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Hoiton Hall 

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Holton Hall 


In an expanding university world, 
familiar faces provide the key to un- 
locking identities in a crowd. It is 
likely that the student who opens this 
book will search this crowd for faces 
familiar to him. Perhaps he will find 
his roommate, a fraternity brother, 
the graduate student from his history 
class, his first blind date. If so, for 
him, this will no longer be merely a 
picture of a crowd, but a picture with 
meaning because of its faces. For this 
reason, we present the 1967 Royal 
Purple — a Focus on Faces. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Royal Purple 

photo by David von Riesen 


Nineteen Sidy Seven 



Manhattan, Kansas 

Copyright, 1967 

Student Publications, Inc. 

Sue Brandner, Editor 
Margo Miller, Bus. Mgr. 

photo by David von Riesen 

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Coming to the campus from all 
directions, living in housing on all 
edges of its boundaries, staying 
through its seasonal changes, the 
students see many faces of the ex- 
panding University. It is a different 
picture if you are working on a lab 
project from the one you see leading 
cheers; a warm late summer date is 
different from walking alone in the 
early evening after the first snowfall; 
but each of these scenes forms a part 
of a composite memory that is Kan- 
sas State University, 1967. 

photo by Don Richards 

Table of Contents 

Features 14 

Academics 86 

Groups 146 

Housing 246 

Athletics 386 

Classes 434 

• > 


Focus on Faces 

Facial expressions convey the thoughts and emo- 
tions of the individual to all around him. The twin- 
kle of enjoyment in the eyes of a dancer, the worried 
glance of a drum major as he begins the march, the 
blank look of a reminiscing sailor in a campus play 
or the ever-present happy-go-lucky grin of the Wil- 
lie the Wildcat say to everyone "This is me." 

photo by David von Rtesen 

Focus on Faces of Fun 

Happy faces are infectious. Hours spent laughing 
and having fun seldom are wasted, for they bring 
the simple enjoyment of sharing good times with fel- 
low students. Half of college learning experiences 
are outside the classroom, they say. Study breaks at 
the beach, annual fraternity games, old athletic 
rivalries and joking conversations with a date or 
roommate etch themselves in our memories of col- 
lege days more often than do classes. 

photo by David von Riesen 


Focus on Faces of Development 

photo by David von Riesen 

Continual processes of growth and 
development produce ever-changing 
faces for both individuals and the 
University. The bewildered look of a 
lost freshman is discarded with the 
used campus map — the hours of 
studying pass by unnoticed until the 
diploma is there to point them up. A 
quiet moment brings a chance for 
thoughtful growth for a student, and 
the campus continues to expand . . . 



photo by David von Riesen 



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Focus on Faces of Achievement 

photo by Don Richards 


Goals, large and small, provide incentives for 
future progress. Graduation is reached step by step 
as each day of classes is completed, as each hour of 
study passes. A finished picture, a royal cape, and a 
stream of students going home after another day are 
faces which achievement may assume. 

photo by Don Richards 


photo by David von Rtesen 

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photo by David von Riesen 

A 30-foot Christmas tree; 
Harry Belafonte; the return 
to Homecoming house deco- 
rations; a dress-the-pledge 
contest — these features and 
others make Kansas State 
special for 1 1 ,000 students. 

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Fewer class hours 

carried by summer school students give 

many of them time to enjoy the beach at Tuttle Creek, five mil 



.%/ ;";^#i 

• : **--Htai« 

. photo by David von Riesen 

outside of Manhattan. Termed "Tuttle Puddle." the lake may be 
used by those willing to pay the $5 annual state park permit fee. 

Eisenhower, Darby attend 
June graduation exercises 

Distinguished guests at the University's 103rd 
commencement were Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and 
Kansas industrialist Harry Darby. Both received an 
honorary Doctor of Law degree during the annual 
June exercises. Replacing the traditional com- 
mencement address, President James A. McCain 
issued a short charge to the 2,042 graduates. 

The 1966 summer session attracted a record 3, 
872 students. In early June a tornado ripped Man- 
hattan, displacing residents of Jardine Terrace and 
destroying outlying University buildings. 

Workmen labor during August to complete a street cutoff by- 
passing Aggieville to help relieve campus traffic congestion 

Honored guests, including Gen Dwight Eisenhower, Sen. Har- 
ry Darby and Gov. William Avery, march to graduation exercises 

photo by Don Richards 

in Ahern Field House. Eisenhower was flown by heli- 
copter from Abilene to Memorial Stadium for the ceremonies. 


Lines of students whose class schedules had been rejected by 
the new IBM 1410 data processing system, stand waiting to 

resend cards through the computer Lengthening the lines were 
2,000 who had not completed the pre-enrollment process 

Computer enrollment debuts during fall registration 

Introduced at the University fall semester, com- 
puter enrollment eliminated the former time-con- 
suming registration process for many students but 
caused confusion and frustration for others. Of the 
record 11,285 students who enrolled, about 1,800 
had to revise schedules rejected by the computer. 
After re-arranging classes with an adviser, these 
students stood in line for hours waiting for repro- 
cessing. For those whose schedules were accepted, 
the procedure required less than 30 minutes. 

With enrollment figures at 604 morethanthe 
previous fall semester, six of the eight colleges regis- 

tered gains. Arts and sciences showed the largest 
growth with a 200-student increase. Graduate 
School gained 120 students; agriculture, 100; com- 
merce, 80; home economics, 80; and veterinary 
medicine 10. Engineering and architecture enroll- 
ment figures remained about the same. 

Spring registration was swift and systematic for 
all but 150ofthel0,446students who enrolled. 
After picking up grade cards and class cards, stu- 
dents filled them out, paid fees and received their 
schedules. Only two percent of the 9,512 who pre- 
enrolled in December received rejection slips. 



Students supply home addresses, parents' names, telephone numbers and 
information on living accomodations to the University on IBM computer cards. 

Mug shots taken during enrollment are filed 
with students' records in college deans' offices. 

Illustrating a point with his own experiences, an orientation 
leader tells his group about University life. Correspondance dur- 

ing the summer and weekly sessions through the fall semester 
introduced freshmen and transfer students to the campus life. 

Away from classrooms, new students seek out and enjoy the 
quiet solitude of a secluded campus pool. Places such as this 

one behind Justin hall are often passed unnoticed by students 
competing for a niche in the growing university community. 

One of ten acts selected from auditions for the Freshman Tal- 
ent Show, Barbara Mader entertains with a guitar and a song. 

Students plan schedules 
for fall Orientation Week 

Freshmen and transfer students planned their 
own orientation schedules for the first time during 
fall enrollment. Designed to introduce the new stu- 
dent to the University, the program included talks 
on campus life by student leaders, professors and 
administrative officials. A watermelon feed, movies 
and bands, sponsored by campus groups, enter- 
tained new students in the evenings. 

Seminars and discussions for freshmen, directed 
by upperclass leaders, were changed to meet once 
each week through October instead of remaining 
part of regular Orientation Week activities. 

New and returning students eat watermelon at a fall mixer after joining football 
players and coaches for a "Wildcat Warmup" Tuesday of Orientation Week 

Kelly the Magician pulls an egg and a chick- 
en from a bag at the Freshman Talent Show. 

Orientation activities for freshmen become informal as upper- 
class leaders shed their jackets to explain the purposes of stu- 

dent government to future campus leaders Apathy was sited 
as the major obstacle to gaining effective student leadership 


Before class, students often meet in Farrell library to com- 
pare class notes, cram for an exam or research a term paper. 

During 10-minute breaks between classes, students exchange 
hurried bits of conversation before a last minute dash to class. 

Outside his office in Holtz hall. Dean of Students Chester 
Peters talks with students hurrying from one class to another. 

Classes, meetings, study 
fill students' average day 

Arriving on campus after a brisk walk from his 
dormitory or off-campus residence, the student be- 
gins a hectic day of classes, tests and meetings. Hur- 
rying from Thompson to Physical Science, hunting 
for a book in the library or cramming for a test, the 
student has little time to pause in his daily schedule. 
Hours pass, marked only by the carillon chimes, 
and the student relaxes for a few minutes in the 
Union, playing bridge or enjoying a coffee break. 
As shadows fall across the limestone buildings, the 
student heads home to eat and talk with roommates 
before returning for a committee meeting, an eve- 
ning class or a Union movie. 

Relaxing the pace, students meet after class and discuss 
assignments while walking home to dinner or a meeting. 

Popular after a day of classes, the Union Dive offers students 
jukebox music and vending machine cokes, sandwiches and 

coffee During a two-week experiment to determine the need for 
a late-night student lounge, the area remained open until 2 am 


Homecoming queen finalists Bonnie Biery. Putnam hall; 
Tammy Gaynier, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Lynda Clyne. Delta Del- 

ta Delta; Pat Seitz, Chi Omega; and Pat Callen, Gamma Phi 
Beta; wear satin capes to classes the week preceding election. 

Hand powered by members of the Pi Beta Phi tugging at ropes, 
the Wildcat Victory Machine won first in the sorority division. 

Bonnie Biery captures 
Homecoming queen title 

Homecoming combined the traditional rivalry of 
a K-State-University of Kansas football game with 
the excitement of a queen contest and house decora- 
tion competitions. Selected from 19 candidates on 
the basis of Homecoming Preview skit presentations 
and interviews, five queen finalists competed in a 
campus election. After balloting, Bonnie Biery from 
Putnam hall was crowned queen. 

In house decoration competitions, Phi Kappa 
Theta placed first in the fraternity division; Beta 
Sigma Psi, second; and Sigma Nu, third. Among 
sororities, Pi Beta Phi won first; Kappa Alpha The- 
ta, second; and Alpha Xi Delta, third. In the inde- 
pendent division, Putnam hall ranked first; Smith 
Scholarship House, second; and Boyd hall, third. 


K "*&&'"+ 

photo by David von Reisen 

During her week-long reign as Homecoming queen, Bonnie 
Biery maintained a hectic schedule of speeches and classes 

Ford hall coeds, discover a "fountain of youth" in a Homecom- 
ing skit presenting their queen candidate, Flo Ann Fountain 

Blue Key escorts watch as their president, Larry Anderson, 
crowns Bonnie Biery the University's 36th Homecoming queen 


Royal Purple Queen Candidates - TOP ROW Barbara E Taylor. Sheryl K 
Albright. Kathryn A. Klag, Jan E Morris. Sue Z Stiefel. SECOND ROW. Judy K 
McAlister. Tana L Wells. Connie F. Lathrop. Sally A Womer, Karen A Griffith. 
THIRD ROW. Gloria E. Baxter. Robbie G. Brewer. Marjone Stevenson. Susan L. 

Alldntt. Cheryl S Utterback FOURTH ROW Marione A Spear. Judith A. Bul- 
ger, Christina G Cranmer, Trudy C Drapel. Nancy Jane Reed BOTTOM ROW: 
Margie A. Dreher. Linda M. Irwin, Alvena L Dodge, Janice E. Andrews 


After the crowning, Marjone receives a congratulatory kiss 
from Rich Clarkson and a dozen roses from the yearbook staff. 

Photographer picks queen, 
crowns her on regional TV 

Televised over 25 stations in seven states, Mar- 
jorie Spear was crowned 1967 Royal Purple queen 
during pre-game ceremonies at the K-State-Uni- 
versity of Kansas basketball game. Miss Spear was 
selected by Rich Clarkson, photography director of 
the Topeka Daily Capital, from 25 representatives 
of women's living organizations. Judged from single 
black and white formal portraits, Clarkson picked 
Miss Spear and four attendants solely on the basis 
of photogenic beauty. 

Miss Spear, nicknamed tl Sam" by her friends, 
was social chairman for Ford hall second floor. A 
freshman in elementary education, she planned to 
teach or attend graduate school after graduation. 

Clarkson, who had been chosen regional photo- 
grapher of the year for the Midwest by the National 
Press Photographers Association for four consecu- 
tive years, photographed the queen in color and the 
attendants in black and white for the yearbook. 

Stunned by the announcement of the judge's selection. Marjor- 
le Spear is named Royal Purple queen in Ahearn Field House. 


Marjorie Spear 

1967 Royal Purple Queen 

photo by Rich Clarkson 


Janice Andrews 

Putnam hall 

Connie Lathrop 

Chi Omega 

Judy Bulger 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Linda Irwin 

Pi Beta Phi 


Smiles continue on contestants' faces when Shelley Berger- 
house is announced winner of the Best Dressed Coed on Cam- 

pus contest. Miss Bergerhouse, who designed her outfits for the 
contest, will submit her selections with other college coeds. 

Chosen by men in Air Force ROTC, Diane Messing, Candle- 
light Ball queen, receives a crown, roses and a silver plate. 

Finalists for College of Agriculture queen, who reigns dur- 
ing Autumn Festival activities, must be able to drive a tractor 

Military Ball queen candidates are interviewed by Scabbard 
and Blade members at a tea preceding the Army ROTC formal. 

University queen contests 
add to campus traditions 

Tiaras, roses and approving applause were part 
of the tradition which was repeated with the crown- 
ing of every queen and fraternity sweetheart. An- 
nouncement of royalty was the highlight of many 
organization-sponsored activities and often cli- 
maxed several weeks of campaigning, skits and in- 
terviews for the prospective royalty candidates. 

Rules set up by the AWS queens committee re- 
quired a 2.2 over-all grade average for all candi- 
dates for major queen contests, who usually were 
nominated by women's living groups. 

Coeds represented the University at conventions 
and parades and also vied for titles in their home 
towns, during conferences and at the state fair. Men 
were crowned Favorite Man on Campus, Spring 
Fling Wildcat, Greek Week king and St. Pat for 
Engineers 1 and Architects 1 Open House. 

Ron Engelken, Phi Kappa Theta candidate, receives the crown 
and trophy of Favorite Man on Campus. Other finalists are Garry 

Smith. Beta Sigma Psi, Bruce Heckman, Alpha Tau Omega. 
Conrad Nightingale, Beta Theta Pi; and Dave Langford, Marlatt 


Selecting pizza as her favorite recipe, Martha prepares a sam- 
ple for judging during the home economics baking competition. 

Martha Fly— 1966 Kansas College Queen 

Martha demonstrates techniques that won second in one 
of the pageant's two areas of competition, safe driving. 


Singing "Much More," Judy Hysom makes a successful title 
bid. She received Miss Congeniality in the 1965 pageant 

Smiles and congratulations await Judy Hysom after judg- 
es selected her from 1 1 Miss K-State-Manhattan finalists. 

University coeds compete 
in state beauty pageants 

Nominated by Kappa Alpha Theta, Judy Hysom 
was crowned 1966 Miss K-State-Manhattan in a 
May pageant in the City Auditorium. Miss Hysom, 
who later competed in the Miss Kansas contest, re- 
ceived a $300 scholarship from the Manhattan Jun- 
ior Chamber of Commerce and gift certificates. 
Candidates were judged on interviews, talent and 
appearance in bathing suit and evening gown. 

Representing Kansas in the twelfth National 
College Queen contest in New York was Martha 
Fly, a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Select- 
ed from other state candidates, Miss Fly was judged 
on scholarship, leadership, activities, essays and 
beauty. The 10 -day pageant, sponsored by Best 
Foods, the Chrysler Corporation and the city of 
New York, included competition in music apprecia- 
tion, fashion and personal grooming, physical fit- 
ness, current events and safe driving. The past two 
Kansas candidates have been University coeds. 

Portraying a pennyless flower girl, pageant contestant Peggy 
Clark gives a dramatical reading during the talent competition. 


Varsity Cheerleaders — TOP ROW Shernl A Gracey. Suzanne Turner. Tahme- 
roo L Gaynier, Elizabeth G. Wartman, Judy A Flett BOTTOM ROW: Fred E 

Lowrey. Michael A. Hendricks. Bruce E. Bryant. Tommy L. Jacobitz. Ronald A. 


Jan Miller, Iowa state women's champion twirler, performs at 
football halftimes as featured twirler with the marching band 

Featured twirler Dick Middleton, who twirls fire batons and 
matchetes, has been Kansas state men's champion since 1961 

tf£Znt i ,«,jpMMl 



: k*Jf. &&&&){&! ■ MSl 

Wearing new purple blazers, purple and white striped ties and 
white skimmers, pep band performs for the televised KU game. 

Pep groups buy uniforms; 
cheering squad adds men 

Team boosters added a new look at home and 
away varsity football and basketball games as the 
cheerleaders, pep band and K-Steppers donned new 
uniforms. Five men joined the cheerleading squad 
for the first time and added acrobatics to regular 
routines. The squad attended nine out-of-town 
games, including the pre-season Big Eight basket- 
ball tournament in Kansas City and the Kentucky 
Invitational tournament in December. 

Band members observe final action of first-half play as they 
watch from sideline positions before their half-time show. 

Featured with the marching band at football games. K-Step- 
pers also provided T. V. entertainment at a basketball game 



Summer-like temperatures make band uniforms uncomfort- 
able for students waiting to perform for Band Day halftime. 


Special days bring guests 
to campus to see games 

K-State graduates, Mr. and Mrs. Verdes Brown, 
were Chimes' 1966 Honorary Parents for Parents' 
Day October 8. Invited to a Union luncheon, living 
group teas and the K-State-Missouri football game, 
parents toured Veterinary Medicine Open House 
and watched the Young Americans' in concert. 

Students in 52 Kansas high school bands formed 
a trumpet 120 yards long at the K-State-New Mexi- 
co game. After practicing in the morning, 1 ,000 
high school cheerleaders demonstrated pompon 
routines at the K-State-Oklahoma State game. On 
Editor's Day, newspapermen from 200 Kansas 
papers listened to a discussion by journalism majors 
before watching the K-State-Iowa State game. 

Awaiting the start of the evening concert by the Young Ameri- 
cans, the honorary parents talk with their daughter, Barbara. 

|M jj fl tfd l 

Jackie Spears, Parents' Day chairman, presents the Wildcats' 
honorary mother with a bouquet of yellow roses at halftime. 


Entering with a vivacious "Yankee Doodle March," the Young 
Americans present a complete program of patriotic songs at 

Parents' Day. After songs from every area of the country and 
novelty numbers, the group concludes with an original medley. 

Representing KSDB-FM radio, a disc jockey interviews mem- 
bers of the Young Americans after a two-hour performance 

Urging audience participation, Harry Belafonte combines civil 
rights and humor with song before a crowd of 3,000 people. 


Belafonte concert draws 
3,000 field house show 

Harry Belafonte and the Young Americans high- 
lighted the big-name talent to appear in University 
concerts first semester. Belafonte's medleys of bal- 
lads and calypso music attracted more than 3,000 
students to Ahearn Field House for the November 
concert. Greek singer Nana Mouskouri and come- 
dian Nipsey Russell appeared with Belafonte. The 
Parents' Day concert in October featured the Young 
Americans, a group of college and high school musi- 
cians who sang a variety of selections from patriotic 
to folk rock. Concerts by trumpeter Al Hirt and the 
Tijuana Brass were planned second semester. 

"Barefoot in the Park" was the first presentation 
in the Manhattan Artist Series. The Chamber Mu- 
sic Series featured cellist Janos Starker, Metropoli- 
tan Opera Stars Irene Jordon and Nichilos di Virgi- 
lia and the Aeolian String Quartet. 

Backstage before their February concert, the New Folk, spon- 
sored by the College Crusade for Christ, tune guitars to key. 

Organized in 1927, the Aeolian String Quartet performs for the 
Chamber Music Series in the Chapel Auditorium The English 

group consisting of two violins, a viola, and a cello play selec- 
tions from Haydn, Beethoven, and Rawsthorne for concerts. 


Byron "Whizzer" White, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme 
court, tells students that a college degree is only the beginning 

of a lifelong process of self-education in attaining individualism 
at one of the four all-University convocations in the fieldhouse. 

Speakers from all areas 
bring diversity to campus 

Noted individuals, brought to the campus by the 
administration, the Union news and views commit- 
tee and the controversial speakers committee, spoke 
to students at convocations throughout the year. 

Among the speakers were Bennett Cerf, vice 
president of Random House; Robert Hutchins, 
education critic; Saul Alinsky, Chicago criminolo- 
gist; George Lincoln Rockwell, commander of the 
U. S. Nazi party; Supreme Court Justice Byron 
"Whizzer" White; Baroness Maria von Trapp; 
British Ambassador Sir Patrick Dean; and U. S. 
Senator J. William Fulbright. 

Initiating a lectureseries in his honor, Alfred 
Landon, former Kansas governor and Republican 
presidential nominee, spoke on foreign policy. In- 
vited to speak in the series were Michigan Governor 
George Romney, U. S. Senator Robert Kennedy, 
historian Arthur Schlessinger Jr., and California 
Governor Ronald Regan. 

With the spirit which inspired the musical "Sound of Music," 
Baroness Maria von Trapp tells of her escape from Austria. 



Critic Robert Hutchins is interviewed after his convocation 
address on society's need to develop intellectual capital. 

Bennett Cerf, humorist and publisher, addresses an audience 
of 5,000 at the final convocation of the 1 966 spring semester. 

Urging a strengthened United Nations, the British ambassador 
to the United States, Sir Patrick Dean, asks for world peace 

Columnist Kenneth Crawford, News and Views Convocation 
speaker, answers students' questions on U. S. foreign policy. 


'Fractured Flickers' debuts 
in fiftieth HQ production 

"Fractured Flickers, " a silent film contest, was 
shown for the first time between the four Harlequi- 
nade skit productions. Of the five comic films sub- 
mitted by living groups, three were selected for 
showing. Chi Omega won the competition with 
"The Plan," a spoof on midnight refrigerator raids. 
Also new were best actor and actress awards won by 
Rex Garrelts and Michele Clark for performances 
in the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Phi Epsilon 
skit, and awards for stage setting and choreography 
won by the Phi Beta Phi and Delta Upsilon skit. 

Winning HQskit was Pi Beta Phi and Delta 
Upsilon's "The Days of Vines and Boulders." The 
skit interpreted the theme, "The Remedy," as the 
world's first "tree-tea" called to settle differences 
between cave men and tree dwellers. Second place 
winner was the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Phi 
Epsilon skit, "The Monk's Tooth, or the Holy 
Molar." Other skits selected for the production 
were "Showdown at Fujiyama Flats," Delta Delta 
Delta and Sigma Chi, and "A Horse of Course," 
Delta Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Fatman, Robin and Commissioner Gorden search for clues 
during an intermission dragnet for the master of ceremonies. 

Jubilant Pi Phis and DUs exchange congratulations backstage 
for HQ trophies for production, choreography and stage setting. 



Prehistoric cave dwellers get together for a friendly, festive "tree-tea" dur- 
ing the final moments of the prize-winning Pi Beta Phi-Delta Upsilon skit. 

Kappa gypsies dance to tempt a Sig Ep monk 
to leave his monastery for worldly pleasures. 

Townsfolk celebrate defeat of the Kyote Kid by the Sheriff in 
Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Chi's production, "Showdown at 

Fujiama Flats." Starch laundered into the villian's shirt hindered 
his draw at the crucial gun fight in the Japanese-western 


Senate Majority Floor Leader Rich Wibbeler presents the cal- 
endar for the day to living group delegates As floor leader, he 

was responsible for setting up the calendar for individual bill 
debate and organizing the bills to be presented on the floor. 

U. S. Congressman William Pendergast 
addresses a session of Model Congress. 

During an interview with an announcer from KSDB-FM radio, delegates who intro- 
duced bills into congress explain why their bills were passed, failed or finally tabled. 


Model Congress sessions 
debate Vietnam, draft law 

Debate on the Vietnam war, draft laws and other 
national problems dominated Model Congress ses- 
sions March 15 and 16. Representing the 50 states, 
students prepared bills in committees and discussed 
them on the floor of both houses before voting. 

Compulsory arbitration of labor disputes and the 
International Brain Drain Act for under-developed 
nations were chosen by the Model Congress steer- 
ing committee for presentation as outstanding bills. 

As keynote speaker, William Prendergast, mi- 
nority sergeant at arms for the United States House 
of Representatives, addressed a joint session. Out- 
lining Congressional views on the draft situation 
and the Vietnam war, he predicted possible legisla- 
tion by the 90th Congress on draft law changes, 
Congressional ethics and the Vietnamese war. 

Speaker of the House Kent Praeger presides at all Model Con- 
gress sessions and conducts voting on delegates' proposals 

During a joint session of the house foreign affairs committee 
and the senate foreign relations committee, a committee chair- 

man presents a proposal for the withdrawal of American forces 
from Europe and their subsequent relocation in Asia. 


Showing animals they selected in a random drawing, more 
than 190 students participate in beef, dairy cattle, swine, sheep 

and quarterhorse competition. Contestants are judged by Kan- 
sas livestock men on animal grooming and showmanship. 

Little American Royal livestock show attracts 3,400 

Record numbers of displays, exhibits and specta- 
tors characterized the annual Little American Roy- 
al and Agricultural Science Day. More than 3,400 
persons attended the livestock show and 1 ,000 
toured the Ag Science exhibits in Weber hall. 

Theme of Ag Science Day was "Prepare Today 
to Feed the World Tomorrow." Wheat State 

Agronomy Club's exhibit, "Agronomists' Role in 
Tomorrow's Food Production," was the winning 

Retiring after 16 years as head of animal hus- 
bandry, Rufus Cox was honored during Little 
American Royal. Three scholarships were awarded 
on the basis of grades and show participation. 


Horticulture and Forestry clubs, two of 19 agricultural depart- 
mental organizations, display future forestry operations. 

Animal husbandry students demonstrate sheep shearing tech- 
niques in the annual Ag Science Day exhibit in Weber arena 

Head trims and braided tails are factors in grooming guernseys 
and holsteins for dairy cattle competition. Awards were present- 

ed in all divisions of Little American Royal activities, with grand 
championships given only in dairy and block and bridle. 


Sponsored by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, a mechanized cut- 
away car worth $200,000 and a brake test are part of an automotive display 

Arnold Air Society displays a full-scale 
model of a surface-to-air Bomarc missle craft. 

Ag engineers retire trophy for open house displays 

Approximately 5,000 visitors toured the annual 
Engineers' and Architects' Open House, which de- 
picted the theme "Planning for Mankind. 11 The 
nine departments in the college displayed exhibits 
that demonstrated professional training available at 
the University. Agricultural engineering retired the 

first place trophy for departmental exhibits. Their 
displays featured models of air-supported structures 
and geodesic domes for farm buildings and solutions 
to feedlot run-off. Steel Ring, professional engineer- 
ing society, coordinated activities and presented the 
awards for the winning exhibits. 

After a television appearance, Pam Seaman, St Patricia, and 
Terry Michie, St. Pat, prepare to cut the ribbon officially begin- 

ning the Engineers and Architects' Open House. The couple 
also presents the Steel Ring trophy for the best display. 

"Kansas City 

newal Agency. 

— 1980", a model built by the city's Urban Re- House. On loan to the College of Architecture, the model was 

was displayed at Engineers and Architects Open used by the department as an exhibit of city development. 

Controlled by an electrical engineering student from a nearby 
classroom, a robot talks and moves in a 40-foot radius. 

Landscape architects, entering open house competition for 
the first time, arrange project descriptions and identifications. 


Stopping at the small animal medicine student booth, a visitor 
learns about common dog diseases at Veterinary Medicine 

Open house in October Tours and exhibits by seven vet med- 
icine groups climaxed "Veterinary Medicine Week" in Kansas. 

Home Ec, Vet colleges 
plan displays for visitors 

"Mobilize Your Potential in Home Economics," 
1966 Hospitality Day, was attended by 4,500 Kan- 
sas high school students and teachers. More than 
700 students in the College of Home Economics 
planned and arranged 11 exhibits, a fashion show 
featuring current fashion designs, and a luncheon 
prepared by institutional management students. 

The tenth annual Veterinary Medicine Open 
House, "Advances in Veterinary Medicine," fea- 
tured continuous tours through Dykstra Veterinary 
Hospital. More than 9,000 Parents' Day visitors 
viewed exhibits including displays on horse denis- 
try, nutrition in swine and electronical care for pets. 

Modeling garments tailored in clothing classes, Home Ec 
students present a fashion show in Ahearn Field House. 



Hospitality Day Chairman Mary Bish- 
op greets visiting high school students. 

Displays of equine stomach parasites and their possible effects on an infected animal 
capture the interest of visitors at the tenth annual Veterinary Medicine Open House 

Owners showing dogs in the annual event of the open house 
later participate in a training session and pet care clinic with 

students in small animal medicine. The dog show took place on 
the military drill field across from Dykstra Veterinary Hospital 

r.3\ <£*» 





Expansion plans for the Union include an addition to the State 
Room and cafeteria, a bookstore, an arts and crafts studio and a 

large lecture hall The construction will extend south into the 
parking lot area and is to be completed in 1970. 

Union committee submits 
addition plans to architect 

Expansion plans began in the fall for a $2.7 mil- 
lion addition to the student Union. Recommenda- 
tions were submitted to the architect in April for 
additions to the present cafeteria, State Room and 
facilities for a book store and forum hall. Comple- 
tion of construction was expected by 1970. $5 of a 
$7 increase in student fees beginning fall semester 
was apportioned to the Union for the project. 

Recreational facilities, conference and banquet 
rooms, art displays, a paperback store and a Little 
Theatre showing movies at reduced rates brought 
315,000 people to the Union during the year. 

Lack of convenient places to study prompted a student refer- 
endum for extending the hours until 2 a.m. in the Union Dive. 


Current magazines, hometown papers and a wide selection of 
stereo records are available in the Union Browsing Library. Fur- 

nished by Collegiate 4-H. the room offers students relaxing 
atmosphere for study and leisure reading between classes 

Union Governing Board — TOP ROW: James M. Rhine. Alwyn H Gentry. 
Cathryn L. Addy. Richard H Morse. P. Diane Wilp, Bruce W Heckman. Douglas 

E. Powell. Richard D Blackburn. BOTTOM ROW Carol L Robbins. Regina F. 
Wolfe, Donna L Knoell. Ashley Allison, Carol A. Gaston. Jean Reehhng 


Students find wide selections of books and magazines for 
study or leisure in the Cats' Pause, downstairs in the Union. 

With an hour between classes, a coed finishes an assignment 
in the Union Dive where students often go to study and relax. 

Union Program Council - TOP ROW P Diane Wilp. Frederick Williams. Phyl- 
lis J Blasdel. Alwyn H Gentry, Bryon R Schlosser. Ann E Nelson, Wing K. 
Kwok, Richard D. Blackburn. BOTTOM ROW Linda A. CI ay don, Judith A 

Thompson, Eugene J Ronsick, Douglas E Powell, Jean A Shackelford, Kathryn 
A Scott 


Group discussions centering around the mood and effective- 
ness of a painting take place in the Union lounge Sponsored by 

the Union art committee, the art gallery displays included a 
$25,000 pop art collection and outstanding high school works 

Union committies promote 
campus activities, events 

"Ski Breck at Break" was the slogan used by the 
Union trips and tours committee in its campaign to 
promote the annual ski trip to Breckinridge, Colo- 
rado during spring break. The committee, one of 
nine which coordinated Union activities, also spon- 
sored a student trip to Kansas City second semester. 
Tours of the University and information on game 
days were provided for visitors by the hospitality 
committee. Recent movies were brought to the Un- 
ion Little Theater through the movies committee. 

Later closing hours for the Union Dive were es- 
tablished on a trial basis after information was ob- 
tained by the personnel and research committee. 
News and Views committee sponsored a convoca- 
tion series which included speeches by George Lin- 
coln Rockwell and Baroness Maria von Trapp. 

Billiards, ping-pong and bowling are available for students in 
the Union recreation area at special rates on Saturdays 


Elected by student senators, Burk Jubelt. chairman of Student 
Senate, presides over senate and is vice president for SGA 

Student Body President Jim Gennger appoints administrative 
officers and has power to veto all measures passed by senate. 

SGA President's Cabinet - TOP ROW Mary J Fritz. Daniel W Young. Sharyn 
L Slentz, George H Johnston. Carol Christensen. Burk Jubelt. Michael J. Farm- 
er. Hollace L. Long. H Jess Frieze. BOTTOM ROW Charles E Cardwell, Sheryl 

B. Etling, Kenneth A. Dekat, James E. Gennger. Bruce W Heckman, Philip L. 
Sell. Linda J. Carlson. William P. Gallant 


Encouraged by members of SGA. students sign up for inter- 
views for positions on committees at the Activities Carnival in 

the fall. Campus regulations require all students who are mem- 
bers of SGA committees to have at least a 2.2 grade average 

SGA reorganizes, creates new executive positions 

Under the direction of James Geringer, student 
body president, the Student Governing Association 
reorganized its executive branch. Reforms included 
the creation of the offices of director for the budget 
and administrative vice-president and a president's 
cabinet to coordinate University affairs. 

Resolutions objecting to the Kansas loyalty oath 

and the campus cigarette sales ban were passed by 
Student Senate. The Board of Student Organiza- 
tions was made directly responsible to SGA and 
student members were appointed to the traffic con- 
trol board and the committee on academic affairs. 
Executive committees collected books for Student 
Health and located voting centers in cafeterias. 


Student Senate - TOP ROW Charles W. Ruggles. Gary D Bohn. Polly A. 
Coombs. Tahmeroo L. Gaynier. Annette L Buckland. Janet L Kannard. Wilma 
M. Hazen. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline D Spears, Patricia A Seitz. Barry L 
Rhine, Larry D Ehrhch, David N, Arnoldy, Burk Jubelt, Terry W Odle THIRD 

ROW Robert L, Morrow, William S Worley, Philip F Moore, George H, Johns- 
ton, Ralph E Hibler. Larry A Anderson. Jack V Lewis BOTTOM ROW John W 
Toney, Charles K, Eby, Carol Christensen, Alwyn H, Gentry, D Fred Peterson. 
George G Dietrich, Walter S. Fnesen 

SGA committees work in all areas of University 

Gauging the value of SGA advertising in the 
University Edition of the Collegian to incoming 
freshman was a major project of the SGA Student 
Opinion Sampling committee. Also working with a 
questionnaire, the Peace Corps committee investi- 
gated the possibility of forming an international 

house, a residence hall which would accommodate 
both foreign and American students. 

Elections committee members organized voting 
on the football referendum issue and Library and 
Student Health committees worked jointly on a 
paperback drive for a Student Health library. 

More than 4,800 students voted in a Senate referendum to 
decide if student fees should be used to back bonds to build a 

new stadium. The proposed $15 million stadium with seating 
capacity for 34,000 met the approval of 3,313 voters 

Interviewer?' for an SGA campus affairs committee talk with a 
student about the committee's activities. More than 300 stu- 

dents applied at the Activities Carnival or the SGA office for 
interviews. Ninety were chosen for eight SGA committees. 

Student Governing Association Executive Chairmen — TOP ROW Steven R 
Beck, Martha J Reynolds. Kathryn E. Heyne. Jackie L. Gomer, Bonnee B Bad- 

ger, Sharon Fairbank BOTTOM ROW Linda Myrl Miller, Marilyn L Lafferty. 
Lois E. Yelenik, Mary J Fritz. 


Delegates from women's living groups take a break between 
bills during one of two main sessions of the rules convention. 

Convention officials Sherry Keucher, chairman; and Carol 
Christensen. AWS president; check official voting tabulation. 

AWS rules convention approves self-limited hours 

Self-limiting hours for juniors, seniors and wo- 
men 21 and older was a bill passed by delegates to 
the Associated Women Students' Rules Convention 
in March. Eight commissions, each for a separate 
bill under consideration, conducted open hearings 
before the convention and did research for the bills. 
Optional daily sign-out, overnights in Manhattan 

and the extension of evening calling hours for men 
to closing hours were also passed. The bills then 
went to Faculty Council for approval. 

During spring break, AWS visitation teams went 
to area high schools to introduce the organization to 
seniors. All Women's Week in May featured a ban- 
quet, exchange dinners and recognition night. 

Associated Women Students - TOP ROW: Kathleen C Traffas. Barbara 
Byrne, Elizabeth M Ramirez, Diana S. Gump, Donna L. Knoell, Charla R. Gilbert, 
Carol J Manley, Sonya K. Saunders SECOND ROW: Colleen L Stafford, Kath- 
leen A. Keating, Phyllis K Brooks, Susan A Haymaker, Gail E Spellman. Sue L. 
Carter, Diana K. Loetel, Margaret J. Ryan, Joan L. Booth THIRD ROW Judy M. 

Brammer. Carolyn D Olson, Gwendolyn G. Smith, Karlyn K Emel, Janet S. 
Rupp, Betty J Friday, Cheryl L. Beasley, Margaret J. Marsh. BOTTOM ROW: 
Manlynn Gump, Jean M Casper. Theresa M Garlett, Linda J Carlson, Mary A. 
McCarthy, Pamela J. Pastrick, Karen A Hoeflicker 

Head delegates to the rules convention vote affirmatively to 
end closing hours for senior women. Controversy arising from 

an amendment to extend the privilege to juniors caused a 
petition to be circulated calling for the abolishment of AWS 

Associated Women Students - TOP ROW Judith A. Phillips, Carol E Torkel- 
son. Pamela K. Carr. Carol A Gaston, Lynne Laurie, Shirley D Hams, Lauren J. 
Langner. SECOND ROW: Cynthia J. LeHew, Rosalind J Ridgway, Kathryn L. 
Martens. Regina G. Young, Roberta K. Jarman, Judith R. North THIRD ROW 

Karen S. Corn, Christina G Cranmer, Cheryl R. Immenschuh. Diane M Crostaro- 
sa. Jerilyn J Josserand. Julie A. Jacobson BOTTOM ROW E Diane Pomeroy, 
Janet L Alexander, Joann R Huseman, Carol Christensen. Mary E Horton. 
Susan E Cook 


Board of Student Organizations - TOP ROW James E Cheatham. Carl D 
Latham, Robert D Steiger, Jack E Backer. Rex E Garrelts. William P Gallant 

BOTTOM ROW Caroline F. Peine. Vikki K Miller. Elizabeth A Andersen. Carol 
A. Hlnnergardt, P. Diane Wilp 

Tribunal assumes new role; BSO changes name 

Tribunal members adopted a new system which 
made the judicial body the final appeals board for 
all student violators. After four months of debate, 
Student Senate voted to make Board of Student 
Organizations (BSO) a part of Student Governing 
Association. The Board's 1 1 members decided to 
change the name to University Activities Board. 

BSO approved all campus organizations and fund 
raising projects sponsored by student groups. 

Board of Student Publications revised the system 
for selecting the major staff members of the Colle- 
gian and the Royal Purple. The Board instituted a 
new pay system and determined the policies of the 
publications at the advice of staff members. 

Social Coordinating Council - TOP ROW: Anne C Snider. Janice J Miles. Vikki K Miller, Gloria L Lewerenz BOTTOM ROW Robert L Latta. Stephen E. Utterback, 
Jack H Jackson. Robert C. Dobson 


Tribunal - TOP ROW Jo A Starkweather, Donna L Knoell. John C Williams. 
Donald A. Jones. Herbert E Kaiser. BOTTOM ROW Robert A. Cochran. William 

Bevan, David Lionel Parker. Ralph Lipper. DaleV Jones 

Board of Student Publications — Linda M Miller. Robert W. Rice. Frederick 
Williams, Ralph R Lashbrook, Fritz Moore. Byron E Ellis 


John Henry and Berenice Sadie Brown listen to the far-away 
world in a seashell in the play "Member ofthe Wedding." 


Blanche struggles with her brother-in-law Stanley in a scene 
from the K-State Players production "Streetcar Named Desire." 

Frankie tells friend John Henry why she decided to change her 
name to F. Jasmine Addams in "A Member of the Wedding." 

Cast repeats 'Physicists' 
for college drama festival 

Anxious to grow up and be treated as an adult, a 
young teen-age girl tried to run away with the bride 
and groom in the K-State Players production of 
"The Member of the Wedding." Tennessee Wil- 
liams' play about a woman's symbolic journey to- 
ward desire, death and unreality, "A Streetcar 
Named Desire," revolved around a visit by Blanche 
DuBois to her sister and brother-in-law who were 
living in a squalid New Orleans flat. 

Originally staged before sell-out audiences in the 
summer, the K-State Players' production of "The 
Physicists" opened the fall season. Directed by 
Dennis Denning, the play centered on a hunchback 
woman psychiatrist and three mad physicists in her 
asylum searching for the secret of world destruction. 
The cast also presented the production in November 
at the Marymount College Drama Festival. 

Investigator Voss and his assistant examine the body of Moni- 
Stettler, the third nurse murdered in the play "The Physicists." 

Guiding his overturned table. Johann Mobius prepares to 
make a space flight while his wife and children watch. Fearing 

that his knowledge will destroy the world, he poses as a 
madman and admits himself to an asylum in "The Physicists." 

Juanita resists an advance made by Alex as the feud between 
the two neighbor families continues in "The Withered Branch." 

Graduate students write, 
direct one-act productions 

Jean Anouilh's three-act comedy, "Ring Round 
the Moon," veiled the author's pessimistic views 
about life with a plot of intrigue and schemes. 

Written and directed by graduate students in 
speech, two one-act dramas were produced by the 
Players. Frank Naccarato's "The Withered 
Branch," depicted the conflicts and ties between 
two families, one Mexican and one American, in a 
California ranchero. To revenge the murder of his 
family, a young Irishman stabbed a remorseful 
longshoreman in a San Francisco bar in "Half a 
Coin, Haifa Man," a play by Mike McCarthy. 

Maggie OToole, while working in her father's bar. is bothered 
by two English sailors who entered the Irish tavern 

Two sailors plot their advances for barmaid Maggie in "Half-a- 
Coin, Half-a-Man," written and directed by Mike McCarthy 

Two young men who had been quietly playing dice all evening 
are suddenly interrupted by two prostitutes as they enter the 

tavern. Although the bartender yells violently at the girls, they 
continue their act, then leave with the men following. 

Brandishing a knife. Mother Courage wards off officers trying 
to recruit her sons, but is tricked and one son is kidnapped 

Slides projected on the wall of Danforth Chapel illustrate reli- 
gious overtones of the Thirty Years War in "Mother Courage." 

Angry and discouraged because her canteen wagon has been 
torn apart by soldiers, Mother Courage complains at head- 

quarters. Singing the epic play's recurring theme song, she 
laments the futility of all wars as two soldiers from camp listen. 


Soldiers prepare to kill Mother Courage's only daughter Katnn 
Deaf and mute, she climbed to the rooftop and drummed to 

warn the neighboring city of a coming surprise attack. Although 
she is killed, she succeeds in saving the families 

Thespians produce first student operas on campus 

Cooperating with students in the music depart- 
ment, the K-State Players introduced a new campus 
medium, opera, to University audiences. Wallace 
Dace handled stage directing for the two produc- 
tions, "Riders to the Sea" and "The Telephone." 

For Betolt Brecht-s epic drama, "Mother Cour- 
age and her Children," the Players built a supply 
wagon and designed sets in All Faiths Chapel. The 
play, illustrating the German playwright's hatred 
of war and its effects on society, portrayed Mother 

Courage's travels through Europe during the Thir- 
ty Years War and the loss of her three children. 
Dennis Denning directed the production. 

"Higher than Heaven, Deeper than Hell," an 
original musical satirizing campus life, was written 
and directed by Frank Siegle, graduate student in 
speech. For the Players' annual Children's Theatre 
production, Betty Cleary directed "The Secret 
Within the Walls," a play written by Mike Mc- 
Carthy, a graduate assistant in speech. 


Memories of frustration from hours of practice fade away as a 
student pianist strikes a chord to begin her music recital. 


University Choir - TOP ROW Rex C McGugin. Rodney M. Bates. Terry L 
Brune, Leslie C Longberg, Terry L Meyers. Judith L Prideaux. Susan J. Schul- 
teis, Beverly A. Dearing, Alice L Pearson. Shan A Fry, Nancy A. Young, Diane L 
Mahan, Martha C Sanders. Gary E Bowie. Paul A Stewart. Albert J. Urich, Ste- 
phen M. Burns, Billy R Graham. Gary D Schulz, Gary A Walter SECOND ROW 
Ryan R Rader. Robert R Nelson, James D. Kent. Richard H. McVay, Polly A 
Coombs. Rochelle D Ediger, Marcia B Knight. Patricia Holstegge. Jacgueline 
Matthews, Margie L. Henry, Linda Harrison, Patricia A. Base, Marguerite Habi- 
ger. Dale B. Willson, Thomas C Roberts, Gary L Romine, Roberto F. Reyes. 

THIRD ROW: Anthony R. Mason, Steven L Stockham, Jack H. Marker, Joyce D. 
Cooper. Martha J Middleton, Marilyn S Robbins. Cynthia A Johnson, Pamela 
Bjurstrom, Nancy J. Butler, Carole J Wheelock, Shame A Snell, Douglas L. 
Kaiser, Wayne A Pearson. Harold E. Brown. Rodney G Walker BOTTOM ROW 
Ken P Georg, Vaughn L Nelson. Randall S Ellis, Nancy A Theobald, Rita A. 
Smith, Arlene S Fair, Marcia L VanGundy. Judith A Lukins. Janet K Groene. 
Patricia Intermill, Gregory L Eicher. Dennis Karr, Raymond D Runkel. Robert 
D Overman SEATED Mary A Coon 

University choir visits high schools, alumni groups 

Highlighting the concert season for the Universi- 
ty Choir was a tour of northwest Kansas, perform- 
ing for high school and alumni groups. The choir 
also presented a guest concert for the enlisted men 
at Ft. Riley and were one of four musical groups to 

perform in the Christmas concert, "The Messiah," 
and the spring concert, "The Creation. " 

Specializing in early English and Polyphonic 
music, the Madrigal Singers presented a winter 
concert and a Pro Musica Antique concert in April. 

Madrigal Singers - TOP ROW: Randall S. Ellis. Terry L Brune, Jack H Marker, 
Jerry D. Kazmaier. Albert J. Urich, Wayne A. Pearson. George H Leet. David W 
Brown, Robert D Overman. BOTTOM ROW Regina K. Pratt, Beverly A Lam- 

bert, Doris N DeMars, Beverly A. Dearing, Alice L Pearson, Linda K Woellhof. 
Nancy A. Young, Elizabeth A. Smith, Martha J Seitz. Anne V Applegate 


Orchestra - TOP ROW Jamie S. McKay. Ralph G Nevins SECOND ROW 
Larry J Wright, Beverly S. Old, Angelo C Garzio, Ruth E Schroeder THIRD 
ROW: Marilyn R Odom, Frank M, Sidorfsky, Martha J Betton, Beth A Trotman. 
Carmie J Rose, Sidonie A Schafer FOURTH ROW: Nancy L Winter, Debby 

Heffel. Shirley J, Wiley. FIFTH ROW: Luther Leavengood. Tommy Goleeke. 
Mary A Brady, Anne Laury BOTTOM ROW Homer D Came, Patricia A Bren- 
nan, Margaret E. Hummell, Linda K. Woellhof. Janice E, Albright, Janean L. 

Orchestra produces The Creation' for Music Week 

Commencing National Music Week the first 
week in May, six outstanding upperclass members 
of the University Orchestra performed solos in a 
concert, accompanied by the orchestra. At the end of 
the week, the entire orchestra joined with other 

University groups to produce ' l The Creation.'' 
"Sound Study," an original work by Dan Haerle, 
assistant music professor, was featured in a March 
concert, and Jacques Voois, assistant music profes- 
sor played a solo for the December concert. 

Concert Band - TOP ROW Larry J Home, David K. Kraus, Mary M. McManis, 
Charles M. Graves SECOND ROW Arlene R Dahm, Gary L. Hood. Richard E 
Stitzel, William C Brussow, Harry E Blow, Stephen L Powell, Ronald O. Wine- 
land, Carl F Jackson THIRD ROW: Linda J. Hofford. Joseph Teichgraeber. 

Eugene H Copeland, Christine Murphey, Nancy L. Winter, James H Windels, 
Madelyn C Dixon BOTTOM ROW: Mary E. Windels. William A Stoskopf, Mar- 
tha J. Betton, Susan C Teschner, Kathryn S Michaels. 

Orchestra - TOP ROW: Paul Roby. SECOND ROW: Carolyn L McFarland. 
John V. Heitman. Bradford G Blaker THIRD ROW: William C Brussow, Richard 
E. Stitzel. Stephen L. Powell. Carl F. Jackson. Rodney G Walker. Warren V 
Walker, Elizabeth A. Dick. FOURTH ROW: Linda Roby, Nola M. Rosenow. Chris- 

tine Murphey. Judith P. Houdyshell, Lynn R Wohler FIFTH ROW: Oscar R lotti, 
Kaye A. Clinesmith, Dorothy Durk Miller. Rebecca J McCune. Dee V Underb- 
jerg. BOTTOM ROW Catherine A Roebke. William H. Miller. Linda Haugha- 
wout, Charles Heinsohn. Rosalyn K Kidd 

Concert Band artists tour seven area high schools 

During one week in February, the Concert Band 
toured six Kansas cities, performing seven concerts 
for high school and public audiences in their annual 
concert tour. At the end of the week, the band pre- 
sented their winter concert at Manhattan high 

school. A concert of works by Samuel Adler, staff 
composer at the Eastman School of Music in Roch- 
ester, N.Y., was performed during April. The Con- 
cert Band presented solo and ensemble works of 
Adler 's Composition of Southwestern Sketches. 

Concert Band - TOP ROW Robert W Stamey SECOND ROW Dennis L 
Miner, William L. Shoemaker, Quinton R Kidd, Bradford G Blaker, Carolyn L 
McFarland THIRD ROW: Gary T Lawlis. John V Heitman. Larry J Wright, 
Beverly S. Old, Joe E. Farrar, Ruth E. Schroeder, Steven R Beck. FOURTH 

ROW Lynn R. Wohler. David D. Jackson. Nancy J Perry. Irene S. Skonberg. 
Michael A Bartley. BOTTOM ROW Helen E Packard, Beth A Trotman. Carol L 
Frazier, Paula L. Sanford, Shirley A Garrett, Margaret H. Mock, Mary R Yapit. 







Varsity Men's Glee Club - TOP ROW: John F. Dillon. Daryll D. Jamvold. 
Douglas A. Droge, Dennis E Rork. David R. Yeo. Mark D. Schrock. Craig S. 
Rowlen. William B Curnutte, Donald R. Frikken. Jon F Thomas. Albert J. Urich. 
Thomas W. Hunter. John S Wittenbom. David P. Tollefson. David L. Hyder, 
Paul A Stewart SECOND ROW Robert L Marrs. Frank L Woofter. Robert M 
Socolofsky. Larry B Massey. Larry E Green, Gary E O'Hara. Kenneth L Mulan- 
ax, Mark W. Baldwin. Darryl D Smutz, Marc W. Zimmerman. Joe E Farrar, 
Douglas W. Williams, Garry L Deines. Don N. Williams, Gary T Lawhs, Don A 
Hill. Eugene H Copeland THIRD ROW Wendell F Cowan, Steven L. Frickey. 

Women's Glee Club -TOP ROW Jean A Hoppas. Rosalie R Robinson. Mar- 
tha J Fiser, Linda J Chapman, Natalie J. Parker. Lana J Gfeller, Carol L, Bryan. 
Martha J Graham, Nan L Schotanus SECOND ROW Jean Sloop, Paula L 
Sanford, Beverly A Lambert, Carolyn Bartholomew, Mary A Coon, Christine E 
Pray, Sara A Rose, Wilma M Hazen, Doris E Hoerman, Kathleen A Pulliam 
THIRD ROW Deborah K Boren. Nancy G Johnson, Mary A. Denning, Christina 

Merlan T Almquist, Clifton V Hostetler. Charles R Kuntz. Robert E. Buchan. 
Robert F Pauly. Kenneth W Kruse, Leslie C. Longberg, Webster H. Sill. James 
E. Aiken. Craig P Helwig. Terry L Brune, Daniel W. Young, Wei-Ning Huang. 
Gordon L McCosh BOTTOM ROW: Janice Goodrich, Louise S. Keucher. Ray- 
mond L. Higgins. Thomas Z Beery, Craig R. Shove. Layton M. Perry, Robert D 
Steiger. Richard H McVay. Lynn L Collmann. Gaylon J Nettles, Norman P. 
Byers. Robert L VanAllen, Douglas E. Eisenhour. Allan L Fedosky. George A. 
Gerritz, Rod Walker 

Pederson. Donna R Simmons. Beverly A. Deanng. Margaret J Marsh, Jonnie 
B Valerius. Nancy A. Young. Jane D. Vermillion. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn S. 
Breazeale, Linda R Achten. Carolyn S Lemon, Karen J Sanborn, Ann L. Mc- 
Kinley. Sharon M Kriss. Cheryl L. Gfeller. Alice J Sheik. Irene S Skonberg. 
Jeanne A Johnson. Linda R Pizel. Mary E Glenn. 

f f 

iif m fin _ ' 

w m w i „ w *% ■ m ' W 

Singers tour bases in Greenland, Iceland, Labrador 

United States Armed Forces Bases in Newfound- 
land, Labrador, Greenland and Iceland were the 
destinations of the 14 K-State Singers when they left 
March 15 for a five-week USO tour. Proceeds from 
a 10th annual benefit concert of novelty numbers 
and selections from Broadway musicals provided for 
general music scholarships to the University. 

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Varsity 
Men's Glee Club invited alumni to a banquet and 
concert. KSDB-FM radio presented an hour long 

documentary on the glee club's nationwide success. 
The 60 men performed 30 concerts during the year. 
A state tour included performances for the legisla- 
ture in Topeka, Kansas City high schools and the 
Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth. 

Early English selections, both sacred and secular 
Bach numbers and an original contemporary work, 
"Sound Study," by Dan Haerle, assistant professor 
of music, were featured in the March winter concert 
of the 43-voice Women's Glee Club. 


Conducting students learn and demonstrate score reading, 
crosscueing. transposition, and the left-hand technique. 

Singers prepare for their USO tour by performing variety song 
and dance routines in 15 benefits and concerts first semester. 

K-State Singers — TOP ROW Stephen M. Leete, Wayne A Pearson, James L 
Bush. Robyn D Brooks. Ronald E Munson, Gary R Cave BOTTOM ROW: Mar- 

tha C Sanders. Judith I Hysom. Judith R North. Marilyn L Hall. Polly A 
Coombs. Susan K Goold. 


Collegian staff members read wire copy from the UPI Teletype 
machine. Edited wire material is used for world news pages. 


Printed, folded and ready for delivery, the daily Collegian is 
bundled by a University Press employee in the basement of 

Kedzie hall The newspaper is printed on the new offset press, 
designed to produce 15,000 eight-page Collegians in an hour. 

Board revises publications' salaries to grants-in-aid 

Eliminating salaries for Collegian and Royal 
Purple staff members, the Board of Student Publi- 
cations awarded 60 grants-in-aid spring semester 
for professional work by students. Grants were 
provided by University funds. Establishing a new 

policy, the board interviewed applicants for Colle- 
gian editor and business manager before announc- 
ing their selections. Increased Collegian advertising 
sales and expanded enrollment boosted Student 
Publications annual revenue to $220,000. 

Director of Student Publications Jack Backer manages fi- 
nances and public relations for the Royal Purple and Collegian. 

Student Publications secretaries Ruth Foster and Carol Mc- 
Coy balance Collegian business accounts and type letters 


Fall and Spring Collegian Editbrial Staffs - TOP ROW: Karen R Kendall, 
spring assistant features editor; Patty L Whitegon. fall and spring staff writer, 
Margaret J. Lange, fall editor, spring collegiate arts editor; Norma B. Perry, fall 
and spring features editor, Mary J Pretzer, fall night editor, spring staff writer; 
Vicki A. Gerber. spring assistant editorial editor SECOND ROW Robert L Latta, 
fall staff writer, spring wire editor. Bruce C Coonrod, fall assistant editor, spring 

sports editor. Melodie L. Bowsher. spring editorial editor; James V Baird. 
spring assistant sports editor; Carolyn R Rice, spring staff writer, Vernon D. 
Parker, fall news editor, spring assistant editor BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth J. 
Conner, spring assistant news editor, John J Gerstner. fall assistant focus edi- 
tor; Edgar A, Chamness. fall editorial editor, spring editor; Gary L Haden. fall 
day editor, spring staff writer; Robert W. Rice, fall wire editor. 

Collegian staff members 
take national Hearst firsts 

Leroy Towns, former Collegian editor, and Mel- 
odie Bowsher, spring editorial page editor, won 
$500 and first place awards for general news and 
investigative writing in the William Randolph 
Hearst writing contest. Total points earned by the 
journalists placed the department first among 49 
accredited journalism schools in the nation eligible 
for the contest. Stories by Collegian editors, Jean 
Lange and Ed Chamness, also placed. 

The spring 1966 Collegian earned a first class 
rating from American Collegiate Press. Tom Haas 
and Wayne Perk, advertising managers, won $1, 
000 in national advertising competition. 

Printed on the new $50,000 offset press, the 
newspaper expanded to an average of 1 2 pages, 
used color pictures and had the sixth largest daily 
circulation in Kansas. Montage, an arts magazine 
published in the spring, contained book reviews, 
poetry and features by faculty and students. 



Page editors and editing students complete preparation of in- 
side pages the afternoon before the Collegians are printed. 


Collegian editors check a headline for length after it is set in 
hot lead on a Ludlow machine. Each morning before the paper 

is printed, staffers work in the backshop reading galley proofs 
and page proofs and adjusting pages for correct fit. 

Reading one of the first Collegians off the press, spring Editor 
Ed Chamness checks pages for possible printing errors. 

Fall Collegian Editor Jean Lange marks errors on galley proofs 
before sending them back to the linotypes for corrections 


Collegian photographers Bob Blauvelt. Larry Doonan. John 
Lietzen and Bob Graves plan layouts for magazine pages. 

University Edition initiates 
new Cottrell offset press 

Operation of the new Cottrell Vanguard offset 
press began with the printing of the 176-page 
University Edition of the Collegian in August. The 
1966 UE, edited by journalism students, was the 
first Collegian issue to use four-color pictures. The 
summer weekly Collegian printed a campus directo- 
ry and covered University news, including the June 
8 tornado which struck north of the campus. 

Spring and fall Collegian advertising staffs, using 
color ads for the first time, raised advertising sales 
and added a third assistant manager. First in the 
nation for business practices in 1966, the staff again 
competed for the 1967 ACP award. 

Using expanded darkroom facilities, staff photo- 
graphers for the Collegian and Royal Purple sup- 
plied pictures for the publications. Head photogra- 
pher, Robert Graves, coordinated activities. 

Replaced in August by a new offset press, the Goss Cox-o- 
Type Letterpress prints summer Collegians for the last time. The 

staff included Carolyn Rice, Vic Shalkoski, business man- 
ager, Vesta Dauber, Sharon Smith and Fred Williams, editor. 


Collegian Advertising Staff - TOP ROW: Gail M. Farmer, Donna L. Silver. 
Melodie L. Bowsher. Marilynn Gump, Victor F Shalkoski, Duke Riber. SECOND 
ROW: James V, Baird, Jerry L. Reppert, Michael A, Wenger, Ronald P. Raches- 

ky, Richard E Boyce. John H Lietzen BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Wethington, 
Eddie J. Gray, Frederick Williams, Gary L, Haden, Keith L Stanley 

Editor Mike Lowe is surrounded by 1 76-page Collegian 
University Editions, first paper printed on the new offset press. 

Collegian advertising managers, Ron Rachesky. spring semes- 
ter and Vic Shalkoski, fall semester, discuss a new account. 


Royal Purple Editorial Staff Writers - TOP ROW: Geraldine Smith. Candace A Kelly. Jan 
B Jager SECOND ROW Linda Haughawout, Janet L. Boyer. Connie M Grafel. BOTTOM 
ROW Elizabeth J Conner, Michael D Janke. William M Henry 

Sue Brandner — Editor 

Jo Ann Goetz — Photography Editor 

Mike Lowe — Copy Editor 


Kathryn Heyne 
Features Editor 

Sally Baril 
Sports Editor 

Beth Andersen 
Housing Editor 

Connie Langland 
Organizations Editor 

Yearbook adds sections honoring seniors, faculty 

Sections recognizing representative faculty mem- 
bers from each college and 31 outstanding seniors 
were introduced in the largest book in Royal Purple 
history. The yearbook was expanded to 672 pages, 
with 94 color pages. Sales also set records for the 
Royal Purple. During fall registration and through 
late receipts, 7,530 books were sold. Class picture 

sales totaled 6,983. Associated Collegiate Press 
awarded a record-breaking number of points and 
presented the 1966 Royal Purple with the 31st con- 
secutive All-American rating given to an RP. Only 
seven other yearbooks in the nation in the category 
for universities with enrollments of more than 10, 
000 students received All-American ratings. 

Patti Jones 
Underclass Editor 

Diana Barton 
Senior Class Editor 

Royal Purple Business Staff — Margo J Miller, business manager. Joan R 
Geraghty, Laura L Scott. Becky M Slothower, Kent D Taylor. Janet K Riffey. 


Editorial staff members of the Royal Purple edit copy, count 
pictures and begin preparation to meet one of eight deadlines 

between December 1 5 and April 1 0. Deadlines fell during final 
week first semester, Easter vacation and midterm exams 

Del Brinkman, Royal Purple adviser, teaches a 
class in yearbook editing during the fall term 

Royal Purple student photographers Larry Doonan, John LaShelle, Rachel Scott 
and Bob Graves use the remodeled darkroom facilities in the basement of Kedzie. 

KSDB-FM Staff - TOP ROW: Jed E. Yaney. Roger D Dennis. Sharon L. Jones. 
Barbara D Mistier, Stanley R Kalishman, Ronald A Winter, Frederic E Marcus. 
Clinton J Hammer, William P McAndrew SECOND ROW: Richard L Middle- 
ton, Arlan D. Wamhoff. Timothy J Fruits, John M McKenna. Jerry R Wofford, 
Thomas W. Bartel. John D White. Pamela J. Berkey THIRD ROW Thomas L. 

Sharp. James F Graham, Patric J Folwell, Frank M, Atkinson. Gary R Kopp. 
Daniel A. Suderman, Duane E, Beichley, Lynn R. Johnson. Arvin L Workman 
BOTTOM ROW Douglas G Van Wickler, Harold P Martin. Gerald H Ogden. 
Roger W Hartsook. Bill E Stallard. Gary L Hood. Larry G Cornwell, Charles J. 

KSDB-FM claims record 
for marathon broadcasting 

Shattering a marathon record set by the Univer- 
sity of Kansas, KSDB-FM, campus educational 
radio station, staged an 80-hour, round-the-clock 
program in the Union lobby. The station, which 
had daily programming of music, news and a-go-go 
shows by student broadcasters, had live coverage of 
all University sports events and Model Congress. 

Campus literary magazine 
sells 900 copies in April 

Collections of short stories, poems and student 
art work were published in Touchstone, annual 
University literary magazine. All interested stu- 
dents and faculty members could contribute their 
original manuscripts for the publication. Touch- 
stone's staff sold more than 900 copies of the 76- 
page magazine when it was distributed in April. 

Touchstone Staff - TOP ROW 

Nancy J Dukelow. Lyn J. Morgan. 
Louis L. Tijenna. Kay A Magby. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Barb N Rawlings. Judith 
A Phillips. Harold W Schneider, Paul 
H Rawlings 


photo by Don Richards 


photo by David von Riesen 


, . 

Golden leaves add a splash 
of color to the white stone 
front of the library while 
snow gives a touch of ele- 
gance to Anderson hall. Stu- 
dents find excitement in a 
chemical experiment and 
frustration in searching for a 
book in the "stacks. " Here 
lies the soul of the University. 

Research for term papers and class assignments forces 
students to spend long evenings searching library shelves. 



Education students watch a classmate demonstrate the sun's 
effects on the moon and earth in a science methods course 

Construction projects net 
four million dollar budget 

More than four million dollars was allotted to 
major campus construction from state and Universi- 
ty funds. King hall, housing chemistry laboratories, 
and a food services building on the north side of the 
campus were completed second semester. Haymak- 
er hall, last in a four-dorm complex and the adjoin- 
ing food center were also finished during the year as 
security against the expanding enrollment. 

Plans were drawn for a new football stadium, 
auditorium, art center and Union addition. Men 
nationally recognized in fields of mathematics, 
physics and biology joined the University faculty. 

Pictured with their respective colleges 
throughout the academics section are 14 Royal 
Purple "representative teachers." For years, 
the Royal Purple has worked to picture indi- 
vidually as many students and administrators 
as possible. Because of space limitations, it 
could not attempt to picture individual faculty 
members. The 1967 staff, hoping to remedy 
the neglect of this aspect of the history of a 
school year, decided to select faculty members 
who were representative of many outstanding 
teachers on the campus to be pictured. 

The 14 teachers were chosen by a committee 
of editors and two advisers from 38 nomina- 
tions made by respective councils. Selections 
were based on student opinion and information 
received from the various departments. 


' -*t ** 


Surrounded by large shade trees, the home of President and 
Mrs. McCain was constructed 44 years ago as a memorial 

to Davies Wilson, a former Kansas legislator. Four presidents 
have lived in the mansion located on the east edge of campus. 

Greeting British Ambassador Sir Patrick Dean and Lady Dean, 
President McCain welcomes the visitors to the University. 

Indian university confers 
doctorate upon President 

At commencement exercises of Andhra Pradesh 
University in India, President James A. McCain 
addressed the second graduating class and was pre- 
sented an honorary doctor of science degree for his 
contributions to the University's technical assist- 
ance program to nine new Indian universities. 

During monthly faculty-student coffee hours in 
the Union, McCain outlined the administration's 
immediate plans for University development and 
expansion, including the upgrading of computer 
laboratories and a million dollar accelerator lab. 

President and Mrs. James A. McCain and their cocker spaniel 
Lady relax in the home they have occupied for 1 7 years. 



Whitewashed letters stand out from the steep slope of K-Hill 
above the winding channel of the Kaw River east of Manhattan. 

Kansas governor Robert Docking works with the Board of 
Regents in matters of University finance and public relations. 

Board of Regents - TOP ROW Arthur H Cromb. John F. Eberhardt. Ray R Evans. Eldon Sloan. Max Bickford BOTTOM ROW: Clement H. Hall. Lawrence D Morgan. 
Dwight D Khnger. Henry A Bubb, C N Cushing. 


Regents approve dorm fees increase, stadium bonds 

Manhattan businessman and University gradu- 
ate of 1932, Tom Griffith, was named to a four-year 
term on the Board of Regents. The board approved 
a raise in dormitory fees from $700 to $775 and also 
authorized the University to require freshman men 
to live in dormitories. Both changes were to go into 
effect inthe fall of 1967. Acting on a proposal to 
pledge student fees against revenue bonds for con- 
struction of a new athletic stadium, the board re- 

commended that the plan be presented to the state 
legislature's 1967 session for approval. 

To improve communication between administra- 
tion and faculty, Faculty Senate invited President 
James A. McCain, C. Clyde Jones, vice president 
for University development, and Richard Farley, 
director of libraries, to explain University policy to 
the group. Committees reviewed the use of teacher 
evaluation and pass-fail courses. 

Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: Harold W Kennedy, aids and awards. H 
Dean Hess, alumni, Theodore 0. Dodge, budget office. Ralph H Perry, comp- 
troller; S. Thomas Parker, computing center; Kenneth M. Heywood, endowment 
and development, Alvin B Cardwell. general research. BOTTOM ROW A 

Thornton Edwards, housing; Randolph F Gingrich, physical plant; J. Bruce 
Laughlin, placement center; Francis D Farrell, president emeritus; George R, 
Eaton, press; John E Kitchens, summer school: Wendell R. Kerr, veterans ser- 

Faculty Senate — TOP ROW: James C Mathews, Harlan J. Trennepohl, Carroll 
E Kennedy, Elden E Leasure. Ivalee H McCord, Harry E. McAnarney. Robert J 
Bevins, Chester R Unruh. Don A. Trumbo SECOND ROW Roscoe J Ellis. 
Robert R. Snell, Eugene J Laughlin, Erie E Bartley, Harry D Anthony, Arvin L 
Workman, I Eugene Thorson. Lowell Brandner, George Montgomery THIRD 

ROW: Rhae M Swisher, Keith A Huston. Charles V Hall. Harry B Pfost. Jor- 
dan Y Miller, Basil J. Curnutte. Theodore A Chadwick. Frank G, Bieberly, BOT- 
TOM ROW Charles M Peccolo, Arlin M Feyerherm. Wilson Tripp, James C 
Carey, Thomas B, Steunenberg, Louis H. Douglas. Gustave E. Fairbanks, John 
P. Noonan, Richard A Consigli 


Vice-president for University Development C. Clyde Jones 
supervises long-range planning and fund raising projects. 

John Lott Brown, vice-president for academic affairs, works 
with the college deans to coordinate budgets and instructions. 

Headquarters for the College of Agriculture, Waters hall 
houses seven departmental offices. Entomology laboratory 

classes in the building utilized closed-circuit television for 
the first time in April to study magnified close-ups of insects. 

University vice-presidents 
head areas of development 

Directing a newly created administrative post, 
Glenn H. Beck, previously dean of the College of 
Agriculture, was appointed vice-president for agri- 
culture. C. Clyde Jones, vice-president for Universi- 
ty development, coordinated plans for a new audito- 
rium, football stadium and biological science build- 
ing. Vice-president for academic affairs, John Lott 
Brown, worked with Faculty Senate and college 
councils in researching the feasibility of a pass-fail 
grading system and instructor evaluation. 

Expanded programs for assistance to foreign uni- 
versities were directed by chiefs of parties A. D. 
Weber for Andhra Pradesh University, India; and 
Vernon Larson for Ahmadu Bello University, Nige- 
ria. College of Agriculture staff members from the 
University were invited to spend two-year sabbati- 
cals with the foreign programs. 

Visiting Nigeria twice, Vice-president for Agriculture Glenn 
H. Beck directs the University's foreign assistance program. 

Chief of party at Andhra Pradesh University, India, A. D. Weber 
is completing a two-year assignment begun October 1, 1965 

Vernon Larson, chief of party at Ahmadu Bello University, 
Nigeria, inspects a new building equipped by funds from AID 


As chairman of the scholarship committee. Max W Milbourn. 
assistant to the president, chooses Putnam Scholar winners. 

Administrative assistants 
report University progress 

Four administrative assistants, Joseph Hajda, E. 
M. Gerritz, Daniel D. Beatty and Max Milbourn 
supervised University activities and were responsi- 
ble for progress reports to President McCain. 

Hajda, director of international affairs, worked 
with foreign students and coordinated foreign ex- 
change programs. He headed a committee to inves- 
tigate discrimination in foreign student housing. 

Gerritz, dean of admissions and records, coordi- 
nated enrollment and initially promoted the use of 
the University's computer enrollment process. 

Beatty, business manager, planned and prepared 
the University budget and overall fiscal policy. 

Milbourn, administrative assistant to the presi- 
dent, headed a committee on general University 
scholarship and was liason to the state legislature 
on matters concerning University policies. 

Visits to campus in December and March by Peace Corps international affairs. Hadja and other University officials arrange 

representatives were coordinated by Joseph Hadja. director of student exchange programs with universities in foreign lands. 

!».( AtRO IWUW MAP Of TW« 

, f 


Informed of class schedule conflicts, twin coeds discover the 
enrollment computer was baffled by their duplication. More 

than 1.800 pre-enrolled students received notices during fall 
registration that the computer had rejected their schedules. 

Daniel D. Beatty. business manager for the University, attends 
monthly meetings of the Kansas Board of Regents in Topeka 

E.M. Gerritz, dean of admissions and records, checks comput- 
er cards which his office uses in new enrollment procedures. 

Chester E. Peters, dean of students, carves, sands, polishes 
and lacquers his wood carvings, which he makes as a hobby 

In addition to his duties as associate dean of students, Walter 
S. Friesen advises IFC and is a member of Student Senate 

Peters accepts new post to 
coordinate student affairs 

Dean of Students Chester Peters was appointed 
to the new administrative position of vice-president 
of student affairs. As dean of students, Peters 
planned a graduate education institute in college 
personnel work which was directed by Associate 
Dean of Students Walter Friesen. 

Assistant Dean Allen Bretrell initiated a four-day 
fall orientation series for foreign students, and Resi- 
dence Hall Program Director Thomas Frith organ- 
ized a training program for residence personnel. A 
speaker from Princeton University, Father Stanly 
Jaki, came to campus through efforts of William 
Tremmel, religious program director. 

Associate Dean of Women Margaret Lahey and 
Assistant Dean Caroline Peine supervised the AWS 
convention which revised all women's rules. 

Residence hall program director Thomas J. Frith appoints and 
trains dorm staff members and works with resident assistants. 


Answering a coed's question, a secretary in the Office of Ad- 
missions and Records completes an academic transcript form. 


William C. Tremmel, director of religious activities, gives the 
university's approval to all religious events on campus. 

Margaret Lahey, associate dean of students, supervises the 
activities of women's residence halls and works with interdorm 

council while Caroline Peine, assistant dean of students advises 
off-campus women and other student organizations 


3553* , 

Checking data from the mass spectrometer, a geology grad 
student uses the machine to determine rock ages up to 50 bil- 

lion years with 99 per cent accuracy. Nicknamed Pussycat, 
the spectrometer Is the only one at a Midwestern university. 


John Lott Brown has served as dean of Graduate School since 
he and his wife, Catharine, came to Manhattan in 1965. 

Using a RCA electromicroscope, a graduate student records 
the increase in a bacteria count for use in a research project. 

Summer graduate institutes 
offer credit to educators 

Formerly dean of arts and sciences at Arkansas, 
Robert F. Kruh was named dean of Graduate 
School replacing John Lott Brown, who was ap- 
pointed vice-president for academic affairs. 

During the summer, graduate institutes in histo- 
ry, English, mathematics, radiation, chemistry, 
education, commerce and home economics offered 
credit to educators working on advanced degrees. 
Adopted for the first time, a pass-fail grading sys- 
tem was used in a graduate-level geography course. 

Graduate Council - TOP ROW: Erie E Bartley. Sidney A Ewing. Philip G 
Kirmser, Richard L. D Morse. J. Harvey Littrell. Stephan A Konz SECOND 
ROW: John L. Brown, Alvin E. Mulanax. Luther 0. Leavengood, Holly C Fryer. 

Merle F Hansen, BOTTOM ROW Jack B Blackburn. John P Noonan. Homer 
E Socolofsky. Tneodore A. Chadwick 


Evaporated and condensed milks can be simultaneously pro- 
duced at the rate of 50 pounds an hour by Mojonnier machines 

in Call hall. Dairy foods processing students learn laboratory 
procedures involved in dried milk and ice cream production. 


College's faculty members 
work with grain institute 

Establishment of the Food and Feed Grain Insti- 
tute, an inter-departmental program to expand ser- 
vices to American agricultural and processing in- 
dustries, involved faculty in the College of Agricul- 
ture and other colleges. William Hoover, chairman 
of the grain science and industry department, was 
named director. Grants from the Fats and Protein 
Research Foundation and the Kansas Wheat Com- 
mission were awarded to the grain institute. 

Bacterial inoculations test the resistance of different hybrid 
plants to diseased organisms for an agronomy experiment. 

Agriculture Council — TOP ROW; Fritz Norbury. Stanley R. Husted, Marcia L 
Lowther. Eldon R. Trost, Dennis R. Siefkes. Jibade O. Oyekan. Roger D. Minter, 
David F. Martin. Carroll V Hess SECOND ROW Terry W Odle. Lewis G. Kille- 
brew. Ira M. Walman, Allen W. Kirleis. Billy D. Hilbert, Larry E. Schmidt. Ben W 
Wood, Richard L. Harner. THIRD ROW: Dennis L. Deschner, John J. Gerstner, 

Myron C Kellogg. Frederick A Kopp. Richard P Waldren. Douglas A, Ohlde. 
Robbin L. Alder. BOTTOM ROW: Steven A. Larson, Ronnie G. Lunsford. John 
W Toney. David J Mugler. Allen V Baldwin, Virgil R. Huseman, Gene W. Laver- 
entz, Thomas D Perrier 

College of Agriculture Administra- 
tive Heads - TOP ROW Frank R 
Carpenter, assistant dean. John A 
Nordin. agricultural economics: Ray- 
mond V. Olson, agronomy. Don L. 
Good, animal husbandry; Howard L 
Mitchell, biochemistry. BOTTOM 
ROW Charles L Norton, dairy and 
poultry science. Herbert C. Knutson, 
entomology. William J. Hoover, flour 
and feed milling. Ronald W Camp- 
bell, horticulture, Stuart M. Pady, 
plant pathology 


Working with a electro-phoresis column, a coed works with 
a protein separation experiment in bio-chemical research. 

Weighing bread to determine its volume-weight ratio, baking 
students test baked loaves for grain, texture and symmetry. 

Grade A milk is supplied to the campus by 85 cows, housed at 
the University's dairy research barn Student workers operate 

four Surge Milking Units that automatically pump the milk to a 
bulk tank. Milking is done daily at 3:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 

Natives of Pennsylvania, Dean Carroll Hess, his wife. Velma. 
and their four children came to Manhattan in the summer of 

1 966. Hess delivered the keynote address for an August nation- 
al symposium in Virginia for teachers of agricultural economics. 

Minnesota professor becomes new ag college dean 

Formerly a professor of agricultural economics at 
the University of Minnesota, Carroll V. Hess as- 
sumed duties as dean of the College of Agriculture 
from Glenn Beck, who vacated the post to become 
vice-president for agriculture. In 1965, Hess re- 
ceived the first Distinguished Teacher Award from 
the American Farm Economic Association. 

Agricultural Council, for the first time, published 
a yearbook including information concerning each 
graduating senior in the college. The catalog, which 
was distributed to other universities in January, 
was to be used as an aid for job placement. In 
November, the council sponsored the Autumn Fes- 
tival dance, formerly called the Ag Barnwarmer. 


Ag college receives funds 
for grain market research 

Funds for construction of a S3 million Federal 
Grain Marketing Research Laboratory were ap- 
propriated by Congress. The laboratory, expected 
to be completed by late 1968 on a 12-acre plot north 
of the campus, would make the University a world 
center for research on grain problems. John Shel- 
lenberger, professor in the grain science and indus- 
try department in the College of Agriculture, coor- 
dinated plans for the laboratory with U. S. officials. 

The Department of Agricultural Economics re- 
ceived an $85,000 grant for a study of cooperative 
marketing related to the sale of Kansas grain, meat 
and milk products. A study on protein content in 
wheat by the Departments of Agronomy and Grain 
Science and Industry was granted $57,000. 


Awarded the Thomas Burr Osborne Medal for outstanding 
work in cereal chemistry, Majel M MacMasters. professor of 
grain sciences, teaches qualities of feed ingredients to upper- 
classmen and assists eight graduate students in their research. 

Milk from University cattle is pastuenzed, homogenized and processes 800 gallons of milk a day. five days a week. They also 

packaged in Call hall, and sold throughout campus. The plant churn butter twice a month, making 300 pounds each time. 



Wiring together green leaves and daffodils, a student in Floral 
Arrangement experiments with different designs before com- 

pleting a corsage. Table, bowl and corsage arrangements made 
with University-grown flowers are taught in three weekly labs. 

Dairy sciences professor G. B. Marion teaches basic and ad- 
vanced breeding and physiology courses and is coach for two 
dairy judging teams A 1 0-year member of Apportionment 
Board, he is adviser for the college's Little American Royal. 

After checking the compression ratio, agricultural mechaniza- 
tion students tighten the head of a simple farm-power engine. 

Soils Judging Team — Eldon W. 
Schwant. Terrence S Rice. John P. 
Benfer, David J Reisig. Orville W. 

Judging teams establish college record for placings 

Agricultural judging teams won five of 15 major 
regional, national and international contests, es- 
tablishing a new college record. The senior livestock 
judging team won first at the American Royal in 
Kansas City for the second consecutive year. The 
judgers also ranked first at the Southwest Livestock 
Exposition and Fat Stock Show in Ft. Worth and at 

the National Livestock Show in Denver. At the In- 
ternational Livestock Exposition in Chicago the 
team placed fifth. The wool team also won a first 
place at the American Royal and ranked third at Ft. 
Worth and Denver. The junior livestock and meats 
team won first at Ft. Worth and the soils judging 
team earned first in regional competition. 

Junior Livestock Judging Team — 

TOP ROW Richard W. Wilcke. Duane 
L Peters. George C. Good. Robert H. 
Hines. BOTTOM ROW Richard A. 
Rindt. Joel L Mead. Lonnie L Lemon, 
Larry D. Ehrlich 


Wool Judging Team — Carl S Men- 
zies. Ross D. Crane, Samuel C Nel- 
son. Steven H Slusher. John C Na- 

Gift m. 


Meats Judging Team — Dell M Allen, Ronald J, Smith, Forrest E Stegelin, 
Tommy R. Carr, Richard K. Robertson, Richard D, Miller 

Senior Livestock Judging Team — 

TOP ROW Kenneth Spangenberg, 
William M, Payne. Virgil R Huseman. 
BOTTOM ROW Calvin L Drake. John 
C. Nagel, Johnny E Meetz, Stanley 
W, Grecian, Charles R White 



Adjusting landscape structures, an architecture student and 
his in struct or examine a model of his class design project. 


Dean of Architecture and Design, Emil Fischer, and his wife, 
Ruth, have lived in their contemporary home, which Fischer 

designed, for 10 years. Volunteering her services at Wharton 
Manor, Mrs. Fischer aids elderly per sons in the rest home. 

Architecture faculty members visit foreign countries 

Visits to foreign countries by two of its faculty 
highlighted the year for the College of Architecture 
and Design. While on sabbatical leave, Alden Krid- 
er, professor of architecture and design, visited Eu- 
rope and Asia photographing architectural monu- 
ments. The three-dimensional photographs which 
he produced by using two cameras were used for 

instruction. In India, James Miller, associate pro- 
fessor of architecture and design, aided planning of 
a campus layout for Andhra Pradesh University. 

The Architecture and Design Council sponsored 
six forums for students in the college featuring lec- 
tures by outstanding architects and coordinated 
plans for Engineers' and Architects 1 Open House. 


I h 

Designed and constructed with the guidance of instructors, 
the detailed finishing touches of a three-dimensional model il- 

lustrating community planning of an urban satellite complex 
are added to the project by a landscape architecture student. 

Architecture Council - TOP ROW Robert L Morrow, Wing K Kwok, William 
R Bonner. James K, Shrack. SECOND ROW: Michael E Shelor. Ralph E. Hibler. 

Julian F Sayers BOTTOM ROW: Joe D. Freeman. William R Benedict 

Structure classes of I. Eugene Thorsen. who is listed in the 
"Who's Who in Engineering," study buildings on campus. Quali- 
fied for research in the analysis and design of structures, Thor- 
sen is studying the use of reinforced concrete in domes. 

Student architects design 
facilities for handicapped 

After consulting experts in the fields of psychia- 
try, medicine and child development, 16 architec- 
ture and design seniors formulated plans for educa- 
tional facilities for the handicapped children in Ri- 
ley County. Working with the Federation of Handi- 
capped Children of Manhattan, the students coordi- 
nated building design with requirements for special 
instructional needs. Another project featured pro- 
posals for a downtown Manhattan shopping mall. 

In the William Framption Memorial design 
competition, Kenten Cox, an architectural engi- 
neering senior, won a $1,000 first prize for his de- 
sign of a non-denominational college chapel. Stu- 
dents in the college also won second and third. 

Assistant Dean Richard Morse explains basic architec- 
tural principles for space, color, texture and form of materials. 



Journalism students enrolled in typography lab practice set- 
ting type by hand from California job cases in their weekly class 

sessions. The course provides background and train- 
ing in varieties of type style and advertising copy arrangement. 


Arts and Sciences offers 
Southeast Asia program 

Introducing an inter-disciplinary program, the 
College of Arts and Sciences offered undergraduate 
and graduate students courses focusing on Southeast 
Asian history, geography, economics and cultural 
development. Departments invited specialists from 
other nations to teach and advise in establishing a 
University Center for Southeast Asian Studies. 

Four arts and sciences faculty members and one 
education professor taught courses at Marymount 
College, Salina, in a five-year program to broaden 
the school's liberal arts program. Poet Robert 
Graves, Shakespearean biographer A. L. Rowse 
and writers Frederick Krews, Anthony Burgess and 
James Miller lectured in the English department's 
"Visiting Distinguished Professor Program." 

Beginning and intermediate women's physical education 
swimming classes learn breathing methods and water safety 

College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Heads — TOP ROW William 
Stamey. associate dean; G Ebberts. assistant dean, Marjone Adams, assist- 
ant dean, John P. Murry. assistant to the dean. Col Bertram L Ruggles. aeros- 
pace studies. Oscar Larmer. art. H B Lee. athletics. SECOND ROW Alfred F 
Borg, bacteriology, Stuart M. Pady. botany, Adrian Daane. chemistry. John 
Nordm, economics. Earle R. Davis, English. Joseph Chelikowsky, geology and 
geography, Robert Browder, history, THIRD ROW. Ralph G Sanger, mathemat- 

ics; Col. Ralph Wright, military science, Richard Clark, modern languages; Lu- 
ther Leavengood, music, Cecil Miller, philosophy, A B Cardwell. physics; T M 
Evans, physical education, BOTTOM ROW William Boyer, political science; 
Merrill Noble, psychology, Eugene Friedmann, sociology and anthropology. 
Norma Bunton, speech, H C Fryer, statistics, Ralph Lashbrook. technical jour- 
nalism, Donald Ameel. zoology 



Arts and Sciences Dean John Chalmers and his wife, Carol, 
came to Manhattan from the University of Wyoming in 1963 


Author of two books. 20 historical articles and 40 book 
reviews and president of the Kansas State Historical Society, A 
Bower Sageser, history professor at the University since 1941, 
teaches both upper and lower level courses in U. S history 

College council promotes 
spring International Week 

International Week, involving more than 400 
students from 55 different countries, was coordinat- 
ed by Arts and Sciences Council April 2 to 8. The 
council also studied the possibility of a pass-fail sys- 
tem in the college and recommended the proposal to 
the college's faculty spring semester. The program 
will be introduced for junior and senior honor stu- 
dents in all colleges in the fall of 1967. The students 
will be allowed to take one class without a grade 
each semester outside their major fields. 

In his fourth year as arts and sciences dean, John 
Chalmers was elected to the executive board of the 
Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences. 

Arts and Sciences Council — TOP ROW Paul H Rawhngs, Janet S Osborne, 
Michael A. Hendricks. George A. Gerritz. Phyllis J Blasdel, Lawrence E Town- 
ley, Jo A Starkweather, Paul E Miller SECOND ROW Madelyn C Dixon, Mar- 
tha J Reynolds, Albert J, Urich, Patricia L. Jones, Dorothy M. Hostetter, Julie M. 
Murrow, BOTTOM ROW Janet L Miller. Barbara L. Martens. Marcia L Gadber- 
ry, Jane A Sheetz 

Thomas B. Steunenberg, director of music for graduate stu- 
dents, teaches music theory and is a member of Faculty Senate. 
Coming to the University 20 years ago, the music professor has 
composed pieces for voice, piano, orchestra, quartet and band. 


Low and high power observations through microscopes help 
zoology lab students to accurately sketch and label their find- 

ings in lab manuals. Students must identify slides of cells, 
phases of meiosis or embryos with correct size relationships 

Chemistry students test for elements contained in "unknown" 
samples by experimenting with acids, alkahnes and heat. 


Arts and Sciences plans 
new bio-sciences building 

To provide a unified approach to the study of bio- 
logical sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences 
selected a new director and developed new housing 
and departmental changes. Plans were completed 
for a S3. 7 million bio-sciences building, expected to 
be constructed on the ROTC field by late 1969 and 
to be financed by state and federal appropriations. 
L. Evans Roth was appointed head of the new Divi- 
sion of Biology, which was designed to consolidate 
the departments of zoology, botany and bacteriolo- 
gy and the biophysics curriculum. Changes affected 
disciplines through unified research areas and 
revised undergraduate curricula. 

The college named three new department chair- 
man, John E. Maxfield, mathematics; Robert 
Leachman, physics; and Benjamin Tilghman, phi- 


Small groups of students discuss outside readings and student 
papers in one of seven spring semester honor seminars Two 

seminars, each for one hour credit and outside the major field, 
are required for graduation in the college's honors program. 

Past national president of Phi Lambda Upsilon, chemistry 
honorary, William Schrenk instructs Chemistry I, II and electro- 
chemistry. He does spectroscopy research and teaches summer 
courses on improvement of secondary science education 

I !.L u wp jPu i A m i Cm 


EJK . Cf 

Arthur L. Goodrich, professor of zoology, has taught zoology 
labs, invertebrate zoology and biology lecture and recitation 
sections at the University for 38 years He is a member of 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Psi and the Kansas Academy of Science 


Commerce classes in data processing use the 1402 IBM 
computer to analyze financial costs for an industrial business. 


Associate Commerce dean 
becomes new acting head 

Replacing C. Clyde Jones, who vacated his posi- 
tion as acting dean of the College of Commerce to 
become vice-president for University development, 
Associate Commerce Dean Blair J. Kolasa was 
appointed to the post until a new dean was chosen. 

Financed with a $66,000 NDEA grant, a sum- 
mer Institute for Advanced Study in Economics, 
was sponsored by the college. The eight-week insti- 
tute was attended by secondary school educators 
teaching business-related courses. Faculty research 
included a study of the Kansas port of entry system 
and a labor survey of the Manhattan- Junction City 
area. Accounting students participated in internship 
programs at firms throughout the country. 

College of Commerce Administrative Heads — Dr Blair J Kolasa, associate 
dean; Mrs, Mildred Buzenberg, assistant dean; Rhae Swisher, director of man- 
agement service; Dr, Robert Hoeke, director of graduate studies. 

Commerce Dean C. Clyde Jones and his wife. Margaret, 
moved to Manhattan in 1960 from the University of Illinois. 

Recipient of the Eli Lilly Fellowship Award, Eugene Laughlin 
works on research in accounting and price theory. While head- 
ing Faculty Senate's Academic Affairs committee, he teaches 
managerial accounting, business finance, and controlership. 

Commerce Council — TOP ROW Jerry G Larson, H Jess Frieze, Dorothy A. 
Hokr, Robert D. Wehling, James Q Kohler, James J. Graham, Janet L Kannard. 
Terry J Crofoot, Eugene J Laughlin BOTTOM ROW John R Graham, Kay M 
Kimball, Larry A Anderson, Rita L Vodraska, Leslie C Longberg, Richard E. 


Beforing leaving for her practice teaching, a student adds fin- 
ishing touches to an "octopus aid" for subtraction and addition. 


Education adopts changes in admission requirements 

New entrance requirements to admit only upper- 
class and graduate students with a 2.2 overall grade 
average were adopted by the College of Education. 
The college showed a proportional increase in en- 
rollment as 31 per cent of the University's recipients 
of Bachelor of Arts degrees were qualified teachers. 

College of Education 
Administrative Assist- 
ants — Floyd H Price, as- 
sistant to the dean; 
George A Olson, coordi- 
nator of student teaching. 

Six new faculty members were added to the edu- 
cation staff. Using equipment which was purchased 
in 1966, a complete closed-circuit television net- 
work was set up to be used in the student teaching 
program. The audio-visual aid also was loaned at 
the request of area public school systems. 

Two federal NDEA summer institute grants 
were continued in cooperation with the Depart- 
ments of English and History. The institutes were 
designed to serve as refresher courses for qualified 
teachers. The college also received an institutional 
assistance grant of SI 37,000 from the U. S. Office of 
Education for improvement of its secondary educa- 
tion graduate program. The grant was the second 
largest of its kind in the United States. 

Instruction in special phases of industrial arts is given to a 
Manhattan junior high pupil by a University student teacher 

Demonstrating the turning of wood on a wood lay, the teacher 
explains the operation technique of the intricate face plate. 


Formerly from Northern Illinois University, Dean William Cof- 
field and his wife. Jeanette. came to Kansas four years ago. 

Listed in "Who's Who in Education." Richard Owens, associate 
professor of education, teaches courses in educational psychol- 
ogy, research methods and counseling. Discussing trends 
in education, he moderates a monthly program on KSAC radio. 

Education dean assumes 
Youngstown, Ohio, post 

Assuming a position at Youngstown University, 
William Cofrield completed three years as dean of 
education. One of four editors who revised a 1963 
edition of "Elementary School Administration," he 
was secretary-treasurer of the National Deans of 
Education of State Universities and Land Grant 
Colleges. He also was selected as chairman of an 
accreditation team for the National Council of Ac- 
creditation of Teacher Education. 

Panel discussions, with student teachers as parti- 
cipants, were formulated by Education Council to 
orientate future student teachers. The council 
helped the Student Senate academic affairs commit- 
tee compile research about faculty opinion on adop- 
tion of a pass-fail grading system. 


Math puzzles elementary pupils who seek help from a student 
participating in the teacher education program Aside from 

classroom observation and teaching, the student assist- 
ants outline studies and confer with parents and other teachers 

Helpful hints for aspiring actors are offered by a secondary 
education major while student teaching in speech and drama. 

Education Council — TOP ROW Mary E Blakeslee. Nancy L Niles. Shenlyn 
Carl. SECOND ROW Barbara J Ruediger. Pamela K Griffee. Nancy L Hopkins. 
Judith K Nulty BOTTOM ROW Stephen L James. Gary E Clark. William H 


Environmental research programming equipment is adjusted 
by a psychology graduate student experimenting in behavior. 


Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering from 1947- 
1 963, Reed F Morse has taught at the University more than 41 
years. Morse, past president of the Kansas Engineering Society, 
belongs to Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Phi. 

Commission appoints dean 
to professional committee 

Paul Russell, dean of the College of Engineering, 
was appointed to a three-year term on the Commis- 
sion of Education for the Engineering Professional 
of the National Association of State Universities 
and Land Grant Colleges. The committee recom- 
mended programs for advanced engineering educa- 
tion. Russell also worked with the American Society 
for Engineering Education, which promoted closer 
relations between federal agencies and research 

Engineering Council conducted a classroom per- 
formance evaluation of instructors in the college. 
Results were published in the tl K-State Engineer." 


Paul Russell, dean of engineering, with his wife, Lorna, 
came to the University in 1963 from the University of Arizona. 

College of Engineering Administra- 
tive Heads - TOP ROW Kenneth K 
Gowdy. assistant dean; John W 
Funk, assistant to the dean. George 
H Larson, agricultural engineering; 
Philip G Kirmser. applied mechanics: 
William H Honstead. chemical engi- 
neering BOTTOM ROW Jack B 
Blackburn, civil engineering. Frank A. 
Tillman, industrial engineering. Ralph 
G Nevins. mechanical engineering; 
William R Kimel. nuclear engineer- 
ing; Leland S Hobson. engineering 
experimental station, C Kenneth 
Razak. director of industrial extension. 


Engineering Council — TOP ROW 

Gary D Bohn, James E Touslee. 
John L Mitcha. Barry L Rhine SEC- 
OND ROW Michael R Pimple. 
James L. Finney. Jerry L May. Terry 
K Michie. James L Tadtman THIRD 
ROW Ralph E Carthrae. Charles K. 
Eby, Jerry W Stauder, Alan F. Kessler. 
BOTTOM ROW Ted A Broers. Don- 
ald D Ficken. Clair S Schultis 

Researchers prepare a monkey before he is socially isolated 
in an experiment at the Institute of Environmental Research. 


George Dickey, instructor for engineering administration and 
operations research, lectured on work communications to the 
industrial engineering convention in Canada. Dickey is doing 
research on human factors in engineering for his doctorate. 



L4A / 

Soil samples are classified for use in con st ruction jobs for 
highways and railroad beds by students in Soil Mechanics I. 

Missile site provides lab 
for mechanical engineers 

Acquisition of an Atlas E Missile site by the engi- 
neering college provided facilities for an aerospace 
lab for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 
The site, located near Wamego, was the first of its 
kind to be transferred to a university by the Air 
Force. Included in the facility were two under- 
ground bunkers, operational equipment and a hori- 
zontal trench which previously housed a missile. 

A three-story addition to the Engineering lecture 
hall provided 20,000 square feet of floor space for 
offices, laboratories and classrooms. Continuing 
plans for a Scholer Laboratory for Material Re- 
search, the college continued a private fund drive. 

In the fall, the Departments of Chemical and 
Civil Engineering sponsored a series of lectures by 
experts on hydraulic engineering and chemical reac- 
tion engineering. The University was designated 
headquarters for the Kansas Industrial Extension 
Service and the state technical service program. 

K-State Engineer Staff - TOP ROW John M Flannery. Robert L VanAllen, 
Greg T Rockhold. David N Arnoldy, Douglas A Robinson SECOND ROW: 

Herbert P. Rollm. Lowell G. Moore, Larry R. Larsen, Keith R. Waters BOTTOM 
ROW: Ralph E. Hibler. Barry L. Rafter. Gary J. Garwood 


High speed centrifugal action allows a graduate student to 
analyze chemically compounds affecting the flavor of poultry. 


Dean of home economics 
visits land grant colleges 

Member of an eight-man committee of the Na- 
tional Academy of Sciences, Dean of Home Eco- 
nomics Doretta Hoffman visited 16 land grant col- 
leges advising home economics programs. She also 
spent three weeks in Nigeria assisting with the 
development of Ahmadu Bello University. Other 
home economics professors participating in assist- 
ance programs were Marjorie Stith, Gwendolyn 
Tinklin, and Jessie Warden, who worked for six- 
month periods in India as consultants. 

Home economics dean Doretta Hoffman and her husband. 
Wendall, collected paintings during trips to foreign countries. 

College of Home Economics Administrative Heads — Ruth M Hoeflin. as- 
sociate dean; Jean Reehling. assistant to the dean; Carole Schulze. assistant to 
the dean; Jessie A. Warden, clothing and textiles, Marjorie M. Stith. family and 

child development; Richard L. D. Morse, family economics; Grace M. Shugart. 
institutional Management 

/ A *v A^ 

Home Economics Council — TOP ROW: Barbara Southerland. Rachel A 
Scott, Barbara Byrne, Lorna E. House, Wilma M Hazen, Charlotte A Shoup, 
Margaret J. Marsh, Rena L. Watts. SECOND ROW: Becky M. Slothower, Virgi- 
nia L Ward, Cheri L. Avery, Carolyn K. Graham, Rebecca A Hargrove, Jean M. 

Casper. Karen A. Falk. Glenna D Harrison BOTTOM ROW Harriet E Hapai. 
Sharon L VanVleet. Mary J Pretzer. Constance J Souder. Kimberley E Wil- 
liams, Diane K. Youngers 


During a required four-week residence in a home management 
lab on campus, home economics majors arrange centerpieces 

for one meal each day The women plan and prepare the meals, 
keep track of household expenses and budget their time. 

Home economics college 
enrolls 1,000 undergrads 

To instruct leaders and teachers to work with 
pre-school children in areas of poverty, the Depart- 
ment of Family and Child Development sponsored 
an eight-week training session in June financed by 
Project Headstart. Encouraging interest in home 
economics, representatives from the college visited 
area high schools informing students of the latest 
developments in the field. As a result, undergradu- 
ate enrollment passed the 1,000 mark. The college 
also encouraged majors with a 3.0 grade average to 
continue their education after graduation. These 
students were invited to attend informative pro- 
grams on the college's masters degree project. 

To familiarize seniors with areas of research, the 
college conducted seminars on professionalism in 
home economics. During the year, faculty met to 
study recent changes in core curriculum require- 
ments to ensure better student advisement. 

Working with students on a panel discussion. Ivalee McCord 
interjects facts about child development. With membership in 
Omicron Nu and Phi Upsilon Omicron, she was granted a Gen- 
eral Foods Fellowship while working on a Purdue doctorate. 


Teaching four classes in the school of home economics. As- 
sociate Professor of. Clothing and Textiles Donice Hawes also 
does research and directs graduate programs. She is a faculty 
senator and is listed in "Who's Who in American Education ." 

Fabric samples in hand, an interior design student selects col- 
ors and textures to complement the interior of a model home 

Principles of color, design and texture taught in basic design 
courses are applied to the art of weaving by a student in cloth- 

ing and textiles. Students choose the pattern and yarn for their 
projects, which range from suit fabrics to rugs to table mats 


A Gross Anatomy student studies the thigh bone of a horse 
in the course required for first-year veterinary medicine majors 


7» Mi 

■ ■& 'yzmtj£simp : «J Hit 

Veterinary medicine seniors prepare bacteria cultures during a 
class in Clinical Pathology to aid in the diagnosis of animal dis- 

eases. The students also study chemical and cellular elements 
of blood and the various parasites which affect animals' health 

Blood smear slides are prepared by a clinical pathology stu- 
dent to determinethewhitebloodcellcountforasickdog. 

Veterinary college begins 
program for foreign school 

Working with officials at Ahmadu Bello Univer- 
sity in Nigeria, the College of Veterinary Medicine 
faculty helped the African university's veterinary 
school begin a major building program. Dean 
Emeritus Eldon Leasure coordinated the program 
in Nigeria and at Andrah Pradesh University in 
India. The department of anatomy established an 
electron microscope laboratory for use in a research 
project on muscular dystrophy in animals. 


College of Veterinary Medicine Department Heads — Lee T Railsback, as- 
sistant to the dean. Donald M. Trotter, anatomy: Embert H. Coles, pathology, 
parasitology and public health. Jacob E Mosier. surgery and medicine 


Radiographs are read by senior veterinary students after the 
films are prepared in a lab in Dykstra Veterinary Hospital To 

interpret the X-rays, the radiology students review knowledge of 
past cases of different fractured, splintered and chipped limbs. 

Veterinary Medicine Council — TOP ROW: Robert J Gump, Larry R Ander- 
son, Ronny L. Pemberton. William M Bryant, Leslie W Rogers. Arnold G. Nage- 

ly, Nicholas P. Schroeder. BOTTOM ROW Roy J. Milleret. Russell A. Frey, Den- 
nis R. Skalka, Harry A Steinfort 


Before making a diagnosis, students in veterinary medicine 
give a pet dog a preliminary examination at Dykstra Hospital. 

First teacher to receive the College of Veterinary Medicine dis- 
tinguished teaching award. Dr. D. M. Trotter, head of anatomy, 
has been on Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, and chairman of 
admissions, scholarship, and billing committees for his college. 

•> ,„ 



•J ^*M r 

Charles E. Cornelius and his wife, Bette. moved from Califor- 
nia in the summer after he was named vet medicine dean. 

New dean assumes post, 
proposes building program 

Beginning his duties as Dean of the College of 
Veterinary Medicine in June 1966, Charles Corne- 
lius conferred with University officials and the 
Board of Regents on plans for a Si 4 million build- 
ing program for the college. Dean Cornelius, for- 
mer associate dean of the University of California 
School of Veterinary Medicine, and several other 
faculty members conducted research on liver dis- 
eases. The study which was financed by a $300, 
000 National Institute of Health grant, included the 
establishment of a laboratory for liver functions re- 
search in the Department of Physiology. 


University Information Staff — TOP ROW: David von Riesen. photographic 
services director; Jack M Burke, extension radio and television, Carl Rochat. 
University news director, Dean R Kenny. University publications editor BOT- 

TOM ROW: Fred M Parris. extension information, E, D Warner, extension in- 
formation editor, Kenneth E. Thomas, University information director. Devere V, 
Nelson, sports information director. 

Extension Department Administrative Heads — Norman V Whitehair, com- 
munity and public affairs; Oscar W. Norby, county extension operations; Paul 
W. Griffith, associate extension director; Wilber E, Rmgler, assistant extension 

director. John M Ferguson, extension engineering; Glenn M Busset, extension 
4-H; Shirley A Marsh, extension home economics head 

County extension agents test soil samples to determine which 
fertilizers farmers should use to increase crop production. 

Extension grant provides 
Tuttle forestry work funds 

Grants of $440,000, including $225,000 for for- 
estry work on the grounds surrounding Tuttle 
Creek, were obtained by the Division of Extension. 
The four extension offices employed 430 profession- 
al workers in the state and 70 at the University who 
published bulletins and dealt with instructional 
communications, agricultural productional, mar- 
keting, extension home economics, 4-H and youth, 
community development and governmental affairs. 

Divided into nine offices, the Division of Univer- 
sity Information constantly relayed news of campus, 
individual and agricultural activities to news ser- 
vices throughout Kansas. Furnishing news releases 
for state presses, including the Collegian, was the 
job of University News and Sports Information. 


Harold E. Jones, Director of Cooperative Extension, maintains 
a state extension service in each of the 105 Kansas counties. 

Using animation apparatus, a radio-television extensionist 
works more than eight hours preparing a pesticide cartoon. 

Television cameras film two agronomy researchers discussing 
one phase of a grass experiment in the Extension experiment 

field at Hutchinson. Three live 15-minute programs are shot 
each day and shown on three television stations in Wichita 


TKMKM M WM Pff'H m "I* ' i "' 

Xerox machines in the library allow students and faculty to re- 
produce materials from books or journals at 10 cents a copy 

Library addition proposes 
24-hour reading room 

Plans for a $2.25 million addition to Farrell Li- 
brary were researched and sent before the state leg- 
islature during Richard Farley's first year as direc- 
tor of libraries. The proposed addition was to dou- 
ble the size of the library and was to include a read- 
ing room open 24 hours each day. The book classifi- 
cation system was changed, and electric typewriters, 
records, slides and five listening and projection 
rooms were added. A staff of 25 librarians, 32 clerks 
and 125 students operated the library. 

Unsure of new arrangements in the library after its reorganiza- 
tion in the fall, a coed checks the library stack location guide. 

Required to listen to tapes in the library for a music apprecia- 
tion course, a coed finds time for a few moments of rest. 

Richard Farley, director of libraries, examines the writing and 
oddly shaped notes on a medival liturgical manuscript. 


Students look for needed books within the eight stacks of Far- 
rell Library. Library officials began to recatalogue the books dur- 

ing the year from the Dewey Decimal System to the Library of 
Congress System, a change to be completed in five years. 


ST line cf registrar 5 
, change in information sine 
juration here. | 

Treatment of an injured hand is checked by a doctor at Student 
Health, where students also received psychiatric care. 

More than 60,000 request forms for medical records were 
completed by students requiring treatment and hospitalization. 

Health center constructs 
offices, adds psychiatrist 

Providing more complete psychiatric care, the 
Student Health Center in the fall employed a psy- 
chiatrist, a psychiatric social service worker and a 
clinical psychologist for part-time work. 

An expanded business office, a new information 
and telephone center and a new cashier's office were 
completed before fall classes began. Construction 
also included psychiatric offices, nurses' lounge, 
conference rooms and a doctors' library. 

Patients in Student Health received five meals 
daily. A continental breakfast was followed by a 
regular breakfast, noon snack, dinner, and a late 
meal. Patients obtained class assignments and Col- 
legians from seven student volunteers. Six portable 
televisions were donated to the center for use in in- 
dividual rooms and the waiting lobby. 

Questioning one of 200 students who visit the health center 
daily, a receptionist asks a coed for her doctor preference. 


Team physician for varsity athletes. Dr. Hilbert Jubelt, director 
of Student Health, completes the required physical exams 

Working as a team, five staff doctors and 1 5 nurses make two 
daily rounds to check patients at the 40-bed student hospital. 

Diagnosing infection from a blood sample, a technician in the 
Student Health lab performs an erythrocyte sedimentation test 


Two of the more than 1.000 students who take counseling 
center tests yearly concentrate on answering questions. Indi- 

vidualized, the tests are used to determine personality, interest 
and aptitude and are discussed in private conferences. 

Experimental living units 
help counselors at center 

Continued study of an experimental living unit 
for students under particular stress helped train 
counselors at the Counseling Center to assist stu- 
dents in making the adjustment to campus life. 
From their observations of experiences, the counse- 
lors made plans to restructure college programs. 

More than 1 ,100 commercial representatives 
conducted interviews with the 1,000 students regis- 
tered with the Placement Center. Fall group meet- 
ings with degree candidates explained the interview 
system and registration. A daily luncheon program 
introduced the business recruiters to the University 
and acquainted professors with industry's needs. 

Bruce Laughlin, who was previously the center's 
assistant director, was appointed director. 

Students answer questions about previous experience during 
Placement Center job interviews between October and April. 


Prospective employees mentally compare class schedules 
with openings on Placement Center's daily interview calendar. 

David Danskin, director of the Counseling Center, talks with 
faculty to learn of experiences which affect a student's growth. 

Always available for counseling, the center's staff utilizes per- 
sonality tests as background for aiding students with problems. 


photo by David von Riesen 

photo by David von Riesen 


Students joined together in 
groups keep the traditions of 
the University alive. 

Whitewashing KS-hill, 
painting store windows for 
the KU game, presenting an 
original drama, saluting an 
honorary officer — through 
their activities, the organiza- 
tions continue although their 
members change. 

Mortar Board's Scholarship Dinner activities include short 
talks by three members on scholarship, leadership and service. 

Invitations to the dinner, which annually honors outstanding 
scholarship by women, are extended to all University coeds. 


Blue Key - TOP ROW: Gary L 
Hughes, Arlen W Etling. David Lionel 
Parker. Richard M Anderson. James 
K. Koelliker, Alwyn H Gentry. Ronald 
E Keys. Chester E Peters BOTTOM 
ROW Charles E Bliss. Duane M 
Hennkson. Gary D. Bohn. Charles W 
Ruggles. Douglas W Williams. Larry 
A Anderson 

Blue Key sponsors return Mortar Board mum sale 
to house decoration contest finances purchase of TVs 

Planning and coordinating Homecoming activi- 
ties, Blue Key, senior men's honorary, voted to re- 
place the Homecoming parade with formerly tradi- 
tional house decorations. In response, 39 organized 
living groups built displays to the theme "Bye Bye 
Birdie." Members selected Homecoming queen 
finalists and served as escorts to the queen and her 
attendents. The men also sent two delegates to the 
national Blue Key convention in Kansas City and 
painted victory signs in Aggieville and downtown 
store windows during the week preceding the K- 
State-University of Kansas basketball game. 

Financed by the sale of mums during Homecom- 
ing and Parents' Day, Mortar Board, senior wom- 
en's honorary, purchased televisions for Student 
Health. Members served as public relations repre- 
sentatives for the University at a booth at the 
Hutchinson State Fair and in September spoke to 
freshmen during orientation week. 

In the fall, the women arranged a seminar to in- 
form interested students about graduate school and 
fellowships available for graduate study. Mortar 
Board also honored five sophomore women for out- 
standing grades during their freshman year. 

Mortar Board - TOP ROW Louise 
Ferguson. Kathnne L Martin. Martha 
M. Fly. Rita K Lilak. Glenna D Harri- 
son, Elaine A Rusch. Nancy E Fair. 
Ashley Allison. Judith A Davidson. 
Golda M Crawford. BOTTOM ROW: 
Susan E Sullivan. Polly A Coombs. 
Tahmeroo L. Gaynier. Cathryn L 
Addy. Linda A Claydon. MicheleJ 
Clark. Carol L Robblns. 


Chimes - TOP ROW: Louise S. 
Keucher. Elizabeth G. Wartman. Mar- 
tha J. Reynolds, Lora M. Smith, Re- 
becca A, Hargrove. Marcia L Gadber- 
ry. SECOND ROW: Mary S Brandner, 
Jackie L Gomer, Trudine M Mazaika, 
Lauren E Schmidt. Janet S. Osborne 
THIRD ROW: Jacqueline D Spears, 
Virginia M Munson, Linda J. Carlson, 
Bonnee B Badger BOTTOM ROW: 
Sharon Fairbank, Jean M Casper, 
Carol Christensen, Patricia A Seitz 

Sparks - TOP ROW Mary L. Tussey. Susan A. Schwab, Rachel A Scott, 
Frances R, Mullmix. Joan L Booth. Vikki K Miller. Patricia A. Intermill. Pamela 
K Carr SECOND ROW Martha J Seitz. Lois E. Yelenik. Julie M Murrow. Bar- 
bara J. Hays, Christine E Pray, Regina G, Young. Karolyn K Kellogg, Margaret J 
Ryan, Carolyn K McKinley THIRD ROW: Carole S Schulze, Kimberly E. Wil- 

Junior women's honorary 
gives party for transfers 

Parents' Day and a visit with soldiers at Irwin 
Army Hospital headed a list of service projects 
planned and carried out by Chimes, junior women's 
honorary. During orientation week members gave a 
Coke party for transfer women, ushered at the Pres- 
ident's convocation and served as hostesses at the 
president's tea. Chimes also sponsored a breakfast 
for Mortar Board and served refreshments at the 
Homecoming dance. Candidates for membership 
had to have a 3.0 grade point average, be classified 
as a junior and be outstanding in leadership. 

liams. Candice S Case. Elizabeth A Andersen. Carmie J Rose, Janet L Boyer. 
Marcia A Norby. Dolores A Hoffman BOTTOM ROW Janice Goodrich. Char- 
lotte A. Shoup. Jane A Sheetz, Darlene S Strahm, Vicky L, Adams, Carolyn D. 
Olson, Barbara L Martens. Theresa M, Garlett. 

Sophomore honorary sells 
valentines to raise money 

Val-o-grams, singing valentines, were sold and 
delivered by members of Sparks, sophomore wom- 
en's service honorary, for Valentines Day. As a 
Christmas project, Sparks caroled for residents of 
Manhattan rest homes. The women ushered for 
University convocations and assisted incoming 
freshman women in moving into residence halls. 

In cooperation with the SGA library committee, 
Sparks also conducted a used book drive for Student 
Health and residence hall libraries and assisted 
with the second semester Bloodmobile drive. 


Honorary's membership includes national president 

National president of Phi Kappa Phi, A.M. 
Guhl, zoology professor, was a member of the all- 
University scholastic honorary. Members were sen- 
iors and graduate students who ranked in the top 10 
per cent of their class; juniors who were in the up- 
per five per cent of their class; and faculty, alumni 

and individuals not connected with the University 
who had made noteworthy scholarly achievements. 
The honorary tapped during spring and fall semes- 
ters and nominated candidates for national Phi 
Kappa Phi fellowships. Members attended a ban- 
quet in May after spring initiation. 

Phi Kappa Phi— TOP ROW Richard D Suenram. Celine M Simon, Barbara L 
Cable, Evelyn A. Bock, Carolyn G. Bartholomew, Sheryl B Etling, Sister Mary M. 
Tenbarge. SECOND ROW Ruth L Worthington. William Bevan. Desh P. Mehta, 
James W Langley, Robert L. Rinkenberger, Rodney T Nash THIRD ROW Wil- 

liam W. Everett, Larry R. Anderson, Duane M, Hennkson, Donald G Shivers. 
Michael A Montgomery, Terry I Phillips, David N Arnoldy BOTTOM ROW 
Janice E Cipra, Rushton E. Davis, Henry M Louis. Gary E Clark. Spencer A 
Lmderman, Thomas D Perrier 

Phi Kappa Phi-TOP ROW: Lura N Corbet. Ashley Allison. Judith A Davidson, 
Patricia A. Lankford, Margaret P Wiley, Joanne G Gardner. SECOND ROW 
Donna R Kennedy, Janice L Wylie, Joan K Kohler, Virginia E Brown, Robert A. 

Burnett. THIRD ROW Burton K Tribble. Jerry D Weil, Carol P Smith, Pamela 
K Griffee. Lane V Sunderland, John L. Stedl. BOTTOM ROW Rodney M Bates. 
James M MacDougall. Neill R Walker, David J Langford. 


Alpha Lambda Delta— TOP ROW: Patricia A. Intermill, Patricia A. Base, Nancy 
S Peterson. Meredith A. Holloway, Corlie E. Mollenkamp, Janet K Enckson. 
SECOND ROW: Elizabeth A Andersen. Carol A Storrer. Patricia A Weather- 
ford. Shernlyn K Becker. Theresa M Garlett. Betty L. Lucas. THIRD ROW: Patri- 

cia A Hickey. Vicky L. Adams, Janet L. Boyer. Jennifer K. Sullivan, Karen E 
Gorman. Karlyn K Emel BOTTOM ROW Marilyn S Kelsey. Jane A. Sheetz, 
Marsha A. Bouchey, Dolores A Hoffman, Peggy I DeJarnette. Phyllis M. Kruse. 

Alpha Lambda Delta-TOP ROW Martha J. Seitz, Mary L. Tussey, Rita A 
Smith, Shirley A Livengood, Rita A Muret, Carolyn A Hays. Phyllis J Johnson. 
SECOND ROW Jane M Brinker. Helen E Packard. Linda K Sanford. Jean A 
Wilcox, Pamela A. Jones, Sidonie A. Schafer THIRD ROW Ann L Cravens, 

Karen K Starkey. Barbara K Benton, Diane J Schwindt, Sharon R Meisner. 
BOTTOM ROW: Mary F Heinen, Marva L Hull, Sherry E. Miller. Janice Good- 
rich, Linda L Major, Barbara L. Martens. 

Freshman honoraries conduct study, service projects 

Initiated in the spring at a joint banquet, the two 
freshman scholastic honoraries together decorated 
the Union ballroom for the Homecoming dance and 
individually carried out programs on campus pro- 
moting scholastic achievement. 

Alpha Lambda Delta, women, collected summar- 
ies of courses and compiled notebooks which they 

distributed to freshman women's residence halls 
and worked closely with Alpha Phi Omega, service 
honorary, in sponsoring a Christmas party for 
Manhattan's underprivileged children. Phi Eta 
Sigma, men, distributed "How To Study Book- 
lets," a national publication of the group, and post- 
ed University convocation announcements. 


Coke breaks in the Union are interrupted by Alpha Delta Theta 
shoeshine girls working to earn money for a hospital project. 

Medical technology group 
helps in bloodmobile drive 

Thanksgiving dinner tray favors for rest home 
patients and volunteer work for the Red Cross 
Bloodmobile were among service projects carried 
out by Alpha Delta Theta, medical technology hon- 
orary. As a fund-raising project, the women shined 
shoes and ROTC boots at men's residence halls. 

Social events included a Christmas party with 
caroling and a taffy pull, participation in Rig- 
a-Twig ceremonies and a founder's day banquet in 
February. Members also attended the national con- 
vention and heard speakers from hospitals in Wich- 
ita, Topeka, and Kansas City explain their medical 
technology internship programs. 

Alpha Delta Theta-TOP ROW 

Sharron L Beckenhauer, Maureen K. 
Helmer. Elaine V. Lowe, Ann C Patti- 
son. Susan P Klema SECOND ROW 
Jill M Johnson. Mary L Funston. 
Barbara L Cable. Sandra A David- 
son. Helene J Kalb THIRD ROW 
Marilyn J Plett. Eva A Wiley, Marcia 
L Gibbs, Linda S Gross, Hollace L, 
Long BOTTOM ROW Eulala L An- 
derson, Sheryl R Schnepp, Marikay P 
Desch, Susan K Young, 

Phi Eta Sigma-TOP ROW David R 
Hannagan, John R Ley, David E Carl- 
son. Ryan R Rader. George A Gerritz, 
Don N Williams SECOND ROW 
Charles H Fellman. William J Gates. 
John A. George. David C Hall. Ray- 
mond E Middleton THIRD ROW 
Orin D. Bell, James F. Smith, Cady R 
Engler, Michael P. McCoy BOTTOM 
ROW Theron E Fry, Bruce E Peters. 
Paul L Spainhour 





II •*"75<r 

fi W *' ft •* If 1 if - 

Alpha Kappa Psi-TOP ROW Donald J Keck. Kenneth H Underwood. Dale A. 
Newquist. Durward D Dupre. Kay M Kimball. Charles T Herman, Stephen A. 
Fuhrman, Jorge Puig, Russell Lay, Glenn E Reedy, Verlyn D Richards SECOND 
ROW Arthur D Miller, William H Jenkins, Larren G Boomer, Michael P Mar- 
tin. Gary J Heyka, Ronald L Mordy, John R Markley, Mark T Milbourn. James 
W. Morrison, Stephen A Schneitzer, Melvin D. Robinson. THIRD ROW: James 

Q. Kohler, Lester H Ideker. Robert D Meats. John P. Cable, Bruce E. Peters, 
Richard E Boyce, Larry A Anderson, Stanley P Cyphers, Dennis C. Glaser, John 
R Westerman. William D Tuxbury BOTTOM ROW: William L Muir. David R 
Solenberger, Jerry G Larson. Gaylen R. Sprecker, Richard M Wibbeler, Ran- 
dolph A. Pohlman, John W Stude, Leslie C Longberg, Kenneth L Murphy. 
Ralph B Taylor. William E Pippenger 

Business fraternity sends 
telegrams to sports teams 

"Cat-o-Grams," telegrams signed by student 
boosters and sent to the football and basketball 
teams at all away games, were solicited as a pledge 
project of Alpha Kappa Psi, business fraternity. A 
discussion by staffmembers from a Kansas City 
accounting firm entitled "How an Audit Works" 
was one of several programs sponsored by the 
group. To get on-the-job training before gradua- 
tion, members initiated an internship program for 
all students majoring in business administration. 

Milling group gives flour 
to needy families in area 

Alpha Mu, milling honorary, in cooperation 
with the local Elks club donated sacks of flour 
milled at the University to needy Manhattan fami- 
lies. Members of the only chapter of its kind in the 
nation heard a representative of the General Mills 
Corporation speak on milling research areas and 
flour use at a banquet in the fall. Membership was 
open to upperclassmen in milling, feed science and 
bakery management who had maintained at least a 
2.5 cumulative grade point average. 

Alpha Mu— TOP ROW Fritz Norbury, Stephen B Zeigler. Larry E Dirksen. 
Dwight E Miller, Donald L Steanson. Muhammad S Chaudhry, Ronald K 
Boucher SECOND ROW Arlin B Ward. Ira M Walman. Douglas A Ohlde, 
Lewis G Killebrew, Kenneth D Buchele. Ahmed A. El-Dash, Gerald D Miller. 

THIRD ROW Craig P Helwig, Duane L. Keller, Russell L Bussman, Charles D. 
Fulhage, Steve A, Johnson. Allen W. Kirleis. BOTTOM ROW: Robert N Ker- 
shner, William C Barr. Wayne R, Johnson, Keith C Behnke, Roger C Locher 

Alpha Tau Alpha— TOP ROW: John R Gates, Terry R Schoenthaler. Eugene E. 
Algrim. Mark W Houseweart SECOND ROW Paul E Glatt. Larry E Schmidt. 

Kenneth W. Kelley. Jerry L Armbruster, Raymond J Agan BOTTOM ROW Ar- 
len W Etling, Allen V Baldwin, David L. Yates. Leon D Sowers 

Alpha Tau Alpha chapter 
receives national approval 

Established locally two years ago, Alpha Tau 
Alpha, agricultural education honorary, was na- 
tionally recognized at an October conclave in Kan- 
sas City. Members hosted and ushered for the state 
FFA convention here and assisted crops, dairy, 
poultry and livestock judging teams at the conven- 
tion and throughout the state. 

Raymond Olson, agronomy department chair- 
man, was one of several faculty speakers to address 
the honorary. Olson discussed his two years as an 
exchange professor to Ahmadu Bello University in 
Nigeria. Honorary awards for service in agricultur- 
al education were given at a spring banquet. 

Service honorary members 
escort University mascot 

Touchdown VII, the University's wildcat mas- 
cot, was displayed at home football and basketball 
games by members of Alpha Phi Omega, national 
service honorary. Members were men who were or 
had been affiliated with the Boy Scouts. 

The group maintained the ride bulletin board in 
the Union and other bulletin boards on campus. 
They operated coat checks, ushered at musical 
events and registered slide rules as a service to engi- 
neering students. The honorary built the bonfire for 
the Friday night Homecoming pep rally and contin- 
ued to sponsor a book exchange in the Union before 
classes began in the fall and between semesters. 

Alpha Phi Omega-TOP ROW: Owen M Mamura. Billy L Speer. Stanley R 
Kalishman. Steven R Kale. John B Buchheister, Steven C Borell, Dale E. Neill, 
Robert D Jump, William H Honstead SECOND ROW Gregory W Hardin, 
Merle D Jantz, Kenneth A. Ringer, Dwight A. Schulke, Donald D. Lett, Randall 
S. Ellis, Peter H Olson, Todd S Dunkel THI RD ROW: Walter D Smith, A 

Thornton Edwards, Duane E Mikesell. Harold E Storer. Norvel M VanDyke. 
Gregory H Mears. Richard W Wenger. Maurice D Roberts. Bruce E Peters. 
BOTTOM ROW Gordon E. Montney. Richard A Gilson. Cecil Brazzell. John M 
Kolacny. Larry W. Hays, Thayne C Green. Robert L Humphrey. Alvin L Seefeldt 

Air Force Flight Instruction Group-TOP ROW Gary D. Bohn. Donald H Mer- 
ten, Steven A Mueller, Gale W. Hamilton, Patrick W Chandonnet, Steve W. 
Tram, Larry D Funk SECOND ROW: Douglas A Ohlde. Jon L Baker. George 

W. Hawks. G. Gary Angerman. Charles F. Bourbina, Larry E. Converse, Alan M 
Mitchell BOTTOM ROW: Richard C Green. Arthur C Streeter. William T. Ladd. 
Ronald E Keys, Dale E Peterson. Dan R. Schreck 

Skywolves initiate cadets 
during half-time ceremony 

Cadets of the AFROTC Flight Instruction 
Group were formally initiated by the 326th Fighter 
Interceptor Squadron at half-time ceremonies of the 
Iowa State University football game. At that time, 
the Skywolves from Richards-Gebaur AFB in Kan- 
sas City presented the group with a formal certifi- 
cate and plaque. Three fighter jets flew overhead in 
a salute to the newly initiated cadets. 

The group, fourth largest of its kind in the na- 
tion, toured the Ft. Riley weather station to learn 
about the weather services used in making up flight 
plans. Cadets enrolled in the program were mem- 
bers of AFROTC who successfully fulfilled the re- 
quirements of an Air Force pilot. 

AFROTC student pilots are presented "Skywolf" insignia and 
a helmet by the men of the 326th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. 

Angel Flight-TOP ROW Patricia J Edmonds. Karen S Ward. Janet L Shade. 
Linda A Baldndge. Janice L Stuessi. June F. Sweat. Carol S. Beach. Patricia A 
Roach. Arlene S Fair. Mary F Childres. Nancy J. Norvell SECOND ROW Janet 
S. Osborne. Carolyn K McKmley. Julie M Murrow. Nancy M Young, Mary K. 
Wood, Mary D Breitweiser, Cynthia L. Finney, Nancy S Waite, Margie A. Dreh- 
er. Joyce L Francis, Shenlyn Carl. Sharon A Whitley THIRD ROW Margaret J 

Ryan. Diane M Messing, Susan L Alldritt, Tamara D Armstrong, Susan E. 
Brooks, Nancy A. Netson, Anna C Hayer, Pamela S. Carlson, Pamela J. Sea- 
man, Helen F Bosche, Marilyn J Allen BOTTOM ROW: Ashley Allison, Annette 
L. Buckland, Linda L Witt, Lynda L Clyne, Patricia A. Seitz, Carol A. Suchart, 
Janice M Olsson, Sharon Fairbank, Bonita F. Biery, Patricia J Callen, Sharyl A. 


Arnold Air Society-TOP ROW Roger E Parks. Roger R McCollough. David F. 
Martin, James T Stenger. Jerrold B. Harrington, Ben W Wood, Steve W Train 
SECOND ROW Daniel W Young. Eldon E. Peterson. John S Armbrust. Arley 
D Lanman, Dennis L Deschner. Richard L Gettings, Tommy D Dameron. 

Arnold Air Society-TOP ROW Jon L Baker. George W Hawks, Gary D 
Owen, Norman T, Shawver, Richard C Dickson, Gary L Urbanek, George K 
Hollingworth. SECOND ROW Douglas A Ohlde. Leland Singer. Robert A 
Nuttelman, Joseph F Riedl, Gerald L. Homewood, Darryl D Smutz, John V 

THIRD ROW Paul J Lambert, Jimmy D Warren, Darnell F Hawkins, Stephen 
E Reiter. Larry E Converse, Richard J Massieon, David B Corby BOTTOM 
ROW Terry L Biery, Thomas K Rogge, Jerry G Larson, Richard M Wibbeler. 
Randolph A Pohlman, Danny R Carpenter 

Lambert THIRD ROW Jerry R Duncan, John P Cable, Gary E. Clark. Jim A 
McKinms. Clair S Schultis. Harold E Socolofsky, Kenneth L Murphy BOTTOM 
ROW William S Wehr, Ronald E Keys, Warren K Wray, Arthur C Streeter, Les- 
lie C Longberg, Harold L Dreiling 

Drill team coeds attend 
Flight conclave in Miami 

Eleven delegates from Angel Flight, honorary 
drill team of college women, attended a national 
Arnold Air Society-Angel Flight April conclave in 
Miami. On campus the women performed precision 
drills during halftime ceremonies of a basketball 
game, helped with concessions at football games 
and assisted with a blood drive. Organized in 1954 
as the official hostesses for Air Force ROTC, the 
chapter in October was selected as area headquar- 
ters for all Kansas and Missouri chapters. 

Arnold Air group assumes 
position of area command 

Designated one of 17 area headquarters in the 
nation, Arnold Air Society assumed command of all 
Kansas and Missouri squadrons in March. Mem- 
bers of the society ushered at athletic events, han- 
dled solicitations for the University blood drive and 
sponsored an instructor program for the local civi- 
lian air patrol squadron. Growing in membership 
and academic achievement, members received 31 
Air Force scholarships and became one of the larg- 
est university squadrons in the nation. 


Alpha Zeta members travel to Kansas high schools 

Agricultural Science Day and Veterinary Medi- 
cine Open House displays illustrating advances in 
research techniques and new products of national 
commercial firms were sponsored by Alpha Zeta, 
honorary for upperclassmen in agriculture or veter- 
inary medicine. In cooperation with the College of 
Agriculture, the group sent seniors with faculty 
members to high schools throughout the state. Dur- 

ing the visitations members spoke on the Universi- 
ty's agriculture program and answered questions 
concerning student life at the University. 

At chapter meetings, representatives from busi- 
ness and industry talked about career opportunities, 
the importance of planning ahead and recent re- 
search developments. Members of the group also 
ushered at the Little American Royal. 


Alpha Zeta - TOP ROW Philip L Sell. Roger R McCollough. Larry R. Shubert. 
Philip V Mathews. Ramon F. Crespo-Medina, William C. Bergin, Michael K 
Moore SECOND ROW Burton K Tribble. Donald M Long. Darrell L Haeker. 
Dean J. Alpert. Terry W. Odle. Tommy R Carr, Dennis L. Deschner THIRD 

ROW: Larry R Anderson. Marlin D. Jeffers. William M. Agresta. James P. Ad- 
ams. William M. Bryant, Byron G Johnson BOTTOM ROW: Marvin E. Turner, 
Leroy G Hannebaum. Sherman J Swanson, Allen V Baldwin. Ronald C Lund- 

Alpha Zeta -TOP ROW: Fritz Norbury, Marvin J Farr. Harold D. Engle, Robert 
J Bury. Stanley R Husted. Richard A. Barta. Ned E. Eib, Dean R Bader. SEC- 
OND ROW: Joseph I Alade. Dennis A. Rohan, Dean P. Fankhauser. Larry L. 
Williams, Robert A Anderson, Duane M Hennkson. Samuel J, Brungardt, Nor- 
man R Schneider, Jerry M. Peterson. THIRD ROW Dennis R Skalka, Sher- 

wood L. Svarvan, James C Trybom, Robert A MacArthur, Earl B. Hauck, David 
D Jackson, Kenneth W Kelley. George D O'Neill BOTTOM ROW Roy A 
Braum, James E. Dale, Steven A. Larson, John W. Toney, Leonard A. Sigdestad, 
Harry A. Stemfort, Folorunso A Fayinka 

Vs t *& * 



Art honorary contributes 
to Italian art rescue fund 

Working with other student organizations on a 
national "Rescue of Italian Art" project, members 
of Delta Phi Delta provided finances for the campus 
campaign. The art honorary contributed funds to 
the project from the sale of student works at their 
annual Thieves Market in September. During ca- 
reer days at Manhattan High School in January, 
members talked on professional opportunities in art 
and exhibited a showing of works by students and 
professors in the art department. 

Delta Phi Delta - TOP ROW Patricia A Palmer, Linda A. Baldndge, Annie T. 
Lowrey. Margaret J. Leming BOTTOM ROW: Gary L Wingfield. Susan J Shel- 
don, Raymond Kahmeyer 

Civil engineers rennovate Seaton hall study room 

Members of Chi Epsilon, civil engineering hon- 
orary, collected reading material as part of a project 
to rennovate a study room in Seaton hall for stu- 
dents in civil engineering. The group also made a 
composite picture of the department's senior class 
which was hung in Seaton hall and sold copies to 

students. The chapter hosted the annual Kansas 
Highway Conference at the University and attend- 
ed initiation banquets in the spring and fall. The 
honorary's display at Engineers 1 and Architects' 1 
Open House made available information on career 
opportunities in civil engineering. 

Chi Epsilon - TOP ROW: William R, Klassen, James E Schwing, Robert L Fox, 
Edward L Wilson. SECOND ROW Garry L Macha. Charles M. Zimmerman, 
David J Mellgren. James L. Tadtman, Gary D Owen, Darwin E Cline THIRD 

ROW: Jerry S Murphy, Clifton V Hostetler, Terry D Stull, Thomas L Oursler. 
Gary L. Urbanek. BOTTOM ROW Dennis E, Myers, Larry R Larsen, Daniel J 
Shiel. Roderick R Brown. 


Eta Kappa Nu - TOP ROW: Terry K 
Michie. George E. McClaskey, Robert 
A Burnett. Marke E Lipp SECOND 
ROW Francis L Eisenbarth, William 
W. Everett, Glenn L. Gordon, Kurt M. 
Frisbie, Lester R Young BOTTOM 
ROW Dennis R Peters, Stephen M 
Thieler.JonH Peterson, Darrel M. 

Dean of Students speaks 
at Eta Kappa Nu dinner 

Fifteen initiates boosted the membership of Eta 
Kappa Nu, electrical engineering honorary, to 32. 
Walter Friesen, associate dean of students, ad- 
dressed the group at an initiation banquet in De- 
cember. Continuing goals of the members were to 
promote scholastic excellence in electrical engineer- 
ing and better student-faculty relationships. 

Geographers hear panels, 
discussions at luncheons 

As a means of exchanging ideas and information, 
members of Gamma Theta Upsilon, geography 
honorary, attended luncheon panels duringthe 
year. Group discussions ranged from career oppor- 
tunities to solving problems in writing a geographi- 
cal research paper. Huber Self, assistant professor 
of geography advised the honorary. 

Gamma Theta Upsilon — TOP 

ROW Diane M Crostarosa. John L. 
Johnson, Sharon L Froehch. SEC- 
OND ROW David B Gattorna. Allan 
D Cross, Daniel W Young, Huber 
Self BOTTOM ROW Michael D 
Janke, Stanley I Vinge, Robert H Wil- 


Kappa Alpha Mu- TOP ROW: John P. Armstrong. Vernon D Parker, Max D. 
Remley, Rachel A Scott BOTTOM ROW: Elbert B. Macy. William A. Blauvelt. 
John H. Lietzen. Robert E Graves 

Photography group travels 
to Minnesota convention 

Members of Kappa Alpha Mu, national photo- 
graphy honorary, attended a spring national meet- 
ing of photographers in Minnesota to discuss tech- 
niques and problems in journalism photography. 

Formal initiation of new members was in the 
spring. Initiates had to be a photographer for either 
the Collegian or Royal Purple and have an interest 
in furthering their photography skill. 

Kappa Delta Pi - TOP ROW 

Michele J. Clark. Carol S. Amos. Carol 
A. Hinnergardt. Lenore K Brim, Ver- 
lee E Chegwidden, Sharon K Evers. 
Gloria D Wolff. SECOND ROW: Joe 
H Loeb, Martha M Fly, Marguita M. 
Condon, Jane A Suor. Patricia A Gil - 
h land. Janet J, Carman, Ethel J. 
Hatch. THIRD ROW Patricia L. Car- 
penter, Barbara G. Hochuli. Glenna D. 
Harrison. Carol D. Latschar. Donna J. 
Willard. Carol L. Robbms. BOTTOM 
ROW: Susan J, Sheldon, Judith K 
Nulty. Cynthia L. Sperry. Barbara J. 
Jones. Candace L. Rogers 

Kappa Delta P. members 
plan banquet, initiation 

New members of Kappa Delta Pi, national edu- 
cation honorary, were initiated at formal ceremo- 
nies preceding the Student Education Association 
banquet which the honorary helped plan. 

Advised by Joe Loeb, assistant professor of edu- 
cation, the group strived to promote stronger rela- 
tionships among students in the College of Educa- 
tion. Members were juniors and seniors who 
ranked in the top 10 per cent of their class. 

Music honorary celebrates 
Music Week with concert 

During spring Music Week, women of Mu Phi 
Epsilon, international professional music sorority, 
presented an American composers' recital. In coop- 
eration with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men's music 
fraternity, Mu Phis sponsored the annual Feast of 
Carols. The women ushered at all campus musical 
events and served refreshments at the Manhattan 
Artist and Chamber Music Series' concerts. A fall 
concert was presented in Danforth auditorium. 

Mu Phi Epsilon-TOPROW Con- 
stance A. Galle. Carolyn L. McFarland, 
Linda K Woellhof. Carolyn S Lemon. 
Mary K Moyle, Linnetta A. Johnson. 
SECOND ROW Carolyn G Bartholo- 
mew, Mary E, Glenn, Beverly A Lam- 
bert. Sharon M Knss. Dona S Sidorf- 
sky. THIRD ROW Catherine A 
Roebke. Martha J Middleton. Doris 
N DeMars. Janean L Miller. Beverly 
A Deanng, BOTTOM ROW Ruth E 
Schroeder. Irene S, Skonberg, Rebec- 
ca I Nord, Judith P Houdyshell, Mar- 
tha J Betton 

Omicron Nu-TOP ROW Diane F. 
Hoffman, Rama J Adams. Susan L. 
Sumbingco, Helen C Bauder SEC- 
OND ROW Ruth L Worlhington, 
Donna R. Kennedy, Jerry M Rexroad. 
BOTTOM ROW: Corrina J Hares- 
nape. Rita K Lilak, Janice E Cipra 

Home Economics group 
initiates President McCain 

President James A. McCain was initiated as a 
national honorary member of Omicron Nu at their 
spring banquet. National president of the home 
economics honorary attended the initiation. 

Members invited foreign students in the depart- 
ment to a tea at which problems of foreign students 
were discussed and also maintained a bulletin board 
which pictured outstanding sophomores. 

Visitors tell history group 
of life in Nazi Germany 

German students at the University related their 
experiences of childhood life under Nazi rule in 
Europe to members of Phi Alpha Theta, history 
honorary. The director of the Truman Library in 
Independence, Mo., addressed the group at another 
bi-monthly meeting. During first semester, two Phi 
Alpha Theta members went to the organization's 
national convention in New York. 

Phi Alpha Theta-TOP ROW Patricia A Seitz, Nupur Dasgupta, Valerie J 
Thiessen, Larry K Anderson, Carolyn S Kendall SECOND ROW Charles D, 

Bright, Kenneth R Jacques, Robert D Linder. George Chnstakes BOTTOM 
ROW Michael E. Riordan, Dennis A. Harbaugh, Cary D. Wmtz 

Pershing Rifles company places second in contest 

Ranking second among the 13 Midwestern col- 
legiate companies of the 7th Regiment, Pershing 
Rifles, military honorary, was recognized for schol- 
arship, leadership and drill proficiency. Members 
attended the national drill meet and Pershing Rifles 
national convention at the University of Nebraska. 
They hosted the regiment's spring drill meet and 

assembly and participated in an invitational drill 
meet at the University of Kansas in February. 

Pershing Rifles, marched as a color guard during 
football games and directed traffic for all major ath- 
letic events. Lynda Clyne, the company's candidate, 
was elected honorary colonel for the 13-company 
regiment at the area conclave in Fayetteville, Ark. 

Pershing Rifles-TOP ROW Louis G St. Peter. Lynda L Clyne. Robert J Righ- 
ter, Robert S. McGregor, Terry L Harbert, Nancy E Fair, Daniel D Christian 
SECOND ROW: William S Wehr Claude L Robbms, Patricia A Seitz, Keith E. 
Bestgen. Fred R Martin. Michael E Jackson, Larry W Abell THIRD ROW Billy 

J Biberstem, William E. Vigneron. Chester D. Nielson. Douglas D Rudick. Nor- 
man C Willhite, Stephen E. Eustace BOTTOM ROW David R Collins. David W 
Bryan. Gerald J Lang, Walter R Mmnick, Joel S Schultz, John H Brand. Wil- 
liam A Moore 

Pershing Rifles— TOP ROW Pamela S Carlson. Michael R Dalrymple, James 
R. Meitl. James R. Huenergarde, Daniel Rivera, William H Bohn, Ashley Allison 
SECOND ROW: Peter J. Cordel, Charles W Leach, Carl W Woelfer. Michael J 

Henney, Robert H. Brunswig, Douglas S Clark THIRD ROW Douglas E 
Robker. Charles K Lawhead, Robert R Zwierzychowski, Ronald E Robson. Paul 
A. Brokaw, Paul J Consigho 


Phi Epsilon Kappa - TOP ROW Veryle E Snyder. Dwight W Oman. Gary D 
Blankenship. Richard E Heuertz. Merlin P Warnke. Jerome H Cheynet. SEC- 
OND ROW Keith L Cramer. Robert L. Mullen. Harry L. Kitchener. Jerry L Sut- 
tle. Dennis L Erkenbrack. William H Cox. Charles G Steele THIRD ROW: Mat- 

thew F Sinisi. Allan P. McCobb. Wayne T. Dreier. Felix J Gotner. Mark P. Bol- 
ick. Robert W Jaymes BOTTOM ROW: Gary E. Watson. Alan D. Edwards. Carl 
E Felver. Michael E Michaud. William LeeRoy Brown. 

Physed honorary sponsors 
Manhattan fishing derby 

Donations from Manhattan merchants provided 
prizes awarded at a spring fishing derby sponsored 
by Phi Epsilon Kappa, men's physical education 
honorary. The prizes were presented to men, wom- 
en and boys catching the largest fish and the most 
fish within a specified period of time. 

The honorary also sponsored an annual free 
throw contest for Manhattan grade school boys, 
provided a coat and hat check at basketball games, 
donated blood for a Red Cross University blood 
drive and sold eye shades during football games. 

Home Economics group 
tutors probation students 

In conjunction with the department's academic 
advancement program, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
home economics honorary, tutored home economics 
students on academic probation. Senior members of 
the honorary also participated in the advisement of 
freshman students. Founded at the University in 
1960, the chapter joined with its University of Ne- 
braska affiliate in an exchange meeting. 

The 41 members were selected from seniors, jun- 
iors and second-semester sophomores who ranked 
in the upper two-fifths of their class. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron - TOP ROW Cecelia M Schaich. Barbara A. Souther- 
land, Ruth A Jackson. Gloria D Bird. Rebecca A Hargrove, Mary E Windels. 
Linda J. Sebesta, Karen L Klein SECOND ROW Soma J Green. Meta K. Ne- 
well, Corrina J Haresnape, Luann K Nelson, Elaine A Rusch, Diane F, 
Hoffman, Helen C Bauder. Lora M Smith. Jeanette L Stock THIRD ROW 

Glenna D Harrison, Rita K Lilak, Judith L Crumnne, Cheryl A Schimpf, Ann L 
Cravens, Trudine M Mazaika, Miriam A. Moore, Arietta Y Visser BOTTOM 
ROW: Kathryn I Norberg, Jean M Casper. Virginia M Munson. Carla S. Crook, 
Beverly Wykoff, Janice E, Cipra, Joyce M, Eyerly, Carla J Garrison 

Chemists' nominee wins 
national research award 

Awards for outstanding scholarship and research 
were presented to members of Phi Lambda Upsilon 
at their spring banquet. Winner of the national Fre- 
sinius Award, Ralph Breslow, professor of chemis- 
try at Columbia University, was nominated by Phi 
Lambda Upsilon. The annual recognition was 
based on prominence in chemical research. 

Members sponsored a fall picnic to acquaint new 
graduate students and faculty members with the 
group. Faculty and students who had a high scho- 
lastic standing in chemistry or related fields were 
eligible for membership in the organization. 

Musicians plan recitals, 
arrange Feast of Carols 

Colorful costumes and a festive atmosphere char- 
acterized the December Feast of Carols, sponsored 
by members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national 
professional musicians' fraternity, in cooperation 
with Mu Phi Epsilon, women's music honorary. 
After a banquet, traditional English, German and 
Spanish carols were sung by language clubs and the 
two groups jointly enacted a nativity scene. 

Phi Mu Alpha members presented a music recital 
in All Faith Chapel with the women's honorary 
and, as service projects, ushered at University and 
community musical recitals and concerts. 

Phi Lambda Upsilon-TOP ROW 

Daniel D Louie. James M Brown. 
Richard L. Johnson. Marcus W Ha- 
seltine. Andreas C Vikis SECOND 
ROW: Herbert C Moser. Harold E 
Mishmash. Ronald E Popham. Larry 
M Nicholson BOTTOM ROW: Jerrel 
C Anderson. Clifton E Meloan. Maar- 
ten VanSwaay. 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - TOP ROW 

David D Jackson. David P Tollefson. 
Eugene H. Copeland. John V Heit- 
man BOTTOM ROW Wayne A Pear- 
son. Albert J. Urich. Dennis V Un- 
derbjerg, Richard E. Stitzel 


Pi Epsilon Delta-TOP ROW Jean A. 
Shackelford, Michele J Clark, Bar- 
bara A Sadkin. Rebecca A. Bloss. 
SECOND ROW Susan M Moore, 
David Sadkin, Adelia M Haun, Mary 
M Berg, Wallace Dace BOTTOM 
ROW Daryl M Wedwick, Michael J. 
McCarthy, Franklin B. Siegle, Freder- 
ick L, Williams 

Drama honorary presents 
original campus satire 

World news events and campus administrators 
were satirized by members of Pi Epsilon Delta, 
drama honorary, in a skit review, "All in a Poly- 
ethylene Bag." Proceeds were applied toward the 
annual $100 scholarship given by the group to an 
undergraduate drama student. The show also was 
performed at the Manhattan Community House to 
raise money for a new theater building. 

Pi Tau Sigma sponsors 
faculty volleyball contest 

To promote a better student-faculty relationship, 
Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering honorary, 
sponsored a volleyball game for students and faculty 
in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 
Members also arranged course review sessions for 
seniors preparing for the engineering proficiency 
exam and cooperated with the department in build- 
ing a display for Engineers' Open House. 

Pi Tau Sigma-TOP ROW: James L 
Finney, David B Yardley, Donald F. 
Hansen, Douglas A Robinson, Lionel 
R Whitmer, SECOND ROW Randall 
L Rich. Ted D, Edmondson, Donald 
D Ficken, Jim A McKinms. BOTTOM 
ROW: Adell W Brecheisen, Paul F, 
Mennemeyer. Arthur C Streeter 



r yp ^^ 

JP m 

In an updated version of the Shakespearean classic, Juliet hes- 
itates too long on the choice of a suitor and finds herself alone 

Part of Pi Epsilon Delta's "All in a Polyethylene Bag." the skit 
was written and produced by the honorary's student members 

Putnam Scholars honor founder of scholarship fund 

Honoring the scholarship fund's founder, Irene 
Putnam, the Putnam Scholars Association planned 
a birthday celebration in May and decorated a 
Christmas tree for her. At an Endowment Associa- 
tion banquet for the group in November, forty 
freshman scholars were introduced and presented 
their membership pins by President James A. 

McCain. A watermelon feed and a banquet in the 
fall acquainted the 92 members of the organization. 
Putnam Scholars, who were selected from the 
upper five per cent of their high school graduating 
class and from special tests scores, were allowed to 
renew their financial awards each year. Diana Loe- 
tel was elected president of the association. 

Putnam Association— TOP ROW Lauren J Langner. Sharon I Gentry. Diana 
K Loetel, Rita A Muret, Rita A. Smith, Barbara D Gadberry. Beverly J Thomas. 
Sherry J. Fearing. Karyl S Nelson, Carolyn I Mikesell SECOND ROW Martha 
M. Fly, Patricia A. Hickey, Ann L Cravens, Phyllis M Kruse, Deborah J Chap- 
man, Mary L. Boxler. Marilyn J Plett, Wanda L, Bates. Kathy J. Alexander. 

THIRD ROW Leroy D Chadwick, James L Scott, David L Hyder. Virginia M 
Munson. Kay A Magby, Carolyn A Kaberhne, Michael L Haney. Richard D 
Gresham, Nancy L McNerny. Cady R Engler, BOTTOM ROW David Lionel 
Parker, David J Holsinger, Robert Wehling, Carol Chnstensen, Robert M. Smith, 
Stephen A, Smith, Peggy I DeJarnette, Alwyn H Gentry, James W Gentry 


Scabbard and Blade-TOP ROW Frederick A. Catrell. Philip L Sell. Raymond 
W Pfannenstiel. Don A Johnson, Howard M Wehrman SECOND ROW Alan 
E States, Richard E Boyce. Lester R Young, Francis L. Eisenbarth, David J, 

Mellgren THIRD ROW: David Lionel Parker, Larry R Larsen, Leigh W, StClair, 
Edward E. Blankenhagen. John C Nye BOTTOM ROW Robert C Dobson, Al- 
len V Baldwin, James Q Kohler. Neil E Hahn 

During a field-problem test. Scabbard and Blade members 
check a map for their present location and future destination. 

Military group unit forms 
guard for former President 

Twelve members of Scabbard and Blade marched 
in an honor guard for former President Dwight D. 
Eisenhower when he was presented an honorary 
doctor of laws degree during June 1966 graduation 
ceremonies. Outstanding cadets in advanced Army 
ROTC with a grade point average of 2.6 or better 
were eligible for membership in the honorary. 

As a training program, pledges worked tactical 
problems in which actives acted as aggressor forces. 
During one night attack on enemy objectives, 
pledges carried Ml rifles and used radio communi- 
cation to aid in the simulated project. 

The highest award given by the organization was 
a scabbard presented to the outstanding senior ca- 
det. The Scabbard and Blade Military Excellence 
Award was presented to three underclass cadets at 
the spring military review. 

Scabbard and Blade cadets sponsored the annual 
Military Ball and selected the Ball queen. 


Sigma Gamma Epsilon— TOP ROW: Louis Riseman, Sambhudas Chaudhuri, 
Erhan Dulekoz, Douglas G. Brookins. Joseph R Chehkowsky, Thomas J Hansen, 
Michael C. Metz. SECOND ROW Arthur W Hayes. William J Siebert, Max D 

VanGaasbeek. Dennis C. Trabant. Philip J Stoehr. Barry L Snyder BOTTOM 
ROW Claude W Shenkel. Charles P. Walters. George E. Petersen, John K. 
Thomas, Henry V Beck 

Geology students spend 
five days in Black Hills 

Staging a five-day field trip to the Black Hills 
during spring break, forty members of the geology 
honorary, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, studied earth 
structure and hunted for fossils, rocks and minerals. 
The group discussed geological theories with guest 
speakers at monthly seminars and also arranged 
bulletin board displays for the department. As a 
service to incoming geology students, they provided 
free tutoring in introductory courses. 

Speech therapists clean, 
restore departmental aids 

Therapeutic aids of the speech departhent were 
restored and cleaned by Sigma Alpha Eta, national 
professional society for prospective speech and hear- 
ing therapists. In the fall members had a picnic at 
Sunset Park to boost membership. At other meet- 
ings, Robert F. Brooks, advisor, explained require- 
ments for membership in the American Speech and 
Hearing Association, and a former member related 
her experiences as a public school therapist. 

Sigma Alpha Eta-TOP ROW 
Margaret J. Conrow. Phyllis J Bias- 
del. Chalise A Bourque. Manta M 
Lamp. Kathleen M Stremel SECOND 
ROW Evelyn L Moats. Judith A 
Smith. Nancy C Hageman. Robert S 
Brooks, THIRD ROW Linda D Orrell. 
Judith A Cunningham, Karen L Hal- 


Spanish honorary learns 
Latin American customs 

In a talk before members of Sigma Delta Pi, a 
graduate student in linguistics from Colombia spoke 
about the universities, as well as the customs, of 
Latin America. Members of the Spanish honorary 
learned also about the influence of students upon 
the central governments and about recent student 
strikes in several Columbian universities. 

Members sang Spanish Christmas carols in the 
annual Feast of Carols at Christmas and also had a 
Christmas party and several coffee hours. 

Steel Ring members plan 
spring open house events 

Coordinating events for Engineers' and Archi- 
tects' Open House in March, men of Steel Ring 
began planning early in the year. Membership in 
the honorary required nomination by department 
heads in engineering or architecture and a 2.0 grade 
point average. The club presented a $100 scholar- 
ship to a student selected by the Office of Aids and 
Awards and supervised displays built by students in 
the college's eight departments. 

Sigma Delta Pi-TOP ROW Alice F Seybert. Martha J Lonergan. Linda M Miller. Ann S Hyde. Lauren E Schmidt BOTTOM ROW: Margaret A Mertz, Sherrilyn K. 
Becker, Dwight D. Jewett, Carol Christensen. 

Steel Ring-TOP ROW: James E 
Touslee, William R. Klassen. Charles 
E Bliss. Ronald M Kruse SECOND 
ROW James L. Finney, Jerry W. 
Stauder, Douglas A Robinson. Wil- 
liam L. Wormington. John P. Clifton. 
THIRD ROW Donald D Ficken. Wil- 
liam T. Noll. Robert M Cooper, Ralph 
E Hibler BOTTOM ROW John C 
Nye. Clair S Schultis. William G. 


Theta Sigma Phi-TOP ROW Cheri 
L Avery. Jean Lange. Mary S Brand- 
ner, Elaine A. Rusch, Carolyn R. Rice 
BOTTOM ROW Roberta G Apple- 
gate. Mary J. Pretzer. Melodie L. 
Bowsher. Lora M Smith. 

Sigma Delta Chi-TOP ROW: Ralph R Lashbrook. Elbert B. Macy, P. Delbert 
Brinkman. Ronald P. Rachesky, Vernon D. Parker, Robert L Latta SECOND 
ROW: Max D Remley. C J Medlin, Lowell Brandner. Donald L Towns. Freder- 

ick L Williams THIRD ROW Robert W. Rice. Paul E. Muehrmg, Gary L Haden. 
Jerry W Engler BOTTOM ROW William A. Blauvelt. William E. Buzenberg. 
Leland K Johnson, Edgar A Chamness, J Michael Lowe. 

Journalism honoraries recognize outstanding Kansans 

At an initiation dinner in the fall, Sigma Delta 
Chi, men's professional journalism society, present- 
ed its first chapter recognition award to Henry Ja- 
mison, editor of the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle. 
Leroy Towns, president of the society, won second 
in a collegiate writing contest at the national con- 
vention in Pittsburgh, Penn., and in a Kansas City 

Press Club skit contest the group placed first. 

Theta Sigma Phi, women's professional journal- 
ism society, conducted a clinic for organization and 
living group publicity officers, and at an annual 
Matrix Table banquet in the spring, named and 
honored the Manhattan Civic Leader of the of Year 
and the Kansas Press woman of the Year. 


Sigma Tau honors dean 
for 50 years of service 

Emeritus Dean of Engineering M.A. Durland 
was presented with a plaque honoring him for 50 
years of service to Sigma Tau by fellow members of 
the engineering and architecture honorary. The 
organization also awarded medals to the two fresh- 
man men with highest grade point averages in the 
two colleges. First semester, Sigma Tau pledges 
whitewashed the "KS 11 letters on K-Hill. 

Architecture group joins 
exchange of visual aids 

Architecture departments of several universities 
exchanged visual aid materials depicting regional 
architectural structures with Tau Sigma Delta. The 
architecture honorary also circulated photographic 
examples of international architecture to schools 
throughout the country. Speakers at organization 
seminars stressed new philosophies about architec- 
ture. The honorary awarded a SI 00 scholarship to 
a freshman architecture student. 

Sigma Tau - TOP ROW: Larry R Graber, Rodney T. Nash, Michael R. Pimple, 
John M. Flannery, Ronald G Odom, Robert A. Burnett, Terry K Michie, John R 
Fnley. Donald W Prather, Michael E. Hawk, Mark E Lipp SECOND ROW: 
Howard R Brown, Thomas R Twombly, William W Everett. C Keith Hanne- 
man, Larry R Martin, Kurt M Frisbie, Jon H. Peterson, Dale L. Schruben, Loren 
D Nickoley, Donald F Hansen, Gary L Urbanek THIRD ROW: Donald D Fick- 

en, John P Long, Clifton V Hostetler, David J. Holsinger, Kenneth R, Holdeman, 
Lowell G Moore, Glenn P. Alpert, Frank W, Howard, David E Klotz, Dennis E. 
Myers. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel J. Shiel, John D. Driskill, Stephen M. Thieler. 
Robert L Hirt. Michael B Stevens. James K. Koelliker, John C Nye, Larry R. 
Larsen. Rodney M. Bates. 

Tau Sigma Delta - TOP ROW: Wing K Kwok, Betty J Mosier. Theodore W. 
Sutherland. Robert L. Tripp, Don H. Bollmeier. Lyle F. Manmger, Jack H. Jack- 
son, John E Helm SECOND ROW Donald E Carlson. Richard B. Kraybill. John 
S. Frey, Julian F. Sayers, Demetnos Triantafyllou, James K. Shrack. Dennis D. 

McKee, Ralph E Hibler. BOTTOM ROW: Robert A Cochran, Robert J Dodson, 
Robert A Williams, Thomas R. Gossen, James H. Reeves, Michael E. Shelor. 
Walter J Reichert 

Sparks members sell 25-cent Val-o-grams to students in the 
Union lobby as a Valentine's Day money-making project. After 

selling the messages, written either by students or members of 
the honorary, they were personally delivered by the women. 


Fencing club members demonstrate basic positions for an 

audience at the Activities Carnival in September More than 80 

organizations took the opportunity to recruit new members at 
the carnival which ended freshman orientation activities. 


African Student Association — TOP 

ROW Richard L Morse. Jeje J Oye- 
kan, John B Mubiru. Joseph G lyo- 
rver. Celestine O Njokuobi SECOND 
ROW Johnson O. Arokoyo, Emman- 
uel F. Bajunirwe. James Ah, Ame- 
chi K. Onyia, Jesudas U Mwanje 
THIRD ROW Joseph I Alade. Anan- 
ias L. Iga. William C Mayaki, Jibade 
0. Oyekan, Jesse Akinokun BOT- 
TOM ROW Robert G Madziya. 
James W. Hicklin. Daniel I Saror. 
Folorunso A Fayinka, Akhlu K Mar- 

African students explain 
country's image of U.S. 

Questions concerning the image of the United 
States in Africa were discussed by a panel sponsored 
by the African Student Association. Another panel 
talked about the pros and cons of studying in a for- 
eign country for a lengthy period of time. Members 
also were hosts to Ishaya Audu, vice chancellor of 
Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria. 

Ag economists see slides 
from university in Nigeria 

John Sjo, associate economics professor, showed 
slides on Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, to 
Agricultural Economics Club members 

In the spring, the group awarded plaques to the 
outstanding freshman and senior in agricultural 
economics at a banquet on Ag Science Day. Mem- 
bers also attended a spring steak fry. 

Agriculture Economics Club — TOP ROW James D Gates. Stanley D Buss. 
Don A. Johnson, Vaughn L Nelson. Kenneth L. Stielow. Glenn D Schiffner. Dar- 
rell K. Cockrum, Jerry L Soldner SECOND ROW: Walter B. Doane. William D. 
Ryan, Larry G Kern, Brad J Kerbs, Myron C Kellogg. Steve J Price. Kirby D 

Pike. Jerry D Morgan THIRD ROW: Burton K Tribble. Michael A. Hanchett. 
David W Cutter. Johnny E Stoll. Phillip L Knox, Kenneth A Wmzeler BOTTOM 
ROW: Merton L Otto, John F Anderzhon. Kenneth W. Kruse, Kent H. Stones. 
Stephen R Morris. Patrick A Johnson 


Ag educators' group presents scholarship to member 

At the National Student Teachers convention in 
Kansas City, twelve senior members of the Agricul- 
tural Education Club attended forums and discus- 
sions relating to agricultural education. In the 
spring, the outstanding senior was recognized at an 
annual awards banquet. He was chosen for activi- 

ties and interest in agricultural education. The out- 
standing junior member, Kenneth Kelly, was pre- 
sented a scholarship for his senior year of studies in 
the College of Agriculture. A watermelon feed for 
new and old members highlighted the beginning of 
the school year for the organization. 

Agriculture Education Club - TOP ROW Glenn R. Gottlob. Ross D Crane. 
Larry C. Epley, Ralph E Brooks. Robert J Mainquist. Ronald J. Smith. Larry D. 
Ehrlich. SECOND ROW Russell L Ballentme. Wayne G Powell. Norman R 
Galle. Kenneth W. Kelley, Don W. Sowers. Richard D Wilson. Ronald L. Stucky. 

THIRD ROW. Eldon D. Lawless, Dale Twaddell. Marvin W Creager. Terril L. 
Eberhard, Gregory A Armbruster. Leslie B Allison BOTTOM ROW Victor L 
Osborn. Gary D Francis. Dale E. Limn. Howard L Delaplane, Clifford D Ascher, 
Les D. Strelt, Myron L Ammeter. 

Agriculture Education Club -TOP ROW John R Gates. Gerald A. Nmemire. 
Terry R. Schoenthaler. Herbert R Hayden. Kenneth D Sullivan. Rodney P Ship- 
man SECOND ROW: Dennis D Towns. Donald D Asher, Wilbur R Stites. Paul 
E. Glatt. Bruce R Flipse. Larry E Kater THIRD ROW: Lloyd D Huggins. Mark 

W Houseweart. Larry E. Schmidt. McCager M Thompson. John H VanDalsem. 
Larry E Goering BOTTOM ROW: Ronald L. Peterson. Carmen R. Klein. Allen V 
Baldwin. Leon B Schmidt. Leon D. Sowers. Joe K Ludlum. 


Wives group plans events 
for husbands and children 

Agricultural Education Wives Club, a socially 
orientated organization, sponsored a spring picnic 
for members and their families and a Valentines 
party for members and their husbands. 

Monthly meetings of the wives featured guest 
speakers including Mrs. Mike Ahearn and Mrs. 
Hennie Smith. Mrs Ahearn, wife of the former 
University athletic director exhibited her collection 
of dolls; and Mrs. Smith, a Manhattan school 
teacher originally from Holland, explained and il- 
lustrated several techniques of knitting. Activities of 
the auxiliary organization were coordinated by the 
club's president, Virginia Baldwin. 

Agricultural Education Wives Club - TOP ROW Mary L. Albracht. Barbara J 
Stites. Mary L Agan. Sheila D Francis, Jo A Coleman. Constance A. Galle. 
Dana L Osborn SECOND ROW Mary S Algrim. Bonnie R Flipse. Myra J Ja- 
cobs, Eunice L. Bradley. Ladeanna L Twaddell. Carmen M Sowers BOTTOM 
ROW: Bernice E Morgan, Christena A. Stevenson. Virginia K Baldwin. Colleen 
L. Mainquist, Sally Ammeter 

Agricultural Mechanization Club -TOP ROW: Fred L Wedel. Robert D Har- 
lan. William O Ebert. Ervin F. Gnadt. James L Gehrt. Walter B Patton SECOND 
ROW Floyd J. Barkman. Charles D Dunbar. Alan M. Mitchell. James L Keener, 
Robert G. Smith. Stephen J Cadman. THIRD ROW: Robert D. Kirkwood, Roger 

A Russ. Ross W Cole. Owen A, Gaul. Frederick D, Riedel. Ralph I Upper BOT- 
TOM ROW John T Hendricks. James D Dietrich. Gary J. Morehead. Roger R. 
McKee. Galen R McDonald 

Ag mechanization club set up display, show booth 

In cooperation with a similar group from the 
University of Missouri, the Agricultural Mechani- 
zation Club in February set up a display at the 
Western Farm Implement Retailer Convention in 
Kansas City. The club, with an increased member- 
ship of 30, also sponsored a booth at the Salina 

Feeds and Materials Show, handing out curriculum 
information to prospective students. 

Completing its second year at the University, the 
organization made plans to begin an instruction 
class in the proper use of the slide rule and attended 
a picnic and square dance in the spring. 


K-State Amateur Radio Club - TOP ROW: Dale J. Perry, William R Water 
man. Sister Judith A, Kopka, Ronald E Fick. Dennis R. Peters. Stephen C. Bab- 
coke. SECOND ROW: Donald G. Heuschkel. Richard E. Napper. Kenneth D 

Shannon. Duane E. Beichley. Arris A Sigle BOTTOM ROW: Alan R Stephens. 
William E Cahill. Daniel L Cox. Larry R Condit 

Radio club conducts code class for ham operators 

To provide information and to teach skills needed 
for an amateur radio operator's license, the Ama- 
teur Radio Club conducted a theory and code class 
for students during the year. The group, which is 
affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, 

set up equipment in the basement of the Military 
Science Building and operated station KOWAL to 
relay messages within the building. The group also 
assembled an exhibit for the Engineers 1 and Archi- 
tects 1 Open House in the spring. 

Sister Judith Kopka works with a TCM-2 transmitter with Lar- 
ry Condit. president of Amateur Radio Club. Sister Kopka joined 

the club to learn basic radio skills so that she can contact 
friends in the U.S. while doing mission work in South America. 

American Institute of Architects— TOP ROW: Wing K. Kwok. Linda L Ludden. 
Douglas Noller. Wilma J. Briggeman. Linda F, Grubb, Theodore W. Sutherland. 
Larry G Horning. Ryan R Rader. William E. Potenski. Richard L Gardner. Ken- 
neth S. Tsujiuchi. SECOND ROW: Ronald W. Smith. Owen M Mamura. Richard 
W Campbell. Rodger A. Brooks. Robert L Tripp, J Michael Vieux, Bernard L. 
Nothhouse. Ronald L Easter. William R Bonner. Owen B. Estes. THIRD ROW 

K Edward Lay. Larry A Henry. Julian F. Sayers. Richard B Kraybill. James M. 
Hunt. Robert A Cochran, Michael E, Shelor. Joel S Schultz. Barry W Greis 
BOTTOM ROW Lawrence B Zuercher, Thomas C Pearson, Walter J Viney, 
James A Jantz, David C Adams. James H Reeves, Ralph E Hibler, Thomas R. 
Gossen, Alvin L Seefeldt, Paul R. Mosiman 

Architects publish humor magazine, view exhibits 

Publication of "Crit," an informative, humorous 
architecture magazine, was undertaken by the 
American Institute of Architects. A display of the 
work of Cal lister Associates of California and a 
photographic exhibit of Architect Walter Gropius' 
work were brought to campus through efforts of the 
AIA. Holiday job opportunities were made known 

to members at meetings which frequently featured 
outstanding authorities on architecture from differ- 
ent cities and universities. The planning director of 
Sedgwick county spoke at one meeting. The lt De- 
sign Bowl," an annual intramural football game 
with a team of landscape architects, was won by the 

AIAA travels to Wichita 
for monthly club meetings 

Information about the Bell helicopters used in 
Vietnam and a lecture on the small guided missile 
AQM37A produced by Beech Aircraft Corporation 
were featured at two monthly meetings of the Amer- 
ican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The 
club, directed by president Doug Robinson, also 
made monthly trips to Wichita chapter meetings, 
where motion pictures of a Gemini space flight were 
viewed with members from that chapter. 

Authors of the two top technical papers on aero- 
nautics were sent to Wichita to compete for a cash 
award and the honor of competing nationally for a 
scholarship. Members prepared aeronautical dis- 
plays for Engineering Open House. 

American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics— TOP ROW William A 
Wright, David F Wilkus. Bruce D Green, Douglas A Robinson SECOND ROW 
James M Bowyer, Norman H Anderson. Jim A McKinnis BOTTOM ROW 
Fred D Lang. Paul F Mennemeyer 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers— TOP ROW Edward W Dilling- 
ham, Tommy D. Huecker. Jamil Haider, Ronald G Odom, Chester W. Halbleib, 
Wayne C, Faulconer, Lyndon K Blocksome SECOND ROW: Richard H Clough, 
Joseph F Reidl, Gary C Drost, William J Boyer, Gary G Draper. Steven P. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers— TOP ROW Prabodh R Shah, 
David E Wainwright. John M Flannery, Forrest C Noah, Dale E Stevenson, 
Greg T. Rockhold, Ronald E. Feldkamp, SECOND ROW Kanubhai H Patel, Les- 
lie W Kuczynski. Dwight A Schulke, Howard R Brown, Perry Scheuerman, 

Palmer THIRD ROW Rex E Garrelts, Tedd J. Dowd. Richard L Corbin, Jack S. 
Goodson, Larry S. Parrett, Jon D. Barton, Stephen E, Utterback BOTTOM ROW: 
Lawrence A. Schulte, John M. Lefton, Thomas W Skinner, Ronald L Carr, Pa- 
trick V Patton. John D. Driskill. 

Ronald M. Kruse. John E Monacci THIRD ROW Enos E Moore. Monte L, 
Gleason, William R Waterman, James E Anschutz. Loren D Nickoley, Thomas 
W Scott BOTTOM ROW Charles W Duethman, Richard E Kaup, Robert M 
Cooper. Kenneth L. Thomas, John W English. 

Chemical engineers donate reference books for library 

To improve the library in the Chemical Engi- 
neering hall, members of the American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers donated scientific reference 
books and appropriated funds for physical repairs. 
Representatives from Standard Oil Co., Proctor 
and Gamble and Frontier Chemical Co. explained 
new chemical processes and job opportunities to the 

group at monthly meetings. For display at Engi- 
neers' and Architects' Open House in March, stu- 
dents built exhibits demonstrating desalination of 
water, use of an analog computer and use of a laser 
beam. The club ended activities for the year with a 
picnic in Warner Park. President Steve Utterback 
led the 75-member organization. 


American Institute of Design Student Affiliates-TOP ROW Merry J Kan- 
awyer, Karen S Ward. Linda A. Baldndge. Judith A. Lamme. Gail M Berry. Gin- 
ger L. Brooks, Mary A. Southard, Barbara A Chase. SECOND ROW Susan E. 

Sullivan, Susan E. Dart, Veronica A, English. Doris F. Ward. Fransiska L Eccles- 
ton. Lenna D. Skates. Salhe K Roach BOTTOM ROW: Guy N Belden. Jeanne 
A. Ingersoll, Joan G Langland. Julie J Moyer, Karen A. Falk, Opal B Hill 

Dallas trip highlights year 
for AID student affiliates 

Specialty shops and offices of interior designers 
were visited by the American Institute of Design 
Affiliates during a field tripto Dallas in March, 
financed by a rummage sale sponsored by the 
group. Floral and dormitory room designs were 
demonstrated and representatives of interior design 
companies spoke at institute meetings. 

Industrial engineers give 
service award to member 

For the first time, the American Institute of In- 
dustrial Engineers presented a chapter and profes- 
sional service award to the outstanding member of 
the organization. An appliance company represent- 
ative was one of several speakers who addressed the 
group and explained how industrial engineering 
had affected his company's production. 

American Institute of Industrial Engineers— TOP ROW Venkatarat Chittun, 
David L. Bohl. Robert G Parker, James F. Reynolds, George F Scoggms. Gerard 
F O'Connor, Gary L Johnston. Steven C Borell. David E. McDougal SECOND 
ROW Jonathan M. Heslop. Bruce R Scoggan. Leonard W Rippetoe, John R. 
Heath. Edmond T. Wolfram, Rodney M. Cowell, Emmett L. Stueve. Robert W 

Clack. THIRD ROW Glenn Larson. Douglas C Schumacher. Victor M. Mo- 
rales. Ronald E. Rezac, David C Kline. Steven J VanHole. Clair S Schultis. 
George L. Dickey. BOTTOM ROW; Robert L. Cooke, Richard L. Ptak, Robert E 
Power, Ronald J. Burt. William G Cooper. Patrick A Smith. Robert W Moses. 
Malcolm D Rodenberg. 

Ag engineers win trophy 
for display at open house 

First place departmental award for outstanding 
exhibit in the Engineers' and Architects' Open 
House was won for the second consecutive year by 
the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 
Illustrating farming methods of the future, exhibit 
guides explained new ideas in soil and water conser- 
vation, feed handling, agricultural structures and 
rural electrification to open house visitors. 

Mechanical engineering 
students tour major firms 

Joined by members of the University of Kansas 
chapter, members of the American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers toured major industrial firms in 
Kansas City in November. The tour was part of a 
yearly forum for mechanical engineering students 
sponsored by the Kansas City society. Speakers 
from national corporations talked about job oppor- 
tunities to the group at monthly meetings. 

American Society of Agricultural Engineers— TOP ROW Carl L. Schuler, 
Alan D McMillan. Rodney S Horn, Kenneth W. Oliver. Dale N. Hess. Francis E 
Ohmes. Billy D McMillen SECOND ROW; Jerry F Carlm, Neil F Pellmann. 
Alan F. Kessler. Gene E. Eckel. Stanley R. Clark. Charles G Baker. Gary E. 

Grimes THIRD ROW George H. Larson. Jerry L. Schmidt. John A. George. Da- 
vid F Fairbanks. Glenn P. Alpert. Larry G Hess. Frank W. Howard BOTTOM 
ROW Glenn W Shields. Mark D Schrock. Gerald J. Lang. James P. Murphy. 
Charles V Booram, Steven J Weybrew. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers— TOP ROW James L Finney. 
Michael Verschelden, Gerald F. Korach, Sidney K. Swank, Robert L Cravens. 
Rodney T. Nash, Willard A. Miller, John R Fr'iley. SECOND ROW: William C 
Monday, Donald D. Ficken, David L Isaacson, Lionel R Whitmer, Ralph E. Bak- 

er. David B. Yardley, Thomas E. Foster THIRD ROW: David J. Holsmger, War- 
ren E Carpenter, John Hintz, Homer L. Taber, Jim A. McKinnis, Michael R. Lew- 
is. BOTTOM ROW: Paul F Mennemeyer. Wayne L. Pritz. Charles W Kuhn, Har- 
old L. Dreiling, Ralph B Schwartz. 

American Society of Civil Engineers— TOP ROW: Daniel D Petr. Deogracias 
A. Magcalas. James E. Touslee, Thornton A Moore, Edward L Wilson, William 
R Klassen, Robert L Fox, Ronald D Hoagland, William M Bellairs, Dennis D. 
Lee. SECOND ROW: Robert G. Gudgen, Jimmie W Truhlar. Robert D Bowers. 
Jerry L. May, Richard A, McKown, Garry L Macha, David T. Hellen, Elmer C 
Zerr, Kenneth F Massingill. THIRD ROW Stuart A Spauldmg, Gary E Ervin, 

Richard E Steele, Fredrick L Mattox. Glenn A Fager. Stephen L, Wollington, 
Terry D Stull. Jerry S Murphy, Donald L. Lobmeyer, Gary L Urbanek BOT- 
TOM ROW: Bruce V Collins, Edward D. Barenberg, Benny D Neaderhiser, 
Gregory L Miller, James M. Haag. Roderick R Brown, Larry R Larsen, Daniel J. 
Shiel, Kenneth R Fladie 

American Society of Civil Engineers— TOP ROW Linda L. Gartner, Betty L 
Lucas, Donald R, Bastin, Richard A Long, Gerald R Siuda. Philip Shapiro, Cal- 
vin L. Hershberger, Dennis M. Clennan. Frank R Hardin. Bruce K McCallum. 
SECOND ROW: Samuel Taftian, James L Tadtman. Jonathan W Eicher. Mel- 
vm V. Ferguson, William D. Ellis. James W, Fitzwater. David J Mellgren, Karl J. 
Svaty, Robert E, Gartner, Timothy L. Carroll. THIRD ROW: Clifton V. Hostetler. 

Phillip T Morris. Dennis R Slimmer. James K Carlat. Larry L Herrmann. Tho- 
mas L Oursler. James P. Elliott, Roger R Swart, Jay S Fisher BOTTOM ROW 
Vernon H Rosebraugh. Jon H. Eshelman. Robert L Hirt. Dennis E Myers, 
Ralph E Carthrae. Kenneth R Green, Benjamin F Spencer, Curtis D Musgrave. 
Raymond L Rhodd, Craig A. Roberts. 

Society of civil engineers receives excellence award 

For the ninth consecutive year, the American 
Society of Civil Engineers received the Certificate of 
Commendation for Excellence in Conduct of Chap- 
ter Affairs. The award was based on student parti- 
cipation in chapter activities, programs presented 
by the chapter and an annual report submitted to 
the national office for review. 

At fall semester programs, speakers from indus- 

try and government offices talked about employ- 
ment opportunities. Programs in the spring semes- 
ter, planned by the department, included eight lec- 
tures on hydraulic engineering. Members attended 
the Mid-Continent Conference of Civil Engineers at 
Lincoln, Neb., where chapters from five states were 
represented. They also met with the society's state 
section once each semester. 


Chemists take field trip, 
discuss job opportunities 

Movies illustrating advanced studies and pro- 
gress in chemistry were shown at meetings of the 
American Chemical Society. Organizational meet- 
ings also included discussions of available job op- 
portunities in chemistry and related fields. 

In December, members took a field trip to the 
Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City where 
they toured chemical laboratories and learned of 
needs and uses of chemistry in industry. 

The society also sponsored picnics in the fall and 
spring to introduce prospective members to the 
club's purpose and activities. Membership in the 
organization included students majoring in chemis- 
try, biochemistry and chemical engineering. 

American Chemical Society — TOP ROW Burk Jubelt. Carolyn K Fair. Linda 
A. Claydon BOTTOM ROW: Robert S Frye. George W Hawks 

Landscape architects develop Quinlan Gardens area 

Quinlan Gardens, the area between Petticoat 
Lane and the home management houses, was devel- 
oped through the efforts of the American Society of 
Landscape Architects. The project was financed by 
contributions of local garden clubs. 

L. R. Quinlan, professor emeritus of landscape 
architecture, was one of several authorities in the 

field of landscape architecture who addressed the 
group. He spoke about landscaping in national 
parks. Robert Ealy, head of the Department of 
Landscape Architecture, spoke about photography 
during another meeting. At Engineers' and Archi- 
tects' Open House, members displayed concepts of 
landscape architecture in enlarged photographs. 

American Society of Landscape 
Architects - TOP ROW Neil D 
Rogers. Mary J. Seyler. Susanne F. 
Little. Beverly J Salter, Dean F. Har- 
per. SECOND ROW: Gary D. Raffety. 
James K Shrack. Leon R, May, H 
Stewart Mann, Melvin J Stout. 
THIRD ROW Robert P Ealy. Roger C 
Larson, Edward D Holmberg, John R. 
Ritter, Fredrick C Bliss BOTTOM 
ROW Daniel McGhee. Richard S 
Hubbell, Larry P Blankenship. Ernest 
H. Ungnade 


Society of American Military Engi- 
neers -TOP ROW Claude L Rob- 
bins, James L. Tadtman, James D 
Stewart SECOND ROW Robert L 
Terry, Douglas S Clark, Dennis E 
Myers, William E, Vigneron BOTTOM 
ROW Garry M Dalby. David R Col- 
lins, David H McNabb, 

Military engineers travel 
to Kansas City on field trip 

Preparing for jobs in branches of the Army, 
members of the Society of American Military Engi- 
neers toured the Corps of Engineers district in Kan- 
sas City on a field trip in April. The group and the 
student chapter at the University of Kansas attend- 
ed a regional conference at the Kansas City profes- 
sional chapter's headquarters. Organized for Army 
and Air Force cadets majoring in engineering, the 
society showed films and sponsored speakers who 
lectured on various areas of the field. 

Nuclear society conducts 
educational film series 

Films from the Atomic Energy Commission on 
topics ranging from reactors to medicine were 
shown as part of the nuclear education program of 
the American Nuclear Society. Speakers at other 
meetings included representatives from the Oak- 
ridge Laboratory who spoke on "Radiation Effects 
in Manned Space Vehicles" and "Present and Fu- 
ture Prospects for Nuclear Desalination." At the 
Engineers Open House, the society set up a display 
on food preservation by irradiation. 

American Nuclear Society— TOP ROW Lawrence N Frey, Billy J Foreman, 
James E Stresewski, William A. Wright, John C Irwin SECOND ROW: Bruce 
D. Green, Richard D. Gresham. Dale L. Schruben, William L Selbe, Robert L 
Neill. THIRD ROW: Gene P. Rathbun, Jerry W, Stauder, Norman H Anderson, 

James C Skach, Gilbert J. Hemen, Roger N. Henry BOTTOM ROW Albert J 
Alexander, Patrick F Ervin, Harold E Soco'lofsky, Robert F, Pauly, Gaylord L. 


■Mi «■% 

O 3 f*\. 





American Veterinary Medical Association Seniors— TOP ROW Iris L Wag- 
ner, Dallas D. Caster. Delvin D. Randolph. Jerry M. Peterson. Robert A. Ander- 
son, Joe K. Baber, Jon M Day, Jerry L Hummel, Catherine L Harmon. SEC- 
OND ROW: David T. Lane, LeRoy P. Schild, Michael A Lanning. Joy L Decker, 
Byron L Wilson. Curtis D Lewis, Edward J. Plocharski, Ned E Eib THIRD 

. . 





W Ms, *. I 





ROW: Joe L. Mauderly. George D O'Neill. Lyle E. Zitek. Eldon L. Misak. Joseph 
H Mattare, Jack S Dunham. James I. Miller, Fineas G Hughbanks, Edward J. 
Jezbera. BOTTOM ROW: Darrell L. Haeker, Andrew J. Bozarth, Allen A, Cesaf- 
sky, Robert A. Swerczek, Christopher E. Nance, James F. Hicks, Walter E. Colon, 
Earl B Hauck 

AVMA exchanges with Oklahoma State students 

Industrial veterinarians, insurance agents and a 
representative from the Wichita Humane Society 
were guest speakers at meetings of the 300 members 
of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 
The student chapter's efforts, coordinated by presi- 

dent Larry Anderson, were responsible for "Ad- 
vances in Veterinary Medicine," tenth annual Vet- 
erinary Medicine Open House, Senior-Faculty 
Banquet, and an annual weekend exchange with 
Oklahoma State University's veterinary college. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Seniors— TOP ROW Larry K 
Dresher, Ramon M. Crespo, Benjamin B Dow, James A Case, Duane M Hen- 
rikson, Edward E. Barben, Dennis T. Nelson, Robert J Bury, SECOND ROW: 
Jerry M, Middleswart, Robert L. Kerns, William C Bergin, Robert E, Cartee, Roy 
A Braum, James L Corlis, Howard A, Kmzer. THIRD ROW Richard J, Cortesi, 

Harold D Bauman. Robin R. Domer. Daniel A. DeNoon, James E. Dale. Leon E. 
Thiessen, Charles E Knudsen, Marlin D Jeffers. BOTTOM ROW: Jacob M 
Sherwood. Neill R. Walker, Clint S. Hardy. Timothy P. Cheny. Leonard A, Sigdes- 
tad, Lloyd W Rogers, Kenneth D. Winters, Ronny L. Pemberton. 


w&9 • ? 

Is* «c 



<m> w> 





American Veterinary Medical As- 
sociation Juniors— TOP ROW Den- 
nis A. Rohan, Larry L Williams. Nor- 
man R Schneider. Max L Hacker. 
Walter L Sidwell. Jack D Henry 
SECOND ROW Frank G Bieberly. 
Edward L Kniffen. Dean J Alpert. 
Linda L. Delaplam, Michael K. Moore. 
Sherwood L. Svarvan BOTTOM 
ROW Richard D Knewtson, Stephen 
R. Frack. Michael A. Gangel, David S 
Hodgson. Robert J Shay 

American Veterinary Medical Association Sophomores— TOP ROW Dean 
R. Bader, Richard A Barta. Thomas D Vincent. Larry R Meisegeier, Dean P. 
Fankhauser. Deborah F Enchsen. Evelyn A Bock. Tony L Kirk. Jerry B Burkey. 
Arnold G. Nagely. SECOND ROW: Robert G. Rohrbaugh, Veryl B Sibley. Randy 
D. Risley, Eugene R Colthier. Joan E. Warner, Kenneth N Onyia, Marvin J. Farr. 
George L. Wiley. Loren G Tucker THIRD ROW Dennis R. Skalka. Gary E. Voelk- 

er. Garth L. Peterson, Keith M. Kingsley. William M Agresta, Roger S Fix. Don- 
ald M Long. Wallace E. Kraft. Gary M. Hutton. John J Emery BOTTOM ROW: 
Andre A Darngrand, Richard L Branson. Robert A MacArthur. James P. Nel- 
son. Sherman J Swanson. David N Bisbee, Harry A Stemfort. William M. 
Bryant. Arthur L. Carpenter 

American Veterinary Medical Association Sophomores— TOP ROW Freder- 
ick L. Helm. Philip D. Burford, William P. Tidball, Ronald E Jordan. Tommy L. 
Jacobitz. Kenneth H Rockwood, William E Lammers. Mary L Liljestrand. Ron- 
ald L. Schindler SECOND ROW: Craig L Carmichael. Dennis W Smith. James 
E Kimbrough. Lonnie D. Willis. William P Gallant, Donald J. Kmoch, James R. 
McCoy, Larry H. David, Robert R Cudney. Kenneth M. Krauter. THIRD ROW: 

Ralph E Sievers, Gary A Splitter. Loren J Rickard. Terryl K. Schmitt. Ronald T. 
Beach, Gerald L Richardson. John L. Smith. James F. Wadsack. Robert G. Brod- 
erick. BOTTOM ROW David L Eisenbrandt. Fred E. Lowrey. Norbert J Zander. 
Steven L Rogers. Ronald A Engelken. Ronald G Mason. Larry D. Stuckey, Rob- 
ert C Hartley 


q n ^ ^ j» 


American Veterinary Medical Association Sophomores— TOP ROW Celes- 
tme N|oku. Richard N. Bruce. Richard L Robinson, Michael L. Gambiani, 
Brenda G Adrian. Susan J Alderman, James T Marsh, Harold W Richardson, 
Ronald E Sanko SECOND ROW Jerome P Yorke. George W Dunbar, David A 
Swerczek, Marlin R Grosz, Jane M Albin. Larry H Ringel, Henry R Ewert, John 

L, Lenz. THIRD ROW: Warren E Boomer. Robert E Stach, Victor E Asnpaugh, 
Curtis L Ish, Larry J Oliver, Robert J Gump, Mark D Williams, Roger L Becker, 
Gerald F, Slonka. BOTTOM ROW Thomas R. Hagan, Vernon D Maxwell, Denis 
A Bekaert, Coy C Mickey, Joseph G. Mernam, James M Osborn. F. Lynn Wil- 
lard, Edward T. Doyle 

American Veterinary Medical Association Freshman— TOP ROW Garry J 
Rokey, Gary L Westphal, Perry R. Griffith. Marc E. Miller, William N. Bendure, 
Jerry D Leroux, Thomas H Cure. Roy L Smith, Larry M Peterson. Donald L, 
Sweat, William P. Beezley. SECOND ROW Frank C Stanton, David L Browder, 
Max R Russell. Robert C. Just. Walter W Kurth. Ronald E Helton. Gary G 
Swails, Richard M Reid, Gerald L Jenkins. Russell S Gerard THIRD ROW Bill 

W Atkinson, Daniel I. Saror. Lionel L Reilly, J Raymond McClure, Roderic D. 
Simpson. Kent D Haury. Gene R Kluck. Harold J. Barnes. Charles R. Johnson, 
William M. Morland, William H Fuhrman BOTTOM ROW Douglas L Berndt. 
Billy J Robinson. David R Franz. John W Harvey, Roger P. McCartney, Frank 
D, Murry, Thomas G. Ksiazek, James P Wright, Ralph C Richardson, John C. 

American Veterinary Medical Association Freshman— TOP ROW Clifford T. 
Kumamoto, Cecil W. Wiley, Jack D Spencer, Robert D Randall, Douglas K, Jer- 
nigan, Harve P Ringheim, John R Rule, Kay A Magby SECOND ROW Nicho- 
las R Schroeder. Steven H. Slusher, James H, McKinley, Lowell D Loesch, Jer- 
ry W, Diemer, Steven V. Frusher. Frank R Douthit, Richard P. Miller, Roger W 

Perkins. THIRD ROW: Kenneth R, Brady, John W. Stuckey, Kenneth W Harper, 
Joseph M Bohnen, James V Doran, Alexander M. Young, Steven G. Grube. 
Jack E Ellithorpe BOTTOM ROW Thomas F Gillaspie, Bernard C Taylor, Wil- 
liam W, Buisch, John E Holste. Alvin A Pravecek, August J, Hildebrand. Ste- 
phen A Daniel. 

Small hands retain a sepure hold as a senior veterinary intern 
at Dykstra hospital offers assurance of a painless treatment. 

Auxiliary sponsors panel 
of state veterinarian wives 

Usually dividing into interest groups of bridge, 
knitting and education, members of the American 
Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary met to- 
gether to watch a veterinarian perform surgery on a 
small animal. As a group, the wives club also spon- 
sored a discussion panel of veterinarians' wives 
throughout the state. To raise money for an annual 
project, the auxiliary sold cookbooks. 

In spring, 1966, the women purchased a bulletin 
board for the posting of job opportunities for stu- 
dents in veterinary medicine. During the Christmas 
season, the women and their husbands gave a party 
for their children. They also attended monthly ac- 
tivities with their student husbands and regular 
dances for veterinary medicine students. 

American Veterinary Medical As- 
sociation Auxiliary-TOP ROW 

Joan C. Baber, Nancy M. Walker, Ja- 
nice D Zander, Judy A Nagely. Mary 
D Barben. Syndy L Gerard. Patricia 
A Krauter SECOND ROW JaneA 
McCoy, Nancy K Robinson, Yvonne 
A. Brodenck, Karen K Ringel. Arlene 
K Goble. Beth L Bisbee THIRD 
ROW Janice S David. Carole R Har- 
tley. Jeanne A Pollock, Charlene J. 
McCartney. Mavis L Kingsley, Jams 
V. Smith. Lois S Lanning BOTTOM 
ROW Donna C Swanson. Erna J 
Wright. Mary E Bauman. Peggy L 
Middleswart. Barbara J. Case, Carol 

American Veterinary Medical Association Auxilary— TOP ROW Terry M 
Colon, Ann L. McKinley, Karen K. Vincent, Patricia S Willis. Nancy L Diemer, 
Jean Kirk, Linda M Schild SECOND ROW: Jan K Schmdlen, Loretta F Ander- 
son, Marilyn A. Cortesti, Marilyn K Kimbrough. Joyce J Kmoch, Shirley J Nan- 

ce, Sandy K. Kurth. THIRD ROW Carolyn R Jezbera. Jacquehn K Corlis, Mary 
A. Ewert, Kay E. Leroux, Janet E Westphal, Sue A Carmichael. Kay M Hutton. 
BOTTOM ROW: Karen Y. Domer, Patricia B. Bergm, Jeanetta S Bozarth. Jams 
M Reilly. Nona M. Barnes, Itha M Bendure. Pat C Pravecek. 

Arab-American Club-TOP ROW 
Hisham K Saadeh, Salma H Saadeh. 
Suad A Shubber, Najah M Shubber 
BOTTOM ROW Khalid A. Saab, Tank 
M. Khat ib. Ahmed M. El -Dash. Mo- 
hamed H Abdel Moneim. 

Bakery Management Club— TOP 

ROW David N Pfefer. John J Carr, 
Allen W Kirleis. Steve A Johnson, 
Edward R Hayes SECOND ROW: 
Vardon J Gainor. Marvin V. Brewer, 
William C Hurley, John A. Johnson. 
BOTTOM ROW Fred W. Suggs. 
Edward L Hutz, Robert A Borowski 

Bakery club leads tours 
for high school students 

To promote interest in bakery science, the Bak- 
ery Management Club conducted tours of bakery 
facilities on campus for high school and elementary 
school students. The club's Ag Science Day exhibit 
pointed out opportunities in the baking industry 
with a display of products, career brochures and 
pictures of bakeries. Representatives from bakery 
corporations talked to the group on advertising 
problems in the field and speciality breads. 

Chinese students celebrate 
New Year with KU group 

To ring in the Chinese New Year, the Chinese 
Student Association and students learning Chinese 
at the University of Kansas celebrated with a dinner 
party at Lawrence in February. 

An Oriental meal was prepared by club members 
for a get-acquainted dinner at the beginning of the 
fall semester. All new students interested in mem- 
bership were invited to attend. During the year 
members frequently met for social activities. 

Chinese Student Association— TOP 

ROW: Chang H Chu. Tsung S. Liu. 
Robert T. Yu, Ignatius C Wang, 
Chuen C Lin, Yi T. Sun SECOND 
ROW Andrew H Ho. Elton C. Lee. 
Shiu-Kit Lee, Ming-Hsin Chang, Sarah 
T.Tung BOTTOM ROW: Punley H 
Yang, James H. Tung, Leslie L Ho, 
Wilbur P. Hsieh. 


Arab-American club hosts 
International Week dinner 

In observance of International Week in the 
spring, the Arab-American Club sponsored the 
annual Arab Dinner. Members, with five professors 
in the group, had a panel discussion or speaker at 
each bi-monthly meeting. 

A chapter of The Arab Student Association, the 
group helped to provide 17 scholarships for Ameri- 
cans to study at Iraq and Cairo Universities. 

Block and Bridle yearbook 
places second in contest 

At a national meeting at the Stockyards Inn in 
Chicago, Block and Bridle was awarded second 
place among 42 chapters for their annual Block and 
Bridle yearbook. They also won the fifth place na- 
tional award for chapter activities. In addition to 
sponsoring judging contests and a barnwarmer 
dance, members were hosts for activities of the De- 
partment of Animal Husbandry. 

Block and Bridle— TOP ROW: Nancy J Ukena, Peggy J Frakes. Charles S. Har- 
tley. Janet L Hastings. Carol A Laverentz. Kathryn E. Adams. Candice S- Case. 
Luann K. Nelson. Debara K. Nye, Barbara J Socolofsky. Charles D Lambert. 
SECOND ROW Cheryl K Huse'man. Lester D Martin. John A Mertz. Gary D 
Seibert, Allan V Miller, Richard L Theurer. Ronald U Lmdquist. Melvm L Rie- 
mann. James V Miller, Sylvia A Lydick THIRD ROW Timothy J Rowe, Terr- 
Block and Bridle-TOP ROW: Mildred J Scnbner, Donna L. Burnett, Richard L 
Teagarden, Lonnie L. Lemon. Charles M Graves. Robert A Ebert, Carol L Run- 
yon. Birgit H. Gustafson, Kendal L Grecian SECOND ROW Donald R. McClure. 
Brad J Kerbs, Terril L Eberhard, Richard E. Wilborn, Freddie M. Dehoff, Ken- 
neth R. Wade, Gordon R, Christiansen, Waldo D Poovey THIRD ROW: Kelvin 

ance F. Ball, David W Grothusen, William M Frankenbery, John C Nagel, Dan 
R. Peterson, Duane H McClure, Sondra L Grumbein. Sally J Lydick, Gene W. 
Laverentz, Dale M. Richardson, BOTTOM ROW Arthur A Adams. James R 
Dobbins, Garry L Peterson, Wesley P Holmes, David W Bircher, William D 
Oswalt. Roger D Beesley. Virgil R Huseman, William M Payne. Charles R 

R Boyer. Roger A. Griffin, Ronald J Seyfert, Richard P Houdyshell. Leigh W St 
Clair, Carmen R Klein, Thomas D Perrier, Robert C Carlgren, Michael D. Van- 
Allen BOTTOM ROW Eugene Peters. Willard G Olson. Dan L Hoffman. 
Donald B Johnson, Bruce E Frost, Galen G Frick, Charles L Jasper. John H 


Clinic Club - TOP ROW: Alice L. 
Boyles. Virginia L Ward. Tern A 
DaMetz. Karen E Leker SECOND 
ROW Sherry E. Miller. Steven C. 
Bruner. Larry G. Walker. Charles R. 
Bonebrake, Wilbur L Lala BOTTOM 
ROW: Burk Jubelt. Kendall M Wright. 
William D Butler. Charles R King 

Clinic club members hear 
dean from medical school 

John Chapman, associate dean of the University 
of Kansas Medical School, talked to members of the 
Clinic Club in October. He outlined medical school 
admission requirements and explained standards 
used by most schools. Freshman medical students 
from the University of Kansas were invited to visit 
the campus to discuss problems encountered. 

Surgeons, interns, coroners and general practi- 
tioners, discussed their professions with the group. 
They told members, most of whom were interested 
in medicine or dentistry, what to look for in choos- 
ing a medical school and answered questions about 
their various fields of practice. 

Chaparajos club celebrates 
twentieth year on campus 

Celebrating their twentieth anniversary on cam- 
pus, members of Chaparajos, a horsemen's club, 
invited charter members to the University's annual 
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Rodeo 
in April. The rodeo began the spring circuit in the 
Great Plains region. Team members, who were 
Chaparajos, took first and second in rodeos at the 
Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin in the fall. 

Besides planning and participating in collegiate 
rodeos, members also had a fall overnight trail ride 
to a professor's ranch east of Manhattan and 
planned a spring steak fry and a queen contest 
judged on horsemanship, beauty and personality. 

Chaparajos Club - TOP ROW Mar- 
cia L Stout, Vicki M. Hedges. Joyce L 
Wolfram. Joan E Warner, Newton C 
Hmson SECOND ROW Clayton R. 
Beebe. William M Frankenbery, Larry 
G. Bailey. Jane L Chatlain. BOTTOM 
ROW Elmer D Imthurn. Louis D. 
Todd. Charles R White 


Chaparajos- TOP ROW: Deanna C. Rogers, Glenda M. Booth. Memory D 
Marlow. Virginia L McPhail. Lynda S. Harris. Karen J Whitton. Tamara D. Arm- 
strong. Sharon W Bush. Richard L, Teagarden SECOND ROW Candice S. 
Case. Catherine L Turner, Catherine L Scholler. Shannon S. Hetnck. Donna L 
Symns, Lona D Vilander. Gail A Mayer. Eva J Sutherland. Deanna M. Adams. 
Robert S Vincent. THIRD ROW: Frank E. Mattke. Sharon L Norton, Carolyn A 

Kaberhne, Joyce E. Furney, Donald A. Herbers, Robert A Herlocker, Norman W. 
Pilger, Marsha L Norton. David Worthmgton. Steven A Mueller BOTTOM 
ROW Denton, J, Whitman. Ronald D, Pappan. Ronald W Norton. Frederick W 
Gatlin, Eldon M, Murray, William S. Swan, Kent H. Stones, Charles W Burger. 
Lannie L Hanel 

Chaparajos— TOP ROW: Laura J. Kobbeman, Linda K. Gaul, Patricia K. Miller. 
Peggy J. Frakes, Janet H Woodson, Kathenne A Kirk, Chen L. Blickenstaff. Gin- 
ger L. Brooks, Tracy A. Gaughan, Patricia J, Drake SECOND ROW: Joel L 
Mead, Charles D. Lambert, Suzanne DiMatteo, Pamela A Bowmer. Janet L. 
McAninch. Joyce L. Womeldorff, Cynthia A Hutchins, Joyce E Blecha, Carolyn 
R. Zenishek. THIRD ROW Barbara J. Socolofsky, Joann R Huseman. Lynn D. 

Glasco, Richard M Reid, Harold G. Weil, David W. Grothusen, David C Hall, 
James E, Bobmmyer, Charles K Tillson, Kelvin R Boyer BOTTOM ROW Terry 
S Wollen, William D Oswalt, John R Khng. Thomas H Wessels. Ray L Helm- 
bold, Richard W Lewis, Forrest E. Stegelin, Kenneth L Carlson, Robert J Bon- 

Chaparajos-TOP ROW: Mildred J Scnbner. Patsy J James. Cheryl K Huse- 
man. Debara K. Nye, Ruth L. Worthmgton, Donna L. Burnett BOTTOM ROW 

Alfred J Herndon, Richard K Norton, Andrew M. Jones, Fay Russett. Lonnie 
L Lemon, Lester D Martin 

Collegiate 4-H club builds bulletin boards on campus 

Bulletin boards were erected near Ford hall and 
the Physical Science building by members of Col- 
legiate 4-H. The group raised funds for club activi- 
ties by selling concessions at the Hutchinson State 
Fair in September. Students also helped county 
agents judge 4-H exhibits at fairs and county club 
days and planned the program for a freshman mixer 
during orientation week in the fall. 

In the spring, the club organized a clean-up 
weekend at Rock Springs 4-H Ranch. Cooperating 
with the Kansas 4-H Foundation and the extension 
office, members of the group wrote copy, edited and 
planned page layouts for "4-H in Review," a publi- 
cation describing county 4-H activities in Kansas. 
The magazine, which has a circulation of 21,000, is 
distributed throughout the state. 

Collegiate 4-H Club -TOP ROW: Faye L. Hegeman. Glenda T. Boyce. Phyllis 
J. Gillmore. Jerlynn K Isch. Shirley A. Livengood. Karen S. Bugbee. Nancy A 
Kasitz, Sandra D Tollefson, Donnis A Johnson, Doris B. Mayhill, Jean K. Clark- 
son SECOND ROW: Joe P. Giersch. Kent L Noel. Jane E Kitch, Betty A Beis- 
ner. Margaret A Thiel. Nancy J Gatewood. Sharon F. Rice. Bonita F Biery, 
Charlotte A. Shoup. Sharon L Stone, Linda K. Riemann. Jack L. Burton THIRD 
ROW Donald B. Coleman. Linda R Wasmund. Jean M. Haines. Deborah J. 

Russ. John D. Wood. Dennis R Siefkes. Jerry W Sleichter, Dennis D. Towns. 
Gerald J Bohnen. James E Phillips, George Heersche. FOURTH ROW: Duane 
E. Mikesell. Justin B Janssen. John W. Toney, Perrin K. Symns. Dan L. 
Hoffman. Timothy T. Benton. Richard D. West, Gary J. Hanna, Ben W. Wood, 
Gerald H Thiele, John H. VanDalsem BOTTOM ROW. Stephanie A. Baer. Jean 
M. Sunderland, Susan G Woodard. Jill Stevens, Margaret L. Dempster, Carol E. 

Collegiate 4-H Club - TOP ROW Eldeen M Voth. Mary L Ault. Jean L Un- 
ruh, Jolene R Charvat, Reba S. Brazle. Marie J Morton, Nancy J Ukena, Mar- 
garet Smerchek, Sharon K. George. Terry A. Lassman. Nancy L Presnal. SEC- 
OND ROW Marcia L. Lowther. Margaret R Hooper. Judith I Kitch. Mary K. 
Prochaska, Delma J. Baker. Loretta E. Reeh. Nancy J. Atkinson. Carol F. Hen- 
dershot-, Marcia G Lundquist, Martha D. Patton, Carolyn M Robinson THIRD 

ROW Judith A Hornberger. David C Todd, Richard L McCollough. Steve D. 
Carr, Alan L. DeGood. Cynthia A Wilson, Connie M. McClure. Marlyse K. Mil- 
burn. Marlena K Sanders. Judith H. Hunter. Janice A. Overocker. BOTTOM 
ROW: Richard D Lowe. Larry E Kater, Barry L. Schartz. Dennis G. Kasselman, 
Leslie C Longberg, Glenn W. Riggs. Larry E. Goering, Dale E. Naiman, Elizabeth 
R. Sutcliffe, Delores A. Hoffman. Marsha A. Bouchey. 


Visual aid materials for the grand champion demonstration at 
Riley County Club Days are examined by the two Collegiate 4-H 

Club members who judged the event Members judge for near- 
by counties' club days and for the regional contest on campus. 

Colligate 4-H Club - TOP ROW: Janell A Planner. Judith A Smith. Theresa A 
Meyer. Linda K. Gaul. Beverly J. Kreider, Rita A Muret. Karolyn K Kellogg. Betty 
J Smith. Donita M Steele. Sandra S Abeldt. Carol A Phillips SECOND ROW 
Nina M. Felbush, Susanna G Dusenbury. Jane C Wagner. Marcia P. Bartell. 
Linda C. Wiehe, Linda L. Plummer, Richard D Miller, Marcia A Norby. Joanne 
J. Parker. Tom J Moxley THIRD ROW: Margaret E Bryant. Mary J Knappen- 

berger. Ann J Brunner. Carolyn D Olson. Melvin N Metzen. James F Plog. 
Rodney P Shipman. Richard L Scott, Walter B Patton. Ronald L Strahm, Ted 
D Edmondson BOTTOM ROW: Lyle H Gugler. Gary D Thompson. James G 
Jenkins. Jon R Gremer, Victor A Moss, Roger C Locher, Barbara J Nagel, 
Kenneth L Carlson, Florrie N Jones, James H Peckham 

Collegiate 4-H Club - TOP ROW Chen L Avery, Jeanne E Haslouer. Karr L 
Wilson, Juanita K Brinkmeyer. Linda G. Schwilling, Lois F. Hurd, Helen L Ford, 
Beverly A. Dearing. Glenda M. Odgers, Sue A Jensen, Shirley M. Kastle SEC- 
OND ROW Sharon J. Hendershot. Joyce E Blecha, Linda M Richardson. 
Monte W. Harden. Ruth A Wilhite, Suzann K Neitzel. Luann K. Nelson, Carla J 
Garrison. Arietta Y Visser, Keith D Starr. THIRD ROW Bruce T Waldren, Larry 

E Kohl, Sally A Goodyear. Donald R McClure. Lynn D Glasco. Roger R Mc- 
Collough. James R Ploger. Richard M Reid, Donald G. Ziegler. Roy B Barnhart. 
Jimmy D Mathis. BOTTOM ROW Steve G Grube. James C Forshee. Edwin L 
Becker. Dale P Mann. Forrest E Stegehn. Ronald L Peterson. Garry L. Peter- 
son. John R. Khng, Ronnie G Lunsford, Ralph C Richardson. 

^ il ^ £% j^ 


Collegiate Young Democrats— TOP ROW: Janice L Johnson. Marilyn J An- 
derson, Kathleen D. Kelly, Jane A. Shaffer, Pamela A Jones, Marcia K Imm. 
Kathleen J. McCreery SECOND ROW: Le R Bonorden, Linda A Price. Michael 
A. Hendricks. Kathleen A Schmidt. Victor F. Shalkoski. Elizabeth C. McKemy. 

Eugene C. Smith. Mary J Pretzer THIRD ROW Joyce J Rohr, Richard E. 
Shank, Emmett L. Stueve, John W Cooper. Karl A. Pesaresi, Jerry B Fickel, Wil- 
lard A Miller BOTTOM ROW Daniel R Lykms, Gerald D Schmidt, Alan W 
Scott, Seth Kaufman, George A, Lewis, Richard E Kaup 

CYDs,CYRs campaign 
for governor candidates 

Elections in November brought speakers and 
campaign activity to members of Collegiate Young 
Republicans and Young Democrats. The clubs pro- 
vided rides to the polls, mailed campaign literature 
and called on voters personally. 

"Collegiates for Avery" toured the state cam- 
paigning for the GOP gubernatorial candidate. The 
governor and several Congressional candidates, in- 
cluding Rep. Larry Winn and Sen. James Pearson, 
appeared before the 675-member group. To inform 
students about the outlook of the 1968 Legislature, 
CYR in January organized four legislative work- 
shops on liquor by the drink, education, mental 
health and Medicare, John Conard, speaker of the 
Kansas house, and Pres. James A. McCain were 
keynote speakers for the conference. 

CYD invited George Docking, the governor's 
brother, and Democratic nominees for lieutenant 
governor and attorney general to speak. Students 
attended a breakfast for Sen. William Fulbright, 
who addressed an all-University convocation in the 
spring. CYD members also carried placards and 
lobbied during Model Congress sessions. 

State Representative Richard Rogers crowns CYR Queen Pam 
Carlson. University candidate for CYR state convention queen. 


Collegiate Young Republicans— TOP ROW Austina D Terry. Jams E Miller, 
Wilma J. Lunt, Judy K McAhster. Gail M. Farmer. Stephanie A Baer. Paula N. 
Gantz, Vera J. McAlexander. Joyce L. Womeldorff. Judy M. Brammer. Nancy K. 
Scheetz. SECOND ROW Larry G Horning. Richard D Miller. Tom J. Moxley. 
Steven A Lunt. John R. Clark, Linda K. Thurlow. Barbara J. Chance, Thomas R. 
Tucker. Curtm L Wagner. Lawrence E. Wilson. THIRD ROW: Ronald L. Strahm, 

Melvm D Robinson. Barry Jensen. Richard D Roswurm. John A Snodderley. 
Kenneth A Winzeler, William D Miner. Steven G Kirkwood. Loretta N. Jones. 
Roger C Locher, Thomas K Plant BOTTOM ROW Jon R Gremer, Albert J. 
Alexander. Donald B Johnson. James G. Swinehart. Jerry A Fabert, James W. 
Stanley, Harold J. Garten, Kenneth R Reynolds. John W Stude, William E Pip- 

Collegiate Young Republicans— TOP ROW Marilyn L Hall, Margaret E. 
Chew, Margaret A Ewing. Jean A Sheik, Mary L England. Janet A. McNee, 
Kathryn E Heyne. Barbara A Stiles, Susan C. Bethell, Sandra M Hamilton, 
Lawrence N. Frey SECOND ROW James R Kenyon, William M Henry, Patrick 
M. Harmon, Barbara J Chaloupka, Angele Holvorson. Galen R. Niedenthal, 
Dwight A Schulke, John E Denning, Michael R. Hillyard, Carl J Carlson. 

THIRD ROW: William R, Atkinson, George A. Brelig. Jerry G Anderson. Louis 
W Bolack, Richard L Newkirk, Bruce E Burke. Eugene W Kovar. Guy M Heyl. 
Frank R Bernasek. Gail I Post. Brian G Dunham BOTTOM ROW Terry D 
Uehlmg, Lynn R Johnson. Ronald R Worley. Kent R Praeger. Dale P. Mann. 
Richard M Wibbeler, Robert D Fyfe. David E. Freeland, Thomas R Hathaway, 
Robert F Winzeler. 

Collegiate Young Republicans— TOP ROW James S Minnick. Lea A. Dohm, 
Vicky L. Pogue, Melody V Milhck, Cheryl A. Hiller, Arveta C Whiteman, Marcia 
A Jones, Cheryl A Daves, Jill E. Bunker. Linda Myrl Miller. Pamela S Carlson, 
Robert H Stover SECOND ROW: Daniel W Young, Leroy D Chadwick. Sarah 
C Harper, Malmda S. Kessler, John W. Hofmann. Loren L Johnson, Alice J 
Sheik, Nancy J Butler. Connie K. Good. Loren D Fischer. Charles R Howell. 

THIRD ROW. Earlene L Miller. Fredrick L Mattox. Michael R. Murray, Kent L 
Marmet, Rex E. Danford, Glen W Froelich, Michael H Nichols, Lawrence A 
Hermreck, John H Wilson. Thomas E. Poley. Robert H. Miller BOTTOM ROW 
James E. Taylor. Gerald F Rapp. Larry A Smith. Edward E. Blankenhagen, Mari- 
lyn S. Kelsey. Carol Christensen. James M. Peters. Terrill L Woolsey, Charles J. 
Seel. Wesley A Darnell. William P. Young. 

Circle K - TOP ROW G Orval Ebberts, Kenneth E. Stout. Gary L. Jackson. 
Deogracias Magcalas BOTTOM ROW Gary J Hanna, Gordon R Olson, Daniel 
R McConachie 

Circle-K continues campus 
blood campaign coverage 

Blood coverage for students, faculty members and 
their families was made available through campus 
blood drives sponsored by the Circle-K Club. Two 
Red Cross bloodmobiles were brought to campus 
and the club received a trophy for reaching their 
goal of 600 pints for the fall semester. Circle-K 
members also helped their sponsors, the Manhattan 
Kiwanis Club, in planning a pet and hobby parade. 

Clothing and Textiles Club - TOP ROW: Linda J Watkins. Rena L. Watts. 
Maybeth D. Frey. Eva M Ayres. Marilyn L. Schmoll. Gale A. Justice, Beverly M 
Krug. SECOND ROW Michele E. Schroeppel. Sandra L. Bradley, Peggy J 
Schick, Susanna G. Dusenbury, Carolyn S Hornick, Joyce A. Line THIRD ROW 

Linda A. Price, Conibeth Tillmon, Carol A. Maisch, Shirley A. Lewis, Cynthia M. 
Tucker, Janet L Miller, Sue A Carmichael BOTTOM ROW: Earlene L. Miller, 
Jean M Casper, Virginia M Munson, Nancy J. Reed, Martha H. Webster. 
Beverly A Norton 

Clothing and Textiles Club -TOP ROW: Frances R. Mullmix. Mary K Schell. 
Melba M Moore. Barbara J Thomas. Roberta A. Jewett, Linda L Rice. Marilyn 
A Karhn. Sharon K Friesen, Soma D Larson, Janice K. Schneber SECOND 
ROW Barbara A Chastain. Joan K Ruesser, Noell E. Wulfkuhle, Nancy A. Sin- 
gular, Artyce A Golden, Ellen E Sparks, Barbara Byrne, Beverly J Kreider, Ja- 

nice A. Lindgren. THIRD ROW: Margaret J. Marsh, Cheryl L Wilch, Janet K. 
Marrs, Betty A Beisner, Beverly S, Oberle, Karen M Snow, Christine Wertz, 
Bonnie M. Hubbell. BOTTOM ROW: Jane A. Bigler, Diane K Youngers, Barbara 
J. Tozer. Joan I. Smith, Nancy L. Evans, Barbara A. Harrison, Linda S. Smith, 
Judith A. Stindt 

Cosmopolitan club panel 
discusses current dispute 

A panel discussed the Indian-Pakistani dispute at 
a Cosmopolitan Club meeting. The International 
Music Festival, the spring retreat, and a Feast of 
Nations were also sponsored by the club. Cosmo- 
politan Club met frequently with members of their 
sister organization, People-to-People. Thetwo 
clubs encouraged better relations among people of 
differing nationalities on campus. 

Cosmopolitan Club -TOP ROW Jibade Oyekan, Susan M Moore. Margar- 
et A. Williams. Sudhir K Gupta. SECOND ROW William B Daylong. Thomas A. 
Taylor. Joseph I Alade, Kenneth R Jacques, Jesse Akinokun BOTTOM 
ROW Hasan Kamil, Dennis A Harbaugh. Philip F. Moore. Stanley M. Slaven 

Dairy Science Club — TOP ROW Edward N Jackson, James R Studnicka. 
Allan C Buss. Richard L Harner. Lyle G Helmer. Lawrence E Carter SECOND 
ROW: Frederick A. Kopp, Brian A. Wicks. James H. Goff, Ross Mickelsen, Rob- 

ert B Fry BOTTOM ROW James L Morrill. James H Roeder. Donald C Utz. 
John W. Toney, Robert C Dobson. Steven A Larson 

Home economists donate 
mitten tree to reservation 

Children at an Indian reservation were aided by 
the Clothing and Textiles Club's "mitten tree" lo- 
cated in Justin hall. Students placed mittens on the 
tree which were collected and sent to the children. 
The club's Best Dress Girl contest, in which coeds 
modeled church, formal and school outfits, was a 
preliminary to a national contest sponsored by 
Glamour magazine. 

Dairy club serves dinner 
for breeders' convention 

Dinner was served by the Dairy Science Club to 
members of the Kansas Breeding Association dur- 
ing their annual meeting on campus. Working with 
Block & Bridle, club members planned the annual 
Little American Royal. Speakers from Purina and 
other agri-businesses addressed the club, and Dean 
Hess, alumni director, was the featured speaker at 
their tenth annual banquet. 


Dames Club— TOP ROW Ellen M. Lewis, Marcia A Cooper, Susan L Thomp- 
son, Flora J Yorgason, Ruth E. Kerr. Ruth C Favreaux, Joyce R Lugmsland, 
Carol M. Klover SECOND ROW Karen A Sutherland, Pat J Belcher, Nancy 
Betts, Linda S Chestnut, Kathryn A. Swank, Susan K, Herbel, Pamela J. Faul- 
coner, Sandy Marsden, Judy Richards THIRD ROW Viola M Day, R Eileen 

King, Jamie Hunkapiller, Bobbi G Reichert. Alice E Krchma, Sherlyn L Latas, 
Mary L Lundblade, Donna K Arp BOTTOM ROW Sara B, Montei, Stephany K. 
Taphorn, Jean E. Miller, Mary A, Metzger, Joan T. Isaacson, Cindy S. Jacques, 
Norma L Unger 

Dames Club— TOP ROW Connie L Blakenship. Rita R Carthrae, Barbara N 
Rawlmgs, Jerri Miller. Jo M McKinnis, Wilma J Lunt, Becky Gleason, Judith 
Steppel. SECOND ROW: Wynn M Cockrum, Joan G Kolde, Cherie K. Wells, 
Kathy G. Schmidt, Barbara K Hefty. Beverly A. Anderzhon, Marsha K. Rhodus. 

Jean Schanefelt THIRD ROW Patricia A May. Susan L Osborne, M Carolyn 
Hawkins, Marilyn D. Feldkamp. Jane L. Pietronicco. Diana S Padgett, Betty S. 
Dick BOTTOM ROW: Ruby K. Brower, Erna J. Wright, Linda R. Bailey, Darlene 
T. Schuler, Rebecca L. Jenkins. Janet K Stivers. 

Dames club works for March of Dimes campaign 

As a community service, members of Dames Club 
worked in the March of Dimes campaign and sup- 
ported a needy Manhattan family at Christmas. 
The organization listened to monthly programs on 
"Fashions and Figure Problems," "The Controver- 
sial Pill" and "Decorating on a Shoestring." 

At weekly sessions, the Dames divided into 
groups to practice knitting, bridge, ceramics and 
bowling. To earn money for activities, the club 
planned a bake sale and a car wash. Members or- 
ganized a Christmas tea and honored graduating 
seniors at a banquet in the spring. 


Engin-Dears-TOP ROW: Janet L Shade. Mary F. Childres. Linda K Shehi. 
Diane M. Messing. SECOND ROW: Sandra S Mall. Gloria E. Baxter. Tahmeroo 
L. Gaynier. Nancy A. Netson BOTTOM ROW: Sharon L Kirkbride. Nancy A 
Hodgson. Ellen J. Kelchak. Regina F. Wolfe. 

Engin-dear coeds serve 
as hostesses for colleges 

Promoting the Colleges of Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture, Engin-dears served coffee at college con- 
ventions, attended freshman engineering assemblies 
and were official hostesses for Engineers' and Archi- 
tects' Open House. "Girls of the Month" in the 
K-State Engineer, the college magazine, and St. 
Patricia and her attendants were members. 

Entomologists sell insect collections to FFA club 

Insect collections were gathered, packed and sold 
to Future Farmers of America clubs by Entomology 
Club members. The director of an Arizona research 
institute and faculty members of the pathology and 

botany departments talked to the group members, 
most of whom were graduate students. The club's 
exhibit at Ag Science Day centered on the advant- 
ages of doing graduate work in entomology. 

Entomology Club-TOP ROW Sue 
A Valder. Annapoorna M Reddi. El- 
bert L Eshbaugh, John H Simpson. 
Ahmed M. Kadoum. Mir A. Kahn. 
SECOND ROW Hugh E Thompson. 
Binda P. Khare, Roger C Smith. Don- 
ald A Wilbur. H Derrick Blocker. 
THIRD ROW Gerald E.Wilde. Carl W. 
Rettenmeyer. Richard J Elzinga. 
Robert B Mills. Theodore L. Hopkins. 
Herbert Knutson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Reginald H. Painter, H Leroy Brooks. 
DelmonW. LaHue. Harry W Somsen. 
Charles W. Pitts. 

Entomology Club-TOP ROW Ralph E Berry. Paul D. Hunkapiller. Stanley R. 
Husted, Nellie E. Lambley, Fay L Hegeman. I-Wu Chu. Gabriel Diaz. John P. 
Spencer. James 0. AN SECOND ROW: Darrell E. Bay, Kermit 0. Bell. Richard K. 
Lindquist. Gary F. Hevel. James D Lambley. Stephen M Valder. Elvis A Hein- 
richs, Fred W Handlin, Johnson Arokoyo THIRD ROW Paul VanDerSchaaf. 

Gundu H Rao. Donley H Johnson. Billy D Hilbert. Phillip A Nickel. Eddie K 
Daniels, Glen F Swoyer. Patrick A Walters. Kenneth A Sorensen. BOTTOM 
ROW Harold G. Nagel. Bill F Jones. Ronald E Keys. Larry Murdock. Robert S 
Baldndge, Terry L Biery. William H Reissig, James A. Webster. Lyman W Rob- 

Family & Child Development Club-TOP ROW Janet H. Woodson, Mary M 
Dobbins. Brenda C Jones, Sandra L. Olson, Carolin K. Smith, Patricia L Grant, 
Carol F. McKee, Barbara L Brownlie, Marita K. Rose SECOND ROW Katherme 
L Neal, Alice L Wayman, Jean E Peterson, Margaret H Mock. Donna R. Sim- 
mons, Jeri L. Farmer, Mickelm G Burnes, Rita M Reischick THIRD ROW Mary 

K Rains, Patricia J Adrian, Barbara J Mattix, Connie L Veskerna, Beverly J. 
Skolaut. Ruth A. Bartholomew. Carol A. Laverentz. Nancy L. Winter. BOTTOM 
ROW Lola J. Peters, Deborah L Brown, Nancy S. Bartel, Linda R Wasmund, 
Harriet E Hapai, Jeanne A Guy, Dianne Darling. 

Home Economics club 
provides babysitter lists 

Lists of prospective babysitters were compiled by 
the Family and Child Development Club to aid 
Manhattan families. Members caroled at Wharton 
and Parkview Manors at Christmas and participat- 
ed in a tutoring program for Manhattan school 
children. On a special field trip in the spring, mem- 
bers traveled to the Industrial School for Girls in 
Beloit. Speakers talked about juvenile delinquency 
and the tutoring program. A fall dinner and a 
spring picnic were other social activities. 

Family Economics group 
visits Kansas City court 

Family Economics Club, one of nine interest 
groups associated with the College of Home Eco- 
nomics, sponsored a consumer education trip to 
Kansas City. Among places visited were the Inter- 
state Financial House and a bankruptcy court. 

Members of the club also visited a Manhattan 
rest home, hung Christmas decorations in Justin 
hall and were guests of the Kansas Power and Light 
Company at a fall banquet and fashion show in Sal- 
ina. Barbara Southerland was president. 

Family Economics Club— TOP ROW 
Joyce M Smith. Margaret A. Caspar. 
Barbara A Southerland SECOND 
ROW Anna M. Luker. Jane D. Klover, 
Kathleen D. Tabler. Sandra M. Hamil- 
ton BOTTOM ROW: Albie C. Ras- 
mussen. Judy L Heck. Wilma M 


Flying Club members visit 
Wichita aircraft industry 

Continued expansion ranked high on the list of 
activities of Flying Club members. The group added 
a third aircraft to their club's possessions, and fre- 
quently spent weekends washing and waxing the 
planes. During November, the club joined Wildcat 
Flying Club, another student organization, to tour 
Cessna Aircraft Corporation in Wichita. 

The problems of airplane finance and insurance 
were discussed regularly at club meetings and films 
on air safety and ground school were shown. 

Filipino students present 
native dances in programs 

Programs on folk dances of the Philippines and 
other countries were presented by the Filipino Stu- 
dents Association for International Week. During 
one program, "Christmas in the Philippines,'' 
members demonstrated parts of a traditional native 
dance, the "tinikling," by jumping over bamboo 
sticks. Association members explained caroling and 
courting customs of the islands at the Christmas 
program. The dances were also presented at Riley 
County and Abilene high schools. 

K-State Flying Club-TOP ROW: 
Leslie A Lovett. Craig Nelsen. Gary D 
Owen. Duke B. Reiber. Norman R. 
Schneider. James S Taylor SECOND 
ROW Stephen K Raney. Patrick D 
Bachtell. Wray E Bradley. James A 
Shurts. Gary L Vacin. Gary L Turner 
THIRD ROW Jerry D Graf. Jerry L 
Schmidt. Mark S Coberly, Douglas R. 
Aberle. Karmon D Almquist BOT- 
TOM ROW: Lyle H Gugler. Galen R 
McDonald. Malcolm D Rodenberg. 
Harold E Socolofsky 

Filipino Association— TOP ROW Remedios A Felix, Leopoldo V. Abis. Mag- 
dalena, V Montilla. Avelina Q. Paulsen, Josefina M Wooding, Cecila D. Masa- 
quel, Roman R Estioko SECOND ROW: Mary R Yapit, Deogracias A 

Magcalas, Guia R Martinez, Gary M Paulsen, Jefren L. Demeteno. Emiliana A. 
Bernardo. BOTTTOM ROW Cesar C. Jesena. Rodulfo P Pacumbaba, Angehta 
V DeGuzman, Mercedes N Tiamzon. Frank J Wooding, Louis H Douglas 

Forensic Union — TOP ROW Regina F Wolfe. Susan A Schwab. JoAnn Scha- 
fer, Sheryl B Ethng. Bonita K Thomas. Ann P. Kaiser. Charolyn K Lacey. Pamela 
L. Poole SECOND ROW Roger D Dennis, Stuart A. Spaulding. Janice D Lenz. 
Barbara S. Bowman. Sandra S Paramore, Bernard O Williams. Vincent Di- 
Salvo. THIRD ROW CharlesW Newcom. Edward B. Detrixhe. Robert M. 

Smith. Jerry E Kopke. James R Tanner, Jack V Lewis. Gilbert J Wagner. Eldon 
L. Boisseau BOTTOM ROW Fred W. Suggs, Leslie A. Matthews. Gary D 
Schulz. Thomas C Roberts. William B Daylong. Richard E. Abbott. Ray R. Pat- 

Debaters visit prospects, 
judge novice tournaments 

To promote interest in debate, members of Fo- 
rensic Union traveled to Kansas high schools pre- 
senting demonstrations and talking with prospec- 
tive University debators. Club members also were 
judges for high school debate tournaments. 

Traveling hundreds of miles, the students partici- 
pated in debate tournaments at Baton Rouge, La., 
Ames, Iowa, Louisville, Ky., Salina and Emporia. 
At banquets in the fall and spring, the organization 
presented awards to the year's most outstanding 
debators, both experienced and novice. 

Foresters tour industries, 
prune trees on state land 

Improving their knowledge of forestry-related 
industries, the Association of Student Foresters 
toured a sawmill, a gunstock manufacturing plant 
and a Christmas tree plantation in southeastern 
Kansas. The 30-member club, organized this year, 
included both horticulture and pre-forestry stu- 
dents. In addition to lectures by experts in the 
profession at monthly programs, the group gained 
practical experience by pruning trees on state- 
owned land near the University. An exhibit at Ag 
Science Day illustrated aspects of forestry. 

Forestry Club - TOP ROW: David M. 
Philbrook. Paul L Roth. John S. Nie- 
meyer. Stephen E. Loy, Roger W. 
Edwards. Susan E Cook. SECOND 
ROW Lester L. Linscott, Gary W. 
Krause, Roland F. Sass. Douglas A. 
Zeman. Eric M Burkhead. BOTTOM 
ROW: Joel S Brummel, Steven J. 
Cohorst. Dwight G. Gorrell. Stanley R. 
Grote. Bruce E Rose. Terry E Clark 


Formosan students greet 
new members at fall party 

Greeting new Formosan students at a welcome 
party in September, members of the Formosan As- 
sociation offered fellow countrymen assistance with 
University and cultural orientation problems. 

Organized to acquaint other students with their 
country's culture, members sponsored parties and 
picnics during the year to provide opportunities for 
fellowship between Formosans and Americans. 

Collegiate FFA members 
work for convention crew 

Chapter officers of the Collegiate Future Farmers 
of America traveled in October to Kansas City and 
worked on the stage crew for two days at the 1966 
national convention. The organization awarded a 
$100 scholarship to a freshman in agriculture, 
provided housing for 350 high school students at- 
tending the state convention at the University and 
attended a club banquet in the spring. 

Formosan Association— TOP ROW Al- 
ice A. Chang. Pi-Yu Ting. Inga Y Hsu, Tim 
L Rhee. Jin-Jerg Wang. SECOND ROW 
Jye S Fang, Neng-Hsiang Wang. Ming- 
Tang Lin. Billy I Tsai THIRD ROW Mi- 
chael S Chen. Strong C Chuang, Andrew 
Y. Lee, Peter S Maa BOTTOM ROW: 
William S Huang, Tien-Mo Lim, Chon S. 
Cheng, Hsin I. Huang 

Future Farmers of America-TOP ROW Robert W Gilbert, Eldon R Trost, 
Fred L, Wedel, Ronald L Stucky. Daniel G Laufenberg, Don W Sowers. Stanley 
D Buss. Robert D Neill, James V. Miller, Larry E Rowland. Joseph B Detrixhe. 
Herbert R Hayden SECOND ROW: John R. Gates. Philip J. Steen. Frank E. 
Mattke. Rodney P Shipman. Rolland W Prothe, Wayne G Powell, David F 
Martin, Wilbur R. Stites. William 0. Ebert. Richard D. Wilson, Richard D, Miller. 
THIRD ROW Alan J. Muntz. Richard E Bramlage. Larry D Wobker. Richard K. 

Bartel. Alan D Cox, James W Waggoner, Larry C Epley, David E. Tinkler, Ladd 
L Siebert, Marvin W Creager, Robert J. Mainguist, Delbert L Rule FOURTH 
ROW: John E Holste, Samuel L Hands, Leon D Sowers, Garry L Peterson, 
Ronald L Peterson, Jettie F Condray, Leon B Schmidt. Charles D McNeal, 
James P. Kelly. Dale M Richardson, Gerald H Thiele BOTTOM ROW Ross D 
Crane, Wendell K Hockens. Paul N Stevenson, Gary J Morehead. Everett K. 
Everson. Terril L Eberhard. Rex A Stewart, Carl D Brillhart, Norman R Galle 


Geography students hear Nebraska professor speak 

Speakers at monthly meetings of the Geography 
Club included Dean Rugg, professor of geography 
at the University of Nebraska, who spoke on "Per- 
sistance of Regions in Western Europe 11 ; and visit- 
ing geography professors from the University of 

Kansas and Leeds University, Leeds, England. 

Working in conjunction with the geography hon- 
orary, Gamma Theta Upsilon, the organization 
made plans for a spring field trip to St. Louis and 
sponsored a picnic for students and faculty. 

Geography Club-TOP ROW: David 
B. Gattorna. Diane M. Crostarosa. 
Sharon L Froelich. John L. Johnson 
SECOND ROW Thomas W Mullin. 
Steve W Train, Allan D Cross, John 
E Lehman, Stanley J Alexander 
THIRD ROW Daniel W Young, Mi- 
chael D. Janke, Robert H Williams, 
Huber Self BOTTOM ROW Charles 
F Bourbina. Kenneth A Vandall. Dale 
E Peterson, Stanley I. Vmge. 

German Club— TOP ROW: Sharon I Gentry, Margaret E Hassig, Ingeborg U, 
Schmidt, Marykaye Ratter. Teresa K Garrison SECOND ROW Christa F Scha- 

fer. Gerhud Schafer, Susan Smutz, Barbara L Mueller. Stephen M Craft BOT- 
TOM ROW Helga M Lisec. Harold Yates, Wayne R Weide. Luanne H Waters 


Hoedowners in western dress join hands in response to the 
caller's directions at a meeting of the newly formed square 

dance club. Members danced to new reels and rounds when 
the club participated in exchanges with other groups 

Hoedowners Square Dance Club— 

TOP ROW Jean M Sunderland. 
Marcia E Latschar. Sharon L. Stone. 
Carol D Latschar SECOND ROW 
Catherine L Turner. Wanda L Bates. 
Rodney P Shipman. Richard D. Wil- 
son. Frank E Mattke THIRD ROW: 
Donald E Morgan. Donald L. Lob- 
meyer, Paul N Stevenson. John P. 
Long BOTTOM ROW: Rodney M 
Bates. Gordon E Montney. Merle D 

German club celebrates 
native Fasching holiday 

Increasing their knowledge of German culture 
and history, students in the German Club listened 
to Jurgen Freund, a professor in the language de- 
partment, recall university life in German Cities. 
The group practiced proficiency in the language by 
learning Christmas carols and singing them for 
families in Manhattan. They also presented num- 
bers in the annual Feast of Carols. In early spring, 
club members gathered to observe a traditional 
German holiday, Fasching, by wearing native cos- 
tumes and attending a festive party. 

Hoedowners exhibit dances 
in Salina and Marysville 

Guest callers tapped toes to both the traditional 
reels and the newer round dances when the Hoe- 
downers Square Dance Club sponsored a dance for 
other square dance groups in the Manhattan area. 

During the year, members gave exhibitions at 
festivals in Marysville and Salina and participated 
in exchange dances with university clubs in Hays 
and Emporia. To promote greater interest in danc- 
ing, the club worked for fun badges which were 
awarded as national recognition of proficiency in 
stunts, such as dancing barefoot or on the street. 


General Home Economics Club— TOP ROW: Mary E. Gibhart. Karen R. Ander- 
son, Janet E. Thompson. Karen E. Travis. Linda J. Peterson. Donita M. Steele. 
Judy A May. Nancy K Nixon. Diane L. Yoshimoto. SECOND ROW Linda M 
Richardson, Karen S Bugbee. Karr L. Wilson. Jolene M. Peterson. Nancy S 
Carr. Nancy A. Kasitz. Barbara J. Thomas, Mary L Feldkamp THIRD ROW: Sal- 

lie M. Underwood, Lesley E. Case. Charlotte A. Shoup, Mary F Heinen. Jacque- 
line Wassemiller, Mary A Stout. Sherry M Stroda. BOTTOM ROW: Nicki A. 
Gardner. Sheila A Billenwillms, Cheryl L Weber. Angele Holvorson, Mary A. 
Mueller. Janet K. Culver 

Home Ec club carries out 
FMOC competition plans 

To foster interest in all areas of home economics, 
students in the General Home Economics Club 
planned programs emphasizing job opportunities in 
diverse fields. A gas and electric company represent- 
ative addressed the group on food preparation ca- 
reers and an extension student told about his ex- 
periences as a Kansas county agent. 

Members also helped plan FMOC competition 
in cooperation with the Home Economics Council. 

Design students practice 
artistic skills at meetings 

Combining interests in interior and fashion de- 
sign, students in Design Club practiced flower ar- 
ranging, molding ceramics and making paper- 
mache jewelry as group activities. 

The club members also watched an expert on 
chair caning from Kansas City demonstrate his 
techniques. To raise money for club projects, mem- 
bers silkscreened designs on Christmas cards and 
sold them at a Manhattan art shop. 

Design Club— TOP ROW: Mary E. Grider. Merry J. Kanawyer. Jeanne A. Inger- 
soll. Jeanne L. Murphy. Karla J Kessler. Connie L. Hampton, Sharon L Brock 
SECOND ROW: Karen A. Falk. Geraldme K Robinson. Linda G Swan. Ruth A 

Ryan. Cheryl S. Heide, Jana L. Cole BOTTOM ROW: Patricia S. Cosgrove. Jean 
M. Haines. Kathleen J. Warner. Marcia C. McLain, Linda K. Thurlow, Janice E. 
Maisch, Frances Newby. 

Extension personnel agent 
explains job opportunities 

At one in the series of programs explaining job 
opportunities in extension work to members of the 
Home Economics Extension Club, Robert Johnson, 
director of personnel training, told members about 
careers in personnel work. A state specialist in 
home furnishings showed slides on the cultural arts 
to club members at a similar program. 

Activities of the club included building an exhibit 
for Hospitality Day and sponsoring a tea to intro- 
duce members to faculty and state specialists in the 
extension department of the University. 

Journalism club receives 
award for program ideas 

In recognition of outstanding program ideas and 
service to the Home Economics Council, the Home 
Economics Journalism Club was named winner of 
the College of Home Economics 1966 Interest A- 
ward. Nine other clubs within the college competed 
for the honor. In the fall, the group toured the Ea- 
gle-Beacon newspaper plant and KAKE-TV station 
on a field trip to Wichita. At the newspaper, Kath- 
leen Kelly, modern living editor, outlined areas of 
newspaper work that demanded training in home 
economics and related fields for the coeds. 

f^* > ' a ^ 


Home Economics Extension 
Club-TOP ROW Diane M Simpson. 
Jean M Sunderland, Nancy K Hat- 
field, Reba S Brazle. Ruth A Jackson. 
Eldeen M Voth SECOND ROW Lois 
A Nixon. Camilla J Fay. Gladys C. 
Thorsell. Sandra L McElwam. Joyce 
E. Blecha. BOTTOM ROW Loretta E 
Reeh. Linda L Plummer. Delma J 
Baker, Janice A Overocker, Carolyn 
D Olson. Lorna E House 

Home Economics Journalism 

Club-TOP ROW Chen L Avery. 
Rachel A Scott. Janet K. Riffey. Bar- 
bara Byrne SECOND ROW Loreen 
A Locke. Becky M Slothower. Lora 
M Smith. Sally A Womer. Lesta L 
Riley BOTTOM ROW Marsha S. 
Smith, Mary J Pretzer. Elaine A 
Rusch. Carolyn R. Rice 



Home Ec teaching club hears professional programs 

Programs on business and industry were present- 
ed by the Home Economics Teaching Club to stress 
career opportunities in the field of teaching. A rep- 
resentative to the National American Home Eco- 
nomics Association Convention in San Francisco 
reported on the convention to home economics class- 
es, to the club and to the Emporia State chapter. 

Profits from selling candy were used to send a 
delegate to the national convention and to supple- 
ment the scholarship given by Home Ec Council. 
Members volunteered to write letters for patients at 
Parkview Manor and also presented programs to 
the patients on Valentines Day and Easter as part 
of a year-long service for the rest home. 

Home Economics Teaching Club— TOP ROW Gayle L Roberts. Rebecca A. 
Hargrove. Lynda M Haberer. Linda K Gaul. Beverly S Frasier. Linda J Sebesta. 
Valerie Taylor. Margaret E White. Phyllis J Johnson SECOND ROW Meta K 
Newell. Charlotte V Portschy, Barbara L Ketzner. Louise M Mattox, Judy E 
Pickens. Karen E Hoeme. Susan L Smoll. Joyce L Womeldorff, Carole J. Hen- 

drix. THIRD ROW: Marcia A Norby. Ruthann I Holle, Betty J Friday. Linda K 
Fraser. Patricia J Heyer, Lenette E Eaton. Jeannette Bailey, Phyllis M Shu- 
mate. Mary A Novak. Juanita M Dennis BOTTOM ROW: Marlene K Moyer, 
Anna M Luker, Donna M. Fleischacker. Sharon L VanVleet, Martha E Reeder, 
Judy K Hammond, Zelma J Hunsicker, Cheryl A Schimpf. Ruth A. Wilhite 

Home Economics Teaching Club— TOP ROW Mary E Windels. Barbara E 
Esau, Gloria R Adams, Cheryl E Claassen, Jean L Unruh. Patricia J Sullivan. 
Mary P Nelson. Linda R. Sawyer, Connie S Kloefkorn, Janet K Liebenau. Ja- 
nice F. Liebenau SECOND ROW Sandra F Tollefson, Francene H Maurath, 
Sherry K Miller, Sharon K George, Joleen A Fiala, Mary J Gechter, Karen S. 
Brim. Carol A Storrer. Mary K Korber. Jackie L Miller THIRD ROW Marilyn L 

Woolley. Linda A. Mayer, Joyce L Meinershagen, Mary K Wood, June A. Woo- 
dard. Olga A Nowinsky, Mary K. Schaper, Sharon S Pirott, Joan M. Kohake. 
Ruth Elledge. Sharon J Hendershot BOTTOM ROW Margaret R Hooper. Pau- 
la K Sandy, Judith H Hunter, Janice E. Cipra, Sally J. Lydick. Mary E Schweitz- 
er, Arietta Y. Visser. Elizabeth A Wilkerson. Teresa C Pippitt, Judith F. Klassen 


Fresh vegetables attract students to the Horticulture Club dis- 
play during the fall Activities Carnival. Many campus clubs and 

organizations are represented to offer opportunities for informa- 
tion, membership or committee interview appointments. 

Horticulture students finance scholarship, spring trip 

Horticulture club initiated a scholarship program 
for students in horticulture financed by profits made 
by producing and selling bedding plants and pecans 
to the Manhattan community and surrounding 
area. The project members also financed a trip in 
the spring. Speakers at the bimonthly meetings 
spoke on potentials in horticulture in business, 

teaching and research. Faculty members were en- 
couraged to attend the meetings to promote stu- 
dent-faculty relationships. Members presented a 
display for Ag Week in the spring and attended a 
picnic each semester. Membership was open to 
anyone interested in horticulture or its application 
to other vocational careers and hobbies. 

Horticulture Club-TOP ROW Con- 
nie B. McReynolds. Danny L Rundle. 
Karen K Asher, Robert H Stover, 
Jimmie R. Mathes SECOND ROW 
Samuel J Brungardt, William L 
Shoemaker, Mary A Covalt. William 
T. Scott. BOTTOM ROW Gaylord D 
Kelsey, Gale L Fuller, David D Jack- 


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers— TOP ROW John E Sand. 
Michael R. Pimple. Gennaro E. Sansone. Lawrence N. Frey, Donald W Prather. 
Iraj Rojhani. Terry K. Michie. George E McClaskey. SECOND ROW Glenn L 
Gordon, Jimmie R Courter. Larry W Fish. James G. Carl. William L. Worming- 
ton. William W Everett. Karmon D Almquist. C Keith Hanneman. Roderick K. 

Blocksome. THIRD ROW: Austin L. Widener. Allen R Stevens, Stephen M. Thie- 
ler. James L, Long, Dennis R Peters, Bruce E, Burke, Dallas L Kibbe, Lester L. 
Hodson. BOTTOM ROW Melvin, C. Cottom, Michael J. Reiter, Kenneth W. Gil- 
lespie, Alan R Stephens, Myron B, Hoover, Frank R. Fenton, Travis L Miller. 
Gary J. Garwood 

Electrical engineers see 
film from gemini program 

Folders featuring career opportunities in electri- 
cal engineering were distributed to Kansas high 
schools by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic 
Engineers. "The Spirit of 76," a film on the gemini 
space program, was shown at one of the group's 
monthly meetings. Aerospace companies also sent 
representatives who made available information on 
job opportunities in the aerospace field. 

Industrial educators club 
designs Union ride board 

When Alpha Phi Omega requested a ride board 
for the Union lounge, members of the Industrial 
Education Club agreed to design it. The varnished 
wood board, shaped in the outline of the United 
States, was completed in a week's time. Members 
also began plans for construction of a showcase to 
earn funds. The organization also toured industrial 
firms on a field trip to Kansas City. 

Industrial Education Club - TOP ROW Gregg R Tolin, John H Treder. Gary 
C Gebhart. Marvin L Bennett. Jon T Woolverton. Gary D. Hileman. Stephen M 
Murphy SECOND ROW: Howard D Smethers. Charles E Ohl. Charles N. In- 

grim, Robert C. White, Larry L Hinton, Earle C. Byers. BOTTOM ROW: Johnny 
R Krob, Orlin J Zink, Richard S Furbeck, John W. Olson, Paul F. Schieferecke. 
Maurice J Benninga. William L. LaSalle 

India Association— TOP ROW Gorti V Narasimham, Palamsamy Nagarajan. 
Thathapudi Nagbhushanam, Kanubhai H Patel. Nagesha H. Rao, Piyush S 
Shah. Sunnder K Kapur. Sampath S Kumar SECOND ROW Puchalapalh R 
Reddy, Pushpamma Reddy, Kusum V. Potnis. Vasant R. Potnis, Ranjit S. Sabhar- 

wal, Pritam K Sabharwal THIRD ROW: Chander. P Bhalla. Vijay Bhalla. Anil K 
Bhalla. Annapoorna Reddi. Moravapalle V. Reddi, Kumar Krishen. Lovelly Krish- 
en. Vijay Krishen BOTTOM ROW Manthri S Krishnaswamy. Sunit K Bhalla, 
Norman C Pereira, Mir N. Khan, Lalit M. Bhalla 

Hindu Festival draws 300 to India Association event 

George Montgomery, professor of economics, 
and William Richter, assistant professor of political 
science, spoke to members of the India Association 
at a Republic Day celebration in February. 

Indian refreshments were served to the 300 per- 

sons who attended the Hindu Festival, a celebration 
in the fall which featured an exhibition of native 
handicrafts. An Indian speaker and discussion 
groups highlighted the group's "India Evening," a 
special spring meeting and exhibition. 

India Association— TOP ROW: Venkataratnam Chittun, Gobinda C Mohanty, 
Ramchandra G. Kulkarni, Sudhir K Gupta, Kirpal S Grewal, Ashok K Khurana, 
Manapulh V Rao, Memula Lingagoud Jayawanth D Bantwal, K Srinivas 
Upadhyay, Hanumantha R Bapu SECOND ROW Shara Tulasidas, Muzaffar A 
Shaikh, Arunkumar V Parekh, Vajinder P. Singh, Prabodh R. Shah. Ramamur 
Jambunathan, Surender K Reddy. Guntaka V Ramareddy, Vijaykumar P Rode, 
Dinkar K. Naik. Leela Krishnaswamy, Manthri S. Krishnaswamy THIRD ROW: 

George Montgomery, Subir Banerji, Mafatlal N Patel. Anilkumar T Patel. Da- 
hvabhai R. Chaudhan, Babaji C Nayak. Desh P Mehta, Bajrang S Rathore, 
Pradip K Shah. Mir A Khan. Nagavalli Yadgiri BOTTOM ROW: Florence Mont- 
gomery, Awadh R. Singh, Navm K Sanghvi. Manthri S Krishnaswamy. Kudidge 
B. Tulasidas. Belemula G Reddy. Hasan Kamil. Ranveer S. Rathore. Gundu H 
Rao, Binda P Khare, Satish C Goel 


Islamic Association— TOP ROW Shahnaaz A Asadi. Rebecca A Zaidi. Intesar 
H. Zaidi, ImtiazA. Qureshi. M Kaiseruddm. Khanmd M Husain SECOND ROW 
Shafqat S. Chaudhry. Shafiuddin A. Asadi. Shahrukh M. Chaghtai. Muzaffar A. 
Shaikh. Riaz H Siddiqi. George A. Filmger. THIRD ROW: Rubenna Chaudhry. 

Muhammad S. Chaudhry. Farooq Haider. Ahmed M. El-Dash. Abdus Sadiq, 
Shafi A Balbale, Mohamed H. Abdel Moneim. Mir A Khan BOTTOM ROW: 
Ghulam S Jatoi. Ahmad S Khan. Anwarul H. Chaudhry. Maher. H Khan. Hasan 
Kamil. Syed A. Quadri 

International Co-ordinating 

Council-TOP ROW: Intesar H. Zaidi, 
Imitaz A Qureshi. Rodulfo, P Pacum- 
baba. Jibade 0. Oyekan, Irai Emamy. 
SECOND ROW Myung C. Kim. Linda 
J Carlson. Mathri S Krishnaswamy, 
Kai W Ng, Chieu-Hsiung Chuang 
THIRD ROW J. Allan Brettell. Mu- 
hammad S Chaudhry. Kenneth N 
Oynia. Richard L. Morse. BOTTOM 
ROW: Ahmed M El-Dash. Philip F 
Moore, Farooq Haider 

Islamic group is host to 
district Muslim conference 

Hosts to the first Midwest Muslim conference, 
the Islamic Association entertained 50 out-of-state 
Muslim delegates. The conference in December was 
the first University conference organized by a for- 
eign student group. The 52 members from 14 na- 
tions published the monthly news-letter "Al- 
Salam" and planned study chant and daily prayer 
groups in Danforth All-Faith chapel. 

International group edits 
new monthly publication 

To report activities of the 15 -member organiza- 
tions, the International Coordinating Council be- 
gan publication of a monthly newspaper, "The In- 
ternational Student." Council members wrote fea- 
tures, interviewed campus personalities and edited 
copy. They also re-evaluated International Week 
activities scheduled for the spring and adopted an 
official constitution written by the group. 


Judo Club— TOP ROW: Donna J Holt. Deborah L Arendt. Clifford T Kumamo- 
to, Joyce A. Thomas. Gerald A. Tranter, Mitsugi Ohno. Eric R. Schrepel, Donna 
L Miller. Pamela Richardson SECOND ROW: Lowell D Loesch. Linda J Klei- 
ner, Isaac Wakabayashi, Vernon E. Krause. William L Frevert. George W 
Hawks. Marietta C. Burford. Monica D Burkhart THIRD ROW Gerald L Jen- 

kins. Richard B. Eager, Harold R. Selvidge, Kenneth Louis Thomas, Jack R 
Crumrine, Phillip C. Meyer, Ronald A Huether. Jerry A Dickinson BOTTOM 
ROW Fritz H Nentwich. Clifton E Meloan, Kenneth P. Ellis, Lawrence E, Chea- 
tum, Danny D Sheneman, Frederick H Bowman, Frank J Brooks. Gary L. Thull. 

Judo club member places 
first in two tournaments 

Organized this year, Judo Club participated in 
three tournaments. Club member Clifford Kuma- 
moto, won first places in the fall at Topeka and the 
University of South Dakota while two other mem- 
bers club earned thirds. More than 30 members 
practiced twice each week for the fall matches and a 
March tournament in Kansas City. 

Latin Americans support 
University's rowing team 

To aid those studying the Spanish language, 
members of the Latin American Association pre- 
sented documentary films on the various cultures of 
Latin American countries. Profits from the film 
showing were used to provide financial aid to the 
University rowing team and a student loan. Meet- 
ings of the group were conducted in Spanish. 

Latin American Association— TOP 

ROW Victor E Fernandez, Carlos M, 
Garcia, Fabio D Portela. Loren D 
Fischer SECOND ROW Victor M 
Morales. Roberto E. Ireland, Jose M 
Fullana. Luis A Porrata BOTTOM 
ROW Roberto A Espindola. Law- 
rence Pultz. William J Bozzo. 


K-State Players-TOP ROW: 
Michele J. Clark. Jacqueline E. 
Moore. Norma N Wilcox, Pamela A. 
Sodergren. Jean A Shackelford. 
SECOND ROW William F Blackwell. 
Mary M Berg, Susan M Moore, 
Wright E. Harris, Vera L Hook THIRD 
ROW: Larry G Cornwell, Philip F. 
Moore, Barbara J Ruediger. Karen M. 
Comerford. Larry J Hovey. Rebecca 
A. Bloss. BOTTOM ROW HenryA. 
Vlcek, Franklin B Siegle. Rodney L. 
Ruff. Owen K Nordvig, Boyd E. Mas- 

K-State Players-TOP ROW Kathleen A. Guenther, Shelia F Crouch, Beverly 
M Krug. Kimberly G Clark, Susan D Montgomery, Charlotte L. Osburn. SEC- 
OND ROW Constance E Langland. Carolyn J, Lee. Patricia L Johnson. Sheryl 
A McNevin. Elaine S Biggs. Bonnie M McDiffett. THIRD ROW Carl M Hm- 

Players stage two operas 
with Department of Music 

Breaking into another theatrical medium, the 
K-State Players worked with students in the music 
department on two one-act operas, "Riders to the 
Sea" and "The Telephone." The group also staged 
seven works by noted playwrights and two one-act 
dramas written by speech graduate students. 

Programs of the group centered on creative dra- 
matics and other phases of the performing arts. In- 
ternationally-known actors were broutht to the 
campus through efforts of the Players. 

richs, Vicky L Enckson. Adelia M Haun. Mary E Horton. Cheryl L Weber, Mary 
H Lairmore. Donna R Matthis BOTTOM ROW Daryl M Wedwick, John D. 
Walker. Steve C Butterworth, Frederick L, Williams, John F Jagger. John R 

Music education majors 
attend national convention 

Noted musicians from throughout the country 
presented clinics and workshops at the national 
meeting of the Music Educators National Conven- 
tion at the University of Kansas. The 80 local music 
education majors participated in the clinics and 
heard presentations and critiques of modern music 
studies by the musicians. Campus meetings of the 
conference included talks by members of the music 
department and a faculty-student party at Christ- 
mas to promote intra-department relations. 


Recalling less peaceful days during the Irish Revolution. Pad- 
dy O'Rourke idles away the evening in a San Francisco bar in 

"Half a Coin. Half a Man." The one-act play was one of two stu- 
dent-written productions presented by the K-State Players 

Music Educators National Conference— TOP ROW Carolyn S Lemon. Con- 
stance A. Galle, Rochelle D. Ediger, Mary E. Glenn. Nancy A Theobald. Regena 
K. Pratt. Linda K Woellhof. SECOND ROW Mary A. Denning. Paula L Sanford. 
Janean L. Miller. Beverly A. Dearing, Sharon L Terwilliger, Marilyn S Robbins, 

Carole J Wheelock. BOTTOM ROW Billies R Pedersen. Ruth E Schroeder. 
Nola M. Rosenow. Shirley A Newhn, Kay A Clinesmith. Natalie J Parker. Ho- 
mer D. Came 

Milling students hear of computer use in industries 

New developments in baking and milling were 
explained to members of the Milling Association at 
group programs. Representatives from Bakers 
Franchise Corporation and IBM Corporation out- 
lined job opportunities and the use of digital com- 
puters in milling operations such as warehouse in- 

ventories. In March, several members attended the 
American Feed Manufacturers Association's na- 
tional convention in Chicago. The group, which 
included students in milling, feed technology and 
bakery management, provided tours of campus fa- 
cilities on Agricultural Science Day. 

Milling Club-TOP ROW Dwight E Mill- 
er, Michael R Wenger. Stephen B. Zeig- 
ler. Ronald K Boucher SECOND ROW: 
Fred S Stivers, Lewis G. Killebrew, Ray D 
Stauffer. Arlin B Ward THIRD ROW For- 
rest E Louderback, Craig P Helwig, Allen 
W Kirleis. Ronnie G Giersch, BOTTOM 
ROW Steve A Johnson. Robert B Tap- 
horn, Wayne R Johnson 

Milling Club-TOP ROW Gary L Dettmer, Fritz Norbury, George W Barr, 
Muhammad S. Chaudhry, Fred W. Bey, John J Carr. Donald L. Steanson, Roy L. 
Robinson, Ronald A Scott SECOND ROW: Gerald D Miller, Ira M Walman. 
Ahmed M. El-Dash, Gordon L McCosh, Earl D Weak, Charles W Kolb, Larry E 
Dirksen, Gerald T. Evans THIRD ROW: Russell L. Bussman, Duane L Keller, 

Charles D Fulhage, Alan B Collison, Larry A. Krogstad, Kenneth D Buchele, 
Elieser S. Posner, BOTTOM ROW David L. Hammond, John C Klein, Robert N. 
Kershner, William C Barr, Roger C Locher, Keith C Behnke, Marvin D Wells, 
Douglas A Ohlde, 


Nursing Club— TOP ROW: Judith A. Lukms. Judith C Armsworthy, Myra L. 
McLeod, LaDonna J Kolman, Marianne Mathewson. Virginia L. Ward. SECOND 
ROW: Janet M. Sterbenz. Judy A. Hester. Ruth M. Cikanek, Carolyn M Robin- 
son, Barbara J Farris. THIRD ROW Joan R Bower. Marcia L Schoeff, Jeanine 

A Davis. Connie S Rathbun, Paula J. demons. David C. Petet. BOTTOM ROW: 
Geraldine S. Trojovsky. Marietta R Jones. Mary K Leick. Janet P. Kelly, Virginia 
L. Brunson. 

Nursing Club coeds tour 
medical center facilities 

Nursing advisers from the University of Kansas 
Medical Center explained new techniques in pa- 
tient care to Nursing Club members. A tour of the 
Medical Center in November highlighted the club's 
activities. Members gained further familiarity and 
experience in the nursing field by working as 
volunteer nurses' aides at Student Health. 

Off-Campus Women carol 
with residents of Straube 

Courses of a progressive dinner were served by 
members of Off-Campus Women at five different 
apartments. The coeds, with men of Straube Schol- 
arship House, caroled for residents of Manhattan 
rest homes and the county jail. Members had a 
spring banquet and considered the possibility of es- 
tablishing a permanent meeting place. 

Off-Campus Women-TOP ROW 

Barbara L Hicks, Mary B Anderson. 
Jan E. Morns. Kathleen S. Bergman, 
Laura M Jepsen SECOND ROW 
Mary E Whitney. JoJanet Dean. Sha- 
ron A, Whitley. Jean M Sunderland. 
Wanda L Patnode THIRD ROW: 
Marilyn M Tadtman. Joan E Walters. 
Nona G Reynolds. Judy M Brammer 
BOTTOM ROW Doris H Copper- 
smith. Kathleen K. Toburen. Pamela J. 


Orchesis-TOP ROW Arnelle J. Hilgenfeld. Lesta L. Riley. Elaine S Biggs 
SECOND ROW Lynn A Piper. Janet D Sprang. Barbara J Page. Karen A Nico- 
lai BOTTOM ROW: Janet S Rupp. Jane D Vermillion, Joyce L Wolfram. 

Orchesis members present 
original dances for concert 

Original choreographies were prepared by mem- 
bers of Orchesis, a modern dance group, for a con- 
cert in April. In March, the organization demon- 
strated basic techniques of modern, creative dance 
at an exhibition for men in physical education. 

In the spring, Orchesis members attended semi- 
nars at the University of Kansas and Pittsburg State 
Teachers' College where they observed and learned 
new methods and techniques of modern dance. The 
students also traveled to Kansas City to participate 
in a workshop and attend a concert by Daniel Nag- 
rin, a professional modern dancer. Adviser for the 
organization, which was established at the Univer- 
sity in 1920, was Lynn Piper, an instructor of wom- 
en's physical education. 

Convention names student 'Pakistani of the Year' 

Celebrating the independence of Pakistan, mem- 
bers of the Pakistan Association observed the day by 
attending a dinner and viewing documentary 
movies and slides tracing the cultural and economic 
development and history of the nation. 

At the convention of the National Pakistan Asso- 
ciation in Wisconsin, Intesar Zaidi, a graduate stu- 

dent at the University, was presented the organiza- 
tion's National Pakistani Student of the Year 
award. The award was based on the student's adap- 
tion and contribution to the University. 

During the year, the organization sponsored 
debates on the India-Pakistan dispute, radio com- 
mentaries and speeches to local groups. 

Pakistan Association— TOP ROW Shafqat S. Chaudhry. Imtiaz A. Qureshi. 
Khanmd M Husain. Rabia A Zaidi. Intesar H Zaidi SECOND ROW Ghulam S 
Jatol. Edna A Khan, Farooq Haider. Abdus Sadiq BOTTOM ROW: Muhammad 

S. Chaudhry. Ahmad S. Khan. Anwarul H. Chaudhry, Maher H. Khan. William W. 

Peopleto People— TOP ROW: Nilean Nou, BonnieJ Campbell. Susan E. 
Campbell. Judy M Brammer. Sudhir K Gupta SECOND ROW. Charles R 
Bonebrake. Kenneth R Jacques, Joseph I. Alade, Abdulilah A Kanawi, Geral- 

dme J. Brown. Jesudas U Mwanje THIRD ROW Navin K Sanghvi. Ghulam S. 
Jatoi. Mary E Horton. Quaisar M Hanif. Hasan Kamil BOTTOM ROW D Fred 
Peterson, Roger W Hartsook. Harold D Neufeldt. Thomas E. Poley 

People to People sponsors ambassadors to Europe 

People-to-People sponsored eight ambassadors to 
Europe in the organization's annual student-abroad 
program. Students lived with families in the British 
Isles, Germany, Greece, Belgium, France and the 

Scandinavian countries for three weeks of their six- 
week summer stay and traveled in other European 

countries during the remainder of their visit. 

Participants Were chosen from interviews and an 
essay expressing interest in the program. The club 
sponsored an orientation program for the Universi- 
ty representatives, which included speakers who 
lectured on international affairs. 

Persian group visits town 
to learn customs and life 

To learn more about the United States, members 
of the Persian Student Association visited the small 
town of Clifton near Manhattan. After visiting 
several farms nearby, the group talked to town resi- 
dents about Persian life and customs. 

During the year members sponsored two displays 
of Persian arts and crafts in the Union. The dis- 
plays came from the members' own possessions. 
The group participated in International Week, 
viewed movies on culture in Persia and listened to 
an Egyptian student talk about his country. 

Persian Student Association— TOP ROW Samuel Taftian. Mohammad Noor- 
ayi. Farhad Shahrokhi SECOND ROW Abbas Pouyamehr. Iraj Rojhani, Nasser 
Chafieian. Irai Emamy BOTTOM ROW Esfahani M Dibai. Zia E Rafii. Albert 


PHEMS conducts clinic 
for high school gymnasts 

High school students received gymnastic instruc- 
tion from demonstrations of the gymnastics team at 
a clinic, directed by PHEMS, women's physical 
education organization. PHEMS members partici- 
pated in the demonstration and counseled 500 stu- 
dents during the day-long activities. The women 
also practiced sports skills and officiating. 

Physical education majors create modern dance positions by 
changing the level, size, and direction of ordinary movements. 

Phems— TOP ROW Kathenne Geyer. Janice A Dougherty, Julie M Murrow, 
Judith L Burgess, Pamela K. Fortun. Carol J. Kirshe. Janice K Gillespie. Sandra 
K Busch. Jane E. Dannefer. Peggy J. Frakes, Janalee E Beals SECOND ROW 
Nancy B Humburg, Deborah K Boren. Judith E. Lamborn. Sue A Failor, Patri- 
cia J Drake, Shelby J Dauback. Frances E Johnston, Jean A Lancaster, Bar- 
bara J Kinch, Linda M Ladenburger, Kathryn A Claybaugh THIRD ROW: Vicki 

PHEMS-TOP ROW Katheryn A McKinney. Roberta A Meyer. Linda L. Mordy, 
Bobbie J Shaw, Mary M McManis, Mary J Mier. Mar]one J Wright, Faith A. 
Ott, Glenna L Zimmerman, Jonell J Wiehe SECOND ROW Karen S Wilson. 
Diana L Wanager. Cheryl L. Porteus. Elizabeth D Merrill, Marlene F Mc- 
Kaughan. Colleen L Stafford, Kathryn M McCarthy, Jean A. Sheik, Miriam 

M. Hedges, Ann K Kirkwood, Nancy G. Johnson, Monica D Burkhart, Carol A. 
Jensen. Margaret E. Gresham, Mary L. Ault, Sandra Lorentz, Sandra R. Hick. 
BOTTOM ROW Constance L. Hall. Janice E. Andrews. Janet L McAnmch. 
Cynthia A Filinger. Jeannine K. Gordon, Nina M Felbush. Jerre L Lewis, Caro- 
lyn R, Cox, Patricia L. Cline, LaRue J Johnson 

Poole. THIRD ROW Janet M Whitehill. Ann C Schweitzer, Patricia L. Ramsour, 
Ann D Wagner, Elizabeth D Smith, Lynn A Piper, Elizabeth E MacGowan, 
Judy A. Akers. BOTTOM ROW Viva K Mathes, Virginia R Roglin, Pamella J 
Smith, Mayme R. Moody. Janice E Pompenen. Lona D Vilander. Ruth V Ste- 
venson, Judith J Olson, Catherine L. Turner. 


Plow and Pen Club-TOP ROW 

Loren J. Kruse, Jean D Reilly. James 
A Shurts SECOND ROW Elbert B 
Macy. David A Slead. Robert J. Stall- 
baumer. John J Gerstner BOTTOM 
ROW: Jerry W Engler. Roy B Barn- 
hart, William A Blauvelt 

Plow and Pen members 
revive students' magazine 

Plow and Pen Club members with Agriculture 
Council revived the Ag Student Magazine, 
published in the spring. Members, most of whom 
were enrolled in agricultural journalism, toured 
publishing houses in Topeka which published farm 
magazines. A FFA newswriting contest for state 
high school chapters was sponsored by the club. 
Carroll Hess, dean of the College of Agriculture, 
and Paul DeWeese, member of the radio and televi- 
sion department, spoke to the group. 

Poultry science students 
give "Red Rooster Award" 

Financed by profits earned by preparing bar- 
bequed chickens for campus functions, the Poultry 
Science Club established a tl Red Rooster Award." 
The $150 award was presented each semester to the 
member most active in club projects. 

Money raised by the barbeques also helped fi- 
nance a four-state tour during spring vacation. The 
group visited farms in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, 
and Kansas. Members also participated in football, 
basketball and volleyball intramurals. 

Poultry Science Club-TOP ROW Larry D Bacon, Keith L Dettmer. John N 
Butts. Randall H Alder, Paul E Sanford, Hisham K Saadeh. Imtiaz A Qureshi, 
Manapalli V Rao, Joseph G lyorver SECOND ROW Ronald L Strahm, Richard 
S Wolf, Robert L Frisbie. Billy D McMillen, Roger D. Minter, Bajrang S Ra- 
thore, Milton J Williams. Daniel G. Gasche. Terry W. Conard, Charles L. Norton. 

THIRD ROW: Robbin L Alder, Larry R Shubert. Darrel G Walters, Ranveer S 
Rathore, Eugene W Kovar, Sherwood L Svarvan, Stuart T McCready, Roger S 
Fix, Gary A Lillich BOTTOM ROW Gary V Hartman. Robert D Stntzke. Bill W 
Giltner. Charles W Weber. David J Mugler. John W Davis, Daniel D Har- 
baugh. Loyal F. Payne 


Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Jill Stevens. Carolan M Tallerday. 
Frederick J. Wisegarver. Larry N Clarkson. Judith A Balthazor. Carolyn R. Zeni- 
shek, Delores L. Buller. Lonnie D. Schroeder. Francis M. Reedy. James L. Vier- 
gever. Gary L. Follmer SECOND ROW: Daniel G. Laufenberg. Charles G. Jewell. 
Stephen D. Warren. Davy J. Harkins. Stephen J. Warren. Robert F. Kingston. 
Merle L. Raida. William S Walker. John A Fry. Harlyn G McGuire THIRD 

ROW: Richard K. Bartel. Steven D. Merriam, Michele H. Williams. Patricia A. 
Murphy, Steven C. Edwards. Gerald W. Hennkson. Jimmy E. Monical. William 
W. Burdett. Jackie J. Robinson. James W. Waggoner. Lannie L. Hanel. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Robert A. Harwood. Rollin H Abernethy. William S Swan. Michael 
J. VanCampen. Kenneth B Mitchell. James P. Grossardt, Ralph E. Jewell, Den- 
nis E McClary. Roger D Timken, Douglas J Duston. 

Pre- Vet club awards scholarship to former member 

Awarded annually to a freshman in the College 
of Veterinary Medicine, students in Pre-Veterinary 
Medical Club presented a scholarship to Maxwell 
Russell, a former member of the group. 

In the fall, members built a display illustrating 

"Careers in Veterinary Medicine" for Veterinary 
Medicine Open House. The organization also 
sponsored a winter Sno-ball dance, featuring the 
Rising Suns band and a continuous program intro- 
ducing opportunities in veterinary medicine. 

Professional fields of practice available to College of Veteri- 
nary Medicine graduates are explained to Open House visitors 

by a student in Pre-Vet Club. Members are freshmen and soph- 
omores studying to qualify for entrance into the college. 


Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW Anne Laury, Stephanie A Baer, 
Kathleen A Keating, Patricia J. Luttgen, William H Meyer. Larry E Mages. Lyn- 
dal D. Bolinger, Peter M. Falk, James H Fountaine. James R Kenyon, Andrew 
L Martinsen SECOND ROW John H Hartman. Melvin M Ahlquist. Bruce L 
Gilpin. Steve L. Betton. Stephen B Spies, Ronald E. Seitz, Ronald K. Paulson, 
Mark H Trueblood, James A. Eaton, Leonard L Tucker THIRD ROW Jerre K 

Rorick, Frank C Scharf, Jonathan N, Ash, Lois N. Eckhoff, Sondra L. Grumbein, 
Gary L Hartzell, Justin B Janssen, Allan D Semen. Joseph S Gessner. Rodney 
F Lind. Edward E Nelson BOTTOM ROW: Terry S Wollen. Richard D Kirk. 
Robert W Blankinship. Ronald D Pappan, Todd B Fnedland. Melvin H Hamlin. 
Brian T. Donohue. Roger W Chase, Glenn W Riggs. James R. McClellan 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club— TOP ROW: Richard L Rossiotto. Barbara A 
Wehr, Glenda T. Boyce, Frank L Lifrien, Richard L Harrington. Edwin B. Brock- 
way. James L Eshbaugh. Stephen T. Kelley SECOND ROW Douglas L Mol- 
doff, Kenneth A. Glenn, Donald L Bridges, Craig A Calamaio. John W. Banning, 
William H Barkley, Douglas R Aberle. Allan C Oltjen THIRD ROW: James R. 

Guglielmino. Samuel H Shapiro, David C. Baker, Howard J Baker. Lawrence J. 
Randle, Jay D Riedl. Delbert E Walter. Steven L Alberts BOTTOM ROW 
Thomas R Hathaway. Richard K Thompson. Michael P McCoy. Kenneth L. 
Carlson. Ralph E Cadwallader, Richard W Jakimer, William J Hines. 

Pre-Veterinary Medical Club-TOP ROW Carol L. Runyon, Birgit H. Gustaf- 
son, Joe A Fakler. Dudley E Quick, Clifford E Underwood, Charles P. Zangger, 
James T. Hartford, Jerome I Leise, James A Karleskint SECOND ROW: Donna 
L. Symns, William A Conrad, Dennis E Hausmann, Barry M Jensen, Gayle D 
AraSmith, Roger W Swanson. Michael L. Willard, James L Holterman. THIRD 

ROW: Daniel C Murphy, Christopher L. Peterson. Norman Tacktill, Richard W 
Rogers. David A Gechter. Vernon M White. Deryl L Troyer, Robert L Stark. 
Michael R. Rutherford. BOTTOM ROW Harlan A Thyfault. Dale D Boyle. Tho- 
mas E. Keller. Richard W Lewis. William G Winter. John A Jarrett. Steve M. 
White. Donald S. Peetz 



l: -~ »• 

Professional Foods Club-TOP ROW: Linda K Makela, Sharron J Rule. Bren- 
da G Sawyer, Sue L Partch, Jeanne Doughten. Janet D Marshall. Frieda A. 
Schoneweis. Karen R Halderson SECOND ROW E Beth Alsup. Soma J. 
Green, Cecelia M. Schaich. Sandra E. Freelam. Barbara J. Winn, Meredith A 
Holloway, Joanne L. Wyhe, Marta J. Quattlebaum. Faith R Roach, THIRD 

ROW: Ruth L Worthington. Helen C Bauder. Barbara S. Rice, Nancy E. Meyer. 
Sheryl K Reh. Carol L Heath, Pamela A Bowmer, Mary E, Keegan. Ann L. Crav- 
ens BOTTOM ROW: Rita K Lilak, Kathryn I Norberg, Judith L. Crumnne. David 
D Smith. Carl R Chance. Rose M Boor. Sharon A. Schmidt. Sally A. Goodyear, 
Peggy I DeJarnette. 

Foods club members enjoy foreign dishes at dinner 

Creating an Italian atmosphere in the Justin hall 
lounge, the Professional Foods Club sampled for- 
eign cuisine prepared by a foods class for the 
group's annual dinner. Hints on cake decoration 

were given to the club members at another pro- 
gram. At Ft. Riley, members visited Irwin Army 
Hospital, where they inspected operational facilities 
in the hospital's modern kitchen. 

Soccer Club-TOP ROW Miguel A Figueroa. Celestine N|oku. Derek K Es- 
tler. Joseph G lyorver SECOND ROW William C Mayaki, Joseph I Alade, Jib- 
ade Oyekan, Kenneth N Onyia THIRD ROW Johnson Arokoyo, Frank M 
Atkinson, John Korsak, Jessie O Akinokun BOTTOM ROW Jehosaphat P. 
Inda, Folorunso A Faymka, Daniel I Saror 

Wichita, KU, Park College 
succumb to Soccer Club 

After handing the Wichita Soccer Club a 4-3 de- 
feat, downing the University of Kansas 4-1 and 
beating Park College, Mo., 5-3, the Soccer Club 
ended the fall season with a 1-6 loss to Ottawa Uni- 
versity. In the spring, the club competed with teams 
from Oklahoma State University and the University 
of Nebraska and invited other teams to participate 
in a tournament at the University. 

The 20-member club, coached by Edward Quig- 
ley, an instructor of English, practiced three times 
each week during the soccer season on the military 
drill field. The team sought recognition from the 
athletic department as a minor University sport — a 
status necessary to compete with varsity clubs from 
other universities and to receive funds. 


Sports Car Club provides 
weather information booth 

Vacation-bound students were aided by a weath- 
er and safety booth in the Union, sponsored by the 
Sports Car Club. Members posted weather and 
road conditions on a map of the United States be- 
fore vacation periods. The club and the University 
of Kansas Sports Car Club jointly sponsored the 
annual Rallye-Gymkhana in the spring. Meeting 
midway betwen the two universities, members par- 
ticipated in a cross country race and obstacle course. 

Sports cars from throughout the state were dis- 
played at the Concours D'Elegance Auto Show, 
sponsored by the club. Cars were cleaned and pol- 
ished for the April show in Ahearn Field House. 
The club conducted two car rallyes each month. 

Sport parachutists strive 
for altitude jump record 

Breaking the Kansas night altitude record of 
10,000 feet was a goal set by members of the Sport 
Parachute Club. A series of difficult preliminary 
altitude chamber tests had to be passed by all mem- 
bers who participated in the attempt. 

In April, club members went to Orange, Mass., 
where they participated in the 1967 Collegiate Na- 
tional for parachuting. They also jumped with 
members of the Wichita State University Parachute 
Club in another spring meet. 

Of the more than 50 students who had been 
trained in the sport of skydiving since the club's 
founding in 1965, ten have since been awarded in- 
ternationally recognized parachutist licenses. 

Sports Car Club-TOP ROW Allen L 
Fletcher, Anthony T Coon, Michael D, 
Rogers. Sheila Newton. Tennyson 
Collins. SECOND ROW Douglas W 
Ladendorf. Larry A Krogstad, Glen W 
Froehch. Richard R Newton, Charles 
R Bonebrake THIRD ROW Michael 
S Brannan. John A Neal. Jack R Pitt- 
man. Melvin D Dale, Case A Bone- 
brake BOTTOM ROW Robert H 
Hossfeld, Charles S Hann. James A 
Baran. Stephen M. Werts 

Sport Parachute Club-TOP ROW Elaine S Biggs, Valerie Tomayko. Susan D 
Montgomery. John H Treder. Dennis J Finnesy. Gary D Paulsen. Allen J Ran- 
dall. Larry D Strain SECOND ROW Paul T Henderson. Harry F Frantz. Jeffrey 
C. Ryman, James I Miller. Carl W Woelfer. George S. McCaslin, Peter J. Boyle, 
Ronald L Strahm, Tedd J Dowd THIRD ROW Patrick T McDevitt, Timothy J. 

Brady, Charles C, Haines, Anthony W Wood, Terrell H Fletcher. Alan C Bran- 
don. John C Klein. Stephen M Werts BOTTOM ROW Daniel E Pilcher. John 
C Anderson. Thomas W Skinner. William E Buzenberg. John T Reeves. Wil- 
liam D. Walseth. Curtis H, Jurgensen 

Statesmates-TOP ROW Amelia J Hilgenfeld. Mehnda L Dobson, Claudia K. 
Howard. Beverly A Johnston. Mehnda R. Woltkamp, Kathleen A. Pulliam, Rita 
M Rieschick. Virginia A Meyer, Martha A Morton. Ann L Charlton. Linda S 
Burton SECOND ROW Susan G Woodard. Kristie K Jacobson. Janet S Bunk- 
er, Nancy M. Dutton, Nancy B Humburg, Stephanie A Baer, Shelia F Crouch, 
Janice A Lindgren, Janet D. Sprang. Marsha K Meckel THIRD ROW Barbara 

A Wehr. Geraldine K Robinson. Patricia A Atwater. Sharon A. Bernitz, Phyllis J. 
Gillmore, Kathryn J Lee, Nan L. Schotanus, Melissa F, Bostwick, Mary E. Ab- 
son, Jana L Cole BOTTOM ROW Lynn M Cable. Miadell A McKaughan. Lin- 
da K. Riemann. Kathleen A, Rostine. Linda S. Barb. Diana R Jaeger. Christine 
Wertz. Susan D Lafferty. Donna L. Symns 

Statesmates— TOP ROW Sue Z Stiefel, Kathryn J Vering. Diana S Gump, 
Joyce A Long, Linda R Achten, Jeanette K. Mack, Frieda A Schoneweis. Vir- 
ginia L Ward, Marcia B Knight. Barbara A Chase. Gayla F. Widener SECOND 
ROW Joyce E Blecha. Janet L. Chatfield, Mary L, Grosko, Elizabeth M Rami- 
rez. Phyllis A Tarver, Nancy E. Lee. Barbara M. Holm, Teresa M Obermeier, 
Pamela A Reeder, Ann M Sanner THIRD ROW Lesta L Riley. Terry L Shull. 

Sharon G Horigan. LaDonna L Douglass, Marlene J, Brinker. Jill E Bunker. 
Ruth Elledge. Janet L. Wolfe, Carolyn R, Zenishek. Patricia L. Bicknell. Christine 
Howard BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen M Caviness. Jane A Bigler, Jane L Chat- 
lain. Sheryl G Spacek. Valeria J Robinson, Mary K. Leick, Elizabeth A Wilker- 
son, Shame A. Snell, Geraldine A. Smith. Beverly A Norton. 

Statesmates-TOP ROW Jane A Willis. Joann Chalmers. Diane M Elmore. 
Susan E Carlson. Barbara L Brownlie. Valerie Taylor. Rebecca S Anderson, 
Beryl B Lowery, Sharron L Beckenhauer, Soma D. Larson, Sara A. Ball, Charo- 
lyn K Lacey SECOND ROW Aldre M Holmgren, Linda K Fraser. Sharon L 
Wilson, Barbara D. Gadberry, Kathleen A. Cushing, Barbara K Stephens, Mary 
J Schafer, Carol J Staab, Beverly J. Skolaut, Deborah D Vaughan. Laura J 
Kobbeman, Ruthie K Bowen THIRD ROW Joan C Hobbs. Nancy J Atkinson, 

Karen J Acker. Sharon A. Granger, Karen J Mau. Patricia L. Lilhston. Pamela J 
Richards, Melodie A. Otte, Jennifer B Rotman, Marsha L. Garrett, Judy Jako- 
watz BOTTOM ROW Janet K Shipman. Jo A Becker. Countess K Culbertson, 
Cynthia J Orloske. Karen K. Charbonneau, Elaine J Skeuse, Linda E Schreuder. 
Elizabeth E. MacGowan, Lisa K Dufield. Barbara J Chaloupka. Pamela A Sod- 



Statesmates— TOP ROW: Nancy M Boyer, Rebecca A. Barbe, Roberta A Jew- 
ett. Carol S Thorpe, Marilyn A. Karlin, Diane Latimer. Barbara K. Benton, Diana 
L. Reber, Xandra L Jones, Linda R Pizel, Dana E, Buehler SECOND ROW 
Kathryn S. Michaels, Janet K Warner, Kathleen L Anderson, Jacqueline L. 
Weingart, Cheryl J McKay, Thomasine L. Wemgart, Norma J. Dickhut, Karen S 
Brim, Susan A, Haymaker, Alice L Wayman. THIRD ROW: Nancy J Smith, Bar- 

bara J. Page, Susan K. Mernman, Betty J Friday, Pamela G Kitch, Karen S 
Adams, Judy A Hester, Barbara J Farris, Paula S Johnson, Deborah K Baker, 
Marcella M Morris, BOTTOM ROW Charlotte A McNeil, Diane K Youngers, 
Rosalie R Robinson, Joan E. Bastel, Coyla L. Lockhart, Janet K Betts, Jacque- 
line A, Basham. Lucy M Garver, Mary H Lairmore, Monica M McMillion, 

Statesmen-TOP ROW: Lawrence N Frey, Kenneth D Wichman, Clifford L 
Swart, Michael D Rogers, Loren C Swenson, Donald W Prather, Alan D Mills 
SECOND ROW: Dennis R Siefkes. Thomas L. Sharp, Richard A. Case, George 
H. Bellairs. Thomas D Hawk, Bruce A. Adams, Harley N Stauffer, Jerry G An- 

derson BOTTOM ROW Steven G Grube, Harry B Loper, Dexter A Vergin, 
Randolph L Wright. Edward L Swenson, Kenneth Lee Thomas, Dale E Brown- 

Pep groups boost spirits 
at campus athletic events 

Wildcat cheers boosted by Statesmates and 
Statesmen, women's and men's pep clubs, spirited 
basketball and football team efforts during home 
contests. Statesmates painted victory signs on down- 
town and Aggieville store windows preceding K- 
State-University of Kansas athletic clashes, traveled 
to Lawrence to attend the annual rival basketball 
game and sold Wildcat booster hats for the cerebral 
palsy fund. Statesmates organized noon football ral- 
lies and planned, for the first time with the aid of a 
computer, flashcard shows for football game half- 
time entertainment presented by K-Block. 

Senior Day half-time ceremonies feature an unusual grid tilt as 
Statesmates divide ranks and don helmets for a scrimmage 


Publicity chairmen for the Student Education Association ar- 
range pictures of group activities for a bulletin board display in 

Holton hall. The group of future teachers schedules monthly 
programs to promote fellowship and to hear speakers. 

School for the Deaf students provide S.E.A. program 

Students and teachers from the Olathe School for 
the Deaf demonstrated methods of instructing hand- 
icapped children at the November meeting of the 
Student Education Association. Other monthly 
meetings included talks by guest speakers on specif- 

ic aspects of the teaching profession such as "Inova- 
tions for Education. " In April, members attended 
an awards banquet at which outstanding seniors 
were recognized. Membership was the largest since 
the organizations founding in 1951. 

Student Education Association Officers— TOP ROW: Linda A Baldndge, 
Mary E Blakeslee. June F. Sweat. Julia J. Scott. Deborah M DeMand. Sharon 
A Elsweiler. John W DeMand SECOND ROW Virginia A Carlson. Nancy J 
Laudemann, Pamela J Dudley. Nancy C Reeves, Martha A Crane. Laurel B. 

Warren, Harriet G. Christensen BOTTOM ROW. Beth K. Fleischmann, Linda J. 
Carlson. Nancy A Baker, Cynthia L Sperry, Judith K. Nulty, Judy L. Heck, Marna 
G. Jenkins 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW: Melinda L Dobson. Janet L Braden. Jean L Unruh. Gloria 
R Adams, Ellen K Siemens. Mary K Korber. Marcia G Sims, Carolyn K. Eisen- 
brandt, Rebecca L. Johnston, Linda L. Mendell, Betty R Ashida, A. Earlene 
Hovis. SECOND ROW Barbara A. Zernickow, Jane E Kitch, Cynthia A Filinger. 
Mary E, Olsen, Nancy E Fair, Carol D Wenger, Phyllis J Marmet. Margaret F 
Glatz, Janice Elaine Smith, Pamela J. Paramore. Anna M Luker, Carolyn M Col- 
lins. THIRD ROW: Judy E Raitt, Sharon A. White, Elizabeth E MacGowan. Pa- 

tricia A Hatch, Carole J Wheelock. Rita M Robinson, Neva A Williams, Judith 
H. Hunter, Margaret R Hooper, Marcia A Norby. Dorothy A Hokr, Connie M 
McClure BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth. W Claycamp. Jane A Bigler. Virginia L. 
Mansholt. Linda E Schreuder, Teresa" K Graham, Wilma M. Hazen. Nancy J 
Fox, Joan R. Geraghty. Judith A Dunn, Janet L. Alexander, Mary A. Bower, Jen- 
nifer K Sullivan, Marlyse K Milburn, Nancy C. Smith. Alan K Steele 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW: Karen J Sanborn, Sheryl K Albright, Jeanette K Mack, Ka- 
rolyn K. Kroenlein, Vicky L Pogue, Beverly A Lambert, Linda S Garrison, Vicki L. 
Wenger, Ann L McKinley, Janice L Stohs. Barbara E Esau SECOND ROW: 
Helen F Bosche. Linda M. Lantis. Janet K Hollmger, Janet E Clark, Terry A. 
Lassman, Joleen A. Fiala, Patricia A Buchan, D'Ann Drennan. Michele D Fnck- 
ey, Patricia A Patton THIRD ROW: Linda M Richardson, Mary L. Ault, Janice 

;L. Horst. Kay E Kotapish, Martha A. Stonehocker. Tonita P. Coons, Kathleen J. 
McCreery, Margaret A. Ewing, Janet S Nicodemus. Cheryl D Gosch, Patricia 
A Simmons BOTTOM ROW Mary A, Woolcott, Maryanne Murphy, Cheryl A. 
Schimpf. Nelda J Friedrichs, Sharon I O'Shields, Cynthia K Fleming, Donneta 
R Kimball, Linda C. Wiehe, Doris B. Mayhill. Verlene J Makalous. 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW: Carol L Whitfield, Michele J Clark, Jo M McKmnis, Paulet- 
ta J. Winderlin, Kristie K. Jacobson. Karen L. O'Connor, Phyllis J Blasdel. Mari- 
lyn L. Hall, Robyn L Fankhauser. Janice J Miles, Jean F Howe SECOND 
ROW: Mary E Windels, Katherme A Kirk, Wilma J Lunt. Barbara I Simons, 
Jacgueline K Marteney, Linda J Sebesta. Louise M Mattox, Emily A. Eitmann, 
Sandra D. Tollefson, Jeanette M Golitko THIRD ROW: Rebecca A Lehman, 

Patricia J. Heyer, Jacquahne S Byers, Mary A Hoff, Janet L. Hastings, Linda K 
Otney, VerLee E. Chegwidden. Jonnie S. Thompson, Meta K Newell. Tahmeroo 
L Gaynier, Pamalee G Carson BOTTOM ROW Sharon L. Terwilliger, Vicki L 
Brown, Nola M Rosenow, Richard H. McVay, Gail I. Post, Barry L West, Shern- 
lyn K. Becker, Nancy J Butler, Marilyn L. Woolley, Galen J Long 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW. Lana K Shelby. Sandra L. Daugherty. Janet L Chatfield, 
Constance M Anstaett. Patricia J Edmonds. Donna L Knoell. Linda K. Gaul. 
Lenore K Brim. Karen S Brim. Judy G. Jackson SECOND ROW Elizabeth Arm- 
strong, Treasha L Green. Kathryn E. Heyne. Eleanor R Shier. Barbara J. Mattix, 
Lorna E. House, Joan E. Hallauer. Vera J McAlexander. Sharon A. Granger. 
Linda S Myers. Carolyn M Kellogg THIRD ROW Bryn B Toll. Judith R North, 

Mary A. Wiard, Linda L Seaton, Pamela S. Carlson, Mary K Wood, Jo A. Beck- 
er, Rebecca S Gray. Janice E Strecker. Karen J Beck BOTTOM ROW: Nancy J. 
Ukena. Donna L Silver. Marcia K Scott. Ellen L Taylor. Karen A. Kroutil. Janice 
E. Cipra. Patricia Lynn Carlson, Patricia W. Cheney, Jeanette M Stroberg. Eliza- 
beth A Wilkerson. DeloresJ Johnson. 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW: Barbara L. Hicks. Marilee R. Hennkson, Elizabeth H Parker. 
Phyllis J Feyh, Lyn M Buffo. Nancy J Sloan. Barbara J King. Kay D Mortimer, 
Nancy K Stover. Rosella A, Wenzl. Beverly A Schneider SECOND ROW: Dana 
C Fankhauser, Barbara J Goedecke. Kathryn Judd. Barbara L. Reed, Barbara S. 
Pearson, Charlotte L. Swain, Marita M. Lamp, Linda D. Risser, Linda S Hood, 
Janet K, Griffith. THIRD ROW: Ruth M. StPierre, Brenda E. Dold. Judith A Hun- 

ter, Marjory L McLeavy, Carolyn L Young, Frances M. Kelly. Laura L Ludes, 
Louise M Haslouer. In grid M. Johnson, Lucretia A Butts, Georgia S Lacen. 
BOTTOM ROW Karen B Linck, Pamela A Sodergren, Cynthia A. Michael, Ste- 
phen B. Kotler, Miriam A Moore. Carol Christensen. Sharyn S Longhofer. Olga 
A. Nowmsky. Arietta Y. Visser. Larry W. Hays. 

S.E.A.-TOP ROW Judy J Arm- 
strong, Barbara S. Wurtz, Judith E. 
Lamborn. Shelia F Crouch, Nedra L. 
Chalfant, Austina Terry, Ann L. Charl- 
ton SECOND ROW Sally A Liston, 
Patricia J. Sullivan. Carol A Storrer. 
Linda J. House. Shirley A Ford, Rob- 
bie G Brewer THIRD ROW Nancy J 
Glover, Karen K Starkey, Carole J. 
Rohrer. Kay E Farney, Paula K Sandy, 
Jean A. Sheik, Phyllis M. Johnson. 
Martha M Fly BOTTOM ROW: Shir- 
ley C. Crail, Linda S Pfister. Juanita 
M. Dennis. Gary D. Blankenship, Jack 
L. Wolfe, Mary E Schweitzer. Nancy 
A. Charles 


Wildcat Table Tennis Club-TOP 

ROW Donald L Rose. Ten-Ming 
Rhee. Jye S Fang. Michael S Chen. 
SECOND ROW ChangHChu. Jo- 
seph I Alade. Stuart Spaulding. BOT- 
TOM ROW Donald E Morgan. Arne 
Richards. Roger P Kaiser. Gordon E 


Table Tennis club selects team for regional tournament 

In its first year on campus, the Wildcat Table 
Tennis Club sponsored tournaments in which both 
members and non'-members could participate. A 
major campus tournament in December selected a 

team of undergraduate players to represent the 
University at the University of Kansas in the re- 
gional table tennis tournament, sponsored second 
semester by the Association of College Unions. 

Meeting twice weekly in either dorm basements or the Union 
recreation area, members of the newly formed Wildcat Table 

Tennis Club learn and develop skills in ping-pong for club-spon- 
sored tournaments for all students and faculty members. 


Extension club members present two radio programs 

Two radio programs on campus station KSDB- 
FM were presented by members of University Ex- 
tension Club in the fall. The reports were "Careers 
in Extension Work" and "Dimensions of Human 
Personality of College Students." The group illus- 
trated the functions of extension work at Ag Science 
Day with a world map pinpointing extension club 
locations and a closed-circuit television showing the 

work done in these countries. The group heard Mae 
Baird, home economics professor, tell of Christmas- 
time in India at its annual Christmas party. Inter- 
national students who were members of the organi- 
zation talked about extension work within their 
countries, and instructors in the extension depart- 
ment discussed career possibilities in extension. 
Members planned a picnic in the spring. 

University Extension Club— TOP ROW Linda G Schwilling. Reba S Brazle. 
Florence A Fountain. Janice D. Zander, Nilean Nou. John B Mubiru. Karolyn K 
Kellogg, Suzie L Meyer. Eldeen M. Voth. Nancy K Hatfield. Pramila Krupadan- 
am SECOND ROW Margaret M Smerchek. Diane M Simpson. Gladys C 
Thorsell. Leuita M Gugler. Anna M Luker. Janice A Overocker. Delma J Baker. 
Jibade C Oyekan. Lois A Nixon, Jesudas U Mwanje THIRD ROW: Darrel D. 

Hosie, Damera V, Subbarao, Robert L. Johnson, Mary E Schweitzer. Luann K. 
Nelson. Carolyn D Olson. Ann J. Brunner. Dennis R. Siefkes, Mohamed H 
Abdel Moneim. Nasani E, Masaba BOTTOM ROW Gary K, Nugent, Dolores A, 
Hoffman, Sally J Lydick. Mary A. Grame, Merle D Witt, Ronald J Seyfert. Wil- 
liam H Reissig. Rae C Luginsland. Thomas E, Appleby. Manellen J. Appleby. 

Wheat State Agronomy Club-TOP ROW Richard L Vanderlip. Donald L. 
Jameson, Owen L Jacobsen, Thomas C Zavesky, David F Martin SECOND 
ROW: Roger L Baker, Galen R. Niedenthal, David J Reisig, Keith D Starr, Ri- 
chard P Waldren THIRD ROW: Richard Houdyshell, James C Trybom. Jay W, 
Gosch, Wendell K. Hockens, Larry L Klocke BOTTOM ROW: Charles W Knight, 
Patrick J Gallagher, Merle D. Witt, Arlin E, Colborg. 

Agronomists judge crops, 
hear Nigerian program 

Robert Bohannon, University director of interna- 
tional agricultural progress, was one of several fea- 
tured speakers who addressed the Wheat State 
Agronomy Club. Bohannon outlined agricultural 
conditions in Nigeria, where he evaluated progress 
in the professor exchange program with Ahmadu 
Bello University. Other guests included Hyde Ja- 
cobs, who spoke on water resources, and Raymond 
Olson, who spoke about job opportunities in agron- 
omy. The organization conducted a crops judging 
contest for club members. Other events were a fac- 
ulty-student party in the fall and a banquet in the 
spring for members and their guests. 




kH f 


Kansas birds and small animals are prepared and mounted for 
the Fairchild hall museum by Wildlife Society members. The 

museum, containing species of area game, is toured by grade 
and high school science classes and other campus visitors. 

Wildlife students publish Kansas game bird manua 

Compiling and editing articles on major Kansas 
game birds, members of the Wildlife Society com- 
pleted publication of the "Upland Game Booklet" 
circulated annually to more than 4,200 persons. 

Guest speakers at meetings of the society included 

Harold Glassen, a representative of the National 
Rifle Association, who spoke on recent national gun 
legislation; E. R. Hall of the University of Kansas 
wildlife museum; and Richard Marzolf, assistant 
professor of zoology at the University. 

Wildlife Society-TOP ROW: Nick L. Weidle. Ronald D Gatton. Larry G. Spell- 
man, Russell E McCauley, Joe D Cramer. Robert A Sparks. Philip G. Watt, 
Ernest J. Hamilton SECOND ROW David L Dowlin. John B Shrable. Gary L 
Rader. Donald E. Zimmerman. Gerald L Miller, Wayne K. Steinle. Robert J 

Robel. BOTTOM ROW: Barry L Betts, Alan K Montei, Nova J. Silvy. Clayton D 
Stalling, Kent H Sherrod, Max O Johnson, Stephen W. Forsythe, Spencer A 

■ 3SW& *MW ™ ■ 



A A » 



^•K 'w / \ 

1 1 B>* <** fm 

Ht T 1 Hm ■■* •* a bV I fl DB 

Bt, aHI II M Mm ».iJl 

H. 1^1 Hi * Si 

■ | ■kg- m 

B mEn HL- ' Jfl VI 

J Bm afl 1. ^ j 

|ll|a i > j9BB H[ k £M B&M ^1 Bs 

IV* £* ** 

m §A%.«* il \ / 

bYk H A^B^^^P"* ^^ *■■■■ '"• 

' . sHHSSh "J £X £$&$*&&&$(&£&>, 

"'*""" v. ■■' ■-.- 'V.'., 1 ■ m 

bvi ^b^b ^b1 ■■ 

; PS "■ ' ' '' ■ ' : ' IfSHsHH H 



Sponsored by the Wesley Foundation, the Liturgical Dance 
Choir performs original interpretive dance for various campus 

and state-wide groups. During the summer, they plan to tour 
13 different central European and Scandinavian countries. 


Baptist Student Union -TOP ROW: Judith C Armsworthy. Patricia J Hol- 
stegge, Carol A Church, Martha E. Toothaker. Karen S Blake. Carol A Toothak- 
er SECOND ROW: Cheryl K Johnson. Timothy J Fields. William J Fields. Kerry 

L Renner. Jonell Exley BOTTOM ROW Lindon C Thomas. Larry W Abell. Wil- 
liam A Blauvelt, Steven P Hatfield. Charles W Newcom. Charles R Cole. 

Baptist missionaries serve 
at Appalachian work camp 

Chosen to serve as missionaries, two members of 
the Baptist Student Union assisted at a work camp 
in the Appalachian region of Kentucky during the 
summer. Each month the students sponsored full- 
length religious film showings which included a Bil- 
ly Graham production, "Shadow of a Boomerang/ 1 
In the fall, members hosted the State Student Con- 
vention for Baptist Student Unions, attended by 
representatives from Nebraska and Kansas, and 
met for a retreat. The organization also initiated 
plans for a new University center. 

Lutheran group discusses 
interpretations of movies 

Critical discussions and interpretations followed 
contemporary movies viewed by the 25 members of 
Gamma Delta, a Missouri Synod Lutheran student 
group. Films reviewed included "Who's Afraid of 
Virginia Woolf," "Hat Full of Rain, 1 ' and a series 
entitled "Quotes of Basis for Sex Morality." 

Talks by guest speakers from area churches at 
weekly Sunday meetings provided basis for conver- 
sation among members. The student Lutherans also 
participated in discussions concerning the Bible and 
met together each week for an evening meal. 

Gamma Delta -TOP ROW Linda K. 
Gaul. Terry A Lassman. Ruthann I 
Holle. Kathleen A Guenther, Gratia L 
Baehr SECOND ROW Janice E. 
Frohn, Nadene M McGuire. Sharon 
L. Kootz. Larry A Stohs BOTTOM 
ROW Owen A Gaul. Curtis W Kruse. 
Gerald H Thiele 


Grace Baptist Fellowship— TOP 

ROW Patricia A Hatch, John A. 
Haas. Miriam L Lansdowne. LaVonne 
A Anderson. Suzanne M. Wehrman. 
SECOND ROW Nancy M Schweitz- 
er. Fred E Schurle. Fred H Davis, 
Howard M Wehrman BOTTOM 
ROW Thomas R Tucker. Larry B. 
Massey, David K Lightner 

Baptists visit rest homes, 
sponsor Sunday suppers 

Visiting several rest homes in the Manhattan 
area during the holiday season, members of Grace 
Baptist Student Fellowship talked to shut-ins and 
sang Christmas carols. Students met on Sunday 
evenings at Grace Baptist Church for supper and 
then divided into groups to discuss topics such as 
choosing a vocation and marriage. In November, 
several members presented musical numbers and 
spoke to the church congregation at an evening wor- 
ship service. The fellowship also provided posters 
for "The Restless Ones,' 1 a religious movie that was 
shown in February at a Manhattan theatre. 

Christian group sponsors 
residence hall discussions 

Religious issues, including the "Death of God" 
theory and the "Christian View of Marriage," were 
discussed by students during residence hall group 
study sessions sponsored by the Kansas State Chris- 
tian Fellowship. Members met each day in Dan- 
forth Chapel for prayer and attended weekly meet- 
ings at which representatives from local and state 
religious organizations spoke. 

Selling Christian Literature and collecting dona- 
tions, the Fellowship helped to finance a trip for ten 
members to Bear Trap Ranch, Colo., owned by 
Inter-Varsity, the organization's national. 

K-State Christian Fellowship-TOP ROW Suzanne M. Heller, LaVonne A. 
Anderson, Ruth A Bartholomew, Edward J Shelton, John A Haas, Nancy M. 
Schweitzer, Elaine F Lemon, Patricia A Hatch. SECOND ROW Ken J Locke. 

James R Wilson, William D Eisele, Howard M Wherman. Barton E. Larson, 
William D Dannefer. Fred H. Davis BOTTOM ROW: Randall L. Rich, William D. 
Mauck, Larry B. Massey. David K. Lightner. Roy E Hobbs. Allan R Harms. 


Kappa Phi-TOP ROW: Cheryl A Bussart. Beverly S Frasier. Nancy C Hage- 
man, Linda J. House, Jan E Morris, Patricia G Cordon, Diana L Davidson. Lynn 
E Boylan SECOND ROW Nancy C Parthemer. Nancy L Presnal, Laura J 
Suggs, Loreen A Locke, Jen L. Farmer, Barbara L Haney, Sarah B. Dallas 

THIRD ROW Mary J, Allison, Jams C Lundin, Gwen M. Lundin, Zelma J Hun- 
sicker, Lorna E House, Barbara H Asfahl. Rachel E Hall, Nila L Luttrell BOT- 
TOM ROW Nancy J Perry. Jeanette E Allsbury, Wanda L Bates, Barbara J 
Chance, Patricia A Rempel, Elizabeth J, Conner. Linda R. Wasmund. 

Kappa Phi women carol, decorate for army patients 

During the Christmas season, Kappa Phi, Meth- 
odist women's organization, caroled and helped 
decorate wards at Irwin Army Hospital at Ft. Ri- 
ley. For the second year, they conducted a money- 
making project through which they collected used 
clothing to be sent to a Korean mission headed by 

two University graduates. In another charity pro- 
ject, the organization's card sale in the Union raised 
money for the United Nations Childrens' Fund. 
The women discussed a series of lessons entitled 
"One Witness on One World." Kappa Phi also 
taught Sunday school and sang in church choirs. 

Latter Day Saints attend 
weekly meetings in homes 

Meeting weekly in members' homes, students in 
Liahona Fellowship participated in group discus- 
sions on the Christian role in a modern society and 
the relationships among religious. Members also 
viewed movies including "Failsafe" and "The Ago- 
ny and the Ecstacy" and discussed them critically. 
The group, which consisted of members of the 
Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints, attended 
services in Danforth Chapel. They celebrated 
Christmas with a vesper service and a party which 
included dinner and caroling. In the fall, the group 
sponsored a chili supper. Roger Hands was presi- 
dent of the six-year-old organization. 

Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints-TOP ROW Sharon D Pule, Chris- 
tine L Evans. Judith A Spessard. Harriet E Hapai BOTTOM ROW Carl D Brill 
hart. Francis E Stowell. G Roger Hands 


Lutheran Students Associ- 
ation-TOP ROW Linda I Boschow- 
itzki, Karen L Johnson, Jeanne K 
Dunn. Linda N Hammer. Linda M. 
Kirkham SECOND ROW Norma K 
Guhn, Larry L Johnson. Gary A Lil- 
lich. Lawrence L Propp. Donald D. 
Snethen. Ingrid M. Johnson THIRD 
ROW Donald J Fallon, Paul H 
Gibbs. Sheila A. Billenwillms. Douglas 
L. Kaiser. Robert A, Becker BOTTOM 
ROW Ronald G Propp, David A 
Slead, Robert N Dietrich. Frank W 


Mennonite Fellowship— TOP ROW Barbara E Esau, Marybeth D Frey, Jean 
L Unruh. Cheryl E Claassen, Patricia J Adrian. Joan K Reusser SECOND 
ROW Lois A Jantz. Margaret R Hooper. Delores L. Buller, Marcia P. Bartell. 
Dorothy M Duerksen. Nancy S Bartel. Calvin L Hershberger THIRD ROW 

Lutherans join in worship 
with Catholics, Methodists 

Discussions with Chinese students on religion 
and joint meetings and worship with Newman Club 
and Wesley Foundation were activities of the Lu- 
theran Student Association. During November, the 
group hosted a regional conference of Lutheran 
Student Associations. Four Midwest states were 
represented. Students also attended a "camp-in" in 
Chicago during semester break in which they 
worked with the underprivileged in ghettos. 

Merrill K. Schmidt, Larry E. Dirksen, Gary L. Stucky, Richard L. Harms. Ronald L. 
Stucky. Fred L Wedel. David L Brown BOTTOM ROW Jerold L Franz, Larry E 
Georing, Orlando L. Penner. Kenneth R. Holdeman, David J Holsinger, Clifton 
V Hostetler. Howard L Delaplane. 

Mennonite student group 
aids Student Health staff 

Speakers from Kansas churches and the Univer- 
sity led discussion groups at the weekly Sunday 
evening dinners and programs of the Mennonite 
Fellowship. The Mennonite youth organized a vol- 
unteer corps to assist the Student Health Center 
staff in times of emergencies. 

As a recreational activity, members of the Fel- 
lowship also reserved Nichols gym one night each 
week to play basketball and volleyball. 


Jewish rabbi addresses 
Catholic students' group 

"Judaism Today" was the topic of an address 
given by guest lecturer, Rabbi Elbert Sapinsley, to 
Newman Club members. The Catholic students' 
organization participated in an ecumenical dialogue 
with the Grace Baptist Student Fellowship, initiat- 
ed a campus speaker series and presented talent 
programs at local hospitals. Social activities includ- 
ed hootenannies, hay rides and participation in in- 
tramural athletics, in which they won league cham- 
pionships in football and basketball. 

Newman Club-TOP ROW Thomas H Cure, Joan L. Levendofsky, Rebecca S 
Anderson, James W Mader SECOND ROW Richard E Shank, Gary E. Voelker. 
James E, Gagnon. BOTTOM ROW James L Shank, Richard E Bramlage. 

Newman Club— TOP ROW Mary A Schimpf, Marianne Maihewson, Karen E 
Tousignant, Marilyn A Karlin. Sharon K Fnesen, Jams L Barenberg, Teresa J 
Wurtz, Barbara S Wurtz, Jane M Brinker SECOND ROW Kathleen M Stremel, 
Sandra M, Dalrymple. Mariana C Kohake, Joan M Kohake, Joseph A. Orseno, 
Patricia E McNeive, Elizabeth A. Dawson, Marjone A Spear, Janice M Kenne- 
dy, Cheryl A. Schimpf, Linda A. Lickteig THIRD ROW Jerome I Leise, Melvm 

N Metzen. Paul M Wishall, Kenneth R. Jacques, John E Denning, Johnson 
Arokoya, Jerry P Wishall, Margaret A. Thiel, Marlkay P. Desch, Roy D Tange- 
man BOTTOM ROW Steven J. Cohorst, Timothy L Carroll, Dexter A Vergin, 
Robert L Schrandt. Mary A Grame. Charles L Jasper, Larry G Hess, Jerry B 
Fickel. Edward R Heinen. 

Newman Club— TOP ROW Gail M Farmer. Margaret L Dempster, Pamela C 
Mullen, Virginia A Meyer, Mary C Huerter, Rosella A Wenzl, Theresa A Mey- 
er. Connie S. Berges, Marguerite A. Habiger, SECOND ROW: Mary K Prochas- 
ka, Pamela J Richards. JoAnn Becker. Judith A Smith. James E. Schwing, 
Mary K Sebastian, Paula M, Casey, Margaret A Caspar, Margaret L, McCauley, 

Karla J Kessler THIRD ROW Dennis A Rohan, Jackie L. Schinstock, Michael 
Verschelden, Gary D Paulsen, Roy T Ferguson, Sheila S Kolb, Cynthia K Flem- 
ing, Norman R, Schneider, Elaine J Skeuse. BOTTOM ROW Janet S, Metzin- 
ger, John A Kramer, Larry J DeDonder, Gregory L Miller, Jan M Corcoran, 
James F O'Connor, John Hintz, Sue C. Maes. 



Hi#.*,a IB tW mi 1 



Baptists program explores race relations on campus 

Race relations at the University was the topic 
explored in a program presented by Roger Wil- 
liams Fellowship at the Wesley Foundation and 
Goodnow hall. The program prompted weekly 
"Negro — White Dialogues," a series of group dis- 
cussions on campus racial discrimination. During 
spring break, several group members observed and 
studied race relations at Arkansas A&M, a college 

for Negro students in Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Other Baptist students attended the Ecumenical 
Institute in Chicago or the United Nations Seminar 
in Washington, D.C. during semester break. The 
seminar was directed by the National Baptist Stu- 
dent Movement. For a fall retreat, members attend- 
ed a movie in Kansas City and camped at Lake 
Shawnee grounds in Topeka. 

Roger Williams Fellowship— TOP ROW: Carolyn S. Lemon. Susan E Carlson. 
Gayle L Roberts. Janet K Mapes. Connie J Bestwick. Linda K Chew, Deanne 
M. Rieke. Barbara J Cudney SECOND ROW Celestine Njoku. Ruth A Bar- 
tholomew. Beverly A. Dearing. Donald G. Pfeiffer, Sandra M. Underwood, Mary 
A Novak, Edward E Yotter THIRD ROW: Shirley E Van Meter. Ronald L. 

Bridges, Kathleen J Warner. Darrell D Ruble, Michael L, Haney, Sharon L Bar- 
row. Earl D. Weak. David C Baker BOTTOM ROW Richard E Shoemaker. 
Peggy I DeJarnette. Ralph C. Richardson. Folorunso A. Fayinka, Daniel I. Saror, 
Darnell F. Hawkins. Harmon S. Boyce. 

Roger Williams Fellowship-TOP ROW Peggy E Shafer. Carol J Owen. Shar- 
leen L Johnson, Pamela S Stierwalt. Donna R Simmons. Karen S Voss, Mar- 
garet A Breeden. Sharon K. Lewis SECOND ROW Effie M Breeden. Roy L 
Robinson, Juanita K Decker, Gary D. Owen, Allan L Fedosky, Jack L. Decker, 

Keith D Starr THIRD ROW Brenda A. Lowry, Harry W McDaniel, William H. 
Maxwell, Elizabeth A. Wilkerson, David E Sloat, Polly A Schroeder, Cornell J. 
Mayfield BOTTOM ROW R Bruce Woods. Harold E Socolofsky. Roger R 
McKee, Jerry W Engler. William B. Daylong. David E Johnson, Russell L. Muse 


Coeds compare class notes in the wood-paneled sunken living 
room of the United Campus Christian Fellowship center on 

Denison Carpeted student areas provide students with a re- 
laxed and quiet atmosphere for study during the day or evening. 

UCCF members examine religious, social problems 

After meeting together for Sunday evening wor- 
ship services, members of the United Campus 
Christian Fellowship studied church issues and so- 
cial problems in two discussion groups. Topics 
examined included church history, population ex- 
plosion and automation. Members also met once 

each week for luncheons. The two centers located at 
1021 Denison and 1627 Anderson provided stu- 
dents with study rooms, a library, pingpong tables, 
shuffleboards and dining facilties. The organiza- 
tion, under the direction of the Council Ministry, 
included four different church groups. 

United Campus Christian Fellowship-TOP ROW: Sandra Loretz. Gloria R 
Adams, Shirley A Ford. Rita A. Smith. Carol E Torkelson, Linda S Bathurst. 
Paul E. Sanford, Robert D. Neill. SECOND ROW Dolores J Lewis. Brian E Car- 

ter, John P. Benfer. Linda M Williams, Mary E Wrampe. James E. Lackey. Mary 
E Horton BOTTOM ROW Julian B Johnson, Perrin K Symns. Wallace B. 
Wren, David L. Stephens, Kendall M Wright, Gary J Hanna 


Wesley Foundation - TOP ROW: Barbara J. Nickelson. Linda L Harden. Patri- 
cia L. Groves. Lynn E Boylan, Nancy C. Hageman, Jen L Farmer, Diana L. 
Davidson. Barbara L Haney. Barbara S. Rice. SECOND ROW Jeanette E Alls- 
bury. Nancy C. Parthemer. Mary J Pretzer, Linda L. Seaton. Judy E Pickens, 
Judith A Hughes, Rachel E Hall, Loreen A Locke, Sarah B Dallas THIRD 


ROW: Patricia A Rempel, Linda R Wasmund, Cheryl L. Weber. Barbara J. 
Chance. Wanda L Bates. Dennis D Hughes, Nila L Luttrell, Donald L Gaymon 
BOTTOM ROW William E. Vigneron. Thomas D Hawk. Leslie B Allison, James 
L Brown, Allen G Hahn, Robert D Fyfe, John M. Carter 

Wesleyan Campus Fellowship— 

TOP ROW Mildred R. Hendricks, 
Carol A Nelson, Bonnie D Young, 
Edwin B Brockway SECOND ROW: 
Margaret A Macy. Eunice M Hoover, 
Rodney C Collins, Glenn L Gordon 
BOTTOM ROW Lester R Young, 
Myron B Hoover, Clarence L. Nelson. 

Wesley dance choir earns 
money for European tour 

To earn money for a European peace mission 
tour in the summer, members of the Wesley Foun- 
dation Liturgical Dance Choir performed concerts 
throughout Kansas during semester break. 

Methodist students provided a coat exchange for 
international students and examined student-ad- 
ministration relations with counseling center staff 
members. Three foundation delegates attended a 
regional conference in Colorado. 

Methodist student group 
buys silverware for annex 

As a student organization affiliated with the 
Wesleyan Methodist Church, members of the Wes- 
leyan Campus Fellowship met for the evening meal 
each Sunday and studied religious topics in several 
discussion groups. The 120-member fellowship con- 
tributed funds to purchase sliverware for the new 
church annex. Members invited guests to a Valen- 
tine's Day banquet in February and elected Lester 
Young president of the organization. 


Guitar strains replace organ music for evening Lenten masses 
at the Newman club chapel as part of an attempt to make reli- 

gious ceremonies more meaningful for college students Fifteen 
hundred students use the chapel for Sunday services. 


T Virm : in*nrwarmrm sis nrw 






photo by David von Riesen 

Large new dorms looming 
above the old, forced smiles of 
rush week giving way to the 
excitement of a bid, the con- 
venience of a private apart- 
ment phone — these are the 
varied faces of the Uni- 
versity's living groups. 


Stretching for a return hit, two coeducational greek teams 
compete in an intramural volleyball tournament first semester. 

Songleader Martha Fly accepts a kiss and a second consecu- 
tive first place trophy for the Gamma Phis in Interfraternity Sing 

Betas, Gamma Phis take top trophies from IF Sing 

Top trophies in Inter-Fraternity Sing, a Greek 
Week activity planned by Panhellenic and Inter- 
Fraternity Councils, were won by Gamma Phi Beta 
and Beta Theta Pi. Second place winners were 
Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Chi and Delta Delta 
Delta and Delta Upsilon were third. Panhellenic 

and IFC made and governed rules for men and 
women's rush. IFC hired an administrative adviser 
and published a new pamphlet, "The Fraternity 
Way," to send to high school seniors accepted by 
the University and Panhellenic planned teas for lo- 
cal high school senior women. 

Panhellenic Council - TOP ROW Sharon L Froelich, Barbara J. Mattix, Patri- 
cia Schneider, Karen L. Mitchell. Ann L Charlton, Linda G Henry. Sharon A 
Elsweiler. Nancy Coberly, Elizabeth M Wary. Mary C Evans SECOND ROW: 

Pamela L Holt. Judith I Hysom. June A. Woodard, Diane K. Youngers. Pamela 
S Carlson. Mary A Pryor, Nancy A. Evans BOTTOM ROW Carolyn K Mc- 
Kinley, Carol J Staab. Lynda C Bennett, Patricia A Roach, Barbara L. Beck 

Bands in the Delt. Sig Ep, AKL and AGR houses on Friday night 
of Greek Week provide dance music for fraternity and sorority 

members and their dates. Other events in the week's festivities 
included exchange dinners and a Tuesday recognition banquet 

Earle Davis, head of the English department, waits to learn his 
worth as he is auctioned at the Lambda Chi Alpha Faculty Slave 

Auction. Proceeds from the bidding, which ranged from $10- 
$25 on the deans and professors, went to "Cats for Curtains ." 


Time passes slowly Friday afternoon as rushees anxiously wait 
for pledging bids and reserve a line to call the news back home 

Accepting and regretting invitations and planning a schedule 
for the day's parties are trying decisions for all formal rushees 

During Thursday afternoon parties. Kappa Alpha Theta mem- 
bers extend invitations to returning rushees to enter the "Theta 

land" of happiness. The girls presented an amusing version of 
Rush Week with a mock pledging ceremony as the skit's finale. 

From their carport roof. Gamma Phis dressed in Oriental cos- 
tumes welcome rushees to an afternoon party. Inside, members 

photo by David von Riesen 

served tea and fortune cookies in a tea house setting, perform- 
ed a costumed skit and informed rushees about the sorority. 

Prospective pledges complete rush schedules in a last minute 
scramble in Weber hall arena before formal house visits begin 

Cam pus fraternities pledge 
1 30 men during semester 

First semester, 130 men pledged the 23 fraterni- 
ties through informal rush. This represented the 
largest number ofmentopledgeduringasingle 
semester in the history of the University. 

Summer rush resulted in 244 pledges for the fra- 
ternities. During formal fall rush, fraternities en- 
couraged informality at rush parties, including in- 
formality in dress. Rushees frequently broke away 
from the traditional suit and tie dress in favor of 
school clothes for afternoon rush dates. 

Sorority pledge classes ranged in size from 10 to 
40. The 411 rushees attended formal rush parties 
during fall rush week and 319 pledged the 1 1 
houses. Under a rew rule, rushees visited fewer 
houses on two days than previously. 

For sorority membership, a girl must have 
ranked in the upper half of her high school class or 
have a 2.0 University grade point average. 


Crowned Greek Week queen and king, Marcia McLain and 
Ron Engelken, were judged on appearance in a Greek toga. 

Greek couples dance to a live band at one of four open house 
parties at fraternity houses during Greek Week in the fall. 

Junior Panhellenic Council — TOP ROW Judie H Ross. Patricia G Cordon, 
Karen S. Brim, Martha L. Coppersmith, Shirley E. Carson SECOND ROW: Laura 

J Suggs, Margaret J. Marsh. Marlene K Pottroff, Janet L Boyer BOTTOM 
ROW; Alice J. Sheik. Cynthia K. Fleming. Marsha L. Garrett. 



Wheelbarrow teams begin a race to the finish line in Weber 
Arena to earn their houses points in annual Greek Week games. 

Potential pledges listen intently as Dean Margaret Lahey ex- 
plains formal rush week schedules during the first conference 

Games, banquet, parties 
highlight fall Greek Week 

All Greeks joined together in the fall for annual 
Greek Week activities which included exchange 
dinners, a banquet at which awards were presented, 
dances hosted by fraternities and Greek games dur- 
ing which a king and queen were crowned. 

To finance an all-Greek party, Interfraternity 
Pledge Council worked consessions at Greek Week 
Parties. The group also adopted an orphan and 
participated in the Heart Fund charity drive. At 
monthly meetings Junior Panhellenic Council dis- 
cussed pledge scholarship, and pledge class unity. 

Interfraternity Pledge Council — TOP ROW Catherine V Jones. Nancy E 
Buchele. Barbara K. North. Marcia Lenhert. Linda S. Burton. Karen J. Mau. Jill 
E Bunker. Demse Dussair, Timothy D Wigger SECOND ROW: Robert D Burk, 
Kent L Roberts. Henry H. Werner, Alfred C. Enlow, Deborah K Krause, Patricia 

J. Paine. Stan G Weir. Dennis V Logan THIRD ROW: James J Ferguson. Har- 
ris W Johnson. Ronald L Rabe, Lawrence Slupianek. Danny P. Sisco. Terrance 
Glasscock. William D Miner BOTTOM ROW Dennis G Redd. John P. Charles, 
Randall R Olander. Thomas L. Schoenbeck. Howard G. Webb 


Chances of survival for the KU Jayhawk appear slim in the 
Alpha Xi Delta display which placed third among sororities. 

Spurred on with claps and vocal encouragement from sorority 
members, chickens race to the finish at Greek games. 

Amid cries of congratulations, sororities prepare to drive their 
new sisters back to the house for yell-ins. picnics and pledging 

The bids marked the end of a hectic rush week of skits, parties, 
and tours and the beginning of a new year as a Greek pledge. 

photo by David von Riesen 


At the Greek Week banquet, Mrs Don Matuzak, president of 
City Panhellenic. presents a representative of Chi Omega with 

the Panhellenic Scholarship Improvement Award. The women 
worked from eighth to third in sorority scholarship rankings 

Brushes, nails and paint add finishing touches to Kappa Delta 
skit props during work week before formal fall rushing begins 


jnj@8&. ~ ff 

High sorority scholarship 
leaves time for activities 

Competition ran high among sororities during 
rush week, Interfraternity Sing, Harlequinade, in- 
tramurals and Homecoming decorations. During 
first semester, all sororities joined forces in a house 
to house campaign for Multiple Sclerosis. 

While accumulating a 2.8 all-sorority average, 
the coeds still made time for functions, parties, in- 
formal rushing and pledge-active activities. 

In the lively carnival atmosphere of strawberry parfaits. wild 
animals and clowns. Tri-Deltas and rushees enjoy "Carousel ." 

Alpha Chi Omega wins 
award for social program 

Cited for an outstanding social development pro- 
gram and record of chapter history, Alpha Chi 
Omega won two awards at their 1966 national con- 
vention. As a Christmas project, Alpha Chis donat- 
ed a tricycle to the children's physical therapy ward 
at Memorial Hospital in Manhattan. 

Social activities included a Mod Party, Ship- 
wreck Party, a pledge Christmas party, annual 
Golden Lyre Ball, Depauw Duo with Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Todd Road Triad and an afternoon get- 
acquainted tea for fraternity pledges. Alpha Chis 
were officers in S.E.A., Panhelenic Council, States- 
mates, Sigma Delta Pi, German Club and Phems. 

One hundred five chapters. 
Founded DePauw Universi- 
ty 1885. Gamma Zeta chap- 
ter established 1947. Presi- 
dent: Martha Lonergan. 

SJ ' , 

Residing at 1835 Todd Road. Alpha Chis honor an active each 
month as "Carnation Girl" for outstanding chapter work. 

Alpha Chi Omega-TOP ROW Mrs 

Harold T Lowe. Mary E Abson. Cher- 
yl L Atchinson, Patricia A Atwater. 
Barbara L Beck. Shemlyn K Becker, 
Kathleen M. Berning, Sharon A Ber- 


SECOND ROW Helen F Bosche. 
Martha J Budke. Barbara J Bull. 
Nancy J. Butler. Patricia Lynn Carl- 
son. Virginia A Carlson. Lesley E. 
Case, Janet L. Chatfield 

THIRD ROW Sandra L Daugharthy, 
Jean L. Dillon. Jan A. Dobbs, Trucy C. 
Drapel, D'Ann Drennan, Emily A Eit- 
mann. Patricia A Ferguson. Pamela 
K Fortun 

FOURTH ROW Nicki A Gardner, 
Theresa M Garlett, Shirley A Garrett, 
Margaret K. Grogger, Carolyn S. 
Guetzko, Sarah C Harper, Susan L. 
Hendnx. Sharon G Horigan 

BOTTOM ROW Marna G Jenkins. 
Delores J. Johnson, Paula S John- 
son, Pamela A Jones, Patricia L. 
Jones, Janice M Kennedy. Linda A. 
Kirk, Ann K Kirkwood 


Alpha Chi Omega-TOP ROW Carol 
J Kirshe, Sara J Lanmng. Linda M. 
Lantis. Cynthia J. LeHew, Lois K Lew- 
is. Martha J. Lonergan, Beryl B Low- 
ery, Jeanette K Mack 

SECOND ROW. Barbara L Mader. 
Barbara J Mattix. Linda A Mayer. 
Carolyn L. McFarland. Monica M 
McMilhon. Marsha K Meckel. Emily 
L. Menne. Maria J Messersmith 

THIRD ROW Janean L Miller. Sha- 
ron L Milhken. Valerie J Millis. Mar- 
yanne Murphy. Suzanne E Nelson, 
Beverly A Norton, Karen L O'Connor, 
Betty K. Oleen 

FOURTH ROW: Karen E. Olson. Caro- 
lyn S Pearson, Jean M Pyles. Nancy 
C Reeves. Gayla L Richards. Linda 
M Ross. Barbara J Ruediger 

FIFTH ROW Anita J Severence. 
Eleanor R Shier. Christine L Smith, 
Geraldine A Smith. Susan Smutz, 
Sharne A Snell, Carol S Spence. 

BOTTOM ROW Shern D. Spitsnogle, 
Shela L Strate, Lauralea Taylor. Mari- 
lyn J. Tollefson. Laruel B Warren, 
Janet L. Wolfe. Mary A Woolcott 

Calypso music and Polynesian costumes set the mood for the 
Alpha Chis' "Calypso Day" on Wednesday of rush week. At the 

end of the week, 29 rushees returned to the house for pledging 
ceremonies and entertained actives with a satirical skit. 

WKtg&>*^; ii \~~ (■ <£&&£ 

V ,tf * 

f^ j| ! 

Alpha Delta Pi-TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Mary E. Hall. Brenda Adrian. Barbara 
E. Ashford, Nancy J Atkinson. Ste- 
phanie A Baer. Judy D. Baker. Linda 
S Barb 

SECOND ROW: Diana K Barton, 
Suzanne I Beach. Barbara K Benton, 
Peggy C Burnett, Shirley E. Carson, 
Nancy M Castle. Kathleen M Cavi- 

THIRD ROW Marquita M Condon. 
Vivienne L Condon, Patricia G Cor- 
don. Janet S. Cowan. Linda D. Curtin, 
Cheryl A Daves, Karen M Davis 

FOURTH ROW Deborah M. De- 
Mand. Judith A Dey, Nancy J Duke- 
low, Nancy M Dutton. Patricia A 
Emrich, Nancy M Evans, Janet K 

FIFTH ROW Mary K Foltz. Mary K 
Francis. Corinne D Greene. Linda 
Harrison, Ethel J Hatch. Nancy J 
Hey, Mary E Hutchms 

BOTTOM ROW Carolyn A Jones. 
Pamela M Kelly, Thelma J Kirk, Joan 
M Kleysteuber, Beverly M Krug, 
Marcia S Lenhert, Sandra K Lindg- 

ADPis welcome officers, 
place second in IF Sing 

Based on hospitality shown by members to na- 
tional officers and alumnae during the chapter's fif- 
tieth anniversary celebration, Alpha Delta Pi was 
presented the sorority's national gracious living 
award at its national convention. In Interfraternity 
Sing, the women earned second place with "Chim 
Chim Cheree" and "Halls of Ivy." 

ADPis welcomed a new housemother with a tea 
in the fall and joined men of Lambda Chi Alpha in 
adopting two needy families at Christmas time. The 
families were given gifts and invited to the Greek 
houses for dinner. Social events included Halloween 
and Christmas parties and a spring formal, 


One hundred fourteen chap- 
ters. Founded Macon, Geor- 
gia, 1851. Alpha Eta chap- 
ter established 1915. Presi- 
dent: Patricia A. Emrich. 

Evergreens and Christmas balls adorn the ADPI staircase, 
while the library is decorated in colors of blue and white. 

Alpha Delta Pi-TOP ROW Patricia 
A Massey. Patricia L McCoy. Karen 
J Mcllroy. Cheryl J, McKay. Judith K 
McMillan. Charlotte A McNeil. Susan 
K Mernman 

SECOND ROW: Vicki J Messmer. 
Roberta I Minnis. Evelyn L Moats. 
Ru A. Moore, Linda K. Mornssette. 
Colleen M Ostmeyer. Natalie J Park- 

THIRD ROW Bonita Phillips. Susan 
K Pike. Rosalind J Ridgway. Marilyn 
S. Robbins. Carolyn M Robinson, 
JoAnn Schafer. Susan A Schwab 

FOURTH ROW: Janet K Shipman. 
Sheryl G. Spacek. Kathleen M 
Sughrue. Phyllis A Tarver, Barbare E. 
Taylor, Barbara J Tozer. Mary F 

FIFTH ROW Linda L. Tresennter. 
Nancy J Ukena. Cheryl S Utterback. 
Sharon L VanVleet, Sandra S Wak- 
nitz. Charlene D Walser, Linda J 

BOTTOM ROW Rena L Watts. Jac- 
queline Weingart. Thomasina Wein- 
gart, Andrea S Wilkerson. Beth M 
Wilson, Helen A Wilson. Regina F 
Wolfe. Diane K Youngers 

Under the supervision of Irwin Army Hospital patients, ADPis visit and sing Christmas carols and sorority songs The women, 

hung Christmas decorations made by the soldiers and stayed to who live at 518 Sunset, returned to the hospital in the spring 

— T 

Alpha Xi Delta-TOP ROW Mrs 

Susan Cox. Karen J. Acker. Barbara J. 
Anderson, Rebecca S Anderson. 
Mary S. Attwood, Eva M Ayers, Gra- 
tia L Baehr. Cheryl L. Bain 

SECOND ROW: Karen J Beck. Mary 
A. Bigelow. Phyllis J Blasdel, Karen 
S Brim. Lenore K Brim. Nancy A 
Buckles. Pamelee G. Carson. Pamela 
S. Catlm 

THIRD ROW Jane L Chatlam. Har- 
riet Chnstensen, Carolyn M Collins, 
Nancy J Cook, Jeanine A Davis. Ju- 
dith A Dunn. Sharon A Elsweiler. 
Cynthia K. Fleming 

FOURTH ROW Nancy M Florell, 
Mary J Fritz, Susan K Goold, Janet K. 
Griffith. Margaret A Griffith. Julie A 
Hackett, Michele M Harmon. Connie 
L. Hawley 

FIFTH ROW Carolyn A Hays. Dianna 
S Heath, Dorothy A Hokr, Janet K 
Hollmger, Janice L, Horst, Jeanne A. 
Ingersoll, Judy G Jackson, Kathy L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca L Johns- 
ton, Susan L Kennedy. Kay E Kotap- 
ish, Charolyn K Lacey, Jean A Lan- 
caster. Winifred B Lathrop, Mary K. 
Leasure, Evelyn J Lewis 

One hundred nine chapters. 
Founded Lombard College, 
1893. Alpha Kappa chapter 
established 1922. Presi- 
dent: Linda D. Orrell. 

Variations in price and quality are discussed with a jewelry 
salesman before Alpha Xis make final pin and ring selections. 

Alpha Xi Delta captures 
trophy for house display 

With a 48-member pledge class, largest of any 
sorority, Alpha Xi Delta had 18 more women in the 
sorority than last year. Alpha Xis places third 
among sororities for their Homecoming display, 
"Bye, Bye, Birdie.' 1 Members tutored for Project 
Headstart and collected toys at Christmas. 
The Pink Rose Formal, and a pledge-active Baby- 
doll Party were other Alpha Xi social activities. 

Alpha Xi Delta members were sweethearts of 
Delta Chi and Alpha Kappa Lambda, secretary to 
the apportionment board and assistant to the Direc- 
tor of Campus Affairs. A People-to-People ex- 
change student and the Kansas 4-H Style Review 
Champion belong to the sorority; others were active 
in Student Senate, K-State Singers, and Sparks. 

Honoring a new housemother. Alpha Xis welcomed Mrs. 
Susan Cox with a fall tea in the chapter house at 601 Fairchild 

Terrace. Members initiated an affiliate sorority at Oklahoma 
State University and sold cookies as a money-making project. 

Alpha Xi Delta-TOP ROW Vickie 
Longenecker. Karen L Mitchell, Janet 
A. Naylor, Patricia Nicholson. Olga A 
Nowmsky, Linda D Orrell. Patricia J 
Paine. Barbara S Pearson 

SECOND ROW Nancy I Pendarvis. 
Judith A Phillips. Sheryl L Pinkerton. 
Pamela L Poole. Chloe E Rexroad. 
Bonita A Rice. Nancy B Rohles. 
Kathleen A. Rostine 

THIRD ROW Paula K Sandy. Ann M 
Sanner. Marcia L Schoeff. Ellen K 
Siemens, Elaine J, Skeuse, Charlotte 
L Swain. Linda G. Swan 

FOURTH ROW Sandra S Swenson. 
Carolan M, Tallerday. Karen D Thorn. 
Jonnie B Valerius, Lona D Vllander, 
Ann D Wagner, Kathleen J Wallace. 

BOTTOM ROW Kathleen J Warner. 
Linda J Warren. Patricia Weatherford. 
Barbara M. Wells. Elisabeth A, Wentz. 
Noell E Wulfkuhle. Carolyn L Young 


Chi Omega-TOP ROW: Mrs. Leland 
Keefer. Carol S Amos. Deborah K. 
Baker. Sara M Bayless. Shelly Ber- 
gerhouse. Bethry E. Bloyd, Sandra L 
Bradley, Pamela K. Carr. 

SECOND ROW Linda J Chapman, 
Polly A Coombs, Judy J Creviston, 
Mary L Crowley, Marica K Diekman, 
Marilyn L. Dragush, Pamela J. Dud- 
ley, Elizabeth A Dyke 

THIRD ROW Nancy K Dyke, Diane 
M Elmore, Karlyn K. Emel, Nancy L. 
Evans, Paula J Evans, Gail M Farm- 
er, Beth K Fleischmann, Janet E. 

FOURTH ROW Luella J Fosmire, 
Sandra K Froelich. Sharon L Froe- 
lich. Janice Goodrich, Helen L Gor- 
don, Suzanne Gordon, Carolyn K 
Graham. Mary L Grosko 

BOTTOM ROW Carol L Heath, 
Gretchen Hilgendorf, Barbara J 
Hoch, Ann L Hornbaker, Karyl K In- 
nis, Ellen J. Kelchak. Jane D Klover, 
Donna L Knoell 

One hundred forty-six chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Arkansas, 1895. Kappa 
Alpha chapter established 
1915. President: Sandra L. 

Three fraternity sweethearts. 1966 Flush Bowl queen and 
best dressed coed on campus are members of Chi Omega, 
1516 McCain. Members also represent the chapter as AFROTC 
queen. Homecoming finalist and Angel Flight drill commander. 

Chi Omegas capture first 
in Cinemania competition 

Filmed plans to raid the kitchen refrigerator of 
the Chi Omega house won the chapter first place in 
the new Cinemania contest, screened in conjunction 
with 1966 Harlequinade. At Christmas time the 
women caroled for residents of several Manhattan 
rest homes and, with Phi Delta Theta, entertained 
underprivileged children at a party. 

Chi Os were members of Student Senate, three 
served on college councils and four were members of 
Alpha Lambda Delta. A pledge party, Christmas 
stocking party and a spring formal were included 
among the sorority's social events. 


Pledges entertain Chi Omega actives and alumnae at the Eleu- 
sinian picnic in Sunset Park with an original skit. "The Blind 

jSUfcp-*" ' 

Date." After narrating the Greek myth of Eleusinian mysteries 
relating to founding, pledge mothers are announced. 

Chi Omega-TOP ROW Mary H 
Lairmore. Kathleen Langenwalter. 
Connie F Lathrop, Nancy J Laude- 
mann, Patricia Lilhston, Elizabeth 
Mackender. Barbara L Martens, Kath- 
ryn L. Martens. 

SECOND ROW Johnette C Massey. 
Karen J Mau, Kathryn M McCarthy, 
Sharon R Meisner, Janice J. Miles, 
Janet L Miller. Lynne S. Miller, Mar- 
cia L. Morris 

THIRD ROW Marlene K. Moyer. Ann 
E Nelson. Nancy A Netson, Meta K 
Newell. Doreen Ochsner. Melodie A 
Otte. Annette Pallesen. Patricia A 

FOURTH ROW Elizabeth H Parker. 
Sharon L. Percival. Marlene K Pot- 
troff. Suzan C Ranz. Sallie K Roach. 
Candace L. Rogers. Patricia A Rug- 
gles. Peggy J Schick 

FIFTH ROW Nan L Schotanus. 
Diane J Schwmdt, Patricia A Seitz, 
Janora A Sigley. Donna L Silver. 
Trudy C Sloop, Sharon Stafford. Sue 
Z Stiefel 

BOTTOM ROW Janice L. Stuessi. 
Carol A. Tillery. Susan K Umberger, 
Deborah D Vaughan, Nancy S Waite, 
Jane A Willis. Sally A Womer. Mar- 
tha E Wood. Susan K Young 



Metal drainpipes and porcelain soap dishes are personalized 
with triangles for the Delta Delta Delta house, 1834 Laramie. 

One hundred nine chapters. 
Founded Boston University, 
1888. Theta lota chapter 
established 1915. Presi- 
dent: Carol A. Hinnergardt. 

Campus leadership posts 
go to Tri-Delta women 

National convention presented Delta Delta Delta 
with the sorority's Dolly Dolphin award for the 
most outstanding original chaplain's message, "I 
Have No Yesterdays." Continuing local service, 
Tri-Deltas collected money for the Manhattan 
United Fund drive, gave a Christmas party for 
children in the Project Head Start Program, and 
provided a scholarship for a University student. 

Tri-Deltas headed Statesmates, SGA and AWS 
committees; worked as Royal Purple Editor, BSO 
secretary, AWS vice-president, college council, 
Mortar Board and Angel Flight officers; and were 
represented in K-State Singers, Chimes, Sparks, 
Alpha Lambda Delta and Kappa Delta Pi. 

Social events included a winter formal, annual 
Firebug pledge party, a spring party and parents' 
weekends. The women placed third in Interfrater- 
nity Sing and second in intramural kickball. 

Delta Delta Delta-TOP ROW Mrs 

Ray Jones, Susan L Alldntt. Elizabeth 
A Andersen, Carolyn Bartholomew, 
Lynda C Bennett, Kathryn A 
Boxberger, Nancy M Boyer, Mary S, 

SECOND ROW Barbara A Bratton. 
Carol A Brent, Elizabeth A, Brinkoe- 
ter, Deborah L Brown, Barbara 
Byrne, Shenlyn Carl, Jean M Casper, 
Karen K Charbonneau 

THIRD ROW Lynda L Clyne, La- 
Donna L Douglass, Jolene Evans, 
Susan A, Florence, Linda K, Foster, 
Heike Goedecke, Cynthia J. Goll, Dia- 
na S Gump 

FOURTH ROW Manlynn Gump, 
Jeanne A. Guy, Marilyn L Hall, Chrys- 
tal Hantla, Ann M Harding, Susan A. 
Haymaker, Kathryn E Heyne, Carol A. 

BOTTOM ROW Marilyn J Horst, 
Christine Howard, Mary S Hutton, 
Beverly A Johnston, Vicky L. Joyce, 
Merry J. Kanawyer, Kathleen Kehr, 
Deborah K. Krause. 


Delta Delta Delta-TOP ROW: Karen 
A. Kroutil. Lynne M. Larsen. Diane 
Latimer. Mary B Lawhon, Kathryn J 
Lee, Karen A Lesiter, Karen E. Leker. 
Karen G. Lemons 

SECOND ROW Karen B Linck. Hol- 
lace L. Long, Sharon K Mason. Ja- 
nice L Mathena. Jamie S McKay, 
Diane M Messing, Janice S Miller. 
Manlynn J Mobley 

THIRD ROW Cheryl S Morford. 
Michelle Morris. Jane M Myers. Joy 
A Newell. Janice K. Nixon. Suzanne 
B Nixon, Kathryn Noellsch. Janet S 

FOURTH ROW Pamela S Pierpomt. 
Linda A Poell, Marquente Ralston, 
Lorna M Ramsey, Carmie J Rose, 
Jamie Rothberger, Janet A. Rotman. 
Jennifer B Rotman 

FIFTH ROW: Elaine A Rusch, Martha 
C Sanders, Jane M. Schmidt, Marcia 
K Scott, Marilyn L Singer, Suzanne 
M Smalley, Carol J Staab, Sara A 

BOTTOM ROW Vickey L Swenson, 
Ellen L Taylor, Shanlyn D Vogt. Vir- 
ginia L Wegman. Janel S Wilson. 
Linda L Witt, Melinda R Woltkamp, 
Margaret, E Yessick 

Excitement and surprise await the blowing out of the candle 
adorned with fraternity flowers as it passes from sister to sister 

while all hum "My Tn-Delta Man " When the flame is out, the 
reading of a poem announces a pinning or engagement 

Initiating plans for a new house to be built within the next two 
years. Delta Zetas solicit financial support at parties for chapter 

alumnae. In their present home at 1803 Laramie, members 
heard lectures on scholarship goals and the value of people. 

Delta Zetas hostess tea to welcome housemother 

Teaming efforts with the men of Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Delta Zeta's 1966 Harlequinade entry, "A 
Horse of Course," was one of four skits to reach the 
production finals. With a tea in February, the DZs 
officially welcomed Mrs. Edith Rosener who as- 

One hundred seventy-six 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University, 1902. Lambda 
chapter established 1915; 
reactivated 1963. Presi- 
dent: Nancy E. Fair. 

sumed duties as housemother after Christmas. 

Social events included the annual Joyeaux Noel 
Party, the Spring Rose Formal, parent and legacy 
weekends and a surprise breakfast for the Gamma 
Phi Betas. The DZs also hosted other Kansas chap- 
ters at a founder's day meeting in the Union and tea 
at the house. In campus activities, the president of 
Putnam Scholars Association, vice-president of 
AWS and SGA committee chairmen were DZs. 
The women also were members of Mortar Board, 
Chimes, Sparks, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Phi Delta, 
Angel Flight and Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Delta Zeta-TOP ROW: Mrs. Fern 
Hosley. Marilyn J Allen, Bonnee B. 
Badger, Carolyn L. Barney, Gloria E. 
Baxter, Barbara A. Beals. Janalee E. 
Beals, Jean K. Bodwell 

SECOND ROW: Janet L, Boyer, Caro- 
lyn B Campbell, Sarah B Dallas, 
Diana L Davidson, Jeanne Doughten, 
Patricia A, Evans, Nancy E Fair, Bar- 
bara J Fleming 

BOTTOM ROW: Gayle K. Foster, 
Mary E Glenn, Jackie L, Gomer, Mary 
J Hauber, Anna C. Hayer, Cheryl S. 
Heide. Linda J. Henderson. Melinda 
R. Hrabe. 


Delta Zeta-TOP ROW: Patricia K. 
Keltner, Barbara J Klick. Gail A. Klick, 
Marilyn L Lafferty. Jane A Lee. Diana 
K Loetel. Karen M Lutz. Margaret J. 

SECOND ROW Sandra L. McElwam, 
Mary A Mueller, Barbara K North. 
Sandra S Paramore. Kathryn A. Scott. 
Susan J Sheldon, Janice Elaine 
Smith, Jill Stevens. 

BOTTOM ROW Patricia S Wallace, 
Elizabeth M Wary. Sharon A White. 
Eleanor R. Whitney. Martha A. Wil- 
son, E'Lynn S Wright, Nancy L Zim- 

Drowsy Gamma Phis eat rolls and drink hot coffee after Delta 
Zetas serenaded the sorority's sleeping dorms at 6 a.m. The 

surprise breakfast party, planned to promote intra-soronty rela- 
tions, included skits, games and a nightgown fashion show 


Gamma Phi Beta-TOP ROW Mrs 
Charles W. Cox, Lynda K. Adams, 
Janet L Alexander, Patricia A Biss- 
ing, Wanda S Black, Leigh Brennei- 
sen, Robbie G. Brewer. Janet S, Bunk- 

SECOND ROW Jill E Bunker. Patri- 
cia J Callen, Connie L. Carr, Nancy S. 
Carr. Ann L. Charlton. Mary F Chil- 
dres. Jeanne Christenson. Linda A. 

THIRD ROW Ruth E, Coburn. Martha 
Coppersmith, Shirley C Crail. Donna 
E. Craven. Sheila F. Crouch, Countess 
Culbertson. Marcia D Dyer, Mollye A. 

FOURTH ROW Vicky L. Enckson. 
Martha M. Fly, Patricia A Flynn, 
Jayne A Foster, Joyce E. Furney. 
Mary Z. Furney, Grace L, Gerritz. Jo- 
Ann Goetz 

BOTTOM ROW Mildred A, Goreham, 
Sherril A, Gracey, Soma J Green, Joy 
E Hanson. Carol S Harris. Donna G. 
Hauser. Judy A, Hester. Bonnie K 

Eighty - two chapters. Found- 
ed Syracuse University, 1874. 
Beta Upsilon chapter es- 
tablished 1957. President: 
Mary Jane McAdow. 

After rush week. Gamma Phi pledges are formally introduced 
to interested fraternity members at the sorority's "yell-in." 

Gamma Phis place first 
in IF Sing for second year 

First among sororities in Interfraternity Sing 
competition was Gamma Phi Beta. Singing "All the 
Things You Are" and "Gamma Phi Man," the 
women won the top trophy for the second consecu- 
tive year. In the spring 1966, members recorded a 
"We're Gamma Phis" song album which they sold 
at their national convention. During the conven- 
tion, the chapter received a scholarship plaque and 
a Havens Award honorable mention for ranking 
either first or second in campus scholarship among 
sororities for four consecutive semesters. 

At a founder's day dinner in November, Gamma 
Phis and alumnae celebrated their tenth year on 
campus. A Christmas party was planned with Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon for Manhattan's underprivileged 
children. The Christmas season was also a time for 
a dinner with dates and the annual tree trimming 
party with pledges. The Crystal Crescent Ball and a 
square dance were in the spring. 

With charter members as guests. Gamma Phis and alumnae 
observed their tenth year op campus at a founder's day dinner 

in November. The women, living at 1807 Todd Road, sent 
money to underprivileged children at camps in Canada. 

Gamma Phi Beta-TOP ROW Diane 
Hodgson, Aldre M. Holmgren. Doro- 
thy M Hostetter. Loretta J Huber. 
Patrcia Intermill. Ilene A Kimsey. Lin- 
da A Kuhn, Linda B Lehman 

SECOND ROW Gloria L Lewerenz. 
Donna J Lilhch. Cheryl A Linn. Elaine 
V. Lowe, Linda L Ludden. Sandra S 
Mall, Marlene K Mason, Mary J 

THIRD ROW: Patricia McCabe. Judith 
E McGee. Carolyn K. McKinley, Robin 
R McLean, Judith A Melvin. Patricia 
A Miller, Vikki K Miller, Jams E 

FOURTH ROW Kathryn I Norberg. 
Norma B Perry. Lynne E. Phalp. Mar- 
ta J Quattlebaum, Sara A, Rose. 
Theresa K Rose, Margaret J Ryan. 
Sandra K Sanders 

FIFTH ROW: Dee A Saye, Lauren E 
Schmidt, Martha J Seitz. Linda K 
Shehi, Karen K Starkey, Jo A Stark- 
weather. Jane A Suor, Karen E Thor- 

BOTTOM ROW Jane D Vermillion, 
Norma J Watson. Jody L White. Sue 
A. Wiltse. Gloria D Wolff. Kim Woo- 
dard. Susan G Woodard. Regina G 


Thetas receive second 
in scholarship rankings 

Second among sororities in scholarship rankings 
for the spring 1966 semester, Kappa Alpha Theta 
also placed second in sorority Homecoming house 
decorations with their display "Bake the Birds in a 
Winning Dish." Supporting their brother fraterni- 
ty, the women assisted with the local colonization of 
Phi Gamma Delta first semester. For Christmas the 
chapter collected toys and planned a party for the 
children in Theta's national philanthropy, the In- 
stitute of Logopedics in Wichita. 

Ninety - two chapters. Found- 
ed DePauw University, 1870. 
Delta Eta chapter established 
1961. President: Sara S. Ben- 

Tapped a SAE "Little Sister of Minerva." a Theta pledges 
sup port to the auxiliary when she receives her ye Mow rose. 

Kappa Alpha Theta-TOP ROW 
Mrs Margane K. Schmidt. Jo E, Ab- 
bott, Karen S Adams. Nancy L. Ad- 
ams. Rhonda J Adams, Carol S 
Angwin, Mary J. Ashton. 

SECOND ROW: Sally J, Baril. Mary L. 
Barley. Sara S Bentley. Sally I Ber- 
ger, Jeanette Brooke. Judith A. Bul- 
ger. Joyce S Burgess 

THIRD ROW: Judith G. Burgess. Lin- 
da S Burton, Anne L Casady. Karen 
L Chitwood. Edith A Christmann. 
Nancy Coberly, Barbara K. Compton, 

FOURTH ROW Judith A. Davidson, 
Franki K Dissinger. Arlene S. Fair. 
Mary E, Gintzel. Marsha L Green, 
Linda Haughawout, Barbara J Hays 

BOTTOM ROW: Kathryn Hummel, 
Judith I Hysom, Jan B Jager, Karen 
R, Jager, Jill Jorgensen, HeleneJ. 
Kalb. Julie D. Kaufman 


Kappa Alpha Theta-TOP ROW: 
Tom M Kaufman. Madelyn G Keller. 
Louise S. Keucher, Mary Knappenber- 
ger, Marcia B Knight. Margaret 
Knorr. Luana R Lamb 

SECOND ROW Mary J Londeen, 
Carol J. Manley, Mary M McManis. 
Laurel A Minturn, Mary B Morgan. 
Frances R. Mullinix. Mary E Neil. 

THIRD ROW: Sharyl A. Nelson. Nan- 
cy L Niles. Marcia A Norby. Janice 
M. Olsson, Coral A Osborne. Janet S. 
Osborne. Deanna K. Parry. 

FOURTH ROW Ann C Pattison. 
Nancy J Perry. Lola J Peters. Janice 
E Pompenen. Pamela A Reeder. 
Delva K Rockhold. Susan J Schul- 

FIFTH ROW Susan L Schutte. Carol 
S Shannon, Linda C Shaw, Janle A. 
Shawver. Pamela J Shilling. Nancy A. 
Singular. Nancy L Skidmore 

SIXTH ROW Elizabeth Stephens. 
Linda S Tillotson. Janice L Travis, 
Rebecca L. Urbanek. Antonia L 
Wandt. Elizabeth A Wandt, Jerusha J 

BOTTOM ROW Elizabeth G. Wart- 
man, Tana L Wells. Cheryl L Wilch. 
Mary L Wofford. Susan S Wood. Lois 
E. Yelenik, Nancy A Young 

Sorority colors of black and gold are incorporated into the col- 
or scheme of the oriental-modern Theta house at 1517 McCain 

Lane. Thetas spent an afternoon of kite flying with dates and 
entertained at a Kave party at the chapter house that evening 

KDs visit hospital wards, 
take second in intramurals 

Two wards in Irwin Army Hospital at Ft. Riley 
were adopted for the year by Kappa Delta. Month- 
ly visits to the soldiers, decorations and homemade 
cookies at Christmas were part of the program. 

Social activities included the annual Emerald 
Ball, Christmas party, Pledge-Active party, a tea 
for charter members and an annual tug-of-war with 
Lambda Chi Alpha. KDs placed second in overall 
women's intramural competition. 

Two student senators, a Board of Student Publi- 
cations member, a College of Commerce councilwo- 
man and Angel Flight's Outstanding Angel were 
members of Kappa Delta. 

One hundred three chap- 
ters. Founded Longwood 
College. 1897. Sigma 
Gamma chapter established 
1920. President: Carol L. 

Room changes, made three times during the year, give KDs 
the opportunity to become better acquainted with sisters. 

Kappa Delta-TOP ROW: Mrs 
Blanche Shinkle, Vicky L Adams, 
Sheryl K Albright, Pamela S Back- 
haus, Carne S Bagley, Pamela J. Ber- 
key, Susan C. Bethell. Julia A Brown 

SECOND ROW Nancy A. Charles. 
Patricia I. Coons, Caroline B. Copen- 
ing. Marilen A Corwin, Dianne Dar- 
ling, Mary L. Del I ere. Janice A. 
Dougherty, Mary C Evans 

THIRD ROW Margaret A. Ewing, 
Barbara K. Filbert. Gail W Filbert. 
Michele D. Frickey, Nancy A. Gallo- 
way. Joan R. Geraghty, Lana J. Gfell- 
er, Nancy J. Glover. 

FOURTH ROW Virginia L. Goermg, 
Virginia R. Green, Janice G. Green- 
wood, Barbara Harclerode, Judy L. 
Heck. Vicki M. Hedges, Sharon J. 
Hendershot, Sally J Hmchman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pamela L. Holt. Car- 
olyn S. Hornick. Judith A James, 
Jeanne A. Johnson. Phyllis M. John- 
son. Catherine V. Jones, Janet L. 
Kannard, Barbara J. King. 


Completed in 1962, the Kappa Delta house at 1 200 Centenial 
Drive is an architectural adaptation of a Williamsburg design. A 

special feature is the modern living room with an interior color 
scheme of blue and olive green, the sorority's colors 

Kappa Delta-TOP ROW Marita M 
Lamp, Lauren J Langner. Rebecca S 
Lehman. Shirley A Lewis. Sally A Lis- 
ton. Laura L Ludes. Linda M Miller, 
Jacqueline E. Moore 

SECOND ROW Kay D Mortimer. 
Catherine A Murry. Judith R North. 
Judy K Novosel. Sue L Partch. Patsy 
S. Paulsen. Patricia A Payne. Mary L 

THIRD ROW Kathleen A Pulliam. 
Carol L Robbms. Donna J Ruff. Kar- 
en J Sanborn, Barbara Schermer- 
horn. Marilyn L Schmoll. Bobbie J 
Shaw. Alice J Sheik 

FOURTH ROW Jean A Sheik. Pame- 
la A Sodergren. Jacqueline D 
Spears. Barbara A Stiles. Brenda K. 
Strayer. Carol A Suchart. Laura. J. 
Suggs. Jennifer K. Sullivan 

BOTTOM ROW Marilyn M Wall. 
Karen S Ward. Luanne H Waters. 
Carol L Whitfield. Linda L Wick. Mary 
E Wmdels, Marilyn L Woolley. Melo- 
dy K. Worley 


Kappas entertain more than 350 returning chapter alumnae 
with a rush skit repeat during the sorority's fiftieth anniversary 

Ninety -four chapters. 
Founded Monmouth Col- 
lege, 1870. Gamma Alpha 
chapter established 1916. 
President: Cynthia L. Sper- 


National convention gives 
highest award to Kappas 

Winner of the May C. Westermann Cup for 
chapter efficiency, highest award given Kappa 
Kappa Gammas attended the national convention 
in New HAmpshire in June, where they also re- 
ceived an award for chapter finance. 

Open house and a welcoming tea marked the be- 
ginning of Kappa's fiftieth anniversary at the Uni- 
versity. A banquet and registration of returning 
alumnae highlighted the October weekend at which 
ten original founders received 50-year pins. 

The top sorority scholarship award for 1966 
went to Kappas with a 2.926 grade average. Out- 
standing members included Greek Week queen, 
Homecoming queen atendant and two varsity 
cheerleaders. Other Kappas participated in Mortar 
Board, Angel Flight, Chimes and Student Senate. 

For a special service project, Kappas adopted an 
underprivileged child, paying for his education and 
living expenses for the year. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma-TOP ROW: 

Mrs Helen T Swank, Kathleen L 
Anderson. Elizabeth Armstrong, Nan- 
cy A Baker, Rebecca A Barbe, Patri- 
cia A Base, Gail M Berry, Joan L 

SECOND ROW Chahse A Bourque, 
Mary D Breitweiser, Nancy E. 
Buchele, Dana E. Buehler, Judith L. 
Burgess, Linda J Carlson, Deborah J, 
Chapman, Michele J Clark 

THIRD ROW Constance S Clifton, 
Susan E Dart, Diann Davis, Lucille E 
Dick, Ann F Dillingham. Brenda E. 
Dold, Margie A Dreher, Nancy L, 

FOURTH ROW Karen J Eckert, Caro- 
lyn K Elliott, Pamela S Engle, Carolyn 
S. Eyestone. Cecilia A. Eyestone, 
Cynthia L, Finney, Judy A Flett, Joyce 
L Francis. 

BOTTOM ROW Janet E Fulkerson, 
Joan J. Fulkerson, Susan M. Ful ling- 
ton. Barbara D Gadberry, Marcia L. 
Gadberry. Carol A Gaston, Tahmeroo 
L. Gaynier, Reba M Gothard 


Kappa Kappa Gamma-TOP ROW: 
Pamela K Gnffee. Susan L Griffee. 
Dianne K Gugler, Rebecca A Har- 
grove, Margaret E Hassig. Kathleen 
Hess, Arnelle Hilgenfeld, Mary K 

SECOND ROW Patricia S Hopper, 
Judy Jakowatz, Linda R Johnson. 
Kathleen A Keating, Kathleen L. Ken- 
nedy, Judy D Kirk, Kathryn A Klag. 
Ellen L Krehbiel. 

THIRD ROW Marilyn K Krueger. 
Susan D Lafferty. Martha L Loyd, 
Trudine M Mazaika, Marcia C Mc- 
Lain, Margo J Miller. Marcella M 
Morris. Martha A. Morton. 

FOURTH ROW Nancy J Norvell. 
Judith L Prideaux. Mary A Pryor. 
Priscilla Rodelander. Mary A Sauble. 
SidonieA Schafer, Laura L Scott. 
Rachel A Scott. 

FIFTH ROW Mary J Seyler. Janet L 
Shade. Becky M. Slothower. Susan J. 
Small, Nancy J Smith, Anne C Snid- 
er, Cynthia L Sperry, Susan B Ste- 
inke. Martha A. Stonehocker 

BOTTOM ROW Connie L Veskerna, 
Cheryl L Walkup, Nancy Wall. Janet 
K Warner. Kimberly E Williams, Mary 
K Wood, June A Woodard. Cynthia 
R Yorke, Ann M Young, 

Kappas, living at 517 Fairchild Terrace, spread Halloween 
cheer with a"Pumpkm Walk, "which included serenading frater- 

nities, other sororities and patients at Ft. Riley's Irwin Army 
Hospital and presenting them with carved jack-o-lanters. 

Pi Beta Phi-TOP ROW Mrs. Marion 
Bugbee. Cathryn L Addy, Ashley Alli- 
son. Melinda M Anderson, Tamara 
D. Armstrong, Diana L Ashton, Linda 
A Baldndge. Jacqueline A Basham 

SECOND ROW Constance L Bates. 
Dana M. Bayer. Betty J Billinger. 
Mary E. Blakeslee. Hilarie S. Bolt. 
Susan J. Bowman. Deborah J Breit. 
Phyllis K. Brooks. 

THIRD ROW Barbara A Brown, 
Joyce A Burris, Pamela A Canfield, 
Pamela S. Carlson. Kathryn A Cavin. 
Carol Christensen. Jams S Clutter. 
Karen S Corn 

BOTTOM ROW Martha A Crane. 
Susan P. Davis, Norma J. Dickhut, 
Madelyn C Dixon, Denise Dussair. 
Kathleen A Engstrom. Sharon Fair- 
bank, Paula N Gantz 

Pi Beta Phis take first in HQ, house decorations 

Edging out competition in two campus contests, 
Pi Beta Phi won first place among sororities in 
Homecoming house decorations, and in conjunction 
with Delta Upsilon, earned first place in 1966 Har- 
lequinade for the skit, "The Days of Vines and 
Boulders." They also received the Angel Flight 
award for outstanding service to the flight. 

One hundred eleven chap- 
ters. Founded Monmouth 
College, 1867. Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1915. 
President: Martha A. Crane. 

Members included a student senator, cheerlead- 
er, senior class officer, presidents of Mortar Board 
and AWS and vice-president of S.E.A. Pi Phis 
were represented in Chimes, Arts and Sciences and 
Education Councils, Union Governing Board, Un- 
ion Program Council, K-State Players and one 
served as a Pershing Rifles' honorary officer. 

The women conducted fund raising projects for 
the Pi Beta Phi Settlement School, a national phi- 
lanthropy, and sponsored an IFYE exchange stu- 
dent. They were also hostesses to the sorority's 
grand vice-president when she visited campus. 

Rushees at the Phi Phi house watch a parody on rush week by ter Pan" and "Robin Hood" skits and house tours completed 

witches of the Beta Witch Den in the skit "Mostly Ghostly." "Pe- the agenda of the week for activities and 25 new pledges. 

. -* -t. .- .; ' '■■:- 

Serenades by fraternity men give Pi Phis frequent opportunities 
to usethe balconyon thefrontoftheir homeat 1819 Todd 

Road. The French provincial styled house accommodates 60 
coeds and is arranged for formal and informal entertaining. 

Pi Phi Beta-TOP ROW Claudia A 
Garrett, Marsha L Garrett. Lucy M 
Garver, Patricia G Haggard. Karen L 
Haley, Constance L. Hall. Joan D 
Hall, Margaret E. Harvey. 

SECOND ROW Diann E Hickman. 
Nancy A Hodgson, Betsy J Hogan. 
Linda R Hoober, Lorna E House, Ja- 
nice A Hunter, Judith A Hunter, Lin- 
da M Irwin 

THIRD ROW Roberta M Jarvis, 
Kathryn Judd. Kathenne A Kirk, An- 
drea M Lackie, Judith A Lamme. 
Barbara R Lee, Janice A Lindgren, 
Susanne F Little 

FOURTH ROW Patricia J Luttgen. 
Janet L McAninch. Mariory L Mc- 
Leavy, Barbara D Mistier. Julie M 
Murrow, Carol A Noble. Cynthia J 
Orloske. Pamela Palmer 

FIFTH ROW Susan M Rehschuh, 
Linda M Rembleske. Martha J Rey- 
nolds, Janet K. Riffey, Linda D Risser, 
Patricia A Roach. Karen J Robinson, 
Janet S Rupp. 

SIXTH ROW: Mary J Schafer, Susan 
I Scott, Pamela J Seaman, Jane A 
Sheetz. Suzanne H Smith, Susan A 
Swan, Anne A Tuggle, Suzanne Tur- 

BOTTOM ROW Barbara A Tussey. 
Mary L Tussey. Catherine L Ulrich. 
Nancy K Waddle. Marilyn A Waeldln, 
Rita M Whitehair. LeEtta L Wood. 
Nancy M Young 


Returning early in the fall to make repairs and prepare for for- 
mal rush week. Delta Chis replace plaster walls in the basement 

with oak paneling and lower the ceiling. Other repairs included 
repainting rooms and the back of the fraternity chapter house. 




Fraternities aim for goals 
in scholarship, activities 

Parties for handicapped children, adoption of 
needy families at Christmas and work projects at 
Manhattan hospitals were included in the list of fra- 
ternity campus and community projects. 

The more than 1 ,600,members of the 23 fraterni- 
ties retained a grade average above all men's aver- 
age while participating in intramurals, Greek Week 
activities, Interfraternity Sing, Harlequinade, and 
Model Congress. Seven fraternities also sponsored 
their own campus-wide events during the year. 

Typical of Greek community service projects. Phi Kappa Thetas 
donate blood during an emergency drive at St. Mary's Hospital. 

/ J 

Fraternity Sweethearts - TOP ROW Shirley M Kastle. Alpha Gamma Rho; 
Carolyn S. Norberg, Delta Tau Delta. Carol A Hinnergardt. Delta Upsilon; Patri- 
cia L. Carlson. Sigma Nu. Nancy A Charles. Alpha Tau Omega. Sara M Bay- 
less. Acacia. Janet A Naylor. Delta Chi SECOND ROW Elizabeth M Wary. 

Lambda Chi Alpha. Martha C Sanders, Sigma Chi, JoAnn Schafer. Phi Kappa 
Theta; Kay E Farney. Beta Sigma Psi BOTTOM ROW Cheryln J Burk, Delta 
Sigma Phi; Pamela J Dudley. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marcia L Gadberry, Pi Kappa 

m I if' 

**\ f*^ iflfc Jfe f 1 ^ 

- «** i-^-Jlr w^^ %J^m f 


Delta Sigma Phi - TOP ROW. Mrs. 
Effie Newton. Paul E. Bachman. Ken- 
neth R Barton. Elmer C Burk. Robert 
D Burk. John W Cannon, Robert D. 
Cook. Gordon H Dukelow. 

SECOND ROW Charles R Fail. Bruce 
L Gilpin, Grant E Glad. Jerry L. Hill, 
Darrel D. Hosie, Robert S Kay. How- 
ard H. Kittell. Raydean Leiker. 

THIRD ROW Alan Messerschmidt. 
Craig E Monroe. Elton G Murrow. 
Benny D N eaderhiser. Orval F Pa- 
pon, Steven R Parker. David N Pfe- 
fer. Carl C Ramsey 

FOURTH ROW Frankie R. Reida. 
Richard L Rossitto. Boyd L Scarrow. 
Craig W Slinkman. Douglas C Smith. 
Jeffrey W Staton. Philip J Stoehr 

mm mmM 

ml® Mm 

BOTTOM ROW John R Thomas. 
Irvin D Vice. James B Warner, Ron- 
ald V Webster, Gale R Yarrow, Leroy 
I Young, Charles P Zangger 

Delta Sig delegates attend 
May leadership conference 

Fraternity leadership was the topic of the Delta 
Sigma Phi inter-state conference attended by dele- 
gates from eight chapters during May. 

Delta Sig service projects included a Christmas 
toy exchange and an Easter egg hunt, both for un- 
derpriviledged Manhattan children. 

Two costume parties, the Sailors' Ball and an 
Attache party, and their May formal, the Carnation 
Ball, highlighted the Delta Sig social calendar. Del- 
ta Sig men were members of Sigma Tau, the varsity 
bowling team and the freshman rowing team. 

Waxing and buffing cowboy boots, loafers and ROTC boots is 
a regular Saturday morning task for Delta Sigma Phi pledges. 

One hundred six chapters. 
Founded city College of 
New York 1899. Alpha Up- 
silon chapter established 
1925. President: Charles R. 


Delta Colony - TOP ROW S Clark 
Balderson, Mark S Coberly. Wayne A 
Hargrove, Robert Kochersperger, Jer- 
ry D Linton. Douglas S Martin, Je- 
rome M McConnell. 

BOTTOM ROW Charles L Miller. 
Gerald F Rapp. Stephen A. Smith, 
Cecil E Stout, Gregory C Stuart, 
Ronald J Summers. James E Taylor, 
Barry L West 

Colony works for charter, plans house for fall rush 

Striving to meet the requirements for a national 
charter, Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta con- 
ducted an extensive pledge education program for 
new members. To receive a charter, the group was 
required to have approval of scholarship records 
and campus relations by Interfraternity Council. 

Delta Colony made plans for attaining a house 
and readying it for fall rush. Members entertained 

Fiji alumni and their parents at a Christmas tea in 
the Union and sent a newsletter to their national. 

Delta Colony established 
1966. Phi Gamma Delta 
founded Jefferson College 
1848. President: Barry L. 

Men of Delta Colony collect for the Heart Fund in a door- 
to-door campaign which served as their first service project. 

Pledges of Delta Colony do research for Model Congress bills 
in Farrell library One member is minority whip in the House. 


Phi Kappa Tau - TOP ROW Mrs. 

Ruth Moate. William A Baird, James 
W. Bennett, Roland R. Coover. Patrick 
F Ervin. Robert A Fix, Stephen D 

SECOND ROW: James D Gates, 
Dwayne D Gier, Gary L Hauptli, Rog- 
er D Hauptli. Geoffrey B Holland, 
Stephen W. Hoskins, Tommy D 

THIRD ROW Larry L Hummer, Cal- 
vin D Jaeger, Harris W Johnson, 
Roger P Kaiser. John B Keller. Jerry 
E. Kopke, Charles W Kraut 

FOURTH ROW Robert E Kroeker. 
Robert D Lamborn, Philip J Neal, 
Lloyd A Osborne, Dale W Reed, 
James C. Richardson. Peter L Rich- 

BOTTOM ROW Charles G Severin, 
James C Shimer, Douglas A Tietjen, 
Paul R West, Charles F Williams. 
Paul C Woods, Perry R. Zieger 


Each semester the Phi Tau's, 162 3 Fairchild, honor men 
above all men's average and those on the deans' honor rolls. 

Phi Kappa Tau adds 17 
to fraternity's membership 

With an increase in membership of 17 more than 
last year, Phi Kappa Tau members participated in 
Student Senate, debate squad, Model Congress, the 
rifle team and rowing and baseball teams. 

Phi Tau projects for the year included donations 
to the Red Cross Bloodmobile and the adoption of a 
needy family at Christmas. The men took turns 
firing the cannon after each touchdown and victory 
at football games and elected their annual cannon- 
ball queen from eleven sorority candidates. Phi 
Taus placed second in heavyweight wrestling in the 
fraternity division and participated in intramurals. 

Eighty-five chapters. Found- 
ed Miami University 1906. 
Alpha Epsilon chapter es- 
tablished 1925. President: 
Charles G. Severin. 



Tin cans and toilet paper are among the items turned in by a 
fraternity-sorority team participating in the TKE Scavenger Hunt. 

TKEs plan construction, 
sponsor a scavenger hunt 

Living in a private apartment complex off cam- 
pus, men of Tau Kappa Epsilon planned construc- 
tion in the spring of a chapter house which would 
accomodate 60 men. They sponsored a scavenger 
hunt for all Greek living groups in October and 
conducted their annual weekend community service 
project during the spring semester. 

First major social event of the year was a corral 
party at Pillsbury Crossing. TKEs and their dates 
wore western clothes and ate barbequed food. 
Chancellor of Tribunal, vice-president of Chancery 
Club and members of the President's Commission 
on Student Government were TKEs. Their Red 
Carnation Ball was in the spring. 

Two hundred twenty-three 
chapters. Founded Illinois 
Wesleyan University 1899. 
Alpha Lambda chapter es- 
tablished 1931. President: 
Paul E. Meuhring. 

•» -•■ 

ta Yfe 

J '^■iw 

* A*,h* 

>«• Jb ^ v J^ JL N? 

Tau Kappa Epsilon - TOP ROW 

Gary L Bender. Thomas F Boley. 
Cecil W Burnett, William D Butler. 
Steven Butterworth. Robert A Coch- 
ran, Steven G Cooper 

SECOND ROW Stephen W Crane. 
Victor A Davis, Charles A. Evanhoe, 
Stanley R Husted, Brooke R Kendall. 
David L Kolde. Raymond M. Lee 

THIRD ROW Stephen L Maddy. Dick 
W McCreight, Richard L Middleton, 
William H Miller. Paul E Muehnng. 
Michael G Pharo. William L Pratt 

FOURTH ROW, James F Reynolds. 
Gary F Robinson. David R Rockhold. 
Jimmy L Sawyer. Jerry L. Schmidt. 
Piyush S. Shah. Thomas R Shirk 

BOTTOM ROW William P Sine. 
Thomas E Snyder. William Soldner, 
Jon F Thomas. John H Treder, 
James S Ulrich. Paul R Webster. Jed 
E. Yaney 


Acacia - TOP ROW. Mrs Jeanette 
Simonson. Curtis L Baldwin. Mark W. 
Baldwin, John E Ballhorst. William R. 
Barnett, Roger L Barr, Alan H Beyer 

SECOND ROW: Franklin J Bosler. 
David A Braswell. David L Brink, 
Bruce E Burke, Robert M Childs, 
John R, Clark, Garry L Deines 


» i^Hk .1 I ^flft# J9BBH i!fliHla H 

C^ £ / <PR 't3. f .3 C?| |^ 

THIRD ROW Kenneth D Dietz. Har- 
old F DM lenback, Larry V Doonan, 
Jonathan W Eicher, Charles D Emel, 
Dale E Esau. Larry E, Greene 


V 1 

FOURTH ROW Larry L Hapgood. 
David M Heck. John R Heritage, 
Richard C Hills. Lynn R Johnson, 
Robert L Kasselman. Philip R Keck 

BOTTOM ROW Phillip L Knox. Mi- 
chael R. Leathers. Fred P. Lechner. 
Richard K Marshall, Steve E Mauzey, 
Allan P, McCobb, Michael M Mollett 

Wm^mKKmE'mm - SHHi ■■ I JsHS IlBMi. ±mmm> , ■ 1 all Hk '.nn 

i; < 


Acacia teams score high 
in intramural competition 

Champion bowlers of the fraternity division, the 
men of Acacia placed high in four of the five intra- 
mural team-sport competitions. The house was sec- 
ond in football and basketball and ranked fourth in 
volleyball standings among all fraternities. 

In August, six members of Acacia attended the 
fraternity's national conclave in New Orleans 
where the chapter was awarded honorable mention 
for house finance and alumni relations. In Universi- 
ty politics, a candidate for student body president 
and two student senators were Acacias. 

Sororities nominated playgirl candidates for the 
fraternity's Playboy Party and the men dressed in 
togas for the annual Night on the Nile Party. 

Fifty-eight chapters. Found- 
ed University of Michigan 
1904. K-Statechapter es- 
tablished 1913. President: 
Charles D. Emel. 


Acacia pledges add finishing adjustments to the second floor 
fire escape which their class constructed for a fall work project. 

Interior and exterior improvements made during the year on 
the Acacia house. 2005 Hunting, are new living room curtains. 

a new set of silverware donated by the fraternity's Mother's 
Club and a paved parking area financed by the chapter's alumni. 

Acacia - TOP ROW James R 
Moore. Kenneth L. Mulanax, Roger L 
Mulanax, Ted R Partch. Kent R Prae- 
ger, John W Ragland, Barry L Rhine 

mm \\m\M mm 

SECOND ROW Rodney L Ruff. Gil- 
bert E. Rumsey. Harry M Scott. Harry 
G Smith. Larry A Smith. Alfred L 
Stecklem. Robert W Stone 

THIRD ROW Steven L. Taylor, Kent 
R Thomas. Steven K Thornbrugh. 
James E Touslee. Thomas R. Twom- 
bly. Jimmy D Warren. Brian M. Wa- 
ters. Timothy D Wigger 

BOTTOM ROW: Don N Williams. 
Kenneth A. Winzeler, Robert F Win- 
zeler. Jimmy L Wolf. John W Wood- 
burn, Frank L Woofter, William S 
Worley. Louis R Zirkle 


Alpha Gamma Rho - TOP ROW 

Mrs. Mildred Wogan. Merlin J. Bank- 
er. Richard A Barta. David W Bircher. 
Jack L. Burton, John N. Butts. Carrol 
W Campbell 

SECOND ROW Charles R Cole. 
Kenneth M Cox, Robert R Cudney. 
Freddie M Dehoff. Charles D Dun- 
bar. Stephen A. Dunbar, Kieth L. Eber- 

THIRD ROW Larry D Ehrlich. David 
D Fry, Karol L Geffert, Joe P. Giersch. 
Ervin F Gnadt, Jonathan B Goetze, 
John A. Guttery 

FOURTH ROW John J Herynk. 
George A Hodgson, John S Hofer, 
Richard P. Houdyshell. Virgil R Huse- 
man, Michael R. Jeannin, Bruce L. 

BOTTOM ROW Brad J Kerbs, Fred- 
erick A. Kopp, Jerald A Kopp. Loren J. 
Kruse, Charles D Lambert. John W 
Laue. Gene W Laverentz 



AGR men invite dates to Roulette Party, steak fry 

Participating in all intramural team sports, Al- 
pha Gamma Rhos won second place trophies in 

Forty-two chapters. Found- 
ed University of Illinois 
1908. Alpha Zeta chapter 
established 1927. Presi- 
dent: Johnny E. Meetz. 

league basketball and softball. During first semes- 
ter, AGRs and their dates donned western clothes 
for a Roulette party; and in November, the men in- 
vited Alpha Delta Pis to their annual log chopping 
party. Second semester was highlighted by a steak 
fry and in April the annual Pink Rose Formal, 
named after the fraternity's national flower. 

AGRsresidingat 1919 Piatt host one of four open house 
dances during Greek Week festivities in the fall Active in the 

College of Agriculture, the men are members of agricultural 
judging teams and many participate in Little American Royal. 

O Q ^ >- 

m a i?b a f* cfi 

m tm 

Alpha Gamma Rho - TOP ROW 

John M. Lefton. Lonnie L Lemon, 
Ronald U. Lmdquist. Jerry W. Maran- 
ville. Donald R McClure. Duane H 
McClure. Johnny E Meetz, Allan V 

SECOND ROW John C Nagel. Terry 
W Odle. Randall R. Olander. Alan D 
Ostermann. William D Oswalt. Neil F 
Pellmann. Randy M Peterson. Steven 
J. Price. 

THIRD ROW: Loren J Rickard. Mel- 
vin L Riemann. Rodney D. Rogers. 
John H Schlickau. Michael K. 
Schmitt. Steven H Slusher, Gary D 
Spiker. Terry A Stainbrook 

FOURTH ROW; Forrest E. Stegelm. 
Randall D. Stoecker. Larry D Stuckey. 
Richard L Teagarden. Richard L 
Theurer. Timothy M Thomas, Mi- 
chael D Van Allen. Kenneth R Wade 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald D. Welsh. 
Dennis L Wenger. John R Wester- 
man. Stanly C Widau. Douglas W 
Williams, Haskell S. Wright, Jerome 
P. Yorke 

Money in hand, AGRs and dates wearing western costumes 
contemplate possible bets on the board before rolling dice dur- 

ing the fraternity's annual Roulette Party Highlight of the even- 
ing was the awarding of prizes for the most original dress. 

Alpha Kappa Lambda- TOP ROW 

Mrs. Florence Hughes, Larry A An- 
derson. Pete L. Bailey, John H. Brand, 
Robert H Brunswig, Stanley P Cy- 
phers, Roger L Douthett 

SECOND ROW Joe D Freeman, 
Harold J. Garten, Roger A Griffin, 
Robert D Habiger. Allen D Hadorn. 
Richard D Hagerman, Donald Halver- 

THIRD ROW Ronald D Hellwig, 
Robert L Henderson. James I Hen- 
sley, James M Hillman, R Gene 
Hoffman, Gerold D Jilka, Kay M 

BOTTOM ROW. Ronald R Kline, Ste- 
phen L Krueger, Donald D. Lett. Les- 
lie C Longberg. Paul J Maroney. 
David A Martin. Jimmy D Mathis 


A AM4~k 

^ill^ d:M .M *M 


A^d<£&,fe^' Aidfe dM^im 

Scholarship improvement 
award goes to AKLs 

Members of Alpha Kappa Lambda won the 
spring 1966 Interfraternity Council grade improve- 
ment trophy by raising the house average .43 above 
the previous semester. Enforced quiet hours and a 
study hall program for actives were additions to the 
house scholarship system during the semester. 

In campus activities, AKLs were represented on 
Student Senate, Traffic Control Board and Com- 
merce Council. The majority floor leader of Model 
Congress and the vice-president of IFC were also 
members of Alpha Kappa Lambda. 

The house hosted a party for the KU chapter and 
a Parents' Day dinner. Their sweetheart formal 
and beach party were in the spring. 

Thirty-five chapters. Found- 
ed University of California 
1914. lota chapter es- 
tablished 1930. President: 
Stanley P. Cyphers. 

One of several after-dinner speakers, Jerry Lilly, IFC adviser, 
talks to AKLs on the values of the Greek system for college men. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda - TOP ROW 

John V Mauk. Daniel R. McConachie. 
David E McCune, James D McCune. 
Steven G Mclntyre. Jerry G. Meyer, 
James W Morrison. 

SECOND ROW: Ronald G Odom. 
Charles L Rich. Richard L. Robinson. 
David M Roland, George Schneick- 
ert. Jesse R Scoggins. Danny P. Sis- 
co. Dennis R Slimmer 

THIRD ROW John A Snodderly. 
Fred G. Sprang. Ronald W Taylor. 
Steven G Traxson, Richard G Tucker, 
Frederick S. Tyler, Stephen Utterback, 
Kenneth A. Vandall. 

BOTTOM ROW Larry G Vulgamore. 
David L Weaver, Wilton S Webb, 
Richard M Wibbeler, Dale G Willis. 
M William Wyckoff. Craig R. Zaiss. 
Orhn J Zink. 

Actives and pledges of Alpha Kappa Lambda, residing at 1919 
Hunting Avenue, participate in a newly organized study pro- 

gram House improvements for the year included reseeding the 
lawn, enlarging the patio, and installing a new basketball court. 


Creating appropriate decorations for each floor of their two- 
story house at 1408 Denison. members of Alpha Tail Omega 

planned a "Heaven and Hell" party. Other house functions for 
the fraternity included a hayrack ride and Christmas dance. 

ATOs buy hilltop lot, begin plans for new house 

Plans for a new house to be completed by the fall 
of 1970 were begun by men of Alpha Tau Omega 

One hundred fifty chapters. 
Founded Virginia Military 
Institute 1865. Delta Theta 
chapter established 1920. 
President: William F. Rock. 

with the collection of funds from alumni and the 
purchase of a lot on the hill above Royal Towers 
apartments. ATOs won the Province Scholarship 
Award for having the first, third, and fourth active 
scholastically and the first and second pledge grade 
averages in the five-chapter province. 

With their auxiliary organization, Sisters of the 
Maltese Cross, the men caroled Manhattan rest 
homes at Christmas. Members included one of five 
finalists for FMOC and president of Accent party. 

Alpha Tau Omega - TOP ROW 

Michael J Arehart. Bob H Balwanz, 
Monty M Bednasek, Gerald C Brees, 
Robert W Brewster, Raymond L 
Bush. John P Charles. Johnny L Cor- 

SECOND ROW William L Dillon. 
Robert C Dobson, Michael S. Dun- 
can. Timothy D Duncan. Willard L 
Eitzman. Cady R Engler, Steven M 
Evans. Edmond E. Fellers 

BOTTOM ROW Thomas M Foncan- 
non. John S Frank, Alwyn H. Gentry. 
James W. Gentry. Edward S Gfeller, 
Bruce W. H eckman, Gary J Heyka. 
Dennis E. Home. 

^f J^lll 

wp HM| 


rf:iltikl k 

4ril *4fc4 UiA 



tiiri fife itl jt 


Alpha Tau Omega - TOP ROW 

Robert M. Hudson. John A Johnson, 
Randy R Johnson, Steve A. Johnson, 
Cecil W Johnston. Robert L. Kirken- 
dall, Charles W Lamer, John T Mey- 

SECOND ROW: Michael T Mills. Wil- 
liam L Muir. Robert D Overman. Wil- 
liam F. Overman. George T Richards, 
William F Rock, Ronald H Roesler, 
Steven D Roesler 

BOTTOM ROW Richard D Shep- 
pard, Stephen A Sherlock. Ty D 
Smith. Richard H Spmgler, Terry L 
Swisher. Michael L Trabert, Lonnie A 

Wednesday night and Sunday noon mean dress dinner for 
ATOs, who sing the blessing before meals. One Sunday din- 

ner was served by the ATO auxiliary. Sisters ofthe Maltese 
Cross, who adopt pledge sons and are official hostesses. 


Beta Sigma Psi -TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Allen Burch. Clifford D Ascher. Dean 
R Bader. Robert M Behrens. Carl M 
Bierbaum, Phillip W Boeschen. Terry 
K Boggs. 

SECOND ROW Robert D Bowser. 
Warren T Brady. Steven R Cardwell, 
Paul W Cassella. Robert B Christie, 
Rolland G Divin. William D Edward- 

THIRD ROW. James M Farrar. John 
D Gurske. Ronald N Hagerman. 
David R Hanson, Herbert E Harrod, 
Robert E Henning. Phillip W 

BOTTOM ROW Carl F Jackson, 
David D. Jackson, David H. Jackson. 
Michael E. Jackson, Curtis R Jacobs, 
Daryll D. Jamvold, Gary D Janke 

A?MA Wk^4 %m^ 

Beta Sigs collect art work to redecorate living room 

Establishing an "art fund 11 to decorate their 
living room, men of Beta Sigma Psi began a collec- 
tion of paintings and sculpture, many of which were 
original works by University students. Beta Sigs 
took second place in the fraternity division of the 
Homecoming decorations contest and played the 
annual Reformation Day football game with Phi 
Kappa Theta Catholic fraternity, in October. An 

FMOC finalist and members of five University ath- 
letic teams were Beta Sigma Psi men. 

Ten chapters. Founded Uni- 
versity of Illinois 1925. Zeta 
chapter established 1951. 
President: William D. Ed- 

Teaming with Kappa Alpha Theta, members of Beta Sigma Psi, 
1200 Centennial Drive, represent 16 Illinois House seats and 

two Senate seats in Model Congress. The house donates blood 
to the University's Red Cross drive and plays intramural sports. 

- "»...'■ .■ 

■ <■ .— _ 

Beta Sigs prepare Founders' Weekend invitations for alumni 
and type rush cards for one of four rush weekends during the 

year. The Lutheran fraternity pledged more than 75 per cent of 
its new members through informal and summer rush programs. 

Beta Sigma Psi - TOP ROW Larry 
L. Johnson. Roger L. Jones. Robert P. 
Keist. Terrel E. Kinsey. Henry O. Kist- 
ner. Douglas B Knop. Robert A. Kuhn, 
William R. Kuhn. 

SECOND ROW Gary A Langner. Wil- 
liam V Lawrence. Elmer E Lehmann, 
Dale E Limn. William E Martens. 
Thomas J Maxwell. Vaughn D Mig- 
not, John G Ostermann. 

THIRD ROW William D Pulham. 
Clyde S Ricker. Ronald R. Ricker. 
Donald R Root, Richard C Roswurm. 
Robert A Ruhnke. Marvin L. Scheele. 
Thomas L. Schoenbeck 

FOURTH ROW Terry R Schoenthal- 
er, Donald W Schott, Glen L. Shank. 
William J Siebert. Gary D Sims, Gar- 
ry L Smith. David A. Strohm. David P. 

BOTTOM ROW Mark K Torluemke, 
Dennis V Underbjerg, Steven R 
Wiechman. Timothy R Windier. John 
E Wisniewski, Douglas J Wolters, 
Charles W Zabel. Robert E. Zibell. 


Beta pledges frequently study together for important lecture 
session exams. The new class must work for the high scholar- 

ship honors which have resulted in the house placing first or 
second in fraternity scholarship rankings for the last 17 years. 

Betas win IF Sing, capture second in scholarship 

Competing against seven other fraternities, Beta 
Theta Pi took first in Interfraternity Sing with 
"Sons of the Dragon" and "Porch Chairs. 11 Betas 
ranked second in spring 1966 fraternity scholarship 
with a record pledge class grade average of 3 . 1 6 . 

The men captured top honors in intramural ath- 
letics, placing first in fraternity division football for 
the fourth year in a row. They also took first in 
badminton and second in basketball intramurals. 

Beta social activities included a Jungle Party, a 
spring barbecue and the annual Pig Formal. 

One hundred five chapters. 
Founded Miami University 
1839. Gamma Epsilon 
chapter established 1914. 
President: Robert A. Briggs. 

Beta Theta Pi - TOP ROW: Mrs 
Grover Clingan, Douglas B Aiken, 
Timothy A Atchison, Steven R. Beck, 
Martin E Benjamin. Glenn E Boyd, 
Robert A Briggs, Van E. Brighton 

SECOND ROW: Michael D. Buckles. 
Roger K Cleghorn. Michael L Clutter, 
Robert J. Coble. Craig A. Coulter, 
Roger K. Dickerson, Mike R Elwell. 
Steven B Farabi. 

THIRD ROW Donald D Ficken. 
Thomas G. Grey, Roland M. Gunn, 
James M. Guy, Thomas E Guy, Alan 
R. Hammerli. Dean F. Harper, Barry L 

BOTTOM ROW Thomas W Hinz, 
James A. Ikard, Michael J. Jacobs, 
Patrick T. Jacobs, Larry D. Johnston, 
Howard A Kinzer. Robert L Knighton, 
Gary B. Lee. 


w^ 4£kV*iifJAiktifc 


Beta Theta Pi - TOP ROW Paul T. 
Loehr, Peter G Loriaux. Harry E 
McDonald. Douglas M McNeal, 
Donald H Merten, Conrad K. Nightin- 
gale. Kent E One. 

SECOND ROW Thomas C Palmer. 
Layton M. Perry, Steven B Poland, 
Leland J Polly. Thomas M Potter, 
George W Schultz. James L Seigle 

THIRD ROW Earl H Seyfert. James 
K Shrack, William C Skaer, Ronald P 
Sumner, Roger D Timken, James B 
Wallerstedt, James E Wassberg. 

BOTTOM ROW James L Weaver. 
Robert D Wehling, Henry H Werner, 
James L Whelan. John H White, 
Steven E, Wright, Alexander M 

Men of Beta Theta Pi, 500 Sunset, observed memorial ser- 
vices for a deceased alligator pet. An El Cono house party con- 

cluded the burial service Meat cooked overnight in a large pit 
provided Betas and their dates with a spring country barbecue. 


"Kimble", a white German Shepard. has been Delta Chi mascot for two years and appears in the house composite picture. 
Social activities of the men include the Founder's Day banquet in the fall and a formal White Carnation Ball in the spring. 

Delta Chi members begin new chapter house plans 

Because membership had risen since the colony 
gained fraternity status on campus two years ago, 
Delta Chis began plans for financing a new, larger 
house. They also remodeled the recreation room, 
planned a Christmas party for neighborhood child- 
ren and donated food supplies to a needy family. 

The men competed in intramural sports, winning 
first place in basketball and fifth in swimming in 
league action. Delta Chis placed second in the Tau 
Kappa Epsilon scavenger hunt. Fraternity members 

were selected as president of Interfraternity Coun- 
cil, SGA Coordinator and as a finalist in the 1966 
Favorite Man on Campus competition. 

■if **vP 

Fifty-three chapters. Found- 
ed Cornell University 1890. 
K-State chapter established 
1964. President: Dwight W. 

Dunagan. David M Alexander. 
Charles E Ash. Thomas Z Beery. 
Donald R. Bentsen. Steven L. Bihl- 
maier. Robert J Brockman, Craig A. 

BOTTOM ROW Darwin E Cline. 
Lynn L Collmann. David A Demp- 
sey. David A. Grider. Darrel L Gros- 
sardt. Thomas D. Haney. Robert A 
Harwood. Harold K Hitz 

itli^lsili^^iJ d 



^kWfm\mm\Jm\ dtMmiihdtm JM 

jm%mW I Mi m m ML 1km mft Mtmmml ** M \ • 1 U 

^^tW >i ^ ^ # f ^ 111 ^ 


d\mt\ mm\\k\m\\M*M 

Delta Chi -TOP ROW DwightW. 
Horsch. Thomas W Hunter, Alan R 
Jaax. Gary L Kildow, Gary T Lawlis. 
Warren H McLeod, Duane R Moss 

SECOND ROW Gary L Neal.JohnS 
Niemeyer. Philip F Padden, Don G 
Parker, Daniel E Pilcher, Tom T. Poor- 
man, John M. Quiring 

THIRD ROW Jan L Rayl. Larry E. 
Rink, Kent L Roberts. Dennis E, Rork. 
Bruce E Rose, Thomas B Sanders. 
Stephen M. Saunders 

FOURTH ROW Eric R Schrepel. Ter- 
ry L Seip. Philip L. Sell. Craig R. 
Shove, Webster H Sill, David W 
Simmonds, James G Smith. 

BOTTOM ROW: Loren R Stenzel, 
Terry D Uehhng, Kenneth M Walker, 
Stephen G. Wanlck, Kenyon C. Whit- 
right, Charles R, Woodard, Robert L. 
Woodward. William P. Young 

Blood donated by the men of Delta Chi won the fraternity the 
Gold Drop Award for having the highest percentage of donors 

among members in a University living group. The organization 
completed its third year in the chapter house at 1716 Fairchild. 

Delta Tau Delta - TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Wanda Dick-Peddie. Norbert J An- 
drews. Ronald T. Beach. William L. 
Beedles. Dennis L Berkholtz, Brad- 
ford G Blaker, Eldon L Boisseau 

SECOND ROW: Lyle P. Carmony. 
Mark K Chapin, James E. Cheatham. 
Michael B Conrad. Lawrence E 
Covert, Alfred S. DePetro, Gregory A. 

THIRD ROW Douglas P Drew. Gre- 
gory P Drew. Charles W Engel. John 
S Fagan. Lon K Floyd. Robert E. 
George. Jerry D Gray. 

BOTTOM ROW Richard J Gregory, 
John R Green. Richard C Green, Wil- 
liam P Griffitt. Tom E Harris, Jay R 
Hedlund. Charles T. Herman 

liWAl * t % 

Delts entertain KU fraternity brothers for weekend 

As representatives of Michigan, men of Delta 
Tau Delta participated in Model Congress during 
March. At Homecoming and after the University of 
Kansas basketball game in February, the Delts en- 
tertained their fraternity brothers from KU at an- 
nual parties. Other annual events at the Delt house 
included the Paddle Party in December, a George 
Party celebrating George Washington's birthday, a 
spring barbecue and the Rainbow Formal in May. 

Delta Tau Deltas, living at 1001 Sunset, cleaned and painted 
a small country church as a service project during the spring 

Delts were represented in varsity basketball, base- 
ball, swimming, golf and track and were members 
of Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard 
and Blade and the Varsity Men's Glee Club. 

Ninety-four chapters. 
Founded Bethany Col- 
lege 1858. Gamma Chi 
chapter established 
1917. President: Ro- 
bert D. Steiger. 

Before sending their 1967 Harlequinade script entry to the 
judges. Delts and Chi Os check final instructions for dialogue. 

music, choreography, costumes and stage settings. Of the nine 
scripts entered, four are selected for production in the spring 

W *** m 

I" f i|| ' till Wi 

■ ^ I I I 1 f I 

Delta Tau Delta - TOP ROW: Rob- 
ert K Herman, Guy M Heyl, Harvey 
B Hoover. James D Hopper. Melvin 
L. Howell. Alan R Hug. Lester H 
Ideker. James S Jordan 

SECOND ROW Robert L Kearney. 
Anthony L Kimmi. Jack H Konitz. 
Patrick J Lafferty. Robert D Leeper. 
Dennis V. Logan. John E Markley 

THIRD ROW Theodore J McVay. 
Mark D Merica. Arthur D Miller. 
Robert L Mooney, Jonathon D Mor- 
genson. Alex N ichepor. Gary D Ol- 
son. Larry M Peterson 

FOURTH ROW: Edward Rawhngs. 
Michael E Riordan. Keith L Roberts. 
Thomas K Rogge. Vance D. Schafer. 
Bryon R Schlosser. Frederick J 
Schmidt. Robert A Sebree 

FIFTH ROW Dennis R Sherraden. 
Robert D. Steiger. Steven L Stock- 
ham. Arthur T. Swan. Stephen W 
Swayze. Philip M Tate, Kent D Tay- 
lor. Steve W Train 

BOTTOM ROW: James L. Vore. Dale 
Alan Wardlaw. James P. Weir. Wesley 
H. Welch, Mason C Whitney, David 
R Williams. Larry R Wylie. 


Delta Upsilon - TOP ROW: Mrs 
Lucile Sponable. Dave E Anderson. 
James E. Barrett. Eric L. Bartholo- 
mew, Orm D Bell. Pete A Bell. Wil- 
liam Bevan 

SECOND ROW Charles R Bone- 
brake, Laurence Bredengerd. Donald 
R. Brining. Lawrence Bryant, Craig 
L Bunker. Charles E Cardwell. Wil- 
liam P. Conway 

THIRD ROW Dennis D Cook. Jay L 
Cook. James Cruce. Dennis E. Culley. 
Gale W Davis. Greg P. Denk. John J. 

FOURTH ROW: Kelly L Dumford, 
Michael D Dumford. Kenneth R 
Dunbar, Clinton E Dunn, Douglas E 
Eisenhour, Galen E Ericson, Jon H. 

FIFTH ROW: Ross L. Fapp. Bruce E. 
Frost, David B, Fruetel, George A. 
Gerritz. Dan S. Grinstead. Michael R. 
Hall. Daslie A. Hardin. 

BOTTOM ROW Frank R Hardin. 
James B. Hayes, Michael A, Hen- 
dricks, Ralph W. Hicks. Don A. Hill, 
Richard V. Hoecker, Yancy D Hud- 

ill t& 

DUs dance with Tn Deltas at one of twelve functions to which 
the fraternity invited women's living groups during the year. 

Top Harlequinade trophy 
goes to DU-Pi Phi skit 

Sharing first place honors with Pi Beta Phi, Del- 
ta Upsilon won the 1966 Harlequinade competition 
with a skit, "The Days of Vines and Boulders.' 
The fraternity also finished second in intramural 
swimming and third in Interfraternity Sing. At a 
national DU convention, the chapter received an 
award for the best pledge training program and the 
Directors' Award for Excellence. 

Eighty-six chapters. Found- 
ed Williams College 1834. 
K-State chapter established 
1956. President: David L. 

Delta Upsilon - TOP ROW Daniel 
S Huffman, Thomas K Jacob. Grego- 
ry L Jacobson. Stephen L James, 
Douglas K. Jernigan, David R Jones. 
Burk Jubelt. 

SECOND ROW Lawrence M Ken- 
dall. William H Kennedy. Henry C 
Kirchhoff. Richard K Lilly. Lamont A 
Lull. H Stewart Mann. Bennie L Mar- 

THIRD ROW: Galen R McDonald. 
Paul E. Miller. Steven L Morgan. Ste- 
phen R Morris. Donald D O'Conner. 
Gary E O'Hara. David Lionel Parker 

FOURTH ROW Joseph D Patterson. 
HaroldC Peterson. Ronald W Ple- 
mons. Nelson K Reinhardt. Craig W 
Ridenour. Thomas J Romig. William 
J. Romig 

FIFTH ROW: Benjamin T Rumsey. 
Robert W Stamey. Lane V Sunder- 
land. John G Svaty. Steven A Tange- 
man, Joseph Teichgraeber. Thomas 

BOTTOM ROW Melvin E Thompson. 
John F. Tisdel. Lawrence E Townley. 
Gary L. Urbanek. Walter J Vmey. Lar- 
ry E Ward. Craig M Woodard 

Social events of Delta Upsilon. 142 5 University Drive, include 
a Christmas Ski Party. Barn and Jungle Parties and the annual 

Blue and Gold Formal. The house was represented on campus 
in Blue Key, Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma and varsity athletics. 



Farm House men receive 
fifth consecutive award 

National Interfraternity Council awarded the 
Summa Cum Laude Scholarship Award to the men 
of FarmHouse for the fifth consecutive year. The 
award recognized the house for having a grade 
point 30 per cent above the all men's average. 

The men participated in all intramurals and cap- 
tured first in the 1 57 -pound class of intramural 
wrestling. Members were pledged by informal 
rushing throughout the year. The men belong to 
Blue Key, Student Senate, Board of Student Publi- 
cations, Apportionment Board and Sigma Tau. 

An informal watermelon feed for members and 
their dates was in the fall. Other FarmHouse activi- 
ties included a Christmas party, barbecue, Star and 
Crescent Formal, Sisters' and Parents' Days and 
rush weekends for high school seniors. 

Twenty-two chapters. 
Founded University of 
Missouri 1905. K State 
chapter established 
1921. President: Don- 
ald R. Ferguson. 

Men of FarmHouse gather in their redecorated living room 
before dinner to listen to records on their new stereo set. 

FarmHouse - TOP ROW Mrs Hazel 
Hawbecker. James P. Adams, Glenn 
P Alpert, Larry R Anderson. Terry L. 
Biery. Joseph M. Bohnen, Steven R. 

SECOND ROW David M . Bozone, 
Charles T Bronzan. Tommy R Carr, 
Peter J Cordel. Keith L Cramer, Tony 
M Delp. Dennis L. Deschner. 

THIRD ROW: Larry E Dirksen, Frank 
R Douthit, William D Eisele, Harold 
D Engle. Arlen W Ethng. Donald R 
Ferguson, Theron E, Fry. 

BOTTOM ROW Donald D. Grauer- 
holz, Stanley W Grecian, Randy K. 
Hahn, John M Hamman, John W 
Harvey, Randy D Hassler, Duane M. 




II Ml ■II I Jmm mk mum Iflllyl I Ji 

FarmHouse - TOP ROW Gerald L 
Hildebrand. Robert L. Hirt, Tommy L 
Jacobitz, John F. Jagger, Marvin D 
Kal lenbach. Dennis G Kasselman. 
Jerry D Kazmaier, James K Koelliker. 

SECOND ROW Walter W Kurth. 
David K Lightner. Ronnie G. Lunsford, 
Robert A MacArthur, David F. Martin, 
Larry B Massey. Richard D Miller. 
Tom J. Moxley. 

THIRD ROW Dale E Naiman. Dennis 
T Nelson, Ross A Olson. Garth L 
Peterson, Losson G Pike. William H 
Reissig. Randall L Rich, Jerre K Ror- 

FOURTH ROW Larry E Schmidt. 
Norman R Schneider. Dennis R 
Siefkes. Kenneth A Spangenberg, 
Gary A. Splitter, Robert L Stark. John 
W Toney 

BOTTOM ROW Thomas R. Tucker. 
Terry E. Waldren. Howard G. Webb. 
Stuart W Weibert, George L Wiley. 
Ben W Wood, Kendall M Wright 

Chapter and recreation rooms of FarmHouse, 1830 College 
Heights, were redecorated during the year with additions of 

new carpets and library shelves. During September, the men 
hosted fraternity representatives at a national conclave here. 


Kappa Sigma - TOP ROW Vernon 
D Aldrich, G. Gary Angerman. John P. 
Armstrong, Thomas G. Beal. Felix R. 
Bedford. Gunnar W Blanke, Richard 
R. Bleythmg. 

SECOND ROW, Charles R. Booz, Paul 
L. Bosch, Frederick H Bowman, 
David A Brown, Gary D. Bruning, 
George M. Brunksy, Robert E. Buch- 

THIRD ROW: James H. Butler, Gary L, 
Camblin. Michael E Carlisle, Michael 
R Cams, John E, Caton, Wendell F. 
Cowan. Durward D. Dupre 

BOTTOM ROW. Kenneth B. Ewing. 
John M Flannery, Eric K. Graham, 
Fred W. Hubbard, Duane A lies. Le- 
land R. Johnson, George A. Lewis 

ft C 


*,kt *k\ 

Kappa Sigs plant shrubs 
for Manhattan police office 

New shrubbery in front of the Manhattan police 
headquarters were planted as a service project of 
Kappa Sigma. Participating in all intramurals, they 
took third place in fraternity division football. In 
April, instead of a spring formal, Kappa Sigs and 
their dates dressed in prehistoric costumes for a 
Cave Man party at the fraternity's chapter house. 

The annual Red Dog party was given by the 
pledges in November and the Stardust formal was 
in December. Kappa Sigs represented Iowa in 
Model Congress. Editor of the K-State Engineer, 
president of Collegiate Young Democrats and day 
editor of the Collegian were Kappa Sigs. 

One hundred thirty-nine 
chapters. Founded Universi- 
ty of Virginia 1869. Gamma 
Chi chapter established 
1919. President: Gary Ang- 

Roses and a sparkling crown accompany the announcement of 
a Kappa Sigma sweetheart at the fraternity's Stardust Formal. 


y \ v v.ww,^ 


■••*.* ', 

As service projects, men of Kappa Sigma, 1 930 College 
Heights, cleaned Manhattan parks and caroled rest homes 

and hospitals at Christmas. Kappa Sigs had functions at the 
house and a fall scavenger hunt with Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Kappa Sigma - TOP ROW. Robert 
C. Matthews, Jacob E Mertz. Gerald 
W. Miller, Lowell G Moore. Charles 
M. Murphy, Duane F. Nickel, William 
S. Price. 

SECOND ROW David H Prosser. 
Ronald L. Rabe. Steven L. Rock, Greg 
T, Rockhold, Herbert P. Rolhn. Arthur 
F. Schmidt, Steve E. Schultz 

BOTTOM ROW Michael J Shipley. 
James J Slaven, Michael B. Sterling. 
Arthur R Swalwell. Daniel E. Thomas. 
Timothy R Tudor Ward V Wells. 
Frederick J. Wulff. 


Lambda Chis join dates in singing carols and eating popcorn at 
the fraternity's annual Christmas party before coeds open gag 

gifts distributed by Santa. The men entertained with a Har- 
old's Club Party. Crescent Ball and South Sea Islands Party. 

Lambda Chis-DZs produce Harlequinade finalists 

In cooperation with Delta Zeta sorority, the men 
of Lambda Chi Alpha presented "A Horse, of 
Course" in the finals of 1966 Harlequinade. Lamb- 
da Chis were represented in K-State Players, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma and K-State Singers. 
They sponsored the annual Chariot Relays for fra- 
ternities, Founders 1 Day celebration for returning 
alumni, and formal and informal house parties. At 

Christmas, the men worked with Alpha Delta Phi 
in adopting two needy families. The houses enter- 
tained with parties and presented them gifts. 

One hundred sixty chapters 
Founded Boston University 
1909. Gamma Xi chapter 
established 1924. Presi- 
dent: Richard Pfananstiel. 

Lambda Chi Alpha - TOP ROW 

Mrs Verba E Smith. Hugh D Bar- 
nard, William D Betz. Bruce A Boom- 
er. Roderick R Brown. Richard N. 
Bruce. Joel R. Butts 

SECOND ROW Ronald E Ciston. 
Collin L Coles. Richard B Davis. 
Robert C. Davis. Stephen V Davis. 
Hazen J Ellis. Michael S Ermey. 

BOTTOM ROW: Russell W Frame. 
William G. Francis, Richard W Gfell- 
er, Virgil J, Gross. Max M Heidnck, 
Richard C Hochberg, Richard L. 

l.fclifctf £ 


lit i* .4 


Carved from a hugh block of ice and flooded with colored 
lights, a glittering crescent and cross accents Lambda Chi Al- 

pha's Crescent Ball. The annual spring formal for the men at 
505 Dension also includes the crowning of the Crescent Girl 


dik*Alktik i* 



1)4 feh 

Lambda Chi Alpha - TOP ROW 

James H Jones. Nicholas M Jones. 
George A, Kemper, Rick E Kiser, Larry 
E. Knedlik. Kenneth L. Lathrop, Ken- 
neth E Laughrey. 

SECOND ROW Michael R Lewis. 
Norman C Longabach. John C 
Mann. Harlyn G McGuire, Phillip C 
Meyer. Gary R. Nelson, Richard Pfa- 
nenstiel. Wayne L Pntz 

BOTTOM ROW: Bruce H Robinson. 
Rob R Roth. Phillip E Russell. Louis 
G. St Peter. Michael E Sims, Michael 
B Stevens, Gary A. Stewart. Fred W 


Phi Delta Theta - TOP ROW Mrs. 
Mary I. Webb, William R. Anthony, 
Ronald E Aupperle, John R. Barbee, 
Frank R. Bernasek, Richard L Bishop, 
Richard E. Boyce. 

SECOND ROW: George Breidenthal, 
Larry R. Brown, Ronald L. Carr, Doug- 
las D, Chapman, George N Cook, 
Richard C Dickson, James J Fergu- 

THIRD ROW: John H. Galloway, Dar- 
rell R Gentry, Michael L. Gibson, Jack 
S Goodson, David R. Gross, Donald 
P. Gross, Gregory P. Hanson 

BOTTOM ROW: Patrick M Harmon. 
Larry E. Heasty, Douglas W Hilton, 
Allen E. Homan, Bradley D Johnson, 
Robert J. Juranich, Richard A Lester 



Phi Delta Thetas claim 
three campus presidencies 

Three presidents of campus groups — the senior 
class, Steel Ring, and Scabbard and Blade — were 
members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Winning 
the Silver Star Award from the national organiza- 
tion, the fraternity was one of the top 20 chapters 
nationally in scholarship improvement. 

A jungle gym and furniture were built for the 
handicapped children of Lee school by Phi Delts for 
their community service project. With the women of 
Chi Omega, the men entertained underprivileged 
children in Manhattan at Christmas time. 

In intramurals, Phi Delts took first place in their 
league in football, third in league basketball, fourth 
overall in golf and second overall in badminton. 

One hundred twenty-nine 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1848. Kansas 
Gamma chapter established 
1920. President: Lyle F. 


Phi Delts rehearse "Rock My Soul" preparing for the first Inter- 
fraternity Sing which the fraternity has entered since 1958. 



Aiht* 4 

Phi Delta Theta - TOP ROW: Frank- 
lin E Lynch, Edward Mangelsdorf, 
Lyle F. Maninger. Guy M McCormick. 
Thomas R Mclntire. Donald W 
Montgomery. Larry J Netahla. 

SECOND ROW Fritz Norbury, John 
C Nye, Gary G Orear. James M 
Osborn, Alan J Pmkstaff. Jon M Pol- 
lock, Michael E Reed 

THIRD ROW Jerry L Reppert, Ran- 
dall B. Riley, Craig S Rowlen. LeRoy 
D. Simmons. Keith L Stanley, Jack M 
Stewart. David D Swenson 

BOTTOM ROW Ralph B. Taylor. 
Richard S Troell, Loren G Tucker. 
Nick L Weidle. Ronald C Williams. 
Gerald P Younger 

Painted Indians, torches, and mattress-covered stairways were 
part of the mysterious settings at the re-established She Delta 

Theta Party at the Phi Delt house, 508 Sunset. The men 
conducted a mock initiation of the coeds into the fraternity 


Phi Kap train places first 
in decorations competition 

Depicting a Wildcat train in fast pursuit of a 
University of Kansas Jayhawk, Phi Kappa Theta's 
homecoming house decorations won first place in 
the competition's fraternity division. In another 
campus-wide contest, University coeds elected a Phi 
Kap member, Ron Engelken, as FMOC. 

For service projects, Phi Kaps donated blood to 
the St. Mary's Hospital blood drive and gave toys to 
children in an orphanage for Christmas. 

Social events were the Indian Summer Party in 
the fall, a Christmas party, the Fish Formal in the 
spring and Reformation Day celebration with Beta 
Sigma Psi, which included afternoon football, 
queen selection and crowning and dance. Phi Kaps 
were represented in Alpha Zeta and Sigma Tau 
honoraries and as president of Newman Club. 

Happy fraternity brothers and their dates cluster around 
FMOC Ron Engelken as he is interviewed for student radio 

Sixty-one chapters. Found- 
ed Brown University 1889. 
Kansas lota chapter es- 
tablished 1921. President: 
William T. Carson. 

Phi Kappa Theta - TOP ROW Mrs 

Inez Lawrence. Robert Alan Ander- 
son. William J Axe. James F. Bock. 
Edward J Boos. Paul H Borgerding, 
Richard E Bramlage. Sam J Brun- 

SECOND ROW Thomas A Burger. 
Daniel J. Carroll. William T. Carson. 
William Caspar. Francis N Chyr, 
Jan M Corcoran. Thomas H. Cure, 
James E Dale. 

THIRD ROW Thomas J Drees. 
James R. Driscoll. James A Eaton, 
Francis Eisenbarth. Ronald A Engelk- 
en. Roy T Ferguson. Jprry B. Fickel, 
James E Gagnon 

BOTTOM ROW Thomas A. Gagnon, 
James M. Gfeller. James C Gold- 
smith. John A. Gordon. David Chad 
Hall. George T. Harenchar, Michael E. 
Hawk. Dale N. Hess 

wk H ■! mm , H ^H m Ml ^mtM . Hk 1 mk 


Atk^Mmltmlfc*, mUz 



^0r Mtk jJBIk'N^BI Ml 

r _tfc mm -■'-% . 

: . . . .... :..; ■ ■■ 

- = I r .1 173 

, ! u ; *%, 

Phi Kappa Theta - TOP ROW Rob- 
ert L. Jilka, Charles F. Klesath, Steven 
G Knight. Stephen W Kongs. Thomas 
F Kongs. Gerald M Koppes. John A 

SECOND ROW Paul J Lambert. 
James W. Mader. Robert J. Marx, 
Gregory L Miller. Douglas J Mull. 
Ernest V Murphy, Frank D Murry 

THIRD ROW Gary D Paulsen. Ste- 
phen W Pierson. Dennis G. Redd. 
James L Sack. Gregory D Schaller. 
Eugene E Schinstock, Jackie L 

FOURTH ROW Gerald L Schnittker. 
James Schoenfelder. John C Sipes. 
John Skeuse. Thomas J Skeuse, 
John D. Smith, Philip J Steen 

BOTTOM ROW John M Suellentrop. 
Michael Verschelden. Gary E. Voelker. 
Douglas Vogelsberg. Roger N. Walter. 
Howard J. Willcott. Eugene Wodyziak. 

Winners of the Reformation Day football game with Beta Sig- 
ma Psi, Kappa Theta saw the candidate sponsored by their 

fraternity crowned queen for the celebration The men, who 
live at 1965 College Heights, all belong to Newman Club. 


Varsity football and basketball players, members of the Univer- 
sity's rowing team and a freshman wrestler are men living at 

the Pi Kappa Alpha house. 2021 College View. Other PiKAs 
belong to Putnam Scholars and Arts and Sciences council. 

PiKAs sponsor egg hunt for neighborhood children 

Neighborhood children of Pi Kappa Alpha joined 
in a weekend Easter egg hunt sponsored by the fra- 
ternity. In the fall, men entered Homecoming house 
competition and donated blood to the University 
Red Cross Blood drive. 

Pikes participated in Model Congress in March 
as representatives from Idaho and Colorado. Social 
activities included annual fall and spring formals, a 
Beachcomber Party, Roaring Twenties Party, Corn 

Jigger Party and Christmas Party. For spring 
semester 1966, the fraternity was represented by 12 
members on the college deans' honor rolls. 

One hundred fifty chapters. 
Founded University of Vir- 
ginia 1868. Alpha Omega 
chapter established 1913. 
President: Michael A. 

Pi Kappa Alpha - TOP ROW: David 
K. Bauer. Dennis A Black. Bruce A 
Boll. David L Bridges. Richard G. 
Campbell. Thomas E Carlin, David E. 

SECOND ROW Thomas P Cav- 
anaugh. Ross J Christopher. Steven 
C Crawford, James L Crotinger. 
Ronald W Crotinger. David A Daw- 
son, Craig N Deeds 

THIRD ROW Robert G Delpopolo. 
Dennis A. Drumm, William R Duni. 
Kenneth G. Ebert. Phillip D Fletcher, 
Frederic J Foster. Ronald L Gabriel- 

BOTTOM ROW Donald C Griffiths, 
Jerome B Hantman, Greg W. Harris. 
Jerold L. Heck, Duane E. Herman, 
Robert D Herman, Newton C Hin- 

T&&TT f» ** p 



\ -xtk *p 

; m 


. II * ' 

■p^^' ' ^^1 I "% ** ■ W «L- J *t^^B 

im l ■ I in l !■■ MS H H n 



Pi Kappa Alpha - TOP ROW: Rich- 
ard G Huber, Gary L Johnston. John 
M Kirk. Dale F Klenke. Donald V 
Klenke. Duane R Lee. Jack R. Lewis. 
George W Maichel. 

SECOND ROW: Dale P. Mann. Gary 
P. Mann, Fredrick L. Mattox. Gordon 
L McPheter. Charles R. Miles. Jon P. 
Montgomery, Michael Montgomery, 
James P. Mullin 

THIRD ROW Ray D. Ottenburg. Rob- 
in B. Owen. Michael L, Parmely, Rob- 
ert W Perry, James M, Peters. James 
W. Priebe. James L Richardson, Ran- 
dy D. Risley 

FOURTH ROW Gary L Robben. 
Robert A Schunke, Ronald L. Shaffer, 
Roy 0. Smith, Darryl D Smutz, 
Charles G. Steele. Jerry H. Stump. Jay 
F. Thompson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Randall D Uhrich. 
PhiUip F. Unruh, Thomas H Warta. 
Paul M. Weingart, Neal D. Whitaker, 
David K Wieland. John H Wilson. 
Philip R Young 

Supervised by an active, PiKA pledges wax and polish furni- 
ture as part of bi-weekly duties. At the end of the semester. 

prospective actives must have earned 300 merit points which 
are acculumulated by doing tasks in addition to house duties. 


Campus honoraries claimed SAE members as the men were 
tapped for Phi Eta Sigma, Steel Ring, Blue Key, Arnold Air So- 

ciety and Sigma Tau. The fraternity's three-story brick house 
located at 1015 Denison borders the west edge of the campus. 

SAEs win province scholarship improvement award 

In preparation for the year's activities, six men of 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon attended a regional leader- 
ship school in Evanston, 111. Sig Alphs were award- 
ed the Hammerstein Civic Service Award from their 

One hundred fifty-two chap- 
ters. Founded University of 
Alabama 1866. Kansas 
Beta Chapter established 
1913. President: Charles E. 

Kansas City alumni association and the Province 
Scholarship Improvement Award. 

Varsity football, basketball, track and swimming 
team members were Sig Alphs. They participated 
in all intramurals and won the first place division 
trophies in wrestling and swimming and took third 
place in football and basketball. 

In December, Sig Alphs had their annual Belle 
Ball, the winter formal, and entertained underpriv- 
ileged children at a Christmas party. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - TOP ROW 

John C Anderson, James B Attebery. 
James V Baird, Edwin O. 
Baumgarten. William P. Beezley, 
Reen H. Berges. Charles E Bliss. Har- 
ry E Blow. 

SECOND ROW: Robert B Boand. 
John B Bondurant. Stephen D Bur- 
ns, Larry A Bush. Michael D Card. 
Steven D Carter, Robert M. Cooper, 
David B. Corby. 

BOTTOM ROW Richard K Corby. 
Terry J. Crofoot. Mark W. Dick. Wil- 
liam C. Dillingham. Thomas N 
Dougherty. John C. Durham, Alfred C. 
Enlow, Harvey C. Eplee 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon - TOP ROW 

James E Griffith. Ronald L Hastings, 
Tom J Hogan. Roger S John. Robert 
E Judd. Larry L Kettelhut, Robert L 

SECOND ROW: Harold R. King. Dix- 
on H Landers, Robert A. Long, David 
H Mackey, Mark E Marling, Martin 
P Marten. Richard J Massieon 

THIRD ROW: David R McLain. Nor- 
man L McClain. Marc E Miller, 
George T. Miserending, James K 
Morrow, Bill L Nelson. Richard A 

FOURTH ROW Stephen P Palmer. 
Ross Piper. Benjamin L Porter, Edgar 
W Ransom, Danny M Rich. Larry 
Rollenhagen, Richard A. Rose 

FIFTH ROW Charles W Rutherford. 
James N. Sanders. Carl F Schwab, 
Alan J Scott, William L Selbe. James 
I. Shucart, Richard B. Sigwing 

SIXTH ROW Alan R. Stephens. Brad 
W Stowell. Thomas E Sundahl, Stan- 
ley M. Symons. Thomas E Tweed. 
Ken H. Underwood, Jay H Vader, 

BOTTOM ROW Duane R Volz. Alex- 
ander M Walczak. Gregory S Wal- 
lace. Gary A Walter. Lawrence N 
Weigel. Danney L Wolfe. Douglas W 

Good luck wishes for future Sigma Alpha Epsilon activities is 
the reason for a turn-about serenade for the men from Tri-Del- 

ta women. The fraternity's HQ partner also presented the house 
with a six-foot greeting card made with candy and gum 

Judged on figure alone, coeds from each living group compete 
for Sigma Chi Derby Darling. All living groups vie for a trophy 

based on total points earned in field events that include deck- 
a-pledge. zip strip, derby stealing and egg tossing races. 

Sigma Chis win achievement award for third year 

For the third consecutive year, the Peterson Sig- 
nificant Chapter Award was won by the men of 
Sigma Chi. The national award was based on all- 
around campus activities and scholarship. Sigma 
Chis won second place in Interfraternity Sing with 
the "White Cross Hymn 1 ' and "Brothers Sing 
On." First semester, they sponsored the annual 
mixer for incoming freshmen and with Kappa Kap- 

pa Gamma, won the TKE scavenger hunt. 
Annual Derby Day activities were in the spring. 

One hundred forty chapters. 
Founded Miami University 
1855. Delta Upsilon chapter 
established 1949. Presi- 
dent: David J. Unruh. 

Sigma Chi -TO PROW: Mrs Henery 
Boss, Milton E. Ahlench, Richard C 
Basore. Larry K Berlin, Larry P. Bilot- 
ta, William O. Blake, Larry P. Blanken- 

SECOND ROW Bruce W. Bryant, 
Scott E Davis, Dennis L Dechert, 
Thomas R Derosear, Randall S Ellis, 
John K Fielder, Bruce V. Foltz 

BOTTOM ROW Michael H. Foss, 
David E Graham, James J Graham, 
John R Graham, Craig P, Helwig, 
James C Jarrett, Patrick A. Johnson 

••' I &!■ 


V<*"r :U^' *;^-xr |"J . 

nllB A K ! Bfc f a M 

JflBJiilll fik 


*Jfc*rf41i»ki Itkfl 

Sigma Chi - TOP ROW: David F 
Jones. Thomas E. Keller. Michael M 
Kelly, Samuel W Knecht. James Q. 
Kohler. Richard D Krause. Marvin L. 
Landes. Dale G Litton 

SECOND ROW Fred E Lowrey. Tim- 
othy L. Lowrey, Stephen H. Magill, 
Marvin D Manlove. Jack H Marker, 
Daniel W. Masters, Leslie A Mat- 
thews, Rodney B McLenon, 

THIRD ROW: Mark T. Mibourn, John 
L. Mitcha. James E Moore, Philip F. 
Moore. Larry D Morgan. Steven C 
Morgenson, James F Morrow, Ron- 
ald E. Munson, 

FOURTH ROW Ronald E Myers. 
Robert M Niemann. Rodney C 01- 
sen. Peter H Olson. Larry G. Palmer. 
Roberto F Reyes, James C Roberts, 
Thomas C. Roberts. 

FIFTH ROW Charles W Ruggles, 
William H Rushton, Dennis D Rus- 
sell. Robert W Shideler. Michael D 
Shilling. Andy M Skow, Galen W. 
Tarman. Michael C Tarry. 

BOTTOM ROW David R Thompson. 
David J Unruh. Stephen G. Unruh. 
Stephen G Vedros. Stan G Weir, 
James D Wilson, Bruce L Wilson. 
Richard E Zell 

Homecoming activities for Sigma Chis include a post-game 
Pumpkin Patch Party in their house at 1224 Fremont. As a ser- 

vice project, Sigma Chi pledges co-sponsored a party with Chi 
Omega pledges for children in the Friendship Tutoring Project 

Sigma Nu -TOP ROW: Mrs H.W 
Scott. Joel W Athey. Ralph E Baker. 
Michael Barber, Bradford H Black. 
Dale S Brown. David T Chandler 

BOTTOM ROW Joseph M Christ, 
Larry E DeMars. Edwin R Dunstan, 
Joseph E Elliott. Charles Estes, Ste- 
phen W. Ficke, Richard H Floersch 



M^4 ^ 

Sigma Nus place third in Homecoming decorations 

With their largest pledge class in five years, the 
men of Sigma Nu fraternity participated in Inter- 

One hundred forty chapters. 
Founded Virginia Military 
Institute 1869. Beta Kappa 
chapter established 1913. 
President: Stephen W. 

fraternity Sing and won third place in Homecoming 
house decoration competition with a fifteen-foot 
animated replica of Willie Wildcat. 

Christmas weekend highlighted the year's social 
calendar for Sigma Nus. The weekend included a 
stag party and gift exchange, tree trimming party 
and a formal dinner and dance with dates. 

Winter weather affords relaxation for the men of Sigma Nu 
who use their front lawn for sledding and snowball fights. 

Besides their Christmas Formal. Sigma Nu men, 513 Sunset, 
entertain dates at a Lady and the Tramp Party and the spring 

White Rose Formal. Members were in Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, and Varsity Men's Glee Club 

mm ^ 

W -s J. 

Jim Ik 

Sigma Nu - TOP ROW: Philip S 
Flock, Steven L Frickey. Donald R. 
Frikken, David A Fulghum, Richard 
M Generson, Phil S Goss, Eddie J 
Gray, Ronald D Graybeal 

SECOND ROW Lee R Green, Ronald 
L Grojean, Ronald D Hadsall. Clinton 
J Hammer, Robert W Hanselman, 
Robert E. Harmon, Ronald G Hugh- 
banks, Larry W Jackson 

THIRD ROW John H Jensen, Chris 
E. Johns. Steve G Kirkwood. Charles 
K. Kniffin. Walter H Koontz. James R 
McCune. Dennis L Miner, William D 

FOURTH ROW Nick Pino, James M. 
Richardson. Larry W. Rollins. Norman 
E Ruediger. Daniel J Shiel. James A. 
Shurts, James C Siebert. George H. 

BOTTOM ROW Delancy A Smith. 
Stanley T. Stadelman, Bill E Stallard. 
James T Thompson. Curtin L. Wag- 
ner. DouglasR Wagner. George A. 
Weiss. Brian A Wicks. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon - TOP ROW 

Mrs Cora Shupe. James E Aiken. 
John P. Ayres. Larry D Balding. Brad- 
ley D. Barrows. Richard R. Barrows, 
Robert E Bennett 

SECOND ROW: James G Carl, War- 
ren E. Carpenter. Thomas E. Comp- 
ton. Thomas S Dawson. James V. 
Doran, John P. Duffendack, William T. 

THIRD ROW Jack E Ellithorpe. Cal- 
vin L Emig, Kenneth K. Eshelman, 
David A Fagerberg, Larry G. Fry, Wil- 
liam P. Gallant. Gregory A. Garrelts 

FOURTH ROW Rex E. Garrelts. Daryl 
W Gatza. Allen G Gerstenberger, 
Nicholas J Golden. Kenneth C. Gore- 
ham. Ralph E Grumbein, Stephen M. 

BOTTOM ROW Robert A Helms, 
David R Howell, Jack H Jackson, 
Gary L Johnson, James R. Jones, 
Thomas G Kilroy, Gerald F Korach 

. . wk I . fm. link 

New furniture and carpeting were added to the Sig Ep house- 
mother's quarters in the chapter house at 1015 Sunset. 

Sig Eps sponsor retreat, 
attend leadership school 

Three officers of Sigma Phi Epsilon learned new 
methods of rush and pledge education at the nation- 
al Leadership Academy in Bloomington, Ind. In 
September, actives attended a weekend retreat at 
Camp Wa-Shun-Ga, near Junction City. 

lt The Monk's Tooth" or tl The Holy Molar" was 
the skit which won second place in 1966 Harlequi- 
nade for the Sig Eps and Kappa Kappa Gamma 
sorority. A member was also chosen best actor. 

President of Social Co-ordinating Council, offi- 
cers of Interfraternity Council, chairman of Board 
of Student Organizations, Blue Key officers and 
student senators were Sig Ep members. 

One hundred sixty-four 
chapters. Founded Rich- 
mond College 1901. Kansas 
Beta chapter established 
1918. President: Jack H. 


Late evening jam sessions by a Sigma Phi Epsilon combo en- 
tertain members returning to the house after dates The combo. 

with piano, drum, ukelele and bongo players, improvised for 
house parties and accompanied the men at informal song fests. 

*&* 4^kHk 




j^^^*^ m^^^k fc^§ m^^k 

Sigma Phi Epsilon - TOP ROW 

Fred W. Kraus, John P Larson, Jack 
V Lewis. Robert J Mathews. Staley 
B McDermet. Gerald R. Means. Craig 

SECOND ROW: Mark R Nyffeler. 
Richard K Oberg, Ward D Patrick. 
John W Perrier. Thomas D. Perrier, 
Michael J. Peter, Jack Piepenbrmg 

THIRD ROW Tom L Pinkston, War- 
ren C Pray, Thomas M Roode, 
Charles Schaible, Ronald D. Schulte, 
James C Shaffer. John M. Shelley. 

BOTTOM ROW John H Strine. John 
H. Strube. Roger L. Strube. Richard L. 
Swenson. Charles A Wilson. James 
W Wilson, John S Wittenborn. 
Steven J Wood 


Triangles, who must earn a 2.4 average as pledges to be ini- 
tiated, live at 22 1 N. Delaware in a house overlooking Manhat- 

tan and KS hill. The student body president, a student senator 
and an engineering council member are members of fraternity. 

Triangle organizes sister group to act as hostesses 

Organized in the spring, 1966, Tri-Angels acted 
as official hostesses for Triangle fraternity. Mem- 
bers of the group were little sisters, sweethearts and 
wives of Triangle men. With new dining room fur- 
niture, the men entertained Girls of the Month for 
the K-State Engineer magazine at a supper. 

Prisoner costumes and jail decorations added 
atmosphere to the first social event of the year, a 

prison party. Spring and winter formals and a hay- 
rack ride rounded out the Triangle social calendar. 

Twenty-six chapters. Founded 
University of Illinois 1907. 
K-State chapter established 
1964. President: Charles K. Eby. 

Triangle - TOP ROW Mrs W B 
Granger, Philip W Berg. Douglas A 
Boyle, Ted A Broers, Timothy R 
Brumble, Don A Caywood, Dale A 

BOTTOM ROW Robert A Curry, 
Charles K. Eby, David F. Fairbanks, 
John J Fitzgerald. Robert D Flack, 
James E Gennger, Jay W Glass, 
Donald F Hansen 



Hi li 1 

1 fci 

Triangle - TOP ROW Clarence 
Henderson, Charles L. Hett. Michael 
D Kemper. Alan F Kessler. Robert D 
Kinney, Roy J. Knight, Arley D Lan- 
man. Joseph W Leighty. 

SECOND ROW Gary K Lewis, John 
R Ley, Larry R Martin. David J Mell- 
gren. Terry K Michie, John R Miller, 
John T. Ratcliffe, Neil D Rogers 

BOTTOM ROW Lawrence Slupianek, 
Duane B Smith, Eugene L. Smith. 
James F Smith. William A Stockopf, 
Richard L Surrett. James L Willits, 
David B. Yardley 

Members of the newly formed little sister group, Tn-angels, 
and the Triangle pledge class combined efforts to sponsor a 

bridge party at the chapter house in the fall. Funds raised by the 
project were used to purchase new dining room furniture 


Smurthwaite women, as do students in all co-operative hous- 
ing, follow work duty schedules to cook, serve, and do all kitch- 

en work. One coed is elected to act as a kitchen manager to 
co-ordinate meal planning and work with the housemother. 


Three years of planning becomes reality as breaking of the 
sod initiates the construction of a new 62-girl house for Clovia 

women. It will be owned and operated by the Kansas 4-H Foun- 
dation Residence for the past 30 years has been 303 N. 1 3th. 

Clovia members break ground for new brick home 

With completion date set for fall, 1967, members 
of Clovia 4-H House broke ground in October for a 
new home at the corner of McCain Lane and Pio- 
neer Street. Partially financed by the sale of cook 
books, the house was to have a brick exterior. 

Social events included a "Bewitched" Halloween 
party, a Christmas Crystal Ball with dinner and 

dancing and a Hospitality party for high school stu- 
dents attending Home Economics Hospitality Day. 
A coke party for prospective members was in April. 
President of Collegiate 4-H and the outstanding 
student in the College of Commerce were members 
of Clovia. The house also was represented in Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Sparks and Phi Alpha Theta. 

Clovia - TOP ROW Mrs Margaret 
Smerchek. Mary L Ault, Delma J 
Baker, Ann J Brunner. Jolene R. 
Charvat. Arlene R Dahm, Nina M 
Feldbush, Sharon K. George. Carol F 

SECOND ROW Dolores A Hoffman. 
Margaret R Hooper. Judith A Horn- 
berger. Judith H Hunter. Karolyn K 
Kellog. Beverly J Kreider. Marcia L 
Lowther. Connie M McClure, Marlyse 
K. Milburn 

BOTTOM ROW Carolyn D.Olson. 
Janice A. Overocker. Renita K. Pohl. 
Mary K Prochaska, Elizabeth Sut- 
cliffe. Valerie J Thiessen. Jean L 
Unruh. Eldeen M Voth. Cynthia A. 


With the theme "Christmas for All," women of Smurthwaite 
House, 1500 N Manhattan, collected toys for underprivileged 

children. Members had a mother's and a father's weekend, 
spring Scroll and Quill formal and participated in intramurals. 

Smurthwaite celebrates fifth anniversary on campus 

Celebrating their fifth anniversary, women in 
Georgiana Smurthwaite Scholarship House invited 
alumni to the campus in October and organized an 
alumni association to support the living group. 

Smurthwaite coeds collected toys at Christmas 

and donated them to the city recreation commission 
for distribution to underprivileged children. Mem- 
bers of Mortar Board and Angel Flight, the Kansas 
Pork Queen, the K-State Rodeo Queen and the 
Kansas Angus Queen lived in the house. 

Smurthwaite - TOP ROW Mrs 
Myrtle Moore. Judith C Armsworthy. 
Barbara S Asher. Chen L. Avery, 
Jeanette Bailey. Ruth A Bartholo- 
mew, Helen C. Bauder 

SECOND ROW: Le A Biggart. Mar- 
sha A Bouchey. Janet L. Braden, 
Jaunita Bnnkmeyer, Annette L. Buck- 
land. Vesta L Dauber, Peggy I De- 

THIRD ROW Peggy J Denton. Alve- 
na L Dodge. Cora J Eggleston, 
Teresa K. Graham, Shirley D. Hams, 
Patricia A Hatch, Nancy K. Hatfield 

BOTTOM ROW Wilma M Hazen, 
Marilee R Hennkson, Margie L Hen- 
ry. Barbara G. Hochuli, Ann S Hyde, 
Anne E Jonas. Florrie N Jones 


Smurthwaite - TOP ROW: Judith A 
Jones, Gale A Justice. Ann P. Kaiser. 
Kay Kaster. Shirley M Kastle. Linda L. 
Latimer. Dixie C Leuthold 

SECOND ROW Rita K Lilak. Anna M 
Luker. Gail D McHenry. Marlene F 
McKaughn. Theresa A Meyer. Brenda 
L Miller. Patricia E Moore 

THIRD ROW LuAnn K Nelson. Ju- 
dith K Nulty. Helen E Packard. Alice 
L Pearson. Elaine L. Pearson. Janell 
A Plattner. Christine E Pray 

FOURTH ROW Connie S Rathbun, 
Beverly J Salter. Linda K Sanford. 
Cecelia M Schaich, Dorothy J 
Schrader. Ruth E. Schroeder. Linda G. 
Schwilling, Saundra K Scott 

BOTTOM ROW Alice F Seybert. 
Cheryl L Stewart. Darlene S Strahm. 
Marion K Swain. Marcia L. Van- 
Gundy. Cheryl K. Walters, Ruth A 
Wilhite, Carol D Wenger. 

Smurthwaite coeds take advantage of melting snow to engage 
in a snowball fight. Georgia na Smurthwaite, for whom the 

house is named, performed "burning of the papers" ceremony 
following final house mortgage payment in February. 


Founded in 1957, the Maitland E. Smith Scholarship House. 
331 N. 17th, provides co-operative living quarters for 45 men. 

Smith men place second 
in Homecoming displays 

To honor their new housemother, Mrs. Irene 
Meyers, the men of Maitland E. Smith scholarship 
house gave a tea in the fall. Participating in Model 
Congress in March, members represented Ala- 
bama, and in the independant division of Home- 
coming House decorations, the house placed second. 

Represented in organizations, the men were 
members of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma 
Tau, Scabbard and Blade and Student Senate. 

In December, an Old English Christmas Party 
was attended by members and their dates. Other 
social events included an indoor picnic. New resi- 
dents were selected by application when registering 
for admittance to the University. 

Smith - TOP ROW: Mrs Irene Mey- 
ers. Gale L Belden, James K. Carlat, 
John R Clayton. Charles W Dueth- 
man.JerryA Fabert. Jay S. Fisher. 
William J Gates 

SECOND ROW John A George. 
Douglas R. Goodman, Thomas H. 
Green. David C Hall, Gregory W 
Hardin. Steven C Henry. Raymond L. 
Higgins. Gary L Horacek 

THIRD ROW Larry G Horning. Arlen 
W Huggins. Dwight D Jewett, Myron 
K Knight. Gary K. Kramer, Larry R 
Larsen, Robert L. Latta, Gary L Lewis. 

FOURTH ROW John D. Loop, Ronald 
D Lyberger, Kenneth R McDonald, 
Robert L Morrow, Rodney T. Nash, 
Donald G Naylor. Wayne A Pearson. 
Keith F. Pickett. 

FIFTH ROW Ryan R Rader, Robert 
G Rodda, Richard D Roswurm. Wil- 
liam B. Simpson, LelandO Singer. 
Gregory K. Smith, Jerald L Suberk- 

BOTTOM ROW Edward L Swenson, 
Lawrence K. Thummel, Dennis R. 
Trisler, Albert J Urich, Richard P. 
Wenger, Lionel R. Whitmer, Ronald 0. 
Win eland 

dymlmiMlmfzmim ' 1-mL 


ifct fc 'A iw Mi mfa^ 



'^t^dfMMi* d 



Mtfc^~ t k JiMt^i^^ ±^tM 

*ii*MA±*iM dikA 





Atfc4,A4<fcl : fc 

Straube - TOP ROW Mrs Elaine 
Armstrong, Russell L Bussman. Earl 
R Carnger. Bob A Clark. Doug J. 
Duston, Ronald G Fraass. Charles D. 

SECOND ROW Robert D Fyfe. Levi 
S Gandy, Richard L Gettings. Steve 
L Grau, Otho L Harden. Duane L 
Hood. Steve R. Kale. 

THIRD ROW Richard E Kaup. Duane 
L Keller, Gary Larison, Steve Larson, 
Gary A Lillich, Tony R Mason. Gor- 
don L McCosh. 

FOURTH ROW Doug McKinley, Neil 
K Norman. Jack W Parker, Don G 
Pfeiffer. Danny L Rundle. Jeff C 
Ryman.JeffA Schlepp 

BOTTOM ROW Dwight A Schulke. 
Jim L Scott, Philip M Smith. Harold 
E. Storer. Jim W Teener. Marvin D 
Wells. Dan W Young. 

Straube residents capture intramural volleyball title 

Men of Straube Scholarship House won the inde- 
pendent division volleyball championship, second 
place in league softball and finished third in overall 
independent intramural competition. 

President of Agriculture College Council and 

members of six campus scholastic honoraries were 
Straube residents. House activities included Christ- 
mas and spring formals, interdorm sing, hour 
dances and hayrack rides. At Homecoming, the men 
also entered the house decoration contest. 

Annual social activities for the residents of Straube Scholar- 
ship House include spring and Christmas formals, exchange 

dances and a hayrack ride The men must maintain a 2.5 grade 
average to remain in the house located at 1221 Thurston 

Kansas State University Association of Residence Halls — TOP ROW 

Jeanne E Haslouer, Sandra K. Busch, Kathleen J Hlaus, Linda J Sebesta, Ann 
E. Moody. Mary A Southard. Sandra J Powell, Rosalyn A. West SECOND 
ROW Charlotte A. Shoup. Miriam A Moore. Virginia M Munson, Richard L 
McCollough. Bernard W Vandorn, William R Ross, Michael J Farmer THIRD 

ROW: Darlene S. Strahm, Erwin L Everett, Kenneth L Stoner, James R Ploger, 
Roger R McCollough, Larry G Cornwell BOTTOM ROW Ronald E Robson. 
John S Armbrust, William A Blauvelt, Ronald C. Lundquist. Jerald L. Suber- 
kropp, Duane L Keller 

During open house in the fall. Ford coeds and visiting men take the opportunity for a 
quiet game of bridge. The men were permitted to tour the entire nine-story dormitory. 

Prepared for a long silence, a coed 
waits for switchboard to answer. 


Relaxing in one of the hall's social and study rooms, a Putnam 
coed dries her hair while preparing a homework assignment. 

Telephone calls for 629 Ford coeds are placed through 20 
lines by part-time resident operators in the dormitory's lobby. 

Opening of Ford brings change to women's dorms 

As enrollment increased, campus growth was 
reflected in a series of changes in women's residence 
halls. An overflow of freshman women required the 
re-opening of Van Zile for the fall semester. With 
the closing of Waltheim hall and the opening of 
Ford, the third structure in a four-dorm northeast 

complex, University housing for 627 women was 
added. As members of the Kansas State University 
Association of Residence Halls, the women's dormi- 
tories worked with the men's halls in planning and 
coordinating events such as races, open houses and 
an informal dance for Spring Fling weekend. 

Resident Assistants-Women — TOP ROW: Beryl B. Lowery. Dianna L. Henry, 
Sharon M. Hilding. Mary H. Symes. Karen L. O'Connor. Patricia S. Walker. Linda 
S. Hauptli SECOND ROW Rosalyn A West, Frances M Kelly. Mary A. 
Southard, Linda J Sebesta, Jeannette G Edmonds. Beverly A Schneider, San- 

dra L Olson, Sharlene K Mitchell THIRD ROW Nicole VonBergen. Karen J 
Verhage, Julia J Moyer, Virginia M Munson. Patricia A Schmidt. Bonita F. 
Biery. Carla J Garrison BOTTOM ROW Virginia L Mansholt. Sally J Lydick. 
Linda M Grant. Mary E Horton. Joyce M. Eyerly, Elizabeth I Mangum 


Boyd Hall - TOP ROW Dons J 
Woodruff. Dana C. Hughes. Virginia E 
Brown. Sandra S Abeldt, Nancy L. 
Adams. Beverly J. Anderson. Rebecca 
S. Anderson, Deborah K Baker. 

SECOND ROW Carol A. Baldwin. 
Jams L Barenberg. Joan E Bastel. 
Linda K Bauman, Susan J. Beedy, 
Janet J. Beer. Mary A. Beets. Linda D 

BOTTOM ROW: Walene F. Berger. 
Connie S. Berges. Rita D Bond. Glen- 
da M. Booth. Doris J Bosse, Melissa 
F Bostwick. Joan R Bower. Deborah 
J Breit 

Boyd women decorate floor booths for Halloween party 

Boyd hall women celebrated Halloween with a 
party featuring unusual booths set up by each floor. 
At Christmas the coeds added a special feature to 
their annual formal dance — escorts called for dates 
at room doors. Residents also had an elections party 
and Valentine parties on each of the four floors. 

The hall in March represented Washington in 

Model Congress, and during Homecoming won 
second place in residence hall competition for their 
dorm display, "Join the Jayhawks for Lunch 
Bunch. 1 ' The coeds were members of Sparks, 
Chimes and Alpha Lambda Delta service and scho- 
lastic honoraries. During Christmas time residents 
entertained patients at Winfrey Rest Home. 

Boyd Hall women provided residents of Winfrey Rest Home 
with candy and presents as part of a Christmas service project 

Regularly governed by floors, dorm members united to entertain 
the patients with songs and the presentation of a short skit. 

Boyd Hall - TOP ROW; Shirley S 
Broers. Ginger L Brooks. Deborah L 
Brown. Virginia L Brunson. Roylan M. 
Bryan. Linda S. Burton. Paula M. Cas- 
ey, Barbara A. Chase 

SECOND ROW Jane L Chatlain. Pa- 
tricia W Cheney. Barbara Christen- 
sen. Jams S Clutter. Linda B Court- 
ney, Christina G. Cranmer, Judy F 
Crumnne. Barbara J Cudney 

THIRD ROW: Mary L Cullen. Linda 
D. Curtin, Peggy J Day. Marsha D 
Den. Mary J Dengler. Jean M Des- 
chner. Lorna E. DeYoung, Suzanne 

FOURTH ROW: Jan A Dobbs. 
Jeanne Doughten. Susanna G Du- 
senbury. Tnsha J Dwyer. Ruth Ell- 
edge. Joyce M. Eyerly, Aleta F. Fah- 
renbauch. Carol J Fatzer. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jean L. Ferguson, 
Jean M Flanders. Connie J Foland. 
Nancy L. Foland. Jayne A Foster. 
Linda K Gaul, Mary J Gechter, Janet 
C. Gooding 

Boyd Hall Council — TOP ROW: Jeanne Doughten. Rita I Mathews. Con- 
stance E Langland, Julie A Jacobson, Cheryl J. Ross. Joyce L. Womeldorff 
SECOND ROW: Nancy L Kniker, Joan G Langland, Christine Wertz, E. Diane 

Pomeroy, Phyllis M Kruse. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia W Cheney, Jane L Chat- 
lain, Mary E Horton, Valeria J Robinson, Linda M Williams 


Boyd Hall - TOP ROW Suzanne 
Gordon. Terry S. Griffiths, Betty J. 
Guber, Karen L Haley. Joan E Hal- 
lauer, Jane A Hartman. Linda C. 
Heath, Vicki M. Hedges 

SECOND ROW Mary F Heinen, 
Bonnie F. Heitman, Julia A Herbers. 
Alice A Hodgson, Aldre M 
Holmgren. Mary E Horton. Claudia K. 
Howard, Julie A Jacobson 

THIRD ROW Diana R Jaeger. Cyn- 
thia K Johnson. Phyllis J Johnson, 
Rita A Johnson. Beverly A Johnston, 
Catherine V Jones. Candace A. Kelly. 
Sheryl A King 

FOURTH ROW Maria J Kirchhoff, 
Cheryl S Knetter, Nancy L. Kniker. 
LaDonna J Kolman, Deborah K 
Krause, Beverly M Krug, Phyllis M 
Kruse, Mary H. Lairmore 

FIFTH ROW Janet L Landon. Con- 
stance E Langland. Joan G Lang- 
land, Carolyn J Lee. Marilyn S Lee. 
Linda B Lehman. Mary K Leick. Ju- 
dith A Levering. 

SIXTH ROW Patricia Lilliston. Mary 
A. Lively, Shirley A Livengood, Loreen 
A Locke, Temar K Long, Diane K. 
Lowry, Mary L Magee, Linda K 

SEVENTH ROW Janet K Marrs. Viva 
K Mathes. Judy A May, Rita I Ma- 
thews. DeAnna M Mclntyre, Char- 
lotte A, McNeil, Eileen A McPherson, 
Susan K Mernman 

EIGHTH ROW. DeAnna K Meyer, 
Manlynn J Mobley, Jacqueline E 
Moore, Mary B Morgan. Karen E 
Murray, Maria L Myers, Melodie A. 
One. Marilyn J Peeks. 

BOTTOM ROW Carol A Phillips, E. 
Diane Pomeroy. Sheryl K. Reh, Bar- 
bara S Rice, Patricia Richardson, 
Valeria J Robinson, Catherine A 
Roebke. Cheryl J Ross 


Boyd Hall - TOP ROW: Deborah J 
Russ. Mary A Sauble. Mary J Scha- 
fer, Paula S. Scheid, Mary A. Schimpf. 
Frieda A Schoneweis, Catherine E 
Scott, Nancy S. Selbe 

SECOND ROW Nancy A Shaw. 
Deborah A Sheldon. Janet K Ship- 
man. Patricia A. Simmons. Beverly J 
Skolaut. Sylvia C Slimmer. Betty J 
Smith. Judith A Smith 

THIRD ROW Laura D Smith. Marsha 
S Smith, Karen M Snow, Pamela A 
Sodergren. Sheryl G Spacek, Sharon 
Stafford, Cindy S Stallings, Mary A 

FOURTH ROW Donita M Steele, 
Linda K Stephens, Shela L Strate, 
Linda G Swan, Donna G Swart. Nan- 
cy L Swint, Linda G Tanner. Phyllis A 

FIFTH ROW Candis K Tate. Linda R 
Tessendorf. Janet E Thompson. 
Pamela L Thompson. Mary H Thorrr- 
sen, Karen D Thorn, Karen E Travis, 
Sandra M Underwood 

SIXTH ROW Rebecca L Urbanek. 
Dee A Urquhart, Cheryl S Utterback. 
Deborah D Vaughan. Connie L Vesk- 
erna, Marilyn A Waeldin. Jane C 
Wagner, Olene L Walker 

SEVENTH ROW: Patricia S Walker, 
Cheryl L Walkup, Marilyn M Wall, 
Carolyn S Wamhoff. Janet K, Warner, 
Nancy R Warren, Jacqueline Was- 
semiller, Alice L Wayman 

EIGHTH ROW June K Weatherford, 
Kathleen L Weathers, Cheryl L We- 
ber, Henrietta S Weber, Martha H 
Webster. Pamela K Weckman. Chris- 
tine Wertz, Margaret E, White. 

BOTTOM ROW Linda M Williams, 
Joyce L. Womeldorff, Susan S Wood, 
Susan G Woodard. Janet H Wood- 
son, Noell E Wulfkuhle, Diane L 
Yoshimoto. Shila L Zakoura. Marcia 
E. Zanter 


Royal Purple Queen Marjone Spear lives at Ford hall, newest 
University residence hall After the afternoon crowning, dormi- 

tory friends hung a 20-foot congratulatory banner across the 
front of the hall and celebrated with a victory party on her floor. 

Ford coeds join Moore residents for service project 

Project Unity, a joint-service program with the 
men of Moore hall, was initiated by Ford hall coeds 
to entertain children in Project Head Start. Stu- 
dents became "foster parents" for the children for 
evenings of dinners and parties at Christmas and 
Easter. During Christmas the fifty-voice dorm cho- 

rus sang for Project Unity parties and serenaded 
patients in Irwin Army Hospital at Ft. Riley. Ford 
women sponsored Homecoming, Parents 1 Day and 
the annual fall open houses. They also attended in- 
formal dances with the men's residence halls and a 
formal Sweetheart Tree Party in February. 

Ford Hall - TOP ROW Harold R 
Chapman. Gloria R Adams. Karen S 
Adams. Kathy J Alexander. Linda K 
Allen, Mardel L Asbury. Sue E, Asbu- 


BOTTOM ROW Barbara H Asfahl. 
Cheryl L. Atchison. Stephanie A Baer. 
Sarah C Barnes, Terry L. Barnes. 
Marilyn J Bartak. Nancy J Bartholo- 


Ford Hall - TOP ROW Carlyn K. 
Bartlen. Linda S Bathurst, Chloellen 
E Bartoo, Joyce M. Baunman. Cheryl 
L Beasley, Marcia A Beck. Jo A 
Becker, Pamela A. Beer. 

SECOND ROW Anne Beloof. Kathy 
S. Bennett, Velura J Bentley. Sandra 
C. Benton, Marcia M. Berg, Shen A 
Berggren, Connie J Bestwick, Janet 
K Betts 

THIRD ROW Sandra K Bieker, Jane 
A. Bigler. Helen E Bird, Deandra 
Bishop, Nancy L Bishop, Bonnie A 
Blackburn, Karen S Blake. Joyce E. 

FOURTH ROW Janice M Blick. Nan- 
cy J Bohn, Rochelle A Boster, Jame- 
sina A Boudreau, Ruthie K Bowen. 
Mary L Boxler, Joyce E Boyd. Alice L. 

FIFTH ROW Jams K Brattin. Sharon 
M Bredemeier, Leigh Brenneisen. 
Karen S Brim. Marlene J. Brmker. 
Judy A Brous. Linda K Brown. Bar- 
bara L Brownlie 

SIXTH ROW Nancy B Bryan. Sherri 
L Buchman. Louise T. Buckingham, 
Nancy A Buckles, Dana E Buehler. 
Janet S Bunker. Jill E Bunker. Nancy 
L Burge 

SEVENTH ROW Cheryln J Burk, 
Cathy L Burns. Lucretia A Butts. 
MargaretC Cain. Connie L. Carbi- 
ener. Susan E Carlson. Margaret A 
Caspar, Barbara J Chance. 

EIGHTH ROW Barbara A Chastam, 
Linda K Chew. Donna K Chewning. 
Chien-mei Chiu. Jeanne M. Chnsten- 
son. Ruth M Cikanek. Janet E Clark, 
Linda L Clark 

BOTTOM ROW Paula J demons. 
Patricia L Chne. Gwendolyn A Cobb. 
Vivienne L Condon, Mane L. Cone, 
Carolyn K Congrove. Margaret J 
Conrow, Tonita P Coons. Carol J. 


Ford Hall - TOP ROW Joyce D. 
Cooper. Mary E. Correll. Gloria J Cot- 
ton. Margarett A Coupe. Ann L 
Cravens. Nellie C Crenshaw. Judy J. 
Creviston. Janet K Culver 

SECOND ROW: Judith A. Cunning- 
ham. Kathleen A Cushing. Janet K. 
Cyr. Tern A DaMetz. Ruth A Dannen- 
berg. Adele L. Davis. Betty L. Davis. 
Linda L Dawson 

THIRD ROW: Norma J Dickhut. Pa- 
tricia R Dirks. Francis M Dobbels, 
Mary M Dobbins. Melinda L Dob- 
son, Patricia A Don Carlos, Patricia J 
Drake. Margaret Dubrouillet. 

FOURTH ROW. Lisa K Dufield. De- 
nise Dussair, Donna J Dye. Marcia D 
Dyer. Lenette E. Eaton. Mary K. Eaton, 
Franksiska Eccleston, Merna K. Eck- 

FIFTH ROW Gail L Eddy. Rochelle D. 
Ediger. Leslie S. Edmonds. Veronica 
A English. Dorothy K Enckson. Janet 
K Enckson. Marilyn J. Everist. Mary 
E. Eye 

SIXTH ROW: Sue A Failor. Barbara J 
Farns, Sherry J Fearing. Cynthia A. 
Filinger. Mary C. Fill ey . Patricia B. 
Findeiss, Diana R Flack. Bonnie L 

SEVENTH ROW Linda K. Flynn, Patri- 
cia A Flynn. Cherrie J Fort. Linda K. 
Foster. Florence A Fountain, Chris- 
tine A. Fowles. Marian A Fox, Nancy 
J. Fox. 

EIGHTH ROW Peggy J. Frakes. Mary 
L. Frenn. Karen S Frey. Marybeth D. 
Frey. Elizabeth R. Froelich. Ruth A 
Fross. Shan A. Fry. Mary L Funston 

BOTTOM ROW Ann C. Galbraith, 
Jeanette L Gamber, Paula N Gantz, 
Carolyn S. Gardner. Marsha L. Gar- 
rett, Carla J Garrison. Linda S Garri- 
son. Marcia A. Gaston 


Ford Hall - TOP ROW Patricia A 
Gay. Mary E Gebhart. Sharon I Gen- 
try. Diana K. Gerstner, Louvae L. Gib- 
son. Jo J. Gieck, Charla R Gilbert. 
Elizabeth P. Gilmore 

SECOND ROW Patricia E Gingrich. 
Margaret F Glatz. Sandra L Goering. 
Artyce A. Golden, Jeanette M Golitko. 
Connie K. Good. Gloria Good, Ardyce 
E Goodger 

THIRD ROW Sally A Goodyear. 
Reba M Gothard. Pamela J Gough. 
Ruth A Graber. Martha J Graham, 
Mary A Grame, Gloria C Granell, 
Sharon A Granger. 

FOURTH ROW Marilyn K Green, 
Mary E Grider, Mary R Griffin. Linda 
S. Gross. Karen R Halderson. Sandra 
M. Hamilton, Joyce E Haney, Bar- 
bara A Harrison 

FIFTH ROW Kolette K Hartley, San- 
dra K Hassett, Darlene M Hatfield, 
Jeanne M. Haupth, Linda S Haupth, 
Lynda L Hem, Linda J. Henderson. 
Carole J Hendrix 

SIXTH ROW Barbara J Hetzel. Carol 
J Heuertz, Bonnie K Hiatt, Elizabeth 
S Hibler, Patricia A. Hickey. Sharon 
M Hilding. Edith M Hill. Jane M Hill 

SEVENTH ROW Cheryl A Hiller, 
Kathleen J Hlaus.JoanC Hobbs. 
Kathryn A Hobbs. Karen A Hoeflick- 
er, Dolores M Hoff, Ann C Hoffman, 
Linda J Hofford 

EIGHTH ROW Linda M Hofmann. 
Karen G Hollis, Meredith A Hollo- 
way, Angele Holvorson, Linda S 
Hood, Vera L Hook, Karen L Hopper. 
Shirley D Hottman 

BOTTOM ROW Cheryl G Howard. 
Bonnie M Hubbell. Jams A. Hug. 
Nancy B Humburg. Mary E Hunter, 
Linda J Huston. Cynthia A Hutchins. 
Kathleen M, Jackson 


Ford Hall -TOP ROW: JudyJako- 
watz. Roberta K Jarman. Janet M. 
Johnson. Karen G Johnson. Kathy L. 
Johnson. Kay L. Johnson, Linda R. 
Johnson. Zoe A. Johnson. 

SECOND ROW. Janice A. Johnston. 
Barbara A Jones, Karen S Jones. 
Marcia A Jones. Marietta R Jones, 
Phoebe J Jones. Jerilyn J Josserand, 
Joanne P Kaff 

THIRD ROW: Melissa C Keith. Carol 
E Kellett. Judy K Kelley. Marilyn S 
Kelsey. Janice M Kennedy, Susan K 
Kennedy. Karla J Kessler. Linda L Kil- 

FOURTH ROW Becky P. King. Kath- 
ryn A Klag, Carolyn R Klahr. Joyce E. 
Khck. Verna L Klocke. Connie S 
Kloefkorn, Susan K. Kloepper. Mary J 

FIFTH ROW Laura J Kobbeman, 
Mary A Koch, Karen E Koons, Mary 
K Korber, Elayne J. Krakower, Gayle 
C Kramer. Karolyn K Kroenlein, Mari- 
lyn K. Krueger 

SIXTH ROW Sheryl D Kushner, Bar- 
bara J LaBelle, Linda J LaBelle, Ja- 
nice R Laman, Luana R. Lamb, Doro- 
thy K Lansing, Patricia L Lathrop, 
Nancy A Laven 

SEVENTH ROW Kathryn J Lee, Cyn- 
thia J LeHew, Karen G Lemons. Ja- 
nice D Lenz, Jan L Leshovsky, Trudy 
E Lewis, Janet K Liebenau, Janice F. 

EIGHTH ROW Joyce A Line, Coyla L 
Lockhart. Joyce A Long, Vickie S 
genecker. Alice S Lucus, Sally J Ly- 
dick, Sylvia A. Lydick, Carol A 

BOTTOM ROW: Janice E Maisch, 
Linda L Major, Verlene J. Makalous, 
Donna J Manning, Nancy M Man- 
ning, Mary E Marks. Phyllis J Mar- 
met. Mary J Marshall 

V ' _ U a . 


Ford Hall -TOP ROW Kathryn L 
Martens, Gail A Martinson, Marlene 
K Mason, Marianne Mathewson, 
Loretta A. Mauler, Mary L Maurer. 
Anita L Maxted, Vera J, Mc- 

SECOND ROW: BeckyJ. McCune. 
Betty A McGrath. Miadell A Mc- 
Kaughan, Carol F McKee. Mary J 
McKee. Elizabeth C. McKemy, Myra L 
McLeod, Nancy L McNerny 

THIRD ROW Cheryl A McVicker, 
Donna L, Melberg. Emily L Menne. 
Virginia A Meyer. Kathryn S Mi- 
chaels, Mary J, Mier, Donna L Miller. 
Earlene L Miller 

FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth A Miller, 
Barbara D, Mistier, Margaret H 
Mock, Beryl J Moline, Corlie E. Mol- 
lenkamp, Susan D Montgomery, Jan- 
is K Moore, Miriam A Moore 

FIFTH ROW. Nancy L Moore, Patri- 
cia J Morgan, Emley A Mortimer, 
Julia J Moyer, Mary A Mueller. 
Pamela C Mullen. Fa>th A Muntz. 
Rita A Muret. 

SIXTH ROW: Jams E Mutch. Gunile 
A Myers. Kristy J. Myers. Linda S, 
Myers. Barbara J Nagel. Suzann K 
Neitzel. Carol J Nelson. Mary P. Nel- 

SEVENTH ROW Lynnea S Newbury. 
Karen A Nicolai. Karen E Nielsen, 
Nancy K Nixon. Suzanne B. N ixon. 
Mary A Novak, Teresa M Obermeier. 
Pamela K. Odell 

EIGHTH ROW Glenda M Odgers. 
Tama S O'Harra, Karen E Olson, 
Pamela J Paramore. Joanne J Park- 
er, Patricia L Parker. Rebecca K Par- 
sons. Pamela J. Pastrick 

BOTTOM ROW Linda J Pavlu. Con- 
nie E Pedersen. Linda K Pelkey. 
Cheryl J Peterson. Dianna J Peter- 
son. Nancy S Peterson. Nancy J Pe- 
tnk. Linda M Phillips 


Ford Hall - TOP ROW Sheryl L. 
Pinkerton. Linda K Plumb, Linda L. 
Plummer. Pamela L Poole. Sandra J. 
Powell, lelah A Pratt. Linda A Price, 
Sharon D, Pule. 

SECOND ROW Kathleen A Pulliam. 
Jeanette M Raitt. Judy E Raitt. Patri- 
cia G. Ravenscroft. Marie E. Rawlings. 
Nancy J Reed. Sandra L Reeve. Ger- 
aldme F. Regehr. 

THIRD ROW: Paula M Rensch. Janie 
I Rhyne. Katharyn L Rice. LindaS. 
Richards. Pamela J Richards. Linda 
M Richardson. Deanne M Rieke. 
Carol A Rinas 

FOURTH ROW: Rita M Robinson. 
Lois A Rockefeller. Judy I Roeder, 
Joann E Rohla, Joyce J Rohr, Donna 
J Ruff, Sharron J Rule, Barbara L. 

FIFTH ROW. Sharon K Salvmo, Pris- 
cilla D. Sanders, Sonya K Saunders, 
Trudy L. Sauvage. Cathy G Savage, 
Brenda G Sawyer, Linda R Sawyer. 
Mary K Schaper 

SIXTH ROW Linda L. Schauble. Nan- 
cy K Scheetz. Mary K Schell. Kath- 
leen A Schmidt. Marilyn L Schmoll. 
Sheryl R Schnepp. Nan L Schotanus. 
Linda E Schreuder 

SEVENTH ROW: Michele E Schroep- 
pel. Linda S Schultz. Victoria L 
Schultz. Linda J Scoby, Susan J 
Scully, Mary K Sebastian, Elizabeth J 
Sedlacek, Patricia S Siebel 

EIGHTH ROW Diana C Sewart, Jane 
A. Shaffer, Linda D. Sharp. Julie D 
Sherraden, Karen S Shivers, Char- 
lotte A Shoup, Marcia E Shoup. Ter- 
ry L Shull. 

BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis M Shumate, 
Diane P Simon. Judy E Simpson, 
Lana S Sims. Marcia G. Sims. Nancy 
A. Singular. Elaine J Skeuse, Nancy 
L Skidmore 


Ford Hall - TOP ROW: Sharyn L 
Slentz, Diana S Sloan. Nancy J. 
Sloan. Trudy C Sloop. Carohn K 
Smith. Celia A Smith. Christine L. 
Smith. Evelyn K Smith 

SECOND ROW Gwendolyn G Smith. 
Nancy J Smith. Rita A. Smith, Susan 
L Smoll. Susan Smutz. Carole E 
Spachek. Judith A Sparks. Mar|one 
A. Spear 

THIRD ROW: Margie J. Spiers. Mari- 
lyn K Sramek. Rosanna P. Stacy. Sha- 
ron A Stanley. Rosemary P Steele. 
Judith L Stephens. Janet M. Ster- 
benz. Deborah S Stevens 

FOURTH ROW Kathryn L Stewart. 
Sandra K Stewart, Vivian I Stewart. 
Sherry L Stocking. Janice L Stohs. 
Carol A Storrer. Karen I Storrer, 
Mary A Stout 

FIFTH ROW: Ruth M St Pierre. Caro- 
lyn J Strader. Kathleen M. Stremel. 
Sherry M. Stroda, Jolene F. Stucky, 
Barbara J. Sullivan. Patricia J Sul- 
livan. Eva J Sutherland 

SIXTH ROW. Sandra S Swenson. 
Mary H Symes. Valerie Taylor. Linda 
L. Thayer. Barbara J. Thomas. Beverly 
J Thomas. Bonita K Thomas, Janyth 
D. Thomas 

SEVENTH ROW JonnieS Thomp- 
son, Linda K Thurlow, Marilyn J Tol- 
lefson, Sandra D Tollefson, Valerie 
Tomayko, Barbara J Tozer. Kathleen 
C. Traffas. Mary L Traffas 

EIGHTH ROW Mary F Train. Geral- 
dme S. Trojovsky. Cynthia M. Tucker. 
Mary J Underwood, Sallie M. Under- 
wood, Gale E.VanAllen.Judeen G. 
Vanderwege. Margaret L VanDorn 

BOTTOM ROW Christin VanSickel. 
Karen J Verhage. Marylyn E Verhaa- 
len. Diana L Vincent. Arietta Y Visser, 
Rita L Vodraska, Ruth M Vodraska, 
Shanlyn D Vogt 


Ford Hall -TOP ROW: Nicole Von 
Bergen. Kathleen J Wallace. Rosalee 
S. Walter, Doris F. Ward. Virginia L. 
Ward. Linda J Warren. Anna M Was- 
senberg. Connie S Wempe 

SECOND ROW: Vicki L Wenger. Ruth 
D Werner, Constance J West, Karen 
J. West. Rosalyn A West. Sharon fc. 
West, Linda K Wheeler, Patricia J. 

THIRD ROW Diana K.Whittlesey. 
Carol M. Wichman, Gayla F Widener. 
Jonell J Wiehe. Linda C Wiehe. Shir- 
ley J Wiley. Elizabeth A Wilkerson. 
Sherri M Wilkinson 

FOURTH ROW Christine A Williams. 
Christine L Williams. Rebecca A. Wil- 
liams. Helen M. Wilhson. Beth M. 
Wilson, Karr L Wilson. Margaret E. 

FIFTH ROW Rhonda L Wilson. Pau- 
letta J Winderhn. Anna M Winsky. 
Nancy L. Winter, Roberta L Woolery. 
Mary E Wrampe, Teresa J. Wurtz. 

BOTTOM ROW Beverly Wykoff. 
Joanne L. Wylie. Ann M Young, Caro- 
lyn R Zenishek, Barbara A. Zernick- 
ow. Sherry L Zimbelman. Glenna L. 

Ford Hall Governine Board - TOP ROW: Rita L. Vodraska, Helen M. Wilhson. 
Artyce A Golden, Kathleen J Hlaus. Meredith A Holloway. Carolyn S. Gardner 
SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn G Smith. Charlotte A. Shoup. Julie D Sherraden. 
Patricia A. Hickey. Janice E. Maisch THIRD ROW Ann L. Cravens, Margaret C. 

Cain. Gloria Good, Mary K. Schaper, Rochelle A Boster, Patricia L Cline BOT- 
TOM ROW Jo A Becker, Joann E Rohla, Barbara J. Chance, Arietta Y Visser, 
Linda L Major. 


Goodnow joins Marlatt 
for new cultural program 

Every two weeks, Goodnow hall coeds met with 
Marlatt hall men to take part in their new es- 
tablished joint -cultural program. The group heard 
campus speakers and attended a fashion show and a 
K-State Players' production of "The Physicist.' 1 
Discussion topics of the meetings included "Is God 
Dead?" and "What to do on a Woodsie." 

In its first year as a women's dorm, Goodnow 
residents were part of a Counseling Center project. 
Floor decorations were judged at Homecoming and 
the winning decoration, entitled lt Bar the Jay- 
hawks" depicted a discotheque scene. 

The spring formal, the Shamrock Ball, was at the 
Union. Other social activities included mothers' and 
fathers' weekends and Blue House social hours in 
the hall recreation room. Accomodations for the two 
Red Cross bloodmobile drives were also set up in 
Goodnow's basement during a campus drive. 

Goodnow residents ice skate during winter months on flooded 
tennis courts constructed for the Goodnow-Marlatt complex. 

Goodnow hall tnck-or-treaters examine their loot of Halloween 
goodies after their door to door search in nearby Marlatt hall. 

The dormitories of the northwest corner of the campus also 
had joint social functions, serenades and cultural programs 


Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW: Eloise 
Taylor. Robert Taylor. Linda R Ach- 
ten. Karen J Acker, Deanna M Ad- 
orns. Kathryn E. Adams. Janey D. 
Akers, Kae E Algrim. 

SECOND ROW Glenda J. Ames. Kar- 
en R Anderson. Judy J Armstrong. 
Nancy L. Armstrong. Mary A Atwater. 
Sharon K Austin, Marilyn R. Bain, 
Yvonne I. Baldwin 

THIRD ROW Candace M Ball, Sara 
A Ball, Linda S Barb. Betty L Barger, 
Judith A Barr. Barbara A Barstow, 
Jacqueline A Bashom. Cormin S 

FOURTH ROW: Susan A. Beckman, 
Betty A. Beisner, Lizbeth S Belter. 
Leanne M Benda, Launa R Berg, 
Kathleen R Berning, Judith A Bietka. 
Wanda S. Black 

FIFTH ROW Paula B Blair. Linda M. 
Blount. Bethry E Bloyd. Hilarie S 
Bolt. Carolyn L Bolton. Rose M Boor, 
Deborah K Boren. Barbara S. Bow- 

SIXTH ROW Glenda T Boyce. Janice 
E Boyer. Barbara A Bradford. Doro- 
thy A Branton. Carolyn S. Breazeale, 
Trudy A. Brewer, Shelia A. Brown. 
Carol L Bryan 

SEVENTH ROW: Lyn M Buffo, Karen 
S Bugbee. Delores L Buller, Marietta 
C Burford. Irva K Burmeister Donna 
L Burnett. Carol A Burton. Bonnie L. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lynn M. Cable. Patri- 
cia L Cailteux. Mary E Canny, Nan- 
cy S. Carr. Viki L. Carr. Sue L. Carter, 
Lesley E. Case, Nedra L Chalfant 

BOTTOM ROW: Joann Chalmers, 
Deborah J. Chapman, Linda S Chase, 
Rena A Christie, Constance F Clifton, 
Judy E. Clower. Jana L Cole. Shirley 


Goodnow Hall -TOP ROW Eliza- 
beth J. Conner. Janet L Cope, Karen 
S Corn, Sharon L Corn. Larry G 
Cornwell, Linda D Cory, Patricia S 
Cosgrove. Diane K Craven 

SECOND ROW Hazel M.Crist. Sheha 
F Crouch, Jane L Crumbaker, Phillis 
M, Cusumano. Victoria L Dalton. 
Rebecca J Davidson. Dianne S 
Davidson. Beverly J. Davis 

THIRD ROW Donna D. Davis. Rebec- 
ca A, Davis. Elizabeth A. Dawson. Pa- 
tricia G Dehoney, Mary A Denning. 
Constance L DeVoe. Rita M Deyoe. 
Delia I. Dewitt. 

FOURTH ROW Ann F Dillingham. 
Elizabeth M Dorland. Glenda K. Dor- 
mois. D. Ann Drennan, Dena E. Duff, 
Jeanne K Dunn, Sharon A Durler. 
Nancy M Dutton 

FIFTH ROW. Elizabeth A. Dyke. Victo- 
ria L. Easton. Lois N Eckhoff. Jean- 
nette G. Edmonds. John J. Eger. 
Jacqueline Enders. Diana L Endorf. 
Mary L. England 

SIXTH ROW: Vicky L Enckson. Bar- 
bara E. Esau, Arnell D Essmiller. 
Sheryl B Ethng, Linda K Euthon. 
Sandra J. Evans, Carolyn K Fair, Lin- 
da J Fa 1 1 is 

SEVENTH ROW Mary L Feldkamp, 
Delma S Fent. Carolyn A Fienhage, 
Brenda R Fife, Gail T Files. Margaret 
K Fish. Celeste E Fisher. Karolynn A 

EIGHTH ROW Donna M. Fleischack- 
er. Janet E Floyd. Helen L Ford. 
Donna M Forgey. Carol M Foster. 
Linda C Fox. Linda K Fraser. Beverly 
S Frasier 

BOTTOM ROW Carol L Frazier. Con- 
stance R French. Betty J Friday. Sha- 
ron K. Fnesen. Joan J Fulkerson. 
Jacqueline J Furbeck. Ann T. Gard- 
ner. Nicki A. Gardner 


Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW Susan 
R. Garrelts, Linda L Gartner, Lucy M. 
Garver. Nancy J Gatewood, Tracy A. 
Gaughan. Nancy J Gettler, Phyllis J 
Gillmore, Kathleen Glendening 

SECOND ROW Jeannine K. Gordon. 
Jolinda G Graham, Linda M. Grant, 
Rebecca S. Gray, Mary L. Grosko, Pa- 
tricia L Groves, Diana S Gump, Bngit 
H Gustafson 

THIRD ROW Lynda M Haberer, 
Jean M Haines, Rosemary M, Hake, 
Karen S Hale, Gayla S Hamman. 
Linda N Hammer, Judy K. Hammond, 
Connie L Hampton 

FOURTH ROW: Velma J Handhn, 
Constance J Hanks. Linda L Harden, 
Barbara J Hargis, Michele M Har- 
mon, Richard L Harner, Pam L Har- 
rington, Carol S Harris 

FIFTH ROW Holly P. Harris. Linda A 
Harris, Jeanne E Haslouer, Louise M 
Haslouer, Linda Haughawout, Donna 
G. Hauser, Mary L Hayes. Susan A, 

SIXTH ROW: Faye L Hegeman, Lynn 
A. Heglar, Carol J. Heinen, Mary J 
Hemenway. Ruth A Henderson, 
Dianna L Henry. Marilyn J Henry. 
Carolyn J Herren 

SEVENTH ROW Shannon S Hetrick, 
Nancy J Hey. Arnelle J. Hilgenfeld. 
Betsy J Hogan. Ruthann I Holle, 
Margaret A Hollingsworth. Barbara 
M Holm, Nancy J Hoover 

EIGHTH ROW: Sharon G Horigan, 
Marilyn J Horst, Susan E. Hoskinson. 
Linda J House, A Earlene Hovis, Lois 
F. Hurd. Mary E. Hutchms. Marcia K. 

BOTTOM ROW Karyl K Innis. Jer- 
lynn K. Isch, Pamela A Jackson. Sher- 
an K. Jackson, Karen R. Jager, Patsy 
J James, Jean A Jensen, Sue A, 


Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW Carola 
A Jermark, Chester C John. Carl L 
Johnson. Cynthia A Johnson. Donnis 
A Johnson, Janice L Johnson, Karen 
L. Johnson. Nancy G Johnson 

SECOND ROW Beverly D Jones. 
Mary J Jones. Sharon L Jones, Virgi- 
nia M. Jones, Xandra K Jones. Vicky 
J Joyce, Deraldene J Kahler. Teresa 
L. Kapfer. 

THIRD ROW Marilyn A Karlm. Nan- 
cy A Kasitz, Julie D Kaufman, Linda 
L Kearn, Kathleen Kehr, Frances M, 
Kelly. Janet P. Kelly. Kathleen D Kelly 

FOURTH ROW Belinda L Kendall. 
Jill E. Kennedy. Dianna G Kindred. 
Linda M. Kirkham. Ann K Kirkwood. 
Kathy L Kirkwood. Jane E. Kitch. Ju- 
dith K Kloepper 

FIFTH ROW Nancy E Knedlik. Mar- 
cia B. Knight, Sheila S Kolb, Sharon 
L Kootz, Eunice Kostreva, Marsha D 
Krehbiel. Charolyn K Lacey. Linda M. 

SIXTH ROW Susan D Lafferty. Patri- 
cia A Lane, Harriet J Lange. Kathleen 
S. 1 Langenwalter. Lauren J Langner, 
Sara J Lanning, Soma D Larson. Ter- 
ry A Lassman 

SEVENTH ROW Diane Latimer. Anne 
Laury. Mary K Leasure. Maureen K. 
Lee. Nancy E Lee, Carolyn S Lemon, 
Marcia S Lenhert. Mary L Leonard 

EIGHTH ROW Joan L Levendofsky, 
Shirley A Levendofsky. Mariorie L 
Lewallen. Jacgueline A Lewis, Ruth 
A Lewis, Roberta J Lippitt. Penelope 
A. Litsis. Susan C. Livers 

NINTH ROW Cathie J, London. Ge- 
neva K Longberg. Sharyn S. Longho- 
fer. Jerri S Looney. Kathenne A Lori- 
mer. Gayle B Loughmiller. Brenda A, 
Lowry. Martha L Loyd 


Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW Betty L 
Lucas, Andrea Luke, Marcia G Lund- 
quist, Judith L Macy, Barbara L. 
Mader, Diane L, Mahan, Sharon K. 
Maltbie, Virginia L Mansholt 

SECOND ROW Susan L. Marlatt, 
Memory D Marlow, Karen J Mau, 
Gail A Mayer. Doris B Mayhill, Jams 
J McAdams, Mary A McCarthy. Lin- 
da E McCaslin 

THIRD ROW Duane M McCrary. 
Kathleen J McCreery. Karen L Mc- 
Daniel. Jean M McDougal. Patricia 
C McFadden. Lynne McFerren, Karen 
A McGreevey, Nadene M McGuire 

FOURTH ROW Barbara J Mc- 
Kasson, Claudia M McKinsey, Mar- 
garet A McLain, Patricia K Mc- 
Laughlin. Monica M McMilhon, Ja- 
net A McNee. Sheryl A McNevin. 
Joyce L Mead 

FIFTH ROW: Marsha K Meckel, 
Joyce L Meinershagen, Patricia A 
Meinhardt, Gail E Merz. Vicki J 
Messmer, Deidre A Metz.JanetS. 
Metzinger, Nancy E Meyer 

SIXTH ROW Sharon Millenbruch. 
Virginia M Mills. Martha C Mitchell, 
Sharlene K Mitchell, Cheryl Mitten- 
brink, Mayme R. Moody. Cheryl S. 
Morford, Michelle Morris 

SEVENTH ROW: Teresa A Morris. 
Virginia M Munson, Jeanne L Mur- 
phy, Patricia A Murphy, Linda L Na- 
pier. Candise Neal, Katherme L, Neal. 
Karyl S Nelson 

EIGHTH ROW Zona J Newell. Shir- 
ley A Newhn, Jo A Newton, Patty L. 
Nichols, Barbara J Nickelson, Kath- 
ryn L Noller, Barbara K North, Judy 
K Novosel, 

BOTTOM ROW Diane M Nusbaum, 
Debara K. Nye, Beverly S. Oberle. 
Kathryn S Olson. Sandra L Olson, 
Cynthia J, Orloske, Sharon OShields. 
Nancy A Overman 


Goodnow Hall -TOP ROW Dorothy 
J Padon. Barbara J Page. Patricia J. 
Paine, Carol D Pankrantz, Jane L 
Parr. Mary L Patterson. Martha D. 

SECOND ROW Mary H Pell. Jolene 
M Peterson. Linda J Peterson. Lynne 
E Phalp. Judy E Pickens. Teresa C 
Pippitt, Linda R. Pizel 

THIRD ROW: James R Ploger. Char- 
lotte V Portschy. Karla F. Praeger. 
Nancy L Presnal. Susan L Price. Eliz- 
abeth M Ramirez. Diana L Peber 

FOURTH ROW. Martha E Reeder. 
Pamela A. Reeder. Susan N Rehm. 
Carolyn S Reiss. Polly J Rhudy. 
Pamela Richardson. Rita M. Ries- 

FIFTH ROW: Anne M Riffle. Lesta L 
Riley. Wanita M Riley. Cheryl K 
Rmdt. Rory R Roberts, Geraldine K 
Robinson. Priscilla Rodelander 

SIXTH ROW Virginia R Roglin. Janet 
F. Roohms. Marita K Rose.SaraA 
Rose. Cynthia L Ross. Linda M Ross. 
Kathleen A Rostine 

SEVENTH ROW Carol A Rotting- 
haus. Connie J Ruble. Susan K Rupp. 
Helen M Ryan. Mary B Sack. Marle- 
na K Sanders. Randee L Sanders. 
Cheryl D Sawyer 

EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Schermer- 
horn, Kathleen F. Schmidler. Ingeborg 
U Schmidt. Kathleen M Schmidt. 
Sharon A Schmidt. Beverly A 
Schneider, Barbara Schoenthaler. 
Catherine L. Schooler 

BOTTOM ROW. Polly A Schroeder, 
Linda S Schwendener, Karen E 
Scott. Nancy K Selsor. Cathy E Sey- 
mour. Susan L Sharp. Linda L Shat- 
tuck. Janie A. Shawver 


Goodnow Hall - TOP ROW Judy D. 
Shields. Cynthia D. Shirley, Lucy A. 
Shrock. Deanna F. Smart. Prudence L. 
Smith. Constance J. Souder, Ellen E. 
Sparks. Beth A Spease. 

SECOND ROW Gail E. Spellman. 
Carol S Spence. Beverly D. Splcher. 
Colleen L Stafford. Barbara K Ste- 
phens. Jill Stevens. Barbara C. Stew- 
ard, Sue Z Stiefel. 

THIRD ROW Brenda K Strayer. Peg- 
gy A Summers, Sara A, Summers, 
June F Sweat, Vickey L, Swenson. 
Donna L. Symns, Carolan M. Taller- 
day, Vicki A. Taylor 

FOURTH ROW: Linda R Thompson, 
Carol E. Torkelson. Karen E. Tousig- 
nant, Beth A, Trotman, Susan K 
Umberger, PhylisVan Dyke. Susan 
Van Vechten, Kathryn J' Vering. 

FIFTH ROW: Lona D Vilander, Linda 
K, Volkman, Linda K Wade, Nancy 
Wall, Diana L Wanager, Jerusha J. 
Wandt. Deborah G, Warner. Kathleen 
A Warner. 

SIXTH ROW Gloria Wassenberg. 
Jams Weaver. Pearl I Wehrman, Tana 
L Wells. Rosella A Wenzl, Nancy J 
White. Judith A Whitehair. 

SEVENTH ROW Cheryl Whitney. 
Karen J Whitton. Arveta C. White- 
man, Linda L Wick. Maureen Wil- 
liams, Jane W Willis, Connie R Willt 

EIGHTH ROW: Sharon Wilson, Susan 
G Witten, Jack S Wolfe, Linda R 
Woltkamp. Sally A, Womer, Susan L 
Woodard, Melody K Worley 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda K Wuthnow. 
Mary R Yapit. Marsha K Yeager, 
Kathleen A. Younger, Barbara L. Zi- 
bell. Martha J Zimmerman, Ranee A. 


Located on Petticoat Lane. Putnam hall provides dining facili- 
ties for the residents of Van Zile as well as for its own coeds. 

Homecoming competitions 
bring trophies to Putnam 

Two firsts in Homecoming contests were won by 
the coeds of Putnam hall. In a campus-wide elec- 
tion, students voted Bonnie Biery, a resident, as 
Homecoming queen; and the hall's house decora- 
tion entry was judged best in its division. A finalist 
for Royal Purple queen was also a Putnam coed. 

Receiving two traveling residence hall trophies, 
the women ranked first in scholarship and first in 
intramural basketball, bowling, and softball compe- 
tition in the women's independent division. At 
Christmas time, residents sold candy apples to raise 
money for gifts, clothing and food which were given 
to a needy family. For another service project each 
floor helped to make 300 dinner tray favors for sol- 
diers at Irwin Army Hospital. Hostessing football 
teas in their living room, Putnam hall coeds enter- 
tained dates, families and friends after the games. 
Other activities were Christmas and spring formals. 

"Biery Best Machine" operations present Bonnie Biery as 
Putnam hall's candidate in Homecoming Previews skit. Miss 

Biery, one of 1 9 candidates introduced in skits, was among five 
finalists chosen by Blue Key and was later crowned queen 


Putnam Hall - TOP ROW Mabel B 
Strong, Karen E. Hensleigh, Mary A. 
Sheue. Michele A. Abbott. Patricia A. 
Abbott. Joyce A Aikm. Joyce M Al- 
bers. Janice E Andrews. 

SECOND ROW: Karen K. Asher. Betty 
R Ashida, Kay L Atherton. Teresa C. 
Ayres. Charlene F Barker, Sharon A. 
Barnes, Nancy S Bartel. Andrea R. 

THIRD ROW: Sheryl A Becker. Boni- 
ta F. Biery. LoRita M Blew. Chen 
Bhckenstaff. Julia A Boddie, Sheryl L. 
Bostrom. Linda R Boudreaux, Nancy 
J Bowsher 

FOURTH ROW: Linda S Boyle, 
Jeanne A Brattm, Margaret A. Bree- 
den. Vicki L. Brown. Nancy E 
Buchele, Sandra K Busch. Kathryn A 
Carhn. Ann M Carter 

FIFTH ROW Candice S Case. I Wu 
Chu. Kimberly G Clark. Kaye A Cli- 
nesmith, Patricia M. Cockrell, Nancy 
J Cox. Beverly Craddock, Diane M. 

SIXTH ROW Kathryn Crostarosa. Pa- 
tricia Crownhart, Sandra M. Dalrym- 
ple, Brenda L Daniel. Marikay P. 
Desch. Margaret A Dixon. Valetta M 
Dlamini. Lea A Dohm 

SEVENTH ROW Patricia J Edmonds, 
Nancy A Evans, Jonell Exley, Brenda 
K Farnrer, Janivar Freed. Vicki A. 
Gerber. Cheryl L Gfeller, Marcia L. 

EIGHTH ROW Linda R. Gilchrist. 
Vicki L Glasco. Margaret A Gomez, 
Kathryn E Grant, Patricia L Grant, 
Janell K. Groene, Janet K. Groene, 
Nancy C Hageman 

BOTTOM ROW: Patricia A. Hall, Tina 
P. Handelsman. Dorothy K Harper, 
Pamela S Harris, Carol L Heath, 
Sandra G. Helfand, Sally J Helton. 
Patricia J Heyer 


Putnam Hall - TOP ROW Karen E 
Hoeme, Mary A Hoff, Carolle L 
Hood. Christine Howard. Joann R 
Huseman, Cheryl R. Immenschuh, 
Lois A Jantz 

SECOND ROW: Carol A Jensen. 
Diane M. Jeselnik. Cheryl K Johnson. 
Jill M. Johnson. Patricia L. Johnson. 
Jeanette M Johnston, Razanna L 

THIRD ROW: Carolyn A Kaberline, 
Phyllis L Kanning. Barbara J Kinch. 
Judith K Kmgery, Sister Mary F Ko- 
bets. Sondra L Koestel. Sister Judith 
A Kopka 

FOURTH ROW Kathenne Y Kracht. 
Georgia S. Lacen, Patricia J. Lagoski. 
Judith E Lamborn. Arlene A Lane. 
Carol D. Latschar, Lynne Laurie 

FIFTH ROW Carol A Laverentz. Carol 
J Leatherman. Linda A Lickteig. Pa- 
tricia J Luttgen. Sue C Maes. Eliza- 
beth I Mangum, Freida D Marsh. 

SIXTH ROW. Louise M. Mattox. An- 
nette E McCarty. Ginger L Mc- 
Master. Patricia E McNeive. Connie 
McReynolds, Roberta A Meyer, Cyn- 
thia A Michael 

SEVENTH ROW Melody V Millick. 
Ann E Moody, Jeanette R Morgan. 
Janean L Needham, Candace A Nel- 
son. Kim S Nicklas. Janet S Nicode- 

EIGHTH ROW Karen D Norris. Ju- 
dith J Olson. Jane A Omlor. Glenna 
F Onwiler, Cecelia M Osborn. Char- 
lotte L. Osburn, Lavonda Overstreet 

BOTTOM ROW Nancy C Parthemer. 
Patricia A Patton, Jean E Peterson. 
Linda S Pfister. Vicky L Pogue. Alle- 
gee Y. Porter. Brenda L Powell 


Putnam Hall - TOP ROW Janet E. 
Pugh, Marta J Quattlebaum. Wendy 
E Quirk, Kay M Rader. Janet L Ran- 
dolph. Martha J. Reck, Virginia R 
Reid, Joan K Reusser 

SECOND ROW Linda L Rice. Sharon 
F, Rice, Nola M Rosenow, Janet S. 
Roth, Linda L Royer. Glenda J Rus- 
sell, Lettye E Russell. Linda M. Rust 

THIRD ROW Ruth A Ryan. Cheryl A 
Schimpf. Patricia A Schmidt. Janice 
K Schneber. Phillis A. Schubert, Ann 
C Schweitzer, Susan I Scott, Linda J 

FOURTH ROW Jeanette K. Seller. 
Anita J. Severance. Diana L Shank. 
Sharon A Sherer. Charlotte Sher- 
wood. Dorothy J Shields, Donna R. 
Simmons, Joyce M Smith 

FIFTH ROW Linda S Smith. Lora M 
Smith. Karen S Snyder. Barbara So- 
colofsky, Mary A. Southard. Donna M. 
Spencer, Viola J Sprague. Sharron L. 

SIXTH ROW Judith A Stindt. Marcia 
L, Stout. Lynn A Sutherland. Lois E 
Taylor, Rosetta Tetebo, Mane E Thiel, 
Judith A Thompson, Carol S Thorpe 

SEVENTH ROW Gladys Thorsell, 
Conibeth Tillmon, Carol A Toothaker. 
Martha E. Toothaker, Janet L, Tozier, 
Catherine L Turner, Quenadyne G 
Ukele. Tamise J VanPelt 

EIGHTH ROW Marita K VonLehe, 
Margaret A Walker, Madeline D Wal- 
lace. Sharon K Walsh. Sue A Ward. 
Linda R Wasmund. Marilyn K Was- 
mund. Sharon K Wheeler 

BOTTOM ROW Vicki L.Wheeler. Pat- 
ty L Whitegon. Janet M Whitehill, 
Margaret A. Williams, Judith A. Win- 
ter, Linda K. Woellhof. Janet L Wolfe. 
Joyce L Wolfram 


^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^™ ■ "■;■■■ 


~=s*j 'int i 

Paved lots adjacent to each hall in the four-dormitory complex 
provide residents space for Saturday afternoon car washings. 

Residence hall changes 
switch men and women 

Copying changes in women's housing, the Uni- 
versity closed West Stadium dormitory and moved 
men into West and Moore, two halls in the four- 
dormitory northeast complex formerly used to 
house women. More switching created the only co- 
ed housing on campus in Goodnow and Van Zile. 
In September, construction began on Haymaker 
hall, the last dormitory in the northeast complex, 
scheduled to house 627 men in the fall of 1967. 

Shaving before a quick dash to class. West men make use of 
lavatory facilities on each corridor of the five-floor dormitory. 

Men Resident Assistants - TOP ROW: Wing K. Kwok. Richard A Case. Gary 
L. Zimmerman. Richard L. McCollough, Edward L Middleton, Roger R Mc- 
Collough. Eldon L Mickelson. William R Klassen SECOND ROW Donald J 
Roof. Eldon E. Peterson, Richard R. Sankey, Donald E Zimmerman, John K 

Hemphill. James R Dobbins. John R Baird THIRD ROW Michael E Shelor. 
Richard B Hillman. Michael P McCoy. Donald W Steeples. John P Cable, Bar- 
ry W Greis BOTTOM ROW Steven G Grube. Robert L Schrandt, Thomas R 
Gossen, Michael M Kozlowski, Dale E. Brownlee 


Student government in Marlatt hall divides the dorm into floor 
houses The men on the floors painted designs on their lobby 

windows at Homecoming and Christmas and were respon- 
sible for a casino party during open house at Spring Fling. 

Marlatt assigns engineers 
to special corridor in dorm 

In an experiment to improve study habits, all 
engineering students in Marlatt hall were assigned 
to the same corridor. Other changes in the room as- 
signments were necessitated when the dormitory's 
fourth floor was reserved for athletes in January. 

With the women of Goodnow hall, the men par- 
ticipated in a cultural program, "Accent on 
Living." As part of the program, the students at- 
tended musical events, plays, Union art movies and 
invited speakers to talk at their weekly meetings. 

An FMOC finalist and members of Sigma Tau, 
Steel Ring, Chi Epsilon, and the Union Governing 
Board lived in Marlatt. In the spring the men began 
a magazine library in the hall basement. 

Marlatt hall residents may use irons and ironing boards provid- 
ed by the hall in individual room with the proctor's permission. 


Marlatt Hall - TOP ROW Donald 

Roof. David C Adams. William V 
Adams. John H Anderson, Kenneth 
C. Armstrong. Vinton K Arnett. Tho- 
mas R Arnhold 

SECOND ROW Roy P Arnold. Roger 
J Baalman. Michael E Baffrey, John 
E. Ballhorst. Terry J Bandel. Robert 
M Behrens, George H. Bellairs 

THIRD ROW: Harold D Bert. William 
A Blauvelt. Andrew W Block. Jerome 
Breitenbach, Ronald L Bridges. Jono- 
than E Briel. Edwin S Broadwell. 

FOURTH ROW Steven E Brockway. 
Robert Broeckelman. Stephen C 
Brooks. Harold E. Brown. James L 
Brown, William Lee Brown. Dale E 

FIFTH ROW William C Brussow. 
Robert D Bruton. John B Buchheis- 
ter, Gabriel J Bultmck. Gilbert C Bur- 
nett. Roger D Burns. Thomas E Cal- 

SIXTH ROW David P Campbell. 
Aaron E Carlson. Stephen M. Carlyle, 
Ronald J. Carimi. Jon R Carter. Ri- 
chard A, Case. Michael R. Casey. 

SEVENTH ROW Victor C Castillo. 
Harold L Cauthon. Jerry D. Chancey. 
Beverly R Chapm. Carl D Christen- 
sen. Douglas S Clark. Richard H 

EIGHTH ROW Lawrence M Coder. 
Steven J. Cohorst. Larry R Condit. 
Robert L Cooke. Anthony T Coon. 
Ralph C Cooper. Kenneth M Cox. 

BOTTOM ROW David S Craft. John 
W Craig. Allan D Cross, James B. 
Dalton, Tommy D Dameron. James 
M Dent. James D Dietrich 


Marlatt Hall - TOP ROW Robert N 
Dietrich. Andrew J- Dorow. Wayne T. 
Dreier, Harold L. Dreihng. Gary C. 
Drost. Jay W. Dupuy, James H Ed- 

SECOND ROW Gregory L Eicher. 
Francis E. Eirich, Allan W. Elliot. Lloyd 
R Elliott. Michael B Elliott. Newell M. 
Enos. William C Eschmann 

THIRD ROW Erwin L Everett. Wil- 
liam W Everett. Rickey K Ewlng, 
Douglas A Farrar. Steven G Fell- 
ers. Donald L Fenton. Dean G 

FOURTH ROW: Timothy J Fields. 
Dale J Finney, Larry W. Fish. Stephen 
R. Fisher. Ralph L Flournoy. Eugene 
N Francis, Galen G Fnck 

FIFTH ROW John R Friley. John A 
Fry. Robert C Fuller. Richard S Fur- 
beck. Kenneth L. Fyler. Robert E. Gart- 
ner, David L Gates 

SIXTH ROW Robert E. Gettmo, Ni- 
cholas R Gieber. Gary R Goodnow, 
Jerry L Gorman. Dwight G Gorrell, 
Thomas R. Gossen. Peter H Greason 

SEVENTH ROW Kendal L Grecian. 
Larry E. Green. Thayne C. Green, Bar- 
ry W Greis, Ronald G. Greiving, Wil- 
liam B Greve. Steven G Grube 

EIGHTH ROW Allen G. Hahn. Fred 
W Handhn. Charles S Hann. Monte 
W Harden, Davy J. Harkins. James 
Harris. Gary V Hartman 

BOTTOM ROW: Roger C Harvey. 
John E Havice. Chester G. Haynes. 
Robert B. Hector, Michael R. Heer, 
Stephen G Heldstab. David T Hellen 


Marlatt Hall - TOP ROW: Dwight F. 
Hemmerlmg. John K Hemphill. Roger 
N. Henry. Donald A Herbers. Larry G 
Hess, Mark R Hjelmfelt. Tommy T 

SECOND ROW: David W Holmes. 
Ronald P. Hoist. Charles D Holste. 
Robert L Hope. Robert H Hossfeld. 
John W Howard, Dennis G Huerter 

THIRD ROW James M Hughes. 
Frank J. Humphrey. James M Hunt, 
Daryl F Hurley. Kent J Huxman, 
David L. Hyder. Timothy M, Ireland 

FOURTH ROW Rodney J Jansonius. 
Scott W Jaynes. Charles G Jewell. 
Michael K Johnson. Nathaniel John- 
son. Stephen E Johnson. Richard N. 

FIFTH ROW: Donald L June, James 
P Kelly, Donald E, Kennedy, Michael 
D Kern. William F Kiser, William R 
Klassen, Jerry Kleinschmidt 

SIXTH ROW Donald V Koelliker. 
David K Kraus. Thomas G Ksiazek, 
Leslie W Kuczynski. Wing K. Kwok. 
Harold K Laessig, Patrick J Lafferty 

SEVENTH ROW David E Laird. Wil- 
bur L Lala, John D Lane, Jerome R. 
Lang. George A Lange. David J, 
Langford, Barton E Larson 

EIGHTH ROW Jerry G Larson, Frank 
H Laubhan. Charles W. Leach, Mi- 
chael R Leathers, Keith W Leonard. 
Daniel J Link. Kent D Litton 

BOTTOM ROW: Charles W Lock. 
Donald L Long. Robert A Long, Rick- 
ey L Lorfing Steven M Lucas, Danny 
R Lunsford, James R Marshall 


Marlatt Hall - TOP ROW Richard K. 
Marshall, Clinton M Marston. Ken- 
neth E Mathias. James R. McClellan, 
Michael W. McClurg. Steven C Mc- 
Connell, Guy M. McCormick 

SECOND ROW Michael J. McGrath. 
Michael H. McKee. David H. Mc- 
Nabb. Dennis D McWilliams. John A. 
Mertz, David G. Meschke. Gary D. 

THIRD ROW Robert L Michael. Har- 
ry P Milner. Kenneth B. Mitchell, 
Jimmy E Monical, Gordon E. Mont- 
ney, Jerry D Morgan, James Leroy 

FOURTH ROW James A Mulvany. 
Thomas P, Mulvany, Russell L Muse, 
Donald W. Myers, Martin E Neff. 
Robert D. Neill, Robert L Neill 

FIFTH ROW: Dennis F Nelson, Rob- 
ert L. Nelson. Richard A Nemechek, 
Mark W New, Douglas D. Newman. 
Timothy Nightingale, Harold R 

SIXTH ROW William A Nusz, Rex A. 
O'Brien. Kenneth C. Ochs, Kenneth 
W Oliver, Gary D Olson, Gordon R 
Olson, Phillip W Olson 

SEVENTH ROW: William F. Organ, 
Thomas L Oursler, Gary F Pankratz, 
William Pannbacker. Dwayne L Par- 
sons, David E Peel, Stephen M Per- 

EIGHTH ROW Bruce E Peters. Dan- 
ny R. Peterson, Michael E Peterson, 
Edwin F, Pflieger, Thomas J Phillips. 
George E. Pinick. Richard R Piper 

BOTTOM ROW: Jerald L. Pope. Craig 
L Pralle. Donald W Prather. Richard 
W. Prine. Richard L Ptak. Thomas A 
Reed. Daryl R Reimer, 



Marlatt Hall - TOP ROW: Kerry L 
Renner. Richard Retrum, Gaylord 
L Rice. Robert E Rice. Michael K. 
Richards. Bruce D Rieck. Eugene A 

SECOND ROW David C Rieniets. 
Larry E Rink, Jerry L Rittgers. Mau- 
rice D Roberts. Douglas E Robker. 
Daniel P Roda. Robert J Roeder 

THIRD ROW Michael D Rogers. 
Michael K. Rogers. Dale R Rohr. Van 
L Rose. William R Ross. Gary 
Rumsey. Gene L Schimpf. 

FOURTH ROW Neal R Schirkofsky. 
Paul R Scholz. Stanley L Schultz. 
Gary D Schulz. David L. Scott. Ronald 
A Scott. Randell L. Sedlacek 

FIFTH ROW William A Seidel. 
James L Seigle. Kenneth D. Shan- 
non. Thomas L. Sharp. Larry D. Shay. 
Michael E Shelor. Edward J Shelton 

SIXTH ROW Glenn W Shields, Steve 
A Shilling. Jerry D Showalter. Jerry 
J. Shubert. George E Shupe. John W. 
Shupe, Gary W Siemsen. 

SEVENTH ROW David H Simmons. 
Dennis R Slimmer. Eugene C Smith, 
James T Smith. Patrick A Smith. 
Ronald W. Smith. Verle A. Smith 

EIGHTH ROW Steven A Snyder. 
David R Solenberger. Don W. Sow- 
ers. Paul L Spainhour. Stephen B. 
Spies. Michael J Staab. Gary L 

BOTTOM ROW Alan R. Stephens. 
John E Stevenson. Dennis M Stiffler. 
Theodore J. Stimach. Kenneth E. 
Stout. Richard H Strutz. Larry D 


Moore Hall - TOP ROW Gerald W. 

Stucky, Lawrence C Stumpff. Timothy 
Suellentrop. William S Swan. William 
A Swander. Dennis E Sweet. Harold 
M Sweet 

SECOND ROW Kenneth L. Swenson, 
Dennis D. Swick. Bill C Swinney. Al- 
len G. Talley, John C Taylor, JayS 
Tedford. Stephen M. Thieler. 

THIRD ROW Don F Thompson, 
Roger D.Timken. Michael ATodd, 
Donald P Tonn, Harry E Totten, Law- 
rence H Tucker. Jimmy L Tuma 

FOURTH ROW Jay H Vader. Mi- 
chael VanCampen, Alfred S Vander- 
laan, Mark E Vanderweide, Norval M. 
Van Dyke. Alan LVarney, James F. 

FIFTH ROW JamesW Waggoner. 
Gilbert J Wagner. Richard P Wal- 
dren, T. Bruce Waldren, Kenneth M 
Walker. James E Wallace. Larry R 

SIXTH ROW Fred RWanger. Gary L. 
Week. Fred L Wedel. James D Wei- 
chel, Allen K Weimaster. Ronald D. 
Wenger. Monty M Wentworth 

SEVENTH ROW Robert W Weseloh. 
Raymond R White. James H. White- 
hill, Jim L Whitesell, Robert E. Wiles. 
Arthur Williamson. Chadd R Wilson 

EIGHTH ROW James R. Wilson, 
James H. Windels. Stephen Wind- 
scheffel. Marvin J Winkley, Ronald A 
Winter. James E Wohlt. Jack L Wool- 

BOTTOM ROW. James M Wright, 
Randolph L Wright, Steven E Wright, 
Clifford E Yackle. William J, Yeager, 
Donald E. Zimmerman, Gary L Zim- 



f ^ 

Aim dim 

-*. *»» 

di *k di&Ai* 



National president of the Association of Residence Halls and 
chairman of Spring Fling were residents of Moore. Men were in 

Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Kap- 
pa Psi. Gamma Sigma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and varsity track. 

Moore residents improve collection in dorm library 

To expand the hall library, Moore hall residents 
transferred books formerly housed in Goodnow hall 
to their new residence and added volumes to the col- 
lection. The project was part of the conversion of 
Moore from a women's to a men's dormitory. 

Three hall parties, a casion party, semi-formal 
and formal spring parties, and numerous floor ath- 

letic events highlighted Moore's list of activities. In 
December, hall residents furnished presents for 60 
children at a Christmas party. The men included 
the national president of the Association of Resi- 
dence Halls, chairman of annual Spring Fling and 
members of Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, 
Scabbard and Blade, and varsity track. 

Moore Hall - TOP ROW Ronald W. 
Allen, Alan D Ames. Jerry G Ander- 
son, Ted L Anderson, Roy S Apple- 
ton, John S Armbrust, Dean L Arm- 
stead. Glenn A Auld 

BOTTOM ROW Edward T Badsky. 
Larry G Bailey. Warren C Bainter. 
John R Baird. David C Baker, John 
W Banning, Roy B Barnhart, Harold 
C Barrett, 


Moore Hall - TOP ROW Jan C 
Bechtold, Meredith J. Behnke. Philip 
P Behrens. David A Benson, Dale E 
Benton, Timothy T. Benton. Steve L. 
Betton, Paul H. Blankinship. 

SECOND ROW Alan T. Boger, Gerald 
J. Bohnen. Louis W Bolack, LeRoy 
Bonorden, Robert J Bonsall. Richard 
L Bowie, Dennis M Bowman, Ronald 
D Bowman 

THIRD ROW Ronald L, Boyer, 
Charles R Brand, Douglas M Brant, 
Alfred Breitenstein, George A. Brelig. 
William E Briggs. James S Broers. 
James E Brown 

FOURTH ROW Paul J Brown, John 
N. Bryan, Stephen R Buek. Walter E 
Burkhart, Leland L Burkhead, Eric M, 
Burkhead.Jon R Butts, Michael C. 

FIFTH ROW: John P Cable, Dennis E 
Carr, Leroy D Chadwick, Roger W. 
Chase, Lawrence Cheatum, Venkatar- 
at Chittun, Daniel D. Christian, Roy A, 

SIXTH ROW: Mark S Coberly, Don- 
ald B. Coleman, Michael A Colvin, 
Thomas E Colvin, Terry W. Conard, 
Thomas J Conknght, William A Con- 
rad. Allen D, Cook. 

SEVENTH ROW Thomas K Cooney, 
Alan K Cooper. John W. Cooper. Carl 
E. Cornwell, Alan D Cox. Timothy M. 
Cox, Innis L Croft. Gary E, Cunning- 

EIGHTH ROW Eric W. Dagenhardt. 
Stephen A. Daniel, Allen I. Davidson. 
Fred H. Davis. Harold A Davis, Jef- 
frey D Dawson, Larry E. DeGroff, 
Duane L Deutsch, 

BOTTOM ROW Todd S Dunkel, 
Douglass P. Easton, Thomas D. Ed- 
wards, John L Emmot, Gerald W Er- 
ickson, Lance R Encson, Thomas M 
Evert, Larry R Ewing 





Moore Hall- TOP ROW DamelJ 
Falen. Wesley L Fankhauser, Joe E 
Farrar. Theodore W Farres. Charles 
H Fellman. Ronald E Fick. David W 
Fieser. Robert H Flashman 

SECOND ROW Larry R Fogelberg. 
Blake W Foutes. Robert W. Fowler. 
Stephen W Freeman, Timothy J. 
Fruits, Patrick J Gallagher, Ronald L 
Gammon, Andrew L Gantenbem. 

THIRD ROW Barry D Garfinkle. Mi- 
chael D Gasper, Frederick W. Gatlm. 
Robert W Gattshall, Owen A Gaul. 
Ken P. Georg. Joseph S Gessner. 
Gordon R Gifford 

FOURTH ROW Larry F Glenn. Ken- 
neth F Glover, James F. Godfrey, Lar- 
ry D Goerzen. Robert Goss, Carter 
E Goth, Billy R Graham, Michael E 

FIFTH ROW Larry M. Gray. Gerald A. 
Greathouse. William R Gross. Jerry E 
Grout, Kenton T Grubbs. Armando E 
Guidote. John Gurss. Larry A 

SIXTH ROW Wayne H Hagerman. 
Melvm H Hamlin. Gary V Hammond. 
Robert C Haney. Robert H Hansen. 
David J Harding, Wayne A Hargrove. 
George H Harsh 

SEVENTH ROW Stewart B Hartwell. 
Gary L Hartzell, James E. Harvey, 
Steven P Hatfield. Thomas R Hatha- 
way. James F. Haun. Larry W. Hays. 
Larry J Hedges 

EIGHTH ROW Charles O Heinsohn. 
Henry Heitmann. Ronald K Henne- 
berg, Gerald W Hennkson. Howards. 
Hewlett. Roy E Hobbs, Linwood A 
Hoffman, John W Hoffmann 

BOTTOM ROW John D Holhday. 
Harold Homnghausen. Ronald M. 
Horrell, Thomas L. Hoskins. Jonathan 
Houghtaling. Charles W. Hurst. Tho- 
mas E Hynes. Thomas D Idleman. 


Moore Hall- TOP ROW Elmer D 
Imthurn, Jess W. Ingrum. Stanley E. 
Jacobs. David J Jansonius, Justin B. 
Janssen. Philip E Jeselnik, Darrel L 
Johnson, David E Johnson 

SECOND ROW: Dennis R Johnson, 
Don A Johnson, Donald B. Johnson, 
John A Johnson, Arthur D Jones, 
Richard L Jones. Kenneth D Jorns, 
Joseph D Joyce 

THIRD ROW: Robert D Jump. Doug- 
las L Kaiser, Stanley R Kalishman. 
John R Kelley, Michael Kelley, Melvm 
C Kelly, James R Kenyon, Douglas A. 

FOURTH ROW Larry W Kibler, 
Royce M King. Donald R Kirk, Dell J. 
Klema. Robert Kochersperger. John 
R. Kovar. William P. Kramer, Gary W 

FIFTH ROW Lawrence F. Kueser, 
James A, Kuharic. Glenn V Kurten- 
bach, Mark D Kyle, John B Lane, 
Howard A. Larson. Charles K Law- 
head, Marc A Laxer 

SIXTH ROW Charles L Lehman, 
Robert L Lehr, Ronald B. Lemon, 
Frank L Lifrien, Michael W Linn, 
Gerald J Lobmeyer, Stephen E Loy, 
Ronald C Lundquist 

SEVENTH ROW Wayne C Lundquist. 
Mike J Malone. Michael V Mander- 
ick. Dale W. Marsh, Fred R Martin, 
Jerry LaVern Martin, Andrew L Mar- 
tinsen. Kenneth Massingill 

EIGHTH ROW Frank E. Matke. Tho- 
mas Matlock. Stephen R Maxwell. 
Richard McCollough. Roger Mc- 
Collough, Francis G McDonald. 
Charles M McGhee. Donald C Mc- 

BOTTOM ROW William J. McKaig. 
John A McNally. Albert F. McNeal, 
Charles D McNeal, Tracy G Mc- 
Quillen, Robert D Meats, Michael E. 
Michaud. Patrick G Michaud 

nAii&lakktiikk k 





*, ■ . 


dklMkiML *ikiLfc 



#% in o ^ 

~J <B 

Moore Hall -TOP ROW Duane E 
Mikesell. Robert P Miller. Alan D 
Mills. Robert L Mooney. Thomas B 
Moran. Dallas D Morns, William G. 
Morris. Dennis R. Mornss 

SECOND ROW Jonathan R Mundt. 
Charles E, Murphy. Daniel C Murphy, 
Eldon M Murray. Curtis D Musgrave. 
William F Musgrave. Kent L, Nelson. 
Charles W Newcom 

THIRD ROW Dale E Nimz. Albert A. 
Noble, Douglas C Norris. David J. 
Ochs. Gene L. Olson, Steven L. Opat, 
Joseph A Orseno, Lloyd A Osborne 

FOURTH ROW; David W. Pace. Ron- 
ald K. Paulson, Dan C Pearce, Donald 
S. Peetz. Charles A. Perry. Michael P 
Pervich. Jerry D, Peterie. Dennis Pe- 

FIFTH ROW George E. Petersen. 
Eldon E Peterson. Philip W. Pfister. 
David M Philbrook, Gary W Pierce. 
Norman W Pilger. Larry V Pinnick. 
Michael S Plantz 

SIXTH ROW: James F. Plog. Stephen 
R. Pope, Conrad M Popp. David C 
Powell, Charles W. Price. Glenn S 
Presley, Rolland W Prothe, Curtis A 

SEVENTH ROW Gary R. Raccugha, 
Jerry J Ramsey, Allen J Randall, 
Gerald C Rapp. Jarold L Rasmusson. 
Robert H, Reed. Brian M. Reilly, Ken- 
neth R Reynolds. 

EIGHTH ROW Stephen L Reynolds. 
Thomas P Reynolds. William L. Rey- 
nolds. Raymond L Rhodd. Loren D. 
Richard, John P Richards, Glen E. 
Richardson, John C Riggenbach 

BOTTOM ROW John L. Riisoe. Ken- 
neth A Ringer. Ronald D Roberts, 
Richard K Robertson. Lynn M. Rock, 
Richard W. Rogers, Wayne A Ross, 
Gary J Ruder 


Loss of a contact lens halts activity for a moment on one of the 
floor lounges of Moore hall. The nine-story dorm, opened in the 

fall of 1965 for women, became a men's dorm in 1 966 as con- 
struction continued on the newest campus multi-dorm complex. 

Moore Hall - TOP ROW: Douglas D. 
Rudick, Leon B Rueter, Dennis N. 
Ruhnke, Michael R Rutherford. Rob- 
ert D Ryan. Thomas C Sailor, Rich- 
ard R. Sankey, Steve D. Sawyer 

SECOND ROW Stephen R Sayre, 
Daryl R. Scheaffer. Leroy W Schick. 
Frederick J Schmidt. Merrill K 
Schmidt. Richard W. Schmidt, Robert 
L Schrandt, Larry D Schreck 

THIRD ROW Steven L. Schultz. Jo- 
seph M. Schwartz, David H Scoby, 
Alan W. Scott, Daniel J. Seballoz, Al- 
vin L. Seefeldt. Jeffery S Seideman, 
Ronald E. Seitz 

FOURTH ROW Alan D. Semen, Alan 
F. Serwich, Robert S Shelor, David E. 
Sher, Robert S Shotts, Dennis R. 
Showalter, Harry S. Shrauner, Larry R. 

FIFTH ROW: David L. Siefkes, Arris A 
Sigle, Kent S Simons, Leslie A Simp- 
son. Gerald R Siuda, Jerry W Slei- 
chter, Stephen R Slimmer, Burton G 

BOTTOM ROW: Leland A Smith, Rex 
D Smith, Stephen E Snodgrass, Billy 
L Speer, Robert D. Spencer, Norval K. 
Spielman, Dennis M. Spratt. James A. 






Mk ' 4\iK+Aikk% 




4Jt*fci* i^iiitJ 


■•» ' 


Moore Hall - TOP ROW Donald W. 
Steeples. Dale J Stemman. Rodney L. 
Stevens. Grover R Stillwell. Kent H 
Stones. William A Stoskopf. Cecil E 
Stout, James A Strieker 

SECOND ROW Gary J Stricklin. 
Mark A Struss. Ronald L Stucky. 
Dennis D Swenson, Loren C Swen- 
son, James R. Tanner, James E Tay- 
lor. Lawrence W Taylor 

THIRD ROW Kenneth Lee Thomas. 
McCager M Thompson. Steven M. 
Thompson. Randall E Thummel. Jon 
G. Tilsch. Steven B Tinkler, Kevin D 
Tippery. Michael H Tolson 

FOURTH ROW: Dennis D Towns. 
Eldon R Trost. Mark H Trueblood. 
Gary B Truitt. Jerry L Unzicker. Rob- 
ert C. Urbanek. Kenneth L Utz. Ron- 
nie Vanlaningham 

FIFTH ROW Richard L Vansant. 
Richard Vanschoelandt, Robert S. 
Vincent. Henry A Vlcek, Richard L 
Vogel. Jay A. Walker. John Brent 
Wall. William D Walseth. 

SIXTH ROW David N Walton. Arlan 
D Wamhoff. Ignatius C Wang. James 
C Washburn. Curt L Watts. John R 
Weaver, Edward R Weeks, Charles E. 

SEVENTH ROW: Richard W. Wenger. 
Elden E Werner. Robert P. West. 
Steven J West. Steven J Weybrew. 
Douglas C Weyer. Frederick L White. 
William T Whitlow 

EIGHTH ROW Steven D Will. Mi- 
chael L Willard. Norman C Willhite. 
Benton L. Williams, Steven R. Win- 
ston. Richard L Winter. Robert F 
Wmzeler. John D Wood 

BOTTOM ROW Steven C Woolpert. 
Jon T Woolverton, Dennis L Yoder. 
Philip R Young. Douglas A Zeman. 
David C Zlasney. Raymond Zwego 


Increased traffic and inadequate parking resulted from the 
conversion of West hall from a womens' dorm to a mens' dorm. 

The 300 men had exchange dances, presented movies, and 
dined with other students living in the residence hall complex. 

West men provide family 
with Christmas toys, food 

As a Christmas service project, residents of West 
hall provided an underprivileged family with food 
and toys. Previously women's housing, the hall was 
converted during the summer to house 302 men. 

With dates the men attended a formal Winter 
Wonderland Party in February and joined with re- 
sidents of six other hall in initiating a Groady Ball. 
The men were active in Student Senate, Pershing 
Rifles and SGA committees. In intramural competi- 
tion, swimmers from the residence hall won indi- 
vidual championship titles. 

Soft drinks, ice cream, and sandwiches are some of the snack 
items basement vending machines provide for West Hall men. 

* -,»•*-- 

it mi 


...... .. 

^^% ( 

44 *i * 

: : 


iMk m 

West Hall - TOP ROW Mrs Wilma 
Thompson, Richard E Abbott. Larry 
W Abell. James J Ahern. James S 
Anderson, John R Anderson, Michael 
R Anderson 

SECOND ROW Daniel B. Artmann. 
Harold E. Barnthson, William Bartho- 
lomew. Kent C Bates, Yandell S 
Beans, Keith E Bestgen, Fred W Bey 

THIRD ROW. Phillip N Bowman. 
Leelan R Broeckelman. Paul A Bro- 
kaw, Raymond L Brown, Alan G 
Brummell. James R Brunkow, Ralph 
E Cadwallader 

FOURTH ROW John R Capra, John 
J Carr, Steve D. Carr, John M Carter, 
Rodney L Chalkley, Michael K Cha- 
pin, Roger L Christensen 

FIFTH ROW Gorden Christiansen, 
David B Cleeves, Calvin H Cochran, 
Alan B Colhson, Paul J Consiglio. 
Michael J Coons, Raymond Constan- 

SIXTH ROW Robert W Court, Frank 
W Craft, Ross D. Crane. Leonard G 
Dagg, Donald L Dahl, Garry M Dal- 
by. William D Dannefer. 

SEVENTH ROW Larry J DeDonder, 
Alan L DeGood. James G Delfs. Gre- 
gory F DeMond, Keith L Dettmer. 
John M Devaney, Walter T Dixon 

EIGHTH ROW Dennis A Doak. 
James R Dobbins. Jon S Dolenc, 
Gerald M Donovan, Dayne K Dudley, 
Evans A Dunlap, Ronald L Easter 

BOTTOM ROW Thomas D Eddy, 
Phillip Edelblute, Marion K Eisler, 
Lonme W Elliott, William D Ellis. 
David O Ellison. Larry C Epley 


West Hall - TOP ROW Raymond L 
Enckson, Roberto A. Espindola. Joe 
A Fakler. Michael J. Farmer, Dennis 
J Finnesy. Dick P Flack, Terrell H. 

SECOND ROW. Jerold L Franz, 
David E Freeland, H Jess Frieze, 
Ronald C Fuhrken, Stephen A Fu- 
hrman, Keith T. Fujimura, Jose M 

THIRD ROW Ralph C Garrison, Ron- 
ald D Gatton, Thomas J Gawel, Paul 
H. Gibbs, Richard A Gibbs, Robert R 
Gleissner. David J Gleue 

FOURTH ROW: Ronald L Grojean, 
Samuel L. Hands. Terry L Harbert, 
Arthur S. Harris. Leon R, Hartman, 
Gilbert J Heinen. Paul T. Henderson 

FIFTH ROW Roy E Henry, Steven E. 
Hermes, Richard L Hey, Gerald V, 
Hickey, Stephen J Hillner, Michael R. 
Hillyard. Robert S Hocking 

SIXTH ROW Dan L Hoffman. Calvin 
C Holland, James L Holerman, Leo- 
nard F Holthaus, John G Howard, 
Harold D Hughes, Robert E Hunt 

SEVENTH ROW: Joseph E Hutfles, 
Gary D Jackson, Michael E Jackson, 
(Kansas City). James H. Johnson, 
Sheldon L Johnson, Gerald W Joyce, 
Curtis H Jurgensen, 

EIGHTH ROW: Glen A. Keller, Mi- 
chael K Keltner, Clifford W Kewley, 
Robert G. Kice, Edward J Klaus, 
James G, Klema, Charles W, Knight, 

BOTTOM ROW: Daniel D Knupp. 
Robert W Kobetich. James D Koch. 
Richard L Korte, Larry A. Krogstad. 
Ronald J Kuhlman. John L, Lackey 


mm mnHi 

& fi 

m ■ 

iy 1^ ^nJ 
ik J ft _ . >„...« - 1 . Ik W , 

MM ii Ad 

w^% * * A 

r^ $0% A. ^% *m*k 

' .A. ^\ sw f mi h ^ «r m^tm. ^fHk W M 

ftull ! MS Hkl^K Mill ! HI MlM J 

C^ w^- £^ v^, 

A^V a^ 'rfa \d\ : ^Jh n, 

lEiL^m** *i A di dm A 

f*\ mt f*s *m% m> g** m* 

tl A\ SA iidMk^M 

J0W- ■ 


tttwJ *,*!** ft* 



West Hall Governing Board - TOP ROW: Leonard G. Dagg. Gerald M. Don- 
ovan, Terry L. Harbert, John J. Carr. Claude L Robbins, Michael S. Spangler. 
SECOND ROW: Glen A Keller, Robert F. Starke. David J. Gleue, Richard L. Hey, 

Paul J Consigho, Ronald E Robson. BOTTOM ROW John M, Carter, Harry B 
Loper. G Michael Zoerb, David L Wood. Richard L Penner 

West Hall - Steven L Lange, Danjel 
G Laufenberg, Rodney F Lind. Don- 
ald L Lobmeyer. Harry B Loper. Wil- 
liam J. Luckeroth. Owen M Mamura. 
Robert D Marsh 

SECOND ROW BruceA Maxwell. 
William H Maxwell. Michael P Mc- 
Coy. Loris L Mclnteer. George E 
McNinch. Gregory H Mears, James 
R Meitl. Terry L Meyers 

THIRD ROW: James V Miller, Rich- 
ard K Milne, Walter R Minnick, 
Richard K Money. Donald E Morgan, 
John W Morsinkhoff. Stephen J 
Mudrey. Robert A Murry. 

FOURTH ROW: Edward E. Nelson. 
Newell R Neuhnger. John T Neusch- 
wander. Chester D Nielson. Larry Y 
Norman, James R Nulty. Steven K 
O'Hare, Peter J O'Malley 

BOTTOM ROW Ronald D O'Neill. 
Ronald Overstreet. Robert L Owen, 
Thomas C Owens. James C Patrick, 
James D. Payne. Richard L Penner. 
Norman C Pereira. 


West Hall -TOP ROW: Michael J. 
Peter, Garry L. Peterson, James C. 
Peterson, Ronald L, Peterson, Alan G. 
Phinney. Gerald M, Plummer, Lewis 
E. Poggemeyer. 

SECOND ROW: James L, Pollman, 
Robert J. Protus, Lawrence 0. Pultz, 
Clifford D Raile. Claude L. Robbins. 
Robert R. Roberts, Jackie J Robin- 

THIRD ROW: Roy L Robinson, Ron- 
ald E. Robson, Gene M Roth, Steven 
M. Schorlmg, Mark D. Schrock, Victor 
L. Schwarz, Carl A. Scott, 

FOURTH ROW: Richard L. Scott. El- 
hot M Ser. Robert H. Shlpman, Rich- 
ard A Smith, Michael S. Spangler, 
Robert L Spencer, James W. Stanley. 

FIFTH ROW: Robert F. Starke, Ray D. 
Stauffer, Mark N. Steele, David L 
Stephens, Donald J Stephens. Henry 
M. Stoever, Kenneth L Stoner 

SIXTH ROW: Glen E, Strecker. Robert 
D. Stritzke, Jerry L. Sturgeon, Steven 
P. Sutley, Michael R. Swanson. Ho- 
mer L. Taber. Thomas W Trower 

SEVENTH ROW: Deryl L, Troyer. 
Thomas L Vaughn. Ivan D Veldhui- 
zen. Russell M. Verkest, William E 
Vigneron, Forrest L. Walker, Marc C, 

EIGHTH ROW: William W. Wells, 
Steven R. Wei ty, Stephen P. White. 
Thomas R. Williams. Jan E. Winter, 
Patrick M. Wise. Sidney L. Wise. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jay D Wolfe, How- 
ard E. Wolfrom. Anthony W Wood, 
Eugene F, Woydziak, Larry R. Wylie, 
Thomas C Zavesky, Daryl J. Zum- 

* + *MhA 4 Jfc& 


First residence hall at the University. Van Zile, constructed 
for women in 1926. housed men this year for the first time. 

Plumbing problems force 
Van Zile coeds to move 

Coeducational living in Van Zile hall was discon- 
tinued in February when the northeast wing hous- 
ing women was vacated for major plumbing repairs. 

First semester the men and coeds constructed a 
cardboard wishing well and an antique car included 
as decorations for the hall's Christmas formal, 
"Mistletoe Madness." In the fall, residents enter- 
tained parents with a weekend open house and for 
Homecoming built house decorations and a victory 
float which was paraded at the stadium before the 
K-State-University of Kansas football game. 

In intramural competition, Van Zile men placed 
second in league football and in basketball won first 
in their league and third in the division. They also 
were second in league free throwing. 

Typical among coeducational living problems, a Van Zile coed 
rushes from room to telephone unprepared for the unexpected. 


Van ZileHall-TOP ROW Sharon 
Lunn. Janet L Mathews. Mary A 
Adams. Bonne J Bachtell. Marcia P. 
Bartell. Sharron Beckenhauer, Lyndal 
D Bolinger. Mary A. Brady 

SECOND ROW: Gregory Broeckel- 
man. Phyllis K Brooks, John W 
Brown. Sheila M Brown. Judith A. 
Campbell. Barbara J Chaloupka, Car- 
olyn E. Chew. Margaret E Chew 

THIRD ROW Elizabeth A Clark. Jet- 
tie F Condray, Rodney M. Cowell, 
Juanita M Dennis. Sharon K Denton. 
Douglas A. Droge, Jo A Drussel. 
Robert T Duenkel. 

FOURTH ROW Charles D Dunbar, 
Barbara J. Dutton, Trudy A Eller, Al- 
ice M. Evarts. Jen L Farmer. Kay E. 
Farney. Patricia A. Felke, William F. 

FIFTH ROW Elaine S File. Linda S. 
Freeman. Wayne N Garrett, Leon N 
Garrison. Danna L Garten, Carol J. 
Gillan. Gene Goldenstein, Richard A. 

SIXTH ROW Roy G Hallauer. Lynda 
S. Harris. Jane E Hightower, Mary J 
Hirsch, David P. Horchem, MaryC 
Huerter.JamesA Inzarry. Garry L 

SEVENTH ROW Karin K Jensen. 
Nancy C Johnson. Brenda C, Jones. 
Kathleen A Keating. Ken A Klasing, 
Roger K. Krehbiel. John E Leahey, 
Sherryl A Lueker. 

EIGHTH ROW: Elizabeth MacGowan. 
Jacgualine Maichel, Martha A Ma- 
thews, Cornell Mayfield. Judy K. Mc- 
Alister, Linda J McElwain, Linda L. 
Men dell, Jams E Miller 

BOTTOM ROW Carolyn M Munzer. 
Fritz H. Nentwich, Bruce D Newell, 
Jana S. Niles, Barbara A Ohl, Louis L. 
Pustka, Thomas Rensenhouse. Carole 
J. Rohrer 

*A4\l&±{ J 


Necessary renovations force coeds to move out of Van Zile 
hall and into other residence halls the first week of the spring 

semester. Men residents remained in half of the building since 
the internal repairs were in the section on the northwest 

ft* J 

Van Zile Hall - TOP ROW William 
K Sawyer. William C. Schear, Mary E 
Schweitzer. Nancy L Shorb. Dennis 
W Smith, Reuben M. Smith. Liana S 
Soldner. Robert E Spalding. 

SECOND ROW Nannette L Ste- 
phens. Virginia K Sundberg. Roger R. 
Swart. Thomas A Szafran. Faye L. 
Taplin. James S Taylor, Austina Ter- 
ry. Nancy A. Theobald 

THIRD ROW Raymond I. Throckmor- 
ten, Darryl R Thuillez, Diana K. Un- 
derwood. Bernard W Vandorn. John 
R. Vannoy. Shirley J Van Vleet. John 
D. Walker. Lynn E Webber 

BOTTOM ROW Sheryl K Weihe, 
Steven D Wentz, Cathy J Wicks. 
Michele H Williams. Ambrose P 
Woodard. Margone J Wright. Gary S 


Forced to evacuate after a June 8 tornado caused extensive 
damage to Jardine apartments, married students move to tem- 

porary housing provided by the University. Repairs were fin- 
ished during the summer allowing students to return in the fall. 

Jardine begins film series, 
story sessions for children 

Children from Jardine Terrace and Campus 
Trailer Court were offered story telling sessions 
twice weekly by students participating in the speech 
department's story telling lab. Sessions were organ- 
ized in Jardine wash houses. Other new programs 
instituted by the married students included a health 
education series, which featured "Ice Cream Kid," 
a film dealing with children's emotional problems. 

Named for William Jardine, former University 
president, the apartment complex included 576 
apartments in 24 buildings. They were originally 
subsidized by the government to accomodate veter- 
ans who wished to continue their education on the 
GI Bill. Jardine couples enjoyed reduced rates for 
cable television in the government-owned housing. 

Warm weather to many Jardine residents means cooking out 
on the covered walks or balconies in front of their apartments. 

Typical of a weekday evening, a wife sews or does housework 
while her husband completes his homework assignments 

Before leaving for work or class or to shop, wives of stu- 
dents begin the day by preparing breakfast for their husbands. 

Two-bedroom apartments offer married students with child- 
ren extra facilities needed for a nursery, playroom or study. 

Flights of stairs, typical of many of the large apartment com- 
plexes near campus, await students after their daily classes. 


Residents of modern off-campus apartments relax during their 
spare time by playing a favorite game of cards. Several of the 

new apartment complexes provide free swimming, ice skating 
and basketball facilities for students weekend recreation 

Off-campus apartments attract increasing numbers 

Apartment living appeal was on the uprise with 
45 per cent of the male undergraduates and 22 per 
cent of the women living off campus. Housing 
ranged from modern apartments in newly con- 
structed complexes to one-room efficiencies. 

Campus housing officials listed students living in 
1,105 University approved apartments located in 
121 buildings scattered throughout Manhattan. 
Typical of the independents were students who 
cooked, cleaned and furnished their own apartment. 

Making use of every spare minute, students living in bachelor 
apartments budget their time to include housekeeping chores 

Although the residents enjoy convenient, at-home facilities, 
cramped quarters often typify off-campus apartment housing. 

Coeds find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for study in a soror- 
ity sister's Manhattan home "Townees" frequently invite 

friends from campus living groups to their homes for evenings 
of study, planning house or dorm parties or Sunday dinners. 

Living at home presents 
students unique problems 

Combining college classes and activities with 
living at home, Manhattan students frequently en- 
countered problems unique to their situation. Find- 
ing parking on campus, daily Union lunches and 
detachment from the University atmosphere at 
home were balanced by home-cooked food, a quiet 
place to study and closer family ties. 

Many "townees 1 ' affiliated with Greek groups or 
an off-campus social organization to gain opportun- 
ities for activities normally restricted to campus 
living groups. Many students had professor fathers 
or mothers on the University staff. More than 10 
per cent of the first semester honor roll were stu- 
dents listing Manhattan as a permanent address. 


Townees and students living off-campus are required to pur- 
chase three dollar permits in order to park cars on campus. 

Engrossed in his work, a Manhattan student studies in his own 
home without the distractions associated with campus housing. 

Bedtime stories and free babysitting with younger brothers 
and sisters are often included in a townee's daily schedule. 

Manhattan students consider home cooked meals with their 
families one of several obvious advantages of living at home 

The"townees" are able to maintain close family and community 
ties while being involved in academics and campus activities. 


photo by David von Riesen 

photo by David von Riesen 

Despair, then excitement, 
crowded masses of humanity 
and the thrill of competition 
and achievement are ex- 
pressed as different faces of 
college athletics. 

Basketball fever strikes the campus each winter and takes its 
toll in capacity crowds in the 12.500 seat Ahearn Field House. 


Athletic director Bebe Lee discusses plans for the new U- 
shaped, 34.000 seat stadium with football coach Vince Gib- 

son. A site northwest of campus has been chosen for the $1 .6 
million project which includes parking lot with 8.500 capacity 

Council begins fund drive 
for new football stadium 

Athletic council reviewed 70 applications for 
head football coach before hiring Vince Gibson, 
former defensive coaching assistant at the Universi- 
ty of Tennessee. Plans for the proposed football sta- 
dium became part of the accelerated athletic pro- 
gram when a fund raising drive was started for the 
$1.6 million project. C. Clyde Jones, chairman of 
the 12-man council, announced that the stadium 
site eventually was to include a track and a new 
fieldhouse. September, 1967, was set for completion 
of an athletic dormitory which was to house all var- 
sity athletes. The athletic operating fund — fees, 
appropriations, donations, and gate receipts — was 
budgeted by the athletic council. 

During a recruiting week-end outstanding high school foot- 
ball players are introduced to basketball fans by Coach Gibson 


All-Big Eight fullback Cornelius Davis grimaces as he smashes 
into a teammate and an Iowa State defender. Davis picked up 

photo by Rick Solberg 

1 08 yards rushing, but the Cyclones won the game, 30-1 3. The 
Wildcat sophomore gained 1 ,028 yards rushing for the season. 


Partisan fans look on in Memorial Stadium as a Wildcat end 
gathers in a pass in a home opener loss to New Mexico Lobos. 

Sophomore play brightens 
hopes for gridiron future 

Only a late-season tie with arch-rival Kansas al- 
lowed the Wildcat football team to escape its second 
successive 0-10 season. The 'Cats finished with an 
0-9-1 overall slate, and were 0-6-1 in Big Eight 
play, tying with the Jayhawks on the bottom rung 
of the Conference ladder. The squad was young, 
with only seven seniors included on the roster. 

Outstanding play by several sophomores bright- 
ened prospects for the future. Rookie fullback Cor- 
nelius Davis led the Conference in rushing yardage 
and was named to the all-Big Eight first team. 
Sophomore split end Dave Jones broke several 
school pass-receiving records and made the all-con- 
ference second team. Another underclassman, jun- 
ior linebacker Danny Lankas, was picked on the 
first team all-Conference defensive unit. Lankas 
was named National Lineman of the Week for his 
defensive play against Colorado. 

Coach Doug Weaver watches on the sidelines as his club bat- 
tles an opponent. Weaver was asked to resign at season's close. 


Sophomore quarterback Bill Nossek rolls out and searches for 
an open receiver as a blocking wall formed by Dave Alexander 

(62), Cornelius Davis (30), Lodis Rhodes (40), and Ossie Cain 
attempts to hold out rushing University of Kansas linemen. 

Executing the pass-run option. Nossek threatens to throw as 
Davis forms a one-man convoy to ward off enemy harrassment 

Awaiting return to action, defensive cohorts Dave Langford 
and Wilbert Shaw watch 'Cats try to move ball against MU. 


Davis, Lankas, Jones shine, but 'Cats lose first five 

In the season's opener against Army, Cornelius 
Davis scored an 89-yard touchdown, but Army's 
John Peduto scored twice and Army won, 21-6. 
New Mexico middle guard Paul Smith led the Lo- 
bos to a 28-8 decision in the home opening tilt. 

Danny Lankas' outstanding defensive play 
wasn't enough to offset the Wildcats' lack of offense 
as Colorado tooka 10-0 shut out at Boulder and 
Missouri handed the 'Cats a 27-0 defeat at home. 
Led by Dave Jones' single game school reception 
record of 188 yards on six catches, the 'Cats gave 
eventual Big Eight champion Nebraska a scare be- 

fore succumbing 21-10. In a non-conference game, 
the 'Cats led Cincinnati 14-0 before losing, 28-14. 

1966 Football 












New Mexico 













Iowa State 








e 21 

Nebraska won the Big eight football race. Colorado finished second; Mis- 
souri, third; Oklahoma State, fourth; Oklahoma, fifth; Iowa State, sixth; and 
Kansas and K-State tied for seventh. 

Varsity Football Team - TOP ROW: Tom H. Corr, Michael D. White. Douglas 
W. Weaver. Robert L. Hailey, Edward H. Dissinger, Kenneth LaRue. Glenn E 
Boyd. Richard L Kruse SECOND ROW Joseph R. Mmtner. Harry E. McDonald. 
Raymond R. White. Thomas A, Rome. Kenneth C Ochs, Kenneth A Eckardt. 
Richard K. Balducci, Robert J. Coble. THIRD ROW: Ronald L Bowen, Milan 

Borota, Richard J. Massieon, Robert W. Stu II. Richard M. Goyne. Daniel P. 
Roda, Gene L. Schimpf. Leo W. Sal at. BOTTOM ROW David G. Meschke. 
Richard K. Wilkinson. John H, Anderson. Henry S Howard, Gary F. Pankratz. 
David J. Langford, Carl E. Branson. 

Varsity Football Team — TOP ROW: James A. Rapp. Michael J. Bruhm, Robert 
L. Scott, Charles G. Sanford. James E Wallace. William H. Kennedy. Dean T. 
Hokanson, Michael J. McGrath. SECOND ROW: Steven P. Overton, Lon D Aus- 
tin, Alexander M. Walczak, Vernon A. Kraft, Lodis Rhodes. Daniel J Lankas, 

John E. McClure. THIRD ROW. Dennis A Black. David R Jones. William L. 
Nossek. Gregory A. Marn, Osmond Cain, Gregory J. Vahle, Thomas K Barnes, 
James M. Moore BOTTOM ROW: William B Greve, Douglas W. Ziegler, Corne- 
lius G Davis, Wilbert Shaw, Arthur A. Strozier, Cedric E Rice, Martin W Allen. 


Dubbed "Mr. Hands," sophomore end Dave Jones demon- 
strates a spectacular one-handed catch against Missouri. Jones 

was selected "Big Eight Sophomore Lineman of the Year" and 
gained 721 yards receiving to establish a league record 


KU spoils victory hopes 
with last minute 3-3 tie 

Tom Barnes 1 field goal ended a 26-quarter Wild- 
cat scoring drought against KU, but Jayhawk Ther- 
mos Butler tied the Homecoming contest 3-3 on a 
38-yard field goal with only eight seconds left on the 
scoreboard. The deadlock marked the twelfth suc- 
cessive season that the 'Cats failed to defeat arch 
rival KU on the gridiron. 

Oklahoma, later a victor over conference cham- 
pion Nebraska, walloped the Wildcats 37-6 at 
Norman, Cornelius Davis scored the touchdown, 
his fifth of the season. Dave Jones broke Ralph 
McFillen's 1963 school reception record against 
Iowa State, but quarterback Tim Van Galder 
spearheaded the Cyclones to a 30-13 victory. 

Oklahoma State overcame an early 6-0 Wildcat 
lead to end the season for the 'Cats on the same note 
with which it began — a 21-6 setback. 

Using sprinter's speed and a crisp stiff-arm, Cornelius Davis 
goes wide to elude a Missouri tackier and pick up big yardage. 


. -.,:>"-' '- r . - ■'■-' /'■'• -■ - ■- 

As the ball sails away from end Bill Salat. Oklahoma State 
defensive secondary-men converge to break up the pass play. 



Missouri's scurrying ball carrier runs into swarms of Wildcat 
defensemen. The Tigers won the Parent's Day contest. 27-0 

Faces registering exhaustion. Wildcat gridders carry a precious 
3-0 lead to the dressing room after a hard-fought first half battle 

with arch-rival University of Kansas. The lead fell as the Jay- 
hawks gained a tie with a field goal during the last minutes. 


Freshman Football Team - TOP ROW Robert L Kasselman. William A. Boy- 
da, Val L Fink, Douglas M. Karns, Anthony F. Sevenno, James L. Seigle, Jay H. 
Vader, Gregory D Long, Larry E Rollenhagen, Dennis E Sweet SECOND 
ROW: Michael H McKee, Ronald L Stevens, Larry R Boyce, William E Glenn. 
Percy L Brown, David L Gates, Dwight F Hemmerling, Charles W. Lock, 
Steven C McConnell, Allen I Tolchinsky, Ronald G Tumbry, Steven E Wright 
THIRD ROW Stephen D Bryant, Ralph A Jones. Edward J Klaus, Jerome R. 

Lang, Kenneth R. Deck. Michael G. Mcintosh, Gabriel J Bultinck, Terry E. Voos, 
William Pannbacker, Ronald H Bozikis, Michael V, Church, Gary A. Elzen. 
FOURTH ROW Max M Arrequin, Michael E Hicks. Jonney J Manel, Gary D. 
Olson, Forrest N Wells, James L Whelan, John L. Acker, Paul W Hanney, Ger- 
ald W, Lawson, Curtis W Lee, Gregory W Hardin, John W Walker, Robert A. 
Dehart BOTTOM ROW Jerry L Cook, Mark P Bohck, Warren D Klawiter. Ger- 
ald M McGee, Matthew F Sinisi, MaxT Martin 

Freshman squad picks up 
first wins in nine years 

Coached by Jerry McGee, the Wildcat freshman 
grid squad gained victories over KU and Oklahoma 
for an even split in the four-game season. Oklahoma 
fell 17-7 in the season opener, marking the first win 
for a 'Cat yearling football team since 1957. The 
frosh utilized a staunch defensive effort to stop KU 
9-0 and gain a sweep of home games. On the road, 
the Wildkittens were trounced 40-1 3 by the Nebras- 
ka freshmen and 40-20 by Iowa State. 

1966 Freshman Football 














Iowa State 


End Terry Voos eludes a lunging Oklahoma defensive half- 
back to gather in an aerial and put the 'Cats in scoring position. 


2. ,*»» itc**? 

Quarterback Mike Hicks finds running room against the Okla- 
homa frosh as two Wildcats bear down on a waiting Sooner. 

Jubilant freshmen gridders carry their coaches off the field af- 
ter a 17-7 conquest of Oklahoma in the season-opening game 

Freshman coach Jerry McGee led his charges to a 500 sea- 
son, but was released by the revamping of the entire grid staff 



Tigers and Wildcats claw for the elusive ball but Steve Honey- 
cutt claims the rebound. The Wildcats defeated MU 75-65 


A trio of Oklahoma State defenders await Dennis Berkholtz' 
drive to the baseline The Wildcats handled the Cowboys easily. 

75-50. in a regionally telecast encounter earlier at Stillwater, 
but had to scramble to win 51-49 in a rematch at Manhattan. 

Basketball team finishes 
fourth in Big Eight race 

For the second consecutive year, the Wildcat bas- 
ketball team won nine of their 14 Conference 
games, but tumbled from third to fourth in the final 
loop standings. The squad compiled a 17-8 overall 
mark to extend head coach Tex Winter's record to 
243 games won against 109 losses. 

Pacing the squad in scoring and rebounding was 
6-7 junior forward Earl Seyfert. Seyfert averaged 
13.8 points per game and hauled in 197 rebounds 
for an 8.2 carom average. He was named to the all- 
Big Eight second team for the second straight year. 

The season began on a frustrating note when the 
Wildcats were upset by a young Minnesota team, 
60-59 in Ahearn Field House. The 'Cats rallied to 
edge Oregon 52-45, and thump Baylor, 77-70, and 
Florida State, 81-58, in the Sunflower Doublehead- 
er Classic at Manhattan and Lawrence. 

Guard Dennis Berkholtz poured in 27 points to 
lead the Wildcats to an easy 82-69 decision over an 
Indiana team which eventually tied for the Big Ten 
championship. Texas Tech fell next, 66-58. 

Seven- foot Nick Pino sinks a free throw as the TV camera 
watches. The Wildcats routed Big Ten co-champs, 82-69. 


Colorado's Pat Frink searches frantically for help as tallest 
Wildcats Roy Smith and Nick Pino seal off his escape routes 

Steve Honeycutt soars for an unguarded layup as teammates 
Earl Seyfert and Dennis Berkholtzand a Baylor player trail. 

Second-leading squad scorer Dennis Berkholtz launches top-of 
-the-circle jumper against Oklahoma. Berkholtz popped in 20 

points and Nick Pino grabbed 1 2 rebounds to lead the 'Cats to 
an 84-71 victory over Bob Steven's "run-and-shoot" Sooners 


'Cats miss championship 
in Kentucky Invitational 

After an 83-59 lacing of Penn State in the first 
round of the Kentucky Invitational at Lexington, 
the Wildcats dropped the championship game, 83- 
79, to Kentucky. In the Big Eight Tournament, the 
'Cats blasted Nebraska, 98-81, but fell, 67-78, to 
Iowa State in the second round. The Wildcats over- 
whelmed Oklahoma, 1 02-76, for third place. 

Victories over Missouri, Iowa State, Oklahoma 
State and Oklahoma followed a conference-opening 
loss to Colorado at Boulder. Nebraska rode a fast- 
break attack to a 67-59 victory. The 'Cats couldn't 
cope with Big Eight Champion KU's defense, los- 
ing 55-60, before a sell-out crowd and television 
audience in Ahearn Field House. The 'Cats re- 
grouped to shell Missouri, 82-67, at Columbia. 

Gaining revenge, the 'Cats edged Colorado, 55- 
53. After losing to Nebraska at Lincoln, 79-71, the 
Wildcats flogged Oklahoma, 84-71. Seniors Bob 
George, Dennis Berkholtz, Larry Weigel, Roy 
Smith, John Olson and Galen Frick played their 
final game in Ahearn Field House as the Wildcats 
edged Oklahoma State, 51-49. A road win over 
Iowa State and loss to KU closed out the season. 

Nick Pino used a five-inch height advantage to score over KU's 
6-6 Roger Bohnenstiehl in 55-60 setback from the Hawks 

1966-67 Varsity Basketball Squad - TOP ROW Frederick O Arnold. Mi- 
chael Barber, Nick Pino. Roy Smith. John W Olson SECOND ROW M Fred 
Winter. Galen G Frick. Earl H. Seyfert, John W Shupe. Charles R Ballard. Wil- 
liam W. Guthndge. THIRD ROW James G Smith. Daniel E Gaskin. George E 

Shupe. Lawrence N. Weigel. Steven F. Honeycutt, James A. Ikard. Dwight W 
Oman BOTTOM ROW: George W Schultz. Ray E Willis. Dennis L Berkholtz. 
Robert E George 


Blotting out an Oklahoma forward's view of the basket, Nick 
Pino presents 270 pounds of leaping defensive intimidation 

Willie the Wildcat can't bear to watch as senior cheerleaders 
in outlandish garb hoist megaphones in 'Cats' final home game. 

Steve Honeycutt seemsto be in the Field House rafters in 
scoring over Iowa State's Dave Fleming and 6-9 Raul Duarte. 

Earl Seyfert uncoils a left-handed baseline jump shot over 
the protesting hand of Nebraska's 6-4 forward Nate Branch. 

'Cat cagers finish season 
with 1 7-8 overall record 

With a 17-8 overall mark and a 9-5 conference 
record, the Wildcats ended the season in fourth 
place in Big Eight standings. Junior Earl Seyfert 
was selected for the all-conference second team. 

1966-67 Basketball 









Iowa State 






Oklahoma State 









Florida State 












Texas Tech 






Pennsylvania State 


















Iowa State 



Oklahoma State 






Iowa State 











Part-time starter Larry Weigel appears to be punting the 
ball as he loses his footing. Charlie Russ of Missouri watches 

Kansas won the Big Eight basketball race, followed by Colorado and Ne- 
braska, who tied for second; Kansas State finished fourth; Iowa State was 
fifth; Oklahoma sixth; Oklahoma State seventh; and Missouri eighth. 


Taking a breather. Wildcat yearling cagers gather around Bill 
Guthndge, freshman coach and former reserve guard on three 

consecutive Wildcat Big Eight champion teams. The time-out 
came against KU in the Jayhawks' double-overtime 86-84 win. 

Freshman cagers end season with unusual tie game 

With a Big Eight Conference ruling ending the 
final Wildcat frosh game with the Washburn Junior 
Varsity in a 92-all tie, the 'Cat freshmen finished 
the campaign with a 3-4-1 record. 6-3 guard-for- 
ward Jeff Webbledtheyearlings with a scoring 
average of 20.3 points per game. Webb also was the 
club's top rebounder, with an 8.6 average. Dennis 
Weinhold, a 6-8 forward-center, led in field-goal 
accuracy, shooting 63 per cent from the field. 

After thrashing Dodge City Juco, 87-54, and 
beating Ft. Scott Juco, 86-79, the frosh fell, 76-100, 
to the University of Kansas freshmen at Lawrence. 
In the rematch at home, the Wildkittens took KU 

into two overtimes before bowing, 86-84. The 
young 'Cats upset a powerful University of Nebras- 
ka freshman squad, 83-70, but lost, 91-103, to the 
Cornhuskers at Lincoln. Webb collected 22 points 
in a 74-88 loss to Missouri. 

1966-67 Freshman Basketball 






Dodge City Juco 



Nebraska Freshmen 



Ft. Scott Juco 



Missouri Freshmen 



Kansas Freshmen 

1 00 


Nebraska Freshmen 



Kansas Freshmen 



Washburn Jun. Var. 




Hanging gracefully in the air, flashy guard Wheeler Hughes 
flips a one-hander. Hughes averaged 12.3 points per game 

Doug Dodge, a 6-4 forward, barely gets a lane jump shot over 
the outstretched hand of a Washburn Jay Vee in season finale. 

1966-67 Freshman Basketball Squad - TOP ROW Morice F. Winter, Doug- 
las Dodge, Dennis G Weinhold, Vernon R Lavender, Kent D. Litton, Stephen P. 
Palmer, Ross B. Ballard. SECOND ROW: William W Guthndge. Lee W. Jones, 

Robert L Randall, Dick P Flack, Jeffrey W. Webb. Dwight W. Oman BOTTOM 
ROW Gregory S. Schilling, Glen E Strecker, Gregory A Dickerson, Wheeler M. 


Wildcats earn fourth place 
in baseball for conference 

Improved hitting and pitching vaulted the Wild- 
cat baseball team to a fourth-place tie in Big Eight 
Conference play. The team won 10 of 20 games on 
the league circuit, to bring their season record to 19 
wins and 14 losses. It was the first winning season 
for a 'Cat baseball club since 1947. 

The Wildcats gave the best representation of any 
conference school in the hitting charts. Outfielder 
Ernie Recob was third in batting averages with a 
.356 mark and collected the most hits in the loop 
with 26. He was named to the all-Big Eight team. 
Shortstop Gary Holland led the league in runs-bat- 
ted-in, with 17, and in doubles, with seven. 

Wildcat pitchers finished with a 2.93 composite 
earned-run-average. Wade Johnson was the most 
effective hurler, winning six games against two loss- 
es and finishing second in the league with a 2.08 
e.r.a. The 'Cats dropped out of second place when 
southpaw Steve Wood was hit by a line drive mid- 
way through the season. Wood finished with a 3-5 
record and a 2.52 e.r.a., third best in the loop. 

Fireballing Steve Wood follows through after his pitch to an 
Oklahoma State batter. Wood averaged a strikeout per inning. 

1966 Baseball Squad - TOP ROW Dennis L Erkenbrack, Ernie A Recob. 
Herbert H. Dallis. Thomas A Wheeler. David C Baker SECOND ROW David L 
Doohttle, Keith L. Cramer, Charles R. Ballard, Joseph A Spurgeon BOTTOM 

ROW: James D Scheffer. Johnny R. Krob. Steve J Wood, Cecil W Johnson, 
Stuart H Steele 


Fascination for "America's Favorite Pastime" is revealed by 
the faces of young boys as they watch the action on the dia- 

mond. The lure of a pennant-contending baseball team brought 
'Cat fans out in increasing numbers during the 1966 season 

Pitching ace Wade Johnson prepares to unleash his fastball 
as shortstop Garry Holland readies his glove to play defense. 




•"* : ^* 















1966 Baseball 



Texas Christian 

Texas Christian 

Texas Christian 

Abilene Christian 

Abilene Christian 

Southern Methodist 

Southern Methodist 













1 1 

Iowa State 
Iowa State 
Emporia State 
Emporia State 
Oklahoma State 
Oklahoma State 
Oklahoma State 







Oklahoma State won the Big Eight baseball crown; Oklahoma was second; 
Nebraska third; Kansas State, Missouri and Iowa State tied for fourth; Colo- 
rado was seventh and Kansas eighth. 


Brasher leads young team 
to first season above .500 

Leading his baseballers to continued improve- 
ment was former professional scout Bob Brasher, in 
his second year at the 'Cat helm. Brasher saw his 
club gain series decisions over Texas Christian and 
Arkansas, to post a 7-4 record prior to Big Eight 
play. In league warfare, the 'Cats dropped two of 
three to Oklahoma, but rebounded to take two of 
three from KU and sweep a series with Colorado. 

After splitting a two-game series with Iowa State, 
the Wildcats met Nebraska in a disappointing ser- 
ies, as starter Steve Wood sustained a line-drive 
injury to his cheekbone. The Cornhuskers took the 
series, two to one. The 'Cats dumped Emporia 
State twice, but lost four of their last six Conference 
games, as Wood lost each of his last three starts. 

Second year coach Bob Brasher voices vehement disagree- 
ment with the umpire's decision. Brasher is a former pro scout. 

Dave Doolittletakes a cut at a high pitch astheWildcats 
watch from the dugout. Catcher Doolittle batted in 12 runs. 



Norb Andrews beats out an infield hit despite an acrobatic 
effort by the opposing first baseman to rob him of his base hit 

Leading 'Cat hitter Ernie Recob slides hard into second base 
but is called out on a close play Recob hit .388 for the season. 


1966 Outdoor Track Team - TOP ROW: Kenneth D. Winters, Harold T. Woo- 
ten, David J. Langford, Leo D Hawkins. Ronald D. Hellwig, Donald L June, Don 
L. Riedl, William W. Favrow, Felix J Gotner SECOND ROW: Arthur S. Harvey, 
Ronald L Moody, Harold R Harrison, Charles Y Harper. James L. Kettlehut. 
Donald E. Payne, William W. Dutton, Conrad Nightingale, Ronald K. Holm, Virgil 

Providing depth in the field events, Don Reidl competes in the 
broad jump, long jump and triple jump for the Wildcats. 


B Roper, Coach DeLoss Dodds, Richard E. Heuertz. BOTTOM ROW: Andrew 
Williams. William L. Selbe, James J. Hayes, Larry Fischer, Alan R. Hug, Michael 
C Tarry. Albert N. Yenkey, Van L. Rose, Harry L Kitchener, Michael M. Kelly, 
Roger E. Shoemaker. Robert Jaymes 

'Cat tracksters win three 
of four in regular season 

Hampered by bad handoffs in the relay events, 
the 1966 outdoor track squad finished seventh in the 
Big Eight Outdoor Track Meet at Columbia. Con- 
rad Nightingale posted the best NCAA mark of sea- 
son in the mile, turning in a 4:00.9 performance. 

1966 Outdoor Track 






Universidad Nacional 18 




de Mexico 





Lamar 85 


Air Force 



Southern Illinois 54 

Nebraska won the Big Eight Outdoor Track Meet, Oklahoma was second, 
Oklahoma State placed third, Kansas finished fourth, Colorado and Missouri 
tied for fifth, K-State was seventh, and Iowa State was last. 

Posing in the starting block. Ron Moody ran on the mile relay 
team which set a Wildcat school record time of 3:09.4. 

On a mud-splattered track, Vint Arnett edges out KU to cap- 
ture first place in Freshman-Junior College sprint medleys. 

Ron Moody passes to anchor man Don Payne who finished five 
yards ahead of Southern Illinois for first in the triangular meet. 

Taking the lead in the distance medley relay. Bill Selbe hands 
the baton to Charles Harper as the Wildcats capture first place 

for the event during the Southwest Relays Don Payne ran the 
440-yard dash in 47.2 seconds for a new meet record 


Cross country men finish 
second in national meet 

Wildcat harriers placed three men in the top five 
finishers to capture the Big Eight cross country ti- 
tle for the second consecutive year. In all, Coach 
Deloss Dodds' squad entered eight meets during the 
season and finished first in seven. 

After winning the State Federation at Lawrence, 
seniors Conrad Nightingale, Wes Dutton and 
Charles Harper led the team to second in the 
NCAA meet. The 'Cats ended the season with a 
one-point victory over San Jose State. 

1966 Cross Country 






Southern Illinois 












K-State won the Big Eight Cross Country meet. Colorado was second, 
Kansas placed third, Oklahoma State finished fourth, Missouri took fifth, 
Iowa State was sixth, Oklahoma placed seventh and Nebraska last. 

Wildcat harriers display the trophy they received for a second 
place finish behind Villanova in the NCAA meet at Lawrence. 

'Cat runners pace themselves in the first mile of the three mile 
course at the Wichita-Drake triangular Charles Harper and 

Conrad Nightengale tied for first, and Wildcats swept five of the 
top six places. Winning time for the meet was 19:58. 


Cross country runner Conrad Nightingale strides to a second 
place finish behind Oklahoma State's Chris McCubbins in the 

Big Eight competition at Ames, Iowa. Winning the conference 
title. Wildcats won three of the first five places in the meet 

Cross Country Squad — TOP ROW John E. Bolan. Stephen M Saunders. 
James B Hayes, Darrell D. Dodds SECOND ROW: Michael C. Tarry. Van L. 

Rose. Robert W. Jaymes. BOTTOM ROW Conrad K Nightingale. Paul R 
Scholz, William W. Dutton. Charles Y Harper. 



Sophomore trackster Larry Fischer clears the hurdles with a 
Doan runner in the 60-yard highs during the K-State Indoor 

Relays The Wildcats won all four relays at the event, but placed 
third when two were discounted as disgualifications. 

1967 Indoor Track Team -TOP ROW Richard E Heuertz. Michael M Kelly. 
Vinton K. Arnett. Larry E. Weldon, William L Brown. Lon K Floyd. Gene D Lar- 
son SECOND ROW Stephen M Saunders. Van L Rose. Michael R Heer. Mi- 
chael C. Tarry. Alan R Hug. Terry W Holbrook. Charles Y Harper THIRD ROW: 

Dana L. Rasch. William F Kiser. Ronald L Moody. Joe D Freeman. Paul R. 
Scholz. William W Dutton. Kerry L Fairchild. BOTTOM ROW. William W. Fav- 
row. Conrad K. Nightingale, Cornelius G. Davis, Don L Riedl, David J Langford, 
Darrell D Dodds, John E. Bolan. 

as f 

i 1 

•iff .::■' 


**t i ■■ HB Kaft», 

■L A wf' ' 

■ft JnVHk R ip ' 

tHK *" 

kfl H^ <*• "^rB 

B - *^^i 

ip '^"jiwJB 

\.^MBrHL **. .„ ■fe^p^^^^p iS » **■.". 

|Liil]i ~sm WQjii 

BaB 11 in] 1 Sal ■ft^%» 1 



St s *""* HBKH^B^lMnl 1 LiXLiJ 

ZriLSWahl: %* aaaH H 1 rl 

■l ■ i H 

A f ^HT 

■ an 




Freshman John Cain, pushing off the shot, teams with frosh 
Larry Wright to give the Wildcats two 50-foot-plus "put" men. 

Wes Dutton gets vocal support from coach DeLoss Dodds as 
he holds on to the lead in a race at the K-State indoor relays. 

'Cat indoor team captures 
fourth in Big Eight meet 

Picked by the experts to finish last, the Wildcat 
indoor track team surprised with a fourth-place 
finish in the Big Eight Indoor Track Meet at Kan- 
sas City. The distance medley relay team composed 
of Wes Dutton, Charles Harper, Terry Holbrook 
and Conrad Nightingale set an American record at 
the NCAA Indoor Track Championships in De- 
troit. Nightingale and Dutton finished second and 
third in the mile in the Big Eight meet behind KU's 
Jim Ryun, world record holder in that event. 

With back arch and arms spread, a Wildcat freshman attempts 
to achieve maximum distance from his leap in the broad jump. 

1967 Indoor Track 





45 46 




Kansas won the Big Eight indoor track championship, Nebraska and Mis- 
souri tied for second, K-State placed fourth, Oklahoma finished fifth, Oklaho- 
ma State placed sixth, Iowa State came in seventh, and Colorado finished 


Grapplers earn fifth place 
in Big Eight tournament 

With four of their wins coming against non-con- 
ference teams, the wrestling squad earned victories 
in six of their twelve season meets. Veteran coach 
Fritz Knorr guided his grapplers to a fifth-place 
finish in the Big Eight Tournament at Norman. 
Four Wildcats placed in the conference meet. Dan- 
ny Lankas placed third in the heavyweight division, 
to earn a 9-4 record. All-America Bill Brown came 
back from a first-round tournament loss to win his 
remaining matches and place third in the 152- 
pound class. Dave Lightner placed fourth in the 
191-pound class and Danny Thomas gained a 
fourth-place finish in the 137-pound class. 

1967 Wrestling 





South Dakota State 




Emporia State 







Southwest Missouri 








Oklahoma State 



Colorado Mines 1 1 

Central Missouri State 1 1 

Oklahoma 35 

Colorado 20 

Air Force 1 5 

Iowa State 31 

Oklahoma won the Big Eight meet, with Iowa State second, Oklahoma 
State third, Colorado fourth, Kansas State fifth, Nebraska sixth and Missouri 
seventh. Kansas did not compete. 

Fritz Knorr, m his 16th season as 'Cat wrestling coach, con- 
fers with heavyweight Danny Lankas during a Big Eight meet 

Wrestling Squad— TOP ROW James E. Barrett, James E Lundberg, Jon R 
Carter, Lyle S Cook, William J. Fields. Randall D Uhrich, James L Richardson, 
Russell Lay, George H Jabara SECOND ROW Fritz G Knorr. Melvin S Car- 
men, Gary A. Richards, Dashe A Hardin, Randall H Alder, Marvin L Landes, 
James R Miller, Oliver N. Krannawitter, Larry J Dragone THIRD ROW: Thom- 

as D Hawk, Larry E. Elder, Daniel E. Thomas, Craig R. Zaiss, William R Knorr, 
Raye R Patterson. Michael L Haney. David K Wieland, Richard C Roswurm. 
BOTTOM ROW: Robert L Lehr. Thomas E. Keller. Terron E Jones, Gary E. Wat- 
son, David K Lightner, William LeeRoy Brown, James K. McDougal, Jerome H. 


As rugged on the mats as he is on the gridiron, all-Big Eight 
linebacker Danny Lankas manuevers his opponent into position 

to make a pin Lankas, a 212-pound junior from Atwood, com- 
piled a record of nine wins and four losses as a heavyweight. 

With his foe clinging stubbornly to his neck, a Wildcat grappler 
lifts his opponent off the mat in an attempt for a take-down 

As the referee watches intently. All American Bill Brown tries 
to work free of an opponent's hold. Brown had a 10-5 record. 


I ■tlilll 


fl ' 

j - ml AIM 


^^^W. "« 



Raised scorecards reveal judges' reactions to a Wildcat gym- 
nast's parallel bars performance. Judges award points for each 

exercise up to a maximum of 10 with 5.0 of the total based 
on execution, 3.4 on difficulty, and 16 on combination. 

Gymnasts finish in cellar, 
freshmen win two meets 

After failing to gain a victory in 10 regular season 
dual meets, the Wildcat gymnastics team finished 
last of the six league teams to compete in the Big 
Eight tournament. The freshman gymnasts fared 
better, claiming decisions in both of their dual 
meets. The frosh downed KU 120.45-111.25 and 
defeated the Central Missouri "B" team by a 
123.35-1 18.50 margin. The gymnasts were coached 
by Bob Rector, in his first season as 'Cat mentor. 

Swinging into a dismount, sophomore Dave Gechter executes 
the intricate balance changes required in the side horse routine. 






Iowa State 

185 75 

130 90 






148 05 

Colorado State 

17 1.00 




149 10 




Western Illinois 



Wichita State 

144 60 

141 55 



140 45 

Air Force 


Iowa State won the Big Eight meet, followed by Colorado, Kansas, Nebras- 
ka, Oklahoma and K-State. Missouri and Oklahoma State did not compete. 


Freshman Steve Kinder shows his form in the floor exercise. 
Points are awarded for grace, ease and sureness of movement. 

Teammates stand by in case a Wildcat gymnast should re- 
quire assistance as he begins his descent to the trampoline bed. 

Suspended in the air, a freshman performs on the trampoline, 
which required an excellent sense of relocation in the air. 

Gymnastics Team - TOP ROW Ralph M Pietronicco. Dave L. Kolde, Clair C. 
Hill, Steven W. Kinder, David E. Latham, Donald T. Seymour, Jon S Dolenc, 
Hugh T Privette, Colin L. Campbell. Michael E McDermed, Coach Bob Rector 

SECOND ROW Allen G Talley, David A Gechter. John P Ayres. Donald L. 
Bridges, Thomas R Bronleewe BOTTOM ROW Robert G Parker, Robert G 
Kice, Stanley R Husted, Ronald L Bridges. 

Wildcat swimmers finish 
fourth in Big Eight race 

For the first season in nearly a decade, Wildcat 
swimmers vaulted into the first division in the Big 
Eight Swimming Championships, held at Colum- 
bia, Mo. Led by senior Bob Duenkel and sopho- 
more Dick Rivera, the Wildcats gained fourth 
place, scoring 42 points. Rivera accounted for 17 
points, winning the 200 and 400-yard backstroke 
races, and adding a fourth-place finish in the 200- 
yard breaststroke. The 'Cats had a 5-4 dual meet 
record, defeating Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Ar- 
kansas, Colorado and Missouri. 

1967 S 















'.: J , 

Oklahoma State 






Iowa State 












Iowa State won the Big Eight swimming meet, followed by Kansas, Okla- 
homa, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado. 

Junior Tom Oursler explodes off the starting block as team- 
mate John Hennchs finishes in the 400-yard free style relay. 

Swimming coach Ed Fedosky offers a demonstration in frog- 
man techniques as Tom Peterson and Jim Butler, in the water. 

and Bob Duenkel and Bob Kinney, kneeling at poolside, listen 
intently. 1967 was Fedosky's seventh season as coach. 


Churning the water around him, Pierre Picotte makes a breast 
stroke turn to go into a butterfly stroke. Picotte. a sophomore. 

was one of several underclassmen on the youthful 1967 
'Cat swimming team, which posted a 5-4 record in dual meets. 

1967 Varsity Swimming Team - TOP ROW: James H. Butler, Robert G Park- 
er, Michael B Sterling. Robert N Wilson. Allan L Fedosky, Steve L Betton 
SECOND ROW; Edward J. Fedosky, Roger P. Kaiser, Michael D. Dumford, Fred- 
erick K. Enckson. David B Fruetel. James D Latham. Ray I Throckmorton 

THIRD ROW Douglas R Goodman. John M. Shoup. Frederick L. Williams, 
Richard R. Rivera. Patrick J Lafferty. Thomas L Oursler BOTTOM ROW Wil- 
liam E. Martens. Robert T. Duenkel. Craig W. Ridenour, Pierre L. Pitcotte. Tho- 
mas E. Peterson 


Taking some practice swings, ace 'Cat golfer Ron Schmede- 

mann prepares to tackle par at the Manhattan Country Club 

Ron Fogler, manager and golf professional at the Manhattan 
Country Club, assumed 'Cat coaching post for the 1 967 season. 

Golf team posts 11-17-1 
record with last three wins 

Wildcat golfers won their last three dual meets to 
post an 11-17-1 season record, and finished seventh 
inthe 1966 Big Eight golf tournament. Leading 
linkster was Ron Schmedemann, who turned in a 
21-6-1 dual meet record and went on to the semifi- 
nals in the Kansas amateur tournament. Junior 
Shelly Shellenberger turned in the second-best re- 
cord on the team with a 13-13-1 mark. 

1966 Golf Team - TOP ROW: Charles Shellenberger, Gary L Johnson, James 
J. Graham. Peter A Bell BOTTOM ROW. Ronald Fogler, Ronnie Schmede- 
mann, John R Graham 

1966 Golf 





8 1/2 




7 1/2 


7 1/2 


Emporia State 

4 1/2 

Oklahoma State 

10 1/2 

12 1/2 

C. of Emporia 




South Dakota 





2 1/2 


12 1/2 


Wichita State 

1 1 

6 1/2 


8 1/2 


Oklahoma State 



5 1/2 


9 1/2 


Oklahoma Baptist 



Oklahoma State 


1 1 

Central Okla 



Iowa State 


3 1/2 




6 1/2 


8 1/2 


North Texas St. 


4 1/2 


10 1/2 

5 1/2 

Wichita State 



4 1/2 


10 1/2 

4 1/2 

North Texas St 

10 1/2 




1 1/2 

Oklahoma State 






3 1/2 


1 1 






Wichita State 


Oklahoma State won the Big Eight golf tournament, followed by Colorado, 
Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. 

Varsity Tennis Team — TOP ROW: Karl F Finney, Richard C. Dickson. Danny 
H Millis. Robert K Hauber BOTTOM ROW: Larry K. Berlin, Michael R Kraus, 

Dennis C Patterson 

Tennis team finishes 9-5 
in dual meet competition 

With only two seniors, the 1966 Wildcat tennis 
team compiled a 9-5 dual meet record, and tied with 
KU for second in the Big Eight Tournament. Non- 
conference dual victories were over Oklahoma Bap- 
tist, Air Force and Washburn twice. The netmen 
lost twice to Oklahoma City, for a 4-2 record on the 
non-conference slate. Gaining conference decisions 
over Iowa State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and 
Missouri, the 'Cats split with KU and lost twice to 
Oklahoma for a 5-3 Big Eight dual record. 

Number-one netman Mike Kraus displays his form as he 
smashes a serve during a practice match on the tennis courts. 

1966 Tennis 















Oklahoma State 



Iowa State 










Oklahoma City 











Oklahoma City 



Air Force 





Oklahoma won the tennis tournament. Kansas and Kansas State tied for 
second; Missouri placed fourth; Oklahoma State was fifth; Iowa State sixth; 
Nebraska seventh; and Colorado eighth. 

Rowers head for the lake and practice after unloading shells 
from the rowing team bus. used to transport shells locally. The 

bus was the first piece of equipment purchased for the Wildcat 
rowing team, which now is owner of four eight -oar shells. 

Low depth of Tuttle Creek Reservoir water leaves the boat dock 
"high and dry," forcing the rowers to wade out to the shell. 

University rowing squad 
competes in five contests 

For the second consecutive year, the 1966 Wild- 
cat rowers placed fourth in a field of eight in the 
second Mid-America Championship Regatta at 
Purdue. Coach Don Rose's crewmen, in their third 
season of competition, rowed an expanded schedule, 
competing in five races. The varsity crew defeated 
Michigan State and the 'Cat freshmen rowers best- 
ed the Notre Dame frosh in the Heart of America 
Regatta in Kansas City. In the lone home competi- 
tion, the varsity crew lost by one and one-half 
lengths to Purdue, while the Jay Vees and freshmen 
came in behind the Purdue lightweight varsity. 

In a triangular at St. Paul, the Wildcats came in 
last behind Minnesota and St. Thomas, while the 
'Cat frosh defeated the St. Thomas freshmen. In the 
last race of the season, the Wildcats finished last 
behind Wisconsin and Wayne State, at Madison. 



fife \ r' 

Crew members carry 1 2-foot oars into the shells, which are 60 
feet long — roughly the height of a five-story building. 

Huddled against nippy early March weather, coach Don 
Rose selects the crews and boats before a practice session. 

1966-67 Rowing Team — TOP ROW Steven F Compton. Bryan F Pearce, 
Lester L Bieber. Roland F. Sass. Jettie F. Condray SECOND ROW Michael R 
Cams, Marion K. Eisler, Michael M Kozlowski. Larry N Carey. David J Neufeld, 

Keith E. Watkins THIRD ROW Jerry A Dickinson. William K. Dyer. Graig N. 
Deeds. Curtis W Kruse, G Michael Zoerb. Thomas E Poley. Gregory F De- 
mond BOTTOM ROW Don Rose. 


Barbara Anderson, a member of the champion Wildcat wom- 
en's rifle team, draws a bead on the target from the prone posi- 

tion Many of the girls on the team learned to shoot and be- 
came interested through physical education riflery classes. 

Women's rifle team sets records at Oklahoma State 

Setting records at the OSU Tournament at Still- 
water and at the K-State Eighth Annual Invitation- 
al International Small Bore Rifle Tournament, the 
Wildcat women's rifle team became champions for 
the half-and full-international rifle courses. 

The K-State Invitational, formerly named the 
Turkey Shoot, attracted more than 60 teams from 
34 colleges and eight high schools. Top teams in the 

country participated, including West Virginia, 
which won for the second straight year with 2181 
points. The Wildcat men's rifle team placed fifth in 
the tournament, with 2129 points. Spender Linder- 
man recorded the second-best score of the 200 men 
who entered. In other meets, the men finished first 
in the Missouri Valley Meet at St. Louis, and de- 
feated Missouri in a dual at Columbia, 1044-948. 

Varsity Rifle Team - TOP ROW: Donald D Rucker. Barbara J. Anderson. Ju- 
dith A James, Elizabeth A Dawson. Larry G Hess SECOND ROW George M. 
Wilkins. Michael F Kingman, Eric W Dagenhardt. Jonathan P Small. BOTTOM 
ROW James C Richardson, Spencer A Lmderman, Kenneth D Everett 

Wearing padded equipment, sophomore rifle team member 
James Richardson concentrates on sights of the 22-caliber gun. 


Men's Bowling Team — TOP ROW: William E Feldman. Steven L. Taylor. 
Daniel J. Shiel BOTTOM ROW Larry G. Cornwell. Robert J Jones. 

Showing the flair of a professional's follow-through. Nancy 
Peterson heads the ball for the pins on a Union bowling lane 

Coed bowlers take first in Mid-States Tournament 

With Larry Cornwell's tourney-high 204 aver- 
age spurring the way, the Wildcat men's bowling 
team placed third in the annual Mid-States Tour- 
nament in the Union. The Wildcat women's team, 
in their second year of competition, took first place 
in the women's event. Liz Gilmore paced the ladies 
with a 169 tourney average. Eight schools were 
represented, with seven men's teams and six wom- 

en's teams participating in the Union tournament. 

In the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference, Wildcat 
men bowlers placed fourth in the six-team league, 
while the 'Cat women bowlers finished last in their 
four-team league. Cornwell had the best traveling 
league average on the team at 189, followed by Bill 
Feldman's 183 mark. Judy Cunningham averaged 
142 pins in the traveling league, to lead the women. 

Women's Bowling Team — Elizabeth P. Gilmore. Nancy S. Peterson, Janie I Rhyne. Elizabeth I Mangum. Sherry S Simon. Marilyn E. Verhaalen. Judith A Cunning- 

Showing the same zest for the game as the men. women 
scramble after the ball during a round robin tournament. Organ- 

ized into three leagues. 13 women's teams participated in bas- 
ketball. Titles are decided by playoffs eliminating the losers. 

Putnam coeds win trophy 
for intramural competition 

Putnam hall captured the 1966 Women's Athlet- 
ic Association trophy. The women from Putnam 
tied for first in participation points, but claimed the 
trophy on the basis of first-place finishes in basket- 
ball, softball and bowling. Team sports in women's 
intramurals are played in the form of tournaments, 
with losers eliminated from competition. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma continued its domination 
in swimming competition, winning the title for the 
fourth consecutive year. West hall ended Boyd 
hall's two-year winning streak with a perfect record 
in kickball. The Moore hall ladies walked off with 
the tennis title. Coeducational volleyball was organ- 
ized as an intramural sport for the first time. San- 
dra Hick coordinated the eight-sport coed schedule 
as women's intramural director for the fourth year. 

Named Favorite Woman Teacher by Associated Women Stu- 
dents. Sandra Hick displays equipment used for eight sports. 


Coeds practice kickball on an off-campus area. Transformation 
into parking lots of several campus fields caused cancellation of 

Softball competition during the spring 1967 semester, and 
forced crowded kickball schedules on the remaining fields. 

Smurthwaite and Kappa Alpha Theta women battle for a re- 
bound during the final game, won by the Thetas. 30-17 

Bowling one of the three games which count toward winning a 
woman's intramural bowling trophy, a coed releases the ball. 


Doubles competitors attempt to keep the birdie a loft . 
AIA. Beta Theta Pi and Marlatt took division badminton titles 

In his second year as men's intramural director, Al Sheriff 
kneels on the site of a new intramural field to check plans. 


. ' 

Drawing back a hand, a handball contestant praticipates in 
one of 1 5 sports offered in the men's intramural program. 

Leaping high, a touch football player catches the "pigskin." 
AVMA, Betas and Moore 1 Terrace won football crowns. 

Betas, Marlatt one, PEM 
lead intramural divisions 

With 1 1 intramural sports completed, Beta The- 
ta Pi, Marlatt one and the Phys Ed Majors (PEM) 
led their divisions in 1966-67 Competition. Betas 
captured firsts in the fraternity division in touch 
football, handball, horseshoes, free throwing and 
badminton to total 573 points. Sigma Chi, with a 
championship in basketball, totaled 420 1/2 points, 
to edge out Delta Tau Delta, with 417, for second. 

PEM, with titles in swimming, handball, and 
horseshoes, accumulated 468 points to hold a slim 
lead in the independent division over AVMA, 
which gained championships in touch football, ten- 
nis and free throwing to score 467 points. 

Marlatt 1 was dormitory champion in basketball, 
swimming, golf, handball, bowling and free throw- 
ing, to total 518 points and lead the division. Moore 
1 Terrace took titles in touch football and wrestling, 
and added seconds in tennis, bowling and free 
throwing, to total 454 points and hold down second 
spot. Moore 6 was third with 320 points. 

Wrestlers strain in an effort to win points in the intramural 
grappling tournament in Ahearn Gymnasium. Moore 1 Terrace 

romped to the independent division championship, while 
Newman Club and Sig Alphs took decisions in their divisions 

•V X WL, 


Spiking the ball over the net. a Delta Tau Delta player returns 
the volley in intramural championships against Delta Upsilon 

The Delts won to capture third place while Beta Sigma Psi de- 
feated the Delta Chi's for first in the fraternity league. 

Intramurals submits plans 
for field, building complex 

Intramural director Al Sheriff prepared and 
submitted plans to Apportionment Board for a new 
intramural complex to be located adjacent to the 
new football stadium. The proposed plans provided 
for six softball diamonds and 10 football fields in 
addition to utility courts for badminton, volleyball, 
handball, horseshoes and tennis. A dual purpose 
building was proposed to serve as an intramural 
office and dressing room on the site. 

Competing as one of 165 contestants in the spring horsehoe 
singles, a student takes careful aim before attempting a ringer. 





Sigma Alpha Epsilon, losers of an intramural basketball con- 
test with Delta Tau Delta, yell out a congratulatory cheer to their 

opponents. The teams, members of League One of the fraternity 
division, battled to a 31-26 finish in the Mens' Gymnasium. 


Photo by David von Riesen 

3 . ^*\AIi*VV' ffl>-*< ktfMSMM 



Photo by Don Richards 

Students — visiting, study- 
ing, celebrating the end of finals 
and reaching the final goal — in 
these faces one finds the mean- 
ing of the University. 





i''iSi'*'*^k' r *t, 


Senior class officers Richard Anderson, president; Ashley Alli- 
son, secretary; Judy Davidson, treasurer; and Robert Steiger, 

vice-president, try on senior sweatshirts, purple derbies and 
TGIS buttons which were sold with activity cards for a $5 fee 

Activity card fees provide 
senior scholarship funds 

Money raised by the senior class by selling activi- 
ty cards provided $500 for the senior scholarship 
fund of the Endowment Association. More than 800 
cards were sold to the 1,836 member class. Included 
with the card were the traditional derbies, TGIS 
buttons and sweatshirts and admission to the senior 
section of the last home football and basketball 
games. A keg party at Tuttle Creek and two "sen- 
ior nights" at a local pizza parlor were special so- 
cial functions of the year. 

Graduating fathers are no longer so rare as married under- 
graduate enrollment rose to 1,491 with 1,042 married men. 

For the first time since 1950, the Royal 
Purple recognized outstanding seniors for 
their contributions to the University. A 
committee of four RP editors and two ad- 
visers selected 31 students from the 100 
nominated by the college councils and 13 
nominated at large. Selection was based 
on applications submitted by nominees. 
Criteria included service to the University 
and departmental field, campus leader- 
ship, and scholarship demonstrated by the 
overall grade point average. The 31 "out- 
standing seniors" are pictured informally 
throughout this section. 


Seniors: Ada-And 

TOP ROW: Adams, Arthur A: Maple Hill. Animal Husbandry. RA, 
Block & Bridle, Chaparajos, Marching Band. Pep Band. Varsity Band. 
Adams, Stanley D: Augusta, Industrial Engineering Addy, Cathryn 
L: Wichita. English. Pi Beta Phi Pledge Trainer, Mortar Bd. Pres.. Little 
Sisters of Minerva. AWS V-Pres. Judicial Bd. Chm.. UGB. UPC Sec. 
SEA. Adrian, Brenda G: Moundndge. Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Delta Pi. Alpha Lambda Nu. AVMA, Intr Ahlerich, Milton E: 
Winfield, Psychology Aikman, Nancy R: Toledo, Ohio, Foods and 
Nutrition, Prof Foods Club Alder, Robbin L: Wellington, Poultry Sci- 
ence, Poultry Sci. Club Pres., Ag. Council, Intr 

THIRD ROW: Althoff, Charles M: Massapequa, NY.. Entomology. 
Amos, Carol S: Colby, Elementary Education, Chi Omega V-Pres. 
Schs Chm . Kappa Delta Pi. Dean's Honor Roll, CYD, SEA., Union 
Comm Anderson, Connelaine: Bonner Springs, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Anderson, Dave F: Sharon Springs. Animal Husbandry. 
Anderson, Gloria J: Kansas City. English, Gamma Phi Beta, Angel 
Flight. Jr Panhel. Royal Purple Queen finalist. Anderson, John H: 
Agenda. Zoology, Alpha Gamma Rho, Varsity Football, Athletic Schs. 
Anderson, Larry A: Axtell, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha 
Kappa Psi V-Pres., Dean's Honor Roll, Commerce Coun. Pres., Stu. 
Senate, Athletic Coun., Intr., State of Kansas Schs 

SECOND ROW Alexander, Roger B: Topeka. Architectural Engi- 
neering. Algrim, Eugene E: Junction City. Agricultural Education. 
Allacher, David R: Herdon, Accounting Allemang, Virginia S: 

Lyndon. Music Education. MENC. Women's Glee Club, Oratorio Cho- 
rus, Kappa Phi Cab , State of Kansas Schs. Allison, Ashley: Wichita, 
Modern Languages, Pi Beta Phi Pledge Trainer Soc Chm., Mortar 
Bd., Chimes, Angel Flight V-Pres., IPC Pari., UGB. UPC. Union 
Comm., Pershing Rifles Honorary, Sr Class Sec, French Club, 
CYR. Allison, Mary J: Kingman, Technical Journalism, SEA , Kappa 
Phi Sec , Intr. Almquist, Karmon D: Assaria, Electrical Engineering, 
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Madrigal Singers, IEEE, Flying Club, LSA, 


BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, Larry P: Holly. Colo., Architecture. 
Anderson, Larry R: Williamsburg, Veterinary Medicine. FarmHouse 
Pledge Trainer Rush Chm., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key 
Pres., Alpha Zeta Treas.. Stu. Senate, Vet. Coun., AVMA Pres., K-Club 
V-Pres., Varsity Football, Athletic Schs., NCAA Schs. Anderson, Me- 
linda M: McPherson, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi V-Pres., 
SEA., CYR, Newman Club. Anderson, Norman H: McCracken, Nu- 
clear Engineering, AIAA, ANS Treas., Smith Schs. House. Anderson, 
Richard M: Bethel, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta Treas. 
Rush Chm.. Blue Key. Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard & 
Blade, FCSA, Alumni Bd. Stu. Dir.. Sr. Class Pres.. Commerce Coun., 
IPC Pres., Boeing Aircraft Schs. Anderson, Robert Alvin: Ray, N.D.. 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA. Anderzhon, John F: Farra- 
gut, Iowa, Agricultural Economics. 

Seniors: And-Bar 

TOP ROW: Andrews, Norbert J: Overland Park. Business Administration. 
Delta Tau Delta Sgt -at-Arms. Alpha Kappa Psi. Varsity Baseball, Athletic 
Schs. Angerman, G. Gary: Kansas City, Pre-Law Anstaett, Constance M: 

Kansas City, Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta Rec Sec, Dean's Honor 
Roll, S.E.A, Dames 

SECOND ROW: Anthony, William R: Kansas City, Mo., Architectural Engi- 
neering, Phi Delta Theta Hist Treas., AIA, CYR, Union Comm Arbuthnot, 
Barbara L: Haddam, Elementary Education Arbuthnot, Rodney R: 

Haddam, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW. Armstrong, John P: Manhattan, Technical Journalism 
Arnoldy, David N: Tipton, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Tau Sec, Pi Tau 
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, ASME, AIAA Chm V-Chm , Stu. Senate, K-State Engr. 
Features Ed., UP, Engr Honors Program, NASA Co-op Project, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Engr. Coun.. Maitland E. Smith Schs Artmann, Daniel B: Chicago, III., 
Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec Club V-Pres., Intr 

FOURTH ROW: Augustine, Gary L: Ellis. Nuclear Engineering Ayres, Eva 
M: Russell, Clothing Retailing, Alpha Xi Delta Soc Chm Marshal, Clothing & 
Tex. Club, AWS Comm., LSA, Ks State Legislature Schs. EOG Grant Baber, 
Joe K: Cunningham, Veterinary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Badger, William J: Manhattan, Business Administration 
Baehr, Gratia L: Manhattan, Elementary Education. Alpha Xi Delta Rush 
Sec. SEA, Gamma Delta. Baker, Jacqueline: Junction City. Mathematics. 
Alpha Xi Delta Treas.. Pi Mu Epsilon. A & S Honors Program. S E.A . MPC. 

SIXTH ROW: Baker, Jon L: Manhattan, Geology Baker, Nancy A: Kansas 
City, Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Rec Sec, SEA Advisory 
Bd. Baker, Ronald A: Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Baldridge, Linda A: Ulysses, Interior Design, Home Eco- 
nomics Education, Pi Beta Phi Exec Coun , Delta Phi Delta Sec, Home Ec 
Masters Program, AWS Treas.. AWS Comm , Angel Flight, SEA Advisory 
Bd., K-State Players. Women's Glee Club, AID, Wesley Found , Sears Found. 
Schs. Baldwin, Allen V: Manhattan, Agricultural Education, Alpha Zeta. 
SEA.. Alpha Tau Alpha Sec. Scabbard & Blade. Ag Ed Club Pres 
Baldwin, Carol A: Omaha. Neb.. Political Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ball, Terrance F: Stanton. Neb . Animal Husbandry Banks, 
Paul J: Effingham, Agronomy Barenberg, Edward D: Herndon, Civil Engi- 
neering, ASCE, Newman Club 


Seniors: Bar-Ber 

Barnes. Technical Journalism. Beach, Ronald R: Scott City, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Barkman, Floyd J: Manhattan. Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion Barley, Mary L: Shreveport. La . Interior Design. Kappa Alpha 
Theta Soc. Chm., AID, Little Sisters of Minerva. Newman Club. 
Barnard, Hugh D: Anthony. Architectural Engineering. Lambda Chi 
Alpha Soc. Chm., AIA, CYR Barnes, Joe W: Manhattan, Civil Engi- 
neering. Barr, William C: Manhattan. Feed Science and Manage- 
ment Barth, Sylvia M: Olathe, Home Economics Education, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A.. Home Ec. Teaching Club. 
Bartholomew, Carolyn: Alton, Music Education, Delta Delta Delta 
Lib Pub Chm . Mortar Bd Songleader, Chimes Sec, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon Pres Pub Chm , Phi Kappa Phi. AWS 2nd V- 
Pres., MENC V-Pres., Collegiate 4-H. SGA Comm.. Music Schs.. Harry 
Darby Schs.. Mu Phi Epsilon Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Beals, Barbara A: Dodge City. Psychology. Beck, 
Marcia A: Belleville, Secondary Education, SEA. AWS Comm.. 
UCCF. Becraft, Linda S: Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
Bednasek, Monty M: Wakeeney, Political Science. Beery, Thomas 
Z: Wichita, Mathematics. Delta Chi V-Pres. Sec, SGA Comm., Martin 
K. Eby Schs. Bellairs, George H: Independence, History, Statesmen. 
Benedict, Betty C: Kansas City, Mo., Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Bartley, Glenn E: Esbon, Business Administration, 
UCCF, Intr. Basore, Richard C: Bentley, Animal Husbandry. Bass, 
Andrea R: Shawnee Mission, Clothing Retailing. Bates, Rodney M: 

Manhattan, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Hoedowners Pres., A Cappella Choir, Wesley Found. 
Bauder, Helen C: Howard, Home Economics Education, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron Pres., Omicron Nu Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Prof. Foods Club, S.E.A., Martha S. Pittman Schs. Beach, Charles L: 

BOTTOM ROW: Bennett, Robert E: Manchester, Milling Science 
and Management. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Milling Assoc, Intl. Milling 
Schs. Bentley, Sara S: Dighton, Modern Languages. Kappa Alpha 
Theta Pres.. Chimes Pres., Sigma Delta Pi Treas.. Panhel., SGA 
Comm., Rebecca Dubbs Memorial Schs. Berger, Laurene M: Clay 
Center, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, S.E.A. Berger, 
Sally I: Salina, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, S.E.A. 
Bergin, William C: Hilo, Hawaii. Veterinary Medicine. Berkey, 
Pamela J: Rossville, Radio and Television, Kappa Delta Ed.. Kappa 
Alpha Mu. Berkholtz, Dennis L: Whitefish Bay. Wis.. Business Ad- 
ministration, Delta Tau Delta V-Pres., Varsity Basketball, Varsity Golf. 


Seniors: Ber-BIa 

TOP ROW: Berner. Martha E: Newton, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Berner, Neal E: Newton. Bacteriology Bertrand, William A: Clay 
Center. Wildlife Conservation 

SECOND ROW: Betz, William D: Junction City. Geology. Bevan, William: 

Baltimore, Md , Political Science, Delta Upsilon Sens Chm. Cultural Chm .. 
Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's Honor Roll, A&S Honors Program, SGA Comm . 
Chancery Club Sec. Pres Biby, Carol M: Winfield, Music Education, Alpha 
Mu, MENC, Collegiate 4-H, CYD, Methodist Stu Movement, K-State Sing- 

THIRD ROW: Bieker, Carmen L: Hays, Architecture, AIA Chm., Newman 
Club Intr. Chm Bird, Gloria D: Desoto, Home Economics Education 
Bjurstrom, Mary E: Leoti, History 

BOTTOM ROW: Blaiklock, Raymond R: Manhattan. Electrical Engineering. 
Blakeslee, Mary E: Independence, Elementary Education. Pi Beta Phi Phi- 
lanthropies Chm , Dean's Honor Roll, A&S Coun . Ed Coun V-Pres . SEA 
Mem. Chm, French Club, Newman Club. Blankenship, Gary D : Udall, 
Physical Education 

Tribunal Attorney General Dennis Dechert served apportion- 
ment board three years as a member and student adviser. In 
politics, hewas a member ofthe CYRsand CYDs. and asa 
member of USP, was campaign manager and president. 

After participating in the IFYE program to Brazil. Karen Chit- 
wood gave more than 70 speeches to youth groups and helped 
train potential exchangees She was a member of Student Sen- 
ate, Angel Flight and was Public Relations chairman for MPC 


Seniors: Bla-Bra 

TOP ROW: Blankenship, Larry P: Olmitz. Landscape Architecture. Blecher, 
Jacob B: Manhattan, Zoology. Bleything, Richard R: Raytown. Mo., Busi- 
ness Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Bliss, Charles E: Denver, Colo.. Nuclear Engineering. Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon Pres. Schs. Chm., Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. Steel Ring, Blue 
Key. Stu. Senate, Engr Coun., IFC, ANS, Union Comm., SGA Comm.. Intra., 
Civitan Club Schs. Blocksome, Roderick: Ransom, Electrical Engineering. 
Bodweli, Jean K: Pratt, Modern Languages, Delta Zeta Pari., CYR, French 
Club, SGA Comm., Pep Club. 

THIRD ROW: Bohn, Gary D: Halstead, Electrical Engineering, Blue Key Sec, 
Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Soc. Stu. 
Senate, Engr Coun., FCSA, IEEE, Elec. Engr. Open House Chm., Boeing Schs. 
Bollmeier, Don H: Marissa, III , Architecture Bonner, William R: Wichita, 

FOURTH ROW: Booth, Donald G: Coldwater, Architecture. Bosche, Helen 

F: Burlington, Home Economics Education, Alpha Chi Omega Pledge Trainer, 
Panhel.. Angel Flight, SEA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, K-State Players, 
Newman Club Bosler, Franklin J: Colby, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW Boucher, Ronald K: Manhattan, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment Boudreau, Jamesina A: Steffenville, Mo.. History Bourque, Chalise 

A: Manhattan. Speech Pathology. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sigma Alpha Eta 
V-Pres. A&S Coun 

SIXTH ROW: Bowers, Robert D: Manhattan. Civil Engineering. Boxberger, 
Kathryn A: Russell, Clothing Retailing, Delta Delta Delta, Angel Flight Soc. 
Chm., Candlelight Ball Finalist, Pershing Rifle Honorary, Clothing and Tex. 
Club, Union Comm. Boyce, Richard E: Prairie Village, Business Administra- 
tion, Phi Delta Theta Act. Chm.. Alpha Kappa Psi Ritual Chm.. Scabbard & 
Blade Treas.. SGA Comm. Chm.. IPC. CYR, Commerce Coun. 

SEVENTH ROW: Boyer, Ronald L: Fredonia. Wildlife Conservation. Bozarth, 
Andrew J: Liberal, Veterinary Medicine. Bradley, Sandra L: Prairie Village, 
Clothing Retailing, Chi Omega Pres , Clothing & Tex. Club Pres., Home Ec. 
Coun., AWS Comm. Chm. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brady, Thomas J: Blue Rapids, Accounting. Brammer, 
Judy M: Randolph, Geology. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, OCW, AWS. PTP, CYR. 
Zoology Club. Varsity Band. Intr. Brand, John H : Wichita, Physics. 


Seniors: Bra-Bur 

TOP ROW: Braum, Roy A: Denison, Veterinary Medicine. AVMA. 
Alpha Zeta. Pre-Vet Club, Intr. Bray, Robert W: Gardner, Psychology. 
Brazle, Reba S: Cambridge, Home Economics Education, Home Ec 
Ext. Club, Univ. Ext. Club, Collegiate 4-H, SEA, Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Farm Bureau Schs. Breen, Timothy J: Miltonvale, Business 
Administration. Breitenbach, John D: Pretty Prairie, Architectural 
Engineering, Intr. Brent, Carol A: Gaylord, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Delta Delta Delta House Mgr. Intr. Chm., S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Union Pacific Schs. Brighton, Thomas J : Manhattan, 
Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Brown, Vicki L: Kansas City, English, SEA Brown, 
Virginia E: Topeka, Modern Languages. Brownlee, Dale E: Burdett, 

Industrial Engineering, AIIE Bruce, Richard IM : Orchard. Neb , Veter- 
inary Medicine Brungardt, Samuel J: Gorham, Horticulture, Phi 
Kappa Theta Act. Chm. Schs. Chm. Rush Chm, Alpha Zeta Rush 
Chm.. Ag Coun., Ext. Club Pres., Hort. Club V-Pres Sec, Dean's Hon- 
or Roll, Newman Club. Bruning, Gary D: Robinson, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics, Kappa Sigma Sec, Ag Ec Club Byrant, Bruce E: Mount 
Tremper, NY., Zoology, Sigma Chi Rush Chm Ed. Cor Sec, Arnold 
Air Soc, Varsity Cheerleader, Union Comm., Pre-Vet Club V-Pres., 
Soccer Club, Fr. Track, Fr. Cross-country, Intr 

SECOND ROW: Brim, Lenore K: Hudson, Secondary Education, 
Alpha Xi Delta V-Pres. Schs. Chm. Act. Chm., Kappa Delta Pi, SEA., 
Statesmates, Collegiate 4-H, AWS Comm., Dean's Honor Roll 
Brinkoeter, Elizabeth A: Wichita, Secondary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta Frat. Educ. Brooke, Jeanette: Hutchinson, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Kappa Alpha Theta. Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., Newman Club. 
Brooks, Darrell R: Lmdsborg, History. Brower, Garry R: Benton, 
Animal Husbandry. Brown, James L: Dodge, Mathematics. Brown, 
Roderick R: Wichita, Civil Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha Treas. 
Schs. Chm.. Chi Epsilon, ASCE. CYR. Intr.. Martin K. Eby Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bryant, Bruce W: LaCrosse. Business Administra- 
tion Buckland, Annette L: Woodston, History Burk, Elmer C: 

McDonald, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi V-Pres. Rush 
Chm., Newman Club. Burkhardt, Ronald J: Chapman, Speech. 
Burnett, Cecil W: Mullinville, Secondary Education. Burnett, Robert 

A: Melvern, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 
Engr. Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, A Cappella Choir. K-State 
Players, Intr., State of Kansas Schs. Bury, Robert J: Bristol, S.D., 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, AVMA V-Pres., Mc- 
Leod Award, Borden Award, B.F. Pfister Schs 


Seniors: Bus-Car 

TOP ROW Buss, Allan C: Grandby. Mass.. Dairy Production. Butts, 
Joel R: Junction City, Mathematics. Butts, Lucretia A: Leon. Sec- 
ondary Education, SEA Byer, Janet L: Stafford, Business Adminis- 
tration Cable, Barbara L: Leoti. Medical Technology, Alpha Delta 
Theta Soc. Chm. Sec , Phi Alpha Mu V-Pres Cable, John P: Leoti, 
Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Soc Adm. 
Officer. Intr Callen, Patricia J : Wichita, Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Campbell, Joan M: Independence, Art. Canfield, 
Pamela A: Leawood, Political Science. Card, Michael D: Toledo, 
Ohio, Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Cardwell, Charles E: 

Manhattan, Philosophy, Physics, Delta Upsilon Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Am. Physical Soc. SGA Dir. of Academic Affairs, Philo- 
sophy Club. French Club, Pol Union. Carl, James G: Abilene, Electri- 
cal Engineering Carl, Sherilyn: Abilene. Elementary Education, Delta 
Delta Delta Panhel.. Angel Flight. Ed Coun. Sec SEA., Union 
Comm , Dean's Honor Roll Carlson, Donald E: Prairie Village. Archi- 
tecture, AIA. Tau Sigma Delta, Union Comm. 

Jean Shackleford combined dramatic talent and interest in 
backstage production as a cast member and crew head in 12 
K-State Player's presentations. She was chairman of Union 
movies and a member of UPC and Arts and Science Council 

Tom Perrier, as a member of the meats and livestock judging 
teams, participated in national contests. A member of Agricul- 
ture Council, he was assistant Ag Week manager and manager 
of Ag Science day. He was a MUN main committee chairman. 


Seniors: Car-Chi 

TOP ROW: Carlson, Virginia A: Bavaria, Elementary Education. Alpha Chi 
Omega Soc. Chm.. Waltheim Hall Pres., S.E.A. Sec. AWS Comm.. Collegiate 
4-H. Pep Club, Interdorm Coun.. Intr. Carmichael, Craig L: Plainville. Veteri- 
nary Medicine. AVMA. Union Pacific Schs. Carpenter, Karl D: Junction City, 
Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Carpenter, Warren E: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Sigma Phi Epsilon House Mgr. Steward. ASME, Statesmen. Intr. Carroll, 
Timothy L: Norton, Civil Engineering. Carson, Pamalee G: Oxford. Home 
Economics Education. Alpha Xi Delta Quill Chm „ Chaparajos. SEA., AWS, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club. 

THIRD ROW: Cartee, Robert E: Oak Ridge, Tenn., Veterinary Medicine. 
Carter, Lawrence E: Ft. Scott, Dairy Manufacturing Carthrae, Ralph E: 

Coldwater, Civil Engineering 

FOURTH ROW: Case, James A: Bartonville, III . Veterinary Medicine Case, 
Richard A: Bartonvilie, III., Pre-Medicine. Caspar, William O: Junction City, 

FIFTH ROW: Caster, Dallas D: Hampton, Neb , Veterinary Medicine 
Caywood, Rex A: Concordia, Accounting Cesafsky, Allen A: Manhattan, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Chamness, Edgar A: Richfield, Technical Journalism. Colle- 
gian Ed. Asst. News Ed. Editorial Page Ed.. Univ Edition Asst. Ed.. Univ. Di- 
rec. Ed., Kansas City Press Club Schs. Chandonnet, Patrick: Lockbourne, 
Ohio, Electrical Engineering Charles, Nancy A: Republic, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Kappa Delta Rush Chm. Soc Chm., Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart, 
Sisters of the Maltese Cross Pres.. CYR Queen Finalist. S.E.A . Chaparajos. 

SEVENTH ROW Cheatum, Lawrence: Miami, Fla.. Geology. Judo Club 
Cheavens, Marcia K: Manhattan. Elementary Education. S.E.A., CYR. Kappa 
Phi. Chegwidden, Verlee E: Sylvan Grove. Elementary Education. Kappa 
Delta Pi, SEA 

BOTTOM ROW: Cheney, Timothy P: Grainfield. Veterinary Medicine 
Chetta, Samuel F: Westbury. NY., English. Childs, Robert M: Phillipsburg. 
Business Administration. 


Seniors: Chi-Coo 

TOP ROW: Chitwood, Karen L: Wichita. Modern Languages, Kappa Alpha 
Theta V-Pres.. Sigma Delta Pi. Angel Flight. Chimes. West Hall Pres., Stu. 
Senate. Stu. Pub. Bd.. MPC Pub. Rel. Chm.. UP Sec. IPC. Panhel.. Union 
Comm., Pep Co-or. Coun., IFYE. Christensen, Harriett G: Mount Hope, 
Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta V-Pres. Cor. Sec, SEA. Comm. Chm. 
Advisory Bd., AWS Judicial Bd. Comm. Chm.. CYR, Union Comm. Cipra, 
Janice E: Belle Plaine, Home Economics Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi. SEA., Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Collegiate 4-H, John Trembly Schs., Ireland-Kahl Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Clark, Dale A: Mission. Architecture. Triangle Soc Chm., 
AIA, Water Sports Club. EUB, Varsity Rowing Team. Clark, Don W: Wallace. 
Speech Clark, Michele J: El Dorado, Secondary Education, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma Pledge Trainer Rush Chm , Chimes, Mortar Bd. Soc. Chm., Kappa 
Delta Pi Hist , Pi Epsilon Delta V-Pres.. K-State Players Sec. V-Pres., S.E.A.. UP 
Sec. Children's Theatre Award. 

THIRD ROW: Clark, Stanley R: Chapman, Agricultural Engineering. ASAE. 
Wesley Players. State of Kansas Schs. Claybaugh, Kathryn A: 
Independence. Mo., Physical Education Claydon, Linda A: Manhattan. 

FOURTH ROW: Cline, Darwin E: Wichita, Business Administration, Civil 
Engineering, Delta Chi Pres V-Pres., Chi Epsilon Treas., ASCE, Pres. Comm. 
on Stu Govt , ASCE Mid-Continent Conf. Pres , USP Advisory Bd.. IFC Pres. 
Sec. FMOC finalist. Dean's Honor Roll. Cobb, Elizabeth J: Culver. Home 
Economics Education Coberly, Nancy: Hutchinson. English. Kappa Alpha 
Theta Frat Educ Chm Ed.. Panhel., Sisters of the Maltese Cross, HQ Exec. 
Dir., Union Comm. 

FIFTH ROW: Coburn, Ruth E: Overland Park, Elementary Education, Gamma 
Phi Beta Standards Chm Rec Sec , Union Comm., Head Cheerleader, SEA., 
SGA Comm., Statesmates, Pep Coor. Coun., Women's Glee Club. Cochran, 
Robert A: Independence, Mo., Architecture, Business Administration, Tau 
Kappa Epsilon V-Pres. Pledge Trainer, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Tau 
Sigma Delta Pledge Trainer, Delta Mu Delta, Tribunal Chancellor, Pres. 
Comm on Stu. Govt., AIA V-Pres., Intr., Weigel & Shaver Schs. Cockrum, 
Darrell K: Syracuse, Agriculture Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Colon, Walter E: Puerto Rico, Veterinary Medicine. 
Comerford, Karen M: Chicago, III., Secondary Education. Condit, Larry R: 

Jena. La.. Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Amateur Radio Club Pres. Sec-Treas. 

SEVENTH ROW: Condon, Marquita M: Wichita, Elementary Education, Al- 
pha Delta Pi Mem Chm., Kappa Delta Pi., Alpha Lambda Nu, SEA, AWS 
Comm.. Union Comm., Pep Club, Newman Club, Intr. Condray, Jettie F: 
Wells, Animal Husbandry. Cone, Marie L: St. Louis. Mo., Clothing Retailing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Conway, William P: Haysville, Secondary Education. 
Cook, George N : Kansas City, Mo.. Business Administration. Coombs, Polly 

A: Sedgwick, Applied Music, Chi Omega Songleader, Mortar Bd., Mu Phi 
Epsilon Treas . Stu. Senate, K-State Singers, Union Sub-Comm. Chm., MUN, 
A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, German Club, K-State Players. CYR, Pep 
Club, Miss K-State-Manhattan Finalist. Music Schs. 


Seniors: Coo-Cro 

TOP ROW: Cooper, Larry J: Goodland, Business Administration. 
Cooper, Robert G: Coldwater, Business Administration. Cooper, 
Robert M: McPherson, Chemical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
House Mgr.. Steel Ring.AIChETreas., Intr. Cooper, William G : 
Preston. Industrial Engineering. Copeland, Eugene H: Clay Center. 
Music Education. Cordill, Jerry R: Woodston, Mathematics Corey, 
Johnny L: Hutchinson. Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Cortesi, Richard J: Manhattan, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Courter, Jimmie R: Wichita, Electrical Engineering. Covalt, 
Mary A: Whitewater, Horticulture, Plow & Pen Club, Hort. Club, Mor- 
tar Bd. Schs. Covert, Jerry L: South Hutchinson, Electrical Engineer- 
ing, IEEE. Cox, Carolyn R: Kansas City, Mo., Physical Education 
Crail, Shirley C: Kansas City, Mo.. Home Economics Education, 
Gamma Phi Beta Magazine Chm.. SGA Sec. Staff, SEA.. Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. Cram, Dan E: Portis. Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cramer, Joe D: Healy. Zoology Cramer, Keith L: 

Healy. Secondary Education, FarmHouse Intr. Mgr., Phi Epsilon Kap- 
pa Treas , K-Club. Varsity Baseball. Athletic Schs. Crane, Martha A: 
Wichita. English, Pi Beta Phi Pres.. SEA. Advisory Bd., A&S Coun , 
UPC. Union Comm. Chm.. Little Sisters of Minerva Pres., KSU General 
Schs. Crane, Ross D: Severy. Agricultural Edication. 
Crespo-Medina, Ramon: Puerto Rico, Veterinary Medicine. Crook, 
Carla S: Assaria, Home Economics Education, Smurthwaite Schs 
House. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Fam. Finance Club. S.E.A., State of Kansas Schs. Crotinger, 
Mary K: Tribune. Clothing Retailing. 

Student Body President Jim Gennger served on the presi- 
dent's commission on student government, faculty council on 
student affairs. Athletic Council and Student Senate An Engi- 
neering Council member, he was selected for Blue Key. 


Seniors: Cru-Dic 

TOP ROW: Crumrine, Judith L: WaKeeney. Foods & Nutrition, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron, Prof Foods Club. Union Pacific Schs. Crumrine, 
Martin H: Shawnee, Bacteriology, Bacteriology Club. Curtis, Tho- 
mas H: Great Bend, Business Administration Cutter, David W: 

Hugoton, Agricultural Economics, Marlatt Hall Gov. Bd.. Ag. Ec. Club 
Pres., Ag. Coun , Collegiate 4-H, KSUARH, Wesley Found. Cyphers, 
Stanley D: Augusta. Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda Pres., Alpha 
Kappa Psi. Intr. Dahm, Arlene R: Palmer, Accounting, Clovia Pres.. 
Delta Mu Delta, Jazz Workshop Ensemble, Pep Band, Kansas CPA 
Award Dale, James E: St. John, Veterinary Medicine, Phi Kappa 
Theta Pledge Trainer Rush Chm.. Alpha Zeta, Ag Honors Program, 
AVMA, Newman Club Treas.. Sears & Roebuck Schs., Straube Schs. 

Women's Day Chm.. Women's Glee Club, Union Comm., Phi Kappa 
Phi, Chaparajos, Foods Club, Intr. 

THIRD ROW: Davidson, Allen I: Hempstead, NY.. Animal Husban- 
dry. Davidson, Judith A: Wichita, History, Kappa Alpha Theta Schs. 
Chm.. Phi Alpha Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, Mortar Bd. 
Treas., Sr. Class Treas.. AWS Treas., St. Pub. Bd.. MUN. SGA Comm. 
Chm., Union Comm. Chm., Angel Flight Pub. Chm., IPC Treas., Trem- 
bly Memorial Schs. Davis, Fred H: Rossville. Secondary Education, 
K-State Christian Fellow. Day, Jon M: El Dorado. Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Decker, Joy L: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. Dellere, Mary 
L: Manhattan, Sociology, Kappa Delta Soc. Serv. Chm., Union 
Comm., MUN Comm., Kappa lota Sigma, Newman Club. Dennis, 
Anita L: Manhattan, Interior Design, Kappa Delta, A.I. D., Angel 

SECOND ROW: Danielson, Stephen K: Salina. Accounting. New- 
man Club, Intr. Dannefer, William D: Rossville, Sociology, Kappa 
lota Sigma, Intr. Darling, Dianne: Wichita, Family and Child Develop- 
ment, Kappa Delta Standards Bd., Fam. & Child Dev. Club Sec. V- 
Pres., Oratorio Chorus, Union Comm. Darner, Ronald R: Towanda, 
Landscape Architecture. Dauber, Vesta L: Hutchinson. Technical 
Journalism. Daugharthy, Ronald P: Ottawa. Zoology. Daughterly, 
Patty L: Dodge City. Elementary Education. SEA. Comm.. AWS All 


BOTTOM ROW: DeNoon, Daniel A: Meadville, Pa., Veterinary Medi- 
cine. DeRosear, Thomas R: Stockton, Business Administration, 
Sigma Chi Pledge Trainer. DeRusseau, Marilyn S: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Elementary Education. DeRusseau, Ronald W: Concordia. 
Architecture. Deters, Charlotte R: Mankato, Sociology Dey, Judith 
A: Newton. Home Economics Education. Dick, Elizabeth A: 
Winfield. Applied Music. 


Seniors: Die-Dod 

TOP ROW. Dietrich, Robert N: Willis. Secondary Education. SEA. LSA. 
Digregorio, Louis A: Drexel Hill, Pa. Architecture. Dillenback, Harold F: 

Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Dillon, Jean L: Glasco, Home Economics Education. Alpha 
Chi Omega House Mgr. Standards Bd . Home Ec, & Art Club. Home Ec. & 
Teaching Club. SEA., Pep Club, Oratorio Chorus, Newman Club Dillon, 
John F: Glasco, Secondary Education, Men's Glee Club, Newman Club. 
Dillon, William L: Burr Oak, Zoology. 

THIRD ROW: Dinning, Jan: Wichita, Clothing Retailing Dirksen, Larry E: 

Moundridge, Feed Technology, FarmHouse. Alpha Mu Cor. Sec, Milling As- 
soc, Mennonite Fellow., Ralston Purina Schs.. Straube Schs Dixon, Margar- 
et A: Leon, Modern Languages, SEA., French Club, Wesley Found. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dobbins, James R: Goff, Animal Husbandry. Dobson, 

Robert C: Manhattan, Dairy Production, Alpha Tau Omega Soc Chm., Scab- 
bard & Blade Soc. Chm., Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Dairy Club Sec, Ag 
Coun., SCC Comm., Santa Fe Schs., Shawnee Milk Producers Schs., Union 
Pacific Schs. Dodd, Janice I: Miltonvale, Secondary Education 

Two-year varsity football letterman Larry Anderson was 
named Top Athlete-Scholar and was recipient of an NCAA 
post-graduate scholarship. He was president of Blue Key and 
AVMA and was initiated into Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Eta Sigma. 

Kansas College Queen Martha Fly. a member of Student Sen- 
ate and Phi Kappa Phi, was an officer in SEA, Putnam Scholars, 
Alpha Lambda Delta. Chimes and Mortar Board. She played in 
University Orchestra, Cello Choir and was in Madrigal Singers. 


Seniors: Doh-Dun 

TOP ROW Dohrman. Yvonne L: Bushton. History Domer, Robin 

R: Centralis. Veterinary Medicine prake, Douglas J: Beloit. Pre- 
Medicme Dreher, Margie A: Topeka. Secondary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Cor. Sec. S.E.A., Angel Flight, Union Comm Dresher, 
Larry K: Canton, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA Exec. Coun Drew, 
Douglas P: Omaha, Neb , Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta 
Soc Chm Driskill, John D: Independence, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Drumm, Dennis A: St Louis, Mo.. Architecture 

Dudley, Pamela J: Cawker City. Elementary Education, Chi Omega 
Pledge Trainer. SEA Advisory Bd , CYR Sec, Union Comm. 
Duenkel, Robert T: West Orange, N.J , Secondary Education. Duff, 
David W: Scott City, Animal Husbandry. Duffendack, John P: 
Overland Park, Sigma Phi Epsilon V-Pres . IFC Pres., AIA. Dunaway, 
Patricia A: Manhattan. Elementary Education. Dunbar, Stephen A: 
Richmond, Animal Husbandry 

Traditional bonfire ceremonies spark the beginning of Home- 
coming weekend activities as hundreds of students and faculty 

gather on the ROTC drill field to cheer the Wildcats. Highlight of 
the night was the announcement of house decoration winners. 


Seniors: Dun-Eri 

TOP ROW: Dunham, Jack S: Bonner Springs, Veterinary Medicine. AVMA 
Duni, William R: Manhattan, Physical Education Dupre, Durward D: 

Manhattan, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Dussair, David J: Olathe, Architecture Eby, Charles K: 

Wichita, Civil Engineering, Triangle Pres.. Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, ASCE, 
Stu. Senate. Eck, Diane L: Harper. Art. 

THIRD ROW: Eckel, Gene E: Clay Center, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE 
Eckert, Karen J: Manhattan, Modern Languages, Kappa Kappa Gamma Act 
Chm. Intr. Edminster, James H: Junction City, English, SEA, German 
Club, Hardin Glass Schs. 

FOURTH ROW Edmundson, Dale W: Leawood, Business Administra- 
tion Edwardson, William D: Everest, Business Administration, Beta Sigma 
Psi Pres. V-Pres., IFC Exec Coun Judicial Coun Adm Sec Eggleston, Cora 
J: Louisburg, Home Economics Education 

FIFTH ROW: Eib, Ned E: Manhattan. Veterinary Medicine Eisele, William 

D: Eudora, Secondary Education. FarmHouse Intr Chm Chaplain, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Dean's Honor Roll, SEA, CYR, Oratorio Chorus, KSCF Eisenbarth, 
Harold M : Wetmore, Industrial Engineering, AIIE. 

SIXTH ROW Eisenbrandt, Carolyn: Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
Eisenbrandt, David L: Manhattan Veterinary Medicine. Ellis, Hazen J: 

Wichita. Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW Elsweiler, Sharon A: Leavenworth. Elementary Education, 
Alpha Xi Delta, PanheL, SEA. Advisory Bd. Emel, Charles D: Brewster. 
Business Administration. Acacia Pres Rush Chm , Alpha Kappa Psi. CYR. IFC. 
Intr Emrich, Patricia A: Kansas City, Mo. Family and Child Development, 
Alpha Delta Pi Pres Cor Sec , Union Comm , Home Ec Club 

BOTTOM ROW Engle, Harold D: Madison, Agricultural Economics, Farm- 
House Pledge Master Bus. Mgr Ed Cor Sec . IPC, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sig- 
ma Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, Stu Senate, Ag Ec Club. Collegiate 4-H. Jr & 
Sr Meats Judging Teams. MUN. Orientation Leader Erickson, Michael J: 
Lakin, Mechanical Engineering Erickson, Peggy J: Scandia, Family and 
Child Development. 


Seniors: Erm-Fai 

TOP ROW: Ermey, Michael S: Wichita. Accounting. Ervin, Gary E: 

Junction City. Civil Engineering Eshbaugh, Gerald C: Hope, Second- 
ary Education Ethridge, Gale E: Glesco. Botany Etling, Arlen W: 

Ensign, Agricultural Education. FarmHouse Pledge Trainer. Blue Key. 
Alpha Zeta. Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Tau Alpha, Collegiate 4-H. FFA. 
SEA. IFC V-Pres. Sens Chm.. Appt Bd.. Ag Ed Club Pres., Intr . 
Sears & Roebuck Schs . National 4-H Found. Schs Etling, Sheryl B: 
Garden City, Speech, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Sigma Rho. Tau 
Kappa Alpha Sec Treas.MUNController, SGA Comm., Appt. Bd., SGA 
Budget Dir., Forensics Union Pres., A&S Honors Program, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Putnam Schs Evans. Jolene: Meade, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Delta Delta Delta V-Pres . SEA, CYR 

BOTTOM ROW Everett, William W: Shawnee, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Evers, Janice M: Abilene, Elementary Education. Evers, Sharon 

K: Manhattan. Modern Languages. Kappa Delta Pi. Sigma Delta Pi, 
CYR, PTP. SEA. AWS. Fail, Charles R: Altoona. Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Delta Sigma Phi Pres. House Mgr . ASAE. Failor, Sue A: 
Lyndon. Physical Education. SEA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, PHEMS. 
Fair, Carolyn K: Hutchinson. Chemistry. AWS Rules Convention, 
ACS Stu Affiliate. NSF Undergraduate Research. Fair, Nancy E: 
Raymond. Elementary Education, Delta Zeta Pres Act Chm Song- 
leader, Angel Flight Treas. V-Pres., Pershing Rifles Honorary, Alpha 
Lambda Delta. Chimes V-Pres.. Mortar Bd. Ed.. Kappa Delta Pi, AWS, 
Union Comm., SGA Comm.. Women's Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, 

Purple "Hell Yes I'm a Senior" hats, TGIS buttons and sweat- 
shirts add fun and color to the last home football game desig- 

nated to honor the 1967 graduating class. Seniors in costumes 
led cheers printed on handouts distributed before the game. 


Seniors: Fan-Fis 

TOP ROW: Fankhauser, Christine: Kansas City. Mo, Biology, Kappa Alpha 
Theta House Mgr.. Union Comm. Chm., Little Sisters of Minerva, SEA 
Fankhauser, Dana C: Wichita, Elementary Education. Fankhauser, Daniel 

E: Garden City, Architecture, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cor Sec. 

SECOND ROW: Fapp, Ross L: Sahna, Zoology, Delta Upsilon, CYR, Union 
Comm, MPC, Intr , Hugh Cunningham Award. Farley, Perry L: Manhattan, 
Pre-Medicine, Kansas Heart Assoc. Research Grant, Beta Beta Beta Out- 
standing Research Award, Dean's Honor Roll Farmer, Gordon L: Mayetta, 
Political Science. Pol. Sci. Club. 

THIRD ROW Farmer, John M: Manhattan, Secondary Education 
Faulconer, Wayne C: El Dorado, Chemical Engineering Fenton, Frank R: 

Bonner Springs, Electrical Enginering 

FOURTH ROW: Ferguson, Donald R: Kensington, Nuclear Engineering. 
FarmHouse Pres. Bus Mgr., Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Stu Senate, Athletic Coun , FCSA. USP, ANS, Intr, Putnam 
Schs , Dean's Honor Roll Ferguson, Patricia A: Wichita, Clothing Retailing 
Feyh, Phyllis J: Alma, Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Fiala, Joleen A: Narka, Home Economic Education, Home Ec 
Teaching Club, SEA Ficke, Stephen W: Wichita, Psychology Fickel, Jerry 

B: Manhattan, Animal Husbandry, Phi Kappa Theta Pari. Ed. House Mgr, 
Pre-Vet. Club Pres., CYD, Newman Club Pres 

SIXTH ROW Ficken, Donald D: Bison. Mechanical Engineering, Beta Theta 
Pi Pres., Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring Pres., ASME V-Pres 
Fickenscher, Dean G: Moorefield, Neb , Horticulture. Fielding, William O: 

Summit, N J , Mechanical Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Figueroa, Miguel A: El Salvador, Mathematics. Filbert, 

Barbara K: Wilmington, Del., Interior Design, Kappa Delta, AID, K-State Play- 
ers, Union Comm., CYR, MUN Filbert, Gail W: Wilmington, Del., Clothing 
Retailing, Kappa Delta, AHEA, AWS, Women's Glee Club, Union Comm 

BOTTOM ROW: Finfrock, Suzanne H: Ft Bragg, N.C , English Firling, Ja- 
nice D: Ulysses, Secondary Education. Fischer, Loren D: Lincoln, Modern 
Languages, Sigma Delta Pi, SEA, Latin Am Assoc , CYR, USP, MUN, MC 


Seniors: Fis-Fri 

TOP ROW: Fish, Larry W: Emporia, Electrical Engineering. 
Fitzgerald, John J: Concordia, Chemical Engineering, Triangle V- 
Pres , AlChE V-Pres.. Newman Club Flack, Brian M: Manhattan, 
Business Administration Fleming, Barbara J: Prairie Village, Mathe- 
matics Fletcher, Allen L: Manhattan, Mathematics Fletcher, Phil- 
lip D: Holton, Business Administration Fletcher, Sherrill J: Lakin, 
Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW Flipse, Bruce R: Colby, Agricultural Education. 
Floyd, Lon K: Kinsley, Physical Education. Fly, Martha M: Topeka, 
Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Songleader, Mortar Bd. Cul- 
tural Chm., Chimes Songleader, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Stu Senate, Ed Coun , SEA Membership Chm . 
Putnam Schs. V-Pres Fogo, Glenn C: Esbon, Political Science, CYR, 
EUB Foltz, William C: Abilene, Business Administration. Forsythe, 
Stephen W: Altoona, Wildlife Conservation. Foss, Michael H: 
Wichita, Architecture, Sigma Chi Pledge Trainer Sec , IFC Hist , Union 
Comm , K-State Engr Art Ed.. AIA. 

BOTTOM ROW: Foster, Thomas E: Great Bend, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Theta Xi Treas Soc. Chm, ASME, IPC, CYR, Intr. Fox, How- 
ard D: Wetbury, N.J, Pre-Medicme, Soccer Club Pres . Pre-Vet Club. 
B'nai B'rith Hillel, Varsity Track Fox, Joan M: Dodge City. Sociology, 
Pep Club. Fox, Vernon E: Stafford, Animal Husbandry. Freelain, 
Sandra E: Kansas City, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 
Frey, John S: Red Bluff, Calif , Architecture. Frick, Galen G: 
Durham, Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle Club, Varsity Basketball, 
Athletic Schs. 

Managing Editors Jean Lange and Ed Chamness edited 152 
issues of the Collegian Jean, fall semester editor, was a mem- 
ber of Theta Sigma Phi, Collegian news editor and assistant edi- 
tor. Ed was University Directory editor. Collegian editorial page 
editor, assistant University Edition editor, and Collegian editor 
spring semester. He also was a member of Sigma Delta Chi. 


Seniors: Fri-GIa 

TOP ROW: Friley, John R: Mission. Mechanical Engineering Fritts, Diana 
L: Kansas City, History. Froelich, Sandra K: Solomon, Business Administra- 
tion, Chi Omega Rush Chm.. AWS Comm Sec, Union Comm Sec , CYR, Sis- 
ters of the Maltese Cross Songleader, Barnwarner Queen Finalist. 

SECOND ROW: Froelich, Sharon L: Solomon, Geography, Chi Omega, Pan- 
hel.. Gamma Theta Upsllon V-Pres , Intr Frye, Robert S: Salina, Chemistry. 
Funk, Larry D: Waldo, Agriculture Education, Alpha Zete Sgt -at-Arms, Ar- 
nold Air Soc Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate 4-H. Ag Ed. Club V-Pres., State Leg- 
islature Schs.. Moorman's Schs., Springer Elks Schs., Union Pacific Schs., 
Brundage Schs 

THIRD ROW Furney, Mary Z: Manhattan, Elementary Education Gagnon, 
Thomas A: Manhattan, Accounting. Garcia, Joseph R: Denver, Colo . Busi- 
ness Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Garst, Richard L: Bennington, Business Administration 
Gates, James D: Glen Elder, Agriculture Economics, Phi Kappa Tau Sec, 
Ag Ec. Club Gates, John R: Anthony, Agricultural Education, Alpha Zeta, 
Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag Ed. Club, Collegiate FFA 

FIFTH ROW: Gaynier, Tahmeroo L: Dallas, Tex., Elementary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Soc. Chm., Mortar Bd.. Phi Kappa Phi, Chimes, Kappa 
Delta Pi. Alpha Lambda Delta, Stu Senate, AWS Judicial Bd , SEA, New- 
man Club, Varsity Cheerleader Gentry, Alwyn H: Frankfort, Botany, Alpha 
Tau Omega Treas. Sec Schs. Chm., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, 
Alpha Phi Omega V-Pres. Pledge Trainer Sec , Dean's Honor Roll. Putnam 
Schs. Assoc , A&S Honors Program, Stu Senate, UGB, UPC Exec Comm , 
Union Comm Chm., Convocations Comm , SGA Comm , CYR, Putnam Schs., 
Fraternity Schs., National Merit Schs. George, Robert E: Colby, Business 
Administration, Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Kappa Psi. Intr , Athletic Schs. 

SIXTH ROW George, Sharon K: Uniontown, Home Economics Education. 
Clovia, Home Ec. Teaching Club. SEA, Collegiate 4-H, Dean of Home Ec 
Schs. Geraghty, Joan R: Manhattan, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta, 
SEA., Newman Club Geringer, James E: Wheatland, Wye, Mechanical 
Engineering, Triangle Ed.. Blue Key. Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Arnold 
Air Soc, Angel Flight Coor., Stu. Body Pres., Stu. Senate, Athletic Coun., 
FCSA. Lake Union Comm , Gamma Delta. Marching Band, AFROTC Schs. 

SEVENTH ROW Gfeller, James M: Sharon Springs, Restaurant Manage- 
ment. Giacomelli, Robert J: Philadelphia, Pa.. Architecture. Gibson, Louvae 

L: Salina. Elementary Education, K-State Players. CYR, SEA,, Union Comm 

BOTTOM ROW: Giersch, Ronnie G: Bucyrus, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment. Gillespie, Kenneth W: Oswego, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Glasco, 
Bradley F: Dodge City, Physics, 


Seniors: Gla-Gra 

TOP ROW: Glaser, Dennis C: Wellington. Accounting. Glover, Nancy J: 

Newton. Elementary Education, Kappa Delta, SEA. Comm., Pep Club 
Comm., Intr Gloyd, Jane R: Wichita, Family and Child Development, Block 
& Bridle, Pre-Vet. Club 

SECOND ROW: Glunt, Connie J: Holcomb, Medical Technology. 
Goedecke, Barbara: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta, CYR, Dames, S.E.A. Goedecke, Klaus: Salina, Geography. German 
Club, Geography Club. 

THIRD ROW: Goedel, George D: Mattawan, N.J . Sociology. Goering, Larry 

E: Newton. Agricultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club Rep., Col- 
legiate 4-H, Mennonite Fellow., Springer Elks Schs. Gomez, Margaret A: 

Mentor, Ohio, Home Economics Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. 

FOURTH ROW: Gonzalez, Cesar: Puerto Rico, Veterinary Medicine 
Gorden, Gary E: lola. Agronomy. Gordon, Glenn L: Gardner, Electrical Engi- 
neering, IEEE, Wesleyan Campus Fellow 

FIFTH ROW: Gordon, Shirley J : Manhattan, Family and Child Development. 
Goreham, Kenneth C: Junction City, Business Administration, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Comptroller, Fr. Wrestling Gossen, Thomas R: Wheatland, Wyo., 
Architectural Engineering, Scabbard & Blade, Tau Sigma Delta Pres Treas., 
AIA Pres. Program Co-or. Marlatt Hall V-Pres , RA, Marching Band, Newman 

SIXTH ROW: Gotner, Felix J: Shawnee Mission, Physical Education, Phi 
Epsilon Kappa, Newman Club, Varsity Track, Intr Gottlick, Thomas J : 
Westfield, N.J., Business Administration Gottlob, Charlotte A: Winfield. 
Elementary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Gottlob, Glenn R: Winfield, Agricultural Education. 
Graber, Larry R: Pretty Prairie, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Tau Epsilon, 
ASME. Graham, Carolyn K: Shawnee Mission, Home Economics Education, 
Chi Omega Personnel Chm., Home Ec Coun. Pres., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
SEA., CYR, Pep Club, Women's Glee Club 

BOTTOM ROW: Graham, James J: Great Bend, Business Administration. 
Sigma Chi Cor. Sec, Commerce Coun., Varsity Golf. Graham, John R : Great 
Bend, Accounting, Sigma Chi Pub. Rel Chm. Sec. Exec. Comm., Commerce 
Coun., K-Club, Varsity Golf, Intr, Dean's Honor Roll. Grant, Kathryn E: 

Overland Park, Physical Science, German Club. 


Seniors: Gra-Gru 

TOP ROW: Graves. Charles M: St. Francis, Animal Husbandry, 
West Stadium Treas . Block & Bridle, Marching Band, Varsity Band, 
Concert Band. Gray, Eddie J: Salina. Technical Journalism, Sigma 
Nu V-Pres. Pledge Trainer Rush Chm., Clinic Club. Gray, Larry M: 
Pekin, III., Psychology. Greathouse, Gerald A: Garden City, Animal 
i Husbandry. Grecian, Stanley W: Palco, Animal Husbandry, Farm- 
I House Sec, Gamma Sigma Delta, Dean's Honor Roll. Block & Bridle, 
| Collegiate 4-H. Green, Bruce D: Blackfoot, Idaho, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing, Sigma Tau. ANS, AIAA Treas. Green, John R : Leoti, Business 
Administration, Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Kappa Psi, Dean's Honor Roll 

BOTTOM ROW: Green, Richard C: Concordia, Business Administra- 
tion, Delta Tau Delta, IFC. Green, Sonia J: Oxford, Dietetics and In- 
stitutional Management. Green, Virginia R: Gardner, Clothing and 
Retailing, Kappa Delta, IAWS, Clothing & Tex Club V-Pres., K-State 
Players, Johnson County Schs. Gregersen, Gerald D: Peabody, Sec- 
ondary Education, SEA Griffee, Pamela K: Oketa, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma V-Pres , SEA. Treas., Ed Coun , Kappa 
Delta Pi Treas., Union Comm.. SGA Comm Griffith, Janet K: Scott 
City, Secondary Education, Alpha Xi Delta Treas. Philanthropy Chm . 
S.E.A., PTP, CYR, Hoedowners, Collegiate 4-H. Grubb, Linda F: St. 
Joseph, Mo., Architecture, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA. Sec. 

Touring Europe and Greenland with the K-State Singers, Caro- 
lyn Sanders entertained troops overseas for USO She worked 
to secure programs of pass-fail grading and teacher evaluation 
with Arts and Sciences Council and was president of MENC 

Johnny Meetz, a member of the wool, dairy, meats and live- 
stock judging teams, trained five days a week each semester 
preparing for national contests. He was Little American Royal 
president, a student senator, a member of Ag Council, and 


Seniors: Gud-Har 

TOP ROW: Gudenkauf, Kenneth: Corning. Electrical Engineering 
Guenther, Kathleen A: Linn, English Gugler, Leuita M: Chapman, 
Home Economics Extension, Fam. & Child Dev. Club, Ext Club. 
Gugler, Lyle H: Chapman, Accounting. Guhn, Norma K: Tipton, 
Sociology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sociology Club, LSA Food Chm. Soc. 
Action Chm , KSU Honors Program Gunn, Roland M: Great Bend, 
Accounting. Haden, Gary L: Ellsworth, Technical Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Hamilton, Gale W: Strong City, Agricultural 
Economics, Block & Bridle, Collegiate 4-H. Varsity Baseball, Straube 
Schs. House. Hanchett, Michael A: Norton, Agricultural Economics. 
Handelsman, Tina P: Bronxville, NY., Elementary Education, S.E.A., 
B'nai B'rith Hillel. Hanif, Quaisar M: Bombay, India, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Hannebaum, Leroy G: Leonardville, Horticulture. Hansen, 
Donald F: Wichita, Mechanical Engineering, Triangle Ed., Sigma Tau, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma Cor. Sec, ASME. Hansen, Thomas J: 
Manhattan. Geography 

SECOND ROW: Haeker, Darrell L: Council Grove, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hagerman, Richard D: Timken, Business Administration. 
Hagerman, Ronald N: Nekoma, Political Science, Beta Sigma Psi 
V-Pres. Hagerman, Sandra S: Timken, Clothing Retailing, Home Ec. 
Teaching Club Treas. V-Pres . Clothing & Tex. Club. Hahn, Randy K: 
St John, Pre-Medicine Hakimian, Behrouz: Tehrans, Iran, Architec- 
ture. Hall, Marilyn L: Medicine Lodge, Elementary Education, Delta 
Delta Delta Cor Sec , CYR State Queen, K-State Singers 


BOTTOM ROW: Hanson, Leona W: Leonardville, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hantman, Jerome B: South Orange, N.J., English. Hapgood, 
Larry L: McPherson, Political Science, Acacia V-Pres. Schs. Chm., 
Dean's Honor Roll. Harbaugh, Dennis A: Belleville, History, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta Pres Sec. Treas . SEA, Cosmopolitan Club. 
Hardy, Clint S: Overland Park, Veterinary Medicine. Harenchar, 
Albert M: Manhattan, Psychology. Haresnape, Corrina J: Smith 
Center. Home Economics Education. Smurthwaite, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Omicron Nu V-Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron Cor. Sec, Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club, SEA.. Home Ec. Honors Program. 

Seniors: Har-Hay 

TOP ROW: Haresnape, Raymond K: Smith Center, Animal Husbandry. 
Straube Scholarship House, Block & Bridle Harmon, Catherine L: Augusta, 
Veterinary Medicine Harmon, Robert E: Hutchinson, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Harper, Dean F: Scott City, Landscape Architecture Harris, 
John H: Chicago, III., Accounting. Harris, Judith A: Kansas City, Family and 
Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Harrison, Frank D: Grinnell, Architecture Harrison, Glenna 

D: Manhattan, Home Economics Education. Harrison, Walter A: Wakefield, 
Agricultural Engineering, ASAE Pres , CYR, K-State Players, Engr. Coun 

FOURTH ROW Hartley, Charles S: Lake City. Animal Husbandry Harvey, 
Charles E: Neosho Falls, Physical Therapy. Harvey, Margaret E: Overland 
Park, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, SEA 

FIFTH ROW: Hassler, Lynda K: Hope, Home Economics Extension. 
Hassler, Randy D: Abilene. Pre-Medicine, FarmHouse. Men's Varsity Glee 
Club. Hatch, Ethel J: Lenexa, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi Schs. 
Chm , Kappa Delta Pi. SEA , Union Comm , MUN, Dean's Honor Roll. 

SIXTH ROW: Hatfield, Nancy K: Lawrence, Home Economics Extension, 
Smurthwaite House Mgr., Home Ec. Ext Club, Home Ec Nursing Club V- 
Pres , Collegiate 4-H. RWF Hattrup, Robert D: Offerle. Animal Husbandry, 
Newman Club. Hauck, Earl B: Miltonvale, Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Haun, Adelia M: Jetmore, English. Hauptli, Gary L: Glen 

Elder, Secondary Education Hauptli, Linda S: Glen Elder, Home Economics 
Education, Home Ec. Teaching Club V-Pres. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hawkins, Michael R: Burrton. Business Administration. 
Hawks, George W: Kansas City, Chemistry Hayden, Lawrence J: Plains. 


Seniors: Hay-Hib 

TOP ROW Hayer, Anna C: Potrenllos, Chile, Elementary Education. 
Hays, Larry W: Kansas City, Mo., Mathematics, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Union Comm.. SEA, Pep Co-or. Coun Head, Marjorie L: Highland, 
Business Administration Heape, Michael L: Manhattan, Electrical 
Engineering. Heath, John R: Topeka, Industrial Engineering. Heck, 
Judy L: Atchison, Home Economics Education, Kappa Delta, Panhel., 
NEA, Union Comm , Chaparajos, SEA Advisory Bd , AWS Comm. 
Standards Bd., Home Ec. Teaching Club, Fam Ed. Interest Group, 
Pep Club. Heckman, Bruce W: Wakeeney, Architecture, Alpha Tau 
Omega V-Pres.Soc.Chm. Rush Chm.AIA, Arnold Air SocUGB 
Pres., SCC, Campus Advisory Bd., IPC, Pres Comm on Stu. Govt. 

THIRD ROW Henderson, Clarence: Kansas City, Mo., Architecture 
Hendricks, Michael A: Great Bend, Mathematics, History, Delta 
Upsilon, A&S Coun., German Club, CYD, Statesmen, Varsity Cheer- 
leader, Orientation Leader Henningsen, John A: Colby, Political 
Science, CYR, PTP, K-State Players, Chancery Club, Pol. Sci. Club, 
Newman Club. Henrikson, Duane M: Emporia, Veterinary Medicine, 
FarmHouse Pres., Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma Treas . Blue Key Treas., 
Gamma Sigma Delta, Pre- Vet Club Pres.V-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, 
AVMA, Straube Schs House Award, Danforth Award Henry, Janet 
S: Atchison, Family and Child Development. Henry, Larry A: 
Manhattan, Architecture Hensley, James I: Burrton, Physical Educa- 

SECOND ROW Hegler, Joan K: Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
Heidrick, Donald F: Beloit, Political Science Heilman, Roseann D: 
Clay Center, English. Heinen, Edward R: Valley Falls, Secondary 
Education Heinen, Gilbert J: Huron, Nuclear Engineering, ANS, 
Newman Club, State of Kansas Schs Hellen, David T: Olpe, Civil 
Engineering, ASCE Helmke, Henry F: Preston, Animal Husbandry 

BOTTOM ROW: Herbers, Donald C: McPherson, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Hermreck, Lawrence A: Ellsworth, Business Administration. 
Herynk, John J: Kincaid, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Gamma Rho 
Soc. Chm., Ag. Coun Treas , SCC, Stu. Fac. Rel. Comm. Chm., Block 
& Bridle, Ag. Ec. Club, MUN, Newman Club, Sears & Roebuck Schs. 
Hess, Larry G: Waverly, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE, Rifle Team. 
Hevel, Gary F: Oswego, Entomology. Heyl, Andrew R: Junction 
City, Economics. Hibler, Ralph E: St. Louis, Mo., Architecture, Tau 
Sigma Delta, Steel Ring. AIA, Arch. & Design Coun. V-Pres., Stu. Sen- 
ate, K-State Engr. Staff, Alpha Phi Omega, MPC, Statesmen, Smith 
Schs. House. Weigel Awards, Missouri Assoc, of Registered Arch. 


Seniors: Hic-Hod 

TOP ROW: Hicks, James F: Garnett. Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. Pre-Vet 
Club, Newman Club, Intr Hilgenfeld, Patricia: Shawnee Mission, Secondary 
Education. Hill, Clair C: Hightstown, N J , Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Hill, William W: Junction City, Business Administration. 
Hillman, James M: Essex, Iowa. Civil Engineering Hinnergardt, Carol A: 

Ranson, Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: Hinson, Newton C: Ashland, Animal Husbandry Hinz, Tho- 
mas W: Abilene, Physics, Beta Theta Pi, AIP Sec. Treas., Putnam Schs. Pres. 
Hirsch, Mary J: Elhnwood, Technical Journalism, Newman Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hoag, Nancy A: Pleasanton, Secondary Education 
Hochuli, Barbara G: Holton, Elementary Education, Smurthwaite V-Pres., 
Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi Pres . Alpha Lambda Delta. A&S Honors Pro- 
gram, Tn-Angels, Triangle Sweetheart, SEA, Women's Glee Club. EUB. 
John Trembly Mem. Schs. Hodges, Dennis D: Lebo, Animal Husbandry, 
Block & Bridle, Jr. Livestock Judging Team 

Chemistry major Linda Claydon was secretary of AWS rules 
convention steering committee, a member of SGA committees 
on peace corps, guiz bowl and senior honors, chairman of Un- 
ion news and views and a member of Mortar Board. 

Union News and Views Chairman Al Gentry was instrumental 
in bringing prominent speakers to campus He was a member 
of UGB, Student Senate, the President's Commission of Student 
Government, and was named outstanding member of UPC 


Seniors: Hod-Hou 

TOP ROW Hodgson, Diane: Little River. English, Gamma Phi Beta Rit 
Chm.. Alpha Lambda Delta Pres. Pershing Rifles Honorary, Angel Flight, 
SEA, Women's Glee Club, AAUW Schs Hoffman, Diane F: Manhattan, 
Family and Child Development, Omicron Nu Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Nursing Club. Fam. & Child Dev. Club, K-State Players, CYD, Dean's 
Honor Roll, State of Kansas Schs . Margaret Justin Schs Hohn, Elizabeth A: 
Marysville, Secondary Education. SEA.. K-State Players. Dames. 

SECOND ROW Holdeman, Kenneth R: Scott City. Mechanical Engineering, 
ASME, Sigma Tau. Mennonite Fellow. Holeman, Karen M: Lenora, Psychol- 
ogy Holmberg, Edward D: McPherson, Landscape Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Holmes, Wesley P: Grant, Neb, Animal Husbandry, Block & 
Bridle Holt, Dean W: Welda, Architectural Engineering Holt, Pamela L: 

Prairie Village, Modern Languages, Kappa Delta Act. Chm.. PTP. Pep Club, 
French Club, Italian Club, CYD, Intr, 

FOURTH ROW: Homan, Allen E: Freeport, NY . Animal Husbandry, Phi Del- 
ta Theta Chaplain. Homewood, Gerald L: Luray, Business Administration. 
Honeycutt, Danny M: Leavenworth, History 

Fl FTH ROW: Hopfner, Walter R: Junction City, Secondary Education 
Hopkins, Gary W: Independence, Secondary Education Hopkins, Nancy L: 

El Dorado, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW Hopper, James D: Russell, Business Administration Hopper, 
Patricia S: Emporia. Secondary Education. Home, Dennis E: Hutchinson, 
Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Horning, James R: Almena, Animal Husbandry, Varsity 
Wrestling, Intr, Calvin Grove 4-H Schs. Hosie, Darrel D: Abilene, Animal 
Husbandry, Delta Sigma Phi V-Pres.. Block & Bridle, Ext. Club Hoss. Herbert 
E: Hays, Bacteriology 

BOTTOM ROW: Hossfeld. Robert H: Clay Center, Bakery Management. 
Sports Car Club Hostetler, Clifton V: Harper, Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau, 
Chi Epsilon, ASCE. Men's Glee Club, Mennonite Fellow Pres , Dean's Honor 
Roll Houdyshell, Richard P: Wilson, Agronomy, Alpha Gamma Rho, Agron- 
omy Club, Block & Bridle, Union Pacific Schs 

^1 sk Mr-* mk Mk H 


OK Mu mguagm 

Seniors: Hou-Jam 

TOP ROW: House, Lorna E: Goodland, Home Economics Education. 
Pi Beta Phi Rec. Sec. Home Ec. Coun.. Ext. Club Pres . SEA. CYR. 
Kappa Phi Pres. Sec. Houser, Jill A: Topeka. Sociology, Dean's Hon- 
or Roll, CYR, Kappa lota Sigma, SEA Howell, Charles R: Kansas 
City, Mo., Political Science Howell, William D: Kansas City. Mo.. 
Business Administration. Hubbell, Richard S: Topeka, Landscape 
Architecture. ASLA. Hudson, Yancy D: Erie. Physics. Delta Upsilon, 
Am. Phys. Soc Huecker, Tommy D: Salina, Chemical Engineering, 
Phi Kappa Tau V-Pres. Schs Chm Chaplain Steward Soc Chm , 
AlChE. Intr. 

THIRD ROW: Hutton, Mary S: Kansas City, History Ideker, Les- 
ter H: Rozel, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi. Ingrim, 
Charles N: Wichita. Secondary Education. Ireland, Timothy M: 

Muscotah. Modern Languages Irwin, John C: Topeka, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Phi Eta Sigma, ANS. SAME. AIAA Isaacson, David L: 

Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering. Jack, Russell P: St. Louis, Mo., 
Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Hughbanks, Fineas G: Attica, Veterinary Medicine. 
Hughes, Dennis D: Lyons, Philosophy, Dean's Honor Roll. Religious 
Coun. Pres.. UCCF Pres.. Wesley Found Comm Chm , Varsity Swim- 
ming Hughes, Lyman G: Dallas. Tex , Sociology. Hummel, Jerry L: 
Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. Huseman, Virgil R: Kanopolis, 
Animal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma R ho V-Pres Alumni Sec, LAR 
Treas., Livestock Judging Teams, Dean's Honor Roll, Block & Bridle 
Pres.. Ag. Coun., Union Pacific Schs., Soil Conservation Schs. 
Husted, Stanley R: Lawrence. Entomology Huston, Joann M : 
Abilene, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW Jackson, Beverly A: McCune, Home Economics 
Education Jackson, Gary L: Hutchinson, Business Administration. 
Jackson, Jack H: Omaha, Neb, Architecture, Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Pres. V-Pres. Rec, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA. BSO. SCC Pres.. IFC, IPC, 
MUN, MPC Jackson, Janette B: Kansas City. Clothing Retailing. 
Jacobitz, Tom L: Stella, Neb , Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse Soc 
Chm. Songleader, AVMA. SCC, Pep Co-or Coun , Head Cheerleader, 
Intr. Jahnke, Nancy K: Riley, Secondary Education. SEA. CYD. 
Concert Band. UCCF. James, Stephen L: Henngton. Secondary Edu- 
cation. Delta Upsilon Sec. Pledge Trainer, Ed. Coun Pres , SEA. 


Seniors: Jan-Jez 

TOP ROW: Janke, Donald L: Alexander. Physical Education. Intr 
Janke, Gary D: Brownell. Agronomy, Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres. Cor. 
Sec, Agronomy Club, CYR, Gamma Delta, Intr. Janke, Michael D: 
Alexander. Geography, Gamma Theta Upsilon Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, 
Geography Club, Royal Purple Ed. Staff. Dean's Honor Roll Janssen, 
Alfred: Scott City. Agricultural Journalism. Jantz, Merle D: 
Moundndge. Architecture Jaymes, Robert W: Manhattan, Physical 
Education Jeffers, Marlin D: Lincoln, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jenkins, Marna G: Belvue, Elementary Education, 
Alpha Chi Omega V-Pres., SEA. Comm. Chm. Treas., French Club. 
Rifle Team Jenkins, William H: Manhattan. Accounting. Jensen, 
Harold G: Kinsley. Medical Technology. Jensen, John H: 
Manhattan. Accounting. Jensen, Kathryn R: White River. S.D., Sec- 
ondary Education. Jewett, Dwight D: Concordia, Modern Lan- 
guages, Smith Schs. House Treas.. Sigma Delta Pi V-Pres.. German 
Club Jezbera, Edward J: Manhattan. Veterinary Medicine, AVMA. 

Student Senator Jack Lewis was president of the assembly for 
MUN and served on the steering committee for Model Con- 
gress. He was member of several campus committees, played 
Concert and Pep Bands and was outstanding first year debater 

Versatile musician Carolyn Bartholomew provided music for 
campus and community organizations and service projects. She 
was AWS second vice-president and secretary, Mu Phi Epsilon 
president and student orientation steering committee member. 


Seniors: Joh-Ken 

TOP ROW: Johnson, Cecil W: Salina, Business Administration. Alpha Tau 
Omega, Varsity Baseball, Mike Ahearn Sens. Johnson, Donald A: Oketo, 
Agricultural Economics, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Alpha Zeta, Scabbard & Blade, Ag. Ec. Club Cor. Sec, Marian Hall Govern. 
Bd., Newman Club, Thomas G. Hobbs Mem. SchsJohnson, Ingrid M: 
Lindsborg, Secondary Education, SEA, OCW, LSA 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Leland K: Clay Center, Technical Journalism. 
Johnson, Leland R: Raytown, Mo., Psychology. Johnson, Lynn R: Oberhn, 
Accounting, Acacia V-Pres. Sec. Pledge Trainer, CYR, YAF, Men's Glee Club, 
MUN, Union Comm 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Patrick A: Erie, Agricultural Economics. Johnson, 

Steve A: Manhattan, Milling Science and Management. Johnston, 
Frances E: Junction City, Physical Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnston, Franklin E: Wakefield, Electrical Engineering 
Johnston, Larry D: El Dorado, Architectural Engineering. Jones, Barbara J : 
Manhattan, Secondary Education, SEA., Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha 
Schs., State of Kansas Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Jones, Carolyn A: Holcomb, Elementary Education, Alpha Del- 
ta Pi Cor. Sec, Alpha Lambda Nu, SEA, Intr. Jones, Phoebe J : Hutchinson, 
Sociology. Jones, Robert J: Topeka, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Jordan, Ronald E: Beloit, Veterinary Medicine. Joyce, Gerald 
W: Denton, Mathematics. Kalbach, Lela F: Manenthal, Clothing Retailing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kanitz, Howard V: Wellington, Social Science, Beta Sigma 
Psi Schs. Chm. Athletic Mgr., Gamma Delta, Clinic Club Kaufman, Toni M: 

Hutchinson, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta House Mgr., Little Sis- 
ters of Minerva, SEA Kelley, Kenneth W: Columbus, Agricultural Educa- 
tion, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha V-Pres . Kappa Delta Pi, Ag, Ed. Club. Col- 
legiate 4-H, Dean's Honor Roll. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kellogg, Myron C: Jamestown, Agricultural Economics. 
Dean's Honor Roll, Ag Ec. Club, Ag. Coun Treas. Kennedy, Donald E: 
Dodge City, Mechanical Engineering, ASME Kent, Bruce W: Salina, Sec- 
ondary Education, SEA., Phi Alpha Theta, CYD, Fr Wrestling 


Seniors: Ker-Klo 

TOP ROW: Kern, Larry G: Salina. Agricultural Economics Kerr, David M: 
Coats. Biological Science. Kershner, Robert l\l : Rush Center, Feed Science 
and Management, Alpha Mu, Dean's Honor Roll, Amateur Radio Club. 

SECOND ROW: Keys, Ronald E: Council Grove, Entomology Killebrew, 
Lewis G: Neodesha, Feed Science and Management Killough, Howard: 

Russell. Pre-Dentistry 

THIRD ROW Kimball, Donneta R: Lebo, Elementary Education, SEA. 
Kimball, Kay M : Scott City, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda Treas . Alpha 
Kappa Psi Warden. Commerce Coun King, Barbara J: Arkansas City. Ele- 
mentary Education. Kappa Delta Schs. Chm . SEA, Union Comm. 

FOURTH ROW: Kintigh, Roberta O: Manhattan. Elementary Education. 
Kinzer, Howard A: McLean, Va., Veterinary Medicine, Beta Theta Pi, AVMA. 
Kirk, Linda A: Overland Park, Elementary Education. Alpha Chi Omega Rec. 
Sec. Songleader, S E.A., CYR, A Cappella Choir, Union Comm 

FIFTH ROW Kirshe, Carol J: Prairie Village. Physical Education. Alpha Chi 
Omega, SEA. PHEMS V-Pres. Kissinger, Don F: Mankato, Political Sci- 
ence Kitchener, Harry L: Oakhill, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa 
Sgt.-at-Arms V-Pres . Varsity Track 

SIXTH ROW Kittell, Howard H: McPherson. History Klassen, Judith F: 

Hillsboro. Home Economics Education Klassen, William R: Hillsboro. Civil 
Engineering, Chi Epsilon Pres Sec , Steel Ring Treas , ASCE 

SEVENTH ROW Klein, Karen L: Phil I ipsburg. Home Economics Education, 
Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Upsilon Omicron. RA, SEA. Dean's Honor Roll, Phillips- 
burg H S Schs Klenda, Deanna K: Marion, Family and Child Development. 
Delta Delta Delta, Fam & Child Dev Club, CYD Mem. Chm . Newman Club 
Pub Chm Comm Chm V-Pres . Miss Newmanite of Kansas, Phi Kappa Theta 
Honorary Sweetheart. Klesath, Charles F: Topeka, Zoology, Phi Kappa Theta 
Pledge Trainer, Newman Club, Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW Klick, Gail A: Toronto. Mathematics Kline, Raymond L: 

Culver, Horticulture Klockenteger, Gary C: Juneau, Alaska, Economics 

A jiiflA 

Seniors: Klo-Kra 

TOP ROW: Klotz, David E: Meade, Mechanical Engineering. Phi Eta 
Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma Sec, Sigma Tau, AIAA Sec, Intr . Dean's Honor 
Roll, Mobile Oil Schs. Klotz, Jack R: Emporia, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Klover, Jane D: Solomon, Home Economics with Liberal Arts, 
Chi Omega Chapt. Cor , MUN, Royal Purple Greek Ed., Sweethearts of 
Sigma Chi, AWS Comm., SGA, Union Comm. Knecht, Samuel W: 
Wichita, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi Alumni Chm. Pub Rel. 
Chm., Eta Kappa Nu Treas.. Sigma Tau, Stu Senate, SGA Comm. 
Chm , IEEE Treas . CYR. Knedlik, Larry E: Narka. Business Adminis- 
tration. Knudsen, Charles E: Ludell, Veterinary Medicine. Koelliker, 
James K: White Cloud, Agricultural Engineering, FarmHouse Treas. 
Bus. Mgr , Sigma Tau Cor Sec , Steel Ring Treas , Blue Key, Engr. 
Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll. ASAE, Sigma Theta Epsilon, 
Gamma Sigma Delta Award, ASAE Stu Honor Award. 

SECOND ROW Koestel, Sondra L: Partridge, Elementary Education. 
Kohler, James Q: Manhattan, Business Administration Kohler, 
Joan K: Manhattan, Business Administration Kohls, Eric W: 

Henngton, Business Administration, CYD, Rowing Team, Intr Konitz, 
Jack H: Overland Park, Veterinary Medicine, Delta Tau Delta Cor 
Sec. Schs Chm , AVMA, Rifle Team, Varsity Gymnastics, Intr Koons, 
Mary J: Shirley, III., Home Economics Extension. Kopp, Jerald A: 

Fairview, Dairy Foods Processing, Alpha Gamma Rho Treas , Dairy 
Prod. Judging Team, Dairy Sci. Club V-Pres , Kansas Co-op Dairy 
Prod Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Korach, Gerald F: Kansas City, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club, ASME Sec, Intr Korb, 
Sandra G: Burr Oak, Secondary Education, SEA, CYR, NCTE, KATE 
Korsak, John: Trenton, N.J.. Electrical Engineering, Soccer Club. 
Kottmann, Louis D: Lyons, Mathematics Kovar, Eugene W: 
Rossville, Poultry Science Kramer, Arthur: Manhattan, Business 
Administration. Kraus, Michael R: Winfield, Milling Science and 
Management Assoc , Varsity Tennis, K-Club, WSCS Methodist Schs 

Emphasizing changes the University is experiencing President 
McCain discusses problems with students in a Coffee Hour. 


Seniors: Kra-Lan 

TOP ROW; Kraus, Sharon L: Winfield, Family and Child Develop- 
ment Krause, Vernon E: Plainview, Neb., Animal Husbandry, Block 
& Bridle, Judo Club. Krehbiel, Jeffrey L: Kingman, Architecture, AIA 
Comm., Union Comm Kriss, Sharon M: Colby. Music Education, Mu 
Phi Epsilon, MENC, State of Kansas Schs. Krob, Johnny R: Cuba, 
Secondary Education, S.E.A., Indus. Ed. Club, Newman Club, Varsity 
Baseball. Kroeker, Robert E: Buhler, Mathematics. Phi Kappa Tau, 
CYR, Chess Club. Kruse, Ronald M: Hays, Chemical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kuhn, Charles W: Hope, Mechanical Engineering. 
Kuhn, William R: Gypsum, Business Administration. Kwok, Wing 
Kee: Hong Kong, Architecture, RA, AIA, Alpha Phi Omega, MUN, 
Design Coun., UPC, Union Comm. Chm. Lafferty, Marilyn L: Osage 
City, Home Economics Education, Delta Zeta House Mgr, SEA, 
Home Ec. Teaching Club. Lair, John M: lola. Animal Husbandry. 
Lambert, Beverly A: Densmore, Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon, 
MENC, SEA., Dean's Honor Roll Lambert, John V: Manhattan, 

BOTTOM ROW: Land, Orlan R: Severy, Animal Husbandry. Lane, 
David T: Wichita, Veterinary Medicine. Lang, Fred D: Palos Verdes, 
Calif., Nuclear Engineering, ANS, AIAA V-Pres., K-State Engr. Lange, 
Jean : Manhattan, Technical Journalism. Langford, David J : Tempe, 
Ariz., Nuclear Engineering. Langley, Helen A: Topeka, Family and 
Child Development. Lanning, Michael A: Abilene, Veterinary Medi- 

Student Senator Phil Moore worked with international stu- 
dents as Cosmopolitan Club president and International Coordi- 
nating Council program chairman. He was recorder of MUN 
General Assembly and chairman of a MUN Committee. 


Seniors: Lan-Lin 

TOP ROW: Lanning, Ralph E: Manhattan, Sociology, Kappa lota Sigma. 
Lansdowne, Miriam L: Manhattan, Music Education. MENC, A Cappella 
Choir, Oratorio Chorus, GBF, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow Larson, Glenn: 

Manhattan, Industrial Engineering 

SECOND ROW Larson, Roger C: Leonardville, Landscape Architecture. 
Latschar, Carol D: Camden, S C , Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Hoedowners, SEA., German Club Laverentz, Gene W: Bendena, Animal 
Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Rho Songleader, Block & Bridle, Ag Coun , Apollo 
Men's Glee Club, LAR Exec Coun , Sr Wool Judging Team, Jr Livestock 
Judging Team. 

THIRD ROW: Lawhon, Mary B: Wichita, Elementary Education. Delta Delta 
Delta Chaplain Act Chm , Royal Purple Queen Attendant. AWS Comm Judi- 
cial Bd., SEA, CYR, Nursing Club, Union Comm Lawrence, William V: 
Scott City, Political Science Lawson, Robert E: Milford, Secondary Educa- 

FOURTH ROW Laxer, Marc A: New York, N Y , Biological Science, Pershing 
Rifles. Lay, Russell: Point Washington, N Y, Business Administration Lee, 
Dennis D: Overbrook, Civil Engineering, ASCE, Marching Band. Pep Band, 
Varsity Band, Kansas Constructors Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Leichtling, Lee S: New York. N Y , Zoology, B'nai Bnth Hillel 
Pres , Zoology Club, Chaparajos, Pre-Vet Club, Intr Leiker, William J: Ness 
City, Agronomy. Leister, Karen A: Sahna, Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Lewis, Curtis D: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine Lewis, Eve- 
lyn J: Independence, Mo., Modern Languages, Alpha Xi Delta Soc Chm. 
German Club Lewis, Jack V: Russell, Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon Recorder 
Chaplain Act Chm , Delta Sigma Rho, Tau Kappa Alpha. Forsenics Union, 
Stu Senate, MUN Pres., Debate Sguad, MC Steering Comm , SGA Comm . 
Newman Club. 

SEVENTH ROW: Lewis, Kenneth D: Winfield, Mechanical Engineering. 
Lewis, Lois K: Rago, Home Economics Education, Alpha Chi Omega Rush 
Chm Treas , AWS, SEA, Home Ec Teaching Club, CYR, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Lewis, Michael R: Arkansas City. Mechanical Engineering. Lambda Chi Al- 
pha Pledge Ed.. ASME, Intr 

BOTTOM ROW: Lewis, Richard W: Fowler. Animal Husbandry Lilak, Rita 
K: Wilson, Home Economics Education, Smurthwaite Pres , Standards Chm , 
Mortar Bd., Chimes, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu Treas , Kappa Delta 
Pi, Stu. Senate, Prof. Foods Club, SEA , Collegiate 4-H Songleader. Newman 
Club, Sears & Roebuck Schs , Musser Schs , Martha Pittman Award Linn, 
Michael W: Colorado Springs, Colo , Business Administration, SA, Fr. Row- 
ing Team 


Seniors: Lit-Mar 

TOP ROW Litton, Dale G: Nickerson, Speech and Journalism, Sig- 
ma Chi Hist., Apollo Men's Glee Club, Varsity Cheerleader Loetel, 
Diana K: Overland Park, Mathematics. Lonergan, Martha J: 
Leavenworth, Modern Languages, Alpha Chi Omega Pres , Sigma 
Delta Pi Sec , MUN Comm , CYD, K-State Players, Newman Club 
Long, Galen J: Beloit, Elementary Education, SEA., Newman Club. 
Long, James L: Oakley, Electrical Engineering Long, Rose A: 
Dresden, Elementary Education Loop, John D: Concordia, Physics, 
Smith Schs. House Pres Sec , Phi Eta Sigma Sec , Intr , KSU Honor 

THIRD ROW: Lunsford, Ronnie G: Ashland, Feed Science and 
Management, FarmHouse Cor Sec, Ag Coun V-Pres., Collegiate 
4-H, Milling Assoc, Agronomy Club, Orientation Leader, State of Kan- 
sas Schs., Watkms 4-H Schs. Lydick, Sally J: Hamlin, Home Eco- 
nomics Education, AHEA, SEA., Block & Bridle, Univ Ext. Club, LAR 
Schs., Union Pacific Schs. Lynn, Gary D: Herrin, III., Architecture, 
AIA, Stu Senate, Design Coun. Sec, Union Comm Chm. Lynn, 
Lloyd E: Shawnee. Dairy Manufacturing. MacDonald, James A: Mt. 
Holly, N.J., Architecture. Maddy, Stephen L: Abilene, Business Ad- 
ministration, Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas. Manderscheid, Val D: Great 
Bend, Humanities. 

SECOND ROW: Louderback, Forrest: Elkton, Va., Milling Science 
and Management. Lowrey, Annie T: Junction City, Secondary Edu- 
cation Lowrey, Fred E: Larned, Veterinary Medicine. Lowther, Mar- 

cia L: Lawrence, Home Economics and Journalism, CloviaV-Pres. Ag 
Coun., Collegiate 4-H Pres Rep., 4-H in Review Ed., Home Ec, Jour- 
nalism Club, State of Kansas Schs. Lundblade, Eugene D: 
Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering Lundgren, Joan A: Osage City, 
Secondary Education, SEA Lundquist, Ronald C: Lindsborg, Bio- 
chemistry, Moore Hall Pres Treas , Alpha Zeta, Scabbard & Blade, 
LSA, Sears & Roebuck Schs.. Prod Credit Assoc. Schs 

BOTTOM ROW: Mainquist, Robert J : Courtland, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Malloy, Joseph J: Trenton, N.J., Architecture. Maninger, Lyle 

F: Anthony, Architecture, Phi Delta Theta Pres., AIA. Mann, Gary P: 
Waterville, Pre-Medicine. Mann, John C: Fredonia, Architecture, 
Lambda Chi Alpha, AIA, PTP. Mapes, Janet K: Netawaka, Secondary 
Education, Collegiate 4-H, SEA., AWS Rules Convention Steering 
Comm , Home Ec Ext. Club Sec , RWF, Ks. Legislative Schs., 
Smurthwaite Schs. House. Marker, Jack H : Blue Springs, Mo., Busi- 
ness Administration, Sigma Chi Pub. Rel Chm. Sgt.-at-Arms, Alpha 
Phi Omega, SEA., Wesley Found , Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. 


Seniors: Mar-Mat 

TOP ROW Markley, John R: Manhattan, Business Administration. Marmet, 
Kent L: Sabetha, Electrical Engineering Marriott, Kay J : Manhattan, Sec- 
ondary Education 

SECOND ROW Marrs, John A: Harvey, III., Business Administration, Tau 
Kapoa Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, ROTC Rifle Team Marshall. Janet D: Ft 
Scott, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Martin, Larry R: Matfield 
Green, Electrical Engineering, Triangle Rush Chm , Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu 
V-Pres., Engr Honors Program, MUN, MPC, Engr. Coun , Intr , Western Elec- 
tric Sens.. Dean's Honor Roll 

THIRD ROW: Martin, Michael P: Milwaukee, Wis., Business Administra- 
tion. Martindale, Donna L: Burlington, Family and Child Development. 
Marx, Robert J: Omaha, Neb., Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Masten. Boyd E: Stafford, Secondary Education Mathias, 
Albert R: LeRoy, Agronomy Mathias, Kenneth E: McCook, Neb , Mechani- 
cal Engineering, ASME. 

Ashley Allison participated in service projects as a member of 
Angel Flight, Chimes, Mortar Board and the CYRs A senior 
class officer, she served the Union as chairman of the personnel 
and research committee and as a member of UGB and UPC 

Discussion leader at Big Eight and Region 1 1 Union confer- 
ences, Fred Williams served the Union as assistant program 
adviser, publicity coordinator and HQ producer He was sum- 
mer Collegian editor, a K-State player and active in 4-H 


Seniors: Mat-McG 

TOP ROW: Mattare. Joseph H: Washington, DC, Veterinary Medi- 
cine Mattox, Frederick L: Piper, Civil Engineering Mauck, Wilbur 

L: Hill City, Wildlife Conservation Maurath, Francene H: Cimarron, 
Home Economics Education, SEA, Home Ec Teaching Club 
May, Jerry L: Lebanon, Civil Engineering. McAdow, Mary J: 

Lyndon, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Pres.. Ed Coun V- 
Pres., SEA., Panhel., Jr. Panhel. Pres., SGA Comm , AWS Comm. 
McCobb, Allan P: Russell, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW McCollough. Richard: Randall, Animal Husbandry. 
McConachie. Daniel R: Wichita, Economics, Alpha Kappa Lambda 
V-Pres Treas.. IFC V-Pres., Circle K, CYR, MUN, Varsity Swimming. 
McCoy, Sharron A: Alma, Elementary Education. McCullough, 
Ronald: Dalton. Ohio, Wildlife Conservation. McGee, Judith E: 
Kansas City, Mo.. Elementary Education. Gamma Phi Beta Soc. Chm. 
Act. Chm., S.E.A., Union Comm McGhee, Daniel: Kansas City. Land- 
scape Architecture. ASLA V-Pres McGhee, Francis M: Kansas City, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Kappa Delta, AID, Clothing & 
Tex. Club, Newman Club 

Entertaining armed forces overseas, Polly Coombs toured 
Europe and Greenland with the K-State Singers. She also sang 
with A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers and a Presbyterian 
choir A student senator, she was selected for Mortar Board. 

Student Senate Chairman Don Ferguson, as a member of fac- 
ulty council on student affairs and Athletic Council, was a link 
between students and administration. An Engineering Council 
member, he was selected for Phi Kappa Phi and Blue Key. 


Seniors: McG-Mic 


TOP ROW: McGuire, Timothy J : Kansas City, Mo, Bacteriology Mclntyre, 
Steven G: Jewell, Agronomy, Alpha Kappa Lambda Rec Sec House Mgr., 
ASA, Intr McKee, Dennis D: Hays, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW. McKinley, Ann L: Manhattan. Elementary Education, S E A , 
AVMA Aux.. Women's Glee Club. McKinney, Donald E: Junction City, Histo- 
ry McKinnis, Jim A: Lyons, Mechanical Engineering, ASME Treas , Arnold 
Air Soc Pi Tau Sigma, Lake Union Comm , Newman Club, Intr , Engr. Open 
House Dept. Chm 

THIRD ROW: McKinnis, Jo M: Lyons, Elementary Education. McKown, 
Richard A: Pratt, Civil Engineering McLenon, Paul A: Effingham, Business 

FOURTH ROW McMillan, Alan D: Stafford, Agricultural Engineering. 
McMillan, Glenda S: Stafford, Interior Design. Meetz, Johnny E: Newton, 
Animal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Rho Pres V-Pres House Mgr . Block & 
Bridle, Jr & Sr Wool Judging Teams, Jr & Sr Meats Judging Teams, Jr & 
Sr Livestock Judging Teams, Sr Dairy Judging Team, Stu Senate, TCB, 
BSO, LAR Pres V-Pres., Ag. Coun . Dean's Honor Roll, Sears & Roebuck 
Schs.. Block & Bridle Schs . Intr 

FIFTH ROW: Meier, Harold E: Lincoln, Wildlife Conservation. Mellott, 
Mitchell P: Edwardsville, Technical Journalism. Melvin, Judith A: Shawnee 
Mission, Mathematics, Gamma Phi Beta Treas , Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu 
Epsilon, Phi Alpha Mu Treas , Phi Kappa Phi, PTP, KSU Honor Schs 

SIXTH ROW: Merten, Donald H: Whiteman AFB, Mo, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Mertz, Jacob E: Wamego, Statistics Meschke, David G: 

Hutchinson, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Football, Athletic 

SEVENTH ROW: Messersmith, Maria J: Ellmwood, Physical Therapy, Alpha 
Chi Omega Cor Sec, CYD, USP, AWS Comm, Intr Metzger, Ronald C: 
Scott, Business Administration Meyer, Janet S: Wichita, Home Economics 
Education, SEA, Home Ec Teaching Club, Kappa Phi. 

BOTTOM ROW. Meyers, Maryalys: Hiawatha. Elementary Education. 
SEA.. CYD Michaud, Michael E: Clifton, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon 
Kappa, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Athletic Schs Michie, Terry K: 

Pittsburg, Electrical Engineering, Triangle V-Pres. Treas Sec , Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, IEEE, Engr. Coun Sec , Dean's Honor Roll, Intr 


Seniors: Mid-Moo 

TOP ROW: Middleswart, Jerry M: Fowler, Veterinary Medicine. Miles, Ja- 
nice J: Mt Hope, Elementary Education. Chi Omega Soc. Chm.. SCC Sec. 
Treas., SEA Miller, Gregory L: Manhattan, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Miller, Jackie L: Hutchinson, Home Economics Education, 
Home Ec Teaching Club, SEA., Collegiate 4-H. Miller, Patricia A: Kansas 
City, Home Economics Education, Gamma Phi Beta, SEA., Home Ec Teach- 
ing Club Miller, Robert H: Wellington, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Sherry K: Towanda, Home Economics Education, 
SEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Home Ec. Masters Program 

Miller, Willard A: Garnett. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, CYD, Apollo 
Men's Glee Club, Newman Club. Milliken, Sharon L: Topeka, Sociology. 

FOURTH ROW Mills, Michael T: Russell, English, Alpha Tau Omega Sec. 
House Mgr Sgt.-at-Arms, Union Comm., Concert Band, Pep Club, Touch- 
stone Staff, CYD, Newman Club, Putnam Sens., General Motors Schs Miner, 
Dennis L: Ness City, Music Education Minnis, Roberta I: Omaha, Neb., 
Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Misak, Eldon L: Caldwell. Veterinary Medicine Mitcha, John 

L: Overland Park. Mechanical Engineering. Business Administration, Sigma 
Chi Treas . ASME. SAME. Engr. Coun Sec. Union Comm Mitchell, Karen 
L: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Alpha Xi Delta, Panhel , Sigma Alpha 
Eta, Wesley Found., Kappa Phi. 

SIXTH ROW Mizell, Robert H: Norton, Animal Husbandry, Block & Bridle, 
Pre-Vet Club Moehlman, Patricia L: Manhattan, Secondary Education. 
Mohrman, Carolyn K: Byron, Neb , Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW Monday, Norma J: Manhattan, Business Administration, 
Delta Mu Delta Treas , Dean's Honor Roll Montgomery, Michael: Sabetha, 
Pre-Medicine Moody, Ann E: Olathe, Elementary Education, SEA., Cloth- 
ing & Tex Club, KSUARH. 

BOTTOM ROW: Moore, James R: Wichita, Business Administration. 
Moore, Kathryn E: Manhattan, Family and Child Development Moore, 
Lowell G: Muscotah, Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma Pres., Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, Stu. Senate, Engr Coun , K-State Engr. Ed. 


Stan Husted and Ron Keys, participants in undergraduate Na- 
tional Science Foundation research grants, both presented 
papers in entomology for publishing, Stan, Agriculture Council 
vice-president, lettered three years in vansty gymnastics and 
was team captain. Ron, Arnold Air Society Commander, was 
Alpha Zeta chancellor and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. 

Seniors: Moo-Mur 

TOP ROW Moore, Phillip F: Wichita, Pre-Law, Sigma Chi Sec , Stu 
Senate Pari , MUN Comm Chm , Chancery Club, Cosmopolitan Club 
Pres . K-State Players, Intl Coor Coun.. CYR, Men's Glee Club, USP. 
MC, MPC, Dean's Honor Roll, Intr Moore, Sandra C: Munden, Horti- 
culture, Dean's Honor Roll, Hort Club Pres V-Pres. Sec Treas , Ag 
Coun , Collegiate 4-H, Ks Assoc Garden Clubs Schs Moore, Susan 
M: Wichita, Speech, Kappa Kappa Gamma Hist, Stu Senate, K-State 
Players. German Club, Cosmopolitan Club, SEA Moore, Thornton 
A: Manhattan, Civil Engineering Morgan, Jeanette R: Ashton. 
Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, A&S Honors Program. AWS Standards 
Bd , Intr , Boyer Trust Schs Morgan, Patricia J: Arkansas City. Sec- 
ondary Education, S E A Morgenson, Jonathan: Topeka, Technical 

SECOND ROW: Morgenstern, Jerry L: Hoisington, Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Morrison, Sidney L: Waubay, S D ., Architecture 
Morrissette, Linda K: Mission, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi 
V-Pres Pledge Trainer, SEA, Jr Panhel . Union Comm Morrow, 
James F: Atlantic, Iowa, Business Administration, Sigma Chi 
Mortimer, Alan J: Gypsum. Electrical Engineering Mortimer, Kay 
D: Salina, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta. S.EA, Pep Club, K- 
State Players. Union Comms . Ed Coun , A&S Coun Morton, Marcia 
J: Oxford, Elementary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Moser, Michael L: Oakley, Business Administration 
Muehring, Paul E: Hemet, Calif., Technical Journalism Mueller, 
Barbara L: Hanover, English, German Club, Oratorio Chorus, SEA 
Mueller, Patty E: Manhattan, Home Economics Education Mueller, 
Steven A: Sylvan Grove. Animal Husbandry. Block & Bridle. Chapara- 
jos. Fr. Baseball Mullin, Thomas W: Longford. Geography, Murphy, 
James P: Abilene, Agricultural Engineering. 


Seniors: Mur-Nor 

TOP ROW: Murphy, Jerry S: Hope, Civil Engineering Murphy, 

Kenneth L: Manhattan, Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Arnold Air Soc , CYR Murphy, Maryanne: Sublette. Elementary Edu- 
cation, Alpha Chi Omega Rec Sec. House Mgr Act Chm , Jr Panhel., 
A&S Coun , Ed Coun.. S E A., CYD, Dean's Honor Roll. Murrow 
Elton G: Blue Mound, Animal Husbandry, Delta Sigma Phi Rush 
Chm Murry, Catherine A: Kankakee, III., Biological Science. Kappa 
Delta House Mgr . Chaparajos, CYR, AWS, Newman Club. Myers, 
Cletice L: Great Bend. Botony Myers, Dennis E: Barnard. Civil Engi- 
neering. Sigma Tau. Chi Epsilon. SAME., Engr Open House Dept 
Chm , Dean's Honor Roll, ASCE, JO. Hamilton Schs 

THIRD ROW: Nelson, Ann E: Ellis, Elementary Education, Chi Ome- 
ga Sec, UPC, Interdorm Coun., Orientation Leader, S.E.A. Nelson, 
Dennis T: Salma, Veterinary Medicine. Nelson, Gary R: Manhattan, 
Chemistry Nelson, Robert K: Omaha. Neb., History. CYR. Flying 
Club. Nesson, Ralph S: New York, NY, Bacteriology. Newquist, 
Dale A: Greensburg. Pa., Business Administration. Nickel, Duane F: 
Levant, Bacteriology 

SECOND ROW Nafziger, Gary L: Cuba, Business Administration, 
Fencing Club, Rifle Club. Pep Band Nagel, John C: Valley Center, 
Animal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Rho Intr. Mgr.. Jr & Sr Livestock 
Judging Teams, Jr & Sr. Wool Judging Teams, Block & Bridle V-Pres.. 
Intr.. LAR Champion Showman, LAR Schs. Nance, Christopher E: 
Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. Nash, Rodney T: Greensburg, 
Mechanical Engineering, Smith Schs. House Sec. V-Pres., Phi Eta 
Sigma V-Pres. Murry Wilson Schs. Texaco Schs. Nava, Maria E: 
Torreon. Mex . Business Administration, Neaderhiser, Benny D: 
Cuba, Civil Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi Pledge Master House Mgr., 
ASCE Neal, John A: Menlo, Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Sports Car 
Club Pres. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nicholson, Rodney D: Maize. Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Varsity Football, 
Athletic Schs. Nightingale, Conrad K: Halstead, Pre-Vetermary Med- 
icine. Beta Theta Pi V-Pres.. Pre-Vet Club Pres., Varsity Cross Country, 
Varsity Track. Athletic Schs., Mike Ahearn Award. Niles, Nancy L: 
Wichita, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Standards Chm. 
V-Pres, Dean's Honor Roll, SEA, Ed. Coun. Njoku, Celestine O: 
Nigeria, Veterinary Medicine. Nolder, Larry H: Manhattan, Architec- 
ture. Norbury, Fritz: Prescott. Feed Science and Management, Phi 
Delta Theta Rec. Sec, Alpha Mu PresCorSec.AlphaZeta.Ag. 
Coun., Milling Assoc, Intr., Straube Schs. Norris, Helen L: Junction 
City, Home Economics Education. 


Seniors: Nul-Par 

TOP ROW: Nulty, Judith K: Jewell. Elementary Education. Smurthwaite 
Treas.. Phi Kappa Phi, A&S Honors Program. Kappa Delta Pi V-Pres.. Alpha 
Lambda Delta, SGA Comm , S.E.A Advisory Bd.. Ed Coun., Women's Glee 
Club, Kappa Phi V-Pres , John Trembley Memorial Schs , Boyd Family Schs.. 
Delta Delta Delta Schs , Mortar Bd Schs Nye, John C: Bluff City, Agricultur- 
al Engineering, Phi Delta Theta Schs Chm . Phi Eta Sigma Treas Sr Advisor, 
Scabbard & Blade Pres.. Sigma Tau, Steel Ring. SGA Comm , ASAE, Gamma 
Sigma Delta Schs. Award Ochs, Carol A: Hoisington, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Odom, Ronald G: Caney, Chemical Engineering, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Cor. Sec, Sigma Tau. Ohlde, Douglas A: Palmer, Feed Sci- 
ence and Management Olsen, Mary E: Clay Center, Elementary Education 

THIRD ROW: Olson, John W: Leonardville, Secondary Education, SEA, 
Indus. Ed. Club, Varsity Basketball. O'Neill, George D: Phi 1 1 ipsburg. Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Orrell, Linda D: Peck, Secondary Education, Alpha Xi Delta 
Pres. Mem. Chm . PanheL. Sigma Alpha Eta Pres , Stu Senate. SEA , AWS 
Comm., SGA Comm Chm., CYR, USP, Wesley Found. Comm 

FOURTH ROW Orseno, Joseph A: Chicago, III , Biological Science, New- 
man Club, Religious Coun Treas., Intr. Otney, Linda K: Barnes, Elementary 
Education Overstreet, Lavonda J : Augusta, Family and Child Development, 
Fam. & Child Dev Club Comm Chm , CYR. 

FIFTH ROW: Owen, Carol J: Springhill, Family and Child Development 
Owen, Gary D: Dighton, Civil Engineering Owens, Sharon L: Wichita. 
Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW Oyekan, Jibade C: Nigeria, Agricultural Journalism, Ag Coun., 
Plow & Pen Club, Univ Ext. Club, PTP, African Stu Assoc Pres., Soccer Club, 
Cosmopolitan Club, Collegian Staff, Intl. Coor, Coun Page, Charles L: 
Manhattan, Business Administration. Palmer, Larry G: Kansas City, Mo., 
Secondary Education, Sigma Chi Treas. 

SEVENTH ROW Palmer, Pamela: Kansas City, Mo. Secondary Education. 
Pi Beta Phi. Kappa Delta Pi, A&S Coun , Ed Coun , Orientation Leader, 
SEA, Union Comm Palmer, Patricia A: White City, Secondary Education 
Pankratz, Gary F: Hillsboro, Agricultural Mechanization 

BOTTOM ROW: Pappan, Ronald D: Hunnewell, Animal Husbandry 
Paramore, Sandra S: Topeka. Secondary Education. Delta Zeta Rec. Sec . Pi 
Kappa Delta Sec Treas , SEA , Debate Sguad, Forenics Union, Debate Club 
Sec. Treas., CYR Comm Chm , K-State Players Parker, David L: Manhattan, 
Mathematics, German, Delta Upsilon Pres Schs Chm , Phi Eta Sigma Pres , 
Scabbard & Blade, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Pi Mu Epsilon, Putnam Assoc . 
Stu. Dir of Intl. Affairs, Tribunal, Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, 
Jazz Workshop Ensemble, ROTC Band, A&S Coun., German Club, PTP, Intr , 
Putnam Schs., Justus Liebig German Ex Schs , ROTC Excellence Award. 
Rhodes Schs State Rep 


Seniors: Par-Pay 

TOP ROW: Parker, Elizabeth H: Boulder, Colo., Elementary Education. 
Parker, Ralph M: Wellington, Architecture. Parker, Robert G: Topeka, In- 
dustrial Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Parker, Ronnie G: Macksville, Geology Parrett, Larry S: 

Topeka, Chemical Engineering. Parsons, Rebecca K: Merriam, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. 

THIRD ROW Partch, Sue L: Bird City, Foods and Nutrition, Kappa Delta 
Sec Hist , Prof Foods Club, Collegiate 4-H. CYD, Intr , Masonic Lodge Schs.. 
FHA Schs Parthemer, Nancy C: Frankfort, Sociology, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
lota Kappa Phi V-Pres , Trembly Memorial Schs , State of Kansas Schs Paul, 
Arthur A: Manhattan. Milling Science and Management 

BOTTOM ROW: Paul, Dallas H: Peabody, Agricultural Economics Pauly, 
Robert F: Huron, Nuclear Engineering. Payne, William M: Buffalo, Animal 

Elected to Student Senate, Sam Knecht was chosen by fellow 
senators to continue in Senate as a holdover member. In SGA 
he was a member of committees on student opinion sampling 
and Union bookstore, and in MPC was defense plank chairman 

Education Council President Mary Furney organized seminars 
to inform students of changes being made during the "school" 
to "college" changeover in education. She was chairman of 
Union movies, SGA public relations and a Student Senator. 



#» ■■ 

Seniors: Pea-Pra 

TOP ROW: Pearson, Elaine L: Reading. Biochemistry. Smurthwaite 
Sec. Songleader, State of Kansas Schs.. CAA Schs. Pearson, Wayne 
A: Concordia, Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha, K- State Singers, 
MENC, Music Schs , Smith Schs House Penner, Richard L: 
Sedgwick. Secondary Education. SEA Perrier, Thomas D: Eureka, 
Animal Husbandry, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sec Schs Chm House Mgr ., 
Alpha Zeta, Ag. Coun., MUN Comm. Chm , Block & Bridle Treas . Live- 
stock Judging Team, Meats Judging Team, Newman Club, Ag. Sci 
Day Mgr. Perry, Layton M: Overland Park, Accounting. 
Perschbacher, Elmer: St Louis, Mo.. Architecture Peters, Dennis 
R: Belleville. Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Amateur Radio Club 
SECOND ROW: Peters. Eugene O: Cuba. Animal Husbandry 
Petersen, George E: Dighton. Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 
Moore Hall Govern. Bd.. Intr. Peterson, Eldon E: Lindsborg, Electrical 
Engineering. Peterson, Harold C: Mankato, Accounting. Peterson, 
Jerald A: Arlington, S.D „ Veterinary Medicine. Peyton, Robert H: 
Rago. Agricultural Economics. Pfanenstiel, Richard: Salina, Pre- 

THIRD ROW: Phillips, Terry I: Onaga, Electrical Engineering 
Pilcher, Patricia A: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Pinkstaff, 
Alan J: Wichita. Architecture Piper, Ross D: Burlington, Architec- 
ture Plemons, Robert F: Medicine Lodge, Bacteriology. Plocharski, 
Edward J: Bergenfield, N.J , Veterinary Medicine Ploger, James R: 
Kinsley, Business Administration. KSUARH Hist. Comm Chm , Col- 
legiate 4-H, 4-H in Review. RA. 

BOTTOM ROW Pohl, Renita K: Baldwin, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Clovia. SEA. EUB. Pohlman, Randolph A: Salina. Business 
Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Soc. Pokorny, Charles: 
Halstead, Statistics Pollock, Jon M : Leawood, Business Administra- 
tion, Phi Delta Theta House Mgr , Amateur Radio Club Potenski, 
William E: Clay Center, Architecture. Powers, Linda S: Oskaloosa, 
Iowa, Elementary Education. Prater, Marvin E: Salina, Horticulture 

During the Christmas vacation period, a lone student heads 
toward his research project in Waters hall through fresh snow. 

Seniors: Pra-Ree 

TOP ROW: Prather, Grace I: Hugoton. English. Collegiate 4-H. OCW. Kappa 
Phi Prather, Sara L: Meade, Clothing Retailing Pratt, Regena K: Harper, 

Applied Music, Alpha Chi Omega, MENC, A Cappella Choir, Women's Glee 
Club, Madrigal Singers, Kappa Phi, Wesley Found 

SECOND ROW Pretzer, Mary J: Elmdale, Home Economics and Journal- 
ism, Collegian Night Ed. Features Ed, Asst. Features Ed.. Theta Sigma Phi 
V-Pres . CYD, Home Ec. Journalism Club Pres. Treas., Wesley Found., K-Key 
Award. State of Kansas Schs. Prideaux, Judith L: Worthlngton. Ohio, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Songleader, SEA Univ. Choir, 
Oratorio Chorus. Prinz, Roberta R: Westmoreland. Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW Pritz, Wayne L: Lincolnville, Mechanical Engineering. 
Prochazka, Ronald D: Liberal, Business Administration. Proctor, Virgil G: 

Soldier. Business Administration 

FOURTH ROW Proehl, Richard J: Americus, Animal Husbandry Pryor, 
Mary A: Sahna, Sociology, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Chimes. Panhel Pres. 
SAB, Putnam Schs. Ptacek, Betty J: Manhattan, Psychology. 

FIFTH ROW: Puig, Jorge: Caguas. Puerto Rico, Accounting Quillin, Dean 

M: South Haven, Agricultural Education. Rachesky, Ronald P: Rutherford, 
N.J., Technical Journalism. Collegian Asst Bus. Mgr. Bus. Mgr.. Royal Purple 
Ed Staff. Sigma Delta Chi 

SIXTH ROW: Rader, Gary L: Paola. Wildlife Conservation Rafferty, James 
M: Alexandria, Va , Nuclear Engineering Rafter, Barry L: Leavenworth, Ar- 
chitectural Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW Rafter, Marykaye: Leavenworth, Modern Languages. 
Raines, Glenn A: Louisburg, Agronomy, Agronomy Club Cor Sec Randel, 

Ernest B: Greensburg, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Randolph, Delvin D: Jennings, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA 
Rathbun, Gene P: Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering Reeh, Loretta E: 

Atwood, Home Economics Education, Collegiate 4-H, Univ. Ext. Club, SEA., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Home Ec Ext Club, Newman Club. Soil Conserva- 
tion Schs. 


Seniors: Ree-Rio 

TOP ROW: Reeves. John T: Wichita, Civil Engineering. Reeves, 

Nancy C: Kansas City. Mo.. Elementary Education. Alpha Chi Omega 
Chaplain Ed., AWS. RA. SEA. Pres. Sec. Pep Club, Women's Glee 
Club V-Pres., Intr. Regier, Katherine M: Newton, Home Economics 
Education. Reida, Frankie R: Rago, Physical Education, Delta Sigma 
Phi Soc. Chm. Songleader, CYR. Reiter, Michael J: Kingman. Electri- 
cal Engineering. Reusser, Joan K: Walton. Clothing Retailing, PTP, 
AWS Comm., Clothing & Tex. Club Treas.. Mennonite Fellow. 
Rexroad, Chloe E: Downs, Secondary Education 

SECOND ROW: Rexroad, Jerry M: Hutchinson, Restaurant Manage- 
ment. Reynolds, Kenneth R: Wellington, Pre-Medicine, CYR, Clinic 
Club, Newman Club. Elks Schs.. Ks Legislature Schs. Rice, Kirke W: 
Ft. Scott. Architecture. Rice, Terrence S: Horton, Agronomy, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Agr. Club V-Pres., Ag. Coun., Univ. Ext. Club, Collegiate 
4-H, ASA, Union Pacific Schs., Allied Chemical Schs. Rich, Charles 
L: Overbrook, Animal Husbandry, Alpha Kappa Lambda House Mgr., 
Block & Bridle, Chaparajos, Intr Rich, Randall L: St. John, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. FarmHouse, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., GBF Pres., 
Fr. Basketball. Richardson, Dale M: Stafford, Animal Husbandry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Richardson, Gerald L: Topeka, Veterinary Medicine 
Richardson, Harold W: Junction City, Veterinary Medicine. Riedel, 
Fredrick: Washington, N.J., Agricultural Mechanization Riffey, Ja- 
net K: Wichita, Home Economics and Journalism, Pi Beta Phi Music 
Chm. Schs. Chm., CYR, Union Comm., AWS Comm., Home Ec. Jour- 
nalism Club Bus. Mgr. Ringheim, Pamela S: Prairie Village, Psychol- 
ogy, Phi Kappa Phi. Rinkenberger, Robert : Overland Park, Pre- 
Medicine. Riordan, Michael E: Salina, History, Delta Tau Delta, Phi 
Alpha Theta Hist., Newman Club. 

Mortar Board President Cathy Addy served the University in 
AWS and Union activities. A delegate to AWS conventions, she 
also worked in AWS as vice-president and judicial board chair- 
man, and in the Union as UPC secretary and UGB member 

. . 


Seniors: Rip-Rog 

TOP ROW: Rippe, Victor H: Ludell. Agricultural Economics 
Robbins, Carol L: Leawood, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Sec. 
Pres . Panhel .. Mortar Bd. Hist , Kappa Delta Pi, UPC, UBG Sec, A&S 
Coun., SEA. Union Comm Chm Robbins, Marilyn S: Newtonia, 
Mo , Music Education. Alpha Delta Pi Reg Songleader. SGA Comm . 
MENC V-Pres Pub Rel. Chm Roberts, Keith L: Bonner Springs. 
Accounting Robinson, Benny R: Kansas City, Architecture 
Robinson, Douglas A: Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering 
Robinson, Melvin D: Sabetha. Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robinson, Rita M: Hill City, Elementary Education, 
S E.A. Robison, Curtis L: Parsons, History Rodenberg, Malcolm D: 

Healy, Industrial Engineering. Roesler, Ronald H: Junction City, 
Pre-Dentistry. Alpha Tau Omega Sec. Pledge Trainer, Clinic Club, 
State of Kansas Sens.. Union Pacific Schs.. Elks Schs Rogers, Can- 
dace L: Lawrence, Elementary Education. Chi Omega House Mgr., 
Kappa Delta Pi. Dean's Honor Roll. Putnam Hall Pres.. SEA., Union 
Comm., Religious Coun., Intervarsity Christian Fellow. Rogers, Leslie 
W: Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. Rogers, Lloyd W: Topeka, Civil 

Boosting Wildcat spirit. Tammy Gaynier led cheers during 
football and basketball games for three years She served for 
two years on AWS judicial board and was a member of Student 
Senate, Arts and Science Council, Mortar Board and Chimes. 

...... . . ,;■ ■■-. . 


Conrad Nightingale, Mike Ahearn Athletic Man of the Year 
and Most Inspirational Track Team Athlete, set conference and 
national records in the mile run. He gave off-campus talks for 
Christian Athletes and was an officer in Pre-Vetennary Club. 


1MB 1 il 

H*ii |f mm 
Ilk. 1 ■ 

Seniors: Rog-Sch 

TOP ROW: Rogers, Neil D: Garnett. Landscape Architecture. Rose, Richard 
A: Topeka. Landscape Architecture. Rothberger, Jamie: Topeka. Secondary 

SECOND ROW: Rotman, Janet A: Cawker City, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Delta Delta Delta Soc. Chm.. Jr. Panhel., Phi Upsilon Omicron Sec. 
Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec. Coun.. IPC, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Union 
Comm. Chm., SGA Comm. Royer, Dale L: Arrmgton, Mathematics. 
Ruediger, Barbara J : Topeka, Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: Ruggles, Charles W: Manhattan, Pre-Medicine, Sigma Chi, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Arnold Air Soc, Blue Key, Stu. Senate. Athletic Coun., Clinic 
Club, AFROTC Schs. Rusch, Elaine A: Russell, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism. Delta Delta Delta Marshall Pub Chm.. Phi Upsilon Omicron Treas . 
Mortar Bd. V-Pres.. Chimes Hist.. Theta Sigma Phi Pres., AWS Comm, Royal 
Purple Ed. & Bus. Staffs. Home Ec Journalism Club. Home Ec Coun Pub 
Chm., Newman Club, K-Key Award, Psi Psi Psi Schs., Farm Bureau Schs., 
Sperry & Hutchinson Schs., Home Ec. Coun. Chapt. Schs Rushton, William 
H : Wichita. Business Administration, Sigma Chi Cor. Sec 

FOURTH ROW: Russell, Kenneth J : Courtland, Physical Education. 
Sanders, Martha C: Hugoton. Music Education, Delta Delta Delta Schs 
Chm. Songleader Rush Chm, Mu Phi Epsilon, A&S Coun. V-Pres , MENC 
Pres., Union Comm., AGO., A Cappella Choir, K-State Singers, MPC Sec, 
Sigma Chi Sweetheart. Sanders, Thomas B: Prairie Village, Horticulture. 

FIFTH ROW: Sankey, Richard R: Salina, Pre-Dentistry, SA, RA, Moore Hall 
Judicial Bd Pres., Clinic Club, Intr. Sansone, Gennaro E: New York, NY, 
Electrical Engineering. Italian Club. IEEE. Sayers, Julian F: Independence. 

SIXTH ROW: Schaich, Cecelia M: Topeka. Foods and Nutrition Research, 
Smurthwaite V-Pres. Act. Chm., AWS, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Prof. Foods Club 
Pres. Treas., State of Kansas Schs., Martha S Pittman Award Scheffer, 
James D: Salina, Mathematics, S.E.A., Varsity Baseball Schermerhorn, 
Randall: Larned, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schick, Peggy J : Gridley, Clothing Retailing, Chi Omega 
Vocations Chm., CYR, Clothing & Tex. Club. Schild, Leroy P: Phi II ipsburg. 
Veterinary Medicine. Schlosser, Bruce E: Kansas City, Mechanical Engineer- 

BOTTOM ROW: Schmidt, Frederick J: Shawnee Mission. History. Delta Tau 
Delta. Schmidt, Jane M: Kinsley. Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, 
S.E.A.. Canterbury Club. Schmidt, Larry E: Lehigh. Agricultural Education. 
FarmHouse Rush Chm.. Alpha Tau Alpha Pres., Ag. Ed. Club V-Pres Sec, Ag. 
Coun., FFA, CYR, Jr. & Sr. Meats Judging Team 


Seniors: Sch-Set 

TOP ROW: Schmidt. Lauren E: Newton, Modern Languages. Gamma Phi 
Beta, Panhel , Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes. Sigma Delta Pi Pres., Pep Club. 
Schmidt, Leon B: Caldwell, Agricultural Education, Ag Ed Club, FFA, Col- 
legiate 4-H, CYD, Newman Club. Schmidt, Sylvio M: Woodside, NY, Mod- 
ern Languages. 

SECOND ROW: Schoneweis, Frieda A: Miltonvale, Foods and Nutrition, 
Prof Foods Club. Schreck, Dan R: Marienthal, History, Newman Club. 
Schroeder, Beverly S: Marysville. Elementary Education. SEA, State of 
Kansas Sens., Wanda M. Vinson Schs. 

THIRD ROW Schroeppel, Cheryl: Kansas City, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism Schruben, Dale L: Manhattan. Nuclear Engineering Schultis. Clair 

S: McPherson, Industrial Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW Schultz, Steve E: Overland Park, Psychology. Schweitzer, 
Stephen: Osborne, Business Administration Schwing, James E: Trenton, 
N.J., Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon Sec., ASCE, CYD, Newman Club. 

FIFTH ROW Scoggins, Jesse R: Ensign, Agronomy. Alpha Kappa Lambda 
House Mgr. Schs Chm . ASA, Newman Club, Intr Scott, Julia J : Wellington, 
Elementary Education. Scott, Larry: Morrowville, Statistics. 

SIXTH ROW Scott, Shirley J: Wamego, Elementary Education Scott, 
Thomas W: Chanute, Chemical Engineering, AlChE Sec, AIAA, Newman 
Club Scribner, Mildred J: El Dorado, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW Seaton, Linda L: Chapman, Elementary Education, SEA., 
Wesley Found Seeman, John E: Larned, Landscape Architecture. Seiler, 
Jeanette K: Halstead, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Seip, Terry L:Summerfield, History. Delta Chi V-Pres. 
Treas. Rush Chm. Selbe, William L: Kansas City, Nuclear Engineering. Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon Pedge Trainer. ANS. K-Club. Varsity Track, Intr , Athletic 
Schs Setchel, Warren A: Wakefield, Accounting, Intr. 


Seniors: Sew-She 

TOP ROW: Seward, Freeman G: Eureka, History Seyfert, Don M: 

Humbolt. Architecture. Shackelford, Jean A: Manhattan, Econom- 
ics Shadden, Burl H: Junction City, Statistics Shah, Prabodh R: 

Bombay, India, Chemical Engineering. Shank, Glen L: Henngton, 
Business Administration. Shank, James L: New Cambria, Agricultur- 
al Engineering, Dean's Honor Roll, Ag Coun , Ag Ec Club V-Pres., 
Newman Club, PTA Schs 

BOTTOM ROW: Sharp, Linda D: Prairie Village, History, Chi Delphia, 
Pep Club. Shattuck, Linda L: Prairie Village, Dietetics and Institution- 
al Management, Bessie B West Schs Shaw, Bobbie J: Shawnee 
Mission, Physical Education Sheldon, Susan J: Topeka, Secondary 
Education, Delta Zeta Cor Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Phi Delta, 
SEA, K-State Players, Union Comm., K-Stepper Shelor, Michael E: 
Minneola, Architecture, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Design Coun , RA. 
Arch. Open House Chm Sherrod, Kent H: Arkansas City, Wildlife 
Conservation. Sherwood, Jacob M : Concordia, Veterinary Medicine. 

Representing women students, Glenna Harrison served as 
chairman of symposium and service committees for AWS. She 
was selected for Mortar Board and Chimes, and was chairman 
and assistant chairman of Hospitality Day. 

Elaine Rusch, a home economics journalist, was Theta Sigma 
Phi president, Hospitality Day publicity chairman and a member 
of the RP business and editorial staffs She also was vice- 
president and scholarship dinner chairman of Mortar Board 


Seniors: Shi-Smi 

TOP ROW: Shilling, Michael D: Manhattan, Business Administration, Sigma 
Chi Treas., CYR. Shivers, Donald G: Holton, Mathematics, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, State of Kansas Schs. Shoup, Elizabeth 

A: Belle Plaine, Horticulture. 

SECOND ROW: Shrack, James K: Pratt, Landscape Architecture 
Shukman, Larry J:Almena. Physical Education Shu man, Michael L: 

Sharon Springs, Entomology. 

THIRD ROW: Shuman, Myrna S: Manhattan, Humanities Siebert, William 

J: Hillsboro, Geophysics Siefkes, Dennis R: Hudson, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation, FarmHouse Pari., Ag. Mech. Club Pres. V-Pres., Statesmen Pres.. 
Ext. Club Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Ag. Coun., Jr. & Sr. Meats Judging Teams. 

FOURTH ROW: Siewert, Thomas F: Roch, N, Y , Animal Husbandry. Sig- 
destad, Leonard A: Peirpont, S D., Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA 
Simmonds, David W: Wichita, Social Science, Delta Chi, SCC Pres. 

FIFTH ROW: Simmons, Patricia A: Clyde, Secondary Education, CYD, Fenc- 
ing Club, SEA Simpson, Diane M: Manhattan, Home Economics Exten- 
sion Simpson, Patricia O: Clifton, Secondary Education, SEA. 

SIXTH ROW: Sims, Michael E: Hutchinson, Business Admin- 
istration Singer, Marilyn L: Kansas City, Mo., Elementary Education, Delta 
Delta Delta Rush Chm , Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart, Union Comm., CYD, 
S.E.A . Intr Singleterry, John L: Holdrege, Neb., Economics, A&S Coun., 
Efficacy Party Pres., Marlatt Hall Treas., CYD, SPA, SPU 

SEVENTH ROW: Sinn, Elizabeth A: Ft. Scott, Secondary Education, SEA 
Skaer, William C: Augusta, Veterinary Medicine, Beta Theta Pi, AVMA. 
Skonberg, Irene S: Randolph, Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon Warden, 
Concert Band, Women's Glee Club, MENC, Pep Band, Collegiate 4-H, Kappa 
Phi, Dean's Honor Roll 

BOTTOM ROW: Small, Susan; Wichita, Secondary Education. Smith, Carol 

P: Kansas City, Secondary Education, Delta Zeta, SEA., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 
Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Pi, German Club, Panhel Schs., King Chemistry Schs 
Smith, David D: Wichita, Restaurant Management. 

Ik 9 'Bh 


■ — ■■ ■■•' 


Seniors: Smi-Spe 

TOP ROW Smith, Dennis Walter: Liberal. Speech Smith, Dennis 

William: Eureka. Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Douglas C: Othello, 
Wash., Accounting, Delta Sigma Phi Treas. Smith, Elizabeth D: 
Wichita, Physical Education. Smith, Eugene L: Lakewood, Ohio, 
Mathematics, Triangle Pledge Trainer, Marching Band, Concert Band, 
Pep Band, Frog Club Pres. Smith, Garry L: Waterville, Business Ad- 
ministration, Beta Sigma Psi Pres. Treas. Rush Chm., Stu. Senate. 
Smith, Gary L: Overland Park, Landscape Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Smith, Roy O: Grandview, Mo.. Chemistry, Business 
Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, ACS, Varsity Basketball. I ntr , Athletic 
Schs. Sneath, Jon C: Brookville, Civil Engineering. Snyder, Barry L: 
Norton, Geology Soldner, William: Salina, Psychology Soper, 
Stanley M: Junction City. Wildlife Conservation. Southard, Mary A: 
Stockton, Interior Design, AID. Sec. Treas.. AHEA, PTP. KSUARH 
Sec, Frog Club. Union Comm., AWS. RA, Union Pacific Schs 
Southerland, Barbara A: Salina, Consumer Interest, Kappa Alpha 
Theta. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec. Coun.. Family Ec. Club Pres . 
Union Comm. 

SECOND ROW: Smith, James G: Kansas City, Physical Education, 
Delta Chi Pari. Intr. Chm.. SEA., KAHPER, Varsity Basketball Mgr 
Smith, Janice Elaine: Kansas City, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta 
Soc. Chm., Panhel.. S.E.A. Smith, Janice Edna: Manhattan, Second- 
ary Education. Smith, Joan I: Kismet, Home Economics with Liberal 
Arts, CYR, Clothing & Tex. Club Smith, John L: Coolidge, Veterinary 
Medicine Smith, Nancy C: Claflin, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Panhel , SEA, CYD. Smith, Ronald H: Brookville, Electrical 

BOTTOM ROW: Southerland, John L: Manhattan. Accounting. 
Spain, Phillip F: Leavenworth, Accounting Spangenberg, Kenneth 

A: Hudson, Animal Husbandry, FarmHouse Sparks, Robert A: 
Augusta, Wildlife Conservation. Spellman, Larry G: Gypsum, Wildlife 
Conservation. Spencer, Laurence W: Faucett, Mo., Animal Husban- 
dry. Sperry, Cynthia L: Prairie Village, Elementary Education. Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Pres . Alpha Lambda Delta Sec. Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A. V-Pres. Comm Chm., Ed. Coun.. UGB 


Seniors: Spi-Ste 

TOP ROW: Spiker, Gary D: Whiting, Business Administration. Spillman, 
Sherry L: Fredonia. Clothing Retailing Splitter, Gary A: Silver Springs, Md., 
Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA, Orientation Leader. 

SECOND ROW: Sprecker, Gaylen R: Manhattan, Accounting Srna, Ri- 
chard E: Salina, Civil Engineering, ASCE Stamets, Bradley E: Clay Center, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW Stang, Elden J: Victoria, Horticulture. Stauder, Jerry W: 

Wichita, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, ANS Pres., Dean's 
Honor Roll Stauffer, Ray D: Chase, Milling Science and Management. 

Milling Assoc 

BOTTOM ROW: Steele, Alan K: Ford, Secondary Education Steele, 

Charles G: Waterville, Physical Education, Biological Sciences, Pi Kappa 
Alpha Sec, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Dean's Honor Roll Steele, Lawrence R: 

Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering. 

David Parker, through PTP and as student director of interna- 
tional affairs, discussed international students' problems with 
administration and assisted German students in finding hous- 
ing. He was a Tribunal justice and ROTC cadet chief of staff. 

Serving the University in SGA, Sheryl Etling was a member of 
Apportionment Board and was the first director of the SGA 
budget. She was instrumental in organizing MUN and was 
named as outstanding senior debater. 


Seniors: Ste-Sun 

TOP ROW: Steiger, Robert D: Menlo. Economics. Delta Tau Delta 
Pres. Songleader. Rec. Sec. Rush Book Ed.. Dean's Honor Roll, Sr 
Class V-Pres, BSO. Men's Glee Club Steinle, Wayne K: Russell. 
Wildlife Conservation. Wildlife Soc. Stephans, William F: Wichita, 
Mathematics, Theta Xi Pres Treas Pledge Master, IFC. CYR. Intr 
Stephens, Alan R: Paola, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, K-State Ama- 
teur Radio Club Sec. -Treas., K. C. Engr. Club Schs Stephens, Shar- 
ron L: Norwich, Business Administration, Clothing & Tex. Club, PTP. 
Stevenson, RuthV: Mankato, Physical Education Stielow, Kenneth 
L: Paradise, Agricultural Economics 

THIRD ROW Strawn, Clifford E: Beloit, Agricultural Economics. 
Strecker, Albert H: Paradise, Agricultural Engineering, ASAE Engr. 
Open House Chm , Intr „ Dean's Honor Roll Strecker, Janice E : Par- 
adise, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, SEA, OCW, Russell 
Co. Teachers Assoc Schs Stroberg, Jeanette M : Hutchinson, Sec- 
ondary Education, SEA, PTP Strohm, David A: Leavenworth. Psy- 
chology. Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres. Schs Chm Sec , SGA Comm . IFC 
Comm. NSF Undergraduate Research Program Strube, John H: 
Hiawatha, Agricultural Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Train- 
er, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pep Coor. Coun. Stum, Linda Y: Ness City. 
Home Economics Education 

SECOND ROW: Stith, Cheryl A: Atchison, Political Science Stivers, 

Fred S: Rome, Ga., Milling Science and Management, Milling Club, 
Fr. Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling. Stoehr, Philip J : Murdock, Geology, 
Delta Sigma Phi V-Pres., Sigma Gamma Epsilon Pres , Sports Car 
Club, Williston Club Pres , CYD. Stohs, Larry A: LeRoy, Architectural 
Engineering. Stone, Sharon L: Ada, Accounting. Hoedowners, Col- 
legiate 4-H. Stover, Nancy K: Anthony, Elementary Education, SEA 
St. Peter, Louis G:Winfield, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sudbeck, Odo M : Seneca, Physical Education. 
Suellentrop, John M: Great Bend, Political Science Sughrue, Kath- 
leen M: Manhattan, Family and Child Development, Alpha Delta Pi. 
Jr Panhel , Home Ec Coun.. Fam & Child Dev. Club. Newman Club. 
Sullivan, Kenneth D: Lebo, Agricultural Education Sullivan, Mari- 
lyn J: Manhattan, Secondary Education. Sullivan, Susan E: Wichita, 
Interior Design Sunderland, Lane V: Fairview. Political Science, Del- 
ta Upsilon Sec Alumni Rel Chm., Phi Eta Sigma Pres. Sr Adviser. 
Dean's Honor Roll, Chancery Club Exec. Comm., Security Benefit 


Seniors: Suo-Thi 

TOP ROW Suor, Jane A: Leawood. English, Gamma Phi Beta Schs. 
Chm.. Kappa Delta Pi V-Pres.. Dean's Honor Roll. SEA Svaty, John 
G: Ellsworth, Agricultural Economics. Swan, Susan A: Baldwin, Eng- 
lish Swann, Clair L: Russell, Chemistry Sweet, William J: Dodge 
City, Chemistry. Intr Swerczek, Robert A: Cedar Rapids, Neb , Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Swinehart, James G: Overland Park. Business 

SECOND ROW Swint, James L: Emporia. Secondary Education. 
Symes, Mary H: Elmdale, Physical Education, PHEMS, Farm Bureau 
Schs Tabler, Kathleen D: Salina. Consumer Interest. Tadtman, 
James L: Manhattan, Civil Engineering Taftian, Samuel: 
Manhattan, Civil Engineering Tantillo, Donald A: Tucson, Ariz., 
Business Administration Taphorn, Robert B: Marysville, Feed Sci- 
ence and Management, Phi Kappa Theta House Mgr., Milling Assoc. 
Newman Club, Union Pacific Schs 

BOTTOM ROW: Taylor, Ellen L: Hutchinson, Elementary Education. 
Delta Delta Delta Rec. Sec, SEA., Collegiate 4-H Cor. Sec, Fam. & 
Child Dev. Club. EUB Sec. Taylor, John H: Junction City. Economics, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Omicron Delta Epsilon, German Club. Taylor, Laur- 
alea: Tonkawa, Okla , Business Administration, Alpha Chi Omega. 
AWS Rules Convention Chm., Spring Fling Queen Finalist, Union 
Comm.. Moore Hall Judicial Bd., AWS Comm . S E A Taylor. Ronald 
W: Manhattan, Accounting. Teagarden, Richard L: La Cygne, Ani- 
mal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Rho, Collegiate 4-H, Block & Bridle, 
Chaparajos. Teichgraeber, Thomas: Chapman, English. Thiessen, 
Leon E: Hillsborgs, Veterinary Medicine 

Bronze, yellow and white mums are sold for Parent's Day and 
Homecoming by Mortar Board, senior women's honorary 


Seniors: Thi-Tru 

v mft WfelH^m 

TOP ROW: Thiessen, Valerie J: Independence. History, Clovia Pub Chm , 
Phi Alpha Theta Sec. Treas . SEA. Collegiate 4-H. Thomas, Jon F: Council 
Bluffs. Iowa, Entomology Thompson, Edward L: Pratt. Architecture. 

SECOND ROW Thompson, Jonnie S: Wichita. Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., Pep Club Pres , Union Comm . Pep Coor Coun Sec. Thompson, Mel- 
vin E: Medicine Lodge, Agricultural Economics Thorsen, Karen E: 

Northbrook, III., Technical Journalism, Gamma Phi Beta Act Chm Cultural 
Chm., Royal Purple Features Ed. 

THIRD ROW: Thyfault, Katherine: Russell, Elementary Education 
Tillotson, Linda S: Leawood, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Kappa 
Alpha Theta, Clothing & Tex. Club Tillson, Charles K: Tucson. Ariz . Zoology, 
SCSA. CYR, Chaparajos 

FOURTH ROW: Timian, Lawrence W: Trenton, N.J , Zoology Timian, Vir- 
ginia: Trenton, N.J , Elementary Education Tipling, Sheila J: Horton, Sec- 
ondary Education 

FIFTH ROW: Toll, Bryn B: Clifton, Elementary Education, SEA. Oratorio 
Chorus. Toney, John W: Lancaster. Dairy Foods Processing, FarmHouse 
Sgt.-at-Arms Schs Chm., Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Ag Honors Program. 
Dairy Science Club V-Pres , Stu Senate, TCB, Ag Coun , Collegiate 4-H Pres . 
LAR Pres V-Pres., MUN. 4-H in Review Magazine Assoc. Ed.. Dairy Prod 
Judging Team, UCCF, Natl. 4-H Found. Schs , Kan Dairy Tech. Soc Schs . 
LAR Schs. Torluemke, Mark K: Oberlin, Electrical Engineering, Beta Sigma 
Psi Sec. Schs. Officer, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, SGA Comm Chm , IEEE, 
CYR, Putnam Schs 

SIXTH ROW: Touslee, James E: St. Francis, Civil Engineering. Towns, 
Donald L: Colby, Technical Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi Pres. Sec , Kappa 
Alpha Mu Pres., Collegian Ed Asst. Ed. Photog., Kansas Press Schs , Hearst 
Writing Contest Award Train, Steve W: Lindsborg, Geography, Delta Tau 
Delta Sgt.-at-Arms, Arnold Air Soc, Geography Club 

SEVENTH ROW: Travis, Janice L: Wichita, Family and Child Development, 
Kappa Alpha Theta, SEA., Union Comm., Home Ec Club, CYR. 
Triantafyllou, Deme: Thessaloniki, Greece, Architecture Tribble, Burton K: 
Soldier, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Ag Ec Club. 
McMannis Schs., Ralston Purina Schs , Danforth Senior Award. 

BOTTOM ROW: Trisler, Dennis R: Liberal, Mathematics, Smith Schs House 
Intr. Chm. Trumble, Kenny C: Greenleaf. Electrical Engineering Trummel, 
Marcia G: Wichita, Interior Design. 


Seniors: Tuc-Wai 

TOP ROW: Tucker, David L: Independence, Chemistry. Tucker, Thomas R: 

Salina, Mathematics, FarmHouse, CYR. KSCF Tuggle, Anne A: Atchison, 
Secondary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Panhel., West Hall Sec, SEA. CYR, Union 
Comm., SGA Comm. Sec. 

SECOND ROW: Tussey, Barbara A: Overland Park, Elementary Education, 
Pi Beta Phi, S E.A , CYR, Newman Club Twombly, Thomas R: Troy, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Umscheid, Mary J : Manhattan, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW. Underwood, Kenneth H: Gordonsville, Accounting, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon Chaplain Pledge Trainer Warden, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha 
Kappa Psi. Delta Mu Delta, Commerce Coun. V-Pres , Varsity Track, Athletic 
Schs. Unger, Ralph D: Oberlin, Secondary Education. Unruh, David J: 

Shawnee Mission, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Chi Pres.. Pep Coor Coun 
Chm., Varsity Men's Glee Club Pres., HQ Pub. Rel Chm 

FOURTH ROW Unruh, Phillip F: Great Bend, Mathematics. Utterback, 

Stephen E: Sedan, Chemical Engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda Pledge 
Trainer. AICHE Pres, Engr Coun. SCC V-Pres., TCB. Vacek, Gary A: 

Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: VanGaasbeek, Max D: Nortonville, Geology Vanhole, Steven 

J: Topeka, Industrial Engineering Vanwickler, Douglas: Uniondale. Art. 

SIXTH ROW: Verscheldon, Michael: St. Marys, Mechanical Engineering. 
Phi Kappa Theta House Mgr Songleader Schs Chm., ASME. Newman Club, 
Religious Coun., Intr. Vesecky, John F: Timken, Agronomy. Vice, Irvin D: 

Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Vieux, J. Michael: Greensburg, Architecture. Volz, Darrell 
W: Wichita, Mathematics. Von Bergen, Nicole: Dawson, Elementary Educa- 

BOTTOM ROW: Wade. Kenneth R: Spearville, Animal Husbandry. Wagner, 
Iris L: Garnett. Veterinary Medicine Wainwright, David E: Alta Vista, Chem- 
ical Engineering, AlChE, Engr. Open House Dept. Chm 


Seniors: Wai-Wei 


TOP ROW: Waite, Nancy S: Prairie Village. Business Administration, Chi 
Omega Hist.. Angel Flight, IPC Queen Finalist, Miss K-State-Manhattan Final- 
ist, Union Comm., Pep Club, Dean's Honor Roll Waknitz, Sandra S: Bazine. 
Family and Child Development. Walker, Larry G : Manhattan, Pre-Medicine. 

SECOND ROW Wallace, James L: Manhattan. Business Administration 
Wallerstedt, James B: St. Joseph, Mo., Political Science. Walman, Ira M: 

Baltimore, Md., Bakery Management, Alpha Mu, Ag Coun . Bakery Mgt 
Club, Milling Assoc. 

THIRD ROW Wandt, Elizabeth A: Hutchinson, Elementary Education, Kap- 
pa Alpha Theta V-Pres Rush Chm., SEA, Angel Flight, Sweethearts of Sig- 
ma Chi, Dean's Honor Roll Wanklyn, Dennis A: Winifred, Business Admin- 
istration. Ward, Karen S: Carlisle Barracks, Pa., Interior Design, Kappa Delta, 
Angel Flight Adm. Officer, A.I D , Intr. 

FOURTH ROW: Ward, Kay K: Manhattan, H i story Warta. Thomas H: 

Ellsworth. Accounting Waters, Brian M: Schenectady, NY, Animal Hus- 
bandry, Acacia, Cosmopolitan Club 

FIFTH ROW: Watson, Gary E: Salma, Physical Education. Watson, Norma 
J: Liberal, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Standards Chm. SEA. 
Union Comm Watterson, Carl E: Kansas City. Physics 

SIXTH ROW: Watts, Kenneth A: Manhattan. Animal Husbandry. 
Weatherall, Verna J: Kansas City, Elementary Education Weaver, William 

A: Kansas City, Architecture 

SEVENTH ROW: Webb, Wilton S: Mt Vernon, III . Business Administration. 
Alpha Kappa Lambda, Intr Wehr, William S: Ft. Riley, Political Science. 
Wehrman, Howard M: Wathena. Animal Husbandry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Weide, Wayne R: Lmdsborg, Statistics. Weidle, Nick L: 

Russell. Wildlife Conservation Weigel, Lawrence N: Hays. Secondary Edu- 


Seniors: Wei-Wil 

TOP ROW: Weiss, George A: Philadelphia. Pa.. Business Administration. 
Welch, Dennis S: Wamego. Animal Husbandry. West, Dale E: Greensburg. 
Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW Wheeler, Sharon K: Atchison, Interior Design White, 

Charlotte M: Hoxie. Elementary Education, SEA.. Nursing Club, RWF, Un- 
ion Pacific Schs White, John H: Council Grove, Business Administration, 
Beta Theta Pi Treas . Scabbard & Blade, Dean's Honor Roll, Newman Club 

THIRD ROW White, Robert C: Mernam. Secondary Education White, 
Sharon A: Kmgsdown, Elementary Education. Delta Zeta, SEA., SGA, Union 
Comm.. PTP. Jr Panhel , CYR Whitmer, Lionel R: Dorrance. Mechanical 
Engineering, Smith Schs. House Sec. Sgt.-at-Arms Intr Chm.. Tribunal. MC. 
MPC. MUN. Pi Tau Sigma. ASME. Dean's Honor Roll. Intr. 

FOURTH ROW: Whitney, Mason C:. Wichita, Electrical Engineering. Wiard. 
Mary A: Keats, Elementary Education, SEA Wichman, Carol M: Valley 
Falls, Elementary Education, SEA., Newman Club 

FIFTH ROW Wicks, Brian A: Ithaca, NY, Dairy Foods Processing. 
Wiechman, John H: Hutchinson, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Society, 
Sigma Theta Epsilon. Wiggins, Jon S: Lyons, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Wilcox, Norma N: Manhattan, Political Science. K-State Play- 
ers, Union Comm., CYR Wilkus, David F: Coffeyville, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing Willard, Donna J: Manhattan. Secondary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. 
SEA, AVMA. Dean's Honor Roll 

SEVENTH ROW: Williams, Douglas W: Manhattan. Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Alpha Gamma Rho Treas Rush Chm , Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Steel 
Ring, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Scabbard & Blade, Blue Key, ASAE 
Pres., SAME Pres . Stu Senate, Engr Coun Pres.. Men's Glee Club, Sante 
Fe Schs , Salina Supply Schs., Sweeney Memorial Schs, SAME Schs. 
Award, Gamma Sigma Delta Award, ASAE Award, DMS Award Williams, 
Frederick L: Manhattan, Clothing Retailing, Technical Journalism. Speech, Pi 
Epsilon Delta V-Pres.. Sigma Delta Chi Sec , Stu. Pub Bd . SGA Comm.. Y-O. 
HQ Producer. UPC Chm., UGB, Union Comm , Union Pub Coor. Asst. Prog. 
Advisor, K-State Players V-Pres Hist Sec -Treas., PTP Comm , Cosmopolitan 
Club. CYR. Collegiate 4-H. A Cappella Choir. Collegian Summer Ed. Editorial 
Ed News Ed Exchange Ed Adv. Salesman, Royal Purple Org Ed., KSDB-FM, 
MMUN, USP. Pres Comm Stu. Govt., Swimming Team Mgr., Cities Service 
Oil Schs , Outstanding New K-State Player. Williams, John C: Prairie Village, 
Tex., Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW Williams, Mark D: Florence, Veterinary Medicine. 
.Williams, Maureen C: Broadview, III , Interior Design Williams, Neva A: 

Odessa, Tex , Secondary Education, SEA. 


Seniors: Wil-Wir 

TOP ROW: Williams, Robert A: Plymouth Meeting. Pa.. Architecture. 
Williams, Robert H: Smith Center, Geography. Gamma Theta Upsi- 
lon. AFROTC, Geography Club Pres Williams, William A: Beloit, 
Dairy Foods Processing Willits, James L: Marysville. Mathematics, 
Triangle, Arnold Air Soc, Newman Club. Wilson, Byron L: Inavale. 
Neb., Veterinary Medicine Wilson, Edward L: Vliets, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Wilson, Martha A: Norton, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta 
Judicial Bd„ SEA. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wilson, Michael B: Leavenworth, Accounting 
Wilson, Terry L: Jetmore. Political Science, CYR, YAF Chm., Chan- 
cery Club Sec , Clinic Club, LSA Wilt, John B: Rossville, Sociology, 
AFROTC Plans & Program Commander, Kappa lota Sigma. German 
Club, Marching Band. Wiltse, Sue A: Paola, Radio and Television, 
Home Economics. Winsky, Anna M: Merriam, Secondary Education. 
Winters, Kenneth D: Chanute, Veterinary Medicine, Phi Delta Theta, 
AVMA, K-Club. Varsity Track, Athletic Schs Wirtz, Ronald L: 
Manhattan, Modern Languages. 

Basketball team members. Coach Tex Winter and 10,500 fans 
sing the National Anthem before the Indiana University tip-off in 

Ahearn Field House. The Wildcats played host to four non-con- 
ference and seven Big Eight opponents during the season. 


Seniors: Wol-Zit 

TOP ROW: Wolfe, Jack L: Conway Springs. Secondary Education. 
SEA.. Marching Band Wolff, Gloria D: Wichita. Elementary Educa- 
tion, Gamma Phi Beta Pledge Trainer, Kappa Delta Pi, Angel Flight, 
S.E.A., Chimes. Wolfram, EdmondT: Malverne, NY., Industrial Engi- 
neering, AIIE. Alpha Phi Omega Rec. Sec, Arnold Air Flying Club 
Sec -Treas Pres Wood, Martha E: Manhattan, Physical Education. 
Chi Omega. PHEMS. Woody, Cheryl J: Minneapolis, Elementary 
Education. Worthington, Ruth L: Garnett, Foods and Nutrition 
Wright, Kendall M: Topeka. Pre-Medicine, FarmHouse. Clinic Club. 
Oratorio Chorus, UCCF Pres. Treas., EUB Pres, I ntr . Dean's Honor 
Roll, John Trembly Mem. Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Yarrow, Gale R: Clay Center, Mathematics. Delta 
Sigma Phi Treas Sgt.-at-Arms, GE Alumni Corp Schs. Yates, David 
L: Ottawa. Agricultural Education Yoho, Rex E: Liberal. Civil Engi- 
neering. Business Administration Yorke, Jerome P: Sedan. Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Alpha Gamma Rho Treas. Soc Chm . Block & Bridle, 
AVMA. Yotter, Ann R: Prairie Village, Chemistry, A&S Honors Pro- 
gram. ACS. RWF, Putnam Schs. Young, Daniel W: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Geography, Straube House Mgr. Soc. Chm. Mem. Chm. Pro- 
gram Chm , USP, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Arnold Air Soc, Geography 
Club, Asst. Dir. of Campus Affairs, Men's Glee Club, Univ. Choir, Ora- 
torio Chorus. CYR State V-Chm , Orientation Leader, MUN Comm. 
Chm, Liahonia Fellow., Oscar Straube Schs. Young, Nancy M: 
Leawood, Biology, Pi Beta Phi Rush Chm , Alpha Delta Theta, Angel 
Flight, Union Comm. Sec. 

SECOND ROW: Wright, Marjorie J: Wichita, Physical Education, 
PHEMS, BSU Ed., Van Zile Intr. Chm.. Southern Baptist Schs. Wright, 
Randolph L: Grand Prairie, Tex.. Architecture, AIA, Arch. Coun. 
Wright, William A: Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering. SAME, 
ANS., AIAA. Wulff, Frederick J: Atchison, Economics. Wurtz, Bar- 
bara S: Paxico. Elementary Education, SEA., Religious Coun. V- 
Pres.. Newman Club Sec . Miss Newmanite Yancey, Linda L: 
Manhattan, Secondary Education. Yardley, David B: Arkansas City, 
Mechanical Engineering, Triangle, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. 


BOTTOM ROW: Zander, Janice D: Eskridge. Home Economics Ex- 
tension. Zander, Norbert J: Oberlin, Veterinary Medicine Zibell, 
Cheryl A: Holton. Business Administration Zibell, Robert E: Holton. 
Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. Zimmerman, Gary L: 
Kansas City. Zoology Zimmerman, Jarold L: Sterling, Agricultural 
Engineering. Zitek, Lyle E: Friend, Neb , Veterinary Medicine, AVMA 

Senior derbies dot the audience as the last home basketball 
game honors the graduating class with half-court seats in a re- 

served section. A senior spring party at a pizza parlor was 
canceled when the establishment burned to the ground 

Abbreviations for Activities: ACS — American Chemical Society. Act. — Ac- 
tivities; Adm — Administration. Ad — Advertising; Adv — Advanced; Ag — 
Agriculture. Ag Mag — Agricultural Magazine; AFROTC — Air Force Reserve 
Officers Training Corps, AG 0. — American Guild of Organists. Agr — Agron- 
omy. AHEA — American Home Economics Association, AIA — American Insti- 
tute of Architects, AIAA — American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 
AlChE — American Institute of Chemical Engineers; AID — American Insti- 
tute of Interior Designers. AIIE — American Institute of Industrial Engineers; 
AIP — American Institute of Physics; Am — American. ANS — American Nu- 
clear Society. Appt — Apportionment; ASA — American Society of Agronomy. 
ASAE — American Society of Agricultural Engineers; ASAS — American Socie- 
ty of Animal Science, ASCE — American Society of Civil Engineers; ASLA — 
American Society of Landscape Architects, ASME — American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers. A&S — Arts and Sciences; Asst — Assistant; Assoc 

— Association;' AVA — American Vocational Association. AVMA — American 
Veterinary Medical Association; AWS — Associated Women Students; Aux — 

Bd — Board. BSA — Business Students Association; Bus — Business. 
BSO — Board of Student Organizations; BSU — Baptist Student Union; Capt. 

— Captain; Chpt — Chapter; Chem — Chemical, Chemistry, Chm. — Chair- 
man; Comm. — Committee, Commission, Conf. — Conference; Coor. — Coor- 
dinating. Cor. — Corresponding, Coun — Council, CSS — Christian Science 
Society. CYD — Collegiate Young Democrats. CYR — Collegiate Young Re- 
publicans. Dev — Development; Dept — Department, Dir — Director; DMS 

— Distinguished Military Student; Ec. — Economics, Ed — Education, Editor, 
Editorial, Engr. — Engineering, Engineers, EUB — Evangelical United Breth- 
ren; Exec. — Executive; Ext — Extension, Fam. — Family. FCSA — Faculty 
Council on Student Affairs; Fellow. — Fellowship; FFA — Future Farmers of 
America; FMOC — Favorite Man on Campus; Found. — Foundation. Fr. — 
Freshman, FTA — Future Teachers of America 

GBF — Grace Baptist Fellowship; Govt. — Government; Hist. — Historian; 
Hort — Horticulture; Hosp, — Hospitality. IAS — Institute of Aeronautical 

Sciences, IAWS — Intercollegiate Associated Women Students. IEEE — Insti- 
tute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. ICF — Interfraternity Council; Intl. 

— International. Intr — Intramurals. IPC — Interfraternity Pledge Council. ISA 

— Independent Students Association, Jr — Junior, KAHPER — Kansas Asso- 
ciation of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, KSCF — Kansas State 
Christian Fellowship. KSUARH — KSU Association of Residence Halls. K-State 
Engr — K-State Engineers' Magazine, KSTA — Kansas State Teachers Asso- 
ciation; LAR — Little American Royal; LSA — Lutheran Students Association; 
MC — Model Congress; ME — Mechanical Engineering; Mech — Mechani- 
zation; Mem. — Memorial, Membership; MENC — Music Educators National 
Conference, Mgr. Manager; MMUN — Midwest Model United Nations; MPC 

- Mock Political Convention. MUN — Model United Nations; NCTM — Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of Manhattan, NEA — Nuclear Engineering Associa- 
tion; NVATA — National Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association. OCW — 
Off-Campus Women. Org — Organization 

Panhel — Panhellenic, Prof. -- Professional, PTP -- People-to-People; 
Pres. — President. Pol Sci — Political Science. Pub — Publicity. Public. Pub 
Rel. — Public Relations. RA — Resident Assistant . RCC — Religious Coordi- 
nating Council; Rec. — Recording; Rep. — Representative, RWF — Roger Wil- 
liams Fellowship, SA — Staff Assistant. SAB — Student Activities Board 
SAME — Society of American Military Engineers, SCC — Social Coordinat- 
ing Council; SCF — Student Christian Fellowship. Schs — Scholarship. SCSA 

— Soil Conservation Society of America; S E A — Student Education Associa- 
tion; Sec — Secretary. SGA — Student Governing Association. Soc. — Social, 
Society; Soph. — Sophomore, Sr. — Senior, Stu. — Student 

TCB — Traffic Control Board, Tech — Technical; Tex — Textiles; Treas - 
Treasurer. UCCF — United Campus Christian Fellowship. UGB — Union 
Governing Board; Univ — University. UPC — Union Program Council; USCC 

— United Student Christian Council. Vet — Veterinary. Vet Med — Veterinary 
Medicine, V-Pres — Vice-President. WAA — Women's Athletic Association. 
YAF — Young Americans for Freedom. 


Cars crowding the Union parking area are indicative of the 
increasing number of underclass students enrolling each 

year. University officials developed and discussed several alter- 
native plans for improving the parking situation on campus. 


In the shadow of the tornado-damaged Anderson tower, stu- 
dents walk briskly to class. Only traces ofthe June 8 storm 

which caused approximately $8 million damage to the Uni- 
versity remained when classes resumed in September 

Undergraduates total 7,569, 
represent 1 7 nationalities 

Students from all 50 states and 16 foreign coun- 
tries comprised the 7,569 underclass members ofthe 
student body. The freshman class led in enrollment 
with 3,007 students; sophomores totaled 2,693; and 
juniors registered 1 ,869. There was almost a two to 
one ratio of men to women — 4,747 to 2,822. 

Cost for nine months of University education 
averaged $1,500 for in-state students. Out-of-state 
students usually spent $2,000 with the added ex- 
penses of higher fees and cost of transportation. 

When not supported by their parents, undergrad- 
uates financed their educations by summer jobs, 
scholarships, loans or part-time employment. 

Rock 'n roll resounds through the Union recreation deck as 
freshmen dance to live-band music during fall orientation week. 


Underclassmen: Abb-And 

TOP ROW: Abbott, Jo E: Salina, Sophomore. General. Abbott, Michele 
A: Salina, Junior, Physical Therapy. Abbott, Patricia A: Salina, Sopho- 
more, Home Economics and Nursing. Abbott, Richard E: Augusta, Fresh- 
man, General 

SECOND ROW Abel, John C: Manhattan. Junior, General Abeldt, San- 
dra S: Hope, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. Abell, Larry W: St. Louis, Mo., 
01, Architecture. Abernethy, Rollin H: Scottsville, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Abson, Mary E: Lenexa, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Acevedo, Luis R: Ft. Riley, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Achten, 
Linda R: Wetmore, Freshman, Applied Music. Acker, Karen J: Topeka, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Ackermann, Thomas A: Lamed, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration Ackmann, Henry A: Garnett, Junior, Agricultural Economics 
Adams, Bruce A: Seneca, Sophomore, Business Administration. Adams, 
David C: Milwaukee, Wis., 04, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Adams, Deanna M : Enterprise, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Adams, Gloria R: Grainfield, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education, Adams, James P: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Adams, Karen S: Hutchinson, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Adams, Kathryn E: Maple Hill, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Adams, Lynda K: Salina. Junior, Modern Languages. Adams, 
Mary A: Liberty, Mo, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Adams, 
Nancy L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Adams, Rhonda J: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Adams, Vicky L: Overland Park, Sophomore, General Adams, 
William V: Herndon, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Adkins, David L: 

Delphos. Freshman, General Agriculture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Ahern, James J: Madison, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration Ahlerich, Donald D: Winfield, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Aiken, Douglas B:Taylorville, III.. Sophomore. General. Aikin, 
James E: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW Aikin, Joyce A: Kansas City, Mo, Freshman, Psychology 
Akers, Janey D: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Akers, 
Judy A: Salina, Junior, Physical Education. Albers, Joyce M: Grinnell, Jun- 
ior, Elementary Education 


TOP ROW: Albrecht, Gerald A: Herington. Freshman, Mathematics. Al- 
bright, Sheryl K: Delia. Junior, Elementary Education Albright, William 
C: Mayetta, Freshman, General Aldrich, Vernon D: Council Grove, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Alexander, Albert J : Burlington, Junior, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Alexander, David M : Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Alexander, Janet L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre- Secondary Edu- 
cation Alexander, Kathy J : Independence, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Alexander, Merlin F: Manhattan, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Alexander, Stanley J: Atchison, Junior, Geography. Algrim, Kae 
E: Montezuma, Freshman, Interior Design Alldritt, Susan L: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Allen, Linda K: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Allen, Marilyn J: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Allen, Ronald W: McCook, Neb., Junior. Agricultural Economics Allison, 
Leslie B: Florence, 04, Agricultural Education 

FIFTH ROW: Almquist, Merlan T: Assaria, 04, Architecture. Almquist, 
Sherry S: Chapman, Sophomore, General. Alpert, Dean J: Paola, Junior, 
Veterinary Medicine. Alpert, Glenn P: Paola, Junior, Agricultural Engineer- 

SIXTH ROW: Altendorf, Pamela C: Cherryvale, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Altendorf, Ronald L: Independence, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Ames, Alan D: Long Island, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ames, 
Glenda J : Clay Center, Freshman, Business Administration 

SEVENTH ROW: Amiel, Mark: Peekskille, NY, Sophomore, Chemistry 
Andersen, Elizabeth A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Anderson, Barbara J: Lawrence, Sophomore, Mathematics Anderson, 
Beverly J : Great Bend, Freshman, Art 

EIGHTH ROW: Anderson, Carl V: Osage City, Freshman. General Ander- 
son, David E: Courtland, Junior, Psychology Anderson, Frederick: Pitts- 
burg, 02, Architecture Anderson, Gaylord D: Scranton, Junior, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Anderson, J. Sue: Scranton, Junior, Speech Anderson, 
James S: St. Joseph, Mo., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Anderson, Jer- 
ry G: Oberlin, Freshman, Chemistry Anderson, John C: Clearwater, Fla., 
01, Architecture. 


Underclassmen: And-Bae 

TOP ROW: Anderson, John E: Wichita. 02. Architecture. Anderson, John 
R: Overland Park. Freshman, Business Administration. Anderson, Karen 
R: Smolan. Freshman, General Home Economics. Anderson, Kathleen L: 

Wichita. Freshman. General. 

SECOND ROW: Anderson, Mary B: Oberlin, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Anderson, Michael R: Norton, Sophomore, Mathematics. Anderson, 
Patricia A: Manhattan, Junior, Mathematics Anderson, Rebecca S: 

Leavenworth, Freshman, Interior Design. 

THIRD ROW: Anderson, Robert A: Leavenworth, 03, Architecture. An- 
derson, Ted L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Andrews, Janice E : Sali- 
na. Sophomore, Physical Education. Angel, Gene R: Paradise. Freshman, 
Music Education 

FOURTH ROW: Angell, Beverly J: Ft, Worth. Tex.. Junior. Elementary 
Education. Angwin, Carol S: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Anschutz, Fredrick G: La km. Junior, Pre-Medicine. Ans- 
paugh, Victor E: Luray, Sophomore. Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Antes, Carl E: Effingham. Junior, Secondary Education An- 
ton, Billy V: Satanta, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Appleton, Roy S: Clay 
Center, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Arasmith, Gayle D: Downs, 
Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Arehart, Michael J: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Armbrust, John S: Ellsworth, Junior, Mathematics. Armbruster, 
Gregory: Ellis, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Armbruster, Jerry L: 

Ellis. Junior, Agricultural Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Armstead, Dean L:Ozawkie. Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration Armstrong, Elizabeth: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Armstrong, Judy J: Overland Park. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Armstrong, Kenneth C: Lenexa. Freshman. Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Armstrong, Nancy L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Technical 
Journalism. Armstrong, Tamara D: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Armsworthy, Judith C: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home 
Economics and Nursing. Arnett, Vinton K: Belleville. Sophomore. History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Arnhold, Thomas R: Hays. Freshman, Political Science. 
Arnold, Roy P: Plains, Freshman. Animal Husbandry. Arnott, Ralph E: 
Blue Rapids. Junior. General. Asbury, Mardel L: Varner. Freshman, Home 
Economics and Journalism. 


TOP ROW: Asbury, Sue E: Wamego, Freshman. Sociology Ascher, Clif- 
ford D: Hemngton, Sophomore. Agricultural Education. Asfahl, Barbara 

H: Overland Park. Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Ash, 
Charles E: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Asher, Barbara S: Stafford, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education Asher, Karen K: Wichita, Sophomore, Horticulture Ashford, 
Barbara E: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Ashida, Betty 

R: Johnson, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Ashton, Diana L: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education Ash- 
ton, Mary J: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Atchison, 
Cheryl L: Mission, Freshman. General Home Economics Atchison, Timo- 
thy A: Leavenworth, Junior Physics. 

FOURTH ROW: Atherton, Kaye L: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Atkinson, George: Norton, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Atkinson, Nancy J: Udall, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Atkinson, William R:Winfield, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Attebery, James B: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, General Att- 
wood, Mary S: Silverlake, Sophomore, Physical Therapy Atwater, Mary 
A: Netawaka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Atwater, Patricia A: 

Netawaka, Sophomore, Business Administration 

SIXTH ROW: Auld, Glenn A: Concordia. Sophomore, Mathematics. Ault, 
Mary L: Wamego, Sophomore. Physical Education. Aupperle, Ronald E: 
Hutchinson. Sophomore, Business Administration Austin, Sharon K: 

Shawnee Mission. Sophomore. Business Administration 

SEVENTH ROW: Avery, Cheri L: Barnes. Junior, Radio and Television 
Home Economics. Axe, William J: Wetmore. Junior. Modern Languages 
Ayres, John P: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Administration. Ayres, 
Teresa C: Smith Center, Freshman, Psychology 

EIGHTH ROW: Baalman, Roger J: Oakley, 01, Architecture. Bachman, 
Paul E: Prospect Hill.. III. Freshman. Nuclear Engineering. Bachtell, 
Bonne J : Pratt, Freshman, General Backhaus, Pamela S:Topeka, Sopho- 
more. Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bader, Dean R: Palmer. Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Badger, Bonnee B: Emporia, Junior, Elementary Education. Badsky, 
Edward T: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Baer, Stephanie 

A: Ness City, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Baf-Bar 

TOP ROW: Baffrey, Michael E: Lacygne, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Bagley, 
Came S: Republic. Junior. Secondary Education Bailey, Eileen E: Garnett, 
Junior, Medical Technology. Bailey, Jeanette: Eureka, Freshman. Home 
Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW Bailey, Larry G: Girard, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Bailey, Pete L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Bain, Cheryl L: 

Macomb. III. Sophomore. Pre- Elementary Education Bain, Marilyn R: 

Worland. Wyo , Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Bainter, Warren C: Dresden, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Baird, James V: Omaha, Neb., Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Baird, John R: Arkansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Baird, 
William A: Jeffersonville. Ohio, Special, Agricultural Economics. 

FOURTH ROW Baker, David C: Amencus. Junior, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Baker, Deborah K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Baker, 
Delma J: Parsons, Junior, Home Economics Education Baker, Judy D: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Medical Technology 

FIFTH ROW: Baker, Ralph E: Parsons, 04, Mechanical Engineering. Bald- 
erson, S. Clark: Wamego. Freshman, Humanities. Balding, Larry D: Rus- 
sell. Sophomore, Business Administration Baldwin, Curtis L: Goodland, 
Freshman, Physical Education 

SIXTH ROW: Baldwin, Mark W: Goodland, Sophomore, Pre-Law Bald- 
win, Yvonne L: Wichita, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Ball, Can- 
dace M: Chase, Freshman, English Ball, Edward E: Esbon, Sophomore, 
Electrical Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Ball, Sara A: lola, Sophomore, Business Administration 
Ballentine, Russell: Onaga, Junior, Agricultural Education Ballhorst, 
John E: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Balthazor, Ju- 
dith A: San Antonio, Tex , Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Balwanz, Bob H: St. Joseph. Mo, Sophomore. Nuclear 
Engineering. Balzer, Rosemary M: Wichita. Junior, General. Bamman, 
Wilford M : Lees Summit. Mo.. 03. Architecture Bandel, Terry J : St. Fran- 
cis, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Banker, Merlin J: Salina. Junior. General. Banning, John 

W: Milford, Del , Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Barb, Linda S: New 
Cansan, Conn , Freshman, Political Science. Barbe, Rebecca A: Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore, Modern Languages. 



*d$* mm fc 

Ifc AL^i^^r^^ A -3 w 

TOP ROW: Barbee, Jon R: Great Bend, Junior, Political Science. Barber, 
Loyd W: El Dorado, Junior, Mechanical Engineering Barber, Michael: 
Roswell. N.M., Freshman, Mathematics. Barenberg, Janis L: Atwood, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Barger, Betty L: Wakeeney. Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Baril, Sally J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Barker, Charlene F: Scott City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Barnes, Dennis E: Delphos, Sophomore, General 

THIRD ROW: Barnes, Harold J : Shawnee, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Barnes, Sarah C: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Barnes, Sharon A: Junction City, Sophomore, History. 
Barnes, Terry L: Tulsa, Okla., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Barnett, Danny K: Effingham, Sophomore, Dairy Produc- 
tion. Barnett, William R: Great Bend, Junior, Business Administration. 
Barney, Carolyn L: Wichita, Sophomore, Bacteriology Barnhart, Roy B: 

Caney, Junior, Agricultural Journalism 

FIFTH ROW: Barnthson, Harold E: Beuna Park, Calif., Freshman, Mathe- 
matics. Barr, Judith A: Westmoreland, Freshman, General. Barr, Roger L: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics Barrett, Harold C: Cen- 
tralia. Sophomore, Building Construction. 

SIXTH ROW: Barrett, James E: Newton, Freshman. Business Administra- 
tion. Barrow, Sharon L: Mayetta, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Barrows, Bradley D: Ness City, Junior, Political Science Barrows, 
Richard R: LaCrosse, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Barstow, Barbara A: Johnson, Freshman, Speech Bar- 
stow, Neil B: Johnson, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Barta, Alan G: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Barta, Richard A: Red 

Cloud, Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine 

EIGHTH ROW: Bartak, Marilyn J: Cuba, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Bartel, Nancy S: Hillsboro, Sophomore, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Bartel, Richard K: Newton, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Bartell, Marcia P: Moundridge, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bartholomew, Eric L: Alton, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Bartholomew, Nancy J: Mankato, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Bartholomew, Ruth A: Alton, Sophomore, Family and Child 
Development. Bartholomew, William: Great Bend, Freshman. Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Bar-Ben 

TOP ROW: Bartlett. Carlyn K: Kinsley. Sophomore, English Barton, Dia- 
na K: Wichita, Sophomore, English. Barton, Kenneth R: Prairie Village, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Bartoo, Chloellen: Great Bend, Junior, 

SECOND ROW: Base, Patricia A: Sedgwick, Sophomore, Consumer Inter- 
est Basham, Jacqueline A: Eureka, Freshman, General Bastel, Joan E: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Technical Journalism Bates, Constance L: Vienna, 
Va., Sophomore, History 

THIRD ROW: Bates, Kent C: Augusta, Freshman, General Bates, Wanda 
L: Manhattan, Freshman, Modern Languages. Bathurst, Linda S: Talmage, 
Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Bauer, Cormin S: Garden City, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

FOURTH ROW: Bauer, David K: Kansas City, Mo., 01, Architecture. Bau- 
man, Linda K: Marion, Sophomore, General Baumgarten, Edwin O: 

Buhler, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Baxter, Gloria E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Psychology Bay- 
er, Dana M: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Bayless, Sara M : Wichita, 
Junior, Pre-Elementary Education Beach, Carol S: Pierceville, Sophomore, 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Beach, Donald A: Sahna, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Beach, Sharilyn K: Scott City. Sophomore, Psychology. Beach, Suzanne 

I: Abilene, Junior, Elementary Education Beal, Thomas G: Hutchinson, 
Junior, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Beals, Janalee E: Dodge City, Special. Physical Educa- 
tion. Beans, Yandell S: Sabetha, Sophomore. Business Administration. 
Beasley, Cheryl L: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Bechtold, Jan C: Gaylord, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Beck, Barbara L: Upper Montclair. N.J. .Junior, Elementary 
Education Beck, Karen J: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Beck, Steven R: Manhattan, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Becken- 
hauer, Sharron: Scott AFB, III., Sophomore, Applied Music. 

BOTTOM ROW: Becker, Edwin L: Oswego, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Becker, Jo A: Wichita. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Becker, 
Lauren P: Logan, Sophomore. General. Becker, Le Wayne C: Downs, 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Becker, Roger L: Centralia, Sophomore. Veterinary Medicine. 
Becker, Sherrilyn K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Becker, Sheryl A: Durham, Freshman, General. Beckman, Susan A: At- 
chison, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Beckwith, Sharon J: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Becraft, Larry R: Manhattan, Freshman, General Bedford, Felix R: 
Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration. Beedles, William L: Baldwin, 
Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Beedy, Susan J: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Beer, 
Janet J: Larned, Junior, Secondary Education. Beer, Pamela A: Larned, 
Sophomore, Humanities. Beesley, Roger D: Quinter, Sophomore, Animal 

FOURTH ROW: Beets, Mary A: Paola, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Beezley, William P: Girard, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Beggs, 
Wayne D: Columbus, Sophomore, Accounting. Begnoche, Gary M: Mil- 
tonvale, 04, Agricultural Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Behnke, Meredith J: Bushton, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Behrens, Philip P: Lincoln, Freshman, General Agriculture. Behrens, 
Robert M: Mission, Freshman, Business Administration. Beisner, Betty A: 

Alton, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Beisner, Linda D: Oakley, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Bekaert, Denis A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine Bel- 
den, Gale L: Burr Oak, Sophomore, Agronomy. Bell, Orin D: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, General. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bell, Peter A: Memphis, Tenn., Sophomore. Pre-Dentist- 
ry. Bell, Warren W: Wichita. Junior, General Agriculture. Bellairs, William 

M: Independence. Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Beloof, Anne: Rapid 
City, S.D., Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Belter, Lizbeth S: Topeka, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Benda, Leanne M: Ludell, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Bender, Gary L: Wakeeney, Junior, Psychology. Benfer, John P: Longford, 
04, Agronomy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Benjamin, Martin E: Wichita. Sophomore. Pre-Medicme. 
Bennett, James W: Topeka. Sophomore, Chemistry. Bennett, Kathy S: 

Kansas City. Mo., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Bennett, Lynda C: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Junior, Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Ben-Bju 

TOP ROW: Bennett, Marvin L: Manchester, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation Benninga, Maurice J: Leonardville, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education Benson, David A: Rockaway, N.J , Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Benson, Joe S: Gran tvi lie. Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Benson, Lee M: Grantville, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Bentley, Fred R: Shields, Sophomore, History. Bentley, Velura J: Healy, 
Freshman, Physical Therapy Benton, Barbara K: Norcatur, Sophomore, 

THIRD ROW: Benton, Dale E: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Benton, Sandra C: Marysville, Freshman, Mathematics. Benton, Timothy 
T: Olathe, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Bentsen, Donald R: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Building Construction. 

FOURTH ROW Benyshek, Larry L: Cuba, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education Berg, Luana R: Omaha, Neb , Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion Berg, Marcia M: Charleston, W Va , Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing Berg, Philip W: Arkansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 

FIFTH ROW: Berger, Walene F: Clay Center. Freshman, Home Economics 
and Nursing Bergerhouse, Shelly: Lakewood, Col., Sophomore, General 
Home Economics Berges, Connie S: Onaga, Freshman, General Home 
Economics Berges, Reen H : Onaga, Freshman, Accounting 

SIXTH ROW Berggren, Sheri A: Randolph, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education Bergman, Kathleen S: Riley, Sophomore, Sociology Berkeley, 
Coburn A: Charlotte, N C, 01, Architecture. Berlin, Larry K: Manhattan, 
02, Architecture 

SEVENTH ROW: Bernasek, Frank R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Political 
Science Berning, Kathleen M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Bernitz, Sharon A: Manhattan, Freshman, English Ber- 
ry, Gail M : Topeka, Junior, Art. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bert, Harold D: Abilene, Sophomore. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing Bestgen, Keith E: Wichita, Freshman, Business Administration Best- 
wick, Connie J: Sabetha. Freshman, General Home Economics. Bethell, 
Susan C: Hill City, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW Betton, Steve L: Midland, Tex., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Betts, Janet K: Oberlin, Freshman, Accounting. Bey, Fred W: 

San Antonio, Tex , Freshman, Bakery Management. Beyer, Alan H: Gridley, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering 


TOP ROW: Bieker, Sandra K: Salina, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Bierbaum, Carl M: Junction City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Biery, Bonita F: Topeka, Junior, Home Economics Education. Bietka, Ju- 
dith A: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Medical Technology 

SECOND ROW: Bigelow, Mary A: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education Biggart, Le A: Circleville, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Biggs, Elaine S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Speech. Biggs, Michael N: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Bigler, Jane A: Junction City, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education Bihlmaier, Steven L: Osborne, Freshman, General Billinger, 
Betty J: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education Bilyeu, Sandra K: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Junior, Secondary Education 

FOURTH ROW: Bircher. David W: Ellsworth. Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Bird, Helen E: Liberal, Sophomore, General Bishop, Deandra: 

Scott City, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Bishop, Nancy L: Minneapolis, 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FIFTH ROW: Bishop, Richard L: Great Bend, 02, Architecture Bishop, 
Robert D: Emporia, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Bissing, Patricia A: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Speech Therapy. Bjurstrom, Pamela: Leoti, Junior, 
Secondary Education 


SIXTH ROW: Black, Bradford H: Lees Summit, Mo, 01, Architecture. 
Black, Dennis A: Warwick, NY, Special, Pre-Elementary Education 
Black, Wanda S: Wichita, Freshman, Interior Design Blackburn, Bonnie 

A: Derby, Freshman, General Home Economics 

SEVENTH ROW: Blackwell, John H: Larned. Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Blackwell, William F: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Blair, Paula B: 

Coffeyville, Sophomore, Mathematics Blake, Karen S: Salina, Sophomore, 
General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Blake, William O: Kansas City, Mo, Junior. Electrical Engi- 
neering Blaker, Bradford G: Manhattan, Sophomore, Music Education 
Blanke, Gunnar W: Fort Smith, Ark , 03, Architecture. Blankenship, Paul 

H : Wellington, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Blanton, Johnny B: Troy, Junior, Wildlife Conservation 
Blasdel, Phyllis J: Sylvia. Junior, Pre-Secondary Education Blauvelt, Wil- 
liam A: Superior, Neb., Junior, Agricultural Journalism Blecha, Joyce E: 

Belleville, Sophomore, Home Economics Education 


Underclassmen: Ble-Box 

TOP ROW: Blecha, Keith M: Munden. Junior, Entomology. Blew, LoRita 
M: Mount Hope, Freshman, Business Administration. Blex, C. Douglas: 
Independence, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Blick, Janice M: Wichita, 
Freshman, Medical Technology. 

SECOND ROW: Blickenstaff, Cheri: Scott City, Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry. Bliss, Robert J: Atwood, Sophomore, Accounting. Bliss, Thomas C: 

Atwood, Sophomore, General. Block, Andrew W: Prairie Village, Junior, 
Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Blocksome, Lyndon K: Ransom, Freshman, General. 
Bloom, Robert E: Needham Heights, Mass., Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Blount, Linda M: Auburn, Freshman, Interior Design. Blow, 
Harry E: Topeka, Junior, Applied Music. 

FOURTH ROW: Bloyd, Bethry E: Wichita. Freshman, Home Economics 
and Journalism Boand, Robert B: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Bobinmyer, James E: Herndon, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Bock, James F: Roeland Park, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Bock, Ralph S: Manhattan, 04. Building Construction. Bod- 
die, Julia A: Peoria, III., Sophomore. Home Economics Education. Boes- 
chen, Phillip W: Kansas City, Mo., 01 , Architecture. Boger, Alan T: Dodge 
City, Freshman. Pre-Forestry. 

SIXTH ROW: Boger, Fred C: Great Bend. Sophomore. Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Boggs, Terry K: Ft. Riley, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Bohn, Rita D: 
Halstead, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Bohnen, Gerald J: Dorrance, 
Freshman. Music Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bohnen, Joseph M: Dorrence, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Boisseau, Eldon L: Coldwater, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Bolack, Louis W: Burden. Freshman. General Agriculture. Boley, Thomas 

F: Kewanee. III., Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bolin, Nancy J: Wichita. Sophomore. General Home Eco- 
nomics. Bolinger, Lyndal D: Cheney. Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Boll, Bruce A: Delphos. Sophomore. Physical Education. Bolt, Hilarie S: 

Overland Park. Freshman. Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bolton, Carolyn L: Burlingame. Junior. Clothing Retailing. 
Bond, Rita D: Paola. Freshman. General Bondurant, John B: Wichita. 
Freshman, Psychology. Bone, Ronald L: Arkansas City, Junior, Geography. 


TOP ROW: Bonebrake, Charles R: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Bonorden, Le R: Tripoli, Iowa, Freshman, Pre- Secondary Education Bon- 
sall, Robert J: Burwell, Neb., Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Boomer, 
Bruce A: Junction City, 02, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Boor, Rose M: Olmitz, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Boos, Edward J: Lancaster, Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Booth, Glenda M: Ashland, Freshman, General. Booth, Joan L: Wich- 
ita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

THIRD ROW: Booz, Charles R: McPherson, Freshman, General Boren, 
Deborah K: Mulvane, Freshman, Physical Education Borg, Donna K: 
Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Borgerding, Paul H: 

Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

FOURTH ROW: Bosch, Paul L: Manhattan, Freshman, General Bosse, 
Doris J: Wheaton. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Boster, 
Rochelle A: Burrton. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Bostrom, 
Sheryl L: Lakin, Freshman, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: Bostwick, Melissa F: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. 
Bottenberg, Julie C: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 
Bouchey, Marsha A: Stockton, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Boudreaux, Linda R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Sociology 

SIXTH ROW: Bowen, Ruthie K: Piedmont, Special, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Bower, Joan R: Marysville, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Nursing. Bower, Mary A: Marysville, Junior, Secondary Education Bower, 
Wayne P: Marysville, 05, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bowers, Constance J: Overland Park, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral Home Economics. Bowie, Richard L: Aurora, Colo , Sophomore, Land- 
scape Architecture. Bowman, Barbara S: Hiawatha, Freshman, Chemistry 
Bowman, Dennis M: Salina, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bowman, Fredrick H: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Gener- 
al. Bowman, Phillip N: Clay Center, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation 
Bowman, Ronald D: Liberal, 01, Architecture Bowman, Susan J: Over- 
land, Junior, Political Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bowser, Robert D: Manhattan, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Bowsher, Melodie L: Derby, Junior, Technical Journalism Bowsher, 
Nancy J: Derby, Freshman, Modern Languages Boxler, Mary L: Garden 
City, Freshman. General. 


Underclassmen: Boy-Bri 

TOP ROW: Boyce, Glenda T: Lawrence, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine Boyd, Glenn E: St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Boyd, Joyce E: Ashland, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 
Boyer, Janet L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Boyer, Janice E: Salina, Freshman, General. Boyer, Kel- 
vin R: Formoso, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Boyer, Nancy M: Cof- 
feyville. Sophomore, General. Boyle, Dale D: Belle Plaine, Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Boyle, Douglas A: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Boyle, Linda S: Hoismgton, Freshman, Sociology. Boyle, Steven R: 

Spivey, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Boyles, Alice L: Scandia, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Bozone, David M: Rolla, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Bra- 
bee, James O: Washington, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Braddy, Su- 
san E: Manhattan, Freshman, General Braden, Janet L: Wakefield, Junior, 
Elementary Education 

FIFTH ROW: Bradford, Barbara A: Wakeman, Ohio, Freshman, History. 
Bradley, Thomas L: Melvern, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Brady, Mary A: 

Atchison, Sophomore, Music Education Brady, Warren T: Albert, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. 





SIXTH ROW: Bramlage, Richard E: Frankfort, Freshman, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Brand, Charles R: Osawatomie, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Brandner, Mary S: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology. Brannan, James E: 

Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Brannan, Michael S: Meade, Sophomore. Geology. 
Brant, Douglas M: Lucas, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Branton, Dor- 
othy A: Fort Leavenworth, Sophomore, Interior Design. Braswell, David 

A: St. Louis, Mo., 03, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Brattin, Janis K: Kiowa, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Brattin, Jeanne A: Kiowa, Freshman. Psychology. Bratton, Barbara A: 

Council Grove. Junior, Elementary Education. Bratton, Larry D: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brazzell, Cecil: Harper, Junior. Secondary Education. 
Breazeale, Carolyn S: Wichita. Freshman, Business Administration. Bre- 
demeier, Sharon M: Seneca, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education. Bre- 
dengerd, Laurence: Salina, Sophomore, Physical Education. 



TOP ROW: Breeden, Effie M: Hoxie, Junior. Family and Child Develop- 
ment Breeden, Margaret A: Hoxie, Sophomore, General Breidenthal, 
George: Bethel, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Breit, Deborah J: 

Sioux Falls, S.D., Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW Breitenbach, Jerome: Pretty Prairie, Sophomore. Busi- 
ness Administration Breitenstein, Alfred: Kansas City, Junior. Zoology. 
Breitweiser, Mary D: Topeka, Junior, Sociology Brelig, George A: Ches- 
ter, III., Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Brennan, Patricia A: Manhattan. Freshman, Music Educa- 
tion. Brenneisen, Leigh: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Brenner, Steven R: Manhattan, 04, Pre-Medicine Brewer, Robbie 

G: Parsons, Sophomore, English. 

FOURTH ROW: Brewer, Trudy A: Prairie Village. Freshman, General Home 
Economics Brewster, Robert W: Coffeyville, 02, Architecture Bridges, 
David L: Meade, Freshman, Civil Engineering Bridges, Ronald L: Atchi- 
son, Sophomore. Chemistry 

BOTTOM ROW Briel, Jonathan E: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Briggs, Robert A: Topeka, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Briggs, William E: Gove, Freshman, General Agricultural Brighton, Van 

E: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Administration. 

Evidence of an all-night final week study session, a student 
sleeps in the Union lounge before his next exam Dubbed the 

University's living room, the area is used for meetings, debates 
and the question and answer sessions following convocations. 



Underclassmen: Bri-Bud 

TOP ROW Brillhart, Carl D: Mapleton, Sophomore, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Brim, Karen S: Hudson, Freshman, General Home Economics. Brin- 
ing, Donald R: Great Bend, Junior, Secondary Education. Brink, David L: 

Olathe, Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW Brinker, Jane M : Glen Elder, Sophomore, Medical Tech- 
nology. Brinker, Marlene J: Glen Elder, Freshman. General. Brinkmeyer, 
Juanita: Garden City. Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Broad- 
well, Edwin S: Wyckoff. N.J . 05, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW Brock, Sharon L: Manhattan, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Brockelman, Jerald D: Council Grove, 02, Architecture Brockman, Rob- 
ert J : Manhattan, Junior, Physics Brockway, Steven E: Olathe, Freshman, 

FOURTH ROW Broeckelman, Gregory : Oakley, Junior. Business Adminis- 
tration. Broeckelman, Leelan: Grmnell, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Broeckelman, Robert: Oakley, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Broers, 
James S: Eudora, Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Broers, Shirley S: Eudora, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Broers, Ted A: Eudora. Junior, Electrical Engineering Brokaw, Paul 
A: Emporia, Freshman, General. Bronzan, Charles T: Cook, Neb., Sopho- 
more, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW. Brooks, Ginger L: Topeka, Sophomore, Interior Design. 
Brooks, Phyllis K: Olathe. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Brooks, 
Ralph E: Manhattan, Freshman, Agricultural Education Brooks, Stephen 

C: Russell, Sophomore, General. 

SEVENTH ROW Brooks, Steven L: Ulysses. Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration Brous, Judy A: DeSoto, Sophomore, General Brown, Barbara 

A: Downs, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Brown, Dale S: Nickerson, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Brown, David A: Kansas City, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Brown, Deborah L: Westlake, Ohio, Freshman, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Brown, Geraldine J: Salina. Sophomore, Sociology. Brown, Harold 

E: Holcomb, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW Brown, James E: Rockford, III , Sophomore. Physical 
Therapy. Brown, Jerry L: Ogden, Freshman, Accounting. Brown, John W: 

Alden, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Brown, Julia A: Oberlin, Junior, Ac- 


drAlyt dim 

TOP ROW: Brown, Larry R: Hutchinson. 03. Architecture Brown, Linda 

K: Kansas City. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Brown, Paul J: 
Millport. NY, Junior, Wildlife Conservation Brown, Raymond L: Norton- 
ville, 01 . Architecture. 

SECOND ROW Brown, Sheila A: Ford. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Brown, Sheila M: Milford. Freshman, General Brown, William Lee: 
Ford, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Brown, William LeeRoy: 

THIRD ROW: Browne, Charles R: Salma, Sophomore. Mechanical Engi- 
neering Brownlie, Barbara L: Belleville, III , Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Brumble, Timothy R: Lee's Summit, Mo. 02, Architecture Brum- 
mell, Alan G: Rolla, Mo.. 01 , Architecture 

FOURTH ROW Bruner, Steven C: Sedan. Freshman, Pre-Dentistry Brun- 
kow, James R: Onaga, 01, Architecture Brunner, Ann J: Ramona, Soph- 
omore, General Home Economics Brunsky, George M: Kansas City. 
Freshman, Biochemistry 

FIFTH ROW: Brunson, Virginia L: Norton, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing. Brunswig, Robert H: Tribune. Freshman, Political Science. 
Brussow, William C: Woodbine. Sophomore. Music Education Bruton, 
Robert D: Columbus. Freshman. Pre-Forestry 

SIXTH ROW: Bryan, Carol L: Shawnee Mission. Freshman, General 
Bryan, David W: Maiden. Mass . Junior, History Bryan, John N : Emporia, 
Sophomore, Business Administration Bryan, Nancy B: White Cloud, Jun- 
ior, Home Economics Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Bryan, Roylan M: Leawood. Freshman, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts Bryant, Lawrence O: Henngton, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Buchan, Robert E: Wichita, Junior, Mathematics. Buchele, Nancy E: 

Cedar Vale, Freshman, Humanities. 

EIGHTH ROW Buchheister, John B: Plamville, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Buchman, Sherri L: Alta Vista, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Buchmann, Stuart E: Clay Center, Freshman, General Buckingham, 
Louise T: Leawood. Freshman, Pre-Dentistry 

BOTTOM ROW: Buckles, Michael D: Kansas City. 02, Architecture Buck- 
les, Nancy A: Burlington, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education Budge, 
Lance B: St. John. Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Budke, Martha J: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Sociology. 


Underclassmen: Bue-Cal 

TOP ROW: Buehler, Dana E: Scott City. Freshman, Interior Design Bueh- 
ler, Wayne K: Russell, Sophomore, Accounting. Buek, Stephen R: Burlin- 
game. Freshman, Technical Journalism Buffo, Lyn M: Leavenworth, Jun- 
ior, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW Bugbee, Karen S: Lyons, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Buhrer, William A: Mission, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Buisch, William W: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine Bulger, 
Judith A: Wichita, Sophomore, General 

THIRD ROW: Bull, Barbara J: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education Bull- 
er, Delores L: Inman, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Bultinck, 
Gabriel J: Streamwood, III , Freshman, Business Administration Bunker, 
Craig L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Bunker, Janet S: Junction City, Freshman, General Bunk- 
er, Jill E: Junction City, Freshman, General. Burford, Marietta C: Milton, 

Sophomore, Retail Floriculture Burg, George F: Prairie Village, Junior, 

FIFTH ROW: Burge, Nancy L: Belleville, Freshman, Zoology. Burger, 
Thomas A: Home, Junior, General Burgess, Joyce S: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, General. Burgess, Judith G: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Educa- 

SIXTH ROW: Burgess, Judith L: Wichita, Junior. Physical Education Burk, 
Cheryln J: McDonald, Sophomore, Mathematics. Burk, Robert D: Mc- 
Donald, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering Burk, Robert W: Manhattan, 
01 , Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Burke, Bruce E: Kingman, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Burkhart, Walter E: Paola, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. 
Burkhead, Eric M: Independence, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Burkhead, 
Leland L: Salina, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Burmeister, Irva K: Downs, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration Burnett, Donna L: LaCygne, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Burnett, Gilbert C: Western Springs, III , Sophomore, Chemistry. Bur- 
nett, Peggy C: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Burns, Cathy L: Salina, Freshman, General Burns, Roger 

D: Elkhart, Freshman, Agronomy Burns, Stephen M: Salina. Junior. Pre- 
Law Burris, Joyce A: Manhattan, Junior, Home Economics Education 


TOP ROW: Burris, Spencer R: Overland Park. Junior. Geography Burris, 
Stephen D: Manhattan, Sophomore. Business Administration Burt, Ron- 
ald J: Salina, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering Burton, Carol A: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

SECOND ROW: Burton, Jack L: Plamville, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Burton, Linda S: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Busch, 
Sandra K: Olathe, Sophomore, Physical Education Bush, Larry A: Wichi- 
ta, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Bush, Raymond L: Edwardsville, Freshman, Radioand 
Television Bush, Sharon W: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Buss, Stanley D: Holton, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Bussart, Cheryl A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 


FOURTH ROW: Bussman, Russell L: Mound Valley, Sophomore, Feed 
Science and Management Butler, Bonne L: Haven, Junior, Art Butler, 
James H: Kansas City, Sophomore, Physical Education Butler, Nancy J: 

Hays, Junior, Secondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Butler, William D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Butler, William M: Coffeyville, 03, Architecture Butterworth, Steven: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Butts, John IVI : 

Cherryvale, Freshman, Poultry Science. 

SIXTH ROW: Butts, Jon R: Protection, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Butts, Michael C: Kirkwood, Mo., Junior, Electrical Engineering. Buzen- 
berg, William E: Manhattan, Junior, Technical Journalism Byers, Jacqua- 
line S: Burr Oak, Junior, Elementary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Byrne, Barbara: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing Ca- 
ble, Lynn M : Leoti, Freshman, General Cackler, James W: Horton, Soph- 
omore, Secondary Education. Cadman, Stephen: St John, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Mechanization 

EIGHTH ROW: Cadwallader, Ralph E: Alma, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Cadwell, Kathleen S: Winfield, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Cahill, William E: Salina, Junior, Electrical Engineering 
Cailteux, Patricia L: Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics 

BOTTOM ROW: Cain, Margaret C: Sublette, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Calamaio, Craig A: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Caldwell, Glenn A: Garnett, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 
Callen, Thomas E: Wichita. Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 


§1 UMI Hi HH HUH s H 

Underclassmen: Cal-Cau 

TOP ROW: Callies, Rodney E: St. Louis. Mo.. 03, Architecture. Camblin, 
Gary L: Robinson, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Campbell, Carolyn B: Over- 
land Park, Sophomore, Physical Therapy Campbell, David P: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Physics. 

SECOND ROW: Campbell, Judith A: Winfield, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration Campbell, Marcia A: Manhattan, Freshman, General Camp- 
bell, Richard G: Great Bend, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Campbell, 
Richard W: Concordia, 03, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Cannon, John W: Salina. 02, Architecture. Canny, Mary E: 
Johnson, Freshman, General Caplinger, Gary L: Larned, Junior, Music 
Education Capra, John R : Salina, 1 , Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Carbiener, Connie L: Wichita, Sophomore, General Card- 
well, Steven R : Scandia, Sophomore, Social Science. Carey, Larry IM : Val- 
ley Center, Junior, Agricultural Engineering Carey, Sarah G: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Carimi, Ronald J: Little Rock, Ark , Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration Carlat, James K: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Car- 
lin, Jerry F: Beloit, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Carlin, Kathryn 

A: Salina. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Carlin, Thomas E: Pittsburg. Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Carlisle, Michael E: Lexington, Ky . Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Carlson, Aaron E: Herndon, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Carlson, 
David E: Manhattan, Sophomore. Accounting. 

SEVENTH ROW: Carlson, Kenneth L: Concordia, Sophomore. Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Carlson, Linda J: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion Carlson, Melvin L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Political Science Carl- 
son, Pamela S: Topeka, Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Carlson, Patricia Lynn: Bavaria, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education Carlson, Susan E: Topeka, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Carlyle, Stephen M: Topeka, 01, Architecture. Carmichael, 

Lyle K: Garden City. Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carmichael, Sue A: Plainville, Sophomore. General Home 
Economics Carmony, Lyle P: New York. NY., Sophomore. Business Ad- 
ministration Cams, Michael R: Merriam. Sophomore, Psychology. Car- 
penter, Patricia: Sabetha. 04. Elementary Education 


TOP ROW: Carr, Connie L: Anthony, Junior, Business Administration. Carr, 
Dennis E: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Carr, John J: French- 
town, N.J.. Sophomore, Bakery Management. Carr, Nancy S: Naperville, 
III., Freshman, Foods and Nutrition. 

SECOND ROW: Carr, Pamela K: Colby, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Carr, Ronald L: Wichita, Sophomore, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Carr, Steve D: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Carr, Tommy R : Medicine Lodge, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

THIRD ROW: Carr, Viki L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Carriger, Earl R: Galena, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Carroll, Dan- 
iel J: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Business Administration. Carson, Shirley 

E: Overland Park, Sophomore, Psychology. 

FOURTH ROW: Carson, William T: Springfield, Mo.. 03, Architecture. 
Carter, Ann M: Jennings, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Car- 
ter, Brian E: Garnett, 04, Business Administration Carter, John M : Tren- 
ton, Mo., 02, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Carter, Jon R: Bethel, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Carter, Steven D: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Carter, 
Sue L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Carver, Curtis 

C: Hillsdale, Mich., Sophomore, Milling Science and Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Casady, Anne L: Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 
Case, Candice S: Lawrence, Sophomore, General. Case, Lesley E: Kewa- 

nee. III., Freshman, General Home Economics. Casey, Michael R: Corning, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Casey, Paula M: Leavenworth, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Cashatt, John P: Ozawkie, Junior, Civil Engineering. Caspar, 
Margaret A: Junction City, Freshman, General Home Economics. Casper, 
Danny L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry 

EIGHTH ROW: Casper, Jean M: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Cassella, Paul W: Haysville, Sophomore, Zoology. Castillo, Victor C: 

San Atonio, Tex., Junior, Physical Education. Castle, Nancy M: Holton, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Catalo, Linda Q: Junction City, Junior, Music Education 
Catlin, Pamela S: Burdett, Sophomore, English. Caton, John E: Hutchin- 
son, Junior, English Caulfield, Michael D: Coffeyville, Junior, Animal Hus- 


Underclassmen: Cau-CIa 

TOP ROW: Cauthon, Harold L: Overland Park, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering Cavanaugh, Thomas P: Great Bend, Sophomore, General. 
Cavin, Kathryn A: Lacrosse, Sophomore, General Caviness, Kathleen M: 

Topeka', Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW Caywood. Don A: Wichita, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Chadwick, Leroy D: Corning, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion Chalfant, Nedra L: Goodland, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Chalkley, Rodney L: Cimarron, 1 , Architecture 

THIRD ROW: Chalmers, Joann: Topeka. Freshman, General. Chaloupka, 
Barbara J: Munden, Freshman, Medical Technology Chance, Barbara J: 

Frankfort, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Chancey, Jerry D: Pitts- 
burg, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW Chandler, Charles N: Smith Center, Freshman. Business 
Administration Chandler, David T: Pratt, Freshman, Agronomy Chapin, 
Beverly R: Toronto, Ontario. Sophomore. Bakery Management Chapin, 
Mark K: Washington. Freshman, General 

FIFTH ROW: Chapin, Michael K: Washington, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration Chapman, Christopher: Clay Center, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering Chapman, Deborah J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Medi- 
cine. Chapman, Douglas D: Salina. Freshman, Nuclear Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: Chapman, Harold R: Easton, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Chapman, Linda J: Beloit, Sophomore, General Charbonneau, Karen K: 

Osborne, Sophomore. Interior Design. Charles, John P: Republic, Sopho- 
more, Physical Education 

SEVENTH ROW Charlton, Ann L: Bethel, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Charvat, Jolene R: Independence. Freshman, Dietetics and In- 
stitutional Management Chase, Barbara A: Wichita, Sophomore. Interior 
Design. Chase, Linda S: Abilene. Freshman. General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Chase, Roger W: Grand Island. Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veter- 
mary Medicine. Chastain, Barbara A: Shawnee, Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Chatfield, Janet L: Goodland, Junior, Elementary Education. Chat- 
lain, Jane L: Merriam, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cheatham, James E: Oklahoma City, Okla., Sophomore, 
Pre-Medicine Cheney, Patricia W: Grainfield, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics and Journalism. Cherney, Franklin C: Agenda, Sophomore. Feed Sci- 
ence and Management. Chew, Carolyn E: Lyons. Freshman. General. 


At k Jl i 

■ illdy J 


M\ *A*m 

J i*ltfe 



TOP ROW: Chew, Linda K: Atchison, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Chew, Margaret E: Homewood, III, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Chewning, Donna K: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Chiang, Yung A: Manila, Philippines, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Chilcott, Robert G: Mankato, Junior, Pre-Law. Childres, 
Mary F: Junction City, 04. Architecture Childs, Edward N : Belleville, Jun- 
ior, Veterinary Medicine Chiles, Laurn P: Lorraine, Sophomore, Psycholo- 

THIRD ROW Christ, Joseph M: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine. Christensen, Barbara: Marion, Sophomore, General Christen- 
sen, Bruce N : McHenry, III , Junior, Pre-Law Christensen, Carl D : Garden 
City, Sophomore, General 

FOURTH ROW Christensen, Carol: Salina, Junior, Sociology Christen- 
sen, Roger L: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Christenson, Jeanne: 

Jamestown, Freshman, Modern Languages. Christian, Daniel D: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Chemistry 

FIFTH ROW: Christiansen, Gordon: Durham, Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry Christie, Rena A: Ottawa, Freshman, General. Christie, Robert B: 

Lenexa, Freshman, Chemical Engineering Christmann, Edith A: St Louis, 
Mo., Sophomore, Interior Design 

SIXTH ROW: Christmann, Roy A: Glandale, Mo., Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Christopher, Ross J: Buffalo. NY, 01, Architecture. Cikanek, 
Ruth M: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing Cink, John A: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Architectural Structures 

SEVENTH ROW: Ciston, Ronald E: Overland Park, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Clack, Robert W: Manhattan, Special, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Clark, Douglas S: Fort Thomas, Ken . Sophomore. Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Clark, Elizabeth A: Alta Vista. Junior, Political Science 

EIGHTH ROW: Clark, Gary E: Paxico, 04, Secondary Education Clark, 
Janet E: Liberal, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Clark, John R: 
Paola, Junior, History Clark, Kimberly G: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Clark, Linda L: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Extension. Clark, Robert A: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Clark, Terry E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry Clary, Nancy C: 

Herington, 04, History 


Underclassmen: Cla-Cop 

TOP ROW: Claycamp, Kenneth W: Rice, Junior. Secondary Education. 
Clayton, John R: Allen. Freshman. Electrical Engineering. Cleeves, David 

B: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sophomore. Business Administration Cleghorn, 
Roger K: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering 

SECOND ROW: demons, Paula J : Topeka, Sophomore. Home Economics 
and Nursing Clifton, Constance S: Mount Prospect, III., Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine Cline, Patricia L: Lyons, Sophomore. Physical Educa- 
tion. Clinesmith, Kaye A: Fort Scott, Sophomore, Music Education 

THIRD ROW: Clough, Richard H: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering Clower, Judy E: Smithville, Mo., Freshman, Clothing Retailing 
Cloyes, Douglas G: El Dorado, Junior, Psychology. Clutter, Janis S: 

Larned, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW Clutter, Michael L: Larned, Junior, Accounting. Clyne, 
Lynda L: Kansas City, Mo , Junior, Nursing. Cobb, Gwendolyn A: Hering- 
ton, Freshman, General Coberly, Mark S: Gove, Freshman, General Agri- 

FIFTH ROW: Coble, Robert J : St. Louis. Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Law Coch- 
ran, Calvin H: Detroit, Mich , Junior, Architectural Structures. Cockrell, 
Patricia M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Interior Design Coder, Lawrence 

M: Effingham, Freshman, Electrical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: Cohen, Diane T: Junction City, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Cohen, Peter M: Junction City, Freshman, Elementary Education. 
Cohorst, Steven J: Marysville. Sophomore. Pre-Forestry. Cole, Charles R: 

Havana, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Cole, Jana L: Goodland. Sophomore, Interior Design. 
Cole, Ross W: Jetmore. Junior, Agricultural Mechanization Coleman, 
Donald B: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Coles, Collin L: Ft. Riley. Jun- 
ior. Pre-Forestry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Collins, Carolyn M: Bethel. Junior. Elementary Education. 
Collins, Rodney D: Manhattan. Junior. Horticulture. Collins, Shirley: Sali- 
na. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Collison, Alan B: Norfolk, Neb., 
Freshman, Feed Science and Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Collman, Lynn L: Haven, Sophomore. Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Colvin, Michael A: Hutchinson. Freshman, General. Colvin, 
Thomas E: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Compton, 
Barbara K: Manhattan, Junior, General. 


TOP ROW Compton, Gregory G: Baxter Springs. 04. Physical Education. 
Compton, Marcia A: Lakin, Junioi, Mathematics Compton, Steven F: 

Baxter Springs. Sophomore. Landscape Architecture, Compton, Thomas 

E:Olathe, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Conard, Terry W: Timken. Freshman. Poultry Science. 
Condon, Vivienne L: Wichita. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education Cong- 
rove, Carolyn K: Effingham, Freshman. Pre-Secondary Education. Cong- 
rove, Robert L: Effingham, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Conkright, Thomas J : Arnold, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Conner, Elizabeth J: El Dorado, Sophomore, Technical Journalism 
Conrad, Michael B: Clay Center. Sophomore. Civil Engineering Conrad, 
William A: Alton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW Conrow, Margaret J: Topeka, Freshman, Speech Con- 
siglio, Paul J: Shawnee, Freshman, Restaurant Management Cook, Allen 
D: Goodland. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Cook, Dennis D: Belleville. 
Freshman. Chemistry 


FIFTH ROW: Cook, Jay L: Dighton. Sophomore. General Cook, Nancy J : 
Shawnee, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine Cook, Robert D: Colorado Springs. 
Colo., Freshman, Bacteriology. Cooke, Robert L: Omaha, Neb , Special. 
Industrial Engineering 

' — ~* if 1 - -* A*.* ~~*-90 

i'< fat fcfck 

SIXTH ROW: Coon, Anthony T: Mernam. Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Coon, Mary A: Manhattan, Special, Music Education Cooney, 
Thomas K: Washington, Freshman, Chemistry Coonrod, Ivan D: Narka, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Coons, Michael J: Peabody, Junior, Geology Coons, 
Patricia I: Peabody, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Coons, Tonita 
P: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Cooper, Alan K: 

Scandia, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Cooper, Carol J: Wichita, Freshman, General Cooper, 
John W: Glasco, Freshman, Pre-Law Cooper, Joyce D: Lenexa, Sopho- 
more, Interior Design Cooper, Marcia A: Goodland, Freshman, Family and 
Child Development. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cooper, Ralph C: Wichita. Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Cooper, Steven G: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Law. Coover, Roland R: 

Wilsey. Sophomore, Business Administration Cope, Janet L: Kansas City, 
Junior, Secondary Education. 


Underclassmen: Cop-Cur 

TOP ROW: Copening, Caroline B: lola. Sophomore, Mathematics. Cop- 
persmith, Martha: Manhattan, Freshman, General Corby, David B:Tope- 

ka. Sophomore, Business Administration Corby, Richard K: Topeka, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Corcoran, Dana M: Junction City, 01. Architecture. Cor- 
coran, Jan M : Burrton, 1 , Architecture Cordel, Peter J : Burr Oak, Soph- 
omore, Geology Cordon, Patricia G: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Corn, Karen S: Topeka, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 
Corn, Sharon L: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Education. Comwell, Carl E: 

Ellsworth, Freshman, Political Science Cornwell, Larry G: Ellsworth, Jun- 
ior, Radio and Television. 

FOURTH ROW Correll, Mary E: Satanta, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Corwin, Marilen A: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Clothing 
Retailing Cory, Linda D: Haysville, Freshman, Industrial Engineering Cos- 
grove, Patricia S: Council Grove, Junior, Interior Design. 

FIFTH ROW Costantini, Raymond: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Cotton, Gloria J: Leawood, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Coul- 
ter, Craig A: Oklahoma City, Okla , Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. 
Coupe, Margarett A: Arkansas City, Junior, Home Economics and Nurs- 

SIXTH ROW: Court, Robert W: Leawood, Freshman, Accounting Court- 
ney, Linda B: Ellinwood, Freshman, General Home Economics Covert, 
Lawrence E: El Dorado, Sophomore, Architectural Structures. Cowan, 
Janet S: Junction City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Cowan, Wendell F: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Cowell, Rodney M: Clay Center, Sophomore, Industrial Engi- 
neering. Cox, Alan D: Lawrence, Freshman, Agricultural Economics Cox, 
Kenneth M: Sublette. Junior, Agricultural Economics 

EIGHTH ROW: Cox, Nancy J: Atwood, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Cox, Timothy M: Wichita, Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medicine Crad- 
dock, Beverly: Leawood, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Craft, 
David S: Brentwood, Mo., Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW Craft, Frank W: Greene, NY., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Craft, Stephen M: Topeka, Junior. Modern Languages. Craig, 
Donald D: Manchester. Junior. Physical Education. Craig, John W: Osa- 

watomie, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

J4i/fi& fe 


TOP ROW: Cramer, Roy M: Healy, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 
Cramer, Terry L: Healy. Sophomore, General Crane, Stephen W: San 

Bernadino, Cal., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Cranmer, Christina 

G: Conway Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education, 

Jm. Nr"|^ ■ll "*^ ^^ 


SECOND ROW: Craven, Diane K: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Craven, Donna E: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Cravens, Ann L: Newton, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Crawford, Steven C: Prairie Village, Freshman, History. 

THiRD ROW: Creager, Marvin W: Pleasanton, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Crenshaw, Nellie C : Manhattan, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Creviston, Judy J: Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics. Crist, 
Hazel M: Holcomb, Sophomore, Interior Design. 


FOURTH ROW: Crofoot, Terry J: Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Croft, Innis L: Anthony, Freshman, General Agriculture- 
Cross, Allan D: Haddam, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Crosta- 
rosa, Diana M : Overland Park, Junior, Geography. 

FIFTH ROW: Crostarosa, Kathryn: Overland Park, Sophomore, Physical 
Therapy. Crotinger, James L: Tribune, Junior, Pre-Law. Crotinger, Ronald 

W: Tribune, Freshman, General. Crouch, Shelia F: Kinsley, Freshman, 
Home Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Crowley, Mary L: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation Crownhart, Patricia: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Cruce, James R: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Crumbaker, Jane L: Brewster, Freshman, General. 

SEVENTH ROW: Crumrine, Jack R: Shawnee, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Crumrine, Judy F: Shawnee, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Cudde- 
back, Georgia L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Cud- 
ney, Barbara J : Trousdale, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education, 

EIGHTH ROW: Cudney, Robert R: Belpre, Sophomore, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Culbertson, Countess: Phillipsburg. Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Cullen, Mary L: Topeka, Freshman, Elementary Education Culley, 
Dennis E: Salina, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Culver, Janet K: Madison, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Cunningham, Gary E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering Cunningham, Judith A: Marysville, Freshman, Speech. 
Cure, Thomas H : Hanston, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 


^L. wl k ^ dKt '*"" 

Underclassmen: Cur-DeG 

TOP ROW: Currie, Susan L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion Curry, Robert A: Liberal, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Curtin, 
Linda D: Wetmore, Sophomore. Pre-Business Education. Curtis, Sherry L: 

Wamego, Sophomore, Art 

SECOND ROW Cushing, Kathleen A: Salina, Freshman. General Cusu- 
mano, Phillis M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Cynova, 
Gregory S: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Cyr, Ja- 
net K: Ames, Sophomore, Physical Science. 

THIRD ROW: Dageford, Maruel E: Manhattan, Freshman, Medical Tech- 
nology. Dagenhardt, Eric W: Troutman, N.C.. Sophomore, Feed Science 
and Management Dagg, Leonard G: Great Bend, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Dagley, Randell B: Holt, Mo., Sophomore, Building Construc- 

FOURTH ROW Dahl, Donald L: Hillsboro, 03, Architecture. Dahm, 
Duane H: Palmer, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Dalby, Garry M: 
Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Dallas, Sarah B: Man- 
hattan, Junior, History. 

FIFTH ROW: Dalrymple, Sandra M: Topeka, Sophomore, Technical Jour- 
nalism Dalton, James B: Phil I ipsburg. Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Dalton, Victoria L: Wichita, Freshman, Humanities. Dameron, Tom- 
my D: Beloit, Junior. Bakery Management. 

SIXTH ROW Dametz, Terri A: Stanley, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine 
Damm, James T: Larned, Junior. Wildlife Conservation. Danford, Rex E: 
South Hutchinson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering Daniel, Brenda L: 

McKinney, Tex., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

jf 7 Alii 

SEVENTH ROW: Daniel, Stephen A: Jacksonville, III , Freshman, Veteri- 
nary Medicine Danielson, Jeffrey H: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Dannefer, Jane E: Basehor, Junior, Physical Education Dannenberg, 

Ruth A: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Family and Child Development 

EIGHTH ROW: Darnell, Wesley A: Hutchinson, Junior, Architectural Struc- 
tures Darrigrand, Andre: Junction City, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Dart, 
Susan E: Belleville,. Sophomore, Art. Dauback, Shelby J: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Physical Education. 

A tk Ail 


BOTTOM ROW. Daugharthy, Sandra L: Ottawa, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation Daves, Cheryl A: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing David- 
son, Diana L: Chanute, Junior, Family and Child Development Davidson, 
Dianne S: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Davidson, Rebecca J: Elkhart, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Davidson, Sandra A: Topeka, Junior, Medical Technology. Davin, 
Beverly A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Davis, 
Adele L: Chanute, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Davis, Arthur D: Mullinville, Junior, General Agriculture. 
Davis, Betty L: Lakin, Junior, Elementary Education. Davis, Beverly J: 

Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics. Davis, Diann: Olathe, Jun- 
ior, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Davis, Donna D: Lakin, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Davis, Gale W: Topeka, Freshman, Accounting Davis, Harold A: 

Hays, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Davis, Jeanine A: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 

FOURTH ROW: Davis, Karen M: Manhattan, Freshman, General Davis, 

Rebecca A: Overland Park, Freshman, General Home Economics Davis, 

Richard B: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Business Administration Davis, 
Robert C: Bonner Springs, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Davis, Scott E: Garden City, 04, Physical Science. Davis, 
Stephen V: Peabody, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Davis, Susan 
P: Overland, Junior, Interior Design. Davis, Victor A: Mernam, Junior, Pre- 

SIXTH ROW: Dawes, William H: Manhattan. 04, Electrical Engineering 
Dawson, David A: Topeka, Freshman, Business Administration Dawson, 
Elizabeth A: Wichita, Sophomore, Mathematics. Dawson, Jeffrey D: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Agronomy 

lMBli4 fc 

SEVENTH ROW: Dawson, Linda L: Oakley. Freshman, Speech Dawson, 
Thomas S: Russell, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation Day, Peggy J: 
Langdon, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Daylong, William B: 

Holdrege, Neb , Freshman, Political Science 

EIGHTH ROW: Deam, Dona L: Manhattan. Junior, History Dean, Jo J: 
Manhattan, Junior, Art. Dearborn, Robert H: Manhattan, Junior, Econom- 
ics. Dearing, Beverly A: Wichita. Junior. Music Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dechert, Karen E: Manhattan, Junior, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Dedonder, Larry J: Reading, Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Deeds, Craig N : Scott City, Junior, General Agriculture. DeGood, Alan 

L: St Francis, Junior, General 


After planning a schedule approved by her adviser, a coed 
pulls class cards during spring pre-enrollment in Justin hall 

Early assignment eliminated frustrating scheduling conflicts, 
shortening February registration procedure to a few minutes. 

Underclassmen: DeG-Dis 

TOP ROW DeGroff, Larry E: Overland, Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. DeHoff, Freddie M : LaCygne, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
DeHoney, Patricia G: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Deines, Garry 

L: Wakeeney, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW Dejarnette, Peggy I: Waverly, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics Delaplane, Howard L: Pawnee Rock, Junior, General Agricul- 
ture. Delfs, James G: Alma, Junior, Accounting. Delp, Tony M: St. John, 
Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW Delpopolo, Robert G: Buffalo, NY, 04, Architecture De- 
mand, Deborah M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Demars. Larry E: Salina, 01. Architecture Demond, Gregory F: Cortland, 
NY , 01, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Dempsey, David A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering Den, Marsha D: Bellevue, Neb , Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Dengier, Mary J: Wichita. Freshman, Interior Design. 
Denk, Greg P: Shawnee Mission, 02, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Denning, David F: Salina, Junior, Accounting. Denning, 
Mary A: Russell, Freshman, Music Education Dennis, Juanita M: Law- 
rence, 04, Home Economics and Education Dent, James M: Waterbury, 
Conn , Junior, Economics 


TOP ROW: Denton, David L: Atchison, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 
Denton, Peggy J: Altamont, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Den- 
ton, Ronald L: Atchison, 04, Architecture. Denton, Sharon K: Spring Hill, 
Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Depetro, Aflred S: Omaha, Neb. Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Desbien, Edmund P: Damar, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Desch, Marikay P: Topeka, Sophomore, Medical Technology. Deschner, 
Dennis L: Beloit, Junior, Agricultural Economics 

THIRD ROW: Deschner, Jean M : Beloit, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Detrixhe, Edward B: Ames Cloud, Freshman, Pre-Law. Detrixhe, 
Joseph B: Ames Cloud, Sophomore, Pre-Law Dettmer, Keith L: Green, 
Sophomore, General. 

FOURTH ROW Deutsch, Duane L: Hoismgton, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Devaney, John M : Kansas City, Mo. 02, Architecture Devoe, 
Constance L: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Devore, 
John J: Belleville, Junior, Mathematics. 

'* '"' :: : «t 

FIFTH ROW: Dewitt, Delia I: Wakeeney, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Deyoe, Rita M : Coldwater, Sophomore, General. Deyoung, Lorna 
E: Topeka. Freshman, General Home Economics Dick, Lucille E: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Dick, Mark W: Buhler, Sophomore, General Dickerson, 
Gregory A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry Dickerson, Roger K: 

Prairie Village. Junior, Psychology. Dickhut, Norma J: Scott City, Fresh- 
man, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Dickinson, Jerry A: Whiting, Junior. Psychology Dick- 
son, Richard C: Topeka. Junior. Pre-Medicine Diekman, Marcia K: Doug- 
lass, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education. Dietrich, Bryce S: Overland 
Park. Freshman, Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Dietz, Kenneth D: Wakeeney, Sophomore, Pre-Law Digre- 
gorio, Thomas A: Philadelphia, Pa , Freshman, Business Administration 
Dillingham, Ann F: Stockton, Freshman, Medical Technology Dillingham, 
Edward W: McFarland, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dillingham, William: Kansas City, Mo.. 02. Architecture. 
Dimatteo, Suzanne: Sudbury, Mass., Sophomore. General Dirks, Patricia 
R: Kismet. Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Dissinger, Franki K: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 


Underclassmen: Div-Dus 

TOP ROW: Divin, Rolland G: Overland Park. Sophomore. Animal Husban- 
dry. Dixon, Madelyn C: Manhattan, Junior, Applied Music. Dixon, Walter 

T: Huntington, NY.. Sophomore. English. Doak, Dennis A: Marysville, 
Sophomore. Pre-Forestry. 

SECOND ROW: Doane, Gary R: Downs. Freshman, Dairy Foods Process- 
ing. Doane, Walter B: Downs, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Dobbels, 
Frances M : Shawnee, Sophomore, Elementary Education Dobbins, Mary 
M: Goff, Sophomore, General Home Economics 

THIRD ROW Dobbs, Jan A: Hutchinson, Freshman, Interior Design Dob- 
son, Melinda L: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Dodge, Alvena L: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Dohm, Lea A: Grinnell. Freshman. Psychology 

FOURTH ROW: Dold, Brenda E: Emporia. Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Dolenc, Jon S: Aurora, Colo., Freshman, Physical Education. 
Doncarlos, Patricia: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Dondlinger, Patrick: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Donovan, Gerald M: Norton, Freshman, Agricultural Journal- 
ism. Doonan, Larry V: Great Bend, Freshman, Technical Journalism Dor- 
an, James V: Macksville, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Dorland, Eliza- 
beth M: Corning, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW Dormois, Glenda K: Chanute, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Dorow, Andrew J: Wichita, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 
Dougherty, Janice A: Colby, Sophomore, Physical Education. Dougherty, 
Thomas N : Topeka, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Doughten, Jeanne: Johnstown, Ohio, Freshman, Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Management Douglass, Ladonna L: Burlington, Soph- 
omore, Humanities Douthett, Roger L: Augusta, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. Douthit, Frank R: St. Francis, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 


EIGHTH ROW: Dowd, Tedd J: Teaneck, N.J., Junior, Chemical Engineer- 
ing Doyle, Gregory A: Beloit, Freshman, General Dragush, Marilyn L: 

Kansas City, Sophomore, General Drake, Patricia J: Elmdale, Sophomore, 
Physical Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Drapel, Trudy C: Cuba, Sophomore, Humanities Draper, 
Gary G: Glade. 04, Chemical Engineering Draper, Judy A: Glade, Sopho- 
more, Home Economics Education. Drees, Thomas J: Hays, Sophomore, 


TOP ROW: Dreier, Wayne T: Billings, Mon., Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Dreiling, Harold L: Ellmwood. Junior, Mechanical Engineering Dren- 
nan, D'Ann: Winfield, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Drew, Grego- 
ry P: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Driscoll, James R: Boston, Mass., Freshman, Political 
Science. Driver, William G: Pomona, Freshman, Accounting Droge, 
Douglas A: Seneca, Sophomore, General. Drost, Gary C: Topeka, Sopho- 
more, Chemical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Drussel, Jo A: Cimarron, Junior, English. Dubrouillet, Mar- 
garet: Richmond Heights, Mo. Sophomore, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Dudley, Dayne K: Nickerson, Sophomore, Architectural Structures 
Duethman, Charles W: Paola, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Duff, Dena E: Scott City, Freshman, Floriculture. Dufield, 
Lisa K: Kismet, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Duguid, George W: 
McPherson, Sophomore, Business Administration. Dukelow, Gordon H: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Physics 

Kelly L: Wic 

D: Wichita, J 

Dukelow, Nancy J: Hutchinson, Junior. English. Dumford, 

hita. Freshman, Business Administration. Dumford, Michael 
unior. Psychology. Dumler, Patricia A: Russell, Junior, Math- 

SIXTH ROW: Dunbar, Charles D: Richmond, Junior, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation Dunbar, Kenneth R: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Psychology. Duncan, 
Michael S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary Medicine Duncan, 
Timothy D: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

«1 li 

SEVENTH ROW: Dunkel, Todd S: Abilene, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Dunlap, Evans A: Salina, Freshman, Accounting, Dunn, Clinton E: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Dunn, Jeanne K: Springfield, Va., 
Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Dunn, Judith A: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Dunstan, Edwin R: Jewell, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Dupuy, 
Jay W: Kansas City, Freshman, General Durham, John C: Hoyt, Sopho- 
more, Wildlife Conservation. 


BOTTOM ROW: Durham, Nancy L: Philadelphia, Pa., Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Durler, Sharen A: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Dusenbury, Susanna G: Cladwell, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Dussair, Denise: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 


Underclassmen: Dus-Els 

TOP ROW: Duston, Douglas J: Gaylord, Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Dutton, Barbara J: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Radio and Television 
Home Economics Dutton, Nancy M: Hutchinson, Freshman, General 
Home Economics Dwyer, Trisha J: Wichita. Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education 

SECOND ROW: Dyal, Victor H: Geuda Springs, Junior, Agricultural Me- 
chanization Dye, Donna J: Mankato, Sophomore. General Home Econom- 
ics Dyer, Marcia D: Kansas City. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Dyer, Sally C: Prairie Village, Junior, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

THIRD ROW Dyer, William K: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Dyke, Elizabeth A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, English. 
Dyke, Nancy K: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Family and Child Development. 
Eager, Richard B: Brooklyn. NY, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 

FOURTH ROW: Easter, Ronald L: Abilene, 02, Architecture. Easton, 
Douglass P: Beattie, Sophomore, General Easton, Victoria L: Beattie. 

Freshman, General Eaton, James A: El Dorado. Sophomore. Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Eaton, Lenette E: McPherson, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education Eaton, Mary K: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics and Lib- 
eral Arts. Eaton, Rodney C: Wichita, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 
Eberhard, Terril L: Peabody. Freshman, Agricultural Education 

SIXTH ROW: Eberhart, Keith L: Deerfield, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Eberle, Janice K: Kansas City, Junior, Home Economics and Liberal Arts 
Ebert, Kenneth G: St. Louis, Mo., 02, Architecture Ebert, Robert A: St. 

George, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry 

SEVENTH ROW: Ebert, Stephen M: St George, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Eccleston, Franksisk: Fowler. Junior. Interior Design Eck, David 
D: Harper. Sophomore. English. Eckelman, Warren G: Westfall, Sopho- 
more, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Eckhoff, Lois N: Aliance, Neb, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Eckman, Merna K: Baldwin, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation Eddy, Gail L: Havensville, Sophomore, General Eddy, Mollye A: 

Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Eddy, Renee F: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration Eddy, Thomas D: Marysville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion Edelblute, Phillip: Garden City, Freshman, Pre-Business Education. 
Ediger, Rochelle D: McPherson, Sophomore. Music Education. 



TOP ROW: Edmonds, Jeanette G: Leavenworth, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation Edmonds, Leslie S: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration Edmonds, Patricia J: Peabody, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Edmondson, Ted D: Columbus, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 

SECOND ROW: Edwards, Alan D: Holland Point, NY, 04, Physical Educa- 
tion Edwards, Roger W: Emporia, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Edwards, 
Thomas D: Wichita, 01, Architecture Edwards, Winston J: Osage City, 
Sophomore, Retail Floriculture 

THIRD ROW: Eger, John J : Kansas City, Sophomore, History Ehrlich, Lar- 
ry D: Russell, Junior, Agricultural Education Eicher, Gregory L: Brewster, 
Freshman, General. Eicher, Jonathan W: Brewster, Sophomore, Civil Engi- 

FOURTH ROW: Eirich, Francis E: Brooklyn, NY, Freshman. Chemistry. 
Eisenbarth, Frances: Goff, Junior, Electrical Engineering, Eisenhour, 
Douglas E: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. Eisler, Marion K: 

Easton, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation 

FIFTH ROW Eitmann, Emily A: Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education Eitzman, Willard L: Hardy, Neb . Junior, Secondary 
Education. Elder, Larry E: Salina. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education 
Elledge, Ruth: Hutchinson, Junior, Home Economics Education 

SIXTH ROW Eller, Trudy A: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. Elliot, 
Allan W: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Elliott, Carolyn K: 
Concordia, Junior, Home Economics and Liberal Arts Elliott, James P: N 

Syracuse, NY .Junior, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Elliott, Joseph E: Prairie Village, Freshman. Pre-Second- 
ary Education, Elliott, Lloyd R: Waldo. Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. El- 
liott, Lonnie W: Abilene, Freshman, Accounting Elliott, Michael B: Good- 
land, Freshman, Physics. 

EIGHTH ROW Elliott, William T: Overland Park, Sophomore, Restaurant 
Management Ellis, Charles E:Wheaton, Freshman, Electrical Engineering 
Ellis, Randall S: Prairie Village, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ellis, 
William D: Humboldt, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ellison, David O: Mission, Freshman, Civil Engineering 
Ellithorpe, Jack E: El Dorado, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Elmore, 
Diane M: Scott City, Freshman, Psychology. Elson, James M: Peoria, III , 
Sophomore, Landscape Architecture 


Underclassmen: Elw-Fab 

TOP ROW: Elwell, Mike R: Tecumseh, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Emel, Karlyn K: Brewster, Sophomore, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 
Emig, Calvin L: Abilene. Sophomore, Business Administration. Emig, 
Danny R: Solomon, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics 

SECOND ROW: Emmot, John L: Beloit, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Enders, Jacqueline: Cranbury, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Endorf, Diana L: Arkansas City, Freshman, Physical Education. Engel. 
Charles W: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Physical Science 

THIRD ROW: Engelken, Ronald A: Goff, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
England, Mary L: Pratt, Junior, Political Science. Engle, John E: Clyde. 
Junior, History Engle, Pamela S: Madison, Junior, Secondary Education. 

4'*^; A 

FOURTH ROW Engler, Cady R: Topeka, Sophomore, Chemical Engineer- 
ing Engler, Jerry W: Topeka, Junior, Agricultural Journalism Englisby, 
John M: Hempstead, NY, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. English, 
Veronica A: Lenexa, Junior, Interior Design. 

FIFTH ROW: Engstrom, Kathleen A: Salma, Junior, History Enich, Peter 

Y: Atchison, Sophomore, English Enlow, Alfred C: Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more. History Enos, Newell M: Perry, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW Eplee, Harvey C: Fredonia, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Epley, Lar- 
ry C: Kingman, Junior, Agricultural Education Erickson, Dorothy K: Lea- 
wood, Freshman, General Erickson, Frederick: Leawood, Junior, Social 

SEVENTH ROW: Erickson, Gerald W: Sutton, Neb , Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Erickson, Janet K: Sullivan, III , Sophomore, General. Er- 
ickson, Michael C: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Erickson, Ray- 
mond L: Chanute. Junior, Accounting. 

EIGHTH ROW: Erickson, Vicky L: Assaria, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Ericson, Galen E: Assaira, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Ericson, 
Lance R: Chicago Heights, III , Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Ervin, 
Patrick F: Horton, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Esau, Barbara E: Inman. Junior. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Esau, Dale E: McPherson. Sophomore. Pre-Law. Eschmann, William 
C: Columbia, III., Freshman, Business Administration. Eshelman, Jon H: 

Sedgwick, Sophomore. Civil Engineering 


TOP ROW: Eshelman. Kenneth K: Sedgwick. Sophomore, Building Con- 
struction Essmiller, Arnell D: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation Essmiller, James A : Great Bend, Junior, Accounting Estes, 
Charles M : Topeka, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering 

SECOND ROW: Eubanks. Alice L: Maize, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Eustace, Stephen E: Topeka, Freshman, Technical Journalism, Euthon, 
Linda K: Haysville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Evanhoe, Charles 

A: Topeka, 01 , Architecture 

THIRD ROW: Evans. Charles E: Marion, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 
Evans, Gerald T: Amencus, Sophomore, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment Evans, Mary C: Plain vil le. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Evans, Nancy A: Russell, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Evans, Nancy L: Hutchinson, Junior, Clothing Retailing 
Evans, Nancy M : Manhattan, Sophomore, Art Evans, Patricia A: San 
Antonio, Tex., Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Evans, Paula J: 
Wayne, Pa., Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Evans, Sandra J: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary Education 
Evans, Stephan B: Olathe, Junior, Geology. Evarts, Alice M : Beloit, Fresh- 
man, Business Administration Everett, Erwin L: Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW Everist, Marilyn J: Topeka. Junior. Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Everitt, Thomas W: Trenton, N J , 04. Zoology Evers, Richard L: 

Manhattan. Junior. Accounting. Everson, Everett K: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, Agricultural Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Evert, Thomas M: Concordia, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Ewert, Wayne L: Marion. Junior. Physical Science Ewing, 
Kenneth B: Hutchinson. Junior, Building Construction. Ewing, Larry R: 

Hiswatha, Freshman, Animal Husbandry 

EIGHTH ROW: Ewing, Margaret A: Dodge City, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics Ewing, Rickey K: Parsons, Junior. Mechanical Engi- 
neering Exley, Jonell: Wichita, Sophomore, Family and Child Develop- 
ment Eye, Mary E: Goodland, Sophomore, Sociology 

BOTTOM ROW Eyerly, Joyce M: Augusta, Junior, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Eyestone, Carolyn S: Manhattan, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education Eyestone, Cecilia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Sociology. 
Fabert, Jerry A: Lawrence, Sophomore. Mathematics 


Underclassmen: Fad-FIa 

TOP ROW: Faddis, Janet K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Sociology. Fagan, 
John S: Overland Park, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Fager, Glenn A: 
Osage City, Junior, Civil Engineering. Fagerberg, David A: Prairie Village, 
Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Fahrenbauch, Aleta F: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Fair, Arlene S: Alden, Sophomore, General Fairbank, Sharon: 

Hays, Junior, History. Fairbanks, David F: Manhattan, Junior, Agricultural 

THIRD ROW: Fakler, Joe A: Marysville, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Falen, Daniel J: Elmo, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Falk, Karen 
A: Topeka, Junior, Interior Design. Fallis, Linda J: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, Medical Technology. 

FOURTH ROW Fankhauser, Wesley L: Madison, Freshman, Restaruant 
Management. Fanning, Phillip R: Wichita, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Farabi, Steven B: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Farley, 

Judy K: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Farmer, Brenda K: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Medical Tech- 
nology. Farmer, Gail M: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Art. Farmer, Jeri L: 
Tribune, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Farmer, Michael J: 

Nigeria, Sophomore, Feed Science and Management 

SIXTH ROW: Farney, Kay E: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Farrar, Douglas A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Architectural Structures. 
Farrar, James M : Ft. Riley, Sophomore, Genetics. Farrar, Joe E: Norwich, 
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Farres, Theodore W: Woodbine, Freshman, Landscape 
Architecture. Farris, Barbara J: Sterling, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation Fatzer, Carol J : Lewis, Freshman, General. Fearing, Sherry J : Burr 
Oak, Sophomore, Political Science 

EIGHTH ROW: Felbush, Nina M: Abilene, Junior, Physical Education. 
Feldkamp, Mary L: Natoma, Freshman, General Home Economics. Felke, 
Patricia A: Great Bend, Junior, English Fellers, Edmond E: Hays, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fellers, Steven G: Neodesha, Sophomore, Nuclear Engi- 
neering Fellman, Charles H: Osage City, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Fent, Delma S: Newton, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Fenton, Donald L: Trenton, N.J., Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 



TOP ROW: Ferguson, James J: Topeka, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Ferguson, Jean L: Topeka, Sophomore, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Ferguson, Jon C: Kensington, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering 
Ferguson, Roy T: Belleville, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 

SECOND ROW; Fernandez, Victor, E: Caguas, Puerto Rico, Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Fetzer, William F: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Forest- 
ry. Fick, Ronald E: Dodge City, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Fickel, 
Sheila G: Manhattan, Freshman. General Home Economics 

THIRD ROW: Fielder. John K: Arcadia, Cal., Sophomore, Pre-Law Fields, 
Loyd A: Caney, Junior, Horticulture. Fields, Timothy J: Salina, Junior. 
Technical Journalism. Fienhage, Carolyn A: Axtell, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Fieser, David W: Plains, Sophomore, Agronomy Fife, 
Brenda R: Wichita, Freshman, Interior Design. Fife, Richard I: Winfield, 
Freshman, Landscape Architecture File, Elaine S: Beloit, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Files, Gail T: Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Filinger, Cynthia A: Cuba, Junior, Physical Education Filley, Mary C: 
Atchison, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Findeiss, Patri- 
cia B : Wichita, Freshman, Sociology 

SIXTH ROW: Finnerty, William J: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Finnesy, Dennis J: Plainville, Freshman, Accounting Finney, Cynthia L: 

Salina, Junior, Home Economics Education Finney, Dale J: Wichita, 
Freshman, General Agriculture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Fish, Margaret K: Wakeeney, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics Extension. Fisher, Celeste E: Lewis, Freshman. General. Fisher, Jay S: 

Pleasanton, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Fisher, Karolynn A: Olathe, 
Junior, Medical Technology. 

EIGHTH ROW: Fisher, Stephen R: AltaVista, Freshman, Mathematics. Fit- 
tell, John H : Olathe, Sophomore, General Fitzwater, James W: Augusta, 

Junior, Civil Engineering. Fix, Robert A: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Social 

BOTTOM ROW: Flack, Diana R: Osage City, Freshman, Psychology Flack, 
Dick P: Greenville, NY., Freshman, Bakery Management. Flack, Robert D: 
Sabetha, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Flanders, Jean M: Mission, 
Freshman, General. 


Underclassmen: Fla-Fre 

TOP ROW: Flannery, John M: Amityville, NY. Junior, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Flashman, Robert H: Melrose. Mass. Freshman, Botany. Fleischack- 
er. Donna: Ludell, Freshman. General Home Economics Fleischmann, 

Beth K: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Fleming, Cynthia K: Sahna. Sophomore. Modern Lan- 
guages Flesher, Bonnie L: Overland Park. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Fletcher, Terrell H: Alton. Ill . 01, Architecture. Flett, Judy A: 

Spring Hill, Sophomore, Interior Design 

THIRD ROW: Floresch, Richard H: Galesburg, III , Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Florell, Nancy M: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Florence, 
Susan A: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Flournoy, 
Ralph L: Kansas City. Freshman. Civil Engineering, 

FOURTH ROW: Floyd, Janet E: Scottsdale, Ariz. Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education Flynn, Linda K: Riley, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion Flynn, Patricia A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion Fogelberg, Larry R: Scandia, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Foland, Connie J : Overland Park, Freshman, 
ing. Foland, Nancy L: Almena, Freshman, Art Folck, Phil 

NY.. 02, Architecture. Foltz, Bruce V: Belle Plaine. Sopho 

Clothing Retail- 
lip S: New York, 
more. Civil Engi- 

SIXTH ROW: Foltz, Mary K: Topeka, Sophomore, Mathematics. Folwell, 
Patrick J: Oil City, Pa., Sophomore, Speech Foncannon, Thomas M: 

Prairie Village, Freshman. General Ford, Helen L: Edgerton, Freshman, 

SEVENTH ROW: Ford, Shirley A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Foreman, Billy J: Manhattan. Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Forero, Luis E: Bogota. Columbia, Junior. Dairy Production. Forgey, 
Donna M: Marysville, Freshman. Pre-Nursing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Fort, Cherrie J : Paola, Freshman, General Fortun, Pamela 
K: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical Education Fosmire, Luella J: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Junior. Elementary Education Foster, Carol M: Washington. 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Foster, Frederic J : Dubuque, Iowa, 02. Architecture. Fos- 
ter, Gayle K: San Francisco. Calif. Sophomore. Political Science Foster, 
Gregory C: Washington, Sophomore, General. Foster, Jayne A: Manhat- 
tan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 



TOP ROW: Foster, Linda K: Aurora. Colo.. Freshman. Clothing Retailing. 
Fountain, Florence A: Arlington, Junior, Home Economics Extension. 
Fountaine, James H: Manhattan, Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Foutes, Blake W: Bndgeton, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW Fowler, Robert W: Kansas City, Freshman, Accounting 
Fowles, Christine A: Clay Center. Freshman, Mathematics Fox, Linda C: 

Bethel, Freshman, General Home Economics Fox, Marian A: Ft Riley, 
Freshman, Art. 

THIRD ROW Fox, Nancy J: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Fox, Richard M : Syracuse, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine Fraass, Ronald G: 

Mankato, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Frakes, Peggy J: Hiawatha, 
Sophomore, Physical Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Frame, Russell W: Overland Park, Sophomore, Geology. 
Francis, Eugene N: St Joseph, Mo, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Francis, Gary D: Levant, Junior, Agricultural Education Francis, Joyce L: 

Leawood, Junior, Bacteriology. 

FIFTH ROW: Francis, Mary K: Salma, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Francis, William G: Junction City. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Frank, John S: Wichita, Sophomore, Psychology. Franz, Jerold L: Goes- 

sel. Freshman, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Fraser, Linda K: Norway, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Frasier, Beverly S: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education Frauenfelder, Linda: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Frazier, Carol L: Goodland, Sophomore, English. 

SEVENTH ROW: Frederick, Leonard R: Wichita, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Freed, Janivar: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Freed, Roger K: Scandia, Freshman, Biological Science. Freeland, David 

E: Burns. Sophomore, Accounting. 

EIGHTH ROW: Freeman, Joe D: Kingman, Junior, Architectural Structures. 
Freeman, Linda S: Kansas City. Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Freeman, Stephen W: De Soto, Freshman, Physical Science. French, 
Constance R: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

A '\k -• r 

BOTTOM ROW: Frenn, Mary L: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation Frese, John V: Alta Vista, Freshman, General Frey, Karen S: Poca- 
hontas, III., Sophomore, Medical Technology Frey, Marybeth D: Newton, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 


Underclassmen: Fri-Gar 

TOP ROW Frickey, Michele D: Oberlin. Junior. Elementary Education. 
Frickey, Steven L: Topeka, Sophomore, Psychology. Friday, Betty J: Pea- 
body. Freshman, General Home Economics. Friedrichs, Nelda J: Marys- 
ville, Junior, Elementary Education, 

SECOND ROW: Friesen, Sharon K: Salina, Freshman, Clothing Retailing 
Frieze, H. Jess: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration Frikken, 
Donald R: Wichita, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Frisbie, Kurt M: 

McDonald, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Frisbie, Richard K: McDonald, Freshman, General Agircul- 
ture Fritz, June F: Clay Center, Junior, Secondary Education Fritz, Mary 
J: Kansas City, Junior, Political Science. Fritzson, Harlyn A: Manhattan, 
Junior, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Froelich, Elizabeth: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Froe- 
lich. Glen W: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administration. Fross, Ruth A: 
Raytown. Mo, Sophomore, General. Frost, Bruce E: Smolan, Freshman, 
Animal Husbandry 


FIFTH ROW: Fruetel, David B: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering Fruits, Timothy J: Winfield, Sophomore, Retail Floriculture. 
Frusher, Steven V: Ness City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine Fry, David 
D: Marquette. Freshman. Agricultural Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Fry, John A: Naperville. Ill . Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Med- 
icine. Fry, Larry G: Little River, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Fry, Robert 
B: Helenville, Wis., Junior, Dairy Production. Fry, Shari A: Little River, 
Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Fry, Theron E: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Fuhrken, Ronald C: Springfield, III , 01. Architecture. Fuhrman, Stephen 
A: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Business Administration Fujimura, Keith T: 

Lihve, Hawaii, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering 

EIGHTH ROW: Fulghum, David A: Tescott, Sophomore, General. Fulhage, 
Charles D: Yates Center, Junior, Milling Science and Management. Fulker- 
son, Janet E: Liberty, Mo., Sophomore. General Home Economics. Fulker- 
son, Joan J : Liberty, Mo., Freshman, General Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fullana, Jose M: Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico, 01. Architec- 
ture. Fuller, Gale L: Miltonvale, Junior, Horticulture Fuller, Robert C: 
Overland Park, Sophomore, Geology Fullington, Susan M: Clay Center. 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 


1 I II 111 J jmM. 

TOP ROW: Funston, Mary L: Talmage, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Furbeck, Jacqueline: Abilene. Freshman Pre-Vetennary Medicine Fur- 
beck, Richard S: Abilene, Junior, Secondary Education. Furney, Joyce E: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, General 

SECOND ROW: Fyfe, Robert D: Wakefield, Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing Fyler, Kenneth L: Scott City, 02, Architecture GabrieSson, Ronald L: 
Overland Park, Sophomore, Business Administration. Gadberry, Barbara 
D: Wichita, Freshman, General. 

iii d\ik± 

THIRD ROW: Gadberry, Marcia L: Wichita, Junior, History Gaede, Diane: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, General Gagnon, James E: Grainfield, Sopho- 
more, Mechanical Engineering. Gainor, Vardon J: Harbor Beach. Mich , 
Sophomore, Bakery Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Galbraith, Ann C: Madison, Junior, Interior Design Gal- 
lagher, Patrick J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Agronomy Gallant, William 
P: Overland Park, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine Galle, Constance A: 

Moundndge, Junior, Music Education. 


FIFTH ROW: Galle, Norman R: Moundndge, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Gallon, James A: Altoona, Junior, Animal Husbandry Galloway, John H : 

Wakeeney, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture Galloway, Nancy A: 

Wichita, Freshman, General. 

fetfe it Hiikv 


SIXTH ROW: Gamba, Jane E: Osage City, Freshman, Speech Gamber, 
Jeanette L: Topeka, Sophomore. Home Economics Education. Gambiani, 
Michael L: Spring Valley. III., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Gammon, 
Ronald L: Leawood, Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

SEVENTH ROW: Gandy, Sheppard L: Galena, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering Gangel, Michael A: Louisburg, Junior, Veterinary Medicine Gan- 
tenbein, Andrew L: Elmo, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Gantz, Paula N: 

Ness City, Freshman, Modern Languages 

EIGHTH ROW: Garcia, Carlos M: Humacao. Puerto Rico, 02. Architecture. 
Gardner, Ann T: Ellinwood. Freshman. Home Economics and Liberal Arts 
Gardner, Carolyn S: Arlington. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Gardner, Nicki A: Emporia. Freshman. General Home Economics 


BOTTOM ROW: Gardner, Richard L: Laredo. Mo., 02. Architecture Gar- 
finkle, Barry D: Union. N.J . Junior, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Garlett, 
Theresa M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Accounting. Garrelts, Gregory A: 

Shawnee Mission, 01 , Architecture 


Underclassmen: Gar-Ges 

TOP ROW: Garrelts, Rex E: Overland Park. Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering Garrelts, Susan R: Sahna, Freshman, Medical Technology. Gar- 
rett, Claudia A: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education, Garrett, 
Gary A: Colby. 04, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Garrett, Linda J: Shawnee, 04, Secondary Education 
Garrett, Marsha L: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Garrett, 
Shirley A: Colby, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Garrett, Stephen 

D: Colby. Sophomore, Physics. 

THIRD ROW Garrett, Wayne N: Colby, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Garrison, Carla J: Salina, Junior, Home Economics Education. Garrison, 
Leon N: Washington, DC, Freshman, Business Administration Garrison, 
Linda S: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW Garrison, Ralph C: Wichita, 01, Architecture Garten, 
Danna L: Effingham, Junior, English. Garten, Harold J: Medicine Lodge, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. Gartner, Linda L: Affton, Mo., Soph- 
omore, Civil Engineering 

i. . 

FIFTH ROW: Gartner, Robert E: Cedar Hill, Mo.. Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Garver, Lucy M: Severy, Freshman, General. Gasper, Michael D: 

Tipton, Freshman. Accounting Gaston, Carol A: Wichita, Junior, Elemen- 
tary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Gaston, Marcia A: Bethel, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion Gates, David L: Owasso, Okla , Freshman, Industrial Arts Gates, Wil- 
liam J: Newton, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Gatewood, Nancy: 

Leavenworth, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW Gatlin, Frederick W: Atwood, Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry Gatton, Ronald D: Burden, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 
Gattshall, Robert W: Ruleton, Freshman. Animal Husbandry. Gatza, Daryl 

W: Junction City. Sophomore. Business Administration 

EIGHTH ROW Gaughan, Tracy A: Lincoln. Neb.. Sophomore. Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Gaul, Linda K:Troy. Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion Gaul, Owen A: Troy, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Gaus- 
man, Gary D: Dorchester, Neb , Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW Gawel, Thomas J: Westchester, III , 03, Architecture. 
Gay, Patricia A: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Gebhart, Mary E: 

Hoxie, Freshman, General Home Economics Gechter, Mary J: Muscotah, 
Sophomore, General Home Economics. 


Aided by Kansas Regent Eldon Sloan, Willie Wildcat christens 
the rowing team's new $3,500 shell with a bottle of water from 

Tuttle Creek Reservoir The 60-foot Wildcat I was financed 
by selling token sguare inches of the shell to the public 

TOP ROW: Geffert, Karol L: Haven. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry Gei- 
ger, Wendell E: Sabetha. Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Geisinger, 
Richard L: Plains. Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine Generson, Rich- 
ard M: Pelham Manor. NY. Sophomore. Technical Journalism 

SECOND ROW Gentry, Darrell R: Winfield. Freshman, Industrial Engi- 
neering Gentry, James W: Topeka, Sophomore. Civil Engineering Gen- 
try, Sharon I: Frankfort. Freshman. Humanities Georg, Ken P: Rush Cen- 
ter, Freshman, General Agriculture 

THIRD ROW: George, Deanna G: Hutchinson, Junior, Political Science. 
George, John A: Uniontown. Sophomore. Agricultural Engineering. 
George, Richard W: Northamb. England. 04, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment Geraghty, Bernard K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Gerard, Russell S: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Med- 
icine. Gerber, Vicki A: Atchison, Sophomore, Technical Journalism Ger- 
ritz, George A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physics Gerritz, Grace L: Man- 
hattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Gerstenberger, Allen: Leawood. 02. Architecture Gerst- 

ner, Diana K: Great Bend, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 
Gerstner, John J: Frankfort. Junior. Agricultural Journalism. Gessner, 
Joseph S: Stockston, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Get-Gor 

TOP ROW: Gettings, Richard L: Wichita. Junior, Bacteriology. Gettino, 
Robert E: Syracuse, N.Y., Freshman, Mathematics Gettler, Nancy J: Ulys- 
ses, Freshman, General Home Economics. Geyer, Richard D: Sylvan 
Grove, Sophomore, Civil Engineering 

SECOND ROW: Gfeller, Cheryl L: Winona, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Gfeller, Edward S: Junction City, Sophomore, Accounting. Gfeller, 
Lana J: Winona, Sophomore, Business Administration Gfeller, Richard 

W: Junction City, 01 , Architecture 

THIRD ROW: Gibbs, Marcia L: Little Rock, Ark., Sophomore, Medical 
Technology Gibbs, Paul H: Olathe, Junior Mathematics Gibbs, Richard 
A: Liberal Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Gibson, Michael L: Welling- 
ton, Sophomore, Geology 

FOURTH ROW: Gieber, Nicholas R: Haddam, Sophomore, Men's Physical 
Education Gieck, Jo J: Overland Park, Junior, Clothing Retailing Gier, 
Dwayne D: Dayton, NY., Junior, Feed Science and Management Giersch, 
Joe P: Salina, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

< f dWM<£ 

FIFTH ROW: Gifford, Gordon R: Conton, Mass , Junior. Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Gilbert, Charla R: Green, Special, Pre-Elementary Education. Gil- 
christ, Linda R: Wichita, Freshman, Accounting. Gillan, Carol J: Concor- 
dia, Junior. Technical Journalism 

SIXTH ROW: Gillaspie, Thomas F: Council Grove, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Gillen, Thomas S: Leoti, Freshman, Speech Gillespie, Janice 
K: Burhngame, Sophomore, Physical Education. Gilliland, Patricia: Hill s- 

boro, 04, Home Economics Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Gilliland, Robert L: Herington, Sophomore, Pre-Medi- 
cine Gillman, Richard L: Coffeyville, Junior, Mechanical Engineering Gill- 
more, Phillis J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Gilmore, 
Elizabeth P: Wooster, Ohio, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gilpin, Bruce L: Elkhart, Freshman, Pre-Vetermary. Ging- 
rich, Patricia E: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Gintzel, 
Mary E: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Art. Glad, Grant E: Atwood, Jun- 
ior, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Glasco, Lynn D: Bird City, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Glasco, Vicki L: Dodge City, Junior, Sociology. Glass, Jay W: Greensburg, 
02, Architecture Glatz, Margaret F: Kansas City. Freshman, General. 


\ *""*" m -*■ - } '" --«• L 

dim t tiAm 

TOP ROW: Gleissner, Robert R: Prairie Village. Freshman. Accounting. 
Glendening. Kathleen: Lindsborg, Freshman. Technical Journalism. 
Glenn, Kenneth A: Cunningham. Sophomore. Pre-Vetermary Medicine. 
Glenn, Larry F: Dodge City. Freshman. Agricultural Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Glenn, Mary E: Prairie Village. Sophomore. Music Educa- 
tion. Gleue, David J: Belleville. Freshman. Pre-Law. Glover, Kenneth F: 

Millington, Tenn , Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Gnadt, Ervin F: Alma. 
Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Goddard, James F: Council Grove. Sophomore, Building 
Construction. Godfrey, James F: Haysville, 03, Architecture Goedecke, 
Heike: Salina. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Goering, Sandra L: 

Salina. Freshman. General Home Economics 

FOURTH ROW Goering, Virginia L: Moundndge. Junior. Home Econom- 
ics Education Goerzen, Larry D: Newton. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry 
Goetz, JoAnn: Wichita. Sophomore, Technical Journalism Goetze, Jona- 
than B: Kansas City, Mo.. Sophomore. Pre-Vetermary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Goff, James H: Manhattan, Sophomore, Dairy Foods Pro- 
cessing Golden, Artyce A: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion Golden, Nicholas J: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Goldenstein, Gene: Long Island City, NY, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 

SIXTH ROW: Goldsmith, James C: Wyckoff. N.J.. Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Golitko, Jeanette M: Kansas City. Mo.. Sophomore. Gener- 
al Home Economics Goll, Cynthia J: Shawnee Mission. Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Gomer, Jackie L: Kansas City. Junior, Biological 

SEVENTH ROW: Good, Connie K: Conway Springs. Freshman. Modern 
Languages. Good, Gloria: Liberal, Junior, Secondary Education. Goodger, 
Ardyce E: Eudora, Sophomore. Interior Design. Gooding, Janet C: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Goodman, Douglas R: Topeka, Freshman, Elementary 
Education Goodnow, Gary R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Goodrich, Janice: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Goodson, 

Jack S: Independence, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Goodyear, Sally A: Wichita, Junior, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management Goold, Susan K: Prairie Village, Junior, Secondary 
Education Goossen, Emray R: Colby. Junior, Electrical Engineering Gor- 
don, Charles E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Landscape Architecture 


Underclassmen: Gor-Gri 

TOP ROW: Gordon, Dale W: Leavenworth. Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Gordon, Deane T: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry Gor- 
don, Helen L: Winfield, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Gor- 
don, Jeannine K: Salina, Freshman, Physical Education 

SECOND ROW: Gordon, John A: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Gordon, Suzanne: Winfield, Freshman, General. Goreham, 
Mildred A: Junction City, Sophomore, Art Gorman, Jerry L: Overland 
Park, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Gorrell, Dwight G: Centerville, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry 
Gosch, Cheryl D: Norwich, Junior, Secondary Education. Gosch, Jay W: 

Norwich, Junior, General Agriculture. Goss, Phil S: Wichita, Sophomore, 
Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 


FOURTH ROW: Goss, Robert O: Williamsburg, Mass., Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Goth, Carter E: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation Gothard, Reba M: Cedar Vale, Freshman, General Gott, Vicki L: 

Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Gough, Pamela J: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Graber, Ruth A: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Gracey, 
Sherril A: Kingman, Sophomore, Speech Therapy Graf, Jerry D: Mc- 

Pherson, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Grafel, Connie M: Herndon, Sophomore, Technical Journal 
ism Grafel, John R: Herndon, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Gra- 
fel, Richard A: Herndon, Freshman, Physical Education. Graham, Billy I: 

Colby, Junior, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Graham, Billy R: Liberal, Junior, Agronomy Graham, 
David E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry Graham, Eric K: Chilli- 
cothe. III, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering Graham, Jolinda G: Norton, 
Freshman, Technical Journalism 

EIGHTH ROW: Graham, Martha J: Washington, Freshman, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Graham, Michael E: Salina, Freshman, General. Graham, 
Teresa K: Mankato, Junior, Modern Languages Grame, Mary A: Atchi- 
son, Junior, Home Economics Extension. 

BOTTOM ROW: Granell, Gloria C: Clay Center, Freshman, Sociology 
Granger, Sharon A: Lakewood, Col., Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion Grant, Linda M: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Sociology. Grant, Patricia 

L: Overland Park, Junior. Sociology 


TOP ROW: Grau, Steven L: Topeka. Sophomore. Electrical Engineering. 
Grauerholz, Donald D: Kensington, Junior. Agricultural Education Gray, 
Jerry D: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Gray, Rebecca S: 

Atwood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

SECOND ROW Graybeal, Ronald D: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Greason, Peter H: Mornstown, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine Grecian, Kendal L: Palco, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Green, Lar- 
ry E: Wichita, Freshman, Business Administration 

THIRD ROW: Green, Lee R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Green, Marilyn K: Manhattan. Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Green, Marsha L: Bethel, Sophomore. Home Economics and Journal- 
ism. Green, Thayne C: Bedford, Mass , 04, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Green, Thomas H: Kansas City. Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Green, Treasha L: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education Greene, 
Corinne D: Amanllo, Tex., Junior, Elementary Education Greene, Larry E: 

Goddard, 04, Nuclear Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Greenwood, Janice G: Cherryvale, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Greenwood, Joseph F: Junction City, 02, Architecture 
Gregory, Richard J: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Greiner, 
Jon R: Tremont, III , Junior. Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Greis, Barry W: St Louis, Mo.. 03. Architecture Greiving, 
Ronald G: Derby, Freshman, Business Administration Gresham, Richard 
D: Manhattan, Junior. Nuclear Engineering. Greve, William B: Larned. 
Sophomore, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Grey, Thomas G: Mission, Freshman, Civil Engineering 
Grider, David A: Topeka, Junior, Electrical Engineering Grider, Mary E: 

Tribune, Sophomore, Interior Design. Griffee, Susan L: Hutchinson, Soph- 
omore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Griffin, Mary R: Washington, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Griffin, Roger A: Lyons, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Grif- 
fith, James E: Independence, Freshman, Political Science. Griffith, Mar- 
garet A: Osawatomie, Junior. Sociology 

BOTTOM ROW: Griffiths, David W: Abilene. Sophomore. Architectural 
Engineering. Griffiths, Donald C: Topeka, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Griffiths, Terry S: Lawrence. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Grif- 
fitt, William P: Liberty, Freshman, Psychology. 

dM4 & 

Underclassmen: Gri-Hal 

TOP ROW: Grimes, Gary E: Olsburg. Junior, Dairy Production. Grinstead, 
Dan S: Bonner Springs. Freshman. Pre-Medicine. Groene, Janell K: Win- 
field, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. Groene, Janet K: Winfield, 
Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Grogger, Margaret K: Solomon, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration Grojean, Ronald L: Sikeston, Mo., 01, Architecture. Grosko, 
Mary L: Kansas City, Freshman, Business Administration Gross, David R: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Gross, Donald P: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration Gross, Linda S: Waldo, Sophomore, Medical Technology Gross, 
Virgil J: Salina, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Gross, William R: 

Friend, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

FOURTH ROW Grossardt, Darrel L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering Grossardt, James P: Claflin, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Grosz, Marlin R: Olivet, S.D . Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Grote, Rolland P: Sabetha. 03, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Grothusen, David W: Scott City, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Grout, Jerry E: Mankato, Freshman, General Agriculture 
Groves, Patricia L: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administration. Groyon, 
Richard A: Junction City, 01 , Architecture 

SIXTH ROW: Grubbs, Kenton T: Kinsley, Sophomore, Psychology Grube, 
Steven G: Franklin, Neb „ Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Gruen, Ronald 
E: Abilene, Sophomore, Chemistry Grumbein, Ralph E: Ness City, Fresh- 
man, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Grumbein, Sondra L: Dighton, Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Guber, Betty J: Garnett, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Gudgen, Robert G: Coffeyville, Junior, Civil Engineering. Guetzko, 
Carolyn S: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Humanities. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gugler, Dianne K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Gui- 
dote, Armando E: Hondaqua, Philippines, Freshman, Milling Science and 
Management. Gump, Diane S: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Gump, Marilynn: Wichita, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gump, Robert J: Wichita. Sophomore, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Gurske, John D: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Gurss, John O: Leaven- 
worth. Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Gustafson, Birgit H: Worcester, 
Mass , Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Gustafson. William A: Junction City. Freshman, Wildlife Con- 
servation Gutsch, Larry A: Goodland, Freshman, Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion. Guttery, John A: Alton, Fresnman. Animal Husbandry Guy, James 
M: Topeka, Junior, Political Science 

SECOND ROW Guy, Jeanne A: Chanute, Sophomore, Family and Child 
Development Guy, Thomas E: Topeka. Freshman, General Gwinn, Ralph 
W: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Haas, John A: Leba- 
non, Sophomore, Physical Science 

THIRD ROW: Haberer, Lynda M: Luray, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Habiger, Marguerite: Bushton, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion Habiger, Robert D: Parsons. Freshman. Electrical Engineering Hack- 
ett, Julie A: Fairfax, Mo., Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 

FOURTH ROW: Hadorn, Allen D: Beattie. Junior. Electrical Engineering 
Hadsall, Ronald D: Harper. Sophomore. General Hageman, Nancy C: 

White Cloud. Junior. Speech Hagerman, Wayne H: Larned, Freshman, 
General Agriculture. 

FIFTH ROW: Haggard, Patricia G: Wichita, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Hahn, Allen G: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Hahn, Neil E: Manhattan, Junior, Electrical Engineering Haines, Jean 

M: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Education 

SIXTH ROW: Hains, Shirley D: El Dorado, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Hake, Rosemary M : Overland Park. Freshman, Humanities Hal- 
bleib, Chester W: Utica, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Halderson, 

Karen R: Delphos, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hale, Karen S: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Haley, Karen L: Topeka, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. 
Hall, Constance L: Topeka, Junior, Physical Education Hall, David Chad: 

Mullinville, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hall, David Charles: Kansas City. Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering Hall, Jerry R: Ft. Scott, Junior, General Agriculture Hall, 
Joan D: Olathe, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Hall, John K: 

Great Bend. Sophomore, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hall, Michael R: Prairie Village. Junior. Economics. Hall, 
Patricia A: Leawood. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. Hallauer, 
Joan E: Holton, Sophomore, Pre-Business Education. Hallauer, Roy G: 

Holton, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 




Underclassmen: Hal-Har 

TOP ROW: Halverstadt, Donald: Chanute. Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Hamilton, Sandra M: North Caldwell, N.J.. Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Hamlin, Melvin H: Winfield, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hamlin, William J: Shawnee Mission. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 

SECOND ROW: Hamman, Gayla S: Hartford, Freshman, Family and Child 
Development. Hammer, Clinton J: Turner, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration Hammer, Linda N: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Hammerli, Alan R: Holton, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Hammond, David L: Abilene, Junior, Milling Science and 
Management Hammond, Gary V: Long Island, Freshman, Accounting. 
Hammond, John J: Junction City, Sophomore, Accounting. Hammond, 
Judy K: Osage City, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Hampton, Connie L: Ulysses, Freshman, Interior De- 
sign. Handlin, Fred W: Marquette, Sophomore, Entomology. Handlin, 
Velma J: Marquette, Freshman, Chemistry Hands, Samuel L: Garden 
City, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

FIFTH ROW: Hanel, Lannie L: Agenda, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine Haney, Joyce E: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. Haney, Rob- 
ert C: Aurora, Col., Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Haney, Thomas 
D: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SIXTH ROW: Hanks, Constance J: Shields, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Hann, Charles S: Overland Park, Sophomore, Chemistry. 
Hanna, Gary J: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Hannagan, David R: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hanselman, Robert W: Salina, 01, Architecture Han- 
sen, Bernard L: Peabody, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Hansen, 
Robert H: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hanshaw, Dennis 

G: Haddam, Junior. Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hanson, David R: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Hanson, Dwight E: Clay Center, Sophomore, Physical 
Science. Hanson, Gregory P: Salina, Junior. Mechanical Engineering. 
Hanson, Joy E: Manhattan, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hanson, Noel S: Jamestown, Sophomore, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Hantla, Chrystal: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing and Textiles. Har- 
bert, David E: Larned, Freshman, Pre-Law. Harbert, Terry L: Larned, 
Sophomore, Psychology. 


TOP ROW: Harclerode, Barbara: Prairie Village, Junior, Accounting Hard- 
en, Linda L: Talmage, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Harden, 
Monte W: Goodland, Sophomore, Agricultural Journalism Harden, Otho 

L: Scott City, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

SECOND ROW: Hardin, Daslie A: Kansas City, Freshman, Horticulture. 
Hardin, Frank R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Hardin, Gre- 
gory W: Wakeeney, Freshman, Civil Engineering Harding, Ann M: Liberal, 
Junior, Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: Harding, David J: Stockton, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Harenchar, George T: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Hargis, Barbara J: Burrton, Junior, Elementary Education Hargrove, 
Rebecca A: Mulvane, Junior, Home Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Hargrove, Wayne A: Topeka, Freshman, Industrial Engi- 
neering. Harkins, Davy J: Emporia, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Harlan, Robert D: Madison, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Harmon, 
Michele M: Overland Park. Freshman, General 

FIFTH ROW: Harmon, Patrick M: Garden City, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Harner, Richard L: Oldwick, N.J , Sophomore, Dairy Produc- 
tion. Harper, Dorothy K: Frankfort, Junior, Elementary Education Harper, 
Kenneth W: Bird City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine 

SIXTH ROW: Harper, Sarah C: Salina. Sophomore, Modern Languages 
Harrington, Jerrold: Clay, NY, Junior, Electrical Engineering Harrington, 
Pam L: Richardson. Tex., Sophomore. Zoology Harris, Arthur S: Long 
Branch. N.J., 01. Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Harris, Carol S: Topeka, Freshman, Biological Sciences. 
Harris, Elizabeth A: Manhattan, Sophomore, English Harris, Greg W: 

Tribune, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Harris, Holly P: Chanute, Fresh- 
man, Speech 


EIGHTH ROW: Harris, James J: Langdon. Freshman, General Harris, 
Linda A: Junction City. Sophomore. General Home Economics Harris, 
Lynda S: Burr Oak. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry Harris, Michael E: 

Topeka, Junior, Civil Engineering 

BOTTOM ROW: Harris, Pamela S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Psy- 
chology Harris, Stephen M: Concordia, Sophomore, General Harris, 
Tom: Plainville, Freshman. Business Administration. Harrison, Barbara A: 

Nickerson. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing. 


Underclassmen: Har-Hei 

TOP ROW: Harrison, Linda: Manhattan, Sophomore, Speech Therapy 
Harrod, Herbert E: Leavenworth, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Harrod, 
Ronald D: Leavenworth, Freshman, Architectural Structures. Harsh, 
George H: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

SECOND ROW: Harshaw, Bobby F: El Dorado, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Hartley, Kolette K: Shawnee, Ffeshman, Psychology Hartman, Gary 

V: Towanda, Sophomore, Poultry Science. Hartman, Jane A: Clifton, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

THIRD ROW: Hartman, Leon R: Hershey, Pa., Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Hartwell, Stewart B: Goodland, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Hartzell, Gary L: Lincoln, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Harvey, James E: Hugoton, Freshman, General 

FOURTH ROW: Harvey, John W: Hugoton, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Harvey, Roger C: Independence. Mo.. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Harwood, Robert A: Humboldt, Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Haslouer, Jeanne E: Hope, Freshman, Home Economics and 

FIFTH ROW: Haslouer, Louise M: Hope, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hassett, Sandra K: Berryton, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Journalism Hassig, Margaret E: Kansas City. Sophomore. Modern Lan- 
guages Hastings, Janet L: Topeka. Junior, Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Hastings, Ronald L: Council Grove, Freshman, Accounting. 
Hatch, Patricia A: McDonald, Junior. Home Economics Education Hat- 
field, Darlene M : Hiawatha, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Hatfield, 

Steven P: Belle Plains, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW Hathaway, Martin F: Chase. Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering Hathaway, Thomas R: Beach. N.D . Freshman. Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Hauber, Mary J: Wichita. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education 
Hauck, Bobbie W: Miltonvale. Junior. Mechanical Engineering 

EIGHTH ROW: Haughawout, Linda: Topeka. Freshman, General Home 
Economics Haun, James F: Topeka. Freshman, Business Administration. 
Hauptli, Jeanne M: Glen Elder, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education 
Hauptli, Roger D: Glen Elder. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW Hauser, Donna G: Overland Park. Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Hausmann, Dennis E: Bonesteel, S.D.. Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Havice, John E: Golden, Col., Freshman, Me- 
chanical Engineering Hawk, Michael: Wichita, Junior, Nuclear Engineer- 


MMtMd A 


W ^«» <m 

TOP ROW: Hawk, Thomas D: Colby. Junior. Secondary Education Haw- 
ley, Connie L: Parsons, Sophomore. Clothing Retailing Hayden, Herbert 

R: Garnett, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Hayes, James B: Wichita, 
Sophomore. Pre-Forestry. 

SECOND ROW Hayes, James J: Dodge City. 04. Geology Hayes, Jon R: 

Independence, 02, Architecture Hayes, Mary L: Hoxie, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education Haymaker, Susan A: Minneapolis, Minn , Fresh- 
man. Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: Haynes, Chester G: Abilene, Junior, Chemistry Hays, Bar- 
bara J: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Home Economics Education Hays, Car- 
olyn A: Wathena, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 
Hazen, Wilma M : Stockton, Junior, Home Economics Education 

FOURTH ROW: Headrick, Wallace L: Plains, Freshman, Pre-Law Heasty, 
Larry E: Mayfield, Junior, Business Administration. Heath, Carol L: Palos 
Verdes, Cal , Freshman, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. Heath, Dianna 
S: Topeka, Sophomore, General Home Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Heath, James D: Park Ridge, III. Junior, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Heath, Linda C: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Pre-Nursing Heck, 
David M : Atchison. Junior. Wildlife Conservation Heck, Jerold L: Junction 
City. Sophomore, Sociology 

SIXTH ROW: Hector, Robert B: Jamaica, NY, Sophomore, Political Sci- 
ence. Hedges, Larry J: Ft Scott, Freshman, Chemistry Hedges, Vicki M: 

Salina, Freshman, Physical Education Hedlund, Jay R: Overland Park, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Heer, Michael R: Garden City, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering Hegeman, Faye L: Lawrence, Freshman, Pre-Medicine Heg- 
lar, Lynn A: Salina, Sophomore, General Home Economics Heide, Cheryl 
S: Smith Center, Sophomore, Interior Design. 

EIGHTH ROW: Heidrick, Max M: Beloit, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine Hein, 
Lynda L: Basehor, Freshman, Sociology. Heinen, Carol J: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Junior, Chemistry Heinen, Mary F: Valley Falls, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Heinsohn, Charles O: Parsons, Sophomore, Mathemat- 
ics. Heintzelman, Andrea: Manhattan, 01, Architecture Heintzelman, 
Phillippa: Manhattan, Freshman, Art Heitman, Bonnie F: Linn, Sopho- 
more, General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Hei-Hib 

TOP ROW: Heitman, John V: Norton, Junior. Music Education. Heitmann, 
Henry: New York. NY., Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine Heldstab, 
Stephen G: Kansas City. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Helfand, 
Sandra G: Freeport. NY., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Hellebust, Gary A: St. Marys. Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Heller, Terry J: Hunter, Freshman. General Agriculture. Hellwig, 
Ronald D: Oswego. Junior. Electrical Engineering. Helm, Frederick L: 

Norcatur. Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Helmer, Maureen K: Lyons. Junior, Medical Technology. 
Helms, Robert A: Prairie Village. Sophomore. Business Administration. 
Helton, Sally J: Emporia. Junior, Secondary Education. Helwig, Craig P: 

Macksville, Junior, Feed Science and Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Hem en way, Mary J: Salina, Freshman, Philosophy. 
Hemmerling, Dwight F: Hutchinson. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Hendershot, Carol F: Kingman, Sophomore. History. Hendershot, Sharon 

J : Hutchinson, Junior, Home Economics Education 

FIFTH ROW: Henderson, Linda J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Henderson, Paul T: Flossmore, III., Freshman, Mathematics 
Henderson, Robert L: Humboldt, 03, Architecture Henderson, Ruth A: 

Atchison, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Henderson, William L: Buffalo, NY., 03, Architecture. Hen- 
drix, Carole J: Oskaloosa, Freshman. Home Economics Education Hen- 
drix, Susan L: Shawnee Mission. Junior, English Henneberg, Ronald K: 

Belvue, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW Henning, Robert E: Athol, Sophomore. Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Henricks, Dean E: Henngton, Junior, Veterinary Medicine Hen- 
rikson, Gerald W: Emporia, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Henrik- 
son, Marilee R: Emporia, Junior, Elementary Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Henry, Dianna L: Mission, Sophomore, Interior Design. 
Henry, Elizabeth J: Atchison, Sophomore. General Home Economics. 
Henry, Margie L: Lecompton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Henry, 
Marilyn J : Kansas City, Mo.. Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Henry, Richard K: Lyons, Sophomore. Sociology. Henry, 
Roger IM: Kansas City. Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Henry, Roy E: Le- 
compton, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Henry, Steven C: Longford, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 


111 M 

TOP ROW: Henry, William M: Hutchinson. Sophomore, Technical Journal- 
ism. Henton, Gary L: Manhattan, Freshman, General Herbers, Donald A: 

Winfield. Junior, Animal Husbandry Herbers, Julia A: Holton, Freshman, 
Social Science. 

SECOND ROW: Heritage, John R: Olathe, Freshman, General Herman, 
Charles T: Wakefield, Junior, Business Administration. Herman, Duane E: 
Wichita. Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Herman, Robert D: Wichita. 
Junior, Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Herman, Robert K: Wakefield, 02. Architecture. Herman, 
Robert W: Garden City, Sophomore, Mathematics. Hermes, Steven E: 
Kiowa, Sophomore, Psychology. Hermon, Lowell F: Olathe, Freshman. 

A \ tl .- k 

4 14 

J <3fc *R** <5* -^W 



FOURTH ROW: Herndon, Alfred J: Hume, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Herren, Carolyn J: Alma. Freshman, General Herren, Roger 

W: Nickerson, Sophomore, Secondary Education Herrmann, Larry L: 

Manhattan, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Herron, Barry L: Wichita, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Heslop, Jonathan M: Independence, Junior, Industrial Engineering Hess, 
Dale N: Waverly, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering Hess, Kathleen: 

Topeka, Junior, Art. 

SIXTH ROW: Hester, Judy A: Larned, Sophomore. Home Economics and 
Nursing Hetrick, Shannon S: El Dorado. Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration Hett, Charles L: Garden City, Junior, Electrical Engineering Hetzel, 
Barbara J : Prairie Village, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Heuertz, Carol J: Valley Falls, Sophomore. Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Hewlett, Howard S: Woodburn. Ind . 02, Architecture 
Hey, Nancy J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Hey, Richard L: 

Overland Park, 01, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Heyer, Patricia J: Highland. Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Heyka, Gary J: Belleville, Junior. Business Administration 
Heyl, Guy M: Sharon Springs, Freshman. Pre-Law Heyne, Kathryn E: 

Manhattan, Junior. Elementary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Hiatt, Bonnie K: Leawood, Freshman, Psychology. Hiatt, 
Robert L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Accounting Hibbard, Larry P: Toronto, 
Sophomore, Physical Education Hibler, Elizabeth S: St Louis. Mo . Junior. 
Elementary Education 


Underclassmen: Hic-Hol 

TOP ROW: Hickerson, Warren D: Kansas City. Mo. 02, Architecture. 
Hickey, Gerald V: Olathe. Freshman, General Agriculture. Hickey, Patricia 

A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Hickman, 
Diann-E: Overland Park. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

SECOND ROW: Hicks, Carol I: Garnett, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Hicks, Ralph W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Bakery Management. 
Higgins, Raymond L: Concordia, Junior, Psychology Highfill, Elizabeth: 

Wichita. Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW Hightower, Jane E: Bern. Sophomore, Interior Design. Hu- 
bert, Billy D: Richland, Junior, Entomology Hildebrand, Gerald L: Staf- 
ford, Sophomore, Agricultural Education Hilding, Sharon M: Leavenworth, 
Junior. Psychology 

FOURTH ROW: Hilgendorf, Gretchen: Great Bend. Junior. English. Hil- 
genfeld, A'rnelle: McPherson. Freshman. General Hilgenfeld, Dennis L: 

Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Hill, Don A: Smith Center, Sophomore. Pre- 

FIFTH ROW: Hill, Edith M: Hoxie, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Hill, Jane M: Burlington. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Hill, Jerry 
L: Selden, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Hiller, Cheryl A: Topeka, Soph- 
omore, Interior Design 



SIXTH ROW: Hillner, Stephen J: Olathe. Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Hills, Richard C: Colby. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry. Hillyard, 
Michael R: Chapman, Freshman, Accounting. Hilterbrand, Robert: Junc- 
tion City, Sophomore, Business Administration 

SEVENTH ROW: Hilton, Douglas W: Salina, Junior. Secondary Education. 
Hinchman, Sally J: Kansas City. Mo., Junior, Elementary Education. Hin- 
kle, Sondra S: Salina, Junior, Elementary Education. Hintz, John: Salina, 
Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hirt, Robert L: Lucas. Junior. Civil Engineering. Hitz, Har- 
old K: Wichita, Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine Hjelmfelt, Mark R: 
Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Physics Hlaus, Kathleen J: Wilson, Soph 
omore. Home Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hobbs, Joan C: Overland Park. Freshman. General. 
Hobbs, Kathryn A: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Hobbs, Roy E: Princeton, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hoch, Bar- 
bara J : Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Home Economics & Liberal Arts. 


TOP ROW: Hochberg, Richard C: Junction City, Sophomore. Electrical 
Engineering. Hocking, Robert S: Olney, III . Freshman, Architectural Struc- 
tures. Hodge, Michael L: Seattle. Wash , Junior. Elementary Education. 
Hodgson, Alice A: Little River. Freshman. General Home Economics 

SECOND ROW: Hodgson, George A: Little River. Sophomore. Animal 
Husbandry. Hodgson, Nancy A: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Hodson, Lester L: Henngton, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Hoecker, Janice E: Atchison, Junior, English. 

THIRD ROW: Hoecker, Richard V: St Joseph, Mo, Freshman, Biological 
Science Hoeflicker, Karen A: Grandview, Mo.. Sophomore. Foods and 
Nutrition Hoeme, Karen E: Scott City. Sophomore. Home Economics Edu- 
cation Hoerman, Doris E: Manhattan, Freshman, Applied Music. 

FOURTH ROW: Hofer, John S: Cedar, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Hoff, Dolores M: Claflin, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Hoff, 
Mary A: Claflin, Junior, Secondary Education Hoffman, Ann C: Effing- 
ham, Freshman, Sociology 

FIFTH ROW Hoffman, Dan L: Chapman, Sophomore, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Hoffman, Dolores A: Abilene, Sophomore. Home Economics Ex- 
tension Hoffman, Linwood A: Barto, Pa., Freshman, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Hoffman, Phillip W: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Business Administra- 

SIXTH ROW: Hoffman, R. Gene: Wichita, Freshman, Architectural Struc- 
tures. Hoffmans, Mary K: Wichita, Sophomore. General. Hoffmen, Lloyd 

R: Overbrook, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education Hofford, Linda J: 

Mulvane, Freshman, Home Economics Education 

SEVENTH ROW Hofmann, John W: Green. Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Hofmann, Linda M: Clay Center, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management Hogan, Betsy J: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, English. Ho- 
gan, Tom J : Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Political Science. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hokr, Dorothy A: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Pre-Business 
Education. Holl, Robert L: Lincoln, Sophomore, Psychology. Holland, Cal- 
vin C: Prairie Village, Freshman, Mathematics. Holland, Geoffrey B: Prair- 
ie Village, Sophomore, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Holle, Ruthann I: Ludall, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Holliday, John D: Liberty, Junior. Animal Husbandry. Hollinger, 
Janet K: Manhattan, Freshman, Modern Languages Hollingsworth, Mar- 
garet: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Interior Architectural Design. 


Underclassmen: Hoi-Hub 

TOP ROW: Hollingworth, William: Manhattan. Sophomore. General. Hol- 
lis, Karen G: Wichita, Freshman, Art. Holloway, Edward A: Manhattan. 
01, Architecture Holloway, Meredith A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Die- 
tetics and Institutional Management 

SECOND ROW: Holloway, Tommy T: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Law Holm, Barbara M: White City, Freshman, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism Holmes, David W: Abilene, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Holmgren, Aldre M : Kansas City, Freshman, General 

THIRD ROW Holsinger, David J: Hesston, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Hoist, Ronald P: Kansas City. Junior, Architectural Structures Holste, 
Charles D: Ludell, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Holste, John E: Norton, 
Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW Holt, Donna J: Manhattan. Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education Holterman, James L: Long Island. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Holthaus, Leonard F: Centralia, Freshman, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Holvorson, Angele: Maple J — I ill. Sophomore, General Home Econom- 

FIFTH ROW: Homolka, Raymond C: Munden, Freshman. Wildlife Conser- 
vation Homrighausen, Harold: Paola. Freshman. General Agriculture 
Hoober, Linda R: Manhattan. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Education. Hoob- 
ler, James A: Wamego, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 

SIXTH ROW: Hoobler, Larry D: Wamego, Freshman, Physical Education 
Hood, Carolle L: White City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Hood, 
Duane L: Topeka, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Hood, Linda S: 

Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Hook, Vera L: Silver Lake, Sophomore, Speech. Hooper, 
Margaret R: Hiawatha, Junior, Home Economics Education Hoover, Har- 
vey B: Salina, Freshman, Accounting. Hoover, Nancy J: Winfield, Fresh- 
man, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hope, Regenia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Political Science. 
Hope, Robert L: Topeka, 01, Architecture. Hopkins, Daryl L: Attica, Soph- 
omore, Mechanical Engineering. Hopper, Karen L: Emporia, Sophomore. 
Modern Languages. 

BOTTOM ROW: Horacek, Gary L: Kinsley, Freshman. Mathematics. Hor- 
chem, David P: Ransom, Freshman, Art. Horigan, Sharon G: Frankfort, 
Freshman, General. Hornbaker, Ann L: Lawrence, Junior, Political Science. 


TOP ROW: Hornberger, Judith A: Baldwin, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Hornick, Carolyn S: Lenexa, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics Horning, Larry G: Almena, 03, Architecture. Horrell, Ronald M : 

Strafford, Pa , Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Horsch, Dwight W: Aberdeen, Idaho, Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Horst, Janice L: Carmi. Ill,, Sophomore, Secondary Education 
Horst, Marilyn J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Technical Journalism Horton, 
Mary E: Johnson, Junior, Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: Hoskins, Stephen W: Hutchinson, 02. Architecture Hos- 
kins, Thomas L: Hutchinson, Freshman, Physical Science Hoskinson, 
Susan E: Anthony, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Hostetler, Bruce 

B: Harper, Junior, General Agriculture 

FOURTH ROW Hostetter, Dorothy M: Manhattan, Junior, Zoology Hott- 
man, Shirley D: Abilene, Freshman, Bacteriology. Houchin, Lawrence L: 
Solomon, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Houdyshell, Judith P: Junc- 
tion City, Junior, Music Education 

FIFTH ROW: Houghtaling, Jonathan: Lakin, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
House, Linda J: Goodland, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Hou- 
seweart, Mark W: McCune, Sophomore, Agricultural Education Hovis, A. 
Earlene: Arkansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Howard, Cheryl G: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education Howard, Christine: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Howard, Claudia K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education Howard, John G : Sedan, 01 , Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Howard, John W: Kansas City, Junior, Industrial Engi- 
neering Howe, Jean F: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education Howell, 
David R: Wichita, 01 , Architecture. Howell, Melvin L: Hutchinson, Junior, 
Business Administration. 

di **mi k 

EIGHTH ROW: Howse, Richard L: Manhattan. 04, Business Administra- 
tion. Hoyle, Robert E: Clay Center, Freshman. Chemical Engineering. 
Hoyt, John H: Dodge City, Junior, Geology Hrabe, Melinda R: Kensing- 
ton, Junior, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hubbard, Fred W: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore. Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. Hubbell, Bonnie M: Topeka. Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Huber, Loretta J: El Dorado, Junior, Psychology Hu- 
ber, Richard G : Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration 


White straws with purple-trimmed bands, worn for the first 
time at the K-State-University of Kansas basketball game, add 

color to Statemates' uniforms Hats sold to partisan fans earned 
the coed pep squad $1,080 for the cerebral palsy fund. 

Underclassmen: Hud-lng 

TOP ROW: Hudgens, Mary P: Overland Park, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Hudson, Robert M: Leawood, Freshman, Restaurant 
Management Huerter, Dennis G: Marysville, Freshman, Industrial Engi- 
neering Huerter, Mary G: Wetmore, Junior, Zoology. 

SECOND ROW: Huffman, Daniel S: Burdett, Junior, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Hug, Alan R: Holton, Junior, Biological Science Hug, Janis A: Hol- 
ton. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Huggins, Arlen W: Ellsworth, 
Sophomore. Physics. 

THIRD ROW: Huggins, Lloyd D: Council Grove, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education Hughbanks, Ronald G: Pratt, 03, Architecture Hughes, Har- 
old D: Buena Vista, Colo , Freshman, Civil Engineering Hughes, James M: 

Overland Park, 02, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Humburg, Nancy B: Ness City, Freshman, Physical Edu- 
cation Hummel, Kathryn: Manhattan, Freshman, Speech. Hummer, Larry 

L: Chanute, 04, Chemical Engineering. Humphrey, Frank J: Burlington, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Humphrey, Robert L: Hoisington, Sophomore. Electrical Engi- 
neering. Hund, Patricia: Paxico. Junior. Foods and Nutrition. Hunsicker, 
Paul D: Shawnee. 01. Architecture. Hunt, James M: Independence, 04. 

SECOND ROW: Hunt, Robert E: lola. Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Hunter, Janice A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Hunter, Judith A: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary Education. Hun- 
ter, Judith H : Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

THIRD ROW: Hunter, Mary E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Hunter, Nancy J: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Hunter, Thomas W: Oberlin, Sophomore, Economics Hurd, 
Lois F: Omaha, Neb , Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

\ ■ if A 

FOURTH ROW: Hurley, Daryl F: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Hurst, Charles W: Mission, 04, Modern Languages Huseman, Cher- 
yl K: Scott City, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional Management Huseman, 
Joann R: Scott City, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

FIFTH ROW: Huston, Larry G: Abilene, Junior, Animal Husbandry Hus- 
ton, Linda J: Abilene. Freshman. Speech. Hutchins, Cynthia A: Scott City, 
Freshman, General Hutchins, Mary E: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 


SIXTH ROW: Hutfles, Joseph E: Corning, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Huxman, Kent J: Arnold, Freshman. Chemical Engineering Huxman, 
Vada J: Arnold. Sophomore. Business Ad mini st ration Hyde, Ann S: 
Leavenworth. Junior. Modern Languages. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hyder, David L: Chapman. Sophomore. Electrical Engi- 
neering. Hynes, Thomas E:Oak Ridge, N.J .Junior, Pre-Medicine. Hysom, 
Judith I: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education Idleman. Thomas D: 

Kanorado, Freshman. Mechanical Engineering 

ill *Si 4, M 

EIGHTH ROW: Ikard, James A: Oklahoma City. Okla . Sophomore. Pre- 
Law lies, Duane A: Marysville. Junior, Pre-Medicine Imhof, Carol A: 

Brewster, Junior, Secondary Education Imhof, Ray D: Brewster, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Imm, Marcia K: Phillipsburg. Freshman. Chemistry 
Immenschuh, Cheryl R: Eskridge, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing Im- 
thurn, Elmer D: Maple Hill, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Ingersoll, 
Jeanne A: Junction City, Sophomore, Interior Design. 


T -(ps «%— W ^ 4JSTV 

Underclassmen: Ing-Joh 

TOP ROW: Ingrum, Jess W: Garfield. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Innis, Karyl K: Wichita, Freshman. Psychology. Intermill, Patricia: 

Webber. Sophomore. General Home Economics Irizarry, James A: Ridge- 
wood. NY.. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Irwin, Linda M: Topeka. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing. 
Isch, Jerlynn K: Morrill. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. Iverson, 
Willard A: Topeka. Junior, Business Administration Jaax, Alan R: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Jackson, Carl F: Topeka, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Jackson, David D: Topeka. Junior. Horticulture. Jackson, David H: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Psychology Jackson, Gary D: Trenton, Mo., 02, Ar- 

FOURTH ROW: Jackson, Judy G: Wichita. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Jackson, Kathleen M: Bethel, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Jackson, Larry W: Hutchinson, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. 
Jackson, Michael Earl: Independence, Junior, Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Jackson, Michael Earl: Kansas City, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Jackson, Pamela A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine Jackson, Ruth A: Belleville, Junior, Home Economics Extension. 
Jackson, Sheran K: Kansas City. Freshman, Chemistry. 

SIXTH ROW Jacob, Thomas K: Kansas City, Mo.. Sophomore, Physics. 
Jacobs, Curtis R: Athol, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Jacobs, 
Joy S: Towanda. 04, Secondary Education Jacobs, Michael J: Phillips- 
burg, Freshman, Pre-Medicine 

SEVENTH ROW: Jacobs, Patrick T: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Mathemat- 
ics Jacobs, Stanley E: Liberal, 01, Architecture Jacobson, Gregory L: 

Huron, S.D.. 01. Architecture Jacobson, Julie A: Abilene. Sophomore. 
Biological Science 

EIGHTH ROW: Jacobson, Kristie K: Manhattan. Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Jaeger, Calvin D: Great Bend. Sophomore, Chemistry. 
Jaeger, Diana R: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. Jager, 
Jan B: Wichita, Junior, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jager, Karen R: Wichita, Freshman, English. Jagger, 
John F: Minneapolis. Sophomore, Speech. Jakowatz, Judy: Wichita. 
Freshman, Mathematics. James, Judith A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Bio- 
logical Science. 


TOP ROW: James, Patsy J: Drexel. Mo., Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Jameson, Donald L: Holton, Junior, Agronomy Jamvold, Daryll D: 

Everest, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Jansonius, David J : Prairie View, 
Freshman, Animal Husbandry 

SECOND ROW: Jansonius, Rodney J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Agricul- 
tural Engineering. Janssen, Justin B: Geneseo, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Jantz, Jerrie S: Tampa, Sophomore, Geography. Jantz, Lois A: 

Moundndge, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Jarman, Roberta K: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Political 
Science. Jarrett, James C: Mission, Junior, Pre-Law Jarrett, John A: 

Barnes, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Jarvis, Roberta M: Winfield, 
Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Jasionowski, Edward: Parlin, N.J . Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Jasper, Charles L: Cawker City, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Jaynes, Scott W: Prairie Village, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Jeannin, Michael R: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Jenkins, Gerald L: Oshkosh, Neb., Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine Jenkins, James G: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Chemistry Jensen, 
Carol A: Lakin, Junior, English. Jensen, Jean A: Lincoln, Freshman, Pre- 
Business Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Jensen, Karin K: Prairie Village, Freshman, English Jensen, 
Sue A: Hays, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Jermark, Carola A: Beloit, 
Sophomore, Interior Design Jernigan, Douglas K: Council Grove, Fresh- 
man, Veterinary Medicine 

SEVENTH ROW: Jeselnik, Diane M: Bethel, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education Jeselnik, Philip E: Bethel, Freshman, Landscape Architec- 
ture. Jewell, Charles G: Trenton, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Jilka, Gerold D: Salina, Junior, Business Administration 

EIGHTH ROW: Jilka, Robert L: Salina, Freshman, Chemistry Johannes, 
John M: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Accounting John, Chester C: Par- 
sons, Sophomore, Mathematics. John, Roger S: Phillipsburg, Freshman, 
Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johns, Chris E: Granada Hills, Calif., Junior, Physical Sci- 
ence. Johnson, Bradley D: Rose Hill, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Johnson, Bruce L: Salina, Freshman, Feed Science and Management. 
Johnson, Byron G: Troy, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

:\#mm, *01 " 

•lir €fm .f^ J • mm W 

rnMAt fci*«, i 


Underclassmen: Joh-Jon 

TOP ROW: Johnson, Carl L: Webber, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Johnson, 
Carlene S: McPherson, Junior, Mathematics. Johnson, Charles R: Burr 
Oak, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Johnson, Cheryl K: Wichita, Sopho- 
more, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Cynthia A: Dwight, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Johnson, Cynthia K: Atchison, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education Johnson, Darrel L: St Francis, Freshman, Feed Science and 
Management. Johnson, David E: Geneseo, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Delores J: Burrton. Junior, Elementary Education. 
Johnson, Dennis R: Lindsborg, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Johnson, 
Donald B: Smolan, Freshman, Business Administration. Johnson, Donnis 

A: Lamed, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW Johnson, Ernest L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Psychol- 
ogy. Johnson, Gary L: Overland Park, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Johnson, Harris W: Sioux City, la.. Freshman, Business Administration 
Johnson, Janet M : Greenleaf, Freshman, Speech Therapy. 

FIFTH ROW: Johnson, Janice L: Bridgeport, Freshman. Social Science. 
Johnson, Jeanne A: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. Johnson, 
Jill M: Clinton, Wis., Junior, Medical Technology Johnson, John A: Well- 
ington, Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Johnson, Karen G: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Journalism Johnson, Karen L: Haddam. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Johnson, Kathy L: Omaha, Neb , Freshman, Medical Technolo- 
gy. Johnson, Kay L: Waterville, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Johnson, Larry L: Assaria, Sophomore, Geology John- 
son, Linda R: Raytown, Mo., Freshman, Technical Journalism. Johnson, 
Linnetta A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Music Education Johnson, Michael 

K: Burdick, Freshman, Industrial Engineering 

EIGHTH ROW: Johnson, Nancy C: Sharon, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education Johnson, Nancy G: Sterling, Freshman, Physical Education 
Johnson, Nathaniel: Montclair, N.J., Freshman, Accounting. Johnson, 
Patricia L: Alexandria, Va., Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Paula S: Manhattan, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Johnson, Phyllis J: Oketo, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Johnson, Phyllis M: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Elementary 
Education Johnson, Randy R: Home, Freshman, Accounting 



TOP ROW: Johnson, Raymond W: Hutchinson, Junior, Political Science 
Johnson, Richard A: Axtell, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. John- 
son, Rita A: Clay Center, Sophomore, Speech Therapy Johnson, Robert 

L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Sheldon L: McPherson, 02, Architecture. 
Johnson, Stephen E: Salina, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering John- 
son, Zoe A: Clay Center, Freshman, General Johnston, Beverly A: Over- 
land Park, Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Johnston, Bruce A: Chicago, III , Junior, Geography Johns- 
ton, Cecil W: Stockton, Sophomore, Business Administration Johnston, 
Gary L: Prairie Village, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Johnston, Janice A: 

Blue Rapids, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnston, Jeanette M: Wakefield, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Johnston, Rebecca L: Leawood, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Johnston, Richard N: Elmhurst, III , 01, Architecture. Johns- 
ton, Roland W: Stockton, Sophomore, Building Construction. 

FIFTH ROW: Jonas, Anne E: Quenemo, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Liberal Arts. Jones, Andrew M: Sharon Springs, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Jones, Arthur D: Summerfield. Freshman, Electrical Engineering 
Jones, Barbara A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 


SIXTH ROW: Jones, Beverly D: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Jones, Brenda C: Kansas City, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Jones, Catherine V: Overland Park, Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Jones, David F: Wichita, 01 , Architecture 

SEVENTH ROW: Jones, David R: Kanorado, Sophomore. Physics Jones, 
Dennis R: Wellington, Junior, Secondary Education. Jones, Ellis R: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, General Jones, Florrie N : Longton, Freshman, Humani- 

EIGHTH ROW: Jones, James H: Junction City, Junior, History Jones, 
James R: Omaha, Neb., Junior, Speech Therapy. Jones, Judith A: Hiawa- 
tha, Freshman, Modern Languages. Jones, Karen S: Wichita, Sophomore. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Lee W: Ellsworth, 01, Architecture Jones, Loretta 
A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Jones, Marcia A: 
Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. Jones, Marietta R: Sharon Springs, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 


Underclassmen: Jon-Kel 

TOP ROW: Jones, Mary J: Bendena. Junior. Business Administration. 
Jones, Michael E: Leonardville, Junior. Agricultural Economics Jones, 
Nicholas M: Augusta, Junior, Art. Jones, Pamela A: Washington, Sopho- 
more' Modern Languages. 

SECOND ROW: Jones, Patricia, L: Topeka, Junior. Technical Journalism. 
Jones, Richard L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jones, 
Robert W: Manhattan, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Jones, Roger L: To- 
peka, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Jones, Sharon L: Topeka, Sophomore, Radio and Television. 
Jones, Virginia M: Stockton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Jones, 
William R: Rushville, Mo., 04, Nuclear Engineering Jones, Xandra L: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW Jordan, James S: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Jorgensen, Jill: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Jorns, Kenneth D: Turon, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization 
Josserand, Jerilyn J : Johnson, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Joyce, Joseph D: Somerville, Mass., Junior, Agricultural En- 
gineering Joyce, Vicky L: Hutchinson, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Jubelt, Burk: Manhattan, Junior, Chemistry Judd. Kathryn: Belmont. 
Calif., Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Judd, Robert E: Cottonwood Falls. Junior. Technical Journal- 
ism Jump, Robert D: Neodesha, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
June, Donald L: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary Education. Juranich, 
Robert J: Bethel, Sophomore, Physical Science 

SEVENTH ROW: Jurgensen, Curtis H: Great Bend. Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Justice, Gale A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Kaaz, Razanna L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Sociology. 
Kaberline, Carolyn A: Topeka. Freshman, Technical Journalism. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kaff, Joanne P: Carbondale. Sophomore. General. Kahler, 
Deraldene J: Claflin, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. Kaiser, Ann 
P: Ellinwood. Freshman, Speech. Kaiser, Douglas L: Otis. Junior. Mathe- 

BOTTOM ROW: Kaiser, Merle R: Paola. Freshman. Dairy Production. Kai- 
ser, Roger P: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Kalb, Helene J : Salina, Jun- 
ior. Medical Technology. Kalberlon, Gary T: Merriam, Junior. Wiidlife Con- 



TOP ROW: Kale, Steven R: Mankato, Freshman. History Kalishman, 
Stanley R: Stoneham. Mass.. Junior, Horticulture. Kallenbach, Melvin D: 
Valley Center, Junior. Accounting Kanawi, Abdulilah A: Manhattan. Soph- 
omore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kanawyer, Merry J: San Francisco. Calif, Sophomore, 
Interior Design Kannard, Janet L: Wichita. Junior, Accounting Kanning, 
Phyllis L: Troy, Junior, Accounting Kapfer, Teresa L: Lawrence, Fresh- 
man, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Karleskint, James A: Ft. Scott, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Karlin, Marilyn A: Hays, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Karr, Dennis O: Emporia, Freshman. General Kasitz, Nancy A: Hesston, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW Kasl, David R: Cuba, 02, Architecture. Kasselman, Den- 
nis G: Ellinwood, Sophomore, Pre-Law Kasselman, Robert L: Ellinwood, 

Freshman. Business Administration Kaster, Kay: Cunningham. Junior, 

FIFTH ROW: Kastle, Shirley M: Cedar, Junior, Family and Child Develop- 
ment Kater, Larry E: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Kat- 
lin, Michael D: Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Kaufman, Julie D: Hutch- 
inson, Freshman. Modern Languages 

SIXTH ROW: Kaufman, Marty B: Brooklyn. NY. Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Kaup, Richard E: Smith Center. Freshman. Chemical Engi- 
neering Kay, Robert S: Minneapolis, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Kazmaier, Jerry D: Eudora, Junior, Speech Therapy. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kearn, Linda L: Aurora, Freshman, History. Kearney, 
Robert L: Sahna, Junior, Business Administration Keating, Kathleen A: 

Rochester, NY, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Keck, Philip R: 

Levant, Sophomore, Agricultural Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Keegan, Mary E: Axtell, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Kehr, Kathleen: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Keist, Robert P: Wichita, Freshman, Sociology. Keith, Melissa 

C: Peekskill, NY., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

4 Jt ^ W 

BOTTOM ROW: Kelchak, Ellen J: Manhattan, Sophomore. Clothing Retail- 
ing. Keller, Duane L: Ellis, Sophomore, Feed Science and Management. 
Keller, Glen A: Ellis, Freshman, General Keller, John B: Harvard, Neb , 
Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Kel-Kin 

TOP ROW: Keller, Madelyn G: Manhattan. Freshman, Medical Technolo- 
gy Keller, Thomas E: St. Francis. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Kel- 
lett, Carol E: Salina, Sophomore, General Home Economics Kelley, John 

R: Lockport, N.Y., Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kelley, Judith K: St Francis. Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Kelley, Michael: Westport, Mass. Junior. Animal Husbandry 
Kellogg, Carolyn M: Courtland, Junior. Elementary Education. Kellogg, 
Karolyn K: Phillipsburg. Sophomore. Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

THIRD ROW: Kelly, Candace A: Wichita. Sophomore. Technical Journal- 
ism Kelly, Frances M: Munden. Junior, Elementary Education. Kelly, 
James P: Effingham, Freshman, General Agriculture Kelly, Janet P: Eff- 
ingham, Freshman. General Home Economics. 

i m 

f\ 0£* f*k 

/k * k 

FOURTH ROW: Kelly, Kathleen D: Wichita. Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kelly, Melvin C: Stanhope. N.J . Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kelly, Michael M: Prairie Village. Junior, Physical Education 
Kelly, Pamela M: Junction City. Sophomore, Medical Technology 

FIFTH ROW Kelsey, Gaylord D: Silver Lake. Junior, Horticulture. Kelsey, 

Marilyn S: Salina. Sophomore. English Keltner, Michael K: Meade. 

Sophomore. English. Keltner, Patricia K: Shawnee Mission. Sophomore, 

SIXTH ROW: Kemper, George A: Topeka, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Kemper, Michael D: Holton, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Kendall, Belinda L: Sabetha, Freshman. Home Economics and Liberal 
Arts Kendall, Brooke R: Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration 

SEVENTH ROW: Kendall, Carolyn S: Hermgton, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Kendall, Lawrence M: Council Grove, Sophomore, Psychology Ken- 
nedy, Donald L: Hoxie, Sophomore. General. Kennedy, Janice M: Kansas 
City, Freshman. General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kennedy, Jill E: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation Kennedy, Kathleen L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Social Sciences. 
Kennedy, Ronald D: Hoxie. Sophomore, General Kennedy, Susan K: 

Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing 

BOTTOM ROW: Kennedy, Susan L: Newton, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Kennedy, William H: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Education. Ken- 
ney, John E: Wichita. Sophomore, Retail Floriculture Kent, James D: 

Wakefield. Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Kenyon, James R: Bogue. Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Kepley, Kenneth E: Wichita, 04, Accounting Kerbs, Brad J: Otis, Sopho- 
more, Agricultural Economics. Kern, Douglas A: Smith Center, Freshman. 
Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Kern, Michael D: Lyons, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Kessler, Alan F: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. Kessler, 
Karla J: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics Kettelhut, Larry L: 

Gurley. Neb.. Sophomore. Bacteriology. 

THIRD ROW: Keucher, Louise S: Topeka. Junior. Modern Languages 
Kewley, Clifford W: Cresskill. N.J., Freshman, General Kibbe, Dallas L: 

Wamego. Junior, Electrical Engineering. Kibler, Larry W: Atchison, Sopho- 
more, Nuclear Engineering 

FOURTH ROW Kice, Robert G: Wichita, Freshman, Milling Science and 
Management. Kidd, Quinton, R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Sociology Kil- 
dow, Gary L: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration Killion, Linda L: 

Derby, Freshman, English. 

FIFTH ROW: Kilroy, Thomas G: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Law 
Kimble, Jane H: Burlingame. Junior, Clothing Retailing. Kimbrough, 
James E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine Kimmi, Anthony 

L: Leonardville, 04, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Kimmi, Elizabeth A: Leonardville, Junior, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts Kimsey, llene A: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration Kimsey, Robert L: Manhattan. Freshman. Accounting Kinch, 
Barbara J: Nickerson, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kinder, Steven W: Topeka, 01, Architecture. Kindred, 
Dianna G: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Medicine King, Becky P: Council 
Grove, Freshman, Speech King, Harold R: Kansas City, Freshman, Chem- 

EIGHTH ROW: King, Linda D: Olathe, Sophomore, Modern Languages 
King, Royce M : New Berlin, Wis, Junior, Electrical Engineering King, 
Sheryl A: Kansas City, Freshman, General. King, Thomas W: Parker, 
Freshman, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: King, Timothy F: Elmwood. III.. 01 . Architecture. Kingery, 
Judith K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Humanities. Kinnaman, Anthony 
P: Cedar Vale, Freshman, Business Administration. Kinney, Robert D: Ar- 
kansas City, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

«#* » 


Underclassmen: Kin-Koe 

TOP ROW: Kinsey, Terrel E: Kansas City. Mo.. Sophomore. Art. Kirchhoff, 
Henry C: Shawnee Mission. Sophomore, Economics. Kirchhoff, Maria J: 
Cedar. Freshman, General Home Economics. Kirk, Donald R: Parsons, 
Junior. Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kirk, John M: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Kirk, 
Judy D: Scott City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Kirk, Katherine 
A: Scott City, Junior, Elementary Education. Kirk, Richard D: Galena, Jun- 
ior, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Kirk, Thelma J : Ellsworth. Sophomore. Medical Technology 
Kirkendall, Robert L: Smith Center, 01, Architecture Kirkham, Linda M: 

Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Kirkwood, Ann K: To- 

peka. Freshman, Physical Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Kirkwood, Kathy L: Baltimore. Md.. Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Kirkwood, Steven G: Topeka. Junior. Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Kiser, Ernest J: Almena. Freshman, Biochemistry. Kiser, Rick E: 

Overland Park, Sophomore. Pre-Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Kiser, William F: Somerville, N.J , Sophomore. Physical Edu- 
cation. Kissick, John B: Beverly, Senior, Agricultural Economics. Kistner, 
Henry O: New Milford, N.J , Freshman. Political Science. Kitch, Jane E: 

Winfield. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Kitch, Judith L: Winfield, Junior. Business Administration 
Kitchen, Lawrence D: Kanorado, 04, Electrical Engineering Klag, Kath- 
ryn A: Wichita. Freshman, General Klahr, Carolyn R: Holton, Sophomore. 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Klasing, Kenneth A: St Louis. Mo.. Sophomore. Archi- 
tectural Engineering Klaus, Edward J: Hays. Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Klein, Carmen R: Green, Junior, Agricultural Education. Klein, John 
C: Leavenworth, Junior, Bakery Management. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kleiner, Linda J: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Kleinschmidt, Jerry: Hope. Freshman, Architectural Structures. 
Klema, Dell J: Russell, Freshman, General. Klema, James G: Wilson, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Klema, Susan P: Wilson, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Klemme, Linda R: Maquoketa, Iowa, Freshman. Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Klenke, Dale F: Spearville, Junior. General. Klenke, Donald V: 

Spearville. Junior. Business Administration. 


TOP ROW: Kleopper, Judith K: Nortonville. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kleysteuber, Joan M: Garden City. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Klick, Barbara J: Toronto, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Klick, Joyce E: Toronto, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 

SECOND ROW: Kline, Ronald R: Mound Valley, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Kling, John R: Howard, Junior, Mechanical Engineering 
Klocke, Larry L: Randolph, Junior, Agronomy Klocke, Verna L: Barnes. 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Kloefkorn, Connie S: Caldwell, Freshman. General Home 
Economics. Kloepper, Susan K: Nortonville, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Kmoch, Donald J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Knappenberger, Mary: Olathe, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Knedlik, Nancy E: Anchorage, Alaska, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Knetter, Cheryl S: Piper, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kniffin, Charles K: Overland, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Knight, Charles W: Beeler, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

FIFTH ROW: Knight, Marcia B: Smith Center, Freshman, General. Knight, 
Myron K: Stockton, Freshman. General Agriculture. Knight, Roy J: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, Physics. Knight, Steven G: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Law 

SIXTH ROW: Knighton, Robert L: Wichita. Freshman, Pre-Law Kniker, 
Nancy L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Social Science Knoell, Donna L: 
Mission, Junior, Elementary Education. Knop, Douglas B: Isabel, 03, Ar- 

SEVENTH ROW: Knorr, Margaret: Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Knox, Phillip L: Brewster, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics 
Knupp, Daniel D: Larned, Freshman, General Kobbeman, Laura J: Lin- 
coln, Freshman, Physical Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kobetich, Robert W: Manchester, Sophomore, Physics 
Kobets, Sister Mary F: Maryknoll, NY., Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Kobuszewski, Joseph: Gypsum, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Koch, James D: Campbell, Neb , Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW Koch, Mary A: Atwood, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Kochersperger, Robert: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Koelliker, Donald V: Robinson. Sophomore, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Koerner, Douglas G: Wakefield, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Koh-Laf 

TOP ROW: Kohl, Larry E: Wichita, Junior. Animal Husbandry. Kolacny, 
John M: Wakeeney. Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Kolb, Sheila S: Milton- 
vale. Freshman, General. Kolde, David L: Manhattan. Junior, Zoology. 

SECOND ROW: Kolman, LaDonna J: Washington, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Kongs, Stephen W: Seneca, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Kongs, Thomas F: Marysville, 03, Architecture. Konitz, 

Thomas L: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Koons, Karen E: Salina. Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Koontz, Walter H: Stafford, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 
Kootz, Sharon L: Kanapolis. Freshman, General Home Economics. Kopka, 
Sister Judith A: Maryknoll, N.Y.. Sophomore. General Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Kopke, Jerry E: Overland Park. Freshman, Pre-Law Kopp, 
Frederick A: Fairview, Sophomore Dairy Production Koppes, Gerald M : 

Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Medicine Korber, Mary K: Seneca, Sophomore, 
Home Economics Education 

FIFTH ROW: Korte, Richard L: Ottawa, Sophomore. Electrical Engineering. 
Kostreva, Eunice E: Liberal. Sophomore. Mathematics. Kotapish, Kay E: 
Blue Rapids. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. Kotler, Stephen B: 

New Brunswick, N.J. .Junior, Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Kovar, John R: Overland Park, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering Kracht, Katherine Y: Overland Park. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education Krakower, Elayne J: New York. NY, Sophomore. Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Kramer, Gary K: Emporia, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 

SEVENTH ROW. Kramer, Gayle C: Topeka, Freshman, Economics Kra- 
mer, John A: Corning, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Kramer, William 
P: Kansas City, Freshman, History. Kraus, David K: Manhattan. Freshman, 

EIGHTH ROW: Kraus, Fredrick W: Hays, Sophomore, Accounting 
Krause, Deborah K: Salina, Freshman. Interior Design Krause, Gary W: 
Lincolnville. Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Krause, Richard D: Great Bend, 
Sophomore. Pre-Dentistry 

BOTTOM ROW: Kraut, Charles W: Downers Grove, III., Sophomore, Bak- 
ery Management. Kraybill, Richard B: Wakefield, 04, Architecture. Kreh- 
biel, Ellen L: Wichita, Freshman, Zoology Krehbiel, Marsha D: Kingman, 
Freshman, General. 


TOP ROW: Krehbiel, Roger K: Mentor, 01. Architecture. Kreider, Beverly 
J: Effingham, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Krepinevich, Daniel: Buffa- 
lo, NY., 02, Architecture. Kroeger, Myron E: Ellis, Sophomore, Physics. 


SECOND ROW: Kroenlein, Karolyn K: Lincoln, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Krogstad, Larry A: Harlan, Iowa. Freshman, Feed Science and 
Management Kroutil, Karen A: Marguette, Sophomore, Sociology Krue- 
ger, Marilyn K: Leawood, Freshman, English. 

THIRD ROW: Krueger, Stephen L: Springfield, Mo.. Freshman. Mathemat- 
ics. Krug, Beverly M: Ness City. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Krug, 
Richard D: Russell, Junior, Animal Husbandry Kruse, Curtis W: Water- 
ville. Sophomore, General Agriculture 

FOURTH ROW: Kruse, Loren J: Grundy Center. Iowa. Freshman. Agricul- 
tural Journalism. Kruse, Phyllis M: Bremen. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kuczynski, Leslie W: Narka. 04. Chemical Engineering Kues 
er, Lawrence F: Louisburg. Freshman. Mechanical Engineering 

FIFTH ROW: Kuharic, James A: Hugoton, Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Kuhlman, Ronald J: Hooper, Neb, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Kuhn, Linda A: Manhattan. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Kuhn, Robert A: Gypsum, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Kuntz, Charles R: Burlingame. Junior. Agricultural Econom- 
ics Kurtenbach, Glenn V: Henngton. Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Kurth, Sandra K: Manhattan, Special, General Kurth, Walter W: Offerle, 
Freshman. Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kushner, Sheryl D: Kansas City. Sophomore. Pre-Medi- 
cine. Kyle, Mark D: Kansas City, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Labelle, Barbara J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 
Labelle, Linda J : Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Lacen, Georgia S: Baxter Springs, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Lacey, Charolyn K: Ellinwood, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Lackey, John L: Penalosa, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Lackie, 
Andrea M: McPherson, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ladenburger, Linda M: Oakley, Freshman, Physical Edu- 
cation. Ladendorf, Douglas W: Junction City, .Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering Laessig, Harold K: Chase, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Laf- 
ferty, Patrick J : Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration 


Underclassmen: Laf-Lea 

TOP ROW: Lafferty, Susan D: McPherson. Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Lagoski, Patricia J: Leawood, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Laird, David E: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Lairmore, Mary 

H: Newton. Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Lala, Wilbur L: Kirwin. Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Laman, 
Janice R: Concordia, Sophomore, General. Lamb, Luana R: Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Lambert, Charles D: Zurich, Sophomore, 
Animal Husbandry 

THIRD ROW: Lambert, Paul J: Manhattan, Junior, Economics. Lamborn, 
Judith E: Leavenworth, Junior. Physical Education. Lamborn, Robert D: 
Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Lamer, Charles W: 

Junction City, Freshman, Business Administration 

FOURTH ROW: Lamme, Judith A: Wichita. Junior, Interior Design Lamp, 
Marita M : Goddard, Junior, Elementary Education. Lancaster, Jean A: 
Topeka, Junior, Physical Education Landers, Dixon H: Rochester, NY., 
Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

■ -:ii»4 

FIFTH ROW: Landes, Marvin L: Wellington, Freshman. Pre-Law. Landon, 
Janet L: Salina. Freshman, General Lane, Arlene A: Bucklin. Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. Lane, John B: McPherson. 02, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Lane, John D: Belleville, Freshman, Civil Engineering Lane, 
Patricia A: Belleville, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education Lang, Je- 
rome R: Hoisington, Freshman. Dairy Foods Processing. Lange, George 

A: Corning, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Lange, Harriet J: Linn, Freshman, General Lange, 
Steven L: Marysville, Freshman, Chemistry. Langenwalter, Kathleen: 
Hutchinson, Freshman, Interior Design Langland, Constance E: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Technical Journalism 

EIGHTH ROW: Langland, Joan G: Neosho. Mo.. Sophomore. Interior De- 
sign Langner, Gary A: Wichita. Junior, Secondary Education. Langner, 
Lauren J: Wichita, Freshman, Physical Science. Lankas, Daniel J: Atwood, 
Sophomore. Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lanman, Arley D: Colorado Springs. Colo.. 03, Architec- 
ture. Lanning, Sara J: Abilene, Freshman, Medical Technology. Lansing, 
Dorothy K: Chase, Freshman, Accounting. Lantis, Linda M: Sophomore, 
Pre-Elementary Education 


TOP ROW: Larison, Gary W: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering Larsen, Larry R: Clyde, Junior, Civil Engineering. Larsen, Lynne 
M: Wichita, Sophomore, Humanities. Larson, Barton E: Rossville, Sopho- 
more, General. 

AxM -M 

SECOND ROW: Larson, Howard A: Tescott, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Larson, Jerry G: Brownell, Junior, Accounting. Larson, John P: Mar- 
quette, Junior, Mechanical Engineering Larson, Kevin J: Leonardville, 
Sophomore, General 

THIRD ROW: Larson, Larry Edward: Uliets, Sophomore, General Larson, 
Larry Edward: Scandia, Junior, Agricultural Economics Larson, Sonia D: 
Scandia, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Larson, Steven A: Smolan, Jun- 
ior, Dairy Production. 

FOURTH ROW: Lash, Kenneth R: Effingham, Sophomore, Secondary Edu- 
cation Lassman, Terry A: Chanute, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Lathrop, Connie F: Concordia. Sophomore, Art Lathrop, Kenneth L: Al 

buquerque, N.M.,04, Electrical Engineering 

FIFTH ROW: Lathrop, Patricia L: Junction City, Freshman, General Home 
Economics Lathrop, Winifred B: Albuquerque, N.M., Sophomore, Botany. 
Latimer, Diane: Wichita, Freshman, General Latimer, Linda L: Kansas 
City, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

SIXTH ROW: Latschar, Marcia E: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Latta, 
Robert L: Wichita, Junior, Technical Journalism Laubhan, Frank A: Rus- 
sell, Freshman, Civil Engineering Laudemann, Nancy J : White City, Junior. 
Elementary Education 

f -A 

- .. - 

SEVENTH ROW: Laue, John W: Lyndon, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechan- 
ization. Laufenberg, Daniel G: Kinsley, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Laughery, Kenneth E: Caldwell, 04, Mechanical Engineering. Laurie, 
Lynne: Atchison, Junior, Elementary Education 

EIGHTH ROW Laury. Anne: Ottawa, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Laven, Nancy A: Overland Park, Sophomore, General Laverentz, Carol A: 
Bendena, Sophomore, Family and Child Development Lawhead, Charles 
K: De Soto, Freshman, General. 

w 4 >> 4 life* I It 

BOTTOM ROW: Lawless, Eldon D: Belle Plaine. Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education. Lawlis, Gary T: Norton, Sophomore, Music Education Law- 
rence, Thomas J: Wichita, 05, Architecture. Leach, Charles W: Osborne, 
Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 


Weekend movies and Thursday Cinema 1 6 art films draw 
capacity crowds to the Union Little Theater throughout fall and 

spring semesters Selected for showing at reduced prices by a 
Union committee, movies are shown daily during the summer 


* M*M 

Underclassmen: Lea-Lew 

TOP ROW: Leahey, John E: Brooklyn. NY, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Med- 
icine. Leasure, Mary K: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 
Leatherman, Carol J: Wakefield, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Leathers, 
Michael R: Manhattan, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Leathers. Ronald R: Manhattan, Junior. Engineering. 
Leathers, Theresa L: Manhattan, Freshman. General Home Economics. 
Lebreton, James E: Leavenworth, Sophomore. Physical Science. Lechner, 
Fred P: Harper, Sophomore. Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW Lee, Barbara R: Manhattan, Freshman, General Lee, Caro- 
lyn J: Chapman, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education. Lee, Duane R: 
Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. Lee, Gary B: 
Manhattan, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Lee, Jane A: Marysville. Sophomore. General Home Eco- 
nomics. Lee, Kathryn J: Kansas City, Freshman. General. Lee, Marilyn S: 
Dwight. Junior. Home Economics Education. Lee, Maureen K: Kansas City. 
Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lee, Nancy E: Dwight. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Lee, Raymond M: Lawrence, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Leeper, Robert D: Manhattan, Freshman, Accounting. Lefton, John M: 

Prairie Village, 04, Pre-Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Lehew, Cynthia J: Topeka. Freshman, GeneralLehman, 
Charles L: Kansas City, Freshman, Business Administration. Lehman, John 
E: Sabetha, Junior, Secondary Education. Lehman, Linda B: Prairie Village, 
Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Lehman, Rebecca S: Newton, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Lehmann, Elmer E: Leroy, Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Lehr, Robert L: Wichita, Freshman, Applied Music Leick, Mary K: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore. Home Economics and Nursing 

THIRD ROW: Leighty, Joseph W: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Leiker, Larry E: Salina, Freshman. Mechanical Engineering. Leiker, 
Raydean: Salina, 02, Architecture Leitner, James M: Herndon, Junior, 
Mechanical Engineering 

FOURTH ROW: Leker, Karen E: Laurel, Miss., Freshman. Physical Therapy. 
Leming, Margaret J: Wichita. Junior. Art. Lemon, Carolyn S: Viola. Jun- 
ior, Music Education Lemon, Lonnie L: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
ennary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Lemon, Ronald B: Osborne, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Lemons, Karen G: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Len- 
hert, Larry M: Navarre, Junior, Electrical Engineering Lenhert, Marcia S: 

Navarre, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Lentz, James L: Hillsborough, Calif., Sophomore, Nuclear 
Engineering. Lenz, Janice D: Ellinwood, Freshman. General. Leonard, 
Keith W: Royersford. Pa., Junior, Building Construction. Leonard, Mary L: 

Cedar Vale, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Leonard, Warren J: Andover, Mass, Freshman, Bakery 
Management. Leshoysky, Jari L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Law Lester, 
Richard A: Kansas City, Sophomore. Political Science Lett, Donald D: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 

EIGHTH ROW: Leuthold, Dixie C: Bern, Junior, General Levendofsky, 
Joan L: Belleville, Freshman, General Levens, Manuel D: Syracuse. 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Levering, Judith A: Burlington, Soph- 
omore, Business Administration 

BOTTOM ROW: Levin, Alan L: Kensington, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Levin, Otto W: Kensington, Freshman, Business Administration. Le- 
wallen, Marjorie L: Winfield, Freshman, Political Science. Lewerenz, Glo- 
ria L: Lincolnville, Junior. Business Administration. 



Underclassmen: Lew-Lop 

TOP ROW: Lewis, Gary K: Arkansas City. Sophomore. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Lewis, Gary L: Humboldt, Sophomore. Pre-Medicme Lewis, George 
A: Cheyenne, Wyo . Junior, Business Administration. Lewis, Jack R: Shaw- 
nee Mission. Freshman. Landscape Architecture 

SECOND ROW: Lewis, Jacqueline A: St Louis. Mo. 01, Architecture. 
Lewis, James W: Yates Center, Freshman. Animal Husbandry. Lewis, 
Jerre L: Burr Oak. Junior. Physical Education Lewis, Ruth A: Washington, 
Freshman, Business Administration 

THIRD ROW: Lewis, Shirley A: Belleville, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Lewis, Trudy E: Johnson, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Ley, 
John R: Leoti. Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Lickteig, Linda A: Gar- 
nett. Sophomore, Clothing Retailing 

FOURTH ROW: Liebenau, Janet K: Stockton, Junior, Home Economics 
Education Liebenau, Janice F: Stockton. Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion Lietzen, John H: Manhattan, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Lif- 
rieri, Frank L: New York, NY. Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW Lightner, David K: Garden City, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Ligon, Harold E: Kansas City, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Lil- 
jestrand, Mary L: Salina, 04, Veterinary Medicine Lillich, Donna J : Prairie 
Village, Junior, Accounting 

SIXTH ROW: Lillich, Gary A: St Francis, Freshman, Feed Science and 
Management Lilliston, Patricia: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Law Lilly, 
Richard K: Mentor, Sophomore, Accounting Linck, Karen B: Salina, 
Sophomore, Elementary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Lind, Rodney F: Loomis, Neb , Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Lindbloom, Larry L: Waterville, 04, Business Administration 
Lindgren, Janice A: Manhattan. Freshman. Clothing Retailing Lindgren, 
Sandra K: Manhattan. Junior. Clothing Retailing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lindquist, Ronald U: Wilsey. Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Lindstrom, Cathy E: Riley. Sophomore, Pre-Business Education. 
Line, Joyce A: Lakin, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Linin, Dale E: Bird 
City. Sophomore. Agricultural Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Link, Daniel J: Chase. 01, Architecture. Linn, Cheryl A: 

Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Linton, Jerry D: 
Wamego, 02. Architecture. Lipp, Mark E: Sterling. Junior. Electrical Engi- 

«*• *\ 

*qF* -«W* 



TOP ROW: Lippitt. Roberta J: Byers. Colo. Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Lippman. Raymond J: Leavenworth, Freshman, History Lip- 
scomb, Gerald W: Augusta, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Liston, Sally 

A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education 

SECOND ROW: Litke, Herbert C: Alma, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Litsis, Penelope A: Kansas City. Freshman. Home Economics 
Education. Little, Susanne F: Overland Park, Junior, Landscape Architec- 
ture. Litton, Kent D: Nickerson, Freshman, Physical Education 

THIRD ROW: Lively, Mary A: Horton, Sophomore, Home Economics Ex- 
tension. Livengood, Shirley A: Morrill, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing 
Livers, Susan C: Hays, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lloyd, O. 

Gale: Oakhill, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization 

FOURTH ROW: Lobmeyer, Donald L: Garden City, Junior, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Lobmeyer, Gerald J: Tribune, Freshman, Accounting. Locher, Roger 

C: Sabetha. Junior. Feed Science and Management Lock, Charles W: Car- 
rollton. Mo , Freshman, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Locke, Loreen A: Arlington, Junior, Landscape Architecture 
Locke, Robert O: Lancaster, Calif, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Lockhart, Coyla L: Mulvane, Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medicine Loehr, 

Paul T: Decatur. Ill . Junior. Agricultural Economics 

SIXTH ROW Logan, Dennis V: Prairie Village. Freshman. Pre-Medicine 
Londeen, Mary J: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Lon- 
don, Cathie J: Deerfield. III.. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education Long, 
Donald L: Menden, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Long, Hollace L: Wichita. Junior, Medical Technology. 
Long, Joyce A: Cherryvale. Freshman, Physical Therapy Long, Robert A: 
Kansas City. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Long, Temar K:Topeka, 
Sophomore, Medical Technology. 

EIGHTH ROW: Longabach, IMorman C: Arkansas City. Freshman, Business 
Administration. Longberg, Geneva K: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Longberg, Leslie C: Belleville, Junior. Accounting Longeneck- 

er, Vickie: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW Longhofer, Sharyn S: Salina, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Loofbourrow, Gail A: Manhattan. Sophomore. Business Ad- 
ministration. Looney, Jerri S: Denver, Colo., Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Loper, Harry B: Collingswood. N.J., Junior, Bakery Management. 


Underclassmen: Lor-Man 

TOP ROW: Lorfing, Rickey L: Kansas City. Sophomore, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Loriaux, Peter G: Kansas City. Junior. Business Administration Lori- 
mer, Katherine A: Holton, Freshman, Home Economics and Liberal Arts 
Loughmiller, Gayle G: Topeka. Sophomore. General Home Economics 

SECOND ROW Lowe, Elaine V: Mahaska. Junior. Medical Technology 
Lowery, Beryl B: Dodge City. Junior. Biological Science Lowrey, Timothy 
L: Larned, Freshman. Astronomy Lowry, Brenda A: Rage, Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Lowry, Diane K: Leawood. Freshman, Home Economics and 
Liberal Arts. Loy, Stephen E: Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Loyd, 
Martha L: Wichita. Freshman. General Lucas, Betty L: Liberal. Sopho- 
more, Civil Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW Lucas, Steven M: Overland Park. Freshman, Animal Hus- 
bandry Luckeroth, William J : Marysville, Sophomore. Modern Languages. 
Ludden, Linda L: Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Ludes, Laura L: Salina, 
Junior. Secondary Education 

FIFTH ROW Lueker, Sherryl A: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Luginsland, Joyce R: Hutchinson, Special. General Home Economics. 
Luhring, Richard A: Hanover. Sophomore, Accounting. Luke, Andrea: 

Lebanon, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Lukens, James R: Beloit, Sophomore, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Lull, Lamont A: Smith Center, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Lundin, Gwen, M. Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Lundquist, Marcia G: Lindsborg, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW Lundquist, Wayne C: Lindsborg. Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Lunsford, Danny R: Ashland. Freshman, Building Construc- 
tion. Lunt, Steven A: Pratt. Junior, Agricultural Economics. Lunt, Wilma J : 

Pratt. Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lutjemeier, Everett: Washington, Sophomore. Accounting. 
Luttgen, Patricia J: Tulsa. Okla.. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Lutz, 
Karen M: Leawood, Junior, Home Economics Education. Lyberger, Ron- 
ald D: Coffeyville, Junior, Mathematics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lydick, Sylvia A: Hamlin. Sophomore. Pre-Business Edu- 
cation. Lykins, Daniel R: Atchison. Junior. Political Science. Lynch, Frank- 
lin E: Topeka, Junior, Civil Engineering. Lyon, Jeffrey L: Greensburg, Jun- 
ior, Electrical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Lyon, John C: Manhattan. Junior, Elementary Education 
MacArthur, Robert A: Topeka. Junior, Veterinary Medicine. MacGowan, 
Elizabeth E: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Physical Education Macha, Garry 

L: Delia, Junior, Civil Engineering, 

SECOND ROW: Mack, Jeanette K: Linn, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Mackender, Elizabeth: Ellis, Sophomore, General Mackey, David H: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering Macy, Judith L: Manhattan, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: Mader, Barbara L: Manhattan, Freshman, Sociology Mad- 
er, James W: Jennings, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Maes, James C: 

Bushton, 03, Architecture. Maes, Sue C: Atchison, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. 

FOURTH ROW Magby, Kay A: Evanston, III , 03. Veterinary Medicine 
Magcalas, Deogracias: Junction City, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Magee, Mary L: Salina, Freshman, General. Magill, Laurus W: Leawood, 
Freshman, Pre-Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Magill, Stephen H: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Mahan, Diane L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Applied Music. 
Maichel, George W: Overbrook, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Maichel, Jacqualine: Overbrook, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Maier, Gary E: St. Louis. Mo, Junior, Building Construction. 
Maisch, Carol A: Lenexa, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Maisch, Janice E: 
Lenexa, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Major, Linda L: Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore, History 

SEVENTH ROW: Makalous, Verlene J: Cuba, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Makela, Linda K: Overland Park, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Mall, Sandra S: Kingman, Junior, Elementary Education. Malone, 
Mike J: Raymond. Freshman, General 

EIGHTH ROW: Maltbie, Sharon K: Wichita. Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Mamura, Owen M: Lihue, Hawaii. 02, Architecture. Mance, 
George F: Prairie Village, Junior. Political Science Manderick, Michael V: 

Topeka, Freshman, Building Construction 

BOTTOM ROW Maness, George M: Coffeyville. Sophomore, General 
Mangelsdorf, Edward: Kansas City, Freshman, General Mangum, Eliza- 
beth I: Ottawa. Junior, Biological Science Manley, Carol J: Kansas City. 
Mo., Junior, Family and Child Development 


Underclassmen: Man-Ma u 

TOP ROW: Manley, Mike R: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Chemical Engi- 
neering Manlove. Marvin D: Wichita, 04, Architecture Mann, Dale P: 
Hoyt, Sophomore, General Mann, H. Stewart: Newton, 03, Architecture, 

SECOND ROW: Manning, Donna J: Sedgwick, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Manning, Nancy M: Spring Hill, Freshman, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Mansholt, Virginia L: Lebanon, Junior, Home Economics Education 
Mar, Clarence Y: Junction City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Marcotte, Janet C: Manhattan, Junior, History. Marcotte, 

Robert P: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administration Markley, John E: 

Burlingame, Sophomore, Physical Education Marks, Mary E: Atwood, 
Sophomore, Modern Languages. 



i ■ 

FOURTH ROW Marlatt, Susan L. Atchison, Junior, Elementary Education 
Marling, Mark E: Topeka, Sophomore, Accounting Marlow, Memory D: 

Eskridge, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Marmet, Phyllis J: Sabe- 
tha. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Maroney, Paul J: Syracuse, NY., Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Marrs, Janet K: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Marrs, Sherrill L: Manhattan, Special Marschel, Frederick: Prairie Vil- 
lage, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Marsh, Dale W: Great Bend, Junior, Secondary Education 
Marsh, Freida D: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Marsh, 
Margaret J: Columbus, Junior, Clothing Retailing Marsh, Robert D: Great 
Bend, Freshman, Bakery Management. 

SEVENTH ROW: Marshall, James R: Prairie Village, Freshman. Pre-Medi- 
cine Marshall, Mary J: Basehor, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Marshall, Richard K: Great Bend, Freshman, Landscape 
Architecture. Marston, Clinton M: Gypsum, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 

EIGHTH ROW: Marten, Larry L: Wheaton, Freshman. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Marten, Martin P: Winfield, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Mar- 
teney, Jacqueline: Buhler, Junior. Elementary Education. Martens, Bar- 
bara L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Biological Sciences. 

BOTTOM ROW: Martens, Kathryn L: Wichita, Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Martens, William E: Bloomington, III., Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering Martin, Bennie L: Smith Center, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Martin, Carol A: Topeka, Junior, Physical Therapy. 


TOP ROW: Martin, David A: Kansas City. Junior, Chemical Engineering 
Martin, David F: Mentor. Junior. Agronomy Martin, Douglas S: Henng- 
ton, 02. Architecture Martin, Edward A: Delphos. Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education 

dlmdkkm Jt 

SECOND ROW: Martin, Fred R: Princeton, Freshman. Animal Husbandry. 
Martin, Jerry L: Conway Springs, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 
Martin, Lester D: Zenda, Junior, Agricultural Education Martin, Stephan 

S: Edwardsville, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 


THIRD ROW: Martinek, Dwight J: Rossville, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Martinsen, Andrew L: Primrose, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Martinson, Gail A: Mission, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Mason, Anthony R: Kiowa, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Mason, Marlene K: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Mason, Sharon K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Massey, Johnette C: Lenexa, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Massey, Larry B: St. John, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Massey, Patricia A: Hugoton, Sophomore. Psychology 
Massieon, Richard J: Wamego, Junior, Pre-Law Massingill, Kenneth: 

Atchison, Junior, Civil Engineering Masters, Daniel W: Prairie Village, 03, 

SIXTH ROW: Mathena, Janice L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Mathes, Viva K: Norton, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Mathews, Martha A: Leawood, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Mathews, Rita I: Lyons, Sophomore, Retail Floriculture 

SEVENTH ROW: Mathews, Robert J: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Electrical 
Engineering. Mathewson, Marianne: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Mathis, Jimmy D: Coffeyville, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Matlock, Thomas R: Belleville, Freshman. Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Matthews, Leslie A: Salma, Freshman, Pre-Law Mat- 
thews, Robert C: Prairie Village, Sophomore. Business Administration 
Matthews, Sherry L: Cedar Vale, Junior, Sociology. Matthias, Mark E: 

Denton, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mattix, Barbara J: Ness City, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Mattke, Frank E: Ogallah, Freshman, Agricultural 
Education. Mattox, Louise M: Piper, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Mau, Karen J: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 


4tk diiMM 

Underclassmen: Mau-McG 

TOP ROW: Mauck, William D: Goddard. Junior, Sociology. Mauk, John 
V: Douglass, Sophomore, Business Administration. Mauler, Loretta A: 
Olmitz, Junior, Home Economics Education. Maupin, George D: Liberal, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Maupin, Kathleen A: Liberal, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Maurer, Mary L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Mauzey, Steve E: Nortonville, Junior, Pharmacy. Maxted, Anita 

L: Clearwater. Sophomore, Psychology 

THIRD ROW: Maxwell, Bruce A: Piper. 01, Architecture. Maxwell, Ste- 
phen R: Washington, Freshman, Chemistry. Maxwell, Thomas J : Newton, 

01 , Architecture Maxwell, Vernon D: Emporia. 04, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW Maxwell, William H: Sterling. Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. May, Judy A: Ulysses. Sophomore, General Home Economics. May, 
Leon R: Ellis, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Mayer, Gail A: New 

Hyde Park, NY, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Mayer, Linda A: Marysville. Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Mayfield, Cornell: Jackson, Miss., Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Mayhill, Doris B: Arkansas City. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Mazaika, Trudine M: Moraga, Calif.. Junior. Clothing Retailing 

SIXTH ROW McAdams, Janis J: Salina. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. McAlexander, Vera J: Lecompton, Junior, Secondary Education. 
McAlister, Judy K: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
McAndrew, William P: Manhattan, Junior, Speech. 

SEVENTH ROW: McAninch, Janet L: Salina, Junior, Physical Education. 
McCabe, Patricia: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
McCarthy, Kathryn M: Great Bend, Sophomore. Physical Education 
McCarthy, Mary A: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: McCarty, Annette E: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. McCaslin, George S: Junction City, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. McCaslin, Linda E: Stockton, Freshman. Speech. McCauley, 
Linda A: Overland Park, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: McCauley, Margaret L: Hays. Sophomore. Consumer In- 
terest. McClellan, James R: Frederick, Md., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine McCloud, Daryl M: Stafford, 01, Architecture. McClure, Con- 
nie M: Richmond, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 


Top Row: McClure, Donald R: Newton, Freshman. Agricultural Education. 
McClure, Duane H: Newton. Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Mc- 
Clurg, Michael W: Leavenworth. Freshman. Nuclear Engineering Mc- 
Collough, Roger R: Randall. Junior. Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: McConaghy, Noel E: Winfield. Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
McConnell, Jerome M: Wilmington, Del , Sophomore, Technical Journal- 
ism. McConnell, Steven C: Atchison, Freshman, General McCormick, 

Guy M: Wichita, 02, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: McCosh, Gordon L: Abilene, Sophomore. Feed Science and 
Management McCoy, Michael P: Cottage Grove, Ore . Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine McCoy, Patricia L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General 
McCrary, Duane M: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Law 

FOURTH ROW: McCreery, Kathleen: Wichita, Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. McCreight, Dick W: Arkansas City. Sophomore. Mechanical 
Engineering. McCune, David E: Montezuma, Junior, Physics. McCune, 

James D: Montezuma, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: McCune, James R: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. McCune, Rebecca J: Derby, Freshman, General. McDaniel, Har- 
ry W: Atchison, Sophomore, General Agriculture. McDaniel, Karen L: 

Scott City, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: McDermet, Staley B: Leawood, 04, Business Administra- 
tion McDonald, Francis G: Williamsburg, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
McDonald, Galen R: Mullinville, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. 
McDonald, Harry E: E. St Louis, III , Sophomore, Biological Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: McDonald, Kenneth R: Smith Center, 01, Architecture. 
McDonald, Randy J: Garden City, Junior, Electrical Engineering Mc- 
Dougal, James K: Ludell, Sophomore, Physical Education McDougal, 
Jean M: Topeka, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: McElwain, Linda J: Wichita. Freshman, Mathematics 
McElwain, Sandra L: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Extension. Mc- 
Ewen, Donald C: Republic, Junior, Agricultural Economics McFadden, 
Patricia C: Leavenworth, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 

BOTTOM ROW: McFarland, Carolyn L: Norton, Junior, Music Education. 
McFerren, Lynne: Salt Lake, Utah, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
McGhee, Charles M: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Law. McGrath, Betty A: 

Chanute, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

F jsi- m -*» *« ^ 


> , ^^ 



Underclassmen: McG-Mei 

TOP ROW: McGrath, Michael J: Cleveland, Ohio, Junior, Mathematics. 
McGreevey, Karen A: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
McGugin, Rex C: Frankfort, Sophomore, Accounting McGuire, Harlyn G: 

Oberlin, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: McGuire, Nadene M: Onaga, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. McHenry, Gail D: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation Mcllroy, Karen J: Goddard, Sophomore, Art. Mclnteer, Loris L: 

Mmneola, Freshman, Psychology. 

THIRD ROW: Mclntire, Thomas R: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Mc- 
Intyre, Deanna M: Ashland, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Mclntyre, 
Donald C: Homewood, III., Freshman, Animal Husbandry. McKaig, Wil- 
liam J: Gardner, Junior. Mathematics. 

FOURTH ROW: McKain, Larry F: Minneapolis, Freshman, General Mc- 
Kasson, Barbara J: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. McKaughan, 
Marlene F: Edgerton, Junior, Physical Education. McKaughan, Miadell: 

Edgerton, Freshman, Physical Therapy. 

FIFTH ROW: McKay, Cheryl J: Dresden, Junior, Clothing Retailing Mc- 
Kay, Jamie S: Dresden, Sophomore, General McKee, Carol F: Burling- 
ton, Colo., Sophomore, Family and Child Development McKee, Mary J: 

Spearville, Sophomore, Home Economics Extension. 

SIXTH ROW: McKee, Michael H: Crestwood, Mo., Freshman, History. 
McKee, Roger R: Wetmore, 04, Agricultural Mechanization. McKee, Rus- 
sell E: Edna, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. McKee, William J: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: McKemy, Elizabeth C: Riley, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. McKinley, Carolyn K: Chesterfield, Mo, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education McKinley, Douglas L: Belleville, Freshman, Electri- 
cal Engineering McKinney, Richard O: Junction City, Sophomore, Gener- 

EIGHTH ROW: McKinsey, Claudia M: Seneca, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. McLain, David R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Political Science. 
McLain, Marcia C: Satanta, Sophomore, Interior Design. McLain, Mar- 
garet A: Ransom, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: McLain, Norman L: Sublette, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. McLaughlin, Patricia: Wichita, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. McLean, Robin R: Lewis, Junior, Biological Science. Mc- 
Leavy, Marjory L: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education. 


TOP ROW: McLenon, Rodney B: Atchison, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration McLeod, Myra L: Blue Rapids, Sophomore, Home Economics and 
Nursing. McLeod, Warren H: Arkansas City, Sophomore, Building Con- 
struction McManis, Mary M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical Education 

SECOND ROW McMaster, Ginger L: Norton, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing. McMillan, Judith K: Kansas City, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. McMillion, Monica M: Ashland, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry MclMabb, 

David H: Pleasanton, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: McNally, John A: Salina, Freshman, General McNeal, Al- 
bert F: Waldo, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry McNeal, Charles D: Waldo, 

Freshman, Agriculture McNeal, Douglas M:Topeka, Sophomore, Physical 

FOURTH ROW: McNee, Janet A: Cottonwood Falls, Freshman, Technical 
Journalism McNeil, Charlotte A: Larned, Freshman, Sociology. McNeive, 
Patricia E: Topeka, Sophomore, Sociology. McNerny, Nancy L: Sharon 
Springs, Sophomore, Mathematics 

FIFTH ROW: McNevin, Sheryl A: Mission, Sophomore, Speech Mc- 
Ninch, George E: Arnold, Freshman, Building Construction. McPherson, 
Eileen A: McLouth, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education McPheter, 

Gordon L: Meade, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: McQuillen, Tracy G: Derby, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. McReynolds, Connie: Scott City, Sophomore, Horticulture. Mc- 
Reynolds, Richard: Burlington, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. McVay, 

James A: Plains, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: McVay, Richard H: Junction City, Junior. Elementary 
Education. McVay, Theodore J: McPherson, Sophomore, Horticulture 
McVicker, Cheryl A: Beeler. Sophomore, Pre-Elemenary Education Mc- 
Williams, Dennis D: Atwood, Sophomore, Entomology 

EIGHTH ROW Mead, Joyce L: Hays, Junior, Pre-Elementary Education 
Means, Gerald R: Overland Park, 04, Technical Journalism Mears, Gre- 
gory H: Enterprise. Freshman, Physics. Meats, Robert D: Beloit, Junior, 


BOTTOM ROW: Meckel, Marsha K: Hays, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Meinershagen, Joyce: Higginsville, Mo., Junior. Home Eco- 
nomics Education Meinhardt, Patricia: Paxico, Freshman, General. Meis- 
ner, Sharon R: Manhattan, 02. Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Mei-Mil 

TOP ROW: Meitl. James R: Oakley. 01. Architecture. Melberg. Donna L: 

Hamburg, NY. Sophomore. Dietetics and Institutional Management Mell- 
gren, David J: Manhattan. Junior. Civil Engineering. Mendell, Linda L: 

Overland Park. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Menne, Emily L: Wichita. Freshman. English. Meredith, 
Janice R: Garden City, Sophomore. Interior Design Merica, Mark D: Sali- 
na. 02. Architecture. Merriam, Steven D: Milton. Wis , Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Merriman, Susan K: Atchison, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Mertz, John A: N English. Iowa. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Merz, Gail E: Central Island, NY, Junior, Physical Therapy. 
Messerschmidt, Alan: Elmhurst. Ill , Freshman, Technical Journalism 

FOURTH ROW: Messing, Diane M: Hutchinson, Junior, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Messmer, Vicki J: Norwich, Freshman, General Mettenbrink, 
Cheryl: Grand Island, Neb, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Metz, 
Deidre A: Wellington, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

FIFTH ROW: Metzen, Melvin IM: Garden Plaine, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry Metzinger, Gary D: Caldwell, Junior, Business Administration. 
Metzinger, Janet S: Caldwell, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Mey- 
er, Deeanna K: Wichita, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Meyer, Jerry G : Caney, Junior, Horticulture. Meyer, John T: 

Essexville. Mich., 03, Architecture. Meyer, Louis J: Sabetha, Freshman. 
Agronomy. Meyer, Nancy E: Basehor, Freshman, Foods and Nutrition. 

SEVENTH ROW: Meyer, Phillip C: Ulysses, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Meyer, Roberta A: Osborne, Freshman, Physical Education 
Meyer, Sheri A: Manhattan, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. Meyer, 
Theresa A: Olathe, Freshman, Humanities. 

EIGHTH ROW: Meyer, Virginia A: Olathe, Freshman. Home Economics 
Extension. Meyers, Terry L: Dwight, Sophomore. General. Michael, Cynt- 
hia A: Overland Park, Junior, Home Economics Education. Michael, Rob- 
ert L: Topeka, 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Michaelis, Richard D: Russell, Freshman. Agricultural 
Economics. Michaels, Kathryn S: Atchison, Freshman, General. Michaud, 
Patrick G: Clifton, Freshman, Business Administration. Middleton, Martha 

J: Woodbine. Sophomore. Music Education. 


TOP ROW: Middleton. Richard L: Shawnee Mission. Junior, Mathematics. 
Mier, Mary J: Atchison, Sophomore, Physical Education. Mignot, Vaughn 
D: Gypsum, Sophomore, Business Administration Mikesell, Duane E: 

Manchester, Freshman, Agricultural Economics 

SECOND ROW Milbourn. Mark T: Manhattan, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration Milburn, Marlyse K: Rolla. Junior, General Home Economics. 
Miles, Charles R: Phillipsburg, Freshman. General Millenbruch, Sharon: 

Home, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Allan V: Great Bend. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry 
Miller, Arthur D: Downers Grove, III , Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Miller, Brenda L: Lyndon, Freshman, General Home Economics Mill- 
er, Charles L: Wilmington, Del., Freshman, Business Administration 

FOURTH ROW: Miller, Donna L: Leawood, Freshman, General Miller, 
Dorothy D: Manhattan. Junior. Home Economics and Liberal Arts Miller, 
Dwight E: St. John. Junior. Feed Science and Management Miller, Ear- 

lene L: Wellington, Freshman, General Home Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Miller, Elizabeth A: Topeka, Sophomore, Modern Languages 
Miller, Gerald W: Piper, Freshman, Agricultural Economics Miller, James 
R: Newton, Junior, Agricultural Education Miller, James V: Lawrence. 
Freshman. Animal Husbandry 

SIXTH ROW: Miller, Janean L: Salina. Sophomore. Music Education Mill- 
er, Janet L: Wamego. Junior. General Home Economics. Miller, Janice S: 
Ames, Iowa. Sophomore. English. Miller, Janis E: Parsons. Sophomore. 
Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Miller. John R: Great Bend. Junior, Economics. Miller, 
Linda M: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Modern Languages. Miller, Lynne S: 
Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Miller, Marc E: Hutchinson, 
Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW Miller, Margo J: Belleville, Junior, Technical Journalism. 
Miller, Mary L: Manhattan, Junior, General. Miller, Paul E: Prairie Village, 
Sophomore, General Miller, Randolph W: Wamego, Freshman, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Richard D: Blue Mound, Freshman, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Miller, Richard P: Tiskilwa, III., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Miller, Robert G: Great Bend, Junior. Accounting. Miller, Robert P: Solo- 
mon, Freshman, Business Administration. 



Underclassmen: Mil-Mor 

TOP ROW: Miller, Sherry E: Manhattan. Sophomore, Pre-Medicme. Mill- 
er, Travis L: Manhattan. 04. Electrical Engineering. Miller, Vikki K: Great 
Bend. Sophomore, Psychology. Miller, William H: Wichita. Sophomore, 
Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Millick, Melody V: Onaga. Freshman. General Millis, 
Valerie J: Leawood, Sophomore. Psychology. Mills, Alan D: Centralia, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. Mills, Virginia M: Altona, III.. Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

Mi mm 

THIRD ROW: Milne, Richard K: Hiawatha. Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 
Milner, Harry P: Kilgore. Tex., Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Miner, 
William D: Ness City, Freshman, Biological Science. Minnick, Walter R: 

Mission, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Minter, Roger D: Wichita. Junior, Poultry Science. Min- 
turn. Laurel A: Baxter Springs, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Miserending, George: Rockaway, N.J., Junior, Zoology. Mistier, Barbara 

D: Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Mitchell, Alan M: McPherson. Junior, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation Mitchell, Kenneth B: Summerfield. Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine Mitchell, Linda J: Manhattan, Freshman, General Mitchell, Martha 

C: Lawrence, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Mitchell, Sharlene K: Dubuque, Iowa., Junior, Mathematics 
Mlinek, Larry R: Collyer, Freshman, Mathematics. Moats, Evelyn L: Kan- 
sas City, Junior, Secondary Education. Mobley, Marilynn J: Salina, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mock, Margaret H: Hutchinson. Junior, Home Econom- 
ics and Liberal Arts Moe, Sandra S: Manhattan, Special, Home Economics 
and Nursing Moeder, Denis J: Plainville, Sophomore, General Moehl- 
man, Kathleen E: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Moldauer, Hal P: E. Meadow. NY.. 02, Architecture. Mo- 
line, Beryl J: Gypsum, Junior, Elementary Education. Mollenkamp, Corlie 
E: Arnold, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Mollett, Michael M: 

Hutchinson, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Money, Richard K: Bavaria, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering Monical, Jimmy E: Cimarron, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Monroe, Craig E: Tribune, Freshman, General Montgomery, Donald W: 

Hutchinson, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 



TOP ROW: Montgomery, Jon P: Sabetha. Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Mont- 
gomery, Susan D: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Humanities Montney, 
Gordon E: Garden City, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Montour, Edward 

J: Topeka, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Moody, Mayme R: Wakefield, Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Mooney, Robert L: Paola. Freshman, Clothing Retailing 
Moore, Francis W: Ulysses, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Moore, 
Jacqueline E: Mission, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing 

THIRD ROW: Moore, James E: Westmoreland, Freshman. General. 
Moore, Janis K: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Moore, 
Melba M: Grenola, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Moore, Miriam A: 

Jamestown, Junior, Home Economics Education 

FOURTH ROW: Moore, Nancy L: Wichita. Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Moore, Patricia E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Moore, RuAnn: Topeka. Sophomore. Modern Languages 
Moorman, James H: Solomon, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Moran, Thomas B: Leavenworth, Freshman, Political Sci- 
ence. Moran, Timothy W: Voorheesville, NY., Junior. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Morford, Cheryl S: Overland Park. Freshman, Pre-Dentistry Morgan, 
Donald E: Garden City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Morgan, Herbert E: Emporia. Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Morgan, Jerry D: Topeka, Sophomore. Agricultural Education Mor- 
gan, Larry D: Hugoton. Sophomore. General. Morgan, Lyn J: Goodland. 
Sophomore. Social Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Morgan, Mary B: Smith Center. Freshman, General 
Morgan, Steven L: Salina. Sophomore, Business Administration Morgen- 
son, Steven C: Abilene, Freshman, Business Administration Morris, Dal- 
las D: Newton, Freshman, Landscape Architecture 

EIGHTH ROW: Morris, James Leroy: Logan, Freshman, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Morris, James Lester: Omaha. Neb . Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Morris, Jan E: Manhattan. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Morris, Marcella M: Beloit, Sophomore. Psychology 

BOTTOM ROW: Morris, Marcia L: Parsons. Junior. Pre-Medicme. Morris, 
Michelle: Overland Park. Freshman. Economics Morris, Stephen R: Hu- 
goton, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Morris, Teresa A: Mission. Fresh- 
man. General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Mor-Mye 

TOP ROW: Morris, William G: Garnett, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Morrison, 
James W: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administration. Morriss, Dennis 
R: Tecumseh, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Morrissette, Michael: 

Hugoton, Sophomore, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Morrow, James K: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Morrow, Robert L: St. Marys, 03, Architecture Morrow, Thomas O: Ft. 

Leavenworth, Sophomore. History. Morsinkhoff, John W: Kansas City, 
Mo., Sophomore, Business Administration 

THIRD ROW: Mortimer, Emley A: Delphos, Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Morton, Marie J: Oxford, Sophomore, Secondary Education 
Morton, Martha A: Green, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Moser, Clinton E: 

Bern, Freshman, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Moser, Ron K: Oakley, 01 , Architecture Moses, Douglas 
J: Parsons, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Moses, Robert W: Oak Hill, 
Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Mosiman, Paul R: Kansas City, 04, 

FIFTH ROW: Moss, Duane R: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Moss, Victor A: 
Manhattan, Special. General Moxley, Tom J: Council Grove, Sophomore. 
Animal Husbandry. Moyer, David E: Prairie Village. Sophomore, Business 

SIXTH ROW: Moyer, Julia J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Interior Design. 
Moyer, Marlene K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Moyle, Mary K: Mission, Junior, History Mudrey, Stephen J: Lexington, 
Mass., 01 . Architecture 

SEVENTH ROW: Mueller, Mary A: Washington, Freshman, General Home 
Economics Muir, William L: Norton, Freshman, Business Administration 
Mukai, George D: Junction City, Freshman, General. Mulanax, Kenneth 

L: Abilene, Sophomore, Zoology 

EIGHTH ROW: Mulanax, Roger L: Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Mull, 
Douglas J: Great Bend. Sophomore. Electrical Engineering. Mullen, Pame- 
la C: Blue Rapids. Sophomore. Family and Child Development. Mullen, 
Robert L: Manhattan, 04, Physical Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mullin, James P: Olathe, Freshman, General. Mullinix, 
Frances R: Kansas City. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing. Mulvany, James 
A: Marysville, Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering. Mulvany, Thomas P: 

Marysville. Freshman. Accounting. 




TOP ROW: Mundt, Jonathan R : Aruba. Netherlands. Freshman. Agricultur- 
al Engineering. Munson, Ronald E: Belleville, Sophomore. Music Educa- 
tion. Munson. Virginia M: Junction City. Junior. Clothing Retailing Muntz, 
Alan J: Greensburg. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

SECOND ROW Muntz, Faith A: Shawnee. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Munzer, Carolyn M: Salma, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Muret, 
Rita A: Winfield. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Murphy, Charles 

E: Junction City, Freshman, Biochemistry. 

THIRD ROW: Murphy, Charles M: Independence, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Murphy, Daniel C: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Murphy, Ernest V: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism Murphy, Jeanne L: Larned, Freshman. Interior Design 

FOURTH ROW: Murphy, Patricia A: Colonia. N.J., Freshman. Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Murphy, Stephen M: Holton, Junior. Secondary Education. 
Murray, Eldon M: Lawrence. Sophomore, Agronomy. Murray, Karen E: 

Salina, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education 

FIFTH ROW: Murrow, Julie M: Topeka. Sophomore, Physical Education 
Murry, Frank D: Kankakee, III., Freshman. Veterinary Medicine Murry, 
Robert A: Lexington, Mo., Sophomore, Physical Education Muse, Russell 

L: Enterprise, Sophomore, Civil Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: Muselman, Gregory D: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Musgrave, Curtis D: Moline. Sophomore, Civil Engineering Musgrave, 
William F: Moline. Freshman, Electrical Engineering Musgrove, Con- 
stance: Manhattan, Freshman, Applied Music. 

SEVENTH ROW Mutch, Janis: Wichita, Freshman, Family and Child Deve- 
lopment Myers, Donald W: Overland, Mo., Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Myers, Floyd E: Bendena, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine Myers, 
Gunile A: Alma, Sophomore, General Home Economics 

EIGHTH ROW: Myers, Jane M: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Myers, Kristy J: Marguette. Freshman. General Home 
Economics. Myers, Larry G: Americus. Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 
Myers, Lenita D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Myers, Linda S: Sabetha. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation Myers, Maria L: Haven, Freshman, General Myers, Robert E: 

Cummings, Junior, Physical Education. Myers, Ronald E: Wichita, Junior. 
Mechanical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Mye-Nob 

TOP ROW: Myers, Sherril J: Wichita. Junior. Clothing Retailing. Nagel, 
Barbara J: Valley Center. Freshman, Physical Education. Maiman, Dale E: 
Leoti. Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Napier, Linda L: Salina, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

SECOND ROW Naylor, Donald G: Burlington, Freshman. Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Naylor, Janet A: Burlington, Junior. Accounting. Neaderhiser, 
Larry L: Niles, Freshman, General Agriculture. Neal, Candise: Altamont, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Neal, Gary L: Mission. Freshman, Civil Engineering Neal, 
Katherine L: Centerville, Freshman, General Home Economics. Neal, Phi- 
lip J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Needham, Ja- 

nean L: Prairie Village. Sophomore, Accounting 

FOURTH ROW: Neff, Martin E: Lakin, Sophomore. Physics. Neil, Mary E: 

Prairie Village. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Neill, Robert D: Cummings, 
Freshman, General Agriculture. Neill, Robert L: Joplin, Mo., Sophomore, 
Nuclear Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Neitzel, Suzann K: St. Francis, Freshman, Sociology Nelsen, 
Craig: Leawood, Freshman, Business Administration Nelson, Alvie A: 
Leavenworth, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Nelson, Bill L: Kiowa, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Nelson, Candace A: Culver, Junior, Sociology Nelson, Car- 
ol J: Oakley, Sophomore. Interior Design Nelson, Dennis F: Washington. 
Freshman. Agricultural Mechanization Nelson, Edward E: Holdrege, Neb . 
Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

SEVENTH ROW: Nelson, John T: Hanover. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Nelson, Karyl S: Garden City. Junior, Psychology Nelson, Kent 
L: Bartonville, III., 01, Architecture. Nelson, Leland J: Lindsborg, Fresh- 
man. General Agriculture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Nelson. Luann K: McPherson, Junior. Home Economics 
Education. Nelson, Mary P: Shawnee. Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Nelson, Robert R: Hays, Freshman. General. Nelson, Sharyl A: Horton, 
Junior. Physical Therapy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nelson, Suzanne E: Overland Park, Junior, Sociology 
Nelson, Vaughn L: Clyde, Junior, Agricultural Economics Nemechek, 
Richard A: Goodland. Sophomore, Physical Science. Netahla, Larry J: 

Bluff City, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization 



TOP ROW: Netson. Nancy A: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Nettles, 
Gaylon J: Manhattan, Sophomore. English. Neufeldt, Harold D: Hutchin- 
son, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Neulinger, Newell R: Springdale, 
Conn., 01, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Neuschwander, John T: Tribune, Freshman, Business 
Administration. New. Mark W: Norcatur, Freshman, General. Newbury, 
Lynnea S: Norton, Sophomore. Humanities. Newcom, Charles W: Garden 
City, Freshman, Pre-Law 

THIRD ROW: Newell, Bruce D: Dedham. Mass.. Sophomore, Horticulture. 
Newell, Joy A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Newell, Meta K: Stafford, Sophomore. Home Economics Education. 
Newell, Zona J : Stafford, Freshman, Pre-Medicme. 

FOURTH ROW: Newlin, Shirley A: Des Moines. Iowa. Sophomore. Music 
Education Newman, Douglas D: Belleville. Sophomore. Physical Educa- 
tion Newton, Jo Ann: Marysville. Freshman, Political Science Nichepor, 
Alex: Kansas City, Freshman, Business Administration 

FIFTH ROW: Nichols, Patty L: Prescott, Junior, General Agriculture. Ni- 
cholson, Patricia: Kansas City, Junior. Business Administration Nickel- 
son, Barbara J: Sabetha. Freshman, Pre-Medicme Nicklas, Kim S: Lea- 
wood. Sophomore. Family and Child Development. 

SIXTH ROW: Nickoley, Loren D: Manhattan. Junior. Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Nickum, Roy H: Kansas City. Junior. Nuclear Engineering. Nicode- 
mus, Janet S: Dodge City, Junior, Secondary Education Nicolai, Karen A: 

Lincoln, Neb . Sophomore. Interior Design 

SEVENTH ROW: Niedenthal, Galen R: Russell. Junior, Agronomy Niel- 
sen, Karen E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Interior Design Nielson, 
Chester D: Redstone. Ala. Freshman. General Niemann, Robert M: 

Wichita. Sophomore. Electrical Engineering 

ml i*4\M 

EIGHTH ROW Niemeyer, John S: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Nightingale, Timothy: Burrton. Freshman, General. Niles, Jana S: Lebo, 

Sophomore, Art Nimz, Dale E: Goodland, Freshman. General 

BOTTOM ROW: Nixon, Janice K: Topeka. Sophomore. Secondary Educa- 
tion. Nixon, Nancy K: Wellington, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Nixon, Suzanne B: Wichita, Freshman, General Noble, Albert A: Rosalia, 
Freshman, Animal Husbandry 


Underclassmen: Nob-Onw 

TOP ROW: Noble, Carol A: Wichita. Sophomore. Secondary Education. 
Noel, Raymond L: Burlington. Sophomore. Nuclear Engineering. 
Noellsch, Kathryn: Olathe. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education Noll, 
Richard A: Edwardsville, III.. Junior. Biological Sciences 

SECOND ROW: Noller, Kathryn L: Hebron. Neb . Freshman. Interior De- 
sign Norberg, Kathryn I: Shawnee Mission, Junior. Foods and Nutrition. 
Norby, Marcia A: Manhattan, Sophomore. Home Economics Education. 
Nordvig, Owen K: Capron, III , Junior, Horticulture. 

THIRD ROW: Norman, Larry Y: New York, NY, Freshman, Bakery Man- 
agement Norman, Neil K: Scott City, Freshman, Mathematics. Norris, 
Douglas C: Gaylord, Sophomore, General Agriculture Norris, Karen D: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW North, Barbara K: Coffeyville, Freshman, Mathematics. 
North, Judith R: Beloit, Sophomore, General Northrop, Harold R: Jet 

more. Freshman, Civil Engineering Norton, Beverly A: LaCygne, Sopho- 
more, General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Norton, Marsha L: Plainfield, N.J., Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Norton, Ronald W: Warren Town, N.J., Sophomore. Me- 
chanical Engineering Norton, Sharon L: Warren Town, N.J , Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Norvell, Nancy J: Manhattan. Sophomore. Pre- 
Elementary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Novak, Mary A: Lucas. Freshman. Home Economics Educa- 
tion Novosel, Judy K: Kansas City, Freshman, Biological Science Now- 
insky, Olga A: Hutchinson, Junior, Home Economics Education Nulty, 
James R: Jewell, 01, Architecture. 

St. John, Sophomore, Interior De- 
Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 

SEVENTH ROW: Nusbaum, Diane M 

sign Nusz, William A: Frederick, Mo 

cine. Nye, Debara K: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Nyffel 

er, Mark R: Columbus, Neb , Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Oberg, Richard K: Overland Park. Freshman. Pre-Dentistry. 
Oberle, Beverly S: Carbondale, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Obermeier, Teresa M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. O'Brien, Rex A: St Francis, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Aft Ail 

BOTTOM ROW: Ochs, David J: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Law. Ochs, Ken- 
neth C: LaCrosse. Sophomore. Physical Education. Ochsner, Doreen: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. O'Connell, Janet S: Great 
Bend, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 



TOP ROW: O'Connor, Donald D: Henngton. Junior. Business Administra- 
tion. O'Connor, Gerald F: Henngton. Sophomore. Industrial Engineering. 
O'Connor, J. Michael: Herington, Freshman. General O'Connor, Karen 

L: Gardner. Junior. Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW O'Dell, Pamela K: Shawnee Mission. Freshman. Psychol- 
ogy Odgers, Glenda M: Linn. Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Odle, Terry W: Glade, Junior. Agricultural Economics O'Hara, Gary E: 

Partridge, Junior. Secondary Education 

THIRD ROW: O'Hare, Steven K: Overland Park. Freshman. Wildlife Con- 
servation. O'Harra, Tama S: Wichita, Junior. Foods and Nutrition. Ohl, 
Barbara A: Great Bend, Sophomore, General Home Economics Ohmes, 
Francis E: Garden City, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW Olander, Randall R: Little River. Sophomore, General Agri- 
culture. Old, Beverly S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Music Education 
Oleen, Betty K: Falun, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Oliver, 
Kenneth W: Benton, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Oliver, Larry J : Manhattan. Sophomore. Veterinary Medicine. 
Olsen, Rodney C: Abilene. Freshman, Pre-Law. Olsen, Sherry L: Clay Cen- 
ter, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Olson, Carolyn D: Olsburg, Sophomore, 
General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Olson, Gary D: Abilene. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Olson, Gene L: McPherson. Freshman. General Agriculture Olson, Gor- 
don R: Alameda. Calif., Junior, Pre-Law. Olson, Judith J: Leonardville. 
Junior, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Olson, Karen E: Leawood. Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education Olson, Kathryn S: Dwight, Freshman. General Home Econom- 
ics Olson, Peter H: Manhattan. Freshman. Pre-Law Olson, Phillip W: 

McPherson. Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Olson, Sandra L: Dwight, Junior, Family and Child Deve- 
lopment. Olsson, Janice M: Mission. Junior, Modern Languages Oltjen, 
Allan C: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine O'Malley, Pe- 
ter J: Willingboro, N.J, 01 , Architecture 

BOTTOM ROW: Omlor, Jane A: Seward. Sophomore, Psychology. O'- 
Neill, Ronald D: Winchester, Sophomore, General Agriculture. O'Neill, 
Victoria R: Manhattan, Freshman. Business Administration. Onwiler, 
Glenna F: Kansas City. Freshman. Medical Technology. 


Underclassmen: Ony-Pat 

TOP ROW: Onyia, Kenneth N: Enugu, Nigeria. Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Opat, Steven L: McPherson. Freshman, Political Science. Orbison, 
Belva J: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education O'Rear, Gary 

G: Coffeyville, Junior, Mechanical Engineering 

SECOND ROW: Organ. William F: Oakley, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration Oring, Kenneth A: Livingston, N.J.. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Orloske, Cynthia J: Wichita, Freshman, Biological Science. 
Osborn, Cecelia M: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Osborn, Curtis C: Manhattan. Sophomore, English Osborn, 
Dana L: Anthony, Junior, Home Economics Education Osborn, James M: 
Liberal, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine Osborn, Victor L: Anthony, Jun- 
ior, Agricultural Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Osborne, Coral A: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education 
Osborne, Janet S: Wichita, Junior, Modern Languages Osborne. Lloyd 

A: Springfield, Va.. Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Osbourn, Pamela J: 

Manhattan, Sophomore. General 

FIFTH ROW: Osburn, Charlotte L: Neodesha, Freshman, General Osh- 
ields, Sharon I: Ft. Worth, Tex , Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Oshi- 
ro, David K: Nanakuli, Hawaii, Junior, Animal Husbandry. Ostermann, 

Alan D: Sylvan Grove. Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Ostermann, John G: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine Ostmeyer, Colleen M: Grinnell, Junior, Elementary 
Education Oswalt, William D: Little River, Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Otte, Kent E: Great Bend, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics 

SEVENTH ROW: Otte, Melodie A: Great Bend, Freshman. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Ottenberg, Ray: Washington. DC . Junior, Bakery Manage- 
ment. Oursler, Thomas L: Topeka, Junior. Civil Engineering. Overman, 
Nancy A: Marysville, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

EIGHTH ROW: Overman, Robert D: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Law. Over- 
man, William F: Wichita, Sophomore. Civil Engineering. Overocker, Ja- 
nice A: Protection, Sophomore. General Home Economics. Overstreet, 
Ronald L: Augusta. 1 , Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Owen, Robert L: Elizabethtown, Pa., 02. Architecture. 
Owen, Robin B: Middletown, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Law. Owens, Thomas 
C: Newton, Junior, Political Science. Pace, David W: Westover. Mass., 
Freshman, Biochemistry. 


TOP ROW: Packard, Helen E: Topeka. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Padden, Philip F: Holton. Sophomore. Pre-Medicine Padon, Doro- 
thy J : Prairie Village, Freshman, Pie-Elementary Education Page, Barbara 

J : Atchison, Freshman, Business Administration 

SECOND ROW: Paine, Patricia J: Overland Park, Freshman, Consumer 
Interest Pallesen, Annette: Topeka, Junior, Sociology Palmer, Stephen 
P: McPherson, Freshman, General Palmer, Thomas C: Mission, Sopho- 
more, General Agriculture 

THIRD ROW: Pankrantz, Carol D: Canton, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Pannbacker, William: Washington, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine. Pape, Warner R: Junction City, 04, Accounting Papon, Orval 

F: Fredonia, Sophomore, Business Administration 

FOURTH ROW: Paquette, Lonnie L: Manhattan, 03, Architecture. Para- 
more, Pamela J: Delphos, Sophomore, Pre, Elementary Education Parker, 
Charles E: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Administration Parker, David 
L: Wichita, Sophomore, Accounting 

FIFTH ROW: Parker, Don G: Wichita, 02, Architecture. Parker, Jack W: 

Kansas City. Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Parker, Joanne J: Belpre. 
Freshman, Clothing Retailing Parker, Natalie J: Clearwater. Sophomore, 
Music Education. 

■HPI Bk 

A lAJk 

SIXTH ROW Parker, Patricia L: Clearwater, Freshman, Family and Child 
Development Parker, Steven R: Leoti, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Parmely, Michael L: Leroy, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Parr, 
Jane L: Rossville, Freshman, General 

SEVENTH ROW: Parry, Deanna K: Osage City, Sophomore, Physical Ther- 
apy. Parsons, Carolynn A: Manhattan, Freshman. Medical Technology. 
Parsons, Dwayne L: Prairie Village. Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 
Partch, Ted R: Bird City, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pastrick, Pamela J: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education Patnode, Wanda L: Manhattan, Junior, Accounting 
Patrick, James C: Overland Park, Freshman, Chemistry Patrick, Ward D: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patterson, Dennis C: Topeka, Junior, Sociology. Patter- 
son, George F: Washington, Junior, Pre-Law. Patterson, Joseph D: Liber- 
al, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Patterson, Mary L: Ford, Freshman, Humani- 


Underclassmen: Pat-Pha 

TOP ROW: Patterson, Raye R: Derby, Freshman, Social Science. Patter- 
son, Robert E: Ogden, Sophomore. Pre-Forestry. Pattison, Ann C: Prairie 
Village. Sophomore. Medical Technology Patton, Martha D: Danville. 
Freshman. General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Patton, Patricia A: Blauvelt. NY., Junior. Elementary Edu- 
cation. Patton, Walter B: Galena, Freshman. Agricultural Mechanization. 
Paulsen, Gary D: Onaga, Freshman, Pre-Medicine Paulsen, Patsy S: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Physical Education 

THIRD ROW: Paulson, Ronald K: Colome, S.D., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Pavlu, Linda J: Brownell, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Payne, 
James D: Topeka, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering Payne, Patricia A: 

Los Angeles, Cal., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

FOURTH ROW Peach, Arthur E: Morris Plains, N.J , Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Pearce, Bryan F: Wallace, Junior, Geology. Pearce, Dan 
C: Salina. Freshman, Geography Pearson, Alice L: Reading, Sophomore, 
Applied Music 

FIFTH ROW: Pearson, Barbara S: Concordia, Sophomore, Music Educa- 
tion Pearson, Carolyn S: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Pearson, Thomas C: Concordia, 03, Architecture. Pease, Ronald A: Ft 

Scott, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Pedersen, Connie E: Emporia, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Pederson, Christina: Manhattan. Sophomore, Humanities. 
Peeks, Marilyn J: Marysville, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education Peel, 
David E: Topeka. 02. Architecture 

SEVENTH ROW: Peetz, Donald S: Madison. Wis . Freshman. Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine Pelkey, Linda K: Atchison, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Pell, Mary H: De Soto, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education Pellmann, 
Neil F: Millstadt, III., Junior, Agricultural Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pelter, Joseph D: Hernngton, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism Pendarvis, Nancy I: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy. 
Percival, Sharon L: Coffeyville, Junior, Modern Languages. Perrier, John 

W: Dodge City, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Perry, Charles A: Baldwin, Freshman, Physical Science. 
Perry, Dale J : Waver ly. Junior, Speech. Perry, Nancy J : Manhattan, 
Freshman, Chemistry Perry, Norma B: Wichita, Junior, Technical Journal- 



TOP ROW: Perry, Robert W: Blue Rapids. Sophomore. General Perry, 
Stephen M: Wichita, Freshman. General. Peter, Michael J: Shawnee 
Mission. Freshman, Civil Engineering. Peterie, Jerry D: Kinsley. Freshman. 
Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Peters, Bruce E: Wellington. Sophomore. Business Ad- 
ministration Peters, James M: Lehigh, Sophomore. Business Administra- 
tion. Peters, Lola J: Summerfield, Junior. Family and Child Development. 
Peterson, Cheryl J: Smith Center, Freshman. Home Economics Extension 

THIRD ROW Peterson, Danny R: Burdick, Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Peterson, David C: Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Education Peter- 
son, Garry L: Haddam, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Peterson, Garth L: 

Monument, Junior, Veterinary Medicine 

FOURTH ROW: Peterson, James C: Downers Grove, III 
Engineering Peterson, Jane D: Clifton. Freshman, So 
Jean E: Topeka, Junior, Family and Child Developmen 
M: Great Bend. Sophomore. Social Science. 

. 04, Architectural 
ciology Peterson, 
t Peterson, Jerry 

FIFTH ROW: Peterson, John C: Belvue. Junior, Physical Education. Peter- 
son, Jolene M: McPherson. Freshman, General Home Economics Peter- 
son, Larry M: Burdick, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine Peterson, Linda J : 

Mulvane, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Peterson, Mary E: Manhattan, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Peterson, Michael E: Belvue, Freshman, General Peterson, 
Nancy S: McPherson, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Peterson, 
Randy M: Assaria. Freshman, General Agriculture 

SEVENTH ROW: Peterson, Ronald L: Haddam, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Peterson, Ronald N: Clyde, Junior, Geology. Petr, Daniel D: Blue 

Rapids. Junior, Civil Engineering. Petrik, Nancy J: Topeka, Sophomore, 
General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pfannenstiel, Raymond: Ness City. Junior. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Pfefer, David N: Kansas City, Sophomore, Bakery Management 
Pfeiffer, Donald G: Garland, Freshman. Electrical Engineering. Pfister, 
Linda S: Clifton, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Pfister, Phiiip W: Clifton, Freshman, English. Pflieger, 
Edwin F: Logan, Sophomore. Building Construction Pflughoeft, Alan K: 

Ellsworth. Junior. Animal Husbandry. Phalp, Lynne E: Wichita. Freshman. 
Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 


Underclassmen: Pha-Pra 

TOP ROW: Pharo, Michael G: Salina, Junior. Landscape Architecture. 
Philbrook, David M : Leavenworth. Freshman. Pre-Forestry Phillips, Boni- 

ta: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. Phillips, Carol A: Valley 
Falls. Sophomore. General Home Economics 

SECOND ROW Phillips, Judith A: Manhattan, Sophomore. History Phil- 
lips, Linda M: Clay Center, Sophomore, Foods and Nutrition. Phillips, 
Thomas J: Leavenworth. Sophomore. Nuclear Engineering Phinney, Alan 

G: Overland Park. Sophomore, Business Administration 

THIRD ROW Pickens, Judy E: Oswego, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Pickett, Delmar V: Randolph. Freshman. History Pickett, 
Keith F: Council Grove, Special. Technical Journalism Piepenbring, Jack: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW Pierce, Gary W: Salina. Freshman. Physical Science. 
Pierce, Ralph L: Horton, Sophomore. Chemistry. Pierpoint, Pamela S: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Accounting Pierson, Bruce A: Clay Center, Fresh- 
man, General 

FIFTH ROW: Pierson, Stephen W: Junction City, Freshman, General Pike, 
Losson G: Ashland, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Pike, Susan K: Mer- 
riam, Sophomore. Psychology Pilcher, Daniel E: Manhattan, Junior, Me- 
chanical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: Pilger, Norman W: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Pinick, George E: McPherson, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering Pinkerton, Sheryl L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Pinkston, Tom L: Cedar Point, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Pinnick, Larry V: Overland Park. Sophomore. Industrial 
Engineering. Pino, Nick: Santa Fe, N.M., Junior, Business Administration. 
Piper, Richard R: Prairie Village. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Pip- 
pitt, Teresa C: Montezuma, Freshman, Home Economics Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Pirott, Sharon S: Cawker City. 04, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Pittman, Jack R: Greensburg, 01, Architecture. Pizel, Linda R: 
Kanorado. Freshman. Mathematics. Plantz, Michael S: Leawood. Fresh- 
man, Zoology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Plattner, Janell A: Sabetha. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Plemons, Ronald W: Medicine Lodge. Sophomore. Pre-Medi- 
cine. Plett, Marilyn J: Garden City, Junior, Medical Technology Plog, 
James F: Schaghtico, NY.. Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

,... •* 


Mv if H m 


MiMwl ill a IBM. 

TOP ROW Plumb, Linda K: Marysville. Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion Plumberg, Gary J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical Science. Plum- 
mer, Gerald M: Walnut Creek, Cal , Sophomore, Pre-Law Plummer, Lee 

A: Independence, Sophomore, Business Administration 

SECOND ROW Plummer, Linda L: Paola, Freshman, Home Economics 
Extension. Poell, Linda A: Leavenworth, Junior, Sociology Poggemeyer, 
Lewis E: Alexandria. Va . 02, Architecture. Pogue, Vicky L: Minneapolis, 
Sophomore, Psychology 

THIRD ROW: Poister, John H: Enterprise, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Poland, Steven B: Olathe, Freshman, General Pollman, James L: Marys- 
ville, Freshman, Pre-Medicine Polly, Leland J: Baxter Springs. Sophomore, 
Elementary Education 

FOURTH ROW: Pomeroy, E. Diane: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Law. Pom- 
perien, Janice E: Centerville, Iowa, Sophomore, Physical Education Poole, 
Pamela L: Manhattan, Freshman, Physics Poorman, Tom T: Wichita. 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering 

FIFTH ROW: Poovey, Waldo D: Westphalia, Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry Pope, Jerald L: Marysville, Freshman. Pre-Secondary Education. 
Pope, Stephen R: Shawnee. Freshman. General Agriculture Popp, Con- 
rad M: Studley, Freshman, Animal Husbandry 

SIXTH ROW: Porrata, Luis A: Rio Piedra. Puerto Rico, 02, Architecture 
Porter, Allegee Y: Kansas City, Junior, General Home Economics Porter, 
Benjamin L: Garden City, 02, Architecture. Porteus, Cheryl L: Winfield, 
Junior, Physical Education 

SEVENTH ROW Portschy, Charlotte: Hendon, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Post, Gail I: Waterville, Junior, Elementary Education Poten- 
ski, Ronald D: Clay Center, Freshman, General Potter, Thomas M : Wichi- 
ta, Sophomore, Accounting. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pottroff, Marlene K: Liberal. Junior. Elementary Education 
Powell, Brenda L: Kansas City. Junior, Mathematics Powell, David C: 

Oradell, N.J., Junior, Music Education. Powell, Donna K: Hanston, Fresh- 
man, Clothing and Retailing 

BOTTOM ROW: Powell, Eugene L: Hanston. Junior, Feed Science and 
Management Powell, Sandra J: Leawood, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Liberal Arts. Powell, Wayne G: Plains, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Praegen, Karla F: Claflin, Freshman. Social Science. 



::: - "lip' 

Underclassmen: Pra-Ram 

TOP ROW: Praeger, Kent R: Claflin. Junior, Political Science. Pralle, Craig 
L: Marysville, Freshman. General. Prather, Donald W: Topeka, Junior, 
Electrical Engineering. Pratt, lelah A: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 

SECOND ROW: Pratt, Mary L: Colby, Sophomore. Chemistry Pray, Chris- 
tine E: Hope, Sophomore, English. Pray, Warren C: Junction City, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Secondary Education Presley, Glenn S: Salma, Freshman, 
Electrical Engineering 

THIRD ROW Presnal, Nancy L: Goddard, Freshman, Pre-Law. Pretzer, 

Garrett J: Elmdale, Sophomore. Agricultural Mechanization. Price, 
Charles W: Wichita. Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Price, Linda A: 

Burlington, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW Price, Steve J: Bennington, Sophomore, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics Price, Susan L: Overland Park, Freshman, Psychology Price, Wil- 
liam S: Overland Park, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Priebe, James 

W: Vassar. Sophomore. General 

FIFTH ROW: Prine, Richard W: Prairie Village. Freshman, Building Con- 
struction. Prochaska, Mary K: Chapman, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Journalism Propp, Lawrence L: Wichita, Freshman. General Propp, 
Ronald G: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Prosser, David H : Waipahu, Hawaii, Junior, General. Prothe, 
Rolland W: Paola, Freshman, General Agriculture Protus, Robert J: 
Brooklyn, NY, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Prus, Leslie J : Manhat- 
tan, Freshman, Physics 

SEVENTH ROW: Ptak, Richard L: Western Springs, III , Junior, Industrial 
Engineering Puckett, Curtis A: Girard, Freshman, Civil Engineering Puett, 
Harry L: Manhattan, Junior. Electrical Engineering. Pugh, Janet E: Mayet- 
ta. Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pule, Sharon D: Bonner Springs, Sophomore. Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Pulliam, Kathleen A: Kansas City. Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Pulliam, William D: Kansas City, Mo.. 02, Architecture. 
Pultz, Lawrence O: Ceiba. Puerto Rico. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 

BOTTOM ROW: Pustka, Louis L: New York. NY, Freshman, General. 
Pyles, Jean M: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Quails, 
Leslie E: Baxter Springs, Freshman, Industrial Engineering Quattlebaum, 
Mart a J: Palos Verde, Calif. Freshman. Social Science 



TOP ROW: Quick, Dudley E: Mapleton, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Quiring, John M: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Quirk, Wendy E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Rabe, Ronald L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW Raccuglia, Gary R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Dentist- 
ry. Rader, Kay M: Mount Hope, Freshman, Elementary Education Rader, 
Ryan R: Oakley, 02, Architecture. Ragland, John W: Goodman, Mo., 
Sophomore, Feed Science and Management. 

THIRD ROW: Raida, Merle L: Harper, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Raile, Clifford D: St. Francis, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Rains, 
Mary K: Wichita. Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Raitt, Je- 
anette M: Rose Hill, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Raitt, Judy E: Rose Hill, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Ralston, Marguerite: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journal- 
ism. Ramirez, Elizabeth M: Shawnee, Freshman, Mathematics. Ramsey, 
Carl C: Salina, 03, Architecture 

Lens focused and flash positioned, a yearbook staff member 
finds proper angle for photographing a convocation speaker. 

Union committee members add a seasonal touch to the build- 
ing's entrance with spruce rope and blue and green bows 

■ ? 


Underclassmen: Ram-Rhy 

TOP ROW: Ramsey. Jerry J: Salma. Freshman. Civil Engineering. Ram- 
sey, Julie K: Salma. Junior. Elementary Education. Ramsey, Lorna M: 
Council Grove. Freshman. General Randall, Allen J: Kansas City. Fresh- 
man. Electrical Engineering 

SECOND ROW: Randolph, Janet L: Kansas City. Freshman. Sociology. 
Raney, Stephen K: Lansing, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Rankin, 
Mary J: Kansas City. Junior, Pre-Elementary Education Ransom, Edgar 

W: Williamsburg, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Ranz, Suzan C: Chanute, Sophomore. General Rapp, Ger- 
ald F: Peoria, III , Freshman, Pre-Law Rasmusson, Jarold L: Lindsborg, 
Freshman, General. Ratcliffe, John T: Manhattan, Sophomore, Mechanical 

FOURTH ROW Rathbun, Connie S: Conway, Sophomore. Home Econom- 
ics and Nursing Rattle, Cheryl L: Shawnee Mission. Junior. Psychology 
Ravenscroft, Patricia: Overland Park. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing. 
Rawlings, Barbara N: Shawnee Mission. Special. General. 

FIFTH ROW: Rawlings, Edward O: Overland Park. Freshman, Mathemat- 
ics Rawlings, Marie E: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Journalism Rawlings, Paul H: Overland Park, Junior, English Ray, Jo- 
seph M: Kansas City, 03, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW Rayl, Jan L: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Medicine Rayl, 
Robert P: Winfield, Freshman, Business Administration. Reber, Diana L: 
Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics. Reck, Martha J: Salma. 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Redd, Dennis G: Buhler, Junior, Statistics. Reed, Bar- 
bara L: Liberal, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing Reed, Dale W: Formoso, 
Sophomore, Chemistry Reed, Michael E: Plamville, Freshman, Chemical 

EIGHTH ROW: Reed, Nancy Jane: Emporia, Junior. Home Economics 
Education Reed, Ralph L: Ft. Scott. Junior, Agricultural Economics. Reed, 
Robert H: Chapman, Freshman, Psychology Reed, Thomas A: Morgan- 
ville. Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 

BOTTOM ROW: Reeder, Martha E: Troy, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Reeder, Pamela A: Topeka. Freshman. Clothing Retailing 
Reeve, Sandra L: Garden City. Junior. General Regehr, Geraldine F: 

Hutchinson. Junior, Business Administration. 


TOP ROW: Regnier, Robert D: Mission. Freshman, Pre-Law Regnier, Vic- 
tor A: Mission. Sophomore. Architectural Engineering Reh, Sheryl K: 
Natoma, Freshman. Dietetics and Institutional Management Rehm, Susan 
N: Leavenworth, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

SECOND ROW Rehschuh, Susan M: Manhattan. Sophomore, Art Rei- 
ber, Duke B: Junction City, Junior, Technical Journalism Reid, Virginia R: 

Bedford, Tex., Junior, Elementary Education Reilly, Brian M: Old Chatha, 
N.Y., Sophomore. Animal Husbandry 

THIRD ROW: Reimer, Daryl R: Plains. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 
Reinhardt, Nelson K: Great Bend, Junior, Animal Husbandry Reisig, 
David J: Russell, Sophomore. Agronomy. Reiss. Carolyn S: Plalms. Fresh- 
man, Music Education 

FOURTH ROW: Reissig. William H: St. John, Junior. Entomology Reitzel, 
Melvin J: Logan. Sophomore. Business Administration Rembleske, Linda 
M: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration. Remley, Max D: Man- 
hattan, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

FIFTH ROW: Renner, Kerry L: Fulton, Mo., Junior, Architectural Structures 
Renouf, Michael R: Manhattan, 04, Animal Husbandry Rensch, Paula 
M: Kansas City, Mo, Freshman, Family and Child Development. Rensen- 
house, Thomas: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW Repp, Marcia M: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Reppert, Jerry L: Anna, III., Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Retrum, Richard O: Leawood. Freshman, Business Administration Reyes, 
Roberto F: Shawnee Mission, 04, Family and Child Development. 

SEVENTH ROW: Reynolds, James F: Salina, Junior. Industrial Engineer- 
ing Reynolds, Martha J: Mission, Junior. Speech. Reynolds, Nick L: 

Cuba, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Reynolds, Nona G: Overland Park, 
Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Reynolds, Stephen L: Abilene, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Reynolds, Thomas P: Shawnee, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Reynolds, William L: Wmfield, Junior. Agricultural Economics. 
Rhine, Barry L: Haddam. Junior, Nuclear Engineering 


BOTTOM ROW: Rhodd, Raymond L: Dexter, Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Rhorer, Michael W: Kinsley, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Rhudy, Pol- 
ly J: Derby, Freshman, General Home Economics. Rhyne, Janie I: Vanden- 
berg. Calif., Sophomore, Humanities 


Underclassmen: Ric-Rob 

TOP ROW: Rice, Barbara S: Coffeyville. Junior, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Rice. Bonita A: Leawood. Sophomore. Family and Child 
Development. Rice. Gaylord L: Paola. Junior. Nuclear Engineering Rice, 
James S: Denver. Colo.. Junior, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Rice, Katharyn L: Arkansas City. Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion Rice, Linda L: Great Bend, Freshman. Interior Design. Rice, Robert 
E: Paola. Freshman, Business Administration Rice, Sharon F: Ottawa, 
Junior, Home Economics Education 

THIRD ROW: Rich, Danny M: Hutchinson, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion Richard, Loren D: Ellsworth, Freshman. Agricultural Education. Ri- 
chards, David F: Norton, Freshman, Business Administration Richards, 
Gary A: Oberlin, Freshman, General 

FOURTH ROW: Richards, Gayla L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Sociology 
Richards, George T: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. Richards, 
John P: Pemberton, N.J.. Freshman, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. Richards, 
Linda S: Longford, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing. 


FIFTH ROW: Richards, Michael K: Atwood, Sophomore. Animal Husban- 
dry. Richards, Pamela J : Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Richards, William L: Hoyt, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Richardson, 

Glen E: Lawrence, Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. 

<t n 

SIXTH ROW: Richardson, James C: Belleville, Sophomore, General. Ri- 
chardson, James L: Stafford, Freshman, Mathematics. Richardson, 
James M: Shawnee, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry Richardson, Janet L: 

Leavenworth. Freshman. General Home Economics. 

^^m SSk. flfc '-• t-*u» mM 

fgtH ■%,.- 


SEVENTH ROW: Richardson, Joseph T: Manhattan. Junior. Business 
Administration Richardson, Linda M: Winifred, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Richardson, Pamela: Seabrook, Md., Freshman, Math- 
ematics Richardson, Patricia: Ottawa, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Liberal Arts 


EIGHTH ROW: Richardson, Ralph C: Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine Richling, Peter L: Plainview, Neb.. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Rickard, Loren J: Lyons, Sophomore. Veterinary Medicine 
Ricker, Clyde S: Raymond, Freshman, General 

BOTTOM ROW: Ricker, Ronald R: Raymond, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion Ridenour, Craig W: Council Grove, 02, Architecture. Ridgway, Ros- 
alind J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Rieck, Bruce D: Bur- 
lingame. Freshman, Chemistry. 


TOP ROW: Riedel, Eugene A: Leavenworth. Junior. Electrical Engineering. 
Riedl, Joseph F: Otis. Junior, Chemical Engineering. Rieke, Deanne M : 
Shawnee. Junior, Sociology Riemann, Linda K: Claflin. Sophomore. Cloth- 
ing Retailing 

SECOND ROW: Riemann, Melvin L: Claflin. Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Rieniets, David C: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering Rieschick, Rita 

M: Soldier, Freshman, Family and Child Development Riffle, Anne M : 

Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Riggenbach, John C: Wellington, 01, Architecture Riggs, 
Glenn W: Dexter, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Riisoe, John L: 

Kinsley, Freshman. Animal Husbandry Riley, Lesta L: Valley Center, Fresh- 
man, Technical Journalism 

FOURTH ROW: Riley, Randall B: Valley Center, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Riley, Wanita M : Dighton, Freshman, General Home Economics. Rinas, 
Carol A: Salina, Freshman, General Rindt, Cheryl K: Abilene, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education 

FIFTH ROW: Ringer, Kenneth A: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering 
Rink, Larry E: Maize, Freshman, Biochemistry. Risley, Kathleen R: Cald- 
well, Sophomore. Elementary Education. Risley, Randy D: Girard. Junior. 
Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Rissen, Don A: Manhattan. 04, Electrical Engineering Ris- 
ser, Linda D: Leawood. Junior, Elementary Education Rittgers, Jerry L: 
Salina. Freshman. General Rivera, Carmen J: Junction City, Freshman, 

SEVENTH ROW: Rivir, Steven R: Salina. Freshman. Wildlife Conservation 
Roach, Patricia A: Anthony, Junior. English Roach, Sallie K: Overland 

Park, Sophomore, Interior Design. Robb, David E: Dodge City, Junior, 
Animal Husbandry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Robben, Gary L: Oakley, Sophomore. Accounting. Rob- 
bins, Claude L: Kirkwood. Mo.. 02, Architecture Roberts, Craig A: Salina, 

Sophomore. Civil Engineering. Roberts, James C: Wichita, Junior, Land- 
scape Architecture. 


BOTTOM ROW: Roberts, Kent L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Roberts, Maurice D: Wellington, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Roberts, Robert R: Emporia. 01, Architecture Roberts, Ronald D: Da- 
mar, Freshman. Electrical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Rob-Ros 

TOP ROW: Roberts, Rory R: Olney, III.. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Roberts, Thomas C: Scott City, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Robertson, Richard K: Marion, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Robin- 
son, Bruce H: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Robinson, Carolyn M: Nashville. Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Robinson, Gary F: Arkansas City, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Robinson, Geraldine: Soldier, Freshman, Interior 
Design Robinson, Jackie J : Frankfort, Junior, General 

THIRD ROW: Robinson, John C: St. Marys, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering Robinson, Karen J : Cedar Point, Sophomore, Accounting. Robin- 
son, Richard L: Downs, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Robinson, Roy 

L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Milling Science and Management. 

FOURTH ROW Robinson, Valeria J: Hiawatha, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Robker, Douglas E: Easton, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Robson, 

John W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Robson, 
Ronald E: New York City, NY, Sophomore, Speech. 

*-*■„■ * 

FIFTH ROW: Rock, Lester A: Dodge City, Junior, Mil 
Management Rock, Lynn M: Hope. Sophomore. Am 
Rock, Steven L: Hutchinson. Junior. Chemistry Rock, W 
Junior, Physical Education 

iing Science and 
mal Husbandry. 
illiam F: Munice, 

SIXTH ROW Rockefeller, Lois A: Clay Center. Freshman, Sociology 
Rockhold, David R: Salina, Sophomore, Zoology Rockhold, Delva K: Ar 

lington. Junior, Secondary Education Rockhold, Greg T: Topeka, Sopho- 
more, Chemical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Roda, Daniel P: Hudson. Ohio. Sophomore. Business 
Administration Rodda, Robert G: Wichita. Freshman, Humanities. Rode- 
lander, Priscilla: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Biological Science Roden- 
beek, Suzanne W: Scott City, Junior, Elementary Education 

EIGHTH ROW Roebke, Catherine A: Clay Center, Junior, Applied Music 
Roeder, James H: Frankfort, Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. Roeder, 
Judy I: Norton, Junior, Secondary Education. Roeder, Robert J: Norton, 
Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roesler, Eileen D: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Roesler, Steven D: Junction City, Sophomore. Speech. Rogers, Mi- 
chael D: Carbondale, Junior. Mechanical Engineering Rogers, Michael K: 

Phillipsburg. Freshman. Electrical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Rogers. Richard W: Lodi. N.J . Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Rogers, Rodney D: Phillipsburg. Sophomore, Pre-Forestry Rogge, 
Thomas K: Washington, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Roglin, Virginia 

R: Quincy, Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Rohla. Joann E: Formoso, Sophomore, Dietetics and Insti- 
tutional Management. Rohles, Nancy B: Manhattan, Freshman, Psycholo- 
gy Rohr, Dale R: Overland Park, Sophomore, Accounting Rohr, Joyce J: 

Burlington, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Rohrer, Carole J: Hutchinson, Junior, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Rokey, Garry J: Sabetha, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine Roland, 
David M: Wichita, 01, Architecture. Rollenhagen, Larry E: Onaga, Fresh- 
man, Animal Husbandry. 

fcikk dim 

FOURTH ROW: Rollin, Herbert P: Kansas City, Freshman. Industrial Engi- 
neering Rollins, Larry W: Wichita, Sophomore, Accounting Romig, Tho- 
mas J: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Romine, Gary L: Osage, Junior, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Ronnau, Charles F: St. Marys, Sophomore, Animal Husban- 
dry. Roode, Thomas M: Fairbury, Neb, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry 
Roof, Donald B: Manhattan, Freshman, History. Roohms, Janet F: St 

John, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 


SIXTH ROW: Roper, Barbara J: Manhattan, Freshman, Art. Rorick, Jerre 

K: Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Rork, Dennis E: Mul- 
vane. Junior, Music Education Roscoe, Jerry E: Junction City, Freshman, 
Technical Journalism 

SEVENTH ROW: Rose, Bruce E: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Rose, 
Carmie J: Topeka, Sophomore, English. Rose, Marita K: Prescott, Fresh- 
man, Family and Child Development Rose, Sara A: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, General 

EIGHTH ROW: Rose, Theresa K: Overbrook, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Rose, Van L: Lenexa, Junior, Secondary Education Rosen, 
Harvey I: Brooklyn, NY, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Rosenow, 
Nola M: Clay Center, Junior, Music Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Rosness, Randall L: Seattle, Wash., Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Ross, Cheryl J: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Ross, 
Cynthia L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Ross, Lin- 
da M: LaCygne, Freshman, Music Education 


Underclassmen: Ros-San 

TOP ROW: Ross, Wayne A: Webber, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Ross, William R: Beloit, Junior, Secondary Education. Rossito, Richard L: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Rostine, Kathleen A: 

Hutchinson, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Roswurm, Richard C: Colorado Springs, Colo., Freshman, 
Electrical Engineering Roswurm, Richard D: Harper, Freshman. Nuclear 
Engineering. Roth, Gene M: Whitewater, Freshman, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Roth, Janet S: Atchison, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Roth, Janice L: LaCygne, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Roth, 
John H: Ellinwood, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Roth, Rob R: 
Lakewood, Colo., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Rothfuss, Jerry W: 

Clifton, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

FOURTH ROW: Rotman, Jennifer B: Cawker City, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Rottering, Quintin N: Cunningham, Junior, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Rottinghaus, Carol A: Corning, Freshman, General. 
Roush, Roger E: Stafford, Freshman, Architectural Structures. 

FIFTH ROW: Rowland, John R: Rockford, III , Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Rowland, Larry E: Troy, Junior, Agricultural Education. Rowlen, Craig 
S: Belleville, Junior, Business Administration Royer, Linda L: Arnngton, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Ruble, Connie J: San Mateo, Calif., Freshman, Business 
Administration. Ruder, Gary J: Hays, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Rudick, Douglas D: Bellerose, NY., Freshman, General. Ruediger, Nor- 
man E: Topeka, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Rueter, Leon B: Ocheyedan, Iowa, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Ruff, Donna J: Newton, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Ruff, Patricia A: Logan, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Ruff, 
Rodney L: Ness City, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Ruggles, Patricia A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Physical 
Therapy Ruhnke, Dennis N: Troy, Freshman, Biological Science. Ruhnke, 
Robert A: Atchison. Freshman, General Rule, John R: Norton, Freshman, 
Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rule, Sharron J: Norton, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Rumsey, Benjamin T: Council Grove, Freshman. Electrical En- 
gineering. Rumsey, Gary O: Wichita. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Rumsey, Gilbert E: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 


TOP ROW: Rundle, Danny L: Clay Center, Freshman. Horticulture Runft, 
Myron G: Scandia. Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Rupp, Janet S: Man- 
hattan, Junior. Secondary Education Rupp. Susan K: Wakeeney, Fresh- 
man, General 

SECOND ROW Rusink, Larry E: Norton, Junior, Accounting Russ, Debo- 
rah J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Russ, Roger A: 

Natoma, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Russell, Dennis D: Wichita, 
Freshman, Business Administration 

THIRD ROW: Russell, Glenda J: Wichita, Sophomore, Art Russell, Lettye 
E: Belle Plain. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Russell, Phillip E: 
Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Law Russett, Fay O: Ulysses, Junior. 
General Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW Rust, Gail L: Franklin, Neb, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Rust, Linda M: Goodland, Junior, Business Administration. Rust, Tony L: 
Junction City, Sophomore, Business Administration Rutherford, Charles: 

Richmond Heights, Mo.. Sophomore. Political Science 

FIFTH ROW: Rutherford, Michael R: Anthony. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Rutledge, Barbara L: Wichita, 01, Architecture Ryan, Helen 

M: Leavenworth, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. Ryan, John J: 

Dover, N J, Junior. Physics. 

SIXTH ROW: Ryan, Margaret J: Wichita, Sophomore, Speech Therapy 
Ryan, Robert D: Kansas City, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Ryan, Ruth A: 
Leavenworth, Sophomore, Interior Design Ryan, William D: Solomon, 
Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ryman, Jeffrey C: Dunlap. Sophomore, Nuclear Engi- 
neering Sack, James L: St Marys, Freshman, Architectural Structures 
Sack, Mary B: Wichita, Freshman, Chemistry Sailor, Thomas C: Wichita. 
01 . Architecture 

EIGHTH ROW: Salter, Beverly J: Wakefield, Sophomore. Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Salvino, Sharon K: Overland Park, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Sanborn, Karen J: Junction City. Junior. Secondary Education 
Sanders, James N : Laurel, Miss., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

BOTTOM ROW: Sanders, Marlena K: Cummings. Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Sanders, Priscilla D: Overland Park, Freshman, Social Sci- 
ence Sanders, Randee L: Junction City, Freshman, General. Sanders, 
Sandra K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 


Underclassmen: San-Sch 

TOP ROW: Sandy, Paula K: Osborne, Junior. Home Economics Education. 
Sanford, Linda K: Belleville, Sophomore, Chemistry. Sanford, Paula L: 

Manhattan, Sophomore. Music Education. Sanner. Ann M: Manhattan, 
Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: San Ronani, David L: Emporia, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Sargent, Charles E: Olsburg. Freshman, Agricultural Econom- 
ics Saror, Daniel I: Zaki-Biam. Nigeria, Junior. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Sauble, Mary A: Cedar Point, Freshman, Art. 

THIRD ROW: Saunders, Sonya K: Wichita, Freshman. Home Economics 
Education Saunders, Stephen M: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Sauvage, 
Trudy L: Oberlin, Freshman, Business Administration Savage, Cathy G: 

Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Social Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Sawyer, Brenda G: Bird City, Freshman, Dietetics and In- 
stitutional Management. Sawyer, Cheryl D: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pol- 
itical Science Sawyer, Jimmy L: Conway, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Sawyer, Linda R: Bird City, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Sawyer, Steve D: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Sawyer, William K: Hutchinson, Sophomore, General Saye, Dee A: Par- 
sons, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Sayre, Stephen R: Ensign, 
Sophomore, Mathematics 

SIXTH ROW: Scarrow, Boyd L: Mankato, Junior, Accounting. Schafer, 
Joann: Junction City, Junior. Secondary Education. Schafer, Mary J: Nor- 
ton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Schafer, Sidonie A: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schafer, Vance D: Conway, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Schaible, Charles A: Fairview, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Schaller, Gregory D: Lewis, Sophomore, Pre-Law Schanefelt, Dennis D: 

Abilene, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry 

EIGHTH ROW: Schaper, Mary K: Peck, Junior, General Home Economics. 
Schartz, Barry L: Ellinwood, Freshman, General. Schauble, Linda L: Over- 
land Park, Sophomore, Art. Scheaffer, Daryl R: Abilene, Sophomore Ac- 

BOTTOM ROW: Schear, William C: Lafayette. La.. Sophomore. Mechani- 
cal Engineering Scheele, Marvin L: Clay Center. Freshman, Mathematics. 
Scheetz, Nancy K: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Scheid, Paula S: Whiting, Freshman, General. 


TOP ROW: Schell, Mary K: Marysville. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Schermerhorn, Barbara: Junction City. Freshman. Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Scheuerman, Perry O: Bison. Junior. Chemical Engineering. Schick. 
Leroy W: Logan. Freshman. Accounting 

SECOND ROW: Schimpf, Cheryl A: Marion, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Schimpf, Gene L: Marion, Sophomore, General. Schimpf, 
Mary A: Marion, Freshman, Home Economics Education Schinstock, 
Eugene E: Kinsley, Junior, Technical Journalism 

THIRD ROW: Schinstock, Jackie L: Spearville, Freshman, Agricultural 
Education Schirokofsky, Neal R: Topeka, Freshman, General Schlepp, 
Jeffrey A: St. Francis, Freshman, Chemistry. Schlesinger, Richard: Rechi- 
cago. III., Sophomore, Physical Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Schlickau, John H: Argonia. Freshman, Animal Husban- 
dry. Schlosser, Bryon R: Kansas City. Junior. Accounting Schmidler, 
Kathleen: Hutchinson. Sophomore. Modern Languages. Schmidt, Arthur 

E: Ft. Riley, Sophomore, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Schmidt, David E: Syracuse. Sophomore. Accounting. 
Schmidt, Dennis: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Schmidt, Fred L: Kinsley, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering Schmidt, Gerald D: Newton, Sophomore, 
Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Schmidt, Ingeborg U: Souderton, Pa., Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Schmidt, Kathleen A: Solomon, Sophomore. Art 
Schmidt, Kathleen M: Oberlin, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Schmidt, 
Merrill K: Newton. Junior. Animal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schmidt, Patricia A: Salina. Sophomore. Psychology 
Schmidt, Richard W: Beaverton. Ore, Sophomore, Milling Science and 
Management. Schmidt, Sharon A: Lehigh, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Schmidt, Wolfgang P: Paola, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Schmitt, Michael K: Fairview, Freshman, General 
Schmoll, Marilyn L: Wellington, Freshman, Home Economics Education 
Schneickert, George: Altamont, Sophomore. Civil Engineering. Schneid- 
er, Beverly A: Summerfield. Junior. Home Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schneider, Norman R: Dorrance. Junior. Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Schnepp, Sheryl R: Abilene, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Schnittker, Ger- 
ald L: Cunningham, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Schoeff, Marcia 

L: Manhattan. Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing 


Underclassmen: Sch-Seb 

TOP ROW: Schoenbeck, Thomas L: Junction City. Freshman, Business 
Administration. Schoenfelder, James C: Bethel, 02. Architecture. Schoen- 
thaler, Barbara: Ogallah, Sophomore, Home Economics Education 
Schoenthaler, Terry: Ellis, Junior, Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Scholler, Catherine: Great Bend, Special, Biological Sci- 
ence. Scholz, Paul R: Lancaster, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Scholz, 
Robert E: Huron. Junior, Secondary Education, Schorling, Steven M: 

McPherson, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW Schotanus. Nan L: Kansas City, Mo.. Freshman. Clothing 
Retailing Schott, Donald W: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Schrader, Dorothy J: Lancaster, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Schrandt, Robert L: Glasco, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Schreck, Larry D: San Antonio, Tex . Sophomore, Bakery 
Management. Schreiber, William B: Overland Park. Sophomore. Mathe- 
matics Schreuder, Linda E: Cawker City. Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Schrepei, Eric R : Wichita, 1 , Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Schrieber, Janice K: Soldier, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Schriner, Kent K: Albert. Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Schrock, 
Mark D: Hazelton, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering Schroeder, Lon- 

nie D: Beverly, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

SIXTH ROW: Schroeder, Polly A: Lorraine. Freshman, English Schroeder, 
Ruth E: Green, Junior, Music Education Schroeppel, Michele: Kansas 
City, Sophomore. Home Economics and Journalism. Schubert, Phillis A: 

Great Bend. Special, Pre-Dentistry Hygiene. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schulke, Dwight A: Wichita. Freshman. Chemical Engi- 
neering Schulte, Lawrence A: Maple Hill, 04. Chemical Engineering. 
Schulte, Ronald D: Little River, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Schulteis, Susan J : Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Schultz, George W: Shatluck. Okla., Sophomore. Business 
Administration Schultz, Joel S: Buffalo. NY. 04. Architecture. Schultz, 
Linda S: Lucas. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Schultz, Stanley L: 

Lamed, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schultz, Steven L: Larned, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Schultz, Vicki L: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion Schulz, Gary D: Newton, Freshman, Speech Schumacher, John A: 

Buena Park, Cal . Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 


TOP ROW: Schunke, Robert A: Buffalo. NY. Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Schurle. Fred E: Manhattan, Junior. Business Administration. 
Schutte, Susan L: Wichita. Junior. Sociology. Schwab, Carl F: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Schwab, Susan A: Portland, Ore.. Sophomore. Speech. 
Schwartz, Joseph M: Basehor, Sophomore. Zoology. Schwarz, Victor L: 

Grinnell. Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Schweitzer, Ann C: Clay Center. 
Sophomore. Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Schweitzer, Mary E: Penokee, Junior. Home Economics 
Education. Schwendener, Linda S: Topeka. Freshman, Technical Journal- 
ism. Schwilling, Linda G: Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education Schwindt, Diane J: LaCrosse, Sophomore, General 

FOURTH ROW: Scoby, David H: Sabetha, 01. Architecture Scoby, Linda 
J: Sabetha, Freshman, General Scott, Alan J: Jennings. 04. Secondary 
Education. Scott, Alan W: Wichita. Freshman, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Scott, Calvin K: Delavan, Freshman, Accounting Scott, Carl 
A: Jamestown, Freshman, Business Administration Scott, Catherine E: 

Morrowville, Junior, Home Economics Education Scott, David L: Bloom, 
Sophomore, Physical Science. 

SIXTH ROW: Scott, Dennis L: Wellington, Junior, Business Administration 
Scott, Harry M : Wetmore, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Scott, James L: 
Baxter Springs, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Scott, Karen E: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

SEVENTH ROW: Scott, Kathryn A: Shawnee Mission. Junior. Sociology. 
Scott, Kenneth A: Morrowville, Junior, Secondary Education Scott, Laura 
L: Larned, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Scott, Marcia K: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Scott, Rachel A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Scott, Richard L: Wichita. Freshman. Pre-Law. 
Scott, Ronald A: Cottonwood Falls. Freshman. Feed Science and Manage- 
ment Scott, Saundra K: Smith Center. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Educa- 

BOTTOM ROW: Scott, Susan I: Jennings. Freshman, Interior Design 
Scully, Susan J: Wamego, Freshman. Music Education. Seaman, Pamela 
J: Salma. Junior. Clothing Retailing Seballoz, Daniel J: Belleville. Fresh- 
man. Accounting. 


Underclassmen: Seb-Shi 

TOP ROW: Sebesta, Linda J: Wilson, Junior. Home Economics Education. 
Sebastian, Mary K: Overland Park. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Sebree, Robert A: Salina. Freshman. Agronomy Sedlacek, Elizabeth: 

Marysville. Freshman. Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Sedlacek, Randall L: Russell. Freshman. Civil Engineer- 
ing. See, Ronald E: Emporia. Junior. Statistics. Seefeldt, Alvin L: Chanute, 
03. Architecture Seel, Charles J : Overland Park. Sophomore. Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Seibel, Patricia S: Overland Park. Sophomore. Family and 
Child Development Seibert, Gary D: Macksville. Junior. Animal Husban- 
dry Seidel, William A: Ashland, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Seide- 
man, Jeffrey S: New York City, NY., 01, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Seigle, James L: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Mathemat- 
ics Seitz, Martha J: Junction City, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Seitz, Patricia A: Leavenworth, Junior. History. Seitz, Ronald E: Burchard. 
Neb., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Selbe, Nancy S: Hoxie. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing Sell, 
Philip L: Fredonia, Junior. Pre-Forestry. Sellers, Janet K: Anthony. Sopho- 
more. Clothing Retailing Selsor, Nancy K: Boonville. Mo.. Sophomore. 
Secondary Education 

SIXTH ROW: Ser, Elliot M: Junction City. Sophomore. Mathematics. Ser- 
rien, Allan D: Lincoln. Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Serwich, Alan 
F: Wilmette. Ill , 02, Architecture Setzkorn, Roger L: Rock, Sophomore, 
General Agriculture. 

SEVENTH ROW Severance, Anita J: Beloit, Freshman, Psychology. Seve- 
rin, Charles G: Crete, Neb, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Sewart, 
Diana C: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics and Liberal Arts. 
Sexson, Terry N: Weskan, Freshman, Biological Sciences. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sexton, Joseph G: Manhattan, Sophomore. Accounting. 
Seybert, Alice F: Meade. Junior. Art. Seyfert, Earl H: Humboldt, Junior, 
General Seyler, Dale L: Ottawa, Freshman. Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Seyler, Mary J: Lawrence. Sophomore. Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Seymour, Cathy E: Salina. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Education. 
Seymour, James C: Bird City, Junior, Agricultural Education. Shade, Ja- 
net L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. 


4 M**L4.Aik'± 

TOP ROW: Shaffer, James C: Overland Park, Sophomore. Pre-Law Shaf- 
fer, Jane A: Wichita. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Shaffer, 
Ronald L: Kansas City, 02, Architecture Shalkoski, Victor: Leavenworth. 
Junior, Technical Journalism 

SECOND ROW: Shank, Diana L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Shank, Richard E: New Cambria, Freshman. Polit- 
ical Science Shannon, Carol S: Kansas City. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Shannon, Kenneth D: Burden, 01, Architecture 

THIRD ROW: Sharp, Susan L: Dighton, Freshman, Sociology Sharp, 
Thomas L: Belle Plain, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Shaw, Linda C: 

Wichita, Freshman, General Shaw, Nancy A: Grainfield, Freshman. Home 
Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Shawver, Janie A: Wichita, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Shay, Larry D: Tecumseh, Sophomore, Civil Engineering 
Sheetz, Jane A: St. Joseph, Mo, Sophomore, General Shehi, Linda K: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Speech 

FIFTH ROW: Sheik, Alice J: Bern, Junior, Secondary Education Sheik, 
Jean A: Bern, Junior, Physical Education Sheldon, Deborah A: Cunning- 
ham. Freshman, General Sheldon, Randall E: Cunningham, Junior. Agri- 
cultural Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Shelley, John M: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Shelor, Robert S: Minneola. Junior, Pre-Medicine. Shelton, 
Edward J : Minneola, Sophomore. Agricultural Education Shenkel, Jeffrey 

L: Manhattan. Junior. Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shepek, Donald L: Haddam. Junior, Accounting. Shep- 
pard, Richard D: Olathe, Junior, Physical Education Sher, David E: Wash- 
ington, DC, Junior, Pre-Law. Sherer, Sharon A: Holton, Freshman, Interior 

EIGHTH ROW: Sherlock, Stephen A: St Francis, Freshman, Animal Hus- 
bandry Sherraden, Dennis R: Junction City, Junior, Pre-Dentistry Sherra- 
den, Julie D: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Sherwood, 
Charlotte O: Olathe, Sophomore. General 

BOTTOM ROW Shideler, Robert W: Topeka. Sophomore. General Shiel, 
Daniel J : Prairie Village. Junior. Civil Engineering Shields, Dorothy J : Sal- 
ma. Junior. Elementary Education. Shields, Glenn W: Lincolnville. Sopho- 
more. Agricultural Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Shi-Ski 

TOP ROW: Shields, Judy D: Reading. Freshman. General Home Econom- 
ics Shier, Eleanor R: Gypsum. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. 
Shilling, Pamela J: Manhattan, Freshman, General Shilling, Steve A: 

Westphalia, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Shimer, James C: Topeka, Freshman, General. Shipley, 
Michael J: Mission, Junior, Pre-Law. Shipman, Janet K: Leawood, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. Shipman, Robert H: Marysville, Sopho- 
more, General 

THIRD ROW: Shirk, Thomas R: Overland Park. Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Shirley, Cynthia D: Wichita, Freshman, General. Shivers, 
Karen S: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Shoemaker, Ri- 
chard E: Manhattan, Freshman, Feed Science and Management. 

FOURTH ROW Shoemaker, William L: Wellington, Junior, Horticulture. 
Shorb, Nancy L: Liberal, Sophomore, Sociology Shotts, Robert S: Shaw- 
nee, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Shoup, Charlotte A: Belle Plain, 
Sophomore, Radio and Television Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Shoup, Marcia E: Belle Plain, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education Shove, Craig R: Onaga, Junior, Sociology Showalter, Dennis 
R: Holyrood, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Showalter, Jerry D: 

Holyrood. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Shrauner, Harry S: Elkhart, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Shrock, Jay W: Tyro, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Shrock, Lucy A: 

Marysville, Freshman, General. Shubert, Jerry J: Council Grove. Freshman, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shubert, Larry R: Council Grove. Junior. General Agricul- 
ture. Shucart, James: St. Louis. Mo., Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Shull, Terry L: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. Shumate, 
Phyllis M: Eskridge, Freshman, Home Economics Education 

EIGHTH ROW: Shupe, George E: Honolulu, Hawaii, Sophomore, General. 
Shupe, John W: Honolulu, Hawaii, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Shurts, 
James A: Asherville, Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. Sibley, Gwen I: 

Colby. 04. Foods and Nutrition. 

BOTTOM ROW Sibley, Veryl B: Lewis, 05, Veterinary Medicine. Sidebot- 
tom, Willa F: Wichita, Sophomore. Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Siebert, James C: Wichita. Freshman. Pre-Law. Siefkes, David L: 

Great Bend. Freshman. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Siemens, Ellen K: Buhler, Junior, Elementary Education. Siem- 
sen, Gary W: Lebanon. Sophomore, Business Administration. Sieverin, 
Andree J: Clay Center, Junior, Home Economics Education. Sievers, 
Ralph E: Bridgewater, S D., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine 

SECOND ROW: Sigle, Arris A: Osborne, Freshman, General Agriculture 
Sigley, Janora A: Newton, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Sigwing, Ri- 
chard B: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Accounting. Sill, Webster H: Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 


THIRD ROW: Silver, Donna L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Simmons, David H: Wellington, 02, Architecture. Simmons, 
Donna R: Shawnee, Sophomore, Family and Child Development Sim- 
mons, Leroy D: Russell, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 


FOURTH ROW: Simmons, Steven W: Independence, Freshman, Agrono- 
my. Simon, Diane P: Conway Springs. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Simons, Barbara I: Haviland, Junior, Elementary Education. Simons, 
KentS: W. Byfleet, England, Freshman, Psychology. 

£M t.t.4 

FIFTH ROW: Simpson, Judy E: Kiowa, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion, Simpson, Leslie A: Hazelton, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Simpson, William B: Clay Center, Freshman, Electrical Engineering Sims, 
Gary D: Berryton, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

SIXTH ROW: Sims, Lana S: Oakley. Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics Sims, Marcia G: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education Sine, Wil- 
liam P: Mission, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Singer, Leland O: Hol- 

ton. Junior, Physical Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Singular, Nancy A: Lyndon, Freshman. Clothing Retail- 
ing. Sinn, Lawrence E: Mahaska, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Sipes, 
John C: Russell, Sophomore, Accounting Sisco, Danny P: Mound Valley, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Siuda, Gerald R: Tonawanda, NY, Freshman. Civil Engi- 
neering Skach, James C: Wichita. Sophomore. Nuclear Engineering. 
Skalka, Dennis R: Deweese. Neb.. Junior. Veterinary Medicine. Skates, 
Lenna D: Kansas City. Mo.. Sophomore. Art 

BOTTOM ROW: Skeuse, Elaine J: Stockton, NY.. Freshman. Interior De- 
sign. Skeuse, John T: Stockton, N.J., Junior. Business Administration. 
Skeuse, Thomas J: Stockton. N.J . Sophomore, Animal Husbandry Skid- 
more, Nancy L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 


Underclassmen: Ski-Smi 

TOP ROW: Skinner, George H: Topeka, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 
Skolaut, Beverly J: Great Bend. Freshman, Interior Design. Skolaut, 
Glenda A: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing Skow, 
Andy M: Prairie Village, Junior, Mechanical Engineering 

SECOND ROW Slaven, James J: Beloit, Sophomore, General Slaven, 
Stanley M: Cawker City, Junior, Humanities. Sleichter, Jerry W: Abilene. 
Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Slentz, Sharyn L: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, 



THIRD ROW: Slimmer, Dennis R: Holton, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Slimmer, Stephen R: Holton, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Slim- 
mer, Sylvia C: Holton, Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education Slinkman, 
Craig W: Emporium, Pa , Freshman, Physics 

FOURTH ROW Sloan, Diana S: Holton, Freshman, Mathematics. Sloan, 
Nancy J: Mission, Junior, Home Economics Education Sloat, David E: 
Manhattan, Freshman, Chemistry. Sloop, Trudy C: Newton, Freshman, 

tm 8m\m t \m 

FIFTH ROW: Slothower, Becky M: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics and 
Journalism. Slough, Freddie L: Garden City, Sophomore, General. Slupi- 
anek, Lawrence: Marysville, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Slush- 
er, Steven H: Valley Center, Freshman. Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW Smalley, Suzanne M: Wichita. Junior, Medical Technology. 
Smart, Deanna F: Osage City, Freshman, Psychology Smith, Betty J: 

Hopewell, Freshman, General Home Economics Smith, Burton G: Hazel- 
ton, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Smith, Carey L: Claflin, Sophomore, Sociology. Smith, 
Carolin K: Osawkie, Freshman, General Home Economics. Smith, Celia 
A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Smith, Christine L: Council Grove, Fresh- 
man, Modern Languages 

EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Corydon: Manhattan, 04, Architecture. Smith, 
David R: Onaga, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. Smith, Delan- 
cey A: Quivera Lake, Sophomore, English Smith, Duane B: Eudora. 04, 
Nuclear Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Eugene C: St. Paul. Freshman, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Smith, Evelyn K: Minneapolis, Freshman, General. Smith, Geraldine 
A: Leavenworth. Sophomore, Modern Languages. Smith, Gregory K: 

Emporia, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 


Waiting for their one o'clock class to begin, students read one 
of the 160 editions of the Collegians published each school 

year. The paper, which is an average 12 pages, is printed at 
noon in Kedzie, and distributed in buildings throughout campus. 

TOP ROW: Smith, Gwendolyn G: Oberlin, Sophomore. Pre-Secondary 
Education. Smith, Harry G: Wakeeney, Freshman, Milling Science and 
Management. Smith, James F: Minneola, Sophomore. Electrical Engineer- 
ing Smith, James T: Valley Falls, Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW Smith, Janice E: Wamego, Sophomore. Elementary Edu- 
cation Smith, John D: Junction City. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 
Smith, Joyce M: Almena, Junior. Housing and Equipment Smith, Judith 

A: Walnut. Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Smith, Larry A: Colby, Sophomore. Electrical Engineering. 
Smith, Laura D: Clay Center, Sophomore, Physical Therapy Smith, Lee- 
land A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Smith, Linda S: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Lora M: Larned, Junior, Home Economics and 
Journalism. Smith, Marsha S: Creve Coeur, Mo., Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Smith, Nancy J: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation Smith, Patrick A: Lompoc, Calif, Sophomore, Industrial Engineer- 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Philip M: Liberal, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Smith, Prudence L: Garden City. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Smith, Reuben M: Orange, N.J., Sophomore. Civil Engineering Smith, 
Rex D: Santa Barbara, Calif.. Sophomore. Business Administration 



Underclassmen: Smi-Sta 

TOP ROW: Smith, Richard A: Hutchinson. Sophomore. Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Smith. Rita A: Wichita. Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education. 
Smith, Robert A: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. Smith, Rob- 
ert Gene: Sedan, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization, 

SECOND ROW: Smith, Ronald J: Erie, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Smith, Ronald W: Great Bend, 03, Architecture. Smith, Roy L: Dewitt. 
Neb , Freshman, Veterinary Medicine Smith, Stephen A: Wamego, Soph- 
omore, Physics. 

THIRD ROW: Smith, Steven V: Hutchinson. Sophomore. Business Admin- 
istration. Smith, Suzanne H: Greensburg. Sophomore. Clothing Retailing 
Smith, Ty D: Junction City, Freshman, Physical Education. Smith, Verle A: 

Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Virgil L: Weskan, Sophomore, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Smoll, Susan L: Wichita, Freshman. Home Economics Education. 
Smutz, Darryl D: Meade. Junior, Business Administration. Smutz, Susan: 

Salina, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

FIFTH ROW: Snell, Sharrie A: Garden City, Sophomore, Sociology Sneth- 
en, Donald D: Goodland, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. Snider, 
Anne C: Bay Village. Ohio, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Snod- 
derley, John A: Howard, Freshman, Chemistry. 

SIXTH ROW: Snodgrass, Stephen E: Winfield, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion Snow, Karen M: Lawrence, Freshman. General Home Economics. 
Snyder, Dallas F: Duncannon, Pa.. Junior, Speech. Snyder, Karen S: Otta- 
wa, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Snyder, Steven A: Walton, Ind . Sophomore. Physical 
Education Snyder, Thomas E: Arkansas City. Sophomore. Pre-Medicine. 
Socolofsky, Barbara: Scott City, Junior, Physical Education Socolofsky, 
Robert M: Manhattan. Sophomore, General 

EIGHTH ROW: Sodergren, Pamela A: Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Soldner, Liana S: Salina. Sophomore, Family and Child Deve- 
lopment Solenberger, David R: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Business 
Administration Souder, Constance J: Augusta, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. 

EIGHTH ROW: Soupiset, Donald L: Elkhart, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Sowers, Don W: Murdock, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Spacek, Sheryl G: Kansas City, Freshman, General Spachek, Carole E: 

Lincolnville, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 

2^* M \ ? 

m im A 

TOP ROW: Spainhour, Paul L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore. Electrical 
Engineering. Spalding, Robert E: Greenville, S.C.. Freshman, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine Spangler, M. Jill: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Spangler, Michael S : Liberal, 1 , Architecture 

SECOND ROW: Sparks, Ellen E: Tonganoxie, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Sparks, Judith A: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Sparks, Ralph V: Zurich, Sophomore, Economics Spaulding, Stuart 

A: Cheney, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Spear, Marjorie A: Sharon, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation Spears, Jacqueline D: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Physics. Spease, 
Beth A: Des Moines, Iowa, Freshman, Physical Therapy Speer, Billy L: 

Lakin, Freshman, Chemistry 

FOURTH ROW: Spellman, Gail E: Gypsum. Sophomore, Dietetics and In- 
stitutional Management. Spellman, Wayne E: Gypsum, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Spence, Carol S: Glasco, Freshman. Business Admin- 
istration Spencer, Donna M: Prairie Village. Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

FIFTH ROW: Spencer, Robert D: Arlington. Va., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Spencer, Robert L: Alma, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Spicher, Beverly D: Wetmore, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Spielman, Norval K: Lebo, Freshman. General Agriculture 

SIXTH ROW: Spiers, Margie J: Oakley. Junior. History Spies, Stephen B: 

Brooklyn, NY, Freshman. Pre-Vetennary Medicine Spingler, Richard H: 
Topeka, Sophomore, Business Administration. Spitsnogle, Sherri D: Odell, 
Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

£wk 4 

SEVENTH ROW: Sprague, Viola J: Falconer, NY. Junior. Bacteriology. 
Sprang, Fred G: Baxter Springs. Sophomore. Chemical Engineering 
Sprang, Janet D: Effingham, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Spratt, 
Dennis M: Ellsworth, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Springer, Jeffrey A: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. 
Sramek, Marilyn K: Atwood. Freshman. Sociology. Staab, Carol J: Tope- 
ka. Sophomore, General. Staab, Michael J: New York, NY, Junior. Politi- 
cal Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stach, Robert E: Rossville, Sophomore. Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Stacy, Rosanna P: Meade. Freshman. Psychology. Stadelman, 
Stanley T: York, Pa., 02. Architecture Stafford, Colleen L: Great Bend. 
Freshman. Physical Education. 


iJ&'.fci4 < 1 

Underclassmen: Sta-Sti 

TOP ROW: Stafford, Sharon: Belleville. Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Stainbrook, Terry A: LaCygne, Freshman. Business Administration. Stal- 
lard. Bill E: Williamstown, Freshman. Speech. Stallbaumer, Robert: 

Frankfort, Sophomore. Agricultural Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Stallings, Cindy S: Topeka. Freshman. General Home 
Economics. Stambaugh, Louis A: Prescott, Junior, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Stamets, Jane O: Manhattan, Special, English. Stamey. Robert W: 

Manhattan, Freshman. Physical Science 

THIRD ROW: Standley, Mary A: Great Bend, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration Standridge, James A: Parsons. Sophomore. Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Stanley, James W: Atchison, Freshman, Political Science. Stanley, 
Keith L: Kansas City, 04, Business Administration 

FOURTH ROW: Stanley, Sharon A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Clothing 
Retailing Stanton, Noel W: Emporia, 03, Architecture. Stapleton, Karen 

A: Junction City, Sophomore, General Stark, Robert L: Loomis, Neb . 
Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Starke, Robert F: Merrick, NY, 01, Architecture. Starkey, 
Karen K: Strong City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Starkweath- 
er, Jo A. Clay Center, Sophomore, Modern Languages States, Alan E: 

Logan, Junior, Economics. 

SIXTH ROW States, Carolyn L: Kensington, Junior, Elementary Education 
States, Gary L: Logan. Sophomore, General Agriculture. Staton, Jeffrey 
W: Salina, Freshman, Civil Engineering St. Clair, Leigh W: Beaman. Iowa. 
Junior. Animal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Stecklein, Alfred L: Ness City. Sophomore. Mechanical 
Engineering Steele, Donita M: Halstead. Freshman. General Home Eco- 
nomics Steele, Mark N: Northndge, Calif. Freshman, Mathematics 
Steele, Richard E: Haverford, Pa, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Steele, Rosemary P: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration Steen, Phillip J: Paola. Junior, Agricultural Education. Steen- 
son, Merlyn G: Waterville, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Stee- 
ples, Donald W: Palco, Junior. Geophysics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stegelin, Forrest E: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Ani- 
mal Husbandry. Steinke, Susan B: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Steinman, Dale J : Chanute, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Steinmeyer, 

Paul E: Augusta, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Stelter, Lavern H: Wheaton. Freshman, Biological Science 
Stenfors, Jack B: Bennington, Junior, Business Administration Stenger, 
James T: Densmore, Junior, Chemistry Stenzel, Loren R: Ness City, 
Freshman, Agronomy 

SECOND ROW: Stephens, Barbara K: Salina. Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Stephens, David L: Paola, Freshman, Mathematics Stephens, 
Donald J: Mohne, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Stephens, Elizabeth: 

Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

THIRD ROW: Stephens, Judith L: Pierceville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Stephens, Linda K: lola. Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Stephens, Nanette L: Pierceville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Sterbenz, Janet M: El Dorado, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nurs- 

FOURTH ROW: Sterling, Michael B: Hardtner, Freshman, Industrial Engi- 
neering. Stevens, Allen R: Springfield, Neb., 04, Electrical Engineering. 
Stevens, Deborah S: Ellinwood, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Stevens, Jill: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

FIFTH ROW: Stevens, Marsha L: Ottawa, Junior, Art Stevens, Michael 

B: Calgary, Alberta, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Stevens, Rodney L: 
Harper, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Stevenson, John E: Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore, Civil Engineering 


SIXTH ROW: Steward, Barbara C: Clay Center, Sophomore. Pre-Second- 
ary Education Stewart, Ann: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Stewart, Cheryl L: Kingman, Sophomore, Home Economics and Nursing. 
Stewart, Frederick N: Leavenworth, Freshman. Pre-Law. 

SEVENTH ROW. Stewart, Gary A: Prairie Village, Junior, Accounting. 
Stewart, Jack M: Topeka, Junior, Accounting Stewart, Kathryn L: Sali- 
na, Sophomore, Physical Education Stewart, Sandra K: Madison, Fresh- 
man, General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Stewart, Vivian I: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Pre-Medi- 
cine. Stiefel, Sue Z: Colorado Springs, Colo , Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education Stiffler, Dennis M: Lane, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Stiles, Barbara A: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW Stillwell, Grover R: Hoxie. 01, Architecture Stimach, 
Theodore J: Kansas City, 02, Architecture. Stindt, Judith A: Redwood 
City. Calif , Sophomore, Clothing Retailing Stites, Donald L: Junction City, 
Sophomore, Architectural Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Sto-Sun 

TOP ROW: Stock, Donald R: Topeka. Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 
Stockham, Steven L: McPherson. Freshman, Chemistry Stocking, Sherry 
L: Mayfield, Freshman, General Home Economics. Stoecker, Randall D: 

Oakley, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Stoever, Henry M: Frankfort, Freshman, Economics 
Stogsdill, Jerry W: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Stohs, 
Janice L: Bremen. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education Stoll, Johnny 

E: Blencoe, Iowa, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Stone, Robert W: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing Stonehocker, Martha: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Stoner, Kenneth L: Garden City. Junior. Secondary Education. 
Stones, Kent H: Lebanon, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics 

FOURTH ROW: Storer, Harold E: Osborne, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Storrer, Carol A: Madison, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Storrer, Karen I: Madison, Junior, Home Economics Education. Stoskopf, 
William A: Columbus. 02, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Stout, Barbara J: Ozawkie. Freshman. General Stout, Cecil 

E: Alden. Freshman, General Stout, Kenneth E: Goodland, Sophomore, 
Business Administration Stout, Marcia L: Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore, 
Interior Design. 

■ 1 ,-:•*■■ 

it US*. 


SIXTH ROW Stout, Mary A: Lyndon, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics Stout, Melvin J: Paxico, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Stout, Rob- 
ert J: Minneapolis, Sophomore, General Stowell, Bradley W: Wichita, 
Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SEVENTH ROW: St. Pierre, Ruth M: Ames, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Strader, Carolyn J: Holton, Freshman. General Home Econom- 
ics Strahm, Darlene S: Sabetha, Sophomore. Political Science Strahm, 
Ronald L: Sabetha. Junior. General Agriculture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Strate, Shela L: Kinsley. Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Strayer, Brenda K: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Strecker, Glen E: Paradise, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Streeter, Arthur C: Manhattan. 04, Mechanical Engineering 

BOTTOM ROW: Streit, Les D: Downs, Sophomore. Agricultural Education. 
Stremel, Kathleen M: McCracken, Sophomore, Speech. Strieker, James 

A: Shawnee Mission, Junior, History. Stricklin, Gary J: Liberal, Junior, 


TOP ROW: Strine, John H: Effingham, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 
Stritzke, Robert D: Cherryvale, Freshman, Poultry Science Stroda, Sherry 

M : Hope, Freshman, General Home Economics. Strube, Roger L: Hiawa- 
tha, Sophomore, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Struss, Mark A: Wakeeney, Freshman, General Strutz. 
Richard H: Beacon, NY, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering Stuart, Gre- 
gory C: Clay Center, Freshman. General Stuart. James G: Glen Elder, Jun- 
ior, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW Stuart, Larry D: Glen Elder, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine Stuckey, Larry D: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine 
Stucky, Gerald W: Pretty Prairie, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization 
Stucky, Jolene F: Pretty Prairie, Freshman. General 

FOURTH ROW Stucky, Ronald L: Peabody, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Stude, John W: Copeland, Junior, Accounting Stuessi, Janice L: 

Prairie Village, Junior. Biological Sciences Stueve, Karl: Axtell. Freshman. 

FIFTH ROW: Stueve, Mark A: Axtell, 02, Architecture. Stull, Terry D: 

Brownell, Sophomore. Civil Engineering. Stump, Jerry H: Blue Rapids. 
Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine Stumpff, Lawrence C: DeSoto. 
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Sturgeon, Jerry L: Garden City, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing Suberkropp, Jerald L: Mendota, Junior, Chemistry Suchart, Carol A: 

Prairie Village, Junior, Elementary Education. Suderman, Daniel A: New- 
ton, Freshman, Civil Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Suellentrop, Timothy: Great Bend, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Suggs, Fred W: Montgomery, Ala . Sophomore, Bakery Man- 
agement. Suggs, Laura J: Bellevue, Neb , Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Med- 
icine. Sullivan, Barbara J: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 

EIGHTH ROW: Sullivan, Jennifer K: Ulysses, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Sullivan, Patricia J: Havana, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Nursing Summers, Peggy A: Topeka, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics Summers, Ronald J : Wamego, Freshman, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Summers, Sara A: Topeka. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Sumner, Ronald P: Topeka, Junior. Pre-Secondary Education Sundahl, 
Thomas E: McPherson, Freshman. General. Sundberg, Virginia K: Linds- 
borg. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 


Underclassmen: Sun-Tay 

TOP ROW: Sunderland, Elmer L: Summerfield. Sophomore. Industrial 
Engineering. Surrett, Richard L: Manhattan. Sophomore. Electrical Engi- 
neering Suster, Boris: Guayaquil. Ecuador, 04, Architecture. Sutcliffe, 
Elizabeth: Grainfield, Sophomore. Home Economics Education 

SECOND ROW: Sutherland, Eva J: lola. Junior. Animal Husbandry Suth- 
erland, Lynn A: Manhattan. Freshman, Interior Design Sutley, Steven P: 

Atchison, Freshman. Business Administration Swain, Charlotte L: Salina, 
Freshman. Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Swain, Damon P: Salina. 03. Architecture Swain, Marion 
K: Soldier, Junior, Art Swalwell, Arthur R: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Forest- 
ry. Swan, Arthur T: Baldwin, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation 

FOURTH ROW: Swan, Linda G: Great Bend, Freshman, Interior Design. 
Swan, William S: Newell, S.D., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Swander, William A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Swanson, Michael R: Cohoes, NY. Freshman, Bakery Management. 

FIFTH ROW: Swart, Clifford L: Seneca, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Swart, Donna G: White City, Sophomore, General. Swart, Roger R: Wil- 
son, Junior, Civil Engineering. Swayze, Stephen W: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Sweat, June F: Cedar, Junior, Elementary Education. Swe- 
denburg, Robert L: Salina, Junior, Physics Sweet, Dennis D: Hardy. 
Neb., Freshman, General Agriculture. Sweet, Harold M: Hardy, Neb, 
Sophomore, General Agriculture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Swenson, Carol R: Alta Vista, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion Swenson, David D: Salina, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Swenson, 
Dennis D: Salina, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Swenson, Edward 

L: Concordia, Freshman. Agricultural Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Swenson, Kenneth L: Clay Center. Freshman, Physical 
Education. Swenson, Loren C: Concordia, Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture. Swenson, Richard L: Wichita. Junior. Business Administration. 
Swenson, Sandra S: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 

BOTTOM ROW: Swenson, Vickey L: Wichita. Freshman. Modern Lan- 
guages Swick, Dennis D: McPherson. Freshman. General. Swinney, Bill 

C: Valley Center. Sophomore. Pre-Secondary Education. Swint, Nancy L: 

Emporia. Freshman, General Home Economics. 


#5» O C\ 

^^lf ^^Amm\ 

^4 Mm 


TOP ROW: Swisher. Rhae M: Manhattan, Freshman. Political Science. 
Swisher, Terry L: Greensburg, Freshman, Physical Education Symns, 
Donna L: Hutchinson. Freshman, Pie-Secondary Education Symns, Perrin 

K: Atchison, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry 

SECOND ROW Symons, Stanley M: Onaga, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Szafran, Thomas A: Detroit, Mich., Freshman, Bakery Manage- 
ment Taber, Homer L: Murdock, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Tacktill, 
Norman: New York, NY, Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

THIRD ROW: Tadtman, Marilyn M: Manhattan. Junior. Secondary Educa- 
tion Tallerday, Carolan M: Ft. Bragg. N.C., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Med- 
icine Talley, Allen G: Olathe, Sophomore, Physics Talley, Michael S: El 

Dorado, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 

FOURTH ROW: Tangeman, Roy D: Baileyville. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education Tangeman, Steven A: Newton, Freshman, Meteorology. Tan- 
ner, Carole L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Secondary Education Tan- 
ner, James R: St. John, Freshman, Pre-Law 

FIFTH ROW: Tanner, Linda G: Overland Park. Sophomore, General Home 
Economics Taplin, Faye L: Ogden, Junior. Secondary Education Tarman, 
Galen W: Augusta, Freshman, General Tarquinio, Paul M: Ahquippa, Pa.. 
Freshman, Bakery Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Tarry, Michael C: Mulvane. Sophomore, Social Science. 
Tarver, Phyllis A: Kansas City. Freshman, Modern Languages Tate, Can- 
dis K: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education Tate, Philip M: Cof- 
feyville, Junior, Civil Engineering 

SEVENTH ROW: Taylor, Barbara E: Arlington, Va., Sophomore. Pre-Medi- 
cine Taylor, Bernard C: Westmoreland. Freshman. Veterinary Medicine. 
Taylor, James E: Solomon, Freshman, Social Sciences Taylor, James S: 

Wichita. Freshman, Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW Taylor, John C: Alma, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine Taylor, 
Kent D: Kinsley, Sophomore, Technical Journalism Taylor, Lawrence W: 
St John, Freshman, General Agriculture. Taylor, Lois E: Junction City. 
Sophomore, Business Administration 

BOTTOM ROW Taylor, Ralph B: Mission. Junior. Business Administra- 
tion. Taylor, Steven L: Manhattan, Junior, Zoology. Taylor, Valerie: Eudo- 
ra. Freshman. Clothing Retailing Taylor, Vicki A: lola. Junior. Medical 


Underclassmen: Ted-Tor 

TOP ROW: Tedford, Jay S: Minneola, Junior. History Teel, Randy W: 

Rexford. Freshman. Physical Science. Teener, James W: Ft. Riley. Sopho- 
more. Electrical Engineering Teichgraeber, Joseph: Chapman, Freshman, 
Pre- Medicine 

SECOND ROW: Terry, Austina: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Terwilliger, Sharon: Manhattan. Junior, Music Education Tes- 
sendorf, Linda R: Onaga. Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Tetebo, 
Rosetta: Kumasi. Ghana. Sophomore. Foods and Nutrition. 

THIRD ROW Thayer, Linda L: Abilene, Sophomore. Physical Therapy. 
Theobald, Nancy A: Yates Center, Sophomore, Music Education Theurer, 
Richard L: Wellington, 04, Animal Husbandry Thiel, Marie E: Easton, 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW Thiele, Gerald H: Norton, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Thieler, Stephen M: Norton, Junior, Electrical Engineering Thomas, Bar- 
bara J: Topeka, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Thomas, Beverly 

J: Belleville, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

FIFTH ROW: Thomas, Bonita K: Garden City, Freshman, Speech Tho- 
mas, Daniel E: Ludell, Sophomore, Political Science. Thomas, Janet S: 
Vermillion, Freshman, General Thomas, John R: Salma, Freshman, Gener- 

SIXTH ROW: Thomas, Kenneth Lee: Clyde, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering, Thomas, Kent R: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Thomas, 
Timothy M: Logan, Sophomore, General. Thompson, David R: Wichita, 
Freshman, History. 

t iM 


SEVENTH ROW: Thompson, Don F: Kansas City. Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Thompson, Gary D: Michigan Valley, Freshman, Mathe- 
matics Thompson, James T: Wichita, 01 , Architecture Thompson, Janet 

E: Johnson, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 

EIGHTH ROW: Thompson, Jay F: Leawood, Sophomore, Zoology. 
Thompson, Judith A: Buhler, Sophomore. Sociology Thompson, Linda 
R: Johnson. Junior, Secondary Education. Thompson, McCager M: Fre- 
donia. Freshman, Agricultural Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thompson, Michael L: Harper. Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Thompson, Pamela L: Haviland, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Thompson, Terry D: St. John, Sophomore, General Ag- 
riculture. Thomsen, Mary H: Shady Bend, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 


mW ■kill 


m/Wm JHi hJI 

TOP ROW: Thorn, Karen D: Mission. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Thorn- 
brugh, Steven K: Newton, Sophomore. Electrical Engineering Thorp, 
Roger M: Junction City. 03, Architecture. Thorpe, Carol S: Kansas City. 
Sophomore. Pre-Elementary Education 

SECOND ROW: Thorsell, Gladys C: Chanute, 04. Home Economics Exten- 
sion Thorson, Mary A: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education Throck- 
morton, Ray I: Clarendon. Ill , Freshman, Business Administration. Thuil- 
lez, Darryl R: Chanute, Junior. Architectural Structures 

THIRD ROW: Thull, Gary L: Beloit, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Thummel, Lawrence K: Brookville, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Thummel, Randall E: Tipton, Freshman. Accounting Thurlow, Linda K: 

Hill City, Sophomore. Interior Design 

FOURTH ROW Thyfault, Harlan A: Damar. Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary 
Medicine Tiemann, Larry S: Lincoln, Sophomore. Wildlife Conservation. 
Tietjen, Douglas A: Dewitt, Neb , Sophomore. Pre-Vetermary Medicine 
Tillery, Carol A: Wichita, Sophomore. General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW Tillmon, Conibeth: Kansas City, Junior. Clothing Retailing. 
Tilsch, Jon G: Northbrook, III., 02, Architecture Timken, Roger D: Cimar- 
ron, Freshman, Pre-Vetermary Medicine. Tinkler, Steven B: Humboldt, 
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW Tippery, Kevin D: Goodland, Freshman, Mathematics Tis- 
del, John F: Salina, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Toben, Walter H: 
Washington. Mo., 02. Architecture Todd, David C: Topeka. Sophomore, 

SEVENTH ROW: Todd. Michael A: Little Rock, Ark , Sophomore. Business 
Administration. Tolin, Gregg R: Holton, Freshman. General Tollefson, 
David P: Willis. Sophomore, General Tollefson, Marilyn J: Willis, Fresh- 
man, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Tollefson, Sandra D: Everest, Junior, Home Economics 
Education Tolson, Michael H: Overland Park. Freshman, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Tomayko, Valerie: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Pre-Nursing Tonn, Don- 
ald P: Haven. Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 

BOTTOM ROW: Toothaker, Carol A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Toothaker, Martha E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education Torkelson, Carol E: Robinson, Sophomore, Home 
Economics and Nursing. Torrence, Bobbie J: Topeka, Junior, Medical 


Underclassmen: Tot-Utt 

TOP ROW: Totten, Harry E: Erie, Pa., Sophomore, Accounting Tousig- 
nant, Karen E: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Foods and Nutrition. Townley, 
Lawrence E: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Towns, Den- 
nis p: Palco, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

SECOND ROW: Tozer, Barbara J : Topeka, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing 
Tozier, Janet L: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Trabant, 
Galen D: Eudora. Junior, Physical Science Trabert, Michael L: Olathe, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Traffas, Kathleen C: Sharon. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Traffas, Mary L: Sharon, Freshman, Accounting Train, Mary F: 
Lindsborg. Freshman, General Home Economics. Train, Sammy K: Linds- 
borg. Sophomore, General Agriculture. 

Hk 41 IfeJ Ik*™ 

is 1^ 



FOURTH ROW: Travis, Karen E: Maple Hill, Freshman. General Home 
Economics Traxson, Steven G: Altamont, Sophomore. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Treder, John H: Dodge City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Tremain, Donald R: Havana, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Tremmel, William M: Manhattan, Junior, Philosophy. Tre- 
senriter, Linda L: Lenexa, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing Tripp, Robert L: 

Salina. 05, Architecture. Troell, Richard S: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engi- 

SIXTH ROW: Trojovsky, Geraldine: Hiawatha. Sophomore. Home Eco- 
nomics and Nursing. Trost, Eldon R: Concordia, Junior, Agricultural Educa- 
tion Trotman, Beth A: Shawnee. Freshman. General. Troutfetter, 

George: Manhattan, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Trower, Thomas W: Concordia, Freshman. Accounting. 
Troyer, Deryl L: Shickley. Neb. Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Trueblood, Mark H: Glendale. Ariz., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Truhlar, Jimmie W: luka. Junior, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Truitt, Gary B: lola. Junior. Animal Husbandry. Truitt, 
Mark R: Prairie Village, Freshman. Pre-Law. Trumble, Larry W: Greenleaf, 
Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Trybom, James C: Lawrence. Junior. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tucker, Cynthia M: Kiowa. Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Tucker, Lawrence H: Prairie Village. Freshman. Pre-Forestry. Tucker, 
Leonard L: Gove, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Tucker. Loren G: 

Hutchinson, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Tucker, Richard G: Topeka. Sophomore, Electrical Engineering 
Tudor, Timothy R: Prairie Village. Sophomore. General Tuma, Jimmy L: 

Belleville. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Turner, Catherine L: New- 
ton. Sophomore. Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Turner, Gary L: Elkhart. Sophomore. Mathematics Tur- 
ner, Robert A: Norton. Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Turner, 
Suzanne: Springfield, Mo., Sophomore, Clothing Retailing Tussey, Mary 
L: Overland Park, Sophomore, General Home Economics 

fcfe *A%k £r k 

THIRD ROW: Tweed, Thomas E: Norton, Sophomore, General. Tweedy, 
Lindsey D: lola, 02, Architecture. Tyler, Fredrick S: Omaha, Neb , Fresh- 
man, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Uehling, Terry D: Ness City. Freshman. 

FOURTH ROW: Uehling, Thomas R: Ness City. Sophomore. Economics. 
Uhrich, Randall D: Beloit. Freshman, Chemical Engineering Ukele, Quen- 
adyne G: Norton, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Ukena, Nancy J: Effingham. Jun- 
ior. Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Ulrich, Catherine L: Overland Park. Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Ulrich, James S: Shawnee, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Umberger, Susan K: Edina, Minn . Freshman. General. Umphrey, 
William R: Salina. Sophomore, Electrical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW: Underbjerg, Dennis V: Manhattan, Sophomore, General 
Underwood, Diana K: Ottawa, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Underwood, Mary J: Topeka, Sophomore, General Underwood, Oren L: 

Burr Oak, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Underwood, Sallie M: Berryton, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Underwood, Sandra M: San Pedro. Cal.. Junior, Sec- 
ondary Education. Unruh, Chester R: Manhattan. Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering Unruh, Jean L: Hillsboro. Sophomore, Home Economics 

EIGHTH ROW: Unruh. Stephen G: Wichita, Freshman, Chemistry Un- 
zicker, Jerry L: Belpre, Junior, Electrical Engineering Urbanek, Gary L: 
Wilson, Junior, Civil Engineering. Urbanek, Rebecca L: Salina. Freshman, 
Speech Pathology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Urbanek, Robert C: Wilson, Freshman. General. Urich, 
Albert J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Urquhart, 
Dee A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Utterback, 
Cheryl S: Sedan, Freshman, Interior Design. 






Underclassmen: Utz-Wae 

TOP ROW: Utz, Barbara L: Topeka. Sophomore. Pre- Elementary Educa- 
tion. Utz, Donald C: Holton. Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. Utz. Kenneth 

L: Holton, Freshman, Business Administration. Vader, Jay H: Kansas City, 
Freshman. Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Valerius, Jonnie B: Hoisington, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Van Allen, Gale E: Clearwater, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Van Allen, Michael D: Phill ipsburg. Freshman, Animal Husbandry. 
Vancampen, Michael: Colby, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW Vandall, Kenneth A: Kansas City, Mo.. Freshman, Geogra- 
phy. Vanderlaan, Alfred S: Norwich, NY., Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture Vanderwege, Judeen G: Glade, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion Vanderweide, Mark E: Atchison, Freshman. Civil Engineering. 


FOURTH ROW: Vanderweide, Phillip: Muscotah, Junior, Civil Engineering 
Vanderwoude, Stan S: Sanborn, Iowa, Sophomore. Civil Engineering. 
Vandorn, Bernard W: Frankfort, Sophomore, Agriculture Education. Van- 
dorn, Margaret L: Axtell. Sophomore. General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Vandyke, Norvel M: Buckner, Mo., Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Vandyke, Phylis L: Buckner, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Vangundy, Marcia L: Amencus. Sophomore. General Vanlan- 
ingham, Ronnie: Pittsburg. Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Van Meter, Shirley E: Ada, Junior, Speech Therapy Vannoy, 
John R: Harleysville, Pa.. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine VanPelt, 
Tamise J: Nickerson, Sophomore, History. Vansant, Richard L: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Vanschoelandt, Richard: Shawnee, Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering Vansickel, Christina: Omaha, Neb, Freshman. General. 
VanVechten, Susan L: Eden, NY., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
VanVleet, Sharon L: Garden City, Junior, Home Economics Education 

EIGHTH ROW: VanVleet, Shirley J: Lebanon, Neb.. Sophomore. Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Varney, Alan L: Jewell. Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Vaughan, Deborah D: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Vaughn, Thomas L: Liberal, Junior. Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vedros, Stephen G: Bethel. Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Veldhuizen, Ivan D: Watertown, S.D., 01. Architecture. Vergin, Dex- 
ter A: Hammond, Ind , 02, Architecture. Verhaalen, Marylyn E: Morgan- 
town. W. Va.. Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 


TOP ROW: Verhage, Karen J: Shawnee. Junior. Art Vering, Kathryn J: 

Marysville. Freshman. Modern Languages Verkest, Russell M: Indepen- 
dence. Mo., Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Vermillion. Jane D: Man- 
hattan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Veskerna, Connie L: Leawood, Freshman, Interior Design 
Vigneron, William E: Leavenworth, 02, Architecture Vilander, Lona D: 

Maple Hill, Freshman, Physical Education. Vincent Billy R: Lakin, Junior, 
Business Administration 

THIRD ROW: Vincent, Diana L: Osawatomie, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Vincent, Robert S: Topeka, Freshman, Animal Husbandry 
Vincent, Thomas D: Lakin, Junior, Veterinary Medicine Vine, Mark H: 

Lawrence, NY., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Viney, Walter J : Wichita, 03, Architecture. Visser, Arietta 
Y: Riley, Junior, Home Economics Education. Vlcek, Henry A: Satellite, 
Fla.. Freshman, Dramatics. Vodraska, Rita L: Wilson. Junior. Accounting 

FIFTH ROW: Vodraska, Ruth M: Ellsworth. Sophomore. History Voelker, 

Gary E: Pittsfield, III., Junior, Veterinary Medicine Vogel, Richard L: Kio- 
wa. Freshman, Feed Science and Management. Vogelsberg, Douglas: Sa- 

lina, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering 

SIXTH ROW Vogt, Sharilyn D: Meade, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Volkman, Linda K: Herington, Freshman, Accounting Volkmann, 
Allan W: Clay Center, Sophomore, Zoology. Volz, Duane R: Greensburg. 
Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry 

SEVENTH ROW: Vonbergen, Michael: Manhattan. Freshman. General 
Vonlehe, Marita K: Linn, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education Vore, 
James L: Hugoton, Freshman, Pre-Law Vore, Richard L: Arkansas City. 
Junior. Physics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Voss, Karen S: Manhattan. Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Voth, Eldeen M: Newton, Sophomore, Home Economics Exten- 
sion. Vulgamore, Larry G: Shallow Water, Freshman. Agricultural Engi- 
neering Waddle, Nancy K: Junction City, Sophomore. General 

BOTTOM ROW Wade, Linda K: Herington, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Wade, Robert K: Topeka, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Wadsack, James F: Derby. Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine Waeldin, 
Marilyn A: Salina, Freshman, General Home Economics 


Underclassmen: Wag-Was 

TOP ROW: Waggoner, James W: Belen. N.M.. Freshman. Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine Wagner, Ann D: Liberty. Mo.. Sophomore, Physical Education. 
Wagner, Curtin L: Prairie Village. Freshman, Industrial Engineering Wag- 
ner, Douglas R: Paola. 02. Architecture 

SECOND ROW: Wagner, Gilbert J: Leawood. Freshman, Humanities. 
Wagner, Jane C: Nortonville, Freshman. General Home Economics. Wag- 
ner, Robert A: Hays. Sophomore, Physics. Walczak, Alexander M: Dear- 
born, Mich., Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Waldren, Richard P: Tribune, Sophomore. Agronomy. Wal- 
dren, T. Bruce: Tribune, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Waldren, 
Terry E: Tribune, Junior. Business Administration. Walker, Forrest L: 

Johnson, 01 , Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW Walker, Jay A: Newton, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Walker, John D: Lansing, Freshman, Speech. Walker, Kenneth M: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Walker, Margaret A: Prair- 
ie Village, Freshman, General Home Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Walker, Nancy M: McPherson, 04, Elementary Education. 
Walker, Neill R: McPherson, 06, Veterinary Medicine Walker, Olene L: 
Overland Park, Freshman, Interior Design. Walker, Patricia S: Penalosa, 
Junior, Clothing Retailing 

SIXTH ROW: Walkup, Cheryl L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, English 
Wall, John Brent: McPherson, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Wall, Marilyn M: Wellsville, Freshman, General Home Economics. Wall, 
Nancy: Sedan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wallace, Gregory S: Fredonia. 02. Architecture. Wal- 
lace, James E: Sterling. III., Sophomore, Business Administration. Wal- 
lace, Kathleen J: Hill City, Freshman. General Wallace, Madeline D: Sal i- 

na. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Wallace, Patricia S: Kansas City. Sophomore. Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education Wallingford, John A: Wichita. Sophomore, Psychology. 
Walseth, William D: Great Bend, Freshman, General Walser, Charlene 

D: Waynesville, Mo., Junior. Clothing Retailing. 

mk' x ll^ <l'M 

BOTTOM ROW: Walsh, Sharon K: Shawnee Mission. Freshman, Interior 
Design. Walter, Gary A: Riley, Freshman, General. Walter, Roger N: 
Hays, Sophomore. Architectural Structures. Walter, Rosalee S: Lecomp- 
ton. Sophomore. General. 


TOP ROW: Walters, Cheryl K: Gas. Sophomore, Social Science Walters, 
Darrel G: Cassoday. Junior, Accounting Walters, Joan E: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Art. Walters, Larry R: Russell. Sophomore, General 

SECOND ROW: Walton, David N: Ellsworth, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Wamhoff, Arlan D: Bird City, Freshman, General Wamhoff, Carolyn S. 

Bird City, Sophomore, Home Economics Education Wanager, Diana L: De 

Soto, Freshman, Physical Education 

THIRD ROW: Wandt, Antonia L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Wandt, Jerusha J: Hutchinson. Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education Wanger, Fred R: Little Rock, Ark., Freshman, Business 
Administration Wanick, Stephen G: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 

FOURTH ROW: Ward, Doris F: Oakley, Freshman, Interior Design Ward, 
Lawrence W: Osawatomie, Sophomore, General. Ward, Sue A: Norton, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. Ward, Virginia L: Larned. Sopho- 
more, Home Economics and Nursing. 

FIFTH ROW: Wardlaw, Dale Alan: Shawnee Mission. Sophomore, Politi- 
cal Science. Wardlaw, Dale Allen: Pickrell, Neb., 04. Animal Husbandry. 
Warner, Deborah G: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics and Nursing 
Warner, James B : Kansas City. Mo., 02, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Warner, Janet K: Larned, Freshman, Physical Therapy War- 
ner, Joan E: Coffeyville. Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Warner, Kathleen A: 
Junction City, Freshman, General Warner, Kathleen J: Dodge City, Sopho- 
more, Interior Design 

SEVENTH ROW: Warner, Larry G: Manhattan. Sophomore. Business Ad- 
ministration. Warren, Jimmy D: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Physics. Warren, 
Laurel B: Minneapolis, Junior, Elementary Education Warren, Linda J: 

Winfield, Freshman, History 

EIGHTH ROW: Warren, Nancy R: Medicine Lodge, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Warren, Stephen D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine Wartman, Elizabeth G: Prairie Village, Junior, Social 
Science Wary, Elizabeth M : Salina, Junior. Speech 

BOTTOM ROW: Washburn, James C: Whiting, Freshman, General Wa- 
singer, Kenneth J: Garden City, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Wasmund, Linda R: Princeton, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 
Wasmund, Marilyn K: Princeton, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 



Underclassmen: Was-Wen 

TOP ROW: Wassberg, James E: Manhattan. Freshman, Accounting. Was- 
semiller. Jacqueline: Monument. Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Wassenberg, Anna M: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Wassenberg, Gloria A: Baileyville, Sophomore. Animal Husbandry. 

SECOND ROW: Waters, Luanne H: Colby, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Watkins, Linda J: Anthony, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Watts, Curt L: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering Watts, Rena L: Hays, 
Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Wayman, Alice L: Admire, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Weatherford, June K: Abilene, Freshman. Home Economics and 
Nursing Weatherford, Patricia: Abilene, Sophomore. Home Economics 
and Nursing Weatherholt, Richard: Ellis. Sophomore. Pre-Forestry 

FOURTH ROW: Weathers, Kathleen L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, 
Home Economics and Nursing. Weaver, David L: Milford, Sophomore, 
Business Administration. Weaver, James L: Augusta, Sophomore, Me- 
chanical Engineering Weaver, Janis: Leawood, Freshman, Business Ad- 

Fl FTH ROW: Weaver, John R : Great Bend, 1 , Architecture Webb, How- 
ard G: Liberal, 03, Architecture Webb, Marc C: Fishkill, NY. Freshman, 
Physics Webb, Robert T: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

SIXTH ROW: Webber, Lynn E: Omaha, Neb.. Freshman. Home Economics 
and Nursing Weber, Cheryl L: Dorance. Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Weber, Henrietta S: Grainfield, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Weber, Michael D: Junction City, Freshman, Business Administra- 

SEVENTH ROW Weberg, Donald W: Salina, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Webring, Rodney L: Stafford. Freshman, Business Administration. 
Webster, Martha H: Fountamville, Pa., Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Webster, Paul R: Salina, Freshman, Physical Education, 

EIGHTH ROW: Webster, Ronald V: Salina. 01. Architecture. Week, Gary 

L: Hinsdale, III , Freshman, General. Weckman, Pamela K: Oskaloosa, 
Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Wedel, Fred L: Newton, 
Sophomore. Agricultural Mechanization. 

BOTTOM ROW: Weeks, Edward R: Willingborn, N.J.. Freshman. Building 
Construction. Wegener, James D: McCook, Neb., 04. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Wegman, Virginia L: Hoxie. Sophomore. Mathematics. Wehling, 
Robert D: Salina. Sophomore. Accounting. 


TOP ROW: Wehr, Barbara A: Ft Riley. Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine Wehrman, Pearl I :Wathena, Sophomore. Chemistry. Wei bert, 
Stuart W: Tampa. Sophomore. Animal Husbandry Weich, Neal R: Hos- 
kins. Neb , Junior. Animal Husbandry 

SECOND ROW Weichel. James D: Wakefield. Freshman. Electrical Engi- 
neering Weidler, Michael L: Minneapolis. Freshman. Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Weihe, Sheryl K: Larned. Sophomore, Interior Design Weil, Harold 

G: Edna. Freshman. Animal Husbandry 

THIRD ROW: Weimaster, Allen K: Russell, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Weingart, Jacqueline: Atchison. Sophomore. Physical Therapy. Weingart, 
Paul M: Denton. Junior. Physical Education. Weingart, Thomasine: Atchi- 
son. Sophomore. Speech Therapy 

FOURTH ROW: Weir, James P: Topeka. Freshman. Architectural Struc- 
tures. Weir, Stan G: Kiowa. Freshman. General Weiser, Charles E: Har- 
lan, Freshman, Music Education. Weishaar, Philip L: Nortonville. Junior. 

FIFTH ROW: Weixelman, Richard L: Wamego, Freshman, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Welch, Wesley H: Augusta. 02, Architecture Wells, Bar- 
bara M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Wells, Marvin D: 

Rock, Freshman, Feed Science and Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Wells, Robert H: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Wells, Tana L: Wichita, Freshman, Social Science Wells, Ward V: 
Wichita, 02, Architecture Wells, William W: Leavenworth, Freshman, 

SEVENTH ROW: Welsh, Ronald D: Kincaid. Junior, Animal Husbandry 
Welty, Steven R: Hutchinson, Junior, Agricultural Education Wempe, 
Connie S: Lawrence, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Wendel- 
burg, Darel E: Montezuma, Junior, Psychology 

EIGHTH ROW: Wenger, Carol D: Sabetha. Freshman. Pre-Elementary 
Education. Wenger, Dennis L: Powhattan, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Wenger, Michael R: Harper, Junior, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment. Wenger, Richard P: Harper, Freshman, Electrical Engineering 

BOTTOM ROW: Wenger, Richard W: Sabetha, Sophomore, Accounting 
Wenger, Ronald D: Oberlin, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Wenger, 
Vicki L: Meade. Sophomore, English. Wentworth, Monty M: Abilene, 
Freshman. Wildlife Conservation. 


Underclassmen: Wen-Wil 

TOP ROW Wentz, Elisabeth A: Concordia. Sophomore, Psychology. 
Wentz, Steven D: Salina, Freshman, Civil Engineering, Wenzl, Rosella A: 
Effingham, Junior. Elementary Education. Werner, Elden E: Bennington. 
Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Werner, Henry H: Kansas City. Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Law 
Werner, Ruth D: Sharon, Sophomore, Home Economics Education, 
Werts, Stephen M: Junction City, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Wertz, Christine: St Charles, Mo., Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW Wesche, Alan E: Barnes, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 
Weseloh, Robert W: Sylvan Grove, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Wessling, Robert J: Beloit, 04, Animal Husbandry West, Barry L: Staf- 
ford, Junior, Elementary Education 

FOURTH ROW West, Constance J: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. West, Karen J: Healy, Junior, Humanities. West, Paul R: 

Norfolk. Va., Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. West, Robert P: Falls Church, Va., 
01 , Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: West, Rosalyn A: Topeka, Junior, Clothing Retailing. West, 
Sharon K: Overland Park. Sophomore, General West, Steven J: Nekoma, 
Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine Westerman, John R: Ellsworth, 
Sophomore, Accounting. 

SIXTH ROW Weybrew, Steven J : Wamego, Junior. Agricultural Engineer- 
ing Weyer, Douglas C: Barneston, Neb , Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Whalen, Ernest H: Osage City. Junior. Business Administration. Wheeler, 
Linda K: Ottawa. Sophomore, Art. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wheeler, Vicki L: Atchison, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education Wheelock, Carole J: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Music 
Education Wheelock, Hugh H: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine Whelan, James L: Topeka, Freshman, Building Construc- 

EIGHTH ROW Whetstine, Douglas G: Clay Center, Sophomore, Econom- 
ics Whitaker, Neal D: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 
White, Cynthia E: Manhattan. Sophomore, Pre-Business Education 
White, Frederick L: Roeland Park, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 

BOTTOM ROW: White, Jody L: St George. Junior, Elementary Education 
White, John D: Prairie Village, 02, Architecture White, Margaret E: Par- 
sons, Sophomore. Home Economics Education. White, IMancy J: Larned, 
Freshman, Clothing Retailing 


TOP ROW: White, Patricia J : Overland Park, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics and Liberal Arts. White, Raymond R: Marysville, Sophomore, Business 
Administration White, Stephen P: Pretty Prairie, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine White, Vernon M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 

SECOND ROW: Whitegon, Patty L: Cantonment, Fla , Junior, Civil Engi- 
neering Whitehair, Judith A: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Whitehair, Rita M: Manhattan, Freshman, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Whitehill, James H: Latham, Freshman, Physical Education 

THIRD ROW Whitehill, Janet M: Latham, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Whiteman, Arveta C: Valley Center, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Whitesell, Jim L: Ash Grove, Mo , Sophomore, Physical Education Whit- 
field, Carol L: Newton, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education 

FOURTH ROW: Whitley, Sharon A: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology. Whit- 
low, William T: Topeka. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Whitney, 
Cheryl D: Philli psburg. Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Whitney, 
Eleanor R: Overland Park, Sophomore. Home Economics and Nursing. 

FIFTH ROW: Whitright, Kenyon C: Wichita, Sophomore. Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Whittlesey, Diana K: Lawrence, Junior, Interior Design Whitton, 
Karen J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. Wibbeler, Richard M: 

Greensburg, Junior. Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Wichman, Kenneth D: Seneca, Sophomore, Accounting 
Wichman, Richard C: Seneca, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering Wick, 
Linda L: Wakeeney, Freshman. Medical Technology. Wicks, Cathy J: 

Brewster. Freshman, Physical Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Widau, Stanly C: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Widener, Gayla F: Hudson, Freshman, Pre-Business Education. 
Weichman, John H: Hutchinson, 04, Wildlife Conservation Wiechman, 
Steven R: Scott City, Junior, Business Administration 

EIGHTH ROW: Weihe, Jonell J: Leavenworth, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Wiehe, Linda C: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Wieland, David K: Oakley, Freshman, Business Administration. Wie- 
tharn, James R : Everest, Junior, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wigger, Timothy D: Olathe, Freshman. General Wiggins, 
Judith A: Ellsworth, Junior. Clothing Retailing. Wilch, Cheryl L: Topeka. 
Junior, General Home Economics. Wilcox, Connie J: Manhattan, Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

irl^ M 


Underclassmen: Wil-Win 

TOP ROW: Wilcox, Jean A: Manhattan, Sophomore. Sociology. Wiles, 
Robert E: Manenthal, Freshman, Animal Husbandry. Wiley, Cecil W: 
Manhattan, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Wiley, Eva A: Manhattan, 
Junior, Pre-Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Wiley, George L: Osage City, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Wiley, Shirley J: Clay Center, Sophomore, Business Administration. Wil- 
hite, Ruth A: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Wilhoite, Paula M: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology 

THIRD ROW: Wilkerson, Andrea S: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Wilkerson, Elizabeth: Ellinwood, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Wilkerson, Sherri M: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Will, Steven D: Henngton, Freshman, Mathematics. 

FOURTH ROW: Willard, F. Lynn: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary Med- 
icine. Willard, Lloyd H: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Willard, Michael L: Madison, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Will- 
cott, Howard J: Leavenworth, 01 , Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Willhite, Norman C: Leon, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Williams, Benton L: Nekoma, Freshman, Animal Husbandry Williams, 
Bernard O: Topeka, Freshman, General. Williams, Charles F: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Williams, Christine A: Newton, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Williams, Christine L: Manhattan, Freshman, General Wil- 
liams, David R: Peoria, III., Sophomore, Physical Education. Williams, 

Don N: Manhattan, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Williams, Kimberly E: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Interi- 
or Design. Williams, Leslie L: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Williams, Linda M: Kansas City. Mo., Freshman, Home Economics 
and Journalism Williams, Margaret A: Ottawa, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. 

EIGHTH ROW: Williams, Michele H: Pottersville, N.J., Freshman, Applied 
Music. Williams, Rebecca A: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Wil- 
liams, Ronald C: Eudora, Junior, Mathematics Williams, Thomas R: 

South Bend, Ind., 01, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Williamson, John R: Dodge City, Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering Willis, Dale G: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Willis, Jane A: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. Willis, 
Lonnie D: Bird City, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

nil M ^4W 


TOP ROW: Willison, Helen M: Buhler. Sophomore. Home Economics 
Education. Willmore, Randall E: El Dorado. Sophomore. Business Admin- 
istration Willt, Connie R: St. Francis, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Wilson, Beth M: Shawnee, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Wilson, Bruce L: Abilene, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering Wilson, Chadd R: Kinsley, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering 
Wilson, Cynthia A: Lincoln, Junior, Elementary Education. Wilson, Helen 

A: Rockville. NY, Junior. Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: Wilson, James D: Salina, Junior, Nuclear Engineering Wil- 
son, James R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Wilson, 
James W: Topeka, 02, Architecture. Wilson, Janel S: LaCrosse, Sopho- 
more. Elementary Education. 


FOURTH ROW: Wilson, John H: Topeka. Sophomore. Pre- 
son, Karen S: Lawrence. Freshman. Physical Education 
rence E: Ogden, Freshman, Statistics Wilson, Rhonda L: 

Freshman, Elementary Education. 

Medicine Wil- 
Wilson, Law- 
Overland Park, 

FIFTH ROW Wilson, Richard D: Russell, Sophomore, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Wilson, Sharon L: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing Wilson, 
Steven R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Architectural Structures. Windels, 
James H: Meadville, Miss., Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Windels, Mary E: Meadville, Mo.. Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Winderlin, Pauletta: Scott City, Junior. Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Windier, Timothy R: Paola, Sophomore. Dairy Production Wind- 
scheffel, Stephen: Lebanon, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. 

SEVENTH ROW Wineland, Ronald O: Alton, Freshman. General Winkler, 
Richard A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Winkley, 
Marvin J: Marion, Junior, Secondary Education Winston, Steven R: St 

Francis. Sophomore. Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Winter, Jan E: Manhattan, Sophomore, History Winter, 
Judith A: Hoxie, Freshman, General Home Economics Winter, Nancy L: 
Satanta. Sophomore, General Home Economics. Winter, Richard L: Pea- 
body. Freshman. Mathematics 

BOTTOM ROW Winter, Ronald A: U.S. Embassy. NY. Sophomore. Busi- 
ness Administration Winter, William G: Manhattan. Sophomore. Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Winzeler, Kenneth A: Lamont. Junior, General Agricul- 
ture. Winzeler, Robert F: Lamont. Freshman, General. 


Underclassmen: Wir-Wul 

TOP ROW: Wiruth, Daniel J: Cuba. Freshman, Architectural Structures 
Wisdom, Janice M: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Wise, Patrick M: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Wise, Sidney L: 

Clearwater, Sophomore. Architectural Structures. 

SECOND ROW: Wisegarver, Frederick: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. Wisegarver, Richard: Prairie Village, Junior, Geology 
Wiseman, Lonnie A: Coffeyville, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Wis- 
hall, Jerry P: Coffeyville, Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. 

THIRD ROW Wishall, Paul M: Liberty, Junior, Business Administration. 
Wisniewski, John E: St. Joseph, Mich., 03, Architecture Witt, Linda L: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Business Administration. Witt, Merle D: Bison, 
04, Agronomy. 

FOURTH ROW: Witten, Susan G: Wichita. Freshman. Home Economics 
Education. Wittenborn, John S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Social 
Science Woelfer, Carl W: Manhattan, Sophomore, Political Science 
Woellhof, Linda K: Clay Center. Sophomore. Music Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Wofford, Jerry R: Ozawkie. Freshman. Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Wofford, Mary L: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Pre-Nursing. Wohlt, 
James E: Fremont, Wis., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine Wolf, 
Jimmy L: Colby, Sophomore, Accounting 

SIXTH ROW: Wolfe, Danney L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Wolfe, Janet L: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Wolfe, Jay D: Ft. Scott, 03, Architecture. Wolfe, Regina F: Ness 
City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wolfram, Joyce L: Herndon, Freshman. Sociology. Wol- 
from, Howard E: Muncie. Freshman, Business Administration Wollen, 
Terry S: Ottawa, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Wolters, Douglas 

J: Atwood, Sophomore, Animal Husbandry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Woltkamp, Melinda R: Topeka, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Womeldorff, Joyce L: St Paul, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Womer, Sally A: Wichita. Freshman. Home Economics and Journalism. 
Wood, Anthony W: Burden, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wood, Ben W: Syracuse, Junior, Animal Husbandry. 
Wood, John D: Syracuse, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Wood, Leetta L: Sali- 
na. Junior, Sociology. Wood, Mary K: Topeka. Sophomore. Home Econom- 
ics Education. 


TOP ROW: Wood, Steve J: Overland Park, Junior, History Wood, Susan 
S: McPherson. Freshman Clothing Retailing Woodall, Rodney M : Wet- 
more, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Woodard, Ambrose P: Wichita, 
01, Architecture 

SECOND ROW: Woodard, Charles R: Wichita, Sophomore, Animal Hus- 
bandry. Woodard, Craig M : Wichita, Junior, Biological Science Woodard, 
June A: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Education Woodard, 
Kim : Wichita, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW Woodard, Susan G: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics Woodard, Susan L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education 
Woodburn, John W: Pleasanton, Junior, Zoology Woodley, Kent E: 

Wichita, Freshman, Electrical Engineering 

FOURTH ROW: Woods, Bryan R : Hutchinson, Junior, Restaurant Manage- 
ment Woods, Paul C: Kansas City, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Woodson, Janet H: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman. Family and Child Deve- 
lopment Woodward, Robert L: Overland Park, Freshman, History 

FIFTH ROW Woofter, Frank L: Colby, Junior, Agricultural Economics 
Woolcott, Mary A: Chester, III., Sophomore, Home Economics Education 
Woolery, Roberta L: Wichita, Freshman. Medical Technology Woolley, 
Marilyn L: Oxford, Junior. Home Economics Education 

SIXTH ROW: Woolpert, Steven C: Independence. Freshman. General 
Woolsey, Jack L: Kansas City. Sophomore. Physical Education. Woolsey, 
Terrill L: Hutchinson, Junior. Mechanical Engineering Woolverton, Jon T: 

Abilene. Freshman. General 

SEVENTH ROW: Worley, Melody K: Ely. Iowa. Freshman. Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Worley, Ronald R: Beloit. 03, Architecture Worley, William S: 

Portales, N.M.. Junior, Psychology. Worthington, Judy K: Manhattan. 
Sophomore. Business Administration 

EIGHTH ROW: Woydziak, Eugene F: Wichita. Freshman. General Agricul- 
ture Wrampe, Mary E: Atlanta. Freshman. Home Economics Education 
Wray, Warren K: Council Grove. 04, Civil Engineering Wright, Elynn S: 

Manhattan, Freshman, General Home Economics 

BOTTOM ROW Wright, Haskell S: Sublette, Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine. Wright, James M: Leawood, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Wright, Steven E: Millard, Neb, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine 
Wulfkuhle, Noell E: Lecompton, Freshman, Clothing Retailing 


Underclassmen: Wur-Zwe 

TOP ROW: Wurtz, Teresa J: Paxico, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Wurzbacher, Pamela S: Goodland, Sophomore. Sociology. Wuth- 
now, Linda K: Wichita, Sophomore, Psychology. Wyckoff, M. William: 

Altamont, Junior, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW Wykoff, Beverly: Los Alamos, N.M.. Junior, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Wylie, Joanne L: Wichita, Preshman. General Home Economics. 
Wylie, Larry R: Prairie Village, Frlihman, Mechanical Engineering. Yackle, 
Clifford E: Paola, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Yaney, Jed E: Newark, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary 
Medicine Yapit, Mary R: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion Yates, Harold: Junction City, Freshman, General Yeager, Marsha K: 

Russell, Freshman, Sociology. 

FOURTH ROW: Yeager, William J: Cottonwood, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization Yelenik, Lois E: Wichita, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Yenzer, Douglas W: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Yeo. 
David R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Yessick, Margaret E: Overland Park, Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Yoder, Dennis L: Thornburg, Iowa, Junior, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Yorke, Cynthia R: Sedan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Yoshimoto, Diane L: Kehaha, Hawaii, Freshman, General Home Eco- 

SIXTH ROW: Young, Alexander M: Leawood, Freshman, Veterinary Med- 
icine. Young, Ann M: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Economics and Nurs- 
ing. Young, Carolyn L: Goodland, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Young, Leroy I: Beloit, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 

SEVENTH ROW: Young, Nancy M: Leawood, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Young, Philip R: Lees Summit, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Young, Regina G: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics Young, Susan K: Wichita, Junior, Medical Technology 

EIGHTH ROW: Young, William P: Clay Center, Junior, History. Younger, 
Gerald P: Salina, Sophomore, Accounting. Younger, Kathleen A: Laba- 
non. Freshman, Home Economics Education. Youngers, Diane K: Medi- 
cine Lodge, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

1 W4 

BOTTOM ROW: Zabel, Charles W: Atchison. Sophomore. Mechanical 
Engineering. Zaiss, Craig R: Overland Park, Sophomore. Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Zakoura, Sheila L: Osawatomie, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Zangger, Charles P: N. Loup, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 


Second Semester Students: 

TOP ROW: Zanter, Marcia E: Muskegon. Mich., Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Zavesky, Thomas C: Ellsworth, Junior, Agronomy. Zell, Richard E: 
Prairie Village, Junior. Business Administration Zeman, Douglas A: Rus- 
sell, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry 

SECOND ROW Zenishek, Carolyn R: Eureka. Freshman. Pre-Vetermary 
Medicine Zernickow, Barbara A: Las Vegas, Nev., Freshman. Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Zibell, Barbara L: Holton, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration Zieger, Perry R: Lenexa, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Ziegler, Douglas W: Glendale, Mo. Sophomore, Industrial 
Engineering. Zimbelman, Sherry L: St. Francis, Sophomore. Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education Zimmerman, Glenna L: Poplar. Mont.. Sophomore. Physi- 
cal Education Zimmerman, Laurel G: Atla Vista. Junior. Social Science. 

FOURTH ROW Zimmerman, Martha J: Troy. Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Zimmerman, Nancy L: Centralia. Sophomore. Pre-Law Zink, 
Orlin J: Scott City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Zinman, Robert 
L: Erlton, N.J., 05, Architecture 

FIFTH ROW: Ziolek, Gary S: Niagra Falls, NY. Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education Zirkle, Louis R: Berryton, Junior, Agricultural Economics Zlas- 
ney, David C: Irvmgton. N.J , Sophomore, History. Zuercher, Lawrence B: 
Manhattan, 02, Architecture 

SIXTH ROW: Zumbrunn, Daryl J: Junction City. Junior. Business Adminis- 
tration Zwego. Raymond W: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration Zweygardt, Ranee A: St Francis, Freshman, Pre-Elementa