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,.f ''. : 


DSSSiSa ciT€ issued in December, January, February and 
April, Each will include its predecessor. Substitute the new 
and destroy the old, thus necessitating but one reference. 

D^^es December 1918 

gan prancisco Social J^egister 

Copyright 1918 by the Social Register Association. 

728' Fairfield Rd 



Bailly Maj (D')&M" Thos E P'^isyoFil. Jackson & Laurel 

Bancroft M'"* Lucy P'^^^SoyoMom. .423 W 120 

Brewer Rev&M" Wm A (Ellen D Wheaton) 

Brewer Lt Wheaton H-USA.Bur.Cal'ig-at 

^ Camp Kearny Cal 

Brewer W Wni A Jr-Bur.Car2o-at OTSch 

* Camp Mc Arthur Tex 
Buckley MLM"RichardF(IreneMurray) .P'^S684oFklin. i36oGreen 
Crocker MLM" Charles H (Carlotta L Steiner) P''^^r.2i 

Bhm.Oly.Fr.C.Cal'Sy "Bendynrode*' 

M^'* Irva Eby Belvedere Cal 

Duncan M" Robert Jr (Flora D Fyfe) Eb. .^ . P^S^ggi 

Duncan M^"" Flora MacRae . . [mont Menlo Pk 
Duncan Lt Robert F M-USA.-at CampFre- 

Eberts W^ Margaret Married at Berkeley Cal 

Williams Lt Kenneth A-USMC (Harry A) Oct 9 

Edwards Maj&M" J Paulding (Dollie B Tarpev) USA.Bhm. 
Oly.Cal'oa. .P''ii^^;2 5o8Fil. .3236 Pacific Av 

Maj at Kelly Field Ft vSam Houston Tex 
Edwards DiM" James W (Frances C) Bhm.Pcu.Tc.C. 

P''W;;4T4oFil. .68 Presidio Av 
FolgerMiM^JasAthearn (Cunningham-Clara ELun- 
& r™ JasAJr& Peter, .[ing) Bhm.Sfg.Bur.Pcu.Fr. 

M' John M Cunningham 

Lt&M" Jos A Donohoejr (Cunningham) UvSA 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1 00 1 Forest Court 
Palo Alto Cal 


2889 / 
Pacific Av 

Jecemher DamiciL 

San Francisco igif 

Follette MiM" Willard Sprake (Helen M CoUev) 

t^^l!204L /^Hillcroft" Los Gatos Cal 
Ford Lta^M^' Arthur J W (Constance Davis) UvSN.Stv^i^ 
P'^^.^S sSanAnselmo. * ' Parkside ' ' RossCal . Lt carePbstmaster l^.rk 

1 05 Mountain Av 
Piedmont Cal 
2006 Wash'n 


Grissim UkM'" John de L (Irene Baker) Fr, 

]fX f"" Dorothv W & Irene B , 
HanchetL MiH/'LewisEdw (MarvCorbet)Pcu.Oly. 
Hanchett W^ Alice & Lucy. .[Bhm.Sfg.Btir.Tc. 
Hantia %r Richard J (Virginia D WrightjBur. 

Jr., }^'^ Virginia , 

Kellam M^" Fred^k B (Edith Bishop) . 3 1 ^3 

J^^. M^-* Elizabeth ,.....,.,.,... Pacific Av 

Magruder F' G Lloyd (Belle E Bums) P*^1SS39ooKeamey 

Magruder }t" Paurline , . . . . Fairmont Hotel 

Murphy WhW* Fred^c L (Alyce P vSullivan) Oly.Fr. 

P''^::9S. .633 Middlefield Rd Palo Alto Cal 
Oliver HIT'' A Leslie (E Louise Runyon) 

P'm42 82 . . 286 Vernon Oakland Ca! 

Ohver MiM" BarUey P , . Los Altos Cal 

Flaw W"^ Eleanor W & Fanny D ...... . . P'^J^n lafi^ 

Flaw W" Marie V-at Ventura Cal Concord 

Flaw TtT Alfred D (Gertrude Miller) CaFoz; Cal 

Pringle IT" (Wm bhu) (Isabel Hutchinson) PN':]i64i 

Jr. W- A Isabel & T Wm Bull .......... . 

Robbing }ilW' Lloyd M (Mary Cowl) Uv.Pai.Bhm.Bur.Tc. 

Cal '9 7 . . Hotel Belmont K\^^ , . see ffe 
Selfridge Lt&.V"JRussell (GraceBaldv^dn)UvSN.Sf g.Tc. t TE3 2^^ 
Spalding M" Alfred B (Mary Polhemus) Tc. P^'^^SsbFil 

W Edw R Polhenius , . . .[Stan'96,croo 2651 Green 

Van Fleet O" Alan C (Alice Brune) Pcu.01y.Cario.H^i4 

l'''^"3Si4Fil 2423 Gxeen 
Williams Lt Kenneth A-USMC (Harry A). . . . .Married Oct 9 
Eberts f " Margaret . at Berkeley Cal 

325 E Valcrio * 
Santa Barbara Cal 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



§ocial Register 
San Francisco 

including Oakland 


Vol. XXXIII, No. 11. Novbmbbr, 1918. 


Copyright 1918 by The Social Register Association. 




Ath Athenian-Nile of Oakland 

Bhm Bohemian 

Bur Burlingame Country 

C Century 

Cal* Univ. of California Graduate 

Cd Colonial Dames 

Cda Colonial Dames of America 

Clt Claremont Country 

Cw Society of Colonial Wars 

Dar.... Daughters of American Revolution 

Eb Ebell of Oakland 

Pmy Family 

Ft Francisca 

H' Harvard Graduate 

He Holluschickie 

Hm Home of Oakland 

Oly Olympic 

Pcu Pacific Union 

Sfg San Francisco Golf 

Stan* Stanford Univ. Graduate 

Tc Town & Country 

USA' I with date indicates a graduate 
USN' I of West Point or Annapolis 

Uv University 

Y* Yale Graduate 

The first club following a name indicates where letters may 
be sent. 

Club abbreviations, not included in the above list, refer to 
New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Provi- 
dence, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, 
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Southern California, 
Baltimore, Buffalo, Detroit, New Orleans or Southern Cities 
Clubs, to distinguish which is added respectively, the letters w, 
w, p, ch, 6, pv, si, pt, cU en, dy, sp, m, st, pr, sc, hi, bf, d, no, qr so. 

Digitized by 




AC Aviation Corps 

ACP Aerial Coast Patrol 

AEF American Expeditionary Force 

AF Arm^e Frangaise 

AmC Ambulance CS^rps 

Apo American Post Office 

ARC American Red Cross 

ASSC Aviation Section Signal Corps 

BA British Army 

BEF British Expeditionary Force 

C A Coast Artillery 

EC Engineer Corps 

PA Field Artillery 

MG Machine Gun Battalion 

OD Ordnance Dept 

QMC Quartermaster Corps 

RFC Royal Flying Corps 

ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps 

SATC Student Army Training Corps 

SC Signal Corps 

TC Tank Corps 

USA US Army 

USN. US Navy 

Digitized by 


Do^Xi And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Social Registers of •each city are issued in November and 
their accuracy is maintained throughout the year by means 
of DiidSS. in December, January, February and April; and by 
the Summer Social Register in July, with cotmtry and foreign 
addresses of all the cities combined. 

They record the full names and addresses qi members of 
prominent families grouped together, the clubs to which they 
belong, and the marriage and death of each person as it 
may occur. 

Tsjr.^^^ r^f T..*,;^^] M^"" 12 to 1 7 [appear tmder the names of 
Names of Jumorsj^„ 14 to 20 [older members of their families. 

The Locater cataloguing in one alphabetical order every name 
in all the Social Registers with the family* s head under which it 
may he found and the city in which the* name appears, is 
essential, owing to the many inter-marriages among families 
in the various cities and constant changes from one city 
to another. Reference to the Locater shows at once tmder 
what city to look for any desired name and there all required 
information may be gleaned. 

The names of HKli who have married into families of other 
cities appear among the M^w«. of their former city with 
their present married name and the city of their residence in 

The subscription is $5.00 per annum for each city. 

A subscription of $35.00 will include aU the issues for 
San Francisco & Oakland, New York, Washington, 
Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Providence, St. Louis, 
Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Cincinnati & Dayton, St. Paul & 
Minneapolis, Seattle & Portland, Southern California, 
Baltimore, BuflEalo, Detroit, New Orleans and Southern Cities 
from^Richmond to Atlanta, and the Locater. 

For $7.50 the Locater is included with the year's sub- 
scription for any one city. 

To insure the finding of a name in the Social Register look for 
it first in the Locater. r r^r^al^ 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

Social Register. 

San Francisco. 

Abbot MIM" S Leonard (Jeanie L Ogden)Pcu.Sfg. 

P^«Jiii6West. .2118 Vallejo 
Abbot Mill" S Leonard Jr (Martha K Foster) Sfg.SanRafaelCal 
Abbott M" Chas H (Davis-Addie M Motdton).see D S Clinton 
Abbott MiM" Granville D (Florence Brackett) Clt.Fmy. 

^1*52224. .25 Crocker Av Kedmont Cal 
^Acker MiM" Nicholas A (Susan Bennet) Clt. 

P*'«26377. .353 Euclid Av Oakland Cal 
Ackennan MiM" Lloyd S (Louise B Sloss)01y.33oo Washington 

Adams MiM" Arthur L-Eb . 
Adams M' Robert . 

634 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Adams MiM" Chas H (OHve Bray) Cal'90 

P*«Jii2sPac. . 129-24 Av W Clay Pk 

Adams MiM" Edson (Jessie Fox) see M C Fox 

Adams MiM" Edson F (Elizabeth Wheaton) P^»Si992 

Adams M*" Elizabeth [Ath.Clt.Tc.Fr. 25 Sea View Av 

is. If— Ellita & Julia Piedmont Cal 

Adams M" Frank L (Dixie Leigh) P'^52.36 

Adams M'" Nellie L 2850 Telegraph 

MiM" Wm Cavalier (Camille B Adams). . . Oakland Cal 
Adams MiM"HenryH(Mary Knowles) ^^22406. .19 HardwickAv 

JIS. M'- Mary & M' Jos Piedmont Cal 

Adams M"Law8oa s IP^'^Sior. ."Hazelwood" 

Adams MiM" Lawson S (HazelCurtis)Eb.| Belvedere Cal 
Adams DiM" Lemuel P (Leigh)Ath.Clt. 

P'^^S3762 . .265 Lee Oakland Cal 
Adams MiM" Walter H(May Fill- |P*'^Si482. .985 LakeShore Av 
Adams M' James Fillmore. [more)| Oakland Cal 

Adams M" Wm J (Casstodra Hills) 

Died at Sl?« Sep ^o. .s^^^j|aston 

6 DoniSSes And Locatcr Insure Accuracy 

Addis DiM" Thos (Elisa Partridge). . .P*»Si94. .SausaKto Cal 
Adler JF" Frances T (I D) Married 

Elkins M' Felton B Jly 21 " 

Ahlbom MiM" George (Dorothy Doe) absent 

Aiken M" Chas Sedgwick (Ednah Robinson). |P^i268t^rospect 

JS. ir Douglas S I1468 Greenwich 

Aikins MiM" Benj M (Alice Livingston) Tc. 

P»536ioFil. .2385 Broadway 
Ainsworth IT Frank K-Bhm.Pcu.Sfg.Clt.Arlpt. 

P**«S244iF'klin. . Bohemian Club 

Albert MiM" Kirk (Florence Whittell) abroad 

Alderson DiM" Harry E (Cordelia C Bishop) Hm.Uv. 

Oly.Tc.Caroo. .P'^«S4S48Fil. .2649 Green 
Alexander M" Albertine D(AlbertineDetrick) 

Alexander M' Douglas C-Bur.Oly. .**Midoaks" Burlingame Cal 

Alexander Capt John Jerome-USA USA.AEF 

Alexander M^" Mary J P^^Ssqsq . . 92 Seaview Av 

Alexander M*" Annie M Piedmont Cal 

Alexander M"SamuelT(MarthaE). . Died at Piedmont Cal Jly 6 
Alexander MiM"WallaceMcK(MarySBarker)Hm.Pcu.Tc.01y. 
Clt.Yn/92. .P^«S703./*Brown Gables" 

Union & King Avs Piedmont Cal 
Allen Rev&M" Alex-Clt . ^^28334 . 3 loParkViewTerOaklandC^ 
Allen MiM" Chas R (Etsie Converse). .1432 Walnut BerkeleyCal 
Allen MiM" Dean(Helen Lowden)P*'^S342.8 LaSalleOaklandCal 
Allen M' Francis Married 

Dooley M'" Clara 

Allen MiM" Francis (Clara Dooley) 435 Lee Oakland Cal 

Allen M" Henry F-Tc. .P^«2i689 Kearney. .The Stanford Court 
Allen DiM" Herbert W (Gertrude Jolliffe)Uv.J'Hop'oo 

P^«Si3i4Fil. .2535 Lagima 

Allen MiM" James G (Emily Dean) 1560 Alice 

Allen M* Monroe OsJdand Cal 

Allen M' Jas Kirk Married 

Perkins M'" Blanche 

Allen MiM" Jas Kirk (Blanche Perkins) Modesto Cal 

Allen M" Jas Monroe (Ida M Davis) 

Allen M*" Clara-abroad 

-3001 Pacific Av 

O Burrage 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 

AUen MIM" Lucius H (Ruth AUeiL)Caro7 

r«J3262Fill. .2402 Devisadero 
AUen KM" Reginald H-Eb.Hm. 

P*1K33i5Merritt. .2004 Tenth Av Oakland Cal 
Allen MiM"Wyatt Hamilton (Alysse Latham) lphqa.^,^^Tr^«^^,^ 

JSS. M*" Alysse W& M' Latham H | ..... | Stanford Court 

Allyne M" J W P^«S382Fklin 

AUyne M*"^ Lucy & Edith 2609 Gough 

Ames Mill" AMen (Maude Murray) 3241 Wash'n 

Ames M" Fisher(EmilieNMorrison)C.P*«Si8oPros.HotelColonial 

Ames M"* J P (Everett)Eb P«S474i 

Ames ff** Elsie 821 Wawona Av 

Ames M' James H-Pcu.Bhm.Clt.Ath Oakland Cal 

Anderson MiM" Alden-Fmy.Pcu.Fr. . ..2101 H Sacramento Cal 
Anderson Lt&M" Berrien P (Corona Williams) USA.AEF.Uv. 

San Rafael Cal 
Anderson MiM"FrankBartow(ElizabethMJadwin) P^Si3i3Doug 

M*- Helen Jessup. .[Pcu.Bur.Sfg.Bhm.Tc.Fr. 840 Powell 
Anderton MiM" John Gayle(MargaretBarron)Uv.Bur.Pcu.Tc. 

P»^S4i3 . .San Mateo Cal 

Andrew M' Adam-Pcu P*^S29iFill. .1900 Pierce 

Andrews M"Elizabeth W(ElizabethWeaver).. Married Sep 1*03 

Foute M' Geo de K at San Rafael Cal 

Andrews M" George P (Caroline Gooding) P^«Si672Fil 

Andrews M** Dorothea-Tc 2825Filbert 

Angell D' Frank-Vt '78 

Angell M** Mabel 1200 Bryant 

Angell M' Chas Palo Alto Cal 

Angell MiM" Thomas B (Lenora Farrell) 

Angell M" Louise B (Louise L Bayard) absent 

Angellotti Judge & M" Frank M (Emma Cear- P*^^S562 

ley)Cw.Fr. *Tour Winds*' 

Angellotti M'" Marion P-Fr.-ARC. France San Rafael Cal 

Angus MiM" James S (May Burton) 

Angus M'" Mary S 

Armsby MiM"GeorgeN (Leonora Wood)Bur.Pcu. 


175 Twenty-fifth Av 


Armsby Lt E Raymond-USA.AC.Bur.Pcu.Bhm .P^o^^ ^^ 
Armsby Lt Gordon S-USA.Bur.Pcu.Bhm ^^^^-^^vV-ooWR! 

8 DonSciiea And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Armsby MIM" Jas Kendall (Mary D)Pcu.Bhm.Fmy.Atch. |Ross 

Armsby JP- Mary L .• . . .[Cw.Fr. . . | Cal 

Arnold MiM" Geo S (Elizabeth S Kent)Sfg.Uv.Tc.01y.Bur. 

Y*o3 . .PlKii72Fil. .3240 Pacific Av 
Arnold DiM" J Dennis (Valerie Hamsse)Bhin . 

Arnold M*" Eleanor-at 107 E Chase RSJ« 

Arnold M'" Clement&J Dennis Jr-USA AmC. 

JK, M*- Valerie. [AEF. 

Arnstein MiM" Walter (Alice Sussman). .see 

Ashbumer M"Wm(EmiliaField)Tc.Fr.P«Si35iFill.32 ujackson 

Ashe If- Elizabeth H-Tc. 

of P^52 5iiKeamy. .1736 Stockton. .inFrance 

Shattuck Hotel 
Berkeley Cal 

M" S Sussman 

San Rafael Cal 
M' at ARC France 

1200 Calif 

Menlo Park 

Ashe MiM" Richard Porter(Rathbun-EmiHe 

Chapman) Fmy.Oly.Fr. 
Ashton M" George F (Elizabeth M Raymond) , 

Ashton M'- Helen H 

Ashton Lt Raymond-USAAEF.Caro7 

Atherton M' Faxon D 

Atherton M' Faxon D Jr 

Atkins MirDavid(Mary de Fremery)P'«S23ooF'klin.ios5Green 
Austin MiM" Lawrence H (Roma Paxton) USN*o7 

P*«S2i54. .515 Fowler Av Pelham Manor N Y 
Austin Lt&M" Winthrop P (Helen L Tallant)USA. 

American Lake Wash 

Avenali MiM" Ettore (Mary Josselyn)01y.Pcu 2512 Wash'n 

Avenali MiM" Lorenzo M (Linda Cadwalader)01y.Uv.949Green 

Ayers MiM" Grosvenor P (George Elliot)Ofly IP^i69oFil 

Ayers If" Mary | 3334 Clay 

Babcock MiM" Allen H (Mary B Folger)Clt.Tc.l2227 Piedmont 

i^m M'" Allen & Thos F-at Stanford Univ ] Berkeley Cal 

The Wyoming W!5fe 
Capt abroad 

Babcock'Capt&M" Conrad S(Marian Eells) 

JS-r. r" Conrad S Jr & Charles P . . .[USA'98 

Babcock Capt&M" Franklin (Elizabeth Winslow) USA. ' 

The Wyoming Wift 
Babcock MiM" Harry (Favre-Katherine Poose\elt) 

Pcu.Sfg.Bur. .P''»S397 West. .2660 Scott 
Babcock M" Wm (Beck-Julia May) Fr. 

P^^J3. ."Edge HiU" San Rafael Cal 
Bailey M" Jas Dyas (Maria E) M«^ranldin 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 9 

Baily IP- Helen Ingram see M" J F Swift 

Bain MiM" Robert E (Albright ) 1523-28 Av Fruitvale Cal 

Baker M" Cleveland H (Pansy G Perkins). . .see G C Perkins^ 
Baker M"(George w) . P*'^;66ooPied. 2i3MountainAv OaklandCal 
Baker Lt&M" Geo W (Carmen Ghirardelli) USA.AEF. 

740 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Baker Mill" Herbert Ross (Natalie H Hunt) CslVos • 

P'^^oaaa.iFil- -2445 Pacific Av 

Baker MiM" Leavitt (Ramona Banner) 3331 Jackson 

Baker Lt Livingston L-USA (late Wakefield) 

Died at Foggia Italy Jun i 

Baker IT Philip S-Pcu.Mit'oo 210 Spruce 

Baker MIM" Raymond T (Vanderbilt-McKim-Margaret 

Emerson) Mtw.Cvcw. . 1627 New Hamp Av WUfi 
Baker M" Rives M (Dale Hartley) . . .Married at Duluth Minn 

MacLeod D' James A Nov 15*17 . see BJf 

Baker M" (wakefidd) (Coralie Thomas) Sfg.Fr. 

Baker M'" Marion 

Baker Lt L Wakefield-USA.AC.AEF 

Baker Lt&M" Wilder D (Constance N Metcalfe) USN. 

see J B Katifman 
Bakewell Lt T Vail-USA.Fmy.Ath.Bhm. 

P^iSooSutter. .Family Club 
Baldwin MiM" A Stuart(EmmaClarke)Pcu.Sfg. PlK475Pac 

Baldwin IP" Laura-Fr [Fr.C. 2 Presidio Ter 

Baldwin M" (uoyd) (Isabel Wheaton) C 2 121 Lyon 

Baldwin MiM" Lloyd (Edith Berry) Uv.Tc 2214 Steiner 

Baldwin Mir* Orville C (Ella Peterson) 

P*'^S4709West. .910 Broderick 
Baldwin MiM" Orville Dwight (Millie E Wehn) Cw.Ar. 

of P*'1Ki67 iF'klin . . 1000 Green . . Waldorf-Astoria Ma 
Baldwin MiM"OrvilleRa3anond(AnnaDeuprey) 

Baldwin M'— Doris & Phoebe D 

Baldwin M' Orville D 2d 

JSS. M^— Dalthea A & Dursley E & M' Dan'l . 
Balfour MiM" Alex (Ruth McFarland) Uv.Tc.Ty*o2 

"Shepherds Green Cottage*' Chislehurst Eng 
Ballantine MiM" Joseph W (Emilia A Christy) 

Amer Embassy Tokio Japan 




2746 College Av 
Berkeley Cal 

10 DonScika And Locatcr Insure Accuracy 

Ballard H' Irvine T t i 

MIM" James C Welsh (Ballard) ^^42 Jackson 

Ballard M" John (Maria V) IP^Ss 285 West 

Ballard Mill" FrankMoss(AliceWhiting)Uv.Car 02] 191 7 Baker 
Ballard lfiM"Webb R(Gertrude Jones) Glasgow'oo.SomersMont 

Bancroft MiM" Griffing (Margaret Wood) San Diego Cal 

Bancroft M'" Lucy 2898 Jackson 

Bancroft MiM"Paul(LouiseHazzard)Sfg.Fmy.Uv.Fr.C.I 3728 

J^ M' Paul Jr (Jackson 

Bancroft MiM" Philip {Nina Eldreda) C.H'os . . ^ . 2423 Green 

Bandmann M" (chas j) 

Bandmann M'" Florence 

Bandmann MiM" Chas J (Juanita Valentine) . . 
Bangs MiM" Franklin (Irene Van Dyke) Eb.Hm 

Bangs M' FrankUn Jr-at Ma 

JfiS. H^ Katherine a Gertrude a H' Geoffrey. . . 

Barber H*" Mary D P*^^S86w. .San Anselmo Cal 

Barbour MiM" Samuel (Mildred Wells) Toronto Can 

Barbour M' Thomas J-Pcu.Bhm.Mtn 1000 California 

Barbour MiM" Wm A (Fanny Le B Dunn) |P»5s 590. 47Farragut 

Barbour tf" Anna Le B [Clt.l Piedmont Cal 

Barkan MiM" Fritz (Ella T Plate) P^«Si262Pac. .320 Maple 

Barker M" Timothy L-Eb.Tc. 

P^^243i4. .Sea View & Farragut Av Piedmont Cal 

Barlow MiM" Wm Roberts (Anne Engelhardt) Blythe Cal 

Barnard DiM" Harold D (Harriet S Stone) 

P^^5i2iiMain. .2001 G Sacramento Cal 

Barreda M'" Rose 775 Post 

Barrett M" Eliza J-Hm see S Breck 

Barrett MiM" John J P^^S722Fil. .3230 Jackson 


Van Ness Av 
Oakland Cal 

Pepper Av 
Burlingame Cal 

Barron M" Edward R(Eva R Dean) Bur.Tc.Fr 

Barron M'" Evelyn-Bur.Tc 

Barron MiM" Ward F (Genevieve L Harvey) USA.Uv.Sfg. 

Burlingame Cal. .M' at Ma 
Barry M" Edward(MatildaHamil- I P^«S4263 

Bap-y tf"^ Jane & Letty [ton) [387 Euclid Av Oakland Cal 

Bartlett M'RaymondS-USA.(LL). Married atCampMerritt N J 
Doyle M'" Grace (late Hy) Digitized ^yGopglgiy 2 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Bartlett MiM" Raymond S (Grace Doyle) USA.AEF. .M" at NSS* 
Barton MiM" Aldrich (Irene van D Bangs) . . Newport News Va 
Barton H" John (Isabella T Barton) . 
Barton M' Wm F-Cal'88 

M" Barton Cuyler (Barton) 

H^ Grace B & M' Barton Cuyler . 

Barton M' Willard T-Hm.Caro6 P^SiBry . '. 130 W 44 NS* 

Bassett M' Harvey F-Fmy.Stan'03 po Nevada Pk Bldg 

Bassett M" Helen B D (Helen B Dickens) 

P«Ss2oFklin. .1859 Vallejo 


61 E 72 

WoA, .seeNlSSik 

Batchelder MiM" Geo A (Mary W 

Kittredge) Pcu.Tc. 

Batchelder Lt Kittredge-USA.OD 

Proving Ground Aberdeen Md 

Bates MiM'" - - 

Bates MiM 

of P^^S2456. /'Amarradero'' 

Lasuen Rd 

Santa Barbara Gal 

300 Montgomery 

Albert G (Katherine C Devol) Panama 

Chas D Jr (Lucretia M Bumham)Hm.Ath.Clt. 

P^7788. .399 Bellevue Av Oakland Gal 

Bates MiM" Dudley C (M Louise Beals) PIK184 

Bates W" Laura D & Elizabeth G 739 Irwin 

Bates M"* Walter D & Geo Walker San Rafael Gal 

Bates MiM" Frank D (EHzabeth Suydam) P^^Si4i6 Fil 

Bates tf"- Mary& Elizabeth 

JS. M' Dudley S 

Bates MiM" George E (Emmeline L Beatty)Pcu.Bhm.01y. 

Sfg.Fr. .P^S37Fil. .2767 Glay 
Bates MiM" Hy Sears (Gladys Merrill) Bhm.Pcu.Uv.Bur.Fr. 

Carol., see M" J F Merrill 
Bayne MiM" Richard (Sue Wilkins). .P^^Si69iPac. .37 Jordan Av 

Bazet DiM" Louis (Marie VignoUes) see E A Flanders 

Beach M" M T (Mary Tennant) 2400 Pacific Av 


P«Si83. .MarinitaPk 
San Rafael Cal 


ifS^ If " -Barbara [son) Fr. 

Beatty M" Jessie A Qessie A Hooper) ^ 

P«S238. .475 Churchill Av Palo Alto Cal 

Beatty M" Wm H (Elizabeth M) 2409 

Beatty M' Hy Oscar-abroad Octavia 

Beaver IP*^ Anna W-C., Kate W-C. & Ethel-C. 

P*'^390oKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Beaver MTred'cHope(lateGeoW). Died atStFrandsHosp Jly 23 


DoSJteites And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Beaver M" (pred'c Hope) (Florence Pierce) 

Beaver Lt Frederic H-USA.FA.AEF 

i^m W Peter P^^^igoyWest 

M'" Margaret Madison 2525 

M' Frank D Madison Webster 

Lt Marshall P Madison-USMC.AfiF 

JiTr, M'- Caroline L Madison 

Beck MiM" Chas (Loretta White) see J J White 


431 Lagunitas 

Oakland Cal 

Beck M" (Eugene b) (Eva G Smith) 

Beck M'- Edith . . . 

Beck M' Eugene B 

Beckett MiM" Bergie Barry (Lutie Collier) Uv.Cr '04 

Goldfield Nev 
Beckman MiM" John W (Gertrude Wheeler) '04 

P^'^SsoSS . . 203 Hillcrest Rd Berkeley Cal 

Beckwith MiM" JohnA(SaraLowell)Eb.Ath. 

Beckwith M' John A Jr 

MiM" Delger Trowbridge (Beckwith): . 

Bee M" S L (Sophronia L Clapp) 

Bee M' Everett N-Uv.Sfg 

Beede M" W M S (Virginia Aldrich) .Somerton Hotel 

2043 Seventh Av 
Oakland Cal 


2757 Telegraph Av 
Oakland Cal 

1200 California 

Belcher M' Gilbert L 

Belcher M' Dick 

Belden «iM" Chas A (Fanny B Hubbard) Uv.Uln.Fr.Mif 73 

P^Si74JSanAnselmo. .Ross Cal 

Belden MiM" Chas J (Frances Phelps) Ross Cal 

Bdden MiM" D F (Charlotte Laws) Hm. 

250 Sunnyside Oakland Cal 
Bell MiM" Harmon-Eb.Ath.Hm.Clt.Tc. 

P^^S8o3w. .Oakland Av Piedmont Cal 
Bell Hir Traylor W (Helen E Chase) Hm.Ath.Car 02 

P*'«Si395w. .2010 Oakland A V Piedmont Cal 

Belshaw M' Chas M Married 

Spencer M" Maud E (Maud E Chase) Sep 30 *i6 

Belshaw Mill" Chas M (Spencer-Maud E Chase) Pcu.Uv. 

Bhm.Oly.H'83 . .po Pacific Union Club 

Bender M"David A (Evelyn E). .2960 Piedmont Berkeley Cal 

Benedict M" Egbert J (Gillson-Emily Whistler) I P^«S39ooKeamy 

Lt George B Gillson-USA^CAEF |Fainnont Hotel 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Ben6t Col&M" Jas Walker (Frances Rose)USA. . . 

Ben6t IP" Laura The Arsenal 

J^» M' Stephen V-at Yale AST 

M'" Agnes Mahon 

Ben^t Lt&M" Wm Rose (Teresa F Thompson) USA. ASSC. 

Y'07.. The Arsenal iter 

Benjamin IRM" Edward H (Meyer)Bhm P»Si84S 

Benjamin M*** Edith 805 Linden 

JSSi Jr Hewlett Oakland Cal 

Beimet M" Chas A (Frances McPherson) see C H Shiels 

Bennett M' Robert Howard P^«S29i8j 

Bennett M*"* Katherine Howard & Julia N 2635 Etna 

JS. M' Robt H Jr Berkeley Cal 

Benson Col&M" Harry Coupland(MaryFBreeze) nh«,^ ^ ^ ^p;i 
Uvn.Anw.Ken'77.USA'82 *^^3747^i^ 
Benson Lt Thos M B-USA.AEF 

M** X.<ouisa Breeze 
Bentley MiM" Chas Harvey (Florence B Hush)Uv.Sfg.C. 

P*^^759West. .3198 Padfic Av 


Presidio Av 

2505 Green 

Bentley MllfRobertI(GeorgiaDixon)Sfg.Bhm.Pcu. 

JSk M^" Katharine [C. 

Bentley MiM" Robert I Jr (Edna Whitney) San Jos^ Cal 

Bentley Capt&M" Walter (Elaine Hancock)USA. 

C^np Meade Md 

Beronio M" Maria | riKjsaoFil 

Beronio IP" Eda-Tc , . . \9940 Brod^iok 

Berry M" Jessie L P (Jessie L Patton)Tc 

P^S2026Fil . . 220s Sacramento 

Berry M' Thos C-Uv.P'Ss Ross Cal 

Berry M' Washington .see D^SL 

Berry H' Wm F-Pcu.Uv.Oly Ross Cal 

Bertheau MiM" C6sar (Anita Jordan)Bhm. 

Bertheau M' Rudolf C-Uv 

Bertheau Lt C6sar Jr-USA.AEF 

Bertheau M^" Jeannette K (Max) Married at Trinity Chap 

McCurdie Lt Ralph H-USA. (DA) .S^ 16 

1097 Green 

Bertheau Mill" Max (Kohler) 
Bertheau M'" Elise 

M*" Katharine Strickler 

2416 Gough 



Don^iL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Best H" Claremont Livingston (Laura Corbett) . 
Best iP" Mary. 



Wayside" CountyRd 

SanMateo Cal. .seeNCU 

2309 Wash'n 

1 519 New Hamp Av 

Beylard Mill" Edw Duplessis (Julia P 
Howard) Uv.Pcu.Tc.Kn 

Beylard IP* Elizabeth Sophy-Tc 

Bishop M" AnnaV(AnnaVoorhies) r^S2764Fil.. 2219 Scott 

Bishop MIM" Edgar (Sophie C Weaver) Eb.Hm. 

P«S7626Pied. . 554 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Bishop MIM" Edw F (Clare Sawyer) Pcu.Bhm.Oly.Cal'02 

P*"i?S4932Park. .S E cor Edgewood & Belmont 

Bishop M' Francis E-Pcu.Caro2 

Bishop MiM" Jas Hall (Isabelle Van Vlack) Pcu. 
Bishop M' Thos P-Uv.Pcu.Tc.Sfg.BhTn.C.Cal'99 

University Club 
Bissell M&M"HarryH (ElsieKroeger) .1317 CentralAvAlamedaCal 

Bissell MIM" Lewis H P^^Si772 . . 1432 Morton Alameda Cal 

Bixler M" David (AugustaHyde) . P^'^SioooDoug . HotelSt Francis 
Black Capt Chas N-USA.Bur.Bhm.Uv. 


Black M^ Mary L-Bur.Sfg 

Black MIM" Harold Spens (Pierce-Sally McKee) Sfg.Clt 

275 Vernon Oakland Cal 
Black DiM" Jas Alex (Edna M Bamard)Fmy.Pcu. | ^^ 

^BlackM'J Ream &teM'Alan.[Sfg.01y.Bhm.Uv.Fr.|'9^'' ^^^^ 
Black HIH" Jas Byers (Katherine P McElrath) Cal' 12 

P*^7764Pied. .60 Monte Vista Av Oakland Cal 

Blair IP" Jennie M CUft Hotel 

Blakeman M' Theo Z P^J4288F*klin. . 2295 Franklin 

Blanding M' Gordon-Uv.Pcu.Y'7 1.01*73 . . 

Blanding M^" Lena-Tc. 

Blanding W Lloyd Tevis-abroad 

M" Edith B Coleknan (Edith Blanding) 

Blaney MiM" Chas D (Isabella Williams) C 2853 Green 

Blinkman MiM" Walter (Nora McNeil) abroad 

Bliss IKM" Charles T (Mattie M Knowles)Pcu. . [15 Crocker Av 

ter IT- Elizabeth K | Piedmont Cal 

Bliss M" (Duane l) (Elizabeth Tobey)Fr . . I P'«S3499Fil 

BUss tf" Hope I^Fr.Clt U808 B'way 

... Digitized by.VjQOQlC 

"Cliff Crest" 
Belvedere Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 15 

Bliss MIM" DuaneL(FlorenceDunham) C.Pcu.Tc. .1329 Taylor 

Bliss MIM" Geo Dudley Jr (Marie B Payne) see G L Payne 

Bliss MiM" John A 16 Highland A v Oakland Cal 

Bliss MiM" Walter D (Edith Pillsbury) Uv.Pcu.Fr. 

P«Si763Fil. .2990 Vallejo 
Bliss MiM"WmS(AnneBuckbee)Fr. )P''^S3936 ..119 Monte Av 

,Mit'87 Piedmont 

Bliss Lt Wm M-USA.CA.AEF.H'17. . | Cal 

Blyth MiM" Chas R (Marjorie Ramsay) U v. Pcu. P^j26o3Doug 

IP" Katherine Ramsay [Btir.Bhm.Fr. 840 Powell 

Boardman M" (George c) (Amiie J Hort) P^23476Fil 

DiM" LoveU Langstroth (Winn) 1950 California 

Boardman MiM" Geo C (Mary H Mercado) P^«29i7Fil 

Boardman M*" Mary H & ifS^ W Geo C Jr 1928 Vallejo 

Boardman MiM" Samuel H (Bemie Drown) Bhm. "1 P^S28o8Fil 

JKi tf" Virginia [Sfg.01y.|282o B 'way 

Boardman MiM" T Danforth (Margaret S Salisbury). IP«S3474Fil 

Jr- M^" Kate | 3022 Clay 

Boardman DiM" Walter W (Elizabeth R Cole)Uv. 

P^^S2 5o6Fil ..37 Walnut 
Bocqueraz MiM" Leon (Claire Chabot)Pcu.01y.Bur.Clt.Fr. 

250 Perry Oakland Cal 
Bocqueraz Capt&M" Roger (Gertrude Thomas) USA.AEF. 

Pcu.Fr.Bur. .P^^S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Boericke M"HaroldE (Hackett-HarrietteLJackson) . 1 40 W69N!Sdi 

Boericke DiM" Wm (Kate W Fay)Tc 

Boericke M"' Garth & Chas-USN - looi Pine 

fe M' Arthur , 

Boericke MiM" Wm Fay (Nancy K Cady) Galena 111 

Bogue M" Maude P (Maude L Payne) 156 W 86 .N5Sa 

Bohrmann M' Wm C 417 

Jff» M' Chas-at Oakland Stockton 

Bolton MiM" Robert C (Jacobs-Mabel Eddy)Pcu.Bhm.Fr, 

P^^S428Fil. .2434 B'way 
Bond IP" Ruby Married at San Mateo Cal 

Strout Capt Hy Elmer-USA Jly 6 

San Mateo Cal 

Bond M" Ruby D (Ruby Dorr) . 

BonesteU M' Louis ' ^.;^ .^^^. ^g^^iego Cal 


DonJSSe And Locator Insure Accuracy 

Rusk Tex 

Bamfield M" Samuel (Frances L Clinton) |P«825Fil 

Bonifield H' Hubert Sr-Oly.Cal'02 t 1435 

Bonifield M' Wm E O-at Sacramento Cal. [ Steiner 

Bonner MiM" Walter S (Ethel C Coleman) 

Bonner IP"** Georgia C a Linda 

Borden Mill" Ivey L (Dixie Thompson) 

P^'^SSaSWest. .2505 Devisadero 

Borel M" Antoine (Grace Canitrot) P^659oFrank 

Bord M*-"* Chonita & Lupita H 1882 Wash'n 

Borel O" Antoine A (Maidie E McMahon)Pcu.San Mateo Cal 

Bosqui O" Edward (Mary Woolrich) \P'Tog2S2W est 

M" Geo WBorrowe (Caroline Bosqui) | 1538 Grove 

Boss MiM" Ira Crane (Kate Ransome) Ath.Uv.Cal'98 

P*i?S4046Main . 914-27 Sacramento Cal 
Bothin IBM" Henry E (Ellen H Chabot) Pcu.Bur.Fr. 

'Tiranhurst'* Santa Barbara Cal 

Bourn K" (wm b) (Sarah E) IP«5536West 

Bourn IP" Ida H-Ta I2030 B'way 

Bourn MiM" Wm B (Agnes Moody)Pcu.Uv.Sfg.Bur.Bhm.Mtn. 
. Clyn.Tc.Fr.Camb'. .P*'^S339. ."Filoli'' San Mafeo Cal 

Bovet MiM" Louis A (Grace Borel) see BiSSL 

Bowers MiM'^Ray D (Ruth Ward): Salinas Cal 

Bowers Lt&M" WilderJ(LloydBMei6re)USA.AEF..seeE Mei^re 

Bowie M' Allan St John-Bhm. . '81 . I 

Bowie tf- Hekn r«:674F*klia 

M" Jessie Detrick (Bowie) 1909 Jackson 

M' Bowie Detrick ) 

Bowie M' Augustus J Jr-H'93 po Nevada Bk Bldg 

Bowie M" Hamilton (Lizzie Barroilhet) 

Bowie ff- Helen Palo Alto 

Bowie M"* Allan, Laurence & Joseph Cal 

Bowie MiM" Francis (Irene Williams) 

Bowie M' Harry P~Uv.Bur 97 W Poplar San Mateo Cal 

Bowles MiM"PhmpE (MaryAMcNear)Uv.Pcu.Clt. 

Bowles Lt Robert H-USA [Fr.C.Car83 St Francis 

Bowles M' Philip E Jr Hotel 

Bowles MiM" Geo McN (Beatrice Nickel)Pcu.Y'ii . . 

Bowman M" George F (Mary Van Sant Coryell) P!?S895West 

TcC. 2460 
Bowman tf*^ Frances A-Tc.C, Elsie & Bessie A . . Union 

, San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Bowman Milf* Lloyd (Richardson-Elise Gregory) Cal'04 

P^«Si5S . . **Eaglewood" Soquel Cal 
Bowman HiM" Melville B (Helen Hinckley) Sfg.Bhm. 

Beowawe Nev 
Boyd M" George D (Margaret de W Kittle) Tc . 

Boyd M^ Jean MacGregor 

Boyd Lt Nicholas G K-USA 


San Rafael Cal 
Maple Lawn'* 

San Rafael -QiWai 

Boyd MiM" JohnF(Louise C Amer)Pcu. 

Boyd M*" Louise A-Fr [Fr. 

Braden MiM" Eugene Burford (Louise de Noielle) Pcu. | "^^ 

Braden tf"" Winifred & Louise [Sfg.Clt.| Powell 

Bradley MiM" Frederick W (Mary Parks) Uv.Pcu.Fr.Sfg.Egn. 

C. NsiaosWest. .2716 Pacific Av 

Bradley M" George L Hotel Clift 

Brady M" Jas Brendon (Rose Kales). Died atOaklandCalMchi6 
Brady M' Jas Brendon-Sfg.Bhm. 

P«S8i28. .424 Euclid Av Oakland Cal 
Brander M4M"Arthtu'J(GertrudeSFonnan)Uv. .Lausanne Switz 

Brastow M" S P (Sarah Pelham) 

Brastow M^" Virginia 

Braverman MiM" S L (Mary E Browne) , 

Braverman M'" Florence 

Bray MiM" Howard W(Marion V Albright) 

Bray W Julia F 

JS'r. M"" Watson A & Geo Albright 

Bray MiM" Rob't Aug (Lucile Edwards) 

323 Bonita Av Piedmont Cal 
Brayton M" Albfert P (Mildred L) 

P«:27ioPied. .83 Monte Vista Av Oakland Cal 
Brayton MiM"Edw Lacy (Clare B Tucker) P^^S2438 

Bhm.Pcu.Clt.Tc.Y'94 III MountainAv 
tf-Th^rfeseA&M'ClarenceTWilliams-USN.I Piedmont Cal 
Breck MiM"Samuel(FlorenceCoffin) Ath.Eb . P'Toiyi sPied 

Breck M' Henry C 

M" Eliza J Barrett 

Breeden MiM" Henry C (Emma 

JIS. M' John N 

1 1 52 Sacramento 

... P«S3348Fil 
. . . 3410 Wash'n 
Twenty-eighth Av 
Oakland Cal 

168 Santa Rosa Av 

Oakland Cal 


St Francis Hotel 

W^ P^S38i . . *'E1 Robledal" 


i8 DonS^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Breeze IP" Louisa see H C Benson 

Breeze MiM" Thos H (Frances Moore) Uv.Bur. 

P^^S484. .San Mateo Cal 
Breeze Mill" Wm F (Evelyn Norwood) Uv.Fr.Y'89 

see M" W E Norwood 
Bresse M" Eugene A (McMahon-Margaret Nelson)Sfg.Fr. 

2235 Wash'n 

Brewer M^" Adalene W--Cd P*^^957oWesT;. .2759 Filbert 

Brewer M*" Amy-Btir-in France I Burlingame 

Brewer M' Frank McC | Cal 

Brewer MiM'" Loms R Jr (Carmelita Sullivan). .Marysville Cal 




728 Fairfield Rd 



Brewer M' Louis Russell 

Brewer M'" Marie-at 416 Perkins Av Oakland Cal 

Brewer Rev&M" Wm A (Ellen D Wheaton) 


Brewer Lt Wheaton H~USA.Bur.Car 19 

J^ M' Wm A Jr-Bur.Car2o 

Breyfogle M" Edwin S (Sophie E McPherson) 

P'«52iij . . 251 Waverly Palo Alto Cal 

Brice M" John J (Elizabeth Tallant) Tc . tt„^^ 

Brice JP- EKzabeth '^^9 Hyde 

Bridgman MiM"Temple(AnitaMailliard). absent. .P02461 Gough 

Brigham M" Charles B (Alice Babcock) |P*»S4i3West 

Brigham H' William-H'o6 |2828Valle30 

Brigham Lt&M" Claude (Elsie Dorr) USA. . .Ft Totten N Y 
Brinckerhoff Dili" G Erwin (Augusta Klose) Hm. 

Pl?Si883 . .326 El Cerrito Av Piedmont Cal 
Brittain HiM"JohnC(Gowing-GraceHJ P*1?S24os 

JR. IP- Hatherly [Gorrill)Clt.|i2oBlairAvPiedmontCal 

Brizard MiM" Henry F (Kate C Bennett) Areata Cal 



Brodie Dili" Benj P (Tubbs-Anne Tallant) Pcu.Fr . 

Lt Austin Tubbs-USA.AEF 

M' Tallant Tubbs-USA.AC 

Bromfield MiM" D Gordon (Dorothy Innis)01y 

Pl?S3o86Fil. .20 Walnut 
Bromwell M'* L L (Fannie Converse) 

Bromwell IP" Bemice 

Bromwell H" Percy H (Mary) 

142 1 Jackson 
Oakland Cal 

Digitized by 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 19 

Brooke HiM" John F, 

Brooke W" Cecil 

Brooke M' John P Jr . 


Pacific Av 
Brooke M" Thos Scott(ChristineMPomeroy).see C P Pomeroy 
Brooks Maj&M" Wm Hastings (Frances F Chinn) PiKigoSFil 

USA.Uv.Anw.Cvcw. 2545 Laguna 

MiM" John E West (Ruth H Brooks) see Wf« 

Broughton MiH" Irwin (Olga Jungblut) 

P'ToSoyOFsLC. .679 Twelfth Av 
Brown MIM" Abraham L (Ruby Lowenberg) 

P^i77iPac. .28 Presidio Terrace 

Brown IP" Addaide-Tc.C I P«S999Pac 

Brown M' Henry A Us Sixteenth Av 

Brown M" Albert-Eb 1284 Alice Oakland Cal 

Brown MiM" Arthur (Jessamine G GarrettJBur.Uv.Pcu. 

Oly .Fr . . P'To 1 49 1 Pros ..39 Florence 
Brown MiM" Arthur G (Ruth P Casey) Tc. 

?^Toi6y. .339 Lenox Av Oakland Cal 
Brown MiM" Caspar M(EthelMelone)Uv.H'oo. 2673 California 
Brown Rev&M" Chas R (Alice Tufts) 

P^^S6339. . 233 Edwards New Haven Ct 
Brown MiM" David R C (Ruth McNutt)Pcu.6fg.Tc.Clyn. 

86s Logan Denver Col. .WB*'RoaringForkRidge''AspenCol 

Brown IP" Florinne-Eb.Fr.Clt I 1889 Jackson 

M" L B Everts (Lillian Brown) 1 Oakland Cal 

Brown MiM" Herbert H (Flora Sharon)Bhm.Clt. 

•*^34SSPied. .235 Mountain Av Oakland Cal 

Brown W^ Mary & EUzabeth-Fr 

Brown M**"* Grace-Tc. & Alice 2901 Pacific 

Brown tf" Martha-abroad 

Brown DiM" Philip King (Helen A Hillyer) | P^SioooPac 

Uv.Cw.H'9o|i Twentyfifth Av 

Presidio CUffs 
DiM" in France 

Jffi. M*- Phoebe & M'" Hillyer & Harrison C . 

Brownell DiM" Edw Erie (Sophia G Pierce)Uv.|P^338sFranklin 
Jffi. W^ Sophia & Harriett. . [Pcu.Sfg.C.Y'9s| 1700 B'way 

Bruce M' Robert-Pcu IP«Si764Fil 

Bruce tf"" Margaret & Mary S. ; 2546 

MiM" Ferdinand W Stephenson (Bruc|§Jt^5d.b^(^Qjackson 

20 DoSJSSa And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Bruguifere M' Emile A-Unn.Mtw.Hn.'gp abroad 

Brugui^re MiM" Francis J (Lila Jones) Tc.Bhm. 

P^'^^SipoFklin. .795 Geary. .M" absent 

Brugui^re M' Louis S-H'03 . Amer Embassy London 

Bruguifere D' Pedar Sather 1920 Post 

Brush Lt&M" Rapp (Alice J Hall) USA. .Ft Leavenworth Kas 
Bryant M" Edgar Reeve(Betty Tisdale)Fr I Pl?Si628Pac 

IP" Cornelia S Kempff (3869 Jackson 

Bryant DiM" Wm August (Louise A Perry) Bhm. 

P*^^S773Fil. .2113 Broderick 

Buchanan M" A N 2901 

Buchanan M'" Lynda-Fr Pacific Av 

Buck Lt Col&M" Carroll DeForest (White- P^«S8i63wOverb'k 

M'" RuthWhite. .[YnezShorb)USA.Anw. 6069 Drexel Rd 

M" Thos F Farrell (Ynez White) P^ft 

Buck M" (Frank h) (Annie Stevenson) Fairmont Hotel 

Buck MiM" Frank H (Zayda J Zabriskie)Bhm.Pcu.Uv.Clt. 

Cal'o7.H'ii. .P^'»Si465. .2411 Bowditch Berkeley Cal 
Buckbee M' Samuel Griggs-Pcu.Bhm.Sfg.Bur. . I P*»Si24Fil 

Buckbee M^" Margaret C [2510 Pacific Av 

Buckbee M' Spencer C-Pcu.Sfg P^"»S464Fil. .3504 Clay 

Buckingham M"AureliusE(RoseALuchsinger) . . . 
Buckingham IT" Fisher A--Cal'i7 & Henry P- 

JS'„M'GeorgeI^-Cal'2i [Car2o ' 

Buckingham MiM" Charles L (Dorothy Page) Tc.Y'ii 

Buckingham M" George H(MaryGEldridge)Tc.G. |P^«S73iWest 

Buckingham M' Eldridge | 2760 Scott 

Buckley D' Christopher F . 

Buckley W^ Grace A & A Violet 

Buckley M' Thomas O'D 

Buckley MiM" Richard F (Irene Murray) 

Buckley MiM" Cornelius F (Edna Middleton) 

P^"»242oFil ..2319 Webster 
Bucknall M" George J (Mary E Davis) I P^1K2699Fil 

M^" Marie D&ir^e Marriott '2853 Green 

BufiEum M^" Gertrude Married at Lake Tahoe Cal 

de Laveage M' J Vincent . : Aug 15 

Bull MiM"AlbertCrandall(Helen Ewell).P^^S3997FiUoooVaUejo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2808 Jackson 

Pacific Av 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


33 1 1 Pacific Av 

Bull M" Alpheus (Daisy Crowell) 

JS.M'" Newell 

Biill IP" Edith-Fr see E C Pringle 

Bull Com&M" James H (Katherine W Tillman) HomePCs 1 3 7 1 
Uv.Nyn.Ann.Anw.USN'70 Santa Barbara 

Bull M' Wilfred D-USA.AmC.AEF Cal 

Bullard MiM" Edward D (Marie Sellar) I P^1?;i784Fil 

BuUard Lt&M" Edward W (Esther Bull) USA. . I3333 Pacific Av 
Bullitt V James Married at San Jos^ Cal 

Selby M'" Edith (late Prentiss) Sep 23 

Bullitt Dili" James (Edith Selby) see DSSS. 

Bullock MiM" Thos S (Emily Peck) 

Bullock Jf- Louise P''^S4475Fil 

Bullock M' John 2152 Lyon 

M" Adrian Vanderveer(Helen Peck) absent. . . . 
Bunker MiM" ThosE(HelenAcker).707WalkerAv Oakland Cal 
Bunnell DiM" Sterling (Maude Compyon)USA.01y.Cal*o4 

po 2727 D wight Way Berkeley Cal 
Burke Mill" Wm P (Genevieve Walker)Bur. .Glengary Ireland 

M" J E Page 

3300 Clay 

Bushnell PI 
Berkeley Cal 

Burling M" Wm (LA^nide Hermann) 

Burling M^" Norma J 

Burnett Mill" Welbore S (Grace Hammond) Pcu.Fr. .1144 Pine 

Burnett MiM" Wesley (Viola Piercy) absent 

Bumham M" C E 

JS*,. f " Muriel 

Bumham DiM" Clark J (Alice Kinne)Pcu.Tc. 

Bumham M'"*" Eleanor & Elizabeth 

Bumham M'" Clark J Jr, De Witt & Cari. . . . 

Bumham MiM" John R-Hm.Ath.Clt. 

P*'^S2 1 1 o. . 1 08 Lake Oakland Cal 

Btunham MiM" Lee Cede (Elizabeth B Clift) 

P^^47ooPros. .Clift Hotel 

Bums M" Aaron Milton (Poole-Emma H Pensam) Clfsc. 

P^'^SiSoPros . . Hotel Cecil 

Burr MiM" H Courtney Burlingame Cal. .M' absent 

Burrage MiM" John Otis (Elizabeth Allen) P^^isoiFil 

M" Jas Monroe Allen (Davis) 24 

M^" Clara Alien-abroad Presidio Av 

Busey MiM" Alfred (Laura Meyer) Fr oigrtiz^d^Dplampo Seco Cal 

22 DonS^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

1 200 California 
Rose Lawn" 
6272 Chabot Oakland Cal 

Butler M" Chas C (Emma) 

Butler IP" Isabelle E-absent 

Butters MiM" Charles (Jessie Hertz) 

H' Arthur Gowen 

Byrne M' James Wm-Pcu.Uv.Sfg.Bur.Unn.Kn.CarSo 

Pacific Union Club 
Cadwalader Maj Bertram Lr-USA.01y.Y'98..CampLewisWash 
Cadwalader MiM" George L (Charlotte Wilson) Bur.Fr.Y'oi. 

see M" R J Wilson 

Pacific Av 

Callahan M' Henry 

M" S V Pettigrew (Callahan) 

MiM" Wm T Lemman (Pettigrew) . 
Callahan M'"- Mary E-Fr.C. & Lillie E-Fr ... Los Altos Cal 
Cameron MiM" George T (Helen de Young) Bur.Sfg.Fr.Bhm. 

Burlingame Cal 
Caminetti MiM" Anthony Jr (Ruth Hall) Uv.Cal'12 

P^S5i2sF'klin. .2221 Larkin 
Campbell MiM" Donald Yorke (Janet Watt) Uv.Pcu.Tc.C. 

P^«S3874Pros. . 1030 Green 
Campbell MiM" Henry A (Marion F Wright) Stan'02 

P^iQpgWest. .2619 Baker 

Campbell M" Henry C (Reed-Ellie Avery). . . _ _ ^ sSklev Av 
MiM" Hy Mibxer Rideout (FrancesCReed) slusSito c3 

Campbell MiM" Malcohn E (Margery Coogan) Cal'09 

628 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 

Campbell M" Marriner (Louise S) C 1820 Turk 

Campbell DiM" Wm Howard (Jean B Clift) 

120 E Mission Santa Barbara Cal 

Capwell MiM" Cebert (Margaret Webber) see DSuSS. 

Clt . Pl?S 1 3 2 9Pied . MonteCrestaAV&KeltonCt OaklandCal 

Carey MiM" J Wyndham (JuliaTompkins)Fr. . San Anselmo Cal 

Carleton MiM" Harry P-Eb.Ath.Bhm.Hm 306 Lenox Av 

Carleton M*" Sidney & Beverley Oakland Cal 

Carolan Lt Edgar-USN. (late Jas) . . Married at Cannes France 
Jouand M^" Adeline Sep 22 

Digitized by V^OO^lC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Carolan Mill" Francis(HamettPtillnian)Pcu.Uv.Bhm.Bur. 

of P^1?Sii2 . /'Carolands" Burlingame Cal 

P*^4i2oMur. . 270 Park Av Ma. .see NS* 

Carolan M" James (Emily)Tc. , 

Carolan IP" Emily-Tc.Sfg.Bur 

Carolan D' Herbert-Bhm 

Carolan Lt&M"EdgarA (Adeline Jouand)USN. 
Carrigan MlM"Andrew(ElizaGHarris)Pcu.01y. 

Carrigan iP- Jane [Fmy.Tc. 

Carrigan Lt Andrew Jr-USA. a Ja M' Edwin H. . . 

Carrigan M' Wm-at 127 Duane NSS* 

Carrigan IT John N-Cal'03 

Carrigan HiM" Clarence (Anna Ashe Sperry) Cal '03 

American Consulate Lyons France 

Carrigan MiM" Joseph F (Jessie Foley) 1770 Pacific Av 

Carrigan M" Louis R (Ada M) Davis Cal 

Cary Lt&M" Rob't (Jennie M Watt) USN 126 Devisadero 

Cassell Lt&M" Andrew T (Elizabeth T Kelty)USA. 

413 Felder Montgomery Ala 

Cassell M" John F (Anna Little) 

Cassell M' John-Stan'07 

JP"- Ada L & Lude T Little 

840 Powell 




2515 Gough 


San Mateo Cal . . see Ci^ 

Casserly MiM"JohnB(CeceliaCudahy) 

Casserly IP- Cecelia [Pcu.Tc.Bur. 

Castle MiM" Neville H (Henry-Kate Voorhies) I P^"»S 1 83 gPros 

Jffis M' Voorhies Henry [Uv.Y'84| looi Pine 

Cavalier MiM" Wm (Camille B Adams) Clt.Ath.Caro4 

see M" F L Adams 
Cerf KM" Marcel E (Katharine A Martin) Tc.Uv.Cal'97 

I*«S994FU , . 2426 Vallejo 
Chace MiM" John B(Clara Underbill) Oly. . . . | see 

Jffi, tf- Kathryn C & M' Hy W. |H B Underbill Jr 

Chamberlain D' Nelson Hoyt Died at C5JS Jan 2 1 

Chamberlain M'"Pauline(lateNelsonH). Married at Berkeley Cal 

Morfow M' Allen May 29 '17 

Chamberlain MiM" Selah (Edith MacDonald)Pcu.Fr.Tc. 

Digitizl^^wood City Cal 


24 Doaffli And Locater Insure Accuracy 

2431 Ellsworth 

Berkeley Cal 


Fairmont Hotel 


Chamberlain If Wm E 

J£5. M'- Marion & M' Leon H 

ChamberUn MiM"WillardC(InnesKeeney) Pcu. 
M" Chas M Keeney (Spotts) . . . [Bur.H'08 
Champion MiM"Chas Noble (Mollie Connor) I 

JS. tf" Barbara '. . . .[Ath.| Fruit vale Hgts Cal 

Chanslor MiM" Joseph A (Hattie J Kimble)Sfg.Bhm.Fmy.Pcu. 

Clt.Oly.Fr. , P^3»54696Pac . .45 Scenic Way 
Chapman MiM"ChasHenry(ConchitaSepulveda). P^^S5i84F'klin 

Chapman M^" Mildred 1708 Vallejo 

Chapman M" Katharine P (Katharine Powers) . 

P^S468mNorth. .139 Gladstone Av DSi* 

Chapman M' Melvin C-Hm I F*3»S4484 

J!f» M' Melvin C Jr [57 Santa Clara Oakland Cal 

Stanford Court 

Chapman M' Sherwood-USA.Am.C 

Mir' Rob't S Grayrigge (McConnell)ab'd . 
Chapman M" Wilfrid B (Grajoigge-Dora Sherwood) 

Died at Stanford Court May xg 
Chase Mill" Geo Quincy (Mabel Donaldson) Bhm.Uv.Tc. 

H/oi . . 134 Palm Av San Rafael Cal 
Chase MiM" Henry Lord (Ruth Knowles) 

119 Bonita Av Piedmont Cal 
Chase MiM" Horace Blanchard (Minnie Mizner)Uv. 

Chase tf" Ysabel [Aht'82 

Chase M' Horace B Jr-BA.RFC .• 

Chase MiM" John M (Ella Draper) Clt.Hm.Oly. 


Chase M'" Ibna Curry-Eb 

Chase M' Quincy A Died at Oakland Cal Jun 22 

Chase M" Quincy A (Eunice Ball) 

P*^»:i393. .3115 Webster Oakland Cal 
Chenery MiM" Leonard E (Edith Wilde) Sfg.Bhm Cw.Fr. 

P*'^Si883Fil. .2205 Sacramento 
Cheney Col Sherwood A-Uv.Ath.Uvn.Mtw.Anw.Cvcw. 

USA'97. .abroad 
Chesebrough MiM" Arthur S (Elizabeth Newhall) 

Bur.Fr.Car99. .see D^SJ. 
Chesebrough tf"" Edith-Sfg, & Helen 

of San Mateo Cslrky^^xw^ 

Digitized by 



88 Bayo Vista 

Oakland Cal 

S^n Francisco Social Register 1919 05 

Chesebrough M" Harry C see A H Maricwart 

Chickering M" Alia Henshaw (Alia HensMw) 

see W G Hen^aw Oakland Cal 
Chickering MiH" Allen L (Alma H Sherman) Uv.Pcu.Tc. 

Cal '98. .P^2i824. .11 Sierra Av Piedmont Cal 

Chickering M' Harry-Pcu.Clt . Pacific Union Club 

Chickering MiM" Roger (Theo Parr) Ath.Cal'04 

94 Bayo Vista Av Piedmont Cal 
Chickering M" Wm H (Caroline A Clapp) I234 Mountain Av 

Chickering IP" Martha A [Tc.Eb.| Piedmont Cal 

Chidester Ma j(D')&M" Walter C(Wheaton-Dorothy Rooney) 

USA.Bur. .P«S99i . .San Mateo Av San Mateo Cal 
Childs MiM" Wm Ross (Helen E Domin) Ath. 

201 1 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Chipman DiH" Ernest D (Jane Greenwood) Bhm Tc. 

P'^IRadSan Ansehno. ."Skyacres** Ross Valley Cal 
Christy M" Samuel B (Adele Field) 

2234 Piedmont Berkeley Cal 
123 Baywood Av 
San Mateo Cal 

Clagstone MiM"Paul(CoraAKirk)Bur.Hn. '93 . 

Clagstone M'" Pauline 

J^ M' Kirk. 

Clampett Lt(Rev)&M"Fred'kW(ComeliaEwing)USA. 

Clampett M^" Cornelia [AEP.Oly. P'^^Si334 

Clampett Lt Fred'k W Ji-USA. & M' Donald-USA. F'klin 
Clampett M'" Paul-USA.AEF. & Robert-USA.AC. 1941 Clay 

Clampett M'" John & Reginald [AEF. 

Clark MiM" Albert L (Laura L Bransford) 

955 Shattuck Berkeley Cal 
Clark MiM" Charles W (Cecelia Tobin)Uv.Bur.Pcu.Sfg.Tc. 

County Rd San Mateo Cal 

Clark IP- EUse see A P Redding 

Clark MiM" Fred'k H 11 El Camino Real Berkeley Cal 

Clark DiM" John Rogers (Maud Mullins)Sfg.01y. P^^2iFil 

JSS. M^"- Dorothy & Barbara [Fr.Bow'89 1809 Gough 

Clark MiM" Leon A (Viva Nicholson)Ath.Clt.Geo'o3 

P'^^S87i6. .651 Blvd Way Oakland Cal 
Clark MiM" Warren D (Gertrude Hopkins) Fr. 
Clark M'- Gertrude 

Clark M' Dearbom-USA.AmC . 

Digitized by > 

3500 Clay 


26 Do^^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Clarke M" Crawford W (Philomen Calio) Fr . . . 2 Presidio Ter 

Clarke MiM" Robert (Amy C Bassett) Manila P I 

Clay M" C C (Annie L) Eb.Fr. . . ."Level Lea" Fruitvale Cal 

Clay MiM" IHarrison(NanniePrather)j P'1K4044 

Clay IP" Elizabeth |348EuclidAvOaklandCal 


1550 Twenty-eighth Av 

Oakland Cal 

Clay MiM" PhiKp T (Edna Barry)Uv. 
Clement M" Alpheus W (Mabelle P Hall) 

243 Santa Rosa Av Oakland Cal 
Clement MIM" Gerard (Gertrude I Ballard)Tc. 

2320 W Pacific Av Spokane Wash 

Clift MiM" Fred'k G (Grace F Seybert) IP^^S47ooPros 

Clift M^" Frances S & Grace S | Clift Hotel 

Clift M" William (Jean Smith) see M Searles 

Clifton MiM" Horace Bradford (Olga Schulze) Oly.Tc. 

P'»S4022Fil. .2739 Broderick 
Clinton Maj&M"DelmarSmith(HelenMDavis) 

M" Chas H Abbott (Davis-AddieMoulton) . 

Capt Duncan H Davis-USA 

Cloman Col&M"SydneyA(Clement- 

M^" NataUe Campbell. . . .[USA'89 

Cluff M" William (California Colton) ........ Fairmont Hotel 

Cobb MiM" Chas Wellington (Mariedna Snell)Bhm.Cosw. 

P^2235Fil. .2418 Webster 


2065 Park Rd 


Camp Zachary Taylor 
Louisville Ky 


255 Perry Oakland Cal 

Coffin MiM" Albert F (Lillie W Smith) 

Coffin tf- Alice W 

Coffin M" Arthur W (Louise) I 31 Moss Av 

Coffin tf" Jane > |Piedmont Cal 

Coffin MiM" Everett M (Amy Hammond) 

108 Blair Av Piedmont Cal 

Coffin M" James (Sarah L AUen) Tc iRoss 

Coffin tf- Sara deW-Tc | Cal 

Coffin MiM" Sherwood (Constance Russell). . .San Rafael Cal 
CoghiU M" Thos B (Kate Stanley) . 1420 Jackson Oakland Cal 

Digitized by 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Cohen Mill" Alfred H (Emma Bray) 

Cohen IP— Alfreda & Emelita. [BerkeleyCal 
Cohen M' Douglas B-at Aeronautic Sch 
Mill" Chas Wm Gilliland (Cohen)-at 

Aeronautic Sch Berkeley Cal 

Cohen M" E G (Emily Gibbons) . 
Cohen M' Alfred B 

Coit M 

Colbum M' Geo Lyman 

Colbum tf- Maye F-Fr 

Coleman M" Barry (Linda O Hill) . . 
MiM" Wm McPherson (Coleman) 
M*- Lucy Hill .-.., 

Coleman M" Edith B (Edith Blaading) Tc. 

P'^S 196 7 wFruitvale 


Twentyninth Av 

Oakland Cal 

Buena Vista & Versailles Av 
Alameda Cal 
Howard (Lily Hitchcock) Tc. . Grand Hotel.. in France 

Fairmont Hotel 
117 Baywood Av 
San Mateo Cal 
see G Blanding 

Coleman MiM" James V (Kate Hennessey) Pcu.Fr. 

1 704 Vallejo . . M' at Pacific Union Club 

Coleipan M' John C P^«S244F'klin 

Coleman M'*^ Persis C & Janet-Fr 1834 Calif 

Coleman IT Rob *t Lewis-Uv.Bur.Uvn.Y '91 IBurlingame 

Coleman M^- Carra-Bur.Tc | Cal 

Coleman MiM" Rob'tLewisJr(Ruth C Welsh)USN.Bur.Tc.Yi7 

2469 Fillmore 
Coleman M" Rob't Lord (Frances E JP'^VSiaa . . **Robsmere*' 

Jffi. tf- Louise L [Thirlkeld)Tc.[ Los Gatos Cal 

Coleman MiM"SWaldo(LucilleMcCormick)Pcu. .San Mateo Cal 
Coleman MiM" Wm T (AUce McK Young)Bur. 

P^«Si87. .Monrovia Cal 
Colfeton Maj&M" Lewis W (Moore-McCarthy-Lillian L 

Wagner)USA. .see DJ^'SZ. 

CoUey M" Fred'k A (M Louise Lightner) Los Gatos Cal 

ColKer tf— Dorothy Sc Sarah B [Court Wttl P«Si76West 

Collier MiM" Wm B (SusanCleaton)atDumbarton (2521 Octavia 
Collins Paymaster & M" Hy E (Hester Borden)USN. 

U S Navy Yard 1*5* 
Conklin MiM" J Frederick (Olive Horton)Cal*99 

II Av & Oak St Oakland Cal 

Conners MiM" John F (Stella) • Iioia Ashmount Av 

Conners tf" MoUie E O^andjCal 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2& DonSSL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Conrad M;M" Bamaby (Helen U Hunt) Uv.Pcu.Y4o ' 

P«Si638Fil. .23.10 Devisadero 
Converse Dill" GeorgeM(Ad^leClot)01y. .P^^2i6Fil .333 Laurel 
Coogan MIM" Albert (Marjorie Emmons) Caro6 

974 Rose Av Piedmont Cal 

Coogan HiM" Timothy C(May Sloan) Eb.Hm. ^'^'^igPied 
Coogan M*- Helen .[Clt 

748 Oakland Av 
Oakland Cal 

Coombs W Katherine (Katherine Raney) . 

Coombs M*'^ Lotus & Tiny 

Coon MiM" Henry I .1 P^292Fil 

Coon M**" Dorothea I2522 Bway 

Cooper DiM"Chas Miner(Ella F Goodall) Pcu. nh«^ ^ ^-^ 

M" Edwin Goodall : .[Sfg.Tc.Edin'97 . .^o -ftfipi^ilar. 

M' Arthur Goodall : ' 5So Buchanan 

Cooper Tudge&M"James A(FrancesLDavidson) P*i?S9o6Fil 

Cooper r- Ethel-Fr.Bur [Pcu.Bur.C. 1925 Gough 

Cooper MiM" Oscar (Anita H Harvey) Bur.Pcu.Uv.H*o2 . 

5^58 1*5* 
Cope M"GeorgeW(MaryWamer)Eb. .332LenoxAv Oakland Cal 
Cope M"WalterB (AsenathHartson)Tc.C.P'»S479Fil. 2 5 1 2Umon 
Cope MiM" Warner Walton (Phyllis Gormley) 

P'^^25669JPied. .4408 Webster Oakland Cal 

Coppfe M" Henry ^ see 

Copp^ If- Mary P M^' E L Griffith 

Corbet O" Burke see Di^. 

Corbet MiM" Chas (Leah Beckett) Selby Cal 

Corbet »JM" Edw (Linda Bryan) see P C Hale 

Cornwall MiM"Bruce(HelenSinclair)Pcu.01y.Uv.Clt.C.Cal'98 

1600 Euclid Berkeley Cal 
Cornwall M" P B (Sada Davis) Fr.C. 1444 Euclid Berkeley Cal 
Coryell MIM" Joseph B (Mabel L Jessup) Pcu.Bhm.Bur. 

[*«S6io. ."Lloyden*' Menlo Pk Cal 

Cosgrave IP" Millicent-Tc 2619 Octavia 

Cotton M" (Ayiett r) (Hattic E Walker) 2475 

M" Claudine C Warren (Claudine Cotton) Vallejo 

Cotton MiM" Ayiett R (Alice Borel) Uv.Stan'94. .1882 Wash'n 
Countryman MiM" Russell H (Muriel Kelley) 

1707 Octavia Oakland Cal 

Digitized by V^OOQlC 

San Francisco Social Register 191 9 


Cowdin Capt&M" John Cheever (Florence Hopkins) USA.SC. 

Pcu.Bhm.Fr.Rn.Rhn. .Burlingame Cal. .see^ffek 

Cowles Mil" Paul Jr (Wynne-Charlotte Moses) Aft" 

Coxhead MiM'*Alnieric(MaryHaskins)Tc.i829Arch Berkeley Cal 

Crabtree Capt David-USA Army Headquarters 

Crabtree M"Eugeme H (Eugenie Hawes) 2469 Jackson 

55 Craig Av 


Craig Miir* Hugh (Inez A Gilcrest) 
Craig IP" Jessie A 

Craig MIM" Eric K (Esther Cooley) '|Piedmont Cal 

Craig M" William (Ruth Thompson) 

Craig M*- Olive 

Craig M' Donald 

IP" Roberta Thompson 

Crane MiM" Harold Osband (EUzabeth Clark- )P«52493Keamy 
son)Sfg.Chch.Mich'84iStanford Court 

Crane IT Clarkson-in France | see CSS 

Creed MiM" Clarence L (Margaret Marshall) Uv. 

4219 Terrace Piedmont Cal 
Creed MiM" Wigginton E (Isabel Hooper) Pcu.Uv.CltiCar 98 

128 Carrington Piedmont Cal 

Creed M" Wm H (Georgie H Ellis) Eb.Clt Pi!S228o 

Creed IP" Georgie 468 Vernon 

Creed M' Wm Henry-Bhm Oakland Cal 

Crellin Mill" Earl W. P^'^S743Fil. .2452 Vallejo 

Crellin MiM" T Axthui-Eb.Ath.Clt 
Crellin IP"" Anita & Katherine . . . 

Crellin M*"" Alice & Florence 

Crellin M" Thomas (Anne J) Clt .1 P«S964 

Crellin IP" Mona L F-Eb 1836 Alice 

Crellin M' Lloyd E (Oakland Cal 

Creswell M" (Harry t) (Lucy Thornton) Tc 

Creswell M*" Gertrude 

Creswell Maj Harry T-USA.AEF 

Crimmins M" Margaret C (Margaret Cole) . 

Ja M"" Martin L Jr & Edward. . 

Crittendein Lt&M"HowardC (Davis-Lorraine de la Montanya) 

USA . . 1760 Pacific Av 
Crocker MiM" Charles H (Carlotta L Steiner) Bhm.Oly.Pr. 

C.Cal*87 . . P^^S2 1 . . **Bendynrode'' belvedere Cal 

Digitized by V 


1 561 Jackson 

Oakland Cal 

P^«S52 5Fil 

18 16 Vallejo 


DomilSM And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Crocker Ens&M" Chas Templeton (H^lene Irwin) USN.Pcu. 


P^»S872. /'Uplands*' San Mateo Cal 

Crocker M" (Henry j) (Mary V Ives) Fr.C L^. ^ ^j... 

Crocker tf- Marion P-Sfg. & Kate E r«o34iFil 

Crocker Ens Henry J-USN.Pcu.Y*i6 k ^^oi 

Ja M*- Mary J-at Spence Sch & M' Clark W-USN. . . | ^^^^^ 
Crocker MiM" Wm H(Ethel W Sperry)Pcu.Bur. P«S58s 

Bhm.Uv.Sfg.Oly.Uvn.Mtn.Tc.Fr.Clyn.Y'82 "New Place" 

Crocker M^*" "Helen V-Biir.Tc Burlingame 

Crocker Lt Wm W-Bur.-USA.AEF.&JS"„ M' Chas. Cal 

Crockett M" Jos Bryant (Caroline Mills) Bur. Fr. .see L I Scott 
Crothers MiM" GeorgeE(Elizabeth Mills) Tc.C.see M" W H Mills 

Crothers M*" Jennie I see 

Crothers M' R A-Oly |M" (l) Pickering 

2 03 s Oakland A V 
Piedmont Cal 

Crowder MiM" Smith 

Crowder M' Robert 

Crux MiM"GeoA(Florence B Woods)Tc.P«Si429Fil..2SisB*way 
Cummings-MiM" M Earl (Guadalupe Rivas) Bhm. 

P«2i7i5Pac..3966 Clay 

Cunningham M" (james) (Mary Hale) 

Cunningham M'"SaraM-MorganHarjes&CoParis . 
Cunningham M'" Elizabeth T. .[Camp Upton L I 
Cunningham Lt James-USA. Y*o7.H*io-at 
Curran Lt&M" Ross Ambler (Postley-Ethel Cook)USA.AEF 
Pcu.Bur.Bhm.Fr.Pn.'oi . .P^^Sigi . .Burlingame Cal. .seeNS* 

Currey M" John-Tc 

Currey MiM" Robert J(Lillie M Buckbee)Fr. 
Currey M' Rob't S .[Y'73 

MiM" Chas B Phillips (Currey). 

Currey M'*" Laura C (Robt J) . . ! Married at 3504 Clay 

Heilbron Ens Andrew S-USN. (Hy) Sep 25 

Curtis M" James Marvin (Charlotte A Kidder) |P^1Rso4West 

IP*" Katherine Magee I2S18 Union 

Gushing MiM" John E (Grace I Beaver) Tc. 

80 Pintard Av New Rochelle N Y 

Gushing MiM" Oscar K (Ina Griffin)C 37 Seventh Av 

Gushing M" Sidney B (Grace N Eldridge) Fr.C. 

508-4 San Rafael Cal 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


124 E 55 ^fec 

see ferk 

^'Currey Ranch" 
Dixon Cal 

San Francisco Social Register igig 31 

Gushing MiM" Thos Watson (GhirardeUi ) Clt.Ath. 

P^'^SSSS. .636 Highland Av Piedmont Cal 

Cushman MiM" Carlton W (Katherine Engelhardt) absent 

Cutter MiM" Edw Bowie (Jane Hobart) « p. 

Cutter M' Chas Hobart ^^^5 ^lay 

Cutting MiM" Fred'k P (EUsabeth H Hulbert) Uv.Eb.H'90 

PV02139. . 1930 Harrison Oakland Cal 

Cutts M" Richard M-Tc Mare Island Cal 

Cuyler M" Barton (Grace T Barton) I see 

Cuyler IP* Grace B a IT Barton fM" J Barton 

Dallam KM" Fred'kB I P«S6i3o 

JS» IP" Marion I430 Adams Oakland Cal 

Dallam MiM" Fred'iWelwyn(KatharineNevin). .298sPacific Av 
Danford LtColftM •Rob*tM(KatharineVan deCHyde)USA'o4 

FA . . Camp Devens Ayer Mass 
Daniels MiM" Ge^^Seth (Helen High) 1202 Everett Oakland Cal 


Van Ness Av 

Dargie M" Tbos T (Bessie Sedgwick) Fr 
Dareie MiM'^rhos Malvern (Patdine Adams) 


Dargie M" /m E (Erminie Peralta) . .Blvd Terrace Oakland Cal 
_ .. „^r_i . rr. .. . r.. t .. . P^S324oFklin 


DarUng M/John A (Catherwood-Clara L Hast- 

' JSw iUoseph Catherwood [ings) Fr.C. 

M*** Jla Hastinfi^s 
Dassoq^lle MiM" Wm E (Gertrude B Perry) Tc. 

P''^59379Pac . . 2034 Lake 
Dave^^ort MiM" Dixwell (Martin-Mary | P^^^SiyosSun 
Grinnell) Uv.Tc.Car98| 195 

/■ Williston Grinnell |San Leandro Way 

Da^nport IP" Eleanor M-Tc. .P«Si927F'klin. .iSysCalifomia 
Dsenport MIM" Hewitt(LouiseHCooper)Tc.Hc.Ath.Cal*o2 

1 98 1 Pacific Av 

lyddson M** Elinor 2221 

Itvidson M' Thomas D-H'88 Wash'n 

a.vidson Dill" Joseph R (Hortense Dinkelspiel) 

P^i 203 West. .2119 Buchanan 
3avis MIM" Francis H(Ashe-Julia Bolado)Bhm.Tc.01y. . (Hotel 

M'" Gaston B-USA.AEF. & David F Ashe ] Clift 

Davis MiM" Harry F (Helen M Murison) Tc.Oly. 

P'1?S4i64FiL .2207 Scott 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

32 DoinioJ&s And Locater Insure Acxinracy 

Davis Capt&M"NorrisK(Th^eseMorgan) USA. j P'iRaii 

JS5. M'" Margery [Uv.Bur.Fr.|San Mateo Cat 

Davis Brig Gen&M" Richmond P (Bertha M Bouvier) Bhm. 

2130 Le Roy PI WSS. .Brig Gen at Camp Pike Ark 

Hill view'* 
Ross Cal 

Davis MiM" Robert J (Grace R Spencer) 

Davis Lt&M" LSpencer(MariePorter)USMC. 

Davis Lt Willis E-USA.ASSC. AEF .see P C Moore 

Davis MiM" Winfield S (Clara Boole) PcuSfg.Bhm.Oly.C. 

P^Si33^ac. .3 Presidio T^ 

Deal MiM" W E F (Roberta Griffith) I 537-31 

Deal M'"- Gladys-at 1125 Ellis & Roberta (Oakland 

Dean MIM^Walter Edwin (HelenCMacDon6ii^)Pcu. I Hotel 
Dean M^" Helen-Fr [Bhm. Vln.Fr. Fairmont 

Dean Mill" Walter L (Emelie Hager) Pcu.Pr 

te M' Edwin 

Deane M^" Dorothy (John J) Married at2464 Vallejo 

Morbio Lt Carlo-USA. Gate Pio) Sep 1 1 


2205 ^ramento 

Deane H" John (Rebecca F Deane). 
Deane H*" Marie Rose . 

Deane MiM" John J P^^Si695West . ^244 Vallejo 

de Buyer Gen&M" Louis J M R (Daisy Polk) AF. . . . .abroad 
de Cazotte MiM" Chas (Mary IP^^S2 2 . . 262 Sant Inez Av 

Ji^ra M' Michel [O'Connor)] San Mateo ^al 

de Coulon MiM" Eugene (Suzanne Robert) Bur. I Oak Giye Av 

M" Auguste Robert [Pcu.JBurlingarie Cal 

de Dampierre Vet & Vctss Elie (Marie C de Guigne) 

** Chateau de Plassac" Charente Inf^rieure B^^ce 
Deering MiM" Chas Jameson (Maude Estee) Bhm.Pcu.Sfg.ij. 

Deering MiM" Frank P (Mabel C Craft)Uv.Pcu. IP^^S332F Hn 

& W" Francesca [Bhm.Fr.CarSs] 2709 Lai^n 

Deering MiM" James H (Margaret Perkins) po City Lji 


2728 Benven\. 

Berkeley Cal 

De Fremery M" James L . 

De Fremery M' Paul 

M" Ame Bours Hoisholt (De Fremery) . . . 
De Fremery MiM" Leon (Edith Goodfellow) 

745 Fifth AvX)akland Cal 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


De Fremery MiM" Wm C (Edna A Prather) 

P'1?22972Pied. . 104 Dracena Av Oakland Cal 

De Fremery. MIM" Wm C B 

De Fremery M'"* Virginia-Hm, Louise & 


P'*«S42 74 

77 Fairmount 

Oakland Cal 

Degener MiM" Armin(HelenGlenn). .po 003 Castro Oakland Cal 

Oakland Cal 

De GoUa M' Geo E-Clt.Car77 

De Golia M' Geo Ellis Jr-USA.EC.AEF 

de Grassi MIM" Alberto (Ruth Sharon) 

276 Mountain Av Piedmont Cal 
de Gtdgne irChristian-Pcu.P^707."Minnehaha'*SanMateo Cal 
de Guigne Lt&M" Christian Jr (Marie L Elkins)USA.AEF. 

Pcu.Bur.Sfg. .San Mateo Cal 
de la Montanya Mill" Jacques (Jeffreys Lyon) 

P'^2309oPros. . 1760 Pacific Av 

de Latour Mill" Georges (Femande Romer) [Rutherford 

fc M'- Helen & M' Richard Cal 

De Laveaga MiM" Edw T (A Delight Wood- 

JlS. M' Miguel. [bury) Oly.C.Caros 

de Laveaga M' J Vincent Married at Lake Tahoe Cal 

Buffum M'" Gertrude Aug 15 

de Laveaga MJM" J Vincent (Gertrude Buffum) Uv. 

P^S89SanJose. ."Deepcliffe** Cupertino Cal 
de Limur Ct&Ctss Andre M A(EthelM Crocker)AF. .seeDomuS. 
de Lisle MiM" Frank F (Hester C Oliver) 


J^»r David Oliver Jr 

de Long MiM" Frank C (Harriett R Scott) 

P^'^oSSSpFklin. .2427 Larkin 
de Long MiM" George B (Lounsbery-Edith H HagginJBhm. 

Stan*96. . P*'1?S46o4Plaza . . 14 E S2Ttek. .see Ifek 

de Marville V Henri B [45 rue de Chailldt 

de Marville tf- Cora I Paris 

TierraAlta Villa" 
Santa Cruz Cal 

2 West Clay Pk 


660 Santa Rey Av 

Oakland Cal 

Deming M" Henry S (Josephine Neely) . . . 
MiM" Deming Wheeler (Deming) 

ARC-in France 
Denman MiM" Wm (Leslie Van Ness) Uv.Pcu.Tc.Cal'94 

H'07. .of P^S84oWest. .3399 Pacific Av 
Dennis lltt"Arch'dReid(HelenWeaver) .P**^23oiPac. i loSixthAv 

34 DSSStos And Locater Insure Accuracy 

2226 Sacramento 

De Pue MiM"EdgarJ(RowenaHunt)Pcu.Fr.C 

M;M" Warren S Matthews (De Pue) 

De Pue IP- Elva (Edgar J) Married at Swedenborgian Ch 

Matthews M' Warren S Jun 8 

Derby MiM" S Hasket (Nora P Leary)Uv.Tc.H'99 

P«S943Fil. .1707 Gough 
De Sabla HiM" Eugene de Joly(Russell-Laura Pearkes) Bur. 
Bhm.Pcu.Oly. ..of I*'»S36SanMateo ElCerritoCal. ..32E64 NS* 

De Sabla IT Leon de J-Uv University Club 

De Sabla M'" L^ontine (Eug de J) Married at NS* 

Lyle D' Wm G Jtin 28. .see WS* 

Detrick MiM" Edington Jr.P*'^S202 7.2907 Hillegass Berkeley Gal 

Detrick M" Jessie (Jessie Bowie) I see 

Detrick M' Bowie JA St J Bowie 

de Tristan Vet & Vctss Philippe (Josephine de Guigne)Pcu. 

of San Mateo Gal. .abroad 
Presidio Cliffs 

Deuprey IP" Claire 

Deuprey H"* Munson & Frank 

Deuprey M' Hillyer-at 866 Thirty-fifth Av 

Deuprey M" Florence H (Florence Hillyer) 

2500 Bancroft Berkeley Gal 

De Vecchi DiV" Paolo (Margaret Follis)G.Bur.Uv. 

De Vecchi IP-Margherita-Bur. .. .[Bhm.Pcu.Oly, 

Da Vecchi M' Paolo Jr-Bur.-at Columbia 

De Vecchi M' Rob't-USA.Bur.San.yn/17 

Devereux Maj&.M" Wm G (Hammond-Ruth F Merrill) 

USA.Rn.Y'04. .seeM" J F Merrill 
1 9 19 Calif 

43 Fifth Av 
ffek. .see>RSrk 

de Young M' Meichel H-Sfg.Mn.Oly.Ltn. 

M*M" Nion R Tucker (de Young), 
de Young M'" Phyllis(Meichel H) . . Married at Burlingame Gal 

Tucker W Nion R Jly 8 

Dibble MiM'* OKver (Katherine DuVal) Car99 

I*^i6ooFil. .2928 Steiner 
Dibblee MiM" Albert J (Ethel Rodgers)Uv. JP«S6SanAnselmo 

JS. IP- Anne-Tc [Tc.H'931 Ross Gal 

Dibblee Gapt&M" Benj H (Isabelle Kittle) USA.Uv.Bhm.Pcu. 

Bur.Tc.Hn.'98. .Ross Gal 
Dibblee MiM" Harrison (Davidson) Uv.Pcu.Fr.Hn.'96 

P'Tafoj . . Mt View Av San R«&iel C^ 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 



Dibblee MiM" T Wilson (Anita Orena) Uv.01y:Caro2 

P^S3823Fil. .2623 Devisadero 

Dibblee M" Thos H (de la Guerra) Santa Barbara 

Dibblee If^ Ynez Sc Delphine Cal 

Dick MiM" A Douglas (Isabel Parrott) Pcu 

Dick tf-PhiUipa 

M" Ralph Fane Gladwin (Isabelle Dick). . 
Dieckmann MiM" Fred'k T (Mary Hopps) 

P'«S238iPied. .Kingston & Hillside Oakland Cal 

Dieckmann MiM" John H 

Dieckmann IP"- Juanita & Anita P^«Si82iPied 

Dieckmann IT" Gus & George 1076-60 

JSi IP— Marie & Otilia Oakland Cal 

Dieckmann MiM" Adolph (Alice Rossiter) 

Dieckmann Mill" John Hy Jr (Josephine Chabot)Clt. 

^^372 . .464 Chetwood nr Perry Oakland Cal 
Dierssen MiM" Richard E (Julia Leigh) 

275 Park View Terrace Oakland Cal 
Dillingham MIM" Harold (MargaretHydeSmith). .Honolulu TH 
Dimond MiM"AlanW(JeannetteDeal). .P^S3726Pros.2S2oGough 
Dimond KM" Edwin R (Harriet C Newton)Fmy.Pcu.Bhm. 

Cw.Oly.Sfg.Tc.Fr. .P«S48Fil. .2204 Pacific Av 
Dinsmore MiM" Paul A (Marietta Havens) 

King Av & Lincoln Piedmont Cal 

Dodge DiM" Washington-Fr 

Dodge Lt Henry W-USA 2129 Laguna 

Dodge JP-Vida 

Doe MiM" Alvah B (Genevieve Sullivan) 

P^^S74i5F'klin. .2420 Gough 

Doe KM" Arthur K (Olga Goodwin) Hotel Bellevue 

Doe MiM" Chas W (Laura Mitchell) ; P^2i75^Fil 

MiM" Ethelbert Shores (Doe) 2002 Laguna 

Doe M" Ellanor H (Ellanor H) .see E Rogers 

Doe MiM" Loring B (Ltilu Kennedy) Fr 1925 Jackson 

Dohrmann MiM" ABC (Edith Louise Bien)C I 3673 

JeL W Edith I & M"" Bruce & Bemhard IJackson 

Donavin Lt&M" Kirkwood H (Dorothy W M Draper) 

USN . . 171 King George Annapolis Md 
Donohoe M" Emilie (Emilie Blaine) Bigt.ed byCi^^ DSSSX 

36 DomicSes And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Donohoe MiM" Joseph A (Christine Parrott)Pcu. I 

Oly.Tc. 2298 ^ 
Donohoe M*"* Katharine-Tc..& Christine-Tc. . . Broadway 

Donohoe M'"" Mary-Tc. & Barbara | 

Donohoe Lt&M" Jos A Jr (S Evelyn Cunningham) USA.Oly. 

Donovan MiM" John J (May Coogan)Clt.Ath. 

Clarendon Crescent Oakland. Cal 

Dooley M^" Clara Married 

Allen M' Francis 

Dom Judge&M" N A (Jane de la Montanya) 

P^^55498F'klin. . 1802 Pacific Av 
Domin MiM" George W (Helen BaU) Hm.Ath. 

P'«Si394^.3i2i Webster Oakland Cal 




Dorr DiM" L L (Janett Raymond) Pcu.Oly 

Dorr M** Jessie 

Dorr DiM" Wm R (Evelyn Crocker)01y . . . 

Dorr MiM" Louis (Golda Charmak) .1216 Cole 

Dougherty MiM" Chas M-Fr Pleasanton Cal 

Dougherty M" Wm E (Mary Louise McCarthy) 

2887 E 14 Oakland Cal 
Douglas MiM" Alex F (Darragh-Florence I P*'^2i302Fil 

Jfon M'" Kate L Darragh [Stone) I2 707 Sacramento 

Douglas MiM" Harry J (Carr-Roper) Menlo Park Cal 

Dow MiM" MerriU (Ida Henshaw) see DSSSZ. 

Downs MiM" Roscoe Glover (Lulette Mauvais) 

P^^S46. . 506 Van Buren Av Oakland Cal 

Menlo Park 

Doyle MiM" Edmund M . 

Doyle M'- Marie A 

Doyle M*" Grace (late Hy) Married at Camp Merritt N J 

Bartlett M" Raymond S-USA. (L L) Jly 2 

Doyle M'" Jane | 

Doyle M'"" Eileen & Emily P'l?S6283Pros 

Doyle M' Wm A | 2329 Fklin 

Ja M'" Dorothy & M' Richard | 

Doyle MiM"ThosBarbour(Sarah Nolan).. 122 7Thirty-seventhAv 
Draper DiM" Lawrence A (Anna Foster) Fr. 

P*'«S2i2 West. .115 Presidio Av 
Draper M" (t Wain Morgan) (Louise G Kelsey) Annapolis Md 

San Francisco Social Register 191 9 37 

Dray DiM" Frank R (Anita Meyer) Bhm. 

P''^Si702West. .2724 Pacific Av 
Driscoll Capt&M"ThosA(Alice Bacon) USA. AEF.Bur.Uv.Fr. 

P*''»o343 . . San Mateo Cal 

Drown iP" V Newell 2462 BVay 

2812 Wash'n 

Drown MiM" WiUard Newell (Edith Preston) Uv. 

JlS. M'- Josephine.' [Sfg. 

DrumJr Frank G-Pcu.Sfg.Bur.Oly.Bhm. .Pacific Union Club 
DrumMiM"JohnS(GeorgieSpieker)Pcu.Uv.Sfg.Bur. P^^S; uWest 

if^rs r" Allen & Frank [Tc.01y.Fr.Car94 2714 B'way 

Drum MiM" Wm G (Gertrude Guerin) 5430 Harper Av GS 

Drysdale MiM" Daniel (Margaret C) Fr. 

Draney Fisheries Vancouver B C 
Du Bois M'EmestBlois-Rv.Ll.Cw.Montecito SantaBarbaraCal 

Du Bois M'" Hannah P^1?S3i74Pros. . 1260 Calif 

Du Bois MiM" Henry (Beatrice Van Fleet) Turlock Cal 

Dudley M" A Palmer (Coon-Cassandra Adams) . . see V Wood 
Dunbar M" Luis Lane (Jennie M)C. .Beach Rd Belvedere Cal 
Dtmcan Mill" Arthur G (Edna M Hannigan) 

P^^S4243Fil. .2891 Jackson 


1 00 1 Forest Court 

Palo Alto Cal 

Duncan M" Robert Jr (Flora D Fyfe) Eb 
Duncan M'" Flora MacRae .... 

if^s W Robert F M 

Dunham M'"MaryC-Tc. .99 Plaza Dv ClaremontPkBerkeleyCal 
Dunn M" James P H (Catherine Chabot) 

P^i?S9o8o . . 250 Perry Oakland Cal 
Dunning M' Wm B-Bhm.Ath.Sfg.Fmy.Clt. 

Bway Ter & Belgrave PI Piedmont Cal 

du Pare de Locmaria Ct Chas-Pcu Pacific Union Club 

Durbrow MiM"Harry(AnnaGrube)Bhm.P^«Si243Pac.44Fi£th Av 

Durkee MiM" Lewis (Marian Lally) Oly see H T Lally 

Dutard M" Hippolyte~Fr Hotel BeUevue 

Dutton MiM" Grayson (Emma Huntsman) 

J*^335Fill. 2666 Vallejo 

Dutton M' Harry S-Uv.Hc.Oly 166 Geary 

Dutton Capt&«" Hy Foster (Jane Dunn) USA.Bur.Sfg.Pcu. 

Bhm.Uv.Fr. .St Francis Hotel 
Dutton M.;il" J Warren (Antoinette Roman) r^3P^ea Cliff 

Digitized by VJitLTO 

38 DonSci&s And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Dutton MiM" Wm J (Mary Grayson) Sfg.Pcu.Clt. 

P^1?S7ooSutter. .Palace Hotel 

Duval M" Chas Raoul (Beatrice Tobin) San Mateo Cal 

Duval MIM" Wm S-Uv..... P^3s68Fa. .2851 Steiner 

Dyer tf* Mary L-Hm 1457 Jackson Oakland Cal 

Earl M' Daniel W-Pcu.Bur P^«22977West. .2121 Laguna 

Earl MiM" Guy C (Ella Ford) Eb.Hm.Bhm.Clt. P^^2494 
Eari Lt Guy C Jr-USA.AC.AEF [Cal'83 2914 

Ens&M" Stephen Ransome Henshaw (Eari) McClure 

USN. .Ens absent Oakland Cal 
Easterbrook M" Daniel E (Nettie A Stone) P'SSiooLake 

Hm.Eb.Clt. Hotel Oakland 

M*" Emily A Smith Oakland Cal 

Eastland Capt Joseph L-USA.Bhm.Sfg.Oly.Bur.Mtw. 

Bohemian Club 

Eastland M" Mary A ' see D^'S. 

Eastland MiM" Thos Butler (Helen Wagner) Bhm.Bur.Pcu. 

Fr.Hn.'o6. .P''^6i7 . . 1210 Bellevue Av Buriingame Cal 
Easton MiM" Ansel Mills (Loijise Adams) Bur.Fmy.Tc.C. Mount 
Easton M**" Jane 0-Tc.Bur. & H' Laurence P-Bur Diablo 

MiM" Wm A Ward (Easton) Cal 

Easton MiM" Giles N (Mamie Phillips) Oly.Clt. . . I see 

i^rs M'" Mary E | J W Phillips 

Easton MiM" Robert (Ethel Olney) Santa Maria Cal 

Easton MiM" Wendell (Carrie Whitney) C 848 Gough 

Eastwood MiM"Burr(JessieMAnderson).IP^307i. .i4iBonitaAv 

J& M"* Burr Jr Sc Clinton | Piedmont Cal 

Eaton MiM" Sam'l Grover (Edna Easton) see DJ^iJS. 

Ebright D' Geo E-Pcu.Uv.Car99 Pacific Union Club 

Ebright MiM" Harold (Kate D Brigham) Martinez Cal 

Eddy MiM" Edwin M(NellieJFisher)Pcu.Sfg.Fr.Y'99 P^'»S345oFil 

JlS, M'" Katharine F & M' Selwyn 2507 Bway 

Ede HiM" William (Katharine Anderson) Tc.Clt.Cal'99 

237 Bonita Av Piedmont Cal 
Edie Col&M" Guy (Clementina Kip)USA.Bhm.. .The Presidio 
Edwards MiM" Clarence Rob't (Evalyn M Adams) 

P'^^SS9964i . .938 N Western Av LA 
Edwards MiM" J Paulding (Dollie B Tarpey)Bhm.01y.Caro3 

Digitized by > 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 ^ 

Edwards DiM" James W (Frances C) Bhm.Pcu.Tc.C. 

P^Syow. .Golden Gate Av Belvedere Cal 
Eells MiM" Chas Parmelee (Gertrude Shepard)Uv.Pcu.Sfg.Tc. 

Ham'74. .P*'«S22i9Fil. .2415 Pierce 
Eells MiM" John Shepard (Marion Coffin) Uv.Uvpt.Wvpt. 

Cmpt.Y*oi..84N 21 PSi..seePa 

Egbert M" Charles (May Barnes) Eb IPl?S62iiF'klin 

Egbert M'" Dorothy B-in France | 1401 

Egbert IT" Edw B, Chas B & Morrison B | Jones 

Ehrhom MiM" Adolph (Marian Dickson) Stan '07 

Belvedere Cal . . absent 

Ehrman MiM" Albert 2880 Bway 

Ehrman MiM" Sidney M (Florence Hellman)Fmy.lP*^^J7 103 West 

JS!» M*- Florence | 2970 BVay 

Elkins M" Burton Q (Burton Oliver) abroad 

EUdns M' Felton B Married 

Adler M'" Frances T (I D) Jly 21 

Elkins MiM"FeltonB(FrancesTAdler)Pcu.Bhm.Bur:Clift Hotel 

Ellicott M' H Wm Jr P^^328iFil. .2518 Octavia 

Ellicott Capt&M" John Morris (Anne Williams) IMare Island 

EUicott M' Chas G [USN.Arlpr.|Cal. .seeBSi 

Ellicott M*" Priscilla (John M) . . . . Married at Santo Domingo 

Watson Capt Thos Eug-USMC Sep 14 

Ellinwood M" Charles N (Elizabeth McDowell) Tc. 

P^«S984West. .2739 Pacific Av 
Ellinwood DiM" Lathrop(Louise G Stone) Tc . . see M*" M W Stone 
Ellinwood MiM" Vere MacDowell (Alice 

M^- Mildred Saline [Saline) 

Eloesser MiM" Arthur 

Eloesser M'" Alice 

Ely M' Thos G Married at 3?« 

Plum M'- Loraine E (late Chas M) May 18 

Ely MiM" Thos G (Loraine E Plum) see M" (c m) Plum 

Emery M" Joseph S (Amelia M) 

P'1?S697. .4325 San Pablo Piedmont Cal 

T> iu j4.u'u"T7 XT T7U P^ *»? 2 4 1 8 Pied 

Enge Ihardt »*« Eugene N-Eb 647EI DoradoAv 

Eagelhardt tf- Adele Oakland Cal 

English IP"" Christine & Gladys. I P«S4427Lake 

English M'" Munroe & Lloyd |2 75ParkViewTerOaklandCal 

2306 Sacramento 

Presidio Av 

Do^^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Engs KIT Edward W (Walker) Eb.Ath.Clt. 

^^43 2 7 Lake. .1560 Alice Oakland Cal 
Erskine Lt&M" Morse (Dorothy Ward)USA.Ft Douglas Utah 
Ertz MiM" Coleridge (Eleana Brashear)Cal*o6. 23 Park Av Wca 

Estee M" Morris_M . . . . ^ 1-- .P^6soPros. .1482 Sutter 

P'«563oj. .sssWaverly 
Palo Alto Cal 

Evans Rev&M"DavidJ(SusanLeCount) 
Bvans IP" Madeline. 

Evans M' Evan C I PH'Sii2 

Evans Lt Evan C Jr-USA.AC.Pcu.. . .[absent] 112 Laurel PI 
Evans Lt Harry-USA.Pcu. & Lt Arthur-USN.]San Rafael Cal 

2801 Stuart 
Berkeley Cal 

3477 Pacific Av 

Evans M" Oliver Perry (Nora M Ryan)C 

Evans IP*" Julia & Nora(in France) 

Evans MIM" Perry (Florence Gibbons) Cal'99 

P'^2877. .2799 Piedmont Av Berkeley Cal 
Everett MiM"EdwardLeonard(Bird) .[Bur.Fmy . 
Everett MiM" Edward (Geraldine L Byingtoti) 

M" Margaret E Von Schrader (Everett) . . 
Everett KlTWaUace W (Jane F CrelUn) Bhm.Clt.Cal*97 

P'«S9f 22 . . "River Bend Farm" St Helena Cal 

Evers MIM" Albert J (Sepha Pischel) see K Pischel 

Everson M" Wallace (Jeannette Gunn)Eb.Clt.. . . I*!?S4625 
Everson lf~' Marion R~Hm. & Elsie-Hm 1533 Filbert 

MiM" John Roberts (Etta Everson) Oakland Cal 

Everts M" L B (LiUian Brown) Clt.Fr see JP" F Brown 

EWell MlM" Samuel 816 D Marysville Cal 

Ewer DIM" Edw N (Flora L Goldsmith) Eb.Ath. 

P»:77Pied. .Santa Rosa Av a Mariposa Rd Oakland Cal 
Ewing KM" J Cal-Ath. .P'«;7729. .506 Vernon Piedmont Cal 
Eyre MlM" Edw Lilbtim (Florence Atherton)Uv. P^66oWest 

Pcu.Tc. 2301 
Eyre LtEdwardLJr-USA.Pcu.&LtAtherton-USA. Pacific Av 

Eyre tf" Mary-Tc of Menlo Park Cal. .in France 

Eyre MiM" Perry P (Nina Macondray)Uv.Sfg.Tc. . I ^^^ n^^^^ 

Eyre tf" Elena-Tc |229»ii way 

Eyre M' Robert M-Uv.Sfg.Fmy 2150 Vallejo 

Fagan MIM" Jas J (AHce Bennett) Pcu.Tc.Bhm. . IP^«;io7F'klin 

Pagan M' Harold | 1726 B'way 

Fagan Lt&M" Paul I (Marie B Russell)USA.Fr. 

I*^738Fil. .2563 Devisadero 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 41 

Fair MiM" Harry H (Marjorie Mhoon). .443 Lee Oakland Cal 
FairUe MiM" Hugh O (Grace B Wilson) 

P'^«S4o68Fil. .2833 Sacramento 
Famham MiM" Sylvanus C (Elsie Clifl[ord)Ath. 

P'^S222oFil. .2427 Green 
Famum MiM" Frederick A (Alice Albright) 

769 Lerida Av Oakland Cftl 
Farquharson MiM" Chas David (Blanche Castle) Uv.Sfg.Fr. 

Bhm.. 39 Sea Cliff Av 
Farr M" Blanche S(BlancheSharon).25Dormidera.PxedmontCal 

Farrell M" James (Anna Norris) Fr see J Shea 

Farrell M'" Kathleen-Fr.Sfg 2415 Octavia 

Farrier M" Hiram L (Mary H Staniels) P'«S3668Merritt 

Farrier M'" Emma L-Hm . . . ' 1505 Sixth Av 

Farrier tf " Annie T-Eb Oakland Cal 

Faville MiM" Wm B-Pcu.Tc Sausalito Cal 

Fay MiM" Chas W P'^^S399Park. .834 Grove 

Fay MiM"RolloE(EleanorWooster) .6438HillegassAvOaklandCal 
Faymonville'MiM" Bernard (Dora Reis)Sfg.Pcu. P'^«S52West 
Faymonville Maj Philip-Oly .USA' 12... [Oly .Bhm. i 

Faymonville M' Bernard Jr Presidio Av 

Febiger Col&M"Lea(HarriettA)C.USA.P^^S3 i6iFil.3243Wash*n 
Fee MiM" Charles S (EHzabeth Brady) Pcu.Sfg.Bhm.jPlM^sisFil 

Fee M'-- Marcia & Elizabeth [Clt.| a6i6 

Fee M' B Jerome jBuchanan 

Felton MiM" Charles N Jr (Cora Smedberg) Pcu.Btir.Tc. 

Monrovia Cal 
Fennimore MiM" Arthur R(RuthGardner)Uv.Bhm.Sfg.Cal'Q6 

P*«S6745Pac. .1824 LSke 
Fennimore MiM" Watson D (Estelle Sawson) Bhm.Fr.C. 

1830 Jackson 
Fenwick M"AgnesD(AgnesDuff)Tc. .P^^S4247Fil. .2S48Fillmore 
Fenwick M' Fred M-Sfg. .^ 1400 Jones 

1652 Bway 

Ferguson M" May E (May Elder) 

Ferguson M'" Helen F & M' Hugh T 

Femald Lt Reginald Goodwin-USA.Bhm.Stan'02 

422 Santa Barbara Santa Barbara C^l 
Field MiM" Alex (Wellbom-Aim6e M Brunswig) Pcu.Sfg.Tc. 

P'^Sio22Fil . . 2526 Washington 

42 DSSacii&s And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Field M" Edward (Minna Y) P^«S65oPros. . 1482 Sutter 

Field KM" Edw Salisbury (Strong-Isobel Osborne).. see DSSffi. 
Field MiM" Geo Russell (GertrudeD White)Clt.Bhm. . Requa Cal 

Fife H" George S (Luning) P^'lJSiooPac. 401 Lake 

Filer HiH" Walter G (Esther) Bhm.Pcu.Fr Burlingame 

Jff» M^- Lawton Cal 

Fillmore MiH" George W-Eb. 

P»248o8Pied. . 166 Santa Rosa.Av Oakland Cal 
Fillmore H" Pearl C (Pearl C Cawston). .see M" T Henshaw 
Fillmore Lt Wm Haydock-USA.AC.Ath. 

po Athenian-Nile Club Oakland Cal 

Findley M" Thomas (Charlotte Young) I 2295 

Findley M^" Mary [Broadway 

P'^^5208. . Miller Av 
Millwood . . po Mill Valley Cal 

Finn Mill" John F (Annie V)C 

Finn M^" Eva 

FinneganM^"~ Kathleen-Tc. & Aileen. . .see¥" M E Williams 

Finnell MiM" Bush (Laura B Huff) Bhm.Oly.Sfg. . 2000 Vallejo 

Finnell Capt&M" Phillip S (Margaret Rolph)USA.AEF. 

see W N Rolph 

Fisher M' William H see M" G F Maynard 

Fitch M*"* Emily & Florence 2564 Sacramento 

Fitch M" MarjorieS(MarjorieStafford).P'^^Si886Fil.256s Wash'n 

Fitch M' Rob't N-Bhm Yokohama Japan 

Fitzgerald MiM" Robert M (Laura Crellin) Bhm.Ath.Pcu.Clt. 
"■ f?S2329. .Van Buren & Bellevue Oakland Cal 

2350 Bway 

2490 Filbert 

Fitzhugh MiM" Wm M-Fmy 

Fitzhugh M'" Marion & & M' Wm M Jr 

Flanders Lt&M"EdwAiken(EmmaBazet)USA.01y. 

DiM" Louis Bazet (VignoUes) [Stan*o6 

Fleishhacker M;M"Mortimer(BellaS) .P*^^S909West.24i8PacificAv 
Fletcher Lt (F) & M" Harold A (Inez Pischel)USA AEF. 

see K Pischel 
Fletcher MiM"John D(JessieClark)Bhm.2737AshbyBerkeleyCal 
Flood M*- Cora Jane-Sfg.Bur.Tc.Fr.Clyn. 

P'^'^S 1089 West. .2i2oB'way. .seefte* 
Flood MiM" James L (Maud L Fritz) Pcu.Bur.Bhm. IP^^§i3West 

JS5. M*- Mary Emma & M' Jas [Oly.Sfg.Tc.Fr.12222 Bway 

Floyd- Jones M" Edwin (Alice J Barber) 

P'^2i7JSanAnselmo. .**Rock Edge" Ross Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Foerster MiM" Roland C (Marie L Bryant). . .Tenth Av & Lake 
Folger Mill" Ernest R (EUzabeth Moffit) Pcu. I P^«S 1 1 West 

Folger IP^ Elizabeth & Elena [Sfg.Bhm.12553 Budianan 

Folger MiM" Herbert (Mary IPlJSySsw ..2715 Claremont Blvd 
j£JiM7asAnthony.[Anthony)C.| Berkeley Cal 

Folger Hill" Jas Atheam (Cunningham-Clara E 

JS. r Jas A Jr [Luning) Bhm.Sfg.Bur.Pcu.Fr, 

H' John M Ciinningham 


Pacific Av 

Lt&M" Jos A Donohoe Jr(Cunningham)USA . 
Follette MiM" Willard Sprake (Helen M Colley) 

**Hillcroft'' Los Gatos Cal 
Follis M' Clarence G-Bur see D^S2. 


North Star Mines 
Grass Valley Cal 

Poote KM" Arthur Burling (Jeannette S 

Hooper) Uv.Mit'99 
Foote MiM" Arthur De Wint. 
Ford MiM" Alfred Bernard (Hilda M Waterlow) 

Ford M' Norman W-USA.AEF [Bur.Tc. 

Ford M' Geoffrey W-USA.AC.AEF. 

Ford Ens&M" Arthur J W (Constance Davis) USN.Stv*i3 

P^65SanAnselmo. /Tarkside" Ross Cal 
Ford Lt&M" Bernard W (Marian Miller) USA.Btir.Pcu.Fr. 

I*^i92oFil. .3001 Pacific Av 
Ford Capt E Courtenay-USA.AEF.Bhm. .po Bohemian Club 
Ford Ens & M" Sydney W (Margaret Belden) USN.Fr. 

r t Lehigh* 13 . . Ross Cal 



Ford MiM" Tirey L (Emma Byington) Bhm.Pcu. 
Ford Lt Byington-USA 

H" Relda F Stott (Relda Ford) , 

Ford M" Virginia Hotel Bellevue 



J2S. M"* Heber V & Calvin V Tilden. 

Fore MiM" Chas W IP'«;2834. .Mountain Av & Seaview 

Fore M^" Natalie | Piedmont Cal 

Forman M" Sands W . Hotel del Coronado Coronado Beach Cal 
Foster MiM"ArthurW(LouisianaScott)Pcu.Bhm.| P^^s 

Tc.Oly.C.I "Fair Hills" 

Foster M** Louisiana S-Fr [100 Forbes Av 

Foster Capt Benj B-USA J San Rafael Cal 

44 DomicKs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

* Ross Cal 

Foster MiM" Charles J (Minna Bauer) Pcu.Bhm. 

Foster M^ Enid 

Foster Mill" Laurence E (Violet I Fife) Fmy. 

of PlffSi222 . .Menlo Pk Cal. .3855 Calif 

Fpster M*" Margaret-Tc.C 340 Mission San Rafael Cal 

Foster MiM" Paul S (Margaret G Calhoun) Bhm.Cal'io 

P^S652 . . 230 Forbes Av San Rafael Cal 

Foster M" Robert N (Mae Gibson) Cloverdale Cal 

Foster MiM" William A S (Mildred Oversett) Pcu.Bhm.CarQp 

Willits Cal 

FoUte M' Geo de K Married at San Rafael Cal 

Andrews M" Elizabeth W (Elizabeth Weaver) . . .Sep 1*03 
Foute MiM" Geo de K (Andrews-Elizabeth Weaver) . .891 Post 
Foute M" Robert C (Mary de Kantzow) , 
Foute M'- Augusta G. 

Fox MiM" Moylan (Etha Musser) Salt Lake 

City Utah 

37 Hardwick Av 
Piedmont Cal 

Fox MiM" Moylan C (Emilie C Regnard) 
Mir" Edson Adams (Fox) 

Francis M" Hazel D (Hazel Derremer) absent 

Franklin D' Walter S P^^^SrooSutter. .Palace Hotel 

Eraser MiM" Gregor Grant (Marie Louise Currier) 

402 1 Howe Oakland Cal 

Freeman MiM" J Eugene (Payne-Elizabeth ) Bhm.Cos. 

Sfg.Fr . . 2863 Pacific Av . . see D^iS. 
^riedlahder M**"* Fanny & May 211^ Pacific Av 

i-n.?- -n ^ t lira rr\ r^ /t • r^t \rr\ nh^%i2^ t%' -i 

Friedlander M" T Gary (Jessie Cheever)Tc. . . 
M" M Cheever Chapin (Mary Van B 



15 Highland Av 

Oakland Cal 

Puller M" Annabelle (Ottman-Annabelle Van Allen). 1862 Ellis 

FullerMiM" Frank W P^^S9o8Fil 

ttn M''* Frank W Jr & Dana 2025 Lyon 

Puller MiM" Geo Pope (Bliss-Janet Painter) Oly.FmyrBhm. 

2280 Vallejo 
Fuller Lt&M" W Parmer Jr (Adelaide Wright) USN.Bhm.Fr. 

of San Mateo Cal. .W^ 
Fulton MiM"John Allen(M AnitaBertheau)Tc.Croo.MelonesCal 

Oa^e MiM" George G (Etta Mae Seaton) Berkeley Cal 

Gfege MiM" Stephen N (Aima Steffens) .Austin, Tex 

GaUagher MiM'^ Herbert R (Violet Crerar) Pcu. d by Google 

P«Si44oFil. . 2626 Union 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 45 

Gallagher MiM" J Wesley (Muriel Steele) . .see M" T H WiUiams 
Gallois M" Eugene (Margaret Pissis) Fr. 

I*'»S522 2Keamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Gallois MiM" John (Eliza McMullin) Uv.Bur.Tc. 

P^^S 1 53 4Pros ..35 Florence 
Gallwey DiM" John (M Katherine Bassett) Fmy.Oly. 

Bhm.Fr. „P^'»23oi5F*klin. .1200 Hyde 

2415 Prospect 



Galpin M" Philip G (Julia B Castro) 
Galpin M'" Julita & M' Philip 

MiM" Peter H Lint (Galpin) 
Garber Maj&M" Max B (Etelka Williar) USA'o3.AEF 

Home P^«S597643 . . 1559 Winona Blvd Hollyivood Cal 
Garceau M" Alexander E (Gertrude Hyde) Fr.Sfg. I P'^«Si438Fil 

IP* Mary Hyde (2504 Jackson 

Gardner M'" James Married at Redwood City Cal 

Hellmann Lt Richard H-USA. (Anthony C) Jan 2 

Gardner Lt&M" Daniel (Lois Crosby) USA Piedmont Cal 

Gardner DiM" Nath'l L (Edith Jordan) 

2901 Hillegass Av Berkeley Cal 

Garritt MiM'' George S-Pcu.Sfg.Bur.Bhm J P^S43i6Fil 

Garritt IP" Helen-Sfg.Bur [2015 Pacific Av 

Garthwaite MIM" Edward H (Marion |P'''»S9366 . . 391 Fairmount 
Garthwaite M' Edw Lowell . . . [Hook) | Oakland Cal 

Garthwaite MiM" WW P^^S24i 7 .. 641 El Dorado 

'Garthwaite Ens Wymond-USN. . . Piedmont Cal 

Gayley Prof&M" Chas Mills-Clt.Ath.Tc. 2328 Piedmont Av 
Gayley M'" Mary&&M*"Elizabeth. . . [Mich'yS Berkeley Cal 
Gearing Lt&M" Henry C Jr (Lolita H Burling) USN. 

see M" J E Page 

Gedney M" David W (Clara) ph<»*T^a^'Rn 

Gedney Lt(r)Fred'kM-USA.-atCampLeePeters- ^ tl .t 

Gedney M*" Ruth & M' Percy W [burg Va '^^o bcott 

George W" Julia-Tc 1136 Eddy 

Gerberding M" Albert(Bate^-ElizabethSears)C. ^Belvedere Cal 
Gerberding M'" Beatrice Married at Belvedere Cal 

Gildersleeve Lt Carleton C-USA ^ Jim 16 


Gerstle Capt&M" Mark L(Hilda Hecht)USA.Fmy. 

JJS. M'" Louise A [Oly. 

Gerstle HiM" Mark L Jr (Marion E Mercier) .,,yGob Wash'n 

46 DSSSSilL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Pacific Av 

Gerstle Mill" Wm Lewis (Sara Hecht) Fmy.Oly 2360 

]£■» tf- Miriam Wash'n 

GhirardeUi MiM" Domingo P^«2822Fil 

Ghirardelli M^'' Corona, Esperance & Ruth .... 

GhirardeUi r Lyie 

Ghirardelli Mill" Harvey T (Gladys Ostrander) Cari2 

29 Plaza Drive Berkeley Cal 

Ghirardelli M" Louis-Eb.Clt 740 

Ghirardelli M'"" Elva & Juanita Oakland Av 

GhirardelU M' Louis I^Uv.Oly.CaroS [Cal'o6 Oakland 

GhirardelU MiM" Alfred (Clarissa Lohse)Uv.Fmy. Cal 

Gibbons M'" Miriam-Tc.-absent I 3491 

Gibbons DiM" Henry W (Hazel Noonan) C iPacific Av 

Gibbons Maj(D')&M" Morton Raymond(Mary S Stubbs)USA. 

Oly.Fr.C. .P^^Si6s8Pac. .3979 Wash'n 
Gibson Ens&M" Algernon T (Ruth L Winslow)USN Ath.Fr. 

Clt.Mit*i3 . .P*'^i99Fklin. . 1945 Pacific Av 
Gildersleeve Lt Carleton C-USA . . . Married at Belvedere Cal 

Gerberding M^" Beatrice # Jun 16 

Gildersleeve Lt&M" Carleton C (Beatrice Gerbeitiing) USA. 

oCC JL^omieilAS 

Gill MiM" John W (Sara Drum) 

Redlands Cal. .WIS P'^S97iPros. . 2555 Larkin 

Gilliland MiM" Chas Wm (Marian Cohen) see A H Cohen 

Girard Capt (r)&M" Frank R (Anna Olney) USA.AEF. 

see P de S Olney 
Girvin MiM"Rich'd Donald(Margaret Eyre)Pcu.Sfg.Tc.Bur. 

Merilo Park Cal 
Girvin MiM" Richard D Jr (Pauline Duncan) Pcu.Tc. 

Menlo Park Cal 
Glass MiM" Frank S (Annie Wooster) Pcu.Uv.Caro2 

2827 Kelsey Berkeley Cal 
Glass M" Henry (Ella M Johnson) Tc. .2725 HasteBerkeley Cal 

Glass M' Louis-Pcu.Bhm [Uv.01y.| PuSrrPac 

D*M" Rich*dFBeamer(FrancesRGlass) [375 Fourteenth Av 
Glassford Lt Cdr&M" William (Eleanor Phelps) USN 

see M" T S Phelps 

Glenn M" Minerva I 903 Castrd 

. Glenn tf*" Laura & Carmelita |Qay^jj4T)Pal 

* Digitized by 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Goad IP Wm Frank-Bhm.H'oi Bohemian Club 

Godfrey MiM" Frank (Ruth Adams), Riverside Cal 

Goewey M" Jas M (Kate Spencer) Tc. 

P^239ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Goldsborough LtWilliamT-USA.AC..po2 536Bway .in England 
Goodall M;M" ChasMiner(MarionCullen) P^^S266i 

Goodall M' Irving [Pcu.Clt.Tc. isoLakeOaklandCal 

Goodall M" Edwin-Tc.Clt see 

Goodall M' Arthur-Pcu.Bhm.Sfg.Clt CM Cooper 

Goodbe M^ Edith .Married at Salt L^ke City Utah 

Selfridge W S Woodworth * Oct 1917 

Goodfellow Mir* Arthur W (Katharine Cory) Caroi 

3232 Ventura Av Fresno Cal 
Goodfellow MIM" Hugh (Sarah J Downey) Pcu.Oly.Bhm. 

Clt.Caro2 . .P^^26i32 . .2727 Garber Berkeley Cal 
Goodfellow M" Wm Scott (Alice Annoot) Eb.C. P^«S6osMerritt 

Goodfellow ff- Alice 745 Fifth Av 

Goodfellow M' Geo Oakland Cal 

Goodman MiM"HarveyP-Tc. .P^«Ji5i6. .loOakvaleBerkeleyCal 
Goodrich MiM" Chauncey S (Henriette de S Blanding) Tc.C. 

P%S3985. .2311 Piedmont Berkeley Cal 
Goodrich MiM"EdwardE(SarahShafter)C. .ElQuitoSanJos6Cal 
Goodwin MIM" James W (Elena Robinson) Pcu.Sfg.Bur.Bhm. 

Redwood City Cal 

Goold M" Edmond L (Louise K Stewart) 

Goold M' Herbert S-Stan'og-Sec'y Amer Leg*n 

La Paz Bolivia 

tf "• Charlotte & Virginia Stewart 

Gordon MiM" Mackenzie (Ethel E Coope)Bhm 

M" JFCoope (Bertha) 




Fmy.12832 Jackson 

3615 Piedmont Av 
Oakland Cal 
Gorrill MiM" Ralph C (EUzabeth Page) 

P^'ffSSoaSw . . 2709 Parker Berkeley Cal 
Gove Rr Adm&M" Chas A (Minnie Webster) USN.Anw. 

• Tc.Bhm.Fr. .P'^«§24ooF'klin. .Hotel Monroe 
Grace MiM" Frahcis J M(Theodosia Cook)Bur.Bhm.01y.Sfg. 

Gorrill M" Chas H (Ida H) Eb. 
Gorrill M' Arthur 


■'*' Digitifedby 


43 Domiei^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Graham KM" Donald Houston (Martha F Earl) Cal'ia 

P«2542. .Paloma del Campo Rancho Lancaster Cal 


**Villa Belloguardo" 

Santa Barbara 


Graham KM" WmMiller (Eleanor Pollock) 

Graham Lt Wm Earl-USA 

Graham M** Geraldine 

Grant M" Adam (Emma Gummer) Fr. 

P^^S324oFklin. .1200 California 
Grant Capt&M"Chapman(MabelWard)USA.Wms' lo.GlobeAriz 
Grant MiM" Douglas (Elizabeth Rutherford) Pcu.Bur.Oly. 

Davis Cal 
Grant M" Elizabeth C (Elizabeth Chapman) . . .San Diego Cal 

Grant M^" Frances I 106 

Ja M"' John C & Edw B Pond jWalnut 

Grant M" George F-Fr P^^SisiSFil 

Grant MiM" Spencer (Elena E Brewer) Bhm.Oly. 2737 Webster 

Grant M' Jesse R (late Ulysses S) Married at ffek 

Wilkins M" Lillian B (Lillian Bums) Aug 26 

Grant MiM" Jesse R Wilkins (Lillian Bums) see Di^lSZ. 

Grant MiM" Jos D (Edith Macleay) Bhm.Pcu.Sfg. 

Bur.Uv.Oly.Unn.Tc.Fr. 2200 B'way 

Grant M'- Josephine-Bur. & Ja M'" Edith-Bur 

Grau M' Enrique- Bhm Bohemian Club 

Grau MiM" Otto K (Antoinette Keyston) Stan'o6 

P'^^278Fil. .2680 Green 

Graupner MiM" A E (Elise Wenzelburger) C 2009 Jackson 

Graves M" Robert N (Anne Cadwalader)237 Twenty-fourth Av 

Gray M' George D-Hm see T M Potter 

Gray MiM" Lee L (Metcalf-Marie L Butters) Bhm. 

P^^S378. /^Wvnanspray" Pebble Beach Cal 
Gray MiM" Prentiss N (Laura Sherman) Fmy . . . .Manor Cal 
Grayrigge MiM" Rob't S (Lolita McConnell) 

see Sherwood Chapman 

Green MiM" Allan L (Alice Doe) 3380 Jackson 

Green MiM"ChasArthur(FrancesBums) . [01y.Fr.Tc.C.| 3368 
Green MiM" Chas E(MaryEldridge)Sfg.Bur.Pcu.Bhm.|Jackson 

Green MiM" Eldridge (Marie L Foster) Sfg Antioch Cal 

Green MiM"FrederickH (CarolineCrocker) . 562TwentysecondAv 
C Crawford (Natalie Coffin) Uv.Pcu.Y'o6 

P^«S379«Fil..2i2i Lyon 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 49 

Greene ICM" Lester A (Mollie Mathes) CJt. 

P*^^S462 7 . . 429 Staten Oakland Cal 

Greene KM" S Hartley ^^22132. .479-27 Oakland Cal 

Greenway M' Edward M-Bhm Fmy.Sfg.Bur.Oly.Uv.Pcu. 

Bohemian Club 
Greenwood MIH" Frank M. . . .249 Montecito Av Oakland C^ 

Greenwood M' Fred'k A-Sfg.Oly.Nan Lambs Club M^ 

Greenwood KM" George D (May Tubbs) Pcu. 11899 Jackson 

& M'Munro [Sfg.Bhm.Clt.Tc.f Oakland Cal 

Greer MiM" Robert Papin (Charlotte E Ellinwood)Bhm.Rast. 

Sgst.Tc. .P'^^S449Gap. . 1052 E Galer S'^S. .see S',fi 

Greer MiM" Walter A (Helen Wilson) see J S Wilson 

Gregg M' Wellington-Pcu.Fmy.Bur.Oly.Bhm. 

P^«S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Ilotel 
Gregory MIM" David McC (Anita Lohse) 

624 Mariposa Av Oakland Cal 
Gregory M" Henry Payson (Elise | 1200 California 
Gregory M'Kenneth . [McClure) Tc.C. | WES T^S i sr i SantaCruz ' 

M' David McClure p'Eaglewood" Soquelr Cal 

Gregory MiM" Warren (Sarah H) Sfg.Pcu.Uv.Clt.Tc.C. 

Greenwood Ter Berkeley Cal 

Gresham Dean & M" J Wilmer (Cooke) 12 19 Sacramento 

Griffin KM" Frank W (LiUian FoUis) Uv.Pcu.Bur.Bhm.Fr. 

P!?S2078F*klin. .2008 Washingtcm 

Griffin KM" WiUard M-Tc Mountain View Cal 

Griffith M*- Alice S-Tc 2820 Pacific Av 

P'«Si78San Anselmo 

Griffith M" Edwin L (Eugenia CQpp6e)Tc 

M" Henry Copp6e 

tf- M P Copp6e 

Griffith M&M" Millen(ConstanceMcLaren)Tc. .ofRossCal.absent 

Grimes tf" Alice see W G Henshaw 

Grimwood M" Adolphus D (Lucy Crockett) I 25 Mesa Av 

Grimwood tf* Emma P-Fr [Piedmont Cal 

Grimwood MiM" Chas P (Ferrer-Clara )Bhm..Fruitvale Cal 

Grimwood MiM" Fred'k W (Elizabeth Van H Hewston) Bhm. 

Cal'98. . 13 10 San Luis Av Oakland Cal 
Primwood MiM" J Bryant (Frances Allen) Bhm. .2805 Wash'n 

Grissim DiM" John de L (Irene Baker) . 
Ja M^ Dorothy W & Irene B 

1909 Oakland Av 
Piedmont Cal 


D^SS» And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Gross KM" George E (Ethel Gage) Eb.Atb. 

P«Si827 . . 149 Grand Av Oakland Cal 

Grubb M;M" I R D (Elizabeth F Smyth) IP^SiySFil 

Grubb Lt&M" D Hanson (Ethel P McAllister) USA. 2701 

Oly.Cariol Jackson 
Grunsky Capt&M" C Ewald(Hazel Pahnanteer)USA.EC AEF. 
Caros.Croy. .P*'«S597Lake. .1448 Madison Oakland Cal 

Gunn KM" Benj M (Laura E) Tc. 
Gunn IT" Dudley-abroad & Russell . 
Gunn Lt Kenneth-USA 

330 Mission Av 

San Rafael 


Gunn KIP' Geo A (Ernestine Kraft) ^. .2130 Lyon 

C M Woods 

Gunn IT* James O'Brien (Laura Shaffer) 

Gunn IP" Edw & Eckel 

Guthrie Rev&lP" Wm Kirk 

P^2i8oFil. .2353 Pacific Av. .Rev abroad 
Gwin KM" Wm M (Blanche Maynard) Tc.Bhm . . . . | 2217 
Gwin M*"WmMJr-at Paris&SergtStanford-USA.AC.|Pacific Av 
Gyle MiM" Jos C (Muriel Coombs). .P^2627Fil. .2651 Steiner 
Haas tf* Eleanor (A) Married at NS* 

Koshland Lt Daniel-USA. (Marcus S) Sep 26 

Hager tf" Alice-Sfg.Bur.Fr Burlingame Cal 

Elager M" Ethel (Ethel Hager) Sfg.Fr 2400 Devisadero 

Haile Lt&M" Sam'l W M (Margaret Casey) USA .absent 

Haldom MIM" Stuart (Enid Gregg) . . .P'^45soPros. . 1865 Clay 
Hale KM" Marshal (Mae B Miller) Bhm.Sfg. . . P^24Pac 

^» M' Marshal Jr 26 Presidio Ter 

Hale M" Oliver Ambrose (Mary Bassett) P^^2i29Fil 

Hale M^- Clarisse 

Hale MiM" Prentis Cobb (Bryan-Linda Hoag)Pcu. 

r Carleton F Bryan-USN. . . . [Bhm.Sfg.Ltn. 

Lt Hamilton V Bryan-USN .-absent on duty . 

MiM" Edw Corbet (Bryan) 

Hale KM" Reuben B (May Johnston) Uv.Bur.Pcu. 
Jl^ tf- Ruby V-at K A O House Stamford . . [Bhm.C. 

JSL M' Newton J-at Hitchcock Acad 

Hall KM" ChaflEee E (Emmy Lemcke) Cal' 10 

17 17 Linden Oakland Cal 
Hall Dir Channing (May V Bissell)Cal'i2 

1*^3270. .1431 Morton Alameda Cal 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2000 Bway 





San Francisco Social Register 1919 51 

HaU r Chas O (Mary Dale) :l ^^^ c;,,..^ 

Hall M' Maurice A . . . . 1^ butter 

Hall M" (em) V .P^62oMerritt . . ai8 E 12 Oakland Cal 

Hall MIM" Edward M (LiUie Tubbs) lArimo & Walla Vista 

Ja H' Frank | Oakland Cal 

Hall MiM" Herbert E (Suzanne Greenwood). . . .1899 Jackson 
Hall MIM'* Hiram T (Bessie Haven) Ath. 

P«S2S26M6rritt. . 1427 Fifth Av Oakland Cal 

Hall MiM" Jas Lowe (Mildred Baldwin) Fr 1301 Page 

Hall MiM" Mark Marion (Elizabeth Christy) see DJ^'aS. 

Hall MiM" Rob't Cunningham (Lohse) 1234 Jones 

Hall M" Samuel P (Charlotte W Spear) | ^1^4284 

Je^ tf" Natalie I1184-14 Oakland Cal 

Hall MiM" Theo Seymour (Ruth Houghton)Ath.H '05 

P^536a . .409 Staten Av OaJdand Cal 

Hall MiM" Whipple S (Ethel Crellin) absent 

Hamilton MiM Alexander (Grace Spreckels)Sfg.Pcu.Fr. 

2080 Pacific Av. 
Hamilton MiM" Edward H (PannyHamilton)Bhm.Fmy.Ath. 

P^iyyoFil. .2704 Union 

Hamilton tf" Edna-Fr | 527 

Hamilton M' Wm H-Uv.Sfg | Twenty-seventh Av 

Hamilton MiM" Fletcher McN (Ruth Stephenson)Caro4 

nil Fresno Berkeley Cal 
Hamilton MiM" John Ralston (Ethel Lincoln) Bhm.Tc.Fr. 

see M" J Lincoln 
Hamilton MiM" Meade (Katherine H Redding) 

P^SSnsFklin. .805 Bush 
Hamilton MiM" Noble(Elizabeth Bull).P^353iFil. . 2687 Union 
Hamilton W Sam'l Plumly-Bhm Bohemian Club 

Fairmont Hotel 

Hamilton MiM" Wm B (Ceil Doyle) Fmy.Ath 

Hamilton M' Allen W 

Hammer MiM" George (Blix Kenna) Ath.Oly. 

14 King Av Piedmont Cal 

Hammon MiM" Glenn (Lucile Bresse) Redwood City Cal 

Hammon MiM" Wendell P [AEF. P^Si3i9Fil 

Hammon Lt&M" Wendell PJr(FrancPierce)USA. 36soWashn 

Hammon Lt Wendell P Jr-USA. (Wendell P). Married at OSS^ 

Pierce M*" Franc Digtaed^yGoogfon 10 


DonSa And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Hammond MiJI" Andrew B (Florence Abbott) 

Hammond M'" Daisy G~Tc. . . . [Pcu.Bhm.Sfg.Fr. P^^Si324West 

Hammond Lt Leonard C-USA.AEF.Uv.Pcu- 2252 BVay 

Hammond M" Richard E (Mary ELanghorne).. see J PLanghome 
Hanchett MiM^Lewis Edw(Mary Corbet)Pcu. | P«Si73Frank 

JlS. M^— Alice & Lucy [Bhm.Sfg.Bur.Tc.| 2006 Wash'n 

Hanna Most Rev Edw J-Pcu. . 1000 Fulton 

Hanna M' J Selby-Oly.Caroo Olympic Club 

Hanna M" Marie W (Marie WeUs) ffek 


Hanna MiM" Richard J(Virginia Wright)Bur.Pcu 
Hanna M'" Virginia.[Fr.Sfg.Calsc.Midsc Andover*8i 

Hannigan MiM" M Percy ' absent 

Hardin D' Rob't Du Rant^-USA. . .Married at Palo Alto Cal 

Lathrop M*" Hermina (late Chas G) Apr 4 

Hardin DiM" Rob't Du Rant (Hermina Lathrop) USA. seeDiiSSX 

Hardy M' Wright B [Gal'oo|P*^'??S9s84.3045RichmondAv 

Hardy M' Sumner-Oly.Bhm.Clt. | Oakland Cal 

'Harley MiM" Chas K (Florence Deming)Fr 

JSk M"' Deming & Van Pelt 

Harmon MiM" A K P (Elizabeth Derby). . . 

Harmon M' Edw 

Harmon MiM" Albion (Grace Stalter) 

Harris MiM" Lawrence W(Lucie King) Fmy.Fr.. 3445 Washington 
Harris M*" Martha Married 

Mhoon M' McKee (late John B) Sep 16 

Harrison MiM" Edw C (Mary Bodkin) [USA.) P^S295West 

Harrison Lt Edward C Jr-tjSA. & Lt Gregory- I3329 Wash'n 
Harrison M" Eugenie C (Eugenie Chrystal) 

Hotel Westminster BtSn 

Harrison M' Maurice E care I T Ballard. .2442 Jackson 

Harrison Judge Ralph C Died at 1405 Van Ness Jly 18 

Harrison M" Ralph C (Ella Reid)Tc.C. 1405 

Harrison M' Richard C-Uv Van Ness 

Harrison Maj&M" Ralph C (Cali Phillips) USA.AEF.Bhm. 

Hotel Westminster BtSn 

2342 Bway 


2825 E 14 

Fruitvale Cal 

Harrold MiM" James H-Ath 

Harrold ff Boyd 

HaiTold Lt&M" Warren (Madeleine Clay) USA. AEF. 

Ashmount & Mandana Blvd Oakland Cal 

2555 E 16 Fruitvale Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 53 

Hart M;M" Benno. . :. P»S48oFil 

Hart IP" Constance & Ji^ M' Benno Jr 2604 Jackson 

Hart MiM" Jerome A (Ann Clark) Pcu.Bhm.Bur. 

"Weyewolde" Alameda Av San Jos6 Cal 
Hart M" Ralph W(Baxter-HildaMcDonald). see M"AD Alexander 
Hartigan Cdr&M" Chas C (Margaret A Thompson) USN'o6 

P^^i248 West. .2805 P We& 
Hartigan MIM" John Duane (Dorothy Williams) . . .see D^^K. 

Harvey IP* Genevieve-Tc Gait Cal 

Harvey MiM" John Downey (Sophie G Cutter) Sfg.Uv.Pcu. 

Bhm.Bur.Oly.Mtn.Fr. . 1925 Gough 
Harwood H' Alfred J-Bhm.Oly.Btir. 

P*'"»S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 

Harwood Mill" Franklin B (Margaret Wilson) 2216 

M" George S Wilson (Sara Burnett) Steiner ^ 

Harwood M'^'Jane 2505 Gough ' 

.Hastings Lt&M" Harry C (Maud Addcock)USA.AEF.Btir.Tc. 

Los Gatos Cal 
Hathaway M^" Lily Moore see M Lovell 

Hathaway MiM" Wm Lee (Caro L Paulson) Oly 
Hathaway M'" Mable C 

Havdmeyer M*" Ethel (late Wm A) . Married at San Mateo Cal 
Otwell Col Curtis-USA Jly3 


BurUngame Cal 

see i/oni«oiwa 


Havemeyer M" (wm a) (Rosa R Goold) 

Havemeyer M'" Vera [USA.EC.AEF. 

Col&M" Curtis Otwell (Ethel Havemeyer) 
Havens MiM^Albert W-Ath. .P^«24724. .269VemonOakland Cal 
Havens M" Frank C (Lila R) Eb. 

Wildwood A Highland Av Piedmont Cal 
Havens MiM" Harold (Estelle Houston) Hm. * Union Av & 

Bhm.Ath. Sea View 
Havens Corp&M" Seyd (Grace Irene Lee) USA. Piedmont Cal 

Havens M" Hope C (Hope Cheney) f^RSrk 

Havens MiM" Paul (Rosalind Fairweather) 

Wildwood & Highland Av Piedmont Cal 
Havens MSM" Wickham (Florence Walker) [1255 Ashmount Av 

JIS. M^" Sally [Hm.Ath.Clt.Eb.| Oakland Cal 

Hawkins M" Gilbert (Fletcher-Caroline Mills) London 

Hawkins MiJI" Thomas (Helen Wright). . Bigt^edbrSdligk' Cal 

54 DomicSs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Hawley Mill" Geo T (Stuart) J PIB45S8 

Hawley IP" Jean (248-29 Oakland Cal 

Hawley MiM" Stuart S (Harriet Meek)Ath.Bhni.Clt. 

see M"HW Meek 

Hayden M' Brace-Pcu PIK2088. .287 Adams Oakland Cal 

Hayden MiM" Curtiss CJMary Selby).P'^^i479Fil. .2691 Union 

Clift Hotel 

Hayne M' Duncan-Uv.Pcu 

Hayne IP* Agnes 

Hayne M" Jane E S (Jane E Selby) San Mateo Cal 

Hajme M" (Robert y) (Grace Parrott) Tc. 

P^562 . .County Rd San Mateo Cal 

Hayne M' Robert Y-USA.AC.Sfg.Bur Mather Field Cal 

Hayne Mill" Roger (Phyllis Lovell) .see C H Lovell 

Hayne MiM" Wm Alston (Maud Bourn) I see 

JS?. M"" Wm A B & Francis B-at Potter Sch \J)^tS. 

Hays M" John C (AnnaMcMullin)Tc.Eb. . Town&CoimtryClub 
Hays Maj&M" John Coffee (Eva Harwood)USA.Sfg.Tc. 

Camp Lewis Wash 

Head M" Addison E .^. p.^„ 

M" A I Mountenay Jephson (Anna Head)' ^^^^^ ^^^ 

Head MiM" Cotesworth Bradway (Elizabeth Wheeler) 

2741 Hillegas Av Berkeley Cal 
Hearst M" Phoebe A (Phoebe Apperson) Eb.Fr.C. 

P«S6f3 . . "Hacienda delPozo deVerona"PleasantonCal 

Heath M" (john)* (Blanche T Meeks) . . .| |Amer Legation 

Heath MiM" John (Margaret B Williams) | Havana Cuba 

Heath M^"- Mary C, Sarah R, Virginia D & Roberta E L 

P^Siii6Fil. .2331 Pacific Av 

Heebner MiM" Ernest L (Metha McMahon) Fr .Pft 

Heeseman MiM" Chas J-Ath.Fmy.Bhm.Clt. 

1 810 Alice Oakland Cal 
Heilbron Ens Andrew S-USN. (Hy) . . . .Married at 3504 Clay 

Currey M*" Laura C (Robt J) Sep 25 

Heilbron Ens&M" Audrew S (Laura C Currey) USN .3504 Clay 

Heise MiM" Roy (Julia Dixon) Arvila Cal 

Hellman MiM" Isaias W Jr (Fanny) 2906 Broadway 

Hellmann M' Anthony C-Pcu po Kohl Bldg 

Hellmann MiM" Horatio G (Manuela Page) Bhm.Tc. 

P«Si i39F'klii^^^Q®^Gough 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Hellmann Lt Richard H-USA. (Anthony C) . . . Married Jan 2 

Gardner M*" James at Redwood City Cal 

Hellmann Lt&M" Richard H (James Gardner) USA. SC. 

Rantoul Field C^ 
Hemphill Rev&M" John (Taylor— Mary Thornton) 

P^i56iMain. .Los Gatos Cal 
Henderson MIM" Rob't Bums (Louise McCormick) Uv.Pcu. 

Cal'os . .P«S893 . .Menlo Park Cal 

Henley M" Barclay (Rhth Crane) PW64oFil. .2131 Green 

Henrid M" Wanda B (Wanda Brastow) 901 Bush 

Henshaw Judge&M" Fred'k W (Tay-Helen 

M" O V Walker 

Henshaw M"Grace T (Grace Tubbs) 

Henshaw IP Stanley 

Henshaw lIlirTritzTubbs(MaryGCHenderson) 

Henshaw Ens&M" Stephen Ransome (Elinore Earl)USNR 

Cari6. . see GC Earl 
Henshaw Mill" Tyler (Cawston-Pearl Har- 

J^» M'" Dorothy Cawston 

M" Peari C Filbnore (Cawston) 

Henshaw M" Tyler Tubbs (Patricia O'Connor) in France 

Henshaw HiH" Wm Griffith (Hetty Tubbs)Bhm. I ^^57326 

IP" Alice Grimes [Pcu.Clt.Ath.l 276 Adams 

H" Alia Henshaw Chickering (Henshaw) .... [Oakland Cal 
Herrick MiM" G Anson (LydiaB Owens). .Pl?S28o4Fil. .3338 Clay 

r«S463 2 Kearny 
Fairmont Hotel 

1443 Sixth Av 
Oakland Cal 


Perkins & Vernon 

Oakland Cal 




Herrin M' Wm F-Bur.Uv.Pcu.Bhm.Sfg.Oly.Ore'73 

Herrin Jf- Katherine-Sfg.Tc 

Herrin M'WmV 

Hertz MIM" Alfred-Fmy 168 Twenty-fifth Av 

Herzstein D' Morris P'«;75F*klin. .805 Sutter 

Hesketh MiM" Thos Fermor (Florence L Breckenridge) 

7 Rutland Gate London 
Hewitt MiM" Dixwell (KatharineClement)Pcu.Uv.Fr.Wms'86 

P«S32oFil..2525 B'way 
Hewlett D*M"AlbionWalter(LouiseRedington) 

JJS. M^ Louise [Uv.C.Carps 

Hewlett MiM" Fred'k (Cleora M Wlntney)j;g,^Q^ 


18 14 Vallejo 

.,t36 W 59 NTo* 

$6 DoSSSs And Locator Insure Accuracy 

Heyman Si» Henry-Fmy.Bhm.Ath. . .P«2ii3iFil. .434 Spruce 

High M' Wm H Died at Brookdale Cal Aug 6 

High M" Wm H (CaroUna E) 

1*^3759- 406 Van Buren Oakland Cal 
Hill Mill" Carey S (Lilla Lovell) Cal' 10 

P*'!?S639W. .Ronado Court Piedmont Cal 
Hill MiM" Fentress (MarionNewhall)Pcu.Bur.Fr..SanMateoCal 

Hill M" (Horace l) (JuHa H SterUng) Tc.Fr see DiSSZ. 

Hill MiM" Horace LQeanne M Gallois)Sfg.Pcu.Fr.Mep.Hn.'io 

Los Altos Cal 

Hinckley Mill" Grayson W (Helen Stone) Beowawe Nev 

Hinckley V Harry G I ' P«S446w 

Hinckley M' Fritz [3246 Fruitvale Av Fruitvale Cal 

Hinckley M" Mary G (Mary Grayson) I P^S3ii8Fklin 

Ji^ M'~*" Marion & Georgia 1 1079 Lombard 

Hind MiM" George U-Pcu.Fr.Bhm San Rafael Cal 

Hinds MiM" Edgar M (Clara EngUsh) Island Mt Cal 

Hitchcock MiM" Wm Geer (Cassie Drum) Bur.Sfg.Fr. 

P'!?S6i . .Bellevue Av nr Eucaljrptus Burlingame Cal 

Hobart M'" Hannah in France 

Hobart MiM" Lewis P (Mabel Deming) Tc.Bur . .San Mateo Cal 
Hobart MiM" Walter Scott (Magee-Flora De^n) Bur.Pcu. 

Uv.Fr.H'97 . .P*^«S2oi . .Homestead San Mateo Cal 
Hodson Lt & M" Merritt (Edith B Jones)USN. . . .see H BJones 

Hoffacker MiM" Benj J (Lavina Dore) 2310 Steiner 

Hoffman M'" Alice Colden P^«S46i8Fil 

Hoffman M"" Ogden, Southard-Uv. & John A 2393 Filbert 

Hoffmann M'" Marie P'^^SiSSyFil 

Hoffmann M' Henry 2262 Green 

Hogg M*" Mabel looi Pine 

Hoisholt M" Ame Bours (Virginie De Fremery) 

see M" J L De Fremery 
Hoisholt Lt Ame Bours-USA. (AW) 

Died in Service in France in Sep 

1802 Wash^ii 

Holbrook M' Chas-Pcu.Oly.Ltn , 

Mir' Silas H Palmer (Holbrook). 
Holbrook MiM""' Harry E (Lilian Spreckels) , . . see J D Spreckels 

Holbrook MiM" Jas Edgar (Elise Detrick) see DJ^13Z. 

Holcombe MiM" Arthur (Grace Thompson) 

P^Siij . .Pagoda Lane Belvedere Cal 

San Fi:ancisco Social Register* 1919 


Clay & 

Holden MiM" St George (Betsy Angus) Oly. . .81 Allston Way 
HoUaday MiM"E Btirke(CarolineDHuntington)Fr. - 

Holladay M'" Helen H [Cw-Cal'Ss 

JIS3 H' Collis H 

Holladay M" Samuel W (Georgiana Ord) 

Holman MIM" Alfred (Carrie Durbrow) Pcu. [2905 Piedmont 

Holman M^" Helen •. [Arlpr.| Berkeley Cal 

Holmes !f Alfred Steams-Cal'02 Bellevue Hotel 

Holmes MiM"C Edward (Harriet Patton) Tc.C.Cal'Sg 

Stanford Court 

Stanford Court 

Holmes M" Frank H (Annie Buttrick) Tc . 

Holmes M*" Margaret 

Holmes Mill" Howard C (Josephine Bauer) Pcu.Bhm.Fr.C 

^^24295 Fil. .2615 Buchanan 
Holmes Mir Wm Norval (Helen W Boss) Fr. 

P*'^26533West. .2421 Green 



Hook MiM" Wm Lloyd (Gen6vifeve Pratt) 
Hooker MiM" C Osgood (Ella Goad)Bur.U^^.Pcu 

Hooker Lt C Osgood Jr-USA.MG.Bur.H'21-at 

Camp Hancock Ga 
Hooker M*" Jennie M-Sfg.Tc.Fr. . . .P«5ii56Fil. .1925 Gough 


69 Santa Clara 

Oakland Cal 




P«Ji6iSan Mateo 

El Cerrito 


Hooker MiM'*Robert G(Elizabeth L Shreve) 

fc IT" Rob't G Jr & John R 

Hooper MiH" Arthur W Qosephine F Hannigan) Stan'05 

•P^^;3038Fil. .2249 BVay 

Hooper M' John A-Pcu F^^SiyooFil 

Hooper M"" Albert C [Fmy. 2201 

Hooper MiM" Frank Perry(Charlotte M Morehouse) Laguna 
Hooper MiM"JosG(MaryPardow)Tc.P^^3os3F'klin . 1812 Gough 
Hopkins Capt (D') Edward K-USA.Uv.Oly.Hc. 

Camp Fremont Cal 
Hopkins MilP* Edw W (Georgina Smith) Uv.Bur.Pcu.Bhm. 

P^^687West . . 2099 Calif 
Hopkins MiM" Samuel (Elyse Schultz) USA.AEF.Pcu.Sfg. 

Fairmont Hotel 


Doni^s And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Hopkins H" Sherwood (Lillian B Sutton) 

Hopkins M' Wm Sherwood 

Jr« Jf " Lillian 

Hopkins MiM" Timothy (May Crittenden) Uv.Tc.C 

Hopkins M'" Lydia K-in France 

Hopkins W Wm B-Bhm.Ath.Oly.Fmy 1238 Wash'n 

Hoi)kins DiM" Wm E (Clara Eagan) Uv.Pcu. .515 Park Avifek 
Horswill l&M" Milton (Florence TreadweU). . see M"J Treadwell 

Clift Hotel 



Horton Mill" Edward H (Jessie S Wright) 

Horton If"" Florence E & Agnes ^816 Hillegass Av 


Berkeley Cal 

JlS.M'EdwH. Jr. 

Hotaling K'* (Anson p) (Lavina J Linen). 

Hotaling H' Richard M-BhmAth.Fmy 

Hotaling HiM'' Fred'k C (Myrtle) 

Hotaling W Anson P (Ella K Kaufman) Sfg. 

HotaKng M' George H-USA.AEF 

HiH" Alfred B Swinerton (Hotalmg) .... 

Hough M" LeRoy (Wilhelmina) .see DJ^'S 

Hough MiM" Wm E (AmaUa Simpson) Uv I P*^^i272Fil 

JS"» M'" Edwina I2628 Steiner 

Houghton MiM" Chas S (FlorenceFiske) Tc. . . P'^'6i86 
Houghton MIM" Shirley Qean Adair) 

Houghton KM" Edward T (Clarisse de S 

Sheldon)Bhm.Cal'93.H'94 : 


Houghton tf" Minnie Bertram-Sfg.Tc. 

raio2F'kUn. .2018 FrankKn 

Houghton M' Robt E : Died 

Houghton M" Rob't E (Elizabeth Ketcham) 

P«;3636F'klin. .Hotel Bellevue 
Houghton MiM" Wm Morris (Hess Pringle) 

P^!?S2oi8m . . 4 Park PI Plainfield N J 

House MiM" Arthur L (Mary E B)C Mill Valley Cal 

House tf " Margaret (Arthur L) Married at Mill Valley Cal 

Judd M' Geo Thos Jun i 

Howard MiM" Chas P (Elma Harmon) 

P«24077Pied. .Pala Av nr Park Oakland Cal 

3 7 8 VanBurenA V 
Oakland Cal 
2633 BenvenueAv 
Berkeley Cal 

Digitized by 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Howard MiM" Edward A (Daisy Sharp)Car86 

Howard M*" Margaret 

JS"™ M""" Jane & Elizabeth 

P«Si2o8. ."Highland Park" 

Baywood Av 

San Mateo Cal 

230 BonitaAv 
Piedmont Cal 

"Howard House" 
San Mateo Cal 

107 KemptonAv 

, Oakland Cal 

Howard Lt&M" fedward P (Doris Aston) USA .AEF. .see D2SS. 
Howard M" Edw Whiting (OUvia 

IK. M'" OKvia 

Howard MiM" Fred'k Paxton (Adeline Taylor) 

Howard IP" Adeline [Tc. 

JgJ. M*- Louise 

Howard IBM" George H (Antoinette W 

Schmiedell) Bur.Uv.Tc. 

Jl^ W Henry S P-Bur 

Howard Lt&M" Geo H Jr (Helen Hamilton) USA. AEP.Bur. 

H'15. .P^^Si77oFil. .2704 Union 
Howard MiH" John Galen (Mary R Bradbury) Bhm.Cn. 

Mit'86 . . Rose cor LeRoy Berkeley Cal 

Howard M" (john l) (Helen Coe) Tc see D2aS. 

Howard MilP* John L (Edith Norcross) 

PIKS788. .2626 Harrison Oakland Cal 
Howard Mill" Joseph H P (Marion Poett) Bur.Uv. 

Hb.H'94 I 
Howard Ens Joseph H P Jr-USN.H'19-at New 

London Ct 
Howard MIM" Shafter (Mary F Hunter) Uv.H'8s 

2109 Calif, .see Ma 
Howell MiM" James B (Geraldine Forbis) Hc.Fr.. 

Howell M" Josiah R (Gertrude E Dutton) 

P^^S7ooSutter. .Palace Hotel 

Howitt D'Henry D P«S77 

Howitt M*" Beatrice San Rafael 

J^ r Dudley Cal 

Hoyt Med Ins^M" Rob't Eustis (Lucile Cook)USN.Anw. 

H'oi . . Kitsap Inn Bremerton Wash 

San Mateo 


Hubbard MiM" Bert S(Halla D Smith)Eb 

Hubbard M^" Margene [Clt. 

Hubbard M' A Sheridan 

Hubbard MiM 


201 Santa Rosa Av 

Oakland Cal 

Chas P (Georgia M Strong) Eb. .see. G H Strong 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

$Q Do^citaB And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Hubbard MiM" Samuel . . P^^Sy 700 . .244MontecitoAvOaklandCal 
Hubbard MiM" W B (Katharine H Peck) . . . .Sutter Creek Cal 


Hi;ff tf •"• Jennie * Mamie . 

Huff Jf- CaUie 

Huie MIM" W H T (Lillian McM Reis) . P'^S7364West . 267oGreen 

Hulen Maj(r)&M" Vard H (Reba Callaway) C. 

2340 Piedmont Av Berkeley Cal 

Humphreys M&M" Wm Penn (Mary Stincen)C 976 

M'"" Alice & Ella Stincen Chestnut 

Humphreys MiM"Wm Penn Jr (Paula Wolff) Uv.Oly.C.H'93 

20 West Clay Pk 
Hunt MiM" Chas Warren Jr (Lucille M Johns) Egn.Cl'og 

"^o2oo4Doug. .Chancellor Hotel 

1703 Octavia 

Hunt Judge&M" John (Lillie Gummer) . 

Hunt M' Fred 

Hunt M" Randell (M EmiUe Radcliffe)Tc. 

P*«S549West..2335 Pacific Av 

Huntington M*" Marian-Tc P**'^532ooPac. .32 Maple 

Huntington DiM" Thos W (Harriet O Pearson) Uv |P^^833West 

Huntington M'" Emily H [Pcu.Vt'7i.H*76| 2629 

Huntington M' Thos W Jr-Cal'i6 | Pacific Av 

Hurtgen MiM" Alfred (Mattie Livermore) in Germany 


Willard St 

Burlington Vt 

Hush M" (valentine g) (Florence Woods) Hm . . . 

Hush Capt Valentine O-USA.AEF 

Hush M"" Walter F R-USN .-at Mare Island Cal. . 
Hussey Maj&M" Fred'k B (Ethel W Dean)USA.AEF.Bur.Pcu. 

Ppt.Rcp.P'o2 . .San Mateo Cal 

Hutchins MiM" John P (EHzabeth McNear) see DScTi. 

Hutchinson MiM" Chas Tripler (Gertrude Allen) 

Hotel Oakland Oakland Cal 

Hutchinson M' Dwight-Bhm.Ath.Car98 Bohemian Club 

Hutchinson MiM" Jos Kellogg (Katharine Hooper) Uv.Tc. 

Stan'09. .P*'^S54i6Pros. .1441 Jones 

Hyde M' Marcus D 2833 Sacramento 

Hyde M''"' Mary see M" A E Garceau 

Ireland MiM" Wm Bethune (Amy Porter) Fr. 

34 Oakvale Av Berkeley Cal 

Irvine M' James S-Bhm J cor 

Ji^ M^"Kathryn H & M"' James H & Myford PJPierce & Pacific Av 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

V r San Jbrancisco Social Register iQiQ^^ii^ , w ^ 

Irving MiM" Washington (Susan R Bayard) I po 

to IP- Katherine D [Uv.Pcu.Clt. [University Club 

Irwin M" WmG (Holladay-Fannie Ivers) Tc.Fr. I P^«S863West 

Ivers M" Richard , [Bur.C.[2i8o Wash'n 

Jackling MiM" Dan'l Cowen (Virginia JoUiffe) Pcu.Bhm.Fmy. 

Hotel St Francis 
Jackson MiM" ChasF(GertrudeMChurch)Sfg.Tc.C. P^SiSosFil 

fe. M'- Dorcas 2750 VaJlejo 

Jackson MiM" Hy E (Gertrude Adams) 

P^^S502i . .Mandana Blvd Oakland Cal 
Jackson MiM" Jacob G (Helena B Flaw) 

1284 Clarendon Crescent Oakland CqI 
Jackson MiM" John P (Elizabeth Adams) Oly. 

Burlingame Av Burlingame Cal 

2943 Avalon 

B^keley Cal 

Janin MiM" Charles (Erwiim D Smith) . 
M^" Anna Belle Carney . 

Janss Dili" Edward (Florence Cluff) '. .LA 

Jeffress MiH'* Melvin G (Pratt-Emma Brown) Caro4 

1624 Scenic Berkeley Cal 
Jenkins MiH"^ Harry C (Serena Fisher) Sfg. 

P^^Sio67F'klin. . 1770 Pacific Av 
Jenkins MiM" James (Eleanor Gushing) Pcu.Fr. 

P^^Sgw . . Cottage Av Mill Valley Cal 
Jenks Mill" Livingston (May Harley) Bhm.H'ga 

P^«S27i3 . . 2820 Webster Berkeley Cal 
4315 Piedinont 
Piedmont Cal 

Jennings M' Chas B. 

Lt Cosmo Morgan 3d-USA.AEF 
Jensen MiM" Geo C (Anita L Oliver) Hm.Oly.f c. 

381 Palm Av Oakland Cal 
1770 Pacific Av 

Johns MiM" Hy Van Dyke 

Johns Lt Van Dyke-USA. AC 

Johns MiH" John (Julia Peyton)Tc. 

P^'lJSSsi . .Crystal Springs Rd San Mateo Cal 
Johnson MIM" Chas R (Mary Conness)Pcu.Tc. . . I P^S3763Fil 

Johnson Mill" Otis Russell (Marion Marvin) (2727 Pierce 

Johnson MiJl" Eugene C (Beulah Brigham) . . . .Los Angeles Cal 

Johnson Mill" Frank H (Carmelita Selby) Po 340 Sansome 

Johnson M" Frank S (Ada Dore)Tc.Fr. 
Johnson Lt Gordon-USA.AEF 


^o Pojwell 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

62 D!mJSii&f And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Johnson MiM" Fred'k (Edna Hickox). Napa Cal 

Johnson M" Helen (Helen Johnson) see J W Ward 

Johnson Milf"HiramWarren(MinnieMcNeil)01y.|l'he Shoreham 

Johnson Maj Archibald M-USA | WsS 

Johnson M' Hiram W Jr-Oly 957 Green 

Johnson M" Hiram W Jr (Amy M Bowles) 

Died at, Oakland Cal Sep 7 
Johnson MiM" Sprague (Margaret Moseley). . . .Oakland Cal 
Johnson MiM" Wm P-PcuAth.Sfg.Fmy.Tc.Fr.Bhm.Clt. 

146 Monte Vista Av Oakland Cal 

Johnson MiM" Wm Paul (Eileen Doe)Pcu see DJ^'SK. 

Johnston MiM"JohnG(BemiceLanders)Fr.Bhm.i824Pacific Av 

Jolliffe M*** Frances 2296 Jackson 

JoUiffe M^"- Harriett & Mary. .P**^Si863F'klin. . 1840 Broadway 

- - - P^S42 59Fil 

2617 Buchanan 

Jones MiM" CUnton (Sarah J Waugh).. .[AEF. 

Jones M' FrankJ-Pcu.&LtClintonJr-USA.AC. 

Jones MiM"EdwardM(SueMhoonSmith). .P«;i489FiI. .aoysClay 

Jones M^ Helen C (Clinton) Married at Fairmont Hotel 

Raymond Lt Geo Perkins-USA. (Chas B) Jly 4 

Jones MiM" Herbert J (Ysabel Brewer) SausaUto Cal 

Jones MiM" Hugh B (May Boswell) 704 Irwin 

Lt&M" Merritt Hodson (Jones) USN San Rafael Cal 

Jones MiM" Hugh B Jr (Hazel Marshall) 133 Tenth Av 

Jones MiM" Madison R (Carolyn OUver) BhmAth.Car98 

169 Santa Rosa Piedmont Cal 
Jones M'' Milton P(FloraD)Fr..P^«23 2 4oFklin. . 1200 California 
Jones Lt&M" Paul C (Innes-Mabel Dodge) USA. 

San Rafael Cal . . Lt at Manila P I 

Jones MiM" Shirley P (Sereta Taylor) 995 Pine 

Jones MiM" Webster (Jennie Yost) '. ..San Rafael Cal 

Jones MiM" Wm (Overberry-Emily E Chickering)P'os. 

P^*»S82i8r5 . . **Minniwawa Vineyard" Fresno Cal 
Jordan MiM" David Starr (Knight)Bhm.Uv.01y.Cr'72 

Palo Alto Cal 
Jordan M" James C (Jeannette A Stiles). , . .Menlo Park Cal 
Jordan MiM" Knight S (lona Knight)Uv.Stan'io 

Jordan M' WiUiam H I P^^25sFil 

M*- Edith Treanor |238APacific Av 

Digitized by VjOOQIC • 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 63 

Josselyn MiM" Charles (Mary Greenwood) IPWi707fsRedwood 
Josselyn lP"MarjorieG-inFrance . [Bhm.Tc. f Woodside Cal 

Jouand IP* Adeline Married at Cannes France 

Carolan Lt Edgar-USN. (late Jas) Sep 22 

Judd M' Geo Thos Married at Mill Valley Cal 

House IP" Margaret (Arthur L) Jun i 

Judd M;M" Geo Thos (Margaret House) Mill Valley Cal 

Judge MiM" J Frank (Elizabeth Nymond)Pcu.Fr.Y'o2 

P^SioooDoug. .St Francis Hotel 
Kaime Mill" Alvah M (Alexandra Macondray)Y'i9 

Menlo Pk Cal 
Kains Milf ' Archb'dChetwood(BessieWillard)Pcu.01y.Bhm.fte* 

Kales M' Arthur F .Married at l^ 

McKenzie M'" Lorraine Jun 18 

Kales M;M" Franklin A (Marie W Tyson)Clt.Tc. 

1501 Central Av Alameda Cal 

Kales M" Martin W (R E) ¥^^2162 

Kales M' Spencer 176 Lake 

Kales Mill" Arthur F (Lorraine McKenzie) Clt.Bhm. . Oakland 

MiM" Thos Knowles (Kales) Cal 

Kamm Lt&M" Philip Schuyler (Marie M Roberts) Wvpr. 

Uvpr.Matpr.Aht'i6.P^^S39ooKeamy.FairmontHotel. .see PSi 
Kamm MiM" Walker WilUs (Louise E Roberts) Wvpr.Uvpr. 

Matpr.Aht'iS. .P^^^ogiPros. .7 Russian Hill PI. .see PSi 
Kaufman MiM" Hy Lawrence (Alexander-Minnie P Carroll) 

Hemet Cal 
Kaufman Lt&M" James L (ElizabethKDraper) | see DSSiS. 

Bhm.Anw.USN'o8| Lt care 

JS^ M' Draper L [Postmaster N?S* 

Kaufman Lt(DO&M" JohnB(Kathryn L Met- 
calfe) USN.Anw.Pa'03-Lt absent 
Lt&M" Wilder Dupuy Baker (Metcalfe) 
. USN.-Lt absent 

Kaufman M" RosaHe C I P'^SapaFil 

Kaufman M*"^ Laura & Jessie I2421 Wash'n 

Kaufman M" Walter W (Sherwood-Mary Blethen) 

Died at S?«» Jun 8 
Keane MiM" Augustin C (Mildred L Lansing) Cal'05 

P^!?S5026Pros. . 1329 Clay 

Deer Path Inn 
Lake Forest 111 

64 DomicSes And Locater Insure Accuracy . 

Keeler MiM" Addison Starr (Grace Taft)Bhm . I P^«Si22 

Keeler W" Alice & Jr» M' Addison [San Rafael Cal 

Keeney MiM" Chas Clarke (Florence A Henshaw)USAAEF. 

Ath ..276 Adams Oakland Cal 
tCeeney M" Charles M (Leontine Spotts) Tc. . seeWChamberlin 
Keeney M" Jas Ward (Marie Adele Jones)Fr. . I P*^«2449West 

Keeney IP" Helen M I2618 Buchanan 

Kehrlein Mill" Emil Jr(Mary Osbum)Cro7. .The Bryson l^ 
Kehrlein MiM" Oliver duF (Frances C Coon)Uv.Stan'os.Cro7 

P*'^S4986. .306 Lee Oakland Cal 
Kelham M;M" George W (Katharine Bruce) P^«S2455Pac 

Jr„ W Bruce [Pcu.Sfg. 98 Sea Cliff Av 

Kelley M" George W (DoUie Thorp) Eb. 

P**^3709wPied. .902 Rose Av Oakland Cal 
Kellogg M" Marlnaduke B (Mary L Adams) C. 

P^^S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Kellogg Prof&M" Vernon (Charlotte Hoffman)Tc.Caroo 


Kemble M' D Burr ^^^^ p,.^^^„-oV 

M" Hallie K Kelso (Hallie Kemble) '^n Brodenck 

Kempff Lt&M" Clarence(Alice Brigham)USA.Mare Island Cal 

Kempff M^- Cornelia Selby-Fr Menlo Park Cal 

Kempff Ri'Adm Louis-USN. .1510 Garden Santa Barbara Cal 
Kent If' Andrew Wesley (Nina Piatt) Fr. 

P^S47oo Pros. .Clift Hotel 
Kent MiM" Piatt (M Gen^vifeve Cunningham) Uv.Bur.Pcu.- 

P^^S3749Fil. .2758 Green 
KentM;M"Wm(ElizabethThateher)Bhm.Tc. Y'87. P^^Ss i67Fklin 

Kent M' Albert E-Y*i3-at Golconda Nev 1925 F 

Kent M'" Thos T & Wm Jr & If^. M'" Adaline D . . . WBfe 

Kerr MiM" Mark B (Kate Shepard) P^«S4923W 

Kerr M'"JohnB-Cari4&MarkBJr-Cari4-absent 2423 Prospect 

JSL M' Ralph S Berkeley Cal 

Kerr M" Wm Watt (Rowena Boobar)Sfg.Uv.Pcu. 

P^S2 i9oWest ..2160 Vallejo 
Kerrigan Judge&M" Frank H (Jessie McNab)01y. 

P'''SS3768Fil. .2736 Broderick 
Keyes MiM" Alex D (KateThomtonSalisbury)Pcu.Fr.C.Cr8s 

P'»23436F#eab-vJ476 Jackson 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Kiersted Maj(D')&M" Henry S (Edith McBean)USA.Bur. 

Anw.Fr.Pa'89 . .P^^SsSgBurlingame. .Hillsborough Cal 
KUgarif KM" John M(ElizabethParks)Fmy.01y.Tc. P«5i4ioFil 

Kilgarif JP"** Doris E & Loma M 2701 

Kilgarif Lt Lester M-USA Pierce 

Kimball MlM"Rufus H(Dorothy FEaton)Stan'o3.H'o7 

P'!?S23J . .Bnrlingame Hills Burlingame Cal 
Kimball HiM" Sherman (Frances Wright) Stan'02 

P«S9i3 . . 1080 Emerson Palo Alto Cal 

Kimble Mill" Fred^k W (Helen Thomas)Fr. 3563 

& M^" Barbara Jackson 

Kindt MiM" Albert F (Helen Walker) Oly. 

633 1 Florio Av Piedmont Cal 
Kindt Mill" Harvey Vance (M Leone Safley) 

P^«Ssi68Pac. .331 Arguello Blvd 
King MiM" Boswell F (Helen B Thomas). . . .San Mateo Cal 
King MiM" Frank B (Edwina C Hammond) Pcu.Btir.Fr.Sfg. 

King MiM" Fred'c Randolph (Edith M Boswell) San Mateo 

King M' Wm N [Bur.Uv.H'84| Cal 

King MiM" George L-Clt 562 Walsworth Av 

King M' Lyman Oakland Cal 

King MiM" Homer S (Summit Brown)C.Pcu.Fr. . P^«S2 524West 
King M'"~ Genevieve-Sfg.Tc. & Hazel-Sfg.Tc. . . 1898 BVay 

King MiM" Joseph L (Flora Mower)Fr IP*^i7oiFil 

King M' Percy L-Uv.Bur.Sfg.Oly I2301 Scott 

King MiM" Jos L Jr (Eleanor M Schmidt) Oly.Bhm.ii Jordan 
King Ens&M" Thos S 2d (Anne G Winchester) USN. 

1 1 & Market Wilmington Del . . Ens absent 
Kingsbury MiM" Kenneth Raleigh (Follis-Mary B Gwin) Fn 

Stanford Court 

Kip MiM" William 1 1482 Sutter 

Kirkman Lt&M" Van Leer (Pfaff-Lucy Harrison) USN. 

3329 Wash'n 

Kirkpatrick M" John C (Mary E Davis) Hotel Cecil 

Kirkpatrick MiM" Wm (Judith Gall) Mill Valley Cal 

• Kittle M" Jonathan G (Harriette de Witt Allen) Tc "^^ """ 

Kittle M' Allen I-Bur.Uv 

Kittle Lt John Caspar-USA.AEF. . . . 

• Di^itfeetJ by' 



Domic^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

2607 . 

KUne MiH" George W (Ella Russell) Uv.Pcu 

KUne JP- EUza M 

Kline H' Jas J-at Ft Wayne Ind 

Kline H' Geo Russell~Cal'o4 

Klink MiM" William (Adelaide Berthier) 2843 Fillmore 

KlinkMiM" George T (Marion A). . .P^^SyiWest. .2006 Lyon 
Knight iUM" Fred S(Parker-Elizabeth J Dowsett)Ath. 

Clift Hotel 

Knight M" George Allen (Fannie H Wyman) 1925 Gough 

Knight MiM" Robert S (Etta Chabot) (Los Gatos 

Knight M' Remi-at Berkeley Cal ] Cal 

Knight Maj&M" Samuel K (Mary Holbrook)tJSA.Bur.Uv.Pcu. 

Sfg.Fr.. San Diego Cal 
Knowles MiM" Henry J (Jessie Coleman)Ath.Pcu.Clt. 

Sfg.Bhm. .P«S2i73 . . 1331 Oak Oakland Cal 
Knowles MiM'" Thos (Ruth A Kales) Ath . . .see M'" M W Kales 
Knox Lt Cdr&M" Dudley W (Lily H McCalla) USN . . . .abroad 
Knox MiM" S L Griswold (Edith S JP^S876. /^Highlands" 

Rulison) Pcu.Tc.Uvw.Egn.Stv'gi San Rafael Cal 
JlS. M'" N Rulison-H'2 1 & A Douglas. . . 1 M' at Rome Italy 
Kohl MiM" C Frederick (M Elisabeth Godey)Pcu.Fmy.Bur.Uv. 
Sfg.Oly.Nyn.Mtw.Rcp.Tc.Fr . Pacific Union Club . M" inFrance 

Korbel MiM" Leo Victor (Miriam McNear) Tc Korbel Cal 

Koshland Lt Daniel-USA. (Marcus S) Married at ftetk 

Haas M^" Eleanor (A) .Sep 26 

Koshland MiM" Marcus S (Corinne Schweitzer) . . . 
Koshland Capt Rob't-USA.-atCampLeeVa.[orsIsl N%rk 
Koshland Lt&M"Dan'l(EleanorHaas)USA.-atGovem- 

Koster MiM" Frederick J P^«S882Pac. . 54 ComVlth Av 

Kreutzmann DiM" Henry J P»*^S48i3F'klin 

Kreutzmann tf"" Elizabeth & Henrietta 1054 

JlS. M' Henry J Jr Sutter 

Kroeger MiM" Claus P^«S2 78i . .455 Vernon Oakland Cal 

Kuechler MiM" Henry N (Mary F Foster) 

P^^S709. .310 Forbes Av San Rafael Cal 

Kuhn MiM" Chas J (Edna Bowman) Tc San Jos6 Cal 

Kuhn MiM" Wm S(KatharineHill)Ppt.Atpt.Pgpt. p. ^r^„^^^ ' 

Kuhn Lt Wendell-USA.Ac.P'14 [Acpt. ^^^^^game 

JSS. M^- Katharine & Dolly & M"' Jas S & Jerojnp^^|| (Google . 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 67 

Lacy M' Lloyd T-Hm Hotel St Mark Oakland Cal 

Laine M" J R (LatiraESimonton)C.Fr. .P^JaoF'klin. i8o4BVay 

Lake Mill" Fred'k Billings (Helen Otis) Uv iCovelo 

Lake M' Fred'k B Jr-USA.AEF ( Cal 

Lally Mill" Harry T (Charlotte Goddard) I P^^S26F'klin 

MiM" Lewis Durkee (Lally) (1816 Pacific Av 

La Montagne Lt&M" Edw Clinton (Otilla Laine) USA.Sfg. 

Fr.Bur. . 1804 Broadway 
Landers MiM" John (Helen A Stevens) Bhm. 

I*«Si2«3F'klin. .2522 Octavia 

Landers M" Wm J (Carrie Henn) 209 Walnut 

Landfield MiM" Jerome Barker (Louba Lobanoff-Rostovsky) 
Bhin.Oly.Uv.Tc.Cr'94. .of P^*S263. .Burlingame Cal. .Wift 

Lanel M' Etienne .' Rio Janeiro Brazil 

Langhome MiM" Jas Potter (JuKa Hayne) Tc. 

Langhorhe M' James P Jr-Cal*o8 [France 

M" Richard E Hammond (Langhome) in 

Langstroth M' Frank B-Btir po Balboa Bldg 

Langstroth MiM" Loraine (Susie T Hall) Ath. 

782 Calmar Ct^kland Cal 
Langstroth DiM" Lovell (Dora J Winn) Sfg.Stan'o8 

see M" G c Boardman 

Lanphier Maj&M" Thos (Janet I Cobb) USA absent 

Lansdale M' Philip M Palo Alto Cal 

Lansdale M" Philip Van Home (Ethel Sidney Smith) Sfg. 

Tc. .P«Si6soWest. .2140 B'way 
Lansing M" Gerrit L (Mabel Cohen) Tc. 

P*'1?;i765FiI. .2304 Sacramento 

La Plante MiM" Norman (Helen Eloesser) 446 E 76 Ite* 

Larkey DiM" AS P»S29o. .Ashmount Av Oakland Cal 

Latham M" Frank Bela (AUce Jones) 

P^Siooj. .**Red Hill" San Anselmo Cal 

Latham M" Milton S (Mary McMullin) 1200 California 

Lathrop M' Barbour-Bhm.Pcu Bohemian Club 


2459 I^cific Av 

30 Cranley Gardens 
S Kensington London 

Lathrop MiM" Benj G (Isabelle Harris) 

J8S. tf^ Sylvia & Elsie [Fmy 

Lathrop M" Chas G (Anna Schlegeter) Fr Palo Alto Cal 

Lathrop M*" Hermina (late Chas G). .Married at Palo Alto Cal 
Hardin r Robt Du Rant-USA o,,.e6-,,GQOg\(^ 


68 I DoSSSi And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Lathrop Rev & M" John H (Lita Schlesinger)Han.Hn.'os 

P«S7ij6Main. .98 Pierrepont Brooklyn N Y 

Lathrop MiM" Leland S (Lillie Watson) Fr P«S33r 

JfiS. M' Leland S Jr Belvedere Cal 

Laughlin M'" Gail see Jl" a Sperry 

Lawlor Judge&M" Wm P (Mary Lee Henry)Fmy.Bhm.01y. 

1869 California 
Lawson MIM" Andrew W (Teresa Harrison) Cal* 12 

P^^Si2 57Fil. .3425 Clay 
Lawson MiM" John (Babcock-Gertrude Eells)Pcu.Sfg.Bur. 

Bhm.Uv.01y.Tc. .PlJSi629Pac. . 15 Arguello Blvd 

Leavitt Rev&M" Bradford (Grace Smith) P^3446Fil 

DiM" James Eaves (Helen Leavitt) Bur 251 1 Octavia 

Le Bris tf "^ Ailine & Loiiise P^S402iWest. .2544 Clay 

Le Brun de Surville M'" Madeleine. .EastonDv Burlingame Cal 
Lee MiM" Cuyler (Erba Webber)Tc.Sfg.Bur.Bhm. 

Lee M*" Rosononde [Fr 

Lee M'" Cuyler Jr-USMC.AC. & Richard-USN. . . 

JSL M^" Margaret : 

Leib Lt&M" WimamF(Wilder-JaneGiffard) 


Leib Capt George C-USA.AEF.Bhm . . 

Leimert M' Walter H-Bhm.Ath.Hm.Clt. 

Sheridan & Lake View Piedmont Cal 

Lemman MiM" Wm T (Helen Pettigrew) see H Callahan 

Lent MiM"Eugene(Russell-Berthe Welch) Bur. I P«S696Fil 
JS5. M'*^ Frances&Ruth.[Sfg.Uv.Pcu.Tc.Fr.H'85|28io Pacific Av 
Lent MiM" George H (Bessie Hooker) Pcu Sf g. U v. Fr.H '88 
^ 1*^27 5 5 West. .2229 Wash'n 

Leonard MiM" Charles. , , ._ ^. 475 Eighth Av 

2195 Sacramento 

2670 Pierce 

Kelley Field 
San Antonio Tex 

Leonard M" Lane (Agnes Lane) C.Tc . 

JlS. M'- Jean B 

Lewenhaupt of FalkensteinCt&Ctss(Heilmann-AzaleaKeyes) 

Lewis MiM" De Lancey (Doris Batchelder) Fr. .FairOaks Cal 

Lewis M' George B-Pcu.Bur.Sfg Pacific Union Club 

Lewis MiM" John Mellgren (Sophie Borel) Bhm.Bur.Stan*95 

P^«S628w. .Homestead San Mateo Cal 
Lewitt Capt (D')&M" Frederick C (Shirley Levinson) USN. 

P^SoSsWest. .2700 Pierce 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Liggett Brig Gen&M" Hunter (Harriett Lane) USA.AEF. 

P'^S^SioooDoug. .St Francis Hotel 

1807 Gough 

Lilienthal M" Bertha G (Bertha Gerstle) . 
LiHenthal Mill" Arthur G (Katherine Solomons) . . 
Lilienthal Mill" Ernest R (Bella S) C. Fmy. . .Stanford Court 
Lilienthal MIM" Jesse W Jr (Dorothy K Fries) Stan'08 

P*^^S5i93Pros. . 1899 California 
Lilienthal MlM"Jesse Warren(Lillie B)Hn.*76. nh«. oT7-t 

Lilienthal M^- Victoria r«o3478Fil 

Lilienthal M' Theodore M ^^^7 Sacramento 

Lilienthal M;M"PhilipNJr(RuthHaas). .P^272o. .SanMateo Cal 
Lilienthal M" Theodore M (Sophie Gerstle) I P^^SiaioFil 

HiM" Louis T Samuels (Pepi Lilienthal) |i8oi Gough 

Lilley MiM"AlexanderS(JuUet Williams) ^^164 

Lilley M^- Ethel [Sfg.Uv.Tc.Pn.'92 746-6 San Rafael Cal 

Lilliancrantz DiM" Guy H Hotel Oakland Oakland Cal 

Lincoln Rev&M" James Otis (Nellie 01mstead)C. . 105 1 Taylor 
Lincoln M" Jerome (Phelinda Bates) Tc.Pr P^^S776West 

M^M" John Ralston Hamilton (Lincoln) 2716 Scott 

Lint MiM" Peter H (Frances Galpm) see M" P G Galpin 

Livermore M" Horatio P (Helen LEells) C 

Livermore M*" Edith 

Livermore M*" Elizabeth. .* 

Livermore Capt&M" Norman B (Caroline Sealy) US A. AEF.C. 

Uv.Bhm.01y.Tc.Cr'9S. .P^'i^S6o8oPros. . 1045 Vallejo 
Loeser MiM" Robert M (Katharine Foster) Pcu.Fr.Sfg.Bur. 

P*^«Si45Pac. .20 Cherry 
Lohse DIM" John L (Marion B Walsh)Ath. 

P'^^SSia . .Monte Vista Av Piedmont Cal 
Lombard MiM" James Lewis (Eva Stiles) Sfg.Dar.Bow'71 

P^^S2369. .62 Farragut Av Piedmont Cal 
Long MiM" Louis H (ErmentinePoole) P^^S 1 7 1 4 . . 1 1 6 E Valerio 

JIS3 tf" Olivia Poole [Jnosc. Santa Barbara Cal 

Long Brig Gen&M" Oscar Fitzalan (Amy P^^S747 . . *The Elms" 
Requa) USA.Pcu.Ath.Clt.Tc. 

J^nM*^" Sally 

Loomis MiM" Francis B (Elizabeth M Mast) 

J^ tf- Florence & M' Francis B Jr 

1023 Vallejo 

64 Hazel La 
Piedmont Cal 
325 Chapin Av 
Burlingame Cal 

70 DSSiciies And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Lothrop M" S K (Alice L) C 1200 California 

Lovejoy SliSI" Samuel (Florence A De Long) 

240 Mather Oakland Cal 

12 Bonita Av 
Piedmont Cal 


2717 Clafemont 


Berkeley Cal 

Lovell Mill" Chas H (Lillian Howell) Ath.Clt. 
Jus, M' Howell 

N*M"^ Roger Hayne (Phyllis Lovell) 

Lovell M" (Mansfield) (Mincrva M Hathaway) C. 

Lovell M'" Minerva M 

Lovell M' Mansfield 

J.^n M"' C W Hathaway & Joseph J 

M^" Lily M Hathaway 

Low IP" Flora C-Fr P^547ooPros. .Clift Hotel 

Lowden MiM"KennethE(IsabelKendall)Ath.2 74-i90aklandCal 

Lowden MiM" W H 935 Center Oakland Cal 

Clift Hotel 

Lowenberg MiM" Isidore (Bettie) 

Lowenberg M' Albert J 

Lowery M' Stewart S-Pcu.Bur.Uv.H'07 

P'^5323Sutter. .Pacific Union Club 
Lucas DiM" Wm Palmer (Mabel Toye) USA.AEF. 

P^^?i928Ang . . 301 Butler Av PSSJi. 
Luckel Lt&M" FrankH(GladysPennell)USN.Clt..see CCPennell 
Lukens M" Edw Grafton (Emma G Dohnert) Eb. 

P**^S447. 1562 Jackson Oakland Cal 
Lum M;M" Burt F(Bertha B Bull)Mnpm.Mkm.J P^«J32SsFil: 

Ji^i. M'"" Catherine B & Eleanor B [3233 Pacific Av 

Lundberg MIM" M L (Inez P Scott). . . 2530 E 15 Fruitvale Cal 
Lundborg MiM" Irving (Abbie B Clift) Bhm. 

P'1K34o. .643 Walsworth Av Piedmont Cal 


3855 Telegraph Av 

Oakland Cal 

Luning MiM" Oscar T (Marie Philippe) Eb. 
M' Oscar M Philippe 

Lusk MiM" Frank S (Louise Findley) Tc. 

loii Gerald Av Missoula Mont 
Lyman Capt&M" Chas G (Edith A E Clarke) USA.Pcu.Bur. 

of P^'Si33 . . 605 Poplar Av San Mateo Cal . . Ft McDowell Cal 
Lyman Lt&M" Edmunds (Gen^vi^ve Bothin)USA.Bur. 

Camp Meade Md 
Lyman DiM" George D (Dorothy Van Sicklen) Pcu.Fr.Bhm. 

Uv.Cro9 . . P^«S34S6Fil,^^.,4i§^^;(^ Washington 

San Francisco Social Register igig 71 

Lyman M" Theo Benedict (Rowena Wilson) 

6003 Auburn Av Oakland Cal 

McAfee M" C William (EUzabeth Cook) 
McAfee MiM" Harry C (Lucy P Brown) . 

255 Twenty-eighth Av- 

McAfee M' Edwin 1398 California 



po San Mateo Cal 

2436 Jackson 

McAllister MiM" Elliott (Alice Decker) 

JJS. If Elliott Jr, Decker G & Breck P . 
McAllister MiM" M Hall (Lucy M Otis)Pcu.Bhm 

McAUister M' Otis & Ja tf" Marion I 

McBean MiM" Atholl (Margaret A Newhall) Bhm' Pcu.Bur 

Fr. .P'^53775Pac. .3742 Washington 
McBean MiM" P McG (Agnes Perkins) Bur.Pcu.Fr. 

P'»S39ooKearny. .Fairmont Hotel 

McBryde MiM" A Douglas-Bhm.Hc.Fr Redwood City Cal 

McCandless M" James (Marian Rodolph). .544Ei40aklandCa] 
McCarthy MiM" Andrew G (Bessie S Dargie) Oly.Fr.Bhm. 

P''^S672 . . San Mateo Cal 

McClure M' David-Uv.Bhm University Club 

McClure MiM"Donald (Margaret Moore) . . 532 E 20 Oakland Cal 
McComas Mill" Francis J (Gene F Baker)Bhm. .Monterey Cal 

McCormick MiM" Chas R (Florence Cole) 2419 Vallejo 

McCormick MiM" Ernest L (Edith R McCabe) Bhm.Oly. 

2452 Washington 
McCormick MiM" Ernest O (Lillian Henry)Bur.Bhm.Pcu.01y. 

Fr.Chch.Ulch. . 2015 B'way 
McCrackin M" Alexander (Isabelle Fitzhugh McPherson) 

Tc.Cd..YWCA Camp Lewis Wash 

McCreary M" P C (Fannie Crocker) Fr see W C Van Fleet 

McCreery MiM" Richard S(Egerton-MayCuyler) 

Jgr» M^- Isabelle [Pcu.Kn. 

HP" Grey Egerton 

Lt Philip G Egerton-BA 

JS'r. M' Rowland G Egerton 

McCurdie Lt Ralph H-USA. (DA) . .Married at Trinity Chap 

Bertheau M'" Jeannette K (Max) Sep 16 

McCurdie Lt&M" Ralph H (Jeannette K Bertheau)USA. 

see DimiSiK. 
McCutchen MIM" Edward J(Elizabeth E Whiting) U v. Pcu.Tcr" 

Fr. .P«Si72West. . 2016 Pacific Av 



DonSSiL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Hotel Richmond 





McDonald Col&M" John B-USA 

McDonald M'" Sue Alston [Annapolis 

McDonald Lt Robert-USA.&MJohnBJr-at 

McDuffie Mill" Duncan(Schoonmaker-JeanSHoward)Tc.Bhm 

Carpg. . 1762 Corcoran WSc 

McElrath M' Alden (late Jas E) Married at Oakland Cal 

Smilie IP" Mary Dec 4 *i2 

McElrath MiM" Alden (Mary Smilie) 

P^^S7oi4. .643 Alcatrez Piedmont Cal 

McElrath M" John E (Elsie A Alden) " 

McElrath M'"" Marion, Phoebe, Ann & Katherine . 

McElrath M' John -. 

Ja M' Clifford 

McEnemey MiM" Garrett W (Genevieve Green) Uv.C.Pcu.Oly. 

Bhm.Fr.Tc. .2070 Jackson 
McGaw MiM"John (Blanche E Baldwin) Cd.Dar. P'«S2993F'klin 

JS^r. IP" Evelyn V & M' Baldwin 1020 Green 

McGregor MiM" John A (Eliza H Taylor) Pcu.Pr.Sfg.Bur.Bhm. 

P*^^S2i29West. .2800 Pacific Av 
McGregor MiM" John Campbell (Flora C Levey) Bur.Pcu. 

1740 Franklin 
Mcintosh MiM" C Kenneth (Aileen Goad) Pcu.Sfg. 

Mcintosh M*-Aileen G [Bur.Tc.Fr. Redwood 

Mcintosh M' Kenneth G City Cal 

JlS. M' Gordon 

Mclntyre LtCdr Edward W-Bhm.Oly.Nyn.Anw.Rcp. 

USN'98. .Mare Island Cal 

McKee DiM" Albert B (Alice Hooper) Redwood City Cal 

McKee MiM" John Dempster (Anita Boole) C.Pcu.Bhm.Fmy. 

P^884West. .3456 Wash'n 
"'^2334. .305 Vernon 
Oakland Cal 

McKee M" Samuel BcU 

McKee M' Sam'l Bell-Ath.Clt. 

McKenzie M'" Lorraine Married at LAiig 

Kales M' Arthur F Jun 18 

McKinstry Brig Gen&M" ChasH(LillianLawrence) USA.AEP. 

Midsc. .The Rampart PSi 
2988 Pacific Av 

McKinstry M'" Laura L-Fr 

McKinstry M' J Clarence-Pcu.Fmy.Oly . 

McKittrick MiM" Wm Holmes (Mary L Shafter) Pcu.Bur.Tc. 

Stanford Court Apts 

San Francisco Social Register igig 


2 2 20 Wash'n 

2320 BVay 

McLaine M" Laughlin (S E Itcs) 

McLaine M' Claude 

McLaine MiM" Wm L (Bonny Carter) . Bakersfield Cal 

McLaren MiM" N Loyale (Marguerite Amoss) Cari4 

P^^S8439. . 2910 Forest Av Berkeley Cal 

McLaren MiM" Norman (Linie L Ashe)Tc , . 

McLaren M' Richard A-USA.AmC ' aosent 

McLeod MIM" Walter (Olive B Wheeler) Missoula Mont 

McMullin M" John (Eliza Morgan) .P'^^SyooSutter. .Palace Hotel 

McMullin M' John-USA.AEF I see 

McMullin M' Hays-USA.AEF iJHNorris 

McMuUin MiM" Latham (MoUy Thomas) Bhm.Sfg.Fr. 

P*^^23692Fil. .2517 BVay 
McMullin M" Thurlow (Virginia McNulty)P**«;i8s8Fil.22ooCalif 
McNab MiM" Gavin (Wilma D) Pcu.C.P^^SssF'klin. . looi Pine 

McNab M" James (Edith Kennedy) 

McNab M*- Susan 

McNab M^^" Christine 

McNab MiM" Jas Stuart (Jane Wickersham). . .2872 Jackson 
McNear MiM" Fred'k W (Georgina Hopkins) Bur.Uv.Pcu. 

Sfg.Fr.H*9i . .Menlo Park Cal 

McNear MiM" Geo P-C.Pcu.Tc 

McNear M'" Louise-Tc 

McNear M' E Denman 

McNear MiM" Geo P Jr (Elizabeth G Mackenzie) . 

McNear MiM"GeorgeW(EttaTucker)Pcu.Sfg. IP^*i?Si i46West 

McNear Lt George W Jr-USA. . .[Bhm.Clt.Tc.13498 Jackson 

McNear MiM" J A (Hattie Miller) Petaluma Cal 

McNear M" John A (Willa Moseley) Fr. 

P^^S5i6F*klin..i230 Washington 

McNear M' John A Died at Petalimia Cal Jun 19 

McNear MiM"Seward BQosephineBarroll)Uv.Pcu. 

McNear M' BarroU-at Harvard [Tc. 

Jg5. tf- Amanda 

McNutt MiM" Maxwell (FlorenceMcDon- 


& M*" Aileen 

McNutt DiM" Wm F Jr (Linda Mullane)01y . 164 Nineteenth Av 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


2747 Green 


529 San Mateo Drive 

San Mateo Cal 


DimScSe And Locater Insure Accuracy 

McNutt DiM" Wm Fletcher (Mary L Cooper) Uv.Tc. 

P^SansFil. .2223 Pacific Av 

McPherson MiM" Gordon (Lila McDonald) Manila P I 

McPherson MiM" Wm (Sophia G Coleman) . .see M" B Coleman 

Mabury If*^ Eugenia B & Carlotta 1925 Gough 

MacDermot M' Alfred J see F H Proctor 

MacDermot MiM" Louis M-SfgAth.P«S298.i407-8 Oakland Cal 
MacDonald KM" Alan (Suzanne Kirkpatrick) Oly.Cr'05 

I*^S535 . .43 CuUoden Pk San Rafael Cal 
Macdonald MiM" Augustin S (Male Tucker) Pcu.Bhm.Ath.Tc. 

Clt.. .PIB8915. .325 Vernon Oakland Cal 
MacDonald MiM" Graeme M (Maria S Bacon) 

PlK3926Pac. . 143 Fourteenth Av 

Macdonald MiM" J H |iS7 Montedto Av 

Macdonald tf" Berenice | Oakland Cal 

Macdonald MiM" Kenneth(AnitaDavis)01y.i43 Fourteenth Av 
Macdonald MiM" Royal P (Margaret D Collier) P^4486Fil 

Jl?» M' Edwin B [Uv. 2904 Jackson 

MacGavin Lt&M" John Drummond(Helen Baker)USA.AEF. 

Caro4. .P^^S3078West. .308 Locust 
MacGavin MiM" Walter (Kate Hinchelwood) 

P^S635Fil. .2730 Broderick 
Mackinnon MiM" Geo G (Mae R Perkins) 

P^^24723. .265 Vernon Oakland Cal 
MacMonagle M"Beverly(MinnieCorbett)Fr.of2oooBway.abroad 

Macondray MiM" Atherton (Mariquita Collier) 

Macondray M'" Mary E [Uv.Tc. 

JSS. M^ Inez & M' Atherton Jr-at Annapolis 

Madden MiM" Jerome .* 

Madden M^" Eva 

Maddox M" V K (Virginia Knox)C.Tc. . . . 
Maddox Capt Knox-USA.Pcu.Sfg.Uv.Bur. 


Madison M^ Margaret 

Madison M' Frank D-Uv.Sfg.Pcu 

Madison Lt Marshall P-USMC.AEF 

J^» M'" Caroline L 

Magee MiM" Fred'c E (Belle Mhoon) Uv.Tc.Car97 

Pl?28oo. .97 Vernon 

Digitized by 


261 Waverly 
Palo Alto Cal 
2720 Hillegas Av 
Berkeley Cal 

1998 Broadway 

H Beaver 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Belvedere Cal 




P'^^Si2 59F'klin 
18 1 5 Vallejo 

Magee M" Thos (EsteUe W Hush) 

P%i7o. .2798 E 14 Fruitvale Cal 

Magee M;M" Walter (Cox-Sue Pierson) Humboldt Nev 

Magee MIM" WilUam A(HanietHush)Uv.Bhm. P^^S8o 

Ja M'- Elizabeth E [Oly.Pcu.Clt.Fr. ''Alder Farm" 

Jff»jr Wm A Jr ..[Training Stal Fruitvale Cal 

J^ir Harry H-USN.-at San Pedro Naval 
MailKard MiM" J Ward Jr(KatePeterson)Tc.Fr.. 
MaiUiard MiM" John W (Elizabeth Page) Tc. . 

Mailliard IP" Marian L 

MaiUiard M' Page-USA. & JS'n. M' Thomas .... 

Mailliard M' Joseph-Bhm.Caryp. 

MailUard M*" Louise M-Tc 

Mailliard MIM" Ernest C(CarolineLWheaton). 

Mann MiM" Daulton (Ethel Gregg) 1865 Clay 

Mann MiM" Harold R Jr (Arabella Morrow)Bhm.01y.Stan '02 

P''"»S62o8Pac. .2140 Lake 

Mann MiM'* Seth L (Maud Daulton) Fmy.Bhm (Fairmont 

Mann HP" Dorothy 1 Hotel 

Marcus M'" Arnold (Helen E Cowles) AVS' 

Marks M;M" Chas B (Ruth Quinan) P^'»S709iPac 

JKi M' Jack Q 254 Eleventh Av 

Markwart Mill" Arthur H (Marie Chesebrough) . 377 Palm Av 

• M" Harry C Chesebrough Oakland Cal 

Marrack M^Cecil M (Frances P Febiger) 

P''»S436r. . 13 19 Bryant Palo Alto Cal 

Martin M" Camilo (Frances A Hyde) Tc 2640 Jackson 

Martin M" Edw (Harvey-Eleanor Downey) Bur. 

P^io8West..204o B'way 
Martin MiM" Geo Adams (Clara Hamilton) Uv. 

P^"»S82. .Grand Av & Belle San Rafael Cal 

Martin M' Howard N (John) Married at Hollywood Cal 

Riddick M'" Peggy (M H) .May 5 

Martin MiM"John(Abbie Stephens)Pcu.Bhm.01y.Fr.. 

Martin M' Lewis H Wiltshire 

Martin MiM" Walter (Agnes Walsh) Hotel 

Martin MIM" Howard N (Peggy Riddick) 

Martin MiM" John S (Barbara Bromwell) 

P*'^S5i56Pied. .159 Santa RosaizAg^rCOakland Cal 


Domici^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

of 2040 Broadway 
Hotel Gotham Ma. .see Ma 


Martin M" Peter D (Lily Oelrichs) 

JSS, M' Chas MO [Bur. 

Martin MiM" Walter S (Mary E Scott)Bur.Uv. 
& M^"" Eleanor&Mary . .[Sfg.Pcu.Oly .Fr.Geo '96 
Marvin MiM" Harvey A (Charlotte E Wilcox) 

P'^^SaiosFil. .2512 Filbert 

Marwedel M" Edw H (Ada C Brett) | P'*1SSi424 

Marwedel M'" Elsie 1 1546 Fruitvale-Av 

Marwedel M' Geo A-Caro9 | Fruitvale Cal 

Marx MiM" A H (Margaret Fitzgerald) Clt. 

P^^2377o . 468 Chetwood Oakland Cal 
Marye MiM"Geo Thos (Marie A Doyle) Uv.Pcu.Bhm. 

fc M'" Helen [Ath.Bur.Mtw.Cvcw.Mdbl.Uvbl.Fr 

M'" Flora J Doyle 

Mason MiM" Jas Rupert (Eugenie Masten) Oly. 

P^^S5566Pac. . 1920 Lake 
Mathieu MiM" Francis L (Elizabeth W Mc- I P^^472Fil 
Mathieu M'" Frances E . . . [Cormick)Bhm.Fmy.|26ii Pacific Av 
Matson M" Wm (Lillie B Low)C. . .P^^S295F*klin. . i9i8jackson 

Matthews M' Warren S Married at Swedenborgian Ch 

De Pue M'" Elva (Edgar J) Jun 8 

Matthews MiM" Warren S (Elva De Pue) see E J De Pue 

Maud MiM" Chas E (LaMontagne-Louise B Catherwood) 

Sfg.Bur. .Monterey Cal 
Mauvais MiM" Roy (Hampton). . .P^«S9o. .1555 Oak Oakland Cal 

285 Lee 
OaJdand Cal 

1800 N 

Maxwell MiM" John P (Amelia Schutz) Ath 

Maxwell M'" Kathryn 

Maynard M" George F (Sarah V Parker) 

Maynard M*"" Eva & Sallie P«5556Fil 

M" J R Stanton (Maynard) I2529 Filmore 

M' Wm H Fisher | 

Mead M" Lewis R (Mae L Sadler) Byron Springs Cal 

Mee MiM" John Hubert(Ema St Goar)Pcu.Sfg.Tc.Cal'97.H*oo 

P^^S74Fil. .3355 Pacific Av 

Mee M'~ Margaret Inez-Fr. .P'*i?S26. . 50 Palm Av San Rafael Cal 

Meek M" Horry W (Harriet W)Clt 

Meek MiM" W Harold (Marguerite Meherin) . 
MiM" Stuart S Hawley (Meek) . 

Haywards Rd 
Elmhurst Cal 
Meek M'" Miriam ( Wm E) Died at Oceanside Cal Jim 2 1 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Meek Mill" Wm E (Carolyn L Stevens)Hm 2625 

Meek M'" Carolyn Le Conte Av 

M" S S Stevens. . .> .- Berkeley Cal 

Meidre MIM" Ernest (Marie Hildreth)USA.AEP. . . P«S4i48Pac 
Mei^re M"" M Hildreth-at Itek 3820 

Lt&M" Wilder J Bowers(Mei6re)USA.AEF . . . Wash'n 

Mejia M" Encamacion (Gertrude Guirola) |P*'^S2397Fil 

Mejia If"" Elvira, Coralia & Ynez 2525 

te M'" Edwin-Oly. & Arthur-Oly Vallejo 

Melhuish MiM''RalphP(DorothyPartridge)Sfg.YokonaniaJapan 

Melone M" Drury ^Oak Knoll" 

Melone Mill" Henry C (Hadenfeldt) Cal'oo ] Napa Cal 

Mendell M" (oeorge h) (Ellen Adair) I P»S322iWest 

Mendell M' John ] 2360 Steiner 


Pacific Av^ 

MendeU MiM" George H(Janin-Mabel Smith) Uv. 

M^ Louise Janin [Pr.USN' 

M' Henry C Janin-USN.AC 

Menzies MiM" Robert H-Fr San Rafael Cal 

Merrill MiM"CharlesH(PhyllisMoulton)Stan'o8.see F F Moulton 

Merrill M' John A see D^SI. 

Merrill M" John F (Mary Sroufe)C.Tc 

i^rs W" Frances 

MiM" Hy Sears Bates (Merrill) 

Maj&lt" WmGDevereux(Hammond-Rufh 

F Merrill) USA. 
Merrill MiM"RalphD(AnnaMehrin)Caro2 . . 

i^m M*— Clare & Adelaide 

Merritt MiM" Ralph P (Varina Morrow) Bhm.Clt. 

171 2 Arch Berkeley Cal 
Messer MiM" Nathaniel T (Adelaide Dibble) Sfg.Oly.Fmy. 

PlK7i4Fil. .3024 Pierce 
Metcalf MiM" John Brockway (Elizabeth V Huntington) Uv. 

Tc.Cal'97. .^^53965. .2225 Hearst Av Berkeley Cal 
Metcalf MiM"Victor H (Corinne Nicholson) Ath. P«S6o8 1 

Anw.Y'76 245 Perkins 

M" John H Nicholson (Kitzmiller) Oakland Cal 

Metcalf MiM" Wm Howard (Bevans- IP^USpS- -7 Pacific Av 
Metcalf ff" AlyceA. .[WinandaBremer)| Piedmont Cal 
Metcalfe M" John (North-Annie H Cave)C.F|:.^.Qo^Scott 


Menlo Park 


Seventeenth Av 


DomieSes And Locater Insure Accuracy 

M^" M A Miller 

Meyer M" (Hermann L e)-Tc P^yWcst 

Meyer IP" Viola 2724 Pacific Av 

Meyer MiM" Hermann L E (B Virginia Taylor) I P'^^seSaWest 

JSs M'" Dorothy V [Tc.Pcu.| 2650 Green 

Meyer M' J Henry-Pcu.Bhm Menlo Park 

Meyer IP^* E Olga-C.Fr. a AUce-C.Fr Cal 

Meyer Capt&M" X Rodwell (Jennie Dunphy)USA. 

2101 Van Ness Av 
Mhoon M" John B (Charlotte K Miller)Tc 

Mhoon MiM" McKee (Martha Harris) 

Mhoon W McKee (late John B) .Married 

Harris M^ Martha Sept 16 

Michael M' M Frank-Pcu.Uv.Bur.Bhm. . .Pacific Union Club 
Mighell M;M" John E (EUnor Tay). .P'^«523iiPac. .1135 Lake 
Mikel Mill" Rossiter(Vera Cope) . . 40 FairviewAv PiedmontCal 
Miles MiM"ArthurD(Wilson-MabelCluff)Y'o4 . . . .jCopper Cliflf 

Ja M^- Mabel & M'" Dan'l & Thos Wilson . . . . | Ont 

Miller IP^ Agnes L & Alys M 3043 Clay 

Miller Lt&M" Alvin C (Ethel Rawles) Manila P I 

MiUer MiM" Bernard P (Mae Burge) Bhm. 

1 1 44 Wellington Av Oakland Cal 


Miller MiM" COG (Janet Watt) Pcu.Bhm.Sfg, 


Miller M' Robert [.Pacific Av 

Miller MiM" Carlton Earle (Delphina Hammer)Fr.01y.Bur 

Yn.'i5 . .P^^S345 . .San Mateo Av San Mateo Cal 
Miller MiM" Chas K (Helen Wright) Mill Valley Cal 

Miller MiM" Christian A (Bessie Rinehart) P^1?S69 . . * 'Skyland" 
te- W^ Christine & Virginia . . [Pcu.Ath.Fr. San Rafael Cal 
Miller MiM" Frank (EUnor Cook) Pcu.Tc.Y'65 

28 Hillcrest Rd Berkeley Cal 
Miller MiM" H Clay (Madeleine Bohrmann) Oly.Tc, 

215 Lowell Av Palo Alto Cal 
Stanford Court 

Miller MiM" H M A (Grace Jones) Pcu.Bhm.Fr. 

Miller M*" Flora A-Fr 

Miller M" H P (Harriet Peterson) Fr San Mateo Cal 

Miller MiM" Harry East (Myrah G Prather)Ath. 


Jl?« M^ Laura L ,,,.,::,,,. 


305 Palm Av 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


I*«S53o. .91 E St James 
San Jos6 Cal 

1595 Clay 

Piedmont Cal 


JS5. M^" Persis T 

Miller M" (joim Owen) (Mary Ashe). . 

Miller M*" Mary Ashe-at 210 Madison Av NKa. . . 

Miller If" John 0-01y.Stan*i2 & Henry E-USA. 

Miller tf" M Annie-Tc.C 

Miller M' Horace H-Ath.Bhm.Clt 

M" John B Mhoon(Charlotte K Miller) . 

MiM" McKee Mhoon (Martha Harris) . , 
Miller MiM" Norman B (Constance Murison) Oly. 

5463Loeksley Av Piedmont Cal 

Miller MiM" Richard (Jones-Cleo Glenn) 2223 Harrison 

■ Miller MiM" Thomas C (Elizabeth Davis) Bakersfield-Cal 

Mills Lt&M" ChasF(ClareQNichols)USA.Uv.Tc.Y*o9.Ross Cal 

Mills rWB (Wenban) I1267 

Mills M' Simeon W |Pine 

MiUsM" Wm H (Elizabeth Haswell)C I 306 

* MiM" Geo E Crothers (Mills) ( Laurel 

Milton Rr Adm&M" John B-USN ...... [Annapolis Mdj - . 

Lt&M" George Neal (Mattie Milton) USN.-at [absent 

Milton JiM" Maxwell (Josephine Johnson)Caro4. .Tucson Ariz 

Milton MiM" Taliaferro (Lucille F Wilkins)Fr Winnetka 111 

Mintum MiM" Thomas R Jr (Dorothy Everett) Fresno Cal 

Mintzer M*" Mauricia T-Sfg.Tc r , . [San Rafael 

Mintzer Lt Lucio M-USA.AEF.Sfg.Pcu.Y'14 1 Cal 


2153 Sacramento 

.Bohemian Club 

Mintzer Lt&M" Wm (Agnes Hardy) USA.Y* 17 

tf" Loretta G Hardy 

Mizner M' Edgar A-Bhm 

Mizner M' Lansing-Pcu Pacific Union Club 

Moale M" Edward (Jean W) 2668 Valdey Oakland Cal 

Moffitt DiM"Herbert C(Margaret Jollifre)Pcu.Uv.Bur.Sfg.Fr. 

Cal'89. .P«S2iF'klin. .1818 B'way 
Moffitt MiM" James K (Pauline Fore) Tc.Clt.Car86 

86 Sea View Av Piedmont Cal 
Mohun DiM" Charles C (Martha Brooke)Cal*9o. P^5S74Pacific 

Mohun M*"** Catherine & Martha B loi 

Mohun M* Brooke-'i8 Maple 

MoUer MiM" Wm (Delger) Eb.Hm.Clt.. . . PIR7839 

MoUer tf*^Eleanor, Josephine & Ernestine 426-29 Oakland Cal 

Pacific Av 

80 DonS^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Monsarratt MiM" Sam'l A (Leib-Carr) .P«Si629Pros. . 775 Post 

Monteagle Lt Paige-USA. AC.Oly.Car 10 [Clt. 

Monte^tgle M' Kenneth-USA.Clt.Cari6-Motor 

M' Cutler Paige [Transport AEF 

Moody Lt&M" CorbettL(RuthZeile)USA,SC.Fr. .Riverside Cal 
Moody MiM" Fred'k S (Nellie Corbett)Pcu.Cw.01y. I P^SgoFil 

Moody M' Joseph-USMCAEF [Fr.|35o8 Clay 

Moody M" Joseph L (Eda Jorane) Sfg 3522 Clay 

Moore MiM" Albert A-Hm. . . . |P^^S2S39Merritt. . 1948 Sixth Av 

Moore M^" Ethel-Hm.Tc 1 Oakland Cal 

Moore M" Albert A Jr (Florence Blythe) Tc. 

P«S2695Pied. .102 Crocker Av Oakland Cal 
Moore MiM" Austin P (Katrina Page Brown) 

P*'^Si258 . . 201 Poplar Av San Mateo Cal 
Moore MiM"ChasC(LillianMBr^ed)C.Fmy.Pcu) P'^«S2 loWest 
JSS. M»"- MaryB & Josephine.[Sfg.Bur.Bhm.Fr. |3iooWashington 
Moore D*M" Chester B (Margaret E Wilson) . . 2327 Devisadero 
Moore MiM" DuVal (Frances M Martin) Uv.Fr.Stan'os 

* 'Chicken Point" San Rafael Cal 
Moore MiM" George A (Katherine Duval) Tc.Pcu. 

PlK267SanAnsehno. .Ross Cal 
Moore Lt&M" Kenneth (Leslie E Miller)USA.AEF.Pcu.Bur.Fr. 

3001 Pacific Av 
Moore M" Macondray(YnezMacondray).P^i3i3Fil.2285Bway 
Moore MiM" Pierre C (Edna Davis) Pcu.Sfg.Bur.Fr. P^«Si298Fil 

Lt Willis E Davis-USA.ASSC.AEF 2233 Lyon 

Moore MiM" Stanley (Belle Williams) C.Hm.Pcu.Clt. 

606 E 20 Oakland Cal 
Moorehead MiM" Jas B (Lois Beckwith) 

5824 Ocean View Dv Oakland Cal 
Mofbio Lt Carlo-USA. (late Pio) . . . .Married at 2464 Vallejo 

Deane M*" Dorothy (John J) Sep 11 

Morbio Lt&M" Carlo (Dorothy Deane) USA 2464 Vallejo 

Morgan M*"" Alicia M & Susan D 2400 Pacific Av 

Morgan Rev Edward Hotel Rididieu 

Morgan M*- Eleanor W-Sfg.Tc P^«S47ooPros. .Clift Hotel 

Morgan MiM" Horace W I 2231 

J& Jr Eleanoir iWashiJMrton 

Digitized by VjOOQT 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 81 

Morgan MiM" Percy T (Daisy Ainsworth) Pcu. . ' P^^Siy 
Morgan M"" Percy T Jr-USA.AC. & John A- 'Xantamam'' 

USA.AC. Los Altos Cal 

Morris MiM" Raymund V (Grace Gibson) Coronado Cal 

Morris MiM" Wm Truxtun-Uvn.Cr*73 1505 Gough 

Morrison MiM" Alexander F (May B Treat)C.Uv.Pcu.Bhm.Fr. 

P^«Sio75West. .2022 Calif 

Morrison M*"^ Angela & Winifred Poio^o ■^Tr^f^l 

Morrison M*— Fannie, Julia & Essie ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ 

Morrison MiM"WmHamilton(AdeleL [P'^^Sy 520 . . 390 Euclid Av 
te M' Rob^t H . . [Hyde) Clt.Chch.Eb. | Oakland Cal 

Morrow M' Allen Married at Berkeley Cal 

Chamberlain M'" Pauline (Nelson H) May 2947 

Morrow MiM" Allen (Pauline Chamberlain) Berkeley Cal 

Morrow DiM"Howard(MayWeldon)Qly. |P^'i?Ss84. .1701 Bryant 

JS?s M' Weiaon [Tc.Fmy.| Palo Alto Cal 

Morrow M^" Marian ., see DSSJ. 

Morrow M' Robert F (Howard) Died Jun 3 

Morrow MiM" Wm H (Katherine Hinkle) Tc. 

P^§i684F'klin . . 1400 Washington 
Morrow Judge&M" Wm W (Margaret Hulbert) Oly.Pcu. 

P'^iJSioooDoug. .Hotel St Francis 
Morse M" Anne C (Anne C Thompson) .... Santa Barbara Cal 
Morse DiM" Fred'k W-Eb.Car78 

P*^^S2464. .522 Grand Av Oakland Cal 
Morse MiM" Lester L (Frances Pierce)C.Pcu.Bhm.01y.Tc. 

P'"»S69o. .1410 Alameda San Jos6 Cal 
Morse M' SamuelFB-Pcu.Uv.Bur.Bhm.Y'07. Pacific Union Club 
Morsehead MiM" Samuel W-Bhm.Fmy. 

P^*i?SioooF'klin. .1001 California 

Morton MiM" Henry D-Pcu 

JJS. M' Meredith S 

Moseley MiM" Andrew S (Nellie Grow) Oly I P^1?S2093 

Moseley M^" Bina May 1 1560 Madison 

Moseley^M' Loriston : | Oakland Cal 

Moseley Lt Col&M" W H (Edith D Dick)BA see Di^^S. 

Moses MiM" Bemard-Uv. .M" at 9 Av de TObservatoire Paris 

Van Ness Av 


MiM" ChasHMerrill (Moulton) 


^l^^^^o?|i.T(^S?i§i^ ^^^ 

82 DoSJSKs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Mullally LtColThornwell-USA.AE^.Pcu.Bhm.Bur.U vn. Y'92 

po Pacific Union Club 
Mullen MiM" Geo Carleton (Olga Atherton) 

Thome Rd Piedmont Cal 

Mullgardt MiM" Louis C P'^^Si sayPros . . 2300 Van Ness Av 

Mtirdock MiM" Chas P (Wells-Catherine Warfield) Clt Ath. 

P'^S2i35Lake. .3070 Richmond Blvd Oakland Cal 

Murison M'" Elizabeth I^Tc.C .P*^«Si594Fil. .2286 Jackson 

Murphy MiM" Daniel T (MaryEPope) Sfg.Bur.Pcu.Bhm.Unn. 

Fr. .P*^«Sii2F'klin. .2063 Van Ness Av 
Murphy M*M"Eug deBesson(FrancesHop- 1 1300 Biirlingame Av 

Jffi, M^" Gertrude [kins) Bur.Uv.Fr.| Burlingame Cal 

Murphy M" Eugene P |I*«S4729Fil 

Murphy IP"" Florence & Eugenia 2619 

Murphy M' Theo P Buchanan 

Murphy MiM" Fred'c L (Alyce P Sullivan) Oly.Fr. , 

P*«S9§. .Middlefield Rd Palo Alto Cal 

Murphy MiM" Geo R (Mary TumbuU) 3732 Sacramento 

Murphy Maj&M" John B (Virginia R Nokes) J see 

J^„ M*- Virginia [USA.AEF.01y.Bhm.|M" N L Nokes 

Murphy MiM"SamuelG(Stafford-JennyKarsner) 1 3 30 Park Av 
Ens John W Stafford-USN.fPcu.Bhm.Oly.j Ifek 

Murray MiM" Donald (Patricia Cosgrave) London 

Murray MiM" Hamilton (Ila Sonntag). .P''^ii7Fil. .2700 Scott 

Murray MiM" James (Haldom ) Monterev Cal 

Murray Maj&M" MaxweU (Phyllis Howard) USA.AEF. 

1919-19 wbs 
Murtagh Col (D')&M" John A (Ramona Shorb) USA. 

P^«S7 79Hem . . Eighth St Aft- 
Musser DiM" Francis R (Eva G Lukens) Hm.Eb. I P^^2972 

Uv.Clt.Pa'85 262 Vernon 
Jffn M'- Margaret & M*" Edw Grafton L & W Alder . . Oakland Cal 
Naylor M" Harold S (Elizabeth P Simpson) . .The Dupont WKfc 
Neilson M" Wm Delaware (Elkins-Kate Felton) 

P*'^S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel, .see P^ft 
Neville MiM" John F (Correnah De Pue) Clt. .Hotel Del Monte 

Nevin MiM" John B-Bhm P^«S2i97Fil 

M" Elizabeth N Hatfield (Elizabeth Nevin).. . 2207 Clay 
Newell MiM" Robert C (Prances Warfield) Bhm.Oly.Fr.Ath. 

Clt ..115 Bonita Av Piedmont Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 83 

NewhaU MiM" Aimer M (Anna N Scott) Pcu.Tc.Y'03 

P»S2 1 1 . . 722 Grand Av San Rafael Cal 
Newhall M"(Edwmw)( Virginia Whiting) C.Tc. . I PlRi278Fil 
Newhall MiM" Edwin WQane Peers)Pcu.Tc.C. [2950 Pacific Av 
Newhall MiM" George A(Caroline Taylor)Bur.Uv.Pcu.01y. 

Fr. .P«S24iFil. .2340 Pacific Av 

Newhall M" Henry G I , ^„ . 

Newhall tf" Leila & If Donald jaDroad 

Newhall EM" Wm Mayo (EUzabeth S) Bur.Uv.Pcu.Fr. 

P^«S305Fil.. 2800 Scott 
Newhall MiM" Wm Mayo Jr (Gertrude 0'Brien)Fr. 

P^^Si39iFil. .2157 Jackson 
Newlands MiM" James J (Augusta Stevens) 

PlK4058Park. .949 Ashbury 
Newsom MiM" Noble (Aime Spring) 

Lovers Lane & San Rafael Berkeley Cal 
Newton MIM" Geo F (AvisSherwood)JP^309i. .100 Bonita Av 
JS!. M*" Francis L & Kenneth C . . [Clt.| Piedmont Cal 

Nichols Lt&M" Harold B(Lola de B Berry) USA. Honolulu T H 
Nichols MiM"HyDrew(EthelLKellogg) IPIK607 . .44CrockerAv 

Ja M' Herman D [Ath.Pcu.Clt.| Piedmont Cal 

'Nichols Rev & M" John W (Julie Woodward). .Shanghai China 

P'^^o* 162 West 
2 5i5Webster 

Nichols Rt Rev & M" Wm F (Clara Quintard) 

Nichols MiM"WmMorse (EllenDChild)at Montana 
Nicholson M" John H (Emily V Kitzmiller). . see V H Metcalf 
Nickel MiM" Geo W (Ernestine McNear) Sfg. 

**Articalta Farm" Los Banos Cal 
Nickel M;M" J Leroy (Nellie Miller)Sfg.Pcu.Tc.Fr.| P^«S648Fil 

Nickel M' J Leroy Jr .^ I2101 Laguna 

2135 Sacramento 


Niebling M'" Rhoda . 

Noble Prof&M" Chas A (Florence Coleman) Clt.C. 

2224 Piedmont Av Berkeley Cal 

Nokes M" Norval Lane (Cornelia Rodgers) Tc . . . 

Maj&M" John B Murphy(Nokes)USA.AEF. . . 2536 B 'way 
if^ W Virginia Murphy 

Norcross MiM" DavidCopeland(IreneMocker)01y. . 2765 Union 

Norcross M' Thomas , .Bxient wood Cal 

Digitized by v 

84 DomicSs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Norris M" Benjamin F(Gertrude G Doggett)C.. Richelieu Hotel 
Norris Capt & M" Chas G (Kathleen Thompson) USA.Car 03 

50 Bay view Av Pt Washington LI.. Capt at Camp DixNJ 
Norris MiM"Joseph H (McMuUin-EHzabethHays) ^^5867 

M' John McMuUin-USA.AEF [Tc. 472 Vemon 

M' Hays McMuUin-USA.AEF Oakland Cal 

Norris M' Lucius G (S L) Married at Piedmont Cal 

Sharon M^" Esther (Wm E) Jun 23 

Norris MiM" Lucius G (Esther Sharon) 

2023 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Norwood M" W E (Isabel W Hooper) P*^«S775West 

MiM" Wm F Breeze (Evelyn Norwood) 2522 Green 

Nourse M' B Frank-H'oi P^463Fil 

MiM" Geo P Thurston (Dora M) 2900 Clay 

Nuttall M"John RK(HildaRosenstockjC.Tc.Sfg.l P^agF'klin 

M" Samuel W Rosenstock 1 1 819 Jackson 

O'Brien M" Wm Smith (Gertrude Buckley) 

P'^«S2786Pros. .1824 Jackson 

O'Connor M*"" Cecilia & Comelia-Sfg iHotel 

O'Connor M^"- Maud-Sfg.Fr., Isabel & EUa-abroad | Cecil 

O'Connor M^" Lily-Bur.Fr Fairmont Hotel 

P^^Si27 . .Santa Inez Av" 
San Mateo Cal 

O'Connor M" Michael J-Tc 

O'Connor M'" Frances M-Tc 

O'Connor MLM" Wallace Edw (Leila A Ewing) 

P^^S4592JPied. .505 Vemon Oakland Cal 
Oddie MiM" Clarence M (Alice Treanor)Bhm.Cr'99 

P^«SiS93Fil..24i7 B'way 
Oliver MIM" A Leslie (E Louise Runyon) 

P*^^l4282 . .376 Adams Oakland Cal 
Oliver MiM"EdwinLetts(MinnieWalker) IP^^o'4852 . . 60 King Av 

JlS, M'" Roberta W [Oly.Tc.Cal'ool Piedmont Cal 

Oliver MiM" Roland L (Carhartt-Emogene 

Banner) Ath.Bhm.Clt.Cal'oo 
M^" Inez E Banner 
Oliver MiM" Wm Harold (Minnie W Culver) Cal'o6 

P'^'S?S8739. .389 Palm Av Oakland Cal 
Oliver MiM" Wm Letts(Carrie B Brown)Bhm.Hm.Tc.Clt. .'61 
P'^Sio73 . .251 Vemon Oakland Cal 

WEW p^^ejsw. ."Villa Valparaiso'^Biablp^Cal 

Digitized by VjOOv IC 

311 Ramona Av 
Piedmont Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 85 

Olney MiM" Pierre de S (Elizabeth) Cc P^^S4566Fil 

Capt(D')&M" FrankRGirard(Anna01ney)USA. 2760 

Capt (Dr) at Base Hosp 47 AEF Devisadero 
Olney MiM"ThosM(CoralieSelby)Car97.356VemonOakland Cal 
Olney MiH" Warren-Eb.Hm 427-29 Oakland Cal 


2702 D wight Way 

Berkeley Cal 




Ohiey MiM" Warren Jr (Mary M McLean) 

Jfo^s M""" John McL & Warren 3d . 

O'Meara Rev&M" John (Alice Newhall) abroad 

Ord Capt & M'* Edward C-USA 

Ord IP" Ellen f 

Ord IT" EdwO C Jr-absent,Harry&JGaresche-at 

JIS. IP- Mary [Presidio 

Orefia M*M"Arttiro G (Caroline Redmond) 

"San Roque" Santa Barbara Cal 

Osboume M" Katharine D (Katharine Durham) Palo Alto 

JlS, M'" Alan & Louis : '. Cal 

Osboume- MiM" Lloyd (Ethel Head) 

"Stonehedge" Santa Barbara Cal 

O'Sullivan M" Denis (Elisabeth Curtis) |P^'i?S5o4West 

O'Sullivan M*" Biddy B 2518 

O'SuUivan Capt&M" Curtis D(HelenHooper)USA. | Union 

O'SuUivan tf" Ellen see O Sutro 

Otis Mill'* Edwin M (EvaUne Theobald) 

P'To2 1 18 .. 1 528 Paru Alameda Cal 
Otis M" (james) (Lucy Macondray) Tc 1822 

M^" M L Macondray Sacramento 

Otis MiM" James (Fredda Canfield) Sfg.Uv.Pcu.Tc. . IP^"»5568Fil 
Otis M^ Frederika M-Sfg | 2231 

Lt&M" Oliver B Wyman (Otis) USA.SC.AEF. . | B'way 

Oulton M" George (Elizabeth Hoff) C 2601 Broadway 

Oulton MiM" Gerard H (Lydia Hiester) | ?''To3 1 78W 

Oulton Lt(DO George-USA.SanF'17-at Ft I3026 College Av 

J^« M^" Gerarde H [Winfield Scott Cal| Berkeley Cal 

Overberry M' John T po 206 Bway N?5rk 

Owens MiM" Isaac B (Lydia B Robbins) 

Owens MiM" Hugh M (Vera Meyer) 

Owens MiM" Len D (Isabel Preston) 302 Second Av 


Digitized by 



DonSS&s And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Magee Av 
MiU VaUey Cal 

Owens M" William J 

Owens IP" Alice 

Owens M' Frank Lee 

Oxnard Mill" Robert(Nellie Stetson) Uv.Pcu.Bur.Tc. 

Fr.Unn.Rn . . P^42 1 West . . 2 104 B'way 
Oyster M" Joseph S (Nettie K Tubbs) Sfg.Fr. 

Oyster IP" Elizabeth 

Oyster MiM" Alfred J (Ruth Perkins) 

Page MiM'* Arthur (Emellita Ralston) Pcu.Tc. . . 

Page M' Ralston 

Page M" (Charles) (Sally Meyers) 

Page ir Stanley H 

Page Mill" Chas (Louise Hoflfacker) 

Page MiM" George T (Georgia Hammond) Pcu.Tc. 

2515 Scott 

Belvedere Cal 

2518 Pacific Av 

San Rafael 

"*" Leslie M-Tc.-in France. . 
John E (Mary H Burling) . 



421 E Valerio 

Santa Barbara Cal 

P'«Si84. .2642 College 
Berkeley Cal 

Page M' 

M'* Wm Burling (Hermann) 

M^"Norma J Burling . [USN . . Lt absent 

Lt&M" Henry C Gearing Jr(Burling) 

Page M" Wilfred 

Page tf" Marjorie 

Page M' Wm R-Uv University Club 

Paige M' Cutler-Sfg.01y.Car82 see L F Monteagle 

Palache M" Robert K (Emma J Lumbard) P^S409i 

Palache tf~- Myra L & Hilda W 20 Brookside 

Palache M' Thos H-Uv.Oly Berkeley Cal 

Palmanteer M" William G (Kate M)Eb.Clt. 

1448 Madison Oakland Cal 
Palmer M'" Bessie-Hm.Clt I P^42oPiedmont 

M" Geo S Wheaton (Palmer). [82 Monte Vista Oakland Cal 
Palmer MiM" Fred'k Spencer (Smith)I*«5i967West.2257Vallejo 
Palmer MiM" Silas H(01iveHolbrook)C.Pr.Car95.seeCHolbrook 

Parcells MiM" C E (Jessie Kimball) Km po 233 California 

Pardee DiM"GeorgeC(HelenPenniman)Clt.| P*'^2i87 

tf- Etta Penniman-Eb [Eb.|672-ii Oakland Cal 

Pardy MiM" Geo W (Rhoda B Jones) 

P^^9o84Fklin. . 1234 Washington 
Parker MiM" Carlton H (Cornelia Stratton) 

38 Mosswood Rd Berkeley Cal 

^ Digitized by V " 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 87 

Parker MiM'* Challen R (NoeU De GoKa) Sfg.Oly.Bhm. 

Pcu.Clt.Caro2. .419 Park. Way Piedmont Cal 
Parker Mill" Harry (Edythe W Sonntag) 

of "Tokeneke** Rowayton Ct. .543 Belevue-Av 
Parker Capt&M" Wm M (Elizabeth Doyle) USA.Oly.Geo '98 

Ph?S484. /'Ranleigh Ranch" Burlingame Cal 

• P^^54566 
564 Boulevard Way 
Oakland Cal 

Parr MiM" John F-Eb 

Parr IT" John S & Thornton E 

MiM" SamlJTaylorJr(MargueriteParr) 
Parrott M' Edmund A-USA. (late John) 

Died in Service in France Sep 27 

Parrott M" (john) (Emilie Donohoe) 

Parrott M'"~ Emilie-Tc. & Josephine-at WS8 

Parrott M'" Barbara-Tc [USA.AEF 

Parrott Lt John-USA.AEF.& M' Joseph- 

Parrott M' Stephen 

Parrott M" Louis B (Louise Baldwin) 

Parrott Lt&M" Wm (Gertrude Hopkins) USA. 

**The Bungalow" San Mateo Cal 


San Mateo Cal 



Clift Hotel 

Sausalito Cal 

Partridge MiM" John (Emily Marriott) 

Partridge M'" Katherine . 

Partridge MiM" John Jr (Vesta Read)01y.Stan*i2 

P^^S3oo. .Sausalito Cal 

Paschel M' Philip P. . ; Bellevue Hotel 

Patiglan MiM" Haig (Blanche Hollister) Bhm.Fmy. 

P^3694F'klinr.898 Francisco 

Paxton M" BeBisie 2285 B 'way 

Payne MiM" Alvin F (Hazel Stewart) 2981 Pacific Av 

Payne MiM" Geo Lingard(Barbara Frey)Pcu.Sfg. . . P^^2i8s4Fil 

J^ M'" Barbara V 2830 

MiM" Geo Dudley Bliss Jr (Payne) Pacific Av 

Payne MiM" Herbert W (Vera De Sabla) Pcu.Bur.Sfg.Y'12 

St Regis Hotel fferk 
Payne DiM" Redmond W(Grace Sabin)Pcu.C.Fr.) 191 5 

lft„ W^ Betsy B & M' John S | Washington 

Payne M" Theodore F (Pauline 0'Brien)Tc.Fr . . . J Y^'ToisS 

Payne M' Arthur-USA.AEF [Menlo Park 

Payne M' Clarence | Cal 

Payne MiM" William (Aileen Boyd) '. .22^1 Broderick 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DonSc"^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Payot MiM" Henry (Annie Fredenburr) 

P^34i9F*klin. .968 Ellis 
Payson Capt&M" Albert H(Daisy Parrott)Pcu.Biir.Sfg.Cw. 
Uvn.USA'68. .P^«S49i . .County Rd San Mateo Cal 

Capt at Pacific Union Club 
Peabody Lt&M" Paul Everett (Mildred Clark) USA.AEF. 

• 2736 Russell Berkeley Cal 

Pease MiM" Richard H (Lita Ogden) Pcu.Sfg. 

P^JiosFil, .2600 Pacific Av 
Pease MiM" Richard H Jr(Emnia Watspn) Pcu 79sSutter 

Stanford Court 

Berkeley Cal 

Peirce MiM" Cyrus (MaudRReid)Bur.Bhm. 

Peirce M'"" Josephine&MaryEloise. . .[Pcu.Fr. 

Peixotto MiM" Edgar D (Malvina E Nathan)Bhm.01y.Car8g 

P^^S2059Pac. .3956 Washington 
Peixotto MiM'* Ernest C (Mary G Hutchii^son) Bhm.Pln.Csn. 
P^^22658Plaza. .137 E 66 Ife. .see tte* 

Peixotto M" Raphael 

Peixotto tf " Jessica B 

Peixotto M* Sidney 

Pell MiM" Rob't C-Oly . . P^«S2is. .Harrison Av ISausalito Cal 
Pennell MiM" Chas C (Martha C Holland) . P'^"»S23i8w 

Pennell M'"" Helen & Katherine 2639 Piedmont Av 

Lt&M" Frank H Luckel (Pennell) USN . Berkeley Cal 
Pennoyer M" Albert Adams(Virginia A)C . . . . Pi?S39ooKeamy 

Pennoyer Lt Sheldon-USA.AEF Fairmont Hotel 

Pennoyer MiM" Richard(VctssIngestre-WinifredPaget) London 
Penoyer MiM" Chas W-Pcu.Sfg.Bur.Bhm.Fr. 

P*^«S3298West . . 2824 Scott 

Percy M" Geo W (Emma W Clark) Eb.Hm.Myf. ^ . J^Snd^Av 

Percy Lt Ernest R-USA.Ath.-at Siberia Oakland Cal 

Perkins M'" Blanche Married 

Allen M'Jas Kirk 

Perkins Paym&M" Fred'k K (Lilian Lampel) 

Perkins MiM" Geo C-Pcu.Ath.Bhm.Clt . 
Perkins M'" Alma F 

M" Cleveland H Baker (Perkins) . . . 
Perkins MiM" M (Masten) .1102 Devisadero 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



Vernon & Perkins 

Oakland Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Perkins MiM" Walter M (Dorothy Berry) 

Perkins & Grand Oakland Cal 

Perrin DIM" Edw B (Lilo McMullin)Tc IP'^'ffSyooSutter 

Perrin IT" Lilo McM & Edw B Jr |Palace Hotel 

Perry DiM" Edw Everett (Marion Warren) 

P'^302JSanAnselmo. .Ross Gal 

Perry M' Warren Married at Berkeley Cal 

Wilson M'" Joy (late Wm A) Jly 31 

Perry MiM" Warren (Joy Wilsbn) 41 Arguello Blvd 

Peters M" Joseph D (Anna D) IP^^S39ooKeamy 

Peters M*" Anna D-Sfg |Fairmont Hotel 


"The Toyons" 

Belvedere Gal 

see XJomiciut 

Peterson MIM" Ferdinand G(MaeSoniers)Pr.Tc . 
Peterson Ens F Somers-USN.AG.Gari2-at 

San Diego Gal 
Peterson Lt G Baltzer W-USA.AEF.Gari6. . . 

Pettigrew MIM" Percy L (Laura Doe) 2153 Sacramento 

Pettigrew M" S V (Gallahan) see H Gallahan 

Peyton M'" Eugenie 20 rue Gortambert Paris 

rPfingst M" Florence P (Florence Porter) Fr. 

P*^*»S3846Doug. .Fairmont Hotel 
Phelan M' James D-Pcu.Bur.Uv.Bhm.Oly.Mtn.Anw. 2249 R 

-Phelan M'" Mary L-Sfg.Fr.Bur [Mtw. Ws8 

Phelps MiM" R S (JuUaL)Eb.P'«S2407w."Hillside"Piedmont Gal 
Phelps M" Thos Stowell(ElivenaMartin)|nh.»e o ^ n 

LtGdr&M"WimamGlassford(Phelps)f^ ^°^°j'^^^^ 

Broadway & Gabrillo 



1579 Jackson Oakland Gal 

Philip DiM"John H(Eunice Johnson)G.Gd. 

Philip M'" Eunice [Y'76 

Philip M' Ghas Whipple 

Phillips MIM" Ghas B (Gornelia S Gurrey) see R J Gurrey 

PhilHps M' John W-Ath.Glt 

MiM" Giles N Easton (PhilUps) 

M'" Efdna&JlS, M'"Mary E Easton 

Pickering MiM" Fred'k M ^^234 Fil. .2750 Broadway 

Pickering M" (Loring) (Rose Grothers) P^'^SSSFil 

M*" Jennie & M' R A Grothers 2001 Gough 

Pickering Ma j & M"Loring (Harrietts Alexander) USA .Qly . Bur. 

Brooks Field, San AntonioTex 
Pierce M'" Franc Married at C&lla 

Hammon Lt Wendell P Jr-USA. (Wendell P) Jan 10 



And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Pierce M" Ira (Sophia G Talbot) C.Tc.Pr. 

P'^iiSF'klin.. 1730 Jackson 

Pierce MiM" Jas H-Tc 703-33 Piedmont Cal 

Pierson Mill" Fred H (Grace I Gwinn) 2374 Pacific Av 

Pierson Mill" Lawrence H (Susan F Ford) .. . /. P^SaaypF'klin 

Pierson tf" Pauline H 1727 

JS. tf- Mildred E & M' L Ford Vallejo 

Pigott MiM'* John T (Bessie Ashton) Y'o8 

P^^o558Cap . . 2 1 1 7 Second Av Sacramento Cal 

Stanford Court Apts 

Pike MiM" Chas W~01y 

Pike M' John 

Pike MiM" Roy M (Edith Simpson)Fmy.Bur.Fr.Bhm. 

2200 Pacific Av 
Pike MiM" ThomasH(BessieTaylor)Fmy. .ManhattanBeachCal 

Pillsbury M'EvansS-Pcu.Bur.Oly.Mtn Pacific Union Club 

Pillsbiu-y Col&M" George B (Bertha E Sidney Smith) 

Mit'gS.USA'oo.EC.AEF. . San Mateo Pk San Mateo Cal 
Pillsbury MiM" Horace D(Elizabeth Taylor)C.Pcu. P^'USsiWest 
Pillsbury M^" Olivia. . . .[Btir.Uv.Sfg.Tc.Fr.Hn.'ps 2838 

JSk W Evans S 2d Pacific Av 

Pinckard Ens George M~USN San Rafael Cal 

Pinckard MiM" Monroe Eyre (Dorothy G Williams) Uv.Pcu.Tc. 

P^"»52033Fil. .2100 Vallejo 


Pischel DiM"Kaspar(MinnaDohrmann) C.Uv. 

Pischel M' Dohrmann K [Car94 

Pischel Lt Harold D-USA.-at Louisville Ky. . . 

Plaw M'"~ Eleanor W, Marie V & Fanny D 

Plaw MiM" Alfred D (Gertrude Miller) Caro2... 

Plum M" (chas m) (Lilian Bachelder) 

Plum M' Chas M 

MiM" Thos G Ely (Plum) M' in England. . . . 

Plum M'"* Loraine E (late Chas M) Married at 

Ely M' Thos G May 18 

Poett MiM" Alfred R (Mercedes Dibblee) . pRancho San Julian" 

iiors M'"" Frederica & Narrice ] Lompoc Cal 

Poett MiM" Henry W (Genevieve Carolan) Bur. Uv.Pcu.Tc. 

P**«Si63 . .Santa Inez Av San Mateo Cal 

Ross Cal 
Concord Cal 
P'^^Si2 2oFil 
. 2205 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Polhemtis M' Edw R-Stan'ii see A B Spalding 

Polhemus KM" John H (Jane Wilshire) Stan'99. . .loi Walnut 
Polk MiJr'Willis(Moore-ChristineBarreda)Pcu.Btir.Tc.775Post 

PoUok M' AUan-Pcu.Bhm. I 2521 

PoUok M'"~ Jean & Margaret (Br^^way 

Pomeroy M" Carter P (Anna L Morris) P^^SSpRr 

Pomeroy M'" Harriet H 25 Palm Av 

M" Thos Scott Brooke (Pomeroy) San Rafael Cal 

Pond M" E B (Sarah C) C.P^^^SsgooKeamy. . .Fairmont Hotel 

Pond M" Edward (Isabel Grant) Died at S?an Jly 24 

Pond M"' John C & Edw B see M'" F Grant 

Pond MiM" Samuel (Dorothy Ames)Pcu.Cal'98 .... P^1?S54Fil 

Pond M' Edward 2504 Scott 

Poniatowski Prc&PrcssAndr^(ElizabethSperry) 41 rue 

Poniatowski Lt Stanislaus-AF [Uv. St Dominique 

Poniatowski M"' Casimir, Andr6 Jr & John Paris 

Ponting MiM" Herbert G (Mary B Elliott) 

P^1?549i9 ._. 2 535_College Av Berkeley Cal. .M' abroad 


Pacific Av 


Pope MiM" Geo A (Edith Taylor) Sfg.Bur.Uv. 

Pope M'" Emily-Bur.Fr [Pcu.Tc.Fr. 

JSJ. W" Geo A Jr~Bur. & Kenneth 

Porter MiM" Bruce (Margaret James) Bhm 

Porter W Robert 

Porter M" John T-Fr Watsonville Cal 

Porter M" M C (Minnie Clark) Fr 818 Pine Oakland Cal 

Porter D' Wm S-Sfg;Ath.Bur.Clt.01y.Fr. 

551 Walsworth Av Piedmont Cal 

Porter M" Wm Stirling (Jessie G) | 603 

Porter Lt&M" Hugh (Kathleen Coleman) USA . . [Clayton 


Postlethwaite MiM" H W (Mildred Overberry)Uv. 

JS5, M' Russel [Oly. 

Potter M' Archibald C see DJ^'SJ. 

Potter M' Edw Edmunds-Clt abroad 

Potter M" McNutt (Mary L McNutt) Tc P^99Fil , 

Potter M*" Marie Louise 2373 Wash'n 

Potter MiM'* Milo M (Jones) Hotel Potter 

tf" Nina Jones Santa Barbara Cal 

Potter MiM" Thos Mitchell (Mabel T Gray)Eb. | P^1?S7oi6 
Potter M" Fred'kW (Elizabeth F Gray). [Hm.*9o| 207 Pacific Av 

M' George D Gray | Piedmont Cal 

92 DonJSBea And LocatcF InsuFC Accuracy 

Powell MiM" Stanley (Esther Bentley) no Twentieth Av 

Powell LtCol&M" Wm Glasgow (Alice Van V Joline) USMC. 
Hc.Anw.Uvp.Cd.USN'93. .P^^g:. .see DS± 

Powers DiM" Allan R (Edith Eaton) Cal'oa Tracy Cal 

Po^jmj^ MiM" Frank H (Jane Gallatin) Uv.Bhm.Cal'84 

^^ of *The Dimes" CarmelCal. .2714 Steiner 

Powers M'" Ruth 726 Second Av 

Prather MiM" Edw C-Ath. 

P*^'i?552o6. .104 Park Way Piedmont Cal 
Pratt M" Elinor D (Elinor D) Tc. . . P^"»S48oProsp . .640 Sutter 
Pratt MiM" Orville C(Emily J Wilson)Pcu.Bur.Fr Caro2 

P^«Si86iF'klin 18 r 8 California 

Pray MiM" Milton (Ann H Day) Bur Burlingame Cal 

Pressley DiM" James F (Ellen Page) 259 Fourteenth Av 

Preston M" Edgar F P*«S3252D6ug. .840 Powell 

Preston MiM" Frank C(Norris-Jeannette Black). Medford Ore 

Preuss MiM" Martin (Louise H Schussler) Los Gatos Cal 

Price M^- Anna Died Jly 15 

Price MiM" Hugh B (Dora Taylor) abroad 

2204 Steiner 

Cupertino Cal 

Price M*" Minnie E 

Price M' Arthur F 

Pringle MiM" E Covington (Kathleen Bull)Tc. (Redwood City 

M'" Edith Bull-in France [Sfg.Caro3 1 Cal 

Pringle M" (Edward j) (Cornelia Johnson) 

Pringle M'" Cornelia C-Tc 

Pringle M' Sidney J 

Pringle MiM" Edw J (Miriam Moore) Uv.Bur.Pcu.Tc. I 3204 

iZs M'" Frances [Car92lWash*n 

Pringle MiM" James R (Maude Kelley) Pcu.Uv.Bhm. 

P^"»S527Fil. .2536 Fillmore 
Pringle M" Wm BuU (Isabel Hutchinson) . . . . | Montecito 

Jr» M*" Isabel & M' Wm Bull | Santa Barbara Cal 

Pritchard M" M G 2523 Octavia 

Probert M" E ^ 940 Grove 


Crocker Av 

Piedmont Cal 

Proctor MiM" Frank Hunt (Flora B MacDermot) 
M' Alfred J Mac Dermot 

Pryor Lt Cdr & M" Francis D(Margaret G Stoney)USN. 

Digitized nH^4 Jackson 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 93 

Putnam M*" Elizabeth W-C of 1 2 Presidio Av . . in France 

Putnam Mill" Osgood(Lucy E Chase) C.Cd.Dar . . . . | 3255 

Putnam M^ EUzabeth W [Tc.H'SalPacific Av 

Quayle MiM" Hy J (Mary E Reed) Riverside Cal 

Queen MiM" Rich^d E (Alice Forwood) Bhm.Fr. . . |P^"»2 140 West 

Queen M" Margaret M I 2212 

Queen IP" Nora A [Sacramento 

Ralston M' Andrew J .*. Died at Oakland Cal Jun 9 

Ralston M" Andrew J(Clara W Selby) . . 1450 Alice Oakland Cal 
Ralston O" Wm C (Georgia Grayson) Pcu.Oly.Cal'Sg 

P«S986Col..3o W 70 Iteric 

Ramage MiM" A Stanley (Emily Bowie) I P^388m 

Ramage IP" Helen Elizabeth | Palo Alto Cal 


190 Grand Av 

Oakland Cal 

2729 Jackson 

Ransome Mill" Bernard (Martha C Hutchinson) 

JS. JP" Martha [Pcu.Ath.Clt.Tc. 

J^» M' Tallant H-at Santa Barbara Cal 

RatcUflE MiM" Walter H Jr (Muriel WiUiams) Pcu 

Roble & Tunnell Rd Berkeley Cal 
Rathbone Lt&M" Gerald L (Gertrude Josselyn) USA.Uv. 

Pcu. Bur. .Burlingame Cal 
Rawlings KM" Stuart L (Eleanor Warner) Bhm.Cal'99 

see A Warner 
Raymond M" E B (Elizabeth Burgess) 

Raymond M" (Lee Burgess) (Marie) , 

Raymond M' Lee Burgess 

Raymond Lt Geo Perkins-USA. (Chas B) Married Jly 4 

Jones M'"* Helen C (Clinton) at Fairmont Hotel 

Raymond Lt&M" Geo Perkins(HelenCJones)USA. .see DomLX 
Rech MiM" Gilbert H A (Merrill-Olive Snider)Fmy. 

P^^S2743Pros . . 1200 Taylor 
Redding MiM" Albert P (Katherine J Clark) Bhm.Sfg. . 

M" Edith M Wotkins (Edith M Redding) 

M*"EUse Clark 

Redding MiM" Jos D (Myra Cowles)Uv.Bhm.Pcu.Sfg.Clt.Nyn. 

P^^S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Reding MiM" Wm (Whitney-Fannie Boruck)C. . 
Reding M*" Louise 

M'" Lillian & M' Marcus Whitney 


1600 R I Av 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

94 DimJteiL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Redington Mill" Arthur H-Tc San Mateo Cal 

Redington MIM" Wm P (Ada L Hay) Pcu.Tc.C ... I P'^^sroFil 

M' John T Marshall 12509 Scott 

Reed MiM"Benj W(Camien Sutton) Uv.Car 02 

P^«S4426Pied. .535 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Reed MiM" Clyde L(Emily Du Bois) 

414 Redwood San Diego Cal 

302 Lenox Av 
Oakland Cal 

Reed M*" Helen Louise 

MiH'* Henry R Sander (Lillian Reed) 

Reid U' James W-Pcu.§fg.Bur Pacific Union Club 

Reid Mill" Merritt J (Anabel Cook)Bur.Pcu. .San Mateo Cal 

Reid M' Wm T-Uv.H'68 P^«53W. .Behnont Cal 

Reid MiM" Wm T Jr (Christine Lincoln) Uv.H'oi 

14 Hawthorn Rd Brookline Mass 

Reis M* Christian IMenlo Park 

Reis M*" Ferd Jr-Pcu.Bur.Sfg.Bhm. & Christian Jr.| Cal 
Reis M" John O (Isabelle Brooks) Fr. 

P^^53oPied. . 156 Santa Clara Av Oakland Cal 
Reis M" Julius C (Ellen Dent)Fr.P*'«S667West.22oiSacramento 
Requa M" Isaac L (Sarah L) P^«52o. .''Highlands" 

Highland Av & Hazel Lane Piedmont Cal 
Requa MiM" Mark L (Florence Herrick)C.Clt. * 2306 Mass Av 

Requa M^"~ Amy & Alice [Pcu.Tc.Bhm. WB» 

Rethers DiM" Theodore (Annie O Kane)Pcu.Fmy.Fr.Bhm. 

•P^^S823West . .2900 ScoU 

Revett M" B S (Mary Griffin)C 2411 

JS"™ M*" Mary Webster 

Rich Ens &M" Alfred J Jr (Helen W Dunning) USN.Oly. 

P^^SiySsFil. .2850 Union 

Richards M' John D P^^S2655West. .2910 Jackson 

Richter DiM" Clemens M (Ella M Porter) Pcu.Tc. P*'^S5445Fklin 
Richter Lt ErwinE-USA.Uv.-atCampFremont 1740 

Richter M' Max C [Cal Franklin 

Rickard MiM" Brent N (Edith Cutter).32i2 N 21 TacomaWash 
Rickard M" Thomas A~Clt. 

P^^Si278 . . 2720 Bancroft Way Berkeley Cal 
Riddick M^" Peggy (M H) Married at Hollywood Cal 

Martin M' Howard N (John) May 5 

Digitized by 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Rideout HiM" Hy Milner (Frances C Reed) H'99 

see M" H C CampbeU 

Rideout M" Norman (Corinne Kimball) Fr 650 Bush 

Riley MiM" R Robinson (Genevieve Goad) 

Brown Shipley & Co London 
Rithet M' Robert P-Bur.Pcu. . . BurlingameClub Burlingame Cal 
Rixford DiM" Emmet (Louisa Campbell) Pcu.Oly.Bhm. 

MSSiooF'klin. .1795 California 

Rixford M' Emmet H Woodside 

Rixford Lt Halsey L-USA.SC. & M' Allan P Cal 

Robbins MiM" Lloyd M (Mary Cowl) Uv.Pcu.Bhm.Bur.Tc. 

Carpy. .430 Park Av ftek. .see N!Stk 
Robbins MiM" ReuelD(SadaMcCullough)Pcu.Tc/67 
Robbins DiM" Irving W (Caroline Moore) USN. . . . P*»«Ss94Fil 

MiM" John G Sutton (Mary E Robbins) 2201 Baker 

JSS. M'" John G Jr & Reuel R Sutton 

Robbins M" (xhos h) (Alice Ames) lQV, 

& M' Thos H-at Annapolis . . . ; [aDsent 

Roberts MiM" Chesley John (Berenice M Taylor) 

P*'^Si474. . 17 Oakvale Av Berkeley Cal 

Roberts MiM" John (Etta Everson) see W Everson 

Robertson M" E R (Brown- Minnie Hooker) . I P«S358iF'klin 

M' Rob*t T Brown I1196 OTarrell 

Robinson M" James (Caroline Hawes) Redwood City 

Robinson MiM" Porter (Leota Fuller) Bhm Cal 

Rodgers M" Augustus F (Serena Croghan) 

Rodgers IP"" Miriam-Tc. & Grace 

Rodgers M' Augustus 

Rodolph MiM" Chas T-Eb.Ath 

P^^S6i6Merritt. .1410 Fifth Av Oakland Cal 

Rodolph MiM" Erwin G (LiUie Jackson) Oly 872 Sutter 

Rodolph MiM" Geo W-Eb I P^«56i3Merritt 

Rodolph M'" Helen '. . .I544 E 14 Oakland Cal 

Roe MiM" Hall (Helen L Bertheau)Cal'i i . . . 1619 W Adams U^g 
Rogers MiM" Edward B (Augusta M 

tf" Mary F Wilcox.. . . [Sickal)Tc. 

M' Everitt E Wilcox 

Rogers MiM" Eliot (Marguerite Doe) 

2536 B*way 

Margherita Vineyard" 
Fresno Cal 

of Montecito Cal 

M" EUanor H Doe (Ellanor H) DigrtjedbyCidD^gife 

96 DonJtc'Sw And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Rolph MiM"JamesJr(AnnieReid)C.Pcu.Fmy.Bhm . I 288 
JS« M'"~ Annette & Dorothy [San Jos^ Av 

Rolph MLM" William N 

Rolph M'" Dorothy 

Capt&M" PhilUpSFinnell(Rolph)USA. AEF . 


Arguello Blvd 
2531 Nineteenth Av 
E Oakland Cal 

Rosborough M" Alexander M-Eb 

Rosborough IT Alex J-Fmy 

Rosborough M&M" Joseph J (Josephine E Heinrich) 

Fmy.Ath.Clt.Stan*oo. .P^'ffSySo;. .115 Montecito Oakland Cal 
Rose Capt&M" Edw Chamberlain (Mildred S Ponting)USA. 

Ft Brady Mich 

Rosenstim D' JuKus-Bhm.Oly I P«S244iF'klin 

Rosenstim M' Eric jBohemian Club 

Rosenstock M" Samuel W-Tc see M" J R K Nuttall 

Rosseter MiM" John H (Alice G May)Clt.Bhm. P^^5966Prospect 

M'" Mabel May 947 Green 

Roth M;M" Wm P (Lurline Matson)Sfg.Pcu.Fr. . .2251 Jackson 
Rothschild DiM" Max (Lucy Jackson) Fr.Bur. 

P*»^Si6i . .Burlingame Cal 

Roussy M" Jules (Marie Faucherre) I P'1K222iFil 

Roussy M' Gaston E-Oly I2400 Pacific Av 

, Rowan Maj&M" Andrew S (de Greayer-Josephine A Morris) C. 

Tc.Anw.Ann.USA'8i. .1036 Vallejo 
Royce M" Harriett B (Harriett B I P^«S4766 

Royce M' Robert [Mitchell)C.l75 Vernon Oakland Cal 

Rucker M" J T (Anna BUss) P*»1Ki496F'klin 

Rucker M' Bliss 2435 Gough 

Runyon M' E Warren-Pcu.Bhm.Clt.Ltn. .P'^^Si33Montecito 

**La Rinconado'* Montecito Santa Barbara Cal 
Russell Mill" Albert B (Muriel F Atherton) Pcu. 

WS*. .M' at Pacific Union Club 

Russell IP- Susie A-C see M" W C Clark 

Russell D' Tracy G-Uv.Bur.01y.Stan'95.Cr99 598 Bush 

Rutherford MiM" Alex H (Helen D Smyth) Uv.Mtn. 

Yn.'99. .**La Canoa Rancho*' Pleyto Cal. .see MR* 

Ryan MiM" Daniel L (Georgie Cope) 3019 Wash'n 

Ryer M" Fletcher F (Blanche Hubbard) Fr. 

Ritgj-Parlton Hotel NK* 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Ryone MiM" Le Roy T(Spencer-LucileEdwards).. Palace Hotel 

Stanford Court 


1020 Dolores 

1637 .Fruitvale Av 
Fniitvale Cal 

Sabin M" John I 
Sabin IP" Irene 

Sadler Mill" Chas M iioi Paru Alameda Cal 

St Goar Mill" Henry (Nellie Oppenheimer)Tc.. 

St Goar M'" Helen 

St Goar Lt Fred H-USA.AEF.-in Siberia. . . . 

St Goar Lt Charles E-USA.AEF 

Sanborn M" Frederick G (Helen Peck) C.Fr. . . 

M'" Janet Peck 

Sanborn M" John (Elizabeth B) 
Sanborn tf"~ Grace & Laura . . 
Sanborn M' John-Hm.-at LASg . 

Sanborn M' Clarence 

Sanborn M' John A-Uv University Club 

Sanborn M' Wm B-Uv.Hc.Bhm.Fmy 1718 Pine 

Sander MiM" Henry R (Lillian Reed) Bhm. . .see M*" H L Reed 
Sawyer MiM" Houghton (Ursula Greene) Oly. 

P*'^S2443. .2058 Oakland Av Piedmont Cal 
Schilling MiM" August (Agnes H Lemme) Hm. f^Tojgsj 

Schilling M^ Else-Fr. . . .[Pcu.Bhm.Bur.Clt.Fr. 1903 Jackson 

Schilling M' Walter Oakland Cal 

Schilling MiM" Carl (Etta Staley) . . . .P'^^SsaoBurl. .Easton Cal 
Schilling MiM" Rudolph (Alexandra Hamilton) Hm.Pcu. 

Uv.Bhm.Cal*o4. .P^'^SgsaFil. .2477 Jackson 
Schlesinger Lt&M" Lee (Laura C Anderson)USA.FA.AEF. 

Oly.Stan'iS. .1718 Vallejo^ 
Schnwdt MiM" Herbert (Marian Stone) 2172 Green 

Schmiedell MiM" Edw G(Alice McCutchen) 


JSS. M*"~ Elizabeth & Doris 


Schmiedell M" Henry (Fronie Warren) 

Died at Fairmont Hotel May 3 1 
Schulze DIM" Otto T (Edith Currey) P''»5i24. .Napa Cal 

775 Post 

WS P^^S2 2 5SanAns 


Ross Cal 

SchusslerMiM"Hermann (Louise AMenges) C . Pcu 

Schussler M^" Alice C-Fr [Fr, 

SchusslerD' Hermann Jr-Cal'uH' 18 



Van Ness 

Schuyler MiM" Philip Van R (Elizabeth W Shreve^^^^ absent 


DoSiSi&s And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Schwerin Mill" RennieP(MaryEllicott)Bur.Pcu.Fr. Vanderbilt 
Schwerin M'" Arabella-Bur. Fr. . . . [Nyn.Mtw.Cvcw. Hotel 

JSS. M' Richard de C-Bur tte* 

Scott MiM" A Lowndes-Pcu.Fr. . Broadway & GrandOaklandCal 
Scott M" (Albert w) (Georgiana C Smith) 

PW39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Scott MiM"AlbertWJr(RuthPVanVactor)Bhm. P^«S2 56Park 

Scott IP- Ruth F [Oly. 305 Buchanan 

Scott M;M"HarryH(Ames-NormaPreston)Uv. P^3457Fil 

JS^r. If- Frances Ames [Pcu.Bur. 

Scott HiM"HenryT(ElsieHorsley)Sfg.Bur.Uv. 
Scott M' Prescott W-Bur.Sfg.Uv. . . [Pcu.Pr. 

Scott M" Irving M-Fr 2364 Pacific Av 

Scott MiM" John J (Elizabeth K Bohrmann). .Cambridge Mass 

2409 Devisadero 

Hotel St Francis 

Scott Capt&M"LauranceIrving(CarolineCrockett) 

M" Jos Bryant Crockett (Mills) 

Scribner Mill" Othello (Florence B Ives)Sfg. 

if^« W Fred [Bhm. 

Scupham HiM" J R (Susie Mitchell) Hm.Eb. . . 

Scupham tf- Isabelle R 

J£5. M"" Herbert & Jean 

Seagrave MiM" Marshall C (Genevieve Fore) 

311 Ramona Av Piedmont Cal 
Searles M" Dennis (Caroline S Ayers) . . Married at 1632 Vallejo 

SmithM' Wm H • : . Jun 28 

23 Presidio Ter 


303 Perry 

Oakland Cal 

'Searles MiM" Mailler (Clara L Clift) 

Searles M^ Jean C 

JS'n M^- Emily C 

H" Wm Clift (Smith) 

Selby M^- Edith (late Prentiss) Married at San Jos6 Cal 

Bullitt D' James Sep 23 

Selby MiM" Percy (Louise Hamilton) Warrin Apts 

P*'*»52 5i2Pied 

649 Walsworth Av 



165 Santa Rosa Av 



Selby M" Prentiss (Mattie P) C.Eb 
Selby M'- Florence R. . . 
Selby M' Arthur N"P'i6 

Selfridge MiM" Edward A-Sfg.Tc |P!K264Fil 

Selfridge M' M L |26isCalif 

Selfridge MiM" Edward A Jr-Tc.Fmy 3224 Washington 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Selfridge DiM" Grant (Lolita Monteverde)Bur.Uv.Pcu.01y.Fr. 

Selfridge Lt&M" J Russell (Grace Baldwin) USN.Sfg.Tc. absent 

Selfridge MiM" Jack (Virginia Beatty) Salt Lake City Utah 

Selfridge M' S Woodworth Married at Salt Lake City Utah 

Goodbe M*" Edith Oct 1917 

Selfridge MiM" S Woodworth (EdithGoodbe).SaltLakeCity Utah 
Sels MiM"Jas VanLoben(EdithPage). .saoSycamoreOaklandCal 

Sesnon Rev Robert St Sebastian Sebastopol Cal 



Sesnon MiM" Wm T(Mary S Porter)Bhm.Sfg.Pcu.C 

JS. M*-^ Katharine C & Barbara C [Fr 

J^ M'" Porter & Wm T Jr 

Severance M'J Seymour-Uv.H*64.P^'i?S9ooSutter.UniversityClub 
Seward MiM" Richard Hy (Mary Engelhardt) 

660 Oakland Av Oakland Cal 
Seydel Lt&M" Fred (PhylHs Capwell) USA. 

Monte Cresta Av & Kelton Court Oakland Cal 
Seymour MiM" Walter H (Ashe-Pet Peters) Tc. 

?''To47ooPtos. .Clift Hotel 

Sharon tf " Esther (Wm E) Married at Piedmont Cal 

Norris M' Lucius G (S L) Jun 23 

Sharon M" Fred'k W(Breckenridge-LouiseTevis)Bur.Pr.Tc. 

P«S7ooSut. .Palace Hotel 

Sharon MiM" Wm E (LiUian Mygatt) . 

Sharon M' Hereford-USA.AC.AEF . 

Sharon Lt&M"Rob^t (Hazel Ingels)USA.AEF. 

Sharp MiM" Arthur M IP^'»S4266West 

Sharp M*" Adreanne | 2864 Bway 


263 Mountain Ay 

Oakland Cal 

Shea M" James (Katherine Norris) 

M" James Farrell (Anna Norris) 

M*- Kathleen Farrell 

Shean M" Mary U S (Mary U Stone) 

te. tf- Barbara 

Sherman DiM" Harry M (Lucia H Kittle) Uv.Bhm. 
Sherman M' F Barreda-USA.Y'is. .[Sfg.Tc.Ty'77 

Jffi. M'-^ Lucia & Isabel 

Sherwood MiM" Hy Hamilton (Mary E Warner) 

Sherwood M'" Mary Digitized by 



C B Stbne 

2831 Garber 
(Berkeley Cal 

100 Domici^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Sherwood MIM" Hy Warner (Pond-Helen Deming) 

P*''i?S3696 . . 280 Mountain Av Piedmont Cal 
Sherwood M"Wm R (Ethel Dimond)Fr.P^^i394Fil.25i9 Pierce 
Sherwood M' Wm R Died at 3?« Jly i 


651 Mariposa Av 

Oakland Cal 

Shiels MiM" Chas H(Shiels-Elsie Bennett) 

JiS, M*- Belle E L-absent [Bhm.Oly. 

M" Chas A Bennett(FrancesMcPherson) . 

Shiels Maj (D') & M" J Wilson-USA.Bhm 

Shiels M' Wm-USA.AmC iThe Presidio 

Jl?« M'— Lassie & Jean | 

Shinn WA" Howard H-Ath.Hm.Clt.Eb. . . | I*iK4372Pied 
Shinn IP^ Lucy-Eb & Alice Eleanor-Eb. .1638 Walsworth Av 

Shinn M' Howard .\ Oakland Cal 

Shipp Lt Cdr&M" Earl R (Anna Weller) USN. 

3 1 Upshur Row Annapolis Md 
Shook Dill" Francis M (Upham-Comelia D Gordon) USN. 

Clt.Nan.Anw.Mich*o4. .2065 Oakland Av Piedmont Cal 

3852 Sacramento 

Utica N Y 

Shorb MiM" J Campbejl. 
Shorb M'" Ethel-absent. 

Shores MiM" Ethelbert (Marian Doe) .see C W Doe 

Short MiM" John Douglas (Marie K Hathaway) 

P'^S4985ProS'. . 1441 Jones 
Shortlidge DiM" Edmund D (Beatrice Fife)Bhm.P*94 

of P'lySiooPac. .401 Lake. .Menlo Pk Cal 
Shortridge MIM" Saml M-Bhm.01y.P^«Si4Sirs. Menlo Park Cal 

Shreve M" Geo Rodman (Jennie Watson) 

Shreve M*" Agnes 

Shuey Mill" Clarence A (Sevilla B Hayden) Cal'DS 

P«S3 2 54 .. 1 76 Alvarado Rd Berkeley Cal 
Silverston M" Eleanor D (Jarboe-Eleanor Dimond) 

P*^S324oFklin. . 1200 Calif 
Simpkins M' Harry R-Bur.Uv.Pcu.Sfg. 

Burlingame Club Burlingame Cal 

Simpson M" Andrew (Emma)Eb.Fr.Clt I 461 Vernon 

Simpson IP" Beatrice-Fr |Oakland Cal 

Simpson M&M" Bert Lennox (McComas-Marie L Parrott). China 
Simpson Mill" Ernest S(Anna Pratt)Tc.'88. 

Simpson M' Ashley B , 

iP"- Katherine C & Mollie C Pratt 

JP" Fernanda Pratt-at ffe* 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 xai 

Slack Judge & M" Chas W(KatherineF Woolsey) PlR649Fa 

Slack iP- Edith-C.Fr [Uv.Pcu.C.Fr.Caryg 2224 

Slack M" Catherine Sacramento 

Slade Lt&M" Russell C (Mary H Finnell)USA.AC.01y..Stan*i i 

P^^S2328Fil. .2130 Vallejo. .Lt at Psi 

Slade M*M" Spencer E-Pcu.Bhm 2761 Devisadero 

Sloss MiM" Joseph (Esberg) Bhm.Fmy.Oly . . . . 2404 Broadway 




2430 B'way 

Sloss MiM" Leon (Bertha L Greenwald)Bhm. 

Sloss W Louis Jr [C.Fmy.Oly.Car 79 

JxTrs M' Leon Jr 

Sloss M" (Louis) (Sarah) C Fairmont Hotel 

Sloss MiM" Louis (Margaret Koshland)Bhm.Fmy.Uv.01y. 

Arcadia Fla 
Sloss Judge&M" Marcus C (Hattie Hecht)C.Fmy.Bhm. 840 

JK. tf- Margaret Powell 

Small M" A Herriott (Wooster-Annie L Jackson) 

P''^S7oo6. .3121 College Av Piedmont Cal 

Small M' H J-Sfg.Bhm 

Small ff"- Elizabeth & Mary 

Smedberg M" Wm Renwick (Fanny M Raymond) 

P^^S3 2 4oFklin . . 1 2 00 California 

Smilie M'" Mary Married at Oakland Cal 

McElrath M' Alden (late Jas E) Dec 4 '12 

Smith Lt&M" Bayard Hyde (Grassi Bulkeley) USA. 

Smith M;M" Benj J (Elizabeth Scupham) Clt.Eb. 

P^^S4S7Pied. .671 Vernon Oakland Cal 
Smith MiM" Claude H (Bessie Wilson) 

•P^^S298w. .Cayuga Hgts Ithaca N Y 
Smith r*M" Dudley (Florence C Allen)Hm.AthJef*oo 

P''^S24iPied. .Claremont Manor Oakland Cal 
Smith Col&M"EmeryT(Mary McCain) USA. AEF. 
Smith M'- Belle 

Smith MiM"FrankM(EvelynEllis) 

ff"C Grace Sperry.. 

Smith M" H (Eleanor Hyde) .... 

Smith M" Harriet K (Harriet K Miller) see D^SSZ. 

Smith M" Harrison (Alice Hall) [Hotel Gotham 

Smith M*"*** Alice H & Henrietta H Ma, .see N^ 

"ArborVilla"EighthAv & E24 

Oakland Cal 
Honolulu TH 

102 D^icSea And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Smith IKM" Harry H-Clt.Bhm. 

P^442S. .2935 Summit Oakland Cal 
Smith MIM" Henry C (LiUan Troth) Oly.Pa'pSl P^SiySsPac 

its, M** Betty C (3848 Sacramento 

Smith MilT* Hiram C (Emma Long) Pcu.Fr. 

P^iS86Pac. .64 Arguello Blvd 
Smith DiM" John J(EvelynVanWinkle) .P*'^3938Pros.2 12 1 Hyde 
Smith M" Nicholas T (Mary Hooker) Fr. 

P'1K32ijRedwood. .San Carlos Cal 
Smith D*M"ReginaldK(Brown-AliceScott)C.01y.J Pl?Sss4Fil 

Jl^ M' Scott [Fr.|26oo Jackson 

Smith MiM"Rob'tHayes(SusanNicol)Bur.01y.Bhm.Fr.Dick'98 

P«58s7West. .2324 Pacific Av 

2027 CaUf 

Smith M;M" Sidney V(Pringle-CoraButterworth)C 

Smith M^- Cora B-Sfg [Pcu.Uv.Sfg.Fr.Y'6s 

Smith Lt Felix T-USA.Pcu.-at WbS 

Smith Lt&M" Sidney V Jr (Elaine Tremberth) USA'. 

Browns Valley Marysville Cal 

Smith. M" Walter (May Woods) I 491 

Smith M^- Fredda lEleventh Av 

Smith M' Wm H Married at 1632 Vallejo 

Searles M" Dennis (Caroline S Ayers) Jun 28 

Smith Mill"WmH(Searles-CarolineSAyers)Hc. 
Jr« II*- May Searles [Bhm.Car98 


Smith MIM" Wm Meischke .Stanford Court 

Snook Mill" James A (Emma Sweigert) Oly P^298Fil 

Snook M' Atheam 2401 B'way 

Snowden MiM" Frederick E (Carolyn Palmanteer) 

1232 Madison Oakland Cal 
Somers MiM"FrankA (Pearl Judson) . .P^«2io87 West. .3636 Clay 
Somers DiM" Geo B (Mary Hooper) Fr.C.H'86 

P«S296Fil. . 2662 Vallejo 
Somers M*M'* Roy J (Emily Marvin)Bhm.Cal'o4. . .3536 Jackson 

Sonntag M" Henry P (Ella Bovee) Ifek 

Soul6 MiM" Beach C (Hortense Guyot) 

P«54737. .310 El Cerrito Av Piedmont Cal 

Sotil6 M" Ella Bacon (Ella Bacon) Eb.Clt . . 
Soul6 M' Dou^as Bacon-Cal'ii 
JP* Carrie J Bacon-Eb 


150 Monte Vista 

Oakland Cal 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 u^ 


1306 Sherman 

Alameda Cal 

2100 Pacific A V 

Southworth MiM" FredB(Belle Nichols).. I*«S 1043 West.. 7Lattrel 
Spalding DiM" Alfred B (Mary Polhemus)Uv.Tc. I P^826Pil 

IP Edw R Polhemus [Stan'96.Croo|26si Green 

Spear MiM'XewisE (ClaraWhitney) Fmy .Clt.Tc. 

Spear IP Albion W-USA.FA.AEF fC 

fe IT" L Emerson-at Univ of Cal & C Whitney . 
Speck KM" John H (Martha Lee) Oly. 

2037 San Antonio Av Alameda Cal 

Spencer M" George W Ipo 49 Wall 

Spencer M' George O-Uv.Uvch.Cxch | Ma 

Spencer Mill" Hy McDonald (Florence Josselyn) absent 

Spencer DiM" John C 369 Addison Av Palo Alto Cal 

Spencer M" Maud E (Maud E Chase) Married 

Bdshaw M' Chas M Sep 3o'i6 

Spencer M" Wm L (Alice Masten). . .P«53io4Fklin. . 1086 Post 

Sperry MiM" Alfred W (Loraine Brooks) Stauiler Cal 

Sperry M" (Austin) (Mary E Simpson) C 

Sperry tf" Mary A 

W" Gail Laughlin 

Sperry M' Austin-Bhm.Fmy.Mit'94 IP'lJSyosw. 283oDerby 

JSk tf*^ Milicent & Mary E & M' Austin Jr] Berkeley Cal 

Sperry M' Geo B-Pcu -, .^ tt • r>i - u 

Sperrjr Lt Wm H-USA [P^^^ Umon Club 

Sperry M"GeoB(GeorgeaMStaples). .Died atSanJos^Cal Jun 17 
Sperry M^damesw) (Elizabeth Ashe)Tc.lP«Si2 . . *' Seven Gables " 
Sperry MiM" James W (Helen Fowle) . j Sausalito Cal 
Sperry M" Katherine M (Katherine Mitchler)C. 

1 515 Harrison Oakland Cal 
Sperry Maj&M" S Willard (Gertrude Upshur) USA. 

Ft Rosencrans San Diego Cal 
Speyer M*M"JohnW(EleanorLanders) . 52 sVanBurenOaklandCal 

Spieker M" J Joseph (C A) Fr P^^Si783Fil. . 1925 Gough 

Spieker MiM" Warren (Edith Rucker) 01y.Sfg.Bhm.Hc.Caro6 

1824 Jackson 

Spiers M" James-C |P«Si939F*klin 

Spiers tf" Katherine E-C.Tc | 1724 Vallejo 

Splivalo Lt&M" Adrian-USA Fairmont Hotel. .Lt at WK& 

Splivalo M" Auguste D (Kate Portener) |PlRi794Fil' 

SpUvalotf-KateP .^...^^^Osy 


DoSSSs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Menlo Park Cal 

Splivalo M;M" Ray B (Lavina Hoffacker) 

73 Sea Cliff San Mateo Cal 
Spotts M" Albert T (Susan R de L Johnstone) 

*'Spottswoode*' St Helena Cal 

Sprague M*"* Frances A-Tc. & M'"~ Fairmont 

M" Percy Williams (Sprague) Hotel 

Sprague MiM" Richard H (Donahue-Isabel B P^^2285J 

Sprague M' Wm W [Wallace) Pcu.Fr. 

J^» r* Thos O P-at Univ Cal & Rich'd H Jr. . 
Spreckels MIM" Adolph B (Alma de Bretteville)Pcu.Bhm.Sfg. 
P^'^Sar iPros . . 2080 Wash'n 
WB8 P^«S268. ."Spreckels Stock Farm '' Napa Cal 
Spreckels M;M" Claus (Ellis Moon)Bhm.01y. 

P*^^S4i8. .Coronado Cal 
Spreckels MiM" Claus Aug (Ory Dore) Mtn.Dtn.Clyn. . .absent 
Spreckels MiM" John D (Lieben) Uv.Pcu. 

MiM" Harry E Holbrook (Spreckels) . . 
Spreckels MiM" John D Jr (Sidi Wirt) Bhm.Sfg.Pcu.Oly. 

Stan*o4. .2099 Pacific Av 

Laguna & Pacific Av 

Pacific Av 


see N^k 

Spreckels MiM"Rudolph(EleanorJomffe)Sfg.Uv. 

Spreckels M' Howard [Pcu.Bur.Bhm.Fr.Mtn. 

Jr» M'— Eleanor & Claudia. 

Sproule MiM" Wm (Baldwin-Marie V Baird)Bhm. 

M'" Marie L Baldwin 

Sroufe M' John 1 160 Page 

Stafford Cdr & M" Geo H (Caroline M Dusinbury) Ath.Uncl. 

USN'78. .P^'^SiySa. .112 Hillside Av Piedmont Cal 
Standish MiM" Miles-Pcu.Tc.Eb. . .2312 Warring Berkeley Cal 
Stanton M"J R(Lena Maynard)seeM"'GFMaynard.2S29Filiinore 

Starr MiM" Geo W-Pcu.Tc p^^^^ ,r ., ^ r.. 

Starr tf- Dorothy Grass Valley Cal 

Starr MiM" W A (Moore) Uv.Hm.Clt. . . . . Union & Carrington 

Starr tf " Dorothy Piedmont Cal 

Steele MiM" Jas King (Edith Shorb) I P^«Si7isFil 

JS'a M' James S I2029 Vallejo 

gteinhart MiM" Jesse H (Amy Sussman)Caroo 

P^S3oi2Fil. .2400 Stein^r 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 105 

Steinhart M' William P«;i634Fil. .2521 Scott 

Stent Mill" Ernest A (Francis Harris) Pcu.Bhm.Tc . . 2606 

Ji^ JP- Frances. . Pacific Av 

Stephenson Mill" Ferdinand W (Bertie Bruce) Pcu.Sfg.Oly. 

see R Bruce. . 2546 Jackson 
Stephenson MiM" Rob't Lee (Alice Stephenson) 

1*^24.2^ . . 267 Perkins Oakland Oal 
Stetson MiM" Harry N Josephine P Brown) Bur.Sfg.Uv.Pcu. 

TcFr. .P^io2. .Btirlingame Cal 

Stewart D' Humphrey J-Bhm San Diego Cal 

Stillman M'^Alfred-Uv lrT«;«o,.c;+,r ru.u 

StiUman B' Edgar ^ | University Club 

Stillman D*M"Stanley ( JosephineW) Uv.Bhm.Pcu.Sf g.Oly .To. 

P^1?Sio34West. .2336 BVay. .D' in France 

Stillman MiM" Wm M (Marie R Cabny) Uv Stockton Cal 

Stimson MiM" John F (Margaret E Perry) Papeete Tahiti 

Stoddard MiM" George H(Bessie Bates)Bhm. .1865 Sacramento 

Stoddard M" Leila B (Hedges-Leila Butler) Clt J*^4262 
M' E Walton Hedges Jr 

Stolp MiM"FredA(AddieEHarlan)Cal'94l P«Sso74Pied 

J& M'- Carmen M IsSgVemonOaklandCal 

Stolp M" Gordon M (Rebecca A Dow) Eb.Hm. 

^^925 . . 103 Monticello Av Piedmont Cal 
Stone MiM"AndrewL(WilhelminaHavemeyer) I P*'^5oi 
JS5. M*"AndrewLJr&Wm.[Pcu.Bur.Clt.Fr.Car8s|Burlirigame Cal 

Stone MiM" Bertody (Florence Weihe)C Walker Cal 

Stone MiM" Chas B (Eleanor Knapp) P*«S4094Fil 

M" Mary U S Shean (Stone) 2296 

Je^i M*" Barbara Shean Jackson 

Stone M" Edgar Parkman (Florence Weeks). . . P'«S5S4Lake 

Stone M^"* Allison 901 

Stone M' Edgar Hy [Club San Diego Cal Lake Shore Av 

Stone Lt Ellery W-USN.Cal' 1 4.-po University Oakland Cal 
Stone MiM" Egbert B (Stella Sears) C.Bhm.. . I P^4827Frank 

Stone tf- Dorothy & JSk M' Egbert B Jr | 1405 Van Ness 

Stone tf" Jennie Fairmont Hotel 

Stone tf"- Marea W & Leona J ??^.^!'.'^.^ I see 

D*M" Lathrop ElUnwood (Stone) mSSS, 

126 Hillside A V 
Piedmont Cal 


DSbSSSjb And Locater Insure Accuracy 

3294 Jackson 


Stoney M;M" Gaillard(Georgiana MacDonald)C. 
Stoney M^ Kate W [Bhm.Tc.Cal'88 

IP- Sarah E MacDonald 

Stoney M" Randall C (Marie B Wilson)C see J K Wilson 

Stott M" Relda F (Relda Ford) see T L Ford 

Stow M'- Nellie-C 1200 California 

Stow MiM" Vanderlynn (Bessie W EUis) Uv.Pcu. 
Stow Lt AshfieldE-USA.Uv.H'i2.[Bhm.C.Cd.H'8o 

M" Hy Ashfidd EUis 

Stratton J£^ M^" Anne G 1477 Harrison Oakland Cal 

Strong W George H-Bhm PIK707 

IIIM" Chas P Hubbard (Strong) 271 Lee Oakland Cal 

Strdut Capt Hy Elmer-USA Married at San Mateo Cal 

Bond M'" Ruby Jly 6 

Strout Capt&ll" Hy Elmer (Ruby Bond) San Mateo Cal 

Sullivan M' Francis J-Bhm.Oly P«Si5SoFil 

Sullivan M'" Gladys-Fr [Bhm. 2171 

SullivanM' Noel-USA.AmC.AEF.Fmy.Sfg.Oly. Sacramento 
Sullivan KM" Maurice J (Gladys Wilson) Pcu.Sfg. 

P^«S2272Sunset. .1478 Twelfth Av 
Sussman M" Samuel (Emilie Wormser) 
Sussman M' Leo I 

MiM" Walter Amstein (Sussman) . 

Sutro MiM" Alfred (Rose Newmark) H'91 I P^246West 

JSi M*^ Adelaide R I3660 Jackson 

Sutro M' Gustav 515 Park Av NSS* 

Stanford Court Apts 


Oakland & Bonita Avs 

Piedmont Cal 

Sutro MiM" Oscar (Mary O' Sullivan) Oly. 


tf- Ellen O'Sullivan abroad 

Sutton MiM" Albert (Marie Hewitt) absent 

Sutton M" Allen McK (Helen Bowne) Tc I P«S4 

Sutton M^" Barbara [Belvedere Cal 

Sutton M' Chas-Clt.P»S4426Pied.S3S Oakland Av Oakland Cal 

Sutton Capt&M" Chas Zook (Amy Long)USA sfee D^^SZ. 

Sutton MiM" Effingham B (Maude Lane Wilson) 

P^«S2S22Fil.. 2586 Clay 

Sutton MiM" John G (Mary E Robbins) see 

JfiS, M*" John G Jr & Reuel R RD Robbins 

Sutton MiM" Walter. .- P«J362Fil 

Sutton M^^ Martha & Cornelia 2542 Sacramento 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 107 

Swift M" John P (M W) C I271S Benvenue 

IP- Helen I Baily f Berkeley Cal 

Swinerton Mill" Alfred B Qane T Hotaling)Uv.Sfg.Stan'o4 

see M" A P HotaUng 

Symmes M" Frank J (Anna Day)C 2231 

Symmes M^" Mabel-C [City Nev Piedmont Av 

Symmes M' W Whitman-Uv.Bhm*. . at Virginia Berkeley Cal 
Symmes MiM" Latirence M (Dorothy M Boericke) Dth'08 

Mill Valley Cal 
Symmes Mill" Leslie W (Grace Whittle) Uv.Caro3 

P^^S4266j . . 5964 Claremorit Av Piedmont Cal 
Sypher Maj&M" Leigh (Bothin-Jennie Whittier)USA.SC.Tc. 

W«8..see D^*^ 
Taft Mir Henry C-Eb.Ath.Hm. I ^^2213 

Taft tf— ClaraC. & Dorothy. .[Clt.|iS37 Harrison OaMahd Cal 
Taft Mir J MaxweU (Hayden) Car 00 

I*«Si995. .41 Montecito Av Oakland Cal 
Tainter MiM" Louis S (Janey Dudley) 

138 Oakwood Court Kensington London 
Talbot M"Amy N(AmyNBowen)C.Cvcw.Rgw.San Mateo Cal 
Talbot M" Andrew P (Alice Burton)Tc. . [P^^Si73. -526 Belle Av 
Talbot Lt Andrew B-USN.AC. at WS» . . ] San Rafael Cal 

Talbot MiM" Earle (Chase Scoville) Uv . . . . .^ Utica N Y 




Tallant M" Frederick W(Helen A Landers)C.Tc. . . 

Tallant Sergt Drury-USA.AEF 

Tallant M' Jerome-USA.EC.AEF.Apoyos 

Tallant MiM" Geo Payne (Melita Robinson) Uv. 

Santa Barbara Cal 

Tallant M" John D (Eliza Wright) 

Tallant tf" Elsie NiS* 

Tallant Lt John-USA 

Taylor MiM" Augustus (Helen Hopkins) Uv.Bur.Pcu.Sfg.Fr. 

P«S6s9Fklin. . 1985 Pacific Av 
Taylor MiM" Churchill-Ath.Bhm. 

P'«S4709. . 1975 Webster Oakland Cal 

Taylor M" (pciton) (Sereta T Mahan) |P^49F'klin 

fe M' Felton I 995 

Taylor M' Raymond | Pine 

Taylor M*" Frances P'«S39ooKeamy . .Fairmont Hotel 

^ ■ ^^ Digitized by V 

io8 DoSSiJes And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Taylor MiM"HyBenedictQosephineBulkley)Pcu.Uv.Clt.Fnn. 

Hotel St Francis, .see Ma 

275 The Uplands 
Berkeley Cal 

Taylor MiM" Henry W (Margaret M) Clt.Ath 

Taylor M^" Ruth M 

Taylor MiM" John T (Daisy Van Ness) 25 BowdoinBS. 

Taylor M^ Mary T 2300 Van Ness 

Taylor MiM" Montell (Pauline Lohse) .1701 Webster Oakland Cal 
Taylor MIM" Ray W (Ethel Thompson)Bhm.i382 Fotirth Av 

465 Fairmount 



Taylor MlM^SamuelJ (Florence Wynian)Eb 
Taylor M*" Margaret 
M' B H Wyman 

Taylor MiM" Samuel J Jr (Marguerite Parr) see J F Parr 

Taylor MiM"WmAllen(NellRauch)Sfg.P'^^Si27oFil..2375 Vallejo 

Taylor M" (wm h) [Uv.Sfg.Ath.Fr. P^«S6s9F'klin 

Taylor MiM" Wm H(Edna Hopkins)Bur.Pcu. 1985 Pacific Av 
Taylor MiM" Wm Hinckley (Elizabeth G Kittle) Pcu.Fr. 

2523 Steiner 
Teague MiM" Chas (Marguerite E Butters) 

* Trevor Terrace** St Helena Cal 
Terry D*M" Wallace I (Mary Dudley) Pcu.Fr.Uv. 

P^«S743West . .2712 Bway 

Tevis D' Harry I^Pcu.Uv.Bur of Alma Cal. .Palace Hotel 

Tevis MiM" Wm S (Mabel Pacheco)Bur.Uv.Sfg.Pcu.Tc. 

Tevis Lt Wm S Jr-USA.AEF.Bur.Oly. (Fr.Y'86 

Tevis Lt Lansing^K-USA.Oly.&Lt GordonB-USA.AC. 
Tevis MiM" Lloyd P (Lee C Girvin)Bur.Tc [AEF. 


The Rochambeau 

Theobald M" George (Hettie C Yoell) 

Theobald M^" E Alice 

Theobald Lt&M" Rob't A-USN 

Theobald M" John J (Nettie Rising) see DomiSK. 

Thieriot MiM"Ferdinand(KathleenY de Young) Uv.Oly.Fr. Bur. 

Sfg.Hn.'o6. .P'^^2i63Pros. .2080 Gough 
Thomas MiM" Benj ^ (Charlotte Evans).P^'i?S2054Fil.2869 Bush 
Thomas DiM" Hayward G(BertaELohse)Eb.Ath. 2949 Summit 

Jff» M^ Kathryn E & M' Hayward C Oakland Cal 

Thomas MiM" Wm (Emma Gay) Uv.Bhm.Fr.. Fairmont Hotel 
Thompson M" Beach (Augusta Veeder)Tc. 

P'Toiss . ."The Lindens" Atherton Av Menlo Pk Cal 
Thompson MiM" Fred'k (Helen Meigs)Bhm.Fmy. . .^. . . . . LA 

Digitized by VjOO^IC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 109 

Thompson Mill" Jas Alden (Margaret Carrigan) 

P*'^Sii36. .Hurlingham Av San Mateo Cal 
Thompson Mill" Joseph S (Margaret B BufEngton)Bhm. 

12 Presidio Av 
Thompson M*" Meta absent 

Thomson M" Arthur D (Sarah F Conners). 
Thomson M'" DaUiba & Herbert . 

63 s Winsor 
Oakland Cal 

Thome MiM"Andrew(EvaPowell)P^^S4792F*klin. 1 2 8 1 Greenwich 
Thome DiM" IWalton(Wilson-JosephineHaxe) P^«S6462West 

JS^M^-SueE&M'JCWilsonJr.[Uv.01y.Pcu.Fr. 2634 Broderick 
Thome MiM"Julian-Pcu.Fr.Sfg.Btir..P^^S7648West.2S74 BVay 

Thome M" Walter Scott ; . . . .see DJ^SK. 

Thornton M' Crittenden-Bhm. Bohemian Club 

Thomton Ens&M" Harry A (Nicholson-Mary A Luttmer)Clt. 

USN'iS . .P'^^Ss24i . . 193 Hillcrest Rd Berkeley Cal 
Thurston MiM"EdwCoppee(Tilgham-AliceMerry)Uv.Lehigh*96 
P^S77."Milnthorpe''St Johns Rd HarrowMiddlesex Eng 
Thurston Capt Wm Wharton-USA.Uv.Lehigh'98 

Camp Doniphan Fort Sill Okla 
Tillmann MiM"Fred*k(EmmaMangels)Pcu.Clt.Bhm.l 
Tilhnann MTredA-USN.Pcu.Bur.01y.Y'i3.[Sfg.01y 2791 Scott 

M'" Agnes Mangels | 

Tobin MiM" Clement P (Charlotte Russell) Bur.Uv.Fr. 

P^'»2567 . . Baywood Av San Mateo Cal 
Tobin MiM" CyrilR(RuthHHaskins)Bur.Sf&Fr.BurlingameCal 
Tobin MiM" Edward J (Abby Parrott)Pcu.Sur.Uv.01y. 

Poett Rd San Mateo Ca 
Tobin MiM" Joseph ©(Constance de Young)Pcu.Bur.Sfg.Fr. 

P'^^S34ooFil. .1969 Calif omia 
Tobin M"JosephS(MaryGDimond).P'^^S4829Keamy..84o Powell 

Tobin M" M A (Mary A Regan) )P^^S39ooKeamy 

Tobin tf" Agnes (Fairmont Hotel 

Tobin Lt Richard M-USN.Bur.Pcu.Uv.Sfg.Oly.Bhm. 

po Poett Rd San Mateo Cal 
San Anselmo 

Tompkins M' Minthome M . . . 
Tompkins M'" Ethel H-Fr . . . 
Tompkins M' Philip W-Cal*94 
Tomey MiM" Edward J (Jeannette L Wright)Ath.Cr*oo 

P'^^52 756West. .2828 Green 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1 10 DSSSS^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Towle IP- Kate-Fr San Rafael Cal 

Towne M" A N (CaroUne A) Died at »« Jly 17 

Towne Mill" Arthur G (Alice Nichols) Bhm I P«S548Fil 

Towne Lt Arthur W-USA 12524 Pierce 

Towne MiM" George S (ArlineJohnson)Clt.Fr. .Los Angeles Cal 

Towne MiM"JamesW(MarieDBullard) . P^28o7Fil . 2838 Union 

Train MiM" Elsey Swift (Einnim McNear) 2471 Vallejo 

rp . 1, ur. T P^»Si6o2wPied 

Treadwell M James 

MiM" Milton Horswill (Treadwell) . 

Treanor M'" Edith see W H Jordan 

Trotter DiM" Fred'k (Harriet Barling) Honolulu T H 

Troutt HiM" James M (Louise M Kendall) H'71 

P«Ji76Fil.. 2706 Calif 
Trowbridge MilT* Delger (Helen Beckwith). .see J A Beckwith 
Tubbs MiM" Alfred S (Alice W Hagar)Pcu.C.Sfg.Bur.Uv.01y. 

Tc.Fr.H'79. .^^898 West. .2126 Broadway 

New B'way nr Clifton 
Oakland Cal 

Tubbs Lt Austin T-USA.AEF.Pcu see 

Tubbs M' Tallant-USA.AC B P Brodie 

Tubbs MiM" Chapin (Hazel Merritt Reid)Uv.Sfg.Y*i2 

P^^S5f2. .*'Hillcrest" Calistoga Cal 
1965 Pacific Av 


Tubbs M" Wm B (Jennie Filkins)Tc '. 

Tubbs IP" Emelie J-Tc 

Tucker MiM" Jas Ellis (Maye C Bourn) Uv.Pcu.Tc 

Tucker Lt Beverly-USA.Caro7 

Tucker Mill" W Burling (Evelyn Conner)01y.Caro6 LA 

Tucker M' Nion R Married at Burlingame Cal 

de Young M^" PhylHs (Meichel H) Jly 8 

Tucker MiM" Nion R (Phyllis de Young)Sfg.Fr.see MHdeYoung 
Turner Rev & M"JP(IdaPrice)P*'«S7236Mission. .PotreroAv & 25 

Tuttle II" (Charles w) (Nellie Jordan)Fr P^1?S202r 

Tuttle iP" Curtis-Sfg. & Chas W ''Butte View" 

Tuttle Mill" A Darwin (Anna Harrington) Colusa Cal 

Twiggs M' John W 77 University Av Palo Alto Cal 

Tyson Mill" George H (Elizabeth Carroll) Bhm.Clt.Fr.C. 

P^Si32 . . 1501 Central Av Alameda Cal 

Tyson MiM" James (Grace Hampton) 

JS53 M' Laurence 

S*3959 • • 25 Sotello Av 
Piedmont Acres 
Piedmont Cal 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Uhl MiM" Adolph (Helen Marshall) Fmy | see 

Uhl M^" Eleanor |DSlSX 

Ulman MiM" Lourin Seth (Grace M Powers) 

5680 Ocean View Dv P edmont Cal 
Umbsen MiM" Gustav Harry (Helen Downey) Pcu.Bhm. 

P»Si357Fil..28oi B'way 
Umbsen MiM" HarryP(LoisFSidebotham)Bhm.202i California 



246 Perry 
Oakland Cal 

Underbill MiM" Henry B Jr (Kathryn C Plume). . 

MiM" John B Chace (Underbill) 

,JS^ M'" Kathryn C & M' Hy U Chace 

Upbam MiM" Benjamin P (Alysse Warner) Bbm. 

P«5299. .Lovell Av Mill Valley Cal 
Upbam MiM" Isaac O (Clark-Maude King) Bhm.Oly. 

Car98 . . 1135 Greenwich 
Valentine M" (joha j) (Alice Blancbard) C.Eb. . 

Valentine M^-^ Ethel S-Tc. & Ruth 

Valentine W Dudley D-Clt. & Lt Philip-USA. 

Valentine MIM'" John JQacquelineMoore).532 E 20 OaklandCal 

Van Bergen M" Edgar N (Margaret Tourney) Sfg.Fmy. 

Van Bergen M" Edw Aug (Louise Bauer) .... I P*'m577Fil 
Van Bergen M' Nicholas B-at U S Naval Acad .[2512 Pacific Av 

Van Cartnell MiM" John (Edith W Metcalfe) LA 

Van Eck Brn&Bmss Jan C Van P(AgnesLTillmann)Sfg.Fr. 

Pcu . . P*'^239S9Fil ..2710 Broadway 
Van Fleet MiM" Alan C (Alice Brune) Pcu.Cario 

P^^235i4Fil. . 2423 Green 
Van Fleet MiM" Clark C (Kathleen Miller) .. Santa Rosa Cal 
Van Fleet MiM" Wm Gary (Lizzie Crocker) C. 

Van Fleet M*" Julia-Fr [Sfg.Fr. 

VanFleetM' WmC Ji-ACAEF 

M" F C McCreary (Fannie Crocker). . . 
Van Ness M" (Thomas c) (Cora Williams) Tc. 

Van Ness M' Thomas C-Oly.Bbm 

Van Sant MIM" Rob't Hays Jr (North-Ruth Goodman) 

Clt.Tc.Caro7. .6 Encina PI Berkeley Cal 
Van Sicklen MiM" Fred'k W-Pcu.Oly.Clt.Ath. ...,«_ r^^f^oi 

Van Sicklen M^" Hilda-Fr IL^^IaI 

Van Sicklen M' Fred'k W Jr-at WsS ^^^^^^ 

Van Sicklen MiM" Horace (Miriam W Beavef)-.^dby.^OO§^ 

2020 Pacific Av 



DonSciL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Van Sicklen Mill" John (Susan Harrold) 

814 Calmar Av Oakland Cal 

Van Vlack M" Katharine L see M" T B Bishop 

Van Wyck Maj(D') Crittenden-USA.01y.Caro2 

po 1262 Eleventh Av. .absent 

Van Wyck M' Lawrence H-Hc.Carpg 700 Mason 

Van Wyck lliM" Sidney M(Lucy M Browne) Uv.Tc.CarQO 

2001 Lyon 
Veeder M' Howard P-Bhm.Uv.Ath.Anw.Car96 

P^'»S244iFrank . . Bohemian Club 

Vermillion MiM" Floyd R (Lucy H Bonner) see DSISZ. 

Vesper II" Oliver Morse (Kate S) ; . P«S26oMerritt 

Vesper If" Alice 3737 Emerson 

Vesper M' George &' JlS. M"* Grace Oakland Cal 

Vincent MiM" Arthur Hill (Huse-Juanita Wells) _ P^«S2 5i 

Jx^« M' Chas W Huse 

Vincent MiM" Arthur R (Maud Bourn) Tc.Clyn. 

*'Muckross Abbey" Killamey Ireland 
Vincent M&M" W Germain (Lucy G Coleman) Tc.Tulane'02, 

Cr'04. .P^^S23o. .119 Baywood Av San Mateo Cal 
Volkmann MiH" Geo F(LouiseMDaegener)Pcu.Bhm 

Volkmann W" Johanna M-Tc 

Volkmann M' Daniel G-Pcu.Bhm.01y.Uv.Caro8. . . 
Volkmann MiM" Wm G (Gladys W Meek) Bhm.Uv.Caro7 

Muir Av Piedmont Cal 
von Phul M'" Gretchen (Wm) . . . .Married at 2998 Pacific Av 

Trufant M' Samuel A Jr (Saml A) Sep 5 . .see (HtSi. 


2998 Pacific Av 

see OrilUk. 





von Phul MiM" Wm (Marie Cade) . 

von Phul Lt Wm Jr-USA 

if^rs W^ Alziri, Marcia & Betty & M' Claude . 

Von Schrader M" (Frederick w) (Irene Bond). . . . . .Annapolis Md 

Von Schrader M'^Fred'k W-H'o6 no Presidio 

Von^chrader M"MargaretE(MargaretLEverett) .seeELEverett 

Voorhies M" Alfred H (Annie Bailey) | 1334 

Voorhies M' Grantland B-CaFos |Van Ness Av 

Vulte Lt&M" Hermann F (Edith Pearkes)USN absent 

Wadsworth Maj&M" H H-Eb 
Wadsworth M"' Ralph G W & HaroldAW, 

5669 Ocean View Dv 
Piedmont Cal 

Digitized by V^OOQlC 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 113 

Wadsworth M" Henry~Eb absent 

Wadsworth MiM" Philip ^Bessie FUlmore) Tulare Cal 

518 Sutter 

Wagner IT Henry L-Uv.Pcu.Heid'8o . 
JUS. M' Henry F . 

Wagner M' Joseph $55 Ninth Av 

Wakefield MiM" Franklin (Spreckel^-Edith Huntington) 

2230 Hyde 
Wakefield DiM" Sam Bell (Isabelle MacCorkle) Eb. 

P*'1JJ2455. .1493 Harrison Blvd Oakland Cal 
Waldron MiM" Vernon (Elizabeth Gaskill)Eb. |22o Hillside Av 

Waldron M*" Marjory ^ [Clt.| Piedmont Cal 

Wales Maj&M" Philip Gray (Forbis-Mary Thornton) USA .He. 

Menlo Park Cal 
Walker MiM" Clinton L (Delia E Brooks) ' 

P*1JJ3393Pied. .cor Highland & Sierra Av Oakland Cal.see MpSB. 
Walker M" Cyrus (Emily F Talbot) C.Fr.Sfg.Bur. 

P*^95iF'kTin 1901 Jackson 
Walker MiM" PercyJ-Ath.Bhm.Clt.23 Highland Piedmont Cal 
Walker MiM" Talbot C (Mary Alvord Keeney)Sfg.Pcu.Bur. 

Uv.Fr. Y'09 . . Menlo Park Cal 

P«S2 288West 
2214 Clay. 

Wallace M" Ryland B(AnnieLBra_dley)Sfg.Fr.Tc. 

Wallace M' Bradley L-Caro8-at 

Wallace M" S Stetson (Winslow-SarahStetson) I P*'«2i99Fklin 

tf" Marie L Winslow [Bur.Fr.| 1945 Pacific Av 

Wallach M" Marshall B (Mary Cannon) Belvedere 

Wallach tf"" Louise B & Helen C ? Cal 

Walsh MiM"Edward M-Eb.Ath. |P^^284Pied.98MonteVistaAv"Harriett[Clt.Bhm.Hm.Pcu.| Oakland Cal 

Walsh MiM" James E-Pcu.Fr 2100 Bway 

Walsh MiM" Maurice E (Elsie I Campbell) Car 12 

P^^i529Pied. .779 Kingston Av Oakland Cal 
Walton MiM" Matt Savage (Lilias Wheeler) 

330 Hampton Court Lexington Ky 

Ward M" Florence N 

fc M*- Jene 

ff" Irene M Ferguson . . 
Ward DiM"James W(Johnson-HelenGibbs)Bhm.| 'P*'«S3682Fil 

M" Helen Johnson (Johnson) (2821 Jackson 

Ward MiM" William A (Louise H Easton) see A M Easton 

2700 BVay 

1 14 D^^tB And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Wardlaw DiM" H J P^SiMain. .Los Gatos Cal 

Warner DiM" Alex (AUce P Moulton) Bhm; . . . P'«S2293F*klm 
Warner M' Moulton-Cal'02-at Cool Cal 2323 

MiM" Stuart L Rawlings (Warner) Franklin 

Warren M" Claudine C (Claudine Cotton), .see M" a r Cotton 

Warren M** Etta Marion-Fr Menlo Park Cal 

Waterhouse MIM" S W (Anne Cadwalader) Oly.Cal'95 

474 N I San Jos6 Cal 
Waterman HUM" Douglas (MoUie Dutton) . .po Fairmont Hotel 

Waterman M'" Edith S-Tc 7 28 Paru Alameda Cal 


Watson HiM" Arthur B (Maylita Pease) Pcu 2511 Pierce 

Watson MiM" Douglas S (Mai Moody) Tc. 

**Oakcro£t" Redwood City Cal 
W;atson MiM'Trank C(NinaMauvais)Clt.lP^46. .so6VanBuren 

M" Zeno Mauvais (Mae S Eames) . . ] Oakland Cal 
Watson MiM"Thos Clay(Nina Clay)"Watson Farm^StrongMiss 
Watson Capt Thos Eug-USMC. . Married at Santo Domingo 

Ellicott M'" Priscilla (JohnM) Sep 14 

Watson Capt&ll" Thos Eug (Priscilla Ellicott) USMC. 

see XJomieilf 

TYatson MiM" Walter C R Qennie S Lathrop) Fr.Cysc. 

Home ^^3560839. .341 S Mariposa Av LSSg 

Watt M' Jas Alva P^«Si32lJark. . 126 Devisadero 

Watt M" Robert(Elizabeth D Leighton)Eb.C. . . . P'^^48o7Pac 

JlS» M*"- Olive M & Elizabeth L 36 

M" Thomas R Henshelwood (Barbara Banie) Presidio Ter 
WattMiM" Rolla B (Paula S Leichter)Cari3. .2836 Filbert 
Watt Mill" Rolla V (Jessie Mackay) Sfg.Pcu.P«SS4Park.iBaker 

Watt MiM" Wm~Fr. . Napa Cal 

Wayman MiM" WillardO(RoseFatdl)Sfg.Bhm.Pcu.Tc. . Ross Cal 

Weaver MiM" Chester N-Fmy P''^2i234Fil. .2444 Jackson 

Weaver MlM"Kent M(GladysKJones).P'^^2Soo7Pac.io7Ninth Av 
Weaver MiM" Lloyd F (Nina H Guthrie) Pcu.Cal'io 

P^^Si5i9Fil. .3580 Wash'n 
Weber Mill" Arnold (Margery Stanton). .1428 Melpomene OSS« 

Weber MIM" Julius R ~ 

Weber Lt&M" Robert (Anne E Crowder) 


2239 Piedmont Av 

Digitized by > 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 115 

Weeks DLM" Alanson (Belle Harmes)USA.AEF.Fmy.Pcu. 

2 C I ^ C/Cti2.V12. 

Weeks MiM" Chas P (Morris-Ora Crawford) Uv.Bur.Sfg. .'93 

P^^S782F 'klin . . 1369 Hyde 
Weeks Lt&M" George W (Priscilla Hall) USA. 

P^^S4284. . 1 184-14 Oakland Cal. . Lt at Camp Fremont Cal 
Weihe MiM" Harry A (Jean Tyson) Ath.Fr.Stan'02 

P^^S3o87. iioi Sherman Alameda Cal 

Weill Capt Michel-AF. abroad 

Weill M' Raphael abroad 

Weir MiM" W B (Mattie Whittier)Pcu.Fr 2090 Jackson 

Welch M" (Andrew p) (Bertha L Abbott)Sfg.Tc.Frj 

P^«o738Fil. .cor Pacific & Devisadero 
Welch M;M" Andrew P (Juliade Laveaga)Bur.Uv.Sfg. I 2840 

Jff„ M*"- Marie de L & Florence [Pcu.Oly.Fr.lBway 

Welch KM" Samuel B (Alice Crichton) Tc. 

P^^2i638 . . 2816 Oak Knoll Ter Berkeley Cal 
Weller M" Chas L (Betty McMulHn) . CarvellHallAnnapolisMd 
Welhnan M" R A (Ruth A Hanker) Hm. . . . P^^-^84oFruitvale 
WeUman M*"" Emma R-Hm.Tc. & Ruth W. 

2725 E 14 
Oakland Cal 

Hotel Cecil 

Wells M" George Ross (Kate H) 

Wells Capt George F-USN 

Wells M' Lester K 1612 San Antonio Alameda Cal 

Welsh Mill" James C (Hattie J Ballard) Pcu. 

see I T Ballard. .2442 Jackson 
Welty D*M" Cullen F (Eleanor Wood)Uv. P^^Si874Pac 

JS*™ M'- Eleanor [Bhm.Fr.C.Pa'90 18 Presidio Terrace 

Wenban M" Simeon (Caroline Shippard) 1263 Pine 

Wescott M' Philip Noyes-Uv.Wms*o3 University Club 

West M" Frank A (Bime Terry)C.Fr.Tc. P^«S4283Fil 

& M'" Winifred B 1991 Bway 

West MiM" Geo Parsons (Isabelle C Percy) i7EiiN!Srk 

West Mill" John Earle (Ruth H Brooks) see W H Brooks 

Wetherbee M" Henry (Ellen Merrill) Hm. 

P^654. .'^Valhalla'' E 14 & Fruitvale Av Fruitvale Cal 

Weyler Lt&M"GeorgeL(LauraPearkes)USN absent 

Wheaton M" George Sterett(IdaB Palmer) Clt.. see M'-B Palmer 

Digitized by 


1 16 DSSSSes And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Wheeler MiM" Benj Ide (Amey Webb)Uv.Eb. 
Wheeler Capt Benj Webb-USA.Caris-at 
Camp Kearny San Diego Cal 

President's House 
Berkeley Cal 

Wheeler Mill" Charles M(Hilda McEh-ath)436E45NPortlandOre 
Wheeler MiM"Chas S(LimanMarsh)Sfg.Uv.Pcu. P«S2S74Pac 
Wheeler IP" Jean-Tc. . . [Bhm.Oly.Tc.Fr.C.Cal'84 3700 Wash'n 
Wheeler MiM" Chas S Jr (Helen G Winter) Oly.. 57 Jordan Av 
Wheeler Mill" Deming (Dorothy S Deming) ARC.France 

see M" H SDeming 

Wheeler M*" Helen Virginia-Tc I 2454 

Wheeler M'" Harold-Uv. & Alfred A (Vallejo 

Wheeler MiM" Wm R (AUce I Ayers) Pcu 1901 Pacific Av 

Whipple MiM" Cleveland E (Edith Harmon) 

196 Tenth Av Oakland Cal 
Whipple M" Geo H (Louise B Kellogg) Sfg. 

P^^S39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
White MiM" Asa L (Linda Amos) Hm. 

P«S6ooMerritt. .604 E 17 Oakland Cal 

White MiM" James J 1432 West St 

White M'- Catharine Oakland 

MiM" Chas Beck (White) Cal 

White MiM" Ralston L (Ruth E Boericke) Bhm.Fr. 

PIR97 . . ** Garden of Allah" Mill Valley Cal 

White Capt&M" Stewart E-USA absent 

White MiM" Wm Thornton (Katherine W Brown) Clt.Bhm. 

Pl?S42oo. ,SS Vernon Oakland Cal 
Whiteside MiM" Norman N (Florence Hammond) Fr. 

2145 Franklin, .see Ptek 
Whitmire M'" Ethel-Tc 

"Hacienda del Pozo de Verona"McCloud Cal 
Whitney M" Arthur L (Annie St John) C.Tc. 

Homestead San Mateo Cal 

Whitney M" Daisy P (Daisy Parrott) 2730 Union 

Whitney MiM" George Wm (Marion M Sholes) 

P''«5497oLake. . 1450 Alice Oakland Cal 
Whitney DiM" Jas Lyman(EhzabethEGoodrich).U C Hospital 

Whitney M" John D Hotel Vendome San ]os6 Cal 

Whitney MiM"LeslieD (Dorothy Weed). .i26TenthSanMateoCal 

Digitized by v 

San Francisco Social Register 19 19 


Whitney M" Parker (Lucy Anu) |P*"»o39ooKeamy 

M"BerylWheeler(Grayson-BerylWhitney) iFairmont Hotel 

Whitney Mill" St John (Henrietta Alton) 2639 Filbert 

Whitney Mill" Vincent (Peari P Landers) Sfg.Pcu. 

Burlingame Cal 

Whittell M" A P abroad 

Whittell Lt&M" Alfred (Louise F Kaye)USA.AEF. 

Bakersfield Cal 

Whittell MiM" George (Anna L Luning) Uv. 

Whittell M' George Jr-Pcu.Bur.Oly -abroad 



Whittier MiM" WmR(ElizabethCarroll)Uv.StanfordCourtApts 

2723 Bancroft 




WicksonM'- Helen. 

Wrickson M' Guest . 

Wiel DiM" Harry I (Sarah LUienthal) Fmy.Bhm. 

P^iii3Fil. .2541 Vallejo 

Wieland M'" John R-Cal'is & Herman E 901 Taylor 





Wilbiu" DiM" Ray Lyman (Marguerite Blake) 


ilbur M'" Jessica & & M'" Lois 

J^ M*" Blake C, Dwight L & Ray L Jr 

Wilcox tf" Mary Fitch 

Wilcox M' Everitt E 


see E B Rogers 

676 Fairmont Av 
/Oakland Cal 

Wilder MiM" Beverly B (Alice Earl) Eb. Car 12 
tf"Hally Flack 

Wilhelm MiM" George H-Bhm.Ath. 

Crocker Av & Grand Piedmont Cal 
WiUdns M'" Alice N. .P^^S2387Fil. . 1826 Broderick 

WB8 P^S6ji . . **The Principality" Los Altos Cal 
Wilkins MiM" Harry Hepburn (Bertha Savage) Stan*o4 

P*«S2492Fil. .2543 Vallejo 
Wilkins MiM" James E (Krebs-Abbie E) ... 25 St Francis Blvd 
Wilkins MiM" James H (Johnson-Bella Forbes). .San Rafael Cal 

Wilkins M" Lillian B (Lillian Bums) Married at fferk 

Grant M' Jesse R (late Ulysses S) Aug 26 

WiUcox M" David .1 P^«Si696 

WiUcox JP^" Bertha a Minnie [254 Adams OaJdand Cal 

1 18 DonScKs And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Willcutt MiM" George B (Hayes) 2901 Pacific Av 

Willcutt DiM" George Hayes (Dorothy Baker) Tc. 

P»2440oFil. .2425 Filbert 

Williams M" Elia G-Tc.C 

Williams IP- Margaret-Tc.C 

WiUiams MiM"Harry Alston(Florence 

Caduc) Pcu.Bhm.C. 

Williams IP" Florence 

Williams Ens&M" J Marshall (Harriet Allen)USN.Tc.01y.Sfg. 

see xjiuoi^a 
WilUams MiM" John T (DeGolia-Edith L Coffin) 

. 133 Buena Vista Av 

Williams if- Mary Elizabeth PIKS05 

W*^ Kathleen & Aileen Finnegan San Mateo Cal 

Williams MIM" Tenney (Rhoda Pickering) Stan'08 

P«S783.^"Los Alamos" Tucson Ariz 


Pacific A V 
2425 Piedmont Av 
Berkeley Cal 

Pacific Av 

Williams M" (thos h) (Beatrice G Steele) Sfg. 


MiM" J Wesley Gallagher (Steele) 

WiUiams Lt Wilberforce W-USA.AEF.Uv.Caroi 

po University Club 
Williamson MiM" Alex B-Sfg.Bur.Uv.Pcu. 1723-8 Alameda Cal 


331 Hillside Av 
Piedmont Cal 

WiUiamson MiM" Willard F (Paula Rued) Clt 
Williamson M*" Loma-at Bryn Mawr 

Williar MiM" Henry R (Genevieve Huntsman) Sfg. 

PlK3668Fil . . 2668 VaUejo 

Willis M" Ambrose Madison 58 Liberty 

Willis MiM" David Madison (Klotho Magee) i338d Filbert 

Willis MiM" F Gloucester (Dorothy Cooper) 

P^1K5io8Pros. .2550 Gough 
Wilson Lt&M" Alex A (Marianne Mathieu) USA.Un.Oly. 

Clt.Bhm.Y'io. .840 Powell 
Wilson MiM" Alex W (Rosa Trucker) Fr.Sfg. 

P'^^464iFil. .1925 Gough 

Wilson MiM" Edgar M (Maud Forbes) Pcu.Tc (Belvedere 

Wilson Ens Forbes-USN | Cal 

Wilson MiM" Horace (Mary Agnes)C |P«S5i3iF'klin 

Wilson M' Allen K ir-9.Q4..B^sh 

Digitized b\ 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 


Wilson MiM" James K (Harriet Brown) C.Tc. I P^S6isWest 

M" Randall C Stoney (Wilson) I3196 Pacific Av 

Wilson MiM" John C (Aileen Code) Burlingame Cal 

Wilson M" John Scott (Mary Hutchinson) P«S8Fil 

Wilson MiM" Sam'l M Jr (Florence de Paoli) 3640 

MiM" Walter A Greer (Wilson) Wash'n 

Wilson M'- Toy (late Wm A) Married at Berkeley Cal 

Perry M' Warren Jly 31 

Wilson MiM"MountfordS(FloraH Carroll) IP^^237i. ."Midoaks" 
JJS» ffRusselljT-Bnr . .[Bhm.Bur.Uv.Pcu.Fr. | Burlingame Cal 
Wilson MiM" Mountford S Jr (Kathleen Bell) Bur.Y'17 

Copper Cliff Ont 
Wilson M" Ramon E(Regina E)C. .P*^^5376Pros. . 1242 Taylor 
Wilson M" Russell J(JosephineFKing)Fr.Bur . . I P^«S 1 2F'klin 

MiM" George L Cadwalader (Wilson). . . . .I1942 Pacific Av 
Wilson M" William A (Jessey Montealegre) 

P^«22i96w. .2738 Parker Berkeley Cal 

337 Hillside A V 
Piedmont Cal 

Wingate MiM" C Birkmyre (Grace Berry) 

JSS. tf" Barbara S & M' Harold B . 
Winship Lt & M" Emory (Katherine Dillon) USN.Pcu.Sfg. 

Bur.Tc.Fr.. Macon Ga 

Wintringham M" Thomas-Fr.Tc I San Rafael 

Wintringh^ M*" Gewgia-Fr . .^ | Cal 

" P^«Si3o 

2301 Durant 



Witter M" WiUis G (Elizabeth G) 

Witter M'" EUzabeth 

Witter Lt&M" Guy (Helen Funke) USA 

Witter Capt&M" Dean (Helen Perkins) USA. 

Wolfe Capt&M" Orrin R (Mabel Watkins) USA . . i . . see DSlS. 

Wolff MiM" Cari (Sydney A Davis) Fr.Caros. . San Mateo Cal 

Wolff M"" William-Oly. & Geo W 596-37 Piedmont Cal 

Wood MiM" Baldwin(Gertrude H Smith)Bur.Pcu.Uv.H'o6 

P''«293S. .San Mateo Cal 
Wood MiM" Samuel Austin (Romola Bigelow)C.53 Presidio Av 

Wood Ens&M" Valentine (Grace G Dud- 
ley) USN. 
M" A Palmer Dudley (Coon-Cassandra 



7120 Cresheim Rd 



Wood M" Wm S (Mary Baldwin) C.Fr 18 Presidio Ter 


Domici^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Woodhouse Mill" W Roy (Frances M Stewart). .Branscom Cal 
Woodruff W Sidney H-Pcu.Elbf . . /'Woodmere'' Sawtelle Cal 


Redwood City 



Woods MiM" Chas M (Kate C Gunn)Bhm.Tc. 

M" James O'BrieirGunn (Shaffer) 

M"" Edw & Eckel Gunn 

Woods MiM" Fred'k N (Frances H Newhall) 

P^^2i49Fil. .2950 Pacific Av 

Woods M" Herbert T (Inez Thorn) see DSSdZ. 

Woods M*"- Maud N-Cd.Dar. & Lottie G-Cd.Dar. P^1JS886West 

Woods M*" Dorothy J-Cd.Dar 2000 

Woods M' Frank M CaUfomia 

Woods MiM" Robert J (Mary W Peters) Sfg.Tc. . P^«Si34iWest 

M" Charles R Peters (Mary Warrin) . 
Woodward MiM"ThosPatterson(AnneCSpain) Cal' 73 . 
Woodward MiM" Rob't Spain (Hazel Cook) 

M" Ethel W Glenn (Ethel Woodward) 

Woodworth M"(seHm E)(Carrie Wethered)absent . 

Woodworth M'" Dorothy E 

Woodworth Ens Sehm E-USN. & M' Wethered- 

MiM" Hy F Martinez . {USMC 

M' Lewin W Martinez . 
Worth MiM"FrancisAlvin(ElizabethMWoods)Sfg.'DealKentEng 
Wotkins M" Edith M (Edith M Redding) . : . .see A P Redding 
Wright MajAllenG-USA.Uv.Sfg.01y.PǤ2684West. i yoaGough 

3555 Clay 


2329 Prospect 
Berkeley Cal 

Wright M" Cyrus S (Emma A Gray) 

Wright MiM" Harold L (Florence Field) 

Wright MiM" Edw C (Corennah Wilson) C.Bhm. 

Wright DiM" Harold Walgrove (Ella B Throck- 
morton) cro5 

M" William Dilmore (Mary L Throckmorton) 
Wright M" Irving (Edith Mac Fadyen)Fr. . 

Wright M' C Irving-Pcu.Uv.Clt.H'98 

J^n M'- Katherine 

Wright M" J T-Eb 

MiM" Thomas Pheby (Wright) 

Wright M" John A (EUzabeth H Strother) 

Wright M^"" Sarah S & EUzabeth F 

JS^„ M' John S 

2700 Lyon 

. Hotel Clift 

Fortieth Av 

1405 Van Ness Av 

1 52 1 Madison 
Oakland Cal 

( CaUfomia 

' Di^ittzed-b^ 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 121 

Wright M" John B-Fr.C P^^S47ooPros. .Clift Hotel 

Wright MiM" John W (Annie Penn) Tc.Bhm . . . 

Wright M' Harvey-USA.AEF Hotel Monroe 

Wright Lt Edgerton-USA.AC.AEF 

Wright MiM" Kirkham (Millie Langley) C 2800 Green 

Wright M" Selden^S (Joanna Maynard) P^«S666oF'klin 

Wright IT" Nannie 910 

Wright M' Ralph K-Oly Lombard 

Wyman Lt&M" Oliver B (Cora M Otis) USA.SC. 

see D^^X Lt.AEF 

Wynne M" C Mezes Philips (Carmelita C'Mezes) 2020 

Wynne Lt Edw Cyril-USA.AEF. & M' Sidney M-USN. Vallejo 
Yeazell MiM" Harry Akin (Cornelia S Campbell) Cal'gs 

P«;82 . . 58 Miller Av Sausalito Cal 

Yerxa MIM" Max (Charlotte L Tuttle) Colusa Cal 

Yerington M" Hy M (Clara V Bender) Fr. 

P*1SS39ooKeamy. .Fairmont Hotel 
Yerington D»M" Herbert H (Hamilton-Mabel Dodge) 

78 Twenty-fifth Av 
York MiM" Bertrand L (Ruth Sadler) Ath.Caroa 

P^«S9396 . . 757 Lerida Av Oakland Cal 

Yost M" Mary E (Mary E Ormsby) I103 Plaza Drive 

Yost D' John-Uv.-at University Club 1 Berkeley Cal 

Yost MiM" Paul Kirkwood (Amy H Hill) Cal'08 

P^S3^38w. .2509 Hillegass Av Berkeley Cal 

Bellevue Hotel 

Young M"* Harry H & Fred'k J . 

M" Stafford Parker (Louise Young) 

Yotmg M' John absent 

Young MiM" Philip (Ella M Bender) 

po 1 7 18 Eucinal Av Ald.meda Cal 
Younger MiM" Edw A (Pauline A Russell) Sfg.Uv.Fr. Fairmont 

M" M E Russell [Car79 Hotel 

Younger DiM" William (Virginia T) 3466 Jackson 

Zane tf" Elizabeth P^«S39obKeamy . .Fairmont Hotel 

Zane MiM" Franklin A (Harriett Coleman) .... [Redwood City 

JgS. M'" Harriett | Cal 

Zeile M" Frederick W (Ida M) P^«Si22Pros. . 1050 Green 

Zeile M' John-Pcu.Car98 Pacific Union Club 

Zeile M'" Marion-Sfg.Fr P^«S39ooKeamy . ,Fai^ont^tel 

122 DomiciL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Zook Judge&M" Edgar T (Ruth Slack) Fr.Caroi 

245 Laurel PI San Rafael Cal 
Zook IT Frank K 710 Mission Av San Rafael Cal 

Digitized by 


Marriages of 1918. 

For details see the April, July or this, the November issue, indicated by the 
small letters a, j or n. 

* An asterisk precedes the bride* s name. 

a. •Adair. . . .Houghton 

ji.*Adler Elkins 

n. .Allen *Dooley 

n. Allen *Perkins 

n.*Andrews Foute 

a. .Austin. . . *Tallant 
a.*Baker. . .McComas 
n.*Baker. . . .MacLeod 
j . . Baker. . .♦Vanderbilt 
a. .BaUentine .*Christy 
n..Bartlett. . .*Doyle 
j . *Beaver. Van Sicklen 
n. .Bdshaw. .*Spencer 
n. *Bertheau . McCurdie 

a.*Bliss Fuller 

n.*Bond Strout 

j . *Bothin Lyman 

a.*Boyd Payne 

j . . Buckley. . .*Murray 

j.*Bull Bullard 

a.. Bull *Ewell 

j.. Bullard *BuU 

n..BuUitt *Selby 

j . .Capwell. . .*Webber 
n. .Carolan. . .*Jouand 
n. *Chamberlain 

a.*Christy. .Ballentine 

j.*Cohen Gilliland 

a..Colfeton. . .*Moore 

a. . Cooley Craig 

a. .Craig *Cooley 

j.*Crocker. .de Limur 
n.*Currey. . .Heilbron 

a.. Davis *Porter 

n.*Deane. . . .Morbio 
a.*De Fremery 


a.. Degener *Glenn 

n. .de Laveaga 

♦Buff urn Limur..*Crocker 
n.*De Pue. .Matthews 

n.*DeSabla Lyle 

j.*Detrick. .Holbrook 
n.*de Young. . .Tucker 

n.*Dooley Allen 

a.. Dow. . . .*Henshaw 
n.*Doyle. . . .Bartlett 

j . *Easton Eaton 

j . .Eaton *Easton 

n. .Elkins *Adler 

n.*Ellicott Watson 

n. .Ely *Plum 

a. .Erskine *Ward 

a.*Ewell Bull 

a.. Foster. . .*Oversett 
n. .Foute. . .*Andrews 

a.. Fuller *Bliss 

a.*Funke Witter 

a.. Gage ♦Seaton 

a.. Gage *Steffens 

n. *Gardner. .Hellmann 
a. . Garthwait. . .*Hook 

a..Gerstle. . .*Mercier 
n. .Gildersleeve 

j.. Gilliland. . .*Cohen 
a.*Glenn. . . .Degener 
n.*Goodbe. . .Self ridge 

a.. Grant *Ward 

n. .Grant. . . .*Wilkins 
a..Grubb. .*McAllister 
n.*Haas. . . .Koshland 

a.*Hall Weeks 

n. .Hammon. . .*Pierce 
n. Hardin. . .*Lathrop 
a.*Harrington. .Tuttle 

n.*Harris Mhoon 

n.*Havemeyer. .Otwell 

a. . Havens *Lee 

n. .Heilbron. . *Currey 
n. Hellmann *Gardner 

a.*Henshaw Dow 

a. . Hoisholt 

*De Fremery 
j . . Holbrook. .*Detrick 
a.*Hook. . .Garthwait 
a. . Hooper *Morehouse 
a.*Hooper. .O'Stillivan 
a. . Houghton. . .*Adair 

n. .♦House Judd 

j . *Tanson .Van Winkle 
a.. Jones. . .*Overberry 
n.* Jones. . . .Ra3rmond 
n.*Jouand. . . .Carolan 

n. .Judd *House 

n. .Kales. . .*McK«izie 

n. .Koshland *Haas 

j.*Koshland. . . .Sloss 
n.*Lathrop. . . .Hardin 

a.*Lee Havens 

j . *Long Sutton 

j . . Lyman. . . .*Bothin 
a.*McAllister. . .Grubb 
a. . McComas. .*Baker 
n. McCvirdie 

n..McEh-ath. ..*Smilie 
n.*McKenzie. . .Kales 
j . •Macondray. .Kaime 
a. . Mailliard *Wheaton 


DoSSJifes And Locater Insure Accuracy 

n. .Martin. . .*Riddick 
n. .Matthews. .*DePue 
a.*Mercier. . . .Gerstle 
n. .Mhoon. . . .*Harris 
a.*Moore. . . .Colfeton 
n. .Morbio. . . .*Deane 
a.*Morehouse . Hooper 
n. .Morrow 

j.*Murray. . .Buckley 
n. .Norris. . . . *Sharon 
a. . O'Sulliyan *Hooper 
a. *Overberry . . .Jones 
a.*Oversett. . . .Foster 
j.*Owens. . . .Barnard 

a. . Payne *Boyd 

n.*Perkins Allen 

n. .Perry * Wilson 

n.*Pierce. . . .Hammon 

n.*Plum Ely 

a.*Ponting Rose 

a.*Porter Davis 

n. .Raymond. . .* Jones 
n.*Riddick. . . .Martin 

a.*Rolph Finnell 

a. .Rose *Ponting 

j.*Rucker. . . .Spieker 

n.*Searles Smith 

a.*Seaton Gage 

n.*Selby Bullitt 

n. .Self ridge. .*Goodbe 

n.*Sharon Norris 

a..Shiels *Shiels 

a.*Shiels Shiels 

j . .Sloss. . . .*Koshland 
n.*Smilie. . .McEkath 

n. .Smith *Searles 

n.*Spencer. . .Belshaw 
j . . Spieker. . . .*Rucker 

a.*Steffehs Gage 

n. .Strout *Bond 

j . . Sutton *Long 

a.*Tallant. . . .Austin 
a. .Thurston .♦Tilgham 
a.*Tilgham. .Thurston 
n. .Tucker. .*de Young 
a. .Tuttle-:*Harrington 

a.*Tuttle ^erxa 

j , . Van Sicklen 

j . . VanWinkle *Tanson 
n.*von Phul . Trufant 

a.*Ward Erskine 

a.*Ward Grant 

n. .Watson. . . *Ellicott 
j.*Webber. . .Capwell 

a.. Weeks *HaU 

a.*Wheaton Mailliard 

n.*Wilson Perry 

a.. Witter *Funke 

a.. Witter. . . .*Perkins 
a..Yerxa *Tuttle 

Digitized by 


Deaths of 1918. 

For details see the April, July or this, the November issue, indicated by the 
small letters a, j or n. 

The name of a Woman is indicated by an asterisk [*], - "^ 

n. .Adams 
n.* Alexander 
a. . Babcock 
n. .Baker 
a. . Bancroft 
n. .Beaver 
n. .Chamberlain 
a. . Coleman 
j . *de Long 
j . . Deming 
a.*de Yoimg 
j . . Draper 
a. . Everson 
a.. Gage 

n. Harrison 
a. . Havens • 
n. .High 
n. . Hoisholt 
n. Houghton 
n.* Johnson 
a.* Jordan 
j . . Knight 
j. .Lovell 
n. .McNear 
a. . Matson 
j . *Meyer 
n. .Morrow 
j . *Palmer 
a. . Parrott 
n. . Parrott 
a. . Perrin 
a. . Pinckard 
n. .Pinckard 


a. . Pomeroy 



a.. Quay 

n. .Ralston 

a. . Reis 

a. . St John 


a. . Shea 

n. .Sherwood 





a. . Steinhart 




a.. Wilson 

a.* Young 


Digitized by 











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en en en «n tn-^^ 

rt rt CTJ CTJ cg-Oj^ 
TJ *0 *0 tJ *0 "O *o 


xn U U ^ 

MlwiSs San Francisco 1919 


J? c sin 13 

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a> ^ 4j 'OJ 4> 

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a> a> 4> 4> 0^ 

C C i-> Wi u Ui wi 

4> O 4i> 4^ Q^ 4^ 4> 


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a; s o* m 

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;i; CO o 1^ 5" ^T" ' 

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oJ 5 bo i: .52 "'' 

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WiS rt g CO 

'S S'c «'.2> 

cO cO cO CO CO 
O) 0) 4> 0) a> 


DoodettM And Locater Insure Accuracy 

Si ^ 

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- CO oo ti 



6d(5(56a 55 






fr! S • - 

.S • «« • "tS 

s ^ ^ ^ V "^ 

U U I; S W M 

CO C« Cdr*^ C« C« 


■ c c*'* 

tfi tn Vt ^^ ma 

O O O > > 
O O p O O 

Ih b« Wi ^ h« 


MJidCTs San Francisco 1919 129 


uu uuuuuuuuuuuu JUUU u UUUouUUUU 

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i And Loeatrr Insart Aceuracv 

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U U U U U 

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•3 M ca ca 


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♦jJS'O 2.2 •• ■* •" 

MSidral San Francisco 1919 




S.S. 5.22.5^ S 


O O O-O 

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> «^ 4> «^ o o«2:>— » V 

000000 OOuu 

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'C.S 'tA 

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Domicues And Locatcr Insure Accuracy 

n fi 4) C k4 S3 t 


;^||c3u2 J 


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rt u, S 3 O O O 
•«;< CL. fti ,#> •«-» ♦-• *^ 

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MSmi^s San Francisco 1919 


1^1 1 



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•"• C C B r^ T2 

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DonJSKe And Locater Insure Accuracy 

111 1 

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•OXJ COG *--g 

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us o 

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'5=3 S^S G 3 S> <« O-C 

G C 





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rt ol rt 

J '2 1= ^ ft .^ J? Z> u rt *:? 

S3 J; 5 


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Ini (O CO 

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• ss 2 o 3 n « 
•S G *i 2 ai^>n 

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*pa * • 

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G G C G G 

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i-1 "* ^ -iT* *t '■^ «« 

, 4^=5 

V' O ^^ ''^ ^^ ft V' ^H I 


4-* <«-» ♦rf <«-» •«-* 

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hhKPh hCK 







"1 o .2 S» *>^ S 
S 3 «*Ir»2 c «2 


s S rt 


•I'm «o 

9 3 S 

MSidens San Francisco 1919 




9J OT 


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c c o 
S V u 

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4> a> V 

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2^ bobo.^ 
J3 c c :3 


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rtj5 "p to 

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•r; CO Ui u t^ 

S5 ♦a ^-» 4j 2 

ed c3 c4 CO <^ 

H-1 H-lJJiJ 

;S« : • 

CO U 4^ C 

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10 to 


C . 



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10 to c 

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CO rt C P 

5^ & 



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„ § ff^ en « 



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•S ^ ■'-7'->< • 

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SI K !^ 
Jg O ec 



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q eS ?!=t3 c 

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rt (0.2 <u 

.Ss= E 5 


DooScSb And Locater Insure Accuracy 






o <j 

O V 

Q :u 

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4> c; c> '— * 


< O V O 

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m M b c V 
•S C «> o C 

e-a S « " 
o-e 5- « «» 

-■ «•— 

*! « fc i> 

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S S S g^.-n-c 

-c5.S c c.S.S' 

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u u ^ Im u u u 
CO c« ca (0 c« e« (« 


1 -^wl^ 

W c c g 2 S 

CO o) en 52 4^ ^ 

CO eO CO *5 •* ^ 

- ^ a S ««^§ 

• C <0 O C,5 CO 

• '^ CO 

(^ V4 1^ U t* 1^ O) 


«- s » 
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'•: M 


S S S 









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5: Crt CO c*zj u c o 

-•*•* -is 


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U <J <J 


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cOcOcOrtCt rars" tgro 

C**- *J t- as 

ca 9-0-3 S 
g nan: c p* 

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h C 5 h .22 C C C 
Ceo >'cO -; •§ « 

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p v'^pqi*; o.E 

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u o u u 

MSId^a San Francisco 1919 


C li « C fQ «« *> fl^O C 








W to 

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:2; 12; ;2:2: 

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"^K -(xi :^|. 

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u u u* vi vi tn 


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U- M (0 

5« IH « 

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'o : . 

ti'-' o 
<u to o 

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•pi ' : 

•0 53 t'J 

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0*0 'o "ftJ 

O (J u a 

2S g 


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, in C *^ 

I 00 o 

O (0 


N to 

aj CO H 

I ; :^^, 

o .ti S S c 
V a> 4> V a> 

r3 4> 4> > 

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o g «^ 
Ui con 

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•^ o o 

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.^ c c 

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my U 

:2:^;z;o 00 o 

S >s CM?; 


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bOb* u 
u 1.1 ^ 



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s?„ § § §t: s s I § 

M 3! 9 3 9 $SS ^ b 


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o o o i-i C ««r^ C v^ 

>>2 « X C O 

ii Ji o o o ±i 
• • « 3 

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a> a; c> o 4^ 


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-• u 1^ 

4> t» -• 

? tj 2 f^rs 

,0 W G^ 

O B 


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fc rt O^ 8 _ 

«> C G J* i4 (» «> 
•e 3 X S t'^'S ^ 

rt -J a> 

4J OJ (L> CA CO Mt O "G JZ *C *G 

.M ,^4 viii* J!S vS '[J '*^ W 000 

lllsllls III s:is:g s 


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cd cd ed*^ <u ti rt 

u u cA bcrS 

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g 0|ii§| 

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c« »5!^H O^ t) 

>«'^ -"i S 

CO C 4> vG 

•^ O G 

« o j: cd 

J; I- V fayo 
O O ^ u 

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•o-o c C . 


• 1-1 (J V 

"o 5 & 


I>iii<5« Ajii Lf^^ablj^ l3ifiir<c^ JLocET^r^ 


:^-^ ^ 

:« « a=— ^-^^'^- 

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g • -r o«CQ 2 

--- - i " ** 

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'i' ^r* 


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4> 09 






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JU U u'h U In u 
« ^ ^ :^ ^^^ <« 

cj oj 4; JlJ 

04 0*01.04 

MSideni San Francisco 1919 


.S o 

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J:g o rt rt 
Q 3 . • 

•5 > 



4> « C C >*t5 ^ CO 
t>0'a O O *» -s P « ^- 



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flj ilt »\ <1> A> OJ <tl «k «t 


,BJS ■ ooOOOOOs n 

mm mmmmmmmwi^jim m 

q3 S'oJ QJI) 0^ 4) V V 





•0 *-• c 

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Q : *.^ 

to to u <u 
O O i3 3 

4>.S tr; 


>» (rt to 

C to w 
3 3 3 

C C4 

3 VV 

I -a 2 9* 9* CI4 bo -o 

i^ l^ rri m ^ .—i -t-t o 

«J «- 3 


4) 4> 4> 

(O co to 

to to CO 

3 3 3 

2.2 o 


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Im i-i w -. -z; 


rt cj *^ 


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-^^^ ^bfii^^w'S's 

« 3 i*-a «» 2 c 



e B 


to CO 

to to 

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«^ CO « u u 

•c-S S o « 
> Spq ^-5 

J^^ 6 to c 

2 2 

E -^ 

3 -^ 

O 4> 





ujr bo C 

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2 w «-^ 
: bo tfi o 


3 o o q 

Ji O O *> 

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f mm 

s c 

4> o 

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.S 3, 



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•O 0^ 

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8 § 

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•J 0^ C 

D. CO to 



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©•^ 3 

CO 4) V 






P!{ Pit Qsipei 

•O rtS 

S <u 4> a> 4; 

M 4> 4) OJ to ^ 

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•O'O'ona CO CO S'W 
a> V o a> &».5 


DobmSSm And Locater Insure Accuracy 


V V V *9 

€f ^ ij ^ t>«>:^*-:^ *s;oOOoOOOO 



c c n^ h 

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c <2 






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O O 
u u 


(Solas'- • %'-^„M'^- 

• M F . <«^ rt CO o 

W S 3 V* 

(d cd c^ V 

c . ^. __ 

^ U^ I-. V « 

o o o o t ^- 

J3 o 



cd O 


2 S E c 

M E E E 


P-J? o, 







MSSJns San Francisco 1919 


M w 4) 4> V 0, 
3 3 O 5 S S 


« _ 

V c o 

9 9 9 

2 o y c «> 

U flt 4> c<-^ 

< .5? I- «w o 

«SS »^ .-* 2 __ 



! C C C C C 

o o o o 

5|t :^Sfi£o 

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o o o O u 




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.a S 

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4> O 



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5 3 
1/3 CO 

c cU 

rt rt _^ 

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9 9^ 

T!*^ • • • 



.5 -o 

■o :6j 


;:r'0 u CO 0=5 i> t> 

^ o 

9 9 rt g *:S' 

C B CO S li 

9^9 ^^<? 

c/) C/) C/5 C/5 H H 

^.2 03 

^■X! 9 


T* ^s . • flj 


r3 CO rt Cd CO 

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s s 
t^ ^ 



Oomiciieg And Locatcr Insure Accuracy 


(tf (tf c9 (tf <t5 ft ctS (tf (0 (tf 


?= S rSfe^cd 

*0 00 Ij Irt O 4> Ctf 

•o MTu'rt o « c« cd « 5> 
S * c > •o'C P <-► 9«i! 

a?*-? C-? 


c a 
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S.'S E S S ale's t g.* ^ B.2 S g-S is aj 


rt (t5 cS (0 (4 ctf c4 

8 2 





o «) 

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2 *» rt' 

till f«iiii^(Si|ii||| 

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"O-rj « 2 c 



t* b ^ u 


00000000 ooooooooooo 


CO M a> cs S S 
c^ (4*0 tA bo to 
Co n] cd (4 cO cs 

b s^ 



»^ 6 *s 

2 o 


^B 6 







oocSooooooo 00 o ocS 00 cSocSo 


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c4 cd • 

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is' C cd 
OJ Cd N 

UJfil JW. 

• •« B r^ i<4 

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v (^ a> V 

4rf Cy ••J . 


3^ g,^'-;3 

3 >» fj 73 'c3 "(3 



, Cfl 

6 S 

W ^ 

Cfl 4> 

C0.« . 
«0 CO 

PQ 43 

.IP, 4^ 

2^' is 

373 CO 


. o o 


u C CO 

V 4> C 

ed o > 

CO to V} 

B C C 


^ .. .. E|^ - . 




c c 
50 o o 


■° **.9 

2 5 

5 V o 

5 ** •».£ 
!,2 t5 F 

obb 000000 

MUd^ San Francisco 1919 


iS ? 

o 0*33 o 



4> V 4> 0) a; a> a> 


c ^u ?i 

Ct y. Cd 

U ^ U 

<=> S 2 

o o o 

. . • aJ tn G 
^ . ed » u ^ 

(/} CO V] ^ U3 

b.s.s.s S.E 

Q O, a ex o. =:^ 

o o o c - ^ 

C C 


o o 

ffiffiffi Wffiffi:£;^:z ffiffi 

Q« O. U 


1 -hB 

A S8« 



t2 ^ 

o « 

•3 -M +J 



L. L, 4^ 

00 1^ 

■.1i « *-• c c 


iEsb: £53 


I 6 (« 

2> c 
2 M 





-it ' -MS' 



cd c« 

s5 s 

<S*^ cd 

S g ^ 

<g cd cd 


rt «-^- 


k^xr C C 

<i^ «^ J* 2 3 


en cd 

J2 -25 WJ OB 

^>.^ Cd • : S5 o 
§,1dr3 C cj^ 

•ft ^«3 rtr; 

<-> cd.OJ3te 

.tJ o-o O O 

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o s 


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cdcdcdcd4;a>a) <u a v i> ^ o 


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32 6<:cL, 

||«SS g § 

Wi b C C b« u u 

f< cd cd cd cd cd cd 


S g O O 

h * «»^ 
cj ;H 

O S^ Cd 


(0 to (o en 

c c:g 

Cd O 


■^ S h! 

V u 


,25 Cd 





^ Ji Si G 

cq .U»-JpQ 

I . • 4> 
T3 "5" W 

hhHhHHHh +^ 

UWiImI^ImI-iIh U 

cd Cd cd c^ 

cd cd cd cd 

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cd cd .-d 

X MH K OhhMhh 

O CO 2 

o c c 

cd cd cd 



o 4»n: 

CO (O "% 


•S Sb 

•c.5.*s o 

^ cd *y/l 

CO 2 ^ JC 
«^ cd cd <5 


DomicKe And Locater Insure Accuracy 




. 3j :-sg 

h « T ^ 

- •5< 


t^5 '_• 

^ ^ V V m 


.5 5<f. 

;^ C ^'J C C « V 


><■ .JrtW 

i2 3 >» 



» 3 Oj Cfl rt qj^ 41 

^ i^i: «- Eft tf 

C J3 o if* 



- c c t; c oii: 


5 c3 <« 


s <3 

W to 




^ u a 

3 3 

ffl : 


O O O 


3 S 



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Ui CO CO^Jb< 

OJ V 1> o u 

> > >. rt CO 

S S C 
o) (O > 

<« cd cd 

03 a> o 

a c c B c 

o o o o o 

M (O M (O CO 

c c q c c 

o o o o o 

•S • -w «rS§ • 

^ a> oj 



O O O O O O O 


rt cd'-' 
3 3 S 



fli CQ ^ 

« s III! 

3 S 3 S S 3 

m3 w k w w w 












c c 

3 9 








S «" 2 

9 *3 S 


MSfilSl San Francisco 1919 




•-' en 


- u 

B • • 1 

rt . . i 

cd cd 

C ?. O 

4) OJ O 



e i> 

4> cd 
o o 


I c Si 

iS rt 

1^ . < 

J3 K >.>> 


cd cd cd 
cj o o 



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rt c « 

«:> ua .Si 

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4/ O 

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CO o a> JS 

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s 1^ IS s s IS ;ss 

5 C cd t. cd ;3 


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C 0) 


rt to 


a> a> o> 

3 >^£'5 

to to 
O O 

tn bObO.^ 
43 C C 3 


■fli j' . . - cd 


d _ 





c c c 
d=: T^ «o 

t^-o h 2: o 

t? ^ i-i ^ A> ... 

v^<cdcd .Stt^Qbjt: 

bo to CO 

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-. P o «> 

cd u k* M 
** 4^ 4^ ^ 

•n ed^ . 
cd 2 « c 

g & >« 

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CO to M *i 

^co 4; bo 
c 4a c 

73 0) C *2 
^ ^ ^-g 

ti 2 S2 c 

S C C ti 



CO • • ^ 

C/3^ cd • 
0) a; a> «j 

t> i^ C^ M* OJ • 

u ---«.-.«*-- c el's F y 


« O o C rt § g.S2 « O rt 

« o 

•s -g 

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. N 

.si (dS 

;£ jB 43 43 .C 

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'^ C ^- U V M 

<7d ^^j ^ ^n* 4>3 «i> c<i Q |o«m'«i-i O W V O fJQ 

S 22222 2 2 ^fcS^t^wfcStSw 





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Cd fe^-gc 

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S 2^r-j fd cd.2 <U 

■OTi ^ Oi m _ 

u E h £= V -^ 

V a %i V^i^'^ 

c Si e >»"P ti "2 

••COCOCO'** r' *'^ l^ j^ t" ''^ tn 

-t.5*-?* O O O O JCJ 

q *, M (5 rt rt rt 

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\)vmxrin And I>of«t«- Iii*::irr Acrciarr 

<- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^- "^ _ ^—. _. - _ « *•*•«. ^^ 

#« -r: -r: ^^ ^ 



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7 « cs c« « c« 

c *e = c «: c w— "^ ^ 

^o^jt^aj^ Ail 

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Hit I 

^-= 2C 


• c c 

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pch • 

C M C 

-2 oj cU t,^ 
1- 5 ft <^ c 


E? "** 
o K 


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=o*p i^ *;-^ 

Xm ** m ff ti ^ 


z; c:*4Ht v t^ SI 

r N, 



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u o o o^ 

C^ CQ Ol C4 R 

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.S!X =.2 -^ 

J- c « 55 .2 n c c 
eg S'zS o-g g, g 

Sc a> ;i: rs .5; c g 

•25 "-S ;s ii2 JS •* *M 
o « u o o o^ o 



C ** — 

85 = 

III! |<^^.8l 

^:5l2\? I'll 

»- »- ^ «4 A« s 

«> «> !.> 4^ 3 9 ^JS 

O U U u « o o o 

MStdms San Francisco 1919 


e a V C "i '^^ V c*o c ^ 



:!1 2||f i^iiE 


u ^ u w «1 JO 


^ u' 




i:^ 4-» *j ■«-» > 

- e o 

:, u bo 

^ rt cJ 

0) a> 4> V 

bo bobfibc 
(Q c4 c9 (d 

bo o 
1^ •?* 



cd <d 

:2: :z: :2; 

3 2^ 

cd C c« 

Cd •—• 

a; O 



cd }--C 

rji< cd C 
^ c/)vj CO 

'o'o "o 

-G43 43 

^ 2g g 


PQ 3 


1 1 Hi 

.8 nJ .S • -^ 

^< o O c 
c ^^ o 

^ (0,C0 CO CO 

tn'u u 'u'u 



o o 



; < iS *4 
,« 8:2 

cd cd V4 ^ 

U b« ^ »^ 0) 

O OU^ O O 

d • • 

•S "J 2 

' bohJS 

'> s 

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CO ^ 

9 4= 

u u 

o o o 

"tJ cd H 

o 5 <u 

o >»5r 

Sk^ cd 

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c c 

bo o 


r< U CO ti *^Z3 hfi**_W ^ ^ 

^sH^-^s. -s .jiS 


^CO.^.^.wV = CcOoo 

rtj fl>,^,^__i S:C3lS •»«•!-« 
CO M 3 3 3 ?S3^: U U 

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•-H •*=*(/) CdW 

.^ to V <« i; 

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a> 4> a> 4> a> 



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rtJS <U O i2 e«JH* 


^25 S» 2 

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td s^(/)^- 

.T ■ ■ • »v H' */ V «/ ^^-' 

•I II? 11 


.i^ *> Cd 2: « 

u uWTd S 

V ^ -^ «^ V 

•S o o o o 


4^ CO.S 

, _ o o o o 


B o-cii§| 

cd e 43 

bo EU <« 

cd *c (u' ;3 

•*5 O G 

4> 045 cd 

u u <u bo 

§ §s s 


DSiSSa And Locater Insure Accuracy 

gay, .^i,:^ 




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so c 
c 5 •^ •* 



a C cs 

-a M CO c« 


•'5 ^ 

U U 1. v^ = 

&) o 

S cJ2 


m iz S X. 

o o ^s 

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.V) .-• 

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. . c« fc. 

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m ffi 'Ji tn 
fc. ^ u u 
o ^> o a 

4-> •*-• -4^ •«-• 
2>l ^^04 

. ^^ ^^ «^ «^ «ir ^^ *M ^1^ 

S 2 at - 


O «; o 


u u t. 

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im tm Xm im 


3 S 08 Cd 

t- c« C i- < 

S S • ;?- 

^^^ . o ; 

^i— = S : 

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»j t^ 5 « ! 
*- ti >» ^ : 

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J G o 



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c rt s c. 


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a -sea 

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-c c « 

C O— — O OS 

t- • «« c ti 

«> y W 0* >» O 5 

U '-» U O U tfj-9 

u L« u b t. t- J2 

4; &> V u v 0*3 

O U en ^ w 


, o «« 2 

:& :§ 

.as ^Ji 

53 -.sW 


C « 2 

.5P2-3 S-'o 

" tju ! Si* 

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CO o o o 
V a> 4; c; 


•0 CO 
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O 4> 


<-S=5.j; E 

c c c c 'c 

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c ^^ •» > 
c wis >» c 


t/5 • 


-I-, en WJ 
2 C C 

To .o'lSlSl 
: b k. L« u 

I o V c &> 

c JS Jr. c 

•2 -^-rt 

3 C0£ T 
CO «« CO <« 





PQ ^2 

en en «9 coO 

: C C C C 

- t-i u u u t< 

^ a.> oj V 0^ Q^ 

J3.2 « 

a> co CO 

en bo ;s 

3 13 3 

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■ ^ _ — cO 3 

tn o V CO 

CO v;] ■«-• ^M 

O 41 m 0) f^ o 

I ^ L« U^ Wi Im Ui 



8.2.= ^ 

nj CO CO rt 


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u u u u 

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^ c c o 

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u ti ti ti 3 X 

«| «0 CO CO vu 

, ^ tn en 

c C u w, 
>» >»C0 CO 

(0 CO 0^ a> 

MSidena Sail Fraiicisco 1919 


5 c 
•a B 

• • V 

• , CO 

« -s 3 

fin c« 


e« G «-; ^ X 



52; Sp.*.!^' 

.^ J 

.ti < 

G u, 



*; > 4-» +J +J +J +J -4- : ■ - -- 


.Si J 


R u] U 1> 

o ;: 3 


wo t> 
C/)C/) C/3 


u t> u o c 

:/. rj-. 

;=: bo 



>» CO to 

c (o 2 

O Q^ U ^ 


o o :: 3 

7t G U 

u 3 S - -^ 
2 P:5555 

(O CO (O 

3 3 3 

CO 2 c 

boC o 



B B 

CTJ rt 


rt CO 


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,'0 « a> *> c« 

4> • r^ OS rn 
C t ^- a; ^^ 
c3 C C rt *^ 

; (uo o CO CO 

: Ctf -4^ «i> CS (4 


C c;} u 
>» <U O 

c6 (d 
C/3 t/i 

0.5 2 P P c is 


ctf cj etf o <3 <-* «-> 

t/} in i/i {/){/}{/}(/} 

.I" 3 


CO to 

.5.5 r 

o q o 

4) CO M b« 

i id 


'C J> . 

O C3 . 

u ^ '«-* 

>»*^ 6 

S S c 3 

rt <5 «^ *? 



O O 

boh « 

2 c 

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« 22 


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a> o 

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0) 4^ 

•o • i3 o 

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'Jo IS 

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bo bo O 
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; cxi Pi 

S> CO 4-1^ 

8 £!?Sti 
pqO .^ 


.[Xj CO 

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« 0) 5 

Q. (O CO 












G '-V 
>% cd-O 

Cd 4> 4> 









CJ o 

Ji c X43 c 

^S o ao 
rt ofe^.2 

^ 't ^ • <d 




2 !5«»'^ C cd 

^ a; bo bo.t;.^ 

J Z V ^ V V 


I cd <d C ^<; ed 



•D "O eo CO 



D^^ And Locater Insme Accuracy 

-^2 S « c S s' = 

•S '^> -B O -— .- 
rf-S-s M o s: 3 

I! b ^ S: «"!" >» J.-TT 


z:=^ --2 5 sc5-2g«^-r 



— c c 55 ~ * 5 
^ « S ^ V S S 

5 :& 


5 «• Sf " 5^ •* •* 

-3 •• C >. '^ 

o PQ * = 



V O es ss 
^O U.'Z 

5 •.•? • 

w o c 

■r •; o m *-::::= s^ -2: - - 


< ^ 

5g ^ 

* o o S5-2 

JSr S 

•i-S S - t fc i: t ? s « a rt S ^ r r " 5 


•s ."^p^sa 

G _ 

C/)C/}C/1 -'^ 

^ I/) I/) c/: 1/5 (/: t/2 t/i :/: 

^ 6 

c c 
«» o 


_ *- ^ ■** .«S ** 

^ *• 


s = s 


U u e« X 

C rt O O 

%« CO 



5 s *^ 

o o i: 

> 2 


•r: > O o V 



; ^ cd V 


"5 I 

-o S 


c-g o c c 

^i C0 

ce CO 

s:^ «^ 


- = ^ t- 




u i« u 

CO 08 


CM »« 

u u ^ 

2 5 S 

«> V V 


C « O 



c >»» « 

CO wi; 
c .ti ♦* 







c :: 


^ E 
c o 

lA CO 

> cj « 

c o 

CO o 

E > 



3 s 


Rl s 



2 a o 




t3 O S K.N 

r c «.;:.u 

CO - „ 

3 oS 

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CO coco 




-Q O 
V p 



° -« o 

- ill 




E e E E 








MJffins San Francisco 1919 


«| (0 «> >. 

'^ 'in 


s c 


.5 u c c tS 

30 c« rt o 

CO ^ 
«5 tn"" 

•S i 


to b 4>' 

I so 

C oj «« C*** 
cd 4^ a> CO t* W; 

3-C-f5 C c C 

c e C 

=3 -a 


. 3 3 S 5 S 3 3 3 3 




rt^ 2.5 W/^ 

^ * :?.^| 

etfp-H c-2'2 5? V O u 



«- »:■ 

q t*> > rt a> 

O 0) 


tfi CO 

o o 

K3cag|§s|g § 
essefgege e 







3 n g 


6 6^ 




U 4> q 

u . c 

4> C 
.> > 

1/5 en 


S c rt rt 

^ «»r3r^ 

s c c c 

(A tS Z« t^ 

3 3 3 3 

^. ^ -y o 

if c4 

^ c 

.« E 

1^ I- t* 

3 S,cfl 


CQ 3 

^.■3 « « Cs •;3.3 2i-, 

O C 4> 

jT ^ o 

'J3 C 



cd a 

a cd 





K^ c ^ o 2^ <2 






Doaneaes And Locater Insure Accuracy 


S •* w 

c V e 

& 4^ 7 

W to CS 0) 

08 C9 

ill 1-^ 

I J Si si 

6 «-.*: c c c 

cfl te j2 o o o 

;S ^ CO (O O) CO 

t; *i ti C O *. >» 

K_z -« c »- 


"CjC . • • 

o n *5 E 





c c c c c c c 

OOOOOOO w www 
(» CO « « '"JC ^ ^ CD to cr 

S *i c - 

c c c c :^ 

o o c ^ 

CO to r- 

pi V 


c c c 


^ ^iJ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^55^ ^^ 


3 o 73 

- « U C 

•o *- C t- 

. '.Si . rt 

t>^ t» a u 

U >, U L. o 

;z: ^ e« e« 4; 

41 o i> o a> 

c c c c c 

-*-: >»-*-* u t« «n 


^13.SJ « *> 2 

c ♦- ^ -S^ 4J 

.tj : ; s " "" " 

^ . Cd M 

V «> a> 

<d^.o.o ,M w v.^>^^M — .. 
a>4;v4^ o4;4)4;a>4»4»4»a;a> 

4* C fe ♦{ v« O c «> « ♦* CO 

% -5*1 «S 

^ •*• CO «^ 

o cd ^ 
CD ^ cd 

Ji t^ ^ 

C ^ cd C 

S:S2£ 2 2 

C 4> o o o o 

<muu Q Q 

2 «o CO to 


i mmii i i 

*- c "S *-^ 

"60 : u t^ 

Ji ,- . J' rt 


s ^ ^ 

isf .^^ ^ ^ 3 -ao 

_ CQ O (]> ■*-* -t-t -t-ivSv-a 



t$ cold cd cdld cd cd cd cd cd 

=^= h >* 1^ li «« 

3 V-« •- - 3 g 
' C : Cd* . ' .'^ !«5J»-;'^ • 

« - ^ ^ Cd cd «J^ . 

4>.st:.s o o o^ ^ ^ *» 

,(d Cd Cd cd cd Cd cd^cd cd cd Id 4> o 

MSideni San Francisco igig 143 

art »— » bo 50 bo «) »<^ 

5 c« ^ « c ••^•r bo 

^^ ^^^ ^^ > 



. •«» Cu « c • -.ii 

oooooooot .S?.^ 
000 o 00000 *-C 


•5 >»*;wQ^ bo ^23 
S 4>i3 2 P c« 5 3 C 

-•I « S £? tL -13 o o 

j/j|JHhHH-l<;^ CO en CO 

llllll I II D:5i.ize..yG00gk 

144 DomteSs And Locater Insure Accuracy 


ATHENIAN-NILE CLUB Phonel820ak. . 14 & Franklin Oakland Cal 

BOHEMIAN CLUB Post & Taylor 


CENTURY CLUB Franklin & Sutter 

CLAREMONT COUNTRY CLUB Oakland Cal. .see under Golf 


EBELL CLUB Phone3707Oak. . 1440 Harrison Oakland Cal 

President ^'?,'^™ ^, Fegruspn Cor Sec'y Mrs Charles H Rowe 

Vice-Presidents. { JJ^ ^^^^^|f ^^°f Treasurer Mrs Ray E Gibson 

FAMILY THE ; 545 Powell 

President - , Roy M Pike Secretary John R Gwynn 

Vice-President Thos Jennings Treasurer John B Coleman 



OLYMPIC CLUB Postnr Mason 

PACIFIC UNION CLUB 1000 California 

SAN PRANCISCO GOLF & COUNTRY Ingleside San Francisco. .see under Golf 

TOWN ^ COUNTRY CLUB 218 Stockton 

UNIVERSITY CLUB PoweU & California 

Digitized by 


San Francisco Social Register 1919 145 


UNITED STATES GOLP ASSOCIATION. •An asterisk denotes an Active Qub 
President Prederick S Wheeler 120 Bway. N Y 

(Dr Walter S Harban 
Rialto BIdg, St Louis, Mo 

Secretary Howard P Whitney 17 Broad, N Y 

Treasurer Mortimer N Buckner 26 Broad, N Y 

Club. Location. SscRBtARY. Address. 

AGAWAM HUNT, Providence, R L B M Smith P O Box 6, Prov. R I 

ALBANY COUNTRY. Albany. N \ PL Mix. 34 S Pearl. Albany 

ALBEMARLE. W Newton, Mass P M Bohr Allston, Mass 


Albuquerque, N M.Gmver Divine Alboqueroue, N M 

♦ALGONQUIN. Webster Groves, Mo. . . . R A Nickerson 

Boatmen's Bk BIdg. St Louis. Mo 
* ALLEGHENY C'TRY, Sewickley. Pa.. . . .O D Thompson.. Park BIdg. Pittsburgh, Pa 

ALPINE. Fitchburg, Mass Ralph H Pales 805 Main. Fitchburg 

ALTOONA CRICKET. Altoona, Pa H M Chenoweth.Penn R R Co, Altoona, Pa 

ANNANDALE. Pasadena, Cal John Munger. . .221 Boston BIdg. Pasadena 

♦APAWAMIS, Rye, NY Howard EWhite 31 Nassau. N Y 

♦ARCOLA COUNTRY. ArcoU. NT C Wm Woddrop Woolworth BIdg, N Y 

ARDSLEY CLUB. Ardsley-on-Hudson. . .Chas T Russell 16 Dey, N Y 

ARLINGTON, Columbus, O Earl S Davis .Columbua 

ARLMONT. ArUngtOA Hgts, Mass. Jas B Doughty 

.ARONIMINK COUNTRY. ^ ^'^' ^"'**" ^' **"* 

Drexd Hill. Pa , W E Long. ...... 1000 Cheatnyt, Phila. Pa 

ASHEVILLE COUNTRY. AfiheviUft. N C . R H Boyer , Asheviile. N C 

^ATLANTA ATHLETIC, Atlanta, Ga . . John T North- .37 Aubutn Av, Atlanta 

*AUDUBON, New Orleans. La PC Johnson. .P O Box X33t, New Orleana 

AUSTi:a COUNTRY, Austin. Tei .OH Millic^n POBoi S9a, Auilin, Tejt 

♦BALA. West Park, Pbila, Pa. . W B Scott Liberty BIdg. Phila 

*BALTlMOREC06NTRY,RolandPk.Md.Geo A Colston, Roland Pk, Md 

^BALTLTSROU Baltusfol, N J Louis Keller 29 Broadway. N V 

B ANNOC KBURN% Gleo Echo. Md John T Harris. . .The Octavia, Wash. D C 

B ASSROCKS, Gloucester, Mass ..*....... S S Dearboni .... * 9 Mass Av, Boston 

BEAR H ILL. W^Uefield . Ma^s Fred Perrir 30 Park Av . Walst-fieU 

BEAVER MEADOW, Concord, NH FN Udi .Condbrd, N H 


Bedford, N Y. Harold T Wlwte 14 Wall. N Y 

BELLEAIR COUNTRY. BeUealr, Pla. . . .F B Shfinrood BcUeair. Fla 

BELLEVUE. Melrose. Mass Geo H Butters. . P O Box 58. Melrose. Mass 

BELLBVUE COUNTRY. BeUevue. Pa. . .John D Gunn. Bellevue 

BELLPORT. BeUport, LI Benj H Tibbs. . . i BeHport. L I 

BELMONT, Downers Grove, 111 Carl HeuzezL 305 S La SaOe- Chicago 


Belmont, Mass.W N Tuller Tremont BIdg. Boston 

BEN LOMOND, Sagamore, Mass CD Brice Sagamore. Mass 

♦BERESFORD COUNTRY.Beresford.Cal.M H Salz, Merchants Exch. San Pran. Cal 

BERKSHIRE COUNTRY. Reading. Pa.. .Geo W Delaney 157 Douglas. Reading 

BETHLEHEM C'TRY, Bethlehem. N H . Benj Tucker Bethlehem 

♦BEVERLY COUNTRY. Chicago, lU A J Atwatcr.Qigiti^ed.tiy.^Pisher BIdg. Chicago 

146 DonodSes And Locatcr Insure Accuracy 


Binghamton, N Y.C F M iddlebrook. Prospect Av, Bingharaton 

BISMARCK COUNTRY. Bismarck, N D.H S Dobler Bismarck, N D 

♦BLIND BROOK. Portchester, NY J H Staats 17 Battery PI. N Y 


Birmingham. Mich. John W Staley Birmingham. Mich 


Wanwatosa, Wis. Guy P Gregg.182 Wisconsin. Milwaukee.Wis 

♦BOB O'LINK. Chicago, lU G F Goodnow 108 S La Salle. Chicago 

*BON AIR COUNTRY. Manoa, Pa J E Howes 2027 Arch, pffla 


Tarentum. Pa.Oliver C Camp Jr Tarentum, Pa 

♦BRAE BURN C'TRY. W Newton. Mass.Edw F Woods W Newton. Mass 

♦BROADMOOR. Colorado Springs. Col. . Chas L Tutt Colorado Springs, Col 

BROCKTON COUNTRY. Campello.Mass.W R Tufts 365 Copeland, Campello 


Detroit, Mich.A E Michelson Ford Bldg, Detroit 

♦BROOKLAWN C'TRY, Bridgeport, Ct .. W R Webb Bridgeport. Ct 


Glendale. L I. Wm J Myers. 70 Beekman. N Y 


Langhorne, Pa.H P Rothermel Langhome, Pa 

BUFFALO. Buffalo, NY WA Rathmann. . .7th & Mass Avs, Buffalo 


Burlingame, Cal.G L Rathbone Burlingame, Cal 

BUTLER COtJNTR V. Butler. Pa A J Gumpper Box 503. Butler 

•CALUMET COUNTRY, Chkago.IU FE BeU.547 W Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111 

CAMBRIA COUNTRY J C Ogden Johnstown, Pa 

CANnE BROOK COUNTRY. Summit. NT.. Walter G Ubby Summit 

CAPEPEARCOU N TRY. Wilmington.NC.R C James Box 996. Wilmington 

CAPE MAY. Cape May. N J. Hy M Justi . 32 & Spring Garden. Phila, Pa 

CAPITAL CITY CLUB, Atlanta. Ga Edw R Austin Atlanta. Ga 

CAROLINA COUNTRY, Raleigh. N C. . .Thome Clark Box 365. Raleigh 

CENTURY COUNTRY, WbitePlains. N Y.Walter E Beer 52 B'way, N Y 


Charleston, S C.C Deas Gadsden 63 Broad. Charleston 

CHARLOTTE COUNTRY. Charlotte. NCJ M Oldham Charlotte, N C 


Chattanooga, Tenn.S L Probasco Chattanooga 


Garden City. L I.Wm M Cruikshank. 37 Liberty. N Y 

•CHESTNUT HILL. Chealnul HilL Massjas C G Baldwin.96 Crafts Rd.ChestnutHill 

♦CHEVY CHASE, Cbevy Chase. Md Jas H Hayden ChevyChase. Md 

♦CHICAGO, Whoatgn, HI Walter E Faithom Wheaton. Ill 

CHICAGO HEIGHTS COUNTRY, ,, „^ , «« « , . ^.. 

Chicago Hgts, lU.P H Goodmann.UOS Park Av,ChicagoHgts 

♦CINCINNATI, Ciiicinnati, O Edwin U Irwin 330 Walnut, Cincinnati 

♦CLAREM0NTCOUNTRY,0aklaiid,Cal.Chas H Singleton Oakland. Cal 


Clarksburg- W Va.F Hugill Clarksburg 

COH ASSET. No Cohaaaet, Has5. G Glover Crocker 50 Congress, Boston 

COLONIA COUNTRY. Colonia, N J Edward K Cone Colonia, N J 


Colorado Springa, Col.Pierce Kampe.29 N Tejon, Colorado Sprmgs 

Chevy Chase. Md.Arthur B Shelton 719-15, Wash, DC 


Chestniit Hill. Mass. .John W F Kennedy. 198 Dartmouth, Boston 

CONCORD COUNTRY, Concord, Mass. .E D Brooks 81 Main, Concord 

town. N Y. . D T Johnston 149 B'way. N Y 

CORONADO COUNTRY. Coronado. Cal . Y C Ross Coronado 


Northfield. N J .Fred'k C Robbins. 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 147 

COUNTRY OP AUGUSTA. Ga....- M G Ridgely Augusta 

COUNTRY CLUB, Birmingham. Ala DP Dienna Birmingham 

♦COUNTRY CLUB. BrooSine, Mass AW Weld 27 State. Boston 

♦COUNTRY CLUB. BuflEalo. I^ Y T H Wickwire Stn B. Buffalo 

COUNTRY CLUB, Cleveland. O Claude J Peck Stn H Cleveland 

COUNTRY' CLUB. Parminaton, Ct Ernest W Smith. . 18 Asylum. Hartford. Ct 

COUNTRY CLUB. Glen Ridge. N J C L CrosskiU. .546 Maolis Av, Glen Ridge 

COUNTRY CLUB. Greenfield. Mass L J Stoddard Greenfi^d 

COUN TRY CLUB. IndiaaapoUs. Ind Alfred H Johnson. 

US Custom House* Indianapolis 


Grosse Pt Parms. Mich. Geo B Perry Penobscot Bldg, Detroit 

♦COUNTRY CLUB OP LAKEWOOD, N J.Chas L Undley rLakewood 

COUNTRY OP LANSDOWNE, Pa Jos A McKeon. . .PranWin Bk Bldg. Phila 

COUNTRY OP NEW BEDPORD. Mass. .Hy S Knowles New Bedford 

COUNTRY OP NEW CANAAN, Ct . . . .Robert H Bradley 14 WaU. N Y 


Beechwood Blvd.H C Anderson Pittsburgh 

COUNTRY OP PITTSPIELD. Mass W C Kellogg Pittsfield. Mass 

COUNTRY OP RIDGEPIELD. Ct Geo Doubleday Ridgefield, Ct 


Brighton, N YEdw L Williams 

Rochester Tr & Safe Deposit. Rochester 


Scranton Life Ins Bldg. Scranton 

♦COUNTRY OP SPRINGPIELD. Mass. .0 E Hovis 500 Main. Springfield. Mass 

COUNTRY OP TOLEDO. O John Taylor Toledo. O 

COUNTRY OP VIRGINIA,Richmond,Va.H B Pitzgerald Box 1233, Richmond 

COUNTRY OP WATERBURY. Ct S P WiUiams, Jr. .71 HiUside Av. Watcrbury 


Westchester. N Y.Jas T Terry 60 WaU. N Y 

CRESCENT ATHLETIC. Brooklyn. N Y.Prank J Price 129 Pierrepont. Brooklyn 

CROW POINT. Hingham, Mass AH McAloon 4 Winthrop Sq. Boston 

DALLAS COUNTRY, Dallas. Tex Chas C HaU Dallas 

♦DEAL . Deal. N J H W HiU 264 W 23. N Y 


Dedham. Mass. John A Knowles 9 Doane. Boston 

♦DELAVAN COUNTRY, Delavan, Wis. . . W B TyrreU Delavan Wis 


Del Monte, Cal. Emmet S Husted Del Monte 

♦DENVER COUNTRY. Denver. Col John McGowan E & C Bldg. Denver 

♦DETROIT. Detroit, Mich Wm G Lerchen . . . Penobscot Bldg. Detroit 

DICKINSON. Dickinson, N D J W Sturgeon TOickinson 


Ardmore. Okla.A C Straehley Ardmore 

♦DRUID HILLS. Atlanta. Ga Frank Adair Atlanta, Ga 

♦DU BOIS COUNTRY, Du Bois. Pa W T Evans Du Bois, Pa 

DUNWOODIE COUNTRY, Yonkers, NY.D H Thomas Yonkers 


Poughkeepsie, N Y . Morton At water 

35 Market. Poughkeepsie, N Y 

EAGLES-MERE, Eagles-Meye, Pa H L Geyelin Villa Nova Pa 

♦EDGBWATER. Chicago. lU H H Heins 

Harris Tr & Savings Bk. Chicago 

Edgewood Pk, Pa.Emil Loos. Jr. . .214 Dewey Av. Edgewood 

Charleston, W Va. Berkley Minor. Jr Charleston. W Va 

♦EKWANOK COUNTRY, Manchester, Vt.Clarence M Clark Manchester, Vt 

ELGIN COUNTRY. Elgin. Ill C A Stone Elgin 


Woodbrook, Md.J Pennington 330 N Chas, Balto 

ELMHURST, Elmhurst, III Paul Albert 623 S Wabash A v. Chicago 

ELMIRA COUNTRY, Elmira. NY Pred P Jewitt P O Box 15, Elmira 

148 DonSc^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 


Englewood, N J. John Munro P O Box 1781, N Y 

♦ESSEX COUNTY, Manchester, Mass Thoraafi P Beal. Jr Manchester, Mass 

ESSEX COUNTY CTRY. W Orange, N J.Ed H Graves W Orange. N J 

♦EVANSTON, Evanston, 111 HE Lawrcnce.2740 RidgeAv, Evanston. Ill 

♦EXMOOR COUNTRY, Highland Park. Ill.J L Martin Highland Pk. lU 

FAIRMONT COUNTRY. Fairmont, WVa.John H Rock, Jr Fairmont 

♦FAIRVIEW COUNTRY. Elmsford. N Y.Alfons Wile 15th ft Ninth Av. N Y 

FALL RIVER COUNTRY.FallRiver.Mass.N B Borden. Jr 787 High. Fall River 

FLORIDA COUNTRY. Jacksonville. Fla..Wm R McQuaid. 

Bamett Nat'l Bk. Jacksonvaie 

♦PLOSSMOOR COUNTRY.Flossmoor. lU.P L Horton Swift & Co. Chicago 

FLUSHING COUNTRY, Flushing, LI... .Walker A Mantle..l20 Murray La. Flushing 
FOREST HILL FIELD, BeUeville. N J. . .C B Chi8holm.839 Clifton Av. Newark. N J 

♦FOX HILLS. Stapleton. SI...: Geo E Fawcett 45 E 17, N Y 


Framingham. Mass. Schuyler Van Ness Framingham 

PRANKFORD COUNTRY. Frankford.Pa.B R Murray 1131 Foulkrod. Frankford 

♦GARDEN CITY. Garden City. LI George L Hubbell Garden City, L I 


White Plains, N Y.Wm T Hart White Plains 

GENESEE, Rochester, NY Samuel Long Granite Bldg, Rochester 

GENEVA COUNTRY, Geneva, NY A Gregory Rogers Geneva. N Y 


Ft Worth. Tex. A B Richardson Ft Worth. Tex 

GLEN OAK COUNTRY, Wheaton, 111. . . J S Gavin 137 S La Salle. Chicago 

♦GLENVIEW. Golf. Ill Geo F Henneberry 455 W 22. Chicago 

♦GOLF & COUNTRY. Des Moines, la P E Coffee Des Moines 

GOLF & COUNTRY, Great Neck. LI A B Olsen .31 Nassau. N Y 

GREEN HILL. Worcester. Mass ThomasEHolland.CityHall.Worcester.Mass 


Harrison, N Y.Albert T Maurice 35 Nassau, N Y 


Greensburg, Pa.Frank B Miller Greensburg 


Greenwich, Ct .G60 B Carhart 14 Wall, N Y 

♦GULPH MILLS, Gulph Mills, Pa Weston J Hibbs Bridgeport. Pa 

HACKENSACK, Hackensack. N J R L Demorest Hackensack 

HADDON COUNTRY. Haddonfield, N J.Clarance J Hunter .jHaddonfield 


Haeer^to^n. Md . J Frank Ridenour Hagerstown 


Newport News. Va.JPKiesicker.PO Box 344. Newport News.Va 
♦HARRtSBURG PARK, Hamsburs, Pa. . .Geo W Vint..P O Box 271. Harrisburg. Pa 

♦HARTFORD, W Hartrord. Ct John W Joy P O Box 1053, Hartford 

H ATHERLY. N Scituate, Mass. . Borden Covel 141 Milk. Boston 

HAWORTH CLUB, Haworth, N J Walter C Rohdenburg Haworth. N J 

HIGHLAND. Inrlianapolis. Ind. , . . . . M W Pangbom Indianapolis. Ind 

HIGHLAND COUNTRY. Attleboro. Mass.H W Vose .Attleboro 

♦ HIGHLAND COUNTRY, Merlden. Ct. . . C K Decherd Box 464. Merlden 

HIGHLAND PARK. Clevelanc], O F E Kimball 14404 Shaw Av. Cleveland 


Grand Rapids, Mich.H M Freeman Grand Rapids. Mich 


Kansas City, Mo.H C Alley Lathrop Bldg, Kansas City 

♦HINSDALE. Clarendon Hills. Ill A E Cleaves 134 S La Salle. Chicago 

♦HOLLYWOOD, Deal. N J Rob't F Nathan 12 W 44. N Y 

HOMESTEAD. Danvers. Mass Chas C Hills. , .P O Box 23, Peabody. Mass 

HOOSIC-WHISICK CLUB., ^, « ^. „ . , t, t. t,,^ « . 

Ponkapoag. M ass. Rob t Haydock. . . .Exchange Blng. Hoston 

HOUSTON COUNTRY. Houston, Texas.. P B Timpson 119 Main. Houston 


'^ Yof^rs, N Y.H F Knobloch 14 WaU. N Y 


Noble, Pa. Geo H Frazier. . . Digitized i^AoTQEral^hila 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 149 


Huntington. L I.G S Franklin 14 Wall, N Y 


Huntington. L I . A W Campbell . . . . : Huntington, L I 

♦HYANNISPORT. Hyannisport, Mass Frank L Paine Hyannisport 

♦IDLEWILD COUNTRY, Flossmoor, lU. . M M Rothchild 712 Federal, Chicago 

INDIAN HILL. Winnetka. Ill Hathaway Watson. .The Rookery, Chicago 


Manchester, N H.Edw B Stearns Manchester, N H 

rm'ERNESS. Tokdo. O , G A Ford, . . , Dorr St., Toledo. O 

INWOOD COUNTRY, Inwood. LI II Lewine , . . . .Inwood.L I 

ISLAND CLUB. Haverhill, Mass W I Martin, , .22 Wash'n, Haverhill, Mass 

JACKSON PARK. Chicago. Ill A B Cote 1656 E 63. Chicaao 

JEFFERSON CO,, Watertown. NY G G Inijlehart Watcrtown, N Y 

JOHNSTOWN COUNTRV, John5town,Pa,Henry N Roijers Johnstown. Pa 

KAHKWA. Erie. Pa . C F Wntiani^^ 514 Holland, Erie 

KANSAS C^Y COUNTRY. Kaa&iw C y, Mo.P M Mii^t«rti, 

New England Nat'l Bk Bldg, K&nsas City 

KEBO VALLEY. Bar Harbor. Me Geo S Robbins Rose La. Haverford, Pa 

KENILWORTH C'TRY. Newell, W Va.. .G W Durkee P O Box 148, Newell 

KENOSHA COUNTRY, Kenosha. Wis. . .J P Chesebro Kenosha, Wis 

♦KENT COUNTRY. Grand Rapids, Mich.Chas H BenderNat'l City Bk. Grand Rapids 

KERNWOOD COUNTRY, Salem, Mass. .Edw S Goulston 17 Milk. Boston 

KIRKSIDE, Chevy Chase, Md AC WeUs Union Tr Bldg, Washington 


De Kalb-Sycamorc, Ill.W G Smith De Kalb, 111 


Tenafly, N J.T K Baker..^ Tenafly. N J 


White Plains. N Y.D S Edmonds 35 Nassau. N Y 

LA GRANGE COUNTRY, La Grange,Ill.P L Cossitt La Grange 


Lake Geneva, Wis.Hubbard Carpenter. . 440 Wells, Chicago 

LAKE GEORGE, Diamond Pt, N Y Sidney Homer Bolton, N Y 

LAKESIDE COUNTRY, Canton, O R D/Quinn Canton 

LAKEWOOD COUNTRY, Denver, Col. . J B Milton Denver 

LANCASTER COUNTRY, Lancaster. Pa.Geo S Franklin Lancaster 


Bronxville, N Y.Edw T Lawless Bronxville, N Y 

LEICESTER COUNTRY. Leicester, Mass.F Lincoln Powers Leicester, Mass 

LENOX, Lenox, Mass Harris Fahncstock .37 W 52, N Y 

LEXINGTON, Lexington. Mass Wm L Smith Lexington, Mass 

♦LIDO, Long Beach, LI Louis Livingston 16 Wall. N Y 

LITTLE ROCK C'TRY, Little Rock, Ark. Howard H Conley Little Rock 

LONG MEADOW, Lowell, Mass Fred Riley Lowell 


Beverly |Iills, Cal.W A Innes 642 S Bway. Los Angeles 


Pleasant Ridge. O.A W Goldsmith, Jr.St Paul Bldg. Cincinnati 
LOUISVILLE COUNTRY, LouisviUe.Ky . Thos S Tuley. . . . 1318 McHenry, Louisville 

North Glenside. Pa.Wm J Geggis. . .2561 Kensington Av.Phila 

MAHOPAC. Lake Mahqpac, NY Wm C Hynard 39 W 29, N Y 

♦MAIDSTONE CLUB, B Hampton, L I... D W McCord 165 Bway, N Y 

MANHATTAN, Pelham Bay I^rk, N Y. . .Fred'k I Brower 62 Vanderbilt Av. N Y 

MAPLEWOOD C'NTRY.Maplewood.NH.Jas R Scott 194 Riverside Dv. N Y 

MARIN GOLF & COUNTRY, San Rafael. ^ ^ 

Cal.P W Stephenson 165 Kearny, San Fran 

MARINE & FIELD, Brooklyn, NY J H Bogardus 48 WaU, N Y 


Massapequa. L I .Albert H Bartle Massapequa, L I 

♦MAYFIELD COUNTRY. Cleveland. O. . W J Fleming Hilcox Bldg, Cleveland 

MEADOW BROOK, Reading, Mass Arthur Mansfield ^^ Reading 


Charlotte, N. C..E V Pattcrso^i^^'.^^.^yMV^Xharlotte, N C 

ISO DSSSiL And Locater Insure Accuracy 

MEMPHIS COUNTRY. Buntyn. Tenn. . .E E Ellison Buntyn 


Merchantville, N J.Geo P Williams, 

121 Westminster Av, Merchantville 

♦MERION CRICKET. Haverford, Pa WW Montgomery. Jr. 

Morrii Bldg. Philadelphia 

Methuen, Maas.Arthur Sweeney .Lawrence. Mass 

METACOMET, Providence, RI JC Bullock 49 Westminster. Providence 

MIDLAND GOLF, Garden City. LI John K Van Vranken Hempstead. L I 


Blue Island, 111. J H Merrell Peoples Gas Bldg. Chicago 

MIDWICK COUNTRY, Los Angeles, Cal.R M Taylor.Title Ins Bldg. Los Angeles, Col 

Milwaukee, Wis.C P Ilsley. Marshall & Ilsley Bk. Milwatikce 

♦MINIKAHDA, Minneapolis, Minn Hy C Mackall. . Met Life Bldg, Minneapolis 

"MISQUAMrCUT, Watch Hill. R I Thos D Thatcher 762 Cedar. N Y 

♦MOHAWK, Schenectady, NY TA McLoughUn Schenectady, N Y 


Atlantic Highlands, N J.H H Bowtefl 170 Bway. N Y 


Leominster, Mass.E E Whittier Leominster 

MONTCLAIR, Montclair, N J Dallas Plannagan. 20 Broad. N Y 


Coraopolis, Pa.H R McMahon Coraopolis 


Moorestown. N J.Wm H Roberts, Jr. Moorestown 

♦MORRIS COUNTY. Convent. N J P H B Frelinghuysen. . . .32 Liberty. N Y 

MORRISTOWN FIELD. Morristown, N J.Bigelow Watts. . .48 Hill. Morristown, N J 

Bennington. Vt.H C White No Bennington 


Mt Lebanon, Pa. J W McKelvie Dormont. Pa 

MT PLEASANT, Lowell. Mass Benton Mills ^74 Gibson, Lowell 

MT TOM. Holyoke, Mass Sam'l Raynolds Holyoke 

♦MYOPIA HUNT. HamUton, Mass Wm H Seabury 60 State, Boston 

♦NASHUA COUNTRY, Nashua, N H.. . .Rob't French Nashua. N H 


Nashville.Tenn . Drew Rowen.4th & 1st Nat'l Bk. Nashville 

♦NASSAU COUNTRY. Glen Cove, LI.. .Henry C Martin 25 Madison Av. N Y 


Southampton, L I . Dan'l Chauncey 61 Bway, N Y 


New Brunswick. N J. A Wayne Clark New Brunswick. N J 


Whitnesrville. Ct.Geo M Beers. ... 130 Cottage. New Haven 

New Orleans, La. Wm Henderson. ..PC Box 26, New Orleans 

♦NEWPORT COUNTRY. Newport. R I . . H O Havemeyer 129 Front. N Y 

NEW YORK. Van Cortlandt Pk. N Y. . . .H E Back 24 Walker, N Y 


Van Cortlandt Pk, N Y.C A Dailey 600 W 192, N Y 

NORFOLK. Dedham, Mass AW Ryostrom 68 Essex. Boston 

NORFOLK COUNTRY, Norfolk. Va P Gamett Jordan. Norfolk. Va 

NORMANDIE, St. Louis. Mo Otto A Immenhatasen. . .412 N 3. St. Louis 


N Adams. Ma8S.F G Lewis. N Adams 


Northampton. Mass.C A Foster. 

P O Box 385, Northampton. Mass 

Cutchogue, L I.Prank C Barker Mattituck, N Y 

•NORTHHILLSCOUNTRY.EdgeHiU.Pa.Robt H Whipple 5032 Walnut. Germtn 


Warren Pt. Prank W Piaget. 185 Market. Paterson, N J 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 iSi 

NORTHLANDCOUNTRY.Duluth.Mian. J L Mullin Wolvin Bldg. Duluth 


Glen Head, L I.T A Peyser 1 Madison Av, N Y 

NORWOOD. Long Branch, NJ IM Dittenhoefer 32 Bway, N Y 


Oak Bluffs. Mass.C A Boeker. ..155 Westminster. Providence 
OAK HILL COUNTRY, Rochester, N Y. .S J Keanns. . . .Ambrose & Cliff. Rochester 

♦OAKLAND, Bavside, LI CO Arnold. 46 WaU. N Y 

OAKLAND COUNTY, New Orleans, La. .Harry S Kaufman, 

327 Baronne, New Orleans 

♦OAKLEY COUNTRY, Watertown, Mass. G W Cram 38 Lakeview Av. Cambridge 

♦OAKMONT COUNTRY. Oakmont, Pa . . E E Jones Oakmont, Pa 

♦OAK PARK COUNTRY. Oak Park, 111. .J C Bagby Insurance Exchange. Chicago 

♦OAK RIDGE, Tuckahoe, NY H B Davis Tuckahoe, NY 

OAKWOOD CLUB, So Euclid. O Philip Frankel .. Guardian Bldg, Cleveland 

OAKWOOD COUNTRY, Lynchburg. Va . . T B Shackford Lynchburg, Va 

OCEAN COUNTRY, Far Rockaway, L I . .John Marcus .Far Rockaway 

♦OLD ELM, Ft Sheridan. Ill Chas W Folds. . . .208 S La Salle, Chicaga 


Fortress Monroe, Va.Geo F Adams Fortress Monroe. Va 


Jenkintown, Pa. John R Roberts Jenkintown 


Chicago, ni . Chas Beach . . Michigan Blvd Bldg. Chicago 

OMAHA COUNTRY. Benson. Neb R F Burns.New First Nafl Bk Bldg. Omaha 

OMAHA FIELD. Omaha. Neb Wm R Wood 1224 Chicago. Omaha 

ONEIDA COMMUNITY. Kenwood. N Y.E F Kitendaugh Oneida. N Y 


Fayetteville, N Y.A C Stevens 411 S State, Syracuse 

♦ONWENTSIA. Lake Forest, III Chas T Atkinson Lake Forest, 111 

OSWEGO COUNTRY. Oswego. NY D S Gordon 21 Montcalm. Oswego 

♦OVERBROOK, Overbrook, Pa R Y Bernard Land Title Bldg. Phfla 

OWASCO COUNTRY, Auburn. NY Wm P Elder Savings Bk. Auburn 

0XFORDC0UNTRY,ChicopeeFalls,Mass.Guy A Rice Chicopee Falls. Mass 

PALMETTO. Aiken. S C J F Byers Aiken, S C 

♦PARK, Buffalo, NY ME Gregg Buffalo 


Parkersburg, W Va . B R Blackford Parkersburg 

PENSACOLA COUNTRY. Pensacola. Fla. W M McClellan Pensacola. Fla 

PEPPERELL COUNTRY. Pepperell, Mass.E L TarbeU Pepperell 

PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia, Pa H F Shaen Widener Bldg, Philadelphia 

♦PHILADELPHIA COUNTRY, Bala, Pa.C Berkeley Taylor Bala. Pa 


Chestnut Hill, Pa.John H Whittaker, 

Commercial Tr Bldg, Philadelphia 
♦PHILMONT COUNTRY. Philmont, Pa . . Chas E Fox. . . Phila Stock Exch Bldg, Phila 

PINEHURST COUNTRY. Pinehurst, NC.D J Ross Pinehurst 

♦PINE VALLEY, Sumner. N J HX) Street Sumner, N J 

♦PIPING ROCK. Locust Valley, LI Frank L Crocker Locust Valley, L I 

PITTSBURGH FIELD, Pittsburgh. Pa. . . W J Powell Equitable Life, Pittsburgh 

♦PLAINFIELDCOUNTRY.Plai^field.NJ.H W Brower 440 W 8, Plainfield 

PLUM BROOK COUNTRY. Sandusky .O . Geo C Steinemann .Sandusky 

PLYMOUTH COUNTRY. Norristown. Pa.C T Larzelere Norristown 

PLYMOUTH COUNTRY.Plymouth.Mas8.Howard S Avery Plymouth 

PORTAGE COUNTRY. Akron, O L D Brown Akron 


Port Henry, N Y.A E Hodgkins Port Henry, N Y 

PORTLAND COUNTRY. Portland. Me. .Philip I Jones 41 Exchange. Portland 

PORTSMOUTH C'TRY.Portsmouth. N H.A F Redden. .Portsmouth 

POWELTON. Newburgh. NY N Deyo Belknap .Newburgh 

PRESIDIO GOLF, San Francisco. Cal J G Webster, 

1st Natl Bk Bldg; San Francisc(#. Cal 

PRINCETON, Princeton, N J John S Cosgrave Princeton. N J 

♦QUAKER RIDGE. Mamaroncck. N Y. . .Dudley F Sicher,, .,,.£. . .15WilUam.N Y 
RACINE COUNTRY, Racine. Wis A J Lunt. . . 7991".^^ by^dger Bldg. Racine 

152 DoSSyes And Locater Insure Accuracy 


Somerville, N J.E P Johnson, Jr. Somennue, N J 

RAVISLOE COUNTRY, Homewood, 111 . .Edw G FelsenthaL .69 W Waah n, Chicago 

REDLANDS COUNTRY. Redl*nd«, Cal-.John W Gill Redlands 

RED RXJS, Royal Oak. Mich Cbas £ Millpr.Fort & Shelby, Detroit.Mich 

RHODE ISLAN U COUNTRY, Nyatt, R t,E W Brown . . . Grosvenor Bldg. Providence 

•RICHMOND CO.C TRY,Duo£a£LHiHs.SLRAlph Mondl Doagan Hills. 8 I 


Normandy. Mo . Alden H Little 304 N 4. St. Louis 

RIDGE WOOD CLUB, Columbi^i. S C. . . . A C CUrksoti Columbia, S C 

RIDGE WOOD COUNTRY, Ridgewocjd, N J.Lowell Greea .97 Warren. N Y 

RIVERSIDE, R[tfer3ide, Itl, ..tferbert J Campbell Riverside 

RI VERTON COUNTRY. Riverton. N J_L W Colfinps . , Riverton 

R I V E R V I E W. M t Clemens, Mich. , , T J Shoemaker Mt Clemens. Mich 

ROANOKE COUNTRY. Roanoke:, Vik J^hn A Rcid Box 92, Roanoke 

'ROCKAWAY HUNTIMG,Cedarhurat.LLNewbold T Lawrence C^arhurst 


^ Rock Island. m.A J Bftiff Rock Island. lU 

flOC^LANDCOtTNTBY, SparkxlUNY.PJ Frost ..Nyack, NY 

ROCKPORT COU NTRY, Rock part. Mass. Ho ward P Winchesier 65 Kilhy, Boston 

*RUMSON COUNTRY. Rum»o. N J,. ..JAHftskell 1764 Bway, N Y 

RUTLAND COUNTRY. Rutland, Vt . . E S Wright IS Mansfield PI. Rutland 

SADAQUADA, Utita. NY Chas L De Angclis Cottage PI, Utica 

SALEM, Salem. Mass, Xhas H Milktt 28 Briggs, Salem 


SacL Antonto, Tex.E C Tarrant Box 1107, San Antonio 


San Francisco* Cal.R J Woods, . . , . S555 Clay, San Francisco 

SARATOGA* Saratoga Springs. NY.* C B Kilmer Saratoga Springs. N Y 

SAVANNAH. Savannah, Ga . M B Nichols Savannah 

SCARBORO GOLF, Boston. Mass An^fus Cameron 92 Water. Boston 

•SCARSDALB GOLP & COU N TR Y. ^ ,, ^ ^^ ^ ^ 

HartsdaJe. N Y.G A Harsrood. Grand Central Termmal, NY 

Van Cortlandt Pk, N Y C.Edw C Bell 453 Columbus Av. N Y 

SEATTLE, Seattle, Wash Bbenezer Shorrock Seattle 

*SEAVIEW. Absecon. NT Jos A Slattery Land Title Bldg. Phila 

SEGREGANSETT C'TRY,Taunton. Mass. Merle T Barker 19 Main, Taunton 

SEWICKLEY VALLEY, Sewickley, Pa. . . Rob't R Miller Sewickley 

♦SHACKAMAXON COUNTRY ^, , ^ „ ^^,. , 

Westfield, N J.J P Gdlick. 

300 Communipaw.Av, Jersey City, N J 

Warrensville. O. W A Daley . Gilkey Printing Co. Cleveland 

SHARON COUNTRY, Sharon, Mass R A Stetson Sharon 

SHARON COUNTRY, Sharon. Pa John J Green Sharon 

♦SHAWNEE COUNTRY, Shawnee, Pa. . .R S Worthington Shawnee, Pa 


Nftw London, Ct .E C Winchester New London 

♦SHIN MECOCK HILLS, Southampton, L I.Fred 'k A Snow 15 WalU N Y 

*SlWANOY COUNTRY, Mt Vernon, N Y.E W Gordon Mt Vernon 

*SKOKlE COUNTRY, Glencoe. lU. , . . . . . Wm Sutherland 106 S La Salle, Chicago 


SciThom, N Y. Franklin A Plummer 71 Bway. N Y 

E^OUTH SHORE COUNTRY, Chicago. III. Stacy C Mosser 29 S La Salle. Chicago 

?OUTH SllOR T^ FIELD, Day Sbcre. L I. .Jas R Hyde 33 W42. N Y 

SPEEDWAY COUNTRYh Chicago. 111. .. .Frank H Foster.. .Marquette Bldg. Chicago 

SPOKANE COUNTRY. Spokane, Wash. .Frank Sweeny 152 Monroe Av, Spokane 


Wallingford* Pa .John C Taney Ardmore, Pa 


Snnnft Lake. N J.B Y Patterson Spring Lake 


St Albans, L I.Dr Wm V Pascual. 

690 St Marks Av, 5roo>ly». N Y 

San Francisco Social Register 1919 153 

♦ST ANDREWS, Mt Hope. NY PrankHn Coe 8 W 40. N Y 

ST AUGUSTINE, St Augustine. FUk. E R Joyer St Augustine 

ST DAVIDS. St Davids, Pa W L Margcram St Davids, Pa 

*ST LOUIS COUNTRY. Clayton. Mo Thos S McPheetcn. .Rialto Bldg, St Louis 

STAMFORD COUNTRY, Stamford. N Y.Dr John E SaflEord Stamford. N Y 

STANTON HEIGHTS, Pittsburgh. Pa. . . Bruce D Millar. ..246 Third Av. Pittsburgh 

♦STENTON COUNTRY. Phila. Pa J A Ewing 1218 Chestnut. Phfla 

STOCKBRIDGE. Stockbridge. Mass Phillip Blagden Stockbridge 

STORM KING, Cornwall. NY Dr Albert R Ledoux 09 John. NY 

SUBURBAN, Elizabeth, NJ TA Simons 100 First. Elizabeth 


Scarsdale, N Y.Ralph Wolf 115 Bway, N Y 

♦SUNNYBROOK. Philadelphia Evans Randolph 116 S 3. Phila 

SWOPE PARK, Kansas City, Mo E A B ram well . Reliance Bldg. Kansas City 


South Tacoma, Wash. T D Fletcher Fidelity Bldg, Tacoma 

TACONIC CLUB. WilHamstown. Mass. . .Dr F W Olds Williamstown, Mass 

TATNUCK COUNTRY, Worcester, Mass. Clarence S Brigham.34 Cedar. Worcester 
♦TEDESCO C'TRY. Swampscott, Mass. . .Willard FSpalding.ShawmutBkBldg,Boston 

TEKOACOUNTRY, Westfield, Mass Wm F Lyman 2 Main. Westfield 

TENGEGA COUNTRY. Rome. NY EH Ethridge. . .713 N Wash'n, Rome, N Y 

THORNBURGCOUNTRY.Thomburg.Pa.C B Foster Frick Bldg, Pittsburgh 


Alexandria Bay. N Y. 

TOLEDO, Tolfido. O C S Wright Toledo 

TORRESDALE. Torreadale, Pa W M Wilshire Land Title Bldg, Phila 

•TOWN & COUNTRY, St Paul. Minn Fred'k W Bobbctt. Minnesota Club/St Paul 

TOWN & COUNTRY. Lockport, NY P H Balliet Lockport, N Y 

TRENTON COUNTRY. Trcmon. N J. . .W Holt Apgar PO Box 24, Trenton 

TUSCUMBIA, Green Lake. Wis I M Chapel Green Lake, Wis 

*T0XEDO. Tuxedo. NY. Lewis S Morris 32 Liberty, N Y 


Cranford. N J..E E Heston Cranford 


UnlontowTi, Pa .A D Willi ams. . Uniontown, Pa 


Beverly, Mass J Brooks Gilbert 205 Lincoln, Boston 


Upper MontclEiiT. N J, A S ArmaEQae 1123 Bway. N Y 

VAN SCHAICK ISLAND, Truy, N Y. . Jas Htiatly Green Island, N Y 

VESPER COUNTRY. TKinrsboro, Mass. .Andrew G SwappTO Box 977,Lowell.Mass 

VIRGINIA HOT SPRING^, Hot Spgs. Va.Arthtir E Emei^n Hot Springs 

WAMPATUCK COUNTRY,Cftaton.Mass.Perey t Draper Canton, Mass 

WANANGO COU iSfTRY, R^no. Pa R P Birtcil Franklin, Pa 


Rumford. R I.Edw S White. .Bex 1115, Providence, R I 

Washington. Pa.S R Fenner Washington, Pa 


Jewell Stn, VaDion S Bimey 620-11, Wash'n. D C 

WAUMBEK, Jefferson, N H RE Todd Lakewood, N J 

WAVERLY, Portland, Ore C C Overmire Box 94, Portland 

WEE BURN. Noroton, Ct N Hart Sherwood Noroton 


Wellesley Hills. Mass. . Chas E Richardson Wellesley Hills 

WENHAM, Wenham. Mass Louis L Dodge Beverly. Mass 

WESTBROOK Great River, LI C H Jackson 129 Front, N Y 


West Chester. Pa.Benj W Haines. . .* West Chester 

WESTFIELD, Westfield. N J P B Scarflf 35 Nassau. N Y 

♦WEST GOLF & COUNTRY. Milford, la. L E Williams Milford, la 


Glenview. 111. James B Westcott.llOO W Monroe, Chicago 

Vemona, Pa. De Witt Haber Berger Bldg, Pittsburgh 

154 DSSS^ And Locater Insure Accuracy 

WESTON, Weston, Mass P W Batchelder 55 Congress, Boston 

♦WESTWARD HO, CraginStn,Chicago,Ill.J Hughes Cragin Stn. Chicago 

WESTWOOD COUNTRY, Cleveland, O. I E Monks Cleve Naf 1 Bk. Cleveland 

WHEATLEY HILLS, E WilUston, L I . . . . H W Chatfield 16 Dey, N Y 

WHEATON, Wheaton, ni P O Burgess Wheatoh. Ill 

WHEELING COUNTRY,WheeHng.WVa.Clinton CampbeU WheeUng 


Chestnut Hill. Pa.H H Dawson 1535 Chestnut, Phila 


Williamsport, Pa.H C Parsons Williamsport 

♦WILMINGTONCTRY.KennettPike.Del.Caleb M Sheward.PO Box 427. Wilmington 

WINCHESTER C'TRY, Winchester, Mass. Jas Nowell 44 State. Boston 

WINDSOR, Chicago. Ill S H Field 208SLa Salle, Chicago 


Wooiisocket. 1^ I.Geo S Read, Jr. .PO Box 114, Wootisocket 

*WOLL ASTON. Montclair. Mass Sam'l B Reed 108 Water, Boston 

WOODBURY COUNTRY. WoodbMry.KJ.A B Canfield Cooper St. Woodbury 

WOODHAVEN, Woodhaven. LI H Ziesing Woodhaven, L I 

WOO DL AMD, Aubtimtiale, Mass N W Emerson 10 State, Boston 

WOODMERE COUNTRY. Woodmere.Ll.TH Lehman Ill Bway, N Y 

WOODS iiOLEtFa]mH:iuth. Mass D L Whittemore Cambridge, Mass 

WORCESTER, Worcegter. Mass .Chas W Delano 1 Lowell, Worcester 

WYANTENUCK, Gt Barritigfun, M-^.^^ . Edw P Davis Gt Barrington 

*W\^K:aGYL C'TRY. New Rocbclle. N Y.C P OdeU 311 W 43. N Y 


Wi]k<?s-BaiTe, Pa.Edmund E Jones Wilkes-Barre, Pa 

♦YAHNUNDASrS.Utiea, NY P W Owen Liberty St, Utica 

YORK COU NTRV* York, Pa David Rupp York. Pa 


McrKtifisport, Pa.R J Caughey. . .512 Shaw Av, McKeesport 

VnynKstow^i, O.F D Wilkerson Youngstown, O 

•YOUNTAKAH COUNTRY, KutUy. N J .B D Benson 11 Bway, N Y 

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