. at Strykersville, N. Y. Married, 
Aug. 22(1. 1894, at Nunda, N. Y\. Henry Lee, born July 22d, 
1873, at Portage, X. V.; son of Harvey Lee and Martha Perry. 

They had: 

1. Marian Eleanor Lee (1460), July 15, 1895. 

2. Clifford Raymond Lee (1461), Oct. 8. 1899. 
:',. Mildred Jessie Lee (1462), Mar. 24, 1902. 
4. H \iaiv Henry Lee (1463), July 31, 1908. 

.Mr. Lee is a farmer. He is a Baptist. They live at Cas- 
tile, X. V. 

No. 946 

Ethel May Mason, daughter of Charles Irvin Mason (361), 
lion. Sept. 7th, 1889. Married. Mar. 12th, 1907. William Smith, 
son of Joseph and Mary Smith of Ocala, Iowa. They live at 
Lake Park, Iowa. lie is a farmer. 

„ No. 958 

Julia Clark Masno, daughter of Laura Edna Mason (364), 
in May 5th, 1885, at North East, IVnn. Married. Feb. 6th, 
1911, Albert McClellan Barnes, born .May 19th, 1885, at Pitts- 
burg, Pa.; son of Albert McClellan Barnes and Clara Stitt. 

Mrs. Barnes graduated from High School. 1904; Vassar 
College, 1908; taughl mathematics. Roanoke College, Virginia, 
1908-09; science and mathematics. Miss Bangs and Whiting's 
Girls School, X. V. ( it v. 1909-10. 


Mr. Barnes took high school course. Pittsburg, 1903; law 
course. Ann Arbor, 1906. Admitted to bar, Mich.. 1906, New 
York, 1910. In law firm of Stoddarl & Barnes, 2 Rector Si.. 
X. Y. City, and active in local politics of his party (Rep.). 
They belong to the M. E. Church. 

No. 961 

Mabel Julia Mason, daughter of Rev. Wallace Norman Mason 
(366), horn Aug. 9th, 1880. Married, Apr. 19th, 1904, Henry 
Lee Mills. They had: 

1. Maxime C. Mills (1464), Apr. 10, 1S08. 

No. 962 

Clara May Mason, daughter of Rev. Wallace Norman .Mason 
366), horn Ma\ 1st, 1886. Married. Dec 27th. 1907, Clayton 
G. Combes. They have no children. 

No. 972 

Ida May Klock, daughter of J. E. Klock (369), born Nov. 
25th, 1885. Married, Dec. 25th. 1910, John Joseph Marrinan, 
born Dee. 23d. 1886: son of James William Marrinan and 
Margaret Elizabeth Reagan. 

Mr. Marrinan took B. S. at Wesleyan Univ. He is principal 
of Pinkerton Academy. Derry Village, N. II.. where they reside. 

No. 993 

Hattie Corinne Mason, daughter of John II. Mason (385). 
horn Nov. 4th, 1892. in Iowa. Married, Jan. 12th. 1912, George 
M. Sunday, son of Rev. William A. Sunday and Nettie Thomp- 
son. His father is the well known Evangelist. "Billy" Sun- 
day. He is in Penn. R. R. office at Fort Wayne. Ind. 


No. 1001 

Daisy Editha Lonyo, daughter of A. W. Lonyo (389), born 
June 19th, 1881. Married, July 27th, 1910, John William 
Harsha, born Apr. 6th. 1883 ; son of Horace Shaw Harsha and 
Margaret Munroe Carnes. They have no children. 

Mrs. Harsha had two years in Ypsilanti Normal College, 
and graduated with A. B. from Univ. of Mich. 

They live in Detroit. 

No. 1003 

Orville William Lonyo, son of A. W. Lonyo (389), born 
Nov. 16th, 1884. Married, May 9th, 1909, Birdie Fisher, born 
Oct. 17th, 1889; daughter of Herman Fisher and Mary Hein- 
rich. They had : 
1. Willabd Loxyo (1465), Sept. 19, 1910. 

No. 1024 

Addison J. Strykcr, son of Mary Jane Reed (403), born 
July 2d, 1889. Married, Oct. 16th, 1907. Lillian Hughes, born 
.M;ii'. 15th, 1886. They have no children. They live in Strykers- 
ville, N. Y. 

No. 1039 

Chester C. Stratton, son of Charles Jonathan Stratton (419), 
bora 1SS4. Married, Sept. 9th. 1904, Laura M. Shepard. They 

liild : 

1. Leta M. Stratton (1466). 
'-. I [AKRIET Si i: \ i ion (1467). 

No. 1040 

Edna A. Stratton, daughter of Charles Jonathan Stratton 
(419), bora 1886. Married, Aug.. 1908; Harry A. Shoemaker. 
They had: 
1. Charles E. Shoj maker (1468). July, 1909. 


No. 1047 

Robert Edgar Golden, son of Ira Major Golden (428). born 
Nov. 14th, 1886. Married. Oct. 19th, 1909. Mary Butler, daugh- 
ter of Jerry Butler. 

Mr. R. E. Golden lives at 480 Francis St.. Schenectady, 

N. Y. 

No. 1088 

Edgar Little Nightingale, son of Harriet Little (513), born 
Sept. 15th, 1879, at Deerfield, N. Y. Married. Aug. 22d, 1906. 
at San Francisco, Gertrude Schollert. daughter of William 
Henry and Gertrude M. Schollert. They had: 

1. Gertrude Marian Nightingale (1469). May 5. 1908. 

2. Harriet Elizabeth Nightingale (1470), Sept. 10, 1909. 

Mr. Edgar Nightingale lives in Los Angeles. Cal., at No. 
2091 W. 30th Street. 

No. 1089 

Thomas Leslie Nightingale, son of Harriet Little (513), 
born Jan. 20th (or 27th), 1881, at Deerfield. N. Y. Married 

(1), 1903 (or 4), , who died. He married (2) 

They have no children. They reside at 2201 Bonita Ave.. Sacra- 
mento, Cal. 

No. 1095 

Belle Brayton, daughter of O. R. Brayton (523). born Mar. 
3d, 1871. Married Allen Elmer Brundage, born June 11th, 
1870, died Aug., 1906. He was son of 'William Brundage and 
Elizabeth "Williams. They had no children. 


No. 1096 

Jesse Merrill Brayton, son of 0. R. Brayton (523), born .Mar. 
9th, 1873. Married, June 18th. 1902. Susie Griffin, born Aug. 
18th, 1878, a1 (Jtica; daughter of Patrick C. Griffin and Ellen 
( 'oughlin. They had : 

1. Jessi Merrill (1471), Aug. 18. 1911. 

No. 1098 

Thomas Johnson Brayton, son of O. R, Brayton (523), born 
Jan. 17th. 1877. Married, Feb. 2d. 1904, Ernestine Hoxie, 
daughter of Arthur and Phebe Hoxie. They had: 

1. Gladys Hoxie Braytox (1472a), Nov. 2, 1907. 

2. Owes Arthur Braytox (1472b), Aug. 30, 1908. 

Mr. T. J. Brayton is a farmer. 

No. 1100 

Harvey Crego Brayton, son of O. R. Brayton (523). born 
Oct. 14th, 1883. Married, Jan. 1st, 1909, Amelia Hoffman. 
He is employed in the eondensary at Newport, N. Y. 

No. 1148 

Arthur Benjamin Claggett, son of Ada Maria .Mather (579), 
horn Dee. 1st. 1880. Married, Sept. 14th. 1904. Marie Folherts. 
They had : 

l. Marion Claggett (147:: i. Dec 26, 1905. 
_'. Florence Claggett (1474), .June 27. 1909.' 

Mr. A. 15. Claggetl is a farmer. Tie lives in Waupan, Wis. 

No. 1150 

Maude E. Masters, daughter of Myra Mather (580). born 
Nov. 14th. 1886. Married, May 23d. 1910, Lowney Compton • 


Holloway, born 1883, in Texas, son of Rev. James Bethel Hol- 
loway and Eleanor Ann Jackman. 

Rev. J. B. Holloway was an M. E. minister who "had 
preached all over the Western country.'' L. C. Holloway lives 
at Livermore, Cal.. where he is special agent for an English 
Insurance Co. 

No. 1214 

Lillian Estella Heiple, daughter of Harriet Jeannette Reed- 

(644). born 2d. 1875. Married, Nov. 9th, 1904. Major 

Charles W. Cotton, born Nov. 22d. 1868. They had: 

1. Rolsert Ashley Cotton (1475), Dec. 15, 1910. 

He was born at Waterloo, Iowa. 

Major Cotton is a veteran of the Spanish- American War, 

in which he served as captain. 


No. 1218 

Clara May, daughter of Wesley Sylvester Reed. Jr. (645), 
horn Mar. 31st. 1882. Married (1). Sept. 8th. 1901, William 
Martin, born Apr. 27th. 1882, died Aug.. 1906. She married 
(2). William Burright. 

By Mr. Martin she had: 

1. Clarence Martin (1476>. Mar. 29, 1902. 

2. Victor Martin (1477), Apr. 24, 1904. 

3. Ci.niORi) Martin (1478), Apr. 2G, 1906. 

By Mr. Burright she had: 

4. Roland Burright (1479), May 28, 1910. 

No. 1219 

George Albert Reed, son of Wesley Sylvester Reed (645), 

born Oct. 20th. 1883. Married (1) - Vaughn, who died. 

lie married (2) Teresa Shalop. 


By first wife he had : 

1. George Raymond (1480). 

By second wife he had : 

2. Wesley (1481). 

No. 1221 

Edith Adelia Reed, daughter of Wesley Sylvester Reed 
(645), born Mar. 18th, 1888. Married, Feb. 21th, 1906, George 
Wood, born Feb. 22d, 1882. They had : 

1. Gerald Wood (1482), Apr. 15, 1907. 

2. Jane Wood (1483), June 11, 1909; died Apr. 5, 1911. 

No. 1237 

Mary Catherine Reed, daughter of Joseph Edward (651), 
born June 20th, 1891. Married. June 20th, 1910, William* 

No. 1253 

Allen E. Rutter, son of Mary Cornelia Peek (656), born Dec. 
28th, 1878. Married, Oct. 6th, 1905, Gertrude Moore, born in 
1881. They had: 

1. Ray Moore Rutter (1484), Aug. 26, 1906. 

2. Irene Rutter (1485), June 4, 1908. 

No. 1258 

Myron Sidney Crissey, son of Jessie Euretta Buck (661), 
born .Ian. 7th. 1879, at Delhi, Mich. Married, Feb. 4th, 1903, 
Frances Ilawley Fitch, at Yonkers. N. Y. They had: 

1. Catherine Crissey (1486), Dec. 18, 1904. 

Catherine was born at Fort Dade, Florida. 
I 'apt. Crissey is captain of Co. 70. Coast Artillery, U. S. 
Army. He was stationed three years at the Presidio, San 


Francisco. His company sailed. Mar. 5th, 1912, for the Phil- 

No. 1260 

Dana Harold Crissey, son of Jessie Euretta Buck (661), 

born Dec. 9th, 1883, at Bay City, Mich. Married, , 1911, 

Beatrice Guitard, at San Francisco, of French parents. D. H. 
Crissey graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1909, 
and is now Lieutenant in the U. S. Reg. Army. He is stationed 
at Fort Miley, San Francisco, Cal. 

No. 1302 

Carrie lota Bennett, daughter of James Otho Bennett (778), 
born Aug. 10th, 1889. Married Eugene Lawson. 

No. 1305 

Leola Frances Allen, daughter of Olive Theodocia Bennett 
(779), born Oct. 15th, 1889, at Kansas City, Mo. Married, May 

13th, 1907, John Lee Walters from Miami ; son of 

Walters and Sarah Jane Shaw. 

No. 1313 

Lydia M. Maucker, daughter of Emma J. Post (782), born 
Apr. 16th, 1887. Married James Weier. They had: 

1. Russell Lee Weier (1487), Aug. 3, 1906. 

2. Fay Francis Weier (14SS), July 10, 1909. 

3. Esteal James Weier (1489), Mar. 20, 1911. 

No. 1315 

Mary Elizabeth Maucker, daughter of Emma J. Post (782\ 
Married Burt Donaway. They had : 

1. Edward M. Donaway (1490), July 21, 1911. 


No. 1327 

Carl Perry, son of Jay Ellsworth Perry (787). Married and 


1. Russell Pebry (1491). 

No. 1383 

Etta Belle Suit, daughter of Laura Belle Conrad (851). born 
. Married Win. Robinett. They had: 

1. Child (1492). 

2. Child (1493). 

3. Child (1494). 

No. 1385 

Francis Suit, son of Laura Belle Conrad (851). Married 
( 'lyde Kizer. 

No. 1386 

Pearl Suit, daughter of Laura Belle Conrad (851). Married 
John Harmon. 

No. 1393 

Letha G„ daughter of Lucy Jane Conrad (854), born Apr. 
5th, 1890 Married Richard Grey, lives in Centralia, Wash- 

No. 1419 

Edna Rosella Gossett, daughter of A. J. Gossett (904), born 
at Ord, Nel>., Apr. 3d, 1889. Married George Logan Parsons. 
June 1st, 1906, in Washington, born May 3d, 1887; son of 
Howard II. Parsons and Nannie Jane Essick. They had: 

1. Leroy Edward Parsons (1495), Jan. 28, 1907. 

2. Earnest Bert Parsons (1496), May 4, 1908. 

3. Howard Parsons (1497), June 16, 1911. 


No. 1421 

Mildred Evelyn Gossett, daughter of A. J. Gossett (904), 
born at Highland, Kan., Aug. 9th, 1894. Married Seott E. 
Ballard. They had: 

1. Eunice Evelyx Ballard (1498). Sept. 17. 1911. 
They live at Satonville, Ore. 

No. 1459 

Chester James Stryker, son of Martin L. Stryker (934), 
born Mar. 30th. 1890. Married Dorothea A. Broome. 


The following records were not received in time to be 
inserted in their proper order in the main part of the book. 

No. 124 

Charlotte Reed, daughter of John (15). died Apr. 23d, 1876, 
in Chicago. 

No. 449 

Frank D. Champlin, son of Charlotte Reed (124), born Sept. 
6th, 1848: Married, about 1868, Margaret Ryan, at Chicago. 
They had. order not known : 

1. Sox Champlin (1499), died. 

2. Daughter Champlin (1500), died. 

3. Daughter Champlin (1501), died. 

4. Dalghter Champlin (1502), died. 

Mr. F. D. Champlin is in the fruit business in Chicago. 

No. 450 

Nettie M. Champlin, daughter of Charlotte Reed (124), born 
June 8th, 1850. Married. May 1st, 1870. Albert T. Mosher, at 
Chicago. They had. order not known : 

1. Daughter Mosher (1502a). 

2. Daughter Mosher (1502b). 

3. Daughter Mosher (1502c). 

4. Son Mosher (1502d). 

They live in Minneapolis. Minn. 


No. 451 

William N. Champlin, son of Charlotte Reed (124), born 

Dec. 26th, 1852, died May 9th. 1907. He married (1) , 

who died. He married (2) . By whom he had: 

1. Son Champlin (1503). 

No. 452 

Edward R. Champlin, son of Charlotte Reed (124), .born 
Nov. 28th, 1854, died Feb. 14th, 1912. Married, about 1881, 
. They had no children. 

No. 146 


(Since the foregoing record of Athalane Reed (No. 19), who 
married Volney Doty, was printed, we have received a more 
correct report, which we give herewith.) 

No. 19 

Athalane Reed, daughter of Abner Reed (2), born May 9th, 
1808, at Little Falls, N. Y., died Sept. 3d, 1888, at Darlington, 
"Wis. She married, about 1830, Volney Leonard Doty, born 
June 18th, 1802, in Alleghany Co., N. Y., died Jan. 16th, 1862, 
at Darlington, Wis. They had : 

1. Geobge Duane Doty (1504), June 18, 1834. 

2. Willaki) Doty (1505), Aug. 2, 1837. 

3. Cynthia Doty (1506), Nov. 7, 1840. 

4. ABNEB Dklos Doty (1507), Dec. 12, 1842. 

5. Jane Annette Doty (1508), Oct. 9, 1845. 

6. Infant Doty (1509), died in infancy. 

7. OBISSA Doty (1510), Aug. 10, 1849. 


This family lived at Little Falls. X. Y.. until most, if not 
all, of their children were born, then moved to Jeff. Co.. X. Y.. 
and lived a few years at Three Mile Bay. then moved to Chi- 
cago and lived there for a time, then one year in Janesville. 
Wis., and before 1856 were living at Darlington, Wis., where 
they continued to reside to the end. He was by trade a shoe- 
maker, but in later years a farmer. All three of her sons en- 
listed in the war. The oldest died before he left the state and 
left two boys, which she raised. Her last years were spent 
with Mrs. Hamilton, her daughter. Says one who knew her 
well: "She was a fine old lady, a good, earnest.. honest soul, 
and devout Christian, a member of the M. E. Church, and was 
always at meeting." 

No. 1504 

George Duane Doty, son of Athalane Reed (19). born June 
18th. 1834. died Jan. 15th. 1864. Married Eliza AVagner. She 
died soon after he did, and his people raised his sons. They 

1. Leonard Volley Doty (1511), Apr. 1, 1859. 

2. Charles Willard Doty (1512), June 10, 1SG4. 

George Duane Doty enlisted in the 2d Wis. Cavalry in 
1863, at Camp Randal. Madison. AVis.. and died before he left 
the state. 

No. 1505 

Willard Doty, son of Athalane Reed (19), born Aug. 2d. 1837, 
died Aug. 3d, 1864, at Vicksburg. He married Alaria Sandefur, 
They had no children. He enlisted in 2d AVis. Cav. in 1863. 
with his brother, and died in the service, the next year. 

No. 1506 

Cynthia Doty, daughter of Athalane Reed (19), born Nov. 
7th, 1840, at Little Falls, X. Y., died Sept. 20th, 1865. Married, 


Oct., 1860, Thomas Walter Hughes, bom Nov. 6th. 1839, in Wis., 
died in 1872.. They had : 

1. Charles T. Hughes (1513), died. 

2. Frederick S. Hughes (1514), Oct. 10, 1864. 

Mr. Hughes was by occupation a miner. He served three 
years as a private in the 16th Wis. Inf., and went out as Capt. 
of Co. H., 46th Wis., and served to the end of the war. He was 
a Methodist. 

No. 1507 

Abner Dclos Doty, son of Athalane Reed (19), born Dec. 
12th, 1842, at Little Falls, N. Y. Married Jane Porter. They 

1. Elmer W. Doty (1515). 

2. Claude P. Doty (1516). 

3. Margaret Doty (1517). 

4. Walter C. Doty (1518). 

5. Guy Doty (1519). 

6. Robert W. Doty (1520). 

7. Maud Doty (1521). 

8. Lettie Doty (1522). 

9. Nettie Doty (1523). 

10. William Doty (1524). 

11. Mary Doty (1525). 

Abner D. Doty enlisted, in 1861, in the 3d Wis. and served 
till the end of the war. He settled in Jefferson. Maryland and 
married there, and lives there now. 

No. 1508 

Jane Annette Doty, daughter of Athalane Reed (19), born 
Oct. 9th, 1845, at Little Falls, N. Y. Married, Apr. 4th, 1865, 
Willis W. Hamilton, born Sept. 21st, 1840, at Darlington, Wis.; 
son of Samuel B. Hamilton and Elizaoeth J. Sandefur. They 
had : 
1. Bertha A. Hamilton (1526), Apr. 6, 1870. 


Most of their life they resided in Darlington, but moved a 
few years ago to Jefferson, Maryland, where they now reside, 
near her brother Abner D. Doty. They are Methodists. 

• • No. 1510 

Orissa Doty, daughter of Athalane Reed (19). born Aug. 
10th, 1849, died about 1868. Married. Aug., 1867, Peter King, 
in Wisconsin. They moved to California, where she died. They 
had no children. 

No. 1511 

Leonard Volncy Doty, son of George Duane Doty (1504), 
born Apr. 1st, 1859, at Darlington. Wis. Married, May 1st, 
1889, Ida M. Paul, born May 20th. 1870, at Janesville, Wis.; 
daughter of Chris. Paul and Bertha Shumacher. They had: 

1. William Hamilton Doty (1527), Aug. 16th, 1890. 

2. Vera Bertha Doty (1528), May 11, 1895. 

3. Doris Athalane Doty (1529), July 30, 1897. 

These were all born at Doland, So. Dakota. 

Mr. "Len V." Doty publishes the Times-Record, a local 
paper established in 1882, at Doland. S. D.. and in addition to 
his printing business is active in political matters. He has 
been justice of the peace, city councilman, and in 1906 was 
Commissioner of Insurance for the State of So. Dakota. 

No. 1512 

Charles Willard Doty, son of George Duane Doty (1504). 
born June 10th. 1864, at Darlington, Wis. Married, June 4th, 
1891, Jane Caroline Schreiter. born Oct. 26th, 1864, at Darling- 
ton, Wis. ; daughter of David Schreiter and Hannah Bleasdell. 
They had: 

1. Helen S. Doty (1530), July 8, 1895. 

2. David A. Doty (1531), Dec. 29. 1900. 


Mr. Charles Willard Doty graduated from Rush Medical 
College, Chicago, 1888. He moved to Friend, Neb., in 1882, 
went to Cordova, in 1888, for seven years, and is now "enjoy- 
ing a good practice" at Beaver Crossing, Neb., where he has 
been for 17 years. He is also county coroner. 

No. 1514 

Frederick S. Hughes, sou of Cynthia Doty (1506), born Oct. 
10th, 1864, at Darlington, Wis. Married. June 24th. 1903. Fern 
Thomas, born Feb. 2d, 1879, at Montfort, Wis.; daughter of 
John A. Thomas and Lucelia F. Hess. They had: ,-. 

1. Helen Jeannette Hughes (1532), Dec. 6, 1904. 

2. John Frederick Hughes (1533), Dec. 27. 1906. 

3. Dorothy Jane Hughes (1534), Dec. 26, 1910. 

Mr. Frederick Hughes lives at Montfort, Wis. He is a 
harness maker. He writes himself a "Social Democrat" and 
Lutheran in religion. 


No. 150 

Sena Reed (20). Married Duel Wells. They had: 

1. Nettie Wells (150a). 

2. Charlotte Wells (150b). 

3. Jerome Wells (150c). 

4. Fawy Wells (150d). 

The numbering in the book is a mistake, for all except 
Nettie. They are all dead. They lived in New York State. 
Jerome never married, Charlotte did not marry. 

No. 150a 

Nettie Wells, daughter of Sena Reed (20). Married a man 
by the name of [ngersoll. They had: 
l. Dai cirri i; [NGERSOLL (1535). 


The daughter married a man named Wood, who lives at 
Pulaski, N. Y. 


No. 267 

Emma Jane Finch, daughter of Lois Ann Reed (66), born 
Dee. 27th. 1849, at Ennisville, Can. Married, Jan. 12th, 1873. 
at Erie, Kan.. Elijah Brown, born Oct. 1st, 1837, in Virginia, 

died Feb. 18th, 1907. at Chanute, Kan. They had: 

1. Luella N. Browx (1536). Oct. 31. 1873; died same day. 

2. Editha Irene Browx (1537), Feb. 17, 1875. 

3. George Browx (1538), Mar. 17, 1876; died Apr. 4, 1877. 

4. Charles Browx (1539), June 9, 1877; died June 10, 1887. 

5. Lillian Etta Browx (1540), July 16, 1878. 

6. Fred Browx (1541). Jan. 18, 1881. 

7. Olive A. Browx (1542), Feb. 19, 1883; died Mar. 11, 1883. 

8. Clarence Edward Browx (1543), Mar. 2, 1884; died Oct. 9, 1886. 

9. Minnie Julia Browx (1544). Feb. 25, 1886. 

10. Earnest Leslie Browx (1545), Mar. 18, 1889. 

11. James Arthur Browx (1546), Feb. 13, 1891; died Sept. 25, 1899. 

Mr. Brown was a farmer, who had resided sinee 1867 near 
Chanute, Kans.. except eight years, 1885 to 1893. when he 
lived near Thornfield, Mo. The statement in the Dickerman 
Genealogy that, in 1891, she had 18 children, is correct, if w r e 
understand that she included her eight step-children, and either 
gave her report before the last one was born, or omitted the 
oldest, who died same day. She resides with her daughter, 
Mrs. Lambkin, near Chanute. and is in very feeble health. 


No. 1537 

Edith Irene Brown, daughter of Emma Jane Finch (267). 

horn Feb. 17th. 1875. Married John Deckard, born . died 

Mar. 17th. 1907. They had : 


1. Delbert Deckard (1547). 

2. Ida Deckard (1548). 

3. Minnie Deckard (1549). 

4. Vinnie Deckard (1550), died. 

5. Bessie Deckard (1551). 

6. John Deckard (1552). 

7. Luther Deckard (1553). 

This family are living somewhere in Okla. 

No. 1540 

Lillian Etta Brown, daughter of Emma Jane Finch (267), 
horn July 16th, 1878. Married John E. Lambkin. They had : 
1. Guy E. Lambkin (1554). 

Mr. Lambkin is a farmer who lives near Chanute, Kan. 

No. 1541 

Fred Brown, son of Emma Jane Finch (267), born Jan. 
18th, 1881. Married Clara Clemens, born . They had: 

1. Bernice Brown (1555), died. 

2. Kenneth Brown (1556). 

3. Norma Brown (1557). 

Fred Brown is a farmer near Chanute, Kansas. 

No. 1544 

Minnie Julia Brown, daughter of Emma Jane Finch (267), 

born Feb. 25th, 1886. Married diaries Holland, born . 

They had: 

1. Freddie Holland (1558). 

2. Evebet Holland (1559). 

Mi-. Holland is a farmer. He lives at Chanute. 



We give also the records of Elijah Brown's* first family r 
the step-children of Emma Jane Finch (267). 

Mr. Brown married (1) his own cousin, Sarah Clarinda 

Brown, daughter of John Brown, born , died . 

They had : 

I. William Albert Brown, May 15, 1858; died unmarried. 
II. John Henry Brown, Mar. 13, 1860; died in childhood. 

III. Martha Jane Brown, May 13, 1862. 

IV. Babe Brown, died in infancy. 

V. Sarah Maria Brown, Jan. 19, 1864. 
VI. Joseph Elijah Brown, Jan. 25, 1868. 
VII. Rufus Stewart Brown, Nov. 15, 1868. 
VIII. Silas Grant Brown, June 4, 1871. 

No. III. 
Martha Jane married B. F. Finch (No. 270), which see. 

No. V. 

Sarah Maria Brown, daughter of Elijah Brown, born Jan. 
19th, 1864. Married Feb. 28th, 1886, David Washington Gil- 
more, t born Dec. 17th, 1856, at Centerview. Mo. They had: 

1. Sarah Violet Gilmore, Nov. 25, 1887. 

2. Leslie Abner Gilmore. Feb. 7, 1892. | 

3. Lester Allen Gilmore, Feb. 7, 1892.1 Died in day or two. 

4. John Lewis Gilmore, Dec. 24, 1895. 

5. Pansy Frances Gilmore, Oct. 25, 1897. 

6. William Albert Gilmore. Jan. 5, 1905. 

*Elijah Brown's Father. — Isam Brown died Aug. 2d, 1857, and 
Matilda, his wife, died Feb. 20th, 1872, had (order not certain): I, 
William; II, Thomas; III, Alexander; IV, James; V, Robert; VI, 
Susan; VII, Isaiah; VIII, Elijah; IX, Daniel; X, Frank. All of 
these are dead, except Thomas, who is somewhere in Oklahoma. 

fWe give herewith the families of the grandfather and father 
of Mr. D. W. Gilmore. 

Samuel Gilmore, born Mar. 11th, 1809; died . Married Matilda 

Shirly, born in 1812; died . They had: 


Mr. D. W. Gilmore, who, though no blood relation, has 
been very helpful to us in these notes, lives near Chanute, Kan. 
He writes himself a "Socialist." He is a farmer. 

Sarah Violet Gilmore. above, married David Elmer Rice. 
They had: 

1. Lela May Rice. Feb. 11. 1907. 

2. Iris Ida Rice. July 13, 1908. 

3. Wilbeb Allen Rice, Dec. 8, 1909. 

No. VI. 

■Joseph Elijah Brown, son of Elijah Brown, horn Jan. 25th, 
1868, died about 1892. Married Tennessee Holland, horn Aug. 
25th. 1872; daughter of W. II. II. Holland and Anna Fry. 
They had: 

1. Bbown, Apr. 22, 1891. 

2. Saeah Elsie Brown. Sept. 25, 1892. 

They live near Thornfield, Missouri. 

1. James Scott Gilmore, Mar. 8, 1831. Married Glaphyra Mullins. 

2. Sarah J. Gilmore. June 25, 1835. Married Lesh. 

3. John F. Gilmore. Aug. 21, 1836. Married Jane Gilmore. 

4. Joseph B. Gilmore. Aug. 17, 1839. Married Mary West. 

5. George W. Gilmore. Sept. 5, 1840; died unmarried. 

6. William M. Gilmore. Mar. 17, 1842. Married Amanda Richardson. 

7. Polly A. Gilmore. Oct. 17, 1844. Married Adams. 

8. Nancy Elizabeth Gilmore, June 5, 1846. Married V. S. Creveling. 

9. Li ( i.\i)A Frances Gilmore, June 10, 1848. Married Mark Joplin. 

10. Lvdia Gilmore. July 8, 1850. Married Mark Joplin. 

11. Si san Gilmore, Nov. 2, 1852. Died unmarried. 

12. Jehu V. Gilmore, June 18, 1855. Unmarried. 

L3. Tolbebt A. Gilmore, Sept. 4, 1858. Died unmarried. 

.Mr. Samuel Gilmore was a farmer. He lived in Johnson Co., 
Missouri. Of his large family all are dead except Nancy Elizabeth, 
Lucinda Frances and John V. 

James Scott Gilmore, oldest son of Samuel Gilmore, above, born 
•Mar. 8th, 1831, in Morgan Co., Mo., died Jan. 14th, 1879, at Chanute, 
Kan. Married, Mar., 1856, at Warrensburg, Mo., Glaphyra Mullins, 

born Mar. 8th, 1828, in Montana; daughter of Mullins and 

Dorothy Mullins. They had: 


Xo. VII. 

Rul'us Stewart Brown, son of Elijah Brown, born Nov. 15th 
1868. Married Docia Holland. They had. order uncertain: 

1. Bertha Brown. 

2. Roy Brown. 

3. Etzel Brown. 

4. Lena Brown. 

5. Ralph Brown. 

6. May Brown. 

7. Infant, died. 

Mr. Rnfns S. Brown is living at Broken Arrow. Okla. 
Bertha Brown married John Wagoner. They had: 

1. Chili;. 

No. VIII. 

' Silas Grant Brown, son of Elijah Brown, horn June -4th. 
1871. Married Flora Holland. They had. order uncertain: 

1. Infant, died. 

2. Earl Brown. 
'!. Merle Brown. 

Mr. S. G. Brown is a farmer. He lives in Chanute. Kan. 

1. David Washington Gilmorf, Dec. 17. 1856. Married Sarah Maria 


2. Dorothy Matilda Gilmore. July 13. 1858. Married Henry P. How- 

ard, died. 

3. Sarah Elizabeth Gilmore. Nov. 28. 1859.1 Married Xewton J. Dennis, 

i. died. 

4. John Francis Gilmore. Nov. 28, 1859. J Married Laura Abbie Clark. 

5. Jessie Miillins Gilmore. July 23, 1861. Married Mary C. Clark. 

Laura Abbie and Mary C. Clark are sisters, and granddaughters 
of Benjamin Finch. 

James S. Gilmore was a farmer. He lived in Morgan and Johnson 
Counties, Mo., and Xeosha County, Kan., and in Dec, 1864, went to 
Kansas, locating the next year on a farm near Chanute, where he 
lived the rest of- his life, and where his son D. W. Gilmore now lives. 
The son has always lived in the same town, has been school district 
clerk and town clerk twice, and has seen the region change from a 
trackless prairie to a finely tilled farm country. 


This record was overlooked when the main part of the 
book was printed. 

No. 246 

Francis Adclbcrt Read, son of Rev. Francis A. Read (61), 
born Aug. 27th, 1852. in Illinois. Married, Apr. 23d, 1879. 
Elizabeth Fay Prentice, Freeport, 111., born Sept. 16th, 1854. 
died Dec. 21st, 1901. They had: 

1. Helen (1560), Mar. 10, 1880, Freeport, 111. 

Helen Read married, July 15th, 1909, Joseph H. Johnson. 
They had : 

1. Joseph Read Johnson (1561), Jan. 5, 1911. 

Francis A. Read is an extensive and prosperous merchant 
in Freeport, 111. His business card reads: "F. A. Read, Dry 
Goods, Millinery and Carpets at wholesale and retail." His 
place is 112, 114, 116 Stephenson Street and 123. 125, 127 
Exchange Street. 

No. 252 

Frances Josephine Read, daughter of Rev. Francis A. Read 
(61), born Nov. 1st, 1867. Married, Jan. 17th, 1900, Frederic 
Robinson Bartlett, born Jan. 7th, 1856, died Aug. 12th, 1904. 
son of Frederick Bartlett and Isabella Hunter Robinson. 

Mr. Bartlett was a graduate of Yale. He was a broker 
,iikI an Episcopalian. 

No. 253 

Esther Read, daughter of Rev. Francis A. Read (61), born 
Oct. 15th, 1872. Married, July 17th. 1890, George G. Cartel'. 
born Mai'. 25th, 1855, son of George Carter and Nancy Gwinn, 
They had: 

1. Gwendolen Carter (1562), Nov. 22, 1892. 

2. Pbancis Read Carter (1563), Dec. 3, 1896. 

::. George Gwinn Carter (1564), Jan 12, . 

Mr. Carter is a Banker. 


No. 949a 

Walter Clark Mason, son of Marcus (lark Mason (362). 
born June 25th, 1875, at Tura, in Assam, India. Married, Mar. 
12th, 1903, in Calcutta. India, Florence Nightingale Smith, 
born Nov. 8th, 1862, daughter of Dr. Stephen Smith and Lucy 
Elizabeth Culver. They had no children. 

In 1887, Mr. W. C. Mason, then a boy of 12. came to this 
country, lived in the Home at Newton Center, Mass.. till June. 
1892. He then went to Cook Academy. Havana. N. Y., and 
graduated in 1895 ; from Colgate Univ., 1899 ; Rochester Theo. 
Sem., 1902. He was ordained that summer as a missionary 
of the Am. Bap. Miss. Soc, and sailed in Sept. to his father's 
field, to work among the Garo Tribe, which his father began 
in 1874. He has lately been in this country, but expects to 
return to his work, when his wife's health will permit. 


No. 138 

James Rccd (138), married Georgiana Klock, daughter of 
George Henry Klock and Hannah Sholes ; born Jeff. Co.. N. Y., 
died Mar. 2nd. 1896. Duncombe, Iowa. They had: 

1. Annette Hannah, June 30, 1879. 

2. George Cady, Mar. 6, 1881. 

3. Addie Helen, Mar. 9, 1883. 

4. Ada Harriet, Nov. 30, 1884. 

5. James, Sept. 5, 1886. Died. 

6. Franklin, Apr. 8, 1889. 

No. 486 

Ada Harriet Reed (186), daughter of James Reed (138), 
born Mar. 30th. 1884. Duncombe, Iowa. Married, Nov. 30th, 
1904, Earl Booth Cranson, born May 8th, 1875, Canastota, 
N. Y.. son of Asa Cranson and Martha Elizabeth Failing. They 
had : 

1. Beulah Martha Cranson, Aug. 31, 1906. 

2. Lucien Earl Cranson, Dec. 31. 1909. 

3. Myron Frederick Cranso.v, Apr. 10, 1912. 

No. 533 

Nancy Mabel Schermerhorn, daughter of Cornelius (180), 
born Dec. 18th, 1884. Married. June 30th, 1910, Harvey H. 
Kcnyon, born Oct. 4th, 1879, son of Elisha Kenyon and Phoebe 

Mr. Kcnyon graduated at Oneonta Normal, was principal 
at Carthage. N. Y., two years, and elsewhere. He is now in 
Scientific Course at Columbia University, N. Y. City, and ex- 
pects to receive degree of B. S. 

No. 1097 

Frank Howard Brayton, son of Omar Romaine Brayton 
(523), born Aug. 17th, 1874. Married . They had: 

1. Child Brayton (1565). 

F. H. Brayton lives at Osceola, N. Y. 



By Edward Reynolds. 
[Prom New York at Gettysburg. Vol. I. page 453.] 

We give this poem, which our readers will discover is a 
parody on "Bingen on the Rhine," not only because it refers 
to the 60th N. Y. Reg., in which two of our kindred served, 
but because we believe that all old soldiers will enjoy it and 
perhaps appropriate its language as descriptive of scenes in 
their own regiments or battles or army life. 

Reynolds was orderly for Gen. Slocum at Gettysburg and 
found a friend of his boyhood, of the 60th N. Y. Reg., mortally 
wounded, and took his dying messages. The 60th was a St. 
Lawrence County regiment from the extreme northerly part 
of N. Y. State. Many of the 60th boys were from the town 
of Russell on Grasse River (so named by the French explorers 
for its grassy marshes). Edgar Reed and William Bullock 
w^vr from this town and still live in Russell. 

A soldier of the Sixtieth lay dying on Gulps Hill. 

There was lack of tender nursing, there was dearth of surgeon's skill, 

For the battle hot was raging, and each moment added one 

To the thousands that lay dying in the hot summer sun. 

A comrade fighting near him bent to hear what he might say, 

To receive his latest message to the dear ones far away. 

The dying soldier faltered, "Ned. I'll never more, alas, 

See my home and friends in Russell — Russell on the Grasse. 

"If you're among the lucky ones, who, when the war is o'er. 
Returning home in triumph, hear the 'High Pall's' greeting roar. 
And see the sister's sunny smile, and mother's gleam of joy, 
When the one beholds her brother and the other clasps her boy. 
If. with trembling voice, a maiden asks about her brother 'Will,' 
You can tell her that you saw him fall on Culps foe-girded hill. 
Ami nil her, too, — 'twill sooth her grief — how traitors fled en mass, 
When Hny met with men from Russell and the towns along the Grasse. 

"Tell my brothers, when they gather round, the story of to-day, 
How gallant Greene's New York Brigade held Ewell's hosts at bay, 


And tell them that 'twas at the point where foeman turned and fled. 
That their Brother 'Bill' was found, among a score of Rebel dead. 
Tell my sister not to weep for me, nor grieve, that o'er my tomb 
No roses planted by her hand, nor violets may bloom. 
And tell her, if she's true and good, at death her soul shall pass 
To a happier home than Russell — happy Russell on the Grasse. 

"There's another — not a sister — you will know her when she speaks, 

By the music in her voice and the roses on her cheeks. 

But no, her voice will lose its ring, the roses take to flight, 

When she reads my name, to-morrow, in the death roll of the fight. 

Last night, in dreams, I stood within a church, and by my side. 

Her hand confidingly in mine, she stood my queenly bride. 

A happy dream! but oh, 'twill never, never come to pass. 

We shall meet no more in Russell, peaceful Russell on the Grasse. 

"In coming years, when you relate the story of the war — 

Of the days when millions marched to beat of drum and cannon jar — 

You can truly say the sons of old St. Lawrence were as bold 

As the boldest of their comrades — brave as bravest knights of old. 

And of all the gallant regiments that faced the fire of death, 

None faced it with a firmer front than did the Sixtieth; 

And mid the bravest of the brave, were none who could surpass, 

In courage, men from Russell, loyal Russell on the Grasse." 

He paused — the comrade lower bent to hear his latest word. 
The swelling roar of battle was the only sound he heard. 
The wounded heart had ceased to beat, the spark of life had fled, 
Another happy home was filled with sorrow' for the dead. 
One more recruit was mustered in, to swell the lengthening train, 
Of troops en route from Gettysburg to Heaven's peaceful plain. 
And none who knew him doubts that good St. Peter let him pass. 
And showed him where the boys were camped from 

"Russell on the Grasse." 


(The Reader will please mark them with pen or pencil in their appro- 
priate places.) 

P. 21, line 16 — Abner is uncle, instead of older brother. 

P. 62 — Lovisa Payne, not Louisa. 

P. 63— Prindle, not Prendle. 

P. 64 — Jacob Janse Schermerhorn, not Jacob James. It was not he but 
one of his descendants who sold arms to the Indians. There were 
about 40 Schermerhorns in the Albany and Rensselaer County 
Regiments in the Revolutionary War. Jacob H., father of Cor- 
nelius, was in the 4th Albany Reg. State Militia. 

P. 65 — Cornelius Schermerhorn was born Aug. 4th, 1799. 

P. 65 — Caroline Schermerhorn died Apr. 15th, 1912, not Apr. 12th. 

P. 71— Jairus Dodd married Sally Davis. Jemima Williams was his 

P. 75 — Niekoffs should be Nihoffs. Mrs. Lonson Read is in her 90th 
year, not 93 years old. 

P. 76 — Truman Beebe should be Addison Beebe, his father. 

P. 78— For families of No. 246, No. 252, No. 253, see Appendix. 

P. 81— Emma Jane Finch, born Dec. 27th, 1849, not Dec. 28th, 1850. 

P. 93 — "Redeat Serus in Celo" should read "Serus in Celum redeat." 

P. 114 — We were misinformed in saying that George Seifred is dead. 

P. 115 — Nathan Rix is buried at Poland. His son "Frank" should be 
a daughter Frances. 

P. 117 — Cornelius Schermerhorn and family are members of Reg. Bap. 
Ch., North Gage. Florence H. graduated from Utica Conservatory 
of Music, 1910. Teaches piano at Poland and has a large patronage. 
Helen Esther is a graduate, A. B., of Albany Normal College, 1912. 
and is a teacher. For Nancy Mabel's (No. 533) record see appen- 
dix, p. 275. 

P. 119 — The death date given as that of Mrs. Kent is her mother's. 
She is with us still. 

P. 121 — No. 193, Archibald Blue's first wife was Mclntyre, not Mcintosh. 

P. I_l — No. 192. The sense of Schimmilpfenig is not shining penny, 
but penny form, or mold. 

P. 125 — .lames M. Cruickshank was member but not elder of the church. 

P L30 Rev. E. N. Kirk, D. D., not Dr. Griffin. 

P. 192— Annette Reed, not Nettie. For No. 486 see App., p. 275. 

P. 198 — Frank Howard Brayton married. They had one child. He lives 
at Osceola, N. Y. 

I'. 244— Etta Jane, insert Conrad. 

P. 252 In No. 958, it should be Julia Clark Sprague, instead of Mason. 

P. 256 — In No. 1098, it should be Omar Arthur, not Owen Arthur. 

P. 258— In No. 1221, it should be Ida Mabel Reed, and not Edith Adelia 
Read, her sister. 

// any reader of this book discovers any other errors or can 
fill out the blanks or give fuller statements of any of the family his- 
tories, linn irill confer a (treat favor by writing the Author, at Clinton, 
N. )'.. who will carefully preserve the notes. 


Given names of persons named Read, Reed, Reid, 6c. 
The numbers refer to the pages 

Aaron, 47. 

Abner, 9, 16, 17, 19, 22, 

23. 24, 32, 35-40. 
Abner, 21, 27, 31. 
Abner. 43-61. 
Ada. 105, 108, 193. 
Ada Harriet, 275. 
Ada Mabel. 109. 
Addie, 108-192-275. 
Adena Belle, 123-205. 
Adelbert Albertson, 80- 

Adrian Jasper, 229. 
Agnes Catherine, 223. 
Albert Elijah. 83-152. 
Albert Maxwell, 87-163. 
Aleitza Ruth, 236. 
Alfred. 127. 
Alice Mary. 222. 
Alice Theresa. 22:). 
Allie Amelia, 146. 
Aiiie May, 78. 
Alma Ann, 80. 
Aha Mabel. 137. 
Alvo. 236. 

Amanda Melissa, 85-154. 
Rev. Andrew. 10. 
Angeline. 54-96. 
Ann, 26. 
Anna. 14. 19. 26. 
Anna Eliza. 48-76. 
Anne Emily, 109. 
Annette Hannah, 275. 
Anson, 54-97. 
Arlie Albertus, 228. 
Athalania, 40-60-264. 



Benjamin (Jr.), 8, 
Benjamin (our), 

Benjamin, 26, 27. 31. 
Benjamin Giles, 51. 
Bertie. 82. 
Betsey. 40-56. 
Betsy Ann, 51-84. 
Brayton. 105. 




Carl Adelbert, 111. 
Carlos Duane, 58-105. 
Carrie A., 81-150. 
Carrie Hinckley, 112-195. 
Candes Adeline, 51-89. 
Caroline H., 63-113. 
Catherine, 55-98, 58-104. 
Catherine B., 110. 
Catherine McKay, 48-77. 
Catherine Elizabeth, 224. 
Sir Charles. 10. 
Charles, 10. 10, 56. 
Charles Albert, 146. 
Charles Brayton, 59-109. 
Charles Francis. 224. 
Charles H., 62-110, 123. 
Charles Harvey. 9-55-98. 
Charles Herbert, 138-219. 
Charles May, 141. 
Charles Warren, 51-87- 

Charlotte, 58-104-263, 105. 
Clara Augusta, 147-226. 
Clara May, 222. 
Clarence Adrian. 147-229. 
Clark, 164. 

Clarion Adelbert, 228. 
Clifford Lynn, 153. 
Clifford William. 223. 
Clinton Elgene. 137. 
"Col" Read, 7-15-16. 
Cora. 127-210. 
Cordelia Elitha. 49-83. 
Cora Grace, 211. 
Cora Lillie, 220. 
Curtis. 20. 
Cynthia, 76-142. 
Cyrus Sandford. 49. 


David Allen, 130. 
Delia Elizabeth, 80-145. 
Deliverance, 26. 
Dora Alvina, 151. 
Dora M., 83. 
Dora Maria, 137-218. 
Dorothy, 211. 


Eaton D.. 69. 
Earl M., 112. 
Ecco Delta, 153. 
Edgar. 70-128. 
Edgar W., 211. 
Edith Adelia, 222. 
Edith Julia. 147-229. 
Sir Edward James, 10. 
Rev. Edward, 130. 
Elgene Wolcott, 9-74-137. 
Elijah Martin, 87-163. 
Elitha. 14-18-49. 
Eliza. 36-52. 
Eliza A., 47. 
Eliza Diana, 56-99. 
Eliza Jane, 51-88. 
Eliza Katherine, 223. 
Elizabeth, 27-. 
Ella Bertha, 137-218. 
Ellen Adele. 78. 
Elloise. 107. 
Elmer Eugene, 147-228. 
Elsie. 46-67. 
Elsie May, 107. 
Emma, 105. 
Emma Jane. 74. 
Emeline, 40-43-57-60. 
Esther, 25, 79-274. 
Esther L., 49. 
Ervin. 9-138. 
Ervin Clifton, 138. 
Ernest Eugene, 228. 
Ethel Helene, 183. 
Ethland, 163. 
Etta, 163. 
Eugene M.. 80. 
Evaline. 36-55. 
Eva Rosina. 147-229. 
Eventus Fletcher, 85-155. 


F. A.. 9-48. 
Fanny, 47, 105-190. 
Fanny Helen, 75-139. 
Flora Estelle. 97. 
Florence, 123-205. 
Florence Charlotte, 220. 
Florence Dorothy, 213. 
Florence Matilda, 138. 
Floyd Denison, 124-206. 


Forest H., 211. 
Foster Devillo, 130-213. 
Frank, 105. 108-193. 
Frances O., 123-206. 
Franklin, 275. 
Francis Adelbert, 78-274. 
Frances Eliza, 49-83. 
Frances Josephine, 79- 

Francis, 63-223. 
Rev. Francis A., 9, 48-78. 
Francis E., 141-223. 
Francis Eugene, 70-130. 
Francis James, 222. 
FrancisTheodore, 62-111. 
Francis Xavier, 224. 
Fred Sheldon, 82-151. 

Garrett, 51. 
George Compton, 6. 
George, 7-16. 
Sir George, 11. 
George Agnew, 11. 
George Houston, 11. 
George, 59, 105, 108-192. 
George Arba, 88. 
George Albert, 222-257. 
George Cady, 275. 
George Herbert, 97-183. 
George Nathaniel, 83-152. 
Gertie, 105. 
Gertrude Anna. 224. 
Gilbert, 164. 
Gorden Warren, 229. 
Gladys Irene, 223. 
Gorton Nelson, 70-138. 
Grace, 107, 163. 
Guy Fred, 124. 


Hannah, 25, 26. 
Harriet, 76-142. 
Harriet Elizabeth, 70- 

Harriet J., 47. 
Harriet -Janet, 141-222. 
Harriet Marie, 97. 
Harriet Mildred, 151. 
Harry James, 112. 
Harry Samuel, 138. 
Hattie M., 78. 
Helen, 274. 

Helen Adelaide, 59-108. 
Helen Eugenia, 62-110. 
Helen Lavina, 152. 
Helen N., 78. 
Henry, 10. 
Herbert Clifton, 220. 
Herbert Elgene, 138-222. 

Herbert Leo, 223. 
Herbert McKinley, 222. 
Herbert Roselle, 74-137. 
Hiram, 46-68. 
Homer E., 123. 
Howard P., 149-233. 
Howard Clark, 112-195. 
Howard Payne, 9-62-112. 
Howard Phelps, 112. 
Hubbard, 61-110. 


Ichabod, 26, 28. 

Ida, 163. 

Ilo Gayle, 153. 

Ina May, 211. 

Irvin, 127. 

Isaac, -28. 

Isaac Hetherington, 48- 

Isaac J. (Sr. ), 76-141. 
Isaac J. (Jr.), 141-224. 
Isabel, 159-191. 
Isadora, 59-109. 
Israel (our), 9. 17. 18, 

22, 35-36. 
Israel, 20, 21, 27. 31. 
Israel, 57-85. 

Iva L., 211. 

Ivo Earnest,. 155-236. 


Gen. James, 8-28. 
James, 26, 40, 58, 43-62- 

James (Jr.), 59-108-275. 
James A. Richard, 51. 
James Augustus, 141-223. 
James Augustus, 224. 
James Smith, 11. 
Jane Amelia, 54-107. 
Jane Elizabeth, 61-110. 
John Ludovicus, 12-24- 

Jennie May, 236. 
Jeremiah, 8, 27. 
Jesse, 163. 
John, 7, 9, 16, 17, 21, 22, 

23, 26, 28, 35, 40, 42, 
57. 105, 18"4. 

John Blue, 204. 
John M., 21-43-63. 
John Meredith, 9, 10. 
Jonathan, 26. 
Joseph, 6, 7, 35, 224. * 
Joseph Addison, 55-97. 
Joseph Clark, 219. 
Joseph Edward. 141-223. 
Julia Ann, 54-97. 
Julia Elitha, 82-151. 
Juliet Margaret. 56-101. 




E., 222. 
H., 211. 

Laura Ann, 51-87. 
Laura Maria, 85-156. 
Lawrence, 195. 
LeRoy, 155. 
Lewis (our). 13, 14, 15. 

22, 35-48. 
Lewis (Jr.), 48-79. 
Lewis Edwin, 18-49-82. 
Lewis Erastus, 106. 
Lewis Eugene, 78. 
Lewis Floyd, 206. 
Lida, 59. 
Logan, 164. 
Lois Ann, 49-81. 
Lois Irene, 152. 
Lonson Patchen, 47-74. 
Louisa, 46-74. 
Lovisa, 123. 
Lovina, 59-107. 
Lucena Barbour, 56-100. 
Lucretia Jane, 85. 
Lucy Esther, 97. 
Lura Elm a, 85-156. 
Lura Elsie, 236. 
Luther James, 146. 
Lydia Ella, 88-166. 


Malintha, 46-73. 
Maranda, 49-82. 
Mabel, 164. 
Mabel Ida, 222. 
Mamie, 105. 
Margaret, 25, 36. 
Margaret Ellen, 87-162. 
Marie Josephine, 224. 
Maria Wiser, 46-70. 
Martin Stryker, 51-87. 
Martha, 26, 69, 123-206. 
Martha A., 81-149. 
Martha B., 47. 
Martha Maria, 74-136. 
Martha Gertrude, 223. 
Marvel Gladys, 222. 
Mary, 26, 123-204. 
Mary, 127-210. 
Mary A., 49. 
Mary Addie, 137-218. 
Mary Ann, 61. 
Mary Catherine, 224-258. 
Mary Delight. 80-145. 
Mary E., 47-75, 59-107. 
Mary Eleanor, 107. 


Mary Esther, 49-62-111. 
Mary Evelyn, 224. 
Mary Jane, 97-184. 
Mary Josephine, 85-156. 
Mary Xarcissa, 78. 
Mary Rocelia, 75-139. 
Mary S., 63. 
Maude Jane, 88.  
Maude S., 112-195. 
Maynard Lloyd, 153. 
Mercy, 26. 

Melissa Finette, 80-145. 
Monnista Dorothy, 224. 
Myrtle, 130-213, 164. 
Myra Mabel, 82. 


Nancy, 58-104. 
Nancy Lucinda, 51-85. 
Nancy Maria, 47. 
Nathan, 10. 
Nathaniel (our), 8, 13, 

14, 18, 21, 23, 35-49. 
Nathaniel, 46-70. 
Nathaniel Record, 49-83. 
Nettie, 108-192, 184. 
Nettie Coy, 138-220. 
Nola Alberta, 153. 
Noyes Lambert. 49-80. 


Olive Roxana, 87. 
Opie Percival, 10. 
Orpah Iriss, 150. 
Orra, 163. 
Rev. Orville, 130. 
Orville Orsine, 80-146. 
Owen Perry, 63-112. 

Pamelia Ann, 49. 
Peter, 26. 
Sir Peter, 6. 

Phebe Elizabeth, 141-221. 
Philander, 58-106. 
Philip Gordon, 107. 
Phillis Elizabeth. 229. 
Polly (our), 15, 22, 23, 

24, 35, 43, 40-59. 
Priscilla, 27. 


Ralph, 164. 

Rayburn Robert, 224. 

Record (Uncle), 13, 14. 

Reckord, 36-55. 

Richard, 88, 164. 

Riley, 127. 

Sir Robert. 6. 

Sir Robert Threshire, 11. 

Robert Gillespie, 11. 

Robert. 11, 141. 

Robert Archibald, 223. 

Rose Mary, 88. 

Rose Melvin, 88, 164. 

Rosetta Minerva, 80. 149. 

Roxcena, 48-78. 

Ruth, 25. 

Ruth Georgine, 123. 

Ruth Hazel, 151. 

Ruth Marcella, 224. 

Sally, 43, 58. 
Sally Ann, 58. 
Samuel, 26, 28. 
Samuel Chasler, 11. 
Sarah, 27. 

Sarah Angeline, 85-155. 
Sarah Frances, 81-150. 
Sarah M., 58-66. 
Sarah Maranda, 55. 
Sarah Rebecca, 82-152. 
Sardis Alviro, 81-149. 
Seth, 12. 
Sena, 40-60-268. 
Simeon G.. 12. 
Spencer De Witt. 49-81. 
Stanton Eaton. 69-124. 
Susan, 69. 
Susanna, 26. 


Thankful, 26. 
Thelma Theresa, 224. 
Thomas, 11. 15, 25, 26, 28. 
Thomas Bracket, 9, 10. 
Thomas Buchanan, 9. 
Thomas Mayne, 11. 
Sir Thomas Wemysis, 11. 


Ula Fay, 164. 


Verna M., 204. 
Vernie, 164. 

Veronica Roosevelt. 224. 
Virginia A., 211. 

Walter, 11. 
Walter, 46-69. 
Walter Ervin, 220. 
Walter H., 110. 
Warren, 15-36-54. 
Warren, 55-112. 
Wayne Abner, 109. 
Webster, 97-184. 
Welby E., 127-211. 
Wesley Sylvester I Sr. ), 

Wesley Sylvester ( Jr. ) . 

Whitelaw, Hon., 9, 11. 
William ( Weymouth), 7, 

13, 14. 25. 26. 27. 
William (Woburn).S. 
William (423), 13, 14.21, 

24, 25, 27. 28. 30, 32. 
William (our), 9, 13, 14, 

22, 23, 24, 35, 45. 
William, 43, 47.. 
Rev. William. 130. 
Rev. William Barnard, 

William Bradford, 11. 
William Cruickshank. 69- 

William D., 123. 
William Edward, 224. 
William Elmer. 137. 
William Edgar, 128-211. 
William Ervin. 74-138. 
William Henry, 59. 
William Henry Harri- 
son, 51-88, 164. 
William Patrick, 141-223. 
William Record, 47-74. 
William W., 10. 
William Whitehouse, 49- 

Wolcott (our), 22,23,24, 

Wolcott, 61. 


Given names of persons other than Read 
The numbers refer to the pages 

At kley. 
Seneca Welbert, 75-139. 
Ithamar, 139. 
Grace Read, 139. 
Dora Grace, 139. 

Jonathan, 21. 

John. 131. 
Priscilla, 131. 

Ada, 242. 

Gen. Ethan, 15, 16, 207. 
Reuben, 20. 
Gilbert, 73, 134. 
Harvey J., 107. 
John, 107, 134. 
George Augustus, 121. 
Dr. E.„125. 
David, 130, 135. 
Ella Whiting, 130. 
Rev. Edward, 130. 
Hon. Cornelius Lansing, 

Hester, 130. 
Sarah, 130. 
Ellinor, 130. 
Cora, 134. 
Mary, L34. 
Mary, L34. 
Jennie, 134. 
Melvin Jackson, 136. 
Mary, 212. 
Etta Adeline, 234, 
Elsa Lee, 234. 
Leola Frances, 234. 259. 

i nderson. 
James, 248. 
l nne. 
i i) of England, IS. 

Jane, 234. 

A i cher. 
Almira, 189. 

.1 rthur. 
Clara May, 17::. 
J. R., 17::. 

Eugene Adolph, 251. 
Auguste, 251. 
Sophia Louise. 251. 
Eulena Viola, 251. 
Yvonne Leora, 251. 

Orville Henry. 208. 
Benjamin Franklin, 208. 

Ella. 269. 

A ustin. 
Susan, 251. 


Lucetta Mehitable, 154. 

Julia, 62. 

Etta, 243. 
William, 243. 

Joseph, 190. 
"Col.", 30. 

Edgar, 215. 

Edwin D., 150. 
Cloa Adella, 150. 
Eddy Lewis, 150. 
Jesse Laraway, 150. 
Walter Samuel, 150. 
Scott E., 261. 
Eunice Evelyn, 261. 

William S., 246. 
Kennard Grant, 246. 

Asenath, 56. 
Joseph, 56. 
Lydia, 185. 
Betsey, 185. 

Rosetta. 116. 

Jennie. 200. 
Peter, 200. 
Melissa, 200. 
Gertrude, 237. 

Matilda, 139. 

Mary Ann, 71. 
Albert McClellan, 252. 

Cea. Joshua, 39. 
Amos, 39. 

Nancy, 172. 

Leon C, 83. 
Ira, 83. 
John, 83. 
Josiah, 83. 

Eugene Reed, 84, 153. 
Emma E., 84. 
Lewis Albert, 84. 
William L.. 84. 
Frances Eliza, 153. 
Ella Maria, 153, 233. 
Frederick, 274. 
Frederick Robinson, 274. 

Evaline Hannah, 225. 

Wallace, 109. 
Garrett, 109. 
Elenor. 109. 193. 
Herbert, 109. 
Quincy A.. 109, 193. 
Florence. 193. 
Wallace, 193. 

Ellen, 98. 
Jacob George, 113. 
Daniel, 113. 
Margaret, 113. 
Caroline, 113, 197. 
Catherine, 113. 
John. 113. 
Malcolm Chester, 113, 

Flora May. 113, 197. 
Margaret Irene, 113, 197. 
Harold Austin, 197. 

Elijah, 83. 
Mary Lavina, 83. 

Addison, 75. 
Silas. 75. 

Frances Harriet, 75. 
Antha Lucella, 75, 139. 
Mary Ella. 76, 140. 
Truman Silas, 76, 140. 

Rev. Lyman, D. D., 49. 
Rev. Henry Ward, D. D., 

Mrs. Harriet Beecher 

( Stowe), 49. 

Edith M.. 181. 

Fanny. 135. 

Mary. 24. 35. 

Elizabeth Ann. 159. 

George, 229. 
Ferris Jasper, 229. 
Hazen Edward, 229. 
Homer Kenneth, 229. 
Hesper John. 229. 


William. 182. _. 

Ben net. 
James Jeremiah, 84. 
Beniamin Franklin. 

James Richmond. 

Matilda Frances, 1 53 
James Otho. 154, 234 
Olive Theodocia, 




Sarah Lucetta, 154, 
Milton Ellsworth. 15 
William. 156. 
Herbert Reed, 156. 
Ruby Margaretta, 156. 
Leah Irene, 156. 
Grace Eliza. 156. 
Joel. 177. 
Elsie M.. 177. 
Gertrude, 177. 
Carrie Iota. 234, 259. 
Jesse Otho, 234. 
Mildred Allen. 234. 

Capt., 15. 

Be mean. 
Moses, 108. 
James Knox, 108. 
Mabel Reed, 108. 
Beulah Louise, 108. 

Mary, 232. 

Emma Frances, 173. 
Leonard, 173. 

Nina Beatrice, 229. 
David, 229. 

Eleanor, 27. 
Hannah, 267. 

John R., 
Elvira, 218. 

Alexander, 67, 122, 204. 
Malcolm Alexander, 67. 
Archibald, 68, 121. 
Arabella, 68. 
Maria A., 68, 122. 
Arthur Grant, 68, 122. 
Daniel Mclntyre, 122, 

Ernest Wells, 122. 
Frank Arthur, 122. 
Arabella, 122. 
Carl Mackay, 204. 
Helen Mary, 204. 
1 Elizabeth Mclntyre, 204. 
Ralph E., 204. 

Orville Curtis, 173. 
Edward, 173. 
Ethel Maud, 173. 
Ralph Cecil, 173. 

Helena, 90. 

Julia. 162. 
Hester Ann, 219. 

Thomas, 116. 

John William, 194. 
Jeremiah, 194. 

Margaret, 228. 
Ezra, 228. 
Otto Jacob, 228. 
Ladah Modelle, 228. 

Merrills L., 180. 
Ray O.. 180. 
Annie R., 180. 
Virgie M., 180. 
Weltha M., ISO. 

Oakley R., 180. 
James F., 180. 

Jane, 103. 
Charles John, 103. 

Gov. William, 25. 
Elizabeth, 131. 

William, 213. 
Harold, 213. 
Beatrice, 213. 

Edward Homer, 234. 
John Gillison. 234. 
Harold Homer, 234. 
Richard Theodore, 234. 

Almon Adoram, 115. 
Jesse, 115. 

Omar Romaine, 115, 198. 
Merrill Jesse, 115, 198. 
Ida Rosalia, 115, 198. 
Arthur Alison, 115, 200. 
Charles Nathan, 139. 
Isaac, 139. 
Jesse Read, 139. 
Mary Maud. 139. 
Robert Isaac, 139. 
Carl, 139. 

Nelson Burwell, 139. 
Belle, 198, 255. 
Jesse Merrill, 198, 256. 
Frank Howard, 198. 
Thomas Johnson. 198, 

Glenn, 198. 

Harvey Crego, 198, 256. 
Lee Omar, 198. 
Lizzie, 198. 

Edith Hetherington, 198 
Harold Merton, 198. 
Gladys Hoxie, 256. 
Owen Arthur. 256. 

Jessie. 245. 

Albert, 205. 
N. M.. 205. 
Lawrence Jerome, 205. 


Capt.. 31. 

Lucy, 171. 

Mollie, 163. 
Samuel, 163. 

Frank, 190. 



Olive A., 269. 

Sarah Ann, 167. 

Charles, 151. 

Pamelia, 49. 


Charles Alfred, 151. 

Ralph, 273. 

Mary, 255. 

Nellie Elzina, 151. 

Rebecca, 207. 

Butt rick. 

George Eugene, 151. 

Robert, 271. 

Wallace Otis, 171. 


Rosetta, 97. 

Willard, 171. 

Samuel P.. 206. 

Roy. 273. 

Bertha Louise, 171. 


Rufus Stewart, 271, 273. 


Dorothea, 261. 

Sarah Elsie, 272. 

Cynthia, 123. 


Sarah Maria, 271, 273. 


Alexander, 271. 

Silas Grant, 273. 

John, 20. 

Almira, 78, 144. 

Susan, 271. 


Bernice, 270. 

Thomas, 271. 

Elisha, 39. 

Bertha, 273. 

Thomas George, 244. 

Bessie, 187. 

Walter E., 187. 


Carl Conrad, 244. 

Warren, 78, 144. 


Charles, 269, 272. 

William, 271. . 

Elsie Beattie, 137. 

Clarence Edward. 269. 

William Albert, 271. 


Daniel, 271. 


Pearl, 241. 

Earl, 273. 

Barbara, 153. 


Earl Reed, 150. 

Frederick, 184. 

Helen Louise. 178. 

Earnest Leslie, 269." 

Harriet Elizabeth. 184. 

Dewayne, 242. 

Editha Irene, 269. 


Jesse, 244. 

Elijah, 149, 269, 271. 

William, 255. 

H. M., 244. 

Etzel, 273. 

Allen Elmer. 255. 


Fred, 269, 270. 


Hester Ann, 155. 

Frank, 274. 

Charles Harrison, 183. 

Eliza, 160. 

George, 269. 

Adam (M. Dj, 183. 


Gladys Lucy, 244. 

Joseph Mason, 183. 

Bridget, 153. 

Hazel Vernetta, 224. 

Clara Angeline, 183. 

Emily, 175. 

Henry G., 78. 



Henry J., 187. 

Timothy D., 142. 

George, 192. 

Henry John, 144. 

Jessie Euretta, 142, 225. 

Bessie A., 192. 

Henry N., 150. 

Catherine Effie, 143. 

Car dwell. 

Henry Oliver, 227. 

Epaphroditus, 212. 

Ida, 226. 

Isam, 271. 



Isaiah, 271. 

William, 129. 

A. S., 133. 

Maj. Gen. Jacob, 49. 

Richard, 129. 

Jessie Benton Fremont. 

James, 271. 

Dora Adell, 129, 211. 

1 oo 


James Arthur, 269. 

Johnson E., 129, 211. 


John, 213. 

Arthur, 129, 213. 

Smith, 161. 

John B., 135. 

William, 189. 

Robert, 161. 

John Henry, 271. 

Wesley, 212. 

Robert D.. 162, 245. 

Jonathan W., 207. 

Herschel, 212. 

Henry E., 162. 

Jonas, 97. 

Edna, 214. 


Joseph Elijah, 271, 272. 

Marion, 214. 

Elizabeth, 78. 

Julia Augusta, 135. 

Blythe, 214. 

Phena, 201. 

Kenneth, 270. 

Bur sch. 


Lena, 273. 

Mary Elizabeth, 246. 

Margaret Monroe. 254. 

Lenna Leota, 187. 



Lewis Oliver, 88, 144. 

William, 257. 

Ardella, 144. 

Lillian Etta, 269, 270. 

Roland, 257. 


Lloyd Henry, 244. 


Margaret Eliza, 216. 

Luella N., 269. 

Thomas, 136. 

Duncan, 216. 

Maria Elizabeth, 207. 

Joseph, 136. 


Martha Jane, 149, 271, 

Howard Joseph, 136, 217. 

George Franklin, 274. 

May, 273. 

Emma Jane, 136, 217. 

George, 274. 

Merte, 273. 

Cora May. 136, 217. 

Gwendolin, 274. 

Minnie Julia. 267, 270. 


Francis Read, 274. 

Norma, 270. 

Rev. Henry, 167. 

George Gwinn, 274. 



Sardis Sylvester, 148, 


Martha, 62. 


Martha, 187. 


Mary Eleanor, 169. 

Corns took. 

Margaret. 61. 

Daniel S., 169. 

Nathan, 20. 


Rev. Joseph, 217. 

Cyrus B., 45. 

Ernest, 246. 

Grace, 232. 

William, 45. 

Estel Donovan, 246. 

Ava, 232. 

Daniel, 45. 

Leonard. 246. 

Lena, 232. 

Ebenezer, 45, 46. 


May, 232. 

Ezbon, 45, 46. 

Ellen, 200. 

Mabel, 232. 

Daniel Marvin, 46. 


Raymond, 233. 

Jude, 46. 

Ann, 103. 

George, 233. 

Martha, 46. 


Freddie, 233. 

Polly, 46, 45. 

William B.. 200. 

Annie, 233. 

Jason, 46. 

William, 200. 

Fannie, 233. 

Rachel, 46. 

Merrill 13.. 200. 

Ruby, 233. 

Deborah, 46. 


Pearl, 233. 

Gaston, 46. 

Enos, 39. 

J. J.. 237. 

Ann. 46. 


Doxie A., 241. 


William E., 104. 

Nancy, 93. 

William M., 110. 

Frank D.. 105, 263. 

Julia Ann, 91. 


Nettie M., 105, 263. 

Lyman, 93. 

David George, 161. 

William N., 105, 264. 

Sally Maria, 91. 

Mary Almeda. 161. 

Edward R.. 105 264. 


Laura Bell, 161, 243 


Sarah, 200. 

Christina, 161. 

Edward, 192. 

Clara, 270. 

David Barton, 161. 

Edna. 192. 


Lucy Jane, 161, 243. 


Epenetus, 105. 

Ida. 161, 243. 

D.. 53. 

Mary W., 105. 

Rosadel, 161. 


Milton S.. 106. 

Etta Jane, 161. 

Isaac. 20. 

Henry. 106. 

Ola Catherine. 161. 


Harry W., 106, 191. 

Lois, 243. 

William Wiggin, 208. 

Libbie M., 106, 191. 

Mae, 243. 

John, 208. 

John R., 106. 

Adelbert, 243. 

Arthur Benjamin, 208, 

Herbert W., 106. 

Fred, 243. 


Henry II., 191. 


William John. 208. 


Martha. 229. 

Ellen. 256. 

Hiram, 98. 

Josiah. 229. 

Florence. 256. 

Charles, 98. 




Hon. Roscoe, 179. 

Fannie E.. 248. 

Edward, 20. 



Maj. Charles W., 257. 

Elizabeth, 160. 

Barbara. 1 1 2. 

Robert Ashley, 257. 


David, 112. 


Allen E.. 190. 

Harriet E.. 135. 

Edwin, 150. 

Hiram, 190. 

Jonathan. 135, 136. 

Maude Estella, 151. 

Grace Frances, 191. 

John DeLester, 136. 

Nellie May, 151. 

Alexander, 191. 

Mary, 136. 

Irving, 151. 

Allen Cline,' 191. 

Mary Malintha, 136. 

-Mary, 207. 


Leonard E.. 136. 

Bertha, 247. 

Betsey, 56. 

Benjamin Sebra. 148. 

Ezra, 240. 

Luthera, 100. 

Mary Christiana, 14S, 




William Henry, 168. 

Clayton G., 253. 

Laura Abigail, 148. 

Edith M.. 168, 249. 

Jane Ann, 140. 

Flora May, 148, 232. 



Benjamin Alva, 148, 232. 

"Col", 30. 

Julia, 147. 

Oscar Lee, 148, 232. 



Charles Eugene, 148, 233. 

Catherine, 141. 

Elanor, 91, 93. 

George Edgar, 148. 


Capt. Joseph, 39. 

George Pearl, 148. 

"Col" Jonathan, 39. 

Emma, 211. 


Mary E., 237. 


Robert, 73. 


Sidney Rood, 225. 

Thomas, 73. 

Adelaide Jane, 154. 

Capt. Myron S., 225, 258. 

Eliza, 73, 134. 

Rev. Stephen VanRen- 

Winifred Ray, 225, 259. 

Mary, 73. 

sellaer, 154. 

Lieut. Dana Harold, 225, 

Margaret, 73. 

Cor bin. 


Robert M., 73. 

Dorcas, 125. 

Catherine, 258. 

George C, 73. 



J. Robert, 73. 

Farnham S., 104. 

William W., 157. 

Milton, 73. 

Robert, 104. 

Henry, 158. 

Marguretta. 125. 

John R., 104. 

George F., 158, 239. 

Nancy, 125. 

William D., 104, 190. 

Orville, 158. 

Fred James. 135, 214. 

Helen M., 104. 

Blanche, 158, 240. 

Edgar Charles, 135, 215. 

Charlotte E., 104. 

Lucy, 158. 

Millard Seymour, 135, 

Augusta A., 104. 

Harry, 158. 


Katherine R., 104. 

Edward, 158, 240. 

Avis Edith, 135, 216. 

Jennie L., 104, 190. 

Oliver, 158. 

Albertus Clark, 135, 216. 

Emma J., 104. 

Joy Wesley, 158. 

Walter Gilbert, 135. 216. 

Frank L., 190. 

Alice, 239. 

Leroy P., 214. 

Ross S.. 190. 

William Judd, 239. 

John Byron, 214. 



Freda Florine, 215. 

Bessie, 233. 

Emeline, 111. 

Clara Belle, 215. 



Lincoln Evans, 215. 

Ellen, 256. 

Peter (M. D.), 85. 

James Walker, 215. 



Charles Elmer, 216. 

Olive Delia, 198. 

Margaretta, 85. 


Peter, 198. 

Benjamin, 85. 

Jane, 87. 

Hannah, 198. 

Andrew Jackson, 87. 



Leander, 87, 110. 

Abner, 39. 

Dora Maud, 165. 

Lucy Maria, 87, 161. 



Laura Ann, 87, 161. 

Lena, 172. 

Sir Thomas, 7. 

Thomas J., 160, 241. 


Mr. L., 40. 

Andrew J., 160. 



Emma C, 160, 242. 

Jefferson, 9. 

Jane, 182. 

William A., 160. 

Joshua, 39. 

Thomas, 182. 

J. F., 160. 

Abigail, 54. 

I. vie, 248. 

Ida E., 160, 242. 

Isaac. 58. 

Wesley E., 248. 

Rosa, 160, 242. 

Adeline, 58. 

Lyle Louise, 248. 

Zelma, 160, 242. 

Margaret, 58. 

Wilmer Lyle, 248. 

Adusen S., 242. 

Katherine, 58. 

Elijah Elwyn, 248. 

Christella N., 242. 

Louisa, 58. 

Kenneth Leslie, 248. 

Melvia F., 242. 

Emma, 58. 

Archie Wayne, 248. 

Elva T., 242. 

Sally, 70. 


Vernon W., 242. 

Nancy, 98. 

Abby, 71. 

Lee H., 242. 

Susan, 99. 


Esther C, 242. 

Elanor, 99. 

Asa, 275. 

Augustus, W., 242. 

Caroline C, 220. 

Earl Booth, 193, 275. 



Beulah Martha, 275. 

Mary Ann, 68. 

Avis, 25. 

Lucien Earl, 275. 

William, 68, 73, 125. 


Myron Frederick, 27.". 

Melissa Ann, 73, 134. 

Clifton Slate. 171. 


James Martin, 73, 134. 

Hiram, 171. 

V. S., 272. 

James, 73. 

Melinda, 171. 


Stewart Jesse, 73, 134. 


Julia, 206. 

John Dodd. 73, 135. 

John, 269. 


Maria Elizabeth, 73, 136. 

Delbert, 270. 

Amos, 238. 

Emma Jane, 73, 136. 

Ida, 270. 

Pearl Dee, 238. 

David, 73. 

Minnie, 270. 

Paul Francis, 238. 

Samuel, 73. 

Vinnie, 270. 

Evolin, 238. 

John, 73. 

Bessie. 270. 


John, 270. 
Luther, 270. 

.Minerva, 95. 

Eliza Ann, 88. 
Peter, 88. 
Lydia, 88. 
Fred, 238. 
Alta Marie, 238. 
George Robert, 238. 
Ruby Belle, 238. 
Hazel, 238. 
May, 239. 
Leota, 239. 
Newton J., 273. 

Helen A., 170. 
X. G., 170. 

De Forest. 
Laura, 119. 
Hannah, 120. 

Josephine Helena, 152. 

Dickerman, 13, 18. 
Amy, 49. 

Diefendoi-f, 18. 
David, 150. 

Rosina E., 249. 

Rev. John. 70, 71. 
Jairus, 70. 
Rev. Henry Martyn, 70, 

Helen Maria. 70, 132. 
-Mary Louisa, 70. 
John Jairus, 70. 
Joanna. 71. 
William, 71. 
Isaac Davis, 71. 
Sarah, 71. 
Ambrose, 71. 
Moses, 71. 
-Mary. 71. 
Nathaniel, 71. 
Ebenezer, 71. 
Rev. Bethuel. 71. 

Nathaniel, 20. 

Burt. 259. 
Edward J., 259. 

-May. 121. 

Volney, 80, 264. 
Edward, 60. 
Joseph, 60. 

John, 60. 

Reuben, 60. 

Samuel, 60. 

Leonard, 60. 

Harvey, 60. 

Adelia, 60. 

Chloe, 60. 

Jacob. 60. 

Julia, 60. 

Roswell, 60. 

George Duane, 264, 265. 

Willard, 264, 265. 

Cynthea, 264, 265. 

xVbner Delos, 264, 266. 

Jane Annette, 264, 266. 

Orissa, 264, 267. 

Leonard Volney, 265, 267 

Charles Willard, 265, 267. 

Elmer W., 266. 

Claud P., 266. 

Margaret, 266. 

Walter C. 266. 

Guy, 266. 

Robert W.. 266. 

Maude, 266. 

Lettie, 266. 

Nettie, 266. 

William. 266. 

Mary, 266. 

William Hamilton, 267. 

Vera Bertha, 267. 

Doris Athalane, 267. 

Helen S., 267. 

David, 267. • 

Albert Joseph, 214. 
Herbert Sample, 214. 
Clara Almeda, 214. 
Albert Joseph. 214. 
Joseph E.. 214. 

Eliza, 156. 

Elizabeth P., 179. 

Margaret Louise. 247. 

Sally, 81. 

Mary Alice, 224. 

Celestine, 247. 

Lucy A., 153. 
Franklin B., 153. 




Ear hart. 
Nancy, 124. 

Kittie, 217. 

Anna, 52. 
Lydia, 184. 

Caroline, 178. 

John W., 185. 

"Col." Josiah, 38. 
L. H, 38. 
Edward K., 38. 
Albert E., 38. 
Dan, 227. 

Em pie. 
John, 20. 

Amanda, 157. 

-Alary, 190. 

Mary, 125. 

Nannie Jane, 260. 

Elizabeth. 100. 

Harriet, 76. 

Mabel, 121. 
Mary Ann, 134. 
David. 135. 

William De La Plaine. 

William Bennett, 234. 
Mary Adelaide, 234. 
Josephine Olive, 234. 
James Otho. 234. 


Delia. 79. 

Frances, 190. 

Silas, 111. 
James Alfred. 111. 

William, 20. 
Elizabeth. 57. 

Fee her. 
Catherine Cecelia, 228. 

George, 114. 
Abigail, 114. 

Caroline, 64, 114. 

Frank Stanton, 199. 
Timothy Harvey, 199. 
Stella Irene, 199. 

Oliver, 232. 

Ex. Pres. Millard, 56. 

Eliza, 79. 
Benjamin, 81. 
Ann Eliza, 81, 148. 
Mary Elitha, 81, 148. 
Richard, 81. 

Nathaniel Jonah, 81. 148. 
Emma Jane, 81, 269, 149. 
Diana Maranda, 81. 
Lewis William, 81. 
Benjamin Franklin, 81, 

149, 271. 
Charles Wesley, 81. 
Annie Dickerman, 81. 
Clarence, 149. 
Lewis, 149. 

Rev. Charles G., D.D., 72. 

Glenn Thomas, 241. 
Berdie, 254. 
Herman, 254. 

Albert, 110. 

Hattie, 251. 
Thomas Hardy, 258. 

Hiram, 71. 

Catherine, 64. 
Warren, 64. 

Julia Ella, 216. 
Benjamin Lincoln, 216. 
Benjamin, 216. 
Helen Mary, 216. 
Linus Cruickshank, 216. 
Gertrude Elizabeth, 216. 

Ethel, 196. 
VTark, 196. 

Mrs. .John, 54. 

William, 128. 

Ida, 236. 

•Jonathan B.. 71 . 

Clarence H., 246. 
Gerald Jordan, 246. 

Fred B., 212. 
Gideon, 212. 
Oswald H, 212. 
Mary Ethel, 212. 
Eunice, 212. 
Inez Ruth. 212. 
Ella. 212. 


Margaret, 164. 

John Frank, 210. 
Abram Francis, 211. 
Carl A., 211. 
Grant A., 211. 
Bertha, 211. 
Raymond F., 211. 

Achsah, 137. 

Gen. Sir Thomas, 23, 144. 

Get man. 
Mabel, 181. 

Annie, 153. 
John, 153. 

Augusta, 125. 

Harriet, 151. 

Jesse Mullins, 231. 
Jesse Monroe, 231. 
James Francis, 231. 
Bertha, 231. 
John Francis, 231. 
Earl, 232. 
George, 232. 
Lester, 232. 
Charles, 232. 
Hazel, 232. 
Samuel, 271. 
James Scott, 272. 
Sarah J., 272. 
John F., 272. 
Joseph B., 272. 
George N., 272. 
William A., 272. 
Polly A., 272. 
Nancy Elizabeth, 272. 
Lucinda Frances, 272. 
Lydia, 272. 
Susan, 272. 
Jehu V.. 272. 

Tolbert A., 272. 

David Washington, 271, 

Dorothy Maria, 273. 
Sarah Elizabeth, 273. 
John Francis, 273. 
Jesse Mullins, 273. 
Sarah Violet, 271. 
Leslie Abner, 271. 
Lester Allen, 271. 
John Lewis, 271. 
Pansy Frances, 271. 
William Albert, 271. 

Cornelius, 42. 

Isaac, 40, 41, 56. 
Abner Justus, 56, 102. 
Jane Matilda, 56, 103. 
Theodore H., 57, 103. 
Ira Smith, 24, 43, 57. 
Isaac L., 57. 
James Anson, 103, 158. 
William, 103, 188. 
Ira Major, 103, 189. 
Ida, 103. 189. 
Ella, 103, 189. 
Allen, 103. 
Nellie, 103, 189. 
Edgar J., 103, 190. 
Charles, 103. 
Francis Theodore, 103. 
Emeline, 103, 190. 
Robert Edgar, 189, 255. 
Clinton Leroy, 190. 
Edna Frances, 190. 

Prof., 173, 175. 

Elijah, 42. 

Elitha Reed, 13.. 
Andrew, 83. 
Hollis, 83. 
Lottie May, 83. 

Elijah, 43. 

Charles E., 246. 
Andrew Jackson. 246, 

Edna Rosella, 247, 260. 
Lois, 247. 
Mildred Evelyn, 247, 260. 

Gov Id. 
Mary Jane, 147. 
Harriet, 197. 

Catherine, 102. 
Major. 102. 


Joseph, 39. 
Gen. Ulysses S., 88. 
Benjamin Stacy, 88, 165. 
Maria, 88. 
Henrietta, 88. 
Luella May. 88. 
Aaron J.. 88. 
Nellie B.. 165. 
Mattie Jane, 165, 246. 
Bessie Fredrika, 165. 
Grace Byrd, 16~i. 
Daniel Aaron, 165. 
George P., 165. 
J. Robert, 165. 

Rev. Beriah, D. D., 71. 
John, 77. 
Alphonso, 77. 
Roxcey Anna, 77. 
Lewis Lorenzo, 77. 
Mary Euretta, 77. 

Richard, 260. 

I n rid ley. 
George, 78. 

Susie, 236. 

Alden J., 99. 
Chester J., 90. 
Frank Reed, 37, 99, 185. 
Etta Margaret, 99, 185. 
Katherine Susan, 99. 
Caroline Ella, 99, 186. 
Alden Chester. 99, 186. 
Louise May. 99. 
Chester Alden, 99. 
Mortimer Perry, 185. 
Norris Harriet, 186. 
"Virginia, 186. 
Polly Reed. 186. 

Guitar d. 
Beatrice, 259. 

G iv inn. 
Nancy, 274. 


John, 20. 

Jasper, 124. 
Mary Jane, 124. 

Hannah, 92. 

Flora, 116. 
John, 116. 
Fannie E., 248. 
James Arch., 248. 

Alfred, 111. 
Anna M., 111.  

Ha nes. 
Elden, 98. 

"Col.", 30. 

Betsey Elizabeth, 52. 
Allie, 200. 
Lydia, 251. 

Halm an. 
H. Nelson, 187. 
Lillian B., 187. 

Jane, 197. 

J. H., 138. 

John, 260. 

Benjamin John, 191. 

Nathan, 20. 
Joshua, 20. 

Alice Eliza. 117. 
George, 117. 

John William, 254. 
Horace Shaw, 254. 

Solomon, 53. 

Maria. 143. 

Roxcey E., 195. 
E. J.. 195. 

Frank, 210. 

Isaac, 20. 

Willis, 210. 
Luman, 210. 
Millie, 210. 
Ada May, 210. 
Eva Belle. 210. 
Emma Jane. 210. 
Carrie Livonia, 210. 

Charles Hiram, 107. 
Mary, 107. 
Fred. 107. 
Charles Reed, 107. 
William Alvin, 204. 
Theodora. 204. 
Stella, 204. 

William Lawrence. 204. 
W. H., 204. 
Lida J., 211. 

Elgin, 211. 
Charles, 244. 
Earnest, 244. 
Willis W., 266. 
Samuel B., 266. 
Bertha A., 266. 

Rev. Chester W., 132. 

Ha iv a. 
Lafayette, 83. 

Matilda C, 121. 

Heiple. • 
John Wesley, 22. 
Noah John, 222. 
Lillian Estella, 222, 257. 
Katherine Jeanette, 222. 
Harold Harlan, 222. 
Eldridge Winfield, 222. 

Lendart, 42. 
Jennie S., 204. 

Mary, 254. 

Barnhart, 20. 

Stephen, 144. 
Luella, 144, 226. 
Hetty, 144. 
John, 144, 226. 
Mary, 144, 227. 
Carl. 144, 227. 
Gladys, 226. 
Leonard, 226. 
Ross, 226. 
Vorie, 226. 
Virgie, 227. 
Esther, 227. 

Lucelia, 268. 

Gen. Nicholas, 18. 

Alvina. 170. 

Rachel. 73. 

Isaac, 20, 23, 43. 
John, 44, 63. 
Polly. 44. 
William. 44, 64. 
Robert, 44. 
Nancy, 44, 64. 
Ann Eliza, 44, 65. 
Mary, 44, 65. 
Isaac (Jr.), 44, 66. 
Jane, 44, 66. 
Robert, 44, 67. 
Sally Maria, 44, 67. 


Joseph, 44. 

Frank Wesley, 145. 

John Frederick, 268. 

Elias, 44. 

Charles Thomas, 145. 

Dorothy Jane, 268. 

Sakely, 44. 

John Templeton, 145. 


Christopher, 45. 

Clara Nettie, 145. 

Cemetery, 39. 

Jane, 45. 

Lottie May, 145. 


John (?), 45. 

John Wesley, 145. 

David, 39. 

Mary, 45, 66. 

Maude Irene, 145. 

Abraham, 171. 

Sarah, 45. 

Mary Alice, 145. 

Chase Perkins, 171. 

William, 45. 

Hold en. 


Isaac, 45.' 

Clara, 183. 

Angeline, 196. 

Ann, 45, 66. 



Christopher, 45. 

Harvey, 245. 

C. P., 131. 

Harriet, 64, 113. 



Mary Jane, 64, 113. 

Emma, 233. 

"Dean," 185. 

William Henry, 64, 114, 

Charles, 270. 



Freddie, 270. 

Charles C, 147. 

Mary Elizabeth, 67. 

Everet, 270. 

Harlow, 147. 

William Wirt, 67. 

W. H. H., 272. 

Harlow Eugene, 147. 

John, 67. 

Docia, 27:;. 

Eugene S., 147. 

Sarah Ann, 67. 

Flora, 273. 

Melvin Noyes, 147, 229. 



Alma Amelia, 147. 

Mrs. Addie, 51. 

Lowney Compton, 257. 

Abby Adelia, 147, 230. 


Rev. James Bethel, 257. 

Charles Clarence, 147. 

"Col.",. 47. 

Herman N., 149. 

James Arthur, 147. 


Alvaro D., 149. 

Ethel Rosella, 147, 230. 

Nellie, 245. 

Hannah Grace, 149. 

Raymond C, 220. 


Glenn Clark, 149. 

William Smith, 220. 

Elisha, 39. 


Ralph Thomas, 230. 

Franklin, 137. 

Jessie, 137. 

Charles Arthur, 230. 




Mary A., 96. 

Mark, 131. 

Oscar H., 189. 


Anna, 204. 

Charles, 189. 

Orcelia B., 159. 

George, 204. 

Seymour, 189. 

Alden Cooper, 159. 

House. . 

Bessie, 189. 


Josephine, 189. 

Howard, 189. 

Betsey, 63. 

Chauncey, 189. 

Henry, 189. 



Nellie, 189. 

Anna, 179. 

Tamar, 126. 

John M., 179. 




Dora Ellen, 250. 


Benjamin, 230. 

Jacob, 251. 

, 268. 

William, 230. 



Charles Clifford, 230. 

Henry P., 273. 

Bertha Mansfield, 179. 

Lloyd Thornton, 230. 


. Ives. 

Thelma Marie, 230. 

Fidelia S., 173. 

James, 37. 



Harriet, 78. 

Ernestine, 256. 



Arthur, 256. 


Amelia, 256. 


Mary Ann, 157. 


Ella, 64, 114. 

Benjamin, 157. 

Melissa, 208. ' 

Elizabeth, 135. 



John T., 242. 

Stella Lillian, 213. 

Gorinna, 248. 

Zella, 242. 

Hiram, 213. 


Lloyd J., 242. 


William Franklin, 145. 

Lillian, 254. 

Eleanor Ann, 257. 

William Orson, 145, 227. 

Capt. Thomas Walter, 


Edward Florilla, 145. 


Henry W. (M. D.), 110 

Emma Adeline, 145. 

Charles, 266. 

Nellie, 110. 

Oren Sylvester, 145. 

Frederick S., 266, 268. 


Mary Estella, 145, 228. 

Helen Jeannette, 268. 

Eliza, 128. 


Isaiah, 20. 

Rev. Herrick, D. D., 130. 
George W., 156". 
Gernon Huber, 156, 236. 
Dean Elsworth, 156, 237. 
Anna, 160. 
Cora B., 198. 
James A., 199. 
Charles. 202. 
Bernice Marie, 202. 
Floyd, 236. 
Glenn E., 236. 
Bertha M., 236. 
Hazel A., 236. 
Aletta Alice, 237. 
Hans, 240. 
Virgil, 240. 
.Margaret, 240. 
Eva. 240. 
Joseph H., 274. 
Joseph Read, 274. 

Anna Icedora, 169. 
Aaron, 169. 
Emma Viola, 170. 
Ida K., 186. 
Arthur, 197. 
Robert, 197. 
Arthur William, 197. 
John, 231. 
Nelson, 249. 
Vera. 250. 
Roy, 250. 
Irene, 250. 
Ralph, 250. 
Ruth. 250. 


Mark, 271'. 

Wayne. 162. 
Benoni. 162. 
Ancil Elmer, 162, 245. 
Martin Elsworth, 162. 
Charles Franklin, 162, 

Thella May, 162, 245. 
Carrie H. 162, 245. 
Emma Julia, 162. 
Ivy Pearl, 162. 
Bessie Elma. 245. 
Paul Deyon, 245. 
Ruby May, 245. 
Dale Forest, 245. 
Josephine B., 78. 
Eugene Bonaparte, 78. 

Maria, 111. 

Ethel May, 239. 

Maxie, 187. 
Hayward, 187. 



William, 214. 
Cora E.. 214. 

Pearl E.. 126. 
Ella Belle, 126. 
William Nelson, 126. 

John, 89. 

John Ellsworth, 89. 
Albert J., 89. 
Dora Belle, 89, 166. 
Mary Etta, 89. 
Clarence Elmer, 89. 
Clara Elma, 89. 
Nora Katherine, 89, 166. 
Lucy Jane, 89. 166. 
Florence Harriet, 89,167. 
Elizabeth, 163. 
Orelle, 171. 

Hannah, 131. 

Joseph, 39. 
Justus Vinton, 119. 
Ezekiel, 119. 
Earl Owen, 119. 
Newton Eugene, 119, 200. 
Charles Burton, 119, 201. 
Justus Willis, 119. 
Anna Louise, 119, 201. 
George Willis. 119, 202. 
Franklin Vinton, 119, 

William Henry, 119, 202. 
Justus Eugene, 200. 
Frank Burton, 200. 
Harry James, 200. 
Phena Irene, 200. 
Louise May, 201. 
Lulu May, 201. 
Charles Newton, 201. 
Nellie Louise, 201. 
John Owen, 201. 
Edith May, 201. 
Clinton Jay, 201. 
Burton Ray, 201. 
Howard Carpenter, 201. 
Marilla Irene, 201. 
Justus Vinton, 201. 
Ruth Margaret, 201. 
Mary Louise, 202. 
Bessie Thelma, 202. 

Justus Vinton, 202. 
James William, 202. 
Kenneth, 202. 

Peter, 267. 

Thomas, 201. 
Arthur O., 201. 
Fanny M., 201. 
Alice A., 201. 
Stanley E., 201. 

Charles, 75. 
Mary E., 100. 

Susan. 119. 

Minnie, 249. 
Clyde, 260. 

Anne. 236. 
David, 236. 

Dora. i64. 
David, 164. 

James G., 92. 
Peter G., 92. 
Ann Eliza, 92, 177. 
James Eugene, 92, 177. 
Mary I., 92, 178. 
Georgiana, 108. 
.Mary Selina, 177. 
George Glenn, 177. 
Ida May. 177, 253. 
Helen Irene, 177. 
James Eugene, 177. 
Dorothy Dean, 177. 
James Harold, 177. 
Louema, 195. 

Nelson, 54. 

Jason, 9, 107. 
Charles R., 19. 107, 192. 
Emily, 59. 
John, 59. 107. 
Harriet Louise. 107. 

Christiana, 105. 

Alpheus. 112. 

Lydia, 211. 
William. 211. 

General, his journey, 56. 


John E., 270. 
Guy E., 270. 

Sanders, 42. 
Patroon Cornelius, 130. 
Rev. Dirck, D. D., 130. 

Abraham, 20. 
Hiram S., 181. 
Hannah S., 181. 

Amelia, 112. 

Ella M., 181. 

John N., 209. 
Napoleon Bonaparte, 209. 
N. B.. 209. 

Anna Laura. 215. 
Walter S., 215. 
George S., 215. 
Dorothy Jane, 215. 

Joseph, 53. 
Mabel, 195. 
Alvidos, 195. 

Eugene, 259. 

Hedve Katherine, 240. 

Henry, 252. 
Harvey, 252. 
Marian Eleanor, 252. 
Clifford Raymond, 252. 
Mildred Jessie, 252. 
Harry Henry, 252. 

Florence. 133. 

Elizabeth Jane, 222. 

Thomas John, 113. 
John Thomas, 113. 
Harriet, 113. 
Herbert Eugene, 172. 
Joshua, 172. 
Sarah Emma, 172. 
Justus Aller, 172. 
George Forest, 196. 
Catherine, 196. 

"Manors," 18. 
Peter Van Brugh, 41, 43. 
William T., 188. 
Dorothy Jeanne, 188. 
Catherine, 192. 

Sarah A., 183 

Lorenzo, 80. 
Charles, 80. 

Lovina Jane, 109. 

George, 183. 
Henry Stead, 183. 

"Brothers," 9. 
Angeline. 54, 96. 
Betsey, 96. 

Andrew Warren, 96, 181. 
Lucy. 96, 182. 
Albert, 96, 182. 
Orissa, 96. 
Louis, 96, 182. 
Julia, 96, 183. 
Arnold Willard, 181. 
Emma May, 181. 
Daisy Editha, 181, 254. 
Julia Maud. 181. 
Orville William, 181, 254. 
Andrew Warren, 181. 
Hiram Arnold. 181. 
Jessie, 182. 
Edith Julia, 182. 
Martha Angeline, 182. 
Mary Ann, 182. 
Albert Raymond, 182. 
Charlotte Elizabeth, 182. 
Louis Charles, 182. 
Julia Angeline. 182. 
Lillian Isabel, 182. 
Jennette Orissa, 182. 
Alice Louisa, 182. 
Louis George, 182. 
Willard. 254. 

Thomas (M. D.), 125. 
Samuel, 100, 101. 
William, 108. 
Samuel (Jr.), 101, 187. 
Etta Lucena, 101, 187. 
William, 101. 
Minnie Viola, 101, 187. 
Reverdv Reed, 101, 188. 
Gladys M„ 188. 

Kate, 153. 
John, 153. 

John S., 207. 
Samuel, 207. 
Caleb, 207. 
Jabez, 207. 
Mary Ann, 207. 
Marie E., 207. 

Ellen M., 207 


Elsie Louise, 106. 

Harry, 238. 
Arlena, 238. 
Reola M., 238. 
Mary Blanch, 238. 
Mabel I., 238. 
Benjamin Franklin, 238. 

Rev. Asa, D. D., 72. 

Alexander, 69. 
John, 69. 
Esther, 69. 
Eliza, 69, 127. 
Polly Maria, 69, 127. 
Alvira, 69, 127. 
Caroline, 69, 128. 

Family, 23, 66. 
John, 66. 

John Maxwell, 66, 119. 
Isaac Newton, 66, 119. 
Mary Jane, 66. 
Arabella, 66. 
Caroline Brayton, 66, 120. 
William Henry, 119. 
Carol Belle, 119, 202. 
Henry Hubert, 119. 
Nellie Lou, 119, 203. 
Thomas C, 66, 120. 

Abel, 20. 

John Joseph, 253. 
James William, 253. 

Christian, 146. 
William. 257. 
Clarence, 257. 
Victor, 257. 
Clifford. 257. 

Catherine Elizabeth, 147. 
Ezra, 147. 

Marvi n . 
Leon L.. 196. 

Andrew, 52. 
"Anna" (?), 52, 53. 
Allen. 53. 

Andrew Brooks, 53, 93. 
Alzade. 91, 172. 
Alta Lorette, 92. 
Alice Irene, 92. 
Atwood Samuel, 93, 


Amy G.. 169, 250. 
Adelbert Lea, 169, 250. 
Alice May, 247. 
Arthur James. 248. 
Brooks, 9, 52. 
Bernice Lucille, 24 1. 
Caudis, 52. 

Charles William, 53, 91. 
Cecil Dwight. 53, 91, 170. 
Carrie Alice, 91, 173. 
Charles Irviu, 91, 173. 
Caroline Belle, 95, 180. 
Charles E., 96, 181. 
Carl Waldon, 166. 
Charlotte Henrietta. 167, 

Caroline Alice, 169. 
Clyde Stevenson, 170. 
Clarence Maynard, 170. 
Cora Agnes, 170. 
Clara May, 176. 
Clark W., 176. 
Clara E., 250. 
Dora Rosella. 170, 251. 
Eddy. 52. 
Eaton, 53. 

Evelyn Louise, 91, 171. 
Emma Jane, 92, 175. 
Ellsworth Theron, 93. 
Ellis Everett, 93, 179. 
Eunice Evelyn, 167. 
Eunice C, 169. 
Ethel May, 173. 
Eleanor, 174. 
Edwin Ezra. 247. 
Everett Lowell, 247. 
Evelyn, 248. 
Frank Riley, 91, 172. 
Flora. 93. 

Frank Howard, 95, 179. 
Florence Opal, 166. 
Floyd R., 172. 
Fred S.. 176. 
Franklin. 250. 
Garner, 53. 

George Chauncey, 53, 92. 
Gardner, 90, 169. " 
George Franklin, 90,170. 
Genevieve, 177. 
Geneva Evelyn, 181. 
Hayden Kneeland, 92, 

Herbert Lincoln, 93. 
Herbert Edwin, 167, 247. 
Howard Lowell, 167, 247. 
Harry B., 177. 
Hattie Corinne, 180, 253. 
Helen Louise, 248. 
Hazel Marie, 248. 
Harold Henry, 248. 

Israel Reed, 55, 90. 

William Byron, 91, 180. 

Ida Mae. 172. 

William O., 96, 181. 

Ivan T., 250. 

Willis Raymond, 166. 

'('apt." John, 52. 

Rev. Wallace Xorman, 92, 

"Jolly" ( ? ) , 52. 


Jarvis, 53. 

Walter F., 169, 250. 

John Garner. 53, 90, 167, 

Rev. Walter Clark. 174, 



Judson Warren, 53, 96. 

Wayne Robert, 171. 

Julia Maria, 92. 


John H., 96, 180. 

George R., 208. 

James Clark, 169. 

William, 209. 

Jasper Wosten, 172. 

Maude E., 209. 256. 

Judson Harold, 180. 

Mary G., 209. 

John, 180. 

Clara. 236. 

Lydia Eleanor, 91, 172. 


Laura Edna, 92, 175. 

Sindome. 189. 

Lyman Clark, 93, 179. 


Louis Frederick, 166. 

Caroline, 160. 

Lawrence Judson, 167. 

Thomas J., 160. 


Stella Jane. 188. 

Leslie Raymond, 167, 248. 

William. 188. 

Lucina Edna, 169. 


Lelia Arminta. 169. 

Bertha E., 247. 

Leonard Roy, 170. 

Herbert, 247. 

Lea William, 251. 


M. C, 9. 

Rev. Richard. 126. 

Michael, 52. 

Timothy, 126. 

Malaca (Malachi), 52. 

Atherton, 126. 

Martin, 53. 

Rev. Samuel. 126. 

Margaret C, 53. 

Rev. Nathaniel, 126. 

Merrills Lovell, 53, 95. 

Rev. Cotton, 126. 

Rev. Marcus Clark, 92, 

Rev. Increase, 126. 


Enos, 126. 

Mercy Adelle, 93. 

Sydney, 126. 

Mary Eliza, 93, 178. 

Enos, 126. 

Milton Stanley. 169. 

Maria, 126. 

Margaret, 174. 

Tamar, 126. 

Mabel Julia, 176, 252. 

Lovisa, 126. 

Margaret Elizabeth, 247. 

Dan, 126. 

Nabby. 53. 

George, 126. 

Olive Orelle, 174. 

Edna, 126. 

Orrie Marv, 180. 

David, 126. 

Paul. 180. 

George Franklin. 126, 

"Roda," 52. 


Riley Eaton, 53, 91. 

David Hugh, 126, 207. 

Rosa B., 169. 

Ada Maria, 126, 208. 

Ralph Waldo, 170. 

Myra, 126, 208. 

Roger Eaton, 172. 

Flora Louisa, 126. 208. 

Russell Howard, 173. 

William Houghton, 126, 

Ruth, 250. 


Susan, 52. 

Merton Everett, 126, 209. 

Salley, 52. 

Robert Earl, 207. 

Sybel, 53. 

Doris Harriet, 207. 

Sally Ann, 53, 92. 

Florence, 209. 

Seth Martin, 90, 167. 

Marlyn, 209. 

Sophia May, 91, 171. 

Everett M., 209. 

Stella Helen, 92. 


Vesta Amanda, 91, 172. 

James H., 235. 

Walton, 53. 

Russell J., 235. 


Lydia M., 235, 2o9. 

Lena Adam, 235. 

Marv Elizabeth, 235, 269. 

Otto, 235. 

Margarett Frances, 235. 

Jane, 178. 

McArtli u r. 
Olin S., 168. 
John W., 168, 249. 
Eliza R., 168, 249. 
Viola, 168. 
Grace E., 249. 
Robert E„ 249. 

Mary, 64. 

McClelland, 66. 

William Taylor, 111. 
William G., 111. 
Lena Grace, 111, 194. 
Mary Lovisa, 111. 
Scott Reed, 111, 194. 
Lottie Edith, 111, 194. 
Lulu May, 111, 194. 
William Taylor, 194. 
Thomas Edwin, 194. 

Rebecca, 203. 
Edward Henry, 203. 

John, 20. 

John C., 178. 
Isaiah, 178. 

Isabel, 182. 

Sarah, 216. 

Mrs. Elizabeth: 141. 
Sarah Mina, 222. 

Catherine, 141. 

Wilbur T., 192. 
Thomas, 192. 
Albert, 192. 
Earl, 192. 

Charlotte Elizabeth, 121. 
Harriet X.. 122. 

Daniel, 68. 

John, 231. 

!/< Michael. 
Sarah Bell, 85. 

Christina, 67. 

Immanuel, 148. 
William Edward, 148, 

Ida Lillian, 148, 231. 
Alpha Etta, 148, 231. 
Alice Eva, 148. 
Connie, 230. 
Gaynell, 230. 

Maria, 125. 
Benjamin, 125. 

Aaron Newton, 86, 159. 
Addie May, 157, 237. 
Alden Moss, 159. 
Benjamin Addison, 86, 

Blanche Lucinda, 159, 

Charles, 157, 237. 
Cecil Clifton, 159. 
Cora Alice, 160. 
Dennis Mahlon, 239. 
Ernest Clifton, 86, 160. 
Edward, 157, 238. 
Edgar Benjamin, 157. 
Ernest Pierce, 160. 
Florence Ellen, 160. 
Fred. 157. 

Grandison Moss, 85, 239. 
George, 157. 
Gladys Ivy, 160. 
Ida Jane, 157. 
James Nathaniel, 86. 
Jessie Lucinda, 157, 238. 
John E., 177. 
James, 177. 
Kate Bell. 157, 238. 
Lucy Maria, 86, 159. 
Loren, 157. 
Lucy Sarah, 157. 
Laura Mead, 157, 237. 
Ledlah, 157. 
Lebon N., 157. 
Lucy Liza, 160. 
Mahlon Grandison, 86, 

May, 157, 237. 
Mary Elizabeth, 160. 
Nettie Orcelia, 159, 241. 
Orvil Newton, 159. 
Ruth Lucy, 157. 
Ruby Irene, 157. 
Sarah Jane, 86, 157. 
Sarah Pauline, 160. 
Viola, 157. 

William Henry, 86, 156. 
Warren, 86. 

Helen Sophia, 216. 
Gottleib, 216. 

John Franklin, 180. 
Nettie Louise, 180. 

Jesse E., 82. 
Ada, 82. 

May Emma, 82, 150. 
Spencer Eugene, 82, 150. 
Jesse Lewis, 82, 151. 
Eddy Clay, 82. 
Josephine Amy, 82, 151. 
Alzina Edith, 82. 
Clara Adelia, 82. 
Ethel Louisa, 151. 
Winifred, 151. 
Madora, 151. 

Charlotte, 167. 

Sarah, 215. 

Sabrina, 127. 

Hazel M., 227. 
Henry Lee, 252. 
Maxime C, 253. 

Mr., 43. 

Gertrude, 258. 

Edward, 14:;. 
William John, 144. 
Edward, 144. 
Henry Herbert, 144. 
Julia Alice, 144, 226. 

Lydia, 173. 

William R., 205. 
Harriet Bell, 20.". 

Samuel, 120. 
William Clayton, 120. 
Elizabeth, 120.- 

Albert T.. 263. 

John. 95. 

Val, 165. 
Nicholas, 165. 
Mary Grant, 165. 

Lulu, 202. 

Glaphrya, 272. 


Anne, 147. 

Ida, 188. 
Andrew, 188. 
Michael, 42. 

John, 78. 
Sylvia, 76. 
Narcissa Lee, 78. 

N( Idig. 
Alice, 164. 
John, 164. 

Isaac, 61. 

Paul ("Ball"), 20. 
Malvina. 70. 

Nora Cecil. 236. 

E. C. 235. 
Leonard May, 235. 
Emma Amelia, 235. 

Herbert William, 166. 
Charles Luther. 166. 
Nora Luella. 166. 
Dallas Henry. 178. 
George Henry, 178. 
Ettie E., 178. 
Mertie V., 178. 
Mabel L, 178. 
Emma E., 178. 

Albert Clinton. 225. 

Sophia Catherine. 74. 
John. 75. 

Thomas P.. 196. 
Edgar Little, 196, 255. 
Thomas Leslie, 196, 255. 
Francis Byron, 196. 
Richard, 197. 
James, 197. 
Gertrude Marian, 255. 
Harriet Elizabeth, 255. 

X orris. 
Walter K., 191. 

John, 59. 


William Denison, 218. 
Rev. Edwin B., 218. 
Richard Rollin, 218. 

Dorothy Elsie, 218. 
Merton, 218. 

Hester, 158. 

John, 65. 
Louise, 65, 119. 


A. B. C, 237. 

Philea, 227. 
Charles, 226. 

Antha, 75. 

Delphine, 152. 
Williard, 152. 
Charles, 193. 
Ina May, 193. 
; Ansel, 242. 
George Fred, 242. 

Elizabeth, 207. 

Mr. and Mrs., 130. 

Florence, 26. . 

I Joseph A., 221. 
Susan, 221. 
Joseph, 221. 
Henry Logan. 260. 
Howard H., 260. 
Leroy Edward. 260. 
Ernest Burt, 260. 
Howard, 260. 

Polly. 47. 

William. 230. 
Rosetta, 230. 
Norman A., 230. 

, 60. 

David, 123. 
Charlotte, 197. 

Ida M., 267. 
Chris., 267. 

Philip, 20. 
John, 20. 
Martin, 62. 
Hiram, 62. 
Stephen, 62. 
Mary, 62. 
Esther, 62. 

Frank. 62. 
Fred, 62. 
Lovisa, 62. 
Seth, 62. 
Daniel, 62. 
Fred Elton, 62. 
Camilla Ora, 62. 
Elva, 62. 
Elizabeth, 163. 
A. J., 163. 
Bertha Eldra, 245. 

Sally Fenner, 71. 
Elizabeth, 93. 

Sophronia, 163. 
Andrew, 164. 

Mrs., 130. 

John Petersen, 142. 
Mary Cornelia, 142, 224. 
John Benjamin, 142. 
Frances, 142. 
Delbert F., 142, 225. 

Jane, 136. 

Sarah. 168. 

Susan, 86. 
Comodore. 86. 
Louis, 155. 

Jay Ellsworth, 155, 236. 
Carl, 155. . 

Margaret Matilda, 155. 
Carl, 236, 260. 
Louis, 236. 
Martha, 252. 
Russell, 260. 

Jessie Euretta, 226. 
Helen Margaret, 226. 

Adeline, 188. 
John M.. 188. 
Mark, 188. 
"Jake" (?) 46, 61. 

Lydia E.. 209. 

Ellen, 202. 

Mrs., 53. 
Gouveneur, 112. 
Hattie, 112. 

Catherine, 193. 

Peter. 57. 


Isaac, 57. 
Nicholas, 57. 
Bartholomew, 57. 
John, 57. 
Joseph, 57. 
Adolph, 57. 
Conrad, 57. 
George, 57. 
Nicholas I., 57. 
Eldert, 57. 
Grace, 57. 
Robert, 57. 
Christian, 57. 
Catherine, 57. 
Ann, 57. 
William, 57, 58. 
James. 57. 
Mary, 57, 58. 
Thomas, 57. 
Morgan, 57. 
Gertrude, 58. 
Moses, 58. 
Rebecca, 58. 
Elizabeth, 58. 

Eliza N., 214. 

Priscilla, 108. 

Alice, 99. 

Miles, 54. 

John, 229. 
Erhardt, 229. 
Barbara Margurette, 229. 
Edgar Adelbert, 229. 
Lawrence Erhart, 229. 

Mary, 177. 

Josephine, 226. 
Mary, 227. 

Emily, 216. 

Joseph, 76. 
Jane, 266. 

James, 154. 
Luther J., 154. 
Emma J., 154, 235. 
Eliza May, 154, 235. 
Eventus Austin, 155, 235. 
Israel, 155, 235. 
Edmund J., 155. 
Glenna V., 235. 
James Sidney, 235. 
Edmond J., 235, 236. 
George Raymond. 235. 

Russell Austin, 235. 
Lester Leroy, 235. 
Edna Reed, 236. 

Ann, 45. 

James Henry, 98. 
Zebina, 98. 
Elizabeth, 98, 184. 
James Reed, 98, 184. 
Warren Zebina, 184. 
James Brunner, 184. 
Prank Cooper, 184. 

Seth E., 104. 
Charles, 104. 
George, 104. 
Josephine, 104. 
Ada, 235. 

Steven Ellis, 241. 

Elizabeth Fay, 275. 

Sally Ann, 117. 

Agnes C, 183. 
Amanda, 219. 

Pr indie. 
Carrie, 63. 
John, 63. 

"Col.", 15. 

Nettie, 164. 


Lizzie P., 165. 

Polly J., 138. 

Margaret Elizabeth, 253. 

Reckord (Richard). 
Uncle, 13, 14. 
Allis, 15, 27, 28, 29. 
Samuel, 15, 29, 30. 
Jacob, 15, 29, 30. 
Israel, 15, 29, 30. 
Abner, 15. 
William, 28, 30. 
Andrew, 28. 
Chloe, 29. 
Mary, 29. 
Deborah, 29. 
Hannah, 29. 
Voadicea, 30. 
Weston, 30. 
Marcia, 30. 
Alden, 30. 

Gerry Kendrick, 30 
John, 30. 
Henry, 30. 
Peter, 30. 
Conradt, 30. 
"Tex", 30. 

Jacob, 30. 
John, 30. 
Frederick, 30. 
George, 30. 
Ludwig, 30. 
Anna, 30. 
Catherine, 30. 
Elizabeth, 30. 
Maria, 30. 
Delia, 30. 

William, 156. 

George, 141. 
Harriet, 223. 

Theresa, 182. 

George H., 76. 
Ella J., 220. 

David Elmer, 272. 
Lela May, 272. 
Iris Ida, 272. 
William Allen, 272. 

Richard, 114. 
Ann, 114. 
Margaret, 197. 
Harriet Norris, 186. 
William, 186. 

Roxcey Celinda, 48. 
Charles, 98. 
Henry George, 272. 
Amanda, 272. 
Mary, 177. 

Susannah, 26. 

Cora Caroline, 138. 
Emma, 177. 
Barnard C, 138. 

Nathan, 115. 
George, 115. 
Alice, 115. 
Frances, 115. 

Royal, 71. 

Margaret Louise, 177. 
John, 177. 


William, 260. 

David P., 156. 
Hiram, 158. 

Samantha, 77. 
Hannah, 131. 

Elisha, 199. 

Jane, 172. 
John, 172. 
Sarah, 229. 

Charles L., 161. 
Minnie Viola, 161, 244. 
Norman, 161, 244. 
Mary, 202. 

Thomas, 73. 

Sophronia, 144. 

Samuel Grove, 224. 
Herbert Joy, 224. 
Allen E.. 224. 258. 
Delbert E., 224. 
Samuel Giles, 224. 
Harriet Mabel, 224. 
Ray Moore, 258. 
Irene, 258. 

Phebe, 212. 

John, 20. 

Margaret, 263. 


Ruby, 208. 

Emeline, 91. 

Edward, 64. 
Lucy, 64. 
Eliza, 199. 

Abby, 172. 

James, 132. 
John, 132. 
William John, 133. 
James Latta, 133. 
George Washington, 133 
Joseph, 133. 
Charles Walker, 133. 
Mary Louisa, 133. 

Phebe Adelaide, 133. 
Catherine, 133, 214. 
Emma Gertrude, 133. 
Clarence Walker, 133. 
Jessie Latta, 133. 
Helen Carleton, 133. 

John, 238. 
Oran D., 238. 
Lloyd Ellis, 238. 
Kenneth J., 238. 
Glennon, 238. 

Elizabeth, 171. 


Maria, 265. 
Elizabeth M., 266. 


Nancy, 53. 

Seller merliorn. 

Adeline, 65, 115. 
Addie Eugenia, 116. 
Baldwin, 43. 
Bersha, 74. 
Bertha, 200. 
Cornelius, 64, 65, 117. 
Caroline, 65, 115. 
Caroline, 116, 200. 
Clyde D., 198. 
Evert Lansing, 43. 
Florence Hartness, 117. 
Hayden, 114. 
Hazel Oneita, 116. 
Helen Esther, 117. 
Jacob James, 64. 
Jacob I., 64. 
Jacob H., 64, 74. 
John Maxwell, 65, 116. 
John Cornelius, 116, 200. 
John C, 114, 198. 
Jesse Maxwell, 116. 
Levi Chase, 65. 
Lydia Ann, 65. 
Lydia Annette, 116. 
Merril Major, 65, 116. 
Mary Jane, 65, 116. 
Nancy Mabel, 117. 
"Ryer" (Uriah), 62, 64, 

Scott, 43. 
William Groesbeck, 65. 

William L., 198. 

Bertha, 267. 

Owen G., 114. 

David, 267. 
Jane Caroline, 267. 

Sir Walter, 6. 
Susan, 146. 
Robert, 146. 
Grace, 111. 
Thomas G., 183. 
Thomas J., 183. 
Syd. R., 183. 

, 131. 

May M., 215. 
Jerome L., 215. 

Ada, 249. 
Ole, 249. 

Herman R., 221. 
Leonard, 221. 
Mildred, 221. 
Brayton Read, 221. 

George, 114. 

Biddy Josephine, 159. 
William P., 160. 

Robert, 184. 

Walter S., 195. 
Charles, 195. 
Charles Bronson, 195. 
Bernice Harriet, 195. 
Everett Kyes, 195. 

Theresa, 257. 

Polly, 58. 
Sarah Jane, 259. 
Romanzoff A., 178. 

Sarah Florinda, 81. 
Benjamin Barber, 81. 

Laura M., 254. 
Eunice, 169. 

Minnie, 133. 

Emma, 202. 
James M., 202. 

William, 42. 
Matie Estella, 207. 
Delos W., 207. 

Albert Clinton, 121. 


David, 121. 
Alta Azora, 121. 
Earl Clinton, 121. 
Ethel Blanche, 121. 
Mabel Violette, 121. 
Lester Albert, 121. 

Matilda, 271. 

Lovina. 188. 
Harriet, 254. 
Charles E., 254. 

Alpha, 244. 
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Hazel, 249. 

Evaline, 43. 
Anthony, 43. 
John, 244. 
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Edward, 206. 
Beverly C. 166. 

Ada Finnette, 146. 
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Amy, 251. 
Ansel B„ 251. 
Benjamin Franklin, 159. 
Charles Wesley, 219. 
Elijah. 20. 
Edith Eliza. 146. 
Ella Florence, 185. 
Elizabeth. 223. 
Elgene Arthur, 219. 
Edso Dorr, 241. 
Eugene Frederick, 241. 
Eunice Agnes, 250. 
Flora LaVerne, 146. 
Florence Nightingale, 

Gerritt (Hon.), 73. 
George, 142. 
Georgine, 146. 
Glenna Rockford, 240. 
Henry, 66. 
Hester Read, 219. 
Homer Verne, 241. 
Harry S., 250. 
Jacob, 20. 
John, 121. 
James P., 250. 
James Leslie. 250. 

Joseph, 252. 

Leonard Clifton, 159, 240. 
Lydia Plimpton, 186. 
Mary, 142. 
Matilda Eliza, 146. 
Merrill Cornell, 159, 240. 
Mary Jane, 197. 
Morris, 197. 
Mabel Irene, 241. 
Mary, 252. 
Nellie Jane, 159. 
Oliver Newton, 159, 240. 
Porter, 146. 
Russell. 219. 
Sarah Jane, 121. 
Stephen, 275-a. 
Thomas Warren, 186. 
AVilliam Warren, 146. 
William, 185. 
Warren Rufus, 186. 
William, 252. 

Asenath, 84. 

Rachel, 163. 

Charles. 233. 

William Franklin, 152. 
Judson Levi, 152. 
Phebe Myrtle, 152. 
Leah Elitha, 152. 
Frank Reed, 152. 
Ada Myra, 152. 

John, 49. 
Irving, 62. 
Elitha, 49. 
Cora N., 62. 

Helen, 152. 

Josephine, 120. 

Theodore, 175. 
George Herman, 175. 
Julia Clark, 175, 252. 
Theodore Mason, 175. 
Walter Kenneth. 175. 

Experience, 53. 
Rox., 53. 

Oliver, 20. 

Elijah, 20. 

Elijah, 125. 
Daniel, 125. 
Belle, 125. 

John, 125. 

Freeman Harlow, 125. 

Lyman, 125. 

Louisa, 125. 

Susan, 125. 

Edwin M. (Hon.), 125. 

Robert, 125. 

Julia. 91. 

Rachel Loretta, 92. 
Daniel, 92. 

Bertha, 195. 
John D., 195. 
Mary, 195. 

Mary, 73. 
Rachel, 128. 
William, 128. 

John, 97. 

Bessie Angeline, 97. 
Emma. 97, 183. 

Anson, 54. 
Thomas, 54. 
Samuel, 54. 
Deborah, 54. 
Harriet, 54. 
Armavilla, 54. 
Betsey, 54. 
Elbridge, 54. 
Harrison, 54. 
Mrs. J. R. Arthur, 174. 

Clara, 252. 

St oner. 
John N., 167. 
Herbert Keller, 167. 

Mrs. Harriet Beecher, 49. 

Hosea, 100. 
Charles Jonathan, 100, 

Chester C, 187, 254. 
Edna A., 187. 
Floyd R., 187. 
Florence M., 187. 
Lela M., 254. 
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Joseph, 119. 

Alpha, 244. 

Anna. 162, 163. 


Alice Carrie, 170. 252. 
Ansel Garrett. 251. 
Addison J., 184, 254. 
Betsey, 162, 163. 
Catherine, 55. 
Caroline, 90, 162. 
"Caty", 162, 163. 
Charles Reed, 184. 
Charles Everett, 251. 
Chester James, 252, 261. 
Emeline, 162, 163. 
Everett Austin, 170, 251. 
Ella E., 176. 
Emma. 184. 
Garrett. 51. 55, 90, 162. 
Garrett W., 170. 
Joseph, 162, 163. 
James, 162. 
Joseph, 162, 163. 
Joseph B., 184. 
Lucy Maria, 51. 
Martha. 162. 
Martin Lewis, 170, 176, 

Nancy, 162, 163. 
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Nelson, 251. 
Olive. 162. 163. 
Saloma, 51. 163. 

Ella, 130. 

George M., 253 
Rev. William A., 253. 
"Billy". 253. 

Michael. 243. 
Etta Bell, 243, 260. 
Lucy Delia, 243. 
Francis, 243, 260. 
Pearl, 243. 
David Earl. 243. 

George Robert, 166. 
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Mary Irene, 166. 
Orson Reed, 166. 

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F. M., 202. 

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William, 194. 

Minerva, 80. 

Peter, 182. 

Ten Eyck. 
Hiram H., 228. 
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Pearl Evaline, 228. 

Susan, 116. 

Th oyer. 
Mary Harriet, 97. 
Dr. Charles Henry, 101, 

Nathaniel, 101. 
Aline, 101. 
Sarah, 140. 
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Marion Alden, 185. 
Nathaniel, 185. 

John, 162. 
Jacob, 162. 
Jane, 219. 
John A., 268. 
Fern, 268. 

Leone, 209. 

Nettie, 253. 

George Woodbury, 172. 
George William, 172. 

Phebe, 180. 

Family, 20, 35. 
Margaret, 36. 
Anna, 40. 
Daniel, 36. 
John, 36. 
Christopher, 36. 

"Col.", 30. 
Marisa Lovinia, 146. 
Henry, 147. 

Fanny Emeline, 87. 

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Albert B., 140. 
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John McKenzie, 57. 
William, 57. 

Capt. Wm„ 30. 

Jennett, 80. 
Jeremiah, 80. 

Susan B., 187. 


Barbara, 184. 


Van Buren. 
William Henry, 120. 
Henry, 120. 
Martin (Pres.), 120. 
Rosslyn Henry, 120, 203. 
Tracy Henry, 203. 
Charlotte May. 203. 

Van Patten. 
Mary L., 218. 

Van Slyke. 
Arithmetic, 41. 

Catherine, 164, 

Nicholas. 66. 

Vincent . 
Adeline. 62. 


Wad hams. 
Roy, 108. 

Eliza, 265. 

Elizabeth, 209. 

Sarah Ann. 168. 


Family, 23. 
Sarah, 27. 
Eliza Jane, 133 
William Stewart, 133. 
Nelson Buell, 140. 
Truman Jeremiah, 140. 
Truman Addison, 140. 
Ethel Harriet, 140. 
John K., 122. 
Peter, 122. 
Daniel, 215. 
Jane, 215. 

Ella M., 213. 

Solon E„ 113. 

Ellen Barbara, 220. 
John Lee, 259. 

Phebe, 65r 5~« 
Hon. Judson, 93. 
Ely, 107. 

William, 8, 28. 
Sarah, 27. 
Richard, 27. 
Nathaniel, 27. 
Samuel, 27. 
Ellen M., 206. 
William B., 207. 
William C, 237. 

Oscar, 197. 
Frank F., 197. 

Gen. George, 17. 

John C., 193. 
Harriet, 193. 

S&lly, 207. 
Hon. Daniel, 207. 

Buel, 60, 268. 

Nettie, 60, 268. 
Charlotte, 60, 268. 
Jerome, 60, 268. 
Fannie, 60, 268. 
Julia Emma, 122. 
Chester A., 122. 
Martha, 106. 
James, 106. 

James, 259. 
Russell Lee, 259. 
Fay Francis, 259. 
Esteal James, 259. 

Mary, 272. 

-Mary, 100. 


Edwin Max, 194. 

Lucy B., 191. 
John K., 191. 
Capt. J., 30. 

Leonard Obadiah, 39. 

Olive, 115. 

Catherine M.. 199. 

Luther, 96. 

Lillie, 219. 
John T. S., 219. 

Frances Fern, 204. 

Florence G., 219. 
Caleb, 219. 
Susan, 53. 

William, 116. 
Amelia, 116. 

William, 25S. 

Margaret, 92. 

Mary Elizabeth, 61, 111. 
John, 61. 
Henry, 61. 
Melchert, 61. 
David, 61. 
Abram, 61. 
Catherine, 61. 
Margaret, 61. 
Anna. 61. 
Betsey, 61. 
William E., 61. 

Eliza Ann, 135. 

George, 258. 
Gerald, 258. 
Jane, 258. 

Capt. Isaac, 30. 

Chester Storrs, 76, 142. 
Francis, 77. 
Frances M., 195. 

Woodworth . 
Wellington George, 218. 
Harry E.. 218. 
Graydon Read, 218. 

Rufus, 127. 
Nathan, 127. 
Charles Millard, 127. 
Elsie Sabrina, 127. 
Emma Carrie, 127, 209. 
Nathan Alexander, 127. 
Mary Ella, 127, 209. 
Lottie, 127. 


Benjamin F., 220. 


Hannah, 88. 



The numbers refer to the pages 

The Introduction. 

Use of a Genealogy, 5; Author's Apology, 5; Female and collateral 
lines, 5; Meaning of the name, 6; Reeds of the Old World, 6; Reads 
in America, 7 ; Reads in 1790, 8 ; Later Generations, 9 ; Read Biogra- 
phies, 9; Genealogies, 11; Reed Institute, 12; Ancestor's given name, 
13; Wife's name, 14; "Uncle Record", 14; Traditions, 15; Revolution- 
ary Traditions, 15; The Record family (Note), 15; From Down East, 
16*; The Mohawk Country, 16; Holland Dutch and "Mohawk Dutch", 
16; The Palatines, 17; Where was Nathaniel born? 18; Top Notch 
and Vicinity, 19; Oriskany Battle (Note). 18; Israel Read of Canan- 
daigua, 20; Israel Read of Bloomfield, N. Y., 20; John Read in 1790, 
21; Ancestor in 1790, 21; Their Place of Settlement in N. Y., 22; 
North Gage Community (Note), 23; Ancestor marries again, 24; His 
Death and Burial, 24; William Read (323), 24; William of Weymouth, 
25; Revolutionary Reads, 27; Warren Pedigree (Note), 27; Bunker 
Hill Reads, 28: Marriage of William (323), 28; The Rickard (Richard) 
family. 29; Term "Freeman" (Note), 29; The Migration of William 
(323) ;md wife Allis, 30; Reasons for believing him our ancestor — The 
circumstances recounted. 31; Dates harmonized, 32; Palatine Rick- 
hardts (Note), 30. 

Noteworthy Incidents. 

Tiny lock, 20; Patriot Dead, 39; Israel Read's Pathetic Death, 
38; Mrs. Casler scalped by the Indians, 61; The "Mohawk Dutch" 
Palatines. 16-18; Trenton Falls. 22; Barge Canal, 16; "Pennsylvania' 
Dutch", 17; Erie Steamboat lost. 43: Manuscript Arithmetic, 41; 
Earlv Steamboats, 50: Origin of cheese factories, 64, 117; Anti-Slavery 
Convention, 73 : "Uncle Record", 14; A brave cripple, 206; A conse- 
crated missionary, 173. Russell on the Grasse (poem). 276. 

Families and Pedigrees. 

William Read of Weymouth, 25-27; Richard (Reckord), 15-29; "Top 
Notch" neighborhood, 1790, 20; Canandaigua neighborhood. 1790, 20; 
Warren, 27: Timmerman (Zimmerman), 36; Simmons. 43; Hether- 
ington Old Bible, 45; Comstock, 45; Dickerman, 49; Mason. 52; 
Stevens. 54; Pickard. 57; Doty. 60. 264: Witherstine, 61; Payne, 
62- Schermerhorn, 64; Major. 66; Blue, 67; Dodd, 70; Cruickshank, 
73- Bartlett, 83; Grant, 88; Grover, 99; Lonyo, 100; Stanton. L25; 
Mather, 126; Allen-Whiting, 130; Sample, 133; Crocker, 157; Stryker, 
162; Smith. 186; Brayton. 198; Luther, 207; Douglas, 214; Clark, 
148: Gilmore. 271-273; Brown. 269; Crissy, 225. 

Distinguished Persons Mentioned. 

George Washington, 7: Ethan Allen, 15; Gen. Stark, 83; Gov. 
Bradford. 7, 130; John and Priscilla Alden, 131; Gen. Gage, 23; La 
Fayette. 56; Gen. Herkimer, 18; Pres. Martin Van Buren, 120; Pres. 
Millard Fillmore, 120; Maj. Gen. Jacob Brown, 49; Commodore Perry, 
86- Gen. U. S. Grant. 88; Jefferson Davis, 9. 146; Patroon Cornelius 
Lansing, 130; Judge C. L. Allen. 130; The Beecher Family. 49; Rev. 
Dr. Kirk. 130: Rev. Beriah Green. 71; Rev. Charles G. Finney, 72; 
Rev. Asa Mahan, 72; Gerritt Smith, 73. 



Supplement No. i, September, 1914 

Since the book was published, we have come upon rec- 
ords that solve some of its problems and correct some of its 

Our Ancestor's name was certainly William This appears 
in the marriage record of Israel Read, where he is said to 
be the son of William Read. 

The Rosencrantz Records. The German settlers of the 
upper Mohawk valley were some of them Lutherans and some 
of them Calvinists, or Reformed. They often availed them- 
selves of the services of each others ministers, and church 
facilities. As early as 1757 there came among them a Dutch 
Reformed minister, Rev. Abraham Rosencrantz, who for almost 
40 years exercised a faithful ministry among the Germans of 
both denominations. He was pastor at times of several of 
the Reformed churches, and made careful and exact records, 
largely in Latin, of marriages, baptisms, births, and deaths by 
him attended. These records are still in existence. He died 
February. 1796, and 120 sleigh loads of sorrowing friends 
followed his body to its burial place under his church pulpit. 
His home was opposite Little Falls, near General Herkimer's, 
whose sister Alary he had married, May 16. 1758, as recorded 
in the Kingston church record. Magdalena Herkimer, another 
sister married Warner Dygert, and her gnat, great grandson 
Mr. Frank D. Duell of Schenectady, N. Y.. who has made ex- 
tensive and valuable notes of the church records in the region, 
has given us the following from the manuscripts of Rev. Abra- 
ham Rosencrantz : 
May 23, 1786 — John, son of Geo. Timmerman. to Sarah, (hniir- 

ter of Jacob Klock. 
October 31. 1786 — Adam Bellinger to Lena, daughter of Geo. 


February 2, 1794 — Abner Read to Anna, daughter of Geo. 

February 25, 1794 — Israel Read, son of William, to Marga- 

retha, daughter of Geo. Timmerman. 
April 20. 1794 — Isaac Hatterington and Polly Read. 
May 4, 1795 --Baptized John, son of Isaac and Polly Hetter- 

ington, born Feb. 14th, 1795 (not Jan., as in the book). 

Sponsors, Carl and Esther Purck. 

It seems certain that our ancestor came to the vicinity of 
Little Falls about 1792-3, and lived there the rest of his life. 
Abner had been there since 1790. We can see how the sons 
became acquainted with German girls, and that Abner 's wife 
and Israel's wife were sisters, and that another sister married 
Adam Bellinger (see p. 31), and a brother, John Timmerman, 
married Sarah Klock, daughter of Jacob Klock. 

The Timmcrmans. These families lived in the towns of 
Minden, Manheim, German Flats and St. Johnsville. They 
were descended from five brothers named Jacob, Lawrence, 
Theobald, George and Henry, some of whom were here as 
early as 1759. They were said to have been of Swiss origin, 
and we judge them to have been Reformed in their religious 
sentiments, practically the same as Presbyterians. 

In looking for a George Timmerman who might be the 
George Timmerman of these records, we find one who, in 1790, 
lived in the same town as Jacob Klock, Adam Bellinger, several 
Snells, now called Manheim. His family consisted of 2 males 
over 16, 2 males under 16, 9 females — 13 in all. A Geo. Tim- 
merman, Dec. 13, 1835, deeded for $5,000, to Jacob Yoran and 
John J. Yoran, an interest in lots in a patent granted Jacob 
Zimmerman and Jost Schnell. One of the boundaries of this 
land was East Canada Creek. John Yoran now owns the place. 
He is son of John J. Yoran. 

William Read (323) certainly our ancestor Through the 
painstaking help of Mr. Alanson A. Read of Boston, secretary 
of the Reade Association, to whom our most hearty thanks are 
(hie, we have found records that show that William Read (323) 
of Middleborough, Mass., by a deed dated Mar. 20th. 17S2. for 
30 £ (30 pounds) bought lot 43 in Bullock's Grant, now Savoy, 
Berkshire Co.. Mass.. 100 acres. Tins deed was from Abie! 

Haskins and Elizabeth, his wife, and was executed in Bristol 
Co. (not far from MiddLeborough), Apr. 8, 1782, before Jesse 
Bullock, with Elijah Haskins and Henry Haskins as witnesses. 
It was recorded in Berkshire Co., Feb. 12, 1783. It was located 
in the Housatonic mountain region of Western Mass. Bullock's 
Grant was a grant of rights to lands made to Captain Gallup 
and others, who were sufferers in the Canada Expedition of 1690, 
in '"King William's War." This lot, the southerly half of it, 
was conveyed June 27th, 1792, by William Read, "yeoman," 
and "Alse," his wife (who signed with her mark), for 30 
pounds to Nathaniel Carpenter, Jr., "cordwainer. " The wit- 
nesses were Nathaniel Carpenter and Cyril Carpenter. It was 
recorded Apr. 16th, 1793. No record is found of the sale of 
the north part of this lot. This deed was acknowledged Feb. 
5th, 1793. Was she not alive then? 

This shows that Wm. Read (323), and his wife Alice, lived 
about If) years in Savoy. She was an original member of the 
Baptist church there, by letter from the Baptist church in 

L wis Reed, son of our Nathaniel, remembers hearing that 
his father was born in a place "some kind of a grant," or in 
Salem, or something sounding like that, and we see that Savoy 
sounds like Salem. Lewis also remembers that in the Dicker- 
man book he was given a name not really his (Record), and 
whoever furnished the Read copy for the Dickerman book no 
doubt wrote Savoy so that it looked like LeRoy, an easy thing 
to do. And we conclude, therefore, that this William Reed of 
Savoy was our ancestor, and left Savoy for York State about 
1792-3. Whether his wife died there or here we do not know. 
but think it probable in the new place. 

Early Read Genealogies corrected. Since this book was 
printed it has been found that the statements in the Read 
Genealogies as to the early Read immigrants need changing. 
There were 39 of the name who came to New England be- 
tween 1630 and 1700. (See Reade Record No. [II.) It has 
also been found that there were two Weymouth Read lines. 
the first of a William Reade from Baccombe, Eng., 1635-44. 
His wife was Susanna Haynes. This family moved to Boston. 
A second William Read appears at Weymouth 1651. His wife 
was Avis — and this is our line — William and Avis. In Eng- 

land there has been found a record of a marriage at Long 
Sutton of a William Read and Avis Chepman, Oct. 8th, 1635, 
and we think they may have been our William and Avis of 
Weymouth. We need to be careful to say our line is ' ' William 
and Avis," not William and Susanna, and not claim any honors 
that do not belong to our line. For our line see page 25 of the 
book, and J. L. Reed's book. 


No. 171 — Geo. Seifred is not dead, but married again to Rose 

Denny. They live at Coldbrook. 
No. 179 — Thomas Bowen is living still. 
No. 41 — Malina Nelson was daughter of Abel Nelson and 

Phoebe A. Johnson, who lived in Newport. N. Y. 
Page 270 — Lillian Etta Brown Lambkin married again ; Frank 

Smith, son of James Madison Smith and Sarah Elizabeth 

Page 131 — In line 19 from the top, instead of May, '60, read 

May, '69. 
Page 21 — The Abner Reed of Granby, Conn., was not our 

Abner, but from the line of Dr. Philip Reade of Concord, 

No. 41 — M. C. Blue's daughter Margery Frances was born 

Nov. 30th, 1912. 
No. 432 — Becker Widrick died May 8th, 1913. 
No. 560 — Ella Mae Blue married. Aug. 12th. 1914. a Baptist 

minister, Rev. C. W. Allen. Mr. Allen came from Halifax, 

N. S., is a graduate of Acad. University and Colgate Theo. 

Sem. He resides at Prospect, N. Y. 
No. 1116 — John 0. Kent of Boonville, painter, married Oct. 

3rd, 1912, to Miss Bertha Owen, teacher in the high school, 

and daughter of Mrs. D. Z. Owen of Boonville. 
No. 193 — Archibald M. Blue died June 2. 1913. 
No. 537 — Newton Eugene Kent died Nov. 12th, 1912, leaves 

daughter, Mrs. James Fallon. 
No. 216 — Mrs. Stewart Cruiekshank died June 12th, 1914. 
No. 160 — Francis S. Reed died in the summer of 1914, in 


4^U zf'V\ 

situ ^ Cwu<- ^ ^ ^ ***-^" *»«- /cnrJ^<f &"f*< 






POLLY READ (Hetherington) 





THIS book is now ready and on sale by the compiler, 
Rev. Henry M. Dodd, Clinton, New York. It con- 
tains a nearly complete list of the descendants, both 
male and female, of Our Read Ancestor, over 1.500 in number, 
with dates of births, marriages and deaths, and parents names, 
when they could be obtained. It also contains much family 
history with noteworthy incidents and connection with dis- 
tinguished persons. There are full notes on intermarried and 
collateral families, with many pedigrees back to the Early 
Immigrants. There is also much local history of the places 
where the Reads have lived, especially of the Mohawk Valley, 
the "Mohawk Dutch," the Palatines and the "Pennsylvania 
Dutch." The footnotes are numerous and interesting, and add 
materially to the value of the work. 

The Introduction contains a mass of general genealogical 
and historical matter, not only about this particular Read 
family, but of the other numerous Read families in Europe 
and America — their achievements, genealogies, biographies, 
and the patriotic services of the Reads of our own land in 
the Revolution, the War of 1812, War of 1861, War of 1898. 
We do not know where there can be found a more complete 
general Read history than is in this book, and it ought to 
he of much value to anyone named Read, or descended from 
a Read. 

We give Index III. which will show the scope of the work. 



The numbers refer to the pages 

The introduction. 

linp?t° f At? eneal0 F;v, 5; Author ' s Apology, 5; Female and collateral 
lines, 5 Meaning ol the name, 6; Reeds of the Old World 6- Reads 

n n hit n T C rv; : , ReadS iV 7 ^ 8; Later Generations, 9; Read B?ogra 
P hleS Vv 9 : . Gene alogies, n : Ree d Institute. 12; Ancestor's given name 
13 Wife's name 14; "Uncle Record", 14; Traditions, 15; RevoluUom 

?fi y T?,? mT' Y'n The ReC01 ' d family (Xote L 15 ; From Down East, 
Jc' Vt *J°?^ vk Countv y- 1Q - Holland Dutch and "Mohawk Dutch" 
16 * X - Palatmes - 1': Where was Nathaniel born? 18- Tod Notch 
«»L Vu ' 1 n A lt y- 19 ; O^kany Battle (Note), IS; Israel Read of Canan- 
daigua, 20; Israel Read of Bloomfield, N. Y„ 20; John Read in 1790 
1. Ancestor in 1790. 21; Their place of Settlement in N Y 22- 
North Gage Community (Note), 23; Ancestor marries again, 24:" His 
Death and Burial, 24; William Read (323). 24; William of Weymouth, 
25 Revolutionary Reads. 27: Warren Pedigree (Note), 27; Bunker 
Hill Reads, 26; Marriage of William (323), 28; The Rickard (Richard) 
™! 7, 2 , 9: Term "Freeman" (Note), 29; The Migration of William 
{6Z6) and wife Allis, 30; Reasons for believing him our ancestor— The 
circumstances recounted, 31; Dates harmonized, 32; Palatine Rick- 
hardts (Note), 30. 

Noteworthy Incidents. 

„ Ti , n / lock, 20; Patriot Dead, 39; Israel Read's Pathetic Death, 
^8; Mrs. Casler scalped by the Indians, 61; The "Mohawk Dutch" 
Palatines, 16-18; Trenton Falls. 22; Barge Canal. 16; "Pennsylvania 
Dutch 17; Erie Steamboat lost, 43; Manuscript Arithmetic. 41; 
h-arly Steamboats. 50; Origin of cheese factories, 64, 117: Anti-Slavery 
Convention, 73: "Uncle Record", 14; A brave cripple, 206; A conse- 
crated missionary, 173, Russell on the Grasse (poem), 276. 

Families and Pedigrees. 

William Read of Weymouth, 2o-27; Richard (Reckord), 15-29: "Top 
Notch" neighborhood, 1790, 20; Canandaigua neighborhood, 1790, 20; 
Warren, 27: Timmerman (Zimmerman), 36; Simmons. 43; Hether- 
ington Old Bible, 45; Comstock, 45; Dickerman, 49; Mason, 52- 
Stevens, 54; Pickard, 57: Doty, 60, 264; Witherstine, 61; Payne, 
62; Schermerhorn, 64; Major, 66; Blue, 67; Dodd, 70; Cruickshank, 
,3: Bartlett, 83; Grant, 88; Grover, 99; Lonyo, 100; Stanton, 125; 
Mather. 126; Allen-Whiting, 130; Sample, 133: Crocker, 157; Stryker, 
162; Smith, 186; Brayton, 198; Luther, 207; Douglas, 214; Clark, 
148; Gilmore, 271-273; Brown, 269; Crissy, 225. 

Distinguished Persons Mentioned. 

George Washington, 7; Ethan Allen. 15; Gen. Stark, 83; Gov. 
Bradford, 7, 130; John and Priscilla Aiden, 131; Gen. Gage, 23; La 
Fayette, 56; Gen. Herkimer, IS; Pres. Martin Van Buren, 120; Pres. 
Millard Fillmore, 120; Maj. Gen. Jacob Brown, 49; Commodore Perry, 
86; Gen. U. S. Grant, 88; Jefferson Davis, 9, 146; Patroon Cornelius 
Lansing, 130; Judge C. L. Allen. 130; The Beecher Family, 49; Rev. 
Dr. Kirk, 130; Rev. Beriah Green, 71; Rev. Charles G. 'Finney, 72; 
Rev. Asa Mahan, 72; Gerritt Smith, 73. 

We also give the following letters. 

Office of the Historian. 

Clinton, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1912. 

My neighbor and friend, Rev. Henry M. Dodd, has at various times 
during the past two years discussed with me his plan for publishing 
a Read Genealogy. Now that the work is complete I have taken great 
interest in examining it. As to its accuracy I will not attempt to say 
more than that anyone who knows the author's clear and incisive 
habit of mind and his devotion to this particular field of work will 
feel sure that the Read Genealogy is a thoroughly competent pro- 
duction. Only those who have attempted a similar task know how 
great are the difficulties. It is a noble undertaking to gather and to 
put in permanent form the records of a family. Mr. Dodd has not 
only brought together widely scattered material which was in danger 
of being lost but he has presented his results in a lucid and orderly 
form, following a system wbich makes reference easy indexing every- 
thing fully, and showing everywhere a feeling for the salient facts. 
It is to be hoped that this publication may stimulate interest in the 
Read family and that the author may thus be enabled to carry out 
his purpose of publishing a later and more complete edition. 

Edward Fitch. 

[Dr. Fitch is Professor of Greek in Hamilton College] 



952 North Clark Street, 

Chicago, U. S. A., December 4, 1912. 
Rev. Henry M. Dodd, 

Clinton, N. Y. 
Dear Sir: — 

I am well pleased with the READ GENEALOGY. It is a first-class 
compilation with excellent indexes. The only criticisms I have to offer 
are that you are too modest; your portrait should have faced the 
title page (everybody wants to see how the compiler of a genealogy 
looks), and you should have omitted "The Author's Apology," as none 
was needed. 

READ descendants should show their appreciation by purchasing 
a copy for each member of the family, for the time will come when 
this book will be worth double the price you are asking. I have been 
making a study of Genealogy for twenty years, and know the value 
of a good work. Sincerely, 

Edward A. Claypool. 

The book itself is gotten up in excellent style, with pages 
8£ inches by 5£ inches, with large open type, and spaces and 
margins convenient for notes, printed on fine expensive, dur- 
able book paper. It is most thoroughly indexed, and will 
be easy to consult. 

The prices have been tixed (far lower than most books of 
this class) as follows: 

Bound in Durable Cloth, 1 copy, $2.50; 3 copies, $6.00. 
" Half Morocco, 1 copy, $3.50. 
" Full Morocco, 1 copy, $5.00. 

Owner's name in gold if desired, 20 cents, a line extra. 

The Book weighs 24 ounces. Postage 13 cents extra. Sent 
promptly on receipt of money order, or draft. Local Check 
should add 10 cents for collection. 

Address — Henry M. Dodd, Clinton. N. Y. 

Only 300 copies have been printed, and could they all be 
sold, the author would still realize but little more than his 
cash outlay for printing and binding, to say nothing of other 
expenses and years of labor. 



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* " ■* * r >'■-' fl . Lu ' , 





'•' , ;' f f' : iV ,; ;--' v '; 

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