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Full text of "The Stiles family in America. Genealogies of the Connecticut family. Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn., and of Mr. Francis Stiles, of Windsor and Stratford, Conn., 1635-1894; also the Connecticut New Jersey families, 1720-1894; and the southern (or Bermuda-Georgia) family, 1635-1894. With contributions to the genealogies of some New York and Pennsylvania families .."

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i^n'i^nN99,'rinT,i' PUBLIC LIBRARY 

1833 01433 3592 

?H ty 





DESCENDANTS OF ' ^ , r- , 




JERSEY FAMILIES. 1720-1894; 



Contributions to the Genealogies of some Nev,- Youk ant. 
Pennsylvania Families. 

An Appendix, containing Information Concerning the English 
Families of the Name. 


' lOF New Yobk City. 

!- -■ 

M D., 







' Street. 

. 1 








1369. John Lewis' Stiles, Esq., lll'>5i, (Join, D.: 

Lewis,' Daiiiel," DnriJ-' Imnc,^ Eplirann^- John,' Joint,'') born at 
Allentowu, Pa., May 17, 1<S58 ; married Dec, 1871, Emma Staht. 
He is a lawyer; resides (188o) at AUeutowu, Pa. 

Children: ■ • 

1370. I. Bertha. ''' 

1371. II. Laddie.'" 

1372. in. GiLBEllT. 


FAMILY 170. 
1373. William Asahel' Stiles, jl23G:, (Aunm K.; Am- 

hel,' Asahel,'' ZehecUah,^ Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' John,- John ,^ ) hovn 
Jan. 20, 1858; married May 29, 1883, Mary Hauiiali Brower. 
Is Secretary and Treasurer of the Thorn Wire Hedije Co.; 
is interested in Masonic matters, bein^ a member of Oriental 
Chicago, III, Lodge, F. & A. M.; Lafayette Cha])ter, Pv. A.: 
Palestine Council of Princes, E. ^' S. M.; Apollo Commandery, 
K. T.; Oriental Consistory, S. P. R. S.; 32 deg., and Mediuah 
Temple, A. A. O. X. M. S. . 

1374 L Ethel Buoweu,"' bt)rn March 28, 1884. 

FAMILY 171. 
1375. Oliver Darwiir' Stiles, M. D., |1242|, (Dr. Oliver 

./.,' Jnd(/e Olii-er: Simeon!' Sinu'0)i,' Ephraim,^ Ephrrn'm,' John.' 
John,') born at Ceresco, Mich., Aug. 7. 18-12; after his father's 
death was taken by his mother to Broome Co., X. Y., where she 
married again and took him with her to her new residence at 



Wysox, Br.ulford Co., Pa. In 1861 lie commeneecl the study of 
meJiciue with Dr. D. S. Pratt, of Towamhi, Pa., aud attemled 
medical h^ctnrrs at Philadelphia, where he "graduated at Peuu- 
sylvauia Medical l^niversity, Jan. 24, 1865; and in the followinj^ 
autumn commenced practice at Warren, Pa. In 1866 he 
removed to the borough of Rome, Bradford Co., Pa., and in 
Oct., 1874, he removed to Elmira, N. Y., where he now resides, 
engaged in the practice of medicine, and also in the drug 
business. He married May 9, 1866, Mary E. (eldest daughter 
of L. S.) Chubbuck, of Orwell, Pa. Resides at 365 Davis 
Street, Elmira, X. Y. 

Children : 

1376. I. Darwds Eaton,"' born March 20, 1867; graduated 

from grammar school June, 1883 ; took charge 
of a large retail drug store in Elmira, for three 
years ; and is now in the ministry of the M. E. 

1377. II. Hexky Arthur,'" born April 21, 1869; graduated 

from grammar school 1884 ; is now in the drug 
business in Elmira, N. Y. 

1378. III. Yergie a.,'" born Jan. 9,1871 ; graduated from gram- 
mar school Ju] 
Free Academv. 

mar school June, 1885; graduated at Elmira 

1379. IV. Oliver S.,'" born May 22, 1874; a grammar school 


1380. V. Franklin E.,^" born Sept. 4, 1876; died April 17, 


1381. VI. Lulu E.,"' born Jan. 25, 1879; graduate of grammar 



1382. YII. Wesley Eugexe,'" born .Time 11, 1882. 

1383. VIII. Clara Edna,'" born Oct. 2, 1884. 

FAMILY 172. 
1384. Oliver Jewett' Stiles, ll248|, (Fmul-ih, HfrU-: 

Judge Oliver,' Shueon,'^ Simeon;' Ephraini,' E/>Jir)(ii)i,'' John,' JoJni,^ ) 
born Feb. 21, 1847; married Sept., 187;), Ella II. AVri-lit. at 
Beloit, Wis., where he now (1880) resides. Has a j.;rocery and 
crockery store. He eidisted May 17, ISfU, in the 40th Wis- 
consin (Inf.) Vols, of 100 days' men, who were statit^ued at 
Memphis Tenn., in charge of the fortifications there, while the 
veterans wmt to the fort. 

1385. I. Mary," born May, 1878. 

138(). II. Olara," hovu May, 1881. 




[133— SEE PAGE 105.] 

Contributed by CECIL H. C. HOWARD. Esq., nf the Astor Library, 
New York City. 

Capi'. Eliphaz Hunt, of Coveutry, Conn, (son of .Simeon ami Hannali (Lyman i 
Hunt), married Hannah Stiles, May 21, 17G1. h.sue: 

1. Ebenezer, born July 2, I76ii; p;raduated at Yale Co]le[,'e, 1787; married Anna. 

daughter Eev. Nathan Strong, South Coventry, Sept. 11, 1793 ; died April 
23, 1807. 

2. Emphaz, born April 18, 1772; married April 5. 1804, Anna Phelps, Gilead, 

Conn., died July 23, 1853. 

3. Hannah, born Sept. 30, 177-1; manied John Downer, West Hartford. Vt. ; dird 

Feb. 20, 1847. 

4. Ruth, born July 2, 1779; married Mr. Pomeroy. 

5. Eleazer, born Dee. 28, 1780; married Sybil Pomeroy, Sept -19, 1809; died 

March 14, 1867. 

Ebenezik Hunt, M D. (son of Capt. Eliphaz and Hannah Stiles Hunt), married 
Miss Anna Strong, Sept. U, 179:3. Issif": 

0, Ebenezek, Jr., iHiru June 14, 1794: married Hannah Porter, , 1828. 

7. Esther, boru Jan. 23, 1796; married Kev. Alpha ^liilt-r, March 29. 1807 (no 


8. Anna, born April 14, 1797; married Juo. GilOert, Dec. 1, 1821; died April 9, 


9. Hannah, born , 1799; married Kev. A. Miller. Sept. 20, 1824; dit-d Jan. 

24, 1848. 


10. Nathan- Sikono, born , 1801; married Rhoda Masou (no issue,. 

E^HAZ, son of Capt. EUpbaz and Hanna^ (S.U.) ^^^TrSlls^r l^^t 

11. TK.MBn.., born March 25, 1805; married Agnes Gonld; died .an. 29. 1839. 

12. Makv E..Z. bovn May 3, IBUG; married Abel Howard, Sept 1829; d.ed Jan., 


13. KM,... bov„ Ma«. -2., 180a; .earned Wa,,e Wl.i.e, Oct. 17. .83U-, .H... -.nne 

12, 1880. 
U. J„H. D..WS.,.. born Jnly 3, 1811; ..nrrie.l Mis. Bloo.1; ai«l 18, 1887. 
15. PBE,.ps, born .^ng. 1, 1813; married Sarab Dexter; die.l .^pril 7. 1SS4. 
,e. H...^ Dou.r* bom Jnae 15. 1816; married Rabsel Wa.k.ns, .Inne. IMO. 
„. R„H Po.«o.. bom .T„ne 15, 18^16; married (1) T, Bro.n, Oct., 185»; 
(2) Jos. Strickland, Nov., 18 <2. 

18, SOPHX., bom ,.pril 1, 18.8; married Charie, Whitman, Qnecbee, Vt,. .I;.ne 1. 


19, S..B..B .X».. bom Marcb 5, 1820; married -lo.baa Maxon, Oct, 8, 18W. 

20, EUPH.. ST,..s, bom March 21, 1822; married Emeline, — . 18«. 


H.,»«. daughter Elipba. and Hannab ^«.> «7'',.;'r7' '^l^.^^ZZ 

21. Hannah, married Lucius Hazen, West Hartford, Vt. 

22. RtTTH, married Judge Pierce, Woodstock, Vt. 

23. Stephen, married Caroline Wade; died June, 1886. 

24. Caboline, died unmarried. 


25. Jasos, married Miss Marshani, Baltimore, Md.; 1 (liiusliter. . • 


Eleazek Hint, M. D., sou Eliphaz tmd Hannah (Stilesi Hunt, married Sybil 
Pomerny, Sept. I'.t, 1809. Issuv: 

•26. Ebenezer Kinosbuky, born .\ng. -26, 1810; married Miss Sarah Crosby, June 
13, 1848. 

27 Eleazer Pomeuoy, born June 21, 1814; died unmarried, June, 1872, at Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

28. Mary Elizabeth, born May 9, 1816; died unmarried, Sei)t., 1867. 

29. Ruth Fr.ancis, born July 30, 1830; married N. C. Bo wen, Norwich, Conn.. 

Feb., 1867. 


Ebexezek, Jr.. son of Ebenezer and .\nna (Strong) Hunt, married Hannah 
Porter. Coventry, Conn., 1828. Issue: 

■ 30. Frances, born Oct. 18, 1829; married ; died Sept. 23, 1852. 


AXN-A, daughter Ebenezer and Anna (Strong) Hunt, married John Gilbert, Dec. 
1, 1821. John" Gilbert died Feb 14, 1837; Anna Hunt Gilbert died April 9, 1846. 

31 Uesby Ebenezer Hunt, born Dec 17, 1822; married Miss Kingsbury, 18-51. 
32. Nathan Strong, born Dec. 19, 1821; married Miss Golden, Feb., 1851. 


Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer and Anna (Strong) Hunt; married Rev. Alpha 
Miller, Sept. 30, 1824. Issue: 

33. Fanny Scoville, born July 22. 1825; married Edward Reed, Sept. 27, 1849. 

31. .lostvH, b )ru Mirch 31, 1827; married Virgmia Kirk Haywood, St. Louis, Mo , 
March 31, 1863, 


35. Nathan Strong HrNT, born April 27, 1K29; died Juue C, 183(i. 

ae. Geobue Alpha, bom March 31. 1S31; t,'radu:itea from WilUaiiis College, 1855; 
married Miss Helen S. Wood, Syrucuse. N. Y., St-pt. •2'.l. IHoit. 

37. Ruth Anna, born March IS, 1833; died Jan. 8, 1857. 

38. Mary Eliz.4Beth. born April 8, 1835; married Theron Smith. Brooklyn. N.Y., 

March. 1863; died :March 31, 1867. 

39. David Acstin, born Feb. 19, 1838; died March 17, 1838. 

40. Hannah Hunt, born May 12, 1839; married Judah S. Hall, Lynn, Cnnn., 

Nov. 29, 1862. 

■11. Esther Angeline, born Jan. 12, 1842. 


TRDMsaLL Hunt, son of Eliphaz, Jr.. and Anna (Thelp.s) Hunt, married Aj,'ues 
G6uld, , 1835. Issue : 

42. Caroline Agnes, born Oct. 11, 1836; died April, 1850. 

43. Annie E., born Nov. 7, 1838; married (1) FeV). 7, 1857. .\lonz.. Buffnm, who 

died 1863; married, (2) 18811, S. Stoke. 


Mary Eliza, daughter Eliphaz, Jr.. and Anna (Phelps) Hun', married Abel 
Howard, Pomfret, Vt., Sept. 1, 1829 (Sunday). Abel Howard, died in Hartford, Vt.. 
Sept. 30, 1885, aged so. Issue: 

44. Abel Trumbull, born Nov. 1, 1830: graduated from Dartmouth College, 1861; 

married Anna H. Cutts, daughter Hon. Hampden Cutts, Aug. 21, 1861. 

45. George Pomekoy, born May 28, 1832; died Nov. 18, 1833. 

46. Mary Eliza, born April 17, 1834. 

47. Austin, born March 7, 183(1; married Emma Howard, Sept., 1874. 

4«, George Armstrong, born March 7, 1838; married Lizzie Jones. Sept., 1867; 
•died Aug., 1869. 


49. Julia Anna, horn April 16, 1840; married Win. B. Clark, Dec. 23, 1858 (no 


50. Sakah Sophia, born Oct. 15. 1844; married L. A. Shedd, Nov -28, 1869. 

51. Hannah Elizabeth, born <3ct. 20, 1H47; married J. W. Squires, Council Bluffs, 

Iowa, Sept., 1873. 


Emily, daughter Elijihaz, Jr , and Anna Phelps (Hunt), married Wade White, 
(larrettsville, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1830. Issue: 

52. John, born May 23, 1833; married Martha Moushount, -Inn. 14, 1857. 

53. EmilV Ann, born Feb. 19, 1837; married Jerome B. Carman, 1861. 

54. Wade Eliphaz, born Dec. 14, 1838; died Dec. 25, 1861, in the war. 

55. Ellen, bom Dec. 4,. 1850; died June, 1852. 


John Do-wneb, son of Eliphaz, Jr., and Anna (Phelp.s) Hunt, married Mis.s Mar- 
ion Blood, Marionsville, Penna. Issue: 

56. Claka, married Dr. Tnwler. 

57. CvRUS, married . 


Phelps, sou of Eliphaz. Jr., and Anna (Phelps) Hunt, married Sarah Dexter, 
(no issue); married (2^ ]\rrs. Caroline Perkins; married (31 Jerusha Rice, Nov., 
1873, and died April 7, 1S84. Buried in West Hartford, Vt. . Issue {by spcond rcife): 

58. Flora, married Chas. Thorn. 


Hannah Downer, dauyhtet Eliphaz, Jr.. and Anna CPhelps) Hunt, married 
Ransel Watkins, Pomfret. Vt., 1840; she married (2) Wm. S. Hooker, Wayland, 
Mich., 1858. Issue {by Watkins): 


r)9. Roth Hannah, boru June 25, 1841; miirried H. J. Hooker, Nov., 18o7. 

60 Stiles A., horn Jan. 15, 18-13; niarried Delia L. Cross, Oct., 1860. 

61 Francis Ran&el, horn Oct. 24, 1844; married Everson, Jan., 1B75. 

{By Hooker): 

62 Emma J., born Sept. 12, 1859; married L. Clark, Jan., 1882. 

- XIX. 

Sarah Ann, daughter Elipbaz, Jr., and Anna (Phelps) Hunt, married Joshua 
Maxon, Oct. 8, 1840, Garrett.sville. Ohio. He died June 19, 1883. [ssm: 

63. Sarah Jane, born Sept. 30. 1844; died July, 1846. 

64 Ruth Sophia, born Dec. 3, 1847; married C F. Coudray. Sept., 1867. 


Ellphaz Stiles, son of Eliplmz, Jr., and Anna (Fhelps) Hunt, inarried il) Euie- 
liiie Dimmick, Pomfi-et. Vt. ; married I'i) IMrs. ^larv Madden, Sept., 1857; married 
(3) Mrs. Marion Griggs. Woodstock. Vt. Issue {by jir.ft wife): 

65. TRrMBrix, born Aug. 20, 1850: married Clara ]\[arsh. Jan. 3, 1872. 

60. Emma Stiles, born .\ug. 18, 1852: married Carlos Thurston. 

{By stcnnd icife): 

67. William, born , 1858. 

6s. John, ,1861. 

69. Charles. . 1862. 

70. ELLEur. , 1863. 


Hannah, daughter John and Hannah (Huntj Downer, married Lucius Hazeu 
West Hartford. Vt. fssw: 

400 ?•//£ ST/L£S GENEALOGY. 

71. Fbances, (lied in iufancy. - . 

72. Lucres Downer. 
7:i Tkact. 

74. Maria, married Dr. Henry Newell, St. Jobnsbury, Vt. 


Ruth, ilanfhterJohn and Hannah (Hunt) Downer, married Jndj^e Davi<l Pierce, 
Woodstock, Tt. Issue: ' 

75 Jason. 

76 ilABIA. 


Ebenezer KiNGSBrET, son of Dr. Ebenezer and Sybil (Tomeroy) Hunt, married 
Miss Sarah Crosby, Hartford, Conn., June i;{, 1848. Issue: 

77. Sarah Crosby, born Sept. 10, 1S49; died Juut 2. 18.J3. 

78. Maby Sybil, born March 9, ls51 : died Feb., 185.5. 

79. Louisa Burgess, born March 1, 1856; married Benj. Dinmick, Oct. 27, 1S79. 

80. -Teannette Crosby, born May 3, 18*13. 


Henry Ebenezeu Hunt, son of .John and Anna (Hunt) Gilbert, married il) 
Elizabeth Wright Kinf;sbury, Sept. 24. 1851; she died Nov. 9, 1862; he married (_2| 
Mary Jeffers Kingsbury, .June 27, 1866. IsMue {by first irife); 

81. Mary Elizabeth, born July 1, 1853; died Aug., 1861. 

82. .\nna Frances, born Aug. 20, 1855; married Edgar F. Storrs, Mansfield, Conn., 

June 27, 1882. 

83. Henry Kingsbuet, torn Aug. 6, 1858; died Dec. 30, 1S.59. 
8-4. Hattie Elizabeth, bom Nov. 16, 186)0. 

f^^ -■ ■'. i, V 



Nathan Stkong, son of John ami Anna (Hunt) Gilbert, married Feb., 1851, 
Sarah A. Gol.len, Mniiroe, Wis. Issiue: 

85. Nathan SinoNr,, Jr., born Jan. 18, 1852. 

86. Lizzie Ann, born Jan. 28, 1854. 

87. Samuel Byron, born April 6, 1855; died March 1, 180-1. 
88 Jessie Florence, born March 2, 1857. 

89. Chakles Edward, born Feb. 18, 1862. 

90. Frederick Willis, born Oct. 6, 1868. 


JosiAH, son of Rev. Alpha and Hannah (Hunt) Miller, married Virginia Kirk 
Haywood, at St. Louis, Mo., March 31, 1863. Issue: 

91. Alpha Kirk, born AprU 1:1, 1864; died Aug. 26, 1867. 

92. Alex. Garrett, born July 14, 1867; died .\ug. 10, 1867. 

93. Herbert Strong, born Jan. 14, 1870. 


George .\lpha. son of Rev. Alpha and Hannah (Hunt) Miller, married Miss 
Helen S, Wood, at Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1859 Issue: 

94. . LiZANA Esther, born July 28, 1860; married Aug. 29, 1883, F. L. Reed. 

95. Hannah Adele, bom Nov. 5, 1861; married Aug. 29, 1883, J. W. Cowan. 

96. Edward Alpha, born April IS, 1803; died Oct. 6, 1884. 

97. Helen Beach, born July 10, 1865. " ' ". ' • . 

98. Fannie Ruthanna, born Oct. 25, 1869. 




Hannah, daughter Rev. Alpha and Hannah (H.) Miller, married J. S. Hall, 
Lyme. Conn., Nov. 29, 1862. Issue: 

99. Edwin, bom July 20, 18G6. 

100. Nathan Hunt, born April 13, 1868. 

101. Joseph Kellogg, born Sept. 3, 1870. 

102. Heney Stbong, born , 1872, 

103. Wm. Milleb, born , 1874. 


Annie E., daughter of Trumbull and Agnes Hunt, married Alonzo Buff am, 
Feb., 1857. After his death, she married G. L. Stoke, 1880. Issue {by first husb<imt); 

104. Frances Annie, born Nov., 1858; married G. L. Smith, June 13, 1879. 

{By second husband); 
' 105. Maude E., born Sept. 1861; married M. L. Ross, Dec. 6, 1883. 


Abel Troibull, son of Abel and Mary Eliza (Hunt) Howard, married Aug. 27, 
1861, Anna Holyoke, daughter Hon. Hampden and Mary P. S. (Jarvis) Cntts, Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. Issue: 

106. Cecil Hampden, born Sept. 5, 1862, at Brattleboro, Vt. 

107. Mary Cutts. born Feb. 21, 1865, at Brattleboro, Vt. 

108. Edith Eliz.\beth, born Jan. 29, 1868, died 1869, at Matawan, N. J. 

109. Rose Jauvis, born Aug., 1869, died 1870, at Matawan. N. J. 

110. Maud Jaevis, born July 19, 1871, died July 26, 1872, at Matawan, N. J. 

111. Charles Trumbull, born Oct. 18, 1873, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

112. Edward Eliot, born July 2, 1876, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 



ArsTi:., son of Abel and Mary E. (Hunt) Howard, married Sept., 1874. Emma 
Howard, Pomfret, Vt. Isme: 

113. Eknest Samtel, bom Oct. 17, 1875. 

114. Ralph Austi>', born July 30, 1879. 

115. EuiA AucE, bom March 9, 1881. • 


Geokoe Akmstkong. son of Abel and M. E. H. Howard, married Aug. 24, 1866, 
Lizzie Jones, Chicago, 111. Issue: 

116. Maky Lizzie, born Aug. 9. 1867. 


Sabah Sophia, daughter Abel and M. E. H. Howard, married Lyndon A. Shedd, 
Hartland, Vt., Nov. 26, 1869. Issut: 

117. Claka Lizzie, bom Sept. 9, 1871. 

118. Alice Louisa, bom May 6, 1874. 


Hannah Elizabeth, daughter Abel and M. E. Hunt Howard, married at West 
Hartford, Vt., J. W. Squires, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sept., 1873. Issue: 

119. HowAED, bom 1874; died 1874. 

120. Bessie. 

121. Louie. 

122. William. 


John, son of Wade and Emily (Hunt) White, married Jan. 14, 1857, Martha 
Mousbrount. Issue: 

- A'- <^•J ■ ^" 


123. CoBA Emily, horn Jnly, 1867; married Feb. 9, 1887, Emmet H. Hurlburt, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 


Emily Ann, daughter Wade and Emily (Hunt) White, married Jerome B. Car- 
man, Cleveland, Ohio. 1861. Issne: 

12-4. FK.\^-CKs Elizabeth, born March 9, 18*32; died Feb. 19, ISBJ. 

125. Edward Wade, born .Kwa,. 13, 1866; married Nov. 19, 18S-1, Ida B. Porter. 


Clara, daughter Col. John Downer and IMarion (Blood) Hunt, married Dr. 
Towler. Issue: 

126. Malt), born 1875. 

127. Louis Sevkbance, born 1881; died Sept. 2, 1887. 

128. , ) 

\ Twins, born 1884. 

129. ,) 


Floka, daughter Phelps and Caroline (Perkins) Hunt, married Charles Thorn, 
Woodstock, 111. Issue: 

130. A son. 

131. A daughter. 


RcTH Hannah, daughter Eansel and Hannah D. (Hunt) Watkins, married 
Henry Hooker, Nov., l8o7. Issue: 

132. Owen Eansel, born July 14, 1859; married Emma B. lluple, April 19, 1882. 

133. Flokence L., born Aug. 9, 18G4; marriod Geo. E. Kelch, Leightou, Mich 



Stiles A., son of Kansel and H. L). (Himt^ Wntkins, ui.iniwl Dtliu L. Cr<, 
Oct., 18«6. Issue: 

134. Alonzo Eaxsel, bom Oct. 2^, IHIw. 

135. Emma A., born Sept. 11, ISfiU. 

136. Hannah E., born Jan. 27, 1872. 

137. Stiles, A., Jr., born Dt-c. 31, l.s75. 

138. Cornelia M., born Dt-c. 19, 1877. 

139. Mary L , born Oct. 20, 1880. 

140. Thomas C. born May 8, 1883. 


Francis Kansel, son of Ransel and H. D. (Hunt) Watkiu^, uiarned iliss 
Evison, Leigliton. Mich., Jan., 1875. Issuv: 

141. Francis Ransel, Jr., boin Sept. 17, lt<7C. 

142. Floyd O , born Dec (>, 1878 


Emma J., danghter William S. and Hannah D. (Hunt) Hooker, niarrie-l L. 
Clark, Leigbtou, llich., Jan. I, 1882. Isftnc: 

143. Ina B., born ilay 28, 1884. 

144. Anna C, born Nov. 12, 1885. • 


UfTH SoPHi.\, daughter Joslaia and .Sarah A. iHiuitjilaxon, niarritd Sept., IMlT, 
C. F. Coudray, Garrt-ttsviUe. Ohio, hsue: 

145. Blanche F.. born Jan. 1, ISGS). 

14G. M.irn E., liorn Dec. 25, 1>^72. 


147. Elsie M., born Aup;. 7, 1875. 

148. Clara L., boru Sept. 17, 1SS2. 


Tbombull Hunt, son Elipbaz Stiles and Emeliae (Dimuiick) Hunt, married 
Clara Marsh, West Hartford Vt., Jan. 3, 1872. Isnue: 

149. Clayton Marsh, May 25, 18S2. 


Anna Frances, daughter Henry E. H. and E. W. K. Gilbert, marrie.1 E. F. 
Storrs, June 27, 1882. Issue: 

150. Ada May, born April 8, 1885. 

1.51. Gilbert Holland, born April 19, 1S86, 


Frances A., daughter Alonzo and A. Hunt Bufinm, married G. L. Smith, June 
13, 1879. Issue: 

152. Earl G., born Sept. 8, 1882. 

153. Maude P., born March 23, 1884. 


Edward Wade, son Jerome B. and Emily A. (\Vhite) Carman, married Ida B. 
Porter, Nov., 1884. Issue: 

154. Jessie Marguerite, born July, 1885. 

155. Cl-ark Cecil, born May 12, 1887. 

Descendants of John' Stiles, the Emigrant, 


The Stratford and Woodbury (Conn.) Line. 


6. Isaacs Stiles. [^1 (-/o^.^M born in Windsor, Conn. 
"In a journal kept by the Rev. Mr. Sharp, an Episcopalian 
clergyman in the Colony of New York, during Lord Cornbury s 
administration, under date of Jan. 27, 1710, is this entry: ' Baptized 
Isaac Stiles, the first male child born in the Colony of Con- 
necticut, a man of 80 years of age' ( Hazard: s Hi.^t.Col.) 
Lord Cornburv's administration ended in 1709 ; Cxov. Hunter 
succeeded, June, 1710, and in 1711 visited Connecticut and 
passed through Stratford. His Chaplain preached and baptized 
there. At this occasion I suppose, Mr. Sharp baptized aged 
Isaac Stiles, at Stratford. "-Pre... Stiles' JISS. Genealoriy. 

To this note in mv first edition of the Stiles Family Gene- 
alogv, in a copv formerly belonging to the Hon. James Savage, 
compiler of th^ Xew England Gen. Dictionary, is added, m the 
handwriting of that venerable scholar, this remark: -Of corirse, 
if the p'rsf male child born in Conn., he would not be more than 
76, instead of 80 vears. Perhaps his mental faculties m Jan., 
1710-11 were infirm,' so that he might not judge rightly ot hi^ 
own a-e; and the Reverend officiating priest was perhaps too 
ignora^ntof the history to correct his venerable catechumens 

"" He married (1) Hannah(^^^^?^^ about 10G5^ 

• Cothren '//,-... A,.a.n7j^^Z:^, Conn., ^^^^^^^ Uls children. suy.'-Bv ..1. wife 
Hannah, who survived him." 



"WetherstielJ, Conu., ami removed to Stmford, Coim., after 1671. 
A deed of laud, dated Jnue 26, 1705, recorded July 20, 
1706, (p. 350, Bk. IL, Land Conveij., Stratford Rec.,} to bis sou 
Jonathan, is the only extant deed given by him. It conveys 
24 acres of division lauds not laid off, " Provided fie looks 
well after me, sajjjcient meat and drink, boarding (£• lodging d' 
washing <(• all nnch neccessaries d; comforts an I shall need in sick- 
ness or health," etc., etc., '^ also to make 2 bids, cyder yearly if ye 
fruit of ye orchard wdl afford it.'' Jonathan is also charged with 
paymeut of =£3 each, to daughters Hannah, Sarah and 
Deborah.— (Fa ///eW Co. Rec, Vol.' II., Ft. 2, p. 350.) He ^vas 
one of the petitioners to the Bishop of London, April, 1707, for 
the establishment of Christ Church, at Stratford." He died at 
Stratford, Conn., Jan. 5, 1714-15; his wife surviving him. 

Chddren (as arranged by Pres. Stiles): 

7. I. Is.\AC,' born 1663, (Cothren says "who may have come 

between Deborah and Jonathan); married 
Hannah Rose. Family 3. 

8. II, JoHN,'^ who, Pres. Stiles says " died, unmarried, before 
1710;" but whom Cothren says he does not timl 
upon the Stratford Records. 

9. Ill, Joseph,' who, Pres. Sides says "died before 1710; and 

whom, like his brother John, Cothren does not 
Hud on the Records. 

10. IT. Sarah,' born at Stratford, Conn., Nov. 18, 1677;* 

married Ferry, of Derby, Conn., (Pres. 

Stiles MSS) 

11. V. Debouah,' born at Stratford, Conn., Jan. 18, 1682;" 

married John Shethar, of Killiugworth, Conn. 

♦ OrouU'8 nut. Stra/ord, Conn., 3f>7. 


12. VI. JoNATHANVborn at Stratford, Conn., March 10, 1G88-9.* 

As this Jonathan was the Founder of the large and re- 
markable New Jersey Family, his further history 
will be found in connection with the Connecticut- 
New Jersey Family. 

13. YII. Hannah,-' born at Stratford, Conn., Nov. 3, 1894; - 

of whom Pres. Stiles (MSS. Gen.) says, " whom I 
have also seen, in 1748, at Darby;" married Mr. 
TibbahLt Issue: 

14. i. DvuGHTER,'' maniecl Johnson. 


15. Isaac^ Stiles, [7 j {Isaac;'^ John,^) born in 1663; married 
Hannah (dau-hter of Kobert Kose,t of Stratford, Conn. Isaac 
Stiles died 1690, a?. 26 or 27 years. Inventory of his estate, taken 
Dec, 15, 1691: Amount £91:13:09. Hannah, his widow, ap- 
peared before the Court Feb. 15, 1691-2, and made oath to it. 
The Court appointed her, Avith Isaac Benit, administrators."" 
Mrs. Hannah Stiles married (2), Samuel Hargar, of Derby, 
Conn.,tt May 9, 1693. 

16. I. Deborah,' married Samuel (son of Samuel) Shethar, 
of Killingworth, Conn., 1715. (Pres. Stiles' 

* Stratford, Cmin. Tnirn Hernrtls, n.,-i8^, iSr^. 

t John TibbaU's, ot Derby. 

t Robert Kose Sr., came from Ipswich, England, 16;'4. In ship Francis, having among other 
children. Robert, Jr., a". ]:>. who came to Stratford before ItUs. and then had a wife Rebecca, and 
eight children, of whom the youngest Hannah, (born 1606). marrli'd Isaac Stiles. 

** FairjUld Co. (Conn.) Probate Rec, Lib. lt)S'.)-1701, i>. 100. 

tt This marriage has usually been credite 1 to Hannah, the daughter ot Isaac' Stiles. But 
the eminent geneaK) Mr. D. W. P.\tterson. gives nie the following note: "The Town 
Records of Derby, Ci>un., show that Samuel Hargar (not Uargis', of Derby, married May 9, 1693, 
with Hannah Stiles, of Straifopl. The name Is variously spelled Harger, Hargler, and Hard- 
year, which last Is his own form in signature to deeds. She could not have been that Hannah 


17. n. Is.\AC,' boru April o, 1G90, four moutlis after his 
father's death ;^ married Abigail Adams. 
Family 4. 


18. Isaac* Stiles, [71, (Isaac-' Isaac,' John,') bom April 
o, 1690; married (1) Abigail Adams, of Milford, Conn., Feb. 25, 
1718-19.t She was born Sept. 25, 1696.+ He married (2) 

{^arah , according to Cothren, (Hist Ancient Woodhvry, 

Conn.), who says of the first wife that " she seems to have died 
before 1724, for, in that year his wife SaraJi was dismissed to 
Ripton Church, from Stratford." 

Mr. Isaac Stiles settled first at Stratford, then at Woodbury, 
Conn. He died April 16, 1787, in his 97th year."" Mrs. Sarah 
, Stiles died Dec. 19, 1771. 

Children; (all hut the last born at Stratford, Conn.): 

19. I. William,-^ born Jan. 23, 1719-20.+'1- 

20. II. ^Sakah,' born Dec. 19, 1721; married Lieut. Silas 

Hitchcock, April 9, 1741. 

21. in. Abigail,' born April 6, 1723; married David Munn, 

Aug. 1, 1751. 

22. lY. Hannah,'' born July 12; died Nov. 4, 1726. 

(.laughteroflsaac^) who was born Not 3. 16'.H; but was rather Hannah, the »'u/ou- of Isaa.- 
Stiles, Jr. They ha.l chlUlren (born In Derby. Conn ^ : Joseph (Hardyeari. born April 20, 1694, 
.lied July 30, 1605; Margaret (Hardyear), born Dec. 6 16'J5: Samuel (Hardyear). boru Sept. 24, 

• That he was the sou of Isaac^ is shown by a deed from Isaac and John Sheltou to .James 
Booth. Fairjidd, Co. R'C, Vol. II., Pt. -J, p. 371. 

t Stratford liec, i?A). .... 

t Stratford, Conn., Rec, 11., iet). . 

*• Family Bible. ' ' 

tt Stratford, Conn., Rr^c, II., 4H0. 


23. V. IsAAC,^ born April 17, 1728; married Elizabeth . 

Family 5. 

24. VI. M-UJEL,^ born April 11, 1730, fPre.s. SHJefi' 3ISS.): 

married (according to Soutlibury Rec, CothreiiS 
Ancient Woodbury, Conn., p. ii., 476), Capt. 
Hodskip, Feb. 22, 1763.* 

25. YII. Betty,^ born July 2, 1732; unmarried 1785 (Pre-s. 

Stiles' MSS.) 

26. VIII. Mary,^ born Sept. 21, 1734. 

27. IX. S-UIUEL,^ born June 1, 1736; married Phebe Brooks. 

Family 6. 

28. X. JoH>V born Aug. 21, 1738; married Betsy Olds. 

Family 7. 

29. XI. Datid,^ born at Woodbury, Conn., June 18, 1741. 


30. Isaac^ Stiles. |23], Isaac,^ Isacic,^ Isaac,' John,^) born 
at Stratford, Conn., April 17, 1728; married, Elizabeth . 


31. I. Eunice,^ baptized July 14, 1751; died unmarried, 


32. II. AxNTS," baptized July 1, 1753; married Nathaniel 

Bristol. t Nov. 10^ 1777. 

• Mabel daughter of Isaac) Stiles of Southbury. according to Bronson's Ifist. Wattrbury, 
Conn., p. 506) became the Pecoutl wife ot Deacon Gideon Hotclikiss. who settled In Southeast 
part of Waterbury about 17:!6 He was a prominent man In that town, and deacon In the flrst 
Charch ot Salem, Conn. 

t Cothren says, Brewster. * 


33. III. Gideon,'' baptized M:iy 15, 17o7. 

31, lY. Nathan,'' born ; married Betsy Wagner. 

Family 8. 

35. V. Truman,*"' boru in Soiitbbury, Conn., 17G1; married (1) 

Lavinia Leavenworth ; mar-ried (2) Anne Jarrett. 
Family 9. 

36. VI. Lewis,*"' born- ; married . 

37. Vn. Simeon,'" born ; died April 1, 1777, a^. 11 years, 

of smallpox.t 


38. Samuel' Stiles, [27], (Isaac,^ Isaac;' Isaac,' John,^) 
born June 1, 1736; settled in Woodbury, Conn.; married Phebe 
Brooks, of Redfield, Conn., Feb. 18, 1771. 

Mr. Samuel Stiles died April 11, 1819. 

Chihire)! : 

39. I. Abig-UL,* born Dec. 4, 1771; died Sept. 14, 1775. 

40. 11. David,*' born April 11, 1773; married Sarah Rood. 

Family 10. 

41. Ill Timothy,'"' boru Feb. 23, 1775; married Eleanor 

Stuart. Family 11. 

42. lY. EuTH,*' born Jan. 19, 1778, (Family Ptec, 1777); 

died Sept. 15, 1778. 

• Southbury Ri'c. give niarrlaiie »t Li-wis Stiles to Sarah Wray, at lietlileui, Conn , Sept. 15, 
17'J3; there is a tradition that he removed to Jliiiisiuk, X. Y., and had a family, 
t 1777 Family Rec. • 


43. V. Ruth Ann," born Jan. 1, 1779; married Case, 

resided in Clarksfield, Ohio, near her brother 

44. VI. Benjamin/ born Sept. 1, 1781, (Family Rec, 1780); 

married (1) Ann Morris; married (2) Mrs. Han- 
nah Trowbridge; married (3) Rhoda Root. 
Family 12. 

45. VII. Freem-^n/ born March 6, 1782; died July 18, 1782. 

46. VIII. AL-\THE-v/i- born April 17, 1785. 


47. John' Stiles, |281, (haac,' Isaac;' Isaac,' John,') born 
at Stratford, Conn., Ang. 21, 1738; juarried Betsy Olds, Aug. 13,: 
1760. Was in the Revolutionary service. His great-grandson, 
A. F. Stiles, of Beuton Harbor, Mich., (though he makes the mis- 
take of calling him Daniel), says: " I have heard him tell about 
lying on the ground, a blanket over him, finding himself under 
three feet of snow in morning." Soon after the close of the Revo- 
lutionary War, he removed with his family to Salisbury, Herki- 
mer Co., N. Y. 


48. I. Hannah," baptized Nov. 22, 1761. 

49. II. Daniel Olds," born June 10;-* baptized July 22, 

1764; married (1) Abby Farrington; married 
(2) Sarah Buckland. Family 13. 

♦ Letter ot Miss Eleanor stiles. 

t Family Hec. 

X Cothreu shj-n Mni/. 

** FamUy Sec. 


oO. III. Asa," baptized March 1, 1767; married Rebecca 
Cahoon. Family 11:. 

51. IV. John/ baptized May 20, 1770; married . 

52. V. Aaron/ baptized July -4, 1773; married Abigail 

Cahoon. Family 15. 

53. VI. Andrew/ baptized May 22, 1776; married . 

Family 16. 

54 VII. Philo,^ baptized July 23, 1780; mai-ried Lucy Ives;^ 
settled in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
' where his descendents are said still to live. 


55. Nathan*' Stiles, [34], (Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac-^ Isaac;- 
John,') married Betsy Wagner, June 24, 1782,t in South 
Britain, Couu.t He lived and died in Oxford, Conn.; is men- 
tioned in records of that t<nvn, as being, in 1811, owner of cer- 
tain cattle-ear-marks. 


m. L Simeon,' born Sept. 11, 1783; died March 6, 1810. 
{Oxford Town, and Church Rec.) 

57. II. Lyman,' born Jan. 26, 1786; married (1) ; 

(2) Electa Galpin. F.a^mily 17. 

58. IIL Eij:.vnor,' born Feb. 14, 1789; married Feb. 5, 1810, 

Isaac Treat,^" ol Oxford, Conn. 

• Letter of Miss Eleanor Stiles, Youngstown, Ohio, 
t One of Cothren'^ Rec, p. 480, says 1781. 
t Hist. Woodbury, 530. 
•» Oxford Church Rec. 


59. IV. Nathan Henky,' l)oru Sept. 30, 1792; married (1) 

Sally Priudle; married (2) Roxana Sackett. 
Family 18. 

60. V. Cynthia," born May 5, 1796; died Au^'. 2, 1809, 

(Oxford Church Rev.) 

61. YI. Gakwood," boru Feb. o, 1799; married Nancy N. 

Hyde. Family 19. 

62. Truman" Stiles, [35], (Isaac,'' Isaac,* Isaac,' Isaacs- 
John,^) born at Soutlibury.Conu., 1761; married (1) Lavinia Leaven- 
Avortb, Sept. 23, 1793; married (2) Anna Jarrett, born in South- 
bury, Conn., 1818. Was a farmer and trader. 

Mr. Truman Stiles died 1839, a'. 78. Mrs. Anna J. died in 
AVatertown, Conn., 1884. 

Childre)i (hyfrst marriage): 

63. I. Sherman," born at Southbury, Conn., 1796; died at 
Southbury, Conn., July ^31, 1838." Family 20. 

64 II. Charles Robert," married and bad son Charles, who 
resides at Buffalo, N. Y. 

6/). III. Erastus," born ; a farmer; unmarried; drowned. 

66. lY. N.\NCY,' born in Southbury, Conn.; died unmarried in 

Bethlem, Conn. 

67. Y. H.uiRiET," born ; married Abraham Bassett. 

No issue. Resides (188.1) Bethlem, C\»nn. 

Cothren. \«i, ^'^ 

^ \ / fc •. u 

A-' >y. ,T' 


(Bij second marriage): 

68. VI. Anna Janette," boru in Soutlil)ury, Coiiu. 1818; died 
at Watertowu, Coiiu. 1884. 


69. David '^^ Stiles, \4:0], (Sa^nueJ,^ Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaacs 
John,^) born at Woodbury, Conn., April 11, 1773; married Sarah 
Rood, Dec. 1, 1796. Is said to have been a most intellectual 
looking; man, and r:;ave liis children a good education. Resided 
and died Jan. 17, 1871, in Paris Hill, Oneida Co., N. Y. Was 
a farmer. Mrs. Sarah (Rood) Stiles died at Paris Hill, Oct. 3, 
1829, a?. 50 years and 4 mouths. 


70. I. Minerva,' born in Danbury, Conu., Sept. 18, 1797; 

married Harris Munson; had 3 children. 

71. II. Anna,' born in Danbury, Conn., July 29, 1802; mar- 

ried Dr. Aaron Bligh. Issue: 

72. ' i. David Stiles. » 

Mrs. Anna (Stiles) Bligh, died Jan. 24, 1845. 

73. III. Phebe," born at Paris, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1804; married 

(1) April 11, 1828, Charles Royce, who died 
May 1, 184G; married (2) Sept. 22, 1847, William 
Osborn, who died June 15, 1853. Mrs. O. 
resides (1885) at Paris, N. Y. Issue hi/ Jirst 
husband (Boi/ce): 

74; i. Sabah,- born Nov. 12, 1830; married Sept. 1, 1847, 

Elnathan J. Ormsbee. She died Feb. 16, 18G5. 



ii. :Mary Adeline,8 born May 7, 1834; married May 7, 1857, 
Milton Hubbard. 

76 Ui. Herbert Spencer,^ born Aug. 29, 1830. Resided (18^8) 

with hi.s mother, at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. Is un- 

77. IV. A-AL\SA Fabrique,' horn at Paris, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1808; 

married . Family 21. 

78. V. S.U.LY; born at Paris, >^ Y., Dee. 29, 1810; married 

Feb. 15, 1832, at Paris, N. Y., where she (1885) 
resides, Carlos V. J. Doolittle. hsm: 

79 i ■ Edward,« born April 27, 1834: married Jan 27, 1857, at 

Preble, N. Y., Sarah J. Burdick. h^ue: (1) Edward 
Burdick born Dec. 25, 1859; (2) Carlos Van Julins. 
born March 19, 18«t3; (3) Phineas Stiles, born Dec. 21, 

80. ii. Caroline Eliza,' born Jan. 7, 1840; died July 12, I860. 

81. ^ iii. Carlos V. J.,"* born Oct. 1, 1862 


82. Timothy'' Stiles, [41], i Samuel, ' haac,' haac'' Isaac:- 
John:) born at Woodbury, Conn., Feb. 23, 1775; married, m 
Woodbury, Eleanor Stuart, who was of Scotch ancestry upon 
her father's side, her grandfather being cotemporary with, and 
a kinsman of Prince Charlie, of Culhulen memory; and received 
letters from him, inviting him to assist in the uprising to seat that 
Prince upon the throne of Scotland. She was a woman of 
strongly marked traits of character, having what is known as 
"the courage of her convictions." It is related of her that, 
when the first Anti-Slavery meeting was held in Canfield, where 
she resided, she was one of seven women who joined 
hands, standing in a circle around the lecturer during his ad- 
dress, forming a living cordon to protect him from the angry, 
threatening mob. She died Jan., 18G0, at the age of 83, in full 


jjossessionof her faculties. She nijirried (2) Comfort Starr Myfj^att, 
iu 1807, who eiai<;rate(l and settled iu Cantichl, Ohio, iu the 
ohl Connecticut Western Reserve. Mr. Timothy Stiles died ai 
the age of 26, about 1801, from the eiiects of an injury. 

Children {horn in Danlmrij, Conn.): 

83. I. Jaieus," born -Tan., 1797; married Almira Landon. 

Family 22. . 

84. 11. Henry," born May 6, 1798; married Mary Reeves. 

Family 23. 


85. Benjamin' Stiles, l44j, (SatnueJ,^ Isaac,' Is<iac,''' Isaac,' 
John,^)horn Sept. 1, 1780, at Woodbury, Conn.," resided awhilet 
in New York City; removed and settled July, 1818, on a large 
tract of land which he owned in what was then known as the 
"Connecticut Firelands," Clarkstield, Huron Co., Ohio — his son 
Samuel being the first white male child born in that township. 
He resided there until his death, April 23, 1872; his business 
Avas that of a saddler. 

He married (1) Ann Morris; married (2) widow Hannah 
Trowbridge, who died in 1823; married (3) May, 1825, Rhoda 
(daughter of Joseph and Tr^-phena Moseley)+ Root, of Westfield, 
Mass., Avho died June 1, 1851. 

Child [hy Jirst marriage): 
86. I. Edmund MoriUis," died youn<>'. 

* Thf. Firelawh Pionter, X., 91, f,'lT«^s date and pl'ice of lila birth at Southbury, Conn.. 177U. 
He Wtt8 a member of the Firelands Pioneer Association, 
t Jbid. 
i An aunt of Hon. J. M. Root, formerly M. C, ot Sandusky. (Olilo) District. 


By second marriage: • 

87. 11. Ann,' born iu New York City, 1809; married Willis 

Case; died 18o4, at Clartsfield, Obio.^^ No 

88. II. Alethea,' boru iu New York City; married Epbraim 

Webb;t is uow (1888) deceased; left eiglit or teu 
children, the eldest of whom, Delia, married a 
Mr. Saxtou. 

89. III. Henry,- boru iu New York City, 1811; married Sally 

Starr;: died May, 1866, at Clarkstield, Ohio. 

90. lY. Joseph,- boru iu New York City, 1813; married Betsy 

Kowlaud;: died Oct., 1842, at Clarksfield, Ohio. 

91. Y. Lucy," boru iu New York City, 1816; married; died 

Feb., 1835, at Clarksfield, Ohio. 

92. \1. Samuel,' boru at Clarksfield, Ohio, 1818; married 

Ariette Livermore.^ 

93. ^^I. WiLLLVM,' boru , 1821; married Diana Tyler, 

(cousin of .Ossiau Dodge, of musical fame).: 

94 "V^tl. Harriet/ boru and died, 1823, at Clarksfield, Ohio. 
By third marriage: 

95. IX. Hannah Maria," born April 8, 1829; nuuried April, 
1848, Alfred G. Meade. Mr. M. is engaged iu 
farming and lumbering, and for six years past 
has been Township Supervisor. Resides (1885) 
Fremont, Newago Co., Mich. Ifisue: 

• Letter ot Miss Eleanor Stiles, of Youugstown. who ways the name of her husband waa 
Ezra Rowland. 

t Letter of Mrs. Hannah Meade, Tremont, NewaggoCo., Mlcb. 
' t Letter of Miss Eleanor Stiles, of Youugstown, Ohio. 



96. i. Clarence A..* born Dec, 1849; married Irene Milnor, 


97/ ii. Edmond Stiles,^ born July, 1853; miuiied Maggie Love, 


98_ iii. Clairinette.s born June, 1855; married Charles Milnor, 


99. iv. Willie,* born June, 1857; died Dec, 1858. 

100. V. Edith A.,« born May, 18fi3. 

101. vi. LiNLET M.," born April, 1866. 

102. vii. WiNTHKop G.," born April, 1872. 

103. viii. Clifford S.,8 born July, 1874. 

104 X. (Rev.) Edmund Root," born July 12, 1834; married. 
Family 24. 


105. Daniel Olds' Stiles, [49], (John;^ Isaac,' Isaac,' 
Isaac,'^ John,') born June 10, 1764, in Brandon, Vt.; married Jan. 
4, 1787, (1) Abby^ Farrin<iton, born July 19, 1764, who died in 
Burlington, \t, Sept. 25, 1793.; married Jan. 9, 1794,(2) Sarah 
Buckland, or Bucklin, who was born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
May 18, 1769, and who died Sept. 22, 1831. After this marriage 
he removed to Newport, Herkimer Co., X. Y. Enlisted in the 
Revolutionary Army at the age of 17. He was a tailor; at one 
time studied and travelled with a so-called "Indian Doctor," 
(from whence the tradition among some of his descendants, that 
he was partly of Indian birth); was a Baptist, a man of fine 
presence, and agreeable manners. He died Aug. I- 4, 1873. 

• In all the family records called • Xabby "-l.ut accoraiug to Mrs. Lydia Spencer Dreeser, 
was" Abigail." 

t Letter au-l Uecords turuished by Geo. Farrlnston Dresser, 3 Union St.. Watt-rtown. N. Y., 
say, ••Oct. W." 


ChUdren (by marriage, born in Barlirajton, Vt.): 

106. I. Fakrington/ born Oct. 31, 1787; marriea (1) Betsy 

Kelsey; murried (2) Jemima Kelsey. Family 25. 

107. II. Thikza,"* born Oct 10, 1789; married Dr. Patten, 

went to Utah and joined tlie Mormons. 

108. in. John,' born March 16, 1791, married Persis Cole. 

Family 26. 

109. IV. ABBYVt born Ang. 30, 1793; married • 

[Bij second marriage, born in Herknner Co., ^. Y.): 

110. Y. David B.,' born May 28, 1795; married Rebecca 

Deveraux. Family 27. 

111. VI. Xancy," born July 28, 1797; died July 4. 1868; 

married (1) Kimpton, cabinet maker; 

" married (2) Tucker; had a family of 

girls. Some of her grandchildren, by the name 
of Wilson, reside in Fairfield, X. Y., 1888. 

112. VII. MiRZA,'born July 27, 1799; married Barney t 

113. Vni. Haryfa' HA^vKI^•s,■ born May 30, 1801; married 

lioxana '■ ; was a blacksmith and deceased. 

His \vido\v and children reside (1888), at Whites- 
boro, or Whitestown, X. Y. Family 28. 

114. IX. Susan," born June 30, 1803; married Lamp- 


* Sameautohnty says one of these daughters named a Calhoun, the other a Reynolds. 
Both Joined the Mormons. 

t Letters or Alonzo F. Stiles, ot Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Mich 

t One authority savs, died unmarried, at Newport, N. Y. 

« AM affl.lavit "of her .l.terdn-law. Mrs. Eosanna.widow ot Ha. veyt Stiles, says. Susandle.. 
single July 27, iNty.w -^i. 


115. X. Geoiige Keith,' boru July 8, 1805; married (1) 

Perriu; married (2) Harriet Byrou Rose. 

Family 29. 

116. XL Daniel,' born Dee. 12, 1807; married Mary Webb. 

Family 30. 

117. XII. Sarah,' born Aug. 5, 1809; married Alanson Barney, 

blacksmith, of Newport, N. Y.; is deceased. 


118. Asa" Stiles, [50], {Jolm;'' Isaac,' Isa<u\' Isaac;' John,' \ 
born March 1, 1707; married, iu Salisbury, N. Y"., Ee1)ecca 
Cahoon, sister of his brother Aarou's wife, in 1789. They re- 
moved from Otsego Co., X. Y., to Ohio, in 1811, and settled " in 
the woods" at Warrensville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. In 1822 or 
'23, togetlier with his brother Aaron, he visited his relatives in 
Otsego Co., N. Y., traveling with an ox team, and taking with 
them a ])et bear and a live six-foot rattlesnake, which they ex- 
hibited in the bar rooms of the country taverns at which 4:hey 
stopped on their journey. Mr. Stiles was a kindly man, and 
universally esteemed by all acquaintances. He was a member 
of the Baptist Church, and for several years a Justice of the 
Peace iu his township. In person he was of medium height 
and size, with light complexion, a face rather long than round, 
and bearing a pleasant expression under all circumstances. 
Indeed, his good nature was not infrequently taken advantage 
of by others. 

Mr. Asa Stiles died at Warrens ville, Ohio, March 12, 1834, 
aged 68 years. Mrs. Eebecca ( Cahoon ) Stiles died at War- 
rensville. May 25, 1824, in her 53d year. 

Chihlren [all horn in Xew York State): 

119. I. Hannah," born 1790; married \Villiam Addison, iu 

Warrensville, Ohio, 1817. Issue: 



120. i. Hiram M.,« born Nov. 21, 1818, uiarriea Ann McCaslin, 

of Indiana township, Alleghany Co., Penn., (born 
Nov. 13, 1825). ChU<lm>: (1) Flora (Aihlisou), born 184ti; 
married James Brown, (now deceased): has Geo. W. 
and Bessie M. Brown. Mrs. Flora (Addison) Brown, 
resides (1885), Cleveland Ohio. (2) Mary J. (Addison), 
born 1848; married William Oswald, (now deceased. 
Children, William, -James and Neva Oswald. Mrs. Mary 
J. (Addison) Brown resides (lS8o), Jet?ersouville, Ind. 
(3) Minerva M. (; Addison), born 1850; married Charles 
Anderson. Children, Neva M., Charles M., Frances C, 
Jessie H., Albert E.. Walter L. Mrs. M. M. (Addison) 
Brown, resides (1885), Jettersonville, Ind. (4) Thomas 
E. (Addison), born 1850; resides (1885) unmarried, at 
Cleveland, Ohio. (5) Jessie H. (Addison); married 
Albert C. Groetzinger. No issue. 

121 ii. Heevey N.,8 born May 10, 1820; married Louisa Ransom, 

of Warrensville, Ohio, (.born about 1825). Resides 
(1885), atLeonidas, St. Joseph Co., Mich. Issue: (1) 
William; (2) Bertha; (3) Mary. 

Mrs. Hiiuiiah (Stiles) Addis(m died Muy 

20, 1875. 

122. II. Betsy,' l>oni 1792; died unmanied, at Wavreusville, 
Ohio, Deo. 8, 1861. 

128. III. Amos C.,' l)oru 1791:; married 1848; died Oct. 21, 
18.54. , 


IV. WiLiu'ii,' born 179«r, died Xov. 10, 1846. uiuuarried. 

125. V. liHoDA,' borii 1800; married, 1818, Watson, 

died May 21, 1875. 

126. VI. Hti:am,' V)orii 1804; married Mandaua Duty. 

Family 31. 

127. VII. Elkcta,' born iu Bloomfield, Otsego, N. Y.; married 

1846, Calviu Fish, of New York State; ditnl 
March 31, 1873, (Ix.rn 1816). Issur: 



i. Charles/ bom 1847; married Eliza Smith, (bom 1849), 
in 1876 Ch'hU (1) Virginia, born 1879. 

129. ii. James, t^ born 1850; married, 1871. CUlhlrm, fl) Henry 

J., born 1873; (2) Albert W., boin 187G. 

Mrs. Electa (Stiles) Fish, resides (1885), at 
Cleveland, Ohio, in full possession of her mental 
powers and faculties. To her and her nephew, 
Hiram M. Addison, of 37 Congress St., Cleve- 
land, Ohio, we are indebted for the history of 
families of Asa and Aaron Stiles. 


130. Aaro n' Stiles, i 52 ], (./o/?»,^ ho ac,"" hone -'Isaac, -John,') 
baptized July 4, 1773r married probably in Harpersfield, Del- 
aware Co., N. Y., Sep. 3, 1798, Abigail (sister of his brother 
Asa's wife) Cahoon, who was born March 30,1779, and who died 
October 15, 18G7, :e. 88 years, 6 months, 15 days.^• He removed 
to Harperstield about 1810. 

Mr. Aaron Stiles died Jan. 19, 1843, te. 66 years, 8 months. 

Children : 

131. I. Daniel," born Aug. 14, 1799, at Harpersfield, Dela- 

ware Co., N. Y.; married Nancy Washburne. 
Family 32. 

132. II. Polly,' born April 18, 1802, at Lebanon, Madison Co., 

N. Y.; married Sept. 14, 1824, Salmon Sperry, 
(Proh. Bee): hsae: (all born in Kock Creek 
Village, Morgan Township, Ashtabula Co., Ohio): 

* It 1.S probable, from the family traaitlon and evidence furnished by Mrs. Electa S. Fl.«h, 
and the researches of L. A. Stiles, that the dates of .\aron's and hU brother Andrew's baptism 
should be reversed. Aaron was born May 19, 1TT6; died .January 10, lH4;i, k. 66 years and R 

t LaT?son A. Stiles. Cleveland, Ohio. 


133. . i. Harriet.* 

134. ii. Carlos.** 

135. ui. Orson. « 

136. iv- Laura.' 

137. V. Matild.x." 

138. vi. Clinton.* 

139. vii. EinLY.' 

140. . viii. Florence."* 

141. ix. Marion.^ 

142. III. Ira," boru Jan. 12, 180(); marriea lloxy Case. 

Family 33. 

143. lY. HULDAH,' boru Feb. 19, 1809; married 

Carpenter, hme: (all born iu Cuyahoga, Ashta- 
bula Co., Ohio): 

144. i. Fayette.'' 

145. ii. Edward." 

146. iii. Maria.** 

147. iv. Emily." 

148. V. Irving. 8 

149. V. Thirza," born in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, Dec. 24, 1811; 

married George W. Wolsey. hsue: (all born iu 
Kock Creek Village, Morgan Township, Astabulx 
Co., Ohio): 

150. i. Amelia,' 

151. ii. Sarah." 
















Mrs. Tbirza (Stiles) Wolsey is still (1885), 

156. VI. Betsy,- born Astabula Co., Ohio, Jan. 20, 1814; 

married Nov. 23, 1843, Irving Brewster, who 
was born at Madison, Ohio, Dec. 22, 1822, (son 
of Alvin and Laviua Newcomb) Brewster, of 
Columbia, Conn.* Issue: 

157. i. Adelbep.t.' 

158. ii. Eugene.* 

Mrs. Betsy (Stiles) Brewster is still (1885) 

159. VII. Ezra,' born Astabula Co., Ohio, Oct. 19, 1816; mar- 

ried Cynthia Kingsley. Family 34. 


160. Andrew' Stiles, 1 53], (Jolm,'' Isaac,' Isaac,' Isaac- 
John,'^) baptized May 22, 1776; married . He died in 

early manhood. 

Children : 

161. I. AxDREW.'f 

* Newcomb Genealogy. 148. 
t Letter of Mrs. E. J. Fish. 


162. II. S.\LLY,' ; lived in tlie later years of her life, 

in Warren, Mahonin,cr Co., Ohio; said to have 
married John Cunningham; and to have had issue: 

163. i. Cornelia. •* 

164. ii. James.' 


165. Lyman' Stiles, [571, (Xafhmi," Isaac,' Isaac,^ Isaac,^ 
Isaac,- John,'') born Jan. 20, 1786, at Oxford, Conn.; married (1) 

; married (2) Electa Galpin. Is mentioned in Oxford 

(Conn.) Town Eecords, in 1811, as owner of cattle-car-marks; 
served in war of 1812." Mr. Lyman Stiles died in Southford 
Society, Southbury, Conn., Oct. 23, 1872. 

ChUdren (hij first -wife): 

166. I. Nathan,"^ drowned in Bridgeport Harbor, Conn., 

while engaged on the Light Boat, otif Stratford, 
Conn., 1840. 

(By second wife): 

167. n. Harkiet,^ married (1) Roberts, of Southbury, 

Conn., who was killed by a fall from a ttree; 
married (2) Joseph Hale, of Woodbridge, Conn. 
By her first husband she had a son and a 
daughter. She resided in Woodbridge, and died 
in Seymour, Conn. 

168. Ill Bennett," born Southbury, Conn., March 3, 1821;. 

married Clarissa L. Gibbord. F.\iriLY 35. 

169. rV. Abel,^ died unmarried. 

• Cothren's Hist. WooJbury, p. T8'J. 


170. Nathan Henry' Stiles, I "50 !, (Xath<tn,' Is,mr,' hcuir,' 

Isaac," Isaac,- John,^) boru Sept. 30, 1792, at Oxford, Couu.; mar- 
ried, Oct. 27, 181-i, Sally Priudle, of Newtou, Coim., who died 
May 19, 1829; married (2) Roxanmi Sackett, of Piue Bridge, 
m)w Beacou Falls, Conn., Sept. 10, 1829. 

Mr. Nathan Henry Stiles died Xoy. 26, 1842, in Southford, 

Chihhen (by frst icife): 

171. I. LE^yIs Wellington,' born Sept. 17, 1815, at Oxford, 

Conn.; married Angelina F. Ruggles. Family 36. 

172. II. SmoN RiYEEius,^ born April 16, 1818, at Oxford, 

Conn.; was a tailor; remoyed to Ohio, in 1837; 
married Jane Sharritz, June 30, 1845, at Cedar- 
ville, Ohio. He died at Washington, Fayette 
Co., Ohio, Sept. 29, 1845. Xo issue: 

173. III. .Henry Burdett," born at Southbnry, Conn., Dec. 

12, 1820; married (1) Maria E. McLean; married 
(2) Diantha F. Barber; married (3) Helen G. 
Freeman. Fa:mily 37. 

174. IT. George Washington,"* l)orn at Oxford, Conn., Feb. 

15, 1823; married Ellen J. Scott. Family 38. 

175. y. Albert Erastus,* born at Oxford, Conn., Feb. 9, 

1828; married (1) Mary A. Fox, of Middlebury, 
Conn., who died Aug. 14, 1855; married (2) Nov. 28, 
1855, in Southbury, Conn., Fannie M. ScoyiH. 
. Family 39. 

(By second ivi/e): 

176. "VrC. Adaline E.,*" unmarried; resides in Xew Hayen, Conn. 

v > f.i.M... VI 


177. A'll. Aladdin Smith;' removed to Ciilifovuiu, iu;iny years 


178. VIII. Bukuitt;' was a volunteer iu the War of tlie Civil 

Rebellion; at Cold Harbor had ri-ht arm aud 
the calf of a leg and instep shot away; married. 
Family 40. 

179. IX. Elizabeth M.,' (on authority of H. B. Stiles, of 

Bridgeport, Conn., who says she was not married). 


180. Garwood' Stiles. [611, (N<dhan,' haa,-: Isna<': 
Isaac;' Isaac,' Join),') born at Oxford, Conn., Feb. 5, 1799; mar- 
ried Nancy N. Hoyt, of Salem (now Naugatuck), Conn. 

Mr. Garwood Stiles died in Oxford, Conn. 

Children: -^ , 

181. I. Charles Hoyt,^ born Oct. 31, 1821; married Ann A. 

Packer. Family 41. 

182. 11. J.\>'E E.,^ born in Oxford, Conn., Feb. 11, 1824; mar- 

ried Alvin L. Stewart, Oct. 4, 18o7. Resides 
(1888), -New Haven, Conn. 

183. III. David,' born in Oxford, Conn., Sept. 24, 1820; mar- 

ried Sarah E. Slye. Family 42. 

184. rV'. Daughter;^ died young. 

185. V. Mary L.,' born Sept., 1829; married Edward Lego, 

of New Haven, Conn. Resided in New Haven, 
Conn, deceased. Issue: 


186. i. Daughtek.'' ' 


187. Sherman" Stiles, [63], (Tnnmm,'' Isaac,^ Isaac,* 
Isaac,^ Isaac,' John,^) born at Sonthbury, Conn., 1796; was a farm- 
er and shoemaker. He died at Kocky Hill, (Naugatuck), Conn., 
July 30, 1838, f¥. 42 years. He married Abigail Prindle, of 
parental French extraction, who died in Paris, 111., Nov. 13, 1871. 
He was a man of sterling qualities of character, and highly re- 
spected by his fellow citizens. 

Children : ' 

188. I. George E.,^ married Nov. 4, 1838, (1) Marcia Peck; 

married (2) Lavinia Lewis. Family 43. 

189. II. Caroline L.,^ born at Sonthbury, Conn., March 24, 

1822; married Nov. 28, 1841, in New Haven, 
Conn., George Atkinson. Besides (1885), Paris, 
ni. Issue: 

190. i. Emma D.,9 born Aug. "28, 184'2; died May 24, 18-46. 

191. u. Alice L.,' born March 10, 1844. 

192. iii. A.BBY S.,9 bom July 19, 1846. 

193 iv. RosANNA,9 born April 12, 1848; died July 22, 1848. 

194. V. Ltdia.s born Aug. 6, 1850; died Sept. 7, 1850. 

195. vi. George, 9 born Sept. 4, 1851. 

196. vii. Caboline M.,9 born Aug. 9, 1853; died Jure 6, 1854. 

197. viii. Annie J.,' bom March 7, 1855. 

198. ix. Kate,9 born Sept. 26, 1857. 

199. X. Charles W.,9 bom Jan. 6, 1860. 


200. . xi. LucT,9 died Jan. 17, 1803. 

201. xii. Lucy Ellen, » bom March 2, 18C)4; died . 

202. III. Truman,' boru March 24, 1824; married (1) Eliza 

Wooding; married (2) Mary E. Crowell. 
Family 44. 

203. IV. Elizabeth,' married John Hall. Resides (1885), 

Waterburj, Conn., (address care of L. P. 

204. Y. John E.,' married, and died April 25, 1873, at La- 

fayette, Ind., a3. about 53 years, h^nt: 

205. i. Willis, 9 who resided at Watertown, ronii. 

206. VI. :^L\RY,' born in Southbiiry, Conn.; died Feb. 7, 1865, 

te. about 35 years, at Lafayette, Ind. 

207. VII. Ellen,' married Coller (now dead). Resides 

(1885), Naugatuck, Conn. 

208. VIIL Charles,^ resides (1885), Newto^-n, Harvey Co. 

Kansas; has eight children. 

209. Amasa Fabrique' Stiles, [77], (Dnvkl' Sum^eJJ' 

Isaac,^ Isaac,' Isaac,- John,^) boru at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
. Nov. 7, 1807; married. 

Mr. A. F. Stiles, died Dec. 30, 1839. 

210. I. Ellen J., ^married Greenhill. Resides (1885), 

Faxon Street, Utica, X. Y. 




211. Jairus' Stiles. |88|, (Timothy,' Sdiitiicl," Samuel,'' 
Isaac,^ Is(i(((\'' IsiKii',- John,^) born in Danbnry, Conn., Jan., 1797; 
married Almira Luudon; removed to Medina, Medina Co., Oliio, 
where he resided until his death, Dec, I860. 

Mrs. Almira (Landon) Stiles died 1872. After her death 
her children Eleanor, Laura, Stuart F. and Frank, removed to 
Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio, where they in (1886) resided. 


212. L Eleanor,^ unmarried (1886); to whom we are indebted 
for much information concerning this branch of 
the family. 

21:1 II. .AxMiRA." married Dr. Clark, and died in the 

prime of life, leaving. 

i. Infant Son.s 

Laura;^ unmarried (1886). 

Henry Mygatt,'' died young. 

Stuart Foster;' unmarried (1886), an engineer iu 
Forsyth Scale Co., Youngstown, Ohio. 

218, VI. Jairus Benjamin,-' died young. 

219. VII. Frank," removed (I860) to Warren, Ohi(\ and 

became a clerk for his Uncle Henry; married , 
Delia Austin; has no children; bookkeeper. 

FAMILY 23.* 

220. Henry' Stiles, !841, (Timothy,' SomueJ," Isnac,^ 
hcutr,* Isdifc;' Isaac,- John,^) born iu Danbury, Conn., ]\Iay 6, 








I.ent»rs of Will. R. Stil.'^. of Wnrren, Oliio. 


1798; married March 28, 1820, Mary Eeeves, of Westmoreland 
Co., Pa., born Sept. 25, 1799; resided and died in Warren, Trum- 
bull Co., Ohio, Aug. 11, 1869. 

Mrs. Mary (Eeeves) Stiles, died Dec. 7, 1859. 

Children: - 

221. I. Henry Laxe,^ born Oct. 1, 1821; married Margaret 

A. Hay. Family 15. 

222. II. Timothy Morgan," born July 20, 1824. Resides, un- 

married (1886), at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

223. III. William Reeves," born April 29, 1827; married 

Elizabeth Quinby. Family 16. 

221 IV. Maey Ellen," born Sept. 17, 1830; unmarried. Re- 
sides (1886), Warren, Ohio. 

225. V. Sarah Cassia," born Jan. 9, 1834; married Jan. 19, 

1860, I^ucian C. Jones. Resides (1886j, Warren, 
Ohio. Issue: 

226. ' i. MauyS.i" 

227. ii. Hattie P.'^' 

228. iii. George H. '" 

229. VI. George Mygatt," born June 4, 1840; died July 22, 


230. Eev. Edmund Root Stiles, |104|, (Benjamin,'' 

SfinmeJ,^ Isaac,^ Isaac;' [saar,'J()//n,\)hoYU July 12, 1834, at Clarks- 
field, Ohio; pursued his collegiate studies at Williams and Oberlin 
Colleges, graduating from the latter in 1859, and from the Ober- 
lin Theoloiiieal Sermiuav in 1863. 


While iu the Semiuary, however, the War of the Civil Rebel- 
lion broke out, and Mr. Stiles was one of those enrolled in the 
first company raised in Oberlin, and as a 8erL!;eant went with it 
to the front iu ISGl. He had the misfortune to be taken prisoner 
early in the war, and endured nine months of life in southern 
prisons. On being exchan<4ed, he was brought to New York, to 
all appearances a dying man, but under the influences of nourish- 
ing food and good nursing he rallied, and was able to finish his 
studies at Oberlin and enter upon his life's work, although with 
a constitution much impaired. Towards the close of the war he 
returned to the army; and, in connection with the Christian Com- 
mission, ministered to the spiritual needs of the wounded. His 
first work in the ministry was the care of the church in Brighton, 
Ohio. From thence he removed 4o Lowell, Mich., where he 
remained for three years; after which he labored for eight years 
in Manchester, Iowa; from which place, about 1877, he 
was called to lie pastor of the church in Hancock, Mich. His 
labors there were abundantly blessed of the Lcn-d; all who knew 
him testify that, even beyond his strength, he labored for the 
salvation of souls. He had the invaluable power of winning the 
respect and love of those whom he met for the first time, and by 
continued acquaintance those feelings were invariably deepened; 
his thorough consecration to his work, his self-forgetfulness and 
kindly manner* made his grave but pleasant face ever welcome 
in the homes of the rich and poor; his earnestness in the pulpit, 
having behind it high Christian character and sterling manhood, 
made him an eti'ective preacher. As a pastor he possessed the qual- 
ities that would make any man efficient, Avhile the sweet Christian 
influence that went out from his delightful home added much to 
his pastoral power. The absence of ostentation about the man, 
and the correctness of his business habits gave him great influ- 
ence Avith the business men of the town, and his loss was deeply 
felt by the whole community. He left his church free from dis- 
cord and from debt, and his death strengthened the bonds of 
aftection between his people and himself. He was only in his 


forty-seventh year when lie died, Jan. 13, 1881; and, liad it not 
been for the privations lie endured during the war, he might 
have been spared many years more to the people that loved him 
so dearly.* 

Bev. Mr. Edmund R. Stiles married Dee. 29, 1764, Angeline 
Amelia Bruce, of Laporte, Ohio; and a graduate (1859) of Ober- 
lin College. She resides (1885), at Oberlin, Ohio. 

Children : 

231. I. Edmund Bruce,' born at Brighton, Ohio; was, in 

1885, a student at Oberlin College. 

232. II. Irexe Rhoda,' born at Lowell, Ohio or Mich., Sept. 

8, 1868. 

233. III. Gertrude Ellen,' born at Manchester, Iowa, Sept. 

4, 1870. 

234. IV. Hubert Willlvm,' born at Manchester, Iowa, Dec. 

30, 1872. 

235. V. R.yLPH Williston,' born at Manchester, Iowa, June 

7, 1877; died May 15, 1878. 

236. VI. Frances Lee Willlvms,^ born at Hancock, Mich., 

July 21, 1880. 

237. Farrington' Stiles, [ 106], {Dmuel 0[tJs,'''Johi,' Isaac,* 

Isaac,^ Isaac,' Joha,^) born 1788; married (1) Betsy Kelsey, of 
Newport, Herkimer Co., N. Y., who died at Evans Mills, N. Y., 
1832; married (2) Jemina Kelsey, at Evans Mills, N. Y., where 

* Xorthwestem Mining Journal, published at Hancock, Mich, 
t Lettera Geo. F. Deruer, 3 Uulon St., Watertown, N. Y. 

\ \ -f ^ 


thej resided. Farrin<Tjton Stiles died ;it the house of his dau<];h- 
ter, Mrs. Lydia S})encer Dresser, of Watertown, N, Y., 1878, iu 
hia 91st year. 

Children : 

238. I. Alonzo Farrington,'^ boru at Watertowu, N. Y., Dec. 

15, 1811; married Luciuda Wiiislow. Family 46. 

239. II. Lydlv Spencer,'' born at Watertowu, N. Y., Juue 10, 

1817; married at Watertowu, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1838, 
Chauucey Dresser, (boru at Tunbridtjje, Yt., Nov. 
9, 1800, and died at Watertowu, July 20, 1876; 
was a farmer). Mrs. Lydia S. (Stiles) Dresser 
resides (1887), at Watertowu, X. Y. Issue: 

240. i. AiANsoN Lathrop,'' born Jan. 11, IS-IO; served in the 

War of the Civil Rebellion, 7tta Vermont Eegiment 
Volunteers. Slightly wounded at Baton Rouge, La. ; 
married and has (1) Willie: (2) Nellie. Resides (1888), 
Waterto-wn, N. Y. 

241. ii. Geobge F.arrington.s boru Aug. 11, 1841; enlisted in 

Co. A, 35th New York Volunteers, Sept. 14, 18G1; 
lost his left leg at the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., 
Dec. 13, 1S62, being also severely wounded in the 
right foot; married; has (1) Walter William. Resides 
(1888), Watertowu, N. Y. 

242. ill. Albert Marion, » born March 19, 1843. Resides (1888) 

Kendall, Mich.; married; has (1) Matie L. 

243. iv. John Wesley,9 born Jan. 31, 1845; died May 11, 1845. 

244. V. William Henry ,3 born Sept. 12. 1847; married; has (1) 

Chauncey E.;(2) Nettie May; (3) Anna L. Resides 
(1888), at Hatboro, Pa. Dentist. 

245. vi. Caroline ELiz.vnETH.s boru June IH, 1851; married M. 

Chapman. Resides (1888), at Pendleton, Ind. No issue. 

246. ' vii. Josephine Ei.t-a.9 born May 2fi, 1852; married I. L. 

Thomson; has d) I. Ira; (2) T. Irene; (3) William. 
Resides (1888), at Cauova, Miner Co., Dakota. 


2i7, viii. Imog^e Emma,9 (twin to above); married D. M. 

Holbrook. Kesides (1885), at 662 Jefferson Avenne, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Is-S'fe; (1) Fred M.; (2) Arthur C. ;(3) 
Edwin A. 

248. vs.. Jeknette Elvira,^ born Sept. 11, 1H60; married W. F. 

Woodworth. Resides (1888), at Watertown, N. Y. ; 
has (1) Henry C; (2) Clarence. 

249. III. Daniel Farrixgton,'* born at Leroy, N. Y., Nov. 23, 

1822; married Mary Gates. 

250. lY. Thirza Hokton,^ born at Leroy, N. Y., Sept. 19, 

1826; married at Trentou Falls, N. Y., Feb., 
1850, James M. Henry, hf^iie: 

251. i. Helen L ,9 born Sept. 19, 1851, at Ohio, Herkimer Co , 

N. Y. ; married at Leroy. N. Y., J. Nelson Webb, May 
30. 1876; died July 30. 1879, at Evans Mills, N. Y. 

252. ii. Ebnest T.,' born at Booneville, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1855; 

married at Otego, Mich., Jan., 1883, Florella Hilliard. 

553. ' ^ iiu Willie F., 9 born at Leroy, N. y., March 12, 1858; died 

Nov., 1860. 

254. ' iv. Beetie E.,9 born at Leroy, N. Y., March 1, I860; died 

Aug., 1862, Watertown, N. Y. 

255. V. Aethuk J.,s born April 26, 1S62, at Leroy. N. Y.; mar- 

ried at Watertown, N. Y., Eva Howard, April 23, 1885. 

256. vi. Floeence E.,9 born at WatertovsTi, N. Y.. March 12, 

1864:; died Nov.. 1877, at Evans Mills, N. Y. 

257. vii. Minnie M.,9 born Aug. 12, 1865, at Wilna. N. Y. ; died 

May 30, 1871. at Evans Mills, N. Y. 

258. viii. Carrie E.,9 born .\pril 27, 1868, at Evans Mills, N. Y. 


259. John" Stiles, [108], (Dankl Olds:'' John ;- Isaac,'' Imac;' 
Isaac;- John,^) boru March 16, 1791; married Persis (or Perces), 


(daughter of Levi, Jr.) Cole, at Watertown, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 6, 1814. He enlisted at Sacket's Harbor, X. Y., Jan., 1813, 
with Capt. Swizer, New York Militia; was en^^a<>ea in the action 
at that place, and was discliarf^^ed March, 1813, for which services 
his widow subsequently received a pension. 

John Stiles died at Sandwich, 111., June 2, 18G8. Mrs. Perces 
(Cole) Stiles probably died in the winter of 1878-9. In her 
application for her husband's pension. April, 1871, she states 
that she was then 73 years of age, was then of De Kalb Co., 111. 
John Stiles and wife joined the Mormons; were at Nauvoo 
when that place was mobbed and burned, and afterwards resided 
many years at Utah. 


260. I. George P.,^ born 1814, at Watertown, N. Y.; mar- 
ried J. K. Hollister, of New York. R\.a[Ily 47. 


261. David B." Stiles, |110], (Daniel Olds,' John,' haavj 
Isaac,^ Isaac,' John,\) was born in Newport, N. Y.; died 1876 
in Kichville, N. Y., at the home of his son David L. Stiles, who 
lives on the homestead. He married Piebeckah Devvauro, (Dev- 
ereaux?) who is living at (1887) the age of 87 with her youngest 
sou, David L. 


262. L Daniel O.,' born Oct. 27, 1823; married Eusel)ia 

White, July 4, 1850. He is a farmer; his farm 
adjoins the homestead Avhich formerly belonged 
to his father, and is now occupied b}- his brother, 
David L. He rents his own farm and resides 
in the village of Piichville. Has been Deacon 
of the First Congregational Church, of Eichville, 
for 20 years. (Jhdd: George, b<nu May 9, 1851; 
died Feb. 2, 1864. 


263. 11. Saeah a.,-* born Aug. 24, 1824. Postoffice address 

2G4. III. Susan B./boru Oct. 9, 1826; married Robert Maitland; 
Postoffice address, Sandy Creek, N. Y. 

265. lY. George K.,^ born May 15, 1830; died 1863 in U. S. 


266. Y. Earl,^ born Feb. 4, 1833; Postoffice address un- 


267. YI. Lucy A.,' born Sept. 9, 1836; married Ed. Cobb; 

Postoffice, Bigelow, N. Y. 

268. YII. INlERZiA M.,^ born Dec. 8, 1839; married Geo. Cobb; 

Postoffice address, Russell, N. Y. 

269. YIII. Priscilla,^ born March 27, 1844; died 1851. 

270. IX. David L.,^ born Dec. 27, 1848; is a farmer, and re- 

sides on the homestead. (His Postoffice ad- 
dress is given as Bigelow, N. Y,, but his 
brother's farm joins his, and he appears to live 
in Eichville). David L. Stiles is a member of 
the First Congregational Church, of Richville. 
The History of St. Lawrence Co., K Y., con- 
• , tains an account of the family of David B. Stiles; 

also has in it a photograph of Daniel O. Stiles' 


•27L Harvey Hawkins" Stiles, \ 113 \, ( Da melOkk,' John,' 

Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaac,' John,^) born May 30, 1801; married Roxana 
; died at Palmvra, X. Y., Oct. 18, 1863. 

i'M^: t '^ \ ^ - :i'''- V u ■ 


Children : 

272. I. Chaeles W./ resides (1887), 394 West Ferry Street, 

Buffalo, N. T. 

273. II. Jerome,^ resides (1887), Cook Co., 111. 

274. III. Mary;^ married Pike; resides (1888) Wliites- 

boro, N. Y. 

275. IV. Martha;"^ married Albro; resides (1888), 

Whitesboro, N. T. 

276. V. Nancy Axn;'* married Smith; resides (1888), 

New York Mills, N. Y. 

277. VI. Sarah C.;^ married Segar; resides (1888), 

New York Mills, N. Y. Issue: 

•278. ^_ i. Helen J. ;9 married Fench; resides (1888), at 

Palmyra, X. Y. 

279. ii. Charles O. ;" reside (1888), Dnmhridge, Wood Co., Obio. 

280. iii. William Henry;9 resides (1888), Oregon. 

281. iv. Geobge K. ;» resides (1888), Bordean, Daws Co., Neb. 

282. V. Louisa. M. ;9 married Beard; resides (1885), Dun- 

bridge, Wood Co., Ohio. 

283. vi. Nettie A. :» married Brown; resides (1888), Utica, 

N. Y. 


284. Gen. George Keith^ Stiles, [1151, (Damel Ohh,' 

John,^ Isaac,* Isaac-'' Isoac,^ Jolm,^) born in Newport, Herkimer 
Co., N. Y., July 8, 1805; married (1) Feb. 3, 1829, Elizabeth 
Perrin, of Rochester, N. Y., who died Sept. 25, 1831; married (2) 

t-'i*^ .■ ;^ 



Jan. 8, 1832, Harriet Byron (aau<,'hter of Hiram and Pliebn 
Thayer) Rose," who was born at Palmyra, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1811. 

In 1884, Mr. G. K. Stiles went to Cortland, N. Y.; lie was 
elected one of the first Trustees of the Baptist Church there 
upon its organization, and held that office, as well as the Super- 
ftitendency of its Sabhath School, for a period of 20 years, and 
until his "removal to Brooklyn, N. Y. During his residence in 
Cortland, he was prominent in military matters, organized 
the 58th Eegiment of New York State Militia, which he com- 
manded, and held every office successively, from Colonel to 
Brigadier-General . During the eleven years of his residence in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., he was an invalid. His business was that of a 
jeweller, which he followed for 26 years in Cortland, and eight 
years in Brooklyn. While in the latter city, he and his wife 
were members of the Pierrepont Street Baptist Church. He 
died in Brooklyn, X. Y., Aug. 23, 1873, and in 1876 his family 
removed to Philadelphia, Pa., where they reside (1888), at No. 
2017 College Avenue. 

Mrs. Harriet Byron (Ptose) Stiles resides (1888) with her 
son, and is still smart and active for her years, having con- 
tributed personally, by correspondence, to the history of her 
husband's family. 

Children (by first marriage): 

285. I. George,^ died July 27, 1831. 

286. II. Mary,^ died in infancy. 
(By second rnarriaye): 

287. III. Helen Elizabeth,'* born in Ithaca, N. Y., March 25. 

1834; married Polliu C. Terry, in 1859; went to 
California 1863; returned 1876. (Divorced). 

288. i. Sox, 9 died Jiiii., 1S85, ai. G years. 

• Hiram Kose, born LltchilplJ, Coun., son of Dr. Wm. Kose, a Hrst settler ot UlnghaTiitoD, 
N. Y., where he praciiced until over 70 j-eara of age. 


289. IT. Harriet Jane/ boru in CortlauJ, N. Y., Sept. 9, 
1837; married 1SG7, Alpbouso Watson, who died 
1872. IsHxe: ■ ;*. . 

•290. ii Chaklfs.9 

291. V. Charles Henry,' born in Cordand, X. Y., July 15, 
1840; died Oct. 13, 1842. 

292. YI. Nancy Caroline,' boru iu Cortland, N. Y., July 25, 

1844; died Aug. 3, 1848. 

293. YII. Levi P. Rose,' boru iu Cortland. X. Y., July 28, 

1848; resides (lS85t, Philadelphia, Pa.; un- 

294. YIIL Anna Leonard,' born in Cortland, N. Y., Jan. 27, 

1853; married 1876. AYilliam Mack. Pvesides 
(1888), New York City, No. 4 West 14th Street. 


295. Daniel 'Stiles, 116;, f Daniel Oils: John;- Isaac,' 
Isaac, Jr.;^ Isaac,' John,') was boru in Cortland Co., N. Y., Dec. 
12, 1807; married Mary Welch in 1829 or 1830. About 1848 
(or 1851, both are given), he removed to Milwaukee, Wis., where 
he resided uutil the si)riu.-- of 1857 (or 1860 1, when he moved 
to Otisco, Waseca Co., Minn., where, although a mechauic, he 
worked at farming until his death in 187(5, Mrs. Mary Welch 
Stiles died iu 1883, (July 2i, at Central City, Neb., to which 
place she had removed iu Oct., 1882, with her daughter. She 
was buried by the side of her husb;md in Minnesota. 


Children : . • 

296. I. Elijah H./ born Dec. 9, 1833; married Lucy A. 

Hancock. Family -49. 

297. 11. Mary J.,' born 1837; married (1) Daniel Simpson; 

(2) Abner Warner, farmer at Otisco, Minn.; re- 
sides (1886), at Central City, Neb. L^sae {hi/ 
first marriage:) 

298. i Ada E., 9 resides Central City, Neb 
(By second marriage): 

"299. ii. Ellsworth L.,* (Warner). 

300. III. Marquis D.,^ born in Milwaukee, Wis.; died in 


30L Hiram' Stiles, [1261, (Asa,'' John,'' Isaac,* Isaac,^ 
Isaac,' John,') born Nov. 23, 1804; married Marcli 23, 1831, in 
Warrensville, Cuyalioga Co., Ohio, Maudana Duty, born Dec. 12, 

Mr. Hiram Stiles died in l\ome, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, May 
29, I860. 

Children: (all born in JVarrensuiUe, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio): 

302. L AiL^NDA M.VLYINV born Feb. 12, 1832; died Nov. 13, 


303. II. Asa D.,' born Sept. 8, 1833; married Elvina Heislar, 

F.uiiLY 50. 

304. in. Martha Malmna,'' born July 25, 1835; died July 

16, 1855. 

444 '"''^ ST/LES GEN EALOGY. 

305. IV. Persis El\7RA,^ boru Juno 23, 1838; married June 

20, 1860, Aniericus Y. Bishop, a dealer in cheese, 
flour and grain, in Milwaukee, Wis., where 
they now reside; no issue. 

306. V. Albert Warren,^ born ,S<?pt. 3, 1841; married Jane 

• E. Crosby. Family 51. 

307. VI. WiLLLVM Collins,' born Sept. 15, 1844; ma/ried 

Alice H. Miller. Family 52. 

308. VII. Chloe Duty,' born July 31, 1849; died Aug. 15, 1852. 

309. VIII. Elton Hiram,' born Feb. 10, 1853; married Carrie 

J. . Family 53. 


310. Daniel" Stiles, \12>1\, (Aaron,'' John,^ Isaac,' Isaac;' 
Isaac,'^ John,^) born at Harpersiield, Delaware Co., N. Y., Aug. 
14, 1799; married Nancy Wasliburne. 

Daniel Stiles died in Kansas.* 

Children; (aU born at Harpersjield, Delaware Co., X. Y.): 
















Letter of Lawson A. Stiles, Cleveland, Ohio. 



316. Ira' Stiles, |li"21, (Aaron,'' John; Isaac,' Isaac,' 
Isaac: John,') born at Harperstieia, Delaware Co., N. Y., Jau. 12, 
1806; married Roxy Case, Oct. 8, 1830, (Proh. Rec.) Removed 
to Wisconsiu about 1850.* 

Children ; (all horn at HarpersfieU, Delaware Co., N. Y.): 

317. I. Lysander,*^ married and had a family. 

318. XL Almra,^ married and had a family. 

319. III. Alfred,'* married and had a family. 

320. lY. Amanda,"* married and had a family. 

321. V. Harriet,^ married and had a family. 

--W FAMILY 34. 

322. Ezra' Stiles, [159], (Aaron,' John,' Isaac,' Isaac;' 
Isaac;' John,') born at Harperslield, Delaware Co., N. Y., Oct. 
19, 1816; married Cynthea Kingsley, of Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 20, 1841. He resided on the old homestead farm, and 
died June 1, 1883. Mrs. Cynthea (Kingsley) Stiles died Oct. 2, 

Children: ^ , 

323. L Lawson Aaron,' born Sept. 18, 1843; married Leonora 

Bond. F.uiiLY 54. 

324. 11 Mary Louisa,' born Sept. 13, 1845; died March 30, 


Letter of Lawsou A. Stiles, Clevelaud, Oblo. 


325. III. LoTON MoNTCxOMERY/ born Nov. 19, 1848; married 
Ella Hammond. Family 55. 


326. Bennetf Stiles, [ICS], (Lyman;' Nathan; Isaac; 
Isaac; Isaac; Isaac; John;) born at Southbury, Conn., March 3, 
1831; married at Nangatnck, Conn., July 25, 1851, Clarisa L. 

(daughter of Gibberd), born in Naugatuck, Conn., July 2, 

1830. Besides (1885), Waterbury, C(mn. 


327. I. Bexnett M.," born at Naugatuck, Conn., June 2, 

1852; died at Waterbury, Conn., Aug. 2, 1888. 

328. II. Frederick B.,'' born at Waterbury, Ccmn., Dec. 30, 


329. III. Cora E.,^ born at Waterbury, Conn., May 13, 1867. 

330. Lewis Wellington' Stiles, [171], (Nathan Hennj; 

Nathan.; Isaac; Isaac; Isaac; Isaac; John;) born at Oxford, 
Conn., Sept., 1815; married July 9, 1842, Angeline Frances 
Buggies, of Bridgeport, Conn. He was the lirst officer of the 
schooner JIafjnoIia., of N. Y., and died aboard that vessel, in the 
harbor of San Juan de los Bemedios, Cuba, June 21, 1853. 

Children : 

331. I. JusTiNA Frances.'^ 

332. n. Augustina Josephine,^ died se. 4 years. 


333. Henry Burdett' Stiles, |173j, (Xathun Ht»ry,' 

Nathan,'^ Isaar,^ Isaac,^ Isaac;' Imac,- John,'') born :it Soutlibury, 
Conu., Dec. 12, 1820; married (1) Maria Elizabeth McLean, of 
Geneva, X. Y., Sept. 27, 1840; she died June 27. 1841; married 
(2) Diantha Frances Barber, of Hebron, Conn., June 9, 1844; she 
died July 27, 1840, both Avives buried in North Graveyard, Hart- 
ford, Conn.; married (3) Helen Graves Freeman, of Glastonbury, 
Conn., July 3, 1848, who died Dec. 22, 1881, in Bridgeport, Conn. 

Mr. Henry B. Stiles was engineer and pressman in the 
Cohnnhia Ueijister Office, New Haven, Conn., from 1850 to 1858; 
member of the Common Council of that city in 1858-59; removed 
to Bridgeport, Conn., 1866, and became a member of the firm of 
Pomeroy, Gould & Co., (now Gould S: Stiles) owners and pro- 
prietors of the Daily, and Eepuhlican Fanner. He served one 
term in the Bridgeport Common Council, 1868-69; and, also, 
during the same year, as Judge of the Court of Records." 

Children; (horn at Ghistonhnry, Conn.): 

334. L Mary Elizabeth,^' born Sept. 21, 1849; resides (1885) 

unmarried, at Bridgeport, Conn. 

335. II. Helen Frances,-' born Nov. 12, 1851; married Floyd 

Tucker, Jr., June 17, 1875. Mr. Tucker is the 
political editor of the Daily (oul Weekly Farmer, 
published at B., of which his father-in-law is 
a proprietor; no issue. 


336. George Washington' Stiles, i 174:\,XafhanHe)iry,' 

Xdthan,^ Isaac,-' Isaoc,^ Isaac, Isaac,- John,^) born at Oxford, 

* We are largely Indeiited to Mr. H. B. Stiles for his hearty Iiuerest In and contribution to 
the history ot hla branch of the family. 


Conn., Feb. 15, 1823; married Ellen J. Scott, June 3, 1845. 
Went to Neversink, N. Y., about 1843. 

Mr. Geo. W. Stiles died Sept. 29, 18G8. 

Mrs. Ellen J. (Scott) Stiles died Nov., 1869, te. 40 years, 
8 months. 


337. I. J.\.AiES A.,^ born at Monaring, N. Y., May 25, 1846; 

married Nancy Rees. Family b&. 

338. II. Milton P.,'* born at Mamacoting-, N. Y., July 31, 

1850; died Sept. 23, 1851. 

339. III. Sarah Almida,^ born at Monariug, N. Y., Oct. 3, 

1852; married Walter Warden, Sej^t. 5, and 
died Sept. 19, 1869. 

340. lY. MAKYFRANCEs,«boru at Momacoting, N. Y., Feb. 27, 

- 1855; married G. B. Boordman. of Pittston, Pa., 
died April 27, 1873; no issue. 

341. V. Ellen C.,'* born at Scrauton, Pa., Aug. 24, 1859; 

died June 25, 1864. 

342. VI. Hattie Emma,-* born at Blakely, Pa., Aug. 1, 1864; 

married Monroe O. Collender, Aug. 1. 1882. 
Resides (1885), Green Grove, Pa. Issue: 

343. i Tabitha Kllen. '" 

344. VII. Carrie Bell,' born Sept. 7, 1866. 


345. Albert Erastus'' Stiles, [175], (Nathan Henry; 
Nathan,' Isaac, ^ Isaac, ^ Isaac,^ Isaac;^ Isaac,' Joh)!,^) horii at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Feb. 9, 1828; married (1) July 4, 1848, Mary MiuFox, 


of W()()(ll)ury, Conn., who died Aurif. 1-4, 1855; married (2) Fau- 
uie M. Scovill, of Woodbury, Coim., who died at New Haveu. 
Conn., Nov. 27, 1884. Mr. Albert E. Stiles resided iu Nau-a- 
tuck, Conn.; was a farmer; died in NeAv Haven, Conn., May 3, 
1886, j¥. 60 years. 

ChiJdren: (all hy frst wife), born at Xaiir/afncl; Conn.: 

346. I. Henry Benjamin,'" born Feb. 10, 1850; resides 1 1885 1, 

in New Haven, Conn., unmarried. 

347. II. E^riLY Jane,'*^ born Nov. 14, 1851; married Albert F. 

Bradley, of Colebrook, Conn., Jan. 24, 1871, 
(since deceased). Issue: 

348. i. Henby Sterling," died in infancy. 

349. Charles Hoyt' Stiles, |1811, (Gnrwood: Xathan; 

Isaac,^ Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaac,' Johi,^) born at Oxford, Conn., Oct. 
31, 1821; married Ann A. Packer, of Hartford, Conn. Jan. 1, 
1844. He was a coach maker iu Oxford, died iu Ansouia, Conn., 
about 1867. 


350. I. Georgiana Frances,^ born in Hartford, Conn., Nov. 

6, 1844; married in Ansouia, Conn., April 14, 
1881, Louis Schlottman. Issue: 

351. i. Louis, '" born in Ansonia, Conn., March 8, 1883. 

352. Henrietta Packer,'^ born at Ansouia, Conn., Aug. 21, 1847; 

married Aug. 5, 1874, George L. Church, of Ox- 
ford, Conn. Resides (1885), Ansouia, Conn.; no 



353. David ' Stiles, [183], Gancood,' Natlmn,''IsaacJ'Is(iac,' 
Isaac,^ Zsar/c,'- JoJn,,^'), born at Oxford, Conn., Sept. 24, 1826; 
married Sarali E. She, of New Haven, Conn., where he was a 
carriage maker. He died at New Haven, about 1862. 

Children : 

354. I. William V.,^ born Oct. 4, 1842. 

355. 11. ,** daughter, died young. 


356. George E.' Stiles, [188], (Sherman,' Truman,' 
Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,- John,^) born February 1, 1819, at 
Newtown, Conn.; was a restaurant proprietor and hotel man; 
left Connecticut in 1844, went to Buffalo, N. Y., from there to 
Dansville, N. Y.; thence to Buffalo in 1853; and to Chicago, 111., 
in 1881, where he died May 15, 1882. -x. 63 years. He married 
(1) Nov., 1838, Marcia Emma (daughter of Philo and Harriet) 
Peck, of Woodbury, Conn., "a lovely woman and a devoted 
Christian;" she died in Stepney, Conn., 1842; married (2) Lovina 
(daughter of Jacob and Catherine) Lewis, at Dansville, N. Y., 
1850, who survives him, residing at Chicago. 

Mr. Stiles w;ts a good husband and father, generous and 
open hearted to a fault among his associates and friends, among 
whom was Grover Cleveland, afterwards President of the United 

Children (bij first marriage): 

357. L Sherman P.,' born in Stepney, Conn., 1843. 
F.unLY 57. 

I a 


{^By second marriage): 

358. II. Ellen- Maud," born in Dansville, N. Y., 1852; mar- 

ried Emmet McChesney, Feb., 1877. Children: 

359. i. Florence, •" died in infancy. 

360. ii. Mabel,'" born March 23, 1880; lives in Cohf cton, N. Y. 


361. Truman' Stiles, [202], (Sherman,' Truman,'' Isaac-' 
Isaac,^ Isaac, \ Isaac,' John,^) born March 24, 1824. Is a joiner, 
builder and trader. He married (1) April 23, 1848, Eliza (daugh- 
ter of Calvin and Lucy) Wooding, who died May 9, 1849; mar- 
ried (2) April 6, 1851, Mary E. (daughter of Adonijah and Hannah 
P.) Crowell. Besides (1885), Meriden, Conn. 

Chiklren (hij Jirst wife), born at Meriden, Conn: 

362. L Frank Wooding,^ born April 28, 1849; married 

Elizabeth Aubrey. Family 58. 

(By second wife}: 

363. II. WnxLUi H.,^ born April 29, 1852; married Grace 

L. Goddard. Family 59. 

364. III. George C.,' born Sept. 12, 1853; married Annie L. 

Wooding. Family 60. 

365. lY. Arthur M.,^ born April 13, 1863; died Jan. 6, 1879. 

366. V. Alida,^ born Feb. 26, 1858; died Jan. 2, 1863. 

367. Henry Lane^^ Stiles, |221], (Henry,^ Timothy,' 

Samuel,'^,^ Isaac,'' Isaac,^ Isaac,' John,'') born Oct. 1, 1821; 


married Oct. 13, 1842, Margaret A. Hay. Besides (1886), Ciu- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Childre)i: ' . 

368. I. HaekyP.'" 

369. II. Mary S.'" 

370. III. Anxe."' 

371. IV. Charles A. 1'' 


372. William Reeves" Stiles, |223], {Henry,' Timothy;' 
Sanixei; Isaac; Isaac; Isaac; Isaac; Job a;) horn April 29, 1827; 
married June 15, 1853, Elizabeth Quinby. Resides (1886), 
Warren, Ohio. 


373. I. Lucy Potter."^ 

374. II. William Eeem^s,!" died July 8, 1865. 

375. in. Henry Quinby."' 


376. Alonzo Farrington' Stiles, [238], {Farrin<jton; 
Da)iie! Ohh; Joint; Isaac; IsaiU-; Isaac; John;) born at Water- 
town, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1811; married Jan. 26, 1836, Luciuda 
Winslow, of Leroy, N. Y., where she was born Jan. 27, 1817. 
Removed to Baiubridge, Berrien Co., Mich., in spring of 1845. 
Reside-s (1888), Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Mich. 


Children : ^ . . 

377. I. Elizabeth Lucinda." l)orn iu Watertowu, N. Y., 
May 27, 183U; d) muiTieil. May 10, I808, G. A. 
Wells, miller. Issue: (1) Her])ert A.; (2) 

diet] young; (3) died yoimg. She married (2) 
S. P. Bryant, miller. Issue: (4) Lloyd. Re.sides 
(1888), Greeley, Colorado. 

378. II. Ansel .Ajlonzo,'* l)oru in Leroy, X. Y., July 10, 1841; 

enlisted in Beneges Western Sliarpsliooters, 
Company D, Fourteenth Missouri Re-inu-nt, 
in fall of 1861; was in several skirmishes in win- 
ter and spring; was in the whole of the Fort 
Donaldson battle; sickened on the march from 
the Cumberland, to the Teunesee River, and 
died at Pittsburg Landing, April 18. 1802; was 
Corporal of the Color Guard. 

379. III. Emily Axtoinette,-' born in Leroy, N. Y., Jan. 20, 

1844; married Nov. 7, 180G, Henry A. Simons, 
of Benton, Berrein Co., Mich. Resides (1888), 
Osage, Iowa. Issue: (1) Arthur; (2l Eugene; (3) 
Wilbur; (4) Ernest. 

380. IV. Al^iekin H. F.," born in Bainbridge. Mich., Oct. o, 

1850; married March 12, 1878, Julia Crossman, 
of Benton, Mich.; removed to Diamondale, Mich., 
same spring; died Oct. 10, 1878. 

381. v. Ida AN-TOiNETTE,M)orn in Bainbridge, Mich., Jan. 22, 

1853; married Oct. 14, 1875, Freeman G. Pray, 
of Wiusor, Eaton Co., Mich.; farmer. Issue: (1) 
Araminta E.; (2) Luciar. A. Resid.'s (1888), 
• Dimondale, Mich. 


382. VI. Ina Eloka; born in Bainbrid-e, Mich., March 30, 

1855; married Jan. 2, 1878, Arthur L. Pearl, of 
Benton, Mich. Issue: (1) Maurice A.; (2) Roland 
K; (3) Nina. Removed (1885), to -Ford Co., 

383. Vn. LuciEN WrxsLow,^ bom in Bainbridj^je, Nov. 1, 1858; 

married Sept. 10, 1886, Cora M. Crossman, of 


384. George P.' Stiles, 1200], (Joliu; Daniel 0.,' John,^ 
Isaac,* Isnnr,' hnac,' Jolni,^) l)orn ISll; married J. K. Hollister, 
of N. Y., who died March U, 1881, a<;e 56 years. He was 
Supreme Court Judge and Chief Justice of Utah, for many years 
before the War of the Civil Rebellion, and afterwards held an 
office in one of the Governmental Departments, at Washington, 
D. C. He died Sept., 1885, at Belton, Texas. 

He was probably the Geo. P. Stiles who bore a good record 
as First Lieutenant of the Thirty-first Ohio Volunteer Regiment, 
from August, 1861, to Dec. 15, 1864. 

Child rex : 

385. I. John M.,* born about 1850; married; resides Chicago, 


386. II. Gertrude,'' born about 1852; married P'P- Scheble;M.^' 

resides at Belton, Texas; now declareiL "^ 

387. III. George P.,^ born about 1855; lawyer; resides Card- 

ington, Ohio; unmarried. 

388. IV. A H ,' bom about 1865. 


389. Elijah H." Stiles, [2961, (DaxieJ 0.,' John,' Isaac,' 
Isaac^ Isaac,' Johti,^) was born in Leroy, Jefferson Co., N. Y., 


Dec. 9, 1833; married Sept. 8, 1856, Lucy A. Hancock, (boru at 
Orange, Vt., March 16, 1834), at Macliford, Wisconsin. They re- 
moved May, 1857, to Otisco, Minn., and there Mr. S. enga<j;ed in 
farming. In Feb., 1862, he enlisted in the Fifth Minnesota 
Volunteers; was in the battle of Shiloh; was taken sick in Alaliama 
and sent North to St. Louis, where he died at Jefferson Barracks, 
Feb. 6, 1863. 

Mr.s. Lucy (Hancock) Stiles resides (1886), at Montpelier,Yt. 

Children; (born at Otisco, Minn.): 

390. L Olive Isabel,^ born Oct. 14, 1857; married Oct. 14, 

1877, Jesse A. Willey, of Moretown, Vt., where 
they now reside (1886). Issue: 

391. i. Angie Belle, ■• born Aug. 4, 1878. 

392. ii. Alston .1.,^ born May 12, 1880. 

393. XL Marquis D.,' born Feb. 14, 1860; is a portrait 

painter by profession; resides (1886), at Mount 
Vernon, Westchester Co., N. Y. Mr. S. received 
his art education at the National Academy of 
Design, and Art Student League, New York City. 
From the Academy he received honorable men- 
tion in the class of 1877-78. 


394. Asa D.' Stiles, |303], (Hiram;- Asa; John; Isaac; 
Isaac; Isaac; JoIdi;) born in Warrensville, Cuyahaga Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 8, 1833; removed to Iowa in the autumn of 1856, being 
then twenty-three years old. Aug. 14, 1862, he enlisted in 
Company F, Twenty-second Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and was 
mustered out of service, at Savannah, Ga., July 2(5, 1865; re- 
turning to Iowa City. He served in the Department of the 


West, of Virginia, of Western Virginia; was at Vicksburg, Miss., 
during the siege of 18^3; was in no general engagements. Aug. 
6, 1865, removed to Decatur County, Kansas. In the spring of 
1879 returned to Afton, Union Co., Iowa, in the spring of 1S82. 
His occupation is that of a carpenter, and, for five years past, a 
farmer. He married June 11, 1866, Elvina Heislar. 


395. I. Mary M.,^ born June 2, 1867; died Sept. 3, 1868. 

396. II. Asa D.,^ born Jan. 3, 1869; died May 2, 1870. 

397. III. Edd. H.,^ born Feb. 4, 1871. 

398. IV. Alden V.,' born March 15, 1876; died April 6, 1884. 
399 V. Hugh J.,'* born April 18, 1878. 

400. VI. Persis K.,^ born April 14, 1880. 

401. Albert Warren^ Stiles, i ?'06l, (Hiram,' Asa,' John; 

Isaac,* Isaac,' Isaac,- JoJui,^) born in Warrensville, Cuyahaga Co., 
Ohio, Sept. 3, 1841; in March, 1858, removed w^ith his father's 
family, to Rome, Ashtabula C(x, Ohio. Promptly upon the 
breaking out of the War of the Civil Rebellion, he enlisted, 
April 24, 1861, for three mouths, in Company D, (Captain 
Robert Craig), of the Nineteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; 
served in Western Virginia under General McClelland, and in 
Gen. Rosencran's Brigade; was in the battle of Rich Mountain, 
July 10, 1861, and was mustered out of service at Ashtabula, 
Ohio, Aug. 30, 1861. He enlisted again, Sept. 5, 1861, in Com- 
pany A, Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, (Captain Amander Bing- 
ham's), and received the following promotions, viz : to Fourth 
Duty Sergeant, Oct. 14, 18()1; to Orderly Sergeant, Jan., 1863; 


Second Lieutenant, Company D, May 14, 1864; First Lieutenant, 
Company B, Nov., 1864; Captain, Company E, of the same regi- 
ment, March 17, 186;j; resigned his commission June 29, 1865, 
having served under Generals Fremont, Pope, Burnside, 
McCleUand, Hooker, Meade and Grant; and having participated 
in over thirty general engagements, and numerous skirmishes — 
all in Virginia. He was wounded and taken prisoner in a cavalry 
charge at Upperville, Ya., June 21, 1863; was paroled at Libby 
Prison, Kichmond, Va., July 2, 1863; was with General Stoneman 
on his raid on Kichmond, Va., May, 1863; and was on Sherman's 
cavalry raids in May and June, 1864. 

He was elected Sheriff of Ashtabula County, Ohio, Octo- 
ber, 1869, served for two years, and was re-elected October, 
1871, for two years; left the office in 1873, and was appointed 
Coroner of that County, to fill a vacancy, in December, 1876; 
and was elected to said office in October, 1877. He was again 
elected Sheriff of the County in October, 1878; re-elected Octo- 
ber, 1880; left the office January, 1883. Aug. 14, 1884, he was 
nominated by acclamation by the Eepublicans (in convention) 
of the 19th (Gen. Garfield's old District) Congressional District 
of Ohio, as a Presidential Elector; was elected and served upon 
the Electoral College of the State of Ohio, Dec. 3, 1884, casting 
the vote of that State for Blaine and Logan. 

Mr. Albert W. Stiles married Sept. 24, 1866, Jane E. Cros- 
by, of Kome, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Kesidence (1885) Eock 
Creek, Ohio. 


402. L Jay," born March 6, 1869; died May 6, 1871. 

403. 11 Maud," born Dec. 3, 1876. 

404. Ill Charlotte," born Nov. 1, 1878. 

\ «*. \ ^ T ':. 


FA3IILY 52. 

405. William Collins' Stiles, 1 3071, f ///mm,' ^s«,Vo/^??, 
Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,- JoJin,^) boruat Warreusville, Cuyahoga Co., 
Ohio, Sept. 15, 1844; enlisted in Company A, Sixth Ohio Cavalry, 
Aug. 15, 18G2, as a private; was made . Corporal 1864, and Ser- 
geant, for bravery and soldierly conduct, upon recommendation of 
Major Harper, Provost Marshal, Second Division Cavalry Corps; 
was discharged May 25, 1865, his discharge showing that he 
had been in thirty-one general engagements, and numerous 
skirmishes in Virginia and Maryland. He was taken prisoner 
while on a scouting party Jan. 16, 1863, and was paroled on the 
field. He -married Nov. 29, 1866, Alice H. Miller. He is a ship 
carpenter by trade; worked on Government contracts from 1868 
until 1877, at harbor work along Lake Erie. Since then he 
has been engaged in manufacturing ship-timber. 

406. I. [Cakl,** an adopted son; now (1884), eight years old.] 

• ^ -^ FAMILY 53. 

407. Elton Hiram' Stiles, [309j, (Hiram,- Asa,' John,'' 
Isaac,* Isaac,^ Isaac,- John,^) born at AYarrensville, Cuyahoga Co., 
Ohio, Feb. 10," 1853; was appointed June 23, 1880, Enumerator 
for the Township of Rome, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, for the United 
State Census of 1880; was elected June 8, 1879, a member of 
"the Ftepublican County Central Committee, serving the township 
in that capacity for five years. April 12, 1884, he was elected 
Clerk of Eome Township, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He married 
Dec. 25, 1877, Carrie J. Crosby, (born Nov. 8, 1856). Residence 
(1885) Rome, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 

Children : 

408. L Lee Crosby,' born Nov. 29, 1879. 

409. n. Emir Lewis,' born Sept. 25, 1882. 

410. IIL Elliot Meigs,' born Au^. 27, 1884. 


!...:■ :;..'! A' .>-^' 


411. Lawson Aaron' Stiles, [323], f^rm/^rtro^Jo/m,^ 

Isaac* Isaac-' Isaac,- John,') born Sept. 18, 1843. He married 
Sept. 20, 1870, Leonora Bond, of Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He has 
been in the employ of the Lake Shore and Michigan South- 
ern Railway, Eastern Division, for twenty-one years, eighteen of 
which he served as conductor. 

Children (horn at Cleveland, Ohio): 

412. L Alfred Ensign,^ born July 8, 1874. 

413. IL Eugenia Eliza,^ born Sept. 12, 1877; died April 13, 


414 in. Edna,» born July 17, 1879; died Oct. 22, 1879. 


415. Loton Montgomery' Stiles, [325], (Ezra;' Aaron,' 
John,^ Isaac,' Isaac,^ Isaac,' John,') born Nov. 19, 1848; married 
March 19, 1873, Ella Hammond, of Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., 
Ohio. He has been in the employ of the Lake Shore and 
Michigan Southern Railway for fifteen years, as conductor. 

Children : 

416. L Lawson Albert,'-" born Feb. 3, 1875. 

417. n. Ruth Ethlyn,^ born June 8, 1877. 


418. James AJ" Stiles, [337], (George W.,' Nathan,' 
Henry,' Xathan,'' Isaac,"" Isaac,' Isaac,^ Isaac^ John,') born May 
25, 1846, at Monasing, N. Y.; married (1) July 3, 1866, Nancy 
Rees, who died Aug. 20, 1879; married (2) Emma . 


Mr. James A. Stiles died Dec. 23, 1883. 
Children (hy first icife): 

419. L George," born in Olypliant, Pa., March 6, 1868. 

420. II. Adelbert," born in Dunnings, Pa., Dec. 24, 1870. 
By second wife: 

421. III. A Daughter." 


422. Sherman P.' Stiles, [357], (George K,' Sherman,' 
Truman,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,* Isaac,-'' Isaac,- John,^) born at Stepney, 
'Conn., 1843; went to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1855, enlisted in Thirty- 
third New York Battery (Volunteers), and served through the 
War of the Civil Rebellion until its close; went to Chicago, HL, 
August, 1865; has been for past eight years engaged in the United 
State Post Office in that city, where he resides at 275 Thirty- 
:first street. He married (1) Sept. 8, 1867, Elizabeth Keefe, 

-w^ho died ; married (2) Ella M. (daughter Moses D. 

.-and Henrietta) Brown,* Aug. 9, 1881, at Palatine, III 

Children (hy first marriage): 

423. I. Ida LiLLiE,'" born Oct. 13, 1868. 

424. II. George EDWARD,'°bornMay 23, 1872; died in infancy. 

425. in. George Sherman,'*' born Oct. 2, 1877; died in infancy. 

By second marriage: 

426. IV. Davtd Trusdell,^" born May 1, 1882; died in infancy. 

• Mr. Brown Is a promluent attorney of 31 years' practice In Chicago. 



427. Frank Wooding' Stiles, 1.%21, (Tnmuw: Sher- 
man,' Truman,^ Isaac,'' Isaac,^ Isaac^'' hone,- JoJin,^) boru April 28, 
1849; is a builder and contractor. He married Oct. 13, 1875, 
Elizabeth (daughter of John and Mary) Aubrey, (born June 5, 
1852), of English birth. 

Children (bom at Meriden, Conn.): 

428. I. Harriet M.,"' born Nov. 4, 1876. 

429. XL John F.,'° born Feb. 6, 1879. 

430. III. Bertha E.,^'^ born Jan. 26, 1881. 

In Springfield, Vt., Oct. 16, 1885, a daughter born to Mr. 
and Mrs. Frank W. Stiles. 


431. William H.' Stiles, [363], (Tmman,^ Sherman,' 
Truman,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,* Isaac, ■^ Isaac,- John,^) born April 29, 1852, 
is an expressman and merchant at Meriden, Conn. He married 
Feb. 6, 1883, Grace L. (daughter of Gilbert W. and Mary Halli- 
day) Goddard (born Feb. 26, 1857), of Hartford, Conn. 

Child (horn at Meriden, Conn.): 

432. L Ada May,'" born April 28, 1884. 


433. George O: Stiles, [364], (Truman,'' Sherman,"' 
Ti-^iman,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,* Isaac,^' Isaac,'- John,^) born at Meriden, 
Conn., Sept. 12, 1853; is a machinist, at Meriden, Conn. He 
married Jan. 3, 1882, Annie L. (daughter of Henry and Ellen) 
Wooding, of Wallingford, Conn., (born Oct. 3, 1861). 

Child (born in Meriden, Conn.): 

434. L Cl-UTOn,'" born Oct. 16, 1884. 



1- *' Mr." Frarrcis' Stiles, the third son of the Milbroke 
Family, was baptized in St. Michael's Church, Milbroke, Bed- 
fordshire, England, August 1, 1602, (see page 17), and for some 
time previous to his coming to America, had been a master 
carpenter and citizen of London. Though the third, in order of 
birth, of the four emigrant Stiles brothers, he was by far the 
most enterprising and energetic in character, and it was through 
his influence and means, undoubtedly, (as more fully related in 
pages 23 to 28 of this volume), that the family removed hither. 

After the abandonment of the Saltonstall enterprise, Mr. 
Stiles appears to have purchased from his patron some 1,000 
acres of his lands at Windsor; which, together Avith between 400 
and 500 acres which he had already received by allotment from 
the Town, was, for that day,. an unusually large amount of real 
estate for one man to hold; and it is probable tiiat Stiles was 
obliged to borrow money, or make some sacrifices, in order to 
pay for it. At all events his debt to Saltonstall ultimately 
forced him to sell his estate. He resold it, or a portion thereof, 
to Saltonstall, or his son Eobert, and in his deed, dated Sept. 
12, 1647, is named as "Francis Stiles, late of Windsor, but now 
of Saybrook." Saltonstall was to pay him in installments, and 
a part of it in "a butt of sack at the [Connecticut] Elver's 
mouth," This transfer left Stiles not poor, but reduced in 

He was the only one of the four Stiles brothers to whom the 
title of "Mr." — which was in those days no unmeaning phrase, 
but a veritable index of social position — was ever given; and he 
was, undoubtedly, as Gov. Wolcott informed President Stiles, 


"A man of great business." Such items as have come down to 
us in court records, etc., would seem to indicate this, as well as 
the fact that he was a man of quick, passionate nature, (known 
to be somewhat of a family trait); stout in asserting his rights 
and consequently frequently tiguriug in law-suits, etc.* 

He was admitted a Freeman at Windsor, Sept. 10, 1640, 
and was on the Jury of the Particular Court of Oct. 14, 1042; 
[Conn. Col. Rec, 76;) and at the Court held at Hartford, March' 
28, 1637, it was "ordered yt Mr. Francis Stiles shall teach Geo. 
Chappie. Thomas Cooper and Thomas Barber, his servaunts, 
[all of whom were of the Saltonstall party, and apprenticed to 
him m England, and all of whom came over in the same vessel 
with him— page 26] in the trade of a carpenter, according to 
his promise, for there s'rvice of their terme behinde 4 days 
in a weeke onelie to sawe and slitte their owne worke; that thev 

• In the Particular Court, Dec. 9, 1641 Frauds Styles, pit. agt. Robert Saltlnsston, 
gent, deft., In an action of the case to the damage of £70, Jury fln.l for pit., damages £51- costs vij/ 

Robert Saltingston, gent. pit. apt. Francis Styles, dft. In ai. action of the cnse, to the dnm- 
age of £800, Jury and for dft., costs xs. 

Francis Styles, pit. agt Robert Saltingston, gent, dft., in an action of debt to the damage of 
£100, Jury flud for pit. £81, 12s. damage according to the award, and the double costs of the 

Robert Saltingston, gent. pit. agt. Francis Stiles, dft. In second action of the case to dam- 
age of fcidO. 

Robert Saltlugston. gent. pit. agt. Francis Styles, in a third action of the case to the dam- 
age of £50. 

The Jury is to be named for Thursday, come fortnight.— Conn. Col. Bee. 1.. 70. 

March 27, 1643. It is ordered that Francis Styles, fur his forceable resistance of the Officer 
of the Court upon the execution of his office. Is flned to pay the county fifty i.owud - Cmn Col 
Rec, 1., 83. 

Court of Election, held the 13th of April, 164!, "the Governor. [.John Hayues. Esa.,] the 
Deputy, [Ed. Hopkins, Esq.,] Mr. Willis, Mr. Ludlow, Captain Ma.^ou. Mr. Webster, Mr. Whiting 
and Mr. Rocester, are desired to debate with Mr. [Rev.] Hult, couserning Mr >tvle.s, his petition 
and other offensive caiTladges. and If they receive not satisfaction to return their report to the 
next General Court. They may also take such other help as they shall see cause"- Conn Coll 
Rec, 1., H6. 

July the 6th, 1643, It is ordered that Mr. Hult and Mr. Styles shall be caued to the next 
General Court, to answer for their miscarriage in their petition f<.rnierly given into Court —Jlid 
1., p., 91. 

May 24th. 1647, in the action of Mr's. WlUls, pit. agt. Francis Styles, dft.. (Mr. Roceter ap- 
peared for Mr. Styles), the Jury find for the pit. £340 damages, and costs of Court.- /(,,,/. 1. wj 

We also find In the X.,o n.ven Col. R-c..(i., 124^, the following: " .\ Court, hold the 7th of 
March, 1643. Mr. Styles of Connecticut de.slred Justice of the Court against Geo. Larrymor 
[Larrlmore] cnucernltig a debt of 101.. the remainder of a debt or Jul. wch the said G^rge 
was to pay his servant (by uatne Goo. Chappie , wch he bought of the said Mr .Stvles. 


are to frame themselves with their owne hands togeather w'^ 
himselfe or some other M""- [Master] Workmen, the tyme to 
begin for the p^'formance of this order 14 dayes hence w'^out 
faile." — Conn. Col. Rec, \., 8. 

In 1639, according to a note received from Mr. S. D. Smith, 
of Guilford, Conn., Francis Stiles seems to have "had a job" at 
house building in that town. Guilford was settled in the autumn 
of 1639 by He v. Henry Whitfield and a "goodly company; and, 
in the hurry of preparing houses for the winter, they called on 
the carpenters of other towns to assist them. Among those 
carpenters thus pressed into the service, was Francis Stiles, 
of Windsor; and a house which is called " Stiles' House " was a 
matter of contention in the Town Court, in 1645, as appears 
from the Records. 

The autumn of the year 1639 was also a busy season for 
Mr. vStiles in other ways. From Barnabas Davis' "Accounting" 
with the heirs of William Woodcocke in England,* we learn 
more abdut Mr. Francis Stiles' business aft'airs. After having 
builded himself " a sufficient house at Connecticut," he returned 
to England (probably in the winter of 1636-7); and as he had 
neither built the house nor enclosed the 400 acres of laud which 
he had engaged to do for Mr. Woodcocke, (one of Saltonstalls 
co-partners), he sold to Mr. W. the house he had builded for 
himself, and promised "that the towne would accommodate Mr. 
Woodcocke with 400 acres thereunto." Stiles returned from 
England (probably in spring of 1637, and Davis followed him 
to look after Woodcocke's interests; and, while here, the Pequot 
War broke out (May, 1637), and Davis w^as impressed as a soldier 
(probably the " Sergeant Davis " referred to in Capt. Mason's 
account of the Pequot fight). Davis seems to have had the 
assistance of Eev. Messrs. Hooker of Hartford, Warham of 
Windsor, and others, in "treating the cause [with Stiles], and 
they determined that Stiles had dealt ill with Mr. Woodcocke in 

• See.Letchford"3 Notes. Trans. Am. Antiq. Soc., vll , 3C.i. 


iwt proairinrj -400 acrcfi of land to he laid out to the srtid Jiouse, 
and impaliu^ it as lie undertook." It is pretty certain that 
Stiles had the 400 acres ready for Woodcocke in lGo7, l)ut it was 
located " over the Great Eiver," considerable distance away from 
"the said house;" and this "breach of contract" was what led 
the court to find a verdict in favor of "NYoodcocke. A.Ljaiu, Davis 
returned to England to report to Lord Say and Mr. Woodcocke, 
the latter of whom died soon after; and his brother John, hav- 
ing charge of the estate, sent Davis over the third time, June, 
1639. In the September following, Mr. Edward Hopkins of 
Hartford, attorney for Woodcocke, sues Stiles in the sum of £500 
for breach of contract, and gets a verdict for =£300 "for not tak- 
ing up 400 acres of ground according to bargain thaf^Ir. Stiles 
should take the house [which he sold Woodcocke while in Eng- 
land] back again, and repay back the £230 and £70 for arrear- 
ages." Davis says the £300 "lies in the hands of Mr. Hopkins 
in Connecticut." Then, 1641, Mr. Saltonstall brings an action 
against " Edward Hopkins as an assignee to Woodcocke " for 
£200,* and hath an attachment granted against Mr. Hopkins. 
Whether this suit grew out of their mutual relations with Stiles. 
or some other unrecorded transaction in Connecticut, is uncer- 
tain. What pecuniary interest Lord Saye had in this business 
which brought Davis over is unknown; Viut, both times, when the 
latter returned to England to report, he goes by the advice of 
Eev. Mr. Hooker and takes letters from him both to Lord Save 
and Mr. Woodcocke; apparently about the same business. 

Much additional matter about Mr. Francis Stiles will be 
found in the HiHtonj of Ancient Ifludsor, Conn. (Revised Edition) 
by the author of this Genealogy. 

From the researches of our valued friend, Jabez H.. 
Hayden, of Windsor Locks, C(mn., (letter dated Aug. 30, 1884),. 

* Sept. 5, 1730, "Eclwanl Hopkins, comp't lu behalfe of Mr. Jno. Wcxxlcoclio against Fr.- 
Stlles, for breach at Covenania, in .')(io/. Mr. Stiles tl. aires respite till the next Court in regard 
of wllnes In the Bay. Granted."— Conn. Oil. R>c., 1., 66. 

'• Francis Stiles contra Jno Woodcocke In an action of debt for 2 hhds. malt and a hU'l. of 
meale."— //<ici, I., 67. 


we learn that "Francis Stiles' home-lot, (thirteen acres), extended 
from about the north elm of the present Judf^e Ellsworth Place, 
eighteen rods south, nearly to the north line of the Col. Ells- 
worth Place. The lot bounded west by Rocky Hill, probably 
near the present railroad; east b}-. the meadow. There is an 
old well near the middle of the lot south of the Ellsworth door- 
yard, back near the brow of the hill. I fancy that Francis 
Stiles' house was near that welL He had nine acres in meadow 
against or abutting on the home-lots of his brother Henry 
Stiles, William Gaylord, Jr., and his own; also 'for meadow 
and some additions in upland,' thirty-two acres, sixty-five rods, 
the breadth by the river; seventy-seven rods north side; seventy 
rods south side.* He sold from the south side of this lot, five 
acres, 11.^ rods in breadth, to Thomas Gilberd (Gilbert) north by 
William Hayden, Jan. 24, 1644: Wm. Hayden one of the wit- 
nesses. Under the same date he gave a deed to William Hay- 
den for 25 acres south by Thos. Gilberd's. The whole lot extended 
from the north side of the present Hayden lot (six rods north 
of the Hayden Boulder at the fork of the roads) along the 
highway, Qo rods, and from the highway to the river." 

Mr. Hayden further says, in the letter from which we have 
already quoted; "I have no date for the removal of Francis 
Stiles to Saybrook, nearer than that furnished by his deed of 
the homestead to Eobert Saltonstall, Sept. 12, 1647, (above re- 
ferred to). He was then 'lately of Windsor.' The place was 

* The meaaow opposite Frnncls Stiles house-lot did not contain as many acres as he was 
entitled to In the d Istributiun, and the balance or his ,4Uota, 3:! acres, was set to him in Sequester 
Meadow. This lot was nearly half a mile nortli from his house. He sold it In lt>i4-5 to Wm. 
Hayden and Thomas Gilbert. 

Francis Stiles home-lot is bounded "north by Wm. Gaylord the younger," prt>ving that 
Stiles' lot was not recorded until as late as 1645; forGaylord's lot was a part of Stiles' house-lot 
until Jan. 24, l(U4-3, (the same date as the deeds to Hayden and Gilbert . The original home- 
lot of Francis Stiles was 13x18—:;! rods w:de on the street. His brother John had a lot 12 rods 
wide, adjoining his on the south. His brother Henry adjoining on the north 42 rods, (Henry's 
upland extends nearly to the river lying between the Great Meadow and Sequester Meadow), 
and adjoining Henry on the north was a lot lu rods wide, set to Jos Eggleston, then 10 rods 
which " was the home-lot that was Thomas Stiles' " This was sold by John Studder, of Hart- 
ford, to Johu Blssell, and I have little doubt the Eirgleston lot was orglnally Tho-. Stiles', 
though no deed appears on record. So the four Stiles brothers' home-lota lay together, estend- 
lug along the street 105 rods, and fiom the street to the river. j. H. H. 1801. 


llien in the occupation ami tenure of Thomas Gilbert and John 
Bancroft. Only two years and eight months before (Jan. 2'4, 
164:4-5), Gilbert had bought of Stiles a lot, (see above), which 
lot was sold (without date) to John and Jacob Drake, with a 
house, cellar, etc., of the laud tliat was Francis Stiles "^ — a not 
uncommon practice of substituting the name of the first owner 
for that of the grantor. It seems probable that Gilbert built 
that cellar and house which the Drakes' bought, before he be- 
came an occupant of Stiles' house. Possibly, he never lived on 
the place which the Drakes' bought, but built it to sell That 
house is a myth to me anyhow. When Jacob Drake married 
(1649), his father gave him the new part of his own house to 
live in; and in 1656, he bought a house south of the present 
Bissell's Ferry Eoad, and I never find any mention after of this 
Gilbert House. Gilbert afterwards bought of Josiah Hull, his 
home-lot (which was at first a part of Thomas Gunn's home-lot), 
lying on the west side of the highway, about where the present 
Welch house stands. He built on it, and sold it to Thomas 
Bissell, all without dates — but probably the last sale was when 
Bissell married in 1655. Gilbert continued to live on the 
Francis Stiles' place, apparently, until after the death of Henry 
Stiles — with which event Gilbert's family seems to have had a 
tragic connection, as related on page 29." 

" Francis Stiles also had, over the Great Kiver, 1,500 acres, 
400 by allotment of the town, 1,100 by purchase, 60 rods breadth 
by the river, length 3 miles; 'and there is in breadth 444 rods.' 
The affidavit of Stiles and Hayden given in Hisiortj of Windsor, 
(Revised edition), proves, I thiuk, that this lot, though some- 
what changed in form, was included in the " Saltoustall Park." 

In a letter dated Jan. 2, 1885, Mr. Hayden says: "In 
my former letter I jumped at a conclusion before I had all 
the facts. I have now the best of reasons for believing that 
Francis built and lived on the lot where tlie Chief Justice 
Ellsworth place now stands; but, perhaps, at the southeast corner 


of the upland, where a covered well still exists. The lot was 18 
rods on the highway, the northwest corner near the north elm. 
Most of the first settlers through the main street had their 
'meadow lots' in the rear of their home-lots; but some had 
very meagre lots in the meadow, w^hile others had additional 
meadows, as did Francis Stiles. You perhaps remember there 
is but a narrow strip ©f meadow between Henry Stiles' lot and 
the river; further north there is barely room for the houses 
between the road and meadow hill; here the meadow broadens 
to seventy or eighty rods. From Henry Stiles to 'New 
Brook, the north side of William Hayden's meadow;' this was at 
first called 'Sequestered Meadow.' Francis Stiles had about 
twenty-five acres of the north-middle of this meadow, 
lying next north of John St. Nicholas. A deed given to 
John and Jacob Drake (without date) of land formerly 
belonging to Mr. Stiles, specifies a house, cellar, fences, etc., 
so I jumped at the conclusion that this was Francis' house 
and place of residence. But the lot in question was sold by 
Stiles to Thos. Gilbert in 164:i-o, without buildings mentioned, 
and the deed above referred to was a description of the lot after 
Gilbert had built on it, and it had become the property of the 
Drakes. They doubtless furnished the description and took 
the name of the original owner instead of Gilbert's. Hayden 
and Gilbert bought in 1644-5, the latter had eleven and a half 
rods in width. Hayden had fifty-six rods. So much for Francis 
Stiles' lot in Sequestered Meadow. 

" The eighteen rods from the north elm, the width of Francis' 
lot, includes nearly all the lot lying between the present Judge 
Ellsworth place and the ruins of the Col. Ellsworth place. 
John Stiles' twelve rods covered the balance of that lot and the 
aforesaid ruin. 

"Possibly Bissell, Drake and St. Nicholas (who were not 
from Dorchester), bought their lots of Stiles, though their deeds 
are not recorded, except as they 'brought them in to the Recor- 
der ' — perhaps years later." 


Thouc^b we find him, in 16-47, spoken of as "of Say- 
brook;" and " of Stratford," apparently in March, 1654, when he 
was comphiined of to the Court for peppering XawiepuqiKjivwe, 
an Indian of that place, " in his body, with swauu shott, uppon a 
Sabbath day,"* yet we cannot fix the exact date of his first re- 
moval from Windsor. Cothren thinks that, as " he is not 
named in any Stratford record, there seems to be no reason for 
thinking he ever came to that town;" and, again that he may 
"very likely have been an original patentee," though "like 
others, he came not himself to dwell there." But Matthew 
Grant's Old Church Record gives, under date of Aug. 17, 1677, 
" what children have been born in Windsor from our beginning 
hitherto, so far as I am able to find out;" then "being gone, yet 
had children l)orn here." Among these latter he names " Francis 
Stills, 4 [children]." The probal^le birth-date of his fourth child, 
Benjamin, 1651, would show that he still resided in Windsor at 
that date. And Savage (X. E. Gen. Diet.) thinks that Francis 
Stiles died at Windsor, not later than 1653. In the seating of 
the meeting-house at Windsor, (as given in Stiles' H'lKt. and 
General of Ancient Windsor, pp. 149, 150), in January, 1659-60, 
among those "that have paid, and were placed in the long seats 
when they paid" — (these were two rows of long seats, accom- 
modating five persons to a seat, at 3s. apiece, or 6.s. for a man 
and his wife ), we find the name of " Mr. Stiles, 3s.," and his brother 
John Stiles. As Francis was the only one of the Stileses to 
whom the title of " Mr." was accorded, this record identifies him as 
then living in Windsor; or, at least, as still having a right to a 
seat in the meeting house there. But it is not conclusive evi- 
dence as to his being then resident in Windsor; for this record 
was of ^'■what dwelling houses are in the town, that the owners of 
them have paid for seats in the Meeting House;'' and, on that very 

♦ At a Particular Court, at Hartfoni, March 2, 16o3-l "A complaint being made to thf Court 
by yaanepcuiiwwwe, au Imlyan of Stratford, that Mr. [Francis] Styls hath shott la his body with 
swan shott upon a Sabbath day: Mr. Ludlow Is di'Slred by this Courte that he should biude 
over the saiil ^[r. Styls to appear at, and give an account to the Particular Courte In Uartforil, 
In May next to answer ye fact, it he gives not satisfaction to ye Indyan In the meantime." Mr. 
S. probably improved the hint of the Court, as we hear nothing further concerning the matter. 


list appears the Dame of Dr. Bray Rossiter, who had been several 
years gone from Windsor, and of Henry Stiles, deceased in 1651, 
Thomas Davey, died 1G48, etc. So that it only means in this, 
case, that it was the seat formerly occupied by Mr. Francis. 
Stiles, as an appm-tenance to the house which he sold in 1647. 

Mr. Orcutt suggests, that he removed to Stratford about 
1660, in coiToboration of which he cites the follou-ing from the 
Stratford Records: "Caleb Nichols purchased of Mr. Stills [Stiles, 
evidently, since there were none of the name of Still in town] 
one house lot, one acre and a quarter, bounded ^vith Mr. Fa\-re- 
child on the south, Isaac Nichols on. the west, my o^-n lot that 
was Francis Nichols', on the north, and the street on the East.'"^ 
No date is given to this record of purchase; but, being in the 
handwriting of Joseph Hawley, it must have been before 1666; 
and, from its relation to other records, was probably made about 
1660. Mr. Stiles' purchase of this property is not recorded, as 
far as can be ascertained. Besides this, we have the fact that 
Kobert Clark, who married Francis Stiles' widow, gave to her three 
sons by Stiles, about 50 acres of land, which there is no record of 
his having purchased. This when he had several children of his 
own, indicates that he had received it from his wife (Stiles' 
widow); and that Stiles had resided in Stratford for several 
years and was the owner of considerable property at Oronoke, 
and a home lot. 

In regard to the maiden name of Mr. Francis Stiles' Avife, 

I am somewhat in doubt, but I take it to have been Joan 

probably the "Joan Stiles, [aged] 35 years," who appears in the 
passenger list of the vessel which conveyed the Saltonstall 
party to America— see page 26. This Joan could not have 
been the Joan, sister of the four Stiles brothers, since, as will be 
seen by reference to page 21, she was married just previous to 
their embarkation and remained in England. Orcutt, in Hii^t. 
of Stratford, Coim., calls her S'lrah, and savs that she afterwards 

* Theeaat eiiO of Lot 32. lOst. Strafford, p. lOi. 


married " some years before 16G5," one Bobert Clark from New 
Haven — and thinks tlie marriage was probably after Clark's 
coming to Stratford. Clark was a successful farmer, an influen- 
tial citizen and a man of probity. She petitioned the General 
Court in 1665, concerning the estate of her first husband, 
Francis Stiles; she made her will June 5, 1677, and died in 16S2, 
leaving her property to her children by Stiles. 

Children {the first four horn in Windsor, Conn.): 

2. I. Maey,- bom not later than 1640; married about 1660, 

Hope (son of William) Washburne, of Stratford, 
Conn., but then of Hempstead, L. I.; removed 
to Derby, Conn, on the settlement of that town, 
but was for some years concerned in business 
with his father, at Oyster Bay, L. I. Issue 
[record at Stratford, Conn.): 

3. i. Sabah,3 born Dec, 1661. , 

4. iu John, 3 bora May, 166G. 

5. iii. William, 3 bora March, 1669. 

6. ^ iv. Saiiuel,3 born March, 1671. 

7. V. Ephraim.s born Aug., 1673. 
(And S<iva(]e adds): 

8. vi. Mabt.3 

9. vii. Jane. 3* 

10. II. Ephraim,- born Aug. 3, 1645; married (1) Ruth (widow 

Obadiah) Wheeler; married (2) Bathsheba 
Tomlinson. Family 2. 

Cothren's Anciait tVofMlbury, Conn., Vol. 11. 


11. III. Samuel,' (Lieut.) born ; married Elizabeth 

(daughter of Thomas) Sherwood, Dec. 31, ("ye 
last of Dec.,") 1664; resided for. many years and 
probably died at Stratford, Conn. Savage says: 
(iV. Eng. Gen. Diet.) before 1682; which is dis- 
puted by Cotliren [Hht. Ancient Woodbury^ 
Conn.), who says he is "named Samuel, of Wood- 
bury, 1699-1708, sometimes as 'Ensign Samuel 
Stiles' — 'brother of Ephraim,' etc. The Conn. 
Col. Rec, also refer to his being appointed by 
the General Court, at Hartford, Oct. 10, 1689, 
to make a list of persons and estates, etc., of 
Woodbury; also,* at same court confirmed as 
ensign of the "Woodbury Train-Band, and to be 
commissioned ;t also, he was empowered by the 
—-■ General Assembly, Oct. 9, 1701, as one of the 

executors of Juo. Sherwood's estate, of Strat- 
ford, to sell land "for the procuring of money 
to defray the charge of curing his son Thomas 
Sherwood, who is lame." By the Gen. Assembly, 
Hartford, May 10, 1705, "Ensign Samuel Stiles 
is, by this Assembly, appointed Lieutenant of 
the Train-band in the Towne of Woodbury.''^ 
His name is also signed to "Fundamental 
Articles" agreed upon in order to ye settlement 
of a plantation at Pomparogue [Cothren 41). 

Samuel Stiles (with his elder brother Eph- 
raim and his younger brother Thomas) received 
lands by deed from their step-father Eobert 
"" Clarke; lands originally belonging to their father 

Mr. Francis Stiles — and thus obtained an ad- 
vantageous start in life, 

• Conn. Col. Rec, Iv., 10. 
t Ibid, Iv., 35. 
X Ibid, Iv , 507 

Ij r 


The record thus reads: "June 11, 16fi7, 
Samuel Stiles, by way of oift from his father, 
Kobejt Clarke, hath a dwellin<4-house and the 
hoiue-lot thereto adjoining, lying at "Woronoke. 
bounded east with the Great River, south with 
the laud of John Wheeler, north with the 
Farmill River, and west with a creek," [Slrdtford 
Hist 252). He and his brother Ephraim 
received from Mr. Clarke, 20 acres, to be divided 
between them {Ihkl, 252). A deed of land from 
him to his brotlier Ephraim in 1699, shows him 
then to have been residing in Woodbury.^ 

Pres. Stiles says he had a sou, but died 
childless; and a family MSS. Sketch, by Ben- 
jamin P. Stiles, found June 1, 1829, and in pos- 
session of Miss Alice M. Stiles, says that 
"Samuel Stiles adopted two children; gave the 
most of his estate to Ebenezer Brownson." He 
was a member of the First Church of Woodbury, 
1670, and his wife Elizabeth in 1692.t 

12. IV. Benjamin,- born (probably) 1651;+ married Elizabeth 

Rogers, of Milford, Conn. Family 3. 

13. V. Thomas,- born ; died 1683; received from his 

step-father, Robert Clarke, "fifteen acres in the 
woods by the river called Stratford River on the 
south side of Joseph Brook;" he also had lands 
by purchase — see Stratford Land Conveyances^, 
Bk. I., p. 210; he died 1683; his inventory (^about 
-^ £200) is dated April 10, 1683; he probably died 

a few days before. Cothren [Hist. Anc. Wood- 

* Stratford Land Conveyances, II.. 317, 318. 
t Cothren'8 Hist. Anc. Wondhury, 11.. 816. 

J Stratford Rfc, (Cothren. 11.,^ gives his death -'aged 60, April 11, 1711," which places liis 
binh In 1651. The day of nioiiih should be 13, according to Town Record. 


bury, pa<j;e 695) states that lie married Eliza- 
beth Clarke, aud f:;ave his estate to Fraucis;^ his 
brother Benjamin's- son. 

14. VI. Hannah;'- married (probably in 1651), Sergeant Edward 

Hinman, of Stratford, Conn., Avherein they 
resided in what is now (1890) the main street, a 
few rods below the Episcopal Church, on the 
west side of the road. He had not resided in 
Stratford many years before, with Francis Stiles, 
he became the principal purchaser of the south 
part of Pomperauu; (Woodbury) now Southbury 
— whither some of his children and some of the 
Stiles family subsequently remoyed. He died 
at Stratford, Conn., Noy. 21, 1681; will proved 
at Fairfield, 1682. Mrs. Hannah (Stiles) Hin- 
man died 1677. (Cothren's Hist. Anc. Wind- 
sor; and Hinmau's Catal. Puritan Settlers of 
Conn., 141). Issue: 

15. i. Saeah,3 born Sept. 10, 1653; married William Roberts. 

16. ii. Trrus,3 born June, 1655. 

17. iii. Samuel,3 born Jan., 1658. 

18. iv. Benjamin, 3 born Feb., 1662. 

19. V. E[anxah,3 born July, 1666. 

20. vi. Mart,3 born 1668. 

21. vii. Patience,3 born 1670; married John Burroughs. 

23. viii. Edwabd,-' bora 1672— had twelve children, born in 

Stratford, Conn. 



23. Ephraim' Stiles, |101, (Mr. Fronds,') boru Aug. 3, 
IQ4:0, at Wiudsor; settled about IGGO at Stratford, Couu., Avhere 
he received laud from his step-father Robert Clarke — says 
Orcutt (Hist. Strafford, Conn., p. 252, 280)— in 1667, at Oronoke," 
where he settled and became a thriving, valuable citizen. He 
was considerably active, in town matters, had a grist-mill at 
Farmill River, a little below Black Brook, near the place called 
the Plumtrees, (liberty granted Jan. 11, 1705-6), and in char- 
acter and standing appears to have been among the first of the 
town. He had a proportion of the " common and undivided 
lands" 1699; and {Ibid, 288), Jan. 13, 1696, asked and received 
of the town the privilege of a forty-foot grant of land at Wor- 
onoke, between the homes of Hope Washborne and that of the 
heirs of James Blackman, on which to set up tan-vats; in 1693, 
(Ibid, 289), was one of the overseers of the killing of wolves. 

The Colonial Records of Connecticut shows him to have 
been a Deputy from Stratford to the General Court at Hartford, 
Jan. and Oct., 1686; Oct., 1689; Oct., 1692; March, 1692-3; May, 
1696; to the Court of Election, May, 1695; May, 1697; 17oi, 
1708; to the General Assembly, Oct., 1699 and i702.t At the 
Court of Election, May 9, 1700, Mr. Ephraim Stiles, with Mr. 
Samuel Sherman, was appointed to lay out one hundred and fifty 
acres of laud for the Rev. Mr. Jno. James;:}: and they were also 
appointed t(j lay out three hundred acres adjudged to Captain 
Johnson for his military services in 1697.-'-'' At the Court of 
Election, May 11, 1701:, he was ap2)ointed one of a Committee 

* AlMtter <iue I Vpril 1^. H")? frj'n Clan Uus B Curtis, then Towu Cltrk ot Stratford, 
Conn., says: "The first imMitioti I tin. I ot ttie aaaie at Stllfs, is Epliraim Stiles liatli from his 
[step] tattuT Robert Clarke U itrrea i>t up\an<\ at Oronolce, June IJ, 1607. (IJk. I., p. I'o; also 
oil the i«aMie pajre, a piece of land by way ot exchanije with John Wheeler, June 14, 16G7; also, 
by way ot exihan'',;e wltti Ills brotlier Samuel stiles several pieces, 1671-7:1 p. 45). On p. 83, 
Bk. I., Is a record ot lamis given t > i^amuel and Ephralin Stiles by their [step] father Robert 
Clarke. 10f,7. 

t Conn. Col. Rec, Iv., 33, 7S. 89. 138, 158. 197. 296, 303, 461. 

t Ctmn. Col. R.c., Iv., 323. 

** Orcutt'8 Hiit. Dfrhy. Conn., {<. 93, 


of Safety for Fairfield County. His name appears on the roll 
of members of the First Congregational Cliurcli, 1670. 

He died June 21, 1714; will (Fairjiehl, Co. Probate) dated 
July 23, 1712; proved June 30, 1714; inventory taken Sept. 2, 
1714; amount £1,547. 

He married (1) July 2a, 1660, Ptutli (tlie young widow of 
Obadiah) Wheeler;- married (2) (after 1.680)'? Bathsheba (daugh- 
ter of Henry) Tomliuson, of Derby, Conn., who was born Jan., 
1660-1, and who, after Mr. Stiles' death, married a Curtiss. 
Cothren (Hfsf. ]V<joJhnr)j, Co/i>^.,) says "her gravestone strangely 
omits the name of her last husband, and reads, 'Bathsheba 
Curtiss, formerly wife of Ephraim Stiles,'" aged 74; died 1735. 

Children (by second wife): 

24. I. Elizabeth,' daughter of Ephraim Stiles', born Sept., 

1685-6. — Woodbury Rec. See Cothren's Hist. 
Anc. Woodbury, p. 122. 

25. II. Elizabeth,' born Feb. 18, 1687+; married Ephraim 

Curtiss, of Stratford, Conn., June 26, 1707. 

26- i. Steles, ^ (tiaiued in Lis father's v^ill—Fair/ield, Co., 


27. ii. Phebe.'' 

28. iii. Henby.* 
29- • iv. Ann.'* 

30' V. Ephkaim." 

31. vi. Martha.* 

• Ephraim Siilpsiuul Ruth Wheeler, sometimes ye wife of Oha-liaU Wheeler Ueceast: were 
married ih« twenty-eighth of July, oue lUousana six hunJreU alxty ami nine; entered ye June 
inth, TiHl: pr. Jolm Mln..r Recorder, p. -Joi, bk. 1. t Stratford Rec, 480. 483. 


32. vii. Ruth;^ married Rev. Mr. Beebe. 

33. viii. Bathsheba.' ' 

34. ii. Edmund.^ 

35. X. Eliabu.'* 

36. III. Sarah,' born Nov. 4, 1693;* married Thomas Wells, 

of Stratford, Conn., Aug. 31, 1710. Issue: 

37. L Ephraim.< 

38. ii. Bathsheba.* 

39. ' iii. CoMFOBT.« 

40. iv. Sabah.* 
4L V. Thomas.'* 

42. vL Gideon. ♦ 

43. viL DA>aEL.< 

44. viii. GuKDON.^ 

45. ix. Hezekiah.^ /"^"iS-, 

Mrs. SaraL Wells, by her father's will, 
received his grist will. 

46. IV. Phebe,'' boru March 25, 1696; received £500 by her 

father's will; married David Jtidson, of Strat- 
ford, Coun., Oct. 29, 1713.t Issue: 

47. i. David,* born Sept. 26, 1715. [This was the Rev. David, 

of Newtown, Conn., who married Mary (dauj^hter of 
Joshua) Judson, of Stratford. He died Sept. 24, 1776, 
X. 61 years. - (Pre.v. .s7(7es' MSS.) 

• Stratford Town Rk., I. 252; Ii., 180, 183. 
t Stratford Couu., Town Rec. U., 480, 483. 




'**• "• Phebb," born Feb. 19, 1718; married llathew Curtiss, 

of Stratford. Conn., May 4, 1737. -(Pres. Stiles' MSS.) 

*^- '"• Abel," bom Jan. 31, 1721 ; died Sept 18, 1721. at New- 

town, Conn.— (Pre.9. Stiles' MSS.\ 

IT. Abel, ■« born Feb. 12,1722; married Sarah Burton, of 
Stratford, Conn., May i, 17-14. ~ {Pres. Stiles MSS.) 

V. AGTJE(Maj),< born March 23, 1721; married Mehitable 
(daughter of Rev. Thomas) Tcusey, of Newtown, 
. ..,. Conn., May, 1750, and settled la Ripton, Conn. 
Isfnxe: (1) Agnr, Jr , (Judson), born March ,5, O. S. 
1751;* (2) Hannah (Judson). born Sept. 28, N. S. 
1752; married Piatt, of Newtown; (3) David 
(Judson), born April 15, 1754. 

^^ Ti. RnTH.-< born April 26, 1726 ; married her cousin Ben. 

jamin (son of Francis) Stiles, May 19, 1747.— (Pre^. 
SVdea,' MSS.) 

^*- ''■'i- D.\.NrEL,4 born April 26, 1728; resided in Stratford OM 

Town; married Jan. 31, 1752, Sarah Curtiss. — {Pres. 
__ ; StUes' MSS.) 

^*' """• Sarah,* born Oct. 17, 1730 ; married 1750, Stephen 

Curtiss.— (Pre.s. Stiles' MSS.) 

ix. Abner,-* born June 9. 1733; married 1765, Hannah Curtiss. 

X BETTy,4 born Feb. 12, 1737; married William Pixley 
Jan. 1, 1755-56.- (Pres. Stiles' MSS.) 

Mrs. Phebe (Stiles) Jutlsou died May 20, 
VJ&5.— (Fairfield Proh. Conrt Bee.,) [but Pres. 
Stiles' JISS. has it May 5, 1761]. 



Rev. Mr. Orcutt, the historian of Stratford, 
Conn., furnishes the f(ilh)\ving: The Mnrqaret 

• .\gur JuJs..n, (r., married Ann i/laughter of Esq.Ellsha; Mill., Dec. 22, 17f,8: he In 18. she 
In 17 year of her agei. atid settled In Hipton. hnw: Roaewell (at Yale College, Pbelo, William 
died In Infancy: Ann, Elizabeth, Agur Charles. (Pr« StHf,- MSS. 1762), who alao'aayd that 
MaJ. Agiir .ludson married Hannah Curtiss, Dec. 2:), 1716, probably his first wife). 


Stiha herein n:imed, may have beeu a daughter 
of Ephraiiu Stiles and possibly by \\\sjirst wife.* 
Francis Hall, son of Doctor Isaac- Hall, of 
Fairfield, married Jlarrjffref Stilts, Dec. 8, 1702. 
Francis resided in Stratfield Society, in Strat- 
ford. Inventory of his estate taken April 1, 
1735, amounting to .£-474: 4:: 5. 


57. • i. Rebecca,* (Hall) born Nov. 3, 17U3; married .\bner Feast 

[perhaps Frost], Sept. 27, 1723, had (1) -JedLdiah, born 
May 7, 1724; (2) Eleazer, born Oct. 24, 1725, died .Jan. 
26, 1726; (2) Naomi, born March 20, 1726 

58. ii. Francis,^ (Hall) born Aug. 29, 1705. 

59. iii. Margaret," (Hall) born Oct. 5, 1707. 

60. iv. Sarah," (Hall) born Feb. 18, 1710; died Oct. 25, 1717. 

61. _ V. Richard," (Hall) born April 20, 1710: died [so recorded.] 

62. vi. Richard," (Hall) born April 9, 1713. 

63. vii. Benjamin," (Hall) born Feb. 13, 1717. 


64 . BenjaiTWn- Stiles, \1'2], (Francis,^) born probably 
1651, in Windsor, Conn.; resided in Woodbury, Conn., but died at 
Stratford, Conn., April 13, 1711, " being about 60 years of age," ac- 
cording to Town Records. [Cofhren probably being in error in giv- 
ing date as April 11). In Fairfield Co. Probate Rec, we find inven- 
tory of estate of Benjamin Stiles, of Stratford, late of Woodbury, 
and died in Stratford intestate on the 13th of April, 1711. "We 

* There wim no other Marfiartl StiUf, at tliat time, of the Couuecticut family, ami ollienvi.He 
unaccounted for. except Margaret, tbe daughter of Tlionias Stiles, (see j>agea9), and she. we 
take It, must have been too old to be tin Margaret la question.— H. R. S. 


say of what he stood prossessed of in Woodbury at his death, 
taken by us subscribers — John Curtiss, Joseph Hickcock ap- 
praisers, £408-10." 

"The children are: Francis Stiles and Sarah the wife of 
Thomas Wheeler, Abegail the wife of Samuel Mun." 

The Court ordered distribution — a double portion to the 
eldest son — the rest equal 

Capt. John Sherman and Mr. John Curtiss, of Woodbury, 

His name appears on membership roll of First Church 1670. 
He married Elizabeth Eogers, of Milford, Co^n., whc^ died June 
3, \l\^.—(Fah-jield, Co. Froh. Fee.) 

Children ;* 

65. I. Sarah,^ baptized May, 1683; man-ied Thomas Wheeler, 

of Woodbury, Conn., Aug. 20, 1701.— Cothren, 
ii., 176. 

66. II. Thomas,^ baptized Nov., 1685, probably died young, 

as he is not mentioned in his father's will. 

67. III. RuTH,> baptized May, 1682-3; married John Wheeler, 

of Woodbury, Conn., Nov. 14, 1704:.— Cofhre)i, 
ii., 178. 

* }y^no(ibury (Conn.) R^'mrds, as given iu Ctohreu'a ///.-.«. Ancient iVnoiVntry, il., I'JJ— 124. 
furnishes the following laptisms of a family which would seem to be the chlUlren of this ben- 
jamin by a /(r.v< wlfo AbJsall . Ifso, itmust be accepteU as more reliitble than the above 

list as given by the Pres. Stiles' MSS. 

1. Francis, son of Benjamin and Abigail Stiles, baptized March, 1681-2. 

2. Sarah, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail .Stiles, baptized April, 1680-17 

3. RtTTH. daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stiles, baptized May, 1682-3. 

4. Thomas, son of Benjamin and Abigail Stiles, baptUed Nov., 16S4-5. 

5. ABIGAIL, daughter of Benjamin an<l Abigail Stiles, baptized April IG, 1688-9. 


68. IV. Abigail,"' baptized April, 1689; married Samuel Munn, 

of Woodbury. 

69. V. Francis,^ [named in his father's vfiW.—FairfieU Co. 

Proh. Rec.\; married Mary Johnson. Family 4 


70. Lieut. Francis' Stiles, [i'>d\,( Benjamin,- Mr.Francis,' ) 
settled in Southbury Society. Of him President Stiles in his 
MSS. Genealogy, says: "I once saw him in 1747 — his son Ben- 
jamin was educated at Yale College, 1740— a very rich man"— 
this estimate probably referring to Lieut. Francis. He was 
one who (July 11, 1708), owned the baptismal, or "Half-way 
Covenant" of the Church during Kev. Mr. Stoddard's ministry; 
and was probably received to full communion.* 

Lieut. Francis's house was standing until recently, and was 
used as a barn by his descendant, Deacon David J. Stiles. The 
old house spoken of in Cothren.i History of IVoodbnry, as being 
the residence of Lieut. Francis Stiles, was blown to the ground 
about one year since— it being about 150 years old. Some 
parts of the timber being sound, have been manufactured into 
canes, chairs, &c., and if you should visit Southburv, you will 
see there many of Lieut. Francis's descendants walking with 
canes made from his old house, or sitting in chairs made from 
the same.—Leffer of Deacon David J. Sfiles, 1859. 

Lieut. Francis^ married Mary Johnson, of Stratford, Conn., 
Sept. 21, 1709, and died in 1748^ [te. 67, Pres. Sfiles' JISS.]; he 
resided and died in Southbury, Aug. 4, 1748 (Southbury Records). 


7L L Francis,^ born July 2.3, 1710; "died the day he wag 

born," says the MSS. referred to on page 473. 

• Colhren'8 Hist. Ancient ^Voodlu.ry, I., 823. 


72. II. Sarah/ born Oct. 21, 1711 ; married Deacon Ben- 

jamin Hickock, Jr., Feb. 28, 1734. Issue: 

73. i. OuvB,* died young. i 
T4. ii. OLrvE.5 

75. . iii* Amos.* 

76. iv. Sabah.* 

77. V. Benjamin.* 

78. vi. Patience.* 

79. vii. Simeon,' died an infant. 

80. viiL Simeon.* 

Mrs. Sarali (Stiles) Hickock died Oct., 1772. 

81. ni. Mabel,* born May 9, 1714 ; married Andrew Hinman, 

Jr., Feb. 28, 1734. Issue; 

82. i. Betty/ baptized September, 1735;* married C. Strong, 

Jan. 9, 1760. 

83. ii Daniel.* 

84. iii. Margabet,* baptized Dec. 16, 1738; unmarried. 

85. iv. Mabel,* baptized June 7, 1740 ; married Shadrack 

Osborn, of Southbury, Conn. 

86. V. Fbancis,* baptized August, 17-42. 

87. vi. David,* baptized 1744. 

88. IV. Eunice,* born Aug. 18, 1717 ; married David Curtiss, 


'Baptism of this family from HInman's Puritan SetlUri. 145. 


89. V. Benjamin,' born Feb. 11, 1720; married Ruth Judson. 

Family 5. 

90. VI. David/ born April 8, 1725 ; died March 31, 1727. 

91. VII. MaryV born Jan. 7, 1728; married Col. Benjamin 

Hinman. Issue: (Baptism from i/inrna??, 146.) 

92. i. Aabon,= 1746. 

93. ii. JoEL,3 baptized April, 1748; died 1813. 

y4. iii. Sheeman,' baptized June, 1750; died Sept. 6, 1776. 

95. iv. Shebman,5 baptized October, 1752; graduated Yale Col- 

lege 1776. Married. 

Mrs. Mary (Stiles) Hinman died May 7, 


96. Benjamin' Stiles, Esq., [89], (Lieut Francis;' Ben- 
jamin^- Mr. Francis,^) born Feb. 11, 1720, in that part of the 
ancient town of Woodbury, now included in Southbury, Conn.; 
was educated at Yale College, where he graduated in 1740 ; was 
a man of cultivated mind, large heart and considerable property 
for that day. He studied law and settled in the practice of his 
profession in his native town ; was No. 80 in the list of persons 
to whom land was divided in 1756, on Great Hill, Derby, Conn., 
in lots one and a half acres to each person ;* also, was on the 
List of Estates in Derby, 1718, by Authority of the Tpwu, valued 
£21. t His house, now occupied by his grandaughters, Ellen 
Esther and Alice Maria Stiles, and his great-grandson, is claimed 
to have been the first "upright house" (i. e., with the rear as 

* Orcutt's Hist. Derby. Conn., p. 157. 
Ubid., 130. 


bigh as the front) erected in Litclifield County. Its bricks were 
burned in 1785, the house completed in 1787. There he con- 
tinued to reside and to enjoy an extensive practice for the times, 
until his death. He was frequently employed in important and 
difficult causes, and attained a yery reputable position at the 
bar. In 17o9 he appeared in several public offices in Litchfield 
County; in 1762, he was appointed to divide an Ecclesiastical 
Society; was Delegate to the General Court, 1760-1765; he repre- 
sented Woodbury in the General Assembly in the Ma'y sessions 
of 1755, 1756,1769, 1770. 1771; and in October session of 1762, 
1769, 1770, 1771.- During the Eevolutiou, he was suspected of 
being somewhat conservative in his views and was, on one oc- 
casion, cited before the General Assembly for "Contempt of 
Government ;" the complaint charging him with having said 
that the "Three Colony Bepresentatives in the Continental 
Congress were three good-for-nothing dogs, and no more fit for 
the place than his sick negro Jeff." His patriotism or integrity 
eould not, however, have been very seriously questioned by his 
fellow townsmen of Southbury, since he represented them at 
meeting held at Hartford, Jan. 3, 1788, for the ratification of 
the Constitution of the United States ; and he was at one time 
subsequently State Auditor. {Conn. State Archives, Rev. War i., 
428; Cothrens Hist. Woodbury, pp. .322, 395, 473, 472. 

He married, 1747, his cousin Ruth (born 1726, daughter of 
David and Phebe) Judsou ; and died March 15, 1797, ^e. 77, at 
Southbury, Conn., where he resided. Mrs. Ruth (Juds'on) Stiles 
died at Stratford, Conn., June 21, 1814, j^. 87. 



Children [horn at Southbury, Conn.): 

L Francis,'^ born Nov. 13, 1748 ; married Sarah Nichols. 
Family 6. 

11. Phebe,^' born Jan. 18, 1749; died aged one year. 

*Col. Ree. Nexo Haven Colony. 



99. III. David/ born Sept. 10, 1751 ; married Olive Pierce. 
Family 7. 

100. rV. Ephraim/ born Jan. 15, 1753; married Sarah Trow- 

bridce. Family 8. 

101. V. Benjamin,^ born Aug. 25, 1756; married Esther 

Preston. Family 9. 

102. VI. Abel,' born March 26, 1758; died young. 

103. VII. Abel,^ born Aug. 25, 1759; married Lucinda 

Mitchell. Family 10. 

104. VIII. JuDSON,' born May 30, 1762; went to Salisbury, 

Conn., where he died Nov. 11, 1795; unmarried. 

105. IX. Phebe,' born July 22, 1764; died aged 12 years. 

106. X. Nathan,' born May 12, 1767; married . Family 11. 


107. Francis'' Stiles, [97], {Benjamin,^ Lieut. Francis,^ 
Benjamin,'^ Francis,^) born at Southbury, Conn., Nov. 13, 1748; 
married Sarah Nichols (widow of Isaac) Coffin,* of Derby, Conn., 
1783; settled in "Woodbury, Conn., but removed to Southbury, 
before the birth of his children. 

He died April 5, 1796 ; Mrs. Sarah (Nichols) Stiles died 
May 28, 1841. 

•Isaac Coffin is said to have been shot by tho cow-boys, somewhere on Long Island, diirlnR 
the Revoliitloniiry War, aljout 1777. He had, by his wife Sarah Nichols, one sou. John C. 
Coffin, who Uveil and died In Salisbury, Conn. She lived lo age of 'JO. (Letter ol Mrs. Horace 
J. Canfleld, of Stoolibrldge. Mass., granddaughter of John <;. Coffin). 


Children. : 

108. I. Benjamin/ born July 22, 1785;* married Mary- 

Clark. Family 12. 

109. IL Thomas/ boru Feb, 21, 1789; married Sarah 

Augusta Newell- Family 13. 

110. IV. Ransom," born Dec. 29, 1790; married Hannah* 

Proudfit. Family 11. 

111. Ill Sally,^ boru in Salisbury, Coun., April 17, 1786; 

married Newman Holley, Esq., of Salisbury, 
Nov. 17, 1805. Issue: 

IM i. Feancis N.,' born May 13, 1807. For biographical no- 

tice see pp. 719-20, Hist. Torrington, Conn. 

113, ii. Ransom.' boru Au^. 8, 1813, See above work, 

1J4. iii, Maky' 

115. iv. Frederick.' 

Mrs. Sally (Stiles) Holley died Dec. 12, 


116. David '" Stiles, | 99], (Beiijamln,' Lieut. Francis,^ Beu- 
Jamin,^ Francis,^) boru at Soutbbury, Conn., Sept. 10, 1751 ; 
married Olive Pierce, Dec. 12, 1781, in South Britian, Coun. 

David Stiles died April 17, 1828. 

Children : 

117. I, Mary Ann.\,'' born Aug. 21, 1786; married Nov. 27, 
1808, Smith Downs, of Southbury, Conn.; she 
died Feb. 14, 1810. 

• D. W. Patterson. 


118. II. Patty," born Sept. 25, 1789; died Sept. 26, 1794. 

119. m. David J.,« born Oct. 16, 1795; married Ann French. 

Family 15. 

120. IV. Benjamin,* born June 21,1798; died at Yorkville, 

S. C, September, 1855. 


121. Ephraim' Stiles, [100], {Benjamin; Lieut. Francis,-' 
Benjamin; Francis;) born at Southbury, Conn., Jan. 15, 1753; 
married May 7, 1780, Sarah (daun;hter of Joseph) Trowbridge, 
of Southbury, Conn. 

Ephraim Stiles died Feb. 7, 1821 ; Mrs. Sarah (Trowbridge) 
Stiles died Aug. 3, 1816. 


122. L Phebe,« born Nov. 9, 1782; married a Bellamy, of 

Vermont, Nov. 22, 1804; afterwards resided in 
N. Y. State. She died July 21, 1848. 

123. II. Ruth," born Feb. 18, 1786; became the second wife 

of Benjamin B. Osborn. Feb. 27, 1811. 

124. III. Sally," born July 29, 1789; married Nov. 22, 1808 

(1st wife of) Benjamin B. Osborn. She died 
Sept. 4, 1809. 

125. rV. Ephraim Erastus," born Oct. 24, 1791 ; married 

Sally Osborn. Family 17. 

•On Southbury Records (Cothren's Ancient Woodbury given as BenjHmla P., born June 28. 



126. Benjamin' Stiles, Esq., [101], (Benjamir,,* Lieut. 
Francis,^ Benjamin,' Francis^) born Aug. 25, 1756; graduated 
Yale College 1776, and from Yale Law School 1779; studied 
law with his father aud commenced practice in his native town, 
where he resided until his death. He was much relied upon in 
the pieparation of cases, and did a large amount of office busi- 
ness. He represented Southbury (which was not incorporated 
until 1787) in the General Assembly in May session of 1794, 
October session of 1792 and 1793. He married Aug. 14, 1786, 
{Family Bible Bee.) Esther (daughter of Jehiel) Preston; she 

was born 1766, and died at Southbury, June 9, 1842, se. 76. 

Cothrens i., 511. 

Squire Benjamin Stiles died Feb. 12, 1817. — Cothrens l, 511. 

Children : 

127. L Harkiet," born March 13, 1787; married Harry 
Brown, of Southbury, Conn., Sept., 1817. Issue: 


i. Henry' (Brown). 

It. Mabia' (Brown). 

IH. Hannah' (Brown j. 

It. Benjamin? (Brown), born Feb. 22, 1824; married Dec. 19, 
1877, Emma SullLvnn, of Colnmbns, Ohio; no issue. 

'32. T Walteb C.t (Brown), born March 6, 1826; married Sept. 

2, 1863, Isabella Wood, born July 23, 1831; he died 

Nov. 8, 1876. Children (1) Walter W., born June 18, 
,. . 1864; (2) Helen, born July 26, 1866; (3) Flora, born 

Jan. 14, 1869; (4) Harry L., born Aug. 16, 1870; (5) 

Lowell T., born Nov. 15, 1873. 

133. vi. Chables' (Brown). 


13 . IT. Jennet/ born Oct. 4, 1790; married Charles Ran- 
som (f^rand-ehild of Stephen and Mary) Curtiss. 
March 24, 1817. Issue: 

^^^- »• Harriets.," born Aug. 7 1818; married Dr. Jasper B. 

Osborn. 1i.t..1 one child fl) Emily (()^lJo^ne), who mar- 
ried H. C. Wriglit, of San Francisco, Cal.; have Flor- 
ence. Alice E. and Helen. 

136. ii. Mary M ,' born May 24, 1820; died. 

^•■*'7- i''- Rbnj.\min S.,7 born July 23, 1822; married Jan. 27, 1850, 

Martha Strong; resided in Xangatuck, Conn. Children 
(1) Charles S., born March 23, ISSfi, married Nov. 8. 
18S3. Ellen M. French, of Waterto^n, Conn.; had 
Geo. Benj. Curtis, born Sept. 13, 18!^4; (2; Tannet W., 
born Aug. 12. 1861; died Nov. 24, 1877; (3) Benjamin 
J L.. born March 8, 1867. 




iv. Charles B.,' born Sept. 1, 1824; resided (1885) in East 
Oakland, Cal. Unmarried. 

V. Walter H..? born April 2, 1827; died. 

vi. Horace H.,' born March 16, 1829; resided ("1885) in 
Jackson, 'IVnn.; married, and had five children and 
nine graml-children then living. 

141- vii. TheronS.,' born Aug 3, 1831; died Aug. 5. 18.r2. 

Mrs, Jennet (Stiles) Curtiss died Xn^. 8, 
1875, fe. 84 years, 10 montlis, 4 days. Mr. 
Charles B. Curtiss died June 24, 1844. 

142. III. Henry B.,"^ born Oct. 24, 1791. See's HIs- 

tory A)icient Woodbury, page 447. anions,' South- 
bury births. 

143. IV. Benjamin," born k\\<r. 1(J, 1792 ; died Oct. 15, 1794 


144. V. Benjamin Preston/' born May 9, 1797 ; died Dec. 15, 

1838, se. 41 years, 7 mouths. 6 days; unmar- 

145. VI. Francis Burke," born May 8, 1801 ; died Feb. 12, 

1804.— Co//«re», 511. 

146. VII. Henry Burke," born May 15, 1804; married (1) 

Patty Seeley French; married (2) Mrs. Julia A. 
Parrott. Family 18. 

147. VIII. Mariette Esther," born July 18, 1812 ; married Oct. 

5 (or 8), 1839, George Smith, of Bridgeport, 
Conn. She died July 17, 1883. No issue. 


148. AbeP Stiles, [\0^, {Benjamin,' Lieut. Francis ■• Ben- 
jamin,- Mr. Francis,^) born Aug. 2->, 1759; married Jan. 16, 1790 
(Cof/iren says 1791), Lucinda Mitchell, born Aug. 17, 1768. He 
resided at Southbury, Conn., and died Sept. 2, 18o9 ; she died 
March 30, 1858, «. S9.—Cothren, 518. 


149. I. KoDERiCK," born Dec. 4, 1790; died Sept. 13, 1794. 

150. II. Roderick," born May 15, 1794; married Cleora S. 

Curtiss. Family 19. 

151. III. RuFUs," born Jan. 14, 1796; resided in Soutlibury, 

Conn.; married (1) Sarali Curtiss, Nov. 9, 1822. 
She was born Nov. 8, 1797, and died March 5, 
1859; married (2) Ann Downs (widow of Elijah) 


French, Sept. 15, 1860; she died Nov. 29, 1872; 
married (3) Sophia Marcell (widow of Freeman) 
Davis, 1874. Mr. Rufus Stiles died Sept. 29. 
1876. No issue. 

152. IV. Eliza M.,*' born May 27, 1798; married Capt. 
Charles C. H in man (sou of Col. Trueman Hin- 
man, and whose great-grandmother was sister 
to her grand-father Benjamin Stiles), June 17, 
1822; she died June 8, 1879, ie. 79. Isme: 

153. i. Helen Eliza." married Alvord E. Winchel I. Resided in 

Southbury, Conn., and died Feb. 17, 1863, ae. 36 
years. No issue. 

Mrs. Eliza M. (Stiles) Hinman died June 8, 

154. V. Jonathan,'' born Oct. 10, 1800; married Nancy 

Baldwin. Family 20. 

155. VI. Nathan M.,*' born Oct. 15, 1807; died March 25, 

1812, in Southbury, Conn. 

156. VII. Francis Abel,« born Nov. 4, 1809; married (1) 

Elvira W. Gidney ; married (2) Frances M. 
Shelton. Family 21. 


157. Nathan' Stiles, [lOGj, {Benjnmm,' Lieut Francis,^ 
Benjamin,- Francis,^) born May 12, 1767, at Southbury, Conn.; 
graduated at Yale College, 1787 ; married 1795, Phebe (daugli- 

■ /. 1^ 


ter of Ebenezer and Pliobe Smith) Dayton,* who was born at 
Coram, L. L, Ai)ril 17, 1770. Thev resided in that part of 
Derby, Conn., now known is Seymour. He was one of those 
who organized, Feb. 1*2, 1797, an Episcopal Society (Trinity 
Church) in Derby,t 

Mr. Nathan Stiles died in Schenectady, N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1804, on his Avay home from a trip to the Western States. 
Mrs. Pliebe (Dayton) Stiles died July 15, 1834, a>. 58 years.t 

Children (bora in Derby, Conn.): 

158. I. Nathan [J.?],'' born Feb. 27, 1796; married (1) Ann 

Maria Birch; married (2) Mrs. Jane Johnson. 
Family 22. 

159. II. Phcebe," born Dec. 5, 1797 ; resided at New Haven, 


160. III. Minerva," born March 28, 1801 ; married James 

Roath, of Norwalk, Conn., June 5, 1827. Zss^e; 

161. i. James.' 

162. ii. Phebe." 

163. IV. Hannah Marissa," born Dec. 24, 180 I ; died Sept. 

15, 1849. 

•This tn<arri;i<;c we t;et from ^rr. Clias. W. Dayton, who Is enga^'i-d iiiiun .i ppiiealopy of the 
Dayton fdinily. \Vt i he Town Clerk of Derby, Conn., ruruishen us (De<' :!, 1881) with a copy 
from the Hiitnry nf It^ihij. Conn., by Samuel Orcult which glvea the iwime as Pliebe Johnson, 
anil a list of thelri-luldrt-n, wlilch we are constrained to consider audio use, as beiiis auiheu- 
Hc: although it l)0tli (lilTtrs from and agrees with the list which we gave in our former .-diiion. 

We are lucllnei I, however, to believe that it should bo lJayt<m.n.\v\ that t lie. lolmson hasarii-eu 
from some contusion of memory with the suriMine of Nathan Jr "s serond wife, Mrs. Sarah 

t Orcutfs Hiitnry nf Derljy. Conn., page 409. 

t:From Seymour (oM HumphreysvlUe) Records. These dates aie taken from Congregational 


FAMILY 1-2. 

164. Benjamin'' Stiles, \\^^\, (Francis J' Benjamin,^ Lknt. 
Francis,'' Benjamin,' Francis,^) born in SMlisbury, Couu., July 
22, 1785; married iu Salisbury, Couu., about 1806, Mary 
(daughter of Joseph and Semantha) Clark, born about 1790. 
He resided in Salisbury until after the birth of his third child 
(say 1812 , and then removed to the head of Susquehanna River 
(probably at Cooperstown), and engaged in trading; but at the 
end of the war of 1812-14, failed in business. His brothers then 
bought for him land for a farm in the town of Owego, four miles 
north of Owego Village, N. Y., on the east side of the Owego Creek. 
Here he resided until his death, Feb. 24, 18o3, in his 68th year. 

Mr. Stiles was highly esteemed by his neighbors as a 
worthy citizen and an honorable man. He was, during most of 
his life, sceptical in regard to the fundamental principles of the 
gospel; but, during his last illness, his eyes were opened; he 
accepted, most fully, the redemption offered by Christ's sacri- 
fice, and died iu the triumphs of a Christian's faith, and in hopes 
of a glorious immortality. His funeral services were attended 
in the Methodist Episcopal Chapel, at Fleraingville, N. Y., Feb. 
26, and his remains were interred in the cemetery at that place. 

Mrs. Mary (Clark) Stiles died June 28, 1857, in her 67th 

Children: . ' 

165. I. Samantha,' born in Salisbury, Conn., about 1807; 
married Charles Dewell, of Flemingville, N. Y. 
Both are dead ; were buried in the town of 
Tioga, N. Y., near the " deep well," about two 
miles from Owego, N. Y. Issue: 

•with her husband l8 buripil la that town nonr the "deep welt," .ihoiit two miles from 
Owege VlllHge. 


i66. i. AoQOSTA,* deceased. 

167. ik GtJSTAVus," 

168. iii. Chables,* resided at Newfield, N. Y. 

169. iv. Helen,* deceased. 

170. T. FBANCI8.' 

171. tL Churchill,* resided (1885) at Athens, Bradford Co., Pa. 

172. Tii. Edoab Platt,* 

Mrs. Samautlia (Stiles) Dewell died at the 
reaidence of lier sister, Mrs. Goodrich, Tioga, 
N. Y., July 9, 1883. 

173. II. Sakah Ann,' born at Salisbury, Conn., about 1808 

or 1809 ; married Joshua IVIead ; settled in 
Candor, X. Y., on the west side of the West 
Owego Creek, about a mile above Flemingville. 
Issue : 

174. i. DAnoHTER," ) 

r both died young and before their mother. 

175. ii. Daughter,* j 

Mrs. Sarah A. (Stiles) Mead died July 9, 
1834, aged about 2G years, and was buried in 
the Parks Settlement, on the west side of the 
creek, nearly opposite her father's home. 

176. III. Francis,' born at Salisbury, Conn., about 1811 ; was 

a teacher; went to Maumee City, Ohio, and 
died there Oct. 15 or 18, 183G, at about thirty 


years of aj^e, " much esteemed aud liipfhly prized 
by those most intimate with him," aud a sin- 
cere Christian. 

177. IT. Marcia Marl\,' born at or near Cooperstown, N. Y., 

about May 27, 1814; married Henry William 

178. V. Harriet,' born at Cooperstown, N. T., Sept. 10, 

1817 ; married at Owego, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1840, 
Charles Pixley Goodrich (son of Alanson and 
Mary Pixley) Goodrich. He was born at Tioga ■ 
Sept. 27, 1816 ; resided (1885) in the town of 
Tioga, at Turner's Bridge. P. O. Address, 
Owego, N. Y. ' Issue: 

179. u EDGA.B Goodrich," bom Aug. 24, 1841, in Tioga, N. Y., 

and died there July 17, 1842; buried near the " deep 
_^^ , well." 

180. ii. Mart Eliza Goodrich,* born Jan. 23, 1847, at Tioga, N. 

Y., and died there Feb. 7, 1857, i\nd was buried near 
the " deep well." 

181. VI. Mary,' 


182. VII. Ransom Coffin," \ 

V t.Wll 

Born at Owego, N. Y., September, 1820. 
Mary resided (1885) with her sister, Mrs. Piatt, 
at Nichols, N. Y.; unmarried. Ransom Coffin 
married Martha Huutly. Family 23. 

183. VIII, Eliza J.\NE,' born at Owego, N. Y.; married Jona- 
than (son of Hon. Xehemiah aud Diantha Wilson) 
Piatt, of Nichols, N. Y., where they settled aud 
still (1.885) reside. 



184. Thomas* Stiles. ll09J, ( Fraucl.s,'' Ik)ijamin,^ Lieut. 
Francis;^ Beiijamii),' Frmwis,^) born at Soutliburv. Conn., Feb. 21, 
1789; married Sarali Augusta (daugliter of Setli and Esther 
Laudouj Newell, of Salisl>ury, Nov. 2G, 1829; they resided at 
Salisbury, Conn. 

Mr. Thomas Stiles died at Salisbury, March 4, 1802, •• :e. 
72 years. Mrs. Sarah A. (Newell) Stiles was born May 7, 1795, 
and died 

Children, (born at Salisbury, Conn.): 

185. I. Tho.mas Augustine,' born Au<,^ 22, 1831 ; married 

an Irish woman, to whom, when he died al)out 
1873, he willed a property of §80,000. Upon 
proof of mental incapacity to make a proper 
will — the result of long continued excesses and 
use of liquors — this will was set aside by the 
Litchfield County Court. He had but one child 
whicb died ;e. 6 months. 

186. II. Sauah Elizabeth," born July (5, 1835 ; married 

Robert Hall, Oct. 20, 1858. 


167. Ransom" Stiles, 1 110], (Franci.s,^ Benjamin,^ Lieut. 
Francis;' Benjoiiiin,' Franc!s,\) born Dec. 29, 1790, at Soutliburv, 
Conn.; married March 2, 1820, Hannah (dau<;hter of Dr. An- 
drew) Proudtit ; when a lad he went to Kin<:^sbury, Washiufj;ton 
County, N. Y., Avhere later he became a partner with a Mr. 
Bellamy, whose wife (Phebe Stiles, before marriage) was a 
cousin; still later he settled at Argyle, N. Y., where he died 
April 20, 1859. 

• 1H61, ace. X-'wII G-'iwalngy, page 2i:i. 


Children : 

188. I. Sarah Makia,* horu Nov. 4, 1822; inavried John 

AsLton Pattison, ;it Ainyle, N. Y.,Dee. 7, 1842: 
removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where Mr. Pattison 
died May 2, 1885, le. 08 years; his widow still 
resides (1888) at 29G Washin![,4on avenue. 
Brooklvn, X. Y. Issue: 


i. Anna Pkottdfit.s married Rev. J. E. Hall, resided (1888) 
Cherry Valley, N. Y.; has three daughters. 

190. ii. Emma Gaednek » 

191. iii. Ransom. 8 



iv. John Hargeave.* 

V. Qeoboe Ashton,' married — Wintou; resided (18SS) 

in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; has two children. 

vi. Sara .Stiles. « 

II. Susanna Jane," born Mav 10, 1S2G; died Sept. 28, 


19G. III. Hannah Elizabeth," boru Sept. 20, 1828; married 
(1) Oct. 3, 1855. Rev. John Parry; married (2) 
E. H. Crocker, of Sandy Hill. N. Y.; resided 
(1888) Brooklyn, N. Y. "Zs-s^/e.- 

197. i. Susanna^ (Kirry), married Henry B. Keen; resides 

(1888) New York City. 


ii. -John Elliott" (Parry), 
iii. Howaed" (Crocker). 

200. . iv. Ransom Stiles* (Crocker). 


201. IV. Andrew Proudfit,' born Dec. 12, 1830; died Oct. 

1, 1833, 

202. V. Susanna E.,' born Aug. 1, 1837; died April 14, 



203. David Judson" Stiles, [119], {David-' Benjamin,' 
Lieut. Francis,^ Benjamin,' Mr. Francii^,^) born at Soutbbury. 
Conn., Oct. 16, 179o; married Ann French, Oct. 10, 1821; resides 
in Soutbbury, Conn., where he owns an iron-mine — and where 
he owns the home-lot, "White Oak," of his first ancestor here, 
whose house stood but a little east of that of his descendant. 
Cothren's Hi.^forij Ancient JVoodbnry, i.,37. Mrs. Anna (French) 
Stiles died at Soutbbury, 1884, * 86. 

Children (horn at Southbury, Conn.) : 

204. I. Mary A.,' ) 

V twins. 

205. II. Bennet F.,* ) 

Born June 7, 1822. Mary died Dec. 28, 
1845, «. 22. Bennett F. married Janette A. 
Shelton, April 9, (or 17), 1854; resides (1885) 
South Britain, Conn. No issue. 

206. III. Zephixa," born Sept. 8, (5 according to Cothren), 

1828 ; died at Southl)ury, July 21, 1830. 

207. IV. Ann F.,' born May 19, 1832; resides (1885) in 

Southl)uiy, Conn. 

208. V. Adeiaide," born Jan. 28, 1834; died March 11, 



209. YI. Augusta M.,^ born Nov. 6, ISHf,; resided (1885) in 
Soutlibury. Conn. 


210. Ephraim' ErastUS Stiles, |1251, (Ephmim,'' Ben- 
jamin,^ Lieut. Francis,-' Benjamin,- Francis,^) born Oct. 2-i, 1791; 
married Sally Osborn, May 22, 1817. He died at Soutlilniry, 
Conn., April 6, 1858. Mrs. Sally (Osborn) Stiles died at Sontli- 
bury, March 5, 1858, j^. 61. 

Children : 

211. I. Nathan Blaggs," born March 24, 1818; resided 

(1885) Soutlibury, Conn.; farmer; unmarried. 

212. II. Sarah Augusta,' born May 25, 1822; married 

Melzar Whittlesey, of Galen, Wayne Co., N. Y"., 
April, 1864. 

213. III. Antoinette D.," born Oct. 4, 1823; died Dec. 9, 



214. Henry Burke'' Stiles, [146], (Benjamin,^ Benjamin,' 
Lieut. Fi'ancis,'' Benjamin,' Mr. Francis,^) born May 15, 1804; 
married (1) Patty Seeley French, Nov. 23, 1831, who died Oct. 
29, (24, Cothren) 1860, a\ 59; (x. 53, CUhren), married (2) Mrs. 
Julia A. Parrott, Nov. 26, 1861. Mr. Henry B. Stiles died at 
Soutlibury, Conn., 16 (family record 6) 1871, ic. G6 years, 11 
months, 20 days. 

Children (born at Southhnry, Conn.): 
215. L Mary J.\ne,' born Jan. 14^, died Julv 13, 1833. 


216. IT. Mary Janette," boru July lo, 1834; married James 

G. Curtlss. May 17, 1800, iu Soutlibury, Conn. 

217. , i. Heney Stiles,'* born Miirch 13 ISfil; married Frances 

E. Eyre, Aug. 28, 1884. 

218. li. Annie Seley,^ born May 2, 1862. 

219. iii. James Gdeensey,' born Sept. 13, 1863. 

220. iv. Ellen Elizabeth, ^ born Sept. 21, 1865. 

221. V. Flora Pbeston," born Ang. 13, 1867. 

222. vi. George Smith.s born Oct. 8, 1870; died June 27, 1872. 

223. . vii. Eva Maria, » born Aug. 26, 1875; died April 10, 1885. 

224 in. Ellen Esther,' boru Aug. 9, 1836. 
225. lY. Alice Marie," born April 2, 1846. 


226. Roderick" Stiles, [1491, (Ahd-' Beujamw,' Lieut. 
Fraiicis;^' Beujamut,' Fraiwi.^,^) boru at Soutlibury, Conn., May 
15, 1794 ;. married (1) March 4, 1817, Cleora S. Curtiss, of Wood- 
bury, Conn., baptized Nov. 28, 1794, and after lier death (Nov. 
27,*1852) resided iu Woodbury; married (2) Feb. 24, 1861, 
Hannah Guthrie, of Southbury, Conn., where he resided until 
his death, July 29, 1862. 


227. I. Elizabeth A.," born Nov. 18, 1817; married Charles 
W. Kirtland, Feb. 27,* 1854. Eesided (1885) 
at Woodbury, Conn. No issue. 

♦Colhreii 210, says Jan. 1. 


228. Jonathan' Stiles, 1 1-34: 1, (A}>eJ-' lUnjauiin,' Lieui. 

Francis^' Benjamh},- Francis,^) born at SoiitliV)ury, Couu., Oct. 10, 
1800; married Nov. 12, 1831, Xancy Baldwin. He was a farmer; 
resided at Southbury, Conu., and died there March 13 (G. A. 
Stiles' letter says o), 1882, a\ 81 years, 6 mouths. Mrs. Nancy 
(Baldwin) Stiles is living, 1885. 

Children (born at SoiilJibnr}/, Co)tn.): 

229. L Ransom B.,' born July 12, 1836; married Anna 

Still man. Family 24 

230. 11. Walter M.,' born July 6, 1848; married Susie J. 

Barlow. Family 25. 

^ , FAMILY 21. 
231. Francis" Abel Stiles, |156l, (Ahel,^ Benjamin,' 

Lieut. Francis^-' Benjinnin,' Francis,^) born at Southbury, Conn., 
Nov. 10, 1809; married (1) Elvira W. Gidney, Feb. 10, 1840 ; she 
died Feb. 11, 1815; married (2) Frances M. Shelton, March 2, 

Children (hi/ first marriage) : 

232. I. Gidney A.," born Aug. 28, 1842 ; married Isadore 

S. Kendall. Family 26. 

233. XL Eliza Maria,' born Aug. 13, 1851. 


234. Nathan (J.?V' Stiles, il58|, fXathan,' Benjamin,^ 
Lient. Francis;' Be)ijamin,- FV<incis,^ ) born at Dcrbv, Conn., Feb. 


27, 1796^ married (1) Ann ^laria Birch, September, 1819, iii, Conn.; she died Noveudjer, 1849; married (2) Mrs. 
Jane Johnson, of Lyons, N. Y., April, 1851. 

Children (by firtit ivife) : 

235. I. Nathan Jlt)sox,' l>om June 22, 1820 ; married 

Melissa PLiuk. Family 27. 

236. 11. Henry Birch," born Jannai-y, 1823; married {li 

Mary Babcock; married (2t Selover. 

Family 28. 

237. III. Kansom Birdsey," bora October, 1826. 

238. IV. Smith D.," bora February, 1828; married Louise 

Nelson. Family 29. 

239. V. George Scriba,' born Oct. 4, 1833. 


240. Ransom Coffin^ Stiles, [1S2], (Bey<Janui>,'Fmncis:' 
Benjamin,* Lieut. Francis;' Bcnja)nin,- Francis,^ } born at Owego, 
N. Y., September, 1820; married Martha Huntley, of Biugham- 
ton, N. Y'., and settled on a farm at Warren Centre, Bradford 
Co., Pa., where he died Aug. 22, 1883, ix>. nearly 63 years. 


241. L Charles.^ 

242. IL Caroline.' 

243. IIL Lewis Seeley.^ 

244. IV. Helen Mar." 



245. Ransom B/ Stiles, \220], (Jcntafhrm," Ahel: Bei>- 
Jamin,^ Lieut. Fniucis,' Beiijoin'ni,- Fnincis.^) born at Soutliburv, 
Coun., July 12, 1836; married May 18, 18G3, Auna (daughter of 
Frederick and Sarah) Stillmau, born at Newbern, N. C, July 1, 

Child: • 
246. L Emma B.,'^ born (in N. Y.) Sept. 6, 1866. 


247. Walter W\.' StWes, \2'dO], (Joixdhan,'' Abel,' Beuja- 
min,* Lieut. Francis,^' Beujaniin,- Francis,^) born at Southbury, 
Coma., July 6, 1848 ; married, Aug. 28, 1876, Susie J. ^daughter 
of Talcot and Emeliue) Barlow, who died in 1881. 

Eesided (1885) Danbury, Conn,; occupation, furniture and 
ho.use-fufnishing goods. 

Child: • 

248. L Susie Daisy,^ born Aug. 31. 1881. 


249. Gidney A.' Stiles, i232], (Francis Abel,' Abel,' Ben- 
jamin,* Lieut. Francis;' Benjantin,' Francis,\) born x\ug. 28, 1842; 
married. May 31, 1870, Isadore S. Kendall, in Southbury, Conn. 
Mr. Stiles represented the town of Southbury in the State 
Legislature, in 1875. 

Children (born in Southbunj, Cann.): 

250. L Kaymond F.,^ born Nov. 9, 1870. 

251. IL Edith K.,' born Mav 28, 1875. 


252. III. Clarence G.,'* born Oct. 15, 1879. 


253. Nathan J/ Stiles. \2?jr)\, (Xnthan,^ Xafhan,'' Benja- 
man,* Lieut. Francis,' Benjnmi)i,'' Francis,^) born June 22, 1820 ; 
married Melissa Plank, of Wolcott, N. Y., September^ 1841. 




Anna Maria/' 








257. Henry Birch' Stiles, |23()!, (Xafhau,'^ Xatfian,' Beu- 

j'amiii,* Lieuf. Frnncls,'' Benjaiitin,' Francis,^) born January, 1823; 
married (1) Mary Babcock, of Penn Yan, N. Y., July, 1846, who 

died May, 1853 ; married (2j Selover, at Auburn, N. Y.. 

April, 1855. 

Children (hi/Jirst wife): 

258. I. Albert.^ 

259. II. Daughter,' died a few weeks old. 


260. Smith D.' Stiles, |238!, (Xafhan,' Xathau,' Benja- 
min,* Lient. Frnncifi,^ Beuja^aiu.- Francis,^) born February, 1828; 
married Louisa Nelson, of Auburn N. Y., May, 1853. 

261. . I. D.\UGHTER.' 




•1. Jonathan^ Stiles, [12], (Isaac,^ John^), see page 409 
was born at Stratford, Conn., .March 10, 1G88-9. President 
Stiles' MS. Genealogy says that he was "called Long 
Jonathan, being six feet, four inches high ;" and, again, speaking, 
in 1760, of the general small stature of the Stiles race, " the 
family, however, produced one Jonatlian Stiles, whom I have 
often seen, one of the largest men for stature in New England j 
he removed from Stratford to the Jersies and died there a few 
years ago, and since 175-1, perhaps at 60." 

The date of his removal to the Jersies cannot be exactly 
determined. His name figures quite frequently, in Stratford, 
(Conn.) records Jtud in Faii-field Co. (Conn.) records in land trans- 
actions between the years 1705 and 1720. His mark is affixed 
to a mortgage from David Jenkins to Jonathai. Stiles on lands 
in Stratford -£39.79, paid March 23, 17 U.— Fairf eld Co. Records,. 
Vol II, Pt. II, 350. A deed also, is recorded, December 3, 
1712, from him to Daniel Shelton, which conveys eleven acres, 
not yet taken up under contract with his " honored father, Isaac 
Stiles." He had taken up twenty-five acres, to wit : Two acres 
at. Quorum Hill, (now Huntington), twelve acres north-west of 
Long Hill and one of swamp by Long Hill — leaving eleven 
acres. (i?>/t?. 394). 


President Stiles (J/aS'. Genealogy) states that "he removed 
to Hanover, Huntiuf^ton Co., West Jersey, about 1726 or 1730;" 
and an intention of seeking a new home in that promising field 
of adventure, then known as " the Jersies " — which was at that 
time attracting many Connecticut men — may perhaps be found 
in the recorded deed i^Stratford Land Conveyances, Lib. II, 3-4) 
of a house, barn, kc, and fifty-nine acres of Land at Oronoke, 
sold by Jonathan Stiles, October 28, 1725 ; although he had 
not left Stratford as late as 1726, when he was one of the 
signers of a deed with the Indians. {Hist, Milford, Ct., 14"). 

But, we know that his wife Eebecca died in New Jersey, in 1731, 
so that President Stiles' suggestion that he removed from Con- 
necticut bet ween 1726 and 1730, maybe accepted as approximately 
correct. Again, the History of Morris Co.,K J., (published 1882) 
mentions a Jonathan Stiles, who was, in 1726, appointed one of the 
township officers and who died November 15, 1758. This date 
of death seems to identify him with our " Long Jonathan " — if 
so, he must, as early as 1726, have taken the preliminary steps 
towards settlement, if he had not altogether removed there. 
The almost entire absence of public records, at this early 
period, in the Jersies, as well as the cares and distractions 
which during the early days of any new settlement, tend to 
prevent the keeping of family records, or memoranda, leaves us 
much in ignorance as to the history of Long Jonathan's earlier 
beginnings — and the little we do know, has been picked up 
piecemeal and fitted together like the parts of a puzzle. 

From The Jerseymati of Oct. 9, 1885, published at Morris- 
town, N. J., by Mr. Lewis O. Stiles, to whom the descendants 
of Long Jonathan are greatly indebted for much of the informa- 
tion which we have been able to present concerning their 
ancestry and line, we copy the following concerning Morris 
Township, N. J. 

The first minutes of a court in Morris county date back to 
1740 and the first record in the old book bears date March 25 
of that year, and is an act which divides the county into the 


townships of Morris, Pequannock and Hanover. Before that 
time the whole county was le<^ally known as Morris Township. 

Pequannock embraced the region bounded by. "Passaic 
river, Pequannock river to the Great Pond, the Eockaway river, 
the west branch, to the head thereof, thence cross to lower end 
of said pond." Hanover embraced the country bounded by "a 
certain road from the bridge by John Day's up to the place 
where the same road passes between Benjamin and Abraham 
Persons, and thence up the same road to the corner of Samuel 
Ford's fence, thence leaving Samuel Ford to the right hand, 
thence running up to the road that leads from the old iron 
works towards 'Succasunuing,' crossing Whippany bridge, and 
from thence to Suckasunny and thence to the Great Pond at the 
head of Musconecung." The balance of the territory formed 
Morris township. 

The township of Morris was ordered by the court " to be 
and remain a township, district or precinct, and to be called 
and distinguished by the name of Morristown." Therefore the 
proper designation for this township is "the township of 

The first deed was recorded in this county in 1785, and the 
first mortgage in 1765. Previous to that the records were re- 
corded in Hunterdon county, Morris having been set off from 
that county by act of Assembly of March 15, 1738-9. Morris 
included in its original limits the territory now comprised in 
Sussex and Warren counties, and was named after Lewis Morris, 
at that time Governor of the Province. 

Hunterdon county was set off from Burlington in 1713, and 
was named after Gov. Eobert Hunter. Mercer county was also 
set off from Hunterdon. The bounds of Burlington county were 
first established in 1691:, but were not definitely settled 
until 1710. 

The first record of a marriage in Morris county is of date 
of Oct. 5, 1795. The first will on record is of date of Feb. 
4, 1804 


The old law provided for recording the births of slaves 
only. The last record of its kind was in ]828, of a child whose 
mother was a slave owned by Daniel Cory. 

The following records, subsequent to Jonathan's removal 
to Jersey, show his connection with his Connecticut origin, viz : 
June 20. 1735, Isaac Stiles conveys to Jonathan Stiles, of 
Hanover, Hunterdon County, West Jersey, in consideration of 
twelve acres, a right in two acres of land which said Isaac's 
grandfather Isaac had, etc. Fairfield County Record, book iv; 
Stratford Land Conveyance, page 208. 

Also, Sarah Cogswell, of Elizabethtown, Essex County, 
N. J., conveys to Jonathan Stiles, of Pequannoc, Morris County, 
N. J., quarter interest in a six acre right of commonage which 
said right is recorded to her by her "honored father, George 
Searles" — Fairfield County Record, Lib. ix., 66, recorded March, 

Jonathan Stiles died Nov. 15, 1758 (and is interred in the 
Cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church, at Morristown, N. 
J.), " in his 80 year." according to gravestone inscription; but 
his birth, in 1689 as recorded in Strafford, Conn., Town Records, 
would make him between 69 and 70 years of age at his death. 
As men's ages are frequently over-stated, especially when dying 
in very advanced years, we prefer to accept the Stratford birth- 
record, rather than the gravestone statement. 

WILL OF JONATHAN STILES; Recokded February 5, 1759, 
IN THE Office of the Sec:retary of State of New Jersey, in 
Book " G " of Wills, Page 21. 

In the name of God, Amen the second day of October in 
the thirty-second year of his Majestie's lleign King George the 
Second, ^c, x\nu()(|. Dom. one thousand seven hundred and tiftv- 
eight, I, Jonathan Stiles, of Pequaunock, in Morris County 


and Province of New Jersey, yeoman, being weak in Body \\\i 
of a perfect disposing? mind and memory, thanks be to God for 
the same, callin|r«; to mind the mortality of my Body, and knowing 
it is appointed for all men once to dye do make and ohdain this 
MY last will and TESTAMENT that is to Say principally and first 
of all I give and recommend my sole into the hands of God that 
gave it, and my Body to the earth to ])e bnried in a decent and 
Christian like manner at the discretion of my Ex'r nothing 
doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the 
same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such 
worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in 
this life, I give and dispose of the same in manner and form 
following viz. 

I give and bequeath that all funiral charges and lawful 
debts be paid of mine or contracted by me. 

But whereas heretofore I have given unto my sons Joseph 
&, John k Jonath;in <i: Ephram & Thomas k Ebenezer Stiles A: 
my Dafter Hanah Smith fifty pounds each. Item I give unto my 
daughter Eebecker Primrose to make up fifty pounds with what 
I have already given her. Item I give un to my son Stephen 
fifty pounds with what he has already had. Item I give 
unto ray grand daughter Rebecker Parret five pounds 
and if there be anything left of my estate I give and divide it 
into nine parts equely to give each of my sons and Dafters one 
ninth part except ray doughter Hanah Smith and if she stands 
in need to keep her from being a charge to the Town I order my 
Exetors to pay the aforesaid one ninth part to her otherwise I 
give the abovesaid one ninth part unto ray grandson Daniel 
Smith and to his heirs forever. '' 

I do hereby nominate and appoint my well- beloved son 
Jonathan Stiles and ray son in law Henry Primrose to be my 
Executors of this my last will and Testament and have herein- 
given them full power, strength and authority to sell and con- 
vey all my lands whatsoever either by parts or the whole at 
once and they or the surver [survivor] of them by vertue of these 
presents to grant Deeds and conveyances for the same, <fcc. ttc. 

(Will provides for what should be done in case of 
death of one executor, and then continues.) 

revoking and disallowing all former wills by me made. 


In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my haiid and 
seal the day and year above written. 

Signed sealed and Delivered 1 his 

in the presence of ^JONATHAN X STILES (L. s.) 

Joseph Wood. John Plume. ) mark 

Probate granted by Gov. Barnard in the usual form Dated 
the 30th November 1758. 

Chas. Head, Eeg'r. 

Jonathan Stiles was twice married— ^rs^, to the widow 
Rebecca Canfield— and, from the date of birth of their oldest 
child (1706) it would appear that this marriage must have 
occurred when he was only sixteen years old. Yet, when we 
consider his great size and probable early maturity, as well as 
the prevalence of marriages at an early age, in the circumstan- 
ces of a new country, this is by no means improbable. Judging 
from the date of the deed executed by his father to him (see 
page 408, ante.) it must have been given him on, or about the 
time of his marriage. Mrs. Rebecca (Canfield) Stiles died at 
" Stilestown," October 23, 1731, in her forty-eighth year.— /?i- 
scription hi Cemetery of Wh'ippany, N. J., Presbyterian Church, 
Morris Co., X. ./.* 

He' married — second, Elizabeth Taylor, widow of his cousin 
Sgt. John Stiles (see Family 5, page 48) of Windsor, Conn. John 
Stiles had deceased in November, 1728, and his posthumous son 
John was born April, 1729 ; and the widow must have married 
Jonathan Stiles somewhere between 1731 (the year of his first 
wife's death) and 1733, in which latter year the Court at Hart- 
ford, Conn., appointed Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth, " for- 

•Tbe oldest he;idstone Inscription In this cemetery Is " Here lyes ye body of John 
Richards, dec'd.age.l 63 years, Deer. 1718." The Stiles family headstones are next In order 
of date. John Richards was a schoolmaster and gave the ground tor a graveyard, the deed 
being duly recorded.— Z,e<<frf nf Lews O. Sfilles, 1886. 



merlj of Stratford, then lately of Hanover, in New West Jersey," 

to be guardians of this son John, then about four years old. ' ' 

The date of Mrs. Elizabeth Stiles' death is not known. 

Children (by first marriage; those thus designated* recorded 
at Stratford, Conn., Lib. II., 480, 482, 487) : 

2. I. Joseph,* (Esq.), born Oct. 7, 1706 ;* married Comfort 

. Family 2. 

3. II. JoHN,^ born May 8, 1709;* married (1) ; 

married (2) Eachel . Family 3. 

4. III. Thomas,^ born Dec. 13, 1711;* "son of Jonathan 

and Rebecca Stiles ; died September, 1728, in the 
16th year of his Sige.''—Whippany, (X. J.) 
Graveyard Inso-iption.f 

IV. Hannah,^ (named in her father's will); married 

V. Phebe,^ born about 1715; married Samuel Parrot; 
died at Whippany, X. J., Oct. 25, 1743, in 28th 

VI. Rebecca,^ born Sept. 1 i, 1719; married Henrv 
Primrose, March 29, 1748. Becord First Pres- 
byterian Church, 3Iorristown, X. J. The follow- 
ing I find in the graveyard of the First 
Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N. J.: 
"Abigail, daughter of Henry and Rebecah 
Primrose, died March the 1st, 1764, in ye 8th 
year of her age."— X. 0. Stiles. 

Pres St les MS G,n.alogy. gives the r>ame of the third boxx&b Jonathan, but mentions do 
m«.a. which, however, as It Is given In the Stratford Record, [also. Cothreu-s History WooMuru 
Conn.. 67.] must be correct. He also says that Long Jonathan had three sons by his second 




VII. Jonathan/ born 1721 ; married (1) Joanna ; 

married (2) Sarah ; married (3) Dorotliy 

. Family 4. 

VIII. Thankful/ born 1722; "daughter of Jonathan and 
Rebecca Stiles ; died August, 1728, in 6th year of 
her &ge."—lV/uppani/, (N. J.) Graveyard In- 

IX. EPHRADi,^t born Feb. 12, 1723-4;* married 

Family 5. 

Children (by second mai-riage) : 

11. X. Thomas,' (named in his father's will) ; married 

Abigail Wheeler. Family 6. 

12. XL Ebenezer,' born about 1733;* married . 

Family 7. 

13. XII. Stephen,' (named in his father's will). 

14. XIII. IS.V.VC,' "son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Stiles," 

died ffi. 10 years, 2 months, June 4, 1746.— 
WMppany, (N. J.) Graveyard Inscription. 


15. Capt. Joseph^ Stiles, [2], (Long Jonathan,' Isaac,^ 
John,') born Oct. 7, 1706, at Stratford, Conn.; married Comfort 
. He was a man of means and of influence in the com- 
munity; his "ear-mark" for cattle recorded Jan. 28, 1750, in 
Morris County, N. J.; was Overseer of highways, 1766; Nov. 8, 
1759 (according to Minutes of Presbyterian Church, of Morris- 

t Cotbrea'8 HUtory Ancimt Wondbury, Conn., 675. 


town, N. J., "Capt. Joseph Stiles" was chosen a trustee of the 
Church, and served as such until his death, when at a meeting 
held Sept. 16, 1777, Jonathan Stiles was chosen in his place. 
As a trustee of the Church, he was one of that body, which, 
Jan. 12, 1767, met and "gave Leive that a School hous might 
be Built on the Green, near whair the old hous now standeth " — 
which was the origin of the Morris Academv. — (Kev. Kufus S. 
Green's Account of Morristown, in Histonj of Morris Covnty). 

He was a Captain in the Revolutionary Army, and died 
"of fever" Dec. 2, (according to Church Record) 1776. In these 
records, as also on his gravestone, (First Prefihuteriar, Church 
Graret/ard, Morristown, X. J.), he is styled "Esq." 

Mrs. Comfort Stiles was a communicant of the First 
Presbyterian Church of Morristown, 1743-1756, and died June 
17, 1785, {le. 76 years — (First Presbyterian Church Graveyard 

Children (Dates marked thus, - from graveyard inscriptions, 
First Presbyterian Church of Morristown) : 

16. I. Joseph,'^ born ; married . Family 8. 

17. II. SrL.\s,' baptized March 24, 1745; died June 13, 

1746, se. 1 year, 7 months." 

18. III. George,'^ died June 12, 1746, x. 4 years, 3 months. 

19. IV. George,-^ baptized Feb. 14, 1748. 

20. V. Selas,^ baptized June 3, 1750;* married Sarah 

Cignes. Family 9. 

21. VI. Comfort,^ baptized Jan. 21, 1753. 

/.. I 



22. Ciipt. and Deacou John' Stiles, [-J], Lo)uj Jonathan,^ 
Isaac;^ JoJui,^) boru at Stratford, Conn., May 8, 1709; married 
(1) -;* married (2) Kacliel . 

Capt. Stiles was a deacon in the Cliurcli at Parsippany, N. 
J., resided at Stilestown, Morris County, X. J.; after death of 
his first wife he removed to Morristown, and Nov. 8, 1759, was 
chosen by the Ehlers of the First Church of Morristown, as one 
of the trustees, in place of Charles Howell, deceased. He died 
May 17, 1777, je. 68, of small-pox, and was buried in the 
Parsippany Church Graveyard. The fact of his having died 
during the Revolutionary war and of small-pox — traditionary 
among several branches of his descendants — happened to be 
" the connecting link" which eventually led to the indentification 
of his connection with the line of his son Ashbel. 

Mrs. Eachel Stiles was admitted to full communion in 
the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, N. J., July o, 
1745. "Elder of the Church" is inscribed upon Capt. John 
Stiles' gravestone. 

Children : 

23. I. Enos,'' baptized June 29, 17 4:3.— Records First Pres- 

byterian Chxrcli, Morristown, N. ,/., and men- 
tioned, 1764, in his father's ledger account. 

24. II. Samuev ; married . Family 10. 

25. III. John,' born about 1753 ; married Mary Sanford. 

Family 11. 

• Stephen H. Stllos, In a letter <late.l Dec. 21, 1,hS5, Pays: "The mother of Job and Aaron 
Stiles whose name was Lylia, died when they were small, and they were bound to a cruel task- 
master. Aaron at the age ot 18 was glad to enlist In the Revolutionary War." 


26. IV. Elijah/ born about 1745 ; married Betsy Kitchell. 

Family 12. 

27. V. Moses,-' born March 22, 175G ; went South, and died 

Aug. 3, 1776, fe. 20 years. — ( Parsippmiy Grave- 
yard, N. J.) ; possibly the Moses Stiles who was 
one of the 180 inhabitants who signed, May, 
1776, the " Articles of Association of the Free- 
holders and Inhabitants of Pequonuck, in the 
County of Morris, pledging themselves to sus- 
tain the action of the Continental and Provincial 
Congresses in defending the Constitution." — 
New Jersey Archives, x. 716. 

28. , VI. Phebe,' baptized Dec. 8, 1745 (probably twin with 

Elijah) ; married George Bowlsby, Sen., (his first 
wife — he had issue by both wives). Issue: 

23- i. Levi,6 died unmarried. 

3t>- ii. JoHN.s married Jeaaette Gilchrist, of Charlton, Saratoga 

Co., N. Y. ; had children (1) Nancy; (2) Jane; 3 Levi ; 
(4) Eliza; (5) Alexander; (6j Cornelia. 

31. iii. Enos.s 

32. iv. Gkobge,* married Phebe Stiles, his consin. 

33. V. BKTTY.e married Daniel Ostrom, of Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

3*- vi. PoLLY,6 married William Walmsley, of Delhi, Delaware 

Cotmty, N, Y. 

Mrs. Phebe (Stiles) Bowlsby died at Han- 
over Neck, N. J. Her baptismal record is from 
the Records of First Presbyterian Church, Morris- 
town, N. J. 

35. VII. Kachel," ; married Samuel Townsend. whb 

died before 1826. Issue : 

V' *'^ . ' s\- 

















41. Vni. JOB,^ born about 1760 ;. married (1) ; married 

(2) Hester Green. Family 13. 

•42. IX. Hezekiah,^ born Aug. 12, 1761, at Scotch Plains, 
N. Y.; enlisted as a. Sergeant in Capt. Lane's 
Company (subsequently Capt. Moss') in Col. 
Jacquis' New Jersey Kegiment of Militia, Feb- 
ruary, 1778 ; was a minute man at Elizabeth- 
town, N. J., until August, 1779, acting as guard 
and scouting to watch the movements of the 
British, and to repel invasions, after which 
time he was allowed to follow his regular occu- 
pation on his father's farm at Scotch Plains, 
being only 30 miles from New York City. He 
was frequently engaged in skirmishes, and was 
in the battles of Elizabethtown, Connecticut 
Farms, Springfield, Woodruff Farms and the 
capture of Cuckoldtown Fort, on Staten Island. 
After the latter event he was in an expedition 
which crossed on the ice at Staten Island, to 
drive ofl' British marauders, who not only com- 
mitted depredations on the Island, but har- 
assed the people in New Jersey. Two years 
after the war he removed to New York Citv, 
where he remained two years; then removed to 
Columbia, Hamilton County, Ohio, where he 
resided in February, 1833, being then 71 years 
of age. He was alive in 1810 — United States 


Pension Office tiecorch. No. 19,7-46. His pension 
papers distinctly state that he was a brother of 
Elijah Stiles. 

43. X. Aaron,5* born about 17G2; married . Family 14 


44. Jonathan" Stiles, Esq., \^l(Long Jouoihun,^ Isaac;' 
John,') born (probably at Stratford, Conn.,) 1721 ; renewed his 
covenant with the Presbyterian Church at Morristown, N. J., 
Jan. 3, 1755 ; communicant July 5, 1765. Upon the death of 
his brother, Capt. Joseph Stiles, who had been a Trustee of the 
Church since 1759, he was chosen to fill the vacancy, at h meet- 
ing held Sept. 12, 1777. In April, 1796, he was one of a com- 
mittee appointed to finish the new edifice of that Church ; and 
was one of 31 citizens of Morristown who responded to the 
appeal made by the Trustees of the College of New Jersey to 
the Presbyterians of the Colony for the annual expenses of that 
institution, endorsed by the sessions of the several Presbyterian 
Churches. The sum contributed at Morristown was X140.0.5 
of which Jonathan Stiles, Esq., contributed X'1.15.0. Rec. 
1st Pres. Ch., Morristown, N. J. He was Assessor of Morris 
Township (now Morris Co.), 1773. 1774, 1775 ; and overseer of 
highways, 1759, 1760, 1762. He was, at one time, High Sheriff 
of Morris County ; also, one of the County Judges, and one of a 
body " of respectable freeholders and inhabitants " who met in 
the Court House at Morristown, June 27. 1774, to protest 

• We believe these three brothers to have beer, the children of Caftala rm.1 Deacon John 
SUles, for th,. foUowlug reasons, viz : (1 ) Hezeldah, born 1761. Is known, from his pension papers. 
to have been a brother of Elijah (probably the number 26, atove, and (2) Job was certainly .he 
brother of Aaron, for Mr. Stephen Hathaway Stiles, of West liurllngion, Bradford County Pa 
says: " This Job was my grandfather (Aaron's) brother. This I cannot be mistaken about' 
because I have .seen him whfen he was visiting my grandfather, while I was a very small boy 
He then lived In Rldgebury. Bradford County, a distance of 18 or 20 miles from my present 
residence. He c.ime on horse-back from his homo at Ridgebury, a distance of 80 or 90 miles 
and ray grandfather (Aaron, returned the visit In the same way. He had two sons, at lensf' 
whose names were Daniel and Kinney. 


against the oppressions of King George, and to pledge tlieir 
support to the patriot cause. He was, at that time, appointed 
one of the nine delegates to attend a State Convention to be 
held for the purpose of electing delegates to a "General Con- 
gress," which was afterwards held at Philadelphia. He was 
himself elected a delegate to the Provincial Congress, from 
Morris County and attended its sessions in May, June and July, 
1775, (3Ji))iifes of the Provincial Congress, and Council of Safety 
of New Jersey, 1770-1776:) pp. 13, -±8, 104, 169. 

He married ( 1) Joanna , wIjo owned the covenant, with 

her husband, in the First Presbyterian Church of Mon-istown, 
Jan. 3, 1755, (being "half-way members,") and who died Sept. 

17, 1781, " of fever," se. 53 (Morristown Pres. Ch. Hec.) though 
her gravestone inscription says Sept. 15, and gives her age as 58). 
He married (3) Sarah ,whodied Feb. ',1802, *. 70, of con- 
sumption. (Bee. Isl Pres. Ch. and also gravestone inscription, 
Morristown, N. J.) : he married (3) Dorothy , who died Jan. 

18, 1804 ; " of a hurt and fever," a^. 68.— ^er. 1st Pres. Ch., J/. 

Jonathan Stiles, Esq., died of old age, Oct. 6, 1806, te. 85 
ye&T^—ltcc. 1st Pres. Ch. J/. His will, dated .Dec. 7, 1802, wit- 
nessed Oct. 15, 1806 ; recorded Lib. A, 123 of Probate Bee. 
Morris Co., X. J., gives his wife Dorothy £-10 York money, son 
Timothy £100 and to Timothy's two elder daughters, Mary 
and Johanna £100 ; " also, to Mary Stiles, my cubboard ; to Sarah 
Stiles, my daughter-in-law, and her two daughters Elizabeth 
and Gitty Stiles, one half of one half of my estate share alike ;" 
to grandson Chillion Ford the other half, in case of whose death 
it was to go half to his mother and two sisters and half to his 
uncle Timothy Stiles. Jonathan's children to have an equal 
sum. His brothers-in-law, Israel Eickey and Sylvester D. 
Russell, sole executors. 

Children (born iii Morristown, N. J.) : 
45. I. Timothy,"^ baptized Jan. 3, 1755 ; married (1) Anna 


Carter ; married (2) Damaris Cranier. Family 

46, 11. Jonathan,' baptized Oct. 26, 1755; married (1) 

Eleanor Carter ; ■ mmniod (2) Damaii.s Ci ' Amei '. 
Family 16. 


47. Ephraim* Stiles, ^ 10] (Long Jonatltai),^ Isaac,- John,^) 
born, probably at Stratford, Couii., Feb. 12, 1723-4 ; settled iu 
Stilestown (now Montville) Pequauuoc Co., X. J. (Leifers of H. 
W. Crane, of Boonton, N. J.): married (1) Rebecca Halsey, of 
Stilestown, who died March 12, 1759, ve. 28, (inHcription in. Parsip- 
pany gravef/ard says, March 14, 1758 ; there being only one 
earlier date in the graveyard, viz., 1756). He married (2) Hannah 
(or Ann) Farrand, who died Jan. 20, 1777, in 41 year ; — Pars'ip- 
pany Pres. Ch. graveyard inscription, vrhich. calls her "Anna."* 

Mr. (or, as he is sometimes called, Deacon) Ephraim Stiles 
died Aug. 4, 1768, ve. 45 years — Parsippany Pres. Ch. graveyard. 

Children (hy first marriage* ) : 

48. I. Elizabeth,-^ born April 28, 1755. 

49. ir. Levl' born Aug. 11, 1756, killed by the fall of the 

first Liberty pole erected at Newark, N. J. 

50. in. Moses Halsey, born Feb. 11, 1758 ; married Abigail 

Terry. Family 17. 

• ai8 great grandson Levi, ot Hartford, Conn., Is authority for the followlnp whim of this 
Ebeuezcr: viz . that he had the bodies ot his wives burled with heads together, feet diverging 
one from the other, thus A, while his own body was finally laid, by his directions, across their 
heads, thus A . Uafortuuately for the probability of this tradition, his great grandfather, 
Ephralni, died hi-fon his second wife. Possibly the story is true of some other ancestor — 
many ot whom, in this line, were twice married. 


51. rV. An^a,"* born March 11, 1759, died April 27, 1826. 
(By second marria<je) : 

52. Y. Kebecca,^ born March 21, 1761. 

53. VI. Ephraim^ born Dec. 15, 1762 ; married Hannah 

Dixon. Family 18. 

54. VII. Susannah,^ born Sept. 25, 1768. 


^^- Ebenezer ' Stiles. [2;, (Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,' 
John,^) born in Stratford, Conn., 1726; possessed ninch force of 
character and was an active and euterprisini^ business man. His 
ledgers, now in the hands of Lewis O. Stiles, of Morristown, N. J., 
show that his trade was that of a blacksmith, but his business 
gradually extended until he carried on very extensive iron-works. 
In 1768, he was a partner, with Silas Moore ;iud Jedidiah Gregory, 
in a " bloomery, or forge," on what is now Brant's Paper Mill 
Pond, at Morris Plains, X. J., which they purchased of the 
estate of John Estill, dec'd. He appears, also, on the Fairfield 
Co. (Conn.) Bee. in a deed, bearing date of 1753, given him by 
" Margery Gilbert, ot Bertie Co., North Carolina," widow of 
Jno. Gilbert, conveying her interest in certain lands in Stratford, 
Conn., which she had of her father George Saris. 

He resided at Hanover, Morris Co., N. J., and became a 
communicant of the First Presbyterian Church of that place. 
May 6, 1781 (Church Records). He died at the home of his son, 
Ebenezer, Jr., on Morris Plains, Nov. 22, 1814, i^. 88 years. His 
will was proved Dec. 23, 1814 ; Lib. B., p. 24, Morris Co. Proh. 
Rec, in which is mentioned a grandson, John Kinney, Jr. At 
the auction sale of his property, shortly after his decease, sev- 
eral slaves were sold, one of whom was purchased by the Rev. 


Samuel Fisher, then pastor of the Morristown Presbyterian 
Church. Mr. Ebenezer Stiles was buried in the graveyard of 
that church. 

He married (1) in New Jersey, Polly (this much of 

his first wife's name is revealed by entries in his business ledg- 
ers); he married (2) May 4, 1778, Abigail (daugliter of 

Conger, and widow of Simon) Gobill. (Records of First Presln/ff- 
rian Church, Morristown, N. J.) 

On July 4, 1779, Ebenezer Stiles and wife presented for bap- 
tism three of her "children by [her first husband] Simon 
Gobill, viz.: Abuer Gobill, born June 27, 1765 ; Luther_Goldll 
born May 24, 1770; Calvin Gobill, born March 6, 1773.'" 
{Ch. Bee). 

According to the Ch. Bee, she, therein named as "the 
mother of Ebenezer and Moses Stiles," died March 10, 1815, te. 
84, which gives us 1731 as the date of her birth ; yet the same 
record gives tlie death of Abigail Goble as Dec. 7, 1810, le. 78. 

Children: _^ j . 

56. /I. Rebecca\ baptized Dec. 15, 1756 ; married Feb. 25, 

1773, Caleb Howell.^ 

57. 11. Hannah,' baptized Jan. 3, 1760 ; married Aug. 6, 

1761, Asa Baach. f Issue: 

• Ebeuezer Stiles' ledger shows the following cre<litsjo SIIhs (probaMy Taiher of Caleb 
Howell, and may have a bearing on tlie approaching marriage of his son. 

Silas Howell Credit 

£ 8 .1 

1772. apalrjewells 3 10 

Jan. U. 2 rings 3s, 10 jacket bottons as 11(1 n 6 11 

By a ring, le 6<\ 1 6 


Feb. 4. By a pair pem lis 0, a set of lea cups Is 6 l.i ti 

By Ills boock 36 3 10 

40 17 9 
t The codicil of her father's will gives to daughter HHiinah Beacli (In addition to f'-rmer 

legacy) "a good feather bed, bedstead, cui tains, bed cord under bed, bolster, pillows, one pair 

pillow cases, one pair sheets and three coverlids." 

Gives to Phebe Goble, wife of Simeon Goble, of Sussex Co itiiy, and to Elizabeth Biowu, 

also of Susses County, S25 each. 






i. John KrNNEr,« born Jan. 23, 1779. 
ii. Hekby,« born MurcL 17, 1782. 
iii Sab\h,6 born March 7, 1786. 

in. DANIEL'-^ baptized Dec. 20, 1761 ; married Eliza- 
beth Brookfield. Family 19. 

lY. Charity/ - baptized ou his [i. e. the father's] own 
account"— C/i/«-cA i?ecor(/s, June 3,1764; mar- 
ried March 31, 1784, Dayton Talmadge. Issue: 

^^- i- EsTHEB C.,6 baptized Aug. 29, 1785. 

^*' "• Mart.6 (mentioned in a codicil, date of March 20, 1811 

• in her grandfather's, Ebenezer Stiles, will. 

65. V. jEMiiLA.,5 baptized Jan. 2, 1767 ; married April 7, 

1785, Jonathan Laidsey ; had child, mentioned 
but not named in her father's will 

VI. Ebenezer, ■> born at Morris Plains, N. J., July 24, 
1767; baptized Aug. 23, 1767; married Phebe 
Guerin. Family 20. 

67. VII. MosES,^ born April 2, 1771; baptized May 19, 

1771 ; married (1) Hannah Weaver ; married 
(2) Sarah Allen. Family 21. 

68. VIII. Mauy,'^ named in her father's will ; married 

Freeman ; had two daughters, Phehe and Betsy, 
named in their grandfather's will. 

FAMILY 8. . 

69. Joseph^ Stiles, [16!, ra7>/.Jb.sey^^ Long Jonathan,' 
Tsaacr John,^) born ; married (1) Phebe (in Church 


Records of her renewal of covenant April 19, 17G1, named Han- 
nah) Armstrong, (Ann Strong, or Strouds) Jan. 31, 1760, Morris- 
town Records ; married (2) Mary Cooper, who died Oct. 21, 1798. 
«. 52. 

At time of his second marriage was of New Vernon, Morris 
County, N. J.; renewed his covenant, same day as his first wife, 
(see above) at Morris town Presbyterian Church, as " half-way 

Children (baptisms from Records First Presbyterian Church, 
Morristown, N. J.) : 

70. I. George," baptized April 19, 1761. 

71. n. JoHN,^ baptized March 5, 1763 ; said, according to ^ 

one account, to have married, but died childless. 
and to have resided in Philadelphia. But, 

another account is that he married Nancy , 

and had a number of children, one of whom was 
named Henry ; that he (John) was engaged in 
the lumber business, accumulated a fortune and 
died at age of 45. 

72. III. Joseph,*' baptized March 31, 1765. 

73. IV. James,^ a young man, baptized April 30, 1790. 

Family 22. 


74. Silas' Stiles, 120], (Capt. Joseph,^ Loiirj Jonathan;' 
Isaac,' John,^) resided and died in Monmouth County, N. J.; was 
one of General Washington's body-guard in the Revolutionary ser- 
vice, and so mentioned in Oth'cial Register of Officer's <ind Men of 
New Jersei/ in the Revohitionarf/ IVar, p. ICO. In the winter of 1779, 
he boarded General Washington, his chaplain and physician, at 
Morristown, N. J. 


After the war, lie carried a penny-post, and bis route-book, 
containing the names of those to whom he delivered papers, etc., 
is still in possession of his great-graud-daiighter, Sarah E. 
Stiles, of 7-4 Race street, Holyoke, Mass. 

He was Republican in politics and Baptist in religious 
faith, according to same authority —but the Records of First 
Presbyterian Church of Morristown, X. J., show that he and his 
wife " renewed the covenant," as " half-way members," with that 
church, April 26, 1772 ; and he, as full communicant, Aug. 
26, 1803. 

He married Dec, 1, 1768, Sarah Cignes (or Ayres), who 
was admitted to full communion in the Morristown Church, 
Sept. 4, 1803 ; she is mentioned in a deed as late as March 25» 

Children (horn and baptized First Presbyterian Church Rec- 
ords, Morriston-ii., N. J.): 

75. I. WiLLL.\M,*'bornFeb. 18 (one family account says 11), 

baptized April 26, 1772 ; married March, 1798, 
Mary Bollin. — Church Records. Family 23. 

76. II. Silas,'' born Dec. 17, 1790 ; baptized (on wife's ac- 

count), April 4, 1791. 


77. Samuel 'Stiles, 124], Capt. (John,' Long Jonathan;' 
Isaac;' John,^) married Margaret Van Droof, and resided at Stiles- 
town, N. J.; was probably the Samuel S. of Morris County, who 
is recorded as having been a private in the New Jersey troops 
during the Revolution. (Official Register, p. 708). He died in 

Mrs. Margaret (Van Droof) Stiles died in 1815, sb. 76, and 
was able at that age to journey on horseback. 


Children : 

78. I. John," ; married Eleanor Tickenor. Family 24. 

79. IT. Betsy," ; married Daniel Vincent, of Jersey 

City, N. J. Issue : 

80. L Maeoabet," married Wr|eht. 

81. iL MabthaJ mamed Holmes- 

82. iii. Stephen,' died unmarried, Key West. 

83. iv. Sabah,' mHrried Cassidy. 

84. V. Daniel,' died unmarried ; Key West. 

85. vi, Maeia,' married Benson, 

86. vii. Helen,' unmarried. 

Mrs. Betsy (Stiles) Yiucent, died 1832. 

87. m. Moses," ; married Ann Palmer. Family 25. 


88. lY. Phebe," ; married her cousin, George Bowlsby, 

Jr., of Hanover, N. J. ; removed to Court Hduse 
Hill, Ballston Spa, N. Y., and died pe. over 90. 
Issue : 

89. i. Mabia,' married a Bradley or, Bradbury; removed to 

Shrewsbury, N. J. 

90. ii. Moses,' born 1801 ; married Racbael Rowley ; was ^ 

civil engineer ; resided at Ballston, N. Y , until 
1839 ; removed to Monroe, Mich., in employ of 
Mich. S. R. E., and died 1843. She died 1883, ae. 
82; had children born at Ballston, N. Y. : (1) George 
W., born. 1826 ; resided in Monroe, Mich., family. 
(2) Dr. William H., born 1828. (3) Sarah Orrila, 
bom 1830 ; married David P. Spalding, of 
' ~ Tecnmseh, Mich., family. 


^^' ">• Lkvi,7 a civil engineer, Mich. S. E. R. 

^^- i^- Elizabeth,' niarriefl Henry Rector, architect of tie 

Old Capitol, Albany, N. Y. No issue. 

^- ▼. DAiaEii,' died young at Schenectndy. 

94. V. Jacob," ; married Cornelia Kjckman. F\mily 



95. Deacon John' Stiles, [25], [Capt. John,' Long Jona- 
than,^ Isaac;' John,' ) born about 1753 ; was an Elder and Deacon 
in the Presbyterian Church at Parsippany, N. J., for many years. 
He served as a quartermaster during the Eevolutionary War. 
Though lie was not a pensioner, the U. S. Pension Office Record 
contains the application, dated December, 1839, of his widow, 
Mary, for a pension. She was then of Pequannock, N. J., and .t. 
86 years. She therein states that her husband was Issuing 
Commissary of provisions to the American Militia of Morris 
County, N. J., and was sometimes called Quartermaster. In the 
Official Register of N.^J., Men in Revolutionary War, p. 842, 
he is styled " Commissary of Issue." He was a man of con- 
siderable property, had a good farm well stocked with cattle, 
and had money at command ; but, through the depreciation of 
Continental currency and the vicissitudes of war he lost a large 
part of his estate. His services were largely under the orders 
of Gen. Winds, and Cols. Seeley and Hathaway. He married at 
Pequannock, N. J., January 1776 (date from pension affidavit of 
widow), Mary, (daughter John) Sandford, of Pine Brook, Morris 
County, N. J. 

Deacon Stiles died at Stilestown, N. J., Oct. 23, 1830, ^e. 
77 years 2 days ; his will dated Oct. 10, 1825.— Z/6. C, 527, 
Mon-is County Probate Record. Mrs. Mary (Sandford) Stiles 
died at Stilestown, Dec. 6, 1843, in ^9i\i year— Parsippany Pres- 
byterian Church Graveyard. 


The '* Council of Safety " at Princeton, N. J., on May 22, 
1778, ordered that "John Stiles, Jr.. [probably this John,] be 
paid £9 13s 9d for attending; the Governor [Livingston] as 
light horseman from the 9th to 22d of May." 


96. I. CatH-YRINE," born Dec. 9, 1776*; married Leonard 

Davenport, about 1798. Issue : 

97. i. John." 

98.' ii. Abcht.7 has n son, William; resides at Boonton, N. J. 

99. iii. EzBA.7 

100. iv. George L.' 

Mrs. Catharine (Stiles) Davenport died May 26, 
1852, ffi. 77. 

101. II. William,^ ; married Polly Morrison. Family 


102. in. JoHN,« born July 20, 1783 ; married Elsie Say re. 

Family 28. 

103. lY. LocKEY, " (Rachel), born July 12, 1786 ; married 

Jan. 9, 1806, John Righter. Issue :* 

104. i. Chables," born April 1, 1807 ; died March 3, 1810. 

105. ii. Samcel Francis,' born Aug. 7, 1809 ; resided in N. Y. 

City, died Jan. 5, 1867 ; unmarried. 

106. iii. Betsy Maria,' born April 27. 1812 ; married B. N. 

Corning, M. D., June, 1847. She died at New 

• Furnished by G«o E. Righter, ot Parslppany, If. J. 


Britain, Conn., Nov. 26, 1872. Dr. C. resided (1885) 
W N. B. Issue: (1) John (Corninp) ; (2) Emma 
(Corning); (3) William K. (Corning). 

07. iv. Chaeles Augustus, 7 born Feb. 9, 1816; married Eliza- 

beth Doremus. He was a tarmer and iron manu- 
facturer at Boonton, N. J., where he died, and 
where she resides (1885); has a family. 

10». V, Adelia,' born Dec. 22, 1818; diod Oct. 15, 1826. 

109. Ti. William Alexander,' born Sept. 1, 1824; married 

Emma L. Shugard. Is (1885) a lawyer at Newark, 
N. J. ; family. 

110, Tii. Chester Newell,' born Sept. 5, 1825 ; graduated Yale 
, . College ; studied theology, but was never settled in 

a pastorate ; was for several years agent for the 
American Bible Society, for the Levant, traveled 
for the Society in Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Meso- 
potamia, and died at Diarbeker, .Asia Minor, Dec. 
16, 1856 ; unmarried. 
In very early life disclosed a fondness for books and 
made rapid attainments in learning. At the age of 
twelve was sent to a classical school at Wantage, 
under the care of his uncle E. A. Stiles, where he 
was fitted for college. In March, 1841, he made a 
public profession of religion, uniting with "the 
Clove" Church near Wantage, N. J., and he soon 
decided to prepare for the ministry. Entering Yale 
College in the autumn of 1842, he graduated thence, 
in due time, with honor, and then pursued his 
theological studies at New Haven and Andover. 
Daring the latter part of his course of theological 
study, an affection of the eyes, which resisted the 
ordinary medical treatment, compelled a cessation 
from study and rendered advisable a foreign tour. 
Accordingly, in the spring of 1853, he sailed from 
New York, visiting England, the Continent, Rome, 
Greece. Constantinople, etc. While visiting at the 
Bible House, in this latter city, he and his com- 
panions were personally appealed to by two 
Armenians, native preachers, to remain in the East 
and devote themselves to the missirnary cause. Jt 
was an unexpected and extraordinary call, and one 
which to Righter, at least, seemed the call of duty. 


After a year of well-spent travel he retninefcl home, 
only to receive from the American Bible .Society an 
urgent request to its then vacant agency in the 
Levant ; au ajjpoiutment, which he accepted, and 
was ordained by the Presbytery ot Newark, to the 
work of the ministry. It was a work for which his 
clear piety, energy, perseverance, zeal and pru- 
dence, his heroic fortitude and high enterprise 
peculiarly fitted him He left his native laLd n-ain 
Sept. m, 1854, and visiting London, Puris, Geneva, 
Tariu, Rome, Malta and Smyrna, at each of which 
places he held interesting and important counsel 
with the native friends of the l>ible cause, he 
reached Constantinople on December 1st. The 
Crimean War was then in progress, and though the 
whole Eastern world was greatly disturbed, yet he 
found that a spirit of en(iuiry was beginning to 
stir the people of the country, and that the pres- 
ence of four large armies, of itself, opened a vast 
and interesting field for the circulation of the Bible. 
He was soon, as the agent of the American Bible 
Society, in active sympathy and co-operation with 
the agent of the British and Foreiga Bible Society, 
and others who were supplying the soldiers and 
sailors of the British Army and shipping, and the 
sick and wounded in the hospitals. He made a 
lengthened and extensive visit to the British and 
French armies in the field, securing permission 
from the authorities for the distribution of Bibles 
among the soldiers and also among the Eussian 
prisoners; and he also succeeded in establishing a 
"Bible and Religious Book Depository" at Con- 
stantinople, in which Bibles, etc., in five difl:erent 
languages were placed on sale for the people of dif- 
ferent nationalities. In 1855, he visited Greece 
and Egypt and the Holy Land, to enquire into the 
condition of those countries with reference to the 
Word of Life, and to provide for the supply of their 
destitution as far as it could be done. From this 
trip he returned in the Spring of 1856 and spent 
the Summer in Constantinople in the work of Bible 
distribution, and in perfecting his plans for spread- 
ing it over the East; as also in visiting the military 
hospitals, etc. On Sept. 1st he set out, with Rev. 
Mr. Jones, Secretary of the Turkish Missions Aid 
Society, upon a visit to the interior stations of Asia 


Minor. On December 6th, Mr. Kighter was taken 
ill, and with difficulty reached the Missionary 
station at Diarbekir, Assyria, and the house of Kev 
David H. Nutting', M. D., where he was soon sur- 
rounded with all the care and sympathetic atten- 
tion of a loving Christian family. Despite, how- 
ever, all that could be done for him. he died on 
Dec. 16, 1856, in calm and beautiful submission 
to the will of God; and was buried in the Syrian 
burial ground. His loss was most deeply de- 
plored, not only by his relatives ami intimate 
friends but by all those who had made his acquaint- 
ance during his travels and residence abroad, in- 
cluditig many persons of high official standing, and 
who all united in the most touching expression of 
their respect for his peculiarly rare and noble char- 
The Eev. Samuel Irena^us Prime, D. D., the well known 
author, and editor of the New York Observer, who 
was his associate in much of his foreign traveLs and 
was very intimate with him, has gracefully em- 
balmed his memory in a little volume, entitled: 
"The Bible m tlie Leuanf: or. The Life and Letters of 
the Rev. C. K Righter, A'jent of the American Bible 
Society in the Levaht," * in which he says: "Eighter 
was a genial, warm-hearted, noble young man. A 
good scholar, a fluent speaker, ready in conversation, 
full of ardor, enthusiasm and energy, buoyant and 
hopeful, never doubtful or afraid, never sick or 
weary, with exuberant spirits and inexhaustible 
powersof enjoyment or suffering. * * What was to 
be done, he was ready to do; what was to be l>orne, 
he was ready to suffer. Prompt in his decisions, 
tenacious of his purposes, self-satisfying and oblig- 
ing. * * * His principles of right and wrong 
were intelligently settled. Eeligion was a well- 
spring of life and joy in his soul. In all places and 
times he was the same earnest, outspoken, unifoim 
Christian; never obtruding his opinions on those 
to whom they were not due, but never ashamed, 
afraid or unable to give a reason for the hope that 
was in him. Yet he was modest with all his self- 
reliance, gentle with iron firmness, easily to be en- 
treated, while he was bold as a lion." 

Published at N'e^v Yirk, by Sheldon & Co., 18j9. 12mo. 330 pp. 


Dr. Prime always felt that on one occasion (at Nablous. 
in Syria) when surrounded by hostile, or treacher- 
ous Bedouins, he owed his life to Mr. Kighter's 
bold and impetuous interposition. 

We close our too brief account of this noble young man 
by an extract from a letter written by the Hon. 
Carroll Spence, U. S. Minister to Turkey, dated 
Constantinople, Jan. 7, 1857: "Although his stay 
here has been short, his efforts in behalf of Chris- 
tianity have been untiring, and the good he has 
done here by the distribution of the Word of God 
will remain behind him as a monument of his 
pious exertions, and will, as it develops itself in 
coming years, keep alive his memory in the recol- 
lection of those who were witnesses of his Christian 

111. viii. Geoege Edgak,' born Jan. 10, 1829; married Mary 

Augusta Mulford, Jan. 8, 1862, who died Nov. 4. 
1879. Mr. Kighter still (1887) resides at Parsip- 
pany, N. J. Issue: (1) Irving, born July 14, 1863; 
(2) Clarence, born Feb. 16, 1866; (3) Mary, born 
_^ April 10, 1869; (4) George Chester and Arthur Har- 
rison (twins), born July 12, 1871. Is a farmer. 
Resides (1888) at Parsippany, N. J. 
Mr. John Righter died at Parsippany, N. J., June 8, 
1857. Mrs. Lockey (Stiles) Kighter died Feb. 21, 
1882, at Parsippany, N. J. 

112. V. S.\LLY,^ ; married John E. Jacobus, Jan. 9, 

1806. Issue : 

113. i. Abchibald.' 

114. ii. Mart Ann. "> ■ 

115. iii. RtJLOP.' . . 

116. iv. Mart Ann, • (2d). 

117. V. RoL0F,'(2d). 

118. • ■ vi. Habbiet.' 

119. vii. WixLiAM.' 


120. viii. Sabah C 

121. . ix. J. Stiles.' 

122. X. Emma." 

123. VI. Moses/ bora May 15, 1791, at Parsippauy, N. J.; 

married Elizabeth G. Burnett. Fajiily 29. 


124. Elijah' Stiles, [2(3] {Capt. John,' Lone/ Jonathan^' 
Isaac,' John,^) born May 21, 17-13, O. S.; married Betsy Kitcbell, 
born Nov. 1, 1743. 

Is probably the Elijah record3d as a private in the Conti- 
nental army (Oficlal Register of ±^ew Jersey Troops in Revolution, 
291, 708); was also in the militia.* 

Elijah Stiles died at Hanover Neck, N. J., Jan. 21, 1826. 
Mrs. Betsy (Kitchell) Stiles died Oct. 26, 1812. 

Children : ■ • 

125. I. Eunice,*^ born Feb. 14, 1769. 

•Elijah Stilks, from his affl-lavlt la {'. 5. Pension Office, "la February, l«;!:t, wa3 of War. 
reaCo.,Ohlo; for many years previously had been a resident of Hamilton Co., Ohio: aged 74 
years on March 22d previous, born March 22, 17.')S); he enlisted at Ellzabethtown, X. J., In May 
1"77, under Capt. Morrel, In Col. Oliver Spencer's Regiment: was a minute man for two years 
and upwards, on active duty, guarding, scouting and slflrmlshlng with British foraging par- 
ties, was in battle at Amboy and Monmouth, at Puctanny an<l Qulbbleton and Lyon's Farms: 
was alsoemployed in erecting the breastworks at Ellzabethtown Point, during which he was 
repeatedly under the enemy's fire. D'iring the war was living with his father at Scotch 
Plains, Essex Co., N. J., and when 22 years old he wentto Greene Co., Penu., where he remained 
14 years, then to Hainlltoa C>., 0:>lo, where he resided 23 years; then to Warren Co., Ohio. 
He also lived 8 months in Red Stone Co., Pean., [?] and during that time he performed garri- 
son duty in a fort. 

We believe this Elijah to be the same as the oneabove given (son of .Tohn) yet there are 
some dltflcultlesto bo met with In proving Identity. The date of birth (175H) given in the pen- 
sion affllavlt might be accepted In preference to that given at head of this page and on page 
.'jIIi (" about 174.") ") ; but the date of death 182t)) above given, and at Hanover Neck. N. J., does 
not tally with the tact that he was living In 1H33 In Wnrren Co , Ohlol Yet Hezeklah, No. 42- 
page 576, claims this Elijah as his brother In his own pension aflldavlt. 


126. 11. PATrr,' (Martha), born Sept. 5, 1770. 

127. III. C-AXViN,*^ born Oct. 3, 1772. 

128. IV. Mary,"* born Aug. 21, 1774. 

129. V. Lydia," born Jan. 23, 1776. 

130. VI. Ephraixi Price," born Feb. 4, 1778; married Anne 

Williams. Family 30. 

131. VII. Eachel," born Jan. 24, 1780. 

132. Betsy," born Sept. 3, 1783 ; married Dec. 27, 1804, Hugh 

P. Ross, and died June 7, 1815. 


133. Job' Stiles, [41] (Copt John,' Long Jonathan;' 
Isaac,- John,^) born about 1760 (Pension Affidavit): was a 
veteran Eevolutionarv soldier and Indian fighter. The U. S. 
Pension Office contains his application for a pension, which was 
granted him, and from which we learn that he enlisted at 
Morristown, N. J., December, 1776, with Capt. Wade, in Col. 
Martin's K J. regiment, and was discharged June 7, 1777, at 
Newburgh, N. Y. He was engaged in the battle of Long 
Island, Aug. 27, 1776 (probably on a previous enlistment, 
with Capt. Bates, in Col. Martin's regiment, from June to 
December, 1776); also in those of White Plains, N. Y., October, 
1776; Brandywiue, 1777; Germautown, October 4, 1777; Tren- 
ton, December 26, 1777; Princeton, January 3, 1777, Monmouth, 
June 28, 1778. [The Official Poster of N. Y. troops in the Conti- 
nental Line, gives him as "private First Battalion, second es- 
tablishment ; Corporal, Capt. Mead's Co., First Begiment."] 
From the Aniuds of Binghandon, N. 7., by J. B. Wilkinson. 
page 23, note, and page 27, wo quote the following record of his 
Indian experiences: 


" It will uot be thought improper here to iutroduce au an- 
ecdote of a veteran soldier^ Job Stiles, of this campaign, (Sulli- 
van's Indian Expedition, 1779). He is an aged man, now living 
in Ridgeburj, Pa., a little off from the valley of the ChemuDg, 
but within our historic range. He loves to tell the story of his 
warlike deeds, which were many indeed and brave. He 
enlisted into his country's service when only about 
seventeen years of age, in the commencement of the war, 
and served bravely through it. While the army was 
passing up the river from Wyoming, a little above Towauda, 
when it was nearly or quite dusk. Stiles, with three other 
men, x\ndrew Burnet, of Whippany, N. J., one Murphy, 
and' one Butler, were together, detached somewhat from the 
main army. They heard a strange noise upon their left hand, 
which they were about to let pass as the hooting of owls. But 
Murphy stopped his comrades and said, in a low tone, ' these 
are not the noises of owls ; there are Indians near us.' Upon this 
he proposed that his three companions remain where tliev were, 
but concealed, while he should go back some distance, and rise 
the hill in the direction toward the hootings which they had 
heard. The device succeeded, for the little noise made by him in 
rising the hill, the Indians, who proved to be three in number, 
hearing and not being able to discover any object, their fears 
were the greater ; they ran precipitately down almost upon the 
three men that lay concealed, and these singled each his Indian, 
fired, and killed the three." 

"Job Stiles was also one of eight men, under a sergeant, 
sent to Gen. Clinton by Gen. Sullivan, when he arrived at Tioga 
Pt., to let him know the route up the Susquehanna to Chenango 

River, then up to the ; thence easterly to 

the outlet of Otsego Lake. He says they were about or nearly 
two weeks in performing the journey ; that, in consequence of a 
continued and drenching rain, which continued nearly all the 
time, their provisions were nearly all spoiled, which obliged 


them to throw them away and depend upon the roots and ber- 
ries of the forest and what game they might chance to meet 
with. These all proved but scanty resources. They came near 
famishing. One of their number they were obliged to leave 
near the forks, in consequence of his sickness and exhaustion. 
They built him a little cabin and a fire and, painful as it was, 
they were obliged to leave him to his fate. The- letters for 
Clinton, which were two, they kept rolled in two handkerchiefs 
during the saturating rains and under their armpits, one carried 
by the sergeant and the other by Stiles. When they arrived at 
Clinton's Camp, and even for days before, they were so en- 
feebled that they could scarcely travel. When the generous 
and provident commander learned how long they had been with- 
out food, he ordered them into a tent near his own, without say- 
ing a word about provisions. Shortly a little soaked biscuit, 
and but a little too, was sent them ; they were kept upon a lim- 
ited quantity of this, and a little soup for some days, ere they 
were allowed to eat to their satisfaction." 

Craft's Hlstorii of Bradford Co., Pa., 1878, says : " Job 
Stiles resided three miles south of Wellsburg, on the farm 
owned by Wm. Dickenson. He was a Eevolutionary soldier and 
had a large family, but all are gone. Some of his family came 
in as early as 1810 or '11. He married his wife in tlie barracks. 
She Avas a Buruham, a daughter of Asahel Burnham. Mr. Stiles 
and his Avife died on the farm adjoining Vincent Owen's." In 
1818 he was of Wells, Bradford Co., Pa., then aged 58 ; in Sep- 
tember, 1820, he was of Kidgebury, in the same county; his wife 
aged 60, had been in ill health for 20 years ; they had a son 
aged 2-4 years who could not labor, a son aged 18, and a 
daughter, aged 20, confined with palsy. 

Job Stiles, according to U. S. Pension Office Record, died 
September 15, 1841, leaving a widow; but whether the wife men- 
tioned in his pension petition of 1820, is unknown ; if so, she 
did not apply for the pension to which she was entitled at his 


death. If auotlier wife, she couki not liave obtained a pension 
until I80O. A letter of Mrs. Isaac Baldwin, of Eid«rel)iirv, Pa., 
to whom we are indebted for name of his second wife ( Hester 
Green), says that Job Stiles was a widower and probably 85 or 
90 years old at the time of his death. 

Job Stiles married (1) Burnham; (2) Hester Green. 


134. I. Aaron," ; probably the individual thus men- 

tioned in a sketch of South Creek, in Craft's 
History Bradford Co., Pa., 1878 : " Aaron Stiles, 
father of Stephen, was living on the first little 
clearing below us, where John Gillet now lives. 
Gillet owns a part of the place. They were 
here when we came. The old people died here. 
The family have all left the township." Mr. 
Stephen H. Stiles thinks he must have settled 
at South Creek about the time that his father 
settled at Ridgebury (adjoining), which is not 
improbable; and he has also learned that Aaron's 
son, Stephen, removed from South Creek to Pot- 
ter Co., Pa. It is also said that " Stephen Stiles 
delighted in law suits, and next to having one 
himself, he desired to have one for some one 

135. II. Enos.« 

136. III. KlNNEY.« 


137. Deacon Aaron' Stiles, r-^'l (C^'pt- John,' 


Jonathan,^ Isaac,- John,\) born at Morristown, N. J., 



He volunteered at the age of 16 (See note p. 517, ante] in the 
Revolutionary service, in 4th Battalion, N. J. Continental 
regiment (Second Establishment). His petition, filed in U. S. 
Pension O^Ve,* relates, August, 1836, he then l)eiug 75 years old, 
that " when nearly sixteen years old he enlisted, while residing in 
Hanover, Morris County, N. J., May, 1777, for three years or during 
the war, with Capt. Ward, who was succeeded by Capt. Bunnel, iu 
Col. Spencer's Regiment. [The Official Roster of N. -J. troops 
in the Continental Line, gives him as a private in Col. Spencer's 
(2nd) Regiment; Capt. Jonathan Holmes' Co. | At Eliza- 
bethtowu and Scotch Plains he was stationed during the sum- 
mer watching the British movements, guarding the lives and 
property of the inhabitants and then his regiment was ordered, 
with the main army, to Wilmington, 'Del., where they erected 
forts to check the British advance towards Philadelphia. At 
the battle of Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777 [being then of the 
2d Regiment, -Ith Battalion, Second Establishment"!, he was 
badly wounded (fracture of shoulder socket), which confined 
him at Bethlehem, Pa., until November, when he joined his 
regiment at Whitemarsh, but was furloughed until April, 1778, 
then rejoined the army at Valley Forge. Upon the evacuation 
of Philadelphia, Gen. Washington left Valley Forge in pursuit 
and Stiles was detailed as one of a baggage guard and was thus 
engaged when the battle of Monmouth occurred, June, 1778. 
When the army went into winter quarters, his regiment was de- 
tached to Minisink, X. Y., to protect the frontier settlements, 
then threatened by the Indians, and was employed during the 
winter in the building of block-houses. Late in the Spring of 
1779, he, w^ith his regiment, marched to Easton, Pa., from thence 
to Wyoming, to join Gen. Sullivan's Expedition against the In- 
dians and Tories. On the march to the Genesee River they had 
a severe conflict at Newtown, (since Elraira,) N. Y., Aug, 29, 1779, 
besidesother skirmishes, and burned the Indian towns and de- 
stroyed their crops, on their route. Returning to New York 


bis regimeut remained tliere until 1780, u part of the time under 
command of Gen. Lafayette; frequently employed in skirmishes 
with marauding parties and preventing foraging and plunder- 
ing by the enemy, and was in the battle of Springfield, X. J., 
June 13,1780,under Gen. G.Greene. While in winter quarters near 
Pompton, N. J., a mutinous spirit manifested itself among the 
troops, but the impending revolt was quelled and two of the 
principal ofi"enders tried and shot. Mr. Stiles received a pen- 
sion, commencing May 1, 1786, at which time he was living at 
Hanover, X. J., and was transferred to the N. Y. Pension Kolls 
Sept. 4, 1836, at which time he was residing in Tompkins (now 
Deposit), Delaware Co., N. Y., his home being on the Delaware 
River, three miles above the village of Deposit. His grandson, 
Mr. Stephen Hathaway Stiles, of West Burlington, Bradford 
Co., Pa., says of the wound which he received, in the left shoul- 
der, at Brandy wine, that he often saw the scar, and that, from 
its effect, he was unable to raise his arm to any considerable 
height; and remembers his appearance when drawing water, with 
a sweep, from a deep well near his house, as being unable to 
use the left arm as freely as he did the right. He also says: 
"I was allowed the sole ownership of his old Revolutionarv 
flint-lock musket, which I played with, tinkered at and kept until 
it w^as entirely useless as a weapon and I disposed of it, as many 
another boy has done, to my present regret." 

Deacon Aaron Stiles was a constituent member and Deacon 
of the Presbyterian Church, and it is remembered of him that 
he always stood while saying grace, or at family prayers. He 
was a most regular attendant at church until his death, from 
palsy, at Stiles Settlement, near Deposit, N. Y, June 24, 1843, 
ie. 81. 

Mrs. Catharine (Conkliu) Stiles died at the same place, Nov. 
23, 1833, «. 73. 



i;^8 I. Stephen," {Rev.) born April 8, 1782; married Sally 

' Hathawa}-. Family 31. 

139 II. James," born 1784; died September 12,1865. Xo 


140 III. Daniel." born April 11, 1787; married Sarah 

Burroughs. Family 32. 

141 IV. Betsy," boru , 1791 ; married John Walker, 

in Delaware Co., N. Y.; died June 6, 1874, a?. 84. 

142 V. AsHBEL," born September 6, 1792 ; married Pris- 

cilJa Biii-rows. Family 33. 

143 VI. Samuel," ;' died. Family 34. 

144 VII. Thirza," born October 2, 1798; married Alfred 

Webb, of Deposit, N. Y. She died February 11, 
1864; had 5 children, of whom was Edgar 
Webb, Deposit, N. Y., who married his cousin, 
Hester Walker, (daughter Betsy Stiles Walker). 

145 VIIL Keturah," ; married Manasoa Leonard, of 

Auburn, N. Y. 



146. Timothy' Stiles, [45] (Jonathan,' Long Jonath. 
haac.'^ John, ^)hovn at Morristown, X. J.; was in the American 
Cavalry service during the Revolutionary War; he became a 
communicant in the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, 
N. J., July 1, 1774 ; and renewed his covenant November 25, 


He married (1) Feb. 26, 1772, Anna (or Eleanor) Carter, who 
was baptized aud renewed her covenant in the First Presbyterian 
Church of Morristown, June 18, 1778, and died Sept.* 12, 1778, 
?e. 27. — Rec. First Pres. Ch., thougli her gravestone inscription 
says, "May 10." He married (2) Jan. 6, 1779, Damaris Crane, who 
renewed her covenant with the same Church March 25, 1779, 
and was admitted a member Oct. 30, 1783. 

Children (by 1st marriage; from First Presbyterian Church 
of Morrisioicn Becords:) 

147. I. Mary,« born April 4, 1773; baptized June 18, 1778! 

148. II. Haxnah,^ born Oct. 30, 1774 ; baptized June 18, 


149. III. Abraham," born Aug. 21, 17T7 ; died Nov. 2, (or 20) 

1777. — Graveya7'd •inscription First Presbyterian 
Church 3Iorristown, says, Nov. 29, ?e. 3 months 
8 days. 

[By second marriage), those thus marked* are from Family 
Bible Records: 

150. IV. Phebe,« born Sept. 28, 1779, baptized Nov. 25, 


151. V. Sarah,^ born Feb. 6, 1782, baptized April 14, 1782.* 

152. YI. Jonathan Tuttle,« born Dec. 24, ll^o;— First Church 

of Morristown, Records : married Anna Card. 
Family 35. 

153. VII. Elisabeth," born June 14, 1788; baptized Aug. 3, 


154. VIII. Timothy," born June 3, 1794, (or 5). 



155. Jonathan^ Stiles, [■^CAiJonatlmn,^ Lo^nj, Jonathan, ' 
Isaac,' John,^) baptized Oct. 26, 1755, at Morristowu, N. J.; was 
admitted a member of the First Presbyterian Clmrch of Morris- 
town, July 1, 1774, among those, as noted by Pastor Johues, 
"y' follow the ingatherings of y'^ Divine harvest, A. D. 1774, 
sweet drops of y^ Morning dew." 

The Council of Safety, of Princeton, N. J., Oct. 2, 1778, 
agreed that there should be paid to Jonathan Stiles, Jr., "for 
his own use for attending the Governor as Light Houseman, 
as per his * c =£8, 19, 2." 

He died before his father, as is evident from his will, dated 

He married Nov. 22, 1775, Sarah (daughter of Dr. Samuel 
and Sarah, ^) Tuttle; she owned the covenant and became a 
communicant of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown. 
July 20, 1777. She married "(2) January, 1811, Ptev. William 
Woodbridge, who was born Sept. 14, 1755; graduated Yale Col- 
lege, 1780; ordained March 27, 1836. Woodbridge Genealogy, 
p. 115. 

Children: (those thus marked* from Records of First Presby- 
terian Church of Morristown). 


156. L Jacob," born May 22, baptized July 20, 1777-; 

(with his brother Chillion), one of the 33 
scholars with whom the Morris Academy was 
opened, Nov. 5, 1792. 

157. XL Elizabeth," born Jan. 26, baptized March 19, 

1780;- married March 8, 1800, Stephen D. 

* A little doubt is cast upon this stateiuetit by the query of Geo. F. Tuttle. of N. Y. City, 
asking for information of "that Jonathan Stiles who was son-in-law of Timothy Tuttle, Esq.. 
(and his wife Cecelia Moore), of Hanover, .\rorris Co., N. J., and is named in his will, proved 
July. 1755." 

I suspect that the Timothy Tuttle referred to was the father-in-law of John Primrose 
Stiles, whose wife was Ruth Tuttle, and whose eldest sou was named Timothy Tuttle Stiles. 


Russell, Councillor at Law. She died May 25, 
18-13, X. ()1 years. — Rerords First Preshyteriau 
Church of MorriHtoirt), \\\\\v\\ also states that 
slie was a comiuuuicaufc Aug. 26, 1808; dis- 
missed June 26, 1841, to Secoud Church of 
Morristown. Issue: 

158. i. ROBEBT," 

159. ii. MoBGAS E.' 

160. iii. Eliza Pieeson," baptized Aug. 31, 1S15; died 1820. 
1(51. iv. Francis A.' 

162. V. Mary Elizvbeth,' born April 13, 1809; died 1830. 

163. vi. Caroline Phoexix," baptized 1S36; died . 

164. vii. Gertrude, " married Rev. Dennison; resides West. 

165. viii. Amelia, with her sister Gertrude, kept a select school 

for young ladies in the building adjoining the Bap- 
tist Chm-ch, Morristown, X. J. {Letter of L. 0. Stiles). 

166. III. GiTTY,'' boru March 20, baptized April 25, 1782.* 

167. IV. Jane,« born Jan. 22, baptized Feb. 13, l-;84:.— Bap- 

tismal Records First Presbyterian Church, X. Y. 

168. V. Daniel Van Schaick,® baptized Feb. 5, 1786. -Bap- 

tismal Records First Presbyterian Church, JV. Y. 

169. VI. Chillion Ford," born Dec. 17, 1787;* baptized "on 

wife's account," April 10, 1788; was one of the 
33 scholars with which the Morris Academy 
was opened, Nov. 5, 1792. 


170. Moses Halsey Stiles, j;"50| Ephraim' Lo^hj Joht- 

athan,^ Isarxc' Joliu,^) horn Feb. 11, 17o8-9; served as a private 
in the Revolntiouary Army. (Official Rerjisfer X. J. Troops in 
Revohitioti, 708), aud died Xw^. 12, 1829; Avill dated Feb. 6, 
1827, Lib. C. 502, Jlorristoum Prohafe Rtcords, proved Aui^. 25, 
1829. He married Dec. -1, 1788, A1)i^'ail Terrill, of Counecticut 
Farms, X. J., who was born Aug. 18, 176J:. 


171. I. Mary,« born Aug. 18, 1789; married Samuel 

Arnold, farmer, of Washington Valley, Morris 
Co., N. J.; resided at Hanover, N. J., where 
she died about 18G0. hsue: 

172. 1. John,' born 1823; unmarried. 

173. ii. Ephbaim Stiles," born at Washington Valley, 1827; 

resides, (1888) Hanover, N. J.; m;irried April 
29, 1861, Phebe Cornelia Harrison, of Livingston, 
N. J. (Mldren: (1) Ed-nin Frederick, born at 
Hanover, Feb. 18C3; died x. 3 days. (2) Edward, 
died at. 16 years. (3) JIary Amanda, born at 
Hanover, May 9, 1865; died Sept, 19, 1865. 

174. IL EphradV born April 23, 1791; married Phebe 

Cook. Famii^y 36. 

175. IIL Baxter,^ born Sept. 22, 1792. 

176. IV. John,' born Aug. 6, 1791; farmer, unmarried; died at 

Hanover, N, J., June, 1856. 

177. V. Joseph,'' ] 

-Twins, born Dec. 24, 1797. 

178. VL Benjamin,'' 


179. VII. Levi, born March 1, 1799; died at Hanover, N. J., 

ae, 19 years. 

180. VIII. JosiAH,« born June 6, 1801; farmer; died March 24, 

1874,08. 72. (Rec. First Presbyterian Church, 
Jlorrisfown); inherited the homestead by his 
father's will; his own will, siiL^ned Sept. 13, 
1870, admitted April 8, 1874, devised to 
his nephews, John and Ephraim Stiles, and Ar- 
nold and Edward Dickinson. 

181. IX. Abigail," born May 22, 1804; married Stephen 

Dickinson, of Chester, N. J., March 25, 1827; 
he died Jan. 5, 1849, at Hanover, N. J.; farm- 
er. Issue: 

182. -^ i. Ltdia Ann," born June 12, 1830; died, unmarried, at 

' Hanover, N. J.,. Jan. 21, 18-49. 

183- ii. Moses Andrew," born at Hanover, June 3, 1832; died 

se. 7 months 9 days, at Hanover. 

184. iii Edwabd Stiles," born Jan. 19, 1839, who married March 

11, 1873. Martha Ac;nes roourtse, of Livingston, N. 
J.; resided (1883i Wutessinp;. N. J.; have children: 
(1) Edward Franklin, born Jan. 2, 187-4; (2) \Vil- 
liam Wilson, born Nov. 27, 1878; (3) Clara Louise, 
bom Dec! 31, 1881. 

185. iv. William Harrison," born Dec. 2G, 1841; died at 

Trenton, N. J., 1866, unmarried. 

186. V. John Arnold," born Oct. 6, 1843; died at Camp Fal- 

mouth, Va., March 20, 1863, in the Union service. 

187. X. Rebecca Halsey,*"' born April 22, 1808; died un- 




188. Ephraim^ Stiles, I '53], (Epki-nim,* Long Jonathan,^ 
Isaac,- Jolm,^) born Dec. 15, 1702; married Feb. 5, 1787, Hann;ili 
Dixon, who died Oct. 15, 18-48; her will, dated April 15, 1839. 
proved Nov. 28, 1845— Lib. F, p. 80, Morristown Proh. Rec. 

Mr. Ephraim Stiles died Sept. 27, 183G; named in will a8 
of Pequannock township; will dated Aug. 17, 1833, proved Nov. 
4, 183G.— Lib. E, p. 15, Morristown Proh. Rec. 

Children: - . 

189. L Elizabeth,^ born Dec. 15, 1787; died July 6, 1788. 

190. II. Anna,« born May 19, 1789; died Sept. 3, 1791. 

191. III. Eleanor,*' born Aug. 23, 1791; married Benjamin 

Crane, June 9, 1836; resided at Stilestown, N. »!. 

^92. i. JuuLi. Ann,' married Martj'n Van Duyn, of Mont- 

clair, N. J , and is dead. 

193. ii. Timothy Ward," married Jane Martin; resided and 

died in Stilestown, N. J. 

194. iii. LuciNDA C," married Alexander Hamilton Freeman. 

June 4, 1832; resided (1885) Orange, N. J. 

195. iv. Nettie >I.,' married Abraham C. Van Duyn, of Pas- 

saic Valley, N. J. 

196. V. Elizabeth,' married O. Miller, of Ilocki\way Neck, 


197. vi. Harriet W.," married Stephen Van Duyn, of Passaic 

Valley, N. J. 

198. vii. Eleanor S.,' married Wilson Martin, of Mt. Prospect, 


199. ■ viii. B. Franklin, married Matilda Eagles, of Newark. 



Mrs. Eleanor (Stiles) Crane died Jane 9, 1836. 

200. IV. Polly/' born Sept. 8, 1793; died Sept. 26, 1798. 

201. V. Levi/ born April 13, 1796; married Eleanor Van 

Pelt. Fa^iily 36. 

202. VI. Anna Fakrand,*' born June 16, 1801; married John 

G. Duryee, at Montville, N. J., Feb. 23, 1818. 
- ' — Cli. Bee. Issue: 

203. i. Epheaim Stiles,' born Feb. 25, 1820; died Sept. 2, 


204. ii. Sally Ann,- born Dec. 16, 1821; married H. W. 

Crane, March 31, 1824; resided (1885) Boonton, 
N. J. 

205. ill. Kathebine Eliza," born Jan. 30, 1824; married J. 

Van Vorst; resided (1885) Belleville, N. J. 


206. Daniel^ Stiles, [611 {Ebenezer,* Long Jonathan,^ 
haac,^ John^) baptized at Morristowu, N. J., Dec. 20, 1761; 
married May 14, 1788, Elisabeth (daughter of James) Brook- 
field (" The Combined Registers," — Hisf. First Presbijterian 
Church of Jlorristown, gives this name as Raijner, which is 
probably a mistake), who was born at Morristowu, Dec. -4, 1766, 
and baptized Feb. 8, 1767. She died at Morristowu, Jan. 28, 
1792, 86. 25 years 11 months 22 days. — Gravestone Inscription, 
First Presbyterian Church. 

Daniel Stiles died at Morristown, N. J., Sept. 3, 1792, «. 30 
years 10 mouths 1 day. — Gravestone. Inventory of his estate 
presented Sept. 4, 1792; accounts settled, March 20, 1805. 

207. I. Daniel,*"' who married and had a son, James B., se. 

14 years at his father's decease. — Minutes of 


Orphans' Court, Jforristown, N. J., Fol. A 48, 
161, March, 1805; Silas Brookfield, guardian. 


208. Capt. Ebenezer' Stiles, Jr., [6G], {Ebenezer,' Long 
Jonathdti^^ Isaa<y Jolui^), born at Morris Plains, N. J., July 24, 
1767; was, like his father, a mau of large business enterprise. 
He at one time owned Shougum Lake, in Morris Co., X. J., 
where he conducted au iron forge, and also had a manufactory 
of edged tools and general forging at his homestead in Morris 
Plains. This was called the ''Hopewell Iron Works." He was, 
also, a captain in the Xew^ Jersey militia. Physically, he was a 
large and powerful man, possessing great energy, and was au 
indefatigable worker — by means of which, indeed, he brought 
on a paralysis of his lower limbs, which confined him to his 
house for several years before his death. This occurred at 
Morris Plains, X. J., on Oct. 6, 1839, at the age of 72 years 2 
months aud 12 days. — Gravestone L)scr'ipilon. His will, signed 
Sept. 9, 1829, was admitted to probate Nov. -4, 1839.— Lib. E, 
248, Morristown Probate EecorJs. 

He married, Jan. 10, 1792, Phebe Guerin, who was born 
Jan. 30, 1768. 

Children. (From his family Bible— furnished by Z. S. 
Sfrunk, P. jr., Lime Hill, Pa.: 

209. I. Daniel," born Nov. 20, 1792; died June 3, 1825, se. 

33 years 6 months 13 days; unmarried. — Records 
First Presbyterian Church, Morrisfown. 

210. IL John Primrose," born Nov. 30 (some accounts say 

13), 1794; married Ruth Tuttle. Family 37. 

211. IIL Ezra Brown," born Sept. 8, 1797; married Jane M. 

. Brown. Family 38. 


212. IV. Lewis Burnett,^ born at Morris Plains, N. J., Jan. 
■ , 19, 1800; married Julia A. Shelley. Family 39. 

213. V. Abraham^ Ogden,« (M. D.), born at Morris Plains, 
. N. J., Jan. 31, 1802; after attending school at 

Morristown, he entered the office of Dr. John 
^- Jones, of that town, as a student, taking lec- 
tures also at the Medical Department of the 
' . University of the City of New York, whence he 

graduated. After practising a year in his 
- ■ ■ native town, he located (1828) at Harmony, N. 
J., where he continued (with the exception of 
one year spent at Finesville) actively engaged 
in his profession until 1860, when he relin- 
quished practice. As a physician he was 
prompt and attentive, quick at diagnosis, care- 
ful in prescribing, and emphatic in his direc- 
tions to both patient and nurse — and. it is 
said, very stern where his orders were dis- 
obeyed. He was undoubtedly the Andrew 
Jackson of the medical profession in Warren 
County, N. J. Much of his practice was accom- 
plished on horseback. In politics he was 
always a Democrat, and no man ever wielded 
more influence in Harmony township. 

One who knew him well thus writes : " He 
had piercing black eyes that seemed to look 
straight through a man, and a yard or two 
beyond. There was no height to which he 
might not have climbed, had he avoided a few 
, mistakes in early life; these crippled and sad- 
dened his whole life. He was generally genial 
• and sparkling with wit; would sometimes sink 
J Dto gloo iny tits of melancholy, lasting a week 

monumentrAb7am.^'' schoolbook autograph; though it was afterwards spelled Tli:^;;:^ 


/or more. He was generous to the poor, and 
helped many a poor man to f^et a start in busi- 
ness, sometimes to his own great loss. He was 
one of those forceful spirits who dared to do 
right against tremendous odds. He was very 
feeble for several ^-ears before his death, and 
seemed gradually to wear out. He died at 
Harmony, N. J., March 27, 1883." 

He 'married (1) Dec. 13, 1827, Phebe 
Maria (daughter of "William) Shelley, at Little- 
ton, N. J., who died ; married (2) Feb. 4, 

• 1843, Hannah (daughter of John P. and Cath- 

erine) De Witt, of Harmony, N. J., where she 
was born Jan 17, 1819. He left no children. 

His will, after amply providing for his 
widow (who resided, 188(), at Harmony), made 
liberal bequests to some fifteen nephews and 
nieces, and to the Methodist Episcopal Church 
of Harmony, the sum of 81,000 as a permanent 
fund, the interest of which is to be used for the 
support of the Gospel in said church. Two 
years before, he had given the church ground 
'• ' sufficient for a cemetery. 

His remains are interred in the Morristown 
Old Cemetery, near the base of a marble granite 
shaft, twelve feet high, in the cottage style, in- 
scribed simply with his name, dates of bir^h and 
death, and the name of Stiles, upon its base. 

He had one child by his first marriage — 
Phebe Guerin, who died Nov. 12, 1832, ae. 4 
years 4 months 20 days. 
214. VI. Amzi a.," born at Morris Plains, N. J., April 5, 
1804; left home when a young man; was never 
afterward heard from. 


215. VII. JuLiA,« born at Morris Plaius, N. J., July 26, 1806; 

married Feb. 12, 1834, Silas D.^ Cory, of 
Morristown, N. J., wlio was born Aug. 14, 1810. 
She died Dec. 15, 1850, a?. 45. Mr. Cory mar- 
ried again. 

216. VIII. Moses," born at Morris Plains, N. J., Dec. 16, 1809; 

married Elisabeth Sharpe. Family 40. 

217. IX Phebe G.,« born Feb. 1, 1835; died May 20, 1840. 

218. X. Emma,^ born May 1, 1837; resides (1886) Morris- 

town, N. J.; unmarried. 

219. XI. Lewis," born Sept. 22, 1839; died May 24, 1840. 

220. XII. Ira Whitehead," born March 31, 1841; resides 
. . (1885) at Morristown, N. J.; was a captain in 

War of Civil Eebelliou; also Deputy Sheriff; 
married April 11, 1865, Emma James. 

221. XIII. Theodore Little," born March 31, 1844; resides 

(1885) at Solomon City, Kansas; married Louisa 
Bracket, of Trenton, N. J. 

222. XIV. Amell\T.,« born May 24, 1846; married 1870, Dr. 

Stephen Pierson; resides (1885) Morristown, 
N, J. hsue: 

223. i. Edwaed," died at Morristown, June 12, 1886/ ae. 14 

years 4 months and 5 days. » 

224. ii. Stephen Cory," born Aug. 25, 1887. 


225. Moses' Stiles, [67] (Ebenezer* Long Jonathan,' 
Isaac,^ John^), was born at Morristown, N. J., April 2, 1771; was 


a farmer and clock-maker. He died at Morris Plains, N. J., 
Aug. 22, 1854; will proved, Sept. 5, 1854. Lib. G, 404, Morris 
County Prohaie. 

He married (1) Hannah Weaver, -of Elizabethtown, N. J.; 
married (2) Sarah Allen, of Long Hill, "N. J., who died at Morris 
Plains, March 10, 1867, le. 73 years; her will, dated Oct. 30, 
1865, proved April 15, 1867. Lib. 2, 311, Morris County 
Probate Becords. 

Children (by first marrioge): 

226. L Maria,« ; married May 4, 1819, Hickford 

Ferris, of Morris County, N. J. Issue: 

227. _ i. Hannah," died, unmarried, at Newark, N. J. 

228. ii. Maria,' resides (1886) NewarJi, N. J. , 

229. iii. Sallt Ann,'' married Cosgrove, of Newark; had 

several children, all of whom died young, except 
'^— ' one, who married and removed to New Haven, Conn. 

230. II. John," ; died unmarried, while a young man, 

in Sussex Co., N. J., from the kick of a horse. 

231. III. WiLLLA.M," ; was a mason by trade; married 

Lucy (daughter of Jonathan) Hathaway, of Lit- 
' tleton, N. J.; resides (1886) New York City; had 
a son who died young. 

232. IV. Sally,'' ; died at Morris Plains, ae. 20, un- 


233. V. Ebenezer," ; died at Morris Plains, in youth. 

(By second marriage): 

234. VL Sarah Jane," born at Morris Plains, 1830; married 

(1) William Peek, then of Long Hill, N. J., 


formerfy of Mass.; married (2) William Wright, 
of Morris Plains, N. J.; married (3) Stephen 
W. Tunis, of Morris Plains; resides (1880) 
Trenton, N. J. Issue: 

235. i. WrLLiAM Milton,' (Peek) married and had one or two 

children; all died young. 

23(>, *■ ii. Nelson Winfield,' (Peek) married, and resides (1H86) 

in Trenton. N. J; no issue. 

237. iii. HuLDAH,' (Wright) married Mills Gregory, of Morris 

■ Plains; resides (188G) Trenton, N. J.; has children. 

238. iv. Cassie," (Tunis) marriedJohnMcCormick, of Trenton. 

N. J.; resides (188G) 190 South Fourth St., Brook- 
lyn. (E. D.) N. Y. 

239. VII. Mary," died at INIorris Plains, N. J., about 1845, je. 

6 years. 


240. James' Stiles, 1 73], (Joseph,^ Capt Joseph,' Long 
Jonathan,^ Isaac,' Johii,^) born in New Vernon, N. J., April 28, 
1764; married 1789, Pliebe (daughter of Aaron and Susan) Aber, of 
Mendliam, Morris Co., N. J.; was baptized and admitted to 
comraunicni in First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, N. J., 
April 3, 1790; dismissed therefrom April 2G, 1818, to Basking 
Ridga Church. He may have been the James thus described in 
U. S. Pension Office Becords: if so, the Phebe Penn whom he 
married in 1839, was a second wife: 

"James Stiles, in Sept., 1833, of Newark. N. J., who states 

that he was born in ]\[orristown, N. J. 1764, where he has 

always lived, except the last 8 years, which was spent in Morris 
Co., N. J.; he was married at Elizabeth City, N. J., Feb. 21, 1839, 
to Phebe Penn. He died at Newark, Nov. 5, 1841, and Phebe 
was alive in Jan., 1851, at Elizabeth City, aged 72 yrs. In June, 
1779, he volunteered for one month with Capt. Carter in Gen. 


Winds' cmnraund, doing <^uard duty nt Elizabethfcown, N. J.: 
then engaged as a siiV)stitute for Peter Fairchild in Capt. Beach's 
Co., as a guard at Trimbly Point. In August, 1780, he volun- 
teered with Capt Hathaway, who destroyed a log fort built by 
the British in the form of a lialf-moon which they deserted ; 
served as a guard on several tours of a njonth each, and in one 
of two months at Newark, Paramus, Pompton, and 1781, at 
Hackensack, under Capt. Bates, and at Morristown guarding pris- 
oners for two months." 

V He died in 1841, fe. 80 years 10 months and 7 days. 

Children (*fhus marked, from Records of First Presbyterian 
Church, Morristown, N. J.): . ■ 

241. I. ', "a child of James Stiles, died (fits) Aug. 


242. II. John," born Oct. 12, 1791, "baptized Feb. 19. 

1792 " ;* married Phebe Stiles. Family 41. 

243. III. ,^ " died, a child of James Stiles (suddenly) 

June 16, 1793."* 

244. IV. ,' "died, a child of James Stiles ('fits) June 1, 


245. V. JirLL\ Ann', born July 16, 1795; married Gideon 

Riggs, of New vJrnon, N. J., July 19, 1825. 

246. VI. Mary Cooper,' born June 7, 1797; " baptized July 

14, 1799";* married Jesse S. Aber, Dec. 27, 

247. VII. Aaron Aber," born Aug. 21, 1798 ; " baptized July 14. 

1799";* married Piachel Hedden. F.viiiLY 42. 

248. VIII. ,' " a child of James Stiles, (fits) died March 



249. IX. Amzi B.," l)oru March 11, 1801; manied Margaret 

Little, July 27, 1827. 

250. X. Phebe," boru Oct. 18, 1802; married Aarou D. Wade, 

July 14, 1827. 

251. XI. ,' "a child of James Stiles, (fits) buried 

April 19, 1804."* 

252. XII. ,' "a child of James Stiles, (fits) died June 

2, 1806. " * 

253. XIII. James,' born July 26, 1808; married (1) Eleanor 

Yan Eiper, Dec. 20, 1832; married (2) Hannah 
Morris, May 1, 1841. F.uiily 43. 

254 XIY. WiLLLUi," born Dec. 15, 1810; married Elizabeth 
Hedden. Family 44. 


255. Wi 1 1 i am' Sti I es, i 75] ( Silas; Capf. Joseph: Lomj 
Jonathan^ Isaac,- Jo///),')born at Morristown, N. J., Feb. 18, 1772; 
married April 28, 1798, Mary Bollin, "both of Morristown, by 
James Ptichards, Minister of the Gospel in Morristown." — 
Mon-isfoirn Church Records. She became a communicant May 
11, 1797; they removed to Seneca Co., X. Y., when he died, 1854. 
His grandson, Mr. B. F. Bull, says that William Stiles was an 0])ly 
son and married more than once. 

Children (^thus marked from Church Records of First Pres- 
hyterian Church.. Morristovn): 

256. L Eliza,' born Feb. 11, 1799; baptized "on the 

mother's account," July 28, 1799;* married 
March 15, 1816, John Bull, farmer; removed 
1834 from Junius, N. Y., to East Wilson, 


Niagara Co. N. Y., where she resided until her 
death iu 1856. IsHiie (all born in Junius, N. Y. ): 

257. i. Habriet Miranda/ born June t) 1817; residence. 

1885, East Wilson, N. Y., unmarried. 

258. ii. Louisa MiNEKVA.s'born May 4, 1810; marriedApril 10. 

18'45, Benjamin J. Rose, who was killed at Cold 
^ Harbor, Va., June 3. 186-i; she died Jan. 4, 1885: 

had (1) George, who married. May, 1885, Belle Gay- 
lord; resides (1888) Jamestown, Dak.; (2) Martha, 
who married 18(38, Chas, Halifax; resided (188-5) 
Jamestown, Dak.; (3) Wilbur, unmaTried; resides 
(1885) Jamestown, Dak. 

259. iii. James Stiles,* born April 15, 1822; married June 10, 

1849 at Waterloo, N. Y., May Miller; had (li 
• ■ Eugene, married, 2 children; (2) Benjamin Franklin; 

' (3) Charles, died 1884. 

260. » i-v. George Washington,* born July 21, 1^24; married Cor- 

^ delie Bentley, had 4 children; residence. Grand 

. • Lodge, Mich., where he died 1873. 

261. V. Joseph,* born June 14, 1827; married Sarah Streeter. 

had (1) Frederick Walter, born July 15, 18(jU: (2i 
Louis Warren, born July 3, 18G4; resides (1885) 
East Wilson, N. Y. 

262. vi. Benjamin Franklin,' born June 28, 1831; married 

June 26, 1862, Mary Halsey, had [1] Edgar H., 
bom July 17, 1863; resides (1885) East Wilson, X. Y. 

j-js. B. — All the above names were changed from Bull to 
Hazel, by special act of Legislature of Michigan, 1S81. 
Residence of the family, since 1853, Grand Lodge, 
^ Eaton Co., Mich.] 

263. II. James Smith," born Oct 29, 1800 ; baptized Sept. 4, 

1801 "on mother's account." — Morristou-ii Chnrcli 
Records. Family 45. 


264:. III. John Primrose," born Aug. 28, 1803 ; baptized 
July 6, 1804. Family 46. 

265. lY. Joseph," boru iu Cayuga Co., N. Y., Sept. 8, 1805 ; 

married Luciuda Ellsworth. Family 47. 

266. Y. Polly," born , 1807 ; married Benjamin 

Ackley ; resides Michigan. Issue : 

267. i. James. ** 

268. ii. Geobge.8 • . ■ 


269. John* Stiles, [78] iSamuel John,' Long Jonathmi;^ 
Isaac,^ John^), married Nelly (Eleanor) Tichenor, both of Han- 
over — married b}" Joseph Grover, minister of the Gospel, in 
Hanover, Feb. 10, 1796. — [Gh. Bee); removed to Montezuma, 
N. Y.; thence to Kankakee, 111., where he resided in 1872. 

Children : ' . ■ 

270. I. Samuel." 

271. II. Jabez.' 

272. III. Eliza." 

273. lY. M.vria," ; died unmarried. 

274. Y. Catharine," ; married Williams, of 

Orange, N. J. 

275. YI. Richard," ; died unmarried. 

276. YII. Jane," ; married . Issue : 

277. i. Nelly. 8 


278. VIII. Jacob/ ; died young and immarried. 

279. IX. Frances,' ; married ; resides at Moutezuma, 

N. Y. 


280. Moses^ Stiles, [87j {Samuel,^ John,' Lon<j Jcma- 
than,^ Isaac,' Jolui') married Anu Palmer, of Waterford, N. Y.; 
they removed to Ballstou Spa, N. Y., where they resided ou 
Court House Hill. '* About two miles southwest of Ballstou 
Spa is a cemetery, in which, near the road, staud two grave- 
stones, side by side, with the names of Moses and SamiieJ SfUes, 
which appeared to be father and son. I was so impressed with 
the names, that I called upon a Mrs. Bowlsby (whose maiden 
name was Stilesj to see if she knew anything of them, but she did 
not." — Letter of Horace A. Stiles, of Augusta, Wisconsin. 

Children : 

281. I. ,' a son (Samuel?). 

282. II. Marlv," ; married , a Baptist clergy- 

man, at Tiffany, Ohio. 


283. Jacob' Stiles," [^M {Sam.nel,' John,' Lomj Jona- 
than,^ Isaac,- John^); possibly the Jacob Stiles (uot a pensioner) 
whose Revolutionary services are thus recorded in the U. S. 
Pension Office: "-In 1855, of Darke Co., Ohio, who states that 
he was born in Gloucester Co., N. J., about 1759, and wliile re- 
siding there, he enlisted in the spring or summer (^f 1777, for 
3 years; serving first Avith Capt. Fhinnigan, then with Capt. 
Andersou in Col. Dayton's regiment. He was in the battles of 
Brandywine (Sept. 11, 1777), Germautown (Oct. -1, 1777), and 

• One faruily account calls him Jacob .-/. 


Monmoutli (.Time 28, 1778). Has lived in Ohio, where his house 
was burned with all his family ]iapers and records, nhout 40 
years ago, in Warren County. After the war he resided in (rlou- 
cester County, N. J., for a time." Possibly, also, he is the one 
mentioned in the following (original MS.) document : 

" Reed Morris Town Feby 7 1780 from Coll. Abeel D. Q. 
Mr Twenty Six Panes Glass, 8 x 10 Inches, for Baron De 
Kalb's use. Jacob Stiles." 

He married Cornelia Ryckman ; removed to Ballston Spa, 
N. Y. 


284 I. Cornelia Price," ; married John Van Ness, 

Jr., of Albany N. Y. 

285. II. Sar.^h," — — ; married Levi Bowlsby, Jr., her 

cousin ; deceased. 

286. III. Margaret," ; married Edward A. Durant, 

of Albany, N. Y. 

287. lY. Susan," ; married Michael T. Magoun, of 

Amsterdam, N. Y.; resides Chicago, 111. 


288. William" Stiles, [lOlJ, [Deacon John,'- John,' Long 
Jonatlian,-^ Isaac,' Jolin^), married Polly Morrison, who died at 
or near Dundee, Mich , May 12, 1852, te. 71 years 2 months 14 
days. — Inscriptio)! in. (./race)ja.)-d of True Reforuied Church at 
Stilesfown, X. J. He died May, 1851, ;e. 70 years ; will dated, 
" of Poquanock Township," Oct. IG, 1847 ; proved May 29, 
1852. Jforris County Probate liecordn, Lib. V., 31. 

Children : 

289. L Malvina," born near Caldwell, N. J., Jan 21, 1812 ; 

married Jan. 6, 1831, Elijah Dodd, merchant. 


.; who wasboru Jime G, 180G, at Caldwell. In 1836-7 
tliey removed to Ohio, where he became a large 
contractor on the canal. Mrs. Malvina (Stiles) 
- ^ Dodd died Oct., 18^9, at Waterville, O. Mr. 
Dodd married a second time and had five chil- 
dren ; was Sheriff of Lucas Co., Ohio, for four 

years, and died on his farm at Waterville, O. 

(Dodd Family Genealogy, 211.) Issue: 

'^•^*^- i- Caleb,^ born Dec. 2, 1831, at Caldwell, N. J.; mar- 

ried, June 6, 1853, Catherine Ann Leonard, of 
Waterville, O., and died May 27, 18(35, at Nashville, 
Tenn.; had chUdren: (1) Caleb Elijah, born April 
26, 1857; a merchant of Waterville, O. 






William Stiles,' born at Caldwell, N. J , June 22, 
183-4; unmarried; merchant at Toledo. O. 

iii. Amanda M,-* born Sept 5, 1839, married, Oct. 2. If^GO, 
C. F. Mahler ; resides (1888) St. Paul, Minn.; 3 
' — ' children, x 

. - iv. Adaline D.,8 born April 6, 1844; married. April 6, 

1868, S. K. Adams; resides (1885) Camden, S. C. ; 
one child. 

V. Claeence D.,"* born Aug. 7, 1849; married Carrie 
easier, June 25, 1885; resides (1885) Waterville, 0. 

295. II. Adaline," (or Adelaide) ; married William 

Spear; resides (1876) Little Falls, N. Y. 

296. III. Miranda," ; married, at Defiance, O., Major 

General James B. Stedman, who was born at 
Northundjerland, Pa., July 30, 1818 ; he had 
learned the printer's art in Pennsylvania, and, 
just before he married (jnst under 21) purchased 
a printing-office at Defiance and was ])ublisliiu<,' 
the Xorth-jre.stern Democrat. His record as a 



soldier iu the War of the Civil Rebellion is 
given in Oliio hi the War, ii., 784. Mrs. 
Stedmau died at Toledo, Ohio. 

297. IV. George Henry,' ; resided (1885) near 

Dundee, Mich. 

298. V. William Sandford," — '■ ;" died at Waterville, 


299. VI. James Monroe," ; died at Toledo, Ohio. 

300. VIL John Madison,' ; died at Dayton, Ohio. ^ 


301. John' Stiles, [102], {Deacon John,' John,^ Long 
Jonathan,^ Isaor,' John'), born July 20, 1783; was a farmer, resid- 
ing at Deckertown, N. J., and was an esteemed Elder iu the 
Presbyterian Church at Wantage, N. J., of which all his brothers 
and sisters and children were also members. The following 
tribute to his memory apj^ears upon the Session Minutes of the 
Old Clove Church, of Wantage, Essex Conuty, N. J.: 

" Mr. John Stiles, having departed tliis life on the 25th of 
June, A. D. 1868, the Session record their sense of his useful- 
ness and of tiie loss which themselves and the Church sustain 
in his removal. Our brother lamented was chosen to the elder- 
ship in this Church at its organization in A. D. 1817, and held 
the office until his death, more than fifty years, being active and 
efficient till laid aside by disease and continuing unto the end to 
love and pray for the cause and kingdom of our Lord Jesus 
. Christ, leaning on whose grace alone he passed away at the age 
of eightv-five." — By order of Session — Sylvester Cooke, Clerk. 

He married Elsie Sayre, Feb. 27, 1808. 
Children : 
302. I. Edward Augustus," born Dec. 4, 1808 ; married 

Eveline B. Howell. Family 48. 


303. II. Mauy a.," born M.irch 10. 1811; reside d at Decker- 
town, N. -J.; died . 


30-4. Moses' Stiles, |1231, {Deaco,, Jo/n>,' Join,,' Lou <j 
Jonathan;' Isanc;^ John^), boru May 15, 1794, at Parsippany, N. 
J.; married Elizabeth Gould (dau^^diter of William aud Annah 
Dodd) Burnett, of Caldwell, N. J., July 24. 1^16.— Dodd Geneal- 
ogy, 81. In 1819 he was a drover at Newark, N. J. 

Children : 

305. I. William Burnett," born Oct! 24, 1816 ; died Oct. 

16, 1823. 


II. John,- born Sept. 25, 1818 ; married Lillia.s Matild: 
Cott. Family 49. 

307. III. AxxA Maria,' born Oct. 15, 1820 ; married Eev. 

Elias T. Boing, Aug. 3, 1853. 

308. lY. Phebe Catherine," born Feb. 8, 1823; married 

Rev. Elkauah Whitney, Aug. 3, 1853. 

309. Y. Adelia Righter," born Dec. 5, 1825 ; died at 

Newark, N. J., Aug. 10, 1888, in 63d year. 

310. YI. Harriet Eliza," born Aug. 8, 1828 ; mai-ried Thos. 

C. Cox, of Elizabeth, N. J., Dec. 1, 1852. 

311. YII. JuDSON," born Dec. 28, 1830. 

312. YllL Sarah Elma," born April 23, 1833. 

313. IX. Louisa Frances," born Nov. 13, 1835. 
314 X. William Burnett,' born July 30, 1838. 


315. Ephraim P.' Stiles, [130J {Elijah,^ Copt. John,' 

Long Jonathan ■■ Isaac,' Joh)i.^), born Feb. 4, 1778 ; married Dec. 
8, 1799, Anna Williams; was admitted a member of Cincinnati 
Lodge, F. & A. M., of Movristowu, N. J., August 21, 1820, being 
described in application as '^ of Hanover, N. J., merchant, aged 
about 42 jrs." He was Secretary of the Lodge in 1821. He 
died Jan. 3, 1841. 

Children (furnished by Thos. 0. Stiles, (1886), son of Silas 
William Stiles): 

316. L DoKCAS,"born Oct. 18, 1800; married Samuel Tuttle, 

of Morris Co., (father of Geo. F., of Newark, 
N. J.) She died Sept. 26, 1853. 

317. IL Mary,' born March 18, 1803 ; married William E. 

Green, of Morris Co., and settled in Georgia 
about 50 years ago. Her daughter, Mrs. 
Mary F. Grier, resides at No. 60 North Forsyth 
street, Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Mary (Stiles) Green 
died July 31, 1874. 

318. III. Esther B.aldwin,' born Jan. 31, 1806 ; married 

Albert Hopping; resides Mt. Vernon, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. 

319. IV. Silas Williams,' born Feb. 7, 1808 ; married Sarah 

Oakes, of Bloomfield, N. J.; resides at Bloom- 
field (1886); had six children ; 2 sons, 4 daugh- 
ters. She died Oct. 11, 1878. Issue : 

320. i. Thomas 0.' 
:V21. ii. Robert M.s 

322. V. C.VL^^N,^ born April 18, 1817 ; resides (1886) Mich. 



323. Rev. Stephen' Stiles, [138] (Jrnv,>,/ Capf. John,' 
Long Jonathan-' Isaac,' John^), born at Stiles' Settlement, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y., April 8, 1782; married Sallie (<laiif,'liter of Jobi 
Hathaway, of Tompkins, Delaware Co., N. Y., Dec. 7, 1805. 
She was born in Philadelpliia, Pa., Dee. C, 1787, from -whence 
she went to Morristown, N. J., and when 18 years of ajre, came 
to Delaware Co., X. Y., on horseback, wdth her brothers, in the 
winter seas(»u, between Christmas and New Year s. 

Stephen was, in early life, a shoemaker, and at the time of 
his marriage was scarcely able to read ; but, after his conversion, 
began his studies, with marvelous pluck, and continued them 
with indomitable energy, even up to his death. His earlv efforts 
were not considered very brilliant, but he was highly esteemed 
for his sterling sense aud integrity. During his later years, how- 
ever, he became somewhat noted for his oratory. His use of 
language was correct and choice, the result probably of his ex- 
tensive readiug, for he had gradually acquired an extensive li- 
brary of the best authors. He was a constituent member of the 
Baptist Church, at Deposit, N. Y., where he preached and for 
which he did much. He labored, far and near, in arousing in- 
terest and collecting funds for needy churches, and was a pio- 
neer church-builder in Southern New York, going from place to 
place and preaching wherever opportunity offered. His nephew, 
S. D. Stiles, of 201 Wilson street, Brooklyn (E. D.), says that 
Rev. Stei)hen died, as he thinks, at Mechauicsville, N. Y. — that 
he did not enter the ministry until about 30 years of age — 
and that he was statiiuied (in the Methodist Episcopal Church '?) 
at Beekinantown N. Y., Sheldou and Albany, Yt., aud that his 
obituary notice was published in the Christ ian Adcocate. Rev. 
Stephen Stiles died Nov. 11, 1853, :e 71. 

Children : 
324. I. Cath.uiine,' born May 18, 180G ; married Jan. 3, 


1828, As:ihel E. Bemiss, of Franklin, Delaware 
Co., N. Y. She (lied Aiiguyt, I8;j3. hme : 

i. Fbank,« educated at Franklin Institute, near Delhi 
N. Y. 

ii. Catharine,*' died as. about 12 years. 

327. II. John J.," boru Aug. 27, 1807 ; married Sept. 21, 
1833, Theodosia Armstrong. Family oO. 




III. Jaiies," born March 1, 1809; married Feb. 23, 
1837, Margaret Miller. Family 51. 

329. lY. Eliza," born MaroJi 22, 1811; married Dee. lo, 

1836, Joel M. Hall, who died Feb. 11, 1884.' 
Issue : 

330. i. LovisA M.,8 born Oct. 31, 1837. 

331- ii. Chables a.,' born Nov. 2-i, 1838; died April 26, 1847. 

332. iii. Hexey H.,8 born Jan. 24, 184U; married November, 

1869, Louisa Fredrika Kenly; had (1) Lizzie, born 
July 11, 1871; (2) Minnie E., born March 11, 1875. 

333. iv. Nel-sox A.,' born Nov. 26, 18-41; died April 10. 1855. 

334. .- V. Emily A.,^ born March 4, 1843. 

335- \i. Edick S.,** born March 21, 1845; married Lucy M. 

Stewart, Dec. 28, 1871; have (1) Joe, born April 11 

ni. Sabah E.,'* born June 22, 1847; died March 7, 1848. 

A-iii. Clark F..^ born June 15, 1849; married Hannah A. 
Goodrich, June, 1871; has (li Frank, born May 23, 
1873; (2) Harry, born Nov. 21, 1874. 

338. ix. Martha E.,'« born March 3, 1851. 

389. Y. EMiLY,"born Oct. 26, 1812; married J. O. Whitaker, 
Oct. 24, 1833. 


H40. VI. Stephen Hathaway,'* born Sept, 23, 1814; ituQ-ried 

(1) July 9, 1840, Eebeeea A. Pratt ; married 

(2) Mrs. Sarah W. McKean. Family 02. 

341. Vir. Henry G.," bom Aug. 9, 1816; resides (1886) 

loua, Mich. 

342. VIII. Benjamin T.," born Sept. 6, 1818 ; married Eliza- 

beth Graves. Family 53. 

343. IX. Daniel L.,' born July 12, 1820; resides (1886) 

Deposit, N. Y. 

344. X. Ezra,' born Aug. 18, 1822 ; married Feb. 29, 1844, 

Hannah Edick. Family o4. 

345. XI. Lydia,' born July 8 (or 6;, 1824 ; married Feb. 15, 

1854, David W. Graves, of Masonville, X. Y., 
who was born Oct. 28, 1819. Issue: 

346. i. Frank E./ born June 17, 1846; married Nov. 20, 

1873, Phebe Stewart, who was born Aug. 13, 1853: 
resides (18S8| Kivkwood, Dakota; Lad (1) Charles H . 
born Jan. 2.5, 1875; (2| Idi May, born Sept. 28. 1S7(;: 
(3) Frederick E., born Sept 23, 1878; (1) Harry A., 
born July 1. 1881; (5) Curlie S., born Dec. 22, 1882: 
(6) Howard D., born Jan. 21, 1885. 

347. ii. Ida,'' born July, 1854; married Feb. 21, 1873, Austin 

Gribling, born Aug. 28, 1841, at Parish, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y.; resides (1888 1 Bird City, Kansas; no 

348. iii. John S.,*' born Oct. 7. 1856; died Jan. 30, 1880, at 

Bird City, Kansas. 

34'.». iv. Jennie Lind," born Aug. 20, 1860, at Stiles' Settle- 

ment, X Y.; manied J. B. Taylor, of .\lton, Kan- 
sas, born in Wayne Co., N. Y., Sept. 1, 1853; have 

• To whom we are greatly indebted for information concerning his line. 


(1) Satie. born Aug. 10, 1879; (2) Ethel, born Oct. 6, 
1881; (3) Grover, born Oct 24, 188-1. 

350. V. BiBDiE E.,8 born Dec. 18, 1863; died Bird City, Kan- 

sas, Dec. 19, 1880. 

351. XII. Le\t T./ born Aug. 10, 1826. 

352. XIII. Moses O.," born March 21, 1829 ; dead. 

353. XIV. Edwin H.,' born Nov. 27, 1833 ; P. O. address 

(1888), Deposit, N. Y. 


354. Dan ieT Stiles, [l-iO] {Aaron^ Copt. John,' Long 
Jonathan,^ Isaac,- Johi"), born April 11, 1787 ; married Sarah 
Burroughs, born in Vermont, Sept. 6, 1790. He was a farmer, 
and died in Delaware Co., N. Y., April 12, 1848. She died at 
Deposit, Delaware Co., N. Y., July 9, 1865. 

Children, (bom at Tompkins, Broome Co., N. Y.:*) 

355. I. Mary,' born May 26, 1806 ; married Jonas Under- 

wood, in Tompkins, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1828. Issue: 


i. Habby.8 


ii. DANIEIi.8 


iii. Jonas. 8 


iv. Sarah. 8 



Priscilkv,' bori] 

Morris Coburn, in Tompkins, N. Y.; she died 
in Meadville, Pa., August, 1874. Issue: 

361. 1. Sabah.s 

• Letter of Mrs. Mary Underwood, Deposit, N. Y. 


362. ii. Cabbie. "^ 

363. iii. Danikl.8 

364. iv. Emily. 8 

365. in. Lucy," born Oct. 13, 1816; married Ezra Smith, 

in Tompkius, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1844 ; she died at 
HumpLrey, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., Dec. 23, 


366. lY. Sarah," born April 3, 1819 ; married at St. Louis, 

Mo., Oct. 18, 1865, Kev. J. Llojd Breck; she 
died without issue at Patersou, N. J., July 17, 

367. V. Betsy,' born Nov. 29, 1822 ; married Parker Smith, 

1845. Issue: 

368. i. FBANCE3.S 

369. ii. Elma.8 

370. iii. Chaeles.s 

371. VL Leipha," born Oct. 24, 1825; married John Meacham, 

1852. Issue: 

372. i. Almon.s 

373. u. Ellen.* 

374. VII. Charles,' born April 17, 1827; married in 1848, 

Thirza Beck. Family 55. 

375. VIIL Edw.ird," born Sept. 9, 1829; married Semantha 

Sackett, at Dunkirk, N. Y., 1861 ; Family 56. 

376. IX. Lavinlv," born Jan. 7, 1831 ; married. 1852, Henry 

Pierce, in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 



37J. AshbeT Stiles, il-l'^l (Deacon Aaron,' Capf. John,' 
Long Jonathan," Imac,' Joh)i^), bovn iit ^ewjirk, N. J. (accordiug 
to family tradition), Sept. 6, 1792 ; served in the war of 1812, 
beiug enlisted at Deposit, N, Y., in Sept. 1814, with Capt. Buh- 
ler, in Col. Sawyer's N. Y. militia. He afterward held the po- 
sition of adjutant in N. Y. State Militia, until 1837, when he re- 
moved to Athens, Calhoun Co., Mich., where, at different times, 
he held the office of Supervisor, Justice of the Peace and Notary 
Public. He died at Athens, Mich., Nov. 6, 1852— the U. S. 
Pension Records say 1855 ; widow says 1852. He married, June, 
1811, Priscilla (daughter of Hubbard and Mary JVilkins) Bur- 
rows, born in Green, Chenango Co. N. Y., April 25, 1796 — her 
father a native of Stoniugton, Conn., and her mother of Guil- 
ford, Vt. Mrs. Priscilla (Burrows) Stiles resided (1885) in 
Athens, Calhoun Co., Mich., and to her and her daughter, Miss 
Mary C. Stiles, we are indebted for the record of this family. 


378. I. Lewis,' born Aug. 12, 1813 ; died Sept. 8, 1814. 

379. IL Myron C.,' born Dec. 16, 1815; married March 

24, 1842, Mary Wright. Fxmily 57. 

380. IIL Caroline,' born at Deposit, N. Y.. Feb. 12, 1818; 

married May 6, 1839, Lyman Densmore, born 
in Ac worth, N. H., June 8, 1816; she died Sept. 
1, 1847. Issue: 

381. i. James Ashbel/ bom Jan. '28, 1841; mamed Frances 

A. Walker, at Chicago, 111., Jan. 15, 1SG7; had (1) 
James Bird, born Oct. I'J, 18ti!»; (2) Lulu Helen, 
born Aug. 5, 1871; (:]) Guy, born Aug. 8, 1873; died 
Aug. 9, 1874; |4) Fannie Josephine, born Aug. 31, 
1878; (5) Helen Rebecca, born May 17. 1881; (»>) 
Bessie, born April 19, 1884. 


382. ii. BeTtsy Priscilla.s born Sept. 28, 1842; married Chas. 

V. Noble, Jan. 12, 18G6, at West Union. Iowa. Now 
resides in Colorado; no issue. 

383. iii. Josephine,'' born Sept. 12 (or 14) 1844; married 

Wallace C. Wellington, Sept. 15, 1862; died at 
Dunleith, III., Jan. 13, 1864. Issue: (1) a daughter, 
died as. 14 days. 

384. iv. CABOLrNE Almena.s born Sept. 1 (or 13) 1847; died 

Sept. 14 (or Oct. 4), 1847. 

Mrs. Caroline (Stiles) Densmore, died Sept. 13, 
1847. Mr. Densmore married a second wife, by 
whom he had 7 children ; he was residing 
(1880) at Wiunetka, IW.—Hht. Windham, X. K, 

385. IV. Samuel S.,' born Jan. 14, 1821 ; married Betsey J. 

Ackley. Family 58. 

386. V. Addison," born Feb. 10, 1823; married Eoxana 

Green, Dec. 2, 1849; is connected (1885) with 
Robinson & Ryan's Circus; had a son, who died 

387. VI. AD.1LINE,' born June 23, 1825 ; married Dec. 31, 

1847, Smith St. John, of Burlington, N. J.; she 
died Feb. 7, 1850 ; no issue. 

388. VII. George Alfred,' born Aug. 27, 1827; married Sept. 

21, 1848, Jane Clark. Family 59. 

389. VIII. Emeline,' born Feb. 22, 1830; married May 6, 1852, 

Maurice W. Ferris; resided (1885) Holton's, 
Muskegon Co., Mich. Issue: 

390. i. Cora." 

391. ii. Geobge.8 


392. IX. Arsixe Charles/ born March 9, 1833 ; married 
Feb. 6, 1861, Clara Case ; resided (1885) San 
Junta; Cal.; had a daughter. 

393. . X. Aarov born Feb. 16, 1835 ; married Jan. 13, 1861, 
Lois Millard. Family 60. 

394 XL Henrietta,^ born March 7, 1838 ; died Oct. 7, 1838. 

395. Xn. Mary C.,^ born Nov, 20, 1840; married Oct. 23, 
1862, J. B. Ferris (brother of her sister's hus- 
band); thej separated— she retains her maiden 
name— resides with her mother at Athens 


396. Samuel^ Stiles, [U3J (Aaron:^ Capt John,^ Long 

fZi T^ '^'^'''^' ^"™^^ ^^"^^ Nickerson, born May 2/ 
180L He died May 17, 1841, ... 46 years, at Deposit, K Y.' 
She died Nov. 1, 1875. 

Children .•* 

397. I. Catherine.^ ; „,arried Clark; resides 

Chicago, III. 

398. II. MeLLVA W ,' -• mirri'prt l«« • j- i 

' ' ' married Jeffries; died 

Nov. 17, 1875, ae. 42. Issue : two sons. 

399. Ill Elizabeth,^ ; „,arried Dean; resides 

(1885) Deposit, N. Y. 

400. IV. Squire W.,^ ; died May 18, 1859, in 28th 

year; unmarried. 

^.Letters of Mrs. E. S. Dean, and of Dr. R. R. Palnxerton . of TompUins. Delaware 

/ :/: 



^01. Jonathan T.' Stiles, {l^"^] {Timothy,^ Jonathan* 
Long Jonathan;^ Isaac,'' John'); boru in Morris Co., X. J., Dec. 2 J:, 
1784; removed to Tioga Co., Pa.; married Anna Card ; removed 

to Steuben Co., N. Y., about , where he died Sept. 18, 

1859, 88 74 years, 8 months. Mrs. Anna (Card) Stiles died in 
Steuben Co., N. Y., March 20, 1886, £e. 92. 

Children (horn in Tioga Co., Pa.): 

402. I. Eeuben,"^ died ». 18 or 19. 

403. II. Simeon,' married Eliza Ann Millard ; died and left 

2 daughters. 

404. III. Da\id," married Clarinda Shaw; had 10 children; 

resides Sauk Centre, Stearns Co., Minn. 

405. IV.. Phebe,^ now resides Faribault, Wis.; married 

Jeduthan Loomis. 

406. y. Hannah," married Chauncey Root; died in Iowa. 

407. VI. Mercy," married Sam. SI iter; died Steuben Co., 

N. Y., 1863. 

408. VII. Sally Ann,^ married James El wood; resides 

Sutton, Clay Co., Neb. 

409. VIII. TmoTHY,' born June 6, 1811; married (1) Dec. 14, 

1834, Hannah Shaw; married (2) May 1, 1878, 
Mrs. Miranda McClellan. Family 61. 


410. Ephraim" Stiles, [174] (Mo^es Hahey,^ Eph-alm,' 
Long Jonathan,"^ Isaac,] John'), born April 22, 1791; married Jan. 



17, 1819, Phebe Cook, of Hanover, Morris Co., N. J who was 
born Aug. 12, 1792, aucl died 1870. Mr. Ephraim Stiles died 
Aug. 12, 1S2G. 



I. Levi,' born at Hanover, N. J., Oct. 9, 1819; married 
March 29, 1833, Frances B. Potter. Fajiily 62. 

412. 11. M.iEV born July 30, 1821; died young. 

413. III. George Henry," born Dec. 1, 1823; died. 

414. lY 

Sarah Ann," born Jan. 24, 1825; died. 

415. V. Mary Lucinda," born March 26, 1827; married 

Cyrus E. Crane; resided in Livingston, X. J.; 
she died Dec. 11, 1865; no issue. 

FAMILY 36i. 

416. Levi^ Stiles, [201] ^Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' Long Jon- 
athan,^ Isaac, '^ John\ horn April 13,1796; married Betsv Yan 
Pelt May 6, 1817; resided at Poquannoc, N. J., and died Dec. 
oO, 1883, a?. 87. 

Children : 

417. I Maria Y.," ; married March 2, 1842, Silas 

Peers. {Ch. Bee.) 

418. IL Harriet N.," ; married R Van Ness. 

419. Ill Eliza A.,^ ; married Abraham T. Jacobus; 

separated; she resided (1886) at Koseville, N. 
J., 300 Newark avenue. 


420. John Primrose' Stiles, [210] (Copt Ebenezer,' 
Ehenezer,' Long Jonathan,' Isaac,' John'); born at Morris Plains, 


N. J., Nov. 13, 1794 ; -was a shoemaker and farmer at Morris 
Plains until his death, May 12, 1866 ; his will, dated June 6, 
1863, proved March 29, 1867.— Lib. I, 306, Morris County Pro- 
bale Records. 

He married March 10, 1816, Euth Tuttle,* of Morristown, 
N. J., who became a communicant in the Morristown First 
Presbyterian Church, Aug. 15, 1822, and died at Morris Plains, 
April 8, 1862, se. 72 years, 2 mouths. 

Children (all horn at Moi-ris Plains, N. J.): 

421. I. Timothy Tuttle ,' born May 27, 1818; is mentioned 

in his father's will; was a communicant in the 
Morristown First Presbyterian Church, June 
15, 1843; dismissed to Newark, March 18, 
1880. He was a mason by trade. In 1856 he 
married (1) Caroline Decker, of Morristown, 
who lived about 18 months; he married (2) 
1868, Susan Jacobus, Newark, N. J.; no issue. 
Kesided (1885) Newark, N. J. He died at 
Pomptou Plains, N. J., Nov. 30, 1891. 

422. n. Ebenezer," born June 3, 1821; received a classical 

education at Morristown Academy; taught 
school in Hanover and Morristown townships; 
was Assessor of Hanover Township and mem- 
ber of Whippany (N. J.) Presbyterian Church; 
became a communicant in the Morristown 
Church May 23, 18:^3; he married Dec. 20 (or 
22), 1852, Mrs. Margaret M. (widow of Elijah 
D.) Tompkins, of Littleton, N. J. He died 
Dec. 17, 1868, at Whippany, N. J. His will, 
signed Dec. 5, proved Dec. 30, 1868. — Lib. 
I, 538, Morris County Probate Records. His widow 
died Sept., 1889, at Whippany; no issue; buried 

• See note to Jonathau, No. 155, page 541, ante. 


at Parsippany. lu lier will she left the bulk of 
her property, amounting, it is said, to about 
$25,000, to the American Tract and American 
Bible Societies, the Board of Home and the 
Board of Foreign Missions, in equal amounts. 

423. nX Phebe Elizabeth,^ born April 26, 1828; baptized 

Sept. 5, 1828; was a member of First Presby- 
terian Church of Morristown ; died Nov 29 

424. IV. Joshua Hazen,' bora Aug. 5, 1824; baptized March 

4, 1825; married Margaret De Witt. Family 03. 

425. Ezra Brown' Stiles, [211] [Capt Ehenezer,' 

Ehenezer,* Long Jonathan,'' Isaac,- John ), born Sept. 8, 1797; 
married Feb. 26, 1824, Jane Maria (daughter of James Freeman' 
and Elizabeth) Browne, who was born May 25, 1807, in Sussex 
Co., N. J. Tliey were both baptized and became communicants 
with the Morristown First Presbyterian Church, June 3, 1827. 
In early life he was a blacksmith, but, after a serious illness, 
turned his attention to farming. He died at Morris Plains,' 
July 1, 1856, x. 57 years, 9 months, 23 days. 

Mrs. Jane M. (Brown) Stiles married, (2) Martin R Beam ; 
was received to membership of Morristown First Presbyterian 
Church by letter, Nov. 30, 1867, from 86th Street Church, N. Y. 
City : dismissed 1873 to the Central Church of N. Y. City ;' letter 
March 26, 1884, from South Centreville, N. Y., and resides (1885) 
at Morristown, N. J. 


426. I. James Ezra Brown,' baptized Aug. 30, 1827; mar- 

ried June 16, 1847, Ruhannah H. Potter. 
Family 64. 



427. Lewis Burnet' Stiles, [212] (Ebenezer,' Eben- 
ezer,^ Long Jonathcm, Isaac,- Johi"), born at Morris Plains, N. 
J., Jan. 19, 1800; became a communicant in the First Presby- 
terian Church of Morristown, N. J., Aug. 27, 1829, from which 
he was in May, 1811, a Commissioner to tlie Presbytery of Eliza- 
beth, and elected a Trustee Sept. 29, 1840. He was dismissed 
June 8, 18-11, to the Second Church of Morristown; and became, 
later one of the constituent members of the South Presbyterian 
Church of Morristown. He also held several township offices. 
His business, that of a tanner and currier, he conducted for twen- 
ty-five years, in connection with his farm on the old homestead 
at Morris Plains. In 1866, he sold his farm and removed to 
Morristown, N. J. 

He married, Dec. 8, 1822, Julia Anna (daughter (»f William) 
Shelley, of Littleton, N. J., who was born Dec. 25, 1803 and was 
a communicant in the Morristown Church, Sept. 1833. He died 
July 31, 1873, a3 74 ; is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Morris- 
town, N. J. His will, dated June 11, 1867— Lib. K, 515, Mor- 
ris Co. Prob. Bee. 

Children (all bor)i at Morris Plains, N. J.): 

428. L Susan Elizabeth," born Oct. 7, 1823 ; baptized 

Dec. 5, 1834; married Feb. 11, 1846, Francis 
Fournier (son of Silas and Jerusha Reeve) 
Corwin, of New Windsor, Orange Co., N. Y., 
who was born Oct. 7, 1821. — Corwin Genealogy. 
Issue : 

4.29. i. Lewis Francis.s born June 14, 1847; married Dec. 5, 

1871, Susan McCuUough. Issue: (I) Fi-ancis Ogden. 
born Sept. 21, 1872. 

430. ii. Silas Reeve," born July 18, 1849; died Oct 17. 1851. 

431. iii. Saeah Elizabeth,*' born Jan. 20. 1852; died July 4. 



432. iv. Su-AS Keeve.s born Nov. 6, 1853; died Feb. 28, 1864. 

433. V. William Ogden.s born Nov. 2, 1857; died May 25. 


434. vi. Lizzie Ann.s born Nov. 22, 1865. 

435. II. Harriet Ann," born Jau. 10, 1825 ; married Alfred 

H. Condit, of Morris Co., N. J., Nov. 2, 1847; 
she died April 7, 1851. Issue: 

43ff. i. William Millakd,^ born Nov. 29, 1849; died Oct. 15, 


437. ii. Haebiet Julia Ann,^ born March 30. 1851; married 

Nov. 10, 1880, Hudson H. Fairchild.of Morristown, 
N. J. Issue: (1) Millard Condit, born July 3, 1887. 

438. III. Sarah C-\roline,' born July 2, 1828; baptized. 

Dec. 5, 1834; died unmarried, Feb. 22, 1850. 

439. R'. Lewis OcxDEN," born May 27, 1835; baptized June 

7, 1836; married Sept. 6, 1864, Sarah V. Alex- 
auder. Family 65. 


440. Moses*' Stiles, L^^^^l {Eheuezer,'' Ebenezer,* Long 
Jonathan,^ h',- Joint!'), born at Morris Plains, N. J., Dec. 16, 
1809; learned the plaster-mason's trade, but fiually, al)out the 
time of his marriage, became a farmer ; resided in Morris Co., 
N. J., then removed to Warren Co., X. J., in 1851 ; thence, 1861, 
to Monroe Co., Pa. ; thence, 1869, to Lime Hill, Pa., where he 
died May 13, 1876. He was one who never cared much for 
money, always looked ou the sunny side of life, was a kind and 
accon)modatiug, happy-go-lucky mau, liked by all. His wife was 
the daughter of an excellent family, of Greenwich township, the 
garden-spot of Warren Co. She was Elizabeth (daughter of 
Christopher and Elizabeth Wuiters) Sharpe, born near Easton, 
Pa., and died Jan. 4, 1880, at Lime Hill, Bradford Co., Pa. 


Children ; • . 

•441. I. Ezra Ogden,' born July 7, 1837; resided (1885) 

Oxford, Talbot Co., Md.; married. Family 66. 

•442. II. Theodore Frelixghuysen," boru March 27, 1839; 
resides (1885) 581 Jersey avenue, Jersey City, 
N. J.; twice married ; is a carpenter. 

443. III. Phebe Elizabeth,' born Jan 5, 1841 ; in spring of 

, 1848 went to live with her uncle, Dr. A. O. 
Stiles, of Harmony, N. J., who adopted her; 
went to school at Easton, Pa., at Ophelton 
Seminary; in fall of 1855, to Pennington Semi- 
nary, where she graduated, 1860 ; May 18, 1865, 
she married Samuel Read, of Mt. Warreur 
. Warren Co., X. J., where they have an elegant 
home. Mr. Read is an influential man in the 
church and community; has been for over 20 
. . years organist to the church and leader to the 

Mt. Hermon Baud. Mrs. Piead is the leading 
soprano of the church choir. Issue: 

444. " i. Ogden Stiles,*^ born July 27, 1866; died Xov. 14, 


445. ii. Cliffoed Kinoslet,^ born Nov. 30, 1867; entered col- 

lege in September, 1886. 

446. iii. Aethub Lee,^ bom Dec. .5, 1870; died May 30, 1872. 

447. IV. Louisa Augusta," born Nov. 24, 1843 ; married at 

Shawnee, Monroe Co., Pa., Zil)a Smith Strunk, 
Aug. 12, 1865. Mr. Strunk is Postmaster at 
Lime Hill, Pa., and we are indebted to him for 
much of the family history, hsue : 

448. i. Gkenville Channisq,'^ born May 9, 1866. 

449. ii. VESTALEONA.'^born Jan. 29, 1379. 


* "• »"• Mabkl Claib.^ born Sept. 9, 1880. 

^51. V. JuLU CoREYj born Feb. 17, 1845 ; unmarried. 


452. -John^ Stiles, [242] (James,^ Josepli,^ Copt Joseph ' 
Long Jonathan; Isaac;^ John^), of New Ternon,X. J.; born Oct 1^ 
mi ; married Sept. 14 ,or 20., 1811, PLebe (eldest daughter of 
William and Abigail PasslI) Stiles, of Basking Rid^e \ J who 
was born Feb. 15, 1784. He was a brusLback mlk^r, and also 
owned a sawmill near Mt. Freedom, X. J. He died Au... 16 
1870. Mrs. Pliebe Stiles died March 23, 1862. ' 

Children : 

453. I. WiLLmr Hexry,^ born June 2, 1812 ; married Dec 

• ^ . 31, 1837, Phebe M. Axtell, of Brookside, X J 

Family 67. 

454. n. 3LUIY Ann- born Jan. 28 (or 8), 1815; married 

Edwin L. Myers, Jan. lor June) 25, 1834 • she 
died Dec. 20, 1836. Issue : 


i. William Axtell," died Dec. 23, 1836, .-e. 8 months. 17 
days. . 

III. JOHN,^ born Aug. 15 (or 20), 1820; married Nov. 
10, 1849, Sarah A. Overton ; in records mar- 
riage. Lib. 1, he is called " of Water street," she 
" of New Vernon." 

IV. StephenV born Oct. 1, 1823; married Juue 19 
1828, Martha M. Baker. Family 68. 

458. V. Abigail P.,« born May 20, 1826 ; died Xov 11 




./ ■ ■ 

459. Aaron Aber" Stiles, [247] [James^ Jofieph-^ Capt. 

Joseph,^ Long Jonathan,'^ Isaac,' Jolin^), born Aug. 21, 1798; mar- 
ried Rachel Heddeu, June 9, 1833 ; died in 1862 ; resided 
(1857) two miles above North Plainfield, N. J.; a man of property; 
a distiller and a Democrat. 

Children : 

460. I. JoHN,^ born ; married widow Stewart (a 

Cornell) ; removed to Illinois ; had at least one 

461. II. James,^ born ; died, unmarried, ve. 21 years. 

462. III. Mary Ann,^ born ; married John Fagan, of 

New York City. Issue, a daughter. 


463. James' Stiles, [253] [James, ^ Joseph,^ Capt. Joseph,^ 
Long Jonatlian,'^ haac,~ John^), born July 26, 1808; married |1) 
Eleanor Van Eiper, Dec. 30, 1832 ; married (2) Hannah Mor- 
ris, May 1, 1841. 

■ . Children (horn at yeicarJc, N. J.): 

464. L RuiRiET W.,8 born Feb. 28, 1842. 

465. IL Joseph,^ born March 10, 1844. 


466. William' Stiles, [254] (James,'^ Joseph,' Capt. 
Joseph,^ Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,' John^), born Dec. 15, 1810, at 
Morristown, N. J.; married March 19, 1835, Elizabeth Heddeu, 
of New Providence, N. J.; resided New York City (1856). 


Children : . > ' 

467. L George Henry/ born Dec. 23, 1835. 

468. II. John Neville,*' born and died July 5, 1839. 

469. III. AliAMiNTA," born Oct 12, 1841 ; married George 

Stoddart, of Scotland, Oct. 14, 1856. 

470. lY. Ann Louisa,^ born May 29, 1844. 

471. V. Mary Frances,'^ born Aug. 6, 1847. 

472. VI. Emma Jane,' born Aug. 3, 1850. 

473. James Smith' Stiles, [263] WilUam,' Silas,' Capt 

Joseph*, Long JonathcuiJ' Isaac,' Joha^), born at Morristown, N. 
J., Oct. 29, 1800 ; married Dec. 22, 1824, Sarali Magoun ; re- 
sided in Seneca and Wayne Counties, N. Y.; was a man of sound 
mind and very tenacious memory. He died Feb. 22, 1876. 

Children : • ^ 

474. I. Ann Eliza,' born Oct. 6, 1827 ; married Hollis N. 

Holbrook, Feb. 3, 1851. Issue: 

475. i. Saeah E.,9 born Sept. 10, 1853; resided (1^85) at 

Holyoke, Mass. ; has a memorandum book belonging 
to her great-gi-and-father, Silas Stiles, which he nsed 
during the Kevolutionary War — the cover of which 
is made of a piece of a drum-head, and bears his 

476. ii. Leola V.,9 born Dec. 5, 1855. 

477. iii. James A.., 9 born Dec. 21, 1858. , 

478. iv. Lewis,' born February, 1864. 


479. n. WiLLmr P.; born Marcli 29, 1833; married Martlia 

Briggs, March 14, 1860; resided (1885) at 
South Butler ; no issue. 

480. III. Albert J.,** born Dec. 26, 1837 ; married Matilda 

Powers, Oct. 22, 1856; she has been dead some 
. . years. They had 6 children — 2 sons and 4. 

daughters. ^ 


481. John Primrose' Stiles, [264] William:' Silas^ 

Capf. Joseph,^ Long Jonathan: Isaac,- John^), born Aug. 28, 1803; 
baptized " on the wife's account," July 6, 1804 ; married 
Jan. 28, 1829, in Tyre, Seneca Co.,N. Y.,Mary, (daughter of Philip 
and Grace) Magoun, who was born Jan. 28, 1809, at Eome, 
Oneida Co., N. Y. He was a farmer, and died at Savannah, 
Wayne Co., X. Y., Sept. 29, 1873. His widow resides (1885) 
Savannah, Wayne Co., N. Y. 


482. I. Edward W.,^ born Oct. 11, 1830 ; married , 

January, 1852 ; died September, 1869. 

483. II. Joanna,' born March 2, 1833 ; married , May 

10, 1855 ; died 1856. 

484. in. BiANCA,' born June 7, 1836 ; married Feb. 10, 1859, 

. Schoonmaker; resides (1885) at Savan- 
nah, N. Y. 

485. lY. Marryett,^ born Aug. 3, 1838 ; married , 

September, 1859 ; died May 10, 1863. 

486. V. JuDSON,' born Aug. 1, 1840 ; married October, 1865, 

; died September, 1868. 


487. VI. Martha,' boru Feb. 22, 1813 ; married October, 

1865, Avery; resides (1885) Wiuona, 


488. VII. J. Emerson,' born June 1, 1846 : married March, 

1870, ; resides (1885) East Pierre, 


489. VIII. Frances,' born Jan. 2, 1850 ; married August, 1870, 

; died January, 1871. 

490. IX. Ell-\ J.,' boru Dec. 17, i852 ; died September, 1869. 


491. Joseph' Stiles, ! 265] ( rn/^^rrm," .S'^Va.^,-^ dp/, ./o- 
seph,^ Long Jonaflian,'' Isaac,'- John,^ born in Cayuga Co., N. T., 
Sept. 8, 1805 ; married (1) April 27, 1835, at Northville, Wayne 
Co., Mich., Luciuda Ellsworth, born 1804 at Canaan, Columbia 

Co., N. Y.; married (2) Feb. 27, 1866, ; removed from 

Cayuga Co., to Washtenaw Co., Mich., in 1834; removed 1864, 
"to Detroit, Mich.; removed, 1867, to St. Joseph, Mich.; removed, 
1872, to Chicago, III; and, in 1879, to Valparaiso, Ind.; was, 
for 29 years a farmer, since then a real estate dealer. Besides, 
(1885), Valparaiso, Ind. 

Mrs. Lucinda (Ellsworth) Stiles died Nov. 14, 1864. 


492. "I. Lucinda R.,' boru Feb 20, 1835; married, 1868, 

George Roby; had a son. 

493. IL Jane Eliza,' born April 27, 1837; died March 2, 


494. in. Leander,' born Nov. 16, 1839^; married 1881. 

495. IV. Jennie,' born April 27, 1842; married Thomas 

Murrans, 1864; died Jauuarv, 1865; no issue. 


496. V. Minnie/ born Sept. 20, 1867; uumarried, 1885. 
497. Edward Augustus' Stiles, [302] (Johu:^ Deacou 

John,' John,' Long Jounfhau;' Isaac,- John'), horn at Wautape, 
N. J., Dec. 4, 1808, and when lie was two years old bis parents 
moved into Yernon Township, Sussex Co., N. J. In 1819, tliey 
located on the farm where he spent the greater part of his active 
years, and where he died. He commenced a course of prepara- 
tion for the Christian ministry, but for some reason suspended 
his studies and opened a small private school, in 1833, at the 
farm house. He commenced with five or six boys, but the 
teacher had found his calling, and, as he developed with his work, 
the school rapidly increased to a size and reputation far beyond 
his early hopes, and at last assumed shape as " Mt. Eetirement 
Seminary," which he conducted with great success for more than 
thirty years. For many years there wjis an average of 7o pupils 
under his instruction. and the school was in full vigor when he 
left it (1865) to the charge of his son-in-law, Mr. Hartwell. The 
graduates of this Seminary are to be found in every part of our 
laud, many of them filling high positions and all of them ready 
to testify to the singleness of purpose, the steady devotion to duty 
and the considerate kindness of his supervision, as well as to the 
thorough and practical tone of his instruction. In 1809, he was 
appointed Superintendent of Schools in Sussex Couuty,'and the 
constant growth in all matters material relating to the educa- 
tional system of the County, the gradual elevation of public sen- 
timent and the increased efficiency of teachers, all attested the 
success of his administration. For more than forty years he 
was devoted to tiie work of education, and whether es^timated by 
his capability, his devotion or his ample success, he well deserved 
the title of "Educator." He had excellent common sense and 
a most reliable judgment ; and, behind all his words ami actions 
was a character so far above reproach that his purity of motive 


was never questioned. His, indeed, was a character of marked 
purity, integrity and Christian consistency; wliich, with his great 
gravity and dignity of manner, combined with a heart full of 
warm sympathy and liberality for every good cause, produced a 
widely felt and lasting impression for good upon the times and 
the community in which he lived. 

In the church, of which he truly was " a pillar," and for 
some years an influential Kuling Elder, was ever dear to him, 
and was largely indebted to him and his family for steadfast sup- 
port during a period of great depression and discouragement. 
He died as he had lived, in the faith, his last articulate utter- 
ance being "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin ;" 
and was borne to his final resting place by his fellow-elders of 
the Clove Church, assisted by some of the teachers of the neigh- 
borhood. He died in 1875, a?. 67 years. See also a memoir 
published in the New Jersey State Educational Report for 1875, 
pp. 17, 84, and an appreciative notice which appeared soon 
after his death in the Xew Jersey Herald. 

He mariied Eveline Belmont Howell, of Parsippany, N. J., 
April 30, 1834. 


498. I. William Augustus,^ born March 9, 1837; graduated 

Yale College, 1859; taught in his father's school 
for about 10 years thereafter ; suffered from im- 
paired eyesight for some years, during which he 
dropped into politics (Republican) and was Clerk 
of the New Jersey State Senate, 1852-4-5; ran 
for Senator, 1880 and '83; drifted into journal- 
ism ; is on the staff ot the N. Y. Tribune and ag- 
ricultural editor of the Philadelphia Weekly Press. 

499. II. Mary Clarissa,^ born Feb. 2, 1841; married Sept. 

16, 1863, Samuel Slawson Hartwell, of Littletcm, 
■ . Mass., descent, who was born Nov. 30, 1831, and 


who died April 5, 1883 : teacher, assistant aud 
successor of his father-in-hiw at Deekertown, 
N. J. She died at Deckertowu, Jau. 15, 1882. 
Issue: (See Harfiuell Handbook, p. 193.) 

500. i. Edwabd S.,^ born Oct. 18, 1865; clerk at Denver. Col. 

501. ii. John Augustus, » born Sept. 27, 18G9. 

502. iii. Emma Sayee,9 born Jan. 31, 1871. 

503. iv. Anna Louisa,3 born July 7, 1875. 

504. V. Alice Winifred,9 born Sept. 20, 1881. 

505. III. Alice Leonora,^ born June 10, 1846, at Wantage, 

Sussex Co., N. J.; married Nov. 24, 1869, James 
(son of James and Sarah IVcsffall) Bennett, 
who was born Jan. 20, 1845, aud is a commer- 
cial traveller ; resides Port Jervis, N. T. Issue : 

506. i. WrLLiAM Stiles,^ born Nov. 9, 1870. 

507. ii. Howell,!' born July 19, 1873. 

508. iii. James Edwabd, a born April 28, 1875. 

509. IV. Emm.\ Jane Belmont,^ born near Deckertowu, X. J., 

Nov. 13, 1847; married June 17, 1874, Edward 
Hayward Davey, oakum manufacturer, born at 
Hudson City, N. J., Dec. 29, 1848 ; resides 241 
Tonnele avenue, Jer.sey City Heights, N. J. 
Issue : 

510. i. Waeren,9 born March 17, 1876. 

511. ii. Leigh Howell,' born June 30, 1879. 

512. iii. Lillian Emma,9 born July 18, 1881. 

513. iv. Edwabd Stiles,^ born Feb. 14, 1885. 

514. V. EuGENLV AsHFTELD,' boru at Mt. Eetirement, near 

Deckertowu, N. J., Nov. 2, 1851 ; married Oct. 
11, 1876, Elias Newton Millen, pharmacist, 


born at Dover, N. J., Feb. 6, 1852 ; resides on 
the Stiles homestead, Deckertowu, N. J. Issue : 

615. i. Herbert,' born Nov. 20, 1877; died Jan. 14. 1882. 

516. ii. CLABKK,9born July 4, 1879. 

517. iii. Stiles,9 born Sept. 18, 1880. 

518. iv. Eteltn,9 born May 5, 1882. 

519. V. Satbe,9 born Oct. 28, 1883. 


514. John" Stiles, [306] {Moses,^ Deacon John,'' John* 
Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,- John,^) born Sept. 25, 1818; married 
Lillias Matilda Cott, Sept. 23, 1841; resides (1885) Caldwell, 
N. J.; engaged in lumber business. 


520. I. Anna Mael\,* born March 31, 1853; graduated at 

the Women's Medical College, N. Y. City, 1873 ; 
married Nov. 22, 1881, Thaddeus L. Graves. 
Is practicing her profession in Newark, N. J. 


52L John J.' Stiles, [327] (Rev. Stephen,'' Aaron," Capt. 
John,* Long Jonathan;' Isaac,- John}), born Aug. 27, 1807; married 
Sept. 21, 1833, Theodosia Armstrong. 

Children : 

522. L Emily E,' born Nov. 19, 1838 ; married Wm. Elwell, 

of Bridgeton, N. J., February, 1871. She died 
April 3, 1875. Issue: 

523. i. Chables H.' 

524. II. Charles H.,^ born Jan. 15, 1845 ; married Sarah M. 

Whitaker, Oct. 14. 1868. Issue: 


525. i. Emily E.s born March 18, 1871. 

526. ii. John M.,9 born May 20, 1872. 

527. iii. Chables Abthcb.^ born April 3, 1878. 

528. III. Orin N.,« born September, 1846 ; died March, 1S53. 


529. James' Stiles, [328] {Eev. Stephen,^ Aaron,^ Copt 
John,* Long Jonathan,^ Isaac^^ John^), borii March 1, 1809 ; mar- 
ried Feb. 23, 1837, to Margaret Miller, of Bridgeton, N. J.; 
resides (1888) Bridgeton, N. J.; publisher of the Bridgeton 



I. Jacob M.,^ born May 10, 1840. 


II. John H.,^ born Aug. 16, 1843. 


in. S.uiAH M.,« born Mav 31, 1846 

Summit, Broome Co., N. Y.; has Deacon Aaron's 
family record. 

533. lY. Margaret M.,« born Oct. 7, 1855. 
534. Stephen Hathaway' Stiles, [340] (Rev. Stephen,' 

Aaron,^ Capt. John,* Long Jonathan^^ Isaac,'^ John}), born Sept. 
23, 1814; married (1) July 9, 1840, Rebecca A. Pratt, of East 
Troy, Pa., who died Dec. 30, 1852; married (2) Mrs. Sarah W. 
McKean. He is a farmer at West Burlington, Pa., and has given 
us much help in this work. 

Child (by first marriage) : 
535. L Sarah J.« 


FAMILY 54.* 

536. Ezra' Stiles, [^^^1 {Rev. Stephen,' Aaron,' Capf. 
John,^ Long Jonathan^' Isaac,- John^), boru at Stiles' Settlement, 
N. Y., Au<r. 18, 1823; married (1) Feb. 29, 1844, Hauiiah 
(daughter of Jacob C. aud Sally D.) Edick, born at Deposit, N. 
Y., Oct. 21, 1826; removed to Springfield, Mass, 1859; thence 
to Bridgeport^ Conn., 1867, where she died Aug. 2, 1869 ; he 
married (2) Emil}' X. (daughter of Seth) Hart, of Deposit, N. Y. 

For ten years before his death, Mr. Ezra Stiles had 
turned his mind much to inventions, and had secured several 
patents upon steel and railroad car appliances. His last invention 
was an iron car, claimed to be one of the most valuable im- 
provements ever made. He died at Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 6, 

Children (hij first marriage): 

537. I. Ella Elizabeth,^ born at Deposit, N. Y., Feb. 23, 

1845 ; married at Springfield, Mass., 1865, 
Henry M. Coo ley, of Granby, Conn., and died 
at South Norwalk, Conn., Jan. 29, 1879 ; no 

538. II. John Jacob,- born at Deposit, June 9,1848; mar- 

ried Mrs. Celia Batters (or Batten). Is a wid- 
ower (1887); no children. 

539. III. Grace Elsie,^ born at Deposit, N. Y., Aug. 15, 

1850 ; married at Springfield, Mass., Oct. 13, 
1867, William O. Milne, of Newport, K. L; 
• resides (1887) Newport, K. I. Issue: 

540. i. Joseph Stuirt,'' born at Springfield, Mass., July 8, 


• Letters of Mrs. W. O. Milne. 


541. ii. William Anduew, ' born at Fall River, Mass., Jan. 4, 

1874; died at Fall River, Jnly 10, 1874. 

542. ill. Gbace EinLT,9 born at Bridgeport. Conn., Oct. 25, 


543. iv. HowABD Gakfield,9 born at Fall River, Mass., April 

17, 1881. 

544. rV. James Edick,^ born iit Deposit, N. Y., Sept. 15, 

1853 ; died Sept. 29, 1878, at Newark, N. J. 

545. V. Sarah Eos.alie,^ born at Deposit, N. T., March 12, 

1857 ; married at Bridgeport, Conn., March 12, 
1877, Charles Winsor, of Providence, K. I.; 
is (1887) a widow ; resides Providence, R. I. 
Issue : 

546. i. Maud Elizabeth, » born at Providence, July 2, 1880. 


547. Charles' Stiles, [374] [Dauiel,' Aaron,' Capt. 
JoJin,^ Long Jonathan,'^ Isaac,- John^), born in Tompkins, N. Y., 
April 17, 1827 ; married Thirza Beck, 18i8. She died Oct. 3, 

Children : 

















553. Myron C Stiles, [379] (Adjt. Ashbti; Deacon 

Aaron,^ Capt. John,^ Lomj Jotiafhaii,"^ Isaac,- Jo hn^), boru Dec. 1(5, 


1815; married M.>.r-h 24, 1842, Mary Wright. He died Jan- 
uary, 1853. 

Children : 

554. I. Rcg^;le.s M,^ born ; married Adell Dawlev. 

Family 69. " 

555. XL GwnJiZ B.,^ born ; resides (1885) Steamboat 

.Springs, Washoe Co„ Nev. 

556. III. HEKJiKLT D.,« born ; resides Indianapolis, 



557. Samuel S.' Stiles, [385] {Adjt. Ashbel,' Deacon 
Aaron,' Capt. Jolu,.,' Lonrj Jonathan,' Isaac;' John'), born Jan. 14, 
- 1821 ; married B^.tsy J. Ackley ; resides (1885) Wallsvillei 
Genesee Co., X. Y. He is dead. 

Children : 

558. I. Marv.^ born ; died Jan. 26, 1858, «. I41 


559. II. Hattie.^ 

560. George Alfred' Stiles, [388] [Adjt. Ashbel,^ 

Deacon Aaron,' 0>/j/. John,' Long Jonathan;^ Isaac,- John'), born 
in Tompkins, Dr-Iauare Co., N. Y., Aug. 27, 1827 ; married Sept. 
21, 1848, at Beloit, Wis., Zilpah Jane (daughter of Amzi and 
Zilpah Jloore) Clark, born at Rushford, N. Y., April 18, 1831; 
resides (1885) Fn-.^port, 111 ; business, real estate. 


561. L Clark Gren\'tlle,^ born June 25, 1849; married 
Pierce. Family 70. 


562. II. Charles A.lfred,« born Oct. 24, 1856, at Freeport, 

III; died at Freeport, Feb. 1, 1859. 

563. ni. Maurice George,^ born Feb. 7, 1860 ; iu 1883 re- 

moved to Salt Lake City, and became a dry- 
goods clerk ; 1885, removed to Frisco, Utah, as 
clerk for Horn Silver Mining Co., but finding 
the climate did not agree with him, returned 
to his first employer at Salt Lake City. Is 
now (1885) clerk with Glen, Wheeler k Co., 
Eagle Rock, Idaho ; married May 6, 1885, Helen 
(daughter of William Cameron and Hannah 
Elizabeth) Dunbar, at Salt Lake City. 

564 rS'. Fred. Deoiar,* born Feb. 10, 1862; resides at 
Freeport, 111.; unmarried. 

565. V. Hattie Celora,^ born April 22, 1867, at Freeport, 
IU.; died Jan. 18, 1875. 


566. Aaron"' Stiles, [393] {Adjt. Ashbel" Deacou Aaron,'' 
Capt. John,^ Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,- John^), born Feb. 16, 1835 ; 
married Jan. 13, 1861, Lois Millard. 

Children : 
567. I. Frank, '^ born ; resides Missouri. 

568. II. Emma,^ born ; married ; resides K 


569. III. Minnie,'' born ; resides Missouri. 

570. lY. Bessie,^ born ; resides Missouri. 




571. Timothy" Stiles, ■409j ^Jonathan T.; Timothy,' 
Jonathan,* Long Jonathan,' Isaac,' John'), born in Tiorra Co.', 
Penn., June 6, 1811 ; married (1) Haunah SbaTv, in Steuben Co.,' 
N. Y., Dec. 14, 1834; tbej removed to Wliitesville, Alle-heny 
Co., N. Y., about 1837, and to Postville, Iowa, in 1855. '^Mrs. 
Hannah (Shavv) Stiles died April 25, 1875, le. 62 years ; he 
married (2) Mrs. Miranda McClellau, May 1, 1878, and died at 
Postville, Feb. 1879, aged 67 years 8 months. 

Children : 

572. I. XoRRis," born in Steuben Co., X. Y., Jan. 15, 1837; 
died in Whitesville, X. Y., April 3, 1838. ' 

578. 11. Warren,^ born in Allegheny Co., X. Y., Xov. 11, 
1838; married April 17, 1866, Charlotte Van 
Hooser. Family 71. 

574 m. Xaxcy JANE,M)orn Dec. 30,1840; married James 
Gordon, June 28, 1860. Resides in Fayette 
Co., Iowa. Issue : 

^^^- i- Abthub W.,9 born April 6, ISfil. 

^^^- • ii- Oben M.,9 bora March 19, 1863. . 

®^'^' iii- Edwin C.,9 born S«pt. 3, 1864. 

^''^- i^- Francis Arzette,* bora Jan. 24. died Sept. 11. 1868. 

579. IV. Aloxzo Le Roy,^ born Aug. 15, 1842 ; married Saiah 

E. Skelton, June 2, 1870. Family 72. 

580. V. XoEL Whiting,^ born Feb. 19, 1844; married 

Sarepta E. Gliues. Family 73. 

581. VI. ANNA Maru,^ born Xov. 28. 1845 ; married James 

McEwen, Oct. 17, 1863. Issue: 


^^2- i- Fbederick E.,9 born July 18, 1864; died Jan. 12, 1878. 

^^^- ii- Bebtha M.,9 born April 16, 1870; died Feb 2, 1878. 


ill. Omae L.,9 born April 7, 1873; died Jan. 29, 187^ 
iv. Ethel P.,9 born Sept. 2, 1875. 
V. Lynn S.,9 born Aug. 17, 1884. 

587. VII. Frances Naoot/ born Feb. 8, 18-47 ; married John 
McMartin, Oct. 22, 1865. hsue: 

^^^- i- MiBTA E.,9 born Sept. 3, 1866; married Oliver Cooper, 

February, 1885, 

^^^- ii. Chesteb S.,9 bornSept. 11, 1872. 

590. YIII. Elbert D.,^ born Sept. 7, 1848; married Luseba 
Crawford. Family 74. 


591. IX. Brunette,^ born June 22, 1850; married Charles 
Skelton, April 29, 1869. Issue: 

1. Chestee Rat,9 born Feb. 4, 1870; died Aug. 14, 1870. 

ii. Maet Lena,9 born July 20, 1871. 

594. iii. Helen D., 9 born March 15, 1875. 

•595. iv. RtrBTH.,9 born Dec. 29, 1879. 

596. X. Argette,8 born June 18, 1852 ; died March 6, 1856, 

at Postville, Iowa. 

597. XL Arthur Evert,« born Jan. 6, 1854; resides (1885) 

Postville, Iowa ; unmarried. 


598. Levi' Sti I es, [41 1 ] ( Ephraim,^ Moses HalseyJ' Eph- 
rairn,^ Lo)tg Jonathan,^ Isaac,' John,^), born at Hanover, N. J., 
Oct. 9, 1819; married March 29, 1853, Frances B. (widow of 
Eliphalet Terry) Potter, and youufrest daughter of Capt. Wm. B. 
Thresher, by his wife Abigail, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Bunce. 


She was born July 26, 1830. He resides at Hartford, Conn., 
where since his coming in 1846, he has pursued the trad^ of a 
saddler and harness-maker. ^ 

Children : 

599. I. George Levi,- born June 9, 18o4:; by trade a pol- 

isher; at present (1885) hose driver. Engine 
No. 5, Fire Department, City of Hartford, Conn. 

600. IT. Charles Cl.\iience,' born July 11, 1856; died Feb. 

22, 1863. 

601. in. Nellie Frances,^ born Feb. 23, 1858 ; died Oct. 23, 


602. IT. WiLLL\M Ephrahl" born May 7, 1861 ; died June 20, 


603. V. Edgar Crane,« born Oct. 9, 1863 ; he graduated 1886 

at Yale College. 

604. VI. Mary Bunce,^ born Dec. 6, 1865 ; died July 6, 1866. 

605. VII. Frank Buckley,^ born Sept. 2, 1868 ; student (1885) 

at Hartford Grammar School. 

606. Joshua Hazen' Stiles, [424] {Joht Pdmwse,' 

CapL EbenezerJ' Ebeiiezer, Jr.,^ Long Jonathan,'^ Isaac,' John^), 
born at Morris Plains, N. J., Aug. 5, 1824; was a farmer; has 
been Town Committeeman of Hanover Township, N. J., for sev- 
eral years; Commissioner of Appeals, Trustee and Clerk of Mor- 
ris Plains School District, and a member and local preacher of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church of Morristowu, N. J.; resides 
(1885) Morris Plains, N. J. 


He married May 22, 18o4, Margaret (daughter of John P. i 
Dewitt, of Harmony, Warren Co., X. J. 

Child, (born at Morris Plains, X. J.): 

607. 1. Ruth Olida,^ born Dec. 1, 1855 ; educated at Mor- 

ristown (N. J.) Female Institute ; is a member 
of the M. E. Church at Morristown. She mar- 
ried Oct. 12, 1892, John Coleman, of Morris 
Plains, N. J. 

FAMILY 64:. 
608. James Ezra Brown' Stiles, [^26] (Ezra Brown,' 

Capt. Ebenezer,' Ehenezer,^ Long Jonathan'' Isaac;- John^}, born 
May 12, 1826, at Morris Plains, X. J.; studied at Monmouth, (N. 
J.) Academy and nearly completed the classical course there; 
then began clerking in a general merchandise store at Andover, 
K J.; thence returned to Morristown. In 1860, was in tiie lime 
business at Xewton, N. J.; then at Eahway, and for 10 or 12 
years past has been in dry goods business at Morristown, of 
which town he was assessor in 1882 and 1883. 

He married June 16, 1847, Euhamah Hill (daughter of 
Mason B. and Lucy Xorthrnp) Potter, who was born at Andover, 
N. J., April 25, 1824, and who died at Morristown, X. J., June 
18, 1884. 

Children (born at Morris Plains, X. J.): 

609. L Josephine PiiCH.vEDs,Mjorn Aug. 3,1850; educated 

at the Collegiate Institute of Xewtou, X. J.; 
married Oct. 17, 1872, at Eahway, X. J., Wilbur A. 
(son of Charles Henry and Abigail E.) Johnson, 
who was born May 20, 1849, at Morristown. 
She died at Morristown, Jan. 15, 1886. Issne: 

610. i. Mat Louisa.^ born at Morristown, Sept. 8, 1873. 
611- ii. JosieWilheuiina.s born at Morristown, Jan. 2y, 1877. 


fil2. iii. Ida Belle,9 born at Oaklaad, Neb., July 24, 1880. 

613. iv. WiLBUE Stiles, 9 born at Fort Dodge, Iowa, Dec. 14, 


614. V. Jamrs Henbt,9 born at Morristown, July 22, 1884. 

615. II. James Egbert,^ born at Morris Plains, N. J., Oct. 

27, 1851 ; educated at Collegiate Institute of 
Newton, N. J.; married Oct. 28, 1879, LetitiaK. 
(daughter of Jobn and Letitia K.) Urmston, 
born at Railway, N. J., Sept. 20, 1850. Resides 
(since 1876) at Morristown, N. J. Issue: 

616. i. Lulu Blanche,9 born Dec. 6, 1881; baptized July 2, 


()17. ii. Floyd Ubm3ton,9 born October 1884. 

618. III. Sarah Keer.^ 


619. Lewis Ogden' Stiles, [^39] (Lewis B.,' Ehenezer,' 
Ebenezer,^ Long Jonafha.));' Isaac,' John^), born in the old home- 
stead, at Morris Plains, N. J., May 27, 1835; was, for several 
years, engaged in the dry-goods business at Morristown, N. J., 
and, in July 1869, purchased a half interest in The Jerseyman, 
published ^at that place, and of which he is at present a propri- 
etor and editor. He and his wife are members of the South 
Street Presbyterian Church, of Morristowu. To his love of 
family, and of antiquarian research, the Connecticut-Jersey 
branch of the Stiles family are very notably indebted for the 
value and interest of these pages. 

He married, Sept. 6, 186-1:, Sarah Virginia (daughter of Jo- 
seph and Phebe Miller) Alexander, of Morris Plains, N. J. 


620. I. LiLLiE Virginia,'^ born Jan. 22, 1866 ; graduated at 
Maplewood Institute, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 


V June 25, 188-4 ; aud died at Morristowu, July 25, 

- ■ 1885, aud is iuterred in Evergreen Cemetery, 

Morristown, X. J. Slie %vas a member of the 
South St. Presbyterian Church, of Morristown, 
which she joined on a profession of faith, Aug- 
ust, 1883. 


621. Ezra Ogden' Stiles, [^^l] (Moses,' EbenezerJ^ Eh- 
enezer,^ Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,' John^), born at Morris Plains, N. 
J., July 7, 1837; left his father's home in 1861, and, for a while, 
engaged in railroading; then shipped for a whaling yoyage on 
barque Hercules, from New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 2, 1863; was 
discharged, invalided, at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, where he 
remained a year; returned home in Marcli, 1865, and remained 
there until his father's death, after which he emigrated to Mary- 
land, where he commenced farming in Caroline County. Three 
years later he removed to a farm at Ferry Neck, on west bank 
of Tred Avon Kiver, Talbot County, Maryland, where (1885) he 

He has always had a great fondness for books, and in early 
life studied the eclectic system of medicine, under one of the 
Dr. Beaches, of that school. 

He married March 11, 1869, Elizabeth (daughter of Philip 
and Mary) Noack, of Marshall's Creek, Monroe County, Pa. 


622. I. George W.\shixgton,' born June 14, 1870. 

623. William Henry' Stiles, [453] (./o/^i,* Jame.s," Jo- 

seph,^ Capt. Joseph,^ Long Jonathan,'' Isaac,- John^), born June 2, 
1812; followed his father's trade until -lO years of age, since when 
he has farmed. Married Dec. 31, 1837, Phebe M. Axtel, of 
Brookside, Morris County, N. J. 

W' ~ ■ :i r- -^ 


Children : 

■624. I. Orl.\xdo; born Dee. 21, 1838 ; married Esther Mc- 

Leek. Family 75. 

625. 11. Daniel,'' born Oct. 30, 1840; died May 23, 1881, at 

Dover, N. J., unmarried. 

626. III. Susan Ann,^ born March 29, 1843 ; married (1) Chas- 

A. Hueston, Jan. 24, 1864;* (^2) Walter Foster. 
No issue. She died July 18, 1870, at her father's 

627. IV. Mary Elizabeth," born Dec. 19, 1845; married (1) 

Joseph Holbert, Aug. 31, 1868; married (2) Ira 
Holbert, May 1, 1880; has had two sons, one of 
whom is now living. 

628. V. WiLLLVM B.,^ born June 4, 1848 ; married Augusta 

Hayward, who died Dec. 25, 1884. 

629. VI. Edward Westerly," born Oct. 15, 1850; married 

Ellen Dougherty ; had one daughter. 

630. VII. George Henry," born April 22, 1854 ; married Alice 


631. VIII. Eugene," born Feb. 19, 1857 ; married Dec. 25, 1884, 

Laura Serren of Mt. Freedom, N. J.; was killed 
by accidental discharge of his gun while hunt- 
ing, Nov. 2, 1885 ; farmer. Issue: 

632. i. , 10 born January 18, 188G. 

633. IX. Lucy E.," born May 14, 1861; married Charles 
Powers, May, 1882. Issue: 

• Mr. Hueston enlisted in heavy artillery, January i8, 1864; was wounded at the battle 
of the Wilderness, May iS. 1S64; died in hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, Juue 18, 1S64, from the 
effects of his wound. 


63^. i. CiiARBNCE.i'^ born April 7, 1883; resides New Dover 

N. J. 


635.. Stephen^ Stiles, [^57] {John,' James,^ Joseph,'' 
Capt. Joseph,^ Long Joiiathrui;' Isaac,' John^), boru Oct. 1, 1823' 
at Mt. Freedom, N. J.; married Martha M. Baker, born at Jef- 
ferson Village, Essex County, N. J., June 19, 1828, aud who died 
Feb. 2-4, 1878. Carpenter and builder at Maplewood, Essex 
County, N. J. 

Children : 

636. I. Arabeli^y B.,« born Sept. 28, 1848; married Octo- 
ber, 1870, Charles M. Tunis, of AYhippany, 
N. J.; resides (1887) Kansas ; farmer. 

eai. II. PhebeAnn,^ horn December 6, 1850; married 
Bishop Evans, of Morris Plains, N. J., and re- 
sides (1887) there. 

638. in. George W.,« born Dec. 26, 1852; married Alice 

Merrit, of Newark, N. J.; resides (1887) Kansas; 

639. rV". Vancle\-e D.,** born May 28, 1857 ; married Josie 

Forsyth, of Chester, N. Y.; is a teacher. 

650. V. Stephen D.,^ born June 3, 1855 ; is an engineer in 

641. VI. Jennie L.,'-* born July 20, 18G0; married William 
Gulick, of Somerville, N. J. 


642. Ruggles M; Stiles, l^o-l] Myron C.,' Adjt Ash- 
bel,'^ Deacon Aaron,'' Capt. John,^ L(nig Jonathan-'' Isaac,' John.^), 


born in Brooklyn, Jackson Co., Mich., Sept. 20, 1845; married 

, 1868, Adell Dawley, born in Porter, Yates Co., N. Y., 

1853. Is a carpenter; resides (1885) Grand Rapids, Mich.; P. O. 
Box 327. 


643. I. George Herbert,^ born at Athens, Mich., , 


644. II. Claude A.,^ born in Washoe Co., Nevada, , 

1875 ; died at Union City, Branch County, Mich., 

645. III. Maude May,^ born in Waslioe Co., Nevada; , 


646. Clark Crenville' Stiles, [561] {Geonje A.: Adjt. 

Ashbel.^ Deacon Aaron,'' Capt. John,^ Long Jonathan,-^ Isaac^^ 
John^), born at Beloit, Wis., June 25, 1849; married at Freeport, 
m., Jan. 1, 1872 — (daughter of Hiram and Hannah) Pierce, born 
at Moriah, N. Y., March 11, 1848. Is a mechanic. Resides 
(1885) Freeport, 111. 

647. I. Hattie Jane,'' born at Freeport, 111., Feb. 23, 1877. 


648. Warren' Stiles, [573] {Timothy,' Jonathan T.,' 
Timothy,^ Jonathan,* Loncf Jonatlian;^ Isaac,' John^), born Nov. 11, 
1838, in Alleghany Co., N. Y.; married Charlotte Van Hooser, 
April 17, 1866. Resides (1885) PostviUe, Iowa. 

649. L Pitt M.^ born Sept. 28, 1877 ; died Oct. 17. 1877. 


650. Alonzo Leroy' Stiles, |o79l (Tlnwth>/,' JonniLon 

T.,^ Tunofhy;' Joiiathan,^ Long Jouafhan,-^ Isaac,' John^), born Aii^x. 
15,1842; served three years in Co. A, 27 Iowa Vols.; married 
Sarah E. Skelton, Jan. 2, 1870. 


651. I. Cora E.^ born July 31, 1871. 

652. II. Edna A.,^ born March 21, 1876. 

653. III. KoYS William,^ born November 2, 1881. 


654 Noel Whiting' Stiles, [580] {Timothy: Jona- 
than T.,^ Timothj-' Jonathan,^ Long Jonathan^' Isaac,' John,^) born 
at Whitesville, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1844; married Sept. 14, 1868, 
Sarepta Elizabeth (daughter Josiah and Margaret D. Watson) 
Glines, born at Durham, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1850; resides (1888) at 
Batavia, N. Y.; is a druggist and bookseller. 

Children : 

Minnie Eva,* born at Postville, Iowa, Aug. 8, 1869. 

Nellie Mabel,* born at Postville, Iowa, June 2, 

, son, born April 8; died Sept. 11, 1875. 

IV. Noel Ray,* born at Batavia, N. Y., May 20, 1878. 


659. Elbert D.' Stiles, [590] {Timothy,' Jonathan 
T.,^ Timothy,^ Jonathan,^ Long Jonathan;' Isaac,- John,^) born 
Sept. 7, 1848; married Luseba Crawford, Sept. 26, 1870. 










Children : 

660. I. Blanche L.,' born May 18, 1872. 

661. n. May F.,^ born May 20, 1874. 

662. in. Norms T.,» born Aug. 3, 1876. 


663. Orlando' Stiles, [624] {WilUam Henryf Jolin; 
James,^ Joseph,^ Capt. Joseph\ Long Jonathan,^ Isaac,^ John\) 
born at Meudliam, Morris Co., N. J., Dec. 21, 1838; married 
July 4, 1867, Esther M. (daughter of Daniel T. and Sarah T. 
Stout) Leek, born at Chester, Morris Co., N. J., Feb. 3, 1844. 
He was a brush-block maker and mill-sawyer at Dover, N. J. 
Mr. Orlando Stiles died Aug. 16, 1882, at Dover, Morris Co., N. J. 

Children (born at Brookside, N. J.): 

664. L Walter O. B.,'« born April 19, 1868. 

665. IL Sarah Mr>-NTE,"^ born Sept. 16, 1871. 

666. in. Warren L. P.,'« born Aug. 26, 1874. 

The Essex and Dnion Connties, N. J., Branch* 



From memoranda kindly furnished us by the late S. H. 
Congar, of Newark, N. J., we learn that 

John Stiles, tiled February 14, 1754, se. 6ot {gravestone 
inscr-iption in Old Church yard at Newark); also that M.\iiY, 
daughter of John (probably the same) and Kehekah, his wife, died 
February 19, 1748, x. 24; also, that John (probably son oi John 
and Rebekah aforesaid and brother of JIanj) died in 1763, x. 33 ; 
and that Saeah, wife of (this latter, probably) John, died 1811, «. 
85. From notes of the will of this second John, dated 1760, we 
learn that his wife was named Sarah ; and that he had a daugh- 
ter 3Iary and sons William and Isaac. 

It is now (1894) thirty-eight years since we received these 
memoranda— and thus far, we have not been able to connect 
this John with the Connecticut, or other families of Stiles. But, 
we may venture to express the opinion that the John first men- 
tionedi^ who died in 1754, x. 65, and who, therefore, was born 

• The present Union County (originally a portion of Essex County. N. J., having all 
records in Newark. N. J.) in 1S57 was set off. with its County seat and all subsequent records 
at Elizabeth. 

t Thf EsseJtriS. J.I County Records show a John Stiles, of Newark (probably this man), to 
have been Deputy Sheriff of the County in December, 1748: and in October. 1749- 


about 1689, )ncuj have been the JoJoi (brother of "Long Jon- 
athan"; son of Isaac, and grandson of John Stiles, the emigrant 
of "Windsor, Conn. True, we have not the date of birth of Isaac';3 
son John; and President Stiles' Mss. says he "died unmarried be- 
fore 1710" — while Cothrea (Hlston/ of Anclod Woodbury, Conn.,) 
says he does nv)t find him on the Stratford Records: See Page 
408. But, the date of his birth as gained (with "more or less" 
accuracy) from gravestone record of his death, would make him 
born about 1689, and it is not at all an impossible conjecture 
that he may have accompanied his brother "Long Jonathan" to 
the Jerseys — and have drifted beyond President Stiles' knowl- 
edge — which so far as concerns this branch of the family, seems 
to have been mostly of a traditionary nature. 

Correspondence, in 1856, with Miss Susan M. Stiles, of Eliz- 
abeth, N. J., ]>laced us in possession of the following collection 
relative to a branch of the family, in New Jersey, descended from 
one William Stiles — and which we are inclined (from intuition, 
perhaps, rather than from any positive data), to consider as 
belonging to the line of John, of Newark, above mentioned. 
Yet, the date of William's birth (1734) proves that he could 
not have been Joint, Jr.\s son — though he and his brother Isaac 
(see Note t, page 603) may have been a brother of John, Jr., 
and sous of John, Sr., and wife Rebekah. 

Mr. A. P. Stiles, of Springfield, N. J., lias an original order 
or note, given by William Stiles to John Stiles, and dated Feb. 
21, 1760. " For the sum of Ten Pounds, New Jersey currency, 
eight shillings the Pound, witnessed by Elias Boudinot and made 
payable to William Peartree Smith, at Elizabeth Town," — which 
he considers a proof of connection between John and William. 
He says: "As to whether John was an uncle or brother to 
William, I have not been able to satisfy myself. I have heard 
my father speak of an aunt of his father's, who was named 
Mary, and resided in Newark previous to the Revolution. I 
am inclined to think that the William above was a brother of 



John, Jr., of Newark, who died 1763, a?. 33; if so, Mary, the daugh- 
ter of John woiikl be aunt to William Stiles, and this would he 
in accordance with my memory of talks I have had with my 
father concerning his great-aunt Mary of Newark." 
Our genealogy therefore— commences fairly with 


1. William^ Stiles, (./oA>//'— probably son of Isaoc^ 
son of John,' the Connecticut Emigrant), born in Newark, N. J., 
Sept. 6, 1733; passed most of his active life in Elizabethtown, 
N. J., and was a cabinet-maker by trade. His great-grandson, 
Abner V. Stiles, of Springfield, N. J., (to whom, more than any- 
one else, we are indebted for the history of this family) now has 
a desk and a chest of drawers combined, and in a perfect state 
of preservation, although made 125 years ago, which is a splen- 
did specimen of old fashioned workmanship, and of the abilities 
of William Stiles. 

Mr. William Stiles married, June 7, 1761, Phebe (daughter 
of John and Constant) Spinning, who was born Oct. 31, 1736, 
and died Nov. 22, 1822 (Gravestone at Elhahethtoicn, X. J.) 
Mr. A. P. Stiles' father well remembered her as dressing after 
the old Holland stvle, in short gown and worked petticoats. 
W^illiam Stiles died kt Elizabethtown, N. J., Jan. 24, 1781 [grave- 
stone says 1787, le. 47^). 


2. I. Phebe,' born March 13 (or 15) 1762 ; married Carey 

(or Caleb) Headley, born Feb. 14, 1756; and 
settled at Headley Town, (between Springfield 
and Orange), N. J., where her descendants are 
numerous. She had 4 sons and 4 daughters. 

3. 11. WlLLmi,^ born Jan. 4, 1764, at Elizabethtown, N. 

J.; married Abigail PasseU. Family 2. 


4 III. JOHNV born Dec. 11 (or 13), 1766 ; married (1) Phebe 

Crane ; married (2) Deborah Hendricks ; married 
(3) Hannah Higgins. Family 3. 

5. IV. Daniel,' born Jan. 28, (Feb 13, 1772?) 1773 ; mar- 

ried Phebe Woodruff. Family 4 


6. William^ Stiles, [3] {JVllUam,* John,^ Isaac;- John,y 
born at Elizabethtown, N. J., Jan. -4, 1761; married June 5, 1781, 
Abigail Passell, born Jan. 5, 1764; removed to a farm near Bask- 
ing Ridge, N. J., where he farmed industriously until he had in- 
creased from 100 to 250 acres, and where he died Sept. 5, 1822. 
It is related of him that, when quite a lad, he was employed in 
removing the horses and cattle beyond the reach of the British 
Tories when they invaded Elizabeth, by driviug them west of 
what is now known as Springfield Mountain. The Records of 
the Presbyterian Church at Basking Ridge, N. J., show William 
Stiles and his wife to have been members, (she received in May, 
1796), also (1835) their children JVilUam, Betsy and Ahaer. Betsy, 
(Elizabeth) had joined the church in Oct. 1822. 

Mrs. Abigail (Passell) Stiles died Aug. 23, 1821. . 

Children : 

7. I. Phebe," born Feb. 15, 1786 ; married Sept. 11, 1811, 

John Stiles, of New Vernon, N. J. 

8. 11. Mary,« born June 30, 1788; married Dec. 15, 1807, 

Smith Baldwin, carpenter, of Elizabethtown, 
N. J. She died April 16, 1818, vt Cincinnati, 
Ohio, whither the family had removed after Mr. 
Baldwin's death in September, 1823. Issue: 

9. i. AbbyJ born 1808; married William Pruden; had a 

son and a djxughter. 

10. ii. Phebe, 7 

11. ill. Joseph T.J married Lydia Patterson; he died Feb. 

1853; she died Dec. 1869; had children, who reside 
in, or near New York City. 


12 iv. WrLUAM,' formerly resided in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

13 V. Caleb P.J is a Methodist Episcopal clergyman; re- 

sides in Ohio. 

14 vi. John S.," married; resides Cainsville, Ohio. 

15. TIL Elizabeth/' born Dec. 15, 1790; married July 11, 
1824, Samuel Lyons, boru at Lyons Farms, N. 
J., resided some years near Bernardsville, Som- 
erset County, N. J., then removed to Newark. 
jg i. Henbietta," born July 12, 1825; married June 27, 

1858, Jonas Kinsey, of Newark, N. J., where she 
resides (1886) and where Mr. Kinsey died March 18, 
1886; had (1) Josephine, born March 11, 185!», died 
March 28, 1859; (2) William Jonas, born April 6. 
1862; (3) Amelia Henron, born Sept. 29, 18G5, died 
A.prU 17, 1869. 
17. ii. WnxiAM Stiles," born June 28, 1828; married (1) 

Jane Tompkins, of Caldwell, N. J., at Nevada City, 
Cal., Jan. 11. 1853; married (2) Sarah Kinsey. of 
Newark, N. J.;had(l) Betsey Stiles, born Jan 24, 
1870, at Newark, N. J.; resides Brick Chuixh, N. J., 
grocer— Mr. W. S. Lyons passed many years in Cal- 
ifornia and ilontana. 
18 iii. Theodore SAMrEL," born June 1, 1830; married Ann 

Glass; is a hat-finisher, since his return from Cali- 
fornia in 1856. 

Mr. Samuel Lyons was killed while crossing the track of 
the N. J. E. E., Sept. 27, 1858 ; Mrs. Elizabeth (Stiles) Lyous> 
died Aug. 25, 1850. 

19. lY. WnJJAM,« (Capt.) born April 17, 1793 ; married Delia 

Bailey. Family 5. 

20. V. Stephen Passell," born Dec. 13, 1798 ; married Nan- 

cy Wheaton. Family 6. 

21. VL Ann," . orn March 28, 1796; married Sept. 28, 1816, 

John Ward, born Feb. 26, 1797; settled near 
Seneca Lake, N. Y.; about 1825 removed to 


Shiawasse Co., Midi.; lie was a farmer; he ac- 
companied his sons Lewis and "William to Cali- 
fornia, about 18G2, and they settled at Sears- 
ville. Issue: 

22. i. Lewis," married; has two sous, the eldest married; one 

daughter married, -with two chiklren. 

23. ii. William," married; no issae. 

24. iii. Betsey," married; died 1847; had two children; one 

daughter is married. 

25. iv. Caroline," married Trowbridge Harmon; has a daugh- 

ter 88. 18 in 18G9. 

26. V. Luther," married Jane Harmon, had a son, oe. 17 years 

in 18G9. 

27. -vi. Stephen,^ married, has a son 17 years old; is a wid- 

ower (1869). 

28. vii. JoHN,^ married; three sons. 

29. viii. Maky Ann," married; a son 20 years old; a daughter ae. 

18; resides Pennsylvania. 

30. ix. Albert," died ae. 10 years. 

Mr. John Ward died in California, July 3, 1868. Mrs. Ann 
(Stiles) Ward died in Michigan Dec. 8, 1839. 

31. VII. John,*' born May 14, 1802; died an infant. 

32. Vni. Abxer,'' born Jidy 8, 1804; married Joanna M. 

Wlnans, Feb. 17, 1831. Family 7. 


33. John' Stiles, [4] {William,^, John ^^ Isaac^- Johi,^) born 
Feb. 11, 17G6; married (1) Feb. 9, 1791, Phebe Crane, who died 
April 9, 1823; married (2) Deborah (daughter of John and Mary) 
Hendricks, who died Sept. 21, 1825, ?e. 39; married (3) March, 
1828, Widow Hannah Higgins, who had two children by her 
former husband. 

John Stiles was a farmer, at Elizabeth, N. J., where he died 
Dec. 24, 1857, {<jravestone at Elizabeth, N. J.), surviving his 
third wife. 


Children (horn at Elizabeth, X. J.) by jirsf wife: 

84. I. Elizabeth Crane/' born May 1, 1792; marrif^d 

Ebenezer Connett, Jan. 11, 1811. hsin- : 

3.5. i. John," married Elizabeth Smith; 3 children. 

36. it. Edwaed," married Mary Vactor; no issue. 

37. II. John/ born Jan. 29, 1794; married Harriet Clark. 

Family 8. 

38. II. David Chane,*' boru Nov. 13, 1797; married Eliza- 

beth Winaus. Family 9. 

39. lY. Mary,*^ boru Oct. 16, 1799; married Jan. 6, 1825, 

Epliraim Tucker; slie died Jan. 30, 1826, leav- 
ing one child, since dead. 
Sally," boru Dec. 31, 1801; died Aug. 15, 1802. 

William," boru May 16, 1804; married Mary 
Meeker. Family 10. 

Sarah,^ born July 23, 1806. 

Susan Miller,*' born April 16, 1808; married Feb. 

12, 1829, Lines- Littell, who died April 11, 

1832. hsae : 

•44. i. William." 

45. ii. John." 

46. IX. HARitiET,' born July 14, 1810; married Jan. 1. 1833, 

Luke Higgins; had 3 children; died May 28, 

. 1848. 

47. X. Charlotte," l)oru Dec. 3, 1812; married Dec. 11, 

1833, Abuer W. Parkhurst, and died Oct. 28, 1854; 
■ had 8 children, of whom 6 survived her. 

48. XI. Phebe," boru Nov. 13, 1816; married Jotham Gar- 

thwait, and died August, 1847. Isme : 

Linus ? ♦ Gravestone says Lewis; one account says I.ivius. 










49. i. Isaac J died; left children. 

50. ■ ii. William, ■^ married Pamela Price; three children. 

51. iii. Linus,' married; had one child. 

52.. t iv. Fbances," married Alex. Crance; she and children 

are all dead. 
53. V. JoHN."^ married Sarah Morehouse; one child. 


54 Daniel" Stiles, [5] {JJ^ilUam* John,^ Isaac,- John^), 
born Jan. 28, 1773; juarried Pliebe Woodruff, who was born June 
5, 1772. 

Daniel Stiles died near Elizabeth, N. J., Nov. 24, 1810 
(gravefitone). Mrs. Phebe (Woodruff) Stiles died Dec. 12, 1844. 


55. I. John Woodruff,'^ born Oct. 29, 1793; married Mar- 

cia Williams, Family 11. 

56. II. Olr-er,« born Feb. 22, 1795; died April 8, 1871, un- 


57. in. Morris," born July 10, 1797; married Hannah Van- 

derlipp. Famly 12. 

58. . lY. Abraham," born March 28, 1802; died May 6, 1802 


59. V. ELiz.UiETH W\ade,« born Oct. 14, 1799 (1800?) died 

Aug. 20 (or 27), 1869; unmarried. 

(;0. VI. Ell\s W.," born Feb. 23, 1809; married Mary C. 
Bonnel. Family 13. 


6L Cap! William'^ Stiles, [19| {Wmiam,^ WilUnm,' 

John,^ Isaac,' JaJm'), born April 17, 1793; married May, 1824, 
Delia Bailey; served in the war of 1812, and was always proud 
of the fact and of his title. He was a leading farmer in Som- 


erset County, N. J.; but in 1846 removed to St. Joseph, Mich.; 
was a man of fine figure and prepossessing ap])earance; but, un- 
used to frontier hardships, he contracted a fever whicli caused 
his death, Feb. 8, 1847. Mrs. Delia (Bailey) Stiles died Feb. 8, 


CaeolineJ died in infancy. 

Benjamin B.,' born May 18, 1827; died Feb. 21, 1847, 

at New Vernon, N. J. 
John Colin,' died at St. Joseph, Mich., August, 1847. 

Stephen Henry,' born Aug. 9, 1832; married Mary 
Meade, 1 858. Family 14. 










66. Stephen Passeir Stiles, [20] (n7?//am,^ 



John,' Isaacy John'), born Dec. 15, 1798; married, Feb. 23, 1820, 
Nancy Wheaton, of Green Village, N. J., where he was a farmer. 
About 1837, they removed to Ohicr, thence in the spring of 1854, 
to California. He was proprietor of a hotel at Columbus, Ohio, 
for about 20 years; and, after his removal to California, he built 
the "Yankee Blade Hotel," at Nevada City, 1854; was burned out 
in the great fire of July 19, 1856; rebuilt the hotel and was again, 
burned out in March, 1858. He died at Nevada City, Cal., 
March 24, 1860; his widow died at Virginia City, Nov. 1, 1861. 


67. I. Cornells Ann,' born April 3, 1821; married Adam 

B. Crist, in Ohio, September, 1845. Issue: 

68. i. Lavinia E.," married, and resides in Ohio; -2 children. 

69. II. William Carter,' born Dec. 30, 1822; married Mary 

Weir, of Peuu., Jan. 11, 1844. Family 15. 

70. III. Louis Pobell,' born Aug. 25, 1825; died, unmarried, 

March 12, 1850, in New York City. 


71. IV. Sus-\N Ann,' boru May 21, 1827; married Charles 

Barstow, 1858. 

72. y. Andrew Jackson," born July 29, 1833; married. 

73. VI. George Washington," born March 18, 1838; married. 


74. Abner' Sti les, [32] ( WiUwm,' WilUam,' John-' Isaac'; 
John^), boru July 8, 1804, iu Basking Eidge, Somerset Co., N. J.; 
married Feb. 17, 1831, 3'oanua Meeker Winaus, boru July 4, 1807. 

He Avas educated iu Kev. Dr. Wm. C. Browulee's High 
School, at Basking Eidge, after which he studied at Union Col- 
lege, Schenectady, N. Y., graduating in the class of 1831; and was 
afterwards a teacher in the first public school of Newark, N. J. 
He followed teaching for about 25 years; was Justice of the Peace 
for many years. 

He'died Jan. 17, 1869; his wife died Aug. 16, 1858. 

Children [Itorn at Xeicark, A^. J.): 

75. I. Abner Passell," boru June 4, 1832; married Eebecca 

Ann Coxe. Family 16. 

76. II. Jacob Winans," boru Jan. 26, 1834; died Aug. 15, 


77. III. Stephen Woodruff,' boru Jau. 8, 1835; married 

Augusta M. Johnson. Family 17. 

78. IV. Susan Winans," boru Dec. 21, 1837; teacher for nine 

years of the public school of Springfield, X. J., 
where she now (1889) teaches a select school; 

79. V. William BRinvNLEE,' born Oct. 18, 1839; married 

Josephine Mapes. F.uiily 18. 

80. VI. Abby Eliza,' born March 8, 1845; unmarrieil; is a 

dressmaker, at Springfield, N. J. 


81. VII. Mary Jane," boru March 7, 1847; mnrriea Nov. 28, 

1867, Abraham J. Kalston, boru Sept. 1, 184H; 
he served iii the War of the Civil Ptcbcllioii, 
three years, and re-enlisted for the war and 
served until its close. He was but 18 years old 
when he enlisted, as a drummer; aud was choseu 
to represent the State of New Jersey iu the Drum 
Corps which led the funeral cortege of Presi- 
dent Lincoln, down Pennsylvania avenue, Wash- 
ington, D. C. He belongs to the Wade Post of 
Veterans, of Springfield, N. J., where he resides. 
Is a mason by trade. Issue: 

82. ' i. Jennie EvALINE^ boru August 28, IHfiK. 

83. ■ ii. Clarence Irving,'^ born .January 28, 1871. 

84. iii. Mary Emily,** born November 27, 1882. 

85. \T:II. Ann," born May 27, 1853; died in infaucy. 


86. John' Stiles, 1^7] (John: iniUaut,' John;' Isaac;- 
John,'), born Jau. 29, 1794; married April 12, 1815, Harriet Clark, 
of Westfield, N. J., who died April 22, 1858, aged 81 years. He 
and all his children, except William W., resided iu Fremont, 111. 


87. I. WiLLLur Crane," born July 5, 1816; died Aug. 19, 


John Ferris," born Jan. 21, 181S; died May 2, 1839. 

Phebe Crane," born April 9, 1820; married Lewis 
B. Tooker, Nov. 29, 1838. Issue: 

i. John Feruis.' 

ii. Charles Winfield.-* 

iii. Hester Jane.' 

iv. Mary Alice.* 









94. V. William Hknry.» 

95. vi. Lewis Augustus.* 
^^- vii. William Leorange.* 

97. IV. Mary Elizabeth," born April 30, 1822; (married as 
his second wife) Sept. 4, 1850, Henry K. Browne. 
He wa3 born at Gardiner, Maine, Oct. 2, 1809; 
*< tad married (1) Maria Kobiuson, Dec. 7, 1841, 

who died Dec. 27, 1849. He was, at one time. 
Mayor of Elizabeth, N. J.; emigrated to Illinois 
and died Oct. 15, 1886. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth 
(Stiles) Browne died Nov. 5, 1878. Issue: 

^8- i. Lewis Augustus.s born July 28, 1851; died Augusts, 


^- "• Habbiet Alice.s born April 10, 1853; married Frank 

C- Jones, Oct 20, 1878, resides (1890) Washington, 
D. C. 

^^' iii- Daniel Sewall," fnow Solon Sewall) born March I 

1855; married Ella Newman, July 7, 187'J; resides 
(1890) Belleville, Kan. 

iv.' Edward Roby,« born Oct. 25, 1856; died Dec. 27, 1859. 

V. John Stiles,^ born Oct. 18, 1858; married Alice E. 
Miller; resides (1890) Carthage, Missouri. 

vi. Milton Wilder.^ born May 20, 1860; married Anna 
Kanerauf, June 26, 1881; died. 

vii. Myba Anna,« born twin to Milton W.; died March 5, 






viii. Fbederic T.,3 born March 19, 1862, at Fremont, Fil.; 
married Dec. 10, 188-4 ; resides (1890) Vine- 
yard Haven, Mass. 

ix. SAftAH Elizabeth,'^ born twin to Frederic T. ; died 
August 8, 1862. 

^^'^- ' X. George Mason,'' born Sept. 5, 1864; died Aug. 8, 1871. 

108. V. David Magie,* born August 22, 1824. 

109. VI. William Wallace,' born Feb. 2, 1826; married 

Sarah A. Chapman. Family 19. 


110. VIL HAimiET Clarke," boru July 20, 1.828; murried Oct. 

4, 1849, George H. Mason. Issue: 
111 > i. William Henry. « . « 

112. ii- Chables.'' • • 

113. iii. John Elliott.^ 

114. It. Ann E.^ 

115. VIII. Ann Magie,' bom Aug. 13, 1830; died Dec. 20, 1831. 

116. IX. Matthew Clark,' born August 8, 1834. 

117. David Crane' Stiles, [=^8] {John^ Will lam,' John;-' 

Isaac;' John'), born November 13, 1797 ; married Elizabeth ^Yi- 
nans,'in 1817 ; resided at The Wheatsheaf, halfway between Rail- 
way and Elizabeth, N. J. He died January 25, 1855. 


118. I. Jane," died. 

119. II. David,' born 1834; married Ann Elizabeth Dunham, 

March, 1855. 


120. William' Stiles, [/il] {Joh^^' William,' Jolm: 

Isaac,- John'), born May 16, 1804; married Mary Meeker, Jan. 8, 

1828. Superintendent of water works, Elizabeth, N. J. 


121. I. ," daughter, born and died February, 1829. 

122. IL Louisa, born Oct. 26, 1830; married Oct. 26, 1852, 

Charles J. Chandler. 

123. in. Susan Miller," born March 21, 1833; Principal of 

Morris Avenue Public School, Elizabeth, N. J. 

124. IV. Mary E.,' born March 11, 1836. 

125. V. Elizabeth,' born Aug. 8, 1838; died Jau. 7, 1839. 


126. VI. Sarah W.,' boiii June 11, 1811. 
127.' VIl. Julia M.," boru June 10, 1811. 
128. VIIL Elizabeth C.,' born June 8, 1^47. 


129. John Woodruff^' Stiles, \or,] ^Daniel' WlUiam: 
John;^ Isaac;- John'), born October '28 (or 29), 1793; married July 
(or Jan.) 10, 1816, Maria (dauf;^bter of John and Anna Spliunit'j) 
Williams, of Baskino; Ridge, N. J., who was l)orn December 11, 
1796, at Long Hill, Somerset County, N. J. He was a farmer; 
resided about two miles from Mt. Freedom (formerly known as 
Walnut Grove), Morris County, N. J., on a tract of woodland, out 
of which he hewed a house and home for his family. He died 
January 27, 1838; his widow died April 11, 1882, ve. 85 years, 4 
montlis, 3 days; her will, dated November 21, 1881, proved July 
11, 1882, mentions her as of Randolph, N. J. — L/6. 0,313, Morris 
Co. Proh. Rer. 


130. L BxxTT) Williams,' born Nov. 20, 1816; resides (188(5) 

Mt. Freedom, N. J., on the homestead. 

131. n. Phebe Ann,' (or Caroline?) born Jan. 20, 1818; died 

Aug. 8, 1826. 

132. IIL Mary Caroline,' born Feb. 12, 1820; died Oct. 3, 


133. IV. Abraham,' born Feb. 12, 1822; died Aug. 10, 1826. 

134. V. HENTJfiTTA," born Aug. 6, 1826; married David W. 

Demarest, April 3, 1849; resides (1886) near 
Madison, N. J. Issue: 

135. i. Lauba Emma.« born 1851. 

136. ii. Walter Henry,'' born 18.^3 ; died 1860. 

137. iii. Ella Irene, » born 1855. 


13g^ iv. Geobge.s born 1857; died 1858. 

139_ V. Idella Edna,8 born 1859; died 1873. 

140. ^- Thomas Stiles, 8 born March 4, 1862. 

141. vii. Willie.s born 1865, died 1866. 

142. viii. HoBACE Edgae, 8 born February 5, 1869. 

143. VI. Ebenezer Spinning,* born Oct. 3, 1828; married; 

resides (1886) Iowa. 

144. VII. Eliza Ellen," born March 24, 1830; married Jo- 

seph Cramer; resides (1886) near Mt. Freedom, 
N. J.; no issue. 

145. VIII. Harriet Edna,'^ born March 5, 1832; married Dec. 

1, 1852 (and spoken of in marriage record as 
"of Kandolph, N. J., and married at Shongum") 
Rev. Thomas C. Cox, of Elizabeth, N. J.; he is 
dead; she resides (1886) Plainliekl, N. J. Issue: 

146. ' i. H. M. E., 8 born 1885. 

147. IX. LocKEY Ann," born July 28, 1835; married Oct. 2, 

1855 (?) George B. Eddy, of Camden, N. J. 
She died Jan. 15, 1879. Issue.- 

148. i. Kate E., 8 born 1856; died. 

149. ii. Geobgiana.s born, and died infant. 

150. iii. Wllliam H.,^ born 1859. 

151^ iv. Lizzie Maeia,^ died August 18, 1885, x. 19 years. 


152. Morris' Stiles, [57] {Dnnkl,' William,' John,' 

Isaac;' John,') born July 10, 1797; died October 5, 1828, aged 30; 

married (1) Hannah (daughter of Rev. F. Norris) Vauderlipp, of 

Albany, N. Y.; married (2) Lucy Everett. He died July 8, 1856. 

Child {by second marriage): 
153. I. Caroline Elizabeth,^ born October, 1838; resides 
(1885) in New York City, with a second husband. 


154 Elias Wade' Stiles, jGOi (Aui/e//' jnilkun,^ Jnh,,,' 

Isaac,' John, ^} bom February 23, 1809; married February 8, {May, 
ill Morrisfown Rec.) 1843, Mary Crane Bonnell, of Morristowu, 
N. J.; resides (1886) about a mile north of Elizabeth, N. J. ^ 

Children : 

155. I. George Morris,' born Dec. 23, 1845; married Mary 

Winans. Family 20. 

156. II. William Wade," born April 16, 1848; died April 15, 


157. III. Phebe Elizabeth," born April 18, 1852; married 

Cyrus B. Crane, Nov. 9, 1881; resides Caldwell, 
N. J. Issue: 

158. i. Alice Stiles,*^ horn March H, 1885. 

159. IV. Mary Alice,' born February 8, 1857. 

160. V. James Ogden,' born Oct. 16, 1859. _ 

161. VI. John Wade- (or Woodruff?) born Dec. 28, 1866. 

162. Stephen Henry' Stiles, |o5l iCapi. WilUam,' 

IViJliam,^ WWiain,^ John;' Isaac;' John,') born Au,«:just 9, 1832; 
married Feb. 23, 1857, widow Mary Meade. He was a poultry 
and frame dealer in Washington Market, N. Y. City, and died 
Oct. 18, 1875, at Jersey City, N. J. His widow died 1881. 

Children : 

163. I. William,^ born Nov. 24, 1857; married widow Mary 

Carmen. Family 21. 

164. II. George,' born Aug. 11, 1859; married Amanda 

Tiedemanu. Family 22. 


165. III. Ben.umin,' born Juue 17, 1801; m.irried; is a poul- 

try-dealer; resides Jersey City, N. J. 

166. IV. H.YLSEY,' born Aug. 18, 1868; is a printer in N. Y. 

City. (Frank Leslie's). 

167. V. Frank,' born Aug. 16, 1870; is a printer in N. Y. 

City. (Frank Leslie's). 

168. VL Charles,' born 1866; died fe. 9 months. 

169. TIL Daniel,' born 1872; died 1874 


170. William Carter Stiles, [69] {Stephen P.,« Wil- 
liam,^ WiUiam,' John-' Isaacs John,') born December 30, 182'2; 
married Jan. 11, 1811, Mary Weir, of Pennsylvania. 

Child?' en : 

171. L WiLLLUi,8 born Sept. 21, 1815. 

172. II. Andrew,' born January 30, 1817. 

173. in. Mary,' born Sept. 9, 1856; died Jnne 10, 1862. 


174. Abner PasselT Stiles, [75] J6»er,« JFlUhm,' Wil- 
liam,' John;' Isaac,' John,') born Jan. 4, 1832, at Newark, N. J.; 
married Sept. 16, 1860, Eebecca Ann (daughter and eldest child 
of James and Charlotte Jroyloir) Coxe, born Sept. 12, 1837, at 
Wilmington, Delaware. 

He was brought up to the trunk-making trade; went to Cali- 
fornia in March, 1852; returned in the autumn of 1858; pursued 
his trade for 20 years, at the same stand, in N. Y. City; is at 
present farming at Springfield, Union Co., N. J. Is an "out and 
out" Republican; behmgs to the " Old Fremont Guard," having 
cast his first Presidential vote fen- Gen. John C. Fremont, when 
residing in the Golden State. 


The completeness of this record of this branch of the 
Jersey Stiles Family' is very largely due to his keen interest 
and strenuous exertions. 


175. I. William Richard,^ born in N. Y. City, July 1, 1861; 

married Phebe Brill. Family 23. 

176. n. Archibald Winans,^ born in N. Y. City, Aug. 10, 

1863; is a mason and builder. 

177. III. Jo.vNNA Meeker,' born Dec. 5, 1865. 

178. IV. Abner Spinning,^ born Jan. 12, 1868. 

179. V. James Coxe,^ born Dec. 22, 1869. 

180. VI. Robert Passell,^ born Feb. 2, 1872. ' * 

181. VII. Ellsworth Eltot,^ born April 16, 1875; died Sept. 

4, 1878, from accidental discharge of a gun. 

182. VIII. Lewis,s born Dee. 2i?, 1877. 

183. IX. Frank,' born April 16, 1879, at Springfield, N. J. 

184. X. Rebecca Charlotte,' born Aug. 16, 1882, at Spring- 

field, N. J. 


185. Stephen Woodruff" Stiles, [771 {Abner,' Wil- 
liam,^ William,* Jolin^^ Isaac,' John,^) born Jan. 8, 1835, at New- 
ark, N. J.; married, at Newark, N. J., March 14, 1861, Augusta 
M. Johnson, born April 7, 1840, at Chatham, N. J. He is a 
trunk-maker at 218 Third avenue. New York City; spent some 
seven years in California; is one of the "Old Fremont Guard;" 
was, for about ten years, a farmer at Springfield, N. J., but re- 
turned to his trade. His family reside (1886) Springfield, N. J. 


186. L Lauretta Winans/ born Dec. 14, 1861; married Dec. 
5, 1883, Edwin H. Havens; resides (1886) Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Iss\ 



L Flobbnce Maegaeetta,9 born at Brooklyn June 15, 


11. Florence Johnson,' born Marcli 13, 1863, at New 
York City. 

189. HI. LiLLiE Maxwell,' born Aug. 30, 1865. 

190. IV. George Alex.\nder,^ born Oct. 14, 1867, at Black 

Kiver, near Forestport, N. Y. 

191. V. Susan Maria,'' born Jan. 9, 1870, at Springfield, 

N. J.; died Nov. 9, 1872. 

192. VI. Alice Augusta,'' born Jan. 19, 1873. 

193. VII. Stephen Edward,^ born Oct. 27, 1874; died Feb. 15, 


194. William Brownlee^ Stiles, [79] i^^^^^r,'^ ^"^^- 

Uam,' William,^ Mn,' I^aac;- Joh,-) born Oct. 18, 1839; mar- 
ried Dec. 15, 1870, Josephine Mapes, of N. Y. City; is a trunk- 
maker; has been Township Overseer for past five years; resides 
in Springfield, N. J. 

195. L Abner Brownlee Socrates,^ born Oct. 12, 1871; 
died in N. Y. City, June 21, 1872. 

196. William Wallace' Stiles, |109| [John,^ John,' 

WiUiam,' John,' Isoacy Joh»:) born Feb. 2, 1826; married March 
17, 1850, Sarah A., (daughter of Parley) Chapman, of Ellington, 
Conn., born May 28, 1831; resided (and was married in) Pitts- 
field, Mass.; in 1856, resided in Ellington, Conn. 

- ' i 

I .- i\ .. A 



Chihlre)) ; 

197. I. May Alice,'^ l)oru May 17, 1851. 

198. II. Carrie Adelia,' born Oct. 20, 1853. 

199. III. Sarah Adelaide,^ born Nov. 5, 1855. 


200. George Morris' Stiles, 'l'>o| (^^'«.s TV.,' Dan- 
iel/' Willioiii,^ Jolm;' Isaac,' Jvlni,^) born Dee. 28, 18-45; married 
Jan. 17, 1872, Marv ((lauirliter of Natliaii) Winans, of Union 
Co., N. J.; lie was edncated at Elizabetii; clerked it a short time 
at Montclair, X. J., but was compelled by failure of his father's 
health to take charge of the paternal farm. When the Towuley 
School Avas erected, in 1809, he was foremost in or^^anizino; a 
Sunday School in it, of which he was Superintendent for nine 
consecutive years. Always a friend of secular education, he was 
ever lilieral of his time and means to every scheme which prom- 
ised to benefit the community; he was a Trustee and Clerk of 
the Board of Education of Union township for nine years; In- 
spector of Elections, 1871:,-'5-T); Deacon of the Second Presby- 
terian Church of Elizabeth, N. J. A life-long Republic;in — 
though never a bitter partisan — he was three times elected (1878- 
'79-'80) to the New Jersey Legislature, each time by increasing 
majorities, as a testimony of the strong approbation of his con- 
stituency. In the Session of 1879, he was Chairman of the Com- 
mittee on Railroads and Canals; member of that on Riparian 
Rights, and of the Joint Committee on Reform School for Boys, 
and of that on Municipal Corporations. In October, 1881, he 
was the Republican candidate for Sherift* of Union County (re- 
ceiving about three quarters of the vote of the Convention on 
the second ballot, although there were three other candidates) — 
and was elected. Residence at Plainfield, N. J. 


201. L Mary Edna,' born Xov. 6, 1876. 

202. II. Alice AYinvns,^ Ixn-n Sent. 6, 1880; died Sept. 22. 



203. William' Stiles, 1 1^3] [Stephen H.,' Otptal,, WiU 

lidni,^ WilUani^' Jf'iUiam,* John,'' Isaac,- Joh)i,^} borD Nov. 24, 
1857; married widow Mary Carmen. He died Juue 26, 188o. 


204 I. Stephen Henry,^ boru Aug. 21, 1884; died March 
24, 1885. 


205. George' Stiles, [ic^M Stephen K: Captain mi- 

liam,^ Witliani,^ William,* John,' Isaac,- John,^) boru in New Y'ork 
City, Aug. 11, 1859; married June 23, 1878, Amanda Tiedemanu. 
^ir. George Stiles resides (^1886) at Indianapolis, Ind., (221 W- 
Marylaud street). 

Children : 

George,^ born March 15, 1882; at Jersey City, N. J. 

Henry Van N.,' born at Jersey City, N. J., Oct. 1, 

Frederick H.,^ born Sept. 1, 1884, at Indianop«dis, 


209. William Richard' Stiles, |1751 ^Abner P.: Ab- 

ner,' Wlllalni' Jnillom,' John;' Isaac,' John,^) born July 1,1861; 
married Xov. 29, 1882, Phebe (daughter of Anthony) Brill, of 
Spriugtield, X. J., born Nov. 14, 1863. He is a farmer at 
Springfield, N. J. 


210. L Rebecca. Coxe,'^ ) 

- twins, born Oct. 30, 1883. 

211. IL Helen Lydia,^ ) 

212". IIL Mabel," born Dec. 25, 1884. 







A Connecticut w New Jersey Family. 

In 1889, my consiuly correspoudeut, Lt^wis O. Stiles, of 
Morristowu, N. J., wrote me as follows: " I lijive struck a puz- 
zler (to me) iu tbe Stiles family. A few days since, it came to 
ray knowledge that there was a Stiles family living four miles 
from here; and, indeed, one member of it (Mrs. Guerin) right 
here in Morristown. I have just obtained from her a record of 
a portion of the family, which I give you. She says they came 
from Stamford (not Stratford) Conn.; and, what bothers me is, 
that none of these names are to be found in the Connecticut, 
nor in the Massachusetts genealogy. There are lots of them, 
and among them men of wealth and position. How have they 
been missed?" 

The record which he sent rae, when " pieced out " with 
some memoranda taken some years ago from Littell's Passaic 
Valley (N. J.) Genealogies, (a work which is singularly deficient 
in dates), enables me to set down the following account of a 
Stiles family of which, from time to time, I have had "glimpses," 
as it were ; but with which I have thus far been unable to get 
in satisfactory communication, either personally or by letter. 

The Passaic Genealogies gives a brief account (no dates, 
only names) of the families of a Xoah, Jr., a Mervin, and a Wil- 
liam Stiles, brothers, and the sons of a "NoAH of Co)i}iecticvt.'" 
These brothers married three sisters of the Littel name. 

From the family record sent by Mr. L. O. Stiles, we find 
this " Noah, Sen., of Connecticut," to have been 


1. Noah' Stiles, born at Stamford, Conn., Sept. 31, 1773; 
married Dec. 31, 1799, at Greenwich, Conn., by Rev. Isaac Lewis, 


to Mary Marshall. He died at Red Bauk, N. J., Nov. 25, 1848 ; 
his wife Mary died at Greenwich, Conn., March 8, 1818. 

Children: ■ ' • " 

2. I. Alexander,- bora Nov. 4, 1800. 

3. II. Maru,- born March 2, 1803. ~ -^ 

4. III. William Augustus,- born July 22, 1805. Family 2. 

5. IV. Syl\t:ster,- born June 13, 1808. 

B. V. JerusH-\ Curtis,- born April 17, 1810. 

7. VI. Noah, Jr.,'^ born Nov. 13, 1812. Family 3. 

8. VII. Saiuh M-\ErTARET,'- born Oct. 2, 1816; married Jon- 

athan Sniffen; residing (1889) at Rye, N. Y. 

9. VIII. Edward,- born Feb. 26, 1819. 

10. IX. Mary E.,- born March 17, 1822. 

11. X. Samuel M.uivin,- born May 27, 1824. Family 4. 

12. William Augustus' Stiles, i^] {Noah,^) evidently 

the WilUrnn, of the Pn.^snic Ge)ieal<xjies)\hox\). at Stamford, Conn., 
July 22, 1805; married, according to that boolv, Jane (daughter 
of Jonathan and Susan) Littell, of Cheapside, N. J., and liad 


13. I. Mary.' ' . 

14. II. John Lyon.' 

15. III. Cornelia.'^ 

16. IV. Susan.' 

17. V. Loum.^ \ .-v. ;.- 

18. \1. William.' 



19. Noah- Stiles, Jr., [7] {NoaW) married (1), January 
20, 1835, at Wasliiuf]rtou Place, nine miles from Newark, N. J.. 
Mary L. (3d child of Jonathan and Susan Steinbeck) Littell. 
The Passaic Genealogy gives tlieir place of residence as Cheap- 
side, N. J. He married (2), July 14, 1848, Maria . 

Children (by first marriage) — (Family Record): 

20. I. Frances Emjl^,^ born Aug. 20, 1837; married April 

7, 1857, Solomon Parsons, of Rye, N. T. 

21. n. Edward Augustus,' born Sept. 10, 1840. 
j22. III. Adolphus Marvin,^^ born Nov. 13, 1847. 

(By second marriage): 
23; lY. Anna Eliza,^ born May 29, 1849. 

24. V. Sylvester C.,'^ born July 24, 1850. 

25. VI. Henry Augustus,^ born Jan. 7, 1854. 

26. Vn. Noah, (3df born Nov. 6, 1853. 

27. YIIL John Wesley,^ born Sept. 25, 1855. 

28. IX. Henry (Arthur?),' born Aug. 13, 1857. 
Francis C," born Nov. 24, 1859. 
George B.,' born Nov. 3, 1861. 
Alexander,'' born Feb. 27, 1864. 
Mary,^ born Sept. 7, 1867. 

33. Samuel Marvin' Stiles, [11] (A^oaV)— evidently 

the Mencin of the Passaic Genealogies — married Sally (daughter 
of Jonathan and Susan Steinbeck) Littell — sister of his brothers 










Noah and William Augustus' wives; residence at live, N. Y. He 
was a member of the old and well-known cloth firm of Halsted 
& Stiles, New York City. 

Children [from Passaic Genealogies): 

34. I. Laban (Clakke),^ born at New York City, 1830. 

Family 5, 









Sarah Jane," 

married Constant; resides 

N. Y. City. 


38. Laban Clarke' Stiles, [34] (Samuel Marvin ;' Noah,') 
married, 1852, Kate (daughter of Noah) Hanford. Is engaged 
in the book business in New York City. 

Children : 

39. I. Henry Clarke,^ born 1854 ; a merchant in New 

York City. 

40. II. Augustus.^ 

41. III. Sarah Jane,^ married Thomas Young, and is dead ; 

had two children. 

42. IV. Walter Ticicenor;* resides Newark, N. J. 

43. V. Montgomery Pike,^ resides Thomasville, Ga. • 

Note. I have been unable to connect this family with the main Connecticut 
line. The only connection possible (for, thanks to Pres. Ezra Stiles' labors, our 
earlier generations of that line are very perfectly recorded) would be with Noah, Jr., 
|No. 140, page lOtJi, and that would be possible only on the presumption that sub- 
sequently to Pres. Stiles' record (made about 17*)4) he had a son Noah who survived 
and removed to Stamford, Conn. H. R. S. 

A Yates County, N. Y., Family, 


A family, tlius outliued in a letter from Miss S. A. Stiles, 
of Penn Yan, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1884: 


1- Joseph^ Stiles, said to have been of Jolmsbuiy, (or 
burgh) Sussex Co., X. J.; married Christina Voif2;ht, in New Jer- 
sey. After the birth of his two eldest sons, and about 1790, he 
removed to Muncev, Lycominf]^ Co., Pa. He died in 1797, and 
tlie family removed iu 1804 to Potter, Yates Co., N. Y'., and there 
the mother died, June 16, 1829; «?. 74. 

Children : - 

2. I. Joseph,- bom before 1790. 

3. . II. EiCH.VED,^ born before 1790. Family 2. 

4. III. Isaac, born between 1790 and 1797. Family 3. 

5. IV. John,- born between 1790 and 1797. 


6. Richard- Stiles, [3] [Joseph,') married He 

and wife died iu Peoria, III, some years ago; he was a farmer. 


7. I. Richard, born ; resided in Long Valley, 

California, at last account. 

8. II. Crozier,'^ born ; killed in battle of Buena 

Vista, Mexican War. 

M Y/kTES COUNTY. (N. Y. ) FAMILY. 629 

9. III. JoHN;^ boru ; resided in Loug Valley, Cali- 

fornia, at last account. 

10. IV. RosETTA,'' born — ^ . 

11. V. Fannie' born . 

FAMILY 3. ' 

12. Isaac' Stiles, \M (-/osepA/) married Sarah Reynolds, 
Jan. 2, 1817; he died le. 61; she died *. 73. 

Chihiren (all born in Poller, Tales Co., N. Y.): 

13. I. Elizabeth,^' born Oct. 18, 1817; married 183(5, Chaun- 

cey Wolcott; is now a widow, at Elizabeth, X. J. 

U. 11. Herman,' born March 18, 1819. Family 4. 

15. III. Rachel," boru Nov. 24, 1820; resides (1884) Penn 

Yai), N. Y., unmarried. 

16. IV. Sarah Jane,-' born April 11, 1822; married John 

Canard, farmer; resides (1884) Prattsburg, Steu- 
ben Co., N. Y. Issue: 

17. i. John IIaxly.^ 
1«. ii. Maby Jane. J 

ly. iii. Wtt.t.tam Herman,^ died 1877, x. 21 yeurs. , 

20. iv. Hattie.^ 

21. V. Sabra,' born Dec. 9, 1823; married W. H. Hexter. 


22. i. Alice, ^ married E. Herbert Van Deusen; died 1H«3; 

had (1) Effie E. 

23. VI. Salu\x\ Ann, born June 10, 1826; resides (1884) 

Penn Yan, N. Y., unmarried. 

24. VII. Caroline,' born March 10, 1828; married Joel D. 

Martin, farmer; she died at Lewiston, N. Y., 
Dec. 11, 1884, a?. 57. Issue (two ehlest boru in 
Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y. ): 








25. i. MOBTIMEB S.^ 

ii. Olite C* 

iii. Hblen, ' born in Maysville. Cal. 

Is.\AC,^ born March 1, 1830. Family o. 

Ruby Alice,^ born June 15, 1832; married Robert 
Hill, lawyer, Cal. She was (1884) widow; re- 
sides San Jose, Cal. Issue: 

3^- i- Carrie,* grad. San Jose, as teacher. 

31. X. Seymour,^ born Nov. 25, 1834; died unmarried, 

Idaho, July 23, 1883. 

32. XI. Martin Wilbur,'^ born April 27, 1837. Family 6. 

33. XII. Harriet Adelia,-^ born Dec. 4, 1840; married Steph- 

en G. Bennett; resides (1884) Sylvauia, Lucas 
Co., Ohio. 


34. Herman^ Stiles, [1^] {Isaac;- Joseph,'') married El- 
len Voak, 1844; served in Union Army, as a private, in war of 
Civil Rebellion; resides (1884) Irviu, Marshall Co., Kan.; farmer. 

Children : 

35. I, Emma,^ born ; married F. W. Howard, jew- 

eler; resides (1884) Fredonia, N. Y. 

36. II. Clarence H.^ Family 7. 


37. Isaac^ Sti les, [ 28] ( haac,^ Joseph,') married Amarilla 
Wheat; he died, 1861. 


38. I. Florence May;* married S. E. Johnson, resides 

(1884) Schuyler Co., N. Y. Issue: 

39. i. Belle. 5 



40. M arti n Wi I bu r' Sti les, ['^2] [Isaac;' Joseph,') ra;ir- 
ried Emma Reitcbie; was killed at Cold Harbor, Va., 1864, war 
of Civil Rebelliou. 


41. I. Maetin Wilbuk,^ born 1862. 


42. Clarence H." Stiles, [36] [Herman,' Isaac,' Joseph,') 

married ; resides (1884) Irvin, Marshall Co., Iowa ; is a 


Childrert : 

43. I. Ellen Thompson.^ 

44. II. Herbert THoaiPSON.-^ 

A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Stiles 




1- Robert' Stiles, aeconipanied by his sister LuCY, * 
emigrated from Eu^daiid, (probably Staffordsliire-I-) about the 
year 1680, aud was among the early settlers of New Jersey. 
His first settlement was at PhiladelpLJa, Pa.,+ where, and also 

" 1. Lucy Stiles, became the wife of John Rudderow. 

This gentleman, tradition says, had come to Amedca. as a surveyor, some little 
time before iveign of Charles II. i the coming of Robert Stiles and his sister, and, 
being discouraged with his prospects here, contemplated a return to his old home, 
which coming to the knowledge of William Penn. that gentleman oflFered him, as 
an encouragement to stay, a ."square" of land in Philadelphia; which, however, 
failed to bring contentment to him. While thus awaiting a chance to sail, a ves- 
sel arrived from Enpland, among whose passengers were Robert Stiles. and his sis- 
ter Lucy, to whom he was under an engagement of marriage. So, as his heart was 
now Siitisfied. he objected no longer to tarrying on this side of the ocean— was 
soon wedded to the girl of his choice, and purchasing a tract of land on Penne- 
sauken Creek, nearly or quite adjoining Robert Stiles' land, he builded him a house 
and settled there. 

Their children were: 

2. i. M.\RY,2 born 1081; married Nicholas Caulau (a Frenchman) res- 

ident of Philadelphia, who died soon after marriage, leaving no is- 

t John Clements' F.mii;ni,il S,-/ll,'rs of Newton Tmctiship. Old Gloucrster Co.. N.J.. 
mentions him as 'a Staffordshire Englishman who settled at Cooper's Creek. Waterford (now 
Delaware Co..r' and that he -settled on the north side of the south branch of Peuisauken 
Creek." Page ^ 26. 

: First Tax List of Philadelphia Co., !6os. Robert Stiles iaxede shillivifs. Penn. Mag. 
Hist and Biog.. No. i, Vol. 8. March, 1884. 


at Gloucester, N. J., he estal)lishe(l a busiuess of whicli Gabriel 
Thomas, the first historiau of that Colour, says : "The trade 
of Gloucester County consists chietiy in Pitch, Tar and Ilosin, 
the latter of which is made by Robert Styles, an excellent Art- 
ist in that sort of work, for he delivers it as clear as any Gum 
Arabick." In 1695, he purchased of Charles Read, 425 acres 
of land lying on the branches of Penisaukin Creek, three miles 

sue. He was devotedly attached to his wife, and willed his large 
fortune entirely to her. She married (2) Joshua Mad doc, V)y whom 
she had Issue (li Mary, who married John Wallace, who had a son 
John, who died at an advanced age in LSSS, a well known citizen of 
Philadelphia and President of the Penn. Hist. Socifti/. 

Mr. Joshua Maddoc and his wife Mary (Rudderow) widow of 
Nicholas Gaulau, died and were interred in Christ Church Burial 
Ground, Fifth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia— near the grave of 
Benjamin Franklin. The inscription on their tablet reads thus: 

Here lieth the Body of Joshua Maddoc | Who departed this 
life April 18, 1759 | Aged 74 years. Also of | Mks. Mary Maddoc 
his wife, who died | August 5th, 1783 | Aged 102 years. 

3. ii. Hannah;-' married William (son of William I Hollingshead. 

4. iii. Kebecca;- died young. 

5. iv. Ann;- married Samuel Davis, a large landholder. 

6. V. Sabah;' married Piobert (son of Robert and Priscilla Hnn-ell) Stiles; 

settled on the original Robert Stiles tx'act. 

7. vi. John,'- born JIarch 15, 1G94; married Elizabeth Hollingshead. Fam- 

ily 2. 

8. vii. 1 

9. viii. I Daughters,- names unknown. 



11. John- Rudderow, (7) (./o/i)(.i| born March 15, 1604: married Elizabeth 

(daughter of William I Hollingshead: became in time owner of the 
paternal estate, on which he died and was buried in Cole's ( 'hurch 
yard, May 13, 17C9, aged 75 years on the day of his burial. Chiidrtn: 

12. i. Grace ;-^ married, ill 1740, Jacob Lippincott; married, {;!) John Wil- 


13. ii. Mart;'' married Samuel Thomas. 


west of Moorestown, Chester Towuship, Burliu'^tou County, 
N. J. Thouj^h it is uot certaiu Robert ever dwelt on this 
purchased land, vet it has been occupied by his son and sou's 
descendants from generation to f^eneration, and portions of it are 
still in the possession of the family. 

Robert Stiles married Priscilla (daughter of Thc^nas, an 
early Jersey settler and Catljarine) Howell, formerly of Stafford- 
shire, England; but whether this marriage took place there, or 
liere, is not known. Robert Stiles died 

Children: - ' • 

2. I. Robert,' ; married Sarah Rudderow (liis 

cousin). Family 2. 

3. n. John,'- ; died young and was burie<l in the 

Friends' Burying Ground in Philadelphia, Feb. 
15, 1694. 

4. III. Martha,- (probably); married Thomas (son of John 

and Alice Collins) Cole. 


5. Robert' Stiles, Jr., [2] iHoherf,^) married his cousin 
Sarah (daughter of John and Lucy Sfiles) Rudderow, nnd set- 
tled on the tract of land purchased by his father on Penisauken 

He died Dec. 24, 1728, leaving a will, reading thus:^ 

"In the name of God, Amen. Being weak of body, but of sound mind and 
memory, Praised be the Lord for the blessings! being willing to settle in order all 
that Estate which (iod hath blessed me with. Declare this to be my last will and 
testament. Imp., I give & bequeath my soul to God. A I appoint my body to be dis- 
posed of at the discretion of my Executors, llein, I give and bequeath to my son 
Robert Stiles and to his heirs and assigns forever, One Half of my land. And the 
other half I give to my son Ephraim Stiles, his lu irs and assigns forever." He 
also provides for Nicholas and Sarah " and for the child yet unborn." kll his per- 
sonal property " tjuick & dead" he gives to his beloved wife Sarah, whom heap- 
points Executrix. Witnesses, John Inskup, .John Chambers. Jr., and Joseph 
Herifcige. Affirmed before Samuel Bustill, Jr. 

Recorded in Secretary of State's office. Trenton, N. J. — H. R. S. 



(Jhihlre)i : 
6. I. Robert,-'" born 

married Hanuah Burroughs. 

Family 3. 

7. II. Ephraim,'" born ; raarried Mai y Lippineott. 

Family 4. 

8. ni. NiCH(>LAS,-t born . Family 5. 

9. IV. Sarah,-^ boru . - " 

10. V. IsA-\c,'^ (posthumous). Family 6. 


11. Roberf Stiles, 16] (Hohert;^ Robert:) married (1) 
1743, Hauiiali (daughter of Samuel and Anu Grcn/X) Burroughs, 
born 1724. They were married in Haddonfiehl Meeting of 
Friends, of which they were members; and resided on that portion 
of the farm willed to' Robert by his fatlier. Mrs. Hannah (Bur- 
roughs) Stiles died in 1756; he married (2) 1757, in Chester 
Meeting of Friends, Mary (widow of Jonathan Ellis and daugh- 
ter of William) Hollingshead;-* married (3)Margaret Smallwood, 
April 30, 1766.+'!- 

Mr. Robert Stiles died in 1770, leaving a will and appoint- 
ing his "beloved wife Margaret," and his "trusty and well beloved 
brother-in-law, Isaac Mickle," executors. 

Children {hy first marriage): 

12. I. Hannah/ born ; married, in 1772, Samuel 

Roberts, of Chester Township, Burlington Co., 
N. J. Issue: 

* Clement, iu hi. Em,sra.,l Settlers of Neu'ton. erroneouMv gives these two chiMre,. to 
the father Robert ; as well as the date of death of the father, 
t Named after Nicholas Gaulau. 
t Daughter of Richard Gray. 
*• Clements Hnt. Seuton Towitsliip .V. J.. 1S4. 
t+ Rec. Ocrmau Reformed Ch , Philadelphia. -U RS. 


13. . i. Rachel,^ (Roberts) born 1773 ; married Job 


14. ii. Sarah. ^ (Roberts) born 1776; married George 


15. ill. Matiy.s (Roberts! born 1779 ; married Joshua 


16. iv. Enoch,'' (Roberts) born 1787; married Ann 


17. -, V. SAMt;EL,5 (Roberts) born 1789; married Sarah 


18. vi. Hannah,'* (Roberts) born 1792 ; married Levi 


19. vii. AsA.s (Roberts) born 1795 ; married Ann 


Mrs. Hauuah (Stiles) Eoberts died 18Bo. 

20. IT. TsAAC,^ born ; married 1785, Eachel (daugh- 

ter of John and Mary- Glover.) Family 7. 

21. III. Mary,^ born ; married (1) 17-41, Thomas 

Glover; married (2) Peter Thompson. 

(By the second, or more prohahly hy the third marriage): 

22. IV. Egbert.^ 

23. y. Priscill.\,' born ; married Feb. 21, 1785, 

Isaac Smallwood. 


24. Ephraim' Stiles, 1 7] ^Bobert,' Robert,^) married 
Mercy (daughter of Thomas and Mercy AUe))) Lippincott.t 
Ephraim Stiles died in 1771. Mercy his wife died . 

* Glover was from Long Island, probably son of Samuel and Sarah, of Southold. 167;. 

\ .K member of the Society of Friends, and a descendant of /?/(/; irii Lippincott. of Devon- 
shire, England, who at an early period emigrated to .\merlca and, in 1641, resided at Dor- 
chester. Mass. At that time, being in communion with the i'uritans, having become influenced 
by other Christian views, he withdrew from them and was excommuuicaled therefrom, s mo. 
6th day. 1651. In 1652 he returned to England and becoming couvinctdof Friends' principles, 
he associated himself with them and was imprisoned in the j:\il at Hxeter, February, 163s. 
his offence being that he had asserted "that Christ was the Word of God. and the Scriptures 



25. I. Saeah/ born ; married Reese Edwards. IsKue: 

26. i. Phebe, • (Edwards) married Hall. 

27. ii. Thomas,^ (Edwards) i 

V Twins. 

28. iii. Samuel,' (Edwards) ) 

29. iv. Hanxah^ (Edwards). 

30. II. Thomas/ boru December, 1751; married (1) Ami 

Brown; married (2) . Family 8. 

31. III. Robert,* born 1753; died . 

32. IV. WiLLi.ui,' born — ; married Mary Bishop, of 

Salem Co., N. J. 

33. V. EPHEAor,* born ; married Elizabeth Buck, of 

Cumberland Co., N. J. 

34. VI. Je.sse,* born ; married Mary Sheldon. 

35. VII. Phebe,' born ; married Ephraim Tomlinson. 

36. VIII. Mercy,* born ; married Thomas Deacon. 


37. i. Ephbaim' (Deacon). 

38. ii. Phebe'' (Deacon). 

39. iii. Martha"' (Deacon). 

Mrs. Mercy (Stiles) Deacon died 1849. 

a declaration of the mind of God " .\t different times he suffered imprisonment for his 
faithful adherence to his convictions of duty. His release was brought about by the solicita- 
tion of Margaret Fell and others who influenced the newly restored king. Charles II.. to grant 
the liberation of many Friends. He returned to America with his family and settled in Rhode 
Island, whence with some of his neighbors, he became a patentee of a settlement on the 
Shrewsbury River, Colony of New Jersey, and was an active member and officer of that 
colony. In 1669 he was a deputy and overseer: 1670, an overseer of Shrewsbury To^vn. His 
residence was on Passequencequa Creek, a branch of South Shrewsbury River. Here, iu the 
possession of wealth, a pleasant family, the esteem of all wlio knew him and a full measure 
of that religious and political freedom for which he had suffered so much, he passed the re- 
mainder of his years, dying 25th of gtli mouth (Nov. O. S.) 16S,} See Clement's First Set- 
tlers of .\fwli>n Touns/tip. .V. J. 


40. ■ IX. Reuben/ married Elizabeth Murrell. Family 9. 

41. X. Freedom,' married and went West. 

42. XL S.\muel/ married Marv McCurdy; had 

43. i. Mabtha,^ married Charles Dulles; had a daughter 

Mary M. 


44. Nicholas' Stiles, I 8] (7?o?>o-/;- 7?ofter//) born 1728; 
married Elizabeth Sherwin, Jan. 23, 1750. Their marri;i<ie 
bond, or contract, now on file in the State House at Trenton, 
N. J., reads as follows: 

Know all Men by these Preseut«, That We, Nicholas Stiles of Chester, in the 
County of Burlington, Yeoman, and Nicholas Ward of the same place. Yeoman, are 
holden and do stand justly indebted unto His Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq., 
Governor of New Jersey, in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds, current lawful 
money of New Jersey, to be paid to the said Jonathan Belcher, his successors or as- 
signs, for the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we do bind our- 
selves, our heirs, executors and administrators, and every of them jointly and sev- 
erally, tirml}' by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated this Twenty-third 
day of January, Anno Domini. One thousand seven hundred and fifty. 

The Condition of this Obligation is such. That Whereas, the above bounden 
Nicholas Stibs hath obtained a License of Marriage for himself of the one party, 
and for Elizabeth Sherwin of the same place. Spinster, of the other party: 

Now if it shall not hereafter appear, that they the said Nicholas Stiles and 
Elizabeth Sherwin have any lawful let or impediment of pre-contract, atHnity or 
consanguinity to hinder their being joined in the holy bauds of Matrimony, and 
afterwards their living together as man and wife, then this obligation to be void, or 
else to stand and remain in full force and virtue. 

Sealed and delivered in the presence | NICHOLAS^ STILES, [l. s.] 

of us. /" mark 

Jo: ScATTEKGooD. \ NICHOLAS WARD, [l. s.] 

Nicholas Stiles died fe. 84 — see note* page 639. 

Chihlren : 

45. 1. Isaac, ^ born -— ; juarried Oct. 28, 1776, Grace 

Price, both of Evesham, Burlington Co.. N. J.;- 

• Record in Office of Secretary of State. Trenton. N. J — H. R. S. 







had a, daa<j;bter Racliel, who married Richard 

II. Joseph/ boru - 
Went West. 

III. Anna,^ boru — 

IV. Rebecca,' horn 


V. Levi,* born 

VI. James,* born 

51. VII. Job,* 1. 

52. VIII. Elizabeth,' born 
Went West. 

IX. Ppjscilla,* born 

; married Elizabeth Furness. 

married Richard Heritage. 
— ; married William Hol- 

inarried Priscilla Antrim. 
•; married Abigail Ev;iiis. 

married Jemima Wheaton." 
; m.irried William Peacock. 

married Joliu Osier. 


54. IsaaC'^ Stiles, !10] (Robcrfr Robert,^) born ; 

married Hannah Clark. Isaac Stiles died 1806, ». 78 years. 


55. I. Samuel,' probably the one mentioned in Leah 

Blackman's account of the Stiles' of Egg Har- 
bor, N. J., as having removed from the middle 
part of Burlington County, about the close 
of the Revolutionary War, and settled at 
Egg Harbor. He married Elizabeth (daughter 
of Jesse) Chewt and had manv descendants, of 

* In 1858, we received from James Stiles of Bridgeton, N. J., note of a Job Stiles, then (185S) 
89 years old, native of Burlington Co, N. J.— son of Nicholas Stiles, born in Burlington Co., 
1728, and who died x. 84.— H. R. H. 

t Record in Secretary State s Office, Trenton. N.J. , which gives him as of Greenwich Town • 
ship, Gloucester Co.. N. J— and date of marriage April 2, 1783— H. R. S. 


whom she gives account, iu her Settlers of E(j(/ 

5Q. II. Nicholas.* 

57. ni. Sarah.* 

58. IV. Priscill-\.* 


59. Isaac^ Stiles, 120] (Robert;^ Robert,' Robert,^) married 
Rachel (daughter of Johu) Gk^ver, 1785. Isaac Stiles died 1828; 
Mrs. Rachel (Glover) Stiles died 1842. 

Children : ' ^ 

60. I. John/ married Hauuah (daughter of Levi) BoUiuger, 

1812. Family 10. 

61. II. Mary,' married Samuel Matlack, 1814. Issue: 

62. i. Rachel," married Henry W. Lippincott; had (1) 

Abigail; (2) Mary; (3) Rebecca; (-41 .Virah. 

63. IIL BENJ.AiiiN,^ married 1816, Martha Matlack. Fam- 

ily 11. 

64. IV. Hannah,' married Reuben Matlack — had issue. 

65. V. R.\CHEL,^ married Stacy Matlack. Issue: 

66. i. Rachel S.,*' married Taylor. 

67. VI. Sarah,^ married Joel Roberts. Issue: 

68. i. Caroline,'' married Harmer; had (1) Laura. 

69. VIL Lydia,' died 1858. 


70. Thomas' Stiles, 1 30] iEphraim-' Robert,- Robert,^) 
born December, 1751; married Oct. 19, 1772, Ann (daughter of 
Henry and Elizabeth) Brown,^ born May 20, 1754. 

• Record of marriage in Secretary State's Office. Treiitou. N. J., in which he is described 
as of Chester Co., and she of Burlington Co.— H R. S. 


Thomas Stiles died 1793. Mrs. Ann (Brown) Stiles died 
1827, in 7tli month. . 


71. I. John,' born 1773; married Elizabeth King . 

Family 12. 

72. 11. Hannah,' born 1st mo. 20, 1776; married Thomas 

Davis, and died 4 mo. 1794, ae. 18 years. 

73. III. Elizabeth,-^ born 10 mo. 3, 1777; was engaged to 

be married; but her intended dying suddenly, 
she refused many subsequent offers of marriage, 
and devoted her whole life to doing good in the 
neighborhood where she lived, at the bedsides of 
the sick, or dying, by day or by niglit, without 
respect of persons— only thoughtful of what might 
contribute to their comfort. She died iu a serene 
old age, in 1862, on the much-loved homestead, 
on almost the spot where she was born. Her 
memory is preserved by a simple marble in 
Colestown Cemetery. 

74. lY. WiLLLAJtf,^ married Elizabeth Tatem, widow, daugh- 

ter of Richard and Catharine ( Taylor) Borden. 
Family 13. 

75. V. Thom.\s," born 4th mo. 17, 1784; married Judith 

Roberts, widow, daughter of Isaac and Sarah 
(Ridgeicay) Morgan. Family 14. 

76. YI. Amos,5 born Dec. 12, 1786; married Deborah Gith- 

ens. Family 15. 


77. Reuben' Stiles, [401 (Ephmim;' Robert;- Robert;) 
born 1760; married Nov. 22, 1780,^ Elizabeth, (daughter of 

* /Record 0/ Pennsylvania Afarria^^fs, Vo\. n.—H.R.S. 


Levi* and Rebecca Scdften/ood)-^ Miirrell, of Burliugton, N. J. 
Resided at Buvlin^^rton, N. J. 

Reiil>en Stiles died Xov. 27, 1823, «. 62 years, 2 months. 
Mrs. Elizaoeth (Murrell) Stiles died Jan. 21, 1829, je. 64 years, 
10 mouths. 


78. I. Le\V married Mary Kent, of Philadelphia; settled 

at Burlington, N. J. Family 16. 




II. Rebecca,^ married John Smith. Resides (1884) at 
Mt. Holly, Burlington Co., N. J. 

III. Sarah,-' married Samuel Sexton, of Burlington, and 
removed to Ohio; thence to Illinois. 

IV. Elizabeth,'^ married Moses Pippet; removed to Ohio; 
thence to Illinois. 

V. Joseph,' married. F.\jiily 17. 

VI. Phebe,' married Lewis Woodward; settled at Mul- 
lica Hill, Gloucester Co., N. J. 

84. VIL Mary,' born July 19, 1796; married March 27, 1817, 
Benjamin Tomlinson, of Philadelphia, born 
June 6, 1795. Issue: 

^^- i Elizabeth/' (Tomlinson) born Feb. 20, 1818; married 

Sept. 2-1, 1849, Willium T. Severns; resides (1884) 
462 Berkley St , Camden, X. .T. 

^^- ii- Reuben- Stiles," (Tomlinson) born Dec. 27, 1819; 

died April 6, 1823. 

^'^' iii RicHABD,« (Tomlinson) ) Twins, born Feb. 23, 1822. 

y^, J- Rich'd died Dec. 22,1823. 

'*''• IV. Mart Ann,« (Tomlinson) ) Mary died April 11, 1847. 

* Levi Murrell was killed in the Revolutionary War. Is said to have been in the Secret 
Service under Gen. Washington. 

t Letter of Rev. Dr. W T. Tomlinson, Providence, R. I., gives this name — H. R. S. 


89. V. (Tomlinson) born Aug. 24, IS'i-l; murried 

John C. Moore,' of Philiulelpbia. March 27, 18i3. 
He died at Camden, N. J. She resides 1 1H>^4) at 
Camden, N. J. 

90. Ti. Adaline.s (Tomlinson) born Oct. 22, 182(i; married 

Theodore F. Woodward, Aug. 3. 186D: resides (1«S4) 
Camden, N. J. 

91. vii. Chakles Weldon, (Tomlinson) born at Philadelphia. 

Aug. 27. 182S; married Mary Lydia (daughter Col. 
Hezekiah and Nancy Roumh) Newcomb, Sept. 12, 
1852, at Homer, N. Y. She was born at Leyden. 
Mass., May 8, 1830. Mr. Tomlinson graduated at 
age of 121.; years at the Grammar School in Phila- 
delphia, and being compelled to earn his own living, 
became an indentured apprentice to L. Johnson & 
Co., stereotypers, in that city, and eked out his ed- 
ucation from books in his father's attic. In July, 
1850, he (aged barely 22) became pastor of a mis- 
sion church in Homer, N. Y., and remained three 
years; then served as a missionary in Oswego Co., 
N. Y.; in 1854 took the pastorate of a parish at 
Cooperstown, and in 1866 removed to Syracuse: in 
1868, removed to Hudson, N. Y., and held a pastor- 
ate till July, 1879. After a few mouths in Europe. 
took charge of a Universalist Church at Galesburg, 
111., and while there accepted the chair of Biblical 
Interpretation in a newly organized Theological De- 
partment of Lombard University at that place. 
Circumstances of health and larger needed facilities 
for study, drew him East in June, 1882, and he be- 
came the pastor of the Universalist Church at Paw- 
tucket, R. I. With that denomination he has been 
always identified, as were his father and grand- 
father before him; his mother, though of Quaker de- 
scent, was reared among the l>ai)tists In 18>^2, he 
received the degree of D. D. from Lombard Univer- 
sity. His c.hUdvHi are [n] Frank Newcomb (Tomlin- 
son) born at Cooperstown. X. Y.. March 21. 1M55; 
resides Detroit, Mich., utimairied; photographer. 
(6) Charles Benjamin (Tomlinsonj, born at Cooper.s- 
town. N. Y., Oct. 8, 18.->8; died Sept. '.», lS5'.i. ic) 
Cora May i Tomlinson). born at Cooperstown, N. Y.. 
April 18, ISC.V, married Charles H. Buffington, nf 
Taunton, Mass. 


92. ' viii. Sabah Frances/ (Tomlinson) born at Philadelphia, 

Nov, 1, 1830. tsiugle; resides in Camden, N. J. 

93. , ix. Benjamin Franklin,*' (Tomlinson) born at Philadel- 

phia, Dec. 31, 1832. Enlisted under first call for 3 
months' men, in 18G1. Was Second Lieut. Re- 
enlisted and was made First Lieut.; but died at 
home before going again to the field, of typhoid 
fever, contracted in camp, August 8, 1861, se. 28:6:8. 

94. X. Mabtha Stiles,*' (Tomlinson) born at Philadelphia. 

June 11, 183o. Unmarried. Graduate of Phila. 
Normal School. Has taught in Phila.. Hudson, New 
York, and now is teaching (and has been 8 or 9 
' yeara,) in Danbury, Conn. 

95. VIII. Edw.vrd,-^ EQiirried Margaret White. F.viULY 18. 

96. IX. Keuben M.,' married Martha Sipler. F.unLY 19. 


97. John' Stiles, [60] ihaac,' Robert,' Rohert:- Robert,'') 
married Haunah (^daughter of Levi) Bollinger, 1812. 


98. L Saxuel." 

99. IL Priscilla.'' 

100. III. Levi/ married Ann (daughter of Enoch and Ann) 








103. Benjamin' Stiles, [63] {Isaac,' Robert,^ Robert,^ 
Robert,') married, 1816, Martha Matlack. 


104. I. Eliz.^beth," married Richard Bond. . ' 

105. II. Isaac," married Eleanor Wilkius. 


106. III. Joseph B./ married Lydia (daughter Jos. A.) Bur- 


107. IV. Mary," married Joseph Haines. 

108. V. Benja^hn/ married Anna (daughter Thomas) Wil- 

son. Has two children. 


109. John' Stiles, [71] {Thomas,' Ephraim,'' Robert: 
Robert,'^) married Elizabeth King. 


110. I, Ann," married Haines. Issue: 

111. i. Elwood," ( Haines ). 

112. ii. Jane,' ( Haines ). 

113. ill. Eliza,'? ( Haines ). 

114. iv. Ltdia," ( Haines ). 

Mrs. Ann (Stiles) Haines died 1838. 

115. IT. Stacy," married Susan Bollinger. Family 20. 

116. III. Matilda," married Eichard Edwards. Issue: 

117. i. J08EPH," ( Edwards). 

118. ii. Elizabeth,^ (Edwards). 

119. iii. John Henry,' ( Edwards ). 

120. iv. Fbanklin," (Edwards ). 

121. V. Martha Ann," (Edwards) 
Mrs. Matilda (Stiles) Edwards died 1876. 


122. William' Stiles, [741 (Thomas,' Ephraim,^ Robert,- 
Robert,') married Elizabeth Tatem, widow, and daughter of Kich- 
ard and Catherine ( Taylor) Borden. Resided at Chester Town- 
ship, Burlington Co., N. J. William Stiles passed through great 
affliction in the loss of most of his children just as they sev- 


erallj reached maturity; but lie bore it iu a lofty spirit of resig- 
nation. He was a man of generous and liospitable cliaracter. 
He died on the Homestead, in 1861, aged 80 years. 
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Stiles died 1844. 


123. I. Thomas,^ born 6 mo. 25, 1810; died 6 mo. 25, 1825; 

a youth of particular promise and beauty of 

124. II. John B.,*^ born July 15, 1812; died April 6, 1832. 

125. III. Eachel,'^ born Oct. 31, 1814; died 1874. 

126. IV. Hannah A.,« born Feb. 12, 1816; died 1873. 

127. Y. Abig.ul,^ born Jan. 31, 1819; died Jan. 1, 1847. 

128. VI. Keziah,'' born Jan. 15, 1822; died Dec. 7, 1846. 

129. VII. EiCHARD,« born May 20, 1825; died June, 1840. 


130. Thomas' Stiles, ^75] (Thomas,^ Ephrahn,'' Robert,^ 
Robert') born 4 mo. 17, 1784; married Judith Koberts, widow, 
daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Ridgewaf/) Morgan. Was very 
fond of scientific pursuits and was considered to have great abil- 
ity in that direction. He died 2 mo. 21, 1849. Mrs. Juditli 
(Morgan) Stiles died 2 mo. 22, 1856. 

Children : 

131. I. Sarah Morgan,*' married John Nasdies, formerly of 

Eastou, Md.; later of Philadelphia. Resides 
(1885) Haddonfield, X. J.; is the author of this 

132. n. William," married (1) Mary Browning Hatch; mar- 

ried (2) Elizabeth L. Acklev. Family 21. 


133. III. Thomas B.,'' married Emma (daughter of Beujarain 

B. and Lyilia Baker) Browu. 

134. rV. B. Morgan," married Carrie D. (daughter of John 

and Margaret Dennis) Weiler. Family 22. 


135. Amos' Stiles, L'^^l {Thomas,* Ephraim;^ Robert,' 
Robert,'^) born Dec. 12, 1786; married Deborah Githens. 

"When the British Army were on their march from Phila- 
delphia to Monmouth, a part of it passed through this village 
I MoorestownJ; they encamped on the night of June 19, 1778. on 
land now owned by AmoH SiUes and Beuj. Warrington, about 
300 yards from the Friends' Meeting House."* 

Amos Stiles was an active business man, and occupied some 
public trusts in Burlington County. He was one of the Judges 
of the Court for many years. He resided and died at Moores- 
town, N. J., 1855. Mrs. Deborah (Githens) Stiles died May 1, 

Children: " 

136. I. Kebecca," married Isaac Saunders, hsue: 

137. i. RicHABDS," ( Saunders ). 

138. ii. HoBACE," ( Saunders ). 

139. iii. Joseph," C Saunders). 

140. iv. William Simmon,' ( Saunders). 

141. V. Makia C," (Saunders); married Wm. Hoeniger; 

baa (1) Frank; (2) Augusta; (3) William. 

142. II. Franklin,*' married Ann . Issue: 

143. i. Fbamklcn,' died 1879. 

144. III. Amos," married Caroline Chamberlain. Issue: 

145. i. Lauba V.,' (Chamberlain). 

♦ Barber's and Howe's Hiit. ColUciions o/ .Wew Jersey, -pn^e 98. 1S46. — U. R. S. 


146. IV, Montgomery," lUiirried Aclaline B. Archer. He died 

1873. Issue: 

147. i. Welliam A..' marrietlHettie Wilkinson; have (1 1 Ad- 

aline B., died October, 1885. 


148. Levi^ Stiles, I 78] (Reuben,* Ephraim;^ Robert,' Rob-- 
ert,^) married . 

Children : 

149. 1. Warder." Resides (1885) Burliugton, N. J. 

150. 11. William.^ Resides (1885) Philadelphia, Pa. 


151. Joseph' Stiles, [82] (Reuben,' Ephraim,' Robert;' 
Robert,^) married , of New York City. 

Children : 

152. L Reuben." 

153. IL Daughter.*^ 

154. in. Daughter." 

155. IV. Daughter." 


156. Edward' Stiles, [95] (Reubt-n,' Ephraim,' Robert;' 
Robert,^) married Margaret White; settled at Manchester, Ocean 
Co., N. J.; lived to be 88 years old. Had a family. 


157. Reuben M.' Stiles, '^<3] ^ Reuben,* Ephraim;' Rob- 
ert,^ Robert,^) married Martha Sipler, of Phila.; resides at Moores- 
town, N. J., farmer. In 1884, was 78 years old — the only one of 
his father's family living. 


Children : 

158. I. Elizabeth," married Joshua Scott, farmer; resides 

near Saleua, Gloucester Co., N. J. 

159. II. Charles," resides at Marlton, Burlingtou Co., N. J. 

160. III. Anna," married Giles S. Wool man, farmer; Tardley, 

Bucks Co., Pa. 


161 Stacy' Stiles, [115], {John, Thomas,' Ej^hraim,^ 
Robert,' lioberf,^ ) married Susan Bollinger. Stacy Stilea 
died 1883. . 


162. I. Kachel."^ 

163. II. John.' 

164 III. Stacy.' ^ 

165. IV. SusAN.^ V 

166. V. Henry.' 

167. VL Serena.* 


168. William' Stifes, [132] (Thomas,' Thomas,' Eph- 

raim,^ Bohert,- Roherf,^) V)orn ; married (1) Mary Browu- 

inf^ Hateli; married (2) Elizabeth L. Ackley. 

Child re)): 






Mary Hatch. 



Helen A.' 



Jessie M.' 






174. B. Morgan' Stiles, jl^-i] {Thoums^ Thomas,' 
Fphraiin,^ Robert,- Roherf,^) nuivried C;irrie D. (daughter of Jolm 
and Margaret Deioiis) Weiler. 


175. I. Harold M.' 

Note. — Mrs. J^eedles, the author of the foregoing sketch, says, in a letter, 
dated 4 mo. 2, 1885: "The Stileses of Burlington County, as a family, generally, 
in our line, have either been members of, or much inclining to, the Episcopal 
Church — I think I might say. from generation to generation. One reason of my 
mentioning this is to explain that I have not had the advantage of Friends' Records 
to help me in m}' work, except in a very few instances." She also mentions, " In 
the Philadelphia Records and Minutes of Friends, I met with the name of Joseph 
Stiles, who in 17^1, was granted a certificate of removal from Berks Monthly 
Meeting, recommending him to Philadelphia Monthly Meeting — a son of Benja- 
min Stiles. The latter, with his wife, are spoken of as being worthy people, par- 
ticularly ' his worthy and tender mother, she being deceased;' and desiring Joseph's 
preservation and growth in grace. It mentions his absence on the Seas. In this 
Certificate the name of Henry Stiles also occurs. There appears to have been a 
Joseph, who settled at Evesham, Burlington County, West Jersey, years ago, with a 
wife Flannah (I think) IloUtmjshead, who probably are of this Jersey family. 

"Tobias Stiles' wife was also buried in Haddontield (N.J.) Friends' Burying 
Ground, many years ago." 

Recorded in Secretary nf State's Office, Trenton, N. J. — //. R. S.: 

Edward Stiles, of Burlington County, N. J., and Martha Bishop, of same place 
(widow). Dated March 1-1, ITf.l. 

John Stiles, of Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth County, N. J., and Acsha 
Miugin. Dated May -1, ITd.J. 

.John Styles, of I'pper Freehold Township, Monmouth County, N. J., and 
Elizabeth Stewart. Dated May 15, 1773. 

Recorded In County Clerk's Office, Morrlstoicn, X. J. — If. R. S.: 

March 16, 1797, Isaac Stiles, of Pequannock, to ilary Laporte, at Hanover, by 
John Cobb, J. P. 

An Ulster County, N. Y., Family.* 

1- James' Styles, sou of Francis' Styles and Sarah 
Nightingale, was V)orn in Berkshire, England, Oct. 24, (O. S. i,()r 
Nov. 4, (N. S.), 1743; and died in Kingston, X. Y., Oct. 16, 1830, 
aged 8() rears, eleven mouths and twelve days. He married Altje 
(Aaltjej daughter of Henrieus Cavalier, who "was sprinkled with 
a little water, Sept. 15, 1734, in Kingston, N. Y., by a Dutch 
Church Minister; and died at Kingston, Sept. 21, 1804, aged 70 
years, 6 days from her sprinkling.t She was the grandmother 
of all." 


2. I. James, born August 18^ 1769,:^ in New York City; 

died ?e. 3 or 4 years. 

3. XL HenriV born April 14, 1770,; in New York City— 

Family 2. 

4. III. James,'^ born February 24, 1772, in New York City. 

Family 3. 

5. lY. WiixiAM,"' born July 9, 1775. Family 4. 


6. Henry' Styles, 1^1 (./c/z/^'s,- FyYf/?e/.s.'") born April 14, 
1770; married Catharine Litz. He died Dec. 4, 1798, :e. 29 years, 
7 months, twenty-nine days. 

* "For information concernina: this family we are indebted to Robert S. Sty!es. aud Eugene 
M. Styles, of liurlinsrton, Vt., and to tlielate J. R.Gibson, wliocopied for us some of the Dutch 
Church reconls of Ksopus. 

t One record contiu\ies, "and was afterwards immersed " — /. c. baptized. 

X One record gives birth of James as 1767; and that of Henry as in 1769. 


Children (horn in Esopus, X. Y.) : ■ 

7. L James H./ born Oct. 12, 1789. Family 5. 

8. II. Saeah H./ born July 22, 1791. 

9. m. WiLLi-YM H.,^ born Sept. 14, 1793. Family 6. 

10. IV. Althea,^ born Sept. 14,* 1796 ; died January 25, 


11. V. Abigail,' born May 4, 1798. 


12. James' Styles, \^] (James,' Francis,^) born Feb. 24, 
1772; married (1) Xov. IG, 1794, Mariali Litz,wbo was born July 
20, 1772, and died Sept. 28, 1796, x. 24 years, 2 mouths, 8 days; 
(2) Sarah Bogle, April 10, 1797. 

He was a silversmith, and died at Kingston, N. Y. 

Children: (by Jirst nian-iage — all horn in Kingston): 

13. I. Henry,' born Feb. 29, 1796, "at 6 o'clock in the 


(By second marriage): 

14. 11. William,^ born March 13, 1798, "at 2 o'clock P. M." 

15. III. James,' born March 6, 1800, "at 4 A. M." Resided 

in Kingston, N. Y.; piauo maker. 

16. lY. Eden,' born Dec. 13, 1801, "at 3 o'clock A. M.;" 

died Oct. 25, 1805, ffi. 3 years, 10 months, 12 

17. V. John,' born Oct. 9, 1803, at "11 o'clock P. M.;" 

died Feb. 23, 1818, x. 14 years, 4 mouths, 14 days. 

18. VL Charijes,' born August 30, 1805, at " 5 P. M.;" died 

Oct. 7, 1805, X. 1 month, 8 days. 

* One record gives May 2S. as date birth. 



Vn. Egbert/ | ^^^^ g^p^ 19^ lg06, "at 7 P. M.;" Rob- 

20. VIII. Jane, ) ©rt resided at Pouglikeepsie, N. Y. 

21. IX. Sarah Ann/ born July 31, 1811, at "10 P. M." 

22. X. JuLiA,^ boru March 14, 1814, "at 9 A. M." 

23. XL Edward,^ born Nov. 17, 1816, "at 10 A. M." Re- 

sided in Kingston, N. Y. Printer. 


24. William'' Styles, [o] {James,- Francis:) born Julr 
9, 1775; married Sally Couckliu. Resided Kingston, N. Y'. 

Children (from Baptismal Records of Dutch Refonned Church 
at Esojms (Ulster ParJc) X. Y. — Lawrence ConcUin, witness on the 
Baptismal Register) ;* 

25. I. S.^UEL,-* born August 17, 1795. 

26. II. Lawrence,^ born Feb. 18, 1797. 

27. III. Harry,^ born Nov. 27, 1799. 

28. IV. Matthew,^ born May 12, 1800. 

29. V. An^-a ALA.RIA,* born Aug. 20, 1803. 


30. James H/ Styles, [7| (Henr7j,^ James;' Francis,') 
born Oct. 12, 1789; married (1) Ann Catherine Pottenburgh, May 
17, 1813, who was boru Sept. 25, 1792, and died Oct. 13, 1830, 
at Rhinebeck, N. Y"., aged 38 years, 18 days; (2) Esther Adsit 
Canfield, April 13, 1831, who w-as living in April. 1878, when, 
as his widow, she claimed her pension for his services in the 
War of 1812. From her application ( U. S. Pension Oflire, Wash- 
ington, D. C.) it appears that he was drafted at Rhinebeck, N. Y., 

• Note.— There was, in 18*3. a Shfrebtak Stiles, living at Cohoes, N. V., a grandson of 
this William of Kiugslon. N. V. 


in September, 1814, for 3 tnos. in Capt. Titus' Co. in Col. Dela- 
inater's reg't; and discharged at Harlem, N. Y.; and that, with 
the exeej^tiou of five years at Kingston, and 2 at Albany, he had 
since the war resided in Rhiuebeck, N. Y., where he died May 
2 (or 3), 1SG3. This is confirmed, as to his services in tlie War 
of 1812, by his certificate (now in possession of Eugene M. 
Styles, of Burlington, Vt.) of honorable discharge, from Captain 
Obadiah Titus, as having served from Sept. 10 to Nov. 29, 1814, 
in his company. 

Mrs. Esther Adsit (Canfield) Styles died Sept. 12, 1881, 
aged 88 years, 4 months, having been born May 13, 1793. 

Children {by first marricf/e): 

31. I. Christian Elizabeth,^ born Feb. 21, 1814; married 

May 20, 1841, John Helms. Resides, Rhine- 
beck, N. Y. Issue : 

32. i. John James/ (Helms) born June 23, 18i2. 

33. ii. George Henkt,*' (Helnas) born Sept. 23, 1S44. 

34. iii. Peter," (Helmsj born Oct. 20, 1846. 

3.'}. iv. George M.,*' (Helms) born June 20, 1848. 

Mrs. Christian Elizabeth (Styles) Helms died Jan. 
9, 1886, aged 71 years, 10 months, 19 days. 

36. II. John Pottenburgh,^ born Jan. 27, 1816. Family 7. 

37. III. Ann C.vtharine,^ born Oct. 21, 1817; died Aug. 13, 

1844, aged 26 years. 9 months, 13 days. 

38. IV. Cornelia,' born July 15, 1820; married Aug. 27, 

1843, George Marshall, who died Sept. 26, 
1874, aged 59 years, 5 mouths. She died Feb. 
14, 1868, aged 47 years, 6 months, 29 days. 

Resided at Harlem, X. Y^ Issue: 

39. i. George V., "(Marshall) born Feb. U. 1846; died at 

Greeley, Colorado. 








ii. Cathekine Esther,*' (Miirsball) boru Aug. 27, 18-14; 
resides at Greeley, Colorado; married Charles L. 

Mary,-^ horn Nov. 28, 1822. 

George W./ born May 24, 1825. Family 8. 

Julia,'" born May 4, 1832; married Robert H. Rum- 
rell, Nov. 22, 1852; resides at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ifisae : 

44. i. Heney Ernest,*' (Rumrell) born Nov. 9, 1853. 

45. ii. Mart Alice," (Rumrell) born Dec. 8, 1855. 

46. iii. Emily, 6 (Rumrell) born June 1, 18G(). 

47. iv. Grace Lucretia,'' (Rumrell) born Aug. 13, 1865. 

{By second iiiarriage) : ' 

48. VIII. Lucretia,' born Nov. 5, 1834; married Eobert H. 

Snyder, March 30, 1858. 


49. William H.' Styles, L^l (Henry,' James;- Francis,') 
boru Sept. 14, 1793; was drafted into military service in the 
War of 1812-14, and was several months in camp on Staten 

Island; married , 1819, Elizabeth Low, who was born 

in Marbletown, Ulster Co., N. Y., Oct. 21, 1797, and who 
died Oct. 10, 1890, aged 92 years, 11 months, 19 days, at 
Kingston, N. Y. He died Nov. 2, 1872, aged 80 years, 1 month, 
19 days. 

Children (all but the youngest horn at Esopns, X. Y., and all 
but tiro of those now living, residing at Kingston, iV. Y.) — from Eso- 
pus Church Records: 

50. L LavinV born Dec. 16, 1819; married Henry Dates, 

Kingston, N. Y. 

51. IL Ann AmellC born Feb. 3, 1823; married John 

Vignes; died Jnne, 1881. 


52. III. RoBEKT Ste\'ens,-^ born June 2, 1825. Family 9. 

53. IV. Henry Ames,'* born Aug. 2, 1827; died 1857. 

54. V. Andrew L.,^ born Feb. 13, 1830. Family 10. 

55. VI. Elizabeth L.,-^' born twin to Andrew L.; died. 

56. VII. ]VL\KY Jane,5 born July 27, 1831 {Church Rec. says 

1852); married Frank Lowe ; died. 

57. VIII. James EDWARD,n)oru 183G. Family 11. 


58. John Potten burgh' Styles, [36] i James H.: Hen- 
ry,^ James:- Francis,^) born 1815 or 1816; married May 9, 1846, 
Christina Myers. He died at Saugerties, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1876. 

Children (dates marked * from graveyard at Saugerties): 

59. I. James Myer," died April 14, 1854, aged 7 years, 2 

months, 24 days." 

60. II. James Myt:r,« born Feb. 11, 1855. 

61. III. John P.,« born Dec. 1, 1856. 

62. IV. Elizabeth C," died July 5, 1859, aged 2 years, 8 

months, 18 days.* 


63. George W.' Styles, (42] (James H.,' Henry;' 
James,'- Fra)icis,^) born May 24, 1825; married June 16, 1847, 
Augusta C. M. Aubery, who was born Sept. 16, 1827, in Burling- 
ton, Vt. Resided at Burlington. 

Children (born in Budington, Vt.): 
'64 I. Catherine Almira,' born May 10, 1818; died Sept. 


05. II. Eugene Maushall,' born Sapt. 8, 1850. Family 12. 


66. Robert Stevens' Styles, [•'521 OViiUmn II.: Hevnj,- 

James,- Frmicis,^) born Jiuie 2, 1825. Mr. Styles thus succinctly 
sketches his own life history: 

"In the month of September, 1837, I entered the office of 
the Ulster Sentinel, a newspaper edited and owned by William 
Culley, as the youngest 'Entered Apprentice,' and continued so, 
with some slight deviations, until the political campaign of 1840; 
when, the Sentinel being a conservative sheet, it was, for finan- 
cial and political reasons, merged into the Kingston. Jonrnnl, 
Whig, which dispansed with my s^rvicas. t than entered the 
office of the Pour/hJceepsie Journal, owned and edited by Jackson 
& Schram, where I was employed some two years, when an alli- 
ance was made with the Ponr/hkeep-^ie Eugle, which again vacated 
my 'frame.' Eeturned to Kingston, N. Y., and entered the em- 
ploy of Rodney Chipp, on the Wlster Repnhlican, and continued 
thus until the Spring of 1844, when I found myself in Freehold, 
N. J., working on the Laws of that State, and a paper published 
by one Bernard ConoUy. About August 1st of that year, I re- 
signed, and on the 12th, with my brother Henry, sailed from Sag 
Harbor, L. I., on board the ship Thomas Dickason, Capt. William 
Lowen, bound on a three years' whaling voyage. In due time 
the Cape of Good Hope was doubled, and the Indian Ocean tra- 
versed, running not far from New Holland (now Australia), and 
thus on until the southeiu point of New Zealand was sighted, to 
correct chronometers, when the ship headed for the Sandwich 
Islands— stoj)ping at Pitcairn Island en route. Town of La- 
haina. Island of Maoi, was our port of rendezvous for supplins. 
Passed two summers in the Okotcli sea (winters in this latitude) 
in the South Pacific. On the 10th day of January, 1847, doubled 
Cape Horn, homeward V)ound. April 12th, anchored in Gard- 
ner's Bay, just 32 months from home, bringing 4,000 b.irrels of 
oil and 48,000 lbs. whalebone— full ship. The m(mth of May 
found me again in the office of the Ulster Repnbliean, and so con- 


tinned until my marriage; since then, with little variation, my 
home and business has been in Burlington. Vt., for 29 years own- 
ing and conducting a book and job printing office, disposing of 
the same January 1st, last. Robert Stevens Styles. 

He was married, in Burlington, Vt., May 13, 181:9, to Phil- 
ura Adaline Hatch. 

Children (all born in Burlington, Vt.): 

67. I. Ella Flohenge,'^ born July 26, 1850; married (1) 

Dr. Randall, of Plattsburgh, N. Y.; married (2) 
C. R. Callahan, of Newburgh, N. Y. 

68. II. George E.," born Dec. 21, 1852. Fajviily 13. 

69. III. Emma F.,*' born March 20, 1856; married F. M. 

Gould, of Burlington, Yt. 

70. IV. WiLLLAM W.,'(M. D.),boruJau.ll,1858. Family 14. 


71. Andrew L.' Styles, [51] [William K,' Henry;' 
James,^ Francis;) born Feb. 13, 1830; married, Jan. 5, 1854, to 
Harriet Bonesteel. 

Children (all residing, in 1881, in Kingston, V. Y., a.ud then 

Augustus A.,' born April 29, 1855. 

Willlvm D.,*^ born Oct. 5, 1856. 

Frank L.,, born Dec. 25, 1858. 

Crawford R.,'' born Oct. 15, 1859. 

Chester,'^ born April 14, 1861. 

Ell.\ B.,« born Feb. 10, 1863. 

Lottie V.,'' born Dec. 5, 1864. 
















79. VIII. JuLL\ B.,« boru Nov. 8, 1807. 

80. IX. Thedora C./ Oct. 12, 1875. 

81. James Edward' Styles, I -^7 1 ( WiUkwi HJ Henrij;' 

James,'^ F/'oncis,^ raarrietl, Juue 14, 1860, ;it Alligerville, Ulster 
Co., N. Y., Amy (daughter of George auJ Catheriue) Hardeu, 
born April 11, 1810. His business is that of a house-carpeuter, 
and he now resides at Astoria, N. Y. 


82. I. Joseph Hahnden," bcu-n March 12, 18G1. 

83. II. George Harnden,*^ born Juue 5, 1863; married Jan. 

12, 1888, May Courseu; has (1) Jessie May; (2) 
Florence. Besides Astoria, N. Y. 

84. III. Amy Frances,*' born May 7, 1866. 

85. IV. Catherine Harnden,'' born Oct. 26, 1868; married, 

Sept. 9, 1891, Henry Holland. Besides Chicago, 


Clarence Neher,*^ born June 9, 1873. 

Laura," born April 3, 1875. 

Leroy,'' born Oct. 1, 1879. 

Edith Florence,' born March 26, lb82. 

90. Eugene Marshair Styles, 165] (Geor(fe JF.,' 

James H.,^ Heitr/j;' Jmnes,' Francis,^} born Sept. 8, 1850; married 
Hattie Grace (daughter of Albert O.) Humphrey, Oct. 8, 1885. 
Is a druggist (firm of W. H. Zottman & Co.), Burlington, Vt. 

91. I. Humphrey Aubery," born Oct. 15, 1891. 










92. George E." Styles, l08| {Robert S.,' William H.,' 

Henry-' James,'^ Francis,^) boru Dec. 24, 1852; married October, 
1875, Alice A. (daughter of George M. aud Adaline M. Holt) 
Duncan, boru Aug. 12, 1856, and died March 7, 1892. He is a 
printer; resides (189-4) at Burlington, Vt. 

Children : 
98. I. Alice Daisy,' born May 22, 1876. 

94. IT. Grace Adaline,' born Sept. 15, 1878. 

95. III. George Stanly," born July 26, 1881. 

96. IV. Robert Dl-ncan," born Oct. 23, 1883. 

97. V. Chaeles Willis," born Jan. 26, 1885. 

98. William W/ Styles, M. D., [701 iBohert S.: Wil- 

liam H.,' Henry-' James,' Francis,') graduated M. D. June, 1882, 
from Medical Department of the Uuiversity of Yermout; married 
Edith Jaue (daugliter of Albert James aud Mary Frishie) Hay- 
ward, born at Willsboro, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1864. He is a practic- 
ing physician at Essex, Vt. 

99. . I. Blanche Amelia," born Oct. 4, 1885. 

100. 11. Albert," born March lU, 1893. 

The Bermuda Stiles Family. 


This sketcli of the Soufheni Sfiks families, is largely in- 
debted for its interest to Mr. Albert W. Stiles, of Wasbin^'ton, 
D. C, and for supplementary and confirmatory data to J. G. 
Bullock, M. D., of Savannah, Ga. 

The Memoviah of Bermuda, compiled Ly Lieut. Gen. Sir J. 
H. Lefroy, C. 15., &c., pul»lished in London, 1879, contains a copy 
of Kichard Nor^vood's* Book of Survey, made in 1662, with 
original survey (made by order of the Bermuda Company), from 
which it appears that, 

John Stiles, (probably born about 1600) was, in 1635, a 
first settler in Bermuda, and owned Share Xo. 13, in Southamp- 
ton Tribe, or locality; being one of the twelve original Shares 

* R. Norwood, Sur\-eyor. whose Book of Survey is above referred to, went to Bermuda in 
t6is, and, in 1642, was 71 years of aare. See Rev. E. D. Neill's English Colonization of Atner- 
ca, 179); so >t seems probable that John Stiles may have .?one thither at that time, also. 
Moore's ///i/ Tracts. Vol. 3, contains a list of the Adventurers of the Virginia Company of 
Loudon, which, atone time, was concerned with the Bermudas, or Summers Island settle- 
ment. \s connected with the Virginia Company are mentioned Sir Nath'l Rich, the Karls of 
Warwick and Southampton, Thomas Gibbs, Uobert Hunt, and Rev, P. Copeland, who were 
also counected with the Bermuda Company— (See Hist, of the Virginia Co. of London, by E. 
D. NeilU. In this same work (page :,co in the Proceedings of the Va. Co., Sept. 1622, the Karl 
of South.nnipton being Director, it is mentioned that " Calvert has a message from the King," 
recommending for appointment as Deputy, among others, "Mr, Stiles." If this was John 
Stiles of Bermuda, it would look as though like Copeland and others he first went to Virginia, 
before settling in Bermuda. The first settlers to the Bermudas were conveyed thither in 
The Plough, which sailed from Knglandin April, 1612. — A. W. S. 

The above paragraph, concerning the Royal recommendation of "Mr. Stiles" as Deputy- 
Governor of the Colouy, justifies perhaps (what I have yet seen no other evidence of) my 
friend Dr. Bullock's allusion, in .some of his MS. Notes, to '• Governor" Stiles. My other col- 
laborateur, Mr. A. W. Stiles, offers the following extract from Burke's Hist, of the Commoners 
(iv, 595) as possibly referring to this same John: "Elizabeth, daughter of John Moseley 
(and his wife Lettice Clark, of Farnham! of Owsden, married yo/i'2 Stiles, of Hempstone, in 
Suflfolk"— (between 1610-1630). — H. K. S. 


granted to Sir Nathaniel Rich.* The adjoiuiug h^t, No. 14, was 
owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Durham; and the next, No. 15, by 
Henry Durham,* whose estate adjoined Kichard Hunt's.* These 
lands were near to the Port Royal Church, the records of wldch 
are among the best preserved in the early Colonial Church 

Among the MSS. of Ezra Stiles, S. T. D., L.L. D., President 

• Extract from a paper written by Copeland Stiles, of Bermuda dated Oct. 21st, 1789: 
'■•The pedigree of the Hon. John Harvey, President of His .Majesty's Counsel at Bermuda 
—from the noble house of Rich in England, and lineally descended iu the direct female line,' 
viz: " Sir Nathaniel Rich had a sister named Jane, who married Thomas Grin.sdith of Hasel- 
mere. in Surrey. England." 

" Thomas and Jane Grinsdith, the aforesaid sister of Sir Nathaniel Rich, had a daughter 
named 'Frances,' who married Mr. Richard Hunt, merchant in London, [who came to Ber- 
muda about 1635 and located on one of the shares of land, before mentioned, near Port Royal 
Church, which had been granted to Sir Nathaniel Rich and bequeathed to them by his will. - 
A. W. S.] 

"The said Richard Hunt and Frances his wife had a son Richard and two daughters; Jud- 
ith married Henry Durham, and Sarah married Thomas Gibbs. The said Thomas and Sarah 
Gibbs had a son and two daughters. The eldest daughter, named Sarah, was married to 
Philip Lea: the second, named Deborah, was married to Daniel Stiles." 

[Then follows mention of the marriage of Mary, daughter of Philip I.ea, to Hon. John 
Harvey, etc.— A. W. S. 

Copeland Stiles continues:] 

"The House of Rich was verv potent in Charles the First and Second's times and James 
the First. The Earls of Manchester, Warwick, Earl of Sandwith, and Lord Holland of those 
periods were all of the name and family of Sir Nathaniel Rich. I was personally acquainted 
with Field Marshal Sir Robert Rich, Bart., and in the year 1750 dined with him at his house 
in Grosvenor Square, London where his eldest son. General Rich, was also present. He in- 
herited his father's title, and vast estates, and died about two years ago." (1777^ etc.. etc. 

" He (.Gen. Rich was aid-de-camp to the Duke of Cumberland at the battle of Culloden, iu 
1745, and lost one of his hands * * * if I remember rightly. Sir Robert Rich told me in 
1750 that Sir Nath'l Rich was his uncle. 

" N. B.— John Harvey. Esq.. is tlie great-great-grandson of Frances Hunt, own niece to Sir 
Nath'l Rich, and the said Frances Hunt was the great-great-grandmother of Copeland Stiles; 
descending from Judith, her daughter, married to Henry Durham, Esq. 
Bermuda. Oct. 21st, 1789. Copeland Stiles." 

[It is possible that Mr. Copeland Stiles was mistaken as to relationship between Sir N. R. 
and Sir Robt R , Lord Rich of Leuze and Chancellor under Henry VIIL 

Jane Rich and her brother Sir Nathaniel Rich, were ll think) the grand-children of "Rob- 
ert; First Lord Riche of Leeze," and Chancellor under Henr>- VIIL. and Edward VL, whose 
wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Jenkes, grocer of London, by whom he had a numerous 
family. One of his sons became the Second Earl of Warwick, and another. Lord Holland, of 
Holland House.— A. W. S.] 

The father of Robert, First Lord Rich of Leeze, was a grocer in London. His mother was 
a Dingley. (D. 1556). 

For biographical sketch and portrait of both Sir Robert and wife, see. " Portraits of illus- 
trious pfrsonai:fS of the Court of Henry VIIL, en^rav^d in imitation of oriccini^l drawini^s by 
Hans Hothine. m the colh-ction of His Majesty." Published by John Chamberlin and printed 
in 1828 by William Bulmer. 

History describes Rich as a very successful, but most unprincipled man. 


of Yale ColIefi;e, and still preserved in the Library of that College, 
are several relative to the Bermuda Stiles Family. Among these 
is inserted a letter from Copeland Stiles, of Bermuda, dated 
Newport, June 3, 1768, making an appointment to call upon Kev. 
Dr. Stiles, with reference to furnishing him some information con- 
cerning the Bermuda Family of Stiles. From accompanying 
memoranda taken by the Rev. Dr. Stiles at this interview, to- 
gether with another paper written by the same Copeland Stiles 
of Bermuda, in 1789 (Oct. 'Jl) on the subject of the Stiles and 
Harvey pedigree (the original of which is in the possession of 
Hon. Eugeuius Harvey, of Paget, Bermuda — see Note, page 662), 
and from additional memoranda from the Outerbridge Family 
Records, and from Edward Stiles' correspondence, we are enabled 
to construct this following genealogical sketch: 

1- John^ Stiles, before referred to, had several children, 
of whom was one Daniel. 


2. Daniel' Stiles, (JoJut,^ the Emigrant) married Deb- 
orah (daugliter of Thomas and Sarah Durliani) Gibbs — a grand- 
daughter of Frances Grinsdith, who married Richard Hunt, of 
London, and came to Bermuda in 1635. Frances Griusdith's 
mother was Jane (sister of Sir Nathaniel and of Sir Robert) 
Rich — see Baronetage of England. 


3. I. Daniel,' married Mary Durham. Family 3. 

4. II. Joseph.^ 

5. III. John.' 

6. IV. Edward,' who possibly was the Edward Stiles re- 

ferred to in the following extract from the Gen- 
tleman^s Magazine, 1760, p. 32; "Account of 
Naval Engagement * * * upon oath of 


two of the Mariners on board: Kingston in 
Jamaica, Sept. 22. S. S. Hanover. 

"The deposition of John McCcn-mick and 
Paul Preston, Mariners, who being duly sworn 
on the Holy Evangelists, tliis 6th day, Sept. 
1759, before me, made oath that on Sunday, the 
5th day of August last, the scow Desire, Edward 
Stiles, master, from and belonging to Philadel- 
phia, and bound to Lucca, in Jamaica, was 
attacked by a French privateer, and captured; 
and the master, mates and several others killed 
after they had surrendered," etc. 

7. V. BENJAMEs'f was a member of the Bermuda Assembly, 

in 1757; visited Philadelphia, in 1784, in com- 
mand of the sloop Polly, owned jointly-l>y him- 
self and his nephew, Edward Stiles, of Philadel- 

8. VI. Mary.^' 

9. VII. Elizabeth.^ . 


10. DanieP Stiles, [^1 {Daniel,'^ John,') was a member 
of the House of Assembly, Bermuda, 1723; vestryman and war- 
den of Port Royal Church, 1725. 

He married his second cousin, Mary Durham, grand-daugh- 
ter of Richard and Frances Hunt; her mother Judith Hunt, hav- 
ing married Henry Durham — See Xote, page 662. 


11. I. Daniel;^ resided in New York City, 1768; probably 

the same as he who is named in Old Merchants 
of New York, as a merchant in 1751; and an ad- 
mitted freeman of that city. 


12. II. Richard/ boru iu BermiuLi, 1722; married Miss 

Butterfieia, (dan-^liter of Col. Buttertield, of 
Bermiula.)" Family 1. 

13. III. Edward/ born iu Beriunda, about 1715, or '20; mar- 

ried. Family 5. 

14. IV. John/ married Deborah Harvey, iu Bermuda.* 

Family 6. 

15. V. CoPELAND,' boru iu Bermuda, 1728; was Comptroller 

iu Bermuda; also, a Justice of the Peace, 1767. 
He died at Turk's Island, but lias a tombstone 
iu Port Royal cliurcli yard. It is said that he. 
married a dauohter of Rev. Company Carden 
and died without issue. "A life-size, three- 
quarter portrait of him, iu Court dress, aud said 
to have been painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 
is in existence; and I have heard that the Har- 
vey family, of Bermuda, have one of his mother, 
with Copeland in her arms."— A. W. S. To his 
correspondence with Pres. Stiles aud the copy 
of the Stiles arms which he presented to the 
President — reference is made in Appendix I. 

Mary,^ married Mr. Dickinson, of Bermuda.* 

ELIZ.U5ETH,' married Mr. Conyers, of Bermuda.* 

Susanna,* married Mr. Salters, of Bermuda.* 

Deborah,' married in London, England, John Gam- 
bier, (eldest son of James Gambler, Esq., 
Warden of the Fleet), born June 15, 1723; was 









* JOHN MARY. COPELAND and SUSANNA, of this family, are men- 
tioned in the will idated Sept. ,6, .7g,>) of their brother Kdward. of Philadelphia. 

Inamar.nnal n„te to hi. letter to Sir Francis Hawkins Hyles Styles, Hart, (given on 
pages 6-S) President K^ra St.les n.entions this Her.nuda family, of whom he says, -all rich and 
born in Bermuda, where their mother married Mr. Hunt." 


Lieut.-Governor of the Bahama IsLauds, and, 
dying April 5, 1782, was buried at St. Mary-le- 
bone, London. Issue, four sons and four daugh- 

Of these sons, the eldest, Samuel Gambier, 
was First Commissioner of the Navy, and had 
14 children, of whom the eldest was Charles 
Samuel Gambler, born at Wateringhuy, County 
Kent, England. 

The second of John Gambler's four sons 
was James (Lord Gambler), born at the Baha- 
ma Islands, Oct. 13, 1756; and, in 1872, was 
an Admiral of the White in the British Navy. 
He married Louisa Matthews, in 1788. 

20. X. Frances,^ married Mr. Lightburn, and is meutloned 

in the will of her brother Benjamin, of Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

21. XL Samuel,^ had one son, Joseph; settled near Savan- 

nah, Ga. 

22. XII. Benjamin,^ unmarried; settled near Savannah, Ga. 


23. Richard' Stiles, l.l'-^l {Dankl;' Daniel' Johu:) hovn 

in Bermuda, 1722; married (daughter of Colonel) But- 

terfield, of Bermuda." 

Children : 

24. I. Sauah.^ 

25. II. JOHN.^ 
20. IIL Daniel.' 
27. IV. Richard.' 

* There was a Ricliard Stilf'S, merchant, in Rast and West India goods, located on Front 
Street, Philadelpliia— who was contemporaneous with Edward (Farm 5) 1770-5 and whether 
he left any descendants is not known— but he is not supposed to have been related to Kdward. 


28. Edward' Stiles, |i:^l [Dunkl;' Dauidr Joint:) bom 

at Port Royal, in Bernmaa, about 1715 or "20; settled in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., where, in 17G0, he })incliased an estate of 195 
acres, near the mouth of Frankfort (or Tacony) Creek, (now in 
the XXIII. Ward of the city), which he named " Port Royal." 
The mansion house, which he erected, is still standing, and is 
on State street, between Church and Duncan streets. He had 
a city residence in Walnut, between Tliird and Fourth streets 
(old No. 70, present Nos. 308 and 310), and he also owned an- 
other country seat of about 100 acres, called Green Hill, which 
is now in the centre of the city. The mansion has since been 
pulled down and was replaced, in 1810, by his grandson Benja- 
min Stiles, with the present handsome residence on the corner 
of Broad and Poplar street. He was a shipping merchant, his 
store and wharf being on Front St. between Market and Arch 
streets. It is said that Stephen Girard, the millionaire, was at 
one time in Mr. Stiles' employ. Edward Stiles was a man of 
wealth. President Stiles {Geneal JISS.) speaks of him as having 
an income of " £4000 a year. Estate £70,000." 

During the Revolutionary war, Mr. Edward Stiles was au- 
thorized to export a ship-load of provisions to Bermuda, for the 
relief of its people." He was a meml/er of Christ (Prot. Epis.) 
Church, of Philadelphia, and— with his two wives and only child 
James— is buried in its burial place. He died in Philadelphia, 
Feb. 22, 1804, aged near 90, and his only child ( James i having 
died before him, in 1795, his estate passed to his three grand- 
children. John and Elliston Ferret, from Bermuda, were his 
executors and Samuel Coats was guardian of the minor heirs. 
In his last will and testament, datedSept. 10, 1793 and proved 
Feb. 27, 1804, he directs that his slaves shall be freed and edu- 
cated at his expense; and leaves bequests to his brothers and 
sisters and to the Port Roval (Bermuda) Church. 

Colonial Records Pennsy!va>, 

®^** '■"f S TILES OeHEiLOet. 

Among his effects iu his l.ouse. at his deati,, were t«„ irou 
bests c,,u a.„.ug ,.23,000 iu money. These chests were sol, to 

Mr E,l! :; St i' ^'■"-•'''i'l'-- The fa.uil, arml nse.l bv 

a., the hoa crest bemg derive.l from the Philips tamilv 

He n.arrie,l fl ) in Bernunla, Marv Mnrray-C the fa.nil v name 
ot he Dunmores -letter of Capt. E.bvard Copeland Stiles of 
Oct 15 M^iT, ' ^ '>«l'"'Ston, D. (■.,* who died 

SeptlS m. " ■-■■"«- <2' •■^' Christ Cluuch, Philadelphia, 
hep . 18, 1796, Mary Chapell , wi.low of Charles, Meredith whose 
tombstone .,ar,V Ck,..,, EpU„,U,^. 3G0, reads la 
Memory „f j Mrs. .Mary Stiles | who ,lied, Mav 31st, 1S09 j A.ed 

ctn't If "m! «;:!?■ "'^ "'^^ °^ ' ^^■- •^''-- ^^«-H«' I ^^er- 

Child [by first marriage): 
29. I. James,'^ who murried (1) MarvW.u-d; married (2) 

F.IMILY 7. ■ \ ' • 


Debor.l, k''^"' ^^i'^^' '^^'' '^""'^^^'^ A...KVO/.,.) married 
JJeborali Harvey, in Bermuda. 



He died prior to 1793. 


en : 










t Colonial R^rnt-H^ P. ; . „ \earsoi age. 

t Colonial Records Pennsylvania, X. 414 


34. IV. Sarah/ married Coruelius Hinson, iu Bermuda; 
had issue, amoug whom was Bcbonth, who mar- 
ried Garret Jennings, aud had (1) Sarah Jen- 
nings, aud (2) Mary Katheriue Jeuuiugs, wlio 
were living iu Paget, Bermuda, a tew years since. 


35. James' Stiles, [ 291 (Edirard,' Darnel;' Daniel,' Joh>:) 
married (1) Mary Ward, of Devonshire, Eng., who died in 1786, 
while on a visit to the Ishmd of Bermuda, shortly after giving 
birth to a son; he married (2) Miss Murray, daughter of the 
Governor-General of the Island of Bermuda. He died at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 2, 1795; aud his wife died soon after. 

Children {hij Jrrst marriage): 

36. I. Edwaud James,*^ born July 25, 1786, in Bermuda; 

married Ann Duncan. Family 8. 

{By seannl marriage): 

37. II. Benjamin, married Catherine Hodgeson, who died 

March 20, 1850; he died July 24, 1853; both 
buried iu Laurel Hill Cemetery; no issue, but 
left a large estate. 

38. Ill Margaketta Love,'' married Feb. 12, 1811 {Records 

First Preshijterian Church, Carlisle, Pa.}, Stephen 
(son of Judge) Duncan, of Carlisle, Pa.; died 
without issue. 


38. Edward James' Stiles, [361 (Jame.s,' Edward,' 
Daniel,'^ Da)iiel,' John,^) born in Bermuda, July 25, 1786; edu- 
cated at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., where he married, Oct. 
4, 1808, Ann Duncan {First Pres. Church Records, Carlisle, Pa.), 
born July 12, 1790. Her father, Thomas Duncan, was Judge of 
the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 1817-1827, and her mother 


was Marthn, daughter of Robert Calleuder. In 184Q, Mr, Ed- 
ward James Stiles removed from Carlisle to Pliiladelpliia, where 
his wife died in 181:7. He died at his residence, No. 310 Wal- 
nut Street (old No.) Aug. 24, ISoO; both, buried at Laurel Hill 


39. I. Thomas Duncan," married (1) Sarah Camp; married 

(2) Eliza Beatly. Family 9. 

40. 11. Edward Copeland,' graduated at the U. S. Naval 

Academy, as midshipman, Dec. 13, 1839; passed 
midshipman, July 2, 1845; resigned July 2, 
1845; was U. S. Consul to Austria, (res. Vienna), 
1856-60; married Elizabeth Lewis Campbell, of 
Philadelphia, (daughter of Charles Lewis 
Campbell and Mary Irvine); no issue. 

41. III. MaRCtARETTA Lom2,' married Col. William Alston, 

(son of Gov. and U. S. Seuator Robt. Y.) Haynes, 
of Charleston, S. C; after the Civil War, re- 
moved to California, where they reside, near 
Santa Barbara; have nine sons, of whom the eld- 
est is Edward Stiles (Haynes). 

42. IV. Martha Duncan," married Dr. Charles Shower; 

died in Philadelphia, July 3, 1862; no issue. 

43. V. BENJAfflN," born March 15, 1818; married Margaret 

Wilson. Family 10. 

44. Thomas Duncan' Stiles, M. D., [391 [EdvardJ.r 

James,^ Edicard,^ Daniel,"' Daniel,' JoJin,^) born near Carlisle, Pa.; 
married, 1845, Sarah J. (daughter of William and Isabel) DeCamp, 
who died eight years later, having had 3 children, all of whom 
died in infancy; he married (2) in 1856, Eliza (only daughter of 
Thomas and Mary) Beatly, formerly of Pennsylvania. 


He was educated in Carlisle, Pa., aud afterwards at Mouut 
St. Mary's Collej^e, near Emmetsburg, Md., durin*,' the succes- 
sive presidencies of Rev. Drs. Ea-j;an, McGeary aud the Rt. Rev. 
John B. Purcell; then at C(d. A. L. Roumfort's Military School, 
at Mt. Airy, near Gerniantowu, Pa. While there, lie was ap- 
pointe'd to a cadetship at the U. S. Military Academy at West 
Point, N. Y., where he remained for some years until his resig- 
nation. He then studied medicine with Dr. David N. Mahon, 
at Carlisle, Pa,, attending lectures at the Medical Department 
of the University of Pennsylvania, whence he graduated. After 
a short residence in Tennessee, he sailed from Wilmington, Del., 
as surgeon on the whale-ship }\oytli America, which was wrecked 
on the coast of Australia, from whence he sailed in the barque 
Raymond, of Hull, Eug., to China; and there engaged in the 
opium trade. Returning to the U. S. — after visiting his relatives 
for oulv four or live days, he embarked for Buenos Ay res, and 
enlisted in its army; but shortly left it for the Montevidean Navy, 
but remained only a sliin-t time, in consequence (as in the Bra- 
zilian army) of not being able to secure his stipulated salary. 
He returned home in the sloop-of-war Decaf nr, under Commander 
(afterwards Admiral) Farragut. After a few weeks with his rela- 
tives, he started off for the Rocky Mountains, where, for over 
a 3-ear, he traded among the Indians. Then he settled in the 
practice of his profession near the mouth of Red River, Louis- 
iana, but failing health compelled his removal, to Greenville, 
Darke Co., Ohio, where he has since resided and practiced. 

At the breaking out of the War of the Civil Rebellion, Dr. 
Stiles promptly volunteered as a private, for three months' ser- 
vice; and, at the expiration of that term, he re-enlisted for the 
war, and served with honor, until discharged by a special order 
from President Lincoln. He has always been a firm and con- 
sistent Democrat, courteous to aud respected by his politic,' 1 
opponents — and represented his County in the Representa- 
tive branch of the Ohio Legislature, in its 60th session. 

672 THE STILES G E N E A Li) G Y. 


45. I. James Buchanan,^ clerk in the Peusiou Office, Wash- 

ington, D. C. 

46. 11. Ann Duncan.^ 


^7. Benjamin' Stiles, i^31 (Edward James,^ James,' 
Edward,* Daniel^' Daniel;- John,') graduated at Dickinson College, 
Carlisle, Pa., about 1810; studied law; settled at Liberty, 
Clay Co., Mo., where he married, 1842, Margaret (daughter of 
Dr. James) Wilson. He died, while on a visit to Philadelphia, 
Sept. 6, 1848; she died Aug. 21, 1851. 


48. L Edward James;' born May 15, 1845; resides (1885) 

in New Orleans, La.; unmarried. 

49. II. Albert Wilson;'^ born Aug. 20, 1846; married Hetty 

Irvine. Family 11. 

50. in. Henry Copeland;' resides (1885) Cliicago, III., un- 


51. Albert Wilson' Stiles, \^'d\ {Benjamin:' Edward 
J.," James,^ Edward,' Daniel;' Dainel;' John,') born Aug. 20, 1846; 
post-trader at Pembina, Dakota, 1870-78; was Land and Pension 
Agent at Washington, D. C; and, since 1884, has been in the 
Classified Service of the General Land Office; being at the pres- 
ent time (1894) engaged on special duty in investigating fraudu- 
lent land entries. His present family residence is at Char- 
lottesville, Va. He married, July 6, 1882, Hetty (daughter of 
William Callender) Irvine, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

52. I. Albert Edward Irvtnt:,' born in Philadelphia, Pa., 

Oct. 1, 1883. 


53. n. Esther Irvine,^ born in Pliil;;lpliia, Ta., Jan. 18, 


54. III. William Callender Irvine,'* born at Washington, 

D. C, Sept. 12, 1886. 


Love Stiles, " widow," "late of Bermuda," died 1620, in 
Philadelphia. In her will she bequeaths her entire property to 
her daughter Elizabeth. 

From lieconls of Port Roijal Chnrch, Bermuda, furnished by 
Rev. Frederick Skinner, of Somerset, Bermuda." 

Hobert Hunt Stiles married Miss Frances Wadson, April 2, 

Joseph Evans married .Varie Stiles, April 28, 1814. 

John Ladd married Sarah Stiles, July 22, 1815. 

Joseph Stiles married Frances Stiles, Sept. 12, 1816. 

Richard Stiles married Sarah Dickinson, May 15, 1819. 

Hannah Grant, daughter of Richard H. W. and Sarah Stiles, 
died June 16, 1821. 

W^orshipful Edward Stiles died June 4, 1857, aged 87 years, 

Daniel Stiles died May 23, 1841, aged 47. 

May 27, 1841, at Stonehouse, Devon, R. A. Westbrook, Esq., 
of Amwoll, Mount Herts, to Hannah Grant, only daughter of 
the late Ilichard Styles, Esq., of Bermuda. — Gentlemen s .Mag- 
azine, 1841. N. S. 16, p. 109. 

• Mr. Skinner writes, " I <1o not think there are any persons of the naiue of StiUs 
living on the Nl.iml. Tlie last married Dr. Grant, connected with the Naval Hospital." 


John Stiles (Records in U. S. Pension Office, Washing f on, D. C): 
In December, 1830, of Hay ward Co., N. C; states that he 
was boru Feb. 1, 1757, aud eulisted for one year March, 1776, or 
7, in Georgia, with Capt. Green, in the regiment ot Col. Harris, 
and afterward commanded by Col. Habersham, and discharged 
at Savannah, Ga. He married in Haywood Co., N. C, Feb. 1, 
1809, widow Lucy Beasley, by Kev. Charles Stiles— Methodist. 
'He is reported to have died Oct. 17, 1834, by the widow Lucy, 
and by William Stiles, a nephew in Haywood Co. (This must 
be an error of one year, as he must have died in 1833, because 
no pension was paid after Sept. 4, 1833). In June, 1853, the 
widow was living in Jackson Co., N. C, aged 77 years; and in 
the fall of 1857, or winter of 1858, removed to Union Co., Ga. 
(probably resides in or near Blainsville), to live with her chil- 
dren and relatives, and died June 29, 1861. Children surviving, 
were Agnes, whose age is stated in 1857 as 60 years, who no 
doubt married Wm. Patin; Sarah Quillan and Wni. Beasley — 
the first named, perhaps, too old to have been a daughter of 
John Stiles, and whether the others were, is unknown. But the 
probabilities favor that they were hei- children by her first mar- 
riage — no mention of any children that were John Stiles' born 
after his marriage with Lucy Beasley, is made. 

The Georgia Brandi.tBermuda Stiles Family, 


1- Capt. Samuel' Stiles. T^he Hhlorical Collections of 
Georgia, by Eev. George White, 1854, pa<^'e 276, Bryan Co., states 
that Capt. Samuel Stiles, with his brother Benjamiu Stiles" 
[brothers of Edward Stiles of the Bermuda Family] came to this 
country, about 1764, and settled a plantation in what is now 
called Bryan County. Wlien the Revolutionary War commenced, 
although his family were in Bermuda, Mr. Samuel Stiles took 
part with the Americans. His services to the United States 
were very valuable. 

He was engaged a large portion of his time in procuring 
warlike stores and ammunition for the United States, as well as 
for the State (^f Georgia. Much of the powder (some of that 
used at Bunker Hill, it is said) employed by the Americans, 
came from Bermuda. Mr. Stiles was present at the siege of 
Savannah, where he had a horse shot under him. The Count 
D'Estaiog made Mr. Stiles liberal propositions to assist him in 
taking some of the West India islands; but unavoidable circum- 
stances prevented his acceptance of the otler. 

Capt. Stiles was a man of remarkal)le physical strength, and 
of a genial, manly nature. It is related of him, that, on one oc- 
casion, after a dinner party, convivial as they were in those days 
among gentlemen, he ran a race in a wager, carrying the then 
Governor of the State (Taliaferro) on his shouhlers. The Gov- 
ernor was a small man, and Ca])t. Stiles, finding that his compet- 

* Benjamin Stiles left no heirs. 


itor (who was not carrviug weight auil was a luueli youiif^er man) 
was likely to outrun him, put his liaud under the Governor's 
thighs anil tossed him headhing over the goal, bruising him 
slightly as he rolled on the grass. But it was decided, amid 
shouts of laughter and triumph, that as the Governor, part of 
the racer, had passed the goal ahead of the competing racer. 
Captain Stiles had won the race! 

He married Frances Lightburne, sister of Nathaniel Light- 
burne, who was in business in New York City, in 1810, with a 
partner by the name of Yose. 


2. I. Joseph,- married (1) Catharine Clay; married (2) 

Margaret Adams. Family 2. 

3. II. Edward,' died when quite young, from sunstroke. 

4. III. Jane,- married her cousin Benjamin Stiles, who 

came from some part of the North. Issue: 

5. "--- i. Benjamin.3 

6. ii. Edward.^ 

7. iii. Samuel,'^ killed in a duel, at the st'cond tiiv — having 

discharged his shot at the sky after his antagonist 
had deliberately tired at him the tirst round: and 
again, before he tired the second time. He was a 
young man of some promise. 

8. iv. Jane, 3 married (li Beecroft Penny, of Savannah. Ga.; 

married (2j Judge C. Campbell, Meriwether Co., 
Ga., and is living (18.S.J) a widow in Meriwether Co.; 
no issue 


9- J OSe p h' Sti I es, I 2 1 ( Capf. Sanmel,^) was a rice-planter, 
a man of magnificent ])hysi(pie, and there are extant four por- 
traits of him, one by Stuart (which was iu the family of his eld- 
est sou, Benjamin Edward Stih's) and three cojjies of that, by 
Inman, one of which is now iu possession of Robert Stiles, Esq., 


of Eielimoiul. V;i., uuel auotlier iu possessiou of Mrs. Mnvguiet 
V. Stiles, of Savamiah, Ga.'^ 

He married il) Catherine (dan<^'liter of Joseph) Chty, of 
Savauuali, Ga.;+ uiarrieJ (2) and qnite late in life, Margaret 
Vernon Adams, of Savannah, Ga.:|: There was an interval of 43 
years between the births of his oldest and youngest child. His 
widow resides (18So) at Savannah, Ga., with his son Samuel Y. 

Childreu [by Jirnt murriage): 

10. I. Benjamin Edward,'' married Mary Ann Mackay. 

Family 3. 

* His son, Dr. Clifford A. Stiles, of .Atlanta, Ga., has in his possessiou a letter writteu to 
him ( Joseph) by his cousin Juo. stiles, from Audros Island, March 31. 1794. also one from Rose 
Lightburue. of New York, dated April 5, iSii. 

t Catliartiie Clay and her brother Joseph were the children of Colonel Joseph Clay, who 
was Paymaster-General of the Southern Department of the American Army during the Kev- 
olution, and a prominent citizen and patriot. His wife was Ann I.e Gardiere. Colonel Clay's 
father was Ralph Clay, Esq., of Knglaud, who married Elizabeth, daughter of James Haber- 
sham, Beverley. Yorkshire. Kug., and who was sii^ter of the Hon. James Habersham. Gov- 
ernor of the Province of Georgia. Catharine Clay's brother Joseph, born Aug. 16 1764. grad- 
uated at Princeton College, N. J.; was a lawyer and Judge of the U. S. District Court for Geor- 
gia; he subsequently became a Baptist niiuister, and was a most loveable character. The 
Rev. Joseph Clay married Mary Savage Clay, and therrson, Thomas Savage Clay was the an- 
cestor of the Clays of Savannah, Georgia. Seeyo/zo' Eio,k. Sketches of Members 0/ Hit Conti- 
nental Congress, p. 2.^. 

X Natluintel Adams. Sen., was a descendant of Richard Adams, from Wales, and married 
Anna Bolton, daughter of Robert Bolton and wife. Susanna Mavre who was daughter of 
Matthew and Jane Maive. French Hugenots. of Switzerland, and who were in Georgia as 
early as 1740. Robert Bolton was the first Postmaster in Georgia who had held other 
positions in Colonial times He came to Georgia in T741, and was son of Robert Bolton, 
Church Warden of Christ Church, Philadelphia. Pa., and was descended from Jno. 
Boltou, Gent., of Blackburn. Yorkshire Eng. Robert Bolton, the Church Warden 
above nieutioTied. married Ann Clay, widow, and daughter of Winlock Curtis and Ann 
Bowers, who was daughter of Baunel Bowers, of England, by his wife. Elizabeth Dunster. 
daughter of a niece of Henry Dunster. first President ot Harvard College. Winlock Curtis 
was brother to John Curtis, Chief Justice, of Kent on the Delaware. Pa., a large landed pro- 
prietor. Robert Bolton of Georgia was the brother oT Mary, wife of Hon. James Habersham. 
Colonial Governor of Georgia. " The Holtons trace their descent from the ancient earls of .Mer- 

Afaig-arct Adams was the daughterof Xathaniel Adams. Jr., by his wife, Mary Ann Wylly, 
daughter of Colonel Richard Wylly. (juarter-Master General of the Continental line of South 
Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Colonel Richard Wylly, of ancient Irish descent, was 
the brother of Ale.\ander Wylly, speaker of the Royal Assembly, and of William Wylly and 
of Hester Wylly, who married James Habersham. Jr.. Rebel Hinancierof 1776. Colonel Rich- 
ard Wylly married Mary Bryan, daughter of Hugh Bryan, who was brother of the noted pa- 
triot, and member of the Council of Safety. Jonathan Bryan. Hugh and Jonathan were sons 
of Joseph Bryan and Jane Cochran, early settlers of South Carolina. 


11. 11. Joseph Clay,' (D. D., L.L. D.), boru Dec. 6, 1795; 

married (1) Caroline Peck; (2) Caroliue Clifford 
Nephew. Family -1. 

12. III. Samuel,'' died young. 

13. IV. William Henry,' (Hon.); married Elizabeth Mackay. 

Family o. 

14. V. Anna,'' died young. 
{Bif second iri/e): 

15. VI. George Washington,^ born Feb. 18, 1830; was a 

planter; at the outbreak of the Civil War, he 
was Colonel of the 1st Vol. Keg. of Savannah; 
also 1st Lieut, of the S. Volunteer Guards, a 
company formed in 1802. As he could no longer 
hold both positions, he resigned the former to 
cast hisdestiny with the latter organization, with 
which he had been associated since early youth, 
and to which he was greatly attached. He dis- 
played excellent military ability, and received 
from his company a $400 sword, etc. He died 
June 14, 1877, unmarried, and is buried in Lau- 
rel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Ga. 

16. VII. Samuel Vernon,' boru April 14, 1831; married 

Caroline M. Rogers. Family 0. 

17. VIII. Mary Adams,-' born ; married Dr. Joseph 

Clay Habersham, of Savannah, Ga., for many 
years Health Ofticerof that city, and Brigadier- 
Surgeon in the Confederate service; now dead ; 
no issue ; is interred in Laurel Grove Cemeten." 

• Ht. Joseph Clav Habersham was the son of Dr. Joseph Clay Habersham, and his wife. 
Ann Wylly Adam; son of Major Juo. Habersham; son of Gov. James Habersham, by his wife 
Mary Bolton. 


18. IX. Clifford Adams,' (M. D.), born Dee. 9, 1836; mar- 

ried Anna W. Adams. FAMILY 7. 

19. X. Florence V.,' married Wylly Woodbridge,* of 

Savaunali, Ga., a successful commission mer- 
chant, now deceased. 

20. Benjamin Edward'' Stiles, 1^1 {Joseph;^ Capf.- 

Samuel,^) boru October, 1794; married iu 1825, Mary Auue, 
(daughter of Robert and Eliza McQiict-u^), Mackay, of Savan- 
nab, Gk.X She was born in 1802; died 1862. Mr. Benjamin 
E. Stiles was a successful commission merchant in Savannah, 

Children : 

21. I. Joseph,^ born in 1826 ; died iu 1851, unmarried. 

22. II. John McQueen,^ born in 1828 ; died in 1847, 


23. III. Eliza Mackay,' born in 1830 ; died in lb33. 

24. lY. Katharine Clay,' born in 1832 ; unmarried. 

25. Y. WiiiiAM Wallace,' born in 1835 ; died in 1855, 


• irylly /r(OTi/*r/<ir<' was son of William Woodbridge and Helen Wylly, daughter of Col. 
Richard Wylly, by his second wife, Mary Corel, nee Bryan, daughter of Hon. Jonathan 
Bryan. The Woodbr'd^es are descended from Governors Bradford and Dudley, of Massa- 

+ Eliza McQueen was the daughter of Capt. John McQueen, of South Carolina, who 
married .^nn daughter of Archibald and Ann Smith. Archibald Smith came to Georgia as 
private secretary to General Oglethorpe, having left his home to avoid being a clergyman — 
the second son having followed that profession for seven succes.'-ive generations. His family, 
who resented his coming with " the Adventurer," sent him a ring with the family crest 
slightly altered, viz.: a. pe-n hclii tn the hand instead of a dagger. 

t This Robert Mackay was the son of Kobert Mackay of the Island of Jamaica i.son of 
Rev. Kobert, of Inverness. Scollaiul), who married, in 1770, Mary, daughter of Godfrey 
Malbone of Newport. K. I. 


26. VI. Benjamin Edward,' Jr., born in 1835 ; married, 

1863, Cleliii Poronneau, of South Carolina; he 
was killed in battle in Virginia, 186-4; no issue, 

27. VII. Sidney, born in 1840; married 1862, William 

Henry) Elliott, M. D., of Savannah, Ga., a scfe 
of Dr. Kalph Emms Elliott, of South Carolina 
(in which State the fauiily first settled in 1702), 
by his wife Margaret (daughter of Robert and 
Eliza McQaeeu) Mackay. Issue: 

28. i. William Henry- (Elliott), born 1803. 

29. ii. Edward Stiles5 (Elliott); lawyer, V)orn 18G5. 
■30. iii. Cleila Peronneau' (Elliott), bora 18G7. 

31. iv. Wallace McQuEExi (Elliott), born 1870: died 187'2. 

32- V. Phebe Herbert' (Elliott), bom 1872. 

33. vi. WiLLiAJl Mackay ■■ (Elliott), born 1873; died 1891. 

84. vii. Katherine Vernon^ (Elliott), bom Jan., 1881; died 

Dec, 1881. 

35. Rev. Joseph Clay^^ Stiles, D.D., L.L.D., [7] 

(Joseph^- Copt. Saiunel^) born in Savannah, Ga., Dec. 6, 1795; 
passed his childhood and youth in his native city and on Green 
Island, on the Atlantic coast, the summer home and burial 
place of the Stiles family. He graduated at Yale College, 
in 1814, under the presidency of Rev. Timothy Dwight, 
D.D. The application of his widow, Caroline C. Stiles, 
in 1878, being then of Richmond, Va., shows that he 
enlisted for the War of 1812, at Savannah, in the Chatham Ar- 
tillery, Captain Mackay, in 1814, an<l was discharged at Savan- 
nah in 1815. After this episode, he studied law at Litchfield, 
Conn., in the then famous law school of Judge Gould, and, sub- 
sequently, in Savannah under Senator Berrien, one of the most 


tlioroufrlily disciplined legal iniiids of America. He practiced 
law a few rears in his uative city, with gieat promise, and in 
partnership with the hito distinguished W. \s. Gordon, Es([. 

A great domestic atHictiou, in 18'22, was overruled to his 
conversion. He possessed an extraordinary emotional nature; 
his joys and griefs were intense, and the loss of the beloved 
companion of his youth overwhelmed him with inconsolable 
grief. In his lonely walks, an old Christian (slave) servant said 
to him, " Marster Joe, you is wrong; you can't help yourself; 
look to the Lord." This gentle admonition of a humble African, 
guided l)y the Holy Spirit, pierced the sad, proud heart and 
pointed to an unknown source of consolation. Christ was 
sought and found. Emerging from darkness and bondage into 
marvellous peace and liberty, tliere immediately arose in his 
heart an irrei^ressible desire to proclaim his newly-f(Tund 
Saviour to lost souls. Therefore, in returning from Court at 
Darien, Mcintosh Co., Ga., he paused midway from home, on a 
plantation belonging to his father, in Bryan County. Here he 
commenced preaching to the negroes, and such was his anxiety 
to tell tliem of Christ tliat he undertook the preparation of their 
food, while they were at their daily lal>or, that they might have 
more time for hearing the truth. He also visited other plauta- 
ti<^ns, a dangerous liberty in that day. During this sojourn in 
Bryan County the slaves tlocked an.iund liim with- idolatrous 
love, and wonderful revivals followed his labors. His father, 
greatly disappointed by his son's sudden }>ause in his brilliant 
legal career, wrote him thus : " Joe, if you are determined to 
abandon the law for the ministry, come home and get ready, 
and leave for some theological school, and prepare for the work." 
His improvised flock })rotested against his departure, and de- 
claie<l him eminently (|ualitied to preach! But he said to them: 
'• "When your axe is dull, do you not grind it? I must go and 
grind my axe, that I may do better work for the Master." He 
accoi'dingly entered And(»ver Theological Seminary, and re- 
mained tiiere about two years, when, in consecjuence of impaired 


eyesiglit, he returued to Geoi^^iu. Here he was liceused to 
preach by the Hopewell (uow Augusta) PresV.ytery, at Lexiug- 
ton, Ga., Ajnil 3, 182o, and was onlaiucd au evaugelist by the 
same body, in August, 1826, at Milledgeville. For three years 
he hibored as au evaugelist, with remarkable power aud suc- 
cess, giving a uew impulse to TresbyteriaLiism iu Georgia, re- 
viving old churches aud orgauiziug uew ones — among the latter, 
those at Milledgeville aud ^Nlacon. 

In 1829 he removed to Mcintosh Co., Georgia, where, 
until 1835, he performed much eftective labor at his own 
charges in the low country of Georgia and in Florida — having 
also, for a few mouths, the charge of the First Presbyteriau 
Church of Savauuah. The character of this labor and of the 
people among whom it was performed, as well as the character 
of the man himself, is well illustrated by the following adventure, 
related bv Dr. Stiles himself. He was travelling to fultill au en- 
gagement on Sunday morning, aud reached the bauhs of a swollen 
stream, where there was neither ferry nor bridge. With charac- 
teristic courage, however, after scanning the situation, he 
plunged iu. When about the middle of the river, his horse lost 
foothold, and the sulky was swept away by the current. Leap- 
ing into the flood, he cut the horse loose and swam with it to 
the opposite shore, where, shivering and wet to the skin, he 
mounted without saddle and made for the nearest house, which 
was only a mile or so distaut. There he stated his mishap aud 
asked for the loan of a vehicle to continue his journey. But the 
farmer eved hiju suspiciously, and examining the horse, declared 
that it filled the descripti(ni precisely of one which had recently 
been stolen from a neighbor. Moreover, he declared the traveler 
his prisoner, aud swore that he should go no farther. Mr. 
■Stiles afi^irmed, in vain, that he was no thief, but an humble 
minister of Christ. Tfie man was immovable, but at length 
consented to guard the minister to the meeting-house and ascer- 
tain the truth of his story. Arrived at the place, ev(ny one 
crowded around Mr. Stiles t<^ learn the cause of his detention 


and pitiable plight. His capt(^r was abashed beyoud measure 
and tried to escape unobserved. But tlie man of (rod stopped 
hira, saying, " Now, my friend, I denumd that you shall hear me 
preach, as compens;itiou for my treatment." He was ol)liged to 
yield, and, that very day, under the moving appeals of the 
pseudo horse thief, the honest man was powerfully impressed 
and ultimately converted. 

Mr. Stiles was received by the Presbytery of Georgia 
(now Savannah) from Hopewell Presbytery, Jan. 4, 1833, and 
dismissed to West Lexington, Ky., on Nov. 3, 1835, when he re- 
moved to central Kentucky. During his resideuca 4iL about 
nine years in the West, he preached a short time in Cincinnati, 
Ohio; at Versailles, Harmony and Midway, Ky. In 184-4 he 
accepted a call from the Shockoe Hill mow Grace street) Pres- 
byterian Church, of Kichmond, Ya., where he labored for four 
years with earnest devotion and marked success. In 1848 he 
was called to the pastorate of the Mercer Street Church, New 
York City; but, after dee[)ly enshrining himself in the hearts of 
his people and of the community generally, he was, after two 
years, compelled to resign on account of ill health. He then 
assumed tiie general agency of the American Bible Society, and, 
during 18o0 and '51, traveled chietly in the South, receiving the 
hearty welcome of all denominations and unsurpassed contribu- 
tions to the Society's funds. In 1853 he was called to the 
charge of the South Church, New Haven, Conn., and while there, 
as well as afterw.-ud, he laViored most etliciently in the organiza- 
tion of the Southern Aid Society, for the assistance of feeble 
Southern churches. 

In 1859 he was invited by the Synod of Georgia to become 
their tirst evangelist, with the Rev. Wm. M. Cunningham, D. D., 
and in 1860 the twf) performed a nol)le work for the churches 
and people of that State. , 

Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, in 1861, Dr. Stiles, 
although his family was settled at New Haven, Conn., and des- 
pite many inducements to remain, returned to the South and 


gave himself wholly, ho.-ut .-lud soul, to the reli^nons welfare, 
aid and comfort of the Southeru soldiers. Although appro.ich- 
ing three score aud teu, he labored among them during most of 
the war. The first battle witnessed by him, and in which he 
suffered much personal exposure iu assisting the surgeons, Avas 
that of Leesburg, iu October, 18G1. His labors were chietlv in 
the command of Stonewall Jackson, with whom he was inti- 
mately associated and whom he greatly admired. No fatigue, 
liardship or immediate peril disheartened him, and his lal)ors 
were greatly blessed. A friend says of him at this time: " I 
well remend^er him as he went from camp to camp of our Con- 
federate soldiery, the picture of a genuine, serious, God-fearing 
man, for whom the only true path was laid down in clear, vivid 
light, which he, without question, without waver, followed, and 
strove to make others follow." It is said of him tliat, after one 
of the most interesting aud solemn of his sermons to the sol- 
diers, General Jackson found him sitting at lunch l)y the road- 
side. Dismounting, he sat down by him, exclaiming, " Oh ! 
Doctor, I had rather be a preacher than ten thousand generals." 
After the war. Dr. Stiles labored as an evangelist in Yir- 
ginia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri and Maryland, ceasing only 
when physically disabled. His last sermon was preached at 
Union, Monroe C(X, West Ya., June 28, 187-4. He died at 
Savannah, Ga., March 27. 1875, in his 80th year, after months 
of great prostration and illness. During these last months of 
his life, in his old home, many of the negroes who had known 
him iu former years vied with friends and relatives iu acts of 
kindness and attention. A few days behn-e his death one of 
them, who had ftnmerly lived Avith some branch of the family, 
Avas sent for to assist in caring for him during the night. He 
remained some hours, when Dr. Stiles called for hitn aud said, 
"You had better go home, now ; you have work to do to-morrow, 
and you need some rest." The man hesitated for a moment and 
then said, " Mass" -Joe, I just want to ask you one question, sah, 
before I go." " AYell, Jim, Avhat is it?" " Is de Lord jn-esent 


wid you, sail ?" " Oh, yes — all the time." " Thauk you, sah ; 
I I'linired, but I wanted to hear you say so once more, sah." 
When all was over, six of these meu came and requested to he 
allowed to remove the body, aud attend the hearse to the station, 
whence it was to be removed to its last resting-place at lUch- 
mond. They wanted none but loving hands to bear the sacred 

Physically, morally and intellectually. Dr. Stiles was a man 
of heroic proportions. In person, he was six feet in height, 
perfectly erect, with broad shoulders and deep chest. His 
features were of classic mould ; a lofty, expansive forehead, 
mouth and eyes peculiarly expressive, wonderfully capable of 
telling the emotions of joy or sorrow, complacency or indigna- 
tion, the serenity or the electric lire of the soul. A voice of 
great compass, pouring forth in silvery notes or thunder-tones, 
according to the ruling emotion. His every movement and gesture 
presented the unstudied grace of nature — often arising into 
majesty. In his moral nature. Dr. Stiles combined decided 
courage, moral and physical, with almost too much of generos- 
ity, even to the point of self-al)negation. Cheerful, hopeful, 
tender, affectionate and faithful, he was ever studiously watchful 
against sins of maliciousness and malice-bearing. His, indeed, 
was a V)road and n(^ble nature, drawing its spring of life and 
action from an immediate access iby faith and prayer) to God. 

He was equally remarkable in his mental organization — a 
rare combination of a])parent |)aradoxes ; independence with in- 
dustry, impetuosity with patience, analysis and synthesis, sim- 
plicitv with grandeur, compact logic with rhetorical grace, con- 
secutive reasoning with a gorgeous imagination. He was an in- 
dependent thinker — not a man of books, but a Aomo iDihis lihri. 
a man of One Dook. mighty in the Scrij)tures. Not a learned 
man, but wonderfullv scholarlv and polished in style and lan- 
guage; not a consecutive, but a)i intense student in following out 
a subject — giving his final results in a clear, full, exhaustive, yet 
simple and synthetical form. His detinitions were transparent, 


his positions irupregnablo, his rhetoric unJ elocution rich and 
fascinating, his imagination gh,wing, uiul, at ti.ues, terrific All 
these shone forth in his sern.ons, which were delivered us his 
friend Gen. Stonewall Jackson delivere<[ his Imttles. After 
enunciating his propositions, he advanced to their demonstration 
with amazing power and grace. His grand periods foll.,we<l 
each other like the serried ranks of an armv moving to battle 
with thrilling music and rapid, thundering tread. And as he 
rose and kindled with his sal>ject, his irresistil)le logic and glow- 
ing figures, his ready utterance and earnest appeals culminated 
in an application absolutely overpowering. It was a cvclone of 
eh>quence, whose overwhelming breath was terrifvin- or en- 
trancing, according to the subject presented. His mini^trv was 
pre-eminently that of the evangelist. Judicious and skilful 
<liscriminating, tender and faithful in dealing with newly awak- 
ened souls, he was, above all, remarkable for his earnest piety 
his total self-abnegation and unreserved consecration to Christ' 
His greatest etforts (unwritten) have perished with him 
but he has left so^e monuments of his masterlv intellect and 
vigor<nis pen. His first published efi'ort was a great sermon 
prepared and printed during his term of service as the evangel- 
ist of the Hopewell Presl)ytery, on " Predestination." Between 
I80O and 1S()0 he published a work on " Modern Reform "* in 
which he discussed the follies of the dav and abolitionism 'sub- 
sequently a few tracts, one on the " Abrahamic Covenant," an- 
other on " Universalism ;" a " Memorial ,.f Capt. Thomas Km<r 
kdled at the Battle of Chickamauga," Sept., 18G3 ; " Th'e 
Enquirer instructed and examined ;" and an Appeal to the Confed- 
erate States entitled "National Rectitude the oulv true busis of 
National Prosperity." "The Voice of the Fathers,"t w^as 
published in 18(J1, in opposition to the Republican doctrines 

'Afodern Reform E.ra.mned: or the Union of the North and.South o„ the >ubj«t of sla 
\The National Cunlyoversy; 

ery. Philadelphia, rs^s: ijino. 

New York. ,S6k ...uo. " ''" ''°"' "' ''"' '"""" "P°" '"^ ^'''''^ ^'''^^ <=°-^0-. 


of the Governuiont of the day — and, th()ii<j;h the 4:ime was 
then past for tlie puhlic to listen to aigumeuts, Profess<n- 
Dwii,dit made it the text of a leL-ture to his class in the 
Coluinhia CoUe«j;e Law School (New York Cit}-), reinarkiuff 
that it was tlie ablest statement that had been made against 
the position taken by the Eepublican party. One of his unpub- 
lished efforts was a speech before the General Assembly of the 
New Sch(X)l Presbyterian Church, held at Detroit, 1850, and 
spoken of at the time as " a most magnificent and overwhelm- 
ing effort of the intellect/'^ During the last two years of his 
life he spent much time in preparing a book on "The Nature 
and Duration of Future Punishment, "+ especially in answer to 
the views of Mr. Constable. While engaged upon this work, a 
friend exporstulated with him upon the danger of suc-h exhaust- 
ing lal)or at his advanced age. He i-eplied, with tender earnest- 
ness, " This is my alabaster box," and to the end he looked ujxrn 
it as his most precious offering to the Church — excepting it 
from the request, which he made during his last illness, that all 
notes of sermons and all remaining copies of his printed works 
should be destroyed. 

Mr. Stiles received the degree of D.D. from Transylvania 
University, in 1840, and that of LL.D. from the University of 
Georgia, in 18G0. 

He was twice niairied; (1) Aug. 14, 1820, to Caroline, t 
(daughter of Capt. Gad) Peck, who died at Savannah, Ga., in 
the Summer of 18*21; he man-ied (2) at Sunbury, Liberty Co., 
Ga., April 2, 1828, Caroline Clifford (daughter of James 
and Sarah GiijitiUintt) Nephew, of ^Mcintosh Co., Ga.>j She was 
born in 1810; she died in March, 1879, at New Haven, Conn. 

* SpCt'cli on tlif Slai-i'ry Rt'soliitioits in General Assenihly. pub. New York, 1850, Svo. 

t Future Pnnis/i/n^-nl (iisetisseii in a Letter to a Friend, k\w Proof of Future Punishiuenti. 
pub. St. I.oiii-i, Mo.. i'-f-3. 121110.. 60 pp 

I Notice of her death in Colnmbian /Cetrister. o( Sew Haven Conn, date of Sept 27. iS2t. 
and Conn,,?!, nl Cnunnit, of Hartford. Conn., date of Oct 2. iN3t. call.s her Caroline; and the 
second wife- application for a pension [U. S, Pennon OJfice Records) gives the first wife's 
name as "Carrie." 

i Mr. Nephew was said to have been an officer in the Revolutionary' Artny. He came from 
Switzerland when a hny, and was of Hug^iieiiot descent. Jlis wife was a daiit;hterof Francis 
Pelot, and « i<!ow of Tai'iies Oii;nialliatt. ^ She also was of Swiss Huguenot descent. 



86. I. Catharine Anna;' la-inied April 14, 18o9, Prof. 

Hubert A. Newton, of Yule Colle<;e." 


37. i. Clifford,^ (Ncwtoni; born Feb. o. 1^^V^. 

38. ii. Josephine Stiles.' iXewtoni; born Oct. 20, lS*>t. 

39. II. Josephine Clifford.' ■ • 

40. III. Robert Augustus^ (^J'\i- ^^^^ Esq.); marritnl Lelia 

Caperton. Family 8. 

41. IV. Randolph Rmlev;' died at AUegUauy SpriiiLrs, Ya., 

Aug. 31, 1868. 

42. Y. Mary Evelyn/ died at Riclimoud, Ya., Jau. 1, 


43. YI. Eugent: AYest;' luarried (Ij Caroline D. -\nderson; 

(2) Rosabel . Family 9. 

* HuBKRT Anson Newton, sou of William and Lois Biifler Newton, born in Sher- 
burne, N. Y.. March 19, iSj;o; prepared for colle,a:e in Sherbnrne. and entered Yale College, 
where he graduated, 1S50: spent two years in niatheiuatical studies, and. July. iS52. was ap- 
pointed tutor in Yale College, entering upon his duties Jan. r. 1S53; and having, from the 
first, entire charge of the department of mathcniiitics, in couseq\ience of the professor's ill- 
ness. In iS^j he was elected Professor of Mathematics, with permission to spend one year in 
Kurope. From I■^56 to the present has been engaged in the active duties of his professorship. 
Has written man v scieuffflc articles, mostly for the A /luiican Jon tidl 0/ Srie-rtct'.o( \\\\\c\\. for 
nearly thirty years, he has been an associate editor. When the National .Academy of 
Sciences was constituted bv .Act of Congress, iu tSb;,, he was one of the fifty members ap- 
pointed by' that .Act. and lie is an elected Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society of 
London; and Foreign Member of the Koyal Societies of London and Edinburgh. In i'^;,;; he 
was Vice-President of Section .A., and in I^~^s was President, of the .American .Association for 
the Advancement of Science; and has been President of the Connecticut .Academy of 
Sciences. In n''-^ received the degree of Dnctor of Laws from the University of Mich- 
igan. His earlier works were in higher geometry, among which may be particularly 
named, his memoirs on Thr Cuiistruclionof Certain Cur7vs bv Points, andone (of joint author- 
ship) on Ct'i-tdin Ti Curves; his most important work, however, was his study of 
the luminous meteors, particul.irly those of November 13th, and the relations of the meteors 
to the solar svstem. I'he value of this labor was recognized by the National .Academy of 
Sciences by their bestowal upon him of the Lawrence-Siiiilh <".oKi Medal, the only award of 
this medal thus far made bv the .\cademy. He was sometime Director of the Vale fniversity 
Observatory, ami is r.till Secretary of its Board of Managers. Kesides (i>)x: in New Haven. 

p ^ 

o ^ 
- o 


b en 




% ^ 

3 m 

o ^ 



44. VII. Rosa Anderson,' married (1) Richard H. Christian; 

marrietl (2) April 14, 1875, William Gaston 
Caperton. Resides (1894) Uuiou, Mouroe Co., 
W. Va. Issue (by second marriage) : 

45. - i. Clxfford Randolph"' (Cciperton). 

46. ii. Rosa.' (Caperton). 

47. hi. John Gaston-' (Caperton).) 


48. Hon. and Col. William Henry' Stiles, [13| 

[Joseph^- Capt. Samuel^), born in Savannah, Ga., 1809; spent his 
early life in that city; studied at Yale College, but left 
before graduation ; married in 1832; studied law, and, from 
1833 to 1836, was Solicitor-General of the Eastern District 
of the State of Georgia; practiced his profession in Savannah 
until 1840, when he was sent by the Government to pay off the 
Cherokee Indians in the upper part of the State, who had con- 
sented to emigrate to the West. Being much pleased with the 
soil and climate, he at once bought lands and settled on the 
banks of the Etowah River, which have since been the home of 
his family. Twice (1843-45) he represented his State in the U. S. 
Congress; and, several times, from Cass (now Barton) County, 
in the Georgia State Legislature. Under the administration of 
President Buchanan he represented the United States at the 
Court of Austria, and resided at Vienna for four years. On his 
return, in 1852, he published a valu;ible and standard work en- 
titled, Austria in ]s49, beitKj a History of the Late Political Move- 
ments in Vienna, Jlilan, Venice and Prague, 2 vols., 8vo., from 
the press of the Harper Brothers, New York City. 

At the commencement of the Civil War, he raised a Con- 
federate regiment (the GOtli Georgia), of which he became Colonel 
and was through the War in service in Hayes' Brigade, Early's 
Division, Swell's 2d Corps, Army of Northern Virginia; but his 
health failing, he came home to Savannah in 1863, and died there 
Dec. 21, 1864. 



In person, Col. Stiles was tall, spare, six feet liifjli, of deli- 
cate form, blue eyes and femiuine features, redeemed, liowever, 
by a lofty brow aud tiuely moulded mouth aud cliiu. His man- 
uer revealed the cultivated gentleman, aud, as an orator, he had 
few equals in Georgia. He never spoke without elaborate prep- 
aration, but so gusliiug and warm was his delivery that it was 
difficult to believe that his efforts were not the outburst of the 
moment. His voice rose upon the ear like the blast of a trumpet, 
and all the graces of oratorj- accompanied and gave uncommon 
force a^id emphasis to his well-rounded and often beautiful 
periods. As Speaker of the Georgia Legislature, his perfect 
impartiality aud courteous demeanor lightened the severe 
duties of legislation and proved most aeceptal)le to its members. 

CoL William H. Stiles married, 1832, Eliza (daughter 
of Robert and Eliza) Mackay, of Savannah, Ga. — of a Scotch 
family who emigrated to America in the latter ])art of the last 
century. She was also a descendant of Capt. Juo. McQueen, 
who once served as a special envoy from "VVashitigton to the 
Marquis Lafayette, during the Revolutionary War. She died at 
Etowah, Dec. 21, ISOG. 

Colonel Stiles' residence was at " Etowah Clitfs," as he 
named the lands he purchased aud settled upon in 1840. 
Stilesboro' is a P. O. village in the neighborhood named after 

49. L Mary CourER,^ born Nov. 15, 1832; married, 1854, 

Andrew Low, a native of Scotland; she died at 
Savannah, 18G3, and after that event Mr. Low 
removed with his children to Leamington, Eng- 
land, where they were residing in 1885. Issue: 

50. i. Katharine ilACKAT i (Low 1, born July 9, 185G. 

51. ii. Mart* (Low), born Jan. '25. 1850; married Major 

Guthrie, oi the British .\rmy. 

52. iii. William Mackat ' (Low), born Aug. 3, 1860; married 

Daisy (daughter of Col. W. \V., son of Wm. Wash- 


ington) Gordon; descended from Lieut. Ambrose 
Grordon, of Col. Williiim Washington's cavalry regi- 
ment, in the Revolutionarj- .\rniy. 

53. iv. Jessie' (Low), born June o, lHr,2; married Hugh 

Graham; had one child, 

54. 11. William Henry/ horn Oct. 22, 1834; married Eliza 

C. Gordou. Family 10. 

55. III. Robert Mack.\y,* boru Nov. 12, 1836; married Mar- 

garet Wylly Couper. Family 11. 

56. Samuel Vernon' Stiles, |16] [Joseph;' SamveP), 

married Caroline M. Rogers, of Savauuali, and of good family, 
of Northern origin; was a planter; is now a cotton merchant. 
Resides (1885) Savannah, Ga. Mrs. Stiles died . 

57. I. Sami'EL W.\lL-\ce' (M. D.), married Georgia Jacob, 

of Atlanta, Ga. Family 12. 

58. Clifford Adams^" Stiles, M. D., [18] (Joseph,' Capt 

/S'am^^eZ '), studied medicine in Europe, as well as in America; 
practiced medicine for many years at La Grange, Ga., and ac- 
cumulated an extensive practice in Troup aud Meriwether 

counties, especially in chronic cases. In he removed to 

Atlanta, Ga. He married Anna W. (daughter of Nathaniel, Jr." ) 
Adams, of Athens, Ga. 


59. I. George,^ married. 

60. II. Clifford,^ dead. 

• Nathaniel Adams, Jr., was the son of Nathaniel Adams and Mary Ann Wylly, and 
married Mary Mildred Flonrnay. who was daughter of Major Hlournay, U. S. A., and Marj 
Mildred Cobb, of the Athens (Ga ) Cobb Family. 


61. III. MaryJoe.^ 

62. IV. Habersham.^ 

68. V. Margaret Vernon.^ 

64. Maj. Robert Augustus' Stiles,^ Esq., [40] {Rev. 

Dr. Joseph C.,^ Joseph,- Capt. Samuel '), born in Woodford Co., 
Ky., June 27, 183G; graduated at Yale College, 1859, in which 
vear, also, he took the De Forest Prize for an oration on John 
Calvin and his Influence. Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, 
entered the Confederate military service as a private in Gen. 
Lee's Army; served for two years and left it as a Major of Artil- 
lery; was captured at Sailor's Creek, April, 1865, ami imprisoned 
at Johnson's Island (Sandusky, 0.1, and at Fort Lafayette (New 
York Harbor), and released October, 1865. After the War, he 
studied law and settled, January, 1867, in the practice of his 
profession in Eichmond, Va. 

He married June 24, 1874, Leila (daughter of Hon. Allen 
T.) Caperton. Mr. Caperton, who was a Confederate State Sen- 
ator from Virginia, and a United States Senator from 
West Virginia, died at Washington, D. C, 1876. His 
widow, still living (1885) near her old home in Monroe Co., W. 
Va., was Miss Henrietta Echols. Senator Caperton was (uie of 
the noblest and most lovable of men, possessing a wonderful 
elevation of character and a great influence thnmghout the 
mountains of West Virginia. He graduated from Yale College 
in 1832, and was the first of those who had been Confederate 
States Senators to enter the U. S. Senate, after the recon- 
struction of the Union. 

Mrs. Lelia (Caperton) Stiles died at Piichmond, Va., Jan. 6, 

• The imperial middle name was dropped, with other impedimenta, in some tight squeeze 
of the War, aud has not since been resumed. — fitter of Maj. Robert Sttln. 


Children : 

65. I. Leila Caperton,^ born May 15, 1875. 

66. II. Joseph Clay,^ born Mny 19, 1878. 

67. III. Mary Evelyn.'^ born Feb. 14, 1886. 

68. Eugene West' Stiles, |43i (Rev. Dr. Joseph a;' 

Joseph,^ Capt. SannieV), married (1) May 27, 1875, Caroline 
Douglas Anderson; married (2) Rosabel Bowling; resides (1894) 
EUiston, Montgomery Co., Va. 

Children (by frst marriage): 
69. I. Eugenia Douglass.^ 

(By second marriage): 



Wttj.tam Henry.-^ 



Clifford Rosabel.-^ 




Joseph Clay.-' ^ 

'- Twins. 
Homer RANDOLPH.\i 



Anna Newton.^ 



Herbert Newton.^ 



Wallace. ' 



Ellen Virginia. 


78. William Henry' Stiles, |o4| {Hon. Wm. i7.,' 
Joseph^- SamueV), born Oct. 22, 1834; was a captain in the 60tli 
Georgia Regiment, Confederate Army, commanded by his father. 
Col. W. H. Stiles. He resided on the homestead portion of his 
father's estate, at Etowah Cliff, Ga., which fell to him after the 








death of his parents. He marriet] 1857, Eliza Clifford (daughter 
of William Washington and xVnderson Stiles} Gordon, of Savan- 
nah, Ga. He died Dec. 19, 1878. 


79. I. William Henry,^ born Jan. 8, 1858; married Eliza- 

beth Chad wick. Family 13. 

GuLiELMA Clifford,^ born Jan. 2, 1860. 

William Gordon,^ born Jan. 11, 1862. 

Mary Couper,^ born Nov. 26, 1863; married 


83. V. Ethel Gordox,' born April 30, 1870; died un- 


84. VI. George Gordon,^ born Sept, 9, 1875. 

85. Capt. Robert Mackay* Stiles, ['55] {Col. Wm. 

Henry, ^ Joseph,^ Capt. Samuel}), horn Nov. 12, 1836; served during 
the Civil War in the Engineer Corps of the Confederate States 
Army, and was promoted to a captaincy. 

He married Jan. 5, 1860, Margaret Wylly (daughter of 
James Hamilton and Caroline Georgia Wtjlly) Couper, who was 
born near Darien, Ga., Feb. 22, 18;U).- 

At his mother's death he received a farm of three or four 
hundred acres, being a portion of the paternal estate, "Etowah 
Cliff," upon which he built a home w^hich he named " Malbone " 
— a family name of the Mackays — his children's great-great- 
grandmother having been Mary Malbone, of Newport, R. I. 

Capt. Robert M. Stiles died May 9, 1874, and his widow 
and family still reside at Malbone. P. O., Centreville, Ga. 

• Descended from James Hamilton Couper, sou of John Couper and Maxwell, his wife, 

both of old families of Liberty Co., Ga. 











C.VROLINE CouPER,M)orD Mjiv 7, 18G2; married Sept. 
16, 188-1:, William Starrow Lovell, Jr., a cotton 
planter on the Mississippi; she possesses a 
great talent for painting. 

Hamilton Couper,-^ born Oct. 20, 1868. • 

John Couper,^ born Jan. 4, I860; married Mary 
du Bignon. Issue : 

i. Katheeine Mackat" (Stiles). 

EuzABETH Mackay,' born April 22,1866; married 
Alfred (son of James G.) Mills. Has i li 
Charles Ferdinand (Mills). 

91. V. Margaret Couper,' born Sept. 1, 1867; received 

• the second prize (80O) of those offered by Miss 
Dora Wheeler, of New York, for the most suc- 
cessfully colored copies of the new painting 
book published by Messrs. White, Stokes tt 
Allen, for Miss Wheeler, in 1883. 

92. VI. Catherine Mackay,^ born April 29, 1870. 

93. VII. Isabel Couper,' born March 7, 1872. 

FAMILr 12. 
9-^- Samuel Wallace' Stiles, 1-571 {Samuel r.," 

Joseph:,' Capf. Sonne/'), married Georma Jacob. 



I. VintNON.^ 


11. Agnes.-* 


97. William Henry' Stiles, Jr., |79l ( /[7///V//,/ Henry: 

inUiam Henri/,^ Joseph,- Capt. SanuieV), married Elizabeth 



ffhiklren : 
98. I. HuciH. 
i)9. II. 

100. III. 

101- lY. WiLUAM Hen II Y.'' 



APPENDIX I. (Page 6). 

History and Antiquities of the English Family of 
Stylles, Stylle and Stiles. 


[This matter was furuislied, by me, to The GeneaIo<j)/ of the 
Massachusctfs i^tiles Faniihj, publislied iu 1892, bv Mrs. M. S. P. 
Guild, of Lyun, Mass., and with it, a considerable number of 
interesting items relative to the name iu England, for which 
the reader is referred to that work. 1 

Although the name of Stile, Style or Stiles appears among 
the gentry in several of the eastern and south-eastern counties 
of England, from a very early period, yet the principal of these 
families, and the only one of which we have any extended and 
connected account, seems to have been seated iu the county of 
Suffolk, as early at least, as the middle of the loth century. 
Many records of its genealogy have been preserved in the Her- 
ald's College at Loudon, which have been examined and attested 
by the different heralds, at various times, down to the year 16J:0. 

From tliesH records, and from other incontestible evidence, 
we have constructed the following: 

Burke, and those British genealogists and heralds who have 
followed him, have derived this family from 

1- William Style, Esq., of Ij)swich, Co. Suffolk, who 

had a son Joiix, an Alderman of Loudon, in tlie time of Henry 
VIL, etc. (Family 1 in the following Genealogy), and who (they 
sav) died in loOO, and, according to Hasted (Hisf. Co. Kenf, [., 
542), is buried in AUhallows Church, Barking, Loudon. 


This view, however, cuunot be harmonized, in our judf^jment, 
with certain facts which were not, perhaps, accessible to those 
earlier authorities. 

In the first phice, we find, in the Topographer and Genealo- 
gist, edited by J. Gouj^h Nicliols, the late eminent genealogist 
and antiquarian (vol. 2, p. 302, 18o3), a summary catalogue of 
"Sepulchral Memorials and Remains of Ancient Art existing in 
the Parish Churches of Co. Sufiolk." No. 4, of this catalogue, 
is the inscription on a memorial brass, existing in the Church of 
St. Nicholas, in the ancient town of Ipswich, as follows; 

In black letter — "Hic Jacet Willi'us Style ac Isabella 


8IS, JuLij, Ana'o D'ni Mill' mo cccclxxv, et dicta Isabella obijt 
xvj", die Febuari.j Anno D'n'i Mill" mo cccc nonages. C'js a' i' e 
Requiescat in Pace." Below was a representation of the three 
persons of the Trinity and two groups of children. Height of 
figures 27. \ inches." 

This, then, is the memorial of one William Style, who died 
the 11th dav of Julv, 1475, and of Isabella, his wife, who died 
the 16th day of February, 1490. 

Again, in G. R. Clarke's Hldory and Description of the Town 
and Boron (jh of Ipsn-ich, published in 1830 (p. 254), in mention- 
ing "the lofty and handsome steeple" of the Parish Church of 
St. Peters, he gives the following item, from a "Copy of a Man- 
uscript in the library of Samuel Dowsing, of Stratford, written 
by his father AYilliam Dowsing, and was afterward sold to Mr. 
Huse, a bookseller in Exeter Change, London, Sept. 6. 1704." 

"A legacy left by the will of Willl\m Stile, dated 28th 
April, 1463. Item, to tlie making of the Steeple of the Parish 
Church of St. Peter, Ipswich, 6s.'8d." 

He adds that this seems to have been the earliest of sev- 
eral bequests, made by different individuals, for the same pur- 

Now, this William wlio "headed the subscription," so to 
speak, for the building of the steeple of St. Peter's, mai/ have 
been the William who was buried in the Church of St. Nicholas 
in 1475; but as this gift was an item in hi.s n-ill dated 1463, and 
as people, in all generations, do not generally show any great 
alacrity in making their wills much before their time comes so 
to do; we prefer to believe that the two Williams were not one 
and the same individual. 


Theu, to add to tho coin plication, iu the same Church of 
St. Nicholas iu Ipswich, in which William aud his wife Isabella 
are buried, is auother - brass" (No. 3, iu the Catalo<,Mie before 
referred to) represeutiiii; "A man iu a jtjowu; his wife, children, 
arms, etc., goue; heij^dit M iuches (probably for William Stiles 
and Margery, his wife — Anno loOO)." 

Admitting that tlu> aiitiquariau who examiued aud cata- 
logued these Memorials in the Church of St. Nicholas, liad some 
good and sufficient reason for assigning this brass to "William 
Stiles and Margery his wife — Anno 1500," we thus have in 

William Stile, will dated 14G3. 

William Stile, whoso wife was Isabella, and his monument 

dated 1475. 
William Stile, whose wife was Margery, and to whom is 

assigned the dat«> of 1500. 
It is quite possibh* that the frfit Wilijam, was the father 
of the second Willl\m, and he the father of the last named W^il- 


It is also equally ])ossible that either of these Williams may 
have been the father of John Style, the Alderman of London, 
etc., simply accredited by Burke and others as the son of Wil- 
liam Stile, Esq., of Ipswich.. 

But irhicli Johu:^ is the next question that arises. For Sir 
John the Alderman, the undoubted founder of this line las far 
as po-sitiyely known) was .Migaged in some important aud delicate 
negotiations for his soycreign (as we shall hereafter see) as late 
as 1500; consequently, he could scarcely be the same "Sir John 
Stile, Knight, Draper, 1500," whose monument is mentioned by 
the veracious Stowe in Ids Surveij of London (1G33), as being, 
at the time of his writing, among those "in the Parish Church 
of Alhallowes Barking, not defaced."* 

* In his mention oi this Clmn-h (so called to distin^'uish it from others of the 
same name, viz.: Allhullowes Hiedstrete— /. p.. of the JJroad St.; Alhallows, the 
Great; Allhallowes by the Wall), Stowe speaking of •• Toirn- Street, Allhnlloirps Hnrh- 
huj, a Parish Chnreh." says ( p. Lid), •• Now, therefore, to he^in at the East end of 
the Street, on the North side tliereof, is the faire Parish Church, called Alhallmrp^ 
Bark-ixq which standeth in a hiv^o. but sometime [/. e , in the past time] far larger 
Cemetery, or Church-yar.l." and aijain (p. LJl ) und.'r head of " Tower Street Ward" 
"Monuments iu the Parish Cluircli of Allhallowes Harkin-;;. not defaced an- these: 
* * * * Sir John Stile. Knight. Draper. 1500." 


Was tliis Sir John, tlieu, " Kuiglit and Draper," who was 
interred in Allhallows Barkinijj, the son of William, and father 
of Sir John the Alderman? 

Perhaps these questions will never be answered; but they 
are interestiuij, inasmuch as their solution would allow of our 
carryinnr the line-genealogical two or three generations further 
back toward its origin. 

Remembering, then, that the earlier generations of the fam- 
ily mmi read thus: 

1." William,' of Ipswich (will), l-tC.:^, father of 

2. William,' i>f Ipswich, and Isa])ella, his wife, who had 

II William, «>f Ii)swich, and Mar^^ery. his wife, who had 

■4. Sir John,' of Loudon, who had 

5. Sir John,' Alderman of London, etc., the known ancestor of 
the Style Family of Suftolk and Kent — we commence with the latter. 


6. Sir John'' Stiles, [5] {Sir John,* William^' William;' William,^ ) 
Alderman of London, who was employed by Henry YIL, about the 
beginning of the KJth century, in several embassies to various Euro- 
pean courts. One of these missions was to the Court of Naples, to 
negotiate a marriaj^^e between Kin<^- Henry and tlie Neai>olitau Queen- 
Dowager. Of this, Lord Bacon thus speaks in his history of the 
reign of that kinij;-: 

"Therefore he sent in and)assage or messa<^e, three contident 
persons, Francis ^L-usin, James Braybrooke, and John Style, upon 
two several intiuisitions. rather than negociations; the one touching 
the pei-son and condition of tlie youn^- (^)ueeu of Xa]des; the other 
touching all particulars of estate that concerned the fortunes and in- 
tentions of Ferdinaudo." And, in a note, he adds: "The connnission- 
ers went tirst to Valeutia where the two (Queens were, and then to 
Segovia, where they arrived on the lith Jidy, 15U5." 

An entry in a book of accompts of Henry VII. (now in the Brit- 
ish :\Iuseum" [Addilional MSS., 21, 4S0]). o-ives the date of their de- 
parture, and is cunous as showing the terms upon which such ser- 
vices were recompensed. Amonj^- the payments oi the 1st and 2d of 
May, in the 2(Hh year of Henry "s rei.^n. occurs the following: 

" [tein to James Braybrooke, goin^^ upon the Kind's message for 
four months, at o.v. the day 28/. 

" Item to Fraunces ^larzen for his costs at 1>-. the day in like- 
wise -^/• 

" Item for JoUn Style his costs at 4:.<. the day 22/. Ss." 

Hasted (Ili^loniof Kent, i., 512) says he was afterward knit^ditetl. 
"an<l was one of the Drapers' Company;"' and "that he purchased 


' Lanf^ley Park,' a seat of emiueut acccniut in tliis (Becljeuliain) parish, 
which was formerly accounted a manor, and in the rei^n of the Con- 
queror was part of the vast estate of Odo, Bishop of Baieux, and Earl 
of Kent," and is described in Doonis<lay Book. 

It passed into the hands of the Malmaines, who held it in tlie 
time of the Concpieror, but before the end of tlie reij^'^n of Edward 
III., passed by sale to Lan^ley, a "family now lonjf extinct." The 
last of that name, Bali)h, who died in the ::iUth year of Kinji^ Henry 
VL, willed it to be sold to pay his debts. It was bouj.^ht by John 
Yiolett, and passed into John Stiles' hands in the be}j;inninj4- of the 
reign of Henry VIII. 

John-^ Stiles, of Laugly, Knt., married Elizabeth, daughter and 
co-heiress of Sir Guy "Wolstan, of London, Knt., and had issue: 

7. I. Hi-MPHKEY.*^ Family 2. 

8. n. Bridget,'^ married Edmund Kempe, merchant, of Lon- 

don; and their daughter, Brid^^ett,^ married Robert 
Rokewood, Escj., of Stannitields, Suffolk. =" 
i9. m. [Floeexcl\,'^ married llobert Robertson, of Boston, 

Eng-. — see Chart of Violation of Londo)), lo^KSJ. 

10. Sir Humphrey" Stiles, [7] (Sir JoJvi,' Sir John, ^ Sir John, ^ 
William;^ William,- WiUinui} ) of Langley, Kent, was one of the Esquires- 
of-the-body to King Henry VIII., and sheriff of the county of Kent, 
in the 85th year of that monarch's reign {1544), being No. 243 of 
those who held that office in the county.f " He, with others, pro- 
cured an Act of Parliament, in the 2nd or 3rd year of King Edward 
the rV^ (14G3 or '04), for disgavelliug his lauds in the County of 
Kent.;}; His services are best expressed in the following copy of a 

* Edmnml Kempe, of London (son of Sir Thomas Kempe, K. B., of Olhmtii^li, 
ob. 1520), manied ami bad sons, .lames and Huni])hre3'. One of bis sisters married 
Humphry Style, and had Edmund, i Berry's I'ed. Fam. Co. Kent, p. 4^i(j"). 

"Pedigree it charters of the FamUy of Rookwood, from an emblazoned JIS. 
belonging to llobert Gage Piookwood, Est[., of Coldham Hall in Stanninglield, Suf- 
folk, compiled by a member of the family in IGl'.)." 

"Bridget daughter of John Stile of London, married Edmund Kempe, of Lon- 
don, merchant — issue Bridget Kempe, married 2, Edw. b. uxor (UT. In Rob'tus 
Rokewod de St:'.nningtitlde. " {Colkctdned Topoiiraphica e( (jeuealoqlcu, 8 vols., 
London. 1834-13. Vol. ii., p. 142 1. 

t John Harris' //;>/. <,/ Ci,. Ket.t. Mdccxix., foL p. 56. 

I Petsons who procured their possessicms to be altered from the nature of 
Gavelkinde, by Acts of Parliament, made 31. H. S. cap. * * * 

The names of such as be likewise provided for, 2. & 3. E 6. * * * 
Sir HiMPHUKV Style. 

Lambarde's Perainhulalinns nf Kent, pp. 531-2. For detinitiou of Gavelkind, 
see Id., p. 47fS 

To iiis<iunl was, according to Webster, " to deprive of that principal quality of 
gavel-kind teuiue, by which lands descend equally among all the sons of the tenant. ' 

1 1 

704 APPEND! X I. 

paper in the collection of Peter Le Neve, Esq., Norroy King of Arms: 
' About eleven or twelve years since, tlio late King, for and in con- 
sideration of the lonj,' and faithful service done hy Sir Humphrey 
Style, Kut., and Bart., both to his father and himself, and in recom- 
pense of his great expense therein, as also for his services in the 
Protestant AVars in France, granted unto the said Humphrey Style, 
by Letters Patent under the then Broad Seal of England, all in- 
croachments made within and upon his Palace of Westminster, re- 
serving to himself and successors a clear fourth part of all the profits 
that should accrue therel)V.' 

" Sir Humphrey Style, in pursuance of this gi'ant, and the better 
to discover how much was incroached upon the said palace, procured 
a Jury of Middlesex to be impannelled, by whom the l)ounds and 
limits of the said palace, were by their verdict, upon the testimony 
of witnesses then sworn and examined, found and discovered; and 
an exact and perfect map thereof was drawn; which is now in the 
custody of the said Humphrey Style. After the verdict of the said 
Jury, Sir Humphrey Style proceeded by Law in the Exchequer 
against some of the incroachers, where, after a long suit and much 
charge, at a full hearing he obtained the judgment of the court 
against the said incroachers; whereupon the late King granted a 
commission under his broad seal, to divers Lords, giving them power 
to compound, at reasonable rates, with such persons as had so in- 
croached, upon his said ])alace." 

"Sir Humphrey Style humbly desires your opinion, whether it 
be necessary for him to present this his case to the judgement of the 
Parliament, the fourth part reserved by the King now accruing and 
belonging to them, without whose approbation and direction he will 
not do anything." 

" AVliose opinion it was that is here asked, is not mentioned by 
Mr. Le Neve, or any further account given of this affair."* 

Sir Humphrey Style procured a grant from Sir Thomas Wrioth- 
esley, Garter, Principal King-at-Arms, which recites that "not being 
willing to bear arms in prejudice to other branches of his family, he 
had petitioned for a coat with a proper difference," which the said 
King-at-Arms granted, ^Nlarch 28, 15'29, under his hand and seal as 
follows, viz.: "Sable, a f ease ingr ailed between three tieur-de-lis, with a 
bordei', or; the /esse fretted of the field,'' to him and to his posterity."! 

* The Baronetai/e of Emjland. by E. Kimber and E. Johnson, 3 vols. London, 
mdcclxxi , 267. 

t In Berry's PedUjreex of Families in Coimlj/ Kent (p. il'2 i : 

Accompanying a chart of some of the rlesoendunts of William Style, of 
Ipgwich, Co. Suffolk, is a coat-of-arms, and description as follows: 

Amis. — Sa. a fesse, betw. three tieurs-de-lis, within a bordure, or, the fessee 
fretted of the held. ' 


Sir Hiuuphrt'V Style died April 0, 1557,* and was buried iu Beck- 
enham Church, haviuj^f been twit-e married; (1) to Bridj^et, dau<;hter 
of Sir Thomas Baldrey, Knt. aud ^Nlayor of Loudou; (2) to Elizabeth, 
daughter of (leorge Peueut, of Co. Hertfind.t She survived him aud 
afterward married Christoi)her Mead, Esq.| 

Sir Humphrey^ had issue, by his first wife,** who died 1548: 

11. I. Eom-XD," b. Mch. 27, 1588. Family 3. 

12. n. Oliver," b. 1542. F.xmily 4. 

13. m. Nicholas.' Family 5. 
(By his second wife): 

14. rV^ John," died •>;. p. 

15. V. Mary,' who married Christopher Mead, of Co. Warwick. 

16. VI. [Edward," who d. iu infancy. See Chaii. of Visitation of 

Londoix, 1568 j. 


17. Edmund' Style, [11] ('S'/r Hamphreij,^ Sir John!' Sir John,* 
William,^ William,' Williuni,^ ) of Laugdey, Esq., was, I am inclined 
to believe, the "Master Edmond Stile, Grocer, and Sheriffe of Lon- 
don," who, as Stowe narrates, in his chapter. ft entitled " Honour 
of Citizens aud worthinesse of both men. and women in the same" 
[City of London], " o'ave to be distrilnited among- the said Hospitals 
in Loudon [probably Christs and Bridewell] the summe of threescore 
pounds."|;{; If so, he was of the honorable Company of Grocers of the 
City and tlie same "Alderman" Stile, who with (Richard) Lamljert 
(probably his business partner), is noted in the following extracts 
from Stowe: 

Book n, page 40: "Alderman Stiles, aud Alderman Lambert," 20s, 
per annum, to tlie Poor of St. Olave's, Hart Street, " payable by the 
Grocer's [Company] once in fourteen years." 

Book II, page 81: 

Crest. — .\ wi>lf's head, conped. sa. collaretl or. 

Granted to Sir Huinphrey Stylr GSth March, 1529, by Sir Thos. Wriotlitsley, 
darter, the being engrailed. 

QKdderinijs in riditation, 1619. 

1. Ar. a wolf statant, sa. 

2. Ar. three square banners flowing to the sinister, each quarterly, sa. and 
* * * from the ends and staves, fleiir.s-dc-lis, issuant. 

3. .\r. on a chev. sa. betw. three bucks' heads, erased, az. as many billets or. 
* Hasted's lunf, i., .5i2-5iG. 

t Ace. Berry's Peduji-ips of ll^rtfordshlre Fiiimln^s. p. 200, " dau. of Geo. Pery- 
ent, living 21 Henry VIII., and -Vgnes, his wife." 
X Burke's Etiiud and Di>rm/int Baronetcies. 
** Hasted's Ktnt, i., o42. 

ft Strvpe's Stoioe's Survey of London, 1G;J3, fob, Book I, p. 268. 
Xi Stowe, p. 98. 








1630. Alderman mie^, ^ f 

\ every fourteenth year \ 01.00.00. 
Mr. Lambert, ) ( 

In the Parish of St. Katharine, Coleman, Eaklp^ate Ward. 

Book II, pa'^'e 108. 1G25. Alderman Lai»hert and Stiles, to be 
paid to the Churchwardens, once in 1(! years for the use of the Poor, 
01.00.00. in Parish of St. Butolph, Billinoscrate Ward, St. Mary Hill. 
Book in, page 32. IGl'i. Lambert and Stile oave every IG years 
to the Poor, Church of St. Mildreds in the Poultry, Cheepe Ward, 

Mr. Edmund Stile had a seat and was Justice of the Peace at 
Langley,* but seems to have died in Loudon. 

Edmlnd" Stile married IMary, daughter of John Berney of Eeed- 
ham, Co. Norfolk, Esq., and had issue: 
William.^ Family G. 
Edmuxd.^ Family 7. 

[AxNA,^ who married Geo. Franklyn, of Co. Bedford; 
and Margaret, who married Geo. Needham, Co. 
Hertford. See Chart Visitation of London, 15G8]. 

21. Oliver Style, [12] (Sir Humphre;/,^ Sir John,^ Sir John,* 
William,^ William,' William,'^) havin^^ been Hifih Sheriff of London, 
purchased the ^lanor of Wateringbury,t in Kent, and retired to his 
mansion there, called Wateringbury Place, where he died 4 March, 
1622. He built the south chancel or aisle of the Beckenham Church, 
where he is buried, as described in HastecVs Hid. of Co. Kent.X 

'* From Lambarde's PeramhuhiHira of Kext, pub. 1570, p. 22. Among " Names 
of Justices of Pt-aee and their Dwelliog Parishes, " 17th February, L39G: 

Edm. Stvle, in Bekuam. (Accordiug to note, p. 2(3, "not resident in the 

t Wateringbury, Co. Kent, called in Doomesday Book, " Otringebeye," is a 
parish in the hundred of Troyford, lathe of AyUst'ord. and formerly was a market 
town. In the vicinity are several gentleman's seats. The living is a dis. vicarage in 
the archdeaconry and diocese of Rochester; church dedicated to St. John the Baptist; 
patrons the deaii and chapter of llochester. See, also, Hasted's Kent. pp. llo, -IIG. 

X "The Church, which sUinds on a rising ground, a little to the eastward of 
the village of Beckenham, is dedicated to St. Gi'orge, and may be conjectured to 
have been built about the reign of King Edward III., from its being dedicatinl to 
that saint; few of our churches being dedicated to him before that reign. In this 
church are many coats of arms carved, and painted hatchments, and pennons, 
belonging to the' family of Style of Langhy. It anciintly consisted of one aisle, 
till it was iucr< as.d bv the addition of a large chapel or aisle on each side, both 
which were built by Oliver Style of Langley, Esq. Umler the south aisle he built 
a vault for the sol.'" use of Langley-house and the family there, though he himself 
was buried at Wateringbury. It is a neat building;, having a handsome sjiire sti-eph- 
at the west end of it. covered with shingles, in which is a ring of five tunable bills. 

.\fter mentioning its " many handsome monuments and memnrials." Hastetl 
says: "On the north wall are several brass-plates of arms, and the effigies of a 














He was twice married, (1) to Susan (or Susanna), (lau<^hter of 
John Bull of Loudon, Es([. ; CJ) to Juliana, duu^'liter of Charles Barnes 
of London, and widow of Sir Thos. Cutter, Kut. Issue (all l)y his 
first wife): 

'v ^^' „ ' died durinfTf their father's life-time. 
Oliver,^ ) 

(Sir) Thomas.'^ Family 8. 

Elizabeth,*^ ) 

SusAN,^ |-died during their father's life time. 

Margaret,^ ) 


28. Sir Nicholas' Style, [1.'5] (-^Vr Humphrey,'' Sir John,^ 
Sir John,* WiUlam,''' William,' William,^ ) was an alderman of the city 
of London, and was knighted in the tifth year of King James I., 1G07, 
at which time he was slieriff of London. He was a prominent mem- 
ber, in his day, of the Ancient Company of Grocers, which, according 
to Stowe, was one (jf "the Twelve Honorable Companies of this 
ancient and Famous City; out of which the Lord Maior is to be 
chosen yearly, because those of inferior rancke are not capable of 
such dignity."* He was, also, the benefactor of several charities in 
London, thus stated by Stowe in his Survey of London: 

man, two women and eleven children | viz. : 9 to the tirst, and 2 to the second), and 
an inscription to Sir Hnmphrey Style and Daine Bridget his tirst wife, daufihter of 
Sir Thomas Bauldy, sometime Mayor of London; he left surviving, his second wife. 
Elizabeth, daughter of George Peryn, Esq. He died in 15.J7, and the said Bridget 
in 1548." 

"In the sniilli chancel, on the west wall, a monument and inscription, showing, 
that in a vault near it is buried William Styh; of Langley, Esq.. Counsellor-at-Law. 
and of the Inner Temple, abt. Kh!*, te. 80. A monument near the former, showing 
that in the same vault, ap])ropriated to that family, lies Humphrey Style, owner of 
Langley in this, Kuight and Baronet of Enghind and Ireland, abt. IGoM, ;e. 
64. Another for Thomas Style, LL.D., about lt;77. On the south wall a monu- 
ment for Oliver Style of London, E.sq., sometime Sheriff thereof, second son of 
Sii: Humphrey Style of Langley, who lived at Wateringbury, at his proper costs 
and charges built this aisle, and the vault therein, for the sole use of the Lang- 
ley-house and family On the walls of this aisle are several coats of arms of the 
Style family, their matches and (piarterings, as there are «ui the west wall (»f the 
north aisle; on the north wall of which is an inscription for Oliver Style of Lon- 
don, Escp" Hasted's Hist. Co. Kfnt, 17'JS, i., p. 546. 

In describing Beckenham Parish and Church, Hasted, in the History of Kent, 
i., 542-r)47, says; "Edmund Style and Nicholas Style, esquires, and Sir Hum- 
phred Style, hart., in 1(',;)4. gave <'.()/.; tor two sermons to be preached yearly, l.'5.s'., 
4(2. each;" the residue for bread to be distributed weekly to the poor, which money 
was afterward laid out in land, vested in trustees, and of the annual produce of oL, 

15s" Also, " Style of L — , gave to this parish, lands in it of the annual 

produce of 21." 

* These " Twelve Honorable Companies" were those of the Mercers, the 


"Niclioliis Stilo, Grocer, and Aldeniuin of London, gfave unto 
Christ's Hospitall, rive pounds; to St. Bartholomew's Hospitall, 10 
pound, and to St. Thomas, three pound. ^Moreover lie ^ave to poor 
maimed Sea-fariu;^' Soukliersiu St. Barthoh)nie\v's Hospitall ten pound 
if no house were erected in or about Loudon, for the harbor and 
relief of such maimed Souldiers and Saviors."* 

Stowe also mentions (Bk. V, p. 57) "Gifts and Charities 
entrusted with the "Worshipfull Company of Grocers of London — 
Benefactor's name, Nicholas Stiles."t 

Sir Nicholas married Gertrude, daujjfhter of Thomas Bri^^ht of 
London, ironmonger; and died Nov. 1(5, 1(J15. He was buried in the 
Church of St. ^lar.ii-aret, AValbrook, Coleman Street Ward,;{; London, 
his monumental inscnption being- thus ^aven by the historian Stowe: 

"Here resteth in hope of a joyfull resurrection, the body of 
Nicholas Style, late .Vlderman of London, who was, borne at Langley, 
in the Parish of | Beckingiiam in the County of Kent; the Son j of 
Humfrey Stile, Kni<^'ht, and of Dame Bridf^et | his wife. He mar- 
ried Gertrude, the daughter of Thomas j Bright of London. L-on- 
monger. | with whom he lived most lovingly and | faithfully the space 
of forty years and j by her had three Sonnes and foure dau- | ghters;"^* 

Grocers, the Drapers, the Fishmongers, the Goldsmiths, the Skinners, the Mer- 
chant Tailors, the Haberdashers, the Salters, the Ironmongers, the Vinters, the 

The Company of Grocers, in olden time called Pepperf-rs, was first incor- 
porated by the name of Grocers, in the 'iOth year of Edward ill., A. D. 1345; and 
their arms are the most ancient of any of the twelve Companies, except those of 
the Skinntrs (Stow's Surrpy of London. UV.i'J). 

The arms antient, and supporters <,'ranted by Thomas Benote Clarencieux, in 
the time of King Henry the Eighth, Helme and Crest, by William Harvey Clar- 
encieux. Anno Dom. lo62 {Stoic). 

* Chapter entitled "Honour of Citizens and Worthinesse of both Men and 
Women in the City of London," p. 105. 

f In B. B. Orridge's •' Si, me Account of the Citizens of Londo)t andiheir nder.<: frmn 
lOGO to 18G7," London. IStiT, is given on page 233 (from a calendar of the Mayors 
and Sheriffs from lis;) to ISCT, compiled from Strype, Stow and the Corporation 
Archives), the following: " HSuT, Sir Henry Kowe. Mercer (Mayor): Jeffrey Elwes. 
Merchant Tailor; Nicholas Style, Grocer (Sheritfsi." 

X " Upon the Water-course of Walbrooke have yee a proper Parish Church. 
called S. M irgtret which seemeth to be newly re-edified, and builded about the 
year 1-14U," p'. 2'.i-2 , Sln,r). 

** Of tbese cliildren, who died during their father's life-time, were probably 
these three, whose epitaph is thus preserved by Stowe in his Survey of Loiidmi: 

(P. 2\\.\ '-Then downe lower in the street called Walbroke, is'one other faire 
church of S. Stephen, lately builded on the east side thereof: for the old church 
stood on the west side. * * * This church was finished in the yere 1430." 

(P. 24(J.) " A faire grave-stone in the north cloyster." 

"Example by John May, | and Oliver Still', i Who under this stone | lye buried 
in the dust, .\n"d putteth vou in memorv | that die all must. | John Stile borne in 
An. irjS2. : the 22 of Mav. '| Dyed in An." l.'.S3, | of lune the 2r> day | Also the Tj of 
October, 1583. j Mary Stile borne was | The 5 of August, 1'8.5, | out of this life 


of wbom remained liviu>>' at bis | Jecease. oue Sonne, Hunifrey, and 
one I dau<,diter, Mary. He dyed the Sixteenth j day of November. 
An. Dom. Kilo." 

Of bis widow, we bave tbe following: memorial in a "description 
of Monumental Inscriptions," etc., in tbe Cburcb at AYesterbam, Kent, 
contained in tbe Gentlemnn.-^ Magazine for 1807, pt. 11, p. 110-1, viz.: 
"On tbe front of tbe Gallery at tbe west end of tbe Nave are four 
tables, containing tbe following account of Benefactions * * * 
Tbird Table * * * Gertrude Style of West"* gave 20 pound to 
secure 20 sbillings pr. annum, forever, to be equally distributed to 
20 poor bousebolders on Good Friday, a° 1035." 

Sir Nicbolas left issue : 

29. I. Hi'MPHREi-,^ of Westerbam. 

30. II. Marv;^ married Simon Lawrence of London; mercbant. 

31. ;i2. ni, IV. 2 otber sons. ) See Monumental luscrip- 
33-35. Y, YI, YIL 3 otber daughters. )' tiou— Note,^ p. 708-1). 


36. William' Style, [18] {Edmund: Sir Hum phrey,^ Sir John: 
Sir John,^ William,^ William^ William,^ ) of Langley, Kent, Eng.. 
was twice married; (1) to Anne, daughter of John Everstield of Denn, 
in Sussex, Esq.; (2) to Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Clarke, Knt., 
oue of tbe Barons of tbe Excbec[uer. 

Wilbam Style, Esq. had issue by bis 1st wife: 

37. I. Humphrey' ( Sir ). Family 9. 
He bad issue bv bis 2d wife: 

38. n. Anne;'*' married Sir Nicbolas Miller of Oxenbeath, Knt. 

39. in. William,^ (Esq). Family 10. 

40. IV. George;' became a Gentleman Commoner at Brazen 

Nose College, Oxford, 1618. " Ob. at Rotterdam and 
lies buried in tbe Engbsb Cburcb there." — Visit. 
Land., 1568. 

41. Y. Richard.-' born June 28, 1603; was a scholar at St. 

John's College, Cambridge, and died there, 1(*>25. 

42. VL Robert.'-* "Trained up at tbe Sugar House in Lond(m; 

ob. at his bouse in Clavering Hall, in Wingtield Co., 
Suffolk; .V. p." — TXs/Y o/' Load. He married (1 ) Griso- 
o-an, daug-bter of Sir Kenelin Jovner, Bart, widow of 

did passe. | Oliver Style the 2.5 of Febnmry, 1.584. | This mortall life besiin. | .\nd 
ended the same the U of Aui^ust, 15«5, | his course then being run. | Thus you 
may see, | that as you are, so were -we. | .\nd us we n'ow be. | even so shall ye. | 
Yet none can t^ll i"the hower, nor whan | That t,'itt was never \ .„'iven to luan: 
Therefore while you | have time and space, | i'ray unto God | for merey and 

* Westerham, Co. Kent, is in the diocese of Rochester. 


Sir John Prescott, of Hoxani Co., Suffolk; marrietl 

(2) Martha, dau^^hter of Style, of "Westerhani, 

his cousin. 
48, VIL Edmund,^ "born 1G07, died a bachelor; factor for the 

East India Co. " 

44. VIIL MichaeC born May 27, 1GU8; "married a Hatchett, of 

London, sole daughter and heir; went to the Barbji- 
does (and is dead, ut puto).'" — Visifat. of London, loGS. 

45. IX. Thomas,' LL.D.,* "born July 10,1(310; ob." bachelor, 1(577. 

46. X. Fk.\ncis,' a silkman, of London; married a dau^-hter of 

a citizen of London; died s. p. and is buried at St. 
Andrews, Holborn." — Vlsitat. of Land., 15G8. 

47. XI. Mary,^ died unmarried. 

48. XII. Eliz.ujeth,^ born Jan. 26, 1018; married Nicholas 

Fowle, of Rotherfield, Co. Essex, Esq. 

49. XIII. Mary.« 

[The Pedigree, or Chart of Vis^itation of London, 1568, 
. , (taken by Robert Cooke, Clarenceaux Kiu^r at Arms. — 
Sec. Ft(b. Harleian Soc, Vol. I., pp. 84, 85), gives to 
William, (Sen. ), also, by his first wife Anne, daughters 
Brigida and Mary; and by second wife Mary, sons John 
and Edmund, all of whom died infants. Also, Dorothy, 
who died unmarried, and ^Margaret (probably same as 
Marv, No. 49) who married Thos. Carter, of London, 


50. Edmund- Sty I e , [19] ( Edm und,' Sir Humphrey,^ Sir John,^ 
Sir John,* William,"' William,- William;^ ) married Catharine, daughter 
of John Scot of Holden, Co. Kent. Issue: 

51. L JoHN.9 

52. n. Mary.9 


5;-}. Sir Thomas^' Style, [24] {OlicerJ Sir Humj>hrei/:^ Sir John,^ 
Sir John,* William,-' William,- William,^ ) of Wateringbury, Escj., 
was created a baronet, Apr. 21, l(')27.t He was sheritt' of Kent in 
that year, being Xo. 217 in the series of sheritTs of that county.^ 
He died Oct. 18, 1037, in the 3rd year of Charles L Sir Thomas 

* Wood's Athenrr Oxon/e^wM, vol. 2, fol. 105 of Fusti. " .\n. Dom. 1666, IH 
Car. n. Doct. of Law. July 6. Thoni. Style of Ch. Ch." 

t But though this Vminch was eldrr to those of Waterinsjbnry. yet these last 
were the senior baronets, being created April 21, 1627, Anno .i Chas. I. — Hiisteds 
IIlsU>ry Co. Kent. i. .^2. 

X Forleigs IPst. of Wmld of Kent. 


Style mjin-ietl Elizabeth, only dauj^'liter and heiress of Robert Foulkes 
of Mountnessinf^-, Co. Essex, Es(|.* Ladj* Elizabeth Style died May 
20, IGGO. Issue: 

54. I. (Sir) Thomas.-' Famii,y 11. 

55. n. Elizabeth;'' married John ]\[onins, Esq., sou of Sir Ed- 

ward Monins of AValdershare, Co. Kent, Bart. 

56. m. SrsAN;-' married Sir John Readet of Brocket Hall, Co. 

Hertford, Bart. 

57. IV. Anne;^ married Sir John Buck of Hamby Grange, Lin- 

colnshire, Bart. 


59. Sir Humphrey^ Style, [:^7] (William^ Edmuvd,' Sir 
Humphre]!,^ Sir JohnJ' Sir Juhn,^ Wiliiam,-^ Williavi,' Williatn,^ ) of 
Laugley, Knt. ; was gentleman of the Privy Chamber to King 
James I., and Cup-bearer to King Charles I., by whom he was 
made Colonel of all the trained-band horse of the County of Kent. 
He was created a baron May 20, 1G27,;{: and died Nov. 10, 1059, and 
was buried in the vault of Beckenham Church. 

He married ( 1 ) Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir Robert Per- 
shall of Lincoln's Inn, and widow of Sir Robert Bosvil, Knt., of 
Eyresford. He married (2) a daughter of "Wright, Bishop of Cov- 
entry and Litchtild, by whom (according to Vi.-<ifnt. of London, 1568) 
he had a son Charles, who died in infancy; and, leaving no issue his 
title became extinct, and he was succeeded in the estate by his half- 
brother William.-® 

* Moiintnissin;4 iicquired its name from the Xorman family of ilountcney, 
-who obtained jKistssion of this lordship in the rfign of King Stephen, and retained 
it till the rtign uf Henry VIII. — Suckley's Essfx, p. 3(5. 

Fo-svkes Manor. Mt re-s\-orth parish, belonged to the abl)ey of St. Mary Grace, 
near the Tower, Loudon, and after the dissolution in the reign of King Henry VIII, 
passed through several o-wners till the reign of King James I, -when it was alienated 
to Oliver Style, Escj., in whose descendants it has continued till this time (171!8), 
the present inheritance of it being vested in Sir Charles Style, bart, of 'Watring- 
bury.— Hasted's Uistonj Co. Koil, ed. 17i).s, p. 86. 

't Reade, Sir .lohn, of Brocket-hall, Hertford Co., Bart, descended from an 
ancient family, originally of Ipsden, Co. Ox.; he was created a bart. in IH-il. an 
honor which expired with Sir James Keade in 1701. For arms, see Burke's Her- 
aldic Ill>islnUln„.s. 

X Hislnrii of thf Weald of Kent, Part II., Vol. II., p. ."S-Jo, explains the difference 
between haroii and huronet. "It was during the reign of James I. (May 
22, 1611 1, that a new title of honour intermediate Ixtween a baron and 
a knight) was created, that of baronet, for the purpose of raising money 
for the army in Ulster, to be confirmed by patent, upon certain terms and 
conditions, on 2(t(> of the gentry of three descents, who possessed hinds of the 
yearly value of £l,i»Mi. The patents were offered at £1. <>'.»;".. the estimated charge 
of thirty soldiers during three years, but only seventy-six of these titles were at 
first granti'd. In 1612, more were issued, and by the end of this reign they 
amounted to 20.j." 



60. William" Style Esq., \:\\)] {WlUiau,: h\JmunrfJ Sir Ihm^ 
phrey,' Sir .Min-^ Sir Juhn,^ William:^ William,' Willimn,' ) was a 
barrister at law, and a member of the Socdetv of the Inner 
Temple. A\ ood, in his Afheme Oxonienses, savs: "William Stvle. an 
Esquire's son and a Kentish :\tan born, became a Gentleman Com- 
moner (with his youngest brotlier George) of Braesen-n. Coll. an. 
1618, ao-ed 15 years, but before he took a Degree he retired to the 
Inner Temple and became a barrister; but instead of prosecutino- the 
practise of the law, he pleased himselfe with a retired and studious 
condition, the eti'ects of which are these, 

' The Prartiral Regi.<ff-r; or (he accomplished AHnrnei/, consisting of 
Rules, Orders, and the most principal Observations concernino- "the 
Practice of the common Law in his Majesty's Courts at Westminstev, 
but more particularly applicable to the proceeedings in the King's 
Bench, as well in matters criminal as civil. Lond., lOoT, oct, ^cf 

'Xarrafioncs Jlodenup, or Modern Reports, began 'in the now 
Upper Beach Court at Westminster in the begiuning of the Hillary 
Term, 21 Car. I, and continued to the end of" Mich.' Term, an. 1055, 
as well on the Criminal as on the Plea side, most of which time the 
late Lord Chief Justice Roll had the Rule there.* Lond., 1G5S, foL't 

"He, the said :\Ir. Style, did translate from Latin into Eno-lish 
f'ontemplafion.<. Sighs and Groans of a Christian (Lond., 1(540, 'oct.), 
before the Title of which is the Picture of a man in a Gown looking 
up to heaven, with a scroull issuing from his Mouth, wherein h^ 
written, 'I see better.' Another scroull issues from his right Hand 
hanging down, in which is written, 'I follow worse;' and in his left 
Hand is the Hook of Contemplations originally ^\i-itteu in Latin bv 
John :\!'ichael Delher.| 

"The said Mr. Style also di.l correct and much enlarge The Com- 
mon Law Epitomized, u-ith Directions iTow to Prosecute and Defend Per- 
Honal Actions, d\: Loud, in oct." 

He married Elizaljcth, daughter and heiress of William, son of 
John Duleing. one of the aldermen of the citv of Rochester, and 
dying, 1070,*^ was hui-ied in Beckenham church. tf 

^u- *''^"^"'^^ ^^ich [time] Sir Henry Rolls, and afterward John Glynn, sut as 
Chief Justice of the Upper Bench."— Chalmers' BUx/. IVd., xxviii.. 4')h! 

t These reports are singularly valuable, as beim,' the only cases extant of the 
common law courts for several years in the time of the usurpatiSn — Lo^vnaes• 
/J(W(Of//Y/^/(. Manual. 

I See. also,' Diet, and Walpole's Anrcdnfes. 

** Or 10:»;», (;p„t. Ma,,., vol. forlslT, p ;?25; ('l,nl,aer.^' Bio<,. DU-t., xxviii. 49H 
makes it 107'.», "if he be the Wm. Style lived that year at B. as Mr. Lyson con- 
jectures." So does Hasted's Kent, i., 512. 

tt The authorities as to William Style Esq. are Bliss'Wood's Ailien Oxon., iii., 
4/0; Lyson's Eni:mms: Wallace's Jieporters, M ed.. 2iM\ Allibone's Did. Emi. Lit- 









Marv,"' unmarried, 1078. ) .,. ■. . j , i -pq 

KsTHER," unuiurned, H)ih. ) 

William;^'' died without issue in his father's lifetime, 
and is supposed to have been the Col. William Style 
who is buried in Bunhill Fields Buryin<^ Ground, 
London, and who died 1670.* 

64. rV. [HrMPHKEY;"' died in infancy. -See Vir<ifaHon of London. 


65. V. Humphkey;"^ succeeded his father in his seat at Lanp^ley. 

and "in whose times," says Hasted, {Hist. Co. Kent. 
i., 542 I "there were several <30{its of armor, as well of 
this family as of those they had intermarried with, 
painted in the windows of this house." But, dyinj? 
without issue male, his dau^-hter Elizabeth carried 
it in marriaf^e to Sir John Elwell. Bart., who died in 
1727, without issue In- her.f She remarried, Dec, 
1730, with Mr. Henry Bartlett, and died June 16. 1731. 


66. Sir Thomas' Style, Rll 'N',- Thoma^,^ Oliver: Sir Hum- 
phrey.^ Sir John,^ Sir Jnhn,^ Witliani,"' ]\'iflia»i,'' William,^ ) the sec- 
ond baronet, was twice married: (1) to EUzabeth, daughter of 
Sir William Airmine. of Osgodly, Co. Lincoln, Bart. ; ( 2 ) to Mar<^aret. 

* On his stone-t(imb, in capitals, is this iiiscri[>tion: 

"To the ^If-mory of Lieut. Coll William | Stylk, late Citizen and I Leather- 
seller of Lmdo'K A Man \ From his Youth ih-vont toward God. and pious to his 
Parents. I Singularly just, industrious and | Dilit;ent, second to none in | Courage; 
kind to his Friends, and | Charitable to All, who on his | Death-Bed enjoyed 
plentifully | The Conscience and Joy of | a (iood Life. Dyed 2 March < iCuO " 

From p. 77 of ■• Bunhill Fields Ihirijhvj (rround; prorfnVniijs in refercyicf to its 
preservniinn. irifl, in.'^rriptidns on tnnihs. ' L(mtJi>n. 1S()7 " These inscriptions are 
reprinted from the rare tract of 1717, "In<;rvii,fi(tus on the Ti>mJ>s in tlip Dissenters' 
Burial Place „ear BnuhiU Fields." 

t Elwill of Exeter, 17()',t. — Sir -lohn Elwell, Kut , whose mother was heiress of 
Pole of Exeter, was created a baron^-t in 17(l'.»; his son. Sir .John, the second l)aronet. 
married the heiress of Style of Lau'^ley, in the parish of Heckenham. Kent and 
settled at that place He' died without issue and was succee.le.l by his brother. 
Sir Edimmd. The title became extinct on the death of Sir-lohn Elwell, the fourth 
baronet, in I77s.— Z;//.^■r,„'.^■ M,i,pi(i lhHt<iiiin. London. 1^1(1. Vol. vi., p. cxxx. 
List of Extinct baronets in the Co of Devonshire. 

Bnriiiietniie of Hmilinid. Hv F.. Kimber aiul K. .Johnson. 3 vols. London. 
1771. III. 30. Elwill of Exeter. Devonshire. 

Sir .John Elwill. Uart.. eldest son and successor to his father, m. the dau. and 
heir of Sir Humphrey Style, of Langloy in Kent. Es(p, by whom he had no issue: 
Sir .Jolin d. Sept., 17-27. and his lady survivinu him. was remarried, in December, 
17:«), to Mr. Henry Hartlett an.l died June If,, 17;]1. 














daugrhter of Sir Tliomas Twiwlen, of Bradbourue, Co. Kent, Bart., 
one of the justices of the Kinj^'-s Bench. 

Sir Thomas Style died Nov. lO, 17(>2,* te. 78, and was buried iu 
Waterinpfbury church. Ixsue : 

By hixjirst icife, who died Dec. 10, 1070: 
67. I. Thomas,io who married Marv, only dauf^hter of Sir 

Stephen Lan<;ham, Knt., l)y whom he had a sou 
Thomas; who died an infant, 1(;74. He died Au^nist 
30, 1672, and his widow married Sir Thomas Middle- 
ton, of Stansted-Mount-Fitchet, Co. Essex, Kent. 
William;"^ died young-. 
Michael;"* died voun^. 
Oliver"' (Sir). Family 12. 

Elizabeth ;"'married William Carter, of Kinnault, Den- 
bighshire, Esq. 
Makv;"' married Sir Felix "Ward, of Mailing, Co Kent 

Susan ;"^ who became the first wife of Tliomas Dalysou, 
of Hamptons, Co. Kent. Esq.; their granddaughter, 
Jane Dalyson; (only surviving daughter (jf Thos., Jr. ; 
mai-ried Sir Jeffrey Amherst, Baron Amherst. KB. of 
Holmesdale, Co. Kent, who distinguished himself iu 
--^ the British Army, in the French war in Canada, and 
was appointed Governor and commander-in-chief of 
all the British forces in N. Am., 1760, and in 1763 
"was appointed Gov. of Virginia; see Collins Peerage, 
Vol. 8, pp. 311, 317. 

74 Vni. Anne;"^ married John Marriot of Sturston Hall, Co. 

Suffolk, Esq. 
(Issue by second icife, vho died Dec. o, 17 IS): 

Thomas;"' died during his fathers lifetime. 

Tho^las'o (Sir). Family 13. 

Roger;"' died without issue. . 

Hcjiphrey;"' died without issue. 

MARtiARET;"' married Bobert Vyner of Swakley, Co. ]\lid- 

dlesex, Esq., one of the Knights of the Shire for that 


* Le Neve's Momtmeufa A)i<ilirana, iv., 52. 

t Ashden, formerly culled Esseden. a small manor in the northern part of 
Lenham Parish, Co. Kent, in the 5th year of Kiu^' James I, became the property ot 
Oliver Style, Esii., of Watringbury, whose son Thomas was created a baronet, and 
died in KJ.i", leavin-,' this niunorto his only s..n and successor, Sir Thomas Style. 
bart, who died in 17(1-2. on which an aj^Tt-t mf-nt was entered into by his heirs, for 
a partition of his estates among them, which was conhrmed by an act, passed anno 











'i -* 5 


F.UIILY 12. 

80. Sir Oliver'" Style, [To] (Sir Thnmn^,^ Sir Thomrv^,^ Oliver,'' 
Sir Ifumplimj,'^ Sir Joiin;' Sir fluhn,' Williain,^ IVUliaiu,' Williain,^) 
the third baronet, died on the 12th of February, follo\vin<^- his 
father's decease (Feb. 2, 1702-3), and in default of issue, the title 
and estate descended to his half-brother Thomas, 

Sir Oliver Stile is "buried under a handsome monument in the 
south part of this church-yard. ""^ 

He is probably the "Oliver Style, Esq." mentioned by Hasted 
(Hid. Co. Kent, ii, llo), as having given, in 1632, the weekly sum of 
is. to be distributed in bread in the church, every Sunday, to six 
poor persons forever. 


81. Sir Thomas'" Style, [TO] {Sir Thoma.-^,^ Sir Thomas,^ 
Oliver,' Sir Hniiipiirpii,^ Sir ■John,'' Sir John,^ William,^ William,'- IVil- 
liam,^ ) the fourth baronet, in 1707, pulled down the mansion of 
"Wateringbury Place, a very ancient and moated structure, and 
erected the present seat, more to the westward of the older one. 
Here, being^ sheriff of Kent, he kept his shrievalty in the ei<^-hth year 
of Queen Anne, 1710, and resided, until his death in 1708.1 He is 
buried in "Wateriut^^luiry Church, as also is his wife Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of Sir Charles Hotham, Bart., by whom (she wjxs of the 
Chichely-liue of descent, and died Oct. 25, 1737, <e. -13) he had i^ue: 

82. I. Thomas," who was appointed page of honor to King 

George II, June 3, 1731 ;;|; died in 1741, and was bur- 
ied at Ormskirk, Co. Lancaster. 

83. n. Chakles" (Sir). Family 11. 
81. IIL Robert" (Rev). Family 15. 

2 and 3 Queen Anne. In this partition the manor of Ashden was allotted, with 
Frinsted and other estates, to ^Margaret, his only daughter by his second wife, who 
in I'll), alienat.d it t) Mr. Ahralium Tilghmau. ilasted's Uist. (J>. Knd, v. ^-ll. 

Edward Jackuian Esq., of Hornchurch, Co. Essex, owner of the manor of 
Frinstf-d, with Kinsted, alias Wrensteil-Court, and the lands lielongi: g tn it, in 
the oth year of Janus I. passed it away to Oliver Style, Esi|., of Watringbury, who 
died in 1G22. Upon tlie death of whose descendant. Sir Thomas Style, bart., who 
died in 17U2, an agrt emeut was entered into by his heirs for a partition of his 
estiites amouu them, which was confirmed by an act, passt-d anno 2 and 3 t^neen 
Anne. In this juirtitinn the manor i>f Frinsted with Kinsted court was allotted to 
Mar"aret, his only ilaughter by his second wife, who in 171G sold it to Mr. Abraham 
Tilghman. Ibid. ood. 

* Hasted's llisl. In. K^nt. 1798, ii, 112; also. Kimber's Bammtaqe. i, 2G.S. 

f January 11, 17tj'.', (rfittleman's Ma'i<izliie, p. ;Jo, which incorrectly gives the 
name of Joseph. 

He, also, owned by purchase, an estate in W. called •' Wardens," which his 
son Thomas solil to William IJurleston. — Hasted's Hist. Q>, Kent, it, 115. 

I Geidkiaan's Miujazlne, vol. 1731, p. 207. 



rV . W iLLiAM," the youu-est son, was, ^faich, 174M, promoted 
to a lieuteiiaucy in the First Kent. „f (inards;* pro- 
moted, Au- 21, 17r,(i, to a captanu-y in tlie Third 
Re-t. I(K.t Guards (or "Butfs",;! became a major- 
general An- 2!), 1777, and a heutenant-n-eneral, Nov. 
^(^,\^h'L\ U as also colonel of " the Butl's '*=*= He 
married April 11, 1754, Catharine, sister and co- 
heiress of John L<m- of the kinodom of 
Ireland Esq Gen. Style <lied in Picadillv, London 

X }V A' ^^''"^ ^'''''''^- '' dauo-hter wlio married. 
at Bristol, Charies Hinde (or Hvnde), Esq., of Lan<- 
ham Hall, Co. Essex, youuo-est s<;n of Jacob Hinde of 
S« ^T -c ^^^"^^''^' Co. Essex, :\rarch 15, 1787.*** 

oo. V. Elizabkth;" died unmarried, Oct. 3, 1795 Hi 78 at 

Canons. Co. Kent.ftt 
VI. Charlotte;" died unmarried "at the seat of the Eio-ht 
Hon. Lady Fane, at Little Compton, Co. Gloucester/' 
Nov. 11, 1787. ++I 

fa:mily 11. 

^ir rf ^'1 ^.I'-^'^K ^*y'®^' f^^'^] <•'"■'■ ^fionm..,^^ Sir Thomas,^ 

ThlZ: Tl' ^! o' ^''^' -=^^""^'' ^^••^^ «-<^-eded his father. Sir 

lived atAV. 'i '^' T ^^ "^^^^- ^^ '^'^ F^*'*^ Dra<.oons, and 

men at A\ atermnrbury. He married March 7, 1770, Isabella second 
da.ig.hter of Richard Wm,.tield, first Viscount Powerscourt o f I J^ 
The ''Hon n' 1^ Lo^; on 1771, and was buried at Watrin.dnirv. 
ihe Hon. Dame Isabella Style, widow of Sir Charies Stvle Bart " 
tbed in France, Sept. 21, 1808.**** ' ' 

89. , I Charles''^ (Sir), born Nov. 21, 1771, at Argvle buildino-s, 
London. Family 16. " 

* Gfntleinaii's )f,„ia-J)ip, vol 17-tS p 130 
Regt SSlwd.-""""""" ''''■ P- ^''' ^""'"^'- -^« ^^ -- -Ptuiu in First 
SoyhS'"''''""" -^^"''"'-'""- "• P- ^•^^'' "^^^ "^^^^-'^^"'^ /^""^' -f ^'(»^'<'es, .-Inch says 

** Kamp^mi Ma,inzh,e, Obituary ji 'Ml 

trentleman s ^[a<jazlne, 18U8, p. IIJSU. 


















90. II. Dor(ithy;'- married JdIui Larkiuj,' of Clarehouse, Co. 

Kent, Esq., July 4, 1793.* 


91. Rev. Robert" Styles, [84] {Sir TJwmas,^^ Sir Thoma^,^ 
Sir TAo^/ax/ Sir Hiunphreii,' Sir John,^ Sir Johti,^ Sir .Tohi\^ 
William,^ Willimn:' Willinw,^ ) vicar of Town Malliu-f?, and iu 
1770, of the Church of Wateriu^burv;t and in 177(5, also rector of 
Mereworth,:}: Co. Kent; married Priscilla, dauohter of Rev. John 
Davis, his predecessor in the rectorship of M., and died June 5, 1800. 
His wife died at Addiugton Vale, June 18, 1832, le. 84.** 

Charles,'- born 1777. 

Thomas;'- a captain in the Royal Navy. 

WrLLiA>r,'- born April 20, 17 85. ft Captain in R. N. 

FA>nLY 17. 
Charlotte. '- 

Margaret;'- mariied John Johnston. 
Henrietta;'- married John Francis Xorris, Esq. 
Elizabeth;'- married Capt. John Drake, R. N. 
Clara;'- married a Col. Wilson. 


100. Sir Charles'- Style, [801 (Sir Charles,'' Sir Thoma^,^'' Sir 
Thomn<,^ Sir Thoinn^,'^ Olirer,' Sir Humphrpiif' Sir JohnJ" Sir Jnhn,^ 
William;^ WiUiam,- William,^ ) the sixth baronet, of Waterins-bury 
Place, married [March 29, 1794, Camilla, eldest daughter of James 
Whatman, of Vintners, Boxley, Co. Kent, Es(i.:|:+ by his first wife, 
Sarah, daughter of Edwd. Stanley, Seci'etary of His "Majesty's 
Customs, and died Sei)t. 5, 1804, in L-mdon, at the Royal Hotel, Pall 
Mall.*** His wife died Sept. 17, 1829, x. 58. 

101. I. Thomas'^ *'Sir), who was page to the Duke of Cumber- 

land; was educated at the Royal Military College, 
Marlow, and appointed Ensign in 1st Regt. Foot 

* GfiiUemmis y[nii,izinp. 1793, p. 670; European yiaqazhip, xxv, 77, gives Mr. 
L.'s residencf a.s -'East Mailing." 

t Church d.-(li,att(l to .Juhii the Baptist. 

X Mt'i-eworth is within the eccKsiastical jnrisdirtionof the diocese of Roches- 
ter and deanry of Mailing. The church is dedicated to St. Laurence. — Husted's 
Hist. G). Kf'Nt. vol. V. p. 87. 

*« GfNtlpwan's M.„)',zine. 1832. p. 047 

ft Hardwncke's Amnml Pecnuip. 18(!7. 

n Crpnfs. M.„i.. \1\)\. p. -^H'l; Earoppan M<i<iozlne, xxv. 320. 

♦•* Gents. M-i'j., 1S04, p 88'J. 












Guards, June, 179.").* He succeeded his father as 
seventh baronet, Sept. 5, 1804, and died of a fever 
while with his regiment, in the army under Welliu<^- 
ton, in Spain, Nov. o, 1813 ;f unmarried. The title 
passed to his brother. 

Thomas Chakles'* (Sir), born Auj,--. 23, 1707. Family 18. 

Isabella Anne;'-* died August, 1828. 

Anne. '3 

Charlotte;'' died in infancy. 

Maky;'' married July 14, 1821), Robert Sandilands, Esq., 
youngest son of Geo. Sandilands. 


107. William'- Style, [94] {Rev. Eof>ert,'^ Sir Thomas,''^ Sir 
Thomas,^ Sir Thoina^i,^ Oliver,'' Sir Ilumphrei/.^ Sir John/" Sir John,^ 
William,^ Williarn,' William,^ ) of Bicester House, Oxfordshire. He 
entered the navy ;^^arch 13, 1800, as tirst-class volunteer on board 
the Iiumortalile, 36, Captains Hon. Henry Hotham and Edward 
W. C. R. Owen, stationed in the Channel; after assisting at the bom- 
bardment of Havre and Boulogne, and commanding the launch 
of the Till mortal i(e, in the attack on two of the enemy's gunboats, 
under the guns of Calais, in August, 1803, he removed, as master's 
mate, to the Iinperiex^e, 38, commanded by his former captain, 
Hotham, whom he followed in INIarch, 1804, to the Re volutin no ire, 

"WTiile attached to this vessel he escorted the Duke of Sussex 
from Lisl)on to Portsmouth; accompanied the outward-bound East 
India trade to the line, and visited the of North America. He 
was i^resent at Sir Richard Strachan's action off Cape Ortegue, Nov. 
4, 1805, and assisted after the battle in bringing to England one of 
the prizes (the Sdijiun, 74). In April, I8()(j, he again accompanied 
his caj^tain to tlie Vejiaiire, 74, in which ship he was tnxlered to act as 
Lieutenant, 2Gth April, 1806; and, on the loth of August f(jllowiug, 
was contirmed to that rank. On the 24th of February, I8(l9. he con- 
tributed to the destruction of 3 French frigates, under the batteries 
of Sable d'Oltnme, on which occasion the Z>fV/rn?re, besides being nuich 
cut up in her masts, sails and rigging, sustained a loss of 2 men 
killed and 25 wounded. On the 24th of June, of the same year, he 
landed at the head of between 300 and 400 seamen and marines from 
the scpiadron then cruising off Corunna and succeeded in destroying 
114 guns of the largest calibre, with their carriages and ammunition. 
With the boats of the Dejianre under his communtl he brought out 

* Gents. Mwj., 17!».j, p. 3;!3. 
t Gents. Maij., 1813, p. 118. 


on the nij^lit of Dec-. ;51, ISOO (uutler a heavy lire of round aud grape 
shot), the armed ship Ellison, of more than 400 tons burthen, lyin<,' 
under the gnus of Fort Palais, one of the strongest fortitic-ations on 
the coast of Frauc-e. An attack had been made on this vessel a few 
nights previously, but had been repulsed. 

The 1st of June, ISIO, being again in command of the boats of 
the Defiance, after a fatiguing chase of six hours, he came up with 3 
French coasting vessels {cliay^'e-inaree^^) laden with wine and resin, 
the whole of which he boarded, carried aud brought off in a cahn, 
from under the citadel of Ft. Palais, in Belleisle, beating back G armed 
launches which came to then- aid, although exposed for an hour to 
the most severe lire- of grape and round shot from two batteries, on 
Point Taillefer, and from several tield-pieces.* 

In August, 1810, he left the Denan<e,i\ni\. in the following mtmth 
joined thellotilla employed in the defence of Cadiz. On the 2Sth of 
October, the Cn)i»perdnirn, a vessel of which he was in command, was 
wrecked on Les Corrales, a reef of rocks between Cadiz and Puntales, 
and a midshipman and 14 of the crew perished. He subsequently 
supported the present Sir Richard Fellowes at the storming of a 
four-gun batterv surrounded by a ditch and stockade at the entrance 
of Poi-t Santa :\raria, under a heavy tire from the neighboring works, 

March G, 1811. -, • • a . 

On the 5th of July, 1811, he was second in command m a night 
attack on some vessels in the Guadahpiiver, and had every man on 
the lar})oard side of his boat killed or wounded in a desperate action 
fought with a schooner of war. He was also in an attack on the 
enemy's Hotilla on Nov. id. The same year also he took the cutter 
La P/-ia/e/?rf, valuably laden, notwithstanding that before he came up, 
she had taken refuge under the battery on the Isle Oleur; for all 
these services he was very warmly recommended and received the 
thanks of the Commander-in-Chief 

He was shortly afterwards ( 1811 ) sent to co-operate m the defense 
of Tariffa, and displayed throughout such zeal and activity that he 
obtained,' as he had at Cadiz, very great ai)plause. His conduct 
gained him in particular the thanks of Commodore Penrose, also of 
the Spanish Government. 

In Ipril, 1812, he was placed on half-pay, and advanced to the rank 
of Commander, commission bearing date, Feb. 1, 1812. In May, 1821, 
he took comiuand of the Ganu't, 18, in which vessel he had the 
honor of conveying the remains of (^ueen Caroline, from Harwich to 
Cuxhaven. He became a Cai)taiu<m the Tth of Feb., 184*.). 

Mav IS, 181(), he married Louisa Charlotte, third daughter of 
Hon.^ and Rev. Jacob :Marsham, D. D., Canon of Windsor, and Pre- 

Gents. Ma.j., 1810, G5(! 








bendarv of Rochester aiul Wells (^uud neice of the Earl of Roiuuey).* 
He (lied Feb. 24, 1S<J8. hme : 

108. L Wuxi.or Henky :\rARsH.vM'' rSir), horn Sept. 8, 182G. 

Family 11). 
Charles ^loNTAorE. " Fajoly 20. 
Albert Frederick, ^^ born ^lay, 1H87. Family 21. 
Frances Isabella Anne;''' married September, 1858, 
Heurv Stewart, Esq , of Coi-eam Stranolar, and died 
112. V. Louisa Emma Priscilla.^^ 


113. Sir Thomas Charles'' Style, [102] (SVr Charle^r^ Sir 
Charles,'^ Sir Thomas,''' Sir Thnmn^,^ Sir Tl)nnia^; (Hirer,' Sir H>im- 
phreij,^ Sir Joiin,^ Sir John,* William.'' \\'iiriain,' William,^ ) succeeded 
his brother Thomas,''' as (eio-hth) baronet of AVaterin^burT Place. Co. 
Kent; ^vas educated at the Royal Naval Academy, CTOsport;f is a J. P., 
and (1851) Deputy Lieutenant, Co. Donegal, Ireland; AEember of 
Parliament from Scarborough,! ISoT-LSll; married Oct. 28, 1822, at 
Florence, Italy, Isabella, daughter of Sir George Cayley of Brompton, 
Co. York, Bart.** She died Dec. 27, 1881, x 84. He resided at Syd- 
ney Place, Bath; Club— The Reform. ff He died July 28, 1879, and 
was succeeded by his cousin, William Henry Marsham Style, Is.ok' .- 
114. L Emma,'* born Dec. 22, 1828; died at Lausanne, Aug. 24, 



115. Sir William Henry Marsham'" Style, [108] (CapL TI'/7- 
liam,^'' Rpi'. /?'/>r;r/," Sir Timma^^,^''^ Sir Tiin,nn<^' Sir Tliomayf,^ Olicer,' Sir 
Hamphrcii,' Sir J,,h„: Sir John,' William:' William;- William,^ ) Bart., of 
Glenmore, M. A., J. P., and D. L. for Co. Donegal, Ireland, and :\Iou- 
raouth, High Sheriff, Co. Donegal, 185(5; succeeded his cousin (Sir 
Thomas Charles;, as ninth baronet, July 28, 1879; married fl) at Bas- 
saleg, ;Moumonthshii-e, Dec. 18, 1848, Hon. Rosamond Alarian, eldest 
dau. of Sir Charles Morgan. First Lord Tredegar. ;{:]: She died Jan. 
15, 1888. He married 2) June 2. 1885, Ellen Katharine, eldest dau. 
of Edward T;vyl<>r r^Iassy, Es(i. of Cottesmore, Co. Pembroke, and wid. 
of Henry Hyde Nugent Bankes, Es<i. Sir William Henry Marsham 
Style was educated at Eton, and Merton Coll, Oxford (B. A. 1848, 

* Qpnfs. Mnq., i. 181o, 177. 

t Wulford's'r,,,/,,?,/ hainilie.-: nf Vmfal KUujdotn, 1SG4. 

J Hardwifke's Annnul Pet-ratje, 1HG7. 

** Gents. Muj.. lSii2. ')fiO. 

ft Burke's I'eenuje and linronetiuje. 

XX Burke's Peeraije and Bnronetaije. 








M A. 1857.) He reside.s at Glenmore, Co. D(int'<ral. Clubs— The 
Carletou, Loudon, and the Sackville St., Dublin. Issue.- 
116. I. William Chakles Marsham,'' born Oct. 5, 1849; died 

Sept. 2, 1887. Was Captain in the Donegal Militia. 
Fkederick Montagu,'^ born May 10, 1857. 
Henry Albert Glenmore," born June 11, 18G2. 
Rodney Charles,'^ born May 4, 1804; Lieut. 1st Batt. 
Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. 

120. "V. Rosamond Louisa," married April 8, 1872, Henry Price 

Holford, Esq., late Tenth Huzzars. 

121. VI. Selina Isabella." 

122. Vn. Lydia Frances," married Jan. 12, 1875, Benjamiu Fran- 

cis Maynell Bloomtield, Esq., of Castle Caldwell, Co. 
Fernianag-h, D. L., (^who died Nov., 188G ). 

123. VIIL Mary Louisa," married April 24, 1884, Rev. Thomas 

Thornhill Peyton, rector of St. Mary, March, Co. 

124. Charles Montague," Style, [109] (Capt. William,^' 
Rec. Rohevt,^^ Sir Thomas,^'^ .S'iV Thoma.^,'' Sir Thoina>','^ Oliver,' Sir 
Humphrei/,^ Sir John;' Sir John,^ William:'' William,'- William,^ ) rec- 
tor of South Warnborough, Co. Hants; he married Se}»t. 24, 18()7, Jessie 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Bullock Marsham, Es([., D. C. L., of 
Caverstield House, Warden of Merton College, Oxford, and his wife 
Lady Carmichuel Anstruther. Is.tue: 
125. I. Richard Charles Montague," born Sept. 20, 1870. 


126. Albert Frederick'' Style, [110] {Capf. William,'- Rev. 
Robert,'^'' Sir Thomas,^'' Sir Thoma.-<:^ SirT/wina.-<,^ Oliver,' Sir Hum- 
phrey,^ Sir John, ^ Sir John,^ William;' Wdliam,- William,' ) married April 
30, 1868, Eliza, daughter of the late Henry Tubb, Esq., of Bicester, 
Oxfordshire. /s.v«e.- 

127. L Geoiuje Mont v(U'E," born March 7, 1869. 

128. II. Ida Isabella," born June 8; died Sept. 7, 1870. 


Stiles, I, (Wantage, JierLshire,) Erm. on a chief, eml)attled, 

az. three storks" heads, erased, or. C'?r.;i, a dex- 



ter ami and hand pp. j^i-aspin; 
the elbow tied with a scarf az. 

a like head; 

Stiles, II, Sa. a fesse or. fretty of the field, betw. three fleurs- 

de-lis of the second. — Crext, a wolf's head, 
erased, sa. collared or. the neck, below the col- 
lar fretty of the last. 

Stiles, III, (Wycombe, Co. Bvck:=<), A chevron with three fleurs- 

de-lis — Lano-ley's Hit't. Denhourgh Hund., Co. 
BucH, p. 391. 

Styel, IY, Ar. a bend, componee, erm. and erminois, betw. two 

lions' heads erased, gu. On a chief az. three 
billets of the flrst. 

Styell, Y, Ar. a bend componee, erm. and ermines, betw. two 

lions' heads erased, gu. on a chief az. three 
billets or. 

Styghull, YI, Gu. a fesse engi*. ar. 

Stighull, YII, (Malston, Devon. <h ire), Az. on a fesse, engr. ar. three 
lozenges gu. 

Style, \T:n, Sa. a fesse, engr. or, fretty of the first, betw. three 

fleurs-de-lis of the second, two and one. 

Style, IX, Or, a bend, componee, erm. and sa. 

Style, X, (Windham, Co. N'orfoll^), Sa. on a chev. engr. ar. betw. 

three crescents erm. two lions rampant combat- 
ant gu. quartering, per pale, S and A in the sa. 
a chev. or, in the ar. a chev. gu. — Blomefield's 
Hist. Co. Norfolk, vol. ii, p. 530. 

O. Style, XI, 2 Barulets conjoined erm. and erminois, p. 42 
appx. — Hutchins' Hist, and Antiq. of Co. Dorset, 

MDCCLXXIV, "2 vols., fol. 

Or, a bend, componee, ermines and erm. 

(Kent and London), Yert, two bars or, betw. six 
fleurs-de-lis of the second, two, three and one.* 

The same arms. Crest, on a chapeau an eagle rising 

(Wateringbury and Langley, A'(^rt^• Ipswich, Suffolk: 
and Hen.sted, E^^sex), Sa. a fesse or. fretty of the 
field, betw. three fleurs-de-lis or. — all with- 
in a bordure of the last. — Crest, a Avolfs head, 

/(•r'J Oii-t. Iferahirv: but V,\XT\!.fi=, Eyicvclopedia Hern lit ry places the 'or" 
of tlie fieur-de-li's. Hurke's Er/irut l;a>n,i,-U-irs. p. ^12, gives engraving 
and r,oudon family— adding Baronetcy created May 20, 1627; Kxtincl 

10. Note I, this volume. 









♦ This is 

from Rur 

after the 



of same 


s to Kent 

Nov. 10. 


See p. 7 


couped sa. gorj^ed with a collar or, the neck 
below the collar, frotty of the last. 

Style, XVI, [ Kent,'] Ar. a l)end, cliecqiiey, erm. and ermines, betw. 

or Stikll, ' two lions' heads, erased, gu. oua chief az. three 

billets of the tiebl. 

Eyles- XVIL Sir Francis, of London (bart.) Dec. 1, 1714; seat 

Styles, Giddy Hall, near lluniford, Co. Essex, bore A rm^. 

A fesse engrailed, in chief :^ tieurs-de-lis sa. 

Style, XVIII, (Puddle Town, Dorsetshire), Or, a bend, checquey, 
erm. and ermines. 

Style, XIX, Or, a bend, checquey, erm. and sa. 

Style, XX, Or, a bend, checquey, or and sa. betw. three lions 

heads, erased gu. on a chief az. as many fleurs- 
de-lis of the held.— Berry's Heraldic Encyclo- 
pcedia, vols, i, ii. 

Styell, XXI, Siu John. On a wreath ar. and vert., a demi-stork, 
wings exijauded, sa. the outside of the wings ar. 
holding in the beak an eel az. Motto, " Tout 
jour loyal et diligent."— Nichols' Top. and GeneaL, 
iii, 71. 

Styles, XXII, (Walton, Co. Northumberland), Nathaniel Styles 

married Frances, daughter of Sir George Gyll, 

^ of Wyddial, Kent. Ar)n.<, or a fesse sa. fretty 

• of the field between 3 tieurs-de-lis of the same. 


From Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ire- 
land (vol. i, p. -1:')4, for Stiles;' vol. i, p. 459, for Style and Styles). 
Stiles, a wolf's head (erased), sa., collared, or, the neck below the 

collar fretty, gold. — /Va/(^ 8, crest 4. 
Stiles, (7)V/-/.^.,) an arm, hand grasping a head, all ppr., the elbow 

tied with a scarf, az. 
Style, a wolf's head (erased), sa., fretted on lower part of neck, 

and gorged with a collar, or, charged with a mullet for 

difference.— /Vote 8, crest 4, (mullet, pi. 141). 
Style, (Kent, Suff., and Ess.,) a w(>lf's head, couped, sa., collared, 

or, the lower part of net-k from the collar fretty, gold. — 

Plate 8, crest 4. 
Style, (.S'u//'., Nor/., and Line.,) a wolf's head (erased), sa., collared, 

or, below the collar fretty, of the last.— P/a^e 8, crest 4. 


Style, William, Esq., of Bicester Hi)use, Oxon., same crest. 
Styles, Enpf., on a chapeau, aii ea^le, risiug, p})r — Plate. 114, cre-^ V.\. 
Styles, Lontl., a lion's gamb, erased, in t'ess, ar., boldiuj^- a tleur-de- 
lis, sa. 


Th e Conn ect icut Fcnii ih^. 

In President Stiles' MSS. Itinerary (vol. xii, pa<^es 154-0), in 
Yale College Library, is a rude pen-sketch of the Stiles arms (similar 
to that described in Nos. II and XV of preceding- List of Coats of 
Arms), accompanied l>_v the following, under date of August 4, I'^Ho: 

" At my request, Mrs. Grant procure<l from the Heraldry OtRce, 
London, my coat of arms emblazoned i the original emblazonment is 
now in possession of some of the family of the late Dea. Charles J. 
Ingersoll, dec'd, of Greentield, Mass. — H. R. S.]. I had, indeed, the 
same in 1751. but I doubted my right to it. But informed ^Irs. G. 
that my ancestors came from Millbrook, from Bedfordshire, 1()85. 
She got a friend to trace it at the Heraldry Office to this coat of arms 
and gave assurance that I need not think myself deceived, for they 
had ascertained my title to it." 

The descri2)tion accompanying this note, in the President's MSS., 
is as follows: 

'• Stile bears 
Sable, a fesse ingrailed, fretty of the field or. and sable, between H 
fleurs-de-lis or. and a border or." 

Elsewhere, in some of the President's MSS , in }iossession of 
Mrs. Kate G. Wells, of Boston, Mass., occurs the following reference 
to the search of 1751: 

" Stile bears, ' Sable a fesse ingrailed fretty or. i^- Sable between 
three Flowers de Hz, or. and a Border or.- Crest, a Wolfe's head coup'd 
pp*" Fess or cV Sable, Coll. O, & ffreete or.' 

"The above is the coat of arms procured from the Heraldry Office. 
in London, by Mr. Elihu Lyman, in 1751. But it is uncertain 
whether it belongs to our Family. Copied from the Londim copy. 
April 10, 17GU." EzR.\ Stiles. 

These are the arms (with the exception of the fesse being en- 
grailed) borne by the English family of Sti/le, in Kent; and granted 
March 'IS, iry>\). ^ See pages 704 and 705, Note. 

If this search of 1751 (a hundred and forty-four years ago) corrol)- 
orated h\ the second search of 1785, satisfied Pres. Stiles as to the 


right of the Couueeticut family to bear these arms, perha])s it oujifht 
to be satisfac'tory to us of the present geueratiou; ])ut I confess that 
I woukl have beeu better pleased if the parties furnishing' the Pres- 
ident with the information from the Herahlry OtHce, had also fur- 
nished the <,'euealoi,ncal data connecting the Connecticut line with 
the English family bearing these arms. 

The Bermuda, Geonjla and Virginia Families. 

The right of the Bermuda Stiles Family, from which descend the 
Georgia and Virginia brandies, to these arms, seems to be fairly well 
established, both by their connection with the Wateringbury (Coun- 
ties Kent, Sussex and Essex ) family and by an emblazoned copy of 
the above-descril)ed arms, now in possession of ^Irs. Kate G. AVells, 
of Boston, Mass., differing only in the crest,* from that which is 
given beneath. On the back of this copy was accidentally discov- 
ered, a few years since, the following indorsement in the handwrit- 
ing of President Stiles: "The Arms of the Family of Stiles, with a 
motto ast-^umed by Copeland Stiles, Esc^., 17S1). Received a Present 
from C. S., Esq., of Bermuda. — Ezra Stiles." The motto alluded to 
is " Frremium Lucrum Industrie." 

Extract from Letters of Dr. Charles F. Hale. 

Forest Hill. West Va., ) 
March lOth, 1885. [ 
Henry R. Stiles, M. D., 

Dear Sir — As to tlie coat of arms of the Stiles family. Some 
years ago I became greatly interested in the matter. Through a 
friend in London ('Sir. ^Morgan, tirm of J. S. Morgan S: Co.), I had a 
thorough investigation made; and a copy of shield was obtained from 
the Herald's College; l)ut it was accompanied with such information 
that I felt thoroughly dissatisfied. Indeed, the information was such 
as to lead me to believe that the family was not of English origin at 
all, but French. I then secured the assistance of my friend, the late 
Geo. Brinley, of Hartford, Ct., who was then in Paris, and who made 
a verv exhaustive investigation with results that gave me much satis- 
faction. I cannot give you a copy of the shield, as it is stored in 
N. T., with other valuable papers, jind out of my reach at ])resent; 
but I can say that it closely I'esembles the one engraved on your cir- 
cular, except that it is (luartered with 3 lizards — couchant. The Heurs- 
de-lis are the same, the crest, the wolf's head, is also the same; but 
the shield is crossed with the bar sinister. 

* A lion's head crest, said to have come in by marriage with the Phillips 


The first one to bear the shield was Sir Geoffrey de Stile, some- 
where about 1581. The only oue of whom I cau tiud auy reliable 
trace iu Enjjrland was Sir Francis de Stile, sou of (Teoffrey, who seems 
to have emi,?rated to Eat,4aud somewhere about looO, and who settled 
in Warwickshire. But his <Tfenealo.!jry I have been unable to trace, al- 
though, in 1(584:, the records show the existence of the family, iu the 
same locality, still retaining the same shield — with the bar sinister. 
This ancient root is undoubtedly the origin of the New England 
Tamily, as well as that of Bermuda, and, without a shadow of doubt, 
that of Philadelphia, who still retain the ancient French form — Stile 
or, as some of them write it, Stille. 

I think this is all the information, on this point, of which I am 

Tours truly, 

Chas. F. Hale. 

In a subsequent letter. Dr. Hale thus writes: 

Forest Hill, Co\l Valley, W. Va., ) 
April 10th, IHSrx f 

If I was able to make the journey I should go at once to New 
York, and obtain from the Security Co. where my valuables are 
stored, the documents and drawing which Mr. Brinley procured for 
me in Paris, as well as those which Mr. ]\£orgau was able to obtain 
in London. I am not an expert in heraldic matters, and am not com- 
petent to judge iu a doubtful case like this. But one or two things 
seem indisputable. Oue is that the French and English branches of 
the Stile family liecame. iu some remote time, intermingled, as cer- 
tain sahent points in both escutcheons are identical. Again, the tieur- 
de-lis, although a common emblem, is essentially French. In my 
copy, obtained in Paris V)y Mr. Brinley, the bar sinister is a prominent 
feature, and I am fully aware of the different signitication of a bar 
sinister and a bend sinister. In one copy obtained from the family 
of Stillee in Normandie, there is a quartering which I cau neither 
trace or understand. It seems to be a grithn rampant. The Stillee 
family of Philadelphia still have this quartering, and although 
greatly chagrined at the existence of the l)ar sinister, still retain it. 

Sir Geoffrey, whose existence is well authenticated by old records, 
was probably a Frenchman by birth, but Sir Francis may have been 
born in England, aud in all probability was the oue who int(u-married 
with some English family— was it some descendant of Sir John':' 
Sir Francis wrote his luime "de Stile." I have a copy of his will 
(date forgotten) in which he beciueaths to his daughter Victoriue. 
"My great yellow duimond, and my C(q)y of our family arms, dcme in 



gold, which I eharj^e her to preserve as a precious heritage." I quote 
only from nieuiory. 

' "What more can I say? I liave no papers or memoranda to <,nnd ' 
nie, and I can onlv si)eak from memory. One thiu<,' thougli I should 
mention, the copv obtained from the Herald's Collej,^e, Loudon, was 
engrailed; that obtained from Paris as well as the Normaudie copy 
was not. The edge »)f the fesse in both French copies are straight. 
I oreatly regret that I can furnish "no useful information in this 
matter If I had l>een sooner informed of it, say before Feb. 1st, 
when I left New York. I might and pn)bably could have placed in 
your hands documents that would have been interesting to you, if 
act valuable. 

With much respect, 

I am yours truly, 

Chas. F. Hale. 



Sir Richard Saltonstall's Letter to Gov. Winthrcp, 

The patentees of Connecticut, referred to on pj:). 24-27, were 
Lords Say and Seal, Lord Brook, Sir Richard Saltonstall, and others, 
to whom, in 1031, the Plymouth Council in Eu^j^laud (chartered in 
1620, "for the plantiu<,^, and <:!^overning of New Eng^laud in 
America") had granted a patent of Connecticut, including all the 
land from the sea, 120 miles into the country, and from Narragansett 
Eiver (in Rhode Island) on the east, to the South Sea [Pacitic] on the 
west," and which patent was duly confirmed by the King. The in- 
definite nature of this grant, however, was such that it must inevita- 
bly have invited misunderstanding and contest — as it eventually did. 

The first assertion of the claims of the Connecticut Patentees, 
was the appearance, in Windsor, a few days after the coming of the 
Dorchester pioneers, of the so-called "Stiles party;" and there is no 
doubt that this Stiles party were, after the Plymouth Trading Com- 
pany, the fir. <t cirtual settlers of "Windsor. 

Before the arrival of this Patentees' pioneer party, the Dorches- 
ter men were evidently holding in reserve the actual occujiatiou of 
the Great Meadow, yet out of some Hngering respect for Plymouth's 
claims, were searching elsewhere for a suitable place for settle- 
ment. Still they could not but resent the claims of these new com- 
ers, who proposed, under authority of a pa':ent which recognized 
neither Plymouth nor Massachusetts men, nor Dutchmen, as Laving 
any right to the land in " the Three Towns," to begin forthwith a 
plantation "])etween the Plymouth Trucking House and the falls," 
(i. e., on the Great Meadow). Mr. Roger Ludlow was there, the con- 
trolling s})irit of the Dorchester party, and the Patentees' party was 
summarily told to keep "hands otf." So, Mr. Stiles stayed his hands, 
and reported the state of affairs to his superiors in England, and the 
following letter* written by Sir Richard Saltonstall, ui)ou receipt of 
his agent's statement, throws an interesting light upon the uuitter: 

"SEor m\' wortby j^^'ood ffriend il'' Johu Winthiopp. Ciouverneur of thi' Plun- 
tations at Conetecot Kyuer in New Eugiuud, these d[eliverf](l per Frs. Styles, 
whom God preserve. 

"Good ilr. Winthrop: 

" Being credibly informed (as by the enclosed| may appeare) that there hath 

* From the Mass. Hist. Society's Collections, First Series, viii, 42. 
t Referrins probably to .Mr. Francis Styles " Relacion," or letter to him to which he 
elsewhere refers; and prob.ibly also to Bartholomew Greene's letter — see Note to p. 47. Stiles' 
Hist. Ancient lyindsor, Ct., i>')S- 


been some abu^e and injurie done me by Mr. Lndlowe k others, of Dorchester 
who would not suttVi- Francis Styles A: his m^-u to impall grounde where I appointed 
them att Connecticut, although both by pat.-ut. which I tooke aboue toure yeares 
since & prepr.ssession, Dorchester men. bein- then vnsettled, .V seeking vp the 
Riuer aboue the falls for a place to plant vpon butt findeing none better to their 
likein.' thev speedilv came backe againe & discharged my worke men. casteing lotts 
vpon t"bat place where he was purposed to begine his worcke; notwithsfcinding he 
often tould them what great charge I had beene att In sending him k so many nien, 
to prepare a house against mv comming & enclose grounde for my cuttle,^ how 
the damage would fall heavie upon those that thus hindered me, whom Francis 
Styles conciued to haue best right to make choyse of any place there. Notwith- 
standing, thev resisted him, slighteing me with many vnbeseeming words, such as 
he was vnwilhn" to relate to me, but will justifie vpon his oath before authontie, 
when he is called to itt. Therefore, wee hauing appointed yon to be our (iouernour 
there the rest of the Companye being sencible of this affront to me, would haue 
8ieniAed their miude in a general letter vnto you but that [ tould them sitthe itt 
did concerne mvself in particular and might perhaps breed some jealousies In the 
people, and so distast them with ovr (louernmentt; wherevpon they advised me 
write vnto vou to request vou with all speed & diligence U^ examine this matter, k 
if (for the substance, vou tind itt as to vs itt appeares. by this information heere- 
with sent vou. that then In a faire k gentle way you give notice to Dorchester 
men of this ^aeate wronge thev haue d-nne me A let being the first that to further 
this desume°ent mv pinnace thither at my owne great charge of almost a thousand 
pounds which now is cast awav by theire det lineing so hmg before she coulde vn- 
fayd- and for which iniustice I mav retiuire satisfaction, as also for my prouision 
which cost aboue hue hundreth pounds, and are now (I heare) almost al spent by 
this meanes. and not anv yet sett vp att that place where I appointed 
them; which had I but imagined they wovld haue this gi-eedily snatched vp all the 
best grounds vpon that Kiuer, mv pinnace should rather haue sought a pylate at 
New Plymouth then to haue stavd ten days as she did in the Bay to haue giuen 
them such wiuneina thus to preuent me .t lett them spaire (as I am tould they 
may very welli. forth of that great .piantity they haue ingrossed to themselues. so 
much as my proportion comes t.^o, and if they haue built any h.mses therevpon, I 
will pay them their reasonable charges for the same. But I pray you. either goe 
yourselfe with s<,me skilful men with you, or send Sergiaent (iardnier .t some with 
him to sett out mv grounds il.GOU akers) where it may be most conuenient, be- 
tweene Plvmouth Trnokiug house and the falls, according to my direction giuen 
both to the maister of mv pinna.te and to Francis Styles, which I thinke they will 
not now denie me, vnderstanding what charge I am att (with others of the Com- 
panie) to secure this Kiver m-mth f.-r the difence of them all, wherein we hope you 
will necrlect no meanes. according to our great trust reposed in you. Thus beseech- 
ing the°lord to prosper the worke begun, I commend you with all ovr affaires vnder 
yovr charge to the gratious direction and protection of ovr g.^od God in whome I 

" Your most assured loveing friend. 

"Ric. Saltonstaxx. 
" For my worthyly Respected Friend 

Mr.'john Wiiithrop Governeur of the upon Counectacut Ryver in , ^ , , .^,. ,„orrn-. 

New Encland Whitefriers, [Eng.], Feb'y 27. 1W5 [6]. 

••(LabeUed) Sir Kichcird Saltonstall— 1C3G." 

Saltonstall wfis authorized to write perHonally to Gov. Wiutliro]), 
in preference to an olHcial c-onnuuuic-ation from the Patentees, ''lest 
it nii-dit breed some jealousies in the i)eople, and so distaste them 
with our .government." Possibly, if "the people" had not had "a 


distaste" for the g-overument of Lords and Gentleiueu at home, in 
Eughiud, they would not have had the honor of priviufi;- to the Colony 
of Couneeticut '• the tirst written Constitution the world ever saw." 
The Patentees, thus thwarted by the Dorchester j)arty, sent to 
their lately-appointed (rovernor, John Wiuthrop, Jr., to Saybrook, 
where they had erected a fort and commenced a settlement; and he, 
with Sir Henry Vane, then at Boston, opened neg'otiations with " the 
river towns," claimiu;:^ that "either of the three towns ^^oue thither 
[i. e., to the Connecticut River] nuist ^'ive place." But this claim 
was ultimately abandoned. (From the Reci.<eil Historij and Genealo- 
gies of Ancient \Vind.<or, Conn., i, 43-46, bv Henrv R. Stiles, M- D. 
pubUshed 1893). 



Note. — This work lias been ten yeai-s in passing tlirougb tbe 
press. As a consequence of tbis, as well as of various interruptions 
and lonj."^ absences, and tbe distances wbicb coja' and proof bave bad 
to be transmitted between autbor and printer, some Errata bave 
occurred. And during- tbis long time many cbanges bave occuiTed 
wbicb needed to be noted; and many facts bave come to tbe autbors 
knowledge wbicb could only })e incorporated as Addenda. 

If tbe reader will consult tbe Index, be will tind a convenient 
reference to tbese errors and additions, indicated tbus: {err.) or (add.) 

Page 23. John, beginning of line 7, should be Francis. 

Page 34. Henry Stile.s. Shortly after this trial, Gilbert sold his proi^erty in Wind- 
sor to Thomas Bissell and removed to Hartford, where he had 
brothers. A few years later (1659) he died, and the result of a 
close examination of Probate Ilecords (18H6) shows that in the set- 
tlement of his debts, the distribution of his estate appears, with the 
names of his children, among whom that of the alleged witch does 
not appear. She must have died, either by a natural death, or was 
executed; probably the latter. 

Page 43. John, first line of Note*, should be Henry. 

Page 47. The second marriage of Kachel, line 14, should be erased — See Rachel, 
on page .32. 

Page 52. The date 173(3, line 8 from bottom of page, should read IJ.'iJ. 

Page 63. Family 16, Lewis Stiles and Electa Pomery were married March 2!), 1786. 

Page 64. Edwin, (No. 161), erase the word "died," as he was living in 1885, at 
Medina, Ohio. 

Page 65. For Charles Warner, line 16, read Charles //. Warner. 

Page 60. On last line, the blank opp. No. lUl), should be filled with Mamie. 

Page 80. Line ninth from bottom; according to another copy made from Sortharnp- 
ion Bee, this marriage was in Auijust. 

Page 86. The date of death in lines ".> and 10 refer to Manjard Stiles, and not to 
her husband, as might seem from the construction of the sentence. 

Page 87. Mrs. Hannah (Stiles) Hayden's death was Aw/ust 27, according to the 
Hayden Gen., which also sUites that Isaac Hayden married (^2; Eunice 
Drake, 1753. 


Page 101. "Esther Ho(iker, the first wife of Rev. Isaac Stiles, was grand -daughter 
of Rev. Samuel, great-grund-daughter of Rev. TbomuR; a niece of 
the first Nathaniel; and a cousin of the second Nathaniel Hooker, 
and therefore a cousin in one remove from Capt. James and Horace 
Hooker, of Windsor, Conn.; that is, a cousin of their father." — fii- 
ward S. Hooker, Commander, U. S. N. 
Page 106, Noah Stiles, (Family 8), was a weaver also, as appears from the MS. 
account or Church Hate Book kept by Rev. Timothy Edwards, of 
East Windsor, — wherein he is noted as paying his rates (1730-1) by 
"weaving 50 yards of linnen cloth, s<ime of it being strip'ed;" he 
also supplies cotton, flax, wheat, oats, and "18 yards of drugget." 
His uncle, Ebenezer (Family 7, p. 103) seems also to have been a 
weaver — on the same authority. His son, Noah Stiles (No. 140), 
died Sept. 19, 1807. {Rev. IShnhael BartMl, Minister's Rec); and his 
wife, Martha Osborn, died at East Windsor, March 15, 1806, ve. 68. 
Page 125. Rev. Abel Stiles. The portrait of this venerable pastor, presented on 
page 125, is taken from one which (with its mate, the portrait of 
his wife), is now in the possession of Dr. Nathaniel M. Freeman. 
of New York City. The artist was Jonathan Trumbull, son of Gov. 
Jonathan Trumbull, of Connecticut, and these pictures are hand- 
some specimens of his style. The "lineal descent" of these 
portraits of the Rev. Abel and his wife (who was Alethea Robinson — 
gee page 128) can be traced as follows: jMrs. Alethea (Robinson) 
Stiles, who died 1786; her daughter Alethea, who married Hadloek 
Marcy, and died 1784, see page 128; their daughter Sophia, who 
married Maj. Joseph Ftyx, 1783, page 129; their daughter Mary 
Baron, who was bom 1785, and married Rev. Nathaniel i'Veem/«n, 
born in 1778. He died 185-1; she died 1836; their son, Nath- 
aniel M. Freeman, M. D., of New York City. 

Mrs, Alethea (Robinson) Stiles was the daughter (as stated on 
page 128) of Rev. John Robinson and his wife Hannah Wisicall, 
who was the daughter of Rev. Ichabod Wiswall and Prisciila Pea- 
body, who was the daughter of William Peabody and his wife 
Elizabeth Ahhn, who was the daughter of Joh.n Alden, of Plymouth, 
celebrated in .\meri('an song and story as the successful wooer of 
Priscilla MuUins (Molines). 
Page 131. To Note**, add, Zebediah (161) birth, 1721. 

Page 181. Third and fourth lines from bottom, for " first wife," read, daughter. 
Page 197. To the personal description of Pies. Stiles as given by Hon. John Wood- 
worth, may be added the following memoranda, copied from the 
President's private Note-Book, viz.; under date of April 28, 1766, 
vreitjht 137 lbs.; heijht 5 feet i}^ inches; and, under date of May 2d, 
same year, (jirth around body, 2 ft. 1}^ in.; and aroimd the breast, 
2 ft. 10 in. 


Hollister {Hist, of Connecticut, i., 252, Note) says: " I will here 
put upon record a little anecdote, told me by a venerable giaduate 
of Yale College, that may *>erve to illustrate at once the manners of 
President Stiles, and the reverence with which he was regarded by 
the students. ' I knew him well,' said my informant, ' and honored 
him, for I hardly dared to love him. He was small in stature, but 
■when he came up the chapel aisle, and bowed to the right and left 
as we all stood up to receive him, he filled up the space so that you 
could not put an eighteen-pence between him and the pews !' " 

Page 207. Referring to this /i/s^or;/ (</" ^/<e Judges, Hollister says: "The more I 
read President Stiles' History of the three Judges, the more I am 
induced to trust myself to him as an authority. His diligence in 
searching out details and traditionary evidence is almost without a 
parallel, and I find tliat most of his conclusions stand the severest 
test."— Note to p. 239. Hollister s Hist. Conn., i., 239. 

To the list of Pres. Stiles' MSS. in Yale College Library, must be 
added the following in that of the Massachusetts Historical Society: 
The MS. of his Ecclesiastical History of New England (never pub- 
lished), containing about 1 80 pages in his beautiful handwriting, and 
nine maps, very neatly done with the pen. It bears different dates, 
from March 3d to April 20, 17G9 ; also, some copy booksand papers evi- 
dently intended for the continuation and revision of the history 

the largest of which is perhaps. " A Summary View of theReligious 
State of the Colony of Ehode Island and Providence Plantations in 
New England, from A. D. 1636 to 177-4," of which there are two 
copies, the last one endorsed in Dr. Holmes' hand, "Trumbull MS. 
from Dr. Stiles." There is also a "List of N. E. Churches and 
Pastors, lives of emminent Ministers, memoirs, Ac, &c." — dates of 
1768-179-1.— (3/ Hist. Soc. Coll. XVII., i:i:\. 

Page 209. Line 10, the word " E.sq " belongs properly after the word William. 
Note**, Sarah Hooker Leavitt's marriage wason'Wt, instead of 16th. 

Page 223, Job (No. 234), hap. at Turkey Hills (Simsbury), June 16, 1765; and 
Benjamin, No. 2-16, page 22-4, hap. at same place, Feb. 1-4, 1773 — 
both from Eev. Iio<jer Vest's Be c, Scotland Parish, Simsbury. 

Page 234. (Continuation of line of Enoch ( Xo. 294) furnished hy Ernest B. Stiles, of 

Minneapolis, Minn.) 
Page 233. 

VII. Enoch, ° (Simeon,-' Ephraini,'* Ephraim,^ John,- John\) born Sept. 19, 
1763; married Molly Noble, of Kussell, Hampden Co., Mass., March 
10, 1794; removed to Westfield, Ohio. 
Children: (letter of E. B. Stiles, Minneapolis, Minn. 1893. 
I. Noble. F.\mii.y 41a. 

n. Polly, married Zenas Crane; had a large family. 
in. Susannah, married Culver Chapen, of Westfield, Ohio. 



FAMILY 41a. 
Noble, ( Enoch, "^ Simeon,'^ Ephraim,* Epfirahn,^ John,- John, i) married Cynthia 
Todd, of Blandford, Hampden Co., Mass., probably in 1H25. In 1840, with his 
son, Enoch, removed t<i California, and died there, same year. His wife married, 
1852, Wm. Van Note, of Breedsville, Ohio, where she died, 1865. 

Children: (letter of E. B. Stiles). 

I. Enoch N.; graduated Oberlin College, Ohio, and prepared to 
enter the ministry, but ill health prevented. 
n. Hebtet Rettben, born at Russell Mountain. Mass., April 9, 1829. 

Family 416. 
m. Bei^jamin T. Farmer; residt-s Fanning, Scott Co., Iowa; served as 
Captain of Co. C, 2d Reg't, Cavalry, Iowa, 41.0 years, in the 
War of Civil Rebellion. 
rV. Miller C. , died, jb. 6 years. 

V. Royal P., (served during Civil War, as saddler in his brother 
Benjamin's Co. and Reg't ^; resides at Wcjodward, Dallas 
Co., Iowa; harness maker. 
VI. Celestta C, married Homer Curtis, farmer; resides Bennett, 
Cedar Co., Ohio. 
Vn. Cynthia E., married James Buttertield; foundryman; Marengo^ 
Iowa Co., Iowa. 

FAMILY 416. 
Hebvey« Reuben, {XtMe,' Enoch,e Smeon,'=> Ephraim,^ Ephraim,-^ John,^ 
John^), in Spring of 1830, with his father and grand-father, removed to Westfield, 
Medina Co , Ohio, where they resided on farm 13 years; then removed to Breeds- 
ville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where they lived on farm 15 years. July 
7, 1853, he married .\nn Nancy Lamond; resides 1893, retired, at Davenport, Iowa, 
to which place he removed with his family in 1853. 

Children: (letter of E. B. Stiles). 

I. Arthur Eugene, married Louisjv E. , who died 1888. 

Issue: (1) Newton E.; (2| Nettie. 
n. Emory Clutord. 
HI. Erne-st Benjamin, married Lauretta Alice Towner: resides at Minne- 
apolis, Minn., where he is connected with the Northern 
Pacific R. R. Co. Issue: (1) Helen A.; [2) Harold Andrew. 

rV. AdDIE ilARY. 

V. Carjue Augusta. 

Page 242. Line 23. The month of Hugh McD. Eaton's birth should r.-ad Jannmij. 

Page 245. Aijbert Stiles Ely (No. 332) line 3; his wife Lucinda Abbe, was born 

Nov. 9, 1815; and died June 29, 1889; he resided 1 1894) at Peca- 

\onia, Winnebago Co., 111., where he died Oct. 20, 1894; his 


dungbter Emeline C'oburn, married Feb. 27. 18G;"), Jesse L. Dunham, 
at Stockbrid<,'e, N. Y., but (1894) resides at Hiyhtstown, N. J.; have 

3 children, viz., Matie (school-teacher); dauf^hter; ^\j:lam, a;. 

18. A. S. Ely's son Andrew Dtlaney, resides near Stockbrid^e. N. Y., 
mtirried, and has had 3 children; and his daughter M<inj Ailciine, 
married, has had 3 children, resides at Pecatonia. 111. 

Page 2G2. Dr. Charles F. Hale (No. 411)) died March VJ, 18;»3 A couple of letters 
from him on the Stiles Arms will be found on pp. 7-2.5 to 727. His 
daughter, Mrs. J. K. Stowers, resides (18!».5) at Dego. W. Va. 

Page 2r>5. The paragraph, line 18, commencing "He and his father Israel." etc., 
should belong (not to Israel,** Family 32, but) to Anstm. Family 65, 
page 311. 

Page 266. David H. Stiles (No. 449) married, not Elvira Allen, but Harriet L. 
Leonard. See p. 313. He died Easter morning, 1889. See also p. 

Page 270. Second line from bottom, for Catherine, read Cliarlotte. 

Page 283. Line 9, for " ^^^th his brother Samuel, at Monson,'" read af Phillips 
Academy, Amlnrer. Muss.; and in Idth line, for 1819, read 1S2.3; and, 
line 11, for Hartford, read Eist Hartford. 

Page 285. The son (Pauli of Charles Stiles Sheldon, mentioned on 8th line from 
bottom, J/ffMan. 8, 1891. 

Page 289. Line 1, for Margarettus, read Marialtus: line 10 from bottom, for "a 
former," read "his former marriage." 

Page 290. The date of death (1821) given to Hosea Stiles, Famllt 45, may be 
doubtful; since I have found papers in which he is mentioned, in 
1836, as " of Brandon, Vt., lute of Sudbury." His daughter Louise 
married Artemas Howe, and, 1836, resides at Pomfret, Chatauqua 
Co., N. Y. 

Page 311. Line 17, .\bner K. Green, born 7.V.5J, instead of 1832. Denlson. (No. 
756). add Family llSa, also add No. 756\, Nobman, born Jan. 27, 
1835. Family 118^. 

Page 312. See also, correction on Page 265, relative to Universalism, etc. , of Israels 

Page 312. Mrs. Isabella Annette Seymour, (No. 761) died Nov. 13, 1893. She 
grew up almost beneath the shadow of Zion's Hill Church, SutHeld, 
Conn., on the old homestead, now occupied by Charles J. Stiles, 
her brother. She was married in I860 to Edwin O. Seymour, of 
Chicago, where she resided up to the time of her death, midiing 
annual pilgrimages to her old home here to visit her mother, sis- 
ters and brother, and her aged grandmother, so Umg as that lady 
lived. She was of a sweet, loveable disposition, ever ready to assist 
in works of charity, and her pleasant home was always open to her 
friends and the stranger within the gates. Her hc^spitality was 
mjirked. Mrs. Seymour had a remarkably sweet voice, and she 
sang in St. Paul's Univer.salist Church, Chicago, for seven years. 


until the church was burned at the time of the great fire, and after- 
ward for many years in a Con<,Tegutional church. Her mother, 
after the death of her aged grandmother, went to live with Mrs. 
Seymour at her Chicago home, but she lived but a short time. 

Page 314. Erase Family 122, in connection with Dakwin, No. 785. 

Page 315. Daniel, Family 68, line 8, should read, Daniel Bodgers Stiles. 

Page 317. Lobeen Monboe Stiles, No. 820, 2d line from bottom, add Fainily l-iSa. 

Page 323. The two daughters credited to Chables,^ line 5 from bottom, are il) 
Alice Eloise, born Nov. 22, 1859, married James Crawford; and (2) 
Hattie Belle, born Sept. 8, 1863, married Stephen Hoyt. 

Page 358. Line 3, for 1857 read 1S67. 

Page 358. Gen. Israel Newton Stiles died at Chicago, 111., January 17th. 1895. 
He had been blind for several years previous. He was educated at 
the Suffield Liteiary Academy, and in 1852 moved West, settling in 
Lafayette, Ind. He taught school and read law for the next three 
years, and shortly after was admitted to the bar. He practiced 
with Judge Everett of Indiana and at this time attracted attention 
to those oratorical powers for which he has always been distin- 
guished, by a remarkaljle speech at a public meeting called in con- 
• nection with the burning of Lawrence, Kas. During the Fremont- 
Buchanan campaign he exerted considerable influence through his 
recognized power as an orator. He was for two years Prosecuting 
Attorney and then elected to the State Legislature. In 1861 he 
raised a company, but the Captaincy being given to some one else 
he enlisted as a private, but was soon made Adjutant of the 
Twentieth Indiana. He became Colonel of the Sixty-third Indiana. 
He was at Franklin, Tenn.. Hesaca, and on Sherman's march to the 
sea. He was wounded slightly in the head during an engagement 
by a fragment of an exploding shell. At the close of the war he was 
commissioned Brevet Brigadier-General, the commission dating 
from the battle of Franklin, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1863. He passed six 
weeks as a prisoner in Libby Prison and then was exchanged. At 
the close of the war he came to Chicago, and soon formed the part- 
nership known for many years as Tuley, Stiles & Lewis. When 
Judge Tuley retired, the firm continued as Stiles & Lewis until 
1889, when the General's ill health.and failing eye-sight compelled 
a dissolution of the firm. He was a man ot exceedingly positive 
views and bitterly hated hypocrisy and rascality. Among his 
famous cases are recalled the prosecution of Joe Mackin and the 
"boodle" County Coimnissioners. Although he preferred civil 
law he was frequently employed in criminal and (jua-si-criminal 
cases, where his profound knowledge and his bitter, scathing, 
denunciatory oratory made him a power. He was an active par- 
tisan and engaged heartily in political campaigns, but apparently 
more from the pleasure of using his oratorical powers than from 


the desire of office, as he never accepted any office, excepting only 
t-wo years' service as City Attorney. Gen. i^tiles belonged to no 
religious body, but was prominent in liberal philnsopLical circles. 
He made an address at the grave of his first wife, •which attracted 
much attention at the time He was a deep student of philoso- 
phies, and had many friends among thinking men. He formed an 
extensive library of philosophical and cognate Looks. He amassed 
a comfortable ftrtune, iind during the lust few years lived upon the 
interest of his investments. His daughter Thej.doaia No. 1,1-i-i) 
married Paul A. Doty, and (1895) resides at Paterson, N J. His 
two sons reside in Chicago. 
Page 361. Fecond line from bottom, for 18f*4 read ISSl. 

Page 376-377. Simeon Squiees Stiles' wife's name was Harriet Amavda Brigham. 
year of their marriflge was ISoO; she died Jan. 26, 1885. Of their 
children, for Laura M., read Laura Maria; for Ella, read Ella Jane; 
for llary A, read ilary El'izahdh: for Melvina A., read Melvin 
Arthur, who married Oct. 1. 1885, Harriet Updegrove, and has 
daughter, Harriet Jane, born Nov. 15, 188C. 

Also add to Simeon Squires Stiles' family the following children: 
V. Eva Frances, born Sept. 8, 1859, died July 11, 1873; VL Hiland 
Thayer, born July 26, 1861; ^71. Willie, born Dec. 1-1, 1863, died 
Jan. 10, 1864; VIII. Freddie DeWitt, born Feb. 28, 1871, died'sept. 
1, 1871. 
Page 377. Line 9, Henkt Stiies, Family 141; married Nov. 14, 1866; died Jnne2Q; 
his sons, I. Herbert Ahmzo, born Dec. 5, 1867; II. Homer Oliver, 
born Nov. 15, 1868; III. S<irah Irene, born May 13, died June 27, 
Page 381. Line 5 from bottom, for Morse, rt-ad Moore. Line 5 from bottom, in- 
sert Moore after Harriet. 
Page 382. Add to Family 149, IV. Harriet Estelle. born at Windsor, Conn., Dec, 

8, 1886. 
Page 387. Charles Wardell Stiles, No. 1343. graduated, Yale College; took 
dcgi-ee of Ph.D. at Leipsig Univer.sity, Germany; is a scientist in 
employ of U. S. Gov't, at Washington, D. C. 
Page 393. Line 11, for fort, rend front. 

Page 397. Trumbull Hunt (XI); wife's full name was Marshall; date of marriage, 
Aug. 20, 1836. One account gives 1837 as year of daughter Caroline's 
birth, and 1857 a.s that of her death; and 1839 as date of Annie'sbirth. 
Page 398. John Downer Hunt (XR'.l married Marion F. Blood, Nov. 30, 1843; 
died Sept. 18, 1887. Issue; (1) Claba, born Aug 25, 1846; married 
May 20. 1875, at Marionville, Pa., Dr. T. S. To^Wer, and had (a) 
Maude Callom, born March 6, 1876; died Sept. 2, 1887; (//) Louis 
Severance, born June 22, 1881. 1 2) Cteus Fair, born Sept. 22, 1852; 
married at MarionvilK-, Aug. 18, 1880, r>ella Louisa Odlom. Issue: 
(a) Leigh Fox, born June 9, 1881 ;(^)Earle Blood, born Dec. 22, 1883. 



Page 399. Euphaz Stiles Hunt (XX.) died Nov. IS. 1887. 

Page 402. Mary Ccits, (No. 107) married April 23, 1889, at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Robert Watt King. 

Page 405. Line 3 fronj bottom of page, Euth S., -wife of C. F. Coudray, died April 
20. 1889. 

Page 409. Hannah (No. 13) waB born 1(104- 

Page 416. Lint 9. according to a family record, the date of David's death should 
be Jan. 18, 1870; he was a farmer. 

Page 418. Timothy Stilfs' death occurred April ~9, 1801.— Family letters. 

Page 421. Last line, for '• ae. 29," read " or 29." See also, Errata, page 439. 

Page 424-425. "We have received the following coiTection of the family of Polly 
Stiles (No 132), who married Zalmon Hall ison of Darius Bradley and 
Maryett Hall) Sperry, at Harpersfield, Ohio, Sept. 16, 1824. Mr. 
Sperry, whose parents were from New Haven or Woodbridge, was 
born April 18. 1802, at Lebanon, N. Y.; he died Dec. 26, 1874, at 
Eock Creek. Ohio. Mrs. Polly (Stiles) Spen-y, born at Eoyal Grant, 
N.Y., Dec. 31. 1803, died March 4, 1872, at Eock Creek, Ohio. 

Habbiet Amelia (Sperry), born at Conneaut, Ohio, Aug. 24, 1827; 
• married Aug. 2, 1849, Dr. Hiram Wells Howard; had (1) 
Alma Maria; (2) Alice Melissa. 

IL Obson Carlyle (Sperry), born at Vernon, Ohio, March 13, 1830; 
married Aug 20, 1851, Eveline Maria Foot; he died April 8, 
1862, at Eock Creek, Ohio; widow married again; had (1) 
Egland Lewis; (2) Emory Carlyle. 

in. Cablos Adgustus (Sperry), born at Vernon, Ohio, July 28, 1832; 
married (1) May 25, 1853, Louise Marie (daughter Eansom 
and Laura K De Vann) Billings; married (2) Maria Lucinda 
(daughter Chas. Titus and Jane Amelia Morrison) Catlin of 
Troy, N. Y. Children (all by his first wife): (1) Clarence 
Eansom; (2) Geo. Carlos; (3) Winifred ilay; (4) James Bil- 
lings; (5) Annie Laura ;( C» Ida Lucille. 

rV". Laura Amelia (Sperry), born at Eock Creek, Ohio, March 17, 18.34; 
married May 2-*, 1853, Henry Baily; diedl^Iarch 5, 1868, in 

Morgan Township, Ohio, i'hildren. (1) died, infancy; 

(2) Clifford Harry. 
V. Matilda Melissa (Sperry), born at Eock Creek, Ohio, Dt-c. 28, 
1836; married April 16, 1856, Andrew Jackson Willey; died 
Nov. 5, 1858, at Eock Creek, Ohio; had one child, died in 

VL De Witt Clinton, (Sperry), born ilarch 20, 18;i9. at Eock Creek, 
Ohio; married (1) March 20, 1H66, Gertrude Analetta St. 
John; married (2) Florence Peck. Children (by first wife): 
Leon Clinton, died young; (1) Arthur James; (2) Nina Ger- 
trude; (by second wifei: (3) Eolin Dewitt; (4) Thomas 
Theodore; (5) Helen. 


VII. Emily Augusta (Sperry), borniit Kock Creek, Feb. 27, 1841; mar- 
ried Oct. 28, 1802, James (son of Connell and Briddy Mc- 
Scome) Boyle. Children: (1) Hu-h Harrj-; (2) Gleuice 
Louise; (3) Glennie Augusta. 
Vin. Mtron Darius (Sperry), bom at Eock Creek, Ohio, March 7, 18-43; 
died Jan. 13, 1849, at Kock Creek. 
IX. Florence Athalia (Sperry), born at Eock Creek, Ohio, Feb. 14, 
184G; unmarried. 

Page 428 Line 7, for Southford, read Southbxry. 

Page 429. Line 6, for Family 40, read no fmnily. 

Page 436. Line 9, for Dresser, read Dressor. 

Page 437. First line, for Imogene Emma, read Emmogme Men. 

Page 439. Line 2d from bottom, read Harvey Hawkins Stiles married Roxana— . 
at Newport, Herkimer Co., N. Y.. 1822. See Note **, page 421, 
The affidavit referred to in this note was prepared to serve 
as part of the evidence in the attempt of certain parties to 
obtain the property of one Stephen A. Stiles, who was murdered 
in Texas, and for whose heirs advertisement was extensively made 
in the public press. It was attempted to claim by this affidavit, 
and other papers, that he was the son of Gen. George Keith Stiles 
(Family 29, page 440) by his first wife; but the genealogical evidence 
brought to hear upon the question was so strong as to disprove the 
rage 440. IMory (No. 277) married Geo. B. Pike, ilartha (No. 275) married Geo. 
A. Albro. Both reside near Whitesboro. N. Y., and Nancy Ann 
(No. 276) near New York Mills, N. Y. 
Page 446. Bennett Stiles' wife was the daughter of Merriit Gibberd and his wife, 
Esther E. Ford, of New Haven, Conn. 

Page 448. Eighth line from bottom, for Collender, read Cnllender. 

Pa^e 448. Fifth line from bottom, Carrie Belle married; has 1 child. 

Page 455 Line 10. Olive Isabel, should read Belle 0.\ born at Otisco, Minn., 1S5S. 

Page 455. Line 15, Marquis D. should read Marquis Daniel. 

Page 457. To the biog. sketch of Albert Warren Stiles, should be added: that 
he was mustered out of U. S. service June, 1865; that, in 1876, he 
made a good record in quelling a deck-hand not in Ashtabula Har- 
bor, Ohio; that, in 1886. he was appointed Steward of the Ohio 
State Penitentiary; was an intimate with Pres. Garfield; and March, 
1889, was appointed Superintendent of the Girls' Industrial Home 
at Columbus, Ohio. 
Page 458. Elton Hira.m Stiles (Family 53) died in May, 1889, from the effect of 
injuries received by l.eing drawn into the machinery of his brother 
(William C.'s)sbip timber mills— living only two hours after the ac- 
cident. From youth along through the years of manhood he ever 
lived an exemplary life. He took an active interest in society, was 
a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, a foremost worker 



in every public enterprise; just such a man as made him an intiu- 
ential and honored citizen, loved and respected by every ac- 
Page 472. Line 13, instead of "at same Court" read "Oct. '.Hh, 1690, the Court," Ac. 
Page 477. Line 10 from bottom, for " will" read mill. 
Page 480. Line 11 from bottom, for 1704, read 17i>l. 

Page 483. Benjamin Stiles (Family 5), had set off to him, by the Town of Derby, 
Dec. 17, 1719, ten acres of land— (within the limits of the present 
town of Oxford): which the Town Clerk of Derby, (1884) says is the 
first mention of any Stiles on the Derby Eecords. 
Page 512. Thomas Stiles, N[o. 11— has Family 6 assi,L,'ned to him, which does not 
appear in the proper place, as it should. This family, indeed, has 
only come to our knowledge since these addenda pages were placed 
in the printer's hands. 

For several years past we had ' ' pieced out" from various sources, 
{D tbatthisTHOMAsSxiLEs, son of" Long Jonathan" (p. 505) married 
Abigail 0<jdtn, (not ^Vheeler as there stated.) " of Snarling Street;" 
(2) that she was the daughter of Daniel Ogden, once member of the 
New Jersey Assembly, and his wife Ann Burwell— i J/5. Gen. by 
Wm. B. Ogdeu, of Chicago and New York, deceased); (3) that she 
was baptized Sept. 16, 1745 (Firsi Ch. Bee. Moiristuicn, X. J.; (i) 
that " Snarling Street on the Hill" is a locality about 21-^ miles east 
of Morristown- (Zeftev of L. 0. Sf.ies). Then, by First Ch. Bee, 
Morrisioicn, (5) that his widow Abigail married {2) Enoch Goble, 
being his first wife. He. according to tradition, married a second 
wife," Mary Cooper, in 1778, who died in 1798, cc. 52, leaving no 

issue; he then married again, who died about 1804, a widow. 

Two children of Thomas and Abigail (Ogden) Stiles (^John and 
James), on her marriage to Enoch Golde, came under his care and, 
subsequently, upon her death, under the care of his second wife, Mary 
Cooper; and she must have been a good stepmother to them, judg- 
ing from the stubborn tangle of tradition in various branches of the 
family, which insists upon her be^pg their own mother; and the 
fact that one of these Stiles' boys (John) named a son William Cooper 
Stiles, who is now a respected citizen of Philadelphia; and the other 
(James Stiles) named a daughter Mary Cooper. 

These were the deduetiims arrived at from evidence both ma- 
terial and traditional, by my friend D. Williams Patterson, (lately 
deceased, a most experienced genealogist) and myself. Later, how- 
ever, I noticed on page 522 (the book having got thus far into print) 
that the John and James, sons of Joseph Stiles. Family 8, seemed 
to be identical with these children of Thomas Stiles, as above given. 
And, the more I considered the matter, the more the evidence 
seemed to favor the theory that they were indeed the chlklren of 
Thomas and Abi.jaU {0<jden) Siiltrs, and that consequently they should 
be erased from (Joseph's) Family S. 


So the matter rested, until a full year later, I received a com- 
mnnication from Miss Helen Hcber, of (Termantown, Philadelphia, 
claiming descent from "Jonathan Stiles" who removed to Pequan- 
nock, N. J., from Stratford, Conn., about 1731, and his son Thomas 
SlUes, who married Abigail Ogden; and wishinj^ to know more about 
the earlier generations. This lettir identified Miss Huber's con- 
nection very directly with John Stiles, son of Thomas and Abigail, 
and grandson of "Long" Jonathan of Morristown, N. J.; and, of 
course with the Connecticut Emigrant of 1635, from England. That 
chain was now complete, and Miss Huber kindly furnished me with 
the records of the Philadelphia Stiles Famih/ as given hereafter. 

Meanwhile, I had come into correspondence with Lafe Steles 
Pence, Esq., of Lebanon, Ky., who wrote me that there was a con- 
siderable Stiles " connection" in that part of his state, who origin- 
ally came from Morristown. N. J.; though, as the earliest one he 
could name was David Stiles, who came into Kentucky about 1^09, 
I could not for a long while discover the " connecting point," there 
being no Jersey David to ' fit the bill." Yet Mr. Pence's letters 
and especially numerous extracts which he furnished of family cor- 
respondence during the first third of the present century, (as -nell 
as the family names themselves, in his line) satisfied me that his 
was a Jersey family; and probably from Morristown, or its vicinity. 
From his numerous papers, and bits of family correspondence, 
however, I constructed a family in outline, of hro brothers and four 
sisters, for whom (as yet) neither he, nor I, could find a father. 

Just here, only a few days ago (April, 189-4) as we were puz- 
zling our brains over this matter, my old friend and Jersey helper, 
Mr. Lewis Ogden Stixes, of Morristown, N. J., came to the rescue 
with a number of abstracts of deeds from the Morris Co. Record othce, 
which furnished (as it seems to us) Ihe father of David — viz., the 
same Thomas Stilfs of Pequannock, who mamed Abigail Ogden! 
Though these deeds do not mention John, ancestor of the Phila- 
delphia Branch, or James, whose family (No. 22) is given on page 
552, still one of them, ( Book i, Detds, Folio 4-^^) mentions the fact 
of Thomas having eiijht children, though they are not therein named; 
and the other deeds identify him (Thomas) as the father of six 
children, who agree perfectly with the six i2 brothers and 4 sisters) 
furnished from Mr. Pence's papers. In the division of his estate, 
the sons, at least David and Jacob (of the Pence papers) seem to 
have received each 1^, and the daughters each ly of the property. 

From Mr. Lewis O. Stiles' notes of deeds, etc., it would seem 
that Thomas Stiles' first purchase in Pequannock Township, was of 
about 20 acres, August 9, 17t;.5, from Thomas Milledge ( AVc. at Perth 
Amboy, Book A. B. 5-J7.>); frecjuent mention of him occurs in en- 
tries made, between 1755 and 1768, in his brother Ebenezer's 
private Account Book referred to on page 520; he was living in 1775, 

742 ^"^ ST/L£S FAMILY. 

(as per Book T. T., Deeds, Folio 527); and certainly as late as 1778, 
April 28 of wbirh year be bad by deed (not recorded) 8 and one- 
tentb acres, considerution £1U, 0^, at Beacb Glen, N. J.; and on tbe 
22d of following montb, tbe executors of Jacob Ford deeded to bim 
(unrecorded) 50}o acres, for £1-10, Provincial money, at same place — 
lot still known as " tbe Stiles lot," in Pequaunock Townsbip, "near 
tbe bead of Horse Pond Brook" (near Hibernia. L. 0. S.). 

We may remark tbat tbe date of bis marriage probably coin- 
cides pretty nearly witb tbat of bis first purcbaae of land, in 1765; 
his -wife being tben 20 and be probably 25 or 30 years of age. In 
this connection, bowever, we meet with a tradition so strong and 
common in several branches of tbe connection that we must recog- 
nize it, even if we do not see our way to explain its disagreement 
with tbe admitted facts of tbe family which we have "puzzled to- 
gether" for bim. This tradition is tbat be was "a young man" at 
the time of bis death and that bis wife married a second time (see 
page 740) and did not long survive her second marriage. If be bad 
died in 1778, or thereabouts, he would have been about 48 years 
old, and might therefore have been considered relatively young, for 
these times. But the dates of the deeds in the settlement of his 
estate among bis heirs at law (mostly about 1805 and 1806) would 
(assuming that he had died in 1803) make him quite an old m'^n- 
and would leave bis widow little chance of marrying a second time. 
Then Enoch Goble who took Abigail (Ogden) Stiles as his frst wife 
(page 740) is said to have married his secoxd, Mary Cooper, in ITTS, 
one account says March 12 of tbat year. If we bad not tbe evidence 
of tbe deed of May 2d of tbat year to Thomas, from the executors of 
Jacob Ford, we might admit (as 1778 is the last lirimj date we have 
of him) tbat he died in 1778, and that his widow man-ied Goble, 
uithovt much delay, in the same year. But, if so, his estate would 
certainly have been settled up among his heirs before 1805 — a lapse 
of 27 years!! 

Again, if he died in 1778, it upsets all the tradition (which is 
quite too strongly marked to be disregarded) about bis two eldest 
sons, John and James, jmssing into the care of their Guble step- 
mother, Mary Cooper. 

Mr. Pence, to whom I have submitted this matter (in proof- 
sheets), is not satistied that John and James v/vre children of 
Thomas and A>)igail Stiles, d) b. cause be finds no mention of them 
in tbe family letters, or in tbe deeds, etc , to which we have 
referred; and (2) because Elizajieih (according to his dates) and 
James (according to Miss Ruber's dates) seem to have been born in 
the same year (1761). In regard to these objections, we may sub 
mit (1) tbat as John and Jamks were brought up by Enoch Goble 
and his second wife (Mary Coi^jier), the other children might have 
been similarly taken and cared for by other branches of the family. 



and so the intercourse between the children inttrrupted— as not 
infrequently happens in an orphaned family, (ii As to Jajies and 
Eliz-vbeth havinj:; been born in same year — they may have been 
born tir'uiS. Written records frequently fail to help us, especially 
in a dismembered family like this — we have to "read between the 
lines " of snch scant information as we can glean, and we must not 
entii-ely discard tradition. 

Mr. Pence also challenges our supposition that Thomas and 
Abigail were married about 1765- -since James' and Elizabeth's 
births antedate that year. 

Altogether, it is a nice little specimen of " the holes" in which 
genealogists sometimes find themselves in the prosecution of their 
searches; and we leave it for some one else to clear up. 

As reconstructed, however, to the best of our ability, we have 
the following: 

Thomas^ Stiles, (Long Jonathan,'^ Isaac,'^ Jofni,^) born at Morris 
Plains, N. J.; married, probably 1765, Abigail Ogden, daughter of 
David Ogden, member of the Assembly of New Jersey, and his wife 
Ann Burwell. She was baptized Sept. 16, 174:5 {1st Church Beconh, 
Morristoicn, X. J.) Thomas died young; his widow married (2) 
Enoch Goble, and lived but a short time; after her death Goble 
married, March 12, 1778, Mary Cooper who brought up John and 
James Stiles, and doubtless they never knew any other mother, and 
cherished for her an affectionate remembrance, for John named a 
son William Cooper, and James [Family 22] named a daughter 
Mary Cooper, after her. Enoch Goble died Dec. 2, 1823, te. 69, 
{1st Church Records, Morristoicn, X. J.) 

Cliildreii (born at Morristown. N. J.); 

I. James, born, according to Jliss Huber. 1761, (which would 

agree with our date of his age and death, p. 553) . He was 
baptized April 30, 1790— i^rs^ Church, Morristoicn Rec, 
which call him " a young man;" married Phfbe Aber. 
Miss Huber gives Oct. 7, 1811, as the exact date of his 
death; and states that he was a tiiuner. Family 22, p. 552. 

II. David*, (the ancestor of the Kentucky FamiJij) — named Dttni>\ by 

,Miss HvBER (page 741) but incorrectly, as I think; the two 

* Since writing, my conjecture has been fully verified by Mr. Lewis Ogden Stiles, wlio by 
personal inspection of this record ( Wills, Book 40, folio so'), at Trenton. N. J.) finds that let- 
ters of administration on the Estate of Thomas Stiles of Morris Co.. were granted ' to 
Stiles, late of Morris Co.," N. J. Sept. 27, 1803. Value 52S6.85. This seems to identify David 
(ancestor of the Kentucky Family,) with Thomas Stiles' family. 

Mr. L. O. Stiles also writes me " no Will of Record is to be found in State Dep t from i6»)o 
to 1S04. There is nothing of record in the adiuinistration showing names of chiKireii," etc. 


names are easily mistaken in writing. She gives 1762, 
and Mr. Pence gives 17G0 as date of his birth. See 
Family 1 foUoicinfj. 

ni. John, (the ancestor of the Phlki'Mphia Fttmlly) born Nov. 1, 176G 
according to Family Bible Record, but according to 1st Church 
Records, Moiristnwn, baptized March 5, 17G3; (it may have 
been 176S); married Nancy Lindsley. See Family 2folhicing. 

rV. Jacob, who removed to Bridport, Addison Co., Vt., and died, 
there August 25, 18'47, 25 hours after his wife's death — 
{letter of administrator on his estate, Xov. 17, 1847). 

"V. Elizabeth, born June, 1761; married Abraham Losey (Ld^»^?), 
died 1841; had (1) Sally (Losey), who married Isaac Petti- 
bone, who died Autumn of 1825, and had a son, Charles C. , 
and two daughters and a son, names not known; (2) Her- 
man (Losey) (family letters). 

VI. Maby, (commonly called Polly) married Moses //(^rJ; she died about 
1833, in New Jersey (family letters) 

YII. Khoda, married Ezekiel Munson, who died August or September, 
1828; she died in New Jersey, winter of 1827 (family letters). 

VLU. Sakah, married Jonathan Ball; resided in Vermont (family letters). 

FA^^nLY 1. (The Kentucky Branch.) 

( Information furnished hi/ Lafe Stiles Pence, Esq., Lebanon, Kentucky.) 

1. David^ Stiles, said to have been born in Morristown, New Jersey, about 
1760; married Elizabeth Kitchell; removed to Kentucky, about 1809; he died Dec, 
1839; she died Jan. 9, 1829. " She had lived out all the days and comforts of life." 


2. L Lewis, born 1785; died 1858. Family 2. 

3. n. Charles. 

4. in. Demas, went to Eastern States (Vt.?j had 2 daughters, both married. 

5. IV. John. 

6. V. Chalon (Chillion?). 

7. VI. Abbaham. 

8. VII. David. 

9. VIII. Kitchell; died young. 

10. IX. Eunice, married Darius Pierson; had John (P.) and Isaac (P.) 

11. X. Densy, married about 1819 . 


12. XI. Rhoda, married Griffith Willett, in or about 1818. 


13. LKwis'i Stiles, |2] {Damd,^ ) born Sept. 13, 1785; married Sept. 22, 1814, 
Rebecca Willett; he died No%'. IC, 1858. 


**• I- ScsA>- Ann, born Sept. 3, 1815; died Oct. 15, 1858; married Martin 

Ray, 1830. Issue: 

15« i. Lewis Martin (Ray); married; resides Texas. 

16. EL Mabt Elizabeth, born Nov. 9, 1817; died Oct. 15, 1887; married 

(Jeorge Ray, 1833. Tssue: 

^'^- i- Kebecca Jane, born 1834; married Alfred Nail- died 


18. in. KiTCHELL Matthias, bom Oct. 16, 1819; married Caroline Hobbs, 

1846; he died Aug. 25, 1885. Issue: 

^^- i- I^ewis Ogden; married Chenalt; merchant, at 

Buflfalo, Ky. 

^^' ^^ Annie; married Collins; resides Hodgenville; is 

Deputy Sheriff of La Rue Co. , Kentucky. 
21' lit. Mary; married Dr. Smith. 

22. iv. Rebecca; married Tarpley. 

23. IV. Sabah Jane, born Nov. 1, 1821; married Thomas J. Beall, 1842; 

she died June 21, 1880. Issue: 
2** i. Stiles (Beall); served under John Morgan, Co. K, 8th 

Ky., C. S. A.; was taken prisoner; died 1866, un- 

ii. Mary Ellen (Beall); married H. B. Peterson, M. D.; 
resides Rayswick, Ky. 

iii. George E. (Beall); married Annie Williams; is a far- 
mer, Whiting, Kan. 

2^- i^- Samuel P. (Beallj; married Sadie Schooling; resides 

Waverly, Mo. 

28. V. Thomas J. (Beall); married Maggie Ceeler; is a mer- 

chant at Horton, Kan. 

29. V. Ogden WnxETT, born Dec. 7. 1823; died July 28, 1878: married 

(1) Elizabeth Phillip, 1844; married (2) . hsne (by 

first marriage) : 

3®- • i. R«v. Samuel P.; married Annie Huston; mini.stry of 

M. E. Church, South. 



^1* "• Lewis Kitohell; married Kiiti- Huston; is u fiiriuer, 

resides Bloouifield, Ky. 
[By second inarriafje): 

^2- h'i. John B. ; married Sallie Beam; dead; left a son, Wil- 

liam Ogden. 

3^- iv. Benjamin P.; married Lena Elliott; farmer, Hodgen- 

ville, Ky. 

^' '■• Hugh D.; married WoodieCrowne; is a farmer, Bloom- 

field. Ky 

35. VI. Caroline, born Sept. 28, 1826; married George Schooling in 1858; 

she died April 16, 1864 Issue: 

^- i- Sadie Ray (Schooling); man-ied Sam P. Beall; resides 

Waverly, Mo. 

37. VII. Lafayette, born November. 1828; married Sallie Stiles in 1872; 

farmer; resides Howard's Town, Ky Is^te (all unmarried 
and reside with their parents): 

38. i. Rhoda. 

39. ii. Rebecca. 

40. iii. Mattie. 
41- iv. Lafayette. 

42. V. Cleveland. 

43. VII. MixEKTA Ford, born Jan 30, 1831; married Geo. W. Beall, 1852. 


44. i. Lizzie L. (Beall); died vo. 2 years. 

*5- "• Mary Mattie (Beall); married J. N. Wilson, merchant, 

resides Lebanon, Ky. 

4»'. VIII. Rebecca Eltengt, born twin to Minerva F.: married John W. 

Pence, 1853; she died Oct. 26, 18G7. Issue: 
47- 1. William L. (Pence), farmer, Nevada, Mo 

48. ii. Carrie M (Pence). 

iii. Sarah (Pence i; married William Wright; farmer, 
Bloomtield, Ky. 

iv. Mary P. (Pence); married A. Beeler; farmer, Howards- 
town, Ky. ;8he died Aug. 12, 18'J2. 
V. Lafe Stiles (Pence); Counsellor and Attorney at Law, 
Lebanon, Ky. 

IX. Maktha Ellex, born April 27. 1833; died July 11, 1880; unmarried. 

53. X. Maktin Van Bcren, born Sept. 9, 1835; married Annie Bland in 

1873; resides Hodgenvilk-, Ky. ; farmer. Issue: 


54. i. Joe B. ; died young 

55. ii. Lewis. 

56. iii. Elijah. 
57 iv. Gorilla. 

58. V. Ogden Roy. 

FA^riLY 2, (The Philadelphia Branch.) 

(Information/urnif'hed by Miss Helen Huher, Philadelphia, Pa.) 

1, John* Stiles, [III] ( Thomas,* Long Jonathan^. Isaac'^, John'), born Nov. 4. 1766; 
married Jan. 20, ITDS, Nancy Lindsley, of Morristo-wn, N. J., -who -was born May 
15, 1774, and died at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 7, 1849. He removed to PhiladeK 
phia. Pa , where he engaged in the lumber trade and accumiilated a fortune; he 
died May 6, 1815. 

Children (born at Philadelphia, Pa.): 

2, I. Henky, born Nov 23, 1794; married Elizabeth Gaul. Family 3. 

3. II. John Stiles, bom Nov. 23, 1796; married Hannah Stockton. 

4. Family 4. 

5, m. Maky Ann, born April 14, 1800; married May 7, 1817, John Este 

A'ee«;she died Feb. 1. 1828. Iftsue: 

i. Anna Stiles (Keen), born July 4th, 1818; married 
Oct 13, 1836, Abraham Coaies, who was bom 
April 1, 1804; died Nov. 2, 1887. Had (1) Mary 
Ann Stiles, who married Isaac E. Landell*; (2) 
James Stiles, who married Annie C. Audenreid, 
and had Helen Louise; (3) John Keen; (4) Rebecca 
Norris, married Edwin B. Paul, and had Avaline 
■^ Paul, Florence Paul and Mary Landell Paul; (5) 

Anna Keen. 

6. ii. James Stiles (Keen), married, Nov. 8th, 1849, 

Emily E. Catherwood; had(l) Anna Mary (Keen), 
born Dec. 18, 1850; married April 28, 1877, 
Harry C. Campifm; had Henry Clifford iCamp» 
ioni, born Feb. 13, 1878; (2) John Este (Keen), 
born April 20, 1854; married Nov. 8, 1888, Han- 
nab Burridge Mills; i3) .\delaide Emily (Keen), 
born June 10, 18C8. 

7, IV Joseph Lindsley, born March 17, 1802; lost at sea Sept., 1821. 

* Issue of Isaac E. atid Mary Ann Stiles (Coates) Landell: (i) Charles W., married Sarah 
Bniner; (2) Kdwin A., married Clarissa England; (3) Anna C, married James C. Corry; '4) 
Mabel, married Sidny Rowland Bartlett; (6) Grace. 












James, born July 10. 1806; married Eleanor K. Cresson. Family 5. 
Charles, born April 14. 1807; died July 31, 1808. 
Robert, born Oct. G. died Oct. 10, 1810. 
William Cooper, born Feb. 18, 1813; died Jan. 18, 1892. 
Nancy, born March 11, 1815; married Edward Halesworth Stokes, 
Oct. 12, 1831. 

13. Henry' Stiles, [T\{Jiihn,^ Tliomns,* l.oiuj Jmntth an, ^ Isaac, ^ Johv,^ horn 
Nov. 23, 179-i; married March 11, 1819, Elizabeth Gaul, who was born April 19, 
1802, and died April 11, 1859. Henry Stiles died Jan. 30, 1863. Succeeded his 
father in in Philadelphia. His brother, John, Jr., was also in the firm. 
Henry Stiles was highly respected among the business community of Philadelphia, 
and acquired considerable means for those days 
Children (born in Philadelphia. Pa.).- 

14. I. James, born Nov. 30. 1819— still-born. 

15. n. Anna Clarissa, born Sept. 2. 1821; married Oct. 16. 1844, James 

Shull Huber, who was born Feb 12, 1819, and died at 

"Boscabel." Germantown. Philadelphia, May 17, 1879. 

, She died at Boscobel. March 4, 1890. Lfsne: 

Ig. ~^ 1. Lizzie Stiles (Huber), born Oct 11th, 1845; married 

Dec. 31, 1866, Bartlett Jefferson Cromii-ell, U. S. N.; 

had (1) Helen (Cromwell) born Jan. 28, 1871; i2) 

Anna Huber (Cromwell), born Feb. 5, 1873; (3) 

Minna (Cromwell), born Aug. 20, 1878 . 

17. ii. Stiles (Huber), born June 16th, 1847; married Feb. 

7, 1877, Arabella McCluney; had (1) Wharton 
(Huber), born Nov. 9, 1877; (2) Elizabeth (Huberi. 
born May 30. 1880; [3] Nelson Cannon (^Huber), 
born June 18, 1885. 

18. lii. Helen (Huber), born April 24th, 1849. 

19. m. Jacob, born Sept. 5; died Oct. 13, 1823. 

20. IV. Elizabeth Gail, born Nov. 19, 1824; died Feb. 25, 1834. 

21. V. Mary Amanda, born May 19. 1827; married May 2, 1850. Joseph 

Eastburn Mitchell, who was born Aug. 3, 1817; died Oct. 5. 

1887; she died Aug. 11, 1891. Children: 

^2. i. James Henry (Mitchell), born Oct. 23rd, 1851; 

married Oct. 4, 1893, Emma Adele Audenreid. 

born Oct. 5, 1868; died itarch 4, 1894. 

23^ ii. Wilson (Mitchell), born Aug. 31st, 1852; married 

Jan. 10, 1884, Fanny E. Kessler, born June 4, 1855. 


24. iii. Adele (Mitchell), born June 2.1, 1856. 

25. VI Caboline Matilda, born Sept. 6, 18'20; umrried May 1, LS51, Wil- 

liam HniTison Chrryl. CUUdre.i: 

26. i. Fnmklin Eugene (Curryl), born Oct. 30th, lSr,2; 

married July 7, IHHr,. Euj^enio Gnihain McGee, 
born April 30, 18G2; hud (1, Ethel, burn May IG. 

27. ii. William Henry (Carryl), born Jan. 5th, 1855; mar- 

ried April 11, 1883, Julia Ettt Hauuum; have (Ij 
Harry Gratz; (2) Hazel; (3) Adele. 

28. iii. Mary Adelaide (Carryl), born July 5th, 1856; died 

April 21. 1802. 

29. iv. Elizabeth Stiles (Carryl), born Jan. Uh, 1860. 

30. V. Laura (Carryl) born Jan. 31st, 1865; married 

March 30. 18!»1, John H. Shinn; have (1) Carryl, 
boru June -4, 181»3. 

31. YII. Henry Acgcstus, born Aug. 31, 1S31; married Com Anderson. 

Family 6. 

32. Vni. Elizabeth Amelia, born June 9, 1831; married Jan. 15, 1857, Rob- 

ert H. Gratz; she died Oct 11, 1871. Children: 

33. i. Ella Stiles (Gratz), born Nov. 28, 1857; married Reese 

Davis Fell, Oct. 18, 1877; have (1) Robert Gratz, 

born June 21, 187".). 
31. ii. Henry Stiles (Gratz), born June 22, 1859. 

35^ iii. Lewis Cooper (Gratz), born Aug. 14, 1861. 

36. iv. Elizabeth Gaul ((iratz), born June 26, 1863; 

died young 

37. V. Walter (Gratz), born March 9, 1865; died February, 


38. IX. Fbedekick Gaul, born Dec. 12, 1837; died May 4, 1838. 

39. X. WiLLiAit CoopEK, Jr., born July 27, 1839; married Ella M. Magill 

Family 7. 

40. XL Helen, born 16, died Dec. 24, 1841. 


41. JoHN-^ .Stiles, [3] {John,' Thomas,* Lomj Jonathan,^ Isaac,'- John, ') born Nov 
23, 1796; married May 5, 1818, Hannah Stockton, of Trenton, N. J.; he died Dec. 
8, 1852. 

42. I. Charles Edward. 













43. II. John Henry, married Margaret Brandster. Iss<(.e: 

i. Emma, married DeVall. 

Joseph Lindsley. 

William Lindsley; married Mary Granier. Issue: 
i. George Granier. 
ii. William Lindsley. 

Maby Ann, born ; married Henry Stokes, of N. Y. City. Issue: 

i. John Stiles (Stokes). 

ii. Henry B. (Stokes), married Sophia I. Lockwood; had 
(1) Florence L.; (2) Marie L. 

52. iii. Walter C. (Stokes), married Adele Watson; had (1) 

Henry; (2) Walter Watson; (3) Edith Watson. 

53. iv. Lilian (Stokes), married Artemas H. Holmes; hud (1) 

Artemas H., Jr.; (2) Lillian Stokes; (3) Hilda. 

SiiirEL Stockton. 

Elizabeth Fenton; married John Mulford. Issue: 

i Stiles Elton (Mulford), married Sarah Ammack. 
Josephine Stlles. 
James Edward; married Eliza Spangler. Issne: 

i. Spangler (Stiles). 
ii. Frank (Stiles . 
Theodore Buchanan. 

Frank Gardenier, married Dolly Baker. Secretary Manhattan Sav- 
ings Bank, N. Y. City. Issue: 

63. i. Ethel (Stiles). 

64. ii. Arthur (Stiles). 

65. iii. Harold (Stiles). 


66, James'' Stiles, [8| {John," Tlmnuis,^ Lr>ng Jouathan,^ Isaac,- John,') born July 
10, 1806; married July 16. 1827, Eleanor K. Cresson. He died March 19, 1834; 
was in the lumber business, Philadelphia. 

Children (Ijorn in Philadelphia. Pa.); 

67. I. Lydia Cresson; married William Barber. Iss>ie: 

68. i. Eleanor (Barber), married James Sellers. 

69. ii. Walter (Barber). 

70. iii. Bessie (Barber). 

71. II. Richard Cresson Stiles, (M. D.,) born Oct. 4, 1830; married Maria 

Wells Family 8. 






























71. Henby Acgcsttjs' Stiles, [31] [Ilenry,^ John,'' Tliomas,* Long Jonathan,'^ 
Isaac,^ J«/a?,') born Aug. 31, 1831; married Jan. 24, 1861, Cora Anderson, of St. 
Louis. Mo. He died Oct. 26, 1893. 


Andebson, born Dec. 1, 1861 ; died Feb. 10, 1872. 
Theeesa Antoinette, born June 16, 18C3; married Nov. 21, 1893, 
Samuel Hancock Haines. 

Henry, born Nov. 4, 1864. 

George Clayton, born Aug. 21, 1866. 

Eugene Clarence, born Sept. 24, 1871; died March 9, 1875. 

Charles Anderson, born Sept. 10, 1875; died July 7, 1876. 

78. William Coopee' Stiles, Jr., [39] [Henry « John,^ Thomas,^ Long Jonathan.^ 
Isaac,'^ John,'^ ) born July 27. 1839; married Sept. 4, 1861, Ella M. Magill; resides 
(1895) Volcano, Wood Co., W. Va. 

Edward Magill, born Sept. 6, 1862; died Dec. 12, 1865. 
Eoeeet Geatz, born Aug. 20, 1863. 

Charlotte McKaraher, born Dec. 30, 1864; died July 27, 1879. 
Ella Virginia, born May 2, 1867; married Nov. 12, 1890, William 

Danforth Supplee. 
Albert Magill, born Nov. 28, 1870. 
Samuel Brown, born April 7, 1873, 

85. Richard Cresson' Stiles, ^l.D. ,[10]{Jain€s,^John/^Tfioinns,^Long Jonathan,^ 
Isaac,^ John,^ ) born Oct. 4, 1830: received his early education in his native city; 
graduated from Y'ale College, 1851; and as M. D., from University of Pennsylvania, 
1854. He continued his professional studies in Europe for three years more, es- 
pecially in physiology-, under the immediate tutorship of Eobin, and in attendance 
on the teachings of Bernard, leading men in the Paris School. Returning to the 
United States, he was Professor of Physiology in the ^Medical Department of the 
University of Vermont for seven consecutive yeaj-s; in the Berkshire Medical Col- 
lege, Pittstield, Mass., 1856-62; and in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
New York, 1861-2. In 1858, he again visited Europe for special study in Pathology 
and Physiology. In 1856, he entered the Army, as Surgeon of Volunteers, and re- 
mained until the following year in charge of Military General Hospital, at Pittsburg, 















Pa. Then he joined Hancock's Corps in the Army of the Potomac, as Surgeon-in- 
Chief of Caklwell's Division, particiii;itin<,' in numerous enf^a^ements, includin^^ 
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. Coming to Brooklyn in lHr.4, he was appointed 
Resident Physirian of the Kings Co. Hospital at Flatlmsh. In iscr,, he was made 
Registrar of Vital SUitistics. and later Sanitary Superintendent for the Brooklyn 
District of the Metropolitan Health Department — a i>osition which he retained un- 
til the Metropolitan Health Board was legislated out of existence, in 1870. Diaring 
1S67-8, he was President of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, and was 
livrgely successful in making it an instrument for the promotion of the truly scien- 
tific interests of the profession. 

His labors for the Metropolitan Health Board are undoubtedly among the most 
valuable contributions to its reports. His investigation of the Texas Cattle Disease, 
secured for him a wide scientific reputation as the discoverer of the parasite which 
caused the malady; and his name was hon<U'ed in this connection by th« well-known 
Prof. Hallier, of Iowa, who styled the fungus Oi)iiatheciuin .Stilesianum. His de- 
termination, in 1869, by a ready method of his own devising, of the percentage of 
carbonic acid gas in the atmospheres of various schools, theatres, tenements and 
other places in the Metropolitan District, made the first startling exhibit of the 
very general disregard had for etticient ventilation. His fertile brain and untiring 
industry led to numerous monographs, essays, addresses, contributions to scientific 
journals, and occasionally to the dailj- press. With a fine physique, and a noble 
intellect thoroughly trained, he gave promise of a grand intellectual future. But 
he too often forgot the laws of health in the pursuit of science. 

After his severance from the Health Office, he entered upon private practice 
in Brooklyn, but was soon incapacitated by ill health. He died, at West Chester, 
Pa., after a short illness, April 17, 1873. 

The Memorial to Dr. Stiles, from which we have quoted, prepared by a Com- 
mittee of the Brooklyn Pathological Section of the Kings County iledical Society, 
further says: "On (piestions of physiology and pathological anatomy, he seemed a 
living encyclopedia;" and on every branch and point of these, " no envy can be 
excited by saying that Dr. Stileshad no peer in the profession in Brooklyn. * * He 
knew no idle moments, often disregarding hours tor meals and sleep in the pursuit 
of some absorbing topic. Study and laboratory work were his chief delights, and 
when so occupied he is known to have sometimes thought it waste of time to re- 
spond to a medical call. But once in charge of a patient, he brought every power 
to bear upon the case." His enthusiasm was a marked and attractive feature of his 
character; his facility of composition was (piite remarkable, and he could always 
express himself much more etfectively in writing than by tongue. His private 
character was above reproach; his disposition amiable; without arrogance, and 
sensitive and delicate as that of a woman. Accomplished by study, travel and ob- 
servation; quiet but courteous in manner; faithful in all the relations of life, and 
delightful as a friend, his early death was a loss to Science and Humanity, tis well 
as to his friends. 

Dr. Richard C. Stil.-s, married, in 1856, at Leghorn, Italy, Maria (ilaughter of 
Dr. Thomas) Wells, of New Haven, Conn., who still survives him. 


ChUdren (l)orn in Philiulelphiu): 

86. I. Thomas Wells, born Dec. 17, 1857. Resides, New York City. 

87. II. Eleanor Ckesson. 

P^e 513. Third line from bottom. Strike out the asterisk after 17o0. 

Page 515. Second line from bottom, for Townsend, read Farrand. 

Page 517. The Note* at foot of page >)elongs to Aakon, No 13 —line 4. In third 

line of this note, instead of "above.'" read pn<i€ 515, 
Page 519. .Jonathan Stiles |No. 46, line 4) married only once; and his wife's name 

was Sfirah Tnttle. 
Pa"e 519. Ephraim Stiles, Family 5, was received into communion at Hanover 
(N. J.) Church, Feb. 12, 1758; his daughter Elizahfth, was baptized 
in same church, Jan. 10, 1756; his son Lei-i, was baptized Sept. 26, 
1756; his son Moses Hahey, was baptized March 26, 1758; and the 
latter"s wife's name was Terv'd. Note* on this page belongs to 
Ebenezer, pages 520-521. 
Page 520. Family 7. Ebenezek Stiles [2] should be [12]. 

Page 523. Third line. Strike out all this line concerning 2d marriage. .\lso erase 
all siiid about John, (No. 71) and James Stiles, (No. 73). They 
belong to family of Thomas, page 512 and 740 Adde.ida. 
Page .521. Hannah's (No. 57) husband, .\sa Beach, l>orn August 6, 1761, Mmristoicn 

Church Records. 
Page 524.'s iNo. 75i date of marriage laccording to .]f<,rrist<„r„ Becurds) 

should be April 28, 1798. 
Page 522. Line 9, from bottom, for "April," read M<iy. 
Page 528. Line 9, for 1824 read l.s.'l. 

Page 533. First line. Patty Stiles, probably the Patty who married Daniel Hop- 
pin, December, 1793;— 4th line, Lydia Stiles, probably the Lydia 

who married Carter, Jan. 29, 11'.^— Church Bee, Ilanncer, X. J. 

Page 540. Last line, add to Timothy's record, hapUzedJnly 3, 17 ■>5: 6th line from 

bottom, add Jonathan T.'s record, IxiiAlzed Feb. 15, 1784. 
Page 542. To Amelia (Kussell), No. 165, add date of birth, August 31, 1813; she 
married Wm. A. Tomlinson; Morristoirn 1st Church Becnrds. note also 
baptism of a son to Elizabeth (Stiles) Kussell and husband of 
Michigan, named .fonatli'in, baptized Aug. 10, 1806. 
Page 542. Morgan Edward Russell (No. 159) died Sept. 2K. 1812, re. 1 
Page 543. Ephraim Stiles, No. 174, married Phebe Cook. Jan. 17, 1819— //a/, oo/- 

('hnrch [X. J.) Becords. 
Page .543. Moses Halsey Stiles and wife admitted t.. Hanover Church, N. J., 

Dec. 8, 1804. 
Page 543. IUxter, (No. 17.'. i; Joseph, |No. 177) and Ben.iamin, iNo. 178j all r/,V,/ 

Page 544. Abigail, (No 181) born in M/trrh; and date of her marriage should be 
March A', IS.'fK Rebecca, (No. 187^ baptized July 24, 1S((8, m 
Hanover Church; and her husbands name should read Dirherso.,— 
Halsey Genndioiy. 

I- ■ 1 


Page 546. Line 11— for 1824, read 1S4..\ 

Page 552. As James Stiles, (Family 22) lias been found to be the son of Thomas 
Stiles (See pages 512 and 740) he and all his descendants should 
be read as descendants of Thomas,* Lonfj Jonathan,^ Isaac,^ John.> 
Miss Huber says James Stiles was a tanner, and that he died Oct. 
7, 1841. 

Page 552. Line 6 from bottom, read March, 1764. Line 2 from bottom, read Jan. 

Page 553. James Stiles. See correction. Addenda, page 743. 

Page 507. Edward Stiles, No. 375. — Strike out Family 56 

Page 574. Second line from bottom of page, for Ruhannah read Ruhamah. 

Page 641. Ann (Brown) Stiles, widow of Thomas, had letter of administration 
gi-antedher, March 14, 1793, on his estate (" late of Burlington Co.") 

Page 659. For Harnden, lines 9, 10, 11, read Harden. 

Page 679. Line 7, Benjamin Edward Stiles [6] should be [10]. 

Page 680. Family 4, Eev. Joseph Clay Stiles [7] should be [11]. 

Page 688. The family name of Eugene West Stiles' second wife was Botding. 




Note. — ^^Miere two numbers tire connected by a hyphen, thus as Aarnn. 133- 
2'iiiy the tirst number indicates the page whereon his hirf/t is given, and the 
second (black letter) number indicates the page, whereon he is given as the 
head of a fainihf. 

Aaron, 133-->;>Mf, \U-4'*4, rAl-.'i:i(i, 

Aaron Aber, oo^-.I^.V. 753 err. 
Aaron Ketchum, 321-.'} 4 4. 
Aaron Nelson, 304. 
Abby. 421. 
Abby Eliza, 612. 
Abel, 87, 128. 427, 485; 485-4.Vr>, ( /.Vr. 1 

87, lOG-l'iS, Ti-lndd.. 
Abigail, 53, 88. 130. 247, 410. 412, 481. 

544. 646, 652, 743 add., 753, err. 
Abigail P.. 578. 
Abner. 608-f;7->. 
Abner Passell, 604, 612-«/.9. 
Abner Spinning, 620. 
Abner Browulee Socrates, 621. 
Abraham, 540, 610, 616. 
Abraham Ogden, 548, 577. 
Ada May, 461. 
Adaline, 290, 55'J, 560. 
Adaline E., 428. 
Adam M , 314. 
Addie. 385. 
AddieMary, 734 add.. 
Addison, 56"J. 
Adelaide. 498. 
Adalbert, 460. 
Adelia Kighter, 561. 
Adeline .Jane, 388. 

.\dolphus Marvin, 626. 

Adrian W., 371. 

Agnes, 695. 

Agnes L., 340. 

A. H., 454. 

Aladdin S., 429. 

Alathea, 128. 129, 413. 

Albert, 504, 660. 

Albert C, 350-;i,S'r. 

Albert Edgar, 381. 

Albert Erastus. 428-^^,V. 

Albert Irvine, 672. 

Albert J., 581. 

.Albert M., 386. 

Albert V. , 70. 

Albert Warren, 444-^>f>,'739 add. 

Albert Wilson. 661, f*;-:^. 

Alden N., 456. 

Alexander, 625, 626. 

Alexander C, 367. 

Alfred. 445. 

Alfred Ensign, 459. 

Alida, 451. 

Alice, 51, 54. 55, 60, 343, 362, 385. 

Alice A., 621. 

.\lice Daisy, 660. 

Alice Eloise. 736 add. 

Alice Elvira, 312. 

.Mice Leonora, 585. 



Alice M.. 383, 473. 

Alice Sliiria, 483, 500. 

Alice Winans, 622. 

Allen, 265. 

Almerin H. F., 153. 

Almira, 275, 324, 432. 445. 

Alonzo FarriiiLtton, 413, 421; 436-4;>*^. | 

Alonzo LeRoy. 592-«0/. 

Althea, 652. 

Alvah, 278, 303-6' V.S. 

Alvah J., 329. 

Amanda, 445 

Amanda Melvina, 443. 

Amarett B., 321. 

Amasa Fabrique, 379; 417-/;f /. 

Ambrose "WTiipple, 317-.7r /. 

Amelia, 257, 753 add. 

Amelia T., 550. 

Amos, 47-,>i, 641. «47. 

Amos C. 423. 

Amy, 229. 

Amy C, 356. 

Amy Frances. 659. 

Amy L.. 353. 

Amzi A., 549. 

Amzi B, , 554. 

AncelC, 317, :i7^. 

Anderson, 751 (;'/(/. 

Andrew, 414-4?«, 444, 619. 

Andrew L. , 656-f*.'><S. 

Andrew Jackson, 612. 

Andrew Proudlit, 498. 

Angeline, 269. ,.: 

.\nn, 90, 104. 1^54, 419, 607. 613, 645. 

754 add. 
Ann Amelia, 656. 
Ann Catharine, 654. 
Ann Duncan, 672 
Ann Eliza, 580. 
Ann F., 498. 
Ann Laura, 5H0. 
Ann Magif, 615. 
Anna, 247, 276. 27s, :{64, 416. 520, 545, 

639, 649. 678. 
Anna Chloe, 336. 

Anna Clarissa, 748 add. 

Anna Eliza, 628. 

Anna Farrand, 546. 

Anna Janette, 416. 

Anna Josephine, 388. 

Anna Maria, 316, 352, 370, 371. 504, 

561, 592, 653. 
Anna Newton, 693. 
Anna Walton, 78. 
Anne, 452. 
Anne Leonard, 442. 
Annette, 334. 
Annette M., 65. 
Annis, 411. 
Annie Lane, 386. 
Ansel Alonzo, 453. 
Anson, 61; 265-.7i/, [c-rr.] 
Anson Baxter, 312. 

Anson Luther, 312. 

Antoinette D., 499. 

Arabella, 350. 

Arabella B., 599. 

Araminta, 580. 

Archibald Winans, 620. 

Axgette, 593. 

Artemesia, 227. 

Arthur Alvord, 378. 

Arthur Chapin, 2S2. 

Arthur D., 301. 

Arthur Eugene. 734 add. 

Arthur Evert, 593 

Arthur Frederick. 381. 

Arthur Lewis, 355. 

Arthur M., 451. 

Arthur Newton, 3S2. 

Arsine Charles, 570. 

Asa, \U-4'*'i. 

AsaD.. 443-4.>.^. 456. 

Asahel, 230; 231; 134-?,";r, •-^39; 231- 

270, ■2i2-:r*o. 

Asahel Chapin, 245. 
Ashbel, l02-V.*--.\ 539-.7r;.S. 
Asenath Dodson, 362. 
A. Sidney, 340. 
Audrey Keble, 334. 



Augusta A., 658. 

Augusta Eliza, 361. 

Augusta M. , 49;). 

Augustus, 627. 

Austin, '229-?«.'>. 

Avery Winthrop, 237. 

Azenath, 275 

Bathsheba, 267. 

Baxter, 543. 

Belle O., 739 err. 

Benjamin, 46, 53, 224: 256-?<>,S', 413- 

41S, ^3-47!*, 4 S:i, 487; 485- 

4SS, 489; 48G-^.'>;;, 543, 619; 

640-6'^r/, 645, 650, 664, 666, 669; 

670-6*7:^, 675, 676. 677, 733, 

740 add. 753 err. 
Benjamin B., 611. 
Benjamin Edward, (y71-(!7fP, 680, 754 

Benjamin Franklin, 344. 
Benjamin P., 299, 473. 
Benjamin Preston, 490. 
Benjamin Roberts, 274. 
Benjamin T., 565, 734 ndd. 
Benoni, 87, 90, 133, 135-t>^r, 248, 290. 
Bennett, i27-44fi. 
Bennett F., 498. 
Bennett M., 446. 
Bertha, 391. 
Bertha D., 461. 
Bertha E., 77. 
Bertha Rose, 381. 
Bertie D., 353. 
Bessie, 389, 591. 
Bessie E., 390. 
Bethiah, 132. 
Betsy, 55, 61, 268, 269. 422, 426, 525, 

533, 539, 567. 
Betsy Kilby, 302. 
Betty, 411. 
Bianca, 581. 
Blanche Amelia, 660. 
Blanche G., 368. 
Blanche L., 602. 
Brunette, 593. 

Burage H., 353. 

Burritt, 429. 

Butler, 267. 

B. Morgan, 647-f>Jf>. 

Calvin, 533, 562. 

Candace, 60. 

Carl, 458. 

Caroline, 376, 502, 568, 611, 616, 629, 

746 add. 
Caroline Amanda, 353. 
Caroline B., 315. 
Caroline Barton, 371. 
Caroline Couper, 695. 
Caroline Elizabeth, 617. 
Caroline G., 67. 
Caroline L., 341, 430. 
Caroline Lucina, 295. 
Caroline Matilda, 749 add. 
Carrie, 385. 
Carrie Adele, 622. • 
Carrie Augusta, 734 add. 
Carrie B., 354. 
Carrie Bell, 448. 739 add. 
Carrie Emma, 349. 
Came P., 352. 
Carrington Riverius, 350. 
Cassilda, 319. 
Cassilda D.. 271. 
Catharine. 270, (em) 292, 527, 538, 556. 

563, 570. 
Catharine A., 319. 
Catharine Anna, 688. 
Catharine Almira, 656. 
Catharine Harden, 659. 
Catharine M., 67. 
Catharine Margaret, 342. 
Catharine Mackay, 695. "" 
Catharine Wilder, 63. 
Celeste C, 734 add. 
Charity, 522. 
Charles, 267; 277-,7?r utdd.}; 345, 367, 

385, 431, 502;567-.>,S'f>,619. 649, 

652, 674, 736, 744, 748 add. 
Charles A., 356, 452. 
Charies Adelbert, 335-.7.S'/. 



Charles Alfred. 591. 

Charles Anderson, 751 add. 

Charles Augustus, 352. 

Charles Eutler. 'i'Si-.'i.SO. 

Charles C, 329-.7,SY>, 379. 

Charles Clarence, 59-1. 

Charles Dey, 'Slo-.'iCO, 371. 

Charles Dennison, 390. 

Charles Edgar, 348. 

Charles Edward, 7i9 add. 

Charles Ellsworth, 349. 

Charles Frederick, S-iS-.'iSG, 3t;8. 

Charles Gowdy, 382. 

Charles H. , 357, 5HH, 

Charles Henry, 68- ^.V, Sol-.'iSS, 370, 

Charles Herbert, 297. 
Charles Hoyt. 429-/-/.V. 
Charles Judson. 312-;>'.'><> {ii<ld.) 
Charles L., 355, 364. 
Charles Romaine, 297. 
Charles R., 354. 
Charles Robert, 415. 
Charles W., 440. 
Charles Wardell, 387, 737 add. 
Charles William, 297. 
Charles Willis, 60U. 
Charles Worcester C, 287. 
Charlotte, 268 {err.) 457. 
Charlotte Elizabeth, 283. 
Charlotte Emory, 318. 
Charlotte Pierpont, 296. 
Charlotte Ratclitfe, 334. 
Chauncey, 226, 227- '>•>.>'. 3o7-.'i5yf>. 
Chester. 277, 658. 
Chester D., 356. 
Chillion Ford, 542. 
Chloe Ann, 292. 
Chloe B., 380. 
Chloe Duty, 444. 
Christian Elizabeth, 654. 
Christopher, 7, 14, 17, 20, 23, 24, 30. 
Cincinnatus W. , 288. 
Clara Angle, 387. 
Clara Edna, 393. 

Clare, 393. 

Clarence, 389. 

Clarence G., 504. 

Clarence H., G'SO-C'il. 

Clarence Herman, .368. 

Clarence Naher, 659. 

Clarica, 272. 

Clarissa, 271, 275. 

Clarissa B., 386. 

Clarissa Emeline, 317. 

Clarissa Grace, 306. 

Clarissa R., 348. 

Clark Grenville, 590, 600. 

Claude A., 600. 

Clayton, 461. 

Clemina, 266. 

Clifford, 691. 

Clifford Adams, 679 f>.9i. 

Clifford Rosabel. 693. 

Comfort, 513. 

Copeland, 663, 665, 725. 

Cora Belle. 377. 

Cora C, 380. 

Cora E., 446, 601. 
CoraM., 354. 
Cornelia, 347, 625, 634. 
' Cornelia Ann, 611. 
Cornelia AbenatL. SiC. 
Cornelia Price, 558. 
Crawford R., 658. 
Crozier, 628 
Cnrtiss, 61. 
Curtis H., 65- r/, 79. 
Cynthia, 227, 298, 415. 
Cynthia E., 734 add. 
Cyrene, 247. 
Dabney, 292. 

Daniel, 130-'*2fP, 229-?f;,V, 268; 
3,"*'*, 3U-:iGO. lerr.) 316, 
442, i24-444, 522-,>^f;, 
.767;, 547, 59H; 60i',.«/o, 
aa.'t; 663-f>7;^, i]m. 673. 
Daniel L., 379, 565. 
Daniel O., 315, 438. 




Daniel Olds, -tl3-J*>f>. 
Daniel Osborn, 371. 
Daniel Rogers, '267-;f /.>. (err). 
Daniel Van Schaick, 542. 
Darwin, err. 

David. 78;237-->r<V, 278-;i->,S', 350; 411; 
4.12-410, [add.); i2'3-4.-tO, 483; 
■i85-4SG, 571, 615, 644, 741, 
738, 744, err. 
David B.. 421-^.V,v. 
David Crane, 609-6* /.I. 
David Farrington, 437. 
David H., 226; 266-.V/.V, 735 err. 
David J., 323. 
David JudsoD, 481-/.9,V. 
David L., 439. 
David Magie, 614. 
David Eoyal, 326. 
David Trnesdell, 460. 
David Williams, 616. 
Darwin, 268, 314, {err.) 316. 
Darwin Eaton, 392. 
Deborah. 408, 409. 665. 
Delia, 255, 299, 307, 385. 
Delos T., 320-.>Vt/. 
Demas, 744 add. 
Denison, 311-,V.5r, 735 add. 
DeWitt Clinton, 352-.V,S'.V, 389. 
Diana Wilmott, 306. 
Diantha, 227. 
Diantha Noble, 62. 
Dora, 385. 

Dorcas, 228. 229, 562. 
Dorcas Catharine, 314. 
Dorcas L., 266. 
Dorus, 55-f>Y>, 61. 
Doras A., 65. 
Dwight B., 352. 
Earl, 439. 
Ebenezer, 86-7f>.7, (add.) 509-5 12-.>*>0, 

522-.'i4r, 551, 573, 617, 732 

add., 753 err. 
Eddie, 380. 
Eden, 652. 
Edgar Crane, 594. 

Edgar Heaton, 339. 

Edgar O., 353. 

Edith Florence, 659. 

Edith K., 503. 

Edmund Bruce, 435. 

Edmund Ely, 68- 7^;^. 

Edmund G., 320. 

Edmund Morris, 418. 

Edmund Pease, 378. 

Edmund Root, 420-^,>v;. 

Edmund Smith, 74a. 

Edmund S.. 74. 

Edna, 459. 

Edna A., 601. 

Edna Elizabeth, 336. 

Edward, 264-,>*f>7', 298, 309, 351, 364, 
567; 644-«^,V, 650, 653, 663; 665- 
fiOT, 673, 675, 676, 754 err. 

Edward Augustus, 560-.';,S".V, 626. 

Edward C, 295. 

Edward Copeland, 668, 670. 

Edward Holcomb, &l-74h, 77. 

Edd. H., 456. 

Edward Isaac, 383. 

Edwai-d James, 66* .V. 672. 

Edward Keed, 334. 

Edwards Stoughton, 336. 

Edward VanZandt, 388. 

Edward W., 581. 

Edward Westerly, 598. 

Edwin, 64, (e?T.) 301; 311-.*/,'J6, 326. 

Edwin H., 566. 

Egbert C, 350-;;, V6. 

Egbert White, 362. 

Egbert D., 593-6f>/. 

Eleanor, 414, 119, 432, 545, 546. 

Eleanor Cresson, 753, add. 

Eleazer, 232. 

Electa, 58, 422. 

Eli, 133-*>.*>'6. 

Eli Gowdy, 335. 

Eliakim, 51; 61-6'.>. 

Elias B., 314-/;6.>. 

Elias Wade, 610-6 /.V. 

Elijah H., 443-4.>-/. 



Elijah, 233; ICA-tiO'*, 271; 320-.*; T-/, 

Elizabeth, 7, U, 17, 20, 23, 44, 48. 53, 
90, 132, 209, 221, 222, 235, 2f!3, 
266, 326, 350, 383, 384, 430, 431, 
476, 519, 540, 541, 545, 570, 589, 
607, 615, 629, 639. 041, 642, 644, 
649, 664, 665, 673, 742, 744. 753 

Elizabeth A., 500. 

Elizabeth Emilia, 749 add. 

Elizabeth C, i^Q, 616. 

Elizabeth Crane, 609. 

Elizabeth Fentou, 750 add. 

Elizabeth Gaul. 748 add. 

Elizabeth Hubbard. 252. 

Elizabeth L., 656. 

Elizabeth Lucinda, 453. 

EUzabeth M., 429. 

Elizabeth Mackey, 695. 

Elizabeth Wade. 610. 

Elishama, 352. 

Eliza, 554, 564. 556. 

Eliza A., 572. 

Eliza Adelaide, 274.' 

Eliza Cornelia. 307. 

Eliza Edna, 617. 

Eliza Jane, 327. 495. 

Eliza M.. 491. 

Eliza Mackay, 679. 

Eliza Maria. 501. 

Eliva, 3G2. 

Ella, 377, 649. :■. 

Ella A., 380. 

Ella B., 658. 

Ella Elizabeth, 588. 

Ella Esther, 483. 

Ella Florence, 658. 

Ella J., 582. 

Ella Jane, 737 ad<l. 

Ellen, 431. 

Ellen Amanda. 298. 

Ellen C, 448. 

Ellen Esther, 500. 

Ellen J., 431. 

Ellen Maud, 451. 

Ellen Porter, 78. 

Ellen Thompson, f.ll. 

Ellen Virginia, 693. 

EUery, 356. 

Elliott, 332. 

Elliott Meigs, 458. 

Ellsworth, 256. 

Ellsworth Elliott, 620. 

Elton Hiram. 444-:f.>,V, 739 add. 

Elvira, 70. 

Elvira C, 352. 

Elvira Jennet, 346. 

Emelia, 209. 

Emelia Harriot, 253. 

Emelia Mariliu, 390. 

Emeline, 62, 569. 

Emery Clifford, 734 add. 

Emily, 504. 

Emily Amanda, 298. 

Emily Anna, 307. 

Emily Antoinette, 453. 

Emily D., 323. 

Emily E., 586. 

Emily Jane, 449. 

Emily T., 364. 

Emir Lewis, 458. 

Emma, 336, 350, 390. 550, 591, 630 

Emma Ara belle, 362. 

EmmaB., 503. 

Emma F., 658. 

Emma J. , 355. 

Emma Jane, 580. 

Emma Jane Belmont. 585. 

Emma Louisa, 313 

Emma Vernon, 77. 

Emmogene Ella., 739 err. 

Enoch, 234 [add.). 272. 733 add. 

Enoch N., 734 add. 

Enos, b\^-,'i:Hi. 

Ephraim, 83-,S-.S', 8,^-/;;o, 132; 
'i77, 269; 471--/ r.>, 473: 
4S7, 509; 512-.>/.<>. 520-,- 
543-.>r/, 544: 635-«;;r;. 
753 add. 





Ephraim Erastus. ■487-/f>5>. 

Ephraim Price, b3'3-,'t02. 

Erastus, 415. 

Ernest B.. 733 add. 

Ernest Benjamin, 734 add. 

Ernest Lin wood, 380. 

Ernest M., 337. 

Esther, 56, 102, 278, 384. 

Esther Baldwin. 562. 

Esther Hooktr, 223. 

Esther IrTine, 673. 

Esther Jennette, 290. 

Esther Josephine, 297. 

Estelle, 335. 

Ethan Dewey, 'SOd-.'iJJ. 

Ethel Brower, 391. 

Ethel Gordon, 694. 

Etta Amanda, 340, 380. 

Ettie, 358. 

Eugene, 598. 

Eugene B., 367. 

Eugene Douglas, 693. 

Eugene Clarence, 751 add. "" 

Eugene Marshall, 654, 656; 651-6*5.9. 

Eugene West, 688-6'.V.*i. 754 ad,l. 

Eugenia Ashtield, 585. 

Eugenia Clara, 359. 

Eugenia Eliza, 459. 

Eugenia Vernon, 77. 

Eunice, 60, 254, 411, 482, 532. 

Eunice Ann, 324. 

Eveline Avery, 293. 

Eva Frances 737 add. 

Everett Dutton, 375. 

Experience. 131, 230, 233, 234, 273, 

Ezra, 209-221-?4.9,246-->,S,-,'(OT.), 254- 

200, 264, 31U: ■i-26-44.->, ui]'^- 

President, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, 40, 

42. 43. 44, 46, 47, 48, 80. 81, 88. 

91, 99, 130, 132, 134; lUl- 

13,5-iOU [ndd.), 220, 222, 224, 

233, 267, 604, 662, 724. 725, 732, 


Ezra Brown, 547-,>7^-/. 

Ezra Griswold, 257. 

Ezra H., 344. 

Ezra Leander, 297. 

Ezra Loomis, 30'2-:i4:{. 

Ezra Ogdeu, 577-,>.Vr. 

Fannie, 629. 

Fanny C, 347. 

Farrington, 421. 

Fayette, 345. 

Flora, 379. 

Flora Eunice, 340. 

Florence Johnson, 621. 

Florence Mabel, 388. 

Florence V., 679. 

Frances, 299, 350, 557, 582, 666, 668, 

Frances A. B., 284. 

Frances Elizabeth, 315, 355. . 

Frances Emma, 626. 

Frances Helen, 381. 

Frances Lee Williams, 435. 

Frances Millard, 361. 

Frances Naomi, 593. 

Francis, 7, 14, 16, 20, 23 (V/r.i, 24, 26, 
27, 28, 30. 34, 35, 40, -^i2: 17- 
402, 4H1, 484-^,S'5. 4'.>4, (.51. 

Francis Abel, 491-50i. 

Francis Burke, 490. 

Francis C, 626. 

Frank, 69, 432, 591, 619, 620. 

Frank .\ithur, 369. 

Frank Buckley, 594. 
I Frank Gardiner, 750 add. 
; Frank H., 71. 
I Frank Harper, 336. 

Frank L., 658. 

Frank Lorenzo, 337. 

Frank Laurence, 3^2. 

Frank Wooding'. iol401. 

Franklin, 617. 

Fr.mklin E., 392. 
' Franklin Hyde, 323-7 76', 

Franklin Iludolph. 3i;{-;>v;0. 
I Franklyn, 340-383. 



Freddie DeWitt, 737 wM. 

Gertrude Ellen, 435. 

Frederick B., 4-16. 

Gideon, 51-,";^, 55-f;^, 412. 

Frederick Delinur, 591. 

Gideon Anson, 63-f;,S'. 

Frederick Guul, 1\\) add. 

Gidney A., 501-,'>f>.V. 

Frederick Gludwin, J,rA-:iSU. 

Gilbert, 391. 

Frederick H.. G23. 

Gilbert Gaylord, 71-r,V. 

Frederick Hoburt. 33'J .>*,S'/;. 

Gitty, 542. 

Frederick R., 349. 

Grace Adaline, 660. 

Frederick Sumu.-l, 334-;i,S'i. 

GracieB., 386. 

Freddie Lewis, 355. 

Grace Edna, 388. 

Freedom, G38. 

Grace Elsie, 588, 

Freeman, 413. 

Grace Mabel, 78. 

Gardiner, 303-;;^f;. 

Gulielma Clifford, 694. 

Garwood, 415-^ •>.'>. 

Habersham, 692. 

Genevieve Minerva, 312. 

Halsey, 619. 

George, 345, 380, 385. 441, 4G0, 513, 

Hamilton Couper, 695. 

523;618-6'->.7, 691. 

Hannah, 53, 54, 55, 82, 87, 88, 102, 1^, 

George Alexander, 621. 

223, 247, 248, 408, 409, 410, 413 

George Alfred, 569-,7.VO. 

422, 474, 511, 521, 540, 571, 635 

George B., 314; 590, G2G. 

640, 641, 731, 738, 753e)T. 

George C, \o\-4(il. 

Hannah A., 646. 

George Clinton, 751 add. 

Hannah M., 291. 

George Edward, 460. 

Hannah Maria, 419. 

George Emerson, 348; 430-:^ JO, 658- 

Hannah Marissa, 492. 


Harley, 379. 

George Gordon, 694. 

Harmena E., 386. 

George Harden, 659. 

Harold M., 650. 

George Henry. 560, 572, 580, 598. 

Harriet, 58, 255, 347, 415, 419, 427, 445 

George Herbert, GOO. 

488, 495, 609. 

George K , 439. 

Harriet Adelia, 630. 

George Keith, i22-440, 739 add. 

Harriet Ann, 576. 

George Levi, 594. 

Harriet Clarke, 615. 

George Morris, 618-6'*^?. 

Harriet Emily, 326. 

George ^Mygatt, 433. 

Harriet E. B. B., 296. 

George P., VSS-4r»4. 

Harriet Eliza, 561. 

George Scriba, 502. 

Harriet Elizabeth, 497. 

George Sherman, 460. 

Harriet Estella, 737 add. 

George Stanly, 660. 

Harriet Jane, 442, 737 add. 

George W., 599; Gr,5-(i-iO. 

Harriet L., 300, 341. 

George Wallace, 298-.7,-;f>. 

Harriet, 342. 

George "William, 342-.V,S'^. 

Harriet M., 461. 

George "Washington, 42^--/^^ *^ 597, 012, 

HarrittN., 572. 


Harriet Sophia, 356. 

Georgiana Frances, 449. 

Harriet W., 579. 

Gertrude, 454. 

airry, 63, 452, 653. 

^ i 



Harry Bacon, Sol). 

Hurry Douglass, 343. 

Harry Lee, 343 

Han-y E., 356. 

Harvey, 228; irA-:i-ir. 

Harvey D., 347-,'>»,V.>. 

Harvey Hawkins, 421-/.75>, 73'.) a.hl 

Hattie Aerion, 3;)(). 

Hattie Belle, 736 a,hl. 

Hattie Celora, 591. 

Hattie Emma, 448. 

Hattie Jane, 600. 

Helen. 749 mhl. 

Helen A., 649, 734 <tdd. 

Helen Augusta. 344. 

Helen ElizaLetb, 3S1, 441. 

Helen Frances, 447. 

Helen Lydia, 623. 

Helen M., 319. 

Helen Mar, 502. 

Heman, 629. 

Henrietta, 570, 616. 

Henrietta Packer, 449. 

Henry, 6, 7, 13, 15, 16, 20. 23. 24, 25, 
26, 28, 29, 30, 31. 32, 33, 
34, 35, 40; 41-^;i, 44-^6*, 
47; 51-,>,5, m-(;4, 78, 223; 
'25IO-2US, -IGry-.-ilO, Tt'r>-:i'>4, 
323-;i7r, 345, 346, 357, 373, 
377; 418-4.*;**. 466, 468, 470. 
649, 650, f;,*/, 652, 731, 737. 
747, 751 add. 

Henry Ames, 656. 

Henry Arthur, 392, 626. 

Henry Augu.stus, 626, r-/5>-751 ndd. 

Henry Benjamin, 4 49. 

Henry B.. 309-;;.>-/. 489. 

Henry Birch, 5i)-2-r>04. 

Henry Burdett, 428-./-/;^, 429. 

Henry Burke, 490-/.'>,V. 

Henry Clarke, 627. 

Henry Copeland, 672. 

Henry Dwight, 325-,*,'; ;. 

Henry Edward, 339. 

Henry G., 565. 

Henry Hobart, 295-;;.*; T. 

Henry Howard. 378. 

Henry James, 334. 

Henry Lane, 433-4.? i. 

Henry Loomis, 355-.*;^'/>. 

Henry Mygatt, 432. 

Henry (^uinly, 452. 

Henry Ranney. 74a. 

Henry Reed, 74, 282; 282-;>*?,0. 

Henry RoUin, SiO-.'i r>(i. 

Henry Salmon, 307. 

Henry Smith. 319. 

Henry Van N.. 623. 

Herbert Alonzo. 377, 737 add. 

Herbert Charles, 359. 

Herbert D.. 590. 

Herbert Linwood, 70-7',V. 

Herbert Newton, 693. 

Herbert Thompson, 631. 

Herbert William. 435. 

Herman, 629-f;;;0. 

Hervey, 254-V.Vr. 

Hervey Reuben, 734 add. 

Hezfckiah, 516. 

Hiland Thayer, 737 ddd. 

Hiram, 269; 423-/4.*>'. 

Homer Oliver, 377, 737 add. 

Homer Randolph, 693. 

Horace, 63, 226, 227, 228; 254-->.'>^% 

304-^4<S', 311-;i.";r,356. 
Horace .\.. 557. 

Horace Edward, 296 ■ - 

Hosea, 247-->.90, 735 err. 
Howard W., 69. 
Hubert Kendall, 78. 
Hugh. 696. 
Hugh J., 456. 
Huld.ih, 229, 273, 425. 
Huldah Corbin. 326. 
Humphrey Aubrey, 659. 
Hunter Bell, 378. 
Hylas, 262-t>.9f>, 2'JO-:{40. 383. 
HylasC. 342. 
Hylas W.. 340-.*f.V,7. 
Ida .Antoinette. 453 





Ida Estelle, 313 
Ida Lillie, i(>0. 
Ida Louise, 350. 
Imogena Emma 
Ina Elora, ioi. 
Ira, i25-44J. 
Ii-a W., 302. 
Ii-a Whitehead, 5o0. 
Irene Rhoda, 435. 

Isaac, 12, Ifi, 41, 42, 53, 83, 86; 88-<>i, 
102-5>->->, N8-i •>,<>. 130-2'*fi, 
211; 254-->.'>^, 204-.VO.V. 344; 
308-XT.V, i2.40r, 4C8-/O.V, 
rtJO,411,r,0H, 51:; 
iiSO, r.3r,-«-/0, t;3M 
644, 650. 732 add. 
Isaac Clark, 222-?,5.7. 
Isaac Ellsworth. 353. 
Isaac Lorenzo, 2!»4-,'>*;i;'. 
Isaac Wadsworth, 337-.>',V'*. 
Isabel Couper, f;'.»5. 
Isabella, 336, 3G(J. 
Isabella Annette, 312 734 add. 
Isadora, 70, 589. 

Israel, 90-i:j:j, 130-2'^S. 229- •>«.•;, 
248, 134; 248-,>»<>/. 312. 735'err.' 
Israel Harper, 292-,V;>v;. 
Israel Newton, 2C,rr, 312-.7.T,V 736 '(dd. 
J. Emerson, 582. 
Jabez, 556. 

Jacob, 526-.'J.jr, .541, 744, 748 add. 
•JaCob LI., j87. 
Jairus, 418-^;>">. 
Jainis Benjamin, 432. 
•James. 64, 68, 235, 248, 325; 523 
(see Emttn) ; vT,> ?, 53;i. 554-."> ^*>, 
564-.5«r,oS9, 639, C^-Jl, r,r» ll 
052, 668-6V;.V, 740. 741. 742, 
748, 7.50. 753, 754 ^rr. 
James A., 448-/,7.V, 
James Barber, 317-,V;-y. \i 

James Bononi, 2'.>i-,'i.'ifi, 
James Buchanan, 672. 
James Coxe, 620. 
James Edward, ti56-6'.>.9, 750 add. 

James Edick, 589. 
James Ezra Brown, 574-.> ,«>,>. 
James Eybert, 596. 
James H. , 652-f;.>.7. 
James Harper, 248-*>.V.V. 
James L., 341. 
James Monroe, 560. 
James Myer, 656. 
James Ogden, 618. 
James Oliver, 327. 
j James Porter, 70. 
James R., 2'.i'J-:i40. 
James Smith, 55.5-.>,SY^. 
James Theodore, 372. 
: Jane, 241, 244, .542, 556, 589, 615, 653, 
I 676. 

j JaneE., 325,429. 
I Jane Eliza, 582. 
j Jane Lois, 339. 
Japhet, 264-.70.'>, 306. 
Jarvis, 61-6\S", 
Jason Elbridge, 355. 
Jean. 343. 
Jeanie L., 371. 
Jemima, 134, 489. 
Jennie, 5:S2. 
Jennie L , 599. 
Jennet. 489. 
Jerome, 298, 440. 
Jerome B., 310-.'iJ,>. 
Jernsha, 276. 
Jernsha Curtis, 625. 
Jesse, 637. 
Jessie M., 355, 649. 
Joan, 26. 
Joanna, 581. 
Jiniuna lleeker, 620. 
Joane, 7, 14, 17, 22 
Job, 102; 103; 223-*>,77. 228. 229, 265; 

516-,5.V;;, 639, 733 add. 
John, 7, 12, 13, 14, 16, r 

24, 26, 28, 30, 40, 
42, 43; 46-^.V, 41 
8U, 1U.240, 234- •> 
:ilO, 2Ti.:i2(i, 407, 

20. -1 



1, 23 

8(;. ■ 




4i:i, 414; 4-21-4/ir 



Joseph, 45, 408, 419; 511-,57t>, 513- 

505.509. 510;oll-,5i^, ■r2;J 

; 525- 

5^2, 523, 543; 556-.-J,V>, 579, 

550, oli-52fi, 5-27- 



02S, 639; 6i2-04S, 550, 6(53, 

544, 551; 553.5 T-V, 



673, 070, 679, 740 err. 

579, (iO:i, G04, G05; 


Joseph B., 645. 

609-6*i;i, 028, 629, 



Joseph Clay, (ilH-0,SO, 693, 754 eir. 

044, 641-f;^,>, 649, 



Joseph Harden, 659. 

001, 663; mr>.f;os 



Joseph Lindsly, 747, 750 (add.) 

679, 731, 740, 741, 



Josephine 750 ad<l. 

err , 744, 747, 749 add 

Katharine Alida. 375. 

Jobu B., 646. 

Katharine Clay, 679. 

John Charles, iol-.'iUO. 

Keturah, 539. 

John Colin, 611. 

Keziah, 59, 102, 222, 646. 

JohnD.. 314-,7^:>. 

Keziah Taylor, 209, 221 . 

John Douglass, 302. 

Kilbourne, 60; 64-^0. 

JohnE., 431. 

Kitcbell Matthias, 745 add. 

John F., 461. 

Kinney, 536. 

John Frank, 346. 

Kittie, 379. 

John Ferris, 613 

Laban Clarke, 027, 

John Franklin, 362. 

Laddie. 391. 

John H., 587. 

Lafayette (746 add.) 

John Henry 750 add. 

Laura, 253. 257, 278, 299, 432, 659. 

John J., 564-586. 

Laura J., 329. 

John Joseph, 327. 

Laura Lueretia, 343. 

John Jacob, 588. 

Laura M., 299. 

John Lewis, 3G8-3U1. 

Laura Maria, 322. 377. 737 add. 

John Lyon, 625. 

Lauretta Winans, 621. 

John Madison, 560. 

Lavinia, 278, 567, 655. 

John Morton 290-.7.7,'J. 

Lawrence, 653. 

John M., 341-;i,V^, 454. 

Lawson Aaron, 424. 444, 445; Uo-45fK 

John Neville, 580. 

Lawson Albert, 459. 

Lee Crosby, 458. 

John Primrose, 541, 547, 572 



Lena V., 353. 

John Stout, 319. 

Leander, 582. 

JohnT., 347. 

Leila Caperton, 693. 

John Wade, 618. 

Leipha, 567. 

John "SVoodrutf, 610-f;/«, 618. 

Le Roy Irving, 383. 

Jonah, 47-.>r>, 51, rA-,0, 63-<;?>. 

Levi, 519, 544; 5ie>-572, 572, 5fKi. 

Jonas, 58. 

639; 642-f;^.V, 644. 753 add. 
Levi P. Rose, 442. 

Jonathan, 13, 15, 43; 46--/ ,9, 

48, 5 

I 84, 

Levi T., 566. 

408; 409-.>O.>, 49 1-. 



Lewis, oCO.'t {add.); 220-2O7, '^'^^•G- 

512-517; 519, 541, 



:tl4, 2G8; 310-354; 412, rjoO, 56k, 

741, 753 err. 

620. 731, 744, 745 add. 

Jonathan Tuttle, 540-.>;'/. 

Lewis A.. 389. 



Lewis Burnett, 548, o7o. 

Mabel Sopbronia, 383. 

Lewis 0<,'clen, oUC, 5-20, 624; .576-.>5>f;, 

Maggie .\liiiira. 399. 

740, 741. 743 a. W. 

Malvina, 558. 

Lewis Pobell, 611. 

Mamie, 69, 731 add. 

Lewis Seeley, 502. 

Marcia Maria, 495. 

Lewis Willington. i2H-44G. 

Maria (Marie), 7, 14, 17, 20, 

21, 2C 


Libbie Luna, 374. 

232. 268, 278, 551, 556 



Lillian, 589. 


Lillie Maxwell, 621. ^ 

Maria L., 352. 

Lillie Virginia, 596. 

Maria Rosaline, 362. 

Lizzie M., 364. 

Maria v., 572. 

Lockey, 627. 

Marian, 346. 

Lockey Ann, 617. 

Marian Lyford, 378. 

Lois, 231. 

Maris Vernon, 77. 

Lotren, 21\-:iVJ, 320-.'»'r-^. 373. 

Margaret, 39, 44, 51, 53, 86 



Lorreu Monroe, 317-;>'r?, '36 add. 

277, 479, 558, 731 ^rr. 

Loton Montgomery, 446-^.7 .♦>. 

Margaret A., 321. 

Lottie Lane, 387. 

Margaret Beckwith, 289. 

Lottie V. , 658. 

Margaret Couper, 695. 

Louisa, 290, 308, 309, 615, 625, 736 err. 

Margaret Elizabeth, 295. 

Louisa Augusta, 577. 

Margaret M., 587. 

Louisii Frances, 561. 

Margaret Vernon, 692. 

Love, 673. 

Margarettii Love, 669, 670. 

Lucien Winston, 454. 

Margarettus, 289, 735 err. 

Lucina, 253. 

Maryattus, 735 err. 

Lucinda, 268, 269, 444. 

Mariette Esther, 490. 

Lucinda Eliza, 265. 

Marquis D., 443, 455, 739 err. 

Lucinda R.. 582. 

Martha, 48, 89, 134, 247, 299, 



Lucretia, 46, 47, 257, 444, 655. 

582. 634. 

4 Lucy, 50, 103, 222, 276, 3(I5. 3s3, 419, 

Martha Duncan, 670. 

439, 567, 632, 634. ^ ^"^ 

Martha E., 321. 

Lucy A., 65. 

Martha Ellen, 746 add. 

LucyE., 64, 598. 

Martha Elizaljeth, 361. 

Lucy Ella, 69. 

Martha MatiUlia, 443. 

Lucy Potter, 452. 

":Martin, 131-->->r, 2-2>^-'*f:4. 



Lulu E., 392. 


Luther Raymond, 313. 

Martin Jennings, 302-,';-^-/. 

Lydia, 51,56, 277, 533, 565, 640. 753 

Martin Van Bnrt-n, 74f; add. 


Martin Wilbur, 630, C'il. 

Lydia Cresson, 750 add. 

Matilda, 24.S. 444, 645. 

Lydia Speucir, 436. 

Matthew, 653. 

Lyman, 414-4 '^r. 

Matthew Clarke. 615. 

Lysander, 445. 

Matthew L., 342. 

Mabel. 222, 411, 482, 623. 

Miu-y. 4-1, 52, 53, 90, 130, 218 



Mabel F., 356. 

233, 236, 257, 262, 263 





305, 307, 336, 34o. 385, 393, 


May A , 71. 

430, 431. 440, 441, 471. 483, 


May F., 602. 

522. 533 540. 543. 552. 562. 


Mayella, 343. 

572. C03. 605, 6(16. 6oy. 619, 


May Louise. 387. 

626, 636, 640, 642, 645. 655. 


Mercy, 131, 230, 233, 234, 273, 275, 571, 

665, 668. 744 add. 


Mary Amanclu. 361. 368. 748 add. 

Merzia M , 439. 

Mary Ann. 578. 579. 748, 750 add. 

Melina W., 570. 

Mary Anna. 486. 

Melvin A., 737 err. 

Mary B., 364. 

Melissa, 444. 

Mary Bunce, 594. 

Merwin, 624. 

Mary C, 570. 

Millie Butler, 74a. 

Mary Cyrilla, 339. 

Miller B., 74. 

Mary Clarissa. 584. 

Miller C, 734 arW. 

jMary Cooper, 553. 

Milton, 60, 61; 64-^0. 

Mary Couper, 690, 694. 

Milton P.. 448. 

MaryD., 374. 

Mindwell, 45. 

Mary E.. 292. 326. 015. 

Minnie, 321, 583, 591. 

Mary Elizabeth, 69, 325. 342. 346. 


Minnie Eva. 601. 

598, 614, 737, 748 add. 

Minerva, 416, 492- 

Mary Ellen. 433. 

Minerva Ford, 746 add. 

Mary Elvira. 328. " ". . 

Minerva Josephine, 343. 

Mary Edna, 622. 

Miranda, 559, * 

Mary Eliza, 376. 

Mirza, 421. 

Mary Evelyn. 688. 693. 

Montgomery. 627, 648. 

MaryF., 327. 


Montgomery Pike, 627. 

Mary Frances, 68. 448. 580. 

Morris, 610-6'/^. 

Mary Holcomb, 77. 

Moses, 133; 522-.>.>f>, 525-.">.>r. 532- 

Mary Hollin P.. 320. 


Mary Hatch. 649. 

Moses Halsey. 519-.'J./.>, 753 add. 

Mariattus Chamberlain, 289. 

Moses 0., 566. 

Mary Jane, 301. 347. 499. 613, 056 

Myron C, 568-.>,V.'>. 

Mary Janette (_.Jenneti. 227, 228, 


Nancy, 254. 255, '.^73. 415, 421, 748arf(?. 


Nancy Ann. 440. 

Mary Joe, 692. 

Nancy Caroline, 442. 

Mary Louisa. 350. 445. 

Nancy Jane, 592. 

Mary L., 429. 

Nathan, \ll-414, 427; 485-^.Oi. 

Mary Loomis, 78. 

Nathan Blaggs, 499. 

Mary Luciuda, 572. 

Nathan Burdick. 274-,T,'/. 

Mary M., 456. 

Nathan Dodson, 314-.-,v;/. 

Mary S., 452. 

Nathan Henry. 415-^?.V. 

Marryett. 581. 

Nathan Judson. 502. 

Maud, 457. 

Nathan J., 492-.>0/, 502-.1O-/. 

Maude May. 6(»0. 

Nathan M.. 491. 

Maurice George, 591. 

Nellie D., 372. 



Nellie Frances, 594. 

Philo, 414. 

Nellie H.. 372. 

^riscilla. 439, 566, 636, 639, 640, 044. 

Nellie Mabel, 601. 

Percy Goldthwait, 78. 

Nettie, 374, 734 add. 

Persis, 350. 

Newton E., 734 add. 

Persis Elvira, 444. 

Nicholas, 63o-f;.f ,^, 639, 640. 

Persis R., 456. 

Noah, %1-10(; {add.), (i'*4, 625-020, 

PittM., 600. 


627, 732 add. 

Polly, 236, 424, 556, 733, 738, 

739 add. 

Noble, 733, 734 add. 

Porter, 279. 

Noel Ray, 601. 

Potter, 265. 

Noel Whiting, u'.i'I-OOl. 

Rachel, 26, 40, 47, 51, 52, 88, 

133. 236 

Norman. 61, 311-.-i.>,S% 73^ add. 

, 237, 276, 279, 515, 527, 

533. 629. 

Norman C, Bo-J"!. 

640, 646, 649, 731 err. 

Norris, 59'2. 

Ralph Williston, 435. 

Norris T., 602. 

Randolph Railey, 688. 

Ogden Willett, 745 add. 

Ransom, iH9.4i*0. 

Olive, 267. 

Ransom B., 501-,>O,7. 

Olive Emily, 357. 

Ransom Biixlsey, 502. 

Olive Isabel, 455. 

Ransom Coffin, 495-,>0?. 

Oliver, 275-/i?i, 610. 

Rebecca, 270, 327, 511, 520. 

521. 603. 

Oliver Darwin, 322; 37&-:i!fl. 

604. 639, 642, 647. 753 


Oliver Jewett, 322-.-;? J, 376-.:j»,'i. 

Rebecca Charlotte. 62i». 

Oliver S., 392. 

Rebecca Coxe, 623. 

Olivia, 311. 

Rebecca Eltengy 746 add. 

Orlando, 598-f;0?. 

Rebecca Halsey, 544. 

Orrin N., 587. 

Renben, 104, 346, 571; 638.«4/. 018. 

Orville Martin, 348-,V,V.>. 

Reuben Bannister, 301-;i.j» J. 

Otis, 58. 

Reuben Dewey, 388. 

OttoD., 372. 

Reuben H., 349. 

Ozia?, 275. 

Reuben M.. 644-«4,V. 

Pamelia, 277. 

Rexford, 265. 

Patty, 245, 487, 533, 753 add. 

Rhoda, 422, 744, 745 add. 

Paulina Valetta, 317. 

Rhoda Rebecca, 306. 

Peggy. 56. 

Richard, 16, 2i». 22, r,r,i\, «•>.%', 

616; (;t;.5- 

Perry, 298. 

(ifiO, 673. 

Phebe, 416, 477, 484. 485. 487, 492, 511, 

Richard Cresson, 750 add. 

515, 525, 540, 553, 554. 571, 605, 

Richard Dodscm, 314-;>V;->. 

606, 609, 637, 640. 

Riverius Carrington, 306-,V-/.V 

Phebe Ann. 599, 616. 

Robert, (::i'*-(i:i4. O.i.'f, 

'.3(!. 637. 

Phebe B., 65. 

653, 676, 748 add. 

Phebe Catbarint-, 561. 

Robert .\., 319. 

Phebe Crome. 613. 

Robert .\ugu.stu8. 688-f;.V>. 

Phebe Elizabeth, 574. 577. 618. 

Robert Benoni, 335. 

Phebe G., 550. 

Robert Duncan. 660. 

Pbilena, 308. 

Robert Hunt, 673. 




Robert Miickay. 67 1 -«?>-/. 

Robert Pussell, 620. 

Robert Stevens, O.jl; (i^fi-f/.'J^, 

Robin Biixttr, 35'.t. 

Roderick, 490-,7OO. 

Rosa Anderson, 689. 

Rosetta. 335-629. 

Rosanna, 421. 

Rowena, 59, 266. 

Rowland, 303; 30o-;i^.'>. 

Roxanna, 54, 55, 304. 

Royal, 275-;i'*.>. 

Royal Oorbin, 325. 

Royal P., 734 add. 

Roys William, 601. 

Ruby Alice, 630. 

Rufus, 490. 

RugglesM,, 590-.>.9.'>. 

Ruhamah, 754 err. 

Ruth, 85. 103, 104, 211, 222, 223, 224, 

226, 236, 412, 480. 487. 
Ruth Ann, 413. 
Ruth Ethlyn, 459. 
Ruth Olida, 595. 
Sabra, 629. 
Sabra Eliza, 265. 
Sally, 55, 61, 269, 278, 417, 486, 487, 

531, 551. 609, 746. add. 
Salome, 247. 
Sally Ann, 571. 
Sally Porter. 302. 
Salmon, 264-.V06\ 305. 
Saluvia Ann. 629. 
Samantha, 493. 
Samuel, \o-4S, 4S-.->-,>. 53; 5S-#;;f, 1.34; 

223-*>.>4, 24G-?;.'>, -IXl-'iSr, 

256; 290-.7.7^, ;{06; 411-.//->. 

419, 472; 514-.>->4, 539-.>rO, 

556, 556, r,:iS, <;53. 644, 666, 

«r."J, 678, 735 »rr. 
S. D., 563. 

Samuel C. WW-HllS. 
Samuel Edward, 'Ix'l-.'i.'f.'i, 
Sjimuel Keyes, ''i-ii.'i. 
Samuel Martin, \\rA-:iS7 . 

Samuel Marvin. 626. 
Samuels., 569-.><>0, 
Samuel Stockton. 75o udd 
Samuel Vernon, C,78-0!P1. 
Samuel Wallace, 691-«<>.>. 
Sarah. 16, 41, 42, 47, 50, 81, 104. 

227, 236, 248, 267, 303. 309. 

328, 345, 377, 408, 410, 422; 

477, 480, 482, 540, 558, 567, 

609, 635, 637, 640, 642, 666, t]6u 

673, 740 add. 
Sarah A., 439. 
Sarah Alsina, 329. 
Sarah Adelaide, 622. 
Sarah Almida, 448. 
Sarah Ann, 494, 572. 653. 
Sarah Augusta, 499. 
Sarah C, 69, 440. 
Sarah E., 315. 
Sarah Elizabeth, 371. 
Sarah Elma, 261. 
Sarah Ellsworth, 496. 
Sarah H., 652. 
Sarah Ida, 349. 
Sarah Irene, 737 add. 
Sarah J., 587. 

Sarah Jane, 551, 627. 745 adil. 
Sarah Kerr, 596. 
Sarah L., 64. 
Sarah M.. 587. 
Sarah Maria, 296. 497. 
Sarah Margaret, 625. 
Sarah Minnie, 602. 
Sarah Morgan, 646. 
S.'irah O., 3(»7. 
Surah Rosalie, 589. 
Sarah W., 616. 
Sargent, 265. 
Selah, 133. 
Serena, 649. 
Seth Gansey, 302-.';./. >. 
Seymour, 630. 
Sherebiuh, 653. 
Sherman, 415-/;fO. 
Sherman P., 450-//;o. 



Shubael, 51; oo-r»S, 57; GO-f;^. 

Sidney, 383, 680. 

Silas, 133, 231, 513-.";**,V, 524, 580. 

Silas William, 502. 

Simeon, m-'*:i:i,m-274, 277-:{'*fi, 

325-;ir.V, 412, 414. 
Simeon Eivtrius, 428. 
Simeon Squires, 32;i-.V7-f; 737 add. 
Smith D., 502-.>O-^. 
Sophia, 58. 63, 129, 306. 327. 
Sophronia, 247. 
Squire W., 570. 
Stacy, 6io-(i4U. 
Stacy Potter, 318-,*i,>;?. 
Stanley Boynton, 361. 
Stella Rebecca, 345. 
Stephen, 105, 512, 536; 530-^:;f>;i, 578- 

Stephen D.. 59'J. 
Stephen Dodson, '31i-,'iOij, 
Stephen Edward, 621. 
Stephen Hathaway, 373, 514, 517, 536, 

538; 565-.5.ST. 
Stephen Henry, 611-f;/.V, 623. 
Stephen Passell, 601-^; 7 /. 
Stephen Woodrufif, 612-(l'*(K 
Stuart Foster, 432. 
Susan, 421, 558, 625, 649. 
Susan Ann, 598, 612. 745 add. 
Susan B., 439. 
Susan Elizabeth, 575. 
Susan Jane, 497. 
Susan M., 604. 
Susan Maria, 621. 
Su.san Miller. 609, 615. 
Susan Winans. 612. 
Susannah, 520. 665. 733 add. 
Susannah K., 49S. 
Susie Daisy, 503. 
Sylvester, 625. 
Sylvester C, 626. 
Thankful, 512. 
Theodore Buchan, 750 adil. 
Theodore ('., t)59. 
Theodore Frtlinglmysfii. 577. 

Theodore Little, 550. 
Theodore Parker, 321. 
Theodosia, 59, 359, 737 add. 

Therese Antoinette, 751 add. 
Thirza (Tirzah), 421, 425, 539, 264, 265. 
308, 309. 

Thirza Horton, 437. 

Thomas, 6, 7, 13. 14, 15, If'., 17, 21, 22, 
24, 25, 26; .'i.-i-.'iff, 83. 466, 472. 
480; 486-^f>f;, 509, 511; 512 (St-.- 
Errata), mi-(i40,C>\\-<;4r,, (74(J 
-754, trr. et add. 

Thomas Augustine, 496. 

Thomas B., 647. 

Thomas Duncan, 670. 

Thomas R , 341. 

Thomas Wells, 753 add. 
\ Timothy, AV2-417 518-.7.7.9. 540; 
j 571-v5f>*?, 738, err.; 753 add. 

\ Timothy Clark, 222. 
I Timothy ilortjan. 433. 

Timothy Tuttle, 573. 
i Truman, 412--/ /J, 431-^.>/. 
I Tryphena. 240. 

Trj'phena Eliza, 318. 

Uberti G., 69. 

Uriah, ^^Ti-SHi. 

Vancleve D., 599. 

Vergie A., 392. 

Vernon, 695. 

Vernon Clark, 296. 

Victoria A., 70. 

Walter, 627. 

Walter .\delbert, 382. 

Walter B., 602. 

Walter Gilbert, 79. 

Walter M., 501-.7O?. 

Walter Tiokenor. 627. 

Wareham, HA-Hih'i. 

Warren, 303-;;4f;, 325, 356; 5927>7>0. 

Warren L. P.. 602. 

Washington Lee, 360. 

Wealthy H., 309. 

Webster, 265. 

Wesley Eugene, 393. 



Weston Leoniird. 313. 

Widow, The, 17. 20. 

Wilbur. 328, 422. 

Wilbur Laue, 360. 

Willie, 04;). 

William, 237; 271-:{20. 325-;f r<S', 347- 
:i84, 385, 410, 41',); .524-,5.>^, 
527-,5.>^\, 554-.>r.</, 601) (JIO, 
604, fiO,'*, C05-«f>6% ♦jOU-rti.*, 
618-6*;2.V, r.l9, 624, 625, 637; 
641-f;.^J, 6ii\.(;4U, (;74, 603, 
753 add. 

William Andrew, 342. 

William Asahel, 375-.V.97. 

William Augustus, 584. 

William B , 386, 598. 

William Brownlee, G12-0'*J. 

"William Burnett, 561. 

William C , 299. 

William Callender Irvine, 673. 

William Carter, 611-6*7.0, 

William Collins, 444-7.j;.V. 

William Cooper, 748. 749-751 add. 

William Crane, 613. 

William Edgar, 335. 

William Edward, 351. 

William Epbraim, 594. 

William Gordon, 694. 

William Hubbard, 295. 

William Hervey, 298, 819. 

WiUiam H.. 300, 451. 

William Henry, 301, :i42. 027-401, 
578-J«>;'. 678-f;.S'.<>, 6'.)l-f;<>,V, 
694-«,'>.>, 696. 

William Lindsley 7.50 add. 

William Lonng. 2.S2-333. 

William Lyford, 378. 

William Lyman, 328-.77.«>. 

William P., 581. 

William Reeves, 433-^.>?. 

William Rich, 620-6 •>;;. 

William Sandford, 560. 

William Sherman, 34(1. 

William v., 450. 

William W., 384. 

William Warren, 348. 

William Wade, 618. 

William Wallace, 614-f;*>.7, 679. 

Willie, 737 adil. 

Willis Eugene, 369. 

Wlnfield Scott, 379. 

Zebediah, l31-'>:iO {add), 231-t>6.V, 

Zephina, 498. 
Zilpah, 56. 
Zina, 316. 
Zophar, 25i-'>93. 
Zuba, 51. 


Abigail, 652. 

Albert, 660. 

Alice Daisy, 660. 

Althea, 652. 

Amy Frances, 659. 

Ann Amelia, 655. 

Ann Catharine, 654. 

Anna Maria, 653. 

Andrew L., 656-6.7.S'. 

Augustus A. , 658 

Blanche Amelia, 660. 

Catharine Almira, 656. 

Catharine Harden, 659. 

Charles, 652. 

Charles Willis, 660. 

Chester, 658. 

Christian Elizabeth, 654. 

Clarence Neher, 659. 

Cornelia, 654. , 

Crawford R., 658. 

Eden, 652. 

Edith Florence, 659. 

Edward, 653. 

Ella B. , 658. 

Ella Florence, 658. 

Elizabeth, 656. 

Elizabeth L., 656. 

Emma F., 658. 

Eugene, 651. 

Eugene Marshall. 656-6.>.'>. 



Frank L., 658. 

Laurence, 653, 

George E., 638, 6V;0. 

Lavina, 655. 

George Harden, 650. 

Leroy, 659. 

George Stanly, 660. 

Lottie V. , 658. 

George W.. 6.>3, 656. 

Lucretia, 655. 

Grace Adaline. 660. 

Mary. 655. 

Hurry, 653. 

Mary Jane. 656. 

Henry. f;.>/,652. 

Matthew, 653. 

Henry Ames, 656. 

Robert, 653. 

Humphrey Aubrey, 659. 

Robert Duncan, 660, 

James, 6'.>/. «.*•>. 

Robert Stevens, 651, 6-56, (ir>7. 

James Eclvrara, 656, r,.lU. 

Samuel, 653. 

James H., 652, f;,>,'i. 

Sarah Ann, 653. 

James Myer, 656. 

Sarah H., 652. 

Jane, 653. 

Sherebiah, 653. 

John, 652. 

Theodore C, 659. 

John Pottenburgb, t;54, r».'»4i. 

William, 651, 6.52, 033. 

Joseph Harden. 65'J. 

William D., 658. 

Julia, 655, 653. 

William H., 652, 655. 

JuUa B., 659. 

William W., 658, 000. 

Laura, 659. 


One day, as Dr. Stiles was present in a l)ookstoi-e in Newport, a 
young man dressed like a Quaker entered and expressed bis desire 
to buy a book. "When asked what book? he was embarrassed, seeing 
which, and pleased with something in his appearance, Dr. Stiles 
politely accosted him and engaged him in conversation. Finally the 
lK)ok was selected, and thus began an acquaintance; the young man 
frequently thereafter visiting the kindly Doctor's house and receiving 
from him the advice which he was so well qualified to give. This 
Quaker young man was afterwards known in American history as 
(reneral Nathaniel Greene, — Letter of Rev. Jonathan Leavift Jenlin.-^, 
of Pittsfield, Mass., a great-gi-andson of the President. 




Abbe, 240, 245. 734 er 


Bacon, 314. 

Benson, 525. 

Abbot, 86. 

.\ber, 552, 553. 743 add 

Ackley, 556. 569, 590, 646, 

Bagg, 354, 389. 
Bailey, 278, 607, 610: 738 

Bentley, 555. 
Kenzaquin, 65. 
Bevins, 339. 

Adair, 69. 

Baird, 74a, 242. 

Baker, 55, 56, 60, 362, 578, 

Billings, 738 add. 
Bills, 64, 68. 

Adam, 81. 

599, 647; 760 add. 

Birch, 130, 492, 502. 

Adams, 81, 130, 227, 


Baldwin, 491, 501, 536, 

BLrge, 64. 

410, 559, 677, 679, 691. 
Addi.son, 422. 

Ball, 744 add. 

Bishop, 307, 339, 383 
637, 650. 


Adkins, 241. 
Adsit, 653. 

Bancroft, 32, 41, 47, 81, 82, 
83, 84, 130, 226. 

Bissell, 40, 41, 80, 83 
Black, 66. 


Albro, 440, 739 add. 

Barber, 26, 134, 248, 428, 

Blackman, 639. 

Alden, 732 add 

U7; 7 50 add. 

Blackmer, 242. 

Alexander, 576, 596. 

Barker, 311. 

Blair, 255. 

Allen; 82, 240, 312. 
522, 551. 


Barlow, 501, 503. 
Barnard, 349. 

Blakslee, 222, 253, 
337, 340. 


Ailing, 2S6. 

Barnes, 284, 334, 381. 

Bland, 746 add. 

Allyn, 29, 30, 45. 
Alvord, 275, 324. 
Ameydo, 341. 
.\mmack, 750 add. 
Anderson, 423, i]HH, 6' 


Barnard, 421, 422. 
Baron, {add ) 
Barstow, 612. 
Bartlett, 747 add. 
Bassett, 26, 415. 

Bligh, 416. 
Bliss, 82, 83. 
Bl&dgett, 336. 
Blood, 374, 395, 398|a/7./.i 

749, 751 add. 
Angle, 350, 386. 
.\nthony, 347. 
Antrim, 639. 
Archer, 648. 

Batten, 588. 
Beach, 521; 753 «tW. 
Beall, 745, 746 add. 
Beam, 574; 746 add. 
Beard, 235, 440. 

Boardman, 4-18. 
Bogle, 652. 
Boies, 336. 
Boing, 561. 
Bollin, 524, 554. 

.\rmstrong, 564, 586. 
Arnold, 317. 543. 
.Vshky, 44. 

Beasley, 674. 
Beatley, 670. 
Beaver, 342, 384. 

Bollinger, 640, 644, 

Bolton, 677, 678. 


Atkinson, 430. 
Aubrey, 451. 461, 656 

Beck, 567. 589. 
Bedortha, 226. 

Bond, 445, 459, 644. 
Bonesteel, 658. 

Audenreid, 747. 74S a 


Beebe, 477. 

Bonnell, 610, 618. 

.\ustin, 234, 274, 296, 


Beeler, 745, 746 add. 

Booth, 299. 

.\vtry, 60. 64, 209. 


Belknap, 245. 

Borden, 641, 645. 

252, 291, 582. 

Bellamy, 487, 496. 

Bondiuot, <;04. 

A.xtell, .-,7H, 597. 

Bemiss, 564. 

Boult, 320. 

.\yer (.\yreHi, 262, 524. 
Habcock, 385. 502, .504. 

Benjamin. 388. 
Bennett, 585. 6.30. 

Bowen, 396. 
Bowers, 290, 334, 677 



Bowling. fiHH, (503. 

Bowlsby, 515, 525, 557. 

Bowman, 315. 

Boyle, 731) whJ. 

Boyton, 59. 

Bracket, 550. 

Bradbury, 525. 

Bradley, 102, 295, 449, 525. 

Brainard, 74a. 

Bray, 453. 
'Breck. 567. 

Brewster, 411, 42*!. 

Bridge, 309, 354. 

Briggs, 317, 353, 372, 581. 

Brighani, 323, ^lf,;lT( add. 

Brill, 620, 623. 

Bristol. 296, 411. 

Brooker, 54, 56. 

Brookfield, 522, 546, 547. 

Brooks, 88, 129, 411, 412, 

Braudster, 750 add. , 

Brower, 375, 391. 

Brown (Browne), 47. 50, 
240, 395, 423, 440. 453, 
460, 488, 547, 574, 
614, 637, 640, 641, 
647; 754 «</./. 

Bruce, 435. 

Bruner, 747 add. 

Bryan, 677, 679. 

Bnchunan, 225. 

Buck, 285, 637. 

Buckin^hani, 299. 

Buckland. 413. 420. 

BuoU. 255. 

Buffington, 643. 

Bufifuui, 397.401, 4(M',. 

Bull, 5.34-555. 

Bullock, 661. 

Bnnce, 593. 

Burdick, 233, 417. 

Burlinganie, 304. 

Burnett, 275, 532. 

Burnhani, 535. 536. 

Burroughs (Burris, Bur- 
rows), 314, 363, 474, 
539. 566, 568, 635, 645. 

Burt, 42, 80, 83. 

Burton, 32, 33. 

Burwell, 740, 742 (/-/</. 

Bush, 55, 62, 64, 70. 

Busket, 26. 

Bustill, 634. 

Butler, 688. 

Butterfieia, 665, 666; 734 

Byllesby, 225. 

Cady, 230. 

Cahooii, 414, 422, 424. 

Calhoun, 421. 

Callender, 448, 658, 670; 
739 add. 

Campbell, 670, 676. 

Campion, 747 add. 

Canard, 629. 
I Canfield, 485, 510, 653. 
I Caperton, 688, 689, 692. 
I Curd, 540, 571. 
: Carmen, 398, 404, 40*5, 
618, 623. 

Carpenter, 104, 425. 

Carrier, 309. 

Carringtou, 264, 305. 

Carter, 305, 519, 540. 

Caryl, 749 at/-/. 

Case, 81, 86, 347, 413 419. 

425, 445, 570. 
I Casler, 559. 
j Cassidy, 525. 
i Catberwood, 747 add. 
I Catlin, 738 add. 

Cavalier, 651. 

Chadwick, 689, 694. 695. 

Chambers, 634. 

Chamberlain, 134, 246. 
' Chandler, 615. 

Chapin, 83, 134, 233 239; 

733 add. 
; Chapman, 307, 436, 
i 621. 


Chappel. 26, 668. 
: Checkley. lOl, 209 yen:) 
. Chenalt, 745 add. 
] Chester, 238. 

Chew, 639. 

Chubbuck, 376, 392. 
1 Church, 277, 326, 449. 
; Churchill, 229. 
j Cignes, 513, 524. 
I Clark, 56, 62, 90, 102, 134. 
j 135, 209, 222, 284, 

! 302, 364, 398, 399, 

j 405, 432, 470, 472, 

I 473, 475, 486, 493, 

I 569, 570, 590, 609, 

I 613, 639, 661. 

I Clay, 676, 677. 
j Cleveland, 304. 
I Clinton, 339. 
' Coates, 747 add. 
j Cobb, 439, 691. 

Coburn, 566. 
I Cochran, 677. 
I Coe, 254, 255. 
i Coffin, 485. 
i Cogswell, 271. 
'. Coit, 55. 

I Cole, 277, 349, 421,. 43,s, 
I 634. 

j Coleman, 595. 
: Coller, 431. 

j Collins, 82, 291; 745 add. 
i Concklin ^Conklin), 536, 
I 538, 653. 

j Condit, 576. 
j Coney, 312, 358. 
I Congar, 603. 
I Connelly, 132. 
I Connett, 609. 
' Constant, 627. 
I Conyers, 665. 
i Cooke, 32, 543, 560, 572; 
I 753 add. 

Cooly (Cooleyi, 47, 51, 
257. 588. 



Coop, 302, 3i-2. 
Cooper, 20. 254, 2'.t4, 3o7. 
390, 523. 593; 742 add. 
Copelund, G61, 603. 
Corbin. 275, 325. 
Cornell, 579. 
Corning, 527. 
Corwin, 575. 
Cory, 550. 
Corry, 747 add. 
Cosgrove, 551. 
Cott, 561, 586. 
Coonrtfle, 544. 
Coudray, 399, 405; 738 add. 
Couper, 691, 694. 
Coui'sen, 659. 
Cowan, 401. 
Cowell, 68. 
Cowles, 30H, 352. 
Coxe iCox), 561. 612, 617, 

Cramer, 519, 610. 
Crane, 313, 540. 545, 54(;, 
572, 606, 608, 618; 
733 add. 

Crance. 610. 

Crawford, 257, 593. 601: 
736 add 

Cressler, 362. 

Cresson, 750 748 add. 

Cribb, 26. 

Crist, 611. 

Crocker, 497. 

Crowne, 746 add. 

Cromwell. 748 add. 

Crosby, 396, 400, 444, 4.->7 

Cross, 399, 405. 

Crossman. 453, 451 

Crowell. 305. 451. 

Cunningham, 427. 

Curtis, 135, 476, 47s, 4S2 
489, 490, 500. '■,77 
733 (uld. 

Cutis, 397, 402, 73m add. 

Cuyler, 269. 
Darling, 255. 
Dates, 655. 
Davenport, 527. 
Davey, 585. 
Davis, 104, 271, 298, 

437, 641. 
Dawley, 590, 600. 
Day, 234, 276, 307. 
Dayton, 492. 
Deacon, 637. 
Dean, 3o3, 570. 
DeCamp, 670. 
Decker, 573. 
Delano, 86, 209. 
Demarest, 616. 
Demond, 69. 
Denio, 252. 
I Dennis, 647, 650. ^ 
' Dennison, 62, 542. 
I Densiow, 32, 44. 
Densmore. 568, 569. 
DeVall, 7.50 add. 
DeVann, 738 add. 
jDevereaux, 421, 438. 
JDewell, 493. 
\ Dewey, 264, 306, 310, 
j DeWitt, (Dewitt). 549, 
I 595. 

j Dexter, 395. 398. 
I Dibble. 87. 
I Dickenson, 544, 665, 
! Dickenson, 753 add. 

Dickerman, 337, 382. 

DiiiimLck, 90, 247, 
' 399, 400, 406. 

Dixon, 520, 545. 

Dobsou. 365. 

Dndge, 419. 

Dodd, 558. 559. 

Dodson. 266, 314. 

Doniu'van, 313. 

Doolittle, 85, 417. 

Doremus, 528. 

Doty, {add.) 


Dougherty, 598. 

Downer, 394, 395. 399, 

Downs, 278, 486. 
Drake, 29, 32, 41, 86, 103, 

223, 257; 731 add. 
Dressor, 436. 739 err. 
du Bignon, 695. 
Dudley, 636. 
Duffany, 236. 279. 

Dullas, 638. 

Dunbar, 591. 

Duncan, 660, 669. 

Dunham, 304, 615;735a..W. 

Dunstan, 677. 

Durant, 558. 

Durham, 662, 663, 664. 

Durston, 344. 
I Duryea, 546. 
JDutton. 321. 374. 

Duty, 423, 443. 

Dyet 26, 35. 

Eagles, 545. 

Easton, 68. 

Eaton, 21'^, 222, 241-244; 
734 e/T ; 309, 354. 

Echols, 692. 
i Eckler, 266. 
I Edick, 565, 588. 
I Eddy, 348, 386. 617. 
1 Edmundson. 315. 

Edwards 43, S3. 86, S7. 
91, 241, 637, 645, 664. 

Egbert, 314. 

, Eggleston, 32, 44, 46. 50. 
i 81. 

j Elliott. 680; 746 <«/,/. 

Ellis. 224, 225, 226,, 635. 

Ellsworth, 4' 
135, 223, 

Elwell, 586. 
Elwood, 571. 
Ely, 61, M, 245 


46, 4S, 
254, i 

34. 735 



Enlow, 65. I 

Gage. 317. 

Granger, 227. 229. 325, 

England. 7-17 add. j 

Gaines, 87, 106. 


Estes, 307. j 

Galpin, 414, 427. 

Grant, 40, 41, 673. 

Evans. 599. 636, 639, 673. 

Gambler, 665, 666. 


Gratz, 749 add. 

Everson, 399. 

Gannett, 13; 211-218; 

220. 1 Graves, 305, 306. 565. 

Everett, 617. \ 

Grardiner (Gardner), 


Gray. 349, 350. 635. 

Evison, 405. j 

300. 301. 

Green, 311 3.57, 516, .".36, 

Eyles. 665. 

Garthwait, 609. 

.562. 569; 735 err.. 

Eyre, 500. | 

Gates. 437. 


Greenhill, 431. 

Fasan. 579. 

Gaul, 747, 748 add. 


Gregory, 318, 552. 

Fairchild, 275, 324, 576. 

Gaulau, 632, 633, 635 

Grenier, 750 add. 

Fairfield, 310, 354. 

Gay lord, 31, 34, 40, 4] 

. 65. 1 

Gribling, 565. 

Farrand, 515, 519; 753 err. 

71, 85. 286. 

Grier. 562. 

Farrington, 413. 420. 

Gibbard (Gibberdi. 


Griffin, 32, 33, 364. - 

Fagan, 56. 

446; 739 add. 

Griggs, 399. 

Fell, 749 add. 

Gibbs, 63 68, 661, 663. 

Grinsdith, 663. 

Fellows, 325. 

Gibson. 29. 275, 314, 


Griswold, 32. 

Felton, 315. 

367, 651. 

Groetzinger, 423. 

Ferris, 551, 569, 570. 

Gidney, 491, 501. 

Grover, 556. 

Ferry, 319. 

Gignibliatti, 687. 

Groves, 586. 

Fish, 423, 424. 426. 

Gilbert, 32, 33, 34 [add.]. 

Guerin, 522, 547, 624. 

Fish -, 308, 353. 

355, 394, 396, 400 


Gulick, 599. 

Fitch, 83, 85. 


Gunu, 131. 

Flint. 278, 32H. 

Gilchrist, 515. 

Gurney, 304. 

Flournay, 691. 

GiUet, 82. 

Guthrie. 500, 690. 

Forbes, 58. 

Gilman, 79. 

Guy, 288. 

Foote, 210; 738 add. 

j Gkhaus, 641. 647. 

Habersham, 677. 678. 

Ford, 518; 742 add. 

! Gladwin, 309. 

Hadlock, 85. 

Forward, 66. 

' Gleasou, 81, 236, 27(i 

Haiue!=, 645. 

Forsyth, 59't. 

' Glines, 592, 601. 

Hale, 262, 427 {add.\\ l-ir. 

Foster, 309, 598. 

Glover, 83, 636, 639. 


727; 735 add. 

Foulfoot, 26. 

Gobill, iGoble) 521; 


Halford, 26. 

Fowler. 62, 83. ,ss, i:Ui. 

743 add. 

Halifax. 555. 

Fox, 228. 229. 2t;-., :Un. 

Goddard, 323, 451. 4t 


Halliday. 461. 

428, 448; 732 ndd. 

Golden, 396 401. 

Hall. 255, 397, 401. 4;!1, ;U7. 

, Goodman, 29. 

478, 496. 497. 564, '•.37 

Franklin, 555. 

Goodrich. 23:(, 272. 


738 add. 

Frederick. 274. 321. 

' 495. 564., 

Halsey, 519, 555. 

Freeman, 447. 522. 515; 

Goodwin, 44, 132. 

Hamilton, 227. 

732 add. 

; Goodyear, 253. 

Hammiston, <il. 

French. 335, 4S7, 4!S'.t, 4'.t(». 

Gordon, 592, 6<(1. 6;>4. 

Hammond, 446, 45'.». 

498, 499. 

j Gorel. 679. 

Hanchitt, 130. 

Frost. 222. 243. :i:{7, 47.H, 

i (iuiild. 374, 395, ♦.5,S. 

Hancock, 443, 455. 


Gowdy. 290, 335. 

; Hanford, 627. 

Fnrness, 639. 

Graham, 691. 

i Hanna, 655. 



Hannum, 323. 376; 740faW. 
Harden, 659; 75-4 err. 
Hardy ear, 410. 
Hargar, 409. 
Harmer, 640. 

Harmon, (^Harruan, Her- 
man), 62, 88, 129, 277. 
326, 608. 
Harper, 134. 135, 247. 
Harris, (Harries) 26; 751 

Harrison, 314, 315, 543. 
Hart, 588. 
Hartley. 298. 
Hartwell, 583-585. 
Harvey, 665, 668. 
Hastings, 229, 265. 
Hatch, 299, 646. 649, 658. 
Hathaway, 539, 551, 563. 
Havens, 621. 
Ha-wks worth, 26. 
Haxter, 629. 
Hayden, 31. 87; 731 add. 

Hayes, (Hays), 433, 452 

Hayward, 356, 396, 401 
598, 660. 

Hazel, 555. 

Hazen, 395, 399. 

Headley, 605. 

Heaton. 295, 337. 

Hedden, 553, 554. 

Heddye, 21, 22. 

Heislar, 443, 456. 

Helms, 654. 

Hendricks, 606, 608. 

Henry, 437. 

Heritage, 639. 

Herrick, 104. 307. 

Herschberg, 65. 

Heylei, 26. 

Hickock, 482. 

Higgins, 606, 608, 609. 
- Hill, 630. 

HUliard, 437. 

Hillyer, 130, 229. 
Hinds, 302, 343. 
Hinman, 474. 482. 483, 

Hinson, 669. 
I Hirsch, 340. 383. 
: Hitchcock, 83, 308, 352, 
I 410. 

' Hobbs, 745 add. 
'\ Hodgeson, 669. 
I Hodskip, 411. 
Hoeniger, 647. 
Holbert, 598. 
; Holbrook, 437, 580. 
' Holcomb, 61, 65, 66, 303, 
i 347. 

' Holland, 659. 
Holley, 486. 

Hollingshead, 633, 635, 
I 639, 650. 

1 Hollister, 438, 454. 
Holman, 335, 381. 
Holmes, 135, 218, 219, 221, 
264, 306. 311. 320, 
356, 372, 525; 750 add. 
Holt, 302, 344, 660. 
Honey wood, 221. 
Hooker, 86, 101 398. 399, 

404. 405; 732, add. 
j Hopping, (Hoppin), 562; 
I 753 add. 

i Horton, 347. 
Horwood, 26. 
Hosford, 43. 
Hoskins, 32. 
Hosmer, 70. 
Hotchkiss, 411. 
Houston, 340. 
Howard, 82, 395, 397, 402, 
403 437, 630; 738 add. 
1 Howe, 286; 735 add. 
Howell, 521. 560, 584. 633, 

Howkins, 29. 
Hoyt,429;736 add. 

Hubbard, 101, 208, 354, 

Huber, 741, 743, 747. 748 

Huestis, 333. 

Hueston, 598; 745, 746 a»W. 
Hull, 294. 

Humphrey, 61, 659. 
Hungerford, 210. 
Hunt, 104, 105, 354, 389, 
394-406 {add.), 661, 
662,663, 664; 737 ./.W. 
Huntington, 311. 
Huntley, 502. 
Hurd, 744 add. 
Hurlbvut, 404. 
Hutchinson, 328, 
Hyde, 276, 415. 
Igl chart, 74a. 
Ingersoll, 724, 82,210, 
Ingraham, 347, 384. 
Inman, 314, 365. 
Inskup, 634. 
Irvine, 670, 672. 
Ives, 414. 

Jacobs, 278, 279, 695. 
Jacobus, 531, 572, 573. 
Janes, 307, 351. 
Jiirratt, 412, 415. 
Jarvis. 402. 
Jeffries, 570. 
Jenkins, 210. 
Jennings. 264, 669. 
Jessup, 244. 

Jewett, 275, 276, 321, 322. 

Johnson. 254, 295, 296. 

306,481,492.5(12. 5'.i3, 

612, 620, 630. 

Jones, 88, 240, 347, 35.S, 

397, 403, 433, 614. 
Judd, 62. 

Judson, 477. 478. 4s3. 4M4. 
Kalston, ♦'-13. 
Kanerauf, 614. 
Keefe, 460. 



Keen, 4U7; 747 a<M. 
Kellogg, 55, oG, G:i, 6'J. 
Kelsey, 251, 295, 32l>, 421, 

Kendall, 68, 77. 501. 503. 
Kenly, 5G4. 
Kennedy 225. 
Kent. 227, 642. 
Kessler, 748 add. 
Ketch, 41, 43, 404. 
Keyes, 277. 326. 
Kimbiill, 275. 
King, 239, 421, 641, 645. 
Kingsbury, 396, 400. 
Kiiigsley, 426, 445. 
Kinney, 520. 
Kinsey, 607. 
Kinsley, 240. 
Kirtland. 500. 
Kitchen, 515, 532. 
Knowles, 309. 
Ladd, 255. 
Laflin, 61. 
Laidsey, 522. 
Lamb, 247, 2«8. 
Lambert, 282, 333. 
Lambertson. 85, 264, 307. 
Lamond; 734 add. 
L'Amoveaux, 26S, 316. 
Lamphier, 421. 
Lanckton, 130, 226. 
Landon, 418, 432, 496. 
Lane, 227, 228. 
Laporte, 650. 
Larned. 314, 368. 
Latham, 354. 
Lawrence, 335, 382. 
Leonard, 735 err. 
Leavenworth. 412, 415. 
Leavitt, 209, 210, 252; 733 

Leek. 598. 602. 
Lego. 429. 
Lemoin, 304, 348. 

j Leonard, 266 {err.). 313,; 
I 539, 559. 

! Lester, 227, 228. 

Lewis, 218. 236, 299, 341, 
: ^50. 

: Liddell, 282. 334. 
I Lightburne. 666, 676, 677. '' 
jLind8ly;744. 747 af/</. 
j Lippincott. 633, 635, 636, 
I 640. 

j Little (Littell). 312, 313, ' 
! 554. 609. 624, 625, 626. 

I Litz. 651, 652. 
j Livermore, 419. 

Lockwood, 750 add. 
! Loomis, 44. 45. 61, 78, 228. j 
276,291.302. 303.310, : 
334. 354, 571. 

Losey, 744 add. 

Lott, 267, 315. I 

Love, 420. J\ 

Lovell, 695. j 

Low (Lowe), 385, 655, 666, 

Lucas, 229, 266. ' 

Lucy, 632; 744 add. - 

Lyford, 325. 

Lyman. 223, 224, 356, 394. 

Lyons, 607. j 

McCaslin, 423. 

McCbesney, 451. 

McClellan, 571, 592. 

McCluney, 748 add. 

ilcCormiek, 552. 

McCullou^'h, 575. 

McCurdy, 227, 638. 

McEwen, 592. 

McGee, 749 add. 

ilcGill; 759. 751 add. 

McKean, 565. 587. 

McKee. 327. 

McKeiinigan. 267, 316. 

McLean, 428, 447. 

McMartin, 593. 

McNeil, 242. 

McQueen, 680. 690. 

Mack, 442. 

Mackay. 677, 678, 680, 

Madden, 399. 
Maddoc, 633. 
Magoun, 558, 580, 581. 
Mahler, 559. 
Maitluud, 439. 
Malbone, 679, 694. 
Malcolm, 333, 380. 
Manning, 495. 
Manstield, 222, 253. 
Mapes, 612, 621. 
Marble, 71. 

Marcy, 128, 129; 732 add. 
Marsh, 49, 399, 406. 
Marshall, 26, 625, 654, 

655, {add.) 
Marsham, 396. 
Martin, 267, 341. 384. 545, 

ilason, 55, 395, 615. 
Mather, 61. 

Matlack, 636, 640, 644. 
-Matthew, 666. 
Mavre, 677. 
Maxon, 395, 399, 405. 
Maxwell, 694. 
Meacham, 88, 130. 307. 

335, 567. 
Mead (Meade), 419. 420, 

494, 611, 618. 
Meeham. 326. 
Meeker, 609, 615. 
Meredith, 668. 
Merritt, 599. 
Miles, 345. 

Millard, 86. 570. 571. 591. 
Milllniry, 313. 
Millen. 585. 
Miller, 231, 235, 269, 273, 

274. 304. 349. 396, 401, 

402, 444, 458, 545, 555. 




Mills. 69o; 747 add. 

Oakes. 562. 

Perrin, 422, 440. 

Milne, 588. 

1 Oakmau, 326. 

Perry, 271, 279, 320, 


Milnor, 420. 

Ogden, 742 «(/./. 

Peterson, 745 .(././. 

Mingin, 6oO. 

Olds, 48, 71, 131, 



Pettil)one, 744 add. 

Mitchell, 48.5, 490; 748 a././. 

: Ormsbee. 416. 

Phelps, 52, 81, «2 


Morehouse, CIO. 

Osborn, 47, 83, 8t 



278, 292, 394, 3!»5 






398, 399. 

Morgan, 641, 646. 

Osier, 639. 

Philips, 81, 304; 745 


Moore (More), 29, 303, 347, 

Ostrom, 515. 


fc - 

Pierce, 395, 400, 485, 


541, 590, 643;737e7T. 

Overton, 578. 


567, 590, 600. 

Morris, 413, 418, 554. 

Oswald, 423. 



Pierpont, 222, 254, 2 


Morrison, 527, 558. 

Owen, 51, 55, 58. 

Pier -on, 85, 550; 744 


Morrow, 256. 

Packer, 429, 449. 

Pike. 739 add. 

Morton, 51, 248, 290. 

Parine, 304. 

Pincher, 32. 

Moses, 81, 515. 

J'almer, 525, 557. 

Piero, 288. 

Moulton, 328. 

Palmertou, 570. 

Pinney, 29, 31, 67, b6 


Moiishount, 398, 4U3. 

Pardee, 271. 


Mulford, 531; 75U nild. 

Parker, 52. 

Pippet, 642. 

Munn, 410, 480, 481. 

Parkhurst, 6u9. 

Pitkin, 290, 291. 

Munsell, 50, 82, 85, 238. 

Parmlee, 306, 351 

Pixley, 478. 495. 

Munson, 102,416; 744 add. 

Parrott, 490, 499, 



Plank, 502, 504. 

Morray, 668, 669. 

Parry, 497. 

Piatt, 495. 

Murrell, 638, 642. 

Parsons, 47, 52. 

Pomeroy, (VS, 394, 396 


Murrans, 582. 

Partridge, 77. 

731 add. 

Myers, 255, 284, 578, 656. 

Passell, 578, 605, 


Porter. 64 70, 78, 82, 


Mygatt, 418. 

Patch, 317. 

237, 394, 396, 404 


Xarramore, 247. 

Patin, 674. 

Potter, 264, 266, 30.s, 


Neal, 88. 

Patten, 421. 

574, 593. 595. 

Needles, 632, 646, 650. 

Patterson. 26, 606. 

Pottenburgh, 653. 

Nelson, 50, 61, 247, 264, 

Pattison, 497. 

Potwine, 134, 135. 

290, 293, 303, 502, 504. 

Paul, 747 add. 

Powers, 581, 598. 

Nephen, 678, 687. 

Pearl, 454. 

Pratt, 78, 565, 587. 

Newcomb, 426, 643. 

Peabody, 732 add 

Preston, 26, 485, 4fss. 

Newell, 400, 486, 4'.»6. 

Peacock, 639. 

Price, 610. 618. 

Newman, 614. 

Peck, 678. 687. 

Primrose, 509, 511. 

Newport, 313. 

Peek, 86. 209, 305, 



Pnndle, 415. 428. 4;;0. 

Newton, 688. 

551; 738 add. 

Pritchard, 431. 

Nichols, 244. 484, 485. 

Peers. 572. 

Prior, 255. 

Nickerson, 570. 

Pelot, 687. 

Proudtit, 486, 496. 

Nightin^'ale. 651. 

Pence, 741, 743, 



Pruden, 606. 

Noack, 597. 


Purdy, 244. 

Noble. 55, 62, 234, 252, 

Penn, 5o2, 632. 

Piumoit, 274. 

569; 733 add. 

Penny, 676. 

Quillan, 674. 

Northrup, 595. 

Perkins, 277, 398, 


Quiuly, 433, 452. 

Norton, 48, 53, 64. 

Peronneau, 680. 

Randall, 70, 74a. 658. 



Ransom, 423. 

Rowley, 525. 


Shepard. 44. 276, 308 


Katbbone, 233. 

Royce, 416. 

320, 350, 353. 374 


Eaven. 325. 

Rudderow, 632. 633, 


408, 409. 

Ray, 745 add. 

Euggles, 428, 446. 

Sherer. 71. 

Rayner, 5-16. 

Runimell, 83, 655. 658. 

Sherwin, 638. 

Reed, 246. 280. 282, 


Russell, 542; 753 add 

Sherwood. 472. 


Ruple. 404. 

Shinn. 749 add. 

Reedy, 357. 390. 

Ryckman, 526, 558. 

Shower, 670. 

Rees. 448. 459. 

Sackett, 42, 415. 428, 


Shrom, 301. 

Reeve, 575. 

Saltus, 665. 

Shugard, 528. 

Reeves, 26, 418, 433. 

Sanborn, 328. 

Shultz, 321. 

Reeter, 526. 

Sanders (Sannders), 


Shurtlefif, 307. 

Reynolds, 421, 62!>. 

329, 380. 647. 

Sibre, 262. 

Rextord, 310. 

Sandford. 247, 514. 


Sikes, 68. 

Rice. 398. 

■Sargent, 264. 

Simmons (Simons), 


Rich. 662, 663. 

Sayles, 344. 


Richards, 104, 554. 

Sayre, 527, 560. 

Simpson, 443. 

Richardson. 322. 

Saxton. 32, 419, 642. 

Sipler, 644, 648. 

Ridgway, 641, 646. 

Scattergood, 64. 

Skelton, 592, 5vt3, 601. 

Eiggs. 553. 

Scheble, 454. 

Skinner, 248, 290, 293 


Righter, 527. 532. 

Scrafford, 233. 

Slack, 328. 

Rising, 61, 64. 

Schermerhorn. 233. 

Slater. 321. 

Roath. 492. 

Schotield, 233. 

Sliter. 571. 

Robbins, 131, 231. 

Schlottman, 449. 

Slye, 429, 450. 

Roberts, 262, 299, 427 


Schooling, 745 add. 

Smallwood, 635,636. 

632. 635, 640, 641 


Schoonmaker, 581. 

Smith, 55, 65, 71, 73, 



Scott, 299. 340. 428, 


85, 104, 234, 275, 


Roberge, 233, 272, 27 



296. 301. 307, 318, 


Robin, 26. 

Scovill, 428, 449. 

342. 345, 397. 401 


Robinson, 87, 128, 


Segar, 440. 

424, 440, 490, 492, 


732 cull 

Selleck. 229. 

5H,56?. 604, 609, 


Eoby, 582. 

Sellers. 750 add. 

679; 745 add. 

Rockwell, 90, 133, 26 


Selover, 502, 504. 

Sniffen, 628. 

Rodgers, 322. 

Serven, 598. 

Snyder, 655. 

Roe, 292. 

Severns, 642. 

Southwell. 130. 

Rogers, 229, 266, 267 


Seymour, 81. 312; 


Spalding, 525. 

473. 678, 691. 


Spangler, 750 add. 

Root, 61, 131, 22S, 


Sh;u-pe, 550, 576. 

Speai-. 135. 246, 284. 




Sharritz, 428. 

Spencer, 48, 373. 


Shaw, 277, 278, 571, 


Sperry, 424, 425; 738 


Rose, 408, 40'), 423. 


Shedd. 398, 403. 

Spinning, 605, 616. 

533, 555. 

Shelley. 548. 549, 575 

Spohr, 323. 

Ross, 401, 553. 

Sheldon, 284, 286-304 


Squires, 254, 398. 403 


735 add. 

Stafford, 242. 

Rowland. 419. 

Shelton, 491. 498, 501 

Stuht, 368. 391. 



Stanley, 377. 
Stanmird, 227. 
StArr, 419. ^' 

Stearns, 344. 
Stebbing, 29. 
Stedman, 559. 
Steinbeck, 626. 
St. John, 569; 738 'uM. 
Stevens, 267, 277. 
Stewart (Steward), 41, 42, 
48, 429, 564, 565, 579, 
StiUman, 501, 503. 
Stimpson, 86. 
Stockbridge, 324. 
Stocking, 364. 
Stockton, 747, 749 aihl. 
Stoddart. 580. 
Stokes, 401 ; 748, 750 (uhl. 
Stone, 210. 
^ Stoughton, 45, 135, 237, 
291, 292, 336. 
Stont, 271, 319, 602. 

Storrs, 400, 406. 

Stowers, 262; 735 wld. 

Streeter, 555. . 

Strong, 394, 396, 401, 4s;J 

Strouss, 523. 

Strunk, 547, 577. 

Stuart, 412, 417. 

Stnrgis, 209. 

St\3rgeon, 221. 
■* Startfvant, 305. 349. 

Sullivan, 488. 

Supplee, 751. 

Swann, 694. 

Sykes, 51, 227. 

Talmadge, 294, 522. 

Tarpley, 745 <i<l<\ 

Tiitein. 641, 645. 

Taylor, 46, 48, 54, 70, 85, 
* 86. 92, 100, 324. 565, 
&41. 645. 

Terrell. (Teirill), 295. 543; 

Urmston. 596. 

753 en-. 

Updegrove, 737 add. 

Terry. 29. 441, 519. 593. 

Vactor, 609. 

Thayer, 322. 323, 376, 441. 

Van Auken, 135. 

Thomas, 247. 633. 

Vanderburgh, 343. 

Thorn. 398, 404. 

Vanderlipp, 610, 617. 

Thompson, 82, 294, 303, 

Van Deusen, 629. 

304, 336, 356, 632. 

Van Duyn. 545. 

Thomson, 436. 

Van Hooser, 592, 600. 

Thorp, 254, 296. 

Van Horn, 65, 255, 256. 

Thresher, 352, 593. 

Van Ness, 558, 572. 

Thurston, 399. 

Van Norman, 314, 367. 

Tibbald, (Tibbals), 409. 

Van Norst, 546. 

Tickenor, 525. 556, 

Van Note, {add.) 

Tiederman, 618, 623. 

Van Pelt. 546, 572. 

Tilden. 104, 213. 

Van Riper, 554, 579. 

Tilliston, 68. 

Van Zandt, 352, 388. 

Tillotson, 78. 

Vernon, 67, 77. 

Tilton. 29. 

Vignes, 655, 658. 

Tippet, 268. 

Vincent. 305, 525. 

Toby, 302, 345. 

Vinton, 296. 

Todd, 254, 297; 734 add. 

Voak, 630. 

Tomlinson. 471, 476, 544, 

Voight, 628. 

637, 642. 

Wade, 395, 554. 

Tompkins, 573, 607. 

Wadson, 673. 

Tooker, 613 

Wagner, 412, 414. 

Towler. 398, 404; 737 add. 

Wait, 271. 

Towner, 734 add. 

Wakefield, 328. 

Townes, (Towne), 74a, 237, 

Walker, 132, 230, 317, 539, 

277, 278. 

568, 598. 

Tousey, 478. 

Wallace, 319. 

Treat, 414. 

Walmsley, 515. 

Trowbridge. 413, 418, 485, 

Ward, 607, 608, 638, 66N. 




Warden, 278, 448. 

Tubbs, 314. 

Warder. 648. 

Tucker, 421. 447. 609. 

Ware, 236. 

Tunis, 552, 599. 

Warlow, 619. 

Turner, 347. 

Warman, 129. 

Turney. 304. 

Warrener, 82. 

Tuttle, 222, 306, 547, 562. 

Warrington, 647. 

573; 753 err. 

Warner, 65, 82, 247, 293 

Tyler. 419. 

354. 443; 731 err. 

Ulrich. 36M. 

Washburne, 424, 444, 471. 

Underwood, 566. 

Waters. 89. 



Watkins, 395. 308, 40-1, 

Watson, 33, 81, 292, 293, 
423,442,601; 750 aJc/. 
Way, 298. 339. 
Weaver. 522, 551. 
Webb. 419, 422, 437, 539. 
Webster, 264, 311, 357. 
Weekes, 345. 
Weiler, 647, 650. 
Weir. 611, 619. 
Welch. 257, 442. 
Wells, 724, 725. 750. 
Westbrook. 673. 
Westfall, 585. 
Wheat, 630. 
Wheaton, 355, 607, 611, 

Wheeler, 364, 471, 476, 

480, 512; 740 a-W. 
White, 26, 27. 29, 130, 228, 
374, 387, 395, 398, 438, 
644, 648. 
Whipple, 317. 
Whitaker, 564, 586. 
Whiteman, 348, 385. 
Whiting, 323. 

Whitman, 395. 

I Whitney, 61, 377, 561. 

{ Whittlesey, 499. 

j Wicks, 58. 

I Wight, 135. 

I Wilcoxson, 41, 43. 

I Wilder, 58, 63. 

j Wiles, 319. 

I Wilkins, 644, 568. 

I Wilkinson, 648. 

I Willington, 569. 

j Wills, 10, 13, 91, 131, 136, 

j 209, 216, 230, 238, 308, 

' 453, 476, 477. 

; Wiles, 319. 

I Willett, 745 add. 

; Willey, 455; 73,S mhl. 

■Williams, 307, 533, 556, 

I 562, 610, 616;745a(/<7. 

i Wilson, 58, 288, 336, 495, 

j 633, 645, 670, 672; 746 

j add. 

I Winans, 608, 609, 612, 615, 

I 618, 622. 

j Winchell, 132, 491. 

Winship, 372. 

Winslow, 436, 452. 

Winsor, 589. 

Winters, 576. 

Winton, 497. 

Wiswall, 128; 732 add. 

Witherspoon, 273. 

Wolcott, 238, 239, 629. 

Wolsey, 425, 426. 

Wood, 38, 58, 242, 312. 
397, 401, 488. 

Woods, 315, 370. 

Woodbridge, 541, 679. 

Wooding, 431, 451, 461. 
Wooih-uff, 606, 610. 
Woodward. 282, 332, 437, 

642, 643. 
Wjoolman, 649. 
Worden, 26. 

Wright, 236, 271, 293, 312, 

341, 358, 376, 489, 525, 

552. 568, 590; 1^0, add. 

Wylly, (Wyllys). lul, 220, 

677, 694. 
Yard. 261. 
Yeeman, 276. 
Young, 343, 344, 345, 627.